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L. E. HORNING, B.A., Ph.D. 









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1 HE Collection of Vocabularies and Glossaries which Wright in his 
day prepared, contained pre-eminently Latin- Anglo-Saxon and Latin- 
Old-English works of this kind. Wright added, however, several 
works in which the English stood very much in the background 
(as in VIII and X pp. 121139, and 142175 J ), or only in entirely 
scattered references (as in VII pp. 96121 1). Indeed in Vol. II 
two Old- German Vocabularies were incorporated. For the purpose 
of restoring a greater symmetry I have left out the five articles above- 
named. On the other hand, I took up anew three others; viz. 2., 7. 
and 15, transcripts of which were most kindly placed at my disposal. 
It did not fall within the plan of the book to give a complete Collection 
of all the Anglo-Saxon and Old-English Vocabularies and Glossaries 
remaining in England. The articles already incorporated by Wright have- 
been compared anew with the MSS., as far as theMSS. were accessible. 

As for lexical purposes it -is most desirable to have an 
alphabetically arranged Index (Wright has only one arranged 
according to the subjects for his Vol. I 1 ) such a one has been 
prepared by several of my pupils. 

The explanatory and critical remarks of Wright I have reprinted 
and added my own, which I marked with "R. W." Especially in 
the Anglo-Saxon portion occur many references, which would have 

1 see original edition. 


been put in the alphabetical index, if I had earlier decided to 
add the index. 

A mistake slipped into the superscription of No. 4. It was 
entitled according to Wright as Archbishop JElfric's Vocabulary, 
however, according to Dietrich's excellent investigation, the author 
was Abbot ^Elfric. In the table of contents I have thus also 
changed it. 

Only the agreeable duty remains to me to thank most heartily 
those who aided me in the elaboration of my work by the loan of 
transcripts; namely, Prof. Dr. J. Zupitza (No. 1), Miss Lucie 
Toulmin Smith (Nos. 2 1 and 7), the Librarian, Dr. A. Holder (No. 9) 
and Dr. W. Aldis Wright (No. 15). 


LEIPSIC, January 1884. 

1 As the first sheets of the text were already printed in 1877, reference in 
No. 2 could not be made to Zupitza's Supplement (Haupt's Zeitschrift p. 223 226). 


THE Public is indebted for the following volume to the liberality 
and public spirit of Mr. Joseph Mayer, whose name is now so well 
known to all who interest themselves in the Archaeology of this 
country. Its design originated in a social conversation between 
Mr. Mayer and myself, and we have endeavoured in it to make 
available to labourers in the field of antiquarian research and 
investigation a class of documents which, though they have been 
hitherto almost overlooked, form a rich treasury of information on 
almost every subject connected with the Archaeology of the Middle 
Ages. They have been furnished by a number of contemporary 
manuscripts, scattered through various libraries in this country and 
abroad. Of one of the most valuable of the later vocabularies 
here printed, the original is preserved in Mr. Mayer's own collection; 
and for the communication and permission to print another the 
curious and interesting pictorial vocabulary which closes the series 
we owe our sincere thanks to the Lord Londesborough, of whose 
collection the manuscript forms a part. As far as regards my own 
labours, I will only say, that I have endeavoured to make the texts, 
which are arranged in strict chronological order, as nearly as is 
consistent with the duty of an editor, fac-similes of those of the 
original manuscripts. In fact, their very errors and corruptions 

1 September 1857. 


form no unimportant facts in the history of education and know- 
ledge, and they have been carefully preserved as, under these cir- 
cumstances, an integral part of the text itself. Nevertheless, when- 
ever I have been able to meet with several copies of the same 
tract, I have collated them, and made use of any additional matter 
they furnished, without interfering with the text of that which I have 
chosen as the best. It will be quite evident to anybody who 
glances at the contents of the present volume, that it is susceptible 
of annotations which might be made to swell out several such 
volumes. I therefore beg to state that I have had no intention of 
loading the volume with elaborate annotations; but I have hoped 
that a few explanatory and illustrative notes would make the work 
more popular, and would render it more useful to the general 
reader, and their pretensions go no further. 



September, 1857. 


IHE Treatises which form the present volume are interesting in several 
points of view. Their importance in a philological sense, as monuments of 
the languages which prevailed at different periods in this island, is evident 
at the first glance, and need not be dilated upon. They are curious records 
of the history of Education; and, above all, they are filled with invaluable 
materials for illustrating the conditions and manners of our forefathers at 
various periods of their history, as well as the Antiquities of the Middle 
Ages in general. The history of Education is a subject which is now 
deservedly attracting more attention than was formerly given to it. It is 
certainly not uninteresting to trace the various efforts which were made, 
at all periods of the middle ages, to simplify and render popular the forms 
of elementary instruction, and the several modifications which these forms 

The groundwork of all school-learning was the knowledge of the Latin 
language; and the first tasks of the young scholar were to learn the 
elements of the Latin grammar, to commit to memory words and their 
meanings, and to practise conversation in the Latin tongue. It was this 
practical application of the language which contributed very largely to its 
corruption, for the scholar began by making himself acquainted not with 
the pure Latin diction of classical books, but with a nomenclature of 
words many of them extremely barbarous which it had then become 
customary to apply to objects of ordinary use and occurence. The lessons 
were given by word of mouth, as boys could not in those times be accom- 
modated with books ; but they had slates, or roughly made tablets (tabulce), 
on which they wrote down the lesson in grammar, or the portion of vocabu- 
lary, from the lips of the master, and, after committing it to memory, 

erased the writing, to make place for another. The teacher had necessarily 
his own written exemplar of an elementary Latin grammar, as well as his 
own written vocabulary of words, from which he read, interpreted, and 
explained. The old illuminations of manuscripts give us not unfrequently 
pictures of the interior of the school, in which we see the scholars arranged, 
with their tablets, before or round the teacher, who is dictating to them. 
In the earlier periods of Christianity among the Anglo-Saxons, the study 
of the Latin language was pursued with extraordinary zeal and pro- 
portionate success, and our island was celebrated for its learned men; but 
as time passed on, various circumstances combined to produce a general 
neglect of learning, so that king Alfred complained, in the latter part of 
the ninth century, that very few of his subjects could translate from Latin 
into their mother tongue. "So clean," he said, "was teaching ruined among 
the English people, that there were very few even of the ecclesiastical 
order, southward of the Humber, who could understand their service in 
English, or declare forth an epistle out of Latin into English ; and I think 
there were not many beyond Humber." It may be observed, that in the 
earlier period, the Northumbrian kingdom was the great seat of learning. 
"So few such there were," Alfred adds, "that I cannot think of a single 
instance to the south of the Thames when I began to reign. To God 
Almighty be thanks that we now have any teacher in stall." 1 

Some of the causes of this decadence in the study of Latin among 
the Anglo-Saxons belonged probably to a change which had taken place 
in the social condition of the country, and were not to be overcome. Our 
great-minded Anglo-Saxon king intimates that his countrymen began to 
prefer books translated into or compiled in their own language to Latin 
compositions, and his own example in labouring upon such translations, or 
causing others to labour upon them, contributed no doubt to give per- 
manence to this very natural taste. Nevertheless, the study of Latin was 
revived in England with some success during the tenth century, and it was 
increased by the intercourse between the English and continental scholars. 
Still this study was by no means general, and at the end of this century 
and beginning of the next, the labours of the two Alfrics in translating 
and compiling in English show sufficiently the neglect of the study of Latin 

1 Swse clsene hio waes oftfeallenu on wseron, J>set ic furSum anne anlepne ne 

Angelcynne J?set swrSe feawa waeron be- mseg gel>encean, be suftan Temese >a >a 

hionan Humbre J>e hiora )>eninga cuflen ic to rice feng. Gode jelmihtogum sie )>enc, 

understondan on Englisc, o-SSefurSum an >aette we nu senigne on stal habba-S lare- 

aerend-gewrit of Laedene on Englisc arec- owa." Kvng Alfred's Preface to theTrans- 

cean; and ic wene )>a3tte noht monige be- lation of Gregory's Pastorale. 
giondan Humbre naa:en. Swse feawa hiora 


even among the English clergy, which is confirmed by the complaints of 
the Norman ecclesiastics after the conquest. It is to these two distin- 
guished scholars that we owe the first elementary school-books that are 
known to have existed in the English language a Latin grammar (com- 
piled and translated from Donatus and Priscian) and Latin-English voca- 

It is singular how soon our forefathers began to exercise their ingenuity 
in arranging their elementary books and more especially the vocabu- 
laries in forms calculated to be most attractive to the learner, or to 
enable him more easily to commit them to memory. The first of the 
treatises printed in the present volume, which had passed successively 
through the hands of the two Alfrics, the archbishop and his disciple, is 
compiled in the form of an interesting and very amusing dialogue, so con- 
trived as to embody a large number of the words of common occurrence 
in the ordinary relations of life. It is written in Latin, but accompanied 
with a continuous interlinear gloss in Anglo-Saxon, precisely on the plan 
of the modern elementary books of the Hamiltonian system of teaching, 
to which it has been more than once compared; but it possessed one 
striking difference, which must not be overlooked that the old Anglo- 
Saxon treatise was glossed for the assistance of the teacher, and not, as 
in the modern books of this description, for the learner. In fact, it is 
evident that at this time the schoolmasters themselves were very imper- 
fectly acquainted with the Latin language, and that they found it necessary 
to have books in which the English meaning was written above or beside 
the Latin word, to enable them to explain it to their scholars. It was 
this same ignorance which rendered it necessary to have vocabularies, or 
lists of Latin words, with the translation attached to them such as those 
which form the bulk of the present volume. In the earlier and better 
period, no doubt the teacher had such lists merely in Latin, or glossed 
only in cases of difficulty, and he was sufficiently learned in the language 
to explain them himself; but now the schoolmaster required to be reminded 
himself of the meaning of the Latin word. Nor was this all; for, besides 
the very incorrect and corrupt manner in which the words are frequently 
written in these manuscript vocabularies, in many instances the Latin word 
is wrongly interpreted. Several instances of such blunders may be pointed 
out in Alfric's "Colloquy;" 1 and others occur frequently in the Anglo- 
Saxon vocabularies, some of which are indicated in the notes. 

1 Some of these are curious. At p. 95 instead of an adverb. On p. 97, the 
1. 10 occurs the adverb solum, which the merchant speaks of selling merchandise 
glossator has translated as an adjective, carius, dearer, than he bought it; but 


These vocabularies appear to have been numerous during the later 
Anglo-Saxon period, and those which remain differ considerably from each 
other. I have included in the present volume all that are now known to 
exist. The last of them brings us down to at least the middle of the 
twelfth century, after which we lose sight of similar vocabularies, until we 
reach the fifteenth century. 

The Anglo-Norman period presents us with a new description of voca- 
bulary, in which the words, still kept together in their different classes, 
are collected into a sort of continuous discourse. Of these, the earliest, 
and in many respects the most curious, is that by the celebrated scholar, 
Alexander Neckam, in which the principal operations and professions of 
life are enumerated and described in a familiar style. Neckam, singularly 
enough for an ecclesiastic, begins with the kitchen, describes its furniture 
and implements and their several uses, and treats of the articles of food 
and of the methods of cooking them. He then turns to the possessor of 
the house, describes his dress and accoutrements, when remaining at home 
or when riding abroad, and introduces us in the sequel to his chamber 
and to its furniture. The chamber-maid is next introduced to us, with 
her household employments; and we are taken to the poultry -yard, with a 
chapter on the cooking of poultry and fish, and on the characteristics of 
good wine. "We are next taught how to build a feudal castle, to fortify 
it, to store and to defend it; and this leads us naturally to the subject of 
war in general, and to arms, armour, and soldiers. From this we return 
to matters of a more domestic character to the barn, the poultry -yard, 
and the stable, and to that important occupation of mediaeval domestic 
life, weaving. The occupations of the country follow, and the author 
explains the construction of carts and waggons, the process of building an 
ordinary house, and its parts, the various implements and operations 
of farming, and the construction and use of the plough. "We turn rather 
abruptly from agriculture to navigation, and are instructed in the different 
sorts of ships, and in their parts and the articles with which they were 
usually stored. The tools, qualifications, and duties of the mediaeval scribe, 
the operations of the goldsmith, and a copious enumeration of ecclesiastical 
furniture, complete this curious treatise. 

The similar treatise of John de Garlande, composed in the earlier half 
of the following century, differs very much from its predecessor in details 

the Anglo-Saxon interpreter has trans- speaking of the fisherman's art, he evi- 

lated as though it meant more beloved, dently did not know whether the Latin 

evidently not understanding the phrase hamus meant the hook or the bait, 
to which it belongs. Again, on p. 93, 


and arrangement. Its author occupies himself more with the objects which 
meet the eye in the interior of a great city (Paris), than with feudal or 
agricultural life. After giving, by way of introduction, a description of 
the human body and its various parts and members, he proceeds with a 
long list of trades and manufactures, and the various articles made or 
sold, such as the hawker who carried shoes and other articles of leather 
for sale on a pole, the girdle - makers , saddlers, shield -makers, buckle- 
makers, dealers in needles and other such articles, makers of bridles, 
hucksters, frobishers (or furbishers), the shopkeepers of the Grand -Pont, 
glovers, hatters, bowyers, makers of brooches and clasps, bell -makers, 
coblers, cordwainers, furriers, street criers, menders of cups, itinerant 
dealers in wine, sellers of cakes, regraters, bakers, pie -makers, cooks, 
changers, ininters, goldsmiths, clothiers, linen-drapers, apothecaries, car- 
penters, wheelwrights, cart-makers, millers, armourers, fullers, dyers, tanners, 
smiths. At this point, John de Grarlande interrupts his list of trades, to 
describe the house of a citizen (probus homo) and its furniture, which is 
followed by the different implements necessary to a scholar, or clerk. 
John de Gtarlande then proceeds to give the learner a list of his own 
wardrobe. A rather quaint account of the ecclesiastical library of a priest 
follows, with his apparel, and the implements belonging to the service of 
the church. We return from the church very abruptly to the stable, and 
then we have a list of the various domestic implements belonging to the 
mistress of the house, with descriptions of the occupations and employments 
peculiar to women weaving, needlework, &c. The account of a poultry- 
shop in the Parvis of Notre Dame furnishes an occasion for giving a list 
of domestic fowls; that of the fowler, for an enumeration of wild fowls; 
and that of the fisherman, for a list of fish. In the chapters following, 
John de Grarlande enumerates the domestic animals he had seen in the 
fields, the wild ones he had met with in the king's forest, the plants and 
herbs which grew in his own garden, the fruits in his orchard, and the 
shrubs in his grove; he gives a description of his own hall, an enumera- 
tion of the ships he had seen at sea, of the various tortures of the mar- 
tyrs which were suggested to his mind by the fear of shipwreck, of the 
jongleurs, minstrels, dancing girls, &c., who performed at the feasts of 
the rich, of the punishments reserved for sinners, and of the joys of the 

The close of the thirteenth century introduces us to a document of a 
novel character, although still similar in plan. It is written in verse, no 
doubt that it might be more easily carried in the memory, and, instead 
of being intended to teach the Latin language, its purpose was to teach 
French to the children of the English nobility and gentry. Accordingly, 


the text is written in French, with an interlinear gloss in English. This 
"treatise," as it is called, which was written by a man evidently of aristo- 
cratic blood, named "Walter de Biblesworth, marks a very important period 
in the history of the English language, as it shows that before the end 
of the thirteenth century, and perhaps subsequently to the barons' wars, 
that language had already become the mother tongue of the children of 
the Anglo-Norman nobility, and that they learnt it before they were 
taught French. 1 

The subjects in this treatise are arranged in an order which seems 
to have been considered most suitable to the class for which they were 
intended. Walter de Biblesworth begins with the child when new-born, 
tells how it is to be nursed and fed, and then proceeds to the description 
of the human body. In this and in other parts, the author labours to 
impress upon the learner the nice distinctions between words of nearly 
similar meaning, and the different meanings of words which are similar in 
sound, as well as the distinction of genders, which even then appears to 

1 I may perhaps be allowed to repeat 
here the remarks on this subject made in 
a paper on the History of the English 
Language, read before the Historic So- 
ciety of Lancashire and Cheshire, and 
printed in their Transactions, vol. ix, p. 
150, 1857. I there said, "It was not 
only as the language of the Normans, but 
as that peculiarly of the feudal aristo- 
cracy in general, that French was intro- 
duced into England under "William the 
Conqueror; and it was in that character 
that it continued to be the language of 
the aristocracy until feudalism itself was 
broken down. It had ceased, however, 
to be exclusively their language in the 
thirteenth century. In the latter; years 
of that century, a tract or treatise was 
written in French or Anglo - Norman 
verse, forming a sort of vocabulary of 
that language, and designed expressly 
for the purpose of teaching it to child- 
ren. The number of copies of this tract 
still preserved in MS. show that it was 
a popular elementary book, and that 
it was in extensive use. The compiler 

was Walter de Biblesworth, a man known 
elsewhere as a writer of French verse, 
and apparently belonging himself to the 
aristocratic class; he was a friend of the 
great statesman of the reign of Edward I., 
Henry de Lacy, earl of Lincoln and Salis- 
bury, and compiled the treatise we are 
speaking of at the request of the lady Dio- 
nysia de Monchensey. Thus all the rela- 
tions of the author and of his book were 
of an aristocratic character. Now, Walter 
de Biblesworth states his object to be to 
instruct the rising generation in the pro- 
per use of the words of the French lan- 
guage, and especially in the correct ap- 
plication of the genders; and the French 
words are explained in English, implying 
thus that the learner was acquainted with 
the English language before he began to 
learn French. We thus ascertain the very 
important fact, that, before the end of 
the thirteenth century, the children of 
the aristocracy of England learnt English 
before they were instructed in any other 
language or, in other words, that Eng- 
lish had become their mother tongue." 


have presented a difficulty to the young beginner in the French language. 
The description of the body itself is followed by the process of clothing 
it, and by an enumeration of the various articles of apparel. The author 
then returns again to the manners of the child, and describes its proper 
diet. After some rather curious instructions for the proper and distinctive 
use of certain classes of words, we are taken to the barn, and the teacher 
describes the processes of thrashing, of converting corn into meal, of 
baking, of the cultivation of flax, and the various stages through which 
it went before it is converted into linen cloth, and of brewing, as well as 
of the character and effects of good ale. The scholar is next taken a-fish- 
ing, and the various characteristics of the country, with the phases of the 
weather, and the changes of season, are pointed out to 'him. The fine 
weather offers the occasion of another rural excursion, with a description 
of the flowers, the fruit and other trees, the birds, and the animals which 
are supposed to present themselves to his view. Rural occupations are 
next introduced, with full descriptions of a cart and a plough. Then we 
witness the building of a house, and the arrangements of its different parts, 
the domestic processes of lighting the fire, cooking the food, and placing 
it on the table, and the various articles of food and their arrangement. 
The whole closes with the description of a great feast. The notion of 
composing such vocabularies in verse was applied to Latin, as well as to 
French, an example of which will be found also in the present volume. 

During the fourteenth century, school teaching seems to have fallen 
greatly into neglect in this country, and we hardly find any manuscripts 
of these educational treatises between those of the thirteenth century and 
those of the fifteenth. In the latter century, however, a great movement 
took place, it was the age, especially, of founding grammar-schools, so 
many of which were re-founded at the dissolution of papal colleges under 
Edward VI. A' similar degradation, in fact, had taken place to that 
which we have remarked under the Anglo-Saxons, though the causes were 
not entirely the same. The influence of the great development of learning 
in the twelfth century, and the example of the able and elegant Latin 
writers whom that age had produced, extended over at least a portion of 
the thirteenth century; but before the end of that century, the priest was 
already gaining the victory over the school-master, and the power of the 
universities was yielding to that of the Popish church. During the two 
following centuries, learning was reduced almost to its lowest degree; and 
this became so apparent, that an effort was made to raise it by striking 
at what was supposed to be the root of the evil the want or the 
inefficiency of the elementary schools. Those who undertook the task ot 
reformers, however, mistook the cause of the evil, and did not understand 


that the Middle Ages were approaching their end, and that there was no 
remedy for the restoration of forms and principles which were expiring 
from their own exhaustion. Nevertheless, the effort seems to have been 
made with earnestness, and caused, in the fifteenth century, a considerable 
extension in the lower grades of scholastic education. The manuscripts 
of grammatical treatises of school-books, in fact now become extremely 
numerous. Latin-English vocabularies are also not uncommon during this 
period, and I have given three in the present volume one from a manu- 
script in the British Museum, and the two others from private collections. 
The last of these, and apparently the latest in date but it is not very 
easy to distinguish nicely the distinctive dates of this particular class of 
manuscripts during the fifteenth century presents a new peculiarity, it 
is illustrated with rude pen-and-ink drawings in the margin of many of 
the articles enumerated in the text of the vocabulary. These illustrations, 
we should imagine, were designed to assist in fixing the attention of the 
scholar on his task, and it thus, as the latest of these attempts at improve- 
ment, forms an appropriate conclusion to our volume. It shows us, 
moreover, how little of novelty there is in most of the plans for simpli- 
fying school teaching in more modern times, for in these mediaeval treatises 
we meet with the prototypes of almost every scheme that has been pro- 
posed, from the more recent Hamiltonian system to the Orbis Sensualium 
Pictus of Comenius, which made so much noise by its novelty of plan in 
the earlier part of the seventeenth century. 

I can hardly be doubted that the manuscripts of these vocabularies 
of the fifteenth century were written by schoolmasters for their own use; 
and we cannot help being struck by the large proportion of barbarous 
Latin words which are introduced into them, and by the gross blunders 
with which they abound, especially in their orthography. Many of the 
Latin words are so disguised and corrupted, that we can hardly recognise 
them; and in some instances, the schoolmaster has actually mistaken the 
genders. It is thus clear that the schoolmasters of the fifteenth century 
were very imperfect scholars themselves, and we can easily understand 
how the Latinists of the old school fell into that barbarous style of writing 
which drew upon them the ridicule of the classical scholars after the revi- 
val of learning, as well as their hostility to that new light which exposed 
their defects. These vocabularies of the fifteenth century differ so entirely 
from each other, both in their general arrangement and in the words 
introduced under each head, that there seems little room for doubt that 
each schoolmaster compiled his own book. This circumstance has added 
extremely to their philological value, as the English words in each voca- 
bulary may be supposed to present some, at least, of the peculiarities of 


the dialect in which it was written. Through the preceding ages, the 
schoolmasters seem to have laboured under a difference of opinion as to 
the subject which had a claim to precedence of the others, and therefore 
ought to be placed at the head of the vocabulary. Archbishop Alfric 
gave the palm to agriculture, expressly in the Colloquy, and practically 
in his Vocabulary. 1 The vocabulary from the Brussels manuscript, 2 and 
that printed as the appendix to the present volume from the Cottonian 
MS, 3 begin with birds, for which it would be difficult to assign any reason. 
The Anglo-Saxon glossary of the other Cottonian manuscript, 4 with the 
semi -Saxon vocabulary abridged from it, 5 first present the more natural 
order of commencing with the Deity and with the human body and its 
parts. Alexander Neckam, as already stated, begins with the kitchen; 
but John de Garlande returns to the more natural order, beginning with 
man and the human body, which is adopted also in principle by Walter 
de Biblesworth. The vocabularies of the fifteenth century adopt, I think, 
invariably the human body as the leading subject, but they arrange the 
subjects which follow very diversely. Some of them, too, divide and 
subdivide these subjects under more numerous heads, or titles, than 

It is this circumstance of grouping the words under different heads 
which gives these vocabularies their value as illustrations of the conditions 
and manners of society. It is evident that the compiler gave, in each 
case, the names of all such things as habitually presented themselves to 
his view, or, in other words, that he presents us with an exact list and 
description of all the objects which were in use at the time he wrote, and 
no more. "We have, therefore, in each a sort of measure of the fashions, 
and comforts, and utilities of contemporary life, as well as in some cases 
of its sentiments. Thus, to begin with a man's habitation, his house 
the words whicTi describe the parts of the Anglo-Saxon house are few in 
number, a heal or hall, a bur or bedroom, and in some cases a cicen or 
kitchen, and the materials are chiefly beams of wood, laths, and plaister. 6 
But when we come to the vocabularies of the Anglo-Norman period, we 
soon find traces of that ostentation in domestic buildings which "William 
of Malmsbury assures us that the Normans introduced into this island; 
the house becomes more massive, and the rooms more numerous, and more 
diversified in their purposes. When we look at the furniture of the house, 
the difference is still more apparent. The description given by Alexander 

1 See pp. 90, 91, and 104 of the pre- 4 P. 304. 
sent volume. P. 536. 

2 P. 284 of the present volume. 6 See col. 126, 184, 185, and 326. 

3 See p. 258. 


Neckam of the hall, the chambers, the kitchen, and the other departments 
of the ordinary domestic establishment in the twelfth century, and the 
furniture of each, almost brings them before our eyes, and nothing could 
be more curious than the account which the same writer gives us of the 
process of building and storing a castle. The bare lists of names in 
the vocabularies of the fifteenth century are hardly less expressive. Thus, 
in the earliest of these vocabularies, we have the baronial hall furnished 
with its board and trestles, with which the table was laid out when 
wanted; the table dormant, or permanent table, which was probably even 
then an article of rarer occurrence; benches, as the ordinary seats; a long- 
settle to draw up to the fire, or to place on the dais, behind the high 
table; a chair, for ceremonious occasions, and a stool; a cushion for the 
chair; bankers and dossers, or carpets to lay over the principal seats; a 
screen; a basin and laver, for washing the hands of the guests; andirons 
to support the fire, tongs to arrange it, and bellows to raise it into a 
flame. 1 So again, in the subject of costume, we have the names of differ- 
ent articles of wearing apparel in use at successive periods, from the 
tenth century to the end of the thirteenth, and again during the fifteenth 
centuries. The same thing may be said of the weapons of war. Some of 
these documents, and especially the Dictionarius of John de Grarlande, 
throw an interesting light upon the trades and manufactures of the 
middle ages. Others show us the progress or rather the want of pro- 
gress of our forefathers in the practice of agriculture. In fact, there is 
hardly any subject connected with mediaeval life which does not receive 
some light from the tracts which are printed in the present volume. We 
here see our forefathers in all their positions of relationship, position, and 
occupation, from infancy to old age; we are introduced to the child in 
the nursery, and to the boy at his school; we see him in the clothes he 
wore, and with the arms that he carried to those constant wars which 
absorbed so much of mediaeval life; we learn in minute detail how he 
lived, what was his food and how it was prepared, and what he drank; 
we see the industrious house-wife attending to her domestic cares, or busied 
in her usual occupations of spinning and weaving; we witness the games 
and amusements of the different stages of life; and we even penetrate into 
the retired study of the scholar. 

Again, in these vocabularies the Archaeologist will find the only means 
of identifying by their proper names a multitude of utensils, which are 
elsewhere named without description, or of which he is acquainted with 
the forms, but knows not what to call them. This is especially the case 

1 See col. 656, 657. 


with a class of articles which have been during the last few years much 
more studied by antiquaries than formerly, such as mediaeval pottery, and 
vessels for the table of glass and metal, as well as articles of jewellery 
and other ornaments of the person. "We even gain instructive glances at 
notions which show us the progress of science, and at implements of 
various kinds which reveal to us important facts in the history of modern 

None of these, perhaps, is of more importance than the curious early 
allusion to the use of the mariner's compass by the navigators of the 
western seas. 1 It is well known to all readers that this invaluable inven- 
tion has been formerly supposed to have been brought from the East, 
and not to have been known in the "West until the fourteenth century, 
when it was used by the Italian mariners. Allusions to it have, however, 
been discovered by the students of mediaeval literature in works which 
date as far back as the thirteenth century. In the following pages, we 
find this invention not only alluded to in the twelfth century, but described 
in such a manner as to show that it was then absolutely in its infancy, and 
to leave little doubt of its having originated in the west. Alexander Neckam, 
in his treatise de Utensilibus, enumerates, among the ship's stores, a needle 
which was placed on a pivot, and when turned round and left to take its 
own position in repose, taught the sailors their way when the polar star 
was concealed from them by clouds or tempest. I have discovered a passage 
in another of Neckam's works, the inedited treatise de Naturis Eerum, which 
gives a more distinct account of this invention. "Mariners at sea," he says, 
"when through cloudy weather in the day which hides the sun, or through 
the darkness of the night, they lose the knowledge of the quarter of the 
world to which they are sailing, touch a needle with the magnet, which will 
turn round till, on its motion ceasing, its point will be directed towards the 
north." A comparison of these two passages seems to shew pretty clearly 
that at this time the navigators had no regular box for the compass, but 
that they merely carried with them a needle which had been touched with the 
magnet (perhaps sometimes they carried the magnet also, and touched the 
needle for the occasion), and that when they had to use it, they merely 
placed it upon some point, or pivot, on which it could turn with tolerable 
freedom, and then gave it a motion, and waited until it ceased moving. 
This mode of using the needle was, it must be confessed, rude enough. 
The passage in the treatise de Utensilibus contains one particular which 
is very obscure, as Neckam informs us that when the needle ceased moving 
it pointed towards the east (donee cuspis acus respiciat orientem); and as 

* In a treatise of Alexander Neckam de Utensilihus, 

all the manuscripts agree in this reading, and it is glossed by est, this 
must be the intention of the writer. I know no way of explaining this, 
unless it be by the supposition that, as in the twelfth century the East 
was the grand object of most voyages from this part of the world, an 
attempt had been made to improve the magnetic needle by adding to it 
a limb at right angles, which should point to the east when the needle 
itself pointed to the north; and that this was what Neckam calls the cu- 
spis acus. Between this time and the date whatever it may be of the 
poem, also quoted in my note on the passage of Neckam, which contains 
the first allusion to the mariner's compass in the tirteenth century, an 
attempt had been made to facilitate its use. 1 This was done by thrusting 
the needle through some substance which would not sink, and placing it 
upon the surface of water. Guiot de Provins, the author of the poem 
alluded to, calls this substance a festu, a stick or straw (the Latin festuca). 
The mariners, he tells us, have a contrivance depending on the qualities 
of the magnet, which cannot fail. The magnet, he adds, is an ugly 
brownish stone, to which iron is attracted. "After they have caused a 
needle to touch it, and placed it in a stick, they put it in the water, 
without anything more, and the stick keeps it on the surface. Then it 
turns its point towards the star with such certainty, that no man will 
ever have any doubt of it, nor will it ever for anything go false. When 
the sea is dark and hazy, that they can neither see star nor moon, they 
place a light by the needle, and then they have no fear of going wrong; 
towards the star goes the point, whereby the mariners have the knowledge 
to keep the right way. It is an art which cannot fail." According to 
another poet, the substance through which the needle was usually thrust 
was cork. He tells us that "the mariners who went to Friesland, or to 
Greece, or Acre, or Venice," were guided in their route by the polar star; 
but when at night, or in obscure weather, it was invisible, they discovered 
its position by the following contrivance: "They thrust a needle of iron 
through a piece of cork, so that it is almost buried in it, and then touch 
it with the loadstone; then they place it in a vessel full of water, so that 
no one pushes it out until the water is calm, for in whatever direction 
the point aims, there without doubt is the polar star." The MS. in which 
this latter poem was found is undoubtedly of the fourteenth century; but 

1 In this interval, we meet with an- Hier. cap. 89,) "Acus ferrea, postquam 

other slight but very curious allusion to adamantem continent, ad stellam septen- 

the use of the magnetic needle for pur- trionalem, quse velut axis firmamenti aliis 

poses of navigation. Jacques de Vitri, vergentibus non movetur, semper conver- 

one of the historians of the crusades, who titur; unde valde necessarius est navigan- 

wrote about the year 1218, says, (Hist. tibus in mari." 


tlie poem itself is evidently of somewhat older date of the beginning of 
that century, or not improbably of the century preceding. It is possible, 
therefore, that this rudely constructed mariner's compass may have con- 
tinued unimproved until the fourteenth century. 1 

The philologist will appreciate the tracts printed in the following 
pages as a continuous series of very valuable monuments of the languages 
spoken in our island during the Middle Ages. It is these vocabularies 
alone which have preserved from oblivion a very considerable and inter- 
esting portion of the Anglo-Saxon tongue, and without their assistance our 
Anglo-Saxon dictionaries would be far more imperfect than they are. 
I have endeavoured to collect together in the present volume all the 
Anglo-Saxon vocabularies that are known to exist, not only on account 
of their diversity, but because I believe that their individual utility will 
be increased by thus presenting them in a collective form. They represent 
the Anglo-Saxon language as it existed in the tenth and eleventh cen- 
turies ; and, as written no doubt in different places, they may possibly present 
some traces of the local dialects of that period. The curious semi -Saxon 
vocabulary is chiefly interesting as representing the Anglo-Saxon in its 
period of transition, when it was in a state of rapid decadence. The inter- 

1 This very curious poem, a sort of 
song, is preserved in a manuscript for- 
merly in the collection of M. Barrois, of 
Paris, and now in that of Lord Ashburn- 
ham. It was first pointed out by M. Fr. 
Michel, who printed the portion relating 
to the mariner's compass in the preface 
to his Lais inedits, Paris 1836. As this 
is now a rare boqk, I have thought it 
desirable to give here the whole passage. 
It is as follows: 

La tresmontaine est de tel guise, 
Qu'ele est el firmament asisse 
Ou ele luist et reflambie. 
Li maronier qui vont en ITrise, 
En Gresse, en Acre, ou en Venisse, 
Sevent par li toute la voie; 
Pour nule riens ne se desvoie, 
Tout jours se tient en une moie. 
Tant est de li grans li servisse, 
Se la mers est enflee ou koie 
Ja ne sera c'on ne le voie, 
Ne pour galerne ne pour bise. 

Pour biso ne pour autre afaire 
Ne laist sen dout servise a faire 
La tresmontaigne clere et pure; 
Les maroniers par son esclaire 
Jete souvent hors de contraire, 
Et de chemin les asseure. 
Et quant la nuis est trop oscure, 
S'est ele encor de tel nature, 
C'a 1'aimant fait le fer traire, 
Ci que par forche et par droiture, 
Et par ruille qui tous jours dure, 
Sevent le liu de son repaire. 

Son repaire sevent a route, 

Quant li tans n'a de clarte goute, 

Tout chil qui font cest maistrise, 

Qui une aguille de fer boute 

Si qu'ele pert presque toute 

En .i. poi de liege, et 1'atise 

A la pierre d'aimant bise; 

S'en .i. vaissel plain d' yave est mise, 

Si que nus hors ne la deboute, 

Si tost com 1'iave s'aserise; 

Car dons quel part la pointe vise, 

La tresmontaigne est la sans doute. 


linear gloss to Alexander Neckam, and the commentary on John de Gar- 
lande, 1 are most important monuments of the language which for a while 
usurped among our forefathers the place of the Anglo-Saxon, and which 
we know by the name of the Anglo-Norman. In the partial vocabulary 
of the names of plants, which follows them, we have the two languages in 
juxta-position, the Anglo-Saxon having then emerged from that state which 
has been termed semi -Saxon, and become early English. We are again 
introduced to the English language more generally by Walter de Bibles- 
worth, the interlinear gloss to whose treatise represents no doubt the 
English of the beginning of the fourteenth century. 1 All the subsequent 
vocabularies given here belong, as far as the language is concerned, to 
the fifteenth century. As written in different parts of the country, they 
bear evident marks of dialect; one of them the vocabulary in Latin 
verse is a very curious relic of the dialect of the "West of England at a 
period of which such remains are extremely rare. 

i Omitted in the Present Edition. 



Preface to the present edition I 

Original preface ITI 

Original introduction V 


1. Anglo-Saxon Vocabulary. 8 th Century 1 

2. Kentish Glosses. 9 th Century 55 

3. Colloquy of .Mfric 89 

4. Abbot Mlfric'a Vocabulary 104 

5. Supplement to JElfric's Vocabulary 168 

6. Anglo-Saxon Glossary. 10* Century 192 

7. Anglo-Saxon Glosses. 10 th Century 248 

8. Anglo-Saxon Vocabulary. 10* or llth Century 258 

9. Anglo-Saxon Vocabulary. 11* Century 284 

10. Anglo-Saxon Vocabulary. 11* Century 304 

11. Glosses, Latin and Anglo-Saxon, 11* Century 338 

12. Miscellaneous Anglo-Saxon Glosses. 11 th Century 474 

13. Semi-Saxon Vocabulary. 12* Century 536 

14. Vocabulary of the Names of Plants. 13*** Century .... 554 

15. Latin and English Vocabulary. 15* Century 560 

16. Metrical Vocabularies. 15* Century 622 

17. Names of Parts of the Human Body. 15* Century .... 631 

18. English Vocabulary. 15* Century 633 

19. Nominale. 15* Century 673 

20. Pictorial Vocabulary. 15* Century 745 

E K R A T A. 

Col. 545 I. 2 for merherbarum read maferherbarum. 




Interpretatio nominum ebraicorum et grecorum. 

Adsida, flood. Libitorium, saa. 

Caluarice locus, cualmstou. Lignarium, uuidubinde. 

Coliferte, ge})ofta. Mantega, taeg. 

Clauis, helma. Molina, fylled flood. 

Crepidinem, neoj)ouard. 5 Mappa, cneoribt. 

Doleus, byden. Maculosus, spec-faag. 

Dasile, boor. Menta, minte. 

Decurat, hornnaap. Rastrum, raece. 

Ferula, hreod. Scisca, eoforj)rote. 

Fundus, bodan. 10 Sublatorium, bloestbaelg*. 

Gemellus, getuin. Tantalus, aelbitu. 

Clebulum, hrider. Ua, euwa. 

Jungula, geoc-boga. Uomer, scser. 
Ledo, nepflod. 

Incipii glosa secundum ordinem elimentorum alphabeti. 

Abelena, haeselhnutu. 15 Absinthium, wermod. 

Abies, etspe. Abortus, misbyrd. 

1 This early and interesting monument Archbishop Parker. It is, therefore, not 

of our language is preserved in a fine improbable that this Vocabulary was ori- 

vellum manuscript in the collection of ginally compiled and written for the school 

Archbishop Parker, in the Library of Corpus of Canterbury. 

Christi College, Cambridge, No. 0ertf7cxuv [The text of the present edition is based 

I have no hesitation in ascribing the on a collation recently made by Prof. J. 

writing to the eighth century. It re- Zupitza, of Beilin. Some of the foreign 

sembles rather closely that of the well- terms are rendered by Latin, some by 

known Durham Book, its characters ap- Anglo - Saxon expressions; only those 

proachiug almost to uncials. Some one rendered into Anglo-Saxon were retained, 

has written on the first leaf, in a hand including some which were omitted by 

perhaps of the thirteenth century, that Wright. R. W.] 

it belonged to the church of Canterbury 2 or blast-baelg, literally a blast-bag, 

liber Sancti Augustlni Cant. whence it The Anglo-Saxon word for bellows, 
no doubt came into the possession of 


Ablata, binumine. Adgrediuntur, geeodun. 

Abunde, genycthlice. Adlido, tonwinto. 

Abiget, wereth. Adnitentibus, tilgendum. 

Ab euro, eastansudan. Ad UUdines, wraene. 

Ad euronothum, eastsuth. 5 Adtonitus, hlysnende. 

Abditis, gehyddum. Ad fasces, to weordmyndum. 

Ab qffrico, sudanwestan. Adjiigit, gehuaeh. 

Ab borea, eastannor{)an. Adrogantissime, wloncli. 

Aconito, Jmngas. Adplaudat, onhliorrouuit. 

Aceruus, muha 1 . 1 Adcommodalurus, uuoende. 

A circio, nordanwestan. Aduentio, sarwo. 

Aclionaris, folcgeroebum. Aduocatus, {)ingere. 

Acisculum, pile. Adhibuit, geladade, uel aduocauit. 

Aerabulus, mapuldur. Adplicuit, gej)iudde. 

Achalantis, uelluscinia, uel roscinia, 15 Aequatis, efnum. 

nehtegale. Aesculus, boece. 

Acrifolus, holegn 2 . Aegit, wraec. 

Acega, holthona. Aestuaria, fleotas. 

Accearium, steli. Aere alieno, geabuli. 

Acitula, hromsa. 20 Aegesta, gors. 

Acitelum, hromsan crop. Aequipensum, ebnwege. 

Accitulium, gseces sure. Afiniculum [ellende] 5 , a finibus pro- 

Acinum, hindberiae. cut. 

Acris, fortis uel from 3 . Afflarat, ansuaep. 

Actionabatur, scirde. 25 A fafonio, sudanwestan. 

Actuarius, wraec. AJricus, westsudwind. 

Accetum, gefeotodne. AJfectui, megsibbe, uel dilectione. 

Acegia, snite. Agre[s]tis, wildae. 

Aceti cotilla, uas, i. bolle. Agastrum, aegmang. 

Acus, netl, uel, gronuisc. 3QAgitatio } unstilnis. 
Accidia, tedium, uel anxietas, i. sorg. Agitate, onettad. 

Accinctu, denetle. Agapem, suoesendo. 

Adsutce, gesiuwide. Agmen, weorod. 

Addictus, forscrifen. Alea, tebl. 

Adridente, tyctende. SbAleator, teblere. 

Aduncis, gebegdum. Albulo, flio. 

Ad penses, to nyttum. Alium, gaarleec. 

Adsensore, fultemendum. Alba spina, heagodorn. 

Adclinis, to-hald, uel incumbens. Alcion, isern. 

Atqueue, end suelce. 40 Alnus, aler. 

Ademto, gebinumini. Alneum, fulaetreo. 

Adsaeclum, J>egn, [minister turpitu- Alietum, spaerhabuc. 

dints 4 ]. Alneta, alerholt. 

1 This rare word also occurs in jElfric's 3 The MS. reads acris fortio. R. W. 
Heptateuch, Ex. 22,6, R. W. 4 These two words are added in another 

2 Cf. Leo, AngelsJichsisches glossar, and later hand. R. W. 

Halle 1872 u. 1877 pag. 125. il. W. 5 Added in a later hand. R. W. 


Alga, waar . 

Altrinsecus, on ba halfe. 

Albipedius, huitfoot. 

Aluuium, meeli. 

Aluiolum, aldaht. 

Alga, scaldhyflas, uel sondhyllas. 

Alternantium, staefnendra. 

Alacris, snel. 

Alacer, suift. 

Alueus, streamraad. 

Alitus, aethm. 

Alumnae, fostorbearn. 

Alapiciosa ', calwa. 

Aluearia, hyfi. 

Altilia, foedils. 

Alcido, meau. 

Alcanus, J)oden. 

Alites, challes*. 

Alueum, eduaelle. 

Alitudo, fothur. 

Alligeo, recceo. 

Altor, fostorfaeder. 

Allox, tahae. 

Allauda, lauricae. 

Amisionem, forlor. 

AmmQntum, sceptog. 

Ambrones, gredge. 

Ambages, ymbsuaepe. 

Ambrosea, suoetnis. 

Am ens, emod. 

AmiteSy fugultreo, uel reftras. 

AmteSy oemsetinrie wiingeardes. 

Ambulas, J)iustra, 

AmilariuSy mearh. 

Ambila, laec. 

Amiculo, hrsegli. 

Amentis, sceptloum. 

Andeda, brandrod. 

Aneta, enid. 

Anetum, dili. 

Antiae, loccas. 

Anguens, breer. 

Antefata, forewyrde. 

Antemne, waede. 

1 For alopeciosa, a late Latin word for 
a state of baldness produced by a disease 
called in medieval Latiu alopecia, from 
the Greek 

Antemna, seglgaerd. 

Antedoque, wyrtdrenc. 

Ansatae, aetgaere. 

Antena, boga. 
5 Anxius, sorgendi. 

Annua, gerlice. 

Anate, clader, sticca. 

Anser, goos. 

Anus, aid uuif. 
10 Anguila, el. 

AncepSy tuigendi. 

Antulus, caecbora. 

Aporiens, anscungendi. 

Aplustra, geroedro. 
15 Aper, eobor. 

Aporiamur, biad |>reade. 

Apiastrum, biowyrt. 

ApiOy merice. 

Apotasia, fraetgengian. 
20 Appetitusy gidsung. 

Apparitione, getiunge. 

Aparatu, aexfaru. 

Applare, eorscripel. 

Apricitas, gethingio. 
25 Apparatuniy gej)rec, 

Appotheca, winfaet. 

Apporeor, onsteuum, quibus ejus uis- 
cera interno foetore coguentur, 
et inde loquendo exalauit odorem 
30 foetorem. 

Aquilium, onga. 

Aquemale, lebel. 

Aquilae, segnas. 

Armenia, suinsung. 
35 Ariolatus, frihtrung. 

Areoliy sceabas. 

Ardia, hragra. 

Argella, laam. 

Argutiae, thrauuo. 
40 Arrius, faag. 

Arbutus, aespe. 

Argutiae, gleaunisse. 

ATX, faestin. 

Archtoesy waegnejuxl. 

2 Perhaps for callas men, men 
of war. Cf. Grein, sprachsatz II., pag. 
73. R. W. 


Artura, tot. 

Argilla, thoae. 

Arula, fyrponne. 

Artemon, obersegl, uel mains nauis. 

Armilausia, serce. 

Arpago, awel, uel clauuo. 

Arpa, earngeot. 

Arnaglosa i t wegbrade. 

Arbia, ceber. 

Armus, boog, 

Arbatce, sibaed. 

Ars plumaria, uuyndecreft. 

Archiatros, heahlecas. 

Aruina, risel. 

Ardebat, scaan. 

Arectas, hlysnendi. 

Arcessilus, feotod. 

Arbitus, faestinnum. 

Arcister, strelbora. 

Asilo, briosa. 

Asses scorteas, lij)rine trymsas. 

Aspaltum, spaldur. 

Ascalonium, ynnelaec. 

Astu, facni, uel fraefeli. 

Ascopa, kylle. 

Aspera, unsmoj)!. 

Asapa, earngeat. 

Astur, haesualwe. 

Atflarat, onsueop. 

Atticus, dor a. 

Attoniti, hlysnende, afyrhte. 

Atqueue, on suilce. 

Auriculum, carwicga. 

Auus, aeldrafaeder. 

Auriola, stigu. 

Auellanus, haesl. 

Aucupatione, setunge. 

Ausus, gedyrstig. 

Aueliit, onweg aferide. 

Auserunt, nomun hlodun. 

Auena, atse. 

Aulea, streagl: 
Auum, meli. 
Auspicantur, haclsadon. 
Auster, suduuind. 
5 Augur, haelsere. 
Ausurae, groeni aar 2 . 
Axungia, rysel. 
Axredones, lynisas. 
Axredo, lynis. 
10 Axis, aex. 

Bacidones, raedinne. 

Bagula, bridels. 

Balsis, teter. 
IbBallista, staeflidre. 

Basterna, beer. 

Batuitum, gebeaten. 

Bacciuia, beger. 

Ballena, horn. 
20 Barritus, genung. 

Battat, geonath. 

Basterna, scrid. 

Balbus, uulisp. 

Bolus, isernfeotor. 
25 Bachantes, uuoedende. 

Baratrum, daeL 

Basis, syl. 

Ballationes, cnop. 

Balbutus, stom, wlisp. 
30 Ban, segn. 

Bapis, treuteru 3 . 

Baruina, barriggae. 

Balneum, stofa. 

Balatus, bletid. 
35 Bariulus, reagufinc. 

Beacita, stearn. 

Beta, berc, arbor dicitur. 

Aeneficium 4 , freomo. 

B err us, baar 5 . 
4:OBerruca, uearte. 

Bellicum, slag. 

1 r in this word is added in a later 
hand. R. W. 

2 Perhaps for usurae? R. W. 

3 Bosworth has, 'Treuteru, a sort of vefres > & boar ' 
alandard, vexilli quoddam genus'. 

4 Of course, this is a mere error of 
the scribe for Beneficium. R. W. 

5 Berrus, no doubt, here stands for 



Sena ', higrae. 

Bena, at a. 

Becta 2 , stsert. 

Bicoca, haebreblete. 

Bitumen, Him. 

Bitiligo, blaecthrust, fel. 

Bile, atr. 

Bitulus, here. 

Biothanatas, seolfbonan. 

Bitricius, steopfaeder. 

Birbicariolus, werna. 

Bitorius, erdling. 

Bipertitum, herbid. 

Bilance, tuiheolore. 

Bibulta, billeru. 

Blitum, elate. 

Blessus, ptom. 

Bothoma 3 , embrin. 

Blohonicula, stoppa. 

Bofellum', falud. 

Bona, scaet. 

Boreus, eastnordwind. 

Bobulcus, hridhiorde. 

Bouestra, radre. 

Bacarius, meresuin. 

Bofor, lendislieg. 

Bombosa, hlaegulendi. 

Botrmn, clystri. 

Bolides, sundgerd in scipe, 


Briensis, honduyrm. 
Brahiale, gyrdels. 
Bratium, malt. 
Bradigabo, felduop. 
Broel, edisc, deortuun. 
Broellarius, ediscueard. 
Bruchus, cefer. 
Bruncus, wrot. 
Braciae, cian. 
Braugina, barice. 
Bulla, sigl. 

Bux*, box. 
Bubo, uuf. 
Buculus, rondbaeg. 
Bur rum, bruun. 
5 Bubalis, weosend. 
Buccula, buuc. 
Bucitum,) seotu. 
Butio, frysca. 
Bunia, byden. 
WBubla, flood. 
Byssum, tuin. 
Byrseus, lederuyrtha. 

Calculus, calc. 
15 Caccabum, cetil. 

Cados, ambras. 

Cartellus, windil. 

Calculus, ratio, uel sententia, uel 

numerus, uel teblstan. 
20 Cartilago, naesgristle. 

Carbunculus, spryng. 

Cautere, aam. 

Catapulta, flaan. 

Cabillatio, glio. 
25 Camellea 6 , wulfescamb. 

Canes linga" 1 , ribbe. 

Calentes, hatende. 

Caulem, steola. 
uel Capulus, belt. 

30 Caumeuniae, eordreste. 

Catabatus, romei. 

Calcar, spora. 

Cauterium, merciseren. 

Catasta, geloed. 
35 Cappillatur, faexnis. 

Capsis, cest. 

Carcura, craet. 

Caractis, uuseterj>ruh. 

Cariscus, cuicbeam, uuice. 
40 Capitium, hood. 

Camisa, ha[a]m. 

1 Of course, for verna y abonduiau. The 
6 is often used for v in this corrupt 
Latin, as in the next word, which repre- 
sents the Latin word avena. Atce is an oat. 

2 For vecta, vectis. 

3 Bothoma or Bothonia perhaps for 
Boedromia which word was translated 

embrin, embryne, ymbryne, anniversarius, 
cyclus. R. W. 

4 BofeUum, for bovillum, a fold, Anglo- 
Saxon falud, falced. 

5 For buxus. 

6 For chameleon, a plant: the wolfs 
thistle. 7 or cinoglosa. K. "W. 



Carix, secg. 

Canalibus, waeterdrum. 

Cappa, scicging. 

Castanea, cistenbeam. 

Calta, reade clafre, uel genus floris. 

Capistrum, caebestr. 

Calccsta, huite clafre. 

Cancer, haebrn. 

Calciculium, iecsessurae '. 

Cardella, |)isteltuige. 

Cacomicanus, logdor. 

Calomachus, haet. 

Cardus, |}istel. 

Castorius, beber. 

Caenum, wase. 

Carectum, hreod. 

Carpella, sadulboga. 

Carina, bythne. 

Canti, faelge. 

Cassidele, pung. 

Cappa, snod. 

Carpasini, grsesgroerii. 

Calmetum, mersc. 

Caliga, scoh. 

Carlo, gloed. 

Carduelis, linetuige. 

Caradrion, laurici. 

Cantarus, wibil. 

Caper, heber. 

Callos, weorras, uel ill. 

Carula, crauue. 

Cartilago, grundsopa. 

Capria, raha. 

Cauda, steort. 

Gaidar ia, cetil. 

Cater, suearth. 

Cartago, braadponne. 

Caragios, lyblaecan. 

Casla, heden. 

Canda, boga. 

Campus, brogdetende we/cleppetende. 

Carbasus, seglbosm. 

Cautioner, gewrit. 

Capulum, helt. 

Caumati, suole. 

1 Cnckoo's sour, wood sorrel. Cf, pag. 
3, 22. 

2 For caluaria, the place of skulls. 

Cauerniculis, holum. 

Capistrinum, geflit. 

Cassidis, helmes. 

Casus, fer. 
5 Oasis, ned. 

Casso, idle. 

Cassium, helm. 

Cardo, heor. 

Cabillatur, man drat. 
10 Caelatum, agraben. 

Catagrinas, bleremina mees. 

Canthera, trog. 

Callus, waar. 

Caluarium *, caluuerclim. 
15 Cardiolus, uudusnite. 

Callis, paat. 

Capistro, caefli. 

Calleo, fraefeleo. 

Cauliculus, steola. 
20 Carpebat, sclat. 

Cauernus, holu. 

Cartamo, lybcorn. 

Carcesia, bunan. 

Cessere, on wicum. 
25 Cercilus, aesc. 

Censor es, geroefau. 

Censeo, doema. 

Cesurajn, gegandende 3 . 

Celox, ceol. 
30 Cerus, elh. 

Cerula, heawi. 

Cerasius, ciserbeam. 

Cerefolium, cunelle. 

Cefalus, heardhara. 
35 Cepa, yimilaec, cipe. 

Cementum, Him, lapidum, 

Cente, wildegoos. 

Cespites, tyrb. 

Cessil, geeode. 
40 Cereacus, hornblauuere. 

Cernua, hald. 

Cerefolium, cerfelle. 

Chaus*, duolma, prima confusio, 

omnium rerum. 
45 Chaumos, suol. 

3 For gegangende ? 

4 For chaos. 




Chartamo, lybcorn. 

Chorus J , eostnordwind. 

Citropodes, chroa, croha. 

Cicuta, hymlice. 

Cicuta, wodewistle. 

Cicad, secggescere, uel haman. 

Ciconia, store. 

Cicer, bean. 

Cisculus, heardheau. , 

Cinoglosa, ribbe. 

Circinno, gabulrond. 

Circius, westnordwind. 

Cis, biheonan. 

Cimiterium, licburg. 

Circinni, windeloccas. 

Circinatio, oefsung. 

Cinnamonum, cymin resina. 

Cicuanus, higrae. 

Citonium, goodaepel. 

Clauia, borda. 

Claua, steng. 

Clustella, clustorloc. 

Cladica, wefl, uel owef. 

Clinici, faertyhted. 

Clauus caligaris, scohnegl. 

Clasis, flota. 

Clatrum, pearuc. 

Clabatum, gebyrded. 

Clus, teltreo. 

Clima, half. 

Clauicularius, caeghiorde. 

Commisura, flycticlad. 

Conabulum, cildatrog. 

Colonus, gebuur. 

Colobium, horn. 

Contribulius, meig, uel sanguine. 

Coccum bistinctum, wiolocread. 

Coiizat, tebleth. 

Conuexu, hualf. 

Conquilium, wilocscel. 

Contemtum, heuuendlice. 

Conlato, oembecht. 

Commeatos, sondse. 

Contub emails, gej>ofta. 

Coniectura, resung. 

Condidit, gesette. 

ConuincenS) oberstaelende. 

Codices, onheawas. 

Consutum, gesiowed. 

Corimbos, bergan. 
5 Commerdum, ceapstou, gestrion. 

Corben, mand. 

Conpactis, gegaedradon. 

Corbus, cauuel. 

Consulo, frigno. 
10 Conuicta, oberstaeled. 

Concidit, toslog. 

Conparantem, gegaerwcndne. 

Coaluissent, suornadun. * 

Concedam, lytesna. 
15 Coniurati, gem ode. 

Contumax, anmood. 

Confusione, gemengiunge. 

Concesserim, arecte. 

Conpar, gehaeplice. 
20 Constipuisse, gesuedrade. 

Conuenio, ic groetu. 

Contis, spreotum. 

Contos, speoru. 

Condicione, raedenne. 
25 Consobrinus, gesuigran. 

Cocleae, lytle sneglas. 

Coffinus, mand. 

Commentariensis, geroefa. 

Cospis, palstr. 
30 Color, aac. 

Corylus, haesl. 

Cornacula, crauue. 

Comix, crawe. 

Conglutinata, gelimed. 
35 Corimbos, leactrogas. 

Colostrum, beost. 

Cocleas, uuiolocas. 

Conpos, faegen. 

Contentus, geneord. 
40 Commentis, seorwum. 

Cors*, numerus militum, tuun. 

Confici, gemsengan. 

Conpetentes portiunculas, i. gelimp- 

lice daele. 
45 Conpagem, gegederung. 

Coituras, gegangendo. 

Perhaps for Eurus. R W. 

2 For cohors. 




Commanipularius, gescota uel con- 

scius, socius, collega. 
Consobrinus, sueor. 
Cor ax, hrsefn. 
Commisura, cimbing. 
Cox, hwetestan. 
Coxa, thegh. 
Conpetum, tuun, ])rop. 
Colicus, eoburthrote. 
Coins, wulfmod. 
Conca, mundleu. 
Coagolum, ceselyb. 
Commolitio, *forgrindet. 
Concisium, scelle. 
Confundit, fnenget. 
Commentum, aj)oht. 
Conderetur, gewarht. 
Conpedium, gescroepnis. 
Coleandrum, cellendre. 
Colomata, haetcolae. 
Concha, beme. 
Conualuit, geuaerpte. 
Consors, orsorg. 
Comitauere, togelestunne. 
Conclamatus, lorn a. 
Concessit, geimatu. 
Commendabat, trymide. 
Condebitores, gescolan. 
Concussionibus, raednisse. 
Confoti, afoedde. 
Conuenientes, seruuendc. 
Conlisio, slaege. 
Coturno, wodhae ! . 
Contio, gemoot. 
Costa, rib. 

Contionatur, madalade, declamat. 
Consobrinus, filius patruelis, uel mo 


Confutat, oberstaelid. 
Conpilat, stilith. 
Cornu, ceste. 
Conectit, teldat. 
Concretum, gerunnen. 
Conca, musclan seel. 
Coccum, wioloc. 

Cocilus, ampre. 

Crebrat, siftid. 

Crebrum, sibi. 

Crucus, gelo. 
5 Cripta, ascussum. 

Crepundia, maenoe. 

Cratem, Jlecta, uel hyrj)il. 

Cms, scia. 

Crabro, waefs, uel hurnitu. 
10 Crustula, simills, haalstaan. 

Crama, flete. 

Crates, hegas. 

Cragacus, styria. 

Cuniculos, smyglas. 
15 Curiositas, feorwit, geornis. 

Culcites, bed. 

Cucumis, popasg. 

Culmus, wyrd. 

Cureulio, emil. 
20 Cupa, byden. 

Cuba, tunne. 

Cummi, teoru. 

Culix, mygg. 

Cuculus, gaec. 
25 Cucuzata, lepeuuince. 

Culinia, cocas. 

Cucuma, fyrcruce. 

Cuspis, palstr. 

Cunae, cildcladas. 
30 Curtina, wagryft. 

Culter, saex. 

Cuneus, waecg. 

Cuppa, accipiendo, i. beodbollae. 

Cyprinus, forneted cli? 

Damma, bestia, i. eola. 

Defrutum, coerin. 

Detulerat, brohte. 

Delicatus, wrast. 
40 Destituit, obgibeht. 

Deuotaturus, wergendi. 

Desis, suuaer. 

Desolutus, onsaelid. 

Destituunt, towuorpon. 
45 Destitutae, toworpne. 

1 This interpretation of cothurnus is to have taken cothurnus for coturnix = 
rather singular. The glossator appears woodhen. R. W. 




Declpula, bisuicfalle. 
Decrepita, dobgendi. 
Desidebat, unsibbade. 
Defatiget, suenceth. 
Delumentum, dhuehl. 
Deponile, wefta. 
Deconfugione, statione, hydae. 
Deliberatio, ymbdriodung. 
Delicatis et querulis, wrastum end 

Defectura, aspringendi. 
Decidens, gewitendi. 
Debita pensio, gedaebeni geabuli. 
Deditio, handgand. 
Detractauit, forsooc. 
Deuia callus, horweg stig. 
Defferuntur, meldadun, uel wroegdun. 
Dehiscat, tocinit. 
Detriturigne, agnidine. 
Dentalia, sulesreost. 
Deuinxit, geband. 
Decerni, scriben. 
Degloberei, flean. 
Defotabat, forsuor. 
Depraehendo, anfindo. 
Desciuit, widstylde, pedem retraxit. 
Defert, wroegde. 
Delectum, cyri, uel electio. 
Detestare, onseacan. 
Detrimentum, wonung. 
Degenerauerat, misthagch. 
Desisse, tionade. 
Degesto, geraedit. 
Decreta, gedoht. 
Deuota, cystig. 

Difortium, [weggedal 1 ] repudium. 
Diem obiit, asualt. 
Dictatorem, aldur. 
Dilotis, todaeldum. 
Delibutus, gesmirwid. 
Dilatio, aelding. 
Ditor, gefyrdro. 
Dispendium, worn. 
Disceptant, flitat. 
Dissimulat, midid. 
Disparuit, ungeseneweam. 

1 Added in another hand. R. W. 

Distabuerunt, asundun. 

Discensor, ungedyre. 

Dilectum, [meniu] exercitum. 

Difficile, wearnwislice. 
5 Digitalium musculorum, fingrdoc- 

Dicam, quedol. 

Dicas, quedole. 

Difinis, suide micel. 
10 Dispensatio, scir. 

Dimisis, asclaecadun. 

Dicimenla, tacne. 

Dispectus, fraecud. 

Dignitosa, meodomlice. 
15 Disoluerat, ascaeltte. 

Diuinos, uuitgan. 

Distitutum, ofgefen. 

Distentus, adegen. 

Dolatum, gesniden. 
20 Dodrans, egur. 

Dolatura, braadlastascus. 

Dos, wituma, uel uuetma. 

Domatis, buses. 

Dolones, hunsporan. 
2bDromidus, afyred olbenda. 

Dromidarius, se eorodmon. 

Dracoritia, gimro, dicitur. 

Dulcissapa, caerin. 

Durnus, byrne. 

Eatenus, oddaet. 

Ebor, elpendbaan. 

Ebredio, hrisle. 

Ebulum, walhwyrt. 
35 Echo, wudumer. 

Echinus, piscis, uel seel. 

Edera, uuduwinde. 

Eder, ifegn. 

Edilitatem, bamscire. 
40 Edissere, asaecgan. 

EJfosis, ahlocadum [enebata t &suonA*]. 

Ejfetum, ontudri. 

Eftafolium, sinfulle. 

Eftafylon, gelodwyrt. 
45 Efficaciter, [uelociter], fromlice. 

Efjicax, [expeditus], from. 

2 These two words are added in another 
hand. R. W. 


Efectum, deid. 

Egre, earfedlice. 

Egerere, ascrepan. 

Egesta, ascrepen. 

Egra, slaece. 

Elogio, geddi. 

Eluderet, auusegde. 

Electrum, elotr. 

Eleborus, Jmng, woedeberge. 

Elogia, laac. 

Elegans, loquax, smicre. 

Eliminate adytid. 

Elimat, gesuirbet. 

Empta, geboht. 

Empticius, ceapcneht. 

Emolumentum, lean, fultutn. 

Emblema, fothr. 

Emunctoria, candeltuist. 

Emaones, scinneras. 

Emenso, oberfoerde. 

Eneruat, asuond. 

Enum, cetil. 

Enucleata, geondsmead. 

Enixa, beorende. 

Eximet, alieset. 

Exegestus, gebero. 

Expendisse, araefnde. 

Exundauit, auueol. 
5 Experim&ntum, andwisnis. 

Exercitiis, bigangum. 

Exorti, adrsesti. 

Exposito, geborone. 

Exaltauit, stone. 
10 Expedisset, drowode. 

Expedierant, araeddun. 

Exito, perditiOj endistaeb. 

Exoleuerunt, gesuedradun. 

Ex phalange, [ofdreote], offoedan. 
\5Exauctorauity geheende. 

Expilatam, [aj>ryid], arytrid. 

Expeditio, faerd. 

Exintera, ansceat. 

Explodit, excludit, atynid. 
20 Exagium, andmitta. 

Extale, snaedilj)earm. 

Exilia, gestinccum. 

Expeditis, gearuum. 

Exta, lesen. 

Enixa est, genuit agnam, i. ceolbor 25 Exenium, laac. 


Eptasyllon*, gelodwyrt. 
Epilenticus, woda. 
Eptafolium, sinfulle. 
Epimenia, nest. 
Ependiten, cop. 
Erimio, hindberge. 
Erenis [haegtis 2 ], furia. 
Erenditen, cop. 
Erpica, egde. 
Erpicarius, egdere. 
Erugo, rust. 
Errabiles, huerbende. 
Ericius, ill. 
Esculus, boece. 
Euiscerata, athed. 
E uestigio, [on lande], on laste. 
Euidens, seotol. 
Eurynis, walcyrge. 
Eumenides, haehtisse. 
Expeditus, abundsen. 

Exactor, scultheta. 

Excolat, siid. 

Exta, precordia, baecjjearm. 

Examusim, [geornlice], absolute, certe 
30 uel exquisite. 

Exorbitans, asuab. 

Exalaparetur, suungen. 

Extipices, haelsent. 

Expensa, daeguuini. 
35 Exerta lingua, naec[a]d tunge. 

Excesus, egylt. 

Exigebant, araefndnn. 

Expeditionibus, ferdun. 

Examen, sue[a]rm. 
40 Extorres, wraeccan. 

Exactio, geabulesmonung. 

Expediam, arecio. 

Excubias, weardseld. 

Expendere, to aseodenne. 
45 Exugia, gescincio. 

Expilatam, arydid. 

For eptafyllon. R. W. 

2 Added in another hand. R. W. 



Exprcesserunt, arehtun. 
Exerceri, wesan draegtre. 
Exercitatae, dare getyhtan. 
Expeditio, hergiung. 
Exactum, baedde. 
Expeditus, uelox, [snel], fortis. 

Facetia, glio. 

Fate, walhhabuc. 

Fasces [libri~], goduueb. 

Fagm, boece. 

Fastidium [odium], cymnis. 

Fasianus, worhona. 

Fascias, wedel 

Famfaluca, [faam], leasung. 

Fasciarum , suaedila. 

Folds, wudubil, side, riftras. 

Famfaluca, wapul. 

Falcastrum, wudubil. 

Faonius, westsudwind. 

Festinatio l , malscrnng. 

Falarica, aegtaero l . 

Falanx, foeda. 

Farius, faag. 

Facessit, suedrad. 

Farsa, acrummen. 

Fauo, bean. 

Fasces, cynedomas. 

Fastu, uulencu. 

Fabrile, smidlice. 

Farelas, hryste. 

Falerata, gehyrsti. 

Feruginius, greig. 

Ferox, roede, ferae similis, 

Ferculum, disc ; uasculum. 

Ferinum, hold. 

Feriatus, gerested 

Fenus, spe[a]rua. 

Foenus, borg. 

Foederatus, getriowad. 

Faecce, maere. 

Fespa, waefs. 

Fefellit, uuegid. 

Ferula, aescdrote. 

Fellus, catte. 


1 The MS. has festinatio. R W. 

2 For (xtg&r, a short spear or javeliu, 
a kiiid of dart. Cf. p. 23, 15 framea. 

Fenum, gracs. 

Ferrugine, iserngrei. 

Ferruginem, obscuritatemferri, i. om. 

Fiber 3 , bebr. 
5 Fiscilla, taenil. 

Fida, steam. 

Fibra, J)earm. 

Filix, fearn. 

Fiscittus, stictenel. 
10 Fibrae, librlaeppan. 

Fibula, hringesigl. 

Fiscittis, sprinclum. 

Filwn, dred. 

Finicia, beosu. 
15 Ficetula, sugga. 

Fibrans, risende. 

Fiscalis, redagebellicum (?), waegn- 

Flmum, go or. 
20 Fictis, facnum. 

Fistulis, j)eotum. 

Figite, suidigad. 

Filiaster, steopsunu. 

Flauum, fuluum, read. 
25 Flegmata, horh. 

Flabanus, suan. 

Flabum, geolu. 

Flagris, suiopum. 

Flarnma, blaed. 
30 Floccus, loca. 

Flauescit, glitinat, albescit. 

Flagrans, stincendi. 

Flebotoma, blodsaex. 

Fortuna, wyrd. 
35 Forfices, scerero. 

Fouet, feormat ; broedeth. 

Foederatas, getreuuade. 

Fornicem., bogan. 

Formido, anoda. 
40 Forfex, isern sceruru 4 . 

Fors wyrd. 

Forceps, tong. 

Fornacula, cyline heorde, 

Foras, bolcan. 
4b Fortex, edwelle. 

For biber. 
a 4 Cf. forfices. R. W- 



.Form's, bogo, supercolumnis . 

Follis, blaesbaelg. 

Fornaculum, here. 

Formations, cese, a forma. 

Fronulus, linetuigle. 

Fratuelis, geaduling. 

Fratuelis, suhterga*. 

Fratuelis, brodorsunu. 

Frugus, uncystig, heamul. 

Frixum, afigaen. 

Fraga, obet. 

Fraxinus, aesc. 

Fringella, fine. 

Frutectum, lose, locus ubi ponunt, 

Framea, setgaeru. 

Fons, hleor. 

Fretus, bald. 

Fragor, suoeg, cirm. 

Fraudulenter, faecenlice. 

Frontuosus, bald. 

Frutina, fultemend. 

Fuscinula, awel. 

Furcimen, waergrood. 

Furbum, bruun. 

Fundi, grundus. 

Funalia, condel. 

Fusum, spinel. 

Fucus, faex, taelg. 

Fusarius, wananbeam. 

Funix'*, gonot, uel doppa, enid. 

Furuncus, meard. 

Fungus, suom. 

Funda, lidre. 

Furfures, sifidan. 

Funestauere, smiton. 

Funestissima, da deadlicustan. 

Funalia, cerei, waexcondel. 

Fulgine, sooth. 

Furia, haehtis. 

Gargarizet, gagulsuille 3 . 
Garrit, gionat. 
Gannatura, gliu. 
Galla, galluc. 

1 ISee, Grein, spra<lischatz der ags. dicliter 
II, pag. Wt.fratuelis for fratruelis R. AY. 

2 For Phoenix*! R W. 

8 Cfr. gagulsuole meaning lascivious 

Garula, crauue. 

Garbas, sceabas. 

Galmaria, caluuer. 

Galmum, moling. 
5 Galmulum, molegnstycci. 

Galmilla, liimcaluuer. 

Gabea*, me[a]u. 

Gabalacrum, calwer. 

Gestus, gebero. 
10 GenerosuSj aedile. 

Genista, brom. 

Gente, wildegoos. 

Genuine, tusc, naturale. 

Genas, heagaspen. 
15 Gente, wildegoos. 

Gelum, forst. 

Geumatrix, geac. 

Giluus, geolu. 

Gillus, grei. 
20Gipsus, spaeren. 

Gippus, hofr. 

Giluus, falu. 

Gilbus, gyrno. 

Gingria, spon. 
25 Glis, egle. 

Globus, leoma. 

Glarea, cisilstan. 

Gladiolum, saecg. 

Glitilia, clife. 
30 Glomer, clouue. 

Glus, frecnis. 

Glaucum, heauui, grei. 

Glandula, cirnel. 

Glebo, unwis. 
35 Gladiatores, cempan. 

Gluten, teoru. 

Gripem, gig. 

Grillus, hama. 

Gremen, faethm. 
40 Gramen, quice. 

Grassator, forhergend. 

Grallus, hrooc. 

Gracilis, smsel. 

Gregariorum, unaedilsa. 

heat, burning; gagolbamies = wantou- 
ness ; and iagul = gargarismus. R. W. 
4 For gavia = larus, gull, Germ. move. 
R. W. 


Gregatim, wearnmelum. 
Grus, gruis, cornoch. 
Grauis, cornuc. 
Graffium, grsef. 
Grunnire, grunnettan. 
Graticium, wagflecta. 
Gurgulio, drotbolla. 
Gurgustium, ceosol. 
Gurgustiore ', cetan. 
Gurgulio <i , emil. 
Gunna, heden. 

Hastilia telorum, scaeptloan. 
Babitudines, geberu. 
Harundo, canna, hreod. 
Haustum, drync. 
Habenis, gewaldledrum. 
Habile, lioduwac. 
Heus! geheresthu. 
Hebitatus, astyntid. 
Hebescerel, asuand. 
Hebitabit, asclacade. 
Heia. welga. 
Herodius, walchhabuc. 
Hersutum, drustum. 
Helleborus, woidiberge. 
Herinis 3 , walcrigge. 
Hebetat, styntid. 
Hiulca, cinendi. 
Hibiscum, biscopuuyrt. 
Hirundo, sualuue, 
Histrix, iil. 
Hinnitus, hnaeggiung. 
Hyna, naectgenge. 
Holor, suan. 
Hora, sueg. 
Homo, J)ysgere. 
Hoctatus, gelaechtrad. 
Homo, J>ysgere. 
Holido, fule. 
Honeraria, hlaestscip. 
Huscide, tolice. 
Humase, bimyldan. 
Hyadas, raedgasram. 

1 Perhaps for gurgustia, cf, Boswortb 
22 c. R. W. 

2 For curculio. 

3 For Erinnys, the waelcyrig. 

Hymeneos, hsemedo* 

Ibices, firgengaet. 

Idoneus, oxstaelde. 

Igni sacrum, oman. 
5 Ignarium, aalgewerc. 

Ilia, midhridir, niodanweard hype. 

Illic, J)anan. 

Imbricibus, J)aectigilum. 

Inergumenos, wodan. 
10 Indruticans, wraestendi. 

Inians, gredig. 

Impetigo, teter. 

Inextricabitis, untosliten. 

Inluuies secundarum, ham a, in quo 
15 fit paruulus. 

Incommodum, unbryce. 

Inprouuisu, feringa. 

Infestatio, unliojmwacnis. 

Infula, uueordmynd. 
20 Inminente, aetweosendre. 

Infestus, gemenged. 

Ingesta, ondoen. 

Inola, eolene. 

Intestinwn, {>earm. 
25 Interamen, inifli *. 

InstiteSj suedelas. 

Infima, niol. 

Intexunt, wundun. 

Inlex, tyctendi. 
3Q Interim, }>rage. 

Increpitans, hleo})rendi. 

Infestus, flach. 

Interceptum, arasad. 

Interceptio, raepsung 5 . 
BSlnfandum, manful. 

Inlecebris, tychtingum. 

Ingrains, lad. 

Incuda, onfilti. 

Inritatus, gegremid. 
Q Incitamenta, tyhtinne. 

Inter asile, interana, glyffa. 

Intula, uualhwyrt. 

Inprobus, gemah. 

Ingruerit, onhriosed. 

4 luelf or inilf means viscera, interanea. 
R. W. 

5 Perhaps raefsung in the MS. R. W. 




Inruens, J)erende. 

Intractabilis, unliojmwac. 

Inmunes, orceas. 

In procinctu, in degnunge. 

Jntercepit, rsefsde. 

Intercepit, fornoom. 

Interceptum est, raefsit waes. 

Insimulatione, feringe. 

Inpendebatur, geben waes. 

Interpellare, raefsit. 

Industria, geornis. 

Inpendebat, salde. 

In dies crudesceret, aforht. 

In transmigrationem, in foernisse. 

Iners, esuind ', asolcen. 

Interuentu, J)ingunge. 

Inlectus, getyhtid. 

Intertitam, bismiride. 

Inpactae, onligenre. 

Indigestae, unobercumenre. 

Innitentes, widerhlingende. 

Insolesceret, oberuuenide. 

Inpulsore, baedendre. 

Infractus, ungeuuemmid. 

Inopimum. unasaedde. 

Inditas, da gesettan. 

Infici, gemengde. 

Index, tacnendi, torctendi. 

Inposterem *, bisuuicend. 

Inter primores, .bitu 3 aeldrum. 

Intercapido, firstmaerc. 

Insolens, foruuened. 

In curia, in maedle. 

Incuba, maere. 

In mimoj in gliowe. 

Inuisus, lath. 

In estiuo cenaculi, yppe, ubi per 

estatem frigus captant. 
Inuolucus, uulluc. 
Inuoluco, uudubinde. 
Inquilinis, genaeot 4 . 
Indolis, hyhtful, uel diendi. 
Tnfridat, kaelid 5 . 

Inruit, raesde. 

Inpingit, smat, gemaercode. 

Incentor, tyhtend. 

Incantata, gegaelen. 
5 Incantatores, galdriggan. 

Infestationes, tionan. 

Inlercapidine, ginnisse. 

. Inundatio, gyte. 

Incurrus, ongong. 
10 Inbuit, onreod. 

Infastum, sliden. 

Inruptio, ongong. 

Innixus, strimendi. 

Incanduit, auueoll. 
15 Ineptus, gemaedid. 

Intrinicio, forsliet. 

Insirtim, insondgewearp. 

Innitor, onhlingo 6 . 

Inficio, blondu. 
2QInfula, uyrdo. 

Inmoratur, wunat. 

Infectum, geblonden. 

Indomitus, wilde. 

Instincta, onsuapen. 
25 Intransmeabili, unoferfoer. 

Inbellem, orwige. 

Internicium bellum dicitur quo nidlus 
remanet, utcualm. 

Inulus, hindcaelf. 
30 In catamo, in baece. 

Initiatum, gestoepid. 

Intimandum, to cydenrie. 

Iota, sochtha 7 . 

Jouem, J)uner. 
35 Irridabant, tyhton. 

Irritum, forhogd, inanem. 

Isic, laex. 

Isca, tyndrin. 

Istic, uueder. 
, hider. 

Jungetum, riscdyfel. 

Jurisperiti, redboran. 

Jubar, earendel. 

1 For asuind. R. W. 

2 No doubt an error forimpostorem R W. 

3 For bitun, bitwin. R. W. 

4 For geneat colonus. R. W. 

5 For infrigidat. R. W. 

6 For onhlinie or onhlinio. Cf. Beda 
III, 17. R. W. 

17 Perhaps au error for iochda. Somri. 


Jugum, cnol. Legula, gyrdilshringe. 

Junctura, foeging. Lendina, hnitti 6 . 

Juuentus ', midferh. Leuir, tacur. 

Juncus, rise. Lectidiclatum, gejmorneflete. 

Jubar, leoma. 5 Lepus, leporis, hara. 

Lentum uimen, tohgserd. 

Labrum, segn. Lenticula, piose. 

Larbula, egisgrima. Lesta, borda. 

Lacerna, haecile, uel loda. Lenirent, afroebirdun 7 . 

Lacessit, gremid. 10 Ligones, ineottucas. 

Laogoena 1 , crog. Liburnices, gerec. 
Latrina, genge, groepe, atqueduc* Ligustrum, hunigsuge. 

tus, cloacas. Liuida toxica, da wonnan aetrinan. 

Laudae 3 , laurice. Liquentes, hlutre. 

Lacessitus, gegremid. 15 Lien, milte. 

Lcexiua, laeg. Libertabus, frioletan. 

Lacesso, suto. Liciatorium, hebelgerd. 

Laquear, firsthrof. Limax, snegl. 

Lanx, heolor. Limphaticus, woedendi. 

Lanucar, flode. 20 Lituus, cryc. 

Lactuca, jjudistel. Licidus, huaet. 

Lacunar, hebenhus. Libertus, frioleta. 

Lapatium 4 , lelodrae. Linter, baat. 

Lacerta, adexe. Lingula, gyrdilshringe. 

Larus, meau. 25 Limus, laam. 

Lappa, clibe. Limbus, dres, liste. 

Latex, burne. Liberalitas, roopnis. 

Laena, rift. Lihargum, slaegu ". 

Labat, weagat. Linea, waebtaeg. 

Lana, uul. 30 Licium, hebeld. 

Laquearia, firste. Licia, hebeld, dred. 

Latratus, bercae. Lima, fiil. 

Laudarmlus, frecmase. Lolium, ate. 
Ladascapiae, briensis, i. hondwyrm. Lotium, hlond. 

Lanterna, lehtfaet. 35 Lodix, loda. 

Lacessere, gremman. Locusta, lopust. 

Lepor, wood. Luscus, anege. 

Lebes, huer. Lucor, freceo. 

Lenta, toh. Lurcones, siras. 

Lenocinium, tyhten. 40 Lunulus, mene, scillingas. 

Legit, collegit, lisit. Luculentum, torhtnis. 

Lembum, listan 5 . Lumbare, gyrdilsbroec. 

1 An error for juuencus. R. W. 6 hutu is corrected to hnitu in the 

2 For lagena. R. W. MS. R. W. 

\ l* ; laud ? e - B - w - 7 For afroefredun. R. W. 

4 For lapathum. R. W. 

5 list means a list of cloth, limbus 8 For lethargum, cf. slagu. Bosw. (54 j. 
panni Cf. limbus. R. W. R - w - 



Ludi litter ari, staefplagan. 
Lutraos, otr. 
Lucius , haecid. 
Lupatis, bridelsum. 
Lucanica, maerh. 
Lurdus, lemphalt. 
Lupus, brer 1 . 
Ludarius, steor. 
Lumbricus, regnwyrm. 
Luteum, crohha. 
Lupercal, haerg. 
Lumbus, side. 
Lusdnia, naectegale. 
Luscinius, forsc. 
Lupus, wulf. 
Lupa, wylf. 
Lupinare, uulfholu. 
Lumbulos, lendebrede. 
Lymphatico, woedendi. 
Lymbo, dresi. 

Manipulatim, jjreatmelum. 
Mancus, anhendi. 
Maforte 2 , scyfla. 
Manes, dede. 
Manica, glof. 
Manile, lebil. 
Manitergium, lin. 
Margo, obr. 
Malagma, salf. 
Mains, apuldur. 
Mandras, eouuistras. 
Maceratus, J)reatende. 
Mastigium, suiopan. 
Manubium, waelreaf. 
Manticum, hondfulbeowes. 
Masca, grima. 
Mascus, grima. 
Marsopicus, fina. 
Marsuppia, ceodas. 
Marruca, snegl. 

1 lupus denotes a brier. R. W, 

2 An error for Manors instigator. 

3 Perhaps an error for byri (byrig) 
castdla, domus. R. W. 

4 Tiig or Tiw was the Anglo - Saxon 
god of war. R. W. 

5 The meaning of meomor is skilful, 

Maiales, bearug. 

Mango, mengo. 

Maulistis, scyend. 

Mastice, huitcudu. 
5 Malua, hocc, cottuc, uel gearwanleaf. 

M[ar]ubium, biowyrt, uel hune. 

Matrix, quida. 

Massa, clyne. 

Mapalia, byre 3 . 
10 Mars, Martis, tiig *. 

Mag alia, byre. 

Macilentus, gefaested. 

Manere, bid an. 

Madidum, obdaenit. 
15 Madefacta, geuueted. 

Machinamenta, ordonc. 

Mantega, taeg. 

Malas, gebsias. 

Mendacio conposito, geregnade. 
20 Meatim, meomore 5 . 

Melarium, mire apuldur. 

Melodium, suinsung. 

Melito, meditor, meadrobordan. 

Mergulus, scalfur. 
25 Merx, mertze. 

Mereo, groeto. 

Merula, oslae. 

Megale 6 , hearma. 

Medulla, merg. 
30 Mercurium, woden. 

Mentagra, bituihn. 

Merga, scraeb. 

Metricius, mederwyrhta. 

Miluus, glioda. 
3& Milium, mill. 

Mirifillo' 1 , gearwe. 

Mimopora, deofscip 8 . 

Minaci, hlibendri. 

Mitra, haet. 
AOMordicos, bibitne. 

Molestissimum, earbetlieust. 

expert. R. W. 

6 For megalium a salve. Hearma 
denotes a sling for supporting a wounded 
arm. R. W. 

7 For millefolio. R. W. 

8 deofscip means nauis piratica a ship 
used by pirates. R. W. 




Monarchic*, anuualda. 
Morgit ! , milcit. 
Mosiclum, ragu. 
Momentum, scytel. 
Molibus, ormetum. 
Mordacius, clouae. 
Mouebor, styrid. 
Moles, falthing. 
Molosus, rodhund. 
Morenula, eil. 
Mosicum, ragu. 
Mora, heorotberge. 
Municeps, burgliod. 
Munifica, cystigan. 
Murica, gespon. 
Murenula, bool. 
Muluctra, ceoldre. 
Munila, baeg. 
Muscipula, muusfalle. 
Mucro, mece. 
Mugil, haeced. 
Musiranus 2 , screauua. 
Mustela, uueosule. 
Mulio, horsdegn. 
Mugil, heardhara. 
Mulgit, milcit. 
Mus, muris, muus. 
Multabitur, uuitnath. 
Murilium, byrgen. 
Musca b , egesgrima. 
Musica, myrgnis. 
Murice, wurman. 
Musca, flege. 
Murus, braer. 
Myrius, uuir. 

Naus\a\tio, uulatunc. 
Nauiter, horsclice. 
Nasturtium 4 , tuuncressa. 
Napta b , blaecteoru. 
Napta b , tynder. 
Nauus 6 , pumilio, duerg. 

1 No doubt, an error for molgit or 
mulget. R. W. 

2 An error for mus araneua. R. W. 

3 For masca. R. W. 

4 For nasturtium. R. W. 

5 For naphtha. R. W. 

Napis, naep. 

Nazarei, loccas. 

Nabulum, ferescaet. 

Nauiter, suidfroinlice. 
5 Neptam 5, tyndre. 

Netila 1 , hearma. 

Nepa, haebern. 

Negotia, unemetta. 

Nebulonis, scinlaecan. 
\ONequiquam, holunga. 

Netum, gesiuwid. 

Neruus, sionu. 

Necabantur, aqualdun. 

Nitorium, spinil. 
15 Nymbus, storm. 

Ninguit, sniwid 8 . 

Nigra spina, slaghdorn. 

Nixu, werdeode. 

Noctua, ulula, ule. 
20 Nomisma, mynit. 

Noctua, naehthraefn. 

Naualia, faelging. 

Non subsciuum, unfaecni. 

Nodus, wrasan, ost. 
25 Notae, speccan. 

Notatus, oncunnen. 

Nouerca, steopmoder. 

Noma g , rihtebred. 

NumulariuSy nummorum praerogatur, 
30 miyniteri. 

Nurus, snoro. 

Nux, hnutbeam. 

Nugacitas, unnytnis. 

Nucli, cirnlas. 
3f> Nullo negotio, naenge earbede. 

Numquid, nehuruis. 

Obolitio, edung. 
Obsides, gislas. 
40 Obrizum, smaetegold. 
Obriguit, gefreos. 
Obliquum, scytehald. 

6 No doubt, an error for nanus R. W. 

7 For mitella, I suppose. R. W. 


8 The MS. has: suwid. R. W. 

9 An error for norma. R. W. 
10 For abolitio, R. W. 





Obnixus, strimendi. 

Obreplione, crioptinge. 

Obestrum 1 , beost. 

Optimates, gesidas. 

Obuncans, genyclede. 

Obtenuit, forcuom, bigaet. 

Obnixe, geornlice. 

Obunca, crump. 

Obuix 2 , widerstal. 

Obligamentum, lyb, lybsn 8 . 

Obstruit, fordytte. 

Obiecte, ongensette. 

Obiectus, uuitsetnis. 

Obruere, oberurecan. 

Obsedatus, gislhada. 

Obturat, folclaemid. 

Obtinuit, ofercuom. 

Obiectionibus, gestalum. 

Obnoxius, scyldig. 

Obex, ogengel. 

Obicula, geocstecca. 

Occupauit, onette. 

Ocreisj baangeberg 

Occa, faelging. 

Occubuit, gecrong. 

Occiput, hnecca. 

Occabat, egide. 

Ocearium, staeli. 

Ojfendit, moette. 

Of firmans*, claemende. 

Of fait, werdit. 

Ogastrum*, aeggimong. 

Olor, suon. 

Oligia, nettae. 

Olgastrum, aeggimong. 

Olor t cicnus, aelbitu 6 . 

Olim, singale. 

Olastrum, staeb. 

Omni modo, oeghwelce dinga. 

1 No doubt, an error for colostrum. R. W. 

2 For obfx. R. W. 

3 Cf. Bosw. Diet. s. v. lib, libesue, 
lifesne. R. W. 

4 It seems evident from the Anglo- 
Saxon interpretation that this should be 
affirmans. Offirmare means to be stiff- 
necked, obstinate. R. W. 

Cf. olgastrum. R. W. 

Omentum, mafia. 

Omen, hael. 

Onocratallus 7 , feolufer. 

Opilauit, forclsemde 8 . 
5 Oppilauit clausit, gegiscte. 

Opinare 9 , resigan. 

Oportunitatem, gehydnis. 

Opere plumario, bisiudi werci 10 . 

Oppilatae, bisparade. 
10 Origanum, wurmille. 

Oridanum 1 1 , eolone. 

Orcus, ore. 

Oresta, dres. 

Oripilatio, celiwearte. 
15 Orcus, dyrs, heldiobul. 

Ordinatissimam, J)a gesettan. 
. Orbita, hueolrad. 

Ortigomera, edischen. 

Oratores, spelbodan. 
20 Ordinatus, gehaeglice. 

Or, onginnendi. 

Orion, eburdring. 

Orbia, sifan, utunda. 

Orbitae, last. 
25 Oscillae, totridan. 

Oscitantes, geongendi. 

Osma, suice. 

Ostriger, bruunbeosu. 

30 Patrimonium, gestrion, 

Partim, sume daeli. 

Palpitans, brogdetende. 

Particulatim, styccimelum. 

Paludamentum, genus uestimenti bel- 
35 licit haecile. 

Patrocinium, mundbyrd. 

Paranimphus, dryhtguma. 

Palestra, plaega. 

Pastinare, settan. 

Cf. Bosw. 970; ylfete, ylfetu a swan, 
otor, cygnus. R. W. 

7 Onocrotallus means a pelican. R. W. 

8 Cf. obturat folclaemid. R. W. 

9 For opinari. R. W. 

10 besiwian, bisiwian means to sew 
together, to join ; jungere. Bisiwed fef>er- 
geweore, Cot. 145. Cf. Bosworth 16f. R "W. 

11 An error for origanum, wild mar- 
joram. R. W. 




Palatlna, raecedlic. 

Panice, ruseam *. 

Parcce, wyrde. 

Parcas, burgrune. 

Parabsides, gauutan. 

Palearibus 2 , deadraegelum. 

Palas 3 , scoble. 

Papilio, fiffalde. 

Papula, wearte. 

PampinuSj crous. 

Papiliuus, wiolucscel 4 . 

Palingenesean, edscaeft. 

Paneta, holoponne. 

Paneta, disc. 

Paupilius 5 , scaldhulas. 

Papula, spryng. 

Pandis, geapum. 

Patruus, faedra. 

Patruelis, faedran sunu. 

Patruelis, geaduling. 

Paxillum, palum, naegl. 

Panpila, wibl. 

Panuculum, uuefl. 

Palagra, ecilma 6 . 

Pascsos, geroscade. 

Pastinaca, walhmore. 

P[a]pirum, eorisc. 

Pangebant, faedun. 

Palla, rift. 

Parula, mase. 

Papilio, buterflege. 

Paliurus, sinfull e. 

Pauo, pauna. 

Passus, faedm, uel tuegen stridi. 

Palumbes, cuseote. 

Pastellus, hunigaeppel. 

Pansa, scaffoot 7 . 

Paranymphus, dryhtguma. 

Parumper, huonhlot[um]. 

Patera, fiola. 

Papauer, popei. 

1 Cf. Bosworth, pag. 'J95 (56). K. W. 

2 For pallaribus. R. W. 

3 For pala, R. W. 

4 wiolucscel devotes a shell-fish. R. W. 

5 = pampinus. R. W. 

6 Cf. palagdrigus. R "W. 

7 The meaning of scaffoot is splay- or 
broad- footed. R. W. 

P artier, gelice. 

Pamca, hicae. 

Palpantum, olectendra. 

Palmula, steorrodor. 
5 Parricidio, megcualm. 

Paciscitur, gedingadon. 

Palagdrigus, ecilmehti. 

Partigatum, uuduhona. 

Palina % hran. 
10 Paleae, aegnan. 

Pabulatores, horshiordas. 

Passim, styccimelum. 

Particq, reodnaesc. 

Perstrenue, fromlice. 
15 Pedisequa, dignen. 

Perpessum est, adroten is. 

Perfidia, treuleasnis. 

Percommoda, suacenlic, matutinos, 

20 Percrebuit, mereweard. 

Perduellium, J>orh gefeht. 

Perseudoterum 9 , dorh ludgaet. 

Percitus, hrsed. 

Pelices, cebise. 
25 Penduloso, haldi. 

Permixtum, gemengetlic. 

Pertinaciter, anuuillice. 

Pessum, spilth. 

Petisse, sohte. 
30 Peranticipationem, dorh obst. 

Peruispellones 10 , dorh byrgeras. 

Perpendiculum, coldred. 

Per Idroniam ll , dorh hosp. 

Perna, flicci. 
35 Pedo, uel paturum, feotur. 

Perpendiculum, pundur. 

Pedor, reorum 12 . 

Penuria, wedl. 

Percellitur, bid slaegen. 
40 Peruicax, droehtig. 

Pero, himming. 

8 For balaena, pdAaivcc, I suppose. R.W. 

9 For per pseudothyrum. R. W. 

10 For per utspillones. R. W. 

11 For iron jam. R. W. 

'2 For reorung = mussitatio, 1 suppose. 
R W. 




Pessum, clifhlep. 

Pessul, haeca. 

Peduda l , luus. 

Petrafocaria, flint. 

Pendulus, ridusende. 

Pella, sadulfelge. 

Pecten, camb. 

Percellitur, slaegen. 

Pes, fot. 

Perstant, tioludun. 

Persoluio, ic drouuio. 

Petulans, wraene. 

Perpendit, aehtad. 

Perstromata, ornamenta, steba. 

Pendulus, ohaeldi. 

Pellis, fel. 

Perpes, hraed. 

Petuita, sped 2 . 

Peclica, slahae. 

Philosophus, uduuta. 

Phisillos 8 , leceas. 

Phitecus, apa. 

Piraticam, wicincsceadan. 

Pituita, gebrec 4 . 

Pice saeuo, unamaelte smeoruue. 

Pingit, faehit. 

Pistrimum*, cofa. 

Pila, thothr. 

Pittacium, osperi, clut, cleot. 

Pisum, piosan. 

Pistrilla, cofincel. 

Pillentes, bere. 

Pirns, pirge. 

Pinus, furhwudu. 

Pictus acu, mid nethle asiowid. 

Picus, higre, fina. 

PtXy picis, pic. 

Pilus, her. 

Piceca, neb. 

PisciSj fisc. 

Pistillus, gnidil. 

Plunas*, plumtreu. 
5 Pliadas, sibunsterri. 

Plantago, uuegbrade. 

Platisa, flooc. 

Plectra, auunden. 

Plataria, setin. 
1 Plus minus, ymb dset. 

Polenta, smeodoma. 

Postena, boga. 

Portio, hlyte. 

Populus, birce. 
15 Politis, smoedum. 

Portentum, scin. 
' Pilimita, hringfaag. 

Porfyrio, feolufer. 

Porcopiscis, styrga. 
20 Por caster, foor. 

Porcellus, faerh. 

Pollux 1 , duma. 

Poleo 8 , scaebe. 

Pollinis, gruiit 9 . 
VbPollis, grytt, 

Papauer, popseg. 

Posthumus, unlab. 

Polentum, fahame. 

Pons, brycg. 
SOProcax, huusel. 

Probum, seuuin. 

Procuratio, sciir 10 . 

Promulserit, lidercade. 

Profusis, genythfullum. 
35 Promulgarunt, scribun. 

Prouehit, gefremid. 

Procaptu, fenge. 

Promaritima, saegeseotu. 

1 For pediculus. R. W. 

2 For pituita = phlegm, catarrh, rheum. 
R. \V. 

3 For physicos. R. W. 

4 This explanation of pituita is rather 
singular. Gebrec commonly denotes a 
noise; here perhaps sneezing, sternutation. 
Cf. reuma. R. W. 

5 For pistrinum. R. W. 

6 For prunus. R W. 

7 An error for pollex. R. W. 

8 For polio. R. W. 

9 gruiit seems to be the same word as 
grut or grytt. R. W. 

10 scir denotes as well a shire, county, 
province as the superintendence of a pro- 
vince praefectura, superintendence, care, 
charge. R. W. 



Praetextalus, gegeruuid. 
Propropera l , fraebraede. 
Priuigna, nift. 
Proscripsit, faerred. 
Propensior, tylg. 
Profligatis, forslaegenum. 
Praerupta, staegilre. 
Probus*, ferht. 
Proterunt, tredun. 
Proterentem, naetendne. 
Praefectae, frodre 3 . 
Profecta, gefremid- 
Praecipitat, ascufid. 
Praecipila. afael. 
Praefaricalor 4 , reccileas. 
Praestantior, fromra. 
Praesidium, spoed. 
Praestante, fremmendum. 
Proteri, brecan. 

Praxinus, uiridus color uel aesc. 
Prosapia, obcniorisse. 
Presetuas, byrga. 
Pruina, hrim. 
Pretersorim, paad. 
Prifeta, driuuintra steor. 
Prifignus, nefa. 
Prouehitur, freinid. 
Prunas, gloede. 
Prurigo, gycenis. 
Pronus, nihold 5 . 
Pronuba, heordguaepe. 
Prodimur, birednse. 
Proflicta, forslgegen. 
Praeuentus, spoed. 
Prunus, plumse. 
Progna, sualuue. 
Praesorium, pund 6 . 

1 For propera. The flrst part of the 
Anglo-Saxon composition is fraj = freo, 
meaning celeriter. Cf. propero. R. W. 

2 Perhaps an error for phobua = ipofioq ? 

R W. 

8 The meaning of frod is: wise, prudent. 
R. W. 

4 For praevaricator. R. W. 

5 The Anglo-Saxon equivalent seems 
to be 'ighold'. Wright reads 'nihold'. R. W. 

6 Pund denotes a fold, septum. R.W. 

7 Cf. Leo, Angelsachsisclies Glossar II., 
190, 25. R. W. 

Prorostris, baebsedlum. 

Praeceps, trondendi 7 . 
bProcus, brydguma. 

Prodigus, stryndere. 

Praesumtio, forenyme. 

Propugnaculum, briostbiorg. 

Proueho, fyrdru. 
^Proceres, geroefan. 

Propero, hraede. 

Praetersorium, paad 8. 

Ptysones, berecorn 9 beorende. 

Putamina, hnyglan 10 . 
-Pudor, scomo. 

Pugiles, qui feriunt puncto, cosp 11 . 

Pulenta, briig. 

Pustula, oncgseta. 

Pus 12 ; uuorm. 

Pulix, flaeh. 
(U Pullentum, fahame 1S . 

Puntus, brond. 

Pulleium, duergedostle. 

Pnllus, brid- 

Pulla, blaco. 

Qualus, mand. 

Quadripertitum, cocunung 

Quacumque, suae suide.' 

Quantisper, suae suide. 
' Quaternio, quatern. 

Quadrare, geeblicadun. 

Quin etiam, aecdon. 

Quisquilice, aegnan u . 

Quinquefolium, hraefnesfoot. 
3& Quinqueneruia, leci\vyrt 15 . 

Quintus, giululing. 

Quocumque modo, gehwelci wega. 

Quoquo modo, aengej}inga. 

8 paad means a smock - frock or shirt. 
Tergoro has the meaning of to cover over, 
to clothe. R. W. 

9 A grain of barley. R W. 

10 Cf. Kosworth 37*. R. W. 

11 Cosp denotes a fetter. R. W. 

12 Pus means the matter, corruption of 
an ulcer. R. W. 

13 Cf polentum. R. W. 
H Cf. paleae. R. W. 

15 Or Itecewyrt; cf. Leo, Gloss. 20, 9; 
451, 16; 500, 12. R. W. 




Raster 1, egide. 

Rancidis, bitrum. 

Radius, hrisl. 

Rabulus 2 , flitere in eobotum. 

Rationato, ambaect. 

Rabies, geris. 

Rancor, troh. 

Rastros, mettocas. 

Ramnus, deofedorn. 

Radio, gabulrond. 

Renunculus, lundlaga. 

Retentare, stouuigan. 

Rema 3, stream. 

Refugium, geberg. 

Resina, teoru. 

Reuma, gebrec. 

Reses, slaec. 

Respuplica, cynedoom. 

Relatu, spelli. 

Reciprocate, gestaefnendre. 

Reclines, suaehalde. 

Recessus, heolstras. 

Remota, from adoenre. 

Reserat, onlaec. 

Remex, roedra. 

Repagula, sale. 

Reciprocis, wrixlindum. 

Relatio, edcuide. 

Retorto, gedraune 4 . 

Renis, hedir. 

Rediua, aettaelg. 

Reuerant, spunnun. 

Respectus, etsith. 

Reponile, gearnuuinde. 

Retiunculas , resunge. 

Rictus, grennung. 

Rimosa, cionecti. 

Rien 6 , laendino. 

Rima, getael. 

Rigore, heardnisse. 

Ridimiculae i, cynewiddaii. 

1 Or rostrum. R. W. 

2 For rabula. The meaning of this 
word is a pettifogger, wrangler in actions, 
causes (in eobotum or eofotum). R. W. 

3 An error for rheuma, I suppose. R. W. 

4 For gedrawene. R. T^. 

5 For ratiunculas. R. W. 

6 For ren. R. W. 

Rigentia, forclingendu. 

Ripariolus, staedsuualwe. 

Roscinia, naectegale. 

Rodinope, lelothrae. 
5 Rostrum, neb, uel scipes caeli. 

Robor, arbor, aac. 

Rostratum, tindecte. 

Rostris, foreuuallum, uel tindum, 

Roscido, deawe. 
WRostri, tindas. 

Rotrum, nabogar 8. 

Runcina, locer, sceaba. 

Rumex, edric. 

Rubigo, broud, oom. 
15 Ruler, read. 

Ruscus, cnioholen. 

Rubisca saeltna. 

Rubisca, raedda, rabisca. 

20 Sablo, molde. 

Salebrae, Jnierhfyri 9. 

Sartago, brediponne. 

Sarcinatum, gesiouuid. 

Sarculum, uueodhoc. 
25 Sartatecta, gefoegnisse. 

ftaeuo, unslit, smeoro 10 . 

Salix, salh. 

Sagax, gleu. 

Sarmentum, spraec. 
30 Salibaribus, midlum. 

Sarcofago, licbeorg. 

Sacellorum, haerga. 

Sarcio, siouu. 

Sarcinatum, gesiowid. 
35 Sambucus, ellaern. 

Sandalium, scete, loda, 

Sambucus, sueglhoru. 

Salum, haeb. 

Sagulum, loda. 
40 Sanguinis, cniorisse n . 

Sardinas, heringas. 

7 For redimicula a royal wreath, a 
diadem. R. W 

8 nafoyar denotes an auger, a wimble. 

R W. 

9 The same as Jmrhfaru. R W. 

10 Cf. Pice sceuo and seuo. 

11 The meaning of this word is a family, 
generation. R. W. 




Saginabant, maestun. 

Sandix l , uueard. 

Sardas, smeltas. 

Saliunca, sure. 

Salum, seeg, uel mare. 

Salsa, sure. 

Sarabare, braeccse 2 dicitur. 

Satiare, asoedan. 

Sacra orgia, edmelu. 

Scolonia 3 , cipe. 

Scabellum, windfona. 

Scalpellum, bredisern. 

Scrobibus, furum. 

Scopa, besma. 

Scalprum, byrs, uel J>uarm. 

Scamma *, feld. 

Saltuum, feltha. 

Scylla, eduuelle 5 . 

Scansio, scyrft. 

Sceptra, onwald. 

Scena, scadu. 

Scotomaticus, staerblind. 

Scalpro, bore. 

Scirpea, lebr, brews. 

Scarpinat, scripid- 

Scalpellum, bor. 

Scaturit, criid. 

Scoria, sinder. 

Scurra, scond. 

Scorelus, omer. 

Scrofa, sugu. 

Scara, scaed. 

Scniphes, mygg. 

Scilla, glaedine. 

Scasa, ebordrote. 

Scindulis, scidum. 

Scena, uuebung. 

Scrobibus, groepum. 

1 sandix means minium or red lead; 
the Anglo-Saxon equivalent; a guard or 
watch! R. W. 

2 The form braccae and braeccae is met 
with as well in Latin as in Anglo-Saxon. 

8 Corrupted from ascalonium. R. W. 

4 Scamma denotes the wrestling place 
iu the palaestra. R. W. 

5 Of. uertigo. R. W. 

6 scifnices for sctnices. The glossator 

Scalmus, thol. 

Sceda, taeg. 

Scienices, scinneras 6 . 

Scirpea, eorisc leber. 
5 Scalpula, sculdur. 

Scaphum, scip. 

Sciphus, bolla. 

Scintetta, spaerca. 

Scalpio, scriopu. 
10 Sceuum, goduureci. 

Scdbro, unsmoedi. 

Scents, seinnum. 

Semispatium, Jjeohsaex. 

Sentina, lectha. 
15 Sentes, dornas. 

Serpillum, bradelaec. 

Seditio, unsib. 

Seta, byrst. 

Secessus, heolstr. 
20Sella, sadol. 

Sequester, byrga. 

Sclabrum, uuind. 

Scalpo, clawe. 

Scuporum, hliuda. 
25 Semigelato, halfclungni. 

Sero, eornisti. 

Seuo, smeoru. 

Serum, hwseg. 

Sensim, softe. 
30 Senon 7 , cearricgge. 

Senecen, gundesuilge. 

Sepeliant, onsuebbad. 

Sermo, sprsec. 

Sedulium, raegu. 
SbSenex, aid. 

Senior, aeldra. 

Sibba, sigl 8 . 

Singultat, sicetit, uel gescaslaet. 

has interpreted scena by scinna (cf. scennitt) 
which word denotes as well splendour, 
beauty, as vision, representation. Scin- 
neras, therefore, means players, actors. 
R. W. 

7 Sinon is a sort of medicinal herb. R W. 

8 Is sibba an Latin word or perhaps 
the Anglo-Saxon sib, sibbe ? The meaning 
of sigl, sigel is 1. a collar, a seal; 2. a 
kind of grain, rye. R. W. 




Sicomoros, heopan. 

Situla, omber. 

Sinapian, cressa. 

Sicalia, l ryge. 

Sinuosa, faedmendi. 

Simpla, anfald. 

Sirina, meremenin. 

Singultus, gesca. 

Sinnum, cirm. 

Siliqua, pisanbosa. 

Sisca, snidstreo. 

Sinfoniaca, belone 2 . 

Signaum 3 , segn. 

Simultas, unsib. 

Sinopede, redestan. 

Simbulum, herebenc 4 . 

Sinus, byge. 

Sinus, faedm. 

Smus 5 , wellyrgae. 

Socrus, sueger. 

Socer, sur e. 

Soccus, socc, slebescoh. 

Solisequia, sunfolgend. 

Sopio, suebbo. 

Sopitis, onsuebdum. 

Sollicitat, tyhted. 

Sorix 7 , inus. 

Sortem, wyrd, condicionem. 

Sortilegos, hlytan. 

Sollicito, tyhto. 

Soluat, ondest. 

Sollidtare, tyhtan. 

Soricarius, mushabuc. 

Sopor, momna 8 . 

Spina, bodeg. 

Spatulas rami a similitudine, 


Spicas, ear. 
Spatiaretur, suicade. 
Spiculis, flanum. 
Sponda, bencselma. 

Splenis, milte. 

Spina alba, haegudorn. 

Spina nigra, slahdorn. 

Spatula, bed. 
5 Spiramentum, bol. 

Spiato, matte. 

Squalores, orfeormnisse. 

Stabula, seto. 

Stiba, handle. 
\QStabulum, stal. 

Strigillum, screope. 

Stragua, strel. 

Stuppa, heordan. 

Sternutatio, fnora. 
15 Struerer, streide. 

Sturnus, staer. 

Strues, heap. 

Striga, haegtis. 

Stornus, dropfaag. 
20 Slipatoribus, ymbhringendum. 

Strepitu, braechtme. 

Strenue, fromlice. 

Strictis, getogenum. 

Stiria, gecilae. 
25 Stabulum, falaed. 

Stagnum, mere. 

Stilium, spinel. 

Stertens, hrutende. 

StiliOf hraedemuus. 
30 Suppa, ecambe. 

Stangulat 9 , wyrged, uel smorad. 

Stricta macera, getogone sueorde. 

Stamen, wearp. 

Sternit, gehnaegith. 
35 Strenas, lybesne. 
spadi, Stellatus, astaenid. 

Strutio, stryta. 

Stigmata, picung. 

Stomachum, maga. 
. 40 Strigillus, aera, aerenscreop. 

Stenax, wurpul. 

1 For secalia (cerealia). R. W. 

2 belone or belene denotes a kind of 
herb: henbane, and a sweet cake or sweet 
meat. R. W. 

3 So the MS. R. W. 

4 An error of the scribe for herebecn. 
Cf. symbulum. R. W. 

5 For sinus. R. W. 

6 For sweor, swer. R W. 

7 sorex denotes a rat, a field - mouse. 

R. W. 

8 Perhaps an error for momra. Cf. Bos- 
worth 44k mamrung a sleeping. R.W. 

9 An error for strangttlat. R. W. 




Stiga, gaad. 

Sturfus, fin a i . 

Strabus, scelege. 

Subplaudans, gelpende. 

Suffimdit, ablended. 5 

Surculus, tuig, ouuaestm. 

Susurio, wrohtspitel. 

Surum, spearua. 

Sullus, ottor. 

Subarrata, geuuetfaestae. 10 

Suspensus, ahaefd. 

Sualdam, durhere. 

Subfragator, mundbora. 

Subsciuum, fraecni. 

Successus, spoed. 15 

Sublustris, scir. 

Subulcus, snan 2 . 

Suesta, suina, sceadu. 

Surgit, waexit. 

Sulforia, sueflsueart. 20 

Suspenderat, awenide. 

Sucini 3 , glaeres. 

Subigo, wrotu. 

Subcono, under haehnisse. 

Sudum, lybt, siccum. 25 

Sutrinator, scoere. 

Subsannat, hospetset. 

Sujfocacium, cecil. 

Subiugatis, gededum. 

Suis, suin. 30 

Suaeder, butan todum. 

Sunt, sint. 

Suettium, suinin. 

Subtalaris, steppescoh. 

Supuratio, gelostr. 35 

Symbulum, herebgecun. 

Taxus, iuu. 

Talpa, wond. 

Taculus, brocc. 40 

Talpa, wondeuueorpe. 

Tabunus *, briosa. 

Tapetsa, rye. 

1 The meaning of flna is a wood pecker, 
marsopicus. R. W. 

2 No doubt an error for suan. R. W. 

3 For succina. R W. 

4 For tdbanus an ox-fly. R. W. 

5 Added in the same hand. R. W. 

Tabetum, bred. 
Talumbus, gescadwyrt. 
Taxatione, raedinne. 
Tabuisset, asuond, d 5. 
Tantisper, dus suide. 
Taberna, winaern. 
Talaria, fedrhoman. 
Taurus, fear. 
Taxauerat, gierende. 
Talus, oncleouue. 
Tabulata, dille. 
Tola, webgerodes. 
Tabulamen, dille. 
Taenis 6 , duaelum. 
Tegula, tigule. 
Tedis, blesum. 
Teter, duerc. 
Territorium, lond. 
Tentigo, gesca. 
Tentorium, geteld. 
Tempe, sceadugeardas. 
Testudo, borddeaca. 
Tessera, tasul. 
Tertiana, lenctinald. 
Terebellus, nabogaar. 
Tenticum, sprindel. 
Telum, web. 
Textrinum, webb. 
Termofilas, faesten 7 . 
Temonibus, J)ixlum. 
Teres, siunhuurful. 
Temperiem, uueder. 
Tehis, tegum, fodrum. 
Teloniaris, uuicgeroebum. 
Thymus, haet. 
Tholus, hrof. 
Thadalus 8 , brooc. 
Thessera, beeme. 
Titica, uuefl. 
Tisifone, uualcyrge. 
Titio, brond. 
Tilia, lind. 
Tignarius, hrofuuyrhta. 

6 For taeniis. R. W. 

7 fasten denotes a fortress, castle, 
wall. R. W. 

8 An error for caballus, I suppose. 
See taculus, and cf. Rosw. 20P. R. W. 




Tincti, sli '. 

Tilio, baest. 

Tignum, tin. 

Titule, gataloc. 

Tibialis, baanrist. 

Tipo *, draca, uel inflatio. 

Tigillum, first. 

Tinnulus, a tinniendo dicitur, id est 


Tonica 3 polimita, hringfaag. 
Torta, auunden. 
Tonsa, rodr. 
Tortum, coecil. 
Torquet, uuraec. 
Toreuma, eduuaelle. 
Tor ax, feoluferd. 
Torrentibus, streamnm. 
Torosa, sionuualt. 
Toga, goduuebbe. 
Torquent, prungun. 
Trux, unhiorde. 
Trutina, heolor. 
Traductus, georuuyrde. 
Tragoedia, bebbi, cantio. 
Tropea, sigebecn. 
Triplia, lebl 4 . 
Traieclus, dorhbrogden. 
Tridens, auuel, meottoc. 
Tremulus, aespe. 
Trufulus, feluspreci 
Transtrum, saes. 
Trulla, cruce. 
Turl*, scofl. 
Triquadrum,<-tri feodor. 
Trans, bigeonari. 
Tragelaphus, elclu 
Trulla, ponne. 
Transfert, geuuendit. 
Tribuli, braere. 

1 For sliw? Cf. Bosw. f,4t. R. W. 

2 For typhon. R. W. 

3 For tunica. R. W. 

* 6 is obliterated. R. W. 

5 For trulla, I suppose. R. W. 


6 The MS. has aeden. R. W. 

7 The compiler of this glossary was 
evidently here taking his glosses from 
the Georgies of Virgil, as the reference 

Tranant, dorhsuimmad. 

Tripes, stool. 

Tria, huice. 

Tractibus, naescum. 
5 Trita, drostle. 

Truitius, draesce. 

Traigis, higrae. 

Tricent, selden G . 

Tubera, elate. 
10 Tubo, druh. 

Tubolo, fala. 

Turdella, drostle. 

Turdus, scric. 

Tula, orsorg. 
15 Tuber, tumor, asuollen. 

Tudida, thuaere. 

Tutellam, scildenne. 

Tuber, hofor. 

20 Ualba, durheri. 

Uatilla, gloedscofl. 

Uarix, ampre. 

Uangas, spadan. 

Uadimonium, borggilefde. 
25 Uatilla, isern scobl. 

Uanus, gemaeded. 

Uapore, aethme. 

Uanna, fon. 

Uacca, cuu. 
30 Uada breuia, geuueada. 

Uerbere torto, awundere suiopan 7 . 

Uerruca, wearte. 

Uenabula, eoborspreot. 

Uentriculus, ceosol 8 . 
35 Uescada, mundleu 9 . 

Ueror, witro. 

Uexilla, seign. 

Uestibulum, caebrtuun. 

Uenetum, geolu. 

is clearly to the third Georgic, 1. 106: 

llli instant verbere torto. 
[Other glosses seem to be taken from 
Virgil's ^Eueid. We find the glosses : 
Troiae ab oris = a finibus Troiae, and 
Ui superum = uiolentia deorum, references 
to the beginning of the ^Eneid. R. W.] 

8 The MS. has ceosol. R. W. 

9 The meaning of mundleu, mundleowe 
is a basin. R W. 




Vertigo, eduuelle. 

Uectis, seng *. 

Uespas, uuaefsas. 

Uerberatorum, corthr. 

Uerberatrum, flete. 

Uesica, bledre. 

Ueneria, smeoruwyrt. 

Uespertilio, hraedemuus. 

Uernaculus, frioleta. 

Uecors, gemaad. 

Uernacula, menen. 

Uetellus, sueor. 

Uertil 2 , huerb. 

Ueniculum 3 , waegn. 

Uertiginem, suinglunge. 

Uesper, suansteorra. 

Uetorno, faecnum. 

Uermis, eordmata. 

Uemiculus 4 , cornuurma. 

Uerbi gratia, uuordes intinga. 

Uiolenler, roedelice. 

Uitiginem, bleci, 

Uia secta, iringes uueg 5 . 

Utcatum, libr. 

Uittas, thuelan 6 . 

Uitelli, sueoras. 

Uillis, imloum 

Uitiligo, blectha. 

Uitricius, steopfaeder. 

Uicium, fuglesbean. 

Uillosa, rye 7 . 

Uiscus, mistel. 

Villa, lininryee. 

Uiburna, iiuduuuinde. 

Uirecta, quicae. 

Uitiatum, awended. 

Uibrat, brogdetted. 

Uitiato oculo, undyhtge egan. 

Uirgultum, gerd. 

Uiscera tosta, gebreded flaesc. 

Uibice, lelan. 

Uinco, obersuido. 

Uiresceret, greouue. 

1 No doubt au error for steng. R. W. 

2 Perhaps an error for uertigo ? R. "W. 

3 For uehiculum. R. W. 

4 An error for uermiculus. R. W. 

5 Cf. W. Grimm, Deutsche heldensage 
394 ff. R. W. 

Uiscellum, broht. 

Uiscera, tharme, thumle. 

Uimen, wearp. 

Uillus, uuloh. 
5 Uirgo, unmaelo. 

Uitulus, caelf. 

Uitula, cucaelf. 

Uistula, sugesweard. 

Uibrat, borettid, uel diregad 8 . 
1() Ultroque citroque, hider ond hider. 

Ultnus, elm. 

Ulula, ulae. 

Umbilicus, nabula. 

Umecta, gibrec. 
15 Umbrellas, stalu to fuglum. 

Unguentum, smeoru. 

Undecumquv, huonan huogu 9 . 

Unguana, naegl. 

Uoticompos, uoto ornatus, i. fsegen. 
20 Uoluola, uuduuuinde. 

Uorago, hool 

Uoragine, suelgendi. 

Uotium, oestful. 

Uolmna, gorst. 
25 Uordalium, laesti. 

Uox, stebn. 

Urciolum, waetercruce. 

Urna, amber. 

Uris, iirum. 
30 Uerticeta, netlari. 

Urguet, threatade. 

Uscide, tohlice. 

Usurpauit, agnette. 

Usia, suernit. 
35 Utensile, geloma. 

Uulgo, passim, oeghuer. 

Uxorius, ceorl. 

Yryseon, herescearum. 
40 YmniiSj loob. 

Zizania, laser. 

6 Cf. taenis. R W. 

7 Cf. tapetsa. R. W. 

8 Is diregad an Anglo - Saxon word? 
R. W. 

9 In the same line, after huegu, the 
scribe wrote: speru. R. W. 




1. Glosses referring to the Proverbs 
of Solomon. 

(2 V ) iacitur, is worpen. 

pennatorum, gefideradra. 

et moliuntur fraudes, and bereafiad 

sic . . . rapiunt, swa reafiad. 

praedicat, bodad. 

clamitat, hi clepad. 

et . . . cupiunt, and gewilniad. 

et . . . odibunt, and hatiad. 

enproferam, efne nu ic ford brenge. 

quia uocaui, fordam ic geceide. 

ego . . . ridebo, ic hlihe. 

cum insonuerit, donne swseid. 

ingruerit, onbricj). 

exosam, onscunede. 

(3 r ) et detraxerunt, and hio teldan. 

et . . . perfruetur, and he breed. 

timore . . . sublato, atogenum ege 

(3 V ) per uias tenebrosas, durh driost- 

rie weogas. 

qui letantur, da geblissiad. 
in rebus pessimis, on werstum dingum. 
5 infames, unhlisie. 

que mollit, sio hnescad. 
pupertatis sue, hire meidhades. 
calles, sidfatu. 



penes te, nih de. 
gradientes, farende. 
et omnem semitam bonam, and ealne 
godna sidfet. 

1 The following glosses are from a 
MS. of the British Museum, Cotton. Vesp. 
D, VI. According to the handwriting 
this MS. belongs to the first half of the 
ninth century, its dialect is that of Kent. 

Zu pit/a lately edited these glosses in 

non te deserant, ne forleton. 

gutturi tuo, dinre hraca. 

et ne innitaris, and ne getrua du. 

(4 r ) et recede, and gewit. 

i . . lo tuo, jjinum nafelan. 

et inrigatio, and leccinc. 

saturitate, of gesundfulnesse. 

torcularia tua, J)ine winwringan. 

et . . . redundabunt, and genihsumiad. 
20 ne abicias, ne awearp du. 

nee defi . as, ne du ne atiara. 

cum . . . coriperis, [>onne |>u bist 

et . . . complacet, and gelicad. 
25affluit, swelhd. 

et . . . non ualent comparari, and 
ne magon bion widmetene. 

qui tenuerit, J}e hefd. 

"Zeitschrift fiir Deutsches altertuuu. Neue 
folge, 9. bd." Our text is based on a 
recent collation of this reprint with tlie 
MS. in question. 

Wright did not take these glosses into 
his collection. R. W. 




stabiliuit, gestadelade. 

erumperunt, up abrycan. 

rore, of deauwe. 

(4 V ) ne affluant, ne aflowan. 

et . . non imping et, and ne et- 

ne paueas repentino terrore, ne forta 

du of ferlican ogan. 
ne capiaris, det du ne sio gripen. 
prohibere, forbiodon. 
si uales et ipse benefac, gif du meht 

and du self tela do. 
ne dicas, ne sege du. 
eras, to ruorgen. 
ne moliaris, ne j)endu. 
ne contendas, ne flit du. 
frustra, on idel. 
ne cemuleris, ne du ne onhere. 
ne immiteris, ne du ne geefenlaec. 
omnis inlusor, gel bismerierid. 
sermocinatio eius, his wordlunc. 


(5 r ) tenellus, myra. 

et . . . adquire, arid gestrion. 

arripe, gegrip. 

glorificaberis, du bist gewuldrad. 

aumenta *, eacan. 

corona inclita, myrlic cynehelm. 

ne delecteris, ne gelustfulla du. 

et desere, and forlet. 

dormiunt, h . . . 

(5 V ) et non rapitur, and ne bid 

nisi supplantauerint, buton hi be- 


comedu?it, hi etad. 
ausculta, hlest. 
ne recedant, ne gewitan. 
uita, lif. 
quia ex ipso . . . procedit, dara 

fordam ford gewit. 
remoue, fram astere. 
palpebre, dinum brewum. 

1 For auynunta. R. W. 

et . stabilientur, and sin gesta- 

nouit, wat. 

peruerse y forhwerfede. 
iet) he ded. 

ut custodias, J>et du . . . 
10 et . . . conseruent, and ge ... 

(6 r ) nitidius, scinendre. 

(gladius) biceps, twiicce. 

descendant, nider . . . 

et . . . penetrant, and farad. 
Ibuagi, woriende. 

et inuestigabiles 2 , and unasperiendlic. 

et ne recedas, and ne gewit du. 

ne des, ne sele du. 

et gemas, and du giomras. 
20 cur detestatus sum, for hwe onscu- 
nede ic. 

et . . . non adquieuit, and ne ge- 

audiui, ic . . . 
25 docentium, . . . ra. 

magistris, . . . m. 

paene, fornion. 

sinagoge, we rede. 

de cisterna tua, of dinum seade, 
30 diri . entur, sint gereahte. 

et . . . diuide, and todel. 

habeto, du . . . 

solus, ane. 

uena tua, din edra. 
35 et letare, and geblissa. 

adulescentice tuce, dinre giogede. 

cerua carissima et gratissimus hin- 
nulus, eala du liofeste hind and 
gecwemest hindcealf. 
40 inebriant, ginddrencad. 

(6 V ) et . . . delectare, and gelustfulla. 

quare seduceris, for hwi eart du 

et foueris, and du bist gestrangad. 

et . . . considerat, and he besceawad. 

capiunt, gegripad. 

2 ue in Inuestigabiles seems almost 
certain, but very indistiuct. R. W. 




et . . . constingitur ', and he bid ge- 


multidtudine, of ... 
et . . . decipietur, and he bid be- 



si spoponderis, gif du behete. 

defixisti, du afesnadest. 

inlaqueatus es, du eart gegrinad. 

et captus, and geheft. 

incidisti, hrure. 

discurre, irnn. 

nee dormitent, ne hneppian. 

eruere, si du ut alened 2 . 

dammula, hind. 

aucupis, hireres 3 . 

ad formicam, to emet . n. 

ducem, lateau. 

nee praeceptorem, ne bodiend 

parat, hit gerewad. 

estate, on sumere. 

paululum dormitabis, gehwede hncp- 


conseres, du on arets 4 . 
(7 r ) quasi uiator, swa wiferend 5 . 
et pauperies, and ermd. 
quasi uir armatus, swa gewepned 


impiger, nusleac 6 . 
homo apostata, afliged raon, . i . re- 

peruerso, dweran. 
annuit, gebeacnad 7 . 
terit, he treped. 
iurgia, tionan. 
extimplo, feringa. 

et . . . conteretur, and he bid forbret. 
medicinam, lecedom. 
et . . . detestatur, and onscunod. 
sublimes, up ahafene. 
machinans, saarwiende. 
proferentem, ford brengende. 
testem fallacem, leasa gewitnesse 
eum, dane. 

1 For constringitur. Z. 

2 For alesed? Z. 
8 For hiweres. Z. 

* Forasets? cf. conseres in v. XXIV. Z. 

discordias, undwernesse. 

/z^, gewrid. 

ei circumda gutturi tuo, and uton 

ymbsele dinre hraca. 
bgradiantur, hi faran. 
(7 V ) et a blanda lingua extranece, 

and fram swesere tungan uton 


concupiscat, ge . . . 
10 tie capiaris nutibus illius, de les du 

sio gegripen hiora onwaldum. 
scorti, forlegese 8 . 
uix, uneade. 

ut . . . non ardeant, det ne byrnan. 
Ibplante eius, his fotwelme. 
sic . . . non erit, swa ne bid. 
cum tetigerit, donne ethrind. 
deprehensus, anfunden. 
adulter, unrihthemere. 
20 inopiam, ermde. 

turpitudmem, folnesse. 

et . . . non delebitur, and ne bid 


quia , . . non parcet, fordam ne arad. 
25 nee adquiescet cuiusquam precibus, 

ne hio ne gejjafod eniges benum. 
dona plurima, manega giofa. 

30 et . . . reconde, and behed. 

quasi pupillam, swa sion. 

(8 r ) custodiat, da ... 

dw/cia, werede. 

j9e7' cancellos, durh crepelas. 
3b pros2>exi, ic . . . 

uideo, ge . . . 

uecordem iuuenem, gionne dysine. 

transit, faerd. 

m obscueo, on forsworcenan. 
40 aduesperescente dice, geaefenedan 


occurrit, ongen arn. 
garrula et uaga, hlud and wid- 

5 Perhaps for swiferend? R. W. 

6 An error for unsleac. Z. 

7 </ is rather illegible. R. W. 

8 Read forleg(t)rau or forleges(t)re. Z. 



[i] ea, hire. 

penetr antes, farende. 

in interior a, on da inran. 

nee ualens, na megende. 
consistere, wunian. 
insidiatur, hio searwad. 
adprehensumque deosculatur, gegri- 

pen and hio cyst. 

procaci uultu, gemagnum andwlitan. 
et . . . blanditur, and hio sweslecd. 
uictimas, onsegednesse. 
debui, ic scolde. 
reddidi, ic ageald. 
et repperi, and ic gemete. 
intexui, ic wef. 

tapetibus piclis, gemetum tepedum. 
aspersi, ic giondstreide. 
ueni, cum. 
uberibus, of udrum. 
et fruamur, and wuton brucon. 

cupitis amplexibus, ge 

donee inlucescat, oddet onliohte. 
(8 V ) uia longissima, dam lengestan 


sacculum, ssec. 
tulit, hio nam. 
plene lunce, . . . les monan. 
inretiuit, hio . e . te ! . 
blanditiis, swesendum. 
et . . . protraxit, and hio teah. 
et quasi agnus lasciuiens, and swa 

plegende lamp. 
et ignorans, and nat. 
quod . . . trahatur, }>et togen . . . 
donee transfigat, oddet afestnige. 
iecor eius, his lifere. 
uel ut si auis festinet, odde swa 

. . . efst. fugel. 
de periculo, be frecednesse. 
quia . . . agitur, J^et hit . s don. 
ne abstrahatur, ne sio atogen. 
neque decipiaris, ne J)u ne sio be- 

fortissimiquique, gehwilce stongeste 2 . ordinata sum, ic earn geendebyrd. 

in ipsis foribus, on dam fordtege. 

clamito, ic . . . 

et . . . animaduertite, and ongiotad. 

de rebus magnis, be mestum dingum. 
10 (9 1 ) aperientur, siont ondone 3 . 

ut .. . praedicent, det hio bodian. 

guttur meum, min hraca. 

e^ . . . detestabuntur, and onsc . . . ad 4 . 

neque peruersumj ne forhwerfed. 
15 cunctis opibus pretiosissimis, eallum 
dior ..... 

omne desiderabiUj all gewilnienlic. 

compararij bion widmeten. 

eruditis . . . cogitationibus, gelereddum 
20 gedancum. 

et . . . intersum, and ic betw . . 5 earn. 

arrogantiam, u ..... e . esse 6 . 

05 bilingue, twispecne mud. 

et . . . detestor, and ic ouscunige. 
25 legum conditores, sceptteuras 7 . 

decernunt, gescadad 8 . 

imperant, bebiodad. 

potentesj rica. 

opes superbe, ofermode prede 9. 
30 (9 V ) et lapide presiosa, and dior- 
weordum stane 

et genimina mea } and mine cidas. 

ut ditem } det ic geweolegie. 

et . . . repleam, and ic gefelle. 
Sbpossedit, ahte. 

initium 10 7 on fruinan. 

quicquam, enig dine. 

antequam . . . faceret, er don de he 

. . m. 

1 Perhaps trepte ? Z. 

2 For strongeste. Z 

3 done in ondone is not clear. R. W. 

4 These letters are very doubtful. R.W. 

5 ih in betwih is obliterated. R. W. 

6 Read upahafenessp, cf. omnis ar~ 
rogans in v. XVI. Z. 

7 Zupitza reads: scepttenras, but scept 
in scepttenras is very doubtfnl. R. W. 

8 ge and ad in gescadad are quite il- 
legible. R. W. 

9 ofermode seems to be an adjective. 
prede a substantive (for pride, pryde). R. W. 

10 The Vulgate has : in initio. R.W. 




derisorem, telend. 
qui arguit, se de dread. 
general, cynd. 
maculam, warn. 
5(1O) diliget, . . . d. 
da, sele. 

occasionem, intigan 6. 
et addetur, and si geaht. 
multiplicabuntur, biod . . . 

ex antiquis, of ealdum. 

et . . . antequam . . . fieret, and er 

dan de gewurde. 
necdum erant abysi, ne da get weron 


concepta, geeacnad. 
necdum . . . erumperant, ne da get 

up brecon. 

graui mole, ahefegum hefe. 

necdum . . . constiterant, ne da get 10 inlusor, bismeriend. 
asette weron. portabis, du byrst, 

ego parturiebar, is wes geeacnad. et clamosa, and hlud. 
et cardines, and hearran inlecebris, on forspanegum 7 . 

da he ge- omninoj eallunga. 
\5sedet, hio sit. 

super sellam, ofer setol. 
uocaret, . . . ge. 
ge- et pergentes, and ferende. 

itinere suo, hio 8 sidfate. 
20 uecordi, gedwolenum. 

aque furtiue, diofende weteru. 
et . . . suauior, and wensure 9 , 
et ignorauit, and hio nat. 

quando praeparabat, 

aderam, ic etwes. 
gyro, emhferte 1 . 
quando . . . ualldbat, da he 

aethera, roderas. 
librabat, waei. 

ne transirentj {)et hi ne oferferdan. 
appendebat, wei. 

cuncta conponens, ealle geglengende. et . . . conuiuie ems, and hiora ge- 
(10 r ) et delectabar, and ic wes ge- 25 biorscipes. 

lusfullad 2 . 
ludens, plegende. 

ad fores meas, et minum gatum. non proderunt, ne fromiad. 

et obseruat potest* ostii mei, and non affliget, ne geswend. 

begerad stude 4 minre dure. 30(ll r ) et . . . subuertit, and he ge- 

et hauriet, and he hlet. hwerf. 

ledet, dered. egestatem, wedle. 

oderunt, . . . dan 5 . operata est, worhte. 

manus remissa, aslacad hand. 
36fortium, . . . ra. 

excidit, hio forcearf. diuitias, weolan. 

immolauit uictimas suas, hio offrede par at, gegearwad. 

hiore ansegednesse. qui . . . stertit, se de hret. 

miscuit, hio gemende. operit, oferwrihd. 

ad arcem et ad mcenia, to burge40^ . . putrescet, and forrotad. 

and to wealle. ceditur, bid swungen. 

relinquite, forletad. confidentur 10 , getrioulice. 

6 For intingan, of. Bosw. 40 e . R. W. 

7 Read forspanungum. Z. 

8 For hiore. Z. 

9 For wensumre, cf penuriam, v. XXVIII. 

10 So the MS. instead ofconfidenter. R. W. 

1 Read embhwerfte. Z. 

2 For gelustfullad. R. W. 

3 An error for posies. R. W. 

* Zupitza reads stode. It may be either 
o or u. R. W. 

5 Added in a latter hand. R W. 




qui . . . deprauatj se de gesweotelad 1 . 

qui annuit, se de gebeacnad. 

uerberabitur, bid swungen. 

uena } edra. 

et . . . aperit, and ontend. 

inuenietur, bid . . . 

qui indigetj se d 2 wedlat. 

custodienti, to gehealdene. 

(ll v ) non deerit, na wana bid. 

eg estate, of ... 

nee sociabitur, ne geferlecd. 

dabitur, bid said. 

acetum, eced. 

non commouebitur, ne bid astered. 

(12 r ) parturiet, eacnad. 

e . . . peribitj and forweord. 


stetera %, anmitta. 

pondusj wiht. 

contumelia, tiona. 

diriget, gerecd. 

supplantatio, biswic. 

uastabit, berefat. 

corruit, hreosf). 

e . . . capie-ntur, and biod gribene 4 . 

mortuo, . . . dum. 

sollicitorum, ymbhedigra. 

simulator, lecetere. 

decipit, beswicd. 

liberabuntur, biodh alesede& of. 

(I2 v )inperditione, on forspillednesse. 

tacebitj swigad. 

fraudulenter, facenlice. 

archana, diohla. 

fidelis, getriowe. 

celat, bediolad. 

commission) gelt. 

qffligitur, bit geswenced. 

cauet, warat. 

securus, orsorh. 

1 sweotelian means to testify, prove. R.W. 

2 So the MS. Zupitza has de, but there 
is no e here, nor room for one. R. W. 

3 For statera. Z. 

4 For gripene. Z. 

5 Is perhaps to be divided: biod ha- 
lesede of? R. W. 

mutter gratioso 6, gefol wif. 

crudelis, welhriou. 

propinquos abicit, magos aweorpd. 

opus instabili, unstadolfest weorc 7. 
5 seminanti, sawondum. 

sectatio, efterfylgnic 8. 

uoluntas, g . . . 

(13 r ) circulus aureus, geldon trendel. 

pulcra, f e . . . 
10 prestolatio, anbidinc. 

diuidunt, to deled. 

propria, agene. 

ditiores, weliogarn. 

et . . . fiunt, and biod. 
15 qui inebriat, se de drin . . 

inebriabitur, bit drucen 9 . 

frumenta, hwetes. 

maledicitur, bid wereged. 

uendentium, cypendra. 
20 inuestigator, speriend. 

obprimetur, bid . . . 

corruet, ahriosd. 

uirens folium, growende leaf 

possidebit, ah. 
25 uentos, . . . s. 

seruiet, diowad. 

sapienti, . . . m. 


30 ( 13 V ) impie, . . . ce. 

non roborabitur, ne bid gestrangad. 

et . . . non commouebitur, and ne bid 

putredo, forrotadnes. 
35 res dignas, medeme dine. 

qui . . . gerit, se de det. 

uerte, acyrad. 

doctrina sua noscitur, of his lare 

bit ancwawen lo . 
40 excors, modleas. 

patebit, openad. 

6 An error for gratiosa. Z. 

1 weorc is very faint in the MS. R. W. 

8 For efterylginc, see Bosw. 24^. R. W, 

9 For druncen. Z. 
For ancnawen. Z. 



nouitj wat. substantia festinata, geonet sped. 

iumentorum suorum, his netena. minuetur, bid gewanad. 

qui operatur, se de werd. paulatim, litlum and litlum. 

munumentum *, getremrninc. qui differtur, J)e bid geeld. 

proficiet, fremet. 5 affligit, geswend. 

malo, . . . m. desideriumueniens, cum edegewi lung. 

effugiet, forflioh. (I5 r ) alicui rei, enigum dince. 

replebitur, bid . . . obligat, gewrid. 
(I4 r ) et . . . retribuetur, and bid uersabitur, drohtnat. 

golden. \QuoragOj swelgend. 

dissimulat^ forberet. astutus, letig. 

callidus, leti. agit, ded. 

nouit, wat. aperiet, untend. 

mentitur, wegd. nuntius, boda. 
testis . . . fraudulently, facenful ge- 15 et ignominia ei qui deserit, and 

wita. netenes dam se de forlet. 

qui promittit, se behset. qui . . . adquiescit, se de gedafed. 
et . . . pungitur 2 , and bid witnod. arguenti, . . . m. 

labiurrij . . . ra si complebitur, gif hio bid gefelled. 

concinnat, gepiod. 20 delectat, gelusfullad 7 . 

qui . . . ineunt, de onginnad. detestantur, onscuniad. 

consilia, gedeabt. qui fugiunt, de fliod. 

acciderit, belipmd 3 . et . . . efficietur, and he bid go- 

malo, of ... worden. 

homo uersutus, leti 4 mon. 25 persequitur, feld. 

celat, bediolad. et . . . retribuentur, and bid golden. 

tribulit, trifetum, gafel. et nepotes, and neofan. 
et . . . letificabitur, and he bid ... et custoditur, and bid gehealden. 

iter, sidfet. in noualibus, on dengum. 

decipiet, beswicd. 30 et ... congregabuntur, and biod ge- 

fraudulentus, facenful. samnode. 

hicrum, gestrion. qui parcit, se de ared. 

(14 V ) deufaun, welise 5 . instanter, anredlice. 

erudit, lerd. 

XI11 35 insaturdbiliS) unasedendlic. 
inconsiderate*, unbesceawad. 

operantium, wercendra. ^ 

detestabitur, onscunod. (15 V ) [domum] . . . exstructam, timb- 

et confunditur, and he bid gescend. runga. 

cest, he is. 40 despicitur, b . . . 

consilio, . . . s. ab eo, fram dam. 

reguntur, biod gereahte. m/aw . . . wza, on unhlisum wige. 

1 Read munimtntum. Z. and: lytig, letig: Oros., ft, 7. Boet. ;-i7, 4. 

2 The glossator explained punitur in- R - W - 
stead of pungitur. Z. Perhaps for wilese = weglease? Z. 

Ihe form wig is met with p. 68, 1. 42; 

3 An error for belimpd. Z. p. 76, 83. R- w. 

* Cf p. 68, 1. II and p 09, 1. 10, 12" ! For cumende gwiluung. Z. 

7 Cf. p. 63, 1. 25. R. W. 




plurime segetes, manega ecyras. 
dolosus testis, facynful cydere* 
prudentium, . . . ra. 
facilis *, edre. 
inludit, bepaecd. 
morabitur, wunad. 
germinabunt, growad.. 
extrema, en das. 
replebitur, bid . . . 
astutus, letig, 
(16') operabitur, werd. 
uir uersutus, letig wser. 
odiosus, hatol. 
diuitum, . . . n. 
qui despicit, se de forsiohd. 
errant, dwoliad. 
praeparant, gegearwiad. 
uersipellis, ficol . i . pretti. 
in paucitate, on gehwednese. 
gubernatur, is begemed. 
(16 V ) ossuum, bana 2 . 
qui calumniatur, se de hespd. 
exprobat, hespd. 
factori eius, his wertan. 
eum, hine. 
eleuat y up ahefd. 


responsio mollis, hnesce andswore. 
sermo durus, heard spec. 
fatuorum, stunr^. 
ebullit, wapolad. 
contepplantur 3 , besceawiad. 
inmoderata, ungemetegead. 
inridet, tirhd. 
astutior fiet, wser r a bid. 
et . . . conturbatio, and gedrefednes. 
disseininabunt, tosawad. 
(17') dissimile, ungelic. 
deserenti, forletendum. 
qui . . corripit, de dread. 

1 The glossator translates facilius. Z. 

2 Rather doubtful. R. W. 
8 Read contemplantur. Z 

4 For exilaret, cxhilarat. Z. 

5 gegladad faint, rather doubtful. R. W 

6 See Bosw. 69. R. W. 

7 The Vulgate has sepes. R. W. 

nee . . . graditur, ne he ne ged. 

exiraret 4 , gegladad 5 . 

in merore animi, on gnornunga modes. 

deicitur, bid aworpen. 
f) et . . . pascitur, and bid fed. 

imperitia, of ungleauriesse. 

quasi iuge conuiuium, swa singal ge- 

et insatiabiles, and unasedenlic. 
10 uocari, b . . . 

ad olera, to wertum. 

qiiam ad uitulum saginatanij donne 
to fettura stiorce 6 . 

suscitatas, awehte. 
15 septs 7, haga. 

absque q/endiculo, buto otspernince s . 

et . . . despicit, and forsiod. 

dissipantur, sin tostente 9 . 

confirmantur, sint . . . 
20 " sententia, on cwide. 

optimusj selest. 

super eruditum, ofer geleredne. 

(17 V ) pulcherrimus, fegerest. 

qui sectatur, se de feld. 
j&fama bona, god hlisa. 

impinguat, amest. 

sapientitim, . . . ra. 

commorabitur. wuuad. 

despicit, forsiod. 
30 qui . . . adquiescit, se de gedafed. 

possessor, agend. 

et . . . praecedit, and ford gewit. 


35 ponderator, punderngeo 10 . 

dirigentur, b . . . 

omnis arrogans, elc upahafenes. 

(18 1 ) redimitur, is alesed. 

et declinatur, and he bid aheld. 
40 cum placuerint, Jjonne liciad. 

disponit, gedihnad. 

8 For butou odspernince or etsperuince. 


9 For tostencte. R. W. 

!0 pundern means slater a. The Anglo- 
Saxon expression for ponderator is pun- 
dere. Perhaps is the meaning of this 
gloss: ponderator pundern, uel (= ge) 
pundero (= pundere)? R. W. 



pondus, pund. 
indicia, . . . mas. 
diuinalio, willing. 
non errabit, ne dwolad. 
irnpie, . . . c. 
solium, cynesetl. 
dirigetur \ bid . . . 
et . . . placabit, and gegladad. 
imber serotinus, smelt hagol. 
semita, . . . ta. 
declinat, , . . d. 
humiliari, b . . . 
ceruditus, gelered. 
repperiet. gemet. 

(18 V ) appellabitur, bit genemned. 
maiora, mare. 
percipiet, onfehd. 
et . . . addet, and to geecd. 
composite, geglengede. 
ossuum, bana. 
compulit, genet. 
et . . ardescit, and bird 2 . 
peruersus, forhwerfed. 
lites, saca. 
uerbosus, werdi. 
et . . . separat, aiid toscered. 
Zacfatf 3 , secet. 
attonitis, areahtum. 
mordens, slitende. 
perficit, fulfremet. 
dignitatis, werdnes. 
repperietur, bit gemet. 
animo suo, is mode. 
urbium, burga. 

set . . . temperantur, ac hio biod 


buccella sicca, drege bite. 
uictimis, onsegednessum. 
(19') obedit, hersumad. 
et optemperat, and hersumad. 

1 For diligttur. Z. 

2 Read : birnd. Z. 

8 lactare meaas to allure^ entice ; the 
glossator makes use of 'secean, secan J = 
to iuqnire, ask for, adire, pete-re. R. W. 

* For bedigolad or bedioglad. R. W. 

eocprobrat, hespd. 

letatur, b . . . 

senum, eldra. 

non decet, ne glenget. 
5 composita, glengede. 

labium mentiens, \vegende welere. 

gemma, gim. 

gratissima, gecwemest. 

prestolantis, anbidincges. 
IQcelat, bediolad 4 . 

amicitias, freondscipas. 

repetit, gehydlaect 5 . 

separat, toscered. 

fcederatos, gesibbade. 
1 5 expedit, fremet. 

urse, byrene. 

raptis fetibus, odbrodenum hwel- 

confident^ getriowende. 
"20 et . . . deserit, and forlet. 

(19 V ) et . . . comprobatur, and bid 

plaudet, hafet 7 . 

peruersi cordis, dwerre hiortan. 
25 qui uertit, se de cyrd. 

et . . . incidety and befeld. 

in ignominia sua, on his netenesse. 

set nee . . . letabitur, ac ne blissad. 

aetatem ftoridam, blowende elde. 
30 exsiccat, a ... 

inferre, on geledan. 

nee percutere, ne slean. 

qui moderatur, se de gemetegad 

doctus, gelered. 
35pretiosi, diores. 

spiritus, gast. 

(20 r ) repntabitur, bid geteald. 

si conpresserit, gif he gewelt. 



occasiones, intigan 8. 
reprobabiUs, afadodlic 9 . 

5 For gebydlect, geedlect. Z. 

6 Au error for afandad. Z. 

7 See Bosw. 34k. R, \y. 

8 For intiugan, cf. p. 64, 1. 7. Z. 

9 Read afandodlic. Z. 


dixeris *, du . . . addunt, to gesecad. 

que uersantur, de drohniad 2 . quos habuit, dse habbad. 

contempnit, forheged. separantur, biod toscerede. 

redundans, ediende 3 . et . . . non ejfugiet, and ne aflid. 

/ons, burne. 5 colunt, weordiad. 

itimiscent, on gemengad. dona, of ... 

rms, of sacum. distribuentis, todelendes. 

bilinguis, twispeces. hominis pauperis, earinne monnon. 

interiora, inran. oderunt, . . . n. 

et dissolutus, and toslacad. 10 insuper, der to eacan. 

dissipantis, tostencendes. procul, fior. 

fortissimo,, strengest. et . . . recesserunt, and gewiton. 

currit, irnd. qui . . . sectatur, se de feld. 

(20 v ) ualidus, stran 4 . 6efo' 7 , . . . d. 

et . . . dignum, and weordne. 15 wow decent, ne rised. 
sustentat inbecillitatem suam, uder- stultum, . . . ne. 

wreodad 5 his untrumnesse. delicice, . . . s. 

ad irascendum, to iorsienne. dominari, wealdan. 

sapientium, . . . ra. praetergredi, forgeman . i . forbugon. 

donunij gefe. SOfremitus, gremetunc. 

dilatat, tobraet. (21 V ) herbam, werta. 

spatium, fee. hiraritas* eius, his glednes. 

accusator sui, wrehten his selfes. tacta 9 . . . perstillantia, driopende 

uenit, . . d. hrof. 

inuestigabit, smead. 25 litigosa 10 mulier, sacful wif. 

contradictiones, widerewidas. dantur, sint sealde. 

comprimit, ofdrect. proprice, senderlice. 

sors, hlet. uxor prudens, glea wif. 

et . . . diiudicat y and tosced. pigredo, sleuj) odde scleacnes. 
qui adiuuatur, de is gefultumad. 30 sopor em, mamor 11 . 

uectes, scetelas. , dissoluta, asclacad. 
cum obsecrationibus, mid halsungum. et . . . esuriet, and hinrad 12 . 

(21 1 ) rzWc 6 , stidlice. mortificabitur, bid cwehned. 

w/r amicabilis, lufwendlic wer. fenerator 13 , lend. 

35 domino, . . . ne. 

XIX uicissitudinem suam, his gewricl 14 . 

torquens, dreagende. ne desperis 15 , ne georwen du. 

festinus, hred. a^ interfectionem . . . em*, to his 

contra, on. cwale. 

ferucet, weld. 4&damnum, hendo. 

animo suo, his mod. cum rapuerit, donne he gegrip. 

1 The Vulgate has dixerit. Z. 9 For tecta. Z. 

2 For drohtriiad. R. W. 10 For litigiosa. Z. 

3 Read ediende. Z. n See I, s. v. sopor R. W. 

4 For strang. R. W. 12 For hingrad. R. W. 

5 Read underwreodad. Z 13 Read feneratur. Z 

6 An error for rigide. Z. 14 For gewricsl. Z. 

7 For habebit. R. W. 15 An error for desperes. Z. 

8 Read hilaritas. Z. 




et . . . apponet, and to geset. 

in nouissimis tuis, on dinum endum. 

homo indigens, bedearfende mon. 

et . . . commorabitur, and hio wunad. 

absque uisitatione, buton niosunga. 

pessimi 1 , metestum. 

nee . . . applicat, ne he ne ge|)iod. 

flagellato, geswungen. 

si ... corripueris, gif du dreast J . 

(22 r ) ignominiosus, ungewis. 

et infelix, and ungeselig. 

non cesses, ne ablin du. 

deridet, teld. 

et . . . deuorat, and forsweld. 

parata sunt, gerewe sint. 

derisoribus, telerum. 

iudicia, . . . s.' 

e mallei percutientes, and sleande 

corporibus, . . . m. 


tumultuosa, madeli. 
sicut ruitus 3 , swa grimetung. 
qui separat t se toscered. 
a contentionibus, frain flituro. 
miscentur, . . . d. 
arare, herian. 
mendicabit, he wedlat. 
exhauriet, a ... 
uocantur, biod . . . 
beatos, . . . ge. 
j3osse 4, wideftan. 
intuitu suo , on his begemene. 
(22v) e^ saturare, and sio du ... 
emptor, beccen. 

cum recesserit, donne he gewit. 
et . . . gloriabitur, and hit . . . 
et uas pretiosum, and diorrest fet. 
Jideiussor, borhhond 6 . 

1 Perhaps for pessimis? The Vulgate 
has: pessima. Z. 

2 dreagan or drean means corripere, 
castigare, increpare. R. W. 

3 Read rugitus. Z. 

4 For post se, see the Vulgate XX, 7. 

R. W. 

5 The glossator seems to have read in 
tuitu suo, not intuitu suo. Z. 

exstitit, wunade. 

alieni, . . . s. 

calculo, of griosne. 

consiliis, . . . m. 
5 roboranlur, and sint gestrangade 

gubernaculis, . . . m. 

tractanda, to smyagenne. 

ad quam festinatur, to dam de hit 

efts 7 wes. 
lOcarebit, dolad. 

(23'0 pondus, hefe. 

deuorare, forswelgan. 

post uota, efter behate. 

et curuat, and gebegd. 
15eo5, da. 

spiraculum, ord. 

inuestigaty asperet. 

roboratur, bid . . 

iuuenum, . . . ra. 
20 senuin . . . ra. 

canicies, harnes. 

liuor, lela. 

abstergit, adreid. 

m secretioribus, on deohlum. 



diuis tones, todal. 

inclinabit, he ... 

appendit, aweget. 
30 (23 v )e/ impingetur, and hio odsperd 8 . 

detrahent, telad. 

noluerunt, . . . dan. 

peruersa uia, duer wig. 

miserebitur, hi ... 
35 multato pestilente, gewitnoduincwilde. 

excogitat, dend 9. 

wi detrahet 10 , ftet he ut atio. 

qui opturat, se fordett. 

J, et. 
40 etnonexaudietur, and ne bid gehered. 

6 In borhhond two 6's are written by 
mistake: bbrb, and r is above the line. 

R. W. 

7 Read efst. Z. 

8 For odsperud (.= impinytt, instead of 
impingttur) Z. 

9 For dencd. R. W. 
10 Read detrahat. Z. 




munus absconditum, belied lac. 
indignationem maximam, mestan e- 

iusto, . . . m. 
pauor, ferht. 

pui errauerit, se de gedweled. 
in coetu, on weorede. 
commorabitur, wunad. 
epulos *, wiste. 
pinguia, fetto. 

non ditabitur, ne bid geweolegad. 
quam commuliererixosa, donne mid 

secfullan wife. 
(24 r ) thesaurus desiderabilis, ge- 

wilniendlic goldhord. 
iusti . . . s. 
dissipabit, totencd 2 . 
fortium, strangere 8 . 
robur, strend 4 . 
et arrogans, and up ahafen. 
occidunt, ofslead. 
et desiderat^ and gegernd. 
et non cessabit, and ne ablind. 
que offeruntur, de biod brohte. 
testis mendax, leas gewitnes. 
obediens, . . . sum. 
uictoriam, sige. 
procaciter, geaplice. 
offirmat, afestnad. 
corrigit, gerecd. 
equus paratur, hors is gegearwad. 


(24 V ) operator, werhta. 

cattidus, letig. 

et offlictus est, and is geswenced. 

damno, of hende. 

in uia peruersi, on dreorum 5 wige. 

prouerbium, bicwide. 

adolescens, iunges. 

cum senuerit, donne he ealdad. 

irnperat, bebiot. 

1 For epulas. Z. 

2 An error for tostencd. R. W. 
8 For strangera. R. "W. 

4 For strengd, strencd. R. W. 

5 So the MS. for dweornm. R. W. 

6 Read lenend or lenendes. Z. 

mutuum, to borge. 

fenerantis, lened 6 . 

uirga, of ... 

et . . . consummabitur, and he bid for- 
5 numen. 

promptus, arod. 

dedit, he ... 

pauperi, . . . n. 

eice, ut aweorpd. 
10 et exibit, and utged. 

et supplantantur, and beodbeswicene. 

uerba, of . . . 

occidendus, to ofslanne. 

fouea profunda, diop sead. 
15 incidat 7 , on ahreasd. 

colligata 8 est, is gegederad. 

et . . . fugabit, and bid afligd. 

(2 5') ut augeat, J)et he gesece. 

ditiori, weolegrum. 
20 et egebit, and he wedlad. 

sapientium, . . . ra. 

appone, to gesete. 

redundabit, hio . . . 

tripliciter, driofeealdlice. 
<2bfirmitatem, trumnesse. 

illis, dam. 

uiolentiam, strende 9 . 

non conteras, ne forbrec du. 

et configet, and ofsticod. 
30 uiro furioso, hathort were. 

ne . . . discas, de les du liornie. 

qui defigunt, de afestniad. 

uades, borhhande. 

pro debitis, for geltum. 
35 unde restituas, hwonon agelts du. 

causce est, dinga his. 

tollas 10 , nime. 

operimentum, oferbredels. 

(25 V ) ne transgrediaris terminos an- 
40 tiquosj ne oferstepe du ealde ge- 

posuerunt, settan. 

7 The Vulgate reads incidet. R. W. 

8 The compiler of the glosses confounded 
colligare with colligere. Z. Cf. p. 83, 1. 41. 

R. W. 

9 See p. 77, 1. 19 R. W. 

10 The Vulgate has tollat. R. W. 




uidisti, d . . . 

ante ignobiles, beforan edelborenum 1. 


cultrum, scaer. 

ne desideres, ne gewilnadi 2 . 
de, of. 

ut diteris, pet du sio geweolugad. 
modum, gemet. 

ne erigas, ne du up ne arer. 
opes, wserde. 
facient, . . . d. 
non comedas, ne et du. 
cibos, . . . s. 
arioli, dreas. 
coniectoris, wiccan. 
quoniam . . . estimat, for dam de he 


quod ignorat, J)et hi nat. 
euomes, du . . . 
pulchros sermones tuos, dine fegeran 


(26 r ) nee adtingas, ne du ne ethrin. 
intro eas, in ga. 
propinquus, mygd. 
ingrediatur, in ga. 
aures tue, . . . . n. 
subtrahere, ation. 
si . . . percusseris, gif du slehst. 
uirga a , of ... 
morietur, he ... 
et . . . liber abis, and du alest. 
mzes, edran. 

non emuletur, ne onherie. 
prestulatio tua, J)in anbidinc. 
wz'a . . . e. 

comesationibus, ofersetum. 
qui . . . conferunt, J)a bregad. 
uacantes, ge . . 
cymbalo, 4 , hearpan. 
gt . . consummentur, de biod for- 

nume 5 . 

1 The Anglo-Saxon expression answers 
to the Latin nobiles. Z 

2 An error for gewilna du. Z. 

3 See p 78, 1. 3. R. W. 

4 The Vnlgate reads symbola. R. "VV. 

5 For fornnmene. Z. 

6 Perhaps an error for cend. Z. 

uestietur, bid ... 

(26 V ) dormitatio, rest. 

erne, bege. 

exultat, . . . nad. 
5 genuit, ceid 6. 

gaudeat . . . sie. 

exultet . . . nie. 

genuit . . . d. 

puteus angustus, neare pyt. 
10 incautos, unuuere. 

fouece, . . s. 

suffusio. agotenes. 

nonne, w . . . 

his, dam. 

15 calicibus epotandis, drunendum 7 ca- 

flauescit, glitenat. 

splenduerit, scind. 

color, blio. 
20 ingreditur, hit ... 

blande, lufwedlice 8 . 

regulus, slawerm . 

diffimdet, togiot. 

uidebunt, . . . J). 
25 loquetur, . . . }>. 

(27 r ) sopitus, swefed. 

repperiam, ic gemete. 


30 dispositione, dehtnunge. 

initur, bid ongunnen. 

stulto, . . . m. 

aperiet, h . . . 

uocabitur bid . . . 
35detractatur w , is teled. 

5/ desperaueris, gif du georwenst. 

lapsus 11 , aslidenum. 

imminuetur, b . . . 

(27 V ) qui ducuntur, J>e sion ledde. 
40 qui trahuntur, J)e sin togene. 

uires, megene. 

non suppetunt, ne gehelpaj). 

7 For druncendum or druncniendum. 
See p. 66, 1. 16. R. W. 

8 For lufwendlice. Z. 

9 or slaw-wyrm = slow-worm. R. "W. 

10 The Vnlgate has detractor. Z. 

11 The Vulgate reads lassus. Z, 


seruatorem, weard. carmina, Hod. 

fallit, wegd. pruinas, gleda. 

fanum, . . . s. (29 V ) domatis, buses. 

gutturi, . . . r. quam cum muliere litigosa 3 , danne 

quam, {)ane. 5 mid flitgeornan wife. 

insidieris, searw J) ! . et uena corrupta, and gewemmed 

uastes, reafa. weteredre. 

displiceat, . . . ge. opprimitur, bid ofdreced. 

cwra detractoribus, mid telendum. wrfo patens, open burh. 

(28 1 ) prepara, gegearawa. lOcohibere, geweldan. 

e . . . exerce, and bega. 
w2 . . . aedifices, |}et du getimbrige. 
lactes, gsel. indecens, ungerisenu. 

urtice, of netelan. ^MO, hwider. 

parum, litel. Ibprolatum, ford broht. 

inguam, witodlice. m quaempiam, on enine. 

modicum, gehwaede. <? chamus, and bridel. 

(28 V ) pauxillum, lithwon. (30 r ) pulchras . . . ^[z5t]a, fegere 

conseres, du on asets. scacan 4 . 

quasi cursor, swa renel. 20 quomodo, swa. 

ei mendacitas, and J)erflicnes. nascatur, si oncenned. 

temulenti, windruncynes. 
terminal, endad. 

g'was transtulerunt, da rehton. silentium, swigan. 

celare, bedeahlian. 25 g'm' Herat, de geedlecd. 

inuestigare, smegan. leena, wildior. 

rubiginem, horn. S/CM^ . . . uertitur, swe forhwerfed bid. 

quam ut humilieris, ])onne pet du sio Vi car dine suo, on hiore hyrran. 

geniderad. sub ascella sua, under his oxne. 

ne prof eras, ne ep du. 30 sententias, cwidas. 

emendare, gebetan. (30 V ) deprehensus, anfunden. 

ne . . . non possis, de les du ne ludens, plegende. 

meige. sussurrone subtracto, abrodenum ge- 

cum dehonestaueris 2 , donne du ge- dwilde. 

arweordas. 35 et ... conquiescunt, and gerestad. 

et . . . ne reueles, arid ne onwrih du. susurronis, desiges. 
et . . . non cesset, and he ne ablind. ad intima, to incundum. 
malum, seppel. quomodo si . . . [uelis]*, swil gif du 

(29 r ) inauris aurea, gylden earspinl. wille. 

lenietur, bid gelidgod. 40 uas fictile, lemen fet. 

iaculum, gar. Idbiatumentia, dindendende 6 weleras. 

dens putridus, forrotad tod. sociata, geferlehte. 

et amittit, and forlet. * quando summiserit, donne he undcr- 

pallium, wefels. diod. 

1 For searwa |>u. Z. 4 Read scancan. Z. 

2 The Anglo-Saxon translator has mis- 5 uelis is omitted in th MS. R. W. 
taken the Latin dehonestaueris. Z. 6 For dindende. Z. 

3 See pag. 74, 25 and pag. 83, 22. R.W, 



qui operit, se de werd l . XXVII I 

qui uoluit, se de welt. nemine, nenegum. 

(31 r ) [os] lubricum, twisprece. persequente, ehtende. 

(32 V ) paratur, is gegearwod. 
5 commessatores . i ., wesan o J)J>e eteras. 
XXVII coacerual, geheapad. 

et fenore liberali, and of frilicum 
patriot, atewd. gestrione. 

laudet, herie. (33 r ) fugerit, flio. 

saxum, stan. iOconcidet, ahriosd. 

honerosa, byrdenmete 2 . deserit, forlet. 

grauior, hefegre. inuidet, angad. 

concitali, asterede. (33 V ) iactat, gelpd. 

ferre, acuman. concitat, awec|). 

calcabit, tret. \bindigebit, bedearf. 

uariis odoribus, misselicum sweccum. penuriam, erda 12 . 
et ... dukoratur, and bid geweordleht. YXI\~ 

(31 V ) sustinuere, fordelgiad. 

dispendia, leras. non sequetur^ne felhd. 

qui spopondit, {)e behet. 20 sumpserint, nim{). 

tecta perstillantia, driopende hrofas 3 . perdet, forleose. 
titigosa, flitgeor 4 . inuoluet, befelt. 

comparantur, sint widmetene. (34 r ) in posterum, ford on. 

uentum, wind. obuiauerunt, ongen coman. 

quasi qui . . . teneat, swa se de belt. 25 correptio, dreal 13 . 
iacuitur 5 , is scerped. refrigerabit, he arasrd. 

et . . . exacuit, and scerpd. delicias, estas. 

#w' 5er^^a^ se de belt. profetia, witedom. 

quomodo . . . respendent*, swa swa (34 V ) ddtcatce, estelice. 

scinad. %Q a pueritia, fram cnihthade. 

prospicientium, behealdenra. nutrit, fet. 

(32 r ) insatiabiles, unasedenlic. procliuior, fordloten. 

conflaturT, is blawen. subleuabitur, bid up ahafen. 

m conflatorio, on smiddan. 
sz contuderis, deh du Jjercce 8. 35 

g'wasz tipsonas 9 ; swa berecorn. morante, wuniendum. 

feriente, derccedum. 10 . (35 V ) et . . . noui, and ic cude. 

diligenter, georlice 1! . si nosti, wastu de nasdu. 

sed . . . tribuitur, ac is seald. Ignitus clipeus, ferentarga. 

prata, geheige. 40 ne addas, ne geaecdu. 

collecta sunt, sint gegaderadc. et arguaris, and du sio dread. 

1 For wercd. The glossator confoniided 7 The Vulgate reads probatur. Z. 
operari with operire. Z. 8 For J>ersce. Z. 

2 So read I. R. "VV. 9 A corruption of ptisanas. Z. 

3 See pag. 74 1. 23. R. W. For derscendum, cf. 1. 35. Z. 

4 For flitgeorn. Z. H Read geornlice. Z. 

5 The Vulgate has exacuitiir. Cf. next 12 R ea d ermda. Z. 

line. R. W. 13 Cf. Leo, Ags. glossar, p. 390 1. 47. 

6 For resplendent. Z. R. W. 




inueniarisque, and du sio gemet. 
ne deneges, ne forwern du. 
uictui meo, minre anlifene. 
ne . . . inliciar, de les ic sio for- 


ad negandum, to widsacenne. 
et . . . furer, and ic stele. 
et periurem, and ic swerige. 
nee accuses, ne du ne wrei. 
(35 V ) molaribus suis, of his cintodum. 
sanguissuge, lyces. 
after offer, bren bryn. 
insaturabilia, unasedenlice. 
sufjicit, gen oh is. 
qui subsannat, se de hyspd. 
et qui despicit, and se de forsiohd. 
partum, eacnunga. 
effbdiant, up adelfad. 
dificilia, earfodu. 
penitus, eallunga. 
colubri, nedran. 
in adolescentia, on giohdhade. 
tergens, dregende. 
(36 r ) odiosam, hatol. 
in matrimonium, on gcsinscipe. 
minima, lyssan. 
sapientiora, wisran. 
formica, emetan. 
que parant, da gearwiad. 
lepusculi, haran. 
inualida, unstraK 1. 
qui collocat, se de gestadolad. 
cubile suum, his den. 
et egreditur, and ut ged. 
per turmas, durh heapas. 
stelio, hryremus. 
nititur, he ged. 
in cedibus, on hofum. 
gradiuntur, gad. 
non incedit 2 , ne stepd . 
aries, ram. 

et qui . . . aparuit, and se de ateaud. 
postquam eleuatus est, seoddan he 

hup ahafen bid. 

1 For unstrang. R. W. 

2 The Vulgate has quod inc.edit. Z. 
8 The Vulg, reads emunyit. Z, 

* Read gnorniendum. Z. 

in sublime, up .{. heah. 
ad eliciendum, ut to ationne. 
expremit, ofdrecd, swetelad. 
(36 V ) qui . . . emulget 3 , se de melcd. 
5 et ... elicit, and ut atiohd. 
et . . . producit, and ford gelet. 
discordias, twirednesse. 

10 XXXI 

dilecte mi, eala du rain geeorena. 

nullum secretum, enig deahle. 

et mutent, and hio wendan. 

siceram, bior. 
15 merentibus, grnorniendum 4 . 

doloris, sares. 

et . . . non recordentur, and ne sint 
gemunene 5 . 

et causis, and dine. 
20 qui pertranseunt, de gewitad. 

decerne, toscad. 

(37 r ) lanam, wullai . 

institoris, cypan. 

praedam, hude. 
25 domesticis suis, hiore gehusan. 

et cybaria, and andlifenc. 

et emit, and hi bohte. 

ad fortia, to strenran 7 . 

f us sum, spinle. 
30 duplicibus, of twifealdum. 

stragulam uestem, gebliod reaf. 

byssum, of twine. 

indumentum, reaf. 

nobilis, edelboren. 
3sindonem, scetan. 

cingulum, gerdels. 

et ridebit, and hio hlihd. 

(37 V ) tu supergressa est 8 , du ofer- 


(39 r ) explicare, onwrion. 
(53 V ) constans, anred. 

5 For gemrmende. 

6 For wullan ? Z. 
1 For strengran. R 
Read es. Z. 





(61 r ) intentione, on da gerad *. 

ualet, fremed 2 . 

percutit, slaehd. 

(61 V ) appetit, gedind 3 . 

(62 r ) proditor, laswend. 

praedicator, bodiend. 

non . . . promittitur, nis behaten. 

instantissime, geornlicost. 

contendat, eftsf 4 . 

principalia, heafodlicf 5 . 

originalia, frfmdlice 6 . 

(62 V ) pullulant, wfacsad 7 . 

ratum, gescad. 

extirpatis, arubfdxm 8 . 

praecidere, bprckpf bn 9 . 

ex contemptu, of forhpgxngb 10 . 

per contumaciam, Jmrh b^xndfnnfsf n . 

praesumtio, drksnfs 12 . 

pertinacia, bngknnb 13 . 

(63 r ) lasciuia, wild. 

eneruatio, awordenes. 

(66 1 ) pollicentur, sint bcbat 

condonauit, forgef. 
sugestiones, lare. 
lolle.rare, forberan u . 
constat, wunad. 

1 Omitted by Zupitza. R W. 

2 Omitted by Zupitza. R. W. 

3 For gedincd or gedincd. U. W. 

4 This kind of cipher-writiug by which 
the consonant following a certain vowel 
was placed for the latter, was very much 
in vogue in the Middle Ages. (eftsf= eftse, 
being an error for efste). R. W. 

5 = heafodlice. R. W. 

6 = fremdlice. R W. 

7 weacsad. R. W. 

8 arnaedum. Perhaps miswritteu for 
araueduui. Z. 

9 For bckprfbn = aciorfau?. Z. 

in quatcumque causa, on eihwilcum 


(66 v ) saporeSy stencas. 
sonos, sweigas. 
5 transitorias, gewitenlice. 
uolatilis, fugeles. 

(77 V ) pater, fe[der] 15 . 

mater, modo[r]. 
Wfrater, brodo[r]. 

soror, sweosto[r]. 

films, [sun]a. 

filia, dohtor. 

patruus, faedera. 
Ibamita ?nea, min fad[u]. 

matertera mcea, niin modriae. 

auunculus meus, min cam. 

uictricius, ste[op]feder. 

priuignus, ste[op]sunu 16 . 
ZQfiliaster, steopdohter. 

uir t ciorl. 

uirgOf ides. 

[puella, meijden 17 . 

mamillaj titft], 
Sopapilla, forwfeard] tit[t]. 

creuerat, wfpx 18 . 

10 = forhogunga. R. W. 

11 = apuudennese. R. W. 

12 = drisnes. R. W. 

13 = augiuna. R. W. 

^ Omitted by Zupitza. R. W. 

15 The letters enclosed in brackets are 
rather illegible. R. W. 

16 This gloss is very doubtful. R. W. 

17 All these letters are quite gone. 
Zupitza reads: puella (mei)deu. R. W. 

18 weox. R. W. 

Several other glosses had been inserted 
here but they have become entirely il- 
legible. R. W. 




OF T H K T E N T H (J K N T U R Y. 

Colloquium ad pueros linguce Latince locutione exercendos, ab ^Elfrico 
primwii compilatum, et delude ab ^Elfrico Bata, eius discipulo, auctum, 
Latine et Saxonice. 

we cildra biddap pe eala lareow paet pu taece us sprecau 
D. Nos pueri rogamus te, magister, ut doceas nos loqui 
[rihte] for pam nngelaerede we syudon and gewa?mmodlice we sprecap 
Latialiter recte, quia idiote sumus, et 

we sprecan butou hit riht spra j c sy and 
loquamur, nisi recta locutio sit, et 


wille ge sprecan 
uultis loqui? 
hwast rece we hwjet 
D. Quid curamus quid 
behefo na?s idel oppe fracod 
utilis, non anilis, aut turpis? 

wille [ge beon] beswungen 
M. Uultis flagellari 

1 Alfric of Canterbury, by whom this 
Colloquy was compiled, was commonly 
known by the title of Alfric the Grammarian, 
from the active part he took in the edu- 
cational movement of his time. He was 
for a short time bishop of Wilton, and 
in 995 succeeded Sigeric as archbishop of 
Canterbury. He died on the IGth of No- 
vember, 1006. The colloquy was probably 
composed in the earlier period of his life, 
when ho was a monk of Winchester. It 
was, as stated in the Latin title, enlarged 
and republished by Alfric Bata, a scholar 
under the archbishop when he taught in 
the schools at Winchester , and who is 
supposed to have died about the middle 
of the eleventh century. On both these 
writers, see my Biographia BritannicaLite- 
raria, Anglo-Saxon period, pp. 480 500. 
The enlarged edition of the colloquy, by 
Alfric Bata, seems to have so entirely super- 
seded the original, that it appears to be the 
only one now preserved. It is here printed 
from a manuscript in the British Museum, 
MS. Cotton. Tiberius A. Ill,, fol. 58, yo 

corrupte loquimur. 

on leornunge 

in discendo ? 

contemporary with Alfric Bata. The only 
other copy known Is preserved in a MS. 
in the Library of St. John's College, Ox- 
ford, in which the title, or rubric, is, 
Hanc sententiam Latini sermonis olim 
jElfricus abbas composuit, qui meus fuit 
magister, sed tamen ego &lfric Bata 
multas postea huic addidi appendices. 
Some additional words from the Oxford 
MS. are here printed within brackets. It 
will not escape remark, how much superior 
the sentiment which pervades this Anglo- 
Saxon tract is to that of the later me- 
diaeval treatises of the same description. 
It is impossible now to say which were 
the additions made by Alfric Bata to the 
original tract, but we may reasonably 
consider the whole as belonging to the 
tenth century. 

[Our text is based on a recent collation 
of Wright's print with the MS. On Alfric 
of Canterbury, see Dietrich in Zeitschrift 
fur histor. Theologie, 25. bd. pag. 487 et 
seqq.,-and 26. bd. pag. 163 et seqq. R W.] 




ha;fst pu weorkes 
habes operis ? 
selce dseg seofon 
omni die septcm 

leofre ys us beon beswuugeu l for lare baenne hit tie cunnan 

D. Carius est nobis flagcllari pro doctrina, quam nescire ; 
ac we witan be bilewitne wesan and nellan onbehudeu swincgla us buton 
scd scimus te inansuetum -esse, et nolle inferre plagas nobis, nisi 
bu bi to-genydd fram us 
cogaris a nobis. 

ic axie be hwaet sprycst bu hwast 

M. Interrogo te quid mihi loqueris? quid 

ic eom geauwyrde rnonuc and ic sincge 

D. Professus sum monachum, et psallam 

tida mid gebrobrum and ic eom bysgod [on raedinga] and on 
siiiaxes 2 cum fratribus, et occupatus sum lectionibus et cantu ; 
ac beah hwaebere ic wolde betwenan leorniau sprecan on Leden gereorde 
sed tamen uellem interim discere sermocinari Latina lingua. 

hwset cunnon bas bine geferau 
M. Quid sciunt isti tui socii? 

sume synt yrblincgas sume scephyrdas sume oxanhyrdas sume 
D. Alii sunt aratores, alii opiliones, quidam bubulci, quidam 
eac swylce huntan sume flsceras sume fugeleras sume cypmenn 

etiam uenatores, alii piscatores, alii aucupes, quidam mercatores, 
sume scewyrhtan sealteras baeceras. 

quidam sutores, quidam salinatores, quidam pistores loci. 

hwaet saegest bu yrblingc hu bcgaest bu weorc bin 

M. Quid dicis tu, arator 3 , quomodo exerces opus tuum V 

eala leof hlaford bearle ic deorfe ic ga ut on daegraed bywende 
A. mi domine, nimium laboro ; exeo diluculo, minando 
oxon to felda and iugie big to syl nys byt swa stearc 

boues ad campum, et iungo eos ad aratrum; non est tarn aspera 
winter btet ic durre lutian set bam for ege hlafordes mines ac geiukodau 
hiemps ut audeam latere domi, pre timore domini mei; sed iunctis 

oxan and gefaestnodon sceare and cultre mid baere syl aelce dacg ic sceal 
bobus, et confirmato uomere et cultro aratro, omni die debeo 
erian fulne accer * obbe mare 

arare integrum agrum, aut plus. 

haefst bu aenigne geferan 
M. Habes aliquem socium ? 

ic haebbe snmrie cuapan bywende oxan mid 
A. Habeo quondam puerum minantem boues cum stimulo 5 , qui 
eac swilce nu bas ys for cylde and hreame. 

ctiam modo raucus est, pre frigore et clamatione. 

to the practice of agriculture, is curiously 

gadiseue pe 

1 The MS. has: beswugen. R. W. 

2 Septem synaxes, the seven canonical 
hours, or, more literally according to the 
meaning of the word, the assemblies of 
the monks at those hours for the several 
services which belonged to them It is 
from this practice that the old Catholic 
service - books are called Hours (horae, 
heures), as containing the forms of service 
for the canonical hours of the day. (See 
further on.) 

8 The Anglo - Saxon sentiment which 
gave the first rank in worth and utility 

illustrated by implication here, where it 
is taken first in order of the occupations 
of men, and more directly further on, 
where its excellence is made the subject 
of discussion. 

* The MS. reads distinctly sber, which 
is no doubt an error for secer. R. W. 

5 It is a curious circumstance, as showing 
how little the practice of agriculture had 
changed in this country through many 
centuries , that the illuminations of ma- 
nuscripts, down to a late period, represent 


hwaet inare degt pu on d&g 
M. Quid amplius facis in die? 

gewyslice pa:nne mare ic do ic sceal fyllan binnan oxan mid hig 
A. Certe adhuc plus facio. Debeo implere presepia bourn feno, 
and wseterian l hig arid scearn 2 heora beraa ut 
et adaquare eos, et fimum eorum portare foras. 

hig hig micel gedeorf ys hyt 
M. 0, 0, magnus labor est! 

ge leof micel gedeorf hit ys forpam ic neom freoh. 

A. Etiam, magnus labor est, quia non sum liber 3. 
[hwaet segst pu] sceaphyrde hsefst pu senig gedeorf. 

M. Quid dicis tu, opilio? Habes tu aliquem laborem 4 ? 

gea leof ich;ebbe on forewerdne morgen ic drife sceap mine to heora laese 
0. Etiam habeo ; in primo mane mino oues meas ad pascua, 
and stande ofer hig on haete and oncyle mid hundum pel?es wulfas forswelgen 
et sto super eas, in estu 5 et frigore, cum canibus, ne lupi 6 deuorent 
hig and icagenl<ede hig to heora loca and melke hig tweowa on daeg and heora 
eas, et reduce eas ad caulas, et mulgeo eas bis in die, et caulas 
loca ic hsebbe on paerto arid cyse and buteran ic do and ic eom getrywe 
earum moueo insuper, et caseum et butirum facio, et fidelis sum 
hlafordfl minon 
domino meo 7 . 

eala oxanhyrde hwset wyrst pn 
M. bubulce, quid operaris tu? 

eala hlaford min micel ic gedeorfe paenne se yrplingc unscenp 

B. domine mi, multum laboro. Quando arator disiungit 
pa oxan ic laede hig to licse and ealle iiiht ic stande ofer hig waciende 
boues, ego duco eos ad pascua, et tota nocte sto super eos uigilando 

for peofan and eft on srue mergen icbetiece hig pain yrplincge wel gefylde 
propter fures 8 , et iterum primo mane adsigno eos aratori, bene pastos 
and gewseterode 
et adaquatos. 

ys paes of ptnum geferum 
M. Est jste ex tuis sociis? 

gea he ys 
D. Etiam est. 

the oxen yoked to the plough, driven by a profound contempt for the nnnoble classes 

the ploughman, with the boy who carries of society, was introduced into our island, 

the goad [gadiserne], to urge them on. 4 The MS. reads labore. R. W. 

1 The MS. by an error reads waste- 5 The MS. has esto. R. W. 

terian. R. W. <> Wolves appear still at this time to 

2 The glossator wrote sceasn. R. W. have been common in England. 

3 The agricultural labourer, among the 7 it would appear from this passage that 
Anglo-Saxons, was a serf (a peow) , and ewes' milk was that used principally by 
belonged to the lord of the land as much the Anglo-Saxons; and that it was the 
as the laud itself, to which, in fact, he business of the shepherd to furnish the 
was attached. This passage of Alfric's household with milk, butter, and cheese. 
Colloquy is a curious illustration of the 8 Cattle were the great objects of plunder 
feeling of commiseration for the condition in the predatory excursions of the middle 
of the servile class, which prevailed among ages, and the care of the cattle at night 
the Anglo-Saxon clergy, and which dis- was a duty of great importance among 
appeared at the time of the Norman con- the Anglo-Saxons; hence 'the herdsman 
quest, when feudalism, which inculcated was *. person of more consideration than 


canst pa senigping 
M. Scis tu aliquid? 

senne craeft ic cann. 
V. Unam artem scio. 

hwylcne ys 
M. Quale est? 

hunta ic eom. 
V. Uenator sum. 


M. Cuius ? 
V. Regis. 

hu begaestpn crseft pinne 
M. Quomodo exerces artem tuam? 

icbrede me max and sette hig on stowe gehaeppre and getihte hundas 

V. Plecto mihi retia, et pono ea in loco apto, et instigo canes 

mine paet wildeor hig ehton op paet hig pe cuman to pam nettan 

meos ut feras persequantur, usque quo perueniunt ad retia 

unforsceawodlice and past hig swa beou begrynode * and ic ofslea hig on pam maxum 

inprouise, et sic inretientur, et ego iugulo eos in retibus. 2 

necanstpu huntian buton mid nettum 
M. Nescis uenare nisi cum retibus? 
gea butan nettum huntian ic mseg 
V. Etiam, sine retibus uenare possum. 

M. Quomodo? 

mid swiftum hundum icbetcc3 wildeor 
V. Cum uelocibus canibus insequor feras. 

hwilcc wildeor swypost gefeht pu 
M. Quales feras maxime capis? 

icgefeo heortas and baras and rarm and riegan and hwilon 
V. Capio ceruos, et apros, et dammas, et capreos, et aliquando 
ha ran 


wsere pu to dseg on huntnolde 
M. Fuisti hodie in uenatione? 

ic nses forpam sunnandscg ys, ac gyrstandaag ic waes on 

V. Non fui, quia dominicus dies est, sed heri fui in 

the agricultural labourer. His duties, as is no doubt an error of the scribe for 

intimated in our text, are illustrated by begrynode. R. W. 

what Bede tells us with regard to the 2 The hunter among the Anglo-Saxons 

poet Csedmon, in the seventh century appears to have answered nearly to our 

Quod dum tempore quodam faceret, et gamekeeper, and his method of taking the 

relicta domo convivii, egressus est ad game militates rather against our ordinary 

stabula jumentorum, quorum ei custodia notions of the mediaeval passion for the 

node ilia erat delegata. Bedae Hist. Eccles. chase. But the Anglo-Saxons do not 

lib. iv. c. 24. In king Alfred's Anglo- appear to have been, in general, great 

Saxon version this passage is rendered: hunters, in the sense of the word as it 

to neata scypene , drer heorde him wses was taken by the Anglo - Normans , for 

daere nihte beboden. hawking appears to have been the more 

1 The manuscript reads begrynodo, which favourite diversion with them. 

3 An error for betsece. R. W. 




hwaet gelaehtest bu 

Quid cepisti? 

twegen heortas and runne bar 
Duos ceruos et unum aprum. 
hu gefencge bu big 

Quomodo cepisti eos? 

heortas ic gefenge on nettiim and 
Ceruos cepi in retibus, et 


ic ofsloh 


naislice wildeor 

uarie bestie 


hu waere bu dyrstig ofstikian * bar 

Quomodo fuisti ausus iugulare aprum? 
hundas bedrifon hyue to me and ic baer togeanes standende faerlice 
V. Canes perduxerunt eum ad me, et ego e contra stans subito 
ofstikode hyne 
iugulaui eum. 

swybe bryste bu wasre ba 
M. Ualde audax fuisti tune. 

ne sceal hunta forhtfull wesan 

V. Non debet uenator formidolosus esse, 
wuuiad on wudum 
morantur in siluis. 

hwaet dest bu be binre huntunge 
M. Quid facis de tua uenatione ? 

ic sylle cync swa hwaet swa ic gefo forbam ic eom hunta hys 
V. Ego do regi quicquid capio, quia sum uenator eius. 

hwaet sylb he be 
M. Quid dat ipse tibi? 

he scryt me wel and fett and hwilon sylb me 
V. Uestit me bene et pascit, aliquando dat mihi 
beah baet be Instlicor craeft minrie ic begancge 

armillam, ut libentius artem meam exercearn. 

hwylcne craeft canst bn 
M. Qualem artem scis tu? 

ic eom fiscere 
P. Ego jsum piscator. 

hwaet ' begyst bu of binum 
M. Quid adquiris de tua 
bigleofan and scrud and 

P. Uictum et uestitum et 

hors opbe 
equum, ant 



ic wyrpe 


arte ? 

pecuniam ' 

hu gefehst bu flxas 

Quomodo capis pisces? 

ic astigie min scyp and wyrpe max mine on ea and anogil, uel a 
Ascendo nauem, et pono retia mea inamne, et hamum 
and spyrtan and swa hwaet swa higgehaeftad ic genime 

et sportas, et quicquid 




hwset gif hit unclaene beop 3 

Quid si inmundi 4 fuerint pisces? 

1 The hunter was a man in the employ 
of another; his occupation was an office, 
or service. The fisherman worked for 

2 The glossator appears to have been 
doubtful of the meaning of hamus. The 
word as means a bait; angil, which means 

a hook, is of course the origin of our term 
angling, given to the process of fishing 
with the line and book 

3 The MS has: beop beop flxas. R.W. 

4 The MS, by an error reads inmundo. 

R. W. 


ic ntwyrpe paunclaenan l ut and genim me claene to mete 
P. Ego proiiciara inmundos 2 foras, et sumo inihi mundos in escam, 

hwser cypst pu flxas pine 
M. Ubi uendis pisces tuos? 

on ceastre 
P. In ciuitate. 

hwa bigp hi 
M. Quis emit illos? 

ceasterwara ic ne roseg swa fela [gefon] swa fela swa ic maeg 3 gesyllan 
P. Ciues. Non possum tot capere quot possum uendere. 

hwilce fixas gefehst pu 
M. Quales pisces capis? 

aelas and hacodas mynas and aeleputan sceotan and lampredan 
P. Anguillas, et lucios, menas, et capitones, tructos, et murenas *, 
and swa wyJoc swa on waetere swymmap sprote 
et qualescunque in amne natant saliu. 

for hwi ne flxast pa on sae 
M. Cur non piscaris in mari 

liwilon ic do ac seldon forpam micel rewyt me ys 

P. Aliquando facio, sed raro, quia magnum nauigium mihi est 
to sae 
ad mare. 

hwaet fehst pu on sae 
M. Quid capis in mari? i 1 . *< 

haerincgas and leaxas mereswyn and stirian ostran and crabban mnslan 
P. Alleces et isicios, delfinos et sturias, ostreas et cancros, musculas, 
pinewinclan saacoccas ' fage and floe and lopystran and fela swylces 
torniculi, neptigalli, platesia, et platissa, et polipodes, et similia 5 . 

wilt pu fon sumne hwsel 
M. Uis capere aliquem cetum ? 

P. Nolo. 

M. Quare ? 

forhwan plyhtlic pingc hit ys gefon hwal gebeorhtlicre ys me faran 
P. Quia periculosa res est capere cetum. Tutius est mihi ire 

1 The MS. has: utclsenan. R. W. fish, because they were more extensively 

2 Here the MS. again reads inmundo. used than any other kind of fish throughout 

R. W. the Middle Ages. Red -herrings figure 

8 In the MS. we find: ic ne ma?g swa largely in the mediaeval household accounts, 

fela swa ic maeg swa fela swa ic maeg. R.W. The Anglo-Saxon name for the salmon, 

4 The list of river-fish is not very large; called in old English lax, had not been 
and it is not easy to explain the absence quite displaced by the Anglo-Norman one 
of several which must have been in common in the fourteenth century. The mereswyn 
use among our Anglo-Saxon forefathers, was probably the porpoise, which was 
especially if mynas signify minnows, as supposed to answer to the Latin delphinus. 
it has been interpreted. [See the Index The sturgeon (stiria) is now no more eaten 
s. v. mynas. R. W.] Eel-pout is still the than the porpoise ; the fage and floe were 
name for a small kind of eel. probably plaice and soles; the sacoccas 

5 Herrings come first in the list of sea- were no doubt cockles. 


to ea mtd scype tnynan panne faran mid manegum scypum on hnritunge 
ad amnem cum [naueji mea, quam ire cum multis nauibus in uenationem 



forhwi swa 

M. Cur sic? 

forpam leofre ys me gefon flsc p;ene ic maeg ofslean pe 

P. Quia carius est mihi capere piscem quern possum occidere, qui 

na paet an me ac eac swylce mine geferan mid auum siege he mseg besencean 

non solum me sed etiam meos socios uno ictu potest mergere 

oppe gecwylman 

aut mortificare. 

and peah mseuige gefop hwaelas and aetberstap frecnysse and micelne 
M. Et tamen multi capiunt cetos, 2 et euadunt pericula, et magnum 
sceat panou begytap 
pretium inde adquirunt. 

sop pu segst ac ic ne gepristige for modes mines nytenyss;e 
P. Uerum dicis, sed ego non audeo, propter mentis meae ignauiam. 

hwaet ssegst pu fugelere hu beswicst pu fugelas 

M. Quid dicis tu, auceps ? quomodo decipis aues ? 

on feala wisan ic beswice fugelas bwilori mid neton 

A. Multis modis decipio aues; aliquando retibus, aliquando 
mid grinum mid lime mid hwistlunge mid hafoce 

laqueis, aliquando glutino, aliquando sibilo, aliquando accipitre, 

mid treppan 
aliquando decipula. 

haefst pu hafoc 
M. Habes accipitrem? 
ic haebbe 

A. Habeo. 

canst pu temian hig 
M. Scis domitare eos? 

gea ic cann hwset sceoldon hig me bnton ic cnpe temian hig 
A. Etiam scio. Quid deberent mihi, nisi scirem domitare eos? 

syle me a?nne hafoc 

V. Da mihi unum accipitrem. 

ic sylle lustlice gyf pu sylst me a>une swyftne hund hwylcne 
A. Dabo libenter, si dederis mihi unum uelocem canem. Qualem 
hafac wilt pu habban pone maran h\Vce|jer pe pa>ne la-ssan 
accipitrem uis ' habere, maiorem aut minorem ? 

syle me pane maran 
V. Da mihi maiorem. 

hu afest pu hafocas pine 
M. Quomodo pascis accipitres tuos ? 

1 The Cotton MS. has homo mea (for as well as by the northern nations. The 
hamo). But the Anglo-Saxon translation walrus was an object of value then, on 
answers to naue not to hamo. R. W. account of its teeth, which, under the 

2 There are many reasons for believing name of whales'-bone, were used in place 
that the whale trade was carried on to of ivory, and form the substance of many 
a considerable extent by the Anglo-Saxons, ornamental objects in our cabinets, 


big fedap hig sylfe and me on wintra and on lencgten io laete hig 

A. Ipsi pascunt se et me in hierae, et in uere dimitto eos 

setwindan to wuda and genyme me briddas on hserfaeste and temige hig 

auolare ad siluam, et capio mihi pullos 1 in autumno, et domito eos. 

and forhwi forlaest {)u pa getemedon zetwindan fram pe 
M. Et cur permittis [tu] domitos auolare a te? 

forpam ic rielle fedan hig on sumera forpam pe big pearle etap 

A. Quia nolo pascere eos in estate, eo quod nimium comedunt. 
and manige fedap pa getemodou ofer sumor paet eft hig habbari 
M. Et multi pascunt domitos super estatem, ut iterum habeant 

gea swa higdop ac ic nelle o 2 paet an deorfan ofer hig 
A. Etiam sic faciunt, sed ego nolo in tantum laborare super eos, 
forpam ic cann opre na pat scmie ac eac swilce manige gefon 
quia scio alios non solum unum sed etiam plures capere s . 

hwaet ssegst pu mancgere 4 
M. Quid dicis tu, mercator? 

ic seege paet behefe ic eom ge cingc and eoldormannum and 
MER. Ego dico quod utilis sum et regi et ducibus et 
weligum and eallum follce 
diuitibus et omni populo. 

and hu 

M. Et quomodo ? 

ic astige min scyp mid hlaesturu miuum and rowe ofer 

MER. Ego ascendo nauem cum mercibus meis, et nauigo ultra 

sadice daelas and cype mine pingc and bicge pincg dyrwyrde pa on pisum 

marinas partes et uendo meas res, et emo res pretiosas quas in hac 

lande ne beop acenuede and ic hit togelaede eow hider mid micclan plibte 

terra non nascuntur, et adduce uobis hue, cum magno periculo 

ofer sae and hwylon forlidenesse ic polie mid lyre ealra pinga 

super mare, et aliquando naufragium patior, cum iactura omnium rerum 

minra uneape cwic aetberstende 
mearum, uix uiuus euadens. 

hwylce pine gelaedstpu us 
M. Quales res adduces nobis ? 

paellas and sidan deorwyrpe gymmas and gold selcupe 

MER. Purpurum, et sericum, pretiosas gemmas, et aurum, uarias 

reaf and wyrtgemangc win and ele ylpesban and maestlingc eer and 

uestes, et pigmenta, uinum, et oleum, ebur, et auricalcurn, ses, et 

tin swefel and glaes and pylces fela 

stagnum, sulfur, et uitrum, et his similia &. 

1 The MS. has pullo. R. W. dealers, and principally in petty wares, 

2 So the MS. Not: op paet, as Wright monger. 

read. R W. 5 We must no doubt consider this as 

3 The MS. by an error reads: cape for a list of the most valuable articles iin- 
capere. R. W. ported into this country under the Anglo- 

4 It is a curious instance of the degrad- Saxons. Purpura, or, as it is translated 
ation through which words go, that what in Anglo - Saxon, paellas, was a sort of 
was in the Saxon period the designation for rich stuff brought from the east, and is 
the most elevated description of merchant, coupled with silk, Pigmenta, explained 
mancgere, is now only a term for small by wyrtgemanc, appears to have been 


wilt pu syllan pingc fine her eal swa pu hi gebohtest paer 
M. Uis uendere res tuas hie, sicut emisti illic? 

ic nelle hwset paenne me fremode gedeorf min ac icwielle 1 
MER. Nolo. Quid tune mihi proficit labor meus? Sed uolo 
heora cypen her luflicor poune [icj gebicge |>aer paet sum gestreon me 
uendere hie carius quam emi illic ut aliquod lucrum mihi 
ic begyte panon ic me afede and min wif and minne sunu 
adquiram, unde me pascam et uxorem et filios. 

pu sceowyrhta hwaet wyrcst pu us nytwyrpnessae 
M. Tu, sutor, quid operaris nobis utilitatis? 

ys witodlioe craeft min behefe |>earle eow and neodpearf 
S. Est quidem ars mea utilis ualde uobis et necessaria. 

M. Quomodo? 

ic bicge hyda and fell and gearkie hig mid craefte minon and wyrce 
S. Ego emo cutes et pelles, et preparo eas arte mea, et facio 
of him gescy mistlices cynnes swyftleras and sceos leperhosa and 
ex eis calciamenta diuersi generis, subtalares et ficones, coligas et 
butericas bridelpwancgas and geraeda flaxan weZpiuuan 2 and hipdifatu spurlepera 
utres, frenos et falera, flascones et calidilia 3 , calcaria 

and haelftra pusan and fsetelsas and nan eower nele oferwintran baton 
et chamos, peras et marsupia, et nemo uestrum uult hiemare sine 
minon craefte 
mea arte. 

sealtera hwaet us fremaj) crseft J)in 
M. salinator, quid nobis proficit ars tua? 

pearle fremap craeft rnin eow eallum nan eower blisse brycd 
S. Multurn prodest ars mea omnibus, nemo uestrum gaudio fruitur 
ou gererdiucge oppe mete butou craeft min gistlipe him beo 
in prandio aut cena nisi ars mea hospita ei fuerit 4 . 

M. Quomodo? 

a general term for perfumes. Glass appears * The importance of the salter is better 

to have been little made in England during understood when we consider that, as the 

the Saxon period; and the enumeration produce of the land was in the Middle 

of the metals would seem to show that Ages almost entirely consumed on the spot, 

the great mining operations of the Romans and it was not easy to get supplies of 

had ceased after the Saxon invasion. provisions from a distance, immense quan- 

1 So the MS. R. W. titles of victuals of all kinds were salted, 

2 It will be seen by this enumeration in order that they might keep during the 
of articles, that the business of the Anglo- whole year round, and were preserved in 
Saxon shoewright was much more exten- vast larders and storehouses. This habit 
sive than that of the modern shoemaker; of eating so much salt meat, would cause 
in fact, all articles made of leather came meats eaten without salt to be considered 
within his province. Among these were insipid. In fact, the quantity of salt used 
leathern flasks, and various other vessels, in the Middle Ages must have been enor- 
as well as leather bags and purses (pusan mous ; and to it, probably, we must ascribe 
and fcetelsas). the prevalence of those diseases which 

3 It is doubtful, whether the MS. has excited so much horror under the name 
calidilia or casidilia. R. W. of leprosy. 


hwylc manna burn werodum * bnrhbryob mettum butoa swaecce sealtes 
S. Quis hominum dulcibus perfruitur cibis sine sapore salis ? 
hwa gefylb cleafan his obbe hedderna buton craefte 2 minon efne 
Quis repplet cellaria sua siue promptuaria sine arte mea? Ecce 
butergebweor aelc and cysgerunn losab eow buton ic hyrde aatwese eow be 
butirum omne et caseum peril uobis, nisi ego custos adsim, qui 
ne furboon an wyrtum eowrum butan me brucab 
nec saltern oleribus uestris sine me utimini. 

[hwaet segst bu] baecere hwam fremab [craeft bin] obbe hwasber we butan 
M. Quid dicis tu, pistor? 3 Cui prodest ars tua, aut si sine 
])(.' magon lif adreogan 

te possimus uitam ducere? 

ge magon burh sum faec batan [minon craefte lif adreogan 

P. Potestis quidem per aliquodspatium sine arte mea uitam ducere, 
ac] na lancge ne to wel soblice butan craefte minon aelc beod aemtig 
sed non diu, necadeobene; nam sine arte mea omnis mensa uacua 
byb gesewen and buton hlafe aelc mete to wlaettan byb gehwyrfed ic heortan 
uidetur esse, et sine pane omnis cibus in nausium conuertitur. Ego cor 
mannes gestrangie ic maegen wera and furbon litlincgas riellab for- 

hominis confirmo, ego robur uirorum sum, et nec paruuli uolunt prse- 
bigeau me 
terire me. 

[hwaet secgaj) we be coce] hwaeber we beburfon on aeuigon crasfte 
M. Quid dicimus de coco, si indigemus in aliquo arte eius? 

gif ge me ut adrifaf) fram eowrum geferscype ge etaf) 

Dicit cocus: Si me expellitis a uestro collegio, manducabitis 
wyrta eowre grene and flaescmettas eowre hreawe and furbon faett 

holera uestra uirida, et carnes uestras crudas, et nec saltern pingue 
brob ge magou [butan craefte minon habban] 
ius potestis sine arte mea habere. 

we ne reccab [be craefte binon] ne he us neodbearf ys forbam we 
M. Non curamus de arte tua, nec nobis neccessariaest, quia nos 
sylfe magon seoban ba binge be to seobenue synd and braidan ba binge be 
ipsi possumus coquere quse coquenda sunt et assare que 

to braadene synd 
assanda sunt.* 

gif ge forby me fram adryfab baet ge bus don bonne beo ge 
Dicit cocus : Si ideo me expellitis, tit sic faciatis, tune eritis 
ealle braelas and nan eower nebib hlaford and beahhwaebere buton [craefte 
omnes serui ; 5 et nullus uestrum erit dominus; et tamen sine arte 
miuou] ge ne etab 

mea non manducatis. 

1 The glossator seems to have repeated expressing the feeling of the more strictly 
the preposition "burn" of burhbrycb before sober part of the community, against the 
"werodum". R. W. extravagance of the table, which seems to 

2 By an error the MS. reads: butou have been increasing very much during the 
seraifte. R W. latter part of the Anglo-Saxon period, 

3 The Cotton MS. reads pastor. 5 The Cotton MS., by an evident error, 

R W. has cod. R. W. 
* The writer of the colloquy is here 


eala tnnnnc pe me tospycst efne ic haebbe afandod pe habban 

M. monache, qui mihi locutus es, ecce probaui te habere 

gode geferan and pearle neod|)earfe and ic ahsie pa 
bonos socios, et ualde necessaries ; qui suntilli? 

ic haebbe smipas isenesmipas goldsmip seoloforsmip arsmip 

D. Habeo fabros, ferrarium, aurificem, argentarium, serarium, 
treowwyrhtan and manegra opre mistliora craefta biggeuceras 
lignarium, et multos alios uariarum artium operatores. ' 

haefst aenigne 2 wisne gepeahtan 

M. Habes aliquem sapientem consiliarium? 

gewislice ichsebbe [hu maeg] ure gegaderungc buton gef>eahtynde 
D. Certe habeo. Quomodo potest nostra congregatio sine consiliario 
beon wissod 

[hw8?t segst pu] wisa hwilc craeft pe gepubt betwux pas furpra 
M. Quid dicis tu, sapiens ? que ars tibi uidetur inter istas prior 


[icsecgef>e[ me ys gepuht godespeowdom betweoh J>as craeftas ealdorscype 
C. Dico tibi, mini uidetur seruitium Dei inter istas artes primatum 
healdan swa swa hit [ysj geraed on godspelle fyrmest secead rice godes 

tenere, sicut legitur in euangelio, Primura querite regnum Dei 

and rihwisnesse hys and pas pingc ealle beop togehyhte eow 
et iustitiam eius, et hsec omnia adiicientur uobis. 

and hwilc pe gepuht betwux craeftas woruld 8 heoldan ealdordom 
M. Et quales tibi uidetur inter artes seculares retinere primatum ? 

eorptilp forpam se yrpling us ealle fett 
C. Agriculture, quia arator nos omnes pascit. 4 

se smip secgd hwanon [pam yrplingcj sylanscear oppe colter pe na 
Ferrarius dicit:& Unde aratori uomer aut culter, qui nee 
gade haefp buton of crsefte minon hwanon flscere ancgel oppe sceowyrhton 
stimulum habet nisi ex arte mea? Unde piscatori hamus, aut sutori 

ael oppe seamere naadl nis hit of minon geweorce 

subula, siue sartori 6 acus? nonne ex meo opere? 

se gfpeahtend andswerap sop witodlico saegst ac eallum us leofre 
Consiliarius respondit : Uerum quidem dicis; sed omnibus nobis carius 
ys wikian mid pe yrpliucge ponne mid pe forpam se yrpling syld us 
est hospitari apud te aratorem quam apud te ; quia arator dat nobis 

1 Smith was the general term for a * This notion of the pre-eminence of 
worker in metals, and wright for one who agriculture above all other crafts, has been 
worked in wood, and other materials. noticed before. It is no less curious to 
Hence, in the later English period, smith remark, at this very early period, the sort 
(which, in Anglo-Saxon, when used without of antagonism between the agricultural 
any characteristic addition, was understood and the trading and manufacturing portion 
as applying more particularly to the worker of the community, which seems to have 
in iron,) became the particular name of existed in all ages in modern times. The 
a blacksmith, and wright of a carpenter, artisans who are introduced in the colloquy, 
as it is still in Scotland. The iron-smith rise up indignantly to protest against the 
(isene-smid) of the Anglo-Saxons was our superiority which the "wise man" ascribes 
blacksmith and whitesmith combined. to agriculture. 

2 The MS. has erroneously : senigre. R W. & The MS. omitted the t in dicit. R.W. 
8 Sic MS. for craeftas worulde or woruld 6 The MS. reads saltori. R. W. 

craeftas. R. W. 


hlaf and drenc pu hwaet sylst us on smippan pinre baton isenne 
panem et potum; tu quid das nobis in officina 1 tua, nisi ferreas 
fyrspearcan and swegincga beatendra slecgea and blawendra byliga 

scinctillas et sonitus tundentium malleorum et flantium 2 follium? 
se treowwyrhta segd hwilc eower lie notap craefte minon {>onne hus 

Lignarius dicit: Quis uestrum non utitur arte mea, cum domos, 
and mistlice fata and scypa eow eallum ic wyrce 
et diuersa uasa, et naues, omnibus fabrico ? 

se golsmip 3 andwyrt eala trywwyrta forhwi swa sprycst pu ponne ne furpon 
Ferrarius respondit: lignarie, cur sic loqueris, cum nee saltern 
an pyl [buton craefte minouj pu ne miht don 

unum foramen sine arte mea uales facere? 

se gepeahtend saegp eala geferan and gode wyrhtan uton townrpon hwaetlicor 

Consiliarius dicit : socii et boni operarii, dissoluamus citius 

pas geflitu and sy sibb and gepwaernyss betweoh us and framige 

has contentiones, et sit pax et concordia inter nos, et prosit 

urum gebwylrum opron on craefte hys and gedw*rian symble mid pam yrplinge 

unusquisque alteri arte sua, et conueniamus semper apud aratorem, 
paer we bicleofan us and foddor horsum urum habbap and pis gepeaht 

ubi uictum nobis et pabula equis nostris habemus ; et hoc consilium 

ic sylle eallum wyrhtum pat arira gehwylc craeft his georulice begange 

do omnibus operariis, ut unusquisque artem suam diligenter exerceat ; 
forpam se pe crseft bis forlaet he byp forlaeten fram pam craefte swa hwaeder 

quia qui artem suam dimiserit, ipse dimittatur ab arte. Siue 

pu sy swa massseprest swa munuc swa ceorl swa kempa begaoppe behwyrf 
sis sacerdos, siue monachus, seu laicus, seu miles, exerce 
pe sylfne on pisum and beo paet pu eart furpam micel hynd * and 
temet ipsum in hoc ; et esto quod es, quia magnum dampnum et 
sceamu hyt is menn nelle wesan pset past he ys and paet pe he wesan sceal 
uerecundia est homini nolle 5 esse quod est et quod esse debet. 

eala cild hu eow lioap peos spaec 

M. pueri, quomodo uobis placet ista locutio ? 

wel beo licap us ac pearle deoplice spryost and ofer 

D. Bene quidem placet nobis, sed ualde profunde loqueris, et ultra 

maepe ure pu forptyht sprasce ac spree us aefter urum 

etatem nostram protrahis sermonem ; sed loquere nobis juxta nostrum 

audgyte past we magon understandan pa ping pe pu specst 
intellectum, ut possimus intelligere que loqueris? 

ic ahsige eow forhwi swa geornlice leornia ge 
M. Interrogo uos cur tarn diligenter discitis. 

forpam we nellap wesan swa stunte nytenu pa nan ping witap buton 
D. Quia nolumus esse sicut bruta animalia, quse nihil sciunt nisi 
gacrs 6 and waeter 
herbam et aquam. 

and hwaet wille ge 
M. Et quid uuUis uos? 

[we] wyilap wesan wise 
D. Uolumus esse sapientes. 

1 The scribe by an evident error wrote: 4 Sic MS.; not hynd. R. W. 
officia. R. W. 5 The MS. reads nelle. R. W. 

2 The MS. has: flantiu. R. W. 6TheMS.readsp;rrfinsteadofgaers.RW. 

3 So the MS. R. W. 


on hwilcon wisdome wille ge been praettige oppe |>usenthiwe on 

M. Qua sapientia? Uultis esse uersipelles, aut milleformes, in 

leasungnm lytige on spraecum on glaewlice hiudergepe wel sprecende and yfele 

mendaciis uafri, 1 in loquelis astuti, uersuti, bene loquentes et male 

pencende swaesum wordum nnderpeodde facn 2 widinnan tyddriende swa swa 

cogitantes, dulcibus uerbis dediti, dolum intus alentes, sicut 

bergyls metton ofergevteorke wipinnan fall stence 
sepulchrum depicto mausoleo intus plenum fetore ? 

we nellap swawesan wise forpamhenys wis pe mid dydrange 
D. Nolumus sic esse sapientes, quia non est sapiens qui 3 simulatione 
hyne sylfne beswicd 
semet ipsum decipit. 

ac 1m wille ge 

M. Sed quomodo uultis? 

we wyllap beon bylewite butan licetunge and wise paet we bngon 
D. Uolumusessesimplices sine hipochrisi, et sapientes, ut declinemus 
fram yfele and don goda gyt peahhwsepere deoplicor mid us 

a malo et faciamus bona; adhuc tamen profundius nobiscum 
pu smeagst ponna yld nre onfon maege ac spree us after uron 

disputas quam aetas nostra capere possit; sed loquere nobis nostro 
gewunon nses swa deoplice 
more, non tarn profunde. 

and ic do seal swa ge biddap pu cnapa hwaet dydest [to] daeg 
M. Et ego faciam sicut rogatis. Tu, puer, quid fecisti hodie? 
manega pingc ic dyde on pisse niht pa pa cnyll ic gehyrde ic aras 
D. Multas res feci. Hac nocte, quandosignum audiui, surrexi 
on minon bedde and eode to cyrcean 4 and sang uhtsang mid 

de lectulo et exiui ad ecclesiam, et cantaui nocturnam cum 
gebroprum aefter pa we sungon be eallum halgum and daegredlice lofsanges 
fratribus; deinde cantauimus de omnibus sanctis et matutinales laudes; 
aefter pysum prim and seofon seolmas mid letanian and capitol maessan 
post base, primam, et vii. psalmos, cum letaniis, et primam missam; 
syppan undertide and dydon msessa^ be dsege aefter pisum we sungan middaeg 
deinde tertiam, . et fecimus missam de die; post haec cantauimus sextam, 
and seton and druncon 6 and slepon and eft we arisen and 

et manducauimus, et bibimus, et dormiuimus, et iterum surreximus, et 
sungon non and nu we synd her setforan pe gearuwe gehyran hwaet 

cantauimus nonam, et modo sumus hie coram te, parati audire quid 
pu us secge ? 
nobis dixeris. 

1 The Cotton MS. has astuti for uafri. o'clock in the morning, at which the monk 

2 The scribe wrote: fan. R. W. was called from his bed by the ringing 

3 The MS. has: qua simulatione. R.W. of the church bell. The service of prime 

4 In cyrcean the writer omitted the r. followed, at six o'clock; after which came 

R. W. underntide, or tierce, at about nine 

5 So the MS. R. W. o'clock and middceg, or sext, at noon. 

6 The scribe wrote : drncon. R. W. It appears that the monks had no meal 

7 The account here given of the regular until after the mid-day service ; and that 
occupations of the young monk, during after it they retired to sleep, from which 
a part of the day, is very curious. The they were roused to perform the service 
uhtsang, or nocturn, called at a later of none, about two o'clock. It appears 
period matutina, or matins, began at three not to have been till after this latter ser- 



hwaenne wylle ge syngan aefen oppe nihtsangc 
M. Quando uultis cantare uesperum aut completorium ? * 

ponne hyt tima byp 
D. Quando tempus erit. 

waere pu todaag beswancgen 
M. Fuisti hodie uerberatus? 

ic nses forpam waerlice ic me heold 
D. Non fui, quia caute me tenui. 

and hu pine geferan 

M. Et quomodo tui socii? 

hwset me ahsast be pam icnedeor yppan pe digla 

D. Quid me interrogas de hoc ? Non audeo pandere tibi secreta 
ure anra gehwylc wat gif he beswancgen waes oppe na 

nostra. Unusquisque scit si flagellatus erat an non. 

hwaet ytst pu on dseg 
M. Quid manducas in die? 

gyt flaescmettnm ic brnce fordam cild ic eom under gyrda drohtniende 
D. Adhuc carnibus uescor, 2 quia puer sum sub uirga degens. 

hwaet mare ytst pu 
M. Quid plus manducas? 

wyrta and aegra flsc and cyse buteran and beana and ealle 
D. Holera et oua, pisces et caseum, butirum et fabas, et omnia 
claene fringe ic ete mid micelre pancunge 
munda manduco, cum gratiarum actione. 

swype waxgeorn eart pa ponne pu ealle pingc etst pe pe toforan 
M. Ualde edax es, cum omnia manducas que tibi appo- 
[gesette synd] 

ic ne eom swa micel swelgere pact ic ealle cynn metta on anre 
D. Non sum tarn uorax ut omnia genera ciborum in una 
gereordinge etan msege 
refectione edere possum. 

ac hu 

M. Sed quomodo? 

ic bruce hwilon pisum mettum oprum mid syfernysse 

D. Uescor aliquando his cibis, et aliquando aliis, cum sobrietate, 
swa swa dafnad munuce naes mid oferhropse forpam ic eom nan gluto 
sicut decet monachum, non cum uoracitate, quia non sum gluto. 

and hwaet drincst pu 
M. Et quid bibis ? 

eala gif ic haebbe oppe waeter gif ic naebbe ealu 

D. Ceruisam, si habeo, uel aquam, si non habeo ceruisam. 

ne drincst pu win 
M. Nonne bibis uinum ? 

vice that they were properly at liberty compline, at seven, which finished the 

to attend to other business ; and the boys, canonical service of the day. 

or younger members of the community, 2 There would seem to be an error here, 

then went to school. for the child evidently means to say, not 

1 The evening service, or vespers, com- that he eat meat, but that he did not eat 

menced at four o'clock and nihtsang, or meat, because he was as yet too young. 


ic ne eom swa spedig paet ic maege bicgean me win and win 
D. Non sum tarn diues ut possim emere mihi uinum ; et uinum 
nys drenc cilda ne dysgra ac ealdra arid wisra 
non est potus puerorum siue stultorum, sed senum et sapientum. 
hwaer sla.'pst 

M. Ubi dormis? 

on slaepern mid gebroprum 
D. In dormitorio cum fratribus. 

hwa awecp pe to uhtsancge 
M. Quis excitat te ad nocturnes? 

hwilon ic gehyre cnyll and ic erise l hwilon lareow min 
D. Aliquando audio signum, et surgo ; aliquando magister meus 
awecp me stiplice mid gyrde 
excitat me duriter cum uirga. 

eala gefgode] cildra andwynsnme leorneras eow manap eower lareow 
M. probi pueri, et uenusti mathites, uos hortatur uester eruditor 
paet ge hyrsumian godcundum larum and paet ge healdan eow sylfe senlice 
ut pareatis diuinis disciplinis, et obseruetis uosmet eleganter 
on aelcere stowe gap peawlice ponne ge gehyran cyricean 

ubique locorum. Inceditis morigerate, cum auscultaueritis ecclesie 
bellau and gap into cyrceau and abugap eadmodlice to balgum 
campanas, et ingredimini in orationem, et inclinate suppliciter ad almas 
wefodum and standap peawlice and singad anmodlice and gebiddap 

aras, et state disciplinabiliter, et concinite unanimiter et interuenite 
for eowrum synnum and gap ut butan hygeleaste to claustie oppe 
pro uestris erratibus, et egredimini sine scirilitatem in claustrum uel 
to leorninge. 
in gimnasium. 

1 So the MS. for arise. R. W. 





Uomer, uel uomis, scear. 
Aratrum, sulh. 2 
Aratio, eriung. 
Buris, sulhbeam. 
Stercoratio, dingiung. 
Fimus, dinig. 3 
Dentale, cipp. 
Stiba, sulhhandla. 
Occatio, egcgung. 

1 The vocabulary, or glossary, of arch- 
bishop Alfric, is printed from one of the 
manuscripts of Junius, in the Bodleian 
Library at Oxford ; it usually follows Al- 
fric's Anglo-Saxon translation from the 
Latin Grammar of Priscian, which was 
the favourite class-book of the mediaeval 
schools. It was transcribed, not always 
correctly, by or for Junius, from a MS. 
in the possession of Reubens the painter, 
which is no longer known to exist. This 
manuscript, from an apparent reference 
to king Cnut, seems to be not older than 
the eleventh century, when Alfric's ori- 
ginal vocabulary was perhaps considerably 
modified, and this no doubt gave it the 
irregular character it here presents. The fol- 
lowing lines were prefixed to it in the MS : 

Praesulis hie redolent JElfrici lypsana summi, 

Qui rector patrice perstitit Angligence. 
Inter pontifices rittilans ecu mystica lampas, 

Defensor regni, necne salus populi. 
Heu nostram fera mors extinxit nempe lucernam, 

Heu nostri cecidit fons quoque consilii. 
Hunc sexta decimaque kalendas namque Decembris, 

Assumpsit Michahel, seu dedit Emanuhel. 

Rastrum, uel rastellum, raca. 
Traha, ci])e. 
Runcatio, weodung. 
Tragum, draegnet, uel draege. 
5 Stimulus, ga[d], 
Aculeusj sticel, uel gadisen. 
Ueractum, lenctenerde. 
Sulcus, furh. 

Circus, uel circulus, widj)e. 
10 Funiculus, uel funis, rap. 
ProscissiO) landbraece. 
Ouile, sceapahus. 

The object of these vocabularies was 
chiefly twofold ; first, to interpret Latin 
words to the Anglo-Saxon scholar, and 
secondly, to furnish him with the Latin 
words for the common objects of life. 
The vocabulary of Alfric would seem to 
have been originally arranged with a view 
to the latter object ; but we find the plan 
often broken into, by the introduction of 
words which have nothing to do with 
those which they immediately follow, and 
which appear, in some instances, to have 
been taken almost at hazard from an al- 
phabetical dictionary. In accordance with 
the character given to the science of agri- 
culture, in the colloquy, it takes the pre- 
cedence of all other subjects in the voca- 

2 A plough is still called a sull, in 
the dialects of the West of England. 

8 So the MS. of Junius. But dinig is 
nothing but a misreading of dung (= Germ, 
dung). See the Anglo-Saxon version of 
the Holy Gospels, Luc. 13, 8. R. W. 




Bucetum, hrydra fald. 

Bouile stabulum, scepensteal, uel 


Uitularius, cealfahus. 
Bobellum, fald. 
Subula, sel. 
Repagulum, salpanra. 
Acrum, scencen. 
Scops, bisme. 
Caule y sceapa locu. 
jEquiale, horsern. 
Uanga, spada. 
Coniuncla, ])ristra. 
Turminosus, fortogen. 
Surculus, wingeardes screadungisen. 
Terebrum, nauegar. l 
Pastinatum, plantsticca. 
Fossorium, costere, uel delfisen, uel 

spadu, uel pal. 

Ligo, becca, uel palus, uel fustis. 
Falcastrum, sij)e, uel bill. 
Serrula, saga, uel snide. 
Ferrarius, isernwyrhte. 
Plaustrum, uel carrum, wsen. 
Rota, hweol. 
Cantus, felga. 
Modiolus, naue^e. 
Radii) spacan. 
Temo, uel arctoes, J)isl. 
Hircipes, uel tribula, eg]}a. 
Spadatus, uel eun^uchizatus, belisnod. 2 
Sarcina, seam, uel berdeu. 
Propolim, uel pertica, stod. 
Scudicia, uel fossortum, spad. 
Jugum, ioc. 
Jugales, ioctema. 
Artena, boga. 
Obicula, iocsticca. 
Rotabulum, myxforce, uel ofenraca. 

1 Nauegar, an auger. (Cf. p. 44 1. 1 1 s. v. 
rotrum). Alfric introduces, in his enume- 
ration, tools necessary or useful to the 
agriculturist, which are not absolutely 
agricultural instruments. 

2 This word is no doubt introduced 
here as applied to animals, and records 
one of the operations in farming. 

3 A flail, still called in Lancashire a 

Capistorium, corntroh. 

Tritorium, j>erscel. 3 

Cybutum, uel cistella, cest, uel earc. 

Mozitia,) uel arcula, tseg. 
5 Sitarchia, metefaetels, uel sceatcod. 

Astraba, fotbret. 

Saccusj bigerdel. 

Arpax, geara feng, uel lupus. 

Arpago, uel palum, hooc. 
10 Columbar, sceacul, uel bend. 

Limes, fotsidgerif. 

Scrupulum, ynca. 

Manuliatus, uel manicatusj geslefed. 

Pigrus, uel lentus, sleac, uel slaw. 

Epiphania, setewung. 4 

Scenophegia, getimbra halgung, uel 
geteld wurjwng. 

Neomenia, niwemona. 
20 Encenia, niwecirchalgung. 

Sinagoga, gegaderung 

Cerimonia, uel orgia, ^. 5 gelddagas, 
J)aet sind halige. 

Heresis, kyre, uel gedwelo - aefter- 
25 felgund. 

Palla, cyrtel, uel oferbrsedels. 

Murenulcij uel torques, swurbeh. 

Redimicula, kaeuinge. 

Reticulum, feaxnet. 
30 Monilia, men as. 

Jnaures, earpreonas, uel earhringas. 

Lunula, bend. 

Tenia, tseppan, uel dolsmeltas. 

Catelle, swurracenteh. 
35 Uitta, snod. 

Rigula, feaxnet. 

Ricinum, winpel, uel orl. 

Discriminalia, uplegene, uel feaxpre- 

4 Quitting entirely the subject of agri- 
culture, the compiler of the vocabulary 
introduces abruptly a number of words 
belonging to ecclesiastical, affairs, which 
are oddly enough mixed with a few words 
of a different description. 

5 The g stands no doubt for Greed, 
meaning that the preceding word is Greek, 
and not Latin. 




Orarium, uel ciclas, orl. 
Calamistrum, feaxnaedel. 
Menstruum opus, monies weorc. 
Uomex, uel uomens, spiwere. 
Stipes, stipitis, treowwessteb. 
Stips, stipitis, wist, uel anleofa, uel 


Super stitio, superfluilas, oferflowenes. 
Gimnosophista, nacod plegere. 
Ariolus, wigbedwiglere. 
Aruspex, dsegmelsceawere. 1 
Augur, uel auspex, fugelweohlere. 
Astrologus, uel magus, uel mathema- 

ticus, tungelwitega, geberdwiglaere. 
Scinodens, twiseltode. 
Puerperium, hyseberdlinge. 
Puerpera, cildiungwif. 
Uirago, ceorlstrang fsemne. 
Portentum, uel prodigium, uel osten- 

tum, fortacen. 
Satiri, uelfauni, uel sehni, 2 uel fauni 

ficarii, unfaele men, wudewasan, 

unfaele wihtu. 
Ueredus, crsetehors. 
Mannus, uel brunnicus, gej)racen hors. 
Burdo, hors of steden, uel of asrenne. 
Alfa, i. initium, angin. 3 
Abra, i. ancilla, J)inen, wyln. 
Acha, i. uirtus, strengd. 

1 The compiler has singularly mis- 
understood the Latin word aruspex. Dceg-- 
mcel-sceawere signifies literally one who 
announces or proclaims the hours of the 

2 Somner conjectures, perhaps rightly, 
that sehni is a corruption of obsceni. 

8 This, and the words which follow, 
were evidently taken from an alphabeti- 
cal glossary. It may perhaps be well to 
observe, with regard to them, as well as 
to many Latin words in this vocabulary, 
that the Anglo - Saxon scholars did not 
take their standard of Latin from the 
good classical writers, but they sought 
their words in the Origines of Isidore, 
and in writings of that class ; and they 
affected, especially, barbarous compounds 
from the Greek. The words, here given 
in alphabetical order, belong chiefly to 
these two classes. From this circum- 
stance, also, it appears that there are 

Acer, i. uehemens, strang. 

Achor, i. conturbatio, drefing. 

Actionator, folcgerefa. 

Acisculum, pic. 
5 Asscopa, flaxe oj){)e cylle. 

Agape, selmesse. 

Altanus, |)oden. 

Anastasis, dygelnyssum. 4 

Angiportus, i. refrigerium nauium, 
10 hyd. 

Ardamo, i. gusto, ic gesmecge. 

Andreporesis, i. homo utriusque gene- 
ris, bseddel. 

Centaurus, uel ippocentaurus, healf 
15 man and healf hors. 

Onocentaurus, healf mann and healf 

Agrestis, wilde. 

Brunda, heortes heafod. 
20 Orbis, uel firmamentum, ymbhwerft. 

Rotella, uel orbiculus, lytel ymb- 


Imperator, Cesar, uel Augustus } 


Basileus, kining. 
Regillus, undercyning. 

Anglo-Saxon words in the vocabulary, at 
the meaning of which we can only guess, 
on account of the obscurity or corrupt- 
ness of the Latin equivalents. 

4 It is evident that the compiler of 
this part of the vocabulary mistook entirely 
the meaning of the Latin word, and 
imagined it to be anastrus, or something 
of that kind, meaning without stars. It 
is hardly necessary to say that dygelnys- 
sum means in secrecy, or in darkness. 

5 It will be seen at once that, in the 
list of political terms which follow, the 
compiler has sought to explain the words 
in use in the Roman empire by their 
nearest Anglo-Saxon equivalents, and not 
to give the Latin to the terms in use 
under the Anglo-Saxon government. Ne- 
vertheless, some of them are extremely 
curious as helping us to understand the 
real import of the Anglo-Saxon words. 


Diadema, kynegerd. Senatus, ealdormanna dugud. 

Sceptrum, cynegerd. Censores, uel judices, uel arbitri, 

Ducatus, ealdordom. deman. 

Consul, gerefa. Proceres, uelprimores, uel primarii) 

Proconsul, undergerefa. 5 yldest burhwara. 

Exconsul, hiredgerefa. Municeps, portgerefa, uel burhwita. 

Monarces, anwalda. Curiales, uel decuriales, burhgerefa. 

Prcetor, uel prcefectus, uel prcepo- Commentariensis, gerefa. 

situs, uel qucestor, burhgerefa. Exactor, hsecewol. 

Tribunus, manna ealdor. 10 Collegiati, rseplingcweardes. 

Millenarius, J)usendrica. Mercedarii, hyregildan. 

Ciliarcus, J)usendes ealdor. Publicanus, wicgerefa. 

Presses, scirgerefa. Uillicus, uel actor, uel curator, uel 

Centurio, hundredes ealdor. procurator, uel rector, tungerefa. 
Quinquagenarius, uel pentecontarcus, 15 Colonus, odres eardes landseta. 2 

fiftiga ealdor. Inquilinus, tungebur. 

Collars, fifhund cempena ealdor. Indigena, inlenda. 

Emeritus, alseten cempa. Uernaculus, inbirdling. 

Tyro, iungwiga. Uernula, fosterling. 

Optiones, gecorene cempan. 20 ^Edilis, hofweard, uel byriweard, uel 

Sinmistes, uel consecretalis, gehala, botlweard. 

uel geruna. Libertus, freolseta. 

Rebellio, widercwyda. Libertinus, freolsetan sunu. 

Excubice, dsegwseccan. Titirus, scyphyred. 

Excubitor, uigil, daegweard. 25 Canum seruitor, hundwaealh. 

Uigilice, nihtwa3ccan. Pirata, uel piraticus, uel cilix, wicing, 

Ueltes, swifte aerendracan. uel scegdman. 

Turma, {jrittig ridwigena. Archipiratra, yldest wicing. 

Legio, fe}>u. Uappa, awasrde. 

Acies, geraewud * feda. 30 Uafer, uelfatuus, uel socors, abroten, 

Manipulus, twahund cempna. uel dwa3S. 

Castrum, fyrd. Cernuus , pronus , uel inclinatus, 

Castra, fyrdwic. hnitol, uel eadmod. 

Exercitus, here. Himeneos, haemeda. 

Cuneus, getrymmed fej)a. 35 ^Equceuus, uel coetaneus, efneald. 

Alee, fedes. Cliuosus, clifig, tohyld. 

Nodus, getrum. Coturnus, ofermod. 

Agmen, gangend feda. Pabulator, horshyrde, uel fodder- 

Ciues, burhwara. brytta. 

Oppidanus, burhseta. AQAgressor, strudere, uel reafere. 
Uulgus, uelplebs, heanra burhwered. Sarcitector, ueltignarius, hrofwyrhta. 

1 Not gercerud as Wright printed. R. W. to be taken in its original sense of a 

2 This is one of several instances which husbandman, whereas the translator seems 
occur in the course of the vocabulary, of to have taken it in its secondary mean- 
the mistaking, by the Anglo-Saxon trans- ing of a colonist. A little further down, 
lator, of the real meaning of the Latin the name so familiar to the readers of 
word : colonus was no doubt, from the Virgil, Tityrus, is given as a general 
other words in connexion with it, intended word for a shepherd. 


Carpentarius, waenwyrhta. Raucedo, hasnys. 

Lignarius, treowwyrhta. Arteriasis, sweorco})u. 

Opifex, crseftiga. Suspirium, hriung, uel siccetung. 

Fullonesj fulleres. , Apostema, swyle. 

Nauicularius, scipwyrhta. 5 Enpus, ingeswel. 

Archiiectus, yldestwyrhta. 1 Peripleumonia, blothrsecung. 

Cimentarius, wealwyrhta. Emoptois, blotspiung. 

Latomus, stanwyrhta. Phtisis, wyrshrsecing, uel wyrs us- 

Caligarius, laestwyrhta. spiung. 6 

Lapidicina, uel lapidicedium, stan- 10 Ypaticus, liferadl. 

hywet. Lienosus, milteseoc. 

Nefresis, lendenwyrc. 
Pestilentia, uel contagium, uel lues, Caceocia, yfeladl. 

cwealm. 2 Atrophia, meteafliung. 

Carbunculus, spring, uel angset, uel \bSciascis, hipwerc. 

pustula, cwydele, uel pustella, Uertibulum, hwyrfban. 

swelca. Artericus, uel artriticus, lidadl. 

Scotomiaf swinglung. Caucalus, cyselstan. 

Spasmos, hramma, uel swiung. Disuria, uel stranguria, earfod laete 

Titanusj oferbsecgeteung. 4 20 micga. 

Telum, i. dolor lateris, sticwserc, Strictura, gebynd. 

sticadl. Saturiasis, synwrsennys, uel galscipe. 

Yleos, hrifwerc, uel hrifteung. 5 Diarria, utsiht. 

Ydrofobam, uel limphatici, wseter- Dissenteria, bio dig utsiht. 

fyrhtnys. 2o Lienteria, mete utsiht. 

Epilepsia, uel caduca, uel laruatio, Colum, hrop. 7 

uel co?nitialis, brseccoj)u, fylleseoc. Colica, hropwyrc. 

Meuma, braec. Orificium, selces kynnes mud uel 

Coriza, nebgebrsec. dyrl. 

Brancos, hrsecgebraec. 30 Alopecia, feaxfeallung. 

Tipus, lengtenadl. Parodite, earcoj)u, ota, g. ear. 

Pleuriticus, on sidan lama, uel sidadl. Inpetigo, teter. 

1 Here, again, the translator has mis- word swail; and wild -fire is, I think, 
taken the meaning of his word rather still in some parts used for the erysipelas. 
singularly, for he supposed that the im- [Cf. Germ, wildez viur = erysipelas, sacer 
port of the first member of the compound ignis. R. W.] But in general the Anglo- 
word was the same in architectus as in Saxon names for diseases, which were 
archepiscopus, and words of that class. mostly popular expressions or translations 

2 We now have a list of diseases, which of the Latin, have been lost in the Eng- 
no .doubt includes all those that were lish language. 

known to the Saxon physicians, com- 3 AH error for scotoma a fainting fit, 

mencing with the most fearful of all swoon. R. W. 

the plague. In sticwarc and sticadl 4 Cf. Bosw. 50f. R. W. 

we have a term which is still preserved 5 The meaning of hrifteung is: a pain 

in the popular word stitch, applied to a in the bowels, iliaca passio. Wright 

pain in the side ( Germ, seitenstechen). misprinted: hrig-teung. R. W. 

One of the names for the epilepsy, fyl- 6 Sic MS. R. W. 

leseoc, was preserved in the later term : 7 This word still exists in the pro- 

the falling sickness. Swyle, for an viucial name ropes, for bowels. Colum 

aposteme, is preserved in the provincial is the Greek 


Erysipila, wilde fyr. Suppression testamentum, forswiged 

Serpedo, pytful wyrmses. yrfebec. 

Prurigo, emertung. Cretio, yrfefyrt. 

Pruritus, gicjm. Nuncupatio, underne yrfebec. 

Uerruca, wearte. 5 Jus liberorum, samhiwna yrfebec. 

Nictalmus, nihtege. Families erciscundce, yrfegedal. 

Satiriasis, weartene heap. Mandatum, handfaestnimg. 

Elephanticus, uel hicteris, uel artua- Satura lex, maenibredaedom. 

tus, sydmycleadl. Rodia lex, scipmanna riht. 

Ordeolus, stigend. 10 Cirographum, rsedinggewrit, uel 

Furunculus, uel antrax, angseta. handgewrit. 

Oscedo, mudcojsu. Donatio, forgifung. 

Frenus, mudberstingc. Dos, morgengifu. 

Ulcus, rotung. Conditio, gecwyde, uel gewyrd. 

Tabes, gemolsnad flaesc, uel forrotad. 15 Stipulatio, gehat. 
Pharmacia, sealflaecung. Sacramentum, adwed, uel adegehat. 

Ligatura, sarclad. Res, aeht, uel j)inc. 

Picra, biterwyrtdrenc. Jus, decretum, uel lex, andweald. 

Tiriaca, drenc wid attre. Peculium, heanra mann, uel ceorlic 

Catartica, i. purgatoria, wyrtdrenc. 20 aehta. 

Catapodia, swylgende drenc. Locatio, behyring, uel gehyred feoh. 

Diamoron, berigdrenc. Conduce, ic ahyre. 

Colliria, eagsealfe. Congressio, gefeoht. 

Girba, se ealra maesta mortere. Jus publicum, ealdormanna riht. 

Pilurus, uel pistor, se ])e pilaj), uel 25 Jus quiritum, weala sunderriht. 

tribulaj). Plebisscita, medricra gesetnyssa. 

Tipsana, berengebered corn. Senatus consultum, riccra gesetnes. 

Stacten, stor J>e bid ofgewringe. Constitutio, kyninga gesetnysse. 

Responsa, geaxode domas. 

Fas, Godes riht. 1 30 Jurisconsultus, uel iurisperitus, riht- 

Jus, mennisc riht. scrifendom. 

Jus nalurale, gecynde riht. Res credita, gelened feoh, uel on 

Solempnitas, J)eaw, uel wise. borh geseald. 

Stipendium, scipe, uel bigleofa. Usura, waamstsceat. 

Pragma, a3bod ; uel intinga. 35 Commodum, laen. 

Pragmatica negotia, aebodas, uel cea- Precarium, landeslsen. 

punge. Mutuum, wrixlung. 

Hereditas, yrfeweardnes. Depositum, to healdenne, uel aedfaest 

Legatum, gewriten yrfe. tasht, uel becwyddod. 

Legatum testamentum, heahgerefan 40 Pignus, wed, uel alaened feoh. 

gesetnysse. Arra, gylden wedd, uel feoh. 

Legatarius, yrfeweardwritere. Arrabona, uel arrabo, wedd, uel 

Testator, yrfewritend. wedlac. 

Intestata hereditas, ungewriten yrfe. Fiducia, forweddad feoh. 
Ruptumtestamentum,uncwedeneyicfe- Ypotheca, feohla3nung butan borge. 


1 Here we commence another series of terms, belonging to the Roman law, which appears 
to be quite out of its place, and was perhaps an addition to the original vocabulary. 



Parricidii actio, msegmor]}res wit- Bobla, flod. 

nung. Bargina, boccfel. 

Inficiatio, uel abiuratio, borges and- Bulgce, lej^ercoddas. 

ssec. Bacharus, mereswyn. 

Ambitus indicium, gebohtre scire wit- 5 Burdus, seamere. 

nung. Bases, tredelas, uel stsepas. 

Maiestatis reus, wid cyning forwyrht. Crepusculum, glomung. 8 
Compedes, fotfetera. Conticinium, cwylttid, uel gebed- 

Nerui boia, fotcopsa, uel sweor- giht. 

scacul. 10 Aupicium initium, angin. 

Anguilla, uel scutica, swipa. Uibrissce, nosterla hser. 

Scorpio, ostig gyrd, uel tindig. Zenia, gifu. 

Eculeus, unhela |>repel. Sales, wynsum gamen. 

Ignominia, scande. Stiria stillicidia, ises giccl. 

Infamia, unhlisa. 15 Olympias, fif wintra faec. 

Exilium, wrsecsid. Lustrum quinquennium, fif wintra 

Postliminium, edcyr of sprsecside. faec. 

Relegatus, to wite asend mid unsehte. Bimus, uel biennis, uel bimulus, twi- 
Patibulum, galga. 1 winter. [winter. 

Culleum, selces cynnes witnung. 20 Trimusfueltriennis, ueltrimulus, dri- 
Fabe frese, uel pilate, gepunede ^Euum, uel cetas perpetua, wider- 

beane. feorlic, uel ece. 

Facinus, scaeddsed. Prestigiumf scinhiw. 

Uis potestatis, riccra manna need. Arpa, serengeat. 
Calumnia, holtihte, uel teone. 25 Lotium, hlom, uel micga. 

Seditio, folcslite, uel aeswicung, sacu, Submanicatus, be slyfan gebunden. 

ceast. Comitia, wyrdsciras. 

Sacrilegium, godesfees deofd. Draconarii, uel uexillarii, uel sig- 

Stuprum, raptum, wifa nydnimung. niferi, segnboran, tacnboran. 

Adulterium, cwena geligr, uel unriht 30 Purulentus, wurmsihtig. 

haemed. Uermiculus, cornwurma. 

Bolus, isern feter. Melinum, uel croceum, geolu. 

Bagula, bridel, z. frenum. Centumpellio, feleferj). 

Momentum, to hwile laen. Lithologia, stanlesung. 

Instrumentum, tool. 35 Lithostratos, stanbricge. 

Instructum, gewroht. Taberna, boccest. 

Usus, nittung, uel notu, uel eord- Glarea, glitis, uel samia, sand. 

waestm, cess, to aate alyfed. Flebotomus, blodsex. 

Merces, cepejjingc. Flebotomarius, blodlastere. 

Commercium, cepena dinga gewrixle. 40 Fiscus, uel saccus publicus, biggyrdel. 
Bicoca, haeferblaete, uel pur. 2 Rudera,uel ruina, geswapa, uel meox. 

1 Galga, the gallows, appears to have Anglo-Saxon equivalents, are always in- 
been the usual form of capital punishment telligible. 

among the Anglo-Saxons, and is repre- 8 The Anglo-Saxon word for twilight 

sented not uncommonly in the early il- is still preserved in the Scottish gloming. 

luminated manuscripts. The words which follow, are of a very 

2 The extracts from the alphabetical miscellaneous character. 

glossary, now in the letter B, recommence 4 So the MS. R. W. [rigiutn. R. W. 

here. Neither the Latin words, nor their 5 Junius seems to have written pres- 


Quisquitice, seppelscreada, ml corn- Scirra aquilinus, sciurus, acwern. 

sesceda. Taxus, ml meles, cuniculus, broc. 

Capreoli, wingeardbogas. Bromus marinus, seolh. 

Quitinas, g. cadacas, 1 milscre treowa Linx, lox. 

blostman. 5GUs, sisemus. 

Subacta coria, ml medicata, uel con- Mustella, wesle. 

fecta, getannede hyd. Camelus, uel dromeda, olfend. 

Feriatus, restedaeg. Simla, uel spinx, apa. 

Jaculum, uel funda, widnyt, uel fla. Talpa, uel talpo, wandewurpe. 

Coragium, msedena byrgen. 10 Licos, wulf. 

Aquagium, waeterj>eote. Lepus, uel lagos, g., hara. 

Hostimentum, widerriht, uel edlean. Ceruus, uel eripes, heortbuc. 

Idolothytum, idelgildofrung. Cerua, hind. 

Gaterus, uel pilleus, fallen hset. Damula, uel caprea, uel dorcas, ~g., 

Annicto, uel annuto, ic wincie. 15 hraege. 

Camilema, leaces sex. Capreus, rahdeor. 

Subplaudo, ic gilpe. Hinnulus, hindcealf. 

Mepatrio, ic hamsidie. Uulpes, fox. 

Obunco, ic ymbclippe. Purcastor? foor. 

Obrigesco, ic stifle. 20Aper, wilde bar. 

Oppando, oppansus, ic adenige. Uerres, tarn bar. 

Infesto, ic ehtige. Magalis, bearh. 

Expertus, i. multum peritus, {>urh- Scrofa, sugu. 

laered, uel gleaw. Sus, swyn. 

Expers, indoctus, daelleas, uel crseft- 25 Suilla, uel sucula, gilte. 

leas. Suilli, uel porcelli, uel nefrendes, 

NOMINA FERARUM. Caper^uel hircus, uel tragos, bucca. 

Animal, aelc cuce })inc, uel nyten. 2 Capra cegida, gatbuccan hyrde. 

Pecus, iumentum, selces kynnes nyten. 30 Hedus, ticcen. 
Fera, wilddeor. Ibix, firinggat. 

Bellua, rede deor. Sonipes, hors. 4 

Elephans, yip. Equifer, wilde cynnes hors. 

Promuscida, ylpes bile, uel wrot. Agaso, hors{>en. 

Unieornis, uel monoceros, uel rino- 35 Jumentum, hryorif. 5 

ceros, anhyrne deor. Equa, mere. 

GriJFes, eow, fiderfote fugel. Canterius, hengst. 

Urus, wesend. Faussarius, steda. 

BubaluSj wilde oxa. Equartium, stood. 

Fiber, castor, ponticus, befer. 40 Poledrus, fola. 
Raturus, raet. Sagma, seamsadol. 

Lutria, otor. Sagmarius equus, seamhors. 

Netila, hearma. Antela, fordgyrd. 

Ferunca, uel feruncuhis, meard. Postela, sefterrsepe. 

1 So the MS. R. W. milisc means 4 Cf. the Index. K. W. 
mitia. Cf. Bosw. 46i. R. W. 

2 Wright misprinted nyhten. R. W. 5 So read I. Wright printed : hryofif, 

3 So the MS. R. W. Bosw. hwyorif. R. W. 




Subligar, J)earingyrd. 

Scansile, stirap. 

Corbus, sadulboga 

Sella, sadul. 

Centrum, uel filtrum, felt 

Frenum, uel lupatum, midl. 

Chamus, bridles midl. 

Bogula, saliuare, brydel. 

Ducale, latteh. 

Mulus, mul. 

Asinus, assa. 

Onager, wilde assa. 

Ursus, bera. 

Ursa, byrene. 

Muriceps, uel musio, murilegus, catt. 

Sorex, mus. 

Canis, hund. 

Canicula, bicge. 

Millus, uel collarium, sweorteh. 

Molossus, rydda. 

Inutilis canis, hrodhund. 

Cinomia, hundesfleoge. 

Ricinus, hundesfleoge. 

Bos, oxa. 

Uacca, uel buccula, cu. 

Anniculus, uel trio, steoroxa. 

Uitulus, cealf. 

Juuencus, uel uitula, steor. 

Annicula, uel uaccula, heahfore. 

Juniculus, iung hry[>er. 

Juuenca, iung cu. 

Imus } { oxa on ]pam forman teame. 

Binus, on J)am sefteran teame. 

Mutinus, gadinca, uel hnoc. 

Altilium, fset heahfore. 

Altile, fedels. 

Aries, ramm. 

Triennis, J>ry-winter, sumer gildeto. 

1 Wright printed Unus. R. W. 

2 I do not understand this word. But 
1 think cinist to be an Anglo - Saxon 
expression. Wright printed it in italics 
as belonging to agnus. R. W. 

3 So the MS.; not sinite as Wright 
read. R. W. 

4 A gnat is still called a stut in Somer- 

& The glittering worm, no doubt the 

6 The word attercoppa is generally x- 

Ouis, uel mandritis, g. seep. 
Mandra, uel ouile, locc. 
Ueruex, uel manto, we}>er. 
Agnus, cinist 2 (sic) lamb. 
5 Magnicaper, ormaete buccan. 


Musca, fleoge. 

Chosdrus, uel castros, beomoder. 

10 Fucus, dran. 
Crabro, hyrnet. 
Oestrum, beaw, uel hyrnette. 
Blatta, nihtbuttorfleoge. 
Uespa, waeps. 

\b Apis, uel melle, beo. 
Atticus, uel burdo, dora. 
Scarabeus, scearnfifel. 
Papilio, buttorfleoge. 
Locusta, astaco, gaerstapa. 

20 Bruchus, ceafor. 

Cinomya, hundesfleoge. 

Bibiones, uel mustiones, muscfleotan, 

uel wurma smite. 8 
Culex, stut. 4 

25 Cicindela, se glisigenda wibba.5 
Formica, semete. 
Loppe, fleonde naaddre, uel attor- 

coppe. 6 
Gurgulio, cawelwurm. 

30 Scinifes, uel tado," gnaet. 
Limax, snsegl. 
Testudo, gehused snasgl. 
Bombyx, sidwyrm, uel seolcwyrm. 
Eruca, mselscaeafa. 

35 Termes, uel teredo, wyrm J)e borad 


Sanguisuga, uel Jiirudo, lasce. 
Pulex, fleo. 

plained as signifying a spider, and it con- 
tinued to be used apparently in that sense 
in English until the fifteenth century; yet 
in some cases this meaning appears to be 
doubtful. In an A.-S. MS. in the Cot- 
toman library, Vitel. C. III., we have 
drawings of the attercoppa of that period, 
which by no meaus agree with the notion 
of its being a spider. One of them is 
engraved in my Archaeological Album, 
p. 182. 

7 So the MS. ; not tudo. R. W. 


Pediculus, uel sexpes, lus. Ciatus, hnaap. 

Lens, uel lendix, hnitu. Anthlia, hnaap. 

Cimex, ma})u. Dolium, cyf. 

Tippula, wseter-buca, uel gat. Fundum, bydenbotm. 

Tinea, modde. 5 Hauritorium, hlaaden* 

Tamus, 1 ma{)a, mite. Patella, panne. 

Culex, micge. Colatorium, seohhe. 

Mordiculus, bitela. Cribrum, syfe. 

Botrax, uel botraca, yce. Cupa, tunne. 

Rana, frogga. 2 10 Tympanum, tunnebotm. 

Bu/b, tadige. Cistella, uel cartallum, windel. 

Lacerta, uel stilio, efete. Corbis, uel qualus, taanel. 

Ernigranus, flaescmajm. Batus, amber. 

Blatta, eorwicga. Sartago, uel frixorium, hyrsting- 

Stellio, slawyrm. 15 panne. 

Tauri, eordcaferas. Canistrum, uel aluearium, hyf. 

Spalangius, slawyrm. Cophinus, wilige. 

Surio, uel briensis, uel sirineus, hand- Orca, ore. 

wyrm. Enophorum, winfaat. 

Musaraneus, screawa. 20 Quasillus, litel taanel. 

Istrix, se mar a igil. Flaxa, flaxe, 

Lumbricus, renwyrm,weZangeltwicce. Lagena, aascen. 
Chelio, testudo, uel marina gugalia, Anfora, crocca. 

saasnaal, uel pinewinclan. Situla, stoppa. 6 

Ricinus, hundeswyrm. 25 Ansa, sal. 

Usia, swinesltis. Ydria, uel soriscula, waaterfaat. 

Buprestis, twinwyrm. Mulctrale, uel sinum, uel mulctrum, 


Amfora, sester. 30 Scortia, lefjrenfaat. 

Cantarus, winscster.* Fiasco, buteruc. 

Crater, uel canna, canne. Lenticula, aarenbyt. 

Patera, mele. Sciffus, laauel. 

Alabastrum, staanen elefaat. Emicadium, elefaat. 

Cocula, olfata. 35 Urceus, uel immansiterna, ceac. 

Karchesia, melas. Acetabulum, aacedfaat. 

Caupus, uel obba, cuppe. Emistis, andrece faat, uel trapetum. 

Fiala, uel scala, bledu. Cucurna, cyperen hwer. 

Cratera, eardefset. Leles, hwer, uel cytel. 

1 Sic MS. ; Wright read : tomus. R. W. periwinkle (pinewincla, or sce-sncel), placed 

2 It is curious that in the eyes of the in the same category. 

Anglo-Saxon naturalists, the frog, the 3 This chapter, and what follows, appear 

toad, the lizard or eft (efete), and other to have been accidentally displaced, and 

reptiles, were usually placed under the so interposed between the list of insects 

head of insects; and this odd classification and the list of birds, 

was preserved to rather a late period. * Wright, by an error, has : wincester. 

Here we have the shrew-mouse (screawe), R. W. 

and the hedgehog (istrix, igil), as well 5 The modern word stoop. 
as the slow- worm (slaw-wyrm), and the 




Cacabus, cytel. 

Gillo, waegel. 

Malluuice, handjjweales faet. 

Pelluuice, fot}>weales faet. 

Paropsis, uel catinus, laepeldre fast. 

Trisiiis, J>ryfotad faet. 

Patena, huseldisc. 

Cimbia, scipfaet. 

Lagena, laemen faet. 

Sartago, isen panne. 

Arula, uel batilla, fyrpanne. 

Pixis, bixen box. 

Domus, uel lar, bus. 1 
Supellex, yddisc. 
Cubiculum, bedcofa, uel bur. 
Cubicularius, burden. 
Camerarius, bed{)en. 
Culcites, fej)erbed. 
Plumacius, bedbolster. 
Capitale, heafdbolster. 
Ceruical, wangere. 
Stragula, wsestling. 
Sindo, scyte. 
Puluillus, lytel pyle. 
Fulcrum, eal bedreaf. 
Uestis, clamis, scrud. 
Sagum, hwitel. 
Cunabulum, cradel. 
Cune, uel crebundie, cildclades. 
Planeta, caeppe. 
Penula, gerenod caeppe. 
Prcetexta, cildes scrud. 
Manualis, handlin. 
Mantium, glof. 
Zona, gyrdel. 

l From the list of vessels of different 
kinds, the vocabulary goes on to describe 
the house, with its parts and contents, 
beginning with the chamber, because pro- 
bably it was the room in which, being 
less public, most of the articles of any 
value were kept, and which had most 
furniture. Of the names here given to 
the chamber, the first, bedcofa, means 
literally a bed-recess, or bed-closet; for 
the bed -room was probably, in earlier 
times and in the ordinary houses, only a 
recess from the room in which the family 
lived. Bur is the bower of a later period, 

Colobium, smoc, uel syrc. 
Tubroces, uel brace, strapulas. 
Perizomata, uel campestria, uel suc- 

cinctoria, waedbrec. 
5 Manicce, uel brachilia, slyfa. 
Toral, rooc. 

Amphibalum, ruhhraegel. 
Anabola, winpel. 
Pedula, meo. 
10 Commissura, clut. 
Glomus, clypen. 

Eitta, snod. 
'mbus, stemning, uel hem. 

Fascia, wyningc. 
15 Fascia, nostle. 

Uallegias, wyncgas. 

Instita, J)raes. 

Callicula, rocc. 

Stigmentum, ful maal on raegel. 
20 Textrinum opus, towlic weorc. 

Coins, distaef. 

Fusus, spinl. 

Cernui, fotleaste laeshosum. 2 

Fico, sco. 
25Solece, solen. 

Subtalares, swyfteleares. 

Baxece, wifes sceos. 

Coturnus, triwen sceo.s 

Caligarius, laestweorhta. 
30 Talares, unhege sceos. 

Ocrece, uel tibiales, lej)erhosa. 

Calopodium, uel mustricula, laeste. 

Obstrigelli, rifelingas. 4 

Nebris, sceat, uel heortes hyd. 
35 Bulga, hydig faet. 

Polymita, uel oculata, hringfagh.5 

when it was used as the poetical term 
for the lady's room. The enumeration of 
articles of dress is also introduced here 
in the sequel, as they were usually kept 
in the bed-chamber. 

2 Of. Bosworth, 40w. R. W, 
8 i. e. } a wooden shoe a rather curious 
interpretation of the Latin cothurnus. 

4 A rough shoe, worn by the Scots in 
the fourteenth century, was called a rive- 
ling. [Cf. f. i. Minot's poems: rough- 
fute rivelings. R. W.] 

5 Cf. pag. 40, 17s. v. Pilimita. R. W. 




Orbiculata, ligraegel. 

Sigillum, uel bulla, insegel. 

Arcus, forbigels. 

Columna, swer. 

Excussorium, flor on huse. 

Tectum, })ecen, uel rof. 

Ualua, hlidgata. 

Pair onus, stapul. 

Aseensorium, stseger. 

Destina, uel postis, uel fulcimen, 


Secessusj digle bus. 
Tignum, rsefter. 
Asseres, laetta. 1 
Laquear, fyrst. 
Cleta cratis, hyrdel. 
Uectis, steng. 

Paxillus, cyrfel, uel litel stigul. 
Sardanium, butere. 
Taxea, spic. 
Palestra, gewinstow. 
Area, uel scrinium, serin. 
Conuocatio, geladung. 
Altar , uel ara, weofod. 
Crux, uel staurus, rod. 
Lampasj blase. 
Lucernarium, leohtfset. 
Emunctorium, candelsnytels. 
Papirus, weoee 
Horologium, dsegmael. 
Gnomon, daegraaelspilu. 
Salinare, uel salinum, sealtfaBt. 2 
Gausapej beodrsegl. 
Mensorium, meose. [sacca. 

Legula, uel coclea, uel code, mete- 
Dapes, uel fercula, wista, we? sand. 
Fercula, basrdisc. 
Discifer, uel discoforus, disc})en. 
Satira, hlaeddisc. 

1 This humble enumeration of the parts 
of a common dwelling-house, posts, rafters, 
laths, a roof, and a floor, (it is evidently 
supposed to be built of nothing but timber,) 
offers a strong contrast with the elaborate 
details in the latervocabnlaries, and reminds 
us of the remarks of William of Malmes- 
bury, on the great development of domes- 
tic architecture after the Norman Conquest. 

2 We are now supposed to return to 

Mantile, handhraegl. 

Mappula, bearmclad, uel rsegl. 

Mappa, wsetersceat. 

Foculare, heord". 
5 Focarius, fyrbeta. 

Carlo, coll. 

Pruna, gled. 

Titio, uel torris, brand. 

Andena, uel tripes, brandisen. 
10 Fusdnula, uel tridens, awul. 

Ueruj spitu. 

Rotabulum, ofenraca. 3 

Uerriculum, uel scopes ; bysm. 

Olitorj lectunward. 
15 Comedia, racu, tunlic spsec. 

Pastillus, litel hlaf. 

Assura, uel assatura, braede. 

Coctusj gesoden and gebacen. 

Elixus cibus, gesoden mset on wse- 
20 tere. 

Offa, uel frustum, sticce. 

) uel partlcula^ spices snaed. 
uel particularius, twickere. 

Gastrimargia, gyfernys, uel oferfil. 
25 Isicia, mgerhgehaet. 

Omenta, uel membrana, fylmena. 

Formentum, ofenbacen hlaf. 

Polentum, wurtmete mid meluwe. 

Spumaticum, mete of meluwe and 
30 of bane gesoden. 

Minutal, gebeaten fisc. [flaesc. 

Martisia, uel baptitura, gebeaten 

Succidia, eald hryterflaesc. 4 

Obesta, beost. 
35 Colostrum, byst. 

Silotrum, pillsape. 

Excoriatus, beflae. 

Culliola, hnutehula. 

the hall, or eating room, and to the dinner 
table. The list of articles of cookery is 
not very numerous ; nor does it bespeak 
a very high degree of refinement in gas- 

8 So the MS. Wright read: ofer-raca. 

R. W. 

* For hryderflaesc, I suppose. But the 
meaning of succidia is : a flitch of bacon. 

R. W. 


DTT CiVKWrnftTJ* PnTmxrTTMi Oxygala, sur raeolc, acidum lac. 

DE GENERIBl > POTIONUM. C olustrum, bysting, dicce meolc. 

Ceruisia, celea, eala. Pusta, hacine. 

Uinum, merum, win. Sapa. seftereala. 

Acetum, eced. 5 Lexinum, lehmealtwurt. 

Oleum, ele. Acinum, mealtwurt. 

Oleaginus, elebeamen. Feces, drosna. 

Olea, uel oliua, elebeam. Issiguum, stream, uel waeto. 

Medo, medu, uel medus. Caupo, tabernarius, tseppere, win- 

Mellicratum, geswet win. 10 brytta. 

Ydromellum, beor, uel ofetes wos. Diuisor, daelere. 

Oximellum, geswet eced. Dispensator, dihtnere. 

Inomellum, must mid hunig gemeng- Economus, stiward. 

ed. Ephemeris, anes dasges weorc. 

Mulsum, beor. 15 Diarium, daegwine. 

Mustum, niwe win. Bucida, qui boues mactat, hry|>er- 

Sicera, aelces kinnes gewring butan heawere. 

wine and W83tere. 

Liquor, wseta. Cantor, sangere. 
Sapa, perewos. 20 Trenos, sarlic sang. 
Falernum, Jjaet seleste win. Prcecentor, foresingend. 
Irtfertum uinum, messewin. Threnum, wanung. 
Limpidum uinum, scir win. Succentor, seftersingend. 
Spurcum uinum, ful win. Ymeneus,uelepithalamium ) \) 
Crudum uinum, weala win. 25 Concentor, midsingend. 
Succinacium uinum, geolu win. Monodia, g , later sicinium, quasi soli- 
Honorarium uinum, hlaforda win. cinium, Jjast is anes sones. 
Compositum uinum, uel conditum, ge- JBicinium, twegra sang. 

wyrtod win. Ymnus, lofsang. 

Mirratum uinum, gemenged mid 30 Chorus, singende heap. 

myrran. Chorea, hluddra sang. 

Defecatum uinum, gehluttrad win. Matutinum officium, uhtgebed, uel 

Meracum uinum, gehlyttrod win. [>enung. 

Defrutum uinum, gesoden win, uel Uespertinum officium, 33fengebed, 

passum. 35 uel J)eowdom. 

Fecula, gesoden winberigen. Responsorium, reps. 

Carenum, morad. Lectio, rasding. 

Fauus, beobread. f)iaphonia, ungeswege sang. 

Liquamen, uel garum, fiscbryne. Canticum, sum swegesang. 

Salsugo muria, bryne. 40 Psalmus, proprie, hearpsang. 

Serum, hwseg. Canticum, psalm aafter hserpansang. 

Raptura, syring. Psalmus, 33r hasrpansang. 

Coagulum, rynning. Armonia, gej>wsere sang. 

Coagulatus, gerunnen. Simphonia, answege sang. 

l From the dishes we are introduced of words relating to ecclesiastical matters, 

to the drinks of the Anglo-Saxons, which and others of a miscellaneous character; 

appear to be proportionally more nume- after which we return again to the sub- 

rons. They are followed by another batch ject of natural history, in a list of birds. 




Commolio, ic grinde. 
Commolitus, gegrunde. 
Deuoto, ic wyrge. 
Deuotatio^ wergnes, uel gehat. 
5 Compensatio, edleanung. 


Fertum, messelac. 

Ojfertorium, lanesang. 1 

Oblatio, ofrung. 

Dano, sawlsceat, uel syndrig godes 


Dedicatum, gode gesyld. 
Consecratum, gode gehalgad. 
Qfficium, f>enung. Cignus, ylfete. 

Immolatio, onssegung. Pauo, pauus, pawe. 

Sacrificium, offrung. 10 Aquila, earn. 

Mactatio, snidung. Beacita, uel sturnus, steam. 

Holocaustum, ealoffrung. Herodios, g., swan. 

Libatio, wintifer. Olor, swan. 

Omilia, folclic lar. [ung. 3 Ardea, hragra, diomedea. 

Ceremonial g. orgia, geldhaealhalg- 15 Ficedula, swertling. 
Munus, uel zenia } lac. Strix, uel cauanna, uel noctua, uel 

Eleemosyna, uel agape, aelmesse. ulula, ule. 

Donum, datum, uel donatum, gifu. Lucinia, uel philomela, nightegale. 
Pretium, ward. Mergus, scealfr. 

Depretiatus, wurdleas. 20 Mergulus, fugeldoppe. 

Care ualet, pretiosum est, deor hit is. Auca, gos. 
Uile ualet, undeor hit is. Aucarius, goshafuc. 

Care uendidit, deore he hit bohte, Anser, ganra. 

uel sealde. Anas, ened. 

Uile uendidit, undeore he bohte. 25 Ciconia, store. 

Rubisca } rudduc.5 

Auricinctus, goldfinc. 

Alauda, lauerce. 

Bugium, hsefenblsete. 6 
30 Alcedo, uel alcion, maew. 7 

Columba, culfer. 8 

Palumbus, wudeculfre. 

Bitorius, uel pintorus, wrenna. 

Cicada, uicetula, hegesugge. 9 
35 Cicada, hilhama. 

Turdus, scric. 10 

Uilis, waclic, 

Carus, leof. 

Odiosus, Jmrhlad. 

Uiuus, cuce. 

Rediuiuus, geedcuced, 

Mortuus, dead-. 

Defunctus, fordfaren. 

Defungitur, fordfaerd. 

Longceuus, langlife. 

Capillamenta, rupe odd 4 drisne. 

Polio, ic smedie. 

Piano, uel leuigo, ic gegnide. 

Conficio, ic gemenge. 

1 Laenan means commodare, offerre. 
laene- or lane-sang seems to be a literal 
translation of offertorium. R. W. 

2 Perhaps an error for donum. The 
sawlsceat was a custom different from 
the general church tax (cyricsceat). Cf. 
Leges Aedelstani: And ic wille eac . . . 
pset man agyfe pa cyricsceattas and pa 
sawlsceattas etc. R. W. 

3 Cf. pag. 107, 1. 22. R. W. 

* The writer omitted e in odd. R.W. 
5 Ruddock continued long to be the 

Cornix, crawe. 

Buteo, cyta. 

regular English name for the redbreast, 

or robin; and I am not sure that it has 

yet entirely disappeared from our local 


6 Cf. pag. 9, 1. 4. R. W. 

^ See pag. 24, 1. 7. R. W. 

8 The pigeon is still called a culver in 
some of our dialects. 

9 The hedge-sparrow is still called, in 
Gloucestershire, a haysuck. 

!0 The shrike. 





Turtur, turtle. 

Coruus, remn. 

Nicticorax, nihtremn. 

Gracculus, uel monedula, ceo. 1 

Gaia, uel catanus, higere. 

Cuculus, geac. 

Sir onus, stsern. 

Turdus, star. 2 

Turdella, se mare steer. 

Coturnix, aerschen. 

Pica, agu. 

Pluuialis, hulfestre. 

Bubo, uf. 

Picus, fina. 

Gracculus, uel garrulus, hroe. 

Miluus, glida. 3 

Ibis, geolna. 

Fulica, dopenid. 

Uultur, earngeap. 

Aceta, snite, uel wudecocc. 

Grus, cran. 

Florentius, goldfinc. 

Luscinus, geolewearte. 

Parrax, wrenna, uel hicemase. 

Merula, uel plara, {>rosle. 

Accipiter, uel raptor, spearhafoc. 

Cintus, uel frugellus, goldfinc. 

Hirundo, swalewe. 

Carduelis, linetwige. 

Rapariolus, fiscere. 

Tanticus, eerdling. 

Capo, capun. 

Gallus, coc. 

Gallinaccus, capun. 

Pullus, cicen. 

Falco, uel capus, a capiendo, wealh- 

Scoricarius, bleripittel. 

1 Ceo is the modern word chough. 

2 The stare, or starling. One would 
suppose that in the next line mare is an 
error for Icessa. 

3 Glede continued to be the usual Eng- 
lish name for the kits till a compara- 
tively late period, and will be found in 
our vocabularies of the fifteenth century. 

4 The list of plants is rather copious, 
and many of their Anglo - Saxon names 
are still preserved as the popular names 

Bardioriolus, colmase. 

seines aues, wigole fugules. 


5 Apiago, beowyrt. 

Lilium, lilie. 

Fqfida, leomuc. 5 

Colochintida, wylde cyrfet. 

Rosa } rose. 

10 Brionia, uel ampelos leuce, g., hwit 
wilde wingeard. 

Labrusca, wilde wingerd. 

Brabasca, uel amplos male, blac 

15 Botanicum, uel uiridarium, Wyrttun. 

Cucumerarium, wyrttun. 

Caluna, mseg{)a. 

Feniculum, fynel. 

Nepila, nsspte. 
20 Adriatica, uel malum terrce, galluc. 

Costus, cost. 

Trifolium, geacessure,s uel J)rilefe. 

Uaccinium, branwyrt. 

Abrotonum, su})erne wude. 
25 Lubestica, lufestice. 

Uolui, sinwealte swammas. 

Sinpatus, cneowhole. 

Solsequium, uel heliotropium, solsece, 

uel sigelhwerfe. 
SQAstula regia, wuderofe. 

Millefolium, uel myrifilon, g. uel cen- 
tefolia, gaeruwe. 

Tanaceta, helde. 

Samum, hylwurt. 
35 Herba, gsers, uel wyrt. 

Butunus, heope. 

Apium, merce. 

Uenenifuga, atterla{>e. 

of wild plants. The cause cf the list 
being so numerous was no doubt the cir- 
cumstance of their being so much used 
for medicinal purposes. 

5 This is the reading of the MS. R. W. 

^ Geaces-sure or gaces-sure, literally 
cnckoo's-sour, was the plant we now know 
by the name of wood-sorrel, which is still 
called in some parts of the country 




Febrefugia, uel febrifuga, feferfuge. 

Muta, rude. 

Blitum, uel lappa, elate, uel clyf- 

wyrt. 1 

Simphoniaca, hennebelle. 
Gersussa, biscopwyrt. 
Ramusium, ramesan. 
Dilla, uel acrocorium, docce. 
Anetum, dile. 
Cucumer, hwerhwette. 
Anadonia. feldwyrd. 
Gladiolum, glsedene. 
Cinaglossa, uel plantago, uel lapa- 

tium, wegbrsede. 2 
Artemisia, uel matrum herba, mug- 


Annuosa, aesc{)rotu. 
Amorfolia, date, 
Cepe, ennelec. 
Saxifraga, sundcorn. 
Philantropium, lappa, elate. 
Auris leporis, halswyrt. 
Ebulum, walwyrt. 
Allium, garleac. 
Herba munda, gijjcorn. 
Poletis, hwitleac. 
Melletina,. medewyrt. 
Porrus, porleac. 
Cameleon, g., wulfescamb. 
Cynocephaleon, heortclsefre. 
Electrum, elehtre. 
Ficus, ficwyrt. 
Papauer, popig. 
Saliunca, wilde popig. 
Apiaster, wudemerce. 
Petrosilion, stanmerce. 
Menta, minte. 
Alumen, uel stipteria, efne. 
Uiola, hofe. 
Gerobotana, uel uerbena, uel sagmen, 

Catia, uel trifillon, clsefre. 

l Clyf-wyrt is generally understood as 
designating the plant now called foxglove 
(the digitalis purpurea). The Anglo- 
Saxon herbal of the Cottonian MS. (Vitel. 
C. III.) gives three names of this plant 

Crispa, uictoriola, smeringwyrt. 

Centaurea, eordgealle. 

Strumus, uel uua lupina, nihtscada. 

Saluia, fenfearn, 
5 Collocasia, harewinta. 

Filix, fearn. 

Herba putida, maegjm. 

Cresco, kerse. 

Uermiculi, maeddre. 
10 Filix arboratica, eferfearn. 

Sintea, uel senecion, grundeswelge. 8 

Nap siluatica, sperewyrt, uel wilde 

Carex, uel sabium, uel lisca, secg. 
15 Mubia, mseddre. 

Juncus, rise. 

Scirpus, aerisc. 

Eremium, earisc. 

Ulua } graede. 
20Gramen, cwice. 

Alga, saewaur.* 

Consolda, daagesege. 

Maphanum, uel radix, rasdic. 

Tursus, cimia, crop. 
25 Centaurea major, curmelle. 

Brittannica, cusloppe. 

Malua, malwe, uel geormenletic. 

Pastinaca, feldmora, 

Daucus, wealmora. 
30 Napus, nsep. 

Citocatia, gi})corn. *" 

Cariota, \valdmora. 

Sinapis, senep. 

Cucurbita, cyrfset. 
35 Papirus, dujjhamor. 

Nasturtium, tunkerse. 

Rapa, naep. 

Fungus, uel tuber, metteswam. 

Carduus, jiistel. 

Coliandrum, celendre. 

Cerefolium, caerfille, 

Elleborum, uel ueratrum, wode})istle. 

clyfwyrt same man hatact foxesclife, 
same eawyrt. 

2 See pag. 10, 26 and 13, 10. R. W. 

8 Now softened down into groundacll, 
the name of a well-known plant. 

4 Still called waure in Kent. 




Cicuta, hemlic. 

Aconita, J)ung. 

Betonica, seo laesse biscop[wyrt[. 

Urtica, netle. 

Archangelica, blinde netle. 

Sisimbrium, balsminte. 

Calamus, uel canna, uel harundo, 


Quinquefolium, pentafillon, fifleafe. 
Uinca, peruincse. 
UisceragOj mistiltan. 
Marrubium, uel prassium, harhune. 
Canicula, argentilla. 
Fraga, streaberige. 
Framen, streaberiewisan. 
Nimphea, eadocca. 1 
Eruca, calfwyrt. 
Caballopodia, uelungulacaballi, colo- 

graeig. 2 

Ciminum, cymen. 
Agrimonia, sticwyrt. 
Modera, cicenamete. 
Helena, horshelene. 
Diptamnus, uel bibulcos, wilde naep. 
Sandix, wad. 
Fucus, waad. 
Tinctura, teging. 
Arbor acia, uel lapsana, cal. 
Alfa, sedelfyrdingwyrt. 
Origanum, warmelle. 
Altea, uel euiscus, seomint. 
Cardamon, caerse. 
Pionia, pionia. 
Mandragora, eordseppel. 
Oxylapation, g., anes cynnes elate. 
Brionia, wild cyrfet, uel hwit win- 


1 Literally, the water-dock, the beautiful 
plant we now call the water-lily. Oue 
might suppose that the Anglo - Saxons 
named their plants with more regard to 
the leaves than to the flowers, to judge 
by this instance. 

2 An error for coltgrseig. R. W. 

3 This word is still preserved in Lei- 
cestershire under the form stovin, signi- 
fying the stump of a tree. 

4 The Anglo-Saxon name of the apple- 
tree is preserved in the names of several 
places, such as Appledurford, or Apple- 

Satirion, suderige. 
Pollegia, hylwyrt. 
Hermodactyla, crawanleac. 
Centaurea minor, banwyrt. 
5 Iledera nigra, wudebinde. 
Pappus, Jjistles blostm. 
Sarrabum, wilde lactuce. 
Fromos, uel lucernaris, uel insana, 
uel lucubros, candelwyrt. 


Arbor, treow. 

Quercus, uel ilex, ac. 

Robur, iung ac. 
15 Quernum, acleac. 

Corilus, haesel. 

Saginus, hwit hsesel. 

Juglantis, uel nux, hnutu. 

Fraxinus, sesc. 
20 ^Esculus, boc. 

Fagus, boc. 

Faginus, becen. 

Suberies, msestentriow. 

Nemus, uel lucus, beam. 
ZbSaltus, holt. 

Spartus, {>yfel. 

Arbustum, iung treow. 

Truncus, stoc. 

Stipes, stofn. 8 
30 Sirculus, uel uirgultum, sprauta. 

Daphnis, uel laurus, laurbeam. 

Seno, uel tilia, lind. 

Mains, apulder. 4 

Mains matranus, surmelst apulder. 
35 Malomellus, swite apulder. 

Mespila, opensers. 5 

Pirus, pirige. 6 

durcomb, in the Isle of Wight, Appledore 

in Kent, and another Appledore in Devon- 
shire, and perhaps Applcdrarn in Sussex. 

5 It is rather singular that we should 
find this not very delicate name of the 
medlar at so early a period. It is found 
in MSS. of the fifteenth century, and is 
a word sufficiently familiar to the readers 
of the popular literature of the sixteenth 
and seventeenth centuries. 

6 In the fifteenth century the English 
name for the pear-tree still continued to 
be piry, pire, or perye. 




Persicarius, persoctreow. 

Cariscus, cwicbeam. 

Finns, pintreow. 

Prunus, plumtreow. 

Ficus, ficbeam, 

Cerasus, cyrstreow. 

Cornus, corntreow. 

Carica, ficappel. 

Morus, uel rubus, morbeam. 

Palma, palmtwig, uel palm. 

Abies, uel gallica, gyrtreow. 

Ulmus, ulmtreow. 

Genesta, brom. 

Taxus, iw. 

Acer, mapulder; 1 acernum, mapul- 


Populus, byre. 
Marica, uel brogus, haej).2 
Alnus, air. 

Castanea, cystel, uel cystbeam. 8 
Glans, secern. 
Granum, cyrnel. 
Corimbi, berigen. 
Flos, blostm. 
Cauliculus, stela. 
Radix, wyrtruma. 
Uirnen, lael. 
Uiticella, wijrwinde. 4 
Pirorium, Iseferbed. 
Pints, gladiolus, laefer. 
Ramus, boga. 
Olea, oliua, elebeam. 
Amurca, elesdrosna. 
Oleaster, unwaestmbaere elebeam. 
Betulus, byre. 
Betulentum, byrcholt. 
Rubus, heopbrymel. 
Acrifolius, holen. 
Gignalia, hagan. 

1 Mapulder, the maple. It still occurs 
iu the Anglo - Saxon form in names of 
places, as in Mappledurwell in Hamp- 
shire, and Mapplederham in Oxfordshire. 

2 Marica seems to be only an error 
for myrica. under which form it is re- 
peated below, haep means erica, thymum, 

8 The modern word chestnut is merely 
cysthnut, the nut of the cyst-tree. 

* Withwind is still a name for the 

Uariculus, hwitingtreow. 

Cresis, cwictreow. 

Sicomorus, uel celsa, aeps. 

Pruniculus, plumsla. 
5 Flaui, uel mori, blaceberian. 

Ligustrurn, hunisuge. 

Bacido, botrus, clyster. 

Accidinetum, gost. 

Coquimella, uel prunus, uel nixa, 
10 plumtreow. 

Amigdala, uel nutida, magdalatreow. 

Nux, uel nucarius, hnutbeam. 

Buxus, box. 

Ornus, eow. 
15 Cedrus, cederbeam. 

Cedria, hissaep. 

Abellance, haesl, uel hseselhnutu. 

Sentes, J>ornas ; senticosus, {>orniht. 

Frutex, })yfel. 
20 Ramnus, |)ife})0rn. 

Spina, {)orn. 

Tribulus, j)orn. 

Alba spina, hsegj)orn. 

Spina, uel sentrix, jjyfel. 
25 Uepres, bremlas. 

Mastix, uel resina, cuter. 

Carpo balsami, balsames blaed. 

Opobalsamum, balsames tear. 

Uitis, wintreow. 
3()Salix, wij)ig. 5 

Mlrica, haej). 

Silua, wudu; calones, wudieras. 

Lignum, ahseawan treow. 

Stirps, styb, uel spranca.e 
35 Glans, glandis, picbred. 

Amenus locus, lufferidlic stecle. 

Claua, styng. 7 

Conlus, spreot. 

wild convolvulus ', but how it came to 
find a place among trees, is not clear. 
The same may be said of the bulrush 

5 Withy is still a common provincial 
name for the willow. 

6 So the MS.; Wright has: sprauta. 
I'>nt sprauta means : a sprout, surculus, 
not : a stem or trunk of a tree. Cf. 
pag. 149 1.23. R. W. 

7 The compiler of the vocabulary now 




Molendinarius, uel molinarius } inylen- 


Molitura, grist. 
Cerealis pistor, gristra. 
5 Pistor, baecere, 
Pistrinum, baecern. 
Fornax, clibanus, ofn. 
Cribrum, sife. 
Cribellum, lytel sife. 
Cimiterium,poUandrium,\iSilig leger- 10 Uannus, fann. 

[stow]. Uentilabrum, windwigsyfe. 

Coccum, rubicundurn, bis tinctum, Capisterium, hridder. 

Capsella, serin. 

Cardinarius, i. primarius, se yldesta. 

Causidicus, aduocatus, forespeca. 

Carpentum, currus, horswaen. 

Caragius, fugelhwata. 

Circinum, maeltange. 

Emisperia, healftryndel. 

Clatrum, pearruc. 

Tribus, cneores. 


Conquilium, weolocesscyll. 
Contubernalis, ge]3ofta. 
Coclea, gewind. 
Conniueo, ic wincige. 
Confute, ic oferstaele. 
Conflatilis, gegoten. 
Columen, i. culmen, rof. 
Commentator, expositor, dihtere. 
Conspiratio, gecwidraedden. 
Crates, i. flecta, hyrdel. 

Taratantara, hridder. 

Sporta, cawl. 
15 Corbes, leap. 

Tritorium, Jjerscel. 

Pila, pilstre. 

Pilum, pilstampe. 

Pilunus, pilere. 
20 Apludes, uel cantalna, hwaetegryttan. 

Ergasterium, werchus. 

Offidna, smidde. 

Incus, anfilte. 

Aries, ram to wurce. 

Crisoletus, auricolor, goldbleoh. 

Bida, uel basterna, uel capsus, uel 25 Securis, uel secespita, sex. 

currus, uel esseda, uel quadriga, Dolabrum, bradsex. 

uel carpentum, crset. Bipennis, twibille, uel stanaax. 

Capsus, betogan craet. Falcastrum, bill. 

Cuba, byden. Ascia, adesa. 

Pilentum, uel petorritum, uel rada, 30 Falciola, uel falcicula, sicol. 


Carracutium, hehhwiolad wsen 
Crepido, uteweard. 
Cassata, forhrered. 
Clasendis, sweordes scead. 
Categia, i. telum, gesceot. 
Oppidum, faesten. 
Urbanus, burhsita. uel burhman. 
Ciuis, ceasterware. 
Castellum, wic, uel lytel port. 

goes off again into a series of miscel- 
laneous words, which are at first taken, 
as in several instances before, from an 
alphabetical dictionary of the Latin lan- 
guage. He first breaks into the regu- 
larity of the alphabetical words by in- 
troducing one or' two on account of their 
similar meaning, or from contrast, and 
then he leaves them altogether. 

Falx, side. 

Uitrum, uel hialum, glass. 
Electrum, smylting, uel glaer. 
Metallum, selces kynnes wecg, uel 
35 ora oj)de clyna. 

Massa, dad, uel bloma. 1 


Anna, waapna. 
40 Armamentarium, waapnahus. 

1 Bloma, the metal taken from the ores. 
It is the origin of the technical term 
blooinery, for the places where one of 
the operations of smelting is performed. 
(Bosworth has: "dah" instead of dad. R.W.) 

2 In this chapter we have apparently 
a tolerably good account of the arms, 
offensive and defensive, of the Anglo- 
Saxon fighting men. The former are the 




Galea, le{)erhelm. 

Cassis, irsenhelm. 

Corona, diadema, cynehelm. 

Lorica, uel torax, uel squama, 

byrne. 1 
Gladius, uel machera, uel spata, uel 

framea, uel pugio, sweord. 
Spatarius, swyrdbora. 
Armiger, waepenbora. 
Sigmfer, uel ucxillifer, tacnbora. 
Lancea, falarica, spere. 
Uenabulum, barspere, uel huntig- 


SicOf litel sweord. 
Capulum, hilte. 

Mucro, swurdes ord. [feoht. 

Intestinum bellum, necheburena ge- 
Ciuile bellum, burware 2 gefeoht. 
Asia, quiris, sceaft. 
Vagina, scead. 
Manubrium, hseft and helfe. 
Rasorium, scearsex. 
Nouaculum, naeglsex. 
Faretra, coker. 
Telum, sagitta, fla. 3 
Arcus, boga. 
Anquina, bogenstreng. 
Scutum, uel clip eus, uel parma, scyld. 
Pelta, lytel scyld. 
Umbo, randbeh, uel bucula. 
Funda, lythre: 
Fundiblum, stseflithere. 
Classica, blaedhornas. 
Etuis, hiltleas sweord. 
Capulus, hilte. 
Mucro, selces wsepnes ord. 
Machera, anecge sweord. 

sword and spear, bows and arrows for 
the archer, and slings; the latter are 
principally the shield, the helm, and the 
byrnie or coat of mail. 

1 The byrnie, or brunie, of early Eng- 
lish poetry, where it seems to be used 
as a general term for the armour of the 

The knyghtis redy on justers, 

Alle yarmed swithe wel. 

ftruny, and launce, and sweord of stel. 

Kyng Alisaimdre, \. 1867. 

2 So the MS. R. W. 

Pugio, uel clunabulum, lytel sweord, 
uel hypesex. [reaf. 

Spolia, uel manubie, uel prede, here- 

Preda, reaflac. 
5 Hasla, getridwet spere. 

Hastilia, gafelucas. 4 

Conlus, spereleas sceaft. 

Trudes, uel amites, spreotas. 

Claua, uel cateia, uel teutona, anes 
10 cynnes gesceot. 

Pila, gesceot. 

Lancea, wigar, 

Amentum, wegures gewidspere. 

Falarica, uel fala, wigspere. 
15 Telum, uel obeliscus, flaa. 

Sagitta, uel spiculum, gefyderad flaa. 

Scorpius, geaettrad flaa. 

Cuspis, sceaft. 

Coriti, bogefodder. 
20 Theca, fodder. 

Dolones, stsefsweord. 

Balista, gelocen boge. 

Clipeus, testudo, scyld. 

Ancile, sintryndel, 5 lytel scyld. 
25Peltce, uelparme, {)a laessan scyldas. 

Apex, summitas galece, helmes top. 

Crista, helmes camb. 

Conus, helmes byge. 

Speculea, sceawere. 
30 Bipennis, twybill. 

Caduceatores, uel pacifici, gesibbe 

Prcefeciales, gefeohtes bodan. 


Subsolanus, easten wind. 
Auster, uel nothus, suden wind. 

3 The word flo, for an arrow, was in 
use in the English language as late as 
the time of Chaucer. 

* The gavelok of the English of a later 
period. Thus we are told in one of the 
metrical romances 

Gavelokes also thike flowe 
So gnattes, ichil avowe. 

Arthour and Merlin, p. 338. 

5 I read in the MS. : sintryndel. R. W. 

6 This list of names of the points of 
the winds, is substantially the same as 
the list of Frankish names which Eginhard 




Fauonius, uel zephirus, westen wind. 
Septentrio, nordan wind. 
Uulturnusj eastan sudan wind. 
Eurus, euroauster, nordan eastan 


Euroafricus, sudan easten wind. 
Africus, sudan westan wind. 
Corns, nordan westan wind. 
Circius, nordan easten wind. [wind. 
Aquilo, uel boreas, nordan westan 

Spiracula, unclsenra gasta wunung- 

Baratrum, uorago profunda, cwic- 

susl, uel hellelic deopnes. 
Erebum, hellescead. 
Stix, hellemere. 

Tartara, uel gehenna, hellewite. 
Infernus, helle. 
Colonia, i. peregrinorum cultura, 

elelaendra eordbigennys. 
Municipium, burhscipe. 
Uicus, wic. 
Castellum, port. 
Castrum, heahfsesten. 
Pagi, tunstede. 

Conciliabula, manna gegaderung. 
Compita, ceorla samnung, uel ge- 


imagiued to have been first given to the 
winds by Charlemagne. Ventis vero hoc 
modo nomina imposuit, ut subsolanum 
vocaret ostroniwint, eurum ostsundroni, 
euroanstrum sundostroni, austrum sun- 
droni, austroafrictim sundwestroni, africum 
westsundroni, zephyrum westroni, corum 
wcstnordroni, circium nordwestroni, sep- 
tentrionem nordroni, aquilonem nordost- 
roni, vulturnum ostnordroni. Vit. Caroli 
Imp., p. 92, ed Teuld. The writer of 
the manuscript of our Anglo-Saxon voca- 
bulary has evidently made some confusion 
in copying the list, so as to leave one 
wind entirely out. It probably stood 
originally thus, which would agree ex- 
actly with the list and description given 
by Isidore, lib. xiii., c. 11 : 

Subsolanus, eastan wind. 

Auster, uel nothus, snpan wind. 

Favonius, vel zephirus, westan wind. 

Septentrio, norpan wind. 

Platea, wid straet. 

Quintane, fifte dael Jjaere strete. 

Murus, weal. 

Menia, burhweall. 
5 Porta, portgeat. 

Promurale, foreburh. 

Turris, sty pel. 

Propugnacula, wighus. 

Arx, se hihsta wighus. 
10 Coclece, adulseajje. 1 [burge. 

Forus, uel prorostra, motstow on 

Curia, domhus. 

Theatrum, wafungstede.2 

Amphitheatrum, syneweald wafung- 
15 stede. 

Farus, here-beac[n]. 

Coclea, windelstan. 

Circuitus, ascensus, gewind. 

Termas, uel gymnasium, baej)stede. 
20 Apodyterium, badiendra inanna bus, 
i. domus quo uestimenta balnean- 
tium ponuntur, J)aer hi hi un- 
scredad inne. 

Tabernce, uel gurgustia, lytle hus of 
25 bredan. 

Macellum, flaecstraet, uel flseccyping. 

Mercatum, ceping. 

Teloneumfscipvaanne myrt se ceping. 

Apoditerium, breawern. 

Vulturnus, [eastan nordan wind ] 
Eurus, eastan sudan wind. 
Euroauster, Sudan eastan wind. 
Austroafricus, sudan westan wind. 
Africus, westan sudan wind. 
Corns, westan nordan wind. 
Circius, nordan westan wind. 
Aquilo, nordan eastan wind. 

1 Adul-seape, or adel-seape, is a sewer 
or sink. Coclece is an evident error for 

2 Literally, a place for sights, ex- 
plaining the. word according to its Greek 
derivation. This, and the translation of 
the following word (syneweald wafung- 
stede, a circular place for sights), show 
that our Anglo - Saxon forefathers were 
not acquainted with the uses of theatres 
and amphitheatres, and had no words in 
their language to express them. 

* Cf. Bosw. pag. 2lv s. v . ceapsceamul. 
R. W. 


Librarius, uel bibliopola, uel anti- Orlita, waenes swej). 

quarius, uel scriba, uel fenestella, Limus, lutum, fenn. 4 

wrytere. Rus, unered land. 
Festiuitas, solempnitas, uel celebri- Satio, seminatio, ssednad. 

tas, uel ceremonia, freolsdaeg. 5 Fundus, |)rop. 

Fasti, weorcdagas. Alluuius ager, waeterig aecer. 

Scena, uel tabernaculum, geteld. Noualis ager, brocen land, uel ge- 

Capitilauium, heafodJ3weal. worht land. 

Manulauium, handj)weal. Proscissio, landopenung. 

Pedilauium, fotj)weal. 10 Squalidus ager, forlaetan aecer. 

Cenum, miox. 1 Uliginosus ager, fennig secer. 

Fauilla, ysle. Subcisiua, hryding. 

Gleba, turf. Centuria, twahund aecera. 

Labina, sliddor. Area, breda filing, uel flor on to 

Uolutabrum, sol, uel gesyd. 15 Jitrscenne. 

Uligo, moor. Pratum, maed. 

Sabulum, molde. Fines, gemsere. 

Argilla, laam. Limites, hafudland. 

Samia, claeg. Decumanus, tiode hafudaecer. 

Sulphur, swefel. 20 Pertica, metgeard. 

Alumen, efne. Porca, bale. 
Creta, uel cimola, hwit heard stan. Miliarium, leouue, mile. 

Creta argentea, spaerstan. Passus, staspe. 

Bitumen, anes cynnes lim. Stadium, furlang. 

Arena, sand. 25 Diuersorium, tocirhus, uel cumenhus. 
Agger, eordbyre, uel geworht straet, Hospitium } uel metatum, cumena wi- 

strata uel delapidata. cung. 

Uallum, scidwealles eordbyri. 2 Prandium, underngereord. 

Iter, uel itus, eadfere weg. Cena, aefengereord. 

Itiner, 3 lang and stearc weg. 30 Merenda, nonmete. 

Actus, anes washes gangweg. Tabulatorium, wahdyling. 

Uia, twegra waena gangweg. Entheca, g., suppellex, ineddisc, uel 

Publica uia, ealles hereweg. inorf. 

Priuata uia y tuunweg. Canalis, J>eote. 

Semita, manna pad. 35 Tegulce, imbrices, laleres, uel later- 

Callis, deora pad. culi, hroftigla. 

Tramites, waeterweg. Silex, flint: 
Diuortia, diuerticula, mistlice woge Scopulum, torr. 

wegas. Spelea, uel spelunca, scraef. 

Compita, weggelasta. 40 Cautes, uel murices, scearpeste stanas. 

Ambitus, twicen. Calculus, saecysul. 

1 The Anglo - Saxon miox, or meox, the Saxon camps or residences were always, 
dung, filth, is the origin of the provincial or at least usually, crowned with palings, 
term mixtn, a dunghill, and of the modern or timber fences. 

muck. 3 So the MS. R. W. 

2 Literally, an embankment for a wall 4 The word fen preserved its original 
of palings; a curious mode of interpret- meaning of mud, in the English language, 
ing the Latin, which would seem to in- till at least the fifteenth century, 
timate that the valla which surrounded 





Scrupulus, lytel stan. 

Cos, hwetstan. 

Pumex, pumicstan. 

Calcisuia, gebaerdstan. 1 

Gagates, gagatstan. 

Pirites, uel focaris lapis, fyrstan. 

Specular is, Jmrhscyne stan. 

Succinum, uel electrum, sap, smelting. 

Flestria, gim J)e bid on coches 

micga. 2 

Aurum obrizum, read gold. 
Brattea* gylden laefr. 
Pecuarius, feohstrang man. 
Pondus, uelpondo, gewyht, uel pund. 
Dipondius, twegra pundra gewiht. 
Trutina, waega. 
Lanx, scale. 
Bilances, twa scale. 
Examen, wsegetunge. 
Momentana, uelstatam, sytlewssga. 4 
Campana, wulwaega. 


Frumentum, corn. 
Scandula, twisld corn. 
Farrago, grene berecrses. 5 
Spica, ear. 
Arista, egla. 6 
Culmus, healm. 7 
Folliculus, codd. 
Stipulce, healmes laf. 
Palea, ceaf. 
Migma, aesceda. 
Legumen, ofet. 
Uicia, musepise. 

Caudex, uel codex* hrind. 

1 Somner conjectures that, in this ar- 
ticle, the Latin should be calx viva, and 
the Anglo-Saxon gebcern stan, or gebcBrned 

2 The precious stone, pretended, ac- 
cording to a legend of great antiquity, 
to be found in the maw or gizzard of a 
cock, is called by Pliny alectoria (from 
the Greek oUexrwp, a cock), and by 
Isidore electria. The latter word seems 
to have been corrupted by our compiler 
into flestria. 

Liber, seo inre hrind. 

Spadones, unberende telgan. 

Capreoli, uel cincinni, uel uncinuli } 
wingearda hocas {)e hi mid bindad 
5 J)36t him nehst bid. 

Corimbi, wingearda hringa. 

Prcecoquce, rsedripe winberige. 

Ceraunie, reade winberige. 

Aminea uitis, hwit wingeard. 
10 Ablaqueatio, niderwart treowes del- 
fing, bedelfing. 

Putatio, screadung. 

Cima, crop. 

Propaginatio, wintwiga plantung. 
15 Fossio, dicung. 

Fossor, dikere. 

Arbusta, iung treow, uel treowstede. 

Frutecta, plur., |}yfelas. 

Capreoli, wingearda gewind. [mora. 
20Auiaria, weglaesa beara, secreta ne- 

Recidiua, edgrowung. 

Plantaria, gesawena plantan. 

Plante, treowes sprancan. 

Radix, wyrtrume. 
25Surculus, wseterboh. 

Uirgultum, telgan. 

Germen, berende boh. 

Matura mors, ripe dead. 

Immatura, unripe dead. 
30 Fomes, geswselud spoon, uel tynder. 

Prcecoquus fructus, raedripe wsestm. 

Ramnus, uel sentix ursina, dyfejjorn. 

Herbitum, orfgebitt. 

Crustumie, uel uolemis, uel insana, 
35 uel melimendrum, healfreade peran. 

Digladior, pugno, ic feohte. 

Derogo, ic ofteo. 

3 So the MS. R. W. 
* sytle- or sitl- (= setl-) waega means 
statera, R. W. 

6 Crces is no doubt an error for grces. 

6 The beards of barley are still called 
ails in Essex. 

7 The straw of corn, as well as the 
stalks of many other plants, are still call- 
ed haulm in many of our provincial 

8 An error for cortex. R. W. 




Derogatio^ lehtrung. 
Degenero, ic misdeo. 
Deriuo, ic gelaede. 
Discludo, ic todsele. 
Discriminatus, geglenged. 

Saltus, hlyp. 1 
Luctatio, wraxlung. 
Spectacula, uel ludicra, yppe, 

Sectio, cliofung. 
Serra, saga. 


5 Uestitus, hrseglung. 
Habitus, scruud. 
Cultus, reaf. 
Tunica, tunice. 
uel Bombicinum, seolcen. 
10 Bombix, seolcwyrm. 

Orcestra, uel pulpitus, gligmanna Sericum, seolc. 

yppe. Olosericum, eal seolcen. 

Carceres, horsa steal. Tramasericum, seolcen ab. 2 

Auriga, scridwisa, uel wsenere. Bissum, g., papagen, swi})e hwit 

Tragedi, uelcomedi^unweorfie scopes. 15 fleax. 

Temelici, idel sangere. 
Histriones, trujms. 
Mimus, jocista, scurra, gligmon. 
Pantomimus, gligman. 
Saltator, tumbere. 
Alea, taefel. 
Alece, taefelstanas. 
Aleator, tseflere. 
Pirgus, cyningstan on tsefle. 
Tessere, uel lepusculce, 

Lineum, linen. 

Laneum, wyllen. 

Linostemaj linen wearp, uel wyllen 


20 Praesegmina, praecisiones, screadan. 
Segmentata uestis, gersewen hraegel. 
PauidensiSj dicce gewefen hraegel. 
Leuidensis, denne gewefen hrsegel. 
Clauus, uel purpura, purpuren hrae- 
federscite 25 gel. 

Polymita, fealahiwes hrsegel. 

Tessellce, lytle fej)erscite florstanas, Ralla, uel rasilis, wogum bewerod 

Pila, uel sfera, dojjer. hraegel. 

Rogus, aad. Interpola uestis, geedniwod eald hrse- 

Strues, wudefine. 30 gel. 

Calones, wudigeras. Panucla, geclutad hrsegel. 

Mationes, stanwirhte. Acu picta, uel frigia, gediht, uel 

Fistulce, })eote. gesiwed hrsegel. 

Construct, uel instruct, hyrdung. Trilicis, J)rylen hrsegel. 

Instructio, ealdere timbrunga bote. 35 Colobium, slefleas scrud. 

Constructio, niwe timbrung. Leuitonarium, slefleas ancra scrud. 

Norma, wseterpund. Lumbare, uel renale, lenden sidreaf. 

Circinum, mseltange. Linna, hnysce hwitel. 

Centrum, mseltanges prica. Renones, stide and ruge breost- 

Epigri, uel claui, naegles. 40 rocces, 

Perpendiculum, wealles rihtung{)red. Birrus, unsmede hrsegel. 

Commissura, borda gefeg. Diplois, twifeld hrsegel. 

1 After another intercalation from the 
alphabetical dictionary, the compiler now 
proceeds to give a rather brief list of 
games and amusements. Leaping and 
wrestling appear here as the principal 

gymnastic sports in use among the Anglo- 

2 The yarn of a weaver's warp is, I 
believe, still called an abb. 


Melotes, uel pera, gsdten, uelbroccen Subfibulum, uel subligaculum, under- 

rooc. hwraedel. 

Anaboladium, uel sindo, linen heafod- Fasciola, nosle, uel sarclad. 

es wrigels. Saccus, uel fiscus, kingesgafoles 

Circumtectum, tryndyled reaf. 5 bigerdel. 

Trabea, cynelic reaf. Saccellus, lytel saec. 

Paludamentum, caseres reaf to ge- Marsupium, uel marsippa, seod. 

feohte. Mastruga, crusne. 

Megillum, uel peplum, uel pallet, uel Clamis, hacele, uel fotsid sciccel.2 

amiculum, riccrae wife hrsegl, uel 10 Sagum, hwitel. 

deorwurde waefels. Toga Candida, uel cretata, gehwit 

Fimbria, fnado, uel laeppan. hraegel. 

Stola, uel ricinum, orl. Toga, sidreaf swilce meteres wyrced 

Sipla, an healfhruh taeppet. on anlicnysse. 

Stuppa, aecumbe.i 15 Toga palmata, uel toga picta, sige- 

Tomentumj hnygela. reaf. 

Platum, seolce hnygele. Cinctus gabinus, twilaepped scrud on 

Tinctura, deah. twam healfan gescredde swa me- 

Coccus, read deah. teras metad on anlicnyssan. 

Ferrugo, blae purpur. 20 Anelus] lytel bring. 

Calathus, wearpfset. Inauris, earpreon, uel earring. 

Pensum, uel diarium, dasgwine. Calamanca, haet. 

Infula, biscopheafodlin. 

Cidarisj uel mitra, hufe. Accubitus, hnylung. 

Diadema, bend agimmed and ge- 25 Affluentia, oferflowendnys. 

smided. Opulentia, metes genihtsumnys. 

Nimbus, mid golde gesiwud bend. Epulw, wist. 
Capitulum, uel capitularium, heafod- Dapes, kininga wist, uel estas. 

clajj, uel cappa. Merendo, meridiendo, to middandsege 

Antice, earloccas. 30 ic ete. 

Monile, uel serpentinum, myne, uel Fermentacius panis, gehafen hlaf. 

sweorbeh. Azimus, deorf. 

Antraxj uel clauus, uel strophium, Cibarius, ceorlisc hlaf. 

angseta, uel gyrdel, uel agimmed Acrizimus panis, geseorid hlaf. 

gerdel. 35 Siligineus, uel triticeus, hwaeten hlaf. 

Carbunculus } seo blace begne. Subcinericeus, uel focarius, heord- 

Fibula, preon, uel oferfeng, uel dale. bacen hlaf. 

Speculea, sceawere. Clibanius, ofenbacen hlaf. 

Periscelides, scangbendas. Frixus panis, gehyrst hlaf. 

Tinius, smede ringce. 49 Amolium, dust of dsem . . . 

Zona, uel zonarium, uel brachile, uel Simila, uel pollis, smedma. 

redimiculum, gyrdel. Inuolucrum, gewynd. 

Baltheus, swyrdes gyrdel. Thorns genialis, brydbed. 

Ungulus, agymmed hringc. Pluteus, brederes beddes inneweard. 

Samothracius, geheafdod hringce. 45 Sponda, uthealf })8es beddes. 

1 What we uow call oakum, i. e., the 2 go the MS. R. W. 

hemp from old ropes. 


Lectica, bedrest. Promuntorium, clif. 

Stored, uel psiata, meatta. 

Cama y sceort bed wid eordan. Patriarcha, heahfaeder. 

Bajanula, ferbed. Propheta, uel uates, witega. 

Scabellum, uel subpedaneum, fot- 5 Apostolus, aerendraca. 

scamul. Episcopus, biscop. 

Scansilia, stapas, uel stirapas. Archiepiscopus, arcebiscop. 

Cilindrus, scort sinewealt stan, uel Diaecesis, uel parochia, bisceopscir, 

treow. uel biscopric. 

Pala, uel uentilabrum, windswingla. 10 Rex, cyncg. 
Furcilla, litel forca. Regnum, rice. 

Fisclum, eleseocche. Sceptrum, cynegeard, cynedom. 

Mensurnum opus, mondes weorc. Regina, cwen. 

Funalia, uel f lines, candelweoca. Imperator, uel Caesar, uel Augustus, 

Lampas, candeles leoma. 15 casere. 

Lucubrum, leohtes leohting. Imperatrix, uel Augusta, caseres wif. 

Pira, upstandende herebeacn. Dux, heretoga, uel heorl 

Rogus, bustum, forbaerned [aad]. Princeps, uel comes, ealdorman. 

Farus, herebeacn. Fasces, ealdordomas. 

Fictilia, uel samia, laemene fatu. 1 20 Primas, heafodman, uel Jsegn. 
Asierina, readde laemene fatu. Clito, sedeling. 

Crisendeta, gyldena,weZgegylde fatu. Obses, gisel. 
Celata, adrifene fatu. 2 Satrapa, {)egn. 

Judex, uel censor, uel arbiter, dema. 

Ccelum, heofen. 25 Monachus, munuc. 

Angelr.s, uel nuntius, encgel. Monacha, uel monialis, mynecenu. 

Archangelus, heahencgel. Presbiter, msessepreost. 

Stella, steorra. Sacellanus, handpreost. 

Sidus, tungel. Sacerdos, sacerd, uel cyrcjjingere. 

Sol, suniie. 30 Clericus, preost, uel })ingere. 

Luna, mona. Diaconus, uel leuita, diacon. 

Firmamentum, roder. Subdiaconus, underdiacon. 

Cursus, ryne. Archidiaconus, arcediacon. 

Mundus, middaneard. Eremita, westensetla. 

Tellus, terra, solum, uel aruum, eorda. 35 Anachoreta, an era. 
Humus, rus, aruum, molde, uel land. Nonna, arwurde wudewe, uel nunne. 
Mare, uel aequor, sae. 

Sinus, 88386bbung. Homo, man, uel microcosmus, Isesse 

Oceanus, garsecg. middaneard. 3 

Mare eoum, eastsse. &Q Anima, sawl. 

Mare arctoum, nordsse. Animus, mod, uel gedanc. 

1 Earthen vessels, for which the Latin 8 Microcosmus, derived from the two 
Samia is here used as a general terra. Greek words fjuxQog and xoGfJiof. i. e. a 
In the next line, Asierina is no doubt little world, or the world in miniature, 
an error of the scribe for Aretina. See first applied metaphorically to the human 
the chapter de vasis escariis in Isidori frame by one of the Greek philosophers, 
Etyraolog., lib. xx., c. 4. was a favourite word with the mediceval 

2 i. e., engraved or embossed vessels. writers to signify a man. 




Spiritus, gast. 

Sensus, gewit. 

Intellectus, andgit. 

Cogitatio, gej>anc. 

Corpus, lichama. 

Caro, flaec. 1 

Vertex, hnol. 2 [panne. 

Caluarium, forheafod, uel heafod- 

Anciput, forheafod. 

Occiput, uel postex, aefteweard haefod. 

Sinciput, oferhealf heafod. 

Coma, uel cirrus, locc unscoren. 

Cerebrum, uel cerebellum, braegen. 

Cesaries, fex. 

Uncinus, locc. 

Crines, wifmannes loccas. 

Timpus, Jmnwang. 

Fades, anwlita, uel neb. 

Uultus, andwlita, uel rudu. 

Species, hiw. 

Uisus, gesihd. 

Tactus, repung, uel aethrin. 

Auditus, hlyst. 

Odor, odoratus, stengc. 

Odor, brod. 

Gustus, anbyrignys. 

Sapor, swaecc. 

Odor, olfactus, stengc. 

Pili, hser. 

Capilli, heafodhaer. 

Comae, loccas, weZuriscoren haer. 

Compago, gefeg. 

Compages, gefeincga. 

Frons, forheafod. 

Oculus, eage-, oculi, eagan. 

Supercilia, oferbrua. 

Cilia, brua. 

Palpebrce, breawas. 

Circulus, daes seohringc. 

Pupilla, uel pupula, seo. 

Yrqui, beahhyrne, uel agneras ; uol- 

uos dicimus angulos oculorum- 
Praefolium, fel ufan eagan. 
Interdlium, betwux oferbruan and 


1 Sic MS. R. W. 

2 We still use the word noil, in trivial 
speech, for the top of a man's head. 

Corona, uel circulus, wulderbeah. 

Tauco, hringban daes eagan. 

Lacryma, tear. 

Luscus, scylegede. 
5 Monoftalmus, anegede. 

Caecus, blind. 

Genae, hecgaswind. 

Malae, hleor. 

Maxilla, gewenge. [cinban. 

10 Mandibula, ceacban, uel ceacan, uel 

Pinnula, earlaeppa, uel ufweard eare. 

Pinnule, flferan, uel earlaeppan. 

Nasus, nosu. 

Columna, eal ufweard nosu. 
15 Nares, nosdyrla. 

Internasus, uel interfinium, uel inter- 
pinnium, nosegristle, uel middel- 

Pirula, foreweard nosu. 
20Pinnulae, uteweard nosterle. 

Auris, eare. 

Labium, ufeweard lippa. 

Labrum, nidera lippe. 

Rostrum, foreweard feng J)aere lip- 
25 pena togsedere. 

Lingua, uel plectrum, tunge, uel 

Sublinguium, huf. 

Denies, ted. 
30 Praecisores, foreted. 

Canini, uel colomelli, mannes tuxas. 

Molares, uel genuini, wangted. 

Gingiuce, todaflaesc. 

Aduersi denies, da eahta forworden 
35 te{) betwux tuxum. 

Palatum, uel uranon, goma, uel hrof 
daes mudes. 

Collum, sweora, uel swura. 

Fauces, hracan. 
40 Arteriae, windseddran. 

Guttur, J)rotu. 

Mentum, cin. 

Gurgulio, J)rotbolla. 

Chautrum, eal J)rotbolla. 
45 Rumen, wasend, uel edroc. 2 

3 It must not be supposed that the 
words wasend and edroc are synonymous; 
but the compiler seems to have been 


Ceruix, uel iugulum, hnecca. Truncus, heafodleas bodig. 

Humerus, eaxla. Cutis, uel pellis, hyd. 

Ola, ufeweard exle daes aeftran dseles. Corium, uel tergus, hyd. 

Brachium, hearm. Costa, rib. 

Torus, uel musculus, uel lacertus, 5 Aruina, uel adeps, uel axungia, uel 

mus[cl] daes earmes. abdomen, hrysel, uel gelend, uel 

Torosus, earmstrang. swind, uel swines smere. 

Cuba, elboga. Pulpa, uel uiscum, lira. 

Cubitum, faedm betwux elboga and Os, ban. 

handwyrste. 10 Nerui, sinu. 

Palmus, span, uel handbred. Latus, side. 

Ulna, eln, uel spanning betwux Pori, i> spiramenta unde sudor ema- 

duman and scitefingre. nat, licj)eotan, uel swatj>yrlu. 

Uola, uel tenar, uel ir, 1 middeward Uentriculus, mage. 

hand. 15 Scapula, sculder. 

Pugillus, se gripe daere hand. Pale, gesculdre. 

Palma, handbred. Interscapilium, middel gesculdru. 

Pugnus, fyst. Dorsum, hricg. 

Artus, })a maran lida. Tergum, baec. 

Ungula, hof. 20 Uertigo, hwerfa. 

Unguis, naegel ; ungues, naeglas. Uertibulum, uel uertebra, hwerban. 

Cartilago, gristle. Spondilia, geloda, uel gelyndu. 

Impetigo, eagan wean, uel wearh- Sacra spina, lendenban neoj)eweard. 

braede. Renes, uel lumbi, lendenu, uel hype- 

Albugo, eagflea. 25 ban. 

Mentedra, uel oscedo, mudadl on Catacrina, hypeban. 

goman. Aluus, rif, uel seo inre wamb. 

Ascella, uel subhircos, oxn, uel ruh- Matrix, uterus, wifmannes innod, uel 

oxn. cildhama. 

Cada, hrisel; cadula, lytel hrisel. 30 Folliculus, cildhama. 
Lacertus, bog. . Secundae, cildhama. 

Digiti, fingras. Medulla, uel lucanica, mearh. 

Pollex, duma. Omentum, fylmen. 

Index, uel salutaris, scytefinger. Intestina, smael]}earmas, uel inne- 

Medius, uelimpudicus, middelfinger. 35 weard. 
Medicus, uel annularis, goldfinger. Ilium, scare. 
Auricularis, laecefinger. Ilia, smaele^earmas. 

Praecordia, forebrsost. Tolia, uel porunula, reada. 

Pectus, breost. Extales, snaedel, uel bsec-J)earm.2 

Pectusculum, breostban. QExta, midrif. 

Torax, foranbodig, uel breostbeden. Umbilicus, navela. 
Manilla, tit. Disseptum, midrif. 

Ubera, meolcebreost. Clunes, hypas. 

Papilla, tittstrycel. Nates, earslyre. 

doubtful whether the Latin word meant * Ir seems to be an error for %ttQ or 

the weasand (wasend), or whether it was chir. R. W. 

identical with the rather similar Latin 2 The MS. by an error reads: barrj)earm. 

word derived from it, ruminatio. B. W. 




Anus, uel uerpus, ears^erl. 

Crementum, weres ssed, uel cid. 

Uesica, blseddre. 

Meatus, fordgang. 

Ueretrum, waepengecynd. 

Genitalia, gecendlimu. 

Femen, inneweard deoh. 

Coxa, J3eoh. 

Femur, utanweard Jjeoh. 

Posteriora, baece. 

Cecum intestinum, semuj>a. 

Suffragines, hamma. 

Poples, haram. 

JRenunculi, lundlagan. 

Crus, seance; crura, sceanca. 1 

Genu, cneow. 

Geniculi, cneowwyrste. 

Sura, spaerlira. 

Tibiae, scina, uel scinban. 

Pes, fot. 

Talus, ancleow. 2 

Taxillus, lytel ancleow. 

Plante, fotwelm. 

Planta, foreweard fot. 

Subtel, middel fot. 

Calx, hohspor. 

Solum, Isest. 

Viscera, beflagen flsec, uel innoj)es 

Cor, heorte. 
Buclearnen, heorthama. 
Jecorj lifre. 
Pulmo, uelfecatum, uelpleumon, uel 

epar, lungen. 
Splen, milte. 
Rien, crop. 
Lien, lundlaga. 
Pulsus, claeppetung. 
Fibrae, lifrelaeppan, uel |)earmas. 
Fel, uel bilis, gealla. 

1 The shank. When his subjects and 
contemporaries gave our first Edward the 
title of Long -shanks, they meant literally 
long-legged, without supposing they were 
using any trivial or derogatory term. 

2 Th ankle is still called ankley in 
Sussex; and the word anclow continued 
in use in the English language till the 
fifteenth century. 

Obligia, nytte. 

Stomachus, maga. 

Colus, roop. 

Venter, seo utre wamb. 
5 Cauliculus, fearhhama. 

Matrix, cwid, uel cildharaa. 

Mentagra, tan. 

Allox, micele tan. 

Botrax, yce. 
10 Mentera, baed|)earm. 3 

Hermafroditus, wsepenwifestre, uel 
scritta, 4 uel baeddel. 

Hirniosus, healede. 

Scamma in homine, se rude on }>am 
15 men. 

Glippus, g., grymede. 

Varix, cwydele, uel hwylca. 

Cronculus, angseta. 

Capitosus, mycelheafdode. 
ZOPetilus, litelfota. 

Frontalis, uel calidus, steornede. 

Uentriculosus, wsembede. 

Tergosus, earsode. 

Genosus, cneowede. 
25 Talaricus, cleonede. 

Calcaneus, honede. 

Surosus, spaerlirede. 

Mentagricus, tanede. 

Mancus, wohhandede. 
30 Peduncus, wohfotede. 

Podagricus, deagwyrrnede, uel deag- 

Flegmaticus, mseldropiende. 

Reumaticus, saftriende,weZ drefliende. 
35 Molaricus, swediende. 

Plegus, earming. 

Balbus, stamer. 

Catax, heolt. 

Blesus, plips. 5 
40 Surdus, uel surdaster, deaf. 

8 Mentera, should perhaps be entera, 
or inentera; and bad appears to be a 
mere error of the copyist for bcec. The 
process of forming t, c, and d, was so 
similar, that they are often confounded. 

* The old English word scrat, which 
meant similarly a hermaphrodite. 

& So the MS., not wlipt. R. W. 


Debilis, uel eneruatus, lame. xmiuTxrA nnrnvrrM 

Stratus, scyleagede. NOMINA COLO RUM. 

Lippus, sureagede. Color, bleoh. 

Unimanus, anhende. Albus, hwit. 

jEger, uel aegrotus, adlig. 5 Amineus, uel albus, hwit. 

Morbus, adl. Candidus, Jmrhhwit. 

Paraclitus, bedrida. Subalbus, healfhwit. 

Clinicus, hofrede. Niger, blac. 

Ulcerosus, hreofla. Ater, teter, sweart. 

Leprosus, licj>rowere. 10 Unicolor, anes bleos. 

Lunaticus, mona|)seoc. * Bicolor, twihiwe. 

Demoniacus, deofelseoc. Discolor, mislic bleo. 

Energumenus, gewitseoc. Uarius, uel discolor, fah. 

Elisa mens, uel deiecta, forscrenct. Uiridis, grene. 

Demens, gcmendleas. 15 Busius, fealu. 

Rabidus, uel insanus, wod. Dosinus, uel cinereus, assedun. 

Rabies, wodnys. Bruntus, wann.2 

Freneticus, se J)e for sleape awed. Balidinus, hryte. 

Lethargus, ungelimplice slapfulnis. Auidius, grinu. 

Uigil, uel uigilans, wacul. 20 Natius, dun. 

Peruigil, durhwacul. Giluus, geoluhwit. 

Uigilia, wecen. Ceruinus, dunfalu. 

Incolumis, gesund. Myrteus, bleoreod. 

Eneruis, maegenleas. Glaucus, grseg. 

Lotium, hweal. 1 25 Elbus, deorcegrseg. 

Urina, micga. Guttatus, cylu. 

Minctio, miggung. Roseus, uel rubeus, uel pheniceus, 

Exugium, micgern. read. 

Callus, ile. Perseus, blsewen. 

Uiscum, gerunnen blod. 30^ ' Succinaceus, uel croceus, uel Jlauus, 

Menstrua, monadblod. geolu. 

Fantasma, uel fantasia, gedwimor. Ceruleus, sweart. 

Pituita, i. minuta saliua, boras, uel Limpidus, scir. 

hraecunda, uel spatlung. 

Pitisso, ic spatlige. 35 Doctor, uel imbutor, uel eruditor, 

Euomitio, spiwingc. lareow. 

Oscitatio, ganung. Discipulus, uel mathites, leorning- 

Singultus, siccitung. cniht. 
Sternutatio, uel sternutamentum, snyt- Disciplina, lar, uel steor. 

ingc, uel fneosung. 40 Doctrina, lar. 

Spiratio, edung. Dogmatista, lareow. 

Pedatio, feorting. Paedagogus, cildahyrde, uel lareow. 

Fesiculatio, fisting. Docmnentum, uel specimen, larbysn. 

Sibilatio, hwistlung. Scolasticus, uel cliens, scolman. 

Pluuicinatio, stanc. 45 Caraxatio, gewrit. 

Pluuicino, ic stancrige. Epistola, uel pitacium, serendgewrit. 

1 Not "^weal" as Wright printed. R.W. 2 Here Jnnius added : Lege Brunius. R.W. 



Quaternio, cine. Dispendium, uel damnum, uel detri- 

Plancaj spelt. mentum, hynd, uel lyre, uel hearm. 

Diploma, bod on cine. Commodum, questus, hyd, uel freme. 

Membrana, bocfel. Commutatio, gehwearf. 

Scedula, ynile. 5 Nihil, nanwiht. 

Sceda, screade. Nihili, naht. 

Graphium, uel scriptorium, graef. Fronimus, wis. 

Pictor, metere. Prudens, snotor. 

Pictura, metingc. Sagax, uel gnarus, uel astutus, uel 

Minium, read teafor. 1 10 callidus, petig, uel abered. 

Gluten, lim to fugele. 2 Frugi, uel p'arcus, uncystig. 

Glara, aeglim. Largus, uel dapsilis, cystig. 

Incaustum, uel atramentum, blsec. Famosus, uel opinosus, hlisful. 

Sculptor, uel celator, graefere. Sophus, uel sophista, wis. 

Sculptura, grasft. 15 Sophista, wite. 
Agalma, uel iconisma, uel idea, an- Insipidus, angersed. 3 

licnes. Stultus, stunt. 
Scalprum, uel scalpellum, uel coelum, Stultomalus, yfeldysig. 

graefsex. Impudens, scamleas. 

Ingenium, ordanc. 20 Tenax, festhafel. [sagul. 

Artifex, crseftica. Falcidicus, uel falsiloquus, unsod- 

Opifex, wyrhta. Auarus, uel cupidus, gitsere. 

Architectus, yldest wyrhta. Raptor, uel praedo, uel spoliator, 

Aurifex, goldsmid. reafere. 

Argentarius, seolfersmid. 25 Fallax, uel mendax, swicol. 

^Erarius, maestlincsmid. Planus, uel seductor, swica. 

Nummularius, mynetere. Elogium, uel dictio, saga. 

Palatium, kynelic botl. Empiria, manegra embesmeagunga. 

Thesaurus, goldhord. Emunctoria, candeltwist. [gerim. 

Gazophilacium, madmhus. 30 Ephemerides, numerus cotidianus, 

jEdificium, getimbrung. Emeritus, prouectus, ge])ungen. 

Basis, post. Epithalamium, carmen nubentium, 

Postis, uel fulcimentum, sylle. giftleod. 

Forus, uel prorostra, motstow. TvmiJTKrA ATATTTTTM 

Logotheta, gemotman. 35 NOMINA NAUIUM. 

Negotium, intinga. Nauis, uel faselus, scip. 

Negotiatio, cypincg. Rates, scipu. 
Sacramentum, uel mi/sterium, geryna, Nauiscella, uel cimba, uel campolus, 

uel digla. uel musculus, sceort scip. 
Testimonium, gewitnes, uel gecydnes. ^QScapha, uel trieris, litel scip, uel 

Recompensatio, edlean. sceigd. 

1 This word is still preserved among [Cf. GreiD, sprachschatz ; Vol. Ilpag. 526 

the peasantry in various parts of England R. W.] 

in the form tiver, applied to a oompo- 2 The compiler of the vocabulary has 

sition of tar and red ochre, which is used mistaken the Latin word gluten to signify 

to mark sheep, or to colour wood, and here bird-lime, instead of glue. 
protect it against the effects of exposure 3 So the MS. Wright printed: ungerced, 

to weather. R. W. 




Linter, bat. 
Pontonium, punt.i 
Carotins, scipincel. 
Littoraria, trohscip. 
Carinci) scipes botm. 
Nauclerus, scipes hlaford. 
Proreta, ancorman. 
Gubernatorj steorman. 
Gubernio, steora. 
Nauta, ro}>er. 
Remex, redra. 
Puppis, steorsetl. 
Remus, steorroder. 
Prora, ancersetl, uel forscip. 
Trudes, spreotas. 2 
Transtra, scipsetl. 
Transtra, uel iuga, J)ofta. 

1 It is hardly necessary to say that the 
word punt, as a name for a sort of boat, 
is as well known among us in the present 
day, as it was among the Anglo-Saxons 
in the tenth century. It will be remarked 
how many of the Anglo - Saxon words, 
connected with shipping, have been pre- 
served in our navy. 

Palmula, rodres blsed. 

Antenna, segelgyrd. 8 

Cornua, segelgyrde endas. 

Mains, uel artemo, maest. 
5 Portisculus, uel hortator remigum, 

Anchor a, uel saburra, ancra. 

Uelum, segel. 

Dalum lytel segel. 
10 Rudentes, sciprapas. 

Propes, fotrap. 

Plagae, netrapas. 

Uerriculum, draegnet. 4 

Nassa, bogenet, uel leap. 
15 Cassis, deornet. 

Conopeum, fleohnet. 

2 Sprits preserved especially in the 
term bow-sprit. 

s The yards. 

4 As the ordinary ships were used 
especially for fishing, the compiler goes 
on naturally enough to speak of nets, 
(see pag. 18:5 1.9 14. R. W.) with which 
he concludes rather abruptly. 



Reus, scyldig. 

DamnatuS) fordemed. 

Hosticus, uel hostilis, feondlic. 

Osor, feond. 

Facinus, maan. 

Peiero, ic forswerige. 

Gibborosus, uel strumosus, hoferede, 

Pro/anus, manful. 

Exosus, perosus, ansaete. 

Callidus, geap. 

Uersutus, hindergeap. 

Simulator, hiwere. 

Fictor, uel hipocrita, liccetere. 

Adulator, uel fauisor, lifFetere. 

Adulatio, liffetung. 

Deceptor, bepsecend. 

Seductor, Isefend. 

Proditor, laewend. 

Delator, wrohtbora. 

Patricida, fsederslaga. 

Parricida, maegslaga. 

Cicatrix, dolhswad. 
5 Soma, lichama. 

Truncus, heafodleas bodig. 

Funus, lie, uel hreaw. 

Feretrum, baere. 2 

Mausoleum, uel bustum, kyninga 
10 byrgen. 

Sarcofagum, })ruh. 3 

Unguina, uel unguenta, smyrels, uel 

Reses, uel deses, uel piger, slaw. 
\blnfidus, ungetreowe. 

Iniuriosus, teonful. 

Contentiosus, geflitful. 

Impiger, uel praepes, unslsew. 

1 This Vocabulary is said to have been 
found, as a sort of Supplement to the 
former, following it in the same manu- 
script, but with some intervening matter 
of another description. It seems, indeed, 
to have been the design of the compiler 
to give at more length some classes of 
words which are given less numerously 
in the vocabulary of Alfric, such as those 
belonging to the family and domestic 
relations, some classes of natural pheno- 
mena, naval terms, the names of various 
classes of buildings in use among the 
Romans, and a few words connected with 

the ancient religious belief Many words 
found in Alfric's vocabulary are repeated, 
but sometimes with variations in the in- 
terpretation, which are not without in- 

2 A bier. 

3 This word, which is of common use 
in Anglo-Saxon, and is evidently con- 
nected with the modern trough, was pre- 
served in the old English words throh, 
thrugh, and thurwe, signifying a coffin. 
A flat gravestone is still called a through 
in the dialects of the north of England. 




Lentus, uel piger, sleac. 
Conciliabulum, gemotstow. 
Consulo tibi, ic rsede de. 
Consulo te, ic frine de. 
Condliatio, gesibsumung. 
Consiliator, raedgifa. 
Concilia, ic gesibbige. 
Concionor, uel meditor, uel precor, 

ic smeage. 

Judex, uel consul, ealdorman. 
Censor, uel arbiter, dema. 
Mas, hys cild. 
Sexus, werhad, uel wif had.* 
Coniunx, gemsecga. 2 
Coniuges, uel coniugales, gesinhiwan. 
Coniugium, uel matrimonium, gesin- 


Complex, uel consentiens, gegada. 
Complices, conspirantes, gegadan, uel 


Incestus, uel impurus, unclaene. 
Ancilla, serua, abra, uel dula, g., 


Seruus, dulus, g., J>eowa. 
Emptitius, geboht J)eowa. 
Uerna, uel uernaculus, imberdling, 

uel fosterling. 
Alumnus, fosterfseder. 
Praepositus, foreset, uel gerefa. 
Fatigatus, atered. 
Exercitatus, acqstnod. 
Populus, folc, uel byrctreow. 
Exercitus, here, 
Procinctus, fyrdingc. 
Edictum, geban. 
Apparatus, gearcung. 
Uulgus, uel plebs, ceorlisc folc. 
Her os , hlaford. 

Congregatio, concio, gegaderung. 
Conuentus, conuentio, gesamnung. 

1 It is curious that the Anglo-Saxon 
language seems to have had no abstract 
term for sex, which was expressed only 
severally as manhood or womanhood. 

2 The old English word make, applied 
either to husband or wife. 

3 Cf. pag. 174 1. 85. R. W. 

4 The compiler of the vocabulary has 
translated the Greek word alogos, rather 

Arrabo, wedlac. 

Cliens, uel clienlulus, cniht. 

Ephebus, uel buteo, beardleas. 

Galos, glos, weres swuster. 
5 Sponsalia, brytofta, uel brydgifa. 

Procus, wogere. 

Sponsus, brydiguma. 

Pronuba, hads wape . 3 

Sponsa, bryd. 
10 Paranymphus, hadswape. 

Infans, uel alogos, g., unsprecende 
cild. 4 

Paranymphus, dryhtguma, 5 uel dryht- 

15 Unicuba, anlegere wifman. 

Uxoratus, {>e wif haefd. 

Nimpha, bryt. 

Derelicta, laf, uel forlseten wif. 

Priuignus, steopcild. 
20 Anula, uel uetula, eald wif. 

Adolescens, uel inuestis, uel inuesti- 
ceps, geong man. 

Pubetenus, frumbyrdling. 

Pecuniosus, feohstrang. 
25 Locuples, landspedig. 

Gamos, bryd. 

Egenus, waedla. 

Leno, wemere, uel tihtere. 

Telonearius, tolnere, uel tollere. 
30 Profugus, flyma. 

Exulj utlaga. 

Hebes, dwaes, uel sott. 

Hebetudo, dwsssnys, uel sotscipe. 

Edax, uel glutto, frettol. 
35 Uorator, grsedig. 

Ambro, gifere, uel free. 

Procax, uel peruicax, gem ah. 

Procacitas, uelperuicacia, gemahnys. 

Cachinnatio, ceahhetung, uel cincung. 
is, gla3dman. 

than the Latin infans. The latter, however, 
is explained by Isidore, lib. xi., c. 2, 
thus Infans dicitur homo primse ajtatis, 
dictus autem infans, quia adhuc fari nescit, 
id* est, loqui non potest ; nondum enim 
bene ordinatis dentibus, minor est ser- 
monis expressio. 

5 Sic MS., not brydguma. R. W. 


Tristis, unrot, uel gealh. Exterminatus, ut adryfen. 

Mestus, uel merens, dreorig. Expers, daelleas. 

Fames, uel popina, hunger. Exsors, orhlyta. 

Derisio, taelhlehter. Pater, f seder. 

Tripudium, gefea. 5 Mater, moder. 

Rancor, anda. Auus, ealdefaeder. 

Abstinentia, sy ferny s. Patruus, faedera. 

Abstinens, syfer. Matertera, moddrige. 

Cura, cara. Auia, ealdemoder. 

Obesus, oferfaet. 10 Proauus, })ridde feeder. 

Pinguedo, smyltnys. Proauuia, J)ridde moder. 

Crassitude, faetnys. Abauus, feowerj)e faeder. 

Corpulentus, diccul. Abauia, feowerj>e moder. 

Grossus, graeat. Tritauus, fifte faeder. 

Macer, hlasne. 15 Tritauuia, fifte moder. 

Macilentus, dynnul. Familia, hyred. 

Maries, uel taUtudo, hlsennes. Propago, cynren. 

Gracilis, uel exilis, uel subtilis, smael. Generatio, cneores. 

Exiguus, gejiwsede. 1 Soboles, uel proles, beam, uel cnosl, 

Irsutus, uel ispidus, ruh. 20 uel tudder. 

Ualidus, uel uegetus, trum. Filius, suna. 

Inualidus, unstrang. Filia, dochtor, dohter. 

Inbecillis, wanhal. Liberi, freobearn, uel sedelborene 

Sollicitus, ymbhedig. cild. 

Curiosus, earful. 25 Soror, suster. 

Securitas, karleasnes. Filiaster, steopdohter. 

Studium, bigegues, uel smeagung. Prater, broder. 

Causa, uel negotium, intinga. Nepos, suna sune, uel broder sune, 

Obstinatus, pertinax, anwilla. uel suster sune, J)set is nefa. 

Obstinatio, pertinacia, anwilnes. 30 Neptis, broder dochter, uel suster 

Uerecundus, uel pudens, scamfaest. dohter, nefene, Jmdde dohter. 

Pudicus, sideful. Abnepos, feowerpe sune. 

Impudicus, unsideful. Abneptis, feowerpe dohter. 

Castus, clwne. Adnepos, fifte sune. 

Incestus, unclsene. 35 Adneptis, fifte dohter. 

Exiliumj wrascsid. Trinepos, sixte sune^ 

Peregrinatio, aeldeodignes. Trineptis, sixte dohter. 

Prohemium, durhlocung. Agnati, faedern magas. 

Praefatio, forespsec. Cognati, meddern magas. 

Reconciliatio, ed|)ingung. 40 Propinquus, maeg, uel gesibling. 

Pacificatio, gesibsumung. Patrueles, fsederan sunan. 

Relegatus, wide asent. Matrueles, moddrian sunan. 

Religatus, uel uinculatus, gewrijien. Fratres, gebrodru, uel gelodan, uel 

Deportatus, to wite asent butan his siblingas. 

gode. 45 Fratres patruelesj fsederon sunan. 

Exterminator, utdraefere. Consobrini, gesustrenu. 

l Wright reads: gehwcede. R. W. 


Sobrini, geswusterenu beam. Tempus, tid. 

$ocer, sweor. Cursus, ryne. 

Socrus, sweger. Arcus, bigels. 

Gener, ajmm. Iris, renboga. 

Nurus, snora. 5 Pluuia, ren. 

Uitricus, uel patraster, steopfaeder. Ninguidus, besniwod. 
Priuignus, steopsunu. Tonitruum, uel tonitrus, J>unor. 

Patruus meus, miri faedera. Fulgor, uel fulmen, ligit. 

Patruus meus magnus, mines faederan Nix, snaw. 

feeder. 10 Niueus, snawhwit. 

Propatruus meus, mines faederan Niualis, snawlic. 

eldrefseder. Grando, hagol. 

Abpatruus meus, mines faederan Gelu, forst. 

J)ridde faeder. Pruina, brim. 

Amita mea, min faj>u. 15 Glades, is. 

Amita mea magna, minre fajsa moder. Glacialis, forstlic. 
Proamita mea, minre fajmn yldre- Aer, lyft. 

moder. JEther, hroder. 

Abamita mea, minre fa])an J)ridde Uentus, wind. 

moder. 20 Nubes, wolc. 

Auunculus meus, min earn. Aura, hwida, uel weder.2 

Auunculus meus magnus, mines eames Nimbus, scur. 

fasder. Nebula, mist, uel genip. 

Proauunculus meus, mines eames Procella, storm. 

yldrefaeder. 25 Imber, faerlic ren. 

Abauunculus meus, mines eames Ros, deaw. 

J)ridde fa3der. Lux, leoht. 

Matertera mea, min moddrige. Tenebrae, uel furfur aculum, dystru. 

Matertera mea magna, minre modd- Seculum, woruld. 

rige moder. SO^Euum, yld. 

Promatertera mea, minre moddrian Dies, dseg. 

eldremoder. Caligo, dimnes. 

Abmatertera mea, minre moddrian Mane, aermyrgen. 

|>ridde moder. Crepusculum, tweoneleoht, uel deor- 

Pronuba, hadswaepa ; ipsa est etpara- 35 cung. 

nimpha. Conticinium, uel gallicinium, hancred. 

Fratissa 1 , brodor wif. Intempestum, uel intempesta nox, 

Leuir, tacor, i. frater mariti. midniht. 

Janitrices, gebroj)re wif. Maligna lux, uel dubia, tweonulleoht. 

Coniuges, gemaeccan. 40 Matutinum, uhtentid. 

Nupta, beweddod. Diluculum, dasgred. 

Innuba, unbeweddod. Aurora, daegrima. 

Coniugium, uel connubium, gesyn- Prima, prim. 

scipe. Tertia, undern. 

Contubernium, gegadorwist. 45 Sexta, middaeg. 

Nona, non. 
Annus, gear. Suprema, ofernon, odde geloten dseg. 

1 So the MS. R. W. 2 Wright printed : reder. R. W. 




Uesperum, sefen. 
Serum, bedtid. 
.flora, tid. 

Horoscopus, tidsceawere. 
Ebdomada, uel septimana, wucu. 
Mensis, monad. 
Uer, lencten. 1 
^Estas, sumor. 
Autumnus, haerfest. 
Hyems, winter. 

Uernalis dies, lengtenlic daeg. 
Uer nouum, foreweard lencten, uel 
middewaerd lencten. 

Fertilitas, westmbaernys. 
Ubertas, genyhtsumnys. 

Campus, feld. 
5 Planities, smefmys. 
^Equor, brym, sae. 
Pascua, laes. 
Pratum, maed. 
Ager, aecer. 

10 Compascuus ager, gemaene laes. 
Seges, gcsawen aecer, uel land. 
Uia, weg. 
Biuia uel biuium, twiweg. 

Uer adultum, aefterwaerd lencten. Triuium, wegelaeton. 

Eodem modo et aestas et autumnus 15 Iter, sidfset. 

uocantur, on J)a ylcan wisan sumor Inuium, compitum, weggedal. 

and haerfest biod gecigede. Inuium, ungefere, uel wegleas psed. 

^Estiuus dies, sumorlic daeg. Desertum, uel heremus, westen. 

Autumnalis dies, haerfestlic dseg. Patria, eard. 8 

Hiemalis dies, winterlic daeg, uel 20 Pagus, tun. 

nox, odde niht. Prouincia, scir. 

Pridie, uel esternum, aerendaeg. Mons, munt. 

Postpridie, todaeg. Tumulus, beorh. 

Postperendie, oferdrige [dseg]. Collis, hyll. 

Centuriasj getalu, uel heapas, uel 25 Monticellus, beorh ufeweard. 

hundredu. Uallis, dene. 

Kalendce, gehealddagas, uel halige Diluuium, flod. 

dagas. Uadum, ford. 

Nonae, ceapdagas. \cuntur. Pons, bricg. 

Idus, swaesingdagas, ab edendo di- 30 Aqua, waeter. 

^Equinoctium, emniht. 
Frigus, cyle. 
Calor, haete. 

^Estus, uel cauma, swoloj). 2 
Feruor, hsete micel. 
Siccitas, uel ariditas, drugaj)e. 
Humor, uel mador, waete. 
Sterilitas, uel infaecunditas, unwestm- 

1 Lenten, or Lent, remained long in 
the English language in its original signi- 
flcation of Spring. Thus, in a lyric com- 
position of the thirteenth century, (printed 
in Wright's Lyric Poetry of the Thirteenth 
Century, p. 48,) the approach of Spring 
is described as follows : 

Lenten ys come with love to toune, 
With blosmen ant with briddes roune, 
That al this blysse bryngeth. 

2 Hence our modern word sioeltcr. 

Limpha, hluttor waeter. 
Gutta, uel stilla, dropa. 
Stagnum, mere. 

Amnis, ea mid treowum ymbset. 
35 Flumen, flod, uel yrnende ea. 
Fluuius, singalflowende ea. 
Ripa, staej). 4 
Riuus, rid. 
Latex, burna. 

8 In the Latin writers of the close of 
the Roman empire of the West, the word 
patria had come into use in the mere 
meaning of a land or province, as it is 
explained here. 

4 The more modern stade, or staith, 
which is still used in some parts of the 
country in the signification of a bank of 
a r j ver or j n some p i aces O f a w h ar f 
Qr ' 




Torrens, broc. 
Unda, ed. 
Litus, strand. 
Crepido, brerd, uel ofer. 
Alueus, stream, uel streamracu. 
Riuulus, lytel rid. 
Fluctus, wealcynde ea. 
Fons, well. 
Latex, welspreng. 
Lacus, uel lacuna, sead. 
Harena, sandcesel. 
Spuma, fam. 
Crurges, wael. 
Abyssus, deopnys. 
TJortex, edwinde. 
Uorago, swelgend. 
Uiuarium, fiscpol. 
Euripus, uel piscina, fiscpol. 
Una serta, an gerif fisca. 
Tormentum, tintregung, uel wite. 
Saltus, holt. 

Solum, uel tellus, uel terra, uel ar- 
uum, land. 

Aporiamur, we synd bereafod. 
Bonis nostris, urum godum. 
Pessime, luj)erlice. 
Reprehensibiliter, tallice. 
Non mihi est cordi, nis me on ge- 

dance, uel on mode. 30 

Non animaduerto, ic ne understande. Scema locutionis, sprecewise. 
Non mihi occurrit, ne com hit me Fabulositas, spellung. 

ongean. Anilis fabula, ealdra cwena spell. 

Persuadeo, ic laere. Sermo commentitius, gesmead spraec. 

Collatio, wordmittung, uel word- 35 Aquarum alluuio, wsetera gewaesc. 

somnung. [beode. Defecatio, uel purgatio, hlyttrung. 

Jmperito, ic wealdige, uel oferbe- Omne genus holitorum, i. holerum, 
Pecuniosus, welig. seghwylc wyrtcyn. 

Colorare, hiwian. Omne genus arbustorum, aeghwilc 

Affabre, craeftlice, uel smicere. 40 treowcyn. 

De popularibus, of beorhleodum. Omne genus seminarum, seghwilc 

Uenusto, ic cyrtenlaece. saedcyn. 

Orno, ic smicere geglengce. Zizania, laser. 

Obumbro, ic ofersceadewige. Lolium, bo|>en ; et cetera adulterina 

Habilis coniunctio, gedafenlic })eod-45 genera, and odre lydre cynn. 

nys. Cophinus, wilige, uel leap. 

Praerogatiua, frumgifu, uel synder Conuersantur, uel commorantur, sa- 

wurdmynt. mod wuniad. 


Muminatio, ciwung, uel edroc, uel 

Ruma, uel paleare, fraetlseppa. 

Singultus, geocsung. 
5 Sarpta uinea, gescreaded wingeard. 

Scorteus, ledern. 

Porus, uel spiramentum, ordung. 

Usus, nyttung, uel J>earf, uel gewuna. 

Delinimentum,stracung, uel olsecung. 
10 Lepida, uel facunda, getingce. 

Splendida, uel ornata, beorht. 

Exagonum, sixecge. 

Sexangulatum, sixhernede. 

Insusurrare, i. occulte detrahere, dig- 
15 lice tselan. 

Diuerticulum, wegtwiflung. 

Compitum, wega gemittung. 

Ancillantur, hyrsumiad. 

Formulantur, J)eowiad. 
20 Sinuatio, besining. 

Anfractus, abrocen land, uel hilces. 

Inprouida, uel inconsiderata, nnbe- 
sceawode. [sceortlice. 

Summatim, -breuiter, uel commatice, 
25 Obsurduit, adeafede. 

Uolubile scema, sinewealt gesceap. 

Globositas, sinewealtnes. 

Semirotundum, healf-sinewealt. 

Faenerata domino, gode on borli 




lOMurice, uel conchylium, weluc. 8 
Nassa, sewul, uel boganet. 

In procinctu, to gefeohte. Musculus, hran. 

Promptus, gearn. Polypus, loppestre. 

Specula, uelconspicilium, weardsteal. Allec, uel iairus, uel taricius, uel 

Praeruptum, hengeclif. sardina, hsering. 

Spectaculum, waefd, uel wsefersyn, 5 Pansor, floe. 

uel wafung. Fannus, reohhe. 

Idioma, proprietas linguae, agen uel Sepia, cudele, uel wasescite. 

gecynde sprsec. Conche, uel cochlee, scille, uel sse- 

Idiota, ungelsered. 
Imperitus, ungleaw. 
Inportunus, gemah. 
Petitiosus, bedul. 


15 Linter, bat. 
Ratis, scip. 
Contractio, uel contractus, nasmingce. Nauicula, scippincel. 

Trieris, sceib. 

NOMINA PISCIUM. Ypogauus, horsascip. 

Balena, uel cete, uel cetus, uelpistrix,20Nauta, geredru. 

hwsel. Nauclerus, sciphlaford. 

Cetarius, hwaalhunta. Gubernator, steora. 

Delphin^ uel bocharius, uel simones, Gubernio, steorman. 

mereswin. Aplustre, geredru, uel scipgetawu. 

Rombus, styria. 25 Archiromacus, swiftscip. 

Lupus, uel scardo, bsers. Myoparo, hidscip. 

Gobio, blsege. 1 Barca, flotscip. 

Murena, uel murina, uel lampreda, Liburna, hulc. 4 

Eculeus, uel catasta, wasarhrod, 

Distractio, ceap. 
Uenditio, sala. 

Murenula, tigle. 
Mulus, uel mugilis, heardra. 
Platesia, facg. 
Esocius, uel salmo, lex. 
Spar us, dunorbodu. 
Lucius, hacod. 
Tinea, sliw. 
Tructa, truht. 
Capito, myne, uel selepute. 
Turnus, forn. 
JRocea, scylga. 
Cancer, crabba. 
Foca, seol. 

1 The modern bleak, called in some 
parts a Hay. 

2 ScB-snagl, sea-snail, appears to have 
been the .common name for shell -flsb, 
I believe the term is still in use among 
our American brethren. 

Dromo, aesc, uel bard. 
30 Pontonium, flyte. 

Caudex, punt. 

Paro, scea})ena scip. 

Trabaria, anbyme scip. 

Littoraria, uel tonsilla, trohscip. 
35 Cumba, uel caupolus, |wrruc.5 

Scalpus, scip, uel seigl. 

Cirnba, uel carina, scipesbotm. 

Musculos, 6 sceort scip. 

Celox, flotscip. 
40 Parunculus, plegscip. 

Fori, scipesflor. 

Struppus, strop, uel arwidde. 

3 Weluc, the modern word whelk. 

4 Our modern name hulk, for the body 
of the ship. 

5 Sic MS. R. W. 

6 So the MS. R. W. 




Palmula, arblaed. 

Antenna, uel temo, segelgyrd. 

Cornua, J>a twegen endas j)sere segl- 


Transtra, J)oftan. 
Glauus, helm a. 
Artemon, uel mains, maest. 
Parastates, maesttwist. 
Proreta, ancerman. 
Gubernaculum, steorsceofl. 1 
Ponsis, sciphlsedder. 
Uelum, segl. 
Naulum, sciptol. 
Gauernamen, pranga. 
Acateon, se maesta segl. 2 
Epidromo, se medemeata segl. 
Dalum, se lesta segl. 
Puluini, slidor. 
Puppis, steorsetl. 
Anguina, cops. 
Prora, ancersetl. 
Funes, uel restes, rapas. 
Porticulus, ham or. 
Spirae, linan. 
Sipara, anes fotes segl. 
Propes, sceacline. 
So/on, staaj). 
Rudentes, sciprapas. 
Opisfera, sedingline. 
Pronesium, mserelsrap. 
Tonsilla, scipmflerls. 
Remulcus, tohline. 
Strupiar, midla. 
Bolidis, sundgyrd. 
Calaprorates, suudline. 
jEstuaria, fleotes tonette. [yst. 

sEstus, recessus et accessus marts, 
Ledona, nepflod, uel ebba. 
Malina, heahflod. 

1 Literally, the ship-shovel, the rudder. 

2 Perhaps we may conclude from this, 
and the two following words, that the 
ordinary Anglo - Saxon ships had only 
three sails, as here named the large 
sail, the middle sail, arid the small sail ; 
but these names may be only an attempt 
to explain the Latin words, by describing 
what they meant in the want of equivalent 

Remex, repra. 

Peeris, gearafeng. 

Uncini, hocas. 

Trudes, spreotas. 
5 Accessus, flod. 

Recessus, ebbe. 

Syrtes, sandrid. 

Reuma, ebbe, uel gytestream. 

Plagae, netrapas. 
10 Tragum, uel uerriculum, draege. 

Nassa, bogenet. 

Cassis, deornett. 

Conopeum, fleohnet, uel micgnet. 

Labrum, margo, uel crepido, staej), 
15 uel brerd. 

Loramentum, uel tormentum, widde. 

Lasciua, gagol. 

Allugo, fyne. 
20 Alluginatusj fynig. 8 

Numisma, scylling. 

Mensularius, pennighwyrfere. 

Collybista, pennigmangere. 

Trapezita, uel monetarius, mynetere. 
25 Paracaraximus, fals pening. 4 

Folles, dyneras. 

Procuratio, scir. 

Procurator, scirman. 

Proconsul, hehgerefa. 
30 Curator, gerefa. 

Augur, uel ariolus, wicca. 

Sortilegus, tanhlytere. 

Aduocatus, pair onus j uel interpellator, 

forspeca, uel mundbora. 
35 Apologia, ladung. 

Apologeticus, beladung. 

Domus, hus, hywrseden. 5 

Proaula, i. domus coram aula, selde. 

3 The Latin of these two words should 
no doubt be uligo and uliginosus. 

4 So the MS. not flaspenig as "Wright 
wrote. R. W. 

5 The words which follow are very 
curious. The compiler is endeavouring 
to explain, in Anglo-Saxon, the various 
descriptions of Roman buildings, and parts 
of a Roman house ; and the way in which 
he does this not only shows that the 




Zetas aestiuales, sumerselde. 

Zetas hyemales, winterselde. 

Salutatorium, gretinghus. 

Consistorium, J)0et bus J3ser man 
dwead heora handa. 

Tricorum, uel triclinium, gereord- 

Epicausterium, domhus, uel mo thus. 

Thermas, baedhus, uel bsedstow. 

Gymnasium, leorninghus. 

Coquina, uel culina, cicen. 

Colimbus, i. aquae ductus, wseterscipes 

Ypodromum, goldhordhus, 1 uel spon- 
doromum, digle gangern. 

Ecclesia, circe. 

^Edes, hofa. 

^Edicula, lytel hof. 

Templum, tempi. 

Basilica, cinges hof, uel cyrce. 

Porticus, portic. 

Peribolum, acire. 

Aula, heall. 

Triclinium, bur prybeddod. 2 

Camera, bur. 

Caminatum, fyrhus. 

Cubiculum, bedcofa. 

Refectorium, beodern. 

Dormitorium, slsepern. 

Auditorium, sprsechus. 

Capitolium, domhus. 

Curia, uel senatus, uj}witena sprsec- 

Cella, cete. 

Cellarium, hordern. 

Lardarium, spichus. 

Carnale, flgeschus. 

Apotheca, winhus. 

^Erarium, feohhus. 

Piscinale, fischus. 

Popina, snsedinghus. 

Lautorium, waescern. 

Officina, smidj)e, uel weorchus. 

Equiale, horsern. 
5 Bosta'r, uel bouiale, scipen. 

Ouile, i. sepimenta, uel caulae, sceapa- 

Caprile, gatahus. 

Casa, uel casula, inssete bus, uel 
10 lytel bus. 

Gurgustulum, uel gurgustium, neara 

Tugurium, hulc. 

Magalia, uel mappalia, uel capanna, 
15 byre, uel sceapheorden. 

Career, uel ergastulum, uel lautumia, 

Latrina, uel secessus, gang. 

Absida, sinewealt cleofa, uel portic. 
ZOAsseres, latta, uel reafteres. 

Abaso, infirmatorium, seoccra manna 

Cancelli, lytle porticas. 

Brationarium, mealthus. 
25 Pistrina, baecern. 

Pistrilla, lytel b secern. 

Farinale, mealehus. 

Granarium, cornhus. 

Horreum, bern. 
30 Siccatorium,) cyln, uel ast. 

Tornatorium, Jnylhus. 

Uestiarium, hraagelhus. 

Bibliotheca, uel armarium, uel ar- 

chiuum, boochord. 
35 Librarium, bochus. 

Salinarium, sealthus. 

Caenaculum, gemsene metern. 

Zenodochium, gisthus seldeodigra 

40 Nosocomium, seocra manna bus. 

greater part of them ware unknown to 
the Anglo-Saxons, but he gives us the 
Anglo-Saxon names for such buildings, 
and parts of buildings, as were known 
to our remote forefathers, and helps us 
to comprehend their meaning. 

1 This word is very curious as a name 
for a privy, in connection with the words 

gold-finder, and gold-farmer, which were 
used in the sixteenth and seventeenth 
centuries for a cleaner-out of privies. The 
durability of such popular phrases is ex- 

2 A very singular translation of tri- 
clinium, as if it meant a three - bedded 


Lupanar, uel circus, uel theatrum, Lustra, wilddeora boll and denn. 

myltestrehus. 1 Lucus, uel nemus, beora. 

Balnearium, uel thermarium, baed- Papilio, ganggeteld. 

bus. Tenda, tyldsyle. 

Pomarium, uel cucumerarium, seppel- 5 Clauus tentorii, fitersticca. 

bus. Circumlutus locus, mid waster ymb- 

Claustrum, faesten, uel clauster. tyrnd stede. 

Spelunca, uel specus, uel antrum, Alluuium, wsetergewsesc. 

scrsef. Netormm, inspinn. 

Scriptorium, pisleferhus. 10 Pectica, flej)ecarab. 

Aumatium, uel armarium, selces cyn- Liciatorium, lorh, uel webbeam. 

DCS csepehus. Tela, langweb. 

Faenile, bighus. Licium, hefeld. 

Atrium, mycel and rum heall, uel Lacerna, hacele geflenod, uel ge- 

cafertun. 15 corded. 

Gazophylacium, madmhus. Vertigo, bwyorfa. 

Thesaurarium, goldbold. 2 Suppar, interula, syrc. 

Oratorium, uel oraculum, gebedhus. Radiolum, hrisl. 

Propitiatorium, uel sanctum sancto- Alibrum, hreol. 

rum, uel seer etarium, uel pastofo- 20 Tramarium, medema persa. 4 

rum, gesceot bseftan J>sem heah- Ragana, underhwitel. 

weofode. Mataxa, uel corductum, uel stramen- 

Asylum, fridhus, uel generstede. turn, strsel, uel bedding. 

Sutrina domus, sutera bus. Pellum, web. 

Potionariurii, aslces cinnes drenchus. 25 Lectisternia, bedreaf. 

Caenobium, feala muneca wunung. Stamen, wearp. 

Ergasterium, uel operatorium, weorc- Fulcra, eal bedreaf. 

bus. Lodix, wsestling. 

Genitium, towhus of wulle 3 Globus, clywe. 

Parietinae, roflease and monlease 30 Glomus, unwunden gearn. 

ealde weallas.- Glomer, globellum, cleowen. 

Ypogaeum, uel subterraneum, eord- Deponile, wefta, uel weft. [stsef. 

bus. Panuli, planus, uel p anus, colus, dis- 


1 It is rather curious that the Anglo- mansions of the great, and was applied to 
Saxon scholar should confound a theatre the room in which the maidens attached to 
with a brothel ; but the mistake arose the noble lady's household were assembled, 
probably from his forming his judgment in the various employments peculiar to 
of the character of the Roman stage only them, such as the various branches of 
from the ecclesiastical writers, who decried spinning, weaving, sewing, embroidering, 
both the theatrical performances, which &c., of which the lord made a profit. It 
had become degraded enough, and the is probably with this idea that the Anglo- 
drama in general. Saxon compiler of the glossary interprets 

2 Wright by an error printed: goldhord. gynecceum as ''a towhouse of wool." The 

R W. different words belonging to weaving, and 

8 Genitium is apparently a corruption women's domestic employments, follow 

of gineceum (gynecceum), the apartment immediately after. 

of the women. Under the Franks on the 4 I read persa, not wersa as Wright 

Continent, and the Saxons in Britain, the does. R W. 
term gynecaum was preserved in the 


Ciclas, uel oraria, orlas. Mathematicus, tungelwitega, uel ge- 

Apidiscus, webhoc. byrdwitega. 

Ordior, ic hefaldige. Sortilegus, tanhlyta. 

Insubula, 1 webbeamas. Oreades, muntselfen. 

Percussorium, siege. 5 Dryades, wuduelfen. 

Tara, webgerej>ru. Moides, feldelfen. 

Pecten, bannuccamb. Hamadryades, wylde elfen. 

Texo, ic wefe. Naiades, sseelfen. 

Texta, gewefen. Castalides, dunelfen. 

Textor, webba. 10 Penates, cofgodas. 

Textrix, webbestre. Tisiphona } waelcyrre. 8 

Trama, uel subtemen, oweb, uel ob. Parcae, haegtesse. 

Polymita, uel orbiculata, wingfah. Satyri, uel fauni, unfaele men. 

Ependeton, cop, uel hoppada, uel Ficarii, uel inuii, wudewasan. 4 

ufrescrud. [wurdscipas. 15 Abatis, fastfellere. 

Fasces, ealdordomas, uel J)a hehstan Lictor, uel uirgifer, hyldere. 

Flamininus honor, biscoplic wurd- Lanio, uel lanista, uel carnifex, uel 

scipe. macellarius, hyldere, uel cwellere, 

Flammeolum, uelflammeum, biscopes uel flsectawere. 

huf. 20 Quaestionarius, dema. 

Flamen, biscop. Creditor, laenere. 

Mancipatio, J)eowdom. Ariolus, wicca. 

Manumissor, freotgifa. Commentariensis, gerefa. 

Manumissio, freotgife. A secretis, uel principis consiliarius, 

Emancipatio, freedom . 25 geruna. 

Manus impositio, handgang. A responsis, i. magister responsorum, 

Manumissus, gefreod. yldest serendraca. 

Liricus, scop. A caliculis, magister calicum, yldest 

Poema, leod. byrla. 

Poesis, leodweorc. 30 Assecla, folgere. 

Poeta, uel notes, leodwyrhta. Teloneum, tolsetl. 

. Tragicus, uel comicus, unwurd scop. Pincerna, byrle. 

Pythonissa, hellerune, uel hsegtesse. Plagiarius, nytena deof. 

Horoscopus, dsegmelsceawere. 2 Questor, dema. 

1 Au error of the scribe for insubulce. would apply singly to Tysiphoue, while 

R. W. wcel-cyrian was the name of the three 

2 The compiler has again followed the fates of the Anglo-Saxon mythology, (sic! 
derivation of the word, instead of the R W.) 

meaning of the word itself; and, instead [The MS. by an error has: waelcyrte, 

of interpreting horoscopus as one who R. W.] 

tells people's fortunes by calculating their 4 The Anglo-Saxon of this and the 

nativities, he took it to mean one who preceding word seem to have been simil- 

anuounces the hours of the day. The arly transposed. It furnishes us with a 

words which follow are curious illustra- very curious and instructive example of 

tions of the fairy mythology of our fore- the long preservation of words connected 

fathers. with popular superstitions; for, in "Withal's 

8 The Anglo-Saxon of this and the Dictionarie, ed, 1608 ; p. 62, we have, in 

following word appear to be transposed. the list of four-footed beasts, "a woodwose, 

Hcegtesse means properly a fury, or, in satyrus." 
its modern representative, a hag, and 


Transilio, ic oferhleape. Facetiae, wynsum gliw. 

Transilitor, oferhleapend. Delumentumf J>weal. 

Questusj uel lucrum, gestreon. Commonitorium,uelpictacium,&reu<[- 

Altilis, fedels. gewrit. 

Citharedus, hearpere. 5 Canalis, uel colimbus, uel aquaeduc- 

Citharistria, 1 hearpestre. tus, wseterj)eote. 

Auledus, reodpipere. 2 Catactysmus, brymflod. 

Salpista, aide, bymere. Ductilis, astrengd. 

Salpica, bymesangere. Prouentus, sped. 

Salpizo, uel buccino, ic byme. 3 10 Argutiae, gleawnys. 

Sponsor, uelpraes, uelfideiussor,ii2l Academice, snotorlice. 

uas, uel uadator, borhhand. AJfectuose, uel deuote, holdlice. 

^Emulus, gesaca, uel gewinna. Euax, wilcume. 

Accidiosus, uel tediosus, asolcen. Eatenus, uel eotenus, od J>aet. 

Petitor, uel petax, biddere. 15 Gratiosus, doncful. 

PygmaeuS) uel nanus, uel pumilio, Qfficiosus, estftil, uel gehyrsum. 

dweorg. Inofficiosus, ingratus, unestful. 

Paponius, druncen. Uotiuus, estful. 

Cancellarius, uel scriniarius, burj)en. Lentus, waac. 
Sacri scriniarius, cyrcweard. 20 Familiaris, hiwcud. 

Antigrafus, writere Affdbills, wordwynsum. 

^Estimator, sehtere. Inaptus, b ungefege. 

^Estimatio, sehtunge. Incongruus, ungejjseslic. 

Lana suscida, uel sucilenta, una- Familiaritas, hiwcudraednys. 

wsescen wull. [fen. 25 Contubernalis, uel socius, gefera. 

Sideratus, uel ictuatus, fserunge astor- Contubernium, gadorwist. 
Dextrochirium, brad earmbeah. Terribilis, ahwilc, uel egeslic, uel 

Dissologia, twigspraec. dryslic. 

Acetabulum, uel garale, ecedfset. Siliquastrum, uel cathedra quadrata, 

Exe?itera, unsceot, uel geopena. 30 fij)erscyte setel. 
Decor ticatum, sefelle, uel rindleas. Corollarium, i. merces, med. 

Struma, halsgang. Peripetasma, limbstefning. 

Neuum, werhbrsede. Cementum, grundstanas. 

Eucharis, swaes, uel wynsum. Basis, syll. 

Facetus, swaeswyrde. 35 Fultura, fotstan. 

1 So the MS. R. W. 8 Berne was the common word in old 

2 The compiler perhaps thought the English for a trumpet, and bemere for a 
pipe of the Roman minstrel was a pipe trumpeter. 

of reeds. Somner supposes that aule, 4 NO doubt an error for delutamentum. 

in the next line, shonld be auletes, or 5 So the MS. R. W. viil 





Argumentum, wsergeapnis. 

Bainusj J>erscel. 

Baista, g., glasin. 

Balidus, dun. 

JBalus, isern feotor. 

Balatus, hlowung. 

Balatio, crop. \i. searu. 

Ballista, catapulta, uel machina belli, 

Balbus, qui uult loqui et non potest, 

wlips, 52 uel swetwyrda. 
Balbutus, stomer. 
Balsis, teter. 
Ballum, J)oJ)er. 

Baltheum, cingulum, uel belt. 
Balla loco, prasinum* brunbasu. 
Bapis, i. hortus, uel tern. 
Barritus, geonung, uel dissimilis, 

ge})ota, rarung. 

1 This alphabetical glossary, valuable 
in several points of view, is taken from 
a manuscript of the tenth century in the 
library of the British Museum, MS. Harl. 
No. 3;i 76. It is, in the original, a gloss- 
ary of difficult and uncommon Latin 
words, explained in Latin; but to the 
Latin explanations the compiler, or others 
who possessed the manuscript after him, 
have added a considerable number of in- 
terpretations in English of the time, or 
as it is now called technically by philo- 
logists, Anglo-Saxon. These I have ool- 

Bardus, stultus, ineptus, uel babiger. 
Barbarus, i. truculentus, gentilis ser- 

uus, uel ungereord. 
BariuSf uarius, fab. 
5 Baratrum, i. terre hiatus, dsel, uel 

Baratorium, byre. 

Bathma, i. femora, J)eoh. 

Baxus, sicol. 
10 Beabis, beatum fads, Jm geadgast. 

Beneficium, i. donum, freme, gife. 

Benetum, uel scirbasu. 

Beneficus, benefactor, fremful. 

Beneplacita, gecweme. 
15 Bena? ate. 

Benignitas, fremsumnes. [bora. 

Belliger, i. miles, bellator, wsepen- 

Bellicosus, pugnandi cupidus, wig- 

lected from it in the following pages. It 
is, as will be seen, truncated. 

2 Here the scribe wrote wlips, not 
plips. Cf. pag. 161 1. 39. R. W. 

3 Prasinurn means : green as leek. Is 
balla loca perhaps an error for : ytctAAev- 
ttof? R. W. 

4 Wright printed : scap = sheath, va- 
gina. But I read: seap=pit, lake, gulph. 
Cf. Bosw. pag. 6 It. R. W. 

5 The writer means uena (= bena) or 
nuena, Cf. barius = uarius, benetum = 
uenetum, berruca = utrruca etc. R. W, 




Belliter, cene. 

Bellator, fihtling. 

Bellona, i. furia, dea belli, mater 

Martis, wylfen. 
Bellica, wiglic. 

Beluae, bestiae maris, wylfene. 
Belsarum, J>yfela, uel boxa. 
Betica, wicj)egn. 
Berrus, bera, uel bar. 
Berruca, wearte. 
Berbex, rom. 
Bibliotheca, i. librorum repositio, boc- 

hord, uel fodder. 1 
Bibulis buccis, hleostrum. 
Bibultum, bilhergas. 
Bibina, i. temen. 
Bicoca, haeferblseta. 
Bictonatus, selfbona. 
Biennis, twiwintre. 
Biformia } twihiwe. 
Bifori, twidasledre. 
Bifarius, i. bilinguis, uel piscina, 2 

Bifida, bis diuisa, twidaeledu. 

Bitumen, scipter, ml Km. 

Bitorius, wrenna, bitriscus. 

Biuligo, niger uelamen, rift. 

Bizus, tysca. 
5 Bobella, swearte. 

Bofor, Isembis lieg. 

Boia, arcus, uel geoc. 

Boias, catenas, sweorcopsas, uel 

10 Boi, scsettas. 

Bolidis, sundgyrd on scipe, uel net- 

Bombus, hlowung, uox inepta, soni- 
tus, tumultus, uel sorbellus, clamor 
15 tubis, cyrm. 

Bombicinum, seolcen gegerla. 

Bombosa, hlowende, Jwteude. 

Boreus, eastnordwind. 

Borbus, cena, slim. 
20 Bothonia, aembern. 

Botholicula, stoppa. 

Botrus* clystra. 

Botrax, yce. 

Bouellum, fald. 

Biga, ubi ii equi currui iunguntur, 25 Bouile, scipen. 

Bubalus, wesend. 

Buban* raredumle. 

Bubimus, waeser. 

Bucula, iuuenca, uitula, stirc. 
30 Buccula, buc. 

Buculus, uel bucularis, randbeag. 

Buccis, buccellis, welrum. 

Bucleamen, heorthama. 

Buccetum, ri])fald. 
Bipennis securis, twilafte ax, uel 35 Buccilla, geofola. 

twibile. Bulla, gemma, uel sigl. 

Bistinctus coccus, twegra bleo. Bullifer, bulberende. 

Bistincto cocco, of twibleonm dero- Bulbile, bucce. [gyrdu. 

dine, uel of twitaelgedun. Bullas, ornamenta cinguli, for{)ge- 

Bissina, Candida, hwit. 40 Bunia, byden. 

Bissemis, twiga healfum. Busius, fealu. 

Bisso retorto, hwite twine gejjrawne. Burrus, rufus, niger, burlis, brun. 
Bis terque, VI, twiga JDriga. Burro, panno, hacole. 

Bigener, aworden, uel doc. 
Bilance, twiwaege, uel heolore. 
Bile, felle, attre. 
Bilustris, twi-ferum, uel hiwum. 
Binius, i. bienniits, tAviwir.tre. 
Binas, butu. 

Binas quinquies, tnwa fife. 
Bino munere } twifcalclrft gife. 

1 I read fodder, Wright printed rodder . 

R. W. 

2 Are the first two Latin words in any 
connexion with the Anglo-Saxon gloss? 

R. W- 

3 Cf. butros. Botrus answers to Greek 
florae. R. W, 

* An error for bubo or bubonem. 

R. W. 



Burris, curuamentum aratri, sulh- Cachinnus, ceahhetung. 

beam, Cacomicanus, 4 logger. 

Butium, cyta, frisca. Caducous, demoniacus, brsecseoca, uel 

Butiuncula, tunyncel. mams. 

Butros, clystra. 5 Cadurcusf cip. 

ButurnuSj heope. Cades, oppidum, uel wsestm. 

Blandus, suauis, lenis, placidus, io- Calcaneus, exterior pars pedis, hela. 

cundus, lij)e. Calcanosus, healede. 

Blanda,li})Q, swses,jocunda, oliccung. Calcatrix, tredend. 
Blandis sermonibus, lenis uerbis, 10 Calcaria, dicta quia in calce homi- 

lij)um, uel swet-wyrdum. nis ligantur, spuran. 

Blandide, geswsese. Calces, ilas, \vearras. 

Blanditur, geswseslsec]}, adolatur, Calceos, gescy. 

oleccap, li})ercaj). Calcis, Jinis, lim, tahspura. 

Blandiens, oliccende. 1 15 Calcibus, fyrsnura, houm. 

Blasphemia, uituperatio, tsel. Calcis uiua, gebsernd lim. 

Blatis, bitelum. Callidissime bestiole, prsettigustan 

Blatea, 2 lucifuga, wicga. deore. 

Blauum, color est uestis, bleo. Caldaria, cetel. 

Blurus, caluus, blere. 20 Callosa, wearihte. 

Bracile, sly fan. Callositas, wearihtnes, uel unsme Jmes. 

Bratium, mealt. Calmetum, mersc. 

Bradigatio, ploratio campi, feldwop. Calmidus, curtina, godweb, 
Brateolis, laminis, platungum. Callus, ile. 

Bratea fila, torta aurea fila, J>a 25 Callis, iter pecudum, pas}). 

ajjrawenan gold|)r8edas. Collide) ingeniose, geaplice. 

Bresion, bulut. Caluarium, strictura, uel calwer- 

Brigacus, scearbeam. [uel edisc. clympe. 

Broely 5 hortus ceruorum, deortun, Calleo, decipio, ic frefelie, callem in- 
Broellarius, ediscweard. 30 uestigo. 

Brogus, hse}). Calecantum, uitrolum, attrum. 

Brumela, bellicum, uel sla. Caligans, obumbrans, dymmede. 

Bruncus, wrot. Caligarius, laestwyrhta. 

Bruntus, won. Caliga, scoh. [bant. 

Brugma, barice. 35 Caliginabant, a^eostredan, obumbra- 

Bruuinus, lytel wicga. Calbrum, cyllebrond. 6 

Byrsarius, uel byrseus, le{)erwyrhta. Calsus, meon. 7 
Byligon, clade. Calabit, brycgaj). 

Byrrum, casul. Calatus, leap. 

40 Calamuca, hacule. 

1 In the MS. the i is placed over an c. denotes as well a linen blanket only as 

e R. W. a bed, marriage-bed in general. The 

2 The MS. has : blatta. R. W. meaning of dp is : tent, booth. Cf. Ca- 

3 Bosw. 2()q thinks broel&n Anglo-Saxon tercus. R. W. 
word corrupted from Latin brolium or 6 Cylle means a censer. Cf. storcylle 
briolium. But the scribe, no doubt, used Aelfr - Hom - n 294 R - W. 

broel as an Latin expression. R. W. 7 Meo denotes a kind of shoe, pedule. 

4 The scribe means xaxo^u^avof . R.W. Cf - Bosw - 45m - R - W. 
6 Cadurcus, used by luvenal 7, 221, 


Calamistrum, walcspinl. Captiose, hedendlice. 

Calumpnia, accusatio falsa, hosp, Captiuus, hseftling. 

hearmsprsec, holtihte. Capsa, uel snod. 

Camera, arcus, fornax, bigels, boga, Caper, hsefergat. 

incleofa. 5 Capella, tuba, scofle, spadu. 

Camerarius, burden. Capilli, heafodhser. 

Camematus, gescend. Gapillatura, locgewind, uel fexnes. 

Campana, cimbala, belle. Capillamenta, rawe, drisne. 

Caninus, tux. Capitulatio, raearcung. 

Candelle, burne. 10 Capitula, uel heafodbolstor, origo 

Canna, eb\ l harundo, calamus, uel angin. 

bune. Capital, lex, heafod. 3 

Cannabum, hsenep, uel pis. Capitate, heafodclaj), uel wangere. 

Cannalis, J)ryng. Capistrum, hselfter, uel cgelfster. 

Cannabin, g. hsenep. 15 Capitoli, hearges. 

Cancer, crabba, forceps, hseferbite. Capia,* raa. 
Gancella, gesceot, gradus ligneus. Capiat, gegripe, retineat. 

Cantabiles, wynsume. Capitium, hod. 

Cantarus, ubi aqua mittitur, uel Capiclum, clufu. 

ydria, tunne, uel animal, wifel. 20 Capulus, manubrium gladii uel unius- 
Cantilena, a canendo, modulatio, uel cuiusque rei, mid hilte. 

sarlic blis. Carbasus, tumor ueli, seglbosm. 

Cantionum, uel galdra. Carbasa, uela nauium, seglbosmas. 

Cantiy felga. Carbasini, gsersgrene. 

Canalis, J)ruh, uel mylentroh. 25 Carbunculi, bylas. 

Cana 2 uellus, wulflys. Carcesia } summitas mali, et genus 

Canistrum, uas uinetum, uel tsenel. poculorum, uel buna. 

Caniglata, maalsceafa. Carceria sunt in cacumine arboris 

Canile, domus canis, hundahus. trocliae, quasi flicteria, per quas 

Canini, tuxas. 30 funes trahuntur, maestlon. 5 

Canities, grauitas, senectus, bar- Career, dictus a coarcendo, witern. 

wengnes. Cardis, J)istlum. 

Canis, uel canicula, stella quae Sirius Cardiacus, dicitur qui patitur labo- 

uocatur, se hara-steorra. rem cordis, uel morbus cordis, 

Canonica, tidsangas. 35 heort-cojm, uel ece, modseocnes, 

Conor, modulatio, weor{wng, uel uel unmiht. 

cantus. Carpentarius, wsenwyrhta. 

Capax, qui multum capit, andgetul, Carpere, arripere, twiccian. 

gripul, nurnul. Carperabat, genicelde. 

Captura, detentio, captio, hseft, uel 40 Carpella, sadolboga. 

wer. Carpobalsamum, balsames blsed. 

1 eV seems to mean ebraice ; but can- word. I suppose lex to be a Latin word 
na (xavva) is met with as well in Latin and heafod a literal translation of capi- 
as in Greek. R. W. tal. R. W. 

2 An error of the glossator for lana. 4 An error for caprea. R. W. 

R. W. 5 Bosw. 44 f printed: mcestlor, but the 

8 "Wright printed capital lex -heafod MS. has: mcestlon. R. W. 
as if lex - heafod were an Anglo - Saxon 


Carnali commercio, flaesclicum ge- Casla,* spring. 

mange. Castalidas nymphas, J)a manfullan 

Carnifex, interfector, feorhbona. gydena, uel dunelfa. 

Carpsit, discerpsit, trahit, euellit, uel Castor, befer. 

tsest. 5 Castra, oppida, loca altissima sita, 

Carpunt, uellint, plucciaj). dicta quasi casa alta, herewic, 

Cartallus, fiscella, windel. uel gefylco. 

CartilagO) grundsopa. Cataplasma, medicamentum, cli]m. 

Coriza, sternutatio, fnora. Catacrinas, hypban. 

Carracutium, uehiculum, scrid, quasi 10 Catalecticusj ubi in pede uersus una 

carrum acutum. sillaba deest, \>y metercund. 

Caradrum, dolor ossium t banwserc. Cataclismus, diluuium, brym, uel 
Caracalla, cappa. holm. 

CaractiSj waster}) ruh. Catarticum potus, lybcorn. 4 

Caracter, g., stilus, Jigura, ferrum 15 Catasta } genus supplicii eculeo simile, 

coloratum, quo note pecudibus uel woepe, nomen ludi, uel geled, 

inuruntur, mearcisern. quadrupalium. 

Carismata dona, gastgifu, uel haligu. Catenatis lacertis, geracod teagodum 
Cariar, bsedling. 1 earmum. 

Cariscus, modica musca, wic, uel 20 Catercus, cip. 

cwicbeam. Cateruatim, gregatim y multipliciter, 

Carix, secg. heapmselum. 

Caries, putredo lignorum, uel ferri, Catus, doctus, ingeniosus, sacer, uel 

sindor, uel uestutas. bolla. 

Carlos, lybbestran. 25 Catholicus, geleaflful, rectus. 

Carecta } loca caricis plena, spina- Catholice fidei, J)aes geleaflican ge- 

curium, secgihtig, uel hreodihtig. leafan. 

Carectum, hreod. Capriolus, raa. 

Care uendidit, deore bebohte. Capriole, rsege. 

Carolios, atrox, inobediens, unhere. 30 Caprioli, dicti quod capiant arbores, 
Cassabundus, uacillans, titubans, wingeardhocgas. 

hreosende. Cauantur, euacuantur, f)yrliaj). 

Cassaretur, aidlad. 2 ,Caw, splendida, hoi. 

Cassatum, hid. Cauea, domus in theatro, deorfald. 

Cassata, forhrered. 35 Cauernamen, wrong. 

Casses, retia, uel cassan. Cauernas, holu, speluncas, scrsefu, 

Cassium, conum, helm. concauas petras. 

Cassidis, helmes. Cauillum, cauillatio, conuitium, bism- 

Cassidile, wung. rung, geflit. 

Cassibus, calamitatibus, uel ferum, 40 Cauta, waerlic, sollicita. 

uel helme. Cauculus, dolor renum, uel lapis in 

Cassus, inanis, scelus, malum, uacuus, uesice, blaedre, i. urina in lapidem 

uel fser. uertitur. 

1 ladling denotes a carrier of letters. * An error for Castalia, I suppose. 
Cf- Bosw. pag. I2i. R. W. R. W. 

2 So read I. Wright has : asolad. * lybcorn means : wild saffron, cartha- 

R. W. ww. R. W. 


Caucale, ease, uel naester. Ceruleus, i. glaucus, grenehsewen, 

Cauda, steort. fab, deorc. Color est inter album 

Cauterium, mearcisern, uel tynder. 1 et nigrum, subniger. 

Cautela, i. astutia, wserscipe. Cerulei profundi, deorcre dypan. 

Cautere, i. aam. 2 5 Ceruleis turbinibus, lageflodum J>ode- 

Cautes, i. aspera saxa in mari, uel num. 

torres, uel cludas, uel rupes. Cerimingius, hearpanstapas. 

Caulas, g., locu, i. munimenta ouium, Gerotum, unguentum de cera, wex- 

uel sepimenta ouilium. sealf. 

Caulus, cawel. 10 Centuclum, felt. 

Cauliculus, steola, ranunculus, twigu. Centumcilio, i. pellis, feleferd, uel 
Caulon, crop. centumpellis . 

Caupus, i. tabernarius qui uinum Centipillium, i. omentum, film. 

uendit, tseppere. Celeum, ceruise, ealu. 

Cautus, i. sagaxj prouidens, acutus, 15 Celestis bibliothece, bocgesainnunge. 

waer. Celibatus, i. sine uxore uir, uel ui- 

Confirmatio, fsestnung. duatus, uel abstinentia uirginitatis, 

Caumene, hlywjja, uel eordreste. clsengeorn. 

Caumatio, swolig. [syfad. Celibes, i, casti, steriles, celestem 

Causatur, i. querelatur, causam dicit, 20 uitam ducentes, claengeorne. 
Causauit, seofade. Celibea Tempe, heofenlicre raeminge. 

Caustica, nocens, unhere, sce})dende. Celsa agreste, sicomorus, heortberge. 
Causas, res, incan, uel J)ing. Cellarium, incleofa, sic dictum quia 

Causidicus, i. legator, disertus, facun- in ea colligantur minister ia men- 

dus, spelboda. 25 sarum uel quae necessaria uictui 

Cerimoniae, i. hostiae, ritus sacri- supersunt. 

ficandi, religiones, sacrificia, geld. Celatum, i.pictum, agrafen, astemped. 
Cereus, wexcandel. Celatura, i. sculptura, grseft. 

Cerealis pistor, i. gristra. Celon, stempirigisern. 

Cerethei, rsedehere. 30 Celox, uel cilion, i. species nauis, i. 

Cereuma, uel celeuma, idem et toma, ceol, uel stempingisern. 

i. leta cantatio, lewisplega, Cementum, i. cesura lapidis, uel lim, 

Cerebrum, brsegen, uel exe. uel mendacium cogitatum. 

Ceratos agros, gedyngde aeceras. Cementa, i. petre, grundstanas, uel 

Cerastusj tapor. 35 funes. 

Ceruinus, dunfealu. Ceminigi, hearpanstala. 

Ceruix, sweora. Cenosas, J)a fennigan meras, z. pa- 

Ceruical, i. capitale, bolster, uel ludes paludosas, uel adelihtan, 

wongere. fulan, hitosas, fetidas, immundas. 

Certaui, contendi, ic flat, pugnaui, 40 Ceno, i. luto, mixe, horwe. 

ic wan, conaui, dimicaui. Cenobium, i. congregatio, mynsterlif. 

Cercinum, risn. Cenantibus, i. uescentibus, reorden- 

Ceruellum, i. ceutrum, brsegen. dum. 

Cerula, uel nox, uel celina, i. nigra > Cenum, i. luti uorago, uel lutum sub 

obscura undo,, uel laguflod. 45 aquis fetidum, i. wase, uel fsen. 

1 Cf. caracter pag. 200 1. 15. R. W. 2 xavrrjQiov denotes a marking-iron. 

B. W. 


Cenulentij i. lutosi, olidi, fule. Ciclamina, slite. 

Ceniluti, swina hlose. Cicla, orel, ryft. 

Congium reddit, tala, uel mycel gropa. Cicer, beancyn. 
Cetus, i. congregatio, conuentus, werud, Cicidemon, nsedderbita. 

multitudo. 5 Clone, stapole. 

Ceca formidine, blindre fyrhto. Ciula, ceol. 

Cephalus, g., heafodpanne. Cimosis, fleo on eagum. 

Cephalia, i. dolor capitis, uel cephal- Cimex, summitas arboris, uel ma])a. 

argia, heafod-wserc, uel ece. Cimentum, stanlim. 

Centrum, Jjrotbolla. 10 Cidaricus, handswyle. 

Cesa, i. abscisa, occisa, aheawen. Ciprum, cipersealf. 

Cesar earn tributum, i. r eg alls, gafol. Cipus, croplec. 
Cessam, i. desistam, cessauero, ic Clangenti sistro, sonanti tube, bla- 

gestille, uel ablinne. wendre. 

Cessio, i. tyj). 15 Clangor, tubarum sonus, uel uox 

Cesura, toheawenne. tubae, dyne, gejnm, cyrm. 

Chronographus, tidscriptor. Claua, fuste, steng, uel borda. 

Cinnamomum, resina, suderne rind. Claims calicularis, scohnsegl. 
Cinthium, mitra, snod. Claumentia, claua, steng. 

Cinum, hagan. 20 Glaus, lignum tentorii, uel telde. 

Cicinnus, i. uinnus, loc. Clauatum, sutum, uel gebyrd. 

CicindilibuS) weocum. Clauato, signato, getacnod. 

Cinereusj deterrimus color, sescfealu, Cadicla, wefl, uel oweb. 

uel sescgrseg. Glades, pestes, cwyld. 

Cittis, fylmenum. [fatum. 25 Clamosa, oferhlud. 

Ciatis, i. calathis, uasis, uel beod- Classica, sciphere, uel swegas. 
Cistula, sporta, uel cyst. Classicis, flotlicum, sciplicum. 

Cistella, capsilla, cartellum, tSBnel. Clasmatorius, efractor, husbrycel. 
Cisalpina, quasi circa 1 Alpes, ex ista Clarus, insignis, nobilis, perspicuus, 

parte, beheonan. 30 msere. 

Circillus, nauicula, uel heardheawa. Clatrum, i. pearroc, hegstaef. 
Cirrus, crinus, loc. Clatica, wefta. 

Circinnus, gafelrod. Cliuosum, i. inclinatum, clifsehtig. 

Circumspectio, circuitus, embe})onc, Cliens, i. socius, J>egn, gesi{)a. 

uel sceawung, cautio. 35 Clinice, i. lectus, tetrus, fortihtend. 

Cirta, acdrenc, uel nomen loci. Cliuium, i. discensum, helde, burh- 

Circopythicos, sprinca. steal, 

Circumuenientium, embdrydiendra. Climaj i. plaga, ascensio, ej)l. 
Circentium, ringsittendra. 2 Cluit, pallet, uiget, nobilitat, {rin^, 

Cironitus, dun. 40 uel defendit. 

Circulus decenn&uenalis, se nigan- Clunis, renibus, coxe, gupan. 

teoj)a 3 getselcircul. Clustella, clusterloc. 

Cicur, i. mansuetus, placidus, man- Conici, conari, rseswian. 

pwsere. Commodus, i. honestus, congruus, 

1 There can be no doubt that this is 8 The scribe corrected niganteopa from 
an error for citra Alpes. neoganteopa. R. W. 

2 The MS. has : embringsittendra. B.W. 


utilis, aptus, gehyj)lic, }>aeslic, uel Commentarius, stsertractere, uel hal- 

gescraepe. sere. 

Commodum, lucrum, utile, laen, ge- Commeatos, sande. [dan. 

scrsepe. Comeant, simul pergebant, midfer- 

Commodius, congruentius, gehyj)licor. 5-Comeans, socius, gesij)a. 
Commoditas, i. utilitas, behefnes, Commanipularius, collega, miles, in- 

nytweorjmes. cempa, uel gescota. 

Commolitis, forgrundenum. Commanipulares, commilitones, socii, 

Comosus, sceagode. gefylce. 

Comotio, gewrixl. 10 Competa clausa, betyndan wega ge- 

Commisura, s. dicitur tabularum con- laetan. 

iunctio, gefeg, cimbing, clut, uel Competis, terminis, wega gelsetum. 

flihteclaf. Competum, uel compitum, i. uilla, 

Comis, uel ramis, i. bogum. uel Jjingstow, uel J)rop. 

Cominiscitur, recordatur, commen- 15 Competitor, amicus, uel rogator bap- 

tatur, fingitur, he sarwaj). tismi, fulwihtbena. 

Comicus, s. est qui comedia 1 scribit, Compendiose, breuiter, gsegne. 

cantator, uel artifex canticorum Compendiosius, ametendlicor. 

seculorum, idem satyricus, i. scop, Comperhennis, ece efenlic. 

ioculator, poeta. 20 Comperit, i. intellexit, cognouit, in- 

Comitatus, consecutus, uel gesij)- uenit, didicit } onfunde. 

raeden. Competentes partiunculas, conueni- 

Comite uita, sospite uitae, 2 gelsesten- entes, gelimplice daele. 

dum life. Competentibus horis, on J)seslicum 

Cnmmisio, conflictus, gefeoht. 25 timan. 

Commilitonibus, sociis, uel campge- Compagines, i. coniunctiones, iunc- 

ferum, uel gerefum. turae, gefeg. 

Comitiales, i. garritores, uel dies Compagem, iuncturam, uel gegade- 

mensi, uel ylfie, uel monajjseoce, rung. 

uel dagas. 30 Compaginum, coniunctionum, gefo- 

Comitiorum dies, honorum dies, ar- gum. 

dagas, uel weordungdagas. Compar germane, similis fratri, ge- 

Commissoria, tabularum coniunctio, msec. 

treowfeging. Comparatus, i. assimilatus, geefen- 

Comitata, i. sociata, gemidsij)egad, 35 Head, inuentus, wij)meten. 

uel geferlseht. Comparare, i. emere, uel ceapigan. 

Comitarisne tuf hu ne midsij)gadest Comparatio, wipmetenes. 

j)u? Copla, poples, horn. 

Commissus, preceptum, beboden. Compos . . . potens, facelus, potens, 

Committat, tradat, uel gefremej). 40 prudens, uel getselwis. 
Comitatur, sequitur, midsij)ige. Comptus, i. ornatus, geglengad. 

Commenta, i. tractationes, machina- Communi diuidendo actio, gemanan 

menta, excogitata, adiumenta, astu- gedal. 

tia, argumenta, machinationes,Jicta, Completorium, gefyllingtid. 8 

fraudes, onj)anc, dicta, mendacia, 45 Complodere, uel concutere, conlidere, 

sarwa. cnyllan. 

1 Read comedias. II. W. 3 Completorium was the last of the 

2 An error for uita. R. W. 


Conpluta, bolster. Confudisti, conturbasti, uel gedrefdest, 

Complanans, geemnettende. diuidisti, j)U gescendest. 

Conprehensus, oferfangen. Confugium, i. statium, portus, hyj). 

Copsus, syl, securis. Coniectura, i. opinatio, estimatio, in- 

Conprobat, gesej}. 5 terpretatio,uelrsds'wuug,uel'rsedel3, 

Coaptat, i. coniungat, ge))8eslaecj). consimilia. 

Coagulum, ceslyb. Consero, i. interpono, coniecto, con- 

Coagitatum, geheapod. iungo, ic embsette. 

Coagolatio, gemang. [uorum. Consessum, gemot. 

Coax i. era, uox ranarum uel cor- 10 Consenior, efenealda. [getred. 

Coangustant, arctant, genyrwia}). Constipatio, i. conuentio hominum, 

Conflagrat, i. conburet, he ameraj), Constipata, i. consita, repleta, cir- 

concremat. <. [blawerr. CMm^a^emb^rungenjWe^hringed. 1 

Conflatum, incenswn, onseled, ge- Constipuit, i. defecit, geswej)rade, uel 
Confragosum, cyrmende. 15 congregauit. 

Confectos, i. composites, mixtos, uel Consternat, i. perterritat, contristat, 

bewelde. conuincat, indomitat, fyrhtaj), ge- 

Conflixit, i. certauit, gewon. breg}), geacolmodaj), deicit, uel 

Confricatus, i- limatus, exprimatus, ofercym}), confudit. 

tocwysed, uel gebeowed. 20 Constans, stabilis, gestae{)J)ig, anrsede. 

Confrixa, gecocsade. Consistorium, stalern. 

Confirmatio, assertio, trymnes. Consideratus, cordatus, wel bescea- 

Confirmo, i. astruo, ic gesej>e, uel wod. 

afaestnie. Consideratio, foresceawung. 

Confidant, i. confundam, ic genseto. 25 Consuluit, i. ammonuit, interrogauit, 
Conficiebantur, efenstaledan. befran. 

Cognata, i. coniuncta, propinqua, Consulens, i. consilium tenens, proui- 

gesib, uel cuj). dens, uel rsedende. 

Cognate propinquitatis, msegcuj)re Consulo, i. requiro, uel inquiro, ic 

sibbe. 30 frine, uel ic rsede. 

Conglutinata, commixta, gelimed. Consultas, consilia, rsedas. 

Congelauerat, tosomne gerset. Consumptor, i. deuorator, gifre, 

Congrua, i. conuenientia, })a gelimp- graedig, gluto. 

lican, jjaeslic. Consumptum, i. deuoratum, degluti- 

Con^rz/W7z^gej>3esl88caj), weZ^aeslsecan. 35 turn, ofertogen, finitum. 
Congressibus, i. pugnis, of anwigum, Consuetam opem, gewunelic weorc. 

uel gewinnum. Consuetudinariis, gewunelican. 

Congrediens certando, winnende. Consummabilis aeui, gefyllendlicre 

Confutat, i. confundit, conuincit, ofer- eldo, impleto aeuo. 

stselj), gescent. 40 Conspicatio, i. conspirago, facen- 

Confusuni) Lpermixtum, inconditum, gecwys. 

obscurum, inordinatum, impolitum, Conspirauerant, geanlaehtan, uel ge- 

uel forscamed. anwyrdan. 

canonical hours, which completed the re- l Cf. circentium, pag. 204 1. 39. K. W. 

ligious service of the day. It is here 2 j n Andreas 1. 377 we meet with 

rather literally translated by the Anglo- acolmod in the meaning of: timid, of a 

Saxon word. fearful mind. R. W. 


Conspiret, i. consentiet, gej)wserie, Colestrum, beost. 3 

uel samod orjrie. 1 Colum, cum quo colat uinum, uel 

Conspicue, i. preclare, healice, instrumentum rusticum, uel in- 

beorhtlice. testinum cratis, uel roscidum, uel 

Consobrini, i. ex sorore et fratre, 5 wulmod, uel carlo, rop. 

uel ex duabus sororibus, geswegran, Columbarium, ma3St. 

gesweosternu, uel gesweoras. Conluctantia, depugnantia, J)a sam- 

Consobrinus, films patruelis, sweor. winnendan. 

Consocierunt, coniunxerunt, geferlseh- Conlidit, i. allidit, setspearn, ojfendit. 

ton. 10 Conliserint, tosomne cnyllaj). 

Consona, geswege. Colibates,* hegsteald men. 

Colonus, i. incola, cultor, inquilinus, Colica, colum, ropwaerc. 

bigenga, tilia, inbuend. Colimbus, i. concrematus, uel waeter- 

Cotono fine, gebyrdum gemsere. gelset. 

Coloni nimbi, i. manna, pluuiae famu- 15 Colit, i. uenerat, begaej). 

lantes, gej)ensume scuras. Collidium, unmyrge plega. 

Colostrum, i, lac nouum, beost, uel Contabescunt, i. exsiccant, hy aswin- 

obestum. da|), uel heo beoj) unblijie. 

Colomata, hacole. Contribulus, i. dues, consanguineus, 

Collocatio, i. extremitas, gestajjelung. 20 maeg, gelanda, parens, gesib, pro- 
Colos, i. color conciliates, copor. pinquus, uel simul tribulatus. 

Colosus, i. infirmuS) hreof. Contritio, gc{)r8estednes, uel gebry- 

Colomacus, genesta, has}). sednes, forgnidennes. 

Colobium, dictum quia longum est, et Contriuit, gej>raeste, minuit, fortraed. 

sine manicis, lof>a, horn, uel smoc, 25 Contemplus, i. contemptio, forhogung. 

mentel. Contemplatio, foresceawung. 

Conlatum, i. simbolum, confessio, con- Contemplantibus, intuentibus, scea- 

gregatum, datum, simul conporta- wiendum. 

turn, tributum, uel Jmrhtogen. Contentus, i. sufficiens, ej?helde, uel 

Conlatio, i. conductio, comparatio, 30 gej)aef, fulhealden. 

consiliatio, i.+datio, contentio, ge- Contenta, sinu concluso, belocenum 

Jjeahtung, gescead, uel racu. 2 fenge. 

Colapsus, i. colafus, pugnus, fyst, Conterat, genset, geyrm}), forbryt, 

uel tarastrus* tobrecj). 

Conlationes, raca. 35 Contegit, i. consult, be|)eacj). 

Collarium, sweorclaj), uel teg, uel Contecta, bej>eaht. 

sal. Contmgat, i. fiat, eueniat, pertinet, 

Collatumj i. uas in quo deportatur attingat, tangat, petat, aetrinj), 

uinum, uel crogcyn. getilj). 

Collegiati, raepingweardas. 40 Contigit, i. accidit, euenit, gelamp,5 

Colera, uentris infiatio, uel solutio, getilde. 

wyrms. Conticinium, cwyldtid, swignes. 

Colerata, fucata, getselged. Conticiscent, silebant, uel siccitan. 

1 Wright by a misprint has: samod- 3 Cf. colostrum pag. 210, 1. 17. R. W. 
onpie. Orpiori means spirare, samod orpie 4 So the MS. R. W. 

is therefore a literal translation of: con- 5 gdimp is corrected to g damp in the 

spirare. Cf. Bosw. pag. 52h. R. W. MS. R. W. 

2 The MS. has : of racu. R. W. 



Continet, i. habet, tenet, embhaei)). Codices, onheawas. uel rinda. 
Continuanda, to anise ten ne. Conditio, i. status, iudicio, procreatio, 

Contubernia, societas, gemana. natura, sors, regula, lex, rectitudo, 

Contubernalis, i. domesticus, comes, gescsep, gewyrd, gescaeft, gebyrd. 

conuiua, assecla, gejjofta. 5 Condensa, i. spissa, secreta, J)icce, 

Contubernali sodalitate, gej)eodlicre uel ofer|)eaht. 

geferraedenne. Condescendo, nij>er astigende. 

Contumax, i. superbus, anmoda, con- Condolomata, articula, leoj)u-sar, uel 

templor. ge])ind. 

Contudit, i. domauit, forstynt, freg'it, 10 Conductor, mercennarius, hyra. 

compressit. Conductum, gearnwinde. 

Cotula, uel catus, bolla. Conductio, gehyrung, uel behyred 

Contractauit, i. palpauit, gegrapade. feoh. 

Contra mille nocendi artes, ongsen Conuiator, gegenga. 

})usendfealde deriende craeftas. 15 Conuictor, conuiua, gebeor. 
Contionator, i. locutor, inotere, uel Corimbi, i. uiti racemi, uel 'botriones, 

maj)elere. uel circuli, wingeard-hringas, uel 

Contionatur, i. conclamat, loquitur, bergan, uel croppas, bacce. 

contestatur in populo, ma})ela{). Corimbus, cacumen nauis, leahtroh. 

Contrecta, i. palpa, handla. 20 Coriza, i. sternutatio, cartilagines, 

Cotizat, tseflaj). nebgebraec, uel fnora. 

Coticulus, uel coticula, lytel hwetstan. Cornipedum, hornfotedne. 
Cotilla, bolle. 1 Cordias, byttehlid. 

Cocula, aalfatu, crusne, uel heden. 2 Correctio, |}real. 

Omnia uasa coquendi sic dicuntur. 25 Corrector, styrend, increpator. 
Coculus, frence. Corporalis inlecebre, lichamlicre una- 

Cocologus, 9 wordsomnere. lefednesse. 

Coccum bistinctum, weolocread, uel Cohors, d.^ milites, uel J)reat. 

twihiwe god web. Coruscatio, i. fulgor, splendor, lig- 

Cocleae, lytle snaeglas, uel weolocas. 30 rassc, uel seling. 
Conuenticula, conuentus, gemetincga. Corupeta, gnohioc.5 
Conuenientes nuptae, gedafenlice for- Coragium, i. uirginale funus, uel 

gifene. wop. 

Conuersor, i. locumuto, utor, habito, Coortat, i. monet, uel corrigit, uel 

ic drohtige, maneo. 35 hyrt, docet. 

Conualuit, i. confortauit, gewyrpte. Concentus, i. adunationes multarum 
Conuolatus, alatus, flihtas. uocum, efenhleoj^rung, uel dream, 

Conuoluit, i. cingit, embhrincj). Concessit, i.permisit, concedit, alyfde, 

Conuical, nehgebur. dedit. 

Condit, i. abscondit, reseruat, uel 40 Concessio, tyj). 

selt, uel gehyt. Conceptos dolores, J)a angunnenan 

Condicta, i. decreta, uel cwidas. sar. 

Condiuit, saliuit, gendstredde. Conceptacula, andfenge-stowe. 

Condictiorius, esnecund. Conche, et cocleae, ssesnaeglas. 

1 Cf. cotula, 1. 12. R. W. * d means: dicit, dicitur or dicuntur. 

2 Cf nap- 911 1 ^fi R W 

5 I doubt whether the MS. has gnohioc 

3 The scribe means catalogus. R. W. or yuohioc. R. W. 


Conca, i coclea, raundleow. Cracinus, worhen. 

Concidit, i. cecidit, uel tosloh, for- Grama, fleote. 

heow. Crabro, hyrnetu. 

Conciliabulwn, locus sinodali, 1 sina})- Crebrat, i. frangit, sift. 

stow. 5 Crebrum, cribellum, sife. 

Goncinnatas, congregatas, geheapod. Crepaculum, sonum, dyne, we/gej)un. 
Concisium, scelle. Crepat, i. sonal, craca}), brastlajj. 

Concipit } i.accipit,intelligit,em\)re}i\>, Crementum, i. augmentum, wasstm, 

onfeng, geeacna)). ci]}. 

Concreta, i. commixta, coniuncta, co- 10 Cremium, t. frixorium, hyrstepanne. 

adunata, gerunnen. Crepundium, i. monile gutturis, myne. 

Concretio, i. coagolatio, cennung, Crepundia, i. insignia, indicia, cuna- 

gemang, gescaep. bula, fraetwunga. 

Gonclamatus, i. commotus, conuocatus, Crepuit, i. sonuit, brastlade. 

desperatus, uel loma. 15 Crepitat, i. resonat, scylj), cyrmj), 

Conclusion, finitum, embfangen. raescetteji. 

Coniuratus, i. concordatus, consen- Crepitus, i. sonitus, fragor, sonus, 

tiensj gemoda. conflictus, cyrm, flamen, fragor, 

Coniugalis, gemaeclic. sweg. 

Coniunctim, gaedertangne. 20 Crepitantia lora, brastliende bendas, 

Coniuncla, Jnstra. strengas ; uel bendas. 

Coniurante polo, mid Jwaeriendum Greta, i. nata, currus, J)oe, uel crast. 

heofene. Cretabulus, beaw. 

Coniuncto actu, ge])eodre daede. Crebris, i. spissis, gelomlicum. 

Conquirens, i. causans, meditans, uel 25 Crebro, i. celebro, frequenter, mani- 

begetend. festo, oft^ raedlice. 

Coeternus, efenece. Creporibus, byrstum. 

Coheres, efn yrfeweard. Crepo, ui, turn, sono, uel ic smuge. 

Coituras pergente, gegangende. Crests, cwictreow. [mandaed. 

Gonnuntiator, i. adsertor, gesej)end. 30 Crimen, i. peccatum, scyld, lehter, 
Concaluit, ahatode, exardescit. Grinis, -nalis, loc^ 

Conauerit, geteohhade. Crysolachan, i. aureum olus, uel atri- 

Conabuli, gej)eode. plex, i. tunmelde. 

Concutit, i. turbat, terreat, toscaecj), Cristas, i. comas, uel combas on 

ofyrysce}), percutit. 35 fugele, uel loccas. 

Cocula, crusne, uel heden. Crocus, i. lutei coloris, geolu. 

Coxe, ]}eoh. Croceus, i. rubicundus, rubeus, geolu ; 

Cratem, i. flecta, hyrdel, hege, uel grseg. 

flehtran. Grocata cacumina, J)a ageolewedan 

Craticula, hyrste, bsecering. 40 yplenu.3 

Cratus, bolla. Grouitorium, gasrstun. 

Gratium, waga. Cronculus, oncsaeta. 

Crapulatus, i. subito inebriatus, ofer- Crudescit, i. seuil, inualescit, reawde, 

fylled, geilleroccad. 2 uel blodgade. 

1 Read : sinodalis. quam potent crapulatus a vino = swa 

R. W. swa geillorocad (sic!) frara wine. R. W. 

3 I read yplenu or ypleno. Wright has 

2 Cf. Spelm. Psalterium, 11, 71: tan- yplenei. R. W. 


Cruentata, i. sanguinolenta, sangui- Cupidineo, on graedigum. 

nata, geblodgad, uel sanguinea. Cupa, uel cupo, byden. 
Cruscula, scinu. Cupide, i. auare, syfiende. 

Crus, sceanca. Cuiuis, cuilibet, senigum. 

Crustula, helsta, uel rinde. 5 Cudo, i. percutio, cedo, uel onfilte. 

Crucicola, rodbigenga. Cyrographum, i. conscriptio hominis, 

Crustus, cyrten. uel man, manualis scriptio, gewrit 

Cunabula, i. crepundia, initia, rudi- rseden, uel agnung. 

menta, uel panni infantiae, cild- Cyprum, coper. 

claj)as, uel cradelas, uel primordia. 10 Cyprinus, cypren. 
Cuneus, i. densus populus, turba, Cyclis, rynum. 

J)reat, uel getrymedfe|)a, uel wecg. Cyanea lapis, hsewenstan. 
Cuneata, gefered, sociata. Cycropide, cicropisces. 

Cuniullus, lytel waerc. 
Cuniculum, i. foramen, canalis, pu- 15 Decrepita, i. uetula, 1 forweren, ualde 

teum, monumentum, uel greop. senex. 

Cuniculus, snaegl, smygels. Decretum, i. institutum, positum, con- 

Cunctatur, i. dubitat, moratur, hesitat, silium, placitum, gejjoht, statutum, 

{jrydaj), trepidat, interrogat, tardat. laga ; dijfinitwn, gesetnes, indicium. 

Cupide, i auare, syfiende. 20 Decipulosa, i. inlecebrosa, leahter- 

Cubicularius, custos cubili, bed|)egn. fulle, uel forspenninga. 

Cubitum, elnboga, uel fsejim. Decanus, i. princeps militibus, uel 

Gubile, burcot. tyna aldor. 

Cuba, i. ulna, elnboga, uel hondwyrst. Decaluatum, decollatum, besceoren. 
Cumulus, i. tumulus, apex, aceruus, 25 De cortice cornu, of corntreowes 

coaceruatio, beorg. rindum. 

Cum in/ami eulogio, mid J)y unse|)elan De concordi, be gejwserlicre. 

gydde, uel unweorjslican. De consanguineo, of gesibbum, uel 

Cummi, teru. of freondhealdlicum. 

Cultrix, i. inseruiens, bigengestre. 30 Decliui, i.proni, inclinati, humiliati, 
Culmus, i. stramen spicarum, exerci- uel aheldre. 

tusy healm, uel stela. Deceptrix, fallax, seductrix, biswica. 

Culocrisolus, erpling. Deceptio, i.fraus, lotwraenc, biswic- 

Curia, i. domus consilii, conuentus, ung- 

gemothus, uel stow, congregatio. 35 Decruente, ofblodene. 
Curuanas, scethas. Defigitct* i. defatiget, lassat, swence]}, 

Cursat, currit, J)ocarad, cursltat. flagellat. 

Curuatura, biging. Defectura, aspringende. 

Curiosus, fyrwetgeorn. Defectus, i. terminus, asprungen, de- 

Curiositas, ferwetnes. 40 fectio. 

Curiose, fyrewyttre. Defectio, geteorung. 

Cur a (s. dicitur quod cor agitat, i. Defecatum, i. liquidum, purum, ahlut- 

conturbat), i. sollicitudo, cogitatio, trad. 

studium, uel medicina, curatio, uel Defrutum, i. uinum, medo, geswet, 

lacnung, uel gymen, uel hogu. 45 uel weall. 
Cucurrit, Jnirharn. Defricatum, abeowed. 

i Forwetet in the uiarglu 2 Sic MS. R. W. 


Defuit, i. absens fuit, ateorada, i. Demulceat, blanditur, olecce. 

absens fuit. Demptus, abscissus, genumen. 

Deglobere, spoliare, uel beflean. Dentile, toj)sticca. 

Degener, i. ignobilis, secnosle, dis- Dentale } s. est aratri pars prima 

similis parentibus. 5 in qua uomer inducitur quasi dens, 

Degeneri languors, aecnoslum adle, sule-reost, uel J)roc. 

uel unae}}elre. Densescit, spissat, 2 J)iccaJ). 

Degesta, i. disposita, clarificata, se- Deneger? i. ignoUlis, aecnosle, maegj)- 

rena, praeclara, uel gescerede. leas. 

Degenera^ mis})ihf). 10 Depeculatus, i. uastatus } depraedatus, 

Degestio, i. egestio, driting. depopulates } bescyred. 

Degenerante, gegecnosliendum. Dependo, i. reddo, persoluam, dabo, 

Delicatus, i. tenerus, querulus, amoe- salisfacio, sustento, mensuro, ic 

nus, unbrocheard, uel sefta, pom- agylde. 

posus, dilectus, mearuwe. 15 Deprauat, i. maculat, confundit, uel 

Deliciosa, i. amabilior, leta, ej)georn, gewe}), flectat. 

uel estful. De post fetantes, aefter |)on tuddor- 

Delicius, i. in deliciis amatus, est- fostre, uel of J)am si^borenum. 

georn, estful. Depo,* wefta. 

Delibratio, ymb})rydung. 20 Deponile, weftan. 

Delitescit, i. moramfacit, latet, occul- Depositum, i commendatum, Isen. 

tat, abscondit, betirij), uel dyrnj), Depromo, i. ostendo, profero, pro- 

tardat, lataj). tulero, exposuero, geyppe. 

Delinuit, olehte ; i. geloccade. Deprono saltu, of J>y mere. 

Delibor, i, immolor, uel ic beo on- 25 De recessibus, i. de occultis, uel de 

lesed, secretis interioribus, of lieolhstrum, 

Delumentum, i. lauatio, J)weal. of diglura. 

Deludis, i decipis, bepaehst 1 , uel \vse- Deruta, i. euersa, ahwerfde. 

gest. Derare, gewidagur gcdon. 

De latebrosis recessibus, of dynirnum 30 Destinatus, i. missus, ordinatus, depu- 

diglum, uel of dyrnum. tatus, uel foreteoh]}Hd. 

Delatera, unlybbe. Destitutae, i. derelictae, desertae, uel 

Delectatio, lustbsernes, uel lufsunines. toworpne. 

Delento fruto, of {)iccum felde, de Desertor, i- interfector, seduclor, 

denso campo. 35 seswica/ uastator. 

Delenifica, blij)e word. Deserta, s. uocata quae non seruntur, 

Delebra, tang. destituta, alaetan. 

Demolitur, bid forsworfen, z. extermi- Desequuntur, i. accusabant, uel mel- 

natur, uel forgniden. dadan. 

Demoniaticus, insanus, amens, uel 40 Desteruit, somniauit, rent. 

woda. Desiderabilis, wilsumlic. 

Demonico globo, deofelicum gefer- Desidet, i, discordat, uel desistit, 

scipe. distat, defert, unsibbaj). 

Deminute, gewanude, uel gelytlade., tetrej). 

1 Cf. Ros\v. pag. I5P; Leo, pag. ^10. R.VV. 4 An error for deponile, see the next 

2 The MS reads : tpiasas. ' R. W. word R. W. 

8 Sic MS. R. W. 5 Theglossator means: ascwiga. R. W. 


Desiduus, i. desidiosus, ignauus, dm- Deditio, i. traditio, handgang. 

turnus, disiduo i. diuturne, simle. Dedignor, ic forhogige. 
Desile, bor. Dedalei tecti, of daliscre J)ecerie. 

Desiderantissimus, i. qui desideratur, Debita, i. obnoxia, merita, iura, nead. 

gelustfullesta. 5 Debita pensio, i. digna tributa, geda- 

Desiccet, adrugie. fene gaful. 

De sanguinibus, of blodgemongum. Debitis, gedcfum, congruis. 
Desolutus, i. liberatus, onlesed, un- Debitus usus, i. congruus, neadge- 

sseled. wuna, uel geneadod bryce. 

Desolatum, i. orbatum, toslopen, dis- 10 Debitor, i. obnoxius, reus, uel nead- 

sipatum. gylda. 

Desoluit, arafa]}. [lysend. Deordinauit, i. exauctorauit, gehende. 

Desolator, uastator, wcstend, to- Dehiscens, i. absorbens, subsidens, 
Desudans, i. laborans, winnende, uel aperiens, inhians, patefaciens, scin- 

swaetende. 15 dens, uel cinende. 

Deter iorauerunt, wyrsadon. Dealibus, i. deificis, godlicum. 

Deteriora, J)a ssemran. Deambulacrum, circuitus, embgong. 

Deterius, wyrs. Dealbabor, ic beo gehwitad, uel 

Detrudere, sy J)u onbesceofen. ablicen. 

Detrusis, i. expulsis, uel escclusis, 20 Dextrocerium, i. brachiale, armillum, 

praecipitatis, onbesceofenum, per- uel torium, earmbeag. 

turbatis. Dextralis, i. dextre abilis } handaex. 

Detractatio, uituperatio, tsel. Dextro cornu, fram swipre healfe. 

Detritu rugine, agnidene. Deiectior, aworpenra, t. humilior. 

Deturpans, i. dissipans, maculans, 25 Dictator, i. dictor, relator, praeceptor, 

atoliende. imperator, dihtnere ; ordinator, pre- 

Deuotus, i. largus, honorabilis, cystig, scriptor. 

uoluntarius. Dictu, i. dicione, sagu, uel oratione. 

Deuotio, i. obsequio, bonitas, honor, Dido, uel arbitrio, iudicio, uel ra- 

estfulnes. 30 tione, lege, uel dihte. 

Deuenustat, deforrnat, gcatolhiwaj). Dicax, i.facundus, qui uerbis iocatur 
Deuium, sloh. in quamlibet rein, uel cwedel. 

Deuia, s. loca secreta el abdita, quasi Di/ert, i. moratur, prolongat, susti- 

extra uia, uel inuia, sine uia, or- net, distal, diuidit, tardat, elcaj), 

wegnes. 35 uel tostsent. 1 

Deuia callus, orweg stig. Dijferentius, i. eminentius, todaeled- 

Deuiat, i. errat, declinat, onwoh cerj). licor, uel rum. 

Deuidgatissimum, i. opinatissimwn, Diffusa, i. sparsa, dispersa, to- 

J)one hlisfullestan. braedde. 

Deifice contemplationis, ]}sere god- 40 Dijfidentia, disperantia,' 2 ' ortreownes. 

lican, uel godcundre besceawunga. Difficiliore, i. grauiore, earfe{)ran. 
Dehinc, i. deinde, abhinc, rursum, Digesti, i. sereni, leui, uel praedicti, 

. . . dein, uel ]}onane, uel forjjan. gelihte. 

De ingenito fomite, of gecyndelicre Digesta, i. ordinata, composita, uel 

tyndran. 45 exposita, enarata, geendebyrde. 

1 See Leo, ags. gloss, pag. 47 (i, 33 and 2 So the MS. R. W, 

Bosw. pag. 77". R. W. 


Dignitas, z. honestas, excellentia, fas- turn, sefwendla, wonung, worn, 

tigium, weor|)scipe, uel ge{>ungen- wana, uel henjm. 

nes. Dispersae, i. distribute, date, J)a ge- 

Digniiosa, i. mediocriter, medomlicc. strodnan, uel tostencte. 

Dignissimus, se weor{)esta. 5 Disperatio,* ormodnes. 

Digamma, uel uau, uel f. Dispertiens, brytniende. 

Dinexa, i. uetusta, J)a ealdan. Discoforus, discifer, uel stiweard. 

Dinosci, intellegi, tocnawen. Discolus,i.dijficilis,contrarius,w'i^er- 

Dimissa, i- humilia, abogene, to- cora. 

slopene. 10 Discordator, discors, ungej)wsera. 

Dilatio, i< mora, elding. Discoriat, hylde|). 

Dilatum, i. adductum, amplificatum, Discolor, i. dissimilis, ungebleoh, 

proditum, prolongation, geyld. sine colore. 

Dilatant, tobraedaj). Discrimen, L periculum, damnum, 

Dilatauerunt, i. aperuerunt, hi geo- 15 orleahter. 

penadon. Discriminale, uplegen, uel caefing. 

Dilitum, gegniden. Discriminare, tosceadan, i. diuidere. 

Dilitiscendo, mi]>ende. Disenteria } blodig utsiht. 

Dilituisse, i. celasse, gedyrnan. Dissentio, discordia, uel geter. 

Diligenter, willendlice. 20 Dissertitudo, astutia, gleawnes. 

Dilectaque rura, and j)a lufwende Dissides, i. tardi, laete. 

eardas, uel leofe. Dissiluit, descendit, gelihte, uel dis- 

Diriuatiuum, deductum, scyriendlic. silit. 

Diriguit, i. obstipuit, horruit, in- Dissiliunt, toscutan. 

duruit, ablycde. 25 Discidium, i. separatio, diuisio, ruma. 

Diripio, i. rapio, abstraho, aufero, Discipulatus, lareowdom ; uel leor- 

eripio, ic aetbrede, uel ic forgripe. nung. 

Dirigit, i. regit, gerecej), extendit. Discrelum, detractum, uel gesceadwis- 
Dirigebar, ic wses gereht. lie. 

Directanei, fordrihte. 30 Discretor, i. diuisor, tosceadend. 

Dire parce, i. cbntrarii doctores, uel Discrepent, distant, tosceada]). 

re|>re wylfenne. 1 Discretio, L diuisio, gesceadwisnes. 

Diremptam,uastatam,uelgQr\umensiTi. Discretus, i. modestus, gesceadwis. 
Directi callis, rihtes si|)fsetes. Disparuit, i. euanuit, gedwan. 

Diro, grimre. 35 Dispari murice, ungemseccre wur- 

Dirutus, i. erutus, ahryred. man. 

Disceptant, lacerant, i. contendunt, Dispartire, tostenc. 

flita]), disputant. Distenta, i. extenta, ajjened, tobraed. 

Discerpit, lacerat, toslit, i. deuorat, Distentat, tobraede. 

carpit, ploccaj), discernit. 40 Distent, i. separent, tostandaj). 

Discerne, i. diiudica, toscead. Discrepat, discordat, interest, tostent. 

Dispectior, forsewenlicra. Distantes uires, i. discordes, tostan- 

Dispensatio, dihtnung, brytnung, scir, dendum maegna. 

gedal, uel diht. Distabuit, aswand. 

Dispendium, i. damnum, impedimen- 45 Disputat, i. tractat, estimat, contendit, 

turn, defectio, periculum, detrimen- uel flit. 

l Of. pag. 194 1.3, 6. K. W. 2 Sic MS. R. W. 


Disputatio, i. deceptio, seductio, con- Domuit, L uicit, mitigauit, wylde. 

tentio, beswicung, meditatio. Domui, hiwhrsedenne. 

Dislitutum, i. donatum, agifen. Dormitatio, hnappung. 

Distinat, i. disponit, contendit, mittit, Donatio, landbec. 2 

teohhaj), asent. 5 Donaria sancla, i, sacriftcia, halige 

Dissona, i. discordantia, incongrua, gife 

ungeswega, uel gehleo|)re, uel un- Dos,-tis, dotalis, i. wed ; gifu, uel 

gerade. faedren feoh. 

Dissociabile, i. separabile, insociabile, Dosmui, 3 thorie. 

ungeferlices. 10 Doto,-as, dono, uel gifu. 

Dissolutio^ towesnes, uel tolesednes, Dodrans, i. malina, egur. 

dispersio. Dodrante, dreariende. 

Discutiens, L iudicans, querens, uel Draconarius, i. uexillarius, signifer, 

swengende. segnbora. 

Dispono, ic geendebyrde, uel ge- 15 Dulcis sapor* i. dulcis odor, swete 

fadige, uel todsele. smsec. 

Distulit, i. moram fecit, tardauit, pro- Dulcisone, i. blanda, weredre, uel 

longauit, abduxit, ylde, elcode. wynsumre. 

Districtio, rigor, straec. 1 Dulcifauo, weredum beobreade, uel 

Districtior, i. rigidior, sti|jlicor. 20 swsesum. 
Distortum, misbroden. Dulcedo, werednes. 

Diuexum, i. inclinatum, pronum, Ductili, i. leui, fusili, uel astrenged. 

staej)hlepe. Dumus, i. spina, spineta, J)yrne. 

Diuortium, i. discidium, diuisio con- Dumas, spinas, uel grsefe. 

iugiorum, hiwgedal. [ un g ^5 Duodeno solio, twelffealdum setle. 

Diuinatio, prophetia, diuinitas, hals- Duodenus apex, twelffeald gej)ungen- 
Diuinos, ariolos, witgan. nes. 

Diua, welig. Dure, i. pertinaciter, pessime, heard- 

Diurnum, i. unius diei, daegrynum, lice. 

uel dseglicum. 30 Duxit, i. adduxit, brohte, uel esti- 

Diurne psalmodie, {jaas daeglican mauit. 

sealmsanges. Durus, crudelis, asper, sti|), repe. 

Diurnae asce, daegbryne mettas. 

Dolatum, i. incisum, planum, hywyt. Ea intentione, on ^a gerad. 
Dolatura, z. lota securis, brad asx. 35 Earundem, ^ara sylfra. 
Dolosus, i. insidiosus, fraudulentus, Ebur, i. os elefantis, a barro dictum, 

callidus, inwitful, uel racenful. i. ab elefanto, elpenban. 

Dolua, toroc. Eclipsis, i. solis uel lune defectio, 

Docta uitrix, gelasred ofer swij)estre. onsprungennes. 

Docta fastigia, gelaarede seprotu. 40 Echinus, i. piscis, cancer, uel seel. 
Domestica scissura, hiwcudlic geter. Eculeus, stimulus, uel ])rypel, genus 
Dote, gife. tormenti. 

Donat, gewelegade, forgaaf. Ecclesiasticis dogmatis, ciriclicre, doc- 

Domat, super at, gewylt, tern a J). trims. 

1 Wright by an error printed : street 3 Read : domui. R. W. 

R. W. 4 The MS. reads: sapa. R. W. 

2 A charter, or deed of land. 


Edax. i. uorax, uorator, etol, gifre. Egerere, ascrepan. 
Ederetur, nasceretur, i. manducetur, Egentum, })yrfendra. 

proferetur, waes geypt. Egestus, gebsero. 

Edes, i. templum, hofa. Egre, i. grauiter, dolenter, earfo|)lice. 

Edendis dapibus, setlicum estum. 5 Egella, gorst. 2 
Edita, i. alia, creata, formata, scripta, Egit, i. ducit, compulit, wraec. 

facta, instituta, nata, locuta, ad- Egra, adlig. 

nuntiata, roborata, uel gehigde. Elanguet, ablacode. 
Edite, L renate, renouate, reparate, Electrum, i. sucus arboris, cwicseol- 

constitute, uel gesettajs. 10 fer, uel msestling. 

Edilitas, aetnes. Elegans, i. speciosus, gratus, pulc/ier, 

Edisserit, i. explanat, enarrat, ex- wynsum, wlitig, praecipuus, mag- 

ponit, scripsit, refert, uel arecj). nus. 

Edomitus, untemed, wilde. Elefans, ylpend. 

Ejfatum, daed. 15 Elefantinosa, i. maximej [jaere un- 

Ejfarier, dicere, assecgan. smefmn. 

Efferus, i. seuerus, ferox, immansue- Elimat, i. mundat, expulit, excludit, 

tus, rej>a. forsweorfed. 

Effeto, i. sine foetu, ebetato, debili- Eliminate, adrifene, 

tato, euacuato, exinanito, ortydre 1 . 20 Eliquat, i. exprimit . . . mutilat, mi- 
Effeta, i. sine foetu, debilia, priuata, nuit, depremit, uel grint. 

sine fructu, uel gelde, uacuata, Elimi?io, i. distruo limitem, foras 

ineruata, sterilis, stulta. eicio, mortifico, expello, ic ut anyde, 

Effecit, i. perfecitj fecit, geworhte, uel drife, uel adyde. 

uel dampnauit. 25 Elideret, i. offenderet, ascrencte. 

Ejfectus, i.factus, operatic, portatus, Elisi, i. expressi, percussi, expulsi, 

peritia, fered, uel geworden. afflicti, cesi, flagellati, ut a{)yde 3 , 

Effectibus, i. operibus, monitionibus, uel ascrencte. 

uel dasdum. Elucubratum, i. meditatum, lucidum, 

Efficax, hwaet, i. citus, expeditus, 30 euigilatum, accensum, purum, hlutt- 

astutus, acutus, sollers, peritus, or. 

arud. Elumbem, i. eneruem, aswunden. 

EJficaciter, i. uelociter, caflice, scearp- Eludit, i. decipit, beswic}), awsegjj. 

lice. Elogium, i. fama, testamentum, uer- 

Efficit, i. perficit, facit, he gefremej), 35 bum, carmen, fanum, uel gyd. 

uel gewyrcj). Elogia, i. munus, lac. 

Ejfrenus, unmidled, uel unsaeled. Elbus, i. medius color, dyrcegrasg, 

Effrenate, amidludes. s. inter nigrum et album. 

EJFossis, i. euulsis, ut aneddum ; sub- Elongo, prolongo, ic ylde. 

uersis. 40 Eloquentia, peritia, getingnes. 

Effbth, bat. Eloquenter, getynglice. 

Effunde, i. sperne, sparge, trahe, Emarcuit, elanguit, ablacode. 

ateoh, interfice. Emature, gefiungenlice. 

Effugentur, syn afligde. Emergat, i. exsurgit, eleuat, exit, 

Ejfusione, on todale. 45 uenit, up amylj). 

1 So read I. Wright has : ontydre. R.W. 3 See Rosw. 4y. R. W. 

2 Gorst denotes a furze, erica, rubus. 

R. W. 



Emeritus, i. ueteranus miles, gejmng- Equitatus, ferdwerod 2 , uel eored- 

en, prefectus. gerid, . equitatio. 

Emellus, unmeagol. Equo, B maria, sseypa, uel holmas. 

Eminentia, i. sublimitas, excellentia, Erepta, uel abreptaf i. sublata, ge- 

celsitudo, oferhlifung. 5 ned, J)a genumenan. 

Emigraneus, i. uermis capitis, emi- Erassis, leohtum. 

graneum, i. dolor timporum, ])un- Erimius, hindbrer. 

wonga sar. Erugo, i. uitium frumenti, uel ferri, 

Emigrabit, ut asceadej). rust, om, uel tinea. 

Empticiusy i. emptor, uenditor, cepe- 10 Erugine, i. rubigine, of ruste, uel 

mon. ome. 

Emptorium, i. mercatus, ceapstow. Erue, i. defende, gener, uel arede. 
Emolumentum, i. lucrum, auxilium, Erumpunt, procedunt, up abrecafj, 

questum, uel lean, meritum la- fordbringa]}, toberstaj). 

boris. 15 Erumpens, i. exoriens, uphleapende. 

Emulari, i. imitari, uel ellenwodian. Eruta, i. distructa, up alocene, uel 
Emulus, i. contrarius, gewinna, wi J)er- ahrerede. 

winna, sefstig, wi|)erhycgende, emi- Eructuat, i. a corde emittit, bylcettej), 

nens. roccete}). 

Emulatio, i. dissensio, anhering. 20 Erubescant, ignescant, asceamen. 
Emunctoria, candeltwist. 1 Erpica, g., egj)e. 

Eneruat, i. marcescet, aswand. Erpicarius, egj)ere. 

Eneruus, i. sine uirtute, aswunden, Errabilisj uertibilis, hwerfende. 

emortuus. Erratibus, erroribus, gedwyldum. 

Eneruata, asleacod, asionad. 25 Eradicat, extirpat, up alucj). 

Eneruatius, i. debilius, sleaclice. Essentia, i. aeternitas, natura, wun- 

pweorlice. ung. 

Eneruiter, waclice, turpiter. Estus, i. fluctus, accessus maris, unda, 

Enistius, er{)ling. inquietude, uel recessus, uel cibus, 

Eoi magi, easterne tungelwitegan. 30 uel geter. 
Eotenus, i. eo decreto, ordine, hue Estuaria, fleotas. 

usque, uel forjjy. Ethereus, se roderlica. 

Equanimiter, emlice, simili modo. Euaginat, uttihjj. 

Epulemur, utan wistfullian, weZsimbl- Euanesco, i. euaneo, ic fordwine. 

ian. 35 Euertere, ahwerfdon, uel gehAvurfan 

Eques, i. homo equo portatus, sessor, towurpan. 

ridda. Euernenent? streawiap. 

Equester, qui equitat, rsede - wiga, Euellet, i. eruet, alyft. 

uel -cempa. Euellit, i. eradicat, exstirpat, ut 

Eque sonore, mid gedremum swege. 40 alucj) 
Equiparat, i. coequat, i. imitatur, E uestigio, statim, uel of laste. 

assimilat, uel wi|>ermet. Euidens, i. manifestus, patens, per- 

Equipensium, efenwsege. spicuus, cerium, sweotul, gewis. 

1 The Anglo-Saxoii name for a pair of is written uel ab, which means erepta, 
snuffers. uel abrepta- R. W. 

2 Wright printed: ferd gerod. R. W. * Perhaps an error of the scribe for: 
8 An error for equor. R. W. sternerent? R. W. 

* In the original over the E of Erepta 


E uirgine, fram wsepenleasre. Exesum, uel comessum, aholad, J>urh 

Inermi, femnan. etan fornumen. 

EuomatiO) speowung. Exequiis pluribus, msenigfealdum 

Exhalet, i. redolet, spiret, reddit, J)enungum. 

aj)yft, fetet, uel stem]}. 5 Exiliata, i. consumpta, wraecstye. 

Examen . . . uel indicium, rectitudo, Exigit, myngajj, i. desiderat, requirit, 

discussioj uel swearm. cupit, cogit, intellegit, araefna]). 

Examina, i. iudica, uel proba, uel Exitus, finis, ejfectus, terminus, egres- 

amere. 1 sus, utgong, endestaef. 

Exauctorauit, deordinauit, gehende. 10 Exitium, i. periculum, forjjsij), utsij), 
Exagium, onmitta. mors, perdictio. 

Exagonum, sixfeald. [craefte. Exhibeo, i. porrigo, prebeo, tribuo, 

Exametro heroico, sixfealdum leoj)- ic bryttie, dono, ostendo, ic bringe. 

Ex aditis, i. ex ingressibus, of in- Exhilaror, ic beo gegladad. 

ferum. \Ex integro, of anginne. 

Exhaustum, i. consumptum, siccatum, Eximia, nobilia, insignia, healicu. 

up abroden, pigrum. Exhilitas? hlasnnes. 

Euacuatum, aslacod. Exhibita, praeparata, gegearcod. 

Exacerbatio, irritatio, abolgennes. Excidium^ i. euersio, expugnatio, casus, 
Exactor j i. postulator, scyldlseta, t. 20 ruina, uel hereteam. 

monitor censum. Excidit, cecidit, uel gewat. 

Exacerbauit, i. prouocauit, adflixit, Excipiatur, i. segregatur, sy fram 

he tyride/ 2 abealg, uel onscunede. asceaden. [net arydred. 

Examinasti, probasti, asude. Expilatam, i. conquassatam, aj)ryd, 

Exaticum, 3 sixecge-bere. 25 Explicuit, i.formauit, uel ut alsedde. 

Exasperat, i. seuit, prouocat, uel Exquisitiores, smealicran. 

abiterie. Extirpat, i. exterminat, eradicat, 

Exercitiis, i. laboribus, studiis, bi- astifecad. 

gongum. Extipices, i. auruspices* halseras. 

Exercet, i. par at, adiuuat, begaej), 30 Extinctus, i. peremptus, occisus, mor- 

fatigat, gearwa{). tuus, adwassced,for^)faren,acweald. 

Exercendo, to beganne. Extrinsecus, i. separatim, utene. 

Exercitio, i. meditatio, gymen. Extricabile, unforfeored. 

Exercebor, i. laboraui, ic dearf. Exsicat, agat. [scrydde. 

Exercitate, ])sere getihtan. 35 Exfibulat, i. exsoluit, unspeon, un- 

Exercebat, fremede, beeode. Ex passo, i. ex caleficato uino, ofge* 

Exertum, i. sollicitum, edoctum, aper- weldum wine. 

turn, nacod, nudatum, aawaBde, 4 Exta, i. intestina, fibras pectorum, 

exporrectum, expeditum, bena3ced. hostiare, gesen. 

Exheredet, i. exalienat de hereditate,4QExtale, rop, snsedelfjearm, uel smeru- 

be yrfe weardige. Jjearm, uel bsecjjearm. 

Exerere, i. euaginare, proferre, exer- Extra, i. ultra, aliena, alia, plus, 

cere, uel abredan. praeter, uel fremde. 

1 Cf. Kosw. pag. 7b. R. W. 4 After sewsede the writer added : faes 

2 Wright has: lietyride. R. W. nacodan. R. W. 

3 The glo 8 sator means: hexastichum J^* g ^ SS ^ tor altere(i (X ^ itas t0 
(sc. hordcum). R. W. 6 Sic MS. R. W. 



Expedire, i. narrare, insinuare, ex- Exortatoria, memoriter, gemyndelice. 

planare, soluere, gerecean. Exordia, i. principia, frym})u. 

Explicitus, liber, efficatus, from, snel. Exortatio, i. monitio, doctrina, uel 
ExpedituSj i. generosus, hilaris, for- trymnes. 

tis t alacer, swift, promptus, para- 5 Exordinationes, misfadunga. 

lus. ExorUtantesj i. circuientes, declinan- 

Expedierunt, arsefdon, uel raeddon. tes, aswifende. 

Expedita, gefremed, i. intellecta, Exoliuerunt, i. tabuerunt, eruperunt, 

prompta, proferta. corripuerunt, uel geswej)redon. 

Expediet, gerecce. 10 Excolit, colit, begaej). 

Expeditio, i. praeparatio exercitus, Expositio, i. tractatio, traht. 

hergung, ferd. Explorat, i. inquirit . . . praedat . . . 

Expeditionibus, exercitibus, fyrdum. uastat, hergaj). 

Expensa, i. substantia, census, dseg- Explodit, atynej). 

wine. 15 Explodatur, i. expellatur, sy ut aned, 

Expenso, L finito, gedale. uel awrecen sy. 

ExpertuS) cognitus, i. probatus, in- Extorres, i. exules, peregrini, ut- 

uentusj ongeten, onfunden. lendan, extranet, vvreccean. 

Experimentum, i. testamentum, uel Extorli, ajjraeste. 

onfundennes. 20 Exprobatio^ i. improperatio, obiur- 

Expers, i. ignarus, alienus, sine gatio, edwit. 

parte, imperitus, mscius } priuatus, Excusorium, pauimentam, flor. 

ordsela. [nod. Excusetur, sy beladod. 

Experiri, i. inueniri, cognosce, acun- Excusso, i. emuncto, excitato, uel 
Experientia, onfundennes. 25 ascunad. 

Exspectabilessenatores,\>&meduwest- Excussor, accusator, wrohtberend. 

an ealdras. Excussatio, lad, ladung, uel wroht. 

Expresserant, i. assimilabant, uel Excubitores } heafodweardas. 

arehton. Excussit, i. deiecit, fram aswengde, 

Expressit, i manifestauit, ostendit } 30 uel todraf. 

ut aj}yde, ! uel awrang. Excussabile, ladiendlice. 

Extentio, i. tenacitas uentris, tentigo, Excutere, asceacan. 

gebind. Excussam, expulsam, asceacene. 

Exter, alienus, fremde. Excluditur, i. eiicitur, extra ponitur, 

Exterorum,i.peregrmoriim,,mi}-35 bij) ut alocan. 

enra. [end. Exulat, i. captiuatur, perigrinatur, 

Exterminator, uastator, westend, yt- eicitur, alienatur, fugatur, expel- 

Ex centra, i. ex media, of midlene. litur, wrseclastaj). 

Excessus, i. culpa, delicta, aegylt, Exul, i. peregrinus, alienus, utlenda. 

mislimp, uel tyddernes, circuitus, 40 Exultat, i. gaudet, laetatur, gehiht, 

bigas. gloriatur. 

Excesserit, i. culpauerit, fregerit, uel Exultatio, letitia, hihting. 

forgemeleasaj). Exugia, i. minctura, micgerne. 

Excedit, i. superat, gej)ih|), oferstihp. Exuuiae, spolie, reaf, t. uestes mortu- 
Excedat, oferstige. 45 orum, uel pelles ferarum, uel reaf- 

Exortatus, geypped. lac. 

i Cf. elisi pag. 227 1. 26. R. W. 


Exustus, i. spoliatus, forswaeld, for- Falcicula, hocisern. 

liej)ed. Falcarius, i. falciferens, uel falci- 

Exundauit, i. inundauit, aweol. fera, sif)berend, uel mae{)re. 

Exsumptuauit, pauperauit, geyrmde. Falcastrum, i. ferramentum curuum, 
Expulit, awearp, eiecit. 5 a similitu dine folds uocatum, wudu- 

Extremus, ytemeste. bil, uel foddur. 

Falsa imagine, leasse gehiwunga. 
Fastus, . . . elatio, . . . uel gejwngen- Falsi nebula, paes leasan scinlaecan. 

nes ; uel gelp, uel arrogantia. Falconus, hafocere. 

Fasti flatibus, i. superbie flatibus, 10 Faleras, i. jactabas, uel gehyrste. 

blsedum. Falanx, i. exercilus, multitude mili- 

Fastidium, i altitude f odium longum, turn, cohors, J>reat, herig, fej)a. 

contemptumj uel nausia, uel sejjrot, Falarica, L theca gladii, tele genus 

unmaegnes, aemelnes, aelengnes, uel uel aste 2 grandis, uel lancea magna, 

cisnes. 15 setgar. 

Fastidia, i. arrogantia, superbia, Fausta adclamantes, i. alto canendo } 

ae^rotu. uel herigend sang, uel lofsang. 

Fasces, i. honores, dignitates, plagas, Fauor, L fama, honor, testimonium 

triumphos, cynedomas, uel aldor, laudis, laus, laetitia, wyrj>mynd, 

uel gegerla, uel godweb. 20 uel hliwing. 

Fasce, i. onere, uel hefe. Fauorabilis, laudabilis,famosus, hlis- 

Fascellas, weoningas. ful. 

Skisellus, i. genus holeris, uel geneat. Fauus, i. fdbe, uel beobread. 
Faseacus, nomen auis, reodmu{)a. Fafamentio, 3 e{)ungum. 

Fabrefacfam, i, ornate conypositum, 25 Fauet, i. adulatur, oleccej), adiuuat, 

uel ornamentum, uel gestnidodum. opitulatur, assentit, hyrt, uel con- 

Fabrile, f;mi[)lice. sentit, placat. 

Fabre, i. perfecte, artejiciose, in- Fauillantium, yslendra. 

geniose, craeftig. Fauis, ]ju hliwsast. 

Fabafresa, gegrunden bean, s dicta 30 Fatidictu,* of sage. 

quia molata e$t. Fatiscit, uel fatescit, i. euanescit, 

Fabula, i. -bella, 1 spel, uel unnyt dissoluitur, desinit, discedit, lacessit, 

sprsec. fordvvinj), mylt, swe{)rede, aswand, 

Factio, i. coniuratio, conuuentus, ius, ateorade, dissipat, deficit. 

factiuncula, narratio, uel hosp. 35 Fatis, gewyrdum. 
Factiosa, falsa, wrohtbora. Fatigat, gewsece, uel drecce. 

Facinia, hortan. Fata, i. fortuna, euentus, uel dicta; 

Faccus, exercitus, here. locuta, gewyrda. 

Falerato, i- ornato, uelfictitio, gersed- Famosum tropheum, hlisfulne sigor. 

od, gehyrste. 40 Familia, hiwrseden, uelfamiliaritas, 

Fallentis fortunae, waagendre gessel- cneoris. 

ignesse, uel bepsecendre. Familiarissimum, J3one hiwcuj)estan. 

Faltum, embheped. Familice frugalitatis, hungerlicre 

Falx, falcis, wingeardseax, rifter, gnepelicnesse. 

uel sicul. 45 Famulatus, Jjeowdom. 

1 The glossator meaus to say: fabella. 8 Fauamentio is altered to fafamen- 

R. W. tio in the MS. R W. 

2 = hattac. R. W. 4 Wright reads: fatidicum. R. W. 


Fanaticia, godwrecries. Ferna, slyprsesn. 

Fanatice, i. profani, hearhlicre, Jjses Fertum, msesselac, uel gehladen. 

hsej)enan ; uel templicre. Fertilitas, i. habundantia, wsestm- 

Fanaticus, i. minister templi, futura baernes. 

praecinens, uel ylfig. 5 Ferreus umbo, isen randbeag. 

Fantasia, i. imaginatio, admiratio, Feruentibus, i.festinantibus, onetten- 

delusio mentis, reuelatio, multitude, dum cretum. 

fantasma, scinlac, uel hiw. Feruor, i. color, wylm. 

Farius, uel fah, i. loquax. Fercula, cibaria, swsesendo. 

Farcire, i. fulcire, acrammian. 10 Feruidus, weallende. 

Farra, i. triticum, frumentum, uel Feritas, i. crudelitas, ferocitas, in- 

bleodu. dementia, duritia, rejmes. 

Farsa, i. impleta, acrummen. Feriatus, pausatus, quietus, gerestad. 

Faratorium, byres. Feria, weorcdaeg, i. fando dicta, 

Feralia, i. lugubria, mortifera, mor- 15 quasi faria. 

talia, tristia, noxia, luctuosa, uel Feriati dies, restedagas. 

deriendlican, rej)lican. Feribus, snasum. 1 

Feraces glebas, ]m wsestmbsere tyrf. Ferinum, i. superbum, deorenum. 
Ferratas acies, })a isnodan truman. Ferinis jubis, deorenum fihtum. 
Ferale monstrum, replic scinhiw. 20 Ferri fodina, in quo loco ferrum 
Feralis bestia, rej)e nyten. foditur, isern ore. 

Ferres, i. sustinebas, J>u J>oladest, Ferocilas, 2 uel crudelitas, rednes. 

contuleras. Ferocia, i. crudelitates, rej)nessa. 

Fere, i. admodum, prope, aliquoties, Festis choreis, mundis } J>reatum, uel 

pene, forte, uel rej)a. 25 sanctis, 

Fereatisj i. quietis, restendum, se- Fesso stamine, i. lassato ponder e, 

cur is. wihte. 

Ferunt, i. portant, fatentur, sustinent, Fesiculatio, fisting. 

dicunt, uel forj>yldiaj), urgatur } Fespa, waesp. 3 

prebent, bringaf. 30 Femur, J)eon, uel hype. 

Ferrugo, uel ferrugineus, i. color Femininum sexus, wifhad. 

purpurae subnigrae, isengraeg. Femineis, wiflices. 

Ferruginem, i. rasuraferri, gesweorf. Feniceum, i. coccineum, rubrum, uel 
Ferrugineo Jlore, omigum blostme ; basu. 

weZisengrsegum blostme, uel pur- 35 'Fenisece, mse|)eras. 

pureo. Fenile, heghus. 

Ferus, i. crudelis, immitis, durus, Fenus, i. lucrum, usura, uel borg, 

rejje. uel Isen. 

Ferula, i. harundo, uirgula, uel nomen Fenerator, uel commodator, uel cre- 

holeris, aescj)rote. 40 ditor, redditor, Isenend, uel strude. 

Fermum, hald. Fefellit, i. delusit, wsegde, uel be- 

Fermentum, haef, uel beorrna. psehte. 

Fertur, i. dicitur, ostenditur, uel wses Fellitat, i. decipit, suggit, beswicj). 

fered. Felici reditu, gesseligum edhwyrftum. 

1 Snas denotes: a spit, dart used in 2 The MS. has: ferocitas i. ferocitas, 

war, ueru. R. W. 

R. W. 8 So the MS., for uespa. 


Fellita, L decepta, beswicenre. Fidibus, i. fidis cithare, strengum. 

Felethi, fej)ehere. Fidi prepositi, getrywes ingehides. 

Fetose, tudderfulle, teamfulle, uel Fida comes, i- fidelis, getreow ge- 

tuddre. sijm. 

Foetus, i.fructus,partus,filius, tudder, 5 Fiducia, i. confidentia, byldu. 

soboles. Fiducialius, baldlicor. 

Foeta, i. fecunda, plena, grauida, Fidel commissum, on treowe gelseton. 

eacenn. Figmenta, i. plasmatio, mendacia, 

Federatus, i. coniunctus, gewaered, hiwunga,, uariajigura, com- 

uel pacificatus, amicus. 10 positio. 

Foedera, i. pacta amicitiae, wsera, Figulum, tigele. 

certa amicitia. Fit, i. contingit, euenit, uel sit, fuit, 

Fedus, deformis, turpis } uel ful, uel uel erit, bij). 

pudor. Fither, snaedel]}earm. 

Foedatus, fedus redditus, deturpatus, 15 Fixi, i. solidaui, firmaui, constitui, 

uel geunwlitegad. ic afaestnode. 

Foedus, i.pactum, iuratio, coniunctio, Fialas, steapas. 

wsere. Flammaticus, ligen. 

Feda, i. turpia, uel polluta, ful. Flammeolum, i. umbra solis, sun- 

Feculentus, i. fece plenus, drsestig. 20 sceadu. 
Fecundus, i. copiosus, fructuosus, uel Flammeum, uel ligen. 

habundans, uel tydriend. Flaminea, L episcopali gradus, bis- 

Fecundare, i. multiplicare, gewaestm ceophadas, uel sacerd. 

bserian. Flammiger, ligberend. 

Fex, i. uirus, uel drosna. 25 Flammicomos ortus, ligliccede 1 up- 

Febris, bryneadl. springas. 

Filatum, gearn. Flammicomis, ligloccum. 

Filiscetum, gearnbed. Flammigeris quadrigis, ligbaerum 

Fistulas, i, arterias, earjjyrel. scridum, uel craetum. 

Fibra, i. uena, iecoris intestina, lifer- 30 Flauum, i. fuluum, rubeum, geole- 

Ia3ppa, |)earm. read, uel geolecrog. 

FibranSj hrysiende. Flauescit, i. maturescit, glitenaj), uel 

Fibula, s. dicta quod ligat, cnaep, geolwap, splendescit. 

sigl, spennels. Flaua cesaries, geola feax. 

Finicium, i. coccinum luteris, beasu. 35 Flaua specie, of glseteriendum, uel 
Finistris, Jjyrlum. [gedal. scylfrum hiwe, uel doxum. 

Finium regum, dorum actio, gem sera Flaccentia, 2 contracta, aclungre. 
Findit, i. rupit, toclyfj). Flactris, i. pontibus, uel fleoj)omum. 

Finxit, i. figurabat, hiwade. Flabra, L flatus uentorum, blaedas, 

Firmator, i. adsertor, gese})end. 40 uel fabula. 
Firmaretur, i. consolidat, waes ge- Flagitiosus, i. corruptor, criminosus, 

trymed, uel gesta})olad, uel gefasst- manful. 

nad, Flagitia, i. uitia, i. spurcitia, fyren- 

Firmo fulcimento, trumre under- daeda, mandaeda^ scelera. 

wre^incge. 45 Flagrorum, i. flagellorum, swipena. 8 

1 An error for liglocrede upspringas, 2 So the MS. R W. 

see the next word. R. W. 3 Wright has : swipera. R. W. 


Flatus, i. uentus, s. aura, spirilus, Fluxum, i. superfluitas, oferflownes. 

procella, oroj), uel ej)ung. Fluxit, decurrit, manauit, fleow. 

Flasca, g.flascumna,uel flasce, tryw- Fluctiuagampraedam,])a,y])vrorigend.- 

en byt dicte, pro uehendis ac re- an huj)a. 

cendendis. 5 Foramina, J)yrel. 

Flagrantisfurie, byrnendes galscipes, Foratorium, heardheawe, uel nafogar. 

uel rejjnesse. Foro, i. loco iudicario, uel ceapstrsete. 

Flegma, i. saliua, flegmon, g., horh, Fota, i. confortata, uel sealf. 

uel maeldropa. Fotus, i. nutritus, refectus, recreatus, 

Fleumon, uel dicitur inflammans, i. 10 calefactus, uel gelacnod. 

infirmitas stomachi, magan untrura- Fontona, J)a wyllican, uel welle. 

nes. Focarius, fyrbeta. 

Flemen, -nis, flentium humor, tear. Focca, scolh. 

Fleba, flyne. Focilat, i. reficil, gehyrt, uel gehlywj). 

FleUles, werendlice. 15 Foculare, heorth. 

Flebo, flebilis, werendlic. Furnus, tynder. 

Flebotomum, blodsex. Fodina, gylden wecg.2 

Flecta, hyrdel. Fordalium, gesoden wyrtmete, 

Flectit, curuat, inclinat, gebig]). Fomes, i. incendium, astula minuta, 

Flexo tramite, inclinato, gebigdre 20 tynder. 

stige. Fomentat, lexnode. 

Flores, blostma, s. nominati quod Fomenta, i. adiumenta, adiutoria, 

cito defluant de arboribus. medicamenta, nutrimenta, uel sen- 

Florescit, i. floret, blew}), crescit, tentia, uel swaesunga. 

grewj). 25 Fomet, feorme|). 

Florent, blowaj). Fouet, i, nutrit, pascit, uel gehlywj). 

Florei cespitis, blowendre tyrf. Foueae, scales. 

Floralia, ^a blowendlican. Fouere, i. alere, auxiliary gehliwan. 

Floruit, grytte. Fouerat, i. educauerat, gehyrte. 

Floriferum, i. blostmbaere. 30 Folle bubulum, i. uas piceum, uel 

Florigeri, blostmbaeres. hwite cylle. 

Floribus, uel ornamentis, blostmum. Folliginis, belgum. 
Florida lellus, i. florulenta terra, Follis, blsedbylig, linus, mantica 

blowende eorjje. fabrilis. 

Floccio, unriht. 35 Forcipes, tangan. 

Flosculus, blostra. Forcelle, gaefle, dictae quodfrumenta 

Fluctua^ i. uacillat, dubitat, anxia- celluntur, i. commouentur, unde et 

tur, cogitat, estuat, woraj). oscilla. 

Fluctiuagi ponti, Jjaas yj}iendan saas. Fordalium, wyrta. 
Fluentis, i. lasciue, i. galre. 1 40 For/ices, rseglsceara. 

Fluidoj i. fluenti, flowendum. Forpices, fexsceara. 

Fluitent, flowen. Forsitan, i. forsan, fortasse, wen- 

Fluuiali, flodenum. unga, wenis, uel utique. 

Fluminei lauacri, flodenes J)weales. Fouessoria, dicta quod foueamfaciat, 
Flustra, i. unda, y[), asdwella. 45 quasi fouessoria, mattoc, 

Fluens, stream. spitel. 

l So tlie MS , not gabre. R W. 2 A gold mine. 


Fragor, i. strepitus tonitruum, fremi- Frequens, celer, assidua, gelomlic. 

tus, cyrm, uel sweg, sonitus. Frequentes,ge\omlic&n,densos,muUos. 

Fraga, uel ofet, 6-. est terra fortis Fressa, i. molita, fracta, diuisa, ge- 

et inculta. grunden. 

Fracium, i. pumorum, streabergan, 5 Fretus, i. fiduciam habens, gebyld, 

uel eor^bergan. 1 getrirwad. 

Fragmine, i. particulis, gebrycum. Frigesco, i.frigeo, algeo, ic cealdige. 
Fraglat, i odorat, odor em dat, Frig ens, frigidus, i. deficiens, gelidus, 

stem|), stinc]). uel brytende. 

Fraglantes, i. olentes, odorantes, stem- W Frico, abstraho, uello, gebrytte. * 

ende. Frigida pestis, colcwyld. 

Frangenda, jja tobrytendlican. Frigi, bserned, uel gehyrsted. 

Fragiles honor es, tyddre weor [)mynt- Frigula, i. uasafatilia, inutilia, falsa 

as. dicta, fata, inania machina, uel 

Fragili bello, uel inbecilli, tyddrum 15 unsojje saga. 

gefeohte. Frigor, i. timor, gelu, pruina, rigor, 

Fratoribus, gestunum. bruma, hiemps, uel cele. 

Fratricidi, brojjorsleges. Friuolus, i. mendax, Jictus, ineptus, 

Fraus, s. dicitur quasi fracta fides, inutilis, leuis, bismerlic. 

facn, mendacium, deceptio. 20 Frixura, wylm, uel hyrsting. 

Fraudulenter, i. astute, facenlice. Frixa, braede. 

Fraudauerat, uastauerat, bescyrede, Frixorium, i. sartago, cremium, 

uel bedselde. hyrstepanne,weZ spaec, cocorpanne. 

Fraudulentas, J)a fsecnan. Frixiri, i. coqui, brasdan. 

Fraudulent^ i- subdola, facenful. 25 Frons, hleor, uel wlita. 
Frenarier, beon gemidlad. Frontes, qualitates^ uel wlitan. 

Freneticus, i demoniaticus, amens, Frondes, s. dicuntur quod ferant 

insanus, gewitleasa. uirgultas uel umbras, geleafris, 

Frendens, hnaegende, fn8esettende,2 uel bogas. 

uel grymettende, irascens. 39 Frondea, Jja gejjufan. 

Frendit, i. stridet dentibus, irascitur, Frondente, blowendum, spelndente.% 

rugietj grymettej). Frondescere, growen. 

Frenus, mujjberstung. Frondea robora, gej>ufe beamas, uel 

Fremit, i. perstrepit, furit, rug it, helm as. 

seuit, irascitur, indignabitur, grist- 35 Frondet, comat, gewlitegaj). 

batafy ardet, fiat, gemit, damat, Frondea ficus, i. frondosa, gej)uf 

grymettej. ficbeam, uel helm, uel rug. 

Fremitus, i. niugitus, uel rugitus, FrondiferinemoriSthelmbseresloe&ru- 

grymettung, uel bremung. wses. 

Frequentat, uisitat, i. iterat, repetit, 40 Frondigeris coronis, helmberendum 

gelomlaecj). wuldorbeagum. 

Frequentissimus,i.celeberrimus,bryi-n- Frondosis dumis, ramosis, gej)ufum 

est. grsefum. 

1 In German the strawberry is called : 3 I read : spelndente, which is bnt an 
crdbecre. R. W. error of the scribe for splendente. Wright 

2 In Old-English fnasten is met with printed: spelndene, and mistook it for 
in the meaning of: spirare, flare. Cf. an Anglo-Saxon word, R. W. 

Havel. 548, Gaw. 1702. R. W. 



Fronduerat, greow. Funesta, i. scelesta, criminosa, un- 

Frondus, bog. hyre. 

Frontialis, steorrede. [bald. Funestus, crudelisj perniciosus, wsel- 

Frontuosue, i. curiosus, gemah, uel grim, unhere. 

Frugalitas, i. temperantia, partitas, 5 Funeste, wedende. 

spsernes, gnej)elicnes. Funiculus, modicum funus, rap, uel 

Frugalis, largus, gifend. strenc. 

Fruges, frumenta, ofet, wsestm. Furor enim animi cito fnitur, uel 

Frugi, parcus uti, gemetfaest. grauius est quam Ira, rejjnes, 

Frugifer, ubertas, wsestmbserne. 10 woden, dream. 
Frunculas, wearte, byle. , Furuerunt, insanierunt, re})egadan. 

Frustrum, i. incassum, on idel. Furia, insania, amentia, wodscipe, 

Frustrari, aidlian. rejmes. 

Frustratim, i. particulatim, minu- Furunculus, mearj), uel ongseta, 

tatim, sticmselum, daelmaelum. 15 wearte, uel byl. 
Frustris, i. partibus, sticcum. Furie, burhrunan, rej)e. 

Frustum, bita, dictum quod capiatur Furias, iras, rej)scipas, uel hatheort- 

a fragmine.i* nessa. 

Frutectum, i. arborum densitas, uel Furit, irascitur, wet. 

ramus, {)yfel. 20 Fusarius, trabs uinee, winbeam.4 

Frutices, ramos, J)yrne. Fusus, uel spinl. 

Frutex, frutecta, J)yfel. Fusile, nitorium, leui ductili, gegoten. 

Fuga, i. fugatio, fleam. Fusi, uel spinle, prostrati, gescende. 

Fugax, i. fugitiua } fugiens, flygul. 2 Futile, i. inane, inutile, leue, labile, 
Fugaces turmas, J)a eargan mengo,25 instabilis, infirmus, hwiper. 

uel ueloces. Fulcior, sustentor, iceom embtrymed. 

Fugat, flic}), aufert, flymj). Fulcimentum, i. adminiculum, wrajje. 

Fugitiuus, i. interdum qui fugit, Fulcris, thoris, lectis, uel wruejjstu})- 

flugul. um, uel heofodbolstrum, uel 

Fucus, deag, uel telg. 30 bedreafum. 

Fugo, ic aflige. Fulgura, ligrsese, uel ligas. 

Fugus, s bece. Fulmine ictus, percussus, ligb seres. 

Fuligo, sot. Fullo, webwyrhta. 

Fumus, rec, lig. Fuluum, flauum, splendidum, nigrum, 

Fumigabunt, smeoca}). 35 geolu, rubeum, rubicundum, fealu. 

Fumarat, reohte, reac. Fuluis metallis, geolewum andweorc- 

Funalia cerei, i. candela de cere, um. 

wexcandel, uel lucernarum stuppe. Furca, furcula (diminutiue), gsefle. 
Funalis, gemetlic. Furca, wearhrod. 

Funeratus, sepultus, humatus, uel raew. 40 Furcifer, wearh^ 
Funebrem, luctuosum, heofendlice. Furua, fusca, nigra, deorc. 
Funestauere, maculauere, smittodan. Furtiua, clandestina, secreta, furtune 
Funestissima, mortalia, f>a deadlic- latentia, stulur. 

ostan. Furtunum, fatum, gewif, wyrd. 

1 A bit; a small piece bitten off. 8 An error for fagus. E. W. 

2 Here I read flyyul, but s. v. fuyitiuus 4 Here Wright passed over two pages: 
the scribe wrote: flugul. R. W. fol. 92v and 93r. R. W. 


Furfures, purgamentum farinae, Fundamentum, uel fundamen, s. dic- 

sesceadan. turn quod fundus sit domui, sta})ol. 

Fuscus, i. niger uel tenebrosus, deorc, Fundamen, sta|)ol. 

dungrseg. Fundali stridore, lij)erlicum swege. 

FuscatuS) i. denigratus, obnubilatus, 5 Fundakum, consolidatum, gestapelad. 

asweartad, forsworcen, for|)ysmed. Fundos, bocland, uel landrice. 

Fusa, 1 spinl. Functus, usus, genotad. 

Fusi, i. dispersi, confusi, uel gend- Fungus, spongus, dicta ab uligine, 

gotene. sworn? 

Fustrum, saemotu. 10 Fung 'or, utor, perago, ic nyttige. 

Fusu, dictum quod per ipsum fun- Fungalis, luscinia, nihtegale. 

datur quod netum est, spinl. Future mercis, toweardes gestreones. 3 
Fundat y edificat, consolidate construat, 


1 An error for fusus, see also fusu. li.W. is 110 reason to do so, the word "sworn" 

is quite legible. R. W. 

2 Wright printed "iwom?" But there 3 Here the MS. breaks off. R. W. 



[Quod etiam iusti uenia indigeant.] 

quaedam, sitme. 

patitur, ])olaj). 

mala, yfela. 

pugnam, gewinn. 

internis, J>an incundum. 

exterior a, J)a yttran. 

mouent, styriaj). 

numquam ita, na swa. 

perfectoj on full fremedum.s 

capitur, bi{) onfangen. 

uictoria, sige. 

hello, gecampe. 

securus, orsorh. 

fruatur, bruce. 

inter, betwyhs. 

discordes, ungetwaere. 

contagia, besmitenessa. 

serpunt, smugaj). 

ipsaque, J)a sylfan. 

1 These glosses which refer to Prosper's 
epigrainmata are taken from two leaves 
of a miscellaneous codex of the British 
Museum, Cotton. Tib. A, VII. According 
to the handwriting these glosses were 
written as early as the tenth century. 
Thomas Wright edited them in the Reli- 
quiae Antique, Vol. I ; but did riot take 
them into his collection of Vocabularies. 

gaudia, gefean. 

uulnus, wunde. 

longa, langsum. 

experientia, afangdung. 
bnotum, cu{). 

hoc plenam, s on J)ysse fulle. 

tempore, tyde. 

iustitiam, rihtwisnesse. 

nisi, nimj)e. 
10 miser endo, miltiende. 

lauet, aj)wea. 

dans, syllende. 

uirtutum, msegna. 

munera, lac. 
15det, sylle. 

ueniam, forgyfenessc. 

\De incognoscibilibus epigramma.] 

diuinorum operum, godcundra wurca. 

secretas, digle. 
ZOnoscere, oncnawan. 

Our text is based on a recent collation 
of this print with the MS. 

The first leaf (fol. 166r) begins with 
Epigramma LXXXVI, line -I (Moguntiae 
1494), then follows I66v, iG5v, I65r. R.W. 

2 There appears to be an i before the 
d in fremedum. R. W. 

3 The Latin text runs thus : Non esse hoc 
plcnam tempore justitiam, R. W. 




causas, intingan. 

humanis, menniscum. 

non esl } nis. 

possibile, araefniendlic. ' 

ingeniis, orj)ancum. 

ullo, i. aliquo, mid sumre. 

intuitu, sceawunge. 

speculatur, sceawaj). 

operta, oferwrigene. 

qui multa, se fala. 

id lateant, Jjset dhitian. 1 

scit, wat. 

placuisse, gelician. 

mens, mod. 

imbuta, |>aet getydde. 

simul, samod, 

omnia, ealle Jing. 

discit, leorna}). 

per, J)urh. 

operum, wurca. 

speciem, hyw. 

artificem, crseftean. 

immensis. ongemetum. 

numeris, on getelum. 

ponderibus, hefum. 

que suis, and his. 

scrutarl smeagan. 

ne cura, J)aet na earn. 

procax, dyrstig. 

abstrusa, forditt. 

laboret, swince/ 

nosse, cunnan. 

et kabere, and habban. 

datur, his geseald. 

[De peccatoribus non desperandis.] 

desperandum, to ortruwienne. 

sed, ac. 

fiant, hi beon. 

studiosius, gecnyrdlicost. 2 

suppllcandum, to biddene. 2 

quia, {>i J3e. 

numerus, getel. 

sanctorum, haligra. 

1 lutian means celare, latere. "d" does 
not belong to the following word. Is it an 
abbreviation of "|)et" ? R. W. 

2 These four words are very faint in 
the MS. R. W. 

de numero, of getele. 

auctus, geiht. 8 

impiorum, jerleasra. 

morbo, mid adle. 
5 obsessis, ofsettum. 

praestanda est, to tijjienne is. 

cura, cam. 

medendi, lacniendes. 

donee i. dum, J)a hwile. [ha in an. 
10m egroto corpore, on adligurn lic- 

uita, life. 

manetj wunajj. 

sic prauis, swa dweorum. 

et uitiorum, and hleahtra. 
15 mole, hefe. 

grauatis, gehefedum. 

sanctarum, haligra. 

pietas est, aerfastness is. 

adhibenda, to gearcygenne. 
20precwn, gebeda. 

dum, J)a hwile. 

possibile, arjefinendlic * 

mutari, beon awende. 

horrescat, geandracige. 
25 noctis, nihte. 

deuia, of wege. 

Z^^c^s, leohtes. 

amor, lufu. 

conuersisque, gocyrredun. 
SQnouam, niwe. 

mentem, mod. 

<ie<, sylle. 
ia, gyfu. 

35 iustijicante, gerihtwisiendre. 

[De prouidentia pads.} 

conprehendenda, to getriwenne. 

doctrina, lar. 

mter, betwyh. 
40 tribulationum, gedrefednessc. 

turbines, dreohnessum. 

difficulter, earfo{)lice. 

agnoscitur, bi{) oncnawen. 

3 Here begins fol. 166^. R. W 

4 Wright by an error printed : arfcen- 
iendlic. R W. 




nee, nena. 

facile, ea]}elice. 

inueniuntur, beoj) gemette. 

in aduersitate, on wi|}erwerdnesse. 

praesidia, helpas. 

dum non perturbant, |}a whyle [>e 

na gedrefaf). 

discrimina, horhleahtras. 
pads, sibbe. 
praelia, gewinn. 
nulla, na. 

premunt, ofjmcccaj). 1 
exercere, began. 
diuinisj mid codcundlicum. 
conuenit, gedafnajj. 
armis, waepnum. 
consilio, mid gej)ehte. 
omnes, ealle. 
minas, J)eowwracan. 
tranquillam, gedefe. 
et curis, and carum. 
uacuam, semtig. 
mentem, mod. 
inbuit, laerd. 
et placidi pectoris, and gegladodes 

hospes, cuma. 
corde, heortan. 
quieto, on gedefre. 
adquiri, beon begyten. 
in seuo, on rej)re. 
turbine, J)reohnesse. 
[Quod uerum bonum nemo perdit 


inuitus, genedod. 
amittere, forlaetan. 
temporalia, hwilwendlice. 
[De quaerenda perseuerantia.] 
crescere, wehsan. 2 
non cupiens, na gew . . . s 
[Expliciunt Epigrammata Prosperi.] 
[ Versus Prosperi ad coniugem suam.] 
age iam, nu la. 
precor, ic bydde. 

1 So the MS. R W. 

2 folio 10o v begius with the last Hue 
of the epigram : de querenda perscuerantia. 

R. W. 

mearum, mmra. 

comes, gesid. 

inremota, s. inseparata, unascyrod. 

rerum, J)inga. 
btrepidam, forht. 

breuem, sceort. 

uitam, lif. 

domino, drihtenum. 

deo, gode. 

Wdicemus, uel consecremus, titan halg- 

celeri, swyftre. 

uides, J)u gesyhst. 

rotatu, turnunge. 
\brapidos, swyfte. 

dies, dagas. 

meare, uel pergere i. transire, faran. 

fragilis, tyddres. 

membra, lima. 
20 mundij middaneardes. 

minui, wanian. 

perire, losian. 

labi, beon ashliden, 4 

fugit, flyh{). 
25 omne, call. 

quod tenemus, J)aat we healdaj). 

neque . . habent, ne . . nabba]}. 

cupidas, grsedige. 

uana, idelnessa. 
SOmentes, mod. 

specie, hiwe. 

trahunt, tea}). 

inani, idelum. 

ubi nunc, la whasr nu J)a. 
35 imago, anlicnes. 

rerum est, J}inga is. 

ubi sunt, la whser sind. 

opes, speda. 

potentum, ricera. 

occupare, gebysgian. 
capias, gehaefte. 
animas fuit, sawla waes. 
uoluptas, willa. 

3 The rest of this word is cut off. R. W. 

4 So the MS. for asliden. R W. 




[Prosper de fide et moribus christi- 

anorum et martirum.] 
qui centum, se J)e huncl tweontigum. 1 
quondam, geo gefyrn. 
uertebat, wende. 
aratris, sulum. 
ut geminos, J)ast getwinne. 
possit habbere? mage habban. 
boues, oxan. 
uectus, geferod. 
magnificas, inaerlice. 
carpentis, i- curribus, on crsetum. 
per urbes, gynd byrig. 
rus, land. 
vacuum, aemtig. 
fessis, gewehtum. 
aeger, adlig. 
adit, gefserd. 
ille decem, se tyn. 
celsis, healicum. 
sulcans, to cleofende. 
maria, sses. 
carinis, scypura. 
nunc, nuna. 

lembum, nauiculam i. ratem, bat, 
exiguum, gehwsedne. 
scandit, astihj). 
ipse, sylf. 
regit, styr|). 
idem, se ilca. 
status, stede. 
agris, secerum. 
non urbibus, ne burgum. 
ullis, aenigum. 

omnia que in fine, ealle and on ende. 
praecipitata, besceowene. 
ruunt, hreosajj. 
ferro, ysene. 
peste, cwylde. 
fame, hungre. 
uinclis, bendum. 
algore, cyle. 
calore, haetan. 

mille modis, mid |?usend gemetum. 
miseros, jja earman. 

mors, dea{). 

rapit, gegripj). 

una, an. 

homines, menn. 
5 undique, asghwanan. 

bella, gefeoht. 

fremunt, grimettaj). 

omnis, ealle. 

furor, hatheortnes. 
10 excitat, awehj). 

incumbunt, onnhigaj). 

reges, cyningas. 

regibus, cyningum. 

innumeris, nngerimum. 
15impia, arleas. 

saeuit, wett. 

discordia, ungedwsernes. 

ei concluso, gyf beclysedre. 3 

super essent, to lafe weron. 
20 tempore, tyda. 

secla, worulde. 

posset, gyf mihte. 

habbere, habban. 

tamen, J)ehwhe|)era. 

25 occasum i. obitum nostrum, fordsij) 

deceret, gedafnode. 

finem, geendunge. 

uitae, lifes. 
30 quemque, gewhylcrie. 

uidere, behealdan. 

(na)m, (wit)odlice. 

mihif me. 

quid prodest, whset framajj. 
35 quod longo, J)aet langum. 

flumina, flod. 

cursu, ryne. 

semper, symle. 

inexauslis, uriforhladenum . 
^Qprona, forf). 

feruntur i. portantur, healdum. 

aquis, wa3terum. 

(m)ulta quod, , . la J)aet. 

uicerunt, oferswiddan. 
45 saecula, woruld. 

1 An error for teontigum. R. W. 

2 Sic MS. Cf pag. 253 1. '24. R. W. 

8 Here begins fol. I6f>r. R. W. 




suis locis, on hira stowum. 
durant, J)urhwimedan. 
florea rura, blosmige land. 
manent, wuniaj). 
nostri, ure. 

sed non mansere, ac na J)urhwnnedun. 
parentes, faederas. 
uitam, lif. 

corporis, uel temporis, tide. 
hospes, cuma. 
ago, ic droge. 
non, na. 

ergo, eornestlice. 
necquicquam, on ydel. 
in saecula, on worulde. 
nati, acynnedde. 
pereunt, losiaj). 

nobis et quibus, us and mid J)am. 
occidimus i. deficimits, we gewitaj). 
uitam aeternam, lif ece. 
uita, life. 

ut mereamur, J)aet we geearnian. 
in ista, on ]}yssum. 
subeat, uel inueniat, becume. 
requies, rest. 
longa, langsum. 

labore breui, on sceortum gedeorfe. 
tamen, J)ehwheJ)era. 
iste sit, i. est, |)is is. 
forte, wenunga. 
rebellibus, wi|)ercorum. 
asper, sticol odde teart. 
rigidas i. duras, hearde. 
leges, laga. 
cor 'da , heortan. 

1 So the MS. R. W. 

2 Wright printed nio 
seems to be ioc or inc. 

But this word 
R. W. 

putent, wenaft. 

autem, so|)15ce. 

grauis, swaert. 

mansueto, m and wee ran. 
5 sarcina, byr|)en. 

dorso, rhigge. ' 

ledit, deraj). 

blandum, geswsese. 

mitia, |)a li})an. 
10 colla, sweoran. 

iugum, nio. 2 

(to)ta mente, mid eallum mode. 

deus, god. 

tola ui, mid ealre strengjjc. 
15 amari, beon gelufad. 

praecipitur, is beboden. 

uigeat, ^)eo. 

cur a, caru. 

secunda, o})er. 
20 hominis, mannes. 

sibi quisque, him aenig. 

nolit, nele. 

^m, beon. 

now inferat, nc onbelsede. 
25 wZ/z, aenigum. 

(uin}dictam, wraece. 

lessus, gederod. 

nesciat) na cunne. 

exigere, ofgan. 
3Q(co}ntentus, (g)edaef. 

modicis, on gewhaedurn. 

uitae, forbuge. 

suUimis, healic. 3 

haberi, beon gehaefd. 

3 Our MS. ends with the line: Con- 
tentus modicis uitet sublimis haberi. R W. 





Aquila, earn. 
Arpa, eargeat. 2 
Acega, wuducoc. 
StrutiOj struta. 
Oriphus, giw. 
Ossifragus, herefong. 
Anatis, ened. 
Aneta, ened. 
Larax* ened. 
Ciciris* ... 
Mergulus, scealfor. 
Mergus, dopfugel. 

Fulix, ganot. 
Anser, hwite gos. 
Canto, 5 graeg gos. 
Olor, swon. 
5 Porphyrio, fealuor. 
Alacid, 6 .... 
Accipiter, goshafuc. 
Herodius, wealhhafuc. 
Alietum, spearhafuc. 
1Q Suricaricis, 1 mushafiic. 
Miluus, glida. 
Butzus, tysca. 8 
Ciconia, store. 
Grus, cran. 

1 This Vocabulary is taken from a 
manuscript in the British Museum (MS. 
Cotton., Cleopat. A. JIT , fol. 76, r), in 
a writing which may be of the latter 
part of the tenth, or of the earlier part 
of the eleventh century. It is preceded 
by a rather copious alphabetical dictionary, 
Latin and Anglo-Saxon, which breaks off 
abruptly by a mutilation of the manu- 
script with the letter P (No. XI in our 
volume) ; and it is followed by Anglo- 
Saxon glosses on Latin lives of saints 
(No. XII). The vocabulary itself, which 
presents some points of resemblance in 
its construction with that which is given 
in this volume as the Vocabulary of Arch- 
bishop Alfric, seems to end confusedly 

in a gloss of this description. It con- 
tains several curious and not very common 

2 The meaning of this word is: a young 
eagle, a hen-driver, cf. Leo pag. 3 ft 2, 48. 
Hosw. translates it: a brazen gate (!). R.W. 

3 The glossator meant to say, I suppose : 
Aneta ened, uel( 1) anax(for anas) ened. 
Cf. the next vocabulary. R. W. 

4 No Anglo-Saxon equivalent is given. 

R. W. 

5 Read: Oanta. R. W. 

6 Without an Anglo-Saxon equivalent. 

R. W. 

7 Cf. Siricaricis in the next vocabu- 
lary. R. W. 

8 tysca denotes : buteo a buzzard. R.W. 





Onocratarum, 1 raredumle. 
Cucu, 2 hleapewince. 
Bicoca, haeferblsete. 
Fusianus* worhana. 
Rusunia,* nihtegale. 
Columba, culfre. 
PudumbcP, cusceote. 
Coruus, hrefn. 
Comix, crawe. 
Grallus, hroc. 
Cornicula, cio. 
Beacita, 6 stearn. 
Mursopicus, 1 fina. 
Picus, higere. 
Noctua, ule. 
Ulula, ule. 
Rubesca, seltra. 8 
Sigitula, frecmase. 
Parra, cummase. 
Parula, colmase. 
Litorius, wserna. 9 
Tilaris, lauwerce. 
Cucuzata, ir{)ling. 
Scutacus, 10 ragofinc. 
Turdella, }}rostle. 
Merula, osle. 
Scorellus, amore. 
Cardella, Jristeltwige. 
Turdus, scric. 
Trutius, J)risce. 
Birbicariolus, irpling. 
Glaus, edischenn. 
Pullus, cicen. 
Sturnus, staar. 
Florulus, goldfinc. 
Passer, spearwa. 
Galhis, ban a. 
Gallina, henn. 
Hirunda, 11 swealwe. 

1 For onocrotalus. E. W. 

2 Cf. Cucurata in the next vocabulary. 

R. W. 

3 Read fasianux or phasianus. R. W. 

4 Read rusc.inia 

5 For palumba. 

for Iwcinia. 
R. W. 

R. W. 

Cf. Beatica in the next vocab. R. W. 

7 For marsopirus. R. W. 

8 a bunting, emberizn, rubftra, avis. 

R. W. 

Cuculus, geac. 

Tabunus, briosa. 

Musca } fleoge. 

Uespertilia, 12 hreaj)ertms. 
5 Scnifesy gnaet. 

Culix, mygc. 

Uespis, wsesp. 

Adticus, 1 * feldbeo. 

Apis, beo. 
IQPampilio, 14 fiffealde. 

Crabro, hyrnetu. 

Nocticorax, 15 nibtbrefn. 

Scarebius, 16 wifel. 

Blata, hraaj>bita. 
15 Bruchus, ceafor. 

Locusta, gaershoppe. 

Curculio, emel. 

Cicada, ham a. 


Platissa, floe. 

Coclea, weoloc. 

Lucius, hacod. 

Tinctus, sliw. 
25 Coetus, bwaal. 

Piscis, fisc. 

Ballena, uel pilina, hron. 

Delfin, mereswin. 

BacharuS) mereswin. 
30 Focus, seolh. 

Porcopiscis, styriga. 

Isic, n leax. 

Ostrea, ostre. 

Geniscula, muxle. 
35 Cancer, baafern. 

Sardina, has ring. 

Lupus, baars. 

Murenula, 33 1. 

Castorius, befer. 

9 or wrcena. Cf. Bitorius in the next 
vocab. R. W. 

10 Cf. Scutatis in the next vocab. R. W. 

11 So the MS. R. W. 

12 So the MS. R. W. 
IS Read atticus. R. W. 
i* For papilio. R. W. 

15 Read : nycMcorax. R. W. 

16 The glossator means scarabaeus. R.W. 
1' Cf. Ysox in the next vocab. R. W. 




Ludtrus, hotor. 
Anguilla, smsel ael. 
Ceffalus, heardra. 
Sardina, smelt. 


Textrina, telum, web. 
Liciatorium, webbeam. 
Fussum, spinl. 
Radium, 1 hrisl. 
Cladica, wefl. 
Deponile, wefta. 
Nitorium? . . . 
Uertelum* hweorfa. 
CoZws, wulmod. 
Glomer, 4 cliwen. 
Conductum, gernwinde. 
Plumaria, byrdicge. 
Stamen , wear p. 
Subtimen? aweb. 
Petica^ slas. 
Apidiscusj webhoc. 
Sea/us, 1 uma. 
Tola* webgerejjro. 
Claus* teltre. 
.Fz7a, J)rsed. 
Lana y wull. 
Uellus, flis. 
Leno, wifj)egn. 
Pedissequa, J)inen. 
Alibrum, reol. ' 
Calatum, toweht. 
Insabula, 10 meodoma. 

Anima, saul. 
Corpus, lichoma. 
Caro, flaesc. 
Crementum, seed. 

Homo, mann. 
Antropus, niann. 
ChomoSj n middangeard. 
Michrochosmos, se 

Gustus, birgnes. 

Auditus, gehirnes. 

Odoratus, swaec. 
10 Tactus, hrine. 

Caput, heafod. 

Vertex, hnol. 

PaT^s, haer. 

Coma, feax. 
15 Fades, hleor. 

Capillis, 12 locc. 

Cerebrum, braegen. 

Caluaria, heafodpanne. 

Occipitium, hnecca. 
20 Capitium, foreword swira. 

Cessaries, lae, wiffex. 

Tympora, J)unwonge. 

Uultus, anwlita. 

Frons, hnifol. 
25 Super cilium, oferbruwa. 

Intercilium, betuh bruwum. 

Cilium, bruwa. 

Palpebrae, bras was. 

Oculus, eage. 
30 Pupilla, seo. 

Papula, seo. 

Corona, beag. 

Lacrime, tearas. 


For radius. R. W. 

2 No Aaglo- Saxon equivalent given. 
Cf. next vocal).: netorium, inspin. R. W. 

3 Read uerticillum. R. W. 

4 Or glomus. R. W. 

5 Read subtegmen. R. W. 

6 Cf. Pestica in the next vocab. R. W. 

7 For captts. R. W. 

8 Cf. Tar a in the next vocab. R. W. 

Maxilla, ceacan. 
Mentem, 15 cin. 
Auris, eare. 
40 Pinnula, ufeweard eare. 

9 Read cZaw. R. W. 
10 For insubula. R. W. 
* l The glossator means cosmos. R. W. 

12 Cf. Capilli, loccas, in the uextvocab. 

R. W. 

13 For tempora. R. W. 

14 Read waioe and maxillae. R. W. 

15 For mentum. R. W. 




Naris, nasu. 

Columpna, eall seo nasu. 
Pirula, forewerd nasu. 
Pennula, nsesjjyrel. 
Flegma, horg. 
Os, mu|). 
Labium, welor. 
Dens, to|}. 

Abum, 1 neopera welor. 
Gingifa, 2 toJDriman. 
Precissor, foreceorfcnd. 
Caning hundlice. 
Molares, cweorntej). 
Lingua, tunge. 
Palatum, goma. 
Faus, 3 hyge. 
Sublinguae, undertungan. 
Tales, cyrnla. 4 
Rumen, wasend. 
Gurgilio, J>rotbolla. 
Anteriae? sedre. 
Co Hum j swira. 
Ceruex, swira. 
Gula, brace. 
Humeri, eaxla. 
ScapuluS) sculdor. 
Brachium, earm. 
Subbrachia, under ear me. 
Ascilla, 6 oxtan. 
Ulna, eln. 
Cubitus, fa3})m. 
Manus, hand. 
Pugnus, faej)m. 
Palma, bradhand. 
UolOf handbred. 7 
Artus, lij). 

Articulus, lijuncel, lytel 
Digiti, fingras. 
Pollex, |)uma. 
Index, becnend. 
Salutarius, halettend 
Inpudicus, aewiscberend 

Anularis, hringfinger. 

Auricularis, earclaesnend. 

Ungula, naegl. 

Truncus, bo dig. 

Torax, breost. 
5 Pectus, breost. 

Mammille, tittas. 

Ubera, spana. 

Lac, meolc. 

Cutis, sweard. 
WPellis, fel. 

Pulpa, lira. 

Uiscus, herpbelig. 

Aruina, gelynde. 

Nerui, senwe. 
15 Uertibula, hweorban. 

Gartilago, gristle. 

Costa, rib. 

Latus, side. 

Oss, ban. 
20 Dor sum, hryg. 

Terga, baec. 

Palae, hrycriple. 

Spina, hrygmerglij). 

Radiolus, ribbspacan. 
25 Medulla, mearg. 

Spondilia, hrycrib. 

Sacra spina, se halga stert. 

Renes, aedran. 

Lumbia, lendena. 
30 Genitalia, |>a cennendlican. 

Uirilia, |)a werlican. 

Ueretrum, teors. 

Calamus, teors, J>aet waepen, uel lira. 

Testiculi, beallucas. 
35 Uiscera, inilve. 

Meatis, 8 utgang. 
lij). Anus, baee]}earm. 

Nates, earsenda. 

Ydropicus, healede. 
[finger. 40 Femor, J)eoh. 
midemesta Femina, innewerd {)eoh. 
midmesta Coxa, [>eohscanca. 

Subfragines, hamma. 

Puples, hamma. 

1 Read album. An error for lab rum \ 
cf. p. 157 1. 'J3. R. W. 

2 Read gingiuae. R.W . For/oMi. R.W. 
*Cf. 2We iu the next vocab. R.W. 

5 Read Arteriae. R. W. 

6 For asdla. R. W. 

7 See Palma next vocab. R. W. 

8 Read meatus. R. W. 




Genua, cneowa. 

Crura, sceancan. 

Tibiae, scancan. 

Surra, scanclira. 

Talus, aucleow, 

Planta, ni[)eweard fot. 

Pedes, fot. 

Calx, hela, hoh nijjeweard. 

Viscera, innej)a,s. 

Cor, heorte. 

Sanguis, blod. 

Cruorj dead blod. 

lecor, liuer. 

Pulmon, lungen. 

Splen, milte. 

Fel, gealla. 

Stomachus, maga. 

Intestinum, iriilue. 

Onentem, 1 midhryjjre. 

Disceptum, neta. 

Cecum, blind [jearm. 

Ruina, lynde. 

Ansa, hringe 

Cingulum, gyrdel. 

Zona, gyrdel. 

Ardeda, brandrida. 2 


Ignis, fyr. 
Flamma, leg. 
Flamina, blsed.' 
Scintilla, spearca. 
Scindula, scid. 
Cinis, asce. 
Fauilla, ysle. 
Fumus, rec. 
Tor r is, brand. 
Fax, fjsecile, blysige. 
Isica, tyndre. 
Ignarium, algeweorc. 
Lux, leoht. 
Silex, flint. 
Lucerna, blaecern. 

Cicindilia, s weocan. 
Seuo, smero. 


SAlea, taefl. 

Calculus, taeflstan. 

Aleatory taeflere. 

Cotizoj ic taefle, tesseris, taeflum. 

Cerea, weax. 
10 Lampas, leohtfset. 

Candela, candel. 

Papirus, taper. 

Agapis, daegmete. 

Attomos, mot. 
15 Agonteta, ellenlsece. 

Agen,* beogang. 

Aluearia, hyf. 

Mel, hunig. 

Apiastrum, beowyrt. 



Plaustrum, wsen. 

Carpentarius, wsengerefa. 
25 Rota, hweol. 

Themon, J)isl. 

Radii, spacan. 

Canli, felg. 

Axedo, lynis. 
30 lugula, iucboga. 

Axis, eax. 

Altitudo, foj)er. 

Tabula plaustri, waengehrado. 

luguniy iuc. 
35 Modialis, nafu. 


Stratum, bed. 
Lectum, bed. 
4QSindo, scyte. 

Ceruical, heafodbolster. 
Puluillus, pyle. 
Armilausia, sere. 

1 For omentum. R. W. 3 For cicindela. R. W. 

2 brandrida seems to be the same as 4 A.n error for agmen 
braudreda: a fire-grate. It belougs to the swarm of bees. R. W. 
uext sectiou. R. W. 

examen, a 



Tonica, tunece. 
Sagum, hwitel oj)])e ryft. 
Cappa, sciccing. 
Capsula, hacele. 
Ependiten, 1 cop. 
Mafors, scyfele'. 2 
Sanctimonialis, nunne. 
Apiarius, beocere. 
Fauum, beobread. 
Gratis, brod. 
Altor, festerfeder. 
Altrix, festermodor. 
Alumnus, fosterbroj)or. 
Vitriciusy steopfgeder. 
Nouerca, steopmoder. 
Pupittisf' steopcild. 
Albuga, flig. 
Anguis, wseternsedro. 
Antidotum, drenc. 
Auena, wistle. 
Aruo, ierjjland. 
AgeUa, lam. 
Agapa, ciepeman. 
Albium, mele. 
Anagrippa, anlicnes. 
Apotassia, fretgenga. 
Alga, war. 
Antulum, ceac. 
Antheuilus, ceacbora. 
Aucupis, fuglere. 
Rete, net. 
Amitis, lorg. 
Rudens, rap. 
Aucupium, fuglung. 


Fagus, bece. 

Populus, birce. 

JEsculus, boc. 4 

Abellanus, uel columns, haesl. 

Auilina, hnutu. 

Nuclium? cyrnel. 

1 Read tptnditcs. li. W. 

2 See pag. 31 1. '24. R. W. 

3 An error for pupillus. R. W. 

* Here the translator is not quite right, 
for cesculus denotes not a beech-tree but 
the common oak-tree. R. W. 

Read rwcfcw*. R. W. 

Butrus, hos. 

Robor, ac. 

Glandixf seceren. 

^4/6a spina, h2eg{)orn. 
5 Quisquilia, hagan. 

Nigra spina, slag|)orn. 

Moros, slan. 

Fraxinus, aesc. 

Acerabulos, mabuldor. 
10 Tremulos, aespe. 

Acriuolus? holen. 

J5eta, birce. 

Alnus, air. 

^46/e5 ; sseppe, gyr. 
15 Ulnetumf alorholt. 

Uirecta, wice. 

Uacedo, redisn. 

Cerasius, cirisbeam. 

Cariscus, wice. 
20 Castaneus, cistenbeam. 

Ramnus, coltetr33ppe, J>efandorn. 

Ruscus, cneoholen, fyres. 

Taxus, iw. 

Torriculum, hyrwe. 
25 Myrtusj wir. 

Mains, apuldor. 

Malum, aeppel. 

MelariUfn, milisc apuldor. 

Metianunij milisc seppcl. 
30 Plumnus, plumtreow. 

Prunum, plyme. 

Pirus, pirige. 

Piruniy pere. 

Pinus, pintreow. 
35 Amera, sealh. 

Salix, welig. 

Rubus, {>yr. 9 

Tribulus, brasmbelbrasr. 

Acinum, hindberge. 
kQBacce, bergan. 

Sambucus, ellen. 

Timus, 10 hsefj. 

6 Read ylandis or ylandca. R. W. 

7 An error for acri folium. R. W. 
Read alnetum. R. W. 

9 The MS. has 'J>yr' or 'I)yu' instead of 
<I>yrn'. R W. 
10 For thymus. R. W. 




Genista, brom. 
Oliua, elebeam. 
Uinea, wingeard. 
Una, winberge. 
Butros? geclystre. 
Oleaster, windeltreow. 
Ortus pomorum, apeldertun. 
Ortus olerem, 2 leahtum. 8 
Folium, leaf. 
Cortix, rind. 
Radix, wyrtruma. 
Ramus, twig. 
Framen, spsec. 
Roboretum, aecen. 
Apeletum, spracen. 
Uiuorna,* wuduwinde. 
Eder* ifig. 

Ftirsarius, wanabeam. 6 
Fraga, streowberge. 


Apio, 1 merce. 

Alium, garleac. 

Serpulum, cropleac. 

Ascolonium, 9 " cipa. 

Ungio, 9 yneleac. 

Alba, 10 cipa, wite tun. n 

Duricorium, holleac. 

Porrum, por. 

Cerefolium } ceruille. 

Nasturtium, leaccersan, tuncers. 12 

Jbiscum, biscepwyrt. 13 

Coliandrum, 14 celendre. 

Mento, minte. 

CartamOy lybcorn. 

Acitula, hramse. 
5 Acitelum, hramsancrop. 

Accitulium, iacessure. 16 

Arniglosa, wegbrsede. 

Oinoglosa, ribbe. 

Ambila, 17 leac. 
10 Horidanum, elone. i8 

Napis, naep. 

Pastinaca, wealmore. 

Sen britia, willecserse. 19 

Bibulta, billere. 
15 Eptafolium, sinfulle. 

Malna, hocleaf. 

Marubium, hune. 

Mastica, 21 hwit cudu. 

Ostrum, wyrma. 22 
20 Omagnum, 23 wyrmella. 

Papilluum, eolxsegc. 24 

Parulus, sinfulle. 

Scilla, glaedene. 28 

Quinqueneruia, Igecewyrt. 
25 Quinqueuolium, fifleafe. 


Uistrina, stigo. 
Aper, etfor. 26 
30 Sus, swin. 
Uerrus, 21 bar. 
Maialis, bearg. 
Scrofa, sugu. 

1 Read botrus botrys. R. W. 

2 An error for olerum. R. W. 

3 So the MS. for leahtun. R, W. 

4 The glossator means to say : uibur- 
num. R. W. 

Read edera or hedera. R. W. 

6 The spindle-tree, fusanum arbor. R.W. 

7 For apium. R. W. 

8 For ascalonium. R. W. 

9 f/n^io for unio. R. W. 
J Alba sc. wnio. R W. 

11 Wite is an error for hwitt or white. 
Half of the n in fam is cut off. The scribe 
wrote tuncers, I suppose. Cf. Na*turcium. 

R. W. 

J 2 The MS. has fane. R. W. 

1 3 Cf. Cockayne, Leeohdoms etc. Vol. II. 
pap;. 572 s. v. bisceopwyrt. R. W. 

14 Coliandrum or coriandrum. R, W. 

15 An error for menta. R. W. 

16 Cf pag. 11, 1. 9. and pap. 3, 1. 22. R W. 

17 Perhaps an error for allium ? R. W. 

18 Cf. Cockayne, Leechd. III. pag. 3 >,>. 

19 Cf. Cock. II. p. 410. R. W. 

20 Read malua. R. W. 

21 See Mastix in the next vocab. R.W. 

22 See Cock. II. pag. 410. R. W. 
28 Read origanum. R. W. 

24 Cf. Cock. III. pag. 324. R. W. 

25 Cf. Cock. II. pag. 388. R. W. 

26 Read eofor. R. W. 
2? = uerres. R. \V. 




Porcus, ferh. 
Porscaster, for. 1 
For da, gefearh sugn. 
Ausungia, rysle. 
Perna, flicce. 
Larda, spic. 
Lucanica, mearg. 
Bruncus? wrot. 
lus, rop. 

Suesta, swina swaj)u. 
Seta, byrst, 
Bubullus } swan. 
Extale, snsedel. 
Interamen, inelue. 
lulium* smserej)erm. 


Obrizum, smaete gold. 

Aurum, gold. 

Aurifex, goldsmij). 

Argentum, seolfer. 

Auricalcos, grene ar, maestlinc. 

Aes, ar. 

Succinum, glaer. 

Ferrum, isen. 

Plumbum, lead. 

Stagnum, tin. 

Aurifodina, gyldingwecg. 4 

Metallum, clympre. 

Faber, smij). 

Ofjicina, smiJ)J)e. 

Follis, blaestbelg. 

Cudo* anfilte. 

Forceps, tang. 

Carbo, col. 

Malleus, hamer. 



/or, /earA denotes a little pig, afar- 
Germ, ferkel. R. W. 
An error for truncus = proboscis. R.W. 
Read i/iwm or ilia. R. W. 
Cf. pag. 241 1. 17. R. W. 
Cudo means to beat, to coin, stamp. 

R. W. 

Taken from Lat. culter = sica. R.W 
For uatillum or batillum. R. W. 
byres denotes: a burin, an engraver's 

R. W. 
The Anglo-Saxon equivalent is wanting. 

R. W. 

Lima, mylenstan, feol. 
Cultellus, seax. 
Hasta, spere. 
Sicca, cultur. 6 
5 Uomer, seer. 
Uatilla, 1 ferrece. 
Boratorium, byres. 8 
Hotum, uel taratrum, timber. 
Desile, bor. 
IQOlatrum, scafa. 
Runcina, locor. 
Terebettus* . . . 
Lynibor, 9 . . . 
Pila, ])o{)or. 


Ordeum, bere. 10 

Triticum, hwsete. 

Singula, n ryge. 
ZOFaar, spelt. 

Spica, ear. 

Aresta, 12 egle. 

Calmum, windelstreow. 

Parirus, 1S fleawyrt. 
25 Ululatus, wulfagej)ot. 

Grues, gryt. 

luuencibus,** risc))yfel. 

Imbilium, leohtleap. 

Botre, aejiro. 
30Pewa, lecj). 15 

Coluber, snaca. 

/Sfet'6a, handle. 

Axima, stoc. 

Mosiclum, ragu. 
35 Subsiciua, 16 sescapo. 

Exigia, ll gesanco. 

10 The scribe by an error wrote twice : 
ordeum, here. R. W. 

11 The writer means to say: secale. R.W. 

12 For -ariata. R. W. 

l' An error for papirus, I suppose, 
fleawyrt is called in Latin : psyllium. R W. 

14 An error for iuncis. R. W. 

' 5 Perhaps an error for paeonia (?). 
'lecp' I do not understand. R. W. 

16 Read subseciua. R. W. 

1 7 Read exugia or exsugia. R. W. 




Grabra, 1 gat. 
Uordalium, laeste. 
Gergenna, sticca. 
Comas? geap. 
Misarius, steda. 3 
Equa, mire. 
Equus, hors. 
Cabullus, 4 hengest. 
Burdus? seamere. 
Peducla, his. 
Ascarida, hnitu. 
Ladasca, pie. 
Ursief sweorhnitu. 
Mulus, mul. 
Asina, eosol. 
Camellus, oluend. 
Arimentarius," hierde. 
Arimentum, hiord. 
Boua, oxa. 
Antile, heahfru. 
Uacca, cu. 
Foetus, melc. 
Uitulus, cealf. 
Taurus, fearr. 
Uecta, enwintre. 
Laudaris, steor. 
Uolio* fald. 
Aubobulcus, oxnahyrde 
Priueta, Jjriwintre steor. 


Acris, from. 
Alacris, snel, blide. 
Anxius, sorgiende. 
Appetitus, gitsung. 

1 An error for capra. R. W. 

2 Read coruus = curuus. R. W. 

3 misarius emisnarius (equus}. R. W. 
* So the MS. R. W. 

& Read burdo. R. W. 

6 See Urdus pag. 275 1. 15. R. W. 

7 or armentarius. R. W. 

8 An error for ouile. R. W. 

9 An error for alliciens, I suppose. R.W. 

10 = auehit. R. W. 

11 Here the glossator gives no Anglo- 
Saxon equivalents. R. W. 

12 The scribe seems to mean : bucco. 

R. W. 

Astu, faecne. 

Adridens? tyhtende. 

Alitus, aefm. 

Aueit,* aweg ferej). 
bAquile, segnas. 

Adclinas, toheald. 

Adrogans, . . . n 

Agem, . . . n 

Adscitij gegaderade. 
lOAugustum, brad. 

BuccumjW dysig. 


Bona, stoppa. 14 

Bodonicula, amber. IB 
15 Urdus, handwyrm. 

Briensis, teter. 

Balsis, isenfeter. 17 

Bulla, sigil. 

Balsus, 18 wlips. 
20Blessus, stamor. 

Batuitum, gebeaten. 

Broel, ensc.i9 

Broelarius, ediscweard. 

Buculus, randbeah. 
25 Byrseus, lypenwyrhta. 

Caprea, ra. 

Capre, 4 gat. 

Caper, haefer. 

Edum, 20 ticcen. 
3QHircus, bucca. 

2%M/o, gataloc. 21 

Titurus, gatahierde. 

Calcar, spura. 

Cuspis, gad. 
35Catesta, 22 galej). 

Uenator, hunta. 

13 See pag. 9 1. 18 and pag. 192 1. 14. 

R. W. 

14 Cf. pag. 9 1. 19 and pag. 195 1.21. 

R. W. 

15 Cf. pag. 195 1. 20. R. W. 

16 See pag. 9 1.31. R. W. 

17 Cf. pag. 8 1. 14 and 24; pag. 192 
1. 13. R. W. 

18 An error for: balbus. R. W. 

19 Cf. pag. 9 1. 35: broel edisc and 
pag. 196 1. 29. R. W. 

20 Read edus = hoedus. R. W. 
2t Cf. pag. 61 1. 4. R. W. 

22 Of. pag. 10 1. 34. R. W. 





Uenabula, . . .1 
Molosus, roj)hund. 
Unfer, grighund. 
Bruccus, rascc. 
Celox, ceol. 
Capsis, cist. 
Colonus, gebur. 
Cistula, spirte. 
Colobium, horn. 
Cacdbum* citel. 
Lenes? hwer. 
Lancona, cille. 
Sartago, bredingpanne. 
OZto, greoua. 
Patella, patella. 
Camos,* swol, 
Scalpellwn, brsedisen. 
Capitium, heafodsmsel. 
Condicio, redin. 
Clauicularius, csegbora. 
Cicur, man])W2ere. 
Crocus, gaele, geolo. 
Camisaf ham. 
(7a#a, raedeclaefer. 
Sarcio, ic supe. 
Sarcidis, geseped is. 
Oscida* totrida. 
Omeliasi spraece. 
Ortodoxos, wuldorlic. 
Orao?, blere. 
Caluus, calo. 
Recalbus, 8 upfeax. 
Procuratio^ scir. 
Patrocinium, mundbyrd. 
Parsus, geroscod. 
Plumacium, langbolster. 
Pistrinum, cofa. 

Pistrilla, lytel cofa. 

Pristris? dasge. 

Panis, hlaf. 

Paxmalium, bradhlaf. 
5 Sparsum, daag. 

Sparsio, dages 

Tinipa, gebyrgen. 

Palagra, 03cilma. 

Pironis, 1 . . . 
10 Pastula, 10 ongseta. 

Papula, wearte. 

Punctus, brord. 

Pugillaris, gyrdelbred. 

Plutecus, apa. n 
15 Pendera, fugelint. 12 

Pansa, scaffot. 13 

Paranimphus, dryhtmon. 

Pronuba, badswsepe. 

Sponsus, brydguma. 
20 Sponsa, bryd. 

Thalamus, brydbur. 

Nuptiae, iemung. 

Sibba, feresoca. 

Sarcum, weodhoclu. 
25 Scalprum, bor. 

Sternutatio fnora. 

Tussis, hwosta. 

Serina, 14 meremen. 

Soccus, slypescos. 
30 Stibtalaris, stseppescos. 

Sandix, wyrt. 15 

Stirillum, buccanbeard. 

Stabula, siota. 

Saginatum, iemaasted. 
35 Tinctorium, telgung. 

Tyro, cempa. 

Tibialis, banrift. 

1 The writer omitted the Anglo-Saxon 
translation. R. W. 

2 Read cacabus. R. W. 

5 An error for Icbes. R. W. 

4 The glossator means to say : cauma 
or caumos. Cf. chaumot pag. 12 1. 45. 

R. W. 

5 rrr camisid. R. W. 

6 Read oscilla. R. W. 

7 Or homilias. R W. 

8 = recaluus. K. W. 

9 5ic MS. R. W. 

10 Read pustula. R. W. 

11 Read phitccus (an error for pithecus). 
Cf. pag. 89 1. 22. R. W. 

12 I doubt whether the MS. has fugelint 
or fugelim. R. W. 

IS Cf. pag. 37 1. 37. R. W. 

l* Read Sirenes. R. W. 

15 Cf. pag. 281 1. -29. R. W. 




Tricilo, scora.i 
Torax, feolufor.2 
Tenticmn, spindel. 
Trulla, scofl. 
Soporatus? gewyrsmed. 
Titillatio, kitelung. 
Scabellum, windfona. 
Sella, sotol. 
Subsellium, scamol. 
Stomachus, . . .* 
Sambucus, saltere. 
Stronius? dropfag. 
Balidus, dunn. 6 
Salamandra, waeternsedre. 
Scutum, sceld. 
Scutarius, sceldwyrhta. 
Sandix, wad. 
Stiria, gecele. 
Sinus, wellere. 
Singultum,' 1 gescea. 
Sceda, teah. 
Salum, segc. 8 
Simfoniaca, belune. 9 
Senecen, . . . 10 
Talumbus, gescaldwyrt. ll 
Uarix, ompre. 
Millefoliwn, gearwe. 
Urtica, netele. 
Scirpia, 12 laefer. 
Foenum, beg. 
Stipula, healm. * 
Tentorium, ieteld. 
Taber, syl. 
Tegorium, lytel cyte. 
Tap eta, reowu. 

Tabetum, cecin. 13 

Toxi, 1 * pang. 

Triligium, })rielig hrsegil. 

Tus, inba3rnis. 
5 Tibicen, pipere. 

Tubicen, bemere. 

Tillinguae, tuddor. 

Tertiana, lencteladl. 15 

Tridens, mettac. 
10 Tubutoj fealo. is 

Talpa, wund. IT 

Tolia^ cyrnel. 

Uoluula, hymele. 

Ulmus, belm. 
15 Uincus, mistellam. 

Uadimonium, borgwed. 

Uotibus, esteful. 

Ultra citro, bider and jnder. 

Uestiarius, hrseglweard. 
20 Exnado hior, 20 collecti. 

Exenodochia, susceptio peregrinorum. 

Ymnum, lof. 

Ypoteseo bassio, scirnis. 

Nicalalbum, milisc seppel.21 
25 Passtellus, 22 hunigseppel. 

Aratrum, sulh. 

Arua, yrj)land. 

luger, ioc. 

Seges, secer. 
SQSulcus, furb. 


Domus, bus. 
Aulea, heall. 
35 Uestibulum, cauertun. 



Of. Bosw. 6()i. R. w. 
Of. pag. 51 1. 16. R. W. 
An error for suppuratus. R. "VV. 
The scribe omitted the Anglo-Saxon 
valent. R. "W. 

Read starnus. Cf pag. 481. 19. R.W. 
Cf. pag. 192 1. 5. R. W. 
Read singultus R. W. 
Cf. pag. 45 1. 5. R. W. 
Cf. pag. 47 1. 12. R. W. 
No Anglo-Saxon translation gh'en. 
R. W. 

Cf. pag. 50 1. 2. R. W. 
Read scirpea. R. W. 

13 Cf. pag. 50 1. 1. R. W. 
1* Read toxicum. R. W. 
ij So the MS., instead of lenctenadl. 
R. W. 

16 Cf. pag 52 1. 11. R. W. 

17 I read wund not pund as Wright 
printed. Cf. pag. 49 1. 39. R. "VV. 

18 Read tales. R. W. 

19 Read wwcum. Mistellam means : birds- 
lime made of the mistletoe. R.W. 

20 Read Exenadochior, collecti (sic !) e 
Xenodochia etc. R. W. 

21 Cf. Bosw. 461. R. \y. 

22 Read pastillus. R. W. 




Camara, hrof. 
Paratica, first. 
Partica, 1 winbeam. 
Tignus, 2 raefter. 
Trabs, beam. 
Paries, wah. 
Laquear, rsesn. 
Tignaris, hrofwyrhta. 
Pauimentum, flor. 
Obstupum* feorstu])u. 
Ualua, duru. 
Sponda, hobanca. 
Spondeus, benc. 
Pastes, durstodl. 
Limen, J>erscwald. 
Superliminare, oferdyre. 
Spatula, bed. 


Mensa, beod. 
Discus, disc. 
Catinus, scutel. 
Parabsidis, 4 - gabote. 
Uarsalis? sealtfset. 
Uas buteri, buterstoppa. 
Butirum, butere. 
Lac, meolc. 
Uerberatum, fliete. 
Lac indicium, gej)rofen fliete. 
Lac coagolatum, molcen. 
Uerberaturiumf J>wiril. 
Sinum, cyrin. 
Caseum, cyse. 
Calmaria? cealfre. 
Calmum, 8 molegn. 
CalmiUa, 9 lim. 

1 Read portico, or portions. R. W. 

2 Read tignum. R. W. 
8 For obstipum. R. W. 

4 The glossator means paropsis. R. W. 

5 Read uas sails. R. W. 

6 Read uerberatorium. R W. 

7 The writer means to say : caluaria 
cealfre (= calwer}. R W. 

8 An error for galbanum. R. W. 
Or calamilla. R. W. 

10 Cf. Bosw. 2iu. R. W. 

H Or cucelere. Cf. Bosw. 22t. R. W. 

12 Cf. Bosw. pag. 96n. R. w. 

Serum, hwseg. 

Caluiale, calwerbriw. 10 

Pultum, briw. 

Coclear, cucere. n 
5 Clerius cibus, wyrtmete. 12 

Quadripertiluni) cocormete. 1 s 

Uiuertitum, ponmete. i 4 

Calipeatum, hasting. 

Obestrum, beost. 
lOIuta, awilled meolc. 

Ocastrum, gemenced aeg. 

Offa, sticce. 

Cachar^ lira. 

Seruiunculos, forglendred. 
15 Reunculos, is lundlaga. 

Pincerna, byrele. 

Taberna, winaern. 

Uinum 3 win. 

Mustumj neowe win. 
2QMerum, hluttor win. 

Dulcisapa, awilled win. 

Uinum conditum, gewyrtod win. 

Defrucatum,^ gesweted win. 

Defecatum, ahlutrod win. 
25 Mulsum, medo. 

Celia, ealo. 

Ceruisa, 1 * swatan. 

Pollis, grut. 

Sandix, wyrt. i 9 
30 Prandium, undermete. 

Cena, sefenmete. 

Uiciolum, 20 cruce. 

Uescada, mundlan. 21 

Manile, laeuil. 
35 Alueolum, treg. 

Maniteorium, 22 handlind. 

13 Cf. pag. 42 1. 27. R. W. 

14 Wright printed : ronmete. R. W. 

15 An error for caro, I suppose, which 
was originally written charo. R. W. 

16 Read renunculus. R. W. 

17 Read defrutatum. R. W. 
13 = cereuisia. R. "W. 

19 Cf. Sandix pag. 277 1. 31. R. W. 

20 The scribe seems to mean uicti- 
lum = fictilum or fictile. R. W. 

21 Cf. pag. 52 1. 35. R. W. 

22 Read manutergium handlin. R. W. 




Matile, 1 sceat. 
Tabulamen, ])ille. 
Patera, hnaepp. 
Cucumus, 2 popei. 
Pecten, camb. 
Melle dulci, leoht beor. 
Ciatumf steap. 
Fiola, bledu. 
Ciatus, bolla. 
Delumentum,* {weal. 
Poculum, wegi. 
Antulum, ceac. 5 
Annona* nonmete. 
Qrigia, 1 suntreow. 
Cacista, hwite clsefr.s 
Cuba, 9 tunne. 
Doleum, byden. 
Colicus, eofor|)rote. n 
Callus, war. 
Clamidis, godweb. 
Frigus, caele. 
Calor, haeto. 

1 Read mantile. R. W. 

2 For cucumis. R. W. 

8 Read ciatus or cyathus. R. W. 
* Sic MS ; not delamentum. R. W. 

5 See 1. 12. R. ^V. 

6 Annona denotes: income, revenue. 
Is Annona an error for Coena ? 

R. W. 

7 Wright printed oxigia. R. W. 

8 See pag. II h 7. R. W. 

9 Read cupa. R. W. 

Choors, tun. 12 

Corns, jireat. 


i, radolfelt. 
5 Carpella, sadolboga. 

Cicer, bean. 

Coreum, hyd. 

Cassidile, pung. 

Coruis, n mand. 
10 Cornicen, hornbora. 

Culinia, coc. 

Coquina, cycene. 

Gacobatus, hrum. 

Comicus, scop. 
\5Melopius, leobtwyrhta. 

Conquilium^ weoloc. 

Celeps, hgegsteald man. 

Calcarium, scoh. 

Cancer, stalla. 
20 Concern, 11 hafern. 

Cartilago, leoces heafod. 

Cliens, ge{)ofta. 13 

10 = doZiwm. R. W. 

11 Eoforprote is calk-d in Latin car- 
Una acaulis. R. W. 

12 Cf. pag. 14 1.41. R. W. 

13 corium. R. W. 

14 Read cor&is. R. W. 
16 Read cwftna. R. W. 

16 Read conchilium. R W. 

17 An error for cancer. R. W. 

18 For the remainder of this MS. see 
No. XII. R. W. 





Aquila, earn. 

Arpa, earngeat. 2 

Qriphut, glow. 

OssigrcLy gos. 3 

Cignus, elfetu. 4 

Mergulus, dopfugel. 5 

Fulix, ganot. 6 

Aneta, sened. 

Uel anax, 1 aened. 

Anser, uel ganra, 8 hwit gos. 

Ganta, uel auca* grseg gos. 

Olor, swann. 

Alacid, masw, uel alcedo. 10 
Accipiter, goshafoc, uel aucarius* 
Herodius, wealh hafoc, uel falco, 

uel capus. 

5 Hetum, spearhafoc. 
Siricaricis, mushafoc. n 
Miluusj uel garrulus, 10 glida. 
Ciconia, store. 
Grus, cran. 

10 Onayratulus,Y&ra.d\imbl&,]pset his pur. 
Cucurata, hleapewiuce. 
Acegia, snite. 12 
Fursianus, l3 \vorhana. 
Lusdnia, nihtegala, uel achalantida. 

1 This vocabulary is taken from a 
manuscript in the Royal Library at 
Brussels No. 539 (now No. 1829). It 
contains fewer classes of words than the 
other vocabularies, and those words are 
chiefly on Natural History and Anatomy; 
but as far as it goes, it is more copious. 

(Our text is based on a recent collation 
made by Dr. A. Holder, of Carlsruhe.) R.W. 

2 "Wright printed earngeap. Cf. pag. '258 
1. 4. R. W. 

8 Cf. pag. 258 1. 8 ossifragus and 259 
1. 7 accipiter. The glossator meant to 
say, ossifragus, goshafoc. R. W. 

4 Cf. pa?. 35 1. 36. R. W. 

& Literally, a dipping fowl the moor- 
hen; still called in Dutch; doopvogel. 

6 The word is interpreted as meaning 
specially the pen-duck, but it seems to 
have been used as a general term for a 
sea-fowl. Gariotes ba-d = the ganot's bath, 
was a common poetical term for the sea. 

7 Wright has uelanax, aened. For anax 
read anas. R. W. 

8 The words uel ganra are added in 
another hand. A. H 

9 The second g in grceg corrected from c. 
auca is added in another hand. A. H. 

30 These two words are added in another 
hand. A. H. 
H Cf. pag. 259 1. 10. R. W. 

12 Cf. acega pag. 258 1. 5. R W. 

13 An error for fasianus, Cf. pag. 260 
1, 4. R. W. 




Columba, culfre. 

Palumba, cuscote, 1 uel wuduculfre. 2 

Coruus, hrsefn, uel corax. 

Comix, crawe. 

Cornicula, cyo, uel graula* 

Grains 4 hroc. 

Beatica, team. 5 

Marsopicus, fin a, uel faus. 

Picus, higera, uel gagia. 

Noctua, ule, uel strix, uel cauanna. 

Rubisca, salthaga, uel rudduc. 6 

Fringilla, fine. 

Sigatula, fraecinase. 

Parra, colmase. 

Parrula y spicmase. 7 

Bitorius* wrsenna, uel pintorus. 

Tilaris, lawerce, uel alauda. 

Fldtula, sugga. 

Scutatis, ragofinc. 

Merula, J>rostle. 

Cardella, 9 linece. 

Turdus, scric. 

Strutio, {)ryssce. 10 

Cuculus, geac, uel ciculus, tucos. 

Birbicaliolus, eordling, 11 ueltanlicus. 

Puttus, (cy)cen. 12 

Ornithia, fugelas, uel orneas. 

Stirnus, staar, uel fulix. 

Passer, spearewa. 

Gallus, coc. 

Gallinaceus^ i. ls capun, capo.* 4 

Gallina, bgen. 

Ornitha, gr. haenn. 

1 Still called, in different parts of the 
country, cushots or cowshots. 

2 The MS. has culfr. R. W. 

3 Read gracula or graculus. R. W. 

4 gralus, altered from grallus (for graclus 
= graculus) in MS. A. H. 

5 So the MS. A. H. - Cf. pag. 2ljO 
1. 12 steam. R. W. 

6 Cf. pag. 260 1. 17. R. W. 

7 Wright read swicmase. R. W. 

8 Cf. pag. 260 1. 21 s. v. litorius. R. W. 

9 Cf. pag. 260 1. 28. R. W. 
10 Cf. pag. 260 1. 30. R. W. 
J l Cf. pag. 260 1. 31. R, W. 

12 cy in cycen added in another hand. A. H. 

13 i. means id est. R. W. 

14 Added in another hand. A. H. 

Hirundo, s we ale we. 

NocticoraXj nihthrsefn. 15 

Ardea, hragra. 

Diomedia, gr. uel herodios, u swan. 
5 Turdella, scealfor. 

Mergula, scealfor. 16 

Butio, cyta. 17 

Soricarius, bleria pyttel. 18 

Bubo, huf. 
10 Pellicanus, stangella and wanfota. 

Ortigometra, segcscara. 19 

Coturnix, erschsen. 

Philomella, 20 nihtegale. 

Ciupella, hulfestran. 21 
15Ismarus alietum, spearhafoc. 

Uiperina, naedderwinde. 

Scorellus, clodhamer and feldeware, 
uel bugium. 

EJUS.] 22 

Gubernio, i. steora. 23 

Gubernator, steorman. 23 
%Nauta, rejjra. 

Nauis, scip. 

Archiromacus, swift scip. 

Scapha, serendscip. 

Barca, flotscip. 
SQLiburna, hulc. 

Dromo, aesc. 24 * 

Pontonium, flyte. 

Trabaria, i. caudex, punt, . ponto- 

M n in hrcefn corrected from m. A. H. 
J 6 Cf. pag. 258 1. 13. R. W. 

17 See pag. 259 1. 12. R. W. 

18 Cf. pag. 259 1. 10 and pag. 285 1.6. 

R. W. 

19 The Greek word proves that the 
meaning of segcscara Is not cicada (cf. 
Bosw. 61 W ) but coturnix (cf. Leo pag. 145, 
H9). R. W. 

20 The first I struck out by another 
hand. A. H. 

21 A rafter p in ciupella struck out. A.H. 
Wright has hulfstan. R. W. 

22 Cf. pag. 165 ff. and 181 ff. R. W. 

23 These five words were omitted by 
Wright. R. W. 

24 If. pag. 181 1. 29. R. W. 



Puppis, se seftera stemn. 1 

Cumba, fmrruc. 2 

Caring bytme. 

Fori, I tabulata nauium, scipes 


Columbaria, arlocu. 
Remij ara. 
Trastra? J}oftan. 
Palmula, arbled. 
Antemna, seglgyrd. 
Cornua, J)a ytemystan endas jjaere 

Mains, maest. 
Modius, msestcyst.4 
Carceria, hunj)yrlu. 
Parastates, maest wist. 
Clauus, helm a. 
Gubernaculum, steorrojmr. 
Ponsf sciphlsedder. 6 
Uela, seglu. 
Prora, frumstemn. 7 
Funes, restes, rapas. 
Spire, linan. 
Propes, sceatline. 8 
Pes ueli, sceata. 
Safo, stseg. 9 
Opisfera, stedingline. 10 
Prosnesium,u marels. 
Anguina, racca. 
Remulcum, tohline. 
Slrupiar, midlu. 
Cataporates, sundline. 
Bolidis, sundgerd.i3 
Aplustra, geredru. 
Estuaria, fleotas. 
Glarea, ceoselstan. 

Honeraria, sciplsest. 

Sirtim, sandgewurp. 14 

Jungetum, riscdyfel .1 5 

Ledo, nepflod. 
5 Proceris, gearufang. 

Arula, heord. 

Remex, redra. 

Reuma, gytestream. 

Scalmus, (Joll. 
10 Tabide, bord. 

Uncinos, hocas. 

Rostrata nauis, i. barda. 

Trieris, scsegd. 16 

Linter, bat. 
15 Musculus, i. sceortscip. 

Carabus, scipincel. 

Liltoraria, trochscip. 

Puppis, steorsetl. 

Prora, ancersetl. 
20 Trudes, spreotas. 

Transtra, scipsetl and J)oftan. 

Una serta, i. an gerif fissca, odde an 
snjes fissca, odde odra pinga. 



Anima, sawl. 

Homo, man. 

Antropus, man. 

Microcosmus, Isessa middaneard.' 7 
30 Corpus, lichama. 

Caro, flaesc. 

Crementum, cid. 

Sensus, sefa. 

Uisus, gesyh}). 
35 Auditus, gehyrnes. 

Odoratus, swsec. 

1 Wright printed seften-stenm. R<W 

2 Of. pag. 181 1. 35. R< W 

3 Sic MS. A. H. 

4 Rasure after mast in mcestcyst. A.H. 
6 Cf. pag. 182. 1. 11. R. W. 

6 One d added above the line in the 
same baud. A. H. 

? Cf. pag. 182 1. 21. R, W. 

8 Pag. 182 1.26 we find sceacline. R.W. 

9 Cf. pag. 182 1.27 : Safon sta>p. R.W. 
10 Cf. pag. 182 1.29. R.W, g written 

Over the line by the same band. A. H. 

H Read pronesium. Cf. pag. 182 1. 30. 

R. W. 
12 An error for c.ataprorates. R. W. 

18 The MS. has : snndgfrd. A. H. 

1* Cf. pag. 183 1. 7. R. W. d over 

the line. A. H. 

15 s over the line in the same hand. A.H. 

16 Cf. pag. 165 1. 41 and pag. 181 1. 18. 

R. W. 

17 r above the line by the same hand. 

A- H. 




Oust-as, byrignes. 

Tactus, sethrine. 

Capud, heafod 

Vertex, hnol. 

Caluaria, heafodpanne. 

Cerebrum , bisegn. 

Obcapud, foreweard eafod, postex- 

Capiili, loccas. 

Tautones,^ bruwa. 

Coma, feax. 

Cesaries, piles? haer. 

Crines, loccas. 

Timpor, dunwange. [oferbruwa. 

Uultus, fades, uel frons, supercilium, 

Intercilium, betweoh bruwum. 

Cilium, bruwa. 

Palpebre, brsewas. 

Oculus, eage. 

Lacrima, tear. 

Corona, helm. 

Pupilla, seo. 

Gene, hagoswind. 8 

Barba, beard. 

Mentum, cin. 

Male, ceocan. 

Maxille, cin ban. 

Mandibule, ceacan. 

Auris, eare. 

Nasus, nosu. 

Cartilago, nosugrisle. 

Internasum, neb. 

Flegma, hrog. 

Os, mud". 

Labrum, wseler. 

Dens, tod. 

Ingua, 4 todreoma. 

Lingua, tunge. 

Fans, weo. 5 

Palatum, mudes hrof. 

Sublingua, uf. 6 

Tales, grynlas. 7 

Rumas, wasend. 
5 Gurgulium, drotbolla. 

Anteria, 8 aeddre. 

Gula, hracu. 

Collum, swyra. 

Ceruix, g hnoll. 
10 Humera, eaxla. 

Scapulus, sculdur. 

Brachiurrij earm. 

Ascella, 10 oxn. 

Ulna, eln. 
15 Cubitus, f3ej)m. 

Manus, hand, duma. 

Pugna, fysd. 

Pugilla, gripe. 

Palma, handbred, weZ salair. 
ZOArtus, lijm. 

Articuli minores, digiti, fingras. 

Pollex, Jjuma. 

Index, bycniend. 

Salutaris, hseletend. 
25 Ipudicus, }2 unewisc. 

Anularis, fingerlic. 

Auricularis, earscrypel. 

Ungula, nsegel. 

Truncus, bo dig. 
30 Torax, breost. 

Mamille, tittas. 

Pupille, seon. 

Lac, meoluc. 

Cutis, hid. 
SbPellis, fel. 

Pulpa, lira. 

Uiscus, herdbylig. 


1 So the MS. Cf. pag. 157 ]. 2. R. W. 
3 So the MS. A. H. 

3 Cf. pag. 157 1. 7. R. W. n in 
swind added over the line. A. H. 

4 Read gingiaae. R. W. 

5 Cf. Bosw. pag. 89r. R. W. The 
second stroke of u in fans is effaced. A. II. 

6 Cf. pag. 157 1. 28. R. W. 

7 a in grynlas above the line. In the 
line grynles. A. H. 

8 So the MS. Originally arteria. A.H. 

9 r above the line. A. H. 

10 Cf. pag. 158 1. 28. R. W. 

11 Altered from pugillas in MS. A.H. 
13 Originally Ipudicus. A. H. Wright 

printed Pudicus. R. W. 

13 Cf. p. 159 1. 8. R. W. 

14 ge and y above the line by another 
hand. In the line llnd. A. H. Cf. 
p. 159 1. 5. R. W. 





Nerui, sina. 1 

Uertuba, 2 hweorfa. 

Costa, ribb. 

Dorsum, ricig. 

Terga, bsec. 

Pale, ricgrble. 

Spina, hricgmeard. 

Radiolus, spacau. 

Spondila, 1 hricgrib. 

Medulla, mearh. 

Sacra spina, se haliga. 3 

Renes, aeddran. 

Lumbos, laendenu. 

Genitalia, pa cennedan. 4 

Uirilia, d(a) waerlican. 5 

Uirilius, pintel. 6 

Calamus, teors. 

Testiculi, her pan. 

Viscera, inelfe. 

Meatus, utgong. 

F . . em,' 1 gor. 

Anus, bsecdearm. 

Nattes,* earsendu. 

Femor, deoh. 

Femina, inneweard deoh. 

Coxa, peohscanca. 

Suffragines, hamma. 

Genua, cnyowu. 

Crura, sconcan. 

Tibia, scina. 

Surra, sperlira. 

Talos } ancleo. 

Pedes, fet. 

Planta, fotwelma, 

Calx, 9 ile. 

Cor, heorte. 

Sanguis, blod, cruor mortuorum. 

Jecor, lifer. 

Pulmon, lungen. 

So the MS. R. W. 
Cf. p. 159 1. 20. R. W. 
Cf. p. 159 1. 23. R. W. 
Wright printed cennendan. R. W. 
a in da omitted in MS. A. II. 
Wright has: uirllitas. R. W. 
Two or three letters effaced. I think, 
the scribe wrote ftmum. A. H. 
Wright: nates. R. W. 
An i blotted out before z. A. H. 

Splena, milte. 
Fel, gealla. 
Stomagus, 1 maga. 
Intestinum, 10 inelfe . 
5 Omentum, midhridre. 
Disceptum i. reticulum, nette. 
Uitalia, uiscera, renuncide, z. lund- 
lagan. 11 


Coetus, hwsel. 

Piscis, fisc. 

Pina, delfin, uel 

Bacharus, mereswin. 
15 Ballena, hran. 

Porcopiscisj stiriga. 

Usocus, 12 seolh. 

Cancer, crabba. 

Ysox, leax. 
20 Ostrea, ostre. 

Geniscida, mucxle. 

Sardina, hsering. 

Platissa, floe. 

Item et bubla. 16 
25 Coclea, weoluc. 

Lucius, hacud. 

Mugil, idem. 

Tinctus, sliu. 14 

Lypus, bsers. 
30 Castorius, befor. 

Chepl 'talus, heardra. 

Murenula, sel 

Anguilla, smsel sel. 

Sartate, smylt. 1 ' 
35 BisariuSj fiscwelle. 


Textrina, web, uel telum. 
Liciatorium, websceaft. 

10 num in intestinum over an erasure. A.H. 

11 Added in another hand. A. H. 

12 The scribe means to say: focus or pho- 
cus. R. W. 

13 The reading of this line appears to 
be doubtful. Wright printed Id, etbnbla. 

R. W. 

14 I over erasure. A. H. 

15 Cf. pag. 262 1. 4: sardina, smelt. R.W. 

16 Omitted inMS., but cf. p. 2ti2. 1. <:. R.W. 




Fusum, splin. 1 
Radium, hrefl. 
Cladia, wefl. 
Deponile, wefta. 
Nitorium, iuspin. 
Uertellum, hweorfa. 
Colus, wulmod. 
Glomer, cliwen. 
Conductum, gearnwinde. 
Plumaria, byrdinge. 2 
Stamen, wearp. 
Subtimen, awebb. 
Pectica, fla3|)ecomb. 
Apidiscus, webhoc. 
Scaphus, uma. 
Tala, webgerejmi. 
Glaus, tsebere. 3 
Fila, dred. 
Lana } wul. 
Uellus, flis. 

Leno, wifjjegu. 
Pedissequa, abra. 4 
Alibrum, riul. 
Insubula, meoduma. 
Ansa, hringe. 5 
Cingulum, gyrdels. 
Andeda, brondreda. 
Arula, fyrpanne 
Sicaf tindre. 
Scintilla, spearca, 
Titium, brand. 
Scindula, scid. 
Lignarium, 7 al geweorc. 
Finis , aerce. 8 

A metathese of spinl. It. W. 

Cf. p. 262 J. 18. R. W. 

Cf. p. 262 1. 25: dans, teltre. R.W. 

Cf. p. 108 1. 28. R. W. 

Cf. p. 266 1. 23 ff. R. W. 

Cf. isica p. 266 1. 39. R. W. 

7 See pag. 266 1. 40. R. W. 

8 An error for cinis, xsce, I suppose. 
Cf. p. 2i5 1. 34. R. W. 

9 Cf. cicindUia p. 267 1.1. R. W. 

10 Omitted in the MS. A. H. But cf. 
p. 267. R. W. 

11 Over erasure. A. H. 

12 ween over erasure. A. H. 

t3 i. e. : both Latin and Greek names 

Fauilla, ysle. 
Fumus, rec. 
Accendilia, weocan. 9 

5 [DE ALEA.] 10 

Alea, tsefel. 
Calculus,*! taefelstan. 
Aleator,- 1 tseflere. 


Carpentarius, waenwyrhta. 12 
Plaustrum, wsen. 
Rota, hweol. 
Tkemon, })isle. 
1 5 Radii, spacan 
Canti, felgan. 
Naualium, dincge. 


Scolonia,** ynneleac. 
Anbila, is leac. 
AcimuSj hyndberige. 16 
Ambrosia, hyndhsele|)e. 
25 Artemesia, mugwyrt. 
Apollinaris, glofwyrt. 
Cinoglossa, ribbe. 
Septefilos, hymelic. i 7 

30 Astula regia, ]S baso, popig. 

Cardus, smsel {)istel. 

Cliton, elate. 19 

Cardamon, cserse. 

Apium, merce. 
35 Botracion, clufdung. 20 

of plants am hero giveu with the Anglo- 
Saxon equivalents. This explains why there 
are so mauy repetitions of the same plant. 

14 Read ascalonia. Cf. p. 270 1. 26. 

R. W. 

15 Cf. p. 271 1. 9. R. W. 

16 i in acimus is written over in the 
same hand. A. H. The raspberry is still 
railed a hindberry in the North of Eng- 

17 Cf. p. 136 1. 1 and Bosw. pag. 396. 

R. W. 

18 Cf. p. 133 1. 30. R. W. 

19 Cf. p. 134 1. 3 and p. 9 1. 16. R.W. 

20 See Bosw. pag. 221. R. W. 




Anetum, dile. 
Bobonica, hratele. 
Acetula, ramese. 1 
Carix, segg. 
Brassica, wuducerfille. 
Acantan, beowirt. 2 
Camedus, heortclseffre. 8 
Ascolonia, cipe. 
Catharticum, 4 libbcorn. 
Camelleaf wulfescamb. 
Arnaglosse, wegbrade. 6 
Cucumeris, hwasrhwsette. 7 
Camesete, ellenwyrt. 
Agrimonia, garclife. 
Centauria, eordgealla. 8 
Coxa, })ung. 
Aconita, J)ung. 
Aristologia, smerewyrt. 9 
Calitrice, waeterwyrt. 
Artemessia, tagantes helde. 
Arthea, merscmealewe. 11 
Coantrum, 12 cellendre. 
Brittanice, haewenydele. 13 
Absinthium, weremod. 
Buglosse, foxesglofa. 14 
Bacinia, berige. 

Camemelon alba, se brada wulfes- 
camb. 15 [ion. 
Beneolentem, magacte, 16 uel camemel- 
Canis lingua, hundestunge. 17 
Batracion, clufwyrt. 18 

Cf. p. 3. 1. 20. R. w. 
Of. p. 133 i. 5. R. w. 
Cf. p. 184 1. 30. R. W. 
Read carthamus. R. W. 
Read chamaelcon. R. W. 
n in arna corrected from m. 


p. 134 1. 13. R. W. 


Cf. p. 134 1. 10. R. W. 

h blotted out before eord A H. 

The first r over erasure. A. H. 

10 An error for c.allitrichon. R. W. 

uel al c 

11 The MS. has Arthea, Mers mealewe. 

A. H. 
11 Read coriandrum. Cf.p. 1351.40. R.W. 

13 Cf. p. 135 1. 26. R. W. h before 
y blotted out. I after y struck out by 
the first scribe. H. A. 

14 Cf. Note 1 ou p. 135. R. W 4 

Cicuta, hymelic. 19 

Anteleuce, smsel Jristel. 20 

Bucstalmum, hwit msegede. 

Apasina, clife. 
5 Cerofolium, enneleac. 

Ahillea, colloncroh. 

Culmus, healm. 

Cicuta, wodewistle. 21 

Anchorum, m seder e. 22 
10 Apis siluatica, wudumerce. 

Conize, hibestica. 23 

Iris lllirica, hwatend. 

Calcesta, hwite clsefre. 

Fynuclum, 2 * finol. 
15 Innulor, eoloue. 25 

Felicem, fearn. 

Calcilum, iacessure. 26 

Lactuca, leahtric. 

Cinnamomum, cymen. 
20 Furfures, sifeda. 

Leontopedium, leonfot. 27 

Felix minuta, eoforfearn. 

Laterculum, beolone. 

Ciclamina, slite. 
25 Lappatium, docce, i. gledene, i. carix. 

Gladiolum, secgg. 

Malba, mealewe. 

Gramina, cwice. 

Genista, brom. 
30 Merculialis, 21 cedelc, cyrlic. 

Millefolium, gearewe. 

15 Cf. p 296 1. 10. R. W. 

16 Cf p. I3o 1. 7. R. W. The second 
a in magacte corrected from e. A. H. 

17 n in hundes inserted over tbe line. 

A. H. 

18 Cf. p. 295 1. 35. R. W. 

19 Cf. p. 295 1. 28. R, W. 

20 Cf. p. 295 1. 31. R.W. 

21 So the MS., not 'pistle'. Cf. Leo 
Gloss, p. 13 1. 86. A. H. 

22 Cf. p. 299 1. 29. R. W. 

23 Cf. Bosw. p. 43cand p. 301 1. 35. R W. 
a in conize corrected from x. An e 
is blotted out after I in lubestica. A H 

24 y corrected from u in MS. A. H. 
35 Cf. Bosw. pag. 2fA R. W. 

26 Cf. Note 6 on pag. 133. R. W. 

27 Sic MS. R. W. 




Galla, galloc. 
Erimigio, hyndberige . ! 
Mosilicum, 2 ragu. 
Ebolumf ellenwyrt. 
Menta, minte. 
Marubhim, 4 harehune. 
Beribalbum, greate wyrt. 
Maliterre, elehtre. 
Betonica, byscopwyrt. 
Nasturtium,* 3 tuncaerse. 
Fracaf streawberige. 
Calta, reade clefre. 
Lattyride, libcorn. 7 
Fungus, swamm. 
Lappa, elate. 
Fenegrecio, wyllecerse. 
Lagena, crog. 
Lotium, ate. 
Colocus, eofordrote. 
Ferula, aescdrote. 
Felicina, eoforfearn. 8 
Gor imbue, ifigcrop. 
Lugustrum,^ hunisuce. 
Delfinion, fugeleswyse. 10 
Gallitricium, wseterwyrt. 
Eliotropus, sigelh\\eorfa. n 
Malagma, sealf. 
Oentiana, feldwyrt. 
Mastix, hwit cwuda. 
Heraclea, calcatrippe. 
Eptafilon, gelddwyrt. 

1 Cf. p. 295 1. 23. R. W. 

3 Read mosiclum. R. W. 

3 An o blotted out before b. A. H. 

4 a over erasure. A. H. 

5 c corrected above t by a later hand. 

A. H. 

6 Sic MS. R W. 

7 tt corrected from cc in MS. A. H. 

8 Cf. p. I Ho 1. 10. R. W, 

9 So the Ms. Wriglit printed ligustrum. 

R. W. 

10 Cf. the explanation of this word 
Bosw. 27g. R W. 

11 Cf. p. HOI 1. 10 and p. U3 1 28. R.W. 

12 Gorst means : a bramble erica, rubus. 
Cf p. HOO 1. 9. R. W. 

13 Cf p. HOO l.l. R. W. 

14 Cf. p. 296 1. 19. R W. 

15 Read echion or echium. R. W. 

Hedera nigra, eordifig. 

Erifeon, lidwyrt, idem est ostriago. 

Herba iras, gorst. 12 

Swige, banwyrt.13 
StGallitrici, staelwyrti* 

Eicios, haranspeccel. 

Innule campane, sperewyrt. 

Intula, walwyrt. 16 

Napis, naep. 
1 Pastinace, wuducerfille. ' 7 

Nimphea, colloncroh. 18 

Oriathamum, eolone. 19 

Rolon, earbe. 20 

Quinquenerbia, 21 ribbe. 
15 Tenedissa, helde.22 

Urtica, netle. 

Toxa, J)ung. 23 

Quinquefila, hrsefnesfot. 

Origanum, aelere. 24 
20 Sinfitum, gallac. 

Radiolum, eoforfearn. 25 

Prosopes, bete. 

Prassion, hune. 26 

Titemallos, singrene. 
25 Ramnus, |)efedorn. 

Juncus, risce. 27 

Sigsonte, stanmerce. 28 

Ocimum, mistel. 

Ueneria, maedere. 29 
30 Nereta, saeminte. 

Plantago, wegbrade. 

16 The scribe -wrote: walwf. Cf p :!01 

I. 3 and p. HOI 1. 17. A. H. 

17 Cf. p 296 1. 5. R. W. 

18 Cf p. 297 1. 6. R. W. 

19 Cf. p. 297 1. 15. R. W. 

20 Rolon seems to be an error for 
robon or robos = orobos. Cf. Cock. L. 

II. p. 380. R. W. 

!1 The second n corrected from u in 
MS. A. H. 

22 The reading of the MS. seems to be 
an error for tanaceta or tanacetum R.W. 

23 Cf. Coxa p. 29 B 1. 16. R. W. 

24 Wright printed alepe. R. W. 
" Cf. p. 297 1. 22. R. W. 

26 Cf. p. 271 1. 17. R. W. 

27 Cf. p. 1H5 1. 16. R. W. 

28 Cf. p. 1 34 1. H 6 and Bosw. p. 67*. R.W. 

29 Cf. p. 300 1. 10 and p. 135 1. 15. R.W. 




Uiola aurosa et uiola purpurea, ban- 

wyrt. 1 

Senecio, grundeswylige. 2 
Simphonica, beolone. 3 
Pissli, reosan. 
Uiumum, fugelesleac. 
Speragus, wuduca&rfille. 
Sarpulum, brade leac. 
Tribulus, gorst. 4 
Rosmarinum, feldmsedere. 
Obtalmon, magede. 5 
Ruscus, cneowholen. 
Raphanus, ancre, })et is rsedic. 7 
Thiaspis, lambescerse. 
Rodinaps, oinpre, docce. 
Salsa, sure. 
Tytymalosca, libcorn. 8 
Papauer, popig. 
Umbilicum, berwinde. 
Scilla, glsedene. 
Uictoriale, cneowholen. 9 
Perdicalis, homorwyrt. 
Uiperina, nasdderwyrt. 
Pollegia, broderwyrt, haelwyrt, dwe- 

orges dwostle. 
Unnio, ynneleac. 
Peucedanum, cammocc. 
Semperuiuum, sinfulle. 
Uermenaca, raedic. 10 
Pilogonus et sanguinar-ia, ])aet is un- 

fortrcdde. 11 
Uiola } simcringwyrt. 
Stena, hgejjcole. 
Pentagon, fifleafe. 
Sandix, wad. 12 

1 See p. !37 1. 4. R. W. 

2 Cf. Cook. Leechd. III. p. 379. R.W. 

3 Cf p. 134 1. 5. R. W. 
* Cf. p. 299 1. :}. R. W. 

5 Cf. p. 296 1. 29. R.W. 

6 Cf. p. 133 1.27. The plant stillcalled 
knet-holly in the South of England. 

7 Cf. p 135 1 2;i. R. W. 

8 Cf. p. 298 1. 13. R. W. 

9 Cf. Note 6. R. W. 

10 Cf. p 300 1. 13. R.W. 

11 The second d above the line. R.W. 

12 Cf. p. 136 I. 25. R. W. 

13 The scribe wrote hrcctelwr. Cf. p. 299. 
Note 16. A, H. 

Sinapdones, caersan. 

Sicalia, lyge. 

Hieroboianum, hrsetelwyrt. 13 

Brassica siluatica, wuducerefille. 14 
5 Or amis birecta, cwice. 15 

Solsequia, golde> 

Rosmarina, sundeaw. 

Gagantes, mugwyrt. 16 

Athee, saeminte. 17 
10 Eliotropus, sigelhweorfa. 

Ruta, rude. 

lua, iue. 

Sisimbrium, brocminte. 18 

Colatidis, singrene. 
15 Scilla et gladiola, glaedene. 19 

Scolonia, cipe. 

Samsuhchon, cyningeswyrt. 20 

Uulnetrurn, mold corn. 

Scippio, Isefer. 
20 Uiticella, weodubinde. 

Poloten, crawanleac. 

Scolimbos, se urnbrada jjistel. 

Simphonia, beolone. 

Senitio, syr, grundeswylige. 
25 Pastinace, moran. 

Lapadium, lelojjre. 

Maine herratice, geormenleaf. 21 

Canafel* 2 siluatica, hsenep. 

Ebuli, ellenwyrt. 
30 Mentarium, feldminte. 

Cerefolium, cerfelle. 

Sinapis, senap. 

Abrotomum, ssedrenewuda. 

Peonia, peonia. 
35 Lubestica, lufestice 23 

14 Cf. p. 29fi 1. 5. R. W. 

15 Cf p. 297 1. 2S. R. W. 

16 Cf p 295 1. 25. R. W. 

17 Cf. p. 299 1. 30. R.W. 

18 Cf. Cork. Ill p. 316. R. W. 

19 Cf. Cock. Ill p. 328. R. W. 

20 Read sampsychon. R. W. The 
second n in cyninges above the line in 
the same hand. The MS. has only trr 
instead of wyrt. A. H. 

21 Cf. Cock. Ill p. 328. R. W. r in 
geormen above the line. A. H. 

22 An error for cannabis. R. W. 

23 Cf. p. 297 1. 11. R. W. 


Rosa, rosa. Hulsida, camedris. 4 

Spimon, i> teuerion, brunwyrt. 1 Arciotidas? fyrses berian. 

Ostriago, li|)wyrt. Actisf i. sambucus, ellen. 

Muronis, cicenamete. 2 Elimos, i. lini semen, linsaed. 

Humblonis, 3 hegehyrnele. 5 

1 Cf. Cock. Ill p. a 16. R. W. 4 Is camedris an Anglo-Saxon word?? 

* Of. Cock. Ill p. 3 18. R. W. 5Read^ceu^. R. W. R> W ' 

3 Cf. Cock. Ill p. 331. R. W. 6 Read Acte. R. W. 




Deus omnipotens, Jjset is god ael- 
mihtig, se waes aefre unbegunnen 
and aefre byd ungeendod. 

Celum, heofen. 

Angelus, engel. 

Archangelus, heahengel. 

Stella, steorra. 

Sol, sunna. 

Luna, mona. 

Firmamentum, roder. 

Cursus, ryne. 

Mundus, uel cosmus, middaueard. 

Tellus, uel terra, eor])e. 

Humus, molde. 

Mare, uel equor, sse. 

Pelagus, wid sae. 

Oceanum, garsegc. 

Homo, man. 

Mas, uel masculus, werhades man. 

Femina, wifhades man. 

Sexus, werhad odde wifhad. 

Membrum, an lim. 
Membra, ma lima. l *-/ 
Capud } heafod. 
Copita, 2 ma. 
5 Vertex, hnol. 
Cerebrum, bragen. 
Ceruix, hnecca. 
Collum, swyre. 
Frons, forewearde heafod. 
10 Nasus, uel naris, nosu. 
Capillus, hser. 
Capilli, ma. 
Cesaries, fex. 
Coma, loc. 

Aures, ma. 
Timpus, })unwencge. 
Timpora, ma. 
Maxilla, hleor. 
20 Fades, ansyn. 

Supercilium, oferbruwa. 
Palpebre, brsewas. 

1 Although there seems to be little 
room for doubt that the fourth of the Vo- 
cabularies printed in the present volume 
is rightly ascribed to Alfric, yet in the 
known MSS. Alfric's Grammar is followed 
by a vocabulary which is differently ar- 
ranged, and more condensed. This vo- 

cabulary is here printed from a copy in 
MS. Cotton, Julius A. II., in the British 
Museum. Another occurs in the MS in 
St. John's College, Oxford, already al- 
luded to 

2 Read capita. Ma means ma heafdu 
or heafod in the plural number. R.W. 




Oculus, eaga. 
Oculi, ma. 
Pupilla, seo. 
Os, mud. 
Os, ban. 
Medulla, mserh. 
Labium, weler. 
Labia, ma. 
Dens, tod. 
Denies, ma. 
Lingua, tunge. 
Palatum, goma. 
Guttur, Jjrota. 
Mentum, cin. 
Barba, beard. 
Pectus, breost. 
Cor, heorte. 
Pulmones, lungena. 
Jecur, lifer. 
FeZ, gealla. 
Stomachus, maga. 
Splen, milte. 
Adeps, rysel. 
Aruina, ungel. 
Uiscus, in nod. 
Viscera, ma. 
Ixta, 1 dearmas. 
Sanguis, blod. 
Caro, flsesc. 
Cut is, hyd. 

Pe#w, fell. - 

Scapula, sculdra. - 
Dorsum, hryc. 
Uenter, wamb. 
Brachiuni) earm. 
Brachia, ma. 
Ulna, eleboga. 
Manus, hand. 
Digitus, finger. 
Digiti, ma. 
Unguis, nsegl. 
Ungues, ma. 
Pollex, J)iima. 
Index, scytelfinger. 

Medius, middelfinger. 
Medicus, Ijecefinger. 
Auricularius, earefinger. 
Palma, handbred. 
5 Artus, lid. 
Latus, side. 
Latera, ma. 
, rib. 

e^ costas, ma. 
10 Renes, lendena. 
Neruus, sinu. 
Nerui, ma. 


15 Femur, J>eoh. 

Femora, ma. 

Corm, J)eoh. 

Clunis, hype. 

Poples, ham. 
ZOPoplites, ma. 

Oenu, en cow. 

Genua, ma. 

Pulpa, lira. 

Sura, spaerlira. 
25 Crusj sceanca. 

Crura, ma. 

jTz'dza, scyne, odde seinban. 

Talus, angcleow. 

Pes, fot. 


Planta, fotwylm. 

Plante, uel plantas, ma. 

Allox, 3 ta. 

Alloces, ma. 
35 Ungula, hof, odde clawu. 

Patriarcha, heahfaeder. 

Propheta, witega. 

Apostolus, apostol. 

Archiepiscopus, ercebisceop. 
40 Episcopus, leodbisceop. 

Diocessis,* uel parochia, bisceoprice. 

Regnum, rice. 

Abbas, abbod, odde fseder. 

Presbiter, maessepreost. 

1 Read exta. R. W. 

2 c added above'the line. R, W. 

3 Cf. p. 5 1. 23 and 161 1. 8. R.W. 

4 Sic MS. R. W. 




Sacerdos, sacerd. 

Clericus, preost, odde cleric. 

Diaconus, uel leuita, diacon. 

Subdiaconus, underdiacon. 

Archidiaconus, ercediacon. 

Monachus, munuc, odde an standende. 

Monacha, uel monialis, mycenu. 1 

Anachoritct) ancra. 

Eremita, westensetla. 

Nonna, arwurjje wydewe, odde nunne. 

Cantor, sangere. 

Cantrix, sangystre. 

Lector, rasdere. 

Lectrix, rsedistre. 

Laicus, laewede man. 

Coniunx, gemecca.. 

Coniuges, uel conjugates, gesinhiwan. 

Coniungium? uel matrimonium, sin- 


Castus, claene. 
Incestus, unclsene. 
Pulcher homo, faeger man. 
Formosus, wel gewlitegod. 
Deformis, hiwleas. 
Speciosus, uel decorus, wlitig. 
Pater, faeder. 
Mater, moder. 
Auus, ealda feeder. 
Abauus, jpridde faeder. 
Proauus, feorjm fseder. 
Atauus, fifta faeder. 
Films, sunu. 
Filia, dohter. 
Soboles, beam. 
Liberi, ma beam. 
Familia, hiwrseden, odde lured. 
Frater, broder. 
Soror, swuster. 
Uitricus, steopfasder. 
Nouerca, steopmoder. 
Priuignus, steopsunu. 
Filiaster, steopdohter. 
Nepos, neua. 
Neptis, bewimmen. 

Altor, uel nutritor, fosterfaeder. 

Altrix, uel nutrix, fostermoder. 

Alumpnus, fostercild. 

Patruus, fsedera. 
5 Matertera, moddrige. 

Auunculus, earn. 

Amita, fa^u. 

Osculum, cos. 

Propinquus, ma3g. 
IQAfJmis, uel consanguineos, 2 sibling. 

Amicus, freond. 

Progenies, uel tribus, masgj). 

Generatio, cynren. 

Gener, adum. 
15/gfocer, sweor. 

Socrus, sweger. 

Nurus, snoru. 

Rex, cyning. 

Sceptrum, cynegyrd. 
20 Regina, cwen. 

Imperator, uel cesar, uel augustus, 

Imperatrix, uel augusta, J)es caseres 

25 Princeps, ealdorman. 

Dux, heoratoga, 2 odde lateow. 

Comes, ealdorman, odde gerefa. 

Clito, aej)elingc. 

Obses, gysel. 
30 Primas, heafodman. 

Satrapa, J)egn. 

Judex, dema. 

Prepositus, gerefa, odde prafost. 

Miles, uel adleta* cempa. 
35 Exercitus, here. 

Populus, folc. 

Procinctus, 4 fyrdingc. 

Edictum, geban . 

Uulgus, ceorlfolc. 
40 Congregatio, uel contio, gegaderung. 

Conuentus, uel conuentio, gemetingc. 

Sinodus, sinod. 

Dominus, uel Jierus, hlaford. 

Matrona, fordwif. 

1 No doubt an error of the scribe for 
mynecenu. Cf. pag. 16f>. 1. 26. It. W. 

2 So has the MS. H. W. 

5 Read athleta R. W. 
4 Procinctus means: (an array) pre- 
pared for battle. R. W. 




Domina, hlaefdige. 

Cliens, uel dientulus, incniht. 

Empticius, geboht })eowa. 

Uernaculus, inbyrdlingc. 

Seruus, Jjeowa. 

Ancilla, uel serua, uel abra, wyln. 1 

Gustos, uel pastor, hyrde. 

Puer, cnapa. 

Puella, mseden, odde geong wifman. 

Virgo, maedenman. 

Procus, wogere. 

Sponsus, brydguma. 

Sponsa, bryd. 

Infans, unsprecende cild. 

Uir, wer, odde waepman. 

Mulier, wif. 

Maritus, ceorl J>e wif hsefd. 

Uocor, wif J>e wer hsefd. 

Uidua, widewe. 

Senex, eald man. 

Anus, eald wif. 

Adolescens, iung man. 

Juuenis, iunglingc. 

Paterfamilias, hyredes hlaford. 

Piscator, fiscere. 

Rete, nyt. 

Amus, angel . 

Uenator, hunta. 
5 Uenabulum, barspere. 

Auceps, fugelere. 

Laqueus, gryn. 

Trapezeta* uel nummularius, myne- 

10 Nummisma, mynet. 

Setters, maenigtiwe. 

Iners, crasftleas. 

Potens, mihtig. 

Gigas, ent. 
15 Nanus, dweorh. 

Fidis,* streng. 

Citharista, hearpere. 

Cithara, hearpe. 

Tubicen, bymere. 
20 Tuba, byma. 

Tibicen, pipere. 

Musa, pipe, odde hwistle. 

Fidicen, fidelere. 

Fidicina, fi^elestre. 

Materfamilias, hiredes moder odde 25 Cornicen, hornblawere. 


Consiliarius, rasdbora. 
Cons ilium, rasd. 
Cofitionator, gemotman. 
Operarius, wyrhta. 
Faber, uel cudo } smid. 
Officina, smidde. 
Ferrarius, isenwyrhta. 
Lignarius, treowwyrhta. 
Aurifex, goldsmid. 
Argentarius, seolforsmid. 
Erarius, mseslingcsmid. 2 
Rusticus, secerceorl. 
Arator, yrdlingc. 
Ars, crsef. 2 
Artifex, crseftca. 
Opus, weorc. 
Opifex, craaftca. 
rchitectus, yldest wyrhta. 3 

1 Cf. p. 108 1. 28. R. W. 

2 So the MS. Read: crteft. R. W. 

3 Cf. p. 112, Note 1. R. W. 

Cornu, horn. 

Fistula, hwistle. 

Liticen, trud. 

Lituus, trudhorn, odde sarga. 
30 Poeta, sceop, odde leodwyrhta. 

Mimus, uel scurra, gligman. 

Saltator, hleapere. 

Saltatrix, hleapestre. 

Mercator, uel negatiator, 6 manger e. 
35 Merx, waru. 

Pirata, wicing, odde flotman. 

Classis, sciphere. 

Nauis, scip. 

Remus, roder. 
40 Remex, uel nauta, redra. 

Gubernator, uel nauclerus, steorman. 

Proreta, ancerman. 

Prora, paer se ancerman sit. 

Puppis, steorsetl. 

4 Read trapezita. R. W. 

5 An error for fides. R. W. 

6 Sic MS. R. W. 




Anchoro^ ancer. 

Antempna, segelgyrd. 

Uelum, segl, odde wahreft.* 

Claims, steorsceofol, od])e naegl. 

Medicus, laece. 

Medicina, Isecedom. 

Arsura, uel ustulatio, bsernet. 3 

Potio, drenc. 

Unguentum, smyrels, odde sealfe. 

Malagma, clida. 4 

Salinator, sealtere. 

Sutor, sutere. 

Sartor, seamere. 

Sartrix, seamestre. 

Dispensator, dihtnere. 

Diuisor, daelere. 

Pincerna, byrle. 

Caupo, tseppere. 

Diues, welig. 

Locuples, landspedig. 

Inopsj hafenleas. 

Pauper, dearfa. 

Egenus, wasdla. 

Fur, J>eof. 

Latro. sea})a. 5 

Profugus, flyma. 

Exul, utlaga. 

Fidelis, getreowe, odde geleafful. 

Infidelis, ungetreowe. 

Felix, gesselig. 

Infelix, ungesselig. 

Contentiosus, geflitful. 

Iniuriosus, teonful. 

Piger, sleac. 

Inpiger, unsleaw. 

Hebes, dwses. 

Parasitus, leas olecere. 

Augur, wiglere. 

Incantator, galere. 
Ueneficus, unlybwyrhta. 
Maleficus, yfeldaeda. 
Magus, dry. 
5 Phytonyssa* wycce. 
Centurio, hundredes ealdor. 
Persecutor, ehtere. 
Theolenariusy tollere. 
Bonus homo, god man. 
10 Mains, yfel. 
Bonum, god. 
Malum, yfel 

Dispendium, uel dampnum, hynd. 
Jaclura, lyre. 
15 Commodum, hyd. 
Res, ]>ingc. 
Anulus, hringc. 
Armilla, beah. 
Diadema, cynehealm. 
20 Capitium, haet. 

Monile, myne, odde swurbeah. 

Spinther, dole, odde preon. 

Fibula, oferfengc. 

Uitta, snod. 
25 Inauris, earpreon. 

Indigena, uel incolof inlendisc. 

Aduena, utan cuman. 

Peregrinus, celjjeodig. 

Colonus, tilia. 9 
30 Agricola, aecerrnan. 

Messor, riptere. 

Messis, gerip. 

Aceruus, hreac, odde hype." 

Aratrum, sulh. 
35 Uomer, scear. 

Cultor, culter. 

Jugum, geoc. 

Stimulus, gad. 

1 Read anchor a. R. W. 

2 Wah-reft, or wah-rift, means proper- 
ly tapestry, or hangings for walls. 

8 Burning, or cauterising, was one of 
the great processes of the healing art in 
the middle ages; and full directions for 
it are given in the old treatises on leech- 

* Cf. Aelfr. Horn. I, 476. R. W. 

5 Read sceapa or scapa. R. W. 

6 An error for pytonyssa. R. W. 

7 Read telonarius. R. W. 

8 Read incola. R. W. 

9 The compiler of this vocabulary has 
given a correct interpretation of the word 
colonus, as signifying a husbandman. See 
before, p. Ill Note 2. 

10 These two Anglo -Saxon words are 
the originals of our modern words rick 
(applied to hay, &c.) and heap. 





Aculeus, sticels. 

Circus, uel circulus, widde. 1 

Funis, uel funiculus, rap. 

Doctor, lareow. 

Magister, maegister. 

Scriptor, writere. 

Scriptura, gewrit. 

Euuangelium, id est, bonum nuntium, 


Quaternio, cine. 2 
Planta, spelt. 
Diploma, boga. 
Enula, 3 pgerl. 
Pergamentum, uel membranum, boc- 


Sceda, uel scedula, ymele. 
Penna, fe]}er. 
Grafjium, graef. 4 
Pictor, metere. 
Pictura, metingc. 
Minium, teafor. 
Gluten, liin. 

Cementum, lim to wealle. 
Sculptor, grafere. 
Sculpture, grasft. 
Imaga* uel agalma, anlycnyss. 
Scalprum, uel scalpellum, graafsex. 
Scola, scol. 
Scolasticus, scolman. 
Pedagogas,* cildrehyrda. 
Discipulus, leorningcniht. 
Disciplina, lar, odde steor. 
Doctrina, lar. 
Miser, earmingc. 
Caecus, blind. 
Claudus, healt. 
Mutus, dumb. 
Balbus, stamur. 
Blessus, wlips. 7 
Surdus, deaf. 
Debilis, lama. 
Luscus, uel monoptalmus, anegede. 

1 Cf. Bosw. 93r. R. W. 

2 Cf. p. 164 l.l. R. W. 

3 An error for gemmula? R. W. 

* The grcef was the instrument used 
for writing on the table-book, answering 
to the Roman stylus. 

Strabo, scelgegede. 

Lippus, suregede. 

Mancus, anhende. 

Infirmus, untrum. 
5 Eger, uel egrotdus,* adlig. 

Paraclytus, frofergast. 

Paracliticus, b beddreda, odde se J)e 
hsefd paralisin. 

Leprosus, hreoflig, odde licdrowere. 
10 Lunaticus, monadseoc. 

Demoniacus, deofolseoc. 

Energuminus, gewitseoc. 

Morbus, adl. 

Pestis, cwild. 
15 Amens, uel demens, gemyndleas. 

Rabidus, uel insanus, wod. 

Sanus, hal. 

Rabies, wodnys. 

Incolomisf gesund. 

%Q Freneticus, se J>e Jjurh sleapleaste 

Frenesis, seo untrumnys. 

Lethargus, uel letargicus, ungelimp- 

lice slapol. 
25 Lethargia, ungelimplic slapolnys. 

Uigil, wacol. 

Uigila, wascce. 

Peruigil, Jwrh wacol. 

Pius, arfaast. 
30 Impius, arleas. 

Justus, rihtwis. 

Tniustus, unrihtwis. 

Famosus, lilisful. 

Fama, hlisa. 
35 In/amis, unhlisful. 

Infamia, unhlisa. 

Largus, cystig. 

Tenax, fassthafod, odde uncystig. 

Frugi, uel parcus, spaarhende. 
4:QAuarus, gytsere. 

Raptor, reafere. 

Sagax, uel gnarus, gleaw. 

5 Sic MS. R. W. 

6 Read pedagogus. R. W. 

7 Cf. p. 8 1. "23 and p. 161 1. 39. R.W. 




Sapiens, wis. 

Insipiens, unwis. 

Prudens, snoter. 

InprudenS) unsnoter. 

Astutus, psetig. 

Stultus, stunt. 

Sottus, sot. 

Uerax, sodfsest. 

Ueridicus, sodsagol. 

Fallax, uel mendax, leas. 

Falsidicus, unsodsagol. 

Testis, gewita. 

Testimonium, gewitnys, odde 


Sermo, uel locutio, spraec. 
Cursor, rynel. 
Superbus, modig. 
Superbia, modignys. 
Humilis, eadmod. 
HumilitusJ eadmodnys 
Uita, lif. 
Anima, sawul. 
Spiritus, gast. 
Mors, dead. 

Yris, uel arcus, renboga. 
Tonitruum, J)unor. 
Fulgor, leget. 
Pluuia, ren. 
Nix, snaw. 
Grando, hagol. 
Gelu, forst. 
Glades, is. 
Aer, lyft. 
Uentus, wind. 
Aura, hwida, odde weder. 
Nimbus, scur. 
Procella, storm. 
Nubes, wolcn. 
Lux, leoht. 
Tenebre, J)eostru. 
Flamma, lig. 
Seculum, weorld. 
Dies, daeg. 
Nox, niht. 
Mane, merien. 

1 Read humilitas. R. W. 

2 5ic M5. R. W. 

3 An error for geaceaft. R. "W. 

Uesperum, aefen. 

Hor a, tid. 

Ebdomada, wucu. 

Mensis, monad. 
5 f/er, lengcten. 

Estas, sumor. 

Autumnus, herfest. 

Hyemps, winter. 

Uernum tempus, lenctentM. 
10 Uernalis dies, lenctenlic daeg. 

Hiemalis nox, winterlic niht. 

Annus, gear, 
ge- Tempus, tima. 

Hodie, to daeg. 
15 Gras, to merigen. 

Heri, gyrstan daeg. 

Nunc, uel modo, nu. 

Sursum, up. 

Deorsum, nyder. 
20 Color, haete. 

Frigus, cyle. 

Ferfor* mycel haete. 

Cauma, swalod. 

Siccitas, drugad, odde haed. 
25 Humor, waeta. 

Sterelitas, unwaestmbaernis. 

Fertilitas, waestbernys. 2 

Color, bleoh. 

Albus, hwit. 
30 Niger, blac. 

Eubor, read. 2 

Fuluus, uel flauus, geolu. 

Uiridis, grene. 

Uarius, fah. 
35 Unius coloris, anes bleos. 

Discolor, mislices bleos. 

Forma, hiw. 

Fantasma, gedwimor. 

Umbra, sceadu. 
40 Creator, scyppend. 

Creatura, geseaft. 3 

Auis, uel uolatilis, fugel. 
Aquila, earn. 
45 Coruus, hrgem. 4 

4 Cf. p. 322 1. 10 hremmesfot instead of 
hrefuesfot. R. W. 




Accipiter, heafuc. 
Grus, cran. 
Ardea, hragra. 
Ciconia, store. 
Merula, Jjrostle. 
Columbe* culfre. 
Palumba, wuduculfre. 
Aneta, ened. 

) msew. 
Pauo, pawa 

Olor, uel cingnus, ylfette. 
JRostrum, bile. 

Mergus, uel mergulus, scealfra. 3 
Hyrundo, swalewe. 
Passer, spearwa, odde lytel fugel. 
Turduh,* stser. 
Ficus,* fina. 
Auca, 6 gos. 
Anser, ganra. 2 
Gallus, coc. 
Gallina, hen. 
Conturnix, 1 erschen. 
Pullus, cicen, odde brid, odde fola. 
Ouum, aeg. 
Nidus, nest. 
Uespertilio, hreremus. 8 
Noctua, uel strinx* ule. 
Fulco, uel capum, hwealhafoc. 1 " 
Turtur, turtle. 
Graculus, hroc. 
Alauda, lauerce. 
Parrax, wrenne. 
Apis, beo. 
Fucus, draen. 
Uespa, weaps. 
Bruchus, ceafor. 

Scabro," hyrnete. 
Scarabeus, scsernwibba. 
Musca, fleoge. 
Cinomia, hundes Ins. 
5 Culex, stut. 
Scinifes, 12 gnaet. 

Piscis, fisc. 

Cetus, hwael. 
10 Delfinus, mereswin. 

Ysicius, 16 uel salmo, lex. 

Mugilis, uel mugil, mascefisc. 

Taricus, uel allec, hgerinc. 

Mullus, heardra. 
15 Tructa, truht. 

Anguilla, sel. 

Fannus, reohche. 

Rocea, scealga. 

Ganger, 1 * crabba. 
20 Polipos, loppestre. 

Ostrea, uel ostreum, ostre. 

Muscula, muxle. 

Murena, uel murenula, myrenaeddra. 

Luceus, hacod. 

25 Belua, egeslic nyten on sae, odde 
on lande. 

Conchra, 1 ' scyl. 

Fera, wildeor. 
30 Lupus, wulf. 
Leo, leo. 14 

Linx, gemencged hund and wulf. 

Unicornis, anhyrned deor ; J)aet deor 

hsef)i aenne horn bufan J>am twam 

35 eagum, swa strangne and swa 

scearpne J>a3t he fiht wid {>one 

myclan yip, and hine oft ge- 

1 Read columba. R. W. 

2 So the MS. R. W. 

3 Cf. p. 258 1. 13 and p. 287 1.5. 

R. W. 

4 Read turdus. R. W. 

* Cf. p. 286 1. 8. R. W. 

6 The scribe means to say: auica. Cf. 
aucarius gosbafoc, p. 285 1. 2. R. W. 

* So the MS. R. W. 

Rfrc-mouse, or rear-mouse, was the 
common name in English for a bat till a 

late period; and I believe it is still in 
use in some parts of the country. 
9 Sic MS. R. W. 

10 Read falco and wealhhafoc instead of 
fulco and hwealhafoc, Cf. p. 132 1. 36. 

R. W. 

11 Read crabro. R. W. 

12 Cf. p. 261 1. 5 and p. 121 1.30. R. W. 

13 Cf. p. 261 1. 32 and p. 293 1. 19. R.W. 

14 Sic MS. R. W. 

15 Read concha. R. W. 


wundad on dsere wambe of dead. Porcus, uel sus, swin. 

He hatte eac rinoceron and Scroffa, suga. 

monoceron. Aper, uel uerres, bar. 

Grijfus, fiderfote fugel, leone gelic Magalis* bearh. 

on wsestme, and earne gelic on 5 Porcellus, fearh. 

heafde and on fi})erum ; se is swa Bos, oxa. 

mycel J)8et he gewylt hors and Uacca, uel bucula } cu. 

men. Uitulus, cealf. 

Uulpis,* fox. Juuencus, sty re. 

Taxo, uel melus, broc. 10 Ouis, sceap. 

Equus } hors. Aries, ram. 

Equa, myre. . Ueruex, wejjer. 

Asinus, uel asina, assa. Agnus, lamb. 

Camelus, olfend. Pecus, uel iumentum, nyten. 

Onager, wilde assa. 15 Animal, aelc J)ingc f>e cucu byd. 

Mulus, mul. Cants, hund. 

Elefans* yip. Molosus, rydda. 

Ursus, bera. Catulus, hwylp. 

Ursa, heo. 2 Dracus,* draca. 

Simia, apa. 20 Uipera, uel serpens, uel anguis, 

Lulrius, 6 oter. nseddre. 

Fiber,* beofer. Coluber, snaca. 

Feruncus, mserd. Rubeta, tadie. 

Mustela, wesle. Rana, frogga. 

Talpa, wandewurpe. 25 Lacerta, efeta. 
Cattus^ uel murilegutus, aut muriceps, Stellio, slawyrm. 

cat. 5 Locusta, gsersstapa. 

Yricius, fi uel erinacius, il. Sanguissuga, uel hyrundo, Isece. 

Glis, sisemus. Limax, snegel. 

Mus, uel sorex, mus. 30 Testudo, se J)e hsefd hus. 

Uermis, wyrm. Formica, aemette. 

Lubricus," 1 angeltwicca. Eruca, mselsceafa. 

Ceruus, heort. Peduculus, lus. 

Cerua, hynd Pulex, flea. 

Damma, uel dammula, da. 35 Cimex, madu. 

Hinnulus, hindcealf. Tinea, modde. 
Capreolus, rahdeor. 

Caprea, rsege. Herba, gaers, odde wyrt. 

Caper, uel hircus, bucca. Allium, leac. 

Capra, uel capella, gat. 40 Dilla, docca. 

Hedus, ticcen. Libestica, lufestice. 10 

Lepus, hara. Febrefugia, feferfugia. 11 

Read meles. R. "W. Read lumbricus. R. "W. 

Heo, she, i. e , the female of the bear. Read maialig. R. W. 

Read lutra. R. W. An error for hirudo. R. W. 

Sic MS. R. W. J Cf. p. 133 1. 25. R. W. 

Read murilec/ulus. Cf. p. 120 1. 15. * Cf. p. 134 1. 1. R. W. 

R. W. 

b An error for ericitis. R. W. 




Simphoniaca, hennebelle. 

Auadonia, feltwyrt. 1 

Aprotanum, 2 suderne wudu. 

Sinitia* grundeswelige. 

Feniculum, fenol. 4 

Anetum } dyle. 

Electrum, elect re.' 

Malfa, hocleaf. 

Malua crispa, symeringcwyrt. 

Polipedium, hremmesfot. 

Consolda, daegeseage. 

Solsequium, solssece. 

Sdaregia^ slarege. 

Adriaca* galluc. 

Ruta, rude. 

Betonica, seo laesse bisceopwyrt. 

Petrocilium, petersilium. 

Costa, cost. 9 

Epicurium, halswyrt. 

Millefolium, gear we. 

Tanicetum," helde. 

Saxifraga, sundcorn.- 

Citsana, fan a. 12 

Calamus, uel canna, uel arundo, 


Papauer, popig. 
Absintium, wermod. 
Urtica, netel. 
Archangelica, blindnetel. 
Plantago, wegbrsede. 
Quinquefolium. fifleafe. 
Uinca, peruince. 

Marubium, harhune. 

Camiculo, 13 argentille. 

Fraga, streawberian wisan.' 4 

Ciminum, cimen. 
5 Modera, cicenamete. 15 

Appium, merce. 

Lappa] elate, odde clyfwyrt. 

Helena, horselene. 16 

Sandix, wad. 17 
10 Caula, uel magudaris, caul. 19 

Cresco, cserse. 19 

Menta, minte. 

Serpillum, fille. 

Artemessia, mugwyrt. 
15 Saluia, saluige. 

Felterre, uel centauria, eordgealle. 30 

Ambrosia, hindheolad. 21 

Pionia," . .. 

Mandragora, agene nama. 23 
20Pollegia, hylwyrt,** odde dwyrge 

Organe, agene naman. 23 

CarduS) dystel. 

Hermodoctula, uel tidolosa, crawan- 
25 leac. 25 

Pastinaca, wealmora. 26 

Lilium, lilige. 

Rosa, rose. 

Viola, clsefre. 
30 Agrimonia, carclife. 

Rafanu, 7 rasdic. 

Filex, fearn. 


1 Cf. p. 134 1. 11. R. W. 
a Cf. Cock. Leechd. lit p. 299. Read 
abrotanum. R. W. 

3 An error for senecio. R. "W. 

4 Cf. p. 133 1. 18. R. W. 

5 Cf. Cock. Leechd. Ill p. 324. R. W. 

6 See p. 299 1. 18. R. W. 

7 The glossator means to say: sclarea. 
Cf. Cock. Ill p. 345. R. W. 

8 Cf. pag. 133 1.20. R. W. 

9 Costa or costus denotes: the costmary 
tanacetum balsamita. R. W. 

10 Epicurium or narcissus a daffodil. 
Cf. p. 134 1. 22. R. W. 

11 Read tanacetum R. W. 

12 Cf. p. 51 1. 42. R, W. 

ls Read camicula (Cock. Leechd. Ill p. 
300) or canicula. Cf. p. 1361. 13. R.W. 

14 Cf. p. 136 

15 Cf. p. 136 
16 See p. 136 
17 Cf. p. 136 
18 Cf. Cock. I 
19 Cf. p. 135 
20 See p. 135 

. 15. R. W. 
.22. R. W. 
. 23. R. W. 
1. 25 and 26. R. 
eechd. Ill p. 317. 
. 8. R. W. 
. 2. R. W. 

R. W. 

21 Cf. Cock. Ill p. 331. R. W. 

22 The Anglo-Saxon equivalent is omitted 
in the manuscript. 

23 'Its own name,' i. e., it has no Anglo- 
Saxon equivalent. 

24 Cf- p. 137 1. 2. R. W. 

25 Cf. hermodactyla p. 137 1. 3. R.W. 
96 Cf. p. 135 1. 28 and 29. R. W. 

27 Read rafanum. Cf. Cock. Ill p. 304. 
R. W. 





Juncus, uel scyrpus, resce. 1 

Arbor, treow. 

Cortex, rinde. 

Flos, blosan. 

Folium, leaf. 

Buxus, box. 

Fraxinus, sesc. 

Quercus, uel ilex, ac. 

Taxus, iw. 

Corilus, hassel. 

Fagus, boctreow. 

Alnus, air. 

Laurus, lauwerbeam. 

Mains, aepeltre. 

Pinus, pintreow. 

Fructus, wsestm. 

Baculusj staef. 

Uirga, gyrd. 

Uirgultum, telgra. 

Ramus, boh. 

Glans, aecern. 

Granum, cyrnel. 

Radix, wyrtruraa. 

Pirus, pirige. 

Prunus, plumtreow. 

Ficus, fictreow. 

Ulcia, 2 holen. 

Populus, byre. 

Palma, twaltiga. 3 

Sabina, sauine. 

Genesta, brom. 

Cedrus, cederbeam. 

Cypressus, nsefd nsenne Englisce 4 


Sentes, Jiornas. 
Frutex, dyfel. 
Ramnus, fyrs. 
Spina, }orn. 
Uepres, bremelas. 
Abies, aeps." 

Cf. Cock. Ill p. 342. R. W. 
Cf. Cock. Leechd. Ill p. 332. R. W. 
An error for : palmtwiga. Cf. Cock. Ill 
p. 46. R. W. 
So tlie MS. 
Cf. Cork. Ill p. 311. R. W. 

Olea, uel oliua, elebeam. 

Murus,* morbeam. 

Uitis, wintreow. 

Salix, widig. 
5 Silua, wudu. 

Lignum, aheawen treow. 

Ligna, drige wudu. 

Truncus, stoc. 

Styrps, styb. 
10 Nemus, uel saltus, holt. 

Desertum, uel her emus, westen. 

Uia, weg. 

Semita, psed. 

Inuium, butan wege. 
loiter, sidfset. 

P atria, ae{>el. 

Prouincia, uel pagus, scir. 

Mons, dun. 

Collis, hyl, odde beorh. 
20 Uallis, dene. 

Foenum, hig, odde gsers. 

Ager, secer. 

Seges, asawen secer. 

Campus, feld- 
25Pascua, laeswe. 7 

Pons, brygc. 

Uadum, ford. 

Pratum, msed. 

Aqua, wseter. 
SQGutta, uel siilla, dropa. 

Stagnum, mere. 

Amnis, ea. 

Flumen, uel Jluuius, flod. 

Ripa, stsed. 
35 Litus, ssestrand. 

Alueus, stream. 

TorrenS) burna. 

Riuus, rid. 

Fons, wyl. 
40 Arena, sandceosel. 

Gurgens, wasl. 8 

Uiuarium, fiscpol. 

6 Read morus. R. W. 

7 This is the modern leasow a word 
still in use, in some parts of England, 
in the signification of a pasture laud. 

8 Read gurges. A whirlpool, called in 
Lancashire a wcele. 




Puteus, pyt. 
Lacus, sead. 
Latex, burna, odde broc. 

Domus, bus. 

Templum, ternpel. 

Aecclesia, cyrce, odde geleafful 


Angulus, hyrne, odde beal. 
Allera, 1 weofod. 

Liber, uel codex, uel uolumen, boc. 
Littera, staef. 
Folium, leaf. 
Pagina, tramet. 
Area, serin. 

Loculus, cyst, odde mederce. 
CaliXj calic. 
Patina, Iniseldisc. 
Crux, uel staurus, rod. 
Candelabrum, candelstsef. 
Cathedra, bisceopstasf. 3 
Fundamentum, grundweal. 3 
Pauimentum, uel solum, flor. 
Paries, wall. 4 
Tectum, psecen, odde rof. 
Fenestra, ehdyrl.' 
Hostium, 6 duru. 
Hostiarius, dureweard. 
Janua, uel ualua, geat. 
Arcus, uel fornix, bigels. 
Columpna, swer. 
Januarius, geatweard. 
Clausura, loc. 
Clauis, caeg. 
Clauus, nsegel. 
Sera, bsepse. 
Chorus, eh or. 
Gradus, staspe. 

1 Au error for altare. R. W. 

2 So the MS. Read Msceopsetl. 

3 Literally, the ground wail. The Auglo- 
Saxoris perhaps understood by a foundation 
the low wall of stone on which the wooden 
walls of the house were raised. 

4 Wah, or wag, was applied especially 
to the walls of a house, and was preserved 
in the later English wawe, or waghe. 

5 Ehpyrl, or eagpyrl, means literally 
an eye hole. A window was also called 

Indicatorium, sestel. 

Scabellum, sceamul. 

Thus, stor. 

Odor, bras}). 
5 Turibulum, storcyl. 

Legula, sticca. 

Regola, reogolsticca. 

Lampas, uel lucerna, uel laterna, 

\QLichinus, ' blacern. 

Cereus, tapor. 

Cera, weax. 

Candela, candel. 

Munctorium, isentanga. 
15 Clocca, belle. 

Cloccarium, uel lucar, belhus. 

Tintinnabulum, litel belle. 

Compana,* raycel belle. 

Uestis, uel uestimentum, uel indumen- 
20 turn, reaf. 

Alba, albe. 

Casula, maessehacele. 

Stola, stole. 

Superhumerale, sculdorhregl. 
25 Planeta, cseppe. 9 

Manualis, handlin, odde handboc. 

Cingulum, uel zona, uel cmctorium, 

Caliga, uel ocrea, hosa. 
SQFico, sceo. 10 

Calciamentum, gescy. 

Suptalaris, 11 swyftlere. 

Tractorium, tigl. 

Flagrum, uel flagellum^ scypu. 12 
35 Uirga^ gyrd. 

Dormitorium, slsepern. 

Lectum, uel lectulum, bed. 

Stramentum, beddingc. 

in Anglo-Saxon eag-duru, au eye-door. 
Read ostium. 
The glossator meant to say. I sup- 


licinium = wick, or wick-yarn 
R. W. 

Read campana- R. W. 

Cf.pag. 1^4 1.31 and p. 3281. 10. R.W. 

Cf. pag. 125 1. 24. II. W. 

Read subtalaris. R. W. 

A miswriting for swipu, or swipe. 
R. W. 


Stragula, waestlingc, Lardum, spic. 

Sagum, hwytel. Caseus, cyse. 

Puluinar, pyle. Butyrum, butere. 

Syndo, scyte. Ouum, aeg. 

Fulcra, eal bedreaf. 5 Sal, sealt. 

Femoralia, brsec- Panis, hlaf. 

Perizomata,uelcampestria,vfttdi\)i:ec, Olera, wyrta. 

Filwrt, JDraed. Ceruisa, uel celea, 3 eale. 

Fimbrium, fnted. Medo, meodu. 

Cappa, eaeppe. 10 Ydromellum, uel mulsum* beor. 

Pellicie, 1 pylece. Lac, meolc. 

Colobium, uel interula, syric. Mustum, must. 

Manica, slyf. Sicera, aelces cynnes gewringc buton 

Cuculla, cugle. wine anum. 

Pedulos, meon. 15 Manitterium, uel manlele, sceat. 

Commissura, clut. Cultellus, sex. 

Toral, roc. [roc. Artauus, en if. 
Mastruga, crusene, odde deorfellen Uas, ft. 

Te/a, we/ peplum, web. Poculum, drenccuppe. 

Linum, fleax. 20 Anaphus, hnaep. 5 

Lana, wul. Patera, bledu. 

Glomus, cliwen. Cibus, uel esca, mete. 

C7o^5, distaef. Poiw^, drenc. 

Fusus, spinl. Liquor, wseta. 6 

Textrinum opus, towlic weorc. 25 Claustrum, clauster. 

Latrina, gang. Coquina, cycene. 

Trabes, beam. Cocus, coc. 

Tignum, rsefter. 7^ni5, weZ focus, fyr. 

Laquear, fyrst. Flamma, lig. 

Cleata, hyrdel. 2 30 Pruna, gled. 

Cymbalum, cimbal. [ung-hus. ^[dena], 7 brandisen. 

Mefectorium, beoddern, odde gereord- Litio* brand. 

Tapeta, setrsegl. Qlla, crocca. 

Malta, meatte. Caccabus, cytel. 

Mensa, beod, odde myse. 35 Lebes, hwyr. 

Discus, disc. (7aro, flaesc. 

Discifer, disc^egn. J M5) brod. 

Minister, J>en. Jutilis 9 canis, brodhund. 

1 Head pellicia R. W. 6 This is probably the origin of the 

2 The meaning of hyrdel is a hurdle, modern use of the word wet, in such 
crates. II. W. phrases as heavy wet, i e. } strong liquor 

3 Head celia R. W. or drink, in tavern language. 

4 Read mulscum. R. W. 7 The scribe wrote An, brandisen. R.W. 

5 It is hardly necessary to remark that 8 Read titio R. W. 

this word, which has occurred before, 9 The MS. has Jutilis, or futilis R.W. 

(see p. 123 1. 1. 2.) was the original of the 
later medieval word lianap, also applied 
to a CUD for the table. 




Fascinula, awel. 

Comedia, racu. 

Daps, 1 sand. 

Ferculum, baerdisc. 

Uaeru, 2 spitu. 

Assura, brsede. 

Sartano, 3 isenpanna. 

Frixorium, hyrstyngc. 

Coctio, gesod. 

Coctus, gesoden, odde gebacen. 

Frustrum,^ stycce. 

Off a, snsed. 

Mica, cruma. 

Uestiarium, raegelhus. 

Testamentum, cwyde. 

Sigillum, insegl. 

Cellarium, hyddern. 

Cetterarius, hordere. 

Molendenumf myln. 

Mola, cwyrnstan. 6 

Mel, hunig. 

Uictus, bigleofa. 

Pecunia, uel nummus, feoh. 

Marsupium, seod. 7 

Pistrinum, bascern. 

Fornax, uel clibanus, ofen* 

Pistor, bascestre. 

Granum, corn. 

Farina, melu. 

Bratium, mealt. 

Acus, sifej)a. 

Cribraf uel cribellum, sife, 

furfures, gretta. 

Fex. drosna. 

Anfora, sester. 

Languena? buc. 10 

Dolium, cyfe. 

Read dopes. Cf. pag. 126 1. 36. R. W. 

So the MS. K. W. 

Read sartago. R. W. 

Read frustum. R. W. 

Read molendinum. II. W. 

The quern, or stones turned with the 
baud to grind corn (the domestic mill), 
appears to have remained in constant 
use since the time of the Romans, arid 
has fallen into disuse only very recently 
in some parts of the country. 

7 The bag, or purse, carried at the 

Cupa, tunne. 

Utensilia, andluman. 

Supplex, yddisce. 

Aula, heal. 
5 Triclinium, bur. 

Solarium, upflor. 

Turris, stypel. 

Qardo, hearre. 

Strigil, uel strigilis, horscamb. 
10 Misus, hleahter. 

Letus, bli})e. 

Tristis, unrot. 

Mestus, dreorig. 

Famis, 2 hunger. 
15 Abundantia, uel copia, genihtsumnys. 

Letitia, blys. 

Tristitia, unrotnys. 

Jeiunium, fassten. 

Jeiunius, n fa3stende. 
20 Pinguis, fast. 

Pinguedo, faetnys. 

CorpuUntus, JjiccoL 

Macer } uel macilentus, hlsene. 

Macies. laennys. 
25 Grossus, great. 

Gracilis, smael. 

Longus, lang. 

Breuis, sceort. 

Magnus, mycel. 
30 Paruus, lytel. 

Fortis, strang. 

Inualidus, unstrang. 

Sollitus earful. 

Securus, orsorh. 
35 Cur a, cam. 

Securitas, orsorhnys. 

Causa, intinga. 

girdle, called at a later period of the 
middle ages a gypsere (in French gib- 
beciere). The remains of this article are 
found not uncommonly in the Anglo- 
Saxon graves of the Pagan period. 

8 An error for crib-rum. Cf. pag. 123 
1. 8. R. W. 

9 Miswritten for lagena. R. "W. 

10 What we now call a bucket. A pail 
is still called a bouk in Cheshire. 

11 Read leiunus. R. W. 

12 Miswritteu for sollicitus. R. W. 


Accusator, wregere. Uectis, stengc. 

Excusator, beladigend. Arcus, boga. 

Accusatio, wreginc. Faretra, cocer. 

Excusatio, beladung. 1 Scutum, uel clipeus, scyld. 

Magnum, uel multum, mycel. 5 Umbra, 7 randbeah. 

Nichilj* naht. Funda, li{)ere. 

Aliquid, sum J)ingc. Atrium, cauertun, odde inburh. 

Sella, sadol, odde setl. Fundibalum* staeflidere. 

Mento, felt. Ciuitas, ceaster. 

Vlcea, garan. 3 10 Porta, portgeat. 

Scansile, stigrap. 4 Ciuis, ceastergewara, odde portman. 

Corrigia, dwangc. Preco, bydel. 

Calcar, spura. Oppidum, faesten. 

Antela, fordgyrd. Castellum, wic, odde lytel port. 

Postela, aefterrap. 15 Urbs, burh. 

Falere, geraedu. Vrbanus, burhwita. 

Frenum, bridel. Suburbanus, se Je sit baton daere 

Capistrum, haelftre. berig. 

Arma, waepna. Career, cweartrn. 8 

Galea, helm. 20 Oppidanus, se J>e on fa3stene sit. 

Lorica, byrne. Villa, tun. 

Gladius, uel machera, uel spata, uel Villanus, tunman. 

framea, .;..-.* Villicus, tungerefa. 

Spatarius, swurdbora. Ortus, orcyrd. 9 

Armiger, waepnbora. 25 Ortulanus, orcerdweard. 

Bellum, uel pugna, gefeoht. Pomerium, seppeltun. 

Signifer, tacnbora. Viridiarium, wyrtun. 

Lancea, uel falarica, spere. Horreum, baern. 

Victor, sigefaest. f Sepes, hege. 

Victoria, sige. 30 Fossa, die. 

Acies, egc. Puteus, pyt. 

Capulum, hiltan. Predium, worjjig. 1 " 

Mucro, swurdes ord, odde odres Ferramentum, tol. 

waepnes. Securis, ex. 

Sica, lytel swurd, odde handsex. %Ascia, adesa. 

Asta, 6 uel quirts, sceaft. Terebrum, nauegar. 

Vagina, scead. Terebro, ic borige. 

Manubrium, haeft. Foramen, dyrl. 

Sagitta, uel telum, fla. Vanga, uel fossorium, spaedu. 

Fustis, sagol. Ligo, becca. 

1 Cf. Bosw. D. 4 OP. R. AV. 6 Read hasta. R. W. 

2 Sic MS. II. AV. 7 An error for umbo. R. AV. 

3 Cf. Bosw. D. 27r. R. AV. 8 Read cweartern. R. AV. 

4 The origin of our word stirrup It 9 Read hortus. R. AV. 

might be supposed, from the form of the lo The origin of so many names of lo- 

Anglo - Saxon word, that the Teutons calities in England ending in -worth or 

originally used ropes for stirrups. worthy, as Wandsworth, Rickrnansworth, 

5 No Anglo-Saxon equivalent is given. Holdsworthy, &c. 

R. W. 




Bipennis, stanex. 1 

Palus, pal. 

Serra, snid. 

Falx, sicol. 

Falcastrum, si|)e. 

Acus, naedl. 

Subula, sel. 

Aurum, gold. 

Argentum, seolfer. 

Auricalcum, goldmseslinc. 4 

J&,* braes. 

Stagnum, tin. 

Plumbum, lead. 

Uitrum, glses. 

Ferrum, is en. 

Electrum, smyltinc. 

Metallum, aelces cynnes wegc. 

Massa, bloma, odde dab. 

Lapis, uel petra, stan. 

Mima, uel fissura, cinu. 

Marmor, marmstan. 

Saxum, weorcstan. 

$z7e#, flint. 

Gipsum, spserstan. 

Gemma, gimstan. 

Margarita, meregrota. 

Calx, cealcstan. 

Aries, ram. 

Cimentum* andweorc to wealle. 

Cimentarius, wealwyrhta. 

Bogus, ad. 

Jocus, plega. 

Locus, stow. 

Omnis, selc. 

Oinne, sel. 

Totum, eal. 

Prophanus, manful. 

Exosus, uel perosus, andsaete. 

Callidus, geap. 

Simulator, hiwere. 

Ypochrita, liccetere. 

Adulator, lyffetere. 

1 A stone -axe. The use of this ex- 
pression, in the explanation of the Latin 
bipennis, is curious, as showing, ap- 
parently, either that the Anglo-Saxons 
did use axes made of stone, or that they 
believed that the axes of stone, so often 
found in different parts of England, and 
usually ascribed to the Celtic population 

Adulatio, lyffetung. 

Deceptor, uel seductor, bepsecend. 

Proditor, uel traditor, Isewa. 

Homicida, manslaga. 
5 Patricida, fsederslaga. 

Matricida, modorslaga. 

Fratricida, brodorslaga. 

Parricida, masgslaga. 

Uulnus, wund. 
lu Cicatrix, dolhswajm. 

Corpus, lie seg{)er ge cuces ge 
deades. 4 

Truncus, heafodleas bodig. 

Funus, lie, odde hreaw. 
15 Cadauer, lie, odde hold. 3 

Feretrum, bser. 

Uiuus, cucu. 

Mortuus, dead. 

Defunctus, fordfaren. 
20 Longeuus, langlif. 

Nobilis, ssjjelboren. 

Presiosiusf deorwurjje. 

Uilis, waclic. 

Carus, leof. 
25 Odiosus, lad. 

Limen, oferslaege, odde J>rexwold. 

Sci/us, Isefel. 

Usceus, b ceac. 

Peluis, waster msele. 
SQPlaustrum, uel carrum, wan. 

Rota, hweol. 

Currus, uel basterna, uel hesseda, 

Stabulum, fald, odde hus be wege. 
35 Caula, loc. 

Tugurium, hulc. 

Cella, cyte. 

Mausoleum? drub, odde ofergeweorc. 

Monumentum, uel sepulchrum, byri- 
40 gen. 

Sarcofagum, durh. 6 

Elemosina, selmesse. 

of the island, were really the Roman 

weapon designated by that name. 

2 Read cementum. R. W. 

3 Cf. Bosw. D. 87j. R. W. 

4 Sic MS. R. W. 

5 Read urceus. R. W. 

6 durh or druh cf. 1. 38. R. W. 




Donum, uel datum, gyfu. 

Munus, lac. 

Uter, byt. 

Fiasco, butruc. 

Tentorium, uel tabernaculum, geteld. 

Pretium, wurd. 

Corbis, uel cofinus, wylige, odde 

meoxbearwe. 1 
Sportella, tsenel. 
Cartallum, windel. 
Calathus, wearpfjet. 
Pila, pilstoc, odde })o<Jer. 
Loquela, sprsec. 
Uox, stemn. 
Sonus, swseg. 
Uerbum, word. 
Pecten, camb. 
Sopo* sape. 
Perna, flicce. 
Sagene, saenet. 
Follis, bylig. 
Malleus, siege. 
Lima, feole. 
Scorium, synder. 
Forceps, tange. 
Carbo, col. 
For/ex, sceara. 
Nouacula, nseglsex. 
Cos, hwetstan. 
Apricus locus, hleowstede. 
Apricitas, hleowd. 
Edificium, getimbrung. 
Palatium, cynebotl. 
Basis, syl. 
Postis, post. 
Catena, racenteah. 3 
Compes, uel cippus, fotcops. 
Bogia, iuc, odde swurcops. 
Manice, handcops. 
Complex, gegada. 
Poena, uel supplicium, wite. 
Uincula, uel ligamen, bend. 

1 Cf. Bosw. D. 45". R. W. 

2 Read sapo = 6axov. R. W. 

3 Cf. Bosw. D. 5bx. R. W. 

4 Cf. pag. 125 1. 34. nccsc means 'fen- 
der, soft', heorfm = heorta (liyd)l cf. pag. 

Pellis, fel. 

Cutis, uel corium, hyd. 

Nebris, nsesc, odde heorj)a. 4 

Mercennarius, hyrman. 
5 Horologium, daegmgel. 

Gnomon, dsegmasles pil. 

Hospes, cum a. 

Hospitium, gaesthus. 

Hostis, uel osor, feond. 
10 Mansio, wunung. 

Thesaurus, hord. 

Gazaphilacium, madmhus. 

Edax, uel glutto, ofereotol. 

AmbrOf free. 5 
15 Gulosus, gifre. 

Procax, gem ah. 

Procacitas, gemahnes. 

Obstinatus, anwille. 

Abstinantiaf anwilnys. 
20 Uerecundus, sceamfsest. 

Impudens, unsceamfaest. 

Pudicus, sydeful. 

Inpudicus, unsydeful. 

Interpres, wealhstod 
25 Reus, scyldig. 

Damnatus, uel condempnatus, for- 

Peccator, synful. 

Peccatum, syn. 

30 Sceleratus, uel facinorosus, forscyl- 

Scelus, scyld. 

F acinus, uel culpa, gylt. 

Adulter, forligr. 
35 Periurus, forsworen. 

Gybberosus, uel strumosus, hoferede. 

Gibbus, uel struma, hofer. 

Meretrix, uel scoria, myltestre. 

Pelex, cyfes. 

40 \Ve ne magon SAva J^eah ealle naman 
awritan ne furjjor gepencan. 

125 1. 34. Or=bearde linum, stuppa? 

R. W 

5 Cf. pag. 3o9 Ambronibus and note. 

R. W. 

6 So the MS. Read obstinantia. R.W. 




Anhelantium, e{)giendra. 
Agonista, oretmfficga. 
AgenSj wrecende, drifende. 
Auiddj da gifran. 
Aduehunt, ham wegad. 
Amana, da wynsuman. 
Adstipulationibus, trymnessum. 
Altrinsecus, on twa heal fa. 
Allegoriam, gebecnendlicum. 2 
Anagogen, gastlecum andgite." 
Autumo, estimo. 
Ajfecium, hyldo. 

Ammodum, ualde. 
Argenti, seolfres. 
Ac forficis, and sceara. 
Aqueductum, wsetergelada. 
5 Aut flaua, dses fealwan. 
Antecessor, fore-iernend, 
Austeritate, rednesse. 
Austerius, rede. 
Arroganter, gilplice. 
10 Atrox, seo grimme. 

Ambronibus, frecum gifrum.4 
Apparatu, gej)rece, s. adiutorio. 

1 It was a common practice with the 
Anglo-Saxon teacher to add in the Latin 
book he read in the schools an interlinear 
gloss, explaining the more difficult words, 
the meanings of which he was perhaps 
afraid of forgetting himself. Some one 
of them, in the glossary here printed, has 
taken evidently from several of these 
glossed manuscripts, the glosses, and placed 
them in alphabetical order, for greater 
facility of reference. It is preserved in 
a manuscript apparently of the eleventh 
century, MS. Cotton., Cleopatra A, III. It 
is especially valuable for the number of 
words it contains which are not fonnd 

2 From becnian, beacnian to point out, 

3 Literally : intellectual understanding, 
knowledge. R. W. 

4 The word Ambro, in this sense, is 
not used by any pure Latin writer, but 
appears to have arisen originally as a 
sort of popular, we might say slang, word. 
The grammarian Pompeius Festus (lib i. 
p. 69, Valpy's ed.), says that the Ambrones 
were a people of Gaul who lost their 
territory by a sudden inundation of the 
sea, and afterwards lived by robbery and 
plunder, until they were crushed by 
Marius ; hence it came into practice to 
call men who lived disgracefully Am- 
brones " Ambrones fuerunt gens quadam 
Gallica qui, subita inundatione mari* 
cum amisissent sedcs suas, rapinis ct 
pradationibus se suosque alere ccepcrunt; 





Ad inportunum, to tisem gemalecan. 1 

Ambronis, gifrum. 

Apredito, gewelegodum. 2 

Antidota, wyrtdrencas. 

Accumulare, heapian. 

Amminiculo, adiutorio. 

Auri obriza lammina, da smsete gyl- 

denan cladas. 3 
Arrogantice, gilpes. 
Argumento, gleawnesse. 
Argumento, ordonce, gleawnesse. 
Ab inlecebrarum, from unalifendle- 

Ambitiuntur, ymbhwyrfte, ymbham- 


Ad tantum, to swa micelre. 
Adstipulatur, is sedende and cwed- 


Acies, scearpnes. 
Anfractus, dweorhfyro. 
Alitis, auis. 
Agapem, swsesendo. 
Aporians, onscuniende. 
Asperrima, daere strsecan. 
A/atim, genihtsum. 
Abdicare, denegare. 
Alpium, munt geofa. 5 
Ad sedandam, to gestillende. 
Aduersione, drean. 
Afunesto, fram dsem deadberendum. 

eos, et Cimbros, Teutonosque, C. Marina 
delevit; ex quo tractum est, ut turpis 
mice, homines Ambrones dicerentur." At 
the beginning of the seventh century, 
Isidore gives the word in his Glosses 
with the somewhat more definite meaning 
of a waster, a consumer of patrimonies, 
a spendthrift, a rioter, a prodigal "Am- 
bro } devorator,consumptorpatrimoniorum, 
decoctor, luxuriosus, profuaus" It was 
in this signification that it came into 
medieval Latin, where it was synonymous 
with leccator. Since Ducange quotes as 
his authority for it Gildas, Aldhelm, Boni- 
face, and Geoffrey of Monmouth, it seems 
to have been a favourite word among the 
Anglo-Saxon Latinists. Cf. pag. 340 1. 2. 

1 Cf. Bosw. D. 29J. R, W. 

3 gewelgian means: to make wealthy, 
to wax rich. R. W. 

3 Obrizus is a word belonging to medie- 
val, not to pure, Latini'ty. and appears to 

Assertionibus, gessegenum. 

Absurdum, dyslic. 

Anicula, eald cwene. 

Ambrosia, elesealfe, 6 diuino odore, 
5 J)sere swotstencan. 

Abigerentur, pellerentur. 

Aufugiunt, beflugan 

Atrocitas, grimnes. 

Auerna, ancilla, mennen. 
10 A cimentarioS from deem stanwyrh- 

Alloquntur, tosprsecon. 

Animaduerti, to angitanne and to 

15 Apologitico, aladiendre. 

Ad liquidum, ad walan. 

Attonitis, tohircniendum odde hlos- 

A tortoribus, from dsem tintergen- 
20 dum. 

Agonizans, campiende. 

A primceuo, from dsere frumildo. 

Armenia, hrydera heorde. 

Anachoreseos, on anacorsetle. 8 
25Adire, gesecan. 

Aliter, on senige odre wisan. 

Autentica ueterum, mid ealdletre. 

Adquisita, gestrined 

Ad prelum, to winwringum. 
SQAstrusam, secretam. 

mean simply, made of pure gold. The 
compiler of these glosses seems to have 
been rather imperfectly acquainted with 
the meaning when he added the word 
auri. The Anglo - Saxon gloss is not 
quite clear perhaps it refers to the 
ornamentation of the dresses of people 
of high rank by thin plates of gold at- 
tached to them, as we know to have been 
the case among the Franks. (Cf. Bosw. 
D. 64v. R. W.) 

4 Cf. hammen Leo Gloss. 113. R. W. 

5 This name for Alps appears to be a 
mere corruption of mons Jovis. 

6 This word, meaning literally oil- 
salve, seems rather a curious interpre- 
tation or explanation of the Latin word. 

7 Read cementario. R. W. 

8 Literally, on anachorite's seat, i. e., 
the position of being an anachorite, or 


Aruina, rysle. Ab ingruenti, from [jsereonfeallendan. 

A triplicis, dses jjriefealctan. Adgregatur, waes togerimcd. 

^4/tor, fosterfaeder. Arbitraretur, wende. 

Alexandria, ciuitatis. A pithonibus, fram helruiium. 4 

Apologitica, fulfremedlicrc. 5 Applaudunt, gulpan. 

Arcebat, bewerede. Agitabant, onstyredan, drifan. 
Ad palatinas, to dsem palontlicum. Adgrederetur, he togeeode. 

Ad tortas, to daem won. Adtori . . . 5 
Archiairos, heahlsecas odde eraef- Adolesceret, wlancode. 

gan. 1 10 Applicauit, tobefeold. 

Albo, nombec. 2 A circio, nordanwestan. 

Apostatare, seswiciau. Abeo apud, to dan swide. 

Anthletce,* oretmsscgan. Adstridulce, daere hristendan totswcge. 

Ad ultimum, da odnihstan. Ac lictoribus, tinterdegnum. 
Agonizarunt, ellencampedon odde 15 Alulentis, dasm ton. 

|)rowedon. Amicula, das waepelsan.^ 

Arilkmetica, riincrasft. Artubus, limum. 

Adfinium, neahmaga. Ad prediolum, to hira sundorlandc. 
Animaduerteret, daheongitendewses. Arceretur, adrifen, bewercd wasre. 

Ad suos libitos, to hira \v ilium. 20 Arida, weosniendre. 

A fanatica, of daere godwrsecan. Adacto, awrecenum, togedyddum. 

Astringentes, gebindende. Actionabatur, scirde. 

Amphitheatri,! plegstowe. Apice, hrofe. 

Ad argwnentwiij to gleawnessc. Absit, wana sie. 

Atrocisque, and grimmum. 25 Ad inuentionum, 1 to ancnawnessum. 

Ad excubias, set ])33m weardsctlum, Abhominentur, onscuniad. 

Adglomerantur, togedeoddan. Ac cauillantes, and tselende. 

Attonitis, stupefactis. A puplicis, openlecum. 
Adnecterent, gewrsestan, gecnyttan. Assertionibus, ssegenum. 
Abscedunt, hie ham ferdan. 30 Adstipulationibus, larum and trym- 

Adultam, geWexen. nessum, cydnessum. 

Abeuntem, on weg farendan. Affectu, for hylde and lufc. 

Archimandrita, heahleareow. Antice front is, loccas odde feaxeacan. 

Altmonia, edulia, alimenta, uictiialia. Assute, gesiwede. 
Aliorsum, elles hwider. 35 Ansatas, 1 spreotas, setgaras. 

Ajfatim, genihtsumlice. Aurea, da gegyldnan. 

Ac maturescere, and ripian. Atram, da sweartan. 

Adstipulabimur, we trymmad. 3 Adultus, ltmg.8 

Armenia, dream, swinsunge. Aries, waendoll. 
Aruspicum^ galdorcrasfta, odde hsel- 40 Apum, genitiuus pluralis. 

sera. Almus, sanctus. 

Adibitis, gegearwedum. Auxilium, miniculum. 

Adibis, du gesecst. Accola, landleod, bugend. 

1 So the MS. R. W. 5 The writing is here obliterated by a 

2 i. e., name-book, an album. stain. 

3 Cf. pag. 338 1. 7 and 343 1. 30. 6 So the MS. Read das wasfelsan. R. W. 

4 This Anglo-Saxon word is found else- 7 Hastas is omitted. R. W. 

where in the sense of a sorcerer. 8 The MS. has lung or lung (?). R. W. 


Adserto, defensor. Ad caulas, to ewestruui.s 

Arceri, uocari, gcfetadnu. Adridente, tyhtende. 

Admouit, facere jussit. Ad pensas, to nyttum. 

Adthletam, et amicum. Adclinis, toheald. 

Ad fundum, grund. 5 Adqueue, and swilce. 

Alcides, columnas. Adseculam, J)egn. 

Affectuose, holdlice. Adgrediuntur, geeodon. 

Acriter, duriter. Adtonitis, hlysnendum, tohirciiicii- 

Altum, magnum. dum. 7 

Atrox, horrens. 10 Ad fasces, to weordmyndum. 

Abilina, hnutu. Aduocatus, dingere. 

Abies, sespe. Adhibuit, geladode. 

Absintium, wermod. Adplicuit, gedidde. 

Ancilla, j)inen. Addicit, fordemet. 

Abortus, misbyrd. \5Abellana, haslhnutu. 

Abunde, gerihtlice. Adfinitate, gesibnesse. 

Ab Affrica, sudanwestan. Applicabo, ic tolide, ic lide. 

Ab borea, eastannordan. Anagliua, agrafene, odde aholcdc. 

Abditis, gehyddum. Aure tenuis^ smylte wedere. 

Ab euro, eastansudan. 20 Auriga, wsenere. 

Ad euronothum, eastsud. Abenas, salas. 9 

'Aconita, dungas. Alueum, streamrace. 

Accersiuit, ladode. Agrestes, wudulice, odde wilde. 

Ac dignariis, folcgerefum. Anthletarum^ ceznpena. 

Acisculum, pic. 1 25 Agonis, gewinnes. 

Achalantis, uel lusclna, uel roscinia, Algosis, Jssem warihtuin. 

nihtegale. Aluearii hyfe. 

Acarabulus, Joclis,* mapuldor. Ad incolatum, to cldoodignesye. 

Acrifolus, holen. Ardui, J>2es heanhades. 

Acega, holthana. SQArcuum, bigelsa. 

Accearium, style. 8 Autumo, ic wene. 

Actinia, hromsa.^ Ambronibus, dsem frecum. 11 

Acitelum, hransan crop. 4 Aparatio, gej)ingio. 

Accitulium, geacassure. 5 Auita, yldra faeder. 

Abilina, nomen regionis, uel hiiutu.u 35 Atauus, fifta faeder. 

Actuarius, wraec. Abnepos, feorj>a sunu. 

Accitum, gefetodne. Aporians, onscunicnde. 1 " 

Acegia^ snite. Anatholi, daes anatholcs. 

Acus, nsedl, odde gronwisc. Actutum, sona. 

1 A pick, for digging. Aciculus, or 6 Cf. 1. 11. K. W. 
aclsculus, is a medieval word. 7 Of. pag. :-Ul 1. 17. K. W. 

2 Cf. Cock. Ill pag. .537. K. W. 8 So the MS. R. W. 

3 Steel. Accearium, also, or more cor- 9 Of course the Latin iu this article 
rectly acciarium, is not a word belonging is a vulgarism for habenas, reins. 

to pure Latiuity, as is the case with 10 For alveare. 

many which follow. 11 Cf. pag. 340 1, 2. R. W. 

4 Cf. Cock. Ill pag. 333. R. W, 12 Cf. pag. 340 1. 23. R. W. 

5 Cuckoo's-sorrel. It is remarkable how 
long plants have borne names connected 
with the cuckoo. 




Acathemice, 1 daer cudwitlican. 

Astromonia, 1 tungelcrseftwisan. 

Aduectabant, ham feredan. 

Afflatus, eacen, odde gelicnes. 

Abolere, aiejuin. 2 

Assantibus, brsedendum. 

A triplici cerebre, from |)8em drie- 

fealdan brsegene. 
Ajffabiliter, luflice. 
Attrite, gegnidenan. 
Artus, lid. 
Arcersiuitf ladode. 
Apertis, tobraaddurn. 
Ariolorum, J)a J)set womf'orht rcniad, 

Allocesj da miclan tan. 
Abegerunt, from adreofan. 
Amiculis, gegerelan. 
Amiculo, hrasgle. 
Aguste, daere ruman. 
Augustum, brad. 
Adtonito, dsern todunicndaii. 
Acri, grimme. 
Atrocius, griralicor. 
Adsciti, gegadcradc 
Archipirattaf heah saedoof. 
Apicibus, stafum. 
Adcisceretur, togeladcdo. 
Atramentum, sweartnesse. 
Ademptam, genumene. 
Adplaudunt, gulpan.^ 
Antiquitus, gefyrn. 
Agapem, selmessum, swaasciido.- r - 
Argutis, {)sem swogcndum, hleodre- 


Arpagine* slitunge. 
Assentatrix, sio ge^aiigondo. 
Antiquariis, writcrum. 7 

Antennarum, segelgyrda. 

AntefattSj w^erworduin. 

Aurorescere, lihte. 

Ansatas, speru. 8 
5 Alumne, fosterbearn. 

Argutus, se gleawa 

Anlhlia, hlsedhweogl. 

AUs, fiderum. 

Annuatim, gear lice. 
10 Actus, gebaeded. 

Adultus, geweaxen.'J 

Anteritus, sereldo. 

Aliger, fiderberende. 

Arbina, 10 swind. 
15 Annua uota, f>a gearlican gchat. 

Absidam, cleofan. 

Arta, mid |)a nearwan. 

Alcidis, helcol. 11 

Amens, geinaed. 
20 Aprum, eofor. 

Altercaretur, cidde. 

Astus, bred. 

Astula, spon. 

Auceps, fugelcre. 
25 Argolicas, da creaciscan. 12 

Acerra, faete odde gledfsete. 

Artis, nearewum. 

Achile, scyld. 

Aristis, eglum, odde eariun. 
30 Arcibus, hrofum, odde bigelsum 

Allecto, wselcyrigo. 

Accidia, slecnes. 

Acercatur, asurige. 
35 Acredmis, surnesse. 

Agiographa, sancta scriptura, halig 

Apocrifa, dyrngowrita. 

1 So the MS. R. W. 

2 aie{)an or aij>an means: to cast out, 
to demolish. R, W. 

So the MS. R. W. 

4 Cf. pag. 343 1. 5. R. W. 

5 Cf. pag. ;HO 1. 22. R. W. 

6 For Harpagine. 

7 The word antiquarius, in the sense 
of a writer of books, a scribe, is found 
iu Isidore, Orig., vi, 14. It seems at first 

to have been used especially for a copier 
of old books. See Du Cange. 

8 Cf. pag. 343 1. 35. R. W. 

9 Cf. pag 342 1. 31. R. W. 
1 Read arvina. 

11 This seems to be a corruption of 
Hercules, i. e, Alcides. Taken literally 
it would mean hell-coal. 

12 Greek 5 Greekish, in old English. 




Ante posies, beforan hlidgcate. 1 

Apotheca, winfsBt, winhom. 2 

Armentorum, heorda. 

Azimum, {>eorf. 

Adgrediar eum, ic bine anguine. 

Aceruum, muwan. 

Attriuit, gej)rasste. 

Audita, gefrsege. 

Anaglifa, heabgrsefte. 

Amulets, amelas. 3 

Argillosa, doihte. 

Argilla, do. 

Armamentarium, wsepenhus. 

Aratiuncula, sulincela, 

Aratrum, sul. 

Aure tenuisf smylte wederc. 

Adpendes, du amst. 

Abenas? salas. 

Adnitentibus, tillgendum. 

Auruspices, galdorgaleras. 

A cibis luculentioribits, fram swettrum 


Aborliuos, beordorcwelmas. 
Augurid, haelsunga. 
Adulta, geweaxen. 6 
Adtrectaueritj grapode. 
Ad confidendos, to gewyrceuue. 
Azimos, deorflingas. 7 
Ac micare, and scinefrian. 
Ansa, nostle. 
Arula, fyrpanne 8 
Amita, facie. 
Albugo, eagflea. 
Adacinum, dagrcnan. 
Auricomus, gyldenfeaxa. 

Affricus, wcstsudwiiid 

Agreste, wilde. 

Agmen, werod. 

Alba sp'ma, hsegdorii. 
5 Alcion, isen. 

Alneta, alorholt. 

Alga, war. 

Alneum, fuletreow. 

Albipedius, hwitfot. 
\QAlternantium, stcfnendra. 

Alacris, snel. 

Alucer, 10 swift. 

Alitus, sej)m. 

Alium, leac. 
15 Alapiciosa, 11 calwa. 

Aluor, n swon, oddc ilfatu. 

Aura, hwiodan, odde orej>e. 

Amens, aemod. 

Amites, fugeltrio, raeftras. 
20 Amilarius, mearh. 13 

Amiculo, hrasglc. 

Anos, hringas. 

Andena, brandrcd. 14 

Aneta, ened, a natanda. 
25 Anetum, dile. 

Antena, boga. 

Anxius, sorgende. 

Anniia, gerlice. 15 

Anaglifa, aholad. 16 
30 Anser, gos. 

Antidotum, drene, wyrtdrenc. 

Anguila, sel. 

Anceps, tweogendo. 

Antulus, ceacbora. 
35 Armilausia, serce. 17 

1 i. e, before the back door: rather a 
curious and ignorant translation of ante- 
j)0$tis. ho 

2 The MS. has: win sern. R. W. 

8 The ama, or its diminutive ainula, 
was the sacred vessel used in the church 
to hold the consecrated wine, or anything 
else which had been consecrated, 

4 Cf. pag. 345 1. 19. R. W. 

5 Of course for habenas. 

6 Cf. pag. 347 1. 11. R. W. 

7 Cf. pag 348 1. 4. R. W. 

8 The fire-pan appears to have been 
used especially for warming the rooms 

occupied by the ladies. The Latin word 
is found in the Glossae of Isidore. 
Cf. pag. :}50 1. 7. R W. 

10 So the MS. R. W. 

11 For alopecia, a disease which causes 

12 For olor. Il-fetu is given in Soiuner 
as an A.S. name for a swan. 

13 Cf. Bosw. D. 44z. R. W. 
W Cf. pag. 329 1. 31. R. W. 

15 Cf. pag. 347 1. 9. R. W. 

16 Cf. pag. 345 1. 1. R. W. 

17 The sagum, or military frock, open at 
the sides, but covering the back and breast. 




Aplustra, geredro. 

Aporiamur, biod [)reade. 

Apiaster, swines mearce. 

Apotasia, fraetgengan. 

^Esculos, bece. 

Apricitas, hiw. 

Alchior, isen. 1 

Aguilium, onga. 

Arpago, awel, odde clawu. 

Aquemanile, Iseuel. 

Aciem, fedan. 

Areoli, sceafas. 

Armum, bog. 

Asses corteas, lijjerene tryinsas. 

Apogium, eorj>ern. 

Anguens, bremel. 

Arrius, fag. 

jEgit, frsec. 

Archtoes, wsenes disl. 

Artemon, segl. 

Arida, drignes. 

Archiatros, heahlsecas. 

Arcem, cnol. 

A commentariis, fram trehterum. 2 

Ardebat, scan. 

Ad expensas, to nyttum. 

Arcersitus, fetod. 8 

Arcister, strselbora and scytta. 

Asper'a, unsmode. 

Adsessore, fultemendum. 

Atflarat, ansueop. 

Aestuaria, fleotas. 

Adfero, ic tobere. 

Atqueue, ond swylce. 4 

Attacus, dora. 

Auriculum, earwicga ; oddc dros. 

Auster, stidwind. 

Abellanus, hsesl. 

Aucupatione, sastunge. 

Ausus, gedyrstig. 

1 Cf. pag. 349 1. 5 and pag. 4 1. 39. 

K. W. 

2 trehtere or trahtere denotes : an in- 
terpretor, commentator. R. W. 

8 Cf. pag. 346 1. 12. R. W. 

4 Cf. pag. 345 1. 5 and pag. 7 1. 32. 

R. W. 

5 Read axedo, axedones. Cf. pag. 8 1. 9. 

R. W. 

Auehit, aweg aferede. 

Auricular ius, eargespeca. 

Auspicentur, hselsadon. 

Ausurce, brucende. 
5 Aurocalcum, grene ar. 

Aucupium, yltwist. 

Axredones, lynisas. 6 

Axredo, lynis. 5 

Adrogantissime, wlanclice. 
10 Axis, eax. 

Arcister, straalbora. 

Aquila, earn. 

Abdicatione, bescyrednesse. 

Arpa t eargeat. 6 
15 Abdictis, serscrifenum. 

Anser, hwite gos. 

Atrium, cafertun. 

Alacid, maew.7 

Apoplexia, faerdea{). 
20 Accipiter, goshafuc.s 

Alietum, spearhafuc. 9 

Adticus, feldbeo, dora. 10 

Apis, beo. 

ApostomOr 11 swyle. 
2bArdea } hragra. 12 

Apidiscus, webhoc. 

Alibrum, reol. 

Arteriaca, gebrecdrenc. 

Antropus, man. 
30 Amaracium, sealscyn. 

Anima, saul. 

Adulterium, geligerc. 

Auditus, gehirnes. 

Auris, eare. 
35 Album, neodera welor. 

Anterie, sedre. 

Antheris, sedran. 

Aruo, ierdland. 

Articulus, lidincel, lytel lid. 
4.Q Anus, bsec^earm. 

6 Cf. pag. 258 1. 4. R. W. 

7 Cf. pag. 259- 1. 6 and pag. 5 1. 1 6. 

8 Cf. pag. 259 1. 7. R. W. 
Cf. pag. 259 1. 9. R. W. 

10 Read Atticus or Attica (i, e., apis). 
Cf. pag. 261 1. 8. R. W. 

1 1 Read apostema. R. W. 

1 2 Cf. pag. 6 1. 37, R. W, 


Ansa, hringe. Alnus, air. 

Apiastrum, beowyrt. Amera, seal. 11 

Alea, tsefl. Acinum, hindberige. 

Aleator, tseflere. Apeietum, spracen. 12 

Agapis, daegmete. 5 Apio, merer. 13 

Attomos, mot. Alium, gearleac. 

Ayontea, ellenlseca. 1 Ascolonium, cipa. 

Agen, beogang. Alba cipa, hwite leac. 

Altitudo, foder Amaglosa, wegbrjedc. 11 

Amadriades, 2 feldaelbinnc odde el- 10 Ambila, leac. 

fenne. Aurum, gold. 

Armilausia, serc.s Aarifex, goldsmid. 

Apiarius, beocere. Argentum, seolfor. 

Aggusti, J)a yldestan caseras. 4 ^Es, ar. 

Altrix, festermodor. 5 15 Argentum uiuum, cwicseolfor. 

Alumnus, fosterbrodor. Aurifodina, gyldingwegc. 

Anguis, waeternsedre. Ascarida, hnitu. 

Abnepos, feorjm sunn. Antile, heahfru. 

Adnepos, fifta sunu. Acris, from. 

Apatruus meus, mines faederan J)rid- 20 Auriculum, dros. 

da fseder. Anode, geornlice. 

Auena, wistle. Appetitus, gistung. 

Albium, mele. Astu, facne. 

Agapa, ciepeman. Aquile, segnas. 15 

Antericef geotend, sinewincl. 25 Adsciti, gegaderade. 

Anagrippa, anlicnes. Arua, yrdland. 

Acerua mors, ungewcaxenra dcajj. Aulcea, heal. 

Apotassia, fretgenga. 7 Annona, nonmete. 

Aquor, s geseunes. Apex, acumen. 

Antulum, ceac.o 39 Angarizauerit, . . . 1G 

Aucupis, fuglere. 10 Ad stauram, to wermete. 

Artemesia, mucgwyrt. Accussor, wregend. 17 

Arnaglosa, wegbrade. Ascinaria, esulcweorn. 18 

Amitis, lorg. Altilia, fuglas, odde amsestc fugelas. 

Aucupium, fuglting. b Ad exitus, to gelsetum. 

J Cf. Bosw. D. 25b. K. W. 13 R ea d apium Cf. Cock. Ill pag. 3m 

2 Read hamadryades. R. W. R. W. 

3 Cf. pag. 34!) 1. 3f>. R. W. 14 Cf. pag. 3")2 1. 33. R. W. 

4 "Of Augustus, the oldest or earliest 15 In the book here glossed, the aquila 
Ciiosar." were no doubt the Roman eagles, which 

5 So the MS. R. W. the glossator explained as meaning an 

6 Read arteries. R. W. ensign or banner, segn. 

7 Cf. pag. 350 1. 4. R. W. ^ The Anglo - Saxon gloss has been 

8 For CBquor, no doubt. erased, as though the compiler had found, 

9 Cf. pag. 349 1. 34. R. W. after it was written, that it was erroneous. 

10 Cf. pag. 347 1. 24. R. W. 17 Cf. pag. 332 1.1. R. W. 

11 The willow, still called the sally on < s Cwforn meant a mill, the stone of 
the border of Wales and in the West of which is still called a quern. Esul meant 
England. an ass, and the esul-vweorn was merely 

12 Cf. Cock. Ill pag. 345, R. W. a large quern stone turned by an ass. 




Amphoram, amber. 

Auulsus, aweg abroden. 

Azyma, andbita, beorma. 1 

Allegoriam, dsem gehiowendlican. 2 

Anagogen, dsem godcundan heahstan 

Adsuetce, gewunade. 

Ammodum, swide. 

Ac priuata, and dsere synderlic. 

Arte plumaria, bleocrsefte. 

Argumento, mid ordonce. 

Achademice, daere udwiottelican. 

Accepto ferre, onfon. 

Ariolandi, on wigbede to halsienne. 

Antes, leaf. 

Acutum, da sona and hrsede. 

Ademptam, odbrogen. 3 

Ad infame, to dsem imhlisbgerum. 

A merulento, from daem hlutrum. 

Antes, owsestmas. 

Actus, geneded. 

Aprico, wearman. 

Astu, facne. 

Arceri, aweg adrifan. 

Artius, fsestlicor. 

Astu, gleawnisse and sceare 

Arcebant, ut adriofan. 

Abyssum, deagelnesse. 

Adsciscier, to geladian andgecigean. 

Arratam, beweddad. 

Ausis, gedyrstignessum. 

Astus, gebrsegdnes, wserlotes. 

Ada, genende. 4 

Anxia, geencgdu. 

Acerra, rycelsbuce. 

Anchilef scelde 

Attectio, tyhtend. 

1 Azyma means the feast of unleavened 
bread. R. W. 

2 gehiowian means : simnlare. R. W. 

3 Cf. pag. 346 1. 80. R. W. 

4 Cf. 1. 20. R. W. 

5 Read: anoile. R. W. 

6 See before note 5 on p. 341. It is 
not clear, however, where the Anglo- 
Saxon writers found this name, as I am 
not aware that the Alps are called Mons 
Jovis by any ancient writer. 

7 So the MS. R. W. 

8 Cf, pag. 12 1. 28. R. W. 

Adstipulans, fylstende and geecende 
and gewemende. 

Alpes, munt iofes clifu. 6 

Agger ens, 1 hlawum. 
5 Ara, wiggebed. 

Allusiones, plegan. 

Abscidam, wort ic. 

Articulata, rihtlidlicu. 

Anhela, sworetendleca. 
10 Achiuum, grece. 

Ad instar, on gellcnesse. 

Arbiter, doema. 

Arsantes, da gegendan.s 

Adhesit, setfealh and oncleofode. 
15 Anfractibus, ymbgongum, bogetnn- 
gum, hilcum. 

Aceruos, muwan, hreacas. 

Alterna, wrixliende. 

Amplam, brade. 
20 Actos, da todrifenan. 

Arcitenens, heofenbsebbend. 9 

Adunci, gebegdes. 

Ambit, ymbgyrded. 

Atomo, 1 mote. 
25 Ambo, begen ; butu. 

Arguto, scearpe. 

Arta, gefeged. 

Auidce, dsere gifran. 

Ad super os, to upwarum. 
30 Adjinis, nehgebur. 

Adictus, forslsegen. 

Aidonece, hearpen. 10 

Arcis, fsestennes. 

A lanionibus, from hylderum. 
35 Arrectas, upp arehte. 

jEquis, gelicum. 

9 This is another example qf the singul- 
ar blunders made by these Anglo-Saxon 
glossators, and of the state of learning 
exhibited in the ordinary schools. Ar- 
citenens, the archer, was most probably, 
in the book from which this word was 
taken, used as an epithet of Apollo, but 
the writer of the gloss supposed it to be 
formed from arx, instead of arcus. 

10 The Latin word is here probably a 
corruption of the Greek aydovef, night- 





Ascella, ohsta. 1 
Abortus, samboren. 
Achariter, 2 baldlice. 
Apporia, 3 inca. 
Accedia, biternes. 
Asserum, twiga. 
Acinos, bergan. 
Aplestia, oferfyl. 
Aplesta, steorra. 
Amarcas, lytle leas. 
Agaso, horsdegn. 
Alleh, grindle. 
Appetitorum, and fang. 
Armille, midlhringas. 
Antela, fordgyrde. 
Ascia, adesa. 
Asula, iren hiord. 
Auris, inneweard eare. 
Auricula, utweard eare. 
Articulus, handwyrst. 
Auricularis, earfinger. 
Aluus, mannes scaru. 
Adeps, gelynd. 
Albus, hwit. 
Auidiusj grionu. 
Aureus, giolu. 
Alcido, msew. 
Alauda, lawerce. 
Auricinctus, goldfinc. 
Ardea, hragra.4 
Aranea, gongelwafre.' 1 
Accipiter, pipat. 
Acinum, maltwyrt. 
Alucurus, uel th'nnus, hsed. 6 
Addinetum, gorst. 7 
Alans, riscleac. 8 
Anniculus, steor. 
Aries, weder. 

1 Ohsta means: the armpit, asella. 

R. W. 

2 Read: acriter. R. W. 
5 Read: aporia. R. W. 

* Cf. pag. 6 1. 37. R. W. 

Agnus, lamb. 

Acrum, scencel. 

'Asellus, weorf. 

Asinus, assa. 
bArtocobus* srnsel hlaf. 

Aurippus, cwecesond. 

Afficiar, genirwed and geenged. 

Amaro, J)a biteran. 

Aruum, wonge. 
10 Ad or as, to dsem gemaernm. 

Agitabat, styrede. 

Acimum, maltwyrt. 10 

Ahiolatus, 11 frihtrung. 

Anses, rsestras. 
l&Aplustra, gere[)ro. 12 

Balus, isenfetor. 

Bacidones, rsedenne 

Bagula, bridels. 
20Balsis, teter. 

Ballista, staeflidere, odde searu, . 
machina bella. 

Barsterna, beer. 

Baccinia, begir 
25 Bacce, bergan. 

Ballena, hran, odde hwsel. 

Barritus, ginung, odde raringe. 

Batlat ginad. 

Basterna, crset 
30 Balbus, wlisp. 

Blessus, scorn m. 

Ballationes, en op. 

Basis, syl. 

Balbutus, scorn, wlisp. 
35 Bapys, trenteru, bansegn. 

Baruhina, bericge. 

Balatus, blseted. 

Barrulus, ragufinc. 

8 Riscleac means: allinm. R. W. 

9 ctQToxoxog means: a baker. R. W. 

10 Cf. pag. ;i56 ). 33. R. W. 

11 A corruption of Hariolatio. The Anglo- 
Saxon teacher evidently, from his inter- 

5 Cf. Bosw. D. 27r gang-wcefre and Leo pretation of Ariolandi in the preceding 

Gl. p. 77, 55; p. 424, 16. gange-vyfre. 

R. W. 

8 Cf. Cock. Leechd. Ill pag. :-$29. R. W 
7 Of. Cock. Ill pag. 32rf. R. W. 

page, supposed the Latin word to be 
derived from ara, an altar. 

13 Cf. pag. 6 1. 14. R, W. 

13 Sic MS. R. W. 


Beatita, steam. Bradigabo, feldwuop. 

B err us, bar. Brucus, ceafer. 

Benigniter, medomlice. Bruncus, wrot.s 

Berruca, 1 wearte. Bracie, cian. 

Berna, l higre. 5 Byrseus, lederwyrhta, odde lypen- 

Bettonica, aterlade. wyrhta. 

Bicoca, haeferblsete. JBalteum, gyrdel, odde belt. 

Bitumen, Km. Bata, mittan. 

Bile, ater. Blata, hrsedbita. 

Bitricius, steopfseder. IQBarba, beard. 

Birbicariolus, yrdling.s Brachium, earm. 

Bitorius, wseriia. Butrus, hos. 

Blitum, elate. Beta, birce. 

Byssum, twin. 3 Bilulta, billere. 

Bratheas, goldfel. \bBubullus, swan. 

Batllla, fyrscofl. Boratorium, byres. 

Bolidis, sundgyrd in scipe, odde rap, Burdus, seamere. 

i. metrap. J3oua, oxa. 

JBothoma, cuibren. 4 Batuitum, gebeaten. 

Bothanicla, stoppa. 20 Broelarius, ediscweard. 

Bobellum, falod. Butirum } butere. 

Bona, scet. Bajulat, bierd. 

Bon, seettas. Bombicinum, siolcen. 

Boreits, eastnord wind. Baratrum, pytte. 

Bobulcus, hridhierde. 25 Biothanatas, 4 selfbonan. 

Bouestra, radre. Bisso retorto, hwite twine gedrawen. 

BocJtarius, meres win. Bombose, daere Jmtendan. 

Bofor, laembis lieg. Baptisterio, fulwiht stowe. 

Bambosa, hleglende. Bucellam, cicel. 

Botrum, clystre. 30 Boias, beagas. 

Butros, geclystre. Byrse, hyde. 

BriensiS) handwyrm. Bis quingentenum, tuwa tiftig. 

Bux, borg. Bituminis, sciptaran. 

Bulla, sigel. Baiolabantur, borene weron. 

Butio, cyta. 35 Bis senis } tuwa healfum. 

Bubo, uuf. Basterne, scrides. 

Bucidus, rondbeag. Bilance, twyfealdre heolra. 

Biirrum, bruun. Basilisci, dsere nasdran. 

Badius, brun. Bratea fila, se gyldna draed. 

Bubans, wesend. 40 Bullis, bnlum. 

Buccula, bucc. Bigis, cratum. 

Bunia, byden. Bustis, byrgelsum. 

Bubla, flod. Bucula, cealf. 

Bratium, mealt. Bombis, hlowengum, odde swoegum. 

1 Of course, an error for verruca and pae. 9 1. 11 and 12. R. W.) 

vtrna. 3 The MS. has twin not tyin. R. W. 

2 The Saxon word is understood to 4 So the MS. R. W. 

signify a farmer, but whence the Latin 5 Bruncus seems here to be an error 
word was obtained it is hard to say. (Cf. for truncus. 


Bis terna, sex. Boreali, J)sere nordlicau. 

Buculam, stirc. Borith erba fullonum, leadorwyrt. 3 

Bellona, waelcyrge. Batis, stapul. 

Barginctj da elj^eodigan odde of el- Bassis, stepe. 

peodiscre. 5 Bagulum, biotul. 4 

Bariona, culfran sunu. Bipinnis, twibill. 

Buccis, mudum. Baxus, sicel. 

Bernis, 1 })eowenna. Burls, sulhbeam. 

Butra, dysige. Boie, bogan. 

Barca, scip. 10 Blurus, blere. 

Brattea, se gyldna. Busius, fealo. 

Buxeus, sio bixne. Bruntus, worm. 

Bombix, siolucwyrm, odde sidwyrm, Balidus, hrut. 

odde loppe. Berbigarulus, ueltanticus, yrdling. 5 

Bernam, J)eowne. 15 Bardioriolus, colmase. 

Backus, win. Biturius, wraenna. 

Bellonia, wilde deor. Bugium, haeferblsete. 

Bulga, baelge odde bylge. Baptua, syring. 

Barbita, beme. Betulus, byrce.e 

BiUis, bocum. 20 Betuleum, byrcholt. 

Biblum, boc. Bremium, earisc. 

Biformis, twihiowe, swa swa bid Beta, bete. 

healf mon and healf fear. Brittanica, cuslyppe. 7 

Batutas, {)a gebeatenan. Bimus, on daem seftran teame. 

Bulla, bula. 25 Berbex, rom. 

Bina, twegen. Bouile, scypen. 

Bachi, wines. Bamus, derscel.s 

Bassia, cossas. Bidubium, i. marra, bill. 

Biblos, bee. Barbaras, walch, sine ungerad. 

Bis binis de fontibus, of feower stri- 30 Barbarismus, miscweden word. 

celum. Brancos, hrsecgebraec.9 

Brumatia, J>a winterlican. Botrax, yce. 

Bratea, gylden ])el arlsegen. 2 Bibliotheca, bochord. 

Brume, wintres. Bicinium, twega sang. 

Blandior, ic cweme. 35 Biyamus, i. uir unius mulieris 
Bellipotens, wiga odde wigstrang. 

For vernis, as below bernam for 8 A flail, or implement for thrashing, 

vernam. still called in some of our local dialects 

2 Cf. 1. 11. R. W. a thrashle. 

3 Of. Vulgata Jerem. 2, 22 aud Malacii. 9 It appears that this strauge Latin, 
3, 2. E. "W. and its Anglo-Saxon interpretation, mean 

4 Bayula is found in the medieval Lat- simply a sore throat, or bronchitis. A 
in writers in the sense of a bridle. The Latin saint's life, quoted in Ducange, 
Anglo-Saxon word byotal, more usually speaking of catching a fish and drawing 
written bytt, is represented in our modern it ashore, has the elegant Latin phrase, 
English by beetle, a wooden hammer used Apprehende branciam ejus et trahe in 
for beating clothes. siccum. 

5 Of. p. 358 1. 11. II. W. 10 Nobody but the writer of an Anglo- 

6 Cf. p. H59 1. 13. R W. Saxon gloss would imagiue that bigamy 

7 Cf. Cock. Ill p. 3'J;J. R. W. meant having only one wife. 




Calculus, cealc, numestan. 

Cacabum, citel. 

Cados, ainbras. 

Cartellus, windel. 

Cartilago, naesgristle. 

Carbunculus, spryng. 

Camelled, wulfescamb. 

Ganis lingua, ribbe, hundestunge. 

Caulem, stela. 

Cataracte, J>eotan, wgeterjmih. 

Caumeunie, eordreste. 1 

Caccabatus, hrumig. 

Qauterium, mearcisen. 

Capsis, cyst. 

Carruca, craet. 

Cariscus, cwicbeam, wice. 

Capitium, hod. 

Camisa, ham, cemes. 

Cappa, sciccing. 

Castanea, cistenbeam. 

Calta, reade claefre. 

Capisternum, caefester. 

CariXj secg. 

Calcesta, hwite claefre. 

Cancer, haefern. 

Calciculium, iacessure. 

Cacomicanus, 2 logger. 

Calomacus, hsed. 

Castorius, befer. 

Ccenum, wase. 

CarinO) bytne'. 

Carectum, hreod. 

Canti, felga. 

Gofisidele, pung. 

Carrassinum, grene gaers. 

Cappa, snod. 

Calmetum, inersc. 

Caliga, scoh. 

Carbo, gled. 

Carduelis, linetwige. 

Caradrion, laewerce. 

Cantarus, wifel. 
5 Callos, wearras ; ilas. 

Carula, crawe. 

Cartilage, grundsopa. 

Caper, haefer. 

Catrum, sweard. 
10 Caldaria, citel. 

Cartago, braedepanne.^ 

Caragios, lyblaecan. 4 

Casla, hedBn. 

Carlasus, seglbosm. 
15 Cautionem, gewrit. 

Cauerniculis, holum. 

Capestrinum, geflit. 

Cassidis, helmes. 

Cassida, helmas. 
20 Cassus, faer. 

Cassis, ned. 

Casso, idle. 

Cassium, helm. 

Ccelutum, agrsefen. 
25 Canthera, trog. 

Canda, boga. 

Cardiolus, wudusnite. 

Callis, pad. 

Capistro, caefli. 
30 CalhiSj wear. 

Calleo, fraefele. 

Cartomo, lybcorn. 

Carceria, bun an. 

Cercylus, aesc. 
35 Censores, gerefan. 

Cesuram, gegangende. 

Celox, ceol. 

Cefalus, heardra. 

1 Caumeunicp represents a medieval 
Greek word, XKfJtevvittt, meaning a bed 
laid on the ground. It is found in the 
lives of saints. (Cf. pag. 10 1. 30. R. W.) 

2 Another medieval Greek word, xaxo- 
aq%eiyO 3 i. e. mala machinans. The 
Anglo-Saxons had rather a leaning to 
Greek words, which perhaps originated 
with Theodore of Canterbury in the se- 
venth century. (Cf. pag. 11 1. 11. R. W.) 

3 Breeding -panne is interpreted in the 
dictionaries a frying-pan; but iii medieval 
Latin we find the word cartagium used 
for a measure of corn or bread, un quar- 
tier, which is probably the meaning of 
the word here. 

4 Caragius is found in the theological 
writings of Bede and in other medieval 
writers in the sense of a sorcerer, 




Cente, 1 wilde gos. 

Celatum, abracod, ut ajmingen. 

Cessere, onwican. 

Ceriacus, hornblawere. 

Chori, eastannordan windas. 

Circius, westnord wind. 

Circinni, windeloccas. 

Cirros, loccas. 

Circinnatio, efesung. 

Cicuanus, higere. 

Cis, beheonan. 

Cicuta, hymlic. 

Ciconia, store. 

Ciscillus, heardheaw. 

Cinoglosa, ribbe. 

Citonium, godaeppel. 

Cicer, bean, pisan. 

Corrumpitur, is gewemmed. 

Clibosum, clifihte. 

Clauia, borda. 

Claua, steng. 

Clustella, cluster! oc. 

Cladica, wefl, odde owef, odde clau 


Clasis, tlota, sciphere. 
Classes, scipu. 
Conpescens, gestillende. 
Contribuli, gesibbe. 
Confectum, geblanden. 
Confectus, gewseged. 
Colocinthidcc, huudescwelcau. 
Commissum, gefremed. 
Conticiscent, swigiad. 
Consuluerunt, frunian. 
Conpulsus, gebseded. 
Colliridam, healstan. 
Coccum, weolcread. 
Conlato, ambehte. 
Commeatos, sande. 
Conuincens, oferstseleude. 
Codices, onheawas. 
Corimbos, berian. 
Consulo, ic frine. 
Coaluissent, swornodon. 
Concedam, lytisna. 

1 So the MS. Wright printed; caiite. 
Cf. pag. 12 1. 37. R. W. 

* Of course, this is a corruption of corylus. 

Coniurati, gemode. 

GontumaXj anmode. 

Confusione, geniengunge. 

Concesserim, arecte. 
5 Conpar, gehseplice. 

Constipuisse, ges\\ idrade. 

Contos, speru, odde spreotas. 

Consobrinus, gesvviria, odde swustur 

10 Color, ac. 

Colyrus, 3 haesl. 

Cornua, crawc. 

Corimbos, leactrogas. 3 

Colostrum, beost. 
15 Cassan, beost. 

Coclyas, wilocas. 

Commentis, ordoncum, searwum. 

Confici, genaenge. 

Consobrinus, swor. 
20 Corax, hrefn. 

Cbo?, 4 hwetstau. 

Cotem, hwetestan. 

Coxa, J)eoh. 

Conpetum, tun, J)rop. 
25 Colicus, efordrote. 

Coruis, cawel. 

Conpagem, gegasderong. 

Coituras, gegangendo. 

Coaceruassent, geheapodan. 
SQCoagulum, cyslyb. 

Commolitis, jbu forgrindesj). 4 

Concisium, scelle. 

Commentum, adoht. 

Conderetur, geworht. 
35 Concis, scellum. 

Coleandrum, cellendre. 

Colomate, hsedcole. 

Contagione, besmitenesse. 

Conualuit, gewyrpte. 
40 Consors, orsorg. 

Comitauere, togelsestenne. 

Commendabat, trymede. 

Concussionibus, raadnessuui. 

Confoti, afedde. 
45 Conuenientes, syrwende. 

3 Cf. pag. :!64 1. 42. R W. 

4 So the MS. R. W. 




Conlisio, siege. 

Coturno, wodhaen. 1 

Confutat, oferstjeled, odde widflited. 

Conpilat, stiled. 

Cornu, cyste. 

Concretum, gerunnen. 

Conca, musclan scil. 

Conectit, teldat. 

Cocilus, ompre. 

Conputatio, getsel. 

Catalagus? getael. 

Coniectorem, swefnreccere. 

Commentarii, treahteras. 

Conspersam, gecneden. 

Conpingite, gefegad. 

Crebrat, syfted. 

Crepido, rima. 

Crama, flete. 

Crates, hegas. 

Cragacus, styria. 

Cuneus, wered, wecg. 

Creditor, byrga. 

Cuniculos, smygelas. 

Culcites, bed. 

Culcitatum, bed. 

Cucumis, popig. 

Culix, mycg. 

Culini, cocas. 

Curtina, wagryft. 

Culler, seax, odde scyrseax. 

Chameleon, aerfiete. 

Cythropodes, Jjriefete, ricelsfset. 

CompendiiSj gestreonum. 

Contemtibiliora, J)a hirwendlican. 

Contra latrantes, wid ])a beorcendan. 

Crebrius, gelome. 

Conuenire, gerisnian. 

Calce, fyrsne, stige. 

Cedes, waelfill. 

Coluber cerastis, gerumpenu naedre.3 

Conpulsus, gebseded. 

Cognatio, msegburg. 

Cibaria, mettas. 

Cum recisset, mid tyj>e geascode. 

1 The MS. has hse. R. W. 

2 Sic MS. R. W. 

3 Cf. the Anglo-Saxon Version of f Epi~ 
stola Alexandri' (ed. by Cockayne) fol. 
121 ]. 15. R. W. 

Cingebant, ymbhaefdan. 

Caricarum, cisersepla. 

Conualescas, J)u getrumast. 

Cerethi, eoredmen, nedehero. 
5 Carpenta, isenum grzeftum. 

Cemedes, ealdorman. 

Cognomine, freonaman. 

Concusa, onscacene. 

Cerimonias, onsaegdnessa. 
10 Chori, mittan. 

Cimentarii, weallwyrhtan. 

Capitella, heafedstol. 

Canti, felga- 

Coluber cerastis, naedre gehyrnedu. 3 
15 Conmute, onwende. 

Conparuit, setiewde. 

Creuere, gesion. 

Contentus, dancful. 

Conderunt, gesettan. 
20 Commodarent, borgedan. 

Conpingite, gefegad. 

Coarim,* handseax. 

Condies, geswet. 

Crepuerit, bffirstlad. 
25 Conpescens, gestillende. 

Conplosis, flocende. 

Ciciris, ilnetu. 

Cautibus, cliofum. 

Cucu, hleapewince. 
30 Columba, culfre. 

Cor-nix, crawe. 

Cornicula, cio. 

Cucuzata, irdling. 

Ciaus, edischen. 
35 Cuculus, geac. 

Cuneus, heap. 

Crabro, hyrnetu. 

Curculioj em el. 

Cicada, hama. 
40 Coetus, hwael. 

Coclea, weoloc. 

Cancer, hsefern. 

Cladica, wefl. 

Coins, wulmod. 

4 One may doubt whether the MS. has 
coarim or perhaps coltrim (= coltrum or 
cnltrnm ?), R. W. 




Conductum, gernwinde. 

Glaus, teltre. 

Calatum, toweht. 

Chomos, middangeard. 

Corpus, lichama. 

Caro, flaesc. 

Grementum, ssed. 

Caput, heafod. 

Cephal, heafud. 

Coma, feax. 

Capilli, Iqccas. 

Cerebrum, braagen. 

Capitium, forew.eard sweora heafod. 

Cessaries, lae, wiffex. 

Cilium, bruwa. 

Corona, beag- 

Columna, eal nosu. 

Canini, hundlice odde tuxas. 

Collum, sweora. 

Ceruex, sweora. 

Cubitus, fsejmi. 1 

Cutisj sweard. 

Costa, rib. 

Cor, heorte, 

Cruor, dead blod. 

Calamus, ]D93t wsepenlice lim. 

Cecum, blind [)earm. 

Cingulum, gyrdel. 

Cinis, acse. 

Cicindilio, se . . . , 2 

Cotizo, ic taafle. 

Carea, 1 weax. 

Candela, candel. 

Carpentaria, wsengerefa. 

Ceruical, heafedbolster. 

Capsula, hacele. 

Castaneus, cistenbeam. 

Cortix, rind. 

Cerefolium, ceruille. 

Cudo, anfilte. , 

Carbo, col. 

Calmum, windelstreow. 
5 Coluber, snaca, odde nsedre. 

Comas, geap. 

Caballus, hengest. 

Camellum, oluend. 

Caprea, ra. 
10 Capreola, rage. 

Gapra, gat. 

Capri, hse feres. 

Calcar, spura. 

Cuspis, gad. 
15 Catesta, gseled. 

Colonus, gebyr.s 

Cistula, spirte. 

Camosf swol. 

Capitium, heafodsmaal. 
20 Condicio, redin. 

Clauicularius , c89gbora. 

Gicur* mandwaare. 

Crocus, geolu. 

Crocea, gioluwre. 
25 Calbuus,^ calo. 

Camara, hrof. 

Catinus, scutel. 

Caseum, cyse. 

Calmaria, cealre. 
30 Calmum, molegn. 

Caluiale, cealerbriw. 

Coclear, cucelere. 

Clerius 1 cibus, wyrtmete. 

Ccelia, ealo. 
35 Ceruisa, 1 swatan. 

Ccena, aafenmete. 

Cucumus, popi. 

Ciatum, steap. 

1 The glossator has here apparently 
mistaken the Latin word, and supposed 
it referred to a measure, instead of a limb. 

2 Defaced in the MS. Cf. pag. 121 
1. 25 : Cicindela se glisigenda wibba. 

R. W. 

8 The origin of the modern word boor, 
a countryman. 

4 Cf. pag. 11 1. 45 and pag. 12 1. 45. 

R. W. 

5 Cicurius is given in Ducange as a 
medieval Latin word bearing the meaning 
of prudent, gentle, placid, mild, etc. 

6 For calvus. These clerical errors in 
this document are too numerous to men- 
tion; we have, below, cacobatus for caca- 
batus (blackened with soot), celeps fur 
ccelebs, etc. 

7 So the MS. R. W. 




Cuba, tunne. 

Calamidis, god web. 

Calor, hsete. 

Choors, tun. 

Chorus, })reat. 

Carpella, sadelboga. 

Cornicem, hornbora. 

Coquina, cycene. 

Cacobatus, hrum. 1 

Comicus, scop. 

Celeps, hsegsteald man. 

Cartilago, leaces heafod. 

Cliens, ge|)ofta. 

Congeries, heap , 

Crura, scancan. 

Commissuram, gefog. 

Concilio, gemote. 

Comminatus, beotiende. 

Coffinos, man da. 

Commutation gewrixle. 

Conducere, aheran. 

Conuentione, gemote. 

Comminatus, beotode. 

Conquirerunt, setsamne sohtan. 

Ceruical, wangore, heafod p. 2 

Contu&ernium, gadorwiste. 

Cautionem, gewrit. 

Cahus? dwolma. 

Cribraret, syfte. 

Conuidebant, teoncwidedon. 

Confertam, getrummen. 

Coagitatum, gehrysed. 

Cum emulo, mid widerweardiim. 

Calcaribus, spurum. 

Calcar, spura. 

Circentium, brings eta. 

Carene, cerenes, odde hunigteares. 

Coxarum, bana. 

Catalectico, dy metercundnm. 

Cronographorum, tidwritera. 

Citlis, uilmenum, aepelscealum ymb 
da cyrnlu. 

Contecta, bedeat. 

Cercilo, scipe. 4 
5 Calones, wuderas. 

Clientes, degnhyssas. 

Clientele, J>egnscole. 

Cum lixarum, mid wasterberernm. 

Collationes, ymbeahtas. 
10 Conjlictu, gefeohte. 

Collegia, winescipe. 

Curtinarum, wagryfta. 

Comminiscimur f resiad, odde somnd 

mengad we.s 
15 Crepitantes, rsescettende. 

Crepitarent, raescettan. 

Concessum . . . 

Congeries, gesamnung. 

Confectio, geregnong. 
20 Cauterio, hoce. 

Cernua, da niowelan. 

Cautibus, stanum, odde snyringum. 

Cautes, clifstanas. 

Collario, sale. 
25 Contionatorum, gemotmanna. 

Consulatus, gerefscipe. 

Corbibus, caulum. 

Cauponibus, winbryttum. 

Commendenda, to bebeodenne. 
W Crates, hyrdlas. 

Cuniculum, grep. 

Carismatum, gifena. 

Conspicatur, sceawode. 

Conflictibus, geflitum. 
35 Cleri, biscophyrede.6 

Cassibus, wyrdum. 

Cataplasma, Isecedomnessa, octde 

40 Chaldeorum, tungelcrseftum. 7 

4 Cf. Bosw. D. 38o. R. W. 
2 Cf. pag. 368 1. 35. R. W. 
:{ i. e. chaus or chaos. Cf. pag. 12 1. 
43. R. W. 

4 Cf. pag. 12 1. 25 and pag. 363 1. 34. 

R. W. 
' Two words which follow this are un- 

readable through a damage of the vellnm. 

6 The bishop's flock, or family, a rather 
picturesque expression for the clergy. 

7 Of course the writer from whom this 
gloss was taken used the word Chaldsei 
in the sense of enchanters. 




Cloacarum, flodena. 
Cuparum, tunnena. 
Callositas, unsmednes, odde wear- 


Commercial ceapunge. 
Ceni,* wasan. 
Conibentia,* haebbenga. 
Consummatim, scyndendlice. 
Cernuas, niole, odde hnifolcrumbe. 3 
Cleratis, clerochade. 
Curbo, gebegde. 
Condito, gerecanade. 
Culine, cylene. 
Circumquaque, ymb daet. 
Calcatur, teled is. 
Calamitosa, dy hearmlican. 
Crusiulis, healstanum. 
Crustis, herstinghlafum. 
Crasso, dy faettan. 
Corbos, caulas. 
Catecizatus* gecristnad. 
Caccabatum, berumad. 5 
Casus, gelimp. 
Clanculis, daem diglum. 
Catapultas, speru, boltas. 
Ccelibes, haegsteald men. 6 
Cymiterio, byrgenstowe. 
Caraxabimus? writad. 
ClatroSj pearrocum. 
Clatrorum, pearroca. 
Castarum, wita cyn. 
Cauillatione, geslitgliwe.s 
Caracteribus, angelicnessum, odde 


Citra pontum, ofer sae. 

Carybdibus, swelgendnessum. 

Cirris, loccum. 

Consparsione, gecynde. 
5 Competali, aet [>aera wega gelaeturn 

Calamitosam, |)8et earme. 

Comitiales, gebraacsioce. 9 

CantandOj galdor galende. 
10 Capulo tenus, od hielt. 

Conspiratio, facengecwis,'odde and- 

Crista, cambihte, camb on haette 

odde on helme. 
15 Congrediens, feohtende. 

Cum fratrueli) mid brodorsuna. 

Colerata, getelged, odde gedeagod. 

Conquilii, telges. 

Cum infami eulogio, mid |)y nnse- 
20 Jjelan gidde. 

Conopio, nette, fleogryfte. 

Cedunt, rumad, steppad. 

Cauannarum, ' ] ulena. 

Confer, forgeaf. 
25 Castalidas nymphas, dunaelfa. 12 

Carper e, telan. 

Cultum, gyld. 

Conpellens, gretende. 

Consanguine, Jjaere gesibban. 
30 Confertur, widmeten is. 

Censebat, scop. 

Cartis bo cum. 

Certantes, flitende. 

Certaminej on geflite. 

1 So has the MS. R. W. 

2 Read: cohibentia. R. W. 

3 Cf. Bosw. D. 37d. R. W. 

* Christened, because catecbisiug was a 
principal part of the ceremony. 

5 Cf. pag. 370 1. 9. R. W. 

6 Cf. pag. 370 ]. 11. R. W. 

7 Charaxare, from the Greek, was used 
by the medieval Latin writers in the sense 
of to write. It occurs in Prudentius. 

8 Cf. pag. 10 1. 24. R. W. 

9 The Anglo-Saxon word denotes: a 
frantic man, phreneticus. R. W. 

The words which follow are in a 
rather later hand. 

11 Cavanna, or cavannus, in the sense 
of an owl, is a word belonging to medie- 
val Latin, and is found in the Anglo- 
Saxon writers, such as Aldhelm. It is 
represented in old French by the word 

12 Such glosses as this furnish curious 
illustrations of the Anglo-Saxon notions 
of elves or fairies ; but it implies some 
confusion of ideas to call the Castalides 
mountain elves. (Cf. pag. 189 1. 9. R.W.) 

13 Chartis: the Anglo-Saxons called 
everything written in a separate form, a 
book. A written leaf was a book. 




Consternati, ofercymene. 

Clades, adla. 

Conglobatur, somnode. 

Cnues, eldo. 

Cuderet, smidode, odde gescop. 

Cararit, ielde. 

Capisterium, hridder. 

Chaliben, isern. 

Ckalibis, irenum. 

Continuant, heapedan. 

Crudescentes, J)aet J)a swidfeormende. 

Contrita, ofermened. 

Cartula, boc. 

Cur am, laecedom. 

Cipporum, cospa. 

Coenobium, mynsterlif. 

Gentauri, |}ses centaures. 

Clancula, )>a diglan. 

Glanculis, mid diglura. 

Catax. sio healte, odde healt. 

Calcis, limes. 

Callosi, hreofe, odde wearrihte. 

Consulla, rsedas. 

Conpeta clausa. J)a belocenan vvega 


Classica, s\vege ; odde J>a herelican. 
Commentis, trahte odde trahtadum. 
Carolios, unhiere. 
Cluris, 1 gejjelum. 
Cur is, sorgum. 
Cura, sorg. 
Casibus, gegongum. 
Conpellere, J)set heo gebaedde- 
Cursant, Jjocerodan. 
Compturuni) gefraBtwadne. 
Conpressit, dyde. 
Carperra, geniclede. 
Commate, gewrite. 
Certa, gewis. 
Caccabis, hwerum. 
Ciclades, gegirelan. 
Chao? dimnesse gastas. 

1 Perhaps a corruption of clutis (= xAv- 
roft)? Cf. pag. 379 1. 25. R. W. 

2 Read : chaos. R. W. 

:< i. e. a king whose authority lasted a 
year. It was the Anglo-Saxon notion of 
a Roman consul. 

Callosa, Jta wearrihtan. 

Consults, gearcyninges.s 

Consul, gercyning, odde heretoga. 

Cursum, hraedlice. 
5 Gastra, herewic, fyrdwic. 

Contundunt, forstyntad. 

Capessit, nam, haefde. 

Cetra, scyld. 

Cenidos, atole. 
10 Cient, hrepad. 

Causam, finge. 

Credita, da bebodenan. 

Conpilat, strad. 

Contos, spreotas, speru. 
15 Cenosis, jbsem adelihtum. 

Capulus, holt. 

Contribulibus, maagsiblicum. 

Crocata, J)a giolureadan. 

Contente, gecweme. 
20 Cornmanipularcs, efenheapas. 

Conspirati, onan gesworene. 

Cosliter, heofonlice. 

Cola, lim. 

Commota, limes dael. 
25 Concinnabant, seredon. 

Conmanipularibus, efenh cap u in . 

Caldeorum, tungelcraeftig. 

Conticio, swigunge. 

ConticiniOj swigan. 
30 Contexta, awundne. 

Contunsionibus, slegum. 

Cyclade, hwiolfage. 

Catastarum, wita. 4 

Constantina, d em era. 5 
35 Oitra, ofer. 

Cassaretur, waes aidlad. 

Capitolii, dses heafodlican liearges. 

Comitiales,\)a. symbol monadlican adla 

Concertatio, compung and geflit. 
40 Conquilini, wiolctaslges. 

Clauatce, bebyrde, odde bestefnde. 

Cincinni, windeloccas. 

4 An instrument of torture, explained 
in some of the medieval glosses by equuleus. 
(Cf. pag. 372 1. 31. R. W.) 

demera seems to be no Anglo-Saxon 
word. R. W. 




Conuiciorum, tioncwida. 

ConUsiones, gecnosu, odde gescsened. 

Conuolatus, breahtmung. 1 

Comere, frsetwian. 

Conlata, forgifen. 

CastalidaS) J)a dunlican. 

Cithara, hearpan. 

Corni, corntreowes. 

Corbes, leapas. 

Chausj diopnis. 2 

Creuisti, }m gesege. 

Greuit, geseah. 

Caries, J)reahs. 

Chalibem, bill. 

Capital, heafudslsege . 

Conuexa, da hwalfan. 

Cardo, stadul. 

Crustis, stansticcum. 

Caci, J)yrses. 3 

Cluua, steng odde waepen. 

Cyclus, ryne. 

Cyclis, rynum. 

Cerula, da wonhaewan, odde da 

swearthaewenan, odde yda. 
Constellaito, leases spelles talu. 
Compos, wilhremig. 1 
Cedebat, beag 
Colludia, plegan. 
Crete, acende. 
Cruste, hlafes. 

Clasma,* clam, odde wed, odde wgera. 
Consulunt, raed sohtan. 
Carince, scipes. 
Cataclismum, brimflode. 
Coenidos, fule. 
Coenif fennes. 
Conpillat, forstael. 
Cetra, scylde. 5 

Coenodoxia, idelgilp. 6 

Cristata, gehelmad. 

Clamat, jjotrad. 

Caupo, winbyrele, odde on tunnum. 
5 Condentem, me wyrcende. 7 

Ccertu, waepne.s 

Curuis, geapum. 

Crepitabant, dynedan and J)unedan. 

ContorttSy ajjrawenum drasduin. 
10 Capitellis, heafadlicum. 

Calce, helan. 

Celidrum, nasdran. 

Carinam, scip. 

Cretus, acenned. 
15 Cuspide, nsegle, odde spere. 

Crepitum, |>ununge. 

Cum pelago, mid sse. 

Conuoluens, wendende. 

Coors, gerefa. 
20 Crepitant, hleodrien. 

Cretus, gesceapen. 

Clamidem, hacelan, odde lachen, odde 

Cessit, beag. 
25 Constat, eudlice is. 

Censura, dom. 

Crepacula, clatrunge. 

Colubros, snacan. 

Crepitare, hleodrian. 
30 Condo, ic wyrtige. 

Carpor, ic beo sliteu. 

Curam, ic hasle and hleonie. 

Contrahatj gewyrce and togetio. 

Contulerunt, brohton odde forgeafan. 
35 Crepitat, wreotad. 

Conpertum, cud. 

Curfa, geap. 

Capax, faesthaful. 

1 So has the MS. K. W. 

2 Cf. pag. 374 1. 4-2. R. W. 

3 Thyrs, the giant or spectre. This was 
the light in which the Anglo-Saxou schol- 
ars looked upon many of the persons of 
classic fable, and we shall find other 
traces of it in these glosses. Of course, 
Cacus, the threeheaded son of Vulcan, is 
the individual here alluded to. (Cf. pag. 
379 1. 22. R. W.) 

4 This barbarous word is the origin of 
our modern word claim, and meant, in 
medieval Latin, an action at law, for a 
bond or other obligation. 

5 Cf. pag. 8 75 1. 8. R. W. 

6 C&nodoxia (Greek xevodo^ia) was a 
word in use in medieval Latin in the 
sense of vain-glory. 

7 So has the MS. K. W. 

8 The MS. has ccertu or caistu. R. W. 




Conplector, ic beclyppe. 

Contagia, besmitenessa. 

Ciebant, hleodriende andbetniad. 

Cur sat, iornd. 

Ciebo, ic acliopie. 

Choortes } heredreatas. 

Cicada, hyllehama odde gaerstapa. 

Circius et boreus, twegen nordwindas. 

Conteriti, sionewaltum. 

Contis, swiorurn. 

Cuspite, palstre. 

Copus, J)aet snid. 

Cauo, holum. 

Carica, ficaeppel. 

Crapula, illeracu. 

Chaos, gedwolman. 1 

Cauernas, screafu. 

Cruda, J)a blodgan. 

Casus, gegong. 

Corimbos, croppas. 

Cod, coces. 

Cornipedum^ horsa. 

Columpnis, wradum. 

Conexa, ge]}eoded. 

Cyclopum, dyrsa. 2 

Calamistratis, gecrymptum. 

Cohercens, gehaebbende. 

Caucumine* heannesse. 

Comitum, gerefena. 

Codea, snegl. 

Cceca, blind is. 

Cereri, of hwaete. 

Committo, ic befaeste. 

Cruentos, blodge. 

Cruentis, J)aem blodigum. 

Casum, gegong. 4 

Clauus, nsegl, odde sprota. 

Cauernis, holum. 

Clepsydra, waeterwrite. 

Concordi, somod dyrlice. 

Comitentur, aipien and faeren. 

Conpressa, befongen. 

1 Cf. pag. 370 1. 28. R. W. 

3 See, before, note 3 on pag. 376. A. 
Cyclops was, in Anglo-Saxon feelings, a 
giant or spectre. 

3 Read: cacumine. R. W. 

4 Cf. pag. 372 1. 23. R. W. 

Contingere, gehrinan. 

Certare, widfeohtan. 

Copia, genihtsum ])aes yfeles. 

CyllinecB, cillinescum. 
5 Cati, ingeniosi. 

Caumate, swole. 5 

Carpebantur, waeran sliteue. 

Catasta, werod. 

Celeumatis* saeleopes. 
10 CoUudio, besmitenesse. 

Conpediuntur, beoj) gecyspte. 

Caprarius, gathiorde. 

Contestabor, ic cyjje. 

Concisius, .hludur. 
15 Conpluitur, bid gerined. 

Cimbula, lytlum scipe. 

Conpilabat, stael and copade. 

Commonitorium, aerendgewrit. 

Caraba, scip. 
20 Commissura, flyhteclad. 

Colobysta, peningmongere. 

Cyclopes, anige J)yrsas. 7 

Ceruleas, da haewen grenan, odde |}a 

25 Clyton, aejjeling. 

Coma, blaed. 

Calathus, cysefaet. 

Carduusorrens,se onscunienda J)ystel 

Ciatos, melas.8 
30 Colophium, undersyrc. 

Corbus, sadelboga. 

Corrigie, olj)wongas. 

Cobsus, sylaetx.9 

Cultrum, culter. 
35 Circinnum, gafolrand. 

Capitale, heafodpanne. 

Cacwnen capitalis, heannes J)sere 

Cerebrum, seam ^sere heafodpannan. 
40 Ceruellum, braegen. 

Coma, feax, sceacga. 

Gesaries, daas wonges locfeax. 

5 Cf. pag. 369 1. 18. R. W. 

6 xe'Xei^ua, or xeAevClfJta, the song sung 
by the sailors in rowing, to keep stroke. 

7 Cf. pag. 376 note 3. R. W. 

8 Cf. pag. 122 1. 36. R, W. 
' So the MS. R. W. 




Cartilago, se reoraa ])ses braegenes. 
Chautrum, al se J)rotbolla. 
Cuba, elnboga. 
Cubitus, se earm betweonan elnbogan 

and handwyrste. 
Catacrinis, hupban. 
Centumpellis, feleferd. 
Calx, hela. 
Conpluuium, flod. 
Conpluuiosus, flode. 
Cronculus, 1 ongseta. 
Capitosus, micelheafdede. 
Canus, fulhar. 
ComosuS) sceacgede. 
Ceruinus, dunfealu. 
Calcanosus, helade. 
Cintus, fine. 
Cr acinus, wo r hen. 2 
Coturnioc, edischen. 
Cretabulus, beaw. 
Cinomia, hundesbeo. 
Ceruus, . . . 8 
Gibus, mete. 
Caupo, waetan. 
Capo, cucelere. 
Caremim, sej>ele alu. 
Cardus, })istel. 
Cataplasma, flacg. 
Cipus, cipeleac. 
Cirta, acdrenc. 
Corbis, leap. 
Canis, bund. 
Canicula, bicce. 
Ceruus, heorot. 
Cerua, hind. 
Caule, sceapa locu. 
Caprile, gata bus. 
Canile, hunda hus. 
Clamet, cancer. 4 
Cibboriurn, frees heahalteres ofer- 


Confai, bid geworht. 
Cespites, tyrf. 
Concretione, brode, somodwellunge. 

Consuta, gesiwid. 

Constipari, ymbhiwan. 

Crudeli, waelhreowe. 

Conuenientur, ungerisenlice. 
5 Carmine rithmico, smicere leode. 

Charismate, healicre gife. 

Congerie, gerecenesse. 

Commoditas, sio getsesnes. 

Confecta, geworht. 
10 Crepundia, glenga. 

Continentia, forhasfdnes. 

Consortio, gem an an. 

Cum tuta, mid gesunde. 

Capessunt, nimad. 
15 Crebra, mid gelomlice 

Conmanipularesj efenwerod. 

Conner sationis, drohtnnge. 

Commissa, J)a gefremedan. 

Conflictu, gefeohte. 
20 Comitata, mid si})udu. 

Conpensationis, edleanunge. 

Conprobatur, bid acunnod. 

Comitem, gefere. 

Comi, beon hyrst odde fraetwian. 
25 Conposita, geglengedu. 

Confutans, oferstaelende. 

Cernua, hnifolcrump.5 

Curuaque, gebiged. 

30 Conici, beon ongiten. 

Cimento,* wrade. 

Climatis, hwealfe. 

Climatibus, hwealfum. 

Ceremonias, gescrifu, domas. 
35 Copulce, gesomnunge. 

Confingat, hiwad. 

Clangor, ge|)un 

Constantia, bielde. 

Copulas, gegaderunga. 
40 Coercuit, bewerede. 

Crypte, cinan. 

Confluentibus, toflowendum. 

Crepundiorum, frsetwednessa, oddc 

1 It is a corruption of furunculus. 

R. W. 
3 Cf. pag. 260 1. 4. R. W. 

3 Cf. 1. 34. R. W. 

4 So has the MS. R. W. 

5 Cf. pag. 372 1. 9. R. W. 




Ceremoniis, godgildum. 
Curuatura, crymbing, hylding. 
Coniectionis, bodunge. 
Collega, gefera. 
Coniecturam, anspell. 
Contionantur, tospraecan. 
Crebruit, msersud. 
Cupidinis, lustbaernnesse. 
Capidine, fyrstmearce. 
Ccvlebri, mid mserhlisan. 
Cataclismi, widsses. 
Committenda, to befaestenne. 
Cum quispiam, })onne hwylc. 
Conicidatur, beon oncnawen. 
Consulebant, gerseddan. 
Concinnati, J)aes geregnedan. 
Caracteres, mearce. 1 
Charismatum, healicra gifena. 2 
Caruerit, J)olade. 
Cateruas, heapum. 
Comminiscuntur, raeswodan, spaecan, 

wasran gemunende. 
Cedens, wses forbugende. 
Cisternce, seades. 
Censura, dome. 
OommerttOy 8 gemanan. 
Contulerunt, hie forgeafan. 
ConcordanteSj somod geJ3wserende. 
Carnificum, J)ara fUescwellera. 
Capax, giffaest.3 
Consummatisj gsfyldum. 
Cathegorias, gehiwunge odde ge- 

Conperit, onfunde. 
Cycladibus, hwegl godwebbum. 4 
Cachinnos, cancetunge. 
Copulam, to J)aem gemanan. 
Concertatio, somodgeflit. 
Canonicis, paem regolecum. 
CrudiSj hreawum. 
Conieciunt, z bewurpan. 

1 The MS. has mearo. 

* Cf. pag. 381 1. 6. R. W. 

3 So the MS. R. W. 

4 Cf. pag. 374 ]. 41. R. W. 

5 Cf. the Anglo-Saxon version of Rede 
III, 27. R. W. 

6 Cf. l.l. R. W. 

7 Cf. pag. 375 1. 31. R. W. 

Contubernia, gemanan. 

Conpendio, getsesnes. 

Certuri, setter on fond. 

Circiter, hu hugu.* 
5 Contutit, forgeaf. 

Conexum, gebunden. 

Celibres,* masre. 

Consulentes, r86dfindende. 

Cum de stuppe, of heordan. 
10 Conticinio, {)ere swigunge. 

Consortium, gemanan. 6 

Confusam, [)a gescendan. 

Gruente, {jses unhieran. 

Conrosus, gngegen. 
15 Contendamus, higien we. 

Congruentia, gerisnessa. 

Conclusus, betiened. 

Concentus, song. 

Contextas, awundene. 
20 CrematuroS) forbernende. 

Confosa, i^urhstungen. 

Contunsionibus, slaegum.? 

Clientele, Jjegnrsedenne, odde hiwrse- 

25 Consulta, gerseding. 

Congruentes, gerisniende. 

Coacta, genidedu. 

Calumnice, teonan. 

Commentcij trahtunga. 
30 Commentariola, trahtas. 

Citra Pontum, begeondan Wendelsse. 8 

Calcem, ende. 

Clangorem, gej>rete. 

Charybdibus, hwyrfepolum. 
35 Conamine, insegene. 

Cerula, J)8ere wannan.s 

Crypta, scrsefe. 

Calamitatum, hearma. 

Censuram, J>set gescrif. 
40 Cestarum, dirnhsemendra. 


8 The Wendel-sea of the Anglo-Saxons 
is generally understood to be the Medi- 
terranean, which the Anglo-Saxons consid- 
ered to be the Sea of the Vandals, or, 
as they called them, Wendels. The Ro- 
mans understood by Pontus the Euxine. 

!) Cf. pag. 376 1. 23 and pag. 379 1. 23. 
R. W. 




Conderet, geworhte. 
Contentus, jmncfull. 
Cenaculi, uphuses. 
Circumuenire, beswican. 
Caparetur, wses gefangen. 
Conpetenti, mid gedsefenlice. 
ContinetuTj bid hsefd. 
Contionator, maj)elere. 
Capidinem, firstmearc. 1 
Conlisiones, gescseningnessa. 
Comere, frsetwum. 
Cooperante, somodwyrcendum. 
Conabor, ic onginne. 
Classis, Creates. 
Comit, gehyrstej). 
Culmina, heahdo. 
Clarus, msere. 
Conamina, angin. 
Cederet, cearf. 
Culmina, heahjx). 
Curiositas, firwetgeornes. 
Crustu, i. ornatu, frsetwnnge. 
Colum, wulmod. 

Defrutum, coerin. 2 

Detulerat, brohte. 

Deses, swser. 

Destituunt, towurpon. 

Destitute, toworpne. 

Decipula, biswic. 

Desidebat, unsibbade. 

Defatiget, swenced. 

Delumentum, J)weal. 

Depoline,* wefta. 

Deliberatio, ymb[>riodung. 

Decidens, gewitende. 

Debita pensione, gedefum gafule. 

Deditio, handgong. 

Detractavit, forsoc. 

Devia callus, horweg stig. 

Defferuntur, meldedonoddewregdan 

Dehiscat, tocinej). 

Dentalia, sules reost. 

1 Cf. pag. 382 1. 9. R. W. 

2 Mulled, or boiled wine. The Latin is 
a medieval word, or rather a word used 
in a medieval sense; but the derivation 
of the Anglo-Saxon is not so evident. 

Devincxitf geband. 

Deglobere, flean. 

Descurris, hofdelum. 

Deprehendo, ic anfinde. 
5 Deprenderint, onfundan. 

Dedala, ingeniosa. 

Defert, wregde. 

Degeneraverat, mis{)ah. 

Desisse, teorode. 
\QDegesto, geraeded. 

Decretal^ ge{)oht. 

Deviavit, onwoh cierde. 

Demolitus, aij>ende. 

Diuinos, witgan. 
15Dustria, gleawnes.s 

Desistens, ablinnende. 

Desislit, ablon. 

Decreturn, bebod. 

Decorticauit, berinde, beflog. 
20 Diem obiit, aswealt. 

Dilotis, todseldum. 

Ditor, gefyrdro. 

Dissimilat, midej). 

Distabuerunt, aswundon. 
25 Difficile, wearnwislice. 

DifiniSy swide micel. 

Dispensatio^ scir. 

Dimisis, aslaecadum. 

Dicimenta, tacne. 
30 Dissoluerat, aslsecte. 

Distitutum, ofgifene. 

Discrepantes, todselende. 

Disputauit, smeade. 

Diuersorium, gestsern. 
35 Discrepatio, J)ridung. 

Dolatum, gesniden. 

Domatis, buses. 

Dolones, him spur an. 

Dromidus, ofyrit olfenda. 
40 Dracantia, gimrodor. 

Dulcisapa, cyren, odde awylled win. 

Dumus, Jjorn odde J)yrne. 

Deseuiet, grimsaj). 

See in the next column the word dulci- 
sapa, and it occurs again. 

3 Deponile, in the supplement to Al- 
f'ric's Glossary. 

4 Sic MS. R. W. ' Read : indu stria. 


Despondi, gesceatwyrpe. Dehonestare, unweordian. 

Discooperiens, onwreonde. Duodecies quinquagies millia, twelf- 

Dilatione, ildenne. sijmm fiftig Jmsenda. 

Distentus, a|>egm. Disceptare, flitan. 

Pisseruit, ssede. 5 Delicate, ]isere wrastlican. 

Deuotatio, gehat, odde wirgnes. Decretalibus, J)8em raedendlicum. 

Depreuatum, bej>wyrad. Dalmatics, Jisere burge.* 

Delegauit, getealde. Delitiscere, bemidan. 

Detestabile, ladlic. Deuotabant, wyrgdan, ad sweredan. 

Desierant, ablunnan. 10 Domatis, buses. 

Dijfertur, bidilded. Delatum, geferedne, odde aledne. 

Detestantur, laj>etted. De recessions, of heolstrum. 

Dextralia, earm oddeearmgegirelan. De clatris, of pearrocum. 

De stipite, of beame. De congestu, be gesomnungum. 

De sartagine, of bradre pannan. 15 Damnatorum, raeplinga. 

Defricabitur, sie agniden. De torrente, of dsem byrnendum. 

Dirute, oferhryred. Deturpans, onrettej). 

Decapoleas,* tienceastro. Direpta, J>a genumenan. 

D elfin, meres win. Depeculata, J>a ofdrifenan, odde J>a 

Dens, tod. 20 forstolenan. 

Digiti, fingras. Discifer, discberend. 

Dorsum, hryc. Dilituisse, gediernan. 

Disceptum, nette. De stuppe stamineo, be cemdan 

Duricorium, holleac. wearpe. 

Domus, bus. 25 Dactulus, ficaeppel odde palraseppel. 

Desile, bor. Distinatus, onsended. 

Defecatum, ahlutrod win. Distratio, bibycgong. 

Doleum, byden. Disparuit, forswealt, setiewde. 

Dedrans, 2 egor. De sceuo, of J)sem sceolan. 

Decrepito, tobigende. 30 Dileberaret, 3 gejjohte. 

Dilibatus, 3 gesinyred. Dissona, ungerade. 

Diocessin, biscopscir. Dedecus, unwlites. 

Delusus, afered, waeged. Donatur, geweordad. 

De pilis, of hserum. Duxi, tealde. 

Donee transeat, od J)8et J>e gewitej). 35 Deprauandam, to mishworfennm. 

Diffamauerunt, gewidmsersan. Debachatus, wedende. 

Dirietj gegriped. Decriminalia, beafodfraetennesse. 

Dissire, gerece. Diane, ricenne. 5 

Dispertitus est, todseled is. Discrepent, scadad. 

Decimatis, teoj)ingsceat. 40 Denote, holdlice. 

Dissertitudinem, gleawnesse. Delo, swa hatte {>8et ealand. 

De obstrusisf of dsem diglum. Deuotaturus, wyrgende. 

De conca, of muscellan. Depromsit, ypte. 

1 Read decapolis. R. W. * This word given here as representing 

2 For dodrans. Diana is not, I believe, found elsewhere 

3 So has the MS. R. W. than in this vocabulary (ricenne seems to 
* Dalrnatia was, of course, a country, not a be a translation of KQTffjnjf. the pure, 

town; but we have many such proofs of the ig- sound, swift goddess. R. W.). 
norance of the writer of some of these glosses. 





De cortice corni, of corntreowes rinde 

Dignissimus, se weor|>este. 

Dignius, J)a weordelicor. 

Deformem, atole. 

Ductum, gedon. 

Digessit, awrat, odde gerehte. 

Diuexa, |>a healdan. 

Demebat, nom. 

Donatus, forgifen. 

Dehiscit, tocined. 

Dialectic^ wordlocum. 

Diui, godes. 

Dote, weotoma, odde midwedde. 

Direxit, onsende, 

Discriminet, scadej). 

Dagon, swa hatte se god. 

Demptis, genumenum. 

Dilubra, gield. 

Ditis, helgodes. 

Dramate, J>y brydelican gewrite.i 

Deluditur, waeged wses. 

Depopulis, idende. 2 

Duelli, gefeohtes. 

Deuotaret, wyrgde. 

Defruti, cserenes. 

Dapsilis, rumheort. 

Defruti, wines. 

Discessurus, from gewitende. 

Disparuit, gedwan. 

Dedecus, unwlite, odde sconde. 

Dissimulate, bemidenum. 

Dissimulare, bemijmn, odde yldan. 

Dissimulari, leasliccettan. 

Dicione, on walde. 

Dedat, sylle. 

Delo, on dsem eglonde.s 

Dedere, syllat. 

Dumos, J)yrnan. 

Dumis, ^yrnum. 

Diuexi, |>ses hwalfan. 

Dites, diuites, welige. 

Degebat, lifde, odde drohtode. 

Diremptas, todaelende, 

1 The modern dictionaries interpret this 
as meaning a play. Perhaps, however, the 
Latin drama is here merely a corruption 
of dragma. 

3 hydian, hictian means vastare, depo- 
pulari. R. W. 

3 Cf. pap. 387 1. 41. B. W. 

Defensante, gescyldendum. 

Digerit, writej). 

Disdudere, aweg alucan, odde ascea- 

5 De uite, of wingearde. 

Dempsit, gewonede. 

Dempta, gewanedum. 

Dudum, ser, odde nu. 

Dogma, lare. 
10 Dogmatum, haligra lara. 

De puppe, of scipe. 

Defatu, bewyrded, oJ)J>e geionge. 

Discrimina, wrsetenessa. 

Discriminalia, gegirelan. 
15 Discrimine, todselednesse. 

Dira, ic grimheard. 

De stipite, of triowe. 

Dempto, onweg adonum. 

Decernere, rsedan. 
20 Depellar, ic adrife. 

Directo, rihtre. 

Decernere, gestihtigan. 

Draconum, nsedrena. 

Dire, heardre.4 
25 Decies senos, tan and fingras. 

De uertice, of ufeweardum bergum. 

Dicione, msehe. 

Dirior, bittera. 

Dapes, mettas. 

30 Dicto citius, hradur J)onne ic msege 
an word gecwejjan. 

Diues, welig. 

Deliro, ic dwolie. 

Deliras, J)u dwolast. 
35Dancfe", sealdnesse. 

Depascor, ic ete. 

Descendens, gryndende. 

De fraude, of facne. 

Dispendium,, worn. 
40 Desidiosorum, slawera. 

Delatoribus, wregendum. 

Diuortio, hiwgedale, geflite. 5 

Destinatur, wses onsended. 

4 The Dirse were, of course, the Furies, 
but the Anglo-Saxon word here given as 
equivalent appears not to be found else- 

5 This word appears to be added by a 
rather later hand. 




Destinare, to ansendan. 

De curricis,* of craetum. 

Demetarum, ametenra. 

Deciduam,) gewitendlic. 

Disceptauimus, we flitan. 

Dtffitemur, we widsacad. 

Dexterior, gesundra. 

Desiuimus, we geblunnon. 

Dissertas, getinge. 

Deuirginauit, msegdhade benom. 

Diuortium, geflit and gecid asyn- 
drung, hiwgedal. 2 

Dolatura, bradsex, 

Dapis, swete mete. 

Damulus, don. 

Digesta, awritene. 

Diremptas, todaslende. 

Discretas, todselede. 

Dulcedinis, swetnesse. 

Dulcauit, geswette. 

DebitiS) gedafenum. 

Dispendio, wanunge. 

De latebrosis, of J)88m heolstriccum. 

Desistunt, ablinnad, ateoriaj). 

Disrupta, tobrocene. 

Dispari, ungelice. 

Differentia, toberennes. 

Defectu, wanunge. 

Dediti, sealde. 

Degens, drobtiende. 8 

Deleramentaf -dofunge, dwolunge. 

Dictu, gesaegene. 

Deputatam,* getealdne. 

Disputationis, spraece. 

Dogmatista, lareow. 

De recessibus, of degolnessum. 

Dirimentesj todselende. 

Dirimuntur, sient todaelede. 

Desertissimi, swa swa J)a gleawestan. 

Deturpans, gescendende. 

DelaturoS) bringende. 

Detulerit, brohte. 

Head curris. R. W. 

Cf. pag. 389 1. 42. R. W. 

Cf. pag. 388 1. 42. R. W. 

So has the MS. R. W. 

No doubt intended for indiyena, but 
how It should have found a place in this 
truncated form under the letter D is difficult 
to conjecture. (Cf. pag. 385 1. 15. R. W.) 

Duruerunt, Jmrhwunedan. 

Digenaf landleod. 

De utrarumque, be hiera begra. 

Disserentis, secgende. 
SDeformatio, sio unwlitegung. 

Detracta, fram atoge. 4 

Dignitosam, medomlican. 

Befinitionem] getimbrunge. 

Dicturi, we sind anspecende. 
10 Dilationis, yldinge. 

Deformes, unwlitig. 

Delicias, wista. 

Discutit, towearp. 

Dissentit, geunj>waerad. 

Eatenus, o{)J)83t. 

Ebor,* elpanban, odde elpend. 

Ebredio, bristle. 

Ebulum, wealwyrt. 
20 Echo, wudumaer. 6 

Edera, wuduwinde. 

Eder, ifig. 

Edilitatem, bamscir. 

Edulium, aet. 
25 Edissere, i. exponere, asecgan. 

Effemmati, molles, odde bsedlingas. 

Eneruata, J>a aswundenan. 

Eneruat, aswond. 

Epithalamiwm, brydsang. 
30 Eptafylon, gelodwyrt. 

Efficaciter, fromlice. 

Efficax, from. 

Ejfectum, dsed. 

Egre, earfodlice. 
35 Egerere, ascrepan. 

Egesta, ascrepen. 

Egra, slaace. 

Eluderet, awsegde. 

Eulogio, 1 gidde. 
40 Elleborus, wedeberge, Jwng. 

Elegans, smicre. 

Eliminat, aidej). 

6 A wood-mare. In the Anglo-Saxon 
superstitions, the Echo was supposed to 
be a spirit which dwelt in the wilds and 
mocked people who passed there, as the 
night-mare tormented people in bed. 

7 u appears to be added by a later 
hand. R. W. 




Elogia, lac. 

Elimat, geswyrfej). 

Elimauit, gerihte. 

Empta, geboht. 

Emticius, ceapcniht. 

Emolomentum,! fultum, odde lean. 

Emblemma, fo{)er. 

Emunctoria } candeltwist. 

Eneruiter, waclice. 

Emonso^ oferferde. 

Emenso, aurnenum. 

Enum, citel. 

Enixe t geondsmead, odde geornlice. 

Enixe, berende. 

Enixa est, cilforlamb, odde acen- 

nende waes. 
Erimo, hindberige. 
Erenis, 2 hsegtes. 
Eumenides, hsegtesse. 
Erenditen, cop. 
Erpica, egej>e. 
Erpicarius, egej>ere. 
Erugo, rust. 
Errabiles, hwyrfende. 
Ericius, il. 
Esculus, bece. 
Euiscerata, sethyd. 
Euidens, sweotol. 

E wstigio, an laste, odde on luste. 
Expeditus, abunden. 
Exegestus, gebaero. 
Expendisse, araafnde. 
Exundauit, aweol. 
Experimentum, andwisnes. 
Ex'ercitus, bigangum. 
Exercitationis, raedan biionges. 
Extorti, aJ)raBste. 
Exposito, geborene. 
Exalauit, stanc. 
Expendisset, prowode. 
Expedierant, araerdan. 

1 Sic MS. R. W. 

3 For Erynnis. Hatet, or hagtes, means 
in Anglo-Saxon a hag or fury, and it is 
here given as the interpretation both of 
the Erinnys and of the Eumenides of the 
ancient mythology. 

The title commonly given in the 
Middle Ages to the Historia of Paulus 

Exito, endestaef. 

Ex falange, of fejwn, of Create. 

Exactorauit, gehiende. 

Expilatam, ahrydred, ajjrid. 
5 Expeditio, fird, herenitig". 

Expeditionum, fyrda. 

Exentera, ansceot. 

Explodit, excludit, atyned, odde 

asceaf on weg. 
10 Extale, snsedel, ])earm. 

Exta, isen. 

Exilia, gestincum. 

Expedites , gearwum. 

Extipices, 1 aruspices, haelsendas. 
15 Expensa, dsegwine, odde andliofen. 

Examusim, geornlice. 

Excesus, segylt. 

Expeditionibus, firdum. 

Extori, expulsi, wrseccan. 
20 Exactio, gafules manung. 

Excubias, weardsetl, odde wseecan. 

Excubiis, weardum. 

Exugia, gihsinga, odde micgern. 

Expresserunt, arehtun. 
25 Exercitate, {>ara getyhtan. 

Exactum, baedde. 

Expedites, uelox, fortis, snel. 

Ex Ormistaf middangeardes metend. 

Expressum, aj)ryd. 
SQEmulus, gehata. 

Et tortam panis, and hylstene hlafas. 

Exagitabat, rserde. 

Erumperantj fordblaastan. 

Exequias, deaJ)J)enunga. 
SbExosas, lade. 

Eleganti forma, smicerre ansine. 

Eleganti, gecorenlice. 

Egregius, semirce. 

Epistilia, headfodlic, ufeweard swer. 
40 Elides, J)u cnysest. 

Ejferri, beran. 

of the latter of which the Anglo-Saxon 
here was evidently intended to be a trans- 
lation. It is very commonly written Or- 
mesta in the manuscripts. The book was 
no doubt quoted in the gloss from which 
this gloss was taken, and the glossator 
has intended to translate the title. 


Expendatur, sie awegen, odde Epitaphion, byrgenleod. 

ahangen. Electri, eolhsandes. 

Empticius, haeftiricel. 1 Extirpatus, aswefecad. 

Edulio, mete. Extirpans, awyrtwalad. 

Emarcuit, forwisnode. 5 E frondosis, of ]}8em helmihtum. 

Emergebant, up astigan. Eleuantuosa? J)8ere unsmej)an. 

Emergeret, arise. Exprimendos, to awringenne. 

Experge, forht. Epidaurum, Jjsere maegjje. 6 

Euentus f gegang, odde gelimp. Exorcizans, halgiende. 

Excederet, ofereode. 10 Exorcismi, halgunge. 

Erarium, majpmhus. Expertus sit, oncunnende wses. 

Exactor ibus, bydelum. Exulat, wracode. 

Extcernorum, fremdra. Exulans, wraciende. 
Expergefactus, i. suscitatus, aweht. Efferra, sio rejje, odde sio steorlease. 

Explanare, areccan. ^ Elosericis, ealgodwebbum. 

Epar, iecur. Effebo, ungebierde. 

Esox, leax. Exorbitans, aswifende. 

Exagium, onmitta. Ex terite glomere, 2 of sinuwealtum 

Eptafolium, sinfulle. cliwene. 

Exigia, gescinco. <2QExibuit, gebryttade. 

Equa, myre. Equiperat, wi{)metej). 

Equiale, horsern. Expiauit, gefelsode, odde adilegode. 

Equs, hors. Edicta, gebodo. 

Emisarius, steda. Expedire, reccan. 

Edum, 2 ticcen. 25 Exterminans, aiej>ende. 
Effetaj berende bid, odde gelde, odde Emulatores, onhyrgend. 

afyldum. Eliciens, abeodende. 

Eucharistia, husl. Edidit, awrat, odde asaegde. 

Ergastulum, hengen. Exorbitantes, aswisende. 

Ex mineoo, 3 of bocreade. 30 Et suoue tatirili, odda 2 J)a })e set {jaem 

Euanuerit, agsej). geldum J)ser wses swin and sceap 

Elioquinf elcor. and fear. 

Exterminant, unrotlice do}). Emersisse, J)set hie up astigen. 

Eructuabo, arecco. Emersit, aras. 

Equor, sae. 35 Elis, afliden. 

Edem, hus. Exosa, feounga. 

Expetit, gesohte ; gewilne. Elucubrate, J)a ahlutredan. 

Emucleata, ascyled. Equitatum, eorodum. 

Enucleare, ascilian. Elisisse, ascrencan. 

Euentus, wyrd. 40 Experiamur, onfinden. 

Elimatus, adrifen. Exacerbauit, gremede. 

Eliminate, adrifene. E merulento, a, from {)sem hlutrum. 

Epicedion, licleod. Extemplo, sona. 

1 Cf. pag. 392 1. 5. R. W. 5 The meaning of this barbarous Latin 

2 So has the MS. R. W. word is evidently uneven. 

3 So the MS. Read: ex minio. R, W. 6 The glossator appears to have taken 

4 This is in the manuscript corrected Epidaurus for a people, instead of a 
by an early hand to Alioquin, town. 



Elicona, swa hatte sio dun. Extalibus, roppum. 

Ex centra, of midle. Emula, J)a feondlic. 

Expers, ordaele. Exempta, ut atogene. 

Equal, bine widmete. Explosis, ut adrifenum. 

Exertis, on bundonnc. 5 Explosa, adrifenre. 

Extat, wses. Effebum? beardleasne. 

Eximia, fraemere. Examen, swearm. 

Edaces, J)a eotendan. Exilium, wrsecsij). 

Effebi, geongan, beardleases. Edomiti, |)ses atemedan. 

Excussit, fram swengde. 10 Eructant, forj)blawaj). 

Exuuias, reaf. E geminis, of getwinnum. 
Elicuit, gersebte, odde ut ateab, and Experto, cujmm. 

asmeade and awrat. Exilis, lytel. 
Enumerans, arimende. Idem de in- Elimentum, stsefrof. 

lustribus uiris. 1 15 Eleotropam, Grece; Latine solsequiurn 

Effarier, asecgan. idem sigelhweorfe. 

Expertur, onfindende. Erro, Ic weorpe. 

Euo, yldo. Et sails, and sse. 

Ex scola, of scole. Equore, on sse. 

2 20 Eliforus* wedeberge, odde ceaster- 

Eximiam, J)aet frsemere. aesc. 

Extisj iesende, odde innelfe. Exuuias, deaj) reaf, idem nelle ic 

Ex herebro, of belle. him J)8et lif ongeniman. 

Expolietur, sie areaht. Exto, ic earn. 

Extaseos, gastlicre uphefnesse. 25 Excepit, ut afeng, odde ut adyde. 

Eleganter, gecorenlice, odde aej)elice. Exedi, ic et. 

Euentuum, gelimpa. Eburneus dens, elpend to}). 

Eoae, eastdaelas. Eget, bej)earf. 

ElogiO) gidde. 3 Exsangues } orblede. 

Eeois, eastfolcum. 30 Excidium, hryre. 

Eculei, on galgan geworbtre.* Epimoenia, fostra})as. 

Expletis, forslsegenum. Expedius, alifedlicur. 

Exalaparetur, wses fystslaegenu. Editiorem, hearan. 

Epicurii, up on |}sem rodore j)ara Eheu, wa la wa. 

steorsceawera. 5 35 Exactor es, gerefan. 

Ederet, ypte, and cidde. Exalabat, reac. 
Et morosam, and J)one softe langan. Extorsit, awrseste. 

Experiar, ic onfinde. Exactio, 'gaful. 
Eliseum, sunfeld, J>aet. is neor (xna) Ependiten, hacele.9 

wong. 6 40 Exolescunt, aidliaj). 

Egessit, ut ajjyde. Exterum, endestsef. 

1 Apparently the title of one of the 8 xna is unreadable from a stain in 

books from which these glosses are taken. the vellum. R. W. 

9 A word and its gloss are here un- 7 So has the MS. R. W. 

readable, from a stain in the vellum. 8 A corruption of helleborus. The helle- 

3 Cf. pag. 391 1. 39 and pag. 392 1. 1. bore was believed to be a remedy against 

R. W. madness. 

* Cf. pag. 375 note 4. R. "W. 9 A priest's vest. The Latin word is 

5 The glossator seems to have supposed given Epidecen and Ependiccn in Ducange. 
that an Epicurean was an astronomer. 




Eucharis, wynsum. 

Exenia, 1 lac. 

Enigmata, geddunga. 

Et mentum, and cin. 

Elbus, decree grseg. 

Euomatio, spiwing. 

Euomuit, ut aspau. 

Excusorium, flor on huse. 

Enixius, geornlicor. 

Enucleata, ascealode. 

Erga, yinb. 

Existentibus, wesendum, beondum. 

Extorrem, wraaccan. 

Et spontaneum, and Jjone wilsuman. 

Execrandum, onscuniendlic. 
Excusari, beladian. 
Eliganti, gersedre. 
Epigrammatibus, ofergewritum. 
5 Ergastula, nirwj>a. 
Euulsam, afyrredne. 
Examine, Create. 
Exul, wrsecca. 
Exsangue, orsaule. 

Facessante, swej>riendum. 
Facessit, discedit, swedraj). 
FretuSj brucende, odde geweorjjad. 
Flustra, flod, odde haern. 

Et mulsce, and {)ere miliscan. 
Extaseos, fserenga. 
Experiri, acunnian. 
Exorsum, onginnende. 
Emulumenta? gestreon. 
Explodatur, is aweg adrifen 


Emeritos, J>a sej)elan, J>a gecorenan. 
Euellantur, ut alocene. 
Eramentum, argeweorc. 
Euectus, upwegen. 
Edita, seo acennede. 
Editus, acenned. 
Erogante, Jjsere gedseledan. 
Exitio, cwale. 

Execranda, J)a onscuniendlecan. 
Elephantinosa, -sio hreoflice. 
Extricabili, ungebrocenre. 
Expertem, wanhlytne. 
Elidcret, gebraece. 
Emulabantur, wseran sacende. 
Effigice, on hiwe. 

Edictis, gebennum, odde gescrifum. 
E quibus, of fsem. 
Exorruit, onscunode. 
Eidem, J)sere ilcan. 
Eruta, toworpenum. 
Exortatorium, trymendlic. 
Exutas, ongirede. 
Exibentes, gegearwiende. 

\5Flustris, sigendum. 

Fouere, wirman. 

Forcipis, tange. 

Forceps, tang. 

For/ids, sceara. 
is 20 Furuauoracis, deorc. 2 

Flauaj J)8es fealewan. 

Fulua, sio fealwe. 

Falerata, J)a geglengedan. 

Feruore, wilme, and bryne. 
25 Fenerator, gafolgilda. 

Fraudis, manes. 

Felethi, fej>emen, fejjehere. 

Felethei, foreirnerum. 

Freti, gefyrprede. 

30 Falariccij fyrdwerod, feohtgegyre- 
lan, Eetgar, uel genus tell. 

Frugalitatis, mid gnejmesse. 

Futurce, J)sere toweardan. 

Flagitiosum, J>one manfullan. 
35 Facula, fecele, blysige. 

Fax, fecele, blysige. 

Ferialus, i. sanctus uel requies, ge- 
freod^ gerestej). 3 

Formosa, wlitig. 
40 Fucate, getelgode. 

Fucatum, getelgod. 

Fronde, telgan. 

Fomitibus, tyndrum. 

Fastu, ofermetto. 

1 For xenia. The E is marked with 
dots in the manuscript as being super- 

2 Cf. pag. 401 1. 14. R. W. 

3 So has the MS. R. W. 




Factiosam, {)one facenfullan., facn. 
Fati, wyrde, odde gegonges. 
Fidenter, getreowlice. 
Fidere, getrywan. 
Fabrefactam, smicere geworhte, 


Fastigium, heannesse. 
Flaminia, healdnessa. 
Flebotomo, blodseaxe. 1 
Fletoma, blodseax. 
Falcastrum, sij>e. 
Fanatice, })sere deofel[gylde]. 
Fausta, J)aes aepelan, odde rume. 
Fortunce, wyrde. 
Fortuna, wyrd. 
Fragore, gebrece, swoege.2 
Fraudulenta, sio facenfulle. 
Factio, searu. 
Fantasma, scinhiw. 
Fantasmate, scinhiwe. 
Fruniscantur, brucad. 
Famulatibus, ^eowdomum. 
Fiscillis, tsenelum. 
Fortuity,, wyrdgesceapuin. 
Fauorabile, hergendlice. 
Florigera, J)a blostmberendan. 
Frondescit, blowed. 
FactionibuS) searwum. 
Ferinam, ]ja wildeorlican. 
Ferocitatem, rejmesse. 
Funesti, ])8es re]mn and Jjaas dead- 


Funesto, })aem hatheortan. 
Foetosis, tudorfaestum. 
Facundia, getingnesse. 
Ferebatur, wses ssed. 
Frequentantem, oft secende. 
Facultas, e})elicnes. 
Feralibusj mid rej)licum. 
Fasciarum, swejjelum, wrseda. 
Fascia, wr^ed. 
Flagitante, wilnigendum. 
Farciuntur, wseran acrummene. 
Frustrari, gewsegnian. 

1 Cf. pag. 22 1. 33. R. W. 

2 Cf. pag. 23 1. 18. R. W. 

3 Sic MS. R. W. 

Fefellisset, })a j)a he leag. 

Famelicum, }>ane hingriendan. 

Familice, |)a hungerlican. 

Fusoque, spinle. 
5 Fusum, spinl. 

Frugalis, waestmbaare. 

Frusta/ 6 in sticco. 

Frustatim* in sticce. 

Focularibus, fyrgearwungum. 
10 Fortuitu, mid weas, gelimpe. 

Fautor, gefultumiend. 

Farris, hwsetes, speltes. 

Faar, spelt. 

Furuce, J)aere sweartan. 
15 Furuo, ])y sweartan. 

Fuliginis, fylnesse. 

Fuligine, hrume. 

Figmenta, hiwung, odde leasspel. 

Frontosa, mid heafod baldre. 
20 Furibundce, J)sere hatheortan. 4 

Fotam, gewyrmede, odde geholpene. 

Fluminauitp scan. 

Fatebatur, heo andette. 

Fundo, grunde. 
25 Fundi, grundas, odde boclandes. 

Fimi, gores. 

Fulta, gefyrj>redo. 

Formidolosis, forhtigendum. 

F acinus, man. 
30 Friuola, leasunga. 

Falsato, J)y leasan. 

Fratruele, his bro^orsuna. 

Formosa, mid ffinlicre. 

Formosior, wlitigre. 
35 Fuscinula, awelas. 

Fore, wesan, and beon. 

Fascis, sceafes. 

Fasculo, sceafe. 

Fulids, geolwum ; odde deorcum. 
40 Fantasmate, J)3ere glyderinge. 

Fertur, is ssed. 

Falerata, becefed. 

Fulcire, wrepian. 

Fulmina, ligita. 
&5 Facitice* gleo. 

4 Cf. pag. 400 1. 34. R. W. 

5 Read: fulminauit. R. W. 




Fagus, bece. 

Fagis, becum. 

Fasianus, worhana. 

Fascia, swej)il, wraed. 

Famfaluca, 1 leasung, odde fam. 

Fasciarum, swe])ila. 

Falcis, wudubil, si|je, rifter. 

Fasces, godweb, odde ealdordomas. 

Facundia, i. eloquentia, woj). 

Famfaluca, wapul. 2 

Falcastrum, wudubil, odde sij)e. 3 

Fauonius, westsudwind. 

Fascinatus, i. laudatis stultce, mals- 

crung. 4 
Farius, fag. 
Farsa, acrummen. 
Fasces, cynedomas. 
Fastu, wlenceo. 
Fallaf bean. 
Fabrile, sraij)lice. 
Fabri, crseftiglice. 
Ferruginiusf grseg. 
Ferox, re{)ig, odde berend. 
Ferculi, discas. 
Fercula, swsesende. 
Ferinum, hold. 

Ferices, i.quietis, uelsecuris,restend\\m. 
Fenus, spearwa. 
Foenus, borh. 
Fenore, borge. 

Foederatus, getreowed, getreude. 
Fecce, mere. 
Fepa* waeps. 
Fefellit, i. eludit, wsegej). 
Furula, aescjirote. 
Fenum, grass, odde hig. 
Ferrugine, i.ferreo color e, isengrseg, 

Fiber, befer. 

Fiscilla, taenel. 

Fiscilus, stictaenel. 

Fida, stern, odde getrywe. 

Fibra, J>earm. 
$ Fibrarum, J)earma. 

Fibre, J>earmas. 

Fibula, sigel, odde hringe, fifele. 

Fiscilis, sprinclum. 

Filum, J>raed. 
10 Filatum, gearn. 

Fenicia, baso. 

Figmenta, i. plasmatio hominwn, ge- 

Filix, fearn. 
15 Filiscetum, fearnbed. 

Felicem, fearn. 

Fibras, spenas. 

Ficetula } sucga. 

Fibrans, hrissende. 
20 Finiculis,* finul. 

Fiscalis, rasdegafellicum, waenfare. 

Fimum, gor. 

Fictis, facnum, 

Fistulis, }>eotum. 
25 Figite, swij)iad. 

Filiaster, steopsunu. 

Flustra, i. undce, sigend. 

Flauum, i> fuluum } read. 

Flegmata, horh. 
30 Flegma, horh. 

Flabanus^ swan. 

Flabum, 1 geolu. 

Flamina, biscophadas, odde blaed. 

Flaminium, biscophade. 
35 Flagris, swipum. 

Floccus, loca. 

Flauescit, albescit, 

Flagrans, stincende. 

Fouit, bredej), feormaj). 

Ferrugine, graeghaewe isene oj)])e 40 Formido, onoj)a. 
sinderome. Forfix, isernfetor. 

1 This medieval Latin word seems to 
be entirely unknown to the lexicographers, 
and the Anglo-Saxon glossator himself does en 
not appear to have been quite satisfied 
of its meaning; for it is explained no 
more than five lines below by an Anglo- 
Saxon word the meaning of which appears 
not to be known. 

Cf. Leo's Gloss, pag. 81. 13. R. W. 

The two last words added in a differ- 


Cf. Bosw. D. 44k. R. W. 

Of course for faba, R. W. 

So the MS. R. W. 

Of course for flavum. 




Fornaculce, cylene, heor]3e. 

Foros, bolca. 

Fortex, 1 edwielle. 

Follis, blastbelg. 

Folliginis, bylgum. 

Fornaculum, here. 

Fronulus, linetwige. 

Fratuelis, 2 Lfiliusfratris, suchtyrga. 

Frugus, uncystig, odde heamol, fer- 


Frixum, afigen. 
Fraxinus, sesc. 
Fraga, ofet. 
Fringella, fine. 

Flagrantia, blatesnung. 
Furua, swearte. 
Folliculum, gehopp. 
Far serotina, spelt samgrene. 
5 Frigetur, sie gehyrsted. 
Fluctris, biflitum. 
Fades, hleor. 
Frons } hnifol, odde foreweard hea- 


lOFausi hyge, 
Femor, J)eoh. 
Femina, inneweard J>coh. 
Fel, gealla. 
Felle, geallan. 

Framea, sweord, odde setgare. 15 Flamma, leg. 

Fretus, confidens, presumptus, bald. Flammiger, legberende. 

Fragor, cirm, sweg, gebrec. 3 
Fraudulenter, facenlice. 
Frutina, fultumend. 
Fuscinula, awel. 
Furuum, i. nigrum, brun. 
Funalia, candela, odde candel- 


Fulix, ganot, odde dopened. 
Furuncus, mearj). 
Fungus, swamm, odde feldswam. 
Funda, li})ere. 
Fundibulce, li{)eran. 
Funestissima, J)a deadlicostan. 
Funalia cerei, weaxcandel. 
Funalia, i. lucernarum, stuppce.* 
Fuligine, soote. 
Furia, haegtesse. 
Furiarum, hsegtessa, odde weden- 

heotra synna. 5 
Fcetas, melee and tydrende. 
Foetus, mele. 

Fcetu, tudre, odde midbeor[)re. 
Fictilia, laemena. 2 
Fulchra^ rsedescamelas. 
Furibundus, weallende. 

1 For Vortex. 

2 So the MS. R. W. 

3 The last word added in another hand 
and different ink. 

4 A blank is left for the gloss, as 
though the glossator could not find an 
equivalent in Anglo-Saxon, (Cf.1.22. R.W.) 

Fauilla, ysle. 

Fumus, rec. 

Florulus, goldfinc. 
20 Folium, leaf. 

Framen, spaec. 

Fussarius, wanabeam. 8 

Fraga, streowberge. 

Forda* gefearh, sugu. 
25 Ferrum, isen. 

Faber, smij). 

Fiola, bledu. 

Frigus, ciele. 

Forfex, seer. 
30 Fucus, telg, deag. 

Fucorum, telga. 

Furca, wearhrod. 

Fistucam, 2 strewn, eglan. 

Febricitantem, feferseocne. 
35 Fretum, deop. 

Filacteria, lyfesra.-' 

Falerato, gehyrste. 

Falerarum, hyrsta. 

Fornicibus, boguni. 
40 Fornicem, bogan. 

Farus, beacenstan. 

5 These latter words are added in a 
different ink. 

6 The last words in another hand. 

7 Apparently a corruption of fauces. 

8 Cf. pag. 270 1. 18. R. W. 

9 Cf. Beda 4, 27. R. W. 




Funebre, heofendlice, hrawlic. 

Fortunatum, J>one gewilsseligan. 1 

FurtunatuSj 2 gewifsasli, 

Fato, gewife. 

Fortune, gewife. 

Fato, wintergegonge. 

Fortuito, semnendlice. 

Flamen, biscop, 3 odde oro|), oddc 


Farciuntur, acrummene waeran. 
Fors, wyrd. 

Flauescentibus, falewende. 
Fotam, sealfode. 
Fomentat, lacnode. 
Fulminauit, lixte. 
Forti, faestes. 

Fumigabundis^ J)aes stincendan. 
Flara, blaedas. 
Fidibus, strengum. 
Falconum, wealhhafeca. 
Fabrefactis, gesmicerade. 
Fati, gewrites. 
Fistula, wistle. 
Ferit, sloh. 
Faminem, spraece. 
Fatescunt^ swejjeredan. 
Fontona, 2 J)a wyllican. 
Fautamfamam. [)one eadegan hlisan. 
Findit, toslaf, tocleaf. 
Findere, todselan. 
Facessit, f remade. 
Facessunt, fremmad. 
Frondosis dumis, [>aem gehilmdum 


Friens, brytende. 
Fricabat, gebrytte. 
Foeta, eacene. 

1 I read here. : gewilsaeligan, not gewif- 
sa'ligun, but cf. the next line. R. W. 

2 So the MS. II. W. 

3 The two Anglo-Saxon words which 
follow are in another ink, by a glossator 
who seems to have understood the Latin 
word differently. 

4 Fumigabundus is given in Ducange 
in the sense of fumans. 

'"' Fatescere, as we learn from Ducange, 
is another form, or rather a corruption 
of, falescere, which in medieval Latin 
had the meanings of carer e, cessare, finire. 

Fasce, gegirlan. 

Fascice, breostlines. 

Fantasma, scin, i. et nebuluin. 

Falancx, 2 fej)a. 
5 Farcire, acrymman. 

Far sit, fylde. 

Farsis, gefyldum. 

Filicumque, and fearnes, odda fearna. 6 

Fucare, reode gnidan.? 
10 Furiis, wedenheortnessum. 

Furuiores, sweartran. 

Floralia, blostmgeld.s 

Fauorem, fultum. 

Fatis, wyrdum. 
15 Flaminibus, biscopum. 

Fotu, bejjinge. 

Fomentat, bej)ede. 

Fraudabere, })u bist besccred. 

Functus, brucende. 
20 Fisd t cynedomes. 

Faltum, gehladen. 

Faui, beobread. 

Fauste, gesselge. 

Flari, sweopan. 
25 Factitat, def), andwyrcej). 

Furcifer, wearg. 

Furcifera, J)a weargberendan. 

Friabant, 2 braecan. 

Fullones, vvealceres.9 
30 Fatali, gelimplice. 

Fibras, {>earmas. 

Fatu, sprasce. 

Faciam, ic do. 

Faxo, ic do. 
35 Flatu, orej)e. 

Fricans, filiende. 

Foueboj ic lufige. 

In fact it represented the French faillir. 

6 This word is added in another ink, 
as a correction ; for the Latin word is in 
the genitive case plural. 

7 Literally to paint with red, referring 
to the painting of the face. We should 
say in English, to rouge. 

8 The glossator seems to have supposed 
that the name of the Floralia was derived, 
not from Flora, but from flos. 

9 A fuller is still called in Lancashire 
a walker. 




Fouet, fedep. 

Frutescit, Jmfa]}, and wridaj}. 
Frondosis, {)ufugum. 
Furibus, mus, jjeofum. 1 


Fatescit, adeadaj). 

Fraudor, ic eom bescyred. 

Fingunt, gehiowiaj). 

Funestam, J)a wselhreowan, oddo 

Jxme hragifran. 
Fecunda, wsestmbasru. 
Friuola, leasunge. 
Fraudaret, bescyrede. 
Frutecta, gewrid, odde ]}uftas. 2 
Fes sum, mej>ne 
Fusco, sweartum. 
Fulcit, wre])ej). 
Flagrantior, swiJ3stincendre. 
Furtiua, stulur. 
Furlum, stala. 
Ferarum, wilddeora. 
Fatum, gegon. 
Fata, dea])wyrde. 
Fabrica, weorce. 
Funambulus, rapgon. 
Fingo, ic hiwige. 
Fasci, 3 swearte. 
Fuge, fleamas. 
Fugitiuus, frsetum. 
Fatuiter, dyslice. 
Fugacia, })a fleondan. 
Fullonum, lea{>orwyrt. 
Ferrugineas, J>a iseiigraegan. 
Foeneratur, stryne|>. 
Fascinatio, gebeotung. 
Fetta, clasfra. 4 
Focus, seol. 
Fusorium, delfisen. 
Foratorium, uel terebellum, nafogar. 

Cf. pag. 411 ]. i. R. W. 

These two words are written in another 

Read: fusci, cf. 1. 16. R. W. 

Cf. pag. 134 1. 42. R. W. 

So the MS. R. W. 

Cf. pag. 269 1. 39, pag. 295 1. 23, 
pag. 298 1. 2, R. W. 

Falx, sij>e. 

Fauces, gornan. 

Faucibus, geaflum. 

Fiber, sngedel, J3earm. 
5 Frontialis, steorrede. 

Fordaliumf gesoden wyrtmcte. 

Formaticum, uel formellum, cysc. 

Folialis, crompeht. 

Ferculum, aelces cynnes panmete. 
10 Formentum, ofenbacen hlaf. 

Ficus, ficbeam. 

Flaga, hindberian. 6 

Fragos, heorotberge. 

Flauia, uel mori, blace berian. 
\bFascinium, iitreuberie. 

Fraga, streuberian. 7 

Fenuculum, finul. 

Febrifuga, feferfuge. 

Frumentum, hwsete. 
20 Farina, melu. 

Fas, riht, odde godes riht. 

Fastidia, a|}rotenes. 

Fessa, geswenced. 

Furias, wuhunga. 
25 Furfures, syfej>a. 

Filix minuta, eoforfearn. 

Fenegrecio, wyllecserse. 8 

Ferula, sescjsrote. 

Filicina, eoforfearn. 
30 Filia aurisa, banwyrt. 9 

Fuscus, taegl, odde feax. 

Finicia, l{) baso. 

Fusarius, wananbeam. 1 ' 

Foederatas, getrewde. 
35 Faonius, westsu[)\vind. 

Febris a feruore nominatur, id est, 

Frenesis, weding Greed mentem 

frenas dicunt, hinc et freneticus. 

40 Fleumon, magan untrymnes dictum 

7 Cf. pag. 136 1. 14 and pag. 270 1. 19. 

R. W. 

8 Read: foeno grceco. Cf. pag. 298 1. 
16. R. W. 

9 Read: viola aurosa. Cf. pag. 300 
1. 1. R. W. 

10 For Phoenicia, of purple colour. 

11 Cf. pag. 40r> 1. 22. R. W. 


apoplegi, quod interpretatur in- Furo, mearj), 2 idem deminutiuefurun- 

jlammans. culus, a furuo dictus, unde et fur. 

Frunculus, quasi ferunculus, id est Frutices, scoomhylti. 

ongseta, Greece antrax, ab igne. Farus, Grecum est nomen, nam fos, 
Frenus, muj)bersting. 5 lux, oros autem uisio, aput 1 eos 

Farmacida, in Latinum medicamina nominatur, hinc compositum nomen 

sonat, id est sealflsecnung, id est est fari, id est fyrtor. 3 

formantur nomina farmaceaticus Fornum, hlafofn, a farre dictum. 

et farmaceatica et farmaceaticum. Forus, ubi uua calcatur, hoc est 
Flebotomum, blodseax, odder sedder- 10 wingetred. 

seax. Greece namque fleps, uena, Faba pressa, gegrunden bean. 

tomum uero incisio nominatur. Frondes, geleafhris. 

Foedus fecerunt, waere genoman. Fomes, spoon. Idem astula. 

Familia erciscundce, yrfegedal, quia Fructus, in eo malum cidonium, sine 

cerciscunda enim apud ueteres diui- 15 malum cotonium, id est codaeppel. 

sio nuncupabatur. Feniculum, finol, Greece matron. 

Finium regundorum actio ordo, ge- Fascia, seaxclad, odde wrsedwridels. 

msera gedal. Fasciola, sarcla^. 

Fructus, sefsweorc, siue laeneslandes Far, grut. 

bryce. 20 Farcimen, gehsecca^ odde mear- 

Facinus, scej)daed. hseccel. 

Flagitium, legerteam, odde tiht. Flasce, trinnubyttse,* eadem et flas- 

Filix, fearn, cuius radix utilis est ad cones. 

soluendam difficultatem pariendi. Fiscus, kyninga seod. 
Fundum, faetes botrn. 25 Farcille, berigeblae. 

Foculare, heort. Folles, |)a msestan digneras. 

Fastorum libri, cyninga bee, siue Fafida, hleomoc.s 

consula bcc. Fercula, cyninggereordo. 

Fertum, msesselac. Fornicibus, holum stanura. 

Furies, burgrunan. 30 Freneticus, brsecseoc. 

Functi, gerefan. Fomentam, tyndre. 

Familia, cneoris. Heec autem in Furus, styccu. 

poire terminatur. Fumigabundus, styniendum. 6 

Fratres, gebroj)or, et aliquando ge- Falanges, herej)rym. 

uisegas, aliquando gelondan, quas Frico, ic gnide. 

Latini paternitates interpretantur. Ferunca, merd. 
Fratres patrueles, suctyrian, sic die- ALLE PATER. 

tus est ad patres eorum, sifratres LU FILIUS. 

inter se fuerunt. I A SPIRITUS SANCTUS. 

Fratrueles autem matertcere 1 filii, hoc 40 

est modrigan sunu. Gastrimargia, gifernes. 

Fratrissa,fratrisuxor f hocestloro^OY- Gregalim, heapmselum, odde wrsed- 

wif. mselum. 

Fauces, hracan, quod per eas famur Gestiant, girnad. 

uoces. Gymnasio, on plegestowum. 

1 Sic MS. R. W. 4 Is trinnubyttas an Anglo-Saxon word ? 

2 Cf. pag. 404 J. '25. R. W. R. W. 

3 Cf. pag. 405 1. 41. R. W. 5 Cf. Cork. Leevhd. Ill, pag. 332. R. W. 

6 Cf. pag. 406 1. 17. R. W. 




Gramma, grsedas. 
Granigera, Jm cornberendan. 
Glumula, 1 gewrid, egenu, odde 


Garrulitas, geonung. 
Gluten, lim, odde tero. 
Glulinatum, tosomne gelimed. 
Gestus, 2 gebserum. 
Gestu, gebaero. 
Gulosa, mid giferre. 
Gentilitatis, haedennesse. 
Gnarusj se wisa. 
Generositas, sejjelborennes. 
Gerosam,z J3aet sejjele. 
Grauitate, lare. 
Grassatoribus, J3eofum. 
Glebulis, turf urn. 
Glebe, tyrf. 

Grassator, hergiend and ahidend. 
Glareis, ceoslum. 
Gymnosophistis, heahlareowum. 
Geometrica, eorjjgemet. 
Gazarum, jjara gestreona. 
Gestibus, gebserura. 
Genuinisf tuxum. 
Gurguliones, |)rotbollaii. 
Gula, brace. 

Gradatim, fsegre, odde fotmaelum. 
Gloriatur, gilpad. 
Genuini, cwi|)enlicre. 
Gratatur, blissaj). 
Gannature, cancettende. 
Glomerantibus, ymbhoapiendum. 
GeneUatici,' hsej)ene. 
Gurgurizat, 6 iagulsvvyled. 
Garret, geonaj). 
Garrula, sio hlydende. 
Galla, galluc. 
Garula, crawe. 
GrauculusJ hroc. 

1 For ylomulus, in the sense, appar- 
ently,, of a little heap. 
So the MS. R. W. 
Sic, for ytncrosam. 
Cf. pag. 157 1. 3?. It. W. 
Sic, for yentilici. It. W. 
Sic, for gargarizat. 
Sic, for graculus. R. W. 

Garbas, sceafas. 

Galmaria, 8 calwere. 

Gabalacrum, calwer. 

Galmum, molegri. 9 
5 Galmilla, lira, molegen. 

Gente, lQ wilde gos. 

Geumatrex, geac. 

Gipsus, spseren. 

Gigrars, cora. 
lOGlarea, cisilstan. 11 

Gladiolum, secg. 

Glis, fonfyr, odde egle. 

Glomer, cleowen. 

Glacum, 12 hsewen ; odde graeg. 
15 Glus, 13 frecnes, odde lim. 

Glitilia, clife. 

Globus, leoma. 

Globis, leomum. 

Glandula, cyrnel. 
20 Gladiatores, cempan. 

Gripem, giu. 14 

Griphus, giu. 14 

Gratia, cest, gifu. 

Grillus, hama. 
25 Gregariorum, un3e{)elra. 

Gurgustium, cesol. 

Galeatum, gehylmed. 

Grandeuus, frod. 

Germanus, aewenbrojjor. 
30 Gibbus, hoferede. 

Gausape, sccat. 

Grus, cran. 

Grallus, hroc. 

Gallus, hana. 
35 Gallicinium, honcred-tid. 

Gallina, henn. 

Geniscula, mucxle. 

Gustus, birgnes. 

Gena>, heagospind. 
40 Gingifa, toj}rima. 

8 For calvaria. R. W. 

9 Cf. Bosw. D. 46. R. W. 

10 Sic, for gante. R. W. 

11 Cf. pag. 412 1. 20. R. W. 

12 For glaucum. 

13 For glis, apparently. 

14 Cf. pag. 2f>8 1. 7. R. W. 




Gartilago,* gristle. 

Genitalia, })a cennendlican. 

Genua, cneowa. 

Gratis, brod. 

Glandix, seceren. 

Genista, brom. \ 

Genescletum, bromfsesten. 

Grues, gryt. 

Grabra, gat. 2 

Gergenna? sticca. 

Grammaticorum, stsefwritern m. 

Glaucoma, eagseoung. 

Genesi, fatu. 

Gesticulatio f plega. 

Gradatiw, softe. 

Gerula, berend. 

Gymnica, |}a ujjwitlican. 

Gener, ajwm. 

Gypsan, dracan. 

Germanas, getwisan. 

Geniellos, getwisan. 

Gorgoneis, ])8em hellicum. 

Gurgustia, bus. 

Geruli, berend.4 

Grammate, gewrite. 

Glomerauit, ymbhringde. 

Grassantibus, hidendum. 

Gliribus, eglum. 5 

Geseos,* cneoris boca. 

Gloriosas, saltim, Imhugii. 

Gallicula', seos.- 

Gracili, J>8ere lytlan. 

Gipsa, nsedre.? 

Gorgoneo, aterlicimi, odde biter. 8 

Glescit, 9 weaxe]). 

Geminum, twifalde. 

Gestat, bire}). 

Glesco, 9 ic weaxe. 

Gnostica, {>a Greciscan. 

1 Of course for cartilago. 

2 Read: copra. R. "W. 

3 Gergenna is a medieval Latin word 
for what we call in modern English a 
cowlstaff; we can easily understand why 
it was called in Anglo-Saxon a #tik. 

4 Cf. 1. 16. R. W. 

ft Cf. pag. 413 1. I?. R. W. 
6 -Sic, for gtneseos. 
' Cf. \. 19. R. W. 

Garrio, ic hlyde. 
Gramine, grsese. 
Gramen, cwice. 
Gremium, bearm. 
5 Gyrens, ymbfonde. 
Grosse, greatre. 

Grossas et graciles, great and smsel. 
Gracilis, lytel. 
Grandem, micel. 
WGenitrix, flind. 

Gentis, mines cynnes. 
Germine, mid minre grownesse. 
Grauis, sio |)icce serlyft, odde ge- 

15 Grradu lento, listnie and lategange. 

Geminus, twyfeald. 

Granata, sepeltreowu. 

Gillone, staenan. 

Gotium, feld. 
20Gotia, feldas. 

Graticula, 11 baecering. 

Glebenus, eaghyll from })sem ong- 

Gigra, 12 se flaesc tojj wijjseftan Jjone 
25 tux. 

Gemitus, geomrung. 

Galbus, J)ynne monn. 

Giluus, giolubwit. 

Guttatus, cylew. 
30 Genosus, cneowade. 

Gans, grege gos. 

Gignalia, hag an. 

Gnesis, cwictreow. 13 

Gesce, eall hwite wysan. 
35 Gracilis, smsel. 

Genas, hleor. 

Gelu, forst. 

Girba, se ealra msesta mortere. 

Geomantia, Jjurh eorj)an witgung. 

8 Cf. 1. 22. R. W. 

9 Apparently for crescit and cresco. 

10 Gillo was a medieval Latin word for 
an amphora or wine vessel, and is preserved 
in German under the form of gelts, a pail. 

11 -Sic, for craticula. 

12 The MS, has gigra or gigna. Cf. pag. 
157 1. 33 and pag. 2K4 1. 10. R. W. 

13 Cf. pag. 139 1. 9. R. W. 


Glaucus, glseseneage. Habitudine, onsiene. 

Gagates, ssecol. Haustum, drync. 

Gerabotane, biscopwyrt. 1 Habenis, salum, odde geweald- 

Gleba silicis, stanes floh. le])erum. 

Geneales, brydraest. 5 Habile, lij)owac." 

Gigrillus, 2 wince. Heus, gehyrs |)u? 

Gladiolum, glaedene. Hebitatus, astynt. 

Grissa garina, wordcsersa. 3 Hebeti, dysige. 

Gotuna, cammuc. 4 Hebesceret, aswand. 

Germanitatis, brodorsibbe. 10 Herodius, wealhhafuc. 11 

Gimnicis artibus, uj)witlicum. Haurit&Haf* hlaedhwiogl. 

Gramina, cij)as. Herinis, 13 waelcyrge. 

Grunnire, grennigan. .Z?zfo'scwm, 14 biscopwyrt,merscmealwe. 

Gazas, feohgestreon. Hirundo, swealwe. 

Gallitricum, waaterwyrt. 5 15 Hyna, lb nihtgenge. 

Gentiana, feldwyrt, Holor, swan. 

Gagantes, mucgwyrt. 6 ffora, sweg. 

Grandisona tuba, hludstefne byme. Hoctatus, geleahtrod. 

Grandescit, crescit, micelaj). Honeraria, scyphlasst. 

ZOHolido, fule. 

Horrendus, Jjset egesfulle. Humare, bemyldan. 

Hiulca, cinende. Hymeneos, wifjting, gifta ; hsemed. 

Historiographies, stsefwritere.? Histriatarum, waledra. 

Heresceret, tocleofode, 8 and o})fealh. Hispidus, ruh. 

Hortantur, Iserdan. 25 Hirsutus, ruh. 

Hortamini, lasrad. Homo, mann. 

Hiulcas, })a giniendan, odde tara. Horidanum, elene. 16 

Hortamentis, lare. Hasta, spere. 

Hortus, wyrtun. Hostimen, leasung, odde wundor. 

Holitor, 9 leacweard. 30 Hidropicos, } 1 waeterfull. 

Hironiam, J>urh smicernesse, and Hesitantes, tweogende. 

hiwunge. Hesperice, Eotoles. 

Heroicis, mid eorllicum. Herculus, hearge. 

Historia, racu Hierophantorum, scincraefta. 18 

Habitudo, gebaaro. 35 Hircitallo, hyse, wise. 

Cf. pag. 134 1. 40. R. W. n i. e. the Welsh-hawk, the falcon. In 

Sic, for gyrgillus. the Anglo-Saxon period the favourite hawk 

So the MS. R. W. for falconry was obtained from Wales. (Cf. 

Cf. Cock. Leechd. Ill, pag. 316. R.W. pag. 259 1. 8. R. W.) 

Cf. pag. 296 1. 19. R. W. " Cf. Bosw. Diet. 36p. R. W. 

6 Cf. pag. 301 1. 8. R. W. l3 A corruption for Erinnys, one of the 

7 The Anglo-Saxon word means properly Furies. 

a grammarian, and not a historiographer. u Cf. pag. 270 1. 33. R. W. 

8 The meaning of tocleofian is: adhae- 15 Read hyena (= the nightwanderer). 
rescere. R. W. R. W. 

9 Of course, for olitor, and the next 16 Cf. pag. 271 1. 10. R. W. 

word for ironiam, but the first meaning 17 Originally written hidripicus, but cor- 

given to the latter is not a proof of the rected in a different ink, as given in the 

scholarship of the glossator. text. 

10 Sic MS. R. W. 18 i- e. conjurers, magicians. 




Hymenis, peninge. 

Humectans, wsetende. 

Hereto* helle. 

Horrisonis, gryrelicum. 

Honera, 1 ic bere. 

Horrendum, gryrum. 

Horrida, ic eora gryrclic. 

Hausi, ic gehierde. 

Homo, 2 gierstandsege. 

Hamus, hoc. 

Hospes, gast. 

Hilidros, i. celidros, nsedran. 

Hesperius, swana steorra. 3 

Humerus, exel. 

Hinulus, hindcealf. 

Hircus, bucca. 

Horreum, beren. 

Hordeum, bere. 

Hebitauit^ aslacude. 

Hrodia 1 lex, cipemonna riht. 

Hereditas, ierfe. 

Hostia proprie, fyrdtimber. 

Hincneomonf nasderbita. 

Herba proprie, gsers. 

Hedera nigra, wudubind, eorjrifig. 5 

Hierobotanim, rsedic. 6 

Herb a iras, gorst. 7 

Hinnulicapini, eldne. 

Insitum, gecynde. 

Imis, of neo])eweardum. 

lubare, leomari. 

In imo, inoJDan. 

Ita prorsus, eallenga. 

Infulasj weorj)mynd. 

In catalogo, on getaele. 

Infectis, geaetredum, bewyledum, be- 


Inconuenienter, ungerisenlice. 
In oromate, on gastlicre gesihjje. 
Instrumentis, andgeloman. 
lacturam, sefwyrdlan. 

Sic MS. R. W. 

Read: hesterno. R. W. 

i. e. the shepherds' star. 

For Ichneumon. 

Cf. pag. 299 1. 1. R. W. 

Cf. pag. 135 1. 23. R. W. 

Inmunes, clseclease, laj)lease. 

InextricaUlem, {>a unabrecendlican. 

Indceptcej J)83re begitenan. 

Inportunus, se gema. 
5 Internicionis, cwilde, forwyrde. 

Ingruere, ongehreosan. 

Inhianter, graedelice. 

Inhians, grsedig. 

Ilibus, smselj)earmum. 8 
10 Intestinum, J)earm. 

Incompta, ungefraetwodu. 

Inguina, smsel|3earmas. 

Insolescat, wlancajj. 

Insolentiam, wlence. 
15 Inter capidinis, firstmearces. 9 

Indruticans, 10 wraestende, odtfe wlan- 

Indagantes, aspyrigende, odde a- 

20 Instanter, baldlice. 

Inlecebrarum, unalifendlecum. 

Increpuerit, })unode, odde hleojjrede. 

In simulacra, on anlicnesse. 

Inlibatce, J)sere ungederedan. 
25 In clandistino, on |)aem diglan. 

Introrsum, inn. 

In cunis, in cildcradelum. 

Ingerebat, ongebrohte. 

In gemino y on twyfealdre. 
30 Ingeminent, getwyfylden. 

Ignaris, unwisum. 

Integritatis, onwealhnesse. 

Integer, onwalh. 

Idoneam, Jjancfulle. 
35Ingluuice, frecnesse. 11 

Inexperto, unafundenum. 

In remoto, asyndedre. 

Incommoditate, ungetsesnesse. 

Inuisendum, to secanne. 
40 Intulerit, ongebrohte. 

Inter, betwux. 

Instinctu, onbryrdinge. 

7 Cf. pag. 299 1. 3. R. W. 

8 Cf. pag. 159 1. 37. R. W. 

9 Cf. pag. 27 1. 31 and pag. :!H4 1. 9. 

R. W. 

10 So the MS. R. W. 

11 Read: fretnesse. R. W. 





Instincta, inswapen. 

Inuisum, pone lapan. 

Inuisa, pa lapan. 

Inpudens, scomleas. 

Inuisoruni) lapra. 

Inuestes cateruas, pa aenlecan heapas 

and pa ungebyrdan heapas. 
Imperil, rices. 
Imperitat, wealdep. 
Incestum, haemed. 
Incestus, forhealden. 
In arida, on drigum. 
Incestatur, haemend. 
Infamiam, to unhlisan. 
Infamis, pass unhliseadgan, orret- 


Inedia, waedlnes. 
Ingesserunt, inraecan. 
Ingruens, onfillende, odde hreosende. 
Inluuiem, widl and ful. 
llllnc, donan. 
Istinc, heonan. 
In tantum, swa swipe. 
In conum, on heannesse. 
Ilico, rape. 

Inuitus, gepreatod and genided. 
Inuitant, geniddan. 
Interualla, hwilsticcu. 
Incentor, wrehtend, tyhtend. 
Intra, binnan. 
lubelemuSy past freolsger. 1 
Impcndebatur, wses brytnod. 
Infra, aefter. 
Inquiens, cwepende. 
Indicia, tacn. 
Indigena, landleod. 
Interpellata, hio wses beden. 
Inproperio, 2 hospe. 
Inpingere, onspurnan, odde aefaestan. 
Insimulare, gewregan. 
Insimulatio, wrohte. 
Inlustris, paere aepelican. 
Incommodum, unbriece, ungescraepe, 


1 The meaning of freols is : a time of 
freedom, holy day, feast; freolsger deno- 
tes : a feast-year, jubilee. R. W. 

2 Read : inprobrio (or opprobrio). R. W. 

3 Cf. pag. 404 1. 40, R. W. 

In consortio, on paem gemanum. 

Inconsulte, unraedlice. 

Indolem, gebierdne, pone aepelan 

5 Instigauit, onbryrde. 

Insigniter, aepelice. 

Inrumpere, inraesan. 

Inruptiones, onrassan. 

Inceptis, onginne. 
10 In pulpito, on raedescamole." 

In tribulano territorio, on psem su ,1 dor 

Interimitur, wearp ofslsegen. 

Inerguminum, paere gewitseocan. 
15 Inerguminos, wodan. 

Inpensa, gebryttodre. 

lanitor, duruweard. 

Insignis, msere. 

Insignia, maernesse. 
20 Insignem, maerne. 

Inpudicarum, unclsenra. 

Inlicias, ongespanest. 

Inprobus, unsaele, gemah. 

Infectum, ungeworht, geblanden. 
25 luris, aewe. 

Innupti, unforgifenum. 
. In rapinam, on reaflac. 

lecor, lifer. 

In clero, on preostheape. 
30 Inflexibili, unabegendlicre. 

Indulcauit, geswette. 

Intemerata, ungear wyrd. 

Infesta, pa repan. 

Infestationes, teonan. 
35 Ineunte, ongangendre. 

Imbricibus, hroftigelum. 

Ingluuiem, in pane wasend. 4 

lamque, somod. 

Inertes, ungleawe. 
, hoc. 

Igni sacrum, oman. 5 

Ignariwn,* algeweorc. 

Intertiare, geborhfaestan. 

Inima, 1 untosliten. 

4 Cf. pag. 419 1. 35. R. W. 

5 Read : ignis sacer or ignem sacrum. 
Cf. pag. 26 1. 4. R. W. 

6 Sic, for igniarium. R. W. 

7 So has the MS. R. W. 




Inpetigo, teter. 

Impetigo, eagan wenn, odde wearge- 


Inprouisu, fseringa, hrasdlice. 
Infestatio, unle)J)owacnes. 
Infestatione, sorheriunge. 
Inminente, setwesendre. 
Ingesta, ondoen. 
Infestus, ungetsese. 
Inola, eolone. 1 
Instites, swej>elas- 
Intexunt, awunden. 
Iners, asswind, asolcen. 
Interlitam, besmyred. 
Indigeste, unofercumene. 
Infici, gemengde. 
Inpastorem, 2 biswicend. 
Inter primores } betweon ieldrum. 
Inuolucus, weoluc. 
Inquilinis* geneat. 
Indolis, hyhtful, fionde, J>one 


Inpingit, gemearcode, uel signat. 
Incantata, gega3len. 
Incantatores, galdrigeari. 
Intentatis, biotiaj). 
Inundatio, gyte. 
Incursus, ongon. 
Intriniciof forsliet. 
In sirtim, on sandgeweorp. 
Inmoratur, wunaj). 
Intransmeabili, unoferfere. 
Inbellem, orwige. 
Initiatum, gesteped, gehalgodne. 
In cataniO) in baece. 
Iota, sohctha. 5 
Irridabant tyhton. 
Isca, tyndre.6 
luncus, rise. 7 
lungetumf riscjjyfel. 

Cf. Cock. Leechd. Ill pag. 325. R. W. 
Read: impostorem. R. W. 
So has the MS. R. W. 
An error for internecio. R. W. 
Cf. pag. 28 1. 33. R. W. 
Cf. pag. 28 1. 38. R. W. 
Cf. pag. 135 1. 16 and pag. 299 1. 
26. R. W. 

8 Read : juncetum. R. W. 

luuencibus, riscjyyfel. 

In capsella, on ciste. 

In sitharciis, in fsetelsum. 

In triclinio, on Jjreofealdum liuse. 10 
5 Incursere, onslogan. 

Industria, gleaunes. 

Inperauit, wilt. 

In antris, on holum. 

lugeri, aeceras. 
10 In nemore, on bearwe. 

Ibices, fyrengatum. 11 

In singultum, in sicettunge and 

Inclyti, msere. 
15 Inctitum, inaerne. 

In competis, on wega gemotum. 

Ignauiy earge. 

In conclaui, on cofan. 

In iubilo, on drime. 
20 In clangore, on hwelunge. 

In fastigio, in heannesse. 

Indictio, gecwed. 

luniperum, quicbeam. 

Instaura, geedniwa. 
25 In tritura, in trifelunge. 

Insontam, unsynnige. 

Inibis f ongang. 

Interrasilem, inheald. 

Imperitia, unglsednes. 
30 In pelicatuf on cifeshade. 

Inpetigine, on teter e. 12 

Inpulerit, baedt. 

In prouectione, on wegfore. 

Irqui, ongneras. 
35 Inter ceptus est, araliM waas. 

Isic, leax. 

Insalula, meodoma. 

Intercilium, betwuh bruwum. 

Index, becnend, scytefinger. 
, iucboga. 

9 Sic, for sitarchiis. R. W. 

10 The glossator has singularly mistrans- 
lated this word, through bungling at the 

11 Cf. pag. 2(5 1. 2. R. W. 

12 It seems evident, from the Anglo- 
Saxon interpretation, that the author of 
this gloss took the Latin for two words, 




lugum, me. 

luger, iuc. 

Ibiscum, biscopwyrt. 1 

Imbilium, leohtleap. 

lurisperiti, raedboran. 

Inimum, 2 gliw. 

Inruunt, onhreosaj). 

Impetu, |)8ere . . . 

In zonis, in gyrdelsuin. 

Inter natos, betwuh bearnum. 

In biuio, in twega wega gelsete. 

Im agonia, 3 in elne. 

Inualescebant, strangedon, swij}edon. 

In natataria, on sundmere. 

Institis, in swajmm. 

In preterium,* in msej)elern. 

In catena, in tiscge. 

Inproba, gemah. 

Inprouitatem, gemangnesse. 

In gimnasio, on leornirighuse. 

In propatulo, on sewiscnesse. 

In gastrimargicef in gifernesse. 

Inmunilas, orceasnes. 

In atomo, in breahtme. 

Inter biothanatas, betweonau self- 


Instinctu, tihtnesse. 
In genitalij in Jsere gecyndelcum. 
Inprecatatur, bsed. 
Inauditum, ungefrsege. 
Inletus, getyhted. 
Insectiones, ehtnesse. 
Infiscaretur, gegafelod, bestroden 


Inrosatum, a r vosena. 
Interpellans, gretende. 
In focularibus, on heordum. 
Intempestiue, in swigean midre nihtc. 
Indulte y Jjses alefdan. 

1 Cf. pag. 270 1. 33. R. W. 

2 Inimum is an evident and gross blunder 
of the Anglo-Saxon glossator, who, in ar- 
ranging the Latin words in alphabetical 
order, misread in for m. It should be 

3 So the MS. R. W. 

4 For pr&torium. 

5 Read: ineluctabilis. R. W. 

Inexpertus, unandwis. 

In tribuli, in ]3sem gesibbum. 

Ineluctuabilisf J)a unoferwinnene. 

Indegitamenta, 6 ^)ara boca. 
5 Interpres, wealhstod. 

In luxum, in lust. 

Incanduisset, onhatode. 

In tribulanam, in J)a burh. 

In basileon, on cyninga bocum. 
Wlnlicias, spones. 

Insectatum, ehtende. 7 

Inproperasse, J)3et hie se twite. 

IndiscipUnatorum, unjjeawfulra. 

Inter Scyllam, betwuh ])a frecnesse 
15 stowe. 

Indisruptis, untoslitenum. 

Iconisma, gelicnes. 

Imbribus, scurum. 

In Tempis, on scenfeldum. 8 
20 Ignicomis, se fyrfeaxna. 

Incestans, gewemde. 

Ingurgitat, waetej). 

In extasi, in modes heannesse, on 

gastlicre gesihde. 

25 Infindens, gerawende, slitcnde, and 

In ueribus, in fnasum. 

Infidus, ungetreowe. 

Infamare, georrettan. 
30 Inflictis, onslaegum. 

Inuestis, imgebyrd. 

laculatas, }}a flanihtan. 

Inpiger, unsleac. 

Inspirans, onswaetende. 
35 In diuos, in god. 

loppiter, J)unor, odde dur. 9 

In Latio, in Eatole. 

Infecit, geblende. 

Illexit, beswac, getihte. 10 

6 Sic, for indiy it amenta. R. W. 

7 Cf. pag. 424 1. 32. R. W. 

8 ,,In the bright-fields." The Anglo- 
Saxon interpretation of the classical Tenipe. 

9 In this rather curious gloss, the two 
names of the northern god are introduced 
to explain the classical Jupiter. 

10 This word is in another hand, but 
nearly contemporary. 




In thermas, on bsejje. 

IncuUis, unbeganum. 

Irritat, gremede. 

In spira^ in hringe. 

Instantia, inwunenesse. 

In carruca, on scride, o]){je on crsete. 

In preceps, on scyterses, oJ)J)e on 

faerfyll, unforesceawadlic. 
Ingenitam, ae})elborene. 
In contidnio, 2 in swigunge. 
Intenlabat) beotade. 
Intentarentur, waran beotende. 
Inficere, gehiwian, geregnian. 
Itidentidem, eft gelice. 
Impetrare, begitan. 
Inpolito, return. 
In quis, on J)3em. 
Ictibus, slaegum. 

Infandum, J>aet manwrasce, manful. 
Infausti, Jjass ungesaeligan. 
luuencum, steor. 
luniculus, iung hry|>er. 
Infestos, ]ja unhioran. 
Infecta, gewemde. 
In spera, 1 on hringgewindlan. 
In cupis, on bydennm. 
In giro, on ymbhwyrfte. 
In occa, on fyrh. 
lus, seriht. 
lus, brod. 
Incus, onfilte. 
In margine, on ofre. 
Infandas, fa manfullan. 
Infecta, gewaecte. 
In saltibus, on wuduwaldum. 
Itidem, J)set ilce. 
luuenta, iugu|)had. 
Index, taecned. 
Insanum, })one weddendan. 
luuabat, lysted". 
In potato, in goman, j)aer mon })one 

smaec todselej). 
In gradient, on smaelne. 

For in sphera. 

2 Conticinium was the medieval Latin 
word for midnight. 

3 For infrigat, of course. 

4 Cf. pag. 426 1. 19. R. W. 

Insulsior, unsaltera. 

Infidans, lehtriendc. 

Inpedit, agaele}). 

In frigore, on cele. 
5 Infridat? cael}). 

lam, geara ; o{)J)e geogara. 

Incolomif gesundum. 

Inermis, ungewsepnad. 

Inter saxa, betweonan stanas. 
10 Inheret, oncliofad. 

In cespites, on tyrf. 

Incerta, ungewis. 

luga, duna swioran. 

Infandum, sio godwraece. 4 
15 Insomnes, unsla3pige. 

Inplumen, ungefejjerednc. 

Insertum, ingeseted. 

In olitorum, in geweaxenra. 

In cucumerario, on wyrttunc. 
20 Inmane, ungemetlic. 

Inauris, earhring. 

Indruto, sseflode. 5 

Institor, cipemann. 

lerarchon, heah landrica. 
25 Ipotamus, sashengest. 

Internasus, nosgrisele. 

Imensf cinn. 

Ilium, rysle. 

Ibin, rindeclifre. 7 
SQlsica, mearhgehaac.s 

Imus, oxa on frumteame. 

Ippus, indrihtenwicg. 

Interdum, oft. 

Internides, ferhqualu. 6 
35 lusta lance, mid J)a efnan helurblede. 

In glanigeris, in J)93m stanberendum. 

In exercitatione, on behogadnesse. 

Inaniter, unnytlice. 

lactatisj gelegdum. 

40 Imperalis* hypodromi, J)aas caserlican 

In sabanis, on scetum. 

Incentor, tyhtere. 

5 saflod means : sea-flood, tide, inund- 
ation. R. W. 

6 So the MS. R. W. 

7 Cf. Bosw. D. 55y. R. W. 

8 Cf. pag. 127 1. 25. R. W. 




Inrumpere, onblaestan. 
Ingenuis, mid tuxum. 1 
Infatigabiliter, ungedrehtlice. 
Ineluctabilis, unafohtendlic. 
Inepta, J)a ungelimplican. 
In frixorio, on brsede pannan. 
Idus, swaesenddagas. 
Intende, beheald. 
Inperbitas, 2 gemah. 

lus gentium, ealra [)eoda riht. 
lus militare, cempena riht. 
lus puplicum, 6 ealdormanna riht. 
lus Quiritum, Romwara sundorriht. 
5 lurisconsultus, iurisperitus, id est, 

rihtscrifend, slue domsettend. 
lus liberarum, somhiwena yrfebec. 
Inritum testamentum, awaegune yrfe- 

In orbem, on })ysne mislecan ymb- 10 Inofficiosum testamentum, unarlice 
hwyft 3 and bleofagan. yrfebec. 

Interna, Jm inlecan. 

Inditur, is ingelseded. 

Inditus, bediped. 

Intento, higiendre. 

lure, anwalde. 

Inrita, se unnytta and forhogoda. 

Increpitans, hlej)rende. 

Inlecebris, tihtennum. 

Ingratus, lad. 

Inuisus, lad. 

Incitamenta,) tyhtenne. 

Intula, wealewyrt. 

Intractabilis, inli])ewac,4 

Industria, geornesse. 

Inpendebat, sealde. 

In dies crudesceret, aford. 5 

Interuentu, J)ingunge. 

In pacte, an slaegenre. 

Innitentes, wij)erhlyniende. 

Inpulsorej bsedendre. 

Infractus, gewemmed. 

Inopimum, unasedde. 

Inditas, J)a gesettan. 

lus, anwald, a iure possidendo. 
Intestata hereditas, ungewriten yrfe, 

eadem et caduca. 
1 5 Instrumentum, tohl. 8 

Instructum, geworht weorc. 
Integri restitutione, ofstondene beod", 

sine ofstonden feoh. 
Iniuria, unriht. 
20 Infictiatio, borges andsaca, idem et 


Incerta indicium, geligra witnung. 
Ignominium, scondehlewung, siue 

fracejw, idem et infamium. 
25 Intempestum, midniht. 

In centurias seniorum et iuniorum 

diuisus; centurias getalu siue 

heapas dictce. 

Insipidum, quod saporem non habet, 
30 hoc est unmeagle siue aemelle. 
Inuitat me } he me lathath. 
Inuitat se, he him thinget.o 
Infurcarunt, ahengon. 
Infurcatus, ahongen. 

Inter primores, betweoh yldrum. 35 Inculcare, sepe repetere, et aliquando 

Inuoluco, wij>ewinde. 6 
Ibices, firgengset. 7 
Inconstans, unfestrsed. 
lus, mennisc riht. 
lus naturale, gecynde riht. 
lus ciuile, anre burge riht. 

* Cf. pag. 412 1. 25. R. W. 

2 For improbitas. 

3 So the MS. R. W. 

4 So the MS. Cf. pag. 27 1. 2. R. W. 

5 aford is the translation of in dies, 
not of crudesceret. Cf. pag. 27 1. 13. R. W. 

6 The wild convolvulus, or bindweed, 

7 Cf. pag. 423 1. 11. R. W. 

8 Sic MS. 

inculcare est inbecwedan ; est enirn 
metaforicos ab eo quod est calcarce. 8 

Immolatio, onssegcgiung. 

Inquilinus, tungebur. 10 
40 Indigine, 8 inlenda. 

Interpinnium, mildelflera. 11 

9 In the manuscript, here and in the 
line preceding, the th is used instead of 
the Anglo-Saxon letter. This occurs again 
a little further on, but very rarely. (Cf. 
Nr. I. R. W.) 

10 Cf. pag. 27 1. 41 and pag. 422 1.20. 

R. W. 

11 Read: middelflera- Cf. pag. 157 1. 
17. R. W. 




Interscapulum, mildelgescyldru. 1 
Intestina, J) ear mas. 
leiuna, smsel^earmas. 
Indus, se laessa il. 
Istrix, se mar a il. 2 
Ilex, accyn. 3 
Indicum, basu haewen. 
Insubuli, webbeamas.4 
Idromelum, seppelwin, be or. 
Iris illirica, hwatend. 
Inelaborate, ungeswunccnre. 
Inminutus, onboren. 

Lupatis, bridlum, frcenis. 

Lento, j}sem ton, lihte, odde late. 5 

Lapa, clife.e 

Lenta, toh. 

Luxus, wynne. 

Lego, ic lese. 

Luxoria, wynn. 

Lenocinia, leastihtinge, leasolecung, 

Lamentabile, heafsang. 

Lasciuia, gagolbsernesse. 

Lunulis, mynum. 7 

Lunules, mynescillingas. 7 

Liburnas, flotscipu. 

Labara, 8 segnes, gudfana. 

Lima, feol, odde mylenstan. 

Laturus, adreogende. 

Laturce, adreag. 

Lustramenta, dsofolgild. 

Liniamento, hlodan, gegirelan. 

Liniamentis, hrseglgewsediim. 

Latuerunt, bemidon. 

Ludificare, gebysmerian. 

Liquentis, (J)sere) flitan gesceaftc. 

Liminium (f)irste. 

Liguidas, J)a hlutran and |>a sciran. 

Lymphas, waster. 

1 Read : middelgescyldru. 

2 The greater il was the porcupine, the 
lesser the hedgehog. (Cf. pag. 122 1. 21. 

R. W.) 

3 Cf. Bosw. D. It. R. W. 

4 Cf. pag. 423 1. 37. R. W. 

5 Cf. 1. 17 and pag. 29 1. 39. R. W. 

6 Cf. pag. 29 1. 26. R. W. 

7 Cf. pag. 30 1 40. R, W. 

8 Read : labra. R. W. 

Liuoris, sefestes. 

Lacertum, earm. 

Lenocinia, tyhtennc. 

Lenocinantibus, leastyhtendum. 
5 Liuoris, laedde, andan. 

Liuor, warn. 

Latebra, heolstre. 

Litterature, namraidenne. 

Largirice? gifernesse. 
10 Liberalitate, freodome, oddo cystig- 

Lectitando, eft rsedende. 

Lentesceret, oncleofode. 

Ludorum, plegena. 
15 Lustratur, geclaensod. 

Lustris, facum, odde fifgearum. 

Lis, gecid. 

Laterculis, getalum. 

Leuirum, tacor. 10 
20 Longiusculce, feor, odde wide. 

Liuidas, da wanihtan. 

Libida? J>a wannan. 

Limpidis, scinendum. 

Ludibrio, bysmer. 
25 Luctatorum, wrsestliendra. 

Luctatur, 11 wraestlere. 

Letamen, gor, scear. 

Longius, wide. 

Lupercalibus, godgildum. 
30 Libescant, 9 aafestian, Ia3lian. 

Lustro, ryne. 

Lepida, mid wlsecre, jjaar egetyngan, 

WO(J. 12 

Leporis, wlsetnesse. 
35 Larbula, 13 egesegrima. 
Lagena, croh. 
Legythum, croh. 
Laude^ lawerce. 
Lexiua, leah. 15 

9 Sic MS. 

10 Cf. pag. 30 1. 3. R W. 

11 Read: luctator. R. W. 

12 Cf. pag. 29 1. 37. R. W. 

13 For laruula, the diminutive of larua, 
a hag or witch. (Cf. pag. 29 1. 8. R. \V.) 

14 Of course for alauda, a lark. Another 
instance of our glossator's ignorance. 

15 Cf. pag. 29 1. IB. R. W. 




Lacessitus, gegremed. 

Latrariis, bord^acan. 1 

Laquear, fierst. 2 

Laquearea, fierste. 3 

Lacunar, flode, hrof. 4 

Lacessiens, gremmende. 

Lactuca, }>udistel, leahtric. 5 

Lacunar, hushefen, odde heofenhrof. 

Larus, meu. 

Lebetes, hweras. 

Laena, rift. 

Labat,* wagaj), aslad, and gefioll. 

Latratur, byrce.? 

Lardariulus, frecmase. 8 

Lebes, hwer. 9 

Lingula, gyrdelhringe. 10 

Legula, gyrdelhringe. 10 

Lembum, liste, odde Juries. 11 

Limbus, listum odde Jjraesum. 

Lendina, hnitu. 12 

Lepidum, lista . . {) . . . n 

Lectidiclatum, gejworen flyte. 18 

Lepus, bar a. 

Lentum uimen, tobgerd. 14 

Lenticula, pise, aerenu, elebyt. 15 

Lesta, borda. 

Ligones, mettocas. 16 

Libr amentum, lifer. 

Liburnices, gerec. 

Liuida toxica, J>a wonnan setrenan. 

Libertabus, friglaatan. 

Libertus, friglaeta. 

Liciatorium, hefeldgyrd. 

Cf. Bosw. D. 

19u. R. W. 

Cf. pag. 29 1 

. 18. R. W. 

Cf. pag. 29 

.31. R. W. 

Cf. pag. 29 

22 and 1. 8. R. W. 

Cf. pag. 29 

21. R. W. 

Cf. pag. 29 

29. R. W. 

Cf. pag. 29 

. 32. R. W. 

Cf. pag. 29 

. 33. R. W. 

Cf. pag. 29 

38. R. W. 

Cf. pag. 30 

. 1 and 24. R. W. 

1 Cf. pag. 29 

. 42. R. W. 

2 Cf. pag. 30 

2. R W. 

3 Cf. pag. 30 

. 4. R W. 

4 Cf. pag. 30 

. 0. R. W. 

5 Cf. pag. 30 

7. R. W. 

Limax, snsegl. 

Ligustrum, hunigsugc. 

Liliagrum, si segu . ' 7 

Licidus, hwet. 
5 Liquidus, hwet. 

Liscisque, mid laefrum. 

Liberalitas, ropnes. 

Linea, webtawa. 

Licia, hefeld{)r8ede. 
10 Licium, hefeld. 

Lucor, freced. 18 

Lumbare, gyrdel odde brec. 

Luculentum, torhtnes. 

Ludi litter are, staefplegan. 
15 Lutrus, otor. 

Lucius, hacod. 

Lurdus, lemphealt. 

Lupus, bears. 

Ludares, steor. 20 
20 Lumbricus, renwyrm. 

Luteum, crocca. 

Lupercal, hearh. 21 

Lucum, hearga. 

Luscinla, nihtegale. 
25 Luscinius, frocx. 22 

Lupa, 2B wulf. 

Lupinare, wujfholu. 

Lumbulos, lendebraede. 

Lactans, sucende. 
SQLuocus, 2 * heof. 

Luxerunt, weopan. 

Ligonem, mattuc. 25 

Lagones, uiattucas. 25 

Cf. pag. 30 1. 10. R. W. 

Cf. pag. 30 1. 28. R. W. 

Cf. pag. 30 1. 38. R. W. 

So has the MS. R. W. 

Cf. pag. 81 1. 8. R. W. 

Hearh means a temple, or holy place, 
as in the next line, where lucus is intended 
no doubt for a holy grove. The glossator 
appears to have been ill acquainted with 
the meaning of the word lupercal. 

22 Cf. pag. 31 1. 14. R. W. 

23 Cf. pag 31 1. 15 and 10. R. W. 
34 Read: luctus. R. W. 

25 Cf. pag. 432 1 27. R. W. 




Lorica anata* hringedu byrne. 

Limpidisgimos, J>a hlutresctan. 2 

Lustrata, geondhworfen. 

Lora, rapas. 

Luteres, 3 tigelan. 

Leunculi, leonhwelpas. 

Lecitho,* elehorn. 

Linxerunt, liccedon. 

Lincxere, Hccigan. 

Linies, Jm srayrest. 

Liniuit, smyrede. 

Lenis, smede. 

Lita, gesmyrede and gehyrde. 

Lentis, pysan. 5 

Lacinia, lappan. 

Lacos, laca. 

Linum, fleax. 

Labrum, brerd. 

Lucanica, mearh. 6 

Luduida, leohtsceawigend. 

Lygistra? hopu. 

Larax, ened. 8 

Litorius, waerna- 9 

Locusta, gaershoppe. 

Lana, wull. 

Luporum, wull. 10 

Leno, wif{>egn. 

Lanugine, flyse. 

Lacrime, tearas. 

Lanugo, wullknoppa. 11 

Labium, welor. 

Labellis, welerum, 

Lingua, ttinge. 

Lac, meolc. 

Lactantium, meolocsucendra. 

Latus, side. 

For hamata, ringed mail. 

Read: hlutrestan. 

Sic, for lateres. R. W. 

Read: lecythos. R. W. 

Cf. pag. 30 1. 7 and 432 1. 25. R. W. 

Lucanica denotes a sausage (= mearh- 
gehsec). R. W. 

Read: llgustra. R. W. 

Cf. pag. 258 1. 11. R. W. 

Cf. pag. 260 1. 21 and pag. 28G 1. 
16. R. W. 

10 wull is an error for wulf, or wulfa. 
R. W 

Lumbia* 2 lendena. 

Lucerna, blsecern. 

Lichinis, 13 blaecernum. 

Lux, leoht. 
5 Lampas, leohtfast. 

Lectum, bed. 

Larda, spie. 

Lanterne, leohtfaetes. 

Lancona, cylle. 
WLaquear, rsesn. 

Limen, J)ercswold, odde diirn. 

Lactudiclum, gej)roren flyte. 14 

Lac coagolatum, molcen. 

Larbanum, segl. 15 
15 Labara, gegyrele. 

Luxcus, (a)nige. 16 

Lintre, bate. 

Lintrum, lytle bate. 

Lixa, leah. 17 
SQLegumen, bean. 

Latrena, genge, 18 

Latex, burna. 

Laticum, waetera. 

Lacertus, efete. 
25Limphale, wseter. 

Locuste, stapan. 

Lunaticos, braecseoce. 

Loculos, seodas. 

Loculum, seodcyst. 
30 Lintrem, bat. 

Liquido, andgitlice. 

Lurcones, sliteras. 

Lacertosis, dsem earmswijjvmri. 

Luxoriante, fseste gejmf. 
35 Librantis, heolorende. 

Librate, ahiolorod. 

11 Bosw. printed wullhnoppa (96 f). 

R. W. 

13 So has the MS. R. W. 
13 Lichinis, an error for lychnuchis? 

R. W. 

4 Cf. pag. 30 1. 4 and 432 1. 22. R. W. 

5 Read: labanum. R. W. 

6 Read: luscus, anige. Cf. pag. 30 ]. 
37. R. W. 

7 Cf. pag. 431 1. 39. R. W. 
9 Cf. pag. 29 1. 12. R. W. 





Liniamento, limgelecg. 

Liberalitatisy rumheortnesse. 

Liminio, 1 wrsecsij)e. 

LibitoSy licongum. 

Lurca, fretan. 2 

Lurcatur, freted. 

Loeto tenusy od dead. 

Loetaliter, deadlice. 

Latrinarum, gengena. 3 

Lupercalibus, Jjsem gildendum.* 

Lictorum, f>egna. 5 

Lenonum, sponera, wsegnera. 6 

Liture, liming. 

Lepida, getinge. 

Labescit, aglad. 

Laturi, J)rowgende. 7 

Larbatos, 8 hreofe. 

LutOy wurmaman. 9 

Laudacismiy psere uncysest.7 

Lceti, wyr{>enna. 

Lauta munia, 1 J)a clsenan Jienimga. 

LanceSy beodas. 

Libelli, pundes. 

Lacessant, sliten odde gremeden. 

Lippos oculosy da surigan eagan. 

LautoSy claene. 

Lentescunty toadan, tedan. 

Lodixy loda. 

Lictor, J)egn, witnere. 

Lauteay dsem giolwum. 

Libosas, da giolwan. 

Lenticule, croges odde ampcllan. 

Labe, womme. 

Ludrica, plegan, luftas. 10 

Luendi, Jjrowgende. 11 

Lectissima, J)set gecoreneste. 

Larbata, se unf . . , 12 

Latraty beorce]}. 13 

Lita, attre gemaeled. 

Lento defrutoy geswettum. 14 
5 LurconibiiSy slitendlicum. 

Lurcare, forgle(ndrian). 15 

Lixarurriy wseterberere, odde ned- 

Lautumice, carcernes. 
10 L'egithum, ampellan, odde elefet. 

Lictorum, witniendra jpiowa, odde 

Libidus, 11 da wonnan. 

Lupercalia, gelegergield. 
15 Luertiy adle and wole. 

Latona, {)ures modur. 18 

Ligustra, blostman. 

Lauta, J>a clsenan odde munda. 

Lancesy wsegscala. 
20 Lutea, Jjset giolureade. 

Lent . ., druncen, dryncwirig. 

Liram, hear pan. 

Lauriy laurbeames. 

LaribuSy fyrum. 
25 Lareniy fyr. 

Lurida, da sweartan. 

Luridus, wan and blsac. 

Lutex, see. 

Librosy rinde. 
30 Luebanty |>oledan ; and |)rowcdan. 

Lethea, J)em helwenlican. 

Lustra, faereltu. 

Liquitur, formeltej). 

LaterculuSy talu. 20 

35Lampas Titanea, jjset sunlice leoht- 

For e limine? eliminatio? K. W. 
Read : lurcare or lurcari. K. \V. 
Cf. pag. 435 1. 21. R. W. 
Cf. pag. 437 1. 14. R. W. 
Cf. 1. 29 and pag. 437 1. 11. R. W. 
Cf. pag. 171 1. 2H. R. W. 
So has the MS. R. W. 
Apparently for larvatos. (Cf. pag. 431 
. R. W.) 

Cf. Cock. Ill, pag. 349. R. W. 
Read : ludicra, and lustas. R. W. 
Cf. I. IG. R. W. 
13 unf a, I suppose. R. W. 

13 Cf. pag. 432 1. 13. R. W. 

14 Cf. pag. 128 1. 34 and pag. 281 1. 23. 

R. W. 

15 The glossator seems to have transla- 
ted: forglendrian. Cf. Leo Ql. 359 1. 52. 

R W. 

16 For lecythum. 

17 For liuidoa. 

18 Thor's mother, a curious illustration 
of the northern mythology. 

19 Read: latex. R. W. 

The meaning of latercnlum is a rata- 
Irierne of employments. R. W. 




Lumina, mine cagan. 
Luminibus, eagum. 
Lusit, plegode. 
Ludo, ic plege. 
Ligor, ic bco bun den. 
Lesis, dsem gedercdum. 
Lacerata, tocorfen. 
Libat, byrgej). 
Legit, ceosej). 
Luxerat, heofde. 1 
Lanio, slaga. 
Laguoenas, ambras.2 
Lanio, flaescmangere. 
Lorumentum, 3 widde. 
Lappis, datum. 
Limpus, honsteorc. 4 
Lemprida? lempedu. 
Lapidaria, cweornbill. 
Lacontrapis, angeltwecca. 6 
Lisca, secg. 
Lilium, lilie. 
Leo, lio. 

Leontopedium, lionf'ot, 
Leena, lio. 
Lugubriter, hefelice. 
Lurconibus, grasdgum. 
Longanimem, laugsume. 
Lustrans, faslsendc. 
Lustraturus, geondferende. 
Liberalitatis, 1 stasflecum , 
Limphaticum^ wodan. 8 
Litaturus, onsaccnde. 
Leuius, jedre. 

Longe lateque, side and wide. 
Lltrat, onblaew^. 9 
Lusil, beswac. 
Libet, racsode. 
Lustrat, claensade. 

1 Cf. pag. 433 1. 30. R. W. 

2 Cf. pag. 431 1. 3(5. 11. W. 

3 Head : lor amentum. It. W . 

4 Of. Bosw. D. 371. R. W. 

5 Sic MS. 

6 Cf. pag. 122 1. 22. R, W. 

7 The meaning of stceflcc is: belonging 
to letters, literary. R. W. 

8 Cf. pag. ;iO 1. 19. R. W. 

9 Read: lituat? R. W. 

10 Cf. pag. 438 1. 31. R. W. 

Lapsa, brohte. 

Lacerna, hacele, odde lotha. 

Lymphatico, wedendc. 10 

Lien, milte. 
SLucunar, flode. 11 

Locium, ate. 

Limn, reowe. 

Lena, reowe. 

Lena tinea, linen reowe. 
10 Lithargiam, gimynde biniming. 13 

Lienosis, miltcodu. 14 

Lienteria, mete utsihd. 15 

Ligamentum, onwritung. 16 

Ligatura, sarclad. 
15 Libri iuris, aebec. 

Lex, folcraedenne, sine eallcs folccs 

Legatum, gewriten yrfe. 

Legaturius, gewriten yrfewcard. 
20 Locatio, behyrung sine behyred feoh. 

Lumentum, sape. 

Lotium, hlond. 

Lana sucida, unawaxen wul. 

Lectio, bocrseding. 
25 Lectores, bocrasderas. 

Lyrici, scopas. 

Liberi, suna. 

Lumbi, hupbanan. 

Lacus ubi frugum liquor decurrii, id 
30 est winmcre sine wincole. 

Limits, slim. 

Lolium, lasur. 

Linea, rihtebred. 

Leuidensis, thynwcfen hrsegl. 17 
35 Lebes, lytel cytel. 

Licinius, weoce. 18 

Leptefilos, hymlic. 19 

Laterculum, belenc. 

11 Read : lacunar. R. W. 

12 Read: Icena or Una. Cf. next line. 

R W. 

13 Read: Icthargiam. R. W. 

14 Cf. pag. 113 1. 11. R. W. 
" Cf. pag. 113 1. 25. R. W. 

16 Read: onwridung. R. W. 

17 Cf. pag. 151 1. 23. R. W. 
19 Read: licinium. R. AV. 

19 Read: septefilos. Cf. pag. 295 1. 28. 
R. W. 




Lappatium, doccc. 
LfCtttyride, lybcorri. 
Lapadiun^ lelodre. 1 
Lassar uel ccsdre, gyjjrife. 2 
Ludiuaga, wandricndu. 
Latibulum, sy return. 

Machinam, searocr&ft. 
Molimen, searo. 
Moliuntur, syrwad. 
Memoriale, eowres gemyndclicau, 
Mentis, modes, gleawnes. 
Mucrone, sweorde. 
Mucronibus, sweordurn. 
Mulsce, Jjasre miliscan. 
Macheram, sweord. 
Munificentiam, festnunge. 
Malagma, Isecedome, clame. 
Meri, J)3es daman wines. 
Mala, seppel. 
Mains, apuldor. 
Mestam, })a unrotuu. 
Mala granata, zeppelcyrnlu. 3 
Malifer, gepelbere. 
Monarckiam, anwald. 
Molaribus, griudetojnim, tuxum. 
Macheram, mece.* 
Mucrone, mece.5 
Municipes, burhwarc. 
Manipulatim, heapmselum. 
Maniplis , h eap u m . 
MulioniS) hors|)egnuB. 
Manipulo, lieape. 
Mentam . ., gema . . . 
Minutatwi) styccemaslum. 
Memlratim, limroselum. 
Malleoli, })ara spaca speldra.e 

1 So the MS. Cf. pag. 298 1. 13. It. W. 

2 Read: laser. I. is used as well in 
Anglo-Saxon as in Latin. Cf. pag. 54 1. 
42 and pag. 439 1. 3:?. R. W. 

3 This is probably one of the glossa- 
tor's errors. ^Eppelcyrnlu would mean an 
applekernel or pippin. He was unacquain- 
ted with pomegranates. 

4 Cf. 1. 16. R. W. 

5 Cf. 1. 13 and 14. R. W. 

6 Cf. Bosw. D. 660. R. W. 

Morarum, ieldiuga. 

Morosa, eldendlice. 

Manubias, herereaf. 

Macilento, gehlaenedum. 
5 Moenia, weallas. 

Moema, 1 stangetiinbru. 

Magnificum, micellic. 

Matrone, J)sere hlafdiau. 

Municipum, 13 burhscipe. 
10 Municipatu, burhrseddenne. 

Municipium, J)ere burge. 

Mandibularum, geagla. 

Minaretur, beotode. 

Mactus, se inyrwa, eced. 
15 Musitantes, {)a runiendan. 

Mancum, anhende. 

Mandras, locu. 8 

20 Mastigiis, leadesclynum, leadstafum. 

Minacem, [ja ormastan. 

Merita, geeanmnga- 

Macta, J)a mageectan. 10 

Matrimonia, hajraedgemanan. 
25 Muliercule, earmura wife.* 

Marginem, ofor. 

Marginibus, ofruui. 

Mitescere, growan, milescian. 

Marsupia, seodas. 
30 Mediocri, gnej>re. 

Marsum, wyrmgalere. 11 

Meckarum, 12 dyrnlieendra. 

Mecham, forlegisse. 

Mariyrizauit, {jrowode. 
35 Marts, wyrmhaslseras. 

Munuscula, lac. 

Magestratibus, 13 caldormanna. 

7 This word is clearly written with m 
in the MS. 

8 Mandra denotes a team, set of hor- 
ses, of mules etc. The meaning of loc is 
a fold. R W. 

9 The next words have become entirely 
illegible. R. W. 

10 Cf. Bosw. D. 44j. R. W. 

11 Cf. 1. 35. R. W. 

12 Read: m&charuin. Cf. next line. 

R. W. 

13 So has the MS. R. W. 




Militia, wigrofes dugude. 1 

Matronalis, J)a3re hiwlican. 

Muricibus, wurmum. 

Mitre, eowre haettas. 

Meticulosis, J)a3m forhtiendlicum. 

Manice, slyfan. 

Maturius, tidlicor, hraedlicor. 

Mastigias, da laela. 2 

Mastigium, swipan. 

Magnopere, naht swide. 

Metricam^ eorj)gemet. 

Musicam, swinsungcrasft. 

Mechanicam, laececrasft. 4 

Matertere, modrigaii. 

Matertera mea materna, minre mod- 

rigan moder. 
Memorant, gernunad. 
Marcescunt, forwaerniad. 
Marcida, J)a forwisnedan. 
Manors, wig, odde gefeoht. 
Maforte, scyfla. 5 
Mafortibus, scyfelum. 
Manica, glof. 
Manicula, glof. 
Manitegnim, lim. 6 
Maceratus, [jreatende. 
Manubium, waelreaf. 
Manticum, handfulbeowaes.7 
Mascus, 8 grima. 
Muscat, 9 egesegriina. 
Masca, grima* 
Marsopicus, fina. 

1 Read: wigrodes. R. W. 

3 Icela means: scars, marks from beat- 
iug; mastigium a whip, scourge. Cf. next 
line and pag. 441 1. 20. R. W. 

3 Read : geometricam (arttm) or yco- 
rnetriani. R. \V. 

* The glossator translated medicam (ar- 
tem). R. W. 

* Cf. pag. 31 1. 24. R. W. 
Read : manutergium. R. W. 

7 Cf. pag. 31 1. 36. It. W. 

8 So has the MS. R. W. 

9 Read : masca. Cf. pag. 29 1. 8. It. W. 

10 An error for murana? It. W. 

11 Read: maialis. Cf. pag. 271 1. :!2. 

R. W. 

12 Cf. pag. 271 1. 18 and pag. 298 1. 29. 

It. W. 

Marruca, snegl. 10 

Magialis, bearug. 11 

Malistis, scyhend. 

Mastice, hwitcweodu. la 
5 Marubium, hune, odde beowyrt. 

Matrix, quitha. 13 

Marsmar, tig. 14 

Mantega, tig. 15 

Marsius, loge{)er. 16 
10 Macilentus, gefaasted. 17 

Macilia, eagflea. 

Merula, drostle. 

Meg ale, hear ma. 18 

Mendaciof conposito, gerenode. 
\5Metricus, meterwyrhta. 

Mesaulum, cafertuu. 

Miluus, glida. 

Mimopara, deofscip. 19 

Milium, mil. 
20Mitra, hast. 20 

Mitras, haettas. 

Miniaci, hlifendre. 21 

Molles, fam, hwastas. 

Morgit, milcet. 22 
25 Mossiclum, ragu. 23 

MoUbuSj ormetum. 24 

Morenula, ael. 

Mora, heorutberge. 25 

Murica, gespan. 
SQMunila, beah. 26 

Musiranus, screawa. 27 

Mugil, hacod, odde heardra. 

13 Cf. pag. 159 1. 28. R. W. 

14 So has the MS. Read: Mars, martis. 

R. W. 

15 Cf. pag. 32 I. 17. It. W. 

16 Cf. Bosw. D. 42y. R. W. 

17 Cf. pag. 441 1. 4. R. W. 

18 Cf. pag. 32 1. -28. R. W. 

19 Cf. pag. 32 1. 37. R. W. 
!0 Cf. pag. 442 1. 4. R. W. 

Cf. pag. 32 

38. R. W. 

Cf. pag. 33 . 2. R. W. 
Cf. pag. 33 .3. R. W. 
Cf. pag. 33 . 5. R. W. 
Cf. pag. 33 . 12. R. W. 
Read: monilia. Cf. pag. 33 1. 18. 
R. W. 
Cf. pag. 33 1. 22. R. W. 




Murus, 1 bremel. 

Myrtus, wir, wirtreow. 

Mystice, gerynelice. 

Mine, healfsester. 

Macies, hlasnnes. 

Munimentum, faestnung. 

Masculinum, wsepnedcyn. 

Mutuo, borge, odde wrixle. 

Mina, drif. 

Musac* bleostsening. 

Malo ingenio, yfele ordance, 

Masdi, magan. 

Mutuare, wrixlan, hlaenan. 

Mutare, hrsedlicrc. 

Molestus, unyj)e. 

Molestissimum, earfodlicost. 

Murenulas, mynas. 

Monstra, scinlac. 

Mutilum, hnot. 

Mutilatis, hnottum. 

Mergulis, scealfor. 

Mursopiciusj fina. 3 

Musca, fleoge. 

Murenula, gel. 

Microchosmos, se Isessa middangeard 

Mala, ceacan. 

Maxilla, ceacan. 

Mentem, cinn. 

Mandibulas, cinban. 

Mantis, hand. 

Mammille, tittas. 

Medulla, mearh. 

MeaMs* utgau. 

Mel, hunig. 

Moros, slan. 

Mento, minte. 

Mentastruiii, cal mintan cyu. 

Malua, hocleaf. 

Malua, hoc, cottuc. 

Metallum, clymprc. 

1 Cf. pag. 33 1. 34. R. W. 

2 Mosaic, musiuus. The Anglo-Saxon 
word is curious enough, artistically. 

3 Read: marsopicus. Cf. pag. 286 1. 8. 

R. W. 

4 Read: meatus. R. W. 

5 For emissarius (equus). 

Massa, clyno. 

Misarius, 6 steda. 

MuhiSj mul. 

Molosus, rodhund, rydda. 
5 Millefolium, gearwe. 

Mensa, beod. 

Merum, hluttor win, oddc swerum. 

Mero, wine. 

Manile, laefel. 
10 Maniterwm? handlin. 

Matile, sceat. 7 

Melle dulci, leoht beor. 

Melopius, leodwyrhta.s 

Minium, gliw. 
15 Momentum, scutel. 9 

Mustella, wesle. 

Mus, mus. 

Messor, riftre. 

Muriceps, cat. 
20 Mollibus, hnescum. 

Manicabat, inorgenwacode. 

Metretas, gemetfatu. 

Munificentiam, cyste. 

Mergule, dopfugeles. 
25 Murice, wurma, weoloc. 

Melote, hredan. 10 

Murex, wurma. 11 

Musica, da dreamlican. 

Malleoli, tyndercyn. 
30 Matrice, cwidan. 12 

Mathematicorum, tunglera. 

Merulenta, da ahlytredan. 

Mancipium, J)ede. 

Missarum, sendnessa. 
35 Melancolice, da3S swear tan galgan. 13 

Monaptalmis, 13 jenegum. 

Marsorum, wyrmgalera. 14 

Manipulo, were. 

Malapunica, da Affricaniscau seppla. 
40 Melodiam, sealmsang. 

7 Read: mantile. R. W. 

8 Read: melopaiua. R. W. 

9 Cf. pag. 33 1. 4. R. W. 

10 Read: melotes. R. W. 

11 Cf. 1. 25. R. W. 

12 Cf. pag. 443 1. 6. R. W. 

13 A very literal translation of the Latiu 

PVOW.VW0 i ci^ tc-M/oy. j^. vc-ij iitClal blaUBlctvAUU vi 

6 For manutergium. (Cf. pag. 442 1. word, 
-o. R. W.) 14 Of. pag. 441 1. 31. R, W. 




Manipulares, cempan. 

Matricularis, Jjearfum. 

Modulare, singan. 

Modulabor, singe. 

Membrarum, filmena. 1 

Mirteta, wirgraefen. 2 

Maturesceret, weox. 

Marmora glauca, Jja hsewnan SECS. 

Munia, penunge, haese. 3 

Maculam, mal. 

Maculam pullam, pone sweartan 


Madentia, })a pan an. 
Molam, hweorfan. 
Martem, gefeoht. 
Misellis, earmum. 
Macerare, maegeregan, gehlaenian. 
Malis, msestum. 
Mercimonium, ceping. 
Mulceat, hnesce. 
Myrtea, denu.* 
Multate^ acwealde. 
Marcida, pa gescruncenan and J)a 

Morota, mageecte. 6 
Mascam, griming. 
Miserescat, gemiltsige. 
Melos, swinsunga. 
Melodia, swinsang. 
Mantilla, hacelan. 

Malas, haguswind^ odde punwangc. 
Multans, witniende. 
Meatusj fsereltu. 
Meat, faered. 

Menstrua , da monadlecan. 
Musica, pa gliwhleodriendlican. 
Murmur e, grymetnnge. 
Metallis, cladum. 
Metaplasmus, wlite. 

Madescunt, daniad and wsetigatf. 

MillenOj dusendlicre. 

Monoceros, anhyrne. 

Materia, [>aet oder antimber. 
5 Mitia, milde. 

Mandit, cted. 

Mando, ic ete. 

Madendum, lotendra. 

Mandeo, ic bite. 

10 Maculabat, ]}86t is sang on pset 

Murice, telge. 

Mefariam, 1 manigfealde. 

Mordax, bitende and slitcnde. 
15 Machina, weorc. 

Madidce, Jjsere druncnan. 

Musis, mid sangum. 

Madens, myltende. 

Manes, deadas and deadgodas. 
20 Mechus, gewemmend and forlicgend. 8 

Minuta, lytle. 

Morsum, bite. 

Modis, wrencum. 

Muttire, abyffan. 
25 Murotenus, wid done weall. 

Marcebat, Isenede. 

Minacibus, heum. 

MeretricaUtur, forliged. 

Manseres, filii meretricum.Q 
30 Mutulat, stommeted. 

Matrenas, godmodra. 10 

Marra, bill. 

Mastellas, stanbill. 

Muscus, treowes meos. 
, Jfil. 11 

Murenula, ssecel. 12 

Mugilis, sleow. 

Musculus, muscle. 

Metallum, bloma. 13 

1 Read : membranarum. R. AV. 
3 Cf. pag. 444 1. 2. R. W. 

3 Read: munera. R. W. 

4 Read: myrteta. R. AV. 

* Read: mulctate. Cf. 1. 32. R. W. 
\ Cf. pag. 441 1. 2. R. W. 
' Ttforrnultifariam, arising probably from 
misreading a contraction. 

8 Cf. pag. 441 1. 3? and 33. R. W. 

9 Read: manzeres (a word of Hebraic 
origin). R. W. 

10 Read : matronas. R. W. 

11 Cf. mulus pag. 180 1. 31. R. W. 

12 Cf. pag. 180 1. 30. R. W. 

3 The origin of onr modern terns bloom 
and bloomery, in tlio making of iron. (Cf. 
pag. 141 note I. R. W.) 




Malleus, slecg, hamur. 
Malleolus, hand hamur. 1 
Molaricus, spediende.2 
Mandibula, J)8et wange wid {>a ceocan 


Medius, middelfinger. 
Medicus, laecefinger. 
Mentedra, mudadl on goman. 3 
Myrteus, bleoread, musfealu. 4 
Mentagricus, tanede. 5 
Minctio, miging. 
Mordiculus, bitela. 6 
Morsus, snaed. 
Macetum, mealt. 
Mutinus, gadinca. 
Molitura, grist. 
Mula, 7 mylen. 
Molendarius, myleweard. 8 
Muniftcentia, est. 
Mellena, dusendmsele. 9 
Multlmodam, manigfealdne. 
Marsi, galdergalend. 10 
Matronalis, da wiflican. 
Melancolia, gealla. 11 
Metropolis, ealdorburh. 
Marginis, stsedum. 
Manum, menigdu. 
Medullata, gebatad. 
Morlariola, mortere. 
Mirstillago, cneowholen. 12 
Maura, elehtre. 13 

Metitur, wende. 14 

Medosa mandata, mid ligespelle. 15 

Machinis, wigcrseftum. 

Mussantes, J>33s wregendan. 
5 Meoitus, dohte. 

Matura satus^ swide ripe. 

Molita miram, daat gemynte irre. 

Munitum eastrum, da fsestan ceastre. 

Mas, ceorl. 
WMars, Tuu. 18 

Merx, med. 

Mango, ic menge. 

Minax, beotende. 

Madeo, J)8ene. 
\bMedor, lacnie. 

Meatim, minlice. 

Maiusculus, lytle. 

Margo, maenge. 

Madefactum, gehweted. 
20 Mares, waepnedman. 

Mitigaret, gestilde. 

Mantile, beodscyte, odde bcodsceat. 

Malagma, quod sine igne maceretur, 

et conprehendetur ; maceretur autem 

25 gecneden bid slue gebered bid, 

conprehendatur uero in heap bid 


Mandatum, handfasstnung. 

Mancipatio, handselen. 
30 Mutuum, mutung sine wrixlung. 

Merces, cype{)ing. 

1 This interpretation of malleolus is 
rather singular; the glossator evidently 
thought it was a mere diminutive of 
malleus, and in this sense the word was 
nsed in medieval Latin. 

2 Perhaps swediende in the MS. Of. 
Bosw. D. 71x. R. W. 

Cf. pag. 158 1. 26. R. W. 

Cf. pag. 168 1. 23. R. W. 

Cf. pag. 1(51 1. 7 and 28. R. W. 

Cf. pag. 122 1. 8. R. W. 

For mola. 

Opposite this word, in the margin, 
we have the letters reagV. Short abbre- 
viations of words thus placed are found 
not unfreqnently in the MS., which I have 
not printed because they seem to be mere 
private indications, perhaps, of a new book 
from which the glosses are taken, and they 

seem now to admit of no very intellig- 
ible interpretation. 

9 Read: millena. R. W. 

10 Cf. pag. 445 1. 37. R. W. 

11 Cf. pag. 445 1. 35. R. W. 

12 Cf. pag. 133 1. 27, pag. 269 1. 22, 
pag. 300 1. 12 and 1. 21. R. W. 

13 Cf. Cock. Ill, pag. 324. R. W. 

14 An error for mutatur ? R. W. 

15 Read: mendosa. R. W. 

16 Perhaps an error for meditatus? 

R. W. 

17 For satis. 

18 Or Tiw, the war-god of the Anglo- 
Saxon mythology, from whom we derive 
the name of Tuesday. He is here natur- 
ally enough identified with Mars. (Cf. 
pag. 32 1. 10. R. W.) 




Mercatus, ceapunggemot. 

Malum, wite. 

Matulinum, uhttid, sine beforan daege. 

Mane, sermergen. 

Mer idles, middaegtid. 

Morarius, begbeam, unde merota 

dicta; morarius etiam celsa uoca- 

tur, mora, hcec, commune nomen 

est, bergena. 
Macula, maescre. 
Momentana, helur. 1 
Momentum, helerunge.i 
Missa, msesse. 

Munera proprice, medsceattas. 
Mactatio, sniding. 
Magi, scinlsecan. 
Maides, 2 saeaalfenne. 
Miles ordinarius, anlang cempa, uel 

heanra cempa, idem gregarius. 
Manipulis, twahund cempena. 
Municipals, innihte beborene. 
Manumissus, gefreod. 
Manumissor, freotgifa. 
Matrona, haamedwif. 
Mater, anes cildes modor. 
Materfamilias, manigra cilda modur. 
Menstrum, monadblod. 
Murenam, merenaadre, Grece myrina 


Malleolus, sumerlida. 3 
Mioparo, hydscip.* 
Modius, maestCyst. 5 
Mataxa, wsede. 
Maciones, scylfas. 
Mastruga, haeden. 
Martisa, gebeaten. 
Melicratum, gemilscad win. 

Cf. Bosw. D. 35o and 35q. R. W. 
A blunder of the glossator for Naiades. 
Read: sumerlida (= malleoU). R. W. 
Read : myoparo. R. W. 
Modius denotes the hole in which the 
mast is fixed. R. W. 

Cf. pag. 128 1. 9. R. W. 
Cf. Bosw. D. 61. R. w. 
Cf. pag. 133 1. 20. R. W. 
Cf. Cock. Ill 327. R. W. 
Cf. pag. 134 1. 27. R, W. 

Mulsurum, gemilscad waeter. 

Medus, winberge te hunige awylled. 6 

Mozicia, sealtleaf. 7 

Melinum, geolu. 
5 Mentrati, fenminte. 

Museum, meose. 

Malumterra, galloc.s 

Manus fcerne, forreotes folm.9 

Mula, elene. 
1 Mandragina , {) u ng . 

Melleuna, meodowyrt. 10 

Merculialis, cedelc. 11 

Merculiaris, merce. 12 

Mentasri, feldminte. 13 

Nauiter, horslice, hwaetlice. 14 

Naucleri, scipweredes. 15 

Nectareum, }>one hunigtearlican. 

Neuorum, wensprynga, laala. 
20 Non desistunt, ne ablinnad, ne ateor- 

Normam uite, regol. 

Normam, regol. 

Nondum, na da git. 
25 Noualibus, wyrdelandum. 

Nimborum, wolcna. 

Naptarum, heordena, aabreda, 
acumba. 16 

Nuptiales, {>a giftelican. 
30 Nequiquam, holenga. 

Nutibus, beacnengum. 

Nundinarum, wicdaga, odde ceap- 

Negotium, scir. 
35 Notariorum, notwritera. 

Nausiam, wlatunge. 17 

Neofitus, niwancumen. 

11 Read: mercurialis. Cf. Cock. Ill 3 17. 

R. W. 

12 Cf. Cock. Ill 338. R. W. 

13 Read : mentarium. Cf. pag. 301 1. 30. 

R. W. 

14 The manuscript is so much defaced 
here that the correct reading of this word 
is very uncertain. (Cf. pag. 33 1. 38. R. W.) 

15 The glossator confounded nautcf, with 
naucleri. R. W. 

16 Cf. pag. 33 1. 40. R. W. 

17 Cf. pag. 33 1. 37. R. W. 





Nititur, he higode, odde tilode. 

Nepotum, sweostorbearna. 

Nee lenonum, leassponunge. 1 

Notitice, cyj)^e. 

Natalibus, gebyrdum. 

Nenias, leasspellunga. 

Natiua, acennedlicum. 

Naturn, acennedne. 

Nefandwn, J>aet god wrsece. 

Non mixta, se unmengeda. 

Nitebar, ic girnde. 

Notricaueritj ne geswiced. 

Ni torpens, sio .slawe. 

Nitar, ic onginne. 

Nastucium, tuncaerse. 2 

Napta, blsecteru. 8 

Napis, naep.* 

Napus, Englis nsep. 4 

Nabulum, fersescaet. 5 

Neptam, tynder.6 

Netila, 1 hearma. 

Nepctf hsefern.s 

Nitorium, spinl. 9 

Neo, ic spinne. 

Ninguitj sniwed. . 

Netum est, aspunnen is. 

Non subsciuum, unfsecne. 10 

Neent, spinnad. 

Notce, speccan. 

Non neunt, ne spinnad. 

Norma, rihtebred. 

Nugigerelus, serendwrecan unnyt- 


Nux, hnutbeam, odde walhhnutu. 
Nugacitas, unnytnes. 

1 Cf. pag. 430 1. 21 and pag. 436 1. 12. 

R. W. 

2 Read: nasturtium. Cf. pag. 135 1. 
36 and pag. '270 1. 32. R. W. 

Cf. pag. 451 1. 27. R. W. 
Cf. pag. 135 1. 12 and 30. R. W. 
Cf. pag. 34 1. 3. R. W. 
Read: naphtam. Cf. 1. 16. 'R. W. 
An error for mitella, a sort of female 
headdress. (Cf. pag. 34 1. 6. R. W.) 
Cf. pag. 34 1. 7. R. W. 
Cf. pag. 34 1. 14. R. W. 

10 So has the MS. R. W. 

11 Read: nuclei, Cf. next line. R. W. 

Nucli, cyrnlas. 11 

Nucleus, cyrnel. 

Non placui, ic ne gecwemde. 

Nisus, tilgende. 
5 Nauticos, nedlingas. 12 

Nauta, nedling. 12 

Non adquieuit, ne gedafode. 

Non abnui, ic ne wi]}soc. 

Nouerca, steopmodur. 
W Ne cuncteris, ne lata J)u. 

Noctua, ule. 

Nocticorax, nihthremn. 13 

Naris, nosu 

Nates, earsenda. 
15 Nigra spina, slahdorn. 14 

Nasturtium, leaccserse, 15 id est, tun- 

Nicalalbum, milisc 89ppel. 16 

Non detracta, ne forsace ic. 17 
20 Nauacula, scyrseax. 18 

Nanus, were. 19 

Ne uellitis, ne willad ge. 

Non cognoscebat, ne grette. 

Non peram, ne fsetels. 
25 Nuruum, snoru. 20 

Nequiores, wyrsan. 

Nummularior, mynetera. 21 

Nuptias, giming. 

Nandscunt, begitad. 
SONardo, elesealf. 

Non ut passiuis, nales swa wide. 

Neuorum, wlitewomma. 

Nutabunda, wagiende. 

Neuter ids, paarn niwum. 22 
35 Nemoribus, bearwum. 

12 The meaning of nedling is: a slave, 
servant. R. W. 

13 Cf. pag. 132 1. 3. R. W. 

14 The black-thorn, the thorn which pro- 
duces sloes. 

15 Cf. pag. 452 1. 15. R. W. 

16 Cf. pag. 269 1. 28. R. W. 

17 Read: dttraeto. R. W. 

18 Read: novacula. R. W. 

19 Read: dwero, or dwerg. R. W. 

20 Read: nurum. R. W. 

21 Read: numularius. Cf. pag. 34 1. 29. 

R. W. 

22 Read : neotericis. R. W. 




Nebulis, scinlaecan. 

Non calcitres, ne spornette jw. 

Nugaciter, unnytlice. 

Neclunt, bundan. 

Neophytus, se niwa. 

Nodosi, ostihtum. 

Nodus j ost. 1 

Nicolatis, palmsepla. 

Naufragauerunt, gedurfan. 

Non dissona, nalles ungerade. 

Numina, gild. 

Nardi pistici, {)8ere getrywan ele- 


Nenias, bismerleod. 
Nexibus, salum. 
Non tricauerit, ne leted. 
Natricis, naedrum. 2 
Natrix, nsedre. 
Nutu, meahte. 

Nee balsamorum, ne crismena. 
Non cunctante, ne tweoge. 
Nanctus, begitende. 
Ni forsan, nimde wen wsere. 
Nuturn, willan. 
Nee Backus, ne wines god. 3 
Nilotica, sio JEgiptisce. 
Nodatis, gecnyttum. 
Non usquam, neowerno, nawern. 4 
Nodos, bende. 
Nat } swam, swimd. 
Nectantem, bindende. 
Nantes, swimmende. 
Nummismate, mynete. 
Necessitudinum, neadsibba. 
Notabiliter, tselwyrdlice. 
Non refragabatur, no widdon. 
Nyctilia, nihtgild. 
Nymphas, gydena. 

1 The MS. has nudus or nodus. R. W. 

2 So has the MS. R. W. 

3 The Anglo-Saxon mythology has uot 
a goi answering exactly to Bacchus. 

4 Cf. Bosw. 48i and 48*. R. W. 

5 Cf. Nr. XII, XLVIII. R. W. 

6 Cf. Nr. XII, XXXIX and LXIX. 

R. W. 

7 Cf. pag. 456 1. 14. R. W. 

8 Several different interpretations of the 
word nectar occur in these and following 

Non quibat, ne meahte.s 

Natam, dohtor. 

Non cunctante, no latiendum. 

Nactus, begiotende. 
5 Nati, suna. 

Numen, sunu, odde meahte. c 

Non cessit, no abeag. 

Nitria, J)set is of leadre. 7 

Notetur, sio geleahtrad. 
10 Nee minus, mete gemseres. 

Nebulam, scingedwolan. 

Nectar, win, J)one swetan smasc.s 

Nectare, wingedrince. 

Nauta, sciprowend. 
15 Nauita, scip. 9 

Nauigeros, J)a sciplidendan. 

Nimbis, stormum. 

Naualia, scipro|>or. 

Nectar, hunig, odde mildeaw. 
20 Neuis, wommum. 

Nefandas, da unasecgendlican. 

Noxax, leahtras. 10 

Non scando, ne astige ic. 

Nunc, hwilum. 
25 Neunemo, torrebrande. 2 

Niuibus, snawum. 

Non uereor, no ic me onsitto. 

Nilotica, }>a Egiptisce. 11 

Nepa, crabba, odde hsefern. 12 
30 No trano, no ic fleoge. 

Noxam, gylt. 13 

Non uergo, ne ga ic on setl. 

Non errantes, rihtwise. 

Necarent, cwealdon. 
35 Nimbo, scure. 

Nemphe, cudlice. 14 

Nitatur, tilige. 

Non retur, ne denied he. 

articles, and the compiler of these glosses 
\ras evidently very doubtful about its true 

9 Read: sciper, or scipmon. R. W. 

10 Read: noxias. R. W. 

11 Cf. pag. 454 1. 26. R. W. 

12 Cf. pag. 34 1. 7. R. W. 

13 Cf. 1. 22 and pag. 456 1. 7. R. W. 

14 Read: nempe. R. W. 




Nigro colore, ])a blacan betlas. 1 

Nisa, wreded. 

Nuda, nacod and ceald. 

Non pigra, unlset. 

Non gratus, no liofwende. 

Ne uioler, J>aet ic ne sie besmiten. 

Noxam, dare. 

Nemoris, bearwes. 

Nothus, sudan wind, odde dooc, 

hornungsunu. 2 
Nodorum, rapa. 
Non abortabit, no miscalfad. 8 
Ne innitaris, ne gilp du. 
Nitrum, leader. 
Nasus, nosu. , 
Nares, nsesj)yrel. 
Natius, dunu. 
Nectar, frummeoluc. 4 
Nanciscuntur, andfindende. 
Normulis, gemetum. 
Numquit, 5 ac J)u cwidst. 
Natilicium, gecynda. 
Nodaretur, gefasstnod. 
Nubigenu, wolcenwyrcende.6 
Nuptef bryd. 
Nauarcas, scipmen. 7 
Numine, leso. 8 
Numquam sunt sera, ne beod sefre to 


Nudapes, bserfisce. 9 
Nidore, stence. 
Nex, cwealm. 

Non dissimulamus, ne Ia3tad we. 
Nyctalmus, 10 nihteage. 

Nuncupatio^ est undyrne yrfebec. 

Nerui, fotcopsas. 

Nonce, ceapdagas, a nundinis; idus, 

swaesenddagas, ab edendo. Ise- 

5 meria Greci cequinoctium uocant. 

Neuum, weargebraede. 11 

Nicromantia, J>urh deades witgung. 

Nymfce, waster aslfenne. 12 

Naides, sseaelfenne. 12 
1Q Nodus, getrum. 

Numerarii, gafeles andfendgend. 5 

Nepos, sun a sunu, neptis; pronepus, 
Jjridda sunu, proneptis. 

Nuculeus, siue nucleus, haeslhnute 
15 cyrnel. 

Nam siluatica, smerowyrt. 

Nepita, nepte. 13 

Nymphea, colloncrog, 14 

20 OUutus, gesihd. 

Oracula, gespreco. 

Obsequia, denunga. 

Olfactum, stenc, swaec. 

Odoratus, swsec. 
25 Opulentique, J>aere wistgifendan. 

Obrizum, J)aet smaete. 15 

Obliterantes, adiligiende, forgitende. 

Oblectamenta, lustfulnes. 

Obriza lammina, J>a smgete gyldnan 
30 cladas. 

Opinatur, wend. 

Ob indaganda, fore to aspyrianne. 

Operculis, oferwrigelsum. 

Operam, girnesse. 

1 betlas has no Latin equivalent. 

R. W. 

3 No doubt, in the original text in which 
this \vord stood, it was notus, the south 
wind, and was glossed as such, but in the 
debased orthography of medieval Latin, 
another glossator seems to have supposed 
it might be nothus, a bastard. 

3 In the text where this gloss was found, 
the word abortare was no doubt used in 
a restricted sense, as applied to a cow, 
and hence it is interpreted, to miscalve. 

4 Another guess at the meaning of the 
word nectar. 

5 So has the MS. R. W. 

e i. e. begotten of a cloud, applied to 
the Centaurs, as the offspring of Ixion and 
the cloud. 

7 Read : nauarchos. R. "W. 

8 Cf. Sommer's Diet. R. W. 

9 Read: bsrfot. R. W. 

10 Ducange supposes this to be a cor- 
ruption of nyctalops, i. e. seeing by night. 

11 Cf. Bosw. pag. 88 . R. W. 

12 i. e. water-elves and sea-elves, a cur- 
ious bit of illustration of our Anglo -Saxon 
popular mythology. 

13 Read: nepeta. R. W. 

14 Cf. Cock. Ill, pag. 319. R. W. 

15 Cf. pag. 34 1. 40. R. W. 




OboUsci, stanrocces. 1 

Obscenitatis, fracodnesse. 

Oraculum, spsec. 

Qraculorum, spreca. 

Obliqua, scytehealden. 

Cremate, gastlicre gesihde. 2 

Occa, furh, fylging, walh. 

Opinatissimus, se hliseadgesta. 

Oriundus, ypped. 

Orthodoxis, rihtgeleaffullum. 

Occasione, intingan. 

Ob detectum, J>sere onwrigenan. 

Obuncabat, oferfeng. 

Gbrutos, oferhrerede. 

Olosericis, mid eall seolcenum. 3 

Oratores, J>ylses. 

Obstinatam, anwille. 

Obsecundans, hierende. 

Qfenderet, abulge. 

Ordiretur, wses awefen. 

Obeuntem, J)a fordfarenan. 

Ob potiorem, forsemeran. 4 

Obtemperare, hyrsumian. 

Obstipuit, forhtode, ofercymen wees. 

Orbibus, hringum. 

Obsccene, J)3ere fulan. 

Obscena, pa ladlecan. 

Obsidione, fsestenne, and ofsetenesse. 

Offam, snaed. 

Obolitio, ej)ung. 

Obrepiione, cireopunge. 

Obomates, gesidas. 

Obuncans, gecnyclede. 

Read: obelisci. R. W. 
Read: oramate or horamate. 
Read: holosericis. R. W. 
So has the MS. R. W. 

R. W. 

Cf. pag. 35 . 9. R. W. 

Cf. pag. 35 .10. R. W. 

Cf. pag. 35 .12. R. W. 

Cf. pag. 35 .15. R. W. 

Cf. pag. 35 . 20. R. W. 

Cf. pag. 35 1. 21. R. W. 

Cf. pag. 35 1. 23. R. W. 

Read: occiput. Cf. pag. 35 1. 26. 
R. W. 

Cf. pag. 35 1. 27. R. W. 

Steel. Occearium is apparently a cor- 
ruption of aciarmm, explained as meaning 
indurata ferri acies. 

Obestrum, beost. 

Obesca, beost. 

Obunca, crump. 

Obuix, widerstal. 5 
5 Obligamentum, lyb, lyfesn. 6 

Obiecte, ongenseteJ 

Obsedatuf gisldu. 

Obtinuit, ofercom. 

Obiectionibus, gestalum. 
10 Obex, ogengel.9 

Obicula, geocsticca. 10 

Occupauit, onette. 

Ocreis, banbeorgum. 11 

Occipui, hnecca. 12 
15 Occabat, egede. 18 

Occearium, style. 14 

Ojfendit, mette. 

Officit, wyrde. 15 

Of firmans, claemende. 16 
20 Ogastrum, seggemang. 17 

Oligia, nette. 18 

Olor, swon, ilfetu, swan. 

Olastrum, stsef. 

Omnimoda, seghwylce })inga. 19 
25 Omentum, massa. 

Onocratulus, fealefor. 20 

Opere plumario, besiwed federge- 
weorc. 21 

Oppilate, besparrade. 
30 Oridanum, elene. 

Orcus, ore, |)yrs, odde heldeofol. 22 

Oripilato, cylewearte. 23 

Oresta, drses. 24 

15 Cf. pag. 35 1. 31. R. W. 

16 Cf. pag. 35 note 4. R. W. 

17 Cf. pag. 35 1. 32. R. W. 

18 Cf. pag. 35 1. 34. R. W. 

19 Read: omnimodo. R. W. 

20 A fieldfare. The Latin is a corrup- 
tion of onocrotalus, which, however, means 
a different bird from a fieldfare. 

21 Cf. pag. 36 1. 8. R. W. 

22 Orcus was a name for Pluto, the god 
of the infernal regions, hence we can easily 
understand the explanation of heldeofol. 
Ore, in Anglo-Saxon, like thyrs, means a 
spectre, or goblin. 

23 Cf. pag. 36 1. 14. R. W. 
21 Cf. pag. 36 1. 13. R. W. 




Orbita, hweoglrad. 

Ortigomera, erschen. 

Or, onginnende. 

Orece, fraene. 

Oscille, totridan. 

Osma, swice. 

Ostriger, brunbaso.i 

Onustus, gehlseden. 

Oram, Iseppan. 

Occubuit, gecrang. 

Obrigesceret, astifode. 

Obtuperabitis, gedemad, and telad 

Osdtauit, sworette. 

Obriguerunt, astifedan. 2 

Oppansum, a{)ened. 

Ophiomachus, broc. 

Obelus, scilling. 8 

Ossifragus, herefong. 

Onocratarum^ raredumle. 

Ostrea, ostre. 

Oculus, cage. 

0, mud. 

Oscedo, raudcodu. 

Oss, 5 ban. 

Onentem, midhryj)ere. 

Oliua, elebeam. 

Oleaster, windeltreow. 

Oleastri, eletwiges. 

Ortus pomorum, apuldcrtun. 

Ortus olerum, 6 leahtun. 

Ostrum, wurma, read godweb. 

Omganum, 1 wurmille. 

Officina, smidde. 

Olatrum, scafa. 

Ordeum, bere. 8 

Olla, greoua. 

Omelias, sprsece. 9 

1 Cf. pag. 36 1. 28. It. W. 
3 Cf. 1. 11. R. W. 
3 Read: obolus. R. W. 
* For onocrotalus, a bittern. (Cf. pag. 
260 1.1. R. W.) 

5 So has the MS. R. W. 

6 A herb-garden. Of course, in this and 
the preceding article, ortus is a mere cor- 
ruption of hortus. 

7 For origanum. 

6 Read: hordeum. R. W. 
9 Read: homelias, R. W. 

Orthodoxies, wuldorlic. 

Onix, blere. 

Obstupum, feorstudu. 10 

Olimpiacif pses pleglican. 11 
5 Orbes, orbibus, hringa, hohhwyrfinge. 

Ortagraphorum, rihtwriterum. 12 

Oppilatum, gedyrned. 

Obliqua curuatura, sio scytehealde 

10 Obcognate, J>aere sibban. 

Oportunus, sio tidlice. 

Obuncabat, ymbclypte. 

Obsidem, gisl. 

Obses, gisl. 
15 Operepretium, rsed. 13 

Oculum, sprece. 14 

Ordine prepostero, onwendedre ende- 

Olfactoriola, {>e hiera elesealfa on- 
20 waeran. 

Ostro, telge, deage. 16 

Ostentationis, gylpes. 

Obstacula, widsteallas. 

Obstrusus, deagol. 
25 Opace, deagle. 

OraS) ofras. 

Ora, andwlita. 

Occellorum, egna. 17 

Oppetere, gecrang. 
30 Ordo, hade. 

Oramina, gebedo. 18 

Ocius, radc. 

Opacisj J)8em diglum. 

Obesus, fset. 
35 Organa, Jjeotan. 

Orbes, heofinga. 19 

Olo, eall. 20 

Read: obstipum. R. W. 

1 Cf. Nr. XII, I. R. W. 

2 Read: orthographorum. R. W. 

3 Cf. Nr. XII, XXX. R. W. 

4 Read: oraculum. R. W. 

* Cf. Nr. XII, XXXVI. R. W. 

6 Cf. Nr. XII, XLII. R. W. 

7 Read : ocellorum. 

8 Cf. Nr. XII, LXX. R. W. 

9 Cf. 1. 5. R. W. 

ao Read : olos or olon (= holos, holon). 
R. W. 




Obeuntem, sweltende. 

Oppido, swide. 

Oraret, wyrdade. 

Oppeteret, swulte odde feolle. 

Opimus, se strengese. 1 

Qctena, eahta sidum. 

Opimis, mid J)3em genihtsumestan. 

Olimpi, roderes. 2 

Octauam, strselas. 3 

Odas, leod. 

Opimum, J)3et wiolie. 4 

Olidas, {>a fulan. 

Ocumbat, aswelte. 

Obliquat, fyred. 

Oceano, on garsecgc. 

Oreo, deade. 

Oppida, tunas. 

Oppidani, burhsetan. 

Ostriger, tselberend. 5 

Origo, frymd. 

Occidat, aswelte. 

Olim, iu, fyrn. 

Obsequitur, folgad. 

Obrasum, ascaefen. 

Obulum, sceat. 6 

Oscitantes, ganiende. 

Obtigit, gelamp. 

Obtani, 1 geara gewunan odde ge 

Oraria, orelu 
Orbita, sol. 1 
Ofella, spiceshis. 7 
Ornus, eow. 
Ouicula, lytel sceap. 
Oppilius, scephyrde. 8 
Ouile, sceapahus. 
Omina, hwata. 

1 So has the MS. R. W. 

* The Anglo-Saxon glossator of course 
took Olympus for heaven. 

3 The glossator did not translate octa- 
uam, strsel means sagitta, telum. R. W. 

4 wiolie == weolig. R. W. 

* Cf. pag. 460 1. 7. R. W. 

6 Cf. pag. 460 1. 17. R. W. 

7 The meaning of ofella is a bit, little 
bit. R. W. 

8 Read : opilio. R. W. 

9 Read: obryzummftallum. Theglossa- 

Ortodoxice, J)8es rihtgely fdan geleafan. 

Obrirum metallum, asoden weax. 9 

Olidarum, unsyfra. 

Opriant, onscyniad. 10 
5 Ob quam rem, fore folcum. 

Oppilauit, betynde, gegiscde. 

Onocharois, ancorlic setl. 11 

Obruerunt, slogon. 

Obstergunt, on wega dydan. 
10 Obstrictas, forfyldan. 

Occulit, gehydde. 12 

Obpositum, 1 widerbrecan. 

Orbata, benumen. 

Opisy meahte. 
15 Origanum, wurmillse. 

Obtenuit, begeat. 

Ordinatissimam, J)a gesettan. 

Obnixe, geornlice. 

Obligamentum, lyb. 
20 Occas, fealga. 

Occiput, hracca. 

Obpressus, ofercumen. 

Obpressit, ofercom. 

Olla aenea, cytel ; sed ideo additus 
25 aenea quia est et olla jictilis, id 
est crocca. 

Olagraphum, testamentum est, call 
writene yrfebec. 

Obuoluere, bewsefan. 
30 Omelice uerba, folclare. 

Ostiarii, duruweardas. 

Oreades, wuduselfenne. 

Origanum, feltwurma. 14 

Opratanum, wselisc. 15 
35 Opifera, helpendrap. 16 

Ostriago, lidwyrt. 17 

Ortica, netele. 18 

tor did not understand the Latin text. R. W. 

10 Read: operiant. R. W. 

11 Read: anachoresis. R. W. 
13 Read: occuluit. R. W. 

13 Read: olographum or holographum. 

R. W. 

14 Cf. pag. 136 1. 30 and pag. 299 1. 
19. R. W. 

15 Read: abrotanum. R. W. 

16 Opifer answers to helpend-brer, R. W. 

17 Cf. pag. 302 1. 3. R. W. 

18 Read: vrtica. R. W. 




Oxylapatium, sio scearpe docce. 1 
Ocimum, mlstel. 2 
Optalmon, magope. 3 
Offensa, forhaelde. 

Paucorum, feara.4 

Passiuus, sio widgille. 5 

Proreta, foresteora. 

Propinaret, fordscencte. 

Prestulanti, onbidendum. 

Per augustam, Jwrh past rume. 

Propositi, ingehygdes. 

Panuclis, weflum. 

Punica, J)a Affricaniscan. 

Prestare, forestandan. 

Perpes, swift. 

Promontorio, foremunte. 

Posteritatem, aefterweardnesse. 

Propensius, geornlicor. 

Peripsema, geswaepa. 

Pelta, plegscylde. 

Phalanx, firdwerod. 

Prosapia, tuddor. 

Per atauos, J>urh ildran faederas. 

Parsimonia, gnednes. 

Practices, paere dorlecan. 

Prerogatiuam, sundorweordunge. 

Plantaria, plantunga, seten. 

Prostibuli, geligeres. 

Preoccupetur, geonet odde geefest. 

Prescius, forewis. 

Prediti, gewelegode. 

Prefectures,, scire. 

Paradigma, bispel, bysene. 

Pululantes, upspryttende. 

Penticotharcos, G ealdormen, uel quin- 


Promulgatur, fordypped. 
Proceritatis, legen.7 
Procumberet, gefeoll. 
Portentorumque, foretacna. 

1 Cf. pag. 136 1. 35. R. W. 

2 Cf. pag. 299 1. 28. R. W. 

3 Cf. pag. 300 1. 11. R. W. 

4 So written in the manuscript, but 
evidently an error for feawa. 

5 Cf. Nr. XII, XLI1I. R. W. 

6 A corruption of pentecontarchtis (xev- 

Portendentes, becnende, tacniende. 

Puberes, cnihtas, geonglingas. 

Pulmentum, fosternod. 8 

Pronepotum, fornefena. 
5 Penitudinis, hreowsunge. 

Paranymplius, drihtguma. 

Propalat, openiende. 

Pastinantem, settende. 

Precipuum, seo healice. 
10 Pubescens, weaxende, fordframiende. 

Pausantis, pa restendan. 

Pubesceret, pah. 

Per ienera, durh da my r wan. 

Petulantiam, galnesse. 
15 Prestrigias, 9 wiccecraeftas, scinhiw. 

Politissimis, dses smicerestan, and 
J3es smedestan. 

Philosophice, wisdomes. 

Philargiria, gifernesse. 
20 Penniger, feperberend. 

Probrosas, onscuniendlican. 

Presago, mid witedomes. 11 

Prouenerunt, gelumpen. 

Palmitum, telgena. 
25 Periclitatur, frecelsod. 

Propinquitatis, nehsibbe. 

Prerogatiua, sundorgife. 

Probrosum, onscuniendlic. 10 

Preconia, maarnessa. 
30 Pollesceret, dunge. 

Probrosis, facenfullum. 

Pallor, blaaco. 

Procaciter, awille. 

Profugus, flima. 
35 Proficiscens, ferende. 

Potiretur, wacs brucende. 

Profanare, gewidlian. 

Pendiculo, segne. 

Pedetemtim, 11 faegere, lipelice. 
40 Palestrarum, gestrynga, plegstowa. 

Preses, gerefa. 

)) a commander of fifty men. 

7 An error for: lenge? R. W. 

8 Cf. Nr. XII, IIII. R. W. 

9 Sic, for prcestigias. The word occurs 
again in the next column. 

10 Cf. 1. 21. R. W. 

11 So has the MS. R. W. 




Preside, heahgerefan. 
Patrocinium, mundbyrde. 
Perfidorum, treowleasra. 
Puplica, 1 openlecre. 
Proscriptionem, forewritenesse. 
Procaciter, bealdlice. 
Promiscui, gehwaederes. 
Prcestigia, scincraefte. 
Putamina, |>a hnyglan. 2 
Pluma, fe])ere. 

ParasitiSy geneatum, geso))um. 
Putores, fulnesse. 
Pignus, beam. 

Propugnaculum, breostgebeorh. 
Perpetitur, raefnde. 
Phanaticce,i godgildlicre. 3 
Processere, fordeodan. 
Patrimonium, faedergestreona. 
Per tanta, Jnirh swa manigera. 
Procul, longe. 
Penitus, longe. 

Prope modum, neah and efene. 
Probauit, gecydde. 
Predict, sundorland. 

Pedisequas, J)inenna. 

Parentelce, faederen, cnosles. 

Proserpinam, gydene. 6 

Peritiam, gleawnesse. 
5 Presbiteri, recceras. 

Parricida, maegmyr^ra. 

Puplicum, cynestraete. 7 

Proper 'are, efstan. 

Pertesum, swide lang. 
\QPortunalia, J>a hydlican. 8 

Possessurm, gesittende. 

Pittacia, aerendgewrito.9 

Passim, welhwser. 

Preposteroj oncirredre. 
15 Patronus, mundbora. 

Papulose, })83re folcwelegan. 

Plausu, dasm plegan. 

Paruit, hirde. 

Parentibus, hirsumiendum. 
20 Purulentus, wurmsi. 10 

Parricidium, myr^runge. 11 

Probabilis, hergendlic. 12 

Palmam, sigores. 

Propago, tudor, odde cyn. 

Pro foribus, beforan J>aem durum. 25 Pompulenta, sio glenglice. 

Prepostero, aefterfylgendre. 
Piacula, synna, scylda. 
Plectro, scecele odde slegele. 
Plumemus, scecen we. 4 
Felices, cifesene. 
Pellexerint, beswicon. 
Procum, brydguma. 5 
Pateretur, lete. 
Phantasmate, scinhiwes. 

Probrum, hosp, lehter. 
Plasmatica, Jj33re frumheowunge. 
Peritoruui) witena. 
Periscelides, scancgegirelan. 
SOPertinax, anwille. 

Plenilunio, fullum mone. 
Presidio, mundbyrde, and fultome. 
Presumpsimus, we gejjristlaecton. 
Protelaretur, wass geelded. 13 

Prestantissimus, se betesta, and se 35 Progeniem, forecynren. 

fyrmesta. Presidet, wylt. 

Purpurescit, readode. Presagia, dihta, odde saga. 

Pedisequis, J)inennum. Prestantior, fromra. 

1 So has the MS. R. W. 

2 Cf. pag. 42 1. 14. R. W. 

3 Cf. pag. 236 1. 15. R. W. 

4 Cf. Nr. XII, XXVII. R. W. 

5 Cf. pag. 42 1. 5. R. W. 

6 It is hardly necessary to say that 
gydene, in Anglo-Saxon, means simply a 
goddess. The writer of these glosses ap- 
pears not to have had a very clear notion 
of the classical mythology. 

7 i. e. a king's road. 

6 Read portumnalia. Cf. Bosw. 39n. 
R. W. 

9 Pittacium, in medieval Latin, was used 
to signify a tablet on which messages were 
written to be sent as letters. 

10 Cf. Nr. XII, XLIII. R. W. 

11 Cf. 1. 6. R. W. 

13 This is the medieval meaning of the 
word probabilis. 

13 Protelaretur denotes : to defer, post- 
pone. R. W. 





Procax, frseuol, 1 odde litig. 

Precordia, forebreost. 

Portum, hyde. 

Patrauerat, J>a durhteah. 

Pretender e, geraecean. 

Partim, sume dsele. 

Palpitansj brodetende. 

Parce, wyrde. 2 

Papilio, fiffalde. 3 

Papula, wearte. 4 

Papiluus, eolugsecg.5 

Papila, wifel. 6 

Passos, gerostode. 7 

Palagra, secelma. 8 

Pastinaca, wealmore. 

Parula, mase. 

Pariulus, sinfulle. 9 

Pastellus, hunigaeppel. 

Papauer, popig. 

Pariter, gelice. 

Palmula, steorroder. 

Parruca, yce. 10 

Papulatores, horshyrdas. 11 

Perstrenue, framlice. 

Per seudoterum, ])urh ludget. 12 

Per uispellones, Jmrh byrgeras. 18 

Perpendiculum, colj>raed. 

Petigo, teter. 

Pelta, scyld. 

Perspicuus, heahjwngen. 

Pero, hemming i. ruh sco. 

1 So has the MS. R. W. 

2 The Latin word is intended for Parcce, 
the Fates, represented by the Anglo-Saxon 
Wyrde. (Cf. pag. 37 1. 3. R. W.) 

3 Cf. pag. 37 1. 8. R. W. 

4 Read papilla. Cf. pag. 37 1. 9. 

R. W. 

5 Cf. Leo Gl. pag. 475 1. 55. R. W. 

6 Cf. pag. 37 1. 22. R. W. 

7 The glossator translated assos. Cf. pag. 
37 1. 25. R. W. 

8 Cf. pag. 37 1. 24. R. W. 

9 Cf. pag. 37 1. 32. R. W. 

10 Cf. pag. 38 1. 2. R. W. 

11 Read pabulatores. R. W. 

12 Read pseudothyrum. R. W. 

13 Read uespillones. R. W. 

14 Cf. Bosw. 56v. R, w. 

Pessum, clifhlyp. 

Petra focaria, fyrstan, flint. 

Petto, sadolfelg. 14 

Pendulus, ohylde. 
5 Phitecus, apa. 15 

Piratici, wicingsceaj)an, sa3scea{)an, 

Pingit, fegd. 

Pistrimum, cofa. 16 
10 Pistrilla, cofincel. 

Pila, do})or. 

Petuita,) sped. 

Pix, picia, pic. 

Perplexitans, manifealdnes. 17 
15 Plantago, uelseptineruia, wegbrsede. 18 

Platissa, flooc. 19 

Plectra, awunden. 

Plus minus, ymb J)aet. 

Populus, byrce. 
20 Polimita, hringfag. 20 

Polimitarium, ceaster wyrhta. 2 1 

Porfyrio, fealfor. 22 

Porcopiscis, styria. 23 

Porcaster, foor. 24 
25 Porcellus, fearh. 

Pons, bryc. 

Promaritima, ssegesetu. 25 

Pretextutus, gegirwed. 26 

Propera, freahrssde. 27 
30 Proscripsit, forrsedde. 

Profligatis, forslsegenum. 

15 Cf. pag. 39 1. 22. Read pithecus. 

R. W. 

16 Read pistrinum. R. W. 

17 Read perplexitas. R. W. 

18 Cf. pag. 134 1. 13 and pag. 322 1. 
30. R. W. 

19 Read platessa. R. W. 
38 Read polymitus. R. W. 

21 This word and its gloss are added in 
a different hand in the manuscript. (Read 
polymitarium. R. W.) 

32 Cf. pag. 259 1. 5. R. W. 

23 Cf. pag. 40 1. 19. R. W. 

24 Cf. pag. 40 1. 20. R. W. 

25 Cf. pag. 40 1. 38. R. W. 

26 Read pratextatus. Cf. pag. 41 1. 1, 

R. W. 

27 Cf. pag. 41 1. 2. R. W. 




Preuectue, frodre. 1 

Prouecta, gefremed. 

Pretersorim, waad.^ 

Pretersorim, waad." 

Prifeta, J)rie wintre steor.s 

Prurigo, gicenes. 

Prouentus, sped. 

Primus, ply me. 

Progna, swealwe. 4 

Prorostris, hehseldum, foreweard- 


Prodigus, strydere. 
Pridie, dsege ser. 
Pustula, angseta. 
Pus, worms. 
Puntus, brord. 5 
Prenotatur, foremearcod. 6 
Pentatheucum, fifbocum. 7 
Prouerbium, biwyrde. 
Patruus, faedera. 
Pertritus, getyrge. 
Prerupti, widerstasgre. 
Preputia, scama, }>a waepenlican limo. 
Peruie, ungefere. 8 
Precidit, forcearf. 
Pauimus, we feddan. 
Pithonis, helrun. 
Porrectus, arseht. 
Parui, ic hyrsumige. 
Precipitas, widscyfs }m. 
Piaculum, man. 
Potymitarius, ceasterwyrhta.9 
Postes, durustod. 

Cf. pag. 41 1. 13. R. W. 
Cf. pag. 41 1. 26 and Bosw. 85 S . 
R. W. 
Cf. pag. 41 1. 27. R. W. 

Read progne. R. W. 

Read punctus. R. W. 

Read prenotatus. R. W. 

Read pentateuchum. R. W. 

The glossator confounded inuie with 
peruie, R. W. 

" Cf. pag. 469 1. 21. R. W. 

This word seems to be a corruption 
of paschce, pasche. R. W. 

11 Read proreta. R. W. 

12 Cf. Nr. XII, I. R. W. 

13 With this line our alphabetical glosses 
eud abruptly, perhaps by the loss of the 

Plectas, gewind. 

Primitiua, J)a frumcennedan. 

Per turbinem, Jmrh gestun. 

Psalter, salteras. 
5 Proditor, laewend. 

Pacatos, gesibsume. 

Preceps, scyteheald. 

Precipitate, scufad. 

Peruagatus, swiciende. 
10 Phase, eastran. 10 

Pauxillum, lytel. 

Postumus, unlaf. 

Palestricis, J>aem wserstlicum. 

Pando, geape. 
15 Propeta, steora. 11 

Portisculo, hamere. 

Per patentes, J)urh J>a rum an. 

Per cola, Jmrh sticceo. 12 

Pariat, herej). 13 

Prenotatur, foremearcod. 

Pentatheucum, fifbocum. 
25 Prouerbium, biwyrde. 

Patruus, fsedera, 

Pertritus, getyrged. 

Prerupti, wij)erstsegre. 

Preputia, scama, J)a waepenlican limo. 
30 Peruie, ungefere. 

Precidit, forcearf. 

Pauimus, we feddan. 

Pithonis, helrun. 14 

latter portion of the manuscript. It ends 
with the foot of the left-hand column of 
a page, the pages of this MS. consisting 
of two columns each, and the right-hand 
column had been left blank by the ori- 
ginal writer, but another hand distinctly 
different, though still Anglo-Saxon, and 
of a rather later date, has filled it up by 
making a copy of fourteen consecutive 
words from the preceding page, with the 
addition of three new ones. Some further 
remarks on this subject will be found in 
the Introduction to the present volume. 
(These alphabetical glosses refer to Aid- 
helm's works. Cf. Nr. XII. R. W.) 
14 Read Pythonis, Pythonissa. R. W. 


Pithonissa, helrynegu. Palatarum, proprium noinen arboris. 

Porrectus, araeht. Palpitraret, claeppette, and spran- 

Parui, ic hyrsumige. gette. 2 
Polimitarius, ceastcrwyrhta. 

1 Of. pag. 470 1. US. R. W. 2 Kead palpitant. R. W. 



(Of. Nr. VIII and Nr. XI.O 

[1. Miscellaneous Glosses.] 
Detracta, ic forsace. 2 
Non detracto, ne forsace ic. 
Detrans,^ egor. 
Decrepito, tobigende. 4 
Dilibatus, gesmired. 6 

Diocessim, 6 

Echo, windumaer. 7 
Exactoratus, gehened. 8 
Eologium, gedd. 9 
Ejfeta, bercnde bi]). 10 

1 The foregoing Glosses are followed in 
the manuscript, MS. Cotton. Cleopatra, 
A 111, by a Vocabulary of the ordinary 
kind (cf. Nr. VIII), which passes, almost 
imperceptibly (fol. 87 r\ into another series 
of miscellaneous Anglo-Saxon glosses, 
which are not, except partially at the 
beginning, in alphabetical order. It may 
be remarked, that the orthography of this 
collection is more corrupt even than that 
of the former. 

2 Read detracto. Cf. pag. 17 1. 15. 

R. W. 

3 A corruption of dodrans. 

* Cf. pag. 17 1. 2 (dobgendi) and pag. 
386 1. 30. R. W. 

5 Cf. pag. 17 1. 40. R. W. 

Excubias, weardsetl. 
Eucharitia, husl. 11 
Exagia, handmitta. 12 
Epithalamium, brydsang. 
5 Ergastulum, hcngen. 13 
Fofex, seer. 14 
Nauacula, scirseax. 15 
Tonsura, scaro. 
Fucus, telg, deah. 
WFlegma, horh. 16 
Sputum, spatl. 

6 No Anglo-Saxon equivalent given, as 
is the case not unfrequeutly in this col- 
lection of glosses. (But cf. pag. 38ti 1. 32. 

R. W.) 

7 Perhaps for wudu-mcer, the popular 
name for the echo. 

8 Read exauctoratus. Cf. pag. 20 1. 15. 

R W. 

9 Read eulogium. Cf. pag. 19 1. . 

R. W. 

Cf. pag. 18 1. 42. R. W. 
Read eucharistia. R. W. 
Cf. pag. 'JO 1. 20. R. W. 
Cf. pag. 394 1. 29. R. W. 
Read forfex. R. W. 
Cf. pag. 142 1. 22, R. W. 
16 Cf. pag. 23 1. 28. R. W. 




Frugus, fcrcuj). 
Ferinujn, hold.i 
Furca, wearhrod. 
Fucatum, gedelgod. 
Hostimen, leasung, 2 - 
Fascia, wraed. 

Gramen, 8 

Gladiolum, segc. 
Gannatura, ganung. 4 

Histrio, 5 

Hostimen, wundor. 6 
Iteramen, inilfe.? 
lurisperiti, rsedboran. 
Mimum, gliw. 
Karus, leof. 
Carissip gefo. 
Kalende, begannes. 
Kalamus, hreod. 
Larbanum, segl. 9 
Lurco, sur. 10 
Larbula, grima. 
Lunules, mene. 11 
Luscus, anege. 
Lurdus, lemphealt. 12 
Lodix, loj)a. 
Lixa, leah. 13 
Legumen, bean. 
Lenticula, pyse. 
Latrena, genge. 14 
Lotium, bland. 
Latex, burna. 
Luxus, wyn. 

1 The meaning of ferinum is : game, 
venison; hold denotes: a dead body, car- 
cass, rotted flesh. R. W, 

3 Cf. pag. 417 1. 29. R. W. 

3 No Anglo-Saxon equivalent given ; but 
cf. pag. 412 1. 1 and pag. 416 1. 12. 

R. W. 

* Cf. pag. 23 1. 43. R. W. 

* No translation given, but cf pag. 150 
1. 17. R. W. 

6 Cf. 1. 5. R. W. 

7 Cf. pag. 26 1. 25 and note 4. R. W. 

8 So has the MS. Read charts. R. W. 

9 Cf. pag. 430 1. 27. R. W. 

10 Cf. pag. 30 1. 39. R. W. 

11 Read lunula or lunula. R. W. 

12 Cf. pag. 433 1. 17. R. W. 

Limax, sncgl. 

Lumbricus, regnwyrm. 

Luscinus, lb frox. 16 

Rana, yce. 
5 Lacertus, efete. 

Sanguisuga, lasce. 

Mancus, anhende. 

Manica, glof. 

Momentum, scutil. 
10 Malagma, sealf. 

Mastigia, swipe. 

Manticum, handful. 17 

Massiranus, screawa. 18 

Mustella, wesle. 
15-Mws, mus. 

Sorex, scirfemus. 19 

Pelx, musfealle. 20 

Mulio, horshierde. 

Messor, riftre. 
20 Muriceps, catt. 

Fakis* 1 rifter. 

Falcastrum, si{)e. 

Nux, hnutbeam. 

Napta, tero. 22 
25 Nanus, were. 23 

Neo, ic spinne. 

Netum est, aspunnen is. 

InbiUt, degluttiuit. 

Discrepare, non cordare. 
30 Lectitat, frequenter legit. 

Falsariam, mendacem. 

Interpres, qui linguam 21 transfert. 

13 Read lixiuia. R. W. 

14 Read latrina. R. W. 

15 Read luscinius. R. W. 

16 frox is the translation of the next 
word: rana, frox, yce. R. W. 

17 Cf. pag. 442 1. 28. R. W. 

18 Read musaraneus. Cf. pag. 4431. 31. 

R. W. 

19 Cf. pag. 47 1. 27. R. W. 

20 A mousetrap. The compiler has here 
given a list of vermin, with the trap and 
the cat for taking them. 

21 So has the MS. R. W. 

22 Cf. pag. 451 1. 27. R. W. 

23 Read dwerc or dwerg. Cf. pag. 453 
1. 21. R, W. 




Ribula, 1 

Ex mineoo, 2 of bocreade. 
Discolorem, l 

Uerbi gratia, worde cwedene. 
Congeries, heap. 
Proemium, profatio. 3 
Crura, sconcan. 
Nemos ^ lodrung. 
[2. Glosses referring to the Gospel 

of St. Matthew,} 
Sciscitabatur, inter ragabatus.'' 
In principibus, in ealdormannum. 
Clam, oculte. 
Percidentes, cadentes. 
Secessit, gewat. 
Delusus, afered, wasged. 
A bimatu, abeate duorum annorum. 6 
Et infra, and beniopan ])am. 
In Rama, in eccelsum. 1 
De pilis, of hserum. 
Locuste, stapan. 
Mel siluestre? 
Ne uellitis, 9 ne willaj) ge. 
Securis, sex. 

Uentilabrum, windsobl. 10 
Sine modo, forlset nu Jms. 11 
Conplacui, gelicodo, gefag. 
Pinnaculum, 12 circuitus templi. 
Retro, under baec. 
Traditus esset, geseald waas. 
Reficientes, conponentes. 
Opinio, fama.' 
Lunaticos, braacseoce. 

1 No Anglo-Saxon equivalent given. 
R. W. 

Read ex minio. R. W. 
Read prafatio. R. W. 
For nenia. 

Read interrogabatur. R. W. 
Cf. Mattb. II, 17. R. W. 
Cf. Matth. II, 18. R. W. 
Cf. Matth. Ill, 4. R. W. 
So has the MS. R. W. 

I For wind-scoW. (Cf. Matth. Ill, 12. 

R. W.) 

II Cf. Matth. Ill, 15. R. W. 

12 Onr compiler has made a strange mis- 
take in his interpretation of this word. 

13 Read paralyticos. R. W. 

Paraliticor, laman. 13 

Euanuerit, agsetj). 9 

Sub modio, undernmete. 14 

Donee transeat, oddset J)e gewitej). 
Slota una. lb 

Apex, acumen litere. 

Concilia, gemote. 

Fatue, gemad. 16 

Reconciliare. 1 ' 1 
10 Quadrantem. 

Moechatus est, fornicatus est. 

Scandalizatj ojfendit. 

Erue, 1 

Repudii, utdrifan. 18 
15 Non cognoscebat, ne groette. 

Prebe, da. 

Angarizauerit, beadsetj).^ 

Mutuare, wrislan, hlenan. 

Ethnice, aethna. 
20 Elioquin, 21 elcor. 

Exterminant, unrotlice do{>. 

Simplex, purum. 

Ad stauram, to wermete. 22 

Neent, spinnaj). 23 
25 Fistucam, 24 sanctum, 2 ^ strewn, eglan. 

Tribulus, 26 genus frulis. 

Inruunt, anhreosaj). 

Stridor, girstbitung. 

Febricitantem, feferseoce. 
30 Fretum, deop. 

Modice fide, parue fidei. 

Porro, eonu. 

Seui, ne^e. 

14 The Anglo-Saxon word denotes: a 
breakfast. Cf. Matth. V, 15. R. W. 

15 Read unum. R. W. 

16 Cf. Matth. V, 18. R. W. 

17 Read reconciliari, R. W. 

18 Cf. Matth. XIX, 7. R. W. 

19 Read angariauerit. R. W. 

20 Read mutuari. R. W. 

21 For alioquin. 

22 Read staturam. Cf. Matth. VI, 27. 

R. W. 

23 Read nent. R. W. 

24 Read festucam. Cf. Matth. VII, 3. 

R. W. 

25 Cf. Matth. VII, 6. R. W. 

26 Cf. Matth. VII, 16. R, W. 




Impetu, waere. 

Prepleceps^ oferclif. 

Puplicani, awiscferinend. 

Commissuram, gefog. 

Tubicines, bemeras. 

Tumuttuantem, hlydende. 

Comminatus, beotigende. 

Diffamauerunt, gewidmaerdan. 

In Belzebul? in principe demonorum. 

In zonis, in gyrdelsum. 

Non peram, ne fsetels. 

Castellum, castel. 

Presides, gerefan. 

Super tecta, on hrofum. 

Asse ueneunt? 

Ueneunt, uenduntur. 

Murum^ snore. 

Socrum, sweger. 

MollibuSj hnescum. 

Inter natos, betuh bearnum. 

Uim f neadhade. 

Per sata, Jmrh aeceras. 

Uellere, hnoppiam. 2 

Accussorf wregend. 

Diriet* gegripej). 

Nequiores, wyrsan. 

In paraboUs, in prouerbis. 2 

Zizania, atan, odde lasor. 7 

Satis tribus, J)rim myddum. 8 

Eructuabo, arecco. 9 

Dissere, gerece. 10 

1 Read praceps. Cf. Matth. VIII, 32. 

R. W. 

2 So has the MS. R. W. 

3 Cf. Matth. X, 29. R. W. 

4 Of course this is a mere error of the 
collector of the glosses for nurum. 

5 Read accusator. R. W. 

6 Apparently for diripiet. Cf. Matth. 
XII, 29. R. W. 

7 Cf. Matth. XIII, 29 and 38. R. W. 

8 Cf. ibid. XIII, 33. R. W. 

9 Read eructabo XIII, 35. R. W.. 

10 Cf. XIII, 36 : edissere. R. W. 

11 Read tetrarcha XIV, 1. R. W. 

12 Read huse. Cf. Bosw. 97 1. R. W. 

13 Read cophinos. R. W. 

14 Cf. XV, 14. R. W. 

Tetracha, quartam. n 

Triclinio, yferan hyse. 12 

Pedestres, foremen. 

Coffinos, manda. 
5 Fantasma, uisio. 

Ducatum, ladscipe. 14 

Bar lona, filius columbe. 

Commutatio^ gewrixle. 

Transfiguratus, on o})rum hiwe. 16 
10 Didragma, due dragma. 11 

Hanmrn, angul. 

Staterem, genus nummi. 18 

Scandalizauerit, offenderit. 

Expedit ei, proderit ei. 19 
15 Asinaria, esul cweorn. 20 

Castrauerunt, eumicizauerit. 2 ! 

Per foramen acus, J>urh naedle })yrel. 

Conducere, aheran. 22 

Conuentione, gemote. 
20 Percuratori? gerefan. 

Betfage, nomen castelli. 

Subiugalis, tarn. 28 

Strauerunt, baettan. 

Nummulariorum, munetera. 
25 Lactantium, meolcsucgendra. 

Reuerebuntur, 2 * 

Nuptias, gemung. 

AUilia, fuglas. 25 

Ad exitus, to gelaetum. 26 
30 Ut caperent, geaasoden. 

Nomisma, denarius 

15 Cf. XVI, 17. R. W. 

16 Cf. XVII, 2. R. W. 

17 Read didrachma. Cf. XVII, 23. 

R. W. 

18 Cf. XVII, 26. R. W. 

19 Cf. XVIII, 6. R. W. 

2n Cf. XVIII, 6 mola asinaria. R. W. 

21 Read eunuchizauerunt. Cf. XIX, 12. 

R. W. 

22 Cf. XX, 1. R. W. 

23 Cf. XXI, 5. R. W. 

24 The Vulg. has uerebuntur XXI, 37. 

R. W. 

25 Cf. XXII, 4. R. W. 

26 The Vulg. has ad exitus uiarum XXII, 
9. R. W. 

27 Read numisma, R. W. 




Filacteria, lyfesna. 1 

Proselitum, aduenam. 

[3. Miscellaneous Glosses referring 

to the New Testament.] 
Cominatus est, beotode. 
Conquirerunt, setsamne sohton. 
Uolo, mundare? 
Blasuemiat, taele}), yfelsaj). 3 
Quidem facius dicer ef 
Leui Alphei, Mathei Alphei? 

In parabulis, in gelifnessum. 7 
Dispertitus est, todseled is. 
Ultra, be selfwille. 
Puppi, steorstefn. 
Ceruicat, wangere, heafodp'. 8 
Legio, ui. milia^ 
Non per am. 10 
Scandalis, soccus est, uel genus cal- 

ciamentorum. 11 
Contuberniam, gadorwiste. 12 
Et adplicuerunt, gelidun. 13 
Urceorum, crucena. 
Set, gestillid. 14 
Et spumat, and spaatled. 
Luscum, anigne. 
Equor, sae. 

In bino, in twega wega gelaete. 15 
Numulariorum, munetera. 
Uersutias, gesweopotnessa. 
Sub obtentu, under intingan. 

Rti&dpftylacteria Matth. XXIII, 5. R. W. 

Cf. Marc. I, 41. R. W. 

Read blasphtmat Marc. II, 7. R. W. 

Read quid est facilius. Cf. Marc. II, 9. 
R. W. 

Cf. Marc. II, 14. R. W. 

Cf. Marc. II, 21. R. W. 

Read inparabolis, in gelicnessum. R.W. 

So has the MS. Cf. Marc. IV, 38. R. W. 

Cf. Marc. V, 9. R. W. 
1 Cf. Marc. VI, 8. R. W. 
1 Read sandaliis, cf. Marc. VI, 9. R. W. 
1 Read contubernia VI, 39. R. W. 
1 Cf. VI, 53. R. W. 

14 Read sedatus. R. W. 

15 Read in biuio. R. W. 

16 Read decima. R. W. 

17 Cf. pag. 134 1. 3T. R. W. 

18 Cf. pag. 134 1. 2. R. W. 

Decimatis, teojnngsceat. 16 

Mentam, mintan. 17 

Rutam, rutan. 18 

Edem, huss. 19 
5 Ueneunt, bebycgaj). 20 

Depondio, duobus pondis* 1 

Non neunt, ne spinnaj). 22 

Socrus, sweger. 23 

Norus, snoru. 24 
10 Nimbis, scur. 

Minutum, paruwn. 

Non capiet, 

Peram, faetel. 

Hidripicus, wseterfull. 25 
\bBaiulat, bierd. 

Saginatum, amsested. 

Simfonia, lignum concauum. 

Chorum, strang heap. 

Cados, anphora, i. amber. 
20 Cautionem, gewrit. 

Apicem, ord, cnol, heanes. 26 

Cahus, 21 dwolma. 

Sicinorum, Sychemware. 28 

Ymnas, c. dragmas appendit. 
25 Sudorium, swatlin. 

Austerius, rej)e. 

Suspensus, ahangen, bidende. 

Arescentibus, forweosnodon. 

Manicabat, morgen wacode. 
30 Pacti sunt, gejsingodon. 

Occidit Pascham, occidi 29 agnum. 

19 Read adem, hus. R. W. 

20 Cf. pag. 480 1. 16. R. W. 

21 Perhaps an error for dispondeo, duo- 
bus ponderibus ? R. W. 

22 Cf. pag. 479 1. 24. R. W. 

23 Cf. pag. 480 1. 18. R. W. 

24 Cf. pag. 480 1. 17. R. W. 

25 It may be doubted if this were ever 
used as an Anglo-Saxon word for the dis- 
ease, but it was an attempt by the glos- 
sator at a literal translation of the Latin, 
which is here written sufficiently corrnptly. 
(Read hydropicus. R. W.) 

" Cf. pag. 479 1. 6. R. W. 

87 For chaos. Cf. pag. 12 1. 43. R. W. 

28 The inhabitants of Sichem, or Shechem 
the Shechemites. This gloss is probably 
taken from the Pentateuch. 

29 Read occidit. R. W. 





Amphoram, amber. 
Expetit, gesohte, gewilne. 
Cribraret, sifte. 
Auulsus, aweg abroden. 
Imagonia, inelue. 1 
Inualescebantj strangadan, swidodon. 
Decurio, qui officium carum egerit. 
Parasceuem, preparatio. 2 
Metretas, gemetfatu. 
ArchitriclinO) principi triclino. 
Piscina, fiscmere, et quamuis piscem. 
In nataria, on fundmere. 3 
Scenophegia, tabernaculorum dedi- 


Liniuit, smirede. 
Encenie, none dedications. 
In stitis, in swajwm. 5 
Loculos, seodas. 
Hesitantes, tweogende. 
Si quo minus, elcor. 
Coors, ])reat. 6 
Palmam, brade hand. 
In preterium, in mse]}elern. 
Gazofilacium, welahord, feoh. 7 
Quadrans, quarta pars uncie. 8 
Azyma, andbida, beorma. 9 
Nardi pistici. }0 
Lagenam, watercrog. 
In cateno, in disce. 
Tedere, swa swa unrot. 11 
Anathematizare , frendian. 12 

1 Read intextina or interanea R. W. 

2 Read parasceue Cf. Maro. XV, 42. 

R. W. 

3 So has the MS Read sundmere. R. W. 

4 Read scenopegia = feast of the taber- 
nacles. R. W. 

5 An error for in semitis? R. W. 

6 Read cohors. Cf. pag. 14 1. 41. 

R. W. 

7 Read gazophylacium. Cf. Marc. XII, 
41. R. W. 

8 Cf. Marc, XII, 42. R. W. 

9 Cf. Marc. XIV, 1. R. W. 

10 Read nardi spicati. Cf. Marc. XIV, 
3. R. W. 

11 An error for tadet me? R. W. 

12 So has the MS. Cf. fremdian, Bosw. 
27 f. R. W. 

13 Read writ-bee. 

Plectentis, flustriende, windende. 

Conuiciebant, teon, cwidon. 

Decurio, consiliarius. 

Acurio, decurio dicitur. 
5 Pugillarem, writbrec. 13 

Tetracka, feorj)an daeles aldor. 14 

Lysania, nomen principis. 

Abilina, nomen regionis. 

Et ageliater et ducebatur. 
10 Supra pinnam, ofer ymbgang. 16 

Prenoctans, Jnirh niht wseter. 17 

jSt mutuum, gif wrixle. 

Confertam, gecrumen. 

Coagitatum, gehrysed. 
15 Loculum, seodcist. 

Cophinus, mand. 18 

Inprouitatem, gemagnesse. 19 

Suxisti, J)u suge. 

Simplex, anfeald, claene, hluttor. 20 
20 [4. Aldhelmi de Laudibus Virginitatis.] 

Dissertitudinem, g . . awnesse. 21 II. 

Urbanitatis, burhspraece. 22 

Gimnosophistas, plegmen. 

Palestricis, daem waerstlicum. 
25 In gimnasio, on leorninghuse. 

Olimpiaci, (Jses pleglican. 

Agonis, gewinnes. 

Nauiter, hrsedlice. 

Nanciscunt, begitaj). 23 
30 Strenua, j)a strangan, odde fore- 

14 Read tttrarcha Cf. pag. 481 1. 1. 

R. W. 

15 Read agtbatur. R. W. 

16 Cf. pag. 478 1. 28. R. W. 

17 Read pernoctans. The meaning of pern, 
is : purh niht waeccend, waciend. R. W. 

18 Cf. pag. 481 1. 4. R. W. 

19 Read inprobitatem. R. W. 

20 After this line, in the manuscript, 
follow a column and two-thirds blank, and 
then, at the head of the first column of 
the next page, the glosses commence again, 
as though intended as a new collection. 

21 Damaged by the cutting of the leaf 
and uncertain in the manuscript (Read 
gleawnesse. Cf. pag. 386 1. 41. R. W.) 

22 Burh-sprac, courtly speech, snch as 
was used in the town. 

23 Read nanciseuntvr. R. W. 




Anthletarum, cempena. 1 

Gum emuloj mid widerweardum. 

Flagrante, stincende. 2 

Sinuosis, dsem faedmlice. 

Scammatis, gewinstowe. 

Nardo, elesealfe. 

De obstrusis, of dsem diglum. 

Non ut passiuis, nu les swa wide. 9 

Pando, geap. 

Strepente, swogende. 

Stridende, brehtniende. 4 

In stadio, octaua pars mil. 

Falerato, gehyrste. 

Cornipede, equo. 

Calcaribus, spurum. 

Lupatis, cenepum. 

Facetus, linguosus. 

Orbes, orbibus, hringa, hohwerfinge. 

Classicis, dsem sciplicum. 

Liburnam, nauem. 

Lintrem, bat. 

Proreta, steora. 

Naucleri, princeps nauis. 

Portisculo, hamere. 

Spumosis. dsem famegum. 

Algosis, daera warihtum. 

Tractibus, drohtum. 

In propatulo, on aewiscnesse. in. 

Theatrales } da pleglican. 

Circentium, hringseta. 5 

Liquido, andgijtlice. IV. 

Facessante, swedriende. 

Per patentes, durh J)a ruman. 

Caltarum, clafrena. 

Maluarum, geormanleafa. 

Lento, J>yton. 6 

Carene, cerenes. 6 

Receplacula, uiscera. 

Read nthUtarum. R. W. 
Aldh. fragrante. R. W. 
Aldh. non ut passiuos. R. W. 
Read stridente. R. W. 
Read circensium. R. W. 
Aldh. Unto careni defruto. R. W. 
Aldh. corymbos. R. W. 
Aldh. brachycatalectico. R. W. 
So printed Wright. Read genera me- 
trorum. R. W. 

Coxarum, bana, J)eona. 

Corimbas, nuasJ 1 

Tilie, linde. 

Cdtalcctico, dymetcunda. 
5 Brachia catalecto* 

Generam et rorum, 9 

Allearii, hyfe. 

Uestibulo, foredyre. 

Enucleata, ascyled. 
10 Tropologiam, beacmmge. 

Anagogen, celsissimo intellectu. 

Digesta, scripta. 

Cronographorum, 11 tidwritera. 

Grammaticorum, stasfwriterum. 
15 Ortograuorum, 12 rihtwriterum. 

Percola, Jmrhsticced. 

Commata, membratim. 

Direptas, diuisas. 19 

Sequestratim, gedaeled edlice. 
20 Codicibus, rindum. 14 VI. 

Ad incolatum, to eldeodignesse. 

Pariat, hered. 

Gurgustio, ceolan. 

Nardi, elesealfe. 
25 Spirantis, J)asre stincende. 

Olfactum, odorem. 

Ammodum, 15 ualde. VII. 

Charismatum, diuinorum donorum. 

Potissimum, ealra swidost. 
30 Priuatam, da synderlican. 

Munificentiam,) cyste. 

Sanctimonie, haligdomes, 

Malagma, laacedom. 

Gabuli, patibuli. 
SbEuentus, wyrd. 

Prestulanti, bidendum. 16 

Septies uicena, et quaterna. 11 

Uirginumilia, cxliiii milia. 

10 Aldh. alvearii. R. W. 

11 Read chronographorum R. W. 

13 So has the MS. Read orthographo- 
rum. R. W. 

13 Aldh. diremptas. R. W. 

14 Aldh corticibus. R. W. 

15 Aldh. admodum. R. W. 

16 Aldh. prcBstolanti. R. W. 

17 Aldh septies vicena et quatcr dena 
Virginum millia. R. W. 




In oromate, on gaestlicre gesihde.i 

Extaseos, diuinitatem. 

Augustam, amplam. 

Ardui, daes heanhades. VIII. 

Scismaticorum, ereticorum. 2 

StirpiduS) owaestmum. 3 

De conca, of muscellan. 4 

Obrizum, smaete. 5 IX. 

Uenustasj faegernes. 

BomUcinum, siolcen. 

Cittisj filmenum. 

Contecta, bej>eaht. 

Palmeti, palmbearwes. 6 

Dactulus, pomis. 1 

Nicolaum, alius nomen eius. 

Commoditas, utilitas. 

Baltheus, gyrdel. 

Bullifer, aestaened. 

Hauritoria, hlasdhwiogl. 

Arcuum, bigelsa. 

Fornicibus, bogum. 

Tubo, J>eote. 

Autumo, ic wene. 

Uoracis, daes gifran. 

Merulef dopfugeles. 

lacturam, aewyrdlan. 

Crepundia, ornamenta. 

Pulpa, lira. 

Cauliculus, stela. 

Questu, gestreonde. 

Farus, beacanstan, in promontoria 

rupis posita, i. fyrtor. 
Dehonestare, unweordian. 
Quisquiliarum, bensaeala. x. 

Peripsema, geswepo. 
Querulosis, sarseofunge. 
Questibus, quidungum. 
Supercilio, oferhigd. 

1 Read oramate. Cf. pag. 408 1. tj 
R. W. 

8 Read schismaticorum, hereticorum. 
R. W. 

Read stirpibus. R. W. 

Read concha. R. W. 

Cf. pag. 457 1. 2G. R. W. 

Aldh. palmetis. R. W. 

Read dactylus. R. W. 

Read merguli. Cf. pag. 284 1. 8. 
R. W. 

Inter scillam, betweonan, 

id nomen loci, J)a frecenessc. 

Ratibus, flietum. 

Baratrum, pytte. 
5 Lintre, bate. 

Gestiunt, gernad. 

Neuorum, wlite, womma. 

Deformatos, geatelod. 

Atromento, nigritudinis. 9 
10 Ccercilo, scipe. 10 

Glomeratis, ymbheapod. 11 XI. 

Uertigo, wendend. 

Ambronibus, daera frecum. 

Lurconibus, sigirgendum. 
15 In gastrimargie, in gifernesse. 12 

Rumusculus, mserd. 

Cenodoxie, uane glorie. 

Tirunculis, militibus. 

Genuinis, tuscum. 13 
20 Malaribus, cweorntodum. 14 

LacertosiSj daem earmswidum. 

Manipulatim, heapmaeluin. 

Strophose, dass faecnan. 15 

Uenabulis, eoforspreotum. 
25 Umbonibus, randbeagum. 

Pugiles, sweordboran. 

Macheram, gladium. 

Inextricabilem^ da untolesende 

Pelta, scuto. 
SQLeuiathan, se draca. 

Cerethei, eoredmen. 10 XII. 

Feletei, foreirnerum. 17 

Apparatu, gedrece. 

Falarica, lancea. 
35 Indeptce, daere begitenan. 

Successibus, spedum. 

Natrix, genus serpentis. ls 

Elimatus, adrifen. 

9 Read atramento. R. W. 

10 Aldh. circilo. R. W. 

11 Read glomeratus. R. W. 

12 Aldh. in gastrimargice voraginem. 

R. W. 

13 Read gingivis. R. W. 

u Read molaribus. R. W. 

15 Aldh. strophosa fraudis. R. W. 

10 The glossator translated cceti. R. W. 

17 Cf. pag. 399 1. 27. R. W. 

18 Cf. pag. 454 I. 17, 18. R. W. 




Orel duodecies, inferni, 

twelf sidum, quinquages, fiftig Jm- 

senda. 1 

Expeditionum, fyrda. 
Flustris, sigendum. 2 
Obumbrando, figurando. 
Inter nicionis, spildes. 
Decalogii, 3 uerborum. 
Non refragabatur, non resistet. 
Territorii, tunas. 
Pronepotibus, bearna beam. 
Conspirati, coniurati. XI11. 

Propugnacula, breostweal. 
Calones, wuderas. 
Clientes, degnhyssas. 
Cum lixarum, mid waeterbererum. 4 
Em,eritos, perfectos. 
Funebre, heofendlice. 
Epicedion, licleod, 5 
Et epitaphion, byrigleod, 
Utrumque est carmen super tumulum. 
Collationes, ymbeahtas. 
Massilliensis, Melselea. 
Elimauit, inter pretauit. 
Disceptare, flitan. 
Disputare, interpretare. 
Confticlu, gefeohte. XV. 

Residuo, altero. 

Tendiculum, seada. XIII 

Sityriaca,* wyrtdrenc wid atre. 
Facula, decele. XIV. 

Theorice, contemplatiue. 
In practice, in actuali. 
Edylio, esu. 1 

Supplemento, stilnesse, gefylnesse. 
Collegio, winescipe. XV. 

Curtinarum, uelarum, wagryfta. 8 
Textura, weofung, gewef. 

1 Aldh. phalanx duodecies quinquage- 
nis expeditionum milibus R. W. 

2 Cf. Bosw. 63n. R W. 

3 Read decaloyi. 11. W. 

4 Aldh. cum lixarum coetibus R. W. 

5 Read epithrenion. R. W. 

6 A blunder of the glossator. The Latin 
words are: etsi theriaca. R W. 

7 Read edulio. R. W. 

8 Read cortinarum. R W. 

9 Read panniculce R W. 

Panucla, wefla. 9 

Fucate, getelgade. 

Plumario, dy awundenan ryfte, fej)er- 

crsefte. 10 
5 Textrinum, J)83t weblice. 

Thoracibus, imaginibus. 11 

lacintho, hewen. 12 

Cocco, weolocread. 

Uermiculo, wealhbaso. 
10 Bisso retorto, 13 hwite twine gejjrawen. 

Murice, wyrman. 

Comminiscimur, resiat. 14 

Electri, eolhsandes. 

Sucine, glaeres. 15 
15 Sauciant, uulnerant. 1 * xvl - 

Dracontia, gimrodor. XV. 

Delicate, (tsere wrastlican. XVI. 

Pedagogio, msegedhade. 

Repetante, eftsidgendum. 1 7 
20 Extirpatus, asuefecad. 

Passionum, uncysta. 

Inmunitas, orceasnes. 

Solitare, anlaga. 

Recapitulatio, eftspellung. 
25 Intercapidine, firstmearces. 18 XVII. 

Lunulis, mynum, uel argenteis. 

Calomistro, ferro. lg 

Cincinnorum, capillarum. 

Stibio, herba. 
30 Mandibulas, cinban. 

Suatim, suarum more. 

Indruticans, wrasstende. 20 

Arctissima, angustima. XVIII. 

Factiosam, da fsecnan. 
35 Senticosis, daem dorhnihtum. 

Separatim, gescadenlice. XIX. 

Mediocritas, paruitas rerum. 

Noualibus, wyrdelandum. 

10 Cf. Aldh. arte plumaria. R. W. 

11 Cf. Aldh. toraciclis. R. W. 
13 iacintho = hyacintho R. W. 

13 bysso retorto. R. W. 

14 So has the MS. R. W. 

15 Aldh. succini. R. W. 

16 Cf. Aldh. sauciatur. R. W. 

17 Aldh. repedanti. R. W. 

18 Aldh. inttrcapedinis. R. W. 

19 Aldh. calamistro. R. W. 

20 Aldh. infmticans. R. W. 


Clumula, brondasiuiietura. 1 Crepitantes, raescetende. 

Contexere, plectere. Ex amussim, diligenter. 10 XXII. 

(I. De Elia.) Terimus, tredad. 

Uegitatione, uehementione. 2 XX Neutericis, dsem niwum. 11 

Addicti, damnati. 5 Suppeditent, auxilient. 

IneuitaUle, ine/ugabile. Adfatim, ubertim. 

Pendere, reddere. Carptim, breuiter. 

ii. De Eliseo. Obolisci, genus lapidis. 

Quadrupes, cealf. Glaucoma, eagsung. 

Bombose, daere thundendan. 10 Subfundit, orretted. 

Reboasse, ahlowan. Scotomaticorum, cecorum. 

Melote, hredan. Uictricia, da sigelican. 

In propatulo, in manifesto. Concessum y gemote. 

iii. De Danielo, retinaculum. 3 Librantis, heolorende. 

Ob indaganda, to aspyrienne. XXI. 15 Labara, segelgyrd. 

Colludio, fraude, deceptione. Salebrosos, da unsmej)an. XXIII 

Texuisse, })3dt he awrite. Anfractus, dwerfuru. 

Conlufio, contagione, immunditia.* v. De lohanne. 

Fabrefactam, pulchre opere. Lima, feol. 
Sine uirili uola, butan weres gem an. 20 Hymeneos, hemedo. 

Minutatim, sticcemaslum. Aporians, onscunigende. 

Proceritas, celsitudo. Laturus, passurus. 

Coniectura, resong. Matrice, quidan. 

Cono, heanes. 5 Paranympus, drihtguman. 

Perpeti, da hradan. 6 25 De lohanne. 

Nutabunda, Jm wagiende. Stipis, aslmaessan. 

Luxoriante, fsestegejmf. Nemoribus, bearwum. 

Caraxatis, conscriptis. 1 E frondosis, of daem helmihtum. 

Potentatus, meahte. Congeries, gesomnung. 

Portendentes, figurantes. 30 Sophiste, daas wordwisan. 

Inminiculo, adiutorio. Friabat, confregit.* 2 

Bibertitam, 8 duplicem. Sumptuosa, diliciosa. 

iiii. De iii. pueris. Sequestra, byrgea. 

Auita, yldrafaeder. Haustu?n } potum. 

Externe, aliene. 35 Roboete, ycean. 13 

Pulmentum, bilifen, andlifen. Confectio, gereohnung. 

Musica, da dreamlican. vi. De Paulo et Necromatia. Idem. 

Naptarum, fomitum, heordan. 9 Pithonissa, heahrun. XX IV. 

Refragabantur, widsocan. Manubia, waelreaf. 14 
Malleolij tyndercyn, id est dyjjhomer. 40 Ciuinquies quadragenas cxcv. 

1 Aldh. glumula. R. W. 

2 Aldh. vegetatione. R. W. 

3 The copyist seems here to have pla- 
ced the gloss by mistake over the title 
of the chapter of which he was copying 
the glosses. 

4 Cf. 1. 25. R. W. 

5 Aldh. sub cono sublimi verticis. 

R. W. 

Aldh. prapeti. R. W. 

Aldh charaxatis R. W. 

For bipartitam. 

Aldh. naptarum fomite. R. W. 

Aldh. ex amussi. R. W. 

Aldh. neotericis. R. W. 

Aldh. fricabat. R. W. 

Aldh. robetcf. R. W. 

Aldh. manubias, R. W. 




Rimatur, meditabat. 
Siquipedas, ministri. l 
Decretalibus, dasm rsedendlicum. 

vii. De Luca. 
Cauterio, hoce. 
Cataplasma, medicina. 
Purulentis, daem wyrmsigum. 
Incommoditas, infirmitas. 

viii. De Clementi. 
Cernua, da mowelan. 
Flebotomo, blodseax. 
Baptisterio, fulwihtstowe. XXV. 

Taxauerat, figurabat. 
Propaginibus, twigo settende- 2 
Elimauit, geriaeahte. 

viiii. De Siluestro. 
Auxonice, Italic.'* 
Alpium, montium. 
Cautibus, stanum. 
Speleo, spelunce. 
Inextricabili, dy untolysendum. 
CallariO) saule. 4 
Eleuantuosa, daere unsmedan.5 
Sine tricarum, sine mora. G 
Oppilatim, gedyrned. 7 

x. De Martino. 

Bigarum, cratwa. , XXVI. 

Fatu, wyrde. 
Parcarum, dearum. 
Perniciter, hraedlice. 
Reclinem, onhylded. 
Obliqua, sio sfcythealde. 
Curuatura, onbegnes. 
Anatholi, dses anatholes.s 
Nebulis, scinlascan. 
Prestigiis, scin. 9 
A cimentario, wealwyrhtum. 10 

Aldh. sequipedas. R W. 
Aldh. propagines. R. W. 
Aldh. Ausonice. R. W. 
Aldh. collario. R. W. 
Aldh. elephantinosa corporis incom- 
moditas. R. W. 

Aldh. sine tricarum obstaculo. R, W. 
Aldh. oppilatum. R. W. 
Aldh. Anatolii nebulonis. R. W. 
Aldh. prastigias. R. W. 
1 Aldh. a cementario. R. W. 

Imbricibus, hroftigum. 

xi. De Gregorio. 
Laturi, doonde. 

Acathemice, dsere udwitlican. 11 
5 xxvn. 

Sophisma, scientia. 

Cautum, scriplum . 1 2 

Scedarum, librorum. 

Scissitationibus, domum. 13 
lOGulio, gyddc. 14 

Contionatorum, gemotmanna. 
xii. De Basilio. 

Usquequaque, lenge-swidor-awa. 15 

Pro rostris, in gemotstowum. 
15 Fruniscantur, brucad. 

Attonis, hlosnenduin. 16 

Nutibus, potentatibus. 
xiii. De Antonio. 

Stibarius, sulhhaebbere. 17 XX VIII. 
20 Occa, wealh, oJ)J)e wyrding. 

NouaUbus, wyrdelandum. 

In atomo, in breahtme. 

Aduectabant, ham feredan. 

Barritus, raringe. 
25 xiiii. De Paulo. 

Bucellam, cicel. 18 

Bissenis, sexaginta. 

Crustule, healstanes. 

Iliulco rostro, gangende mujje. 
30 xv. De Hilarion. 

Uulgo, welhwser. XXIX. 

Spinam, bodig. 

Titionibus, brandum. 

Inexperto, dy unandwisan. 19 
35 Consulates, gerefscipes. 

Contente, daeres gehealdnan. 
xvi. De lohanne. 

11 Aldh. Academic*. R W. 

13 Read cantum. Cf. Aldh. R. W. 

13 Aldh. sciscitationibus. R. W. 

14 Perhaps an error for elogio? Cf. 
Aldh. R. W. 

Cf. Bosw. 4 It. R. W. 
Aldh. attonitis. R. W. 
The MS. has XII. De Antonio. Aldh. 
stivarius. R. W. 

Aldh. buccellam. R. W. 
Aldh. in expcrto. R. W. 




Ciliarcho, tribuno. 

From feowertienum oj) hundnigon- 

tig, 1 quinquies bilustris. 
Consulta, rsedas. 
Liniamento, limgelecg. 
Afflatus, eacen, uel gelicnes. 

xvii. De Benedicto. 
Fortunatum, done gewilsaeligan. 


Eulogie, benedictionis. 
Liberalitatis, rumheortnesse. 
Mactus, mseced. 

Per augustam, durh })3et rume. 
Hesperie, Eotoles. 
Cum aduocato, mid Jnngere. 
Authentico, principali. 
Classibus, heapum. 
Diruta, gehriered. 
Fato, gewife. 
Fortune, wyrde. 
Hau& frustra, non frustra. 
Genesi, fatu. 

Mathematicorum, tunglera. 
Secundis, gesundelican. 
Constellationem, steorrscewere. 
Priuilegium, bonorem. s 
Prouerunt,* gelumpon. 
Fake, riftre. 
Fiscillis, tsenelum. 5 
Eefertis, gefyldum. 
Onustis, gehladenum. 
Corbibus, caulum. 
Exprimendos, to awringenne. 
Merulenti, da ahlytredan. 6 
Idem et de peccati defruto. 
Ccerenes, apothecis. 1 
Recondenda, to gehealdenne. 

1 The glossator translates usque nona- 
genariam (senectam) cap. XXIX ; not quin- 
quies bilustris cap. XXIX. R. W. 

So has the MS. R. W. 

Read honorem. R. W. 

Read prouenerunt. R. W. 

Aldh. fiscellis. R. W. 

Aldh. merulenta. R. W. 

Aldh. merulenta defecati nectaris de- 
fruta apothecis coelestibus. R. W. 

Aldh. committenda. R. "W. 

Aldh. exosus. R. W. 

Aldh. inter biothanatos. R. W. 

Cauponibus, winbryttum. 

Commendenda, to bebeodenne. 8 

Nundinarum, ceapstowa. 

Exosas, afeonge. 9 XXXI. 

5 Rapaci, daere risendan. 

Sub pretextu, under mundbyre. 

Inter biothonatas, betweonan sylf- 
myrde. 10 

Abolere, aiedan. 
10 xviii. De Hilarione. 11 

Uulgo, late. XXIX. 

Exmergeret, surgeret. 

Succumberet, getrunge. 12 

Familice, J>a ungerlican. 13 
15 Frugalitatis, abstinentie. 18 

Non calcitres, ne spornette. 

Epidaurum, daere maegde. 14 

Dalmatie, daere burge. 14 

Municipium, burgscipe. 
20 Bouem, oxan. 

P educes, owes. 15 

Armenia, hridero. 

Bobulcos, oxena hierdas. 

Subulcos, swanas. 
25 Superi, upgodo. 

Strue, fine. 

Scindulis, scidum. 

Crates, hyrdlas. 

Assantibus, braedendum. 
30 Legislator, Moyses. 

Obtruncati, breuiati. 
xix. De Malcho. 

Ob cognate, daere gesibban. 16 XXXI. 

Instinctu, tihtnesse. 17 
35 Strofose, daes faecnan. 18 

Liminio, wr aecside. ! 9 

Mancipium, ^eow. 

11 Of pag. 495 Nr. XV. R. W. 

12 Aldh. succumbere. R W. 

13 Aldh. famelica frugalitatis parsimo- 
nia R. W. 

14 Aldh. iuxta Epidaurum Dalmatics 
municipium. R. W. 

15 Read pecudes. R. W. 

16 Aldh. ob cognatcB propinquitatia cu- 
ram R. W. 

17 Aldh. instructu. R W. 

18 Aldh. strophosi. R. W. 

19 Aldh. postliminium. R. W. 




Glebulis, turfum. 

Nugaciter, unnytlice. 

In genetali, in daere gecyndelice. 1 

Profanando, maculando. 

Won feram, non sinam. XXXII. 

xx. De Narciso. 
Delitiscere, bemidan. 
Anastasis, resurrectionis. 
Fortuito, semnendlice. 
Oportunus, sio tidlice. 
Exorcizans, haligende. 
Cicindilibus, weocum. 
Aruma, rysele. 2 
Seuo, smerwe. 
Madefactus, ofdaened. 
Probrosum, edwid, fullic. 
Ghirographatur, scribebat. 
Apologeticam, excussationem. 
Concinnatas, cumulatas. 
Presbiteros, series. 
Emulabantur, imitdbantur. 
Deuotabant, wyrgdon. 
Domatis, buses. 
Tigillo, tecti. 
A triplicl, from daem. 3 
cerebre, J)riefealdan braegene. 8 
Inprecabatur, bsed. 
Rancidis, dasm dreorum. 4 
Inauditum, ungefrasge. 

xxi. De Anastasio. 
Altor, fosterfseder. 
Periodas, circuitus? 
Affabiliter, luflice. 
Latrine, gengan. 
Cuniculum, grep. 
Carismatum, gifena.s 
Indolis, geogode. 
Gesticulatio, plega. 
Missarum, sendnessa. 
Conspicatur, sceawode. 
Inuestes, absque barba. 

Aldh. in genitali. R. W. 

Aldh. aruina. R. W. 

Aldh. a triplicis summitate cerebri. 

R. W. 

Read raucidis. Cf. Aldh. R. W. 
Aldh. periodos. R. W. 
Read charismatum. R. W. 

Serio, georneste. 

Expertus sit, oncunnende wses. 

Delatum, geferedne. 

Commentis, searwum. 
5 Inletus, getyhted. 7 

Inconsulte, unrsedlice swa. 

Scenam, sceadwe. 

Flamen, biscop. 

Attrite, gegnidenan. 
10 Uelantem sospitem, halne.8 

Prostituta, forliges. 

Prostibuli, forliggange. 

Insimulare, wregian. 

Melancolice, daas sweartan galgan. 
15 Nausiam, wlaetan. 9 

De recessibus, of heolstrum. 

Procax, hwal. 

Obuncabat, ymbclypte. 

Exulat, wracode. 
20 Potiretur, utebatur* 

Cote, hwetstane. 

Insectiones, ehtnesse. 10 

Conspiratio, coniuratio. 

Artus, lido. 
25 xxii. De BaUllo. 

Excubias, weardsetl. XXXIII. 

Mandras, eowestras. 

Arcebat, bewerede. 

Palatias zetas, da beallican seld. 11 
30 Yppodromi, [>a3S buses. 12 

Conflictibus, geflitum. 

Perpendiculo, reht. 

Uergeretur, wasre onsigen. 

Cleri, biscophirede. 
35 Boias, beagas. 

Nee tune, bun dan. 13 

Fallere, decipere. 

Ictibus, slegum. 

xxiii. De Cosma et Damiano. 
40 lbo f nombred, in quo consulis nomen 

7 Aldh. illectus. R. W. 

8 Aldh. ualentem sospitem. R. W. 

9 Aldh. nauseam. R. "W. 

10 Aldh. insectationes. R. W. 

11 Aldh. palatinas zetas. R. W. 

12 Read ippodromi or hippodromi. R. W. 

13 Read nectunt. Cf. Aldh. R. W. 





Archiatros, heahlsecas. XXXIV. 

Litterature, scripture. 

Apostasie, fleamlastes. 

Pcdcmtimi, softe. 1 

Monaptalmis, aenegum. 2 

J3albis, stamerum. 

Blessis, wlipsum. 8 

JRefocilando, hyrttende. 

Fortune, gewife. 

Cassibus, wyrdum. 4 

Ad superos, ad uiuentes. 

Consternati, conterriti. 

Ejfera, sio rede. 

Eculei, cruci. 

Agonizarunt, J)reowedan. 

xxii(i). De Crissanti. 
Gymnosophistis, weoroldsnottrum. 


Eethoribus, wodborum.5 
Ualitudines, adle.6 
Cataplasma, laecedomnessa. 
Uisco, fugellime. 
Glutinarum, gelimedne.? 
Arihtmitica, rimcraeft.s 
Astronomia, tungelcrseft wisan. 
Astrologia, ratio siderum. 
Mechanica, searocraeft.9 
Cathagorias, x. predicamenta. 10 
Commentis, searwum. 
Prestare, elicre wses. 11 
Neophytus, se niwa. 
Precipuus, se maesta. 
Proscriptionem, gestrod. 
Infiscaretur, gegafelod. 

Aldh. pedetentim. R. W. 

Aldh. monophtalmis. R. W. 

Aldh. blasts. R. W. 

Aldh. casffius. R. W. 

Read rhetoribus. It. W. 

Read inualetudines. R. W. 

Read glutinatum. R. W. 

Read arithmetica. R. W 
In the dictionaries, this word is wrongly 
explained as derived from searo, in the 
sense of deceit, and as meaning a deceit- 
ful art or stratagem. It is evidently de- 
rived from the word in the sense of a 
machine, or instrument. 

Aldh. categorian, quce pradicamento- 

Libitos, licongum. 12 

Elosericis, ealgodwebnum. 18 

Sagina, fodre. 

Epithalami, brydlcod. 14 
5 Uestalis, gydenlice. 

Sed secus cessit, ac on odre wisan 

Syllogismi conclusionibus. 

Phitronieade. lb 
10 Herculis, hearge. 15 

Udis, wsetum. 

Nodosi, ostihtum. 

Cibbo, copse. 16 

Pudentissimis, daem fulaestuin. 17 
15 Lotio, hlande. 

Chaldeorum, tungelcrasftum. 

Hierophantorum, scincraefta. 

Ariolorum, da J)33t womfreht reniad. 

Marsorum, wyrmgalera- 
20 Lustramenta, lybsin. 

Ambrosiam, suauem odor em. 

In rosatuni) on rosena. 

Deglobere, behyldan. 18 

Byrse, hyde. 19 
25 Supparum, aecemban. 20 

Putamina, hniglan. 

Lanterne, leohtfaetes. 

Singillatim, singulariter. 

Cloacarum, flodena. 
30 Cuniculi, grep. 

Ingesserunt, onheapedon. 

De clatris, of pearrocuin. 

Sugillaretur, osogen wasre. 

De congestu, be gesomnungum. 21 

rum generibus distinguuntur. R. W. 

11 So has the MS. Aldh. prastaret. 

R. W. 

12 Aldh. libitus. R. W. 

13 Aldh. olosericis. R. W. 

14 Aldh. epithalamii. R. W. 

15 Aldh. Amphitrioniada, id est, Her- 
culis sacello. hearge is a translation of 
sacello. R W. 

16 Aldh. cippi. R. W. 

17 Aldb. putentissimis. R. W. 

18 Aldh. deglubere. R. W. 

19 Aldh. birscB. R. W. 

20 Read stuparum. R. W. 

21 Aldh. df rnngesfa, ropin. R. W, 




Pignus, wed. xxxvi. 

xx(v). De luliano. 
Competem, getselne. 1 
Magnopere, swide. 
Tedas, spelde. 
Faces ardentes. 
Bis quingentenum, tua fiftig. 
Effebo, ungebarde.2 
Eircitallo, hysse. 3 
Theca, fodre. 
Damnatorum, raeplinga. 
Fasciarum, swejjela. 
Tragoediam, sarlicleod. 
Ter denis, Jjreotienum. 
Cuparum, tunnena. 
Bituminis, scipteran. 
Farciuntur, acrummene waeron. 
Pyrebele, id estj fyr. 4 
Obolisci, dses stanes. 5 
Spere, sepples. 6 
In conum, on heahnisse. 
De torrente, of dam byrnendum. 
Lids, hefeld^rasdum. 7 
Pollices, Jmman. 
Alloces, J>a miclan tan, 
Filis, J)rsedum. 
Lurcare, fretan. 
Gurguliones, ]>rotan. 
Oppilauit, behydde. 
Callositas, unsmedes. 
Tabo, hune, ud adle. 
Deturpansj onrettej). 
In sabanis, on sabanum, id est scete. 
Boiolabantur, borene wseron. 8 
Uoti compos, wilfaegen. 

[xxv]i. De Ammon. 
Commercia, ceapunge. XXXVII. 

Inuisi, daes ladan. 

Cfem, wasan. 

Pubescentem, weaxende. 

Deprenderint, onfundon.9 

Obstinatam, J>a anwillan. 
5 Conibentia, haebbenga. 10 

Obsecundans, herende. 

Anhelat, desiderat. 

Acutum, son, sona. 11 

Direpta, J)a genumenan. 
10 Depeculata, })a ofdrifenan. 

Abegerunt, fram adreofon. 

Striclim, sceortlice. 

Consummatim, scyndendlice. 12 

D ] oleum, wseterbyden. 13 
15 Obeuntem, morientemS 4 

Cyppum, hoferedne. 15 

Melote, hredan. 

AmicuHs, gegerelican. 

Lucum, hearga. 
20 In citeriorem, in done firran. 

Discifer, discberend. 

Mudentum, bremmendra. 16 

Affatim, ubertim. 

Manipulo, were. 

25 Cernuas, neole. XXXVIII. 

xxvii. De Apollonio. 

Cleratis, clerochade. 17 

Anfractus, J)wyrhfero. 

Exorbitans, aswifende. 
30 Subterfugiens, bifleonde. 

Dilituisse, gediernan. 18 

Antipatris, pater Herodis. 1 * 

Thoraciclas, imaginibus. 

Octenis temporum, lustris xl. 20 
35 Interpellans, gretende. 

Curbo, gebegde. 21 

De stuppe stamineo, be cembum 



Aldh. compotem. R. W. 
Aldh. ephebo. R. W. 
Aldh. hircitalio. R. W. 
Aldh. flammantis pyrce. R. W. 
Read obelisci. R. W. 
Read sphcerce. R. W. 
Aldh. liciis. R. W. 
Aldh. baiulabantur. R. W. 
Aldh. deprehenderent. R. W. 
Rad cohibentia. R. W. 
11 So has the MS. Aldh. actutum. R. W. 

12 Aldh. et summatim. R. W. 

13 Aldh. dolium R. W. 

14 Aldh. abeuntem. R. W. 

15 Aldh. gibbum. R. W. 

16 Aldh. rudentium. R. W. 
t7 Aldh. clericatus. R. W. 
t8 Aldh. delituisse. R. W. 

19 Aldh. Antipatri R. W. 

20 Aldh. octonis temporum litstris R.W. 
11 Aldh. curuo. R. W. 

22 Aldh. de stuppce stamine. R. W, 




Putamine, hniglan. 

Ordiretur, wefen wses. 

Ex terite glomere, of sinuwealtum 

cliwen. 1 
Fuso, spinele. 
Netum, aspunnem. 
Radiis, hrislum. 
Stridentibus, hristlendum. 
Extricabatur, tolesed waeran. 2 
Parsimonia, faestenbehaefednes. 
Hortorum, wyrtuna. 
Condito, gecocanade. 
Online, cycene. 
In focularibus, on heordum. 
Intempestiue, in swigean modre- 

nsehte. 8 

Lautune, carcerne. 4 
Circumquaque, ymb J)aet. 
Sub diuo, under lyfte. 
Aliorsum, elles hwyder. 
Strictis, getogene. 
Ojfendisset, inuenisset. 
Simultatem, unsibbe. 
Incentor, tyhtend. 
Sequestra, byrgea. 
Leto tenus, od dead. 
Clasma, mal. 
Fors, wyrd. 

Glomerarentur, gesomnedon. 
Familicis, hungregum. 5 
Calcatur, teled is. 
lubeleuS) annus. 6 
Remissionum, exenium, lac. 7 
Eulogie, benedictionis. 
Parasitis, ministris. 
Propostero, onwendedre. 8 
Mala Punica, J)a Affracaniscan aeppla. 
Dactulus, ficaeppel. 9 

Aldh. ex tereti filorum glomere. R. W. 
Aldh. extricabantur. R. W. 
Read midrenahte. Aldh. intempesta 
no Us. R. W. 

Aldh. lautumia. R. W. 
Aldh. famelicis. R. W. 
Aldh. lubileus. R. W. 
Aldh. xenium. R. W. 
Aldh. prapostero. R. W. 
Aldh. dactylis. R. W. 

Idem et palatas, and cariarum. 10 

Nicolaos, palmaeppla. 
. Massas, clyno. 

Antes, ordines. 
5 Racemis, bergeum. 

Mitescere, miles a. 

Flauescentibus, falewende. 

Calamitosa, dy earmlican. 

Crustulis, halstanum. 
10 Tortellis, ceaum (?) 

Exibuit, gebryttade. 11 

Simila, melewes, smedma. 

Pottine, gryttes. 

Crasso, dy fast tan. 
15 Corbos, caulas. 12 

Legythum, crog 

Equiperat, widmetej). 13 

Nutabunto, dy wagigendan. 14 XL. 

Secundum, dy aefterlicum hade. 15 
20 Gradatim, softe. 

Spatiantes, hweorfende. 

Amminiculum, adiutorium. lG 

Expiauit, gefelsode. 

Plecta, windonge. 17 
2 5 Plumemus, wi ndan. 1 7 

Uestibula, foredyre. 

Enucleare, ascilian. 

xxviii. De Sancta Maria. 

Gerula, berend. 
30 Nurus, snoro. 

Germana, soror. 

Felices, cyfesa. 18 

Priuilegium, honorem. 

Obsidem, gisl. 

35 Receptacula, andfengnessa. 
xxix. De Cecilia. 

Indulte, J3ses alefdan. 

Prod, bidderes. 

10 Aldh. et palatas, id est, caricarum 
massas. R. W. 

Aldh. exhibuit. R. W. 
Aldh corbes. R. W. 
Aldh. cequiparat. R. W. 
Read nutabundo. R. W. 
Aldh secundi sexus. R. W. 
Aldh. adminiculum. R. W. 
Aldh. plectro plumemns, R. W. 
Aldh pellices. R. W. 




Purgamenta, cwead. 

Latrinarum, gengena. 

Sis quinquagenis et ter quinis, i. cen- 
tum quindecim. 

Sirenarum, meremennena. 

Inexpertus, unandwis. 

Pellexerunt, beswican. 1 

Sub pretextu, under mundbyre. 

Leuirum, tacor, J)aet is brydguma 

DistinatuSf onsended. 2 

Serta, hringas. 

Edicta, gebodo. XLI - 

xxx. De Agatha. 

Aguste, J)aere ruman. 3 

Trinacria, Sicilia. 

Lictorum, pegna. 

Sacrafragnum, |>a scearwan gebr'.* 

Siculus, se Sicilisca. 

Adstipulantur, adfirmant. 

Turris, wighuses. 

Opere pretium, raed. XLII. 

[xx]xi. De Lucia. 

In catalog o, in rime. 

In tribuli, in dsem gesibban.5 

Siracusas, sio burg. 6 

Successibus, spedum. 

Rerum, ceatta, 

Distratioj bibycgong. 

Marsupia, siodas. 

Acri, grimmej angere, sorge. 

Lenonum, sponera. 

Atras otfulas, das sweartan snasda. 7 

Resine, scipteran. 

Tabuerunt, dwinan. 

Prcedo, hloj)ere. 

Archiparatta, heahsedeof. 8 

Aldh. pellexerint. R. W. 

Aldh. destinatus. R. W. 

Read augustce. R. W. 

Aldh. nee acra testularum fragmina. 
R. W. 

Aldh. contribuli. R. W. 

Aldh. SyracuscB oppidum. R, W. 

Aldh. atrce picis offulas. R. W. 

Aldh. archipirata. R. W. 

This no doubt means Zoroaster, though 
the title given to him is not easily ex- 
plained, and must have arisen from the ig- 

Saroastren, rex Bahtianorurn gentis? 


xxxii. De lustina. 

Expedire, reccan. 
5Apicibus, stafum. 

Scemmatizarunt, licetton. 10 

Disparuit, forswealt. 

Aruspicum, hselsera. 

Adibitis, todonum. 11 
10 Exterminans, aiedende. 

Ineluctuabilis, J>a unoferwinnene. 12 

Exorcismij halgunge. 13 

Catacizatus, gecristnad. 13 

Bissemis, tuwahealfum. 14 
15 Bisternis sextum, drim binnan drim 
butan. 14 

Adscisceretur, togeladede. 

Peruicax, gemah. 

Refragatur, widwinnend. 15 
20 Roborabiliter, stranglice. 16 

Oculum, sprsece. 17 

Ultra, hrafe. 

Purpurescit, readode. 

Sectas, ]>eawas. XLIV. 

25 xxxiii. De Eugenia. 

Argumenta, searwe. 

Ob potiorem, fore meran. 

Caccabatum, besciten, behrumod. 

Atramentum, sweartnesse. 
SQltasterne, scrides. 

Uehiculo, fore. 

Pedisequis, degnura. 

Spadonibus, afyrdum. 

Rassis, scorenum. 18 
35 Fortuis, semnendlice. 19 

Casibus, wyrdum. 

Ademptam, genumene. 

norance of the glossator. (Aldh. Soroastrem. 
R. W.) 

10 Aldh. schematizarunt. R. W. 

11 Aldh. adhibitis. R. W. 

12 Aldh. in eluctabile. R. W. 

13 Aldh. exorcismo catechizatus. R. W. 

14 Aldh. bis sent uel bis terni. R. W. 
Aldh. refragator. R. W. 

Aldh. fauorab iliter. R. W. 
Read oraculum. R. W. 
Read rasis. R. W. 
Read fortuitis. R. W. 




Proserpinam, hiera deofla sum. 

Minerua, elect artium. 

Adplaudunt, gulpan. 

Stolida consulta, ]m dolan raedas. 

Scrupulum, incan. 

Municipium, burh. 

Sub modio, under mittan. 

De sceuo, of daem sceolan.i 

In/amis, orretscipe. 

Clanculis, dsem diglum 

Deliberaret, ge])ohte. 

Traducta, georwyrded. 

Inpingere, eetspornan. 

Catapultas, speru, boltas. 

JRecorsit, eft ongenbigde. 2 

Antiquitus, gefyrn. 

Calcor, spura. 3 

Dissona, ungerade. 

Quadrare, gefegan. 

Fotam, sealfode. 

xxxiiiii. De Ague* 
Celibes, hegstealdman. XLV 

Emulatores, onhyrgendras. 
Uernantibus, grenum. 
Frontosa, sio balde. 
Dedecus, unwlites. 
Donatur, geweordad. 
Adgrederetur, geeode. 
Porcinus strepitus, Jjset symlice 

gestun. 4 

OumUeHo, byrgenstowe. 5 
Caraxabimus, writat. 

[xxx]v. De Tecla et Eulalie. 
Incommodum, unbehefe. XLVI. 

Duxit, tealde.s 
Clatros, pearrocum. 
Enixte, geornliceJ 
Pyrarum, baela. 

Aldh. dum sauo. R. W. 

Aldh. retorsit. R. W. 

Read calcar. Cf. Aldb. R. W. 

Aldh. porcinus paganorum strepitus. 

R W. 

Aldh. ccemiterio. R W. 
Aldh. duxi. R. W. 
Read enixe. Cf. Aldh. R. W. 
Aldh. opportune. R. W. 
Aldh. indigamentorum. R. W. 

xxxvi. De Scolastica ac Cristina, 
simulque, Dorohthea. 

Tiara, hset. XLVII. 

Fulminauit, lixte. 
5lnportune, gemalice. 8 

Reluctaretur, widstod, 

Eliciens, abeodende. 

Minaci, oferlifiende. 

Proceritate, heannesse. 
10 Porrectam, araeredne. 

Forti, faestes. 

Liture, liming. 

Indegitamentum, ]mra boca.9 

Sudibus, stengum. 
15 Uenusti, ])ses fegeran. 

Obstipuit, ofercymen wees. 1 '* 

Carminibus, galdorledum. 

Inritabant, gremedan. 

Catastarum, witacyn. 
20 Adplicuit, todyde * l 

Naufragauerunt, gedurfan. 12 

Deprauandam, to mishwofentim. 

Ordine prepostero, onwendedre ende- 

25 Pretorium, domhus, domaern. 

Cauillatione, geslitgliwe. 

Prosper are, feran. 18 

Gannature, bysmires. 14 

Indolem, giogude. XLVIII. 

30 xxx vii. De Constantine. 

Pretorum, ealdormanna. 15 

Subarrauit, geweddade. 16 

Apparatu, gej)raece. 

A circio, nordan. 
35 Traciarum, traciana. 17 

Passim, wide. XLIX. 

xxxviii. De Eustochie. 

Scedulis, bocum. 18 

Aldh. obstupuit R. W 
Aldh. applicauit. R. W. 
Aldh. naufragauerant. R. \V. 
Aldh. properai'e. R. W. 
Aldh. gannitura. R. W. 
Aldh. procerum. R. W. 
Aldh. subarraret. R W. 
Aldh. Thraciarum. R. W. 
Aldh tchedulis. R. W. 




Sexies terna, eahtatiene. 
Interpret, wealhstod. 
Pertessum, adrotsuniis. 1 
Insigniter, mserlice. 
Edidit, awrat. 

Caracteribus, angelicnessum. 2 
Lepida, getinge. 
Citro pontum, ofer sse. 3 
Tenacissimis, J)8em fsestestum. 
Bilancee, twyfealdre heolra. 4 
Trutinabat, heolrode awseg. 5 
Ad stridule, to swege.c 
Remugiet, hlowed. 

De Chione et Hierene et Agape. 

Rustids, cierliscum. 
Arcersire, geladian. 7 
Exorbitantes, aswifende. 
Carybdibus, swelgnessum. 8 
Non dissona, nales ungerade. 
Cirris, loccura. 
Consparsione, gecynde. 
In luxum, in lust. 
Labescit, aglad. 
Suppellex, geloma. 
Lebetes, hweres. 
Bassiare, cyssan. 
Instinctu, tyhtnesse. 
Debachatus, wedende- 
Ludificatus, weged. 
E/eta, ealde.9 
Habitudine, onsiene. 
Artubus, liodum. 
Inceptis, onginnissum. 
Lupercia, set dam gilde. 10 

Portunalia, oJ>J>e aet ydum waeran 

gesette. 12 
Et suouetaurili, ' 3 odda J>a |)e 8Bt J)8em 

geldum })8er waes swin and seep, 
5 Numina, gield. 
Melodiam, sealmsang. 

xl. De Rufina et Secunda. 
Incanduisset, onhatode LI. 

Manipulares, eempan. 
10 Laturi, Jjrowigende. 

Fumigabundis, Jjses stincendan. 

Nardi pistici, Jsere getreowan ele- 


Emersisse, J>e hie uparisan. 

L.lbElisa, asliden. 

Sine murmura, butan hearmheort- 


xli. De Anatholia et Victoria. 
Decriminalia, heafodfretennesse. 34 
20 LII. 

Perhiscelides, ornamenta crwrwra. 15 
Matricularis, J)earfum . 1 6 
Prodiga, J>ses stryndedau. 
Liber alitatem, rumheortnesse. 17 
25 Pitacia, aerendbec. 18 

Lupercalibus, |>8era gildendum. Lu~ 

perci uocantur illi sacerdotes qui 

ministrant deo qui uocatur Pan. 
Ad agapem, to selmessum. 
30 Basilisci, Jjsere naedran. 
Flara, blsedas. 19 
Calamitosam, J)aet earme. 20 
Orbitationibus, biastepnessum. 21 
Arceretur, bewered waere. 

Competalia, set Jmm wega gelsetum 35 Diane, ricenne. 22 
waeran. 11 Larbatos, hreofe. 28 

1 Aldh, 

2 Aldh. 

3 Aldh. 

4 Aldh. 

5 Aldh. 

6 Aldh. 

7 Aldh, 

8 Aldh, 

9 Aldh. 

10 Aldh, 

11 Aldh 

12 Aldh, 

pertcBsum. R. W. 
characteribm. R. W. 
citra pontum. R. W. 
bilance. R. W. 
trutinabit. R. W. 
ad stridulcB buccince sonum. 
R. W. 

accersiri. R. W. 
charybdibus. R. W. 
effecta. R. W. 
lupercalia. R. W. 
compitalia. R. W. 
portumnalia. R. W. 

13 Aldb. et suouetaurilia. R. W. 

14 Aldh. discriminalia. R. W. 

15 Aldh. periscelides. R. W. 

16 Aldh. matriculariis. R W. 

17 Aldh. liberalitate. R. W. 

18 Aldh. pittacia. R. W. 

19 Aldh. flabra. R. W. 

20 Aldh. calamitosum. R. W. 

21 Aldh. flebilibus orbitatis qucestibus. 

R. W. 

22 Cf. pag. 387 1. 38. Cf. Kemble, the 
Saxons in England, Book I, chap. XII. R.W. 

23 Aldb. laruatos. R. W. 




Camitiales, gebrsecseoce. 1 
Cantando, galdorgalende. 
Spiris, hringum. 
Capulo tenus, od hielt. 
Adacto, Jwrhwrecen. 

xlii. De losep et Dauid et Samson 

et aliis plurimis. 

Exosa, seounga. LI! I. 

ConspiratiO) facengecwis. 
Argutis, J)aem swogendum. 
Fidibus, strengum. 
Mandibulas, cinban. 
Rictus, ceaflas. 
Frustatim, in sticce. 
Crista, cambihte. 
Cassidis, helme. 
Thoraca, byrne. 2 
Falarica, spere. 
Umbonis, randbeages. 
Parma, scylde. 
Singulariter, anwiglice. 
Congrediens, feohtende. 
Utpote, swa hit wses. 
In basileon, on cyninga bocum. 
Percellitur, slaegen. 8 
Pelicatus, cyfeshade. 4 
Eneruiter, waclice. 
Flaminium, biscophade. LIV. 

Ratam, J)a gerisnan. 5 
Ostro, telgedeage. 
Simuttate, unsibbe. 
Cum fratrueli, mid bro(torsuna. 
Meri, wines. 
Nenias, bismerleod. 
Elucubrate, ])y ahlytrede.c 

xliii. De uestimento uirginum. 
Delicatis, wraestlicum. LV. 

Legulam, hringan. 7 

1 Aldh. comitiales. R W. 

2 Aldh. thorace. R. W. 

3 Aldh. percutitur. R. W. 

4 Aldh. pellicatus. R. W. 

5 Aldh. rata. R. W. 

6 Aldh. elucubratam. R. W. 

7 Aldh. ligulam. R. W. 

8 Aldh. colorata. R. W. 

9 Aldh. conchilii. R. W. 

10 Aldh. per ironiam. R. W. 

11 Aldh. croc,eo . . . luto. Cf, pag. 436 

Subripuit, forstael. 

Colerata, geaelged. 8 

Probrum, edwit. LVI. 

Ostentationis, gylpes. 
5 Prostitutis, forlegesum. 

Sumptuosius, behydelice, wistfullice. 

Inlicias, spones. 

Setosa, dy hrisehtan, J>a haerihtam. 

Conguilii, telges. 9 
\OBacciniorum, bergena, odde ofeta. 

Per hironiam, Jmrh hucx. 10 

Crocea, J)a geolwan. 

Luto, wyrmaman. 11 

Sandix, wyrt, odde wad. 
15 Adinuentionibus, aspyrgengum. 12 

Plastica, gewyrce. 

Infectum, ungeffremed. 

Refragatur, widsoc. 

lurisperitorum, raefborena. 
20 Inproperasse, J)set hie setwite. 

Cum in/ami eulogio, mid y unse- 
J>elan gidde. 13 

Prouerbiorum, gydda. 

Manicas, sly fan. 
25 Redimiculo, eyre, widdan. 14 

Mitre, hasttes. 


Solario, cenaculo. 
BOEquitatum, etrodum. 16 

Abra, Jjinnenne. 

Conopio, nette, fleogryfte. 17 

Uecordem, gemsededne. 

Elisisse, ascrencan. 18 
35 Insolentiam, {>a forwenedan. LVIII. 

Subucula, hacele. 

Bysina, hwit. 19 

lachinthina, hsewen. 20 

1. is. R. W. 

12 Aldh. adinuentionum. R. W. 

13 Aldh. cuminfamiprouerbiorumelogio. 

R. W. 

14 Aldh. redimicula. R. W. 

15 Aldh. theristro. R. W. 

16 Aldh. equitatu. R. W. 

17 Aldh. conopao. R. W. 

18 Aldh. elicisse. R. W. 

19 Aldh. bissina. R. W. 

20 Read hiacinthina. R W. 




Capitium, hcalscd. 
Manice, slyfan. 
Ambitiuntur, ymbhnmneJ 
Antice, loccas. 
Timponum, JHinwongena.- 
Pulla, [)a blacan. 
Mafortibus, scy'fclum. 
Cedunt, rumad, steppad. 
Uittarum, nostlena. 
Nexibus, salura. 
Talo tenus, odan cleow. 
Falconum, wealhhafeca. 
Cauannarum, ulena. 
Obunca, [>a crumban. 
Fuscinula, awel. 
Arpagine, sutunge. 
Sorices, mys. 

Puplicatam, j)a geopenedan. 3 
Indisciplinatorum, undeawfulra. 
Sugillatinis, telnesse. 4 
Malagma, Isecesealfe. 
Purulentis, gewyrms'. f> 
Experiamur, onfinden. 
Stipulatorem, trymmend. 
Libida, {>a wannan. 
Uibex, lael. 

Assentatrix, sio ge{)afigende. 
Exacerbauit, gremede. 
Passiua, sio wide. 
Rethoricamur, we sprecaj). 6 
Gratuila, sio uncype. 
Subpeditat, fultuma^. 
Philosophare, aet we sprecen. 7 
Yppone regensi, J)sere burge. 8 
Tectis, bedeahtura. 
Suatim, hiora deawe. 
Infesta, |>a teonfullan. 
Antiquariis, writerum. 
Tricabatur, geeylded. 

Fenus, hiereborg. 

Tricatio, y Id ing. 

Rimosa barca, J)8et cinene scip. 

Quassata, gecnysed. 
5 Sero, sid. 

Adtigisset, gyla}>, gelamp. 10 

Carbasa, segelbosmas. 

Antemnarum, segelgyrda. 

Sinuata, gebesmed. 
\QSylocismij {)8ere uncystc. 11 

Inter Scyllam, betwuh [>a frecnosso- 

Barbarismi, J)a uncyste. 

Indisruptis, untoslitcnum. 
1 5 Rudentibusj wsederapum. 

Laudacismi, daere uncyste. 12 

Antefatis, wserwordum. 

Non obgerit, ne swyltej). 

Non tricauerit, ne leted. 
20 Imbricibus, hroftiglum. 

Lepida, J>sere getyngan. 

Discrepent, scadad. 

Sapa, ciern. 14 

E merulento, a from [>am lilntrnm. 15 
25 Temeto, wine. 

Fucorum, telga. 

Fabrefactis, gesmicerade. 

Iconisma, gelicnes. 

Stemmate, wlite. 
30 Uersor, hwerfigo. 

Uacillare, wine wealtigan. 

Triste, [)ffit swsere. 

Denote, holdlice. 

Turificatur, onsaegd sic. 18 
35 Matertere, modrigan. 

Helice, id est, Jerusalem. 

Auroresceret, lihte. 

Extemplo, sona. 

Quasi arse, swa wefsesten. 

Aldli. ambiuntur. R. "W. 

Aldli. ttmporum. R. W. 

Read publicatam. R. W. 

Aldh. sugillationis. R. W. 

So has the MS. Cf. gewyrmsi pag. 

1. 20. R. W. 

Read rhctoricamur. R. W. 

Aldh. philosophari decreuimus. R. W. 

Aldli. Uipponenai*. R. W. 

hiora t. . swiiia deawe. R. W. 

Aldh. attigit. R. W. 

Aldh. soloecismi. R. W. 

Aldh. lautacismi. R. W. 

Sic MS. R. W. 

Read duMsapa. R. W. 

Aldh. a merulento temeto. R. W. 

Aldh. thurificatur. R. W. 





Editissimae, J)8et hiehste. 1 

Ansatas, speru. 

Tuerij scylded beon. 

Subsistentia, aweosung. 

Ualete, wesaj) hale. 

Alumne, fosterbearn. 2 

Tirones, cempan. 

Per sudum, })tirh J)a hlutran. 

Confer, forgeaf. 

Predo, scea])a. 

Pellax, frsecness o})J)e se beswicenda. 

Rabula, se risenda. 

Raptor, strudend, odde gripend. 

Bis dicere, fcaet he tuwa cwede. 

Pup pup, taeg tseg. 

Bibramine, scilbronge. 3 

Fiant prosa. 

(x)liiii. De metro incipit. 
Imbribus, scurum. 
Demis, nimis. 
Cynthia, luna. 
Prepedibus, hradum. 4 
Rostris, ceaflum. 
Pipant, pritigead. 
Modulare, singan. 5 
Fati, gewrites. 6 
Ruricolas musas, landajlfe. 
Castalidas nymphas, dunselfa. 
Elicona, swa hatte sio dun. 7 
Delo, swa hatte J)8et ealand- 8 
Latamina, mater solis.% 
Argutus, se gleawa. 
Garrula, sio hlydende. 
Cola, idem membrum. 9 
Commata? pars membrim. w 
Bombosa, J>sere rarigendan. 

1 Aldh. editissima. R. W. 
* The following words are taken from 
the poetical e De Laudibus Uirginum, Prce- 
fatio ad Maximam Abbatissam. J R. W. 
Aldh. uibramine. R. W. 
Aldh. prapetibus. R. W. 
Aldh. modulari. R. W. 
Aldh. fasti. R. W. 
Aldh. Helicona. R. W. 
Aldh. quern Delo peperit Latona. 

R. W. 

" Aldh. Colaque cum pedibua per pant 
et rnmmatn ternis. R. W. 

Deuotaturus, wiergende. 

Plectra, sceacelas. 

Fidibus, strengum. 

Follibus, bylgum. 
5 Capsis, cystum. 

Car 'bo , gled. 

Calculus, cealcstan. 

Uualbas, 11 dureras. 10 

Decies senes, id est Ix. 
10 Depromsit, ypte. 

Garbas, manipulas, sceafas. 

Stirpis, owaesmum. 

Fana, heargas. 

Ilia, innej)as. 
15 Extirpans, awyrtwalad. 

Peculantis, JDSBS scion. 12 

Obridzum, smaete gyldne. 18 

t*unicip t . dy brunan odde J)y brun- 

20 Tinctura, telgunge. 

Murice, wyrman. 

Concineasque, and J)a weolocreade. 15 

Puluerulenta, dy dystgan. 

De cortice corni, of corntreowes rinde. 
25 Dactulus, palmappel. 16 

Unto, searogemme. 

De conca, of inuscellan. 17 

Sablo, molde, sande. 

Bratea fila, se gyldna drsed. 
30 Bino uersu, J}y twyfealdan fere. 10 

Sena paradigmata, siexfealdre anlic- 

Palmite, wintwiges. 

Antes, ordines. 
35 Ligustra, hunigsuge. 

Per dumos, J)urh grsefan. 

10 So has the MS. R. W. 

11 Aldh. ualuas. R. W. 

12 Aldh. petulantis. R. W. 

13 i. e. beaten gold. It meant the thin 
plate-gold which was mnch in use for 
ornamenting rich dresses, and other pur- 
poses, during the Prankish and Anglo- 
Saxon periods, (Aldh. obrizum. R. W.) 

14 Aldh. puniceo. R. W. 

15 Aldh. coccineosque. R. W. 

16 Aldh. dactylus. R, W. 

17 Read R. W. 




Circio, hringseto. 1 

Fibula, sigel. 

Bullis, bylum. 

Petala, goldfyld fel. 

Tergore, hyde. 

Saliginis, saelenum. 2 

Membrarum, filmena.3 

Ex centra, of midle. 

Anthliaj hlaedhweogl. 4 

Mergula, scealfor. 

Alis, fiderum. 

Grauculus, hroc. 5 

Leti, wyrdenna. 

Occas, fealge. 

Uersiculos, hweorfende. 6 

Teretescycli, j}aes sinewealtanhringes 

Fulua, sio fealwe. 

Uenusias, faegernes. 

Porro, fior. 

Molimine, searwe. 7 

Strophosa, J>y fsecnan. 8 

Rictu, ceafle. 8 

xlv. De Elia. 

Tenia, honore uel cyninggierela. 9 
Actus, gebaeded. 
Bigis, cratum. 
Obstacula, widsteallas. 
In Tempis, on scenfeldum. 10 
Cruda, dura. 
Bustis, byrgelsum. 
Antichristus, contrarius Christo. 
Bucula, cealf. 

xlvi. De Eliseo. 
Bombis, hlowengum. 
Sacra, gield. 
Ultra t rsede. 

Lauta munia, ]>a claanan J)enunga. 
Carismata, gyfa. 11 

1 Aldh. in circo. R. W. 

2 Aldh. salignis. R. W. 

3 Aldh. membranarum. R. W. 

4 Read antlia. R. W. 

5 Read graculus. R. W. 

6 Aldh. uersicolor. R. W. 

7 Aldh molimina. R. W. 

8 Aldh. strophoso rictu. R. W. 

9 Aldh. tenuia. R. W. 

10 The glossator has here taken tlie clas- 
sical beauties of Tempe as a name for all 
localities of extreme beauty, and has in- 

Carpere, telan. 

Plectit, witnad. 

Scurrarum, sceawera. 

Speculum, sunscin. 
5 xlvii. De Hieremia. 

Dignissimus, se weorjjcsta. 

Hirsutus, ruh. 

Mirteta, wirgraefen. 

Flaminibus, episcopis. 
lOSacelli, hearges. 

Belie, water. 12 

Massam, clyne. 

Atram o/am, J)a sweartan snaed. 

xlviii. De tribus pueris. 
15 Fistula, wistle. 

Puberibus, onihtum. 

Cultum, gield. 

Nodarent, bundan. 

Nequibat, non potuit. 13 
20 xlix. De Danielo. 

Ignicomis, se fyrfeaxna. 

Sedans, gestilde. 

1. De lohanne Baplista. 

Prodat, cyded. 
25 Adfatim, ubertim. 

Obstrusus, deagol. 

Frugi, abstinentie. 

Ocula, sprece. 14 

Adultus, geweaxen. 
30 Maturesceret, weox. 

Natrix, cwij). 15 

Potior, mara. 

Marmora glauca, J)a haewnan sajs. 

Tomant, hlynredan. 16 
35 Conpellens, gretende. 17 

Confertur, wider meten is. 

Ringescens, abolgen. 18 

Stomachatur, iersad. 

terpreted the word by a general term 
signifying 'bright fields.' (Aldh. in temp- 
lis paradisi. R. W.) 

11 Read charismata. R. W. 

12 Aldh. Belis delubra nefandi. R. W. 

13 Aldh. non quibat. R. W. 

14 Read oracula. R. W. 

15 Read Matrix. R. W. 

16 Read tonant. R. W. 

17 Aldh. compellan*. R. W. 

18 Aldh. ringens. R. W. 


Consanguine, J)aerc gesibban. 1 Oonflictum, geflit. 

Incestans, gewemde. Certantes, flitcnde. 

Lances, beodas. Certamine, on geflite. 

Uectant, feredan. Molosos, rothundas. 9 

Per natarn, per Jiliam. 5 Consternati, ofercymene, 

Scenica ludicra, j)y pleglican plcgan. Ferit, sloh. 

Uectifera ualue, J)3ere forscytlican Exertis, onbundon. 10 

dura. 2 Armento, hrydcro. 

Crustra, clusterlocu. 3 Culcita, bedde. 

li. De lohanne Euangelista. 10 Rugosa, [jsere gehrumpuan. 

Ingurgitat^ wasted. In extant, in modes heahunesse. 

tialebroso, jwyresfura. Deformem, atole 

Armenia, swinsunge. 4 Turpabat, orretted. 

Haustus, potus. Ajitisitus, aryeldo. 11 

lii. De Paulo. Apostolu. 15 Conglobatur, sp'mn'ode.. 

Paulus, pius, i. mirabilis. Gymnica, jja u{)witlican. 

Furuo, j)y sweartari. Grues, yeldo. 13 

Itigeminans, twyfealde. Scobem, gilp. 14 

Expers, ordaele. Infindens, gerawende. 

liii De Luca euangelista. "20 Turribus, wighusum. 1 :> 

QiUadrupes, cealf. ' Ductum, gedon. 

Quattuor decies cum uii. degeret annos, Ivi. De Ambrosio. 

id est Ixx. et quattuor annos.* Hesperie, on Eotole. 

Procurans, laecnende. In cunis, in cildcladum 

Ulcera, poccas. 25 Bis terna, sex 

Fotu, sealfe. Nutu, meahte. 

Fidis, getreowum. Mania, degnungo. 

liiii. De Clementi. Ivii. De Martino. 

Equal, bine widermet. 7 Nee balsainorurn, nc crismena. 

Uisere, uidere. 30 Unctum, smyrenesse. 

Censebat, scop. Faminem, sprasce. 16 

Iv. De Siluestro. In ueribus, in snasum. 17 

Cartis, bocum 8 Exta, iesendne, isend. 

Natricis, nasdrum. Fomentat, laecnode. 

Sacelli, buses. 35 Extat, waes. 

Aldli. consanyuinci. 14. W. u The glossator translates scobtin. Aldli. 

Aldh uectiferce ualua. II. W has scrobem. R. W. 

Aldh. claustra. K. W. 1S The fortifications of the Anglo-Saxons 

Aldli. harmoniam. K. W. in their earlier times consisted merely of 

Aldh. quadrupfdis uituli. H W. an intrenchmeut, surrounded by an earthen 

Aldh. quatuor tt dfcies etc. l{. W. bank or mould. Hence they had to ex- 

L e. cequat. R. \V. press their notion of a tower by calling 

Read chartis. R. W. it a wiy-hus, or war-house. We have further 

So has the MS. Cf. pag. 445]. 4. H.W. on the Latin castrum explained similarly 

Aldh. exsertis. The MS. Aasbimdn. R.W. by lurc-wic. 

Aldh. ante situm. R. W. ' Aldh. diserto famine. R. W. 

Aldh. conglobat. R. W. 17 Aldh. in tierubu*. li. W. 
13 Miswritten for raries. Cf. pag. :!74 
4. R. \V. 




Iviii. De Gregorio. 
Sailers, glcaw. 
Istuc, hidere. 
Libelli, pundes. 

lix. De Basilio. 
Librate, ahiolorod. 
Sceui, sceolan. 
Digessit, awrat. 
Cuderet, smidode. 
Inmunis, orceas. 
Accola, buend. 

Ix. De Antonio. 
Conquirens, begitende. 
Diuexcij |>a healdan. 1 
Cararit, ielde. 2 
Gener, aj)um. 

Ixi. De Paulo. 
Injidus, ungetrcowe. 
Gestu, gebsero. 
Demebat, nom. 
Facescunt, swederedan.^ 
Pro aprico, for daerc wearman. 
Aliger, fiderberende. 
Eximia, frcmere. 

Ixii. De Hilarione. 
Simulare, giliccetton. 


Chalibem, isern. 
Ixv. De Narciso. 

Annua uota, }}a gerlican gehtte. 
5 Fontona, willican.s 

Edaces, {)a eotendan. 

Papirus, paper. 

In centro, in midle. 

Scrofe, suge. 
10 Aruina, rysle. 

Fantam famam, J)one cadegan 
hlisan. 9 

Concinnant, heapedan. 

Sugillent, taeldon. 
15 Maculam, mal. 

Lacessant, wliten, oj){)c gremedcn. 

Glaucoma, eagsiong. 

Lippos oculos, |)a surigan eagan. 

Crudescentes, J)a swi[)feormende. 
20 Frusta, aidlad. 10 

Stellis, eagum. 10 

0m, andwlita. 

Occellorurti) aetna. 1 1 

Altor, fosterfaeder. 
25 Ixvi. De Anastasio. 

Ani, J>aes earses. 

Perpendicula, waldraed, jjast is riht- Apicum, plegena. 

Seria, heorneste. 
Infamare, georrottan. 
30 Arcerij gefetadne. 
Porro, feorran. 
Inertes, earge. 
Contrita, ofermcued. 
Mecham, forlegisse. 


Ct/psam, dracan. 4 
Turbida, drefende. 5 
Stricta lege, Jjaere faestan ae. 
Or as, obras, ofras. 
Marmora, sae. 6 

Ixiii. De lohanne. 
Uirgineo claue, mid dam unwcmlican 35 Obuncat, ymbfeng. 

caegan. Tecta et tigilli, hrofes. 12 

Ixiiii. De Benedicto. Lustris, fifum. 

Faustus, felix. Uoluentibus, fealdendum. 

Capisterium, hridder. Uetre, radores. 13 

Victoria, {>a sigelican. 40 Lautos, claene. 

Rimarum, filmena, o|)|)e cinena. Desistit, ablon. 

Aldh. deuexa. R. W. 
Cf. note 13, pag. 520. Aldh. has 
cu arit. R. W. 

Aldh. fatiscant. R. W. 
Aldh. gipsum. R. W. 
Aldh. turyida. R. W. 
Aldh. martnora ponti R. W. 

Aldh. gcrmano. R. W. 

Aldh. fontana. R. W. 

Aldh. faustam famam. R. W. 

Aldh. frustrataque stellis. R. W. 

Cf. pag. 4(51 1. 28. R. W. 

Aldh. tecta tigilli. R. W. 

Read aethrcf.. Cf. Aldh. R. W. 




Ixvii. De Babyllo. 
Cartula, boc. 1 
Excubias, wseccan. 
Nan cunctante, ne tweogc. 
Stemmate, frastenisse. 
Absidan, cleofan. 2 
Pullis, besmitenum. 
Inflictis, onslaagium. 3 
Inuestis, ungebyrd. 4 
Effebi, geongan. 
Ouantes, gaudentes. 

Ixviii. De Cosmi et Damiano. 
Urbene, mid dam getingelinc. 5 
Groceos, J)a geolwan.e 
Gemellos, getwysan. 
Curam, laecedom. 
Luscos, asnige. 
Pettantes, adrifende. 7 
Strabos, sceolige. 
Marsupia, seodas. 
Farsa gorgoneis, acrumne Jwm helli- 

cum. 8 
Proto, J)a3re 93restan. 9 

(Ixix.) De Crissanti 
Indolis, geogode. 
Donatus, forgifen. 
Puber, geong. 
Nanctus, begytende. 
Ultra, bewillan, selfwilles. 
Excussit, framswengde. 
laculatas, ])a flanihtan. 
Lentescunt, toadan, tedan. 10 
Uestalis, gydenlic. 
Ueneris, lustes. 
Numina, gield. 
Ueste, gydene. 
Neuum, worn. 
Maculam pullam, J)one sweartan 


Read chartula. R. W. 

Read absidam. R. \V. 

The MS. has onslsegiu. R. W. 

Aldh. in uestes. R. W. 

Aldh. urbanus. R. W. 

Read croceos. R. W. 

Aldh. pellentes. R. W. 

In Aldhelm we do not meet with farsa 
gorgoneis. gorgoneis is used pag. 100 1. 
11; farsa (marsupia farsa) p. 165 1. :-{5. 
(Aldh. ed. Giles). R. W. 

Excubias, reaf. 11 

Lodix, loda. 

Ni forsan, nimde won wsere. 

Restes, rapas. 
5 Suras, sconca. 

Cipporum, cospa. 

Turgida, |Da toswolnau. 

Findit, toslaf. 

Lotia, blond. 
10 Lictor, j)egn. 

Putenti, {)83re fulan. 

Buculam, stirc. 

Byrse, hyde. 12 

Arta, mid J)a nearwan.. 
15 Inpiger, unsleac. 

Oppetere, gecrong. 13 

Dehiscit, tocinet. 

Emersit, aras. 14 

Habenis, salum. 
20 TomiSf bocum. 

Ixx. De Juliana* 

Stricto, getogene. 

Dialectica, wordlocum. 

Rethoricis, J)aem getingelicum. 15 
25 Diui, godes. 

Nulum, willan. 

Lectum, bedde. 16 

Dote, weotoma. 

Rigidus, anwille. 
30 Facessit, fremede. 

Direxit, onsende. 

Cenabium, mynsterlif. 17 

Gurgustia, mynsterlif. 

Discriminet, scadet. 10 
35 Ordo, hade. 

Limen, duru. 

Nodosa, ]jy ostihan. 18 

Monoptalmi, aneges. 19 

Forti, J>y fasstan. 

9 Aldh. tempore proto. R W 

10 So has the MS. R. W. 

11 Aldh. exuuias. R. W. 

12 Aldh. birsa. R. W. 

13 Aldh. opptteret. R. W. 

14 Aldh. emerserit. R. W. 

15 Aldh. rhetoricas. R. W. 
lfi Aldh. lerto. R. W. 

17 Read coenobium. R. W. 

18 Aldh. nodoso. R. W. 

19 Read monophtalmi. R. W. 




Inspirans, onspecende. 

Minerua, dea artium. 

Nee Backus, ne wines god. 

Crustis, ornamentis. 

Tesellum, taeslum. 1 

Neptunus, deus aquarum. 

Alcidis, Heleol. a 

Gentauri, ])ses centaures. 

Cacij cacuses. 

Claue, stenge. 3 

Oratnina, gebedo. 

Gatax, sic healte. 4 

Starts, wselfyl. 5 

Peruzotos, giond [>a burh. 6 

Dagon, swa hatte se god. 

Uulsum, abrogden. 

Luiea, ])am geolwum. 

In diuos, in god. 

Cassata, aidlad. 

loppiter, })unor. 7 

In Latio, in Eatole. 

Demptis, genumenum. 

Pluton, deus infer ni. 

Falsato, J)y leasan. 

Arcadie, Jjsere msegpe. 

Glus, lim. 

Pangit, "faegde. 

Calcis, limes. 

Quadratur, gefegde feo|>erscette.s 

Fascia, sweo|>olas. 

Postunus, unlaf. 9 

Madentia, J>a Jjanan. 

Callosi, hreofe, odde wearrihtuni. 10 

Ixxi. De Amos. 
Nilotica, sio ^Egiptisce. 
Frondosis dumis, })3em gehilmdum 


1 Aldh. tessellis. (Giles lesellis) tceslum 
uiiswritten for tce/lum? R. AV. 

2 Aldh. Alcides. R. W. 

3 Aldb. clauam. R. W. 

4 Giles has cutax. R. W. 
4 Aldh. strayis. R. W. 

6 Aldh. per Azoton. R. W. 

7 Read lupiter. R. W. 

8 Cf. flperfot = four-footed, quadruped. 

R. W. 

9 For posthumuft, a posthumous child. 

Procurans, begende. 

Rotante, }>rawende. 

Molam, hweorfan. 11 

Discifer, discberend. 12 
5 Crusta, hlaue. 13 

Amens, gemaed. 

Luxerunt, weopan. 

Fata, wyrde. 

Gonsulta, raedas. 
10 Ixxii. De Apollonio. 

Suppea, acumba. 14 

Signa, gelicnessa. 

Gonpeta clausa, |)a belocenan yndan- 

wega. 15 
15 Friens, brytende. 16 

Lis, gecid. 

Bellona, waelcyrge. 

Infecit, geblond. 

Classica, swege. 
20 Martem, gefeoht. 

Incentor, tyhtend. 

Pignora, wed. 

Adsciscere, gel a|)gan . 

Misellisj earmum. 
25 Geruli, berend. 

Turtas, hlafas. 17 

Colobostrum, beost. 18 

Lenticule, croges, oj)f>e ampellan. 

Ixxiii. De Hieronimo. 
30 Glancula, ]m diglan. 

Bargina, ^a eldeodigan. 19 

Elicuit, gerehte. 

Commentis, trahte. 

Enumerans, arimende, i. de in- 
35 lustribus. 

Aprum, eofor. 

Saltu, wudu. 

10 Aldh. calloso. R. W. 

11 Aldh. molem. R. W. 

12 The glossator translates discifer. Aldh. 
has piscifer. R. W. 

13 Aldh. crustula. R. W. 

14 Aldh. stuppea . . . uelamina. R. W. 

15 Aldh. compita clausa. R. W. 

16 Read fricans. R. W. 

17 Read tortas. R. W. 

18 Read colostrum. R. W. 

19 Read peregrinn or peregrinas, R. W. 


CarolioSj unkere.i Per deuia, Jjurh westen. 

Dilubra, gield. 2 Creuere, gesion. 

Ixxiiii. De sancta Maria. Curis, sorgum. 

Proco, brydguman. Cctsibus, gegongum. 

Feta, eacene. 5 Euo, yldo. 

Salamonis, in Hierusalem ." Ixxx. De Agnen. 

Puerperium, hysebeord. Fasce, gegyrlan. 

Labe, worn me. Togatus, gegyred. 

Ixxv. De Cicilia.. Uisco, fugellirae. 

Uiuacem, |>set lifigende. 10 Auceps, ftigelere. 

Ludrica, plegan. 4 Subarrauit, geweddade. 

Bassiaj cossas. Ditis, helgodes. 

Puerto, J)y pueriscan. 5 Gestu, gebaernessum. 

hilexit, beswac. Ixxxi. De Tecla. 

Leuirum, tacor. 15 U[U\lcantts, 1 * fyr, oJ)J>e fyresgod, 

Luendi, J>rowgende. hellesmi[). 

Ixxvi. De Agapem. Non usquam, neowerno, nawern. 

E/arier, asecgan. Scammate locus, on gewinstowe. 

Pipillis, papillis, breostum, }jaet is, Ixxxi(i). De Eulalie. 

foreweardum. 6 20 Satagit, gernde. 

Torribus, brandum. Maniplis, heapum. 

Trinacrie, Sicilie, id est Pachmus. Ixxxiii. De Scolastica. 

Peleros, Lybiis. Ex scola, of scole. 

Cluris, sepelum. 7 Uoto, gyrnesse. 

Ixxvii. De Lucia. 25 Conpellere, {)et hio gebaedde. 13 

Patula, })a ruman. 8 Ixxxiii(i). De Constantia. 

Altercaretur, cidde. Peripsema, geswepa, genswaepa. 

Lenonum, sponera. Cursant, J>ocerodan. 

Crepitat, raescetted. 9 Probo^ gecorenum. 

Nodatis, gecnyttum. ^fySatfape, gesidas. 

Modulabor, singe. Inertam, })a eargan. 14 

Ixxviii. De Justina. Ocius, radc. 

Astus, bred. Ixxxv. De Constantino. 

Nugaci, {)y tmnyttan. Exemplo, sona. 15 

Scemmatizans, liccettende. 10 35 Pretor, ealdorman. 

Expertur, onfindende. 11 Nodos, bende. 

Usquam, ohwser. Tedasque, and biernende speld. 

Ixxix. De Eugenia. Compturum, gefraetwadne. 

Reboat, onhwiled. Erepta, pa aetgenumenan. 

Refellit, beswac. 40 Facessunt, fremmaj). 

1 I do not find this word in Aldhelm. 8 Aldh. patulas. R. W. 

R. W. 9 Aldh. crepitabant. R. W. 

Aldh. delubra. R. W. ln Aldh schematism. R. W. 

Aldh. Solymis. R. W. n Aldh. expertus'. R. W. 

Read ludicra. R. W. " So has the MS. R. W. 

Aldh. Pierio. R. W. 13 Aldh. subnixis precibu* gtstit cnm- 

Aldh. papillis. R. W. pellere uirgo. R. W. 

Here and pag. 374 1. 21) read c.lari.t. u Read inertem R. W. 

Of. Aldh. R. W. 15 Read extemplo. R. W. 




Lacessat, slite}). 1 

Conpressit, J>yde. 

Dramate, \>y brydelican gewrite, 2 

est, mutatio personarum, ut 

Cantica Canticorum. 
Digessit, gerehte. 
Faminem, spraece. 3 
Argolicas, J)a Creaciscan. 
Opacis, |)sem diglum. 
Pelasgos, {ja Creaciscan, 
Pinguntur, awriten waeran. 
Leclissima, j)set gecorenestc. 
Propere, fraeofestlice. 
Comis, feaxum. 

Ixxxvi. De Triades. 
Titulis, wyrjmiyndum. 
Carperrabat, geniclede. 
Segmentata, golde siowode. 
Innuba, unhgemedo. 
Buccis, muj)um. 
Gramate, gewrite. 4 
Eximiam, jjset frsemicle. 
Commote, gewrite. 5 
Certa, gewis. 
Acerra, stete, uel gledfaste. 

Ixxxvii. De Chione et Agape 


Bernas, J>eowenna.6 
Fellax, leas. 
Misellis, earmuin. 
Cakabis, hwerjim. 7 
Deluditur, waeged waes. 
Larbam, be colan, egesgriman. 8 
Fantasma, scin, idem et nebulum, 
Fautor, fultumend. 
Quirent, mehton. 
Larbata, se unfassgera. 
Autumant, wendan. 9 

Aldh. lacessit. R. W. 

Aldh. sponsali dramate. R. W. 

Aldh. famina. R W. 

Head grammate. R. W. 

Aldh. scribit commate uitam 

Read uernas. R. W. 

Read cacabis. R. W. 

cola, colla denotes a helmet. R 

Aldh. autumat. R. W. 

10 Read hrympellum. R. W. 

11 Read calle. R. W. 

Oiclades, gegirelan. 

Ixxxviii. De Rufina et Secunda. 
id Adgreditur, onginned. 
est Rugis, hrypellum. 10 
5 Calce, stige. 11 

Fimi, scearnes. 

In thermas, on bsede. 

Fax, fsecele. 

Scopuli, stanes. 
10 Planca, weel. 12 

Nat, swam. 

ChaOj dimnesse gastas. 13 
Ixxxix. De Anatholia. 

Latrat, beorced. 
1 5 Depopulans, idende. 

Euclabat, blew, odde roccette. 

Incultis, unbeganutn. 

Exulat, wraeclastode 

Uibrabat, bliccette. 
20 Lacerti, earmes. 

Callosa, J3a wearrihtan. 14 

Scatens, weallende. 

ConsuliS) gearcyninges. 

Artis, nearewum. 
25 Bulra, dysige. 15 
et Marsum, wyrmgalere. 

Toruam, ^>a unhieran. 

Irritat } gremede. 

In spira, in hringe. 
30 Glomeravit, ymbhringde. 

Cur sum, hrsedlice. 16 

Eliminate, adrifene. 17 

Fatescunt, geswederiad. 18 

Castra, herewic. 
35 Classica, sweg. 

Digessit, gerehtum. 19 

Salpix, byme. 20 

Martem, gefeoht. 

12 Aldh. plana carina. R. W. 

13 Aldh. absque chao R. W. 

14 Aldh. c.alloso. R. W. 

15 Read bruta. R. W. 
R.W. 18 Read cursim. R. W. 

17 The next glosses are taken from Aid- 
helm's poem : De Octo Principalibus Uitiis. 

W. Read eliminata. R. W. 

18 Aldh. fatitcant. R. W. 

19 Read digestis. R. W. 
10 Read salpinx. R. W. 





Cassida, healm. 

Thoracis, byrnan. 

Achile, scyld.i 

Duelli, gefeohtes. 

Macheram, sweord. 

Senspatium, J)eohseax. 2 

Parmarum, scylda. 

Testudine, scyldredan. 

Contundunt, forstyntaj). 

Sparorum, spera. 

Macerare, maegeregan, gehlaenian. 

Uibice, laele. 

Capessit, nam, haefde. 

Grassantibus, hidendum. 

Peruadens, purhferende. 

Ingluuiem, gifernesse. 

Potestur, possum. 

Falanx, feda. 

Cetra, scyld. 

Lurcatur, freted. 

Gestit, gyrmed. 

Extis, iesende. 

Farcire, aery mm an. 

Prepinguibus, frtefsettum. 

Gcdosa, J)y frettan. 

Ambro, gifre. 

Aristis, elgum. 

Eneruare, aslacige. 

Pastinat, sette. 

Uite, wintreow. 

Ueretrum, scamescan lim. 

Procaci, hwalle. 

Probrum, edwit. 

Deuotaret, wyrgde. 3 

Defruti, cerenes. 

Dapsilis, rumheort. 

Cenidos, atole. 4 

Auitum, yldranfaeder. 

1 Read ancile. R. W. 
3 The glossator translated semispata (se- 
mispatha). Aldh. se in spatium. R. W. 

3 Read deuoraret. R. W. 

4 Aldh. cincedos. R. W. 

r> Aldh. scurrilitas. R. W. 

6 Aldh. nectentem. R. W. 

7 So has the MS. R. W. 

"* Aldh. spicula lita ueneno. R. W. 
s Read nummit or nummi. R W. 
10 Read causam. R. W. 

Lentus, druncen, odde orsorg. 

Cient, hrewad. 

Celebrem, maerne. 

Scarilitas, sceawendspraec. 5 
5 Nectantem, biddende. 6 

Philargiria, gitsunge. 

Puplica, 1 |>a cynelican. 

Lita, atre gemaeled. 8 

Periuria, manswara. 
10 Hymenis f penninge. 9 

Clausam, J)inge. l 

Credita, [)a bebodenan. 

Compilatj strad. 11 

Lincxere, liccigan. 
15 Tabo, heolfe. 

Sistin, hearnes. 12 

Incur sere, onslogan. 13 

Arcibusj hrofum, oddde bigelsnm. 

Numismate, mynete. 
20 Paradigmate, gelicnesse. 

Furiarum, haegtessa. 

GorgoneOj J)aem hellicum. 

Contos, spreotas. 

Tessa, flanas. 14 
25 Ydris, waternedrum. 15 

Allecto, waslcyrge. 

Ad scandala, to geswicum. 

Accidia, slecnes. 16 

Nouitatum, hereticorum. 
30 Tiro, helme. 17 

Pila, flanas. 

Typhus, wlanc. 

Gliribus, eglum. 

Protus, ealdorman. 
sit, fylde. 

Scabra, unsmede. 

Uillicat, twiccad. 18 

Ruminet, edreced, ceowej). 

11 Read strad. R. W. 

12 So has the MS. hearnes (= raucedo) 
is a curious translation of sistrum. R. W. 

13 Read incussere, R. W. 

14 Read tela. R. W. 

15 Read hydris. R. W. 

16 Read acedia (= ccxydeta). R. W. 

17 So has the MS. Cf. pag. Mfi 1. 7. 

R. W. 
Aldh. R. W, 


Cenosis, Jjsem adlihtum. Acescatur, asurige. 3 

Uolutabro, sole. 1 Mails, msestum. 

Rumen, edreced roc. Antemnas, segelgyrdas.* 

Porcaster, bearg. Rudentum, wseterrap. 

Obesus, fast. 5 Barca, scip. 

luncis, rixum. Racemos, bergean. 

Filicumquej and fearnes. Capulus, holt. 

Folliginis, bylgum. 2 Spinam, bodig. 

Organa, }>eotan. Ocreos, banberge, scangebcorg. 5 

Ocius, citius. 10 Natrix, nasdre. 

Barbita bombis, organum. Ex herebo, of helle. 6 

1 Aldli. uolutabri. R. W. in the margin, after this word: |>a {>e 

2 Read folligenis. R. W. aefre roste. 

3 Aldh. ascetcant. R. W. * Read ocreas. R. W. 

4 The scribe, or a scribe, has written So has the MS. R. W. 




Vertex, nol. Clunis, hupe. 

Cer[uix], necca. Pulpa, .... 

Timpus, {mnwsenge. Sura, sperlire. 

Timpora, mo. 2 Crus, sceonke. 

Maxilla, leor. 5 Tibia, seine. 

Fades, onsene. Talus, oncleou. 

Palpebre, bre(awas). Planta, fotwelm. 

Pupilla, seo. Al(lox),toa.. 

Labium, weler. Vngula, hof, uel clau. 

Labia, mo. 10 Diocesis, uel parochia, biscopriche. 

Adeps, rusel. Heremita, westense(tla). 

Aruina, ungel. Coniunx, imsecca. 

Uiscus, .... Ooniuges, uel coniugales, isinheowen. 

Viscera, mo. Coniugium, uel matrimonium, 

Exta, Jjermes. 15 sins(cipe). 

Ulna, elbowe. Castus, clsene. 

Femur, uel coxa, })ih. Formosus, wel iwlitegod. 

1 The vocabulary given above, which lipp s > who printed a few copies privately, 
appears from the decadence of the gram- It there followed a copy of Alfric's Gram- 
matical forms, and from the orthography, mar, written in the same language, and 
to belong to about the middle of the is an extremely curious monument of this 
twelfth century, is an abridgement of Nr. latter in its state of transition. It has been 
X. It was discovered, in the fragment- carefully corrected in the present edition, 
ary form in which it is here printed, on 2 Mo, i. e. more, (ma in the purer 
some leaves of vellum used as the cover Anglo-Saxon text,) is merely the mode 
or binding of one of the old registers of of indicating the plural number. 
Worcester Cathedral, by Sir Thomas Phil- 




Deformis, heowleas. 

Decorus, wliti. 

8obole[s, uel] liberi, beam. 

UictriciuSj stepfeder, 

Priuiuignus, stepsune. 

Fileaster, stepd(oh)ter. 

Nepos, neva. 

A Itor, uel nutritor, fosterfaeder. 

Altrix y uel nutrix, fostermoder. 

Alumnus, fostercild. 

Propinquus, masi. 

Affinis, uel consanguineus, sibling. 

(Progejnies, uel tribus, mseij). 

Generatio^ cunrun. 

Gener, oj)am. 

Socer, sweor. 

So(crus), sweger. 

Nurus, snore. 

Princeps, aldermon. 

Dux, heretowa, uel laetteow. 

Comes, aldermon, uel ireva. 

Clito, aej)eling. 

Obses, gysel. 

Primas, heave dm on. 

Satrapa, J)ein. 

Tudex, dema. 

Miles, uel athleta . . . , kempe 

Procinctus, furding. 

Edictum, iban. 

Uulgus, cheorlfolc.i 

Congregatio, uel contio, igasderung. 

(onuentusy uel conuentio, imeting. 

Sinodus, sinoj), uel imot. 

Dominus, uel herus, loverd. 

Materna, .... wif.2 

Cliens, uel dientulus } inkniht. 3 

. . . . (wy)ln, uel Jinen. 


.... (unsprecen)de child. 
Paterfamilias, hiredes loverd. 

1 Cf. pag. 309 1. 39. R. W. 

' Cf. pag. 309 1. 44. K. W. 

3 The leaves of the MS. had been cut 
at the top and bottom, when they were 
used to form the cover of a book, which 

Consiliarius, rsedbora. 

Con[cio]nator, imotraon. 

Operarius, wurhta. 

Fdber, uel cudo, smij). 
5 Officina, smi{)(de). 

JErarius, maestlingsmi|). 

Arator, urpling. 

Artifex, crseftca. 

Opus, were. 
10 Opftfex], craeftca. 

Architectus, eldest wurhtena. 

Amus, angel. 

Uenator, hunta. 

Uena(bul)um, borsper. 
15 Aucepsj fuwelare. 

Trapezeta,uel nummularius, munetare. 

Num[i]sma, munet. 

Sollers, menituwe. 

Iners, creftleas. 
20 Nanus, dwasruh. 

Fidis, (str)eng. 

Tubicen, bemare. 

Tibicen, pipare. 

Musa, pipe, uel hwistle. 
2Fidicen, fij)ela. 

Fistula, hwistle. 

Liticen, truj). 

Lituus, tru^horn. 

Poeta, scop, uel Ieoj)wurhta3. 
30(Mii)nus, uel scurra, gleomon. 

Mercator, -uel negociator, mangare. 

Classis, scip(her)e. 

Remus, ro})er. 

Remex, uel nauta, re{)ra. 
35 Gubernator, uelnauclerus, steor[mo]n. 

Proreta, ankermon. 

Prora, J)er J>e ankermon sit. 

Puppis, steor(setl). 

Antenna, seilcjerd. 
40 Uelum, seil, uel wahreft. 

Clauus, steorscofle, uel naail. 

(Mala)gma, cliwa. 4 

Sartor, seamaere. 

caused the lacunae indicated by these breaks. 
The lesser deficiencies are the result of 
mutilations of the edges of the leaves. 
4 Read clida. Cf. pag. 312 1. 10. R. W. 




Sartrix, heo 1 

Dispensator, dihtnare. 

Di(uiso)r, delare. 

Pincerna, birle. 

Caupo, taeppare. 

Diues, well. 

Locuples, lond(spe)di. 

Inops, havenleas. 

Pauper, Jjserfa. 

Egenus, waedla. 

Fur, Jjeof. 

Latro, (sc)aj>a. 

Merx, warae. 

Concors, ijjwaere. 

Profugus, flemae. 

Exul, utlawe. 

Conten[tios\us, iflitful. 

Iniuriosus, teonful. 

Piger, slac. 

Hebes, dwses. 

Parasitus, (leas)olsecere. 

Augur, wielare. 

Incantator, galere. 

Ueneficus, unlibwurhta. 

\Md\leficus, ufeldede. 

Magus, dri. 

Phitonissa, wicche. 

Centurio, hundredes (eald)or. 

Persecutor, ehtere. 

Dispendium, uel damnum, hinj). 

lactura, lure. 

Commodum, hinj). 

(Ar)milla, beah. 

Diadema, kinehelm. 

Capicium, hset. 

Monile, mune, uel sweorbeah. 

(Spi}nter, dale, uel preon. 

Fibula, oferfeng. 

Uitta, snod. 

Inauris, earpreon. 

Indigena, uel incola, inlendisc. 

Aduena, utancuinen. 

Peregrinus, al{>eodi. 

Messor, riftere. 

Messis, irip. 

Aceruus,, hreac, uel hupel. 

1 heo = she, i. t. a female seauier, 
man tailor. R. W. 

Stimulus, gode. 

Aculeus, sticels. 

Circus, uel circulus, wij)}jc. 

Epistola, serindiwrit. 
5 Quaternio, cine. 

Planta, spelt. 

Diploma, bowa. 

Scedla, uel scedula, ymelc. 

Pictor, mete re. 
10 Pictura, meting. 

Minium, teapor. 

Gluten, lim. 

Sculptor, grafere. 

Grafium, grasf. 
15Sculptura, graef. 

Agalma, onlicnesse. 

Scalprum, uel scalpellum, graef [sex]. 


. . . oleum, w . . . . 

(Luscus) uelmonoptalmus, onei^c(de). 

, sculeigede. 

Lippus, sureigede. 
25 Mancus, onhende. 

Infirmus, untnim. 

Eg(er), uel languidus, adli^. 

Paraclitus, frofergost. 

Paraliticus, bedreda. 
30 Leprosus, lic{)roware. 

Lunaticus, mona|)sic. 

Demoniacus, deofelsic. 

Energuminus, .... 

(Mor}bus, adl. 
35 Pestis, cwuld. 

Amens, uel demens, imundleas. 

Rabidus, uel insanus, .... 

. . . . , wodnesse. 

Incolumis, isund. 

40 Frenetus? ])e jjet j)uruh slopleastc 

Letargicus, unilimpliche slapel. 

Peruigil, J)uruhwacol. 

Pius, orfest. 
45 . . . ., (ar)leas. 

Famosus, hlisful. 

2 Read frencticus, R. W. 




Fama, hlisa. 
Infamis, unhlisful. 
Infamia, unhli(sa). 

, custi. 

Tenax, festhafol. 

Parcus, uncusti. 

Frugi, vel parcus, sparhende 

S(agax, uel gna)rus, gleaw. 

Prudens, snoter 

Imprudens, unsnoter. 

Astutus, paeti. 

Stultu(s), .... 

(Uejrax, sojjfest. 

Ueridicus, sopsawel. 

Fallax, uel mendax, leas. 

Falsidicus, un(soj)sawel). 

. . . ., iwita. 

Testimonium, iwitnesse, ^e/icuj 

Cursor, runel. 

Superbus, modi. 

. . . ., (mo)dinesse. 

Humilis, edmod. 

Humilitas, edmodnesse. 

Aer, luft. 

Auro, hwi])a. 

N(imbus), scur. 

Procella, storm. 

Nubes, weolcne. 

Ver, leinten. 

Autumnus, herfest. 

Uernum temp(us\ .... 

Uernalis dies, leintenlic dsei. 

Cauma, sweoli. 

Humor, waste. 

Sterilitas, un(wa3stmbernes)se. 

Fertilitas, waestmbernesse. 

Color, bleo. 

Ruber, read. 

Fuluus, uel ftauus, .... 

. . . ., fouh. 

Discolor, misliches bleos. 

Forma, heow. 

Fantasma, idwimor. 

Merul . . . ., meav.i 

Turdus, ster. 

Coternix, ediscine. 

Pullus, chiken, uel brid, uel fole. 

Uespertilio, re(remus). 

(Noctua), uel strix, uel bubo, ule. 
5 Graculus, roc. 

Parr ax, wraenna. 

Apis, beo. 

Fucus, dro(n). 

.... (hyr)nette. 
10 Scarabceus, scearnbndoa, uel budda. 

Cinomia, hundesfliae. 

Culex, stut. 

Cetus, .... 

, maereswin. 

15 Ysicius, uel salmo, lex. 

Taricus, uel illec, haering. 

Fannus, ro(che). 

. . . . , crabbe. 

Polipes, loppestre. 
20 Murena, uel murenula, mereneddre. 

Belua, eislic nuten on sse oj>er on 

Concha, seel 
25 Fera, wilde d(eor). 

.... (imenge)d hund and wulf. 

Unicormt, uel rinoceron, uel mono- 
ceron, onhurne deo(r). 

(Me)lus, broc. 
30 Camelus, olfend. 

Onager, wilde assa. 

Elefans, yip. 


. . . . , beofer. 
35 Lubricus, ongeltwaecche. 

Capreolus, roadeor. 

Caprea, roa. 

, bucca. 

Caprea, uel capella, got. 
40 Damma, uel dammula, do. 

Ceruus, heort. 

C , kjelf. 2 

Hinnulus, hind. 2 

Hedus, ticchen. 
45 Scrojfa, suwa. 

Read merquhto. R. W. 

2 Read eerua, hind; hinnulus hind- 
kalf. R. W. 




Aper, uel uerres^ b(or). 

. . . , bseruth. 1 

Uacca, uel bucula, ku. 

luuenencus,- steor. 

Canis, hund. 


(Ru)beta, tadde. 

Lacerta, evete. 

Stellio, slowurrn. 

Locusta, greshoppe. 

Li(max\ .... 

(Testu)do, })e |)e havcj) has. 

Eruca, m^slesceafe. 

Cimex, maj)e. 

Tine(a), .... 

....... wurt. 

Abrotanum, suj)erwude. 

Malua, hoc. 

.flfaJwa crispa, (symeringwu)rt. 

Simitia, grundeswulie. 

Anetum, dile. 

Polipodium, rifnesfot. 

. . . . , (d)eieseien. 

Solsequium, ..... 

...... , rude. 

Betonica, ^eo lesse biscopwurt. 

Ta(nacetum, hel)de. 

Saxifragia, sundcorn. 

Gitsana, fsearn. 

Calamus, uel canna,uel(arundo, re)od 

Papauer, popi. 

Absinthium, wermot. 

Urtica, netle. 

Archan(gelica, blin)denetle. 

Plantago, weibreode. 

Uinca, pervenke. 

Marrubium, hor(hune). 

...... , strseberiewise. 

Modera, chicnemete. 

Apium, mere. 

Lappa, clote, uel clif .... 

. . . . , horselne. 

iX) wod. 

Caula, uel magudaris, caul. 

Cresco, carse. 


Artemisia, mugwurt. 
5 Fetter rce, uel centaurea, eorpgalla. 

Ambrosia, .... 

Hermodactula tidolosa, crowelec. 

Pastinaca, walmore. 


10 (Agr)imonia, gorclifu. 

Rafanum, redic. 

Filex, fearn. 

Car ex, seg. 

Arbor, .... 
t&(Querc)vs, uel ylex, oc 

Taxus, iw. 

Fagus, boctreow. 

Alnus, olr. 

Malus, aep(eltre). 
20(Uir}ga, gerd. 

Uirgultum, telgra. 

Granum, kurnel. 

Ulcia, holi. 


25 palmtwig. 

Genesta, broin. 

Sentes, Jjornes. 

Frutex, J)ifel. 

Ramnus, .... 
30 . . . ., bremelas. 

.dpies, seps. 

Morus, morbeam. 

Uitis, wintreow. 

Salix, wi[)t. 

Lignum, iheawen treow. 

Ligna, drige wude. 

Truncus, stoc. 

1 An error of the scribe for baruh = 
bearh? R. W. 

4&(Nemus\ uel saltus, holt. 

Desertum, uel her emus, westen. 

Via, wei. 

Semita, pej). 

.... (buta)n weie. 
45 Iter, styfset. 

P atria, epel. 

2 So has tbo MS. R. W. 




Prouincict) uel pagus, scyr. 

Mons, .... 

. . . ., hul, uel beoruh. 

Uallis, dene. 

Fenum, hei, uel grses. 

Ager, aker. 

Se(ges, asowen)seker. 

Campus, feld. 

Uadum, ford. 

Litus f saestrond. 

Alueus, stream. 

. . . ., (burn)a. 

Riuus, rij). 

Aqua, water. 

Gutta, uel stilla, drope. 


(Amni)s, eaa. 

Flumen, flod, uel fluuius. 

Ripa, ste]). 

Gurges, wael. 

Lacus, .... 

. . . ., (br)oc, uel burna. 

Unda, u]3ae. 

Domus, bus. 

Regula, regolsticke. 
Lampas,uellucerna,uellater(na\ . . 


Lichinus, blacern. 
5 Munctorium, irene tonge. 

(Cingu)lum, uel cinctorium, uel zona, 

10 Caliga, uel ocrea, hosa. 

(Calciamen}tum, isco. 

Suptalaris, swiftlere. 

Tractorium, tigel. 

Flagrum, uel flag(ellum), .... 
1 5 Dormitorium, slepern. 

Stramentum, bedding. 

Stragula, waels ... .1 

. . . ., hwitel. 

Puluinar, pule. 
20 Sindo, scete. 

Fulcra, al bedreaf. 

F(emoralia) ) . . . 

Perizomata, uel campestria, wsedbrec. 
Fimbria, fnsed. 
Eclesia, chirche, uel ileaflful(gader- 25 Colobi(um), suric, 


uel ila})ung. 

Pagina, tramet. 

Archa, serin 

Loculus, cheste, uel .... 

(Cal)ixi calic. 

Patena, huseldisc. 

Crux, uel staurusj rod. 


Fundamentum, grundwal. 

Pauimentum, uel solum, flor. 

Tectum, {)ecen. 

.... uel forniX) bigels. 

Columna, sweor. 

Clausura, loc. 

Clauis, keie. 

.... uel sera^ hespe. 

Chorus, chor. 

Gradus, staepe. 


(Legul)a } sticke. 

1 Cf. pag. 328 1.1. R. W. 

Pedula, ineo. 

Commissura, clut. 

Toral, roc. 

Tela, uel pep(lum\ .... 
30. . ., cleowen. 

Colus, distsef. 

Fusus, spindle. 

Textrinum opus, teowli(c were). 

, gong. 

35 Trabes, beam. 

Tignum, refter. 

Laquear, first. 

Cleta, bu(rdel). 

(Refecto)rium, beoddern, weHreord- 
40 unghus. 

Tapeta, setrteigel. 


Discifer, disc|)ein. 

Minister) {>ein. 
4&Lardum, spic. 

Fids, bri. 2 

3 Read pullu* = brid. K . W. 





(Me)do, meodu. 

Idromellum, uel mulsum, beor. 

Cicera, ilches cunnes iw(rinc buton) 

win one.* 

Manuterium, uel mantele, sect. 
Cultellus, sex. 
Artauus, h . . . . 2 

, drunccuppe. 

Anaphus, nep. 
Patera, bledu. 
Andena, bron(disen). 

, brond. 

Olla, crocke. 
Cacdbus, chetel. 
Lebes, hwer. 
Caro, flsesc. 

(Iu)tilis canis, brophund. 
Fuscinula, owul. 8 
Uncinus, hoc. 
Comm(edia], .... 
Daps, sonde. 
Ferculum, bserdisc. 
Ueru, spite. 
Assura, brsed. 

, irene ponne. 

Frixorium, bursting. 
Coctio, isod. 
Coctus, isod(en) .... 
Frustum, stucche. 
Offa, snode. 
Uestiariunij raeilhus. 


(Cel)larium, heddern. 
Celerarius, hordare. 
Mola, cweornstan. 
Ui(ctus, bigleo)ue. 
Pecunia, feoh. 
Marsupium, seod. 
Pistrinum, bakern. 
For(nax, uel cliba)nus, oven. 
Pistor, bakestre. 
Bracium, malt. 

1 Cf. pag. 329 1. 13. R. W. 

3 Read k(nif). Cf. pag. 329 1. 17. 

R. W. 
8 Cf. pag, 330 1. 1. R. W. 

Acus, sifejje. 

Crib(ra) . . . ., sife. 

Furfures, gruta. 

Fex, drosne. 
5 Anfora, sester. 

Lagena, b(uk). 

..... , cuf. 

Cupa, tunna. 

Utensilia, andloman. 
10 Suppellex, yddi(sce). 

(Triclinium, bur. 

Solarium, upflor. 

Car do, heorre. 

Strigil, uel strigilis, ..... 
1 5 Risus, leihter. 

Tristis, unrot. 

Mestus, dreori. 

Abundantia, . . ., inihstumnesse. 

Corpulentus, Jriccol. 
20 Inualidus, unstrong. 

Solli(tus), .... 

Amurca, i. fex olei, dersten. 

Securus, orseoruh. 

Tutus, siker. 
25 C(au)sa, intinga. 

Occasio, inca. 

Excusator, beladiend. 

Mento, feh. 4 

30 (Signife)r, tocnebora. 

Lancea, uel talarica? spere. 

Victor, sigefeit. 6 

Victoria, ..... 

Capulum, hilta. 

35 Mucro, swerdes ord, uel oj)res 

Sica, lutel(swerd, uel han)d sex, 

Asia, uel quiris, seseft. 

Telum, flo. 
40 Fustis, sowel. 

Uectis, steng. 

Faretra, .... 

Clipeus, sceld. 

Umbo, randbeah. 

4 Cf. pag. 332 1. 
s Read falarica. 
6 Cf. pag. 332 1. 








Atrium, cafertun, ud inburh. 

(F)undibalum, steflijjere. 

Ciuitas, chestre. 

Cluis, cheasteriwara, uel (portmou). 

(Prec)o, budel. 

Oppidum, faesten. 

Castellum, wic, uel lutel port. 

Urbs, bu(ruh). 

, buruhwita. 

Suburbanus, J>e J)e sit buton 


Oppidanus, e |)e on faestene sit. 
Uillanus, tunmon. 


(Or)tus 3 orchard. 
Ortolanusj orchardweard. 
Pomerium, sepeltun. 

, wurtun. 

Predium, worj)ig. 
Ferramentum, tol. 
Securis, sex. 
Ascia, ade(sa). 

, (na)vegar. 

Terebro, ic bore. 

Uanga, uel fossorium, spade. 

Lico, becca. 

.... (ston)aex. 

Palus, pal. 

Serra, snid. 

Falx, sicol. 

Falcastrum, .... 

Acus, nelde. 1 

(A)uricalcum, goldmestling. 

^Es, brcs. 

Electrum, smulting. 

Metallum, (ilches cunnes w)ccg. 

Massa, bloma, uel dab. 

Lapis, uel petra, ston. 

Fissura, heone. 2 

Marmor, .... 

Saxum, wercston. 

Silex, flint. 

Gipsttm, spaerston. 

Gemma, gimston. 

. . . ., (me)regrota. 

Calcx, 1 cbalcston. 

Aries, rom. 

Cimentum, andweorc to wallc. 
5 Cemen(tarius, walwur)hta. 

Bogus, od. 

locus, pleiga. 

Prophanus, monful. 

Exosus, uel perosus, and(sctc). 
J)33re 10 gleaw (gcap?). 8 

Simulator, heoware. 

Hipocriia, licettere. 

Adulator, lufe(tere). 

(Adula)cio, luffetung. 
15 Deceptor, uel seductor, bewechciul 


(H^omicida, monsleia. 

Patricida, matricida, fratridda, par- 

20 (C)icatrix, dolhswaj)e. 

Truncus, heafedleas bodi 

Corpus, He. 


(Cad)auer, lie, uel hold. 
25 Feretrum, baere. 

Defunctus, forpfaren. 


(Nobi}lis, a3j)elboren. 

Ignobilis, unaej)elboren. 
30 Uilis, woclic. 

Carus, leof. 

Limen, ofersleie, uel J)i*coxwol^ 

Sci/us, lasfel. 

Urceus, ceac. 
35 Peluis, 

(P)laustrum, uel carrum, wein. 

Currus, uel basterna, uel heseda, kert. 

Stabu(lum, fold, uel hu)s bi weige. 

Caula, loc 
40 Tugurium, hulc. 

Cella, cot. 

Mausoleum, {>rub 

Monumentum, uel sepulcrum, burilcs. 

Sargofagum, J>ruh. 
45 Donum, uel datum, 

1 So has the MS. R. W. 

2 Read keone. R. W. 

3 Cf. pag. 334 1. 39. R. W. 




Munus, loc. 

Uter, butte. 

Fiasco, buttruc. 

Tentorium, uel taberna(culwii), 

(Nouacu)lum, nseilsex. 
Cos, hweston. 2 
Apricus locus, leowstude. 
Apricitas, leow{). 
lLdific(ium}, itimbrung. 
Palatium, kinelic botl. 
Bassis, sulle. 
Postis, post. 

Compes, uel cippus, f(otcops). 
Boia, ioc uel sweorcops. 
Manica, hondcops. 
Complex, igada. 
P(zna, uel sup(plicium), wite. 
Nebris, naest. 1 
Mercennarius, hurmon. 
Horologium, dseimSBl. 
Goomon, 2 (dseimse)les pil. 8 
Hospes, curaa. 
Hospitium, gestlms. 
Hostis, uel osor, feond. 
Thesaurus, hor(d). 

1 Cf. pag. 337 1. 3. K. W. 

2 So has the MS. R. W. 

(Gaza)filacium, madmhus. 

Edax, uel gluto, oferetel. 

Ambro, frsec. 

Gulosus, yifre. 
5 P(rocax) imouh. 

Procacitas, imouhnessc. 

Obstinatus, onwille. 

Obstinantia, onwilln(is). 

Uerecundus, sceomefest. 
10 Inpudens, unsceomefest. 

Pudicus, sideful. 

Inpud(icus\ unsideful. 

Inter pres, wealhstod. 

Reus, sculdi. 

15Damnatus, uel condemnatus, for- 

Sceleratus, uel facinorosus, forscul- 

Scelus, sculd. 
20 Facinus, uel culpa, gi(lt). 

Adulter, forliger, uel sewbraeche. 

Gibberosus, uel strumosus, hofercdc. 

Gibb(us, uel) struma, hofer. 

Meretrix, uel scoria, multestre. 
25 Pelex, cyfes, et cetera. 

3 Cf. pag. 337 1. 6. K. W. 





Artimesie, i. mugwrt, i. merherbarum. 
Marubium, i. maruil, i. horehune. 
Ruta, i, rue. 
Apium, i. ache. 

Buglosa, i. bugle, i. wudebrune. 
Saniculum, i. sanicle, i. wudemerch, 
Sinapium, i. scneuel, i. senei. 
Zizania, i. neele, i. cockel. 
Absinthium, i. aloigne, z. wermod. 
Elna enula, i. ialne, i. gretwurt. 
Bethonica, i. beteine. 
Abrotanum, i. aueroine, i. suj>ewurt. 

1 This vocabulary of names of plants, 
evidently intended for the use of a medic- 
al practitioner, is preserved in a manu- 
script in the British Museum (MS. Harl. 
No. 978, fol. 2-1, vo), which appears to 
have been written in the period interven- 
ing between the battles of Lewes and 
Evesham, that is, in 1264 or 1265. The 
explanations of the Latin names are given 
in Anglo-Norman and in English; and in 
a few instances either the Anglo-Norman 
or English is omitted, and even in one 
or two cases the Latin. It is given here 

Pulegium, i. puliol, t. bulwurt. 
Agrimonia, L agremoine, i. garcliue. 
Consolida, i. consoude, z. daiseie. 
Cumfiria, z*. cumfirie, z. galloc. 
5 Mentastrum, i. mentastre, i. horsminte. 
Auencia, i. avence, z. harefot. 
Porius, i. poret, z'. lek. 
Regina, i. reine, z. medwurt. 
MillefoHum, z. milfoil. 
10 Ebulum, i. eble, z. walwurt. 

Leuisticum, i. luuesche, z'. luuestiche. 
Cepa, i. oingnun, i. knelek. 2 
Saluia, z. sauge, i. fenuern. 
Centauria, i. centoire, i. hurdreue. 

as illustrating the lists of plants in the 
other vocabularies in the present volume. 
The history of the popular nomenclature 
of plants is a very curious and interesting 
subject ; and the manuscripts of all periods 
are very rich in materials for it. There 
is another list of names of plants in the 
three languages, resembling the one here 
printed, but arranged in alphabetical order, 
and rather more full, in a manuscript of 
the fourteenth century in the British Mu- 
seum, MS. Sloane, No. 5. 
2 Cf. pag. 134 1. ly. R. W. 




Arcangelica, i. mort ortic, z. blinde 


Pollipodium, i. poliol, i. reuenfot. 
Felix arboratica, i. pollipode, i. 


Saluinca, i. gauntelee, i. foxesgloue. 
Butunus, i. butuns, i. hoepe. 
Nasturtium, i. kersuns, z. cressen. 
Coliandrum, i. coriandre, i. chele 


Cerfolium, i, ccrfoil, i. villen. 
CamomillOf i. caracmille, z. maiwc. 
Nepta, i. nepte, i. kattesminte. 
Argentea, i. argentine, t. lilie. 
5 Enula, i. alne, i. horselne. 
Ysopus, i. ysope. 
Spurgia, i. spurge, z. guweorn (guw- 

corn ?). 

Lauendula, i. lauendre. 
IQ Fion, i- camglata, i. foxesgloue. 

Pelrosillum, i. peresil, z. stoansuke. Euscute, i. doder. 

Closera, i. alisaundre, t. wilde percil. Satureia, i. satureie, i. timbre. 

Fauida, I fauede, i. leomeke. Borago, i. burage. 

Sandix, i. waisde, i. wod. Tribulus marinus, i. calketrappc, 

Gladiolum, i. flamine, t. gladene. 15 seaj)istel. 

Febrefugia, i. fewerfue, t. adrelwurt. Fumusterre,i. fumetere,z. cuntchoarc. 

Tanesetum, i. tanesie, t. helde. Calamentum, i. calemente. 

Pilosella, i. peluselle, t. musere. Ypis, i* herbe Johan, z. uelderude. 

Uermiculum, i. warance, z. wrotte. Organum, z. organe. 

Rajfarium, i. raiz, t. redich. 20 Origanum, i. puliol real, t. wde- 

Silimbrium, i. balsamitis, t. broc- minte. 2 

minten. Menta, i- mente, i. minten. 

Ambrosia, i. ambrose, z. hindehele. Anetum, t. anete, i. dile. 
Althea, i. ymalue, i. holihoc. Elitropium, i. solsegle, z. gloden. 

Saxifragium, z. saxifrage, z. waiwurt. 25 Eptaphilos, i. salerne, z. uarewurt. 
Bidella, i. samsuns, z. lechis. Ellebornm album, i. alebre blonc. 

Bur sa pastor is, z. sanguinarie, z. blod- Eleborum, i- ellebre, z. lungwurt. 

wurt. Pionia, i. pioine. 

Feniculum, i. fanuil, i. fenecel. Ortica, z. ortie, z'. nettle. 

Quinquefolium, i. quintfoil, z. fiflef. 30 Ualeriane, i. stichwurt. 
Tapsus barbatus, i. moleine, i. softe. Cdsi, i. murer, z. murberien. 
Fabaria, i. fauerole. Auellane, i. petite noiz, z. litel nute. 

Trifolium, i. trifoil, z. wite clouere. Frisgonem, i. fresgun, z. cnehole. 
Diptannum, i. ditaundere. Sponsa solis, i grinnil. 

Cotula fetida, i. aineruche, z". miwe. 35 Pinpernele, i. pinpre, z. briddes- 
Persicaria, z'. saucheneie, z'. crone- tunge. 

sanke. Lingua canis, i. clienlange, i. hundes- 

Lanceolata, i. launceleie, i. ribbe. tunge. 

Mater silua,i. cbeuefoil, 2 z. wudebide. 1 Dormentille, i- ortie gviesche, i. doc- 

40 nettle. 

Lappa, i. bardane, t. clote. 
Burneta, i. sprungwurt. 
Epitime, i. epithimum, z. fordbob. 

Sambucus, i- suew, z'. ellarne. 
Ueruena, f. uerueine, z. ircnhardc. 
Arundo, i. rosel ; z. reod. 
Osmunda, i. osuiunde, z. bonwurt. 
Olibanus, z. encens, z. stor. 
Fungus, i. wuluesfist. 

1 So has the MS. Read wudebindt. 
TV W. 
a So has the MS. R. W. 

Turmentine, 3 i. nutehede. 
45 Widebawme^ i. haluewnde. 4 

3 No Latin equivalent is given. R. W. 

4 idebawme in widebawme is obliterated. 

R. W. 


Malua cripia, i. screpemalue. Atriplex, i. arasches. 

Consolida media, i. Jmndreclouere. Mercurialis,i. euenlestcn,z. mercurial. 

Herba benedicta, i. herbe beneit, i. he- Malua, i. malue, i. hoc. 

meluc. Caulus, i. cholet, i. kaul. 

Hedera nigra, i. iere, t. oerj)iui. 5 Andhtt'a, i. letrun, i. ]mge])istel. 
Herba Rolerti, i. herbe Robert, i. Psilliun, i. lusesed. 

chareiiille. Uirga pastoris, i. wilde tesel. 

Hinnula campana, i. sperewurt. Ypoquistidos, i. hundesrose. 

Hastula regia, i. muge de bois, t. lusquiamus, i. chenille, . henncbone. 

wuderoue. 10 Uiola, i. uiole, t. appelleaf. 

Intiba, i. muruns, i. chicnemete. Alimonis, i. wilde popi. 

Iregerontis, i. cenesuns, '. grunde- Aizon, i. sinfulle. 

swilie. Tucia, i. tutie. 

luniperii, i. geneiure, i. gorst. Litargirum, i. escume de or. 

Ligustrum, i. triffoil, i. hunisuccles. 15 

Labrusca, i. hundesberien. JNTER FRIGIDUM ETC ALTDUM. 

Alleum, i. ail, i. garlec. Lapis lazuli, i. pere. 

Murum, i. blakeberie. Manna. 

Genesta, i. genest, i. brom. 

Omfacium, i. winberi stones. 20 INTER FRIGIDUM ETCAL1DUM 

Ostragium, i. herbyue, i. lifeewurt. TEMPERATUM. 

Plantago, i. planteine, i. weibrode. Mirtus, i. gagel. 

Braqaqantum, i. dragaerant. 

FEEIDES HERBES. Mirotolani, i. mlroMalam. 

Morella, i. morele, i. atterlojje. 25 Bedagrage, i. spina alba, i. wit^orn. 
louis barba, i. iubarbe, *. singrene. Bolum, i. bol. 
Lactuca, i. letue, i. slepwurt. Arnoglosa, i. plauntein. 

Fraga, i. fraser, t. streberilef. Argentum uiuwn, i. uif argent. 

Ramni^ i. grosiler, i. }}efe})orn. Berberis. 

Astula regia, i. popi. 30 



Ab, preposicio, an fro. 

Abecula, le an the bake of a knyf. 

Abestis intestina hostiarum aspiciens, 

et an, a gyller of bestys. 
Abhinc in antea, an fro hen forth 


Abies . . . an<^ a fyrre. 
Ablacto . i. a lacte remouere, an ce 

to awenye. 

Abrotanum . . . an wodesoure. 
Absconsa . . . an a sconse. 
Absinthium . . . an wermod. 
Ac eciam an ce and also, vel and 


1 This vocabulary is preserved in a 
manuscript in the Library of the Trinity 
College, Cambridge. The MS. is of the 
15 th century. 

Acantus, [an hoppyn.] 
Acaluaster . . . an ballyd byfore. 
Acdlarius . . . an<* a spenser. 
[Acorsus . . . an^f Redmerche.] 
5 Acopa . . . an an obligacion or 

a tayl. 

Acra . . . an an aker of lond. 
Acrementum . . . an encres. 
Acroceramen . an a wawe of 
10 the see. ' 

Actenus . . . an tyl now. 
[Acsi . . . an as thowe.] 
Acticola . . . an Ramsyn. 2 
Acuarium, an an agulere. 

Our text is based on a copy made by 
Mr. W. Aldis Wright. 
2 In the margin. 




Acumen, an a popyn. 

Acupictor, ante a broderer. 

Acusile, an a trenket. 

Adagonista, an 1 '* a man of lawe. 

Adicio, an"* to cast to. 

Adhereo, to drawe or to cleuy to. 

Adiectivo, an to cast to. 

Adipatum, an browes. 

Adinvicem, an'' c to gedyr. 

Ador, [an flowr.] 

Adsurn, an<>< to be ny. 

Adtrica, an the mase. 

AdueniO) to come to. 

Adultus, an ygrowe. 

Adunco, an to drawe wytli an 


Advoco, an to clepy to. 
Adustio, an l brennynge. 
Affinis, an bysybbe. 
Affmitas, an?? sybrede. 
Agalancia, an cc a plover. 
Agelarius, an an hay ward. 
[AgerariuS) an c( a curdogge.] 
Agnus castus, an toutsayne. 
Agonia, an anger. 
Agrestis, an wylde. 
[Agromellum, an Growt.] 
Agulus, an cc a shephoke. 
Alabrum, [a reel.] 
Alaris, an^ a company of hors. 
Alator, an ct a wanelasour. 
Alarica, an a coronel. 
Alauda, an a lark. 
Alba, art an awbe. 
Aibor, an whytnesse. 
Albus, an whyte. 
[Albus candidus, an mylke whyte.] 
Alcedo, an a colmose, [a wodewale.] 
Alcanna, an alkenet. 
Alcion, an a Semewe. 
[Alchinum vel Alchimum, an Alke- 


[Algea, ffletwort.] 
Algenia, an the coold ache. 
Algorismus, an augrym. 
Alicitor, an an hobeye el hie Pere- 

grinus idem est. 
Alietus, an an hobey. 

Aliquamdiu, an<* somedellonge. 

Aliquantus, [an c sumwhat.] 

Allec , an an heryng. 

Alleluya, [an wodesoure ] 
5 Allicio, an to drawe to. 

Allium, an garlyk. 

Allumen, ang alme. 

Allux, an the grete to. 

[Alo, an to reme.] 
10 Alopitis, the braun. 

Alnus, an an eldertree. 

Alphinus, an an awfyn. 

Alpinus, an longend to hylle of alpys. 

Altarium, an a superaltarye. 
15 Altea malua, [an the holy hokke.] 

Alterutrum, an fro on tyl an othyr. 

Altus, [an hye.] 

Aluta, cordewayne. 

Alutarius, an a cordewaner. 
20 Alvusj an a trowe. 

Ama, he that muche loueth. 

Amabo, an a louely worde. 

Amarusa, an a mathge. 

Amasius, Amasia, an a leman. 
25 Ametus, an a merlyn. 

Amethon, an a slykston. 

Amflo, an to travayle. 

Amfora uel amphora, an a tankard. 

Amictum, an an amyte. 
30 Amictoria, an a couerture. 

[Arnica, an a paramour.] 

Amminiculor, an to helpe. 

Amissis, an'e a squyre. 

Amphibulus, an a sclauayn or fal- 
35 dyng. 

Amphivia, an Seles. 

Amphistrum, an a sterne, or an 

Anabatrum, [an a style.] 
40 Anabolandium, an a rochet. 

Anabulla, an spurge. 

Anadrogia, an a deye. 

[Anagallus, an Pympernele.] 

Anas, an a doke. 
45 Anacius, an a tele. 

Anatus, an a mallard. 

Anata, a doke. 

Anatene, an up cuttynge. 


Anca, an the knebon. Aquarium, an ce a gutnr. 

Ancha, an a tache. Aquenomio, an a spute. 

Ancer, an ce a gander. Aquebaiulus, an ce an holy water clerk. 

Ancerulus, an a goslynge. Aquillus, an^ an Oxebowe. 

Andena, an an Andy re. 5 Aquitannia vel Aquitania, an rc Gas- 

Androchia, an a deye. cune. 

Anelo, an to panty & blowe. [Arallus, a plow fote.j 

Anetum, [dylle.] Arano to flowe to reme as water 

Angivs, an a shepardestaf. & make fayre. 

Anhetum, an Aneyse. 10 Aratrum, an a plowe. 

Annicito, an to twynkele. Arbia, an a bosum. 

[Annodoma, an feltwort.] Arbitus, an a crabtree. 

Anuncio, an to shewe. Arbitum, an a crabbe. 

Anquiromagus, an the stern e of the Arcella, an a fforser. 

shypp. 15 Archangelica, an the blyndnetel. 

[Ansea, an a tmsse.] Archimacherus, an a mayster cooke. 

Anser, an a gander. Archonizo, an to moweye. 

Ansorium, a shavyngknyf, or a Archonistus, an a mowyer. 

trenket. Arcista, an arcetere. 

Anterior, an byfore. 20 Architenens, an an Archer. 

Antes ellum, an for asyon of the Arconio, an to stake. 

sadell. Arcubilus, an an Archer. 

Antica, [an an hache.J Arcuarius, a bowyer. 

Antipera, an a serene. Arcubius, an a wayte. 

Antiphora, an evensonge. 25 Arculus, an the Arsyon of a sad- 

Antiquitus, [an yn olde tyme.] elle. 

Antrax, an the felon. [Ardicomata, an a quayle.] 

Apago, an a lether to here ynrie ^Arena, an gravel. 

thynge. Arenus, an a pane of goold. 

[Apastinata, an Chervylle.J 30 Areola, an a lykbedde. 

Appendium, an a yernwynder, or Argentifilum, sylver wyre. 

a reel. Argentum, Quyksylver. 

Aper, an a boor. Argilla, [an Cley.] 

Aperio, an to opene. Arista, an an eyle. 

Apertus, an openyd. 35 Aristologia, [an Smerwort.] 

Apium, an Ache [vel Merche]. Armamentum, an takelyng. 

Aplustrum, [an ce an hashe.j Armariolum, an an almarye. 

Apoca, an aquytaunce. Armelausa, an a cloke. 

[Apoli?iaris, an closwort.] Armilausa, A sclavayn. 

Aporima, ioys of gras. 40-4^ metrica, an arsmetryke. 

Appareo, an to seme or to apere. Artemesia, an moderwort. 
Appendicium, an a lady trayne et Artificial**, an a craftiman. 

an a pendaunt of a gyrdyll. Artocopus, an a symynel. 

Applico, an to ryve or to shypye. Arlocrea, an ce a tart. 
Apposissio, an puttyng to. 45 Arthochasius, an a flawun. 

Aplo, an to shappe or to araye. Arvambulus, an a londlepar. 
Aquaductile, an a condyt. Ascarida, [A Teke.] 

Aquagium, an a gutur or a condyt. [Ascio, an to thwyte or schyrpe.j 




Asculto, an ce to lystny. 
Aserra, an a shyppe. 
[Asitabulum, an a sawser.j . 
Asina, [the pose.] 
Aspa, an an haspe. 
Aspergo, an^ a cormeraunt. 
Aspersorium, an ce an holy water 


Assa, an roost. 
Assacula, an an hastelet. 
Assatus, an yrosted. 
Assedula, an ce surdokke. 
[Assedella, an a table dormant.] 
Asser, [an a latche.] 
Assidela, an a table dormant. 
Assilo, to stroke. 
Asso, an to rooste. 
Astayda, an a tyke. 
Astrum, an a sterre. 
Astularegia, an woderofe. 
Asura, an azure. 


Athleta, an a champyon. 
Attractorium, an a trayne, sed me- 

lius a trays. 

Atramentum, an Bleche. 
Atriplicesj [an Orage.] 
Attat interiectio timentis ut expaves- 

centis, an for do\vte. 
Attenuo, to mgke thynne or feble. 
Attollo, an to lyft up, or to do a 


[Aucarius, a gosherde.] 
Auca, an a goos. 
Auccionor, an to hukke. 
Auccionator et Auccionatrix, an huk- 

ker & an hukkester. 
Auccupacio, an t>f fowlynge. 
Aucupator et Aucupatrix et Aucu- 

parius idem sunt, an fowlers. 
Auccupacio, a?i ce fowlynge. 
Audacia, an hardynesse. 
Audio, an to huyre. 
Audiencia, an an hurynge. 
Auencia, an avance. 
Auicipula, an a putfalle. 
Auigerulus, an a pulter. 

Auleum, an ce a doser. 
Aumentum, an an hagase. 
Aurealis, an an erewygge. 
Aureatusj an ygyld. 
5 Auricakum, an latoun. 
Auricula muris, an mushere. 
Aurifilum, an gooldwyre. 
Aurifrisius, an an hospray. 
Aurifrigium, an goldwyre. 
wAuxiiior, an to helpe. 

Baburra, an Sothede. 

Bads, an a truel. 

Bacillus, an a warderere. 
15 Baco, an bacon. 

Bacallarius, an^ f a bachyler. 

Bajfa, an a flycche of bacon. 

Safer, an gretwombed. 

Balbutio, [an to stamery.] 
20 [Balbio, an to blaty.] 

Balducta, an a crudde, Item dici- 
tur, an poshet. 

Balla, an c * a bale. 

BaUivus, an a baylyf. 
25 Balneo, an to bathye. 

Balo, an to blete. 

Battens, [an ce a baudrek.] 

Balteo, an a bancker. 

[Bancorium vel Bancarium, an a 
30 bankere.] 

Bancia, an pasnep or skyrwyt. 

Barba jovis [an syngrene.] 

Barbillus, an a ruget vel melius 

a barbyle. 
35 [Bardana, an Clote.] 

Barellusj an a barell. 

[Barusia, an a barhyde.] 

Basilisca, an baldemonye. 

Batillus, a belle clapere vel a swyn- 
40 gell. 

Baucia, an skyrwyt. 

Batus, an a bushell vel secunaum 
alias trium modiorum an a pecke. 

Beatus, an yblessyd. 
45 Bedellus, an a bedull. 

Belberici marini sunt similes vmbi- 
lids vmbilicus ci an navelwort. 

Belua, an an engyne. 


Benedicts, \an ce yblessed.J Breno, an bran. 

Benefaium, an a good dede. [Brionia, an wyldenepe.] 

Benevolentia, an ce good wyl. [Briscus, an ce a feyldvare.] 

Berberi sunt fructus cuiusdam arbo- Britages, an britage. 

ris, an berberynes. 5 Britannia, an brytayne 

Berbica, an ce ewe. Brodium, an c - e broth. 

Bernix, an ce vernysh. Brucus, an a taddepol. 
Bernix cantabre veronice idem sunt Brueris, an heth 

vernyshe. Bubo, an an vie. 

[Berula, an ce Bleddere.] 10 Bucco [an to blowe.] 

Betacius, an bete. Bucula, an a bucule. 

[Betonica, an Bytayne.] Bufo, an r -e a tode. 

Bethonica, an betaync. [Bugla, an Bugle.] 

Bever, an bever. Bulgra, an bugres. 

Bibera, an ce a beverache. 15 Bullio, an to buly. 

Bigata, an a kartlode. Bullicio, an berme. 

Bilbus, an a welke. Burcida, an ce a purskyttere. 
Birrus vel Birrum, i. grossum vesti- Burnetus, an burnet, color quidam 

mentum, an a dudde. est. 

Biriscus [a feyldefare.] 20 Burbilium, an nombles. 

Bisacuta, an a twybyl. Burris, an the plowebeme. 
Bismalua (MS. Bismabua), an'' c bys- [Bursapastoris, an ce shepardespurse.] 

malwe twymalwe. Butus, an Shadde sed meliusBuslus. 

Blodius, an Blewc. Buxus, an ce box. 

[Bodariiis, an heybrerc.) 25 

Boletus, an tender old cloth. Cachinnor, an to mowe. 
Bombacinum, an secundum quosdam Caculipes, an a page. 

Aketoun. Calamandrum, an a volupere. 

Bombicinum, an a lakke. Calatus, an a panyer. 

Bombinco, to crye as a bee. 30 Calcar, an a spore- 

Bondagium, an Bondage. Calcalrepa, an cf a kalketrappe. 

Bostio, an a Boye. Calciamentum, an Chausure. 

Bostare, an a Snyte. Calculus, an a cowntes. 

Bovectus, an ce a stere. [Calea, a lyndtre.] 
Braciologia, an a shortspekyngc. 35 Calefactorium, an a Chawfur 

Brachiale, an a wardebracc Calefurcum, an galwes. 

Brachium, an an arme. \_Calendarium, an a kalendere.J 

Brancia, an a gyle. Calibs, an Steel. 

Brandium, an Bokeram. Calix, an a Chalys. 

Brasicta, an lutes. 40 Calopodium, an a tapyn. 

Brasio, an to brewe. Calor, an hete. 

Brasium, an malt. Colmeies, an ballednesse. 

Brasiarium, an cc a brewehous. Cama, an a shortbedde. 

Brasiarius, an a brewer. Cambucca, an a busshoppys cros. 

Brasiaria, an a brewestere. 45 Cambuccarius, an a Croser. 

[Bremetica, a breme.j Camamilla, an Camamylle. 

Brevigerulus, \an ce a Brevytour.] [Camedreos, an Teterwose.] 

[Brella, an sterche.] Camelinus, an camelyn. 




[Camerarius, an a chamberlayne.] 
Caminus, an a chymeney. 
Campanile, an a styppyl. 
Campester, an a feyldefare. 
Campio, an a champion. 
Camus, an ce a barnacle. 
Canabum, an hempe. 
Cancellus . , . ala palacij. i. parvum 

foramen parietis, an a kernel! . 
Candeo, an wylde madur. 
Canevasium, an ce Canevas. 
Canendula, an ce a Plover. 
Canicies, an hoorenesse. 
Canistrum, a?i ce a basket. 
[Canus, an Grenew or hore.] 
Capa, a cope. 
Capana, an a kot. 
Capana, an a pynsour. 
Capellus, an an hatte. 
Capellarius, an an hattere. 
Caper, an a gotbukke. 
Capra, a gootdoo. 
Capicium, an an hode. 
Capisterium, an a vanne [or a Seve.] 
Capistrum, an an haltre. 
Capitanius, an ( ' e a captayn. 
Capita, an a cole. 
Cappa, an the cappe of a fleyle. 
Cappilegium, an a fleylbond. 
Capra, a gotdo. 
Caprifolium, an wodebyndc. 
Capus, an a musket. 
Caracatta, an a sclavayn or a 


Caracus, an a carryk. 
Car axis, an tokenynge. 
Carbonella, [an a colhoppe.] 
Carchesia, [the saylyerd.] 
Carcosium, an a carkoys. 
Cardinalis, an a cardynal. 
Cardo, an a thystell, or a tesell. 
Cardinarius, an a teselere. 
Carduelis, an a goldfynche. 
Carduus, an a tesel. 
Cardus, ance a corde. 
Carectarius, an a cartere. 
Carentivillum, an a kanvas. 
Carex, an Segge. 

Carinis, an a make. 

Carnarium, [an a charnel.] 

Carniprivium, an shrofday, quia 

tune privamur carnibus. 
5 Carinis, an a mathe. 

Carpa, [an a toppe.] 

Carporo, an to wynde. 

Carptare, an to karde. 

Carptarius, an a kardemakere. 
10 Carrucarius, a p[l]owinan. 

Carrucata, a plowelond. 

Caruca, an Suthernewode. 

Cassa, an a mowe. 

Cassator, an a moweare. 
15 Casilius, an myd amene. 

Cassis, an an helme. 

Castrimargus, an a wodecocke. 

Catallum, an catall. 

Catantrum, an a trendell. 
20 [Cathapia, an Spurge.] 

Catapucia, lesse spurge. 

Catasta, an a cage. 

Catello, to mewe or to tykele. 

Catta, an a hecatte. 
25 Cavatus, an ymade holwe. 

Cauilla, an a pyn. 

[Cavilla, an ancle.] 

Cavni, an fayryes. 

[Cauterium ferrum ustum, an Syn- 
30 der.] 

Cavus, an f e holw. 

Cavitas, an ce holwnehse. 

Cecula, an a Slowerme. 

Cecuta, an hemlok. 
35 Cefalia, an ce the hede Ache. 

Celarium, an a celer. 

Celatorium, an a celour, or a co- 

Celeps, an a chesell to peynte 
40 wyth. 

Celer arius, an a celerer. 

Celectis, an faevenlyche. 

Celioforum, an an alepot. 

Cellens, an Overcomynge. 
45 Celtica, spikenard. 

Cementum, an morter. 

Cenositas, an felthede. 

Cenovectorium, an a berwe. 




Cenovectorium rotatum, a whelberwe. 
Ce\no\vectorium manuale, an hand- 


Cenovectorium, an a berwe. 
Cepa, an an oynon. 
Cephalia, an the hede Ache. 
Cepiarium, an ce Sewe. 
Ceplatum, ance cyne. 
Cepulatum, an ce sew. 
Cepum, an ce talwe. 
Cerasus, an a Gherytree. 
Cerifolium, [an honysouke.] 
Ceruida, an a tapstaf. 
Ceruisia, an Ale. 
Cervus, Cerva, an ce hert and hynde. 
Cesia, an a pokke or frakene. 
Cespes, an a turf. 
Gesso, an to leue of. 
Chamus, an a bernake. 
Cherub, a cherube. 
Cherucus, an a fane. 
Chilindrus, an a leuel vel est in- 

strumentum quo hore notantur [an ce 

a chylaundre.] 
Chorea, an a karole. 
Choricista, [an a crowdere.] 
Chorinus, an a dawncere. 
Chorealus, an a daunceleder. 
Chorus, an a crowde. 
Chorusta, an c( a quer ester. 
Chrismale, an a Cr ism ere. 
Cicada, an a grashoppere. 
Cicuta, an an homeluk. 
Cignus, an a swan. 
Cilix [quidam piscis, a loche.] 
Cimbale, a cymbale. 
Cimbus, an a vat. 
Cimicia, herba fetens, inathge. 
Ciminum, an Comyn. 
Cinasus, an a puddynge. 
Cincinnus, an a lok. 
Cingulum, a gurse. 
Cinomia, an a fleys flye. 
Cinopre, an Cynopre. 
Cinus, an c( an haythorne & an hawe. 
Cipharius, an a cuppere, or a dys- 

Circumspectus, an Skylful. 

Circulator, an a tornur. 

Circumcido, an to kytte a boute. 

Circumpres (so in MS.), an a 

prayer of a worde. 
5 Circumuolo, an to fle a boute. 

\Ciromellum, an wort.] 

Cirrus, i. plicatura capillorum et 
an a cop. 

Citator, an a Sompnere. 
10 Citacus, an a popinjay. 

Citharedo, an to harpe. 

Citheres, a name of an hylle. 

Citator, an a Sumnere. 

Cito, an ce to sompny. 
15 Citola, an a cytole. 

Claretum, an Clareye. 

Classatorium, an a clapere, or a 

Claudeo, an to halte. 
20 Claudus, an halt, or lame. 

Clavigarius, a loryrnere. 

Clavus, an a nayle. 

Clepsedra, an a tappe. 

Clericatus, an Clergye. 
25 Clerimonia, an clergye. 

[Clibanicius, a loof.] 

Clinus, an bedlyche. 

Clipeola, i. anulus quiafit ad modiwn 

clipei ., an a lytylbreche. 
30 Clipsedra, an a spyket. 

Clitella, an a cliket, or a forsere. 

Clitorium, an cc a clyket. 

Cloca, an a cloke. 

Cloto, on of thre shapsisterys vel 
35 shappystrys [vel an^ destynyes.] 

Cnusticium, i. quedam pars sotularis, 
an a Ryvette. 

Coaccio, an ce dystresse. 

Coagulatorium, a mylkefessell, or a 
40 cherne, 

Coagulum, an rennynge. 

Coagulum, an a crudde. 

Coagulo, a?i ce to make a crudde. 

Coaugeo, an<' to eche to gedyr. 
45 Coccinium, an coton. 

Cochlea . . . Item est aha et ro- 
tunda turris [a topcastel.] 

Coctinus, an a Quynstre. 


Codex, an coode. Conniveo, [an to twyncly.] 
Coliandrum herba est, an colyandre. [Congelima, an prane.] 

[Coliteralis, a Costrel.J Conophorum, an a Costrell. 

Colus, an ce a dystaf. Conqueror, an plany. 

Collaphus, an ce a buffet. 5 \Consida, an ce Brovnwort.] 

Collarium, an ce a colere. Consobrini, an systersones. 

Collatinea, an ce a thynned. . Consolida, an ce consowde 

Collistrigium, an a pyllory. Conspicamen, an clene. 

Collofium, an a coffyn. Gonspicacio, clenynge. 

Colatorium, an a Colyndore. 10 Consternor, [an to be astoned.] 

Colon, the endelez gutte. Contentor, an to hold a payd. 

Colomelli, an tuskes. Contero, an to breke or defoule. 

Colostrum, an rennet. Contra, an ayens. 

Coluber, [an a snake.] Contravaria, an a luller. 
Colum, [an a colyndore, or a tun- 15 Contraversia, an Debat. 

nyng dysch.] Contristor, an to be made sory. 

[Columbare, an a culverhous.] Contus, an a potstykke. 

Comatulus, an lytyl heryd. Contulatus, an yhyd. 

Commater, an a godmodur. Contutator, an hydere. 

Comissarius, an a commissarye. 20 Conualesco, to rekevere. 

Commissio, an a commyssion. Cooperculum, an a Covercule. 

Commissura, an a mortays. Coopertorium, an ce a coverlyt. 

Complutus, an wet wyth rayne. Copula, an a codde. 

Complustrum, an a clowster of Copularius, an a cuple. 

notys. 25 Corgigatorium, an a cherne. 

Coma, an a loppyster. Corium, [an an hyde.] 

Concede, an to graunte. Coriza, an ryflynge of the nose. 

Concavia, an a raaner mace. Coristerium, an a barhyde. 
Concludo, an to close, or to con- Corigia, an a thwange. 

elude. 30 Cornale, an ce a cornal. 

Condilus, an & knokyl. Cornicarius, an an hornere. 

Conditio, an Saverynge. Corniculum, an a cornet. 

Conductum, an a saf condyt. Corniculatum, an a blowyng wylh 

Conduum, an a Quaryndouri. an home. 

Conduus, an a Qitaryndon tre. 35 Comix, an a crowc. 

Confectio, an confyt. Cornus, an hepetre. 

Confidencia, an trust. Cornubium, an an hornpipe. 

Confido, an to truste. Coronale, an a cornal. 

Confinia, an trypys. Corporate, an a corporas. 

Confiria, an confyrye. 40 Corptrix, an a kardestere.| 

Confirm, an confyrie. Corrigiarius, a gyrdeler. 
Confisco, an to sese in the gyn- Corrigiatus, an Ithonged. 

gyshonde. Corrodium, an a lyvereye. 

Conflatorium, an an herth. Corruca, an c - a buntynge. 

Confortamen, an coiifort. 45 Corulus, an an haseltre. 
Conforto, an to conforte & make Costa, an a ryb [et est instrumen- 

myrthe. turn pistoris, a rybberc.] 

[Confusus, an ashamed.] Costa pastalis, an a doweryb. 




Costus, [an Costmarye.] 
Cotagium, an ce a cotage, or a cot. 
Coutranus, slep to beth fet mete. 
Crabo, an ce a dore. 
Cranium, an the braynpanne. 
Crapulo, [an to surfet.] 
Crariolum, an ce a rake. 
Cras, an^ to morwe. 
Crassipulum, Crassipularium, Cruci- 

bolum, an 1 * a Cresset. 
Crassula, ance orpyne. 
Crassula minor, an Crawsope. 
Crates, an an hyrdyl. 
Craticulatum, ance a latyse. 
Creagra^ [an ce an owel.J 
[Crepidium, an Clowtys.] 
Crepita, a boote. 
Crepundarius, an a rokkere. 
Crepundaria, an a rokkestere. 
Cresco, an to wexe or growe. 
Greta, ance chaalke. 
[Qressula, an Mader.] 
Cretifico, an to marly. 
Certificatum (so MS.), an marie. 
Certificatio, an marlynge. 
Cribrum, an a rydder vel a syve. 
Criminor, an to blame, or be 


Crisma, ance creyme. 
Crispus, [an cryps.] 
Crispatura vel Crispacium, quoddam 

genus cibi est, an Crispes. 
Croceus, an yelwe 
Crosia, an a swal Jjonde. 
Crucibolum, ance a cresset. 
Crucifixum, an a Crucifix. 
Gruma, an a pouche. 
Crurale, an a Quysson. 
Crusto r an to tynky. 
Crustator, an a tynkere. 
Crustellum, \an a cruste.] 
Cubile [an a cuche.] 
Cubitus, ance an Elbowe. 
CuculO) to crye as a Cokow. 
Cucumer, an a Goorde. 
Culcitra, an a Quylte. 
Culex, an a Gnat. 
Cultellus, ance a knyfe. 

Cultrus, \an a Cultur.j 

Cumularius, an ce a muwyer. 

Cunabulator et Cunabulatrix, a rok- 
kere & a rokkestere. 
5 Cunctitenens, ance almyghty. 

Cuneus, [ance a wegge.] 

Cuniculus, an a Conynge. 

Cunib, an undermyne. 

Cunus, [a wegge.] 
10 Cupa, an a cupe, or a Cowle. 

[Cupatorium, a worpynfat.] 

Cuparius, an a cowpare. 

{Cuprum, an Copar.] 

Currax, ance lyght to renne. 
15 Curtina, an a curtyn. 

Cu\r\ruca, an an heysngge. 

Curvo, ance to croke. 

Cuspis, an a Soket. 

Cuscute, ance Doder. 
20 Custus, ane costys. 

Cutum, an Donge. 

Cuva, an a cuve or a vaat. 

Dacia, a.n Denmarke. 
25 Dalmatica, ance a tunycle. 

Dampnis, an a loreytre. 

Damns, an a bukke. 

Dama, an c e a doo. 

Dea, an^e a goddesse. 
SQDebacor, ance to wex wilde. 

Decaudo, to kytte of the tayle. 

Decet, an hyt semyth. 

Deciduus, an lygtly fallen. 

Decius, an a des. 
35 Decresco, an to wanye. 

Dedignacio, an dysdoygne. 

Defeclus, an a defawte. 

Deforis, an bethowte. 

Degaudeo, an to ioye by hynde. 
QDegelo, [an to thawe.] 

Degener, ance vnkynde. 

Delibero, an to delyuery or to a = 

Delibutus, an c e be bawdyd or vntyd. 
45 Deliciositas, an delyte. 

Delicius, an a Cokeney. 

Delirium, an Delyte. 

Deluo, an to wasty awey. 


Deluvius, an c e a floode. Displico, an c e to displaye. 

Demullo, an ce to drede. Displicatus, an ce displayd. 

Denariatus, an a Penyworthe. Displiceo, an to dysplese. 
Denique, an at laste, or forsothe. Dispondeo, ance to by hote or trowthe. 

Dentrix, ance a pyke. 5 Dissimulo, an to lykeny or feyne 

Denuncto, an c to shewe. or myslykene. 

Depastino, to do away grapys. Distillo, an to stylle or droppe. 

Depositor, an ce a sewer. Distrigio, ance to stryde. 

Deprecor, an ce to beseche, pray. [Ditanus, ance dytayne. 2 ] 

Depetro, to by hynde stonde. 10 [Divinacio, ance wychecraft.J 

Deprimo, ance to cast doun. Docillus, an a dussel. 

Deprope, an ce fro ny. Doctificus, ance makyng wys. 
Deputo, ance to ordeyne vel an to Dola, i. docillus, ance a dosel. 

trowe. Doma, [an the ryggynge.] 

Derelinquo, an ce to forsake. 15 Domicilium, an Ouese. 

Desperado, an wanhope. Domina, ance a lady. 

Destruo, ance to destruye, or waste. Dominus, a lord. 

DeturpOj ance to defoule. Dominatus, an ce a lordshyp. 

Devenio, an to come fro. Dominus legum, an a man of lawe. 

Devolvo, ance to turne vpsodoun. 20 Donativum, [an ce a waryson.] 

Deus, ance god. Dormito, [ance to nappe.] 

Dextrarius, an ce a stede. Dormitorium, an a Doortur. 

Diafragmen, an the mydryf. Dorsorium, an cf a dorsere. 

[Diametrus, a duble metre.] Draganti, ance vytryole, or coporose. 
Diaphosia, sunuoys vel melius soim 25 Dragetum, ance drageye. 

of voys. Dromo, an ct a dromond. 

Dictatura, an r -e dytynge. [Dromus, an sharp wyn.] 

Difficilimus, an c e hardest. Duca, ance a leste, or a molde. 

Digitale, an a themyl. Dulcia, ance Ducettus. 

Dignosus f an worthy. SftDulcor, ance swetnesse. 

Dinodium, an a lytyl hulle. Duricies, [ane hardnesse.] 
Discrusus, curyng ouer. 

Diplois, [ance a dublet.] Ebulus, an c e walwort. 

Diptania, ance dytayne. Edam, ance forsothe. 

\Dironomon, an cc a kervare.] 35 E contra, \an ce ayeward.] 

Discinctus, an c e ungyrd. Edentator, ance a tothdrawere. 

Discingo, an to ungyrd. Edepol, by the hous of edepol. 

Discredentia, ance mysbyleve. Edia, ance Ese. 

Discretinus, ance skylful. Educamen, an a teme of checonn. 

Discrimen, [an J)e shode of the 40 Educamentum, an brodynge. 

hed.] Edulia, an sowell. 

Discriminale, \an an herstrenge. 1 ] Edus, an a kyde. 

[Disco, to make dyshys.] EJfodio, an to dyke, or delve. 

[Disgerbigator, an a Teddere.] Effosso, ance to dygge up. 

Dispensa, an a spense, vel an 45 Egeator, ance a comander of a shyp. 

spendynge. Egestas, an nede. 

1 This article is inserted in the margin. 2 In margin. 





[Eleborus, an byshyppeswort.] 
[Eleborus niger, an longwort.] 
Electum, an a lefe of goolde. 
Elephantus, [an olyfaunt.] 
Elixer, a mater of metall in alcomye. 
Emiperus, an a sprot. 
Emolumentum, [an tolle.] 
Emula, an a dokke. 
Emungo, an to quenclie. 
Emunctus, an a queynte. 
Endetico, to bo we. 
Enula ca?npana, an horshelyn. 

[Enula, an scabwort.] 
Enulus, an a fawn. 
Epatica, an lyverwort. 
Epaticum, an a lyverpaddyng. 
Epallio, to ordeyne. 
Epefio, to hamb. 
Ephimera, an a sperlynge. 
Epyfemur, an breygyrdyl. 
Epyglotum, an the throtebolle. 
Epyphanes, an god schewynge. 
Epyphium, an an bamborwe. 
EpyphiOj an to hamburwe. 
Epitogium, an a gowne. 
Equicium, an a rake [a level.] [et 

an haras.] 

Equiferus, [an an hakeneyman.] 
Equidromium, an a rake. 
Equilibrum, an a lewel. 
Equillus, an an hakeney. 
Equitibia, an a kambrell. 
Erarius, an a brasyer. 
Erifilum, an Braswyre. 
Eripio, an to delyvere. 
Erpica, an an harwe. 
[Eruus, an quechyn.] 
Eruca, an whytpyper [ve/skyrwyt.] 
Erudero, an to myne. 
Erula, an the core. 
Escaria, an Dresserbord. 

Euaneo, an to vanshe a wey. 

Evaporo, an to wexe hote. 

Euersum iri, [an go to be turnyd 
vpsedoun] {sic dicitur amatum iri 
5 go to be loued.] 

Euersunij an re vpsodoun. 

Euidens, an cler opyn. 

Eulogio, an to prayse and alowe. 

Eugenes, an noble wytty. 
10 Eupatorium, an" e ambrosye, or wylde 

Eupatica, an lyuerwort. 

Euiro f an to gylle. 

Euitaneus, an wythoute ende. 
15 Eupheamismos, an good chaun- 

Escarium, an ees. 
Estaurinus, an ce a Gurnard. 
Esursum, an fro above. 
Esustum, an brende bras 


Eticies, a voys to answere. 
Euado, an to a skapye. 

Exactor, an ce a puruyour. 

Examitum, an a myte, or an Amys. 

Exancio, an to vnbynde. 
20 Exardeo, an to brenne. 

Exarmigio, to make faste. 

Excerpno, an to dense. 

Excessus, an excesse, passynge 

oute, or surmountynge. 
25 Excludo, to shut oute. 

Excoquo, an ce to sethe brenne or 

Excudio, an to squyngyl. 

[Excudia, a swyngylstok ] 
30 Excussorium, an a swyngelstok. 

Exestuo, an to nvexe hote, or byle. 

Exhumo, to vnberye. 

Exorrior, an to be born, or sprynge. 

Expello, an to put oute. 
35 Expericlus, an a squyrel. 

ExpolUo, an to pulshe, or furby. 

Expugno, an to bete doun, over- 

Exsacco, an to vnsacke. 
40 Exscaturizo, an to scaldy. 

Exsucco, an to drawe out luse. 

Exterius, an wythoute. 

Eixtinguo, an .to quenche. 

Extollo, an to bere up, or to hye. 
calce- 45 Extraduco, an to lede out. 

[Extunc, an fro thanne.] 


Fabafresa, an a spelked bene. Ferrus, an ce an hors schoo. 

Fabrica, an a forge. Ferrarius, an ce an yreworchere or 

Fabricatus, an ce y forged. an yremongere, or a ferrour. 
Facimia, an a forspeker or a tyly- Feruca, an a throstylkock. 

ystere. 5 Festuca, an ce the blaad of corn, or 

Faculo, an to make faget. a strawe. 

Facuminaria, an a lullere. Festum, [an ce the furst.] 

Fagus, an a beche. Fetuntrus, an ce a fulmere. 

Fata, an Brytage. Fetontria, ance a martron. 

Falco, an to repe, or mowe. 10 Fibula, a tache or a laas [or a 

Falerarius, an a sompterhors. botun]. 

Falerator, an a sompterman. Ficedula, an a rooke. 

Fanula, an ce a fanon. Fidelica, an a cherne. 

Farraga, an cc forrage. Fidicen, [an a fydelere.] 

Farcimen, an Farsure. 15 Filatrix, an a spynnester. 

Faricapsa, an a bynne. [Filiandra, gosesomere.J 

Farina, an mele. Filica, an a kote. 

Farna, an a forme. ' Fillis, an f * a ffylbertre. 

Farracio, an Melwynge, [Fillum, a ftylbert.] 

Farrago, an forage. 20 Filix, an fferon. 
Fascennina, i. femina que novit in- Filtrum, an a quylte, or a materas. 

cantare; an a tylyester. Fimbria, an c e an hem. 

Faselus, an a galey. Financia, an a ffynaunce. 
Fatesco, an to ffayle to feble to Fir maculum, an relapse, orabroche. 

wexe weyry. 25 Firmacularius, an a brouche = 

Favonius, [the west wynde.] makere. 

Febrimacio, an sturrynge of londe. Fiola, an a ffyole or a cruet. 

Fecontria, an a martret. [Ftrmatius, a loof.] 

[Fedorarius, an a fewtrer.] Firmamenta, an takelynge. 

Fel, an galle. 30 Fistulista, an a Pypere. 

Felicitas, an gelyhede. Fixura, an prykkynge or festen- 

[Feltrum, an ffelt.] y n g e - 

Femorale, an a strapul. Flabellum, an a swyvyer. 

Fenestra, an a wyndowe. Flabrum, [a blast.] 

Fenestrale, an a ffenestral. 35 Flagellator, an a threschere. 

Fenissa, an an heymakere. Flagellum, an a ffleyle, or a scorge. 

Feniseca, an a mowere. Flagito, an to axe or aske beseche 

Fenicarius, an a theseler. wyth cry. 

Fenile, an an heyrek. Flameum, an kerchef. 

Fere, an almost 40 \FlaJcetta, a flaket.] 

Ferecia, an a quylte. [Flammula, an sperwort.] 
[Fersura, an fetherveye sed melius Flasca, an fflagot. 

febrifuga.] Flato, an a flavon. 

Ferina, an venesoun. Flecto, an to wrynge mony. 

Feritorium, an a batyndore. 45 Flexarius, an a floccher. 

Ferme, an almost. Florenus, an a ffloreyn. 

Ferrarius, [an a ferrour.] Florencius, an ce a goldfynche. 

Ferrifilum, an wyre of yre. Fluctus, a node. 




Foca, an a Porpays. 
Focale, an ce fewel. 
Folliculus, an ce a flexhoppc. 
Fongia, an stokfyshe. 
Fentinella, an ce the nekke putte. 
Forago, an a lyste, or a purrcl. 
Foramen, an ce an hoi. 
Forarium, an ce an hedelonde. 
Foresta, an a forest. 
Forestarius, a forstere. 
Forefactura, an a forfet. 
Formella, [an a forme.] 
Formipedium, an a leste. 
Formosus, an ce Wei shape. 
Formula, an a leste or 


Formula, an a fforme. 
Forulus, an ce a forel. 
Fossa, an ce a dyche. 
Fosso, to dyche. 
Fossorium, an ce a moolde 
Fovea, ance a dyche. 
Fractillus, an ce a rag, or a dag. 
Fraculus, an a Pyperquerne. 
Fragillus, an ce a grate. 
Fragmen, an brokemete. 
Fragus, an the wryste, or a knokyl. 
Fragum, an a strebery. 
Fragus, an ce a streberytre. 
Francursina, an Berefot. 
Fraria, an ce a brotherhede. 
[Fratruelus, a broker sone.] 
[Fratruela, a broper dowter.J 
Fraxinus, an asche. 
Frequento, an to hannte. 
Fretum, i.feruor marls, an c < a walke. 
Frico, an to frote. 
Frigellus, an ce a rudduk. 
Frigeo, [to wexe colde.] 
Frigilla, an a rudduk. 
Frigmareventus, an Wynchelsee. 
[Fringulus, a grundyl.] 
Frigucio, an [to Oyvery or quake.] 
Frixa, an a colhoppe, or a smache- 


Frixum, an cf a ffrytour. 
Frixatura, an fryynge vel quod 

frigitur, an ce a ffroyse. 

Frondator, an an hekemose. 

Frontale, an a frontell. 

Frugella, an a rooke. 

Frumentum, [an rc whete.] 
5 Frunito, an to tanny. 

Frunitor, a Tanner. 

Frunitorium, a tanhous. 

Frutex, [underwode.] 

Fug a, an a chas, or a fleynge. 
10 [Fugarius, a dry vere or a drovare.] 

Fugius, a drone & gret. 

Fulgur, an the leme that brennyth. 

Fulica, an a Semewe. 

Fuligo, [an soot.] 
a lytyl 15 Fumus, [an smoke.] 

Fumus terre, an c fumytere. 

Fundator, an a ffounder or slynger. 

Fundulus, an a looche. 

Fungia, an Stokfysh. 
20 Fungeaj quidam panis [koket.] Item, 
i. boletus. Item an a taddechese. 

Fungus, a ffynch [vel an Estrich, 
secundum quosdam.] 

Funifex, an a ropere. 
25 Furfur a, an the scales of the hcde 
or berde. 

Furniculus, an a fferet. 

Fuscus, an ce broun. 

Fuscamen, an ffustayn or fifustyan. 
30 Fustibulum, an a stafslynge. 

Fusus, an a spy n del. 

Fusura, an spynnynge. 

Gagas, an Geet. 
35 Galanga, an Galyngale. 

Gallacia, an blancmanger. 

Galla, an^ a kokkescombe. 

Gallus, an a Cok. 

[Galliare, an a chapelet ] 
40 [Gains, li, hec. i. soror mariti soro- 
ris mee, an my systerys hus- 
bande syster.] 

Gallitricum, an clareye. 

Galliprelium, an kokkysfythynge. 
45 Gamarus, an a banstikyl. 

[Gannerius, an a bannynge.] 

Garba, an a Shefe. 

Garcio, an a grome. 


Gardicius, an a wardeyn. Gracilis, an ce smal. 

Gariofilata, an auens vel gilofre. Gracillo, to cakele as an hen. 

Gariojilus, an Cloves. Graculus, an ce a Jaye. 

Garus, an ce greue. [Gracus, a whytynge.] 

Garennia, an wareyne. 5 Gramen, an gras. 

Garriqfila, an glowgelofre. Gran, a wryt. 

Gavata, an a bo lie. Grana paradisi, an grayn de parys. 

Gaudeo, an woode or madur. Granomellum, an growte, vel wort. 

Gelicidium, an thawe. Granum soils, an Gromylle. 

Gello, an a cherle. 10 [Grapa, an hoi to putte yn a barre.] 

[Gelopto, an to waloppe.] Gratarium, an a grate. 

Gemo, [an to wayle.j Gratanter, an gladly. 

Gentiana, [an stanmerche.] Grato, an to cracche. 

Genesa, a bond of cloth. Gravitudo et Gravitas et Gravedo, 

Genesla, an brome. 15 an hevynesse. 

Genetaliacus, an a tellere of kynde. Gravia, an the hewe, or the webbe. 

[Geralogodion, an Tryacle.] Gregarius, an a fflockere, et est 

Gerio, an to ordeyne. canis pastoris. 

[Gerlinus, a, urn, an sherlokked Gregatim, an to gedyr. 

et dicitur de equoJ] 20 Gressenus, an a brokke. 

[trerolotista, an a sompturman.] Griseus, an grey. 

Gerra> an a doggedraue. Grossitas, an Gretenesse. 
Gerusa, an a goode, vel an a Grunnus, an a gruyn ; or a wrot. 

Gesarme. Grus, an a Craan. 

Gibbus, [an kybe.] 2*>Gulio, [a gyle.] 

Giga, an a gytterne. Gumma arabica, anGumme arabyk. 

Gingium, an Gyngebred. Gurtus, an a were. 

Gipsum, an cley or morter. Guttatus, an pomeled ut equus. 

Giraculum, an a trendel. Gutta, an a drope. 

Girgillus, an a reel. 30 Guttorium, an a guttur. 

Girgillo, [an to rele.] Guttulus, an Menuse. 

Glabella, [an the schulle.] Gutturna, an Quynsy. 
Glabra, an a scalle. 

Glabrosus, scalled. Habena, an a rayne. 
Gladiatura, an a swerdpleyynge, 35 Hac, an hydur vel hydurward. 

or bokeler pleyynge. Hactenus, an hydur to vel in to 

Gkms, a slyngston. thys tyme. 

Glaucus, an gelu. Hasta, [a shaft.] 

Glimo, to be gyle. Hastule, an Stykkes. 

Glis, [an a glonsers.] 40 Hauritorium, [an a boket] vel an 

GlomuSy an a clewe. a ladell. 

Glorior, an to ioye. Hausorium, [an a boket.] 

Glosa, an a loche. Hedera, [an yvy.] 

Glustrum, an Cowslyppe. Henociani, an stronge geantes. 

Glutinum, an glewe. 45 Herbagium, an herbage. 
Gobio, an a gurnard vel secundum [Herba paralisis, an Couslyppe.j 

olios a goioun. Herbiseca, an a mowere. 

Gomerus, an a banstykyl. Herbarius, an a teddere. 




Hereditas, an herytage. 

Herniosus, an ce brokyn. 

Hie, an here. 

Hyemo, an to wyntry. 

Hyematus, an?* acumelyd. 

Hymnare, [a hymnale.] 

Hylle, an trypys. 

Nine, an hennys. 

Hyo, [to galpe.] 

Hornulus, an ce sumdel orible. 

Horreo, [to agryse.] 

Hostio, an to stryche. 

Hostorium, a stryche. 

Hue, an hydur, vel hydyrward. 

\_Jmnale et Imnarium, an an ym- 


Impaciens, an vnbuxum. 
Impedio, an to lette. 
5 [Impedia, an an ouerlether.] 
Impeto, an ce to asayle. 
Impetus et Impes, an a folhaste. 
Impinguo, an to fatty. 
Impinguo, an ce to do a way drye 
10 shabbe. 

Implico, an to emplye, to folde yn. 
Imposterum, an hereafterwarde. 
Impotens, an unmyghty. 
Impotencia, an feblenesse. 

Ilumano, an to clothe yn manhede. 15 Impromptus, an unredy 

Humecto, an to moyste. 
Humeralis, [an a spanbelere. 
Humerus, an a shuldur. 
Humilio, to a bowe. 
Humor, an moystnesse. 
Huscus, an an holme. 

Improprium, an unpropre. 
Imputo, an to a twyte. 
In ante [fro hennes forthward.] 
Inarto, an to yoke. 
20 Incanto, an to enchaunte. 
Incaustorium, an an ynkehorn. 
Incommodo, to make wrake. 
Incredulus, an unlefable. 
Incredulitas, an unbylefe. 

Jacinctinus, an ynde colour. 

Jaculum, [an a dart.] 

[Jam nunc, an rygth nov vel nov 25 Incrudo, to make rawe. 

nov.] Incurro, to reu yn. 

Jam tune, an nowe thanne, vel nowe Incussorium, an a causer, quidam 

as thanne. malleolus est. 

Jams, an Cokkupyntel et an Cal- I n de [therby.] 

Icarpa, an a wolletoppe. 
Iconomia, an husbondrye. 
Ictericia, an the Jawnes. 
Ideo, an therfore vel forthat. 
Idio, an a clynche of gres. 
Jecur, an the mawe. 
Jejuno, an to vaste. 
Jesa, an a gesarme. 
[Ignacia, a chesekake.] 
Ignitegium, an keuerfve. 
lie, [an the pythe of a penne.J 
Ilex, an a traytour. 
Illicitus, an vnbehouely vel vnlefful. 
Illitus, an bydavbyd. 

30 Indignor, an to dysdeyne. 

Indomitus, an vntame, wylde. 

[Indela, an a gelet] 

Induro, an to make harde. 

Infernas, an a vende of helle. 
35 Infigo, an to styke. 

Infula, an a chesyble. 

In/undo, an to gete in. 

Inglorio, an to unmerthe. 

Inguen, an the grynde. 
40 Inicio, an atamye. 

Inicius, bygynnynge. 

[Inicius, da, cium, an bygynnynge.] 

Innaturalitas, an vnkyndenesse. 

Innodius, an the nave of wheole. 

Illorsum, an thydyrward. 45 Iimumerus, an wythoute numbre. 

Illuc, an thydur, vel thydyrward. Insequor, an to folwe. 
Illudo, an to scorne, or deceyue. Insero, an to plante to gedyr, or 
Imber, an a shure. brace to gedyr ; or grafte. 


Insidior, an ce to traye, or aspye Jusquiamus, mi, qui et Insania dici- 

seytfully. tur, herba est, an hennebane. 

Insigne, an ce a Cote armere. [Justidarius, an a Justyse.] 

Insitus, an planted or graffed, Justicius, an ce ryghtful. 

Inspire, an ce to enspyre. 5 Justorium, an ce a clappe of the mylle. 

Instita .... quedam vestis talaris, Jutto, an to Jutteye. 

que dicitur stola, an ce a roket. Jutum, an ce Jutus. 

Intellectus, an vnderstondynge. Knipulus, i. parvus cultellus, an a 

Inter, an ce bytwene. knyvet. 

Inter 'amentum , an ce entraylys. 10 

Interclausum, an ce an enterclos. Labina, [an a myre.] 

Inter clusorium, an a pyndefolde. Labedo, an a blotte. 
Interdico, an interdyte. Laciferis, an a newe shappere. 

Interea, an the mene whyle. Lacinia, [an a gore.] 

Interfinium, an the grystell of the 15 ac&'s, an ce a chesleb. 

nose. Lactes, an roof of fyshe, or mylke 

Interim, an the menwhyle. of fyshe. 

Internodium, an the knepanne, or Lactissinium, an whyt mete. 

wherlebon. [Lactis, an rennet, or rennynge.] 

Interrogo, an to axe, or enquyre. 20 Lactitarium, an charlet. 
Interula, [an a sinok.] [Lattrinum, an laton.] 

Intestinum, [an guttys.] Lacunar, an a lase [or a loiter.] 

Intrepidus, an bold. Laganum, an a pancake. 

Invenio, an to fynde. Laero, -ronis, est quoddam animal 

Invetero, an to be olde. 25 pilosum ut Cuniculus \secundum 

Invicem, an to geder, to hepe. alias a wylde cat.] 

Inunco, an to faste with an hoke. Laguncula, an a potel. 
Inuolutarium, an a voluper. Lama, a plate {Item lama, sley- 

Inurbanitas, an vylonye. brede.] 

Jocale, an a jewel. 30 Lameres, an Elmawes. 

Iperica, an seynt Johnys worte. [Lamina calibina, an a Gad of 
Ipoletum, an a mawe. stele.] 

Ipopirgium, an andyre. \Lanceolata, an Rybwort.] 

Iratus, an wroth. Lanix, an a sherde. 

Irreveror, an to unworshepy. 35 Lanugo, an a loke of wulle. 
Iris, an dicitur flourdelys et Ireos, Lappa, an a clote. 

an gladyyn. Lapacia, [an the rededokke.] 

Irudo, an a waterleche. Lapicidium, an a quarrey. 

Irruo, an to falle in. Lappates dicitur cibus ex oleribus 

Isophagus, an the weysande. 40 factus, an c e Jutes. 
Istac, an herawey. Laquearia, an a lase. 

Juba, an a mane. Laqueus, an a lace vel an cc a grene. 

Julia/era, an a yong hynde. Lardum, an laard. 

Juncata, an Juncade, sive a crudde Lata, an a lache. 

ymade yn ryshes. 45 \Lazulum, an azure.] 

Junctura, an a Juynt. Laterale, an a Corset. 

Jussellum, quidam cibus factus ex [Latoma, an a stonax.] 

ovis et lacte, an Jussell. Latus, an a syde. 


Latrocinium, an thefte. Limo, an ce a rygwythe. 

Lauacrum, [an a lauer.] 
Lauandria, an lauandre. 
Laurus, an a loreytre. 
Laxa, an ce a lees. 
Lechitus, an ce an elevat. 

Linguagium, an c langage.] 
Lingua avis, an stychwort.] 
Lingua bovis, oxtunge.] 
Lingua canis, an hundystonge.] 
Lingua cervi, an ce hertystonge.] 

Lcctisternium, an bed clothes. Lingulo, an ce to slynge. 

Lectiuncula, an ce a lessun. Linipes, an c lynfet. 

Legatus, an a legat. Linipulus, an a streche of flaxe. 

Legenda, an a legende. 10 Linodium, an ce a flexhoppe. 

Lena, an a bawde. Linosina, an a curtyn. 

Lenochides, an ce mercury. Lintheamen, an ce a shete. 

Lens, an ce a nyte. Linum, [flex.] 

Lenticula, [an a pokke.] Item est Lippo, an to watery with ye. 

vas oliarium ex auro et argento 1 5 Liridus, i. diversi colons, an Py- 

[an a crismatorye, or an Elvat.] keled. 

Lentigo, i. lenticula, [frekun.J Liripipium, an a typet. 

Lentiscus, an a beeche. Lista, an c Segge. 

Leporarius, [a grehunde.] Litatorium, an ce a slykston. 

Lepido, to speke fayre. ^Lltor, an a dauber. 

Lepus, [an hare.] Lituus, an a lylkynghorn. 

Lepusculus, [an a leveret.] Locax, an a brace. 
Lesca, an a shefure of brede [or Locium, an lye, or pysse. 

of fleys or fyshe or a leshe.] Locusta, an a honysouke. 

[Lesco, to leshe.] Lodix, an a blanket. 

Leuia, an a spanne. 25 Lodium^ an a lover. 

Libertinus, [an a frankelayn.] Loligo, [a codelynge.] 

Libertas, an ffredom. Lolium, [cokkul.] 

Libum, an a wastell. Lolidodium, an a kartsadell. 
Lichinus, an the weke of a candele. 30 Longanimitas, an longnesse of soule, 
Lichinus, -na, -num, an gnast of or durynge. 

candele. Lorimarius, an a sporyare, or a 

Liciatorium, an a tredel. lormener. 

[Licisca, a grefcyche.] Lotrix, an a lauander. 

Licium, [a throme.] 35 [Lubrica, -ce, aruwbale.] 

Lienteria, an the flux. Lucanica, [frankemyl.] 

Ligeus, an lygeman. Lucar, [an a park.] 

Ligeancia, an lygeance. Lucarius, an a fforstere, [or a par- 

[Lignipedium, an a stylte.] kare.J 

Ligumen, an Grewell. 40 Lucterinus, an an Otyr. 

Ligustrum, an a primerose. Lucetum, an Wareyne. 

Lima, an a vyle. Lucibricunculum, an a fforborystok. 

Limaca et Umax, an a snayl. Luciferum, an the day sterre. 

Limas, an a barmclothe. Lucinus, an a luce. 
Limatorium, an lytarge or lymayle. 45 Lucillus, an a pyke. 

Limaxj i. limaca, an a snayle. Luctor, [an to wraxle.] 

Limen, an a thresfolde. Luctuosus, an ful of mornynge. 

Limes, the cop of an hylle, Lucubrax, wonynge of monythe. 


Ludus, an<* a game or a pleye. Manceres, an a sylkethrede. 

Lugeo, {an to grone ] Marascallus, ante a Marchal. 

Lumbricus, an a maddock. Margus, an ce a plovere. 

Lumbus, an ce the lende. Marito, an ce to marye. 

Lupinus, [an ce Tylles.] 5 Maritagium, an wedloke. 
Lupus, [an& wolf] Item an & pyke. Marsupium, an a pautener. 

Lurcisca, an a luyrc.. Martirologium, an the martylogye. 

[Lurcisco, an ce to luyre.j Martrix, an a martron. 

Luteus, an skarlet. Mastixo, [an to chowe.] 

Lutericius, [an Oter.] 10 Mastromaticus, an a sothseyer. 

Lutus, an skarlet. Mataxo, an to hychele. 

Luxiuium, an lye. Mataxa, an hychele. 

Luxidromium, an a broke. Mataxator, mataxatrix, an hychelcr. 

Mataxarius, an hychelmaker. 

Machera, an ce a dressurcnyf. 15 Materfamilias, an an huswyf. 

Macianus, a crabbetre. Materacium, an a materas. 

Macianum, a crabbe. Matertera, an a beldame. 

Macula, an a mayl. Matria, an the panetrie. 

Mafora, an a volnper. Matrix, an mader. 

Maglis, an a cavlstok. 20 Mauiscus, an a thryshe. 

Magnitude, an gretnesse. Mediamna, an a moot. 

Majus, an more. Medo, [an meth.] 

Malaxo, an to cnede. Medum, an mede. 

Male, an wykkedly. Megarus, an a makerel. 

Malvia, an the ebbe. 25 Meger, an wode sek. 
Malum macianum, dn a Crabbe. Melanurus, a merlynge vel ut qui- 

Malum quiriacunij an a Costard. busdam videtur a makerel. 

Malus, an a maste. Melaturus, an a breme de mere. 

Mamphora, an a mokedore. Melessa, an medeswote. 

Mammonetus, an a marmoset. 30 Mellilotum, an hertyluere. 

Mandarus, an a wortstoke. [Mellissa, an ce Medewort.] 

Mango, an a cursure. Melota, [an a sclavayn.J 

Manglisa, an a choppechurche. [Mellotum, an threleuedgras.] 
Mangonale, an a mangnel, or a Membranarius, a perchymyner. 

gunne. 35 Mempirium, an a wyps. 

Manerium, an a manere. Mendium, an a dressyngbord. 

Manica, [an a manicle.] Mensaculum, an cf a bordcnyf. 
Manicula, an a Pynet [or Pyuet] Mensacula, an a dressyngcnyf. 

Maniculo, [an to manycle.] Mensifium, an a cuppebord. 

Mancipium, an a spayre. 40 Mensuro, an to mesure. 

Mansio, an a dwellynge. [Mentascum, an horsmynte.] 

Mantus, an a metayn. Menticulosus, [an Ballukod.] 

Manubium, an a spayre. Menlum, an a chyn. 

Manubrium, an an hafte. Mephas, an the mose. 

Manulia, an a spayere. 45 Menusa, an menuse. 

[Manuus, an an hakneyman.] Mercimonium, an ce Merchaundyse. 
Manutercium, an an handstaf. Item Mercurialis, an Mercurye. 

an an handele. Meremium, an tymber. 



Mergus, an ce a Cormeraunt. Motus terre, an erthequave. 

Ventus meridialis, an Southwynde. Mucidus, an yvyned. 
Merlinus, an c a merlyn. Mucido, an to vynye. 

Merula, an ce a throstel. Muco, an. to movie. 

Mespila, a medeler. 5 Mugil, a myluel. 

Messuaginm, an ce a mesplace. Mulcitrum, ance a payle. 

Metellus, an ce a reperefe. Multicolor, ar t Medle. 

Micatorium, an ce a grate. Multipes, ance a lokecheste, or a 

Millefolium, an Myllefoyle vel Nose- shry mpe. 

blede. 10 Multo, ance a wether or a moton. 

Mimilogium, [ance mynstrisye.] \Munella, an ce a shakel.] 

Mineria, ance a myne vel Ore vel mi- Musculus, [an the sperlyner.] 

nera secundum quosdam et an ce Mussetum, an ce musserouns. 

ore . . ., as goold ore, syluer Mussum, ance endelyshame. 

ore etc. 15 Mustilio, an ce Mestylyon. 

Minito^ an to gye, or gouerne. Muta, an a meet of hundys. 

Minium, an ce vermylon. [Mutilamen, a meym.] 

Mintuosa, an ce Smerwort. Mutilatus, [an meymed.] 

Minutal, [a kantel.] 

Mirra, ance Maser. 20 Nappa, ance a rybbe. 

\Misothoniura, a Spytylhous.] Napta, an ce herdys. 

Missile, ance a shafte & a shetel & Napus, ance Nep. 

a gauelot. Naris, an c e a nose, or a Nostrel. 

Mixtilio, an ce Draggeye. Nasturtium, [an walcarse.] 

Mixtus, an ce medled. 25 Nativus, an ce bonde. 

Mola piperis, an ce pyperquerne. Navigator, an c e a rower. 

Molendinum, an a mylle. Nebula, an a wafur. 

Molendinarius, an a mylnard. Nee, an ce nougt. 

Mollis, an neshe. Nefandus, an c e a cursed. 

Molosus, [a blod honde.] 30 Negligencia, ance slowthe. 

Molucrum, [the mylle spyndelle.J Negocius, -cij, hie dicitur demon noc- 
Monacha, ance a nunne. turnus qui illudit homines, vel qui 

Mongotorium, ance Morigcorn. ludit cum hominibus, an the game 

Monicio, ance an heste, or warnynge. gobelyn. 

Monitum, an a byddynge, or a 35 Neriges, est spiritus malignus tor- 

warnynge. quens homines de nocte, an the 

Mono, ance a maner of bef. mare i. Epialtes. 

Moracia, \an a walnote.j Neutropogoldium, an a lumpe of 

Morbillus, an c e the meseles. brede. 

Morella, ance Morelle. 40 Nimius, ance Overmyche. 

Moris, an a roche. Ninerus, an a Cokewolde. 

[Morsus galline, an Chykemete.] Nisi, an but. 
Morusj an a mulberytre. Item mo- Nisilla, an a lytyl shynynge. 

rus est quidam piscis, an an Niscus, ance shynynge. 

haddock. 45 Niseo, an to shyne. 

Moticium, an colys. Nitrum, [fullers cley.] 

Motorium, an a Potstykke. Nodus, an a Cnotte, or a botun. 

Motus, an sterynge. [Nodosa, a nosul, avis est.] 


Noster, an, owre. Omembrana, an a balluc cod. 

Notio, an. knowyng. Omentum, an a pauncheclout [yel 

Noxa, an a gnawynge. Myggerne.] 

Nucha, an the hole of the polle. Omestra, an a myggerne. 

[Nubula, a wafur.] 5 [Omiplata, an the shulderblad.] 

Nuclcum, an rede pyle. Omo, an of o manere. 

\Nucifragus, an a notehach.] Omoplata, an the shulderbon. 

Nucleus, an the kernell. Onoforium, a costrel. 

Nudius tercius, thys day thre days. Operarius, a werkman. 

Nudius quartusj thys day foure days. 10 Operarium, an a shoppe or a 

Nullatenus, an no inanere. werkehous. 

Nullo, an anoynter. [Opifium, an an hamburwe.] 

Numacius, an a penitollere. [Opiridium, Je raye.] 

Numella, an a shakel. Opploma, a targett. Opplamacus, an 

Nancubi, an Now where. 15 a peeler. 

Orca, an a tankard. 

Obba, genus est calicis, an a Juyste. Ordinale, an an ordynal. 
Obduro, an to make harde. Orditura, an warpe. 

Obelo, to shete and smyte wyth a Orexis, an drevel. 

bolte. 20 Orexo, [an to dryvele.] 

Oblacio, an offerynge. Orgeo, seynge wyth mowth. 

Oblecto, to lycoruse delyte. Origo, an a berthe, or a begyn- 

Oblector, an to helpe, or delyte. nynge. 

Oblata, an an obeley. Oristrum, an a roket. 

Obligar, an a gartur. 25 \Qrare, an to hemny.] 

Obolatus, an an halfpeny worth. Orobus, an a vech. 
Obprobrium, an despyte. Orpina, an orpyne vel hassewort. 

Obrigeo, an to be a ferd. Ortocopus, an a Symenel. 

Obsequium, an buxumnesse, or ser- Ortogonium, an a squyre. 

vyse. 30 Ostorium, an a stryche. 

Obsitus, an ^by set a bowte, or Ovilactum, an Jussel. 

plantyd a bowte. Oxillo, an to wexe soure. 

Obstupefacio, an to make a ferd, 

or a gast. Pabulum, an voddur. 

[Obstupesco, an to wexe aferd, or 36[Pagania, an hethnesse.] 

dulle, or an egghe, ut denies fill- Pala . . . Item dicilur latum instru- 

orum obstupescuntJ] mentum ferreum ad opus ignis 

Obvadio, to legge wagere. [a pele.] 

[Ocellulus, an an ylet.] Palalia, an festys of palys. 

Ocra, an Oker. 40 Palatum, an the roof of the mowthe. 

Ocrea, an a boot. Palea, an chaf. 

Odorinsequus, [a brachet or a spay- Paleare, an a dewlappe. 

nel.] Palestris, an a morhen. 

Oestrum, [an a brese.] [Palicium, -cij, est quedarn clausura 

\0fficialis, an an OffycyaL] 45 facta ex palis, an a Palys.] 

[Olementum, an the element.] Palladium, an an ymage of palas. 

Olosa, an a breme, or an Alose. Palliditas, [an palnesse.] 
Omasus, an a grete puddynge. Pallidusj [an pale.] 


Palmito, an bargayne. Patroniso, an to wowe, or to de- 

Palpebra, an an yeled. fende. 

Palus, [an my re.] Paulo ante, a lytylbyfore. 

Palus, an a stake, or a stode. Paxillus, an a culture. 

Pandoxina, an a brewhous. 5 Pecten, -tinis, hie, est instrumentuin 

Panduca, an ce a baggepype. pectendi, a combe, et texendi a 

Panellus, an ce a panell. sleye . . . et quidam piscis, an 

Panetarius, an a pantere. a plays, et dicitur, an a batyn- 

Panificina, an a bakhous, dore. 

Panillus, an a panell. 10 Pectrix, an a kembestere. 

Panitor, an a Panytere. Pecia, an a pece, or lytyl part of 

Pannagium, an Pannage. a thyng 

Pannator, an a drapere, Pecoides, an a ffulmere, or a Pulkat. 

Pannicipium, an a presse. Pedalis, [a laste.] 

Pannosus, an thredbare. 15 Pedana, an a vampey. 

Panus, -ni, hie, virgula ilia circa Pedano, an to vamp eye. 

quam trama involvitur. Idem et Pedica, an a panter. 

canellus dicitur, an a Quele. Pedinusj an ce a pawne. 

Item i. spola. Item est quidam Pedules . . . pars caligarum que 

piscis, an a lynge. 20 pedem capit, an a vampey. 

Paniceus, an ragged. Pedulus, [an a pynson, or a sok.] 

Papatum, an pap. Pegma, baculus cum massa plumbi 

Papaver, an Popy. in summitate pendente et an a 

Papilio, an a boturflye. babul. 

Papirus, an c e a bulryshe. 25 Pelegum, an Pylyole. 

Papirum, an Papyre. Pellicia, an a pylche. 

Papula, an a whelke. Pellicium, an a pylche. 

Paradella, an the rede dokke. Pellicillum, an a brushe. 

Paragus, an a bryd of yuel hap. Pellicula, an ce a rybbyngskyn. 
Parasivus, an the heue of a knyf. 30 Pelliparius, [a Scynner.] 
Parcimonia, an sparynge. Pellura, an Pellure. 

Parella, an dokke. Pelvis, a basyn. 

Parcus, an a Park. Pendulum, an a Pcndaunt. 

[Paritonius, an the rownde of the Pennarium, an a Pennere. 

erth.] 35 Pensaciones, an truage. 

Parcior, an to party. Penucella, parvum vexillum, an a 

Parura, an a Parure. penselle. 

Pascua, an a ffedyngstede. Penulatus, an yfurred. 

Passim, an fro pas to pas. Penularius, an a parmenter [or a 

Passio, an ce a passyon, or a tho- 40 scynnere.] 

lynge. [Penus, an horstayle.] 

Pasta, an Dowe. Pepillo, to crye as a pecock. 

Pastellus, an a Pastey. Peplum, an a wynpul. 

Patera, an a bolle. Pepo, [an mortreuus-] 

Paterfamilias, an anhousbondeman. 4:5 Pepulus, an a bolastre. 
Patina, [an a Peele.] Peraptum, an Papelotes. 

Sacerdotissa patrina, an a worn- Perazitus, an a gloton. 

mangossyb. Perca, an a perche. 


Perdilla, an a dokke. J?indo, an to cnede. 

Perdix, an a Partryche. Pindo, an ce a baker, or a kneder. 

Peregrinus, an ce an hobeye. [Pionia, an Pyonye.] 

Perendinator, a Surgyon. Piper longum, an ce longpiper. 

Pergamenum, an Perchemyn. 5 Piper album, whyt pyper. 

Pergulum, an a Pyndfold. Piperis mola, an a Pyper querne. 

[Perjacio, an to perjette.] Piponella, an ce Pympernele. 

Perimetrum, an aboute mesure. Pipunculus, an a ffavcoun. 

Pipsimo, -as, to pare a thynge. Piramus, hegh shap oftreys. 

Peritoria, an Perytorye. 10 Piracium, an ce a Perehorde. 

Perjuro, an to forswerye. Piretum, an Pereye. 

Perma, an a Bokelere. Pisto, an to knede or bake. 

Perna, an a flycche. Pistrinum, an ce a bachous. 

Pero, -ronis, hie, quoddam calcia- Pistrio, an to moolde or bake. 

mentum rusticorum amplum et al- 15 Pistrio, an ce a moolder or a bakere. 

turn, quod alio nomine dicitur Cul- Pituita, an the Pyppe. 

poneus [an c e Cokeres.] Placenta, [a symnel.] 

Peronizo, an to purchase. Placito, an to plede. 

Perpendiculum, [a plumet] Placitum, an plee. 

Per -sever 'ancia, an long lestynge. 20 Planatorium, an a boture, instru- 
Persicaria, culrage. mentum ferrarij est* 

Persoleo, assidue discere vel an to Planicies, an Playn et etiam inpanno 

welwone. an dicitur Champe. 

Persuadeo, an to egge or to tyse. Plantaria, an plontes. 
Pertica, an a Perche. 25 Platanus, an a plane. 

Pervigil, an a Wayte. Plebs, an rascayl of folke. 

[Pervinca, an Pervynke.] Plectrum, an a wreste. 

Pescorvi, an Crowfot. Plostrum, an a chare of ij whelys. 

Pessellum, an a barre, or a lacche. Plumacius, an a plumere avis est. 
Petilius, an a bolt. 30 Pluma, an a ffether. 

Petulium, an, a bolt. Plumbatum, an a coope of leed. 

Petulus, -la, -lum, an whyt foted Plumbum, an leed. 

et dicitur de equo. Plumbarius, an a plomer. 

Phalanga, an a coveltre. Plumbaria, an a plomerye. 

[Pkilosella, an lanworte, or Mus-35 Plumbilamina, an a plate of leed. 

here.] Pluscula, an a bocule. 

Phocus, an a Purpays. Plutum, an rayn. 

Pica, [a powch.] Podarius, an a Croser. 

[Picarius, quidam ciphus, an a Podex, an the endeles gut. 

curskyn.] 40 Podiarius, an a croser. 

Pictacio, -as, an to puynte, or to Podium, an a croos. 

clovte. Polenta, an wort. 

Pictaciarius, an a Cobulare, or a Polentriticum, an a bultur. 

Cloutere. Polentritico, an to bulty. 

Picten, an a tye. 45 Polceacus, an longynge to berthe. 

[Pigma, a babul.] Polimitus, Ray or motle or medlee. 

Pigreo, an to be slow. Polipus, a loppestere. 

Pilestros, wode. [Poltiridium, a bultyngeloth.] 




[Pollisium, an ce an ynche.] 
Pollictor, an a bornyshour. 
Pollubrum, an ce a broshe. 
Polictorium, an a broshe. 
Pomacium, an ce pomys. 
Popliliga, an ce a gartour. 
Populatus, an folk wonyynge. 
Populus, an c e a populertre. 
Porca, a porpays. 
Porcarium, an a swynstye. 
Porrigo, an ce pokkes. 
Porretarium, an a lekbed. 
Porrata, an porrey. 
Porretum, an a porrete. 
Porrum, an leeke. 
[Portale, an a porche.] 
Porticus, an ce a porche. 
Portisus, an ce ful of hetys. 
Portoforium, an ce a Porthos. 

Priaula, an a perche. 

Primulus, an ce a lytylfurst. 

Priorissa, an a Pryorysse. 

Privignus, a stypsone. 
5 Privigna, a stypdowtur. 

Prius, an ce rather. 

Procella, [a storme.] 

Processionale, an a processional. 

Procor, an to wowe. 
10 Procus, an ce a wowere. 

Proditor, an a traytour, or a tur- 

Proditus, an betrayed. 

Prodicio, an ce tresoun. 
15 Produculus, madprud. 

Prolego, to outlawe. 

Promereor, an to deserue. 

Promico, to shewe, or .shyne. 

Promitto, an to behote. 

Posse, an a lytyl hauynge, or a.'2()[Pro?notorium, an a prychel.] 

lytyl uiyght. Pronuba, an a bawdstrot. 

Posterior, an hyderour. Pronubus, an a bawde. 

Postis, an a post. Prope, an ny. 

Postsellium, an the hyndur assyoun Propono, \an to purpose et 

of a sadyl. 
[Potella, an a potel.] 
Potisso, [an to syppy.] 
Potus, [an drynke.] 
Prece, an bedus. 
Precinctus, an ygurd. 
Precox, an sunnerysynge. 
Prefero, an to bere by fore. 
Prefiguro, an to tokyn byfore. 
Prepositor, an a setter of mes. 
Prepositus, an a reue. 
Presellum, an the assyon of a sa- 


Presento, [an to presenty.] 
Presumptuo, an to mystake. 

25 Propositum,)an a purpos. 

Propugnacula, an kernel es. 

Proreto, an to sterne or to stere 

Prosectum, an a Jeblet of the 
30 goos. 

Prosequor, an to purchase. 

Prostro, an to caste dovn. 

Prostro, an to cast down. 

Prossus, an owterly, sed melius 
35 prorsus. 

Provideo, an to purveye, or to 
see byfore. 

Provoco, an to tourne & to calle 

Presumo, an to take on honde, or 40 Proximo, an to make next, or ny. 

awntur. Prurio, [an to ytche.] 

Pretendo, an to go by fore. Psalterium, an a sawtrey. 

Preteritus, an ypassyd. Pudoro, an to shame. 

Preterites, an a passynge. Pugil, [a champyon.] 

Prevaleo, an to be myghty, or more 45 Pula, an ce medlyng of water and 

worthe. wyne. 

Prevenio, an to come by fore. Pulex, an a flee. 

Previdencia, a forsyghte. Pulegium, [an hullewort] 




Pullificio, to hacche chykyn, to make 


\Pullegium, an hullewort.] 
Pulliferus, an a pultur. 
Pultria, an pultrie. 
Pullificacio, an hacchynge. 
Pulmo, an the longon. 
Puls, an Gruel. 
Pulsatorium, an a elapere. 
Pulso, an c to rynge. 
Puluinar^ an a bolster. 
Pumex, an pomys. 
Pupilla, an the appul of the ye. 
Pusio, an a sneuelard. 
Pustula, an pukkes. 
Putacia, an a skantulon. 
Putacio, to poynte, or to cloute. 
Putor, an stenche. 

Quactum, an creyme. 
Quadra, an ce a cantel. 
Quadratics, an squared. 
Qualia, an a Quayle. 
Quantum, an how rnyche. 
Quare } an why. 
Quarrura, an a quarre. 
Quaternus, an a Quayer. 
Quaxillum, an a tappehose. 
Querela, an a playnt. 
Querelor, an to playne. 
Querimonia, an a playnt. 
Queremonior, an to playne. 
Questor, an a Pardonere. 
Quia et quoniam, an for why. 
Quini, an but. 
Quinterno, an a gytterne. 
Quintus, an the fyfihe. 
[Quiriacum, a Costard.] 
[Quoversum, an vhodurward.j 

Rabulum, i. organum, an glee. 
Radius, an a spoke. 
Ralus, an ce a fleyng addur. 
Rana, an a frogge. 
[Raphanus, an Kapys.] 
Rapax, an a rauenere, or Rauasch- 

Rastella, an a thrushe. 

[Rasta, an doder.] 

Ratonicida, an a ratoner. 

Recano, to crye as a tygre. 

Recedo, an to go ay en. 
5 Recensitus, an newe rype. 

Recepcio, an a receyuynge. 

[Receptor, an a receyuor.] 

Recinum vel Recinium, matronale ope- 
rimentum sive quedam vestis vel 
1 pallium quod vulgo dicitur Movortem 
vel quoddam rete. 

Reclusorium, an a Pyndfold. 

Recreo, an to fylle or aye make. 

Recubitus, an syttynge or lyynge. 
1 5 Recupero, an to rekeuery. 

Recussorium, an a hamour. 

Reda, an a thylle. 

Refrigerium, an helpe kepynge. 

Regilla, an a Quenyscloth. 
20 Regina prati, an medesewte. 

Regimen, an Gouernayle. 

Regnum, an a kyngdome. 

Rella, pannus est an Ray. 

Relaxo } an to relese. 
25 Remex, an a sterysman. 

Renuncio, an to forsake. 

Repecio, an to clute. 

Repeciarius, an ce a clutere. 

Repente, an Sodenly. 
30 Repentinus, an sodeyn. 

Repeto, an to aske ay en. 

Repetundus, an Sad ayen askyng. 

Repofocilium, an an hedbronde. 

Repositorium, an an almarye. 
35 Reprehendo, an to vndernyme. 

Reprobo, an to repreve. 

Repulvero, an to poudere ayen. 

Requies, an rest. 

Requiesco, an to bygynne to rest. 
40 Respublica, an a comyn thynge. 

Resero, an to vnluke, or to shewe. 

Respondeo, an to answere. 

Resupinus, an wyde ope. 

Reticula, an a calle. 
45 Reticulum, a calle. Item reticulum, 
a rayle [vel a rayne.] 

Retinaculum, an a Rayne. 

Retiolum, an a calle. 




Retrogradus, [an Restyfe.j 

Retrorsum, an bakward. 

Retroverto, to turne abak. 

Retundo, an to smyte ayen. 

Revolus, an ce a Pedeler. 

Ricus, vndoynge of thowt. 

Rimatorium, an a serchour. 

Ringo, an ce to grenne [or rory.] 

Risidus, an ce a slyngeston. 

Ritmus, an ryme. 

Roba, an a Robe. 

Rochia, an a Roche. 

Rocus, homo scacci, an** a Roke. 

Roga, an a Dole. 

Rogitum, an ce a roket. 

Rosa marina, [an Rosemaryne.] 

Rostrum, [an a byle.] 

Rostrum porcinum, an sowthystell. 

Rotula, an a rolle. 

Rotundus, an rond. 

Rubella, an a ruget, piscis est. 

Rubeta, an a tode. 

[Ruberca, quodam herba, an ce Gla- 


Rubescens, an shamfast. 
Rubedo, an rednesse. 
Rubea, an mader. 
Rubiaria, wyn of grapys. 
Rubigmator, an a fforbour. 
Rubus, an a bushe. 
Ructo, an to balke. 
Rudentes, an Cables. 
Rudes, an a Cable. 
Rugella, i. rubella, an a ruget. 

Salgearium, an a sawger. 

Salpo, i. cornubium, an an horn- 

Salsiamentum, an sauce. 
5 Salsicix, an a sawsyge. 

Salsarium, an a sawcere. 

Saltulus, an a loppystere. 

Salutaris, an helful or holsum. 

Sambuca, an eldertre. Item sam- 
10 buca est quoddam genus simphonie 
musicum, an a Gytterne. 

[Sanalam, an Prymerole.] 

SandiXy [an madur.] 

Sanguinacium, an a blodpuddynge. 
1 5 Sanguineus, an blody. 

Sanguisecus, an a blodhonde. 

Saponaria, an Crowsope. 

Sarabarra, sunt fluxa et sinuosa 
vestimenta, vel capitum tegmina, vel 
20 an a sclauayn. 

Sarabra, toches of maystre. 

Sarculum, [an a wedehoke.] 

Sardallus, a sparlynge. 

Sarrio, an to clene, cutte or wede. 
25 Sarissa, an a materas, et quoddam 
genus armorum, an a Jakke of 

Saticulum, an a sedlepe. 

Satisfacio, an to do ynowe. 
30 Satrape, an seriawntes. 

[Saturia, an Ballokwort.j 

Satureia, an sauereye. 

[Sauponaria, an Crovsope.] 

Savina, [an sauyne.] 

Ruga, [an a wrynky! 7 or a playt.] 35 Sauma, an a Sadylcharge. 

Ruino, an to falle. 
Rumbus, an a Sturgyon. 
Rupa, an a braoke. 
Ruscus, an a grost, or furses. 
Russetus, an Russet. 

Saber, an grauell. 
Saccus, an a sakke. 
Sacristerium, an the sextrye. 
Saginum, an saym. 
Salamandra, an Creket. 
[Salatrum, Suredokke.] 
$algea, an sawge. 

Scabiosa, an scabiose. 

Scrabo, -bonis, hie, i. vespe longiora 
crura habentes. Item invenitur Cra- 
bo, -bonis et scabo, an a dore. 
40 Scaccarium, an a Chekere. 

Scaccus, an the meny of the cheker. 

Scale, an a laddere. 

Scalpo, [an to cracche.] 

Scalprum, an a grate, or a shaue. 
45 Scansile, an a styrop et an a style. 

Scannarium, an a bankere. 

Scarabo, an a scharabot [et an 
a bytylle.] 


Scariaballum, an fe a Cogge. Sedile, [an a banker.] 

Scarifacio, an to grate. Sedum, an ce a worde space. 

Scarifactor et Scarifactrix, an a Seforniculum, an ce a portcolygs. 

gratere. Seysina, an a sesyng. 

Scariola, an the mylkthystel. 5 Seisino, an ce to sese. 

Scarletum, an Scarlet. Selabicalis, an a kartladdere. 

Scarpsella, an a scryppe. Sello, an to sadely. 

Scaurus, an longe heles. Semianimis, half coragyous. 

Scedaculum, an ce a scantulon. Semicinctorium, an ce a synk or a 

Scelero et sceleror, an to do felanye. 10 lace. 
[Scia, an the whyrlebon.] Semilio, an a sedlepe. 

Scientitm, an a sparre. Seminus, an ce lesse. 

Scindula, an a shyngul. Item an Re-minimus, half lesse. 

a blad. Semiorculus, an an arche. 

Scindularius, a bladesmyth. 1 5 Semiquarta, an a pynte. 

Scipioy an a maner of an hokedstaf. Semoveo, an to do a wey. 
Scissorium, an a trenchere. Senecta, an age. 

Scitor, an a querour. Senescallus, an a steward. 

Sclavina, est vestis peregrinorum, an Senio, an an hasard. 

a Sclauayne. 20 Sensualitas, an a scylle, reson. 

Scoria, an Scotlond. Septiformis, an seuenfolde. 

Scon, interjectio, an showe, ut di- Sepum, an talwe. 

citur gallina lirida scon, an py- Sericum, an selk. 

keled hen show. Serarius, an a lokyere. 

Scordion allia, [an wyldgarlyk.] 25 Seromollum, an wort. 
Scordiscus, an a shave. Seropelinusj an thredbare. 

[Scorioballum, an a cogwhele.] [Seropellina, an a roket.j 

Scorpio, quoddam animal venenosum. Serpedo, an meseles. 

Item dicitur quidam piscis vel ver- Serpigo, an a tetyr. 

mis, an a stykelyng. 30 Serpillum, an peletur [vel hony- 

Scralo, an to. cracche. souke.] 

Screa, [an Spotel.] Servicium, an servyse., 

Screo, [an to spete.] Serula, an a stapul. 

Scrinium, vas vel locus ubi libri vel Serum, an ce whey. 

thesauri servantur. Item an a 35 Seta, an an hoggeshere. 

Serene. Setosus, an brystely. 

Scrophus, an a lytyl grauel. Shopa, an a shoppe. 

Scruta, exta i. tripe, <7w ce thefelvelde. Sibula, an an ale. 
Sculpo, an to graue. Sicca, quidam piscis est, an a codel. 

Scurulus, a squyrel. 40 Siccus, an drye. 

Scutella, an a dyyshe. Siccatus, an dryed. 

Scutica, an a whippe. Sigesterium, an draaf. 

Scutiger, [an a geman.] Signaculum, an a elapse. 

Scutra, an a chawfur. [Silenius, a gogyn.] 

Scutum, [a bokeler.] 45 Siler, an an Osyer. 

Secretum, an privyte. Scilicet, an that is to sey [or to 

Securicula, [an hachet.] wyte.j 

ftedenus, an the syxtenethc. Siligo, an rye. 



[Silion, soulond.] Spica, [an an Er.] 

Silvanus, an ce a wodewose. Spinier, an ce a pyn. 

Silurus, an<* a loche. Spinus, an a Slotre, vel a thorn. 

Simallus, an ce a sperlynge. Spiramen, an a blast. 

[Simicosus, an Nockestrange.] 5 Spissus, an ce thykke. 

Simio, to make Sfnattyd. Splen, ance the mylte. 

Simplicitas, an Symplenesse. Spola, an a Quyl, or a Spole. 

[Simple, an axebathere.] Sponda, an a bolster [et an a 

Sinautem, an or ellys. forme.] 

Sinapium, an Mustard. 10 Spondile, an the ryggebon [vel the 

[Sinamomum, an Synamome.] brest bone.] 

Sincopi, an Swonynge. Sporta, an a lepe [or a basket.] 

Sindon, an Sendel. Spuma, an berme. 

Singularis, an a bor. [Spumatorium, a skemere.] 

Singultio, [to snobbe, or syche.] 15 Squama, an a scale or a mayle. 

Singulatim, an fro on to an other. Squinancia, an the Quynsy. 

[Sinimone, an Grundyswylye. Stales, an a spotte. 

Sinoglostorium, an a flodegate. Stalerum, an a colrake. 

Siquidem, an forsothe. Stamen, an warpe. 

Siquominus, an wythoute lesse. 20 Stannum, an tyn. 

Sirma, i. cauda vestis feminarum, [Stapulum, an a Stapul.] 

an a trayne. Statuncula, an a tryst, 

[Sirentorium, a warrok. Staurus, an stoore. 

Sirna, an haddok.] Stauro, an ce to store. 

\Siromellum, an wort.] 25 [Sterea, an the ysecrace.] 

Sistarca, [an an Almarye.] Sterlingus, an a striylyng or a peys- 

Sitractio, an fallynge. peny. 

Smaragdus, an an emerawde. Sternium, an a bedstede. 

Smigmator, an a sopere. Sternulo, [an to fnese.] 
Solatrumi.morella, an smalmorell. 30 Sterquilinium, an a donghepe. 

Soldanus, a Sowdan. Stibio, to starche. 

Soldarius, an a Sowdeour. [Stilio, an uely.] 

Soldatura, an Sowdere. Stinctum, i. satirion, [an fie sanycle.] 

Solea, an a Sole. Stipa, an stode. 

[Solfo, an to solfe.] 35 Stoica, an<* a porche peyntyd. 

Solicitus, an besy. Storilicitor, an a Ptirvyour. 

Solidatus, an a shyllyngworth. Storium, an a matte, or a bed. 

Sororitas, an a systerhede. Storialor, a matters. 

Spadix, [an bay.] Stragulum, an ray. 

[Sparagus, an Colverfot.] 40 Stratum, an lytour. 

Sparrus, an a rowe. Strena, Anselle. 

Spasmus, an the Crompe. Strengula, quidam piscis, an a che- 

Spatula, an a Cambrel, and a sclyse. veyne. 
Spectaculum, an wordelys vanyte. Strido, [an to grenne or grente with 

Item est instrumentum iuvans vi- 45 the theth.] 

sum, a spectacle. Strigilis, an horscombe. 
Sperula, i. parva spera [et an a [Stropa, a styrop.] 

bowlej [Strophiarius, a Gyrdelere.] 


Studia, an a swyngelstok. Surculus, [an a Graffe.] 

Stupa, an ce herdes. Suscito, an ce to arere, or to areyse. 

Stupo, an ce to stoppe with herdes. Suspendium, an a tredel. 

Sturnus, quedam avis, an a staar. Suspirium, an ce syghynge. 

Suador, an ce monyshynge. 5 Suspiro, [an to syche.] 
Subdivo, i. sine tecto vel sub celo, Sutura, an a Sem. 

an theroute. 

Suber, [an sape.] Tabulatus, an a kyrnelle of the 

Subjectus, an ce vndurcast. walle. 

Subitus, an sodeyne. 10 Talpefodium, an^ a wonthylle. 

Sublapheum, ance a Shelvingstole. Talus, an an hele. 

Subligar, [an a gartur.] Tarn, an ce aswell. 

Sublimare, an ouerslaye. Tamen, an neuertheles. 

Subpedium, an a tredel. [Tansetum, Tansey.] 

Subsellium, [a panel.] 15 Tantillus, an a dwrfe. 

[Subspicio, an to loure.j Tapetum, [a tapyt.j 

Subula. an an ale. Tapisterium, an a Testour. 
Subverto, an to destruye, to turne. Taratantara, . . est instrumentum 

vpsedoun. quo farina colatur. Et instrumen- 

Succidium, an Sovse. 20 turn cujus percussione granum de- 

SuccingO) an to gyrde vndur. fiuit inter molas molendini, an a 

Succuticus, an fill of juse. clacke \et an an hersystete] et est 

Sucus, an Juys. clangor tubarum. 

Suctus, an a tenche. Tardarius, an a tarcel quoddam 

Sudarium, an a mokedore. 25 genus nisi. 

Sudoro, [an to swete.] Tardus, an si owe. 

Sujfarcino, an to tukky. Targia, an a targat, or a pavys. 

Suffragina, an a knokel. Tarinus, quidam vermis lardi, an a 

Suffulcioy an to putte vndur. mathe. 

[Suillus, i. parva sus, a yelte.] 30 [Tarta, a tarte.j 

[Suistacium, a Swynysty.] Tassis, an a mowe. 

Supera, . . . quedam vestis, an a roket. Taxus, an a brok. 

Supero, i. pannum rug are, an to Taxus, an an Eev. 

rydely. Tegilectum, an a coverlyth. 

Superaltare, an a superaltarye. 35 Temo, [a thylle.] 

Supercilium, an a browe. Temporatus, an ytempored. 

Superculum, an a covercule. Tena vel Tenia, [an a ffreiige vel 

[Superfilo, an etgallice, to surfyle.j a coyfe.] 

Superliminare, [an a lyntel.] Tenaculum, [an a rynge of adore.] 

Superpellicium, an surplys. 40 Tener, [ance tendere or neshe.] 

Supertunica, an a Syrcote. Tenere, an sherdes. 

Supinus, an wholnyd. Tenia, an an herstrynge. 

Supara, an a roket. Tengiagio, an a tenche. 

Suppa, an a Sope. Tenorcula, an a telor of an arblast. 

Suppo, an to Supe. 45 Tensa, an a vedme. 

Supplicio, an fallyng under man. Tenta, an a tente, or an harwe. 

Suppono, an to undersette, or to Tentigo, i. extensio vel arrectio virilis 

suppose. membri. Item dicitur an a kyker. 




Tentum, an a tenon, quod ponitur 

in commissura. 
Tenuale, an ce a barbykan. 
Tercellus, [a tercel.] 
Terebellum i. Furfur aculum, [et an cc 5 

a Persour.] 

Terebrum, an ce an augur, or a Persour. 
Terga, an a targe. 
Terremotus, an erthequake. 
[Terro, i. terram alicui supponere, 10 

an to tere or daube.] 
Tersorium, an a swepelles [a mal- 


Tersus, an a turfh. 
Testa, an a shylle. 15 

Testudo, an a snayl. 
Tetrarco, to rayne. 
Textum i. semicinctorium, an a seynt. 
Theca, an a cas. 

Theoroticus, an a dyuyn. 20 

Thuribulus, an a castere of cense. 
Tibiarius, an a Pypemaker. 
Tigna, an restoureg. 
Tigrus, an a tygur. 
Tilia, an lynde. 25 

Timbia, an a cherne. 
Timetitas, an a dampnyngge. 
Timpanum, a taber, or a tymbre. 
Tina, an a Covelle. 
Tinctor, an a dyere. 30 

Tinex, an a mathe. 
Tirocinium, an a tornement. 
Tispatum, an umbles. 
Titer, an a belwether. 
Titimallus, an spurge. 35 

Toga, an a gowne. 
Togella, an a towayle. 
Tolerancia, an sufferaunce. 
Tolus, an a pomel. 
Tomentum dicitur quia aut in filo aut 40 

in tela tumeat, nee subtilitatem ha- 

bet, an abbe. 

Tonstrix, an a Shyppestere. 
Toral vel Torale, an a keverlyt. 
Torcio, an a grevaunce. 45 

Tornamentum, an a tornament. 
Tornatrix, an a turnbelyster. 
Torta, an a kukc. 

Torta et Tortula, a tapur or a torcliu. 

Torticius, an a torche. 

Tortillus, an a shakyl. 

Torrundo, an a kake. 

[Tostum, an a toste.] 

[Totomalus, an ffeterwort.] 

Tractorium, an a trays. 

Traha, hoc genus est vehiculi a tra- 
hendo dicta, quia rotas non habet, 
[an a Dreye.j 

Trahiculum, an a trahys. 

Trama ... est filum inter stamen 
discurrens, an abbe, dicitur et 
quoddam instrumentum textricum 
quod inequale est. Item Trama, 
an an hem. 

Tramellum, an a traysus, vel quod- 
dam genus retis, an a tramayle. 

\Tramerium, an ce Traveys. Ergaste- 
rium idem estJ] 

Transfigo, an to styke. 

Tremulus, quedam arbor, an an 

[Trenga, an a dreye.] 

Trepica, i. ocrea } an a boot. 

Trevulgo, to shewe trewys or tretys. 

Tribracca, an a breeyghgyrdyll. 

Tribula, an a shovell. 

\Tricatura, a warde of a lok.J 

Triclinum, an a bed. 

Trimatria, hallys. 

Tripa, an a trype. 

Tristellus, an a Trestell. 

Tritor, an a defoulere. 

Tritoriumj [a pystel.] 

Triturator, an a thresshere. 

Trochus, et Torpillus, an a top. 

Troparium, quidam liber, an a tro- 

Trucio, to make fel. 

Trudela, avis est, an a tele. 

Trufa, an a trefele. 

Trufo, an to trefele. 

Truga, quedam avis, an a wewe- 

Trulla, an a trulle. 

Trunculus, [an a lytyl waste.] 

Truncus, [the wast.] 


Trussula, an. a trussell. Verugirus, an a turnebroche. 

Truta, quidam piscis, ance a trwght. Vesicula, i. parva vesica. Item dicitur 
Trutinator, an a weyere. ilia tennis pellicula in gutture avis 

Tubera, an ce taddechese. in qua cibaria congregantur, a 

Tuitus, an c <? lokynge. 5 croppe, or a case. 

Tumentum, an ce abbe. Vespa, an a waps [et est vespa ma- 

Tuo, an ce to thuy, et dicitur a tu. jor ilia, an an hernet.] 

Turba, an a Turbut. Vester, ance gowre. 

Turbacio, trobelynge, lettynge. Vestibulum, \an a vestrye.] 

Turcus, an a Turke. 10 Vestiplicium, an a presse. 

Turdinus, an a Quayle. Vestis, an c e clothynge. 

Turgesco, \an to balky.] Vestitus, an yclothed. 

Tussimulus, i. pulsatorium, an the Vetulana, an ce an old quene or an 

rynge of a dore. old wymman. 

Tussis, an c e the koghwhe. 15 Vexus, an a trussell. 

Tutibo, an to tumble. Vibix, [a wale.] 

Tutibarum, vel Tutibarium, an a turn- [ Vibrilla, a peny wygtle.] 

brell. Viburnium, an c e a brome. 

Vicecomes, ance a shreve. 

Vaccarium, an a vacherye. 20 Vicia, [a wech.] 

Vacceuallis, hie est locus in silva qua- Vicemonitor, an a submaystere. 

dam, ubi sanctus kenelmus occubuit Vidulo, to vydele crowthe & Sytole. 

et sepeliebatur, an Covbach. Vidularius, an a vythulare. 

Vaccinium, an a coweslyppe. Vidula, ance a vythule. 

Valatrum, an a cherne. 25 Vietum, ance wronge. 

Valectus, an a yeman. Vtttifico, an to walle, or to bylle. 

Vanga, an a spade. Vimen, \an twygge.] 

Varratum, i. novale, valwe. Vindemix, ance vendage. 

Varracio, an valwynge. Viniferum, an a wynpot. 

Varro, ance to valwe londe. 30 Vinitria, ance vyntrye. 

Velio, [ance to>wedy.] [ Virga pastoris, ance wylde tesel.] 

Venaticus, ance a brache, vel a rache Virgata, an a yerdlond. 

[or a spaynel.] Viridarius, an a hayward, or a 

Venor, an to hunty. Forster. 

Venatus, huntynge. 35 Viride grecum, ance verdegrece. 

Venilia, flowynge of the see. Viridissiccus, an verinys. 

Ventilabru?n, pala ventilandi } instru- Viridium, an vernysh. 

mentum ventilandi [or a wynne Virificum, an vernysh. 

shete.] Vita, an a fylet. 

Ventilogium, an wethercock. 40 Vitellicium, an Cavdell. 

Ventitricum, an a wyndmylle. Vitrum, an glaas. 

Verbescor, an to chyde. {Vitro, to glase. 

Vermiculum, an vermyloun. Vitrarius, a glasyare.] 

Vermis, [an a worme.j Vitulo, an to calue. 

Verruca, [an a werte.] 45 Vitula, ance a fythele. 

Vertebrum, an a wherve, or a reele. Vlcus, [a buyle or a boch.] 
Vertitor, an a tornour. Vlmus, an an Elme. 

Vertinellus, an a twyste. Vlphus, i. Aleator, an an hasardour. 


Vmbiticus, an ce Nauelworte. Vtlagatus, an vtlawyd. 

Vmbrus, an ce a maystyf, or a blode- Vtlagaria, an ce vtlawrye. 

hunde. Vtrum, an whether. 
Vna, cm, togedere. 

Vnitas, [an Onhede.] b[Warena, a wareyne. 

Volemus, an<* a Perwarduntre. Warenarius, a warner. 

Volo, an a whele. Waldum, an wode.] 

Volta, an, a wont. Vuapassa, an ce resonn. 

Volutus, an bywrappyd, or bytra- Wlturnus, [the north wynde.] 

nyd. 10 

Vranuscopus, an a Raye. Xpianus, an Crystene. 

Vrba, an a reuers. Xrismale^ an a Crysmere. 

Vrceolus, [an a Posnet.] Xrismatorium, an cc the Eluat. 
Vrector, an a brenner. 

Vssim, i. ardenter, an brennyngly. 15 Zeduarium, quedam herba est, an 

Vstrina, an a bakhous. zeduale. 

Vstrinatorium, an a kylle. Zitanus, i. taxus, an a brook. 

Vsus, an a holyntre. Zonico, an to gyrde vp. 
Vter, an whether. 


The original MS. is in the Gale Collection in Trinity College Lib- 
rary and the Class mark is 0. 5. 4. The words in square brackets 
are in a later hand. 

Page 560, 561. Add.: 

Abdenago . . . interpretaten serviens tacens an a stylle. 




stumlyth yn harneys i. purpura i. superbns 

Cespitat in phaleris yppus, blattaque suppinus ; 

i. lingua i. uino i.sermo i. stulto 

Glossa uelud themato labat emus infatuate, 
s. ille i. bonus i. in operacioue i. fldelis i.sernione 

Qui calus in praxi simul est, et pisticus emo, 
i. laus i. loquitur uel predicat 

Illius 2 - oda placet, hie recte theologizat, 

tresory i. diuitis 

Qui cupide seruas ypogeum gazophilacis. 

i. celestis i. alias sedes 

Cerdus ad vranici scandes algalmata regni. 

falses 3 homines i. deuoratores qui stant in falsis causis i. depredantes 
Pseustes, ambrones, sicophantes, uispiliones, 

primus fluuius inferni '2^ s fluuins 3us fluuius 4us fluuius inferni i. rircuibunt 
Stix et Cochitus Lethe Flagitonque rotabunt. 

1 These curious vocabularies are printed peculiar to the dialects of the West of 

from a manuscript of the fifteenth ceD- England and the Welsh border, we may 

tury (MS. Harl. 1002, fol. 113, r), but perhaps conclude that the MS. was written 

the text is in all probability of an earl- in that part of the island. The Latin 

ier date. The name of Spencer is sub- contains a rather large number of words 

scribed to "the end of it, bat names signed adopted from the Greek, 

in this way are those more usually of a A Latin commentator states in the 

the copyist than of the author. From the margin that this word has ,,Media corrupta 

occurrence in the interlinear gloss of sever- causa metri." 

al words, such as sullow and bannut, 3 Read falsos. R, W. 


the hanches i.cerui i. capre i. qnoquine 

Targai laphi 2 dorceque latus delata popine, 

i. aqua cocta rosste a payge of the keschyn 

An sint elixa, sint assaue, scit bene lixa. 

a stode 3 i. generosi everey i. sponsas 

Bulla uelud proceres, stola 4 sic eburnea nuptas ; 
prosicut i. lertum i.coopertorium i. orriat i. mensale bordeclotbe 
Vtque cubile thoral decusat, gausape mensam, 

a kernere i. nacat a surgyori or a chanierleyne 

Cironomon mensis, lectis assistit aleptes. 

fowlere a murtherer of men her derke hernys 

Dumetis 5 auceps latet, et sicarius antris, 

gracilispuer bysuevyllyd colte i. uillosus i. hirsutus 
Puseo reumaticus, pullus lappatus et hirtus, 

a foome \. uobili 

Hinnulis heredi nunquam spernantur herili. 

a byttore 

Hinc elephas barrit, 6 onocrotulus hiccine bombit, 

i. asinus siiiiestris a lytulle frogge crowkyt 

Hin? onager rudit, ranunculus inde coaxat. 
bowre-mayde glasse i. dominatn 

Abra tenens speculum sese speculatur et heram; 

pro sicut maystcr coke i. domino 
Vtque machirus hero, sicque sibi preparat escas. 

truncus arboris a aundyre 

Stipes ut andena sustentus deperit ardens, 8 

i. falsi seruuli lordlyche 

Seruicio sic sepe spenduli res tabet herilis. 

hie dulus i. seruus 

Qui multis duliam promittit heris placitura, 9 
Sphendulus alterius fiat et non assecla uerus. 9 

grauiter acceiituaus i. nomen acuto acceutu proferri 

Baritonans onoma cum debeat oxitonari, 

i. rectus gramaticus i. illiteratus 

Non hie ortographus, sed agrammatus esse probatur.< 

tauenerc 11 i. estus aeris 

Fecula non acinum 10 caupo canina repellit, 

uermes, Anglice uiyntys 13 

Et bibulus 12 musti bibiones arcet amurca. 

i. sauctus i.uana gloria 

Non est hie agnus quern sinodoxia tangit, 

1 Read terga. R. "W. 8 A commentator adds, the gloss: Anti- 

2 Read elaphi. R. W. pera anglice a strene. R. W. 

3 i. nodus in cingulo, Latin gloss. 9 These two verses are added in the 

4 i. uestis longa mulieris, Latin gloss. margin of the MS. R. W. 

R. W. 10 The Latin glossator adds: et dicas 

4 locus nbi multi dumi crescunt. Latin acinum quod in vua ceriiis acutum. R. W. 
gloss. R. W. n So has the MS. R. W. 

6 In the margin here we read, 'Barri, 12 est qui multum bibit, Latin gloss, 
-orum, sine singulari, sunt ludi, Anglice R. W. 
lace, sed hie harrne eliphas est.' 13 The word mint, in the signification 

7 Read hinc. R. W. of a mite, is still preserved in the dialects 

of the west of England. 


i. granat mains mos bonnm opns orationis dicte 

Quemque premit cathesis non potest diasinaxis. 

i. homines cubitales qui obliquo nidet 

Inter pigmeos nanus regnat, strabo luscos, 
Loripes extales, monotalmus quoque cecos. 

whey i. olla whey potte 

Assit 1 plena cero mea seria, theca leeo, 

dispensator, botelere bakere uel panttere 

Promus et arthocopus acerna popina ferinis. 

broke-ballockyd a wowere i. immnndus pame of the honde 2 

Hernia praua proco spurcum genus, et uola cassa, 

aloppysteror acrabbeS nostrelle i. macula in ocolo 
Polipus 4 et rini glauconia sit tibi talmi.5 

a botelere buschel uas olearium 

Fert anaphos gincerna bathos, abatise quoque orcam, 

a costrelle cofer 
Et puer onophorum, 7 capsa, caper, armiger, arpen. 8 

waturpotte, watur barel 

Ydria dat latices, oleum cadus, anphora uinum; 

a narowcase 9 bow 

Et telum pharatra, corito conditur archus. 

princeps omnium, pastor ecclesias i. pius 

Archimandrita sit celebs, 10 eusebiusque. 

horse palfray kolte stede mare 

Equus, caballus, pullus, dextrarius, equina; 

bole oxe cowe bulloke calfe hayfare 

Taurus, bos, uacca, buculus, uitulusque, iuuenca; 

wether schepe lombe lombe a ram 

Est ueruex, ouis, agnellus, simul agnus, aries; 

goote bukkede goote idem est doo herte 

Hircus, capriolus, caper, capra, damaque, ceruus; 

bore pygge swyne sow gelte sowpyg 

Aper, p6rcellus, porcus, sus, scropha, suilla. 

houd whelpe greyhownd blodehownde 

Canis, caniculus, leporarius, atque molosus. 
catte idem est chytte whesiJle rotte mowse 

Murelegus, catus, catulus, mustela, rato, mus. 

kocke henne chekynge caporic pokoc swanne 

Gallus, gallina, pullus, capo, pauoque, signis. 

gandur goslynge mallard doke gose 

Ancer, et ancerulus, anas, anata, simul auca. 

1 serio i. ordinatim et est aduerbium, anglice a avenere. II. W. 

Latin gloss. R. W. 7 hie onaphus i. ciphus (read scyphus) 

2 A Latin commentator adds the words, supernis (superne?) latens. R. W. 
concauitas palme. B hie arpeps gladius mercurit i. gladius 

3 est piscis, Latin gloss. R. W. curuatus ad modum falcis. R. W. 

4 The Latin glossator adds, sed hie est 9 hie carichus i. est techa corio, 
fetor naris. anglice bowcase. R. "W. 

5 talmon grsece onilus latine inde hie 10 quasi celestem uitam ducens et idem 
talmus (read ophtalmus. R. W.) i. oculus. est quod castus. R. W. 

6 Hie est Abathis qui prabet auenam. 



sparow larke pye revyn colvyr 

Passer, et alauda, pica, coruusque, columba; 
parthyiyd quayle wodekoc jay 

Perdix, coturnix, castrimargus, graculusque; 

wodekoc pynok* sparowhawke wrenue 
Gallus siluester, lirifa, nisus, regulusque, 

kyte chowge snyte hayron grype 

Miluus, monedula, sic ibis, ardea, uulter. 
crane owle popynyay swalow nygttyngale 

Grus, bubo, psitagus, et irundo, sic philomena. 
flee lowse nete mothe hondworme worme 

Pulex, pediculus, lens, tinea, curio, uermis; 

flye gnatte bee dogflye addurcop 2 drane 
Musca, culex, apis, cinipheX, aranea, fucus. 

toode frogge addurg snayle wateraddure foayle or a snayle 

Bufo, rana, serpent, testudo, uipera, limax; 

wont 8 ematte reremowse grashoppere butturflye 

Talpa, formica, uespertilioque, cicada, papilio. 
bawsyn 4 conyng hare lyon lebard 

Castor, cuniculus, lepus, leo, uel leopardus. 
stokf'yche wale eyster lytul flche whelke 

Fungia, cete, uel ostria, pisciculus quoque, concha; 

fyche neele samouu lampray heryng 

Piscis, et anguilla, salmo, murena, uel allec. 

barlyche beene pyse rye wheete otyn 

Ordium, faba, pisa, siligo, frumentum, auena; 

malte vache dragge medyldecorne 
Et brasium, uicia, dragetum, 5 mixtilioque. 
Worte siroraellum, sed growte dicas agromellum; 
sychere ale wyne drastys methe 

Sisera, ceruisia, uinum, feces, ydromellum. 

botyr whey dordus. curddys 6 chese mylke 

Butirum, serum, coagulum, casius, et lac; 

crayme sowre raylke whey poshoote 7 boystryg 8 

Quactum, exigalum, serum, balducta, colustrum. 

halle bowso chamer garner grange sohepyn 

Aula, domus, camera, granarium, grandia, boscar; 
soltr spence or botrye kychyn idem est 

Solarium, promptuarium, coquina ; popina; 

1 Pinnock was a name for the hedge- place. The Promptorium Parvulorum gives 
sparrow. ..Dragge, menglyd come, mixtio." 

2 Cf. pag. 120, note 6. 6 This is perhaps the meaning of dorde 

3 Want, or wont, the old name for a in the old ballad of the Feest, 
mole, is still in use in some of the pro- Ther was castrell in cambys 
vincial dialects. And capuls in cullys, 

4 Bawson, bawsin, or baustone, was a With blandamets in dorde. 
common name for the badger. 7 A posset. The Prompt. Parv. has ,,Pos- 

5 This word seems misplaced here. A sot, balducta." 

drage, as representing the Latin word 8 I have not met with this English word 

dragetum, was a sort of comfit 5 but in elsewhere. Colustrum is explained in an 

English, the word dragge was given to a old glossary qnoted in the Dictionary of 

mixed corn, called by Tusser dredge, which Ducange by ,,novum lac." 
is evidently the meaning of it in this 


brewarue bakehouse stabulle stye, or a swyne holke 

Pandoxatorium, pistrinum, stabulum, ara. 

tempulle chyrcbe idem st synagoge chapelle 
Templum, ecclesia, basilica, sinagogaque, capella ; 
(a)nawter oratory chyrche-hayei beryels 

Ara, oratorium, cimiteriumque, sepulcrum. 

bedde schete chalon 2 quylte bedde-strawe 3 

Lectus, linthiamen, tapetum, culcitra, stratum; 

bolstar coverlyte pelowe blancketh celynge 
Seruical, toral, puluinar, lodexque, uelamen. 
brasyn potte posnette cawdrune brondyre 4 fryyn-panne panne orpotto 
Vrceus, vrciolus, cacabus, tripos, lebes, olla; 

mortare pestelle gredyre brocbe nowle 

Mortarium, pila, craticula, ueruque, creagra. 

dysche ladylle crokstyke dobeler plater 
Discus, metoriura, contus, scutella, parapsis. 

sawsesere spone coop pece 5 salte 

Salsarium, coclear, ciphus, crater, simul sal, 
bordeclothe towelle trenchere clothe broche 

Gausape, manitergium, scissoria, mappa, uerutum. 

spykkett 6 cbesewate oylepott tankard barelle 
Clepsidra, casiarium, lechitus, amphora, cadus, 

basyn lauere bancare spere scbylde 

Peluis, lauatorium, bancarium, lancia, scutum. 

perche checure tabelere dyce idem est 

Pertica, scaccarium, alea, decius quoque, talus ; 
kyng roche alphyn knygt queue pewne 
Rex, rocus, alphinus, miles, regina, pedinus. 

hede top molde 7 nolle ere 

Est capud et uertex, est cinceput, occeput, auris; 

teraplys schede lokke here idem est. here 

Tempora, discrimen, coma, crinis, siue capillos. 

vesayge scolle brayne werte scrofe orscalle. 

Est facies, cranium, cerabrum, papula quoque, glabra. 

yebrowe ledeofpeeye space bytweue nostrelle 
Est supercilium, cilium, sic palpebra naris. 
white of pe face ye happulle ye, i. oculus 

Albucies, facies, oculus, pupillaque, talmus ; 

forehede nose nostrelle grystylle poose 

Frons, nasus, rinus, cartulagoque, caturrus; 

mowthe lyppe berde cheke gummys rofe of the tnowthe 

Os, labrum, barba, faux, et iungiua, palatum ; 

chekebone idem est chynne tonge idem est 

Mandula, mandibula, mentum, dens, glossaque, lingua, 

schyuygt thombe scbewyt forefyngure 

Pollet enim pollex, res uisas indicat index, 

1 Chwch-haye, or church-haw >e, was not 5 A cup. The Catholioon has the word, 
an uncommon name for a churchyard. ,,A. pece of silver or metalle, crater, cra- 

2 ,,Chalun, bedde-clothe, thorale, chalo." tera." 
Prompt. Parv. 6 A spigot. 

3 Straw was the usual material of beds. 7 The suture of the skull. 

4 A brandreth. 


niedylle fyugure lechefyngure acordyt 

Stat medius medio, medicus iam conuenit egro, 

ere lytil fyngure 

Quas tua fert auris sordes trahit auricularis. 

brest armepytt syde tete idem est idem est 

Pectus, et acella, latus, vber, mamma, mamilla ; 

hele foote too hele sole hele 

Calx, pes, articulus, calcanius, plantaque, talus, 
bone flesche yuncte marowe 

Os, caro, iunctura, medio fit in osse medulla; 
werelbone vayne zeoew skyn idem est 

Uertebra, cum uena, neruus, pellis, cutis atque. 

thye hepe thetendurnesse ofpe thye ham grete too kne 

Crus, femur, et famen poples, alluxque, genu sit. 

body hert gal mylt keduey myddereffe 

Corpus sunt infra cor, fel, splen, ren, diafragma; 
bowellys longys mawe bladdure ynwarde throte 
Uiscera, pulmo, iecur, uesica, precordia, guttur; 

lyndy lyuere i. stroma flyxrop blode idem est 

Lumbus, epar, matrix, lien, cruor quoque, sanguis. 
rede blode. a gibelet gotte 

Exta manent extra, sunt intestina sed intra. 

pe hoole of a prevay arswyspe gong idem est hoole 

Gumphus, menpirium, latrinam, cloaca, foramen. 

Dum paro menpirium, sub gumpho murmurat anus. 

ars wolde womaii qwynsys rawe 

Anus anus pedit, quia coctona cruda comedit. 

nappyt hyssyt 

Dum dormitat anus, uelud ancer sibulat anus, 
come mylle mylston byaue kog 

Far, mola, molaris, faricapsa, scariaballum ; 

clakke 1 whele flodeyate spyndulle 

Batillum, rota, sinoglostorium quoque, fusus. 

forge fyre tonge below marchel aufeld 

Fabrica, pir, forceps, follis, marcollus, et incus; 

pynsors nayle cawser horschoe 

Pallatum, scalpum, clauus, incussoria, ferrus. 
schofylle spade pycows whelebarow t'orke 

Tribula, uanga, ligo, ceneuecthorium quoque, furca ; 

cracche idem est myxon 

Presepe, cum presepio, starquiliniumque, 

flexe wolle hempe selkewoniie hordy 2 selke 
Linum, lana, canapus, bumbax, stupa, ceriumque; 
wase stoppe 

Cum grossa stupa rimas edis bene stupa. 

dystafe spyndyllc warbe threde reele 

Colus cum fuso, uertebrum, filum, alabrumque ; 

1 The clapper of the mill. line is added in the margiu of the manu- 

a I have not before met with the word script. 
hordy in the sense of stupa. The next 


gamewyue clewe warpe offe 1 

lurgillum, glomerus, subtegmen, sic quoque stamen; 

spole webbe clothe idem est darte 

Panus, cum tela, pannus, uestis quoque, telum. 

webbe dartys 

Nos uestit tela, gerimus ad prelia tela. 

brydylle barnaculle 2 cropyu** paytrelle* 

Frenum, cum chamo, postela, uel antela sit. 

solowhanddul solowbeme solow 5 cultere chyppe chare 

Stiua, buris, aratrum, culter, dentale, uomerque. 

extre spokys cartenave vely 

Est axis duplex, radii sunt, timpana, canti; 
solowborde 9<>ke bonde wythe 

Barcha iugum iungas, hie demum uincula, retorta, 

bytylle wejrge 

Mallus, intersimonium, meditiliumque. 

thombe harpe schare vorow 

Pollice tango liram, facio cum uomere liram, 

wayne chare the pnrrepyl'is carte thylle 

Plaustellum, currus, epredia, bigaque, reda; 

barnaculle brydulle reyue idem est halter 

Camus, cum freno, lorum, uel abena, capistrum. 

brode axe persere axe hacliet sawe 

Est dolabrum, penitral, securis, ascia, cerra. 

swerde idem est bas^elard 6 daggar 

Ensis, sic gladius, seca, sic sit armicudium. 

cordedenare sowt*r clowte of a sclioo 

Est alutarius, sutor quoque, pictacium sit; 

clowteroi cobelere tynkere letlierc brystylle 

Pictaciarius, incrustator, corria, seta. 

lest overlether 

Formipedia, licinia, impedia sit. 

baryngsexe 7 sole nalle corduane 

Sunt ansoria, solie, sibula, cordibanumque. 
blacchepot blacche blacke 

Attramentorium, sunt attromenta, sed atrum. 

clowtyst corduane lestofaboote 

Incrustas allutam, die et quitibiale. 

1 ,,0of, threde for webbytige, trama, the text of the Cambridge MS.), the capar- 
stamen," Prompt. Parv.; an illustration ison of the horse is described thus 

of which Mr. Way quotes from the Wi- Hir paytrelle was Qf a rialle fyne 

clifflte version of Leviticus xiii. 47, u Hir cropur was of arafe, 

A wullun clooth, or lynnen, that hath a Hir bridulle was of golde fyne, 

lepre in the oof (in stamine, Vulg.) or in On evei T side hon s e b ellis thre. 

the werpe, it shall be holdun a lepre." s The Anglo-Saxon name of the plow, 

2 I have not before met with this word preserved only in the dialects of the West 
in the sense of a horse's bit (camus.) of England. See before, p. 105, note 2. 

3 Cropon occurs in the Promptorium 6 The baselard was a long dagger, usu- 
Parvulorum as synonymous with crupper. ally worn suspended at the girdle. 

4 The strap across the horse's breast. 7 The Anglo-Saxon seax. 
In the early ballad of True Thomas (in 


taylere webstere dyere tannare idem est 

Est scissor, textor, tinctor, serdoque, frunitor; 

smyth towkere 1 mason skynnere 

Est faber, fullo, latamus, penularius atque 

carpyntere dawbere leche 

Carpentarius, est cementarius, aleptes; 
karvere lavendere glovere fowlere 

Cironomon, lotrix, cerotecarius, auceps. 
appultre peeretre hasyl note bannenote-tre 2 fygge 
Pomus, pirus, corulus, nux, auelanaque, ficus ; 
plamtre vyne qwynstre hepetre thewe-thornysS ellarue 
Prunus, uitis, coctanus, cornus, morusque, sambucus. 
wythy wardentre aspe chasteyn oke 

Salix, uolemus, tremulus, castania, quercus; 

beche bun-he populere asche elme 

Fagus, lentiscus, populus, six fraxinus, vlmus; 

ewe boxe vertre wythy mapullc 

Taxus, sic buxus, abies, ciler, acer addes. 

buscbe idem est brere cherytre wyldvyne 

Et rubus, dumus, tribulus, cerasus, oliaster; 

yvy pynetre jenupyrtre wylde vyne maserc 
Edera, pinus, iuniparus, labruscaque, mirra. 

baytre tre bowe more 4 or roote levys 

Laurus, lignum, ramus, radix sunt arbore, frondes, 

smokke brecbys schyrt gowue a cbymere 
Est interula, bracce, camisia, toga, et iupa; 

a bond hoode braygurdylle taberde 

Instita, capicium, perysomaque, collobiumque 5 

keyfe -appe pyllyon boose vampey 

Thenaque, caleptra, pilius, caligaque, pedana. 

cloke sieve coote kyrtylle 

Est armilansa, 5 manica, tinica, tinicella; 

kotyn orpakclothe dobelat panchere 

Est bumbicinium uestis, diploydis, epifemur, 
pope patryarke cardynalle buscbope 

Papa, patriarcha, cardinalis, presul, atque 

archebyschope prelatte or byschop suffrygane 

Arcbipresul, antistes, suffraganius sit, 

chapyllayne prest idem est 

Atque capellanus, sacerdos, presbiter addes, 
decone subdeacone benott idem est 

Diaconus, subdiaconus, exorsista, benedictus. 

kyng emparowre prynce duke a lord of thowsond knygtes 

Rex, imperator, princeps, dux, et ciliarcha; 

1 A dyer. or dog-rose, and ramnus is given as its 

2 In tbe dialects of the West of Eng- Latin equivalent. Perhaps it is intended 
land a walnut is universally called a ban- here for the blackberry. 

nut. This is by much the earliest example * More, a root, is also a word peculiar 

of the word I have met with. to the West of England. 

3 The Anglo-Saxon thefe-thorn is nsu- * Read armilausa. R. W, 
ally explained as meaning the wild-briar, 


erle baron knygth juge deacon 

Comes, et baro, miles, iudex, diaconusque. 

reve bayle vplond-man cherle 

Prepositus, balliuus, rusticus, et colobertus ; 
towiieman gentylmen bondemau gentylman 

Uillicus, et proceres, natiuus, et est generosus. 

Explicit liber Equus caballus, quod Spencer R. 



a mowthe face chyn tothe throte tonge rofe of pe mowthe 

Os, facies, mentum, dens, guttur, lingua, palatum; 
berde browe brye 2 forehede tempelle lyppe 

Barba, supercilium, cilium, froris, tempora, labrum. 
J)c lede s yQt ye whyteofpeye appulleof pe ye 

Palpebra sunt, acies, oculus, albugo, pupilla. 

cop of pe nose snevel of pe nose the brygge of pe nose nostrelle 

Purula, pus nasi sunt, interfinia, naris. 

fore party of pe bed e myddul party nolle the brayne 

Sinciput, interciput, occiput, ac cerabrum, pars 

hede scolle foretop schade of pe here ere 

Est capitis, cranium, uertex, discrhnen, et auris. 
cheke gummes here 

ffaux, et iungiue, cum frontinella, capillis. 
grystyl of pe nose lap of pe ere cheketothe 

Est cartilage, sic legia, sic genuinus. 
pame of pehoude iutys 3 handus cubyte a feme 

Palme, iuncture manibus sunt, vlna, lacertus; 

nayle fyngurys schuldur breste nekke 

Vngues cum digitis, humerus, cum pectore, collum. 
armepytt fyste a cubyte blodde tete 

Acella, pugnus, cubitus, cum sanguine, mamma; 

1 This is printed from the same manu- a sort of supplement (MS. Harl. No. 1002, 
script as the preceding more general voca- fol. 116, vo). 
bulary, which it follows immediately as 2 The eyelashes. 

3 So has the MS. Read iuntys. K. W, 


wombe bladdnr bakke rybbebone rybbe 
Uenter, uesica, tergum, spondilia, costa. 

a navyle syede flesche skynne buttok 
Est vmbilicus, latus, et caro, pelle, nates sunt. 

hert mylte Jonges long gntte gal kydney mydrefe mawe 

Cor, splen, pulmo, lien, fel, ren, diafragma, iecurque. 
a narce thye scliare bakke backebone arcehoole 
Anus, crus, pubes, dorsum, sic spina, podexque. 
smal-pypys 1 stomake inwarde lyver 

Arterie, stomacus, post intestina, sic epar. 
whyrlebone kueys kneepanne zenew 

Uertebra cum genibus, sunt internodia, neruus; 

hamme scbene modnre ancle 

Poples, atque sura, matrix hiis additur, anca, 

the sperlyver 2 vayiie legge the mayster vayne 

Musculus, et uena, sic tibia, sicque sophena. 
tooyn sole of pe foote heele marow a pynne 

Articuli, planta, cum calce, medulla, cauilla. 
part foote hele pathe idem est 

Pars pedis est hie calx, sed dicitur semita callis. 

grete too thome reder 

Istis conitmgas 3 allux, pollex quoque, lector, 
a mane hys thyng idem est a pyntyl idem est idem 
Menticula, testiculi, ueratrum, tentigo, priapus. 

tbombe forefyngur medullcfyngor lechefyngur litylle fyngnre 
Est pollex, index, medius, medicus, auricularis. 

lemys of a beste 

Hec sunt menbra uiri, sed die partes animalis. 

1 A rather curious name for the arteries. Anglo-Saxon name for the calf of the leg. 
3 More usually sperlire, or sparlire, the 3 The MS. has congas. R. W. 





r 1 


Hoc capud, A* hede. 

Hoc incipud, Ae frunte. 

Hoc intercipud, est media pars. 

Hoc occipud, A e nodulle, capitis. 

Hec cesaries, A fortoppe. 

flic crinis, Ae hare. 

Hie pilus, AC here. 

Hie cicinnus, Ae lokkes. 

Hec corona, A e crowne. 

Hie cirrus, A* nodulle. 

Hec ceruex, Ae hatrelle. 2 

Hec auris, Ae nere. 

Hoc cilium, A e here of the hee. 

1 This vocabulary of names of things, 
in Latin and English, is printed from a 
manuscript of, I think, early in the fif- 
teenth century, in the old Royal Library 
in the British Museum, MS. Reg. 17, C. 
XVII., fol. 21, ro. The MS. contains other 
tracts of the same character. 

3 The crown of the head. The Latin 
fihonld b vertex instead of cervex. Halli- 

Hoc supercilium, A* browe. 

Hoc intercilium, i. spacium inter cilia. 

Hie oculus, Ae hee. 

Hec palpebra, Ae heelyde. 
5 Hec albugo, Ae wyte of the hee. 

Hec pupilla, Ae perylle. a 

Hec acies, A f syght. 

Hie nasus, Ae nese. 

Hoc interfinium, Ae bryg of the nese. 
10 Hec naris, Ae nesestyrlle. 

Hie purulus, Af nesehende. 

Hoc Idbium, Ae lyppe. 

Hoc labrumj idem est. 

Hoc os, -ris, Ae mowthe. 
15 Hoc momentum* Ae chynne. 

Hec menta, A e chyne. 

well, Diet, of Archaic Words, gives the 
following illustrative lines from a MS. of 
the fifteenth century: 

Also from the haterel of the eroun 
To the sole of the foot ther doun. 

3 Perle means an affection in the eye, 
apparently what we now call a sty. 

4 Read mentum. R. W. 



Hec gena, Ae cheke. 

Hec mala, idem est. 

Hoc ffaus, idem est. 

Hec maxilla, A e chekebane. 

Hoc genobodum, idem est. 

Hoc tempus, AC thonwangues. 

Hec cartulago, Ae gro. 

Hoc collum, AC necke. 

Hec barba, Ae berde. 

Hoc cranium, AC harnpanne. 

Hoc cerebrum, Ae harnes. 

Hie dens, Ae thothe. 

Hie geminus, Ae wangtotht. 

Hie molaris, idem est. 

Hec lingua, Ae tong. 

Hec gloss a, idem est. 

Hec gula, Ae troht. 

Hoc guttur, idem est. 

Hie ysofagus, Ae waysande. 

Hoc f rumen, Ae code. 

Hie humerus, Ae schuldyre. 

Hoc brachium, Ae arme. 

Hie cubitus, Ae helbow. 

Hie musculus, Ae brawne. 

Hec sura, idem est. 

Hec pulpa, idem est. 

Hec manus, Ae hande. 

Hec palma, tola, et ir, idem sunt. 

Hie pollex, Ae thowme. 

Hie digitus, A e fynger. 

Hoc corpus, Ae body. 

Hoc dorsum, A bake. 

Hie uenter, Ae wambe. 

Hec caro, Ae flesche. 

Hie pectus, Ae breste. 

Hoc corium, A hyde. 

Hec cutis, idem est. 

Hie sanguis, Ae blode. 

Hie humor, idem est. 

1 The honde-mowle appears to have been 
the palm of the hand. It is the gloss on 
c,opinole in Walter de Biblesworth. 

2 Another vocabulary in the same vo- 
lume of MS. (MS. Reg. 17 C. XVII., fol. 
38 vo.) gives ,,uber, -is, Anglice hyddere/' 
the latter word no doubt representing the 
modern udder. 

3 The glossator has misinterpreted this 

Hoc os } ossis, A e bone. 

Hec medulla, Ae marow. 

Hec febra, Ae wayne. 

Hec uena, idem est. 
5 Hoc palatum, A e palate. 

Hie orexis, est anelitus oris. 

Hie polipus, A e snotte. 

Hec vlna est spatium inter manum 

et capud. 
10 Hie nodus, Ae knokylle. 

Hoc epilacium, Ae honde-mowle. 1 

Hec j'unctura, A e joynte. 

Hec vnguis, Ae nayle. 

Ilec vngula, idem est. 
15 Hec mamma, Ae pappe. 

Hec mamilla, idem est. 

Hoc vber, idem est. 2 

Hie torax, Ae brestbone. 

Hie vmbelicusj Ae nawelle. 
20 Hie clunis, idem est. s 

Hec nates, Ae thees. 

Hie lumbus, idem est. 

Hec piga, idem est. 

Hec pinguedo, Ae grese. 
25 Hie pirtomen, Ae arsholere. 

Hec wlua, Ae cuntte. 

Hoc oilinetum, Ae mygrayne. 

Hec tentigo, Ae kykyre. 

Hoc epar, Ae lywer. 
30 Hoc splen, A* mylte. 

Hoc fel, Ae galle. 

Hie pulmo, Ae lunggys. 

Hie stomacus, Ae stomak. 

Hoc gecur, Ae maw. 
35 Hoc diafragma, Ae myddere. 4 

Hoc ren, Ae nere. 5 

Hoc uiscus, Ae bowelle. 

Hoc perecordium, idem est. 

Hoc ueretrum, A e pyntylle. 

word and the next. The Nominate in the 
same MS. (Reg. 17 C. XVIL, fol. 39, r ) 
explains, J} hec natis, Anglice luddockes." 

4 For mydderede, the midriff. 

5 An old name for v the kidney, still 
preserved in the dialects of East Anglia, 
though it is more usually employed popul- 
arly to denote the fat of the kidneys. 




Hie priapus, est finis ueretri. 

Hie cirbus, Ae harstharme. 

Hoc femur, A* thee. 

Hie poplex, Ae hamme. 

Hoc genu, A* knee. 

Hec tubia, A e schanke. 

Hie pes, -dis } A e fote. 

Hie talus, A* hele. 

Hie artuculus, Ae tho. 

Hec cauilla, Ae ankylle. 

Hec anta, A e knebone. 

Hoc mandibilum, A chewylle.i 

Hec fragus, A e kneborde. 

Hec matrix est in qua inuoluitur puer. 

Hec homopleta, Ae schulderbane. 

Hec allux, Ae grete to. 

Hec acella, A e harmole. 

Hec uarex, -cis, est quedarn uena 
tendens a uertice capitis vsque ad 
plantam, que si bedatur reddet ho- 
minem curuum. 


Hie et hec bos, Ae neete. 

Hie trio, idem est. 

Hie bouiculus, Ae bullok. 

Hec uacca, A* kowe. 

Hec jumenta, Ae que. 

Hec junix, idem est. 

Hie taurus, AC bulle. 

Hie uitulus, Ae calfe. 

Hie equs, Ae horse. 

Hec equa, Ae mere. 

Hie caballus, Ae carthors. 

Hoc equicium, Ae harres. 

Hie equiferus, Ae wyld hors. 

Hie dextrarius, Ae stede. 

Hie mannus, Ae rownse. 2 

Hie bladius, Ae hackenay. 

Hie equilas, idem est. 

1 Chewylle, for chowl, or jowl, the jaw. 

3 Rounse. A rouncy is generally inter- 
preted as meaning a common hackney 
horse. Thus, in the romance of Ipomydou 
(Weber, Met. R., vol. ii., p. 340), when 
the hero went to disguise himself as an 
half-witted and clownish fellow 

Hie palifridus, Ae palfray. 

Hie tradarius, idem est. 

Hie emissarius, Ae stalon. 

Hie pulltis, Ae fole. 
5 Hec porca, A e sowe. 

Hie porcus, A e swyne. 

Hie porcellus, Ae gryse. 

Hoc aper, At bore. 

Hie cingulus, idem. 
10 Hie oderinsicus, At spanegeole. 8 

Hie leporariusj Ae grayhownd. 

Hec licesta, Ae byche. 

Hie canis, Ae dogge. 

Hie molosus, Ae- banddogge. 
15-ETz'c ancer, Ae gandyr. 

Hec auca, Ae gosse. 

Hie ancerulus, Ae geslyng. 

Hec aucula, idem. 

Hie gallus, Ae cocke. 
20 Hec gallina, Ae henne. 

Hie pullus, Ae chekyn. 

Hie capo, Weapon. 

Hoc astile, idem. 

Hie spado, -inis, idem. 
25 Hie catus, At catte. 

Hie mureligus, Ae idem. 

Hie pilaXy idem. 

Hie juba, Ae horsemane. 

Hec caprona, idem. 
30 Hie dromedarius, Ae drowinondcre, 

Hie rato, Ae raton. 

Hie soriex, idem. 

Hie mus, Ae mowse. 

Hie ouis, Ae schepe. 
35 Hie aries, Ae wedyr. 

Hie gargia, Ae gymbure.* 

Hie agnus, Ae lam me. 

Hec amligua, est ouis portans duos 


Armure bo toke that was rusty, 
And horsyd hym on an old rouncy. 

3 A spaniel. 

4 In Lincolnshire, they still call a female 
sheep which has been twice shorn zyim- 
ber; in the north of England it is called 
a gimmer. 



Hie palumbus, A* stokedowef. 

Hie leo, Ae lyon. Hie mauiscus, AC mawysse. 

Hec liona, A* lyonys. 5 Hec fidedula, idem. 

Hie lupus, Ae wife. Hec merges, AC cote. 

Hie lepus, Ae hare. Hie sturnus, A* sterlyng. 

Hie wipes, Ae foxe. Hie regulus, A e wrenne. 

Hec mustela, A* weysyl. Hie sperms, idem. 

Hie fetonarus, A* fulmerde. 10 Hie carduelis, A* goldefynche. 

Hie erinacius, Ae hurchon. Hie cabus, Ae crawe. 

Hec melota, A* broke. 1 Hec aquila, Ae neggle. 

Hie taxus, idem. Hec miluus, Ae glede.* 

Hec talpa, A* molle. Hie pascer, AC sparow. 

Hie pardus, Ae leparde. 15 Hec vpipa, Ae wype.5 

Hec parda, est femella. Hie tercellus, Ae hawke. 

Hicpardus, est qui general cum leona. Hie prepes, idem. 

Hie ceruus, Ae harte. Hie nisus, Ae sperhawke. 

Hec cerua, Ae hynde. Hie ancipiter, Ae goshawke. 

Hie hinulus, Ae fawne. 20 Hie erodius, Ae gerfawcune. 

Hec simea, Ae nape. Hie graculus, At jay. 

Hie vrsus, Ae bere. Hie citacus, Ae papinjay. 

Hie vrcus, Ae buke. Hec alauda, Ae larke. 

Hoc elephas, -tis, Ae elyfawnte. Hie arundo, Ae swalo. 

Hec pantera, Ae pantere, cum multis 25 Hec nodula, Ae kae. 

coloribus. Hec bubo, -is, Ae nowle. 
Hie et hec linx, est animal habens Hie coruus, Ae rawyn. 

oculos acutos. Hie frondator, AC tytmase. 

Hie scurellus, Ae a squyrylle. Hec olor, A c swane. 

Hie sirogrillus, idem. 30 Hie signus, idem. 

Hie Cuniculus, Ae conninge. Hie grus, Ae crane. 

Hie zenozephalus, Ae maremusset. Hie cuculus, Ae cucko. 

Hicfurestus, uelforestus, Ae forest. 2 Hecfrigella, Ae robynet, redbrest. 7 

xrmv/msT/v ATTTTTTV/T Hec ciconia j ^ e storke. 

JM< 35 Hec marula, est auis habens nigrum 
Hie fornix, Ae wodekok. rostrum. 

Hec orna, idem. Hie pellicar, Ae pellicane. 

Hec philomena, Ae nyghtyngale. Hie rostellus, Ae spynke. 

Hec lucar, i. lucia. Hec frugella, Ae roke. 

Hec nicticorax, Ae nyghtcrake.3 40 Hec agalauda, Ae plowere. 
Hec auia, idem. Hie perdix, Ae pertrycke. 

1 The broke was the badger. 5 The lapwing. 

2 The ferret. 6 A chough. The A.-S. ceo. 

3 The caprimulgus Europaus, still call- 7 i. e., ,,little Robin" redbreast. It is 
ed in Yorkshire a night -crow. Its more the earliest instance of the use of this 
usual name is night-jar. popular name that I have met with. Robin 

4 A kite. The Anglo-Saxon name. See was a common appllation of affectionate 
p. 132 1. 16, familiarity. 




Hec fuliga, Ae semawe. 

Hie campester, A e feldfare. 

Hie merulus,.Ae marlyon. 

Hie cornix, A e crawe. 

Hie pauo, Ae pacok. 

Hie coturnix, A? morehene. 

Hie vltur, Ae grype. 1 

Hie fasianus, Ac fesant. 

Hoc rustrum, A? nebbe. 2 

Hie mergus, Ae cote. 

Hec qualia, Ae quayle. 

Hie pellicanus, Ae pellycane. 

Hie fenix, Ae fenys. 

Hie capus, Ae muskett. 3 


Hoc allec, Ae heryng. 

Hie salmo, Ae salmon. 

Hoc mugyl, idem. 

Hie uronoscopus, Ae thornbak. 

Hie fundulus, Ae playsse. 

Hie pecten, idem. 

Hie luceus, Ae pyke. 

Hie dentrix, idem. 

Hie lucellus, A e pyckerylle. 

Hie gamerus, Ae spyrlyng. 

Hie silurus, Ae loche. 

Hie scorpio, Ae stytlyng. 4 

Hec muprena, Ae lamp rune. 

Hec lampada, At lampray. 

Hie caput, A e caboche. 5 

Hec anguilla, Ae nele. 

Hie cancer, Ae crabbe. 

Ilec balena, Ae qwalle. 

Hie cetus, idem. 

Hec ceta, idem. 

Hoc cete, idem. 

Hie congruus, Ae conggyre. 

Hie epimora, est piscis qui moritur 

eodem die quo nascitur. 
Hoc cochile, est quilibet piscis obtecta. 

1 Qrype was an old name for the vul- 
ture, and is not unfrequently found in 
that sense in the early metrical romances, 
though it is sometimes used to signify a 

a A bird's neb or beak. 

3 The male of the sparrowhawk. 

Hoc ostrium, Ae ostyre. 

Hie megarus, Ae makyrelle. 

Hie ypotamus, est marinus. 

Hec rochea, Ae roche. 
Hie brumillus, Ae brone.s 

Hec tortuga, Ae wylke. 

Hie rumbus, Ae storjon. 

Hie clamitus, Ae wytyng. 

Hie torpedo, est piscis habens multos 
10 pedes. 

Hec phoca, Ae porpas. 

Hec delphin, Ae sawmone. 

Hec merula, Ae lamprone. 

Hec rogaterea, Ae thornbacke. 
15 Hie textus, Ae tenche. 

Hie mullus, Ae codlyng. 

Hie codlingus, idem. 

Hec perca, Ae perche. 

Hec gamorus, Ae hornekek. 
20 Hie gobio, Ae gojune. 

Hoc turtur, Ae turbote. 

Hie polupus, Ae lopstere. 

Hec conca } Ae cochilt. 


Hec cerplgo, -nis, Ae regworme. 

Hec lacerta, Ae newte. 

Hec vria, est pediculus porci. 

Hec lens, -dis, A c nyte. 
30 Hec salamandra, Ae cryket. 

Hie grillius, idem. 

Hec apes, Ae bee. 

Hec saguisuga, i. irundo. 

Hec pala, Ae wode. 
35 Hec sicada, A? gyrssoppe. 

Hec irania, A e erane. 7 

Hec amittena, Ae scheptyke. 

Hec culex, Ae knate. 

Hie fucus, Ae drane. 
40 Hec uaspa, Ae waspe. 

Hie papilio, Ae butterfle. 

4 The stickleback. 

5 The billhead, or miller's-thumb, called 
in old French chabot. 

6 Brone, the bream. 

7 Erane, or irane, from the A.-N., was 
a common name for a spider. 




Hec teredo, est uermis corodens ligna. 

Hie cimex, AC mawke. 1 

Hec tinea, A e moke. 2 

Hie cirus, A* handworme. 

Hie scarabeus, A wode. 

Hec incedula, Ae glydeworme. 3 

Hec nocticula, A* idem. 

Hec noctuluca, idem. 

Hec tanterida, est uermis terre. 

Hie emigramus, est uermis capitis. 

Hie lumbricus, est uermis uentri. 

Hie tarus, est uermis lardi. 

Hie bombex, Ae sylkworme. 

Hie bufo, Ae tade. 

Hie erinacius, A e uurchon. 

Hie glis, -ra, Ae dormowse. 

Hec formica, Ae pysmyre. 

Hec testugo, A* snele. 

Hie Umax, -cis, idem. 


Hoc petrocillum, AC percylle. 

Hoc ciler, A e mynte. 

Hec menta, idem. 

Hoc nausticium, A e waterkyrs. 

Hoc milifoUum, A? mylfoile. 

Hec beta, Ae bete. 

Hie ysopus, Ae ysoppe. 

Ysopus est harba, ysopo spergitur nnda. 

Hec altea, Ae'wyld inalle. 

Hec saliunca, A e wyne. 

Hec uepres, 

Hec vua, A* grapys. 

Hie calamus, Ae rede. 

Hec rosa, A* rose. 

Hoc lilium, Ae lylle. 

1 Mawke, a maggot, still in use in the 
northern dialects. 

2 A moth. 

3 The glow-worm. 

4 Camomile (the anthemis cotula of bo- 
tanists), still called in some districts may 
weed; the A.-S. mageda. See the A.-S. 

s Clap-wype. Daucus is understood to 
mean the parsnip. 

6 Perhaps it should be cima, the crop, 

Hec mini/era, Ae waterlylle. 

Hec embroca, Ae maythe. 4 

Hie daucus, Ae clapwype. 5 

Hoc olus, -ris, A e worte. 
5 Hoc magudere, Ae calstok. 

Hie caulus, A e uwle (?) or thyme. 

Hec cuna, Ae croppe. 6 

Hec saliua, Ae salwe. 

Hec vrtica, A e nettylle. 
lOjHec pimpinella, Ae primerolle. 

Hoc ligustrum, idem. 

Hoc pringrius, idem. 

Hec uiola, Ae wyolet. 

Hoc uaccinium, Ae cowsokulle. 7 
15 Hec papauer, A e chesbolle. 8 

Hoc omella, idem. 

Hie felix, -cis, Ae braky n. 

Hoc solsequium, Ae sawsykylle. 

Hoc ditaneum, Ae dytan. 
20 Hoc columbina, Ae colybyn. 

Hec lactuca, A e letys 

Hie muscus, Ae muske. 

Hie carduus, Ae thystylle. 

Hoc gramen, A e bent.^ 
25 Hec murica, Ae wermine brome. 

Hec edera, Ae iwyn. 

Hec licoricia, Ae licorys. 

Hoc alleum, Ae garle. 

Hoc sinapium, Ae warkecok. 
30 Hec sepula, Ae chesbolle. 

Hec salgea, A e sawge. 

Hec selidonia, A e solydyne. 

Hoc feniculum, Ae fynkylle. 

Hec malua, Ae malle. 
35 Hoc apium, A e the. 

Hoc trifolium, Ae hartclauer. 

Hie sicassis, idem. 

or top, of a plant. The Catholicon has 
,,a croppe, cima. 11 

7 Apparently another name for the cow- 

8 Chesbolle was an old name for the 

9 The word bent was applied usually 
to the long coarse grass growing on the 
moors, but often in a more general sense 
to grass of all kinds. 




Hoc pentifolium, Ae filife. 

Hoc sirpillum, A e petergrys. 1 

Hoc piper, A* pepyre. 

Hoc siminum, A e comyne. 

Hoc synamomum, A* canelle. 

Hoc strigillum, A* morelle. 

Hoc solatrum, idem. 

Hec ueruena, A e warwayn. 

Hec agremonia, AC ogremoyne. 

Hec pimpernella, A f pimpernolle. 

Hec sintecula, A e synthon. 

Hec scandur, Ae madyr. 

Hie sendo, idem. 

Hec pionia, A* pyon. 

Hie tintimalius, Ae spowrge. 

Hec rapa, Ae rape. 

Hoc bacar, Ae nepe. 

Hie crocus, A e safurroun. 

Hie plantago, Ae waybred. 

Hoc raparium, Ae raddyk. 

Hie tipus, Ae homelok. 

Hec secuta, idem. 

Hie cardo, A e cardoun.2 

Hie carduus, Ae tasylle. 

Hie arundo, Ae rede. 

Hec canna, Ae cane. 

Hec carix, -cis, Ae segge. 

Hec papirio, Ae reschebusk. 

Hie junctus, Ae resche. 

Hie sirpus, idem. 

Hie papirius, idem. 

Hoc borago, Ae borage. 

Hoc sepe, Ae hongon. 

Hec concilida, Ae consaude. 

Hoc absinthium, Ae wormode. 

Hec costus, Ae coste. 

Hec febrifuga, A f fevyrfew. 

Hec gensta, A e gromylle. 3 

Hec lappa, Ae clete. 4 

Hec endiua, Ae endywe. 

1 Serpillum is understood as meaning, 
in the older vocabularies, wild thyme. 

2 Cordon (Lat. carduus), the old French 
name for the thistle; in modern French, 

3 Qromylle, the plant now called grom- 
well, the lithospermum officinale of bo- 


Regula est quod omnia nomina arborum 
f- sunt feminini generis exceptis quatuor, 
hie oliaster, et hie piaster, hie rubus, 
et hie dumus. Hie oliaster est vua ste- 

Hec quarcus, A e ake. 
10 Hec uolemus, A e permayntre. 

Hec ibex, est juuenis quarcus. 

Hec sambuca, Ae hyllortre. 5 

Hec taxus, A e hawtre, newtre. 

Hec corolus, Ae hesylletre. 
i t Hec auelana, Ae walnottre. 

Hec arbutus, Ae crabtre 

Hec fraxinus, A e heschetre. 

Hec pepulus, Ae popultre. 

Hec ascer, -ris, Ae mapulletre. 
2Q -Hec abies, Ae fyrretre. 

Hec prunus, Ae plumtre. 

Hec castania, Ae chestantre. 6 

Hec ficus, Ae fyketre, uel fructus. 

Nux, auelana, pirns, glaus, et castania, 

Fructum cum ligno sub eodem nomine 

mesculus, A e meletre. 
sorbus, A e opynharstre. 7 
sirasus, A e cheritre. 
oliua, Ae olyftre. 
sentis, est spina. 
silex, Ae wyllotre. 
lentiscus, Ae byrketre. 
coccinus, Ae quoynetre. 
tremulus, Ae hespetre. 
mains, A e apultre. 
pomus, idem, 
tribulus, Ae brame. 8 
uepres, idem. 

4 The clote, or yellow water-lilly. 

5 Hyllor, the elder, still called in some 
parts of England a hilder-tree. 

6 Chestan-tre, the chestnut. See before, 
the note 3 on p. 138. 

7 See before, p. 137 1. 36. 

8 *. ., a bramble. 


30 Hec 



Hec singinerperus, est quedam arbor Hoc cornum, A e pete. 

per annum. 

Signiperus quod glens pir tibi dicitur arbor, 

De giguo, -is, et pir, quod dicitur Ignis, 5 Hoc delebrum, i. ecclesia. 

Et cuius cyneresinuoleut ardere per annum. ^ QC a n are { arcit 

Hoc uimen, AC osere. Hie calix, AC chalys. 

Hie uiburius, Ae idem. Hec patena, A e patent. 

Hec cornus, A e pettre. Hie sercophagus, i. petra. 

Hec morus, A* mulberytre. 10 Hec tumba, idem. 

Hec tilia, Ae bastetre. Hec libitina, A* here. 

Hec vssis, AC olyntre. Hoc feretrum, idem. 

Hec damasenus, Ae damyssyntre. Hoc tribulum, Ae sensours. 

Hec cedrus, Ae sydyretre, et est ta- Hoc tus, AC cense. 

Us nature quod nunquam putrescet 15 Hec ascera, Ae a lytil chyp. 

in aqua nee in terra. Hec campana, A* belle. 

Hec cipressus, est arbor odorissimus Hoc tintinabilum, Ae lytylle belle. 

et tepida, et habet naturam et ru- Hoc uentilogium, A e wedercok. 

brum colorem, Ae cypyrtre. Hec ymago, Ae ymage. 


Hoc pomum, A e apulle. Hec candela, Ae candylle. 

Hec nux, Ae notte. Hoc candelabrum, Ae candylstyk. 

Hie nuclius, Ae kyrnelle. Hoc campanile, Ae stepulle. 

Hec auelena, A e walnot. 25 Hoc aspersorium, Ae strynkylle.s 

Hoc pirum,, A e pere. Hie ysopus, A e idem est. 

Hec glans, Ae acorne. Hie ambo, -is, Ae letrune. 6 

Hoc ciresum, A chery. Hoc campanare, A e belhowse. 

Hoc uolemum, Ae permayne. 1 Hoc ablatum, Ae obley. 

Hoc prunum, Ae plumme. 30 Hoc antiphonarium, A e anfenare. 

Hoc stragum, A e strabery. Hoc missale, A e mesbok. 

Hie ficus, AC fyke. Hoc gradale, Ae grayel. 

Hec racemus, A* rasyn. Hoc troperium, Ae tropure. 

Hec vuapassa, idem. Hoc martilogium, A e martilage. 

Hec vua, Ae grape. 35 Hec bibleoteca, A e bybulle. 

Hoc sorbum, A* hopynhars. Hoc armariolum, Ae almery. 

Hoc malumgranatum,Aepoiinko,n\Qt. 2 Hoc sacrarium, A e sacrary. 

Hoc malum punicum, idem. Hoc orologium, Ae orlage. 

Hoc coccinum, A e quoyne. 3 Hoc uitrum, A e glasse. 

Hoc masuclum, A e orange. 4077bc sudarium, Ae sudary. 

1 A sort of apple, of which Drayton The pomegranate. 

speaks as being a modern importation Quoyne, or coyne, the quince. 

into onr island. The churchyard, still called a kirk- 

The pearemaine, which to France long ere to us 9 a & * n ^ e n rth. 

was knowne, The holy-water sprinkler, or aspersoir. 

Which careful frut'rers now have denizen'd our The lectern, or reading desk. 

Polyolb., Song xviii. 





Hec cera, Ae wax. 

Hec cancella, Ae chawnsylle. 

Hie corns, idem est. 

Tres sunt paries columne, talus, stilus, 
et epistilium uasis est fundamentum, 
stilus est media pars, epistilium est 
superior pars. 

Hoc superpelicium, Ae surplys. 

Hec crisma, AC creme. 1 

Hoc crismatorum, AC crismator. 

Hec alba, AC haube. 

Hec stola, A e stole. 

Hec crux, AC cross e. 

Hoc lauatorium, Ae lavatory. 

Hec fons, Ae welle. 2 

Hie cereus, Ae serge. 

Hie lampas, Ae lampe. 

Hie absconsus, Ae sconse. 3 

Hec lucerna, A e lantyrne. 

Hoc pulpitum, A e polepyt. 

Hec fiola, Ae fiolle. 

Hoc oleum, Ae oyle. 

Hec pixis, A e boyst. 4 

Hoc alabaustrum, Ae idem est. 

Hec hostia, est corpus Christi. 

Hoc uiaticum, idem est. 

Hoc uestiarium, Ae rewystre. 

Hoc clamparium, Ae clochere. r> 

Hec restis, est corda. 

Hoc fedus, idem. 

Hie laqueus, idem. 

Hie funiculus, idem. 

Hie batillus, Ae clapyre. 

Hoc manutergium, A* to welle. 

Hec peruria, A e perrore. 

Hoc uelum, Ae wayle. 

Hie amittus, A amytte. 

Hie tiera, idem est. 

Hec fanulla, A e fanone. 

Hie manipulus, A e idem est. 

Hec zona, Ae gyrdylle. 

Hec poderis, Ae rochytt. 

1 The crism, or consecrated oil. 

3 More correctly the font. 

3 A sort of candlestick made to be at- 
tached to the wall. The word is still in 
use for such candlesticks in the north of 

* The box for holding the oil, &c., a pyx. 

5 Read campanarium. R. W. 

Hec infula, A e chesibylle. 6 
Hoc ostrum, i. purpura. 
Hoc ordinale, A c ordinalle. 
Hie ordinarius, idem est. 


Hie excubus, A e wayte. 

Hie liricen, qui canit in lira. 

Hie secuticen, qui canit in scituta. 
10 Hie tibicen, qui canit in tubia. 

Hie monetarius, qui facit monetam. 

Hie aurifaber, A e goldesmythe. 

Hie candidarius, A e lawnder. 

Hie, hec formicapola, uenditor vn- 
15 guentorum. 

Hie sementarius, A e mason. 

Hie littamus, idem est. 

Hie mango, Ae horsemownger. 

Hie mores, i. quod stultus. 
20 Hie sissor, A e taylegour. 

Hie carpentarius, Ae kartwryght. 

Hie molendinarius, A e mylur. 

Hie f runes, A e barkare. 7 

Hie tannator, idem est. 
25 Hie serdo, idem est. 

Hie pandoxatrix, A e bacstare. 

Hie architector, A e thekare. 8 

Hie cuparius, A c cowpare. 

Hie aliator, A* hassardore. 
30 Hie triculator, AC tresorre. 9 

Hie tesaurarius, idem est. 

Hie figulus, A e potter. 

Hie pistor, A 6 baekstare. 

Hie carnifex, A* bochere. 
35 Hie seroticarius, A glowere. 

Hie pelliparius, A e schynnere. 

Hie scriba, Ae chaunsyllere. 

Hie cancellarius, idem est. 

Hie sinescallus, A c stewerede. 
40 Hie uicecomes, A c scheryf. 

Hie comes, A e herrylle. 

Hec comitissa, A e cowntasse. 

6 The MS. has chesibylle or clenbyllt. 

R. W. 

7 i. e., a tanner. 

8 Literally a thatcher. 

9 Tresorre, a treasurer. 

10 A glover. The Latin word should be 
cirotecariux, for chirothccarius. 




Hie baro, A e baron. 

Hec baronissa, A e baronys. 

Hie abbas, Ae abott. 

Hie prior, A* pry or 

Hie monacus, A e monk. 

Hie canonicus, A e chanon. 

Hie opilio, A? scheperd. 

Hie subulcus, Ae swynard. 

Hie bubulcus, AC hoxhard. 

Hie ortolanusj A e gardyner. 

Hie nugator, A* trifulere. 

Hie pincerna, A botelere. 

7//c, hec aduena, Ae comelyng. 1 

Hie temerarius, A? folehardy. 

Hie cocus, Ae coke. 

Hie coquinarius, idem est. 

Hie lixa, idem est quod lixo, A e quys- 


Hie barbitansor, A e barbur. 
Hie auceps, Ae fowlere. 
Hie piscator, Ae fyschere. 
Hec pectrix, A* kemster. 
Hie textor, Ae webstere. 
Hie fullo, Ae fullare. 
Hie faber, Ae smythe. 
Hec fabrissa, Ae smytwyfe. 
Hie uecors, Ae cowharde. 
Hie apotecarius, A e spycere, 
Hie ninarius? A e cokwalde. 
Hie triumphus* Ae constabulle. 
Hie alutarius, -A e cordewenere. 
Hie scellarius, Ae sadyllar. 
Hie pustularius, A e botullere. 
Hie lorimarius, Ae gyrdylhare. 
Hie capistrius, Ae helterere. 4 

1 The common name for a stranger or 

2 Ninnarius. This low-Latin word, so- 
metimes spelt minarius, is usually em- 
ployed to signify what we call a wittol, 
or contented cuckold. 

3 Triumphus. This word is not found 
in this sense in Ducange. 

4 Helterer, one who makes halters. 

5 Sicarius (incorrectly written cicarius) 
is here used for one who makes sicas, or 

6 Carsare. I have not met with this 
word before, The practice of scarification 

Htc archarius, Ae bo were. 

Hie pannarius, A c drapure. 

Hie cicarius, est ille guifacit cicas. b 

Hie mercator, Ae marchand. 
5 Hie institor, A e idem est. 

Hie fleobotomator, Ae blodelater. 

Hie scarificator, Ae carsare. 6 

Hie tonsor, A e cuttere. 

Hie rasor, Ae shawere. 
W Hie sitator, A e somundare. 7 

Hie edituus, est custos domus. 

Hie sortilegus, Ae wyche. 

Hec siren, A e meremaydyn. 

Hie eruginator, Ae forbushere. 8 
15 Hie armiger, A e sqwyere. 

Hie latro? idem est. 

Hie scutifer, idem est. 

Hie sitharista, A e harpure. 

Hie sitharizo, idem est. 

9 A 


Hoc mare, A e see. 

Hoc pelagus, idem. 

Hoc /return, idem. 
25 Hoc equor, idem. 

Hoc altum, idem. 

Hie fluuius, idem. 

Hie cathaclismus, inundacio ague. 

Hie fons, Ae welle. 
30 Hie puteus, Ae pytt. 

Hec limpha, A e water. 

Hec latex, idem. 

Hie riuus, Ae syke. 10 

Hoc uiuarium^ Ae wywere. 
35 Hoc stagnum, Ae poynde. 

was extensively employed by the mediaeval 

7 i. e., a somner. 

8 Forbushere. This was a business of 
considerable importance when armour and 
arms were in general use, and were in 
continual need of furbishing, or scrubbing. 
The name Frobisher is probably derived 
from it. 

9 This is a very extraordinary use of 
the word latro. 

10 Syke is still used in the dialects of 
the north of England to signify a small 
stream or gutter. 




Hoc medianum, est spacium inter 


Hec piscina, Ae pole. 
Hoc amniSf est aqua tantum precens. 


Hoc aurum, Ae golde. 
Hoc argentumj Ae sylwor 
Hoc es, -ris, A e brasse. 
Hoc plumbum, Ae lede. 
Hoc ferrum, A e yryn. 
Hoc electrum, Ae pewtyre. 
Hec calibs, Ae stele. 
Hoc stagnum, Ae tyne. 
Hoc auricalcum, Ae latone. 1 
Hoc cuprum, A e copurre. 


Hec spata, A e fawchon. 

Hie pugis, Ae myserecord. 2 

Hec fustis, hie baculus, idem sunt. 

Hec sudes, idem. 

Hec lorica, Ae hawbyrgon. 

Hec claua, Ae mase. 

Hec galea, Ae helme. 

Hec cassis, idem. 

Hec ensis, Ae swerde. 

Hie gladius , idem. 

Hec gesa, Ae gysserne. 3 

Hoc telum, A e darte. 

Hoc jaculum, idem. 

Hoc missele, idem. 

Hoc pilum, idem est. 

Hec balista, Ae awblast. 4 

Hoc petillum, Ae bolte. 

Hec petulio, idem. 

1 The metal formerly called in English 
laten, or latten, from the French laiton, 
was a compound of copper, very much 
resembling brass, which was extensively 
used in the middle ages, but the exact 
composition of which seems not now to 
be known. 

2 Read pugio. Myserecord. This name 
was given to a thin bladed dagger worn 
by the warrior, and used to dispatch one 
who was dangerously wounded, intended, 
as it is said, to imply that this was an 
act of mercy. (Cf. pag. 654 J. 16. R. W.) 

Hie tripolusj idem. 

Hie bipennisj A e twybyle. 

Hie ctipeus, Ae schelde. 

Hoc scutum, idem. 
5 Hec lancea, Ae spere. 

Hec hasta, idem. 

Hie cuspis, Ae poynte. 

Hec catepulta, a bradharrow. 5 

Hec feretra, Ae qwywere. 
10 Hec pelta, Ae boculere. 

Hec umbo, -nis, A e wose. 

Hec antile, A e halnase. 

Hec cathena, idem. 

Hie arcus, A e bow. 
15 Hie tropheus, Ae bawdry k. 

Hec cica, Ae misericord. 

Hec funda, Ae slyng. 

Hec lorax, Ae haburione. 

Hie mucro, A e swerd. 
20 Hec securis, Ae axe. 

Hec securicula, A c hachytt. 

Hoc braciolum, Ae brasor. 6 

Hoc brachiale, idem. 

Hec targea, Ae targett. 


Hec camicia, Ae sarke. 

Hec inchila, A e rochett. 

Hoc femorale, Ae breke. 
30 Hee bracce, -arum, idem. 

Hec tunica, A e cote. 

Hec supertunica, Ae surkotc. 

Hec caliga, Ae hose. 

Hec pedana, A e wampe. 7 
35 Hec formula, AC last. 

Hoc formipedium, idem. 

3 The gisarme, or giserne, was the bill 
or battle-axe. It has been identified with 
the Latin gesa by an older authority, the 
commentator on John de Garlande. 

4 Awblast, the arbalest, or crossbow. 

5 A broad-arrow was distinguished by 
a large forked head. 

6 Brasor, the brasser, or armour for the 

7 Vampe, or vampy, bottoms of hose 
covering the foot; or, perhaps here, the 
upper leather of a boot, 




Hoc perplicar, Ae gartere. 

Hoc subligar, idem. 

Hoc lumbare, A* brekgyrdylle. 

Hoc perizoma, idem. 

Hec toga, At gowne. 

Hec linistema, A* tarteryne. 1 

Hec lacuna, est extremitas uestis. 

Hoc gremium, AC scyrtte. 

Hoc Jimbrium, A e hemme. 

Hec pera, Ae strype. 

Hoc presegmen, Ae screde. 

Hec armilausa, A* cloke. 

Hec instita, AC rokytte. 2 

Hec tena, A* howe. 

Hec tenea, AC tappe. 

Hoc reticulum, Ae kelle.s 

Hoc sertum, A? garland. 

Hoc capellum, Ae hatte. 

Hec mitra, Ae mytyre. 

Hec galliare, idem. 

Hec nata, idem. 

Hec laurea, A* crowne. 

Hoc dyadema, idem. 

Hec corona, idem. 

Hec manica, A e myttau. 

Hoc epitogium, Ae cowrteby.^ 

Hoc Umpidium, A e idem. 

Hoc bombacilium, Ae idem. 

Hec capa, Ae cope. 

Hec clauus, Ae mantylle. 

Hoc pallium, idem. 

Hec lacerna, idem. 

Hec carelta, Ae lasse. 5 

Hec caxacalla, Ae idem. 

Hoc stropheum, Ae gyrdylle. 

Hie balteus, idem. 

Hoc singulum, idem. 

Hec ligula, Ae garter. 

1 Tarterine is described as a kiiid of 
silk stuff, said to have been so named 
because it was obtained from the Tartars. 

2 Cf. Catholicon Anglicum p. 3 10. R. W. 
a Kelle, a covering of network for the 


4 A courtby, or courtpy, was a short 
cloak of coarse cloth. 

5 Lasse, a cassock. 

6 Thowyng, a thong. 

Hec corigia, A e thowyng.6 

Hoc braccale, Ae brygyrdylle. 

Hie loculus, Ae purse. 

Hoc marsupium, idem. 
5 Hie ocria, Ae bote. 

Hie sotularis, Ae scho. 

Hoc antepedale, Ae wampe. 

Hoc pedium, idem. 

Hie pero, -ri, A e wolyng. 7 
10 Hec mantica, Ae male. 

Hec zoriata, idem. 

Hoc redimentum, est ornamentum. 

Hoc discriminale, est ornamentum 

capitis mulieris. 
15 Hec caracalla, Ae kelle. 8 

Hoc peplum, A e wympulle. 

Hoc tricatorium, Ae tressure. 

Hec uitta, Ae bend. 

Hoc seruale, idem est quod sertum. 
20 Hec inauris, est annulus in aure. 

Hoc armillum, est ornamentum. 



Hec aula, Ae halle. 

Hec mensa, Ae borde. 

Hie tristellus, Ae treste. 

Hoc bancarium, A e banquere. 
30 Hoc dorsarium, Ae dosur. 

Hec buda, Ae natte. 

Hoc scorium.) idem. 

Hec cillaba, Ae tabulle dormawnd. 

Hec peluis, A e basyn. 
35 Hoc lauatorium, Ae laworre. 

Hie ignis, Ae fyr. 

Hie focus, idem. 

Hie pir, idem. 

7 Wolyng, a leathern sack. 

8 Kelle signifies properly a smock, or 
petticoat ; perhaps it is used here for what 
we call a smock-frock. (Cf. note 3.) 

9 Table dormaunt appears to have been 
the name for a permanent table in the 
hall, as distinguished from the board which 
was placed temporarily upon trestles. The 
Latin cillaba appears to have been applied 
to a round table. 




Hoc focarium, A* harthe. 

Hec fax, -cis, Ae brande. 

Hec torris, idem. 

Hec teda, idem. 

Hie tissio, idem. 

Hoc ricrepofocilium, A* golestok. 1 

Hie, hec ciner, A e askys. 

Hec andena, A e awndyren. 

Hoc sedile, AC langsedylle. 2 

Hec cathedra, AC chayere 

Hec forceps, Ae tangges. 

Hoc scannum, A* bynke. 3 

Hoc stabellum, A e stole. 

Hoc fultrum, AC cosyn. 

Hoc focale, A f wode to the fyre. 

Hie culigna, A e pare belows. 

Hec antipera, A? serene. 


Panis fluentatus, Ae gurbred. 
Panis furfurius, At branbred. 
Panis ordiccius, AC barlybred. 
Panis triticius, Ae whetbred. 
Panis similaginius, A e paynmayn. 1 
Panis fabicius, At benebred. 
Panis pisacius, A e pesbred. 
Panis auenacius, A* hafyrbred.s 
Panis siliginius, Ae tharfbred. 6 
Panis sigalinus, idem. 
Panis muscidus, A e mowldebred. 
Hoc libum, Ae wastelle. 7 

1 What is still called in the north a 
yule-clog, or yule-log, 

2 The long wooden seat with back and 
arms, which is still called a settle. 

3 Bynke, a bench the usual seat in 
the hall. 

4 Payn-mayn was the name given to 
the bread of finer quality. 

5 Hafyr-bred, bread made of oats; oat- 

6 This term is now used in the north 
for unleavened bread. 

7 Wastelle, a cake, the Fr. gateau. 

8 i, e., a shive, or slice, 

Ilic artocopus, A* symnelle.s 
Hie panis, Ae lof of bred. 
Hie lesca, Ae scywe. 9 
Hie torcellus, Ae cake. 
5 Hoc minutal, A e cantelle. 
Hie mucor* At mowlde. 
Hec briba, At lumpe. 
Hoc frustrum, At mese, gobyt. 
Hoc ferculum, idem. 
10 Farcla stint frustra, dicuntnr fercula uasa. 

Hec mica, Ae crowm. 

Hec mappa, Ae bordeclathe. 

Hoc gausape, At sanap. 9 

Hie morsus, At bytte. 
15 Hoc manutergium, Ae towelle. 

Hoc selarium, Ae eel are. 10 

Hoc sal, At salte. 

Hoc cocliar, At spone. 

Hec sporticula, Ae relef. 11 
20 Hoc dolium, At townne. 

Hie vter, At buffylle. 12 

Hie collator, A e costylle. 18 

Hoc murra, Ae masere. 

Hoc uinum, Ae wyne. 
25 Hoc merum, A e mede. 

Hoc claretum, At clarett. 

Hec seruicia, A e ale. 

Hec selia, idem est. 

Hie ciphus, Ae coppe. 
30 Hoc cooperculum, Ae cowerkylle. 

H,ec fex, At dregges. 

Hoc nectar, At pyment. 

Hoc armariolum, At almere. 

9 Sanap, a napkin. The romance of Sir 
Degrevant, 1. 1887, speaks of 

Towellus of Eylyssham, 
Whygth as the sees fame, 
Sanappus of the same, 
Thus servyd thei ware. 

10 Celare, a salt-sellar. 

11 Eelef, a small basket. 

12 Buffylle, a leather bottle, for liquors, 
as would appear from the Latin equiva- 

13 Costylle. A costrel was a bottle or 
vessel of wood, resembling that which the 
labourers still carry with them in harvest 




Hoc sissorium, A e trenchure. 

Hie casius, A* chese. 

Hoc cepe, Ae hongon. 1 

Casins et cepe ueniunt ad prandia sepe. 

Hoc butirum, A e buttyre. 
Hie cadus, A e barylle. 
Hie ducellus, Ae dosylle. 2 
Hoc poculum, A e drynk. 
Hie potus, idem est. 
Hie cophinus, Ae hampere. 
Seruicia noua, Ae new ale. 
Seruicia deficata, AC stale ale. 
Seruicia acerba, A e sowre ale. 
Hoc placentum, A* wastelle. 


Hoc pecten, A e combe. 

Hoc colobium, AC tabarde. 

Hec armilausa, At cloke. 

Hie clauus, idem. 

Hoc capicium, A e hode. 

Hec supertunica, A e furdcote. 

Hec tunica, Ae cote. 

Hec toga, At gowne. 

Hec manica, Ae slewe. 

Hec glitella, A* kostyre.s 

Hec sista, Ae kyst. 

Hec area, Ae arke. 

Hec tecaj idem. 

Hec capsa, idem est. 

Hie nodulus, Ae boton. 

Hoc calcar, Ae spore. 

Hec stupa, Ae barre. 

Hoc monile, A e broche. 

Hec aguaria, Ae nedylhows. 

1 i. e., an onion. From the verse which 
follows we may perhaps conclude that it 
was usual to eat onions with cheese. 

2 Dosylle, the faucet of a barrel. Robert 
of Gloucester, describing the disturbances 
in Oxford in the thirteenth century, and 
the mischief the scholars did in the towns- 
men's houses, (ed. Hearue, p. 542), says 
Vor the mer was vinitcr, hii breke the viniterie, 
And alle othero in the toun, and that was lute 

maistrie ; 

Hii caste awei the d o s i 1 s ; that win orn abrod so, 
That it was pite gret of so much harm ido. 

Ilec pustula, A e bokylle. 
Hoc speculum, Ae meror. 
Hie fusus, A e spyndylle. 
Hec madula, Ae jurdan. 
5 Hie jurdanus, idem est. 
Hoc tapetum, A e tapyt. 
Hoc coopertorium, Ae coverhyde. 
Hoc carentreuillum, A e can was. 
Lectus plumalis, A e fedyrbed. 
10 Hie lectus, Ae bede. 

Hoc stratum, Ae bedlytter. 

Est lectus stratum, uia regia sit tibi strata. 

Hoc epicaustorium, Ae chymne. 
Hie caminus, idem est. 


Hie coqus, A coke. 
20 Hie, hec lixa, Ae quystron. 4 

Hoc mortarium, A e raortere. 

Hie pilus, Ae pestylle. 

Hoc micatorium, A e myowre. 5 

Hoc mortorium, Ae postyk. 
25 Hec olla, Ae potte- 

Hec anca, Ae potere. 

Hie vrceus, A e posnett. 

Hie vrciolus, Ae idem. 

Hec ollula, Ae idem. 
30 Hec patella, A e panne. 

Hec tripes, A e burnderthe. 6 

Hec scapha, A e bolle. 

Hoc frixorium, Ae friyngpan. 

Hie limas, A e nap rune. 
35 Hoc succidium, Ae sowsse. 

Hoc ramentum, Ae ramayle. 7 

Hoc sepum, Ae tallo. 

3 Kostyr, the hanging of the wall of 
the room aulceum. 

4 Quystron, the cook's assistant, or scul- 

5 Myowr, an implement for reducing 
bread into crumbs, in old French esmicure. 

6 Burnderthe, a braudreth, or iron tripod, 
to place over a fire for supporting a pot 
or kettle. 

7 Ramayle, scrapings. 




Hoc ueru, Ae spytt. 

Hoc uerutum, Ae spit with mete. 

Hie fumus, Ae reke. 

Hec flamma, Ae low. 

Hec fuligo, Ae sote. 

Hoc brodium, Ae brothe. 

Hoc ferculum, Af- mese. 

Hoc potagium, Ae potage. 

Hoc edulium, Ae sowle. 1 

Hoc adipatum, Ae browys. 

Hoc lacticinium, Ae wyttemet. 

Hoc lac, A e mylke. 

Hoc serum, Ae way. 

Hoc coagulum, Ae crodde. 

Hoc coactum, A e reme. 

Hec perapsis, A e doblere. 

Hoc sallarium, A e sowser. 

Hec taleteca, Ae blawmunger. 

Hoc pepe, Ae mortrus. 

Hie garrus, Ae brewett. 

Hoc sepulatum, Ae sewe. 

Hie pastillus, Ae pasty th. 

Hie baco, Ae bacon. 

Hec perna, Ae flyk. 

Hoc lardum, Ae lardy re. 

Hoc fertum, Ae podynge. 

Hec salucia, A e sauscyre. 

Hoc tuncetum, Ae hagase. 2 

Hec olda, A e hyspyn. 

Hie omasus, A e trype. 

Caro recens, fresche flesche. 

Caro salsa, salt flesche. 

Caro bouina, beyfflesche. 3 

Caro porcina, swyneflesche. 

Caro uitulina, calfflesche. 

Caro mutulina, chepeflesche. 

Caro aucina, goseflesche. 

1 Sowle, anything eaten with bread, like 
cheese, &c., still called in some of the 
English dialects sool or sowl. Thns, in 
the romance of Havelok, 1. 767 

Kam he nevere horn hand-bare, 
That he ne broucte bred and s o w e 1. 

2 Hagase. The hagas was the paunch, 
or stomach, of the animal, stuffed with 
minced-meat, &c., something in the man- 
ner of a sausage; the origin of the modern 
Scottish haggis. 

Caro spadonia, capuneflesche. 

Caro caponina, caponflesche. 

Caro gallinacia, heneflesche. 

Caro grossa, grete flesche. 
5 Caro assota, rost flesche. 

Caro in brodio, in broth. 

Caro cocta in pasta, bakyn. 

Hie pugio, A e pejon. 

Hoc caldarium, A e caldron. 
10 Hec ferina, Ae wenyson. 

Hoc senapium, Ae mustarde. 

Hoc alleum, Ae garly. 

Hoc ius uiride, Ae warins. 

Hec emulaga, A e batyre. 
15 Hie chalaphus, Ae pangere. 

Caro cruda, A e ra flesche. 

Caro rancida, Ae rest flesche. 

Hie scamellus, A e dressyn-knyfbord. 

Hie nidor, sapor coquine* 
20 Hie afingea, pinguedo porci- 

Hoc abdomen, idem est. 

Hec nebula, Ae noble. 

Hec uafra, A wayfyre. 

Hie flato, Ae flaune. 4 
2bHec cratericula, Ae rostyryn. 

Hec artocria, a pie de pundio. 



Hec brasiatrix, A e brewster. 
Hec cima, A e kymnelle. 5 
Hec Una, Ae sa. 
Hie fornax, Ae furnasse. 
35 Hoc alueum, Ae trogh. 
Hoc brasium, A e malte. 
Hec barzisa, Ae wortte. 

3 These interpretations would seem to 
show that the Anglo-Norman terms, beef, 
pork, &c., had not yet entirely superseded 
the names of meat of Anglo-Saxon deriv- 

4 Wayfire . . . flaune. Wafers were a 
very light kind of cakes; in old French 
gauffres; flauns were custards. 

5 Kymnelle, a tub for household pur- 
poses; a vat. 




Hoc dragium, A e draf. 
Hoc colder ium, A e caldron. 
Hie cacabus, idem. 
Hoc taratantarum, AC temse. 1 
Hec cuuella, AC kuulioune 2 
Hoc cilicium, A e hayre. 
Hoc ydromellum, Ae growte. 
Hec mola, Ae quernes. 
Hec pruera, lingge. 3 
Merica, idem est. 


Hie pistor, AC bacstere. 

Hec ferina, AC mele. 

Hie furfur, A e bran. 

Hie flos, Ae flowre. 

Hec similago, est purissimus flos. 

Hec pasta, A* dagh. 

Hoc leuamentum, A e lewan. 4 

Hoc fermentum, A e surdagh. 5 

Hoc crebrum, A e syfe. 

Hoc pellen, Ae floure. 

Hoc pollitridium, A e bultclathe. 

Hec falanga, Ae satre. 

Hec pela, A* pele. 

Hec uertebra, A* cobarde. 

Hoc tresorium, A e scomure. 

Hie furnus, Ae oven. 

Poletriduare, to bulte. 

Hoc sinarium, A e sotre. 

Hec casta, Ae rybbe. 

Hie cultellus, A? knyfe. 

Hec sindula, A e blade. 

Hoc manubrium, A e hefte. 

Hoc penum, A e egge. 

Hie perrasmus, Ae tonge. 

Hec cuspis, A e poynte. 

Hec sperula, Ae werylle. 


Hec garba, A e chef. 
5 Hie manipulus, Ae repe. 
Hec corbex, A* lepe. 
Hoc uentilabrum, A e wyndylle. 
Hie modius, Ae buschelle. 
Hie corns, A e mesure. 
WHec prebenda, Ae probend. 
Hie abbatis, Ae prowaiide. 
Abbatis aueuam dat equis abbatis auenam. 

Hec auena, A e otys. 

Hoc ostorium, AC stryke. 
15 Hec ala, Ae wenge. 

Hoc flagellum, A e flayle. 

Hoc rastrum, Ae rake. 

Hoc granum, A e corne. 

Hec spica, Ae cornehere. 
20 Hoc frumentum, Ae wete. 

Hoc triticum, A e whete. 

Hec pisa, Ae pese. 

Hec faba, A e bene. 

Hec uicia, Ae feche. 
25 Hec lens, Ae lentylle. 

Hoc ordium, A e barly. 

Hec siligo, A e rye. 

Hoc sigalum, idem. 

Hec curalis, A e crappys. 
30 Hoc lollium, A e populle. 

Hie cratis, A e fleke. 

Hoc tribidum, Ae schowulle. 

Hec solea, A e sole. 

Hec pedana, A e wampay. 7 
35 Hoc intercucium, Ae weltte. 

Hoc pictacium, A e clowte. 



Pluit, raynes, Deus meus.* 

Temse, a sieve. The word is still in brooms, and other domestic purposes. 

use iu the North of England. 

2 Ouvella signifies a small tub. 

3 Pruera is a corruption of bruera, and 
mtrica of mirica. Ling, the calluna of 
modem botanists, is introduced here be- 
cause it was used largely for making 


Sur-dagh, i. sour dough. 
A strike, or bushel measure. 
Wampay. See before, p. 654 1. 34. 
Deus meus etc. is added in a differ- 
ent hand-writing. R. W. 





Gelat, freses ; Deus tuus. 
Degelat, thowes, Deus suus. 
.Floctat, snawes, Deus ilius. 
Ningit, snawes, Deus ipsius. 
Tonat, thoneres, Deus sanctus. 
Grandinatj hayles, Deus omnipotens. 
Fulgurat, lewnes, Deus creator. 
Fulminat, idem, Deus dat omnia. 


Hec beta, est secundus panis- 

Hec gerusia, At gadde. 

Hec mantica, Ae male. 

Hec mastiga, AC wyppe. 

Hec reda, Ae chare. 

Hie aculeus, AC brode. 1 

Hoc plaustrum, A* wayne. 

Hec tema, A* teme. 

Hec torques, Ae wythe. 2 

Hie currus, Ae karte. 

Hec Una, est currus habens duos 


Hec rota, Ae qwele. 
Hie radius, A e spake. 
Hoc meditulium, A e nawef. 
Hie axis, Ae axyltre. 
Hoc hunullum, A e lynpyne. 
Hie limo, Ae thyllys. 
Hoc fricsorium, Ae pynne. 
Hie uiredus, Ae thylhors. 
Hoc dorsilollum, A e cartsadylle. 
Hec singula, Ae garthe. 
Hec postela, A e taylerape. 
Hec antela, A e paytrylle. 
Hec trane, -arum, Ae trays. 
Hoc capistrum, Ae heltyre. 
Hoc scansile, A styroppe. 
Hec stropa, idem. 
Hec strigilis, A e horscombe. 
Hoc aratrum, A e plogh. . 
Hoc iugum, Ae gokke. 


Hoc multrum, A e chesfat. 3 
5 Hoc lac, Ae my Ik. 

Hoc butirum, A* buttyre. 

Hie caseus, A? chese. 

Hoc coagulum, Ae erodes. 

Hec bedulta, AC possyt. 
10 Hoc serum, A e way. 

Hie lacsugo, Ae way. 

Hec antipera, Ae kyrne. 

Hoc almariolum, A e almary. 

Hoc torcular, Ae prassur. 
15 Hoc coactum, A e reme. 

Hec multra, Ae payle. 

Hec lactis, -cis, Ae cheslypp. 4 


Hoc hastiludium, A e iustyng. 

Hoc tirocinium, Ae turnament. 

Hoc interludium, Ae entyrlute. 

Hie trocus, Ae toppe. 
25 Hec scutica } A e scowrge. 

Hec pila, Ae balle. 

Hoc pedum, Ae cambok. 5 

Hie pirrus, Ae chekyr. 

Hie scaccarius, idem. 
30 Hie scaccus, Ae chesse. 

Hie talus, A e dyse. 

Hec alea, idem. 

Hec tabella, Ae tabulles. 

Hec tuba, Ae trumpe. 
35 Hec buccina, idem. 

Hec fistula, Ae pype. 

Hec idraulis, A t waterpype. 

Hec anduca, Ae belepype. 

Hec cithera, A e harpe. 
40 Hec lira, A e harpestring. 

Hoc plectrum, A e wrastt. 

Hoc tympanum, Ae taburne. 

Hie sambucus, Ae sytholle. 

1 Erode, a prick, or goad. 

2 A with, or twisted rod. 

3 Ches-fat, a milkpail. 

4 Cheslyppe. Perhaps rnnnet, which is 

still called cheeselop in the north. 

5 Cambok, an old game at ball played 
with a crooked stick, mentioned under 
this name by Stowe. 




Hec uetella, A e rybybe. 
Hec symphonia, AC synphane. 
Hec palpita, A? sawtre. 
Hec uiella, Ae fythylle. 
Hoc symbalum, Ae symbale. 
Hoc organum, A e organs. 


Hoc fundum, Ae growndwalle. 1 

Hec bassis, idem. 

Hec paries, A* walle. 

Hie murus, idem. 

Hie cardo, Ae thriswald. 

Hoc limen, idem. 

Hoc sublimen. idem. 

Hec postis, A e post. 

Hoc laquear, A e postband. 

Hec fania, Ae pautre. 

Hec trabes, Ae balk. 

Hec tegula, Ae teylle. 

Hoc later, idem. 

Hoc laquear, Ae postband. 

Hec cauilla, Ae pynne. 

Hie cuneuSj A e wegge. 

Hec tingnus, A? howsehessyng. 

Hoc domicilium, idem* 

Hoc edificiitm, idem. 

Hec columna, Ae pelere. 

Hec uolta, Ae-wowte. 

Hoc lodium, Ae lowere.2 

Hoc spelare, A e wyndow. 

Hec fenestra, idem. 

Hoc ostium, Ae do re. 

Hec sera, A e lok. 

Hec uictinella, Ae stapulle. 

Hec clauis, Ae kay. 

Hoc repagulum, Ae dorebar. 

Hoc pessulum, idem. 

1 Ground-walle ; this is the old Anglo- 
Saxon term. See before, p. 326 1. 22. 

2 Lowere, a louver. The open turret, 
or lantern, on the roof of a building, 
especially on the old baronial halls, the 
original object of which was to carry off 
the smoke from the fire in the middle of 
the hall. 

Hec uectis, idem. 

Hie clatrus, idem. 

Hie obex, idem. 

Hoc ostiolum, Ae hek. 3 
bHoc superliminare, Ae ouverslay. 

Hoc superlimen, idem est. 

Hoc lignum, A e spere. 

Hoc tigittum, Ae idem. 

Hocfestum, est lignum ad quod omnia 
10 tigna conueniunt. 

Hec trapecula, Ae byndbalk. 

Hoc doma, Ae rofe. 

Hie hamus, Ae hoke. 

Hec sericula, Ae clykyt. 


Hec obstatrix, A e mydwyfe. 

Fassiatus, A e swathild. 
20 Hoc cunabulum, Ae credylle. 

Reperre, to crepe. 

Salmare, to slawer. 

Hec salmacio, Ae slaveryng. 

Hoc salmarium, Ae slavery ngclout. 
25 Alutare, to fyle. 

Mutulare, to mamere. 

Hec mutulatio, Ae mameryng. 

Uagire, i. clamare sicut infans. 

Hec ancilla, A e maydyn. 
30 Hec puella, idem. 

Hec trocus, A e toppe. 

Hec mataxa, A* hekylle. 

Hie limphus, Ae topflax. 

Hec fascia, A e credylbande. 
35 Hie colus, Ae roke. 

Hie fusus, A e spyndylle. 

Hec lacrima, Ae tere. 

Surdus, -a, -um, defFe. 

Surdaster, -a, -urn, A e halfedeffe. 

3 Hek is perhaps used in the same 
signification which it still bears in the 
north, the lower half of the door, which 
remains shut while the other half opens. 

4 The MS. has Nutriariam. The words 
follow earh other in this chapter as thongh 
they had been taken from the Treatise" 
of Walter de Biblesworth. 





Hie bubulcus, Ae oxarde. 
Hie, hec bos, AC ox. 
Hie taurus, AC bulle. 
Hec uacca, A e cow. 
Hie bouiculus, Ae styrk. 
Hec juuenca, A* quee. 
Hie uitulus, Ae calfe. 
Hoc presepe, Ae crybe. 
Hoc bouerium, A* oxstalle. 
Hie palus, A^ stak. 


Hie idrus, serpens antiqua. 

Hec emfimenia, serpens cum duobus 

Hie cholendrus, serpens qui moritur 

in aquis. 

Hie seps, serpens exiguus. 
Hie dipsas, serpens magne malicie. 
Hec salpia, serpens qui non uidetur. 
Hie coluber, Ae snake. 


Hie porcarius, A e swyneherde, 
Hie aper, Ae bore. 
Hie, hec sus, Ae sowe. 
Hec porca, i. quod scrofa. 
Hie frendis, Ae gait. 1 
Hie neufrendis, A e gylt. 
Hie porcellus, Ae gryse. 


Hoc monasterium, A e mynstre. 

Hec ecclesia, Ae kyrk. 

Hie cancettus, Ae chawnsylle. 

Hie chorus, idem est. 

Hec capella, Ae chapylle. 

Hoc oratorium, A e oratory. 

Hoc refectorium, A e frature. 

Hoc dormitorium, A e dorture. 

Hoc capitulum, A e chapytur. 
5 Hoc locutorium, A e parloure. 

Hoc claustrum, Ae clostyre. 

Hec porticus, Ae porche. 

Hec proaula, idem est. 

Hec aula, Ae halle. 
10 Hec camera, A e chawmbur. 

Hec talamus, idem est. 

Hec latrina, A e wardroppc. 

Hec cloaca, idem est. 

Hoc selarium, Ae selare. 
15 Hec panteria, Ae pantre. 

Hec botelaria, A f botelary. 

Hoc lardarium, Ae lardyrhouse. 

Hec quoquina, A e kechyn. 

Hoc pistrinum, A e bachouse. 
20 Hoc brasorium, A e brewhouse. 

Hoc torale, Ae kylnhowse. 

Hoc furnium, A e ovenhouse. 

Hoc orreum, Ae lathe. 

Hoc granarium) idem est. 
25 Hoc palare, Ae chaf house. 

Hoc boster, Ae schyppune. 

Hoc stabulum, A stabulle. 

Hoc columbare, A e dowecote. 

Hec barcaria, A e schepehouse. 
30 Hec porcaria, Ae swyncote. 

Hoc suarium, idem est. 

Hec ara, idem est. 

Hoc ouile, A e falde. 

Hoc tigurrium, Ae cheperdhowse. 
35 Hoc gallinarium, A* henecote. 

Hec salina, A e saltecote. 

Hoc repositorium, Ae hordehouse. 

Hec garbana, idem est. 

Hoc argastulum, A e prisoun. 
40 Hie bocardo, idem est. 

Hocprostipulum, estdomus meretricis. 

Hoc lupanar, idem est. 

Hec quinquatria, est domus habens 

quinque porticus sub se. 

Gait, a boar-pig. 





Hie pater, A e fadyre. 

Hie genitor, idem est. 

Hie, hec parens, est pater uel mater, 

Hie uictricus, A stepfadyre. 

Hec uictrica, AC stepmodyre. 

Hie filiaster, AC stepsone. 

Hec preuigna, A e stepdoghter. 

Hec filiaster, idem est. 

Hie compater, A e godefader. 

Hec commater, A e godemoder. 

Hie Jiliolus, Ae godeson. 

Hec Jiliola, A* goddoghter. 

Hie f rater, A e brother. 

Hie germanusj idem est. 

Hec soror, A* syster. 

Hec germana, idem est. 

Hie sororius, Ae syster hosband. 

Hie socer, A el pater in lege. 
Hec socrus, A e mater in lege. 
Hec nurus, A e Jilia in lege. 
Hie gener, A* sone-in-law. 
5 Hec amita, soror patris. 
Hec matertera, soror matris. 
Hie auus, Ae eldfader. 
Hec auia, A e eldmoder. 
Hie proceser, pater patris in lege. 
10 Hie nepos, est Jilius JUii. 

Hec neptis, est Jilia filii uel filie. 
Hec glos, -ris, est soror in lege. 
Hie leuir, est frater in lege. 



Hie yemps, A e wyntyre. 
Hoc uer, -ris, vere. 
Hec estas, Ae suramure. 
20 Hie autumnus, AC harwest. 

1 So the MS. R. W. 




Incipit nominate sub compendia compilation tarn de fixis quam de mobilibus. 




Hoc principium, 

Hoc inicium, 

Hoc exordium, ]A begynnyng. 

Hoc primordium, \ 

Hie origo, 

Hoc caput, AW hede. 

Hoc occiput, a nodyle. 

1 A common title for the vocabularies 
of the fifteenth century was that of No- 
minate, intimating that it was strictly a 
vocabulary of nouns, or names of things, 
classified under their different heads. The 
nominale here printed is taken from a 
very curious MS. of the fifteenth cen- 
tury, in the collection of Joseph Mayer, 
Esq., F.S.A., of Liverpool, which had no 
doubt belonged to the schoolmaster who 
taught with it, and remains in its origi- 
nal cover of vellum, contrived so as to 
roll up to make it more portable, with a 

Hoc cinciput, i. pars anterior. 
Hoc inter ciput } i. media pars. 
Hoc ffrontispicium, a fortope. 
Hec vertex, AC hatrelle. 
5 Hoc discrimen, the schade of the 

hede. 2 
Hie crinis, 
Hie capillus, 
Hec coma, 
10 Hie pilus, 

Hoc cerebrum, a brayn. 

string attached, to tie it when rolled. It 
is unfortunately not quite complete, a leaf 
having been lost; but to judge from the 
part which remains, that which is lost was 
probably the least important part of it, 
and may be supplied from the complete 
vocabularies of the fifteenth century, printed 
in the present volume. 

2 Schede, or shed, was the common 
name for the separation of the hair on 
the top of the head, from which it spread 
down on either side (= Germ, schfitel. 
R. W.). 

675 A NOMINALE. 676 

Hoc crinium, a harnpane. Hec lingua,) 

Hec ffacies^ a face. Hec glossaj 

Hec ffaciecula, i- parva fades. Hoc labium, ) , 

Hoc tempus, a tunwonge. 1 Hoc labrumj a ^ Q ' 

Hec macula, a spote. 5 Hie dens, -tis, a tothe. 

Hec papula, a blane. Hec jungiva, a gume. 

Hec maxilla,") Hec auris, a nere. 

Hec mola, > A chekbone. Hec auricula, i. parva auris. 

Hec jaux, ) Hec colera, the ersope. 5 

Hec frons, a forete. 10 Hec mandibula, a chekebone. 

Hoc cilium, a brow. Hie porrigo, a poke. 

Hoc supercilium, a browbone. Hec veruka, a warte. 

Hoc intercilium, the space betwene Hoc ulcus, a kylle. 6 

the eyn. Hie gibbus, a byle behynde. 

Hie oculus,). ce 2 15 Hie gibber, a byle before. 

Hie talmus,) Hec struma, idem est. 

Hec palpebra, the eelyde. Hoc collum, a neke. 

Hec pupilla, the appylle of the ce. Hec gula, ) , 
Hec albedo, ^ Hoc guttur,} a 

Hec albucies, \ the whyte of the ee. 20 Hecfrontinella, the pyte in the neke. 
Hoc albumen,) Hoc f rumen, i. summa pars gutturis. 

Hec acies. the scharpnes of the ee. Hec ructa, \ . , 

T-r- TT C idem est. 

Hie nasus, a nese. Hoc rumen,' 

Hec naris, a nesthyrylle. Hie ysophagus, a wesande. 

Hoc inter finium., the bryg of the nese. 25 Hoc epiglotum, a thotegole. 

Hec purila, the poynt of the nese. Hie stomacus, a stomake. 

Hec cartilago, a grystylle. Hoc brachium, a narme. 

Hoc rostrum, a bylle. Hec acella, a narmehole. 

Hie cirrus, a topylle. 3 Hie cubitus, a cubyte. 

Hie polipus, the fylth of the nese. 30 Hie humerus, a chwdyr. 

Hec saliva, a -spyttynge. Hie manus, a hande. 

Hec orexis, a spewynge. Hie digitus, a fyngyr. 

Hec glabra, a scale. Hec palma, -\ 

Hoc mentum, a chyn. Hoc ir, irrisS the lone of the hande. 

Hec uteelaris, a wongtothe. 4 ^Hec vola, ) 

Hoc os, -ris, a mowthe. Hie pollex, a thome. 

Hec gena, ) , , Hie index, the secunde fynger. 

Hec bucca,) Hie medius, the longe fynger. 

1 The Anglo-Saxon {>unwang, a temple. signify a tuft or crest. 

See the A.-S. vocabularies in the present * Wong, or wang, was the A.-S. word 

volume. for a check; wang-tod meant a grinder. 

2 Ne, an eye. This practice of prefixing Wangtooth is, I believe, still used in this 
the final n of the article to the noun, sense in the north. 

when the latter commences with a vowel, 5 A Nominale in MS. Reg. 17, C. XVIL, 

is of constant recurrence in these vocab- fol. 38, \0, gives, ,,colera, Anglice arwax." 

ularies of the fifteenth century. 6 A kile, or ulcerated sore. 

3 Topple was used by old writers to 




Hie medicus, the therde fynger. 

Hie auricular is, the lytyle fynger. 

Hie pugnus, a fyste. 

Hec unguisj , e 

Hec ungula,) 

Hec junctura, a joynt. 

Hoc corpus, a body. 

Hec cutis, ) , 

Hec pellis^ * 

.floe tergum, > , , 

Hoc dor sum,) 

Hoc spondile-i a bakebone. 

Hie torax, a brestebone. 

Hie venter, \ 

rr- 7 ( a wame. 

Hie alvuus,' 

Hie umbelicus, a navyle. 
Hec natis, a bottoke. 

Hec cawda,) , 

rr j- f a tayle. 
.flee GKca, ) 

.Hie lumbus, a hype. 

-Hoc w&er, ^ 

-Hec mamma, > a pape. 

jHec mamillaj 

Hoc pectus, a breste. 

Hoc latus, a syde. 

Ifec costa, a rybe. 

.Hec pubes, gong hore. 1 

JJoc femur, 

Hoc crus, 

Hoc veretrumJ 

Hie priapus, > 

Hec vulva, a cunte. 

Hie testiculus, a balloke. 

-Hie ramex, locus genitalium. 

Hoc genitale, a balloke stone. 

Hec piga, a balloke code. 

Hie anus, ) a ners. 

Hie culus,) 

Hec poplex, a hame. 

-Hec matrix, 

the - 

Hoc viscus, \ 

Hoc intestinumt a bowyle. 

-Hoc extum, ) 

Hoc scrutum, a trype. 
5 Hec diafragma, a my d rede. 

.flee pulpa, A brawne. 

-Hoc epa, -tis, a lyver. 

-Hoc splen, a mylte. 

.flbc cor, -dis, a herte. 
10 Hoc ren, -is, a nere. 2 

Hie lien, -nis, a longegute. 

Hie pulmo, the lownges. 

-Hoc jecor, a inawe. 

-Hoc cadaver, a caryoun. 
15 Hoc burburium, owmlys. 8 

-Hoc cepum, talow. 

adumen, ) A ce gres betwen the 
Hie pinguedo,} skyn and the . . . 
Hie adeps, idem est. 

Hec stera, 
Hec secundina, 
Hec secunda, 

pellis in qua conci- 
pitur infans. 

rr- > -4ce blode. 

-Hzc cruor, y 

Hec omomestra, a medryn. 4 
IToc /e^, -?w, a gale. 
-Hoc sperma, Ace fry. 

2 5 -Hoc stercus.) , 
T-r -i > a torde. 

/zee merda, ) 

-Hoc cirbrum, a gute. 

-Hoc ^enw, a kne. 

-Hoc internodium,) the knope of the 
30 kne. 

-flee ft'oz'a, a lege. 

-Hec sura, a chynbone. 

.Hz'c nervus, a synow. 

flee vena, a vayn. 
35 -floe os, -sis, a bone. 

Hec medulla, margthe. r> 

-Hoc crus, -ris, a the. 

.flee cavilla, a nankyle. 

Hie musculus, the calfe of the lege. 
40 -Hzc fragus, a wyrste. 6 

-Hec talus, 

Hec duricies, hardnes of the hande. 

1 i. e., young hair. The Nominale in 
MS. Reg. 17, C. XVII., fol. 38, v<>, ex- 
plains pubes arid picten (pecteri) by ,,An- 
glice rawne." 

2 Cf. p. 636 note 5. 

3 The uinbles. 

4 The midriff. 

5 The marrow; A.-S. mearh, or mearg. 

6 The bend of the knee. 




Hie pes, -dis, a fote. 

Hec planta, the sole of the fote. 

Hec apostema, a postym. 

Hec vertebra, the wherlbone. 

Hie sinus, a bosome. 

Hoc grdbatum, penultima corrupta, 

a skyrte. 

Hoc gremium, a heme. 
Hie allux, -cis, a grete too. 
Hie articulus, a lytyle too. 
Hoc vulnus,! 
Hec plaga, ) 
Recia, regna plage dicuntur, vulnera plage. 

Hie sudor, -ris, A ce swete. 

Hec lacrima, a tere. 

Hie porus, a sweteholle. 

Hec scabia, a skale. 

Hie corona, a crowne. 

Hec vesica, a bledyr. 

Hec urina, A pysse. 

Hec urinula, idem est. 

Hoc bumbum, a ferte. 

Hec lirida, a fyse. 

Hie passus, a rayke. 1 

Hoc progressus, a goynge forthe. 

Hie regressus,) 

Hec revercio, ] 

Hie adventus,) 

Hie accessus,) 

Hie recessus, > 

Hec discessus,} 

Hie gustus, a taystyng. 

Hie olfactus, a smellyng, 

Hie auditus, a heryng. 

Hie visus, a syghte. 

Hie tactus, a towchyng. 

Hec anima, a salle. 

Hie spiritus, a spret. 

Hec mens, a mynde. 

Hie sensus, a wyte. 

Hoc factum, a dyde. 

Hec vita, Ace lyfe. 

Hec conversacio, idem est. 

Hec voluntas, a wyle. 

1 A step. This word is no doubt con- 
nected with the old English word rayke, 
or rake, to proceed, or go. 

Hoc carecter,) 
Hoc cicatrix,) 

a nerre. 2 

Hec lenticula, a frakyn. 3 
Hec omoplata, a schuldyrbone. 
5 Hoc pollicium, a nynche. 


10 CORUM. 

to - 


1 Hie 

20 Hie 

30 Hie 

papa, a pape. 
apostolus, A, apostyle. 
patriarcha, a patriarke. 
cardinalis, a cardynale. 
archyepiscopus, an ersbychope. 
episcopus, a byschope. 
archidiaconus, a narsdekyn. 
diaconus, a dekyn. 
decanus) a dene. 
legatus, a legate. 
propheta, a profete. 
offaialis, an ofiycyale. 
poeta, a poyte. 
archisinagogus, i. princeps sina- 




cancellarius, a chancel ler. 
suffraganus, a suffrykayn. 
abbas, a abbote. 
prior, a pryor. 
subprior, a subprior. 
causidicus, a vokyte. 
philosofus, a fylysofer. 
monachus, a monke. 
canonicusj a chanoun. 
celerarius, a celerer. 
sacrista, a secristoun. 
comissarius, a comyssari. 
rector , a person. 
vicarius, a vyker. 


7 i a presto. 

doctor, a dotyr. 
legista, a legistery. 
bacularius, a bachyler. 

2 Nerre, a scar, or pock - mark, still 
called an ar in the north. 

3 A spot, or freckle. 





Hie sophista, a sovyster. 

flic preco, -nis,\ , -, 
TT- 7-7 77 ( & bedylle. 

Etc btdellus, > f 

.flzc diaconus.) 

Hie subdiaconus, a subdekyn. 
.flzc acolitus, a colyte. 
.Hie exorcista, a benyte. 
ffic .uybfer, 1 m 
.azc pedagogus,) 
Hie ostiarius, a uscher. 
//zc, foe scolarius, a scoler. 
#zc clericus, a clarke. 
-ET/c discipulus, a dyscyple. 
Szc scriptor, a wryter. 
J?i'c minister, a mynester. 
.Hiic gubernator, a governer. 
-Hzc instructor, a submastyr. 
-Hie f rater j a frere. 



a novys. 

succellerarius, a sowthselerer. 
templarius, a templer. 
foe heremita, a ermyte. 
foe anacorita, a ancoryse. 
gramaticus, a gramaryoun. 

citator, \ 

(a summunder. 

index, a domsman. 


arbiter, j a noterer - 

lector, a redere. 

cantator, a synger. 

musicus, a musyker. 


Hie ebdomidarius.) 

Hie ceroferariusjl a cer S berare - 

Hie chorista 

Hie parapnomsta, 

& qwaleB ter. 

ITec versificator, a versyfyer. 

A qnerister, or chorister. It is a very 
unusual form of the word. 

A quire of vellum or paper. See be- 
fore, p. 314 1. 10. 

A tablet, or table-book. The common 
use of table-books in the middle ages has 
been alluded to more than once in the 
present volume. According to the Boke 
of Curtasye (p. 22), the steward of the 
baronial household set down his accounts 
in a table-book before they were entered 
in the regular books 

5 Hie hospitelarius, a hosteler. 
Hie pair onus, a pair one. 
Hie sequestarius, a sequesterer. 
Hie latinista, a Latynmaker. 



Hie cornu, indeclinabile, a home. 
15 Hoc pennare, a pener. 

Hoc incaustum, A c e ynke. 

Hie calamus, a stalke. 

Hec penna, a pen. 

Hoc acuperiwn,} a wheston. 
20 Hie cos, -tis, \ 

Hie artavus, a penknyfe. 

Hec vagina, a schethe. 

Hec bursa, a purs. 

Hoc percaminum, perchement. 
25 Hie papirus, paupere. 

Hec sidula, a scrowle. 

Hec zona, )B.gyr- 

Hoc tropheum, media corrupta, ) dy le. 

Hie pumex, Ace pomege. 
9&Hic quaternus, a quare. 2 

Hec diptica, a smale tabyle. 3 

Hie stilus, ) , , 4 

rj. ' \ a poyntyle. 4 

Hie graplms,) 

Hoc plumbum, A ce lede. 
35 Hoc regular e, a rewler. 
Hec crota, A calke. 
Hoc punctorium, a prykker. 

At countyng stuarde schalle ben, 
Tylle alle be brevet of wax so grene 
Wrytten into bokes, without let, 
That before in tabuls base ben sett. 

For the wax, or other similar substance, 
a composition was substituted in the course 
of the fifteenth century, which eventually 
gave place to what is known as asses' skin. 
4 The Roman stylus, and Anglo-Saxon 
grcff. See before, p 314, note 4. 




Hoc rasorium,) 

Hec novacula,) 

Hie pulver, -ris, powdyr. 

Hoc fulgur, A ce bornston.i 

Hec rosina, A rosyle. 



Hie imperator* ) 

. . % 5 a emperowre. 

Hie induperator.) 

Hie rex. -qis.l , 

, y (a kynee. 
Hie regulus, > 

Hie princeps, a prynce. 

Hie dux, -cis, a duke. 

Hie comes. A nerle. 

Hie dominus.) , , 

Hicherus, 1 a lorde ' 

Hie baro, a barone. 

Hie miles, -tis,j 

Hie eques, > a knyght. 

Hie tiro, -nis, ) 

Hie neoptolemus, a gong knyght. 

Hie principatus, a prinshode. 

Hie vicecomes, a scheryfe. 

Hie siniscallus, a stewerde. 

Hie armiqer,) 

Hie scutifer} 

Hie heres, an 'are. 

Hie ballivus, a bayle. 

Hie villicus, ) 

Hie preposiiusj a S rafe ' 

Hie maior, ) 

Hie prefectus<> a ma ? r ' 

Hie senior. } 

Hie decrepitus} a nald man ' 

Hie, hec homol 

Hie mas, 

Hie homunculus, a lytyl man. 

Hie paterfamilias,} huBbandman 

Hie icommus, 

1 Bornston, perhaps brimstone. 

2 The Anglo-Saxon gerefa, a reeve. 
The panter, pantrer, or pantner, was 

properly the officer of the household who 
had the care and distribution of the bread 

Hie, hec burgensis, a burgys. 
Hec civis, a cyttenere. 
Hie arculius, a wayte. 
Hie constabularius, a constabyle. 
5 Hie lictor, a sargent. 
Hie camerarius, a chamerlane. 
Hie aresponsis, . qui respondit pro 

Hie claviger, a kayberere. 

^ Clava ferit, clavis aperit, clavus duo iungit. 
CJavis nos vel vas qui fert sit claviger; 
Indue te clavo, rege clavo, percute clavo. 

Hie centurio, qui habet centum milites. 

Hie quaternio, qui habet iiij ( ' milites. 
1 5 Hie decurio, qui habet x. milites. 

Hie tetrarcha, princeps 4'' regionum. 

Hie proditor, a traytore. 

Hie assecretis, a cownccllere. 

Hie archimentrita, i. princeps omnium. 
20 Hie panterius, a pantrer. ;i 

Hie pincerna, a botler. 

Hie cokus, a knke. 

Hie, hec lixa, a'kychyn page. 4 

Hie archemerus, a master cuke. 
25 Hie ianitor, a porter. 

Hie Romanus, a Romayn. 

Hie ludeus, a Jew. 

Hie Saracenus, a Sarzyn. 

Hie predo. ? 

* robber ' 

Hie primiplus, qui habet primam ber- 


Hicprimipilus, qui fert ptta adprelia. 
Priinipilus berbam priuiam desingnat na- 
35 bentem, 

Ast primipilus qui fert ad prelia pila. 

Hie venator, a hunter. 
Hie ephebus, a gung man. 
Hie cimifto, a naskkyste. 5 
40 Hie mango, a cosyr. 

Hie stabularius, a stabyler. 
Hie macercator, a pleter. 

(pams); and the pantry was especially the 
bread department of the household. 

4 Or a quistron. 

5 Called more usually an askfyse, the 
servant who made and blew the fire. 




Hie exelerarius, a byrler.i 
Hie tribunus, a sawdyn. 



Hie emptor, a byer. 

Hie venditor, a seller. 

Hie mercator, a merchande. 

Hie mercinariuSy a mercer. 

Hie pannarius, a draper. 

Hie figalus, a potter. 

Hie membrarius, a perchmenter. 

Hie campanarius, a belmaker. 

[Hie apo]ticarius y a spycer. 

[Hec ajpoteca, a spycer schope. 

Hie revelus, a peder. 2 

Hie faber, a smythe. 

Hie aurifaber, a goldsmyth. 

Hie carpentarius, a wryghte. 

Hie lector, a theker. 

Hie tegularius, a tyller. 

Hie auceps, a fowler. 

Hie sissor, a taylgor. 

//zc piscator, a fychere. 

J??c piscarius, a fychmanger. 

Pisoator preuditquod piscariusbene vendit 

Hie textor, a webster. 

-Hzc versor, a tornere. 

.Site berbetonsor, a berbor. 

/ftc reciarius, a netmaker. 

#j'c fleobotofriator, a blodletter. 

//? monetarius, a mony maker. 

/Tic serdo, ) 

-Hi'c sellarius, a sadyler. 

1 The attendant who served the wine. 
The verb birle, (A.-S. birlian) to draw or 
pour out wine, is not an uncommon word 
in the old writers. In the metrical ro- 
mance of The Avowynge of King Arther 
(Robsoirs Metr. Rom., p. 80), we are told 
that there was at a great feast 

rialle servys and fyne, 
In hollas birlutte thay the wyne. 

3 Pedder was the old name for a pedlar. 
3 i, e,, a tanner. 

Hie urigenator, a frobycher.* 

Hie sarrator, a sawer. 

Hie fullo, a walker. 

Hie tinctor, a lytster. 5 
5 Hie plumbarius, a plumber. 

Hie sutor, ) fi 

Hie aluterius,\ a sowter ' 

Hie picticiarius, a cobbeler. 

Hie funerius, a ropere. 
10 Hie restio, id. 

Hie cribrarius, A ccc fysmaker. 7 

Hie pelliparius, A cc e skynner. 

Hie molendinarius, a milner. 

Hie farrator, a ferrur. 
15 Hec murida, a ratunner. 8 

Hie cuperius, a cowper. 

Hie victillarius, a hukster. 

Hie capillarius, a bokylmaker. 

Hie scutarius, a scheldmaker. 
20 Hie corrigiarius, A cce gyrdilmaker. 

Hie lorinarius, a loryner. 9 

Hie cipharius, a copmaker. 

Hie sirotecarius, A cc e gloyfer. 

Hie firmacularius, a brochmaker. 
25 Hie nauta, A cce schypman. 

Hie medicus, a leche. 

Hie carnifex, a bocher. 

Hie circulator, qui amputat vites. 

Hie tibiarius, A cc * legmaker. 
30 Hie carbonerius, a colger. 10 

Hie pectinarius, a coinemaker. 

Hie cordex, a stryngmaker. 

Hie plummarius, a plumstere. 

Hie satinarius, a salter. 
35 Hie anularius, a ryngmaker. 

Hie corbio, a pangermaker. 

Hie citaciarius, a relmaker. 

4 See before, p. 652, note 8. 

5 Lytster, a dyer. 

6 Sowter, a shoemaker; the Latin sutor. 
It is preserved in the Scottish dialect. 

7 From the Latin word, this would seem 
to mean a maker of sieves. Perhaps it 
should be syfmaker. 

6 A rat-catcher. 
9 A maker of horses' bits. 
10 i. e., a collier. 




Hie circumforarius, a mycher.i 

Hie vascularius, a turner. 

Hie ursarius, a berwarde. 

Hie fossarius. a dyker. 

Hie plantator, a nymper. 2 

Hie ortilanus, a gardyner. 

Hie avigerulus, a pulter. 

Hie tolonarius, a toller. 

Hie rusticus, a fyldman. 

Hie villicus, a town man. 

Hie messor, a scherer. 

Hie fulcator, a mawer. 

Hie fugator, a dryfer. 

Hie stinarius, a balder. 3 

Hie arator, a tyller. 

Hie harpicator, a haroer. 

Hie bigarius, a cartter. 

Hie pastor, a hyrdman. 

Hie vaccariuSj a cowherd. 

Hie equinarius, a borsharde. 

J3zc mulundinarius, a mulharde. 

Zftc asinarius, a nashard. 

ZTzc bubulcus, a swynherde. 

.Hzc aucarius, a gosherd. 

jHic pictor, a panter. 

^fzc sculptor, a grafer. 

//zc smigmator, a sopseler. 4 

//z'c pugillus, a schampyon- 

/ftc latamus, a mason. 

-Hie simentarius, idem est. 

Hec latomega,-a. mason ax. 

/Tzc petro, -nis, a mason schype. 

#ec regula, a mason rewlle. 

5bc perpendiculum, idem. 

Hec amussis, a mason lyne. 

Hec troclea, a wyndas. 

Hie hostiarius, a nostyller. 

Hie architenens, a narcher. 

J3zc pugnator, a fygbter. 

ZTzc vestigator, a trufer. 

-Hzc gemellus, a twynlynge. 

jffz'c tortor, a turmenter. 
5 JJz'c Zzctor, zc?em e*^. 

Hie disculus, a trowean. 

ZTzc trutannus, idem. 

Hie cancellator^ 

Hie alumnator, 5 
i'c ligator, a bynder. 

jffz'c baiulator, a berer. 

.Hzc cultellarius, a cuteler. 

ZTzc balistarius, qui facit balistas. 

Hie murator, A cce waller. 
^ Hie rotarius, A^e whelmaker. 

Hie cassarius, a casmaker. 

Hie ceparius, A c ^ ungonseller^ 

Hie pomilio, A cc e apulseler. 

Hie tdbernarius, A cce taberner. 
/ c caupo, idem est. 

Hie candelarius, a candeller. 

Hie cerarius, AC<* whaxmaker. 

Hie archonista, a bower. 

Hie metellus, A cce reve. 
25 Hie inclusor, a pynder. 

Hie mcndicus, A cce beggere. 

Hie ruscator, a tylkyllere. 

Hie naucherus, 6 qui regit navym. 

Hie polentradinator, A cce a bulter. 
30 Hie pistor, A cc e a baxter. 

Hie pandoxator, A cce brewster. 

Hie focarius, a fewyller. 

Hie ignarius, idem est. 

Hie fauconerius, a fawconer. 
35 Hie prebitor, qui dat prebenda. 

Hie prebendarius, cuius sunt prebenda. 

Hie dapifer, A cc e mettes gyfFer. 

Hie depositor, a serofer in halle. 

1 A micher means one who goes sneak- 
ing about for improper purposes, as to 
steal on the sly, to act as a messenger in 
illicit amonrs, &c. In the latter sense, 
the verb to mich was in common use 
among the Elizabethan writers. 

2 Properly one who grafts, or who plants 

settings of trees. From the A.-S. impian, 
to graft, or plant. 

3 The man who held the plow. 

4 A dealer in soap. Smigma is usually 
taken for an unguent for perfuming, or 

5 i. e., a seller of onions. 

6 Read nauclerus. 

689 A NOMINALE. 690 

Hie depositarius, ille qui commedit. Hec mater, a modyre. 
Hec familia, a menge. 1 Hie compater, a godfadyre. 

Hie peregrinus, A c - ce a pylgrym. Hie paternus, idem. 

Hie alienigena, Acce a cumlynge. Hec commater, a godmodyre. 

Hie, hec comes, A c <>e a felow. 5 Hec materna, idem est. 

Hie, hec sodalis, idem est. Hie filius, ) 

TT . ' . - 1T - J ' \ a sune. 

Hie tnfans,\ Hie natus,) 

Hie pucio, (. A c a chylde. Hec filia, ) . 

Hie pwr, } Hec nata\ ^ a dowghter. 

Hie adolescens, est puer xiiijce an- 10 Hie filiolus, a godsune. 

norum. Hec filiola, A cc ^ a goddowghter. 

Hie decrepitus, ille qui vadit cum Hie f rater, a brodyr. 

baculo. Hie germanus, A cc ^ a halfebrodyre. 

Hie tantillus, a dwarf. Hec soror, a syster. 

Hie verbius, -ui, qui est beatus vel 15 Hec germana, a halfesyster. 

qui habet uxorem. Hec fraternitas, a brotherode. 

Hie perhendinator, Ae a sogorner. Hie fratruelis, films patris. 
Hie liber, A c freman. Hec fraterna, filia fratris. 

Hie libertinus, A cce ille qui fit liber. Hie sorarius, i. filius sororis. 
Hie gigas, a gyawnte. 20 Hec sororia, i. filia sororis. 

Hie, hec pifundabalista, AC a slynger Hie cognatus, a cosyne. 
Hie texillaris, a spy in batyllo. Hec cognata, a nese. 

Hie bestiarius, a pescryere. Hec neptis, idem est. 

Hie solenciarius, idem est. Hie affinis, a sybmane. 

Hie apprenticius } a prentys. 25 Hie consanguinius, idem. 

Hie cathecuminus, noviter conversus Hec consanguinia, a sybwomane. 

et non baptizatus. Hie avunculus,) 

Hie patruus, ) 

C APITULUM 6. 30 ^ Zt'erteraj 

NOMINA CONSANGUINITATIS Hec abamita > soror avl 

FT AFFTNFTATrS fftc victricus > ste P fad ^' 

Hie patriarchus, idem. 

Hie triavus, the thyrde fadyre. Hie prevignus, a stepsune. 

Hectriava, the thyrd fro the modyre. 35 Hec filiaster, L ste pd owehter 
Hie attavus, the thyrde fadyre. Hec premgnaj 

Hec attava, the thyrd modyre. Hie gemellus, a twynlynge of men. 

Hie abavus, the secund fro thy fadyr. Hec gemella, a twynlynge of women. 
Hec abava, the secunde fro the modyr. Hie puplllus, a modyrles chylde. 
Hie proavus, the forne fadyre. 40 Hie orphanus, a fadyrles chylde. 
Hec proava, the forne modyre. Hie orbus, qui privatur prole. 

Hie avus, ACM a neld fadyre. Hie abortivus, i.nonsuotemporeortus. 

Hec ava, a nold modyre. Hie postimus, he that is born aftyr 

Hie pater, a fadyr. the deth of hys fadyre. 

1 More properly written maisnie (from blishment of the feudal lord. It has no 
the Anglo-Norman), the household; the connection whatever with the word 
whole attendance upon the personal esta- (the Anglo-Saxon manig). 




Hie proculius, est filius natus patre 

existent e procul. 

Hec pupilla, que caret purentibus. 1 
Hec orba, que privatur prole. 
Hec proculia, est nata patre exi- 

stente procul. 

Hie coniunx,> 

Hec sponsa. \ c 

TT * . (a wyte. 
Hec coniunx,) 

Hec domiduca, a bryde. 

Hoc coniuqium.) 

7 a maryage. 
Hoc sponsale, ) 

Hec af finis } a lyans. 

Hie socer, a neldfadyre. 

Hec socrus, a noldmodyre. 

Hie gener, a dowghter husband. 

Hec nurus, i. uxor filii. 

Hie sorarius, sponsus uxoris. 

Hec qloS) ) . /, . . 

TT * i r i. uxor fratns. 
Hec fratrissa,) 

Hie levex, i. frater mariti uxoris. 
Hec noverca, a stepmodyr. 

Hec materfa[mi\lias, huswyf. 

Hec nutrix, A cc e norysch. 

Hec vidua, a wydo. 

Hec equitrissa, que equitat. 
5 Hec anus, a nold wyff. 

Hec claviger, que portat c[laves\. 

Hec ignaria, que facit i[gnem\. 

Hec ostiaria, a ostylle[re]. 

[Hec fem\ina, a woman. 
10 [Hec f]abrissa, A^e a smyth wyfe. 

Hec rustica, A cc e a feldman wyfe. 

Hec obstetrix, a mydwyfe. 

Hec abatissa, A c ^ a abatyse. 

Hec monialis, a nune. 
15 Hec patronissa, idem est 

Hec sacerdotissa est femina dans 

Hie, hec sinobita, qui vel que manet 

in sinobio. 
20 Hec anacorita, a ankrys. 



Hec imperatrix, a e[m]prys. 

Hec induperatrix, idem. 

Hec regina, qwen. 

Hec ducissa, a duches. 

Hec regula, idem. 

Hec comitissa, a comytiss. 

Hec baronissa, a baronyss. 

Hec domina,) 

Hec hera, 5 

Hec abra, ) 

Hec ancilla,) 

Hec puella, \ , 

TT 7 ( a naadyn. 

Hec ampha) 

Hec adolescentula, puella xiiij** 


25 Hec pectrix, a kempster. 

Hec textrix, a webster. 

Hec scutrix, a sewster. 

Hec tontrix, a barbor. 

Hec pistrix, a baxter. 
30 Hec pandoxatrix, a brewster. 

Hec jilatrix, A cce a spynner. 

Hec carpetrix, a carder. 

Hec lotrix, a lawnder. 

Hec siccatrix, a dryster. 
35 Hec reciaria, ACM a kelmaker. 

Hec palmaria, a brawdster. 

Hec salinaria, a salster. 

Hec avigerula, que vendit aves. 

Hec sereatrix, a sylkmaker. 
40 Hec androchia, a dayre. 

Hec apoticaria, A cc e a spyser wyfe. 

Hec auxiatrix, a hukster. 

Read parentibus. 

i. e., a chambermaid. 





Hec citharista, a herper. 

Hec lericina, idem est. 

Hec tubicina, A cce a trumper. 

Hec fistilatrix, a piper wyfe. 

Hec iugulatrix, a iugoler. 

Hec saltatrix, a tumbler. 

Hec secutissina, que canit in secuta. 

Hec tripudiatrix, a dawnser. 

Hec timpanizatrix, Acce a tyraburnar 


Hie gulo, a gluton. 

Hie ego, -nis, idem. 

Hie leno, -nis, baustrott. 2 

Hie adulter, a spowsbreker. 

Hie mecus Acce lechowr. 

Hie fornicator, idem est. 

Hie fenerator.l 

IT- (a usurer. 

Hie usurator, ) 

Hie et hec scurra, a rebalde. 

1 A Nominale in MS. Reg. 17, C. XVII., 
fol. 43, v<>, gives the following rather 
carious list relating to minstrelsy and 

Hie castrator, Angllce lybbere. 

Hie prestigiator, Anglice myustralle. 

Hec cithera, Anglice harpe. 

Hec lira, Anglice harpestryng. 

Hoc plectrum, Anglice warste. 

Hie cither edus,l . .. . 

Hec cithereda, > Anghce barpure ' 

Hie tubicen.l . 

Ilee tuba, 5 An hce troum P e ' 

Hie fidis, Anglice fy dell ere. 

Hec viella, Anglice fedylle. 

Hie arculus, Anglice fydylstyk. 

Hie gigator, Anglice getyrnere. 

Hec giga, Anglice getyrne. 

Hie simbolisator, Anglice crowde. 

Hoc simbolum, Anglice scotnyng. 

Simbolisare, to crowde or scotnyg. 

Hie simphonia, Anglice mynstrylsy. 

Hie corallus, Anglice crowdere. 

Hec corolla, Anglice crowde. 

Hoc psalterium, Anglice sawter. 

Hie et hec fur, a theffe. 

Hie, hec latro^ idem. 

Hie ereticus. ) , .., 

Hie sismatkuj a her y tlk ' 
5 Hie spoliator, A cc e a robber. 

Hie explorator, a spyer. 

Hie muricidus, a losynge. 3 

Hie bilinguis, gui habet binas linguas. 

Hie pelinguis, a horcoppe. 4 
10 Hie murmurator, a grocher. 

Hie garcio, a knave. 

Hie sacerdotulus, i. filius sacerdotis. 

Hie spirius, a basterde. 

Hie nothus, contrarius spirio. 
15 Hie, hec homicida, a mansleer. 

Hec, hie patricida, Acce q ue ve i q u { 
occidit pair em. 

Hec, hie matricida, que vel qui occi- 
dit matrem. 

20 Hec, hie parenticida^ qui vel que oc- 
cidit parentes. 

Hie duribuctus, a dasyberd. 5 

Hie aliator, a haserder. 

Hie sarberus, 6 i. ianitor inferni. 
25 Hie aquariolus, 

Hie, hec exul, a nowtlay. 

Hoc organum, Anglice orguns. 
Hoc simpharium, Anglice syufan. 
Hie joculator.) . 
Hie mimus, 1 An ^ hce ^ ul ^ 
Hie tripidiator, Anglice dawnsere. 
Hoc tripudium, Anglice dawnse. 
Hec corea, Anglice carol le. 
Hec fascia, Anglice credilsaug. 
Hie fistulator, Anglice pypere. 
Hec fistula, Anglice pype. 

Hie excubius, \ . 

TT. t Anghce wayte. 

Hie expolatorj 

Hec colomaula, Anglice waytepype. 
Hoc expiridium, Anglice rede. 
Hec saltatrix, Anglice tumbullere. 
Hie gestiarius, Anglice gester. 
Hie scurra, Anglice harlot. 
Hie nugator, Anglice iaper. 
Hec nuga, Anglice iape. 
Hie nugigerulus, Anglice trif'ulere. 

Baustrott, a bawd. 

Losynge, a worthless fellow. 

i. e., a bastard. 

Dasyberd, a simpleton, or fool. 

i. e., cerberus. 




Hie tor tor, a turmentur. 

Hie et hec armifraudita, a skratt. 1 

Hie, hec apostita, qui bene incipit et 

statim recedit. 
Hie antechristus, ancryst. 
Hie zelotopus, a kukwald. 
Hie nerenus, idem est. 

Hunc dico zelotopum cui uou sua sufflcit 


Hec meritrix, > strumpytt . 

Hec tabernana,} 

Hec saga, a wech. 2 

Hec fornicatrix, a sinner. 

Hec pronuba, a bawdstrott. 3 

Hec sacerdotula } i. filia sacerdotis. 

Hec adulteria, a spowsbrekere. 

Hec elena, AC<* a strumpytt. 

Est meretrix elena, virgo voeatur Elena. 

Hec caupana, Ae a taverner wyffe. 
Hec taberna, idem est. 
Hec caricia, i. fallax ancilla. 
Hec co?icubina, a leman. 


Hie colus, a roke. 

Hie fusus, a spyndylle. 

Hoc alabrum, a relle. 

Hec mataxa, a hekylle. 

Hoc nirgilium, a par garnwyndil 


Hoc canabum, a hemp. 
Hoc linum, A cc -e lyn. 

1 Skratt, a hermaphrodite. The word 
is still in use in the dialects of the north 
of England. It is the pure Anglo-Saxon 

2 i. e., a witch. 

3 Bawdstrott. The meaning of the word 
is here identical with that in which it is 
used in a preceding chapter. 

4 Betylle, the instrument with which the 
flax was beaten. 

5 Stric, perhaps strike, a measure. 

Hoc filum, AC threde. 

Hoe glomus, a clewe. 

Hoc lapsum, a top of lin. 

Hie folliculus, a betylle. 4 
5 Hoc linerium, A c lynsed. 

Hec rupa, a brake. 

Hoc exculidium, A cc e a swyndylstoc. 

Hoc excudium, a swyndilland. 

Hec stupa, a hardes. 
10 Hoc vertubrum, a whelle. 

Hec rota, idem est. 

Hie linipolus, a stric of lyne. 5 

Hec troilia, a trindylle. 6 

Hoc multrum, a kytt.? 
15 Hec lamia, slay. 8 

Hoc pecten, idem- 

Hoc multrale, A^ce a mylksele. 

Hoc lacinatorium, a slekstone.9 

Hoc laciatorium, A cce a webbeme. 
20 Hoc stamen, a warpe. 

Hec trama, AC<* a wefte. 10 

Hec forigo, a lystynge. 11 

Hoc ventilabrum, a wyndyllynge. 

Hie saccus, a seke. 


Hie jugulator, A c <* a jogoler. 

Hie citharista, A cc e a herper. 
307/i"c tubicen, A cc e a trumper. 

Hie fistilator, A cc e a piper. 

Hie mdulator, a fydeler. 

Hie secuticen, qui canit in secuta. 

Hie cornuten, qui canit a cornu. 
35 Hie saltator, a tumbler. 

Hie timpanizator, a taberner. 

Hie gladiator, a swerdplaer. 

Hie choricista, qui canit in choro. 

6 The wheel. It is still in use in the 
dialect of Derbyshire. 

7 A pail. 

8 The name for a part of the weaver's 

9 Perhaps for flekstone. The Latin licia- 
torium is interpreted in later vocabularies 
as the yarribeam. 

10 The woof. 

11 The list of cloth. 


697 A NOMINALE. 698 

Hie barbatissa, qui canit in barbita. Hie spado, -nis, a haknay. 

Hie simphonista, A c <*e a simphoner. Hie veredus, Acce a cartthors. 

Hie tripudiator, a dawnser. Hie admissarius, equus qui portal 

Hie et hec lerecen, a herper. arma. 

Hie, hec coraula, qui vel que ducit 5 Hie pullus, a folle. 

coria in aula. Hie equiferus, a wyld hors. 

Hie organista, qui ludit ad organa. Hec equifera, a wyld mer. 
Hie buccinator, a trumper. Hoc equicium, a hares. 

Hie simphonizator, a simphoner. Hie, hec bos, -vis, a nox. 

Hie citolator, a cytolerer. 10 Hie taurus, a bulle. 

Hec vacca, a kowe. 

Hie buculus, a stott. 
NOMINA OPERARIORUM. Hec juvenca , a qwye .5 

Hie cultor, a tylman. Hie vitulus, a calfe. 

Hie, hec agricola, idem est. 15 Hec vitula, qwye calffe. 

Hie rusticus, a churle. Hoc armentum, a drowe. 

Hie frondator, a wodfeller. Hec ovis, a schepe. 

Hie vector, A cce a berer. Hec ovicula, idem est. 

Hie triturator, 'Acce a tasker. 1 Que male fetet ovis non est meliortribus ---- 

Hie vinitor, a wynmaker. 20 Hec adacia, i. ovis vitula. 

Hie septor, a hegmaker. Hec apica, a scabbyd ewe. 

Hie litor, Acce a dowker. Hie titerus, Awe a belwether. 

Hie aqueductor, a waterleder. Hec bidua, a gymbyre. 

Hie aquebajulus, a holiwater-clerke. Hie agnus, a lame. 

Hie runcator, \ , , 2 25 Hec agna, a new lame. 

Hie circulator ' Hec cenaria A<*e 6 

Hie circulator Hec cenaria, A<*e a cad. 

Hie colibertus, A^e a carle. 3 Hec aries, i . , 

Hie operarius, A c a werkman. Hec berbex,] 

Hie vervex, Ae a tuppe. 


CORUM. Hie aper, U > Acce * bore ' 

Hie equus, a hors. Hie nefrendus, a galtte. 

Hec equa, a mer. Hec sus, suis, a sowe. 

Hoc jumentum, quoddam animal ad- 35 Hec scropha, idem est. 

juvans. Hie porcus, A^e a hoge. 

Hie dextrarius, Acce a stcde. Hie porcellus, idem est. 

Hie succussarius, a trotter. Hie ircus, a gat. 

Hie gradarius, a hawmbler. Hec capra, idem est. 

Hie emissarius, a stalan. 40 Hec caprella, a sche gatt. 

Hie caballus, Acce a cabylle. 4 Hie capriolus, a lytil gatt. 

1 Tasker, i. e., a thrasher. The word taken to signify a freedman, is curious. 
is now used in some dialects for a reaper; * i. e., a capul, or horse of burthen. 
perhaps so named as working by task, or 5 Quye, a female calf. 

piece. 6 Cad. This word is at present used in 

2 A weeder. the dialect of the eastern counties to sig- 

3 The sense here given to the word carle, nify a very small pig. 
as synonymous with collibertus, generally 




Hie asinus, Acce a nas. 

Hec asina, uocor ejus. 

Hie burdo, i. gentium inter equum et 


Hie mulus, Acce a mule. 
Nee mula, a mule. 
Hie camelus, a camylle. 
Hec camela, uxor ejus. 
Hie dromedarius, a dromedary. 
Hie dromedus, a dromund. 
Hie, hec canis, a hunde. 
Hie catellus, a whelpe. 
Hec canicula, a byche. 
Hie adorrinsicus, a spangelle. 
Hie leporarius, a grayhund. 
Hie molosus, a banddoge. 
Hie aggregarius, a scheperd dog. 
Hie luciscus, est cams genitus inter 

canem et vulpem. 

rabuke ' 



Hec dama, Acce a d oo . 

Hie enulus, Acce a f a wne. 
5 Hie lupus, Acce a wolffe. 

Hec lupa, uxor ejus. 

Hie vulpes, Acce a f ox . 

Hie ursus, A c ce a bere. 

Hec ursa, uxor ejus. 
10 Hie urunacius, Acce a urchen. 

Hie castor, Acce a bever. 

Hie canisponticus, idem. 

Hie cirogrillus, a sqwerylle. 

Hie taxus, Acce a broke. 
15 Hec melota, idem est. 

Hie lutricius, a notyre. 

Hec mustela, wesylle. 

Hie sorex, Acce a raton. 

Hie mus, -ris, Acce a mows. 

Hec lucisca, est canicula simihter 90 Hie qlis, ) A 

. ^ Tr y \ Acce a dormows. 

nata. Hie sorex,) 

Hie caniculus, a kenet. 1 Hicnex, -cis, media producta, animal 

simile capre. 

Hie ferutusj Ae a forytt. 
25 Hie sinozephalus, a mancowe. 3 
Hie fetoutrus, A^e a fulmard. 4 

Hie mureligus, a catt. 
Hie catus, idem est. 
Hie catulus, a kytylyng. 2 
Hie catellus, idem. 

Hec polea, est colleccio vel pluralitas 
quorumcunque bestarum. 


Hie leo, Acce a lyon. 

Hec lea, 1 ACCC & , 

Hec leena,) 

Hie leopardus, A cce a leberde. 

Hec leoparda, uxor ejus. 

Hie, hec elephas, -antis, a elephawnt. 

Hie unicornus, A^e a unycorne. 

Hec simia, A cce a nappe. 

Hie cervus, a hertt. 

Hec cerva, A c ^e a hynde. 

1 A small species of hunting dog, ment- 
ioned often in the old writers on the chase, 
and uot uncommonly in the metrical ro- 
mances, and supposed by some to be equi- 
valent with our harrier. The word, however, 

Hie tigris, -ris vel -dis } velox animal. 

Hie linx, animal penetrans parietes 

visu oculorum suorum. 
30 Hie panter, animal diver si color bs. 

Hie gamelion, animal varii coloris et 
sola aere vivit, a buttyrfle. 

Hie onager, Acce a wyld has. 

Hie tragelaphus,) parte cervus parte 
35 Hie hircocervus, ) ircus. 

Hie effimatuS) animal inpungnans ser- 

Hie cocadrillus, A C( ~e a cocadrylle. 

Hec talpa, A c -ce a molle. 
40 Hie spinx, vermis lucens in noctibus. 

Hie lepus, Acce a hare. 

Hie cuniculus, Acce a conynge. 

seems to be often used as the simple equi- 
valent of a hound. 

2 A kitten. 

3 Mancowe, a baboon. 

4 A polecat. The word is still in use 
in the northern dialects. 





Hie gallus, a coke. 

Hec gallina, Acce a henne. 

Hie capo, A CC a capon. 

Hie pullus, Acce a chekyn. 

Hie, hec natis, -tis, Acc-e a malerde 

Hec anas, -tis, A cce a duke. 

Hie ancer, Acce a gander. 

Hec auca, Acce a gose. 

Hie ancerulus, a geslynge. 

Hec columba, a dowfe. 

Hie pavo, AC a pecoke. 

Hie siqnus.l 

Hie olor, 5 Aeee a SWanne ' 


Hec ales, Acce a byrde. 

Hec volucris, idem est. 

Hec aquila, A cce a negyllc. 

Hie grifes, a grefyne. 

Hie falco, a fawkon. 

Hie erodius, A cce a jarfawkon. 

Hie ancipiter, Acce a goshawkc. 

Hie tercellus, a tercelle. 

Hie nisus, a sperhavvk. 

Hie capus, Acce a muskytt. 

Hie milvus, a glede. 

Hie condulus, Acce a busherde. 

Hie corvus, a rawyn. 

Hie cornix, Acce a crawe. 

Hie nicticorax, a nyghtcraw. 

Hie struccio, a nostryche. 

Hie bubo, Acce a nowlle. 

Hie castrimergus, a wodkokc. 

Hie ibis, -dis, \ 

Hie ibex, -ciJ a sn yP- 

Hie onocrotalus, a butturre.i 

Hie pelicanus, Acce a pelican. 

Hec upipa, Ac ( 'e a wype. 2 
Hec vespertilio, a bake. 3 
Hec monedula, a kowe. 
Hie picus,l a 
5 Hec pica, * ** 
Hie graculus, Acce a jaye. 
Hie irundo, a swalo. 
Crescitharundo, sugit hirudo, canit hiriindo 

flee toda, a wagsterd. 4 
10 Hie regulus, a wrenne- 

Kegulus est serpens, avis, et rex parvulus 

Hec frigella, a roberd.5 

Hie psitacus, A c ce a papynjay. 
15 Hie cuculus, A'ce a cauko. 

Hec philomena, a nyghtynggalc. 

Hicphenix, media producta, a phones. 

Hec arpipia, i. rapax. 

Hec alcedo, a wodwale. 
20 Hec 

1 The bittern. 

a Wype, the lapwing. 

3 Bake was the old forui of bat. 

4 Waysterd, probably the water-wagtail. 

5 The chaffinch. 

6 The reedsparrow. 

Hie turtur, Acce a turtyldowff. 

Hec alauda, Acce a larke. 

Hie palustris, a redesparowe. 6 
25 Hec calendula, a plovere. 

Hie conturnix, a qwaylle. 

//zc fecianus, a fesantt. 

J^zc maviscus, a thyrstylle. 

-ffc sturnus, a sterlynge. 
30 jHic frondator, a sterkyng. 

-fiz'c perdix, a partryke. 

J3zc ficedula, a nuthage. 7 

jfiTec ardia, a bar on. 

//zc palumbus, a cowscott. 
35 //ec fulceca, a semawe.s 

-Hz'c passer, a sparowe. 

.flee merges, a cott. 

flz'c ruruscus, a feldfare. 

//zc garulus, a thrus. 
40 ///c pratellus, a buntyle." 

//i'c virudiarius, a ruddokc. 10 -^ 

^Tec sarra, a wyld drake. 

7 Nuthage, the nuthatch. 

8 Semawe, probably the soa-uirw. 

9 Buntyle, the bunting, or wood lark. 
10 The robin. See, on the popular name 

of this familiar bird, a former note, p. 640. 




Hie, hec grus, a crane. 

Hie conturnix, a kyrlewe. 

Hec campestrer, a feldfare. 

Hie viscus, a byrdlyme. 

Hoc viscerium, a lymepott. 

Hec vitubila, a pyttfalle. 

Hec discipula, a swyke. 1 

Hoc falconerium, a fawconere moe. 

Hoc aucipium, a hawkynge. 


Hoc stirittum, a gaytt berde. 

Hec jubaj a hors mane. 

Hec cornu, indeclinabile, a horne. 

Coma gerit cornus, pecudum sunt cor- 
nua . . . 

Militis est quando properat sua bella ge- 

Hoc rostrum, a bylle. 

Hec ceta, a brystille. 

Hec crista, est crinis vel quod eminet 
super galeam et super capita quo- 
rundam animalium, the cokcoinc. 

Hec galla, idem est. 

Hie pugio, -nis, a tange. 2 

Hec ungula, a clee. 

Hec calcar, a spure. 

Hoc paliare, a dewlappe. 

Hec cauda, a' taylle. 

Hec ala, a wenge. 

Hec pinnaj a fynne. 

Hec pluma, a fedyre. 

Hec penna, a pcnne. 

Hoc Hum, the pyf of the penne. 

Hec lana, wolle. 

Hoc vellus, a fleys. 

Hie villus, a lok of wolle. 

Hec brunda, a harte home. 

Hec suama, a scalle. 

Hec brancia,) 

Hoc cepum, talowe. 
Hie armus, a spawde. 
Hec vicecolla, a gragge. 
Hec membrana, est pellis ale vesper- 
5 tilionis. 
Hoc jecor, a mawe. 
Hoc reticulum, pinguedo circa jecur. 
Hoc pectusculum, a bruskette. 



Hec senecia, 

Hec lactis, a cheslepe. 3 

1 Swyke, a trap, or snare, for birds. 

2 Tange, a sting, still used in the north 
of England. 

Hie piscis, a fyche. 

Hie editur piscis, hecservat aromata pixis. 

Hec belua, i. animal magnum m[a]ris. 
15 Hie cetus, a whalle. 

Est hominuin coetus, set vivit in equore 

Hec balena, a balene. 

Hie salmo, -nis, a sawmun. 
20 Hec amphinia,-\ 

Hie delfinis, > a porpas. 

Hec foca, ) 

Hoc allec, a herynge. 

Hie congruusj a cungyre. 
25 Hie megarus, a macrelle. 

Hec lampreda, a lampray. 

Hec murenula, a lamprun. 

Hec anguilla, a nele. 

Hie polanus,) 
Wl&pecten, \ 

Hie molanuruSy piscis qui magnam 
caudam [habet]. 

Hie dentrix, a pyke. 

Hie lucius, a lewse. 
35//zc luticulus, a pyke. 

Hie turbo, -nis, a turbott. 

Hie uronoscopus, a thornbake. 

Hec ragadia, raye. 

Hec epimera, a sprott. 
40 flee truta, a trowte. 

Hie capito, a bulhede. 

Hie morus, a haddoke. 

Hie gulio, -nis, a goryone. 

Hie solimicus, a menawe. 

3 Rennet is still 
the north. 

called cheeaclope in 

705 A NOMINALE. 706 

Hec alosa, a loch. Hoc amphibim, est serpens cum tribus 

Hie gamerus, a styklynge. capitibus. 

Hec tenia, a tenche. Hie jaculus.) a -, 

Hie brimellus, a breme. Hie biceps,] a fl y ande 

Hie pelanius, a flewke. 5 Hec arena, > 

Hie ipotamus, i. equus marinus. Hec aranea,\ a 

Hie suamatus, a hundfych. Hie bufo, a tode. 

Hec squilla, piscis delecatus. Hec rana, a frosche. 

Hec sirena, a mermaydyn. Hec lacerta, a newtt. 

Hoc ostrium,} . . 10 Hie scorpio, a scorpyone. 

Hec ostria, > Hie pulex, a flye. 

Hie musculus, a muscul. Hie lens, -dis, a nyte. 

Hie cancer, a crabbe. Lens, -dis, capiti, lens, -tis, conveuitur 

m poiipu*,-* 

Hec gorra, > 15 Hie multipes, a welbode.i 

Hec cepia, est piscis de quo fit caustum. Hec cencipita, idem est. 
Hie sperlyngus,) , v Hec scutula, a blyndworme. 

Hie thimalus, $ Hoc tumultum, est vermis in cornubus 

Hie rumbus, a sturyon. arietum. 

Hec fungia, stokfyche. 20 Hec tinia, a moke. 

Hie mulus, a mulett. Hec terudo, -nis, a treworme. 

Hec folea, a folfyche. Hie trunos, idem est. 

Hie glaucus, a whytynge. Hie ciro, -nis, a handeworme. 

Hec balbena, a balbene. ' Hie Umax, a snyle. 

Hie norus, a mellewelle. 25 Hec eruca, a coleworm. 

Hoc conchile, -Us, alle manner schel- Hec sanguissuga, a horsleche. 
fyche. Hie pediculus, a lows. 

Hie pedicus, idem est- 
Hec ascarida, a scheplows. 

NOMINA VERMIUM ET 30 {f ^ us ' a mo ^ ht ' 

MTTQPA > lendex, -cis, idem. 

MUSCAKUM. ffic serastes, i. serpens cornutus. 

Hie vermis, a worme. Hie dipsas, -dis, i. quidam serpens. 

Hie drago, a dragone Hec musca, a flye. 

Hie serpens, a nedyre- 35 In plurali numero hee serene sunt 

Hie basiliscus, rex serpencium. serpentes volantes. 

Hie idrus, a watyrnedyre. Hec musio, -nis, a grett flye. 

Hie natrix, -cis, violator aquarum. Hec apes, -is, a bee. 

Hie hispis, -dis, quoddam genus ser- Hie fucus, a drane. 

pentis. 4:0 Hoc examen, a swarme. 

Hie ibis, -dis,) -,-, . Hec juxura, a hyfe. 

Hie coluber, \ a Hec vaspa, a waspe. 

Hie ferastrix, a hornyde eddyre. Hie rambricus, a paddoke. 2 

1 Welbode, a woodlouse. little diversity in the use of the word 

2 Paddoke. Possibly the Latin should paddok. lu some of the modem English 
be lumbricus, which is explained in the dialects it is applied to a fiog. We might 
next glossary as signifying a tadpole. naturally suppose it to be a diminutive of 
There appears to have been always some pade, which was also a name for a toad ; 




Hoc orameum, i. collectio apum. 

Hie papilio, a buttyrflye. 

Hec polemita, a somerboyde. 1 

Hec sicoma, a myge. 2 

Hie culex, a gnaytt. 

Hie brucus, a breas. 3 

Ilec cicada, a grysope. 

Hec salamandra, a crekytt. 

Hie crabius* a cercole. 

Hie bumbio, a hundflye. 

Hie ariax, a hert home. 

Ilec formica, a pysmyre. 

Ilec apaphsibena, -a nedyr with ij. 


Hec urma, a egesworme. 
Hie papheas, serpens cum gross o ca- 

Hec bredraca, serpens habens faciem 



Ilec lepra, a mesylery. 

Hec serpedo, a mesylle. 

Hie cancer, the cankere. 

Hec porigo, a poke. 

Hec papula, a redspott. 

Hoc glandulum, a waxkyrnylle. 5 

Hec pustula, a blane. 

Hec scabies, a scabbe. 

Hec glabra, a scalle. 

Hec podeqra.) 

Hie perneo, } a mowlle ' 

Hec sinnancia, a swynacye. 

Hie gibbus, a boche in bake. 

Hie Jigus, the fyge. 

Hec struma, a boch in the brestes. 

and a passage in the Coventry Mysteries, 
p. 164, evidently makes a distinction bet- 
ween the two words 
I seal prune that p a d d o k , and prevyn hym 

as a pad. 

An English gloss of the latter part of 
the fourteenth century (Reliq. Ant., vol. 
i., p. 8), explains the Latin rana by a 
paddoke, which agrees with the English 
provincial nse of the word Just alluded to. 

Hec siragra, i. nodositas m annum. 
Hec tussis, -sis, the host. 
Hie caterrus, the pose. 
Hec spasma, the cramppe. 
5 Hec tisis, the tyssyke. 
Hec ypomanes, the fransey. 
Hie bubo, -nis, i. morbus sub ano. 
Hie frebris, the fevere. 
Hie fluxus, the flux. 
10 Hoc ulcus, -ris, a kyle. 
Hec apostema, a postern. 
Hoc vulnus.) 

Hec cicatrix, a festyre. 
15 Hie, hec inter -eus, est morbus inter 
carnem et cutem. 

Hec muliebria, 

In plurali hec menstrua, sunt infir- 

mitates mulierum. 
20 Hec idropis, -dis vel -pis, dropsye. 

Hie pruritus,') 

Hec prurigo]* ^"S 6 * 

Hec extisis, -is, a swoynyng. 

Hie literqus.l ^ 
KHec litergiay- **#*> 

Hec surditas, a defnes. 

Hie tumor, -ris, bolnynge. 

Hec cecitas, -tis, a blyndnes. 

Hec dissentaria, est divicio vel ulce- 
30 ratio intestinorum. 

Hec lippitudo, est infirmitas occulorum. 

Hec paralisis, pallsay. 

Hec lentiqo, ) r . 

Hec lenticulaj a ^kyne.* 
35 Hec gutta, a gutt. 

Hec impetico, sicca scabies. 

Hec sinax, -cis, pursenes, vel quod- 
dam festum. 

1 The same Latin word is explained in 
the next glossary by a bude apparently 
a species of beetle. 

2 A midge, or gnat. 

3 The breeze, or gadfly. 

4 Perhaps for crabro, a hornet. 

5 Waxkyrnylle. Palsgrave has the word 
waxenkernel, which is explained as mean- 
ing an enlarged gland in the neck. 

6 A freckle. 

709 A NOMINALE. 710 

Hec gutturna, the qwynse, et inde Gutturnosus, -a, -um, hafand the 

gut. qwynsy. 

Turnosus, -a, -urn, full off that ewelle. Semicecus, -a, -urn, halfblynd. 

Hec commissialiS) i. morbus caducus. Gibbosus, -a, -urn, bochy. 

Hec glaucoma, a the gowyl sowght. 5 
Hec ictaricia, the jandis. 




10 Hec arba, a herbe. 

Hie infirmus, a sek mane. Hec arbula, idem. 

Infirmus, -a } -urn, seke. Hec salgia, a sawge. 

Morbosus, -a, -urn, full of ewylle. Hec minta, mynt. 
Languidus, -a, -um, sorounde. Hoc petrocillum, persylle. 

Leprosus, -a, -urn, leperus. 1 5 Hie ditamnus, detane. 

Limatygus, -a, -urn, lymatyke. Hoc feniculum, fynkylle. 

Limphaticus, -a, -um, hafande the Hie isopus, -pij ysope. 

fransey. Hoc cerbellum, pellatur. 

Hie erecticius, qui vexatur multis Hoc olus, -ris, cole. 

demonibus. 20 Hec maguderis, a calstok. 8 

Surdus, -a, -um, defe. Hec beta, idem est. 

Mutus, -a, -um, dowme. Hec borago, -nis, borage. 

Hec stroba, a woman glyande. 1 Hoc porrum, a leke. 

Mutulatus, -a, -um, handles. Hie bilbus, a lekes bed. 

Cardiacus, -a, -um, purse. 25 Hoc porrulum, a portte. 

Idropicus, -a, -um, hafand the dropsy. Hoc sepe, a nongone. 4 
Cecus, -a, -um, blynd. Hec sepa, a chesbolle. 5 

Claudus, -a, -um, Hec hinnula, a scalyone. 

Hie et hec loripes, qui habet pedem Hec fantula, idem est. 

ligneum. 30 Kantulus est fllius, sed fantula crcscit in 

Extalus, media productal . , ,. . ortls> 

Litergitus, -a, -um, ]*' obliviosus. H&c ascolonia ^ a holleke. 

Hie strabo, -nis, a glyere. Hec allia, garleke. 

Luscus, -a, -um, he that is sand- Hoc allium, idem est. 

blynde.2 35 Hec columbina, a columbyne. 

Lippus, -a, -um, blereyed. Hie crocus, sapherone. 

Hie monoculus, a oneeyd man. Hec ruta, rewe. 

Hie lanaculus, qui fert lanam ad Hoc caliandrum, a caliawndyre. 

oculos tergendos. Hoc cinamonum, canylle. 

Paraliticus,- -a, -um, hafand the 40 Hoc piper, pepyre. 

pallsy. Hoc seminum, comyne. 

Harniosus, -a, -um, burstyn. Hec eruta, whytte pepyre. 

Calculosus, -a, -um, hafand the stone. Hec lactuca, letys. 

1 Glyande, squinting. pie de chou, and is snpposcd to mean 

2 Sandblind, i. e. dimsighted. the stalk of the cale, or colewort. 

3 Calstok, called in the Prompt. Parv. 4 An onion. 

a calkestoke, is explained by Palsgrave 5 The word can hardly mean here a 





Hoc lens, -tis, quoddam genus ligu 

Hie sinollus, a chesbolle. 

Hec rapa, a neppe. 

Hoc rapum, idem. 

Hec napus, genus liguminis. 

Hec sinapis, herba ferens sinapia. 

Hoc sinapi, indeclinabile, semen si- 

lite camamella, camamelle. 

Hec sandax, -cis maddyre. 

Hoc sinicium, a tasylle. 

Hec pionia, a pione. 

Hoc lilium, a lylye. 

Hoc apium, smalege. 1 

Hoc melo, -nis } genus liguminis. 

Htc cucumur, vel -mis, a palmernutte. 2 

Hoc cucumerium, locus ubi crescunt 

Hec betonia, betony. 

Hie flos, ~ris, a flowre. 

Hoc floretum, locus ubi crescunt. 

Hec verveta, a verveyn. 

Hec egromonia, egromonyn. 
Hoc absinthium, wormwod. 
Hec artemesia, mugwortt. 
Hoc millefolium, A cc e garow. 
Hie costus, rybbe. 
Hec plantago, -nis, waybrede. 
Hec paradilla, a doke. 
Hec urtica, a netylle. 
Hoc urticetum, a netylbuske. 
Hec arundo, -nis, a red. 
Hec buglossa, oxtunge. 3 
Hec secuta, a humloke. 
Hec anacia, anas. 
Hec genciana, a gencyan. 
Hoc polipodicum, a pollypod. 
Hoc folium, est herba natans sine 

1 Smallage, or wild celery (the apium 
graveolens of botanists). 

3 Palmer-nutte. The next vocabulary 
explains cucumer by a flage. 

3 Bugloss, the lycopsis arvensis of bot- 

4 The wild nasturtium. 

5 Called elsewhere horsehelin. 

6 Haryffe. In Gloucestershire the name 

Hec felix, -cis, media corrupta, bra- 

Hoc felicetum, ) , , , 

Hoc filacerium, \ a ^^akynbuske. 
5 Hec viola, a vyolytte. 

Hie car do, -nis, media corvupta, thys 

Hie cirpus, hie juncciis, a rysche. 

Hie papirus, a sene. 4 
10 Hie papirio, locus ubi crescunt. 

Hec car ex, -ids, a flege. 

Hoc carecetum, locus ubi crescunt. 

Hie scabius, ii, scabryge. 

Hec malva, a maloo. 
15 Hec celidonia, celydoun. 

Hec filago, quedam herba. 

Hoc vastucium, welcresse. 

Hoc ligustrum, a primerose. 

Hec elena campana, horshalle. 5 
20 Hec uticella, haryffe.6 

Hie fragus, a streberewyse. 

Hoc fragum, a strebere. 

Hec cimnicia, hundfynkylle. 

Hie ebolus, walwortte. 
25 Hoc albatorium., sothernwodc. 

Hec amarusa, donfinkylle. 7 

Hoc consolidum, a daysey. 

Hec hastula, wodrufFe. 

Ilec lavendula, lavandyre. 
30 Hec ipia, chekynmette. 

Hec loriala, loryalle. 

Hec scurea, saveray. 

Hoc tansetum, tansaye. 

Hoc epitimeum, tyme. 
35 Hec vermicularis, stoncroppe. 

Hec valmaria, penegrysse 

Hoc glustrum, flowrd of fold. Unde 
invenitur metrice de beata virgine : 

hairiff is given to the plant called more 
usually cleavers, or goose-grass (apium 
aparine); in the north it is applied to 

7 Perhaps amarusa is a corruption of 
amaracus, which is explained differently 
as meaning sweet marjoram (origanum 
vulgare), or feverfew (pyrethrum par- 





mater, glustri decor, candorque ligustri, 
Labe cadcns lustri, necnon et sorde palustri, 
Na(o prelustri me jungas more colustri, 
Ne regar amplustri Satane per lirida lustri. 

Hec spurgia, a sporge. 
Hec tormJhtilla, tormentyne. 
Hec alcia, est magna silvestris. 
Hec caperis, i. herbafrutex spinosus. 
Hec bursa pastaris, harebelle. 
Hec centaria, centarye. 
Hoc ligustrum, a cowslowpe. 
Hoc porarium, a lekbed. 
Hoc subterrarium, a debylle. 
Papaver, AC a chespolle. 1 


Hie apoticarius, a spy ere. 

Hec species, -ei, spyce. 

Est species logicus, est altera grammati- 

Estque genus species, species et forma 

Est eciam species gratam quod prestat 

odorem ; 
Totque modus species viriatur quot mo- 


Hoc piper, -ris, peper. 

Hie crocus, saferon. 

Hoc amigdalum, a almunde. 

Hoc amigdalatum, almund-mylk. 2 

Hec ficus, a fyke, or a fikes. 

Hie flcus morbus, hec flcus froctus et 

Hoc ciminium, comyn. 
Hoc zinzibrum, gyngyre. 
Hec liquirisia, lycorys. 
Hoc amomum, canylle. 
Hec galanga, galyngaye. 

1 A poppy. See p. 710 1. 27. 

2 Almoud-milk, or almond-cream, ap- 
pears to have been a favourite article in 
the pastry and dessert department during 
the middle ages. The Forme of Cury (p. 17) 
gives the following receipt for making a 
,,cawdel of almand-mylk" : n Take almandes 
blanched, and drawe hem up with wyne ; 
do thereto powdor of gynger, and sugar, 
and color it with saffron; boile it and 
serve it forthe." It seems to have con- 

Hic gariofilus, a cloyfe. 8 

Hec masia, a mace. 

Hoc quiperium, a quybybe. 

Hec zucurca, zugure. 
5 Hoc anisium, anys. 

Hoc feniculum, fynkylsede. 

Hie racemus, a rasyn. 

Hoc risi, indeclinabile, ryse. 

Hoc alexandrum, alysandyre. 
10 Hoc granellum, granes. 

Hoc zeduarium, zeduarye. 

Hoc electuarium, letwerye. 

Hoc balsamum, bawme. 

Hoc ponderale, haburdepays. 
15 Hie census, rychenes. 

Hoc unium, vyneloun. 4 

Hec asura, asyre. 

Hoc gummi, indeclinabile, gume. 

Hoc dragetum, drage. 
20 Hie pulver, vel -vis, powdyre. 

Hoc pinetum, a pyoun. 

Hec uncia, a nowns. 

Hec semiuncia, half a nouns. 

Hoc pondus, a wehgt. 
25 Hec stater a, idem est. 

Hie bilanx, -cis, belans. 

Hoc stateris, idem. 

Hoc examen, lingua bilancis. 

Est examen apum colleccio, lingua bi- 
30 lands. 

Hec dragma, est octava pars uncie. 
Hec rosina, rosyn. 
Hoc butumen, terre. 
Hec pix, -cis, pyk. 
35 Hoc ponde, a fowdrelle. 

Res sit vera staterem portate statera. 

Hie bipondus , i. genus ponderis ex 
duabus assibus appositum. 

tinued in fashion until at least the end 
of the seventeenth century, as would ap- 
pear from the following extract from one 
of the popular dramatists of that age: 

B Tho devil take me, I love you so, that I could 
be content to abjure wine for ever, and drink 
nothing but almond-milk for your sake." 
Shad-well, Epsom- Wells, 1673. 

3 Cloyfe, a clove. 

* Vyneloun, a sort of spice. 




Hee uvapassa, a raysyn. 

Hec massa polatarwn, a frayle 

of fyks. 
[Hie dactilis, A an almonde]. 1 



Hec arbor, vel -bos, a tre. 

Hec pirns, a pertre. 

Hoc pirum, a pere. 

Hoc piretum, est locus ubi crescunt. 

Hec pomus, a nappyltre. 

Hoc pomum, a nappylle. 

Hoc pometum, locus ubi crescunt. 

Hec taxus, ew. 

Hec serasus, a cheretre. 

Hoc serasum, a chere. 

Ilec prunus, a plumtre. 

Hoc prunum, a plum. 

Hec pepulus, a bolystre. 

Hoc pepulum, a bolysse. 2 

Hec corulus, a hesyltre. 

Hoc coruletum, ubi habundant, 

Hec nux, -cis, a nutte. 

Hec avelana, a walnutte and the 

Hec ficus, -ci vel -cus, a figtre or 

a fig. 

Hoc cicomonium, fructus ejus. 

Hec vitis, a vyntre. 

Hec uva, a grape. 

Hec pinus, -ni vel -nus. 
5 Hoc pinum, fructus ejus. 

Hoc pinetum, locus ubi crescunt. 

Hec quercus, -ci vel -cus, a nak. 

Hec glans, -dis, a nacorun. 

Hec galla, a nake-appylle. 
10 Hec ibex, -cis, a sapplynge. 

Hec laurus, -ri vel -rus, a loryltre. 

Hec fraccinus, a neschtre. 

Hoc fraccinum, a kay of a nesche. 

Hoc fraccinetum, locus ubi habundant. 
15 Hie oliaster, i. olivet silvestris. 

Hec abieS) etis, a fyrre. 

Hec acer, -m, a mapultre. 

Hec cedrus, a cedyrtre. 

Hec salix, -ids, a welogh. 
20 Hec tremulus, a nespe. 

Hec ulnus, a nelly rtre. 

Hec buxus, A C( * a boxtre. 

Hec sambucus, a burtre. 

Hec ussus, a holyntre. 
25 Hec lentiscusj a byrktre. 

Hoc bidellium, i. arbor dans bonum 

Hec spina, a thorn. 

Hoc spinetum, locus ubi crescunt. 

Hec cariga, a fig. 30 Hec plantacius, a plantre. 

Hec castania, a cheston, or the tre. Hec fagus, -gi, a bechtre. 
Hec cornus, -ni vel -nus, a slotre. Hec cilia, a lynde. 

Hoc cornum, a slo. 

Hoc cornetum, ubi habundant. 

Hec ramnus, -ni, a thethorntre. 3 

Hoc ramnum, -ni, fructus ejus. 

Hec ema, i. alba spina. 

Hec arbitus, wodcrabtre. 

Hoc arbitum, a crabe. 

Hec amigdalus, a almund. 

Hec morus, a fylberdtre. 

Hoc morum, fructus ejus. 

Hie cicomonis, a cycomyrtre. 

1 This line is written in a rather later 
hand than the rest of the manuscript. 

2 i. e., a bullace (prunus insititia). 

3 Generally interpreted as the dog rose, 
or wild briar, called Jiefe-poru by the 

Hec cocianus, a coventre. 4 

Hoc socianum, fructus ejus. 
35 Hec percitus, arbor quedam. 

Hoc malagranatum, fructus 

Hec mespulus, a meltre. 5 

Hoc mespulum, fructus ejus. 

Hec esculus, fructus ejus. 
40 Hec populus, a popyltre. 

Hec cipressus, a cypyrtre. 

Hec malus punicus, quedam arbor. 

Hoc malum punicum, fructus ejus. 

Anglo-Saxons. See before the Anglo-Saxon 

4 The coigne-tree, or qnince. 

5 The medlar, mespilus germanica. 




Hec juniperus, parva arbor spinosa. 
Hecsanguinus, arbor colons sanguinii. 
Hoc sanguinetum, locus ubi crescunt. 
Hec nucliarius, est quelibet arbor 

ferens nuces. 

Hoc nucliarium, locus ubi crescunt. 
HecsUva, ) d 

Hec tndago, ) 
Hec subuscus, undyrwod. 
Hie titrus, arbor que cito surgit. 
Hec volemus, a warduntre. 1 
Hoc volemum, fructus ejus. 
Hec merica, media producta, a brome. 
Hoc succetum, ubi crescunt frutices. 
Hie rubus, -i, a buske. 
Hoc rubietum, ubi crescunt vel ru- 


Hie dumus, a thornbuske. 
Hie tribulus, \ 
Hec vepres, > a brere. 
Hec veprecula, ) 
Hoc virgultum, a halte. 2 
Hec virga, a wand, 
Hec viprex, -ids, a schyd. 3 
Hoc vimen, -nis, qwykyr. 
Hoc vimitum, locus ubi crescunt. 
Hec saliunca, -ce, a whyn. 
Hec aboriqo, ? 

Hec abories, \ ^t superflue faucies- 

Hec stipes, -tis, i. arbor, 

Hec radix, a rot. 

Hie truncus, a stok. 

Hie vel hec cortex, -cis, bark. 

Hie liber, interior pars corticis. 

Hoc suber, intima pars corticis. 

Hoc abdomen, grundsope. 4 

Hie frons, -dis, a gren bught. 
Hoc folium, a lefe. 

Hie ramus, ) , 

TT . , > a braunche. 

Hie ramusculus, ) 

5 Hoc ramale, a dry brawnche. 
Hec palmes, -tis, a brawnch of vyne. 
Hie pampinus, folium vitis. 
Hie botrus*, -i, flos vitis. 
Hie racemus, a brawnch of grapys. 
10 Hec acinus, est granellum uva. 
Hec labrusca, est agrestis vitis, vel 

botrus amarus. 
Hoc germen, > ft burj 
Hec pululacto, } 

15 Hec astula, -e, > , 
Tr . '.,. > a chype. 
Hec quisquihe, ) 

Hie saltus, a lawnd. 
Hie rogus, | fc fl 
Hie fax, -cz5, ) 
20 Hec ticio, -nis, a colpytte. 
Hec fala, a fagot. 
ZTzc faciculus, a kynch. 5 
ZTec cfma, the crop of a tre. 

Cima capnt virge, verboruni gloria serna 

25 Hie fullus, a fylberdtre. 6 
Hec condimus, a warduntre. 
Hoc condimum, a wardun. 

Arborium nomen femininum die fore 


30 Ni rubus, dumus, oliaster, sive piaster, 
Adda viburnum predictis, addito vimeu. 


Hoc nauci, indeclinabile, defe. 

1 The warden was a large coarse pear 
used for baking. 

2 A bolt, or copse. 

3 Schyd means usually a billet of wood. 

4 Grund-sope. This appears to be a 
different meaning of the word to that which 
it usually bears. The Prompt. Parv. gives, 
,,Growndesope of any lycoure, fex, sedi- 

5 Kynch must here mean a small 

6 The Latin should be fillis. ,,Filberde- 
tree, phillis," Prompt. Parv. Gower, Con- 

fes. Amant. vol. ii., p. 30 (ed. Pauli), 
has misrepresented the story of Phillts and 
Demophoon, in Ovid, in order to give a 
derivation of this word 

And Demephon was so reproved, 
That of the Goddes providence 
Was shape suche an evidence 
Ever afterward ayein the stowe, 
That Phillis in the same throwe 
Was shape into a nuttc-tre, 
That alle men it mighte se, 
And after Phillis philliberde 
This tre was eloped in the yerd. 




Hie nuclius, a kyrnyl. 

Hec moraria, a cobyng nut. 

Hec perima, ) 

Hec peripsima, 5 

Hec pulpa, the mett. 

Hec arula, the crok. 

Hec pertica, the sterte 1 of a napulle. 

Hec testa, a schelle, vel cortex nucis. 


Hoc monasterium, a mynster. 
Hec cenobium, a nabbay. 
Hec abathia, idem est. 
Hoc hospitale, a nospytalle. 
Hoc sinodogium. ) . ,. 
Hoe diverticulum,] *' d rs m. 
Hec ecclesia, 
Hoc templum, 
Hoc delubrum, a kyrk. 
Hoc fanum, 
Hec basilica, 
Hie cancellus, i 
Hie chorus, ) 
Hoc vestibulum, a 
Hie porticus, a porche. 
Hoc pulpitum, a pollepyt. 
Hoc campanile, a stepulle. 
Hoc oratorium, a oratory. 
Hoc portiferium, a portas. 
Hoc gradate, a grale. 
Hoc missale, a myssalle. 
Hie troporius, a tropery. 
Hie calendarius, a calendar. 
Hie ymnerius, a ymner. 
Hoc ymnare, idem est. 
Hie antiphonerius, a antyphonere. 
Hec letania, letony. 
Hoc alphabetum, a nabse. 2 
Hec gratia, a grace. 
Hoc premorium, a primer. 
Hoc psalterium, a sawtyr. 
Hoc brevarium, a brevyar. 

1 The stalk. 

2 i. e., an abc. 

3 The nef, a vessel in the form of a 
ship, used in the church from an early 

a chawrisylle. 

Hoc processionale, a processyonar. 
Hoc martilogium, a mertilloge. 
Hec biblioteca, a bybulle. 

iJiblioteca mea servat mearn bibliotecam. 

5 Hoc manuale, a manuelle. 

Hie passionerius, a passyonar. 

Hoc regestrum, a regyster. 

Hoc ordinale, a ordynalle. 

Hie crucifixus, a crucyfixe. 
crux, -cis, a cros. 
ymago, j ft 

.arc statua, j * 

#60 eucaristia, hostia sacrata. 

Hoc altare, a nawtyr. 
1 5 Hoc superaltare, a hye awtyr. 

Hie fons, -tis, a font. 

Hoc carisma^ -tis, creme. 

Hoc oleum, oylle. 

Hie baptismus, a batym. 
20 Hec extremaunccio, a nentment. 

Hec confirmacio, confyrniynge. 

Baptismumproprie fertur uiuudacio mentis, 

Exterior querit per aquam, baptisma vocatur. 

Hee vox baptismus signat ntrumque simul. 

25 Hie catecuminus, est ille qui est con- 
versus ad fidem et non est bapti- 

Hoc vexillum, a banere. 
Hie calix, -cis, a chalys. 
30 Vas cleris vinique calix est et nomeu 


Hoc corperarium, a corperax. 
Hec fiola, a crewyt. 
Ilec pixis, -dis, a box. 
35 Hie editur pissis, hie servat aroma ta 


Hoc ostiarium, a obley, or a box. 
Hoc ostia, a cyst. 
Hoc thus, -ris, ^ 
40 Hoc thimiama, > cncens. 
Hoc incensum, / 
Hoc aspersorium, a strynkylle. 
Hoc turibulum, a sensyr. 
Hec acerra, a schyp for censse. 3 

period to hold the incense, as well as 
other articles. A similar vessel was used 
at the baronial table tu hold wine, &c. 




Hoc sacrarium, a sacrear. 

Hoc lectrinum, a letyrn. 

Hoc vitrum, glasse. 

Hoc feretrum, } 

Hie loculus, 5 a ber. 

Hec libitina, ' 

Hoc facitergium, a towylle. 

Hoc manutergium, a sanope. 

Hoc velum, a vayle. 

Hoc crismale, a crisome. 

Hec lucerna, a lantron. 1 

Hec absconsa, a scons. 2 

Hec lampas, -dis, lawmpe. 

Hoc lurthium, a nawtyrcloth. 

Hoc organum, a organ. 

Hec decima, tythe. 

Hec oblaciOj a offeryng. 

Hec alba, a nawbe. 

Hie amictus, a namyt. 

Hec fanula, a fanune.s 

Hec casula. 

Hec poderis, 

7/bc spectaculum, a spectakylle. 

Jf/oc pedum, a clappe. 4 

7/ec co/?a ; a cape. 

dalmatica, a canturcope. 5 

zona, a belt. 
Hec tunicula, tunakyl. 
Hec mitra, a mytyre. 
Hec patura, a parur. 
Hec stola, a stolle. 
Hoc superpellicium, a surplys. 
Hoc orilegium, a norlyge. 
//ic oronoscopus, a orlegge. 

aurifigiuni) a goldfre. 

superfemorale, . . . 
Hec caleptra, a coppe. 
Hoc pedum, a crowche. 
Hie cerius, a serge, 
//zc torticus, 
7/ ec ^, -e, 
7/ec candela, a candyle. 
//zc lichinus, a weke. 

1 A lantern. 

2 See before, p. G49 1. 18. 

3 The priest's maniple. 

* Pedum occurs again below, where it 
is explained as a crowche, or pastoral staff. 

Hoc candelabrum, a candylstyk. 
Hec secula, a rysch. 6 
Hie stilus, a peller. 

Est stilus uncle scribit puer, stilus esto 
5 columua, 

Dictandique modus ducitur esse stilus. 

Hoc circinatorium, a circynatory. 
Hoc claustrum, a clostyr. 
Hoc valitudinarium, a fermery. 
107/oc ventiloqium,) , 

Hec cheruca, } a ^edyrcoke. 

Hoc semitorium, 

Hoc atrium, 

Atria die aulas, eadem semitoria dicas. 
15 Hoc sudarium, a sudary. 

Hie gradus, a degre. 

Hie certofagus, 

Hoc mauseolum, 

Hie tumulus, 
20 Hec tumba, 1 a S rave ' 

Hoc poliandrum, \ 

Hoc bustum, ' 

Hoc glossum, a schryn. 

i. opilio i. ovem I. lupi 

or Manda vetat mandrum licos iutrare 


Clausit Alexandrum magnum parvum 

Hee reliquie, -arum, relyks. 
30 Hie bostarius, a grafmakere. 
Hec capsa, 
Hec capsulla, & fe 
Hec capcella, " 
Hec cista, 
35 Hec crupta, a hoi in the erthe. 

Per quern fit crupta, uon flunt carmlna 

Hoc consistorium, a constre. 
In plurali hec sacerdotorum dicuntur 
40 loco inferiora, ad que omnis erit 

a .... nus sacerdotibus. 
Hoc dormitorium, a dortore. 
Hec cella, a celle. 

s We must conclude, from the Latin 
equivalent, that this word signifies a 

6 Rysch, a rushlight. 

723 A NOMINALE. 724 

Hoc capitulum, a chapyture. Hoc selarium, a selere. 

Hoc centorium,, ) & tabernakvlle Hic ^ ~ Uf> ' Salt 

Hoc tabernaculum, j Hec cambuca, a cambok. 3 

Hec regia, est domus regis. Hoc coclier, a spon. 

Hoc castellum, a castylle. & flic calathus, a baskyt. 

Hoc palacium, a palas. Hic corbes, ) 

Hoc atrium, a hawlle. Hoc dolium, ^ a ] 

Hec aula, idem est. Hoc uter, -ris, a busche. 

Hic turrus, ) , Hic colateralis, a costrille. 

Hec arax, ] 10 Hec clipsidra, a spygotte. 

Hec phalca, turris lignea. Hic ciphus, a cope. 

Hic citus, est passio vel mari domus. Hec servicia, ale. 

Hec mancio, -nis, a dwellynge pi as. Hoc vinum, ) 

Hoc messuagium, a messe. 1 Hoc merum, ) ^ 

Hoc contagium, a cotage. 15 Hec fex, -cic, dregges. 

Hoc opidum, a caystelle. Hoc claretum, a clarete. 

Hoc penetrate, a chawmbyre. Hoc nectar, -ris, pyment. 

Hoc Syon, mdeclinabile, Syon. Fex vini tibi sit, olei dicatnr ainnroa. 

Moritem die Syon, die ecclesiam fore Syon. Hoc scabellum, a stolle. 
Tres sunt partes columne, s. basis, ^ Hoc monile, a broche. 

stilus, et epistilium; basis est fun- Hoc acuare, a nedylhows. 

damentum , stilus est media pars, Hec pluscula, a bokylle. 

et epistilium est supprema pars. Hoc speculum, a myrrore. 
Hec heremus, A cce armytegke. Hoc scissorium, a trencher. 

Hoc heremum, scitum illius loci. 25 Hic bino, a cartstaffe. 

Hec traha, a sled. 
Hec buris, a plusrhbeme. 

NOMINA DOMO PERTINENCIA. ffec j orme pedia, a last. 
Hoc scamnum, a bynk. Hoc senvectorium, a barow. 

Hec mensa, a tabylle. 30 Hoc serculum, a wedhoc. 

Hec /ultra, a ctischoun. Hec mensacula, a bordknyf. 4 

Hec cathedra, a chare. Hec olla, a potte. 

Hic tristellus, a trestylle. Hec idria, a watyrpotte. 

Hec pelvis, a basyn. Hie contus, ) not , tvkp 5 

Hoc lavatorium, a lavyre. 35 Ilec pila, ) ^ 

Hoc mantile, a towylle. ^/ic ursiolus a posnet. 6 

//oc sedile, a longsetylle. -?/c ampulla, est olla cum duabus 

Hec forceps, tange. 2 auribus. 

Hec tripos, a brandrythe. Hic discus, a dische. 

Hoc manutergium, a sanope. 40 Hic perapsis, -dis, a dobler. 7 

1 A mansion, or manor. tides, like those by which butchers hang 

2 Tongs. up carcases of slaughtered animals. 

3 Cambuck, and the medieval Latin 4 i. e., a carving-knife, 
words cambuca, or cambuta, were used & A pestle. 

in the sense of a bent or crooked staff or 8 A skillet, or small pot. 

beam, and here perhaps means some im- 7 A dobler. The same Latin word is 

plement for supporting or suspending ar- explained in the next vocabulary a platter. 




Hec pila, a pestylle. 
Hie fornax, a fornes. 

Et pila pes pontis, pila Indus, pila taberna; 
Pila terit pultes, sed pila jertintiir in hostes 

Hoc veru, a spytt. 

Hoc pepe, moteryls. 

Hoc striaballum, a cog of a welle, 

Hie assicus, a mylnerpyt. 

Hoc emolimentum, a meltyre. 

Hec ferricapsa, a hopyr. 

Hoc sinoglossotorium, a flodcjat. 

Hoc terratorium, a clape. 

Hie alvus, a trowght. 

Hec pala, a pele. 

Hec vertybra, a colrak. 1 

Hie pastellus, a pastethe. 

Hec mebula, a mekylle. 

Hec vafra, a wafron. 

Hoc placentwm, a wastylle. 

Hie artocopus, a symnylle. 

Hoc fermentum, surdowght. 

Hoc furfur, branne. 

Hec costa, a rybe. 

Hec mola, a qwernston. 

Hoc cilicium, a hare. 

Hoc idromellum, growtt. 2 

Hoc ciromellum, wort. 

Hoc sigisterium, draf. 

Hec cuv a, ) f . 
TT i a iat. 

Hec uva, ) 

Hec congelima, a scowk. 

Hie arcomus, a haystak. 

Hec arista, a nawn. 

Hec spica, a ner. 

Hec febula, a bencodde. 

Hec tina } a soe. 

Hoc tinarium, a so-tre. 

Hie corbis, i 

Hec sporta, \ 

Hec garba, 

Hec merges, 

a schaffe. 

1 A coal-rake, or implement for raking 
the ashes of a fire. 

2 Growtt, a sort of ale. In the old play 
of Toin Tyler and his Wif, this liquor is 
mentioned in the two verses of a song 

This jolly grout is jolly and stout, 
I pray you stout it still -a. 

Hie manipulus, a repe. 

Hie modius, a buschylle. 

Hie corns, a mesur. 

Hoc osorium, a strikylle. 3 
5 Hie vannus, a fanne. 

Hec ala, a weng. 

Hoc ventilabrum, a scotyllo. 4 

Hoc flagellum, a flayllo. 

Hoc rastrum, a rak. 
10 Hoc granum, corn. 

Hoc frumentum, whet. 

Hoc ordium, barly. 

Hec pise, a pese. 

Hec faba, a ben. 
15 Hec vicia, a fech. 

Hec cruralis, craps. 

Hoc exaticum, byge. 5 

Hec mixtilio, -nis, idem est. 

Hec avena, hafyr. 
20 H e c siligo, ry. 

Hoc lolium, a popylle. 

Hec cratis, a flek. 

Hoc tugurrium, a hollek. 

Hoc ovile, a fald. 
25 Hie vomer, vel hec, -mis, a seke. 

Hoc cultrum, a cultyr. 

Hoc jugum, a gok. 

Hec harpica, a harowe. 

Hoc bidens, a mattok. 
30 Hec liga, vel mera, a pyk. 

Hec vanga, a spathe. 

Hec furca, a fork. 

Hoc tribulum, a scowule. 

Hoc dolubrum, a brodax. 
35 Hec securis, a nax. 

Hec serucula, a hachyt. 

Hec acia, a thyxylle. 

Hoc terubrum. ) , 

TT 7 > a wymbylle. 

Hoc penetrate \ 

40 Hoc sumen, tharne. 

Hoc armoriolum, a nalmry. 6 

3 A strickle, or piece of wood for le- 
velling the corn in the measure. 

4 Scotylle, a winnowing-fan. 

5 A kind of barley. 

6 An aumbry, or cupboard, formed from 
the Low Latin word almariolum. 

727 A NOMINALE. 728 

Hoc orium, a lath. Hoc ligatorium, a tedyre. 1 

Hoc bostare, a noxhows. Hie cacabus, a cawdrun. 

Hoc stabulum, a stabylle. Hie urcius, a bras pott. 

Hec arena, gravylle. Hec sterago, a fryngpanne. 

Hec mantica, a malle. 5 Hec creagra, a fleschok. 

Hie mergus, ) & bok tt Hec sertago, a fryngpanne. 

Hec situla, ) Hec cratis, a rostgern. 

Hec postica, a posturne. Hoc ipopirgium, a nawndyrn. 

Hoc per for ale, a persure. Hoc spumatorium, a scomur. 

Hec lima, a fylle. 10 Hoc ireposimum, a horshamer. 

Hie circinus, a compas. Hie arquelus, a noxbowe. 

Hie folus, a bolle. Hec lanea, a slaye. 
Hoc clavarium , i. repositorium da- Hoc hausorium, a ladylle. 

vorum. Hoc scorium, a natt. 

Hec revictica, a grawyngern. 15 Hec navecula, schetylle. 

Hec sarra, a sawe. Hoc jubar, a neppe. 

Hoc repagulum, a barre. Hoc licium, a throm. 

Hec gerula, a gad. Me cathinus, a gret doblere. 

./Zee mastica, whypcord. Hoc micatorium, a myere. 

Hie aculius, a brad. 20 Hoc trajecterium, a potlyd. 

Hoc plaustrum, a wayn. /Toe omentum, a strengerd. 

/Tec quadriga, a chargott. //oc bolideum, a plum of lede. 

Ifee ftz^roi, a cart. Hec conspica, a glen. 

Hie currus, idem est. Hec iberna, i. tempestas maris. 

Hec rota, whele. 25 Hie palus, a stak. 

Hec axis, a naxyltre. Hoc auditorium, a cofyr. 

Hie radius, a spak. Hec clitella, a pak. 

Hoc meditollium, a nar. Hec cupa, a stope. 

Hie canlus, a felowe. Hec trolla, a trowylle. 

Hec cavilla, a nayle or a pyn. 30 Hie rogus, a fyre. 

Hie temo, a feme. Hie ignis, idem. 

Hec torques, a wythe. Hec roga, almus. 

Hie limo, a thylle. Hj c rogus est iguis, elemosina sit roga 

Hie limarillum, a thylpyn. dicta> 

Hie viredus, a thylhors. 35 Hoc cunabilum, a credylle. 

Hoc dorsolallium, a cartsadylle. Hec rubigo, a rust. 

Hec singula, a horsgarthe. Hoc torcular, a pressur. 
Scingula sciogit equum, singula stmt ho- Hoc falcaslrum, a bylle. 

rainum. Hie faux, a chek. 

Hoc postela, a croper. 40 Hec falx, a sykyl, or a seth. 

Hec trahicie, trays. Hec scopa, a besuni. 

Hec antela, a pettrylle. Hec paries, a walle. 

Hee opisie, -arum, harnes. Hec scala, a leddyr. 

Hoc capistrum, a heltyr. Hoc foramen, a hole. 

Hoc scansile, a styroppe. 45 Hie later, -ris, a tylle. 

Hoc calamistrum, a horskame. Hie marmor, -ris, a marbylle. 

1 Ttdyrt, a cord to tie an animal to a stake, still called in Kent a tether. 


729 A NOMINALE. 730 

Hoc gipsum, mortcr. Hec fornix, -ids, a bordylhows. 5 

Hoc cementum, cyment. Hoc scortorium, idem est. 

Hi? simentarius, a waller. Hoc opella, a schope. 

Hie asser, a latt. Hec scopa, idem. 

Hec latta, idem. 5 Hoc oranum, a tressurry. 

Hec cratis, . . . Hoc gazafilacium, a hordhows. 6 

Hec escaria, a mettabylle. Hec prosenica, est domusmendicorum. 

Hie escarinus, a metdysch. Hoc vinarium, est locus ubi vinum 

Hoc lorum y a brydille. reponitur. 

Hec abena, a rayn. 10 Hec lapidisina, est domus latamorum, 

vel est ubi lapides ceduntur. 

TAM r>F TrnTtfTPTT^ nOMORTTM Hoc toloneum > a tolboythe. 

JAM OMOKUM. Qui mausoleum prod.icit, aut .-anopeum, 

Hoc edificium, a bygyng. 1 Seu tolonenm, noii reor esse ream. 

Hec domus, a hows. 15 Hoc asilum, est domus refugii. 

Hec casa, a lytille hows. Hoc refectorium, a fermory. 

Hoc brasinium, a malthows. 
, , Hoc oratorium, est domus orationis. 

Hoc triclinium, est domus trina ses- 
20 sione f\acta\. 

Hec talamus, 
Hec camera, 
Hie conclavis, 
Hec zeta, 

Hoc tristegum, i. domus tricamerata. Hoc cellarium, a seller. 
Hoc pretorium, a moythalle. Hie papilio, -nis, i. tectorium. 
Hoc celarium } a spens. 2 Hoc fanuficium, a pantry. 
Hoc dispensorium, idem est. Hec paraula, locus ante aulam. 
Hoc lardarium, a lardyrhows. 25 Hoc apendicium, a pentys. 7 
Hec coquina, a kychyn. Hoc repositorium, est locus ubi all- 
Hoc pistrinum, a bakhows. quid repo[nitur]. 
Hoc molendinum, myln. Hec apoteca, a spycerschope. 
Hec forica, a prevy. Hoc macellum, bochery. 
Hec pennates, -cium, idem est. 30 Hoc armentorium , locus ubi fiunt 
Hoc stabulum, a stabulle. arm\a\. 
Hoc boster, a bose. 3 . Hec caula, schepcot. 
Noster erit, nomen proprinm, stabnlum Hoc mirrepolium, est domus un- 

quoque boster ; guenta . . . 

Bostaris facit hec gero, bostaris ille. 3bHecmirreteca,estrepositorumung.. . . 

Hec amissis, a swyer. 4 Hoc armamentorium , est reposi- 

Hec fabrica, a forge. torium. 

Hec career, a presun. Hoc columbare, dowfhows. 

Hoc argastulum, a denjon. Hec menia , -orum , sunt muri ci- 

Hec taberna, a tabyrn. 40 vitatis. 

Hec teges, parva domus. Hoc genitorium, a buhows. 

1 Bygyng, a building; from the A.-S. 5 A brothel; from the Anglo-Norman; 
bicgan, to build. the modern French bordel. 

2 The spense, or buttery. 6 A treasury; the Anglo-Saxon word. 

3 A stable for cattle. 7 A pentise, or shed over a door. 

4 The Latin word amussis means a 
carpenter's rule. 




Hoc argasterium, ubi aliquid opus fit. 
Hec antica, a hek. 1 
Hec postica, a postyrn. 
Hoc posticum idem est. 
Hec postis. ) 
lice P posteh us ,\ a P 3t ' 
Hec fultura, idem est. 
Hec litura, a mortare. 
Hie fundus, a grund. 
Hie murus, a walle. 
Hoc antemurale, a harchcame. 
Hoc promurale, defencio ante murum. 
Hoc signaculum, a bretys. 2 
Hoc saxum, ) 
Hec petrilla, > a stone. 
Hec petra, ) 
Hec calx, -cis, lyme. 
Pars pedis est hie calx, lapis ustus dici- 
tur hec calx. 

Hoc plastrum, a plastyr. 

Hec arena, sand or gravylle. 

Hie palus, a palys. 

Hec basisassis est future columpne. 

Hoc periperium, est superficies pa- 


Hec arckus, a vowt. 
Hoc laguiare, a postband, 
Hec trabia, a balk. 
Hec trabicula, idem est. 
Hec stipes, a stok. 

1 Hek. A heck-door, in the north, is 
a door of which the lower part only is 
panelled, and the upper latticed. The 
word, which is not very common in this 
sense in old writers, occurs in the Townley 
Mysteries, which were written in the North 
(p. 100) 

Good wyff, open the hek, seys thou not what 

I bryng. 

It is explained in the glossary as ,,the 
inner door between the entry or lobby, 
and the house or kitchen." 

2 A bretasche. 

3 Eskyny. A pentise is called an eskfng 
in Lincolnshire. 

4 Burd-wogh, a wall, or partition, of 
boards a wainscot. We meet with the 
Anglo-Saxon bord-weall, used in much 
the same way. It may be here remarked 

Hie tignuus, vel hoc tegimen, a sparre. 
Hec capula, a cuppylle. 
Hec doma, a howsrof. 
Hoc tectum, idem est. 
5 Hec grunda, a eskyng. 8 
HQC sugrunda, a bemfellyng. 
Hoc lodium, a lovyre. 
Hoc lucaner, -m, idem est. 
Hie caminus, a chymney. 
1 Hoc epicausterium, idem est. 

Die epicausterium scriptoris esse cathedra. 
Est epicausterium fornax nbi dequoquis 

Ast illud longum que fumus ab ede recedit. 

15 Hoc pinnaculum, a pinnakyl. 
Hie cunius, a weg. 
Hec pinna, est summitas cujuslibet rei. 
Sit tibi moutis apex, dicas pinna quoque 

20 Hoc pavimentum, a pament. 

Hoc guttatorium, a guttar. 

Hoc stillicidium, a drope. 

Hec tectura, thak. 

Hoc tegimen, idem. 
25//oc tabellatum, a burdwogh. 4 

Hec calx, ? anterior pars do- 

Hoc frontispicium, ) mus. 

Hoc hostium, a dore. 

Hec fenestra, a wyndoe. 

that the distinction between wall and 
wogh, in English, was the same as be- 
tween the original words in Anglo-Saxon, 
namely, the latter was applied peculiarly 
to the walls of a house, and the former 
to a wall of enclosure, or separation, in 
general. Thus, in the following lines, 
Gower, telling the story of Pyramus and 
Thisbe, informs us that they lived so 
close together, that the walls of their 
houses, and those of their court or yard, 
adjoined to each other 

Amonge the which, two there were 
Aboven all other noble and great, 
Dwellend tho within a strete 
So nigh to-gider, as it was sene, 
That there was nothing hem betwene, 
But wowe to wowe and walle to walle. 
Gower, Conf. Amantis, vol. i., p. 324, ed. PaulU 

733 A NOMINALE. 734 

Hoc fenestrale, a fenestralle.i Hec barcaria, L ovile, a scbepcott. 

Hec porta, I 


Hee bifores, -num,( 

Hee fores, } 5 Hec vestis, a clethyng. 

Hec valva, a wekyt. Hoc indumentum, idem est. 

Hec valve, -arum, faldyngates. Hoc mutarium, a chaungyngcloth. 

Hoc limen, -nis, thryswold. Hoc stragulum, ray. 

Hie cardOj -nis, penultima corrupta, Hie pannus, clothe. 

a bar of a dore. 2 10 Hec lanugo, -nis, walkyng. 

Hec vertibra, idem. Hec camisia, a sark. 

Hec cera, i 1 , Hec interula, idem est. 

Hec serula, \ a * Hec bracce, -arum, brek. 

Hie clatrus, a barre. Hec tunica, a cot. 

Cardosusestforibussicardouissitgeneralis, 15 Hec supertunica, a furd cott. 
Et si eardonis est herba nociva colonis, Hec dupliteca, a doplyt. 
Cardonis est herba multum fullonibus apta. ffec toga, a gown. 
Hec clavis ) , Hec clamis, a mantylle. 

Hec clavicula, ) a e ^' Hec acupicta, a jak of fens. 

Hec clava, a mese. 20 Hec instita, a rochyt. 

Hie clavus, a naylle. Hie superus, idem est. 

Clava ferit, clavisaperit, clavus duo jungit. Hec armidausa, a clok. 
Hoc pessulum, a snek.3 Hec tribrica, tbe strapuls of a pare 

Ilec mastiga, a snekbank. brek. 

Hie gumfus, a dorbande. 25 Hoc lumbare, a brekbelt. 

Hec haspa, a hespe. Hoc braccale, idem est. 

Hie vectis, a slott. 4 Hoc colobium, a taberd, 

Hec grapa, est foramen in quo quies- Hoc colobium, i. vestis collobia par- 

cit vectis. vula dena. 

Hie clitorium, a clekyt.s 30 Hoc colarium, a colar. 

Hie huncus, a crok. Hec manica, a slefe. 

Hie cava, a guttyr in the herthe. Hec lucina, a gore.s 
Hec fistula, est instrumentum in quo Hoc mancupium, a spare. 

aqua currit. Hec fibula, a lase. 

Arbor aqueductns est fistula, mosica, 35 Hoc pannideusium, a boton. 
morbus. ff oc armiclausum, a clespe. 

Hoc aquaductum, ) Hoc mominlum, a naglott. 

Hoc guttarium, ? a guttur. Hec consuetura, a seme. 

Hoc aqueductile, ' Hec fimbria, a heme. 

Hie aqueductus, a cundyth imdyr the 40 Hie lumbus, a burdyre. 


1 A fenestral was a window formed of * Slot, the bolt of a door. 

a frame of paper and cloth, instead of * Clekyt, a cliket, or latch-key. 

glass. 6 Gore, a hem, or gusset. In Walter de 

2 Har, a hinge. In the dialect of Dur- Biblesworth, it is given as the interpre- 
hain, a har is the hole in a stone in which tation of the Anglo-Norman or French 
the spindle of a gate rests. geroun. 

3 Snek, a latch of a door. 




I d U 


Hoc stropheum, 

JSTec zon, 
Zona die stropheuui, palmam die esse 

JJoc cimicinctum, a saynt of sylk. 

Hoc textum, est idem. 

Hoc plusculum, a bokylle. 

Hec lingula, a tung. 

See stipa, a stoythe. 

Hoc pendulum, a pendand. 

Hec mardacula, a spar belt. 

/foe mercipium, a pawtncre. 1 

Zfic cultellusj a knyff. 

/foe acumen, 

Hec sindula, a blayd. 
/foe manubrium, a heft. 
/Tec spirula, a vyrille. 2 
7/oc temrcfam, > 
Jatc spirasmus, j 
//ec vagina, a schethe. 
.Hoc capicium, a bod. 
/foe leripipium, a typitte. 
//ec tewa, a coyfe. 
/Tz'c pilius, a cape. 
/foe flameolum, 

Sic tonitrus, a thonderyng. 

Sec nix, snawe. 

Hec glades, -ei, yse. 

Hec grando, halle. 
5 Hoc gelu, indeclinabile, frost. 

Sec pruina, a rymfrost. 

Sic ros, -ris, a dewe. 

Hec pluma, a rayne. 

Hoc confragum, a plays where the 
10 whyrwynd metes. 

Hoc bivium, a gaytschadyls. 4 

Sec aqua, watyre. 

Hec tectis, idem est. 

Hec limpha etiam idem est. 
15 Est aqua doctrina, populus, dolor, ac ele- 


Hoc mare, ) ^ & ^ 

Hie pelagus, ) 

Hoc /return, a whalle. 

//oc sudarium, a sudary. 
/fee tricatura, a tr us sure. 

peplum, a wympulle. 

craticulum, a kelle. 

///c ajfricus, the sowth-est wynd. 

/Tic circius, est ventus borialis sub 
aquilonem versus occidentem. 

Hie aquiloj septentris, ventus boralis, 
idem est; ventus aquilonaris est 
sibi conjunctus versus orientem; 
ventus collateralis est inter medius 
inter bariam et subsolanum. 

Hec nubes, a clowd. 

Hicfulgur, leyfnyng. 

1 Pawtnere, a purse. 

1 Vyrille, a gimlet, or wimble. 

3 Unfoituriately a leaf of the original 
MS. has been torn out here, making a 
rather extensive lacuna, as the manuscript 
is written iu three columns. 

Hie Jtuvius, 

Sic fons, -tis, a welle. 

Sic rivus, a revyre. 

Hie rivulus, a bek. 5 
25 Hie virarium, a vever. 

Sec gurges, -tis, a strem. 

Hec fovea, j d , 

Hec fossa, } a dyK< 

Hoc stangnum, a dame. 
30 Hoc filandrum, a gossomyre. 

Sic vel hec dies, a day. 

Hec nox, -tis, a nyght. 

Sic quadragesima, a lentyn. 

Hoc natale, gole. 
35 Hoc pascha, pase. 

Hoc carnibrevium, . . . 

Hoc ipopanti, candylmesse. 

Hec pentetoste, -tes, whysunday. 

Hec estas, somyre. 
40 Sic yems, wyntyre. 

JEfoc ver, groyngtyme. 

Sic Usextus, lepgere. 

4 Cross-roads; the word signifies lite- 
rally, a separation or divergence of mads j 
v gateschadylle, compitum," Prompt. Parv. 

s A small brook; still in use in the 




Hec terra. } ., 
Tr . 7 > ertbe. 

Hie humus, ) 

Hoc saxifragium, a qwaryle. 1 

Hoc vallis, a daylle. 

Hie mons, -tis, a hylle. 

Hie collis, the top of a hylle. 

Hoc pratum, a medowe. 

Hec via, a way. 

Hie vicus, a strett. 

Hec ripa, a bank. 

Hec insula, a nylle. 

Hec gleba, a clott. 

flee rupes, a roche. 

Hoc inclusorium, a pynfold. 

Hie campus, 

Hie rus, 

Hoc firmamentum, a fyrmament. 

Hec acra, a nakyre. 

Hec bovaga, a noxgang. 

Hie selio, -nis, a butt. 

Hec virgata, a rodlande. 

Hec puppis, a schyppe. 

77ec navis, idem est. 

Hie lumbus, a bott. 

Hie malus, a mast. 

77oc velum, a saylle. 

77<?c rudens, a cabylle. 

77/c funis, a cord. 

7/zc funiculus, idem. 

Hie remus, a nore. 

77ee antenne, -arum, grot cabyls. 

77oc columber, a arehole.2 

77ec ancora, a nankyre. 

77oc troclea, a wyndas. 

77oc rete, 
rr 7 
Hec plaga, 

//zc hamus, a hok. 

a nett. 


Hie ludus, a play. 
7/oc hastiludium, a justyng. 
J/^ic armilustras, a turnamcnt. 
7/ec c/e5 a scheltrone. 8 

Hec pila, a balle. 
//oc pedum, a clubbe. 
7/oc pirrum, the chekyre. 
77ec pirga, the poynt of the chekyre. 
5 77oc scaccarium, idem est. 
Hie talus, a dyse. 
77ec decies, idem est. 
Hec alea, the menge. 
77ec tuba, a trumpe. 
10 77ec fistula, a pype. 
77ec buccina, a beme. 
77zc idraicus, a wadyrpype. 

77ec cithera. ) , 

TJ . j. ' { a harpe. 

77ec lira, ) 

lf> Hec fides, a harpstryng. 

Hoc plectrum, a wrast. 

Hoc timpanum, a tymbyre. 

Hie psalmatus, the sytalle. 

.Hec vitula, a rybybe. 
2 Hec simphonia, a symphony. 

7/ec paupita, a sawtre. 

77oc psalterium, idem est. 

Salteriuui dicitur organicum fore libruiu. 



77ec vitis, a vyne. 
Hec vitula, idem est. 
Hoc vitulamen est planta vite inf . . . 
30 Et vitis radix, sunt fructus viu . . . 
Pampinus est folium, botrus flos vin . . 

77ec vinea, est locus ubique usitatus. 

Hec venosa, idem est. 

Hec labrusca, est vitis silvestris. 
35 flic palmes, a brawnch of vyne. 

77oc sincetum, est ramus pretentus a 

Hie botrus, fios vitis. 

Hie racemus, a raysyn. 
40 Hie bubastus, est vitis vel uva in agro. 

Hie spado, i. circulus vitis. 

1 A quarry. 

2 i. e., an air-hole 

a small unglazed 

Hec uvapassa. 

3 The sheltron was a square, or dfvi- 
siou of soldiers a squadron. 




Dant uvapassa clibano simeraria plebe, 
Uva precerra, vel precox tibi primatura, 
ubi preco 

Ifec precocia, idem est. 
Hec corda, est uva serotina. 
Cordus, -a, -um, i. serotinus, -a, um. 


Hec torta, a cak. 
Hec nebula, oblys. 3 

ubi preco Est nubis nebula tenuis panisqne rotnndus. 

Quo qnando vel precox tibi prematura sunt jf ec l esc a, a schyfe. 4 

5 Hec colirida, a dorcake. 5 
Hoc crustrum, a crust. 
Hoc frustrum, a lumpe. 
Hoc minutal, a cantylle. 
Hec mica, a crwme. 
10 Hec pasta, doght. 

Hec pasmacta, i. parvus panis. 
Hec buccella, a morsyllc. 
Hie morcellus, idem est. 

m cibus, mete 
Hec esca, 
Hie dapis, -pern, -pe, idem est. 
Nobilitas viles frons generosa dapes. 

Hoc manna, awngyls fode. 
Hoc jantaculum, a dynere. 

Hoc auncinium. \ -,, 

TT 7 ' / a myddyner 

Hec imranda. / 1,1 

rr ( undermete. 1 
Hoc meranum, ) 

Hec cena, a sopere. 2 
Hec musta, idem est. 
Die mustain cenam , mustnmque latens 

Hoc obsonium, a reresopere. 
Hoc convivium, a fest. 
Hec dieta, est cibus moderatus, etc. 
Kstqne dieta cibus moderatus, iter quoque 

Hoc corrodium, leveraye. 




Hie panis, brede. 

Hie lifus, a lofe. 

Hoc colifium, hardbred. 

Hec placenta j wastylle. 

Hie artocapus, a symnylle. 

1 A meal between the dinner and supper. 

1 A second supper, taken late in the 

1 A small round loaf, as it is explained 
in the verse. 

* Schyfe, or shive, a slice. 

5 Dor- cake. The collyrida was -a sort 
of cracknell, or crisp cake, somewhat re- 
sembling biscuit. 

6 Pottage. 


Hoc ligumen, potage. 

Hoc olus, -ris, wortes. 

Hec porreta, porray. 
20 Hec vita, ) 

Hoc sepulatum, ) 

Hec sorbuncula, idem est. 

Hoc pulmentum, browys. 7 

Hoc adipatum, idem est. 
25 Hoc amigdalatum, almundmylke. 8 

Hoc risi, indeclinabile, ryse. 

Hoc puls, 

Hec aplauda, i a mese. 

Hoc ferculwn, ) 
30 Feroula nos saciaut, prelates fercnla portant. 

Hec polenta, grewylle. 

Hoc br odium, brewe. 

Hoc pomarium, appuljuse. 

Hoc jurcellum, jursylle. 9 
35 Hoc sarabracium, sarabrase. 

Hoc lattum, lorray. 10 

Hoc mel, hony. 

Hie garus, a fyscbrowe. 11 

Hoc oleum, oyle. 

7 Broth. 

8 See before, p. 71H, note 3. 

' Jussell was a favourite dish, composed 
of eggs and grated bread, boiled in broth, 
and seasoned with sage and saffron. 

10 Lorray, orlorrc, was a dish, in ancient 
cookery, for which receipts are found in 
most of the cookery books. 

11 Literally, broth of flsh. 




Hoc omlaccinium, charlyt. 1 
Hoc morticum, a culys. 


Hec assa, 


Hec assatura, 

Hec carbonella, a colope. 

Hec frixa, idem. 

Hoc crimium, crowkoun. 2 

Hec frixura, fryd met. 

Hoc frixum, idem est. 

Frixa nocerit, elixajuvant, as.-ata rohereent. 

Hec artocrea, a pye. 

Hie pastellus, a pasthethe. 

Hie artocasius, cibus factus ex pane 

et casio. 

Hec tarta, a tartt. 
Hec flata, a flawn. 
Hoc opacum, idem est. 
Hoc fertum, a podyng. 
Hoc omasum, idem. 
Hoc laganum, same cake. 
Hec salsucia, a sawstyre. 
Hec hilla, idem est. 
Hee delicie, ) 
Hec lauticia, > dantyths. 
Hee galanticie, ) 
Hoc frixum, a froys. 8 
Hoc strutum, 

Hee carnes vitule, veylle. 
Hec caro, -nis, man's flesche. 

Carues camiflces, carueiu vendunt mere- 

5 Hec vipa, a wynsope. 
Hie ipa, a watyrsope. 
Hec ojfa, a alesope. 
Est crateris vipa, scutelle dicitur offa, 
Sed limphe proprie dicitur ipa fore. 


JLJCW Oil tlt/UV/f, J . 

Ifec *n>, | a tr 'P e ' 
Hec perra, a flyk. 
//zc petaso, -nis, idem est. 
Hec petasiculus, half a flyk. 
Hoc succidium, sowse. 
Hoc tucetum, hagas. 
Hec carnes bovine, beffe. 
Hee carnes porcine, pork. 
Hee carnes ovine, moton. 

1 Chariot was a dish, in medieval cook- 
ery, of which the principal ingredient was 
minced pork. 

2 Perhaps the dish called in the early 
treatises on cookery crayton, or criton 
a preparation of chickens. 

3 A froise was a sort of pancake. The 
word is still used in the dialect of the 
eastern countries. It appears to have been 

Hec torena, est lectus regis. 
15 Hoc plumale, a fedyrbed. 

Hoc cooportorium, a coverlyd. 

Hoc toral, -Us, idem est. 

Hec lodex, -ids, a blankytt. 

Hoc linthiamen, a schett. 
20 Hie carentivellus, canvas. 

Hoc linthium, a tapytt. 

Hec tapeta, idem est. 

Hec culcitra, a matrys. 

Hoc cervical, a peloware. 
25 Hec curtina, a curtyn. 

Hie lectus, a bed. 

Hoc stratum, idem est. 

Hoc grabatum, media producta, idem 

30 Kst lectus stratum, fertur via regia strata ; 

Mobile flt stratus ad quod depressus habetur. 

Hie lectulus, i. parvus lectus. 
Hie thorus, idem est. 
Dicas esse tlioros, paliaria, brachia, lectos. 
35 Hoc lectiferum, est lectus stratum vel 
locus ubi lectuli sternuntur, vel 
stramenta lectorum. 
Hec bojenila, i. lectus. 
Hoc concubile, est lectus concubinarum. 

a favourite dish with the monks; for 
Gower (Conf. Amant., vol. if., p. 92), de- 
scribing the troubled sleep of Sompno- 
lence, says 

Whan he is falle in suche a dreme, 
Right as a ship ayein the streme 
He routeth with a slepy noise, 
And brustleth as a monkes froise, 
Whan it is throwe into the panne. 

743 A NOMINALK. 744 

Hoc concubiculum, idem est. Hec bamba, est lectus. 

Hie genialis, est lectus qui in nup- Sit coopoitorium lecto lecturaque criuis, 

ciis sternitur. Sit tectorem domibus regimen cat sic verge, 

Hec sponda, est exterior pars lecti. Armaqoe craterras quoque si ami capulas. 

Hoc fultrum, est pes lecti. 5 Hec ampMcapa, est tapeta ex utra- 

Lectus servorum, discumbentium gra- que parte villosa. 

batum. Hec sipha, idem est. 

Cuin soleas in eas caput inclinari gravatum, Amphicapam dicas gernina de parte villosa, 

Disce graba signare caput, venit iude gra- Sicut historiis simplex est sipha trapeta. 

batum. 10 Hoc subsiterium, est tapetum sub pe- 

Hec lectica, est lectus vel thorns, vel ditali. 

currus quod dicitur lectus, vel est Hec curtina, a curtyn. 

curtina circa lectum. Dicas curtinas quasi rerum corda tenentes ; 

Hee spinge, -arum , sunt lectuli in Hoc conopeum, est curtina adinst . . . 

[quibus\ sunt posile ejigie. 15 ... repium recium texta ad ai- 

Hoc torrium, est quidam lectus. dendos culices et muscas. 

Hoc stramentum, letyr. Hoc auriale, a cord or a pelowe. 

Hoc stratorium } idem. Hoc cervical, idem est. 

Hoc stabum, idem est. Hoc pulviner, -\ 

Hie punicanus, est lectus circumclu- 20 Hoc cervicarium, > a coschyn. 

sus tapicoleribus rubeis. Hie pulvinus, ) 

Hoc punicanum, idem est. floe limphum, \ est po . . . ex line 

Hoc crepodium, a credyle. Hoc limpheolum, >et lana contextus. 





NOMINA PERTINENCIA Sesaries hominum, sed crines snnt mnlie- 

HUMANO CORPORI. HHJ - US vel il]ius bene dicitur esse capillus. 

Hoc caput, An a hede. Hoc cranium, An a hernpane. 
Hoc occiput, An the last parte of 5 Hoc cerebrum, An a brayne. 

the hede. Hec ffacies, An, a face. 

Hoc interciput, An the myd parte Hec maxilla, \ 

. of the hede. Hec mala, { idem sunt, a scheke. 

Hoc cinciput, An ce the forme part. Hec gena, ) 

Oinciput anterior capitis pars dicitur esse; W Hie ffrons, -tis, An a forhed. 

Occiput et partem dt-sigtiat posteriorem ; Hie ffrons^ -dis, An ce brawnche. 

Ast mediam partem dieas lutercipnt esse. Froris, -dis, ramus, frons, -tis, pars capi- 

Hoc frontisipium, An a forhed. 

Hie vertex, An a natrelle. 8 Hoc cilium, An a here of the hie. 

Hoc discrimen, An the seed of the 15 Hec bucca, ) A , , 

. j -TJ- /r> f -fl.n Lt - a scncKe. 

hede. Hec /aux, ) 

Sit tibi discrimen divisio, glabra, periclum. A d navem inalus spectat, malus est viciosus, 

Hie crinis, 
Hie pilus, 
Hie capillus, 
Hec coma, 
Hec sesaries, 

Faux est mala, malum vicium, malnm quo- 
que pomum. 

idem sunt, An a 2Q HQ( , mperciK um, An a bro . 


Hoc i?itercilium , An betwyn the 

1 This very curious vocabulary is pre- wise blank places in tbe manuscript, are 

served in a manuscript in the possession here given, with the inscriptions attached, 

of Lord Londesborough, which I think is of the same size, and as nearly as possible 

of the latter part of the fifteenth century. facsimilies, of the original. 
The illustrative sketches, which occupy the 2 The hatrelle. 

margins and what would have been other- 




a ere. 

Hie oculus, An a nye. Hec auris, 

Hec palpebra, An a nyelede. Hec auricula, 

Hec pupilla, An ce the balle of the ye. Hoc tolera, 1 A ce a eresop. 

Hec abbcies, U n , n he q wytoftheye. - % 8C felra > *? a w< fl e ' 

Hec abbedo, J o Hec mandebula, a schekeboue. 
Hie nasus, An a nase. Hie- dens, -tis, A a thothe. 

Hie naris, An ce the nesethyr .... Hoc maxillare, a walthothe. 
Hoc interficium, An the bryd of Hie molaris, idem est. 

the ne. Ventes molares, lapides die esse molares. 

Hec piruela, An c * the cop of thelOZTec veruca, A a wrothe. 2 

no ... Hie gelbus, An a wen. 

Hec cartilago, An a grystyl. 

Hoc tempus, An a tempylle. 

Hie cirrus, A ce the cop of the hede. 

Hoc pus, snot. 

Hie polipus, idem. 

Polupus est naris fetor, et in equore piscis. 

Hec mustilago, A a mulere . . . 
Hie mentum, A a schyne. 

Hec barba, ) , , 

TT i-j > a berd. 

Hoc genorbidum, } 

Hoc os, ossis, A a bone. 
Hoc os, -ris, A a mowth. 
Os, oris, loquitur, corio vestitur os, ossis. 

Hec lingua, A a tung. 

Hec gloss a, idem est. 

Est mernbrurn lingua, designat et hec igonis. 

Hoc labiurn, A a lyp super os. 

Hoc labrum, An?e a lyp. 

Ilec gingiva, A c e a gome. 

Hoc omestrum\ A a mygerne. 

Hoc collum, Ai\ a nek. 
Hec gula, \ 
Hoc guttur, > a throthe. 
15 Hie jugulus, / 

Est gula pars colli, vicium gula restat 

Hec fontinella, A the nekhole. 
Hie isiofagus, A a wesawnt. 
20 Hoc pupillum, the blak of the ye. 
Hoc bachium, } 
Hie lacertus, / a harmehole. 
Hec ulna } ' 
Brachia die ulnas, panni mensura sit ulna. 

25 Hie vultus, -tus, -ui, A a scherc. 3 

Hec spina, i , 

TT j'i ? a rysbone. 

Hoc spondile, J J0 

Hec spina, Ace a thorne. 

Me pinigit spina, pars ost in corpore spiua. 

30 Hec acella, A ce a harmhole. 
Hie subricuS) idem est. 

1 Colera. See before, p. 67<i 1. 9. 

2 Wrothe, A wart is still called a wrat 
in some of the northern dialects. 

3 The word schere, in the sense of 

countenance or mien, is not a very com- 
mon word, but it occurs more than once 
in the romances of Gawayne, edited for 
the Roxburgh Club by Sir Frederick Madden. 




Hie ricus, -ci, A a kodlomb. 
Hie ricus, -cus, -ui, A the nest of 
the ye. 

Hie ricus per -ci peculas fera dicimus esse, 
Hie ricus dans -nipars ultima constat ocelli. 

Hie cuUtus, A<* a helbowe. 
Hie umerus, Ace a schuldere. 
Hec arteria, Ace the hole of the throt. 
Hec uva, A the knot of the nek. 
Opptulio os uvam, fert vitis fertilis uvam. 

Hie armus, AW a schuldyr. 

Hlc humerus, > 

Hec scapula, y 

Hoc plalum, A a schuldyrbone. 

Hie stomacus, Ace stomake. 

Hec jecur, A ce a maw. 

Hec manus, -nus, -ui, A a hand. 

Hec palma, j) 

Hoc ir, > the palme of the hand. 

Hec vola, ' 

Palma manus, palma arbor, victoria palma. 

Hie digitus, Ace a fyngyr. 

Hie articuluSf A ce a too. 

Est manuum digitus, articulusque peduui. 

Hie junctura, AM junctur. 
Hocfren, Aceihe sckyn of the brayne. 
Hec pellis, Ace the sckyn of a best, 
la capitis cerebro fren est teuussima pellis ; 
Pellitur a came pellis, carnis cutis herot. 

Hoc corium, A ledyr. 

Hie pollex, A^e a thumb. 

Hie allux, A^ a grete too. 

Est manuum polles, sed dicatur pedisalltix. 

Hec unguis, A ce a nayle of a man. 
Hec ungula, Ace a claw of a best. 
Unguis non brutis datur, sed ungula brutis. 

Hoc tergum, Ace a bak of a man. 

a bak of a best. 


10 Hie 



Ubera et pecudum, sed mamme et mulie- 

ruui ; 
2Q Cuins mamillas dixisti, dicque patillas. 

Hoc latus, Ace a syde. 

Hec costa, Ace a rybe. 

Hec costa, Ace a baksterys slomb. 

Pars lateris costa, res pistoris quoque costa. 

25 Hec pubes, ^ 

Hie lanugo, } An c e schere. 
Hoc pecten, ' 
Hoc femur. ? 

tergus, > 
dorsum 1 ] 
venter, * 

uterus, \ a wonibe. 
alvus, J 

umbelicus, Ace a nawylle. 
nates, Ace a botok. 
lumbus, Ace a hope. 
femur, idem est. 
vel hec clunis, Ace a hcpebone. 
torax, Ace a brestbone. 
pectus, A a brest. 
mamilla, Ace a lytyl pap. 
mamma, Ace a pap of a woman. 
uber, Ace a pap of a best, 
hominum proprie mamillas dicimus 

Hoe erus, 
30 Hie penis, ) ., 

Hie priapus, \ ldem sunt ' 

Hie testiculus, a balokstone. 

Hie piga, Ace a balokcod. 

Hec vulva, Ace a cunt. 
35 Hie cunnus, idem est. 

Hie tentigo, ACC a kykyr. 

Hec caturda, 1 Ace a bobrelle. 

1 Caturda was used in the Latin of the 
fifteenth century to indicate a part of the 

female sexual organs, either the labia pu- 
dendij or the nymphce. 




a schyn that a scliyld 
ys consevyd in. 

a nestarme. 

Hec munda, 

Hec matrix 

Hec steria, 

Hec cavilla, A & hanky 1. 

Hoc extum A a gret paugh. 

Hoc viscus, A a bowelle. 

Hoc nytunum, Ace a bowelle. 

Hoc trutum, A a tharme. 

Hec struta, A a startcre of nete. 

Hoc intesiinum 
Tr . . 
Hie colus, 

Hec diafragma, Ace a mydred. 

Hoc cordis, A ce a hert. 

Hie splen, Ace the mylt. 

Hie ren, -nis, A the nerys. 

Hoc epar, -ris, A cc the lywer. 

Cor sapit, et pulmo loquitur, fel coligit iraui, 

Splen ridere fan't, cogit amare jecnr. 

Hie pulmo, A a long. 
Hoc burbulum, A a umblye. 
Hec elia, Ace flank. 
Hoc cepum, A talow. 
Hec pinguedo, A fatnes. 

Erba sit hec fragus, hoc fragruui sit tibi 

Hie fragrus, -gi, pomplex cernatur haberi. 

Hie fragus, Ace a hame. 

Hec fragus, Ace a strebery wyse. 

Hoc fragum, A a strebery. 

Hie talus, A^ a hele. 

Hie talus, Ace. a dyse. 

l.udo cum tails, terrain tango quoque tails. 

Hie sanguis, ) ^ ^^ 
Hie cruor, } 

Sauguis alit corpus, cruor est a corporo 

suinptus ; 

Extractus veiiis cruor est, in corpore san- 

Hoc fel, A^e the galle. 

Hoc spcrma, -tis, A c e mankynd. 
5 Semen quod seritur, set progenies quoque 


Hoc alatum, Ace Q, rofom. 1 

Hie condulus, Ace a knokylle. 

Hoc stercus, ) 
10 Hec meda, \ a torde ' 

Hoc genii, Ace Q, kne. 

Hie poplex, A a hame. 

Hoc internodium.) , 

Hoc vertebrum, [ a knebone - 
15 Hec tibea, Ace a leg. 

Hec tibea, Ace a trompe. 

Tibia dat souitum, me portat tibia totuiri. 

Hec sura, A a schynbone. 

Hie nervus, Ace a senovv. 
20 Hie pes, -dis, Ace a fothe. 

Hicpoder, Ace the fylthe of the fothe. 

Hie callus, ) An c e the harde of the 

Hec planta, > fothe. 

Signat callus plantam collumque boviuum. 
25 Hie sudor, A ce swete. 

Hec arcacis, A ce slepe of the fothe. 

Pes patitur artare, An c e my fothe ys a 


Hoc apostema, -tis, Ace a postemet. 2 
30 Hec glaucoma, A c e a gome. 
Hie articulus, A c e a too. 
Hec vola, Ace the holle of the fothe. 

Est vola pars palme, pars ale, pars pedis 


35 Hie pollex, Ace a thombe. 
Hie index, Ace a lykpot. 3 

1 Kofom. In the Devonshire dialect the 
waist is called rofoam. 

1 An aposteme, or abscess. 

3 The second cut at the bottom of this 

page, representing a hand, sword, and head, 
are drawn upside-down in the original, as 
here shown. 




Hie medius, A the longman. 

Hie medius, A the leche. 

Hie auricularis, A the lythylman. 1 

Pollex, index, medius, medicus, auricularis. 

Hec vesica, An ce a bleder. 
Ilic musculus, A a muskylle. 
Hie musculus, A a lytyl mus. 
Est musculus piscis, parvus mus, pars 

Hec solia, A c * the sole of the fote. 
Hoc solium. A a kynges sete. 
Sub pede sit solia, solium quoque regia 

Hec paterna, A a patyn. 
Hoc eorporarium, j AC ^ 

Hoc corporate, 
Hec fiola, 
5 Hie urcius, 
Hec osta, > 
>, ) 

a cruet. 

a nobely.2 

An ce the sacra- 



Hoc altare, 

Hec ara, 

Hoc super altar e, A a superaltori, 

Hec crux, A a crosse. 

Hec imago, A ce a ymage. 

Hie lichitus, for a eylepott. 

Hoc vixillum, A c e a banyre. 

Hie calix, A^e a schalys. 

1 These popular names of the fingers 
seem to be of considerable antiquity. The 
following curious lines are quoted by Mr. 
Halliwell (Diet of Arch. Words) from a 
MS. of the fifteenth century in the Uni- 
versity Library, Cambridge (Ff. v. 48, 
fol. 88): 

like a fyngir has a name, als men thatre fyngers 

The lest fyngir hat 1 i t y 1 - m a n , for hit is lest 

of alle ; 
The next fynger hat lee he-man, for quen a 

leche dos ogt, 
With that fynger he tastes all thyng how that 

hit is wrogt ; 
Long-man hat the mydilmast , for longest 

fynger hit is ; 
The fcrthe men calls towcher, t.herwitli men 

touches i-wis ; 
Tho fifto fynger is the thowmbe, and hit has 

most mygt, 
And fastest haldes of alle the tother, forthi men 

callcs hit rigt. 

Hie panis 

Hoc sacr amentum, 


10 Hoc sacrium, ) 
Hoc sacrificium, \ 
Hoc turibulum, A a sensere. 
Hec aserra, a schyp that zychel 
ere in. 

157/oc thus, ) . 

TT f An cnsence. 

Hoc mcesum, > 

Hec candela, A a candelle. 

Hie almoriolunij A almery. 

Hie lampas, AW a lawmp. 
20 Hie lichinus, A Cf meche. 

Hie mergulus, A c e herne in the lamp. 

Hoc olium, A oylle. 

Hie cerreus, A ce a torche. 

Hie cerulus, a lytyl torche. 
25 Hoc candelebrum, ) , . , 

Hoc canddarium, \ a ndyllestyk. 

Hoc crisma, -tis, A a crem. 
Hoc crismatorium, A ce a crismatory. 
Hoc vestiarium, 
30 Hoc vestibulum, 

a vestn. 

A Nominale in MS. Reg 17, C. XVII., 
fol. 39, rO, gives the following list, very 
similar to that in our text: 

Hie pollex, A e thowme. 

Hie index, A c lic-pote. 

Hie medius, A* lang-fyuger. 

Hie medicus, A e leche 

Hie. auricularis, A e lytyl-fyngcr. 

Mr. Halliwcll has printed a modern nurs- 
ery rhyme, (Nursery Rhymes of England, 
fifth edition, p. 155), in which names very 
similar to these are still used, namely, 
thumbkin, foreman, longman, ringman, 
and Littleman. In Norfolk the lingers are 
called popularly, Tom - thumbkin, Will- 
wilkin, Long-gracious, Betty bodkin, Little- 

* i. e., the ohlay, or offering. 




Hoc missale, A cf a myssale. 
Hoc gradale, A<"+ a grayelle. 
Hoc troparium, AW tropere. 
Hoc callendarium, A a calendere. 
Hoc ymnare, A c <- a ymnere. 
Hec leges, j 
Hec legenda, > a 
lu*. J 

Hie legendus, 

Hec letenia, ) R let boke> 
Hec latuna, } 

Hoc psalterium, A a sawtereboke. 
Hoc antifonarium, a amphanere. 
Hoc primarium, A a premere. 
Hoc mertilogium, A C a mertelage. 
Hoc manuale, a crystynningboke. 
Hoc passionari\iui{\, AW a passionari. 
Hoc regestrum, Ace a regestyr. 
Hoc ordinale, AW a ordynal. 
Hoc portiforum, A a portes. 
Hoc touale, Ace a tonal. 
Hoc temperalium, Ace a temporal . 
Hec casula, A a chesypyl. 
Hec alba, A a hawbe. 
Hie amictus, Ace a arayte. 

Hie phano, -is, A phanun. 1 
Hec capa, AW a cope. 
Hoc superpelicium, a syrples. 
Hec dalmatica, a tonykyl. 
Hie ffons, -tis, A ce a funte. 
Hie gradus, -dus, -ui, A ce a grese. 
Hie baptismus, A crystyndome. 

Hoc pixis, I A i 

TT i i ( Ace a box. 

Hoc alabastrum, > 

Hec campana, 

Hec campanicula, 

Hoc campanile, AW a stepyl. 

Hoc camparium, idem est. 

Hoc tintinabulum, a lytyl belle. 

Hie batillus, AW a clapyr. 

1 A standard; the gonfanon. 

1 A step. In the directions in the will 
of Henry VI., for the building of the col- 
leges at Eton and Cambridge, we read, 
,,Item, the height fro the streete to the 
enhancing of the ground of the cemetery, 
7 feete di., and the same walle in height 

Hoc ventilogium, a wedercok. 
Hoc calasisorium, A''f a hers. 
Hoc Jferetrum, 
Hoc sandapulum, 

ZHec libetina, ^^ a bere. 

Hie loculus, 

Est loculns bursa, parvns locus, et lubitina. 
Hec sera, Ace wax. 
Hoc vitrum, i . , 

10 Hoc Hum, \ 

Hoc orologium, A ce a horologe. 
Upc oritimum, A c e a cloke. 
Hoc organum, A ce a orgon. 
Hoc osculatorium, A ce a paxbrede. 

15/Toc manutergium. ) , , , ., 
rj- . j > a nand-clotne. 

Hie towalus, 

Hie certofagus, 

Hoc sepulcrum, 

Hoc bustum, 
20 Hoc tumba, 

Hoc monumentum, 

Hoc poliandrum, A a byryelston. 3 

Hie ysopus, AW a sprenkylle. 

Hoc aspersorium, idem est. 
25 Hie stallus, AW a stalle. 

Hoc mausolium, ) . 

Hie tumulus, } AnCt a S rafe ' 

Hoc pulpetorium, AW & pulpyt. 

An^e a grafe. 




, ,, 


Hec corda, , 

Hec funis, J a r P e ' 

Hec luccrna, ) 

above that, 5 feete di., with grteces out 
of the way into the same pane, as many 
as shalle be convenient." ,,And from 
the provostes stalle unto the greece called 
Gradus Chori, 90 feete," &c. 

3 Byriel, or byriels, was the old name 
for a tomb. 




Hoc lectrinium, i 

Hie ambo, > a leyterne. 

Hie discus, 

Hie obstratis, A c * a pannyng. 

Hoc velum, AW a veyle. 

Hoc simutorium. ) 

rr > a schererd. 

Hoc alrmm, ) 


Hie dextrarius, A ce a stede. 

Hie emissarius, a corsowyr. 

Hie sucarius, A a trotore. 1 

Hie palafridus, a palfrey. 

Hie gradariusj A a hawmlore.2 

Hie mannus, A a hakeney. 

Hie cabo, A a stalon. 

Hie caballus, AW & cap u lie. 

Hie viridus, AW a thylhors. 

Hie spado, AW a gelt hors. 

Hie equus, AW a lle raaher hors. 

Hec equa, A c e a mare. 

Hie pullus, AW a schekyn. 

Hie pullus, AW a fole. 

Pullus, -a, -um, AW blak. 

Pullus equs, pullus galline, pullus et ater. 

Hie asinus, I , 

Hec asina, > a has ' 

Hie saginarius, A cc a palhors. 3 

Hie taurus, AW a bole. 

Hie mulus, A<* & mule. 

Hie et hec bos, AW a box. 

Hec vacca, ) 

Hec vacuh, I a cow ' 

1 Trotore, a trotter. 

2 Hawmlore, \. e. an ambler. 
Pal-horse, evidently a packhorse. 

* *. e., a greyhound. The use of the 
letter / in this word is rather singular, 
and reminds us of the words fynger, for 

5 Hie 

10 Hec 

15 Hie 

20 Hec 

2 5 Hie 

30 Hie 

35 Hec 

40 Hie 

bucculus. > , ,. . 
^encus, | a bullok ' 
buccula, ) 

juvenca,} a hckfcre ' 
vitulus, A ce a calfe. 
vervex, AW a ram. 
aries, AW a wedyr. 
oviSf alle manner a chepe. 
verbica, AW a hew. 
adasia, AW pyllyd hew. 
erna, AW a hewlambe. 
agnus, AW a wedyrlombe. 
agnelluSj a lytyl lambe. 
titirus, AW a belwedyr. 
equiferus, AW a wyld liors. 
aper, AW a wyld bore. 
verres, tarn bore. 

a hogc. 

P m ' cus ' 


et hec sus, / a sow. 



f j 


porcellus, AW a pyg. 
caper, a get buk. 
capra, AW a gothe. 

capriolus, ( a kyd lomb. 
edulus, ) 

leporarius, a frefownd. 4 
odorincicus, a stanyel. 
caniculus, a qwelpe. 
catulus, idem est. 
catula, a byche qwelpe. 
lacesca, AW a byche. 
molossus, AW a bonddoge. 

mureligus, a catt. 


catellus, AW a cytlyng. 5 

bubalus, AW a bogelle.* 

hunger, and /yraJ, for thirst, which were 
forms of the dialects of the Welsh border 
in the fourteenth century. 

5 A kitten. 

' Bogelle, a beagle. 





Hie leo, An ce &\yvfn. 

Hec leena, 1 a leo- 

Hec leonissa, ) nys. 

Hie cervus, .k^ahert. 

Hie servus, A ce a serwant. 

Hie cervus per c. scriptum sit bestia silve ; 

S. si scribatur servus, famulus vocitatur. 

Hec cerva, A c " a hynde. 

Hie cervulus, Ace a hertes calfe. 

Hie damns, Ace a dobuk. 

Hie vel hec dama, Ace a doo. 

Hie hinnilus, AC? a fowne. 

Hec fferina, -ne, Ace venisyn. 

Hie lupus, Ace & wulfe. 

Hec lupa, Ace a fern el wulfe. 

Hie ursus, Ace a bere. 

Hec ursa, idem est. 

Hie leopardus, Ace a lebard. 

Hec leoparda, idem est. 

Hie vulpes, Ace a ffox. 

Hec simia, Ace a hape. 

Hie cuniculus, A c e a conyng. 

Hec cunicula, idem est 

Hie furo, -is, Ace a foret. 

Hie olefans, a olcfawnt. 

Hie sirogrillus, 

Hie scurellus, 

Hec mustela, wesylle. 

Hie lepus, A ct a hare. 

Hie ralo, A c e a ratun. 

Hie sorex, idem est. 

Hie muS) Ace mowse. 

Hie vel hec talpa, 

Hie castor, -\ 

Hec melota, > a brok. 

Hie taxus, ) 

Hec taxus, a hewtre. 1 

Hie arbor taxus, bine taxum dic<> melotam 

a scurelle. 

a molle. 

a otere. 

Hie fetrunctus, I , , 
Hie pecoides, 5 a sulmard 

1 A yew-tree. 

2 A pricket is, properly, a buck in his 
second year. The Prompt. Parv. has, "Pry- 
ket, beest, capriolus." But in our text it 
must be either an error for cryket, which 

Hie ericius. 
Hie irmaeius, 

Hie dromidarius, A<* a dromedarye. 

Hec jfera, A c e a wyld best. 
5 Hie camelus, Ace a schamelle. 

Hie lepusculus, Ace a leveret. 

Hie ffeber, 

Hie lutrissius, 

Hie grillus, Ace a pryket. 2 
10 Hie unicornus, a unicorne. 

Hie gurrex, Ace a watermowse. 

Hie roonideus, Ace a redmowse. 

Hie cornu, indeclinabile, Ace a home. 

Hec ungula, Ace a claw. 
15 Hoc palare, Ace a dewlap. 

Hec crista. ) 

Hec juba, } a mane ' 

Hie Jubar rex faerat, jubar hoc lux, hec 
juba crista. 

20 Hec cauda, 
Hie dica, 

Hie colimellus, Ace thoyse. 3 
Hec ceta, Ace a brystylle. 




30 -^ Hicgallus, Ace acok. 

Hec gallina, Ace a hene. 

Hie pullus, Ace a cheke. 

Hie ancer, Ace a gander. 

Hec auca, Ace a gose. 
35 Hie ancerulus, A ce a guslyng. 

Hie capo, -is, ) ' 

Hie altile, ) 

Hie pavo, Ace a pocokk. 

Hie anas, for drake. 
40 Hec anala, a heynd. 

1Kb columbus, 

Hec columoa, 

Hie pipio, A ce dowbyrd. 

is the equivalent of the Latin grillus, or 
a form of this word peculiar to one of 
the provincial dialects. 

3 Thoyse, the tusk of a boar. 





ffec palumba, 
Hie ancipiter, a goshawke. 
Hie erodius, a gerfawkyn. 
Hie msus, A ce a sperhawkc. 
Hie capus, A ce a muskyte. 
Hie acensorius, A ce a hoby. 
Hie aluctor, A a merlone. 
Hie aluctus, A a. stain el. 
Hie bctsterdus, A<* a laner. 
Hie signus, ) 
Hie olor, ) 


5 Hie 
10 J^gc 

onux, ACC a nothak. 
castrimergus, a wodcok. 
conturnix, Ace a curlowyr. 
qualena, A a quayle. 
milvus, Ace a potok.3 
pica, Ace a py e . 
citacus, a popynjay. 
garulus, ) 
gratulus, \ a Jay * 
ipipa, A ce a wype. 
calendula, a plover. 
maviscus, ) 



Hie regulus, Ace % 


Hie vultur, Ace a grype. 
Hie pascer, Ace a sparow. 
Hie carduelis, Ace a goldfynche. 
Hec alauda, \ 
Hec antelucana, > a larke. 
Hec serris, ) 
Hec filomena, Ace a nytynggal. 
Hec alcedo, Ace a colmow.i 
Hie sturnus, Ace a sterlyng. 
Hie irundo, Ace a swalow. 
Hie vespertilio. ) 
Hec lucifuga, } a bake ' 
Hie corvus, Ace a crow. 
Hie comix, Ace a rewyn. 
Hie niticorax, Ace a nyterawyn. 
Hec monedula. ) , 
Hie nodus, \ a roke * 
Hec Jfrigella, Ace a rodok. 
Hec lonefa, Ace a donek. 2 
Hie bubo, Ace a howylle. 
Hec aquila, A c e a egyle. 
Hec ulula, Ace a semow. 

1 More usually written colmose, the 
A.-S. colmase, the sea-mew. 

2 Donek, or dunnock, the hedge-spar- 
row. A hedge-sparrow is still called a 
dunnock in the north of England, and a 
doney in Northamptonshire. 

3 A puttock, or kite. 

30 7// 

7//c campestris, a feldfare. 
1&Hic pelicanus, Ace a pelycan. 
ZTec ardea, Ace a herne. 
ZTec Ardea, the name of a towyn. 
Ardea uomen avis, et nomen dicitur urbis. 

Hec sigonia, Ace a storke. 
20 Hec ibis, Ace a snyte. 

Hie populus, a schevelard. 5 

Hie aspergo, a cormerawnt. 

Hie pitus, -ii, Ace a sethe. 

Hie onocratulus, Ace a betore. 
25 Hec talendiola, Ace a holste. 

Hie filicus, Ace a telle cok. 

Hec filica, Ace a telle hen. 

Hie perdix, Ace a par try k. 
utericius, a morcok. 
mergus, ACC a cote. 

/f/c mergulus, Ace a dokare.6 

JSec agredula, a tetmose. 

.Hec cuculusj Ace a cocow. 

JSVc turtur, Ace a turtylle. 
35 ZTzc merulus, Ace a thyrstyllecok. 

ZT/c merula, idem est. 

Hie ornix. ) 

Hie ffesanus, } a fesant ' 

^Tzc umnis, A c e a scheldrak. 
frigella, Ace a ro ke. 

^'c selido, a kynges fychere. 

4 This is still preserved as the name 
for the singing thrush in the eastern 

A water-fowl, the anas clypeata of 

Docare, the diver, or didapper, 




Hie icier, AW a wodake. 1 
Hie tradus, a wagstyrt. 
Hie strix } -cis, AW a schryche. 
Hoc grits, An a crane. 
Hoc rostum, A cc a bylle. 
Hec ala, A ce a whynge. 
Ilec vola, pars quedam ale. 
Hec vola, a parte of the harmehole. 
Hec vola, the lowest parte of the fote. 
Est vola pars palme, pars ale, pars pedis 


Hec pluma, AW a fcdyr. 
Hec penna, AW a pen. 
Hie calamus, AW a cane. 
Hoc Hum, i. medulla penne. 


Hie crocodolus, A cf a codlyng. 2 

Hec murena, A ce a lamprey. 

Hie salmo, A Cf samwn. 

Hie lucius, A a lus. 3 

Hie dentrix, A a pyke. 

Hie lupis, idem est. 

Hie luaculus, a pykrelle. 4 

Hie alosa, A a leche. 

Hie ganerius, A<^ a stekelyng. 

Hie mullus, A cc a bulhyd. 

Hie fundulus, A ce a flexpeng.s 

Hee spunere, -arum, A cc a spyrlyng. 

Hec menusa, 

Hie serullus, 

Hie morus, A cc a haddok. 
Hie capita, AW a dar. 6 
Hie turtur, AW a gurnard. 
Hie gobio, AW a gobon. 7 
Hec anguilla, AW a helle. 
Hec truca, AW a tryotht. 
Hec rocia, A ce a roche. 

1 Wodake, the woodhock. or woodpecker. 

2 The Prompt. Parv. lias, "Codlynge, 
f'ys<-he, morus." 

3 A luce, or pike. 

4 A younjr pike. 

s Flex-peng. Tlie Latin word fundulus 
is generally interpreted a gudgeon. 

Hec poca, Ace a pyche. 
Hie echinus, ) 
Hie ectinus, \ a tenche " 
Hec frisgula, AW a che vender. 8 
5 Hie murex, AW a breme. 
Hec murenula, AW a lampren. 
Hec perca, AW a perche. 
Hie guttulus, AW a gojon. 
Hec sepia, AW a troyte. 


Hec aurata, AW a sedow. 9 

Hec setus, > , ,. 
TT > whalle. 

Hoc setearum, ) 

Hec epimera, -e, ) , 

MHictumalus, I tt s P erl 3S- 

7/z'c sardellus, AW a swerdfyche. 

//ec ostria, AW a hoystyr. 

ZTec o^ra, -4 C ^ a hoysterchelle. 

Ostra uotat testam, clausum notat ostria 
25 piscera. 

Hie ausculuSj AW a muskylle. 

Hee telie, -arum, idem est. 

Ilec conca, A ce a cokylle. 

Hie bulbus, AW a wylke. 
307/zc cancer, AW a crabe. 

Hie polupus, AW a lobstar. 

Hie conchilus, AW a astsyche. 

Hie saltilus, AW a bobstere. 

Hie meg anus, AW a makrel. 
35 Hoc allec, ) . 

fiec gerra, } a hcr y n S' 

//ec ragadia, AW a ray. 

/fie uronoscopus, a thornbak. 

jETic garus, A cf a schate. 10 
morus, AW a haddok. 

7/z'c merlinggus, AW a merlyng. 

6 Dar, the dare, or, as it is now more 
usually called, the dace. 

7 Gobon, th whiting. 

8 Chevender, the eh even, or chub. 

9 Sedow, the fish called a gilthoad 

10 The skate. 




a hornkeke.6 

Hie mugilus, AM a. mowel. 1 
Hec rosinct, Ace a sehors. 
Hie sepio, A ce a leenge. 2 

Hie panus. ) An -, , 
TT . e ' ( AW a hake. 
Hie squylla, ) 

Hie congruus, A ce a cungur. 
Hoc pecten, A c e a playse. 
Hec /oca, AW a floke. 3 
Hie molanus, A ce a melet. 
Hie turbo, -is, Ace a but. 4 
Hec rubella, AM a rochet. 5 
Hec rugella, 
Hoc rustiforum, 
Hec solia, A<* a sole. 
Hie canis, a dokefyche. 7 
Hec ffingia, A ce a stokfyche. 
Hoc rasorium, A a rasowyr. 
Hie dolfinus, A a dolfyn. 
Hec balena, Ae a porpeyse. 
Hie rumbus, A a sturgyn. 
Hie branc