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Full text of "Anglo-Tamil dictionary, with the Tamil words printed in the Roman, as well as in the Tamil character .."

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rnr^f^^t "■'^^ ''■ " -r^ vr^F 

-v*:>l^ . MA6fl^ilftlll*^l»dkirtto., 


AlGLO-TAillL DI(gfe!M.?K 



"* AS WELL AS # 



the use of European Officers, Soldtan and ottieni eoiployed In the sereral Execntive 

Departments under the iiafnamnmb of KMras. 

. BY 






'EXPO?^f n!Vl8l.r'^ '■JF 

. ..^^.^ M. SFSHACHAL5.>^ >\ CC 

14, SUNKURAiv/'-^ r.;-:-:rTv = 

V! \ np A c * MAORAS-1 (INDIA 

M ADR Ah: o-w.i^ -c 

'-•bios E.iuo-^ rhone : 234 

18 61. 


■PL , 


'■■ i 




Therc are thirty letters in the Tamil language, and they may be represeuted 
J the Roman character in the following manner. 




in delta. 



in father. 



m pm. 



m pique. 



00 in good. 

2: d as 00 in food. 

e as in mendicant. 

^ as in grey. 

ai as in aisje. 

o as in police, 

6 as in story. 

5rrau as ou in foul. 


k as in king. . 
ji as ng in angle, 
ch as in church. 
; ft as ni in onion. 






d as in drum 

a hard cerebral n 
t as t in Italian. 

n as in fancy, 

p as in pardon, 

m as in demand, 

y as in yellow, 

r as in burial. 

1 as in manly. 
Y as in marvel. 

1 a mixture of r, 1 and the French j. 

1 as in glove, 

X as in crack, 

n as in fancy. 

Sanslcrit Letters^ &c. 

sh as in shake- 

s as in sin. 

h as in hungei*. 

h called aitha. 

Notes on the Alphabet. 

I. @ i when followed by d n r 1 1 is sounded something like u. The 
laracter of these consonants modifies the sound of 'the vowel i. 

II. FT i before d i> y 1 1 is sounded like the German dh — as eS*® vfdu. 

III. ^ e before 4 rl I sounds like the German oe in Goethe— as (?U5® medu 
onounced moedu. 



IV. tffi k as an initial and when doubled is sounded as k *, but when n:^ 
Tamil words it is pronounced like g — as fSirsih kagam, uieih pakkam. 

VT ,F ch, — the power of this letter representing, as it does, several \eCt< 
words of Sanskrit origin as well as Tamil words, is sometimes ch, j and s--.^^ 
eBT€sr chinna, s^esrih janam, tzj/r<flFdi mdsam. Use will however soou overcoi^^ 
difficulties incident to the different sounds of this consonant. 

VI. ^ t is like t in Italian when initial and when doubled — as ^6or tan, <sc 
katti -, and when it is medial and final it iias the sound of th— as « /r js? kathu, l 

VII. up when preceded by thm, -or 6or n is sounded very much like b- 
urnhLf pambu, cSy<swq anbu. 

VIII lL^ = tch — as La(ruSea>Ui m^tchimai. 

(^# = fij — as U(^« panju. C/^^^^tSl^. 

CiL is similar to the cerebral t — as in trump— as uCuGssrih pattatjam. 

n)ir) XV is similar to tt in pattern — as up/61 parri i when /d y is preceded 
<5fiT n it has very nearly its natural power — as «c5r jp; kanru, u&s^fSi panri ; w 
mute before a consonant, it has the sound of the <jerebral t — as &pUBssr karpa: 

N. B. In pronouncing words in which a coH&onant is doubled great < 
must be taken to sound both letters, one of course as a mute. Two or three W( 
are given for the purpose of impressing this cautioil on the mind of the beginner- 
U6U61S palli, g)juSsi> illai, Q&r^ killai. If care be not taken to pronounce the 1 
syllable clearly the above words might be mistaken for us^ pall, ^%) ilai 
SSsw kilai. 



art. article : s. substantive: a. a^jecUve: pr. prononn: v. t. verb transitive: tj. i. verb intransitirc : 
p. a. participial adjective: p. n. participial noun: tid. adverb: pi'ep. preposition : 

con. conjunction: int. inteijection. 


A, art, oru, 65(15. 

Aback, ad.-pintik'kij, LSe^rfirrssirib, 

Abaft, ad. kappalin pin atiiyattil, sCiu 

Abandon, D. t. \nttuvidtigirathu, kaividu- 
gifathu, eSiiLQe^lQQro^y ea>aeS® 

Abandoned,/), tf. vidappatta,a9i-LjuL-z__. 
Abase, v. L kl^lppaduttugirathu, Si^uu 

Abash, v.t kdsappannugirathu, ^^.^uu 

Abate , tj . <. kn raikkirathu , tarjiikkiratliu, 

Absite, D. i. kuraigirathn, tai>igirathu, 

Abat^ement, s. kufaivu, taijivu, ^eatDtsi^^ 

Abbreviate, -».<• cbnrukkugirathu, sf-Q^is 

Abdicate, v» t. vittuvidugiralhn, €dSl_(?) 

Abdomen, 8. adivayiru, ^u^eutiSjoi. 
Abdominal, a. adivayirrukkariya, ji}i^ 

Abduction, 5. piritteiukkai, stnchdram, 

Abed, cui. padnkkaijil, u(5««j>tfu33^\ 

' Abhor, V. t. verukkirathu, anivarukkifa 

thu, Q'^^<sQjD^y^(Tj^<SiJQ^e@p^ 

; AbhoiTence, s. veruppu, aruvaruppu 
I Abide, 1?, t. t^figngirathu , sahikkirathu 

, Abide, v. i. tanguginathii, ^fb^SfD^ 
Ability, s . trai} i,tiramai,^ ir n- euBfi, ^fDsain 
Abject, a, nfcha, eiiya, jS^, (srstf^uj. 

I Abjure, 1?. t. sabathamittuttnllugirathu 

Able, a, tr^iiiyulla, ^!nrGsiS\'L\&T<Bfr. 
! Ablution," s. mulukkn, sninara, (Lp(^i 

' Abnormal, a. viparfta, eSuif^. 

: Aboard, ad, t6r>iyil, kappalm^l, G^/Tasri 

Abode^s. vfdu, siS*®. 
Abolish, V, t, tallugirathu, alikkirathu 
nlkku^rathu, fS<sir^@fiO^, ^-iJS^ 

to be abolished, cdupattuppdka, cjQl 

Abominable, a, aruvarupp^na, ^rr^eu(h 

Abominate, v. t. aruYaraVLViJj?js*^<».^-^'i 




Abomination, s. aruvariippu, vetuppu, 
Aborigines, 8, ptirvakkudikal, ^freu^^ 

Abortion, s. karuvalivu, sinaikaraivu, 

iS(f^QJifi<sijy ^25or<fi5oO)fr(Si/. 
Abortive, a* sittiyagatha, ^^^iojirsn-^. 
Abound, vA, minchugirathu,tiral«iyiruk- 

kirathu, u9^<sf-Qir)^<f ^irmiriiSiQ^ 

'y(^ About, prep, kurittu, chdla, (^^^^, 
About, ad. erakkuraiya, surrilum, <Qjp 

^ A bove,pr6p. mel,adbikam,(?Lfl6u,^^«ffiLb, 
N, Above, ad. mele, QiaQeo. 

Abreast, ad. pakkattil, ethiray, u^ss^ 

^su, eT0jr(rdj. 

Abridge v. ^. churukkugiratbu» togukki- 

rathu, sF(f^^^8p^,G}^fr(3^siSt!)^. 

Abridgment, s. churukkam, £r([^^r3sih. 

Abroad, ad veliyOi dtlram^ga, piradesat- 

til, Q(QUSff^Quj^ ^iTLoiTSf i3pQ^<B' 

Abrogate, v. t. alikkirathu, marrugira- 

tbu, ^L^<s80^^ LnfTp^Q/D^. 

Abrupt, a. cbadithiyana, <sFu^^LU[rst^. 
Abruptly, ad. chadithiy^y, s^u^^iuitlu' 
Abscond, v- i. olittiikkollugirathu, ^ei^ 

Absence, s. inniai, parakku, g)55rsccu3, 

in my absence, nan ill^tha velaiyil, 

Absent, v. t. (one's self) var^mal vidu- 

giratliu, euinrLDdjsSlQQjD^, 
Absent, a, illatha, par^kkana, ^susu/r^, 

Absolute^ a. murr^na, (Lf^p(ir^s6f. 
^4./?so/ute]jr^ ad suttani^y, t/ra, Sf-^^ ' 

7 r- -" ' 

Absolution, g. mannippu^ pivavi 

nam, L068r«jflLJL/,un"cua9(o lq/t 

Absolve, tJ. t, mannikkitathu, lo 

Absorb, i?. t. kndikkirathu, nrif^cb:^ 
thn, ^i^<ssSlp^, ?L/6l(^<Bf8f^,^ 

Abstain, v. L vilagugirathu, tavir§ 
thu, vidugirathu, 'sSieo^QfOS 

Abstemious, a. . adakkamana, ^l 

Abstinence, s. turavu, upavasam, 

tam, ^fDs^y Q,UQjfr<sFu:>j s^if^l^^^ 

Abstract, s. churukkam, porul ada 

kam, fBf-Q^SiSSih, QuiT(T^(srrL-s&, 

of accunts, k6shpir^, Qairo^urrirfr 

Abstract, v. t pirittedukkirathu, L5/f 

Abstruse, a. niaraiporulana, mesypQi 

Absurd, fl. paittyamana, 6s>u^^ujldiT6^ 
Absurdity, 5. paittyam, esiu^^iuih. 
Abundance, s, pdranam, valam, L^ireacr 

Abundant, a. tiraUna, migunta, ^ir 

(SfTiTesr, uSI(^^fi. 
Abuse, 8. pali, nintanai, dushauai, ul^'.', 

Abuse, 1'.^. paluthikkngifathu, tittugi- 

Abusive, a.igalchcliiyana,@<£6Lp:F^MJ'r«» . 
Abyss, s. patalam, dli. uir^giren-ih, <^l^. 
Academical, a. kalvikkuriya, <S6V^^ 

Academy, s. kalvichcli^lai, s^aS^ffjr^^, 
Accede, v. i. ottukkoUugirathu, ^^^^ 

Accelerate, v. t. tfviram^kkugirathu, S 

Accent, s. \xc^^«ia\Y^vV^tL\a.l> a..? a^.fluu' 



Accent, v. t. e4tittuchcharikkirathu, cr® 

Accept, v. t. errukkollugirathu, i^rp^s 

Acceptable, a. ishiamfoa, ^d^.L-LD/rcsr. 
Acceptance, 5. angikarippii, jtjisiQ^ffi 

Acceptation* ». erkai, karuttut <§r^6ro^, 

• ^^ 

Access^, s> pravesam, iSjrCosu'ff'ih. 
Accessary, s. udantaiy^i, ^L^^esy^turr 

Accessible, <i- cherattakka, Q^jr^^-k^- 
Accessory, a. udantaiy^na, ^tupseo)^ 

Accident, s. idaitlni, vighnam, ^ea^L- 

Accidental, s. tarcheyalina, ^fiQ'B'UJ 

Acclamation, «. ^ravtom, ^rpparippu, 

^Wisutririh^ ^/riJLJfflLJq. 
Acclivity, s. errani, ^p/Dtii. 
Accommodate, ©. <. upacharaijaipaijiju- 

girathu, i4ankodukkirathn, slu^u- 

Accommodation, 8. vasathi, viduthl, cl'^f 

Accompany, v. i. ktidapp^giratbu, ktlda- 
varugiratlm, «uL-LJ&Ufr, ^sLt_ 61/(56 

a friend a little way, valividn, ojifieQQ, 
Accomplice, a. "udantaikkJ^ran, ^i^^es)^ 

Accomplish, ft?, t. cbeythumudikkirathu, 
niraiverrugirathu, Q^oj^Qpn^Qp 

Accomplished, p- a. mudinta, n^gari- 
ga, (ipi^i^^, jFi^S{fl&, 

'• S/Tfftuj^^^^ Q/fPp\h. 


Accord, s. isaivu, oru manam, g)o0).5=si^', 

of one^s own accord, valiya, qjgSIuj. 
Accord, v.i, ottuvarugifathu, isaigirathu. 

Accordance* s- isaivn,^udanp^du, g)so5«F 

According-to,prep. padi,erka, uu^^^ps, * 
Accordingly, ad. appadi, athupola, jj^u 

Accost, V. t samhhdshikkirathu, p^rttu- 
chchollugirathu, s^ihuire^s^p^ 

Account, 8 kaiiakku, togai, is^b, «s35r 

on account of, nimittam, 0i3<sfi\h. 
Accountable, a- uttaravidamulla, a.^ 

;g?irfii;/r^(ip6fr0fr . 
Accountant, «. kaiiakkan, samprati, s 

a principal native accountant, sampra- 
ti, <FLti3jr^, 
village accountant, karaiiam, karnam, 

office of a village accountant, karnf- 
gam, stresi^sui' 
Accoutre, v. t p6rkk6lamaiii, Qufn'rs 

Accoutrement, 8. p(5rkk61am, Quirir^ 

Accredited, p, a- nambattakka, j5ihu^ 

Accrue v i. vilaigirathu, ®9^©/r)jj. 
AcctXmulate, v. t kdttugiraihu, tirattu- 

girathu,.a-LL®S/r)^, ^/ril®©/r)^- 
Acctoulate, v, I tiral, ktldu, 0irfir, «_(&. 
Accumulation, 5. kdttam, tiral, .flrLLLL- 

^, jSjrerr. 

Accomplishment, s. kdriyachitlv, terf^^'* \ -^A^^Slt^"K^^%. >y^H.JsJss.^ 'vsjcoij^.'^sj.^^ ^ 





Accurate, a. tittamiua, tiruttam^na, ^ 

Accursed, p, a- sapikkappatta, kodija, 

Accuflitipn, 8. kurrachch^ttu, (gp/D'F 

Accuse, V t. kurraifch^ttugirathu,(a5;r//r)(e5 

Accustom, V. t palakkugirathu, u\pk^ 

Accustom, V, L palagugiratbu, uip^Q 

Accustomary, a- valakkamana, awLp^tf 

Acerbity, s. uraippu, S-ero/Duq 

Ache, s- n6, vali, QjsiTy <sxj€S. 

Ache, V. i' ndgirathu, valigifathu, QjehQ 

Achieve, -y t cheythumudikkiratliu,chit- 
tiy^kkugirathu, Qs'dj^Qj^i^&Qp 

Achievement, s. aruficheygai, jJfcjigj 

Acid, s, pulippu, qsffluL/. 

Acid, fl. pulipp^na, qerfiuu/rcBr. 

Acidity, s. puli, qsrfi. 

Acidulate, v. t, pulipp^rrugifathu, q^ 

Acknowledge, v. t. ottukkollugirathu, 
apikkaiyidugirathu, ^^^sQ<srr&r 

Acquaint, v t arivikkirathu, j;ffiSle3rs8 

Acquaintance, s. arimugaminavan, jti;6l 

Acquiesce, v. i. sammathikkirathu, u- 
danpiadugirathu, <Fihui^kS;BS^, S- 

Acquire, v. t. samp^thikkifathu, tedikkol- 
lugirathu, <9"-hu[r^-k&rD^, Q^is^k 

Acquisition, s. athdyam, peru,«^;ff/r/c^ 

Acquit, V. t, kurramillaienrutfrkkiratl^^ 

Acquittance, s. viduthalai, fiS^^^Ssi;. 
Acrid, a k^rpp^na, amfuuiresr. 
Acrimdnious, a, k^ramdna. ^irjTLDfresr, 
Acrimony, s. kiram, airjnh' 
Across, prep, kupukke, (^jps&Q^. 
■/(Across, kufukke, ^jut^Q^s. 
Act, s. cheygai,kriyai.Q<F(Zj«j)«, Sifiesjiu 
in the jwt, kai meyy^y, esiSiQu^tLiturruj 
Act, V. t. nadappikkirathu, nadattugi 
rathu, jb'L.uLSe8ro^ ^l-^^^S/dj 
for another, oruvanukk^gak k^riyai 
nad attugirathu, 5? <si; ^^ ^srrs,sa 

Acting, p. n. cheygai, Q^iheois. 
Action* «. cheygai, valakku, O^tuero-ff. 

Actionable, a. valakkukkethuvana, (suy^ 

Active, a. mtiyarchiy^na, Qpiup^iurrei^, 
Activity, s. churuchuruppu, s-^^^ui^. 
Actual, a. nijam^na, ulla. jS'^LDtr&sr^ 

Actually, ad. ullapadi, Dijam^y, s-crrgrr 

Actuate* t?, t, nadattugifathu, evugi- 

lUthu, J5L.^^QjDS^j (q^^QjD^' 

Actuated, p a. evappatta, ^euuuiLu.. 
Acut^, a. ktlrmaiy^na, <ffiL/r6B)inujfr«jr. 

disease, tfvirandy, ^<aSiirQjstT\h. 
Adage, s, palamoli, UL^QLofrt^, 
Adamant, s. vachchiram, <sn<3'8n'ih. 
Adapt, t? t isaiv^kkugirathu, ^6s>s=Qjn 

Add, V. i. ktlttugirathu, m^iL(6iQfOM' 
Adder, s. viriyanp^mbu, s^iBtueeruirilLf. 
Addict, V. t. palagugi rathu, UL^(^QfoS^' 
' Addition, s. ktittal, ,«LL-L_a^. 




Additional, a. meladhikamana, Qmeo^s 

Addle, a- pathanaliuta, u/Sshtl^js^. 

egg, ktSlmuttai, £^, 
Address, s. prasaDgam, vakkanai, lSjT'S^ 

Address, v. t. cholJugirathu, vakkaijai- 
eluthugirathii, Q^ireo^iQfD^^ <sijs 

Adept, s. samarttan, <g:u^n-^^m. 
Adequate, a. taguthiyina, ^(§^ajiTssr. 
Adhere, v. i ottugipathu, ^iL®Sp^. 
Adherent, s. anus^, ^^s^trifl. 
Adhesion, 8 ottugai ^iLQesiS. 
Adjacent, «. adutta, ^®^^. 
Adjoining p, a, adutta, ^(^^^. 
Adjourn, V. t. tavauaipddugirathu, ^ 

(su^sssrQuiT (BSip^, 
Adjudge. V. t i!^yantfrkkirathu, ^irtu^ 

AdjudiCtate, v. t tfrppuchchollugirathu, 

Adjure, v. t inaiyidugii^thu, c^8sssru9® 

Adjust, V. t. charikkattugirathu, tittam- 
pannugirathu, ffiifis<sstl.(BQ(D^,^il. 

Adjustment, s. charikkaitugai, tiruttu- 

gai, <F/fl<tftfLl®<sro«, ^(T5^^6n)«. 
Admeasurement, s. alavu, tittam, ^m(sii, 

Administer, v. t. nadappikkirathu, ;5l. 

Administration, s k^riyavich^raijai, «/rff? 

Administrator, s. vich^ranaikkaran, fij9 

4^ T ir 8swr« <5 /r ir ear . 
Admirable, a. viyappana, eQujuuireisr. 
Admiration, «. ^chcharyam, ^<ff=£'[BujLh. 
Admire, v.t mochchugirathu, Qld^*© 

Admissible, a. erkattakka, ^^s^^ks. 
Admit, ». t ottukkolgifathu, ^^^k 

Admixture, s. kalavai, ^evstsoj. 
Admonish, v t eohcharikkirathu, kandi- 
kkifathu, sr^^^rf'i^fi/r) js, «sowri^<5© 

Admonition, 8. echcharippu, Gr<F<ffifluL^. 
Adopt. V t. eduttukkollugirathu,(oT®^^ 

an adopted child, tattapillai, ^s^jSlSI 

Adoption, s- puttrasuvik^ram, L^;S^ir<si- 

Adorable, a. vanangattakka, eu6sarih<3s^^ 

Adoration , 8 van akkam , su &ssr ksih. 
Adore, v. i. toluthukollTigirathu, Q^trq^ 

Adorn, e?- 1* alankarikkirathu,^eu/sj«rfl<s 

Adroit, a. kettiy^na, QsCu^iuir^sr. 
Adulation, s. ichchagam, ^<s=<F<sih. 
Adult. 8. viragaTintavan,«)9ir «;r9;Br^Q/6Br. 
Adulterate, v.t kalappin^rkeiukkirathu, 

^LAduJtery, 8. vipach^ram, eQus'rrjrih. 
'Advance, s. mun paiiam, (peoTueocrm. 
Advance,?^.*, munkodukkirathu, (tpsoj 

Advance, e?. i- muntugirathu, Qp^^Q 

Advantage,^ pray6janam, L9ir(?ttJ/r,^SBri£). 
Ad\fantageous, a pray6janam6na> l^jt 

Adventure, s. muyarchiy^nacheygai, Qp 

Adventure, v. t- tunintu cheygirathu, ^ 

Adventurous, a. tunikarani^na, ^(se^^^Brr 



Adversary, s. ethira^i, er^ir/rsrfl. 
Adverse, a. ethirina, €r0irir€sr. 
Adversity, s^ iiukkan, @©^tf6wr. 
Advertise, v. t prasittampannngirathu, 

Advertisement, s, vilambaram, oSsttlcu 

Advice, s. buddhi, l/^^. 

Advisable, t buddhiyilna. nS0uj(resr. 

Advise, v. t buddhichollugirathu, q^ 

Advisedly, ad. buddhiy^y q^Pturriu, 
Advocate, v. t parintupesugiyathu, urfv 

, ' > s. v^ychchi, euiTujiB=^, 

Afar, ady dtHramiiy, ^(TLQirdj^ 
Affable, tf. upacbfean^na, fLu^irinniTesr. 
Affair, s k^riyam, airif^ajih. 
Affectation, «. m^rfsam'* tn/rfP^Lo. 
Affected, p. a, m^yam^na, LDtnuLQ(Tf^^ 
■- Affection, padcbam, priyam, uiL^th, l5 

Affectionate, a. anbana, ^esru/recr. 
Affectionately ^(2. padcliam^y,L7L.<F oi/rtu. 
Affiance, 8, sambandham, ^ihu^jgu:^. 
Affidavit, 8. sattyamy ^fi^ujih. 
Affinity, s uravu, sambandham, s-pei^^ 

Affirm, v. t. urutbichollugirathu, e.^^ 

Affirmative, a, urutbipp^^na. o-^'^u 

Affix, V. t ottugiratbu, ^C-QS/o^- 
Afflict, V, t. tanbappaduitugirathu, ^ 

Affliction, $. tnnbam, varuttam, ^^'l/ld, 
^^aen^, a cbehamdna, Q^eivsuLnirm. 




Afford, v^ U ko4ukkiratbu, Qsn^kOi 

Affray, «. chandai, ^Qsjrcrot-.- 

Affright, V. t. bhayappaduttugirathu, u 

Affront, «. apachiram, ^u<F(rjnh. 
AJOTront, v- 1. kdpam mtlttugirathu, Q&tr 

Affusion, «. m^lev^rttal, QLaQeoeninf^ 

Afloat, ad' mithantu, dS^fi^, 
Afoot, ad. k^lnadaiy^y, sir6vjpea>uujn-uj. 
Afraid, (1. bhayamina* utuu^tresr. 
Aforesaid, a. melchoUiya, (JioeuQ^p/rei; 

Afresh, ad. puthith^y, Lf0fitruj. 
After, prep, pinbu, lS/sStl/. 
After, ad. pirp^du, L^ffluirCSl. 
Afterbirth,* naffchukkodi,^(g5<gr«Q«/ri^ 
Afternoon, s, pinneram, iSieirQ&srjnh. 
Afterthought, ». pin enijam, LSearQm 

Afterwards, ad. pinbu, lScotl/. 

Again, ctd. melum, innum, Glq jj^ib, @ 

Against, pr^. ethiridaiyay, €r^fBea)U. 


Age, 8. vayathu, piriyam,Q;<Lf^,L9ir/rttJLr. 
Aged, p» tf , vayathuchenra* muthimta, €u 

Agency, s. k^riyavich^ranai, «/rifltfja9 

Agent, 8» k^riyak^ran, airtfliusiTjr&sr. 
Aggravate, v.t. adhikarikkappaiiiaugira- 

thu, ^^stfl^auuedar^aSp^j 
Aggregate, s. nOttam, QuaiT^^ih. 
Aggressor, s. nitikadakkifavan, 0^<sl. 

Aggrieved) p. a mananonta, LootsrQjBtf 

AKI ^ 

Agitate, v» t. kalakkugirathu. ^itugiff- 

to he agitated, talamba, ;serrihu^ 
' Ago, ad. mun, chenru, (tpecr, Q^eerjp:. 
Agony, 8, y^thanai, ajfr^dsar. 
Agree, v. L ottukkollugirathu, oruma- 
nappadugirathu , <^0.^kQs freir^Q 

Agreeable, a. ishdam^na, t^ka, §}^l. 

Agreeably, ad. uvapp^y, ^euuuinu. 
Agreement, s. udanpadikkai, oppantam, 

a written agreement, mucbchalikk^, 

Agriculture, *. payirchcheygai, utiSir^ 


Aground, ad kalattil, sm^^^. 

Ague, 8, kulir, ^er^/f. 
^ Ah, inty ^, aiy6, ^t ^Qiuir. 
i Ahead, ad, munti, munn^, Qp^jSt Qp 

Aid, 8. tuQai, uthavi, j^Ssbbt, ^^eS. 
Aid, V. t. tuijaicheygitathu ^BssarQs'uj 

Ailment, s, n6, Q/grr, 

Aim, s, lakku, nokkam, g)6US(^, Qjgtr 


Aim, f?. *. kutippuraittadikkiiuthu, (!K;ii5?^^A11, a* elU, sakala, ereueu/r, ^seo. 

Aim, v. ». karuttukkollugirathu, .^^^ 

'^- Air, 8. k^rru, viyu, <ff/r;?)jj.', eufra^. 
atmospheric, dkdyam, ^siTiuih. 
Air, v. t k^rruppadavaikkirathu, €sirpjp}u 

Airing, p. w. saviri, fFQjtrifl, 

Airy, a. k^rrulla, k^|'rupp6ni^ Sfrpjjpj 

eirsrr, JErrn)jpiu(vUfre6rp. 
Ajar, ad. orucbcharivij, 9(T5«ff^ifl€L[ruj. 
Akin, a, inam^naj ^mtn^^j. 


Alabaster, 8. veokal, Qoio^nr^eu. 
Alack, »/ii aiy6»achch6, g5(?tfj/r,^^(J#/r. 
Alacrity, 8, utsiham, t5kkam, u.jb'SFfT^sLb^ 

Alarm, s, achcbakkurippu, kdkkural, 

Alarm, t?. t. bhayappaduttugirathu, uuj 

to be alarmed, tigaikkkirathu, ^ca)& 

Alas, int. aiyo, appd, ^Qiurr, ^uutr. 
Albeit, ad, appadiyiruntum, ^uuismSl 

Alert,a. churuchurnpp^,<ff^dr^'LJL//rasr 

Alien, s. pifan, LSjoeer. 

Alien, a. anniyamdna, ^eBre^oBiULniresr. 

Alienate* V t. par^fnappaduttugirathu, 
pagaiy^kkkikkoUugivathu, nadpup- 
pirikkirathu, ujrfr^esruu®^^Sfl) 

Alienation, «. man&murivu, LassTQ^ifisi^. 
Alight, v,i. irangugirathu,g)p/B@S7D^ . 
Alike, a. opp^a, ^uuiresr. 
Alike, ad. oppiy, ^uuiruj. 
Aliment, s. chdpp^du, jfituuitQ, 
Alive, a. uyirujla, tikkamdna, ©.uS^ar 

Allay, V. t taiiikkirathw, jCrrugirathu, 

Allegation,8 . uruthichchol,s. jpj^&^Q^s'fTd) 
Allege, V. t. uruthichol, 8L^^0<fiF/r6u. 
Allegiance, s. r^jabhakti, irn^uk^. 
Alleyiate, i;. t. drrugirathu,tanikkirathu. 

Alley, s. odukkamina vali, ^Qs^smn-ew 





Allotment, 5. pangu, Lj/a@. V JMbk), ad um, kdda, a.Lh, s^l^. 

Allow V. t. ottukkoljugifathu, ^^^k \ Altar, s. pulipf dam, l/siSl^l-lL. 

Allowance s. kiirittapaDgu,@^;^^u/Hi(5. 
Alloy, «. kalappu, kalimbu, « euuq, « 

All-sufficient, a. sarvasamptirna, ^n<si} 

Allude, V. L kurittuchchollu, ^fiSl^^<sF 

Allure, V. t- nayank^ttugirathu, jsiuiki .(^ Although, con. ^nilum, iruntum, ^ 

Allusion, 5. ch^dai, ^s^ffesnu.. 

Alter, V. t. m^rrugirathu, LaiTjb^Qfc: 
Alteration, s vittiyiaam, bhedam, a9^ 

Altercation, s. a- vdkkuvidam, qj/t^ 

Alternate, tf- onruvittonrana, 9601^3/ 


Alternative, s. veruvali, Qoj^neuL^. 

Alluvial, tf. nfr^l uiii4^ii* ^araiy^na, ;?ir/r - i. Altogether, ad» orumikka, muluthui 

Alum s. chfnakkaram, ^esrsairiTLh. 
Almanac, 5. panch^ngam, u^s^triksih. ^ Always, ad. eppoluthum, €TuQu(r(Lp^L 

Ally, 8. tuijaivan, ^Sssaro/eSr. 

Almighty, a, sarvavallamaiyulla, tFQ^ 

Almond, s. v^thumai, ojfr^esiLn. 
Almoner, s. pichchai pagiruvdn, L9^€b>^ 

Almost, ad. kittattatta, kouchankufaiya, 

Alms, 8. pichchai, LS^fi3)«g=. 
Aloe, 9. t^lai,kaithai, ^/r6C9L£), gG)<ff60D;ff. 
Aloes, 5. mtSch^mbiram, (tps^iriiiL^inh. 
AlofC, ad. mele, uyarattil, Colo(?6u, h.oj 

Alone, ad. taniye, m^ttram, ^et^Qiu, 

Along, ad, nere, ktida, QrsQ^y sk,u. 
Aloo^ ad. vilaga, ddra, 6>96w«, ^ir. 
Aloud, ad. urattasattaniay, s.jrfS^s=^jS 


Alphabet,^, nedunkariakku, QjBQiksessr 

Alphabetical, a. akar^y^na, ^ssrir^ 
^Jreadjr, ^^ j'tLafkumunne , ippoluthu, 

Altitude, s uchcham* s.<F<FLb. 


Amain, ad. valimaiy^ka, si/6Sa3)LDU-/^< 
Amalgamation, a. kalappu, <ff6uuL/. 
Amass, v t. kuvikkirathu, kdttugirath 

Ajnaze, v.t. ^chchariyappaduttugiratli 

Amazement, s. ^hchariyam, ^iF<Fifiuji 
Amazingly, ad, piramikkattakkatha 

Ambassador, s dt5than, ^^esr. 
Ambient, a. chtilnta, (^i^^^. 
Ambiguity, s. ubhayarttam, e. u iuit^^l 
Ambiguous, tf. ubhayarttamfea, ^uiutr 

Ambition, s. adhikirapiriyam, ^gyjS^ 

Ambitious, a. akantaiyana, ^sfiea 

Amble, v, i. mandagatiy^ychchellu| 
rathu, La^^<3s^aj[Tuj^Q<ff&jj^Qp^ 
Ambrosia, s. amirtam, ^uSlir^ih, 
Ambuscade, s. padivirukkumidam, u 




AmMn, B. nftitfrppdD, fi0firu'luir^ 
Ameer, 8. prabhui^ lSjl/. 
Amelioration, s BahijaiOf <;?airajihi 
Amend, v. t. 8frppa4uttugiiatliu, (^nu 

Amendment, s. tiruttam, satUyam, j6(|^ 

Amends, 8. kaimmaru, eoftBuhunrja^ 
Amerce, v. t. abar^dhampodugiratliu, «^ 

Amiable, a. neaikkappadattakka, (?;ii?^<ff 

iff / t\it t ffi ^^ '^ ^b • 

Amicable, a. tiamidh^namulla* ^mtr^v 
Amidst.jjrep. idaijil, naduvil, @«ot-'i3«u, 

Amiss, c/c?. tapp?Cy, fiuuiriLi. 
Amity, a. sam^dhanam, s^Lnrrfiiresrih. 
Ammonia 8. navachchdram, js^^^^(r\h. 
Ammunition, 8, ynddliamu&tippu, ^^/s 

Amnesty, a. mannippu, u^^gc^Cji^, 
Among, I prep^ il, idaiyil, nl, @6i>, 
Amongst,} glsoL-iL^eu, e.6rr. 
Amorous, a. m61iattukki]riya, Qtarr^ 

Amount, s. ^gattogai, mottam, «^<ff^ 

Amount, v L togaiy^gngiraihu, Qfitr 

Amphitlieatre,9 nadanas^lai,^L.«r<FT8su 
Ample, a, vistaram^na, ef^(5h;3iTirLa'resr> 
Amplify, v. t. vivarittuclichol, sSsusfi 

Amplitude, s. vist^ram, isQshi^fr irua. 
Amputate, v. t. angachedanancheygira- 

thu, ^'ks(v<ff^es!(^Qffdj&pffi, 
Amulet, 8. kappu, radch^bandfaanam, 

Amuse, v. t. 8ant08bappa4uttiigit^\i)[i^Xi 

Amusement, s, kdo^^tt^tt, vinddftm, 

..An, art. oni, ^tf. 

Analogy, <. ottatanmai, ^jS/gfifxsrwBiin. 
Analysis, 8. ktir«P^u, ji^^unQ, 
Analyze, v. t ktirupaduttugiratbu, a^jp 

Anarcby, s. iSrkkalagam, eesfrtftfcutfii. 
Anathema, s. sdpam, ^n uld. 
Anathematize, v. t sapittuttallugirathu, 

Ancestor, *. munndn, QpmQ^tar. 
Ancestry, & gdtram, Qeir^^srth. 
Anchor, s nangdram, ^/s;,».rth. 
Anchorage, 8, nangtSram p(54um i4ftm» 
naiigdrattfrvai, pmi£k.uihQua(^i£u. 

Anchorite. 8, rishi, sany^si, QK^tfi^ ^^ 

Ancient, tf. palamaiy£na« uffiGsuniuirtar. 
And, eon. um, klida, m^lum, cib, A.L.* 

Anecdote, a. kathait <sac^. 

Anent, prep» kurittu, ethir, (S/Sfi^j «r 

Anew, ad. puthi+hdy, i^^^fnu^ 

Angel, 8, devaddthan, Q^^tjE^fidF. 

Angelic ) , «. devaddtarukkuriya,^;^ar 

Angelical 3 ^^(f^s^tfiuj. 

Anger, s. k'^pam, Qsrruu^, 

Angle, 8. konam. mdlai, Q^iressnhn fy^^» 
right, suttak6r)am, mattakk6nam, * 

0fiQsnGssribn u^CL-ioQ an eEcrCa, 
acute, ktirkkdnam, ^^crkQAnGssrui* 
obtuse, mottaikkonam, Qi^nCeauii 

of mouth, kaiaiv^y, «6»(-e//ruj. 
Angle, 17. «. tiii>dilp6dugiratha, ^(sssruf. 

^T\^l , ad. ^tfa^ND&.^^0«^^>^^^^ 





Anguish, a manav^thanai, uiSffOmi^^BOi. 
Angular, a, k6i>am^iia, (SsfreBoruiiTear. 
Animadversion, a, kaodipp^* ^ofarif uq. 
Animadyert* v- i. kadintokoUngirt^thn, 

Animal, 8, pirit>i» jentn, iSfftrisaSiy Q^ 

Animalcule, 8. kirumi, 8(i^ijSl. 

Animate, v. t nyirpinkkitathu, dhairi- 
yappa^uttdgirathu. ^LuS&uiSsSp 
JPy €aififiiuuu(9fi^8fDJji» 

Animated, p. a* uiiarohchiydna, B.68ar(f'<F 

/Animation, 8. utsAham, &.;b#/rffLb. 
Animosity, 8. pagai^ /ja»«. 
Anise, (seed) « chombu, Q^irihi^. 
Ankle, 8. kara^n, kanukk^l, «jr(9, s^ 

Anna, 8. ao^y ^<^' 

Annex, v t iruthiyil ch^rkkirathu, $ 

Annicut, «. aoaikkattu, afl2fe88r««tl(S). 
Annihilate, v. t. alikkirathu, ojikkira- 

thu, ^lS«@/Dffii ^Lfi<s8jDffi. 

to-be annihilated, oliya, tokuya, ^ 

Annihilation, «. aiivu, olivu, sarva 
ndiiam, «iyy9€ai/, c^l^q/* ^^^jBfT'Brih. 

Ahmvereary, 8. vamshakoijiittam, €i}(v^ 

Annotation, s. vistarippu, aSefu^^rflLJL/. 

Announce, v. <• pra8iddhappa4uttugira- 

thu, iSiir9^0uu(Sii^8pffi. 
Annoy^ v. < iiiuil^charpaiiinugirabhu, g) 

Annoyance, 8. alaivu, idainchal, «^da7«/, 

Annuiil a. rrnras/ifintRntmstnA, A^ij^a|iT 

AnnDally, a<i. vai^hanUSmm. «f0ta^/j 

Annuitant, «. varoshtfntara Taiaytt 
pernrdn, ^(v^^i^^fiamff^nQlujg, 

Annuity, a. varush^ntara yaravu, tt/(3 

Annul, V. t. mdrrugifathu, oliyachchey- 
girathu, u^trfi^SjD^, ^ifiaj^Q* 

Annular, a. vattavadiy^na, ^iLu^l^ 

Annanciation, 8. arivippu, pirasiddham 

Anodyne, 8- n<$v^|Tattakka aushadham 

Q!StT^trpp0fi34B e^etTGi^fiis^ 

Anoint, v, t, abishekam paOQngivathu 

Anomaly, 8. kendiram, yiparitam, (?«/ 

Anon, ad ndan^ &.l.(ocv. 
ever and anon, adikka4it ^i^^'if.. 

Anonymoust a, kaiyoppamarra, est 4 
Another, a- T^it)ru, matToru, QqjQ(^(§ 
Answer, 8, marumoli, uttaram^^ ldj^ 

Answer, v, t^ marumolichoHugirathn, u 

Answer, v. i. ottirukkitathu, uthavu- 
girathu, ^^^(j^kS/D^y 8->9a/£ 

Answerable, a. uttaraifchollattakka, m-ji 

Ant, s. erumbu, erjonht^' 

Antagonist, 8. ethiri, pagaivan, erfiifl. 




Antelope, «. muQ, k^ruppamii^ lA'^ctir, 

Antemeridiaii« a- muun^ra, (tpstQesrjr. 
Anterior, a- munn^na, (j/^cor^cor. 
Antic, t. ch^shdaikk^bran,(7^^a9L.«4^/r 


Antidote, t. mlrpimarontUf lAirpjpiija 
Antimony, s, anchanakkal, jn^^ffesri 
Antipathy, «. manavenippu, lloiQ^ujii 


Antiquated, p- a. valangdtholinta, eui^Bi 

Antique, a.pajamaijdna, u^asLooj/reor. 
Antiquity, a. pdrvak^iam, ^f o/dFtreuLD. 
Antler, 8, m^nkombu, torrcSrQtffTLhq. 
Anus, s. kutham, (^^th. 
Anvil, a. pattadai, uiI^cbdl.. 
Anxiety, a. kayalai, sadiohalam, «€b8A;, 

Anxious, 0. kayalaiyul^ cbintanaiyul- 

la, c€kitoouL^Am^ ^fSfiteanumw. 
Any, a. yithoru, luirQ/girq^. 
Apace, ac{. sCkkiranmy, &i8iriMfrdj, 
Apart, ad. nfngaUy, taoiy^, jfms90frdjy 

Apartment^ a. vfttin ar&i> cS^Cif «r«/p. 
Apathy, a. sdmbu, (?«/rLbq. 
Ape, 8. y^naram, kavi, euiresrjnh^ aeS, 
Ape, 9i t. p61ik^ttugirathu, Quff^^sa- 

Aperient, «. virfehanamina, cSQa-^mr 

Aperture, a. duviram, ka^i jfi^irjrth. 

Apex, a uchchi, ouni, s.^^, jpaH, 
Aphorism, a. pNalomoli* uipQuairifi. 
Apieee, a (2. ovvonrnkku, amr avar pan- 

Apologize, ^ ^. mannippukk^4kirathu 
Apology, a . mannippukk64^&i> ^c^- ^l! 

Apoplexy, a. channi, ^^ed\. 
Apostasy, a. samayanilaittaTaru, ^toicj 

Appal, 9. t ^ngappaoougirathu, frctfuLj 

Apparatus, a. karuTi, upakarai>iun, aqj^ 

Apparel, a, u4ai, vastram, m-eau, «/6u; 

Apparent, a. veUy^na, QQ;6yfi(u/r6Br. 
Apparently* oc^. k^iggirapaJi, sir^Q 

Apparition, a, ^v^sam, ^Qoy^db. 
Appeal, a. mutaipp^du, (ip€aijDuun'(Bl. 
Appeal, 9. t. muraippadugirathu, Qpeoip 

toaxws, p6rkkaraiktSyu, Quiriti^e^p. 

to reason, manas^chikkoppuvikkira- 

thu, uiasr^^iTC-&aQ&nuneQs6pffi. 

Appear, v. i. t(!^nrngirathu, Q^ir^jjid 

Appearance, a. tdrraxn, k^chi, Q^trpp 

lb, airC&. 
Appease, v. t. 6rrugirathu, s^tap- 

pa4uttugirathu, ^pjpiSpffi, ^(t^ 

Appellant^ a. niaruvis^ouk^4p<^n, Lh 


Append, t7. t ktSttugirathu, s^CSi@p^' 
Appendage, a anubandham,^^iy u;&;9u^ 
Appendix, a. anuhandham, ^^ui^iii- 
Appertain, v. t. adukkicathxi^ ^^4.^^ 6^ 




ApplatuM, 8- pvgalohchiy Lfst^^B. 
Appliauce, #. karavi, npalnraoamf « 

' (^sS^ tLijajTsasrih, 
Applicable, a. poruutiya, isaivtfna, Quit 

Applicant, s. kdlvikkdran, Qa&reQasir 

Application, s. riiiTiappaxD, manu, eBeiar 

Apply» v. t idugiratliu, valaiikagiFathn, 

Appoint, V. t erpaiuttugirathu, ^pu 

Appointment, s. niyainippu« jSiudSluLf, 
Apposite, a. tagunta, erra, fi(S0fi'» <^ 

Appraise, v t. Yilaimathikkiratlm« fiO&u 

Appraisementt 5. vilaimathippu, cfiSsuto 

Apprieciate, v. t eonugirathu, mathik- 

kiruthu, eiGsar^iBp^a, m^sQ 

Appreliend, v t. givxliikkirathn, parr'ik- 
kollugirathu, &s@k@p^, u^fSk 

Appreliension, « parni, eni\aTn,aclicbain, 

Apprehensive, a- achchamulla, «gv^<jF(ip 

Apprize, v. i. prasiddhampanijngiratliu, 

Approach, s- cherugai, (? ^^7/)aI>«. 
Approach, v. t. kitt»igirathu, fiil®S) 

Approach, v. i. samfpikkirathu, ^FiStSi 
Approbation, s- priyam, Liitfiiuih. 
Appropriate, v. t. nrittkkkugirathu, ^ifl 

to ones self, tanathdkkn, ^gsr/girits 

Approval, 8, sammatam, viAiA^ib. 

Approve, v- t. aDgikarikkirathu, mecl 
chugirathu, jf{mQs^a@p^y Qi 

Approximate, a, adutta, samf pitta, ^ 

Approximation, s. samfpam, ch^rbu, 

Appurtenance, « chemtathu, Q^tr^^^ 
April, 0, chittiraimdtham, &;ifi€»n'i 

Apt, a. taganta, samarttina, ^(g^ 

Aptitude, 8. isaivu^ tagnthi, ^cjg)^^, ^ 

Arable, a. paiipadattakka, usssruu-ii/ 


Arbiter s. mattiyastan, ua^^uudru^^. 
Arbitrarily, ad. suyechchaiy^y, SrQuji 

Arbitrary, a tannishdamina^koinukdi] 
jnaiydna, fieoieoB^i^uiireary Qatrd 

Arbitration, 8, nadunilaiv mattiyastam, / 

Arbitrator, s mattiyastan,L0;ri^^(UeR;^6Br 
Ar04 8. piraivadivu, LSea/osui^^. 
of a circle, paruthip^gam, uQ^jSui 


Arcade, s. TilvalaiFu maodapam, eQs 

I Arch, 8. vilvalaivu, «9sua;26irQ/. 
Arch, fit. chdth^na, (^^Efurssr. 
Archer, s virkaran, eSp^irsr&sr. 
Archery, s. vill^lichiramam, ^^eoiri 

Arcbitect, «. sirp^hiiri, fflfl)ufr4Firifi> 
Arcbitecture* sirpavtflai, SpuQ^dso. 




' etvetei uttttxmtnntTsyinittanijft. ^fitrj^ 

Ardent, a. TeppanUna, Qmiuut^near. 
Ardours, ursaliam, ^p^^frsih, 
AxdnouB, a, aiiimaijina, pray&ULmina, 

/ Area. s. parappu, uiruQ. 

Arena, s araiigam, yuddbaikalain, ^irsi 

Argue, v. t dishi^ntappaduttugirathu, 

Aigue, V. i. iiyajaiikatiugirathu, ^tutr 

Argument a* nyajam, fiojiriuiK 
Argumentative, a. nyijamuila, jStuiroj 

Arid., a. veppam^na, vaitulchiy^na, Qaiu 

land, pilai nilam, uirZekJ^eoih. 
Aright, ad. tittam'iga, ^tli_ii>/r«. 
Arise, v» i elumbugirathu, e\(iJ^ihL\6 

Aristocracy, 8. prabhnkal, «. L5jrL/«e&'. 
Airithmetic, 8. afigaganitam, ^m^a 

Arithmetical, a. p^fgaiiitattirkliriya, 

proportion, ^ntar^uupatham, ^^p 

progression, antaram^ligai, ^^fiw 

ratio, antaravigitham, ^f/gFsQSfiu^, 
Arithmetician, 9. kanakkan, «6Bor£tf«Sr. 
ALrk, 8. pelai, QusaL^. 
Ann, 8. vahu, puyam, oti/r^, LftuiK 
Arm, t?. t, dyuthantarikkirathu, ^ili^^ 

Ann, 9. t pa4ai e^ukkirathn, usaaJefsu 

Arnmtk, ? ^ pdirkkappal k^ttam., . 

Armadillo, s. alaoga^ jjf^v^. 
Ainnoiy, a. iyuthasilai, ^'L\pwatm). 
Ajrmotir, 8. yuddh^yuthanga}, tLffipiriq 

Armpit, s akkil, ^-kSldr. 

Arms, a. attiraaattiruqgal, ^fi^irs'/af 

Army, s. padai, s^nai, usbt^^ Qs'^sar. 
Aromatic, a. parimalani^na, ufflimstr 

LofT car* 
AromaticB, 8. v^sanaippandafjgal, su- 

garidhadravyaiigal, sufrs'^uusosr 

j: Around, ad stllotu, surrilum, @fp/& 

Around, prep, surri, stSla, dR-rpSi, ^tfi- 
Arouse, v. t eluppugifathu, evugirathu, 
tdi^dugirathri, e\(i^ui^@p^^ ^(Si^ 

Arrack, s. odHjam.. <3=tfFfTuju>. 
Arraign, «. t kurraAcb^rttugirathu, (gp 

Arrange, v. t. oluiig^kkugiiuthu, ^Q^ii 

Arrangement, s, olnngu, (v (^<&^(9« 
Arrant,a. turkkfi-ttiyulla, ^('r&Sit^^iLi 

knave, trmtaka^'an, ^ r y-^tfdr«^e5r. 
Array, a. pa^aivaguppu i. at>l-«B7@ul/; 
Arrear, «. kupaippaoum, bikki, ^sa>pu 
UGzrih^ uir&Q. 

to settle, niluvaitfrkka,;fijy?«J>®'j?'T^'** 
Arrest, v.t. pidikkipathu, lilu^sQ/offi- 
Arrival, 9 vantu cherugai, poychcheru- 
gai, ojjB^QffQi^&sidB, Couirdj^QffQg 

Arrive, t?.vp6ychchdrugirathu, vantuche- 
jugiratha, Qufnus^Q^Qt^Qp^^ ^ 



Arrow, t ambiu ^jfutq. 
. Arrow root, s. kavkkkUa^, . gaiiraffi 

Arsenal, s. juttfyuthasilaiy iq^^iritifi 

Axaenio^ «. p^SsluiQam, uo'c^tff'coBrijb. 

Art, s. tolil, Q^fTtfieu. 

Artery, s narambu, ^jribq. 

Artful, 0. sd^oha, ^tl^. 

Artfully, ad. tantiramiiy ^fifSffmiffu. 

ArtfulnoM, $, stithu, kaf^am, ^^> 

Article, 8. porul,Qu/r(i^or. 
Articulate, k. teliyina, Q^sAeiirear^ 
Articulation, s. telivoli, Q^e^tQ^treQ. 
Artifice, s. upiiyam, fi.u/r<uLb. 
Artificer, 9. kamm^lan, to^iUlan, MLdunr 

Artificial, a, vicbitra, cheyarkaiyikia, g9 

Artillery, ^.pfrangibatt^am, tSFOiSuu 

Artisan, « kamm^lan, ^su^mtrwear. 
Artist, 8, cbittraksCran, S^fijrdBtrffcar. 
Artleaa, a- kabaiilUtbia, «uif ouAiff-^v. 
As, ad p61a, pa4i, (^u/reu, ui^. 
As, con. padi, uif . 

Asafoetida, 8. ^pefruiiUjBm,Qu(tf)Bmtrajih 
Ascend, t; t. erugiiatba, WjpiSpjfi. 
Ascend, v I elngiratba, uyargirathu, 
erugiratbu, tfr(ipfi/D J^9 ^luaSp^^ 

Ascendant, «, mntbaninwi, Qpfisermui. 
Ascendency, ». talaimai, ^dmjssuji. 
Ascension, «. irdhaijani, elucbchi, ^^Qsrir 

Ascent; #. tfrram, me4^ ^/b^ijuj, (Jui®^ 
Ascertain, 9. <. 6r^yntapgii«tha, ^irfFiL 

-^scerisainment, s, ztitbibuppa, oiroayain) 

AaMiio, •. /t«Mf}U»4at(ti» msi>Mt^(^ 

lifef taravaram, ^^wpih' 
Asceticismt «. sannydsam, ^^jBiutr^LOm^ 

ikflih-colored, p. a simbalTaroa, ^/tuscmC^ 

Ashes. «. sambal, ^TiiiL/au. 
Ashore, ad. karaiyil, ««D/ru^ai. 
Aside, ad, pakkattil, uM^fid), 
Asininoi a. kaluthaikkui>amulla, ^fq^^w^p 

; Ask, t). <. k^ikkirathu, yicb^rikkiFathn, 

Askance, ) ad. kaiaikkai^p^ryaiyiy, m 
Askant, J ceoi_«««>NrLj/r/f'i8sa/(u/rfti. 

Askew, ad kadaikka^ippfy, SGaiu.s^eBth 


Aslant, ad. oruchchtfrbay, ^(^d'^irifun-iu 

Asleep, ad. nittiraiyty, fififSeatJtuvnL* ^ 

Aslope, ad. oruchcbariv^y, 90<F^ffiai/ra!/ 

Asp, 8' Tiriyan, eSiBtueii. 

Aspect, r k^dii, torram, ^iriLSt Qptr^ 

Asperity, «. ugram, fi-tsfiirib. 

Asperse, v, t, vaiuppesugirathu, a/(S^u 

Aspersion, a avathtiru, jif^^jp}. 
Aspirant, «. uyamilaippriyan, ^lu^fiXej 

Aspiration, «. av^ «i|f«i/n-. 

Aspire, v.i. avivugiiathu, ^mtroi\Sipffi. 

Aas, a kaluthai, « (z^eo)^. 

Assail, V. t. m^Lvilugirathu, QLt^^sB(i^@ 

Aflsasain, & p^hivirontukoUi, upl8S(^ 

Ajsassinate, v. t. sathicheythnkoUngirac 
thu, ^fiQ^iuj^Qs(reo£ii8'pffi' ' 

AsaaamaAMsn^ %• Wittukkolai*^ ^$iQ^ir 




Asnntli, r. t viltmtadikkiratbu, a9(i^^ 

Assay, s. cli6thaiiai, parfdchai, Qfirfg 

Sbdt, uniLeaifSF. 
AmsbJjV t.parfdchikkirathuichdthikkira- 

Assay, V. i prajisappadugirathu, tSiriuir 

Assemblage, s, ktlttam, A.ilL.Lb* 
Asseinble, v. t. kilitugirathu, ^k.tL(B8 

Assemble, v i. kddugiratba, ch^rkkira- 
AEseiablj, «• sabbu, ktittam, ^«u, a. 


Assent, «. sammaiam. ^FibLQ^u). 
Assent^ t). t. ottukkoilugiratha, ^fi^is 

Assert, v t nruthichollugiratLu, ft. jy^ 

Assertion, s, urutbichchol, ^joifi^Q^tr^) 
Assess, «. t iraimathikUratlia, j^mpuifi 

damages, alivnmathi. ^tfi^tfibfi. 
Assessment, «. rari. p^rfj, o/rf), QuffH' 
on buildings, talaikkattuvari, ^Ssutf « 

Assessor, s.. mattijastan, mfifittjou^ftir. 
Assets, 8. kadanirakkappdthiyaporul, au. 

Asseverj v. t TaTpurnttichchoHugiratbu, 

Asseveration, s. nrnthicbchol, p.^fiS' 

Assiduity, muyarchi, (iptup8. 
AssiduouEf, 0. muyarchiyujla^ QpiupStLj 

Assign, V. ^.'kntikkirathu, ^fikQp^' 
Assignee, e kdriytikirsxi^ mnAujmtr^^, 

Assimilate, v. t, qy^ikkogxrfttba. ^uutr 

Assist V t. utbaTioheygiratbu, upakarik- 

kirathu, ft.>iFiSO<FUjfi;z)^. fELU4ii^]£ 

Assistance, a uthaTi,tuoai, e.^fl9, gi^bsssr. 
Assistant, 5. tuoaivan, utbavikkdran, ^ 

Assize, B. njayasangam, jStuirtu^ibsih. 
Associate, v, i. ktiU^U* sk.L-u.n-9ifrt, 
Associate, v. t cherkkirathu, dmiS 

Associate, v. % ktSdagirathu. OL^Opffi. 
Association, si ktittun^onrippu, a-l-l-lI), 

Assort, V. t. adnkkadukkayvaikkirathu, 

Assortment, 8. vagai, taravali ^eas^ jf 

Assuage, v. t ta^ikkirathu, ^rrngirathu, 

/S4xdia8jD^i ^^bjDtip^* 
Assurance, 8, nichchayam, jB^^tuih, 
Assure, v. t, urnthichollugiratbu, ft-^^ 

Assuredly, c^ nichchuyam^y, fi^ff^ 

Astern, at^wpin ai^iyattil, LSsbsaresi^tu^ 

Asthma, 8, flai, s^eoiip. 

Astonish, v. t, piramippikkirathu, lSjtlS 

. ui3s8p^. 
Astonishment, «.ichchariyam.4^<F'9'fR(t;ub 
Astonishing, p. a. piramippikkira, LSfxraS 

Astound, v» t. piramippikkiratba, iSijri^ 

Astray, ad. vali t&ppi, ojifi^tS, 
Astride od. kiflviriya, ^Bir^sStfiiu. 





Astringent «• kayaippuUa, miu^ul^^ er 
Astrologer, 8. joshjan, (o^ir^iuev. 
Astrology, 8. j6tib^tram, Qs^ffi^ffdu 

Astronomer, s. v^na&dstri, &ifrssr4Fir&u 

Astroiiomj, 8. y^na^^traniy ojirssr^ir 

Astute, a. viveka, fiS(?Q/tf. 
Asunder, oei?. aro, vittu. ^p^ eScQ^ 
Asylum, 8» pugalidam, ^daikkalaatinamit 

At, prep, il, idatUl, ^eu S^t^fifieM, 
Atheism, «• ni^tikam, ^{T&vfimui* 
Athirst. ocZ. tdgam^y, f:rrsLDirdj. 
Athletic, a. maiyuttattirkuriya, Ln^{L(0^ 

Athwart, od. kurukke, ^^^Qs» 
Athwart prep kurukke, ^jpiiQa^ 
Atilt, ad, chilambattanniaiy^y, &soihu0 

Atmosphere, «.v^yu, anilam^ oi/rq, JH&^ 

Atom, 8y param^OU, uiriA/r^p. 
Atone, r. t. pray&chittampaouuigirathu, 

Atonement «. prayi^chittam, iSinruj^S 

Atop, ad. mele, QtuQeo, 
Atrocious, a. kodiya. Q^/r^tiu* 
Atrocity, 5. kodumni,Qfi/r(S^6»LD. 
Attach V. t. parrugirathu, ott^itathu, 

Attachment, «.anbu, chermdnam,^«0rL;, 

Attack, 8. melviluthal, Qui^tB(i^jg^, 

Attack, v. t. tikkugirathu, melvijugirar 
thu, fitr k^^p^i Qm^^Q^Sif!)^, 

AitjuD, P. L adai^ratha, peragiiutbu. 


Attain, V. t. talaipjiatiiigirftthn, 
Attainable, a. a4aiyattakka, j 
Attainmenti «• peru, kalvittirai] 

Attaint, v. ^. kurrappaiuttugira 

Attemper, r. ^ pathappaduttv 

miruthuvikkugirathu, u, 

Attempt, 8. muyavchi, tui^ivu, 

Attempt, V. t. pirayattlnappadi 
thu, iSjnufiifEiearuu^^^* 

Attend. V. t. ktidappdgirathu, • 
kirathu, ffLL-.u'JuiTSfl)^, 

Attend, X, i, cheyiko4t]kkirathi 

Attendance, 8. kiic[appogai utha\ 

Attendant, 8. kaiy^, cstf (L/irefr. 
Attendant, a. aijiaiycbna, ^daasra 
Attention, 8. aradhknam, upach 

Attentive, a. kanittul]a, nini 

Attenuate, v. U iiuni]Lithj(kki: 

Attest, «. s^dchi. ^irC^. 
Attest. V. t, sadchichollugirathu 

Attestation, 8. sddchi, ^rriLff^ 
Attic, 8, uparimadam, e.u(fiu>iri 
Attire, 8. ai]i, yastrabht^ha^an 

Attire v, ty anigirathu, u(|ukki: 

Attitude, 8, kiSlam, abinayan^J 




^ Attorney «. ny^yaturantaran, ^luirujj^ir 

i a power of, muktiy^mim^, Qp-s^tutr 

K Attract, v. t. il ukkirathu, v^nkugirathu, 

i Attraction, s. iluppu, kavarchchi, g)(ip 

*i Attractive, v, ilukkattakka, priyappa- 
' duttugira, @(Lp««^^««flf, iSlilujLJU 

' Attiibute, s. iladchaiiam, ^eviL^'esBTLD. 
Attribute, v. t chumattugiratLu, sfm^ 

Attane, v.-^. sutikdttugirathii, (SfJSa-l. 


^ Auction, 8, elam, ^eutc. 

Audacious, cs. tuQikaram^lna, ^(Oi&air 

Audacity, s tunikaram, ^iDs^sjrih, 
I Audible, a kedkattakka* QaCs^^&a. 
Audience, s, sabhai,k^p6r, s^eauyQ^C 

Audit, V. t kai^akkupparichdthikkiratha, 

Auditor, s. kanakkucbchot^ikkiravan, 

Auger, 8, turappaiiam, tamardsi, ^pu 

Aught, 8. etbayatbu, ^^irsj^* 
Augment, v. t adbikappaduttugifathu, 

Aagmentation, 8. adbikarippu, ^^&^ 

Augury, 3 sagunam, <F^soru3« 
August, 8, dvaiiim^tham, ddi-avani. r^ 

August^ a. miichimaiyviYisk, la/tl-^ijodlo 
Aunt, s. Binj& tty, periya tay, attai^ 


Auspicious, a. maiigala, tn-biscv. 

Austere, a, kandithamulla, <£EaR?i^.^^ 


Austereness, ) i j..i. 

Austerity, J * Kanditham, &o6aru^.^LD. 

Authentic, a ulla, meyydna, £.«r(srr, Old 
Authenticate, v,t uruthippaiuttngira- 

thu, S.^^LJU®#JDfi/>9^. 

Authenticity, «. ui>raai, nichchayam, 

Author, 8. kdraiian, grantakartti, &ir 

Authoritative, a, adhikaramudaiya, jv^ 

Authority. 8. adhikaram, ^^airirih. 
Authorize, e>. t adhikarankodukkirathu, 

Autumn, 8. kanikalam, uthirk^lam, &g^ 

Autumnal, a- uthirparuYattukkuriya, a. 

^u u(i^eu0^ 'Steffi (u. 
Auxiliary, &. tunai, uthavi,^3sj3r,e.^fi3. 
Auxiliary, a. uthaviy^na, ^^s^iua&sr. 
Avail, V, t. pray6janampaoQUgi(athu, 

Avail, V. i upay6gappadugirathu, e.u 

Available, a. ktidiya, ^k-u^iu. 
Avarice, ». porulasai, QufTQ^ma&si^. 
Avaricious, a. avavulla, ^Qj(T<si^ssii<6v. 
Avenge, t>. t. palivdnkugirathu, uifizufr 

Avenger. «. paliv^ngi, uifi^iifSiS. 
Avenue, 8. vali, salai, qjl^^ iF/tSsi;. 
Aver, v,t uruttichchollugifathu, p.jpi^i 

Average s. sardsari, ^(r/r«F/fl. 
Average o t. vos^i^i^'iii^^.^^fhstssss^^^ 




Averse, a. vetupp^a, Qeujpiuutres, 
Averseuess } r\ 

Aversion S ' ** ^^^PP""' O^^'uq. 
Avert, r. ^ nfkkugirathu, tavirkkirathu, 

Avidity, s. dval,perrisai,c^Qisu,(cUir/reD)^. 
Avocation, s, aluval, tolil, ^^mso^ 

Avoid, V. t. vilakkngiratlm, < likkirathu, 

Avoid. V. «. vilagugirathu, eSiso^2fo^, 
Avoidable, a. vidattakka, qS)«_^^ ' -,-. 
Avouch, V. t ui.iithiy4ychchollugiraiLu, 

Avow, V. t arikkaiyiAugirathu, ^jiSIL 

Avowal, 8. arikkai, jyii9««i>tf . 
Avowedly, ac?. prasiddhamiy, iSjrS^ 

Await, V, t. k<ittirukkirathu, 'Bsit^^q^ss 

Awake } , r. t. eluppugirathu, e^Q^uL] 

Awaken) @pj^ 

;Awake, V i nittiraiteligifathu, 0^^esi{T 

Awake, a. j^gratliaiydna, ^freSjres)^ 

Award, s. tfrppu, ^nuLj. 
Award, v, t tfrmiinikkirathu, ^iTLDfresB 

Aware, a. cchcliarippuJIa,OT^cfiFffiLJL|«iy€ff. 
to be aware of, apiya, terintirukka, ^ 

Away, ad. vilagi, ddra, eSeuBy ^jr. 
Awe. 5. ^kkam, bbayam, (^:i<sLh, uud. 
Awful, a. anchattakka, ^^fffifi'ks* ^ 
Awhile, ad koi^chaneram, chilak^am, 

Amkwjard, a. tiruttamill^tha, avaladcha- 


Awl,* B. chanimdntffli, ^(f^Lnir , ^p ^, 
Awning, s, ktSdaram, me'rkatti, ^c 

Awry, ad. oruchchariv^y, 90^^rfl 
Axe, 8. kddari, njalu,Gtf/ru./r/f/,.i£, 
Axle ) ' , 

Axle-tree f ' *' achchumaram, ^ 

Aye ( ^^^^» a mam, «^ii,ogai 
Azure, a nflavariia, jgeoeuireasr, 


Babble, v. t. pitharrugirathu, l9, 

Babble, v. i. alappugirathu, ^ei 

Babe, Baby, s. kulantai, @tp;p6a);fi 
Baboo, «. prabhu lS/jtl/. 
Baboon, 8. perankui^gu, QuQ^m^. 
Babyish, a. ktQantaiydna, ^y^jteo 

Bachelor, s. viv^amill^thavan, br 
ch^ri, eSeuiraLjSl^euirjeeb&a'y 

Ikck, 8. muthogu, pinpuram,^ (zpj;? 

Backf V t. muthugilarugirathu. ti 
cheygirathu, (y^^QQeo^Qp^ 

Back, p, i. pinTdnkugirathu, iSoeieL 

Back, ad. pin, tirumba. lSsst^ ^q^ 
Backbite, v, t paracktlpigirathu, . 

Backbone, 8 muthugelumbu, (ip^ 

Backdoor, s pinkathavu, iSdisr&fi^, 
Back&idA> a. ^ixL^urani^ sagaiuim, C 




Backslide, v. ». piiiylinkugirathU)L9ccrar.T 

Backward, a. s^mbana, Qs'trihurrsar. 
Backwards, ad pinn^y, iSxt-^dj. 

Backwardness, 8. ktichcham, t^matham, 
Bacon, a. panii ifaichchi varral» u^jSI 

Bad, a, Agatha, ketta, ^<sn'^y QaCu. 
Badge, «• ad aijalam, ^<iaiutuiT<sfru:, 
Badly, ad, paluth^y, uQ^^irdj, 
Badness, s.palnthu, keJu, U(Lp4Siy Q^Q, 
Baffle, V, t, taiukkirathu* v/o^kkugira- 

Baffler, s. tadaicheyvon, ^cmi^Q^djQsuir 

Bag, 8. pai, sikku, «d)u, ^/r^^. 
B*ig, f). L pAiyilep6dugiratliu, eroutiSc^aj 

Baggage, s payatiachcliam^n, uiueacr^ 

Bail, *.pioai, jamfn, LSdssar, S^tlSsst, 

personal, naparjamfn, jsu'^Si' lBsXt, 
Bail, •?. U piriaiyininruviiuvikkitathu. 

Bait, 8. irai, unavii, ©owt, e.68Dr(a/, 
Bait, V, t, iraip6dugirathu, gjsoinQu.TQ) 

Baize, 8. parukkankambalam , uoj^aaicsr 

Bake, v. t. sudugirathu, JS-^Sifoffi. 
Baker, 8. rottikk^ran, QjrfnLi^^airirsef. 
. Balance, s. nitlianan), tar^u, jB^trssrih, 

Balance, ^, t. samappaduttugirathu, ^m 

Balance^ v, i, samam^giratha , ta\am\>M- \ 
gi'rdtha, f£FLouifr@p^^^ea\jiL\& p ^ . 

Bald, a; inotiaiy^na, Qu^nu^scL^iun^tsr. 
head, mottaittalai, QiafrCesiL^^fi^', 
Balderdash, 8. alappu, ^&juli. 
Baldness, 8, mottai, QuitTiLeau. 
Baldpate, s, mottaittalai, QuanCeB^u^ 

Bale, s, mtlttai. sippam, ^JLeoL-, &u 


Bale, -p. f. sippam^kkugirathu, ^uulot 

Baleful, a. keduthiyana, QaQ^iuireesr, 

Balk, V, t. irail^Aagaflcheygirathu, eradt 
tugifathu, '^irosarL.a^QffdjS/0^, 

Ball, «. uniai, pantu, ©.sarcwf-, u^^. 
Ballast, 8, adibh^ram, ^iif.uLj{Ttr[h. 

Ballast, V, t, adibharamiiugirathu, jy^L 


Balloon, 8. v^yukktinlu, Q;/nL/«A.6wr(P. 
Ballot, 8, tiru7ulachchfttu, ^(j^<^m^9 

Ballot, V, f. chi'ttuppc^ttutterigirathu, 

Balm, 8. parimalatailam, uiffLoetrcs)^^ 

GOLD, . 

Balmy, a, vasanaiulla, ^ir^^iq&refr. 
Balsam, s. tailam, ao^euLo. 
Baluster, s, chifuttio, S^^esar. 
Balustrade, 8. chifutdiipanti, ^j^^esar 

Bamboo, 8. mtifigil, (yj^Seu. 
Bamboozle, t), t, mdsaficheygi juthu , 

Ban, «. sdpam, 'ffiruih. 

Band, 8, kattu, bandham, ^sCQ^ufifiu:. 

Bandage ^ s. k^ii^v^Vsaj&^&ss^^gijsi^^^v-^ 





Bandj, v. t. pantadikkirftthu, u^^uf.k 

Bandy, a. koiial^^na^ Qsireasreofresr. 

Bane, s. nasam, jF/r-yti, 

Baneful, fl.alivukkethuvana, ^i^^mQs 

Bang, g. idi, t^kku, ®if ,^/r«(5j. 
Bang, D. ^. adikkirathii, ^i^^@p^. 
Bangles, «. kappu, sathaiigai, «/ruq, -f 

Bangy, s. katta4i, sn^^isf.. 
Banian, «. alamaram, ^^)LoirLc. 
Banish, v. t. agarmgirathu, puradesat- 
tukkagarrugirathu, ^ "sib^i @p^ 

JBanishmeut, 8. sudesattiniragarnigai, * 

QjS^^^0afi^fDspjp}oa)<s . 

Bank, s. karai, kalam, ««i)/r, tfsrrtr. 
Bank, x. L ai.iaipodugirathu, ^dsssrQutr 

Banker, *. ninayas^laikk^ran, jgir^ssariu 

Banking, «. nanayavarttagam, jgrrefsariu 

Bankrupt, «. kadanirukkavagaiyillatha- 

van, st—G^ ^^SQ}0aiSt\^3veoiT fie>j(^ . 

Bankruptcy, 8. kadanirukkanirvabamin 

Banner, 8. viruthukkodi, eSc^^'sQsiri^-, 

Banquet, 8. yirunta ^(i^^^. 

Bans ) , 8. yivdka srikkai, eS^irs&};6l 

Banns) sisa>s. 

Banter, s. sarasain, parihasam, ^sf^Fth^ 

Banter, 9. t sarasampaoiiugiratbu, <fFir# 

Bantling, s. kulantai, (gLpiFs©^. 

Baptize, tf. /, ^jja^iianarilfodukkirathu, 

Bar, 8. saUgai, taduppu, kalam, ^^, 

Bar, V. t. adaikkirathu, tadukkirathu, ^ 

Barbarian s. mlecbcban, tSCSeoS'^eei. 
Barbarism, s. mlecbcbatanam, lSQsvs 

Barbarity, s, kodumai, Qsn®ssiui. 
Barbarous, a kodiya, kochcbaiytoa,®^ 

Barber, «. ambattan, nivithan, ^ihui 

Bard, 8, kavir^yan, « aSjrtr tueer . 

Bare, a. niruv^iia, Yexfi,S(3^i^6ssr,Qajfl} 

Bare-faced, jj. a, vedkaiiketta, QsuiLsii 

lie, padupoy, L/^Qu/rtL. 
Barefoot, ac2. verunkaUy ,C^6i;j».5; «/r eu rr iL 
Barely, ad. nifuvdiiam^y, mattram, jBq^ 

Bargain, « oppantam, ^uufifiih. 
Bargain, v. i, Vilaipesugiratbu, eS^Qu 

Barge, s. cbalangu, ^«u®^. 

Bark, 8. marappaltai, kappal, lajruuC 

Bark, t). t. pattaivettugiratbu, utLmu 

Bark, «. i. kulaikkiratbu, ^2e\)sSp^ 
Barley, ». vdfk6thumai, ojiTjbQsir^fgstu 
Bam, 8. kalanjiyam, «(S»r^^ujib. 
Barrack, 8. p6rcbcbevakarvdsam Qutrn 

Barrel, s. pfppi, tSuuT. 

Barren, a. palana, malad^na, utrtpir^r 

ground, tSsbarabbtSmi, cara^fryL^. 
Barrenness, 8. mala4u, pil, t/seufi), utrif, 
Barricade, «. aiaippu, ^ tol-ul^. 




Barrier, s, araii, ellaikkuri, j^irsaar^ cr^ 

Barrister, s. vakkH, eui^^. 
Barrow, «. kaivaiidi, eoiseuseart^. 
Barter, s, pandamavfu, u&sarL-.Lnirff)jjoi 
Barter, v.i. pandamdrruppantjugirathu. 

Base, 8. aii, attiv^ram, «^(f , ^S^^it 

as ingredient, t^ragi, ^iTjr@» 
Base, a. kfUna, Qipnesr, 
Baseborn, p. a, ilikulattirpiranta, @l$ 

Baseless, s, ^tharavarra, adiyarra, ^^ir 
Basement, s, vfttina^ittalam, eSiLi^eisn^ 
Bashful, a, kticbchamalla, ndiiamiilla, 

Basilisk, ^.paravain^gam, UfDeiseujsiraui. 
Basin, Ss kii?oam, kappulcbeyyunturai, 8 

0Bar€SBrthy SLJU6vQ^djinfi^ea>jn, 
Basis, 8. attiy^ram, dtharavu, jif^^euir 

Bask, tJ.t. kulirkaygirathu, veyilifkida- 
kkirathu, ^eiflj sit dj&p^^ Qsua^ 

Basket, s. ktidai, petti, A.eaiu^ OulLi^. 
Bass, s. gambhfrasattam, sthiSff^^fiu^ 
Bastard, 8, cb6rappillai, Qs^ajruiSimhar 
Baste, V, t, vir, tadiy^ladi, euirir^ ^t^iuir 

Bastion, s. kottalam, Q^sir^^cau^, 
Bat, «. vavvil, kitti* QsustrsuiTsv, fiCif 
Batch, g. oruktlttara, c^r^A. iIl-lc. 
Bate, V. t kuraikkirathu, kalikkifathu, 
tallugirathu, @na>/D<k8p^, stfi-s 

B&ih, 8, Bninam, ininattotti, mjE >i ssi u: , 

Bathe, %A, kulipp^ttugirathu, ^^uu/r 

Bathe, «, i. kuli,inulugu, (^syf?, (ip(Lp^> 
Bating,pr6^.oliya,tavira, 9iiS^, fisi^jr. 
Batta, «. paiippaijam, ut^uuessTLC. 
Battalion, «. baitalam, utlt_/r«irui. 
Batten, «. sattam, ^iLi-ih. 
^ Batten, v, t. kolukkappanotigifatha,^ 

Battery, s,pfraiiginiedai, iS!riBjQ(vLCiSf.u. 
Battle, 8. chandai, yuddam, <F6wr«J)L_ 

Battle, V. i. p6reheygirathu, QuirirQs'iu 

Battledoor. ». pantadikkuffch^ttai, u^ 

Battlement, 8, alaigam, jfieoftsih. 
Bawdy, a, ttlrttattanamina, ^n ^^^f^ 

Bawl,i?.i. ktlvugirathn, ktikkuralidugira- 
thu, &.(Stiislfi^i A.i(3Sir6Si(tiSjD^. 

Bay, *. kamiichivappu, tSth^niram, ku- 
ddkka4al, ^(^(gjffia/uq, wl^itiS/d 
li, ^L^(r-ssu6v 
to keep one at,kittivar^thapadicheyya, 

Bay, a. karunchivapp^na, s(T^^^aju 

Bay, v, i. kulaikkiratn, ^tsokSp^, 
Bayonet, «. chaniyan, ^eSiu^. 

Bazaar, 8, kadai, chantai, « jtoi-, <F;r«D/ff. 
Be, T, i, irukkirathn, k^ijugirathu, g)(5 

Beach,*, ka^arkarai, kadal6ram,«t_/r)« 

6B)/r, auQeonjrih, 

Bead, s. maiji, mesifi. 
Beak, «. paravaimdkku, iupffl>Qiei^4<^, 
\ "S^m, % . wXiCvt^xfi., V^^i5^^^ H2^hS^^ .^* 





J3ean« s. avarai, jiisues>fr. 

pod, avaraippotfu, ^suoohtuQuitC®. 
Bear, 8 karadi. ^iruf.. 
Bear, v. t edukkiratbu, sumakkirathu, 
sahikkirathu, eiQiSl/D^, fBrta^S . 

Bear, t?. *. palikkirathu, ueQkS/os^. 
Beard. 8. inisai, tadi, uSsa>iff', fiin^. 
Bearer, sumaikKran, £?e3S)LB«[Tir6sr. 
Bearing. 8 k61ara, (osfreoin. 
Beast, 8. ndrkalmirugam, /nfrpsirevuSQ^ 

Beastliness, 8. mirugattanani, l£I(i^<s^^ 

Beat, 1?. t. adikkirathu, ^u^ffQfD^* 
Beat, V . i. ad ikkirath u , mdthugiratliu , 
erigirathu, jv^Ltf©/)^, Quair^B 

Beauteous, a- alagana, ^ip«/r6cr. 
Beautiful, a. alagiya, cliiranta,^LpS(u, 

Beautifully, ae^.alagay, alarigaram^y, jif 

i^^rTiJjy ^'iviL^n irLDnd.1, 
Beautify, v. ^ alangarikkirathu, jyeu/srtf if? 

Beauty, «. alagu, j^ip^F. 
Beaver, nirn^y, ^'r jgiruj. 
Becalm, v.t santam^kkugirathu, a4akku- 
girathu, iFiTfi^LDfrs^S/D^i ^l^ 

Because, con, padiy^l, dgaiy^l, u^LOJ/reu, 

Beck, 8. saigai, esffeas. 

Beckon, t?. t, saigaik^ttugirathu, 63)<f 

Becloud, V. t. maraikkiraihu, u^9s:ro^Si 

\ r. t. ^giftahu, ^@ro^. 

Becoming, p. a, erra, tagunta, ^pfOy 

Bed, padukkai, kattil, u(S«aDff, ^tl. 

Bedabble, v. t nanaikkirathu, ^Ssvcsfi 

Bedawb, v, t alukk^kkugirathu, ^q^ 

Bedazzle, v. t, kai>kt5sappani>ugirathu. 

Bedding, «. pad ukkaimustftbu, uQ-keauB 

Bedeck, v,t alaijgarikkirathu, ^eva-sifl 

Bedew, -0.^ panipola nanaiyachclieygiva- 
thu, u€afiQuiT€v ^'Ssaruj^Qffdj^jD 

Bedim, v. t. irulachcheygiratliu. S^oS'srr 

Bedstead. 8. kattil, <ffL-^L6v. 

Bee. «. t^nf, vaodu, Qfi(oi^^ eueaarQ, 

Beef* 8, mittiraichchi, LoniLi^eBifo^'Si. 

Beehive, s, tenktSciu, (o^es!feh.(bi. 

Beet, 8» 6v yagaikkilaugu, ^ireusaB^Q 

Beetle. 8, vai)du, awewr®. 

Befall. V, t neridugiratln],(fl^rf?®S/D jr. 

Befitting p. a erra, (^(rp- 

Before,' prep, mun, samugattil, (yi«or, ,ef 

Before, ad app6the, ^uQunQ^, 
Beforehand, ad munta, munname, qp 

Befriend, v. t, upakarikkirathu, ^usifl 

Beg. 13. t, pichchaikedkirathu, l9£=3s>^ 

Beget, V. t pirappikkirathu, lSajulSa- 

Beggar , s "^vcK^ilkfiikkarau., l5 # «ro ^ ^s « ;/ 

IT oO\ . 





Beggar, v, ^.varumaiyakkugiratliu, a/^ 

Beggarly, a. elimaiy^Da, er&Besujbiuirtssrj 

Beggary, 8 eliniai, ereifiss>uiy 

Begin, 1). i. todangugiratliu^ Q^iri—m^ 

Begin, v. «. todangugirathu, Q^irL^fk(^ 

Beginning, s. irambham, ^trthwh. 
Begird, v. t, kachchiikkattugirathu, a^ 

Begone, int. p6. Quit. 
Behalf, a. nimittam, ;S(JS^^Lh. 

Behave, v i. nadakkirathu,cheygirathu, 
olugugirathn, jsL^s8p^9 Qs'dj 

Behaviour, s. nadakkai, olukkam^ ^ehd- 
ram, jpl-.3€b>6b, €^(Lp&sthj ^^irjnh. 

Behead, v. t. talaivettugirathn, ^SsuQfiy 

Behest a kattalai, «l.l_^. 
Behind, prep, pipage, pin, lSjdC^^, lS&it, 
Behind, ad. pinii, pinne, iSlfi^, lScot 

Behindhand, ad. ilantalaiyay, pinbu, ^ 
Behold, V, t. k^ngirathn, p^rkkirathu, 

Beholden, jp. a. pittiyappatta, utr^^iu 

Behoof, s, prayojanam, L^jrQujfr^g^eorih. 
jy^ y V. takugirathu, takuthiyi- 
Behovr ( yii-ukkirathu, ;fl?c^®p 

Being, 8. iruppu, ullathu, @0LJq, «Ldr 
Belabour^ v, t ifuttugirathu, mottugira- 

Belch, V, i eppamidugipathu, tekkeri- 
girathu, ^uuLtiKbiQjr;, (J^.sQaft!>i 

Belfry, s. maoikkopuram, uiss!^sQ<3B.r 

Belie, v t. k6d chollugirathu , (3 « /r CQ ^ /r 


Belief, 8- nambikkai, visuv^sam, jFLhtSda 

Believe, v. t, visuvasikkirathu, nambu- 
girathu, sS^siJiT8<s8p^f jbllljQ 

Bell, 8. maiii, aisBcfl. 

Belligerant, a- yuddampannugipa, por- 

cheygira, u-i^fithucear^iuQfD^ Qu^tr 

Bellmetal, tf venkalam, Oa/assr^euLr. 
Bellow, 8, ukk^ram, ^saiTsril, 
Bellow, thi. ukk^rampodugirathu, e.^ 

iStrffihQuir (5) 8/d^ - 
Bellows, s. ulaitturutti, ^Zso^^q^^^. 
Belly, 5. vayiru, 6wa5 jy. 
Belong, V. i, udaiyath^gugirathu, fi.6D)L_ 

Beloved, a. pritiy^na, anbina, Lilff^ 

Below^ prep, adiyil, kil, .lyif uSoi', S^. 
Below, ad. ki\e, ^Qip, 
Belt, 5. araikkachchu, ^€ro/r«<flf^<flf. 
Bemoan, v, t, pulambugirathu, L/euLbty 


Bench, «. pi dam, nyay^sanam, lS'l-ld. 

Bend, ». kdnal, valaivu, (o^ireacrit, eu 

Bend, v. *. valaikkifathu, madakkugifa- 

thu, aifeir«©/r)^, LDL^s^SfD^. 
Bend, V, i. valaigifathu, madaiigugira- 




Beneath, ad. kfle', t^la, &^Lp, ^irip, 
BenedictioD, s, ^frv^dam, paUa^du. 

^^n ^ir/gihf ueoeoirsaar®. 
Benefaction, 8, upak^ram, s^uaiTinl. 
Benefactor, «. upakari, ©.u^B/rrfl. 
Beneficences, upak^rachcheygai, slusit 

Beneficent, a. nanmaiclieygira, jpssfabLn 

Beneficial a. upaydgam^na, s-uQujits 

Benefit, s, upak^ram, nanmai, prayt'ja- 
nam, e-ustjjrth, jBsersstLD^ lSjCcuj.t 

Benefit, v. ^.uthavugifatliu, pray(^janap- 
pad uttugifathu, a. j^a/^/D,^', lVjt 

Benevolenee, s. dajai, dharmagunam, ^ 

Bene volenti a. kimpaiyulla, dharmakka- 
ruttulla, ©(/^oO/Uiqeffeir, fiiruiksiQ^ 
^^Gp on , . 

Benighted, p. a. iravilakappatt, ^sreSeo 

Benign, } a. kiruiiLriiya, tf/r^ewr 

Benignant,) etsd^iu. 

Benignity, s. kadc^cham, anugraham, 

Bent, 3. valaivu, kdnal, eu'^etrisij, Qsir 

Benumb, v. 6. timirerappatinugiiatLii, j@ 

Bequeath, v> t maraoach^anameluthik- 
kodukkirathu, uiffesK<ara jSostOuiQ^ 

Berry,*, chirnk^y, ^^^(rdj. 

Berth, s kapparpaUiyarai, suu^udr&f^ 

Beseech, v. t irantukedkitathu, veQlu- 
thaJchej^irathu,^ j-^^Q diiL&ro^^ 

Beset, %. i chdlgirathu, vaiaikkira 

Beside, "Xprep, pakkattil, tavira, oli 

Be3ides,) u^^^^ei*, fisSir,^ifi 

•0 'J ) ad. alKmalum, innamum, i 
i5esiae. f , . ' .V 

Besides! 1"™' ^^^'^^Ji»^. S 

Besmear, v* t. pdsngirathu, melugugi 

thu, y,^Qp^t QLa(Lp^8/D^» 
Besom, 8. tudaippam,yilakkumui[u,^fi 

Besotted, p a. mayakkankoi}da,venya; 

Bespeak, v* t, munp^sugirathn, QpoB^i 

Besprinkle, v t telikkirathu, tdvugi; 

Best, a, uttama, s-^^ld. 

Bestial, a, mirugattanamana, uS(t^<sB^ 

Bestir, v, t. uts^happaduttugirathu, c 

Bestow, t?. t, fgirathu, kodukki^-athu, 

Bestride,!?. U kavadup^ychchugiratl 

Bet. 8. pantayam u^fituih. 

Bet, 1?. t, pantayankatttJgirathu, u/p^ 

Betake, v. t, edukkirathu, aodikkoll u 

Betel, 8. verrilai, t^pdlam, QenpiSl 

Betelnut, s. pJikku, uit€>(§. 
Bethink, d. t, ninaivukdrugirathu, fit 

Betide, v. n^idugitathu, Q;s(H(Sl8fl)4t 
T, .. ) ad. neratt6ie, poluthd 

Betime, ( (y^.rAQ^'rrC?. 'O.ii, 

\ "Betimea, ( 

tpn^QfitrQu^ Qus 

nO ft ^ -^ \ * 




etdkdn, v. t. kurikit|iigirathu, ^f6lsir 

&br&j, V. t. irafjflagampanniigirathu, 

Brtroth, V. t. viv^hameluthugiratlm, sQ 

2tter, V' t sfr^kkugirathu, ^srn-k(^ 

3tter, a. adhikanalamdna^ jfj^ajs^ev 

itween,} prep, idaiyil, ulle, tSde. g) 
Jtwixt, ) «i.£_a90u, e.m<^<sfr, ^slQl.. 
ivel, 8, villachchu, ^eoeo^Sr. 
jverage, 8, p^nam, u(T(S«nh, 
?w«,ii,i?.*. aliigirathu, pulambugirathu, 

jware, v, i. eclicharikkaiy^jirukkira- 
thu, eTS^<Fff^<sso)'fBUJ(ru9(f]^^^fD^» 

3wilder, u. t, tigaippikkimthu, mayak- 
kugirathu, Q^is>^iln^aQjD^, Laujs 

?witch V. t, inayakkngiratliu, stiniyafif- 
cheygirathu, lduj&(^8/d^, (^eofl 

3wray,ij. t, charppanaicheygirathu, ^ir 

syond, prep, appal, appuram,^LJLj/r6u, 

eyond, ad, appuram, j^ui^/DUi, 

ias, s, drav^ram, ^ireufriru^. 

iSLSyV.t. padchapatham^kkugirathu, uiL 

ibber, s, kudikaran, (^u^tSfriretir 

ible, s. vedapustakam, Goj^^qab^d 

.d,v, t. kattalaiyidugirathu, vilaicliol- 
higirathu, dEtli-lSsiruS®® aj^, ©SlSsu 

ennial, a. frandilorumuraiyana, ffjkt 
eaarip Qev/r(T^(ipeB)fDUjn ear. 

Bifcffoated, j9. a. kavaikonda, seomQen- 


Big, a. periya, parutta, Qu^iu^ uq^^fi. 

Bile, 3. pittem, til^^ui. 

Bilge, t). ^■. vfngive4ikkirathu, <sSisi8Qeu 

Bilious, a, pittam^a, pittankoijda, lSI^^jS 

Bill, 5. chfttu, undi, &iL(B, S-smti^, 
Billow, 8. alai, tirai, jif^-, ^asfr. 
Bin, 5. patt^yam, u^^^ujih. 
Bind, V, t. uruthippaduttugirathu, kalt- 
ugijuthu, £-^^LJu®^jpfip^, « 

Binding, v- n kattu, 'SbC®. 

Binnacle, s tisaiyavikaruvikktldu, ^ 

Biography, s. oruvanudaiyacharittram, 

^(f^sufpira)L—UJS'.{fi<mj^Br' h. 
Bird, 8. ktiruvi, paravai, pakshi, ^(f^sSy 

Birth, 8. pirappu, jananam, urpavam, . 

iS/Duq, SwresTLD, ©./buiSi/Lb. 
Birthday, s. pirantan^l, jenmadinam, lS 

Birthright, 9- pifappnsutantram, LSpuLj 

Bishop, s. adhyakshaguru, kaok^ni, ^jS 

Biaon, s "kiiti. ^/tlLl/t. 

Bit, «. tundu, kadiv^lam, ^mr^, eis}^ 

Bitch, ?. penn^y, Oussar^iU' 
Bite, V. t, ka4ikkirathu, sl^sQ/d^. 
Bitter, a kasappina, s<FUufr6tsr. 
Bitumen, s. nilakkfl, 0bv&2so. 
Blab, V. i. alappugirathu, jyeuuL/S 

Blacky 8/ VAX\XWi'8C^^V^XS:^^^i.^<t^^s^vsN «» 




Blacken, v. <. li^aruppikkirathu, sjpiuL^ \ Blasphemy, s. devaddslianam, (?;5pvajjBr<a^ 
Blacken,t;.^. kariiougii'atlm,karukkira- 1 Blast, ^ visal,atliirclv.'hi, veli, e^^eu, 

-.., , 1 , .1 r^, . • Blast, vi kedukkirathu, tl^^^paduttllgira- 

B ackpxrd, s k-linagan, ^L^.u^s.~,r. ■ ^^ Q^'©,i&) o,^, ^^u\^^^Qp 

Black lead, s. karivaiii, r'/t '/J tn. _ r 7 <r- ^ «- r- 

Blacksmith, s. Karuman, kollan, ^©m/r ^^^^^^^ ^ ^^.^^^ ^,^,t^. 

ioy^^£:iTCv&v66J, ^ ^ I Blaze, r. i. oiiolrathu, swalikkirathu, 

Bladder, 5. jalasayam, jalappai, '3=6oit<£fiu I fo7.r;4\7)/^, #5ii//6S:i©/D;^. 

l!:, rg^svLji^u. I Bleach, r ^ salavaipau'Aiigirathu, vilak- 

Blade, 5. ayutliavalagii,pidlilai, ^^(ij^fiij | kugirathu, 'i}^ovc(L^u6Suic^Q/D^f 

Bhulebonc, 5. toipatiai, Qs^fTiLuiLsisL.. I Bleareyed, a. pilaikkarjmilla, L?6Dcy>«« 
Blain, s. koppulain, paru, Otf/ruqsrrLl:, j ^>t ■:.yj}]oM i^r . m 

! Bleat, r. /. kathariigirathu, alugirathii, 


Blamable, u. kurramflna, (aj-'/D'ofrgcr. 




^ .-idi fioQ iff [T ev ^; Q rn ^ . 

Blameless, f. i ilaiyillatha, kurramarra, i 

Blanch, v. t. venmaiyakkugirathu, Qsu | 

6t7T «sj) t n fu .T •5 '-? S ^n ,<^: . 
Blaiid, a. siu'la, sauta, ^^sv, f^ ' i^<^. 

Biaiidiloqiieiiee, s. ichchagavachanam, @ 

Blandishment, 8. ichchagam, iuchol, @sF 
Blank, s. veli, Terumai, Qsii»Trf?, Qsu^ 

^ COiLD. 

ifeink, a. eluthatha, veru, (srap^n-^, Qsu 

Blanket, «. kambalam, kamhalam, sihu 

Blaiplieme, r. ^. devaddshanampai^nu- 

'f ^ J^ -J">' /O A? , ^ (U . .-5' fl7 iS"; 



! Blend, v f kalakkirathu. kdttugirathu, 
cherkkirathu, ^eoh^co^^ a-lL® 

Blend, V. i kalakkirathu, kudugiratliu, 
chergirathn, d,evsQp^, A.(hiSlfl 

Bless, 'U ^ J^sfrvathikkiratlm, st6ttirik- 
kirathii, ^i^': eu^iS/r) J?, eUvQ^afi 

Blessed, p a iJafrvathikkappattn, pu- 
galappai attakka. ^^'^J tsu^ho&uuiL 

Blessing, 8. tlsfrvadam. ^^ive^n-^ih. 
Blight. 8 alivu. tiru ^L^a/, esEja'. 
Blight, V. t. alikkivathu, drnpaduttugira- 
thu, ^ifi-lSi/Dffi^ KSLjpiuQa^^B 

Blind, 5 maraippu, maraivu, La&DpuLf^ 

Blind, a, kuru-iina, ^(f^un-ssr. 




indfold, V. t* kanmtldachcheygirathu, 

indness, s. katiteriy^maii SGefsrQ^ifl 

link, V. i. kanr;imaikkiratliu,-^6i^^89f) 

liss, s perinbam, Quiflixruih. 
lissfuU, a anantakkalippulla, ^js^fi^ 

lister, 8. koppulam, akkinichchervai, 

O^/ruL/QfTLb, ^%Ssle{^d=(p<3=ifeai6u. 
lithesome, a. kalipp^na, ^eff^uunesr. 
loat, V. t vliigappai)OUgirathu, e^iks^ 

lock, s. kattai, kuviii «tl.«i>L-, ^pj6l. 
lock, V. t tadukkirathu, a4aikkirathu, 

lockade, 8. murrugai, valiyadaippu, 

lockade, v. t. valiyadaikkirathu, euifi 

lackhead, s ma^aiyan, mtidan, u^utu 

eSr, ^L^&!r» 
lood,«. rattam, inam, ^w^^ld, (§)ssrih. 
loodshed, s. rattafichintugai, kolai, g)ir 

loodshot, a. rattamnirainta, ^[r<s^ih 

loodsucker, 8. attai, kodiyan, ^ileoL., 

loodthirsty, a, rattappriyamulla, @jr 

loodvessel, s. rattanarambu, ^S'^fijs 

loody, a. rattakkaraiyulla, Qjir^^ss 

loom, 8. malarclichi. (js6u/f<^S. 

loom, V i. alarugirathu, malar ugirathu, 

\oQjmDg,p. a. pdikifa, kalaiyulla, y>i 
O/D9 a^strtJLj&rm, 

Blossom, 5. alar, ptS, malar, ^eu/r, y, m 


Blossom, V. i. alanigirathu, malarugira- 

Blot. 8 karai, mi^su, <s<so)/n, Lansr. 
Blot, V. t karaippad uttugirathu, smrou 

Blotch, 8. silanti, sinappu, ^eu^p, ^ 

Blow, 8 adi, arai. jvi^i rSfl^P- 
Blow, 1?. < tSthugirathu, esu^^ro^. 
Blow, 15. i alarugirathu, ^.evQ^Q/Q^, 
Blowpipe, s iithiikulal, ^sn:^(^Lp6v, 
Blubber, fj i. yimmiyalugiiathu, eSunSI 


Bludgeon, s. taiidam, tandu, ^sBsri^ih, 

Blue, «. nflam, fieoih. 
Bluevitriol, «. turisu, ^^Sr* 
Blunder,' s. tavaru, pilai, ^eu^, tSistai^, 
Blunder, 1?. i. tappugifathu, ^uqSfD^' 
Blunt, a. malukkam^na, ldq^s^bu^itsst. 
Bbmtly, ad mottaiy^y, QLDfnLsa)uiuiTiu. 
Blur, s karai, mani, sm/p, ldjoi. 
Blur, t. t karaippaduttugirathu, seap 

Blush, *. n^Qachchivappu, j5rressr<ff'&Qj 

Blush, D. i. njCnugirathu, /Ffr^jQro^* 
Bluster, 1?. i. veruttagirathu, pagadam- 

paniiugirathu, QeuQ^iLQ&ip^j u& 

L^ubucm ^^Q p^. 
Boa, «. malaippambu, Ln'^LJu^Lcq. 
Boar, 8. dTjpanri, r^esaru&sr^. 
Board, «. palagai, unavu, ueixs©^, a. 

Board, 1) i. vid uthiydyirukkirathu, <sB® 

■ 0uj{niS({^s&pM 


BON 28 

Boast, i;. i. vfmbupeBiigiratbu, eSu^Qu 

-Boat, s. tdni, padagu, vallam, e^/r<sB8fl, 

Boatman, s. tdnikk^ran, Q^fTiseSkstr 

Sob, V. i. kuluDgugirathu, adugirathu, 

Bodily, a. sanrattukkadutta, ^^s^S^ 

J^<^dj, s. sarfram, poru], saigam, #fPjr 

of a thing, naundam, Qpsssru-ih, 
Bodjguarid, s. meykappalar, kanchogar, 

-Bog J s. sathuppunilam, ^^L/q^ficuib. 
Boggle, V, L timathikkitathu, fi^ru^^k 

Boil, 3. paru, lj^. 

Boil, V t. kothippikkirathu, Qefr^ui3k 

Boil, V, i. avigirathu, pongugirathu, ^ 

Boiler, s. kopparai, QairuueQir, 
Boisterous, a. kontalipp^na, Q<Bsir^^0iB 

Bold, a. tuaivana, ^csSeuir^^. 
Boldness, s. ^nmai, tuiiivu, ^CRjraDijo, 

Bolster, s talaiyaiiai, ^tsinudsssr. 
Bolt, s. til, talppal, ^/rL£>, ^nipuufreir. 
Bolt, u. ^ t^ladaikkirathu, t^lppilidu- 
girathu,;flF/r Lpom L_<ffi Qp^y^n ^puu/r 

Bombard, tJ. «. chattippfraiigiyirkundu- 
praydgikkirathu, s^Cis^uCS irm&i^p 

Bombast, s. vfmbuchchol,aTLi:L/;^0,ff/r6u. 
Bombastic, a. vimbina, (si?Lhu/r6w. 
■^oi2ci •« ^^//«(, bandbam, udanp^du, « 


Bondage, s. siiaittanam, adimai, i 

Bondnian, s. aciimaikk^an, ^^2.e 
«/rir SOT. 

Bondsman, s. uttarav^tM, pit>ai, sl, 

Bone, s. elumbu, mul, er^iLq, (i^ 
Bonnet, 8. kulla, (geueu/r. 
Bonny, a. ajagana, ^L^stresf. 
Book, ?. pustakam, ntil, L/cuu^y «Lr, ^ 
Bookbinder, 6. pastakackattuv6n, l 

la; '57 ALL®C?<su/r6SJ . 
Bookkeepping, s. kaflLakkantolil,*® 

Boon, s. kodai, peru, Otf/rcro^-, (?l 
Boor, s. n^tt^Qj (5(, 
Boot, s. pathakkuppayam^ uir/g^^ 


Boot, u. f. praycvjanappaduttugiri 


Booth, 8. kudisai, pantar,^^Len)<F,Lj, 
Booty, 8. koUaiyudaimai, (oidBirm 

Borax, 8. veiik^ram, Oo/eartf/rjrLb. 
Border, 8. dram, ellai, vilimbu, ^in 

Bore, v,t. tolaikkirathu,Q^^^«S 
Borrow, v. t, kettuv^iikugirathu, ka 

vi nkugirathu, (J^lL^ 6u /r /s/@fl 

« L-63r siy rr /5"j (^ ^ ^ jg? . 
Bosom, 8. nejSLchu, m^rbu,0/F(e5«flr,aj 
Botany, 8. tiparas^ttiram, ^ftujr<^\ 


Botch, 5. aridai, ottu, ^sesrean^^ ^ 
Botch, 1?. i andaivaikkirathu, ^soa 

Both, a. iraijdum, g)jr«Hr Old. 
Bother, V- 1, alattugirathu, sankdM 
duttugifathu, ^eoiL^^p^, • 




lottom, s, adi, kH, mtilam, c^^2., Sif), 

lOttomless, a. adiyaira, .^^lUJ/i?p. 
ough, 5 kombu, kilai, 0<s/rLbq, ©Ssyt. 
ound, d. ellai, ^euSa.*. 
ound, V, t ellaippaduttugirathu, srev 

ouudary, $. ellai, 6rain, srebaeo, pirm. 
oundless, a ellaiyarxa, erei^ujfb/D' 
ounteous,) a. udaragui\amullaf B^fitrjr 
k>untiiul, ) (gessr(ifi&refr, 

;ow,3. vaiiakkam, ojesar-ssth. 
low, V. t. kavikkirathu, valaikkirathu, 

o^v L vanankugirathu, eu€isarisi(^8 

ow, |. yil, ©90U. 

owels, s, kudal, (^i_6u. 

owl, s. kini)am, QeBareoBrih, 

owl, 1). t. iiruttugirathu, ^(f^CQQjr)^. 

owl, V. i. koHvilaiy^dugirathu, Qair 

ow-man, s. vill^lan, aQsueu/rofreSr. 
owstring. s. yinn^ii, sSser^&Br, 
ox, |. petti, Ouilif . 
ox, V, t kuttugirathu, muttugiratlju, 

oy, 8. iripillai, siravan, paiyan, ^sdar 

LSI^rrBsir, ^ji/sugsr, GSiUtueox. ' 
oyish, ee. pillaittanamanft, iSl&r^efr^jSssr 

race, 9. palam, j6du. ueuLo, Q-s'irQ, 
race, «. ^ iluttukkattugirathu, irukku- 
girathu, ^(ip<i^-BaiL(ElSlp^y @^ 

racelet, s. k^ppu, «/ruq. 

rackish, uvaraua, cbayar^na, &.Q;jr/r£sr, 

rag, V. i. pagadampaiiiiugirathu, l; 
ain,9. miShij htxddhi^ (ip^, H;^^- 

Bramble, s. mu4chedi^ (y^CQ^isf., 
Bran, s tavidu, <ssS®, 
Branch, $. kombu, kilai, Q<ff/rtiq, fiSsrr. 
Branch, f?. t. kilaikkittithu,Sasrr^^pjsj. 
Brand, s. chdttukkc^l, maru, vasai, (^cQ 

Brand, v. t. kufichudugirathu, ^fiS^(Ei8 

Brasier, s. kannin, kanchak^ran, seer^ 

657, «£5(C5'^<S/rjr6Sr. 

Brass, «. pittalai, iS^^"^, 

Brave, a, dnmaiydna, vfram^na, cgjefer 

Brave, v. t. tui\intethirkkirathu, ^qs^ 

Braveiy, s. ^nmai, vfram, ^essreaLDy eS 

Jfih, , 
Bravo, inf. sabasu, ketti, ^ff-urrs?, QfEsCi^, 
Brawl, s. chandai, kulappam s'somssn^, 

Brawl, V. i, kalakaflicheygirathu, S6v<ss 

Brawler, $, vdthddi, euir^rru^, 
Brawny,a.tasaippidiyulla, ^ecD^utSli^iLi 

Bray, s. kaluthaikkattu, s(Lpes><^rS&<ss^. 
Bray,!;, i. kattugifathu, fi^^S/Dju. 
Brazen, a, pittalaiyircheytha, lachchai- 

yarra; tS^^'^uSpQs'iu^j ^€v<s= 

Brazenface, s. tuijikaram^namukham, j3 

Breach, ?. idivu, takarvu,@i^<a/, ^^ifisij. 
Bread, f. rotti, appam, ^h^ram, QjnrCi^y 

Breadfruit, «. Irappalikkai, FFiruueoirk 

Breadth, «. agalam, vis^lam, ^seoili. 




Break, v. t. miirikkirathu, udaikkirathu, 

Break, v.i, u4aigirathu, oligipathu, te- 
rikkirathu, murigiratbu, eL^OL-Qro 

Breakers, 8. (pi) kalattilmotliuiDalai, 

<ff srr ^ ^ si; (o L/i /r ^ ldSbi) . 
Breakfast, 9. kalaichchdpp^du, «/r2su<F^/r 

Breakwater, «. alait^ngi, cheykarai, jySst; 

Breast, s. nefichu, m^rbu, Q/p^Sr^ Lnrr 


Breath, s. m^chchu, sw^sam, (Tp<F«flr, <ffr 

Breathe, v. sw^samidugirathu, mtich- 
chuvidugirathu, SreuiTffu9(SlkslrD^, 

Breech, s. adi, adippuram, pidafjgti,-^L5L, 

Breed, 5. inam, jdti, ©sbtlo, ^!r^. 
Breed, 1). ^.chenippikkirathu, QiFG^uiS 

Breed, v. i. stirkondunikkirathu, @/e) 

Breeding, v, n. valarppu, euar/ruq. 
Breeze, s ilaiik^rru, §;jm(Eieirp^, 
Brethren, ?. sahotharar, rS^Qsn-^jrir. 
Breviary, s, ^rddhanaippustakam,c^ir/r;ffr 

Brevity, 5. a(lakkain,churukkam, jyi_<ffi«ff 

Bribe, 5* kaikktlli, parid^Dam, eassA. 

Bribe, v. t parid^amiciugirathu, u^fitr 

Bribery, s. kaikktlli, paridanam, laiijan- 
Jcodukkaif ea><£ss^i.6Slf uifl^irearih, 

Wei:, ^. sejikal, Q^fsj4Bev, 

Brickbat » s. Benkarkatti, O^ 
Brickdust a. seiikarrdl, Qsfu 
Brickkiln, s. senkarchtilai,0<^ 
Bricklayer, s. karchippan, k 
ran, apSuusar^ Qsrrei 

Bride, s. maijaviU? maijam! 

Bridegroom, s inaiiavilan, i^. 
Bridemaid, 8 t61i, Q/^itl^. 
Bridge, 8. palam, vdrt^vathi, 

Bridle, *. kadiv^lam, si^eun 
Brief, a. churukkam^na, Jr(n5 
Brier, 8, madptlndu, mudch 

Brig, s. irupaykkappal, @ 

Brigade, s. orupadaivaguppn 

Brigand, 8. kollaikk^an, 

Bright, a. tulakkam^na, pr 

Brighten v, t tulakkugiratl 
kugirathu, £j]0o&@8p^ 

Brighten v. ^. vilankugirathu,< 

Brilliancy, s. prakisam, tuli 

<S/r«£FLb, ^6U(ff^Lb. 

Brilliant* 8. pattantfmtavach< 

Brilliant, a. tulakkamjina,^< 
Brim, 8. 6rain, vilimbu, gp/Ti 
Brimful, a. nirambiya, jSinJ 
Brimstone, s, kantagam, «;i 
Brine, 8. uppunfr, S-uq/r. 
Bring v, t. kOi>duvarugiratl 




Brink, 8, karai, vilimbu, sssorr, eQcfSih 

Brisk a. jagrathaiyulla, <fi=/r«fijr6B)^iL| 

Bristle, s, patirimayir, ussrjjSlLnu^T. 
Bristles v, t. cbiluppugirathu. nenkkifa- 

Bristle, v i. chiluppikkollugiratku, ^ 

Brittle, a. odiyattakka. noythdna, ^^l 

Brittleness, s. novmai, Qf^nrdj<sa)Ui. 
Broach, v. t tirakkirathu, tolaikkirathu, 

Broad, a agalamdna. vichala, ^seou^rr 

Broad-cloth, s, sakaUttu, ^sevn-^^. 
Brocade, 8 chittirappatt^dai, &^^jru 

Broil, s. kalaham, chandai, «S6u«Lb, «fl=* 

Broil, V. t chudugifathu, vevikkirathu, 

Broil, V. i. cbudiigirathu, vegirathu, <9r 

Broker, s. taravan, taravuk^ran, ^jroi 

<o^o ^ IT eij s rr JT ehr , 
Brokerage, s. taravu, taravuktlli, ^jre:^^ 

Bronze, s venkalam, Qtsij&sarfSsevih, 
Brooch, s. m^rbdsi, marcbchattaipptittu, 

Brook, 8 sirr^ru, &iib(n^j)i' 
Brook, V t sabikkirathu, tankugifatbu, 
pofukkiratlm, c(F®^S)p^, ^/r/B@^ 

Broom, s tuiaippam. jsaDL-uutb* 
Broth 8, dtiam, j^€6anh. 
Brother, «. sahotharan, fg^Qatr^jresr, 
Brother-in-Jawr, s, maittunaix, crld^^ 

Brotherly, a sabdtharatanmaiydna, <sf 

Brow, 8. puruvanj, nerri» q^syib, Qj^ 

Browbeat, v. t. athattugirathu, ^^CJ^ 

Brown, a. iithdniramana,esrc^n-i) njLo/rissr. 
Browse, v. t. talaimeygirathu, ^6is>Lp(oLCi 

Bruise, s, nasivu, neri?u, jb^si^, Q I5 

Bruise v t. iiasukkugirathu, narukku- 
gifathu, jBSra(^8jD^, ^(^-ffi^® 

Bruit, 8 sattam, prast^bam, s'^^ih, i^ 

Brush, s. tudaippam, ^€S)u.uuK 
Brush, V t tudaikkirathu, perukkugi- 
rathu, ^6S)L-&8fl)^, Qu((^s(^& 

Brushwood. F paravark^du, tJirQj/r3<«(rO. 
Brutal, a. dushda, kodiya, ^q^l_, Ql<E^ir 

Brute, s. mirugam, arivili, /jQ^sld, ^ 

Brutish, a. mirugattanamdna, iB^j^m^^ 

Bubble, s. nfrkkumili, jSn-<S(^u9L$. 
Bubble, V. t kumilikollugirathu, (§iB 

Bu^k, 8, kalaiman, .sSsDLo/ro&T. 
Bucket, 8, errachchaL <^jbjD^^n-^- 
Buckle, 8. v^rppdttu, euiin'uyfiLQ. 
Buckle, V t pdttugirathu, y,C.®S/io^, 
Buckler, 8. kedagam, G'-s^^ssld. 
Bud, 8. arumbu, tulir, .^(^ldl/, ^sifjir. 
Bud, V. i. arumbugirathu, talirkkifathu, 

Buffaloes. er\jjca5i.v><5^<^^^vsi.- 




Bugle, $. iratjak^am, ^iressre'r&rih^. 
Build, V. t. kattugirathu, kattieluppu- 

Builder, s, karchippan, fsp^uussr. 
Building, s kattadam, <5:L_t_i_Lh. 
Bulb, 5. tirandamiilam, ;©irfisjrz«^6t;ai. 
Bulk, s. parumai, mottam, uQ^sanDy 

Bulky, a pnrutta, U(j^^^' 

Bull, s erutliu, kdlai, (STitj^, isrr'bsrr. 

Bullet, s kuiidu, ^sgutQ. 

Bullock, s. eruthu, (stq^^. 

Bulrush, s. n^nal, js^essreo. 

Bulwork, s. arai}, kottalam, ^jtgsot, 

Bump, s. atiiaippu, pudaippu, ^SD^tJq, 

Bump, V. t. adikkirathu, kuttugirathu, 

Bunch, f. kotfu, kulai, Q<Esir^^y (^Ssd. 

Bundle, s. kattu, «l_©. 

Bundle, v t katt^kkugirathu, siLl-^s 

Bunghole, 5. pfpp^dw^ram, iSuuir^^ 

Buoy, s. mitbappu, uS^ulj. 
Buoyancy, s» manavelvchchi, LaesrQeu 

Buoyant, a* mithakkattakka* manave- 
luchchiy^na, uQ^^^^ss, LnsorQea 

Burden, s sumai, bh^ram, s^€0)ld, L/»rjrLb. 
Burden, v. t errugirathu, sumattugira- 

thu, (qjpS^^iJD^', Si-Ln^^QfD^. 

Burdensome, a» hh^ram^na, umnairesr. 
Burglary. 8. mathilidittuttirudal, lh^gSI 

^arJaJ, s, udakkajn, puihsiipfUf ^L_«««Lb, 

Burn, V. t chudugirathu, erikkifat 

Burn, V. u sw^likkifathu, ^(sntreB^ 

Burning-glass, s. sdriakintakkaiiij^ 

Burnish, v, t. minukkugirathu, i£^ 

Burnish, i?. *. tulaiikugirathu, jb6u/b 

Burrow, 8. valai, o/Ssrr. 

Burrow, v. i. alaiyarukkirathu, ^^ 

Burst, V t arukkirathu, udaigiratl: 

Burst, V. i. udaikkirathu, vedikkiratl 

Bury, V. t. puthaikkirathu, adakkai 
panriugifathu, qss)^&@fD^i ^l 

Bush, s. chedi, tdru, Q<«Fip., ^ji'. 
Bushy, a- cliadaiyana, s^€0)u.tu{resr. 
Busily, ad, muyarchiy^y, Qpiup^ujiT 
Business, s. v6lai, tolil, (^<ift/3su, Q/^itl^ 
Bustle, s. paraparappu, uiruiruLf* 
Busy, a. muyarchiyana, QfnupSiuireo 
But, 8. ellai, otcuSsi?. 
But, con. dn^lum, 6, <^(63)^;Lb, ^. 
Butcher, s iraichchikk^ran, ^ecap&k 

Batcher, v. t vathai, qjso^, 
Butend, s. adi, ^u^' 
Butt, 5. pipp^, iSuufT, 
Butt, V. muttugirathn, p^ygirathu. 

Batter, s. veni^ey, QeuessfQecsruj, 
Butterfly,, s. vanij^ttipptichchi, o/ewr^ 

Buttermilk, s. mdr, Qiana-, 

Buttock, 8, \l>\XV^\> ^^a^V^WKKv^j ^"^ ' 




Button, 5. kumil teri. @<^^« Qfi/61. 
Button, v. t, teriptittugirathu, Q^fiy, 

Buttonhole, 8. tefiptittnmdwdram, Qfi/61 

Buttress, 6. ^tharavu^ utbaik^ uth&icliu- 

Buy, V, t, kollugirathu, vilaikkui^nkugi- 
rathu, Qaa&Ti^Qro^y s^2isoi^(sijir 

Buzz, V. i. iraigirathuf kii>ukii}ukkira- 

By, prep. ^1, il, koijdu, valiyiy, ^^y 

By, cid. andaiyil, pakkattil, ^GoareBii^u^ 

By and by, pifagu. iSpx^. p 

Byelaw, a. turjaichchattan^, upanipaa- 
tanai, ^dsssrJ'S'L-Ljh.i ^u^u^^hss* 
Byend, s. kallandkkam, «eJr(&rr(?/p/r««LD. 
Bystander, a. kittanirkiravan, QiLi^jS 

Byway, a, maraivali, Lnea/osuL^. 
Byword, s. palimoli, uifiQunrifi. 


Cabbage, a k6vikkl^rai, C<s/r6i9«Soa)/r» 
Cabin, a, kapi>alinullarai, suusQ ^ sir 

Cable, a. amdru, t^m^n, ^loitj^, fiir 

Cackle, a, kattu, «^.^- 
Cackle* V- ^- kokkarikkirathu, kaitugi- 
Vathu, Q-fBtrsHEih&Qp^j a^^Q 

Cage, a. ktidu, paffcharam, «5nu(9, u(^<3' 

Cage, V. t ktSttilvidugirathu, &-Ci^ed 

Cake, 5. pani\ik^rani, usssrssaf^airirih* 

Calamitous, a. abatt^na, ^u^fitresr. 

Calamity, s. dbattu, ^u^^. 

Calculate, v, eniiugiratliu, kanakkidu- 
giratbu, ereoar ^n Qp^j esessr&QO^ 

Calculation, s. kai\akku, ganitam, ma- 
thippu, «6gcr«@i tfajsfl^Lo, La^uuj, 

Caldron, 5. kopparai, kad^ram, Qanu 
u<5a)/r, <EBL^mrih. * 

Calendar, a. panch^ngam, attavaiiai, 

Calf, s kanru, pasukkan^u, .ff^crjru, u 

Calk, V. t. kalapparradi, ^souuppisf,. 
Call, s. kdppfdu, ktlvugai, .a&.uLS'®, s^ 

Call, «. t kilppidugirathu, alaikkirathu, 

Calling V, n. alaippu, udydgam, ^etsip 
Calm, 8. santam, amaichchal, ^irjs^Lc^ 

Calm, «. t, santipannugirathu, arfugi- 
ratbu, <arir^^uGsis^a8p^y ^p& 

Calm, a. amarikkaiy^.na ^tnsfi&eosujir 

Calmly, ad. amaithiy^y, s^ntamay, ^ 

Calomel, rasapaspam, ^jr^u&uuLb. 

Caloric, a. k^nti, tSiT^0. 

Calumniate, v. t. avathiSrupesugiratlui, 

Calumny, s. avatht5ru» palichchol,. ^au 

Calve, 1?. t kanrfnugifatbu, inugiratlm, 

Cajole, V. t. mu^pamanpesugivathu, (ip« \ Cjwcfts^, s. c^'^H^'^gasci^ oKH-^ix^ <^' 





Camelopard, s. ottaichchivifigi, ^L-a»i- 

Camp, 8. kiidamm, <£SuL_/rirLh- 
Camphor, s. karppdram, <5^LJ^/rLb, 
Can, s: p6kani, kuvalai, QufrsesS, (§> 

Can, aux, v- ktidum, «-(S)lq. 
Canal, «. k^lv^y, sfreosuiriL* 
Cancel, v, t alikkirathu, kiftikkugira- 

Cancer, s. vippurutbi, isSluLj(f^^. 
Candid, a, kapadamaira, suL-UiibjD- 
Candidate, s. n^dugiravan, jBtr®QrD'sii<c^. 
Candidly, ad. manamtirantu, u^eisr^Sp 

Candle, s. melugutiri, 0[i>(Lp@^/f?, 
Candlestick, 8. vilakkuttaijdu, eSlerr^tg 

Candour, s, kapa4aminmai, auL^L^ebr 

Candy, s. inippuppaiidam, -^eahuL^uu 

Cane, s. pirambu, karumbu, iSsTthLj, «0 

Canister, 5. tagarappetti, ^^iruOuiltf . 
Canker, s. v^yppuij, eurrdjuqeaar. 
Cannibal, s. naram^msapakshirii, jsjTLn^ 

Cannon, s, pfrangi, iSjrikiB, 

Canoe, s. vallam, euGfretrih, 

Canopy, 8. merkatti, Qm^siLi^, 

Cant, s. kallan^appecbcbu, «efr®r(^/r 

Canter, s. kuthiraipp^ycbcbal, (^^sstiru 

Cantonment, s. r^nuvastalam, ^Fir^i 

ajnjr/ts, ^. j'raifnppndaivfii, ^jrtKDuq 

Caoutchouc, 8. m^rchchani, Larrirs^^G^ 

Cap, 8, toppi, Q^.Tud/. 

Capability, s. trani, vallabam, ^j}'fr<ssd 

Capable, «. samarttfina, trariiyulla, ? , 

Capacious, a. visdilam^na, ^f^ireoLnfrissi 

Capacity, 8, parimiiiam, tr^ni, toll 

nilai, uifitofreearLh^ ^ir/rsjafi, 0^/rt 

Gape, «. kaluttuppaitai, desamunai, 

Capital, 8. t^ynagari, p6thigai, muthalp; 
nam, ^(rdj/s^ifif (Sufr^ea>e^ Qp^. 


Cd<pital, a. talaimaiy^na, fi^^€a>LnfUfret 
Cajitelist, 5. muthaludaiyaYan, (Tp;S?j 

Capitally, ad, tiramjCy, ^ptaauj. 
Capitatibn, talaivari, ^2eo^(f^ 
Caprice, 8. eluntam^nam, erQp^^u 

Capricious, a. eluntaminamdna, €T(ip^ 

Capricorn, ) s. magarar^si, magaran 
Capricornus, J tc^irFfrS, intEsirih, 

Captain, s. talaivan, padaittalaivan, ;sl 
Captious, a. kurrampidikkiray ^pjoihi 

Captivate, v. t. mayakkngiratbu, chira 
pidikkitathn, tnuJs^Qpj^y ^ea> 

Captive,*, chirai, adimai» Sssip, ^\^ 


Captivity, s. a4inaaittanam, jyif otlo^^ 

Capture* 8. dcLVC^\i^\d\^^v\,> Q<5Si(QL9'4.uL(, 





Carbuncle, s, erivaiitaniaiiaparu, mdi>ik 
kam, (oTifleu^jeuifresi u(§y mffets^dss 

Carcass, 9, piijam, pretam, fJS/gjjortr, lS/Co/t 

Card, 8, chfttu, ^CQ, 

Cai'damom, s. elam, ^enih. 

Cardinal, a. talaimaj^a, fi2so0s>unufT€ar. 

Care, s. echchankkai, kavalai, era^^ifis 

Care, v, i. eQQugiratha, kayalaiydyiruk- 
kifathu, yichirappa4ugirathu, eieear 

Career, a, ottam, ^L_z_ti. 

Careful, a. yich^rajo^na, karuttullat ^ 

Carefully, ad. pattiram^y^ vilippiy, u 

Carelessly, ad, achattaiy^y, jfj<g=iLes>L^ 

Carelessness, s. achattai, ayarvu, jy^tl. 

Caress, r. t, clifr^ttugirathu, ffjrinLQ 

Cargo, ?. kappalcharakku, i&uup<Fsrk 

Carnivorous, a. mimsapadcLana, to/rzj9 

Carpenter, s. tachchan, ^s^^-esr. 
Carpentry, s. tachchuvelai, ^^^Qeu^eo. 
Carpet, 3. samukk^lam, ^(ip<s<s/r®rrLh. 
Carriage, s. v^hanam, baiidi) enirsesrih, 

Carrier, 8, chuuiaikkiran,<{F6Q>u><s<s/rjr6fir 

Carry, v, t kondnpdgiyatlia, t^nkiigira- 

thu, Q^irescrQQun'Qp^, ^irfk^S 

Cart, 8, bai^di, uessru^* 
Carter, s. ban4ikkaran, em^Hf^k^ixs^. 
Cartridge, s, tolffi, Q^nCi^^, 


Carve, v. t vettugi^hu, QaiL-(6)S/D^^. 
Carver, 8. kottuvek-ikkdran, QiSrr^^Q(su 

Cascade, s. malaivnaruvi, Ln2ev<^ip(i^<sSl. 
Case, s. petti, k^ryam, nilaimai, valak- 

k«, OlJL-LSL, &{T[f]UJlhy jSSst'STOLD, (SU 

Cash,. «. k^su, <s/r<0r. 
Cask, *• pfppa, tSuuir. 
Cassia, lavangam, ^eoeuia^u}. 
Cast, 8. eri, crj^l, 

Cast,V't, erigirathii, vfsngiratliu, tallii- 
girathu, <oifSlQp^y eBsi-Qp^, jse^r 

Castaway, 8. tallappattatliu, ^dhmuuiL 

Caste, s. j^ti, varaiiam, fS^ir^^ (suQ^ecstih. 
Castigate, v. t adikkiratliu, sidchaipaii- 

ijugirathu, ^i^&Sip^, ^ilsro«5=Ljafcr 

gaf fes? /n^. 
Castigation, S' a(|i) taiidanai, c^^t, /sssor 

Castiron, s, clilnachcliatti, ^(5Sf<FS'uujL, 
Castor-oil, s. toanakkeiiney, ^Loessr-ffi 

Castrate, v, t vithaiv^nkngirathu, eSl^;s)^ 

Casual, a. tarcheyaldna, ^pQs^tueviresr. 
Casualty, 8 iiaisambavam, @6roL-<^ <£FLb 

Cat, s* ptinai, ^Sssr. 

Catalepsy, a. mdd 11 channi, ^(El<3=G6reafi. 
Catalogue, s. peyarid^ppu, Gfuuj[fli-nuq, 
Cataract, s. aruvi, aruvivllvn, ^Q^eSl, ^ 

in eye, k^stam, issir^ih. 
Catastrophe, s- i4ayilrii» ^ea)L.^jpi, 
Catch, s. pidi, koluvi, lSu^, Qsir^rpsS. 
Catch, V. t' pidikkirathu, ^arrairiLvalku^ 

Oatei-pillar, s. nmjirkkiitfi. kambalip- 
pdchehi, wuSn-igCif, aiiuflrfiuy 

Cfttgiit, «. narombtikkayirii, ^i-tiiL/ffi«u3 

Cats cyo, «. Tai4driyain, pfiiiaikkaijlal, 

Cattle, s, Ain niiidii mutliatij'a miriTgni- 
gal, ^®tQn-ffl(jp#efliuu9(i5«ffij«6ff. 
kept to mnmirii fields, kidaimiiu,' S 

Ctiusal, A' k^raoasambandha, mreeme 

CniiBiJity, «. kifraoatt^n), sirffem^^ 

Cause, g, k:Crai}am, mukSntaram, vlva- 

Cause, f. (. uo4ikkugiiathu, cm 

Causeless, a. karaDamillatlia, «/rff«W£/S 
Causeway, s. varambu, olieykarai, sujrui 

4, Q#1LJ«SJJI7'. 

Caustic, s. kfiyakkiSram, kS4ikk4rain, st 

Canter, s. sittutkdl. <^{L®sQeir&j. 
Cauterize, v. t sudugirathu. sSSjo^- 
Caution, t. ocbcliarikkai, sivadhilnaiii, 

Oautionarj, «, ecbcharikkaiySna, sj*#ifi 

Cautious, a, psttiramSna, vilipplliia, u^ 

Cavalry, s, kuthiraivfrar, ^^eaiT^sn. 
Cave, c. kugai. kebi, ^eas, QsiH. 
Cavern, a. kebi. QiSl?- 
Cavil, g vathSttam, eorr^niLi^ih. 
Cavil, V. i. kutharkkampatjijugirathu, 
iiaAkrfyppeBagirsthn. tftduttnppB- 


Cavity, s. kuli, arai, @i^, j^ssisd- 
Caw, 3 kik^veiial, airairOajeorsu, 
Cease, v. i. viJugiratlm, ^ytpratlni' 

Ceaseless, a- iJtuvi^^tba, dy&tba, g) 

Cede, » t. oppukkudukkiratliu, ^u 
Ceiling,!. maelicbuppiJakai, m^»C 
Celebrate, «. (. ko[}4S4ugiratbii, Qa 

Celebrated, p. a. kfrtfciyina. peyfti 

•S^/S^iwear, Quujirnta- 
Celebration, g. koij4^^tam, Qsaea 

Celebrity, s prabalam, pugalchchi. 

Celerity, «. sCkkram, viraivu, &&5 

Celeatial, a. parama, divya, uffia, 

Celibacy, a. viraktam, bramacliaiyai 

Cellar, s. nilavarai, ^eveiiee>/c- 
Cement, s. parru, ch^rvai, upgs, 

Cement, v. t. i^iaikkirathu, parniva 

Cemeterji s. savakkilai, maySmtBti 
^euSi^nSsu, laiijirear^fieixh. 

Censer, s. dhiipakakD^am. ^use\). 

Censurable, a. kiiTaicho]lappa4atti 
g an ^® -p /r 61) cuiju t_^ ;««« . 

Oensvite, » V.M\tw!a"p.i\Wa\, i^*pi 




1 Censure, v, t, kuraichollugirathu , kai)- 
dikkirathii, (aj6a)/DG)«F/r6u^/S/r>jB, 

Cent, 8. nt5ru, j^ir^n- 
^ Centipede, s, tel, Q^nk. 

Central, «. naduvana, j5(Sleufr4itsr, 
Centre, s, nad n, maijam, madhyam, jsQ^ 

of gravity, karimamadhyam, ^ffloitn 

Centrical, a. naduvina, /f^qz/Toct. 
* Century, 5. ntSrriiidn, jpr/DO^sOT®. 
Cerate, s. mehiguchervai, QLn(Lp(^G€'if 

Ceremonial, a» kriy^nga, ^^(uwms, 
, Ceremonious, tf. npachkram^a, e.Lj^/rir 
Ceremony, s. sadangu, kiriyai, tFz_fl5J@[, 


Certain, a, nijam^na, uruthiy^na,;ff«FLo/r 

6cr, ^^^lutresr. 
Certainly,c(c^ niclicliayam^y,;S<F s'lULnwib, 
Certainty, s. nijam, uruthi, jS<£Ftli^ sl 

Certificate, s. ydgyad^pattram, QtuirkQ 

Certify, v. t nichcliayappadutfrigirathn. 

Cess, 5. varai, o/aan-. 

Cessation, 8, olivu, 6yvu, ^i^^. gptO(a/. 

Chafe, s. erivu, miirkkam, €ri:€ify (Lpifs 

Chafe, tf. t teykkirathu,k6pamiJttugifa- 
thu, Q^dj'sQp^^Qsn'u^iLQSp)^. 
Chaff, 8' pathar, s^vi, u^if^ <£F/ra9. 
Chafingdish, s. kanappuchohatti, seaau 

Chagrin, s. erichohal, manan6, ciffliS^s'eu, 

Chain, ^, sa%jli, todar, (fFisSeS, Q^ir 

Chair, s. nafkali, asanam, jBirp&ire^. 

Chairman, s. agr^Csanan, sangattalai- 
van, ^kQinr^€sr^f ^fE/«^^2feueu 

Chaldron, s. kad^ram, kopparai, &i_fTix 

' lib, OtfffLJuero/r. 
Chal^, s. vilaichuijritobn, tdthupalam, 

Challenge, s. pdrukkalaippn, kettal, 

Challenge, v, i. alaikkirathn, p^rukka- 
1 aikki i athu , kurraSchol lugirathu, 

Chamber, s. mA,dam,arai, LQ/rL_Lh. jyero/D. 
Chameleon, s. 6nti, dn^n, ^0^, ^<^sot. 
Champion, s. vfran, eSjreBr, 
Chance, s. tarcheyal, adishdam, ^pGrS" 

UJ6V, ^^Q^L-lh, 

Chance, d. t. sambavikkirathu, <FihusSs 


Chandelier,^. kilaivilakku,©2grr0S(srr«@. 
Change, s. vefiipidu, maruthal, Qisujvuir 

Change, v,t. m^rrugirathu, verupadut- 
tugirathu, LD{rp^8jDS:, Qeu^u^ 


Change, v- i- m^rugirathu, vefupadugi- 

rathu, uiw^8fD^y Q<siin)}u®8p^* 
Changeable, a. nilaiyatha, mdinintan- 

maiyulla, ;S3si;<L//r^,Lofr^/5^(5i5r(oroto 

Channel, s* nfrkk^l, kdlv^y, vali, ^irk 

eireb fSfrebeuiTtu, euifi- 
water flowing through a, nadainfr, ;? 

Chant, 9. gHam, S^ih, 





Chapel, 8. kovil, (o^/roSou. 

Chapiter, <. tdointalaippu, pdthlgai, ^ 

•Chaplain, s. guru, ^(5. 

Chaplet, 8, sirasilai.iiyuindlai, Sjr&eveBf^ 

Chapter, s. attiy^yam, athik^ram, jfffS^ 

Char, V. i, karichudugirathu, dinave- 
laicheygirathu, aifisrQSjD^f ^esr 

Character, 8. acbchu, gaQam, nadai, ^<f 

Characteristic, a. adaiyalam^na, euyatan- 
maiyu^la, paiibaivilakkiya, ^esu-. 
iuir&rLDfr0sry tSrUjfieBreBiLDii^&reny u 

Charcoal, s. kari, «ifl. 

Charge, s. kattalai, kuiTachchittu, «l_l- 

Ssrr, @p)p^s'frC(B» 
Charge, %>,t, sumattugirathu, katialaiyi- 

dugirathu, Srin^^&p^i «LLL_?srr 

Charily, ad, sivadhdnam^y, vilippdiy, ^/r 

Chariot, 8. ratam, ter, @/r^Lh, (?^/f . 
Charioteer, s, ratachirathi, §lir^^rrjr0. 
Charitable, a. dhanuaguinLa, dharmachin- 
taiyulla, jsir 10(^0^, jSiTLD&jtGSifi 

Charity, 8* anbu, dharmaguiiam, pieh- 

chai, «^6&L/. fi{rLa@€scrihy lSI ^i>a>iF, 

Charm, s, mayakkam, radch^baudha- 

Oharm, v. t, mayakkugirathu, mariittu- 
girathu, vasikarikkifathu, kavar- 
girathu, muj'ki^Qp^, LD(r^iL.(BQfD 

Charmer, 8. mayakkugiravau, mantri- 

gau> Lniu&(^@i ro<si}m y uhir^^Bs&sr, 

Oharming, jp. a. iubamclna. gIsoruLD.TiJcr. 

Cliart, 8, maLumipa4am. Lair^nSluLMi. 
Chary, a, s^vadh^namuUa, ^ireu^ne 

(iporrfSff* . 
Chase, 8, vetiait todarchchi, QeuiLeoiL 

Chase, v. *. ottugirathu, agajrugirathy^ 

Chasm, 8. pilappu, vedippa, lSotui 

Chaste, a. karpuUa, apLjexr&r. 

Chasten, r. t. taiidikkifathu, sidchik- 
kirathu* ^esBorufLsSp^y .StlS^S 

Chastise, v» t sidchaicheygipathu. tan— 
dittuttiruttugirathu, &iLi3a>^Q^iu& 

Chastisement, s, tandanai, sidchai, ;se^ 

Chastity, «. karpu, karpudaimai, <ff^q. 

Chat, 5. kathai, alappn^ sea^^ ^eouL], 
Chattels, s. vfttuchch^man, tattumuttu^ 

Chatter, v. i. kattugivathu, klchchi^iigi- 
rathu, iff#^@p^, Ss'SQStr)^. 

Cheap, a- maliv^na, nayam^na, LaeSlisufr 
ear, jsiULDtresr* 

Cheapen, v, i. vilaikuraikkirathu,ai9S5t*(55 

Cheat, j8. ettao, kapadan, ^^^secr, <sbu 

Cheat, V. vajSchikkirathu, emtittugirathu. 

Cheating, v. n, eyppu, vauchiuai, (§7ujljl/. 

Check, 8. ta4akku, tadai, ^L-^&^^^esiu.. 
Cheek,^ s. kathuppu, kannam, s^ulj, 

Cheer, 5. dhairiyam, tidan, a&^ffuSr^/iutr, 




Cheer, v. t 'tefrugiratbn, santdsbippik- 
kirathu, Qfipjps8/DSi^ ^^Qfids^ 

Cheerful, a. manskkalipp^na, Lnssreseif^ 

Cheerless, fit. utsdhamarra,a./D<5=/r«tiip^. 
Cheese, 8. p^ladaikatti, uireveoiUMiH^. 
Chemise,*, magalfrnilangi, msei^Q^m&r 

Chemistry, 8. raeiyanam, sr<BFrruj6fsnh. 
Cherish, v. t. chfrittugirfttha, parip^- 
likkiyathu, ^inrtLQiSp^, uffiuir 

Chess, 8. chokkattin, chaturangam,0'^rr 

Chessboard, s. chaturangamanai, f^^jnkj 

Chessman, s. chathiirangappratimai, <7 

Chest, 8. m^rpnkktidu, pettagam, oi/r/fq 

Chew, V. t. tingirathii, mellngiratha, fiecir 

Chickeu, 8. k6likkuuchu,(?«/rL^tf @(g^(Sr. 
Chicken-hearted, a, ilanefichulla, gjofr 

Chickenpox, 8 nfrkolluv^n, ^ifQsrr&r^ 

Chide, V. t kaiTLdikkirathu,tf6wn^«fi/jj jii. 
Chief, 8 talaivan, pradh^ni, ^SsususSr, iSjr 

Chief, a, talaimaijcCna, mukkiya, ;ff3?Li 

coLoaj/reor, QfisSiu. 
Chiefly, ad^ mukkiyam^y, visesham^y,(tp 

Chieftain, s. talaimaikk^ran, ^Ssv6Q)£n<^ 

Child, 8, pillai, kalantai, LSeir^, ^ip 

Childbearing, «. pillaipperu, prasavam, 

Childhood, s. pillaippir^yam, sirupir^yam, 
iSleir^LJLSI irn-ujih^ ^j» iSirprujih. 

Chitdish, a. pillaittanmaiy^na, iSak^str^ 

Childless, a» pillaiyill^tha, LScsrSarruSsu 

Chill, s. fculir, kulirchcbi, (^sirfl/r, ^&B 

Chill, 1?. t. viraikkachcheygirathii, eQ- 

Chill, a. kulir^na, chftalam, ^eSjriTbisr, 

Chilly, 8. milak^y, i£(8(r&fTdj. 

Chilly, tf. kuJirmaiydna,@6»fifr«DZj>{Lf/rg5r. 

Chimney, 5. pugaiv^yil, L/sroffa/zruSeu. 

Chin, 8. m6v^y, Qturreutriu. 

Chincough, 8. kukkal, kakkav^in, ^ma 

Chine, «. mttthugelTimbti,apjBO'£Pjy/L£iq> 
Chip, 8. chimpn, chiriy, wiq, Pjr/rtLi. 
Chip, V. t, tuQciikkirathu, tankkirathu, 

Chirp, r. i. kfchchidugirathn, S<f8Q8 

Chisel, 8. ulit sl^. 

Chitchat, s pechchu, Qu^s?. 

Choice; s. fshdam, priyam, g)a^t_ii, lSI 

Choice, a. sreshdam^na, 8Qjr(^uu^(rssr- 

Choke, v.U vikkappanijngirathu, adaik- 
kappaQi^u^rathu, ^esuueSar ^ a 
8p^, ^eo)L-fSSuu6Bsr^ij8p^. 

Gholer, s, k6pam, pittam, Qsiruih, lS^ 

Cholera-morbus, s. v^ntibhedi, eurr^^ 
Choleric, a. pittajbk6o4&> iSi^/SibQsrreGsr 
Choose, V. t. terintedukkirathu, Q^^fr^ 




Choose, v. i. virumbugifathu, eDoj^ihi^S 

Chop, s, tunikkai, kaQ4^'^> j^(o6t^^&si&y 

Chop, V. i. tarikkiyathu, vettugifathu, 

Choultry, s chattiram^ chava^i, ^^fiir 

Christianitj, ^, kristumirgam, SjSimj 

Christmas, s. kristojananatirun^l, SjSsiu 

Chrysalis, 5. ktSttuppulu, OulLQulkl^, 
Chuck, V. L erigirathu, vfsugirathu, er 

Chum, s. ktitt^i, A^tLi^ir&B. 

Church, s. devilayam, tiruchchabai, Q^ 

Churl, s kurampan, @ jMLbuecr. 
Churlish, a.pidiv^thamu}{a, i^u^sair^Qp 

Churn, v. L kadaigirathu, tayirkadaigi- 

yathu, ^ea>L^QjD^f ^u^it&&5>L^Q 

Cinder, 8. talal, tanal, ^ipec^ fieaareb. 
Cinnamon, 8, karuv^ppattai, a^euiruu 

Cipher, s. pdchchiyam, f^^Stuih. 
Cipher, v. i. kai^akkangirathu, <ssssr<ka 

Circar, 8, duraittanam, ^ss)(T^fi(5snh, 
Circle, ^. vattam, chakkaram, euLLz-Lc, 

Circuit, s. chufru, churruvlch^raijai, ^jb 

Circuitous, a. churr^na, ^(b(ir^ssr. 
Circular, s. churruvilambaram, ^p^sSl 

Circular, a- cliakkaram^na, ^sawLDfrissr. 
Jbi'/n, c/jalcj[drava42vam, <F&sjreuisjL 

Circulate^t?. L pirasiddhappad uttugifai 

Circulate, v, i, churrugirathii, param 
gifathu, 4S-^^8p^^ ufTihqQfi 

Circulatiou, s, chiirru, val.akkam, <^n 

Circumference, s, viruttam, churiuls 

Circumjacent, a. stilnta, (^fpjF^. 
Circumscribe, u. t, ellaippaduttugira>| 

Circumspect, a. vilippdna, echcharikkj 


Circumspection, g. echcharikkai, vilipj 

Circumstance, .s. kariyam, sabgati, 4 

Circumstantial, 41, nu4pamiua, visesi 

evidence, ayanilais^chi, ^lueoB^ei 

Circumvent, v, t vanchikkirathu, em^ 
tugirathu, en^&iSpjp, ^Loir^ 

Circumvention, s* kapadam, «tlthu, «£ 

Cistern, s, nfrnilai, nfrttott^» ^"'^^ 

Citadel, s- ndkdttai, e-ilCdf/rtleroz-.. 
Citizen, s. pattaiiattdu, uiLi—em^^sn 
City, s. pattarjam, nagari, puraip, ul. 

COSTLD, ^«/fl, L\SrL6, 

Civet, 8. savdthu, dFeutr^. 

Civil, 'a, des«ujh^ra,n%arika, Qps'fTS'!\ 

Civilian, s. des^dhikari, QjS^fr^^sirifl, 
Civility, s. upsicharam, mariyathai, e 

, Civlliiation, 8. ^iCrttiruttani^ ^ir^^ci 





*"", Claim, «. kelvi, wimai, Qit^eS, s-rfloPic. 
^i Claim. V. t ke.ikiri^tfau urimais^rntu- 
^i keikifatliu, •c<AiL@fp^, «LfHoo>a)<^/r 

^ Claimnnt, 8. urimaikk^ran, crf/eroLosSiT 

D SO' . 

dam, V. i, fram^j^irathu, ottippiJikki- 

"• ratlin, ffPi/Oi// 6/D^, ^^IfLJLSItf 4^ 

^^ Clamber, v i. eiiigirathu, tavalnte'rugi- 
''■ Ciainniy, a. pisupisuppdna, iS^'Jisruurr 


^\ Clainoro'S, a ktikkuralina, iffiL«(57 6u/r 
'■ 8»ar. 

^'^ Clamour, « kdkkural, ir«chchal, A.^(^{r 

''• Clrtmp, s. patrinimbu, u:o/r9(T5LrL/. 
Clamp, I?, t.ullukkaltugirathn, j^jjr/^? 

' i Clan, 8 g«^ttram, ktSttam, Qstrji^jrih, 

■'I Clandestine, a. rahasyam^na, ^ire^iu 

' I Clang, s. katjakariappn, « faw^jscruL/. 
Clap. fi. veil mulakkam, kottu, Qa;^l, 

• I Clap, V. t aiikkipathu, kottugiratku, jy 

Clap, v.i. a.iipalugiratlm, ^u^u^S/ds^. 
Clapknife s. ma4akkukkatti, LDL.<gt(^i 

' Clarify, v> e. teliyappamriugirathu, Q^ 

Clarify, r. i teligifathu, Q/FG^QjrjjS}- 
Clash, V, i, tatt- gifathu, takkngirathu, 
mjthugit^thii, ^tL@@roffi^ ;Srr£@ 

Clasp, V. U. pditrgiratlm, kohiviigiiti- 

Class, «. ktSttam, vaguppu, tarain, ^kll. 

Classification, «. vaguppu» taram, cu^tj 

Classify, r. i. vagukkirathu, vagaivagai- 
ydkkugirathu, ^(§&Sp^i ^oOd^oi 

Clatter, 8 kalakaiappn, kalakalappu, 

Claw, 8, nagam k al , ^ -* ' r , is /reu. 
Claw, t; t pirani ginithn. paranAugira- 


Clay. * kaliman, ssiBinsssr, 
Clean, a. siiddham^na, JB^^^mtrssr, 
Clem, adv, Sv-.ddham^y, <er^^/^/r(u. 
Cleanliness, s. s.ddbam, susi, £r^^ih, 

Cleanse r>.i. siiddhikarikkirathu, Sr^^s 
Clear, v. t. telivikkiratbu, vilakk gi- 

Clear, a, t^liv4na, O^fF^ai/^ew. 
Clear, ad teliviy s ddhamiy, Q^ctflaiir 

Clearance, 8 ^yantfrntachitt", <%^fi'^ 
Clearly, ad. teliv'y, velitirantn, Q^gy^ 

Clearness, «. telivu Q^fsrfia;. 

Cleave r. ^ pilakkiratbu, L9(3rr7ffi/r5^; 

Cleave, v. t. aijaigirathu. panugiratliu, 




Clemeucj, s. kaniQai, s^ntam, «(|$8fiSBr, 

Clergy, s gurukkalm^r, @(5««sfr to/r/r. 

Clergyman, 5 guru, ^(15. 

Clerk, 5. e^uttukk^riyasUn, cfQ^^^k^fr 

Clever, a» kettiy^na, samarttulla, Q«il 

Cliff, $. sefikuttu, QtF[E}(^0^' 

Climb, e^. erugi|*atliUy ^^Qjd^' 

Cling, V, i' cherntukoliugiratliu, QfFif0 

Clip, V, t' kattarikkirathu, narukkugira- 

CloaJf, V. t. mddr.girathii, maraikkira- 

Clock, s. kadig(iram, at^&irjnh' 
Clod, «. maiiLO^nkatti, i/>6»?@)'E!«L.(^. 
Clog, 5. ta4ai> mithiyadi, fi&s}L-^i£ijiujisf., 
Clog, V. t tail kkirathii, adaikkirathu, 

Close, 17. t adaikkirathii, mddugiiathu, 

Close, tf. a4akkam^a, maiuiv^na, ^l.^ 

Closely, ad. a4^kam^y, ^t^ksu^ndj^ 
Closet, 5, ullarai, taniyarai, &.60 en 6q>/d, 

Clot, V, i. uraigiratbu, kattiyigiTaihu, 

Cloth, 8, vastram, pudaivai, euew^jrih^ 

Clothe, v. t ii4uttugirathn, ^(B^^Q 

Clothes, 5. vastratigal, ^aiga], m^^ 

CJoud, 8. megham, QtasLo. 

Cloud, V. i, megham miSdugirathi:, (cuas 

C70ud//20S8^ s, mappu, ttiantdrsLin, touq, 

ClondlieBSy a- telinta, Q^^fijs^- 
Cloudy, a* mant^ram^na, iruijda, LD^/gn 

Clove, 8* krambu, lavangapptS, Qiririhi^ 

Cloven, p a, pilanta, i^otr^fi. 
Cloven-footed, a. kavarkkulambuUa, ^ 

Clown, 8 i^iBg&xij^iiis,V9Si^u{rik<sj£ltun-^ 

Club, ^.tandam, kdttam, fiessri^u^, &.l 

Clubfooted, a. kilkurai}dinay ^ir^(^f, 

Cluck. V. i kolikattugiratbu, (Sisirifia^ 

Clump, 8. tiradchi, ch6lai, jSsri^^i Q^ 

Clumsy, a. kaippalakkamilUtba, eopt^ui 

Cluster, 8, ku]ai, kottu, ^^^ Qatr^^ 
Cluster. V. i kulaikattugiratu, @^#i 

Clutch, V. t. pidikkiTathu, chikkenappi4t] 
kirathu, L^i^^Qp^j ffi^Q^eori 

Clutches, s. nagangal^ jpsibeeir. 
Coach, 8. baudi, ratam, l/grt^l, §}jrfiih» 
Coach-hire, «. baQi4i^ktlli, ussarL^s0i.€i 
Coachman, 8 ratasirati, p^an, ^srfi^ 

Coadjutor, 8. tuiiaiy^li, jpSsBfTttJ/reff?, 
Coagulate, vd. uraivikkirathu, tirattug 
ratha, ^&DfDsBkSifDJ^% ^tnL(B8/D£ 
Coagulate, v, i. uraigirathu, tiralgirathi 

Coal, s. nilakkari, karkari, 0eossiP^ «, 

Coarse, a. parumaiyina, kochchaattam 




Conrt, s. kadalkarai, ellai, *u$>Mmir^ «f 

Coast, V i. karaikand64ugirtftbQ, 4B»tr 

Coat, 8, m^aiigi, urdmam^ (SmeaiiS, &. 

Coaty V. t ptisugirathu. melagugitathu, 

Coax, V, i iehchagaioipesijeykkirAthii, ® 

Cobweb, 8. silambiiid], &eo.hLSjf!r9J. 

Cock, S' cbeval, QtS^eueb. 

Cook, V. ^ nimirttngiratba. nirattogifa- 

Cookatiice, 8, vunyan, G9^tfj«Dr. 
Cockroacb, 8 kakkalattu, ^iss^trfi^. 
Cocoanut, 8» teiik^y, Qfimstrib, 
Cocoon, *. pulukkti|u, L/(ip«&-®. 
I Coerce, t). t. bal^tk^rampaQi]Lugiratha, 

. Coercion, a. baUtkdram, ueon-^Mfrjrih. 
. Coercive, a, baldtk^ramioa, u^otrpmvff 

. Coffee, 8 k^ppikkottai, k^pittaOQfr, «/r 

Coffer, 8. pettagam, QuL.L.«Lh. 
Coffin, 8, savappetti, ifojuQuiLi^. 
Cog, s. sakkarattinpal, ^s^jrfi^&sru^. 
Cc^tate, V. kanitbugirathn, y6obikkira- 

tbu, ^s(f^^@0^^ Qtutr&tsSpjp* 
Cogitation, s. ydcbanai, karattii, QtutriF 

Cognate, a. sambabdbam^na, ^lol/^^ 

Cobabit, v, i. ktSdivdigiiutba, 4L(9.Q//rzp 

Cobere, v. i. ottugifatbu, ^C(B8jBffi. 
Coberence, s, ottii, parrugai, ^C®, ufi 

Col), s. chnral, ehuriitin, jr()$€r,jF<i9LLQ. 
CojJ, V. dinnif ^r»tha, ^cwCOft/D^p. 


Goih, s. n^Qayara, ^/tsjwkjlc. 

Coin, !>. f. n^oayamadikkifathu, ^ireosriu 

Coincide, «^. t. itiankugiratbu, gewJ-A^ 

Coincident, a. udanigalcbchiydna, a.L_ 

Cold, «. kulir, jalad<feham, @;sTft/f, ^eu 

Cold, a, knlirintLf ^eSirrreBt. 
Coldness, kulirmai, ^erf^fcroos. 
Colic, vayirruvali, &ju9^jD>^sSi, 
Collapse, V. i, kuvigiratbu, sufunkugi- 
ratbn, odunkugiratbu, ^sSBp^, 

Collar, 8 kaluttuppattigai, aQp^jg^uu 

Collar, V, ^.cbattaiyirkaluttuppidikkira- 

Collarbone, s, savaiielumbu, ^^u^Qiu 

Colleague^ 8. ktSttdli, s^iLuireifl. 
Collect, e>.*. ktXUugiratbu, cbi^rkkiratbu, 

Collection, «. ktit^ani, tirattu, a^L-L-th, 

Collectively, ad, kdtiam^y, oruraikka. 

College, ». vidy&sdai, eS^^tuirs'irZso, 
Collegian, 8- vidyasilaim^i^akkan, eSfsfi 
tfj /r ifFirSsu mrr (^ £ tf cfSr . 

Collision,- s. tdkku, mnttu, ^rri(^, qp 

Colloquial, a pecbcbuppOkk^na, Quff<si^ 

Colonize, v. kudiy^rmgirathu, (gi^Qtujb 

Colonnade, 8. tdoirai, ^^sturr. 
Colossal^ ct. brejoai^-^AXfii^sia.^ \^^\£^'^'»Kr. 




Colour. V, t, nirankoiukkirathu. chiyah- 
k i jchch ugi filth n , ^Sp't^s-j^hi&BjD 

Colours, s koii.ufsi^ Q«/fa2.<ffGfr. 

Cjlt, *. kiithiraikkulti, ^^siori^'li^, 

C ''ter, 8 k(»l«i, Q *''(L^. 

Column 8. t3n, kambam, ,^ir3Sfi^ sihu h. 

Comb, 8, cliCppu, ch^Vdrchdlu, ^lju, 

Comb, r. ^. chfvngirathu, ^^Qro^. 
Co.nbat, tt. p:^r, cha^iai, .: ur.f ,^c/n.'«Pt_ 
Coiubat, 'D.chaniaicbeygirjith:!, piSrchey- 
gir-ithu, etbirkkiratliu. *«s«.TA^^tF 


Combatant, 8. etbirali, vfran, ST^/Tirsrf?, 

CombinatioD, *. kalappn. »iauL'L/. 

Con bine V, t. isaikkivatbu, poruttugirii- 

Come, D I varugii"atbu, sij-^Sjoja. 
Co:nciian,8. kdtt di ek.%^'t^. 
Cjmoti/ jf. kt^ttu, uaiagam, A.;ij?, ,<y.T 

Comeliness, *, al.ign, /vip-^. 

Oj.Tiblj, rtc/ cbiraut.i ^,'n k^^. 

Cjmet 5. najcbattiram, tdmakethu, jiflL 

Co.;;tort, s. sfutlial, tdrraravu, <^JWA^'7 

Comf »rt, r. i. tt'rrugiratlui, ^rrngirathu, 

Comfortable, a c'luthalina, chavnkkja- 

m • na, •> .'i» .* Av-r »j' , * Q/ '- 3 l- to ■ a? . 

Comforter, «. tdiviravdjan, Qjf^joir'SuiT 

C3P:ic, tf. kdttukkuriya. «L«^*(5.f?aj. 
Cummg. 9. n. varug^i, vai'uvu, a/(g.>a)tf , 

Command, s. kattalai, vidhi, «Cl.^, 

Commandant, «. k(5ttAittidaivan, Q^rC 

Commander, s. adhikiri, talakarttan, 
milumi, jiy^iBiffrt, ^sfTd^n^^ooir^ 

Commandment, s. kattnlai, ^iLt^'Pjsfr, 
Commemorate, v. t. kon.Udugirathu, 

Commemoration, 8 konlai.tam, Qmirssr 

Commence, v. todai:kugiratliu, Q^iri^ia 

CommcMicement, 8. toiakkam.^rambham 

Qi fit L^'S't'C^ .5^ If ru r. 

Commend, v, piirattugii-atha, un-trtrCQ 

Commendable, a. mecbcbattakka, Qlo«^ 

Commendation, 8. kfrtti, S^0i^. 
Comment, i s, urai, vyakkyanam, 
Commentary j ^?ow/ , htfiui >■ ^ju.* 6Bru>. 
Commerce, s vai-ttagam, vioibamy «^n fi 

Commiserate, f). t. iraikugiratbu pari- 
tliabikkirath'j, @[rb(^&i/D^i uih^ 

Commiseration, 8. ii-akkam, paritliibam, 

Commission, v t. adhikaranktKlukkira- 
thu, jff BVih>iv's(oiffi ribiik^ip^. 

Commissioner, s. vich^ranaikkaraa, eO 
fff^i !r2eeor i >* iT a nA». 

Commit V. t. oppuvikkifathu, cbeygirB- 

Commodious,/^ vjisathiy fna. ^fSiUtrsa. 
Commodity, s.pora I, paijJam, QuffQ^iir, 

ue&si £_'>. 

Common, a. puthu, valakkaminay Qu9 
Commonly, oJ, pothuva'y, ▼alakkamiji 




Oommotion, a. ku}i^am ^tpuuJ). 
Communication, s. pokkuvaravu, sam- 

bishui^ai, (ou/rA^Aijro/, ^lcuu^ 

Community, 5. sarvnjananga], ^itjo/^ssr 

Commute, v. t. mdrragiratba. badib'ga- 

m^rvugir^tlm, inn-jbjixS^D^, uj^ 

Compact, 8. u|ampaiikkai, pdruttam, 

Compact, a. inikkam^na, aiakkamina, 

Companion 8, tolau, mittran, Qfiiri^ss'y 

Company, s, ktStfam, pa>iaivaguppu, a. 

Comparatiye« a. opp^na, sam^na, tara- 

Comparatively, act ottupparkkil, ij^ja 

Compare, v, t. ottuppir, oppi4u, ^jifiu 

Comparison, a, oppu, nigar, ^ui^^fijifr, 

Compiu-tment, s, arai, ^iv)p. 

Compass, v.t val aikki rathu, yoidiikkira- 

Compassess s. kavnrasara, s<shj (r/r<^Lb. 
CompoBsioD, a, irakkam, parithdbam, g) 

Compatible, a. taguthiy^na, poruntiya, 

Compeer, a. ottavan, s^^s^^uoor. 
Compel, 9. t. baliikararopaoougirathu, 

Compendious, a a4akkamdna, ^t-.iss 

Compendium, a, Burukkam, «ef7^««lo. 
Compensate, u. t, uttaravathaiicheygi ra- 
tlin, sa/ilcj^a/ /agirath(},4L4l/ijrQiiT f^ 

Compensation^ a. idti, kaimmsifu, ^(D, 

Comj)ete, v, i. vellappirkkirathu, Qsueb 

Competence ) , a. trdoi, samarttiyam ^ 
Competency ) /rff^wH, ^tnai ^jsBnuil, 
Competitor, a, tiy^thikkaran, ^aoju^s 

Compilation, 5. tirattu, 0it'—(^» 
Compile, 9, t, tirattugiYathu, cherkkifa- 

thu, jSir*L(tiSiiD^, ^o^if iQ/DJi)\ 
Complacence) , s, priyam sanf^sham, 
Complacency) L5.ri«u?, ■^'iB^^na^Jb, 
Complacent, a. upach^ramana, a.Ljfl^/r/r 

Complain, 19 i.kuvaicbollngiratbu,murai- 
yilugiratlui, @o©jDQ<y/r6\>^fi/D^, 

Complainant, a. vathi, valakk^Ii, shir^^ 

Complaint,^. muraippidu,viyatlii, (ipmip 

CompLiisance, 8. upacharam, mariy^thai, 

Complaisant, a. mariy.ithaiy^na, Laiflajtr 

Complement, a. pdraqnm, uijresBrh, 
Complete, v, t. niraive'rrugivathu, ^(ssip 

Complete, a, pdranam^na, ^/rswr'-nfrsw. 
Completion, s. niraiverram, miuiivu, 

Complexion, «. mukhaniram, (ipfB$jD\j[>. 
Compliance, s. sammatham, amaivu, ^ih 

CompUrtntja. amaithiyrfna,^OTLoj9tL;/rsz5r. 
Complicated, ^. a. chikkana, ^^a/f^bt. 
Compliment, «. nayachchol, upacharaijai, 




Qompljy V. i, a4ankugirathu,sammaihik* 

Composure, s. s^ntam, ^irifiih. 
Compound, D. t, kalakkugirathu, cherk- 

Comprehend, r. t. piiikldrathuy aiigi-' 

Comprehension, 8, afivu, JVji9ffl/. 
Compress, v, L amarttugirathu, jifiairfi- 

Gompressihle, a^ a4angattakka, ji{u.ib« 

Compression, s. adakkam, amukkam,, ^ 

Comprise, v, t. a4akkugiratho, pi^ikki- 

rathu. ^L^a($8fD^y t^isLaSro^^ 

Compromise^ 17. t. ii>akkugirathu, ^esor 

Compulsion, s, balavajitani, bal^tk^ 
ram, ueusu^^ib, uireoirfi^irinii. 

Compulsory, a. balavantamkna katt^- 
jamdna, ueo^jsfiuknsar^ aiLufruj 

Compunction, &. manast^bam, L^&sr&u/sir 


Computation, gaiiitam, togai, jses&fiuiy 

Compute, 1?. t eijir-ugirathu, mathikkira- 
thu, eresar^gfuSfiDj^f La0sSfl>ffi» 

Comrade, s. ktSttili, &.<l.L-/rsy0. 

Concave, a. udkavinta, eLLL<Bse9jt;ff. 

Concavity, 8, kavivu, «ffl9(a/. 

Conceal, v. t, maraikkirathu, olikkira- 

thu, meaijoaSfD^t ^effi&8jD^- 
Concealment, 8, o}ippu, maraividam, ^ 

Concede, v, t, ottukkoUugirathu, g&^^ 

Conceited, p. a. agiAt^iyuUa; 

(q sir or. 

Concentric, a. oremaiya, ^QirabuKLf. 
Conception, 8 karuppa urpatti, mandp^- 

vanai, ^(i^uuQ-pu^^y ta^^uit 

Conctox, 5. kibriyaiDy karosanai, «/rrBai 
Concerning, pr^. kurittu, parrii (S/^ 

Concert, 5. isaivu, ®f»^Q/. 
Concession, «, sammatham, ^ihi^pth. 
Conch, 8» sanku, ^m^. 
Conciliate, v. t BammathanUkkiigiTathn» 

Conciliatory, a. sam^dh^na, •^u^Tfiiresr, 
Concise, a. chorukkam^na, ^(Qksuifrear. 
Conclude, i\ «. mudikkirathu, tfrkkira- 

thu, (zp^L«S^ J7, ^itsSflfj^, 
Conclusion, 5. ma4ivu, tlrppn, (LpifLO/, 

Conclusive, a mudiv^na^ tfrpp^na, (tpt^ 

eurresr^ ^auufresr. 
Concoction, «. sfrai}ippu.^^69cf)Ljq. 
Concord, 8- sambandham, ^thu0jffUa. 
Concordant, a, isaivina, §ileai£'@JireBr. 
Concourse, s ktiltam, dLtlui). 
Concubine, s. vaipp^tti, eaxanuufrCi^. 
Concur, v. i. ottuvarugirathu, ^ji^orcg 

Concussion, s. t^kku, p(rk<^. 
Condemn,. vA, karravdliy^kkugirathu , 

Coudemnation, s. ^kinaikkutttrppu, 
tag^ithenru tallal, ^k&^sark^^^ 
/ruq^ jSairQjfeir ja fi^etreo. 

Condemnatory, a, dkkinaikkethuv^na, 

Condescend, u. t. dayavucheygiratka^ 




CoHditioB, ^. niltdmai, sir, wsgetham, 

Conditional, a frot^^na, saiig^tha, FrQinT 

Conducive, a. ethuv^na, ^^eurresr. 
Conduct^ s, na4akkaiy olukkam , jbl.^ 

Conduct, V. i, nadattugiratbu, k^rijap- 
paduttugirathu, /SL^ji^Sp^, ^it 

Conductor, « talaiyan, ^Ssvo/esr. 
Condttit« 8. v^jkk^l, ^irihssireii. 
Confection, « athirasam, ^^ir^\h. 

Confederation,^, uclanpadikkai, e.L.<iBr 

Confer, v. i. pesikkollugiraihu, Qu&k 

Conference, «. pecli^liu, Aldchanoi, C u 

Confess, t?. t. aiikkaijiiugiratbu, ^fS^ 

ConfesaedJy, ad. ottukkollattakkatli^j, 

. Confession, s aiikkai, ^j&icat^. 
Confidant, s. visuv^sapittiran, eSl^^ir 

Confide, v, nambikkollugirathu, /etlolS 
Confidence, s. nambikkai, niohchayam, 

Confident, a, nambikkaiyuUa, ti4a, 
nickchajam^^, pidiv^thamulla, fs 

Confidential, a, nambikkaiyulla, jsihtSl^ 

Confine, s, ellai, sreuSsi;. 

Confine. «. t, kat|ngifatbu, ^CJB8jp^» 

CoD&nemeatf ^.kaf^upp^n, pniBaVi\)]pn) 

Confirm, 17. t uruthippaduttugii'aibu, £l 

Confiimation, ». upiitbi, stiram, ^.jpj^y 

Confirmed, jp. a. uruthippatta, s-^^uu 

Confiscate, v. t. parikkiratbii,L/;i$?«©/D j?. 
Conflagration, s. peruneruppu, Quq^Qjb 

Conflict, ^.muttukai, cban4ai, (y^(desi&^ 

Confluence, s- irrucbchanti, sangam, 

Confluent, a. kalakki|ia, aeosSjD. 
Conflus, 8. inuchchanti, kiittam, ^fi 

Conform, v, i. isaigirathu, @ssi^Qpffi, 
Conformable, ad. Gippij^^uuinb. 
Conformation, s, isaivu, ioakkam, Qssis^ 

Conformity, a. isaivu, oppu, g)6o>^^, 9 

Confound, v. t. kalakkugiratbu, engap- 
paQi^ugiratbu, seo^^&p^y ^iki^ 

Confounded, p, a. yerukkappadattakka, 
ko^iya, Qeu^s^suui^^/sasy Qair 


Confront, v Jt mukhamukbam^yniruttngi- 
ratbu, Q^&QfiainfTdj^^M^Qip^, 

Confuse, v. t. kulappugiratbu,kalakkugi- 
ratbu, (^ipuL\Sip^^ &eok(¥fQip^» 

Confusion, 8, kulappam, kalakkam, ^tp 

Confutation, 8, maruppu, ^dehepam, ua^ 

ConfiUe, V. t marukkiratbn, niy^yama- 
rutto.raikkiratbu, nir^harikkiratha, 
tikkaJikk.v\afeb3a.^ n^ jg^k^^ ^^ ^;!^ 




Congeal, v. i, nraigirathu, kattiy^gi- 

Congelation, 5 uraivu, ir^'^t^gfti» fi-fix>;Da/, 

Congenial, a inamana, uravana, ^eariMir 

lots' f a./Dsunesr 
Congeries 5. tiral, togai, ©frerr, Gfifr0s>s, 
Congratilate v, t. mangalancliollugira- 

Conerat Illation, s s6bhanavarttai, (J^/r 

Congregate, 1?. i. ktSdikkollugirathu, «l 

ip. € Q « /' en j^ fe/D^ . 
Congregation, s janakktittam, sabai, <£f 

65r'ffi<fiLL_L_Lr, '^MS>Li> 

Conical 1 a kimntaYadiy^na.@fl6^jl^;ffA;^ 

Conjectural, a. udd^sam^na, ^^Q^s" 

Conjectcire, s. eiioam, i.ddesam, ^ronrcosr 

Conjointly, ad onr^y sjgbt^i^ilj, 
Coiij gal. a illaramana, vivihattukk'iri- 
ya, ^evevrouiirssitsSsuns^j^^^ii-luj. 
Conjure, v. t ^i>aicheygirathu,c^Ss8BrQ^ 

Conj re, v, ^. m^ntiriyampayilgiratliu, 

Conjurer, s. mantirikan, Lnrr ^^tf^sesr. 
Connect, v t. pdriittugirathu, Quitq^^ 

Connection, s. iiiaivii, sambandham, @ 

Connivance, 8, kaijchaiai, <£F«)br^rr«»i_. 
Conq er, v. t. verrikollugirath' •, jeyikki- 

Cong t est s. jeynmt O^ajtb, 
Cdusan^rtijnitjr, s. ratta nfaTD, Su!'^^ 

Conscience, 8. niaiiaobch^4^^^' 

Consciousness s. taiinarivn, ffi 
Consecutive, a toJarcbcliijinf 

#^tL/ /rsar. 
Consent. 5. saiamailiam, v^an] 

Consent, v, i sammntliikkiratl 
padugirathu, ^ihu^^&&^ 

Consequence «. k^riyam, pala 

db, ueodbi. 
Conseq.' ently, ad ^tbal^L appai 

th^l. c^^euireu, ^'l'Lj^L.ii)(J 
Consider, v. i- ninaikkiratlm, 

rathu, iinargirathu, 0'^ 

Qtun^&QpjB^: e.essrii8p 
Considerable,^ . adbikam^na, ^ 
Considerate, a. viv^kamulla, 1 

ajJ^sKtf^jpdf srr, •fB^;Stffrst. 
Consideration, s. slvadhinam, : 

>f trenail saiTy ^Qeon-^^ssr 
Consign, v.« oppukko^Jukkirat 

Consist V i adankngiratbn.c^L.'E 
Consistency* s. tagutbi sfr, ^. 
Consistent, a. takka, porunti^ 

Consolation, 8 arathal, t^rrara^ 

Consolatory, a d hkbam ^rrat 

Console, v t ^rrugiratbn, tefl 
^ib^Bpsi^ UI^P^Sp: 
Consonant, 5. orrui niey, sp^ ji 
Consonant, a. iriiakkamina,®c38r 
Consort, 5. timaivan,tui>aivi,^ 

Conspicuous, a. babirangamtf 




Ooufipiraoy,^. duraldcliauai, satiiiyochauai, 
Conspirator, 8, sathljochaQaik^raii, #^ 
Conspire^ v. i, dur^l6chanaipai)i>ugiratliu, 

Constancy, 8, tSkkam, mir^mai, &BL&sih, 

Constant) a. nilaiydna, asaiy^tha^ ^&u 

Constantly, ctd. n^t^rum, nilaiyiy, fBir&r 

Consteliation, s. r^l, §ljnr&. 
Consternation, 5. ekkam, tigil, (^ssth^ 

Constipation, s. kattu, «tl.®. 
Constitute, v. t, erpainttugirathu, (^jbu 

Constitution, s. erp^du, niyamam, ^p 

Constrain, v. t. nerukkiyeyugirathu, Qjs 

Constraint, s* odukkam, bal^tk^ram, 9 (SI 

Constriction, s, kattu, o4ukkam, tfil®, 

Construct, v.U kattugiratliu,tii]L4upaiji3LU- 
giratha,£LL(S}3p^, s.a»r0ua»r^{2} 

Construction, s. kattu, arttam, «ff(10, ^ 
Consult, V. t dlocliikkirathu, ^Qeoir&i 

Consultation, s, al6clianai, j^Qeoir^^ssr. 

Consume, t^ t ndsappa4uttiigiratliu,pad- 
chikkiratbu, iBiT^uu(B^^8ip^^ u 

Consumption, s. chelavu, Q^ffeoeif. 
Contact, 8, parisam, ottu, uffltfiij, ^u.® . 
Contagious, s. torr^m^ 0^fr/i)(^«w . 


Contain, v. t kollugiratliu, pidikkifaij 

Contain, v, i, adankugipathu, ^l^ibi{ 

Contaminate, v, t, asusippaduttugira 

Contemn, t?. t, nindikkirathu, palik! 

yathn, 0I^^£sSid^% ui^^Qp^. 

Contemplate, v, t, diyanikkirathu, ^il 

Contemplation, a. diy^nam. ^ujirGsnh, 
Contemporaneous^ a. ekakalattiluUa,^ 

Contempt, s, nindanai,igalcliclii, 0J5^^ 

Contemptible, a» nindikkappadattakli 

Contemptuous, a. dbdsbikkifa, ^e^ 

Contend, v, i, p6r^dugiratbu, Quirjrn 

Content, 8. manarammiyam, tirpti, la 

Contention, 8. tarkkam, cbai^dai, /firks 

Contentment, s. tirpti, ^ifu^. 
Contents, 8. adakkam, polippu, ^t-i 

Contest, 8. cbaodai, tarkkam, ^Fesareo) 

Contest, V. t. cbai>daipidikkirathu» jpt 

Contiguity, s, samfbam, arugu, <!flEu 

Continent, s- kaiidam, ssGsrt-ih. 
Contingency, s, sandebaiu, s^^Q^Bih, 
Continual, a. idaividatba, ^ssiL^isBi—ii 
Continually, ac?, nittiyamuui,jS^^ £Zj(Lp 
Continue, D. t. nilaiQ\iad,v3.ttvv^\':jilVvvv. 




Oontinoous, a, todarcbehiT^na, Q^(rL.& 
Contra^ pr^. ethirciy, miriy, erfijrfrdjj 
Contraband, a. kaljacbcbeti^na, amar^ 


Contract, s. udanptfdu, knttagai, e.L.6Dr 
Contract) v, t, kuraifckiratbu » (^eoipsS 
Contract, v. i cburankugiratba,<SF08J(s^ 
Contract.or, 8^ kattagaiktfran, ^js^esis 
Contradict, v t, ethurttapp^sugiratbu, er 
Contradiction, 8. etbirppdcbcha, cr^/ru 

Contrary, a. etbiri4aiy^na, Tirdtbam^na, 
murar>^na, et^fhan^ajtr^sr, eSQirir/g 
Lntresr, (yijr^j)SBr. 

Contribution, s, utbavi, npakiram, ».^ 

Contrivance, 5 upiyam, stittiram, sluit 

luih, (j^^^nih* 
Contrive, v, t, upifyampaiinTigiratbu, e. 

Control, V. U iJngii^tbu, adakkngifatbu, 

Controversy, 8. tarkkam, valakku, flnis 

Controvert, v, t etbirpesugiratbu, er^ir 

rJoutuse, V. t, k^yappaduttugiratbu, «/r 

(Jontusion, 8, nasippu, nonikku, nasivu, 

Convenient, a. vasatbiydna s^vakdsa- 

Oo22versaut, c. /jaJakkaniana, iJLpffi« 

Conversation, 8. samb^shaiiai, ^thuir 

Converse, t/. t, p^ugifatbii, samb^bik- 
kii^tbu, Qusf-Bp^^ ^L6ufr€^&& 

Conversely, a<?. etbiriy, er^frfrtu. 
Convexity, 8, purakkavivu, kuvigai, q/9 

Convey, ». t koiidup6giratbu, 0«/r6dbr 

Conveyance, 8, vdbauam, euirsearth. 
Convict, s. cbiraippattavan, kurrav^Ii, 

Convict, V. t, kurravlkliy^gattfrkkirathu, 

' Convince, v. i, uijarttugiratbu, kurr^t* 
tai ui^arttu^ratbu, Q-Gsartr^^Qp 
jgi^ (gpp^ea)fiun0SifriT£^@p^. 
Convulsion, a. iluppu, valippu, @(if tjq, 

Cook, ^.samaiyalkiran, ^Ganniu^sfr jrea* 
Cook, V. t. saniaikkirathu, <Fes>iAe8fbJpi* 
Cool, 8. kulircbcbi, (^eti^it^^. 
Cool, «• t kulirappanQugiratbu, ^efilr 

Cool, V. i. ^nigir^tbu, x^^Spjfi" 
Cool, a, ku)imta, ^eSirp^. 
Coolness, s. kulirmai, @etfi(fes>Ln. 
Coop, $, ktlduf A.®, 
Cooperate, v. t kddicbcbeygiTatbu,A.ip. 

Copious, a, tiraUna, ^jTGrr/resr. 
Copper, 8' cbembu, QfiFihLj. 

coin, cbeppundQayam, Q^unpnesfsr 

Copperas, 8. annab^tbi, Jneass^Qu^, 
Copperplate, 8. sepputtagadu, O^ljl/^ 

Co^y; 8, praticbcbfttu, lSf^^^L.®. • 




€oral, 8. murugaikkaly parajakkodi, Qp 

Cord, ^. kajifUt Au^^V* 
Cordial, a, tdr^am^a, ^irjrirsau^iresr. 
Cordially, ad, nalmanas^y, jgeomeBr^irdj. 
Core, 8, agavajiram, k.u<|ar, juaeuu^jrih^ 

Coreander, s. kottamalli, d^Dyavfsam 

Cork, 8. kuchchii, adaippukkuohcliu, ^ 

Corkscrew, 9. knobch]4ukki, ^ffBQtHQ* 
Com, s. d^jam, fiira^iuih. 
Cemer, a. mtUai, Qp^. 
CorDice, «, aittirakkambi, &fi^ir*«u^i3^ 
CoroDOTt 8. chadithimaraoa vichiraoait* 
talaivan, i^t^fiLDjreaardB^fjrdesBffi^ 

Corps, 8 pa^aiyaguppu, LJ£a>L.€k;^LJL/. 

Corpse, 8. pi^am, iSesBrih, 

Corpulent, a. sttilad^gainuila, w^mfQp 

Correct, v, t. pilaitiruttngiratliu, iSmipfi 
Correct, a. tiruttamtfoa, semmaiyina, ^ 
Correction, s, tiruttam, ta^c^^^^ ^(3^ 
Correctly, ad. tiruttam^y, seartaiy^y,0(5 
Correspondent, a, otta, ponmtiyAy ^^^f 
Corroborate, t?. t utatbippaduttqgira- 
Corrode, v. t arikkirathu, karaikkifathu, 
Corrofiion, 9. arippu, karaippu, ^fiui^, 
Cormpt,!;. t, alikkiratbu, ke^ukkirathu, 
Corrupt, V, I kedugiroava, Off(BQp^ 

Corrupt, tf. ketta, Q.sCu, 

Cost, 5. vilai, krayaui, eS^SD, Qiriuih, 

Costive, a. malayara4chiydna, LDeoojiTLl^ 

Costly, a, adhikavilaijulla, jy^tf eSSsua^ 

Cot, 8. ku4isai, (gfff.eoff. 

Cottage, |. ka4isai, @i^^<f. 

Cotton, «. panchu, parutti, ui^^, u(3fi^- 

Coucb, f, sayanapfdam, s'ojesiiSuAh. 

Cough, 9. irumal, {^(n^incu. 

Coulter, 8. kolu, 0«/r^. 

Coun<nl,s. 46chaiiaichchangatt^,.f(C?6u/r 

Counsel, 8, y6cbanai, buddhi, Gfu/r^SsDr, 

Count, V, t ei>i}ugirathu, ka^ikkiratbu, 

Countenance, «. inukbartlbu,cbdyal, (ip« 

Counter, i- varttagarpidam, euir^^m lS 

Counteract, v, t etbircbcheygiratbii, er^ 

Counterfeit, ft. kaJla, sareir. 
Countermand, v- 1. etbirkkatta)aipai?i}u- 
giratbu, erfiitaaLLL^teiruGsa-^piS 

Counterpane, 8. duppafii, ^uuiLi^. 
Connteorpart, 8 pratbi, i^irfi' 
Countersign,??, t urutbikkaiyoppamvaik- 
kifathu, s.jpi^iea)&QujiruuLhG!i^ 

Countinghouse, 8. kaiiakkarsaJai, <s6scr 

Countless, a- erjijiyanta, <o\(S6sr(3sSpaj.^. 
Country,*, desam, ni^^\x,Qfi,EFih^iBn(B, 
Countryman, 8 ,■ nii t dn, ;f triL i^trm. 
. Couple^ 8. iraKYdAi^^i-vw^^^^Ba^^s-^^ 




Courageous, a vframulla, ^jr(ip&rs(r. 
Courier, s. anchark^ran, ^(^^p&tTF^' 
Course, s. oluiigu, «>(ip'E'^. 
Court, s. inurTam, prdkiram, Qpjbp'l^^ l5 

C/Ourteous, a. mariy^tliaij^na, m^ajfresi^ 

Courtesy, s. upacb.^ram, mariy^thai, a. 

UfFirjTihj Laifiuj[r&s>^, 
Cove, 8. kuiij @t_n". 
Covenant, s udanpadikkai^ nibandhanai, 

Cover, 8. mtidi, maraivu, ^^l, LosaifDsii 
Cover, V. t md4ugiratliu maraikkiratha. 

Covering, s. mtldi, maraivu, (yiif , L£i 

Coverlet, s. duppatti, ^uuiLu^, 
Covert, a. olippana, kapadamulla, fipcsrf? 

Covet, V, t, ichchikkiratliu, @<FP«fi 

Covetous, a. poruldsaiyulla Ouir(Ti^(S(nr 


Covetousness, 8. poml^sai, Quir(tf,(mir 
Covey, 8. paravaikktSttam, u/r)5»Q;« 


Cow, s pasu, m^du, u<flr, lo/t®. 

Cow, «. ^ tigaikkappaonugirathu,^688tf 

Coward, s. ilaneffchan, ^etrQjB^^ek. 
Cowardice, 8 i!anenchu,@<3rrQ/p(G5<fFr' 
Cowherd, s. idaiyan, g^eoL-ojew. 
Cowleecli, $. govaittiyan, Qeireaoj^^ 

Cower, V. i. kunigirathu. (^etsRSp;^, 
Coy, a kdchchamulla, sh^S's^Qp&i&r. 
C7i:ab, s. nandii, ^skfrCbi, 
Crabhecl.j? a. 7ir //r«n3 ft izttenfiniu J] a, @jp) 

irL/<^,ffr}j:^T(tp sfr err. 

Crack, s, ^tifti^ Tedippu, ^l-ctol., Osui^ 

Crack, v, t, pilakkirathu,vedikkaclic}iey 

girathu, i3m&&foffi^0^is^&a^QA 

Crack, v i vedikkiratliu.QA/((Ltffi/z)j$r 
Crackle, «. i, padapadakkirathu, LJt«L 

Cradle, 8, tottil, Q^iriLi^^, 

Crafty, a. st^tk^na, karavadam^na* (S^fiir 

Crag, ». sexikutt^nakalmalai, Q^si^fi 
C^J'^ggy? ^ p^rainirainta, uiT6a>/D0Gi»^ 

Cramp, 8, vali, I'rppu, o/eiS, FFifuLf. 

Crane 8. kokku, Q^ir^^. 

Cranium, 8 kapilam, mandai, ^uireoihy 


Crash, 8, madamadappu, lpl-ldc-ul/. 
Crate, I. pinnarkd^fti, dim65rfi}&^eaifu^ 
Cravat, $. kaluttukkuttai, s(L^;S^'as(g 

Crave, v, t. keiJchugiratku, mianr^ugiiti- 

tku, Qs^Si^Q/o^B, La6SJ(7r^(B@/j[}^^ 

Crawl, V i. tSrugirathu, nagarugiratliu, 

Crazy, a- paittiyam^na, eofU^^iuLorrssr. 
Creak, v. i krichchenrolikkirathu, Qj6f 
^Q 'fCBiQ(7r^eSi's8fi!)ffi' 

Cream, ». pdlddai, uirevires)i 

Ci-ease, s. tiraivu, surukku, ^eoiro^^ sr 

Create, v. t. srishdikkirathu* uii4ikka- 

Creation, 8, srish4i, pa4aippa, 80(^i^^ 
Creative, a un4^kkattakka. s.6ssrL./rff<s 




Creature, s. srish4ii &(^d^i^- 
Creditable, a nambappadattal^ka, jBibu 

Creditably, ad. ptigal^y, i^isipirdj. 
Creditor, 8, kadankoduttavaii,«L.6BrQiF/r 

Credulous, a- p^thaimaij^na, Quea/feaao 

funesr ^ 

Creek, s. y^ykkal, kudikkadal, euirtus 

Cr^ep.v. i. arakkugiratbu, tava^girathu, 

Creeper, s padarko4i, UL-rrO^/rtp.. 
Crescent, a. ilampirai, §iiefrihi^gs>fo. 
Crevice, s- ye4ippu, nfkkam, Qqh^ulj, 

Crew, s. kappalvelaikk^rar, auueoQeu 

Crib. 8 totti, QfifTiLu^. 
Crib,t? t tirudugiratha, 0(S®8fii>^. 
Crier, & kdruvdn, £k.jpiQ€uirm. 
Crime, 8 kurram, (g/hfiDih, 
Criminal, s. kurrav^li. (gppeunretfl. 
Criminal, a- kurramujla, ^n)jo(yi&refr. 
Criminate, v. t, kun^ch^ttugirathu, @ 

Crimson,*. karuncliivappu,«(5^Sa/LjL/. 
Cringe, v, i, othunkugirathu, ^£sib^8 

Cripple, 8, mu4avaD, noi}4i> (ifiL^<suea, 

Criterion, 8. alavai, ^efrcoi&j. 
Crockery, 8. madp^94&i^t u^iLufreaarLjj^, 
Crocodile, 8 muthalai, (ip/ff&L. 
Crooked, a. k6QaUna,(?«ir<i0gr6u/r6sr. 
Crop, s. vilaichcbal aS260'#<F6u. 

withereffl, sivi, <F/raS). 

of corn, p6gam, Qutr^ih. 
Crop, %.t. koygiratbu, narukkugij'athu, 

Cross, s. knrttkku, ^^k(g. 

Cross, v. t, kurukki4iigiratliii, (s^jpikQCh 


Cross, a. kufiikk^na, murand^na, (^j^;^ 
Croucb, V, i. o4unkugiratbu, kunigira- 

thu, ^(f^lk}(^8/D^j @(oS@ro^. 

Croup, 5. flai. fneoLp, 
Crow, 8, k^kkai,kagam.«/r^(SS)«, ^rrsLb, 
Crow, V. i' ktivugiratlm. £k,6u@fD^. 
Crowd, 8 jananerukkam, ktittam, ^eer 

Crowd, V. t. tirattugifatba, nerukkiigi- 
ratbu,^irLl(6/ S/D jD, Q^0«@ ^^ J? . 

Crown, s muJi, krfdam, (iptf , ffl/f /-.ti. 

Crown v,t mudisdttugiratbu, (ip^L(^L- 

Crucible, 8. kugai, ^^<ff!. 

Crucify, v- t- siluvaiyilaraigiratbu, 8^ 

Crude, a, pikappad^ta» oluiigarra, uirs 

Cruel, a, kodumaiyina,Q<£r/r®6o;a>(u /r^or. 
Cruelty, 8* krdram, ka4umai, o^flo, 

Cruise, V- i. kappaly^ttiraipaiiniigiratbii, 

SLjueoiuiT & 86ain ueBBT ^ ii8 p ^' 
Crumb, 8, tui>ikkal, j^ssS^ghs. 
Crumble, v. t, podikkiyatbu, Qufri^&Q 

Crumble, v. i. kasaiikugifatbu, &ffisj(^8 

Crupper, «. kutbiraiv^lvir, ^^QBureune^ 

Cruse, 8. kuppi, ^ul9. 
Crusb, V, t, norukkugirathu, Qjsfr^k^ 

Crutcb, 8' kakkataodam, ^ks^esBn^ih, 
Cry, 8, ktlkkural, alugai, ^.(^(gireu, ^ 




Cry, V. /. alugirathu, alarugirathu, «||f(Lp 

Crying, p. a. alugira, ^(L^Qp, 
Crystal, s paliiigu, ueifim^. 

Cub, 8. karadikkutti, kutti, «jr^L^(gjil 

Cube, s gbaiiava4ivam, SGsreuu^^ih, 
Cubic, a, ghanaya4ivamulla, « csrojif q/ 

Cubit, 8 malam, (z/3{pLb. 
Cucumber, s kakkari, asstfl. 
Cud. s mfdkumirai, LSiL(SfLSsa)n', 
Culinary, i) samayalukkadutta, 4Fm>LDUJ 

Culpability, 8 tappitham, ^uiSfiih. 
Culpable, a. tappitham^na. ^uL^fiu^iresr* 
Culprit, 8. kurtftvili, ^fi)/DQiireifi. 

Cumbersome, a. tontaraiy^ba, Q/gir^^ 

Cumbly, 8. cumblj, athiJS&fl. 
Cumbrance, s. satkadam, tontarai, ^i*« 

Cumin, s. sfragam, &jr^ih. 

Cunning, 8. tonthiram, stilohohi^ fi^fisr 

Cup, s kii:ii]iam, p^ttiram, Qesa cosrib, ujt 

Cupidity, 5. av^ jpjojn-. 

Curable, a* gunam^gattakka, ^caarLDins 

Curb, V. t. adakkugifatbu, ^£.tf®fi 

Curd, 8. tayir, fiuSi. 

Curdle, v. i. uraigifathu, ^esi/oQp^» 

Cure, 8. sostam, Q^ir&vfiih. 

Cure, V. t guijLappa4uttugiTatha, ^eaaru 

Curiosity, 8, ntithanapporu], ^/s&sru 
^on'oiis, a, ntfthana, jgsr^^^. 

Curry, v. t. t61pathanii4ugiratliu, QjSfrdt 

Currycomb, s. kurappam, (§sruuih, 

Cui'se, «. sipam, ^Fau\h. 

Curse, V. s^pami4ugirathu, ^iruiSQQ 

Curtain, s. tiraichohflai, ^ao/r^ff&u. 
Curve, s» valaivu, oi^e^/. 
Cushion, 8. mettai, (Hmfieaije. 
Custard-apple, 8 sitU. ff^^ir. 
Cuatodj* 8, kivtl, cff-a/eu. * 

Custom, 8. Talakkam, m^mtSl oiip^^Lb, 

Customary, a, valakkam^na, v^4^kkai- 

Custom-house, 8. ^yatturai, revu, ^lu^g 

Cut, 8. vettu, Oqjl_®. 
Cat, V- 1. vettugirathu, anikkirathu, ta<* 
rikkirathu, QonLQSfo^, jiiJpiiQ 

Cuticle, 8. melt61, QLD^Q/gir&)» 

Cutlass, s. y^i, tuirar. 

Cutting, V, n. apippu, vettu, ^Jpiui^^ 

Cymbal, s, kaitta}am, ea>Sfifiirefrih, 
Cypher, 8. sun, Sr&sr, 

Dab, V, t. kaiyiladikkirathu, emaiuireoij^ 

Dagger. 8. kuttuvlQ, (gfi^euff&r. 
Dally, a. anudina, dina, si&^ssr^ fitar. 
Daily, ad. n^6rum, dinamum, jBtrQi^tr 

Dainty,a.adhikarusiyl(na, jy^«(|F)^<L;/r 6or . 
Dale, 8, pallattarai, UGr&r^/gtanr. 
Dam, 8. anai, cheykarai, «iy8Eosr, O^uj 

Dam, 1). t. scTv^iVL%)i\>^^vc«.\k\^^ ^^bsk^lCQ 




amage^s.alivii, ked^thi,«$y^^fll^,Q«®^. 
amage, v. t. alikkirathu, keiukkira- 

amages, s chethattirku fda, Q^fi^^ 

ivM^ 8. takivi, n^hcbiy^r, >p89ufil9, jbit 

amp, 8 fram, pp^ih. 

imp, V. t nanaikkirathn, jB^k@ft>ffi^ 

imp, a fram^na, f^^srunresr, 

anoe, «. ktHitu, iia4aiiam, ^^^, ^^ 

mice, V. t. kutti^tugi^thu, st.^/pinL(ll 

stnoe, V. i, nadanam cheygifathu, /fl. 

sindle. <?. t, chlrdttugirathu, ^jrfnLQQ 

inger, s apijam, ^utnuih. 
angerous, a. m6sam^na,(oLQ/r<9^ii)rr69r. 
angle, V. i. tonkugitathu, Q^ it it (^8 

are, o). «'. tunigirathu, ffiGsSiQ^o^. 
aring, ^. a. tuoikaram^na, s^es^ssr 

ark, 5. iral, andhak^ram, S)G?^> ^/^^ 

irk, a, irul^Da, @(j5€ir/r cur. 

irken, t). ^. mantdram^kkugirathu, os/^ 

irkness, s. hmttu,andliak^ram, ©Oti®, 

am, t). ^. ilaipddngiTathu, §)as>ipQu{r 

irt, s. eiipadai, er^uestL,, 

art, D. ^. paychchugirathu, uirtus'SrS 

ash, 17. f. mdthugirathn, (?^r^@/i!)^. 
astard, s. ilaneil^chan,@efrQ;F^^6Br. 
at/?, A tithj, 0^, 


Daughter, 8. magal, loffer. 
Daughter-in-laW; 9. marumagal, ind^uy 

Daunt, V, t, bhayamuruttugifathu, utu(y^ 

Dawn, $. vidijarkdlam, eSt^tun)sir€i)ih. 
Day, 9. nil, pagal, ^^/rgfr, useo. 
Daylight, s. pagalo}!, u&Qeoire^. 
Daystar, s. vidivelli, aS^-OaLerreyf?. 
Daytime, s, pagarkilam, uapsireiiih. 
Dead, s, marittor, Luif^^^/gfrir, 
Dead, p, a. vyirarta, k^laiichenra, &.fi9 

Deadly, a. jfyan^samdna, ^GujsfTffuiirf^. 
Deaf, a. chevid^na, Q'SF^i—fresr, 
Deafen, «. t. k^tha(|aikkachcheygirathu, 

Dealer, s. viy^b^ri, varttagan, eSltuiruir 

Dealing, v, n, nadattai, j5^^esi^. 
Dear, a. aramaiy^a, opipp^na, ^^esus^ 

tun ear ^ ^^uurresr. 
Dearly, ad. arumaiy^y, orupp^y, ^(^ 

«o lAOJ /riu ,^ juru u /r (Li . 
Dearth, s. paflcham, U(^^ih» 
Deai^ «. maraQam, ch^, mtreaanhy iFir, 
Deathless, a. chiv^tha, fffr^ufr/g. 

Debar, v. t, tadukkiratha, fi®k@p^. 
Debark, c i- kappalaivittifaAkiigirathu, 

Debase, v* t, t^lttugifathu, ^tri^^^Q 

Debate, s- taikkam, ^ir&sih. 

Debate, v, t. v^thi4ugirathu, euir^irQ 

Debilitate, v. t. talarttoigiratha, ^etrif^ 

Debilitys «, t8larckc;lki^\!ftk!i:^>x^^ «.^*35vns. 





Debt, 8. ka^an, Jsuesr. 

Debtor, 8. ka4ankaran, si^^sirireer. 

Decamp, v. *. purappadugirathu, ljjduu 

Decapitate, v. t. sirachchethampaqnugi- 

Decay, s. alivu, chithaivu, jft^a/, & 

Decay, v. i, aligirathu, jy^fiS *)J57. 
Deceit, 8. kallam, irarTidagam, ^&r&ru^y 

Deceitful, a. kapadamana, suL^u^rresr* 
Deceitfulness, 8. kapadam, vafichanai, 

Deceive, v. t. vaiicliikkirathu, kapa4a£(- 
cheygirathu, oj^StiSp^^ sul-^ 

Deceiver, s. ettan, vaitchagan, ctifi&sc^ 

Decency, s. olukkam, mariy^thai, e^Q^s 

Decent, a. mariyithaiy^na, Ln^iuirea>fi 

Deception, s. kapadam, vaiScbagamy «u 

Deceptive, a. kapadamLulla,tf u/.(ip6vr£ir. 
Decide, v. t, trrmanikkirathu, ^trubtrGi^ 

Decidedly, ad* tfrpp^y, ^iruufrtu* 
Decision, «. tfrppu, tfrm^nam, ^/ruq, ^ 

Decisive, a. t(rppina, ^rruufresr. 
Decisively, ad. ufuthiydy, tfrpp^y. a.^ 

Deck 5. kappalinmerr^lam, ^euugQxt 

Q u^pp&T'h. 
Deck, V t jodikkipithu, Q^iru^&Qpj^. 
Declaim, v, i. ktirugirat^u, prasangikki- 

Declare, 'O, t. arivikkirathu, ^j6l^i& 
Decline, s. kuraivu, talarohclu, (Qss>p^ 

Decline, v. i. kuraigirathu, madanku- 
giiuthu, (gffxniDQp^, un^€i(§Sps 

Declivity, 8- i^akkam, ^p9s\h. 

Decoction, s. kasbayam, «ffl?t/rujii. 

Decompose, v, t, pirikkirathu, i!^^k^ 

Decorate, v. t. alangarikkirathu, «^0ufl 

Decoration, 8. alangarippu, siiigdrain, ^ 

Decorum, s. olukkam, mariy^thai ^(Lp« 

Decrease, ^^ t, kuiuikkiratbu, (gss)psi 

Decree, s, kattalai, tfrppu, ^L-c-SBrr, ^t 


Decree, v. t, kaitalaiyidugirathu, tfCL 

Decrepit, a* talarcbchiyana, ^eair^i 

Decrepitude, 9- talarchcbi, ^^/f<F^. 
Decry, v, t kuraiv^yppesugirathu, (gsw^ 

Deduct,!? t, kalikkiratba, knraikkira 

thu, aifisSpffi, @&sips>8p^» 

Deduction, 8. kajivu, &i^(Si\. 

Deed, s. cbeygai, 0<Fiu<bQ)<ff. 

Deep, 5. dlam, gambhlram, «^£p^, tf'^ 

Deep, a. dlamtoa, ^ipLafr&sr. 
Deepen, v. i. talgirathu, fiirt^Spjfi. 
Deeply, ad. dlam^y, ^ipininL, 
Deer, $. mdn, LDirGkr. 
De££tce, v t, alikkiratbu, tudaikkifathi 




Defamation, s, puranktirru, kol, Ljfiii^BSL. i 

Defejjio, i>. t. puranktSmgifathu, q.©® 

Default, «. kurai, (^^ro. 
' Defeat, ». tolvi, QjSireueB, 

Defeat, v. ^. vellugirathu, Qeu^^Qfo^ 
Defect, s. kupai, pilai, paluthu,(5a»/D, l9 

Defection, s. kuyaivu, ^6roo5si;. 
Defective, a, kufaivulla, ^estfo^Gcrm. 
• Defence, 9> kaval, <s/r^6u. 

Defeniceless, a. atharavarra, ^^rr^pro. 

Defend, v, t. niyayaffchollittappuvikki- 

yathu, jSiuirujt^Q^irsveS^^FuLisQs 

Defendant, 8. prathiv^thi, i3n-$^iT^. 
Defensive, a, k^valulla, prathiv^tha, sir 

' Defer, v. t t^mathappaduttugiratbu, ^/r 

Deference, s. marijatliai, unf^ujirsni^. 
Deficiency, s kuraivu, (^sropa/. 
Deficient, «. kuraivana, (^ee* pen (rev. 
Defile^ s. kaoavay, tf^oorsu/ruj. 

Defilement, $. asusi, tfttu, .^dJrP, ^il®. 
Define, v . ^ chorporu} virikkirathu, varai- 

yarukkirathu, QiSFirpQuirQi^iM (sQiB s 

8fi>^i 0130)11 ttjjifia&p^. 

Definite, a. tittaniina, ^tLt^unreat. 
Definitive, a. tittaaukia» tfrpp^na, fiCu. 

Deflect, 1} i. ch^ykkit&tbu, ^ir^sQfo^. 
Deformity, £. antakk^u, avaladchftoam, 

Defraud, v. t. TaiSobiikkirathu, abakarik- 
Defray,!? ^ ohelamcheygiratbu, Q^co 

Degradation, s. talvu, kilmai, pT 

Degrade, v. t, ilivupaduttugirathu, j 

Degree, s. padi, alavn. pramanain, < 

^0rr(a/, iSlrrLaiTessnh. 
Deign, v. i, kadadchikkiratliu, «ffiL_/r 

Deity, 9 dejrvam, QpibsuLh. 
Deject, -B. t. dulikliappa'i.uttugirathu 

Dejection, s. manakkalakkam, ch()rv\3 

Delay, $ t^matham, ^[tu^j^lo. 
Delay, 1? t, tamatbappacluttugirathu 

Delejtable, a inbamulla, g)5orurip6i 
Deliberate, v. t. yocbaiiaipannugira 

Deliberation, $. araycbdii, ilocbanai 

Delicious, a. euvaiyulla, .5?.^a.'(ij<o)j(sr 
Deligbt, s. inbam, niagilcbcbi, g)s57 

Delight, V. t. priyappadnttngiratbu, 

iuuu(B ^ ^Q p jB- 
Delightful, a. inbamulla, ©oSru^Lp en 
Delinquency, 8. kurram^ pilai, (^jb 

Delinquent, s. kurravdli. (^ppe^i^Gi 
Delirious, a. pittaguiiamana, L9<g 

Delirium. 8. paittyam, eou^^iLsih- 
Deliver, r. e, viduthalaiy^kkugira 

tappuvikkirathu, €^(Sl^2soiuna 

p^^ igsuL^s^&8p£tT. 
Deliveiunce, 9, radchippu, viduthalai 

Delivei-er, «. mfdyar^ tEC-ua. 




Delude, v. t, mayakkngirathu, L£ituk(^S 

Deluge, 8 jalappralaym, vellam, 4Feo 

Delusion, a. m^jam, aj-rtULn- 

Delusive, a. majakkattakka, miuss^^ 

Demand, s. kelvi, QteseiTsSi. 
Demand,!?, t. keHkirathu, (oAL-S/DgP- 
Demarcation, 8. ellai. ctouSsu, 
Demeanour* s nadattai, /?rL-,^6ro;5. 

Demerits apjCttiram,«gV'-''^^^^^« 
Demolisb, V. t, idikkivathu,alikkirathu, 

Demolition, 5. kedu, n^sam,(?<»(6),^/r^Lb. 
Demon, s. pichdlsu, pey, LStcd^ns?, Quib, 
Demoiiiac, s, piclidsupidittavan, L9^/r<ffFL9 

Demonstrate, v, t, nichchayappaduttugi- 

Demonstration, 5. s^dcbi, attddcbi, «F/rL_ 

Den, s. kugai» kebi, (^oSjS, 0«lSI. 
Denial, ? maruppu, ld^ul^. 
Denote, i;. ^. kurikkiratbu, (^fSl-kSp^. 
Denounce, v. t bbayamuruttugirathu, u 

Dense, a. nerukkamulla, adarttiydna, 

<o);E;05«(tp;nfr®rr, ^t—fr ^^uj freer* 
Dental, a. pallukkuriya, u^^k(^^iu. 
Denude, 'C. t. niruvaoamdkkugirathu, jS 

Deny, v. t marukkiratbu, kodamalWdu- 
gi^atbii, Ln^kSp^yO&irL-iTLasvuS 

Depart, v. i. purappa4i'gU'atbu, L^puuQ 

jDepartment, $, jiag'^tbi, u(^^. 
JDeparture, s purappidu, pdkku, 4^u 

Depend, v. i tankugifathu, toiikugifat] 

Deplorable, a. dubkbappad^na, ^sd 

Deplore, v t pulambugiratbu, duhkik; 

ratbu, L/€ULDq6/rj^, ^bSI&Q/d, 
Department, s. nadattai, jSL^^ea^, 
Deposit, 8. vaippu, crooytl/q. 
Deposit, V. t. id.ugirathu, @(9S;r)j57. 
Depository, s. kalanebiyam, ^Gfr(p^.Suj 
Depot, 8 paiidas^Iai. usohtl^s'it^sv. 
Deprave, v. t kedukkiratbn, palutbakl 

giratbu, G&(El&@p^y ucl^^h &^ 

Depravity, a sfrkedu, \^irQs^. 
Depredation, 8. kalavu, kollai, «®rr 

Depress, i). t. t^lttugiratbu, finy^0^ 

Deprive, -D. t. ill^malpdgappaonugirat] 

Deptii. ^. dlam, gbambfram, «^^Lh, 4 

Deranged, p. a niraikulainta, jSesur^', 

Derision, $. parib^m, igalvu> u^sf 

Derogatory, a- tajcbcbiy^na, fitrip^ 

Descend, v. i. irankugiratbu, §}fl>iBj^ 

Descendaxtt. 9 ' vamisattin. eaiBsf^/stre 
Descent s. ifakkam, (^jfom'Bth. 
Describe, 17. t. cbolIikk^ttugii*atbu, 0<fl 

eufifi « -ff ff"L.(B fi /D jp . 
Descry, OJ t kaiigi^'atbu, ^n-ewrS/Di®. 
Desecrate, v, t. asuddbappaduttugirat 

^»^ fiUU^ ^8 p jffiJ. 

Desert, s, pdaivanam, ufrSsuo/swux 
Desert, •©. t, k%.wd\^tjra.tb.^l, «l. 




>e)wrt^ ;i?. i« tappividugirathu, fiuiJiisSi® 

>eserter, « tappiyo4iigiravaii, jaiuiSQajfr 

•eserving,p. a. ydgyamulla. Co^/r-sSoj 


'esign,^ ndkkam, apippr^yam, Qj^n-s 
esign, V. t. e^nugivathu, karuthugira- 
esignate, v. t. kurikkivathii, (g[/i9«® 

esigning, p* a. tantiram^na, ^js^ir 
esirable, a, viriimbappadattakka, aS/^ 
esire 8. asai, vin.ppam, cg;sK><F, e9(T5 


ssist, u. i. vi^ugirathu, sQQQfD^. 
esolate, a. paldna, Lj^rtprsBr. 
esolation, ^ pa^, safikaram, un-ip, s^m 

<sir (Tih. 
espatch, s churuchuruppu, tfviram, * 

espotch V. t, aniippugirathu, jp{£piuLj 
espicable, a, ilivaua« fnam^na, ^L^^rr 

(oSTj R' SST LDfT SOT . 

espise, «. t achattaipaijougiratliu, j^-f 
espoil. 1?. t. koUaiyadugirathu, tiradu- 

espondency, s. manachchaixchalain, m 

'Mtiny, s. vidbi. niyatnam, ^^^fiiuunh. 
lestitute, a, atbaravayra, elimaiyulla, ^ 

lestitutioB, s. varumai, daridraoi, ou^ 

Destroy J v. U alikkirathu, ket^ukt^^ 

Destruction, s. alivu, uasbdam, 

Destructive, a. kedukkira, 0«®^««,^^ 
Detach, v. t. pirikkirathu, dJ '-s^ ^ ' 
Detain, v t tatiukkivathu, ,^Q,s^^ 
Detect, V . t kan :1 upid ikkiratbu, cfFeggp. ^g 

Detention, s. taduppu, tamatbam, ^®l'/ 
Deter, V. t. tarjaipaiTLnugiyatbu, ^esu^u 

Deteriorate, v, t ilivupaduttugirathu, g) 

Deterioration, s. ilivu, kedn, g)i^(a/. 

Determination, 8. tfrmanam, ^^Lnirm-i.h. 
Determine, v. t tirmanikkirathu, ^ifinfr 

Detest, V. t. verukkirathu^Osu^^^^/D^. 
Detestation, s. aruvaruppu, veruppu, ^ 

Detonation, s vedi, idi, OafLp., ^'Q-- 
Detract, v t k'^raikkiiatlui avathdru- 
paQi>ugirath:i, (^flO^piS/r)^, <^<su 

Detraction, s. purankdriigai, LjpfkiS^^ 
Detriment, $. nasbdam, kedu, ^q^l-lc. 
Deviate,!?, i, tapprgiyatbu, tavarugi^a- 

tbu, fiUL\&(D^* ^(SU^QjD^. 

Deviation, s. tappn, tavaru, #LJq, jseu^. 
Device, % np^yjim, &.umLiLb, 
Devil, s pey, paicbasam,G*L/(Lj,60)U'5:/r^L£i. 
Devilisb, a. peykkuijam^na, Qu\U'k(^6S!>T 




Devour, vj» paAcliikkiratliu, ui-^kS 

Devout, a. bhaktiydua, us^iuiresr. 
D^w, s. pani, uasfl. 
Dowan, s. mantiri, taflifiifi. 
Dewlap, s. alaita<ii, ^dBo^n-u^. 
Dexterity, s. RimBxitiyAm,<sF.rLaiT^^ajLh. 
Diabolical, a. ketta, d:ish4a, QaiLi-, ^ 

Diadem, s- mucii, krf4ain» G/^if » fif^i-^b. 
Diagonal, a- goo^tntara, Q-str^^^ir. 
]) iaf, a. a dri vaka4 ikaram, @ffi(L/.ffi^t««^irLb. 
Dialect, s/Mshai, u.TSDfii?.. 
Diiilogue, s sambasliajjai, .^UiU/rsi^SsBsr. 
Diameter, s. kurukkalavu, vittam, (^^k 

tfferr^i/, fi>9LlL_Lb. 
Diamond, s. vairam, croojiTtii- 
Diarrhoea, s sftliabethi, &^Qu^. 
Diary, s. dinakkariakkn, ^(5tst-ksmsrk(^,. 
Dictate, v. t. karpikkirathu, spi^k^ 

Dictionary, 8. agarddi, ,^«/r/r^. 

Die, 5. pachcliikkai, ufT^'&kams, 

Die, V. i. sagirathu, irakkirathu, #/rffl/D 

Diet, s. s^pp^dn, iinavii, ^fruun®^ a. 

Dietary, s, pattiyamnrai, u^jSujQfiGaip. 
Differ, v. i. verupadugirathu, (dw^uO^ 

Difference, s. vittiyisam, verrumai, cfi 

Different, a, palavitha, ver^na, ueoeQjS, 

Difficult, a. praydsamana, LSsnuiT'B'Uin-ear. 
Liifficulty, s. tontaravii, sangadam, Q^rr 

Diffidence, s, kiichcham, ninam, siuS'<fFihy j 

J^iWdent, a. Atfchchamulja, acbehamana. i 

Dig, V. t. kiodngirathu 

Digest* V. samippikkirath 
rathu, <F/S?Ljf-9«S)/r. 

Digestion, s. samippn, i 

Dignity, s» menmai, Qinei 
Dike, s vaykkal, k^lvay, 

Dilapidate, i?. i. idikkiratl 

Dilapidation, «. idivu, p? 
Dilatory, a. sdmbdna, (J, 
Diligence, s muyarchi, 

Diligent, a. muyafchiyi 
ydna, (ynujb^^ma 
Dim, a. mangalana, Lo^f 
Dimension, s. alavu, ^sy 
Diminish, v. t. kuraikkii 

Diminish,!?, i. kuraigifatl 
Diminution, 5 k^raivu. 
Din, 8. iraichchal, ^rav^r 

Dine v. r. pagal bh^janai 
<ffi6u CoL;.T,g:sgr(6TsQ4Fa 
Dinner, 5 pakal b6janam,L 
Dip, V. t tdykkirathu, (?, 
Direct v,t. kattalaiyidiu 
kirathu, «tlL.&ffti5 

Direction, a- melvilKsam, 
Directly, ad, udane,nere,< 
Director, s. vich^rai>aiit 

Dirk, 8. kuttuval, ^0ffi 
Dirt, «. ty.\\xVkv>, «»v>ddJilk 




Dirty, a. alukkalla, ^(i^s^dT<sfr, 
Disadvantage, 8. nashdam, t^lchchi, /^d^ 



Disagree, v i vir6tliikkirathn, inafag^- 
thirukkirathu, ^Qfru^k&p^i §1 

Disagreeable, o. vernpp^na, ube^ichaiy^- 

na, Qsu^iuufTssr^ s.(^uC€S)S'Ujne6r, 

Disappear, r. i. maraikkirathn , msa/DS 

Disapprobation, s. manakkurai, priyavf- 

nam, masr^^smfn^ LS(^ujs§osnb. 
Disarrange, v t, nilaikiilaikkirathu, 0^ 

Disaster, 8. idaiydru, apj^yam» ^pattii, @ 

fl3>L_^J?/, ^UITUJ'J^, r^U^^. 

Disastrous, a. idaiytSf^na, kediitbal^na, 

Disburden, v, t, bMram nfkkngivatbu, 

tjrririh 0^(^Qcr)^. 
Disbr.rse, v. t paijam kodukkivathn, u 

63Br<-b OdsirQ&S/D^. 

Disbursement, s chelavu, Qs'eo&f. 
Discard, v t tallugiratliu, vilakkngiva- 

Discern, v. t, karjkirathu, ^ir^sisiQfo^. 
Discharge, s. viduthalai, veditfrtbal, ^ 

Discharge, t?. t pariyavidngirathu, tfrk- 
kipathu, uflSujsSi®@fD^y 0if&8 

Disclpla^ 8, Bishfui, m^ii^kkan, ^o^esr^ 

Discipline. 8. sidchai, ^iL^ss)^. 
Discipline, v. t. sidchaipaijougirathu, © 

Disconcert, v. t alaikkalikkirathn, jySsu 

Disconnect, v. t, pirikkirathn, kaVutT^^ 
ginitba, L9fflsSfD^, ^ippsi^^^j^ 

Disoontentment, s, manakku 

Discontinue, v, t. vi4ugirathi] 
thu, eSl(BSl/o^^ (^L^)^Qn 

Discord* 8. ovvamai, piijakk 
«j)L£5, LSeasrk^. 

Discordant, a betham^na, ov 

Discount, 8 kalivu, ■si^'si]. 
Discourage, v. t dhairiyavfn 
girathu, oiB^rflttjaS'garLJLj® 
Dicourse, 8. sambashanai. pri 

Discourteous, a. avamariyatl 

Discover, v. t karidupid ikkirj 
girathu, asssrdbiLSi^sQjL 

Discreet, a- vivekamulla, bi 

Discreetly, ad. yosanaiyay, n 

(cUJir<iFc[56nuiidjf fi<s^(o5ru 

Discrepancy, 8 ovvdmai, be'th 

Discretion, *. buddhi, vivek 

Discretionary, a. buddhiy^na,L 
Discriminate, t?. L paguttangi 

Discrimination, s. vivek am, p 

Disease, ^.viy^thi, n6y, sStfjn 
Disembark, v. *. irankngipathi 
girathu, ^pfa^Slro^^ 

Disentangle, v» t. avilkkiratl: 
dukkirathii, ^sSip&Qfo 




Disgorge, v. t v^ntikkirathu, umilgira- 

Disgrace, «. avam^nam, ^euLDfr&snh, 
Disgrace, v, t, avam^nappaduttugirathu, 

J^f fiU LO ff 65ru U ® ^ ^ 6 /D J5J • 

Disguise, s. vesham, (ooio^'jc. 
Disgust, s. veruppi', Qsujoiljl^' 
Disgust, v. t. vcrukkifathii, Qeu^sS 

Dish,^ tattup^ttiram, #L_(5^, Ufr^j§ IT Lb. 

Dishonest, a ninayaiiketta, vaiTclianai- 

ynlla, j5(T6ssruj,bQaL-L-j ©/(GJ^Ssot 

Dishonour, «. avam^nam, ^suLatr'ssnh, 
Dishonour, v. t. avamanappadiittugi- 
' fathn, ^(SiJUi!T6tsruu(Bl^^8p^. 

Disinclination, s vernppu, Q(su ^ulj. 
Disinherit, v t. suthantarattininru vi- 
lakkugivathu, ^^^^ir^^G^siff^ 

Disinterested, a paropakdramulla, uQsrir 

Dislike, s. veruppu, ubedchai, Qsu jj^ui^, 

Dislocate, v. t. kalarrugirathu, ^ipp^ 

Dislocation, 8. sulukku, «iF^f^. 
Dismiss^ V. t. tallugirathu, agarrugifa- 

thu, ^im^Slfo^i ^^fl)jp]8jiDjgi. 
Dismount, v. irankugirathu, §pij(§8 

Disobedience, 8. krlppa4ij^u^a'i, Qy^uu 

Dibobedient, a. kflppadiy^tha, Qt^uui^ 
Disobey, v. «. katt*laimfrugirathn, «il 
Disorder, 3 olunginmai, viy^thi, ^Q^abQ 
Disparagement, a. avamathippu, t^lch- 

chi, pa^ippu, ^wto^uLfy fiiri^^.S^ 
Dispensary, 8» aushadhasalai, ^etrei^fi 

Displeasure, s. manakkurai, LDeori;^ 

Dispose, V. t olungupaduttugirathu, $ 

Disposition, 8. gunam, oluiigu, @633r(i, 

Disputation, «• v^thu, tarkkam, euir^, 

Dispute, 8 Tivah^m, tarkkam, pi4i- 

vdtham, eSsUfSfrjTLb^ ;ff/f«i5«u:, L9t^ 
Dispute, V, v^th^dugirathu, eurrfiaQQ 

Disregard s asattai, ^^C<f^L^. 
Disreputable a. avam^uamulla, ^(sutair 

Disrepute 8. turkkfrtti, ^frkQfr ^^. 
Disrespect, «• avamathippu. ^^ld^ul^. 

Disrespectful, a. asattaiyulla, jy^il«ax)L. 

Dissatisfaction, 8. tirptiyinmai, f^itu^ 

Dissemble, v. t m^f sampan nugir&thu, 

Dissention, «. pirivinai, bidam, tSifisQ 

Dissever, ui. vet tugirathu, QsuiLGSro^, 
Dissimulation, s. iratidagaw, ^itgsnl^ 

Dissolute, a. tunm^rgam^na, ^mu^an- 

Distaff, s kottaintifkum tadi, QisirCiss)!^ 

Distance, *. dtlram, ^irui. 
Distant, a. dtiram^na, ^ffu^^^isr* 
Distemper, 8. vyithi, noj.eStuo'^^Qjsiruj, 




Distendf v> t, vlngappaQiiugiratbu, nft- 
tugirathu, eSiti&uuGBar^^Qpj^^ 

Distil. V. t irakkiigirathu, ^Ifok^s^Q/D^. 
Distillery, s madhupinam vadikkums;!- 

Distinction, s. bddam, vittiydsam, men- 
mai, QufiCb^ eQ^^uj it J^ih, Qlovst 

Distinctly, ad- dfrghamiy, teliv^y, jS/r« 

Distrain^ v t. kadanukkigap porulai 
edukkirathn, st^^kAa^u Qutr 

Distress, 8. varuttam, timbam, ^Q^^piht 

Distribute, v, t pangidugirathu, uij8Q 

Distribution, a pangf4u, uij8(Sf, 
District, s. ni^Uy lb*, jbit®, cblIt. 
Distrusti 8 samusayam, '^Qp^ujih, 
Disturb, v. L kalakkugifatbu, alatiuppaQ- 
QUgiratbu, «sou<£E@£)p^, ^eoC® 

Disturbance, 8, kalakkam, kalagam, seo 

Disunion, s. pirivinai, L9if?££}3sar. 

Disunite, v. t. kalaikkiratbu, pirikkira- 

tbu, A^sSpj^^ iSffi&Q/Djfi' 
Ditch, 8. akali, ch^kka4ai, ^^ifi% ^tr^ 

Dive, V. i, jalattil t^]girathu, znti^gu- 
girathu, Sieo^jS^eofi^ry^Qfo^^ QPiP 

Diverse, a* palavitha^ verup^dina, ueo 

^9^. QeajjsjufrL^ireBr, 
Diversion, 8 vilaiyattii, poluthupdkku, 

eS^bsfTuufTiL®, Qun'(ip^Qufrs(^, 
Diversity, a verup^4ut v^rfumai, Qeujpi 

Divert, «. t piriyappa^uttugirt 
Diverting, p. a, vincdamdna, 
Divest. V. t urigiratbu, nfkk 

Divide, v. t. pangiiugirathu, ] 
rathu. uf5j&(BQfDj^, u^^ 

Divine, v. t. nimittamparkkiratl] 

Divine, a. divya, parama, ^i 

Divinity, «. deyvam, "^fiojeuih. 
Divisible, a. pagukkakkddiya, 

Division, «. pangu, p^gam, va| 

Divulge, V t, velippad .ttugirat 

Dizziness, 8- sularcbi. ^s-y^pS. 
Do, V, oheygirathu, paniraigifat 

Docility, «. araaithi, ^es)LnS- 
Doctor, 8. vaidyan, eoieu^^tum 
Doctrine« s. upadesam, tLuQfifs 
Document, 8, sadbanam, »9fr fiea 
Doe, * penman, QucGsru^fr^. 
Doer, 8. ebeygiravan, Q^ujQp 
Dog, 8 niy, /51TUJ. 
Dogged, a. ka4u^^4uppulla, « 

Doings, s. seygaikal, Q^ujep>ss 
Dole, V t pangiiugiratbu, u<w& 
Doleful, a dubkhamulla, ^i<s 
Doll, 8 p^vai, bommai, ufreiseL 


Dolt, 9. mMai^) ma4aiyan, ^ 
Domestic^ a» vfttuvdlaikk^ran, < 
Domestioytf vittukkuriya, «^il< 




Dominion, s, rajarikam, adhik^ram, jrir 

Donation, 8. nankodai, jBGsrQsirssn 

Donative, 9. ko(iai, in^m, G)<ffi/r<sn>i-, g) 

Donkey, ». kaluthai, «(tpsQ)^. 
Doom* 8. tfi-ppu, ^ifuL\, 
Door a kathavu, <ff^a/. 
Doorkeeper, s. vasalkaTalk^ran, euir^eo 

Dormitory, s. palliyarai, u<cmeifiujes>fiD, 
Dot, «. pillit pottii, qoP^, Quj-c.®. 
Double, V. t iratiikkirathu, g}jriLi^&8 

Double, a irattaiy^na, irumadargina, @ 

Double-dealing, s. irandagam, ^sressn- 

Double-faced, a. m^m^la, mtru^iTeo, 
Double-minded, a. iriimanamulla, @0 

meec (ifx'Sit (SfT . 
Doubt, s. sandeham, samusayam, ^^Q ^ 

Doubt, t;. samusayappadugirathu, <iF(ip# 

Doubtful, a. samuBayam^oa, s'Qp^uj 

Dough, 8. pisaintam^, i3(saiS=0fiLDfr. 

Dove, «. pur^, q(T^. 

Doveeot, «. pur^vfdu, L/cyeff®. 

Dower, «. sithanam, S;«6BrLb. 

Dov^n, ad kfle, @(?ip. 

Doze, V. i- tdnkugirathu, ^k^Qp^. 

Drag, V. t ilukkirathu, g^Qp-sBp^- 

Drain, 8. kalv^y> s^kkadai, tf4r«JUQ;/r{u, 

Drake, 8. ^Qy^ttu, ^^euir^^. 
Drama, s n^dagam. ^iTL^<aiJ^, 
Draw, IJ t. ilukkirathu, @(Lpff©;E>iP. 
J^iFhs/ii> s haJi'ivu. ^z^fiy. 

Dread, s. achcham,bhayam, ^^iFLb,uai 
Dread, o t, ailichugirathu, ^<^^8jD^ 
Dreadful^ a. bhayargaramdna, u(uiej4 

Dream, s. soppanam, Q^fruuisanh. 
Dretiry, a, bhayaiigaram^-na, utuibi 

Dregs. S' maiidi) i^sssris^. 

Drench, z^. t, nanaikkirathu.^^Sajr^©^^ 

Dress, s. uduppii, adai, sl(6)ul/, ^ssh 

Dress, v t udukkii'athii,a.®«fB^pjg7. 

Drift, V, tellugipathu, Q^^^Q/d^, 

Drill, 8 tamartSsi. ^ta^^. 

Drill, V. t tolaikkirathu.Q;ff/r^<ffi© nj^ 

Drink, s p^nam, utsbtld. 

Drink, V. t, ki.diltkirathu, (^is^&Qirr)^ 

Dripping, v, n. olukku, sp(ip «@. 

Drive, -o t. dttugirathu, ^tl0fip^. 

Driver^a. dtU'giravan, |pLL®fi;Dsu£3r. 

Drizzle, », L tdrugirathu, ^^Bro ^ 

Droop, v> i. chorugiyathu, vidugirath 

Q^(T{[f^Q(D^y <su n (B 8 ft) ;^ > 
Drooping, v.n. ch6rva, G^F/rrfo/. 
Drop, 8. tuii, ^<syfl. 
Drop, V, t> vilavidugirathu, eStpsSK^. 

Drop, v.i. tulikkirathu, jsgtB^S/d^- 
Dropsy, «. vfkkam, nfrkkdvai, <Sa>&L 

Dross . 8- kalivu, kalimbu. «ff if'^r;, «€if?iLi. 
Drought, 8. varappu, eupuL\. 
Drove, 8 ktittam, A-ilL-iL. 
Drumstick, a. paraittadi, u&afo^fii^. 
Drunk, p. a* verimayakkani^na, Q(^;fy 

Drunkard, 8, kudiyan, ^if lueSr . 

Drunkenness. 8 vefi, QeujSI, 

Dry, c. t ularttugirathu, v^ttngiratli 

Dry, «. t. kiygirathn, ilaru^rathu. 4 




j^ tory, a. kaynta, iikrnta, ^triL^^y ^eod" 

^ Dryness, $. vara^clii, eupC&. 

Duck, s. peijtar^, Qusssr^inrn-, ' 

Duck, V, i. toykkiratha^ Q/SfrdjiSji)^. 
i-. buck, V. i. toygirathu, Q^trinQro^' 

Dull, a, mandamalla, La^^Qjh&T&r. 

Dulness^ s. mandam, lo^^ld. 

Duly, ad. taguthiy^y, fi^^tufruj, 
^ Dumb, a. tSmaiyana, eeLaDiDiurssr. 

Dunce, s. mti4aii, (Lpii^ebr. 

Dung, 8, eru, stq^. 

Dungeon, s. iruttarai, ^(f^iLu.'5B)jD- 

Dunghill,^, erukkaiam, £7(7^<s«@rrLb. 

Duplicate, s pratbi, lSc^ 

Durable, a. nilaimaiy^na, 0tsosB>uiiufr'ssr. 

Dust, 8. tt5l, pnluthi, ^(sfr, L/(ip^* 

Dust, z;. U tdsituiaikkitathu, ^l^jseoDL. 

Duty, 5. ka4amai, «z~6B5lq. 
Dwarf, s, kullan, (geirsrresr. 
Dwell, V. i. kudi irukkip».tha, vdsam- 
paQiiugiratbu, (^i^uSq^sS/p^^ (suit 

E welling, s,, ^c^uiSl-lo. 
ye, V. t. s^yank^ychchngiratbu, firium 

Dysentery, s. rattakkalichcbal, jr^^s 

Dyspepsy, ^ ajfraijam, ^^jrsssnh, 

Eacb, pr. ovvoru, antanta, sjeLQ^u/r^, 

Eager, a, av^vnlla, jyaj/ra/^frcir. 
Eagle, 5. kalngu, sq^^. 
Ear, s. kathu, chevi, «/r^, Q^eS. 
Early, a-tfd. atbikdla, kdlame, nerattode. 

Earn. v. t, sampatbikkiratbu, <ff^Lbufr^« 


Earoest, a- muyarchiyul 

Earnestly, ad. ^kkamay, e 
Earth, s. bhtlmi, maii, ^d 
Earthen, a. mai^n^lundd 

Earthquake, «. bhtSkambai 
£as«, a ^ruthal, savukkys 

Easily, ad, elith^y, sugan 

East, B, kilakku, ®\^k^. 

Easterly, a- kilakkilirnnl 
lakkilirukkira, kilak 

Eastern, a. kilakkilui]a, k 
Eastward, ad» kflttisaiya^ 


Easy, rt. elithdna, sulabai 
na, (oT&d/siT&sr, »evL 

Eat, V. t s^ppidngirathu, i. 

Eatables, s, unavu, ^emei 
Eaves, a. tal v^ram, ^/ril^e 
Ebb, 8 nfrvarrani, 0^<sunD^ 
Ebony; s. karuitk^li, «0ffi 
Echo, s. ethiroli, er^Qirfn 
Eclipse, 8. kir^Qam* Sf/t 
solar, stiriyakiraoam, (w 
lunar, chandrakiranan 

Economy, s. matt^nachel 

Eddy, s. n^rchchuli, //r^:, 

Edge, s. karukkn. 6ram, <s 

of cloth, mnnranai, Qpi 




Educate, v. t. aiivupayinrngiratlin, ^fi 

Education, g vittai, eS^GS>fi, 

Eel, s. malangu, la6u'e/^. 

Efface, 1). t alikkirathu, jtftfiiS/D^. 

Effect, 8, kdriyam, palippu, fEsirifiujih^ u 

Effect, v,t, k^riyappaduttngtrathu, sit- 

tiyakkugirathu, ^frMiuCiuQ^^Q 

Effects, 8. tattumuttu, ^LL^(tpLL®. 
Effectual, a kariyappidina, aiTffliuuuir 

Effectually, ad. k^riyappid^y, ^irifiuju 

Efficacious, a> palai^cheyyattakka, k^- 
yappaduttugira> niraivenugira, u 

Efficacy, s. ^palam, nalam, ueutb, jseuu). 
Efficiency t 8 tr^iii, vallamai, fisriresdi^Qi 

Efficient, a, kiriyappaduttngifa, airif^iu 

Effigy, 8, oppu, p^vai, ^UL/, uireaej. 
Effort, 8, muyafclii, prayattiuam, Qpiup 

Egg, 8. muUai, (lpl.cs)£.. 

Eight, 8' a- ettu, eriL®. 

Eighteen, s-a. pathine^tn, u^Q6srtL(D, 

Eighth, U' ett^m, eriLL^irth. 

Eightieth, a. egLpath^m, ermu^inh. 

Eighty, 8-a. eiipathu, Gresaru^, 

Either, pr, iran4ilonru, ©iraarif Qeu/r 

Elapse, v. i' chellugirathu, Q^eu^S 

Elastic, a. negilnturalattakka, Q/sSip 

^/astjcUr, s negilchchi, Ojs^i^^S, 
Ji^^ow', s. jnulankai, (ipLQ^jso)^. 

Elder, a. mtitta. fip^fi. 
Elderly, a. muthimta, (ip^n J5^, 
Elders, «. mtlppar, q^ljuf. 
Electricity, s, mins^ram, iBf^ ^n-jrih. 
Electric-telegraph, 8. min tap^l, i^sap 

Electrify, v. t, mins^raradttugirathu, dS 

Electuary, 8. legiyam, Qeo&ajib. 
Elegance, s alagu, alank^i^m, c^£P^, j| 

Elegant, a. alag^na. ^i^^n-ssr. 
Element, s. bhtlthiyam, ^dh^ram, y,^uj 

Elementary, rt. mtil^dhara, ptpeoirfitnr. 
Elephant, 8 ydnai, tu/rSsor. 
Elephantiasis, 8, otham, ^^ti^. 
Elerate, v. ^ uyarttugirathu, s^iuir^ffiQ 

Elevation, 8- uyaram, uyarchchi, ^lujnh^ 

Eleven, «-a. pathinonru, pathinom, u0 

Elk, s. marai, Laar^tr. 

Else, ad. allathu, ^sbeo^. 

Elsewhere, ad, eng^ydguthal, verengum, 

Emaciate, v. i meligirathu, Qu^s^Qro^ 
Emaciated, p. a. melinta, QmeQjs^. 
Embankment, s. varambu, anai, eujnhn^ 

Embark, v. kappalerugifathu, ^uuQeo 

Embarrass, v. t chikkuppacjuttugirathu, 

Embarrassment, s. chikku, ^ve(^. 
Embellish, v, L alankarikkiratlm, jffevm 

Embellishment, 8. alankarippu, jys\jav 

Embers, 8 . VA,x\y\ , ^ sss ^ . 




Embezzle, v, t kalaviicheygirafchu, «afra/ 

Emblem, s odaiy^lam, ^s^i^ujireaui* 
Emblematic, a. kufipp^a, ^fiSuutresr, 
> Embolden, v t dliairiyappaduttugirathu, 

lL Embrace, s. talavuthal, ^(Lpo/^^su. 
Embrace v. t kattikkollugirathu, «il 

j| Embroidery, s, cbittirattaiyal, Sfifijr^ 

Embroil, v. t sikkr.ppaduttugirathu, SJs 

Emendation) s. tiruttam, ^Q^ff^ih. 
Emerald, 8. pachchaikkal, u^em^s^^. 
Emetic, 9. v^iitimaruntu^®;fr/^j@m(T^j[Fji7. 
Emeute, s. kalagam, « eutfm. 
Emigrate, 1?. i. paradesam p6gifathu, 

Eminence, s. iiyarchclii,me4u, SLiuirs^B, 

Eminent, a- monmaiy^na, siranta, Qlq 

etsreoiLDUJireBr^ &fiop^. 
Eminently, ad. m^nmaiydy, QtaeoreiDLn 

Emmet, 8. ei^ombu, erjpiuiLf, 
Emollient, 9. ilakkumaruntu, @err«^Lo 

Emolument, a. vartimciQam, ^Q^unresth, 
Employ, V, t, velaiko}lugirathu, Qm^ 

Q<fi5/r err <6f5 fi/D^- 
Employer, s. v^laikolpavan, Q<Sii%SiiQair 

Employment, s, yelai, ndydgam, Qeubsi}^ 

^ Emptiness, 8. veruniai, Q^^GSitii, 

Empty, V. t. yepimaiyikkugirathu, Qm 

Empty,a. yexumjaayinB^Qeujpi&suiiufrssr, 
Encamp, v. i. palajamirankugiifatliu, uir 

Enclianti v. t. mantiratt^l va: 
rathii, LD^^jr^^irev s 

Enchintment, s. mantiravittai. 

I Eucirde, tJ. t. valaikkivathu, 
Encircled, p. a. chtSlappatfa. 


Enclose, f?. t. adaikkii^thu, . 


Enclosure, s- adaippn, ^gs>l-u 
Encompass, v. t, valaikkifathu 

Encounter, v. t ethirkkirathu, 

Encourage, 1?. t. tidappaduttng 

Encouragement, a. tJ&rram, Q^ 
End, s. mndivn, (tpi^o/. 
End, v. mudigifathu, (ipi^©/r?. 
Endanger, v. t. mdsattukkud j 
rathu, QLntT^^^k(^C 

Endear, v. f.piriyapdaduttngii 

Endeavour, s muyavchi, pra 
Endeavour, v,i, muyalugiratli 

Endless, a. mu^ivillatha, (Lpu^ 
Endurance, s, portimai Qurr^ 
Endure, v, t. sahikkiratliii, 'if^ 
Endure, v, i. nilainifkirathu, 

Enemy, s. sattru, pagaiiiun, ^ 

Energy, s. t5kkam, egc^^ih. 




Engrave, r. ^kottugi ratlin, cliittiramvet- 
tugifatliu, QsfT^^Q/D^, ^^^jr 

Engraving, 5. chittiravelai, kottuvelai, © 

Enigma, 5. vidukathai, nodi, eS^seo^y 

Enigmatical, a, noiikkuriya, Q^tn^s(^ 

Enjoin, v.t kattalaiyidugirathu, tfilt- 

Enjoy, tf, nanmaiyanubavikkirathu, jsssr 

Enjoyment, s. sukh^nubavam, sant6sham, 

Enkindle, v. t. koluttugirathii, Q«/r^;P 

Enlarge, r. t, adhikappaduttugirathu, jy 

Enlarge, v, i, parukkirathu, uq^&S 

Enlist, 1). t. sevagam eluthugirathu, (?^ 

Enliven, «. t. uyirppikkirathu, s-u3(fuL9 

Enmity, ^.pagai, virddam, l/s©*, eBQjrn- 

Ennoble, v, t, menmaippaduttugirathu, 

Enormous, a. alavukku adhikam^na, ma- 
hikodiya, ^(srr(Si/««^«ai/r6ar, a><5/r 

Enough, rt. pdthiim^na, (o Li/r^m/rsar. 
Enough, ad, pothum. Qutr^ih. 
Enquire, t), ^^chirikkirathu, gS^itiHsQ 

Enrage, v. t. koparatittugirathu, Q^sBtru 

Enrich, r J. chelvam^kkugirathu, Qs'eveu 

Enslave, v. t. siraipidikkirathu, GeoijD 
Entangle, v . t, chikkuppad uttugirathn, 8 

to be entangled, chikkikkolla, &&Qi 
Enter, v,^ pravesikkifathu, LSirQ^&i 

Enterprise, «. muyarchi, Qptup^, 
Entertain, v.t. upasarikkitathu, ©.L/iFffl 

Entertaining, p, a, vin6dam^na, eSQ^ 

Entertainment, s, viruntu, poluthupdk- 

ku, eSlQ^^^y QufTQ^j^QufT^^, 
Entice, v. t. vasikarikkirathu, o/ffi^/ficf 

Entire, a ptSraiiam^na, yircBsras/rgcr. 
Entirely « ad, muluvathum, (ip(z^a;^u). 
Entrance, s visal, evtrs^eb. 
Entrap, v. t chikkuppad uttugi'rathu, &i 

Entreat, v, t. veodikkollugirathn, Qoi 

Enumerate, v. t eriiiugirathu, eresir^^gf 

Envelop, v. t, mtldugirathu, ^(B8p^, 

Envelope, 8. urai, s.«a)/D. 

Envious, a. pofamaiyana, Qun'(n/'eo;>ui 

Environ, v. t valaikkirathu, eu^bBtr^S 

!&ivirons, s, surruppuram, <flrp ji^uL/pia 
Envy, s. erichchal, pof^mai, eriffiF^ev 

Epicure, s bhdjanappiriyan, Qurr^ssru'^ 


Epidemic, 5. peniv^riy^na, QuQ^eLirr 
Epilepsy, s,ViVY^^^^^. ^t^ks.^^ 




E[7istle, «. ktfgithain, chfitu, dsrrSfiihf 

• Epitaph, s, samidhisdsanam, ^Lairfi^ir 

Epitome, s. adakkam, polippu, ^L-ssihy 

: Equal, a. opp^a, ^uuiresr. 

Equality, a, oppu, samt^nam, ^uq, i^unr 


Equalize, 9. ^. samappad uttugirathu, 4^ 

Equation, s. Bamfkaraoam, 4FiSajresac\h» 
Equator, s. niradcham, fSsriLs'ih. 

clestial, n^imai^dalam, jsirt^LaearL. 

Equiangular, a. samagdoamulla, jfld 

Equidistant, a. sariddramcLna, jFifi^ir 

Equilateral, <t. ottapakkamulla, ^^^u 

Equitable, a. nftij^na jSfiajtrear. 
Equity, «• naiuniy^yam, nfti, fliQjBajrr 

Eradicate, v, ^ nirmtllamtfkkugirathu, jB 

Erase, v, t, tudaikkifathu, kirukkugira- 

thu, ^€B>L^Qp^^ @j)ie@Qfl>ffi, 
Erasure, s. kifukku, Sijpik(S» 
Ere, ad. mun, munname, (ipssr, (tpwear 

Erect, V. L niruttugiratbu, eluppugira- 

thu, jBjon^JpQ/D^f €r(Lpun@p^. 

Erect,a. nimirchchiyina,^£i9ff^Puj/r6Br. 

Err, v,i. tavaragifatku, valuvagiratho, 

Error, «• pilai, kurram, tappitham, LS 

Eructation, 5, eppam, ^uutb. 
Eruption, s, kakkugai, choti, ««Q«i«) 

Erysipelas, s. akki, ^fiS. . 

Escape, %. tappa, ^uq. 

Escape, 17. vilagiyodugiFathu, eQeoS'^tuir 

Esculent, a, pusikkattakka, i^&se^^&s 
Especial, a. yisesha, eD(S^Q^. 
Especially, ad, raukkiyamdy, (tpeQuj 

Esplanade, s. kdttaimaith^nam, Q^siriL 

Espousal, 8, vivdhaniyamippu, eQ suits ^ 

Espouse, V. t, viv^haniyamikkiratliu, fi9 

Essay, «. prapantam, iSjoru^^ih, 
Essence, s. s^ram, ^frjrLc. 
Establish, 17. ^ stibikkin^thu, nilaippa- 

duttugirathu, dv^iTLSis8p^, 0^ 

Estate, 8. bhtSstiti, tamnai, y,&vfifij fsm 

Esteem, a. mathippu, Lo^uq. 

Esteem, v. t mathikkirathuf kanikkira- 

thu, Lxi0e8jojsif assihsQpffi. 
Estimable, a. mathikkattakka, LofiitS^ 


Estimate, v. t mathikkirathu, alavidugi- 

rathu, La^iQjDS^^ ^efreS(^8jD^. 

Estimation, «. mathippu, gaiiyam, ld^u 

Estuary, a. kadark^l, kalimukham, «l- 

Eternal, a. nittiya, fififieu. 

Eternity, a- nittiyam, sad^k^lam, ^fi^ 

Evaporate, v. t, suvrnigirathu, iviy^k- 
kugirathu, ^oipji^Spffiy ^^lutr 

Evaporate, V i. aviyiy^^acl<5,iT:!\i^x«u;xLvx- 




Even, a oppurav^na, Bamam^nd, ^ui^jr 

Even, ad, um, l^yinum, «4b, r^aS^ih, 
Evening 8. s^yankdlam, ^irtuEi^ir€uih, 
Event, 8. varttam^am, Ba4aRMk^^n^ 
yam, eun-fi^u^iresrih^jpt—fifi^ff^fuih 

Eventually, ad. ka4aisiy^yf aean^&mifdj. 
Ever, ad, enraikkum, eppoiuthuiUy eieisr 

Everlasting, a. nittiya, fifij^tu. 
Evermore, ad, eppoluthumy ^uQunQ^ 

Every, j>r. oworu, ^oiOoiirQ^ 

one, evanum, 6r«u^{ya>. 
Everywhere, ad. engun), erm^ui. 
Evidence, 8. s^4<^H v^kkumtUsgn, ffirC 

Evident^ ({. praltiya4cliami^a,t9ir^^iL/ 
Evil,*. poU^pu, t^mai, Qu/reyeuiruqi 

Evil, a. polWtha, Ouff"ei;«i/r#. 

EviAee, v. t eduttakk&ttugirathu» ^Qfi 

Ewe. «. semmarippeoQ^u, QfihtojSu 

fejcact, 0. sariy^na, tittam^na, ^fituiresr, 

Examinaiton, 8, cli6ihanai» parfdchai, 

Examine, v. U chdthikkir&tliu, paH4^ 
chikkirathu, Q^frjSiBp^^ u(?tL 

Example^ «. mathiri^ munm^thiri, lA/r^if), 

Exasperate, v, u ki^pamtlttugirathu, 

Excavate, v. t. agalugirathu, «iytf(ipS 

JSsreeed, v. 4 odhikankkirAtbUf ^fi£Stf)& 

Exceeding, p, a. migunta, i£^^, 
Exceedingly, ad, migavum, iB^e. 
Excel, V. t. adhigappa4ugirathu, « 

Excellence, 8. menmai, Qui&src5>u 
Excellent) a* menmaiy^na. Qui 

Except, prep, ojiya, tavira, ^ifiiu^ 
Exceptionable, a. vilakkappa4uvj 
thuv^na, ^eo^aLJu(Beu/B(, 

Excess, 8. miguthi, michcham, i£i^ 

Excessive, a, miguthiy^na, l£I^& 
Exchange, s. kaimm^ta, panda 

ea»dhLofrj)i, uasKL^LOfrjbjpt. 
Excise, 8. tfrvai, ^ffeoiQj. 
Excite, V. t. eluppugiyathu, ttiiid 

thu, evugirathu, 6r(ipLjL/©/D 

Exclude, V. t vilakkugiiathn, ni] 

rathu, eSeo&^Spjp^ fie(g6 

Excrement, s, malam, naragal, un 

Exculpate, t>.«. kurramillaiyenrut 
luthu, (^fl>pdS^<isoQtu&sr jpi, 

Excuse, 3. p6kku, B^kku, Quir^s^ 


Execration, s, titiu, 8^am, $lH 


Execuie. d t, na^appikkiratha, ch 
mudikkiratiiu, j5ljlh3&@p^ 

Exercise, 8. palakkam, appiyisam 

Exercise, v» L pa].akkugiFathu, a 
sikkirathu, uLp£S(§Sp^^ j^i 

Exert, «. i, muyatchipaijijugirathi 





Exertion, ^.muyarchi, ulaippu, (tpujfiS, 

s Exigence, 8, tarnvty, muttuppidii^ ^^ 

euiruj, QpLLQuufT®. 
Exist, V. t. irukkirathu, jfYikkifathu, 

, Expand, v, t» virikkirathu, aSiB&Stp^, 
*^ Expand, v. e. paravngifatliu, malargira- 

i Expanse, 8, virivn, parappu, la^ff^a/, ujr 

^ lEkpansive, a, Tiririna, eSif^wrrssr, 
Expect, V. ethirp^rkkifathu, erSifuirir^ 

Expel, V. ^.tallividngirathu, p&retf^iSKS 

Expend, t). t, ciielayalikkiratliu, 0<fF6U€u 
Expenditure, s. chenfachelaTu, Q^'ekjD 

Expense, 8, chelavn, Q^eua/. 
Expensive, a. adhtkavilaijtiHa, ^fSissB 

Experience, 8, arivu, anupavam, ^fiSe:^, 
Experieuce,^ v. t. anupavikkifathu, jn^ 
Experiment, 8. ch6thanai,parfdchai, Qs'tr 
Experimantal, a, porfdchaiy^a, uifil. 

Expert, a. palagina, ut^8&sr. 
Expiate. v,t. tfrkkifsthn, ^irsBjoSi* 
Expiration, 8, mudivn, npu^o^- 
> Expire, v, «, uyirvidnigirathu, a.u5/f fl9© 

Expired, 2?, a, ckcnfupdna, Gis'<xr^<JuiT 

Explain, v t vykk kj^nampar. nugitttlW , 

s^iuira Stun stsrih uem^s ^p^- 

Explanation, s. vinittiyurai, eQ(T^^ 

Explanatory, a vivaram^a, eSlsuiTLc 
Explicit, a. tittam^na, ^tLL^unresr^ 
Explode, t;. «. reditfrgirathu, Qaji 

ExpKnt, 9. athisajachoheygai, «^'^ 

Explosion, 8. vedi, athirqhehi,Q£ii^L , 

Export, s. errumathichcharakkn, <e 

Export, V. t. ^rrumathipaiinagirath 

Exposo, 9, t, kt^ttikko^ukkirathTi, . 

Expression, 9. ckol, Q^irdj. 
Expunge, V. ^ tudaikkir&tka, ^(saa 

Expttrgate, 9. t, satiipai]ii>ngiratbu, 

Extend, v. t, vis^lamikkn^rstthn, c 

Extend, ui.perukngirathii,Ou(T5^® 
Extension, 8, visilam, eSi^ireoih, 
Extensive, a. visilamdlna, eS^^ireom 
Extent, 8. vis^lam, eSffireoih, 
Exterior, a. yelipptitam^a, QoieifiL 

Exterminate v t. nirmtHamdkkngin 

External, a, velij^na, Q^etfiiurrissr. 
Extinct, a. avinta, j^^jsp, 
Extingaish, v. t, avikkirathu, aiiaikl 
thu, ^€Qk8jD^. jm^sm^QfD^ 
Extirpate, tJ. t v^rddalikkirathu, 

Extol, V, t prfr^ttugiratba, ufrjnrL 




Extortion, «. iduyanti,S)(S)AJj^j@. 
Extortioner, «. parik^ran, ujoSl-sfTffeir, 
Extra, a. michcham^a* uSs'^uiiresr. 
Extract, s siram, ^irFih, 
Extraordinarj, a. aptirvam^na, ^^'TOi 

Extrayagance,«.yf 0chelavu,€i^6ar Q ^euo;. 
Extreme, a, kadaisij^na, A6a)L.6(L/(T6sr. 
Extremely, ad. migavnm, uSseifLC. 
Extremity, s. kadaisi, ^battu, sasL.&^ 

Extricate, v. t nfkkagIrathu,/a^£);D J7* 

Exuberance, 8. chelippu, Q^i^uq- 

Exude, v.r vadigirathu, eui^wpj^. 

Exultation, « kaiippu, tf^uq. 

Eye, 8. kai}, ^eSar, 

Eye, V. L p^rkkirathu, uirireQ/D^. 

Eyebrow, «. nerrippuruvam, Q/pp/Sut^ 

Eyelash, «. kaQma4aldrattin urOmam, « 

Eyelid, s, kaomadal, tf€ar£joL.6u. 
Eyeservice, s. p^rvaikktSliyam, uirtrestoj 


Fable, s. katiukkathai, «L.®^<£F6a>;ff. 
Face, 8, mukham, munpuram,merpuram. 

Facile, a, leguv^na, Qeu^ajrresr. 
Facilitate, v. i, leguvikkugirathu, Qeo^ 

Fact, 8, nadantak^riyam, unmai, jbl^^ 

Fade, v. i, nifankedugitathu, vddu- 
girathu, jSjD&QaQ)i8fl>^y euiri^S 

Faices, s, malam, kashdam, useuLb, ao^ 

Fag, V. i. ilaikkirathn, ^"^iQp^. 
Fagot, 5. viragiikattu, a9/!j(5«L-®. 

Faint, v. i- chorugirathu, meymarakkira 

Faint, a. ^yisam^na, ^tuir^LBnssr. 

Fair, s, santai, ^ja^Bsfi, 

Fair, a. alagulla, niyayamana^ m^jfi^^ 

&r, jSiufnumnfeBf. 
Faith, 8. visuv^sam) kddp^du, s^f^.ofi 

Faithful, a. unmaiyulla, tLGSBreoiUijq&r&r 
Fall, V. i vilugirathu, ^q^Q/d^. 
Fallacy, 9 poy, pilai, Quirdj^ i^eaip. 
Fallow, a. karamb^na, taris^a, ^jrthui 

False. V. poyyina, Qunrujuj freer. 

Falsehood, 9, poy, Quituj. 

Falsity, «. poy, QutriL. 

Falter, v, i. tikkippesugirathn, jS-kQi 

Fame, 5. kfrtti, 8r00. 

Family, 8 samus^ram, kudumbami ^(t 

cfiF/TiTLb, (gJ®LbuU>. 

Famine, 8 pancham, u^^ih. 
Famish, v. i. pattinikidakkirathu, uiLi 

Famous, a. kfrttiperra, Sif^^Qupjo. 

Fan, 8. risiri, sQ&j6l. 

Fan, v. t. yisii'ugirathu, pudaikkirathu, 

Fancy, 8. eoiiam, mandr^jyam, erGsaresar 

Fancy, v, t, eoQUgirathn, ersmag^Sip^. 
Far, Orod, dtSramina, ^FLairetsr. 
Fare, «. payaQakktili, uuje5Brs&.eQ. 
Farina, 5. pdnt^thu, i^JBfin-jfi* 
Farmer, 8. payircheygifayan, uuSlirQ^dj 

Farrier, 8. l^ankattugifavan, 'eoiru.ii 

Farther, a. appurattil irukkira, ^uLjfi) 


'oshion, s. t. umvilkkiigirathu, &.^sjit 

'est, a. sfkkiram^na, nilaJyulja, ffkQsr 

LDiresr, ;fi3sL>nj«fretr. 
'ast, ad. churukk^T, Hfhkiromjy, «jiia 

aain, 9&Qsr<Jiiiii. 
'aaten, 1I. t. ^t\\\i^x^^n, ^iL(BSfl>^ 
'aatenisg, s. koiuvi, plittu, Q«/r^sS, 

yCW. ■ 
'at, 3. koluppu, QarriipiJL/. 
'at^ d. kolutta, QeaQ^fifi. 
'ate, s. vidhi, eS^. 
'ather, s. pitki, tagappan, iSfiir, ^aO 

atherless. a. pithivUlitba, tSfiirtSeu 

athom, f. p^am, uitaui. 

atbom, V. t. ^amp^kkirathu, ^ynh 

athomlesa, a. akilUiELm^a, ^eirfiLair 

- em. 
atigiie, 8. dyJBOH!, ilaippu, ^mirfd, ^ 

atigne,o.f. ilaikkackcbeygirathu, ^Seit 

atten, d. (, kolukkirathu, QsirQgie@ 

aiilt, s. kurram, piliii, tappitham, g;^^ 

anltleaa,a. pijaiyilldtha, LSanipiiSeusu/r^ 

aTour. a. dajavu, ^ujqj. 

avonrite, s. nesan, Ojptfsor. 

awD, 3. minkanru, Loir^^c^^. 

awD, V. i. ne'siuokitUngiTathu, Q^ff^ik 

ear, s. bhayam, achcham, uiuili, j)^ 

ear, v. {. bhayappadtigirothu, uiuuu® 

earful, a. bhayom^na, bhayankoranUna, 

Feast, s. vinintn, tStS0^. 
Fcaat, V. viruiitiipaqQiigirHthu, ei9 

Feather, a ifagii, !a);B®. 
Feature, «. cbiyal, mugaebcliiyal. 

Fee, s. kiSli, sambolam, «.eS, a^ii ^_^,-^ 
Foe, II. (, kiilikattugirathu, a.^-^^,^^^. 

Feeble, a. talarchcbiyilBa, fieirif^^^ 

Feed, ti. i ilttiigirathn, esc'_®©/d^. 
Feed, V. i. meygiratku, pnakkiraijji, 

Feel, 0- iioarugiratbu, parisikkiratliu. 

Feeling, s. uoarchchi, irakkam, s-esurn^ 

Feigned, «. p61iyiiia, QuneSiLntea: 

Felicity, s- inbam, §isbuih. 

Fell, V. I. tarikkirathu, veitugiratlr.i, ,« 

Felloe, a. valaiyakkattai, euleniuiaCssii^, 

Fellow, £. kiiffSli, a.iL.L.!re^. 

Feion, a. kurravSli, pitliakan, grfipajir 

Female, a- peii, Queia. 

F«ice, a. vSli, a4aippa, Qeu^^^aai^uq. 

Fence, v- t. v^liya^aikkiratliu, QaueStu 


Ferocious, u. dushda, ^d^i 

Ferocity, s. dash^attanam, ^of.i-.^^ 

Ferrulo, a. piiij, i^eax. 
Ferry, a tufai, ^«ejd. 
Ferry-boat, sturaittt5i)i,^aj>/i!^G',ffiraraf5. 
Fertile, o chelippulja, OjL^uqsieff. 
Fertility, s, chclippu, Oifj^uL/. 
Fertilize, n. t. chelikkappanniigiratlm, 
Q j^ Li' s « LJ u 6>fer,^ © n) ^ . 




Festival, s pandigai, utsavam, usians^ 

Fetch, V. t. eduttukkondtivarugirathu, 

Fetid, a. n^rram^na, tsirproLnirtssr, 
Fetter, s. k^vilangu, sirevsSsofki^. 
Feud, s. saijdai, «ff6sjr0»t-. 
Fever, s. juram, k^ychchal, Srjrih^ siriu 

Few, a- chila, koffja, ^eo, QstT(6r<tF» 
Fibre, a nir, j5irrr. 

Fiction, r. kattukkathai» acQisea^. 
Fiddle, s. kinnaram, vfnai, fiograxrirtb, 

Fidelity, ». uijmai, &.&SarsaiUi. 

Fie, (nt. chfchclii, &^9* 

Field, 8. veli, vayal, pulam, QeusiP, qjoj 

of battle, p6rkkalam, Qutrifs^enih. 
Fierce, a, ugramana, ^&8jrLDfrssr» 
Fife, #. vdyhkulaJ, Qeudjit^ip^, 
Fifteen, s-tf. pathinaificliu, u^SfeDr<g5<ar. 
Fifth, a. aiffchim, ^{^fftrih. 
Fifty, s-o. aimpathu, ©lou^. 
Fig, s. attippalam, ^^Quuipih, 
Fight, s. chaiidai, yiiddam, ^s«:6a>L_, iq 

Fight, V. chaijdaiseygirathu, <^€soreaiuQ£' 

Figure, «• uruvam, ilakkam, SLQ^euih, @ 

File, s. aram, c^ytrii*. 
File, V. t. arivugirathu, ^inr(s^SifD^' 
Fill, V, L iiirappngirathu, niyaivikkira- 
thu» fisruLjB/DS^, jSnisjD^^Sp)^^, 
Fill, V, i, mrambugirathu, nifaigiratha, 

Filter, V. t. vaiikattugirathu, euis^siL® 


Fin, 8, mfnchetlai, LSmQ-e^iLeou, 
Final a, mudivdna, Qpi^-euiresr. 
Finally, ad. kadaisiyiy, fseaiu^iuntu. 
Find, V, t, kandupidi](kirathu, ^essiQ 

Fine, s. abar^tham, ^utrfrfiih. 
Fine, t?. t. abartlthamp6dugirathu, « 

Fine, a. nutimaiy^na, alag^na, ^skr& 

Finger, «. kaiyiral, angtdi, esiS^Slirw^ 

Fore, ^kdttiviral, suttuTiral, ^iL 

Middle, nadnviral, js(SlsSjr&}. 
Bing, fiinayiral, (^tresrsSjr^, 
Little, chinnaTiral, S^€sre9jr€^>* 
breadth, yirftrka4B«i, tSjrpseaiL^* 

Finger, v. t. ta4avugirathu, ^i^skiSfo 

Finish, 8. madivu, (ip(^^- 

Finish, v, t mudikkirathu, cheythutf 
kirathtt, (y^ijf.aSlpffii Q^iu^^ 

Fir, 8. devBt^ram, Q^oj/gtrFi^' 
Fire, «. nerappU| agni, Qj^cjuq, , 

Fire, v. koluttugitathu, veditfrkkirat 

Firebrand, «. nerappukkolUt kolliki 
tai, QiB(^uLfsQsfr^^^ Qsirm 

Firefly, 8, minmini, LSc6Tt£eS. 
Firelock, 8. tnppakki, ^uutrisQ. 
Firewood, s, vifaga, iSp^. 
Fireworks, s. vdiiam, ^iresarub. 
Firm, a- nruthiyina, ^^^ujiresr* 
Firmament, s, v^naveli, euiresfQeu&fl. 
Firmness, s. tidaim,uTathi,^i-LL, slji 
First, a, muthalam, Qp^eoinh. 




Firstfruits, $. muthalpalaQ|(ip#ou uaosir. 
Firstling, 5. talaiyfrru, fi^uSjbjpi' 
Fir^trate, a. muthal taram^a, Qfifi^ fiir 

Fish, 8. min, machcham, d^eor, lA^^Fib. 
Fish, V. i, mfnpiiiikkifathu, lBssilSl^s 

Fishery, s, mfnpi^iturai, ihesnSi^^Ga^jo. 
Fishhook, 8. tdo4il> ^esi^ufL^. 
Fissure, $. pilappu, ve4ippa} lS^ul/, 

Fist, 8. karaniutti> ^jtq/^ljj^ , 

Fitf 5. janni, valippu, ^6&^, cu^ul/. 

Fit, V. ^. sarippa4uttugirathu, <ffff}LJu(d 

Fit, 1). i. isaigirathu, ^cod^Spj?. 

Fit, a. taguthiy^a, ^rpt, fi^fiiuir^^ ^ 

Fitneaa, taguthi, fi^^> 
Fili|pa~0« aiflfohay ®(^«. 
Fix,!). ^. DUaippa4uttugirathU| i£rxn^ik- 

kirathu, ^^uu^iljB^Sp^) ^/riDfr 

Fixed, p. a. mlaippatta, /S&uuuil^. 
Flabby, a. ilakkam^na, ^ea-<£(ffLQ/rasr. 
Flag, 9.1. talargifathiu ^0rr/f@p^. 
Flagrancy, «. ko^umai, Qaar^eanD. 
Flagstaff, 8. ko4imaram9 Qsiri^Lafth. 
Flame, 8, sw^i, Sr^ir^, 
FlamiDg p. a- swdlikkira* <^Qiir6Q^Sp, 
Flank s, viU, pakkam, eSeotr, usaih. 
Flannel, 8 kambdlam, sthuetrih. 
Flash, 8, palapa]appu, umumui^. 
Flash, V. i, palichchidugirathu, ujsrfl^^ 

Flat, 8. tattai, fiCesiL^. 

Flatten, «. t. tattaiyikkugirathu, fiiLss)L. 

Flatter^ v. t. mukhastuthipesugiT&tW, Qf^ 



Flattery, .9. mukliastutlii, (ip'S&u^ 
Flavour, s, suvai,urusi. <3?os>su, a-( 
Flaw, 8 vedippu, paluthu, Qsui^i 

Flax, 9. chai^al, ^ssoreo. 

Flea, 8^ teU.u, Qfi&r^. 

Flee, V. i. tappiycSdugirathu, ^ulSC 

Fleece, 8 ^ttur6mam, ^iLQQtrirLQ 

Fleece, v. t ittur6mankattirikki? 
ayakkavargiyathu, ^C,®Qirn 
fi^ffliSip ^, j>ipis<B^iTQp£ 

Fleet, 8, kappalktSttam, auu^&-L 

Fleet, a. tfviram^na, ^sfiinafresr. 

Fleeting, a. nilaiyarra, jSdsotupp. 

Flesh, 8. m^misam, iraichchi, Lain 

Fleshly, a. tasaikkadutta, manushf 

Flexible, a. vaiaiyattakka, vasaiyatt 

Flight, a. dttami ^d^ih. 
Flimsy, a. pelanarrat QueoesTpp- 
Fling, V, t, erigirathu, criSlQp^, 
Flint, 8. tittattikkalj ^fSfiiH^'S&& 
Flirt, V. t. telikkirathu, Qjse^kB^ 
Float, 8. teppam, Qfiuuu^. 
Float, V. t, mithakkappanougirathu 

Float, V. i, mithakkintthu, iB^sk 
Flock, s. ktiitaw, mantai, t^L^L-ti 

Flock, V. i. ktidikkoljugirathu, < 

Flog, V. t. adikkifathu, jiji^&Slp4 
Flood, vellam, Qeu&fKsmh- 
Floodgate, s, madaiyadaikkum kai 

Lnecs)uujL^s^ib^fi€ij . 
Floor, 8. talam, tarai, ^(sirih^ ^^cr 




Flour, s. ma. Lntr, 

Flourish, V. *. cholikkiratliu, Q£=l^&Q 

Flow, 8. p^ychcLal, ufTiUffffso, 
Flow, V, i. pdygivathu, utnuQn)^, 
Flower, s. pti, pushpam, ^, Lfo^uih. 
Flower? v. i. pushpikkirathu, L^d^tSlsSi 

Flowery, a. ptJvulla, y a/cfrcrr. 
Fluctuate, v, i, alaigirathu, ^Ssufip^. 
Fluctuation, s. alaivu, tattalippu, jy^®/* 

Flue, a. pokaichellunkuHy, qsB)<ffQ<Fsu 

Fluid, s. nfr, jffir. 

Fluid, V. nfrttanmaiy^na, /f/r^^^cwcrotB 

Fluidity, s. nfrttanmai, 0^^fi€&resiUi. 
Flurry, s. pathaipathaippu, umpues^ 


Flutter, V. i. pathaikkiraihu, ussi<Bk& 

Flux, *. vayirrukkaliohchal, ojuSp^ss 

Fly, «. f, kosugu, FFy Qsrrsr^, 

Fly, t?. ^. parjikirathu, ddugifathu, up 

Foal, 5, kutti, ^flijL. 
Foam, 5. nurai, j^esur, 
Fodder^s, tfni, ^6Df?. 
Foe, s. satturu, ff^^q^. 
Fog, 5. rnddupani, ^OL/sjf? 
Fold, s. madippu, u^ts^ ul]. 
Fold, f. ^ madikkirathu, ldi^-bSI/d^' 
Follow, v.t. todarugirathu, pinchellu- 
girathu, Q;SfrL.Q^8fD^, L96aQ<9=eb 

Folly, 5. arivfnam, paittiyam, jy fl$?fi^sw 

J^onc/, a. priyamdna, padcbaminay iSlfiip 

Fondly, 1. 1. sfr^ttuppaijnugiratlm, ^ir/r 

Fondness, s padcham, uiL'^lo. ♦ 

Food, s, bhojanam, uijavu, Qutrs^iHsiUH 

Fool, s. mtidan, paittiyak^ran, ^f-eSr, 

Foolery, s, buddhiylnam, L^^^uSesrth, 
Foolish, a.paittiyam^a, esiu^^tutMircBt. 
Foot, 8, p^tham, adi, uit^u>^ Jy'p-« 
Footing, 5. nilai, ^fiSev. 
Footpath, %, sirupdthaij &^u^0Si/g, 
Footsoldier, 8, kil^, aireoirm. 
Footstep, 8, adichchuvadu, jfn^s'Sr^tD. 
Footstool, s. pdthapl4M°> uirfitSL.ih. 
For, prep, nimittam, bathil, ^iB^fstl^ 

For, con, ^nenil, ^Oeweoflei'. 
Forage, s. irai, g)OT>/r. 
For-as-much, con, padiy^l, lm^ujitjL^ 
Forbear ,«. porukkiyathu,Qun"jj/«fl^j3. 
Forbearance, s porumai, QuirjfiGSiUh, 
Forbid, a, t. vUakkugirathu, ^eok^Q 

Force, s.vallamaifbal^tk^ram, Gia^eueoD^aj 

Force, v, t. baUtk&ampaiTitjngirathn, u 

Forceps, s. kuradu, ^/d®. 
Forcible, a* belan^na, Quev^sisr, 
Ford, 9, turai, ^ewflj. 
Ford, V, t jfrukadakkirathu, cg^^i-^ 

Fordable, a. t^ndakktidiya, ^tressn^ksk 

Fore, a. mun, routhal, (ipsor, qp^ev, 

arm, munnankai, (tpecr •»■©«»«. 
Forebode, v, t. kurik^ttugirathu, ^/i& 

a^^ . 



FOX ] 

Forefront, s. munpurani, (t^&nLj/Dih. 
Foregoing, p. a» munclielliigira, (ipeorO^F 

: Forehead, «. ne?ri, OfspjSi* 

Foreign, a. anniyadesattilulla, ^sstg^iu 

Foreigner, «. purattlsattan, mn^QfiS"^ 

r. Foreknow «. <. mnnnapgiratliu, (ipeSr 

Foreland, «, desamunai, Qfi^Qp^ssr* 
Foreman, |. talaivan, ^Ssufiusor . 
Foremost, a- muntina, (tpjE> jiesr. 
Forenoon, «. munn^am, (yieSr(?«rxrtb. * 
Foresee, a. t munk^Ogirathn, Qpeersir 

Forest, 8. k^a,Yanam, «tT®% mesru^^ 
Foretaste, z, munnnrosi, (ipcSrjgar^l^. 
Fore-tell, v, t munnanvikkirathu, Qpfiir 

F<myer, ad. enraikkum, €T&freaifl>i^ih. 
Fore-warn, v. t- ephcharikkirathu, er^^F 

Forfeit, s. abar^tkam, ^uirirfith. 
Forfeiture, 8. nash4am, ^^L.Lb« 
Forge, a. nlai, *.&«. 

Forgery, «• kalja eluttu, am err crQp^^, 
Forget, V, t. marakkirathu, ld/dsB/d^* 
Forgive, v, t, mannikkirathu, u^meiB^Q 

Forgiveness, «. mannippu, ajeorcBfluL/. 
Fork, 8, mul, (ipefr. 
Forked, a. kavarvitta, <ffQ/#€j9L.L-- 
Forlom, a. itbaravarya, ^^sreupp. 
Form, uruvam, ^(v^^ih. 

for form's sake,oppukkn, ^ul\s^. 
Form, V *. uruvikkugivatliu,«.(75«//r«^ 

Form, n>, i. uijdigirathu, ^essnLirSp^, 
Forma), a, vSshamdna^ Qojc^iU^ireat . 
Former, a, muntina, Qp^jSesr, 

Formerly, ad. murk^lattil, (Lpji)< 

Formidable a, bhayankaram^na, l 

Fornication,^, vipach^ram, eSlu^n 
Forsake, v . t. vittuvidugirathu, eSl 

Forsooth, ad. meyyiy, Quidjiufruj. 
Fort, s. kdttai, QsirC&>i^. 
Forth, ad. munne, veliye, Qp&a Qe6 

Forthwith, ad. chfkkiram^y,^«©ir 
Fortify, t?. t. balappaduttugiyathu, 

Fortitude, e, dhairyam, ea^iBojih, 
Fortress, a. k6ttai, Q^strtLeau. 
Fortuitous, a. tafcheyaUna, ;sjl 

Fortunate, a. athish4am^a, anukti 

Fortune, a. athish4am, b^kkiyam, j 

Fortune-teller, « kuri cholvdn, (^^ 

Forty, a-*, n^jpathu, jsirpu^. 
Forward, t. t, munnanuppugifath 


Forward, ad, munn^, (ifiesQetsr. 
Foster, 'O.t va]arkkirathu,€v<3ir/r«fi 
Foul, a. alukktfna^ ^Q^^siretsr. 
Foundation, 8. astiv^ram, ^(siu^mi 
Fountain, «, tlrcu, ssB:pjf)i. 
Four, Ors* n^u, jgir^. 
Fourfold, a, n^umad angina, ^/rj 

Foursquare,^. chaihuram^na,<^^FL 
Fourteen; a. pathinila, u0^^, 
Foartli, a. n^li(m, jBireuirih. 
Fowl, 8. k61i, QsiTL^. 
"Soviet ^ %.Vo.\«:^^sa.^ ^^^^ . 




Fnxcturc, s, vodippu, ottui, Qsui^uL^y cp 

Fragile, a. noimaiyana, OfBtrujeamnuirosr, 
Fragment, s kanJam, tundam, ««ferL_Lh, 

Fragrant, a. v^sanaiy^na, eufr-ff^iuiresr. 
Frail, a, balaYinmulla, ueoeE&srQp&i&r, 
Frank a. kapadamarra, suL^tojbfo* 
Frantic, a. mtirkkim^na, ^ir&SLoir&sr. 
Fraud t s. kapadam, «UL.Lb- 
Fraudulent, a. vaflchanaiyulla, ©.(^cfSsqt 

Fray, s. obaodai, '^oaresiL.. 

Free, v. t. nikkngirathu, 0k^@to^, 

Free, a. tannishdam^na, /g&acaflQ^ULair 

Freedom, 5. sw^dhfnam, Yi4utliala], dF 

Freely, ad. ishdam^i, g)d^L.Lo/r(Lf. 
Freeze, v, i- Ufaigirathu, ^eoi/DSfDS^. 
Freight, g, errumathi, qrpjs^ui^. 
Frenzy, s. paittyam, eaufi^iuih. 
Frequent, a. a4ikkadiyina, ^i^i^i^ 

Fresh, a. puthiya, q^iu. 
Friday, 8, yeljikkilamai, QoiexrefiaQifi 

Friend, s. sin^haziy tuijaivan, SQearaeBr^ 

Friendless, a. tuiiaiyilUtiiia, ^^esartiSeb 

Friendly, a» padcham^na, UfLs^mtresr, 
Friendship, s, sinebam, na4pu, ^QjBsih^ 

Fright, 8, bhayam, uiu\h. 

Frighten, V. t. bhayappa^uttugirathu, u 

Frightful, a. bhayankaramdna, uium^ir 

Frigid, a. kulimta, ^SfBirjifi, 
Fringe, s, tongal, Q/ssir&Jsd), 

Frisk, V. i. kutliikollugivatliu, @^G 

61'/ ^Qp£!l, 
Frog, 5. tuviilai, jssu'bsfr. 
From, prep, iriintu, &Q§;6j^. 

time to time, app6thapp6tliu, jyu^ 

Front, 5. niunpuram, QprnLj/DiK 
door, talaiv^al, ^^Ssuoiir^cu. 
Frost. 8, uraipani, a-seo^ucofl. 
Froth, 8. nurai, j^soir. 
Frown, s. k6pain, Qsiruui' 
Frugal, a. malt^ychcholaiud ugifa. 

Fruit, 8. palam, praydjanam, L/ipii, 

Fruitless, a. palan ill^tha, ueoar j 

Fry, V, t. porikkirathu, Ou/r/fl^fipj 

Fuel, 8* vipBgu, eQfl)(S' 

Fulfil, v. t. niraiverragiratha,t£rkkira< 

Full, 5. ptiraijam, triptij^iresBriJa, jS^i! 
Full, a. niraiv^na, fiest/oeun-esr. 
Fully, ad niraiya, muluthum, jSm^ 

Fulness. «. samptlranam, s^uh^treasrih. 
Fumigate, p. t. pugaik^ttugifathu, qi 

Fun, $. parih^isami k6li,u/f?<ffa-^u), (7« 
Fundt s. muthal pai^am, (LD;ff6u /./^oort 
Fundament, 8. kutam, (gfiih. 
Fundamental, a. mtil^th^ram^na^ ^4 

Fur, 8. melliyanSmam, Qiasv^ujQ 

Furious, a. mtlrkkomullay (yi^^AsQpeir 

Furnace, «. chtilaiy i^cEDm. 

Furnish, v. £. ch^garittuid£o4ukkiratl 

Furniture, s. Y£t|uttaitumuttii, Bfft:_( 




, 8. ulavusil, £.Lpa/«ff/r6u. 

L-, ad. melum, appuram, Qm^ih^ 

Tnore, ad, alUmaluin, mflum, ^ 

. mtirkkam. (tpirssih, 

8. yamnk^lam, mi(§ib«treoih. 
y, 8. varunkilam, euQ^ikiBirevui^ 


8 kuruttf, gj(75L-£fi.. 

. t v^ykattugirathu, ojirdjstL® 

id. ullisam&j, &6u6UJi^^/riL/. 

. ^tkayam, labham, ^fiirtuih^ eurr 


. t ^tUayampaoougirathn, t^fSir, p6kku, pmi^ Qu^k@, 
. ka4uJakarrUi JsQsjairfi)^, 
!^ a, Tframulla, eBjTQ^&T' 
^ry» .«. yiram, eSinh, 
, s. dttanii ^L.i-ih. 
, «. t. piynt6dugirathii, uiruj^ 

B, 8. tdkkumaram* ^k^Lairth, 
3, V ». BtSthuvilaiyi'lugirathu, @^ 

ing, ti. n. 8dthu, <j^j^* 

9. vilaiyiUui eS^iuiriLQ. 

oek, $. p(5rchch8Yal, Qutrn^Q^ 

ter, s. stithukdran, @j3^/rir6er. 
g, fi. suthlittam, ^^/rtlL-Lb. 

«. kiitt^ti^* A.tLi.U£. 

r. kavalktidam, «ir-fiu0UA.L.Lb. 

, kamar, ^lo^t. 

«. i. kottavividngirathu, O&uiL 

}f, veahani k61a^l,^a'a^Lb,^«^6VJ^. 

Garden, s, tottam. Q^inLLst, 
Gardener, s. tdttakkkran, Q^!riLi^ss3[r 

Garland, s pthn^lai, ^lo/tSsu. 

Garlic, s. vellaivengayam, Qsu&i^^Q&i 

Garment, s. vastiram, ojeh^irtii* 
Garner, s, kalaiicbiyam, ss(str(^Suj'j^, 
Gumish, v. t alankarikkiratbu, ^eviwss 

Gas, ?. ^vi, ^sS. 

Gash, s. vettu, kfru, Qcwtl,®, iSjjf. 

Gasp, 1?, t. varuttamiymtlcliclierigirathii, 

Gate, 9. v^sal, kathavu, 6u/r<d'€u, ,ff;d;(S)/. 
Gather, u t ch^rkkirathu, ktSttugirathu, 

Gauge, 8, alavu, ^m^. 

Gauge, V, L alakkirathu, ^eakSip^. 

Gay, a, ull£(sam^a, e.eu0i>/r«F£o/r6sr. 

Gaze, •?.i. urrappirkkirathu, e./DjjfiJur 

Gazette, «• sam^h^rapattirigai, ^imrs'irjr 

G«ld, v. t viraivtfskugitathu, GS^so/ro/zr 

Gelding, «• viraiv^ngappattakuthirai, cfi 

Gem, 5. mai>i, rattinam, tnefstfiy sr^^ 

General, 8- padaittalaiTiin, uea^i^^fii^ 

(xeneral, gi* pothuv^na, Quir^^iresr^ 
Generally, 0(2. pothuvi^y, Quir^ojirdj. 

Generate, v.£. janippikkiratbu, fEFefiut^ 

Generation, s. talaimurai, ^25t*(Epfia>^. 
Generosity,' s. udiraguijam, ^^irjr@ 




Gentle, a. sathuvina, sdntamana, <fl=/r^ 

Gentleman, 5. duraimagan, ^eauruis^. 
Gently, ad, mellamella, methuv^y, Qlo6u 

Genuine, a.uomaiy^na. suttamina, slot 

6a>Louj/r6or, Sr^fiLafT&sr, 
Geography, 8. hhtJgdlasastiram, y,Qsw 

Germ, s. mulai, talir, (tp^Brr, fieittir- 
Germinate, v.*. naulaikkirathu, talaik- 

Get, V. t sambithikkirathn, y^kugifa- 

thu, s=ihuir^ds8fD^9 euff{EJ(^8/D^, 
Ghastly, a. chettartibup6nra, Qs^^fi^ 

Ghee, 5. ney, Qjpuj. 
Ghost, 8. ^vi, c^ffl9. 
Giant, 8 rddchathan, §ljrirC.^fi€or, 
Gibbet, 8. ttikkomarom, ^S(gLbsnh, 
Giddiness, 5. kirukirupl^i, fij^fi jifuq. 
Gift» «. kodai, into, Q«/r«s>t_, @^Lb. 

of land, m^niyam, Oi/rcoflajti. 
Gifted, p. a. trixjiyiilla, ^jrfrssdiiLj&reir. 
Gigantic, tf. migavum periya, a9«Q/LQ 

Gild, t). «. ta%am ptisDgirathu, jSiassih 

Gilding, 8. porptSchchu, Quirpi^<fSr' 
Gimblet, s. turappaoami ^puuesBrth, 
Gin, s. churukku, SrQi^s^. 
Ginger, 9. lA'chi, §}^8. 
dried, sukk'i, «<s^. 
Gird, t). ^. araikkattukkattugirathu, jf 

Girdle, *. araikkachchu, ^&Dir-s<ss=<Br, 

Girl, 3. chirnpet}, S^Qussar. 

Girth, s. tahgnv^r, ^®@ai;n"/r. 

Give, 1?. ^ kodukkifathu, tarngirathii, 

^ Q<3B IT (Si sSp^j ^Q^&ro^* 

Gizzard, s« padchiyinkalirral, uiL^n 

Glad a. santdsham^na, ^^(Sfiirei^Lan 
Gladden, v. t, santdshappaduttugirai 

Glance, s. kaigLQdttam, aeaiaQ^L-L^L 
Glass, 8 kaoQ^, ssasar^i^. 
Glean, v, t. vidukathirporukkugirai 

Glee, 8 kotid^tfam, 0«/r6Mri_./rLLL_Lh 
Globe, 8. uiidai, g61am, &.€6sr&s3i^^ C 

Globular, a. uijdaivadiv^na, p.eoareoi 

Gloom, 8, mand^ram, m^^iriru^. 
Gloomy, a, mand^ram^na, iD^^TTsru^n 
Glorious, a. mahimaiyulla, llQ&shjm 


Glory, s. mahimai,k{rtti, u^SeoiUi, @rr^ 

Glory, t). i, mahimaipirittugirathu, v 

bnp^ugirathn, LaSsaLnutrinnH 

Gloss, 8. tulakkam, ^eok^sih. 
Glow-worm, $. minmini, d9eari£l0^. 
Glue, 9. vachchirappasai, eu^Bjuuec 
Glutinous, a. pisilpisuppana, iSlaiSI 

Gnat, 8, kosugn, QsfT^(g, 
Gnaw, V. t. kadikkifathn, ats^^Sp^' 
€ro, V, i, p6gitathu, chellugirathu, Q 

before, muntn, Qp^s^. 

behind, pintu, iSlfi^, 
Goad, 5. ti^rrukk61, ^Trn^^kQeir&j, 
Goat, 3. velHdu, QQ;6fr<5»r/r®. 
God,«.devan,ka4avul, Co^suegr, «z-.ey 

Goddess, $. d^vi, Q^sS* 

Godfather, 5. fi^attagappan, (gjircur^ 

Godliness, 5. deyvabhakti, Q^iL^um 
Godmother, s. ffa'nattJfy, (^irm^^irij. 




.. Godowa, 5. kidaiigu, Ql^iei^. 

Going, V. n. choTavu, p6kkii, O-^eua/, 

t Gold, 8 pen, tafigam, Qufrecir, ^sisisih. 
Goldsmith, 5. tatt^n, ^ilt-/r(fCT. 
Good, s. nanmai, jpssrsoiLn- 

*" Good, a. nalla, ;f6u^. 

, Goodnature, 5. narkurjam, jefi^eserih. 
Goods, s. simin^ charakku, ^Ffru^neat^ & 

Goose, s. viCttu, eutr^j^. 
Gore, V. L kuttugirathu, ^^^Qp^- 
Gosling 8. v^ttakkunchu,Q;/r^^«@(65#. 
Gospel, s. suvisesham. ,£Fai9(?«ff=<a?»iij. 
Gossamer, 8. silambindl, fi^euLbLVjjareu. 
Gossip, 1?. i. alappugirathu, j^culjl/S 

Gourd, 8. kommatti, Q^/rLotDtlt^. 
wild, peykkommatti, (SuiusQ^frihui 

Govern, v, t, ^lugaicheygiratliu, ^(^«ro<s 

Government, s. duraittanatt^r, sarkk^^r, 

Governor, 8. des^thipathi, arasan, Q^-gFir 

Grown, 8. angi, jy/KiS. 
Grace, «. kirbai,arul, ©(i^erou, ^n^&r. 
Graceful, a, alag^na, ^tp^/resr. 
Gracious, a. kirbaiyulla, @Q^€6>u(qarefr, 
Gradual, a, padippadiy^na, uifuuif 

Gradually, ckI. varavara, (suirojir. 

Graft, 8. ottavaittakilai, ^tLi^msu^^s 

K Grain, s, dWniyam, ^rrcofJoJii. 

dry, navadh^nyam, jBeu/Sir&sflujLh, 
Gram, s kollu, Osfrerr^- 
Bengal, kadalai, <slJ^\ 
red, tuvarai, ^su&sifr, 
black, u\nntu, o.i^.^,'^. 

Grammar, s. ilakkariaiii, vyrlk 

Granary, s. pandas^lai, usesfi^-g^t 
Grand, a, mahattuvamdna, ^ 

Grandchild, s. perappillai, Quiru 
Grandeur, s. mahattuvam, zjd<£f^. 
Grandfather, 8. pdttan, u/rilL-esr 
Grandmother, 8. patti, utlLu^, 
Granite, s. karunkal, sa^-bs^. 
Grant, 8. upakaram, Q-umirjrih, 
in writing, pattayam, in^yat 

of land or trees, free from ass< 
m^niyam, uMreaflajih. 

Grant, v, t, arulugifathu, koduk 

Grape, 8. tir^d chappalam,^ n-frCs 
Grasp, 8. pidi, lSI^l. 
Grass, 8. pul, qeu. 
Grasshopper, 8. vettukkili, Qa/L_( 
Grateful a. nanriyulla, js^fSl^i 
Gratification, 8. santdsham, <f;JO 

Gratify, t? <. piriyappaduttugirai 

Gratifying, a. santcjshappaduttui 

Grave, s. pr^thakkuli, iSiQ(T^k(^ 
Gravel, «. k61^hkal, Qafretr.iis}^ 
Gravy, s. tinam, esEearth, 
Graze, v. t. meygirathu, QloiLS^ 
Grease, 8. koluppu, Q«rr(i^LJL/. 

Grease, u. ^ kojuppnppd-lngiratl 

Great, a. panimaiyina, UiT^(Ps>LaL 
Greatly, ad, adhikam^y, ^^^u 
Greatness, s. perumai, QuQ^aiaiUi 
Greediness, s. pdrjJsai, (oijfjireoj^ 
Greedy, a. pcrj^saikoriL'^a, Quirn-'i 




Green, s, pasumai, pachchai^ u?r oODio, u 

Greeu, a, pasumaiy^a, ua^sia>LDiuiTiRsr» 
Greens, 3 kiraivagai, ^6ai!Teueai&. 
Grief, s, dukkham, ^&sih. 
Grievous, «. dukkhaminaf ^««Lo/r6w- 
Grill, V* t. vdttugifatliu, (sunCJBiQfl)^* 
Grin, 8 nagaippu, ^6B)«ljl/. 
Grin, tj. parkittngirathu, upstrC(Si& 

Grind, d. t. araikkirathu, chiiiaipidikki- 

Grinders, 8. kadaivayppal, ««»L-©i/ri£ju 

Grindstone, a. ammi, jfiihuS^ 

Gripe, s. pidippu. lSi^ul/. 

Groan, 5. perumticlicliu, OL/^ftp^tflF. 

Groan, v, i. periimtldtichuvidugirathu, 

Ou(T^(ip4F .Sr a9 (& 3p^. 

Groom, s. kutliiraikkaran, ^^gsurksir 

Groove, s. tavilippu, ^seuir&f^uLi, 

Grope, V. u tadavugirathu, fiuojQpffi, 

Gross, a, panitta, uQ^^fi. 

Ground, «• nilam, tarai, jBeoih^ fiea»ir» 

Group, s. ktlttam, OuCLjh, 

Grove, s. cholai, toppu, Q^n^so^QfiiruLf* 

Grow, V, i valarugirathu, euetrQ^Spffi" 

Growl. V. t. urumugirathu, ^^QpQpffi* 

Growth, s. valarchchi, aueir/f^^. 

Gruel, 8. kaiichi, «(gffl. 

Grumble, v, i- murumurwkkirathu, q^ 

Gn.nt, V. i. miirugugirathti, (LfiJlf(sSp 

Guard, s, k^val, sireudj. 

Guard, v, U k^ppi^rr^giratliu, siruuirp 

Guava, s, ko^y^maram, QsiriLiutru 
Guess, 8> uddesdm, s.^QfiiFih. 
Guess, a. t uddesikkifatbu, ^fisQ^ 

Guest 8 atitlu, ^^0. 
Guide, 5. valikiitti, isuifisnfiLi^, 
Guide, V. t valik^ttugitathn, a/L^ 


Guile, s kapadatn, «LJu.Lc. 
Guilt, 8. kurram, (^ppih. 
Guiltless, a. kurramarra, ^jbpLnjb^ 
Gulf, 5. kudikkadal, nfrkku4^, (^i- 

Gull,u.<. vanchikkirathu,Qi(e5fi«©, 
Gum, «. pisin, iSS&sr. 
Gun, s. tuppdkki, ^uunsSi* 
Gunpowder, s. vedimarutitu, Q^>j^ 

Gut, 8* kudal, ^l.6u. 
Gutter, 5. nfrkk^l, fi(t&&{iec, 


Ha, int, ^lia ! ^sir ! 

Habit, 6. valakkam, udai, ekiy^ 


Habitation, «. vldu, eS*®. 
Habitual, a^ yalakkamdna,6i;Lp^< 
Hack, V. t, tundikkiyathu, jije 


Haft, 8, kaippidi, eoiSuiSis^, 
Hail, s. ^Idnkatti, ^eotrk^nLisf. 
Hair, s. mayir, ldujI^. 
Half, s. arai* araivasi, ^crofr, ^ 
Halt, %. i. tankagirathu, ^tsiq 
Hammer^ 8. sutti, chammatti, 

Hamper, s kddai, a-scdl. 
Hand, $. kai, vsiS, 
Haudculi', §, kaivilangu, ca* 




* Handful, s, kaippidi, eadBUL^u^, 

Handicraft, s, kaittolil, «i»<ff^Q^/rL|9€u. 

' Handkerchief, s, kiittai, (gCesL.. 

Handle, f kJinibu, kaippidi, «/rLCL/, eae 

of a plough, Qldl^, 
' Handle, v^ t. kaiy^dugiyathu, eosiuirQ 

Ilandmill, 8. tirigai, entiram, kaiyenti- 
ram, ^;fi6ro«, ^jt^Wih, emsQuJ^^ 

Handsome, a. alag^na, ^ipsrresr' 
Handwriting, s. kaiyeluttu, €aisQiU(Lp 

Handy, a kaichch^marttiyam4na^ 6s>e£^ 

Hang, V. t. ttSkkugirathu, ^&^8fl)^. 
Hang, v.i. tonkugirathu, Q^inb(^@fDj^> 
Hanger-on, s- ttJkkuiji, ^tfgjasjfl. 
Hangings, «. t6raijam, Q^frsresGrih, 
Happen, i*. i sambhavikkirathu, ^iLuaSI 

Happiness, ?. manabh^gyam, La&sruuir 

Happy, a. manabh^gyamulla, LDearuuir 

person, bh^gyav^n, bh^gyavathi, u{t& 

Harass, v. t alaikkalikkirathu, ^"^ke 

Harbour, 3. turaimukham, kadalkadtf^ 

Harbour, v, t idaxiko4ukkirathu, @l-/ej 

Hard, a* kadinamdna, si^esnnirssr. 
^ Harden, v. t, kadinappaduttugirathu, « 

Hardhearted, a, vanne^cliulla, ojskQesr 

Hare, 8. musal, ^p^eu. 
Harlot, s, yeei, Qsu&, 

Harm, $. tfmai, nashdam, j^isaLQ, 


Harm, 1). t tfmaicheygiratliu, ^stxnc^ 

Harness, 5. kuthiraiyuduppu, @^; 

Hart, 8- kalaim^ a^eothrrear. 
Harvest, s. vilaivuk^lam, arnppu, ^ 

Hasp, V. U koluvimdttugirathu, Qg 

Haste, « sfkkiram, turithara, ^^£ 

Hasten, v i. turithapjjadngirathu, j 

Hastily, ad. viraiviy, eSeorreumu. 
Hasty, tf. tfviram^na, ^eSsnan-esr^ 
Hat, 8. toppi, Q^rruia, 
Hatch, V. t. kufichuporikkirathu, 

Hatchet, ^ kaikk6d£[li, eQ^s&Qsiru 
Hate, 8. pagai, uems. 
Hate, V. t pagaikkirathu, uemsk®. 
Hateful, a, verupp«uia, Ooj^uuireei 
Hatred, s, pagai, u€e>a. 
Haughtiness, s. mettimai, G'/LfiilujLcro 
Haul, V. L ilukkirathu, ^Q^^Qfo^ 
Have, «• t. vaittirukkirathu, eaeu^^ 

Hazardous, a. m6sam^na, Qu^irs^u^tr 
Haze, s. mddupani, Qp(2)u69f?. 
Hazy, a. kapilamina, siSeou^mssr, 
He, pr, avan, ivan, ^a;6or, g)si/s5r. 
Head, 8. talai, fiZso. 
Head, a. talaimaiy^na; ;S^!6a)Laiun'& 
Headache, s. talainO, ^dsoQjsir, 
Headland, s, munai, (tpasor. 
Headman, ?. talaivan, ^Ssufiusfir. 
Heal, t?. ^. sostam^kkugifathu, Qi 




Health, s sostam, Q<sF(T&o^ih' 
iioaltliy, a- sostam^na, Qs'ir&i'^LD'rssr. 
Heap, s. kuviyal, (^aSlujeu, 

of grain, &c. amMrain, ^ihuirjrih. 
Heap, V. t, kuvikkifathu, ^^^8jDj£^' 
Hear, v. t. k^dkitathu, sevikodakkira- 

Hearing, v. n. kelvi, Q^sa^sS, 
Hearsay, s. kelvi, tSrppechchu, G^efraS, 

Heart, s» irr.thayam, §)(T^^ujLt^ 

Hearth, 8, aiuppn, ^(Buq. 

Hearty, a. viruppamiilla, vanchaiyulla, 
manappapfina, sukhumulla, eSlQ^u 
UQp&refT^ Q;/r(^6B)-FLqofr0fr, Laesruu 

Heat, *. stSdn, veppam, QK^^.QoiLJULb. 
Heat, V. t siidugiyathu, ^®Qro^, 
Heat, V. i, stSd^gifathu, ^L^trQp^, 
Heaven, s. v^nam, mddcham, currssTLo, 

Heaviness, s. balu, Lh^ram, u^, utTjrth, 

Heavy,*a. bh^ram^Cna, uirjTLciiTesr. 

Hedge, s, veli, QeueS, 

Heel, kuthikk^l, (^^katr&o. 

Height, s. uyaram, s.:uirii. 

Heighten, v t adhikarippikkirathu, ^ 

Heir, s. suthantarav^li, iS^^fifijreutreifl, 

Hell, s. narakam, j5F<asih. 

Helm, s. snkkin. ^ssireGr. 

Helmet, s talaichchfr^, ^deoS^^jrir. 

Helmsman, s. sukk^ni, ^Bf-satret^. 

Help, 5. uthavi, ©.^a9. 

Help, V. <, uthavicheygirathu, ^;SsSiQi£F 

Hem, s, vastiradram, ^m^irQ(surrsrth, 
Jlemori^wids, s. mdlavjyadhi^ ^6\ja9 

Hen, s. k61ippedu, QsirL^uQu(D. 
Hence, ad, ivviiattilirantu, inimel, @ffl 

Hence-forth, ad. ini, ithumuthal, @ciiW, 

Her, pr. avaludaiya, avalai, ^eu^eoiu 

Herald, s kattiyakjiran, «lL t^oj^Tirrfr. 

Herb, s. ptSn4u, kfrai, ^eror®, Sssar, 

Herbage, s. ptSijdu, ^ssjt®. 

Herd, g. mantai, u^p^-ss)^, * 

Here, ad. i^e, ivvidam, ^i/CJ^, @<ajafl 


Here-abouts, ad. iwidattile, ^susQL-fi 

Here-after, ad. inimel, ^eaBQiaev. 
Here-by, ad. ithin^l, g)^^6u. 
Here-in, ad. ithil, ^0ev, 
Here-of, ad. ithiliruntu, ithindl, ©jgeS 

Here-upon, ad. ithinm^l, ithaippani, Q 

Here-unto ad ithuvaraiyil, ^^Gueattt 

Here-to-fore, ad. itharkumun, ®fip(^ 

Here-witb, ad. ithanudan^ ^^^t—ear. 
Heron, 8. n^rai, /F/rca/r. 
Herself, pr. avalt^ne, avale, ^€UGfr;Str 

Hew» V. t, vettugirathu, Q(SijiL(B8rD^, 

Hey, int, 6h6 ! g^^^/r ! 

Hickup, 8. vikkal, aSstfeu. 

Hidden, p. a- antaranga, ^^jSjria^B. 

Hide, s. t61, Q^n-eb. 

Hide, V. t. maraikkirathu, ineapis 

Hideous, a. bhayankaramdna, u turn a 

H\gVi> a W^^TYAS5.^T«i^\i.^V\^^\n^ ^fB^CJ 




Highland, s* medu, maloi, GioQ, LoSa>. 
f Highwater, s» pcrukkam, Qu(^^aih, 

Hill, 8. kiinru, (geBrjji, 
z Hillock, «. medu, Qu^®. 

Hilly, a medulla, QiMQ^etr, 
;. Hilt, 8. kaippidi, €a>«uLSu^, 

Himself, pr. tin, tannaittiine, fi^rck^pdlx 

Hind, 8. pei^m^D, QuGssruMre&r, 
Hinder, v. t tadakkirathu, fi(Bik8p^. 
to be hindered, tadaipadfti fsean^uL.^ 
Hinderance, «. tadai, fiss>i^» 
Hinge, «. kfl, ^eu. 
Hint, 8. kufippu, ^jSluq* 
Hint, V' t. kurippukkitt«girathU| @/fi 

Hip, 5. i4»ppu, g)®LjL/. 

Hire, s. ktUi, a. 6^. 

Hire, v, t. ktHikkuv^nkugiratha* «LG9tf 

Hired, p. cl ktilikkuy^sgina, A.efi<ff(^a/r 

His, ^r. avanndaiva, ^eu^pieauiu. 
Hiss, V. I. chfrngirathu) ^jp:Sp^, 
History, $. cluunttinim, ^^fi^ffih, 
Hit^v. t adikkirathn^ jifi^sSp^. 
Hither, ad, ingd, §)mQs» 
Hither-to, ad. ithuvaraikkum) ^^eu0s>iT 

Hoarse, a, kammaUna, ^ihioeoiresr. 
Hoarseness, s. kammal, aihiD^t* 
Hoe, 8. maiiyettr, LaesarQojCj^. 
Hoe, V. t. mai>vettiy^l kottngiyathu, m 

Hog, ^. panri, umfS, 

Hoist, V. t. uyarttugirathu, ^iun-^^S 

Hold, V* t. pidikkirathu, parrugir&thu, 

the tongue, vrfyaimtidugirattiu, oia 


up, tdkkippidikkirathu, ^k&Cju 

ID, tadukkirathu, fi(Bik&p^- 
Hole, 8. dw^ram, k^li) S^^irjrih^ ^ 
Holyday, 8. perunil, QuQ^ptrcir. 
Holiness, a. parisqddham, uM'Sr^^u 
Holla, mt ktl! 6h6\ <£&. ! ^Qsir ! 
Hollow, 8. kuUy, @Lp/rtu. 
Hollow, t). ^ kulikkirathu, (^i^kQj. 
Hollow, tf. pallam^na, ummu^^esr. 
Holy, a. parisuddhamina,U(fl*;^;^/ja/ 
Homage, «. vaQakkam, ei/6Kjr«5«LD. 
Home, 9* vfdu, eS*®, 
Hone, s. siiiaikkal, .flp/r8s33r««556U' 
Honest, a. ui:jmaiy^na, a-sfcreromtu/rGB 
Honesty, «. uiimai, e-sareaiD. 
Honey, 5. t^n, Q^^> 
Honey-comb, $. tenktldu, Q^&x&l.(£i. 
Honour, 8- ganam, scsr\s^* 
Honour, v. t, ganainpaiinugirathu,» i 

Hood, 8. mukk^.u, Qpsafr®' 
Hoof, 5, kulambu, ^erribL/. 
Hook, 8, koluvi, 0«/r^fflSI. 
Hook, V t koluvugifathu, Q«ff/r@5[<« 

Hooping-cough, 9. kukkaJ, ^^seb. 
Hop, v,i. kintugir^thu, Q^^Qp^* 
Hope, 8. nambikkai, viruppam, jBihi 

Hope, r.nambugirathu, virumbugirat 

/FihLiSpjSBy eSQ^ihi^Spffi* 
Horizon, s. adiy^nam, j>iL^euffmih. 
Horn, S' kombu, Q«/rtiL/. 
Hornet, 8* kulavi, ^syroS. 
Horrid, a. bhayankaram^na, uajik 

Hon'ify, v. t, bhayappaduttugirathn, i 




Horsekeeper, «. kuthiraikkiran, ^^eaar 

Host, 8, senai) G'<^8sBr. 

Hostility, 5. pagai, virddham, usae^ eS 

Hot, a. s^4ulla, k^ramulla, vegamullai 

Hour, 8, maiiinerain, mesi^QjEFih, 
House, 8. yfdu, eS"®. 
Household, 8, yittir, eSCL-irir , 
Householder, 8, yfttukk^ran, ^iLQ^&it 


Housemaid, 8. vfttuvelaikk^i, (^iLQQeu 

How, ad. epj^4i> ^ljui^. 
How-beit, euL ^ppa4ijum, cruuif iqib. 
However, ad* kkilum, ^Qe^ih. 
Howl, t?. I. lilaiyidugiratliu, eaE&rruSI®© 

Howling, t?. n, t51ai, esn:^. 
Howmanj, ettanai^ er^fi^Esr. 
Howmuch, a, ewaJava, era/suerro/. 
Hubbub, «. ktikkuraJ, «-«(5ir«u. 
Huge, a, bbramdoLdamina, iSsnt^f^GsscL^ 

Hum, t>. ». iraigirafchu, @6B)/rSp^. 
Humankind, 3. manushajdlti,LD^Saf2^(£F/r^ 
Humble, v. ^. t^lttugiratbu, ^irLp^^S 

Humble, a. manatt^lmaiyulloy u^GSf^fiir 

Humbly, ad, manattilmaiy^y, mssr^/sfr 

Humid, a. Iramina, fFFLairesr. 
Humidity, s, fram, f^jriK, 
Humility* s, manattilmai, tuesTiS^irip 

HaDdreA, as, ni^ru* .prjji. 


Hunt, V, t v^ttaiy^ugirathu, Q^l 

Hunting, «. n. vettai, QeuiL€s>L., 
Hunter, 8. vettaikk^ran, QeuiLea^L 

Hurt, V, t* erigiratbu, er/^Sp^. 
Hurricane, «. pusal, Ly^Fsu. 
Hurry, 8. turitham, ^{fi^ih. 
Hurry, v, i. turithampaniiugirathu. 

Hurt, s. chetham, talumbu, Qs^^Lb. 

Hurt, 'Of. tfiigucheygiratlui, ndva] 
Qugifathu, ^i5}^QfEFdj@/DS^f 

Husband, 8. purushan, L/^Q^asfir. 

Husbandman, 8, v^l^lan, GeuGfrirtsfr 

Husbandry, s, payirchcbeigai, uu5/r« 


Husk, 8. t61, tavidu, umi, Q/Sfreo^^ 

Hut, 8, kudisai, (gi^eoif. 
Hyena, 8, kaluthaippuli, sQ^^ayfiUL 
Hymn, 8. fi^napp^tju, ^rresruuirC 
Hypocrisy, & psfeingu, uirfirm^. 
Hypocrite, s. kapaian, «UL-e5r. 
Hypocritical, a. kallamina, adretFLc 


I, pr. n^n, jpiresr* 

Ibex, s. malaiy^4u9 La^tuirQ, 

Ice, 8. urainfr, tLeatp^ir, 

Ichneumon, 8. kfri, Sffi, 

Idea. 9, eiinam, eresBrGsarih, 

Idiot, 8. paittiyak^ran,6a)LJ;ir^^tf/rir 

Idle, a. sdmb^na, Q^irihuiretsr* 

Idleness, 8, s6mbuttanam> Q^trihi 

Idol, 9' vigraham, eQ&Qasih, 
Idolatry ) 8. Ni^c^kitidkoxiQi^ oS^S 




Hf, con. il, ^1, @6u, cgjeu. 

Ignite, V. t. koluttugiyatliu, 0«/r^^^ 

Ignorance, «. ariyjCmai, jiifiSltuiTeBun, 
Jgnorant, a. any^maiyiina, ^;StaJw&siLn 

111,' «. pollaiigu, yiy^hi, Qu/reueu/TE/^, 

111, ad. tfjigay, ^ihsinL. 
Ill-nature, 8. durguQain, ^n'^(geaanh. 
Ill-natured, a, durguQamulla, ve4uve- 
duppulla, ^ir&(^esBr(if^&T(strfQeti(B 

Illness, «. Vy^dhi, eQtuir^. 
Illusion, s. mayakkam, Lnujssih, 
Illustrious, a. kfrttiyulla, Sifff^iLj&refr, 
Image. 9. v^raliam, Bilai, cb^yal, eSl£s8 

Imagine, v. t, eijLi.iiigirathu, erssor^^Q 

; ^^-^p- 

Imbecility, s. balavfnam, ueo^ssrih. 
Imitate, v. t. onraipp61aclicheygiratliu. 

Imitation, s, pdli, QuireQ, 
Immeasurable, a* eUai illatba, srevdso 

Immediately, ad. ndane. t^mathamilU- 

mal, S-L-GesT, ^t L[x^i£iG6eotTu^&), 
Immoral, a. tunm^rgamulla, ^saLDnif 

Immorality, s, tunm^rgam, ^mic^niris 

Immortality, s. a^iy^mai, ^t^ujiriaaiLa. 
Immovable, a. asaivaypa, ^^a^eupp. 
Immutable, a, m^patha. lotot^^. 
Impartial, a padchapithamill^tha, ui1<£F 

Impatience, s. poi^mai, QurrQr^esiiB. 
Impede, v. t. tadukkirathu, ^(BlsQp^, 
Impediment, 9 td^si^ fi&HL., 
Impending, p, a. ner^na, ©/SirfT'Scr. 

Imperceptible, a. tdrratha, Q^irp(7r^ 
Impertinent, a. ad^tha, ^L-irfi. 
Impetuosity, s vegam, Qeu&ih, 
Impiety, 8. avabhakti, ^snuk^. 
Implement, s. talavidam, ^6n-'eufru.u: 
Implore, v. t vendugirathu, QeusBsr 

Import, V' t. irakkumathipani^ugira 

Important,a. ayasiyam^na,^^£(ULon 
Impossible, a. ktld^tha, A^L^ir^. 
Impost, 8. tfrvai* ^ if emeu. 
Impostor, 8. vaffchakan, eu^ffs&a. 
Imposture, 8. vai!cliakam> q;^<£f<£GL£!. 
Impoverish, v.t daridram^kkugirat 

Impracticable, a. asadbyam^na, jij-ff 

Imprecate, v. t. tittugirathu, jStl 

Imprecation, s. tittu, ^il®. 
Impression, % patbippu, u^uq. 
Imprison, v. t. k^vaHlvaikkirathu, ^ 

Improper, a tag^tha, fieirjs. 
Impropriety, s- muraikedu, (ipes>pQ< 
Improve, v. t. tiruttugiratbu, sfrppac 

tugirathu, ^0;$^©^^, ^nuu 

Improvement, $. terclii, Q^pS. 
Imprudence, s. buddhittjllcbchi, q^j 

Imprudent, a. buddhiyarra, q^^iujl 
Impudent, a vedkanketta, Q<sijL^<sikj( 

Impurity, s. asuddbam, ^Sr^^u^. 
In, prep, il, ul, @6v, Q.&r. 
Inaccessiblet a. ettatba, eiiLi—ir^, 
Inaccuracy, 5. pilai, tappu, LS/erotp, ^l 




Inattention, 5. par^kku, LJjn-<s@. 
Incantation, s mantram, m^^jrih. 
Incarcerate, v. i. k^valilvaikkirathu» sir 

Incense, v. t kdpamtJttugirathu, Qstru 

Incessant, a. iJaivid^tha, ©^ot-eSL-n-^. 
Incessantly, ad, i^.aivid^mal, §l&DL^sSL-ir 

Inch, s. angulam, ^it(geoih. 
Incident, $. k^yam. aird^ujih. 
Incidental, a. tarcheyaWna, /gpQ^tu 

Incite, V. U evugirathu, ^q/S/d jj. 
Incline, 'O. U s^ykkirathu, 4FiriLk&p^. 
Income, s. vanim^nam, fiud^m/reorib. 
Inconvenient, a. s^vah^teamilUtha, ^/rsu 

Incorrect, a. tapp^na, fSuutresf, 
Incorrectness, 5. pilai, tappu, tSeaiPf fs 

Increase, 8. perukkam, Qu0'ff<ffib' 
Increase, 'i?. t adhikappaduttugirathu, 

Increase, v. i. perukugirathu, QuQ^igS 

Incredible, a. nambappadakktHd^tha, j5th 

Incredulity, 9 nambikkaiyfnam, jpihi^s 

Incredulous, a. samusayamtoa, ^Qp^iu 

Incurable, a. sostamikkakktid^tha, Q<^/r 

disease, eaidtnjiiXi6y,j)i^iriS^ujQjpfnL. 
wound, ^r^ppuo, j^QUfUL^eaar. 
Indecency, 8. avamariy^tha^ ^<suLn(Biunr 

Indecent, a. duricb^Cramulla^ ^jnr<Fa'jr 

Indecorous, a. anachciramulla, ^^wv 

Indeed, ad. nisam^ga, fi'^u^ira. 
Inde&tigable, a. ilaippilUtha, ^ZsrruiS 

^eoiTfi. 9 
Indelible, a. tudaipadakktid^tha, ^esiL. 

Independence, «. swiidhfnam,«^Qj/r^6Brtis. 
Index, s. attayai]iai, ^CL-eu^szr, 
Indiarabber, a. mircbcbani, Lc^rrtr^dF&H, 
Indian-corn, *. cb61am, C^ff-srrth. 
Indicate, V. t kurikkifathu, ^jSeSlp^. 
Indication, «. kufipp", (^fiSuLf. 
Indigence, a. daridram, fitflji'^irui. 
Indigenous a sud^sa urpattiy^na, srQ^ 

Indigent, a. ^tharavill^tha, ^^jreQ^i 

Indigestible, a. jfraijikkakkdd^tha, 9jr 

Indigestion, 8. ajfranatn, ^^sremih. 
Indignant, a* kopamulla, Q<sfru(Lpkeir&ri 
Indignation, s. kdpam, Q^iruih. 
Indignity, «, igalchchi, g).«ip^^. 
Indigo, s. nflam, avuri, fieoih, ^a/ff?. 
Indirect, a. nerill^tba, (o^^/fleueu/r^. 
Indiscreet, a. buddbiketta, n^^QmiLu, 
Indiscretion, s buddliiyfnam,q^^u5'6orLQ. 
Indiscriminate, a. paguttafivill^tha, u(g 

Indiscriminately, ad. paguttafiy^mal, u 

Indispensable, a. teyaiy^na, Q<ff^siQi 

Indispensably, ad. avasiyam^y, ^eu^tu 

Indisposed, a. veruppuUa,06U^Ljq6yr<sir. 
Individually, ad. oruvar oruvaraga, 6^(75 

ludivlsiblc , a. \>irikkakk nd 4 tha, lS rf? ^ « 






lence, s. ch6mba« d^tnhLi, 
lent, a* ch6mbina, Q^a-thuiresr, 
odf 9. t dvagirathu, ^^@p^. 
Igent, a. dayavina, ^ojoiiresr. 
itrious, a. diurtichuruppaU^^t <0r^«flF 
IpifL/L^eJr tfirr* 

(try, 8, muyarelii, (tpujpi^. 
'iation, s. yeri) madumayakkamf 

gant, (L fflrappilUtha, QputSieoeoir 


lerienced, a. palakkamill^thay uif^k 

louSy a. durkkfrttiy^a, ^iteSiffi^ 


ly, «. avakfrtti, «^«u0/r^^. 

cy, «. ilamai, g)6ir6n)£/). 

t, s. kujantai, ^i^^esifi, 

tile, a. kulantaikkadutta)^(p^6CD;7 

•try,a. kti^clidnai,<ff/r6u/rLLC<^S5Qr. 
late, ti. t» mayakkugirathuy Lniu^(^ 

lation, 9. unmattam, tLdrLo^/gih. 

douSy a. torrugifa, Qfitrp^Qp, 

snce, 8 anuminam, jif^LDtrosFUi* 

jOr, «. kf}magan, St^Lnaeor. 

ior, a. k^^ii^ Sifiiretsr* 

Lority, « kflttaram, Sip^^jrih, 

3I, «. avisuy^i, ^sQ^suirS, 

te, a mudivarra, Q^i^^pp. 

n, a. balayfnam^na, ueo^&sru^tresr* 

nmation, s. eriyu, ^ffl^n/. 

b, V. ^ tandikkifathu, ^Goaru^sQ 

tion. 8. tai}danai, ^6K}rL.SDor. 

ince, 5. sakti, adhikfoim, <f<sjS, «^ 

ai,v,t, ariyikkirathu,jy/i9flSI^S/D J?. 
maiaoi), ^. afiyu, sam^chiram, j^ /fil 

Infuriated, a. {mtirkkankonda^ ^^ . 

ingenious, a. yly^amtoa, sQQeu^Lc^ 

person, buddhis^i, Lffifis^treSi, 
Ingratitude, 8. nanriy^nam,;5<55r;i9iiS* <s 
Inbabit, v. t y^sampaoijiugiratliu, ea 

Inbabitable, a. kudiyirukkattakka, ^ 
Inbabitanty 8, kudiylSnayan, [^i^ujir 
Inbale, v. L sw^samy^^ugiratbuy sfei 

Inberit, v. t, sutbantarikkiratbu, <8F^^, 

Inberitance, 9. sntbantaram, fSr^^fiin 
Inberitor, 8, sutbantaray^i, Sr^^^soi 

Inbuman, a, kortSram^na, (^(r^tnafresr. 
Inbumanity, 8, kodumai, QsrrQtuoLD. 
Iniquitous, a, polldtba, Quir^eotr^, 
Iniquity, s. tfrnai, pliyam, ^esunt uireuu 
Injure, v. t palutbtfkkugiratbu, uq^^^ 

Injurious, a. kedutbiy^na, QsQ^iuireo 
Injury, 8, cb^dam, nasbdam, Q^f^Cl 

jsdf,! in. 
Injustice, 8, anUi, jy/^' 
Ink, 8, mai, odlo. 

Inkstand, 9. maikktidu, 6a>^«A.0. 
lolet^ $' kud^, ^L-fT, 
Inmate, s. yidutbikk^ran, eQQ^ss 

Inmost, a, ull^a, tL^dtr&nr&sr, 
Inn, 8, cbattiram, ffffsfSjrih, 
Inner, a. uU^na, ^^en-irear. 
Innocent, a» kurra/milUtba, (^ppuQc 




InofifcnBive, a» timaiyill^tha, jSo&touSlei) 

Inquest, «• vich^i^ai. eSf^n-irdassr* 
Inquire, v. t vicbdrikkiratliu, eQ^trifi-s 

Inquiry, «. viclitoioai, eB^irsrhsssr. 
Inquisitive, a. vich^rarjaiyulla, «8^fl-jr 

Insane, a. paittyamulla, eau^^tUQp 

Insanity, «. paittyam, esiu^^iuu^* 
Inscribe^ v. t eluthugifatihu, erqpffiQ 

Insect, «. ptSchchi, jt^^FW. 

Inseparable, a. pirikkakktid^tha, tSifla 

Insert, v, t idaiyil cherkkijuthu, ®6n)L. 

Inside, < udpuram, a.ilL//Dii. 
Insidiously, oc?. kapadam^y, sui^Lnrrij. 
Insincere, a. kapadam^a» suL^u^rresr. 
Insolence, «. irum^ppu, g)^miruq. 
Inspect, v. t vich^kkiratliu, eS^frfii 

Institution, s. expiiix, fith^paixam, $ 

Instruct, V. U kappikkirathu, p(5thil 

thu, «j©l9^©/dj?, Qun-^sSfio 

Instructor, 8. p6thakan, Quir^&efr 

Instruction, s, kalyi, pdtbanai, « 

Inspection, 8 vich^raQai, aS.Frr/rSsHjr. 
Inspector, s. melvichiitmaikaran, Gojeu 

Inspirit, v, t. uyirppikkirathn, a.ii9fruL9 

Instability, s, nilaiy^ai, fB'^iuir&suji. 
Instantaneous, a. chaditbiyina, ^i^jS 

Instantly, ad- udane, ©.L-Ofisr. 
Instead, pre??. batbiUga, u^eoirA. 
Instep, 8. purank^l, uprnmeo. 
Instigate, l?. t. dvugiratbu, ^(a^fc)/D jp. 

Instinct, 8 iyarkaiyarivu,g)(u/b«S)«ttJ;j96V- 
Instinctive, a. subb^va arivuUa, ,flrU/rQ/ 

Institute, tf- /. orpn<iuttugifa.thll, <^pu® 

Instrument, s. karuvi, taiap^am, 4e 

Insufferable, a. t4i^gakktS4^tba, fin 

Insult, t;. ;. nintikkiratbu, 00fsii& 
Insurrection, 8. tirkkalagam, esBLir 

Intellect, a. buddbi, Lj^^, 
Intelligence, a, avivu, ^am^obEUuni, 

Intelligent, «. buddbiyulja, Ljfi^iq 
Intend, «. t.karutbugiratbu,A*(i5Jpfi 
Intensely, ad. adhikamiy, ^Qsmn' 
Intention, «. karvttu, aq^^^. 
Inter, t), ^. adakkampao^ogiratbu, , 

Intercede, v. i. parintiUp^sugirathTij 

Intercept, v. t ta4ukkiratliu,^(i)isfi 
Interest, 9. padcbam, nayam, vattl, 

Interesting, a, vinddam^na, eBQ 

Intenneddle, v. i, talaiyidugiratbu. 

Intermitting, (fever) s. muraikk^ych 

(Ip 60) ^ ((H (£S /r tU (F (£F 0O • 

Intermix, 1? t. kalakkiratbu, seo^Q 
Internal, o. ulMna, s.&re(nresr. 

Interrupt, v. t. tadaipaniiugiratbu,/ 

InloTru]jt\ou^ t, ta<iai» idaiyt^ru, j$ 




wine, V. t mntilkkippiniiiigiratliu, 

ul, «. idaivelL i4am^ram, g)6Q>L^ 

-ene, v. i. i4aiyilvarugirathuy @ 

ines, s. kudal, ^£_€u. 

acy, ^. tld^tfam, palakkani, osct-n- 

Ldate, v, t- bhayamurattugirathu, 

rable, a. ti^iigakktiddtha, fiirm^k 

Bate, T. <. verikkachcheigiratliu, 

cation, s. veii, Qeu^Sr 

table, a. adangitba, ^utasir^, 

Lchy 0. <. kottalameluppugiratbn^ 

cbment, «. kotta}am, Qair^^mu^, 

id, 0. bbajamill^tha, uiuuSeveofr^, 

iditj, yf ram, dfjru>. 

itO) cf. dukktoa, l^tff^ff/rojr. 

le, 9. tantiram, fips0jru^, 

e, v. I. tirikkirathiiy jgrf?,sfipj?. 

ation, 8* Tellam, O^eirarLb. 

1, 8. yiy^bikk^ran, eBiuir^ksir 

able, a. m^itStba, Lair(n^fS. 
ably, a(2, mdftUnal, £d(r(nf losu, 
igate, V. t. ^^ygirathu, ^ir(rdj8 
) jp. ^ 

igation, 8. dr^yvu, ^srirujeij. 
►rate, v. i. tidappaduttugirathii, 

ible, a. vellakktid^tha, QQje^)eos 

, V. ^. varavalaikkirathu, qjjtqj 

> 5, ij^ppu, SlutruLf. 

Inward, a. ulUna, &.m(strn'6sr. 
Inwardly, ad. nliiyy ^&retnruj. 
Irksome, a, tontaraiy^a, Q^frjs 

Iron, 8. immbu, ©(T^iiL/. 

Iron, a, irumbulla, ©(^toL/efrcn*. 

Iron-rust, s. irumbutturu, g)(|5 

Iron>wood, 8. pdlaimaram, uir^sou 
Irregular, a. muraiked^na, Qpen 

Irregularity, s. olunginmai, 9(ipfl 


Irresistible, a. tadaipad^tha, fit 

Irrigate, tJ. t nfrpiychchugirathc 

irrigated, (land) nanobey, jsdsri 

land imirrigated, pxmobey, L/6sr< 

Irrigation, & nfrpdychcbal,//fu/riu< 

Irritate, t?. t, kdpamiSttngirathu, C 

Is, tJ, «. irukkir^n, irukkir^, irukl 
tbu, §)Q^^8(n^&sry g)(T5<ffiS(2?«i 

Island, 8. tfvu, jSo/. 
Islander, s. tfv^, jieuirear. 
Islet, s. sirutfvu, fijp/^Q/. 
Isolated, jp. a. tanitta, fseSi^fs, 
Itf pr. atbn, itbu, tin, eSyj')®^?? ; 
Itcb, & sirangu, 8jria^> 
Itch, v. i. chopigirathu, Q^wfSi&jD 
Itself jpr. athuvd, tin^, si^^'^^ ^' 
Ivory, «. tantam, ^0^ih. 
Ivory, tf . tantattin^l cbeytba, ^^^^ 
<3u Qs'iL^. 





Jackfruit, s, paUppalam, ueotruUL^ih, 
Jade, v.t. ilaikkaclicheygirathu, g>2Brr« 

Jail, 9 k^val k^Jam. fSSireuev sk^L-th, 
January, 8. nuirgali-tai, Loir/f«Lfi-oar;». 
Jar, s, chfldi, ^Ftru^. 
Jar, V. adipadavi4«girathn, ^tf ul-qS)© 

JaMndicCj 8. kam^lai, tf/r/urrSgu, 

Javeliu, s. vel, (Jo/ei;. 

JwiloiiB, a erichchalulla, eifBe^s^^ehetr. 

Jealousy, s eriohchal €rffl«F<F6u. 

Jeer, v. t kutalaipesngirathu, (^p'bsaQu 

Jelly, 8, knlambu, (^Lpiiq. 

Jeopardy, s. ab^yain, ^uiriuih. 

Jerk, 17. ^ chui>dugirathu, <Brssr(Sl8p^. 

Jessamine, s. malligai, ri^6U6ii^^<ff. 

Jest, 8. sarasam, dFjrffih. 

Jest, V. i, sarasampaniiugiratliii, ^Hipih 

Jewel, s rattinam, ^ir^'fiesnh 
Jingle, V, i, kiijiiidugiratliu, fiowreBsfi® 

Jobwork, s. kuitagaiv^lai, ^ji/geos 

Join, V- i' isaigiratliu, Qjesi^Bp^. 
Joiner, s- tacbohan, fi^^Fssc. 
Joint, 8 santu, 4F^^, 
Joint, «. t. poruttuvaikkiratba, Quitq^ 

Jointly, ad. kt!4a, <&-i-. 

Joist, 5. kurukkuvittam^ ^^i^^iL 

Joke V. i' kdlipaQiiugiratbu, QaeBueSsr 

Jolt, V. t. kolukkugiratbn, gjj))/«@fi 

Jolt, r. t. kuluTigugiititlm, ^jj^C&^^S 

Journal, s, u^lagamam, jBirean^LL'J^, 

Journalist, s. dinayarttanidnalikithao,'j 

Journey, s, pray^iiam, LSsriutreaanA 
Joy, 5 santdsbam, ^/^Co^/TQ^os 
Joy, V. i. santdsbikkirathuy ^t^fsQ^h 

Judge, s. nftipati, 0^u^. 
Judge, V, t tfrm^nampani>ugiratha,i 
d uttf rkkiratbu, 0ir LDirearthumH 

Judgment, s. vivekam, nftittfrppu.ifiO 

«£FLb, ^^^^iruLj. 
Judicature, 8. niy^yasabbai, fiiOaraj^m 
Judicious, a. vivekamulla, eSQmM 

Juggler, 8. cbeppadivittaikk^ran, Q< 

Juggling, s. indrajilam, @lfifijrfW9^ 
Juice, s. cb^yU; pil, «F/rjj/, uireo. 
Juicy, a. cbarulla, cbdramuJta, «rj 

July, 8. ^i-^i, cgjCBfl-c^^t. 
Jumble, V. t. cbikkuppa4iittugi|^ 

Jump, 9. kutbi, ^^. 
Jump, v. t. kutbikkiratbu, ^jSiBpi 
Junction, 8. isaivu, sauti, ®aD<F€[/, #j 
June, «. vaik^si-^, 60i>Q;<sa'^*cgGBA. 
Jungle, 8. k^u, d^ff*®* 

Junior, 8. ilaiyavan, §l'^tu&iser. 
Jupiter, 8- viyiQam, cSiuiripth. 
Juror, 8. madbyastan, Uijifitueuofi'tir 

Jury, 8. madbyastar sabbai, mfifii 

Just, a. nftiyulla, fifia^&retr. 

Justice, 8. nfti, ^^. 

Justify, V, t, nCti enru t£rkkiratliU| j 

Justly, oA nftiy^y, fi^iuiriu. 





8. i^akkatiai, ^u.AsiL€S)U, # 
, a. ktirmaiy^na, A.fttannuJfresr* 
ness, 8, kiSrmai, ^Sui^etsui. 

^v.t vaittirukkirathu, k^kirathu, 

3r, 8 k^TaUJi, ^streueoiredi. 

Lng, 8. k^val, «ira/6u. 

el, «. kottaU Q«/ril«PL^ 

e, «. koppanuy Qstruueanr. 

8 ch^vi, «^/r6^. 

tcmot <• vilmaiyakluj, eBeoeannius 


, f . nthai, e.6Q>>7. 

, t). ^. uthaikkirathu, s^es>fia8fl>ffi. 

9. yelHttnkkatti, OQ;6rr<3irn'LL(S)(S@ 

V. f . kollugi'ratha, O^/reu j^S/D^. 
0. cbtUai, (gj6s»^. 
8. inam, g)6Bici). 

, 8. yitham, mithiriy eS^ih, uMrfiifl, 
, a, dayaiyulla, ^eauuuLieQ or. 
le, 0. t. kolutfcugirathu, Gusff^^^ 

ire, mtSttugirathu, QpilOfip^. 
ly, od. pE4ohaiiiiY, uC^LainL. 
nesSyS. dajaiypa^oham, /fiFODttJ, uu. 

red, 8 inattir, S)6or^;0/r^. 

,« pasukkal, u«««6rr. 

^, £. rij^, arasan,. jr/rS8(r, j/fjr^^. 

-dom, «. rijyftni, Qlirfr^&ujih, 

:fisher, 8. mfnkottippul, iSsaQ^jr^ 

, 8. muttam, (ip^^ii). 

, V. e, muttail^oheygirathu, (ipjSfi(^ 

,8. kara4ftn9 k^rr^l, «0L.6Qr, «/r 

Knave, 8. kaUan, «arar«Br. 
Knavery, 8. kallam, ^errarib. 
Knead, v. ^ m^ppisaigiratliu, untrui^ 

EneOf 8. mu^ank^, (ip^ps/tf/reu. 
Knee-deep, a. mulantdlmattani^n&, ^^ 

Kneel, 1). t.mulanUlpa4iyidiigiratliu, (Z^cj 

Knife, 8. katti, «;^^, 

Knit, D, t pinnugiraiha, iSeir^Q/Djp, 

Knob, 8. kumili, ^i^ifi. 

Knock, V. t taUugirathu, /gCL<B8/Dffi. 

Knoll, s. titia« m^du, ^£l0, Gio®. 

Knot; 8. mudiclieha, Qpi^^^r. 

Know, V arigira^bu, ^/SQpffi. 

Knowingly, ad» manathaymthu, inGsrfi 

Knowledge, 9. apivu, uii^arvu, jtj/Sei^, ^ 

Knuckle, 8. viralmuli, €Siff&)Qpsdi. 


Laboriousa. varuttam^na,Q;(n^^;fiFiio/r6Br. 
Laboriously, ad, praytom^y, iSjnutr^ 

Labour,8. v^lai,ulaippn,<?Q/S5i;,&.0BLpuq. 

!l^bour,v.£.velaicbeygiraihu, ulaikkira- 

tbu, Qoi'^Q^djQpffiy &.GSiipsQ 

Labourer, 8. velaikkiran,CQ;25i;««/rir6dr. 

Lacerate, d. <. kifugifatbu, QjpiSp^, 

Lack, 8. kufaivu, mb/dq/. 

Lad, 8. cbif avan, mjnoim. 

Ladder, %. ^qi, c^cssf). 

Lading, 8. ^rr^unatbicbeb^mdn, ^p^m 

Ladle, 8. agappai, ^«u8odu. 
Lady, 8. duraima^^ ^«&Q:vs:^«^<as.. 




Lamb, s, semmaiiy^Hnkkutti. Q<Fihuifi5l 

Lame, v. t» no^diy^kkngirathu, QjBtreStsr 

Lame, a. mndam^na, (y^i^infresr. 

man, noc^^i O^trmis^. 
Lameness, 8, noiidittanam, Q^irebfi^^ 

Lament, a, pulambugiTatlia, L/euihqS 

Lamentable, a» dukkham^na, jpssinfr 

Lamentation, s. pulambal, Lj€o^hu«^^» 
Lamp, «, vijakku, eSe(rss(^, 
Lance, 8, ftti, v^l, /Fil^-j CJfiyeu. 
Land, 8. nilam, fieoih. 
Land, V. t. irakkagiratbu, §}p«^8pffi* 

Land, v. i. ifankugirathu, karaidrugi- 
rathu, ^pibigQjvs^i aetsfrQiu^S 

Lane, ». olungai, ^(Lpites)S, 
Language, s. bh^shai, p^bchu, uir&jiQ^^ 

Languish, v. i talargiTatbu,ilaikkiratbu, 

Languor, s. talarcbcbi, ^«r/r^ffl. 
Lantern, 8, kax^Q^divi^akku, sessr^i^ 

Lap, 8. madi) un^. 

Lap, v. ^. nakkugiratbu, jss@Qpsi' 
Lapse, r. t. kaligiratbu, sifiSp^, 
Large, a. periya, vistiram^na, Quifiuj^ 

Largely, ad. adbikamiy, viriv^y, j^^e 

Lark, s. v^tnamp^i, ojirearihuiri^. 
Last, V. i. nilaikkiratbu, jBdeoaSp^. 


Latchet,*. todut61vir,Q^/r©(?;fl?fr6i;6i;n'/r. 
Late^ a. k^lafifcbenra, stceo^Qs'&xp. 
Late, dd, ndraScbenro, Qjpsr^Qi^^jpi* 
Lately, ad. ko^chakk^lattirkumuUyO*^^ 

Lath, 8, varichdiu, Q//f)<F#. 

Lather, 8. savarkkiranurai, ^tsuir&atrw 

Latter, a. pintina, iSfi^esr. 

Latterly, ad, ikk^lattil, @£SS[reo^^eb. 

Lattice, 8. kir^thi, Sirirfi. 

Laudable, a. puga^ttaklca, qs^fijcss. 
Laudanum, 8. apins^ram, ^dis&rs^irjrih. 
Laugh, 8* chirippu, nagaippu, Srf^uL/, /s 

Laugh, V. t chirikkitathu, &iflsSp^* 
Laughable, a, sirikkattakka, &^a«fifi 

Laughter, 8, chirippa^ S/fluL/* 

Law, 8. kaitalai, pram^am, tfLll-Ssvr, iJ 

Lawfuli a, nftiytfna, fifSiuir&r. 
Lawfully, ad. pramKoattinpadi, LSjrintt 

Lawsuit, 8, valakku, eoifis^. 
Lax, a. ilakkam^a, QliraauMresr, 
Lay, t^. t vaikkirathu, pdiugifatbu, cdou 
A 3p j7, QuirQSp^, 

down, kidattugirathti, Si^^jfiSp^. 
Lazily, ad. oh6mbl(y, Qs'tru^utruj^ 
La^ess, a. ohdmbu, Q^irihLj. 
Lazy, a. chiSmbal^na^ Q^irihueoir&sr* 

person, chdmb^ri, Q^irihQu/S. 
Lead, 8, iyam, FFUJih. 
Lead, v. t. nadattugirathu, valik^ting 
rathu, jBL-^S^Qpffit eaifiafrtL®, 

Leader, e. talaiyan, ^^euet. 
Leading, p. a^ \;^iKasi^^i\ii^ ^^q&\ 




8. ilai^ j3)^* 

«. olnkkii, g&(i^«®. 
, «?. t. olugugiratliu, ^(ip(§Qfr>^. 
J% a. dttaiyulla, ^u-«6©L_iq«fr®fr. 

V. {. E^ykkir&thu, ^uvakQp^, 

)D, tinrikkoUngir&tlia^ &ss:m/6lss 

^ a, ilaitta, ^^ar^fi, 

, 9. p^yohchal, u/riLJ(F<F€u. 

> V- p^ygirathii, uirdjQp^. 

1, v- <. pa4ikkirathu, UL^&Qps'. 

led^p. 0. poditta, Uisf.^^. 

Ay kalyimto, tfeiis^mfrcsr. 

ler, 8. m^o^kkan, u^/r^^ ff^cor. 

ling, 8. kalvi, ^eu^. 

3, 8. kuttagai, ^0fim«. 

i^ v.t kuttagaikkukkodukkiTathu, 

ler^ pathamittat61,u#£/9CL.(?^/r6u. 
lem, a. tdl^ cheytha, Qfineoaeo 

e, & uUaravn, ^fi^ir^. 

8, D. t vi4ugi|^kuy nfkkugi|«tha 

en, s. pulittam^ LjetB^fiu^ir, 

en, 1). I. pulikkaohcheygirathu, qerB 

ire, s. prasaxigam, LSjr<FisisLh. 

are, «;. <. prasaxigikkirathu, iSljr<p(t8 

hy 8, aitai, «mu6Q)u. 
a. i(|appakkam^na, gji^uuss 

p,p vi4appatta, €S(_uutlL-. 
handed, a. idathukaiyalakkam^^, 

8 k^l, <9/r6u. 

ble,a. v^sikkattakka,(Sii/r^^«^^<s7tf, 

slature, 8» sattanirdpai^asabhaly^t, & 

Leisure, 8, samayam, ^SFu^uih* 
Leisurely, ad, s^yak^sam^y, ^a^ir^sua 


Lemon, s. elumiclicliai, er^uSda^eaiS'. 
Lend, V- ^.iravalko4ukkiratliu, kadant 
kod ukkirathu, @jrQieuQ«/7 (9i 

Length, s. nflam, /(Sttlo. 
Leopard, 8, chiyingi, 8€Sfa8. 
Leper, 8. knshdarogi, (S^L-QjnrS. 
Leprous, a. kushdar^gamuHa, (^(s 

Leprosy, «.kush4aT6gam,(^d^L.(ojr/r 
Less, d. kuraintai) chiriya, ^^p^^s 

Lessen, v. t. kuraigirathu, ^0s>fl>8ii 
Lesson, 8, p^4^^> u/tl-ld. 
Lest, con. 4?athapa4ikkn, ^sirfiuis^ 
Let, V, t. vi4ugirathu, eSQ^pffi, 
Letter, 8, eluttu, ^q^^^. 
Level, 8, mat tarn, lolIl-lo. 
Level, V, t. oppuravikku^rathu, ^C 

the ground with a plank, after s 
ing, parampa4ikkirathu, ujrthL 

Level, a. matiam^na, mCi^iaP'esr* 
Lever, 8, mithimaram, uQ^unnh, 

to lift with a lever, nemba, QjpijbL 
Liar, s. poyyan, Quiribtusisr. 
Liberal, a. ud^ramina, s.^mrufr'ssr. 
Liberally, ad, ptlranamdy, ^jressnof 
Liberate, v. t vi4ugirathu, eS^Qp^ 
Liberation, 8, vi4uthalai, eSi®/g^. 
Liberty, s, vi4uthalai, chelavu, ©SO; 

Licence, 8. uttaravu, e^fsflsr^* 

Lichen, «. p^, u/r@. 

Lick) V, t, nakku^i^eJLlLVk^ ^i.t^^'^ 


Lie, p. I. poycbollugirathn, QutrujQ'fftrei) 

Lio, r. t. padukkirathu, uQsQjoffi. 
Liou, 8. bathil, u^eo. 
Life, 8. jfvan, nyir, ^a/ifir, fi.a9/^. 
Lifeless, a. jfvBiiiUdtha, ^otafleueoirfi. 
Lifetime, 8. iyusu, jfyakKlam, «^(q<ff| @ 

Lift, f?. t t^kkugipithny ^k^Qp^. 
Ligature, «. kattO) «<1(^* 
Light, 8. Telichoham, Oa/flr^^iFub. 
Light, V. t. ko}uttagirathu, Qair^jS^ 

Light, a. ye)ichchamtfna, l^s^na, Qeuetf^ 

Lighten, v« t, IMkkugirathu, gjQeo^tra 

Lighten,v.t jx3JimugiVBihu,L^e^^8p^, 
Lighthouse, •> Ti}akkukkt!Q4u> eSeirs^ 

Lightly, ad. l&^y, SiQeo^truj, 

Lightness, «. lisu, ®(?eu«. 

Lightning, s. ndnnal, L£l€er€(sreom 

Lights, 8. nuraiyfral, ^eaur uS ff&). 

Like, 8. oppu, ^ul/. 

Like, t). virumbugirathu, <a9(T^LhL/fip^. 

Like, a. otta, ^#^. 

Like, ad. p6]a, Qutreo. 

Liken, v. ^. oppidugirathu,9ULS/®3p^* 

Likeness, s. siyal, ^irtueib. 

Likewise, ad. appadiye, ^uuu^Qiu* 

Lily, 9 . timanu, ;ssiruies>ir. 

Limb, 8. avayavam, ufuppu, komhu, jf 

Lime, 8. chuiiii^mbu, dFesr^Lcq. 
Limekiln, 8. chtilai, ^^* 
Limit, 8. ellai, creuSsu. 
Linchpin, s. achchai>i, ^^'^itgsS, 
Zf/ne, s. vari, aJavuntijfeufflj ^etr<Si:\jpF^, 
Z^incn, F. e/ianaJntflpudaivm^ SFemeo^p 

96 LOA 

Linger, v. i. t^mathappadugirathu^ ^iru) 

Link, 8. sangilivalaiyam, <£Fis@6^ai;8« 

Link, v.t pinaikkirathu, iS^BorkQfDgit 
Lion, 8. singam, S/si<ffLb. 
Lip, 8. utha4u, fi.^®. 
Liquid, 8. nMnavastu, jSjnreBreu&u^, 
Lisp, v. terppp^sugirathn, Qfip/SuQu 

last, 8. id^ppu, aiiayaijai, ©^a'Ljl/, «^ 

Listen, «;. i. chevikodukkirathu, O^ifl 


Litter, a. t6U, Q^iretrir, 

Little, 8. kofifcham, sorpam, Qsir^^uij 

Little, a, chinna,koScha,^€srsor,Qtf/r(g^,F. 
Live* t). {. Y^sampaQi^iigiFathu, uyirdli- 

rakkirathu, eaifffihueisr^iaQp^^^ 

Live, a. uyiru}la, ^uS(§&retr. 
LiyeUhood, 8. pilaippu, lS/od^l/l/. 
Liveliness, 8. uts^Qiam, e.;b^/rtfih. 

Lively, a. uts^hamu}la,e./£)iF/rtf (ipeircir* 
Liver, 8. /ral, ^ireu. 
complaint, fralndy, fFjr&)QiFinu, 

Living, |}. a. jfvikkira, ^eSliQp. 

Lizard, 8. musali, Qp^eS. 

Lo, tn^. p^ ! p^ruikgal 1 u/r/r ! uir(§isns€ir. 

Load, 8. chumai, ^eaun. 

Load, i;. *. bhiram^rrugirathu, utrjr<3i£tfi ^ 

Loadstone, 8. k^ntakkal, ssir^^sssd). 
Loaf, 8. appam, rotti, «^LJULb, Qn'/rtl^L. 
Loan, 8. iraval, kadan, g)ir^6u, « 
Loan, V. ^. iravalkodukkifathu, kadan- 
kodukkifathu, @lireu€^)QairQ^Sp 





Ijoathsome, a. aruvaruppana, JHQ^oimJ 

Jiobe, 8. ma(|al, lo^6u. 
Xocal, a. idattukkuriya, @L-^^«@ffltfJ. 
Ziocalitj, 8. idanii Ssj^uxb, 
Xiock, 8. ptSttu, f^CQ. 
Xock, 1?. t, p^ttugiratha, uC-^SjdjP- 
liOckjaw, 8, isivnjanni, g)w<a/^60Tarf?. 
Locust, 8. vettukkili, Oo/ilO^fisrfl. ^ 
Lodge, ♦?. ir^ttankngirathu, gj/r/r^^/s^ 

Lofty, a, uyarnta, ^luir^/g. 
Log, «. katfai, <ffL.0s>L-. 
Loin, 5. iduppu, ®®Ll/Lf'. 
Loiterer, s dbompan, C^p/TLbusSr. 
Xione, (( tanitta, fiet^^^. 
Loneliness, 8, tanimai, ^eaBsoLD* 
Lonely, a, ek^ntam^na, ^airfi^LatresTs 
Long, a. nllam^na, iS<sfrLnfresr, 
Long, cid. dtiramiy, behukilamiiy, sB'Jf 

Longing, v. n. ^sai. ^9s>ff. 
Longlife, 8. dfrggh^yusu, ^{rk«tr\L{Sr. 
Look, s. p^Fai, tdrram, ufrirea)Qjy Qfiir 

Look, V. pirkkirathu, uirireQp^^ 
Look^ int, p^r, Ly/r/r. 
Looking-glass, s. kanii^i, ««sjr(^^L. 
Loom, », nesavutari, Qjb^s^^I&^ 
Loop, ^, tadam, ^i_Lb, 
Loophole, s. kanQatai, se&sressrss)fD* 
Loose, V. t. avilkkiyathu, jyflStp<55©;r)^« 
Loose, a. ilakkam^na, nugaivulla, @®rr 
<S4SLo/r2sr, ^€a>&<siifefr(S(r. 

Loosely, ad. talara, asattaiy^y, ^^errjr, 

Lord, 5. karttar, prabhu, ^[r^/sir,LSljrq» 
Lordly, a. mettimaiy^na, CaiL.i^®5>LD 

Lose i> ^- ilantuvidugivathu, g)Lp 

Loss, 8. nasbdam, ^Q^L.Lb 

Lot, s, pangu, uis}^> 

Lotus, s. t^marai, ^eirmesifr. 

Loudness, s.^uraittasattam, s-jr^fis 

Louse, 8% pen, Qu&ir. 

Love, s. anbu, ndsam, «^6Brq, <5;ij 

Love,i;. anbuvaikkiiuthu, ^mLje 

Lovely, a. arumaiy^na, j/i(§ei5iLnuji 
Loving, a, anbuUa, ^fi5rL/€»r<3fr, 
Low, a. kflina, nfcbam^a, Qi^i 

persons, nfcbar, /<^/r. 
Lower, ^,t ifakkugirathu, tdlttugi 

Lowliness, 8- manatt^mai, u^esr 

Lowly, a. manattilmaiyulla, Loetsr 

Lowspbited, a^dukkham^na, ^&s 
Luck, s.athish4am, ^^o^uih. 
Luggage, 8. payaiiachcb^in, u 

Lukewarm, a. vethuvettupp^na, 

Lumbago, s, iduppuvali, ^(BiuL\<sui 
Lump, 8. katti, mottam, ^iLv^y 

Lunatic, 8, cbandrardgi, ^^^jrQri 
Lunch, 8. sirruridi, S/D^ewr^L. 
Lungs, 8, sw^syam, ^euir^B^tTiffuji 
Lusty, a. pushdiy^na, Ljoi^i^iuire 


Machine, 5. yantiram, oj^^inh. 
Mad, a. mdrkham^na, (ipirssLniT 
Madly, ad, paittyam^y, emu^^i 

ff<35^ , 





Mailness, s. paittyam, eatu^^ujih. 
Maggot, S' pulu, Ly(Lp. 
Magic, s. mayajalam, LD(riuir<(Pfr6oih. 
Magician, s nii^yavi, L£5/riL//r<aS. 
Magic-lantern, s, jAladipam, &n-&)^uih 
Magistrate, *. nftivicliaranaitturai, jS^ 

Magnet, 8 kdntam, sir^^ih^ 
Magnificent, a. mabattuvam^na, tus^^ 

Magnitude, s parimanam, ufflLDfresarih. 
Maid, s, cbirnpeo, ^^Quasar, 
Mail, s.tap^l, ai'^^chal, ^uirev, ^(ej^^eu. 
Maim, v. t, kayappaduttngirathu, tsiriu 

Main, a. pradana, LVir^/reor. 

Mainly, (ul, pradanam^y, lS ir ^(r&sr Lair dj. 

Maintain, v. t, dtharikkiratlin, ^^ifi^ 

Maintenance, s, dtbaravu, ^^srs^i. 

Maize, s. chdlam, Q-Ffrisn-ih. 

MakCj'D.^ j)ao iTLngirathu,ui>dakkugiratbu, 

Maliiria, tf. \iBhakkarru, (^(sa^k^irp^, 
Male, 8. ^i)» t%s6Gr. 
Malediction, s. sajiam, ^(ruti^. 
Malefactor, *. trdgi, pdthakan, ^QtrnS, 

Malevolence, s. ])agai, uea>s. 

Malign» v. t. avathdrnpaijiiugiratbii, ^eu 

^Malignant, a. pagaiyiillo, uaa&iti^&r. 
Mallet, s kottaii, Q^it/rtlL_/roW. 
Muu, s, nu ir.!shiin,ui.fiq^ca9i»6B^, 

man of war, 6. porkkappal, QuTi'rii,<s 

lI'UoI . 

Alanags, v. nudjippikkiratbu, jpuulSI&@ 

Management, s. vicbiraiiai, eQ<3'irjr2ssar. 
Mandate, 8. kaltalai, tftlL.^. 
Muiu'. •< pilannnvir, ii't_Tu3iL3.f 

]\^nfully, ad. aiimaiyai, ^GsareOiLaiuti 
M^ngo, 8. mdmaram^mdnkdy m^mpali 
LDrruijnl.'t Lorrt^s^inLj LniTLbuLpih, 
Mangoose, 8. kfri, @ffl. 
Mania, 8. paittyam, nnmattam, mat 

Maniac. 8. paittyakdran, osiu^^m 

Manifest, a. velippad^iydna, Q(SueSia 

Manifold, a, palavidamdna,Lj euaS^^inira 
Mankind, s. manusliajdti. Ln^^ss^^f^ 
Manners, vidam, mdthiri,s6)^Lb, LQir0l 
Manners, s. nadai, nallolukkami /sbml 

Manufacture,^, kaittolil, esiSjgtQfiirifin 
Manufacture, v, t uoddkkugiFatliiiy a.« 

Manure, s. ern, ot(7f. 

Manure, v. eruppcSdugiratbu, erQ^uQui 

Manuscript, s. kaieluttuppratbi, eaaQu 

Many, a. pala, aneka, u&j^ ^Qjb^* 

Map, 8. padam, ul-lL. 

Mar, 1J t palntlidkkugirathu, U(Lpfiri 

Marble, s. venkal, varoakkal, Qeuasin 

Marcb, 8. masi-panguni, u^tr^-umi^&fl 
Mare, s. pettaikkutbirai, QuC^aoL-k^ 

Margin, 8* 6ram, pakkam, ^wu^^ u&sth 
Margosa* 8. vembn, C?a;Lbi_y. 
Manner, s. kappal6tty, tsuu^^CLi^, 
Mark, s. kuri, pnlli. (^^, L/Jreirfl. 
Mark, v. t. kurikkimthu, (§jjSI<k3/o^, 
Market, s. kadai, iSeouL-. 
Market, v, i, virpanavu kolvanavu pai}- 
iiugiratbu, ii9pu&s(iiijQsirm&j6ara 




Marksmaili s lakkdli) @6ui«/r®rf?. 

Marrow, a. mtllai, etp^isfr. 

Marry, v, t. kaliy^ijam miidikkirathu, « 

MarSy «. chevv^y* Q^susuirdj, 
Marsh. 5. sathuppiinilam, s'^uLiSevth, 
Martyr, 8 rattasadchi, jr^fi'd^riLS. 
Marvel, s. ^chchariyam, ^s^^ifliuth. 
Marvel, v. i. ^chchariyappadugirathu, ^ 

Marvellous, a, athisayam^na, ^^^ajLun' 

Mason, s. sirpan, ffl/DUsSr. 
Masonry, 8. sirpartolil, ^pUfrQ^F/TL^su, 
Mast, 8 p^ymaram, urrdjLatnJt^ 
Master, a ejam^nan, €rs^LD{r6Brsor. 
Mat, ^. pty, u/rtu. 
Matchless, a- opparra, ^uupfl>^ 
Matchlock, s. tupp^kki, ^uuirsS, 
Mate, 8, ktltt^li, A.tLL^irefi, 
Matron, 8. talaivi, fi2svsS, 
Matter, 8- porul, vastu, k^riyam, GufTQ^ 

err, eu&o^, <ff/r/fiiULb. 
Mattock, 8. p^rai, Ufr&air. 
Mattress, 8. mettai, Qui0€a>^. 
Mature, v. t muthirappai>i}ugirathu, Qp 

Mature, 9» i. muthirugirathu, Qp^Q^Q 

Mature, a. pakkuvam^na, £j4@€uu>/rajr. 
Maturity, s, pakkuvam, u&(§euih, 
Maund, s. maijaiigu, Lo6sor/57@. 
Maw, 8, iraippai, ^aD/ruarou. 
Maxim, s. palamoli, utpQimrL^, 
May, 8. cluttirai-vaik^ ll^^^gDD/r-sroQ/ 

May, aiix. v. kildum, ^®ih. 

Me,^. ennai, eisbf^. 

Mean, v. t arttankollugirathu, ^ir^^ 

Meanings, s.paysLn,a>rttsiUi^UUJc^ >:^n' ^ «5'Ji, \ 

Meanly, ad. elimaiyjCy, eretBoOiUituiruj, 
Meanness|%. ilivu, ^l^q/. 
Meaus, 8 ettanam, (oT^^eanh, 
Measles, s chinnammai, ^ssresrih^siLo. 
Measure, «. parim^oam, utflLorressrih. 
Measure, v. U alakkirathu, ^mk&fDSi 
Measurement, s, alavu, ^eir<s^. 
Meat, 8, bh6janam, Qun-Fosrih, 
Medal, a. muttirai, (l/d^^ad/t. 
Meddle, v.i. kaiyidugirathu^ ©DD«a3®S 

Mediate, v *. parintupdsugirathu, uifl^^ 

Mediator*, madhyastan, tn^^tu&v^m. 
Medicine, 8, maruntu, lqq^^^. 
Meditate, V. i dydnikkirathu, ^luiresf^s 

Meditation 9 dy^nam, chintai, ^tuijss, 

Meek, a, sintamulla, ffn^^Qp&iidn, 

Meekness, a. sdntam, dPir^^Lh, 

Meet, -0, ^ ethirkoUugirathu, cr^ifQan 

Meet, a. taguthiy^na, /^(^^iiJtrtosr. 
Meeting, 5. ktittam, «-L-i_ijb. 
Melancholy, a* dukkham, ^^<Bih, 
Melancholy, a. dukkham^na, ^ssmirssr 
Melon, a, kommatti^ QairihioiLi^, 

water, pichchaikk^y, LS<ff'&5>-sFa<3Eiruj. 

musk, vejlarikk^y, Qa/errerrrfl-fftfn-tu. 
Melt, V. t. urukkugirathu, 9.(i^<k(S@ro^ 
Melt, D. i, urukugirathu, e-^^S/D ja. 
Member, a. avayavam, ^sutuisnih. 
Memory, a, itdpagam, ninaivu, (^(rusih 

Mend, v. t. tiruttugirathu,S(ri5^^Sn3^ 
Mendicant, 3. pichchaikkaran, tS'Fss^^B'i 

tf/r IT 6sr* 
Menial, dliyak^ran, esn:ifiuj<sirjrc6^> 




philosophy, m^nathas^stram, innrser^ 

Mention, v. t, choUugifathu, Q^irw^S 

Merchant, s, varttagan, Qj/f^>9<ff6Sr. 
Merciful, a. irakkamnlla, gjsrssQfi&r&r. 
Mercifully, ad. irakkam^y, ^jr^mtifruj. 
Merciless, a, kodumaiy^ai Q«.T®«s)a> 

Mercy, s. irakkam, ^jr<kaih. 
Merely, ad, m^ttiram, Lairfi^srih. 
Meridian, s, madhy^umniy la^jSujfresnh, 
Merrily, ad. magilchchiy^y, ui@i^i-& 

Merriment, s. kalippu, «6irfluL/. 
Merry, a. kalipp^a, seffiuuirm-. 
Message, s. cheythi, Q^vb^. 
Messenger, s, dtithan, ^^eer. 
Metal, s. loham, Qeorrsu^, 
Method, 8, vagal, vidam, q/ss)^, eS^ih, 
Metropolis, s- r^jadini, jrir&^n'Gsf^, 

Mettle, s, utsiham, dhairyam, cherukku, 

e.p<F/r«ti5, GJ)^ifiiuih, QiF(t^S(^. 

Mettlesome, s, uts^hamulla, vframulla, 

s./D«£F/r<ff(ip6fr0r, eSiro^&rGfr, 
Mew, V. i, ptlnaiyalugivathu, ^Sssroj^fi 

Mid, a, naduv^na, jsQeuiresr, 
Midday, 8, maddhy^nam, Ln^^iuirsorih, 
Middle, s. nadu, idai, js®, @ea)^. 
Middle, a, maddhya, nadu, ld^^oj^ /bQ, 
Midnight, s- nadurtlttiri, j5(Bjrrr^fi{fi, 
Midst, 8. na4u, ;5®. 

Midway, ad. naduvaliyil, ^^©fiWL^uSeu. 
Midwife, 5. maruttuvappeii, ldq^^s^qju 

Might, 5. vallamai, Q/eueusroLo. 
Mj£^ht,p, i. ofma.y, ktldum, «l®lq. 
M/^htnjr, ad. vaJimaiydj, ojeS&^aiUjfTfJu. 

Milch, a. pdlkarakkira, ua-e^ap^8/r), 

cow, p^lpasu,karavai,u/r^L;«^,tf/D(60)6W, 
Mild, a. s^tamul}a, ^[r^fSQp&refr, 
Mildew, 5. ptSnchu, ^(^Sr. 
Mildly, ad, s^ntam^y, s^ir^^uifTdj. 
Military, a. raiiuvattukkuriya, @J-/r^ 

Milk, 8 p^l, ufr&). 

Milk, V, t p^lkarakkirathu, u/r6u<ff/9«£ 

Milkman, s, pilkk^ran, Un-p&itff&sr, 

Mill, 8, yantram, tu^^jnh. 

Millet, tS. tinai, j^Sbor. 

Million, 8, pattuladcham, u^^eoiL^il 

Millstone, 8, tirikaikkal, 0ffiea>s^iSev. 

Mimic, 8* kelikk^ran, QaeSlisirjrm, 

Mimicry, 5. keli, QiSeQ. 

Minaret, i. ttibi, ^lS, 

Mind, 8. manam, Lnssrih* 

Mind, V, t. avath^ampaQnugirathu, j 

Mindful, a. avath^nam^na, ^su^rra 

LdiT 6cr. 

Mine, «. suraiigam, ^jrmmih. 
Mine, ipr. ennudaiya, einisr ^esiL.uj, 
Mingle, v. t-4,, kalakkirathu, seosQto^ 
Minister, s. mantri, guru, la^^rf?, @^ 
Minor, a. ilaiya. §}%Bfnu. 
Mint, 8. tangas^lai, ^ikss^ir^sv. 
Minute, 8, nimisham, 0uSsi^ih, 
Miracle, s. adbhutham, ^pi^pih. 
]\Iiraculous, a, adhhutham^na, ^pu 

Mire, s, cheru, Qs^^, 
Mirer, 8. kaiiQadi, aeoai^is^. 
Misbehave, v. L olungfnam^ynadakki 

thu, ^(LpikiQesrLDfrdjjBi—<s@p^, 
Misbehaviour, s, kettanadattai, Q^il 




Misdemeanor,9. kettaDa4ai,Q«iLL.^fi9L. 
Mi&er, 8. lobhi,pisunan,C0 6u/rL9,L94F6or6or. 
Miserable, 0. nirbandha. 0Sruu^fi, 
Miserably, ad, nirbandham^y, ^truu^ 

Misery, s- tunbam, jspeifuih. 
Misfortune, 5. ^paddu, ^u0i^. 
Misgiving, s. sandeham, <f^(^#«J). 
Misgovern, tJ. t anitiy^y^lngiratbu, ^0 

Misguide, V. t^ppkynadattugiratbu, fiu 

Mishap, 8. idaiydru, ®«D>t-^^- 
1 Mislay, v, t, idantappivaikkiratbu, @l^^ 

Mislead, v. t. valitappinadattugirathu, 

Misrule, s, any^yavaras^dchi,' ^jSiudiu 

Miss, 8, tappu, pisagu, ;»ljl/, lS.^@. 
Miss, V. tappugiratha, tavarugiyathu, js 

Missing, p. a, k^n^malpdna, air^m^ 

Misspend, v.L vf o^ychcbelavalikkirathu, 

^(^ (Li (F Q ^ 6U fiU L|9dE fi/Z) JJ, 

Mist, 8. mtidupani, ^®ug^. 
Mistake, 8. pilai, i3ss>i^. 
Mistress, s, ejam^tti, sr jf u^triLu^, 
Mistrust, 8 sandeham, s'fiQ^ath. 
MistiTistful, {£• sandehikkira, ^sppQ^Qs 

Misunderstanding, s. tappeijijam, ^uQu 

Mitigate, t>. t. ^rrugirathu, c^p^fi/D^. 
Mitigation, 8. ^ruthal, c^^/peu. 
Mix, V, t, kalakkiratbu, aeos8fD^. 
Mixed, p. a. kalapp^na, seouuiresr. 
Mixture,' s. kalappu, «6UL/q. 
Moat, 5. ngai'i, ^sy^. 
3Iob, S: kalagakkirar, ^eo^h^[[s^. 

Mock, 8, parihisam, uff^sir^sFih. 
Mock, V. t. parihdsampaoijugiratliu, 

Mock, fl.poyyiina, QuirtinuireBr' 
Mockery, s, parihdsam, uifisfr<ffth. 
Mode, s m^thiri, infrfiffl. 
Moderate, a, matt^na, LDL-uiresr, 
Moderately, ad. mat*ay, unLL^irdj, 
Modern, It. puthu* l/^. 
Modest, a, n^ijamulla, j^fresBrnpaacm 
Modestly, ad' mariyithaiy^y, u^ujir 


Modesty, 8. mariy^thai, n^iiam, Lnr 

esijSj jFrresarih, 
Moist, a. fram^na, FTFLorrtssr, 
Moisten, v, t, nanaikkiTathii, ^Sbsi 

Moisture, 5. iram, FFjnli, 
Mole, 8, maru, vadu, Lajpi, enQ, 

Molest, v. t. idainchalpaduttugira 

Molestation, 8. idai^iclisCl, ^es)L.(^<^i 
Mollify, V, t, ^rrugiral^n, <^p^8/ 
Molten, j9. j9, of melt, y^p^na, a/. 

Moment, 8, nimisham, ^uS^ih. 
Monday, 8, tinkatkilamai, ^(sjslL 


Money, s. panam, k^su, uessrih, sir a 
Money-changer, s. k^sukk^an, at 

Moneyed, a. paijamalla, ueosrQp&rsi 

man, dhanay^n, fi€sr^fr&(r. 
Monkey, 8. kurangu, ^ir/Ei@. 
Monsoon, a. malaikk^lam, msoiifi 

Month, 8. mdsam, Larrjpth, 
Monthly, a. mds^tara, iii /r <ff rr (^ ^ c . 





Monumental, tf. iiapakakkurippana, ^ir 

Moon, s, chandran, ^^Ssreor, 

new, am^vdsi, ^uaireuir^, 

fjill, pauranai, Querrirdsssr, 
Moonbeam, «. chandrakirai?am, ^^0]tS 

Moonlight, s. nil^, nilavn, fieotr^ /9eu6s/. 
Moral, a, sanm^rgamulla, iF^Lofritea 

Morality, s sanm^rgam, cFs5roi/r/rtf«ffiLb. 
Morally, ad, sanm^rgam^y, ^sSrLo/r/r« 

Morals, s, nftinadai, ^^jb^hhl^. 

More, c2, adhikam^na, migunta, «sy^tf 

and more, melumelam, adhikamadlii- 
kam^y, Qu^^Qu^^ih^ ^^au^^s 

Moreover, ad, innnm, all^malum, @6Qr 

Morning, s. k^lai, <«/r^;. 

and evening, k^aim^lai, <ff/r25ULA/r2sL\ 
Moming-star» «. vidivelli, e9^LQffl;0rr6yf?. 
Morrow, s. n^lai, mafun^, /sir'bsfr^ Uijjf 

Morsel, 5. tunukkai, ^^^sms. 
Mortal a, s^vukkuriya, ^freifs(^(fliu. 
Mortally, cid, maranattukku^thuviy, uh 

Mortar, s, chunriaclicli^ntii, rtFeSsressrS^i^fr 

Mortgage, 5. fd^^ ^-^^ 

of landed property, adaimdnam, ^ 

Mortgage, r. t, fduvaikkiratliii, ff(SI«s>qj 

landed property, adaim^namvaikklra- 

1/bsqiie, s. mastithi, La(^^, 
mi to, s. masakam, ld-sp^bij^. 


Moss, 8. .pc<si. u/r^. 
Mossy, a. p^sipadamta, un^ut^&^^ 
Most, 8, adliikaalavu, jn^s^m<c^. 
Most, a, adhikamdna. ^^tisLairsisr, 
Mostly, ad perump41um, adhikam^y,(2 

Motli, 8, pdchchi, y,^^. 
Mother, s, mjith^i, t^y, ton-^tr^ ^iruj. 
of pearl, miittiichchippi, (ip^jfii 

Motherless, a.tdyillatha, ^/roSeu eu/r^ff. 
Mother-in-law, 8, m^mi, umtUQ, 
Motion, 8, chalanam, iyakkam, ^eoeari 

Motive, 8 mugdntaram, Qpsirfi^jnh. 
Monld, 8. achchu, karu, ^s^^^ sq^. 
Mould, V. t. uruvakkugirathn, ^Q^ean 

Mouldy, a. chakkuppiditta, ff&(^ui3i 

Moult, r. iraguthirkkirathu, §i}p^^ 

Mound, 8. varamhu, cheykarai, medu, ( 

Mount, V, i, efugifathu, (QT^Qfio^, 
Mountain, 8, malai, LnfUso, 
Mountaineer, s. malaivdsi, as2sb«a/rr^. 
Mourn, v. dnkkhankond^ngirathu, ^ 

Mournful, a, dukkhamtoa, ^ssmirefsr 
Mournfully, ad, dukkham^y, ^<s<B5Lnird. 
Mouse, s. chuiideli, ^ssarQi^eQ, 
Mouth, 8. vdy, eumb. 
Mouthful, 8. vaynifainta, euirtijjSeopfi;^ 
Move, V, i, alaigirathu, ^dugirathu. 

Much, a. migunta, behu, adhika, a9(a 

Much, ad. adhikamdy, ^^^infruj. 





Mulberry, s.musukkattaifclicliedi, Qpsr<s 

Mulct, s. apar^dham, ^utrtr^ih. 
Mulct* v,t, apar^hamp<5dugirathu, «fjfij 

Mule, 8. kdvefukaluthai, QjsirQsujpisqj^ 

Multifarious, a- palavidamc^na, ueosB^ 

Multiform, a, palavidam£(na, uw^js 

Multiplicity, s- iDiguthl, uS(Si0. 
Multiply, V. t, vriddhiyakkugirathu, eSir 

Multiplyt V, ^. perugugirathu, Qu(t^(^Q 

Multitude^ 8. kdttam, siL.tLL.ih. 
Mum,t7i^. maunam« OLoi^rrssr'h. 
Mumble, v, muQUmuQukkirathu, qp^n 


Municipal, a, nagaravichtoQaikkuriya, 

Munificence, 8. udfiraguQam, ^/girjr^ 

Munificent, a. udira, c ^ffir. 

Murder, s kolai, Q'SntsD, 

Murder, v, t. kolaicheygij'athu, (o)«/r3su 

Murderer, 8, kolaipiCthakan, Q^s/rSsuu/r^ 

Murky, a. irulina, Sl/ujerrTear. 
Murmur, 5. muvumufuppu, (Lp^y^£)i 


Murmur, v. i. mnnimurukkiriitliu, (tp j» 

Muscle, «. tasain^r, ^fsoiiFfFfriT, 
Muse, V, chintikkirathu, ^pSkSip^- 
Mushroom, s. kaJ^n, iStretrtrent. 
Music, s. gitam, vadyam, S^ih, euiT^^ 

string, isainarambn, §)sa>s';sirthL 
tuue, or mode, r%am. @ir/r«Lb. 

Musk, *. kastdri, &m^M, 

Musket, s. tupp4kki, j5Juu/r«S. 

Muskrat 8. mtiffcWru, (yi(g5^jD;. 

Musky, «. pulugulk, q^@6ir(srr. 

Must, 8, ptiilchu, ^,395*. 

Must, uux. V. veijdugirathu, Qeusc 

Mustaches, 8, mfsai, lEs^'SF. 
Mustard, «. kadugu, « ®(5. 
Muster, v. t. ktSttugirathu, &.lL®S 
Musty, a. ptlsaijampiclitta, ^#k 

Mute, a. maunam^naf QmenssnDir 
Mutilate, v. t. chinnibhinnappad 

gtfathu, ^6DI@)LSc0f63rLJ uO; 

Mutilation, 8. chlnn^bhiunam, wok 

607 gWLb. 

Mutineer, 8. kalahakkiran, &eoi 

Mutinous, a. kalahamtSttugira, «« 

Mutiny, «. kalaham, aeo^ih. 
Mutiny, v. i. kalabampaijr\ugirathii 

Mutton, 8 ittiraichchi, c^tlif e^/Dd 
Mutual,a. anniydnniyamina, ^csBrajf 

Mutually, ad anniy6nniyamay, ^ 

(? UJ if 6N ««n (LI UO fflU . 

Muzzle, V. t vaykattugirathu,aj/riu 
My, pr, en, cunujaiya, toToor, <oiz 
Myrrh, s. vellaipp61am, Qsnoa'^C 




Mysterious, a, rahasjamiua, ^ir&^iu 

Mystery, 8- rahasyam, Qjjr^&tuih. 


Nag, 8. mattakkuthirai, LaCt^ss^^eiair^ 

Nail. 8, ^iii, nagam, «^€Bcf?, jB^th, 

Nail, D. t. ^niyaraigiratlin, ^estSiuaop 

Nakecl,a.niruY^i>am^na, j0 (T^Q/ fr Qjor lA /r ear. 
Nakedness, «. nimv^Oani, ;S0ei«-€wru), 
Name, s. peyar, Outu/f . 
Name, 'd. <. peyari^ugirathu, QuiufBQQ 

Nameless, a. peyarill^tlia,0u(U{f}su6u/r;ff, 
Namely, ad, athivathu ^jgirsij^. 
Nap, 5. poyyuirakkam, QufrdjtLi/Dssih, 
Nap, <?. t. clurdtuyilkollugiratliu, &jpjffi 

Nape. 8, pidar, lSl-zt. 

Narrate, D. t. vivarikkirathu, eSeuf^^B 

Narration, s. kathai, charitram, seofi, 4f 

Narrow^, a. o4ukkam^na, ^®sau^frm'. 
Narrowly, ad, i4wkkamiy, g)®^«Lo/rtu. 
Nastily, ad. n^rramfy, jBirp/Dtniruj, 
Nastiness, 8» kasumalam, s^uafreoth. 
Nasty, a. kasum^m^a, ssrinfreou^tresr. 
Nation, «. r^jyam, j^ti, ^Jinr^Stuih, 

National, a desattukkadutta, Qfi^^gi 

Native, 8. sudesi, SrQ^S, 
Native, a. iyafkaiydna. §iujn)SDSiuiresr. 
Natural, a. iyalb^na, §l(u<^u(rear, 
NaturaDy, ad. iyalbiy, gjojeoumLj, 
Natvro, s. subL^vam^ srisb4i,«SrL/frfiuic, 

Naval, a. kappalukkaduttaf ssuu^is 

Nave, 8. cbakkarattinkudam, ^^airfifi 

Navel, 8, nibi, kopptil, ^itlS^ Q«(Tu^^ 
Navigable, a. kappalddattakka^ ^uu 

Navigate, o. t, kappal6ttugirathu, «liu 

Navigator, «. milami, Lotr^uSi, 

Neaptide, 8, varrani, eujbpu^* 

Near, a. arng^na, samfpam^na, ^Q§sf 

Near, ad, aduttu, samfpam^y, ^(Bfi^ 

Nearly, ad, kH^attatia, QCu-pfiC^L^^ 
Nearness, 8, arugu, sam^pam, JIQ^(^, # 

Neat, 0. nerriy^ai oluiig^na, QjBpjSiiuw 

6or, €fi(i^ib<ssn'6sr. 
Neatly, ad, n^rtiy^y, Qj5jbj6lujiruj. 
Neatness, «. nerfi, Qjsp^, 
Necessariesf 8, tevaiysCnavaikal, Qfi<asm 

Necessarily, ad, avasiyamiy, ^euSai 

Necessary, a. tevaiyujla, Q^&sisuiLi&r&r. 
Necessitate, v, t, kat^^yappaduttugirathu, 

Necessitous, a. avasiyamana, ^euSiu 

Necessity, $. avasiyam, ^euStuih. 

Neck, 8. kaluttu, ^(l^S^. 

Neckcloth, s, kaluttukkutiai, sQ^fS^i 

Nectar, 8. amirtham, ^u9iT;S^, 

Need, a. tevai, Q^eaxsu. 

Need, v. t. virumbugiratbu, qS^ldl^S 




Keedlaniy a, tevaijilltftiia, Q/gea^ii^Go 

Needlework, 9. taijal, ^eoifitu^}. 
Neglect, *. asattai, ^^iLeoiL.. 
Neglect, t7. t. asattaipat]ii}ugiratliii, jy^ 

Negligence, 8. ^sattai, ^^l-€bh—. 
Negligent, a. asattaiy^Ba, ^^iL^l^vjit 

Neigb, 9t kaoaippu, aSsbtl/l/. 
Neigh, V. i.kanaikkiratlia,tf%or^S/r)ji7. 
Neighbour, 8. ayal^n^ ^ujeorreisr. 
Neighbourhood, «.*a7al, samfpam, ^oj 

si', ^uSuih. 
Neighbouring, a. adutta, ayalana, jy® 

Neither, a-con, irandumallitha, ^fssot 

Nephew, «. marumagan, Lo(n;LotfG5r. 
Nerve, «. narambn, jffjTLCLj, 
Nervous, tf. balamdna, uevLatrcsr. 
Nest, 8' kti4u, kti^d^ <^^9 &.6iKir(2). 
Net, 9. yalai, eu^Bv* 
Nether, a. kflana, SL^iresr, 
Nethermost, a. ^tgakkflana, ^siSL^n- 

Nettle, s, kauchori, «/r^0<^ir/i9. 
Network, 8. pinnalvelai, LSssresreuC^suSfn;. 
Neutral, a* nadanilaiyulia, ip®^2bviL\ 

Never, aci?. orupoluthumillai, ^q^Qutrq^ 

Nevertheless, ad. analum, ajinum^ ^ 

New, tf. puthiya, qStu. 
Newly, ad. puthithay, L^^^iruj. 
Newness, s. puthumai, Lf^eom, 
News, 8, cheythi, samacharam, Qffdj0^ 

Newspaper, varttamana pattirikai, ^ifr ^ 

Next, ({. adutta, s^^ip* 
Nibble, tJ, t. arikkirathu, ^fftsQj, 
Nice, a. nernyana, Q^F/b/Siu freer. 
Nicely, aea? nerriyay, ^jFjbjSiufnu 
Niggard, s. lobi, QeviriSl. 

Niggardly, a. lobaguriamulla, <^e 


Nigh, ad. samibamay, kitta, <sflSl 

Night, 8. rattiri, irir^^ff}. 
Nightfall, s. chayaijkalam, <5=/r( 

61) di. 
Nightly, ad rattiritorum, jrfr^jS> 

Nimble, archnruchuruppulla, <5f^ 

Nimbly, ad, chiipukkay, £r^ssrr 
Nine, a-s. onpathu, sjoo: u^. 
Ninefold, «• onpathumadangu, sjeSi 

Nineteen, a-*, pattonpathn, u^Q^ 

Nineteenth, a. pattonpatham, u^ 

Ninetieth, a. tor^ry^xaniyQ^treosr^ 
Ninety, a-s, tonntlrnj Q^gfrGesr^^m 
Ninth, a- onpatham, e^sS/u^/rd^. 
Nip, «. killu, QsfT^. 
Nip, V. i. Davukkugifathu, killngi 

Nippers, «. chirukufadu, Qjjx(S^^ 
Nipple, 8, mulaikkaii, Q^Zs^&^&sst. 
Nit, 8, Ifkkai, ^di€S)dB. 
Nitre, s, vediyuppu, Qsui^iquLf. 
No, a, oruvarumalldtha, onrumai 

No, ady illai, alia, @sv'^, jffevev, 
I Noble^ a. mfiTiiafti^^i3A»^CSviS&^is»\i 





Nod, s. talai asaippu, ^e^tum^uLf, 
Nod, V. talai asaikkirathu, fi2eoajea>iF&Q 

Koise, s, sattam, kdkkural, ^fifiih^ a.<s 

Noisy, a, iraichchaliCna, §^€a>ir^dFeoTesr^ 
Nominally, ad. pcyarm^ttirain^y, Quiu/r 

Nomination, s. kupppu, ©^ul/. 

None, a, oravarumill^tlia, onrnmill^^tlia, 

Nook, 8, mtJlai, ^2su. 
Noon, 5. maddhyjCnanc, Ln^^iufrconh. 
Noose, 5, clnirukku, s-(T^fBS(g, 
Nor, con. illai, alia. jDsuSsu, ^&)€o. 
North, s-a. yadakku, sul-s^, 

east, vainkilakku, 6uu.8jfi^(§. 

west, vadam^rku, euL-Qu^jh^. 

star, tiiruvan, ^(^Qiesr. 

Avind, vadak^rru»<a;i_<ffi/r/E)ji'. 
Northern, a. vada, siyL_, 
Norllnvard, flc2. vadakk^y, (SuueairiL, 

Nose, «. nit5kku, CfP^(5- 
Nostril, g. ndsidw^ram, jpfr^^^suirjrih. 
Not, acZ. illai, alia, @)eu35u, ^eueu. 
Note, 8. kiirippU' chlttu, (^fiSluq, &iLQ. 
Note, V t eluthivaikkirathu, erQ^^eoeu 

Nothing, s. onrumillai, ^sSr^t/ffeuasu. 
Notice, 8. arivittal, ^/SlsSifSeb, 
Notification, s arikkaippattirara, jfifiSs 

Notify, V. t. arivikkirathu, j/^aSfiSp^. 
Notion, s. en nam, crefergaBrLh. 
Notwithstanding, con. agilum, cgjS^ii. 
Nourish, t?. i p6aliikkirathu, QuiTGfJiB 

J>^oi/2'jshmoi\i, 8, Jiharam, j^airjru^ 
JVffi^oJly, s. niltininw, ^^^Gfrih. 

I Now, ad, ippoluthu, ^uQuwq^^. 
Now a-days, ad, intanadkalil, §lf5fifiK 

Nowhere, ad. eiigumillai, ^/S7(^^6u26u. 
Nowise, ad» eyvithattilumillai, ertiisQ^^ 

Nuisance, 8, tontaravu, Q^/r/F^ire/« 
Number, 8. kaQakku, ^eesarkc^. 
Number, v, ^ enijugifathu, kaoakkidn- 
girathu, erssar^fuSp^y «€BBr«A0 

Numbness, s viraippu, eQes>fl)LJL^. 

Numerous, (/. a,nekfi,,^Qesra, 

Nurse, 8. kaitt^y, dy^l, ems^^triUf eg 

Nurse, v. t. p66hikkirathu, k^pp^rrugi- 

rathu, Qunefi^Qfo^^ aiTuuirp)£$ 

Nurture, v. t valarkkirathu, Qj6yr/f<sfi 

Nut, 8, kottai, 0«/rtl6»t-. 
Nutmeg, «. jatikk^y, ^rr^kaadj. 
Nutriment, 8. uQavu, fi-eoora/. 
Nutrition, 8. rasam, a^ih. 
Nutritious, a. p6shikkattakka, Quacfim 

tf 01 tf m SB t 


O, int <5, 6h6, ^, ^Q^ir, 

Oar, s. tand,u, tii4nppu, ^^Sar®, ^®ul^. 

Oath, 8. ^oai, cf^SsBBr. 

Obedience, s- kfladakkamt QL^i^^aih* 

Obedient, a, kflppa^ivulla, Sy^uui^t^ 

Obediently, ac^.adakkam^y, ^L^^atajrium 
Obey, V. t, kflppadigipathu, ^y^uui^Q 

Object, 9. lakku, vishayam, ^eos(g^ ^ 

Object, ^. t. \a^wtf3tk'^\\^\^>Qs^^ 




Objection, s. tadai, fiean-.. 
Obligation, s. kadamai, SL^esna* 
Obligingly, ad, upachdramiy, &.u<fffrsr 

« Obliquely, ad, k6i>al^y, Qairsssreotnu, 
Obliquity, s. koiial. Q&rr&^&j. ^ 

Obliterate, t; J. alikkirathu,^L^<ffiSp^. 
Observable, a. ayadbl^nikkattsikka, ^fi; 

i Observe, v, t, p^rkkifathu, uffirsQp^. 
Obstacle, s. tadai, fi&siL., 
Obstinacy, a, muratt^ttam, (tpirL.L./ril 

Obstinate, a. adang^tha, ^L.fsjsir^, 
Obstruct, V. t idaif^cbalpaiiiiugirathii, ^ 

Obfltruotion. s. a*laippu, ^eB>L.uLi. 
Obtain, V. t perugiyathu, kollugirathu, 

to be obtained, kidaikka, BstRt^as, 
Occasion, |. samayam, velai, <£Fa)UjLL, 

Occasional, e». appdtbappdtbnllaj^uC^un' 

Occasionally, ad. ktilattukkukk&lam, ap- 
p<5tbapp6tbu, sn'eo^^£^(gk4BfTeoua^ 

Occupation, s, tolil, 0#/r L^eu. 
Occur, 17. i.sambavikkirathu) neri4ugi- 
ratbu, 'SFihusfikS/D^i Qrs^QQp^. 
Occurrence, s, k^riyam, sir^tuih. 
Ochre, 8. k^vi, sneB, 
October, «. puratt'^^si-aippasi, njrCu.irS" 

, Ocular, a, kaiii>^rakkaoda, sesai^jT'SS 

Odious, a. aruvaruppana,^^ffl;(if5tJurr6Br. 
Odium, 8, veruppu, Qcu j»L/q. 
Odoriferous, a. sugandav^sanaiyina, <3r 

Odour,s, gandam,n^rr^m,m^^Cb,iB ir p roih. 

Oiyprep. u4aiya, uriya, il, in, ^I, kii r 

e.a»L_iu, &.{fliu, ^sv, @sw, ^^ 

Off, oci. vilagi, vittu, ddra, eSl^®, sS/i 

Off; int. p6 ! Qun- ! 
Offal, 8. echcbil, cTiS'Se^). 
Offence, 8. kufram, ^p/Du^m 
Offend. V. t, visanappaduttugirathu, i 
pamdttngirathu, sSl'9'€6ruuQ^£ 

Offender, s. kurrav^li, ^fipt^ireffi. 
OffensiTe,a. vir6dhamana,sS(?jr/r^a)ff'i 
Offer, V. t kodukkir«ttlui, Otf /r®«fi fl9. 
Offering, 8. kfinikkai, an'&s^iss)<sF. 
Office, 8, udyogam, udyogasdlai, a.^ 

Officer, 8, vLdy6gQsia.n,s.^^QujiTs&v^i 
Official, a, udy6gattukkadutta, e-,d 

Officiate, t>. t. udydgamp^rkkiratliu, a 

Often, ad. palamuraiyum, u6U(z^6Q) n^iq 
Oh, int. aiyd, appd, ^^Qiuir, ^uuir. 
Oil, 8. eiTiiJey, eresBrQessruj, 
Oil; 1?. t. eijneyptSsugiYathu, srsiaiQem 

Oilwesa,} *-<5^®^^"» Qs=s(s^. 
Oilmonger, 5. v^iiigan, (sun-tssi^sm. 
Ointment, 8. tailam, 60)^6ULh. 
Oldi a. palamaiyana, ULpoQiniuirasr. 

age, mdppu, ^ul/. 
Omen, s. kuyi, (^j£l. 
Ominous, a. durkkufiy^na, ^(rs(^ 

Omit, V. t. vidugirathn, &9(ElSlj]0£p. 
Omnipotence, s. sarvavallaiuai, tf/rc 




Omniscience, s. sarvauanam, ^/r«i@/r 

On, prep, mel, Qtaev. 
On, ad. appuram, ^uqjDih, . 
Once, ad, orumurai, cp^iipfirop. 
One, s. a. onru, oru, c^ssrjpi^ ^n^. 

by one, owonr^y, ^ejQm(re6r(rrf-dj. 
Onion, «. vei>kiyam, Qeuesarainuih, 
Only, a- ore. ^Co/r. 
Only, ad. mittiram, mn-^^jrih* 
Onward, ad. munne, qpsoiQesr. 
Ooze V. i. -drngirathu, kasigirathu, aacjjj 

Open, V t tirakkirathu, virikkirathu, 

Open, a. bahirangam^na, uSsriasLairesr, 
Open-hearted, a. tirantamanamulla, ^ 

Opening, 9. nfkkam, vedippu, jSiaih^ 

Openly, ac^ baliirangam^y,u@ir/E;«£ATiu 
Operation, s, kriyai, Qtheatu, 
Ophthalmia, § kai}i>6,kaoi>dy,<£5«wG^, 

Opinion, s. kolgai, Qtsrr&reoa. 
Opium, «. apini, ^iSlet^. 
Opponent, s. ethiri, sr^ffl. 
Opportunity, 8 samayam, iFtsnuu^. • 
Oppose, V, t. virddikkirathu, eSQirir^e 

oppose, V, i. neri4ugirathu, QjBffiQQ 

Opposite, a. ethir^na, er^jrireer. 
Opposition, 8 m^rup^4^» vir(5dam, ld/t jy 

Oppress, V. t, odukkugirathu, ^(Slki^Q 

Oppression, s o4nkkam, kodumai, 9®^ 

^j?rassjve, a kodumajyina, Qsfr®a>LD 

Opprobrious, a. ilivina,. @i^AJ/r«r. 

Option, 5. priyam, tSffi lutjb. 

Opulence^ 9. chelyam,dhanam,Q^«ua/( 

Or, eon. allatho, dgilum, ^eueu^, ^j 

Orange, &, kichchili, S^SeS. 

Ordain, v. i. erpaduttugirathUy cr/Du(B 

Ordealy 5. parfdchait u^ijes>^* 

Order, «. olunga. ^(yi/Bjg. 

Order, v t. kattalaiyi4agirathii, mC 

Orderly, a. olungdna, ^(L^raarrear, 
Orderly, ad. olwng^y, ^^(LpiBSfTdj, 
Ordinance, s. murainud, (tpsD/oeana. 
Ordinarily, ad. Talakkattinpadi, sMkix 

iramay, euips^fi^Gcsf uu^, ffftr^ti 

Ordinary, «. stith^rana, ^irfin-jresar. 
Ordore, 9. malam, kashdam, ii^euih, «i 

Orifice 8, dwaraia, kan, ^euirjrth, a em 
Origin, «. k^raiiam, mtUam, ^frjrefsart 

Original, a- ^thiyina, ^^(urrsBr. 
Originally^ ad. muthalmnthal, (tpfi^( 

Originate, v. t. nijidikkngirathu, &.« 

Originate, v. i, todankngirathu, Q/gir 

Ornament, s. sing^ram, Sikstrjnjb. 
Ornament, v, t, alangarikkiiuthiu ^.eu 

Ornamental, a. alang^ram^na, ^mtias 

Ornate, v. L alaxigarikkirathu, jyAiv^i 

Orpliaii,«.aii4i^«^^«^A.^w ?bu^S^«% 
Other, ma.T^,^^X^> iix|pi>Q^fi^- * 





pr. nammudaiya, engal, fSLLQp 
ADL^ttj, 6rffii4ff<sfr. 
Ives, p*. n^m^, nisgale^ rgaQu^^ jbt 

V. i. eduttupp64ugirathu, cr®^^ 

"id. veliy^, QojeifiQuj, 
'/lU. p6 1 Quit ! 

i^prep, irQntu,vittu,®(if5jF^,Q9u©. 
er» kramatt^lv^y,fiirLD;ff;ff/ripQi/r{Lf. 
, a. puramb^na, njDu^utr&sr* 
jT* 9. (dielavu, Q«F6uea/. 
t, «• dw^rain, ^fiu/rjrib. 
le^ 8, rtSpakkurippu, ^us^fiSui^^ 
ge, 8, kalabam, aeosih, 
b, 9 tuvakkam, ^eusaili. 
le f. yeUppnram, Ooierfltjqp'-b- 
:irt, 8, katiaiellai, <ssa)£.QajGuSsD. 
brd^ C' purambdna, qpLhu/reor. 
irdly, ac2« purambky, i^pihuirdj* 
xds, od puramb^, qpibGu. 
a. muttaiYa4ivina, (LpL.6Q> 

8. a4t3ppa« .ff^ug. 

0(2. adhikam^y,«iy^tfai/r(Lj. 

bwe, 0. t, bbayamuruttugirathu, u 

jOKid, ad. kappalaivittu, auu2eo 

asty V, t mantdrampddugirathu, £a 

liarge, v, t adhikayi]aip64ugirathu, 

sloud* V. t. mant^b?ainp64ugiratha 


omef V, t, veiTi]coUagiTat\ia, Qei 


Oye]>do, V. t adhikaucheygirathu, ^ 
Over-feed, 'O, i> adbikam^ytitiugirath 
Over-flow, v. t poigivaligirathu, Qu 
Over-grown, p. a adbikamgiyvalamt 
Over-beady ad, talaikkumel^a, fi2so&^ 

Over-lay, v. t, mtSdugiratbu, (ipQBp^, 

Over-load, v, t migutbiyiybh^tramern; 
giratbu, t£(^^ujinuuuirjr(oLDib^i 


Over-matcb, v, t, vellugiyatbu, Qeueo^ 

Over-pay, v. t adbikankodukkiratba, j 

Over-power, p. e. valimaiyiyvellugiratbi 

€ueiS60>ia(L/ rr (ZjQ fiueu^ S /D ^ . 
Overset, v. t m^hichiraiiaicbeygiratbi: 

(0 m6usi9<F/rirSsBBrQ^iu @/D«^. 

Overseer, t. kaok^ni, mdlvich^aijaikk^ 
ran, s^siresS^ Q m^sBs'frjrdessrt 

Over-set, v, t kavilkkirathu, seSi^ei 

Overset, v. i. puralugiratba.qir^®^^ 
Over-sbadow, v. t. nilalidngiratbu, jBlJiei 

Over^read, v. t, mtidugirathu, ^0^ 

Over-take,t). t pi4ikkiratbu,L9^L<ffi©;D j: 
Over-tbrow, 8. kavijcbcbi, asSyi<F8, 

Over-tbrow, v. t. kavilkkiratbii, seSij^i 
Over-tum,«. <. kavilkkiratbu, «fii9iptffi 




Owe, V, U kodukkaveij4i inikkiratliu, 

Owl, 8. ^ntai) ^^^s^^. 

Own, V, t nrimaiy^kkugirathu, ©-/flsrozii 

Own, a sonta, Q<s=rrffi, 

Owner, 8. sontakk^ran, Q^ir^fiksir 

jy&st , 
Ox, «. enitku, cr^jg?. 
Oyster, 8 matti, ldlL^l. 

Pace, 8, nadai, jb&bh-. 

Pacific, a. sam^thdnam^na, tfFLo/r^/reor 

Pacify, t). t samithdnappaduttugirathu, 

Pack, «. muttai, gptlca^. 

Pack, V, t, adakkikkattugirathu, ^ui 

Qk&CJBQ fDS^" 
Package, $. mtSttai, ^tlaD£_. 
Packet, 8, sippam, ^uuih. 

Packthread, 8 mtitiaitaikkum ntil, ^tl 

Pad, 8, mettai, Qu^^osifi, 
Paddle, s* tuduppu, jxjOul/. 

Paddle, i>. taQduvalikkirathu,^6K)r®Q;6^ 

Paddy, s. nellu, Qj^eo^. 
land, nanchey, jB<ssfQ^uj, 
field, paiiiiai, ust^Ssssr. 

Padlock, 5 dmaipptittu, «^ecD£ALJ4^il&^. 
Page, s. pakkam, u^^lL. 
Pageant, 8, vedikkai, Q(^is^k&5ie, 
Pageantry, s. ddambaram, cgji-tbuirtb. 
Pagoda, s. kdvil, var^gan, (SsireSi^^ oi 

J^su'J, s, tofii, O^jTiLi^. 

Pain, V. U Yaruttafpa4utti]girathii, « 

Painful, a. varuttamiUla,Q;0;ir^(i^6a'i 
Painfully, ad. varuttam^y, euQ^^^Lnn 
Pains, 9 praydsam, LSjrtu(r^Lb, 
Painstaking, $. prayasam, iSjrujn'ffih, 
Paint, 8. mai, varoam, ea>La, euiteoBrLh. 
Paint, V. t. maiptisugipathu, ea^Lo^s 

Painting, s. chittiravitiai, S^^srsi 

Pair, 5. j6du, Qs'ir®, 

Palace* s- m^ligaif Lafr&f^GSiS, 

Palanquin, 9. pall^kku, u&j60(rs^. 

Palatable, a. suvaiydna, <Bi-sa>euujfrasi» 

Palate, s. aoi^am, ^esaeSsnh- 

Pale, 8, murram, Qpp/Dih, 

Pale, a*' mangalyelupp^nay a)/&7«suQ 

Paleness, s. reluppu, Oeu^uq, 
Palisade, 8, kir^tMkkambam, Sljrirfii 

Palish, a.sarruveluppina, s^p^Qtsu^ 

Pall, s savappdrvai, ff^uQuirirsai&s, 
Palliate, v. L muk^ntaraf^LchoUugiratli 

Palm, s. nllankai, s^&r&naeaiS. 
Palmtree, 8, t^lam, ^irsoih. 
Palmyra, s panaimaram, uSsorLoiTLb. 
Palpably ,ac2. nichchayamiy,;^i'<fl'iL/zii/ri 
Palpitate, v.i. tiidikkirathu,^if (ffiS/2>^ 
Palsy, s. timirv^tham, ^t^ireuiTfiih. 
Palsy, V. t timirv^thamui^d^kkugiratli 

balankedukkirathii, viraippikkin 
thu, ^L£l(reufrfi(y:i0sofL.fT€6(^6p^ 
U6omQ<s(Sl&@p^^ GSesipuiSi 

Pan, s- chatti, ,^lL(^. 
. Pang, a. Tstikv3i\as£L» cSi\u\x^%«i\ji» 
\ Panic, a. ti^V\, ^®.^* 




\ «. i. Uaikkirathn, Qjibsfr&Qfo^. 
baloon,^ k^lohattai, «/ra;#L.6QrL_. 
^9 8. k^Cgitham, sirS^ih. 
lyBis, s, timirT^tbam, ^uQireijir^ih- 
lytic, 8. timirv^thakk^ran, ^u9/f eufT 
^•4 iff /r IT SOT. 

'pet, «. kaippi4ichchuyar, gs>sulSi^ 

;el, s. sippam, ^uulo. 

ion, 8 maHuippUy LDmeaB ulj, 

ion, 9. ^. maniiikkirathu, LmssreidihS 

lonable, a. mannikkattakka, mesie^ 

• ft • 

), iv. t chfYugirathu, &6if@/D^^ 

oty 9. kili, 0^. 

imoniouB, a. pisunam^a, L^iaf-esTLntr 

over, kadantupdgirathu^ <ffL.;s 

imony, 5 pisunam, L9<flF6QrL£t. 
iou« • gnru, ^(T^. 

., i?. i. pirikkiyathu, tSifl-sSjo^* 
, «. i. pirigirathu, i^^&fD^. 
Aker, 8. paiigali, wkfferr&fi, 
ial, a. padchap^tham^na, uC^uit^ 

iality, «. pa'ichap^thanifLj^.FLj/r^Lb. 
;icular, «. vis^shasangati, ^Q^o^ 

}icular, a. viBdshitta, eQQ^sfi^^, 
;iculaii£e, v. £. paguttukkatiugira- 
thu, U(g^^a^trC(BSp^, 
iicularly, ad> Tia^sham^y, eBQ^^et^ 

bly, a<^. koi^chamiy, Qsird^iffLniruj, 

bner, 8- ktitidli, «aLilL./r6Yf). 

tridge, «. kavuth^ri, seiffiirtfl, 

;y, f . "kadchiyar, «il^aj/r/r. 

i, «. kaiiavdy, viduthalaichchfttu, <ss 

&gr3fM-dj, eSQfi^Bi. s^&cJB. 

V. i» ciol/iigi-atliu, QiFav^i©^^* 

Passable, a. kadakkakktSdiya, a 

Passenger, 5. valipp6kkan, ojijSiC 

Passing, p, a. cbellugira, 0<F6u^ 
Passionate, a. k6paniulla, Qstru 
Past, jp. a, cbenra, Qs^mp, 
Paste, 9. pasai, pi sin, U9o^j iS&a 
Paste, V, t. ottugiratbu, ^iLd^&ri 

Pastime, s. polutbup6kku, Qi 

Pasture, 3. meycbcbal tarai, Qm 

Pat, 8. tattu, fiC®. 

Pat, e?. t tattugifatbu, kottugirt 

Paternal, «, pithivukkuriya, lS 

Path, s. vali, pdthai, ewL^, uflrsD^ 
Patience, 8. porumai, Qun-jpieanD 
Patriot, 8. sudes^bhimdni, ^QjS'B 

Patriotism, 8. sudes^bhim^nam, <f 


Pattern, 8. m^Ctbiri, uarr^ifi. 
Pauper, s. picbcbaikk^ran, tS^e 

Pauperism, s. daridiram, pif^xg^ 
Pause, 8. tarippu, ^/fiuL/. 
Pause, 1?. i. tarikkirathu, ^iflsQ 
Pavement, 8. talavarisai, ^eneuif 
Paw, 8 kil, kai, «/r6u, 6ro«ffi. 
Pawn, 1?. t. fduvaikkiratbu, FpQt 

Pay, 8. ktSli» sampalam, .flS-eS, <fl 
Pay, « ty ko-ivvkldj^^^Jw^s.^ <^s.^\^ 




Pea, 8, payaru, parmppu, utu^^ uqjul/. 
Peace, 8. smMhinam, ^u^^fiiresnjb. 
Peaceable, a. samddb^iiamana,^m/r^/r«sr 

Peaceablj, ad, sam^db^nam^y, ^Lnirjsir 

Peacock, «. mayil, tniiSa'. 
Peaben, «. penmayil, QuesjrosuSeu. 
Peak, s. koiumr.di, 0<ff/r(6)(!p^t. 
Peal, s. mulakkam, (u^if^kdsih. 
Pearl, 8. muttu, Qp^^. 
Peasant, 8. nattan, jBirC^i^irm, 
Peasantry, s. nattar, it. 
Pease, $. payapu, utu£}i. 
Pebble, 8. sirukal, ^ jy<£E6u. 
Peck, V, t. kottugipatbu, Qsir^^Qfo^ 
Peculiar, a, visesbamana, aSv^^Fa^Lo/recr. 
Peculiarity, 8, visesbam, ^Q.^(3i^ih, 

Pecuniary, a. parjattukkadutta, uesar^s 

Peel, s. tol, Q;Sir&\ 

Peel, V. t t61urikkiratbu, Q/srr^^kS 

Peep, V, ettipp^kkiratbu, cnlif Lju/r/r« 

Peevish, a. veduvedupp^na, Qsu(BQ<su® 

Peevishness, 9 . ve4uveduppu, QqiQQqj 

Peg, ». miilai, Qp^, 
Pelican, s, narai, jpfreaar. 
Pen, 8. kidai, SenL.. 

Pen, D. <. adaikkiratbu, ^GSiL^sQp^. 
Penalty, s. abaratbam, ^uffirjeth. 
Penance, s. tavasu, ^q/«. 
Pending, a. tonkugira, Qptrm(^@lro, 
Pendulous^ a, tonkugira, Q^fr[Ej(^8p, 
J^enniless, a. panamilMtba, U6ixa'L£l&)eotr^, 
I^ensioD, s. upakdraBampaiam, ^uaiTjrJ" 

Pensioner, 8« upakttrasampalakk^nuijLU 

«(rir«F<fFLbLj(3rr ««/r ircffT. 
Peon, s. cbevakan, QffFeusdr. 

a bead peon, dapetbar, USu^trtf: 
People, 9. janam, ^esnh^ 
Pepper, ». milagu, LSIm<^, 
Perad venture, ad, oruvelai, 9(n$(7ttite> 
Perambulate, ». i, surjittirigirathit, m^ 

Perceive, v, t k^iiugiratbu, siT G^ Qppi 
Perceptible, a. pulappa^attakka, uieituu 

Perception, «. arivu, unarcbcbi, ^fim^ 

Perchance, ad. omvelai, ^(j^Q^tsff'* 
Perfect, u. t pilranamcikkugiratbu, yf 

Perfect, a, paripdrai>am^na, utfi^irm 

Perfection, s. samptSraiiainy tg^'th^ireunhk 
Perfectly, ad. pdranamiy, y,jresaru^(ruj» 
Perfidious a, irai>4&kamulla, ^jTsaanJi 

Qpm en\ 
Perfidy, s. iraijdakam, ^tressn-XLh. 
Perforate, v. t urnvattolaikkil^tlia, tt.(| 

Perfotm. v. t cheygiratbu,nadappikkiiw 

tbu, Q^iuSfD^t ^L-uiSl&Qfl)^, 
Performance, «. cheygai, 0<flF(Li6DD«. 
Perfume, s. parimalam, urf^iDarib, 
Perhaps, ad, oruvelai, ^Q^Q^^ffr, 
Peril, 8. mdsam, Qu^s'ih, 
Perilous, a. m6sam^na, Qintr^mncsr* 
Period, s. tavai^ai, ^eu^ssBr, 
Periodically, u(2.app6tbapp6tbu, ^pjQiM 

Perish, u. t. aligiratbu, ^L^SfDjgi. 
Perjure, v. t. poysattyampaijnugirathlr 




Perjury, s, poychchattijam, Qufruj^^^ 

Permanenca, s, nilaimai, j82sumLa. 
Permaneut. a, asaiyatha, ^•soDS^djir^, 
Permanently, ad. uilaimaiyay, J^2lso^a)L£^ 

Permission, «. uttaravu, 6.#;^[rQ/. 
Permissiye, d. ottukkollugiva, <^^^e 

Permit, s. uttaravuchchittUy iL^;gjnsii<B= 

Permit, t? t uttaraviikodukkipitliu, e.^ 

^ ir isi/Q tf /r i/>) « S /D ^. 
Peroration, «. mudiv^irai, (ipt^ffl/sro/r. 
Perpendicular, a. senkutt^na, Q^s^ikii^^i 

Perpetrate, v- t k^irraSicheygirathn, (g; 

Perpetial, a- idaividj^tha. f^soisQL-n^. 
Perpetually, erf. nittiyappa4i, jB<$^ujlj 


Perpetuate, v. t nilainiruttugirathu, jfi 

Persecute, v. t. tunbappaduttugiratbu, 

Perseverance, s. tlkkam, urutHnilai, esc 

Persevere «. i, vid^malcbeygirathu, aS 

Persist, tJ< %. pidivnhamsCynirkirathu, l9 

Persistence, s. pidivdtliam, LSis^euir^^Lh, 
Person; s ^1, oruvan. ^&r, ^Q^^e&r, 
Personally, ad. tiiuiga, ^(rfhc^a. 
Perspicuity, b. vilakk&m, ^(sfr^sih. 
Perspicuous, a. teliv^na, Q^&ffsufri&sr. 
Perspiration, s, veyarvai, Q^iun-eaeu' 
Perspire, v, i, veyarkkirathu, QeutuifiiQ 

Perturb, v,t . Jraiai&ngijutl^^) «6UH:<g8 

Perturbation, 8. kalakkam, ^eok4B\l^ 
Peruse, v, t vasittuppdrkkiti^tbu, <aj/rS 

Pervade, v paravugirathu, ujr<SijQ/DS^- 
Perverse. '/. taruni^Tulla^^/rjpiLor jo/sfrerr. 
Perversioi), s marupadu, uhir^^un^- 
Perversity, 9 m4rupa4u, Lnfr^uirQ. 
Pervert, v, t, purattugiratbu, l^jtiLQQ 

Pester, 7; t alattugirathn, .^gve^^t^®®^^. 
Pestilence, s. peruvarikkdychcbal, Qu 

Petition, s, virjoappam, €fis6STioScruu\h. 
written, viijriappapattiram, e^ssacssr 

Petition, v. t. vinijappam panougiratbu, 

Petty, a. arpa, c^/cu. 

Petulant a. veduveduppana, Q^snQQeu^ 

Phial, s. kuppi, (5ljl9. 
Phlegm, s, kabam. <suih. 
Physician, s. vaittyan, <5S)<su^^iu&ir' 
Pial, 8. tiiinai, ^dwr^feawr. 
Pick, «. t. pid.uiikugiratbn, lS(6)/£(5© 

Pickle, V. t. uravaikkivathu, murosa^s 

Picklock, s. kallattirappu, ^ioir(5rr^0p. 

Picotta, s. erram, ^/p/dx. 

Picture. 5. paiiam, ui-ih. 

Piece, s turn^^u, ^swjtQ. 

Piece, V. t turidup63ugivathu, isaikkifa- 

Piecemeal, a(i. tuntlutun4ay, ^sspQjsj 

Pier, s viltafjgi, alaitafigi, isS^fiinsiS, 

.C^. '^^i ' 




Piercing: 'P' ^' kuttugifa, (^^jfi^fp' 

Piety, 6 devabhakti, Q^^ui^. 

Pig, s. panii, uesrflSI* 

Pigeon, s puva. ^(t^*. 

Pigmy, «. kullan, ^^xrofrsor. 

Pike, 8, ftti, fiFiLi^, 

Pile, 8 kuviyal, @a9ajsu. 

Pile, V. t. adukkngipathu, ^®sr^8p^ 

Piles, 8, mdlaviyadi, c^peosSujirQ, 

Pilfer, 1?. t tirudugirathu, ^0®Sp JB. 

Pilferer, s. tirud^, ^Q^t-m, 

Pill,«. kuligai, (^ei^etaa. 

Pillage, s. kollai, Q&fr&f'^, 

Pillar, s karpdi), stambam, ^pjpsrskF, 

Pillow, 8. talaiyaoai, ^^ludsssr. 
Pilot, s. ^rukitti, ^ji/<sfftlif . 
Pimple, s, mukbapparu, QpsLJUQ^, 
Pin, s. kur)dtSsi, ^i)i, (ajsarC?©, c^«a;fl. 
Pin, t?. ^. gui.iddsiyjCltaikkirathu, (s^esr 

Pincers. «. kuradn, (^p®. 

Pinch, s. killu, S>«V(^ 

Pinch, V. t. kil lugiyathu, Sdr^^Qjojfi. 

Pine, 8 devatdram, Qfisu^irjfth, 

Pineapple, 8* aunath^^ampalam, ^^esr 

Pinion, 8 iragu, (§l/D^. 
Pinnacle, s. upparigai, ft-uuiflsoia. 
Pious, a. devabhaktiyiilla, Qj^suus^iq 

Piously, ad bhayabhaktiyny, utuu^^ 


Pipe, 5. kuUy, (^^ipiriu. 

Pipe, 'V. t. kulal "dthugirathu, ^LpjjM- j} 

Pirate, s. kappalparikaran, tSuusvu/SI 

^I's^oJ, s. chirutuppdkki, ffm/^uuirkS. 

Pitch, V, t eriglrathu, erjiS&p^* . 

Pitcher, s. kudam, ^i-ih. 

Piteous, a. parithabappadatt^kkai ^^^ 

Piteoiisly, ad. parithdbamiy, uiB^gtii 

Pitlkll, 9 padukuli, uQ^l^. 
Pith, s. ku4al, ^l_6u. 
Pitiless, a irakkamaria, ^jrisLoppm 
Pitsaw, 8. frval, fj^ifeuirdr. 
Pity, 5 irakkam, @/r«tf th. 
Pity, v. irankugipathu, ^irtsj^Q/D^. 
Pivot, 8. raulai, (y^^bstr. 
Place, «. id am, @i_tii. 
Place, V. t vaikkirathu, esxsu&Spj^. 
Plague, 8. peruvdrikknychchal.alaikkali 

yu, Qu(Qe^n[fi^^s^nu^^<o^), ^2m)f4 

PlaguQ, 1?, t. varuttappaduttugirathtt, c 

Plain, 8, veli, Oawsrf?. 

Plain, a. samamaua, ^mu^irgsr. 

Plainly, ad. tittamay, telivay, ^Ci^m 

Plaintiff, 8. vithi, sy/rjg. 

Plaintive, a. muraippadugira, anaaimCii 

Plan, ^. padam. UL-ti. 

Plane, «. chh^li, ^(a/srf?. 

Plane, t). ^. chfvugifathu, ^(si{8jp^. 

Planet, 5. graham, 6^ /TtfLb. 

Plank. 8. kanattapalagai, «ssr^;0U6u^4 

Plant, s. pdi)4"» iJL^rru, ^aar®, jBtrpjf 

Plantain, 8, vdjai, aj/rerotp. 

Plantation, 8. toppu, QprruLj, 

Plaster, s. ch^ntu, jff/r/^^. 

Plaster, «. pdsugifathu, jL^«flr^p^, 

Pint. V. t. pinnugifathu, L9c>9'^;2vfijoj| 

Plate^ s. pfngan, tagadu, LSiStf/re&^j 

Plattorm, s ^l^^m^ \S -Cc. 




)Tj 9. uiikalam, tatfam, &6^«6ULCy 

V i, yilaij^ugifitthii, eStariuir^Q vilaiy^ttina,fl9^fL;rrtlL./r65r. 
f V t, nj^yauchollugirathii, jSiuir 

3r, « Takkti* fi;«0eu, 

int, a, inbimina, ^'oruuifr&sr, 

intness, s, inbam, ^^u-h. 

),t). i. priyappaduttugirathii, LSfflfu 

ng, CI. inbamiliay QssruLLiresr, 
ire, jf- inbom, g)jd/ utb. 
ian. 8. ni\tiTi', jB(nLu.n&x . 
e, 8 adaivu, ^oa>L.o/. 

e, «. i. adaiyavaikkirathu,jy68>z.G}/ 

!e, talaiyattakka, ^'^lu^^iss. 

, «. siptkuradUy ^jci(Sfl>®' 

V, i^ darjojanaipaooi^girathn, ^/r 

h f. kalappai, <s6uusn>LJ. 

h, 17. ulngiral^i.1, s^QpSjD^. 

hbeam. s, drkk^l, ^irssffeo, 

hhandle, «. me li, Cldi^. 

hman, 8, ulavan, s^tpaussr, 

hsbare. s, kolu. Qsitq^. 

htail, 8. Ta6\iy Qmifi. 

» * fralkiilai, •?»irsv;(^3sf 

:,v,t. pi4 iifikugirathu, lS®®^© 

8 adaippu, dysroL-uq. 
bago, ». karfyam, sirifujih. 
p, a kolupp^na, Qsir(ipuuiresr, 
ler, «. kollai, QBrrdirtcsfr. 

Plunderer, s. kollaikkiSran, Q«/rc5irSsYri; 

Plunge, 1). 1. amilttngirathu, ^iS'ifit^jp 

Pock, «. koppulam, Off/ruqerrtii. 
Pocket, « chattaippai, <ff=L_«mL-U6a)u. 
Pocket, p t chattaichch^kkilidugirathn, 

Pod, *. k6thu, Gsirjsi. 

Point, s. mini, mnnai, ^col?, (LpSsir. 

Point, V t. ktir^kki girathu, A.[rn^^@S 

out, k^ttugiratliu, 4strCQ@pffi. 
Pointed, p. a. ktSrr^na, s^nn^. 
Pointless, er. mottaiydna, QLfi/rtl«s)L- 

Poise, 1?. t samappaduttugirathu, <^aiu 

Poison, 8, nai^'cliUjVisliam, ;F(G5<fi?,cS)<a9.'r. 
Poison, D. f. naftcludugirathu, fS^9i(B& 

Poisonous, a. naitchuila, js^^^&r. 
Pole, 8 kambi, «u: l9. 
Polecat, ^ mnran^y, unrjBirdj, 
Police, 8 tSrkkival, em/fssireuev: 
Polish, V. t minnkkrgirathu, i£^&(§ 

Politeness, 8 mariy^thui, LDifltuireoi^, 
Pollute, V, ^.karaippaiuttugifatha, seap 

Pollution, 8 karai, ««x)/d. 
Pomegranate, s, raathalai, lciT^Sstt. 
Pomp, s ddarabaram. ^u.Lhuinh. 
Pond^ 8, kulam, ^(stnh. 
Ponderous, a. bh^ramslna, ufTjrLniTssr. 
Poniard, s kuttnvil. (^^^©/ff'Gfr. 
Pony. «. mattakkuthirai, LisiLi^e(^^es>n', 
Pool, ». turavu. kuttai, ^jtoj, (gjCcroL-. 




Popularity, .?. kiiittijSr}^-^. 
Population, s. kudijanam, (^i^^&sr^.. 
Populous, a janamnerungiya, •e'&stihQjp 

Porcupine, s. mud.panri, (tplusSr ^5?. 
Poro 5. r6ma(lwaram,?LCp T/r LoA^sairu-Lh. 
Pore, V. urnippadikkirathu, s-^y^uu^L 

Pork, B panriyiraichchi.tJC5r/j5/(L9e5)^*"55. 
Porpoise, s kadalparjri,<SL_6u u^jjS- 
Port, s, tnrai, ^^-osap. 
Portal, s. vasal, Qjfr<F6v, 
Portent, s. durkkuri, ^rf ^^jjS* 
Portentous, a. durkkuriyana, ^.t4@^ 

Porterage, s. chumaiktlli, s-r'oouysh^eS . 
Portion, s. paiigui bhagara, u/si@,'-//r«th. 
Portion v. t paigidiigirathu, uiSi@(£lB 

Portrait, 5. cbittirnrdpam, ^^^[r(T7}uih. 
Portray, r. t. padameluthugirathu, ui_ 

Position, s. nilai, ennam, fidei^, Gr&ssrem'h, 
Positive, tf. v.ruthiyana, pidiv^thamujla, 

Positively, ad, tirm^namdy, ^iru^-r^ 

Possess ^^ t. vaittirukkirathu, eaioj^^ 

Possessor, s- ^dcliikkaran,c:^L-Pc^tf /rirser 
Possibility, s. sakyam, <ff-k^ajih. 
Possible, a ktldiya, «.i;l(U. 
Possibly, ad. oravelai, ^a^Qisutatr. 
5ost,s. tdo,uty6gam, ^oisr, ^^^Cuutr 

of a door, katbavunilai, s^^Sdsi\ 
Postage, 8 tavalchelavu, ^fipsii.TcOQiFeyQ/. 
Posterity, s. pinsantathi L5sSr^/h-;5^. 
JPo3toiSce, s. tavaJv/dUj ^sifirev^^. 
-^astpoae, v. /. pinpddugirathn, tS^QufT 

Pot, s. kal^m, paitiram, chatti, ku^ 
mid^, s^l, t^li, tf euLD, uir^^jru 
L.^), (g>L_ti, lAli^rr^ tF/rst-, ^sitlS* 

Potato, 8. urulaikkilangu, ^(j^^a 

Potherb, 5. kfrai, ilaikkap, Qsotr^ @ 

Potsherd, s kalavQ4u* ^«uG^/r@. 
Pottage, s, bdl, ^ej^tp. 
Potter, s. kuyavan, ^tueue&r. 
Pottery, s, kuyakkalam, madkalam, i 

<^«>ULb, LDiLiseaLh. 
Porch. 8 pai, s^kkii, ss>u^ ^irii^. 
Poultice, 8 purkai, L\p)es>€i. 
Pour, D. t varkkirathu, tSrrugirathu, 

Poverty* 8. daridram, varamai, ^ff^^ 

Powder, s. tul, nfyu, j^^&r, 0j!»' 
gunpowder, tupp^kkimaruntu, , 

Powder v, t. t(Slikkirathu,^<5yfi46fi^ 
Power, 8 vallamai, ^eoeo^to. 
Practicablity, 8. s^dhyam, ^(r^^aju^- 
Practicable, a, s^dhyam^na, ^^^^ 

Practice, 8. aby^sam, ^uiStuir.^th. 
Practise, v. t palakkugiratliu, Utp^( 

Praise, s- tdttiram, Q^jr^^^-ih, 
Praise, v. t tottirikkirathu, Q^trfi^ 

Praiseworthy, a. tuthikkappadatt^k 

Prance, 2?. i. tuUugirathu, ^s^^Sfi 
Prank, s sdttai,<^#CfiinL.. 
Prate, vi. alappiiglrathu,^«oOq©jQ: 
Prattle, v, L malalaipeai^girathu, toy; 

Prawn, s \\iX^^"§icj5^. 


Prayer, s. vii^i^Lappam, prarttanai, eQssst 

Preach, v. t. prasangampaQijugirathu, l9 

Preacher, $, prasafigi, LSjrs'fbQ. 
Preamble, s. mugavurai, (ip«^6a>n-. 
PrecautioD, s. sivadhdnam, ^^ireu/B^ir&srih, 
Pi'ecedenoe, s, miithanmai, (ip;ff^6o>Lo. 
Precept, s- kattalai, «l1l-^. 
Preceptor, a. bodhakan, Qutr^sm, 
Precious, a. adhikavilaiyulla, ^^s^tea 

Precipice, s. senkuttumalai, Q'S=ii(^^^ 

Precipitance, s. athitiviram, ^J^^si/jrui. 
Precise, a nu4pam^iia, ^iLuLc^ir&sr. 
Precisely, ad. dfrghaniay. ^(fsSLntriu, 
Precision, 5. nidanam, ^fiitetsiih. 
Preclude, v, t, vilakkugirafchu, eQeos(S) 

117 PRE 

Prejudicial, a. mosame^na, QLorrfFuniTei 
Premeditation, s. munn^lOchanai, (ip^ 

Premises, s. vfduv^sal, cSQeurr^ev. 
Preparation, *. ettanam, ^yattam, cr^* 

esrtbs ^uj^fiih. 
Preparatory, a. ^yattamana, ^tu^^ 

Prepare, v . t. ettanampanriugirathu, cr^ 

# ewLb u«»r ^^Qf S /o^ . 
Preposterous, a. ^^fup^^na, ldit^u 

Prescribe, 1?. i. nirdpikkirathu, jS^iS 

Presence, s samukam, (5^(ip«t£>. 

of mind, avadhinam, ^su^rrsaruy. 
Present, 8. vegumathi, Qsu^ld^. 

Present v. <.kodukkirathu,teriyakk^tti 
girathUj Q^ir^&^fojp, (oI<s^uj&a 

Preconcerted, s. munnaldchitta, (us^^ 
Predecessor, s muntinavan, oppfiser 

& &5l 

Predetermination, ». miuiniyamam, (tpser 

Predict, V e. varunk:iriyaiTchollugirathn, 

Prediction, b. dfrghadarisanan^, }^(tk3fi 

Pre-existent, a, mimnirukkira, q^iSHct^Qj^ 

Preface, s mukhavnrai, (tp«ffl/s5>/r. 
Prefatory, a. mukhaviiraiy^na, (jps^ 

Prefer, v. t nallathenruterigirathu, fl^eu 

Preferable, a terintukollappadattakka, 

Prejudication, s. yiehtoti3LaiyiilitKal\i^- 
pUf eSsFfrjrdsssT'jSlGoeofr fB^^'i^'^' 

Present, a irukkira, nadakkira, @0« 

Presently, ctd, iidane, e.L_(?sw. 
Preservation, 5. radchai, ^irtLesf. 

Preservative, a- k^kkattakka, ^irsa 
Preserve, v. t k^pp^irrugirathu, ^/tul 

Preserver, 5. radchakan,. @jril<F«seSr. 

President, s. muthaUli, qp^eofrsif^. 
Press, 8. nerukkam, chankadam, QjFCH 

atCy <ff/E;«L-Lc. 

printing press, achchuyantiram, ^ 

sugar press, ilai, c§,^« 
oil press, cliekko. (o)<F<ff@. 
Press, V, t nerukkugirathu, odukkugii 
tha, QjB:^s(^@p^^ ^®A(^Q.(^ 



Pressing, a. nerukidaiyina^ QjbqssS 

Pressman 8. achchnppatliippdii, ^^^u 

Pressure, « nerukkam, QjF(75««ffU5. 
Presc^mable, a ninaikkakkt!idi7a, ^%ssrk 

Presume, «. i. ennugirathu, eresar ^ ^S 

Presuming, jt)('. tuiiigirai ^aaflS/r). 
Presumption, s. tuijikaBam, ^^sasfi^s/rLo. 
Presumptive, a, tuijikammdna, ^GS^<ssjr 

Presumptuous, a» tuijikaramina, ^ssafl 

Pretence, 8, pdsdngn, urr^trtbt^. 
Pretend, v. t p^vanaik^ttugifathu. p^- 
s^Dgiik^ttugirathu u-iGuUpar^irC® 

Pretended, a- pfedngulla, uiTS'iiik<(gsir(Sfr, 
Pret nder. s. p^s^iigan. un^trikiB&sf, 
Pretension, s. karavadam, asreuL^ih, 
Preternatural, a. arbhuthamdna,^;&q;ff 

Pretext, 8 ch^ttu, ^/ril®. 

Prettily, ad, chirappiy, S/duuituj. 

Prettiness, 8, alagu, ^[p^. 

Pretty, 8 alagiya, ^tpSuj. 

Prevail, v- veUugirathu, Q^im^Q/d^, 

Prevailing, da. valakkam^na, eutp^a 

Prevalence, 8. valakkam, tutp^dsih. 
Prevaricate, «. purattippesugirathu, qjr 

Prevarication, s. v^kkuppurattu, ©i/rfi^ 

Prevaricator, 8 pittaJdttakk^ran, iS^^ 
GOfTC-L-.j^stT trset . 
J^cveat* ^ /; viIakkugiTa.thUftSeoS(g&p^ 
prevention, ^. taiai, aatu^. 

Previous, a.m^ntinl^ ^jhfi^sr. 
Previously, ad munn^, QpebQar- 
Prey, 8- irai, @ns>/r. 
Prey, v. i iraipidikkirathn, ^jeaxriS 

Price, 8. vilai, krayam, ciSI&u, 8jnuL 

Prick, s. mul, (i^vstt. 

Prick, V t. taikkirathu, 6ro^£ldjD ji. 

Prickle. 8 klr, fHk.&, 

PricKly, a. ktSralla, «L(r5€rrfi»r. 

Prickly -heat. 8, verkkurn. Q^fri^Q 

Pride s. ]>erumiai, ahaiik^am, QuQ^e 

^sisisir ird). 
Priest, 8, guru, (§q^. 
Prig, 8, kalian, <««fr(5rr»r. 
Primarily, ud. prad^hnRmay, lSjt^bf 

Primary, a, muthanmaiyina, Qp^ecTi 

Prime. ~tf. drambham, ^^irLcu'-b. 
Prime, a. pradhdnaiudna, menmaiyi 

Primecost» 8. kolvilai, 0«/rcif«S/2su, 
Primer, s, muthalp^dapustakam, Qp 

Piiming, s. parruv^ymaruntu, u 

Primitive a. ^thij^na, e^jBto/rdr. 
Prince, «. rsjakumaran, irnSi^LafTjre 
Princely, a, prabhuttanamlua, lSjt 

PrincesSjS.riijakumdratti, trrr^^u^^ 
Principal, 8 talaivan, /nieuf^ear. ' 

as money, muthal, (ip#€u. 
Principal, a. pradh^na, iStrfiiresr, 
Principally, ad, mukkyam^y, ( 

Principle, * ^dh^ram, ^^/t/tld. 
Print, 8. achchu, ^^Sr. 
Print, 'at. iic^iCi\iWiLVVi>&A^^ 




Printer, s. acbchadikkifavan, ^^F-si^-i 

Prior, a. muntina. (ip^^esr. 
Priority, s muthanmai, (y^^&iresiLn* 
Prison. ». kavalkdiam, <stTsij'6VA.L-Lh. 
Prisoner, s kavaliliruppavan, kaitlii, jfir- 

Privacy, «. raliasyam, ^n-A^ojih^ 
Private, a. rabasyamana, ^ffs^vuu^nesr. 
Privateer, a, koUaikkappal, Qairdi 2istr^ 

Privately^ ad, antaraiikamay, ^^^irib 

Privilege, 8, nanmai, /5^&siUi' 
ftivily, ad, rahasyamiy, @zr«ffl(L/Lo/riL/. 
Privy,*, velivfiu, QeusSeSQ. 
Prize, 8. pantayam, u^fiiuih. 
Probably, ad. oruvelai^ Qdn^C^a^^. 
Probationary, a, parfdchaivagaiy^na, u 

Probity, s. ui^mai nermai, ^anraoas, Gjs 

Proboscis, 8. tutbikkai, mtikku, ^jS&ea>a, 

Proceed,!; .1 chellugirathu, 0<fsu^'S/d^. 
Proceeding, s. kariyam, <sir(fiujih. 
Proceeds,*, vilai^ni, a^Ssno/. 
iProcession, ;. payaoi, tjoicofl. 
Proclaim, v. t- ktSrugirathu, ^s^jaQfl)^- 
Proclamation, 8. katialaicIichatta>iQ, <^^ 

Produce,* palan,viIaivu,Lj6i;s5r, ®9?srrva/. 

tbe whole, uiaivaram, e.«3)L_Qj/rirLii. 

actual. kan4umutlial, ^^Q(Lf^0riv, 
Produce, v. t. vilaivikkifathu, ^SswaSfi 

Product, i. vilaiv«,palan,aS)9crr(si^,LJ6UG5r. 
Profanity, «> ddshaoai, ^<Si^^essr, 
Profess, V t, arikkaiyidugirathu, jfi;6ls 

Profession^ s, toJi/, Off.TL§o\i. 

Proficiency, *. tefram, terehchi,^^ 

Profit, *. labham, payan.@6u/rL/Lr, 
Profitable, a. pray^janamana, lSjt 

esfLan esr. 
Profound, ajam^na, ^i^LDir&sr, 
Progenitor, s- miirpith^, QppL^^fr 
Progeny *. santati, s'^R^^. 
Prognostic, 8. saginam, miivkuri, 

Programme, *. vilambarapattiran: 

Progress, v. i. vriddiyakugiratbu 

Prolong, V. t. tamathappadnttog 

Promise, *. vikkuttattam, (sufrs^ 

Promise, v. v^kkuttattam paniiug: 

Promote,, v, t adhikappaduttng 

Promotion, «. uyarchcbi, e.ttj/r<ff^, 
Promulgate, 'J. t prasiddhampaijr 

Pronounce, v. t. uchcbarikkiratbu 

Pronunciation, * nchcharippu, e.^ d 
Proof, 3 atta4chi. drishdantam, , 

Prop, s. muttukk^l, (LpL.(9««/r6u. 
Prop, V- t. muttukkodukkiratbu, 

Proper, a. chariy^na, <FiflujiT<5sr. 
Properly, ad. tagutbiyay, chariyay 

Property, «. v.d.aimai, porul, gun 

Propbesy. v t. dfrgbadarisanam . 





Prophet, 8» dirghadarsi, jin^Afi,f\^, 
Propitious, a* mafig-alaiadna, Lnei«eoui(r 

Proportion. ♦. alavii, ^cwia/.^ 
Proportionally, ad, alavay, JBroi/ruj. 
Proposal, 8. keivi, Q<sai sS. 
Proprietor, if. adchikkaran, ^CSsarr 


Propriety, 8, ny^yam, jStuirujih. 
Prosecute, v. t todarugirathu, QpiTu.(j^ 

Prosecutor, s. pratttikaran, iSsTn-^sfr 

Pi*osper, V. i, cbittikkicathu, v^gir^^ti, 

Prosperity, «. valvn, cheiippn, eu/ripei/, 

Prosperous, a. sukhav^vulla, *«fii;/rLp 

Q/off err. 
Prostitute 8, v^si C?®/^. 
Prostrate, v.< mukhankuppurachcheygi- 

rathu, (ip4/&(gjuL;pjFv3^ajS/Djp. 
Protect, u. t k^pp^rnigirathu, ^auuir^ 

Protection, $. radchai, p^thuk^ppu, @ir 

Protective, a kipp^rrugira, snuufrp^ 

Protract, v, t. t^mathappaiuttugirathu, 

Protrude, v, pithukkugirathu,L9^«@S 


Protrusion,*, pitbi kkam, L5l^«<ffiii). 
Protuberance, «• vHckam, ^^aih. 
Protuberant, a. vfkkamdna, ^s^unresr, 
Proud,a. perumaiyuIla,0(j(Ti5»D)tDtL/crr<s»r. 
Proudly, ad. ifumapp^y, @^LnnuUf^uj' 
Prove. V. t cli6thikkirathu, parfdchai- 
pdrkkir&thu, CdF/r^eBp^i u^ti. 


Proverb,^, palamoii, l/lpOlxj/ti^. 
Provide, i?.i sambdtbikkiratliu, .fFLCLj/r 

Providence, «. ddvachcbeyal, C^«a 

Province, «. nadu, ^nr®. 

Provoke v t, kopam^ttugirathu, Q^ir 

Prowess, 5. parakramam, uinr<&SirLCii 
Proximate, a. adutta, ayaldna, ' i^^^, 

Proximity, ». arugu, aodai, jy(|5@. 

Proxy, 8. prathik^riyastan, LHjr^sirifl 

Prudence, s. vivdkam, eSQeuffib. 
Prudent, a. buddhiyulla, L]^^-^L\<sn-m. 
Prudently, ad. buddhiy^y, L;^^ajndi. 
Puberty,*, pakkuvamanaparuvam, l 

Public,a. prasiddham^na,:^i"^,#^i/J>rt's 
Publication, s. prasiddham, lSjB^^u 
Publicly, ad. bahirangamiy, uSiriki 

Piiblisli, V, t pttsiddhampatjnugirath 

Pucker, i?. t surukkugirathu, «9?(T5ffi(g 

Pul],%*. iluppn, g)(ipLJL/. 

Pull, *». t ilukkirathn, ^QpsSlpj^}. 

Pulley* 8. kappi. «uiJi, 

Pulse, 8 n^-dittudippu, /ptrip.^^ig.uLf. 

arterial, kambanam, sihussTih, 
Pulverize, v, t, ttSlakkugiyathu, ^errt. 

Pumpkin, 5. pilsanikk^y, 4^<^6B3fi<ffir<ff/r 
Pun, V, chittiramiiesigiratliu, &^^l 

Punctuality, 8. kalanitb^namtbavaritti 

PMXic\Ax.iaiX\^ ,cid m\\itoiMi'^^ ,% ^^ ^ VJB 




I Pnudit, 8. pandithan, u€Gsn^^i,oT» 
Pungency, s, uyaippu, o^aajDuq. 
Pungent, a. k^rppulla, &fT(ruL]<aT&r. 
Punish, 'oA, datjdikkiTathu, ^esscu^kQ 

.ff^. .^. 

Pttnisliable, a. akkinaikkuriya, .^sSSscr 

Punishment, s, dandanai, ^sKjr{_85Br. 
Puppy, s. naykkutti, (5fTdjk(^L-is^. 
Pur, J V, i, ptlnaikurukurukkirathu, ^ 

Purchase, v. t. krayankodulTii vankugi- 
rathu, Qiriu^Qs^iB^^ (sijinkj(^Sl 

Pure, tf. suddhamana, kurramilUtha, <Br 

Purely, ad suddliamay, ^^^Lairdj, 
Purge, 8. bhedimaruntu, Qu^ldq^^^^. 
Purge, V. t. suddhicheygirathu, &^^ 

Purify, iJ.i. suddhikarikkirathu, ^s?^^ 

Purity, s suddham, £r^^\h. 
Purple, s. tdmiraYarnam^graSfroj/rgggrLQ. 
purport, s kanittu»- ^^mM . 
Purpose, s. abippr^ysBV-r^LSuLVir/rfuti. 
Purpose, v. t. karuttukkollugirathii, & 

Purposely, ad. vendumenru, QeueocjQQui 

Purse, s. panappai, u&ssrussu. 
Pursue, V. t pintodarugirathu, i3ssr 

Pursuit, s. todavcliclii. Q^rrt-iT^&, 
Push, V. t. tallugirathu, ^dk^Sp^. 
Puss, s. piinai, y,ossr. 
Put, V, t pddugirathu, QuprQQ/DS^. 
a stop --to, nimttugirathu, jS^^^^Q 

in mine] of, rTapakappaduttUgxxalW, 

out, avikkirathu, ^<sSi^8p^. 

on, tarikkirathu, aijigirathu, ^ffl<s0 

off, tfHkhikkirathu, pottuvidugir^- 

under, adakkugirathu, jfii^-k^Qji)^. 
up with, sahikkifathu, s'Qk&fD^. 
forth leaves, &c. talirkkirathu, ;^sTf) 

Putrid, a. alugaUna, ^(j^^eu/resr. 

Qlp^k, !}• i. kattugirathu, 'S^^Qpjp 
Quadrangle, s chathurakkonam, <3=^jrs 

Quadrangular, a. chathurakk^namana, 

Quadruped, s. nark^lmirugam, /5irib<s:iT 

Quail, 5. kddai, siresiL-. 

Quail, V. i. pathunkugirathu, ujD/bj^^ 

Quake, s. asaivu, ^ero-Fisv. 

Quake, t?. ». nadunkugiraihu, jB(Bik(^ 

Quality,*. subh^vam,guiiam, ladchan 

Quantity^ s. alavu, .jyerra/. 

Quarrel, «.chaQdai, cbantadi, ^axiBroL-, 

Quarrel, i?. *. san4aipaijougiratl^» «^^»r 

Quarrelsome, a. chandaikket/ivana, «fl= 

Quarter, «. n^lil onru, jsireSfif^'^^'^.'DJ 
Quarter, v. n^upang^yppaki^irathu, ^ff- 
Quarterly, a, mtinrum^si^ticku ot^nvvvw- 






Quaver, v. asaigirathvi, ^es>.^Slro^. 
Queen, 5. r^y^tti, sm^tr^^. 
Queer, s. ntlthanam^na, j^^amu^fresr. 
Quell «. t. kflppaduttugifatj^^ Qiiuu 

Quench, M, avikkifathu, jff'sSiswp^' 
Query, 8. k^lvi, Q^msfS. 
Query, v. t, kedkirathu, (t^lI^/E)^. 
Question, s- kelvi, QsmeSi, 
Question, v. kedkiratku, QsCQip^. 
Questionable, a, sandeham^na, ^fsQ^s 

Quibble, V. i. pokkucbcliollugirathu, •u(r 

Quick, a, viraiv^na, eSleofreurrssr. 
Quicken, -». t. uyirppikkirathu, s^tiSifu 

Quicklime, 8. chuducbunii&nbu, «flr®<5? 

Quickly, ad. sfkkiram^y, ^^sQuLandj. 

Quicksand, g. kuramanal, ^(^LoajweO. 

Quieksighted, a. ki^rmaiy^na p^rvai- 
•yulla, «fl5i./r6roLDfU/r65rufr/f60)(Si;iqefr<srr. 

Quicksilver, s, rasami §^irff\h. 

Quiescent, a. ^puthaUna, c^^^eu/reor. 
^Quiet, s. amaithi, ^(Stolo^. 
joiet, V, t. ^rrugiratbu, ^pjj/Sp^. 
hiiet, a. amaithiy^na, ^eoLD^Lurresr^ 
Quietly, ad. amaithiydiy ^eaim^tutnu. 
Q"\etiiess, s. amaithi, ^sana^. 
Quite^«.iragu, §Dn!)(^. 
Quilt,>?.g.xnettai. Qmisoi^. 
Quit,.#-.t,vidugirathu, (sSKB^Bp^. 
Quite, ^i'. murrey, ara, (ip/f;(^tu, jifjD. 
Quiver, M^.ippar^tttiiii, ^uuitt/'^s^^^. 
Quiver, v.Y^tudikkirathu, ^ir.^9/r?^. 

Race, «. pantayavditam, u^^iuQeuiriL 

Racehorse, s. pantayakkuthirai, u^^tu 

Jlaciness, *. ruclii, a.^^. 
Rack, V. t yathaikkirathu,Qi«a>^^S/r)j7« 
Racy, a, suvaiy^na, <Brss>(sutu[resr. 
Rac&ance, 8. prak^sam, \3u'sws'\jb. 
Radiant, a. prak^mdna,L9jr«fr^L0/r6w. 
Radiation, a. prak^sam, LSjr<B(r,gFih. 
RaitM^t^. verukkuriya, Q(Sij(f^is^{fl(u. 
Raffle, s. pantayachchlttii, ufi^ojs^^ 

Kaffc, s. kattmnaram, teppam, sCQinir 

Rafter, 8 kaimaram, essmirt^. 

Rag, 8. kantai, s^6a>^. 

Rage, 8» ugram, mtirkkam, ^&@ijrth. 

Rage, V, i. mt5rkkank611ugirathu, ^&s 

Ragged, a- kantaiydna, s^eai^ujfr&sr. 
Raging, a. chfragii"a, ^jj/^/d. 
RailjS. krdthicichattam,^ir/r^^cFili«Lb. 
Rail, v.t. kr^tn^aikkirathu, Birfr^uj' 

Raillery, 8. parihdsam, Uffl«n-cFtb. 
Railroad, s. iruppupp^thai, ©(^uquLr/r 

Raiment, 8. vastiram, eiietv^jrih. 

Rain, 8. malai, Laetsi^. 

Rain, v. i* malaipeygirathu, u^esii^Quih 

Rainbow, «. vinvil, eu/reorfflSeu. 
Rainy, a. malaiyulla, z^groipiL/efr^ff'. 
Raise, v. t. errugirathn, tiSkkugirathu, 

Rake, 8. kuppaiv^i, ^uerotjau/rffi. 
Ram, s. semmarikkad^, Q-^ihtajiSI^^L^n: 
Ramble, v. i. cW\Vt^>^^^^^^>^^^^. -flfiPp^^ 




itainify, v. i. kilaividugifathu, ©BsnrfiS 

Hampart^ s. kottalam, QfSir^^etnh' 
Eange, v, i aniyaijiy^yvaikkirathu, ^ 

Kank, s, vaguppu, varisai, 6i;@ul^, Q/ffl 

Ransom, v. t. mfdkirathu, lSiLS/d^* 
Rap, 1?. tattugiiathu, araigirathu, ^C® 

Rapacious, a. kollaikkuiiamulla, Qafretr 

Rapacity, s. parippu, lj^ul/. 
Rapid, a, sfkkiram^na, i^&QjTLDfresr. 
Rapidity, s. vegam, Qeuaih. 
Rapidly, ad, vegam^y, Qeusunrdj, 
Rapine, 9- kollai, Oiffi/rcfr^sw. 
, Rare, a. arumaiy^na, aptirvamdlna, ^(5 

IRarely, ad^ arumaiy^y, ^Q^eiDunurrdj, 
Rascal, s. charid^lan, '^^ , 
Hascality, 5, chaiiddlattanam, ^e^urfm 

Rat, 8. eli, creQ. 

Ratan, 8. pirambu, iSijnhLj. 

Rate, 8. taram, vihitham, ^/ruj, eQISl^Lh. 

Rate, V. t viliitampddugirathn, eSlQ^ 

Ratify, v.t. uruthippaduttugirathu, 2.^3/ 

. Ratio, 8. taram, vihitham, ^jru:,isS8^ih. 
Rational, a. buddhiyulla, q^'^inehefr. 
Ravage, v. t. padchikkirathu, uiL^sQ 

Rave,iJ. i. alattugirathu* ^golLQQjd^^. 
Ravenous, a. padehikkuntanmaiyulla, 

Ravine, 5. kanav^y, sessrsuiriu. 
BAYiDg, s. pitharrugira, lS^/d^S^d, 
Raw, a. pacbchajydna, u^sa>^iu(rm. 

Ray, 5. kathii", <s^in'. 

Raze,v. t n^sappaduttugirathu, j5i^<fu 

Razor, s^wlakkattij Q&m&i&s^^. 
Razure,^peyarppu, QuiurruLi. 
Reach, ti. ettugirathu, (oTiLiblSlfD^. 
Read, v, v^sikkirathu, (sua^&Qp^. 
Readable, a. v^sikkappadattakka, ^ii^ 

Reader, s. vclsippon, (aL'/r^^LJ^'uTcor. 
Readily, ad. elithil, er-affi^eu. 
Readiness, s. ettanam, gt^^^gtu::, 
Reading, 8, vasippu, eu/rSuq. 
Ready, a. ettanam^ua, (or^^S)Srui(T<osr' 
Real, a. uUa, nnmaiy^na, s-efrerr, a.6Kjr 

Reality, s. urimai, ullathu, a-ssjrsom, a. 

Really, ad. uUapadi, uirimaiy^y, s-errerr 

LJ^L, s.eaBr6a)Laiuirdj, 
Realm, 8* r%am, g)jr/r#^ujLb. 
Reanimate, v, iiyirppikkirathu, a-oQ/fuL^ 

Heap, V. t. arikkirathu, arukkiratlin, jy 

lleaping-liook, s. arival, ^iBsufr&x. , 
Rear, v. t, uyarttugiratha, valarkkirathu, 

Reason, s. nyayam, arivu, ^ujiriuJ^j J>l 

Reason, v. t. yu„'ikkiratlui, nyayanchol- 

Reasonable, a. ny^yam^na, nJj^ iuldiksst. 
Reasonableness, s buddlii, iiy^^yam, q^ 

^, jBajfTiuih. 
Reasonably, ad. ny^yapiyadi, jSiuitU'-! 

Eeasoner ,8 . vx^i.^^l^ix'j^^^^!^"^^^ - 



lion, 5. kalagam, ^eosih. 
.lious, 8. kalagamulla, ^eo^Q^tbiretr. 
lild, V, t, tirumbakkattomfathu, ^ 

uke, 8. athattii, ^;siL^, " .,■ 

mke, V. t. kai^dikkifatliu, eeBarLg.-s8 

call, V. t. tirumba alaikkirathu, jS(75 

LOU ^^S>lfik8/D^' 

3ce(ie, V, i. vilakugiyathu, sSev^Si 

i-eceipt, s. parriichcliCttu, uni^^^^cJBi. 
leceivable, a, efkattakka, (qtids^^^^ss. 
Receive, v. t, errukkoUiigirathu, ^p£^s 

Receiver, s varigupavaii, eufrikj^ueuijcr, 
Kecent, «. potliiya, lj^uj, 
Recently, ad, puthithdiy, q^^/riu. 
Receptacle, 8. ktldu, urai, «l®, e-sro/o* 
Recess, 8. othukkidam, «e^«©L_tii. 
Recipient, s^ kolv6n,> Qa(reirQeuiresr. 
Reciprocal, a. anydnnya, ^^^Qtuir^ 

Recite, V. t. choUugiratliu, Q<y/r6U£y;Q 

Reckless, a. ydchanaiyilUtha, QiUfrs'^asr 

Reckon, v. kanakkidugiratbu, «6BDr«fi<9 

Reckoning, s. kaQiakkii, «swr«^. 
Recline, v. L sjlygifathu, (ffirdj@/DS^* 
Recognise, u. t. arigirathu, ^/SQ/d^. 
Recoil, D. ^V uthaikkiratbii, s^€B>fisQ 

Recollect, v- t ninaivuktirugirathu, jS 

Recompense, 5. kaimmafu, eoiiSthLon-jpi' 
Recompense, t?. t. fducheluttugirathu. 

'^'^nnitre, v. ^ v^vap^rkkirathu, Qeu 

Record, «. s^dhanam, ^irfieanh. 
Record, t?- t. eluthivaikkirathu, ^(ipjS 

Recount, v. L vivarikkifatbu, eSeuiFHB 

Recover, v. t sli-ppaduttugirathu, ^iru 

Recover, v. so&tamperugiratbu, Q^/ren 

Recoverable, a, tirumba adfdyattakka 

Recovery, s. sostam, Q<FfrdvfiLh, 
Recreation, 8. poluthupdkku, QufTQp^ 

Rectify, V' t, olungupad,uttugiratbu,c&^ 

Rectitude, 8. yatlikrttam, tu^irir^^Lb. 
Red, a. sivappdna, sivanta, Seuuuiresr 

Redden, v.t. sivappdkkugiratliu, ^qjl 

Redeem, v. t mMkirathu, lBcJSi(d^. 
Redeemer, 8, mfdpan, iBiLuesr, 
Redemption, «. mi'dpu, lSCl^. 
Redbot, a. sivakkakk^ynta, ^eu^«&d 

Redlead,a. cbevvfyam, Q^Fdi^iuih. 
Redness, s sivappu, Pa;L/q» 
Redouble, v. t irattikkirathn, ©jrtl 

Redoubt, s. kottalam, Q&ir^^&nh, 
Redress, *. uttaravdtham, SL^^jreur 
Reed, s, n^Qal, nsrressr^^ 
Reef, 8. ka4aljalattinknkkarp^r. 

Refine, v. U suddbicheygirathu, pu 
dugii'atbu, sr^^Q^iuQ p^, 

Reflect, V. i. chintikkirathu, fi^ 


Reflection, s. cVimlwcvaK, ^^fs'^ 




tn, s. sirttiruttam, ^ir ^^Q^iifiih. 
m, V. t. slrtiruttugifathu, ^it^q^ 

ctoriness, 8. muraiidu, (jj^u'eoarQ. 
ciOTjy a- tarukurumb^na, ^^(^^ 

sh, V, t. ilaippirrugirathu, ©Ssrru 

shing, p, tf . kulimta, @stP,ir^^. 
;e, s% adaikkalam^na id am, ^£a>L^ 

id, V. t tirumbakkodukkirathu, 

e, V. marukkiratliu, Ln^ssSro^, 
ejV,t, ^dchebikkirathu, ^iLQ^l9 

n, V, t kandadaigirathu, sgsjtl. 

•d, s. ennikkai, OTssjrasaflsssflr. 

'd, v,t, mathikkirathu, LD0£i@jD^, 

len, 8, pattiyam, u^^iuih, 

aent, 8. pattdklam, uLLL-tr&nh. 

•n, 5. tisai, ^eOiF, 

ter, s. attavanai, d^ppn, ^ 

ter, *»• <. d^ppileliithivaikkirathn, 

it, s. dukkham, visanam, ^^^fld, 

}t,v.^. dukkikkirathu,^ kQkQfo^. 
lar, a. olung^na, efiQ^Eisfresr, 
larity, s. olungu, ^(Lp(ia(§, 
larly, ad» oluDg^y ^(L^^iksfriL, 
late, 1?. t. olungupaduttugirathu, 9 

Lation, s, oluigu, sp^®@. 
I, i;. i. ^higirathu, ^i^Qjos^- 
8. kadivfilavdr, sisLeurrefreurrir, 
V. t. kadivalampidikkirathu, fESu^ 

> V. t, talhigi(aihu, ^err^Sp^ 

Rejoice, v, i, sanlhoshikkiratlii 

Relate, v. t. virittuchchoUugin 

Relate, •). t. sambandhappadug 

Relation, s. uravu, inam, sair 

Relationship, s. uravu, b^dhiy; 

Relative, 5. urav6n, p-pQsnir^ 
Relative, a, adutta, ^®^^. 
Relax, V. t. ilakkugirathu, ta 
tbu, ^6rrffi(5S p^, ^cw/T; 
Relax, r. i. ilakugirathu, tala 

Relay, s. anchalkutliirai,^(e5<F 
Release, 8- viduthalai, eS(B^^ 
Release, 1?. t. vid uthalaiy^kku| 

Relent, v,i. irankugiratliu,g)ir/ 
Relentless, a. irakkamarra, @£ 
Reliance, », nambikkai, ^ldlS/ 
Relief, 5. sahiyam, uthavi, ^ 

Relieve,i?. t, sah^yampaiinugir 
VLigirathu, £F&friuihussai 

Religion, «. samayam, devabh 

Religious, a- samayattipkuriy 

yulla, <FLauj^0(b^(f^iuj,u^ 

Relinquish, v. t. vittuvidugirs 

Relish, 8. suvai, rnsi, «fi?sn5(si/, a_ 
Reluctance, s, priyaminmai, i 

00) La, 
Reluctant, a. viruppamilldtha 




E^maiu, v. i» luiiichugirathu, uS^SrSl 

Remainder, a sochclxam,|michcliam, Q^a 

Remains, s. savam, pretam, .^a/ir, i^Q[r 

Remark, s. kurippu, (^jjSIul^. 

Remark, V. t. chollugirathu, kuyikkira- 

Remarkable, a athisayamina, ^^<fiu 

Remarkably, ad, visesham^y, (sQQiS'e^ 


Remedy, o). t. sfrppaduttugifathu, ^/ru 

Remembrance, s. ninaivu, i^^pakam; jS 

Remind, v. t. ninaippdttugirathu, ^'ksr 

Remiss, a. sdmb^na, QtS^irihunesr- 
Remission, 5. mannippu, LoesieaBuLi' 
Remissly, ad. asattaiyay, ^^L-goL-iu/rtij. 
Remitj v. t. mannikkirathu, taesre^&S 

Remnant, s. michcham, uSi3=<^u^, 
Remote, tf. ddram^na, ^sTmiresr. 
Remoteness, s, diiram, ^rjrih. 
Remove, v. t. eduttuppddugiratbu, sr(B 

Remove, v. i. vilakugirathu, eQeo^Q 

Remunerate, v. t. kaimmaruclieluttugi- 

Remuneration, « kaimmdyu,«TO<sJLrLo""^'. [ 
Remunerative, a. kaimmifucheluttugira, I 

Rend, v.t. kilikkifathu, Ql^sQjd^. 
Render, v. t, kodukkirathu, 0^/rOifl 

J^cncw V. /. putjbupplkkirathu, L^^,ui3 

Renounce, v» t, vitjuvidugirathu, d. 

Renoun, s. kfrtti, pugalchchi, ^ir^j 

Rent, s, pffal, iSjofiv. 
Repair, tJ. t. paluthup^rkkirathu, u 

Reparation, s. tiruttam, ^q^^^ld. 
Repeal, v. t, vilakkugirathu, (sReos 

Repeat, v, t. tirumbachchollugirath 

Repeatedly, ad. adikkadi, ^is^k^u^ 
Repel, V. t, tadukkirathu, ^Q^Qp, 
Repent, v i. manantirumbugirath 

Repentance,*, manastibam, iaesr&v^n 
Repletion, «. ptJranam, y,jT6ssru^. 
Reply, 8. marumoli, Lnji^QiDai^, 
Reply, V. t, uttaranchollugirathu, 2 

Report, s, sattam, ^^^ih. 

Report, V. t, arivikkirathu, ^/6lz 

Repose, v. i, ilaipp^rugirathu, g) 

Repository, «. kalafJchiyam, &<3(r(^^ 
Reprehend, v- t, kandikkirathu, cs. 

Represent, v, t, kinpikkipathu, <ssrri 

Repression, S' adakkngai, ^l_«@6j 
Repress, 1?. t, knppaduttngirathu,^ 

Reprimand, s. kandippu, aessru^uL, 
Reproach, 8. igalchchi, ^<si^<fQ, 
Reproach, v,t. palikkirathUjU/^il 
Reproachful, i«, nindaiy^na,;§;Er«D^{ 
Reprobate > s, ^\xv.'^'\asi^ ^Qi^v_Q® , 
Ilepro\)ate, a . ft\iVfeVt>, ^^ ^ 3.\L.\_ 




i| Beproof, s. kaijdippu, ^erori^uq. 

Reprove, v, t, karidikkirathu, aeBart^<sQ 
Li 0^, 

Beptile, «.- p^chchi, y;^^. 

Reputation, s. peyar, kfrtti, Quiufr^ Qir 

»j| Bequest, s kelvi, viniiappani, Qs&reSI, 
Request, v. t. vendikkollugirathu, Q(Sij 

Require, v. t. kddkirathu, QtSt-Qp^, 
[Requital, s. kaimm^ru, ero^Lbos/rjj/, 
Requite, v* t, charikkiichcharikattngi- 

Rescue, V. ^. tappuvikkirathu, /suljsS<s 


Research, "«. ^raychchi, ^sriTdjd'&. 
Research^ v. t ^r^ygirathu, ^FirujB 

Resemblance, s. oppanai, cgUL/SoDr. 
Reserve, v. t. vaittukkollugirathu, sroo/ 

served, a. vaikkappatta, esxmk&uu 

' JReservoir, s. nfrnilai, i§nr026O. 
pReside, v, i vdsampaiinugirathu, fiu/r«F 

JBesidence, 8, v^sam, vfdu, <sy/r<£FLb, si?®. 
Resign, v» t. oppukkodukkirathu, feiJL/ 

Resignation, s. kilppadivu, £lplju^lq/. 
Resin, s, kungiiliyam, (,^(k(^0Sujih. 
Resist, V, t. etihrkkirathu, (or^ifsQjDS^^ 
Resolute, a. pidiv^thamulla, L9z^<a//r^(ip 

Resolution, 5. tirm^nam, ^iTLn'T&sr'ih, 
Resolve, s. tfrmcinam, ^/rzjifrcsru:. 
Resolve, v.i. tirminikkirathu, ^(rmn-a^ 

Bs8onnd,v. eiiizrolikkirathu, Gi^SiQiriTsS 

Respect, s. glianyam, mariy^thai, sssssruj 

L£), LDifiiufreo)^. 
Respect, v.t. ghanampannngirathu, sssr 

Respectability, s. ghanyam, ^cssriuih. 
Respectable, c/. ghanyamulla, <S56snu(ip 

Respectfully, ad. upacb^ramay, ^us^rrjr 

Respecting, prep, kurittu, tothi, @j£z9^ 

Respective, a, avanavanukkerra, jtjsusi^r 

61J ^1 mQ <s fh m, • 
Respiration, 8. uyirppu, e.a5)/ruq. 
Respire, v.i- v^iigividugiratbu, <sufr(kQ 

Resplendence, s. mab^joti, La^frQ^^ir^, 
Resplendent, a, sifappulla, ^ roui^m G(r , 
Respond, v. marumolicbollugirathu, la 

Respondent, 5. prativdtbi, iSit^qjjt^. 
Response, s uttaram, marumoli, s.^^jr 

Reponsibility, s, uttai'av^dam,a.^^xrQv/r 

Responsible, a. uttarav^damulla, poruj^- 
pulla, &.^^irei]!r^(ipicir(3fr, Quir^u 

Rest, s. 6yvu, ggtuo/. 

Rest, 1?, ^. dygiyatbu, ^dj^p^. 

Rest, a. mftbiy^na, LS^iuirssr. 

Restore, v. t. sirppaduttugiratbu, ^ifuu 

Restrain, v. t. adakkugiratbu, ^L,'k(§S 

Restraint, s. adakkam, odukkam, <^l.^ 
Restrict, v. t. adakkugiratbu^ ^L^k<^^ 





Kesurae, v, t niarupa4iyuntodatikugi- 
rathu, munvittathai.edukkirathu, 

Hetail, 8. chillayaivikkrayam, ^eueusro^ 

Retail, v, t chillaraiyilvirkirathu, ffieoeo 

Retain, v. t, vaijtukkolliigirathu, erofiu^ 

Retaliate, v. t. charikkuehcharicheygira- 

Retaliation, s, pratikarain,L9jr^«/rjrLb. 
Retard, v. t' tadukkirathu, ^(SlsQp^- 
Retentive, a* i^^pakamulla, (^nusQp 

Retinue, s. parivaram, uiflojirsTLb. 
Retire, v. i. vilagugirathu, ffl96u@S n?^. 
Retired, p ^.tanimaiyanaj^gof^sroLouj/rgcr. 
Retrance, v. pdnavaliyetirumbugirathu, 

Retreat, v. i- pufaiik^ttugirathu, pin-r 
vankugirathu, L^iDisjsirCQSip^) 

Retrench, v.t. dielavaikkuraikkirathu, 

Retrenchment, s. kufaivn* @6o> ftxa/. 
Retribution, s, prathipalan, tSlir^uevehr. 
Retributive, a, prathipalanalikkira, lS/t 

Retrieve, u. t. sfrjikkugifathu, ^jriris 

Return, v. t. tirumbakkodukkirathu, ^ 

Reveal, v, t. velippaduttugirathu,Q(aj6yfl 

Kevelry, s vepiy^ttu, Q(Suj6luj[rLLQ. 
Jieven£-e, v. /, paJivdnkngirathVj pagai- 
sddhJkkirathu, uL^QJ!n5}(^Q pS^^ u 

Revengefal, «. paliv^kugira, ui^eut 

Revenue, s varnmanam, eaa^Larrtssrihi 

Revere, v. ^ ghanampannugirathu, n 

thikkirathu, ^ssBrihusssr^jjQp^ 

Reverence, s. bhayabhakti, uluu^^. 
Reverence, v, t. vaijankugivathu, ewg 

Reverend, a. ghanamporuntiya, &&a 

Reverential, a. vaiiankappadattakkijt. 

Reverently, ad. vanakkamdy, eu€W£ 


Reverse, v t. kavilkkirathu, .ss^Lpa 

Revert, v. t. tiruppugipathu, ^(j^uq 

Revile, r. t, nintikkira-thu, jS^^k 

Re viler, s. vaigiravan, 0Si<Ski^rQ^<obr, 
Reviling, n, v. igalchchi, j§)=9?ip#^. 
Revise,!?, t* pilaipdrkkirathu, f^^oipt 

Revisit, u t. marupadiyunkaiidiipesui 

rathu, LO jrj/LJt^LtLj /a ««Rjr(6)G* L/<5^© /r). 

Revive, ti. t, uyirppikkirathn, ©.oSl/fu 

Revive, v. ^. uyiradaigirathu, s-uilireB 

Reviving, p ,a. uyirppikkira, s_ii5/rui_ 

Reward, s. palan, vegumathi, uevissrfi 

Reward, v. t. badilalikkirathu, u^e 

Rheumatic, a. v^thamulla, eufr;$(ip& 
Rheumatism, s. vatham, (sufr^ih. 
RbinoceTO^, s. V&D4to\\\SL^^m^ «(r«w« 




. viUvelumbu, fiSeu/rOo/^jiq. 
Iry, 8. kettapechchu, QsiLl-Qu 

8. arisi, jyrf]^. 

ike, 8. appam, jj/ui-tii. 

a. chelvamulla. Q^dxsuQf^&at&r, 

8, 8. chelvam, dhanam, 0.5^6uajii>, 

f^ ad chelipp^y, Q^l^uuituj, 

8, pattadai, utlL-eroi — 

K t, viduthaiaiyikkugirathu, (sS)® 

3, s. nodi, Q/piTi^. 

y 8. varambu, o^inbL/. 

lie, «. parihasam, LJ/i"/«n^<FLb. 

lie, V. t, nintikkirathu, jS^^&Si 

iilous, a. chirikkappadattakka, Sffi 

., s. nfti, nyayam, /^, jSiun-tuih. 

;, a. ebariy^na, \ff^iutresf, 

i, adi. cbariy^y, chevvaiyay, s'lfliuir 

)eous, a. nftiyuUa, nyayamulla, / 

}eousness, s. nfti, ^^. 
iful, a, nyayam ^na, 0iuiTujLa^€6r. 
;ly, flt^ tiruttam^y, nyayappad 1,^(5 
S^Lairujf jSiurr ojuui^. 

, a. kadinamdna, <«iULSwruiTf?5r. 

ir, 5. nerukkam, odukkam, Qjsqi^ 

ssf'r^, €p®ff;<ff/.b. 

ous. a. kadumaiyana,«s®6n)Lo£ZJ/r(SDT. 

•ously, ad. ka^ditbamiy, ^assaaiufL^ 

?. cbifr^ru, Sp(fr;£}j. 
8. vilimbu, eiieifiixLi^ 
s.palattdl, ULp^Q^treo. 
s. mdtlmam, Qu^ir^sih, 

Ring, V. t. maniyaiikkiratbu, LosKsflaj/^ 
Ring, V. i. gaijfrgaijfrenkiratbu, sesi^iT 

Ringleader, s. kalagattalaivan, &qos^^ 

Ringworm , 8 . pad art amarai, ut^n-^n m 

Rinse, v, U alambugiratbu, ^eynhL\Q 

Riot, 8. kalagam, S6\)SLb. 
Riot, o. t. kalagampaniiugiratba, ««aj« 
li u owr ^T/ @ ^ ^ . 

Riotous, a. kalagamulla, « 6u«(ipeTMi3ff. 
Rip, V. t. kilikkifathu, Qi^&Qp^' 
Ripe, a. palutta, u(Lp^^, 
Ripen, v.i, mlukkiratbu. niutbirgirathu, 

Ripeness, «. mutbirvu, pakkuvam, (yu^ 

Ripple, 8- tirai, ®«»/r. 

Ripple, V. i, cbalacbalakkirathu, «flF6ucF6i» 

Rise, $. err^m, udayam, eippi^n^^nuil). 

Rise, v. t, elumbugitatbu,sr(LpijbqS/D^. 

Rising, V. n elucbcbi, (Stq£^^^. 

Risk, 8 abayam, ^umuLh, 

Rite, 8. chadangu, <5=l-/e@. 

Rival, 5. ethiri, si^^f:. 

River, « ^ru, nadi, ^ JJ/, ;f^. 

Rivet, 5. chadaivani, 'ffean^iusrceS. 

Rivulet, ». chirraru. ^p(tr^^' 

Road, 5. vali, p^tbai, teru, qjl/S), urreDjSy 

Roadstead *. tnTaimukbam.^ero n9(ip«Lh. 
Roam, V, i. tirigiratbu, ^rF)0/Djp. 
Roar, 8. mulakkam, dravaram, QpL^&<s 

(J^V^^^'^ <P »^ ^^^"^ ^ ^■ 





Koast, V, t. chudugirathu, porikkirathu, 

Rob, V. t, tii-udugirathu, 0(it^Q@jd^' 
Robber, s. tirudan, ^q^l^gst* 
Robbery, s. kalavu, <«srra/ 
E-obe, s. nilaiyarigi, jEl^svaj.EiQ. 
Robust, a tiramana, tJidiyana, ^jruair 

65r, ^iQ.iun 6or. 
Rock, s, kalmalai, s^uidBL. 
Rock, v^t, attiigirathu, ^C(BSlp^. 
Rocket, 5 virjam, safrescnh. 
Rocksalt, 8. intuppii, @;?^ul/. 
Rocky, a. kalparaiyfCnat^eOLJ/rero/naj/rgsr. 
Rod, s, tadi, k61, miMru, ;ffif , Q&ireoy 

Roe, s, kalaim^n, s'^jSLinn^, 

Rogue, $ chandalan, .ff^ewrt-frerreor. 

Roguery, s, tiruUu, ^Q^tL(B^ 

Roll. 9. cburul, SrQ^Gn. 

Roily V, t. chnruttugipathn, sfq^CQS 

Roll, V. i. sulalugiratbu, <Brip^8/D^, 
Romance, s. kattukkathai, <ssil,(D&a6a)^. 
Romp, s ^dum^lai, ^QiDrr^isv, 
Romp, v. i kuthittiwilaiyadugivathu, @ 

Roof, s- ktirai, «fl5Lcro/r. 

Roof, tJ ^. ktlraikattugiYathu, d&-«x)/r«il 

Room, 5. idam, arai, ©^lt, ^es>rD, 
Roomy, a, Yisdamana, eSl'^ireoLDiresr. 
Roost, V, i tankugipathu, fiij^SifD^- 
Root, s. kilangu, mtUam, Stp/s^j^euLo. 

to take root, verdnra, (r<si/^s5r/p. 
Root, v.i verdnrugirathu, (?a;^GDrjj/ 

Rope, 8. kayiru, ««it9j3/. 
Rosewater, s. pannfr, ustr^if, 
Jlosjr, a. sivanta, &qj^^ 
Jioij v. $: patbanaligir^thUj u,Smi£\^^ 

Rotation, 5. chalarchi, «flrip/c^. 

i Rotatory, a. chulalugipa, Sri^^jSjD- 
Rote, 8, vayppiidam, eunujuuiTi^Lh, 
Rotten, a alugina^ s^q^Qss, 
Rottenness, s. pathanalivn, u^sari^^. 

i Rougb, a, karadumura4ana. &jr(B(y. 


Roughness 8. karadv^mura^u, kodumj 
Round, s, vat tarn, g61am, q;l_l.u:, Qs 


Round, V. t% vattam^kkngiratbu, eutL 

Round, a. vattamdna, ui}4aiy^na, (SuC 

Lunsn^ SLesafisciL^uj freer. 
Round, ad. sunTdum, SribfiSl^iii, 
Roundly, ad. vattam^y, fii/L_i_ui/riu. 
Rouse, t\ t eluppugirathu, erQpun 

Rout, t?. t. kalaikkirathu, fi^fisfi/D^ 

Route, s. vali, eu/^. 

Routme, 8. mufai, (ip«x>/r). 

Rove, V i. alaintutirigirathu, ^tso^ 

Row, 8, ai?i, varisai, ^six^, (su^osiff^ 
Row, v,t, tanduvalikkirfi'thu, ^eosr® 

Royal, a. rajarikam^na. ^jriT'fffflsLnire 
Rub, 1?. t. teykkirathu, kasakkugipath 

Rubbish, 8 kuppai, @u6D)u. 

Rudder, g. chukk^n, ^^strelr. 

Rude a, adang^maiy^na) ^L^ihsnm 


Rudely, ad, tarukufmbiy, j^M^^jn 
Rudeness, s. muratt^ttam, npirCun 
Rudiment, s, mtSUdh^ram, Qpeofr/sn-, 




Huffle, V. t. kalakkugirathu» ^6u«@S 

Enffle, V. i, kalaiikugirathu, &eo^(^@i 

Rug, 3 kambali, ^oiLjeyB. 

Bo^ed, a. karadumurad^na, sjT®(Lpir 

Buin, a. kedu, cliddam, G<«(S), Q^^^. 
Buin, z^. ^ pdUkkiigiratliu, u/rLpT«@S 

iBoin, 1?. i. aligirathu, ^l^8/d^. 

'Ruinous, a. p^l^na, utripfrefr. 

Sole, 8 olungu, chattam, pramanam, ^ 

Rule, V. t aras^lugirathu, jtijr<Fn'(bi},S 

;Baler, s. adhikdri, talaivan^ jy^^/rif). 

Rum, 5. lotti, Qeu/rilc^. 
^Rumble, 1?. «. urumugirathu, ^jgpjQpS 

S^' ... ^ 

tummant a. iraimfdkira, ^6ts>rrLScQp. 

Ruminate, r. t. iraimfdkirathu, ^sshtlSiL 

lination, 5. iraimfdpu, @6ro/rd?ilq, 
Bumour, s. tlrkkathai. es!C{rssea>^. 
[Rumple, V t. churukkugirathu, ^Qj^k(^ 

Run. 8, 6ttam, ^iIl-ld. 

Run, V t. d^ugirathu,. ^®8jd^> 

off as water, vadigirathu,fiu<f fl^ju. 
Runagate, 8, n^d6di, iBfrQu.fTu^, 
Banner, s, odugiravan^ ^Q^fl)(SiJ€or, 
Banning, v. n, 6tt am, ^iLuih. 
Rural, a. ndttupp6ngdna, jsiriL^uQufr 

Ruse, 8, up^yam, SLurrtuir. 

Rust, *. turu, ka^imbu, ^(j^j s&flu^n. 

BoBtle, V. i. sarasarakkirathu, ^zw^^k. 

Rusty, a. karaipi4itta, is<sonr)iSlij^^^. 
Rut,s. terkk^lcbuvadu,G';5'/ftffi«/r6u <s^(SijQ. 
Ruthless, a kodiya, Qsrru^tu, 
Ryot , s. payircheyyunkud t, u ii3 /f Q cF tij ^l/ 


Sabbath, «. oyvun^l, ^iu(si^jsiT&r. 

Sabre, s, katti, <s^0. 

Saccharine, a. sarkkaraikkuriy*, ^n k& 

Sack, 8. s^kku, pai, «F/rA^, sou. 
Sacrdd, a, deyvfka, Q^\L(sS&, 
Sacrifice, s. ball, usSi. 
Sacrifice, v. t, baliyidugirathu, ueB\i!^(B 

Sad, a. dukkhamulla, ^^^(ipiskGfr, 
Saddle, s. jenam, kallanai, Q<3'Qssru>, 

Saddle, v. <. jenamp(5dugirathu, Q<sFeiscrih 

Sadly, ad. dukkhamay, visanam^y, ^^ 

Sadness, a dakkham, ^ssih. 
Safe, a, pattiramana, u^^jriawssr. 
Safeguard, s. k^val, sir^eo. 
Safely, ad, pattiram^y, u^^jrixuriu. 
Saffron, s. mafichal, ^^^(gjfFefr. 
Sagacious, u. vivekamulla, €SiQ(Sv,s(m 

Sage, s. viveki, muni, eSQsuS^ (rpca/?. 
Sage, a. buddhiyulla, i^^^iq&r&r. 
Sago, 8. chawarisi, ffeueuifi^. 
Sail, 8. kappalp^y, ffuusu urruj. 
Sail, V. t, pdyvalitt6dugirathu, -^rrdjisveSi 

Sailor, s kappalk^ran, ^suusvairjrsdr. 
Sake, 8, nimittam, jSuQ^^eib, 
Salamon\a.<^^ a. ^^a:^^R!w^^'«x5^^ ^^^a ^^ 




Sale* s. vikkrayam, o9^®jrujLb. 
Saleable, a. virkappadattakka, eBjbsuu 

Saliva, s. umilnfr, ^uSf^^ir, 

Salt, S' uppu, e.tJL/. 

Salt, a. uppulla, uvarpp^na, a.uqsrrsfr, 

Salt, V. t. uppupp6dugirathu,s.LJL/uC?u/r 

Saltpan ♦«. nppalam, &.uu(Sfnh» 
Saltpetre, s. vediynppu, Qq;^lu^ljl/. 
Salubrious, a, saukkjam^na, Q^c>yr«Q 

Salutary, a, sostamulla, Q<FirGiv^Qp 

Salutation, s. valttu, <surrt^A^. 
Salute, 1J. ^. v^lttugiratbu, (Surri^^^Sl 

Salvation, 5, radchai, @irtl۩^. 
Salver, 8. tattu, ^C®. 
Same, a. sam^na, i^ id freer. 
Sameness, s, orem^thiri, (^QfrtoiT^ifi. 
Sample, s. m^thiri, mir^ifi. 
Sanctify, v, L parisuddhampanijugitatliu, 
u&isr^ athuGsar ^)i8 fO^. 

Sanction, t). U nilaippaduttugirathu, uyu- 
thippad uttugirathu, jtl ^uu ^^^ 

Sand, 8. maQal, LuesBreo. 
Sandal, s. mitbijadi, uS^tui^. 
Sandalwood, $. sandanamaram, rS'^fissr 

Sandbank, s maoarkarai, uiessrp'Bsesifr, 
Sandy, a. maijalulla, u>eaar^mefr. 
Sane, a. sostabuddhiyulla, Q'Bfit&v^lj^ 

Sanguinary, a. rattappiriyamulla, ^jTfPi 

Sanity^ s, so&'tabuddbi, QtSFfr&v^H^^. 
^^^ s. strain, pgl^ ^/rjrth, urrev. 

Sap, 1*. t. nilaiyalikkivathu, ^osoiui^ki 

Sapient, a, buddbijrulla, L/i^^iL/efrcir. 
Sapless, a saramarra, ^frmopp. 
Sapling, 5. marakkanpi, u^naseer^. 
Sarcastic, a. vaucbollilna, eu^Q^Firci 

Sarsaparilla, s. nannftri, ^65r@)(fl. 

Satan, s. ch^tt^n, jph^^iksst, 

Satanic, a, peykkui)amuliay Qu\Lk(^6tsi 

Satchel, s. kaippai, cro^iJeroLf. 
Satiate, r. t. tirptipaijougirathu, ^hl 

Satellite, $ upagrabam, ^uSir&Lb. 
Satiety, «. tirpti, ^itu^. 
Satisfaction, 9. tirpti, ^iru^. 
Satisfactorily, ad, tirptiy^y, ^ifu^turrtu 
Satisfactory, a. tirptiydna, pTlraijam^na, 
^(TUj^turreoTy ^jr&ssrLD/Tfssr. 

Satisfy^ v. t. tirptiyakkugirathu, 0lirC 
Saturday, s, sanikkilamai, 'S'eofi&Qn 

603 LO. 

Saturn, 5. sani, s^eaB, 

Sauce, 5. ^Qam, ^eserih. 

Saucy, a. kupumbulla. (^joiu^ucaetr. 

Saunter, v. %. tirigiratbu, ^^&p^. 

Save, V. t, radchikkiyatbu, g^irCffief 

Saviour, 8 radcbakartt^jg^^tl^tf /r^^n 
Saw, 5. karukkuv^l, sQ^a^isuirm.. 
Saw, V, t v^Ularigiratbu, su/rofr/reurf?^ 

Sawdust, s. aripodi, ^ff?QLy/^^L. 
Sawyer, $ v^lkrfran, eutrtLeirirsiir, 
Say, v.t. cbollugiratbu,pe8ugirathu,Q^/ 

6Vj^8jD^y Qu^8fD^. 

Sayings 8 c^lioVkL^mo^^Q^n-fiu^^Qtofr 
1 Scab, 8. aa«Lt\\ ^*sii» 




Scabbard, 8» v^lurai, QjiT^eafD' 
Scaffold, 8. s^ram, ^irjnh. 
Soaffolding, s. saram, ^irjrth. 
Scald, V. t, YonnfriClohudugirathu^ Qo;^ 

Boale, 8* tulckiD, tarasu, ^su/tld, /Sjrfrsr' 
Scaly, a. cbetbiliilla, Q<F^^(Sfr<s(r^ 
Scandal. ». k61, Qstrm, 
Scandalize, v. t nintikkiratbii,, jS^^« 

Scandalous, er. igalcbchiyulla, §}sip<FB 

Scar, 8. tajnmbu, vadn, ^(ipuiq, (suQ. 
Soar, V, t talnmbupa4uttugirathu, fiQp 

Scarce, a. aranuiiy^na, kuraicbchal^a, 

Scarcely, ad, aritb^y, j>i ^fi ^ ^ . 
Scarecrow, s veruli, Qo/^srf?. 
Scarlet, 8. rattimbaram, §lijr^^inliuinh* 
Scatter, v, t, cliitbara4ikkiratbu,^^/Dt5L 

Scatter, v. i, kalaigiratbu, ^b^Qjss^* 
Scene, s. k^cbi, tdvr^m, fSiriL^f G^irp 

Scenery, s. ktidcbi, ^/rilP. 

Scent, 8. maiiam, vasanai, parimalam, 

mesisnhy su/r^Sfecr, uf^metrih. 

Scent, u. t, visanaipidikkiratbu, (suir<F 

Sceptic, 8, samusayav^di, ^Qp^iueiifr^. 
Sceptical, 0. Bamusayamulla, (F(Lp<F(U(zp 

Sceptre, 8 senk61, Q<flp/5)(?tf n-eu. 
Scbedule, 8 4^PP", ®t-^uq. 
Scheme, s. upayam, ^ lj it luh. 
Scheme, v.t y6chikkirathu,(?(Ufr9<^fi 

Schemer, ^.sdjchcliikk^n, @ ^ j:@ jsa tr 


Scholar, 5. m^nikkan, viddyartti, ic^fTi^y 

Scolastic, a. manakkanukkadutta, Lair^o^ 

School, 8 pallikkddam, p^dasdlai, uecr 

Schoolmaster, *. ubattiydyan, ^uir^^ 

Science^ s. kalvi^ sastram, ^elsfi, ^/reiu 

Scientific, a, s^strattukkadutta, <3=[r&u^ 

Scimitar, «. churigai, <B^[Bes)a. 
• Scissors, 5 kattarikdi, s^fi^Qsir^), 
Scoff, 8. sarasam, ^tr^^ih. 
Scoff, 1;. i parihasampaijijugirathu;, u^ 

Scoffer, 8. parihasakk^ran, ui^sirff-ksir 

Scold, V t kadintukollugirathu, si^js 

Scoop, t). ^ kudaigiyatbu, (^eau—Qp^, 

Scope* 8. karuttu, -6(75^^. 

Scorch, «, t. v^ttugirathu, €uinL(El8p^, 

Scorn, 8. nindai, fi^eoi^. 

Scorn, V. t. igalugirathu, g)«(ipSp^. 

Scomer, «. parih^san, u/fltf /r<F68r. 

Scornful, a. nindaiy^na, jS0ea>fSUjfr&sr. 

Scorpion, s tel, Q^&r, 

Scoundrel, s. chai}4^ia^i 'ffearL-n-erreoT, 

Scourge, V t, a4^kkifathu, ^i^kQp^, 

Scout, s. yeyuk^ran, QeueijsirjrsQr, 

Soowl» 8 kunimparvai| (^^ihufrirfmoj* 

Scowl, v.i. kopamukhamdyppirkkirathu, 

Scrap, 8. tuiidu. ^esarQ- 
Scrape, v. t. churai>4iig»rathu, ^p&ssrQ 

Scratch, s. Q^* 





Screech, i?. ^^ kfclichidugifatliu, 9<fSIQ 

Screechowl, «. k<5gai, js^sas. 

Screen, v. t maraikkirathu, Laeay/D^Sl 

Screw, s. murukk^iii, (ip^ks(T<s6t^, 
Screw, v. t munikk^oiyidugirathn, (tp jj/ 

Scribe, s eluttukk4raii,<sr(i^^^«4ff/rire5r 

Scrip, «. pai, erou. 

Scripture, s. vedam, Qeu^th. 

Scrub, V. t. tudaikkirathu, ^&sn-.kQ 

p^. ■ ^ 
Scruple, 8. sandebam» tff-^O^sth. 
Scruple, V. i. samusayappa4ugirathu,<ff^(ip 

Scrupulous, a. athinudpam^na, ^^j^tL 


Scrutinize, v. t chdthanaipannngirathu, 

Scrutiny, 8. chothanai, (o*«5=<T^25or. 
Seud, V, *.tivirikkirathu» ^€S(fi-gsQfiD^- 
Scuffle, V. t mallukkattugiratbu, ldcujj;; 

Scull, * talaiyddu, maiiidai, ;s2eitjQuj[rQ^ 

Sculptor, 8. kottuvelaikHran, Qsn-^^ 

Sculpture, 8 kottuvelai, Q^/r^^C^QjSst'. 
Scum, 8. n\ira.jfmsit\^amfjpsa)(ryLDeaarL.ih. 
Scum, V. U ^daiyedukkirathu, ^eaaJoluj 

Scurf, ». karappan, sjnjusar. 
Scurrility, «. aaappiyam. ^-^utSiuih, 
Scurrilous, a. ddshaiiav^rttaijrulla, ^Q^ 

Scurvy, 5. chonkarappan, Q^wn-fSl&jru 

Scurrjr^ a. choiiju)]a, Q<ff'/r/iSiLji^6fr. 
^ea, ^kadaJ, samudram, si^eo^ ^np^ 

Seaman, 5. kappalk^ran, ^uufisfrjrscf. 
Seaport, 8. kappaltujui, suu&o^esip. 
Seal, 8. muttirai, (ip0^6ts>ir. 
Seal, V. t. muttiraiyidugiratbu,(ip;^^®s)/r 

Seam* s. taiyal, esi^iu^. 

Seam, v, t, taikkirathu, €6)^sSp^. 

Seamless, a, taiyalilUtha, eoi^ujeSleveon'^ 

Sear, v. t chudugifathu, ^(BQp^. 

Search, s. chothanai, G^fiF/r^Ssw. 

Search, u. t tedugirathu, Q^®Bp^» 

Season, s, paruvam, uQ^ouih. 

Season, v, t. suvaippadutlugirathu, <sr^ 

es>isuLJu(El^^ @p^. 
Seasonat>le, a. pakkuvam^na, uk^su 

Seat, $. isanam, pfdam, ^'ff'serih, di^ih. 
Seaward ad ka4alukkunere, >sl-^s(§' 

Seclusion, ». maTaivu, tanimai, Losopoi^. 

Second, 8, nimisham, vinddi, 0l£1q^lc^ 

Second, «. t. tuijaichcheygirathu, ^Ssott* 

Second, a. iranddm, @iressru.(TLb. 
Secondarily, ad^ iraijdavathina, Sltrosar 

Secondary, a, iraiid^vath^ka, ^^jiresan^n- 

Second-hand, a. iraQd.inkaiy^dchiyana, 

Secondly, ad, iraod^vath^y, @jr6wrt-.(ra/ 

Second-rate, a. iraijdantaram^na, ^jrewr 

Secrecy, s rahasyam, @fjrs&tuih. 
Secret, 8. rahasyam, g)ir<fi ©(l/ld. 
Secret, a rahasyam^na, ^ir^^iuLairssr* 
Secretary, s. ^\)^^si3il3K&cas^V^!»k^^^ 




ecrete, v, t, mafaikkir&thu, msaipkS 

•ecretly, ad, rsih2iaj&miy,^jraSujLniTdj, 

ection, s. pirivu. LSffla/. 

ecular a. laukika, Qov<BfrQ<ss. 

ecure, v t. pattirappaduttugivathii, u<s 

Jcurely. ad. pattiramay, u^^jrinfriu, 

'Curity, 8. piiiai, fdu, L^Ssair, ff®, 

in money, nakathujamfn, m^lj^mfn, 

^date, a. amaivana, ^eouasuir&sr, 
'dately, ad amaivdy, ^sasuasijfruj, 
idiment, s, maodi, ld^i^. 
Jditioii,s, rijadhrdham, irn^^Qjrirsih, 
3ditious, a. dhr6hamulla, ^Qirir&Qp 

3duce, V. t, tfmaikkudpadattugirathu, 

3ducer, s, ettan, er^^&si, 

3dulou8, a, vilippulla, a9L^LJL/CTr«nr. 

3e, 17. t karjugirathu, p^rkkirathu, &ir 

3ed» 8. vittu, kottai, aSil^^, Q^/rtleoi-.. 

sedling 8. nixv^t J^'^Pjpi. 

3edtime, s, vithaippukk^lam, gSIsq^sulj 

3eing, 8- p^rvai, Lj/rrgaa;. 
3ek, V. t tedugirathu, Q^(B8p^ 
Jem, V. i. kaijappadugirathu, tdnrugi- 
Tatku, &tt05SfUuQ>iQp^^ Qpaimjpi 

)emingly, ad» kai]igirapadi, &[r3stsrQp 

3emly, a, tagunta, fi^0fi. 

jethe, u. t avikkirathu, ^sQi@jD^, 

jgregate, vJ. pirikkirathu, iJisflsQfD^, 

jize, 1?- t pidikkirathu, t^ujukSp^, 

ildom, ad, arithay, ^(B;S[ruj. 

)lect, V, L terintukoijugirathu, O^iflig 

Select, a. menmaiy^na, C?m3Drsa}LDiL//rffl^-. 
Self, jor. t^n, ^/reor. 
Self, a suya, tan, <flriu, ^s5r. 
Self-appla se, 8. tarpngalckchi, 3pLj<£ 

Self-couceit, <. ahankaram, ^srbstrtnh. 
Selfish, 8. tannayamparkkira, ^amcsTujuo^ 

utr ' kSp. 
Selfishness s. tarpolivu, ^jbQuirifisij, 
Sell, V, vivkirathu, d^pSp^ 
Semi, a arai, ^sorr. 
Send, V. t, anuppugirathu, ^^ui^Q 

Senior, a mtltta, ^^jS. 
Seniority, s mtSppa, ^ul/ 
Senna, 8, nilav^gai, fieotauirea^. 
Sensation, 8. uoarchchi, ^eGsnT^^S, 
Sense, s, buddhi, arivu, q#^, ^^!Si\. 

organ of, ninentiram, (^irQssr.i^irih, 
Sensless, a. buddhiyfnamulla, lj^^uS 

Sensibility, 8- arivu, J)(a5)(a/. 

Sensual, a sirfinbam ' na, ^ ibfiSlsoi uu^irtssr 

Sentence, 8. tfrppu, ^'^uq- 

Sentence, v. t tfrppuchchollugirathu, ^ 

if uL^S'Qs'ir 60^8/0^' 
Sentient, a. aarivulla, j)\(^(Si]m<sfr. 
Sentiment, 8. ei>i>am, karuttu, cToRjreazjr 

Sentimental, a. ayivulla, ^^si/Grrerr. 
Sentinal, 8. padaikk^val^tl, ues)L^s^[r<su 

Separable, ot. pirikkappadattakka, iS(fls 

Separate, v. t, pirikkirathu, iSlifls8fD^. 
Separate, i?.i.pagukkirathu, u^i8/D^. 
Separate, a- purambina, i^jDi^ufresr, 
Separately, ad» tanittaniye, fio^^jS 


September,*, ava[)i-puTattaai, ^ajogfi- 


Sepulchre, t. preta arai, dJQirfi jiteap. 
Sequel, n mudivu. Qp^taij. 
Serene, a. amnithijina, jn^io^iuirna: 
SeieDity, Ji, amrtithi, Bamjdhaiia,ra,jj"mui 

Seiiors, a. bh^ramana, bhajabhaktiytoa, 

Sermon,*, pniaaiigam, JirffiHsii. 
Serpent, a, pdmbu, sarppam, uirtiL;, * 

Servant, s. velaihkaran, Qw^ksair^. 
Ser»e. i:. t. iSIiyaffcheygiratliu, bseijSiiJ® 

Service, s. velai, Cffl;&»i. 

Hervility, ». a4iinaittauain, jfnumtc^^ 

Set, «. jiSdu, kriKam, QgirQ, «.Ci_ii. 
Sot, «. (. idugiratiiu, ninittugiraihu, @ 

Set, o. tfrmjnamina, ^HiaireaiaTsir 
Setting, 1) 71. abtamippu, ^Efj.tfuSuL/. 
Settle, V. (. tCrkki(utliii. ^iraQjo^. 
Settle, p. t. a4aigiratlin, mbulSid^. 
Settlement, •. tittam, ti'rppn, ^C.i-u;>,$ 

Seven, s-a- elu, grjip. 

Sevenfold, a. eluina4angina, cyof «h_ih 

Seventeen, a-a. patMniJu, u^QssrQg. 
Seventh, a- ^4in,ViOf"i- 
Seventy. « o ej paihu, elupathin, «r(tp 

uji, aQpufiireer. 
Saver, n. (, arukkiratho, j^jxiQ/agi- 
Several, a tliik. jnla, ffi^u, uau 
Severally, ud. vevver.iy, OsueuiSsiiiT^iu. 
Severe, a. uraipp^ua, ki-flramfina, totup 

i SHA 

Severity, s. krdram, kav^ippu, ^^ 

Sew. n. £ taikkirathu, eE)^«@n]^. 

Sewer, e taiyal aran, eafiiu ■ * ira 

Sex, I jiCti. #1 @, 

Shabbily, (id, I'nam^y, trsa-unnii. 

Shabby, a 'uatiiana, i>«jrLOTeir. 

Shackle, s- vOaogu, eSsu'og. 

Shackle, u. t katt^giT^tihu, siL(d&, 

Shade, s ujlal, iSlpoij, 

Shade, n, (. nilali^iigirathu, ^ipeli 

Shady, a. nilalalla, 0tfip^sasB. 

Shaft, 9 amba, ^.ql/. 

Shake, ■ut.asaikkirathujkulukkugira 

Shake- v.i. kiijuiiki'girathu, nsaigira 

Shallow, a, alamUiathu, i^j^lSsl'su r 
Sham, v.f. kallampari.augifathu, s 

Sham, o kallamana, ■sshmrLDneer. 
Shanibles, s. iraichchtkka^oi, ^eain 

Shame, a. ' 

Shameful, a. vedkamulla, O^^-L 

ShameteBH, a. lachcttaikettat g}eud 

Shape,), rijpam, ^uui. 
Shape, ti. (. pravukkugirathu, a-fj 

Share, « pangn, u^i^. 

Share, f ; pargiJugirathu,uii8®S 

Sliark' s. cliura, «(Tr. 

Sharp, a, kdrinaiyulla, a./f suunijari 

Sharpen, ti. t, Y.toak\s\i^i:9.t.h.n, <s-ff 




harplj, ad ktlrmaiy^y, sk^rrsamnuiruj. 
harpness, 5. kdrmai, sk^n&aLD. 
harpsighted, a. kair-ktlrmaiyiilTa, sssar 

hatter, 1?. t idikkirathu, tagarkkirathu, 

have, v. U chaurampai)iiugirathu,Q<5^€rr 

jrihu soar ^Hj 8/0^. 
ba^er, s. navithan, j5irsS;S^^ 
havings, s. chfvah ^euev, 
haw], s. ch^lrai, ^ir&jeaeu, 
he, pr, aval, ^eu&r. 
heaft 8' aiikkattu, ^if^^iSiLQ, 
Lear, v, t. majirmuthalijakattarikkira- 

thu, LnuSiT(yi^68tu<s^^{fl&8p^^ 
heath, 9 u^ai, s-eato, 
heathe. v,t. uraiyilidugirathu, ^eoifDiiS 

hod, V, t. chorigirathu, Q^irtflSp^. 

heep, «. semmarij^d^^'^*^^^/^'^'''®* 
beepfold, s. ^ttukkidai, ^iLQ&8€a>L., 
beet, 8. tuppatti, ^uuCu^. 
heetanchor, «. penman gdram, QuQ^jeik 

lielf, 8. tattu, ^iLQ, . 
liell, 8. chaxigii, iSFfk)^, 
lelter, 9 pugalidam, i^seQi-ih, 
lelter, vi.diJbarikkiratha,cg;fl»/fl«S^^. 
lepherdv^. ^tti4aiyan, ^Cu^0S)l.iu^, 
lew, V, t, kiijpikkirathu, tSfT@Gan3&@ 

liield, 5. ke^agam, QsL^^\h, 

bield, D, i, k^kkirathu, «/r«S^^. 

bift, 8» tantiram, ^^^irih, 

bine, v. i. prakasikkirathu, l9jt«itSs 


lip, «. kappal, ^ljugu. 

lip, V, t, kappalilerrngirathn, auusQ 

lipvrreck; 8. kappalchetham, «uusoCoa^ 

Shirt, s. ullndai, e-fefr^sroL-. 
Shivering, t?. 71. nadukkam, ^©««Lb. 
Shock, s. athirchchi, ^Qitjf^, 
Shock V ^ tigaippikkii-athu, ^m)SU'~9 

Shockiug, p. a. dushtattanamulla, ^d^ 

L- ^ ^ est open m. 
Shoe, 5. patharadchai, cheruppu, utr^sjnL 

Shoemaker, «. chemm^n, chakkiliyan, 

Shoot, 5. mulai, (ip^. 

Shoot, V. t, eygirathu, chudugirathu, OTiU 

Shoot» V' i mulaikkirathu,(ip^«ffii£);!5^. 

Shop, 8. ka(}ai, <ff^>a3L-.. 

Shopkeeper, 8, kadaikk^ran, «6©L-««ff" 

Shore, a. kadalkarai, fSSL^p^seaur, 
Short, a. kurugina, churukkam^na, (5^ 

Shorten, v. t. kurukkugirathu, (§^k(§ 


Shorten, •?, i. kurugugifathu, (^^(5® 

Shot, a. channam, ravai, ^eorgurthi irerosw. 
Should, atwj. 1?. vendiyathu, QtsueBan^aj^. 
Shoulder, s. puyain, tdj, qujih, (o^irm. 
Shoulder, v,t tdlilvaikkirathu, (^^/rsrfl 

Shout, s arav^ram, ^ireufrjnh. 

Shout. V' t drpparikkifatku, ^iruu^fls 


Shove,. -y. t. tallugirathu, ^efr^Sp^- 
Show, 1; t. k^npikkirathu, <B\riss:iSkQ 

Shower, 1?. t. peygifathu, QuluQ/d^- 
Showy, a. \ini^\x^^r^Q};ssk^^^f;siS^^ ^^kvV^s?. 





Shrewdly, ad iip«iyamay,2_un- iLiin/riL-. 
fcJliriek, s.kfchchidu, Qs^^Ch), 
tShnok.v. i. k^chchidugifathu, S(Fft(S)fi 

Slirimp, s. iral, ^(n/eQ, 

Shrub, s. chedi, pdijdu, Q^^t, yasjrO. 

Shrug, V, t. tolkulukkngirathu, Q^ndr 

Shudder, v.i, na4unkiigir»»'tha, jsQit^S 

Shufile, v. t» kalakkifathu, iseuaS/os^* 
Shun, V t. vilakkividugirathu, dSsoaS 

Shut, Vi t. a4aikkirathu, ^mL-.kSip>^* 

Shut, V. i. aiaikkappadugifathUjintSdap- 

padugirathu, ^a»L_««uu®©/D^, 

Shutter, 8 mdii* kathavu, ^i^, a/geij^ 

Shuttle, 8, nada, /bitl^it- 

^^Ji a- kilohcharmana« fSS^^^miresr, 

Sick, a, viydthiyulla^ eQiuff-fiuLi&Tm. 

Sickle, 5. arival, ^(h&jirm. 

Sickly, a, viyithiy^a, eStufr0ujir6ar. 

Sickness, 5. viyathi, sSuuir^. 

Side, 8. pakkaiu, u<ssih. 

Side, a. pakkamana, uk&u^fresr. 

Sideways, ad. oruchchariv^y, ^(j^^rf? 

Sieve, s challadai, <F6u€U€a>L_. 
Sift V. t arikkirathu, ^(fisQ/DJ^- 
Sigh, 8 perumdchchu, ©L/0(ip<y«flr. 
Sigh, V i. peramdchcheriglrathu, Quq^ 

Siii:ht. ». purvai, unifesxsu. 

Sightless, a. parvaiyillatha, u/r/foafiuaS 

Sightly, <i. alagana, ^y^str&r, 

Si^u, V. adaiyalam, kuri, ^ai>L-UJ<r«rLb, 

^^ ^' ^, Aii/vcJuttuppf^Jugiiathiif eaa 

^ --^^^-J^r^jCuil €9^1)^. 

Signal, s. adaiyalami kufippu^ cSV^<-' 

Signal a. periya,perana.O urfiiu, Qusrn-i 
Signalize, v, t. uienjuaipdrittugiratl 

QtassrscouiUiJ irirC^iBlpjp. 
Signally, ad, menmsdy^yfCS ldxi etotniun 
Signature, 8. kaiyeluttu, kaiyoppam*^ 

QtuQpfSjP* oo^QfUffuuth* 
Signet, s. muttirai, (i^#^8»b)/j. ^ 

Significant, a, kuripp^na, karutti;rl]a,^ 

Signification, «. arttam, poruj, ^n-} 

Signify, v, t, arttankollugirathu, jfjr 

Silence, 8. maunani, QoDorr^wtr, 
Silence, v. t ]](iauuamakkugii:athu,Qt< 

Silk, 8 pattu, uCQ 
Silkcotton, $. ilavu, @«u€v^ 
Silkworm, «. pattuutilptlcbchi, uCQ, 

Sill, s. v^salpadi, &jfT^&juL^. 
Silly, a. buddhiketta, l/#^Q«i1l,» 
Silver, 5. velli, Qtu&i&fi, 
Silversmith. 8, tattin, fitLL,iresr. 
Similar, a oppana. ^uu'^'cor* 
Similarity, s. samanam^ <FuiH eorih. 
Simile, 8, oppanai, g^uu^sr. 
Similitude, s, oppu, ^ul/. 
Simper, 8. nagaippu, ;F«D«tjq. 
Simper, t?. t. punnagaicheygifathu, l^ 

Simple, a. pethaimaiyina, kalappar 
iyalp^na, <«ua»^w»a>(U/r6Br, ^6Ul 

Simpleton, 8 pethai, Quet^^- 
Simplicity, s- kapa4aminBaai, 6bul^l£ 

Simply, ttd. i^V^vKOBak^ ^ 




Simulation, 9. mam^lam, to/rioTauJ.« 

Sin, 8, pivam, u!rQj±' 

Sin, r, i pivaiXcheygiratliu, uireu^Q-fF 

Since, <rdL pinpu, LSeSri^. 
Since, con, pa4iy&l) uuf.iutr^, 
Sbkce^prep. muthal, Qpfi^o, 
Sincere, a, ut}maiyuU.&9 CLCwrapLb'i^^irreir, 
Sinj5erely, ac2- ui>maiy^y, SLewreoLotfj/riu. 
Sincerity, s. urjmai, aL«5rar6a>iA. 
-Sinew, 8 Darambn, jpfru^i^- 
>8inful, a pavamnUa, uff^uQf^&T^. 
Sing, V. t^ pc[ttnppi4"girathii, uiriLQu 

Singe, v.^. karukkugiratlia, s(v^k(^Q 

Singer, 8. pi4ag&n, utri^a^r. 

Single, V. t yevyefakkugirathuy Oa^dy 

Single, a, vewerana, QoisnQ^^fr/ssr. 
Singly, ad. tanittaniye, ^oS^fi^Qiu. 
Singular, a, ralakkaniillatha, miL^ksuSi 

Sinister, a. kapaiam^^, auL^mtfesr. 
Sink, 8. kuppaikkuli, ^LjeBiu<e^ifi» 
-Sink, V. t amiittagirathu, ^iQijifijgiSi 

Sink, V, i. amilntugirathu, jfjdSLp^^Q 

.Sinner, «, p^vi, uff"a9. 

Sip^ 9, i. uriuehugirathu,eL/i9(^<&3;z7^. 

Sir, 4. aiyan^ ^luosr, 

•Sister, « sahddari, <ff-'(?ffn'^(f7. 

Sister-in-law, a. maittuui, eRLDfi^eoB' 

Sit, « "»\ irukkirathu, u4kinigiratlin, ® 

Site, 9 i4am. (§)i-^- 

Situation, s. idam, v.dyogam, @L.Lb, e ;i£^ 

Six, s~a, dfiif €^JPf' 

Sixfold, a, ari*ma4angana, ^^idt^ik 

Sixteen* s-a, pathinaru, u^(C^^\ 
Sixty, 8'a, arupathu, ^j)}u^. 
Size, «. alavu« paruppam, jfi^ta^^ u^il 

Skein, 8^ ndlkali, .^^<rLf9. 
Sketch, 8 ki;rippu, m^tluri, (§/6}uq^ ld.t 


Skilful, a, samarttulla, '^mCrij^i^kafr* 
Skilfully^ ac?. samarttay, ^Loif^^fTdj. 
Skill, 8, Bamarttiyam, ^ma'^^^ajih. 
Skim, V. t nuraivdnkugirathUy^omfl-ffl/.T 

Skin, ». t41, Q^rrdK 

Skin, V. i. t^lurikkirnthn, Q^sir^^jiBiQ 

Skip, V. t. tnllngirathu, kutbikkirathu, 

Skulk, V. 1. naluvugirathu , jsQ^^'f^ro^, 
Skiill, s talaiy6du, maiidai, /f^jQujirdHj 

Sky, 8. vdnam, ^k^sam, GLirbsrihf ^s^ir 

Skylark, s. vanampidi* ^^f>iirJ>uTip , 
Skyrocket, s. ^kilsapdnam, ^^irg-uT 

Slab, «. pufappalagai, upuuevsas. 
Slabber, v. t. viynfrvadigiratbu, sun-iL'^ 

Slack, a talarnta, ,0i^ir^^. 
Slacken, v. i. avilgirathn, ^^i^^jdj^. 
Slake,!?, t tanikkirathu, ^osi^kQfo^, 
Slam, V. t, didfrenaviJiigiratlia,"^i2.Q;r 

Slander, s. kol Q^ndr. 

Slander, v. t kddchollugirathu, QsiT>l- 




Slaughter, v. t. kolaicheygiratliu,Q«/TSsu 

Slave, 8. aiimai, cliifai, j^u^eaLDySeafO' 
Slavery, 8. aiiimaittanam, ^i^&5>Ln^^ 

Slay, V. t. kollugirathn, Qarrev^vQ/D^- 
Sledgehammer, 5. chammatti, ^ihuuLi^, 
Sleep, 3, tiittirai, jUs^S^-it. 
Sleepy, a.nittiraiyulla, jS;fi>^5ro/ni^sfrGrr. 
Slender, a. chiru, mii>oiya, ff)^, jpeoor 

Slide, '0. t. charikkirathu, ^/fj«©/?)^. 
Slide* t?. u valuvugirathu, eu(ipa/Sp^. 
Slight, s. avamathippu, ^a/uD^uq. 
Slight, V. t, achattaipannugirathu, jy^il 

Slight, a. sorpamdna, Q-BFirpuLairesr. 

Slily, ad, tantiramiy, ^jt^jnnirdj. 

Slime, s cheru, Q-SFjpi- 

Sling, 8. kavari, seuesar. 

Slink, V. i' pathunkugirathu, u^m@® 

Sling, V t kavaiTL^lerigirathn, seix^Qeo 

Slip, 8 kfri\ ^jsy. 

Slip, v.*. vainvavidugirathu, euQ^&ie^^ 

Slippers, 8. chernppn, O^rr^uL/. 

Slippery, a. valukkaUna, eu^Lp-ssffoiretsr. 

Slit, 8. pilavn, L5/(Srrffi/. 

Slit, V, L kilikkirathu, Si^kSp^. 

Slope, 8. vdttam, aj/rilL-Lb. 

Sloping, a charivana, -s^ifisijiTetsr. 

Sloth, 8. chomhu. (J^.tlt q. 

Slothful, a. chdmbana, QiFirihuirser, 

Slow, a. t^mathamdna, ;smji<SLD!T&sr. 

Slowly, ad paiya, eatutu, 

Slujr^ard, s. ch6mbftn, C^/roiusBr. 
S/ug-^jsh, s ch6mbcina>, Q'^frijLUir&sr. 
S/ujce, s. nfrkkdl, j^.f^^rrsb, 
^fonber, s tdkkam, ^ksth. 


Slumber, v. ittinkugirathu.^/H/^fl/u,^, 
Slut, 8 tuppukkettaval, ^ulj«Q«i1l_ 

Sly, a, tantiramulla, ^/F^jr(ip®rar, 
SmalL a. chiru, chinna, i^ jy, fiiwew. 
Smallpox, 8. ammai, ^lcsaid. 
Smart, «. n6, CJ^jjr. 
Smart, a. buddhiyulla, ui^\i^meff. 
Smartly, cw?. viraiv^y, s^mireuirdj. 
Smartness, 8. ktirmai, 4R>fr«j>Lo. 
Smash, V. «. takarkkivathu, ^sirsSfDiP. 
Smear, v, t ptisugifathu, melugugirathu, 

Smell, 8. manam, gandam, u^esarih^ s^ 

Smell, T). t manakkirathu. m6kkirathn, 

Smelt, V. t. 16haiikalaiyuriikkugirathu, 

Smile, s. punchirippr, qcw^.fJuLf* 
Smile, V. i, punnagaikoUrgirathii, L|«ar 

Smite, V, t, adikkirathu, jfji^-sSlfl)^. 
Smith, 8, kamm^lan, aihiairstr^- 
Smoke, «. pugai, Liea>s. 
Smoke, f). i. pugaippikkifathu, churut* 
tuppidikkirathu, qsn)<ffL/Li/«©p^, 

Smoky, a. pngaikkira, i^easkSjD, 
Smooth, V, t, paravugirathujUiTQ/fip^. 
Smooth, a, methuvina, Qin^euireor. 
Smoothly, ad, oppamay, cpuuujTtL'. 
Smother, v. L mtichcha4aikkappat>i>iigi* 

rathn, ^jRffGaii-.k£BUU€sa gyyfi m ^ 
Smouldering, a, kanalugira. msst^Qfo^ 
Smuggle, V. t. kallachcharakke'rriigira- 

tbu, sm&rs='^jrs(os0jBtSjp^, 
Snaffle, 8. kadiv^lam, ai^euir&rih. 
Snail, 8, nattai, jg^es)^. 
Snake, s. ^p^JDaVsw^ uttua^. 




Snarl, v.i. urumugirathu, t^^QpSfoffi. 
Snatch, V. t, parikkirathu, ujS-iQp^, 
Sneak, v* i, naluvugirath, ^(Lp&^Qp^. 
Sneer, v. t. parihdsampaonugirathu, urf? 

Sneeze, t? iAnmmugiXAthu^^ihQpBfl)^. 
Snip, V. t. napikkugirathu, jsjpik^® 

Snipe, s. ulUnkuravi, &-fSTefrirm(^(i^s8. 
Snivel, 17. t, siounkugirathu, S^^njm^S 

Snore, t?. i- kurattaiv^Bkugii-athu, ^/dC 

Snot, s. chali, .^erfl. 

§nout, s. nfndamdkku, JS^i^^k^, 

Snow, s. uraintamalaif 6.€a>fD^fiUi0s>y^, 

Snnff, s, miSkkuttti}, ^k^^^^. 

Snuff, u t, unffcliugirathu,gL/i5?@4F0/D^. 

Sor ad. appaii, ^uuip.. 

Soak. V, t, nanaikkii^thu, dravaikkiya- 

Soak, V, i. tifugiratbu, esBLj^Q/o^, 
Soap, s. savarkkdram, ^^ir^stririh. 
Sob, 8. nettuyirppu, Qf^iLC^uSiiruL^. 
Sob, V, i, vimmijalugirathu, €SLbuSttJ(tp 

Sober, a. telinta. Qfi&f^ifi. 

Sobriety, s, telintabuddhi, Qjg&fi^/gLf 

Sociable a. ch^rttikkaiyu^a, QiFir^fSis 

Society, 8, ktlttam, janam, A.tlL.Lh, <f 

Socket, 8, kul^y, ^tpiruj. 
Sod, 8. pulkarrai, i^^spesijD, 
Softy tf. metbuv^oia, QLo^^trfa* 
Soften,!), t mriduvikkugirathu, i^(^^ 

Soften, V, i. iiagugiratliu, ©crr^Q p ^ , 
Softljr, trd. methuviy, Qiij^^frtu, 

Soil, 9. man, u>«ar. 

Soil, «. i.karaippaduttugiratliii, ^sstpu 

Sojourn, t>. i. tankugirathu, ^kj(§8fD^' 
Sojourner 8, vidutliikkaran, eS'lH^a^r 

Solar, a. sdrya. (j^Suj, 
Solder, v. t, parpivaittuvilakkugiratliu, 

Soldier, «.p6rchchevakan, QufTifs^Q^sj 

Sole, 8, ullankdl, ulladi, s.6?r®fr'o«/rcu. 

Sole, a. tanimaiy^na, pet^^iu^iutrssr. 

Solely, ad, taniye, fifa^Qiu, 

Solemn, a. bhayabhaktiy^na, uiuuk^ 

Solemnize, v. t. acliarikkirathu, ^^ifl« 

Solemnly^ctc?. yaijakkam^y,cu633r«<£BLri/riu. 
SoKcit, V, t varuntikke4kirathu, ^Q^^ 

Solicitude, s. vichdrai>ai, Q9,r/r/rSsKjr. 
Solid, a. upithiyina, vairam^na, s.^^ 

eu/rccr, €a>siJsrLDiresr, 
Solidity,* vairam, iiruthi,€a)a;irLb,<5.^^. 
Solitary, a. tanitta^ jSssfi^^. 
Solitude, 8. ek^ntam, ^sir^^ih. 
Some, a, cbila, koitcha, 8ei)^Qsir(^F. 
Somebody, 8, evan6, oruvan, ersuCoi^, ^ 

Somehow, ad> eppadiyo, ^ruui^Qiun-, 
Something, «. eth6, eth^gUum, ^Q/iw^ 

Smetimw,} '^- «l^i'»'«''"' ^^^^"^ 

Somewhat, ad charr^, ^pQjO' 
Somewhere^ cwi. ^-wj^'^^ ^s^^^v^jis^^i^^ 's.- 




Son-in-law. 8 marumagatt, LD(f^LnS€sr, 
SoDg $. p^Hu, utnLiB, 
Soon, ad, slkkram^y. ^.sSjnQfrilj, 
Sooner, ad athisfkkiramdy, ^^^sBjr 

Soot, s, pngaiyarai, Lfsa>siuas)/D' 
Soothe, V, t. ^rrugirathu, ^pjijjSjdj^- 
Soothsay, v. t. kurichollugifatho, (^j6l 

Soothsayer, 8, kurik^ran, ^fS^irjrti^. 
Sooty, zi. ottaraiyulla, cpL-L-sw^iiJcnerr. 
Sorcerer, 8, m^ntiriyam, to T^^ift (ulo. 
Sordid, c porulisaiyuUa, Quirdj^etrfreo)^ 

Sore, 8. pun, qeecr. 

Sorely, ad, ka^umiiy^i, ^(Setsaniuiruj, 

Sorrow, 8, dukkham, tnyaram, ^Mih$ 

Sorrow, v. i. dukkhappadugirathn, ^ss 

Sorrowful, a. dukkhamana, ^ssu^tresr^ 

Sorry, a> dukkhamulla, ^ksQj^^efr. 

Sort, 5. Titham, eS^ih, 

Sort, ». ^. vagnkkirathn, eu^sQjD^. 

Sot, 8' kudik^ran, (^u^airjr^* 

Soul, 8 dtm^, ^^Lair. 

Sound, a. krogiyam^na, ^QsrwkSoj 

Sound, 8. sabdam sijm'o< 

Sound, «. t sabdamidngirathu, ^^^uSQ 

Soundness, s. sostam, inimai,Q^rr6n;^£i>, 

Soup, *. ^oam, ^eBBrub. 

Sour, s. pulippdna, L/s»Huu/riwr. 

Source, ?• tirru, k^ranam, eaE^&jpi;, «/Tir 


Sourness, 8, pulippu, q&fluq, 
^ wind, ten ml Q^ssrn)^. 

Soutliern, a, tetkeyulla, Q^jb^oSiLfdreir. 
Southward, vd. tenrisaiy^iy, Q^s^/Hs^s^ 

Sovereign, c. r^jarika, ®inr<!Ft^'S. 
Sow, s. penpanri, QuoSaruei!j6l. 
Sow, V. ^ vithaikkirathu,a96a)«<fiF3/z7^« 
Space, s idam, veli, @l-lo, Qeu&fi. 
Spacious, a. vistdramana, s^^fiiTwu^tresr, 
Spade, s adlijSL^^ini.Q^irtfiajuuiresirr, 
Span, 8. jan, g-aesGr. 
Spark, 8, tfppofi, ^uQuir/S. 
Sparkle, v. i. minuDkugirathu, i^^ib^ 

Sparkling, p. a. paliri4ugira,u®fP/fl®fl^. 
Sparrow, *. alaikkalakkuruvi, ^muss 

Spasm, 8, vali, eusS. 

Speak, V. pesugirathu, Qu^Sp^. 

^ear, 8. Itti, ffCu^. 

Special, a. viseshamdna, eSlQ ff&^^Lcfrsar^ 

Specie, 8. niCnayatn, jFiTSsorujth. 

Species, ». inam, jati, (§)6Brm, s^ir^. 

Specify, V. t kurikkirathu, ^j6Is@jd^. 

Specimen, ». mdthiri, vidham, u^irf^S^ 

Speck, 9, pulli, m^su, i^sir&B,^ mrrsr. • 
Speckled, j5. a, pulliyaUa, Li&reifliLj&retr. 
Spectacle, 8, kiidchi, airCS. 
Spectacles, s. mdkkukkaijn^i, (y^s(^s 

Speculate, v. i. eijougirathu, crssar^S 

Speech, 8 pechchu, Qu^Fff-, 

Speed, 8 gati, vegam, «^, Q&isth. 

Speed, V, t^ Yiraiv^yanuppugiratlm,a06»/r 

Speedy V, i. t(yirappa4ugirathu, JSsSfu 

Speedy, a. viraiy^na, 09€tfr^iresr. 






Spetid, p. t. chelavalikkinitliu, Q^Feosa 

Spendthrift, s arithdri, ^ir/r^/fl. 
^w V. vintipaijijugirathu, euir^0ueaai 

Sphere, s. kdlam, Qairetrih. 

°pice, s. sugandava^-tu, ^sfi^eu&vffi. 

Spider, « silanti, Weu^pjB. 

Spike $. diii, ^scaf'. 

Spill, V. i chintugirathu, SjkffiSp^. 

Spin, 9 . t, niinurkirathu, jpr^^ur/b^p^* 

Spindle» s. kathirkkambi, «^^««did/. 

Spine, «. muthugelumbu, qp^Qs^lLl^, 

Spinning-wheel, s, rdttinam, jririLi^earth* 

Spinster, 8. kanni, ^eorcof}. 

Spirit, 8. dvi> c^aV. 

Spirt, v t koppalikkirathn, Otf/ruusirfl 

Spit, 8. tuppal, ^uua;. 

Spit, ij. i tuppugirathu, j^uL]&p^, 

Spite, 9. pagai, uasta. 

Spiteful, a. por^iaiyulja, Qun'(nfesiUML[ 

eh (Bir» 
Spittle, 8 umilnfr, ^i£y^0nr. 
Splash, V. i, terikkirathu, QfifSkQjDJfi, 
Splendid, a. prakdsamulla, lilir^/r^d^ 


Splendour, 9 prak^sam, LSl/rtf/r^Lo. 
Split, 17. pilakkir^thu, tS&r&Sp^* 
Spoil, « kollai, Q«/r<nir^. 
Spoil, V. t. paluthakkugirathu, U{Lpfiir& 

Spoke, < bai^dichchakkorattinilai, u^dor 

Sponge,^. kadalk^lHn,««/rG)rr/r60r. 
Sponge, V' t' kadalkdUn^l tu4aikkira- 

Sponsor, s piiiaiylili, LSBasBrtutreA, 

Spoonful, s. karaudikor>cLa alavu, «ir<^ 

Sport, 8. sarasam, ^/r^ih 

Sport, V. vilaij^4 "g^r^^^U) eB'^tu^Qi 

Spot, 8. karai, m^su, pulli, AeafD^ Lnm 

Spotless, a- m^sillatha, LDir&evevirjs. 
Spout, 8. nfrtttSmbu, f.i^^iLL]. 
Sprain, 8. sulukku, 4jr^^(j§» 
Spread, v. paravugipithu, up-G^QjoSi* 
Sprig, 8» kiiai, talir, Sitsfr^ ^&hir, 
Sprightliness, 8- ullasam, &.6U6u/r<fFLjb. 
Spring, 8 vasaiitakalam, eu^^/SsiTCijili, 
Spring, i\ i. visaikkirathu, tJ^ugirathu 

Springtide, 8. nlrpperukku, fiifuQu(n 

Sprinkle, v.t telikkirathu.Q^srfisS^E)^ 
Sprout, 8, mulaif tulir, (jpSarr, ^&fir. 
Spur, 8. kuthimul, (s&Qp&r. 
Spur, '0. t. ttlodugirathu, ^6oar(B8jDj^> 
Spurious, a- kallam^ina, ^dretru^fr&sr. 
Spy, «. vevakkaran, Qoj^iiBirffcar, 
Spy, V. t, v^ vuparkkirathu, G q; a/ u /r/f i 

Spyglass, 8. ddradrishtikkai.ui^di, ^jj 

Squabble, v. i. chandaipid ikkifathu, d'eaar 

Squander, v. t. viruth^vaychclielavalik- 
kiyathu, eS((^;gir&itnu£'(o)<3'0O6uL^e 

Square, 8. chathuram, 'F^F'-h' 
Square, a. chathnram^UAas ^^ jp jtld it esr. 
Squat, V. i taraiyil u4k^ugirathu, ^&s>ir 

Squeak, v. u kXcbchidugirathu, 8^G(D 


7n, s. karaj^Ji, Hg&ppai, ^irewrif , ^ \ S«\i«»ife^%, V ^\s^!5«>!Sic»^> ^saa^^^s^s^ 



it. 8. drakkaii. ^ir^«^. 

rrel, s. ac-il, ^esS&j, 

yV. t. kuttugirathu, ^ji^Qp^, 

)ility, &. ur«thi, s^jpi^, 

ale, 8- Irtyam, eofrujih. 

ble, a. uruthiy^na, ^jp^oj/reBr. 

xk, s. clid4u, ^(S. 

iff, «. tinfukol, eecear jpsQs irsi. 

ag, « kalaim^n, ^dstLo/reor. 

/agger, t? i. t&lHAugiTaihUf /g&rmrrQ 

tain, s. m^su, karai, u^nsr^ aea>iD- 
^tain, r. ^ karaippaduttiigirathu, ^aa/ou 

Stake, 8, ktlrchchii, mulai, Ouir^s^Qp 

Stale, (X. paluth^na, UQpJSfresr, 
tStalk, 8. tal, kambu, ^(t&t^ aiTLhuj, 
Stall, 5. ki^ai, ^sodl.. 
iStaminer, v i. tikkippesugitathu, ^^8 

Stamp, 8. muttirai, Qp^^eoin; 
Stamp, V. t, kambattamsuiikkiratliu, ^lo 

Stand, 5 stanam, tai^du, av^iresrih, ^ 

Standard, s, alavu, tittam, ^«r% ^lL 


Star, 8' nadchattram, 0t—fF^0jnh» 
Starch, v L kaffchipddugirathu, «(g5^ 

Stare, r. t. urrupp^rkkirathu, ^pjpiu 

Startle, v, t, tidukkidappaimiigirathii,jS 

State, s.nilai, nilaimai, 0teOy jfiSsi^asin. 
State, t).t. chollugirathUjOdF/reu^fifl?^. 
Statedly, ad. kalakkramam^y, A^reok&ir 

SYateJjr, a. magatturamuUn, LD^^^m 

Station, s. stanam, Qntfittsstih. 
Stationary, a, nilaiyulla, fite^\L\9a <si 
Stature, 8, uyaram, e.(ujrLb. 
Statute, 8. kattalai, «LLt-^. 
Stay, V. % tankugiiuthu, ^/57^fi/Dj 
Stead, 8, badil, Idu, prati, u^tv, ff\ 

•Steadiaess, s, urutHi, e.^^. 
Steadfast, a, fitiram^na, asaiy^tba, 

Steady^ a, urnthiy^na, ^jpa^iunesi 
Steal, V, t, kalamcheygirathu, ^mi 

iL8 fo^. 
Stealth, 8, kapadam, «ULjh. 
Steam, s. nWvi, fiinrsS, 
Steamengine, s. nfr^viyantram, /. 

Steamer, «. nfravikkappal, fijrnsD 

Steed, 8, kuthirai, ^jScoo/r. 
Steel, 8- ehhu, eToe(^, 
Steelyard, s. tulakk6l, j^eoiTAkQ^sin 
Steep, D. t. tiravaikkirathu, eetp 


Steep, a. chenguttina, Qs'ik^^js 
Steersman, e. milumi, u^tr^dS, 
Stem, 8, til, k^mbu, fiireh-y atriht 
Stem, V. t. tai|ukkirathii, fiQ&@ 
Stench, «. nirram, jBtrpjou^- 
Step, 8, adi, ^u^. 
Step, V. i. mithikkiratha, nadak 

L£i^&®P^^ f5L-.s8p^» 

Sterility, «. pil, maladu, urrip, 
Sterluig, a- uttamamdna, &.^^ 
Stern, a, kai>4w^°^« tfenri^u 
Stew, 8. chui}4al, «6nri_€u. 
Stew, V. t chui>dagiTathu, 4F6 
Steward, s. ukkrii]ii, u.s6srir4 
Stewardish. «. ukkrioak^riya 




• pisupisiippulla, cSsfLStiULi 
^alaiy^tha, viraitta, eu%s(riuir^, 


t. urappakkugirathu, s-jruuir 

I viraikkirathu, (sSsafosS/D^- I 
(3, a, murattukkunamulla, (i/i J 
'S(§essr(ip&i &!'. 

naichchal, matbupanamvadik- 
p^ttiram, ^otold^cFsu, ta^ufr 

oarnta, ^LDnrjSjS, 

innum, dkilum, ^m^^ih^ ^ 


:o(lukku, Q^rr®&(^, 
. kottugirathii, Q^ssiriLQSfiO^. 
pisunamulla, LSs^rnQpenefr, 
lafram, /girivpth. 
i. n^rfamedukki ratlin, jsirpp 

. sambalam, fS^ihuenih. 
Q, 8 udfttipadu, ELi-esi lj>t(&' 
kalakkugirathu , « 6u iB@ S/D jp- 
asaigiratlm, ^dugiratbu, «^6dd<f 

aiigapadi, ^msuis^, 
Daiyal, ea^ojeio. 
'. taikkirathu, co^k&foS^- 
(. iraippai, ^eBtiruissiu. 
kallu, &&>^, 
t kallepigira'thii, ^suQou^i^S) 

kallulla, sev^jm&r, 

t, kunigifathu, @«5ofl©ff) ju. . 

ni ru t tugirathu t^^^^SjD^- 

nirkirathu, 0p8iiD^. 

kuvikkirathu, @aSI^^/rjji7. 
je, 5.kalaficluyam,«ew(gf.^:L/Lb. 
larai, iokkn, /^/r®s>fr, Q«ir-gE(§. \ 
uyalf L/cudv. 

Stormy, a, puyaiaiia, i^iueoirsor. 

Story, s. kathai, seo)^. 

Straddle, v i, idantunadakkiratbu, g)i— 

Straight, a. ner^na, olungana ^Q/siriresr, 

line, nervari, Q ^ireu^. 
Straighten, v. i. nimirttugiratbu, jSiJiif^ 

Straightway, ad, uiane, SLu.Q6sr, 
Strain, «. t. vadikattugifatbu, cl'^ «l_0 

make effort^ mukkugiratliu, (Lp€@S) 

Strait, s, jalasandhi, sahgadam, ^a^eus^js 

Strait, a. ner^na, nerukkamana, iduk- 
kamdna, Qj^ffiieer, Qj5(j^'Z<eBLDiT(ii6r, 

Straits, 5, saiigadam, ^'m&L^ih, 
Strand, 5. kadalkarai, &u.n)&&s>iT, 
Strand, v,i. karaitattugifathu, S60fr;S 

Strange, a, anniya, athisayam^na, ^m 

Stranger, s. anniyan, ^ew esfl tueai . 

Strangle,* t, tirukiigirathu,^(25@©rt9^. 

Strap, s, kachchu, «ffi<5F<flF. 

Stratagem, s. tantiram, ^^^ itSl. 

Stratum, 3 adukkUf ^(B&@. 

Straw, s, vaikk61, s3)au«(?A7ra). 

Stray, v. i. kalaintup6giratliu, <&Zov(i^ 

Streak, s. vaii, sttfi. 
Stream, s. nfrottam, jg 1 inr tL i.-ih . 
Stream, v, i, nfrperuku^gi ratlin, j§'r(o)u 

Streamlet, s cbivraru, ^pqt^^. 
Street, 8 tern, vftbi, O^c^^ ^$ . 





Streugtlien, t). t, uruthippadiittugifathu, 

Strenuous, a. tikkamnlla, esni'ksQ^&ierr. 
Stretch, v. t, riittugirathu, ^lLQ^Qjd^. 
Stretch, v. i. nflugirathvi, j^^Sljr),s^. 
Strew, V. t. sitharugirathu, ^^jivQjD^. 
Strict, a, tittamdna, kaijdippulla, ^l_l- 

Stride, s. kavattidai, ssijiLu^6a)u.. 
Stride, v. i, ettinadakkirathii, ciiLi^jsl-. 

Strife, s. chaiidai, s^emsjiu. 

Strike, v,t. adikkirathn, ^is^kQp£i!. 

String. 5. kayifu, ntil, .ff(iS)^, ^preij. 

String, V- t kokkirathu, Q&ir&i^p^, 

Stringy, «. n^inilla, /d ir Q^en fttr . 

Strip, r. t. urikkirathu, kalarrugifathu, 

Stripe, 5. vari, swrf/. 

Stripling, s. v^liban, (SufTG^ueef, 

Strive, v. i prayf^sappadugiraihu, iSirturr 

Stroke, s. adi, ^u^. 

Stroke, v. t tadavugirathu, ^l_q/©/d^. 

Stroll, V. i uldvugirjathu, ^eotfe^Qro^. 

Strong, a, balamulla, u^Q^eiKSir^ 

Stronghold, s. k6ttai, QsrrC-es)!^, 

Structure, s. kattadam, siLL-L-ih. 

Struggle, s. p6r, Qurrir. 

Struggle, u. i, p6r^d ugirathu, Quajrir® 

Strumpet, s. vesi, Qen&. 

Stubble, s. arit^l, ^ifl /^[r&r. 

Stubborn, rt tarnkuriimbulla, ^jj/@j2/tii 

Student, ^. m^ndkkan, zjo/r^<s<ff6sr. 
Study, s. padippu, uu^uLf. 
Study, v.t, padikkiraihu, uis^kQipj^, 
S^ujff^, ^. s^nian, pail dam f ^inufT^, uGSsr 

^^^^ V. ^ niraikkirathu, jS^piSp ^. 

Stumble, t. idarugipathii, @L-^Sp^. 
Stump, s kottu, (oI&(tlJ^. 
Stupefaction, s. mayakkam, iniuksih. 
Stupendous, a. braraanda, p6riya, lSit 

Stupid, it, mtldamana, ^L-tn/reur. 
Stupify, V, t. mayakkugjrathu, taiui^ 

Stupor, s. chorvu,. mayakkam, Q^irifoi^ 

Sturdy, a. urapp^na, SLjruurresr, 
Stutter, V. i, terrippesugirathu, Q^pfiSi 


Sty, «.panrikkidai, u©5r^ffifi«sL-. 
ill the eye, kaijkatti^ <£5«Kjr«iii^. 

Style, s. eluttdni, er(i^^^(r<osS, 
Suavity, 5. ndgarikam, jsfrA^&ih. 
Subdue, V. t kflppaduttugifathu ^^u 

Subject, 8. kariyam, ^sn-fBiuib^ 
Subject, 15. t kilppaduttugitafhu, @t^ 

Subject, a. kflpp^^ta, SyauuiLL.. 
Subjection, 8, adakkam, ^i—<EB>sih, 
Subjoin, V. U k4ttukirathu,»fl&.L-©©p^ 
Subjugate,!?, t. kflppaduttugirathu, £ip 

Submerge, v. t amukkugirathu, ^qj^k 

Submission, ^. adakkam, ^i-iiSth. 
Submissive,^. kilppa4igira,SLpL;utjLfi^. 
Submit, V. i. kflppa4igiratho, ^lj^ljuujl 

Subordinate, a. kllttaramdna, Qy^^^jr 

Subscribe, v. t kaiyoppamvaikkirathii, 

Subscription, s. kaiyoppam, eroaOttj/ru 

Subserve ^'0. t. \x>i\v^vs<%\\si.tibL\i,j e-^o^^ 



ibservient, a, ottfaaiyina, ^iiS'Tsaf 

abside, V. i- aJaiikugiratUu, jjosg 

absUc.v.i pilaikkintthu,iSai>(o «@p^ , 
.ibaistence, « pilaippu, lilsOLp'-JLj. 
ibstance, i. pural, vaatu, Qw(s^, ffli 

ibatantiate, -o. t uriit!iippaiiittiif,'irii- 

ibatitute, s. tatliil. u^-ij. 

ibatituto, m t. batliilv^Jikiriitliii- •-'^ 

ibstitfitioii, s fdu. piijai, ffO, lSSsbt, 
ibbRrfuge, s. pokku. Gun-s®. 
ibtile, a. noyya, Q^rriuiu. 
ibtio, u. nuniiiya, jEt-irsrafliu. 
ibtract,v, i. kaIikkirathu.«;i)fiSn)^. 
ibveraive, a. l;avilkkattakk«, aaSipi 

ibvert, p. t- kavilkkiratliii, fflaSip«S 

ic^ead, D. i' sittiy^tgiratbu, &^0tuirQ 

-leceeding, a. piuvarugirajJsBTsujTjS^. 
iccess, s eitti, anukiilani, ^^^, siMH 

icceasful, a. sittijina. S^^iuo'eer. 
iccesaion, s. toJarchclii, 3^'rL-if#S. 
icceasive, a- j«d,ippadiy4ua, u^j-ijuijt 

,s piriTartipaviiiii.LSooTfiudjLJiusiii . 
icoor, «. sagiynni, -i-t-rjuLC. 
accumb. «. »- kilalnAku^ifatbii, Stfii— 

acb, a appadippatta, ji(LJU(p,uutli_- 
ack.ti. t. malaiyi\nTjiigirathu. ^Ssuuj 

ickle, a I pilkiiJukkirathvi,uff(.v2dF,T 

eklihg, s. knlanttu, ^ytpeat^. 

Smlderi. a. ja^ithiyilna, fi^^iwssr. 
Sue, •D. t. toilarcbchipannur'irathu, S.s.t 

Suffer, V t. pidanupavikkirathu, iJan 
koiiikkirathu, uiri^^nusBsSjo^, 

Suffering, 3. vamttam, evq^s.s-K 
Suffice, »■ i tirpthiyagiijifatbu, ^Hu^ 

Suffioienoy, s. ptSratjam, yjrsBBr i. 
StiSiciont, a. tirptbiyfina, ,Sif u gii^jrasr. 
Suffocate, v.t. mSchdiuvidatlnpjidicbey 
gifathil, (Tfis^^s3'_ii^uii/_ Oifai&l 

Sugar, 8. aarkkai-ai, ^-fssmir. 
Siigarcaudy, a. karkaiiiu, ■ajbseBsr(S- 
Sugarcine, #. kai-anibn, arr^d^q. 
Suggest, V. (. It, (g 

Suggestion, s nin^ppdHngai, jS^uu 

Suicide, a. tarkolai, ,«;>)©« n-2«u. 
Suit, V. i. pomiit 'gifathil, charippailii- 
fflratliu, Quir^0^@p^^ ^ifluu® 

Suitable, a- tagutbiyami, fsts-i^ajiraj. 
Suitor, a. yiyajyakiniLi, eS^ir^Slujsir 

Sulky, a. kiirumbSna, (g^ihuirsat. 
Sullen, a. kdpamulla, Q«a-U(ifidi!iv. 
Sully, o, (, mSsapadiittiigirathu, lon-jsu 

Siiljilnir, 6. ]Ju3amit^flkantas:^.^n, qi-iiS 

Sullry, n. veppaniiSna, Qeuuui^ffeer. 
Sum, a. togai, mottani, Qpiians, QuiT^ 

Sum, 1). t. togaiyikkugirhtbu, O^ir^s 




Summary ,a.cliunikkam^a,5r{T5«<ffiti5;r car. 
Summer, s. k6(laik61am,G*a»/r65>L_«/rcuLb. 
Summit, s. uchchi, a.<ff=^. 
Summon, v, t nyavasfcalattukkalaikki- 
rathu, jSujiruj6h^eo^^a<S6a)ffi'gs8 

Sun, s sdriyan, Qs^ifliuser, 

Sunbeam, s stSriyakiratjam, (Q^iuQir 

Sunday, s. iiayirrukkilamai, (^fl'u54?jlf« 

Sundial, s. sdriyakadikaram, (^tfliusu^ 

Sundries, $. palas^m^n, uso^SFirLDireor. 
Sunrise, s. sdriyddayam, (^iflQiun-^iuih. 
Sunset, s. astamanam, ^eh^Lnesnjb. 
Sunshine. 5. veyil, QeunSlsv, ' 

Superficial, a. dlamaira, cgjtp^/P/D- 
Superfices, s. u/ruq. 
Supei'fine, a. melliya, QioeusiS/tLf. 
Superintend, v, t, nadappikkirathu, /bl- 

Superintendent, s. kank^iji, «6sbrtf /rcasfi. 
Superior, s. meldnavan* (oLDgufrgwaucor. 
Superior, «. melana, Qu^eoir^jsr, 
Superiority, s. menmai, (?tosorss)tz>. 
Superscribe, «. t. melvilasameluthugira 

thu, Qu:i^sSleo(r<ff'QL£i(ip^8jD^. 
Superscriptiou, s, melvilasam, QuadisS 

Supervise, v.t. melvicharanaicheygirathu, 

(o U5 a) a9 cFT iT Ssssr Q -^ uj © /D ^ • 
Supervision, 8. kariyavichjCranai,«/rff/tL/aSl 

Supple, a. mirutliuvana, t^Qi^^eu (riser. 

Supplement, 5. anubandham,cSyj5a/tjjF;gni. 

Suppliant, a. manr^4ug^ra, lo607(777®©/d. 

Supp/Ication.s. vinnappa,m,sS sesr&scruuib, 

^uppl/cato, V. ^ ven:fifkirathii, QiSUsoarQ 

Supply, r. t veijdiyathaikkodukkira- 

Support, 8. ^th^ram, c^^/r ir^b. 
Support, v,t tai)kugirathu,<s?/r/5i@S/?)^. 
Suppose, V, eriijugirathu, 6T6wr,gg/S/D#. 
Supposition, <. eni^am, er&sBrescnh. 
Suppress, 1?. t. a4akkugivatbu, ^l.^^ 

Supremacy, s* muthanmai, (tp^eaKsa>LQ* 
Supreme, a, muthanmaiydna, (y^^&ataL^ 

Sure, a. nichchayamulla, uruthiy^na, ji 

Surety, a. pinai, uttarav^tbi, lSSssst, fi-^ 

Surf, s. alai, jv^» 

Surface, 8. merpuram, Q Lajb Lffl>Lb, 

Surfeit, $, tekkam, Qfissih^ 

Surge, s. alai, «fy^. 

Surgeon, s. raijavaittiyan, g)jrsgDreroa'^ 

Surliness, s. kurumbu, (^jj/ltl/. 
Surly, a, kurumb^na, (^ji/tiiLj/r^jr. 
Surmise, s ennam, ereearesonh. 
Surmise, v. i, eijoiugirathu, crfisjr^gift 

Surmount, D. ^ merpadngiratbu, Qu^o) 

Surname, s. maTun^mam, Lajpjsirunh, 
Surpass, v /.vellugirathu,Qa;6ujy!/6pjp. 
Surplus. 5. socbcbam, Q'S^iTiFiFih. 
Surprise, s. dcbcbariyam, ^s'<ff'ifituLb» 
Surprise,!) t. ^cbcbariyappa4uttugirathQ, 

Surprising, a, ^chcbariyam^na, ,^<F^if9iu 
Surround, v* t sdlgirathu,yalaikkiratbii, 

Surrounding, a. sd^ugira, ^(l^Q/d, 
Survey, v. t. T^4?cV»R\\«kX?K>\^ ^Wid«©ni^ 

1 iVlW, U^T^ftfitJD^^ ^«SR^^^\c>;»^; 




^aspect, V. aiyappdugirathn, ^ujuu® 

Suspend, t). t niruttugiyathu, jB^fi^ 

Suspicion, s. samusayam, 'g^cy^^iuih. 
Suspicious, a. samusayamulla, ^(ip'fFtu 

Sustain, v. t. tankugirathu, ^srm^Q 

Sustenance, s. ^liiram, ^«/r/rti. 
Swallow, V. t, vil unkugirathu , e3(Lp!Ei(^ 

Swamp, s. cliervunilam, Q^fl)^jSeou^, 
Swampy, a- cheralla, QdFjQim<sfr. 
Swan, 5. annappadchi, ^^ssruuiLB. 
Sward, 8 pullukkari;^, q6u^;««/D«»^, 
Swarm, v. i. moykkirathu, QmrrfLaSl 

Swathe, v. t kachchupptSttugirathu, « 

Swear, *j. aqaiyiiugiratlia, ^SsssroS®© 

Sweat, s^ veyarvai, Qayttj/fgwo;. 
Sweat, 1?. i. veyarkkifatha, Qemu'r^Q 

Sweep, V, t. porukkugirathu, Qu.75«@S 

Sweepings, s. knppai, ^'jsou. 

Sweet, a. tlttippdna^ mathoramana, ^^ 

Sweeten, v, t. inippikkugirathu, ^&if\u 

Sweetmeat, s.athirasam, mittay> ^^ir<^ 

thy UQiLi^rnu. 
Sweetness, s. inimai, ©eoflsroo). 
Swell, s. pornkkam, QuQ^-ssih, 
Swell, V. t. vrnkiigirathu, uppugirathn, 

Swelling, s. vikkam, ^i^aih. 

Swerve, 13. i. valitappugifathu, cul^I^j 

Swift, a. sfkkram^na, &k®au^iT'oa. 
Swim, 1?. i. nfntugirathu, 0^^Qp^, 
Swindle, v. t. eykkirathu, qjihiQp^. 
Swine, «. panii, uixsr/SI, 
Swing,*. Snchal, eac(g5^si;. 
Swing,, V. t ^ttugirathu, c^COSp^. 
Swing, V. I. ^ugirathu, ^^Slp^. 
Swoon, H, cli6rvu, Q<sF(rif(Si^. 
Sword, 8. katti, <eb^^. 
System, s. kramam, Qiruiu>.. 
Systematic, «. varisaiy^na, euif}sa><gFujire5r. 
Systematize, v. t kramappaduttugivathu, 


Table, s. pCdara, mesai. L?t_Lb, Qcn^^-fF. 
Tablecloth, 8, mesaittuppatti, (auyeo-g^^ 

Tablet, s. chittrapfdam, S<i0iri3t^'h, 
Tabular, a. attavarjaikkadutta, ^lLl.qj 

Tack, 8. do'», r%GsS. 

Tack, V. i, p^im^riyodugirathu, ufriLiunT 

Tackling, 8- p^imarachchamin, umuLnir 

Tact, s- s^marttyam, ^itu^t^^iuld. 
Tail, s. val, su^sv. 

Tailor, 9 taiyalktCran, s6i fiiudvfstnr^. 
Take, v. t. edukkirathu, v^nkugirathu, 
(stQsQp^y (su(ni3^Qp£^. 
away, eduttukkancjupogifatbu, ot©;^ 

j^ sQ<asfrsGsrQQufrQp^, 
place, sambavikkifathu, ^ihusS&S 


root, veqmrnigirathu, Qoiirup^Q 

by force, parikkipathu, u;Slk8ip^, 
up, tdkkugivathu, ^s^Qp^, 




Tale-bearer, s. kodkaran, (5<£5/rtl«fl5/rjrow. 
Talent, s. scEmarttyam; ^iiu^n^^ujih^ 
Talented jp. o. samarttyamulla, ^^inniT^ 

Talk, s. pechchu, Qu^<Br» 
Talk, v,i, pesugirathii, Qusr@p^, 
Tall, a. uyaramulla, s.ajir(i^<ar(3rr. 
Tamarind, 8 puliyamaram, ui&BiuLDjrih. 
Tame, v. t vasappaduttUgirathu, en^uu 

Tame, a, sithuvana, '^fr^eviresr. 

Tan, v» t. tdlpathanidugirathu, Q^rrevu 

Tank, 5. kulam, ^orrtL. 

Tap, 8. tattu, ^iLiQ- 

Tap, r. L tattugirathu, ^lL®@p^. 

Tape, 8. n^d^, ^itl^f. 

Taper, 5. melugutiri, Qm(Lp^^ifi, 

Tar, 8. kicliil, Q^eo 

Tardy, a. t^mathamana, ^fVLn^Lniresr. 

Tarnish, v. t, karaippaduttugiratliu, s 

Tarry, v. t, tarikkifatliu, ^rfi^S^^. 

Task, 8 kurittap^dam, (§j]Sl<SjSUtrL^Lh. 

Tassel, s. kucbcham, (^<F#Lb. 

Taste, s. rusi, s.(fFf&. 

Taste, 1?. t. rusipdrkkirathu, e-^Su/r/r 

Tasteless, a. rusiyarra, SL(T^QtuibfiO* 

Tatter, s kautai, s^sd^. 

Tatter, v. t kilikkirathu, Ql^>&@jd^- 

Tattle, 5. alappu, j^ieouq. 

Tattle, «. i. pasapasakkiratliu,Lj^LJ(F«ffl 

Tax, s. vari, tfrvai, oifft, ^rrerooj. 
on distilled liquors, ^bkari, ^LJ«/riT?. 
on spirits, kaliltfrvai, ^eofjev^if&DeiJ. 
on bouses, vfttuvari, (s^iLQeuifi. 
Tar, tf. /. varivdnkugireLthu^ (suif}aj[rik(§ 

'^ojra^joo^ s. van'vafppu, ojfftewsuuLi. 

Tea, A teyilai, Q^iiShv. 

Teach, u,^. bddikkirathu, Quir^,3s@jD^. 

Teacher, s. ub^ttiyiyan,aL u a^^ aj[rajs6r. 

Teal, 8. t^r^, ^mrn-. 

Tear, s kanriir, ^seisatists^ir. 

Tear, v. t. kilikkirathu, &ifi&8/D^. 

Tease, v. t ttlaikkalikkirathu,^35>;«tf l£ 


Teat, 8. mulaikkao, (ipSsus^eisjr. 
Tedious, a* t^mathamulla,^^L£k^(ip6rr0yj 
Tellegraph, 8. mintap41, uSm^uireo, 
Telescope, s. duradrisbtikkaruvi, ^sr ^ 

Tell, tJ.cbollugiratbu, arivikkivathn,Q<^/r 

Telltale, s, k61mtltti, QiSir/sheLptLi^, 
Temerity, s. tuijivu, tanikaram, ^gsA 

Temper, s- guijam, tanm^, @63DrLc, ^eSr 

Temperament, s. tanmai, gunam, fi^ 

Temperance, 8. ichchaiyadakkam, @^ 

Temperate, a. mattam^na, LoilL-Ui/rgar. 
Tempest, s. kontajippu, Qatr ^^e^uL\. 
Tempestuous, a, mummuramana, Qp\h 

Temple, s. kcivil, Q^rraSe^). 
Temporal, a. anittiya. ^0^^uj. 
Temporary, a. anittiyamdna, ^^^^m 

Tempt, V, t, cbdtbikkirathu, (?<F/r^«fl 

Temptation, 8. cb6thanai, QrB'fTfsdstsr. 

Ten, s-flt. pattu, ui^. 

Tenacious, a, pidiv^dam^na, lS^lsu/t^ 

Zii/r 65r. 
Tenacity, 5. pidiv^dam, LSis^eurr^ih. 




r. i, neridugirathu. QjE^KB^p^. 
'ucy. 5. ethu, <qJ^. 
mess, 8. noymai, Qj5nuj6S)Ln. 
m, 8 narambu, ^inrq, 
, s. k6dp^du, QaaCun®. 
ld» a. pattuma^ajDg^na, u^^lol- 

L, 8, kaluntii, a(Lp^^. 
8. kdiamm, sk-L^iTjrih, 
iirtain, 5. kiS^arattirai, a^l-hst^^ 

, a- patt^vath^na, u^jgneu^siresr. 
e. 8. adchi, c^ilfi. 
, a. ilanchtSd^na. @crr^(^z«/r6ar. 
a, tavaijai, /s^o/Osszfr. 
igant, 8. tanikuriimbi,^^(5^;thL9. 
nate,'D. mudikkiratliu,(yi^L^fi/0^. 
nation, s. mudivu, Qpis^e^* 
\y 8. nibantanai, ^u^^^bssr. 
lie, a. bhajaiikaramana, uium^jr 

y, V- t bbayappaduttugiyathu, uiu 

rj^ 5. desam^ (o^^ih, 

', 8. achcham, ^^^ffth, 

t. chdtbanai, Q^ir^^asr, 

aent, 8^ inaraoas^danam, efp^c^u, 

Y, V. L si^iMkod^ukhixsiiliiiy 'S'lriL 

gonial, 8. s^chippattiram, <F/rC^ 

3ony, 8s 8^4 cbi, -s'itiLB. 

a. veduvediippana, Q<sijQQQi(Eiu 

% 6. tamaot. ^/'"meoaf). 
re, s. nesavu, QjSi^(sq. 

con. parkkilum, uudr&Q^ih, 
, s« nan|i, (5&st0, 
:> u. t, nanricheluttugirathu, ^m 

Thankful, a. nannyujla, js^ fiS'JLfsii 3fr. 
Thankless, a, nanriketta^ j5GoijiSQ<seCl^ . 
That, pr.deni, a, athu, anta, ^^, ^^fS- 
That, con. enfu, (sr&st jb. 
Thatch, 5. viduveyumvaikkol, GE'QQ(Sijiq 

Thatch, V, t. vfduveygirathu, 65*©(?«iytij 
thatched house, ^3fi^eo)ai£Q. 
Thaw, V. i. nrukugirathu, ^Qfj^Qip^. 
The, art. anta, inta, ^0;S, ®^^. 
Thee, pr, iinnai, p. am Ssbt. 
Theft, 8, kalavu. «(srQ/. 
Their, jjr avarka)udaiya. avaikaludaiya, 

Them, pr. avarkalai, avaikalai, ^euirs 

Theme, 8. k^riyam, vishayam, <srnf}ujLb^ 

Then, ad. appoluthu, ^uQurr(Lpj^. 
Thence, ad, angiruntu, athutodaiigi, ^ 

Thenceforward, ad, athumuthalay, ^ jb 

There, ad. ange, «sv®^<ff. 
There-after, ad. athanpin, ^^ecii^ecn, 
There-at, ad. avridattil, ^d]sSlu.fS^6v. 
Thereby, ad, athaniil,\jy^^6u. 
Therefore, ad. ^kaiyil, ^sasujirev. 
There-firom, ad. athininyu, ^^a^ehr^, 
There-in, ad^ awidattil, athuk^riyattil, 

Tliere-of, ad' athaipparri, ^<ss)^uu(bfliS, 
There-on, ad. athanmel, ^^^(omsv. 
There-to, etd. atharku, cSy^/r)@, 
There-with,, ^;ff,ga/L_6or. 
These, jpr. (fe?». a. ivarkal, ivaikal, ^su 
ir^&Ty §)iJaii€u Stiff. 




Tliick, tf. parumaiyulla, u([56K>/J5u./<ffi7 0fr. 
to grow, tadikkirathu, ^i^^&Slp^, 
as trees in a grove, ^i^rr^^. 

Thicken, v» tac^ipp^kkugirathu, tadippa* 
girathu, ^i^uun^^Sp^^^io^uurr 

Thicket, «, ch61aii Q ,3= it cei. 

Thief, 8. tirudan, ^q^l^soi, 

!phigh, s todai, 0^/r«rf_. 

Thin, a, melliya. QiaebsSluj. 

Thine, pr. unnudaiya, slsw ^ esu-iu. 

Thing, s. porul, k^riyam, Qunra^efTy lasirtfl 

Think, t'. ninaikkirathu, jS^ssrsSln)^, 
Third* a, mdnram, (Lf^Goi^r^ih, 
Thirdly jflti^.mtlnravathay, ^(^({TfeufBtTib^ 
Thirst, 8. t^gam, ^(T<sih. 
Thirsty, a. tagamulla, ^(TSQpGam. 
Thirteen .5-05 . pathinmtinru , LJ^ eor ^eor ^. 
Thirty, s.a. muppatha, (ipuujff. 
This, jpr. dem. a inta, ithu, g)/F^, @^. 
Thistle, 8 kurukkutti, (^q^^^^^. 
Thither, cul ai)ge, ^(a(o<s. 
Thitherward, ad avvidattirkunere, ^gu 

Thong, s, \ir, <su/r/r. 

Thorn, $. mul, (ipefr. 

Thorny, a^ mulliilla, (ip0fr(grsfr<sifr. 

Thorough, a, tiram^na, ^/DLDtresr, 

Thoroughfare, s. p6kkuvaraveinavali,G*u/r 

Thoroughly, ad, dirkksimiy, ^ if ^SLnrrdj. 
Those, pr. dem^ a, anta. ^p^^ 
Thou, pr, nf, nfr, /, //r. 
Though, con, dkihim, ^©^^lo. 
Thought, 5. ninaivu. j^Ssw©/. 
Thoughtful, a, ninaippulla, ^fiSsoruq 
Tliou^htless, a, lUDaSppilUthA, ^S^LJi3 

Thousand ,.-«- dyiram, .ffu3in>. 

Thraldom, s« adiuiaittanam, ^u^miD^ 

Thrash, v, t. pdradikkirathu, Qumn^^ 

Thread, s, ntH, jjjreu. 

Threat, s, bhayamuruttugai, LituQp^^ 

Threaten, t?. 15, hhayamurattugirathu, u u. 

Three, 8*a, mtinru, ^ecTjpj^ 

Threefold, a. miinrumad angina, ^&sr„^ 

Threescore, s-a, arupathu, ^ jj/u j?. 
Thresh, V, «, pdradikkijathu, QufTjri^^^ 

Threshingfloor, $ pdra4ikkuiikalam,<Ji_y/r 

Threshold, s. v^salpadi, eun-^eouis^. 
Thrice, ad, mtinrutaram, ^m^fi[nh» 
Thrive, 1J. i, chelikkirathu,0«FL6iiS/r)^- 
Thriving,^ a, chelipp^na,Q^Lj^uu/rar. 
Throat, 5. toiidai, Q^fresariss>t^, 
Throb, s. tudippu, ^i^ulj- 
Throb, V i. tudikkiiathu, ^l^sQ/dS* 
Thrx)ne, s. siig^sanam, ^(wa(T<F6sith. 
Throng,s jananerukkam,«F6»rO^(T5«<sLbji' 
Throttle, v, t. kaluttuttirukugivathu, ^ 

Through, /?rc2t?. tide ,uruva,ss£G'L_, e-^a/^ 
Throughout, ad, muluthum, (ip(Lp^ih* 
Throw, V. t. erigirathu, erpS^Qp^^ 
Thrust^ V' t tallugirathu, ^^fi^8p^ 
Thumb, 8, kaipperu viral, sc^suQuQ^e^ 

Thump, 8 kuttu, (^^^. 
Thunder, *, mulakkam, (tpfp««u>. 
Thunder, v. i. mulankugirathu, Qpifitk^ 


Thunderbolt, s. idi. @t^. 

• ^ 




lershower, g- mulakkamum malai- 

lerstruck, a, idivilunta, @(f eS^ 

day, 8, yijQakkilamai, eSojiri^sQ 

ad, ippadi| §luuu^, 
rt, V. t. tadukkirathu, ^(B&SifoS^. 
or, uimu4ai7a, ^esr^san^uj. 
if, pr. niye,nir6, fiQiu, jgQff. 
8. uniii' s^eaar^sS, 
ig, 8. uraittaQi, iLeai>fD^^<ssi^» 
i^v.t akkidp^ydichugirathu, ^k 

s. erramvafram, ^p/Diheuproih. 

, ad ndrttiyky, Qisn-^^iuwii. 

ys, s. cheythi, Q^iu0, 

3BS, «• n^rtti, QjsfT^^, 

, kattu, siiLiSl, 

. U kattugirathu, «tL(B@fl)^: 

, 8. puli, L^eSI. 

, a. nerukkam^na, QiSQ^k^LLiT^sr. 

en, D. <. nerukkugirathu, QjsQ^st^ 

ness, «. nerukkam, QjpQ^&aih, 

s. 64u, ^(6). 

r. *. d^upddngirathu, ^QCSuaQS 

orep-ad, mattum, varaiyil, ifiLl©ti5, 

V, t, payiiKjheygirathu, uuS/rQ^Ftu 

;e, 8. ulavuttolil, ©.Lp(a/^Q^/rL^6i;. 
, 5, payiridugifavan, uuSi(H(blQp 

er, *. vettumaram, QoiL-OiiQirLb. 
rel, 5. parai, uesip, 
, 5. k^lam, velai, ^/reDti, Gffl;3Bi(r, 
piece, 5, kadik^ram, si^s^jrih^ 
\y, a, i8an7a7attuika4utta, <ffLniu^ 

Timeserving, a. velaikkoruvitham^y- 

na4akkira,(o€u^«Q<ff/r0a9/9Li3/r il/ 

Timid, a, achchamulla, ^^^PQj^metr^ 
Timidity, ». ackcham, ^^^ih. 
Tin, «, tagaram, fi&srisi^ 
Tincture, 5. kashiyam, ^oi^ufuih, 
Tinge, v, L nirankodukkirathu, 0pm 

Tinsel, «• kdkk^yppon,«/r««ff/riULiQLJ/r6Br. 
Tint, s. nitam,ilaniram ,/9pLb,@(afr^/r)Lb, 
Tiny, a, chinna, ^^esr. 
Tip, 8, nuni, talaippu, ^eof?, ;52suuq. 
Tipsy, a. verikoiiAa, QeufSlQ&srGsarL^. 
Tire, a, ckakkarakkattu, <Ftf«jr««LL@. 
Tii-e, V. <. toyyappatjnugirathu, Qfi[rdjiu 

Tire, t). ». ilaikkirathu, @3srr«S/D^, 
Tiresome, a. dyisamina, ^lutr^u^iresr. 
Tithe, «. pattilonru, u^^<oleo^&sr^. 
Title, «. pattappeyar, uilt-uQuaj/r. 
Tittle-tattle, a pasapasappu, u<fu.fl/l/. 
Titular, a. pattappeyarulla, utlt-uQu 

Toad, s. mandtSgam, ai€Sjr@«Lb. 
Toast, 1?. t sudugixathu, *®Sp^. 
Tobacco, «. pugaiyilai, qeroffu^Ssu. 
To-day, oc?. inyaikku, g)^&rcrop«@. 
Toddy, «. kallu, «6rr^. 
Toe, 8 kdlviral, s!r€osSijr&)' 
Together, ad. ktida, a-l-. 
Toil, s, pray^sam, ulaippu, i3ffiurr<3=io^ a. 

Token, sadaiy^.am, ^s«)L-(u/r«rti). 
Tolerate, V. «. idankodukkirathu, @L.f5/ 

Toll, «. ^yam, ^^ujld, 
. office^ ^yattu^ai^ ^^i §.^fsv^. 




To-morrow, ad- ndlaikku, fiir^etri^. 
Tomtom, s, pat^ii, uea/D. 
Tongs, », kura4u, (§fl>®m 
Tongue, «. nikkti, fsfr&f^^ 
To-night, ctd, inrirava, gfe&r/iSjrei). 
Tool, s. karuvi, talavkJ^'^y sq^sS, fStstr 

Tooth, «, pal, u^t 

Toothache, s, palvali, u&jeueQ, 

Top, 8, uchchi, a.^^. 

Torch, 8, chtil, (^&r. 

Torment, s. y^thanai, Qeufidsur, 

Torment, vJ> y^thanaicheygirathu, Q&j 

Torpid, <z, mandamina, m^^uiiTeor, 
Torrent, 8. nfr6ttam, j^QntnLuji^ 
Tortoise, 9. ^mai, ^eaaa. 
Tortuous, a. tirugaUna, ^(^seoirtssr^ 
Torture, s, chittiravathai, ^fi^sreu&afi^ 
Torture, id. ^ chittiravathaicheygirathu, 

Total, a, mottam, Oio/r^^il). 
Totally, ad, mottamdy, Qtufrfff^unrdj^ 
Totter, V. L alaigirathu, ^^8p^. 
Tottering, ^. a, talUttamiSna,;ffdr«(r/nlL- 

Touch, «. parisam, urft^ib. 
Touch, V. ^ toAugirathu, O^/rO^pj^, 
Touchhole, $. parr'xviy, up^ojiriu^ 
Touching, p'c/?. tottn, Q^/tl.®. 
Touchstone, «. uraikal, e-srofir^eu. 
Touchy, (^ veduveduppulla, Oflu®Q(Si/® 

Tough, a. n^rttanmaiydna, isirn'^fiGsr 

Toughness, 8, yathaval, eufieueo^ 
Tour, 8, pray^nam, iSsrujn-ssanh^ 
Tow, 8. chanaltnmbu, <F635r«t» jsihL/. 
-^w; e' /^ Jlr^//i7iJukkirathu, «tlifu3(yj 

Towel, 8. twdlai, J9fiun2s)\ 
Tower, 8. kdpuram, (J^pnrq/rti?, 
Town, 8. pattaijam, udt-gsBruj, 
Trace, t?. if. todarugirathu, kurippelnthu- 
girathu, Qjsai^d^Qp^, ^jiSuQu 

Tractable, a, pa4iyattakka, uu^tu^fikm. 
Trade, 8, varttagam, to^il, chettu, o/if^ 

Trade, d. t. vy^paraitcheygirathu, fi£/ujr 

Trader, 8. yarttagan, yy^p^, ^ir^/sadf, 

Tradesman, 8. tolil^i, varttagan, QfiWifi 

Traduce, v. ^, k6dchoilugirathu, Q^ird 

Traffic, v. *. varttagaiTcheygirathu, euir^ 

Train, 8, todarchchi, parivdram, Qjgtruit 

Train, «, ^ yalarkkirathu, euetrrr&Spjf^ 
Traitorous,a. tur6gam^na,j$}(?/r/r«LA/r«r. 
Trample, «. ^ ulakkugirathu, mithikki- 
rathu, ^ip&^&fo^, uS^sQfD^^ 

Tranquil, a.amaithiyuila,«^6D>tDj9ii^6w'6ir. 
Tranquillity. 8, amarikkai, ^in^ieo)^^ 
Tranquillize, d« sarndth^nappaduttugifa- 

thu, <FLair^ir<osrLJu®^^is}/Dffi, 
Transact, v. t, na^appikkifathu, jfuu 

Transaction, 8. kariyam cheygai, ^irifltu 

Transcend, v,t. kadakkirathu,rfl?£.«Sp^, 

Transcendent, a. memp^^^U^* (ounhuir 

Transcript, 8. prati, L^irfi, 
Transgress, tJ. t mlrugirathu,Lffja;©/Djp, 
Tranagteaaioik, a. k«Lici:am^ tavaru, ^pjg^^ 




TranBient, a. aniitiya, ^0fffiiu- 
ITnuialate, v. t. mo^ipejarkkirathu, hhi- 
Bh^ntarikkirathu^ Qldit ifiQuajir k 

Inuifllation, s. molipejarppu, QiDirifi 

Attuonit, v. t anuppugirathu, ^^s^ulj 

Iransparent, a. teliv^na, Q^&fi^iresr^ 
transpire, r. t\ sambavikkirathu, ^thu 

Iransplant, v, t. n^rrwnadwgir&tlm, ps^ 

Pransversely, ad kurukkiy, (^^kmirij^ 
Trap, f . padukuli, yisai, u®(^tfiy eSe©^, 
Trapdoor,*. kallakkatliavu,«afr«r««#a/. 
Travel, v. i. payaijampaijougiratliu, uoj 

Traveller, $, valipp6kkan, euifiuQufrs 

^Traverae, 1?. <. kadantupdgirathu, «l-/& 

•Tray, «. totti, Q^/rilt^, 
Treacherous^ a. kapadamnlla, AULj(ifi 
• ^evr. 
^Treachery, 9. nambikkaitturdgam, ^ibtS 

Treason, g. rdjaturdgam, jrir^jfiQinTaLb, 
Treasonable, a. r^jaturdgamina, jrir&ffi 

Treasure, s. pokkasam, QuiresiFth, 
Treasurer, s. pokkasak^iran, QuirisSfF 

Treasury, *. rokkavf4u, Qjrirssi£Q. 
Treat, v,t. ntAMngivsLthu, ^8 p^- 
Treatise, s. ntil, prabandham^ jgreu. tSjr 

Treaty, s, udampadikkai, ^i^uhuisf^iesiS. 
Treble, a. mtSnruma4ang^na, ^sSr^to 

Tree, s, maxam, Lojrth 

Tremble, v. i. nadnnkugirathu, atbini- 

Tremendous, a. bhayackaram^na, uujiiu 

Tremour, «. na^ukkam, /5(Sl&6sih, 
Trench, «. pall am, u&retnh. 
Trepidation, s. athirchchi, tattaJippu, jy 

0lf^^, fi0fieff)uL^. 
Trespass, $. kurrara, ^rf)/D'-b. 
Trespass, ». t, ellaikadakkirathu, cr&)2ev 

Triangle, a. mukk6i)am, (y^^Qsireasril, 
Tribe, *. kdttiram, jiti, Qsir^jSjih^ 

Tribulation, a. upattiravam,2.u^^irffl;Lb. 
Tribunal, 8, nftistalam, fi^&ufieoih. 
Tribute, 8 vari, €urf?. 
Trick, «. pittaUtlam, tantiram, lS^^ 

Trickish^a. tantiramul!a,^^jSir(iiiorr6rr. 
Trifle, v. i, arpam2iyei>uugirathu, jiffbu 

u^nQiuesar a^m fp SI . 
Trifling, a. sorpa, Qs'trpu. 
Trip V. i. i4arugirathu. @:-j>fi^^. 
Trivial, a, arpam^na, ^puinfresr. 
Trouble, s tontarai, Qfiir^fseaur^ 
Trouble, v U alaikkalikkifathu, ^^s 

Trough, «. totti, QfifrCi^. 

Trowel, 9, chdntagappai, <ffn-0fi«usaiu, 

Trudg;e, v. i. k^loadaiy^yppdgirathu, «/r 

True, a. uiimaiy^na^ ^-eeareounuiTeor, 
Truly, cul. ullapadi, s.drmui^. 

Trumpery*. uthav^thaporul,vfr)p^cbchu. 

Trumpet, «. ekkilam, t^rai, ersainstnhy 

Trunk, % petti, QuCi^.^ 




Trust» V. nambugirathu, ^ihqS/p J7, 
Trustworthy j a. nambappadattakka, jnih 

Trusty, a. nambikkaiy^ua, j!^thLS<s6a>s 

Truth, s« UQmai, ^.o^retsLo, 
Tub, $. maitittottij Lair^Q^iruL^, 
Tube, 8. kulal, (^lqsu. 
Tuesday, 8. cheyy^ykkilamai, Q^^suojiriij 

Tune, 8' r%am, paii, ^irfraih^ usosr. 
Tunic, s, chokkiy, Qs'ir^siruj. 
Turband, s. p%ai, uiretoa. 
Turbid, a. mandiyana, LnGSffUf-tuiresr, 
Turbulentjtf . kulappam^na ^Lpuuunr&sr. 
Turf, s, pultarai, qsu^ffsro/r. 

TurkjS. tulukkan, ^jj2/ff"*^» 
Turkey, s. v4iik6li, ^irebiQ^tri^. 
Turmeric, 8, maiichal, La(g5«F(3fr. 
Turmoil, *. santadi, iSF^^i^, 
Turn, 8. sularchi, *Loi)ft. 
Turn,v.<. tiruppugivathu, JBcjjul/S njjj. 
Tiirn,i? i. tirumbngirathu, j8(if5Lbqfi/2) J3. 
Turner, s. kadaichcharkiran, a<ss)L^^^p 

Turning, v. ». kadaichchal, «sn>£_#^.F6u. 
Turnscrew, «. tiruppuli) ^(^ljm^- 
Turpitude, 5. manakkallam, u^eetksm 


Turret, «. sigaram, ©« j^ib. 
Turtle, s. ^maii c^eosm. 
Turtle-dove, s« k^ttuppura, s!nLQuq(nj>. 
Tut, tw<. pesdthe, Qu,f(tQ^, 
Tusk, ». dantam, ^^;Sih, 
- Twain, tf. iraijdu, g)F«ferS). 
Twelfth, a. panniraijddm, ussret^jreGsr 

Twelve, z-a- pannirandu, um&^sreesrWi. 
Twen^eth^ a. jrupathdm, §}(f^u^(nh, 
Tfrentjr^ s-a, Jrupathu, ^(QU^^ 

Twig, s. kilai, fiSsir. . 

Twilight, 8, kilaim^aivelichcham, «/r^ 

Twin,« irattaippillai,S)jrL.«»L_LjL50rrSs*r. 
Twinborn, a. irattaiyiyppifanta, ©jril' 

Twine, 8, ntllkayiru, j^eosu^jp}. * 
Twine, v, t. murukkugirathu, Q^^k^'S^ 

Twirl a- siijarchi, «ip/f)fi. 

Twirl, V. t. Bulalugirathu, <flrfp^fl^jF« 

Twist. 8. mnfukku, puri, Q^Mk(^^ L//f). 

Two, fi-a. iraijdu, g/Fewr®. 

Twofold, a. irumadaQg^na, Sl0£oL.fii' 

Tipe, «. achchu, jyF<9r. 


Ubiquity, $. vyipakam, eSujirusih. 
Udder, s. pasuvinmadi, UifiraSewLOi^. 
Ugliness, «. avaladchaijam, jyeueoilflf 

Ugly, a, avaladchaijamdna, j^ojeixLjp, 

Ulcer, 8, pun, L/afer. , 

Ultimate, a. kadaisiy^na, S6a>iSujir€tr>.' 
Ultimately, ac?. mudiviy, Qpi^euaiu, 
Umbrage, 8, tiigal, ^riks&j. 
Umbrageous a. nil.aU4ugira,;S^6S(Slfl;is- 
Umbrella, s, kudai, ^sbdl.. 
Umpire, 8- madhyastan, u^^^iumfiSBT^' 
Unabashed, a. niiQamill^tha, jBiremuSieQ 

Unabated, a, taiiiy^tha, ^GsStufrfi, 
Unable, a, lyal^tha, ©ujeu/r^^. 
Unaccustomed, a. palag^tha, uifisir^^' 
Unacquainted, a. ariy^tha, ^fSliun-fi. 
Unadvised, a bhuddhiyarra,q^j8«jjB)jD. 
Unadulterated ,a. kalapparr&><ff6^L/up^> 
Unaided, a, w>i\iaNv^^x^%.> ^^aSoj p (», /, 




Unalterable, a. m^rrakktidailia, ti^irppB 

XTnanimity, 8. orumaipp^du, ^Q^sau^u 

TJnanimousa.orumaiy^na, ^ ni^ea>Laiuir6sr, 
Unanswerable, a. uttaravdthamarra, &.^ 

Unappraocbable, a. kittakkd4^tha^ 8lL 

TJnapt, a. tag^tha, ^sirfi, 
"Unassisted, a. uthaviyarra, ^fSeSiutb/D. 
TJnattainable, a. pepakktli^tba, Qupm 

, TJnattempted, a. cheyyattuniyitlia, Q^ 

, TJnattended, a. tanitta, jset^^fi. 

■ XTnauthorized, a. uttawivillitba, ^fifijr 

.XTnavailable, a. palanill^tba, ueoei^so 

rUnavoidable, a. tavirkkakktld^tba, ;SsSl 

nawares, ad, ninaiydmal, ^dsanufrLaeb. 
nbar, v. i. tadainlkkugirathu, ;S&a>u^ 

nbearable, a. sabikkakktid^tha^ ^Qk 

nbecoming, a« a4^tba, ^i^n-jS, 
Unbending, a. valaij^tba, euiatajfffi, 
nbiassed, a, ner^na, Qjssnresr, 
Unbind, v,t a^kkiratbu,^ a]9ipsfi/2) J7. 
gTnblown, d/ malar^tba, LneoiriTjS* 
inblusbing, a* ve^kanketta, QeuCam 

'iTnbolt, V. t. tirakkirathu, jSp<sSp^. 
:tFnbounded, a. alavarra, j^etreu^p. 
[TJnbnckle, v, t kalarrugir&tbu, ^^pjpi 
^Qceasmg, a. 6yitba, ^tu!r0, 
rtTnoertain, a. nicbcbayamill^tha; jSiffiu 

Uacbangeable, a. m^atba, ubirQnfi. 
Unchecked, a, tadaippaditba, fSes>L.LJU 

Uncivil, a, avamariyatbaiyulla, ^auLo.fl 

Uncivilized, a. n^garigamill^tba, /gnsifis 

Unclean, a. asuddba, ^^fs^* 
Unclonded, a. inappilUtha,tijuL90U6u/r/ff. 
Uncomely, a. ayala4cba]}ani^na, ^atieo 

Uncommon, a. apdrvam^na, ^^ireuLntr 

Unconcera, 8. asat taittanam, ^ffiLtssiL. 

Unconditional, a. uibantanaiyilUtba, fi 

u00^saruS^€O^ 0- 
Unconnected, a. todarcbcbiyaira, Q^tr 

Unconquerable, a* vellakktSdatba, Qsusb' 

Unconscious, a. a^iyatba, ^jSliutr^. 
Uncover, v.i tirakkiyatliu, ^piQpffi, 
Uncultivable, a, paopa^akktld^ta, uesar 

Uncultivated, a. cbeygaipai>ijappa4^tba^^ 


Undaunted, a. af!chitba, j^^^iTfi. 
Undecayed, «. ke4^tha, QaL^ir^. 
Undecided,a. tfrppillalba,^/ftjti/sv;«unr^, 
Undefiled, a. suddham<toa, ^js^LDiresr. 
Undefinable, a. varaiyariikkappa4^tha, 

Undeniable, a* marukkappad^tha^ uajois 

Under* a. kfl^bia, Sy^irssr, 

Under, ad. Wl^y, kuraivfy, fitpfriu, ® 




Under-do» v. t knraijaclicheygiratha, (g 

Under'-lia];Ld, a. m^rup^ulla, Lnir^uirQ 

Under-ling, s* kflmagan, 8i}^uisesr. 
Undermost, a, athikfKna, ^^Siptrear* 
Underneath, prep, kfle, adiyiltf, @(Jtp, 

Understand, v. t. arigtrathu* ^fS&p^, 
Understanding, 8. arivu, buddhi, ^fSle^^ 

Undertake, v. t, kaiyidugirathuy g^suSQ 

Undeserving, a. ap^ttiram^na, j^uir^^ 

Undesigned, a, ninaij^tka, fi^tuirfi. 
Undetermined, a irumanamulla, ^Qj^La 

Undisciplined, a, payircbiyillitha, uu^^ 

Undiscovered, a. v^lippad^tlia,Qaj®rf?LJU 

Undismayed, ct. ancbatha, ^^^ir/s- 
Undisturbed, a. kalakkamill^tha,^ euiras 

Undivided, a. pilavupad^tba, LSI®rr£^u 

Undo, t*. t avilkkirathu, jifsBtf^sSp^* 
Undoubtedly, ad. nichchayam^y, jS^^ 


Undress, v, t. udaikalarr^girathu, a.6a)i- 

Undulate, v, i. alaigifathu, ^teoSjoS^' 
Unduly, ad. mattukkumineba, Lotl®<ffi@ 

Unerring, a, tavat^tha, fienQr^jS, 
Uneven, a oppamarra^ ^uuiapp* 
TlDBspected, a, ninaiydtba, 0^ujir^» 
Vh/kdiz2g', a vdddtba,, euiri^irfi. 
^J^f a. nydjr&ma.rra, jSujiraJLDfl)fi>% 

Un&sbionable, a. Yalakkamill^tha, cutp 

Unfasten, t7. e. avilkkirathu, ^^ipsB 

UD&tbomable, a> ilamalakkakktSd^tha, 

Un&voarable, a. virddbam^na, eS(Sjnrfi 

Unfeeling, a. arivuketta, irakkamillatha^ 

Unfeigned, a. unmaiyuJla, e.aar«Q>£atq 

Unfinished, a. mudiy^tha, Qpt^tuiTj^^ 
Unfit a. tag^tha, fiSfrfi. 
Unfold, V. t tirakkiratbu, virikkiratha, . 

Unforeseen, a. muunariydtha, Qpe&reatfS 

Unforgiving, a. manniydtha^tAeSrea^ai/r^, 
Unfortunate, a. anuktUamarra, ^^jva. 

Unfruitful^ a. kanikod^tha, senfiQsir 

Ungenerous, a. udc^ramarrO} ^jKfrirta 

Ungirdy v, t. kachchavilkkirathu, s^^ 

Ungovernable, a. adangdtha, ^i^m^fr^. 
Ungraceful, a. alang^ramarfai ^eommv 

Ungrateful, a. nanrimaranta, jpdtjSu^ 

Ungrounded, a. poyyana, Quirtutuirear. 
Unguent, 8. tailam, ero.^suijb. 
Uuhealthy, a* viy^thiyulla, eQujirfSiii 

Unheard, a k^lvippaddtha, Qs&r^uu 

Uniformi a* oretanmaiyulla, ^(^ir/gcSr 




Tlninliabited, a, kudiyillatha, ^i^uS&j 

TJninstructed, a. padiy^tha, uu^iufr^, 
TJninterrupted. a. tadaippa4^tlia9 /f&siL^ 

XJnion, 8, aikkyam, u4anp^u,^^fi(ULb, 

TJnifc, 8 ekain, ^«Lr, 

XJnite, V. t. isaikkirathu, ktiitugiratha, 

XJnite, V. i. cherugirathu, k^ttugiratha, 

TJnitedly, ad. aikkyam^y, gg «SaJ tis/riu. 
XJnity, 8. aikkyam, ^•sQiuih. 
XTniversal, a» eDgumnirainta, (srik(gihjS 

"Universe, s. sarvaldkam, ^(r^oiQeoirsih. 
University, 8. r^javidiy^sangam, jrn^sSI 

TJnjust, a. aniy^ya, ^jSujfraj, 
TJnkind, a. irakkamarra, ^ijirm^u^pp. 
Unknowingly, ad. ariy^maiydy, ^j^liutr 


Unknown, a. ariy^tha, ^fiSiun-^. 
Unlade, v. t. sumaiyirakkugirathu,<9r6Q>ia 

Unlatch, v» t taltirakkirathu, fiirtp^p 

Unlawful, a. aniydyamana, ^jSiuirtULDir 

Unlearned* a. padjyatba, ui^iuirfi. 
Unleavened, a, puliyatha, u^sffituiT^, 
Unless, con. oliya, ^tfiiu. 
Unlettered, a. padiyitha, ui^iunfi. 
Unlike, a, ottirdtha, ^^^irir^^. 
Unlikely, a. nadavatha, jsL^enirfi, 
Unlimited, a alaviranta, ^^sSroflj^. 
Unload, v t bhiramirakkugiratliu,Lj/r ir 

Unlock, V. t. tirakkifathu* ^jo3t>Stt)^. 
Unloo80,v. e. avUkkirathu,j^iiSyii@p^. 


Unlovely, a, nesikkattagatha, QjB^ka 

sB fi ^ /Tjff* 

Unlucky, a, nirbh^gyamulla, 0.Tuun'<s 

Unmannerly, ad dur^hiramulla, ^jr/r 

Unmarked, a. kurikkappaddtba, (^fSiks 

Unmarried, a. Tiv^gamill^tha,e!9si;/r<ffu9 

Unmeasured, a. alaviranta, ^&r<s^p^fi> 
Unmerciful, a, irakkamill^tha, g)jr<ffitf 

Unmerited, a. ydgyamarra, Qiuir&Siu 

Unmingled, a, kalappilUtha, seou[3^ 

Unmoved, a* asaikkappad^tha, ^ea^e 

UnnaturaL a, subhivattukkum^r^na, <flr 

Unnecessary, a, avasyamill^tha, ^su&iu 

Unnumbered, a. eQijiranta, crek[<ssSp 

Unperceived, a- kanitha, sfr^/g. 
Unpleasant, a, priyamarra, LSl(hujLa^/D- 
Unpolished, a. nagarigamarra, jpn-fStfis 

Unpolite, cf, avamariydthaiy^na, ^sdu^iI^ 

Unprecedented, a. ntltlianamdna,jpr;fl?6w 

Unprepared, (U ettanappadatha, (ST^^ecr ^^ 
Unprincipled, a. nfthikkedulla, 0^k 

Unprofitable, a.pray6janamarra,L9ir(* fu/r 






Unprotected, a. ^tbaravarnu, x^^ireupjD. 
TJiipunislied, a. tai.i4i^^^PP^^^^^> ^ssir 

Unquenchable, a, aviy^tha, ^sSajir^. 
Unquestionable, a. nijam^na, jS^^LDrrsor, 
Unravel,!;. i avilkkiratliu,«^a9Lp«^/r)^. 
Unreal, a. ui>maiyarra, &.edsi€a>uiUJjbp. 
Unreasonable, a. ny^yamillatlia, jStuaiu 

Unrelenting, a. iraig^tha, ^irftsir^. 
Unremitting, a. idaivid^tha, @»»£-a9 

Unrequested, a. k^dkappa^^tha, QsiLss 

Unresolved, a, tfrm^nappadatha, ^iruin' 

Unrestrained, a. adang^tha, ^L-iasrrfi. 
Unrevealed, a velippaduttappad^tha,Q<ai/ 

Unrewarded, a. kaimm^iilldtba, easihinfr 

Unripe, a, paMtba, uynrfi. 
finiit, k^y, ssinb. • 

Unrivalled, a. nigararya, 0sjrpp» 
Unruffled, a. kalakkamilldtlia, ^eoksiEi 

Unruly, a, adaiig^tha, ^i^ikeiT^, 
Unsatisfactory, a* triptikod^tha, ^(ru^ 

Unsavoury, a, rusiyarra, aL0^ttJ/Dp. 
Unscrew, V. i. murukk^ijikalarrttgirathu, 

(ip j3i ^ «ff /r sjcfi « ip /i) jfw ® j2> ^ . 
Unseal, v. t muttiraiyudaikkirathu, Qp 

Unsearchable, a* buddbikke tt ^tba, li<s 

Unseasonable, a. ak^lam^na, ^eirev 

VnseemJjr, a. addtba, ^L^trfi, 
Vnaeen, a. kiinatba, £Sir^^, 
^^servlceable^a. utbavixarra,Q,^sSujpfl). 

Unshaken, a, asaiy^tha, ^ea^tuir^. 
Unsheltered, «. pugalidamilUtha, L/asfl 

Unsightly, a. avala4chanamalla, ^q/«u 

Unskilful, a, simarttyamarra, ^[rmir \ 

Unsold, a. vilaippadatha, cSSbuij uz_rr^. 
Unsolicited, a, keldtha, (^smirjg. 
Unsought, a. tecjdtha, G'^l-zt^. 
Unsound, a. vairaman^ enjeuiru^pjD, 
Unspeakable, a, choUamudiyatha, 0«s^/r 

Unspotted, a. m^lMtha, LntrSe^eoirfi, 
Unstable, a. nilaiyarra^ 02suujfijD. 
Unstaid, a, nilaiy^tha, 02sotu[rfi, 
Unstained, a. karaippadatha, aeiDpuu 

Unsteady, a nilaiy^tha, fi^eoiuiTj^, 
Unsubdued, a, kfjppadiy^tha, Si^uui^ 


Unsuccessful, a. sit^ytfgitha, Sfi^tuir 

Unsuitable, a, tagdtha, ^«fr^. 
Unsullied, a, karaiyill^tha, <sfss>jDiiSle{) 

Unsuspected, a, samusayappad^tha,<iF^ 

Untamed, a. palag^tha, uipstr^. 
Untaught, a, padiyitha, uisf-iuir^. 
Untenable,a-nilaippad^tha, fi2eouui^ir^. 
Untenanted, a. iCdchiyilldtha, cgJtl^uSeu 

Unthankful, a. nanfiyariy^tha, ^drj6luf 


Unthinking, a. ninaiy^tha, 0^ssrajfr^. 
Untie, V' t avilkkifathu, ^sSipsSpi, 
Until, prep, mattum, varaikkum, tniLi 




nto, ^ep, idattukku, ku, g)L_.^j3 

ntold, a. cholldtha, Q^F/reueu/r^. 
litouched, a. todatha, Q^iri^iri^g, 
ntoward, a. pi*atiktllam^na, LSjr^£k.eo 

iitractable, a adang^Ctha, ^L_ci«/r;a>. 
titrained, a- palagdtha, uipaj^, 
ntrae« a, poyy^na, QufTUJUJiresr. 
atruth, 8. poji Qutrdj. 
ntwist, 1?. ^.munikkavilkkirathu, Qpjpi 

nused, a. valangatba, eutprsj^rr^, 
"niisual,a. valakkamarra, (sijip-s^Lnprt), 
nutterable, a, choUamudijitlia, Q^/reu 

nvaried, a. mar^tlia, u^rrQr^^, 
iiwearied, a. toyydtlia, Q^iriutuir^. 
nweWy a asaukkyamana, ^(o)<9=sfrkSi 

'mrholesorne, a. sugattukkuttagatha, ^ 

nwieldy, a. baluvana. u^<surrssr, 
Dwilling, a. manasill^tlia.uiccr^sugufr^. 
nwise, a. buddhikkuyaiv^na, i^^^s 

nwisely, ad, buddbiyfnam^y, l^^^uS 

nwonted, a, nl^t&n&mina.y^^/ffeBnnn'GBr, 
Unworthily, ad. apittiram^y, ^uir^^jr 

Worthy,a. pdttiraman*a,u/r^ jSiras^/D. 
Fnwritten. a. eluthitha, er(Lpfgirjs, 
^nwrought, a. toliypad^mal irukkira, 

■nyielding, a. adangatha, jyt-®* n-^. 
^p, ad. mele, uyara, QinQev, e.tujr, 
pbraid, v. ikurrafichirttipp^sngirathu, 

Mil, a, pznyasamana, tSlirujiT^LDirm. 

Uphold, p. t, nilaippaduttugirathu, iifi^su 

Upland, 8. inettuttarai, QLDtL(Bl^^6air, 

Upland, a- medana, Qu^L-ir&sr. 

Uplift, V. t, iiyarttugirathu, a^iuir^^S 

Upon, pre;?, mel, Qloso, 
Upper, a% mel^na, Qu^eoire^. 
Upright, a. nermaiy^na, QjsiissiLaujfr&sr. 
Uproar, a kaUthi, ktSkkural, seoiT0^ dSL 

Uproot, V. t, verdiepidiinkngirathu, C?©/ 

Upset, V. t. kavilkkirathu,«a9ipifin5 j3. 
Upshot, 8, mudivu, (y^u^eif. 
Upside, 8. merpurani, QinpL^puoi^ 

down, talaikfliy, ^^ev^L^iruj, 
Upwards, ad melj^ga, Qiaeon-'S. 
Urge, 17. t ^vugirathn, ttlijdugirathu, ^ 

Urgent , a. agattiyaniina,c5V s^^ mj Ln/r ew . 
Us, J9 r.jenkal ai, nammai,6T (Ei(£B^,^Lb6a)LD. 
Usage, s. valakkam, m^mtSl, eut^k&ihy 

Use,«. valakkam, vatti, cuLp««Lii, ewil^L. 
Useful, a. upay6gamina,e. uQturrsLair esr 
Useless, a- uthavitha, appray(53ana, ^/S 

Usual, a. Talakkam^na* euipissunrGS'.^ 
Usually, ad yalakkam^y, euipi^Lan-dj. 
Usury, s. any^javatti, ^0iuiTUJ6uiLuf.. 
Utensil, s. tattumuttu, ^C^QpiLQ.^ 
Utility, a. praydjanam, tSjrQiuir^'esrth. 
Utter, a. mulu, (y^Q^' ^ * 

Utterly, ad. muluthmn, (Lp(ipffi^' 


Vacant, a, yerumaiyina, kdliy^a, Qot, 

Vacate, %A. Q\iJ6>fi:\^^^%N^'^'9^»* 
Vacat\oii> ». V\\\\^'a5fi;\><^^ ^^- 




Vaccinate, tJ. t, ammaikuttugiratbu, ^ih 

Vaccination, 8, ammaikuttuthal, ^iheoLo 

Vagrant, s, ni^6Ai, jBtrQi—iru^, 

Vagrant, rt, alaigira, ^3sufl/r). 

Vail, 1?. t. raaraikkirathn, iosro/Dfifip^. 

Vain, a, vfijina, (sS^esr, 

Vainglory, 8. vimbu, eS^iiL/. 

Vainly, ad, vfi>^y, ^^ii. 

Vale, 5. pallanilam, u^etefr^eoih. 

Valiant, a. vframiilla, ^jrQparefr; 

Valid, a. ufuthiy^na, ^.j^^tuinssr. 

Validity, ^, nruthi, s. JV;©. 

Valley, s. pallatt^k'i, um<bxr^^iT^^. 

Valorous, a. par^kkramamfCna, ujrir&Q 

Valour, 8, vfram, eSjnh. 

Valuable, a. vilaiyuyarnfca,^2!a>LL/«jfr^;5. 

Valuation, 8. vilaimatbippu,aSISsuai^LjL/. 

Value, 8. vilai, aSlfei.. 

Value, f). t\ vilaimatbikkiratbujoSISsuLfi;© 

Vanity, 8. m^yai, Loireoiu, 
Vapour, 8. ^vi, pugai, ^sS, L/ac-ff. 
Vapour, V. i. ^viy^yppogipatbu, ^<s^iuir 

Variance, s. pagai,bhedam,L/6a)«,G'u^Lc>. 
Variation, s. Yerup^4^^ bbedam, Qsa^ 

Variegated, a palavaroam^na, U6Uffl;,f<s3or 

Variety, s. palavithani, uea^^ih. 
Variotis, a. palavitbamana,ua)QS;fiFai/r6Br. 
Varnish, « varijatailam, (sufraissrssipeoisi, 
VaiTiish, V. t minukkugiratbu, t^ apt ds 

^Vary, v, t marrugiratbu, Lon-m^Q/D^' 

Vault, s. nilavat^i, 0eoG^eBip. 

Vaunt, V, vfmbupesugirathu. sS'lol/Ccl/* 

Vegetable, 5. payirvagai, utiS/ra/ero^. 
Vegetable, a. payirvagaikkuriya, uu^/f 

Vegetate, i?. i. talaikkifatbu, talirkki- 
ratbu, tulirkkirathu, mulaikkiratbu^ 

Vehemence, «. kodumai, vdham, gati, 
ahdram, Q«/r®6D)LQ, Qojsih^ «^, 

Vehement, a vehamulla, Q(5]j<ES(ip^efr. 
Vehicle, 5, v^lianam, euirseGrih, 
Veil, 8. mukk^du, (ip««/rS). 
Veil, V, t, maraikkirathu, Laeatfo^Bp^. 
Vein, 8. uthiranarambu, p.^jrfB]rihLf. 
Velocity, s. vdham, gati, Qeusih^ «^. f 
Vend,t?. t. virkirathu, e£lpQpj^» 
Vender,! virkifavan, Q9/D©pa765r. ■] 
Venerable, a. vaiiangattakka, eueesrita^ 

Venerate, v. t. vaijankugirathu, oieBBns: 

Veneration, $. vanakkam, euessrssih. 
Vengeful, a. palivankugira, ULplsuirik^ 

Venison, s. maniraichchi, u^ne^saip^ff. 
Venom, 8, yisham, efio^bLh. 
Venomous, a. naf^chulla, js^^dr&r. 
Vent, 8. vali, pottal, q/l^, Quir^^^, 
Ventilate, v. L k^rruvisa idampariiTLugi- 

rathu, 'Sn-p^eS'f ^jji—ihueSar^nS 

Venture, s. tunivu, ^sRsflo/. 
Venture, v. t> tunigifathu, ^esSSp^, 
Venturesome, a. tunivana, ^issdieuiresr. 
Venus, s. velli, Ofiwerreyfl. 
VcracW,^, 8. m^^wm^ \vcvssc^\^ Qix^oisaiij, 




erJaut, a. pasumaiy^na, usfeoLnujiT&sr, 
erdict, s. tfrppu, ^/tulj, 
erdigris, 8. kalimbu, ^erflLLq. 
erge, s. dram, karai, g&/^">j «ff«»^. 
erify, v* t. meymaippaduttngirathu, 

erily, ad. meyyiy, QiDLuiuirdj, 
ermillion, 8. j^tilingam, iPir^eSimsih. 
ertebre, s. mullelumbupponittu, (tpeJr 

Q (srr^LDL/ u Q LJ /r(T5;ff ^. 

ertex, s. ucbchi, s-tFif. 

ertical, a. uchchiyilulla, sl^^^iiSIjj^; 

"ertigo, 5. talaichchularchi, fi^e- 4Sr\^ 

ery, ad. metta, adhikam^y, Qm^^^ ^ 

^esscl, 8. p^ttiram, marakkalam, utr^^ 

^est, 8, vastiram, eueiu^jrih, 

'esture, 8. vastiram, eu&u^nu:. 

'eteran, s. vfran, ^jr&sr, 

'ex, V. t varuttappaduttugirathu, euQ^^ 

''exation, 8, alaikkalivu, ^Zso-ssifi<^. 
'exatious, a. alaikkalivulla, ^t^&si^ 

'ial, f . kuppi, @ulS/. 

'iand, 8- bh6janam, QuiT'ff&y'i^' 

''ice, 8. durkkurjam, dTirm^^rgam, jff/fff 

^69crLb, ^iTLDfrifsaih' 
''icinity, s. ayal, arugu, ^lusv^ ^(}3<S' 
''icious,a. kedana, dushta, (?«/^/r«jr, £S 

Q^i — 

''ictim, s. rattabali, irai, ^jr^^us^, @ 

''ictorious, a, verrikoiida, verriyuU.a, 

vijaya, QeL'(r)f6}Q<ssiTe6iri-.^ Q^^nS'^ 

ictorj, s. jejram, 0<^ajth. 

Victuals, e, cb^pp^u, ^(ruun®. 
View, kidcbi, prtrvai, <£5/rLl^, uiTif<oO)eu. 
View, D. t, nokkugiratbu, Qfsnk^Q 

Vigilance, s. vilippu, jagrathai, sSl^^u 

Vigilant, a. vilipp^na, ^i^uu^ssr. 
Vigorous, a. aijniaiyulla, dhairiyainulla, 

c^s8jr«DiiiiL/sfr(sn', esi^^iUQ^Gn&r, 
Vigour, 3. balam, ^rimai, ueuLb, c^^afcr 


Vile, a. kedulla* ilivulla, QsQsijetT, @ 

Vilify, V. t, palikkirathu^ ddsbikkirathu. 

Village, 3. tir, grimam, esE/r, Qsrfnn'ji. 
Villager, s grdmatt^n, dr^n, QirfTLo^^tr 

&sr^ essLWfr&si , 

Villain, $, cbarjdalan, -Fessr ea^. 
Vindictive, a. palich^thikkira* uifii^&'iT^ 

Vine, 3- drtikshakkodi, ^s-niL-FkQ&iTi^. 

Vinegar, 3. k^i, «/ri^. 

Vineyard, $. drdkshatt6ttam, ^irinL<ff=^ 

Violence, 3. kodumai, balitk^ram, . Q&ir 

(B&DLn, ueoirfiafTirth. 
Violent, a. ko^iya, Q<siru^iu. 
Viper, |. viriyanpiimbu, ^ tfi lu eku a lllj. 
Virgin, 8. kanni, tfeSrstf?. 
Virtue, «. sarkunam, '3F(t(^emLb. 
Virtuous, a. sarkutjamulla, &n)(^<cm(ip 

Virulence, 6. kodumai, QsfTQss)^. 
Virulent, a. ugram^na, iLisSiTLafrsisr. 
Visage, », mukham, Qpsih. 
Visible, a. kai.iiiukkutterigira, <ss0stjr cma i 

Visibly, ac2. veliyi^.^Q'ai'a^^i^^v^- 




Visit, V. L pbypp^rkkirathu, QuiriLuurr 

Vital, a. uyirulla, ^u^(T^&irm. 
Vitiate,i?.<. kedukkirathu, Qs(El&8n)^» 
Vitriol, 8. tuttam, ^^^ih. 
Vituperate, v. t, palikdpugiratliu, ul§ 

Vivacious, a, ulMsamulla^ £L6U6u/r «F(tp 

Vivacity, s, ulUsam, &.^eon s=ih. 
Vivid, a, uyirppulla, s.u5/rLJqsn<srr. 
Vividly, ad. uyirpp^y, s^uSftuuirdj. 
Vivify, *D. t. uyirppikkirathu, &.uSiifuiS& 

Vocabulary, s. akar^thippustakam, ^« 

Vocation, s. tolil, Q^sfrifidi. 

Voice, s, kural, ^ireiv^ 

Void, t), t kalikkirathn, nikkugifathu, 

Volition, s. manam, ishtam, /jasorih, gjd^a 


Volume, 8. pnstakam, L\&v^sih, 
Voluntarily, ad ishtam^y, §iQ^u.u^n\ii, 
Voluntary, a, ishtamulla, g)d^f-(ipefr<sn-. 
Vomit, 8. v^nti, guit^^. 
Vomit, V. i, v^ntiyedukkifathu, ojirfi^ 

Voracicais, a. padcbikkira, uiL^sS/d. 
Vote. v.t. chfttupp6ttu erpaduttugiratbu. 

Vouch, 1?. s^dchicholliigirathu, ^/rilfi 

Vouchsafe, v. t arulcheygirathUj^iT^efr 

Vow, 8. poruttanai, prathikkinai. Quit 

Q^^^^stsr, LSirfisS^ssT' 
Vow, V. poruttanaipanijugirathu, Quir 

"/tune, s. iracMlu @£r/r£Fir<s^, ' 


Wade, V i. nfrvaliy^ynadakkirathu,;p/f 

Wager, «. pandayam, u0^ajir. 
Wager, i?. pandayankattugirathu, ufijg 

Wages, 8 sambalam, <EFihu&ru>, 
Wagon, 8, baodi, ugsotu^. 
Wail, V. ». pulambugirathu, l/culLl/S^ jj. 
Wailing, r. n, pulambal, Ljeoihueb. 
Waist, 8. idai, arai. @6roi_, ^saur. 
Wait, V. i* k^ttirukkirathu, sir^^q^k 

Waive, v. t. vittuvidugirathu^eSilQi^Oi' 

Wake, V. i. vilikkirathu, eSlifi&8jD^. \ 
Wakeful, a, vilippdna, eSL^Ciuiretr, 
Wakefulness, s. vilippu, etit^uLj, 
Waken, v. t. eluppugirathu, ejQpui^Q 

Walk, V. L nadakkirathu, jst^fsS/Djfi. 
Wall, 8. chuvar, mathil. .9r<si;/f , lo^«u, } 
Wall, V. t chuvar vaikkirathu, mathUkft-i 
tiugirathu, fBr(su(r esxsnkQ fr>^^LCk^4^ 

Wander, u. i, alaigirathu, tirigirathu,j|i 

SsuSp^^, ^^)8p^. 
Want, 5. tevai, Q^esieu. 
Want, V. t. veijdugirathD,(?<a/6wr(Sfi/p,^ 
Wantonly, ad. tdrttam^y, ^ir^^Lafni^ 
War, s. yuddham, chaijdai, iij^^ih, 4f 

War, 1?. yuddhampariijugiiuthu, (Lj/i/Sthu 

Ward, s. kaval, ^trojeu. 

Warehouse, s. paodas^lai, L/sarc^/rgfei,. 

Wares, s sarakku, ^jr&(g. 

Warily, ad, sivadhdnamay, <FireujgsirtBt 

"Warm, a. ^'e^^\ft&ft3a.^Q^«iiVA^^UiW^K . 





Warm, v» t kaychchugirathu, 'S[ruj<B'Sr 

Warm, v *. k^ygiyathu* striLQp^, 
"Warmth, s, veppam, OojuuLb. 
"Warn, v. t, echcharikkiratba, er^s^i^k 

"Warning, i?.w. echcliarikkaijOT^ff^tF/flisaDtf. 
\Varp, 5. nesavupi, Qjss'is^uir, 
Warrant, s, adbikdrapattirikai, jy^.ff/rir 

"Warrior, s. p6rviran, QuirifeSsrscir, 

"Wart, s. mam, ^J3/. 

"Wary, a. s^vadh^amiilla, ^ir&j^iTGsrQp 

"Wash, V. t, kaluvngirathii, ^(LpeiiSp^. 
Washerman, s, variiian, eucear^^. 
Wasp, s. kulavi, ^m^. 
Waste* S' vfiichelavu, eSeBorQ^eoo^, 
f Waste, v,t. vf ij^ychchelavalikkiratiiu, a? 

t Waste, V. i. aligiyathu, ^l^S/d^. 
Watch, s. s^makk^rar, n^ligaivaitam, 

Watch, V. t, kavalcheygirathujtf/rcueuQ^ 

Watch, «. L vilipp^yiriikkirathu, €iSl^ 

Watchful, a. vilippulja, o9t^uL^6»r<srr. 
Watchhonse, s. kavalvfdu, 'SireueoeSQ. 
Watchman, «. s^makkiran, ^fnr^k&fr 

Water, «. nfr, taijujlr, jalam, ^/r> ^ffsar 

cold, taiiiifr, ^cBBreaiiFfr, 
boiling, vennfr, QGufi^if, 
Water v. t nfrpiyehchugirathu, 0iruir 

Water-course, & kalviy, ^ireoeufrtu. 
Water-fall, $ nfrvilchchi, ^ir^yi^Si, 
Water-^rueJ, g. id], kafiichi, <fl6-/p, «(|5©. 
Water-lily, 9. nMmhal, j^inrthu^. 

Water-melon, s. sarkkaraikkoi 

Watery, a* nCrulla, jSQ^&retr. 
Wave, s. alai, tirai, ^3su, fii 
Wavering, j9. a. talambugira, ^< 
Wax, s.melugu, Ot£»(i^(^. 
Wax, V. i. valargirathu, perukugirathii 

Waxcloth, 8 meliigucMlai, Oi£»(ip@^2&i 
Way, 5. vali, p^thai, a/ySl* uireo)^. 
Wayfarer, 5. valipp6kkan, (sul^uQuit^ 

Wayfaring, p. a. payaijampanriugira, ua 

Waylay, t?. t pathivirukkirathu, u^^ 

Wayward, a, mnraijdulla, (y:iirGBsrQ(ck<stt 
We, ^. n^m, n^ngal, jBinh^jEinka&r. 
Weak, a balavfnamulla,L/0UQ?6sr(Lp6ir®n 
Weaken^ v. t. talarachcheygirathu, be 
lankaraikkipathu, ^<s(rjr<FQ>6FdjQ^ 
^, Queoecn^ss)fD<ss8/D^' • 
Weakness, s. talarchcbi, balavfnam, ;ff« 

Weal, 5. v^lvu, chelvam,6i//rLpai/,0^6ua;L 
Wealth, s^ chelvam, O^FeueiiLb. 
Wealthy, tf. chelvamulla,O^6ueu(ip<5fr0( 
Wean, v. t p^lmaTakkappariiiugirathi 

Weapon, «. ^yudham, ^iq^ih. 
Wear, v. t. tarikkipathu, ^ifl&S/os^. 
Weariness, $. ilaippu, iyioanxLy g)22rruL 

Weary, t>. «. iy^sappaduttugirathu, j^iu 

Weary, a. ilaipp^a, g)SsjrLJu/r«35r. 
Wealiercocki ». k^rri^idisaikatti, sa^ 

Weave, v. t, neygirathu^ Q ^diQ ^ ^> 




Wedding, s. kaljdnam, seoojiressrih. 
Wedge, s, ^ppu, c^uq. 

of metal, p^latn, u/rcwLh. 
Wedlock,*, viv^kam, eSlojirsih, 
Wednesday, *. puthankilamai, l/^6wSlo 

Weed, 8. kalai, ^'bstr. 

Weed, V. t kalaipidunkngirathu, <s2efr 

Week, «. vdram, kilamai, eufr^jribj ffljp 

Weekly,a.v^ravftliam^na, (sntrsrsS^uiirosr. 
Weep, D. i. kaniifrvidugirathu, alugira- 

Weft, s. Umtil, ^rr(r^eo. 

Weigh, V. t. nitukkirathu, jSj^eSp^^ 

Weight, s. padikkal, nifai, uu^&<ss6v^ jS 

Weighty, a. bh^ramiiiia, ufrjruifresr. 
Welcome, i;. t. upacharikkirathu, s.u<ap[f^ 

Weld, V'. t. parruvaikkirathu, u/b^saeu 

Welfare, 8. kshemam, G<sb>^mLb. 
Well, 8. kinaru, Sem^. 
Well,a.saukhiyamaiia, Qs^ea-JsQiuLairssr' 
Well, ad. nanr^y, jB<^Qr^iJu. 
Welladay, int. aiy6, ^Qiuir. 
Wellbeing, s. v^lvu, oj/rtp©^. 
Wellbred, a. n^garigamujla, j5irs(f}<BS(y^ 

Wellnigh, ad. konchankuraiya, Q&ir(e^^ 

Wen, 3. kalalaikkatti, aip^^saCi^. 
West, s. merku, Qinp^. 
Western, a merkilulla, QuijbS^eir&r. 

Wet, V. t. uanaikkirathu, jsdssrsQp^. 
Wct^ a. fram^na, jaaDamta. ff^jrinir^STy 

Whale, 8. timiBgilam, ^i£!EjQeoih, 

Wharf, 8. turai, ^eoip. 

What, pr. enna, ethu, CTSoreer, ot^. 

Whatsoever!' ^*"' eth^kilum,(sr;ff/rS^;Li 
Wheat, s. k6thumai, Q&(r<^osiu^. 
Wheel, *. chakkaram, urulai, <ff=««jrLi 

Wheel, i?.< uruttugirathu,s.(55tl®®^j 
Wheelbarrow, s. oru chakkarabaiTLdi,sg( 

Whelp, s. kutti, (^Cis^. 
When, ad. eppoluthu, 6ruOuT(ip^. 
Whence, ad. eigiruntu, erit@((^^^. 
Whenever, ad. eppoluth^gilum, eiuQu 

Where, ad^ engd, ewidattil^ erikiQ^E, sti 

Whereabout, ad. eiJge, criaQs. 
Wherefore, ad, ^thaUl, c^^eu/reu. 
Wheresoever, ad. ehgey^gilum, ^ikQ 

Wherewithal, ad. ethinyl, (or^^eb. 
Whet, V. t. ktir^kkugirathii, ^SuUfrA^l 

Whether, ad, ethuv^gilum, (ST^suir. 

Whetstone, s s^i>ai, ^ndsssr. 
Whey, «. tayimfr, ^uS(rfiif. 
Which, pr. ethu, enta, ci^, er^^. 
Whichever, pr. ethagilum, {oTjSirQeyjih 
While, s. poluthu, Ou/r^^. 
Whilej, } n nadakkaiyiL poluthu, /^l- 
Whilst,) ' erotfuSleu, Quitq^^, 
Whip, 8. savukkiijkasai. s^eifi^^ S€a>4 
Whip, V. t. savukkin^ladikkirathu, <«f< 

Whirl, 17. t. chujanrugirathu, ^i^n)j^[ 
1 WhiTWmOL,8.Q\i\C^«N>R.^^^ 




hispcr, 1/. kusukusukkifathu, (^fffr(^^ 

listte, 8. fsal, /9?^su. 

listle, t). i, fsalpdixikirathu, FF<3^^Qu{r 

bite, s vellai, Oa;65r^. 

hite, a. vellainiramulla, Q(Sudr2eirjSfl> 

hite-ant, «. chel, karaiyina, 0<ff6u, & 

hite-lead, 8, vellfyam, Qeumet^aJih. 
hiten, V, t. ver.imaiyikkngirathu, Qsu 

hitewash, s. ch^nta, rff=fr0^, 
hitewash, v. U vellaiyadikkiratliu, Q<su 

err Bsrr tfj ^L <ffi ® /r) ^ . 
'^hither, ad. eige, (StibQ^b, 
hitish, a. sairuvenmaiy^na, <FpjpiQ(3ij 

liitlow, s. nagachchurru, jESfF^p^, 

'\\o^pr. ar, ^^. 

"^hoever, pr, ^ragilum, evanigilum, ^ 

Thole, 3 muluvathum, elMm, (yi^sw^ 

^hole, a mulii, Qpctp- 

'^holesome, a sugamulla, fBrS(Lp6fr(srr. 

HioUy, ad, muluthum, (ip(Lp^tii. 

''horn, pr. ^rai, c^sron". 

iThore, s. vesi, Qeu^, 

Whoredom, 8. vesittanam, Qeu^^^sesrih, 

ihose, pr, anidaiya, ^(r^€a>L^uj, 

k^hosoever, pr, evanagilum, ereui^Q 

iThy, ad en, ennattinal, (^rser, srekesr^ 

i^ick, 8 tki, j@ffi. 

Hcked, «. poU^tha, Qi^rrevevir^, 
i^ickedness, s. poUaiigu, Quireveoiriw^. 
i^ide, a. visiJaznaua, eSls^freoLatT&sr. 
IdcJy, ad. visidmnay, a9j=f/^6ULcifnij. 

Widen, t).^. visilamakkugirathu, eQjFfr 

Widow, s. kaimpetj, eoiiBsihQussBr, 

Width, s. vis^lam, eSl'S^treoih. 

Wife, 8. peijd^tti, manaivi^OuaarLfTLLL^, 

Wild, 8. k^n, <ffi/r®. 

Wild, a, k^^na, pollitha, &rrL-frssr^ 

Wilderness, s. k^du, «/r®. 

Wilful, a. murandukkuiiamulla, (tpireosr 

Wilfully, flc?. murandukkuiiam^y, (tp/r 

Will, 8, chittam, manam, &<sjSLb,LnsBrih. 
Will, •». ^. tfrm^nampaijnugirathu, ^ir 

Willing, a. manamulla, lo^ (Lpeketr- 
Wily, a. tantiramulla, ^j50jT(ip&r(Sfr. 
Win, V, t. vellugifathu, Qi(SufJo€^jQiir)^. 
Wince, *». tu^ikkirathu, ^i^^Qlp^, 
Wind, 8. k^TIu, ^ssirp^, 

east, kondal, 0«ff/r«RjrL-6u. 

west, kddai, (ccS/reroL-. 

north, v^dai, Q;/r<sroL_. 

south, tenral, Q^&srro&j. 
Wind, V. i- chuiTLigirathu, sf-ip^Q/o^- 
Window, s. palagani, ueosesS, 
Windpipe, 8, knralvalai, (^ireuQi^srr. 
Wine, 5. dr^ksharasam, ^jr[nL,g=jr^Lh, 
Wing, 8» mragu, S/d@. 
Winged, p, a. siragulla, ^ro^&rtsfr. 
Wink, 8. imai, g)«»LQ. 
Wink, V. L imaikkirathu, ^eoLasS/o^, 
Winnow, v. t. tdryugirathu,^/!)^©/!?^. 
Winter, s. sfta}ak^lam, ^jsefrsirevih. 
Wipe, v,t tudaikkipathu, ^ss>L-kQirD^. 
Wire, s. kambi, tfiid/. 
Wisdom^ 8. ri^na.\s\^w;v=i^x<^^<a^^-H'§\^'^X'' 






Wish, s. viruppam, ^sai,^([5ULJLb,c^i)3)^» 
Wish, V. L virumbugirathu, a9 d^Lo L/ Sp^. 
Wishful,a. viruppaTnulla,a9(T5uu(Uiefr<ofr\, 
Wisp, 8. vaikk61tiralai^ pultiralai, eoeu 

«(otffr6uj8F3srr, qeu^jr^Ssrr. 
Wit, s buddhi, yukti, q^;®, iq-s^. 
Witch, s, m^ntiryastri, Lair^^iBujeiv^ff}, 
Witchcraft, s. m^ntriyam, Lufr^^dituih. 
With ;;rep. kuda, 6l, <£R-l_, ^sIj. 
Withal, ad, kuda, A-i_. 
Withdraw, o). ^ pirikkirathu,LS)ff)ffiffl aj^. 
Withdraw, v. t. vittunfnkugirathu, (sSc 

Wither, v- v^dugirathu,ularugirathu, eun- 

Withhold, V. t kodamalvaikkirathu,G)<»ff" 

Within, prep, ul, ulle, S-sfr, S-errCer. 
Without, prep, illamal, tavira, ^jevevfTLo 

Withstand, u. <. ethirkkirathu, cT^/r<s 

Witless, a. vivekamill^tha, ta^Qeu^suSlev 

Witness, s, s^dchi, ^irC^. 

Witness,v- 1 s^chichoUugirathu, s'lrCS 

Wittily, flfl?.yuktiyay, \L\k^iufT\b. 
Wittingly, ad. arintu, ^^^^. 
Witty, a. huddhiyulla, q^^qcfr err. 
Wizard, s. mantrigan, mtr^^^sm. 
Woe, 8. dhukkham, ^&4sui» 
Woful,a. dhukkhamdna, ^ksu^ffesr. 
Wolf, 8. 6n^y, ^(65)tu. 
Woman, s. stri, peij, eru^rf), Queoar, 
Wonder, s. achcharyam, ^s^fFifliuih. 
Wonder, v. i- ^chcharyappadugirathii, ^ 

cF <ff rfl tULJU ^/D^. 
Wonderful, a. achcharjamdnsij ^s'-ff^ 

^one, ^, valakkam, eiJLpJs^f^Lry. 

Wont, a* valakkappatta, 6ulp««l.'ul1l.'» 

Wonted, a, payinpa, uuSeer 05. 

Wood, s. maram, ch61ai, izj/rLf , (?,£F/rS5u. 

Woof, 8, tdrntJl, ^/rrr jsFsu. 

Wool, 8, chemmariy^tturdmam, ©(Flolo 

;a5?iiJ ff" il ® Co jT/r LDLD. 
Woollen, a. ^ttumayir^lcheytha, .gjtLGJ 

Woolly, a. urdmamulla, ^Qn'n-LD(Lpmeir. 
Word, 5. chol, moli, Q^/reu, Qu^aifi. 
Work, 5. velai, paiiividai, C^<a/2si;j uesiih 

Work, V. t velaicheygirathu, paiiichey- 
girathn, Q(su^Qd'djSrDj^iUstsBhQ0i 

Workman 8. velaikk^ran,(?eb8st><s<ff(rira8r. 
Workmanship, 8, kai velai, crotfC? awSSsu. 
Workshop, s. kamm^lai, tolilsdlai, tftry 

World, 8. nlagam, e.6L>«Lb. 

Worldly, a. ulagattukkadutta, ^eos^^^ 

Worm, 9. pulu, L^(Lp. 

Worse, fl-a(^ adhikakedulla, adhikak^ 

day, j^^«(?<^®(5ir<5rr, ^^d5(?«i_/ruj. 

Worship, s. vanakkam, dradhanai, euesst 

Worship, V. t, vaijankugirathu,Qi638r.H® 

Worsted, s. kampalantSl, «LbL/(arj5reu. 
Worth, *, gaiiisam, ^ssSs^ih, 
Worthily, ad* y6gyamdy, (oiufTtSsBaj 


Worthiness, s. ydgyam, Qujrr&Stuih. 
Worthless, a apdttiramdna, ^u(r^^ff 

Worthy, a ydgyamujla, Q^ufTkSnuQj^ 

dfretr. ■ 
Wound, s^ kayam, iSiriuih, 
Wound, •» . t. Yi^tjuY^^iNXN^*i^^^^ ««^«J 





1/Vrap, V. t. chiif rikkattugifathu, ^pj6ls 

Wrapper, 8. pbrvai, Qufrireaiaj. 
Wrath, s. kadunk6pam, e(BmQstruin. 
Wrathful, a kadunkdpamullaf s(Bm 

Wreath, 8. mudimalai, (iDi^in/r2su. 
Wrench, s. mufukku, qj^^k^. 

Wrench, v, t. miifukkugirathu, Qp^S(g 

Wrest, V, t purattugiiathu, l^itiLQSjdSI. 
Wrestle, v, t. mallukkattugirathu, i/jsu 

Wretch, s. pathakan, uir^sesr. 
Wretched, a. ilivulla, @L^5iysw-<3rr. 
Wretchedly, ad. nicham^y, 0<^LQirdj. 
Wring, V, t piligirathu, lSl^8jd^. 
Wrinkle, s. churukku, s^(t^s(S. 
Wrist, a, manikkattu, Lnes^smiLQ, 

Write, V. t, eluthugirathu, ^{ip^Sp^, 

Writing, s. eliittu, €r(Lgi^^, 

Wrong, $. pilai, ny^yakkedu, d/soLp, 

Wrong, V. t tiiigncheygirathu, tappi- 

thafitcheygirathii, 0iEJ(^Q<Fiu8fD£3, 

Wrong, a. tappithamdina, ^uLSjSLnfr&sr, 
Wrongfully, ad. tfng^y, ^msiruj. 
WronghtjCt.cheyyappatta, Q<sfiuujljuiLl^. 


Yam, s. vallikkilangu, euefrerfl<ffiSLpfo@, 
blue, rajavallikkiiangui irir^(su(sireifi^ 

Yard, s. gajam, Q<bs<3'u^, 

Yarn, s. ntSl, ^ev. 

Yawn, V, i. kott^vividugirathu, QsiriL 

Ye> pr. nlngal,^/fi7«(5fr- 
Yea, ad dm, meythin^ ^^y Qu^iif^^m^ 
Yeaa, v, /. fungi fathu, /^jSUfSp^* 

Year, s. varusham, eii(i^Q9>th, 

Yearling, a* oru vayathulla, ^^ miu^ 

Yearly, a. varushantara, euQi^Q^ir^fisr. 
Yearly, ad. varushantdrum, iSUQ^o^^ 

Yearning, s, irakkam, ^Ufrseih. 

Yolk, ?. muttaiyinmanchadkaru, qpiL 

Yel, V. i. kulir^girathu, (§&BjjjQro^. 
Yellow, s, maixchalvarnam, LQ(^^efrQ7/r 

Yellow, a, maflichalniramulla, Lni^^EFiHr 

Yelp, V. i. kulaikkifathu, @2su«S/r) ji. 

Yes, s. ^ni; ^ioi. 

Yesterday, s. n^rru, nerraikku, QjEp^, 

Yet, ad. innuni, ^sot^'lo. 

Yet, co?i. all^malum, ^susurras^Lo. 

Yield, t7.<. kod ukkirathu, Qsu^kQip^. 

Yoke, $.nugattadi, ^ss^^i^. 

Yoke, V. t, nogamptittugirathu, ^<3iihy, 

Yokefellow, 8. kdttali, &uiLi—^(s^. 
Yonder, a-ad. ath6, antaiidai, jiyCo ;d?/r, ^ 

Yore, ad, munne, QpaeaQ^isr. 
You, pr. nfr, ningal, jS^t ^isj<sdir. 
Young, 8, kanru, kunju, kutti, pillai, & 

scr^, @(e5«0r, @LL^t, LSdrSsrr. 
Young, a. ilaiya, g)^aj. 
Youngster, s. chiruvan, ^^aiecr. 
Your, pr. unnudaiya, ungal, jB-got" j32/«»i- 

Youth, s. Y^lipan, euireQusk, 


Zeal, s. ursiham, ^ps^irsth. 

Zealous^ a. i^%.^^\>^^^iJfcJKc^^2>3s^^ vi^V^ 


n '