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fOClOIR 5A^l5e A51IS t)eARK 


Betnq a Thesaurus pF TitEt4Q]KHMl*V«WM**"' '■>'< '*^ of tbk 
MoDBKN Ikish Language, with Explanations in Engush. 




M. H. GILL & SON, Ltd., 
50 Upper O'Connell Street. 

24 Upper CCoNNEtL Street, 



At the Sign of the PHffiHix, 57-59 Long Acre 

■a I,., ..[.Google 

mi- mi 

ReF P6 U1I .D5 ncbif 





This Dictionary of the modem Irish language, with 
explanations in English, is the outcome of a project 
conceived a few years ago by the members of the 
Council of the Irish Texts Society. On the initiation 
of Mr. G. A. Greene, M.A., then Vice-Chairman of the 
Council, they decided to compile, with the assistance of 
Irish speakers and scholars throughout Ireland and 
Great Britain, and under the direction of competent 
Editors, a small Irish-English Pocket Dictionary for the 
Use of students of the modern tongue. As a foundation 
for this work, about 12,000 words were collected from 
existing glossaries, from the spoken language and from 
modem writings, and sorted into slip form. The 
Editors who were asked to carry out the task of editing 
this material, Father O'Leary and Mr. David Comyn. 
and, at a later stage, Mr. John MacNeill, found them- 
selves, through the pressure of other work, unable to 
fulfil their intention, and the help of Father Dinneen 
was eventually secured. 

In carrying out his views as Editor, Father Dinneen 
found it necessary to make many alterations on the 
slips handed to him, involving labour which would not 
have been incurred had he been appoiated in the first 
instance. Indeed, Father Dinneen has so amended and 
expanded the fragmentary materials submitted to him, 
that the present work may be r^arded as practically 
his creation, and the Council gladly acknowledges its,.,..i.,GtX)L^lc 


indebtedness to him for his severe and patriotic labours 
in bringing the work to a satisfactory conclusion. 

The members of the Council wish to add their own 
sincere thanks to those of the Editor to all those 
gentlemen who have assisted the undertaking, either by 
reading proofs, or by the compiiation of lists of local 
words, or by personal assistance rendered in different 
ways to the Editor, The names of those who have 
given financial aid will be found at the end of the 
volume. These marks of kindness and interest in the 
work have been of the greatest service, and have 
afforded much encouragement both to the Council and 
to the Editor. 

Signed on behalf of the Council, 

Douglas Hyde, LL.D., President. 
Daniel Mescal, Chairman. 
Eleanor Hull, Hon. Secretary. 



The study of the Modem Irish Language, which has 
received such an impetus in recent years, has been 
greatly hampered by the want of a convenient lexicon. 
Nothing but the urgent necessity that existed for 
such a lexicon could have induced me to abandon more 
congenial studies and devote my energies to the 
development and completion of the work so laudably 
undertaken by the Council of the Irish Texts Society. 
As I proceeded with the revision of the material supplied 
me the work grew imperceptibly under my hands. In 
preparing the work, I went through the whole of Peter 
O'Connell's MS. Dictionary, and also, though more 
rapidly, through the MS. Dictionary compiled by 
O'Naughton. The Gaelic Journal and the principal 
modern published texts were also laid under contribution, 
as well as several lists of words received from various 
parts of the country. Not the least valuable part of the 
work is what I was able to remember from the days of 
my childhood, the rich vocabulary employed by my 
father and mother and the inhabitants of my native 
Sliabh Luachra, the snatches of song, of story, of 
proverb, the allusions and rhymes and exclamations 
which mingled with their conversation, as well as the 
precise and accurate use of phrase and idiom which 
distinguished them. 

In spite of many defects, it is claimed for this work 
that it contains a larger number of words used in the 

rj.a I,., ..[.Google 


living Irish language and in the more modern written 
compositions than any Irish Dictionary yet published ; 
that it gives the various words fuller grammatical 
treatment ; that it explains them more in detail and with 
greater precision and accuracy; that it gives a fuller 
account of local usage and pronunciation ; that it treats 
more fully the more important words which form the 
basis of the main idioms that constitute the core of the 
language ; that it gives a greater number of peculiarly 
poetical expressions ; a fuller list of technical words and 
a more copious supply of examples drawn from the 
living speech of the people; that it has a more abundant 
list of references to modem standard works; that it 
deals more exhaustively and with fuller illustration with 
the various particles whose uses and functions are 
calculated to puzzle the student. It is claimed that the 
book gives a fairly accurate explanation in English of 
the main stream of words, idioms and forms that 
constitute the Modern Irish Language, Absolute 
completeness, either in the list of words or in the 
idioms, is not claimed, the time and space limits and 
other circumstances affecting the production of the work 
rendering such completeness impossible. In the 
insertion of compound words, which form an important 
factor in the language, space had to be economized. 

It is obvious that in an unsettled language like Irish, 
which has not been cultivated to any extent since tlie 
use of print became general, many orthographical 
difficulties present themselves to the lexicographer. 
Complete uniformity of spelling is certainly a great 
desideratum. Indeed, it is impossible to conceive a 
flourishing Hterature in an age of printing like the 
present without a uniform orthography of some kind. 


The science of gramrnar becomes a mockery where there 
is not some show of uniformity in the written forms of 
the words, and students of the language are disheartened 
by an unsettled and ever varying ortb<^raphy. The 
circumstance that the language has been growing apace, 
as all langui^es grow, for the last couple of hundred 
years, without in many parts of the country the check 
of a written or printed literature, has resulted in its 
forming itself into two or three more or less clearly 
defined dialects which differ from one another in several 
points. The Irish spoken in the Extreme North of 
Ireland differs from that spoken in Munster, and that 
spoken in Connaught differs from both. The Irish of 
South Connaught approaches that of Munster, while 
that of North Connaught resembles that of Ulster. As 
r^ards the orth<^raphy employed, perhaps the only 
item that will seem somewhat radical ia the uniform use 
of fc, rp, rc> in preference to fg, fb, |*t>, respectively, 
but especially the use of fC for rs- On this point it 
may be observed that these sets of letter.combinations 
in general follow the same law, and that it is desirable 
to adopt a uniform system. In our books and dic- 
tionaries there ia great confusion between the 
combinations fc and rs. and the time seemed to have 
come for writing uniformly one or the other. The 
question was, which should be selected. The selection 
of yc is only the natural lexicographical evolution. 
O'Naughton, the author of our earliest modern dic- 
tionary (finished 1727), writes fc for the most part, and 
devotes only a few pages to words beginning with fg. 
O'Brien (1767) states in his dictionary that fc and fg 
are absolutely identical, and that words spelled with fC 
will not be repeated under )■£. O'Reilly made much 


the same observation, white Peter O'Connell (1826), 
whose work is most laborious, systematic, and com- 
prehensive, writes fc in every case. Of the living 
authorities who were consulted on this question opinion 
was divided. I may mention that Dr. Standish Hayes 
O'Grady, Professor Strachan, and Dr. Joyce, approved 
of the exclusive use of fc, while Father Peter O'Leary, 
Mr. Bergin, Mr. Lloyd, and others, favouced pg. There 
can be no question, of course, that rs is far more 
common in modern manuscripts, and up to a recent 
date at least was more common in books. As regards 
the sound of the language used at tHe present day 
opinion also differs, some maintaining that the sound 
after r 's g, and others that it is c. I think that the 
sound is in many cases re *"<! in most other cases 
approaches nearer to pc than to rs- It seems to me 
that in words like rcfeAV, rc6t*. rciltins, where pc is 
followed by a slender vowel, the f is more affected than 
the c, the r becomes f h rather than c 5. This rti sound 
of f, I believe, makes many think that a g-sound and 
not a c-sound is heard. In words like fcoiL, to my ear 
at least, the sound is o. With regard to plural forms 
like p^fcrOe, which some now write p^ifcl.and ppAcjirte, 
which they write piUcat, only the longer form is given 
in these pages. That form is given as being the best 
established, though it is undoubtedly cumbrous and 
awkward to a degree. Both forms would have been 
given except that it seemed a needless waste of space to 
do so, and hence the exclusion of the shorter form is 
not to be regarded as prejudicing its claims. There can 
be no doubt that the tendency will always be in the ' 
direction of retrenching unsounded letters, and making 
the spelling square with the pronunciation. But the 


process must be gradual and, as it were, imperceptible. 
The dipthong 6& has been used throughout instead of 
eu. I have followed Feter O'Connell in writing -itieadc 
or -M-f>s&&i: as the termination of abstract nouns, thus 
ctioniArteiCc, not cfomuiSedfic, though the verb is 
written cpomuigim. 

The diphthong eo and not eO is written throughout 
except in a lew cases, and triphthor^s are not in general 
accented. The diphthong ed is used in preference to 
10 in unaccented syllables, thus ^itte^nn not eifionn. 
It has been found convenient for lexicographical order 
to observe the cdol le caoI law even in compounds, 
though there' are some instances of departure from it 
But it should be noted that the observance of this law 
is not intended to prejudice the pronunciation. Words 
like ieit-rce<il, leiC-Ce^nn are largely but not universally 
pronounced as if written tejikt-fc^At and ieat-CeAnn ; 
thus we say T>eif-Mdl^6 and not •oeAy-t>6&x^t, etc. 
Though many hints regarding the pronunciation of 
words are scattered through the book, it was found 
impossible to treat the pronunciation of each word in a 
systematic manner, without unduly enlat^ing the work. 
The more important verbals are given a separate 
heading ; sometimes they have uses distinct from those 
of the corresponding verbs. The verbs are given under 
their first singular indicative, as this arrangement is 
generally adopted in modern vocabularies. The un- 
settled state of orthography of the language often 
necessitated the repetition of the same word under 
different forms, and recourse was had to phonetic 
spelling when the origin or etymology of the word was 
An effort has been made, as far as the limits of the 


work permitted, to give examples of the principal 
idioms that involve the prepositions and other important 
words, but it is obvious that there are many idioms 
depending on the collocation of words which can be 
learned only by practice. 

The treatment of local words, some of which are r>f 
very doubtful genuineness, was a matter of some 
anxiety. In some parts of the country certain English 
words have got an extraordinary twist, and in the 
mouths of Irish speakers pass for genuine Irish words. 
Moreover, words that are really Irish are sometimes 
very much corrupted locally, and the corrupted forms 
are of doubtful advantage to a lexicon. The local use 
of words, however, when properly ascertained, is of 
great assistance in determining their origin and 

A word may be said about modem loan words. 
They are practically all taken immediately from the 
English, though many are loan words even in English. 
Some have been introduced with scarcely any change 
of pronunci ition, but with a somewhat altered or 
extended meaning. Thus f cfitnifiiii is from schemer, but 
is used in a peculiar way in Irish ; f Of c is from sort, but 
not identical in use with the English word. Many 
English words get an Irish terminal form as cflica from 
crook, and the termination -&A. of the verbal noun is 
often added to English verbs— ^g ceint)e^it, tending, 
and the like. Of forms like these, some have got a 
footing in the language, while others, as the one just 
quoted, must be regarded as barbarous. 

With regard to the general question of the insertion 
of loan words in a dictionary or their use in the spoken 
and written language, it is to be said that words that,.,..N,GtX)^lc 


ar« established in the written language, being used by 
good authors, or words in everyday conversational use, 
should find a place in a dictionary, from whatever source 
they may be derived. The lexicographer may deplore 
the introduction of loan words, but he is bound to 
recognise their existence. Of course, words not well 
established or not widely used, have not the same claim 
to recognition. In the following pages I have in general 
given those loan words which have a footing in the 
spoken or written language, especially when they have 
acquired a new shade of meaning. In writing the 
language, words only recently borrowed and for which 
there are Irish equivalents, should be sparingly used. 
It is otherwise with words that have already a life of a 
couple of hundred years in the langu^e. Every tongue 
borrows from other tongues, and it is a sign of health 
and vigour when a language can assimilate a crop of 
foreign words and reduce them to subjection by the 
rigorous application of its own syntax and of its own 
inflexional forms. 

Want of space prevented my treating of the derivation 
of the bulk of the words in the dictionary, or of tracing 
their relationship to words in kindred tongues. It need 
scarcely be stated here that modem Irish is substantially 
the same language as Scotch Gaelic and as Manx, that 
it bears to the Welsh and Breton languages a kinship 
similar to that which exists between modern English 
and modern German, that it is a development of a 
language which was cognate to the earlier forms of the 
great family of languages spoken and written in modern 
Europe, that though its vocabulary has been consider, 
ably influenced by Latin within historic times, and by 
English within the last three centuries, it has preserved 


its own syntax and its own characteristic inflexional 
system practically untampered with even to this day. 
Its syntactical and inflexional systems have, indeed, 
been subject to a development similar to the develop, 
raent which takes place in the successive stages of every 
living and cultivated speech, but neither its syntax nor 
its inflexional system has been influenced to any great 
extent by neighbour tongues, 

I owe a debt of gratitude to my friend, Mr. John J. 
O'Kelly, for the tireless energy which he devoted to 
the work from the outset His extensive knowledge 
of the living language rendered bis co-operation 
particularly valuable. 

My friend, Mr, J. H. Lloyd, looked over all the MS. 
and read the proofs carefully, and the work owes much 
to his extensive knowledge of local forms and his 
critical acumen. 

The following gentlemen, all of whom are well skilled 
in the living language, kindly looked over the proofs 
and noted local usages, etc. : — Messrs. John J. O'Kelly, 
P. O'Shea (Glengarriff"), P. J. O'Shea (" Condn Maol "), 
J. C. Ward (Killybcgs), J. Craig, J. Rogers (Barrow-in- 
Furness), T. Concannon, R. A. Foley, M. Breathnach. 
Messrs. J. J. Doyle and M. O'Malley looked over a 
portion of the proofs. Special mention should be made 
of Mr. Richard Foley's keen interest in the work from 
the beginning, and of the zeal with which he sought 
out and recorded local usages. 

Among those who helped by supplying lists oi 
words I may mention Rev. M. M'Grath, St. Mary's, 
Rathmines ; Messrs. D. O'Callaghan (Aran), O'Donnell 
(Newport), O'Doherty (Cruit Island), R. A. Foley, John 
J. O'Kelly, J. C. Ward (Killybegs), S6amus O'Kelly,,.,..N,GtX)^lc 

editor's prbpacb. xlii 

(Belfast), M. O'Brien (Ballyvoum<y), D. D. Murphy 
(Valcntia), T. Hayes, P. O'Daly."* Dr. J. P. Henry also 
took a great interest in the work all through its progress, 
and furnished u.'teful lists of local words. 

To Miss Eleanor Hull, Hon. Sec. of the Irish Texts 
Society, who took a keen personal interest in the work 
from the beginning, I am indebted for much sympathetic 
encouragement and many useful suggestions. 

I wish to record my appreciation of the kindness I 
received from Mr. J. J. MacSweeney and' assistants of 
the Royal Irish Academy, Mr. Lyster and assistants of 
the National Library of Ireland, Mr. De Burgh, Mr. 
Hall and assistants of Trinity College Library, 

The labour of seeing the work through the press was 
considerably lightened by the intelligence and efficiency 
displayed by the staff of Messrs. Sealy, Bryers and 

Altiiough this work was laid on my shoulders quite 
unexpectedly, it is curious to recall that the production 
of an Irish Dictionary was one of the dreams of my 
boyhood. If the realization of that dream be not as 
splendid as the original conception, it is some compen- 
sation to reflect that the work, in spite of many 
imperfections, will be useful to thousands of students, 
and will help on the work of cultivating the rich and 
vigorous, but sadly neglected, language of the Gael. 
p^Ditaig u« Dumnln 




A, MeC. — Art Mao Cooej, an Armagh poet of the 18th century. 

Arm. — Armagh. 

B. — 'The Baraoy (the tract h> called in E^t Cork adjoiniDg Yooghal). 

Bar. — Bsrbaroui. 

C. — Conej'B IriBh-English Dictionary. 

Ota>. — CoTBii. 

Ciar. ffb^^Ceastibaa O'Daly. 

O. M. — Cdit<c An Ttlea'66Ti Orntt. 

coll., eoUect. — ooUeotive. 

eomp. — oompuatiTaL 

Con. — ComiBiuht. 

Oondon — Patrick Condon, a niaetoenth otntnry Cork poet. 

D. R. — Donnohadh Bnadh Mao Con Mara. 
jr.— Bast (aa in East Kerry, East Ulster, etc), 
S. jr.— East Mniuter. 
B. 7.~BMt Ulster. 
S. JE.—Eoghaii Rnadb OSuUivao. 
/. — feminine. 
Fer. — Pieroe Ferriter. 
fifenffar. — Gleogarriffe. 
Ferm. — Fermanagh. 

F. F. — Fonts Fotm ar Eirinn, by Keating. 
of Annala. 




N. Cbn.— North CoDoanght 
nank — oominatire. 


Br,— O'Brii 
O'Con.—Soim OConnell (Iriah Poet). 
0'Z».— Geofirey O'Donoghue. 
Oidht Ch. U.—Oidhe Chlainoe Uisoeach. 
Om. — Omeath. 

O'W.— O'Naaghton's MS. Irish-RngliBh Dictionaiy (T.C.D.). 
(/R. — O'Reilly'a irish-Engliali Uiotionary (rooont editiun). 
O'Sa.—EgB.a O'Rahilly. 
p.a. — partioipial adjeotive. 
ptrh. — perhape. 
pt. — plural. 

P_ 0'(7,— Peter O'Connell'fl MS. Irish-English Diotionary (T.C.D.). 
P. O'Dor. — Peter O'Domin, an eighteenth oentoi; poet, 
pr., pm. — pronoun. 
prep. — pcopositi oa. 
prmt, — pronoimoed. 
pronom. — pronominaL 
.fio/i,— Rfliterj. 
i.— singular. 
Sc. G.— Scotch Gaelio. 
aotnet. — soioBtiineB 
m. I. — flpofeea language. 
Svp. — Supplement to O'BeiUy'a Diotionary. 

Tadg. O'Cton. Bii. Cram.— Tadhg ffCQnnellan'B Bilingual Grammar. 
T. 0.— Tadhg Gaodieaoh O'Sollisan. 
T. S.— Ksatrng's " Three Shafts of Death." 
Tor. D. ague G. — Toraidheaoht Dhiarmada, agus Ghtaiime. 
tr.— Ulster. 
W. «.— West Munster. 
T. B. i.— Yellow Book of I^can. 
p. ft". — verb transitive. 

After aoiins, the genitive singular and nominattve plaml are given ; 
aft«r verbs (which are given intha lat person singular, indicative mood), 
the verbal is given ; after adjeotivea, the dative smgolar feminine, whioh 
is also in general the same aa the comparative and superlative, is given ; 
many adjectives, from the nature of the case, are not used in the com- 
>arative or superlative, but are neverthelesa deolined in the positive 
legree ; after compound Qouns, in moat caaes, the genitive and plural 
are not given when they are identical with those of the terminal 
simple nouns. 

The general rule followed in setting down the inflectional termina- 
tion after the words is to repeat the hist letter of the invariable portion 
of the word, thus b|<onnc6irt, -6jia,, -61111-66, signifies that the genitive 
case of btionnc6iit is bgionnc^f d, and it« nominative plural is b^onn- 
c6t|ii4e ; where, however, the inflexional t«rmination is purely an addi- 
tion to the noun, the last letter is generally not repeated, thns poat, -a, 
signifies that puata is the genitive case of puAi. 



poct6m SAefiitse asus t36ARtA. 

A (ailm), the first letter of the 

Modem Iriali Alphabet. 

A, inierj., prefixed to toc. oue, 

oftttn duned ovet in pronnuoia- 

Bupi^ed by "~ ' — *"" 

d, veakeoed form at the prep, 
and verbal prefix tKi (or -De), ae 
d '61t o]ini=QO (oc) ■tit oiim, 
wAntiag to me ; 'otil. d &AiLe = 
Dnl TJo'n (or tki) Cdite, goiog 
homDi A filo5='oo (■oe) fiLos 
or T>on (-oen) 6I.05, of the clock, 
o'clock; rfol. A £0]i = rioL th) 


i, sametimes separated from verba 
of which it is etjmologically a 
part, aa a vA — a-ci., a -06111 = 

A particle used before nntnerala 
when they do not qualify nouna, 
as A hdon, one, the number ooe ; 
a CU15, five. 

A, coUoqaially prefixed as a kind 
of htuping particle to some 
vorda and phraaee, aa a to\'6ie 
for docoCe, a piaiVi for ]iiaiti, 
a belt tor 6eit {as well as for 
-DO beit) ; A I ATI, a great many ; 
A I>eA5 n6 a m6f, little or much. 

A, pnp. (a variety and develop- 
ment oiprtp. I, and used in pre- 
ference to 1 in all modem MSS. 
At present 1 is more in favour in 
printed Irish, though a repre- 
tente the sound more closely. 
In the earlier MSS. a is used 
instead of 1 before 
followed by broad 

&, firtp,, out of; no change in oi 
Bouauts, prefixes h tu vowc . 
beoomea Af before article, tel. 
pro. and " " ' 

Af, — him, it i Aifci, — her, it ; 
afAinn, — na ; Af^ib,— vouj 4^ 
CA, — iJiem. Instead ot a, Ap u 
now in oommon use u iimple 
prep. See Ap, prep. 
&, relative puticle, aapiiating, 
arising from the weakening of 
rerbu prefixcfl, and only reoeutly 
introdtmed into literature, ai 
'nBAi|< A 6aini5 d. = 'nuAi)i 
tAinis A., when &. came. The 
reL prn. in nom. or aoo. case 
doea not require any equivalent 
in Irish, but this particle is 
often used where the rel. would 

A, rel, prn., eclipses, but becomes 
Att before past tenses, aspirating 
in active, and caueing no change 
in oonsonanta but preSxine h to 
vowels in passive voice. (1) All 
who, all which, all whom, all 
that ; (2) aflcr prtp., whom, 

A, pOM. a. (1) ber, its (/.) prefixes 
h- to vowel*; (2) bis, its (m), 
aspirates; (3) their, sclipsea, 
prefixes n- to vowel. 

A, weakened colloqnial foira ot 
art and interrog. part An be- 
tween consonant^; and of prep. 
A5 before consonants of verbal 
noun used partioipially ; also of 
'o'a or A5 A in such phrases aa 
An pcAfi A (50) UpoAtii A mae 
bAc the man wnoM son died. 


A I inter]., fth I oh I an ezolamaticm 
of surprise or disgust. A I mo 
tpuas cii, oh I I pity jou. 

Ab, dtp. form of verb tp, joined 
to preoediDg portiole ; munab, 
5utiab, nijiiib. In opt, often 
shortened to a before conso- 
DOQtfi, as S^V reAfc bpeaiiji 
vo &einiiT>imbi]iA6, majwebe 

Ate., g. abinn, d. ibamn, npl. 

Aitlne, gpl. dbann (somet, n. 

abainn, g, abainne or iibne), /., 

a river, e, atiDam. 
Abi.t, -Ai£, n., the entrails of any 

Atiai, -aiS, pi. id., m,, a dwarf, a 

pigmy, a sprite, an elf. 
Atat, -Ai$, pi. id., m., a ferret, 

a little terrier, a sort of cur 

used for baiting ferrets in their 

dens. (P. O'a) 
Abaii, m., a trepanning or en- 
snaring; a kind of purse-net 

used in fishing. (£er.) 
Abiiite, ttd., home, towards home, 

AbaiLl, indeo. /., au orchard 

Abdinn, ite ab4i. 
i^bAif, imptr., of 4'oeitiim, which 

Abainc -bijita, f., speech, articu- 
lation ; politeneas ; a sentence. 

Abait (alao aibit), -oa, a., ripe, 
mature; quick-witted {ol per- 

Abarteafic, -A, /., ripeness, matu- 

AbaiS"n, vl. aibmsa* ; v. tr,, I 
oaoao to ripen, bring to matu- 

■ifiAjifl, it is it that caused my 
taara ; tp k ■o'abaij cjieim agor 
cneai) im taob, it is it that 
caused a gnawing and a pain in 
my side ; u. int.. I lipen, came 
to maturity ; ■o'abaij an fA-t- 
t.<fC AiEB, hia 6yB-9ij;ht came to 
maturity, his vision returned 

ittX-ca, a., able (trith ajt) {A.). 
We do not say (except in Don.) 
fBA^ Abatca, an able man, but 
ci rS ibaLci aji 6 -dfianAm, he 
is able to do it. 

^battijfic, -a, /., ability [A.) 

Abancufi, -uifi, m., success ; an 
adventure. (.4.] 

Abap, -aiji, m. (obaji), a marsh; 
clay or peat used for manure ; ■ 
met., a difficulty ; abati na 
^capaLl, the puddle of the 
horses (Der.) ; ■ouine -o'^Jsiil, 
'fan abafi, to leave a person in 
a fix ; ca ni6 i n-aban (obati), 
I am in a bog, in a difficulty. 

Abafi -ai r< >»'. Q tnercenary soldier ; 
a fieroe, violent man. See 

Abapcan, see aroar^ap. 

ACarcjiad, see amafu]ta£. 

Abb, -bati, -ba'da, ffl., an abbot. 

Abb-ih^Ltaiji, -iaji, -di£tiea£a and 
■aicpe, /., the Mothor-Abbesa. 

AbcoiTj, -e (a-6bc6i\)), /., ironical 
joking, Hcoldiog; pleading a case. 

Abcfiioe (aobc6ioe), g. w. / pt., 
-tii-6e, jn. ; an advocate, a 
pleader ; a&cfii'oeaC, id. 

A!^6nii-Dea*c (a*bc6niea4c), -a, 
/., disputation, pleading, scold- 

iJib'oame, gen. id., /., an abbct- 

A6F05ar(' brosar)p "lose by, near 
to; a bFojuf laani, near me. 
See I^o5a^. 

AbLa(, -ai3, pi. -aige and abtata, 
m., a carcass, a corpse, carrion. 

altar-bread; AbLann Coipfiijie, 
the Consecrated Host. 

AbLfiip, -fijia, •6i]ii'6e, m., one who 
is continuallv gnimUiiig ; a 
buffoon ; a fool who affects being 




carder or apinQer of wool ; mnl 
At>pAip§e, womeo eardera or 
Bpianera (oiso aihiuireaft). 

A6)iAireaft, -pSe, a,, given to 
■wool-carding or spinning ; mni 
A&tKMtedCa. woraea ckrders or 
spinners {also aiTi]iiij'ead). 

AbfiLii, -Air, m., April, >%< Aib- 

^ft]i^n, nt., BODg. Tecbnioally, a 
poem in modem vowel assoa- 
anc«, as diatinat from oin, & 
poem in the old ayllabio metres. 
See aihjiin. 

ABpAnatc, -a, /., aong, song- 
Diikking. See Airittancd^c, Atn- 

4tfar. -^T- i^- «*-■ "•■■ » »*dT 

Aftfiar. '^T' P^' •''•' *"-' * 7"°' 
the product of the hand ; mni 
dbt'^T' women spinners or 

jlftfiin, -am, m., trench, a hollow. 

.AltroL6i'o, -e, /., abicintion, for- 
giveness (iiiso drpotdiD). 

AbrciL, -ill, pi. id., m., an ^poBtle 
[also Apfc&L, ArpAt]. 

Abf cat'Aa, a., apoitolio. 

Abi, mterj., to victory 1 perS. 
abbrev. for 30 buAi'6. Used in 
battle-cries, aa Cf om Abd I \,km 
f>eAti3 Abu 1 

Atrnf (1 bFUf), on this aide, in 
this life, this world, ae opposed 
to the next. (OppoAa to 


&t\ itiierj., a deprecatory exclaU' 
ation, nol i.t ni't, ah, noT a6, 
aid6 i eiclamation of wonder. 

^6, the general pron. o£ the prep. 
and conj. Aiz, and sometimes 
the written form of the same. 

M:a■^l, -Ai'6, nt., a field, land, a 
plain : Iralaod is called Mtc6 
.dipc, etc. 

'I'CAi'tie, g, id., fL -tiie, m., a 

) aMi 

handy implement (Don.). Set 

AC Aft and ACfid. 
AcAipitn, -Alia*, V. tr., I moor, I 

ACAif, -e.-iie, and -edfA./.ailiir, 

a curse, poison. 
ilU:AifeA£, •p;^e,a., vsnomoui, ran- 
corous, malicious (al»o atfCtftAt). 
^CAircBAt<. See Actfviip. 
^kCAOinceAfi, -ci$e a., querulous, 

complaining. jSm ^A^cAoinceAd. 
AcAtt, -Aif, >— , a tool, an instru- 

meat, etc. ; profit, loan or use of 

a thing. See acf a. 
Map, -Aip, m. , an extent of space, 

or time, distanoe, space, room ; 

a jonrney. 
^a]i-jboLL, nt., a plaoe for moor- 
ing, a road for ships, (Ktr.) 
/iCAttrBt'Ae, flk, a port, a harbour. 

dcAtioigte, moored, anchored. 

(kerj. (p. a., as from v. Aca- 

^dAfin (if'*"")' ™« -iriho^in. 
ACAfz6i\<, ■(•Tii., ■ditii'be, m., an 

^«]-uinn, -e ; pi. id.,/., capability, 
faoolty, means, wealth, abnnd- 
ance, vigour, power, endurance 
(of heat, etc.) ; {al»o eACThAin;, 

ACFDinneA^, -ni^e, a., capable, 
energetic, wealthy, able, power- 
ful ; biv AqMimneAC, a sea- 
worthy boat. 

AcputniieAft, -15, -ije, m., a person 
of large means. 

AcpumneAtc, -a,/., ability, capa- 
city, power. 

dttAt, -Luiste, 

ActAi^e, »., soft, smooth, free in 
moti'in ; generoas. 

ActAi'6e, g. id., soflness, gentle 
nass, smooth ncea 

^iLAiteAfic, -A, /, act of fishing. 

ActAi'DCAtc, -A„ /, mildness, 

Acmmnn. See Acpuinn. 

Aimurini B; ■a"i> ?*■ id., nt.. re- 
proach, reproof, a nickname, a 
bitter taunt J ■ aCiimrin tio 


edr^i Liom, to tennt me with 

Bometbiiig mean [pron. in M., 

AyihuCAii and Af'^^'*)' 
diihur^DAi. -Ai^e, a., aeuBoHoag, 

abusive, reproachful. 
A6Anr''"^""i ■'='*■, I abuse, 

oenaors, rebuke. 
A6iiiiiritiui-6e, g. id., m., a oeneor. 

AcT^t., g. id., pi. -tte, m , aa acre. 

ACfA, g. id , iw., UBS, aeivioe, a tool 
or uieful iiutnimeut, the use or 
loan of a thing, profit ; aiio 
civility, an obligatioa reoeived 
or conferred ; biitL M:pA, a tise- 
fol unplement (Jf.). 

ActiaC, -aige, «., oonvenient, nse- 
ful, obliging, civil ; alur ACAfiAt, 

Aciiid, hungry. Sm ocuii. 

Aipann, 17,, -Ainn (pnm. aiaiiann) 
entaoglement, contention, strife, 
a knot, an eueumbrance, hence 
furniture, baggage; 1 n-a., at 
cross purposes : 1 n-A. 1 n-A 
££il,e, at strife with one another ( 
1 n-A. ']•"* bLia*flnraiB, ad- 
vanced in years (also written 
eitiiann, which ««). 

j\«|U!,nnAe, -Ai^e, a., knotty, en- 
tangled, quarrelsome. See e«£- 

AtfAiinaiin, ■A'6, v, tr., I entangle. 

jJcfA'or, indec. m,, excise. 

A4c, conj,, but; j>rep., but, ei- 
oept, with aoou8. ; b^ore 50 or 
verbal noun loontion, provided 
that ; a£c mnnd, unleu ; a£u 
AihAm, Mcept, save only ; die 
jan, provided that not; jan 
Ate, with only, having only j in 
arcliaio usage, a£c £edTiA, how- 
ever; a4c s*. »''8n thongh 
(co?np. letlA £ih, iiAidft); gen- 
erally or eicluHively pron. «e. 

Afic, -A, jrf. AtcatinA, m., a law, 
an act, a oontraot or oonven- 
tion ; a term or condition ; a)i 
VA hAtcAiC pn, on these terms 
or conditions j an Atz, striviog 


Impose a oonditioa, I make 

AtcbcAj (idc beaj), coiy',, almost, 

bub, except. 
AArieanA {a&z dcAiiA), coiy., how- 

^cion (aicfion), ff. id., m., aotion, 
a great feat (^0 ; tvm Accion 
tio v^AnAth, to do a great deed. 

&tz\iA, see cAfcjiA. 

iJiCciiAnn, A£c)iAiina6. See eafic- 
fiAnn, eaScjiannae. 

ACcuJa-D, -uijce, ra., actof ordain- 
ing, decreeing {aieo AicA-o). 

Atco.iim, -«5A«, V ■- ' - 
decree, ordain. 

At) = i^, in thy; before verbal 
nouns = T)OT) or ajat) (aj do), 
as a'o iboLAis = 'DOT) inoLA'6 or 
Ajao ihoLA-6 (as ■oo riiola*), 
praiaing thee. 

At), Mid. Ir. conjunctive prefix, 
sometimes used for -do as an 
integral prefix of certain verbs, 
aa ao-Beipim for no-beiiiim, 
a-o-CLuimni for 'oo-tLutnim, 
Ao-el for ■oa-ii. 

H>, i^ i p., ai-6, iT>A, or AiS, i^A, 
tn., luck, fate; ga., ai>6, Aig, 
oftonaaa, aa^tiAin ai$, a fateful 

At; A10-, an inleusitive prefix, aa 
A'DUAtibaf, very terrible; a'6- 
moLAim, I extol ; ^i-biniLtim, 

I destroy utterlv. 
Ataipcin, g.icl.,pl. -t6c, m., a little 

bom or point ; a lapwing. 
A'oaL, -ait, pi. id., m., a fieeh- 

AViaLL, -aiLL, m., Bin, corruption, 
adultery, concupiscence; beat 
in «ome animals, especially doga ; 
<if., CA an gaAan j:a a-nalt. 

A*aicAn, -iin, pi. id., ~ - ■" 
person ; a dolt. 

jliiaLc|iAi'DeAtc, -a, /., adolterj. 

jl'6Atc}iAntiA6, -A15, -Ai;5e, m., an 

j\'OALcnnt'6e, [ 
an adulterer. 
^■DAih, g. ^'6aiii), ^4th«, i 



Aiumdnc, -Atnc, m., adamant. 
^'bdttidit, -ihtA, a., fortiinato 

lucky {aI»o i$Aif)Ail). 
A-Dihdifn, t<f. A-oifi^il, t>. (r., I oon- 

fes8, 1 admit. Ste a^Jthni^im. 
&4diin, -dinn, ji. id., m., bd otbd, 

a pan. See aitedtin. 
^Loann, -Ainn, ^. id., tn., a rush- 
light; the plant called cott'i 

A'6Anc<k, p. a., kindlad, lighted 

A'DAncdfr, -di$e, a., inflamniable, 

apt to kindle. 
A'AencoCc, -*, /., aptneas to kindle 

ot Ught. 
ilk'oati tuf A, m., ground ivy (aim 

e.-ii^<f catihan). 
ilijllic, -aif ce, pi. -Aipceanim and 

-Aipceoid, /., a horn, a point, a 

peak; A^dttc pd'6Ai£,ahanter'B 

^'o^ticai, 'Ai^e. a., homv, having 

points or peak* j gablad. 
d'UAftcddAii, -^iti, ^. id., m., a 

ouokold; one having many coma 

on the foot-aolas. 
d-d^tiCAinAtl, -till. A, a., homy, 

ahoiuidiDg in point! or homa. 
di^ttc^n, -i.rn, pi. id. m,, a small 

horn, a point, a imall piunacle. 
AiAtic Ceoii,/, a fog-horn. 
Atafcds, -Oise, -65a, /., a oor- 

Ai/Ajit, -aipc, pi. W., m., a bolster 
or pillow ; the edge of ihe sea at 
hi^ water. 

4-6jp, -oif, m., prosperity (a^ 

A<4rcat>i -Am, jif.i<^.,m.,ahaltei'. 
A'6bA, 'di, pi. A'6&d and Aiitid^A, 

/'.,aninatrmnent(of muaic, etc.); 

a tort, a home; 1 n-Atfta-oAtti 

ceoiL Aifiiiin, in imtnunents of 

mnaic alone {Kta). 
ilvbAcfii'deAt, -Tifi, -Tiite, m., an 

advooate.a pleader, a disputant. 

See A&c6>i]e. 
^'6Aa£i;, -A, /., mirth, plaasuie, 

pastime; cfifi A-6BAftc,in irony; 

45 aicsaI 'r Aj iibaCc, play- 

) Attn 

iitTiAh, -Aile, a., great, immeiue, 
JiftALih6]<, -•Sitte, a., prodigiona, 

.JI'dbAecae, -Ai^e (AtiAiCA^), a., 
joouae, merry. 

A-dbAtLeAi, -Li$e, a., meddle- 
some; ir An-A4&Alt.eAe AH 

pAif-oe ti, you are a mnddle- 
some ohild ; ti^ b1 torn 1ia-6DaiI- 
eat roin,donot meddle so(CW). 

A'DfiAiiLi-6e, g. id., /,, meddling 
[at a child); b1 An A'6T)AiLti«e 
Ann f lAiti, he was ever trouble- 
some; mA bionn cii A3 A'6CaiL- 
l.i4e teif An riiitme pn cuicpi'6 
r* /S«r btiirpeAp i. if you 
meddle witn that spimiing- 
wheel it will lall and be l)rokea 

^obAfi, -Aifi, pl. id., «., canM, 
reason; matter, stulT, material; 
aubjeot matter to be shaped 
into form, itban bpis, the 
materiaU for making shoes ; 
A'6bAt< fASAifc, a (leraon dis- 
posed for and preparing for the 
prieethood; A'6Da|i r^oif, an 
apprentice to a mason, etc.; 
number, quantity ; ca A'DbAp 
THAit ACA Ann, there is a good 
ntsny of them (JV,); means, 
wealth, providence ; ca mo 
fSftrA sAn A'obAti, my career i* 
improTident. ^'obAji, in the 
sense "stuff," etc., is pron. (in 
M. at least) AibAfi, but in seuse 
"number, qnautity.' it is pron. 
a-abufi; perhaps they are dif- 
ferent words. 

i«bHAiiieAfic, -A., /., the quality 
in a yoatb which indicates what 
he IS to be in mature age. 

(P. (yc.) 

AibiSs. --i'S*. -fi5*./i • lt«g "in- 
ning jump ; (in athletics) the 
long leap. 

cloth manufactured from the 
raw material; yam; ^., nl 
■Do'n AoBiiAr *" t6a.T> fniite; 

£iAtit<^i'^ A-obpAir Af pocin. 


A-a1i[< Aj^i<H, -6114, ■dipr'oe, m., a 

oarder of vool. Ste aXi\i&]: 
&-iitim, I Bee. See vo'Aiin. 
iV-ofionnapc, »ee Ati-iim and vio- 

Aiieijiim, V. tr,, irrtg. {tee para- 
digniH), I SBJ, utter, tell; ^Ib 
occ. of object luid Le with dai. 
of persoQ addressed; avei-tiim 
An mk'.'o ]-eo teAC, I tell this 
much to you ; also, with dep. 
clauae with 30, ndi, or ni. ; 
d-oeipim 50 OfuiI, fl. ni -puit, 
or n&t tyfii\\. ; also with infini- 

A-ofHiji, -aifie, a,, vsrj cold. 

t).-6f u AC, ■&, m., detaatation, abomi' 

•iTitnAcmd,]!, -Ai{ie, a., horrible, 
d!etest«bte. See 

AofuatiiiApAtc, -4, /., 

a-dLaca'd, -Aicte, tn., burial ; dig- 

eiiig, delving; A'DlACan, -Jim, 
id. See ■"----" 

, rf. A^lAca* and ait- 
Lacaii, v. tr., I int«r; I dig, 
delvo. See A'^nacaim. 
AiJlacanat, -aij, -aije, m., a 
an undertaker. 
, m., timber, wood; 
fig. matter, stuff, like a'cKat' '• 
a'Diuat) ceanjaiLce t>i. CfiiLe, 
a raft. (iLtitnao in Con, and U.) 
A'oriiiiL, -ita, /., act of confess- 
ing, admitting; acknowledgmeDt, 
ctmfession; receipt for jMiy meat; 
teaftajt a'oindla, a receipt book. 

JioihajiAi, -Atje, a., lucky, forta- 

^■fimapaige, g. id.,f., chance, luok, 
fortune; Aft atintafai^e An 
■DOiiiAin (nfi an cr^OSAiVl, by 
the luckiest chance imaginable. 

^'Aiiiol.a'D, -tea, m., act of praising; 

ti'omoLAini, -a-D, e. tr,, I praise 
highly, extol. 

JlTJiiiuiSim, v.n. aTjmail, v. to-., I 
confess, admit, acknowledge. 

jl^nacat, -naicte, m,, act of 
burial ; BopuUhre. See awtica*. 

A'cnaciit, -^la, /,, act of burial ; 

A'onacLat, -aij, -Ai^e, m., a grave- 

dig, delve. 
J*na«, g. ar .. 
kindling, inflaming. 

, V. tr,, I enkindle. 


jl'Dpa'b, a-6A|itA, m., adonttion, 
worship, reverence ; TiSiia a'o- 
Apia, gods of worship (Kea.). 

difiaijteoiii, -opA, -oipiT)e, m., an 
adorer, a worBhippef. 

A^paim, -)ia-6, v. tr., I adore, ven- 

A-6pac6ip, '6jiii, -difnie, m., an 

aaocer, a worshipper. 
Avmaiij (a T}cuai'6), from the 

norUi ; jaoc aT)c., north wind. 

A'ouaiain an -pcfaL 6 I what a 
strange story I [Gon.) 

A-fiua^iiiAii, -Aipe, a., very awful, 
temfio. iSee a'^fuatiViap. 

A-ouanear, -aifi ™-. loneliness; 
\ ti-aT>uancaf an tTLiiOe=in 
the loneliness of the mountain ; 
bi uaisnear ^ AtinAncar Aiti = 
he was very lonely (Con. ). 

AtiubAiiic, p/. tense of a-oeijiim. 
See a'oeipim. 

AtiujA*, -oijce, m., act of kin- 
dliDE, inflaming ; that with 
whi^ a Ore is kiodled, as Sint, 
a match, a spark, etc. ; a. na 
cemea'o, what kindles a Sre. 
See FAtin Ja-6. 

ATiuigim, -uJa*. v. tr., I kindle, 
light up (as a fire). See pA-oui J- 

4e, g. id., pi. ae-oAnna, m. and /, 
the liver; fig., the heart. 

As-oAf Ad, -aije, a., airy, weird, 
haunted ; pleasant, fond of 
pleasare. Also aepAt. 

Aen, one. See aon. 

I., Google 

wandering aimlesslj about. 

Aeji'DA, a., aerial, airy ; nd 
TisaiiiAiTi deii'^A, the demona of 

J\, -iiSe, a., airy, buoy- 

*letieo5, -0156, 054, /,, an aerial 
being, a fairy. 

Aepi-Dentc, -4, /., walking tor 
pleianre or health ; an enter- 
taiument in the open. 

Aeiiim,rtJi. aepeiti, tj. tr., I air, ven- 
tilate (also ieingim. 

^S- P^P-) ['n pronom. combina- 
tiona, fljam, asac, 3136 (mas.), 
aice (<>ici), osAinii, ajaiB, acA, 
aomat. a vowel is added before 
poBs. pron., aa ^ige Fiafi, and 
in pi. eap. before words beginning 
with cons, as ri r* ""S* ^Z^) 
Sed^an, John hae it; with re- 
lat. ja] at, with, by, of ^aet, 
at, near (after verbi of rest and 
the aubs. verb); aj an nxioliAr. 
at tbo dwir ; ag ati ■oceini'o, at 
the fire ; of a cauM, ni 1111511" 
pocaL a5 Z^^T "^ haUann, I 
do not hear a word on account 
of thenoiaa of the river; used 
partiiiveli/, jad unino aca, evorj 
one of them ; tised to detott pot- 
tiesiion, with the aubst. verb, ca 
cialL, aijiseau, nc, aije, he 
has seoHe, money, eto. ; after 
verbs of leaving, retaining, eto,, 
in the aame aenae, congaiB a^ac 
F6in 6, keep it in your own poa- 
aeasion ; a^ [■ea ('reo) rciLLins 
-ouic, here la a Bhttllng (for you) 

atate towards one (a|i), ca 5|iain 
asdm ope, I hate you. puat- 
liiari agTlia, hateful before God; 
with H)., corresponding to pr. 
part, in English, as par, groW' 
mg; vif6t.SJi.l'^a)tai:^3.i>{tta 
well as -oa uaicai), be is being 
ohokad ; with vt. to express a 
lakilt clause, a^ buaLa'o ania|i 

X36, while he wu ooming from 
the west ; denotes the agent ol 
actions going on or finished, zi 
r6 rcjif obta again, I have writ- 
len it ; cai) ra a^ac Tii rcftfo- 
lla'fiT what are yon writing! 

•naf Ci aige, m he had, m he 
WM; maf (a)tiaiCai3e. "where 
be had." where ha was ; but man 
(4) fflift r*> where he wu; and 
maji hi ffi, as he wm. 

^$1 9'> ^^k "od A^a, m., vatonr, 
■nccess, battle, triuniph, look, 
good-liick. Set i-6. 

Asa, g. id., m., respite, leisure, in- 
terval of time ; ni't aga a^am 
at|i, I have bo leisure to do it. 

Aga, as^ compounded of a^. at, 
etc., and a, pott, pm., his, her, 
ita, their. 

AjaiB, pro), pr., 2 pt . at or with 
ye, emph., -fe. See as, prtp. 

A§ai-6, g. aijte and ajdi-ie, pi, 
id.,f., the face; ap ajai*, op- 

C't«, over Bgainit, in front of; 
rard, with g. or pou.pra, ; 
T)ut a]i «Sai-6, to progreas ; 1 
n-ajai*, againat, before, with 
g. or poM. prn. ; cuji 1 n-ajai*, 
to oppose, to stake, to rainind ; 
'Dut 1 n-agai-A, to go against ; 
n6 1 n-a^ai* an Lae, an egg for 
each day ; le h-ajai*, for, for 
the purpose of, or use of, with 
g. or poai. pm. ; a^aii ■00 tab- 
aipc ap, to face towarda, fix 
attention on ; reward, retriba- 
tion (with qualifying adj., oLc, 
mait), ir mate an ajai-o ope i, 
you welt deserve it, eto. (but ate 
oi'6ea-6) ; Ve baJai-6, towards, 
in preparation for, against ; Le 
h. an Seiifipfc, in preparation for 
the winter : aji m' asdi4 ania£, 
right in front of me, before my 
eyea; 1 n-agai-o an crpota no 
tomainn mo Lime, I used to 
plange my ahirt in the Sowing 


t ) 


AJii'ft-Fi'oil,, g. and ji.. 

a the 

face ; tlie word is often used by 
the Eoglish -apeak [ng Irish, and 
iipronoDncea high fiddU or eyt 

A^aint'oedfc, -a, /., act of dis- 
puting {Con.) 

ilSiinn, jtrep. pr,, 1 pi., at or with 
US i emph. .tie. 5ee aj, jire^. 

jiSdipc, -apui,/., revenge, ratribu. 
tioD, arraignment. 

i*5aI.L. See ASiltam. 

ASAtt-Km, -AiTi, t>. tr. and iittr., I 
dispato, hold a dialogue with. 

ASdltAtii, -ttiiiA, d.,-A\m,f., a dis- 
course, a dialogue, a disputatiou, 
act of discouraiDg, disputing. 

A'^&m,prep. pr., 1 *., at or with 
me, emph. -fi. Set A^.prep. 

^S^V'O' -AifD, m., a haggard, a 
hay or com yard (J.). 

AS^t^i -^<Ii> "^1 revenge, letriba- 
tion (alio A^jiat). See djaiTic. 

AEAiitAfi, -itje, a., roTengrful, 



pleader. iSee ^isiiAuoiit. 

Ajac, prep, pr., at thee, to or 
wilji thee ; emph. Asac-fA. See 

Ajnor. See AiSnear- 

^jnoiAe, g. id., pi., -Tite, m., ■ 
pleader, an eipoatulator, a dii- 

A36, m., doubt, BUBpioioQ, error 
{M.) ; on obatacle, a saving 
clause (IT. Ker). See 36. 

iJS^i'O) -e> -eaCa, /., an objection 

^SP«C, -ait, -iiije, nt., a plea<ler, 
a pretander, a claimant; as a., 
vindictive, revengeful (,ai>o 
ASajiai and «5A)icift), 

jlsjiAim, -ri&Ti, V. tr., with ace. of 
direct object and afi of person ; 
I retribute, revenge, dispute, 
challenge; tii-p asp*** "^'^ ^V^ 
< pn, may God not give thee 
retribution for that; iiEiiiii tio 
'dio^ALcAf Aip Anoif, be 

avenged on him now. See 


A5pAt<iif, -fill A, -fiitii'De, m., a 
reprover, a claimant, a pleader. 

^SOirin {dimin. of asur, and), 
g. id., pi., .i-oe. m,, a amaU 
addition; an eiaggeratioo ; on 
appendii to a book. 

jjjuf (often reduced to a'f. ar, «r, 
'r. and by the Scotch to 'nr), 
conj. and, hut. etc. ; often intro- 
ducing a circumstantial clause, 
while, seeing that, ^though, 
notwithstancUng ; an aifiLai'o a 
mearpa 5° n-ol-raiin' 6 p" 
agur mo 6ean itiapO, do you 
think I would drink that aeeinjr 
thai my wife is lying dead F Zi. 
r* iuSamn asup oeaba* aip, 
he is coming towards as tn hatte; 
used in co.relation with torn, 
as ; OB ... as ; coulann capALL 
iom mait a^nr cootann peaf , 
a horse sleeps just as a man 
sleeps (i.e., a horse sleeps no leaa 
than a man) ; after tonann, tbe 
same as; after oipea'o, just aa 
much as : an oipeat) asof 
peoinLtris (with neg.), not aa 
much as a farthing; sifter Aih- 
Lai^, namely, that i»; if am- 
tai* a 6i r^ '■S'^T carpin ap a 
teann, this was his staU, name- 
ly, he had a oap 

stay ; bLia-iam ip (asiip) Li 1 
Titiiu, this (lay twelvemonth 
(past) ; Le j-iiil asuf 50 Cpeic- 
Fca-o r^ 6, in the hope that he 
ma; see it ; ]:aoi |iA'6 a^ur 50, 
beoause ; magi n'o^iL AEOf 50, 
in hopes that. 

2rbe, inter}., ave I hail [ 

Aib^il, -e, a., quick, sudden ; co 
ha., mill., quickly, suddenly, 
soon ; tainis p* tr^e&t 50 
hAib£it 'na ■Diai* pin = im- 
mediately after that, he came 

:&ib4if, -e, pi, id. and -eata, /., 
tbe deep tea; an abyss; gi«at 

I,, Google 

olierjr ; cA AiMtf ojan, I 
glad or pleased (pron. aiuMir 
or i,ip£ir in Ker.) ; rciicfn 
AiMit, a langhing-stook ( fT. 

AibBicip, -CUB, /., the aMiabet. 

^lUire^i, ■rije, a., droll, humor- 
one; reckless, iDdiffsreot, ab- 
iord, extravagant. 

ilibiT], -e, jii. -e and -caCa, /., 
habit, coetume, the dress of a 
religiou : behaTionr, monl 

ilibi'6, tee abAi'6. 

AiCte, g. id., pi. -BAti, /., a fiying 
spark of fire. 

dibleo^, -otje, -054,/, a pieos of 
bunung fuel, a tmrDing sod of 
toH; T)6i$eA-6 'n^ hdibLeois i 
she was bamed to a oinaer 
(Don,); a BDow-flake. 

AitlneAe, 'ni£e, a., abouudiag in 

dib|tej,n, -^in, m„ the month of 
April ; proa. ^bftAn Id M., 
Aibpein in Con. and U. 

Aice, ff. W.,/., immediate vicinity, 

Erozimity; 1 n-A Aice, clote by 
im ; 1 n-Aice An bfiiLe, oear 
the village; t n-aice Liom, 1 m' 
Aice, beside me; also 1 n-d>ce 
■dAm, near me {M.) \ 1 n-Aice Le 
iTiAi^, beside the Uague ; ap 
Aice AD ci$e, from the vicinity 
of tlie houae ; 1 n-dice riA 
SCOitlce, beside the woods ; 
CApAtt Aice, a horse led by 
one's side; if pojiuf puineAti 
t n-Aice HA mine, it is easy to 
bake when one has meal at 

^iccaCc (Ait-CeAec), -A, /, a les- 
son; guidance. Set ceAfir. 

4ici, prep, pr,, 3 e. /,, with or at 
her. 8te aj, prep. 

iliciti, -e., -eAiA, /., sickuesa. 
disease, esp. contagious dis- 
ease; Aicit) 6fio6AnnA±cA, the 

Aicl-DBAi, ■ti\%, -tiije, m,, a aick 

Aicitliie, a., skilful, oautiona, 

tlicilti«eA<:c, -A, /., skill, dex- 

.AictoncA, mdee. a., natucal as 
opposed to ortifioial. 

Aictr. -e, f., peevishness, bad- 

■BAdA, /., a sort of 

kinii.'a class, a race, a tribe. 
Aicne, g. aicioiica, /., nature ; a 

race or tribe (a form of aicme). 
AiCnio, aee aitniv. 
&rii-, intensive prefix ; vei; ax- 

eeedingly. .See av-. 
Ai'6Ciil,-e, g. and pi. (also Ai-6ble), 

a., vast, terrible ; as >ii6l., vast- 

nees ; an inoreasa ; bcA^An 

Ai'6biiLa DO bVifi leir, to 

exaggerate a little. 
diT>6£iUA6, -tije, a., very ^eat, 

wondrous ; bragging, bMsting. 
^iiDbfilsAii:, -A, /., a boasting, 

wonder; hugeness, eaonnjty. 
iiiteipreoin, -opA, -oijH-de, m., 

an ndveraary ; the devil ; a 

wicked person (used inpf. in this 
1) ; pron. AiTifeoiii. 
HreoipeAC'- -■*■<' 
a, devilry. 
AitiMir, -e,/., the ocean, an abyss. 

See Ai66il|. 
^tvbre, g. id., f., vastness, bulk, 

site, form, figure, apparition. 

Sea CAiDbfe. 
Ai*IJf6A6, -t'SSi "-1 ''**t, dreadful, 
AroBr*''''^' ■'^' f- vastneBS, buge- 


AiptiAADfiA^, -Ai$», a., belongiog 


n (P. ac). 

Aip|iic (Appaic), -e,/., Africa. 

^1^, a., Toliant, Tiott^otu, fateful 
{prrip. QM. of AJ, Tilour, fate); i^., 
Orcdti ii£, the valoroiu 0«car. 

Aije, s form of ^5, very common 
m £er., and aUo in Om. and 
iton, i ci aitisedo 4158 seajin, 
John hat moiiej. 

dije, prep, pr., 3 », m., with or by 
mm, or it, 8w ^SrPTP- 

43iisea£, -cii^, m., a seasoander 

iltseAtAim, La*, c. to-,, I vm, 

Ais£an, -£ine, /, the ocean, the 
deep, onabyu; Tnift-disfiAii r\& 
Fainpse, the bottomless depths 
of tlie sea. 

dixfATid^, -At^e, a., deep, fall 
belonging to the ooeao. 

Aisdanca, a., ooeamo ; deep 
mountainous (of waves). 

AiSeatica, iiuUc. a,, intelleotnal 
spirited ; thoughtful ; pensive 
greedy, with gusto (Aran), 

Ai^edticdA, -Aige, a., intelleotnal, 
spirited ; thonghtful ; cheeirfal, 
hearty ; Ugl't, airi ; "-■-' 
headed, idiotio {Der. 

^iSSdncdCc, -4,/.. sagacity, intel- 
lectuality, spirit. 

^'Sne, -sedncA, pi. id. (also g. 
atcni*), m., the heart, the 
mind ; intention, desire (non>. 
also Aignea'o). 

.JiSneam (aicnea-fi), -mrii, m., 
gaiety. liveRneBS ; ci A.sneam 
m6ji aip, he is very lively {Don), 
Su ii^ne. 

^ignein, -am, m., ivy; AiJneAn 
cilmAn, ground ivy. (In Ser. 
pron. with accent on first 

Aijoear. ■"Ti "*■! trouble, conten- 
tion, argument ; 
(Ser.) ; a^ coji ai§i 
picking a quarrel — ' 
gan aignear ~ " "" 


mth hin 


to trouble the 

) ill 

Tomao of the honse ; </., 
"AiSne*r 11 ^acaij teip an 
mbar"— TWe <ifPoem. 

Alt,,/., pleasnre, desire; in jAr. 
If aiL liiom t, 1 wish it, etc.; 
cti^ao 110 b'atL teau ann F what 
did f on want there t eto. ; cat) 
■00b' aiL Leac tiep what do 
yon want it for P 

AiLC, -e, -eata,/, a ilook. 

Aiibi'n, g. id., pi. -me, m,, a small 
800k ; qf., aitbin cao|iae, a 
smatlflookof aheep; ■ee'oeiLbfn 

jtiLce, pi., immovable rooks [Ser), 
Aitcin, -e, -i'6e,y., a etrand-stone 

used in seine- fishing {Ker). 
AiUati, -fif , m., a loft, garret, a 

Ail.eif=leir, odtt., as well, also 

(lit., with it). 
dttgaaf , -a, m,, great pleasure or 

iltlSearaC, -Atte, a., full of d«tii«, 

eager, zealous. 
diLitn, V. ir., I pray, beseech. 
Ailrim, ■»,/., alum. 
AiLim, I Qurse, etc See oittm. 
AiLL, -e, pi. id., and ailLcfeaia 

■ ' 1),/, a cliff, a took ; </, i 
the '■ " '■ 

iiLl, i 



Aitt-btiuafiat, ■ -..^-. 

steep or rocky brinks. 
iitle,,/., Deauty {also iiLne). 
dilLeatc, -a, /., beauty, loveli' 

ness (also aiLneatc). 
diLLeattoiii, -opa, -6tfii*e, i»., a 

iitVeajin, -l\n,pi. id., m., a toy, 

gewgaw, frippery ; aaLeajAn 

innciieai, a merry-go-round 

(somet. ail.l.eaii,n). 
AilLeaSonaCu, -a,/, idling, loll- 
ing about {Mayo), 
^LiLLear, -ain, pi. td., m., darling, 

a doll, a plaything. 
iitleo3, -oi5B,-05a,/.,»8wallow 

(so pron. in Omeath) (also ain- 

leoj and painLeos). 
.dilli^im, -iu$a*, V. ir., I beautify. 


oer, aaogrece, an abaceaa, » 
spreadiuK lora i bfidon dittr^i 
a drop onerred lo foil upon the 
tombs of aertain tyraota, bo 
oaUed from He oankeroiu corrod- 
ing what it falls upon (.CBr.) ; 
mo Cfaon Aittrf , my corroding 
darop {in the aensa of a powerfiu 
means of destrujiog tyrants) 

A%l\.re, g- id., _pl. -flCa, /, a 
fairy, any dimnutiire creature, 
a chafer, worm : cf,, " nl Lo^a 
Diini AiLLredSa 01^1165 nita?' 

iiLLfeifi, -riS^i "'I negbgent, liat- 

'Attl.r<&<"> -i<>$A-6, V. tr., I neglect, 
Ajim, -e, /., the palm tree; also 
the fir tree ; somet. the elm tree ; 
the name of the letter "A"; 
XioiTin<i£ nA hditme. Palm Sun- 
day {aiao paiLm, pAilm, palm, 

Ailmeos, -0156, -osa,/, the elm 

or fir i rfimin. of 4iLm. 
' " B, ff.Mi.,/,beanty i altowmp. 

dUinti, See aiLU. 
,Ailnei4c. 8a jitLeflCc. 
^itp, -e, pi. aLpa, siLpea^a, 

/, a protuberance, a huge lump, a 

high mountain ; a stoat person ; 

a bite, a montUul ; a bite of a 

vicions dog or horao. 
Ailpin, g. id., pt. -me a knob, a 

Btout-hcaded stick ; cLeat aiV- 

pin, a atont-heoded stick. 
Ailceoip. -ora, -oiTiiTie, m. , one 

who plays pranks, an "arch" 

fellow, a frivolous person. 
Aim- (am-), neg. pre/., un-, in-, 

die-, not. 
Aim£ea|iT;, -£i]ice, a., unjust, 

Aim-deoin, f., miwiUiugness ; ni, 
a., in spite of bim ; 1 n-a. na 
caoiTie, in spite of the tide ; 
aiib'oeoin is oft«n used as eaaj. 

Aim-AeofiaC, -aije, a., unwilling, 


^dith^eotl, -ola, /., raw meat, 

proud or inflamed flesh. 
Aimio, -e, -rte,/, a foolish woman. 

AiRiiL£ir, -e, /., misfortune; 

cuicim t KCOtifat na haimil- 

£i|-e, to fall into the paths of 

Aiiiii(iear- See amftar. 
AirtiLearj -a. m,, duad vantage, 

'— - unhappy or " ' 

— "»' ... , 

^ ., he is leading a 

foolish or vicious life ; vJanpaM 
ffi a aiitilear, be will work 
mischief for himself. 
AiihLeafat, -ai^s, a., foolish, im- 

AiThLeafc, -Leifce, »., laiy, sloth- 
ful, indolent. 

AimLeirce, g. id., /,, lai 
slothfubiees, sluggiabneu. 

Aiihleifceatc, -a, /., la: 
elotb, slnggishness. 

AimleirceamAiL, -ihLa, a , 
dolent, reluct«iit, slothful, 

Aimneattc, -nific, ■»., weakness. 

Aiibneatirmati, -atpe, a., iufirm, 

Aiitipea]-, -«ir, m., error, mistak*, 
donbt. See aihftaf . 

Aii*i)iii-6, -a, a,, disordered, dis- 
quieted, entangled, disturbed ; 
feaj-am aiiti(i4i4 ap taai5, 
standing in a troubled way on a 
hatchet l,0'Z>.). 

Airiinfive, g. id., /., unevennesa 
(of rood, etc.), entanglement (of 
cord, thread, etc.); the defiles 
or fastnesaes of a place ; ntuc- 
aiTh[t£i'4e na cottte, the fast- 
nesses of the wood; aca an 
rnaite 1 n-ainiti6i'6e, the tliread 
IS entangled ; an ceann a^ dbI, 
1 n-aiinii?i-6e, the memory fail- 

Airiifieo, indec. f. ( Jfayo) = atih- 

f giiie, entanglement. 
Aimpiaji, -ii6ife,/, disobedience, 

mumanagement, opposition. 
Airhnia(ia£, -a 156, a., disobedient. 


Aiiht<utita. a., nndiaciplined, dis- 

AtrnfiiD, -e, a., nnfniitfnl, barreD, 

diiiit<io6c, -A, pi. id., m., diuuisn, 
ooncealnent, unbush (from 
|tio£c, thape, form, and Am). 

Aimraup, -pile, pi. .roipi,/., time, 
aro, penod, duration, seasoii, 
waathar ; CAilin Aiinp)ie, « 
eervaatgirl; aji a. (oUo i n-o.}, 
at lerTicoi dimrCAti ah Cfiot- 
iotn A^r ^"^ FOsniAiji, the 
Baed-time and tha harvest-tima. 

AtmreAf^A, tndec. o., temporal. 

.Aimriiim, -totAi, n. (r., I aim, 
diraot, attack ; I strika, hit tba 
mark ; I rocogmBe at a. distance 
(aim with the tye) ; I fiod out, 
diBcorer ; I tempt, allure, incite, 
fascinate, bewitob. 

AimnajA*, -pfcie, pt. id., (It., act 
of aiming and nittiug, direotjus ; 
aot of Siding ; in jil., attack, 

Am- (ATI-), neg.prt^, un-, in-, not; 
•ntomw prefix, very. 

AinCeAHC, -beifce, -BeApcA,/, an 

AmMAr«t. --itSe. a., iU-bred, 

AmBpeArAt, AinfiiMorAt, -Aite, a., 
ignorant, without kuonlodge. 

AinCpaotL, -oIa, /, proad fledi. 

Atn Opine, g. id., m., a atrangeir. 

.dmbpior, -FeAfA, m., ignorance, 
waab of knowledge. 

AmBpiorAe, -Aije, Ignorant, want- 
ing knowledge. 

AinOceAnn, -teinne, /., a spring 
tide. See AinBtamne. 

dinCceinne, g. id,, /,, a spring 
tide, a storm (Set-.). 

Ain^aAtic, -iipc, m., injnstica, 

AmiaAjiV, -£it<ce, a,, unjust, 

Atncw, -etT< *>*■, doubt, nn- 

^inceAfA^, -4<£e, a., doubtful, 

jiinfiiatltiA, indte. a., Maue'aw, 
without reason, as a beast (olio 


j\in£neiT>eAih, -'oith, m., tmbeliaf. 


Aintttei-oiiieAt, -rhi^a, a., u 

AintpeiT)meA6, -rfiit, -mite, in 

infidel, an ue'--'^ 

Ainfiploj-cAiTiAil, -riilA, a., un- 

chrigtiaa, irreligiouB, 
A)ntnfo]~cAihtA(c, -A, /., anti- 

chiistiaDiam, irreligion. 
iJitnneAtitl, -a, a., uncertain, 
Aintieir, -e, a., unlidy, awkward, 

distresaful, afflicted, inconre- 

:4in'oeire. gen. id., pi. -pte, /., 
affliction, calamity ; inconva- 
nience, awkwardness. 

jlinTjeireoifj -ojia, -oijii'fie (Ain- 
ScaifGoiii), nt., on unfortunat« 
paraon or thing, a wr«(ch ; 
dim. Ain-ueireoipin is oom- 

._ AiriiT^eoin. 

Ain-oiA'OA, iadec. a., ungodly, im- 

Am-DiA-OAi. AiSe, a., ungodly, 

protana, mipious. 
AintiiA-OA^c, -A, /, impiety, god- 

tSLinxiiogALcAi, -AiAe, a., not given 

to revenge, forgiving, 
ilinijiun), -e,/., oMurao)', imp«m- 



-i>iS6, c 

ditiTiLeajfcaft, -Aige, a., nnlawful, 

illegal, unfair, irregular; also 

4intil,ije (AinTitiJeA-o), -gi*, -Jfie, 

m., unlawfulness, injustice. 
AinT>litteaC, -cije, a., unlawful, 

illagaJ, ex Ux. 
AintiLiJceAfi, -CIS, -tite, m., » 

lawless person, an outlaw. 
iine, g.ia.,/., delight, pleasure, 

agility, melody. 
AincAin, g. Ai-nibe, pi. id., m., a 

blemish; also dimm and Ainniiii, 



AineAf. -A, pi. id., m., 

Ain6Afcait, •«, a.j inactlvA. 

■At-n^ireAtvit, -ai^e, a., ineSeo- 

Ainei^enilidnca {*iSeam, ory- 
i^, bBBeeohing), a., inexorablo 

.Aitieol'ie, -di^e. a., ignorant, 

without knowledge; m tubit.. 

ODS igninsnt <^ the romd, etc. 
.AtneoLd^c, -i, /., ignonnce, want 

of knowledge. 
^ItneotAf, -dip, M.. ignoranoe, 

^ineol^'ie, -di£e, 

wanting in knowledge. 
^ineolsAifeAC, -T<$e, -a, a., igno- 
rant, without knowlmlge (alio 

.atn^eoiL, -oLi, /., prond fleeh ; 

grou fleeh. 8te Ain&peoit.. 
.Ainf ifi. iSee Atnni^. 
Ainjtori ■fe^F''' "-I ignontnee, 

want of knowledge. Bit Ain- 

.Ain^iordf, a., igDorant. 8u Ain- 

i3iin^fteA5dji6d£, -di^e, a., dia- 
oordaat ; nnaoBwerable, unao- 
oountabls ; coithtetiec Ain- 

idveraity, malice. 

AinjceifOoip, tte iitiTjeireoif . 

dinseAt, -51I., pi. id. tmd diti^le, 
m,, *a angel ; a bnmt-out oindor 
taken from the fire, eometimes 
giren in their hands as a pro- 
tcoticm to ohildren going out at 
night is called dinse^L, a* it is 
mppoeed to represent an angel. 

AinSe^Lt, m., great regard; a 
■trong desire or affection ; a 
bond, a mortgage. 

4iTi-£edn, -a, m., great love. 

Ain^i^a, a- wicked, fnrioui, 

^"<S<I>> •*!/■ Su dinnin. 
jjincLiie, wu&c. a., angeUoaL 
^in$n{oiii, g. -a a«d -jiriltii, pt. id. 

-jniomtM. luwf -JnioihAttt^ at., 

jj)niAf(mdt<tAfi, -Ai^e, a., of evil 

oonaeqoenoea, ill-Iatod. 
dint4nr<iia, g. id., pi., -lie, m., 

evil comequenoe. 

'having evil consequenoee. 
Atmcim, ti., -cea'6 and an^cAt, I 

protect, defend (against. Ajt, 6) ; 

oleanae, purify, restore to 

Aiiiicteotti, -otiA, -oitii^e, m., a 

Ainiiii. See atnediii. 

^inio^c, -A, m., onkiodness, 

onielt;, oppreMion, 
Ain<o±r«£, -di£e,a., unkind, crual, 

inhoapitsble, oppressive, tyran- 



^ididin, wild anise. 
4tnte, g. id., pt. -ti*«, /, a 

swallow, a swift ; dim. Ain- 

Leo;;. IffB. gives J>inLe=a 

AinieAtiAt, -Ai$, -Aije, m., a 

^inLeAtiAtm, -ruitiAin, v. If., 1 

r, anise, oarawaji i ainfr 

-jTileaf. -*■ ^^ AimVear. 
ilitileos, -otse, -osa,/., the little 

bar in a lock in which the barrel 

of the key fits {Aran). 
^inteoj, -oije, -054, /., a night 

hawk, a swallov ; a weed of the 

nettle kind. 

pi. anmannd (older form), ainni- 
me and «innitiea£A, m.. a name ; 
reputation; ■oume do :^lAo4a£ 
Ar A Ainm, to call one b; an 
abusive name; " C6ij\ &nm^i\T\," 
title of an ancient book [Kta.]. 

■Amm-ttlii, -ii|i, pi. id., aitd 
-paeA, n., a catalogue. 

AiniiieAt, -in lie, 1" 



Ainihe^f, -A and 

Ainriie.ifdti'oa, indfe. a,, unmefi- 
Bured, immodorftU, iiitempernte. 

atenesa, eiceaa, intomperance. 

Ainrfieirnea*, -nij and -nise, m. 

and /., rnshQeiifl, iieaitanoy, 

weakness, state of diaconroge- 



, a., bnay (Clare). 

&rnmtin, -riiiine, yi. -i, and -ca, 

dpi. 4Timwn4i6 (Kfa.), /., lust, 

coacupiacence, paasion ; Ain- 

piscance of the flesh. 
^mihidiiaS, -AiSe, o., passionate, 

lustful, SODBual. 

jJinmi^e, g. id., pi. iimrtiince and 

Atnriii'ote, tn.. a bruM, an animal. 

^iTithi'6edC, -'^i^e, o-, brutiah, 

Amihi-oeiSc, ■a, /., brutality. 
Ammfti, -e, a., rough, paasionate. 
jlinrtiine, g. id., /., roughness, 

ooaraeneas, passionateness. 
AinmneAf, -ni^e, a., famo(iB,ilIua- 

AinmneAibdit, -ihla, a., famoos. 
Aininnt^iin, -iu^d-6, t>. tr., I name, 

jlinmiii^e, p. a., named, apeci- 

Sedi 30 tiA., namely. 
AinmtiinSA'O, -ijte, m., aot of 

naming, denomination, dedica- 

Ainnip (iinneaji), -nifie, pi. id., /., 
a maiden ; if 1 'n* liiinnif 615, 
while she was a young maiden. 

Amjieaec (iinnioftc), -a, pi. id., 
Dt., evil pligiit. 

AininflSCAnai, -aije, a., necaaiii. 
tous, poor, miserahle. 

iliiniiiafirdTiAr, -dir, m., 
danger, great misery < 

Su jiioftu. 
^mrcmn, -cine, pi. -cedtina, /., a 

large knife ; fury, extravagance ; 

a furious or wild peison, 
jimrcianii, -ii£e, a., furiona, 



AinfciAnCA, iitd«ct. »., fmiow, 

^infeat'Ci 9- -eifcaaad -e«fica,/., 

^infedftc, nt. and /., exoessive 

Amfedjicat, -At^e, a., noloving, 

merciless, cmel. 
^infe4rcAiti, -e, a„ troublous, an- 

eaay, uncomfortable. 
AiTi|-p>o[ijit'0, ■«, -i*e, /., an evil 

spirit j the devil, 
.dinffiidnc^ a., unbridled, de- 
Ainfjiiansaic, -a., ^., libertiniam, 

debanohery, tmbridled pMoou. 
i\ince<inn, -einne, a., very violent, 

oppressive, severe; braced up, 

very stiff, very stout. 
Aincear, -a, m., great heat, inflam- 
mation, wrath. 
iilinceara^, -Ai^e, a., hot, feverish. 
ilincedr^itie, tndtc. a., sultry, 

wana ^of weather), 
ilince^ircde, -di^pl.Hi., i».,afalBe 

witness; " iincearcat bpiAS," 

a base aaserter of lies (Kea.); 

"innipn rc*4t, atnceaixiS -oo 

W puAUftidf \}6 " (M.). 
Ainueircii, -iije, a., falsely 

Ainciseijina, g, id., pi., -i-be, m., 

a tyrant, an oppressor. 
AinciSeatitiiic, ■&, /., tyranny, 

Aip4e, g. id., /., maturity (from 

abiio, ripe). 

jJiji, prtp., on, upon, etc.; more 
generally written [ap, which 

lizard, etc. Set eagic and attc.,.,..i.,GtX)glc 

AificeATt^t, -All., pi. id., I 

AipceAtMl, -ail, pi. id., n 
■ article, doctrine, 

as L^'p-So™ 5*4 aipcea-DAtl, 

stealinf away eveiy urtiote 

{E. S.). 
^ificearaC, -aije, a., greedy, 

Aipceifflt, -415, pi. id., »»., a 
greedy or dietreued perBOii. 

^incin, g. id,, -I'Ae, nt,, a stunted 
little pig, .See eapc. 

iificin-oeai, -xiiS, m., » mast (Ker,). 
See aip^inneAi. 

Aitt£innea6, m,, a ohuroh officer; 
ateirard of church lands ; in 
Knglish, " Hereoaoh." Hence 
niac an i]>i|i£inni$ = Mao 

dipcioraim, -a*., v. intr,, I com- 
plain, expostulate. 

jJijiftir [pron. aipitir),/,, a pledge ; 
a meeting ; T>u.t t>A ai^itif , to go 
to meet him; toai-6 pfi 1 n-a 
aipfif, he went to meet him j 
"oo Amp r4 aipCif ojica, he Bent 
to meet them (pron. aipctf in 

^dipc toacpa. 8te eapc toacpa. 

AipT>, -0, /., point of compaaa, 
direction, quarter, region ; qf, , 
1 Ti-iipx> Uta-6 (Kea.), atten- 

.t like it at all {Don.). 

jlipTj-fieann, -iinn, pi. id., m.. n 
saperior, a ruler, a general 

Aipti-teaTinar^ -air> "-i governor- 
ship, high- chieftainship. 

iipt)-64im, -e, -eanna, m., lofty 
■ position, dignity, nobility. 

AipT>-C*inieoft, -111156, B., Htotely, 
dignified, with a strutting gait, 

iiip-D-66imnea6c, -a, /, dignity, 

iipt)-dlor, -a, m., head rent, 
tribute ; sway, oppression. 

^ipoe, g. id.,f., height ; 1 n-aipue, 

) 1X9. 

anAipva, on high 1 cf^ 1 n-Jif- 
oe, ID ft gallop ; bol; 1 Ti-iipt)e 
n6 cap 1 n-iipTM, nptnrned, 
having one's "back to the field"; 
lipje I n-atpwe, pride, vanity, 
putting on airt like an npstart ; 
gieipm 1 n-itpTie, farm to be lel^ 
or UDtilled ; 1 n-iip'oe a tinn V a 
Jota, with head erect and with 
a lond voice ; ci a ainm 1 n-£in- 
T>e, he is much talked oL Stt 

Atpie, dtp'6ean, m., characteristic 
attribute, sign, symptom ; " ap 
aipteanaift" {Kta.). See 4ip- 
'Oean and a>iii'6ea(c. 

ilip'oealt, -■oiVL, m., care, watch- 
fulness ; bio* aipneaLi ap an 
ccaaatt d^ac, keep an eye 00 

^ipT>eal.La6, -aige, a., watchful, 
sharri ; tif faca mi -ouine piaih 
ni b iiptieatLai Je, b! a foil if 
'tail.' aic ai<;e, I never saw a 
more watchful person, his eye 
was everywhere (Con.). 

^iji'oeaTi, -iin, -a, m., a character- 


the characteristics of the oolon- 

iat» {Kea.. F. F.). 
.dipT)- cap Lain, -ariii, n., ft high 

patron. Bet eapLam. 
^ip-o-earboK, -buis, ji. id., »., 

an arohbisliop. 
Aip-o-eapbosdi-oe^Cc, g. and j>2., 

-a, /., aroh bishopric. 
Aip'o-oarbQi5eatc, -a,/.,an arch- 

.dip-D-fea'Dfiiarinat, -aij, -aije, 

m. . a chief butler, a high stew- 
ard, a chief officer. 
^ip-D-$eon, -oine, -omce, /., the 

fuU cry of the hounds ; a loud 

noise, a scream ; the bowling of 

a tempest. 
4ipiD-innihe,3. «(.,/., groat wealth, 

^ipv-itinriieae, -riii;ge, Eh,em)nenti 

of great wealth. 
itipti-inEinn. -e, /., elevation of 


Srn { 

^t]i'D-inBinned6, ■nije, a., high- 
spirited, proud, lUToganL 

^itro-leAbd, 9.-Le&pta,p{.-t.eAp- 
d^A or -LoAbtAtd, /., k royal 
coaob. Ste \,eAbA. 

Jitfo-liim, -e, /., a lofty leap, > 
t>ouDO«, a jump. 

AijiBleos, -oige, -054, /., ■ 
fling, a bounce, a jerk ; a stroke 
in swimming. &'ea Aipteo^. 

^iitniLBO^ifi, -iije, a., fliglity ; 
high .minded. 

.AiiiT)-meAr, m., fftme, greftteBteem. 

.^ifTj-iiiian^ur, -uit. m., ambition ; 
uigli-Rspiriiig desire. 

Ainf-iieAfic, -A.pi. id., m., enprame 
law, a sjnod. 

^igiv-iiednn, -a, pi. id., /, a great 
star ; inp^., the great stare, the 

Ai]i-o-iiitm, -e, pi. -eanni, and 
■CAtA, /., proud progreM, high 
state, iuuiii£cence, nprems 
away i o'i Qpitt t n-Ai|i9-|i£ini, 
who are in high ifslion. 

^ipT)-niime44, -mije, a., notable, 
famous, of great sway. 

iijTO-lfi, -fifoS, -fi$te, m., a high 
king; an over-king. 

J[i]iT>-|ifo^dec, -4, /., supreme 
mouarcliy ; empire. 

^iTiD-ttfoS'oi, indee- a., mon- 

4i|iT)-l^ciotiie, g. id., pi. ■pi'ie, ra., 
a ohief ruler. 

ditt'D-fcin)i'i6, -^ta , m., chief 

.di|iT>-tt'i4t, -A, fl. id., m., a 
supreme lord ; a high chief. 

iLitn>-tniAi:A6, -Ai^e, a., pertaining 
to a Wh ohief. 

Aipe, g. id., /., oare, heed, atten- 
tion ; Ai|ie Tio rAbAi]ic vo, to 
take care i -15 taBdific aifie 
iain, giving heed to me, attend- 
ij(g to me; tioOiiti aife iuic 
(ifiin, mindyouraelf ; iipe iujac 

(ore), look out I WD (CiTO6) ci 

dft c'Aifte, what are you about ! 
AifB, ff. -reafi, d. -flit, pi. -iiiS, 
Sp{. -fe^^, m., a noblemnn ; one 
privileged;; b6-aitie, 
■I., a man rich in cattle. 

Jiipe, g. id., pi. -|ii4e, /., a fishing 

$n6, he paid great 
his business. 

^ijieafiuiiit, -l\,A, pi. id., /., feel- 
ing, perception. 

AipeAicamc, -e.,/, act of hearing, 
perceivine. See ai||ii^ini. 

^iiie'ig'^d, indee. a., distinguished, 

Aiftediii, -ftiiieaad -tiiif),pl. -ttihe, 
m., act of counting, oompntins 1 
tiding account of a number, l£e 
sum total ; the science of com- 
patation, arithmetio ; ni ];in £ 
ai)<edm, it is not 4arth taking 
into consideration. 

ililieAitiAe, -Ai^, -diSe, m„ att 

ilifCAihA^c, -A., /., numbering, 

difieAti, -(11(1, n., a bay or harbour ; 
B confine, district ; food ; plea- 
sure. Bee oi|ie4f . 

■aifSe. S- *d.. pi. -r'S* ""* 
-TiSea*a, /., a herd (of cattle) ; 
y., cionn-Ainge, » milch-herd 
{S. a., p. 105). 

*'l'5**'o> -S'''*. "*■. ■'I'^r, money ; 
AiftseAD p6rcd, marriage fee ; 
Aijisei-D r'T. ready money ; 
amsed'D fiua*, eopper money ; 
ditt^GA'o beo, quicksilver ; 
di|i^e>i'o nA liimeAtttA, the 
Bt4ky (at play) ; AifseaT) scdt, 
silver money ; Aif ^e^T) buiie, 
gold money ; gt., dijicnj, as a., 
Vim n-AinsiT), a silver hand 


Ai|i3ed'OiiimaiL, -ml, a, n,, rich, 



Am ( 

AitiKeAT>^Aice, m., rilTor thread 

Aif504ti, -siti, m., 11 bridle rain ; 
a lymptom (Me diti'^e) ; a V'^Si 
pain ; Aitt$eAn& an ti.ii; oealb 

Ai]i5>m, ti., ajisAiTi, «. (r., I spoil, 
[Uimder, hwttw ; tjo hditicti 
4n itito£ leo, the; harassed the 
oonntry (Kea.) ; tf., paTJiji if 

AifSce, p. a., deipoiled. 

AiBSfceafi, ■t\%. ti^e, m., a plun- 
derer, a wretch. 

Aipsueoip, -opi, -oipi-oe, m., a 

. plunderer. 

Ai{ii£if, tee &i]i£ir (often di)iicir 
and &iftcir in Don.). 

Aipi-oBaii: (iftai-Deaec), -a, /., a 
token, a sign ; a good appear- 
anoe; ni'L a, fnmt Af aw 16, 
ornl'L 6.n \.kt n-A., thedaydoee 
not promise Tell ; ni't dn bdtdf 
1 n-A. pobAL «itt. the road ia not 
fit to walk on (Aran). 

AitiiSeat, -%\%, -Jije, IB., a watch- 
man, a aentr;, a caretaker. 

Ait"S<ni, vl. iifinja* and Aip- 
eiecAinc, ti. (r., I feel, perceive, 
hear, notice, heed; nfop difi- 
iJeAf 4on ni* gutt ^iieAb r* 
in^Atn, he oome Buddenlj upon 
me (1 perceived or felt noClung 
till he sprang upon me) ; in lf[, 
in general, is not used in Bense 
of hesf ; in OmtoOi it means ; I 
think, conceive. 

ApiSie. Ste iipice. 

Aipijceoiii, -OfiA, -oifiTOc, m., an 

2iitiimceoif, -OfiA, -oitiiiie. nt., a 
calculator, an acoountsat. 

J^ipifce, dialect form of aitiire, 
certain (C7.). 

iiitiite (Aifii^ce), a., definite, cer- 
tain, special, particular; rean- 
4ai'6e Ti'^itiite, a certain histo- 
rian (Xeo.) i 50 haiptce, particu- 
larly (Kea.), at any rate ; as 
mha., 6i t* 1 n-aipifce ■ouinn, it 
was ia store for us, it waa our 

ah. Indeed! 

(Arid in X>M.). 
ti^e, m., notioe, 

ji1tllD$A'6, g. A 

^•pte, g. id., f, oonncil, oomnltA* 

tion ; in modem Irish, only in 

compound coiiiAitite. 
AxrXt, g. id., pi. -eA^A, /., a loan, » 

&i^\,eaca.-t, -ctA, n., act of lend- 

mg ; a loan, usury, eztraTagant 

gam on money. 
^ipLeACAim, -A-b, v. tr., I lend. 
jSiifteACAti, -Ain,nt.,an eqoivaleat, 

a loan; Ap lAfAtc no Ap ai))- 

iBACATi, on loan or for an eqoi- 

valent (to be given in return). 
AinVeActaft, -taij, -tAiSe, m., a 

, lis 

AtpLeActAt, -Ai$e, 

willing to lend. 
^iipleos, -oige, -05A,/., a fling, a 

toss ; a high flight ; a project, 
iijiteosafi, -Aije (AipLeojAi) a., 

enterprising, adventurous, 
AitiLiJim, -iu|a*, v. tr., I lend. 
Aittm,- a,/., weapons (collectively). 
dipin,-e,/.,aplsice,asAitiRi toilLe; 

Atpm A bpDil, = Aic A CpuiL, the 

place in which. 
Aipm-tiHor, -iriBArA, m., an ar- 
mour belt. 5m cpiof. 
iiltihcAe, -mtje, a., 
AipiiiTOe, g. id,, J 

respect (am). 5m oiprtiixtm. 
^tprtiim, vt. J^niBAiii, V. Ir., I 

count, reckon, consider, record ; 

ni piii 1AU ■o'iipeAiVii they are 

not worth considering. (^6 

^itimiT) and ni AiHihe&nn occur 

in JiTta., F. F.) 
AitiininneAi, -mSe, a., revereDd, 

respected. See oititiiiTineAi. 
i&Afmrie, g. id., /., briskness, 

difimLednn, -Linne,/., an armoury. 
Aitiin-neA)ic, -nipT;, m., strength 

of weapons. 
^Lif ne, g. td., pi. -ni-^e, g. pi. -nea'A, 

/., a sloe, ft sloe-tree (ipna, 

Aif ne. g. id., /., watching late at 

nigtit. See i,iftnean. 


im ( 

Axfmt, tit- ft i^A, » kidney. 

4i finest, m., « frieudlf iii"ht 
Tisit, opposed to cudi)iTi, a day 
Tidt il/mi.). 

i^ifinein, -iin, night work, i.e., 
work done after the nataral day 
isended; sitting up late at night; 
45 ■064114111 ii|ineain, working 
ftt night, sitting up late ; 45 
^ijinean ipcoi'Die, sitting up 
late at night ; 45 4if "^411 n4 
hoin£e, sitting up late ; i.\p- 
TxeiX in I>on.: te cunsn4ili An 
fiifneail, bj means irf sitting 
up late. 

^ipneiriflt, -4ije, a., keeping 
night-vigil; silting np latfi at 

^i|iiiir> '*• /■' little, chattel, 
stook; furniture, goods, effects 
(opn4tr, Don.). 

ii|iiieo5, -015B, •os^i f-i ■ s'°"' 
tree ; dim, of iitine. 

iiijife, ff. W., jrf. -r'^e. /., an arch ; 
an aroade; a vault; jk ai|ife 
mo Auipp, in my heart ((7o7ufon). 

Aipce4S4l., -411, jil. td., an article. 

Aijicfiipe, g. id., /,, an artery. 

Aipi:irne46, -niie, o„ angiy, 
peevish, particular, exact. 

^■fi '^i /•> ^ ^i"' ' fort; marshy 
ground; a waggon; a rocess, 
a place ; any part of the per- 

'^<r> ''' /•■ ' verge, a aide, back ; 
UBed in dative le h4if in phr., te 
h4ir. 4)1 4ir, and wilit pou. pr., 
Le n4 tiaif, etc, 1 Le h4i|' na 
Smipe. beside the Suir; Lem' 
4ir, beside me; Le ti4if 4n 
'Dop4ir, beside the door (in Jf. 
proa, in such a phr,, Le4iti)', 
aco. on Srst syllable) ; Cdp 4ip, 
4p aif, backwards ; Ti'iompui^ 
f6 cap H'Aip, he returned; do 
J46 sperrep fi' aif, Spenser 
took in hand (JTeo., F. F.); 
^4Dai' pern Aif, I undertook 
[Kta.. F.F..) ; 45 54641I ce4nn- 
4ir ^ifteann fe 4 4ir, aaraming 
the supreme Roveroment of Ire- 
land {Km., F. F.). 

Axf, .1. i>eotn, ooDBent, will; 4]! 

air n6 4[i figean. witng volaia, 
wiUiugly or unwillingly, 
^ir- '*' /-' t*"^ middle prominent 
wioker-laysr of a basket ; whnt 
is convenient or cao be held by 
the hand ; anjtliing useful or 

Jlip, dependence, relianoe; if 4ip 
4Ca m'Air, it is on him I rely. 

Air-, prefix, implying repetition ; 
re-, again, back. 

Aipce, g. id., pi. -ci-6a, /., a gift, a 
present ; advantage ; ap aifce, 
1 n-4irce, for nothing, gratis, as 
a free gift; also 1 n^ifce, with 
no advantage, uselessly ; often i 
n-airc.* (-.5) (fi-n-.). 

^■rceai, -cte, m., hand picking of 
vermin, eto., from clothes, et«. 

Aij-thmnxpm. -.0546, V. inir., I 
retire, withdraw. 

Aifcini, -ce4*, I hand-piek vermin, 
etc. ; I explore with the hand. 

iLipe, 3, id., pi. Tioe, /., a useful 
article; a convenienoe; what is 
one's own, as opposed to what 
is borroived ; if peipii iipe r4 
rp-itpaft 't\i i4ra6c 114 tjiaIL- 
aixie, the stntddle that one oinis 
is better than the taddie that 
one borrotna. 

Aifeaf c, -a,/., convenience, utility. 

Air-64'044, -415, m., shrouding for 
the dead (also caifiaT " 

tution ; repuyment; 
restora'.ion ; a fctr^' (£er). 
Aireagaim, ti. aipeaj, v. tr., I 
give back, restore, I vomii, 

AireaLftaim, -ba-6, v. tr., I rcg.iin 

possession of, 
iire4rti4iL, -ii>L4, a., convenient, 

nonJy, useful; kind, obliging, 

ready to lend. 
^ireamLaftr, -a. /., kindness, 

obliginznew; convenience, ao- 

ooramodation; fondue.s to a^ 

commodate ; utility. 
.Air-6ip$e,y. id,,/., resurrection. 
,«,f.*..i5.-n, -rSe. «■ '"tr.. I rise,.,..N,Gt)0^lc 

Aij*-Jatjiin, -e,/.,rw»Uing, abroga- 

Ait>-ttAo4Am, -'6ift, V. tT., I re- 

^irim, B. intr., I return, used only 
in 3 pr. »., dtre^ni f*, lie re- 

Airioj, itpojiim. See Atre^S, 

/kipujji-A, -1 Jte, m., allBviation. 
Aiflms, -e, ^, 'Ue, and -i«e, 

/., B draara, a Tision, w> appar- 
ition, a ^poetical description of 

an apparition. 
AirLmS"". -"'S''*! •■ ''■■1 1 dream ; 

(conBtr. with jo). 
A.rL.nste«6 (4ir1.itisei6), -tij, 

-£156, m., a dreamer, a TiaioD- 

iltrlinSteA* {4irlin5ei6), 

Tisionaiy. ' — ^ " ~ 

AipiSalL, -I 

Aipi^tldC, -Ai£e, a., subject to 

faintjng or swooning. 
Aifnfii*im, P. tr,, --tearb, I relate, 

tell. 8u Fd)pi£i-6iin, eto. 
Jliif-n£if, -e, /., an account, evi- 

denoe, teatimonj. 8ee f^dl]-•1£l^. 
AifTiiipm, rf., airniif, o. tr. I r*' 

Teal, tell, gire eridenoe of. Sie 

&vf'cc,,pl. -ci'oe, m., a poem, 
a>atire,anyoomposition; treat- 
ment (aa to diet, eto.) ; n-po^- 
atfce, bad treatment, state, 

difueAi, in, into (with motion). 
See if ceii. 

AirceA^, -ci^e, a., droll, witty, 
ingenious, crafty, odd, strange ; 

Airccddn, -Im, ffi., «port<, gameB, 

jesU ; drollery. 
^ifucAfidf, -Air, m., oddity, queer- 

nesB, drollery, humour. 
Aircea6r, -a, f., waggishness, 

drollery, pranks. 
AirceaihLiic, -i, /., drollery, 

qneemesE, jocoseness, a tendency 

Aifce^ti, -cifi, pi. id., and -cjieafij, 
»., a joumay, a loumi-about 

) Ate 

way, a uselras t^mr ; tnitieAr ^ 
otim ftm, I mada a qmImb or 
nnneccBiary circuit, took a 
round-alraut way, made a Jour- 
ney in vain; 1 n-aircaap, ia 
Tain, tx., Bi a fiuaip'o 1 n-Air- 
ceAft Ai^e, he had his paina for 
nothing ; -n't dirceaf tarn tmX. 
Ann, il is no out of the war 
joumey for me to go there, FU 
gfat the worth of my tronble ; 
cij 1 mbial tdtdiji ni hAirc«A|< 
i Ate c6iii5Aii, a houM on the 
roadside, it is no roundabout 
joumey, bnt the contrary, to 
virit it; TAotdtt 1 n-AipceAp, 

her. Stt Af , prep. 

.difciie, g. id., pi. -ite, m., an 

artist, a poet, a painter, a wag, 

Airci*eaec, -A, /., playing praoka, 
Btage-aoting; al»o, aoting the 


dircitteA^i -tK^e, a., able to walk ; 

AircniSim, -iuJa*, «. Ir. and inir., 
I alter; translate; change resi- 
dence, remove, flit ; I traTel, 
march, joumey. 

AiyciiiuJA*, -iSite, pi, id., m., a 
journeying, removing, change 
of abode, flitting ; a politi(»l 
change, a rerolution ; trans- 

Aic, -e, a., pleasant, comical, queer, 
droll, strange, objeotionable, 
undMirable ; if aic ah taoSaL 
i, it is a baaxj world; noV 






«ic liom roin, rd I>i;« that, 
(ironical) (in thia phr. die is 

iirott. Alt, and ic may be a dif- 
urent word). iSk AiL. 
4ir, -e, pi. -eAta and -eanna, /., a 
place, locality; if maic an iic 
SO t>'&'iir< "^' ^^ "^ *'''' 
served (of a witty repartee), 
/>f., you were Id a good position. 
i.%i, -Ae, pL id., /., a kiln, an emi- 

JicM (aitpt, aiiiheari, ebb-tide. 

iJicCeiSc, -4, /,, the ebbing of the 
tide (AitDeap, id.). 

AitCeAfi -fti ft, in., reproach, blame; 
A d. pn. the blame for that, 

Ai66eaiw6, -AtSe, a., blaming, re- 
proaching, censuring. 

i[ic&edttA)m, -Ai, v. Ir,, I blame, 
reproaob, ceuBnr«. 

iliiMit, -e, a., addicted to exag- 
geration. See ii'ibSiL. 

ilicbeo, a., rerived, rcBoacitated. 

^ttCeooai, -beoiire, bi., act of 
resuscitating (Aii;Cieo4£din(c), 


store to life, I 

ditbiteaSj -pfc ta., a second im- 
provement, a second setciag in 
of growth (in a youth, etc.). 

ilii&LiA'OAin, •'611A, /., a aecond 

J'ear, the New Year, next year 
used adverbially) ; 1 jcoihaitt 
Hi liiicBLia'onA, tor nest year. 
•aicl>|teit, -C|ieice (-CeaftA in 
Ker., etc.), aot of regenerating, 
of giving second birth to ; Ap 
n-a A., on his being born again. 
^icbpipm, -6]iirea-6, v. ft-., I break 

i)iit£ednna6, -ntaigte, m„ repur- 
chase, exchange, barter. 

.Aitfieo, -oi J, m., obBourity, blame, 

Aittim, V. tr., J beg, ash, beaeech. 

r&ittimeit, -m^^, pi. id.,m., m peli- 

Aittfit, /., the light moold pnt to 

growing plants, as potato stalks. 

Aictiiemeiiri, -niiVi, m., apostacy, 

dictifinam, -dnc'i, n., act of 

imSim, -ms*^ 

,, I I 

, I 

Ait^m^eA-fi, -S**! "-I *ct "f re- 
packing (e« nsb, etc.) (Ker.). 

ditBinrim, -nced'o, v. tr,, I re- 
pack (as fidi7(.£er.}. 

Aited6. See Auit. 

ilicii'DCfoni, -ftuime, a., very 
light, airy, nimble. 

ilLiceAl,, -citr, m., juniper. 

AiceaLt, -citL, t»., gtadaeea, joy; 
cessation (from rain). Bee dCAt. 

^1 ce Alii, - CI m , n., act of peimading, 
convincing, arguing ; peisnaaion; 
convincing argument, evidence, 
proof ; tii't ion iicearti La 

iiceimiiL, -ThLi, a., looal. 

aiccinn, -citin, m., furze, gorse; 
iiceinn ^aeiealif:, a light 
species of lurze that grows in 
tufts ; Aiceinn ^AltiVi n6 
rfinncie, the coarser kind of 
furze with lighter blossom ; 
iiccAnn fhuifie, a kind of wild 
palm (the word ia fent. in Con. 
and Vli. ; gen. -cmne). 

\iteinci, p.a., known, acquaint- 
ed, recognised, familiar, froe, 

Aiteincit, -mSe, a., apt to know, 
free, familiar, sociable. 

Aiceinrdfic, -i,/., advice, coiuucl, 

iSitteAticif, -ii|*, tn., an ac- 
quaintance; precept, iuj unction, 
counsel; tmine iitecnciir, aa 
acquaintance ; i Lu£c aitein- 
Ciif, all who know him; ef.. 
If F*^I'I' beisan ■oo'n sioif ni 
ni6|iin no'n iiteincAf (Con, 


die ( 

anoih«r spouee; also AtAfjiAt, 
vikich see, and <kuai<tiU5d'6, m 
ci ataiiiiu^a-b pcfiit ano'i" aije, 
he bu a difierent etoi? now to 
tell, he U confronted bj an 
altered set of oircumstanoel. 
direif, .cir, "1., repose, comfort, 

pleaaura, pleasantry, fun ; nmr 
mS Tin Fpif aiceij-, I did thi 
for (im {Omealh). 

liiteAf, -t'r, m., triumph. 
Aiiedfa6, -Atse, a,, valoroua, 

TictoriooB, succeBefiil. 
Aite^rc, -tire, •«.. virtue; advice, 

admonition; ft lecture, speech; 

abridgment (nom. aometimes 

^icearc*""! -i*i "■ '^■i I deliver 

(as a lecture); I speak, worn, 

admonish, preach. 
Atie^fZAtc, -A,/., rehearsing; an 

^itiifge, g id. and -tii^Ce, /., 

See iifiijije and eifS'lise. 

ilitiijisim, -fiijiSe, V, inir,, I re- 
ascend, I rise again. 

^iceoip, -o\iA, -oiin-oe, m,, an argu- 
mentative man, a pleader. 

Aitpfiiocat, -Alt (»., act of re- 
discuBsing, reporting, re-nar- 
rating, quotii^; a reply, a 

Ait^^Aji, -6t\ie, a., very sharp. 

jlii;5ei|i|i, -siotitid, a,, very short, 
compendious ; as mbat., a brief 
space; a short cat, a near 

Jit^ejL]i(ia'o6iii, -dpi, -6tpi'6e, nt., 
an abWeviat<n', an abridger. 

AitgeaTi tie 6111, -lipA, -6ifii'6e, »i., 
an abbreviator, an abndger. 

Aiciein, -e, /., symbol, type; a 
couaterpart, a similar one; also 
regeneration; aiujein iji fei,n- 
ttiiteaL, the very picture of old 
Michael ; dit^ein f)an|idLi5, one 
exactly like Patrick. 

^ii-Jeineflihditi, -ihiia,/., regener- 

) dtt 

AieSeint'm, rl Aitjein,!'. tr., tre. 

Aieteince, p. a., regenerata. 

^I^SlOfrd, 50 t>A. (pMO. 50 
hAiciopfA), soon, shOTtiy {Drr. 
Om.). Ste aitje-ipf d. 

AitSionTifle, -Atje, a., bandy, 

dttiu, -e, ■I'^e, /., an aap, a wild 
b«««t ; a peeviab person ; a orea- 
tore, person ; git aiti-o ASAinn. 

ditin, -e, /., vilh neg., nothing; 
n<TMd aiti'oe i, at nf piii Aitii> 
4, it is worthless. 

&\tvii%,g. id.,f., a haunt, a plooe 
of resort, habit, custom ; ef., 
■w> tieit Ayi ditite Aise, to 
resort to bun, to frequent his 
house ; T)'Ai£i'6e tio ^ian^ih c'a 
ocittiC, to make their houses 
a pboe of your rofoit (Xta., 
F. F.). 

Aitt-oin, g. id., pt. -1^, m., a 
venomous little oreature, dim. 
of Ai6n>. 

^ici^im, -lu^A-b, V. inlr., I inhabit, 
dwell ; V. Ir., I build, kxjate. 

^luijim, vn., itueiiVi, pf. iiciih or 
Aici^, I argue, persuade, give 
iTideaoe, prove, v. inlr., with 

dep. clause; D'Atcim (-D'aiciS) 
f6 «fm sut< ... he persuaded 
me that . 

^ici^eoi]i, -opa, -oitn-be, m., an 

inKabitant, a resident. 
Ai£in,/or4iciie, knowledge. Set 

A%tiT\, -e, /., the liver. 

Aitinne (ai£-cBine}, 7. id., pi. 
■neA^d, /., a coal of fire, a fire- 
brand ; a slow fire, as opposed to 
5fieAt)-teine ; charowJ. 

Aitif, -e, -rte, /. (ff,, 4icitce, 
sometimes), reproach, shame, 
contumely, disgrace ; mo ni.itte 
If ni' ditif i, I am ashamed and 
feel disgraced at it; a abarp 
censure, a snub ; 'oo 6din fd 
ditif dfam, he snubbed me ; if 
coif aitife iuSamn i, it is a 
cause of reproach to us ; noia. 
also fAitif. 




fthbaiTo, oenaa 

Aitire^t, -p$, pi. -rije, n., aa 
Abusive perKD. 

Attip^im, •ta£d'6, v. <r., I kbnse, 

Aitipm, •iu£4i<6, p. Ir., I abiue, 
deiCuDe. Ste «itip$im. 

^itirin^Ai, -i^e, n-i abnw, de- 
famation, act of abtuing. 

^iciuJA'd, -i£te, in., Mt of dwel- 

Aitte, after; in phr. 4 h-ditte 
l<in,aiterthat; ar<kl^"^^B"><^ 
Af A h^itle pn, afterwaxda ; 
A Vidtcte nd Idoi^ pn, after 
that poem (ob.)- 

Atttea^im, -av, v. tr., I ra&ie, 
malt down. 

Aitle^rvi^im, -n£A'b, v. tr., I im- 
prove, oorreot, reform. 

Ai6Ui£im, vt^ -LiiseAA and 
-t£i£edih, V. tr., I quote, tepoat, 

^itUonA-d, -nra, m., aot of rafilling, 
reinforcement, reoruiting. 

Aitlfotidim, -AV, a. tr., I fill again, 

ditih^AlA, g. id,, m., i«gret, 00m- 

AtiiniAlAt, -Ai;g«, a., Boirowful. 

AiilhfiALcd]', -cair, m., regret. 

^iciiitile, g. id.,f., regret, Afflic- 
tion, pity. Sie Aitiniii^. 

Aitae, g. id,, pi. AiieAnca, gpl, 
AitneA4 aiia i ' ' " 

^itne, g. id,, /., reocunition, oo- 
quaintonce witb, knowledge ; 
CA Aitne ASATii Afi, I know 
(reoognise), am aoqoainted with. 

4itniT>, -e,/., recognition, know- 
ledge, as a., known; nf hA. tioiu 
mi, you know me not (tJie form 
Aitni^ is Bomet. found) 

i)6, young a 

Ai<,i.iT>e Aicmve do, 

of bU acquaintance. 
v.ctiTO, -e, a., known, raoognised. 

See Aitntn. 
ditnifim, vi. Aitm, Aittnc, Ait- 

nmSA*, /. AitneofiAi), imptr. 

Aicin, V. tr., I know, recognise, 

diatiiiguiab, dkcom. 

t ) lit 

^icnim, «(., Aitin, *. Ir., I oom- 
mond, enjoin, direct, bid, order ; 

mA)! 'o'Aitin Tifob gan, where he 
oommanded them not, eta. (alio 
Aitinim) (Kea., F. F.). 
Aicnim, vjj, Aicin and Aitinc, 
v. fr,, I know, recognise, under' 

also Ai]ie. 

^icfieAb, -ei&, -eAbA, tn., a dwell- 
ing, an abode, a residenoe 
(eomet. dicjteAb, -ei5e,/.). 

^icpeACAf, -Aig, pi. u{., n>., an 
inhabitant ; oa a., habitable. 

^iCfieAbA-o, -bta, nt., act of 
dwelling ; tu6c a., inhabitants. 

^ictteA&Aim, -A-o, V. infr., I dwell, 

^itfieAt, -|iiSe, a., penitent^ 

AitfeAiAr, -Air, fli., repentance, 
compunction, regret. 

AitfeAiiiAiL, -ihLA, a., paternal; 
like one's father; also A£)iAih- 
flil. ; If flttiAriiAiL An mAC b, ha 
is a son tjiat is like or takes 
^ter bis father (oi'oeA'o Ctoinne 

jJiitfeAifiLAdc, -A,/., fatherlinestr, 
paternal kindness ; also Aitt^*^' 

Ati^M^e, g. id,, /., penitenoe, 
penance ; compunction. 

jlicpifte,,/., an abdicated or 
forfeited kingdom {P. CfC). 

aicjiiJeAe, -*iS, pi. id., m., a 
penitent, a devotee. 

^itn{o$A-6, -St A, m., aot of de- 

AiirlojAim, -AO, V. tr., I de- 
throne, depose {a king). 

Aic[iir. -e, /., aot of imitating, 
mimicking, relating, reciting ; 
A5 -ofAnAiii A. Ap, mimickii^ 

^iictiifOAt, -pij, pi. id., m., a 
story-teller, a mimic. 

.diciiireAe, -p$e, a., mimicking, 

Aitpifim, H. Aitgiif, V. It., I tell, 
narrate, report, repeat, recite ] 


inutute, oopy, mimic, iidianl« 
(with aji). 
AitiHj^eoip, -ona, ■oiprte, m., a 
reciter, mimioker. 

Aicrc|ilBneoiti, -oiia, -oiprte, ni., 
a transcriber, a oopywt; obe 
who re-writes ot rS'OMta a bout. 

dii^rcrloCat, -DtA, m., (tot of 
tnuiBoribiiig, a tnmaoript. 

'licrc|iioCa'ooi^, -i^tt^i -6im'6e, 
m., a tianicriber, a oopyut, a 

AicrcpiobdiTn, -a*, ». (r., I tran- 

soribe ; write over agun. 
j!iicfio££jiin, -im, /., reocmoilia- 

of any aoimaL 

AIa, i;. i(j., )»., in phr. nf f &iC fi 

Al« B& huAtpe leip he had it 

done in the twinkling of an eye 

AlA (saIa), g. id., p/. •At-ie, ■»., a 
trout (jSTw.). 

^tA, 0. M^., pi. -di'6e, m., ontft, 
skill. Ste edLd. 

ALa, a swan. See eala. 

dLabitit), -iifit>, pi. id., i».,an; 
thins out of proportion, aa 
BmaU 5a]irnti hurling with 
very (^ nwm's camiti ( (T, Ktr. 

AXat ft^m, a set or bank of oars. 

^ta'6, -aii, J>'. id., m,, a wound 
spite, ill-feeling ; &i A. aca 
leif. I had a spite against hiir , 
a grab 1 rti5 f£ a. Ofin, bemads 
a grab at me [Mayo). 

AX.a'onAt, -Aije, a., crafty, 
caL See edLa-onaA. 

Aldim. Se« Ailim. 

^Lflinn, ga/., h\.ne and iiLLe, o., 
beautiful, handsome, loioly. 

ALbi, p. -ban, d. -bam, _/., Scot- 

^tbATiai, -ai3, si. tW., tn,, a 
Scotehman ; a Fresbyterian or 
ProtcEtant {U., pron. AtAbnAf). 



itLbanad, -ai^e, a., SootUih. 

A\,e\t (ate), i teit (lei6, dai. of 
teat, a aide, etc. ), aside, on this 
side, hen ; cafi a tett, oome 
hither ; cosap a leit en$Ain, a 
woid with you in secret ; lo this 
aide, to this time ; 6 foiti ate 
(a teit), from that day to this, 
from tjiat time forward. 

Alu, intiec. a., noble ; Inirt^ts^. 
tne noble island, >.«., Ireland 
Igenty. Itiif eal5a, somet. tnif 
^il-S') • ^" cjteaf ainm tnif 
eatca, .1. oileAn BAfat, tbe 
third name, Ini* Ea]«a, >.«., the 
noble island (f ca., F. F.). Ste 


t, /., nobility. 

AtL = 
Alt, s . _ 

All, (*., Strange, alien ; another. 
iJiLt, yonder, beyond i foreign ; 

ADAlL (a n-Att), hither, from 

beyond ; cap Anatl, oome 

hither. S«e tail. 
AWa, atLa'b, g. id., pi. AtLai'oe, 

m., a ball (aUo halla). 
Alia, God, Allah (P. F.). 
tlkLtAbAip (Acla&ai|i), -Tiapta, /., 

AllA-ti, g. -ton, d, -Cotn, /. , an 
alien hound, a foreigner ; in pL, 
<tften the English. 

ALLa«, -Am, pi. id., m., fame, 
renown ; a present. 

ALtA^dii, -aiii, in., true and dis- 
tinct pronunciation, fluency of 
speech and proper accent. 

ALLaibjie, g. td., /., deafness re- 
sulting from great noiae ; deaf- 

ALLaic, -e, -f6e, /., a term of 
opprobium appUod to a heavy, 
ungainly woman. 

ALtAoiiie, ff. td., f., deafnesB, 
bardnena of hearing. See alt- 

ALL-ftua-oAi, -Aije, a., triumph- 

^r all. 

4tl£ut>> -uip, n., transposition ; 
Atttan na ^F'^-^'Li transposi- 
tion 01 the words.,.,..N,GtX)L^lc 

Allniflicr, pi. -cftte, m., a scotd, 

a barge, a ron^b tallow (pron. 

with termination like Eag. 

■at<A. as in baieh) (Jf.)- 
ALt.4;liStt, -61(1, -iftA, m., gibber- 

il£, jargon, gasoonaile. 
^ttriidtt'64, a., gigantic. 
^llmoti^e, -ail, pi. id., n., s 

foreign pirate, a foraign<:r. 
jltlihuii'dd, a., foreign, piratjoat ; 

exotic, ODtltuidiBh. 
dl.l.iiia|i'6d£c, -d, /., barbaritj ; 

tbe Btate of being foreign or 

jiLL6t>, -dit), M., diatAucs (of 

time); 'r^n iimpn i n-AlUiSw, 

in the olden time. 
dLlc, ditLc. m., oliff, aide of glen ; 

brook (chieSy in Sootland, ai 

ilLitLc a' bonndtfi). 
AtLCA, a., wild, nncontb, fierce, 

savage ; beACAfoe-if ALtcd, a 

brute beast ; mATtn^'D AtLca, a 

ALlCijtc, -d,/,amaEement; wild- 

ALtcan, -iin, pi. id., m., a fierce, 
wild man ; a, dull, stapid fel- 
low ; a fooL 

jSLttCAfii -dit<i *»'! yon ■><& (of the 
oountfy), the wilder parts ; op- 
posed to ceiknnCA]i, the nearer 

itLraf, -aif, »., wimnees, 

jlLLancaf, -air, m., allowance, 
dole, ahare {Aran). 

dlLnr, -oir, )»'> sweat, perspira- 
tion ; ctiCA|i attnir, a foam d 
sweat ; a^ ca\\ aLLutf (often 
with rie or 'ot), perBpiring. 

4tma6, -aij, m. , a brood, a clutch, 
a sept or tribe ; 

ALmfitn, ... 

Alar ( = ar tof), prep., in respect 

of, owing to ; a top A Cpoi;- 

lama, in consideration cd their 

learning (ffeo.,^./'.). 
.ALpai, -pta, n., aet of devouring 

in bi^ mouthfula, swallowing 

jSLtpAim. ■A'^i <■■ T-i I devour, eat 

ojic (Tllit tie 
ba^pa) ; atpan> an raMLa, 
they devour meat {Oondon). 
dLpaijie, g. id., pi. -fiiiie, m,, a 
glutton, a devourer ; a grabber 
of land {Aran). 
dip^ail., -e, /., answering a per- 
Boa gruffly, soolding vehemently. 
3te aLpav. 
M,p toodt^a (also eattc Inafrt'^, 
at laafipa, aijic tnae|ia), * 
newt, ft liBud. 
Atpnrai, -aije, a., free, bold. 

Ale, g. aitc, pi. id., m., a joint, tha 
ankle, a knookle of the finger ; 
a division, a portion ; a knot in 
timber ; a section or chapt«r <^ 
a book ; 1 n-aLc na tinaitte pti, 
at that very time; 1 n-alc an 
tonaiT> pn, at that very place ; 
aLc ■oe ihaitie, a piece of a 
stick ; 1 n-atc a 6£iLe, in proper 
order, in coherence, coherently 
{Don.); ci r* ' "-"l-c m'feic- 
pnc, he is in a condition to 
see me ; a Car*5, ni catd<ti 
C6]iiia Y S^" ^ * n-atc Buji 
n-ajattrtia, Todhg, revile not 
Toma, who is not in a portion 
to reply to you (t. O cL4it<i$, 
ajnid O'Br.) ; a motmtain, a 
ravine, a gulph (On.) ; a glen, 
up. if wooded {Der. ) ; caCat]! 
na haiLs -06, give him the 
knuckles, box him {Ma^) ; a 
written artiola {recailj. 

Alc.att-£noi'6e, g. aitc-, m., dis- 
ease like a heart-bum, water- 

Alcan, -iin, pi. id., St., a step or 
height ; a amall division ; a 
razor ; a paragraph ; dim. of 
aLc ; atcati fceine, H strong, 
sharp knife (Aer.). 

ALcSip, g. -dpa, -dipe, -fi-faft, pi. 
-6i]ia and -6tia, /., an altar. 

ALcpa, -an, -ana,/., a nouriaher, 
a none, a foster father ; bean 
aLcfia, banalct<4, a nurse. 

ALcnamaim, -Ai, v. ir., I nuiae, 
I foster. 

ALcttana]-, -aif, pi. id., to., a 






nursing ; ttmttraga ; Alctian- 

Alciiom, -d, pi. id,, m., B nnn- 
ing; foBteragsj AtAi)! dtcfoma. 
a, foater father. 

^tcuJaiD, -oitie, pi. id., «., 
tbuika, tiiAiiksgiTing, SMiuflec^ 
tioD, uJnbutiCHi ; tajing gmw 
•t meals. 

Alcoigim, -D^A'd, v. tr., I tbttnk, 
■alute, adore ; 45 Atcu^a'A bf'A, 
saying graoe after meali. 

iltaiTin. See itAinn. 

Am, »eg. freAx, in-, no-, not ; also 

Ah, emu., Twrily, indeed ; «tfan ; 
aiao ; Dnt, liowever ; m« MttA ; 
MO DaAitfiTin iiii {n6 ailiAt) ni 
mniti&Finn, I would atrike, Wt 
vomd not kill. 

more definite in its ap^lioation 
than Aimfed)! ; t n-Am, in time ; 
an c-am, when ; Am af bit, any 
time, whenever ; tm eiLe, an- 
other time ; fUn tm roin, at 
that tdDM ; -D'aon am, on pur- 
pose; I n-am'f 1 TJCTiat wtn-am 

aod the hames were awkward 
indeed ; c^'n amd, in slarery ; 
<». in U.), 

iiMt (iiiitdfi), conj., verily, in- 
deed, however. 

AniAd, ad., oxA, outside (with mo- 
tion); Atrii-b leif, out with him; 
6 foin AiriAt, from that time 
forth; j^or -iinafi, down into 
liie oonntry, far down ; amuig 
'X Mti&t, out and out 

ttfiidT), -AIT), -AiDive, tit., a mad- 
man, a aimpleton. .%« amditi. 

4mAvAn, -iin, fl. id., m., a fooL 

AmAv^nAt, -Aite, a., foolish, silly. 

din4iT]inA£c, (•""A'o^ncAic), -«, 
/., folly. 

AMA'oJncA, itidte. Oq foolish, 
siiuple, ohildiah* 

AmAio, -e, fl, -rte, /., a fool, a 
foolish wonuD ; an apparilioo, 
ft ghost (Sta.); nom. also 

AinAit>eA£, -TH^e, K., mad, frantio; 

AmaATioAtc, -A, /.) foolishnets, 

. , 'i like; AihAil 

Asnr, A. mAf, a« if, aa though. 

^riiaiLl, -t«, /., aot of sporting, 
diverting oneeelf with ) a stmt*- 

^ihiin, ode., only, alooe, merDly; 
itz A., except, only ; Aon tA a., 
COM day, <xi a oertain day ; pu 
AihJiin, even ; Aon .... Aih&m, 
me only; Aon nl'A AAiiin ir 

ilifiAip, -e, a., musioal. 

AttiAitifeAfi, -ri$a, a., distmstful, 
sospioious, doubtful. 

diinAt, -Alt, pt. id., a simpleton ; 
AitiAl 5An £iAlt, a senseless 
idiot IFtr.) (iame as umat) 

^mAl.A£, -Ai^e, a., oorled (of the 

AihaLcar, -Aif, pi. ti.,m., sorrow, 
grief, vexation. 

jJimAnatttA]! (amanataii, 3f.]=um 
An o>liteA\i, ad, of lime, on tlie 
day after to-morrow ; U 1 n-oi|i- 
Ceatt, iii. 5u oi]iCeA|>, also bA- 

ATiiAtiCAM, -a>tt, «., chance, for- 
tune, Inok, good luok, snocees, 
a wind-fall. 

AiiiA]<, -ai]i, m, muBio, speeoh. 

AmlifAt (t mbAttat, 1 mbAifeaC), 
ad. o/time, on to-morrow. 8tt 

driiafa^, -A13, m,, mustard. 

^matiaie, -e, /., scurvy grass, 

:A(ha|ic, -ait^c, ft. id., m., si^ht, 
vision, aeeing, a representation, 
a scene ; a. an tae, dawn (if.). 
(In Don. Aihafic is used com- 
monly for the sight of the eyes, 
in M. fA^Atic is the nsnal word ; 


tan faicitn don 4ih*tiC| I oou't 

sees stimo— ir.), 
^majic, -iipc, m,, act of Heaichine 

for, looking for (Don.) ; &ct of 

pointing out (the wa^) [H.) 
AiiiA]icaC, -M^e, a., mteresting, 

pleasant to survey or meditate 

Ailiaiiciiiin, vi, aiiiA|ic, v. tr., I 
gee, look at ; keep ; in Om. ajso 
I watch, judge, aeaioh for. 

iimd]ictAnn, -Ainne, -aiin-ii, /., a, 
theatre, a plaoe for showa or 
, exhibttioDa. 

Amajiiiin, -iin, m., oppreaaion, 
diatress, miBtortune; stoLla on 
^ma^n^in, the unfortunate fel- 
low {£>. R.). 

AmtLf, -aif, pi. Aiiif a and atiii-inna, 
in., a mercenarf soldier, a re- 
cruit ; a wild, ungovernable 
man, a madmaii ; a beast, a 
glutton, a monster. 

Anidf, -aifipL id., nt., a hitting, 
marking, a home stroke ; an at- 
taok ; » guesa. 

Amif (i mbaf?), inter, of aurprjse 
and incredulity; omAr ni f sgaiii 
d l>aite, Burelf you will not go 
home ! {M.). 

driiaraS, -aije, a., witlesB, atapid; 
pttsaionate, impulaivo, wild, im- 
goTernable, gluttonous. 

^nior^n> -hrtfiil. id., m., ti stupid, 
dull man ; a greenhorn. 

Amaf^S' -^'SO, -65a, /., a little 
bitch ; a little barker ; a foolish 
ot fierce woman. 

liiiiiifCAti, -Ai]i, m., a dog's bark 
(aniAfE]iA£, id,), 

AmarcjiuiSim, -oSa* and artiar- 
CH46, V. into"., I bark (as a dog). 

^mb&]tde, ad. of time, oa to-mor- 
row. See \}lk^i.t. 

AmbArd (im bAfaJt iniei"., by my 
hand, really 1 truly ! a form of 
asseveration. See bap 

iJmeArc, A meArc, 1 meArc, comp. 
prep., among, amoi^t, amid, 
between, with pen. orpo*; 
1 n-A meAfc, among tbein ; 1 
mcAi'C UAraL, (unong nobles 
IKed., F. ?.). 

^m4ii, amen (the word is proD. 

Aimion in M,). 

.dnifO|itiAni -A111, m., oppression, 
diBtresa. See AntA|i|iAii. 

iriiSAii, -Ain {pron. AmncAn). ">■. 
iuoouTenience, disadvaataK«> 
affliotion ; hunger, aa unsatis- 
fied want. 

ilriiSapAfi, -AiSefpi'on. Ariinst'a4)i 
a., inconvenienced, hungry, 
craving for food. 

Amcaiiaim, -a*, v. tr., I vex, 
amiot, trouble. 

tliiijlAn, -ame, a., impme. 

AmlaBaiti, -Ajit*,/, wddeEvery 
in apoakuig, stammering. 

AmlAbdjicat, -Alts, a., stammer- 
ing, mute, dumb ; >.«t, {g, -aig, 
ft. id.), a stammerer, a stutterer. 

AihlAi'6, *. m. and a., thus, so, the 
same ; ariIai-o r'fi in ^^ot 
manneri aiViIai-o AgiJi', w if; 
SmiAb (50 tub') AmLAi-6 -duic, 
may it be so to you, iho same to 
you ; If aihtai'u T>a Cr an fc^at, 
tliis waa the state of the case ; 
CA f& A., it is aa you say ; if a. 
■DO toip m'AUAip por o|iC, my 
father sent for you (where if a. 
is not translated) ; 6i-\i ip Atii- 
laiu -o' foittriseac jupab 
Amlani no jaijiii Ua "Ooiii- 
naitl, for it is thus it desoribea 
that the way in which O'Donnell 
was proclaimed (/fea., F. F.) ; 

T>i rilSlTJ . . ■ ip AlilLAI'b If 

tngA, the more . . . the 
leas; ni'L ■oa riieio , , , tiAt 
aitiLai'6 I]" tuji, the more . . . 
the less ; aihLAio pn, accord- 
ingly {Kea., F. F.) ; often in 

asnfi ti-Aiona-Ofair iraiiiLai* 
00 euiiiiruo 6eAn infan luai- 
Aip turn belt A5 ^ir^eAic lioin. 

Amlat (=:iomtoc?), m, ; fUAijl 
r* AmtAt m6|i, it sutTcred mucll 
from exposure to inclement 
weatJier (of hay, ete.) (Con,), 

Amlds, -61XK, 65a, /., a female 
fool, a wiUeas person. 

Amt6iii, -6[iA, -diju'oe, nt., a fool, 
an idiot, a boor ; a fool who 


sm, ( 

inuginei ^ '""*** wUa. 8a 

Aihl.nA'6, -d, m., tribulatiou, dia- 

tress; m' diiilu&'6 1 alosl 
^mtidifS, g. id.,f., ihameleaiouMB, 

jJininiitieAf, -tiije, a., aHunelMt, 

^1)163, -4tse. -^SA, /, ■ booiKl, a 

leap. iSm AiC<J5. 
Ampatl, -diLV, ■)., rondty, 

greed, hunger ; zi An-AmpALL 

rcpiU an sopci AST w L*is 
T>o'n ampali (tiiie "oe DappAf- 
See AmpLA-6. 
dirplAt, -Ai^e, a., greedy, oovet- 

^UnplA^An, -itn, pi. id, ■>., a 

glutbiD ; » gnbt)«r. 
ilniplA'6, -Art, m., Toradty, 

great hanger; C'ltic, AmplAt 

'Suf A<]ic, thirst, greed and 

dmplArtiAil, -rtil.), o., voraoiouH. 
&m )iA, a. , good, great, noble ; 

proepecoiu, lucky. 
AmliA, g. id., m., a. poem, an 

eie^, lamentatiun, u, Amfo. 

<liil)iAf, -ttAifipI. i(i., and-^ipie, 

nt., doabt, suspicion, anxiety, 

disbroat ; ^An AihfAr, doubtless. 
AmttAfAf, -Ai^e, a., suspicious, 

doubtfoL Also Aiiit<AirBAfi, 
^ihfAfi, •At%t, K., hitting, striking. 
driifAn, -km, pi. id., nt., a our 

AmfCAOrieet, -4i§e, a., oareless, 
untidy ; tiAfi Anip:AoioeA£ a 
^t^AfAir td F^'"i ''*'* oare- 
leasly, untidily you dressed. 

jtmrcAt^nAf, -Ai$. M., grey dawn. 

ilmti'^A, asti^y ; tdicCAn amu'Da, 
to let (it) go to losfl, ba lost ; 
nnl Amii-6A, to go astray, be 
lost. See muoA. 

'Inini^, ad., out, outside, without 
(wiUiout movement); leAt a., 
in addition to ; LeAt-it^mui^, 
teApnui^ outside; cAobAinuig, 
onttide i CA 11010 Ainaig A^Am, 
I am a oreditor ; ca piAV attiui^ 

) AM 

l« eitle, they ai« not ou speak- 
ing tenoj ; Ati r-Atnm ip biia.'g- 
tA Amai$, the fineat name of 
all ; W fi AinuiS Aip 50, it waa 

said of him that, et^i. 

AmDilLi-A, g. id., pi. -tie, /., a 
tdfle, a triok, amnaement. 

An- (aspirates), atg. pr^x tai; in-, 
not- ; prefixed to noons ofltin it 
signifiea bad or evil ; ef. use of 
An in word* like AnflAiteAf 
and Anguine, which *m. 

An, inttnt. pr^ very, when pre- 
fixed to adiectivee, at cA An \.l 
An-b05, the day is very soft ; 
great, when prefixed t<i substan- 
tive*, H ti An-ti AgAiTin, we 
had a great day (proa, aha very 

An, def. art., gif. itA, pi. na 
(aspirates nom. ting. f. and m. 
nn^. gen., eolipica g. pl.)\ the, 
sometimes also not translated 
into English, as An bAf, death 
in general ; if UAi^neAA An (ttiT) 
An bAfi death ia a lonesome 
thing ; but fXAif r^ ''^r, '"> 
died; CAtAih nA hdigicAnn, the 
land of Ireland, t^n ia often 
used ia olose combination with 

An, ifUerr. part., whether? sign 
of interrogation (ecUpaes) : be- 
fore past tenae beooroee a|i in 

re paic cenae oeooroee 
g. verbs, and aspirates. 
a. , Dobla ; pure, pleasant ; 

^nA, g. id., f., nobility, proa- 

dndbAi-ii, a,, immatare, tinripe ; 

aUo, very ripe (an, inteiia. pre- 
_fix, moanina very), 
AnAf, -A15, pi. -Ai^e, m., a path, 

a road, a pass ; often in place 

najnea. See SAnat. 
AnACAit, -ctA, /., auiot, roat ; 

protection ; aot ot guarding, 

defending. Su AnaCAl. 
^LnAiAin, g. -a and <£nA, /., harm. 


. 6">r 

n And£ain 'oidrrCJ, "mere ib 
. no OBe in talking when harm ia 
done" (the word ii MoentAd in 
Moond iyU»ble. — St.). 

MACMfi, -c]<a,i>'. id.,/., affliction, 
oalomity, diBtreia (of mind or 
body), inconwnienoe; «f. . 
fi-An^caiti iporte 'juf bjidn, m 
distress of heart and in sorrow 
(eoS-m C6iii, a Bong). 

Andcdt, -ail, m., act of protect- 
ing, deliverance; merajr, qnarter, 

4lnAcl'iiin, -edit and -cat, v, fr., I 

protect, ■afeguard. Sm ainicim. 

Anacfid, g. id.,/., distress, misery. 

dn>lcfa£, -ai^e, a., miecrable, 
wretched, awkward. 

Ani'i, -ii<, m., miafottune. 

AnoclfiiD, -e, -i-oe,/., a fiahwlth 
a large oloven breast (ffer,). 

jMd^^i'o (i n-.i5'ii'6), against, be- 
fore, with hwtile intent; with 
g. or with pota. pnt. before 
A$Ai-6. Ste agdi4. 

410^3^(1(1, --iiiiii, m., corrupted 
matter, organic matter in a very 
advanced state of decay. 

Andice te, i n-dice te, near, 
beside. See Aice. 

AnAiceA'6, -cie, pi. id., n., a puri- 

4nAicim, -cea-fl, imper., -iic, o. 
(r., I save, protect, purify. Ste 

ADAim, I wait, reniain, etc. Bee 

Anii]i-o, -e,/., an unsettled state, 
perversion, di Border. 

AniitiTie (i n-iifiBe), on high, up, 
above. Ste Aifoe. 

dnat]ic, -e, -e^iia,/., coarse, home- 
spun linen, canvas. 

AnAite {prop. inpa-D), j. id., a 
storm, an atmospheric disturb- 
anoe, fear, terror, consternation, 
the result of terror, as fast 
breathing, wild looks, etc., a 
atat« of terror. 

i ) in- 

tind)inii}, a., unknown. 

Anil, -iite, -atdC, and -itA, /. 
(somet. m. in i^on,), the breath, 
breathing ; aj cantiAins ka 
hdn^Ld^, taking one's time, 
going slowly (drawing one's 
breath), alao, drawing the last 
breath, dying. 

.dnitift, -aije, /, a ohroniole, 
annals. See AnnALa. 

dn-dtt, a., very great, Toat, 

Ani.\.\., ad., hither, to this side, 
over in this direotion, (to] here, 
thenoafom^rd; inonn'ranatt, 
backwards and forwards, hither 
and thither, here and there. 

j*nalL6T) {i n-aLLdn), adv., of 
yore, of the olden time. Set 

An^tuga-d, -oitjce, in., breathing; 
in grammar, the aspiraticoi of a 

AniLui£>m, -\>t&-o, and -ita4, 
V, inf r. , I breathe j I os]^!* (ia 


mA?),'armannd, /., but nom. is 
usually m,, sonl, life; vigour, 
activity ; if LoaCriiait an c-an- 
am, li& is preoiooB ; ac ^it ta 
n-' anam, running for the bora 
life; 1 mtiapn an onama, id. 
{Mayo) ; 1 ■ocJnairce an anama, 
id.{M.). _ 
tJn-am,m., indee.,a.a unseasonable 

6 of 

Anaiiiain, -ihna, t. n./. , act of re- 
maining. See panaifiain. 

^namaihait, -liiLa, a., lively, 
vigorous (the word may be ap- 
plied to a beast as well as to a 


Anam-ftaiii'oeaf, -■ 

iSinani-Catia, ■ftajia'o, -ijijixie, nt. 
and /., a soul-friend, a oon- 

An-aoiC, -e, /, disoomfort, dis- 

An-aoiOe, g. id., /., discomfort, 



dMrew, luipl 

AnAOibmn, -bne, a,, nnpleaaoiit, 

unhappy, oalamitous. 
&n»ofz&, a., not agod, young; 

alto, rery old. 
^n-itr*''" -Ci "i-p not »ged, 

fODDg ; also, very old, anoient. 
•JnAfCAif, -e, ff-i rongb, ooftise, 

AnbA, a-, prodigiooi, great, t«r- 

iJiTifiJ,]-, -iir.jcf. id., J7>., a. sudden. 

lir, -iir, jw. K 
iolent ae»th. 

euianstion ; anCpdnn, -. 
jlntpior. B- -F^^r* ">^ 'FT. "■. 

ignoraooe ; want of knowledge ; 

Vnic on AinSeedr', »U the 

AnSpOfA*. -^'Jo, o., ignorant, 

wiUiOQt knowledge. 
.dnftLari*, -rc4, m., great t*rt«, 

over-liking ( Jeo.) (alao au- 

dnC|ie<it, -eite,/., on unjust Min- 

tenoe, a oondemnation. 
dnbfoiti, -fioi'oe, /., captivity, 

EKftt tyranny, slavery ; dire 

iinftt«itt, -e, n., Kmp, broth (pron. 

anaifce in nom. and gen.). 
An^uAltle, g. id., /., uoiteadineBa, 

AnDadtneai, -ni£e, a., full of oara 
IP. ffG.). 

dnCoAn, -«ine, a., nneteady. 

dndiiinedi, g. -nijjie, -tire, m., 
blasphemy, Blonder, reviling. 

Aniamnc, -e, jJ. -eaCa,/., a rail- 
ing, a reviling. 

i)ncAi)ie, /. id., pi. -fii'6e, m., a 

liNmit, an anchorite. 
jiknAditeAiii, m., ill-use of time, 

eta. Set CAiiedm. 

4n-tLaon, -dome, o., very maoh 
addicted to, very pervarae. 

i., iwUe. a., of or belonging 

I ) Anp 

to a DUftiff, wolf-dog, etc. ; 

bt«ve, Taliaot. 
An£onT>d£c, -a,/., the andadty of 

a maotiff; bravery, valonr. 
An£ttoi'6e, ^. id.,M., malevoleoM; 

c\ii oic acor cp6 An6|ioi4e, 

through nuuioe and an eVil dii- 

porition (£ca., F. F.). 
Antjiota.i, -Ai^e, a., ugly, mla- 

.Antiioi, -tjioti, m., deformi^. 

Anfii. Steontd. 

AneaiT), -£o'DA, /., an exoeaaive 

part or share; rather lauoh; a 

great many, with ^m. 
Aninni<:«, a., deformed. 

care, ioUoitude. 
dnTidi'Dl dn-DAoil nUtTJ., really I 

A n'of, aUo I nni, adv., ye«t«r- 

^ n-oidii (i Tividi4), adv., after, 
behind (of plaoe); c^ mi a nniAii 
mo iior Ti ioc, I have just paid 
my rent (Con.); a nT>tAi4 a 
ltil«, aft«r each other, me 
after another. Bee 'otai'6. 

dn-T)lo£AliCA6> -Aije, a., very 

Antiia (mxiio), adv., to-day. See 

AtTodiAri 'Aif, m,, preeumpUon. 
jSLn-TioiffeAti;, -a,/., the darkness 

of nightfalL 
AnotioStAt, -Air, ff. ti., «., ax- 

oesalve squandcnng. 
i!kn-'DUAificeAf, -cir, pi. tcf., st., 

great sorrow, discontent, dis- 

AiiTjnil, -e, /., avidity, inordi- 
nate desire. 
An'ouine, g. td., fl. -'OAOine, m., a 

wioked man (the ti ia silent in tl^ 
AAi, anil (a n-oi, i n-ofi), yeator- 

day. £e«t)iA, 
'^^ eA-o, is itT foraoolh I 
i^nfAi. iSce AtipA^AC. 
ilnFA'6, -Ai-6, u., storm, a tempest, 

a diBtnrbance in Uis elementa ; 

fear, terror (pron, Anaite, which 

«m) ; te liaTiFA'6 nsaoite, by a 

storm (iT-eo., F. F.). 


dnpa-oat, -iaiSe and -paiSe, a., 
atormy ; overtowing ; tertible. 

dnpldi, -A\t, -di$e, m., a sea 
monster iKer.). 

^nflAit, -^t^.pl. id., m., fttjTJJit^ 

(■tdis«}i <*; tjrrannioai. 
AnflAite^f, -tif, -tear*, 7n., 

tynmny ; dominion, predomi- 

Anfoiam (Atiaiam), -e, /., harm, 

oamage, calamity. 
^nfolLAin, -e, a., unirbolesoine. 
An-folXi'n, -a, a., very whole- 

AnfopLann, -dinn, *»., violence, 

oppression, onalaught. 
AnjA, g. id., pi. -S46», /., a not ; 

a uotob in wood (o/w) eanj, -a). 
AnJiOA*, m., what is nimeoe«- 

aary ; b'irjiHa'b i6iB £, it 

was needless for tliem. See 

Anjcaijie,/., ananohor. See an- 

any diluted or inferior liquor . 
A. c6, bad or ill-made tea {also 

An.<;Laic, -e, -ite, /, the cat-fish 

Aniaii, od., from the weiit, eart- 
warda (with motion), from be- 
hind, from a position of lying 
down in bed to a position ot 
sitting up ; ■oo fui* r* »niati 
'ran leatiai*, he sat up in bed ; 
np, over (I^. and Sfea.) ; ex., 'nuaiti 
A t>'amai(ic yi anap 'r* -dfuiT) 
mi nai riaf, when he looked 
over I moved back from him ; 
cii mata aniaji aiji, he has e, bag 
on bis baok, 

dniof, (with motion) from below, 
up, upwards ; up to the point 
at which the speaker is «appoaed 

^niu, a n-ia*, aniuj (in-oiu), to- 
day. See ■o\A, 

an-taratica, ittdte. «., very paa- 
Bionat«, violent, impulsive. 

) <1T1H 

An-lfitjiiiieaft, -pije, a., over- 

in-ihacnar, -air, *•*■' exoeasive 

desire, lust. 

AniViain, -e, -amti* {anaiiiain, Tjan- 
ainain),/., aot of remaining, de- 
laying. See paniViflir. 

ATiiiiian, -liiSirB, .ihianca, /., con- 
oupiscenca, lust, senBuality. 

Anmiarad, -aite, a., Bensual, Inst- 
fiil, fond of dftintiea. 

Ami, promtan comp. with i, "in 
it," there, used to express ex- 
istence witb ar^im ; acA Tlia 
ann, Ood extata, there is a Qod ; 
ir btteit an Aimreati aca ann, 
this is Bne weather wo have ; 
annro, here; annpjin, annpdxi, 
there ; if ann t>aoi6, it i» your 
cnatom; annfain, emphatii:. 

Ann^lo, g., -a^, annals; pi., also 
annatai^ and annitafia (Sea.) 

Annain, g. id,, m, (adj. used aa 

annaih, every rare oooasion ; tf 
annaih tior rtaii, seldom are 
they downcast (Xea.). 
Annath, seldom, rare; an fUT) if 
annaih if lon^ancaA, seldom 
seen is wonderful ; if annaih 
TioihnaC, there is scarce a Sun- 

city, fewness of times. 

Annta, o. id., pt. -aiie and .a*a, 
m., a baunct^ the leg, a leg (of 

AnnLann, -ainn, at., sauce, condi- 
ment, pickles ; applied to fish, 
meat, eto., taken with bread ; 
If mait an c-annLann an r-oc- 
f af , hunger is a good sauce ; 
liaC ime uaifce 'o'annLann, a 
measure of butter npon it for 
condiment (Kea,, F. F.). 

Annfifat, -aije, a., unusual. 

Annfifihaii, -aiiie, a., out of the 

Annpa6c, -a, f., the highest de- 
gree of poetry next to the ollamh; 
great grief, fit of crying. 

Annfa, irrtg. oomp. of tonibnin, 
a., dear, food; tf annfa teif, 


Horn tim, 
beet {Fa-.) 
jirnifji, g, vd., f,, affection. Bte 

dnnraftc, -e.,f., affection, love; « 
darling ; annfa£c mna, a darling 

iinnpiiin, -rcitie, -^eana, /., a 
wild, desperate man. 

tJnnrin, Annroin, pr. ad,, in that ; 
then, there, thereupon. 

Antifo. t""- <"i-i '■era ; in this. 

Anoftc, ad., to-night 

j:knoit< (with motion), from theeaat, 
westward, towaida where the 
Bp^ec is supposed to stand. 

dnoiri o^v now ; Atioir bea3, 
inoif t>i)ieAft, Just now ; 'j^A'd 
inoir, 'rea* anoti ' ' ' " 
indeed 1 very well 

dnonn, ad., thither, to that side, 
over yonder, beyond, in that 
direotion ; Anonn 'f anAtl, 
baokwarda and forwards, hither 
and thither ; Anonn 'r^n oi-^Ce, 
lateat night; nior F"'^^ dionn 
'fa' LeAbAH, further on in the 
book {Con.) ; tl ir pa anonn 
'ni an LA inT>ia_, at a later date 
than to-day, in the remote 

Anoti-DAi'deAic, -*, /., inordinate- 
nesa ; want of restraint or 

Anot<'ou5A'6, -ui^e, ni., absence 
of order. 

Ano]iQni£6e, p.a., onrestrained. 

AnjiA*, -Alii, pi. id., m., awarri 

hero ; a champion. 
Atiiioic, -e,/, linen [Mayo, C. 

ToL II„ p. 35*). Ste Anil. 
AntiAt, g. id., fit., misfortune, 

decreoM, ill-hialc. See TJtioe- 

Anii6 (atipfij), g. id., and -ti6iS, 

m., persecution, miaery, distress, 

hardship ; severe weather. 
^n|t6£A£, 'Ai^e, a., miserable, 

wretched, diatressing. 
An|i^j;ceae, -ci£e, a., miserable, 


AnriAil^te, -A, f., Incompara- 

AnfdrcA, a., unsatisfying, dia- 

AnfifCiSc, -A, /., uneasiness, 

dnrcuite, pi., immovable rocks 

^npnAtc, -A, m., tyranny, 
dnrocAi)!, a., inioomfortable, tm- 

steady (ffea.). 
'''T<^5> •^*S' '"'I misery, destitu- 

anfdjiii, -Ai^e, a., miserable, 
wretched, uncomfortable. 

AnruSAi, -Aige, a., ohoerleas. 

jIp c-p def. aH., the form UBed be- 
fore m. noons beginning with 
vowel in nom. and occ., as cA an 

gen. t 

IS beginning with 
cpA^A.i^ci ^so 
B l>eginning with 

ft an "^rUt^ 

an ran roir, then, 
ilncliLr, -iTi P'' ^-y "*■. Wi"- 

riment, amoaement ; greed ; 

trouble, »eiation. 
AncLip'^i, -ai^, pi. id., a faceti- 
ous, merry fellow ; a greedy 

inuoiL, -oile, also -ota, /, ei- 

ceasive desire, self-will, pleasure, 

evil disposition, 
jincoiteat, -lije, wilful, stnb- 

AncoiLeaitiAil, -ihta, a., wilful, 
obstinate ; lustful, sensual. 

iJnuoiLtm, v. tr., I lust after. 

AncoirctsAii, -tije, a., extreme; 
botcAte A., eitreme poverty 
{Kea,); tinawares, unexpected 
(P. ffG.). 

j\rC|iAt, -a, m,, an unseasonable 
time ; 1 n-d, , at an unseasonable 
time, too late, untimely ; in phr. 

and out of season. 
dncjiAtAi, -Aije, a., untimely, 

Ancf^iAmAtl,, -liilA, a., just in,.,..N,Gt)Ogle 

time, very tiraelf ; alto im- 

Anr|ioin, 'tiaime, a., very heftvy, 

oppreesiTe, grievona. 
ilincfom, •ttoime, /., sorrow, op- 

4nt|<oro, ■«,/; home-made linen 1 

uaed in making ooane sheeU ; 

cA fi torn leatAX te anttiui'o 

n^oi 5c£At>, he is as prond as a 

quilt o( 900 tlireadi (Con.). See 

Ancuai*. -e,/.,ADtiooh. (Intolk- 

t&leo, aomet. Ancoit, -e.) 
An-uAiA^, -d,i|t, m., great pride. 
■n-oaibpea*, -itiSe, a,, Terjprond. 

" ' '-—■-■--' priae. 
_.. (an-oatl), -e. 

Anudirte, g. id.,f., baseueu, ig- 
nobleaea^ ; atto great nobility. 

likTiuairtedCc, -a, /., baseneas, 
ignoblBDesa ; lowneee of station. 

<lnudr, ad., down, downward 
from above (with motion); with 
afi, reatiog on ; an T:-£aT>4£ ac j 
Ai^, the clothea he wears ; ah 
c-iartAi Aci, annaf m^, tJie 
bed-clotbes tJiat oover him ; t>o 
tiinij r£ anuflp pte piinc, he 
lowered his demand by twenty 
poonds ; a^ wi, fuar *r 'nuT 
teac, oontendina with you on 
terms of equality; cAixtg An 
ruar .r -^nxir * 6( asac Le.r. 
why did you give bim tit for tat? 

anuar Lii, 1 wouidnt place 
myself on an equality with her. 

dn-uatCaraf, -ai^e, a.., 

dreadful, awful. 
Anumta, g. id.,/., diaobedjenoe. 
dniiriil,atr, -a, /., diaobedienoe ; 

jlnDiiai'D, ad., last year ; during 

last year ; in the oourae of last 

year; pron. anDitti'6, 3f. 
Aob, g. aoiDe,/., cheerfulness. 

) AW 

AObiiA, indte. a., oomely, beaatl- 
fnl ; cheerful, pleasant. 

iJoC-oafic, -A, pleaaanbiesa ; de- 
light; beauty. 

Ao'fi, -a, m., a man's name, Hugh. 

Ao'basdn, -din, m., a man's name, 
as 4o*a5an Ua RataiLle. 

AoiiAmin, m. (little Aodh, Hugh), 

Ao-batfi*, aojaife, g. id., pi. 
•tiea'6a, -fiie and • (iivte, a herd, 
a pastor, a guard. 

Aogfii'Deaft (asfiiioeafi), -■oije, a., 
quarrelsome (S. R. ). 

Aoi, g. id., /,, respect, honour; 
science, literature, poet^. 

Aoibe, g. id.,f., civility, kmdness; 
neatness, elegance ; pleasant- 
ness. Sit Atib. 

j^oibeaL, -fill., pi. id., m., fli«, a 
spark of fli« ; nA fii'o aoifieaL 
^an fa'DU^A'6, do not blow a 
spark that is not kindled. 

AoiCeatl, /., the bean stdAe of 
tJie Dalcassians, who was sup- 
posed to dwell at Carraiglea 
[•if., AoiSeaLl na Cajiiiaise 

^oiCilt, -e, a., pleasant, merry, 

AoiCilt, -e, /., aot of frisking 

Aoi6inn, -bne, a., delightful, 
ploasaut, beautiful; ip aoiCinn 
■o6, it is well for him. 

Aoifineift, -niSe, a., glad, happy. 

AoiBrear, -neaj"* and -nir, m., 
delight, delightfniness, joy, 
pleaaure, gladness; landaoape 

from internal condderationa. 
iVoifinear, m., act of «-"""""g 

onesell; aj 6L ir flj aoiftnear, 

drinkiog and amusing Uiem- 

selvea (£. S.). 
doiT>e. See foe. 
ADi'6e, g. id., pL .eA-6a, m., a 

gueat, a traveller, a stianger; 

dpi., aoi'6ea'6aifi [Kea.) (also 



a tavern, k house of entertoin- 

-aoi'oeaficafi, -AiSe.o-, hospitable; 

pertaining to a guest (doi'ce'i.A, 

JSoiiteAt'CAiv, -A, /., hospitalitj, 

entertainment for trayellers. 
jioije, g. id., pi. aoiji-oe, dpi. 

aoi5ea'6Aib. to., t, gaeet. Ste 

^oijiieatc, -a,/. ; »«e aoi-neaic. 
^oit-itieaf, -tnif, »»■> afairwhita 

ilMiL-^neir, -e, pi. -lie, /., a. fair 

OotteAt, g. aoilit, m., dung, ma- 
nure; a dunghill; catin aoiLi^. 
a dnng-heap; BoLeaiJ ealLatJ, 
fonn-yard manure. 

tan' tin-). 

iji. = aon (oft«n writ- 
one; aoinnea£> any 
^eati, any man, one 

Aom-6ialt, -tiille,/., 

of judgment. 
doin-T>f6eaLt; ^t^l^,,m 

tinuous effort. 
Aoine, g. id. BtadAoir\B. 

/., Friday ; fastina. 

'OiA h^oine, on Friday; Cfati- 

aoin(e} /., Wednesday ; t)ian- 

^Aoin,/., Thursday ; xiiap-oAoin 

■Dears^BaLa, Asconsicra Thurs- 

dayj Aoine an Cfafoa, Good 

Aoinfeatc (^mfeatc), m., one 

time, OQoei in phr., i n-aoin- 

peaic, together ; i n-. 

te, together with. 
Aomfeatii ■t't'. •"■> "" 

sole nan ; coihpac 

single oombat, duel ; , 

s^man. wi neg.. nu .^o. 

-Jom-Jem, -e, /, the only Be- 

n fear, 

ao,n-,iic,nr. (e, 
one mindedneas, c 

doinne, g. id., m., anj 
person (also iinne). 

It.), ■ 

doinneat (dnneai), »., anyUidy, 

Aoinni* ((innl*) -iiBite, m., any- 
thing, at all; with iKjf., nothing. 

(loin-rciii]it6iti, -6pa, -6i)»'6e, m., 
sole director. 

AoijiDe, g. id., f., height, stature; 
■oi. aoipTje, howsoever high. 

doifte, g. id., pi, -tii'6e, m., a 

domiin, -(lea-b, v. (r., I satirize, 
abuse. See aojiaim. 

Aoif, -e, p2. id., f.y age, era, cen- 
tury, an age ; o'aoif, of age (so 
many years old) ; ciaLt te coi]- 
na haoifC, sense with age ; ni 
ta^ann cialt iioirii Aoxy, sense 
does not come before age, 

^oiteo'A, m., the crisis in fever 
(corruption of |:aotu£a'6.) 

Aol, g. aoiL, fl. aotra, m,, lime ; 
a very bright colour. 

Aota'6, -tea, m., act of growing 
pale or white. 

dolaim, -a*, v. tr,, I lime, white- 
wash, plaster , iTitr. , I grow pale. 

Aot-6fiac, -bpuie, pi. id., m., a 
lirao-wbite cloth, oanvaa. 

AoL-tllint, -BjiuiJ, pi. id., m., a 
lime<white manaioa, a fair dwel- 

dot-topp, -tutpp, pi- id., m., a 
lime- white body, a fair body. 

Aol-ipob, -filioib and -Ciinit, pi. 
id., -ipoba and -epotaCa, m., a 
Ume-wbita fair hand (from 
fingers to wrist). 

aat-ttiotat, -M^e, a., of lime- 
white appearance, of beautiful 
form ; as anbe,, a, beautiful 

^oL^a, indee. a., lime-white, fair, 
beautiful; whitewashed, lime- 

illoL-nat, -a, pt., -tanna, Dt., lime- 

doL-Joiia*, -pia, m., act of lime- 


.dot ( 

^t-tO)«A4, •cti, n., set of line- 
bnmingi kiln-drying. 

ilolriuC TdOttAi), -^iiSB, a., lime- 
white, beautiful. 

Aotthaii, -ait<e, a., lime-wliite, 
&ir, beautiful; contaiDing lime. 

AoL-^fob, -pibe, /., a lime-white 

AoLmjiin, -a^At, v. Ir., I white' 
wsdh, plaster. See Aot^iini. 

ilomdiin, ■a'6, v. tr., I bend, in- 
cline, attraot. 

, (in 

"•), I 

a single one, only, Uie only (often 
with aiham) ; the one, the eamo, 
any ; at all, with tieg. no, nooe, 
not any ; Aon if pi^e, Aon Ap 
piCit), twenty-one ; Aon 'outne, 
4on neat, any one, anybody ; 
■with neg., no one, nobody ; aon 
eit^, another ; aoti LA aih^in, 
one day, onoe upon a time ; jion 
Le, together with; don rii, 
anything ; with neg., nothing ; 

together with ; ja* 

and forma one word with the 
following Douna, as : CfomAti 
apaon a|i ion-pcoiL, we both 
attended the same school ; corii- 
tiAC don<^i}i, single combat ; but 
it is not accented in phrases like 
ni bdon ihaitedr ' 

talk; iii'L AS4m a , 

ins ailiAin, r have hut a single 
shilling, (wd should then be 
regarded as a separate word. 
The acoentuation of &on takes 

Elace when emphaais ia to be 
lid on the ainglenesa, unity, or 
identity of the idea conveyed by 
the foUowing word; thus, ni't 
(kon &|"S teif an UpocAl, r^'ii 
that word has no meaning ; but 
aoin-tp'S T ea-6 aci Leif an 
t)o f ocat, both worda have one 
and the aame meaning. In the 
first of those two sontenoes aon 
is not emphasised, and should 

not form one word with bjtfj. 

If the word aihim follow in the 
sentence it aometimee takea Hie 
emphasis off aon. ^kon was in 
the 16th oentury, and ia in 
modem times, oft^ written £an, 
and in oompounda aoin becomes 
£in. An objection te tbeae 
forma is thia, that frequently in 
poetry aon has to be pronounced 
aoin (with broad n), whioh is a 
Tsoogniaed aomid of ao in Con. 
and v.; but the spelling San 
does not lend iteelf to that 

Aona(^. -ai^, pi. ^ai^e and aon- 
caige.ff.pi. aoncat,m.,a fairj 
an assembly ; a meeting ; a bos- 
tile gathering ; donii CaiL- 
ceann, the fair of Tailte {Kea.). 

ion-aiapcaft, -aije, n., one- 
homed ; unioom. 

Aonaigea^c, -a, /., attendance at 

^naip (jirop. gi, of aonap), a,, 

alone, lonely, 
^onap, -aip, td., singleneaa ; one 

Jersou alone ; im aanatt, I alone, 
y myself ; in aonap, you alone, 
by yoorseU, ete- {gs., aonaif, 
used oommonly as a^., (^eap 
aonaip, one or a single man). 

jlonapafi, -aije, a., lonely, alone. 

AonapSn, -i\r\,, m., a solitary 
person, one tdone by himself. 

AonapanaC, -aige, a., alone, soli- 
tary, deatitnte. 

Aonajianca, indee. a., alone, soli- 

ilonap'6a, tndec a., aolitary, singli 

Aonapnaic, -a, /, loneliness, sii: 

.don-balL, -bailt and -boiLL, m. 

place together ; nl'Lr^ i n-a., it 

Aon-b^pp, -aipp, pi. id,; m., unique 

J^on-4i^l -^Ti "*■, sol« cause, etc. 

" cir. 

aon-ioiL . . . 
tinuoua wood. 


Aon-^oftp, -tmpp, m., ain|jeneM, 
eameatneoa; te hA. ofo^tidiri 
'with eamsBtDesa of zeal (£. R.) 

Aon-tor^t, -Ai^e, a., oii&-l«gged, 


Aon-fio, g. -eon, yl. -torn, dpi. 
-eonaib, /., a chief hoimd (laid 
erf B prinoe), BometimeB in a dia- 
paraging ganae. 

^onoa (dLoncd), a., simple, sioKn- 
lar, pardcnilM', unmixed, sm^e, 
lUunftTFied, inviolate; p^fCA if 
don-DA, nuiried and erisgle. 

ilion'OAdc, -i, /., tmity, " 

^on-tidt, -Tiata, m., 

AonDdtdC, -Ai$«, a., of one ooloor. 
iloii-'o6<s5, num. eleveo. 
Aontniine {aoinne and fimne), g. 

■d-.n., one person, any one; wiUk 

jitg. no one, Dobody. 
Aoti-^eaft, -fiti, li. vi., m., chief 

man at hoabaud ; any man, one 

man, gen. used aa a. ; cortifdc 

Aoin-^tli, aingle oombat. 
ADn-fei'6tn, /., a ringle imited 

effort ; 'o'a., of aet pnrpoae. 
^on-^oc4l, -All, m., one woid; 

agreememt ; DfomAti tv a., wa 

were in agreement. 
Aon-foi-pm, -^ittme, /., nuifor- 

^on-JeAlc, -Seilc, •»., > very 
mad person. 

Aon-JniS, inpfir., -d'aoti Sn6 Bfo]-, 
"on purpoBB" I waa, I meant 
it for a dtlibtraU joke (pron. 
T>'AO-tn6) ; -o'Aor. tt^iS tujAC A 
6ior, 1 waa only joking at your 

Aongur, -A, m., Angus. 

.dori-£tit, -jot A, Bt., one Toioej i 
n-A. te, m aniaon with ; 'o'Aon- 
^tat, nnanimonaly. 

tion, oonstant presenoe. 
Aon-VeAnQi -teinC, m.. an only 

child ) the Only Begott«n Son. 
Aon-teAmin, -itn, pi. id., m., 

chief or only love. 
aon-itiAc, -ihic, w, with art., Uie 

only Son of God. 
AsnihA'6, erd. of Aon, cme, oaed in 

) AOn 

oomporite namerala; «oniliA'6 

Tiia3, elereath ; aonriiAd Afi 

f iCiTi, twenty-first. 
AonriiAf, -Aifft, a., lonely. 
Mn\it.t, -Ai£e, a., lonely. 8tt 

Aonjiacin&t, -aije, o., desolato, 

Aor\jiAci,-n&tt:, -a, /., aoUtude, 

^Ujnt^Aic, -ACd, m., one person, a 

peram alone or without help ; 

ci m< 'm' Aont^'c, I am alone 

or helpleea (Con.)- 
AonfiinAfi, -Ai£e, a., lonely. 3ee 

dioncA, indee. a., single, nn- 

tonohed, et& Ste AonT>A. 
AoticaC, -At$e, a., willing, of one 

MrintT, -A, /. , unity, agreement. 
<loncA'6, -ctA, m., oonaent, ant- 

frage, willingneia ; liaenae, per- 

miuion ; oelibacy, Ste AonrA. 
^lOnuA-bAe, -Ai§e (AoncAfi), a., 

willing, of one mind, agreeable. 
^um-CAoC, -CAOibe and -caoiC, m. 

and/., tlie same side; Vaoii- 

cAoib, tJigetlier. 
doncAr, -Aif , ni., oonsent, willing- 

don-roit, g. -cite and -oIa, J., 

agreement, one mind. 
Aoti-coip;, -coifce,/.. oneoominon 

purpose ; Ti'Aon-coirc, of set 

purpose, deliberately. See coifc. 
Aoticu^A'6, -cDi^e, m., act of 

assenting ; oonaent, agreement. 
Aoncmgim, -uJa*, v. iiUr., I 

assent ta, oonaent, agree (with 

Le or Ap) i or without prep.! 

fO Aoncai^ Sa'6& a matiCA'6, 

Badhbh consented to ita being 

killed(iror. £1. o^lO,). 
don-cuijpnc, -e, /., the same 

mind or underatandins. 
^ncntSte, ^. a., united, agreed; 

of one purpose. 
AoncDiJteat, -tije, a,, willing, 

dorcumA, p. id., /., oontinenoe 

^on-cntiAf, -Aif, m., fSM aingla,.,..i.,GtX)glc 

jounej i > ii'«.| ad., purposelj, 
of set purpose. 

port, ftt one time, all togeUier. 
M)n uAip, lu^ti., oooe, one time ; 

Aon xiMp Aih^tn, onoe, once upon 

A tdoie ; don tiAitii at any time ; 

aon uain ir mait teAC, when- 

ever jou like. 
Aon-iiim : i n-d', purposely, of aet 

purpose ((7on.,BpeUmg phonetic). 

40)1, AOifii J)I. td., m., a kmpoon, 
a perstmal attack iu prose or 
verae ; a satire, a curse. 

dopafi (aetieafi), -at^e, a., airy; 
beautiful ; light, say. 

AojiAt, -Aijje, a., satinoal, sarcaa- 

Ao|id'6, 'jitA, m., aet of reviling, 

abuaiog, satirizing. 
Aojui^e, g. id., pi. -Avote, m., & 

herdsman, a goanl 

□urse. I abuse, revile. 
AOrp, -A, pi. id., m., an aim ; tu3 
r6 AOjip -up, he took aim at 
lb {Der.) ; =oi'6i]ip of Scotch 


guieration ; people of the same 

fiTofession or cr^ ; age, old age 
poe(.)i dor tfiijinn, students; 
Axi c-dor 63, the youthful gene- 
ration ; AOf n^rta, poeta ; «ar 
Stid'AA, lovers ; Aop cf)]i'De, 
artists ; iOf cumainn, dear 
friends ; Aor re^nniA, playing 
and singing folk ; Aof AnuArAt, 
an ignoble race (.Kta., F. F.) ; 
AOf reAnmA iiA sciitiirsAt, 
harpers (id.); ot<iii6tt AorA 
feanrnd ha ti6i)teAnn, tlie 
greater part of tie singing folk 
of Ireland (id.). Aor occurs also 
in tribal or territorial names, bb 
&of 5|i<ine (Co. Limerick), Aop 
Ctii mAige (same oountj). 
^fAC, -Ai^e, a., old, ancient (this 

Kea., F. F.). 
AorinA6, -Aij, fH. id., m., afonng 

AopiiAfi, -Ai^e, a., aged ; nat* ° 
ioriViAfv I n-Aoir," irhowerenot 
old in years (O'ifa.). 

.AofCA, p. a., old, aged, wom-oat. 

Aofuititn, -nJA-D, V. intr., I grow 
old, I arrive at a given age ; 6 
D'dOf-Digif btiA'OAin, since you 
were a year old ; 6 -©'Aoroijif 
fuar, since you grew up. 

2pA, g. id.^., •pAi'6e and -pAnnA 
and -pA'DA, m., Bta ape. 

ipair, -e, .i-6e, /., a likeness, 
repreaentation, mimiory, or 

ApHiSn, -i3in,fil. id., nt., an apnm. 
Sea nApfion (_A.) 

ApfCAt, -Alt, p2. «(., m., an apostle 

(also ArpAl). 

Apui'A, Apni^. Stt AbAi'A. 

ApBi'6eA£c, -A, /., ripeneea, ma- 
turity, ripening; fruit. See ab- 

Ap, g. , Ain, m., tillage, ploughing, 

Aji, poa. pr. , our (eclipses) ; emph. 
All Tie. 

Ap, y., Aiji, m., slaughter, plague, 
nuserv ; the slain ; gi., ii\i (used 
as adj.) jtAirpin iifi, a miserable 

&II=6aji, eoi\f., because, for. 

Aji (a f o), rel. pni. (aspirates), used 
in past tense for a, who, wlitob, 
whom, that, all who, all which, 
eta. ; Agi liiAitib r^i I'U whom be 
killed; 1 n-Attor n-A|i,iilwhich; 
AS An, by which. 

a\i, dtjui. V. , he says, said, quoth, 
they say, etc (quoting the exact 
wonls), an r^> ^^ ^7^ (£«>') ; 

I., ajifA Com^f, saya 
18; apfB mire, saf^ 
n )ti, said the king. 

Thomas ; apfa mire 

ait' ' ■■'"'" 

Afi, iiUerr. pnrtirfe = an 110 (aspir- 
ates), used iu past tense for an, 
whether I if I 

Af (aifi), jTcp. [in pronoun oombi- 
nationHopm, 0JIC, Aiti(»n.),uipte 
or Qipci (/), oriAinii (emph. 
poet. 6ipne), o]iaiB, ofia (on- 
pa)], on, upim, used with or with- 
out article to express various 
adverbial nUtioua :— 4^ tms.' 


qfmode (with vbe.) : n-ft b^iiLte- 
6f ic, tremblingly (ahaking in all 
Vie Umba) ; a\i teata-A, open ; 
At'ciiota'6, hanging; dt<ri<>&<i^i 
walking ; similarly bBforo nonns, 
SB, cof Af c^ifve, to put off for 
atime; dttcomAitice,uitlieoare 
of; qfcame: Aft ih^fo ^ tLiocaif, 
by reason of his great olerer- 
neas ; Ap 4n i-iOip F*'". 'o' 
Uiat reason ; after verbs of mo- 
lion and verbt lik« cu]t, CACaitic, 
Tie^ndrii, saCdtt, and verbs of 
feeding on, praying to, appetd- 
ing to, complaining, threaten- 
ing, hiTuierit^, refitting, etc : — 

im A\ ]<, I return to him (it) ; 
f i1,ed'6 AJ1 ix\ 'ocaLam, to drop on 
the ground ; after cuft it governs 
words like 6^51 a, dijneir, 
cjioiD, coins, piofi ciSiiiin, 
otc., as, ^5 CU11 ciifi-iim i.\f, 
giving him something in change ; 
aftar -oeinaih it governs words 
like F-Mtte, teigeAj" S>"'oei 
rjiocdiiie, matrnitn, T^oriiafi, 
toe, as, T)£dn ctidcAi^e ofm, 
have mercy on me ; after CA- 
Caijic it governs words like 
Amur, caip, Ainm, et<j., cat) i 
An Ainm a tug fS OTir ? by what 
name did he ooU you? after 
SfiCiit, very frequently used to 
denote passion, emotion felt 
by a, person ; ca eista ojim, I 
fear ; ca eaf bai'4 Aif, he is in 
want ; similarly it is used to 
eipress favours oonferred <«, 
knowledge about, hatred of, 
power over, etc. ; in such uses 
A^ and A|i are often oo-relative ; 
ci meAf AjAin aih, I esteem 
him ; rA Aiti^eAD A^Ain ofic, 
you one me money ; c^ 
CTioig Asam Aiji, I am a foot 
taller than he is, etc. In 
phrases like Ap pui) (fuaitj), 
throughout: ap fait>, Ap leit- 
GA'O, Ap AoipTia, in length, m 

breadtli, in height, eto. ; ttx, in 
reepeotof: nf p^iTiip 4 ^ipn^A-6 
Ap bpeA^t Ate, it ii unauipossed 
in {or as regards) beauty ; a 
peculiar use : 5a4 pooTi-^oiir An 
AilleAic 'r ap Binneaf, each 
lulling melody the loveliest and 
tlie sweetest (O'Ao.); among; 
ci i^ Ap na feApaiS ip pSApp, 

pain, for that reastai i a, , _.. 
134, for Ood'a soke ; it denotes 
Bometimea opposition, infliotion 
of pain, etc., after subst. verb 
ana words like cup, a«, acA mo 
6poi4B a^ cup opm, my heart 
Is paining me, I ooho at heart ; 
acA r* «S cup opm, he is pre- 
vailing over mei cao ei ope I 
what ails youT caim Ap mo 
teiteA*, I am "on the mn," 
trying to escape beiiu^ oaught ; 
ap lYio £oiineiT], hiding from 
my pursuers ; Cea-A p£ aip k 
'dIanAth, be would have to do 
it ; beAi r^ ^'f ^<S^ ^ 4£anATii, 
'twould take him all his time to 
do it; AP BsASAn catthAn, with 
but UttSe land ; ci An pao JaL 
A5 CGAiu Ap eeaftdp, the world 
is improving [ap bpeip ( WiW.)]; 
nCl pi ap FoSnaih, he is un- 
well ; ap batl, by-and-hy, 
presently; somet. Ap an mball., 
on the spot, immediately ; Ap 
iiAtpib,t^ times; Ap uAiniO, by 
tarns (KtaJ); ap Ticiiip (Ticdp), 
at first ; ap corat. first, leading. 
Ap, prep,, used for tap, after 
(eolipses, but aspirates in Crm. 
»p. I.) ; used before present par- 
tioiples ; Ap Ticeadc a baiLe 

1 Scota* -0616, when they had 
gone to sleep, dp (lap) witfa 
prea. port, oorreepoads to the 

Sluperfect tense. 1^ lAp and ap 
<mg>,), to, for. 
ajiA, tnteij, , but, now, really, then, 
truly ; used at the beginning of 
a clause in an ezpostulfttory or 


dcpreoatiDK senw, Kid IatobI; 
Bmploycd by spoikers of &ig- 
lioh ! " Esve you rwoovered ! " 
" Ara not at iLll I " It u often 
preoedad bj a 'f>i4, and the whole 
ooQlraotod to *e4fia (yerrah), 
and in Kerry geo. pron. -ieijifl 
and d 'Cm A^u (dfd in if. aad 
U. m geoerally &\A or Aitiiii ; 
Af in Don.). 

AfA, {f-iif.,})!. AtidnndandAftAi'Ae; 
g^. 4|<ann, m., a page, a laokey ; 
■ obanoteer ; the agent of an 
action, one given to a oertain 
line of aotioQ, as a^ia na bpd^, 
A(id an fiiL, 10. 

^]ia, /., the toin ; a '6u>ne ha 
n- Aft Ann, friend of my heart 
(this word has the firat Byllablo 
long in sp. I.). 

i.ria.t, -Alt, m., a fishing weir 

^fAfi, -Ai^, *R.| Beonnty, guaran- 
tee ; help ; hope, oppartnnity, 
ohanoe ; iii-At<Ae, in reliance on; 
iAp|i AftAd Ati, have reooorse 
to ( tii'L Aon ipAft Aije Alii, he 
has no help for it ; cia tidfAf < 
n-AjtAA f Si Ice An <pci\\. vo 
rct'loDd'6, who can be relied on 
to write the generoedty of the 
story {M'D.); nl fAiC ifiAd 
Ai3e aCc, he oonld not aT<^d, 
etc. (Eta., F. F.). 

Af-ita-x, -Aifi »»■, might, power. 

^tiAD, a., atroDg, btwre, nobtB ; in 
oomjpoimd. An A[tAT>-iiiAc, the 
Divine Son. (la it the same aa 

AtiA^Ain, Jb-ni, pi. id., in pt. 

reina, • bridle. 
dt<'i'^Ain 'Uilc, abuse, oonoeit. 

severe treatnient (P, CC). 
it^A'DnAfi, -Ai^e, a., suffering ; 

pATi-A., kug-Buffering (pron. 

Af a^a£c, -a, /., snfiering ; ^A'O- 

A., ItHig-soffering. 
At<Aicir< the pronimoiation of the 

word Aifitir ^ C"'*- luid ^- ^^ 

d]i4i'6e, g. id., m., the lower tie 

I ) iHX> 

or oroe8-at*y in house roofiiut 

Ajin^te, another, eaoh othw ; 1 a-ii- 

Aite, et cetera. 
A^ixi, AfiAin, pi. id., nk, bread, 

loaf ; Bubaintenae, employmsnt ; 

Aftiin 3tie A vAttLe, griddle brmd; 

Afin cfiuitneA^cA, whaaten 

bread ; Af ^n ptdip, flour bread. 
AjiiflAt, -Aifte, a., alimentary, 
^pann, inteUiganoe, peroeption ; 

jAn tiieAClAtt<, 3An AtiAnn {G.8., 

vol, IL,page 322). 
i^Mini, pi. (U ^f A, the loina. jSm 

ditiaoiii, A|i4iti, last night. 
AttAon = Art Aon, together, both, 

each (of two). 
^jiAf, fairy-thorn (Don.). 
AfiO=Ap Ba, was hoi was tIii«T 

AfibAf, -Ai]!, m,, com (growing <x 
before it is threshed) ; generally 
fnxa. Attuft in if. 

Af c, g. Aipc, pi. id., m. (also /■), 
a cheat, a ooffer ; the last little 
pig of a litter, a dwarf, a 
lizard, a diminutive ereature of 
any kind. See Aipc. 

ApiAinjeAL, -sit, -sLe, m., an 

A|i£eAiiA, ad., in gMieial ; henoe- 
fortli ; besides ; likewise. Btt 


Afw tuAfijtA, g. id., /., an eft, a 
newt, a lizard ; Alp toaCtiA, id. ; 
AtnAif A, g. id., pi. -lie, /., a 
lizaid iOaltBast) \ eAp LaAfifA, 
a lizard (W. Ker.) See cAfc 


AticjiA, g. id., pi. -Aiie, /., an 

Aptv, -6on, -Com, m. and /., a 

chained or fierce dog. 
^f'o, g^. Aifoe and Aoitroe, a., 
high, tall, loud, noble, mighty ; 
6r Atit), on high, openly, a ' 

bt iip'o-^^ AjAinn, we it 
spleMid day ; C< AtfO-^tteAnn 


t lofty 
, att^mtJve, 

i<HXt ( 

mush iport and weeping there. 
(In dt&hidhe the eooiiBion i> 
always djiv, i.r., short In quan- 
^jitt-dijeAncd, miUc. a., high, 

watohful (am,). 

^|i'Ddn, -hn, pi. id., m., a beisht, 
a hill, hillock ; a benoh, a pn^it, 
a stage, a terrace. 

iJm-Ao^6'i^^/le,^ g. id., pi,, -(irAe, 
fD., chief Bteward; head pastor. 

dtro-AcAiti, g. -ataji, pi. -ttfuta., 
m., a patmroh ; Afi (ti ^it ^fo- 
A£d]t T)io6, on Uie ^e of erenr 
patriaroh of them {Kea., F. F.). 

4fi-o-6lieite4ili, y. -bneitiih, Bt., 
aioh' judge, ehief ju^^ 

^]iT)-CuTiA'6, -Mi3, til. id., m., a 
high etook, a noble race. 

4p'o-6Atdift, -iAt^At, f; a metro- 
polis, a great oity. 

il)iT]-±onidi[il.e, g, id., pi., -edfA, 
/., a supreme ooonoil or parlia- 
ment ; an eicellenb advice. 

iiiro-finfi, ■oiji, m., chief rent, 
tribute or impott. 

^-ITD-feAti, ■fjr<,pl. id.,m., a noble 
man, a very good man i dmilu'Iy 

dHW-^lAit, g. •e.ia, pi. id, m., a 
<^ef lord. 

ijm-ftAfteAr, g. -ftir, pi. id., m., 
chieftunship, ohiel role. 

Sf.'o-fwX, -fola, pi. -fotanna,/, 
noble blood ot race. 

Afo-idittm, -Apmaand -Aittme, /, 
a high cidling. 

ipf-S^OTi ■«» -S'i*ii /-I a liberal 

il|n>-gdo>ptte,,pt, -piie, ot., 
a professor of the liberal arts, a 

ip-o-St6ti46, -Aije, a., 
mouthed, having a high roioe. 

JlliT>-Sol, -toit V -SolxACA in 
Con.), tn., loud weeping. 

ilfo-Snfc, -otA, m, a bud voice. 

illtT)-iAecAe, -Aije, /., loud crying. 

il]io-riid$, g. -ifidi^e, -iliAiJ, ana 

-itiA^A, pL -AdSo, at. 
noble plain. 
^t*T>-ihAA Fit!., a poet> 

^tn>-ihAO)i, -oiti, 

J^jt'O-lhAOtlACC, • 


^JITJ-lhlAn50r, ■! 

4pT).*dji, -fiifie, 
very tali 

oJ,, principal 

., chief stewud. 
/, chief atew- 

^P'O-dJIBAdCflf, -Air, P'- ' - 
a chief convention or assembly. 

^tro-otlAth, g. -Aith and -ifiAn, 
pi. id., and -AihAin, m., • ohief 
professor, a doctor ; ifO-olUaih 
ci]ieAnn |ts piti'AeAfi;, ohief 
profesBor of poetry in Erin 
{Sea., F. F.). 

^ffo-otlAtiiAnrAdc, -a, fl. id., J., 
the offioe of chief profetsor or 

^("MttAf. -Airi *»., the lintel of a 
door. Bet FitroojiAr. 

^1i'o-^t<oinn,/., high met (ifayo 

Jfti-rcoiti -e, -«AniiA,/., a oollege, 
a lugh school, an academy. 

ipTj-pcot, -4, pi. -a,nnA, m., a 
noble race. 

^fT]-faiied'o6if , -dfiA, -diftiie, 
a preaidiiot. 

chieftain, a 

^rti-ceaSLae, -A.S, pi. id., m., 
a great hearth-fire, a forge fire ; 
a large honsehold- 

^tm-cigedtinA,,,pl. -ai-6e, m., 
■ supreme loi^, a sovoreign. 

AjiTiugA*, -U15CB, TO., act of ex- 
alting, hei^tening ; elevation, 
promotion, uonoor. 

^fvuijim, -B^A-d (in Don. somet. 
iiliioiSim), V. Ir., I magoify, 
cult ; raioo, lift, hoUt ) AfOui'; 
teAC 6, take it away witJi,.,..i.,GtX)L^lc 

night. Sm Apaoi r 
A niiji {prop. ■DO liSiJi), pr^.i 
accordinB t" 

■ '(aiso 
hdi p5ci. — Kea. ). 

act of plimderiiig ; plunder, 

Apsnaim, vl. «p5*'n. "- '''■. I rob, 

plunder. .See Apsaim. 
liliSctSi^, -6fiA, -6itti'6e, m., a 

destroj'er, a robber, a pluuderer. 
ipsu'nc, -e, /., act of arguing 

(aJso 4pSo»ne). 
^{iiaih, aa., ever, olwaji (of Uie 

paat], with neg. never (better 

Afifi <k2i'. , again (Uie a is separ- 

-oirci^e), m., aot of borning. 

^jim,g. Ai-\im, pi. KJ., and A)tin.i, m., 
a weapon, an aim, a tool, armour ; 
an army; Apm n6oiltnfiir(-S'«l.) i 
wuL 'rill Ajim, to go into or join 
the army. 

4-1111146, -di$, pi. id., m., on army ; 

Ajiniaft, -AiSe, a., varlike ; armed, 
Buppiied with weapons. 

pi. -i^a, m. and /., a plain of 
slaughter, a battlefield ; lif., 
lona^ An Jit^'^^Ait (Kta.). 

Apmiit, -iLA, pi. td., /., armour, 
weapons, an armory, act of arm- 
ing, also army ; blame(t7.): tei; 
mk A hA)imait, I let her be 

AHmiitre, g. id., pi., •n'oB, m., on 
amy {&ll,), armaments. 

4litiind,iin, -A-o, V. tr., I arm, I 

^irniAtn, -e,pl. id.,/., a check, n- 
prooi, rebuke, an affroat, a ohas- 
tisement (nont, also AnmAtfie). 

.*1irti4iiieAic, -A,/., a ohacking or 
rebuking, act of af&onting. 

A|imAr, -Aif, fn., arms in herolilry 

(Ajimnir, /., o'B.) J A AtMtii.r ir 

6 CA|i]iAin5te a|i 6p--6At, hit 

' } ins 

arms drawu in golden oolonre 
(Fer., O'lta., etc.). 

Apm-JtAn, -glAine, -gloine, a., 
of bright weapons. 

i)(mtAnn, ■Ainne, -a,/., an armory. 

A]^mt4.,p. a., armed. 

.Atmnnjim, -o§A*, V. ir., I arm, I 

4|iniirAt, -Aije, a., high-minded, 
sportive, irresponsible (of chil- 
dren or animals), Aran ; alto, 
snug, well-off. 

d|i6ncA, iwUe. a., aross, passionate, 
fariooa ( Wat.) . 

^}i]iAer, -A, -Aiie, m,, a monster, 

4f|iA£CA6, -Aij, pi. id., rn., a 
monster, a speotre ; a. reAn, a 
8peotre-Uke old man {B. S.). 

AfF^tcAi, -Aige, a., mighl^, tall, 
' ' [uter-like, spee- 

powerful ; 
dftfiAicAf , -Air, til-, digni^, great- 

S^Xititcuriie,, pi. -'6te,nk,B 
half-naked person, a homeless 
wanderer, aa a hare, fox {W. 

jlfittA'6, -Afd, -Ai'6e, in. and /., an 
artiole of merchandise ; wares ; 
poods ; an item ; of peraotu, an 
mdividual ; if oU; An AptiA'd 6, 
he is a bad person ; nl mAii An 
eArifiA'd An Cf£A5, a lie Ls an 
evil thing ; rAl.Ann if lAfiAnn 
Tii AtiftA'S nA tiAtAnn, salt and 
iron two pieces of goods that do 
not turn grey See oajijia*. 

AppAing, -'nse, til, -mgte and 
-inseAfiA, yr, a dart, a atitoh in 
one^ ^e ; oonvolsions ; sharp 

Apx-A {defect, v. a.\i), says, said; 

in sp. I,, AfpA Comir, quoth 

Thomas, is itsed for A)i Comsr 

of tlie written I. generally ; 

"AjifA mire," said L {See aji, 

d^. verb.) 
Si<Ta, a., old, aged, ancient. 

^P|-aC, -aiS, pi. id.,' m., on old 

man. See AtTAiucAC. 
^tifA^c, -A,/., old age, antiquity ;,.,..i.,GtX)glc 

fetoraoy. Bee iipr^tv. 

an antiqnar;, ma antiquarian, 
^pranca, indie, a. , old ; worn-out 

(of olothes). 
AurnSiL, -iiV, m. See dir-nfiiL. 
AJirn^iLafi, -fli Je. See aif -nfidtai, 
j\tit;, 3. Aific, m.. Art, » personal 

name ; an a., noble, great, gene- 

tell (/nnigAoioen, !)«>■., Onuath, 
Monaghan, Mtaih, tit.). 
^fc, g. Ai|i<;, n>., a rook; cd]!- 
)i'i>Ti5-A)ic, loadabme. 

m. , a VBSsel of any kind ; in 
Waterf<nil underatood only of 
lai^ Bhipe ; in Ker. any vessel, 
a cap, a sancepan, etd. (also 
iHidi, and in Don., i.i(itiM&t). 

iijitjiaij"", -nja*, V. tr. and intr., 
I set sail, take ship [Ker.). 

Ajiii. See df A. 

ilfor, -oif, pi. id., m., a dwelling- 
house, a habitation, a room, on 

^tlofdt, -Ai^e, a., habitable, be- 
longing to a honee. 

^r (dl, prep, [in pronoun combi- 
nations Ar&m, «T4C, af (m.), 
Aifce or Aifci (/.), arimn, 
dfatft, df CA ; it sometimes 
becomes a before consonants 

and prefixes b to vowels, as 

hfiipitin, bnt retains r Before 
the article in sing, and pi., af 

hfiipitin, bnt retains 
"■he article in sin ~ "~ 

n ■Dcataih, Af 
the relative, aj- a scnifCBAti ; 
the poss. pr., the iudef. pr., tne 
demonst. pr., as of mo Ceatin, 
if rO' *r 5**]' from, out of. 
After transitive verbs and in- 
transitive of motion, to denote 
the person or thing from which 
something is taken or which 
something leaves, falls from, or 
arises frMu, depends on, or is 
caused by, etc. : ■o'lmcig r* «r 

an aic, he left tlie place ; cd5 
T)o Sa*ap a-p fo, t»ke your d<^ 
hence ; a^ cuiuim af a tiite, 
falling asunder ; curt at r^i'-bi 
to disposals ; af lonaTi, out of 
place, dislooatfld ; mi a jlao^at 
ar m'amm, to call me by an 

pay for that; ^lan af mo fa'6- 
ape, leave my sight ; of the ob- 
ject of ocmfidence or trust, Vi 
itioinjln asam afac, I have 
confidence in yon; of the grounds 

of proof. If Uiip at* a Snloman- 

taib jup — , it is clear f *■ 

doings that- 

oombin. refiecting subject of the 
verb with or without piin ; Bain 
1*6 fedppa-6 apt^in, he stretohed 
his length ; eoip pi lifij ap, he 
shoutea ; ap, 3 sing. mas. pron. 
comb., is often used imper- 
sonally, as £ii<'5 ap, give over, 
casae ; a^ >ou L ap, getting re- 
duced, declining (opposed to 
aj ceaic ituje (f^in), improv- 
ing, but we say also a^ ceaAc 
Cuite pSin), tut -oul ap, to 
escape pmiiahment, etc. ; beat* 
■00 tabafu ar, to lead a life; 
cax) ap A? where is he from, 
whence ishef adv., ap a hartle. 
thereafter (obs.) ; ap po, out of 
this, hence, from this place ; ap 
pn, oot of that, thence. of it,orhim. See 

&X=tX, (ueertivt v., is, m« (relative 
form), oft^i used a« the ordinary 
indie, form ; aj* ea'6, it is ; af 
epui^, 'tis a pity ! See ip. 

jjp=ip, sign of sup. degree. 

ip (iir), a jot, an ace; ni foaiti 
r# ip *r bit -ok Bipp, be got 
no good, no advant^e from it 
(ffS., Aran). 

Ap, a'r=J>5or' ^'"A' **■ ^« •'ST' 

■if, g. aip, jA. apa and afain, 
gpl. af an, a shoe, a sandaL 

dpa-o, nt., act of anchoring a boat 
or ship (Ker). 

Apaib, out of you, from yon. 


ABA ( 

jlfoinn, out of db, from us. Ste ^j-, 
^r'ltii -rw^t,/., mountain vegeta- 

tiim, heather; bedding for cattle. 

See «ArAi)i. 

ifam, prep, pr., 1 »., from or out 
of mo. See aj-, jirtp. 

ArA]AAfoeAtV, -A, /. (j"^. af- 

ctiolai'6eA£c),ma^o, divination 
bj herbs, iatoxioauoii ; ci a. a^ 
tiA ■odotniS A Bionni' ij cpumn- 
lU^ai tniSeanna L'fltai'6 teii- 
ir. the people who ooUeot herbB 
for onring purpoees practise 
diviuatioD {Aran). 

ifi.fltn-te, g. id,, pt., •■iie, m., a 
ooDJnier, a magioian [prop. 

Aj-at:, prep, pr., 2 »., from or out 
of thee. See df . lire}!. 

ifC g. Aifc, »»., pndo. 

Afca, •■i>, pi. -i-Ote, /., a moun- 
tain or bog land producing 
sedge. See 6e.j^a. 

Arcdi'6, -e, /., ft gift, an offerine ; 
I n.4rcAi-6, gratia, M ft gift ( CTa) 

A-Tcat, -dii, pt. id., m., ft onrrent, 
t^e flowing d the tide ; a awoUeu 
or high sea ; ft storm ; a despe- 
rate attack. See eAfcat. 

Ai-caLI,, -AilLe, /., the armpit ; a 
ooraer, especially of a field, 
henoe a small territory. See 

Ar«At*Ci -dtiic, m., wadding for a 

Afcu, g. -c 


. . eel. 

Set edf cii. 
AXttA, g. -it, pi. -\-ve and -tA, also 

dpidi'^eaeji {M.),f., a rib of the 

body, a lath. See earn*- 
AfnAi, -dise, a., ribbed; ueann- 

arnad, strong-ribbed (usually 

A^TAfn (axa\t,), m. pi., groaTes. 
ilf-rai'6im, -^e, v. inir., I set (as 

tie sun) ; ^5 d|--rui4e na 

3;iiiiie, at sunset. 
j)rc«. prep, pr., 3 pt., from or out 

of them. 
Apcal, -Alt, pi. id., m., a lath, a 

ihing (Ker.). 
Afcead (ifceai), ad., in, into (of 
motion, as opposed to AfCi^, 
within (of — ■"' "" *^ 
of rest), 

ilfi:o>'6de(ifc-Di'Dde),<>('-,ftt night. 

.irctiAnad (aifceat'ini*), -iij, 

-dije, «., a traveller, a way- 

i)rC|toLaiieACi;, -A. /., astrology, 
a divining by the stars. 

Afcpolume, g. id,, pi. -i6te, »., 
a soothsayer, a msigician, an 

dretii£>m. See pArcoiiim. 

At- (Alt'), prefix — (1) reiterative, 
re-; (2) intensive, very; (3) 
negative, in-, nn-, dis-, not. 

A^,g. Aic,n)., a swelling; ft crown. 

it, g. iti,, pi, AiAnnd, m. (some- 
time«/. — Crm.), a ford ; ftn easy 
vein m a person's character ; 
tif'l Aon it te F^^i'' "V^' 
there is no gaining a point on 
you, you are moorrigible. 

iJitA, -ii, m., a creek [Ser.) ; 
Huaitear j-iAf tarn an aiai, 
I journeyed westwards to the 

ACAt, -Ai£, ni., a request, apisyer. 

At At, -Alt, pi. id., m., a giant; 
a plebeian ; a elown ; a stam- 
merer ; acaC DiioiC-biaiiLA, a 
rude impertinent fellow [P.G'C.) 
See tAt&i. 

dcii-o, aciim, AcaniAoi-D, aciim- 
re, ACAOi, AcAiri, AcAcAti. Set 

AZ^Mm (more generalty CAim]. iSee 
parad. ; tubiianiive verb, I am, I 
live, I stay, am found, exist in 
a particular condition, thoro is, 
there exists. This verb is not 
uaed as a simple copula like w 
in the phrase John is a man, a 
king, etc, we cannot say ca 
Seaman peati, ca SeA^an ft, we 
must say ca Seajin 1 n-a feafi, 
ca Seaman 1 n-A !>{$■ Iheatate 


AtA ( ' 

or oondition wkioh tlie Tsrb de- 
notes is ToriouBlj' eipressed, lit 
by adject, or past [»rt. , or md- 
VOTb, as AEA f i r^<'A^I<i ^^ ^ 

rich; ACd r^ bfteoi'^re, he is 
aiok \ Ack xi c)ie4i£cA, he is 
robbed ; ciim 50 miit, I am 
well; cj ft 50 tiAtAinn, it ii 
Bpl«Ddid, be is well {■.«., in tiie 
beat of health) ; 2iid, hy the om 
of invpoaitional olaaaea formed 
chiefly with the prapa. 1 (a), at*> 
14J» (*p). A5. vK cp*' "t"' With 
t >t eipresses the p«cise stat« 
or oomlitioii ia which the sub- 
ject ifl — ci r* '"■* fiouLd*, ho 
is asleep ; ca yb 'n-A f»<^Bi ha 
ia sittii^ op ; cA 'f ^ ■ "-^ ^^T*! 
he ia a man, has grown to be a 
man, he is not a mere boy ; bat 
t^ ccAti £, he is a man esoen- 
tiAlly, abetroctdng from all 
ohaages and developmeata ; u£ 
I* 'n-A feaii, leema to imply 
progreea and development or 
traasfommtioii, the reault of 
which it expresscfl ; with Af, in 
phroaea like 6eit Aji poSfiortii 
Xo be well; tfiit All ^^S^'o, to 
be in a boiling state ; beit Af 
meifce, to be drunk ; with ia^i 
(Afi), ACAim Ap n-A m' toirtimeAi- 
fi€ lAt AiJ, I am put in oompan- 
eoa with mnd (£ea,) ; acaitu aji 
n-A m' dun 1 neioini, I wn brought 
to nought (£ea.); with a^ il> 
denotes the poHseBiing or having 
a thing ; ci AiitjeAT) AjAm, I 
have monevi bio^ Tieat a^ac, 
have a drink ; with verbal nouns 
after aij it ezpreasos an action 
just going on; ra fd A3 cufi 
fcACA, it is freezing ; ca r' ''S 
50I, flhe is crying ; with 
fi, tft, etc : ACA an aic pa 
nifce, the place is covered with 
water ; aca an doill Cfi ceini^, 
the wood is on fire ; with a)t, a 
variety of superlative copula- 
phrase (P), ci r* AH an bpite ip 
Tea^ip t n-€if inn, he is t^e best 
poet in Ireland. 
Atainne, g. id., pi. -ni-be and 

) ^£0 

-nea^, /,, a red ooal, emben ; a 
firebrand. See aiiinne. 
Ataift, g. ita.11, F^- A^AtiA, Attiie, 
att|ieaeA, g^. AtAfAt, Ait- 

-(leAd, atf a6, dpi. AtA]lAI&, Alt- 

. jiili, n., a father, an anoeit^a' ; 
Ataiji mdft (reAn-AtAifi), gnmd- 
father ; Acai)! c6il.e, A£Ait> 
cLeaihtiA, father-iu-law ; aiairi 
ALcfiomA, m., a foater-fat^er ; 
aiaip bavrcije, m., a godfather. 
{NoU—Tba oen. acajia ii 
stjll used in Aohill and elae- 

Ata.\xt t^Aoifotne, m., a father 
ocnf esaor. , 

AcAiji-iur, _ ... 

ground ivy. 
Ataifi niriie, oorrupt for natai 
ni^e, whioh tee. 

catihan, m., yarrow 

foir. ^ 

dcaL, ■All (alao aiceat), m., still- 
nees, oalmueBS after a storm, 
ccBsation from rain; oheerful- 
neaa, pleasantry. 

Aran, -Iin, m., a garland, a wreath. 

j!>tat<'6a, g. id., /., ^therland, 
patrimony, inheritance. 

AiAti-^A, a., paternal, patrimonial, 

Acaii£a'6, g. id,, and -^afA, m., 

&taff&t, -aij, -Aije, m., a change, 
fashion ; tnuisformation, altera- 
tion ; itpaC (U.) ; ni't a A. 
A^ani, I have nothing elaa 
(=niaLAiiic M.). 

Acappo Jaii, ^c. See ac|ih Ja*, ic. 

&ti.x, -air, »»., gladness, joy, 
pleasure, raijoyment, satidFac- 

icAfAi, -AiSe, o.| glad, delightful) 

viotorious, tciumpliaQt. 
AtAfc. See aiceapc. 
ACAtapri -"Ti corrupt forms of 

ACatAf , 3 eing. indef. ai ACAim ; 

a. A5 ueAeu, some one is coming, 



^rtafc. dtftet. v., p/., (he) died 


^Ceo^oi^im. See dttftetvbuigim. 

itiia^ndtm, -a'6, v. tr. and tntr., 
I ohew again, I ruminate. 

Attiipc, -e,pi.-ea6d,/.,arenewBl- 
of a ohorter or lease ; on entreaty, 
a petition ; a<^ of entreatii^, 
requesting ; if- can ■□'jtfiaijic 
45am aip afic I, while it was 
my oonstAnt request of him. 

At-tAitze, a., worn out (of drees). 

Avtf, old form of 'OO-Ci, lie sees ; 
cimd. 3a., acCipeai ; still ueed 
in porta of Ulster. 

AtiotnAin, -e, a., near, approxi- 
mate ; otmoiBe, oompendions ; 
nk, sudden ; 50 ha., and- 
y ; handy ( (7. ). 

jlc:ioinaittea£E(at±oim]ied£c), -a> 
/., neamass, approiiiUat^on ; 
"iumdiaeaa ((7.) ; 1 n-a. -do panv, 
close on a ponnd. 

jJt£otiiai|iLe, g, id.,/., dissension. 

Ateoma*, -ai* and. -a*ia, m., a 
bead, OTOok ; defonnation, con- 

Ai^timatTn, -ma*, v. tr., I deform. 

Atduin^e, g. id., pi. atduingi'oe, 
/., request, petition, entreaty. 

Atfimnsim, -ce, v. Ir. {tr. of the 
request, with af of the person 
besought), I beg, entreat, be- 

At£tiit»m, -6uti, V. tr., I eipel, 
reject, send away. 

AtCut^t -^uift and -^Dtita, m., act 
of rejecting ; expulsion. 

A6«Iolaim, -*iol, v. tr., I repay, 

Atfifi -^Ti ■"■! * lew or second 

Attuatiiiap, -aiiie, a., abomin- 
able, odious. 

AtfuacrtiaiiaCc, -a, /., abomina- 

jiitSaWit, -ita, pi. id., /., a 
reconoiling, a resuniption, re. 
taking, repossession. 

iJii^aitii'D) -e, ti,, very short. 

AtSapB, -aijifte, a., very rough. 

Atjoin, -jona, /, act of re- 





Atli, -tae, pi. -»,aece, m., an- 
oUier day, a respite ; cd;i a|i 
attA, to postpone ; nip tasai* 
an c-aita lonac may you not 
snrriTe another day, may you 
not see tJj- morrow. 

Atlath, -^ime, a., light, ready, 

At\.in ina|<a, m., the returning 
tide ; the next tide. 

ittaoi, -aoiA, m., a very old per- 
son ; an old soldier. 

Atlara*, -j-ca nt., a rekindling ; 
an inflammation (of wounds). 

AcLuaitea6, -t>£e, a., oourageone, 
lively {Oon., lomet. pron. ai- 

AtmaLaific, /., eichange, barter, 

Atihaol, -oite, a., indignant, 

dtihaotcar, -aif, m., shame. 

Acmafi, -aifie, a., swelling. 

dtiiidjiea'6, -bta, m., act of re- 
killing, second death. 

Atnhjiett, -piS^. <»■> modeafc, 

^£noaia4, 'Huaita, n>., act of 

iltit^*, -ird, -ai-oce, m., a repeti- 
tion, a rehearsal. 

Vifoja* (atmSa*), m., in phr., 
atfu^a* a mba]id6, after to- 
morrow ! ai]iuta-6 atifi'i', tie 
night before laat; atpota'o 
inni, the day before yesterday 
(ajtuta* in Ktrry, eipr** '" 
Smith UliteranA Meath; inlkni., 

^rfiuijim, -usa'o, v. Ir. and mtr., 
I change, alter, vary, modify. 

d^imigte, }). f[., altered, changed. 

AtfaiLea*, -tee, m., act of re- 
pickling fish {Ker.). 

Atrmuainim, -tiea*, w. Ir,, I think 
again on, I reflect on. 

iJLtr'"'"'""'^'^*! -<£^e, -nee, m., 
second thought; act of reoon- 

aer">ti.ip, be <ir they fell (ob*. ). 
aeta.p. a., swollen (acai^ce, M. 

Sttjm^^&t, -5^156, d., oompaa- 

^tuait<. ad., again, a seoond time, 
dcuipi-e (Accuiiire), g. id., /., 

weonoeBB, sorrow, affliotito ; 

m'duniftfe CfioiTiel my Borrow 

ofhearti ( Jso Fitcuijire)- 
Acufnae, g. id., pi. -tijiete, an 

attontej' (A.). See cuiiiiAe. 

b(beiC, tfae biroh tree), the 
iooona letter of tbe Modem 
Irish Alphabet. 
t>', for ti4 or tmo ; sup V6, that it 

bd, V. irr., WM. Ste tf. 

ba, pi. of b6, » oow ; oows, kioe. 

t>H>, g. b^ibe, pt. b&ibe^fd, /, • 

baby ; a maiden {fM^ ; dim. 

bAibfn, a little baby ; a maiden. 
bACA6, -baije, a., sweet. 
b abate, -4, /., BweelJiMa. 
bat)A£c, -4, /., ohildishnasi, inno- 

babiiL, -iti, f., the oatrfiinfl of 
eels bj drainiDg water ; bob- 

bAlt^im, -d'b, V. fr., I sweeten. 
bibin, -km, fj. id., m., a little 

baby ; a tuft, a taaael, short bits 

of tAraad. 
babAnat, -ai^e, a., taft«d, having 

tassels, fiwed. 
babA-nud, ttufec. a,., childish, inno- 

baiy6dn. Su bd'6b'6dn. 
babLdip, -6p^ -61111* e, m., a 
bobUer, a prater, gossip. 

iment ; a prop ; a pin, n 
^ T crook ; a thole pm ; a 
JoiJatv a hook. 
Oac, g. bAic, »>., ft hob (Don.). 
bac, p. baice. /., a hob (Om-)- 
bat, -A, m., dmnkennesB ; ft rout ; 

a defeat. 
bACAfi, -«■£, i4. id. and -ai£e, in., 

) b«e 

a lame man, ft cripple, beggar ; 

iita. bacat^n, id. 

biicai:, -ai^e, a., lame, halt; de. 
festive, irngprfeob ; fdoipitn 
bacat, an imperfect Confeamon 
(of the Sserament). 

bacAfia*, -Ai* and -tea, n^., sot of 
toftiauQg, laming, erippliziLg. 

baca-6, -CCA, m., stoppage, a halt- 
ing, a hindraooe. 

bacAi'Aeadc, -a, /., lameness. 

bacAiSe, g. id., /., lameness. 

bacAiC, -AlA, /., act of baking 

bacaim, vl. bac and baca*, v. Ir. 
and itUr., I hinder, prevent, 
meddle with ; tia bAc leif, 
never mind him, let him alone, 
pay no heed to him, don't mind 
tJiat ; also, n& bac r^in, don't 
mind that; ni. bac t, don't 
mind it; 

baiai^e, g. id., pi. ■fiie, m., a 

baCaijteafc, -a, /., oonstant touch- 
ing, stnking, or kioking ; 

bataLl., -aiLt, ji. id,, m., a imrl, a 
ringlet ; a shepherd's crook, a 
oroziei, a staff ; tlie knob on a 
stick, etc 

bacAn, -itn, pi. id., ffl., ft handle ; 
a hinse, ft hinge-hook ; the 
threadle of a spade ; a pot- 
hangers ; baok st^me of fire- 
plaoe (Om.) ; the projecting 
atones to which the r^5<>i<i Bfe 
fastened in thatching (Don.) ; 
a hook for gathering sea-weed 

bacAnAi, -Ai^e, a., booked, bent, 

bacAnaim, -ai, v. tr., I bend, I 
make crooked. 

bacanan, -Ain, tn., boa bane (an 
hern growing in marfiiy places). 

bacA]iu, -Al^c, m., ft carpenter^ 
rule ; nfl oiiLai bacaipc lonn- 
Am i-Laii, there is not aa inch <rf 
me by the rule soond. 

bac^Ail, -e, f., lameneea ; ftot of 

baiLA, -A*, /., the germ, spioat or 




bod of SDf seed or vegetable 
(Oon., P. O'G.). Set piac. 

D<!iClA, -n, and bAicte, pL ■ai'Ae, 
/, the arms, the spooe between 
the aims ; the anne ae a, sup- 
port i «a armful ; W l,e«in6 'n* 
bAcLdin, there was a child in 
her arms ; biictd ■ni6n^ ic, am 
armful of turf, et«. ; mo iof ^p 
■00 bacLain asac, with your leg 
in your arms (said of a Mgging 
cripple) ; Lin mo bdcLdn, as 
much aa my arms oonld bold ; 
dim,, bdiclin, a small armfuL 

bAclAfi, -aiS, -41$, ML, a crowd, ft 
large number of people ; b. 
tn^tt 'OAoine {Man,). 

bdct^ih, -tiiiifie, -tMd, /, a dis- 
abled liBitd or arm ; a lame- 
banded perscm. 8u lith. 

tUc-LAihaC, -dige, a., disabled in 
both hsods ; pamyied (abo 

t>Actai(iae, -aij, pi. id., m., a one- 
handed person ; one disabled in 
tho hands. 

bailfis, -6ise, -654, /., a bud, a 
sprout, a twist, a curi ; ei ti<i6- 
I65 4ti uo teanjai-b, your 
tcaigoe is tliiok (Der.) ; in Om., 
baFl6s, as baFtd^d n* bpn^au- 
ame, the sprouting or budding 
of the potatoes ; in Con., baf I65. 

bdclubn'i'j 0' ''I-' *>■• S'^ blossoms 
aa the faoe ; liiervily, drunken 
leprosy (C). 

0^6111, ■«, /C, act of hopping on 
(me leg. 

bacrcai-6, /., bread made of the 
raw pulp of potatoes, oolled 
" stampy " or " boity " (an 
English word). 

bacuijim, -B54-6, V, tr., I cripple, 
moke tame, injure, disable. 

bacnn (also bdjiin), -om, pi. id., 

bAcuf -^if, pi. id., m., an oven, ft 

tiAti, g. biiti, pi. id., and eomet. 

biT>di«e, m., a boat (one speaks 

of a blj> as fi), 
Da'6, ba, bnii. See ip 
b^i^e. .SMbii-Aeai. 

bi-6d4, If. bJi'Ate, n., aot (rf dn>wn- 


bi'ftAim, -fl-D, o. tr., I drown, im- 
merse ; I quench. 

bd'DJn, -£in, pi. id., a tuft of bees, 
a shrub ; a lock of hair. 

ban&naf:, ■Aije,c(.,tufted,ahnibby. 

ba^C, -ai'oBe, -a'obi, /., a royston- 
orow ; a vulture, or other raveo- 
oua bird 1 a scold, a awearer ; a, 
female fairy or phantom said to 
be attaohed to aert&in fatailiM, 
and to appear sometimes in the 
tana of BoaM-iirowB or Toystmi' 

doanre, "a mwd," a bulwark; 

a fmoed lanewaj leading t 

house (U.). 
ba-65ditte, g. id., m., a braggart 
bi'dsaipeaic, -a, /., g ^"~~ 

biT>i5, -6i5e, -fija, /., a heifw, a 
young oow ; f-e^n-b-, an old or 

b^'odif, -6^1^ -6itM'6e, n., a boat- 

bi-ofiitieaCc, •*,/., boating. 

biT) Miine, m., a aeine boat 

bin reoiL, m., sailips boat 

b^'^CA (bdbca), g. itf; pi. -i-Ae, m^ 
ft bout, ft deed, an act, a feat ; 
bd'6cdniihe,aTiledeed; bAicA 
reaf iinn*, a apell of rain. 

ba-^nn, -uin, -nca, ia.,an moloanre 
for cattle. See batmn. 

ba^ai^ic, -afitA, fn., act of nod- 
ding, beckoning, winking, warn- 
ing, threatening. 

basiirce, g- id., pi. -ci4e, »., bag- 
gage, luggage. 

bagaji, -.ii]i, pi. id., m., ft threat, 
act of threatening ; a okaifie. 

bAgdf^lA, ■At$« (bA5a|ita6), a., 
warning, thKatening. 


V. (r., I wink (Oie eye), 1 make 
a sign to ; I tlli«(lt«ll ; wiUi atx. 
of alreot obj. and Af of penon 
tiireatoned ; A3 bA^Aific an 
•o^tsra Aif, l£reaUnii^ him 
wit£ tlie l«w ; ^5 b^SAittc 011m, 
scolding me (Dim.). 

tiAgfln, -utn, m., booon. 8a bAcun. 

baib!n, 5. id., fl. -i'6e, nt., > little 
baby ; a fwr maiden (poet). 

biic, -e, -eatd,/.,6twist,aopook; 
tJie neck of » bird ; the arm: 
bdic A ilinm6it, the bollow of 
his nook, 

t)Aic-UA«V&, ff. id., m., a Boleoiom ; 
crooked reasoning. 

baicjin, ■*afi4, -li|ii*e, m., a 
baker (A.). 

bai^, -£,/., love, friendship, hoepi- 
tt^ty ; lenienoy ; humanity ; vi 
bi,i-6 dSAtn te^c, I have a feel- 
ing of friendship towards you. 

Xi&meAt, ■■iije, a., afieotionate, 
loving, kind. 

t)dr6ea£c, -a, /., friendlineei, 

Dii^eAihaa, -ihtA., a., friendly. 

b^i-6im {baiiim), -^ea*, v. tr., I 
drown, qa^ush, overwhelm. Stt 

b^i'^ce, p.a., drowned, inimdated 
with water, quraiohed, over- 
whelmed; drBn(^ed ordiiiwiiing 
(on epithet of the aea). 

biitceaft, -uije, a., drowning, 

bill, -e, /., Buooera, prosperity; 
form, effect, issoe : if olc An bdit 
ogim 6, it ia an injury or a loss 
to me; if mait Ati 6aiL onrti i, 
it is good for me ; bAiL o "biA 
otiAib, God speed yon I s"" 
tidil, void, ineffeotive (of a 
sacrament) {Don.) ; pron. buit 
in JWhw. 

b'iit (tor bA AiL), it were pleasing 
(to me) ; I should Uke (wit£ 
tiom). See iiL. 

biit, -e, -eA^A, /., a tab. 

bAiLbe,?. «I.,/.,dQmbnem; stem- 

/., dumbness ; 

I ) tiM 

t>Ailc, -«, «., bc4d, strong. 

t)Attc-WinineA4, -niSe, o., of great 
blows) bALfi)! bAiLc-biimncAe, 
Baloc of the mighty blows. 

bAitceet, -ct^e, a., strong, poWM- 
fnl ; as *., a strcog man. 

t)Atle, o. id., pi. -tee, ■*., a town, 
a village, a homej a townland, 
a place ; a farmstead, a home- 
stead ; the word enters very 
largely into plaoe names, as 
bAite AH tfintlinn, Milltown ; 
bAile An 'f^eifcittii^, Ballj- 
ferTit«r; A5 bAiie, 'f^n mbAiLe, 

mile 6 CaiLe, a mile away; 
I b)^A'D 6 OAite, far from home, 
far away { bAiLe m^ti, a town, a 
oily; fiiofo-bAile, a little town, 
a village with a street nt 
f'6AT>Aini A '6£dnAih AmA£ cion- 
nnf A tiocpA'b fi tarn bAite, 
I cannot make oat how it oould 
have oome to exist (oome to be, 
oonie about, oome into exiatmce) 
(V., but similar usage in Mayo). 

bAitoAe, -lige, a., careful, frugal, 
thrifty ; prosperous ; euct ; s^ 
CfiBinn bAiLcAt, entirely, fully. 

bAil«A£, ad., rather, very ; b. 
citKm, quite dry (Con.) ; aiao 
BooToely, OS Bi on fUD bAiteAfi 
■oiAncA aije nuaip, ic, ho 
scarcely had the thing done 
when, eto. ; nf b. suf loiiAnn 
lAt), they are not exaoUy the 

bAile biA-dcAi^, Ut., the townland 
of an almoner ■, a tract of land. 

bAiLe puijic, fi. uf., j)I. -tcepuitic, 
m., a eeaport town; a fortreas, 
a stronghold. 

bAiliiim, -iu^A*, V. tr, and intr., 
I collect, brmg together ; bAiLi* 
leAe, take yourself away, go off; 
I husband, economise. 

bAiliu Ja-6, -i^e, «., act of amaas- 
iug, collecting ; husbajiding, 
economising ; a gathering, a 
meeting, a collection, an accre- 
tion, a smn (of money], 

bAtlt-tfieAtAt, -Aije, having 


tremor in Ui« limbs ; violently 
t)aill-6iiit, -Cpeflfca, m., limb- 
tremor, earthquake. 
bditle-^tiit, ^p bat\J\,e-tp^i, 
trembling, in a tremor. " 
batlle, g. id,, ft, -l.i4e, and in U. 
and Con., -ttt'oeann^, m., 
bailiff ; ^., a, soold, a virago. 

t>Ailleo5, -oise, -05^, /., a twi 
B sprout, a sWt, a sucker. 

OIiLLi'DCdtc, -d,/., the work of a 

llAiltrceanaic, -A, /., a bulging 
out, a swelling out. 

t)<kil.l,)-AA|t, -i^\^, 1)1. -irji, -li^i'6e, 
m., an awkward person ; ip ion- 
inn te 4*ile in biiHrSaJ' T * 
JioLLi (Con,) ; aj -ofiinim 
bitlLrf't^ an inine, hum- 
bnggmg one (Aran). 

biiLrCi -^1 -eanni, /., a bnlge 
{S. J.. ToL viii. p. 241). 

baitceaC, -o£e, a., abounding in 
towns and villages. 

tiAitceaear, -iir.pi, id., m., plant- 
ing of trees, fonnding of oofonies. 

bdtn- (bin-), prefix (bein, a 
woman), niakes a noun femi- 
nine, as bim-f ite, ft poetesa ; 
bAin-cigeit<ni, a oonntess, a 

biin-bii-fi, m., white meats, milk, 
meats, butter, egga, cheese, etc 
See bii-6. 

Oitnbin, g. id., pi. -ni-oe, nt., a 
little pig, a young pig (in parts 
of Dtmegal pi^in is used for a 
young pig), 

bain-£^ile, g. id., /., a wife, a 
female companion. 

biin-tliimiin, /., a daughter-in- 
law, a mother-in-law. 

biin-'oeiiis, -oetjiso, a., whits 
utd red, pale-red, flesh-col- 

bitnTiii, -Tii, pi. -ti4ice, /., a god- 
dess. See '01 i. 
t>iine, g, id., /,, whiteness, fair- 

bitn-fei-ominnift, -aiSe, -aSi,/., 
a stewardess, a female house- 


biinfeif. I 

Oiin-iipti, , , 

bitnive, ff. id.,/., fury, rage, mftd- 
ness ; hydrophobia. 

biinim, ii. biin, bimc, v. tr., 
I out, atrip, strike, pluck, 
lift ; with if, I take from, 
diminish ; with 'oe, I remove, 
take away from ; wiUi Le, I 
touch, I meddle with ; biintm 
imiC, I take poBBessi<m of, I ex- 
act, I eke out. 

b^infn, g. id., ft.- fie, m., flannel ; 
a white body-eoat or ^cket; 
biinfn cifie, homespun (&.). 

biinir, -e, -rte,/., a wedding feast; 
a feast in general ; good oheer 
(alao biinf eif). 

bitnif cimiit, -mti, a., belonging 
to a wedding ; festive. 

Dim ■ - ' ■ 

biin-teoihiti, /., a lioness. 
birn-t,iiig, -teija, pi. id., /., 

female physician. 
biin-L(ie, 3. W.,/., pall 
bain-meirce, /., sen 

biinne, g. id., m., milk ; b. siaji, 
BOUT or skim milk ; b. tieiiiiiti, 
tliiok milk ; b. cfo£, breast 
milk ; b. cl,it>ai|i, " bonny 

biinne -b6-biine, /., a cowslip 

Oiinne-bd-bLeific, g. id., m., a 
primroee ; a cowslip. 

biinne-bi-bLeiCciin, the prim- 
rose, tlie butter' oup, a weed 
growing amtmg potatoes. 


3iinne ^inini, M., honeyiockle. 
biinne moice, m,, aow-tJustlsb 


tWin-jijiionnrA, g, id., f., a priu- 

spot i a green ; Aft Minri; &^f 
If Afi 'Dtiu<:c 50 rttom, oo a gnen 
awud whil« the dew 1»7 hMvilr 

(a if.). 

biiinf eat, -pje, *, rotirod, deao- 

bAinr^aji, -iip, 'pI. (d., (t., » 

manger {Ota.). See maitix^Aif. 
ttAinc, -e, tn., a tiding, estraoting^ 

plnofcing, eiaoting. 8e« bdinim. 
t>Ain'CeA£rAi|ie, f., a female mes- 

bainrjieaOaS, -ftiije, -BaCa (eontr, 
g. iianivw%e, and pi. bAin- 
ciieati), /., a widow. 

t)Atnciieaba£dr, -iif {con<r bAin- 
eiteaiar). "»■■ widowhood, 

a ebepherdeBB. 

bAificin, g. id., oj. -rAe, n., a 
ferula ; the orosa timber bars 
betweeo raftera (in house-roof- 

bd>t<e, g. id., pL -tii4e, in>, « game, 
a goaJ, a hurling match ; a play- 
ing ball ; melaph., zi, an b. 
CAfCA 4ca, tiiey are beginning 
to win J ca <m b. A5 ceiCc 'na 
3coinTie, tbey are being beaten ; 
coipn) o|tc4 Ati b., they prevail 
over them ; c6l b., a goat- 
keeper, " a back," a mainstay ; 
I fnb£4t b., at OF in charge of 
the goal ; t tA-p b., in the centre 
{Don.), oaed generally di lip 
boilL [M.) ; a^ vuf a£c An h., 
shouting to encourage the 
players (S. DaU McG.). 

batji^AD, -ii-D, ^. id., flk, a hat, 
bonnet, oap, helmet, head-dreas ; 
be«|U'D in Doa. 

baitt^eAit, -Jin, -JadnA (alao bdift* 

Jin, -ne, •Tied.CA), w. and /., a 

caka, a loaf ; food. 
bairi^eiin bpedc, "bambraok," or 

" barmbraick." the currant oahe 

used on Hallow Eve, etc Su 

bAiiiiALl, a latK^t, a dios-atring. 
bAipin, g. id^ pi. -i'4e, n., a miti«. 
baitifn, -a,/.,aoake(rfbiMdifood 

in gsnenL Bet bAitiJaAn. 
bAifilinn, a sheet for a bed. See 

bj^ifilinn, -e, -lie, /., foam, the aim 

foam, a high wave. 
blifinedC, -nigo, a., peevi^b, 

moroee, anp'y, oetfol, 
biittneAt, -ni^ pi. id., «., a 

limpet; r^dCAin ci£AncAbAi|t- 

ne 116 If bAiftniS if beatA inii;, 

shnn the ale-houee, or yon will 

have to iiTO on limpeta fprai.). 
biitip-fiiimeAnnAe, -aiJo (baipii- 

ciimnedt], a., OTer-atepping, 

superior, eioeading. 
bAipncin, a toe-oap pat oa a shoe 

orbooL iSce baif (iicin. 
bAiiiji-*eAl5, -eilse, -eAVsA,/., a 

, i«d. 

biitip-'deAfs, -iaitt^e, 

tipped (of spears). 
bdit<ti-'6iAr. -^fiir*! •■iiiT^aAi,, f; 

the point or top of anything ; b. 

cLAiiim, the point of a aword. 
biittp-'Afon, -'cin, >»., a hsIiQet or 

bAifiii-SA'OAt, -Ai£, m., head-dress, 

biitif-*A'ocfiom, -ctioime, a., 

thon^tlesB, light, giddy. 
bAipp-eAjTAi, -Aije, -AiA,/., the 

breast plate or breast bone, 
baijipfionn, -finne, -f.onnA,/, a 

fair lady (as a., fair-haired). 
bAipji-jnioih, •A,iittrf.,and-AtiiA, 

m., a work of supererogation. 
bAitiftiA^lAe, -Ai^e, a., having 

supreme power. 

llAiiinicini'616, on tip-U 

Dai|ipliin, g, -e and -ei.t,/., ntuub- 

ness 01 the Gngera from oold 


{Arm) J b^irtitiobAjt (W. 

bflijiITceos, -oise, -03*, /., the 

top of the windpipe, 
baiireai, -rije, -fe^dA, /., a, 

brawler ; A Boold ; a abrew. 
t)ai|ifea6c, -A, /., brawling ; a 

t>Air, -e, f., water, awash ; heavy 
rain J the forehead (.Aran). 

■biirir, g. id., pi, ^^^>t, m., « 
charger, a ba«in, a bowl, a little 
gulf; ^., ^n biirdi, off the 
coast of Valential Ker. ; b. 
lonLiit, a washing baain. 

bAif'Oi 9- ^i f'- 'I'^Cj m., a weak- 
ling, a penoD of mohly appear- 
ance {dim. of b^r, deaUi). 

bairLoic, -Itce, -leacAtii,/., a flat 
atone beside a well or stream 
on whioh women wash and 
beeUc dothee [fflf.). 


ifleat, -li$, -lije, m., a haud- 
f nl of anytliiDg ; boifteaf oirce, 
as mncb water as may be taken 
in the band. 

tjirLedd, -liSe, /., rain {On., 
jBon.,6lc.) = bdircB4*; li b air- 
line, a rainy day; ci f* "S 
biiftiS, it is raining (usnally <3 
heavy rain). 

bAifLeAfic, -A, /., palmiBbr. 

bdirce, an epithet of St. John 
(the Baptist). 

biirceat, -cije, /,, rain ; btiAOn 
baifci Jb, a flttle ehower of t»in ; 
tii motaiSeann ciJ An biifceaC 
dnuAf, you do not feel the rain 
pouring down. 

b of baptising ; 
b. dt't^iii, lay baptinn ; ini 
baircea-6, «a|i mo b., oommoD 
forms of asiervation. 
bJiirceAihAil, -ihlA, a., rainy. 

biircijim, .luja* (wmet. ti., ag 
biifcit), V. nUr., I ponr (as a 
shower); in S I., it rains (^so 

baircim, -CCA*, 0. tr., I baptize ; 
I dip, pour water oa; I name, 

the pate ; the head. 

bAicin, g. id., fii. -loe, m., a small 
stick ; a stick used for purposes 
of faction-fight 

bAiEineaic, -a,/, the act of beat- 
ing with a stjok j rowdyism, 

bdiCfiVfAf, -£ift, -4itti'<^e, m., a 
bachelor, an nomarried man ; a 
graduate in a umversity. 

bAtAd, -Ai^ pi. id., m., a fish called 
"ocHinor^ {Ker.). See bAtlAt. 

bi,ta6, ■M%, -At^e, at., a olown, a 

bALA^ATbAit, -t^LA, a., clownish, 

bAtatin, -iiTi, c^. id., »., a boy. a 

yooth, a striplinB, 
balA*, -Aft, pi. id., m., perfume, 

savonr, odour, smell; tlie sense 

of smell (also bAtAiie). See 

baLb, -Aitbe, a., dumb ; silent, 
qniet; ebunmeriDg; bothered; 
inharmoaioas, unmusioaL 

balb, -Ai1.b, pi. id., m,, a dumb 

bALbAdc, -A, /, dumbness, stntter- 
ing, stammering. 

batbiin, -Am, pi. id., et., a dumb 
person, a mute, a stammerer. 

batbAr, -Atr, »., dumbness, stam- 

balbnga* (balba*), -oiSte, «., 
act of silencing, making dumb, 
or discordant. 

balbuijim (balb Aim), -oia*, 
t>. tr., I make dumb, silence, 
m^e diacordant ; c inlr,, I 
grow dumb, become silent. 

bale, -AiLc, m,, anything rtrong 
and stout; anything stiff and,.,..N,GtX)^lc 


the bar of a harrow; bate feap- 
tdnnd, a heavy shower (Don.). 
■bale, -mVce, a., strong, mighty, 
Btout See baiLc 

1baLcaetieA6c, -d, /!, Walking, 
rambling (A.). 

t)al.CAini, -4*, tt Ir., I forc^ drive, 
impel ; I attack, detu with 
Rtoutlj. In plajnng marblM in 
Ker., -oo b^iLc r6 meani, he put 
one fiet over another to get a 
more vigorona pitoh. 

bdlc'iirie, g. id., pi. -tti'6e, »t., a 
strong, Btoat person. 

batCAit, ■', -1*6, /, a garment, a 
rag, a clont: pi, b4Lca,ip4o, 
garmeats, clotliea, atuaUy worth- 
leas garments, eto. 

wort (nsoal bb an SngHnh word 
in JVn^), 
baLcAnco, iiidec, a., stout, firm, 

bdlcriidn, -Ai-fie, a., strong, stout, 
great, large. 

bitt, (f. bdiVt and boitl, pi. id., 
m., a limb, a member ; a spot, a 
place; a separate utide (of 
dress, famitnre, etc.), as b. 
^d'OAi^, an article of dress ; 
b. lijitaire, a tool ; b. icpa, a 
handy implement: ball eikj- 
tdifs, a member of the Church; 
Ajt b., by-and-bje, presently; 
*1i in mb^Ll, at once, im- 
mediately; used generally for 
iir in SoDtft M.; b. r^i^, a 
black spot, a etaia on one's 
character; b. bait), a hawser; 
b. cofAi^, the bow of a boat; 
b. Tieifiti, the stem of a boat 
{Ocm. and U.) ; b^LL Ji6^i\n, a 
mole on the human skin. 

bAtt-i, g. id., pi. -irde, a wall, a 
rampsTt (pdltd in JV.). 

bdtl.Ai, -Alt, -dije, m., a speckled 
fish called the "oonnor'' ; this 
fish is called a " gunner " in the 
West and in the North (JW 

t)AltA£,-diSe,a,, speckled, spotted, 

bAtlin, -am, M., a te*t^ a pap ; a 
oap,aohalioe: a natural cup-like 
hole in a rock ; a snail's shell, 
a bosk; a bullock ( =; 

cf sTJ-bitlin T)o tdpjiAtnj, that 
the first pap be auokad wm 
hatred of the Irish ; ci mi Ap 
an b. cdil, I am at the end of 
my resonroee ( U.). 

batLAfEA, St., ballast {A .). 

bdtt baiT}, m., a hawser used to 
tie a seine-tioat and foUowen 
together (Ker.). 

t}ALt-£|>it, a trombliug of the 
body, a tremnlousness. 8a 

baLl T>6iiitTi, m., a mole on the 
human skin (Con.). 

bAttec, M., a wallet ] An bdltec, 
the name of a well-known Irish 
air ; ci poLL aji an 6., there's 
a bole m the wallet (ballets 

bfllL-JdlAfi, -ain, m., rhenmatisn; 
tiie gont ; a kind of plogne. 

baLL masac^, g. id,, m., a laugh- 
ing stook, an object of derision. 
Bee ceap ma^aii. 

balt-narc, m., a ligament that 
oonneots the bones m the joints. 

battic, -6150, -dsa, /, a spot or 
spe<* ; dim. of baLt. 

baltiiaii, -e, /., limbs, members 

battrcaiiieflC, t"ge, &, np- 
roarions, blu£ 

battrc6ro, -e, -i*b, -ea£a, /., a 

Xt ; a Mister ; a halyard 
. r.), 

t>aL1, r^iiice, m., a beauty spot, a 
love spot. 

biiLinoi|;im, -Lma*, e. tr., I em- 
balm lA,). 

baLpam, -a, m., balm ; the lips 
ipoet.); (f ciioi«eati5 a bal- 
raiTi, her lips are blood-red 

tjatram-job, -Snib, pi. id., and 
-^oba, m., a fragrant month. 






t>Ambd4, -Ai4, fl. id., m., an in- 
pedimeut, an olratntction [Dim.). 

bainbainne, g. id., m. ; auA mi 
'mo bambainne, i am in a meea. 
I ftm puz>l«d (Cor.). 


ban- (bAin.' 

biiT), -Am, fl. -Ancd, M., » plain, 
lea-ground, dtj pasture land, 
river-aide paatniea ; a yard. 

ban, -iine, a., white, uir; bald 
(cu the head) ; pais ; waste, 
nntalled; lielovad {melaph.); na 
tiii'iAdilLi'^e b^nd, the Wbite- 

banii, -41 S, n^ tow. 

bind*, -nci, pi. id., «., a whiten- 
ing, bleacliuig ; eiMO a pillaging. 

binaim (bitioiSim), -a*, id., v. Ir., 
I whiten, bleach ; lay waate, 

baTidl.C|ia, g, id., fl, -i'6e, /, a 

bandtctiAmaCc, -a, f., a aoraing, 

banariiAit, -ihta, a., woman-like, 
modest, feminine, obsate. 

banamtdtc, -a, f., female baahfol- 
nese, modeal^.,n, -hn, -ina, »., a spiritual 
being (Jf.). 

banaoth, -aoim, m.^, a young 
woman. The word oorresponds 
to mAcaom, and is used in 
poetiy by McAodbagain and 

banb, g, bAinft, pi. -arte, w., a 
foimg pig ; a Huokliog pig ; a 
pig in general (pccf.). 

banba, g. id., and -an, /., an 
ancient name of Ireland, Uigely 
used in poeti7 ; an f ei^ead 
hainm banba 6 6ain]iiD5ain -no 
Cuafc*ib "De "Danano ■oo 6i 'r**" 
jcptd T)'i njaiiiti baiiba, if ( 
<pS. bean t)0 itloc CaiLl. ti'ati 
b' amin -ofLear eaiuti, ^c., the 
sixth name was Banbha, from 
a queen of the Tuatha De 
Dananii who wm in the land, 
who was called Boobha ; it was 

■he was tiie wife of Mao Cnill, 
whose woper name was Eathur 
IKea., F. F.) ; " CUr bantan," 
"Inir banba," names for Ire- 
land (proa banba in M.). 
banban, -am, pi. id,, m., a young 
little pig. (This word is not 
found in parts of Donegal, 
where they use pigin inst«wL 
t.g,, between Creeelougb and 
ban-b05, -buise, a., fair and ten- 
banc (banca), g. id,, m., e, bank (for 
money) ; a bank of a atreaoi ; a 
bench, a aoat^ 
bancan, -am, jfi. id., m., a bank in 
a field, ete., enitable for sitting 
on ; also pancan ; " ^a\ pancan 

ipaoii," a favourite local popu- 
r aong and air (Om., Mon., etc.). 
ban-Capa, g. -Cana-o, d, -Caparo /., 

a fen^e friend, a wife. 
ban.Snetr, -e,/, a fair lady. 
ban-£onia^fa, -n, -in,/., a female 

ban-tpotai, -*iSe, o., of a white 

appearance (of a ghoat^ etc), 
ban- till) icipe, g. id., pi, -(tiie, /., 

a female player on the harp. 
ban-£ij,/, a biteh. 
ban-euifLeannafi, /., a female 

piper, a woman that plays on a 

wind instrunent. 
banT>a, indee. a,, female ; feminine, 

ban-'odinreoip, -opa, -otinie, /, 

a female doorkeeper. 
bin-TJoiida, indec. a., darkish 

ban-Bojita*, -nijee, m., menstru- 
ation in females. 
ban-Diiaoi, /, a druidess. Su 

ban-^ai'A,-B,pI.icI.,/,a propheteaa. 
ban-pLait, -lata, pi. id., /., a 

ban-^aifcrteae, -rti^, /., a female 

ban-Star. -Air^. "■• greenish white. 
ban-Stafa-D, -fca, m., a growing 

bin-^opm, -oitime, a., pale blue. 


wan ; pole blue (of the liiMJ. 
bdnn, -Ainn, pL -arte, a boild, 

bill 1 a belt^ a chain, a hioge ; 

bkw ; ft mmmrs (also bannA). 
bAnno, g. id., pi. -Atiie, m., a oo 

anre, a, raproach. 
tlAnno, g. ii., si, -Ai'^e, ol, a coi 

pajif , ft baiia. 
t)Anna, g. id,, fl. -&r6o, m., * boikl, 

a bill, a promiasoiy note ; a bond, 

a bail wanrity ; * diadi:in. jb'«< 

t)Annd6, -dij, -Alia, ■»., a fox 
(O'A.) ; a oake, a bannock ; aa a., 
aotave, •otoal, aounuig (CfR.). 

bdnnarAe, pt, we Btoiiea foraung 
the onMs-bond in a wall (Atixb). 

bann^iie {jiJ. of bdnna), tn., bail, 
teoorityi bann^tie bt<>$J>, bail 

t)4n-ndoih, -nAOiihe, jfi. id., /., a 
iemale laiiit, a bolT woman. 

bAnn &|i^i£oe, g. id., m., a naok- 

bAnn-ieansAli, ni., am obligatory 

ttdnicDdif ne, g. id., pi. -ni4«, ■>., » 
disappointed panoD ; ex., t)'^^5 
vi mifB im' 6ann'Oit|inB| you 
left me delayed and disappoint- 
ed (!) (Clare). Perbapa the lame 
as bdmbdinne. 

b4.nnt&rit, -diihe, -dihA, /., a onbit ; 
a " bandle " ; a measum of 21 
inohei, used for meaaimng homo. 

t)ann65, ■6156, -65a, /., a cake ; 

OdnntidC, -di^e , -t,to, /., a dieep- 
fold ; a poond or enoloaure 
(pron. bowraob in M., wliere ow 
•oimita as ia bow, ^. rcann- 

tlAnnita'Djin, -itn, pi. id., m., s 
grumbling, a murmuring. 

bfltinfia-oAtuifi, -Aije, a., grnm- 
bliiig, mumraring ; aa tuba., a 
grumbler, a murmurer. 

bdnnyKTAt, a woman (068.) ; dim. 

baTiiiu6i)i, -fijiA, -<5iiii'6e, m., one 
who bilUB or pledges j a bonder. 

b^n^s, -^n -65A, /, a amall en- 
olosol ^aoe ; a oourt-jnrd ; a 

ban-^KtAe, /., a fflaid-serTanl^ a 
hanaunaid; ip uaifLe bAriAtctiA 
'ni bAn-6^\,i,t, a nurse ia higher 
in the aooial eeale than a maid* 

ban-oi-oc,/, a goTemesi, aiemals 

ban-dij, -dije, -6^,/., a virgin, a 

bAn-oi£i<e, /., an heirtas. 
b«n-oi^eA6c, -A, /, female harl* 

ULti-^)leAe, -liie, &, pale-eyed, 

bAnrA,(f. id., j)/.-i46,/.,anieoo. 
bAnciirce, g. id,, n., advantage, 

oonvenienoe. £m bunciirce. 
bAnctiAtc, -A, / (this oonn ia 

mtue. in Muloonry'i oopy of 

Kea., F. F.), (cciUet.), women- 

folk ; a company of women ; the 

ladies of a household, 
binai^im, ■v%At, v. Ir., I whiten, 

bleach, devastate, pillage i I 

stndie gently {per.), 
bAO'bAn, -Ain, IM. id., n., a oalf 

bAO^At, -AiL, ft. id, and -tcA, m., 

duiger, peril ; apprebenuon ; if 

bAo^dL viSinn, we fear, we are 

not safe. 
bAo^tAfi, -Ai^e, a., dangerous, 

perilous, hazardous, ni baAit 

A. If bAo^AlAi^e '6ATn, do not 

strike him, there is more danger 

that he will strike me. 
bAoStojA*, -LoiSte, m., act of 

bAOir, -e, /., folly, indiscretion, 

rage, madness, oonoupisoonce, 

lust ; A)i bAoifi silly, foolish ; 

b. HA hdije, yonthful im- 

bAoifce, a. id., pi. -ci-Ae and 

-ceA^A,/, a ray, a Sash of light. 
bAoifceAC, -ci^e, a., ihinuig. 

glittering, bright; bAoifceAih- 

Ait, -AmlA, a,, id, 
bAoir-Atiei'oeaTh, -011S1, «., credu- 
lity, sapentition. 

Uaoir-niTh, /., TeDomons folly 

(r. o.}. 

bioit-ceat, .ciJb, -uijte, a*., a 

bAotc. Sit bAo6. 
bdoit-££ilLiie, a., •enseleee, 

bdoit-Cpei-oeoilv «.> orediilit>y, 

bdoit-£i<eiT]riie^£, -ihi^e, a,, fool- 

iahly aredulous, anpu^tiom. 
bAoire, g. id., m., n btut. 
bdoiie, g. id., f., foolishnesa; 

iniipidity; ooftoess. 
bAoit-goin, a., tenderly fashioned. 
bdoic-L^im, -L^ime, -Uitne^TiTid, 

/., B wild leap. 
baoit-tiimneAC, -ni£e, a.,proiidl}' 

bdoii-tednSA, /., » vain, silly 

tongue. S«« ceAn^A. 
bAOl, -AoiL, n>., tbe tamber at the 

end of a sponceL 
biop.^i folly. Sit baoip 

bdotln, -iin, p/. a., n., ft fool, a 

bdot&ncA, a., foolish. 
bAotincAfic, ■&, f; folly, foppery, 

efCaminaoy, levity, garrulity. 
bAot-CdinncBA^ -ciSe, a., gat- 

ralons, noisy. 
t>Ao6-eAitearii, m., prodigality. 
biot-Ciitmeit, -mije, a., riotoiu, 

baoc-focsl., -diL, fi. id., M., a 

light, frivolons wold. 

t>dot-^oct-i6, -Aige, A., of soft 

bAot-tlditt, -*, /., empty glory, 

bdot-jt^p, -^, H,, foolish talk, 

bdoA-fldpae, -oi^e, a,, addicted 

to fooliah prate. 
bdotlAe, •A\%, -Aije, «., a clown. 
t)dOi;-l.Ubd£, -Ai£e, o^ of vain 

baofc-f-fispa-o, -s*[ii*, pi. id., m., 
foohah merriment or jokiiut. 

bAOu-uaibfte^A, •x-\%n, a., foouably 
proud, am^pmt, haogbty. 

bail, tSu-M, pot. pnm., your Xfl.). 

batiA, ttie palm of the Iwna ; « 
haiTOw ; ULolinatiou, i]itentd<«i ; 
bf a b. 1:6, he intended; cd a 
ba|ia fitn, I intend. 

bif ai, «., to-morrow ; 1 mbifUC, 
t<]-morTOW ; att mai-otn 1 mbifuC, 
nextmoniiiigi Uat* n-abiifdi, 
on t^ morrow J axik-a lti.'ftA,oa 
tbe morrow (Kta., F. F.) ; 6 
'n'DiD 30 vcf 1 mbafAC, from 
to-day till to-moTTon', from day 
to day. (The nom. bifaC is not 
now used; Uie first syllable in 
the obliqne cases is pron. nibdin-) 

bdridi-oe, g-id^ pi. -tte, m., a file, 
araap(}r. ACT.). 

bd^iAiHaii, -mLo, pL id.,/., opinion, 
judgment, otKoparison ; do ii^-jl 

'ociocpA^ ttom Aon bdtwiiiait 
« batnc Af, I eonld derive no 
meaning from it (0»t.)i bAineai 
b. Ar mo finbAL, it was lus- 

Cbed that I had some particu* 
design in going there {U.). 
bAjiaihtAt, -At^e, a., o^oicfWited, 

bAttAnCA (aiao bafJIncA), g. id., n., 
on authority, a warrant j ah 
bAfidncA Aca Aige, his autho- 
rity (for a higtorical statement) 

IKta., P. F.); ni bAtiAncA <n- 
ttiefofie 6, he is not a reliabls 
authority (Kea., F. F.). Su 
bAfAncAr, which is a mors 
modern fwm. 


IMR ( . 

t>^I<^ncAifiAil, -ihtd, a., antJieutio, 
wajrantable, bruatwortiiy ; t>o 
pfiip ugtiAip tap^nc***'^! 
acoording to » tniatworthy 
anthor (Sea., F. F.). 

tUpincar, -Mf, m., ft warrant i 
authority ; protection ; a mock 
wanant geoer&Uy written in 
poetry, a speoies of satire com- 
mon in the eighteenth oeutury. 
Ste bdttancd. 

batibApat, -dig, -aije, «., a 
foreigner, a barbarian. 

bApbAiiA^c, -4, /., barbaritjr, in- 
homtuiity, ernelty ; obaoenity. 

ba)ibdt<-6a, indee, a., lnrbarou9, 
inhuman, omsl, obaoene ; f ocdt 
b. , A coarse word ; an nop 
batibatfOA '&-Q, tJiat barbutoui 
custom (Kea., P. F.). 

bajic, -aittc, fl. -iipcd and Ainc, m. 
(Bomet. g., -iipce, /.). * ■'"Pt * 
bark, appajrently smaller than a 
Lons 1 in modem Irish chiefly 
nsea poetioally ; itnf Loiti^, 


biijic, culioiiin, ^c., counting 
hipa, barks, skUfe, etc {Kea., 
". P.). 


, abounding i 

bdtiCAfc, -d, pi. id., /., embarka- 
tum ; boating oi sailing in a 

biiic-bt'uig^Atiriiat'i -niAitie, a., 
illuBtrioua in naval battles 
{T. O.). 

bipo, -Aipti, pi. id,, M., a poet, • 

bant), -Ainx), pi. id., m,, a corpora- 
tion (ffN.). 

biftiAe, -Atg, pi. id., m., a warden ; 
bip'oaij ceaitipuiUL, church- 
waidenB ; as a,, poetic, bardic. 

bafitiatc, -a, /., a corporation 
town (ffJf.). 

bA|tT]A±u, •i,f., poetry, bardiam. 

bA)iT)af E, -d, f„ warding, goardioQ- 

bi]iT>ai-6Ba6c, -a, /., bardahip, the 
profession of a bard ; scolding 
(also bap-Date). 

bap-oal, -ait, jil. id., m., a drake, 


batio-rcolos, -6i5e, /., a matio 
poet ; comaiiite na b^pti-rcDt- 
6150 -oa mat^ is tlie title of a 
weil-knowii lut of proverbs in 

b^pp, g. bAipp, pL id. and -paioe, 
■»., the top; on addition; a 
totnch ; a orop ; profit^ advan- 
tage; superiority; means; nf'l 
aon ni-b T>i Cip)i a5ac, you 
have gained nothing by it ; th> 
bapji CLai-Airii, by means of the 
■word [E. B.) ; cap b., eioeed- 
ingly ; pus f 6 bipp, he excelled ; 
bappaiie, crops; bapp na 
coipce, ohellingB of oom (Dtr.) ; 
map 6App Tjonair, as a crowning 
misfortune {T. 0.); U bappa 
( = baiip) baoipe, through excess 
ai tally {Id.). 

prince ; bapp na p>5ce, ofibpring 
of kings. 

bappo, SI., snrfnce, sonm, oorrup- 
tion, matter oozing from a 
wound ; used in M. like bapp, 
as T^-ippA ia o»«^ ^t peapp ; 
orop, produce. Sa bipp. 

bappa, g, id,, pi. -ai-6G, m., a bar- 
row i bap)ia liiiiiie, a hand- 
barrow; bappa poua, a wheel- 
barrow. See bapa. 

bappa b^il, a shoemaker's apron ; 
dried sheepskin with wool on. 

bappat, -atg, n., top branches of 
trees ; tow ; tore or hards of 
flax or hemp ; pnaite bappaig, 
a thread of tow ; oorruptmatter 
in honeycombs ; bappafi tin, 
hards of flai, tow. 

bapjia capnoige, m., a whecl- 

bappaCapi -itr, ">-, a surplne, an 

bappa-top, a kick (Ont.). Sm 

bappaCc, -a,/., mastery, superior- 



DiR ( 

Oiptti'D, -]itfl, tn., act of over- 
ooming, excelling ; ni'l pe^p 
■oo Raiiiita, ^c., joo have no 
superior, etc. 

t}d]i|id'6, -aixi, «., a hindrance^ a 

tJititiA-Sio, !»., a binding-rope on 

t>4ppajta6, -aig, -aiSSi "»■. tops of 
■btimohes of trees; rofnae, waste 
matter, ohaff (pron. bAttfAoil- 

t)a|ifiai-6e (fi. of bapiia), m-i crops, 
produce ; the stalks, leaves, etc., 
of crops, that appear above the 

bifitiai-oeAia, tops, ■oe 6. a fior, 
on tip-toe ; aUo crops. 

t)i]iiiii'6ea6t:, -a, /., more than 
enough, overflowing 

baTit'''i^<'i^''>.ia mitre, ^'ee battiin. 

b«iiniiil.Le, baijiiLLe, baijiiUe, g. 
id., pi. -Uiie,/., a baiTol. 

baiitiairre, g. id., m., the plant 
called borage. 

ba|it'a-tioba|i, -Alt*, m., numbness 
of (ie fingers from cold. 

t)4]<t<AriiAiL, -ihlA, a., genteel, fine, 
gay ; paotiAis b., Pabiok the 
gay. (The word is still heard 
m if., and is oommon in South 
v.. Con., and Om.) 

■ 4.«e, »., a 

stalk (e 

(.^mn) ; thorns laid on uie lop 
of a waU 1 motmtiiin tops ; in 17, 
a gap, a bite ; iuip r^ bippan 
lonndtn, he drove hia teeth into 
my flesh ; obstacle, objection, 
cause, reason (iPon.) ; ^. bdp- 

bapiiAoiLPAfi. Su bajijiagldt. 
bAn|iA caoi-oe, m., high tide ; the 

drift seaweed found at high 

water ; bapji tim, high tide 

bAiifi bu. 
bipji bnio . 

low hair. 
bafif-eoot, -iAoiLe, 

temped, tapering. 

I 1 XiAK 

X>im-t<tr, -oipe, f., the end of 
the KM, toes and instep ; 
bnaiL f6 b. 07111, he Icioked me ; 
budii r* b. Fiim, he tripped me 
up (iVon., etc.). 

bafip ■oeabta, g. hmx^ twaOt^ 
fl. id., m., a rest. 

baiifio65, -6156, -65a,/., apwinier, 
a hamper, a basket; an oaier 
basket of a hemispherical form, 
nsnally used for stnuning pota- 
toes when boiled. Ste rctitd^. 

biiiii--6onttr. "-7 the tap lintel of 

bi[ip-^iiij;1.eaft, -It J, tn., therefuso 
of 00m, moetly <Jiaffj inferior 
com ; oom miied with oha£ See 
bd]itiaoil-eat and bar<]<a$Lii£. 

biti^-gl6]i, -difi, lit., Tociferation, 

baiiji-tt^jiat, -aige, a., vociferous, 
loud-voiced, vain. 

brace, a hold (in wrestling), a 
tight grip ; leverage ; a stjtoh in 
uakness ; the An^o-Irish word 
brogae, n'bloh means a stifF, 
grippy wav of n>eaking English, 
u identical with this wonL 

bAfip6s, -6ise, -lisfl, /, a rod, a 
twig ; a dams^ a maiden ; 
baittiiSg pua*. popj^. 

bdppo^AiTn, -A-ii, V. tr., I snze, 
gcap[de with ; embrace. 

bajittSiSin, 3. id., pi. -i-oe, m., a 
little girl ; a slight hold or grip. 

baptita, p. a., hindered. 

bipp-tuifLe, -Ut, -U-ie, m., an 
aooidant, a stnmble, a fall ; 00 
baireai bi-ptt-tuifLe af, puaiji 
ft him-tvsrle, he slippod, be 

baptiui"^, 3- id., m., an upstart; a 
haughty aspirant; a proud per- 
Bon; bapimi-be ^Lainn, a proad 
queenly woman (,Doh.). 

t>i.ii<y.w%tm, -u$a'6, v. tr, X hinder, 

bAttpuin^, a., well-to-do, in good 

oironmstances ; bpaba^, id. 
bat<T>-uti, -nitte, a., trttb, green* 

bAtttAin, -ABA, /., a ohack, a halt. 


bAftATi, -din, ■>., harm, daouige, 
injoiy. Ste \ii.vtA\ti. *i 

Xi-^jAn, -fiin, fl. id., m., a boroa. 

O^finncikAc, -A, /., B barony. 

bdf , o. bAi i^.p^ bdi-d (borlt/- • band, 
paunofthehandj handbreBdUi j 
flat of oar ; hnriej, eto. ; any- 
thing flat ; a blow, a box ; im 
bAfd, by my haod, on my word ; 
5]iBAT)A'6 n6 bndL«6 \>ar, 
wringing of bands tbrongn 
grief ; bd[it<jt bdife, a field game 
played by boy«; caman biirB, 
a hnrling mftboh (A). 

Tw Odfi as if yoDT life depended 
on it, alao at the time of your 
deatt; i t"o6u Citf, Le h-att: 
bAif, aft buttle tiAir, I n-UA'DAic 
bAtf, at tbe point of death ; 
met., a Bkelst<xi4ike or langaid 
person; dim., bAifIn, id. 

Ddf^ g. id., pi. id. -A-ta and -arbe, 
a base ; a bosia. 

bdrann, -A-6, u. b"., I alay, I put 

Difdifie, 9. id., pi. -|ii4e, 111., hu 

uktal, destructive. 
biramLatc, -■>,/, mortality. 
Dir^n, -hn, pi. id., m., a sit 

languid person. 

lamping of bands, applause, 
praise ; buALai baf, wringing 
of tuuida tbzougb grief, or for 
bireaim, -«A, r. tr., I oppress, 
destroy, oheok, stop ; severely 
wonud; I apprehond or injure 

DArcd^, -£ca, Bi., oppreuion, 
deetroction, a obeck, a severe 
wonnding or injury ; bArc^ 
'Sur leon^i ofc, » severe hurt 

•od a qirain on you. Oai'ca'A 
is often applied to a Hvere and 
praotJcally fatal wonDdiug. 

t)4rc4ttie, g. id., n., > mournful 
clapping of handa. 

b^rcAOD, -Aon>, -aoT>Ai4e, m., a 
bs^^ a hand-basket ) b^pcaoti 
Ti^ce, a olMely-woren wioker 
Msket; bdrcaon rainneocae, 
an open-woven wicker basket ; 
bafCAiD,/. (Am.). 

0Arc4tin^, ^ij, -Aije, «., la- 
.; crying with olap- 

t)arc«iS*e (bifC"), ]. ..., __. 

battered, severely wounded. 
bdr'SAiti'oeiiiidt', -Aif, »., applause 

or rejoicing by olappiog of 

DAr-Siip'oiSmi, -luga*, V. intr., I 
applaud by clapping of bands. 

t)d]'-^t'eAT>diin, -4*6, V. tr., I 
strike bands through piun ) 
lament for the dead with olap- 

' ping of lii*"^9i 

barUifi, -Ai£, -Ai^e, ■»., a handful, 

t>Ar:tea£Aii, -leitne, a., bavins a 
wide pain ; broad-bladed (01 an 
oar); thetenn ia often a[mlied 
to horses in middle ^ish, 
where probably it means broad- 

t)At^-laAt, -aite, a., dexterous, 
nimble-banded, light-fingered. 

bifl''''*'**^, -A, /, sleight of 
hand, dext«rity. 

bif-rii'i^, -Atf e, St., mortal, perish- 
able, subject to death, deadly. 

bdpha|iAec, -4, /., mortality, per- 

bai-ds, -6ise, -654, f., a alight 
blow with the hand. 

bdrcA, »., the waist; a bodice 
(woman's dreas). 

bdrcalLAe, -^i^e, a., gay, showy, 
flashy, impudent. 

bapcanc, -aifu, -4ipci*e, m., a 
baatard ; ctiinii barcaiifo, 
bastard ohildMn (Sta., F. P.). 

Di.ri:-C<JCA, g. id., m., a waistwat 
(tkhb. also Wifc-66c). 

b«rcuni-i3in,j)t>i^, st.,a whip made 


bis ( 

of green rushes ; & poltroon ; a 

t>^r*'5^'^> -u'^B, n., aot of patting 

to deaUi, slayiag. 
Diruitim, -uja*, v. Ir., I put to 

detitfi. Set bar*"in- 
b^cd, g. id., pi. ■I'oe, <»,, » Btjoh ; 

a, hiuidle ; dim. baicin. 
tiiti'A,g. bAiEce, ».,M:tof drowD- 

ing; eolipaing, ka of one ooo- 

ionant by another; desbmotioa ; 

quenching ; oYerpowering. Ha 

t>ac4 e^ttcAit, m., a pole to push 

bdCdiLce, g. id., pi. -ci-6e, m., a 

bundle (of atraw, eta.). ; also, 

bACAl and b^cail. 
IJAuatm, -4*, V. Ir., I drown, 

quenob, extinguiah. Sc«ba4diin. 
t)ACdi|ie, ff. id., pi. -pi-ie, m., a 

smiter, a beater, 
bacaiiieitc, -a, /,, cndgeUing, 

beating with a olnb. 
bdiT'iLdt, -Ar^e, -d£A, /., a hovel; 

an ill-oonBtructed building, 

riok, eto.) b. cige, b, cttodiAe, 


buctiait, 'iX^ f., a beating, ohos- 

tjaing ; a row, a fight. 
OAirV^o'Oi M'l A float o 

the M« {P. (yc). 

t)6, g. biite, p(, td., a ' 

maiden ; > goddest^ 

t>id&df, -dt;i, fl. id., m. 

felt; ahab(^.). 

beAciiTi, -Ain, id. 

beo6, -ei6e, pf. be^&i luid bei6, /., 
a bee ; mo £nuAf bei6e, my bees' 
hoarding (applied to a person aa 
a term of eadearment — Ftr.) ; 
b«A± 5&CA1II, a wasp (the pt. 
beiC is found in Kea., P. P., and 
in T. O. ; ordinary pf. in M., at 
least, is beAfia). 

beaea 6, -ai£e, a., full of, or abonnd- 

t)e&£ar6e, mdee. a., dirty, muddy 

\}tAti.tfi, g. id., pi, -ttiie, m., a 

beehive; o^ a bee-former. 
beacon, 'am, pf. id., m., a muah* 

room ; bcAC^n bea)ta^ (Don.). 
bJAcAn, -am, pi. id., n*., a cloud 

bea£an, -iiin, pi. id., m., a wasp. 
beaCJin capaiLL, tn., a horse-fly. 
beaianCd, indcc a., waspiBh, 

stinging, fretful, 
beattann, -ainne, -a, /, a place 

for stonng honey or beehives ; 

bea^tannad, -at£e, a., abounding 
in beehives, stored with honey. 

bea^^s, -6156, -^sa, /., a yoQDg 
bee J a bee; bea£65 CapaiLl, a 
wasp i beae^s, usual word fur 
bee mDoit. 

beadc, -4, -tinnA, m., a oircle, a 
ring, oompoM; meditation; an 
aasuraaoe, a oompaet (0*.^.). 

beaic, -eiice, a., perfaot, exaot, 
partioular, sure, eertkin, literal ; 
50 b. perfectly, entirely, for 

bea£ra£, -ai^e, a, round, oiico- 

lar, globular. 
beaCcaineaic, -a, /., aeooracy, 

partioolority, oritioism ; bain 

m4 b. af, I criticised it 

beaecaine, g. id., pi. -pi'De, m., a 

:aine, g. td. 
io {(TN.). 

beaCcaiha,!!., -aihld,(i., authorita- 
tive ; round, oiroular. 
baatc-ihiiince, j). a 


meditate ; 
beaicatin, - 

bea4, -a, m., bad news, injury [ 

bea'oai'De, a,, sweet-mouthed, lux- 
urious, nice, fond of delicacies ; 
fastidious, saacy, impudent, 
dapper ; airtins bea'Dai'De, a 
Seeting dreun (Der.), 

beaT}ai-6e, g. id., pt. -Tite, m., a 


t>eA ( 

flatteiflF ; a, lover of d&iotiea ; a 
chililuh word for goaee. 

t)eATi&i4ed£c, -A, /., aweeU 
mouthednest, foDdneu for daia- 
tiea ; MiaomeBa, impertinenoe. 

b^dxtin, -iin, pi. id., m., ft calnm. 

b^doiinAe, -At^e. a,, oalnnmioiu, 

bfia^sa*, -5CA, m., ftot of Btirt- 

iagf startliDj;. See biat^aii. 
bea^^Liin, the prong of a grapa, 

fork, etc. {Om., Der.) ; recte 

t>e'i3, g^. bige, eonipv tu£<i, little, 
BmaJl, tiny ; tj- beA^ o)im j, I 
despise him ; ip bedj Liom £, I 
think it too snuU; tr ben; 
Itom, ^c., I do not Bliok ftt, eto.; 
bed3 nd6, almost; if bSA^ 
■onitie, nc, few persone, etc ; nl 
be«S 00m . . , san, ic was 
it not enough that I ihould . . ' 
not to add, eta ; if be«5 ni 50 
mb^tpAji Attn ni£, I'll almost 
get drowned there ; cl An 

\iiri>, the 

flf beas tiom _ , „, , 

IC I think it sufficient that 
8. replying, etc (,Kea., F. F.) ; 
dnoif be^s, juot now, ft moment 
ago ; nt bea5 pn, " and no more 
at present " (in old epistolary 
styfo) ; If beas mi, soaroely, 
hardly ; be^^ is also used as a 
dim. for persona and things, 
often in the sense of ^5; comif 
beA5 often tigoifles TEomoa the 

; .Ft'«'»5Ji-. 

biagafic, -d,/., diligence (P). 
beasin, -am, m., a little; few; 

followed by gen. takes oe with 

pose, pnm ; fiof-beasin, Tory 

little, very few. 
bea^in (or bea-iin), -im, pi. id., 

m., a sting; bea^in -oo'n bar 

an wi-t, love is a sting till 

death (Der. and Om.). 
bea5-££iLti'b, -e, a., of little 

sense, half-witted. 
bea^-Cfoi'^ea^, -'6i£e, a., faiut- 

hearted, timid ; meui-8piiit«d. 

) be'l 

t>ea5-ea5La£. -ai<^e, a., fearless, 
oourageoua, independenL 

bea^-Loairiidti, -Aijte, a., Talueleai, 
oODtempUble ; beas-lnaf, id. 

bea5-riiait, m., a naeleos penoa. 

bea^nAC, ad., almost, nearly; 
beasnafi jte Cfif thite blia-6an. 
ftlmott for three thousand yeacs 
(JCeo., F. P.). 

beaj-niLifte, /, shamelessness. 

bea^-naitieat, -iii£e, a,, shame- 
less, brazen. 

bea^-fao^lafi, -Lai^e, a., short- 

beas-taijibead, -bi$e, a., of small 
profit, worthless. 

beaj-toisrSp ?■ *d., /., nonsense, 

bial, g. bill and beoil [poet.),pf. 
b£it- and keoit, m., the mouth, 
the lips ; the edge of a cutting 
instrument ; an opening or on- 
fioe; the entience to a place; 
the first beginning; 1 mbiaC 
baine, at or in ctiargB of the 
goal (Om,, V.) ; 1 mbtal. a ibait- 
eafa, at the beginning of his 
nssfolnesa; te biaL baince, on 
the point of' being eut^ fit to 
out; afi Malaib, in front of, 
opposite i b. an crLuai^ people 
in general, evei^body ; 6 Mat- 
atb, by word of mouth ; ceaAc 
an biataib, to take prooedeuoe 
oti,Sea.,F.F.); laubaijieriLom' 
C£aL 6, he said it before my 
face, in my presence; bial, in 
the sense of opening, entrance, 
approooh 10 a plaoo, is osed 
largely in proper 1 "~ 

Valentia; bfiat^ilca na maice, 

Swinford ; hence, sometimes^ 
isthmus, us in bial an riiuilfi'o, 
Belmullet, eto. ; of persona : 
biat ^an foot («.), biaL jan 


J (Cob.), bial jan fcat 

beataC, -aij, pt. id. and -aije, m., 
a, road, way, path ; a mountain 
pass ; an inlet ; a pssssge ; af 
a beala^, on his way; ap an 


mbeAtA^ifttnlu, wrong; beaLofi 
m6p,«d ; *Fis -in 
beatiji," clear the way ; ip 
■jon fteatai, of the same way of 
thinking, ba^ldi has a wider 
signification than b6tAti ; blonn 

Gotinfa te bfican, a bdiap 
B fenoM, a benLaC need not 
have ; be^LaA is used as a com- 
mon word for road or way in U, ; 
in ■Ooipfn, Bftllftghaderreen ; 
beaLA6 OiH"i » steep mountain 
pasa in Iveragh (Ker.) ; an 
bealAi mdp, a road aorou 
Bere Island, Co. Cork. 

b^dla^, 'Ai^e, a., blabber- lipped. 

beaLa'O, -Art and -Lra, nt., grease ; 
the act of greaaiog. 

blaLAn, -^in, fi. iSf, m., a little 
month ; a moatbful. 

biAlbae, -Aige, -ia, /., a bridle 
bit (also beatriiafi). 

OAal-Bin, -Oiine, a., white- 

biilb^n ftid'A, /, a apeoies of 

b4i1.-eainnueAe, ;Ci$e, a., loqua- 

bSaL-Cfiba*, -ato- "n-. hypocrisy, 
b4at.-e|Utbteaa, -cije, a., hypo- 

bfiAUfocnasa*, -ai*, it., a rinsing 

of the mouth ; gargling of the 

bfiAtsafi, -Ai^B, a., prating, 

DSAt-JiijieAt, -jiite, a., wily, 

flattering, irouios^, faUely oom- 

biAt-$t'^'^i''''i^™"''''l''tioo, falsa 

lo»e, flattery. 
biALihA^, a bridla bit. See 

t)fiAl65, -6156, -65A, f,, a mouth- 

fnl, a bite. 
bidt.-o<T)eAr, 'Tur, m-, tradition ; 

oral instruation. 

prating ; officious, meddling ; 

famous, illustrious (O'Jr.). 
beat-j^doitce, a., open -mouthed, 

tsvealiDg secrets. 

) bed 

bSAl-rcAoitcBA*, a. Set b<Al- 

bcAlcAine, g. id.,/, (pron. bsAlt- 
tAine, where caIL is pron. as in 
cbaII, a church, in M.), the 
Irish May Festival, the mouth 
of May ; tA bcALcAine, the 
first day of May; ml na DeAl- 
CAine, the month of May ; oi4£e 
beAlrAine, May eve ; SeAn- 
beAlcaine, "Old May," that 
is the month begiuninfi^ about 
the 11th of May, the month of 
May (Old Style) ; in Om., etc., 
b^ALcAino ; in Bon. and Con., 

bfat-CAir, -e (poet. beoL-CAif), a., 
soft-lipped, liquid-lipped. 

beAlujA-d, -uijre, pi. td.., m., au 
anointing, a greasing.$ini, -b5A'6, v. ir., I anoint, 

bcAluitte, p. a., oily, spruce 
(iJ. B.). 

b^AinA, g. id., pi. -rAe. a beam for 
weighing (A.). 

beAn, g. nini, d. miiAoi, pi. mni, 
{II>i. bATi, dtpf. mnAib, a woman, a 
wife; beAn CAOinue, g. mni 
CAoince, pi. id., a female mourn. 
er; beAn ci^e, woman of the 
house, housewife, good wife, 
housekeeper; bean toiAroeai, 
waiting- woman, waiting-maid ; 
beAn OAfAt, lady; beAn ^6rcA, 
a wife ; bean piAjaLcA, a 

beAnAim. See bAinim and baAin- 

bean CabaiitA, g. mni cabApfcA, 
/., a midwife. 

bean tAince, /., a female satirist. 

bean dfo6, /., a wet nurse. 

beAn ioiriioea^, /,, a female at- 

bean-ioim'oeafie, -d, pi. id., /., a 
ladies' sAaociation. 

bean (or^anrA, /,, a female as- 
sistant, a midwife. 

bean peApa, f., a female fdnuoe- 

beansln, -am, pi. id., m., a bough, 
a bcaooh ; a soum, a grafF, the 


argoly ii 

be^nn, -a, pi. id., •bo g. beintia 
d. bemn, /, « mountain pe«k, 
B peak, a headluid, a horn j « 
point, A crest ; a gable, a top, 
tf 8t«p; a trail or dress- 
gkiit; need, care, attention; 
dependence; iiS'L b. «am otic, 
I am independeat of jou, I 
heed yon not; nt'L ^on beann 
41C1 Aif, (the cow) bad no 
relUh for it (her food) ; ceitne 
bCATinA ci$e, four corners of a 

n of the irea (i 

rosa). tje^nn enter* 
o place-names ; it it 
applied to high monntain peaks 
aa well aa small eminence! ; 
c^, be/mn ^uLban in Sligo, 
beann ^ji-o, a towiJand in 
Kerry, etc, ; nom. also binn or 

beinn,/, a horn, etc. ; fig., a long 
ear ; y., aj-aI. ir pt,\^t beAnn4> 
Aip, an aaa with a pair of long 
ears {B.} ; alio, a oouplet or 
half-staiiza, whence le«t-CeAnii, 
a line (?). 

beann^C|<D5, m., a peaked or 

gibled mnnsion 1 beAnna-btin<5 
(iiim ciJi]iiuiLEe 'ilia-iipai-6i6 
difx', the turreted manaioog of 
Brian Overflown with otters 
{(ySa.). SMbpog. 

be«nn4t,-4iJe,o., homed, forked; 
peaked (aa mouutaina) ; ^n 
c-OiteZn rti[-beAnnA£ = Trina- 
cria (SioUy). 

baannatd'A, -ficd, yi. id., m., a 
benediotioQ, a beatitude ; act of 
blessing ; ex., T>id t>'A CCAnn- 

beannAddiji, -e, a., abounding io 

peaks or gables. 
beanriA-inoc, m., a peaked bill. 

Su cnoc. 
tieAnnadc, -d,/., a blessing; bean- 

tiaCc leAC, good-bye ; b. T)6 le 

n-d AtiAm, God rest hia sonL 
bemnA-fioc, m., a horned buck. 

5m F. QC. 

] b«d, 

beAnn-$A|ib, -£Ait>be, a., rongh- 

bednn-tt&n, -Aine, a., brighU 

gabled (of a home). 
beAnndj, ■6\^t, -d^a., /., • ooif, a 

cap, a comer of a woman's cloak. 

See beAnndti. 
beannds^t, -aije. created, tower- 
ing, higb-beadad (Co. Wide, 

P. 0-0.7 
bean nna'A-^dt-CA, g. mi\i;jlL id., 

/., a bride. 
beannujAi, -nttte, st., aot id 

bleasing; beaedictim ; aalntin^ 

beAnnuiJim, -o^A'd, c (r., I Uew ; 

inir., with t>o, I salute. 
bcAnnoi^te, indec. p. a., blessed, 

beAnnmSteAic, -a,/., a blessing ; 

beAniiui^ieoi|ii -o]ia, •oijti'Ae, m., 

one who bleases. 
bfiAti-pA*, jr. -jiii*, pi. -jiiiice, 

«., woman's gossip. 
bCAn reoLcA, /., a woman in 

bean putail, pi. mna riubait, /., 

a atrolling woman ; a woman 

who begs. 
bean cijo, g. mni-, pi. id., /., a 

housewife, a housekeeper, a 

laodladv ; somat. indee. in ip. I., 

esp. in form bean «' ciS*. 
beati cnirmije, /, a midwife. 
bsAH uAfAl, g. niTiA oAifle, pi. id., 

/., a gentJewoman, a lady. 
beaf. See bio|i. 

biif An ftlt, the treachetoue 
beara, etc. 

beAiiA6,-AiJe,-aCa,/., a two-year- 
old heifer. 

beatibfiiji, -6iiA, -iijirtB, m., a 

■ fiijieAfic, . , , 
rber; ecolding. 

bf Anxifijs, -dije, -65a, /., a oray- 
fiah iZer.). 

b^ApsAfic, -a, /., diligence. 

biajiLa, g. td., pi. -i*e, m., 
language, apeech, dialect; the 




SeapLasaiji, a dialect, a jargan, 

beajitiA, -nan, -nii'be, /, » gap, a 
breach, a chasm ; b. bao^ail., 
gap of danger ; ni OainFeaS an 
TJMbdl. An 6. ijoc, yon beat tbe 
devil 1 oommoD m plaae-naines, 
aa beit<nA gaoite, eta. 

beijinat. -aije, a., gapped ; 
hacked; an Aauaiti &e^t"'<'^> 
Cahirbearnagh, a hill and town- 
land ill Cork, west of Millstreet. 

beapn**, -ai-*, m., a gapping, a 
bitinff; a beijina* uBaiLl, by 
the biting of an apple {(yD.). 

beJljtndim, -a'6, v. tr., I make a 
gap, make a breach ; I bite. 

t)edfi)i«4, -fiiA, tn,, aot of ihaTing, 
clipping ; fctAn tleat<1<tA, a 
razor ; beA|itia'6 cantiae, fleecy 
oIondE, portending rain ; a ripple 
OD water (Dtm.). 

beappAi*, -e, pi. id., /., a elioe, 
a cat ; a segment, a ahred. 

bea)i]iaiin, -a'6, t>. tr., I ifaave, 
shear, out^ clip. 

beafijiir, -iin, pi. id., m., inoon- 
venience, i^in, grief, anguish, 
mieory, atrife, oontontion ; a 
small bundle, a eheaf. 

beat«ti<ina4, -A>$e, a., miserable, 
diatressed, distraeted, lament- 

beaji-ftinoiie, g. id., pi. -vte, a 

fomenlor of strife (ffJf.). 
bednf'>'-^n'i(^^"> ">-■ ^ bob- tail 

beajittta, p. a., sfaom, shaved, 
cronped, dipped, pioohed, 
pecked at ; clean, genteel, neat. 

beaiifit6if, -6fa, 'Oijiiie, «., a 
barber, a abavsr, a shearer, a 
dipper ; a scold, satirist. 

beaTiiitiii|iei*c, -a,/., act of scold- 
ing, satirising. 

biatifA, g, id., pi. -i*b, m., a verse, 
a stanza, a poem. 

bea]ic, -eipce, pi. -A and -eipce,/., 
anact,adeed; bebaTionr; a game 
or trick (at cards), a move in a 
game , an appoiDtment, a situ*- 

tion; n(4<AnFat-6r^ an CeA|ic, 
it will not do ; fcaoit beAjic 
CAjic, do Dot tronble about 
everything, let some things pass 

beapr, g. beiitc and bijic, pl.Jd., 
m., e, bunch or heap (of the 
hair, etc.) ; a bundle (of rashes, 
straw, etc.), chiefly carried on 
the back or shonlders ; dim. 
beipuin or bijicin. 

beflpc, g. beijice, /., gear, appa- 
ratas, paraphernalia, chiefly in 
compounds ; t.g., coir-beapc, 
foot-gear, t.c., boots, shoes, etc. ; 
cinn-beafir, head .gear, i.e., head- 
dress, bat, etc ; LAiib-beatic, a 
muff, a sleeve; cotpp-teaftc, 
raiment, clotb. 

bea]ica6,-ai$e, a., active, feat-per- 
forming ; resonroefnl, conning ; 
in cIostBrt (of the hair), 

beApcarteatc, -a, /., trickeiry ; 
beapcat^eafrCai'cce, submerg- 
inft or overpowering triokeiy 

iT. a.). 

beagiCAim, -a4, v. Ir., I say, I pro- 
noanoe, <M an opinion or jiidg- 
ment ; I think, imagine, esti- 

beapraijie, g, id., pi, -fitie, m., a 

beApCD^a-d, -ni^e, m., aot of 

brandishing ; act of conceiving ; 

jndnng; thinking; gathering; 

tncking np. 
beapcDi^im, -oga^, r. tr. and 

intr., I wield, brandteh, flourish ; 

gather up; I estimate, think, 

meditate, conjectnre. iSsebeati- 

etom, habit; 

ia the nanal thing ; pinns cq 
b^ar-A -de, yon have made a 
habit of it (Dtr.) ; -oi mbeai 
|Mor t)0 Maf a^ac, if yon knew 
yonr place ; in pi,, mannen, 
Mara^i -aiSe, a., good-mannered; 


Ma ( I 

polite, - con«at, weU'b«h*T«d, 


b£'ipAiiiai1,, -Aiiitd, a., eiempUrj, 
polite, well -behaved. 

Ijeata, g. -d-6, li. -di*, /., life, 
existence ; food : property, es- 
tate ; the world ; Xii Tio &. , 
'r£ tio C, welcome, h&il ^ nj|i 
db « T>o B. (JTutM., nArt 1. t)« 
no 6. ), never welcome yon 1 
beAid n& r-£-)5, death, like the 
lAtia wUalU, lued of the death 
of B^to. 

t>eAtai'6eAA, -iig, pJ. i(2., and 
-A.t&, m., an animal, a beaat 
(alao heitat). 

t>£ACi,it, -Ala, /., the prooeu of 
bamiiiK the auHace of moor- 
land, dried for the pnrpoBe, bo 
aa to prodnoe aihea for maniu- 
ing the under soil ; lomet. proa, 
bfiiceiit (/wsr.). 

beAtAniAit, -ihL&, a., briak, lively, 
gay, Bmart^ high-spirited, vitaL 

beAt^S, -diKe, -6k«, /., the beech 

tWAto^A, -niSte, m., aet of keep- 
ing alive J nonriehuig, feeding ; 

beAtai£tin, -xi^A-t, v. tr., I feed, 
BDppca\ tmatain, nonrish, edii- 

beAtmrce, g. id., m., wbiskey 

b£-b]iainiieAt-t, -nitt-e, -eatld, 

/., a yoong woman [poet.). 
biic, -«, pi. -lie, -eAfia, /., aproar, 

ahoat, outory. 
biicftift, -cije (biicFBid), /., act 

of roaring, ahonting J 45 biicij, 

bf tced-O, ^e, m., act of screaming, 

crying out, yelling. 
Micifte, g. id., pi. -^rde, m., a 

roarer, a bawler, a prater. 
Mtcriiea£, -iht^, a., roaring, 

noisy, clamorons ; b£iceA6, id. 
6ei4teA^6iti, -6pi, -Sijiiie, «., 

) bSl 

Oer6te«ti6it<eA£r, -a,/., the art of 

playing the fiddle. 
bei'6Un,,fl. -%i>e,m.,a fiddle. 
beic-eiaLltid, indee. a., weak- 

beis-tii$tnn, a., of amall reading, 

b£il-Cifin, -e, a., iweet-mouthed, 

flattering, melodiona. 
b*iL-binneift, -nije, a., flatteriDg, 

b4it-T)ei[i5, -xieipse, a., rod- 

b^ile, g. id., pt. -li'6e, »., a meal. 

b£tl-jed]i]ia'0,»., cutting the firtt 
sod in difuin^ tillage, eto. 

bSiKn, g. id,, ^. -I'be, m., a little 

bfilLic, -e, -teiica, /., a large 
Btone; a tombstone, a cavern 
under a great alone; a lime- 
kiln ; iT^cij 1 inb£itl<ic n* can- 
fdise, in the oavem nnder tbe 
rook ; rA 04illic, under a tomb- 
stone, buried. 

biiL-ihiiir, -ihilre, a., sweet- 

biiL-fSdihdf, -eife, a., tbick- 

beiCc, -e, pi. -i*e and -eanna, /., 
a belt; beilc aptiiim, apron 

b^ilre^, -ci^e, pi. id., /,, a great 
fire ; b. ceine4'6, id. (b£iti:i^ed6 
is also need). 

b4.m, -e, pt ^Anni. gpl. .caTiti, /., 
a blow, a >trok^ a cut ; a shoe 
in carving ; a flaw ; a step, a 
blemish, a stain, a spot ; a pooe 
(prop. cdm). be«Lii6 biime, 
a mountain past in Keny; oit- 
b£<m, an offence, an insult ^ nf'L 
b^im lor^dn di)i, he is mi- 

b£im, -e, -r6e, /., a beam, the beam 
of a plough. 

b^im, -e, -eAfina, /,, a thwart in a 
boat {Tory); biim beij, the 
cross piece near the stem into 
which the heel of the jib-boom 
fits : bdim iii6|i, the third thwart 
in Uie boat ; cdpcd ii also used ; 
co£c is the word used in Ktr. 

.ju... .h,Qoog\c 

t>e1 ( I 

bjim-bf ireA'fr, -t^t, n., a BmaBh- 

ing with blows. 
t>£imeAiiTi'i6, -'ii^B, o-, Bmitiiiig, 

destmotiTe ; effective, vigorouB 

(alflo Wimneit). 
t>£imiin, -med.'O, r. tr., I cut, I 

Bttike at ; carve ; scarify. 
biimneat, -nije, a., vehement. 


tjeinfiti, -«, /., the Minervft of the 

X}eiri\n, g. id., pt. -foe, m.,Bomet.f., 
as An bemin, Uia little woman ; 
dini. of bean. 

tieitiniT), -e, -i'6e, /., a oheese- 


. g. id., pi. .i«e, m., a 
pinnacla; dim, of be-inn. 

beinnre, g. id,, pi, -udd, -piie, /, 
a aeat, a bench ; a ma{{iatrat«'B 
seat; dim. beinnj-in; beinnrin 
IdaCii^ a tuft of msheB. 

beii^Ixtim, -iu^A'6, v. tr. and inlr., 
I boiX seethe. 

t>et)iCn£if, -e, /., an snniversaiy, Oi 
feast, n vigit 

beifCACdf, -Aif, «>., a birUi ; one 
newly bom ; the "cleaning" or 
after-birth of animals. Ste 

forth, I OBiry off as a prize 
(witil bua*); with afi : pujAr 
AJ1 fc6t>ndi5 diti, I seized him 
by the throat; beitnin Aifi, I 
lay hold of him ; bei)iiin f u^f 
A\n, I overtake him, I seize him 
violently ; with Le (in pronoun 
oombination), I take with me ; 
b^AtiAti tiOTTi i, I will take it 
with me ; with bfteAi [as ob- 
ject), I pass judgment on (op) ; 
ni ^5 bpnit biieice ojic 6, not 
that J am judging yon ; lay 
eggs : ci nd ceaiicd, A3 bt<eit, 
the hens are laying ; 3A6 tA 
b^AjiAii one, every day that 
will overtake you, i,t, every day 

} twi 

of your life ; beip ar, be off 

beittite'lr, -iif, n., a birth ; one 

newly bom. 
Deiiijiueif, -e, -eaii, /., an edge, 

point, border, as in bei]i^'oeif 

in etd.«im. 
t)ei|ic, -e, /., a oonple, a pair, two 

persona ; ar Betpc, both ; niota'6 

bei]ice, arbitration (wltere two 


. . , he is captured. 

beiftcin, g. id., pi. -\ti% ■>., a little 
bimdie, a little burden ; nom. 
also bi|tcln. 

beifcineaic, •&,/., carrying of 
little burdens {O'S.), 

tJeifeaft, See bifeai. 

Ceirc, -e, -eanna, n., a vest {A.). 

beifceaiiiLaCc, -a, /., bestiality, 

t>eit=bea*, eoiuKt. of aciim. See 
acAim. (Still in use in Co. 

beic, -e,^, a birch tree; thsseoond 
letter of the Alphabet. 

belt, vi, of aciiiti, being, stkte of 
being ; generally, but not always, 
having the b aspirated ; aft cf 
he\t, about to be ; Le bett, la 
order to be ; ap Beit, ajt mbeit, 
iflji mbeit, having bean, on 
being ; £um a Celt, for the pur- 
pose of being, about to be ; 30 
beit caipreaft, to the point (rf 

T. S.). 

beiteaihna^. Stt biteaihna^. 
beiceapLaC, -ai£, ta., tJie Old 

Testament (also pecedititeaA, 

beici'6ea£, -'6tt, pi. id., ■>., a beast) 

an animal. See bedtai'6ea£. 
biicin, g. id., pi, -I'oa, •»., burned 

grass or surface soil ; gross 

withered by froet. 
beitip, g. -tpe, j)i. -tpe, .tiieaea, 

/., a bear. See bfiaji. 
bettce {part. ytee. of acaim^ 

advisable, right, piuper ; ef. 


til bettee '6111c 'sa '6£'inain. 
(Almost obi.) 

beo, gtn. bi, gf, beo, beoite, a., 
alivB, living. 

beo, g. id. iwd bt, pi. bso-ftA, m,, 
a Uvliig peraooi tha living; 
qoiok-fleah ; life ; quiok-hedge ; 
7:Aif n^e 1 mbeo, ft nail in tha 
qniok ; rl An mac f Ain as ^nt 
I mbeo ot<m< that youth is giving 
me graat trouble ; nt nATxiiita 
M\ beo 'na An maiib, life u not 
more natural tban death. 

beofiJifi, ■Ain,pf.i[J.,Ri.,ainuIlfiro. 

beo-£oiiine.i1„/., a burning candle ; 
a, living witness. Se« coinncAL. 

beo-iorcpt-t, -Ai$e, a., flaying 

beo-eofcf&im, -torcAijic, r. ft-., 

I flaj alive, 
beo-efint, -oti, ft. id., m., mortal 

tieo-oA, a., livdf, living, active, 

beo'fiaic, -i, /, oonrage, vigoor, 

beo'OAihAil:, -iVitA, a., lively, brisk, 

zealous, vigorous. 
beotiaiTiLAfc, -a, f., liveliness, 

quickness, activity, visoor. 
beo^u igirti , •n^A'o, v. (r., I animate, 

beo-^eannaim, -&-t, v. tr., I flay 

beo-^Ainifh, -e, /., quiok^and. 
beo-3Al.A£i -Ai^e, a., active, 

bto-SonAim, -Join, V. tr., I wound 

to the quiok. 
beo'^opa*, -nta, T^., act of bnming 

to the qmok, 
beo-io4bdttic, -apcA, pi. id., /., a 

living saorifioe. 
beoifi, -o<f.i.t, dot. beotidii or 

beoin, f., beoir, a favourite drink 
. of the Irish ; beer ; whiskey ; 

also be6iL {Don.). 
beoip Juipc, /., brine, pickle, 
beol^ -otL, It., the mouth (poM.). 

Set biat. 
beo-Loc, -Luic, «., act of wound- 
ing to tha quick ; a. severe 

beotcin, ■ill), ji. id., m., a 

beo-Ltidit,/, bet emben. 

beo-l.tiaite. 9. id., /., liveliness, 
activity, Diakinesa. 

beo-tnAt, -Atte, a., qniok, aolivo, 

beoriiAfi, -Aifte, a., pathetic, feel- 

beo-tiA-dAtic, m., quick-Bight, dis- 

beo-tiA-bAtiCAi, -Ai^e, a., quiok- 

sighted, disoaming. 
beor^ft, -dt^e, a., apnioe, bright, 

dapper, glittering. 
beO'fCAfA'6, -fttA, M., Mparation 

during life ; a divorce. 
bootAititAec, -A,/., liTelineas, ani- 

ination {fflf.). 
beo-tottA'6, -ICA, St., act of 

piercing to the quick. 
beo-£ot<tiAi, -ai$e, pregnant with 

live yonng. 
b'fiiTXfiaiTiiAr.ipeihapsi somel. 

m Wp. I,, VfiATiiA\l, b'^iAtlAf, 

and mb'T'fii'oiji (Iver.). 
b<, g, m. of beo, alive, living, 

vigorous ; mac Vi bi, the S^ 

of the living God. 
bf, 2 par. $ing. injwr. of Aciim 

bi, 3 *. pf. of Aciim, I am. 
biA^, m., mtmbrum viriU. 
b>A£A£c, -A,/., priapitaaa. 
bi4*, g. W*. pi. btA^A, m., food, 

maat-food ; a meal, supper ; 

biA^ iiA mAi-one, breakfast 

07. bi-6 is pron. bi^ in Jf.). 
biA*Afi, -diSo, o., nourishing, 

biA*Aim, -iA*, V. tr., I feed. 

biA'6mA]i, -A I lie, a., esculent, 
abounding in food, plentiful. 

biA-4c4, p. a., fatted, well-fad, 

biA'ouae, -Ai£, pi. id., m., a feeder 
(of the poor), a public victualler, 
a hospitaller ; a generous, hospi- 
table man. 

biAtcAtAf, -Air, "i-. hospitality, 

biA'6cA'6, -orb, -Ai-Oe, m., a bait.,.,..i.,Gt)f)glc 


I feed, 


biAirdp, -dif (biACAr), pi. -dr6e, 
m., betoa; ; beet-root ; bt44- 

CAip'^e, !»., m., beet-roota. 

t)ia*coiSim, -ujdii, P. (r., I feed ; 

I feed the mind ; I entertain [as 

with thoughts), 
biai*, old form of bei-6, /ui. of 

biaiL, -e, and bfata, jrf. -i«e, /., 

CiAjiftoL, pi., the lumpa oanaed by 
the chryeEiliB of the gad-fly in 
the baokH of oattlo ; pron. vare- 
ihiU (Con.) ; ciibtte in Ker. 

Oiar, rii. fat. of acottn, I am. 

biDBAt, •■oiSe, a., very amall ; 
proo. baoioeaC in Don. 

td-oir, -"Al*. --treaia, ft, a vice, a 


O151L, a vif'i * watching (Lat. 
wffi/imn, Eng. vigU). 

bite, ^. ifi., pi. 'trite, m., a maat ; 
a ti^ up. in a fort or beside a 
holy well; a large tree; a eoion, 
a progNiiloF, a ohampioa ; bile 
bti6n, Uie handle of a quem 
(prm. beite in Eati M.). 

bilediii'itl, -riiLa, a., tree-like; 
most-like; ohampiou-like. 

biteos, -0156, -oga, /., a leaf, a 
plant; b, rhait, lettuce; b. na 
n-ian, wood-sorrel ; b, rpanw, 
a wild plant, (biteo^ is the 
usual word in M. for the leaf 
of a tree, or a page of a book. ) 
See ■ouiUe^s. 

liileosaC, -a'Je, a., leafy. See 

biUe, g. A.pC. -ti-6e, m., a note, 

a biU of costs. 
biLt^ati, -iro, pi, id., m., a biUet ; 

raijuiiifi at; bill^d-o, a ohil. 

dren'fl game in Con. 
biLleog, -oige, -05a, /., a bill, a 

billet ; a bill-hook ; biLteoj 

^6)<ca, a oertiScate of marriage. 

) bm 

bimbeaL^itV -&]<a, -ditti'Ae, m., s 
foolish peraou (Don.) 

bitib, -e, /., foroe, Tenom, 8re ; 
fury, wrath {nam. aleo btnib). 

btni-o, -e, ji. -lie, /, rennet used 
in m^mg oheeee (nom. also 

bininead, -nij, m., a oompt form 
of bifineaC, which «ee. 

binn, -e, /., the namber of oattle a 
grodng farm oan maintain; au 
agistment! "' bi]in binne ap 
fiipmn prtn, we are not privi- 
leged pereons in Irelaod. M.S. — 
The " baji]! bmne " was a privi- 
leged beast over and above 
the agistment. See Siamfa 
{■D. O p.). 

. (of I 


melodious, barmoo 

quent ; fig., excellent, faultless. 
b!nn, (li'6inii,tni))«r.irr^.af acaim, 

I am. Stc acJiim. 
bitin-6fiata6, -aije, a., aweet- 

voioed, eloqnent. 
binn-btiidtAT>>/-i&8weet or elegant 

biiiT>-bjiidt|ia(, -ai^e, a., aweet- 

spoken, eloquent. 
binn-6eot, m., melody, sweet 

binn-6eoLiTidr(, -attte, a., harmoni. 

binn neat an, -am, pi. id., tn,, a 
woollen cloth tied ronnd 1^0 
body of an infant ; a binding for 
the head in sioknsaa and for tbo 
dead; binn^ieal, ul. 

bmne, g. id,, /., melody; a judg- 
ment, a decree. 

binneaC, -niSa, o., having flounces 
(of the hair) ; peaky. 

binnear, -mri "■i melody, awoet- 

binneog, -oije, 05a,/, a cloth tied 
around the head, partJcut.arly 
in time of aicknass. See binn- 

binn-Joctafi, -aije, o,, Bweet- 

worded, melodious. 
binn-JLiSpafi, -aiSe, a., aweet- 

bmn-§oca6, -aigc, a., sweet-,.,..i.,GtX)^lc 

voiced, Bweet-toned, htrbg 
Bireet notes. 

t)inn-tii'6AiTn, -fiA* V. tr., I ring or 
apeak taelodiotuly. 

binnre, g. id., pi, -ciie, m., a 
bench. Stt beinnfe {A.). 

biobtd, g. id., pi. -rie, m., a 
bible ; ah b. Tn} taBaijic, to 
«we»r by tho biblo ; bfoblaiie 
btiSi^e, Ijiag biblet ; (t£a|i- 
cainn fioP** 'o6M:i, tin in 
biobtd, I would clear myMlf 
before them, awearing by the 
whole Bible ( VUter long). 

DiocAife, g- id., pi. -prte, m., a 

bi'ocum, -uim.jii.irf. »., a visoount. 

t>io-C^f dm, -Aim, n., aniiety. 

b{o4> 3 1, tmper. of Auiim, I am j 
is often used for whether ; bio4 
ft 6^ ti& iorcA, whether he be 
yoang or old ; alio ttUk 50, for, 
oltboiigh ; oZio for admitting, 
granted, at bfo* 50 n^ej^ai*, 
admitting that he went (£ra.). 

&io« (no bioTi), imirf., was; do 
bio-o (who) used to be (had 
been); naC b<a-6, that there waa 
not (Kta.) ; ni inbfo'o, if it were, 
if it,hadbeen(ff^ea.). 

bionin, -am, fl. id., m., a pararite, 
a oalnm&iator ; <^uniny, back- 
biting. Ste btAT>i.n. 

t>i<miinat, -aiSe, a., BlandwooB, 
tattling. Set htAOinAt. 

Di'oD&A, 3. -b*n, -bit and -bai*, pi. 
-6ai*e, gpt. -Ba*, m., an enemy, 
a robber ; a guilty person. 

a spell of eicitement. 
l>io*5i*,-aijB,a„ sprightly, vigor- 
ous; s^6ji bio*5a6, aprigStly 
voice (O. M.); bd Bio^safi 
nii'Ace, whose words were vis- 

MOM (0. M.). 

bio^jd*, -gta, m., act of starting ; 
a start, sudden rousing ; a 
bonnco, a leap. 

bioisa'pa, y. id., pi. -prte, m., a 

lively, active person. 
bi 0-654* 4it, -riiLa, *, active, 

lively, frisky. 
b[o'63')ifil&^c, -a, /., activity, 

vivacity, livelineaa. 
bio'ista, a., lively, active. 
bio'65tAec, -A, /., livelineM, viva' 

bioL, -a, pi. id., f., a viol, a kind of 

musical initrumeat. 
biotaf, •aitt,p2.<d.,w., watercress. 
bioLaftai, -ai^e,/., a spring riaiog 

araougat or flowing tli rough 

watororeM ; Cnocin ria bioLaii- 

a>£e, Watergraaa HiU (near 

biol.a|ia£, -ai^e, a., abounding in 

biotap Aa)i-6a, garden oreta. 
biotap tpiasiin, cuckooflower, 
biolap rtluipe, brooklime. 
biotap unija, eonrvy grass, 
biotap >"rc"i watercress, brook- 

bioLpan. See biotap. 

biop, g. bip Bud beapa, j)!. be^ijia 
and biopafra, m., a spi^ a lance 
point, a spike ; ap C. a £inn, 
standing on his bead. 

biopdC, -aite, -aCa, f,, a bout 

biopai, -ai^e.-aia,/, a two-year- 
old heifer: a apikeii muzzle for 
calves ; a kind of wild reed. See 

biopa£, -ai^e, n./ poinied. 

bioiia-^, -pia,}>I. id., m., a piercing, 
a stinging. 

biotiaice, m., a spearman; as a., 
fond of spears. 

Diopin, -iin, jrf. id., m., a pin, a 
brooch ; s small pointed stake ; 
an injury; spite ( =beappan) ; b. 

SDdiri, a magia pin wmoh pro- 
uced sleep; b. bui^e, a yellow 
braes pin, a trifle ; ni piu b. 
bui'6e 6, it is valueless; nf md 
biD^an ip i, it is not serioua, 
it is only a trifle {W.) ; pron- 
tMpein or bpean (M.). 




t>io iiinai, - Ai$e, a., thomj, pricUj, 

Bpitefal, Texationi. 
biot^tiat, -aiS, -iijo, n., k boy ; a 

nldah peiBon ; a pin-oiuhioo. 
biotiAtL Set t)iolAt<- 
biofoA, iadee. a., ahup-pointed. 
btoii^Atc, -A., /., Bhup-poiated. 

biotitJojiari -of^'n -iture, m., a 
flood-gabe. Oif. klao givei 

biott ^liical, • toothpick. 
bior-5A, 3- id., pt. -Jaoite, »., a 
speiLr, ft lonoe, a, atii^ a dart ; 

1 for bait ( J 

bioji-tharoB, g. id.,fl. -■oi'Oe, m., * 
long iron rod for seut^hing bogs 
in quMb of bog-oalc 

ttionti S>f iifciiTO, a hare lip (Out.). 

t>iotif A, indtc a,, watery, marshy, 
aboundini! in Bpringa and foun- 
taini ; hence Bur in Eing'i Co. 

ttiofif A, g. id,, m., water, a Btream. 

biaj^t'^'i -A<£i ">'( bnlmihea, reeda; 
a nursh, a murshy fiald ; biO|itiAi 
t^ijean, common reed. 

biotijiaiTie, g. id,, pi. ■tii'6e, f., an 
osier, a sapling. 

biotifin, bionfinai. SeebeA]ipan. 

bioiT-Oui'^e, a., of yellow hair. 
See bififi-bniAe. 

t)ioi<)iU5'i'6, -uii;te,ni,, act of bud- 
ding, reviving, becoming active. 

t)<o;i-fLan1.uf, m., water plactain. 

l)ioii-n<6ii, /., a sharp nose, a 

biof-ffii^*'. -*iSs. <*■. ehnrp- 

Qoeed, short-nosed. 
l)iO|i-fuiLeA6, -li^e, a,, sharp- 

aighted, qoiok-witted. 
bfou, -4, -dnna, m,, a. buoy, 
biociili. See biociilLfl. 
biocditte and biociitce, g. i<l.,pl. 

-Xrfie and -AiLce, /., whiskey ; 

apirits; strong drink; biocAitte 

bjiS 0^1714(1, acden t spirits [McD. ). 

bioeiitce a the nom. smg. in U. 
bioc-budine, f., continuity, eter. 

nity ; bioft-Bofline<itc, -a, id. 

I keep in 

remembw oontjaoa 
biot-^^tiam, m., ooDtiuaal oare, 

biot-Cnf AtxAt, -Ai^, a., over 

aDxiouB, over oaref nl. 
biot-^Aih, ->6iin<, pi. id,, m., a 

oonstant or heredibu; poet 
bioc-SjiinnA, a., always ugly, very 

bifon, g. id., pi, -rte, n., a unall 

Eint or pin; a thin pieoe of 
E deal tor lighting; a BmBll 
^htod ohip of wood. 
biffneAfi, at., bennet, a hardy aeo- 
■hore reed, nsed for thaton Mid 

biti-ionsnAi, -Ai$e, a., having long 
nails, like epite ; Bharp-taIone£ 

bin|i£<iT), g. '[t£iTi, pt. -A, a cap, a 
hat (beajiA'D, Don.). Ste biiitf- 

bifi a vice (meohanioal). 8u 

bipeAfi, -rijo. *i aawv-ourled (of 

the hair). 
bifeaS, -pS, «». (sometL /.), in- 
orease, profit; funeudmen^ im- 
provement^ oase, relief (in 
sickness), convalescence; the 
crisiB in a disease ; b. t>0 bert 
Ap . . . to improve (in health) ; 
b. T)'f iJAit, to get relief from 
pain ; bLiA'OAin bifig, a leap- 
bit (blOc), g. bCAtA, pt. blOti, IK., 

the world ; being, eiistenoe, life; 
c\ii bit, for ever ; need in neg. 
or interrog. sentences in sudl 
phrases as a^i bit, any at all; 
CIA Ap bit, who at all T vuine 
'j-An mbiot, anyone existing 
(Kea,, F. P,) ; bit a vcuAinirce, 
any tidings of them (with n«r. 
phru.) (A). 

bit- (biot-), prefix, denoting oon- 
tiouance ; lasting, ooostant ; 
bit-beo, everlasting. See btot, 

bit-Bnij, -bpioj, f,, essenoe; last- 
ing power or efSoieaoy.,.,..i.,GtX)^lc 


bit-Biiiteit, -Sije, a. pertaining 
to tba eaaence of a thing ; 

bit-Ci-nnce, a., constantlf vtaet, 
very prMiee, ever oertain ; co b., 
moat partiomacly, eapecislly. 

bit-^eoin,/,, oonstant willingneaa ; 
^om A., ever wilUnglj. Su 

bit--oileAri *i orer.faithfuls Cup 
DitM£c-£dtLa tnt-t>lledr 50 bAf, 
TOOT poor ever-faithfol friend 
tm Atath {Kea., f. f.). 

btt-eAslA, g. id., /., oonatant fear. 

Togne, ructlj "beggar (applied 

even to c»ttie) 1 padding in the 

■ols of a eboe. (Older spelling, 

bittn, in pAr, "oi 0., wi B. rin, on 

that Koount. 
bi6-neiriinea(, -ni£e, a., over de- 

BtrootiM, ever veoonious. 
t>ic-ti£, g. v., /., a lifetime ; from 

birth to death. 

bit-fiAHdim, •A'6, n. tr., I 
■tanllv attend on or pr 
for; I constantly govern 


direct (with d])). 
bit-fioft'^i'^B, a., 


t)t4 m., the wbite^creeted wa. 
WM^ayii.ii, -hn, pi. id., m., a Btam- 

BU«, q. btirt and bldi*, pi. 

bli-irfaSd, «., a bit, a frag- 
ment ; ci f6 'tii OLeocpAifliB, 
it ia broken into fragmeattL 
blA'o, -^ in., renown, fame, repn- 

bldidf, ■■oM^e, 

bLa'6'iCc, -A,/., the act of breakirg 

into fragments. 
bW-Ddim, ■■6i*, V. It., I break 

into fragment!, I pulverize. 
blA'6ai|i, -e, -tie, f., a flama 

\Akaa.vft, g. id., pi. -)iT'6e, m,, a 

flatterer, a wheeler. 

blatiai]ieaec, .4^, flattery, coax- 

bLiT>aipim, ti -aiiieatc and 
bLdOdii, v. er., I coax, flatter, 

blA>Odl<. -aijt, m., flattery, coal- 
ing; act of flattering or coaxing ; 
Beit «3 bLd-odii Leif, coaxing 
or flattering bim. 

blA'OAtiA^, -Aije, a,, coaxing, flat- 

btA'oni, -A, -AnnA, m., a flame, a 
blaze ; bLAoi|ie and btd'6Ait< 

bi&-<mi4.\]<t, ,pl. -fi4e,m.,u 
nproariooi fellow ; a boaster, a 

blAimAnn, -Ainn, m., bragging, 
boasting ; lUio blazing np, send- 
ing forth steam as a fermented 
hay-atack ; empty words. 

bLA*m«nTiA6, -Aije, a., boasting, 

bl.A4inrAC,-At$,pI.Kt.,in., ablaze. 

.A^mrAC, -At5,p{. 

a conflagration. 

bLADHAim, -'opA-0, w ir,, I coax, I 

flatter, I appease. 
t)tA5i3iT>, -e, -1-66, /., a bald pate ; 

also bl.A5A-D (Z>i>n.). 
btAinrneoj, -0150, -oja, /., a bog- 
berry {Don.). 
t)lAifeA-6, -AfCA, nt., a tasting ; a 

sipping a small portion of any 

fooa or drink. 
bLAirim, -i^A-d, V. (r., I taste, dp. 
DLAic^iime, g. id., pi. -mi'Ae, /., 

btAif^meAtc, -A, /., light fauting, 

btAifTin, -e,/., act of tasting, 
bLaircinceACc, -a, /., the pro- 
longed sucking of a sweet, etc. 

blAit, -e, a., fair, be-iutifnl, 

polished, smoatb. 
bUic, -e, o., warm(l7.). 
bLiice, g. id., /., amoothnaai, 

sleekness ; tlAiceAic, -a, /., 

blAiteAfA(, -tipSe, a., smooth, 

blAit-fleArc, -eirce, pi. -eArcA, 

/, a garland, a wreath.,.,..i.,GtX)glc 

bt^Litin, g. id., pi, .tic, n., a liltla 

flower ; » Mnall blosaoio. 
t)Litt-Li&5, /., a pumioe-stone ; a 

imooth atone. 
t>Lait-fllobtfl,».B., bwmtifullyor 
amoothlj poUxtied (of ■ tpoaTjeto.) 
bl4inniid]i, -Aif, pi. id., m., dia- 

aimulatlon, flatteiy, aycophancy. 
bldco, -01'^, m., ft ahoDt, a loud 

ory i /. (Con.) Set 5U0*. 
blido^Ai, -Aoi'6ce,in.,aat of Drying 

out See 5t40'644. 
blAo-ddic, ■<!,/., ^ loud ahouting, 

vvouunKii, 'idf, ». inir., I ehoai, 

I boast, I btag. 
btAO^m, -A, m,,ii great flame. Ste 

bLAotinu>nnA£, -Ai^e, a., ahoatiog, 
olamoTons; fiery. 

btacd^SAt, -M^e, a., cltunarona. 

t)tAo4fA£, 'tii^e, a., olamorouB, 
ahouting, noiay. 

t>lAorc, 'Oifce, -a, /., t, scale, a 
ahell, an egg-ahell ; a akuU, the 
head. Ste plaorc. 

OldorcAim, -ai, v. It., I beat 
violeutly, haimuer, oruah. See 

bLar, -atr.p'. i^-, w., taste, flavour, 
reliah ; an acoeat (in speech) ; a 
jot ; with ntg., nothing ; a bod 
taste; liking, deaire; ni't, don 
BLap Aise opm, bo lilies me not; 
rean-bldr, disregard, dislike ; 
Fa^aim btAf jifi t>o 6ainni:, I 
approve of your aentimenta. 

blafAim, -4-6, tj. tr., I taato, sip, 
teat. See blAirim. 

blapratV^aC, ■■iijfee, /., act of 
smacking the lipa. 

blaf-c^umgia, iiMtc a,, sweet- 

blAfca, ii\dtc. a., delioiona, excel- 
lent, toaty, aavoury ; in good 
taste ; rofined, elegant ; fiuent, 

btafTA^c, -A, /., eicellencs, deli- 
oiousQOBB, eleganoy ; fluency, 

bldrcanaf, -Aip, n., tMte, savour, 

bLafcis, -6ise, -fija, f-, » aweet- 
mouthed ivoiiiati. 

I ) bte 

blat, g. bl^ite and bt^ta, pf. 
bkita, m. and /., a bloom, blos- 
som, flower-bud \ b. ra bdi^e, 
the bloom of youth; blac bt)i'6e, 
dandelion; b. ban na cinne, 
the white blossom of fairness, 
an epithet of a pretty girl {Old 

bLicAS, -ai§e, a., flowery; beauti- 
ful ; renowned. 

bLataC, 9. -aije, bLaicSe, /, but- 

t)ti,ta£c, -A, /., act of flowering, 
blossoming, floweTiueas. 

blatavdiii, -^tia, -dipi'oe, m,, a 

btlcaim. -Ail, V. tr. and intr., I 

bloom, I flourish ; I adorn, 
btit^n, -im, fi. id., n., a small 

flower, a bud ; (U«o a fry, as 

salmon fry ; a kind of rock-fisfa. 
btat-buiie, indcc. a., swarthy, 
blac-iaimic, -e, /., fluweiy lan- 
guage ; idle apeech. 
btic.ftainnceafi, -cije, a., sweet- 

tODgued, cultured, polished. 
btAc-6aoin, -e, a., smooth-platod, 

blat-f otc, m., beautiful locka of 

hair. Set t^otc. 
btic-Jar, -Saift J^' »*i """1 -f^ 

m., a fair stalk ; a blooming 

scion. See sap 
bLacihatjieafiu, -a, /., fli 

blootd, spruceDDsa, tri: 
btAtifiaf, -aipe, a., beantifnl, 

young, flowei^, warm, gay. 
bLai na mbo'oafi, m., red poppy, 

com rose, com manly calted 

lui|i5neae 4eap5, the red stalk, 
btatnuijim, -uga*, v. tr., I 

■mootha. stroke. 
blii:-oibpiJim, .iuta«, v. tr. and 

itUr., I embroider, work in 

figures or flowera. 
bl^tuijim, -u^a'd, r. tr. and tntr., 

I bloom, I flouriah, I bloaaom, I 

amoothe, polish, I bedeck, deco. 

rate, adom, strew with flowers. 
bLeaCc, -a, /., milk ; kine, milch 

blea£ca6, -ai$e, -i,ii,f., a miloh 


p«reoa that 

nuuiiwerof milk; oim whodWlo 

in iiii& ; a wheodler, » flattarer ; 

ft detective. 
bLeificin, -oin, j)i. id,, w., the 

aaphodel or ilaffndiL 
bLedicAn bai'6e,n>.,ayellowireed 

growing among potatoes. 
blcA^caf, -Aifi >>>.| IsotatioD ; 

t)leA£c--6ndncA£, -Ai^e, a., poem- 

btedic-^^CAvAii, •&\n, pi. id., ■>., 

the common Bow-thiitlo (p^t- 

t>LeA4cifm]i, -dipe, o., abonnding 

in milk ; fniitfuL 
bleaerui^e, g. id., pi. .■itt, m., 

a feeder, a suppcrtor. 

bted^im, -d4, v. Ir., I miik {Con. 
and IT.) 1 bIk bLi^im. 

bLea^Afi, -aip (bLioo*]!), !•., bout 
cnraed milk. 

blfdn, -4ine, pi. -£inci4e, in Coo. 
b\.iMit:jiaii, and in W. Ker. 
bl^ADCdfd, /., the gFoia ; a nar- 
row, low tongue of laad ; a 
harbour, a bay (nont. also bL^in), 

bl^anafi (bleajn«<:},.4iS,pi. -aije 
or -AtA, n., a nulking. 

bl^n-t'irppns, -e, a., broad - 

bleatdC, -aije, -atd, /., ft bag of 
com for giiniling ; a kiln-cost ; 
a large quantity of anything (as 


bleatA^, -d<5e, 0., having power 

bleiic-pirsin, m., th« milk 

bLeiu, -e, /., importiuenoe, oajo- 

lerf, wheedling, flattery, re- 

qnoat, petition. 
bleiDeAThAil, -riilo, a., imperti- 

Dmit, toftzing, flattering, 
bteroipe, g. id., vl. -ttiii, m., an 

impertinent fellow, a wheedler. 

beMt or fiib), dl, a whale (£»-.). 

8te mlol mdti. 

) blo 

bljiice^e twd|i5, m., a mnllot. 
bliin, -e, -ciie, the groin; alti, 

ft iifttTow, low tongue ot land ; 

a harbour, a bay. See hHin. 
b1,iiiieA6, -ni£e, /,, a wbite-loined 

(ol .... ..... 

bleiteAt, -tij, pt. id., n., a qnan. 

tity or portion of oom aent to ft 

mill [Con.). See bleatdt. 
bli£itea£, -ti^ -A, n., a mullet: 

b. rieAtis, a ipeoiea ot red 

mallet ; aUso bl£i'6i;e^. 
bteiteaiAn, -Am, pi. id., m., a 

bL£iti4e.ld, in phr. b. ceinea*, a 

rousing fire. 8u tiilzeAt. 
bleoncuitii;, -e, /. See bleatae. 

{bleoncmpu is used in W. Ker. 

in the sense of blsataj:, whiob 

is also nsed.) 
bLia-^din, g.-iinA, pi. .■iitiA, -4dnA 

and -■tiiTix:a,gf}t. -oAn, /,, a year ; 

1 mblia-ona, this year; b. 50 

Leit.ftyear andahaU; b.bipig, 

a leap year. 
blid'OAncAd, -Ai^e, a., yearly ; 30 

blia-6ancA6, yearly (T. Q ). 
bLid*nariiaiL, -ibl*, a., yearly; 

also bLiji4dnc«riiAil. 
bli!;eJi|Mi, -l\fo, .kfo&vbtt, m., a. 
Eguard (A.). 

oeadc, -a, /.. bbek- 
rowdyism (A.). 
bLiodin (blioficin), -i.n, pi. id., 

m., bastard asphodel. ;Sfebtea<^- 

bliodcTh^ti, -diiie, a., milk-pro- 
ducing. See b\.ea(:cmAf,. 
bUofan, -am, pi. id., tn., an art)- 

blob, -a, -anna,-m., a full or thick 
moutb (also ptob)). 

bloba, a. id., pi. -ava and -Ai^e, 
m., a bubble ; the rise of a blis- 
ter ; ft blab (also ploba) 

bloba6,.aige,a.,bIistered; having 
bubbles i thick-lipped (also 

blobditie, g. id., pi. -]ii4e, m., « 



btobiltieAei:, -4, /, a B^i 

thickly or unmelodiODBly. 
blob^t*^'^! -^iHi pi. id., m., > blub- 
ber-lipped penoD, a itntterer ; 

one who speaks thickly or india- 

t)Loc, g. bLoic, pi. id.t m., a block. 
tiLociii)ie, g. id., p(, .(ifie, m,, a 

strong, atont person or thing. 
bl.6'6, -O'oaand -Mctidf^, 

n>., a bit, a fragment. Seebi^ii. 
bUl^a*, -o^ta, m., BOt of reducing 

to bits. See btA'oa-o. 
bL6-6«im, vl. bld'ftA'o, V, tr., I 

break, deatroy (also bLi-oaim). 
bLo^-i>ni, -Aim, pi. id., m., a month- 

fui, a si^, a Bmall portion ; 

bto^dm bAinne, a sup of milk ; 

an easy-going person (Clare). 

btoin^, -e, pi. -vAe and -caCa, /, 
a bubble (mora, also bLomjej. 

btoinisean, -jin, pi. id., m., any 
plant vith curled leaves. 

bloini^ean SAtitfod, ffi., garden 

bLoifC, -e, /, a din, a noise. See 

bloirc-6eim, -e, pi. -eatina, (jpl. 

-eann,/., a united stroke, 
bloirc-eaf, -sAfA, pi. id., m., t, 

noisy waterfall, cataract. 
bLomAine, g. id., pi. -fi'Oe, t»., a 

booster, a vain person. 
bl.omdr,-air,m., ostentation, show- 
ing ofF, vanity. 
blomar-"*; -*'50, a., vain, showy, 

blonos, -0156, /, fat, grease. 
bLonojAi, -Ai5e, a., fat, greasy, 
blorc, -oirc, pi. id., m,, light ; a 

clear voice ; a noise or oxploaion 

(bloirc) ; a congregation. 
bLofCAf, -Aige, a., clear-voioed ; 

b<)asting ; robust, strong ; ex. 

bLofCA'^, g. -Ai'6 and -cca, m., a 

sotind, a report, a load noise ; 

relief from pain ; light, radi. 

ance; btopcA'D 'n-A hogart 'jup 

foiLLre 'n-A saipe, radiance in 

) boe 

her faee and light in her laugh 

{0. M.y 

blorcAtm, -A-6, v. tr., I resound, 
report, sound, explode, blow a 
horn or trumpet, nre a gun. 

btorcaipe, g. td., pi. -f i-de, »>., t, 
pablio crier i a ooUeotor; a 

btorc-riiaoi<, -aotji, pi. id,, m., a 
public crier. See btorcaipe. , liquid solidified (as soup). 

btnintc, -e, /., lord, fat, grease. 

bloine, ff. id., pi. -111*0 and.t>c^^A, 
nt., a bit, a morsel, a cmmb, a 
fnwment. (bLuifie i* common 
in if.) See b]iuitie. 

b6, g. id., d. bom, bum, pi. bA, 
gpl. b6, dpi. buAib, a cow ; bo 
Cainne, a miloh cow ; b6 aIIai*, 
a wild ox, a bufiaJo ; b6 tofim- 
ai$, a springing COW. 

b6, xnierj., boo J 

bob,buib, ()I.bobannA,i».,atriok; 
"confidence trick" ; an aot of 
fraud ; CdaiI fg bob omn, he 
took me in, played me false. 

bobAilIn, g. id., pi. -rbe, nt., a 
small knob or tuft, as on a 
child's cap. 

b6b6 1 itUeri., hands offi touch 
me not I tie I nonsense I ( C^ in 
Utter meaning). 

bo6, iiUerj., woe ! alas 1 bo£ 
Tiia£ti4i> °^' bitter woe {O'Ra.), 
heyday {CfN.).; amboS, id. 

boc,.o. buic, ^. id., m., a he-goat ; 
a blow. Set poc. 

bocAitie, g. id., pi. -tii-oe, m., a 
small cake ; a striker ; a beg- 
gar ; bocAipe tia mbincA (or 
pocAit<e HA mbAnca), a m^pie. 
See pocAi|ie. 

bocan, -amjrf. id., m., a Iie-goat ; 
bocin gabaiii, a he-goat. See 

bocan, -am, pi. id., m., a hook ; 
the hook on a btireahold on 
which the eye of a door-hioge 
hangs ; a hinge. See bacan. 

bocan, in thejiT, certun spiritual 
beings. See banan. 

bocinat. See bAcAnAi. 

botna, g. id., f. (somet. nt.), the 


DocdtT), -e, -i-6e, f., & «pot, » 
freckle ; the (tud Or boss of a 
■hield ; >l«o bo56iiL 

t)oc6i'De'i£, -T>i^e, a., specbled 
with red ; (of oninula) dappled 
(&1bo bo5diT)eA£) ; nituil in lolk- 

bocfd, g. id., pi. -lie, n., a bos; 
alio borcA. 

bote, g^, boiice, poor, nsedj; 
leftD, thin, alight ; oft«a »Ibo 
used u a noon ; also OBed in the 

BenM of poor, in phrasea like . 
pedft boCu, poorieltow t 
t)o6raCr, -a, /, poverty, diitrew. 

. g. id., /., porerty, 

calamity, peonry. 
boftcAineAtu, -A., /, poverty, 

meanneas of spirit. 
t)otcainedf, -nif, b>., destitution, 

botcoti, y. -iin, jA id., m., a poor 

penoD, a pauper ; » miMrj a 

miserable-looking person. 
boicuigim, -utai, v. Ir., I im- 

poverieh, render poor. 
bon, g. bui-o, pi. id., >»., the penit ; 

dim. buinin, id. 
boVAt, -Aig, pi. id., at., a down, a 

churl ; cod-ling. 
bo'OddiiiAil, -thlA, a., olowniBh, 

bofAtAibtdtc, -A,/., churtiehnesB, 

booriahaeBs, clownishness. 
boTid£ nub, a kind of oodfirfi. 
bon<i6 fatm, a aea-fiah, called the 

rook cod. 
bonAieinbiii4e,n>.,yo11ow pollock 


bondijie, y. id., /., deaf neas ; men' 
tal confuaion ; a troublesome 
peraofl ; b. Ui laoSaitie ofc, is 
a common imprecation iu M., 
origin nncertain. 

bo'Oii-Heae, -i"^, pi. id., m., a 
ohnrl ; often applied to females, 

) bos 

boiJuirLtn, y. id., pi. -i*e, m., a 
minnow, a ipeoie* of fiah. 

bo^An, -di^B, a., deaf, bother«d ; 
□onluaedj annoyed; troubled. 

bo-oaiiin, -iin, pi. id., m., a sieve- 
like ahallow wooden naael with 
aheep-skin bottom j a dildorn. 

bo4at<-^t.«oi'6ue, p. o., atmok 

boola(, -Ai£, tn., membrum virih. 

boT>d5. See bat)6s. 

bonfijAfic. -A, f.j rage, fnry ; oon. 

dition 01 a heilei looking for the 

buU iffN-.). 
boitiA-A, •'^Afftd, «., deafncaa, 

stunning, confusion ; b. teAC, 

coofnaion attend yoo, bother 

bo-^jiAim (b»6(niiSmi), -a*, ti rr., 

I make deaf, I stun, I ocnifuse ; 

ni ba64iti mi, don't umoy ma; 

ni. b[ am' boift^'^i don't bother 

bonpin (bo'Adtt^n), -iin, pi, id,, 
m,, a de^ peraon ; a peraou ot 
indiffereut hearine; one who 
speaka with an indistinct voice ; 
^., bo^iiin jATi iifceaii; (Don. 
long). See b(rba.jiar\. 

bo5, gtf, bulge, a,, soft, tender, 

rm, e.o., otfce bog. 
^ ., g. id., pi. id, and 
a'bow ; the DOW of a boat ; bo$a 


bojaC, -AiJ, -oije, m., a swamp, a 

quagmire, a bog, a moor, 
bog'i.e, -ai£e, a., tender, soft 
bosa'i, g. s^^ snd -ii-6, ~" 


steady object ; a soft, 

bo5AT>§ai1., ■e,/,, sot of constantly 
stirring or moving about ; gesti- 



bo£dT>6iti, -AfA, -difti'de, m., an 

t>o$aT)£itiDd£c, -a, /., arohery. 

boja FP^Ti •"■i * r»iiibow. 

t>o$aim, •£,•6, V. ir. uid intr., I 
uob, I bend. 

boSAim, -d4, c, fr. and t'nfr., I 
move, I stir, I Rlaokea ; I brand- 
ish, shake, rook, loosen ; I 
Bteep, eofbea ; bo5 Ofc (Leac, 
Don.), move on ; an bdcap tjo 
boKo-b, to move on, proceed on 
on?s joamev ; bo^ -oiom, let 
go j'our hold of me ; bog liom 
e> push it close to me; ajt 
bosAt, Bteepbg(in water, etc.); 
vi, boKAo A5 an ns^oit, being 
rookea by the wind. 

bosJiirce, g. id., pt. -ti-fle, m., lug- 
gage ; one's belongings (boc^if- 
ce. Mayo). Also bA^^ifce. 

t>6 ^dibnA,/., a stripper oow. 

bosAn, -iin, pi. id., m., an egg laid 
without the ehell ; a delicate or 
effemicate person ; a quugmire 
{Der.), Su bosina*. 

bojinii, -aij, -ai^e, tn,, a soft 

X>oZ&.v^i (bosfif"*). -*'Se, «., 

t]05a i^n', m., a rainbow ; a halo. 

bo5'bei|ibce, h^-boiled. 

t>03-bainn, -e, -nce,./:,a bnlroah i 
jcirpui laatHrii ; a twig, a 
wicker ; nam. also bo5-buinne. 

bo^-SOfipca, p. a., moderately 

bo5-£t>oi'6ea(, -4i£e, a., tender- 
bo5-'6|inireaC, -rtS^i «■» effemi- 

t>o5-£ir> -f^iri ">■> ^^ growth ; 

boj-SLuaireatc, -a,/., easy move- 

bo^Laf, -di^, n>., softness ; a 
marsh ; rain, wet weather 

bo3-Lua£at|i, /., bulrushes \ a bol- 

bojlnr, -oir, m., the ox-tongno 

t)os6s, -dise, -65a, /., an egg 


ithout a shell. Bet 
bosoi-oead, --oige, a., chequered 

or spotted. 

bo^-oih, a., soft and tender ; an 
epithet of llanba. 

bojjiai, -aije, /., a boggy plaoo ; 
rainy weather. 

b03tta'6, -ai'6, m,, t«ndemese, 
generous or reasonable treat- 
ment (opposed to cimaocan) ; 
nf bFHi5Fi*e Le bogpA-O ni Le 
cttua'bran i, he is not to be 
gained over by Uandisbmeobs 
or by threats. 

boic, -e, /., a projeoting part of 
baokjtone of hearth m old 
houses (Ont.). Ste buaic. 

boicitnin, g. id., pi, .^■6e., a bul- 
rush (nont. also boicirfiin). 

boicin, g. id., pi. -i-oe, m., a little 
buck ; fig., a rakish fellow, a cad 
(also buicin). 

boic-Lfimi (boc.), /., a bonnd, a 
jump, a leap like that of a buck. 

boic-l£imim, -l^imnsde, I leap or 
bound like a buck, I friak about. 

boic-Uimneat, -nije, /., act of 
leaping, bounding, skipping 
(in M. ap. I., boc-1.£iintieAt and 
poic-L^imtiiJ) ; ci na jathna 
as poc-1.4inittt^ the calves ore 
bounding about. 

boiCce, g, td,, f., poverty, penury. 

b^i-o, a vow, etc. iS«e mdi'o. 

b6iT>cin, !j. id., pi. -me, m., t, 
bodkin {Fer.). 

bdiveac^n, -im, pi. id., m., a 

boiT)i4in, g. id., pi. -ni'de, m., a 
ohnrl, a boor, a rustio ; dim. of 

bots-b^aLae, -aije, a., soft- 
mouthed, soft-lipped, witless. 

bois-b£ala£c, -a, /, stammering, 


boi5-6t"r""i -r^'''°> "■ '"''■■ "^ '•■-7 
I burst asunder easily ; tia 
ciojitA as bois-binrea*, the 
countries bursting asunder, 
gaping, breaking up {T. G.). 

boiSpean. -am, m., flummery. 

boi^ce, g. id., pi. -mte, m., a bait, 


•D allurem«iit ; one laja bot^ce 

bois-te, .tea, a., luke-wami ; of 
a moderikte temperatuie. 

boitceoip, -oiiA, -oifiie. iw., an 
aUonr, a cooxer, a wh«edler. 

t)oit5, -e, -i4e, /., a BankOD or 
■nbmerged rock near the ahoro. 

boiL; (boils), -B,/., agroatBwell- 
iQg of the sea ; the diseaae of 
swelliDginoaltIe(t>(. of bote). 

boi 15-1.1 on ra, p. a^ fatl-belfied [ 
•atisfied with food. 

boilttn, g. id., pt. -rdt, m., a loaf : 
■hop bread, aa diBtingnished 
from home-made bread; baiLein, 
bntUn and bu 165 are alio found. 

boil,tp:e4nn, .cmne, -a, J,, the 
navel ; the ver; middle of any- 
thing (O'jn) 1 b. nd bVid^iiA, 
middle of the year {Der.). 

boiVlrcednnAtc, -a, /., aot of 
bulging out (ffJIT.). 

boimbidt, -tiL, -t&ta, m., a roof- 
tree idait) ; the month, the 
brim ; tan 50 boimbfdl,, foil to 
the brim. 

boin£«v, -fme, •£aT)«,/., a bonnet 
{O.). Set boinn£ic. 

boinaAnn, -mnne, a., feminine. 

tloineAnnAf, -di^e, -a£d, /., a 
female; if puAt liom boin- 
ednnofi lOmAtidf t'^<^^£'<>^, 
I diBlike a proud, garrulous 
woman {C, M.). 

bdHin, -B, /., the Biver Boyne ; a 
few amall Btieama are also oalled 

boinnaln. See bninnein. 
boinn£ic, -e, -vte,/., a bonnet; 

KtinpiT) 6 hijlilin'or Intc 
&t-Coinn£ic, the people of 
beant^ bonnets will cunn from 
the Highlands (JfcD.). In 91. A, 

boinn-teac, -tice, -leaca, /, a 
Bore, hard ewsUuig on the foot- 
sole; bonn-CoAt.A'o, fct. 

boititireoiji, -opa, -oiiii-de, m.; a 
Uirower, a Singer. 

boitib. Set bofib. 

boipb-bpiAtpaC, -Aije, a., fierce- 
spoken, vam-spokea. 


) t)0l 

boipb-lAftc, tn., a fieroe, wild 


tearii^, haoking. 
boif b-neiitine'iit, -ni^e, a., fieroe 

and vindiotire. 
boif ee, g. id., t., a swelUttg ; a 


oiti-cioe, 1 

tnberant bii«L. 

1*, -4[>ii-6, .CtiiaiiniiA, /., 
; a fat kind erf olay ; fnlWs 

boiti.£fi(A'6a6, -4di£e, a., bitnmi- 

bdipo-tior, -tedfA, pi. «t, and 
-Li ofdnn A, n., a fort on the margin 
of a river, or of the sea ; 50 
bdititt-tioy tiA t>6inne bj.ine, to 
the margin-fort of the faJr Boyne 

boi]ie<knn, -tine, -a,/, alarge rock ; 
a itoDj distriet; a rooky hill 
<wbenoe Barren in Clare; Odile 
Ooi]ine, Ballyroumey, oto.). 

bdtrceAihdtl, 'i-iti^iy, a., brilliant, 
flashing, Inminoiis. 

bfiifCBAncA, ituiM. a., flashy. 

b6irctm, ^;eA4, v. iatr., I flash, I 

boifeos, -OIKS, -oji, /, a sligbt 

slap with the hnnd. See 

bditeai, -tiio, nt., bjTe, oow- 

housB {.Don^. 
boireaLl, -cilt.,(n,,pride, hangh ti- 
tle ice Alt At, -Aige, a., proud, 

baaghty, fnriooj, passionate. 
boiceallAf, -aig, -Aije, m., a 

strong, atoub youth. 
boiceAllaCc, -a,/., pride, passion, 

boicean, -^in,p{. id., m., a small 

bundle of hay or straw, 
Mitpfn, (7. trf., jrf. -lie, m., a, lane, 

a small road, a " boroen." 
boicpeAtin, -Ain, ji. id., m., a 

sturdy young lad, under IS years 

biSlAtc, -A, /., an abundance of 
oows and milk ; a stock of kine 


boL { 

and the produce and profit 

botA'd, g. -ai-6 ajid -di-dce, pi. id., 
m., smell, scent; b. an rceit, a, 
hint of the atory ; b. na huitie, 
the smell in the sick room that 
presages death {Ker.). bolAite 
and baLaif e are also used. 

botaifrin, g. id., pi. -i-6e, m., a 
itont joimgBter (Con.). 

Dot Aite, g. id., m., a scent, a smell. 
Ste bo Lai. 

bol,a.t>5>m, -^M%A■i>, v. Ir., 1 amell, 

boLAm^n, -hn,,m.,ttborea- 
nuwkerel (Mayo). 

boLin. Set bolLin. 

bdtann, -dinne, -&, /., an ox-stall, 
a eow-house. 

boLb, g. buiLb. pi. id., m., a kind 
of caterpillar (P. ffC). 

boVcin, -im, w., a kind of spirits ; 
strong drink. Also bvtcati. 

bol.5, a. buiL^, boiL5, pi, id,, m., 
the belly, womb, stomach ; a 
bag, a pouch, a receptacle, a 
repertoire; the hold of a ship ; 
a pimple, a bulge ; in pi., bel- 
lows ; the little husks of seeds, 
as those of flax ; Azi boL^ m6ji 
ctainne aici, she is in adTanoed 
pregnancy ; b. An crotic«i]<, a 
misoellanj ; aj finiea'D HA 
mbolK, blowing the ballowB 
boljat, -Ai*, -aije, m., a boil, a 

bliatcr, a bloin. 
bol-Sat, -Aije, /., the sniaU-poi ; 
b. muice, swine-pox ; b. na 
n -£ an , chicken-pox (also >o ei L3 in ■ 
eafi); b. fnanncaC, the foreign 



bolsaC, -aij 

bot^ATjan bo, m., a parasite on 

botjAim, -A'D, V. ir. and inlr., I 
swell, I blow out, I inflate. 

boLgaiiie, g. id., pi. -pine, m., a 
blower, a puffer, a bloater, a low- 
sized, corpulent person. 

boL^AipeAtc, -a, a blowing, a 
ptiflSng, a bloating. 

I ) bol 

bot-SAtn, -Aim, pi, botsamd and 
botsAim, m., a sup, a montMuI . 
of drink (in M,, boLmac). Sea 

bot^an, -Ain, pi. id., m. (dim. of 

boL5, the belly), a little bag ; 

a pod that contains seed ; a 

pouch ; the inner pointy the 

centre ; b. b£ice, a fnzzball ; 

b- Difce, a water-bubble. 

poDCh ; a pair of bellows. 
bots-£ofAd, -Ai^e, a., baiuiy. 

bol5 t>eArt3, m., a anum sand-eeL 
boLs-rtidn, -th6i]ie, a., larg&- 

bols-f-aocAii, -Aii% m., asOima, 

or BhortncBB of breath (boLs- 

f AOC, id.) 
boLs r^i-6ce, m., a poff balL 
bol'S fnanic:A, n., the swimming 

bladder of a fish, 
bots-riitt, /., a prominent eye. 
bot.£-fuiteA^, -lige, K., having 

prominent eyes ; bliitere^ 

boLsDiJce, p. a,, pnffed uft blia- 

bolLo, g. id,, pi. -i-Ae, m., a bowl; 

a buoy nsed over fisfaing-neta. 
boLLfir, -6'Se, -6$a,/., a loaf of 

bread; a shell; a skull, Uie 

crown of the head. 
botLfOAine, g. id,, pi. -jirbe, m., 

a herald, a crier at court, a 

master of ceremonies; a brawler, 

a boaster, a bully ; also boll- 

bollrcai|ieA£E, -a, act of scolding, 

crying, shouting (Om. and Don.). 
boLlrcaipim, -cjjia*, v, iatr., I 

proclaim, I cry aloud, 
botlrcajia*, -jita, pi. id., m., 

boasting, brawling, impudence, 
boLmin, -Mn,pl. -Ain, m., a horsc- 

mackerel (also bol Am an), 
bolds, -dije, -65A, /., a yearling 

bullock, an ox. 
bilca, g. id., pi. -roe, m,, the bolt 

of a door. 
bolCAnAr, -aif, m., a smelling ; a 

scent ; a perfume. 


power of Bmelliiig ; wtelofli^ 

oot of carefully inveotigating. 

boLcnni^im, -t>5d6, v. Ir., I smell, 

eceot, pernune. 
bom^nAt, -ai£, -Ai^e, «•-, a boaat- 

ing or blustering fellow. 
bomAtidAc, -d, /., » habit of 

boasting or bloateriiig. 
boniAndim, .«,i, v. inlr., I bout, 

I brag. 
b6fiA, p. id., fl. -Aiie, a oollar; a 

sliirt-oollar j an enoloBure ; a 

pound. Bit pdiiA. 
bonn, g. bninn, pi. botinAi-^B and 

bntfin, m., the aole of the foot ; 

the foot ; the sole of a ahoe ; 

the trunk or stump of a tree ; 

iB n-A bonn, in pursuit of him, 

at bia heeli, ^., Le n-A totr '> 

&fi A bonnaib, on tiiia legs (in lii. 

and tntlaph. seose) j paaiu'4 

bonn, a foot ooolins, a resting ; 

tenu-bonn, abaU-«jIe; liitpeai 

bonfi, qoit^f, on the spot, 
bonn, g. bninn, pi. id., m., a piece 

of monsj, a groat, a medal ; 

bonn Aitis<v, a silver medal ; 

bonn 6^Y, a gold medal ; bonn 

bDi'oe, a yellow medal; bonn 

tiua'6, a copper or brass medal ; 

bonn ban, a shilling (Om.). 
bonn^iT), -e, -i'6e, f., an ankle- 

bonndfoe, g. id., pi. -ite, m., a 

Coot soldier, 
bonnanie, g. id., yl. -jiiie, m., a 
footman, a pedestrian, a oonrier ; 

bonnAtfeati . , , 

posting OF running. 
bonnAn bni-6e, m., a bittom (also 

bonnin tiMnt). 
bonn^ncA, indec a., strong, stout ; 

bonn-buald*, m., inflammation ; 

a stone-bruise on the foot.8ole ; 

ti bonn-budLA4 ifi mo fiXivb, 

mr heels are becoming inflamed 

{(f.anddm.); buinn-teAc in M. 

) bOR 

bonn oeitii4, m., stem teme-rope 

in fishing (iTer.). 
bonn lln, m., a foot-rope nsed in 

seine-fiahing (JTer.). 
bonnes, -dise, -6^0, /., a cake, a 

bannock ; atio a leap, a jump. 
bonnfijd^, -4t£B, a., bounomg, 

bonAj-Ai, -Aije, -atA,/., a wattle ; 

a javelin; a dart; bonni-ai 

CAitfn, a "slip" of a girl; 

b. flAtce, a twig, 
bonnr^fc, -A. /., a skipping, a 

jumping, a dartang. 
bonnroittm, -ujl«, v. tr. and 

intr., fpitah, I throw, I jump, 

I leap, IgamboL 
bonnuAifCe, g. id., pi. -ciie and 

—'.Ati, /., profit, advantage. 



bonn cof'iiSi <n,> bow seine-rope 

b6pAt, -Ai^e, a., having orooked 
feet, or feet turning outward at 
an awkward angle ; bandy- 

b6pA£. -di£, m., a person with 
oiooked or ill-shaped feet. 

XidfiAtifi, -din, pi. id., m., a person 
with Brooked feet. 

bi5tiAthd,f.b6ipihe,/.a tribute; a 
levy, tax, oontribution ; </, 
biStiAifiA Caitedn, the Leinster 

bofib, gqf. buijibe, a., sharp, fierce, 
haii(^ty, severe ; rich, luxuri- 
ous : of heavy foliage ; luscious 
(as fodder, etc.) ; ignoraat [t>&>.). 

bof b4i£c, -i, /., fioroeness ; 
haughtiness, soveritj, luxur- 
ionanoss (nom. also buitibeaCc), 

bonb^r, -Air, "*'• haughtiness. 
fierceness, severity. 

bottb-futaf, -aij, m,, fierce wrath ; 
gi. as a., fierce, wrathfuL 

Xi6pT>,-6ijro,,n., a table,a 
board ; a plain surface ; a 
border or verge ; Aft bdfi'O, on 
tlie table, publicly exhibited; 
A|i b. (luinse), on Doud a ship; 
b^tiT) nA hBAnsAi^e, the lar- 
board ; b6|M> na r^^^T''^''^^i ^^ 


t)0n ( 

MfVAC, -Ai£e,a.,lib<inlfttmBali; 
keeping % good table. 

lippedj fringed with red. 
'b6}tTi-oit<Bdp, -pfi, pi. id,, m., B, 
brink, a margin. 

Set b|io5 and bttt>$. 
tlot<5diIie, g. id., pi. ^tirte, m., & 

burgher, a oitizen. 
t)o|<|i, g. bnif^t, pi. bo|ipA, m., a 

bnnch, a lump; pride, haaghti- 

nesa (3 f. of ^ft., p. 218). 
t>otiti, (■-, grand, prond, atzong ; 

bopii-fLac,/, a atrong rod (3 f. 

of in. p. 218). 
t>o|ipa£, -Ai£e, a., proud, haughty, 

noble ; buzzing, purring. 
bonjiftC, -AiJ, -atte, m., a prond 

man {ai*o a bladder). 
t>ot<tu£.i'6, a. -Alii and -6ca, m., 

swelling, bloating. 
bopf^ftai""! -A*. •■■ '"''■■. I ■well, 

am puffed np, am bloated. 
bo|ipd6Ar, -Aif, tn., insolence, 

bvilljing ; pride. 
t)ot<t'<i'4i -pi^, ">; A swelling np ; 

act of being puffed up ; gwelling 

with pride ; bilizing ; piuring ; 

alao bloom, aa i mboiiti'i'6 A^uf 

1 mbLiit nd h-iSi5e, in the bloom 

and flower of jouth ; ^3 bo)<tiAi 

'r ^5 AC aji n^r "* SCAC [Sf. 

t>o]t|iAim, -ii), V itUr,, I inor^aae, 

BweU, bloom, t>eooiiie proud, 

prosper ; buzz ; purr. 
t)otttiAihAil, -mid, a,, haughty, 

t>ot*l<diiild£c, -A, /., hangbtineas, 

bopii^n, -iin, m., anger. 
bonti-'An'iitAe, -Aite, a., thick - 

curled (of the hair}. 
bojit^F'^'^i -di'6, pi. td,, m., pride. 

See botipa*. 
bortpgiA'AA^, -Ai^e, a., proud, 

elated, fierce, 

bopp-fuiL,/, a 
Dopp-ruiLeat, . 
bopii-tofiA*, m 

D, grow big, 

I } boc 

bojilioijtin, -oja*, ' 
bloom, swell, inoreas 
grow proud. 

Xydpta,*). a., parched. 

bop. See bAf. 

bofco, g. id., pi. -rte, m., • box ; 
b. jTiaotre, snuff-box, a box of 
snnB; ofm b. rnaoip'n ; b.cAifir, 
box of a oart. See bocfA. 

bor^il^e, g. id., m., aoclamatiou, 
rejojoing {(y^.), 

bot, g. boice, pi. botA, /, a hut, 
booth, tent ; cell ; a cottage ; a 
tabernacle ; |;iAn-bot, hunting- 
booth in the forest ; T)oifie T>i 
bot (Dior, arid O.). ; t>lot.6ot, 

botAf, -Ai£, -Aije, m., a hnt. Bee 

botii, -di^e, O., full of bootiu, 

tenta, huts. 
bdtAin, g. -itia, -imt, pi. -itnce, 

/, cattle; spoil, plonder; herd, 

flock ; a cattle spoil. 
bdcAifteafc, -A,/., plander, booty, 

bouAlL, boc Alt a£, *]c. See 

boice ALL, 7c. 
tiotin, -Am, ^. id., m., a hot, a 

hovel, a cabin. 
botiflAf, -Ai^e, a,, cabin-hnnting, 

idling, going from house to 

botAncAiieAtc, -A,/,thepraolloe 
of freqnentii^ tiie neigbboara' 
honaee tor the puipose otheariDg 
old stories, eto. (Aer.). 

bfitaii, -Aip.ji. b6it]ie, M,,aroad, 
a way, an avenue ; a journey ; 
b6t:A]t lAtiAinn, railroaa ; ca6ai)i 
T>o bdtAfi o]ic, get along, go 
away; An btitdti (ndf, the main 
roaa ; b6tA|i b6 f inne, tlie 
"Milky Way." 

b6-ti5, m., a cow-bouse. (CiJ ia 
the nom. used in Jf. for ceA(, 1 
house, pron. C15). 

boc^s, -6ise, -65A,/., a cottage,* 
hut, an minnished building. 

bociin, -dm, pi. id., m., a smitfa'g 
paring knife ; an unfledged biid ; 
misfortune; ninne mi mo b.,1 
ruined myself (also bacufi). 


t>}t4>t>, -Alb, -A, m., the top, diB 

smnniit (^ sjiytliiiig. 
bltAbA^, -41 £, m., gain, profit, 
advantage ; lomething orer 
iCloTt and Con.) ; t.g., ii ihll» 
A^uf bt<abd6, two mUM and a 
l>ifc, more than two miles, 
t>njibAe, -Aije, «-, wjell-to-do j 

hftving monej oared (Anm). 
t>{iAbd'6df , -dir, gain, advantage. 
t>ri.&c, -die, ^, 1^, m., am aim 

(lAt. 6ni«Aium). 
l)-p jctiL, g. id., pi. -I'ie, n., a rake, a 
>iFUTOw, on apparatoB for oomb- 
inj; flax; pii f-iit. An C, in slareiy. 
I>1>a6>i'6, n., ooirnpt matter m 
the eyes ; Uie oorruption iiaoiiig 
from a boil or iore; the ooiraiA 
matter in honef-oombi; aot a! 
rendering corrupt, putrofying, 
bfdtA'd, -£cd, »., a Ducting, fer- 
mentation, act of feraientation. 
t))iAca4, -CCA, St., a breaking, a 

harrowing, tomienting. 
bfAfAT)6i]i, -6^i., -dtfntt, m., a 

t)|(<ic<iitte, p. a., embraced, hng- 

t))u&aini, ■A'6, V. (r., 1 malt, fer- 


A'6, «. tr., I harrow, I 
aul {aa an enemy in 
battle) ; rion-&tiAca'6, oonituit 
matiling (A. MeO.) 
littacAim, -d'6, v. tr., I embraoe, I 

t)|iA#jii, -£tn, m., broth, potUge, 
•tiralKint, ^el; fannented mat- 
ter ; b. Ti6ro,grnd. 

bliaiJAtL, -e, /., croaking like a 

bpitfts, -6i5e, -iB-i, J., a WMUan 
whose eyeB are fidl of white 
■oroffor hnmonr (P. O'C). 

bridd-faile«£, -It^e, a,, ble*r- 

bfiofc, -A, »., Bubitanoe, wealth, 
jnioe, pith, lap, anger; rage, a 
Mdd«ii storaiage through anger 


btuiecAihAit., -iiil4,a. 

pith]r, Joioy. 
l]t<A£tiijim, -ti$A4, «. tr., I malt. 

blidOAfi, -Aije, a., given to thiev- 

ins, (Uahoneatj atolen, obtained 

t>tiAT>4iieA£c, -A,/., aot of ataal- 

ing, robbing, plnndering. 
t>tiA«An, -Am, pi. id., ■> , a mist 

(«oyo). , . 

t>tidT>^n, ff. -iin, fK. M., «., a 

■almon ; b. beAtAi, salmon of 


, ... leving. 

bliATiS;;, -fitse, .65-1, /., a aly, 

toguiah, ohewf ul girl; a iprat-nct. 
t)fAt)ui4a, g. id., pi. -ni'bce, nt., a 

robber, uiief , phmderer ; a oow 

bttd'ouitim, tl. -ntd4 and -DJAit, 
V. Ir.,l ateal, rob. 

bjiAF-il'f-. -oil'l', m., deoeit (O'ff.). 

btiAflAing, .«, /., tieoohery, be- 
trayal ; a oommoa name for 
many IHeh romanoea, 

btiAi-tAinseae, -ji^e, a., treaoher- 
ona, deoeitfiU. 

bfiSa, -t>, -&t^B,f., the neck, the 
throat ; CAp Cti^Ai-o, in prefer- 
enoe to, inHtead of ; cafi b|iA$- 
AiT>, (going) paat ; p j bpA^-^iT), 
in the preaenoe of, juat going 
before, having preoedonce of ; 
cgaCc pa C|tA5AiT) ii used like 
ceati: Ayi MAlAib, to take pre- 
cedanoe nf (£<(i., /*. F.); a gorge, 
a pass (often in place names). 
t>tiA£AitieAe, --oije, a., belonging 
to tbeneok. 

t>|<A|gAo£Ai1^ -e, /, a hint; a 
alight evidenoci 

Opiftow-SeAL, -Sile. /., a fair 
lady (Ut., white-necked).,.,..i.,GtX)L^lc 

Dra ( 

bjiaSiilie, g. id., pi. .|ii*e, m., 

a brtt^itdocio, a bonster, a 

t)|ia5anieatc, -a, /., bowting, 

bposApua, indee. a., boastful, 

t>|tai£, -it&,/., malt 
bjiaitear, -Cij-, to., pot ale ; tho 

refuae of malt ; gmina luod in 

bji^icin, g. id., pi. -rie, m., a little 

harrow ; a, abed (Aran). 
l)|iai6Ltr, -e, /., wort of ale. See 

bitaiTj-idfc, -iifc, nt., tjie needle- 

spray or branch [Coa.). 

X>jiA\^ei.i, -'oi^e, a., pertaining 
t« a oaptdve or hostage. 

bfiai^ede, --oij, oj. Kf., m., a 
oolW, a braoelet lO'J'r.). 

bliAi'JTiein, -im, pi. id., m., a oap. 
tive, a priHoner ; a straw noose 
put round the necks of oalrea, 
asses, and other hornless ani- 
mals, by which they are tied to 
stakes at night (from b^ii Ja, the 
neck, or bt^di^e, a captive). 

bf-i'StieAiidi, -ai3, -aije, m., a 

t)liai5T>ednai', -air, wt., captiTity, 
imprisoiimeDt, slavery. 

tt|<AiSe, g. id., pi. •ST>e., in., a cap- 
tive, prisoner, hostage. 

bpaijeaic, -a, /., imprisonment, 

bpaisit (proQ. bpi-sit,),/., riches, 
possessions, as an Ttnin: if m6 
b. Aft an mbaite, the richest 
man in the village {Arun). 

bpaiSipe, g. id., pi. -Sin«e, m., a 
bag, a bodget ; an enslaver, one 
who makes captive (O'if.). 

bjiaiLLean, -ain, pi. id., m., a kind 
of shellfish (Don.) ; also 

bttaine, g. id., pi. -ni'ne, m., a oap- 
tain, chief tarn, leader. 

bjiameaft, -mi, pi. id., m,, a leader, 
a chief, a nobleman ; the begin- 
ning, the lead, the van ; the 



jHow of a boat or ship ; as o^j., 

noble, princely. 
b|iainea£ baiT>, -nit; b^iT>, pi. id., 

m., a oaptain of a boat (Ker.). 

See btiaine. 
btiain-£an, in., a crow, a raven ; a 

oamivoroos bird. 
t)t<ain-^ia£, m., a raven. See fta.t. 
bfainnre, g. id., pi, -fiie, /., a 

branch ; a branch of odnoatimi ; 

in pi., antics, bricks, treoks ; 

commonly used in modem 

times, and found in A. McC. 

biiaif,/., a bout, a turn (Der.). 

bpaircfial, -iiV, -fiatca, m., a 
fable, a romance. 

b|iaire> g. id., /., qniokneas, light- 
nest, ^ilit; ; btiaifeaic, -a, 

bfiaif ea£. See p|iaifea£. 

bjiaiftfiau, -6vo, jrf. id., and -Sro- 
ite, m,, a braoelet ; a garland of 
flowoTB (Con.). 

bpatcfoe, g. id., pi. -*ie, m., a 
loafer ; one who loiters around 
an eating-house, or feast of 
any kind, in the hope of getting 
something {Ker.). 

bpaitim, ^. bpait or btiat, 1 
judge, think, imagine, expect, 
observe, notice ; I depend on ; 
ni beinn a^ bgiaic ufic, I would 
not depend on you, i.«., I would 
seek some other assistance than 
yours i a5 bjioic afi tia coiiiat'- 
fan a lb, depending on the 
neighbours, having only the 
neighbours to fall back on ; no 
Ciiaiueaf 50 f aib aii^sea'o aijt, 
" ' -~ fancied he had 

bpaicLeos, -0158, -OS*, /., a sheet, 

a shroud, 
biiaiclinn, .e,pi. .i*e and -eatj, 

f., a veil ; a aheet.,.,..i.,GtX)^lc 

t>t''Stt-fi'ih, -e, f., dire rain. 
'bti^itneACAr, -Aif, ffl., brotiior- 

tJltaitjieiiiiAiL, -riiti, a., brotherly. 

aSeotion, attachment^ 

tJniitnlti, ff. id., jii. -lie, m., a 
brotJier, a, little brother. (The 
tcrminatioD -In rather implies 
endearment tJian littleneaa io 
euch cases ; ef. mAidifin, eta.) 

t>|idi^inBa(, -iii§, jH. id., m., a 


bpaicceaS, -cige, o., spying, 
wabohing, obserring; with ip, 
trnsting in, confiding in, de- 

si'o, /., the fire of 

Ucmm; briAic-ceine ifjiimi, the 
fire of hell 

ftpamat. See bliOTni6. 

bp-imaim (bpeamaini), -a-6, v.intr., 
rrepitum vaiirie tdert. 

bfiAtniiiiie, g. id., pi. -pi*6e, nt., a 
noisj, blustering fellow. 

t))id,ti, -<un, pi. td., m., the fish 
called bream ; the name of one 
of Fiona Mao Cumhoill's dogs. 

bfiiin, -Ain, pi. id,, m., ohafi'; also 
a raven ] an overflowing moun- 
tain torrent 

btianiipeafic, -a, f., act of prowl- 
ing for prey. 

bridn^n, -hn, pi. id., m., a raven ; 
met., a chief. 

btiAnaii, -aiji, m,, a fallow field ; 
the looao snrfaoe of a grubbed 
field (oalled also c&c ap a^ai'o 
in M.) ; ag Bfianarti bjianAiji, 
tnming up the surface of land. 

bpan-ont, -ouiC, m., chess; a set 
of obeasmen, etc. Set bfiannAih. 

bpanjaft, -aige, a., grinning, 
snarling, carping. 

bpAnnam, -Aim, in., ohess, a chess 
board, a b.tckgammon table ; the 
game of chess, the chess-men, 
the points or squares on the 
cheaa tabic 

bpannTJA, g. id., pi. -i-6e, brandy 

bpAnn]iA, g. id., pi. --ia, m., a pot ; 
a support, prop, stand ; a frame 

tripod or iron reot to set a pot or 
oven upon; bjtann|ia oi£tnn n6 
coticAin, a pot sappm't ; bjiann- 
fia bpAJaiti, the omUt bone ; if 
mi a]i bftann|Kt d^ an mbir, 
while I am in the grip of dsal^ 

{T. a.). 

bpAntiai, -Aije, a., fallow-like, 
bgiaobaitie, g. id., pi. 'firbe, m., a 

reoklesa fellow, a, " tear-away " ; 

often applied to a cow, eto. 

A bpAobaipe bpuitieAitidiL 

*)luir*aiTiAtl., ftaurtiAtp, 
OpuiSeancaig, AeircoaitiaiL, 

leirceartiAtL, WaniliAif, 
CaiiBpiJ, AtDbriofAiJ, Sajibaf- 

*A, rp|iiAt*f 
pail ntos "^ eptaiteAf, ir 

eacai W 'n csiiite -6wic. 

(r. o.). 

t)|iaoT>At<, -aiji, nt., hanlsfalp ; nlop 
tuif an ■ ■ • 

the load i 

bjiaoi, g. id., pi. -te, /, an eye- 

bjiaoi-dSApc, -iijice, «., having 
well.formed eyebrows. 

bjiaoiLle, p. ««., pi. -Lrte, /., a 
lieApcana, a heavy showw of 

bpAoin-f liot, -fUte, a., dripping 

. I bpao 
anuaf, the rain coming through 
the roof, fig,, misfortune, 
wretchedness; bpaon 'oije, a 
little drink, a drink ; In parts 
of Don., bpAon ■oo -^eoC. 
bpAonAi, -aije, a., dewy ; drop- 
ping, rainy, tearful ; an ■oorfian 
bpAonat, an bit bpaona^, the 
moist or tearful world ; ni 
*eAT)ap 'on -oortiAn BpaonaC, I 
don't know at all, I don't know 

bpAonAim, -ai, v. Ir and intr., I 
drop, imLil. 




t)|taonAn, -iin. 


»., adrop- 

let, an ioiale 

iw, ui icicle. 


-414, / 

, dropping 

rain {Der.). 

bpaor, agap, e 

to. Si 


Dliaorca,t, -a 

je, a 



bp^r. a lie. fiction ! 




-, b|iarAfi, a,, quick, 
p/iar. PPar-'S- 

Djiaraile, J, id., tui untidied lot 
of »nythiQg(4f,)- 

bpapaifie,,pl,.p%-6e,m.,a. sy- 
cophant, a flatterer; bjiaj-dipe 
biiipt), a paraaite, a toaay. 

t)tiAr.iii,i*ceA6, -ci5e, a., awift- 
talking, fiippant. 

bfiac, g. bjitMc, b|iuie, pi. b-tiaic, 
biiuic, bpaca, bjiacaiSa, m., a 
oloak, a mantle, a gariDsnt, a. 
cloth, a hinnar, a ahroud ; a 
covariog of any kind, as for a 

bpic, -A, m., judgment, dooms- 
day ; eo bpat, for over, till 
doomsday, with neg., not at all ; 
af so bpic Leif, he made off 
(pron. bpat.). 

bpat, J. -fl and -aic, nt., spying, 
betraying, treachery, design, de- 
pendence, information ; Lu£c 
bjiaic, traitors. 

bjiatat, a., eternal; 50 bpacat, 
for ever. 

Dj^ac;a£, ■'ii£, -a£ a, m., a standard, 
on onsiim ; also a robe, a gar- 
ment (a". O. o/ten). 

bpacift, -fliSe, a., belonging to a 
oloth or covering. 

bpaf:a'6, -tea, m., not of betray- 
ing, spying, eto, 

bpauaDfiif, -6|ia, -6iiii-6e, m., a. 
betrayer, a spy, an informer. 

bliacaim, -a*, v. tr., I clothe, 

biiitaifi, -tap, -iiaicpe,i»., akina- 
man, a cousin, a relative; a monk, 
a friar ; 6 n-a bpaitpib, from his 
kin {Kea., F. F.) ; n>ni na com- 

mbiUitjiib, among th« general 
kinsmen {Kea., F. F.) 
bpatat^i, IK., a little bird like the 

bpacai]i cfite, a brothor-in-law, 

alio ■oeanbiiataip cSiLe. 
bpatameaihait, -riila, a., brotliEir- 

ly, brotherlike 1 also b| 

bpatai pea iti late, -a, /., brother- 

lineas ; also b)iaittieaiiilaec 
b|iJitap'6a, a., brotherly, fraternal, 
bpitap-oaic, -a,/, brotherlineas, 

bpac b|i6in, ffi,, a funeral palL 
bpac-£opc|ia, a., purple-dreased. 
bpac-epann, to., a^c-ataff (O'.W,), 
bpac-§aL, m., the flapping of a 

bpatLa-6 (bpocta-6), -ai4, to., a 
shout, a growl, an angry com- 
mand or order; tuip f^ bpat- 
t,a-6 opm, he gave me an angry 
order ; tdig x& bpatla-o af, he 
growled angrily {Don.). 

bfau taiirie, to., a pocket-hand- 
kerchief, a towel, a napkin. 

bpac-long, /., a flag-ship (ffW.), 

bpac-napc, m., a clasp, skewer, 
bodkin ; a fastening for a 
mantle ; a pin, a peg. 

bpacos, -6156, -65a,/, a rag ; the 

Cr bed-nlothes carried about 
jeggars ; a snow-flafec (Don.). 
bpar-pua'6, a., clothed in red gar- 
ments ; an epithet of Bonbba. 
bpacoiSim, -"S-i'O, "■ ''"-t I cloak, 

bjiac ujilaip, m., a carpet, 
bpeab, -eibe, -anna,/., a bribe. 
bpeabaC, -aije, a., bribing, gift- 
bpeabami, -a*, «. tr., I bribe, give 

bpeabfiioeaC, -oii;e, a., bribe. 

bpeac, an/, bpice, a., speckled, 
Bpottea ; b. jLar, having green 
spots ; b. ■oub. having dark 
spot^ ; SaLap bgieac, measles ; 
5aLap bpeac, amaJl-pox [Heath 
and Don.). 

bpeac, g. bpic, -pi. id,, m., a trout; 


aaj fish taken with a hook ; 
b]iejc bin (ur seat), a white 
trout;b|iear-Doiifi, a brown trout. 
btieacdT), -ci^, m,, act of making 

spotted ; sot of variegating ; i 
of oarving ; the pioking of a 
mill-stono ; aot Of oovering a 
paper with writiDg; act of 
explaining, telling, deeoribinB ; 
the breaking (of the daj), t£e 
dawn f of day). 

bpeaci'o6itii -fifA, -iifiifie, m,, 
an engraver, a oarvcr, an em- 
broiderer ; one who pioka the 
stone of a tnilL 

bpeAdini, -Ai, v. tr., I spaoklo, 
variegate, embroider, oarve ; I 

bpeacpa'o -oo tiiL, I will pro- 
claim your character (E, B.) ; I 
b«^n to brighten (as the day) ; 
I pink a miU-Btone ; ' ' 

the trouble. 
t>]ieACdti<e,0- id,,pl. -tii-6e, m., a 
— a graTing toot 

graving, Bonlpture, embroidety, 
chequering, carving, the pick- 
ing of a mill-Btone. 
bt<eAc£n, -iin, pi. id., m., a oake 
made of the corda of sour milk 
and baked on a griddle (£er., 

P. 0-a). 

XiyeiKln, -hn,,in.,n plaid, 

chequered stu£ 
btieaciindt, -di£e, a., dressed in 

t>peAc-64Ltii6, -Aije, brindled, 

bpeAcpflr^ (^° bpicpearc, bpic- 
peAfCd), tn., breakfaat (A.). 

bpeaC'Flioi, -ftite, a., wet here 
and there; ti bpeic-fliut, a 
day with occoaiaital showers. 

tjpeAC jeat, iji., a salmon-trout 

btieacLion, -in, -ionca,m., adrag- 
--t {Ker.). 



bealtli, health with spoils of il 

btiBac-)>oitLf igim, ■iti$A'6, v. ijUr,, 

bjieac-foli^f, !»., the moruingor 
evening twilight 

bpedicdt. -d>^e, a-, mixed, ming- 
led, spotted. 

bpeatcaije, g. id., /., mixtnra, . 
variety, diversity. 

btieaicaife. See bpeacAipe, 

bpeaCc^n, -A in, m,, mixed food an 
bread and butter, a roll of bread 
and butter. 

biieAtcnoiSim, -oja*, v. tr., I 
variegate, I decorate. 

bpeaCcfiiii, -6t"*i -6itii*e, m., an 

btie«tcnA-6, -Ai'A, tn., incantation, 
wizardry; b. tifAOtte (ffrai.)- 

bpeaCtiiai-i, -Aite, /., variety, 
variegation, ohequer-worh. 

bpeAcui^im, -ti$A'6, V. tr., I oarve, 
variegate, chequer, embroider ; 
pick, as a mill-atone ; I write, 
indite ; I explain, delineate ; 
intr., I begin to shine, or grow 
clear (as the dawn). Set 

bii^A'DAC, -Ai^, nt., act of breaking 
(as a horse) ; aj biifiAriAi Ajt An 
mbtiOKiAC, breaking the horse 
iK«a. E., S.)\ (G'S. gives \ifii.-o- 

bpeij, g^. bneiti, biieijia, o., 
fine, lovely, handsome, beautiful, 
splendid ; good, fair (of hue), 
Bcrvioeable ] if biiBAj Liom, -jc., 
usedlikBirmaiuLiom; ipSpeis 
An yciiX A5AC (s, your state is 
enviable ; ij" bpeij An poTj 
T>iJ rarti, he is fortunate in that 
matter; Li bTieat, fine day (a 
common form of salutation) ; 
bpeij is pron. bpSis (rather 
bit^^A^ shortened) in the greater 
part m Don. 

bti^Aj, -6156, -ii-^i., /., a lie, 
falsehood, deceit, deception ; 
gs. often used as a. : feaniAr 
bpSije, a lying history {O'Ra.) ; 
aincearcaC bpeas, abase, false 


bpfeaj-ie, -aise, <•-, lying, men- 

dicioua, falae,deoeiUiil, oimning ; 

neite bft^Agaea, lying ohorges ; 

fiol b|i£dsa<:, ftOoltentted 

b(ifias**> -sea, «»■> act o( de- 

□aiving, wlieedliag, oo&xing, 

ontioiug, divertjng, amuaing ; 

Boothiag (as a <^ld). 
b(i6a5A-ofliti, -ojta, -eipi**, «•-, a 

lUr, a wheedlar, a flatterer. 
bp^Ajaim, -a-6, V. tr,, I ooax, 

entioe, aooUie, flatter, deooj', 

bji^ASAifte, g. id., pi. -piie, m., 

a liar ; a, flatterer. 
t>|t£ACAit*ed£c, -4, y!, lying, falss- 

bpiaj-AirlmS, f., a dreim or 

aad %ntr., 1 dreaai ; I long or 
orave iuefleotiTdf for. 
bp^AS^n, -ill), pi. id., m., a toy, a 

I^ything ; an allurement, 
bfi^a^-^or"''^''^^! '^ /■• ' false 

simiiitude, a false reaemblaiice, 
b|ifias-6|iiibi'4,-iii,?»., h ypooriay. 
biieas-oo, a., Goe, s^endid. See 

bpias-ieilfi, -4. Se^ bj\ii^- 

b|i£A5nd'd, -ai'6, and -^anc*. m,, 

falsehood ; coaxing, wheedling, 
b|i^ai;naioeAtc, -a, /., ooazing ; 

ojijtAery ; giving the lie to. 
btiiasnuji*, -Di^ie, m,, aot of 

contradioting, persuading, oon. 

vinoing, refuting ; ni a-o DpSas- 

nu^d'o 6, not to belie you; 

ooaxing, wheedling (U-)- 
br^iSiiuiS.m, -utfiT., V. tr., I oon. 

viace, parsuade, oontradioC ; 

ooix, wheedle, 
bp§ as -ram Late, -a, /., a falsa rc- 

bjieajcaic, -a, /., loveliness, fine- 

bfeaLl, g. bfietLl or bjiiLl., ni., a 
UuT, spot, a stain, a mark, a 
apeok ; an eye-sore ; a alur, 
Bbame, blemiab, diagraoe, re- 
prowdi, Btigma, aoand^ infamy ; 
' ' dishMiour, discredit ; 

; the 
rm of 

a flail ; lubborly lipj ; any dis- 
tigurement orseriouadefeot ; cA 
b[iedLL ogic, you are in a 
wretched itate ; b)iealt im 6nfi 
a|i vuine, to plunge a man iato 
misfortone ; t»nn« r^ b^alL 
ve, be spoiled it. 

bpeaLl,, jT- btteiLt or b|iiLt, m., 
the giant patit. See bfieALt, 

btteoLlaC, -Aige, a., knotty ; blab- 
ber-Iipsod ; diagraoefnl, re- 
proatudol, rude, aodaoious. 

bpeatLacan, .iin, pi. id,, nt., a 
sort of oval iibeU-fish (£«-.) ; 
also biontic ' " - - • - 


troou. Bee fp[ieaLLditie and 

bfieaLlan, -i,in, pi. id., •,, a 

ofaamber-pot, a urinaL 
bf eaLL&n, -Am, pi. ill, •».,& foolish 

feUowi a poor wretch; one who 

talks DOnseasej tU»o danull 

b|iealtan bui-oe, a large abell'&h 

whioh burioB ilaelf, tho " bliok 

top" (Do,,.). 
b Ilea II 6k, -6156, -65a, /, a shell- 

fiah. itee bttealLacAn, 
bpealLfis, -6i5e, -65a,/, a grace- 
less, awkward woman. 
bliaalLrun, -"'"> pl. id., Bt., bd 

awkward clown, 
bii^An, -£ine, a., fetid, rottoa ; ill- 

odoured ; Jig., mean, pallfj; 

caim biifian-oioc,IamdiaguatEd 

with you (jtf,). 
bp^an, -^in, -ianca, J»., a kind of 


bfift C 

fisb (Den: and Meaik) ; in iftalk 
a, "brime," perhaps pike; T>^p 
A ftpiit "oe 6pic If fo dpian- 
cAiB, at" *^"i toC OneaCiimiSe 
(Jfeaift BOiitf). 

t>ti6ans-6, -ncd, m., aobof rotting, 

bpeflnc, -einc, pi. id. and -ii-6e, m., 
g' 1 ■ ol A SA {Ker.). 

bp^an-eturii, m., tiie doim of 

tJirSaiipa, 3. id.,pl, ■i-6e, m,, strabble 
land dug up witlt the spade sad 
left fallow. See bjianaii. 

l)pf ancA*, -ivtl), m., a bream. Sm 
biiiti and bf ein. 

btieaircar. oTi "*■! ofieusiTeness 
of Bmell, rottenesB. 

Ofi*anc6s, -6156, -654, /, a slat- 

bliejT, -a, m., a prince ; a troop ; 

aa a., great, mi^ty. 
tJlieAf, -A.m., noise, mirth, jollity; 

as ac(7-, noisj, joriaL 
bpearAd, -aije, o., noiay, loqna- 

bpeariitteAic, -a,/., babble, prate. 

bjieafal., -Alt, m., raddle for mark- 
king sheep ; a mark, a stain j 
slang for "blood." 

tfieffrat**, -aij*, a., of a dirty 
red ooloor. 

t)nea[-l4nn, -amne, -anna, /., a 
king^ eourt or palace. 

Dliear-Luiit, -Lnaite, a., erceod- 
in^y swift. 

biiea-rnai*, -*ej a., chatty, affitble, 
having conversational powers ; 
cS s^asSlan tiaitce 64itmttif- 
Bfiear"'^'* *5 ceimmoga'6 man 
an LiLe Ap an apo T° 6ia[i {Art 
Jfoe CViSfttftdi^A), hence bfiear- 

biieapiai^eaCc, -a, /, affiibility, 
power of conversing agreaably, 
chattsring, prating, Dabbling. 

bueafca, titdec. a., princely, fine, 

t>|ieafcai|ie, g, id,, pi. -tti'Ae, nt., 
a trickster, a boaster ( J rati and 

bpearcal-ae, -aije, a., boostfol 
(J ran and Mmth). 

bpeac, g. bgieite, /, judgment. 
sentence ; bar '^'^ bpeite, the 
death of oondemnation. 8tt 

bfeatad, -ai^e, a., judicial, criti- 
cal, jadfcioiis, disoenring, 

b|ieacain, a., -aine and -an {both 
in Kta., F. f .),/., Great Britaia; 
Wales (Con.). 

t>t>eat-aittiiSe, g. id., /., a pen- 
ance, aa enjoined in the sacra- 
ment of Penance. 

biieat-Li, m., a birth-day. 

bpeatna^, -aige, Welsh ; as s., a 
Welsh man. 

b|ieacnuga-D, -mSte, m., act of 

J'ndging, perceiving, observing, 
udgmen^ arbi tration, reflection, 
opinion, examination ; adverse 
opinion, oenauro ; b. 'oo 'bfanaih 

bpeatnm^im, -uja*, tr. (r., and 
intr. (with ap), I diaccm, ei- 
amine, judge ; conceive, design ; 
I behold, watch ; b]ieacnui§ aji, 
look at (_Con.). 

b|tea£ugav. See bpeagnuga'd. 

Dpeic- (bpeac-). 

b|ieic-*eaLBae,-aiSe, a,, of beaoti- 
fnl form. 

bpeiceatl. See ppeicealL. 

bpeicin, g. id., pi. -\-6e, m., a little 
trout; also bptcin. 

bpeic-iiiiar, -iViSipe, -riiiafa, ^, a 
beautiful plate, a dish. 

bpeicneat, -nije, a., speckled, 

bpeicneatc, -a, /, speokltfdueHa, 

bjiei'Di-e,/., frieze; aolothofany 
kind ; bpiroin, g. id., pi. -i-6e, 
nt., id. (bp^iuio is the word 
naually heard in Con., bpeiu 
and bpSroe in Jf . ; in Don., 
b]i^i'D, bp£i'oin, a atrip of cloth 
for awaddling, eto.). 

bji^iT) aLtoif, /, a pooket-hacd- 


ORe { 

X}peiyi\e,g, id.,pL -ni^e,y.,ahole; 

aito a finger-DAil iffN.). 
bneicneflt, -niAe, a., perfotsted 

bpeiFnejkdu, -d, /., aot of perfo- 

rating (fftf.). 
ttpii^-'oeA'ib, --AeatHfl, pi. id., m., 

bpei^-pioic, -i, pi. id., m., a dU- 
gmse, a mask, a false appearance. 

t);ifci5-rc6AL, m,, a 

btteitLice, g. id., ft. -ci-6e, m., a 

ooicomb ; a lout. 
btieillin, g. id., pi. •I'oe, nt., a 

wortblesL iagigniBcaat petson; 

a ooioomb, a tnckster. 
t>tie<1.1.-m£a|u£, -Ai£e, a., haTing 

lumpy fingers. 

bfieillrce.a.iBloveidy ; bneitlice 
bneiUr - '- 

leiCtpce, a bIovi 

; bneitLice 
'euly loat 

t)|ieiin, -eamdj -eamflnna, m., 
CTt}»lua vealnt. Also bttai^m. 

bfeimneof, -ni^e, /., aetta ertpi- 
tandi vtiitro. 

bpeimn 151111, -neafi and -lujao. 
V. intr., crepUum vtrUria edo. 

bpiime, jf. H2.,y.>& Bteuoh; n>Ueo- 

bp£>ne«£c, -A, /., filUiioeaa, nasti- 


-aije, a., fool- 


bpeip, -e, /. increase, profit ; an 

addition; bpeif if blia-oain, 

more than a year j bpeif fa6f ip 


a good deal more 


as DuL 1 mbiieir, 

pregnancy), grow- 

ing; reaecn 

a,n T bpe.r, more 

than a week 

bpe-r. -<. pi- 


bpeir-iiot, « 

ti., /„ loss, damage 

»., Biorbitant in- 



mti, <»., inoreaaing. 

bpeic, -e, g. 

also beijite and 


t of bearing, cany- 

in^ choosing, taking, bringiii^, 
being bom ; birth, desoent ; la 

ning, outymg ' 

with df : ra b]iei6 ^ac, you need not be L 

oouneotion with otiier words : 
getting, produoii% ooming, 
giving, sending, fitting, win- 
-■'-■- ring off oountiiig; 

ra b]iei6 ^Ac ^V' 
, a need not be in a 
bony to marry, there is tuna 
enough ; ca bpeit a^ac AiX^, 
(abBiJut«ly) yon need not go so 
eoon, yon have time enough ; 
beiftpi-b x6 atfi, he need not 
hurry {Don.) ; aj bjieic fTi'>r 
teip, overtaking him ; a^ bjieiu 
buiveaiaif, returning thanks ; 
ni iidifi bfieic a^am aip, I bAd 
not time to do it; ni'L aon 
ti|iei6 ai^e ain, he stands no 
oomparison witJi him. 

bpeic, -e, -lie,/., a wager, a stake 
to be [dayed for. 

bfteii, -e, /., judgment, decision, 
sentenoe ; dooon, fate. Ste 

bfteic-aitf i;ge, /., penance, com- 

punctioD (non. also bpeat- 

bpetce, /., judgment, decision, 

opinion. 1^ bjieic. 
bjieiteaiti, -ceaman and .£iih, ft. 

-teaiiiain, m., a judge, a brehon ; 

an arbiter ; a lawgiver, 
btteiceainia, tndcc. a~, judicial, 

btteiteamnafi, -aij, pi. id., m,, a 

jud^ ; as a., judicious, judicial, 

bpeiceamnar, -aip, m., the dooi- 

sion of a judge, a jndgment ; a 

legal or administrative system ; 

an bitciteamnaf cnaice, the 

lu[al OTstem of the ooonby 

bpeo, g. id., nt., fire, flame ; phiW' 
phoru3 i fire that proceeds from 
pubid matter, as old and dc- 
cayed timber, putrid fish, etc, 

bpeo-dlot, /, flmt. 

bjieo-oa, a., fiery, flaming, blaiiiig. 

bpeoiiaii, -oiice, m., act of lick- 
ening, enfeebling, crushing. 

b|ieovaifn,W.bpeo4 and bpeo^u,,.,..N,GtX)^lc 



p. a. bpeoixice, v. Ir., I enfocble, 
oppress, eioken. 
bpoo-i fnaijim, -fnoije, p. (r., I 

crush and mangle, I excruciate. 
bpeoi'iee, btteoire, ^. a., ailing, 
eick, oppressed, m anguish. 
(bneoTOce ia the osoal wMd for 
aki! in if., elsewhere cinn U the 

hand is sore, but not 
btieoi'oce ; in Don., T>u>na 
b|ieoi'6ce — one who is in feeblo 
henlth, oi dying a alow death. 

t)lieoi-6rea6c, ■a, f., aickness 
(chiefly in M.\ angnish, anxiety. 

t)|iia-oditie, g. id., fl. -{litre, m., a 

t)fi'iT>aipea6c, -a, /., act of ooai- 

bjiia'Dit', -4111, TO., used tor bpiat4|i 
^a word, etc.), in asacrvation, as 
Tjaji mo bpid'oaji, on my word, 
in solemn earnest (3f.). 

bjiiAciiti, g. b\iift^<i and bjiiaijii]!, 
pi. bpiatiia and biiiiciie, g] t. 
bpiBcaii and bp^iufie,m. and/., 
a woitl, statement, saying, woid 
of honour, judgment, sentenee ; 
im bpiacap, On my word, really I 
a precept : nj beAiui^e^nn tiA 
bi^iacpa nd b|idif:iie. friars will 
not live on precepts. 

yi^M.iAyi&, indee. a., verbal, 

bpiailiflC, ■■nje, a., wordy, verb- 
oeo, talkative; miL>f-&, sweet- 

bpijcpaiiri ■"Ti '"■■ verbosity, 

btiibeifi, -ia\iA, -hftie, m,, a 

ftliiBiijieAtc, -a,/, brewing. 

bpice, /., state of being speckled 
or freckled. 

bjtice, p'. id., pi. -fie, m., a brick, 
a bnck-sbaped loaf ; biiice 
A|i£>n, a brick-ahapcd loaf of 
bread; b|iice meala, a honey- 

b|iicin, g. id,, fl. .ni&e, m., a 

btitcinsAe, -mse, *, freckled. 

biiicnB,ff. (d.,pi.-n1*e,/.,f^eotled- 
nesB; bfticni-be £ji tine, freckles 
{Omeath and Don.). 

bpi-DCAi, --Dije, -TJeififlj/.a bride, 
a maiden. 

bpTOCoS. -O'Se, -OS-^ /., a small 
basket, a bosket or hamper used 
for etraining potatoes, tumipe, 
etc. ; anglePs fishing net (abo 

bri-oeoj, -oise, -05-1,/., a nymph, 
a damsel, a virgin ; dm. of 
bpi-oeat, a bride. 

biiiT)eos. -oije, -os*,/, aD imaffc 
of St, Bridget used for domestic 
oeremonies on the eve of that 
Saint's festival. 


t>r'3. 3- bjiioS and bnige, pi. 
bp'OSi, 9pi- bpioS, /, power, 
itrength, vigonr, foreo, virtue, 

oflioacy ; substance, ecsenoe ; 
moaning ; T>e bpi'S 50, beoauso ; 
ati bp'S * ibiitie, by the virtue 
of his oath ; -ai, 6pi j pin, where- 
fore ; n! hion BpiJ -6uic, it is 
useless for yon ; ni «f intm-re 
adc bpig Beas ve\>' bniatpaib, 
I have but little regard for what 
yoD say (Os. Tale). 

br'S'""' S^*./-' Brigid, generally 
translated Bridget. (In JU. 
bpigne is used as nam.) 

bpileire, pi., braces. 

bliilLce, g. id., pi. -anna, /, a 
bungle (ffiV^.) (also bpiLlre). 

bnilLceatc, -<l., f., bungling 

biiiLte, the dUona; an awkward 

bpiLLin, g. id., pi. -lie, m., the 
diloris, memhrum/<rmiiieum. 

bpilLin, 3. id., pi, -I'fie, m., a 
driveller, a " blether" {T)frr>ae). 
See btieaLtan and bfeitlin. 

bpilLineat, -niCie, a., mealy- 
mouthed (Mon^, 

bpinneall. See biiiiinneaLl. 

b]iio4c, g. bpeatea, pi. id., ir — 




inoaiitatioQ or spell ; a logcod 
out OD the blade of a weapon ; 
a, poem or song set to mosio ; an 
amulet ; aorcery ; brightness, 

b|iio£c-F'io6|''J4| -'iije, 
magic edge. 

Gjiioic-iiii'oceAe, -cije, a,, elO' 
queut, of Bweet apecoh, fooe- 

bjiioic-rcocj*, m., act of wound- 
ing, OS with cbanned weapons. 

btiiodc-fnuijce, p. a,, beaatifullj 
spun (of worda). 

bpioJ-S, -a,Se, o., effioaxiioua, 
Bubst^itiftl, capable; ngoroue, 
active ; violent, bitter. 

btiiosAifCAfii;, -d|/.| efficacy, sub- 

bitrogmaipedic, -a,/., effioacy. 
bfioSra-JI*, -ailie, a., powerful, 

vigorouB, energetic, cSoctive ; 

often aa an epithet of language, 
bpiogiin, -lim, j)i. id., ni.,an inatni- 

ment for hanging dead beeves, 

et^, in the alaugbter-bouse. 
binolLin (bpeitLin), -Ain.yl. ii., 

in., a senaeleas or stupid peraon. 
biuoLLan r-s'Le, a kind of ahell- 

fiah {Berehaven). 
bfioLt^s (bpeAtldij), -61SB, -osi, 

/., an effeminate fellow ; a fool 

(applied to man or woman). 
bpioLLrcAijie, g. id., pi. -proe, m,, 

a bully, a busybody, 
bpion^lan tiA c|ioi±e, one side or 

arm of the crane over the fire ; 

b. An ctugd, one side of tl>e 

tongs (Con.). 
bpionjLoiD, -e, -I'oe, /., a dream, 

a Yiaion (Dtm.). 
DpionjlfiiTieat, --oiSe, a., dreamy, 

bpionsLoi-oim, ■■dbj*, v. W., I 

bpionn, -inn, pi. id., m., a fiction, 

a lie, a dream, a, reverie, 
bliionnfit, -aije, a,, lying, flatter- 
ing ; fair, pretty. 

fcliioniifli, -41S, -aise, m., a liar, 

a Qatturer. 
bpioi^, -ifce, a., crisp, brittle, 

active, quick, clover ; lavish ; 

careless of money, 
bpiopcd, g. id,, pi, •I'de, m., a. 

bpiofco-D, ■Aii, -Aiie, m., the 

bpiorcAU, -am, pi. uJ.,!)!., a kind of 

auooulent root used for food ; 

a biscuit. 
bpiopc-Camnr, /, ohft tiering, 

bjiiorcojinifi, -aiSe, a., crackling, 

muttering, atammering. 
bjiiorcApiiAt, -Aije, /., what is 

broken up or shattered, as 

straw, etc ; b. puip, broken 

straw (aa for bedding), 
bpiopcapnat, -ii^e, /■> crediing; 

as b., crepiUire veMro. 
bpiorc-JLopafi, -aige, o., loqoa- 

ciuua, given to chattering. 
bpiop:ta4, -aij, m., anything very 

bpiopclAn, -hn (bpiopcin), m,, 

silver weed, goose-grass, skirvet, 

wild tansey. 
bpior-iTOi^eat, ■■oite, a,, broken- 
hearted iP. O'.O.). 
bt<iorcuiSim, -uja« (bpiofcaim, 

■A'o),, Isti^, bound, spring; 

I Bcnften, lui^e brittle. 
binor5L6(iui'6e, g. id., pi. --tie, 

Bi., a, prater, a prattler. 
bpiocAi, -ai$e, a,, lisping, stam. 

mcring ; chirping. 
bpioca£an, -i.\n, pt, id., m., a 

bpiocaipe, g. id., pi. -pi-oe, m., a 

liaper, a atammerer. 
bpiocaipeadc, -a, /, lisping, stut- 
tering, stammering, chattering, 
bpiociip, -e,/., anytliing British, 

the British tongue. 
bpiocat.-aiL, j)i. id., m,, astammer, 

stutt«r, impediment (in speech) 

bpiocap, -aip, m., in topog,, a 

speckled spot or place, 
bjiiocdj, -6i.r,e, -65a, /., a Biitisli 


Dm ( 

bfiii^o, g. id., /., crispneBa, brit- 

tleness, tandomeas, quiokiieaa, 

emartjioss ; hxiij<xii.t^,f.,id. 

b|tifed-6, -rce,m.,iK;tof bracking, 

a breach, a. frooture, a wousd- 

iag, a fraction, a change aa ia 

the weather, blilanoo or obango 

in money ; bpirea* cttoi^e, a 

breaking of Uie heart ; b. Amd6, 

an eruption, a suspensim from 

office ; btitpedi iXnf beipna* 

ot>c> 'O^y you DikderKO wound- 

iog and fraotiire ; a defeat ; bpif- 

ea-6 HA bdinne, the defeat or 

battle of the lioyne. 

t>|iir'ni. -rei*. V. Ir. «id intr., I 

break, auapend, depose, digmem- 

ber, duumte, I wound; I win (a 

batUe); -oa Cpir n. c|ii CAtAA)) 

p., N. won three battaoa over 

the P, ; -DUtne tio bpiren* ttauA, 

U> depoae a person, deprive him 

of his positiou. 

bftirLeAA, -Li£, m., a breach, du- 

feat, rout; bpif LeAi tnofi iriuiSo 

muijiueiinne, the title of an 

ancicut tala 

bpirue, p. a., broken, routed, 

pendeo, deposed; maioe bpij-ce, 

colloq. i<a a pair of tongs {Doii.). 

bpipce, g. id., pi. -ctoc, bi 

breechea, a breeching in ha 

neaa ; b. gLunaii and b. jtiii . 

knee-breeches: b.pd'OditrousMSj 

b. 5eAtit><^ and b. ^dif it), alao b. 

c|ioinairi and b. coLpat, knee- 

breeches (bpifci " 


^ bpuic 

b|tob, g. bjiuiB, pi. -bflimA, m., a 
rush, a salt marah olub rush, b 
blade of Kcaas, etc ; a rush dip- 
ped in taUow used as a caudle, 
a number of these plaited to- 
gether form a cpitLf ean [Coa.) ; 
a trifle (with neg.) ; & handful 
» of hay or straw atretehod out 
at full length IJf.)- 

bpoc, 0. bnuic,pl. id., m., a badgor; 
filth, refuse. 

bjioc, -pmc^ a., gcey, speckled. 

) t>RO 

bpocae, -aige, a., dirty, flilhy, 

spotted; grey; bAimn bpocdt, 

grey a«nnM {Don.). 
XifocAi, ■e.\%e, a., olumsy, sodden. 

sodden person, 
bjiocaipe, g. id., pi. -|ii*a, m., a 

badRUshunter, a terrier, a stoat, 

burly little man. 
b|ioc<iir> -e, -lie,/., aden, abount 

of bed p««)iu, as robbers, etc., 

a dirty plaoe, thing, or pemm. 
bpoiAn. See hfi^tio. 
X>foe-fiAi>Ai, -aij, m., badger- 

b|ioctA£, -ai$, pt. -M^, «., a 

"iise, -Asa, f., an « 

buoc-fotir. '"ri "*•. twilight- 

Se« btieac-foLaf. 
b|iocui^te, p. a., spotted, dirty. 
broT>, -a, -anna, /., a goad, a 

priokle, a sting ; a rod, a switch ) 

a mite, a trifle. 
XSjion, g. hfom, m., delight, joy ; 

pride, airoeance ; ad 'a<ftro 

Oft, I am glad, 
biio-oai, -aije, a., dirty, uneu^. 
btiotia^, -ai^e, a., proud, ^ad, 

b|iOT>a'6, -■otit, m., act of urging, 

bp6tiaihflil,-ibla,o., proud, sauoy, 

bpo-oaniLatc, -a, /, pride, arro- 

bt"^'0-Cu)i, -uift, BI., embroideiy ; 

bp63, -bise, -ds-j, /., a shoe, a 

bpo^, -utSi pl- id. and -a., M., ft 
huoae, a mansiixL (This form 
is very common in M. poetry, 
and is, no doubt, equiTalent to 

btiogaf, -ai^e, a., shod, having 
shoes, like b shoe. 

biiigat, -ait, m., a "ahuler," 
a vagabond, a term of abuse 


t)RO ( 

thing ; a soiled or torn gor- 
moat ; an untidy person (from 
b|t05, filth, dirt, rottennesB). 

blio^inCA, mdeca., ftotive, lively, 
brisk, eiurdy. 

bti63 £|n>, /., a boot ; a high boot, 
lued m ffshing. 

t)li65b|idi-6e, g. td.,f., the oommon 

bpojoiti, -e, /., bnwget^ beer. 

bjioiT), g. bjiome, pT^bnoiTnie,/., 
captiyity, bondage, slavery ; 
need, press, difficulty, harry ; 
oiol-Fani bd no. biiuiT>e, we will 
(Msll a. cow, of whose prioe there 
will be need ; in pj., difficulties, 

t)i,6iT,eaC, --Dije (bii6t.4t), a., 
proud, haughty ; glad, pleased. 

brioiTtedmAitj -mid, a., in a diiS- 
oulty or huny ; busy ; energetic 

bpoi'oijim, -iuSa-o, v. tr., I stir, 
excite, stimulate. 

bt<6n>in£iti, g. id., and -ii^^, pi. 
■iipi^e, m,, an embroiderer. 

bf 61*01 n£i fie aCc, -a, jii. id., em- 

b|ioi§eitt, -5i1,le,/.,aoonnorant; 
also reA3d. 

bftoigin, g. id., pi, •rde, m., a little 
shoe : the part of a spade on 
which the shoo is pressed {Con.). 

bfoiLeos, -0156, -05 a,/., whortle- 

bpoimeif, -8, /., anger, bold- 

bttoinn, the breast. See bgiu. 

btioinn.fidti, a., blaok-breMtod. 

bpoinn-T)eaii5, -titTise, o., red- 

bjioinn- lion Aim, -ab, v. ir., 1 fill 
(myself) to excess with food. 

bitoinn-lSoncA, p. a., having one's 

buoiimreat, -rij, pi. id., tn., a 
steut-storaaohed, low-aized pcr- 
BOn ; bpoiniif CAfion, id. 

bpoinnreiiL, -flLa, /., the act of 
takiiu; turf out of a trench with 
ft turf-fork ; "beuohing," 

the man who follows the turf- 
digger and lifts the nawly-out 

) bRO 

turf out on the bank with a 
fork iKir.). 
biioinn-cBAi^A, p. a., belly - 

btt6mceoiiA£c, -a,/., grinding. 
bp6irce, g. id,, pi. -aAa, m., a, 
brooch ; thread ooiled on a 

bfioic, -6, -eatt,/,, a small variety 

bpoiirit, -tise, -Jte, m., a 
slaugntering-hooae, shamblea. 

bpottaC, -A>J, -Aije, o>., tho 
breast, the bosom ; a breast- 
work ; an enordiura ; a prefaoo. 
(In M, Bp. I. often bojiLAt.! 

bt'ottd- fcoc (btioLlA(-froc), 
-grDic, m., genuine ra«s or 

bponiAC, -Aij, -aije, m., a colt. 
bpomAfiin bLia-onA, m., a castrated 

colt (Mayo). 
bpomfli|ie, Jf. id., pi. -]ii-6e, m,, a 

stout person, a buuiptious 

b|iomi,n, -iin, pi. id,, m., a booby, 

a boor, a rustic. 
b]ioniAnA£, -Ai^e, a., uupolishtHi, 

bjiomincA, «Kfce. a., noisy, rude, 

bttom-u|i|iA'6, Tn.,an over-confident 


biiom-npriA-bArAi, -Aige, a., bold, 
forward, impertinent 

bpon, g. bfiom, m., grief, sorrow; 
mo b., my grief I b. -do beiu 
Ap . . ., to grieve ; aj -oiAnAiii 
b|i6in, lamenting ; ^a T>\\6n, in 

b|i6iid6, -di^e, a., sorrowful, 
grieved ; An rcftit 1 scoriinuiuo 
tr Tii be«^ A bfiduAi^e, the usual 
story, which is sad enough. 

btionn, -A, -AiO, g»., tipl, and d^i, 
of binj, which «ee. 

bjionnA'o, -ncA, m., act of bestow- 
ing; a gift. pjionnAi in Z><»i. 




t>t*onniD, -ai'o, m., (!) a gudgeon 

tJnotiTiiini, -a-D, B. (r., I give, 
beatow, grant (with aii, ffow. di(. 
of person ; but t>o is used in 
poetiy as well as in «p. {., Con.). 
t>Iionn-Lip, - Lai p, m., exact centre, 
middle (ceApc-Lil|i ia more 
buonnmaii, •i.\jie, a., generoua, 

t>tionnca, p. a., given, beitowed, 

presented, ptionnca in Don. 
bponncdib, -AiAe, a., generoDB, 

bestowing, giit-giving. 
bponticAear. ■*'r. ""■. * tree gift 
bfonnuananm-.agift. SMbfioTin- 

cAf- Both forms are used b; Kea. 
bjionnear. -^T. "*■. * P** ("l"" 

bponncoip, -bjia, -iiiiiie, m., a 

giver, a bestower. 
Ijpon-caif f e, g. id.,/, deep sorrow, 
bporciil., -ata, /, fury, raae; aj 

bporcaiL Cuia, about to deliver 

an enraged attack on them 

bporcan, -ain, m., a heap of frag- 

tJjiorcaii, -aip, in, fragments ; a 

rout ; a remnant of an army ; 

btiorxai^ biob'ba, a wicked 

rabble. See brmrcA]i. 
buorn-Jii ff. id., pi. -me, m., a fag. 

got, an aimful of wood ; broken 

wood for firing. 
l)Iio|Tiafi, -aije, -ata, a faggot, a 

chip of wood. See bforna. 
buopi 0151m, bjiotTiuja-6. Se* 

btiorcmgim, bporcuja'd. 
bpopcuia*, -uijce, m., act of 

ahmulating, intiting, arousing, 
bforcuijini, ■uja'd, f. tr,, I incit«, 

sroose, stimnlate ; mtr,, I hurry, 

make haste; biiofcui^ ope, 

make haste, 
btmrcutjte,, quick inaction; 

es^er, enorgetio. 
ttiorcmgceat, -tije, a., atiraiila- 

ticg, quick in action. 
biii>rsuiJteoi|i, -011a, -01111*6, m., 
. a prompter, a hoeteoer, an in- 

, pi. id., m., a mote, 1 

t>iioi, -a, m., a ontoneoua disease, 

the itcb,u> eruption of the akin, 
bpot, -a, 'anna, ni., a halo round 

the moon (IT.). 
bfiotat, -fliSe, a., soabby, eruptive. 
tJtiotflC, '41 Je, a., boiling; oij^e 

bpotaC, boiling wster. 
bfotAipe, g. id.,pl. -fi*o, m,, one 

with maoh hair or fur on. 
t>tiotaipe, g. id,, pi. -fftB, m,, a 

bateher ; & sonp or broth seller ; 

a cauldron of soup or broth. 
bpotal-L, -aiLl, )»., neat, warmth, 

Bultriness ; comfort, luxury, 
bfiotattaf, -^'£ci "'I hot, warm, 

sultry; comfortable, luxurious; 

in easy oircumBtanoes ; as tuAi., 

a hot-tempered person (Con.). 
bfiotaLLa^An, -iw, m., groat 

bjiotaLLin, -am (dim. of bfiotalt^ 
m., heat. 

ttiiou65. 8a bputdg, 

Dpocuf, •■a^r,,vi.,Bt', 
a medley ; SeoUh broae. 

bfii, g. bponn, bjiDinne, bpoinne, 
d. bjiuinn, bnoinn, pi. bponna, 
gpl. bponn, (foi- b]iDnnai6,/,,the 
womb, the Wly; the breast, 
bosom (nom. aLso bpoinn or 

Xifiuit,g. .itt,pl. -AtA, m., a brink, 
edge, a biuik (of river), border, 
boundary ; a trunk. 

bpuafatan, - Jin, pi. id., m., a bird 
called the wagtail ; the name 
Sl-iroS. -°'Sf, -'is*. /-. ■■ "'O'^ 

bpuaijn, 'iin,pi. id., m., a border, 

bpuaian, -ain, ni. id., m., a miser, 

a mean aordid person, 
bpuad-baite, m., a suburb, 
bpnac^ndna, g. id, m., evening. 

Ste upaindna. 
bpuADailiim, -dpa'6, 1 dream. 
bpuaT>ap, -aip,^. id., m., a dream. 




btiud'onA, ruahes ; b. sL^r^, greoa 

btiuancfig, -6158, -654,/., a pouch 

mode of abeepakin. 
btiuetur, -aif , Dt., die fluttering 

of birds going to rooat. 
t)ttu£c, -iitTie.-iicA,/., abeloh,a 

bloat, froth ; an ejaoul&tioa ; 

bfiuCc fieoiiCdfo, a, he&rjaaow- 

bituCc^A, -aig,m., beloliiug, burst- 
ing fortb, spruigiiig em watar. 
t)|iu(iCA'6, -Kta, m., act of belohJog 

np|>eM»uae of tbe auu oftar 

b]ui£cjii(n, -a-6, v. ivir., I bdoh, 
sally, nub oat ; rei^-c 1.o£a txi 
6|tii£c I n6ifinn 1 n-dimpii 
f)d|ltot,6in, aevea lakes buret 
loith in IreUod in the tima o£ 
Partbolon (Kea., F. F.). 

Xifitc-in'fi, n., diiobarge d froth 

ipcim, -■fiofCA'o, V. iiU) 

, I pour £«rUi, ist forth. 

bpuC'^S*iL, -e, /., act of belching, 

belobinc from exoeeaWo food, 

(u]t oi, barsting forth, spriugiiig 

up (as wbtw)i ovaidowitig. 

t>t>iiti:6it^ -ofiA, -diiti-o^ m,, a. 

bfio'^ddAn, -i,\Ti,pL id,, m,, an in- 

tJfiuS, g, id., and bpuiS, alao 

house, a palaoe ; a fort, a fairy 
mansion, a hillock ; freqaeut in 
^ac« names; b}ta$ Se^gdin, 
Broughshane, Co. Antrim ; bpu^ 
Riog, Bruree, etc. [In X. bjioj, 
biiuij, bpojaib are often usad 
indisori "'""'"'" 


bpujaii, g. id., pi. -Aioiie, m., a 

fanner, a yeoman, a hnsbond- 

btitisiira (biniijim), ■4'6( «, tr.,I 
bruise, brwik, cnish, press, push, 
I rednce to pulp ; tniTier. btiui5, 
V. tr. and intr. ; no bpiiiS Suisfl, 

he controlled his enLotionsi 
■DO 6t"*'5 re F^oi, id. ; bpiiis 
irceAfi, oome in olose, preaa in.; 
bpui^ vioc Am&t An <ootur> 
press the door forward. 
bniu(k4eoi|i, -0)10, -ottii^, m., a 
^ (also bflbeip). 

biHjiueiC, -■oije, a., beastly, 
bnuineail, -al«, /., Hnoiudering. 

( W. Ser.). 
bjiui^waiiiail,. -ihl-i, a., basatly, 

brutish . 
bpui-fiein, --Diie, /, a castle,, a 

fortress, a royal roeideneo, ti 

fairy paloue [coramoa ia plMc 

bt^uitieAfind^, -Ai^, m., bhubhUng 

up, a boiling (Zlon.]. 
btiunj.5.m, -luja^ (bttO.TOStmf, 

V. (r., I enslave, torturo, stob^ 

press, urge on, iucitfl. 
btiui^eoa, -joe, -seAnci,/, strife, 

quarrel ; act of qasfreiling. 
btiuijeiiniifi, -aige, a,, qnartel- 

some (also b]iui jbadcai^;. 
btiuijce, p. a., bruised, crushsd, 

bjiu ijceAtc, -4, /, bruising OBUsh- 

ing ; c]ioi-6e-6., oontntioa of 

bfuigcin,,, m., boiled potatoes 
nude into pulp aad (nixed with 


bfiuitin, g. id., pi. -\ta, nt., a swal- 
low {Con.), 

bpatm-fiafi, m., broom, bromua, 
creeping whe»t grass, seutoh 
- - . ,„.^^^p 

n-ffiafi bos, *•** 
broom grass ; b-rtieij, upright 
broom gross ; b. siobaC, hairy 
broom grass ; b. aim|ii'D, sterile 
luwnn gross ; b. mAfAife, 
iield broom grass ; b. pioibati, 
slender wood broom grass ; b. 
rciAidnae, winged broom gross; 
b. aiteAt:, gigantic broom grass. 
(In U. oouoh grass = fe&t 



Dfinitioijtm, -•oeai), p. tr., I sniolt, 
refine; an c-if lap n-a Bjimn- 
■oeA*, amolted gold. 

t>^mnn--oedlb,aii image, sd offigy, 

t)jintnne .1. b|ieAtdriinAri jndg- 
mtn)t^ sentence, doom ; hence 
btiuinne (tmoinne), the final 
judgment (A O'C); henoe the 
phrase 50 bpoiiiTie an tplt^, 
till Hie day of doom, 
bitainne (used sa nom. form only 
in M.\ g. id., pi. -ni«e (brn, 
bimmn), /., tie breast, the verge, 
the brink, limit; fie bjioinniB 
baif, on the point of death ; on 
epithet of St Jirfin the Evan- 
geUst. See bpii. 
t))iiiinneA£, -niSe, a., pregnant, 
aa tub/,, J"., a motlier, a nurse 
(atao b fill inn ceA6). 
t>IiDinn-«4Tj-ie, -TiAtS, jj. -waiSe 

and -rt&ti., m., an apron. 

bpninneaLt, -niLLe, -e*tla, f., 

a fair lady, a beautiful maiden 

' Met.} (b|ininn-tei ' ' 

untie tieaps (Aer 

Jc.), ted ronrrain. 

b^ninntn, -e,ni., tfaeknapof oloth. 

bpuince, p. a., fine, refined, 

bttninnceA^, -ci£e, a., pregnant. 
t>pi3itte, g. id,,pi. -f I'Ae, m,, a frag- 
ment^ a particle : ceiUrt., btidifi- 
t&t, fragments, bita (in if. »p. l. 
t>{iuipeA6, -f<^e, /., fragments, 
bits, scraps (Jlcii.). 8e* b|iDi|ie. 
Onmr, -e, /"., small aplinters, 
abivera, underwood, msEea, etc., 
left on river banks by the 
falling flood. 8te btior' 
btinit, -e,/., act of cooking, bak- 
ing, seething, 
bimitean, -tin, m., spirit, spunk, 

coun^ (Mayo). 
ttnuittm, ii.b)iuii,fj). bpoitce, v. 
It. and »»''■-! I boil, cook, eeeth, 
I melt, renne, liquefy, smelt ; 
iiOr,, I boll, bubble up, spring up 
(M a liquid). (In M. bembim 
is generally used instead of 

) t>nu 

t>Ttaitled(^n, -aiti, id., dry mur- 
rain in oattJe (Aran). 

tJtiuitlfn, jj. id., pi, .rte, m., a tat 
paund) lHayo). 

tifuicnead, -ni£e, a., hot, glowing 
from a furnace. 

heat; _ 

toea hot from the fire. (In M., 
bput^s snd Itiatds, in Dm. 
bftuirnea-O, -tince, m., heat; act of 
boiling, melting ; act of curing 

bmnCneoifi, -OTia, -oitirte, m., a 

refiner or smelter of mctjils. 
bputtnim, -nea*, v. tr., I cook, 

boil, melt. Set btimtim. 
t>fiuitr e,jp.a., baked, boiled, sodden, 

refined, Uqnefled (beipbte, M.). 
bjioitceafi, -rije, a., that boils or 

seethes ; apt to boil or seethe ; 

apt to melt or liqnefy. 
bjiDitceaic, -a, /., snltrinesa. 
bjioitrineafi, -nige, /, roeaslcs. 
b)iuni, m., moroseooM; cAb. aifi, 

he has a fit of the bluea. 
buomaipe, g. id., pi. -pj-ie, m., a 

pedant i a gramblBr. 
t>|i6ihdfi, -aitie, a., big-bellied. 
bfioncos, -disc, -dsfl,/, an untidy 

btiDf, ■Bif,n>.,dast;brokenstr»w; 
the lopping off of trees ; small 

fragments ; a remnant ; ■00 '6ein 
f£ bfinr, be caused great 
oommotion, got very angt; or 
excited, wept bitterly, etc 
{Ker.). See bfiurc-iti. 

bfinraifie, g, id,, pi. -ftrAe, m., a 
tnckster ; a scamp ; ooe fond of 
chaffing others, as an attorney ; 
a busybody ( W, Ker.), 

bpiip:, -fiifc, jiJ. id,, m., a clown ; 
a tiiiuirc boT>4iS, yon un- 
mannerly churl. 

bjiurcJii -^'"i pi' id; m,, a rem- 
nant; trash ; a mob, a rabble. 

bpufcaii, •Aip, m., orumba of 
bread ; fragments of wood, etc. ; 
a remnant ; a rout of an anny. 
See bfofcap (in if. pron. 


Dru ( 9 

bitnfc&fndi, -^■£e, a,, inaigoili- 
oant, worthless ; A5 ctiedfcafi- 
Ili6 UpurcAiinafi tutiAirceae 
•dei.r6^l uom lue, ic. i,T. G.). 

ttt^DrcAii'flud^ m,, the rabble 
rout J bpurcili -fLuAS na 
bjieacdn tTl6ifie, the rabble 
rout of Great Britain [Kea., 
F. F.). 

btiut, -a, -anna, m., the mass, 
lump, oast, or charge of glowing 
metal in the forge or furnace; 
a, wedge or pieue of metal red- 
hot from the forge (P. O'C). 

Xtpvi, -a, -anna, m., heat, warmth ; 
the heat of life ; an eruption of 
the skin owing to an overheat 
of the body ; vigour, wrath, 
anger j a great wave ca the sea 

bfiutad, -aige, a., fierce, glowing. 
t>|tuuaim, I roaat^ bake, boiL See 

bfotmaii, ■Aipe, a., fiery, ardent, 
furiooa ; cosy, comfortable. 

tlnucnuijim, -uja*, v. intr, 
seethe, boil, am enraged, 
bpmcnim and biiuitim. 

tjpucis, -6150, -05a,/., a bfttol 
potat^iies roasb^ ; btiuitneos 

I3puc65, ■6156, -65^, a brutish 
person, a gtuttcni, a clown 

buabaLL, buaftaltan, fc., rag- 
weed. See boaFanan, ic. 

buabatU -ailt, pi. io., m., 
"buBttlo" ; a bnglo-horn, a 

tl«a6al.l.6ili, -6pd, -6ilii-fie, m., a 
player on the comet, a trumpet- 
er, a horn player. 

buac, -aice, -ca, f,, nlao -aic, tn., 
a cap, a pinnacle ; a cap of miat 
on a hill ; ip e -oo buac 6, it is 
your best line of action to pursue, 
it will "crown" you (if.); ip e 
buac na cijie an bair^eaC, the 
rain will " crown " the country. 
I.e., will do it the greatest good 
(Arajt) ; nxAine buaic the polo in 
house roofing to which the 
rafters are affijred. 

) nuA 

bnac, -aice, /., a tltuwhing liquor 
for cleaning yam or linen. 

ttuacoi, -aije, a., high-headed, 
lofty, toworing, proud, buckish, 
bcauish, gay, bi'.xom; iuiuriouB. 

t>uaca<!:an, -am, pi. id., m., a. 

buaca*, -eta, ra., act of purifying 
linen or j-am by means of a pre- 
pared liquor. 

buaiaill, -alLa, -i4e, m., a boy, 
a servant-boy, a lad ; a servant ; 
a cow-boy, a herd-boy ; an nn. 
married young man ; na bnaA- 
ailli«e bana, the Whiteboys ; 
buaCaitt bfi, a cow-herd; bua6- 
aitt baipe, a jolly fellow. 

t>ua6ailL aimptte, m., a servant- 
man or cow-boy. 

boaCailLeaA, -lige, a., noting the 
part of a herdsman. 

b u a£ a I L te a£ c, -a,/., act of herding 
cattle, etc. flee buaeaiLtrAeific. 

buadaiLLiieatc, -a, /., acting as 
a servant ; act of tending cattle, 
etc, ; b. iliafiain, the minding 
of children {O'Sa.). 

buaiaittijim, -*ea4c, v. tr. and 
iTtir., I act as a servant, I tend 

DuaiaitL 63, m., a full-grown 

young man ; a bachelor. 
buaiailL ci^e, m., a house leek, 
buacaim, -a-o, v. tr., I cleanse 

linen or yam by means of a 

prepared hquid. See buac. 
buacaiite, g. id., pi. ■(ti'^e, m., a tap, 

a spout, a squirt (from buac). 
buaiatan, -Ain, j)t, id., rag-weed; 

b. bui-^e, yellow rag- weed. 

(botanin is heard in Con.) 

See buapanan. 
buaftnt*, -aip, pi. id,, m,, cow-dung, 
buatajiin, -am, pi. id., m., dried 

cow-dung used for fuel, 
bua*, -ait, pi. id., m., some virtue 

which is in a thing (JIf.). See 

bua-oat, -aije, (i.,Ticf«rious ; -ralu- 
able, precious, joyous ; often an 
epitlict of king9, heroes, etc, as 
taojaipe bua-oafi, victorious 
Lao^'.iaire, etc. (also buai-oeatj. 


buA-6Ad-leAnb, m., a jin 
pleaatuit child (a term for a 
ladj ID £. S.). Stt LeAnb. 

boA-<ia6c^t1., -JitA,/, gain, suooeai, 
■victory j Fnaip mui'o an &aA'6- 
4i£cdiL ofttA, we defeated them, 
■we obtained tho viotoiy (GorL). 

t>aa-6ieC4in, -Jnd,/., act of Tin. 
niug; CIA c^ A3 biiA'6'iCcAin 
Anoif, who wins now T (in oard- 
plajingfCto. — Ker.). Alao buA^- 

btiA^Ari -Air. **•! trinmph, Tiotorj. 

t>UA'6£Aiii, -AHA,/., aotof winning. 

tlBA*-focat, -Alt, pi. id., «•,, a 
qualifying word, an epithet 

btiA'6-pocl-AC, -tAi;t;e, a., of sur- 
passing language ; of aSaaoiaua 

t)UA^-SAif , -e, -JiftA, /., ft shout 

bnA'6iTiAti, -Aiiie, a., victorious, 

bnaiujA-i (buA*A-6), g. buAiite, 

m., act of overoomiug, prevailing, 
buA^Di^im, -iigAi, r overoomo, 

prevail ; v. intr., with a|i. 
buAF, -Aipe, -fliFi-4e,/,8 toad; on 

ugly, venomous creature. 
Xixtif&t, -Aijje, a., toad-like, frog- 

buApAtc, -4, /., the poison or 
venom of a tosd. 

biiApAn£n, -i,in, pi. id., m., tung- 

buAcAnan buiie, m., com mari- 
gold, yellow oz-eya. 

boApAiiiLn nA lieArcAtiin, m., 
groundsel; ragweed. 

boAs, -Aije, -A5A, /., a spigot, a 
faucet, ft plug. See boAC. 

bDASAife.- See buA^ and boAC- 

buAic, -e, /., the top or pioiiacle ; 
fndi'6in buAice, a top Knot, tlie 
wick of a candle, the crest of a 
wave, a ping for stAnnohing a 
leak; Ati b. A riieAntnATi, upon 
hia mind. See buAc. 

boAicCAr, -cir, joi.itf., m,,the wick 
of a candle, a Blender cunciie. a 

t»pw, a name for a thin awk. 
waid peraoD {M.). 

DuAicir, -e, -vfie,/., the wick of a 
candle, lamp, etc, a very alender 
oandle (bvAicir is the Con. form). 
See buAiccAr. 

budi-6, -* and -A*fl, pi. -A**,/., 
victory ; conquest ;iuccee« ; virtue, 
excellence, an attribute ; a buoy. 

buAi-^CAe, -*iSe, a., victorjous. 

8U btlA'6A6. 

buAi'6eAptA, p. a., troubled, agi. 

tated 1 also boA4A|itA. 
bi>di'6eAtit6iti, -ilia, -ftipiie, «. 

a disturber, 
boArtim, ti,, boA-fiACcAin, v, tr 

., I» 

tory; defeat (with dji) ; profit 
by (with Le). 
t)iiAi*ipc, -ieAfitA, /, trouble, 
griefiooiitentioQ,turTaoil; UAmo 
mAC A3 T>£AnArii buAiieA^ttA 
■6Am, n6 A5 cuji buAiiear" 
opm, my son (my conoem for 
my son) is troubling me, making 

buAi'6|ieA-A, -ieiftA, «., afBic- 
tion, tribulation, trouble, care, 
annoyaoce, anxiety ; act of afflict- 
ing, troubling, etc 

buAi-^jieAm. See buAi-^jieA^. 

buATOtiiSim, I trouble. iSeebuAii- 

buAi'^jiim, -tie Alt) and -|ieA'c, 
V. tr., I vex, bother, torment^ 

bai.jle,,pl. -tceand-LceA^A, 
/., a field where oattle are kept 
for milking ; used often in place 
names, and sometimes as a sobri- 
quet for families, e. g., mAinir- 
0^1 m buAiLe, Boylej mmnn- 
ceAji HA buAile, afamilv of the 
O'Donoghuee of Otenfleek. 

boAilBAi, -lije, o., belonging toa 
" buaile " or cattle field. 

buAitim, -AtA'6, V. tr. andintr., I 
strike, beat^ smite; I defeat; 

"olap" (onatable,eto.); Iplaco 


aloKupto; I tliresh {com); b. i 
5cL6*, I print ; b. f oitiAm, I 
sbike forward, advance ; b. 
ircBAfb, ^c., I come io boldly ; 
built man r^o, come Uub way ; 
with om, I meet: buiit, ^i 
lomim, I met him; buait pdc, 
sit down (CoTi.). 

bu Alt- lite, n., the water-lily. 
t»0Al = water. 

Ooait-Lite b*ti,m., the water-lily. 

buAitre, p. a., ebmok, beaten ; 
tbreshad ; situated close to (te, 
f UAr Ve) ; placed, settled, filed 
(with deaonpttveod.) ; bn-jilce 
cinn n6 bgieoi-oce, fallen ill ; 
b DAI I re ircead im Ai3neA'6, 
fined in my mind. 

t»»«.Lteit, -cije, a., gtvM. to 
striking (from bumtim) ; be- 
longing to a oattte field or 
milking yaid (=buAiLed6, Ironi 

t>uailce*4ar, -air, m., & place of 
Bummer gnuing ; the prooeaa of 
BUmmer grazing ; hire, loan, 
temporary ocoupancy, 

tiuaitceon, -i'ti, W. id., m., 
the BtrlkJDg wattle of a flail. 
toaiiVcfn, (Don., Sligo, etc.). 

Ouailceoif, -Of A, -oijiiiSe, m., a 

buam, -ana, /., act of reaping, 
extracting, eutting o£^ eto. See 
bamim and beandiin j <dao 

bttain-ftiof, ( 

, head rent, chief 

buaine, g. id.,/., durability, power 
of lasting. 

t>u4tti-£a5. m., certain death. 

buain-JeatciCe, -a,/, lasting or 
settled madnces. 

baainim. See beanaim and 

bnaiti-pfiaba*, -bca, io., act of 
completely ot permanently de- 

OiiaiTi-|i#abdtni, -iii, ". fr-, T 
torture oTerlastingly. 

i ) t>UA 

bu Alt! -fear**! -r^*. -r*i'*'j "*■> 

Eerseveranee, steadiness, Bta- 

b nam -fear m*4, -^'Se, «., perse- 
vering, enduring, steady, lasting. 

buainc. Seebuam, 

boairreoi]!, -of a, -oifi'oe, m., a 
hewer; a mower, reaper, a cutter, 

buaifcit), g. id. pi. -ni*«, m., a 
timber budile at the end of a 
rope used for fastening the ends 

the horns of 

buaiftrein, -im, m.. Oatmeal 
kneaded with butter, baked be- 
tween cabbage leaves nnder the 
ombers, used ftHuierly by tJ>e 
p^,santiy on journeys, at distant 
fairs, as food ; qf. Sootch " onju. 

buatafc, -a, pi. id.,/., a herd of 
oows. See bdtatc. 

buata-6, -aitce, m., a striking, a 
beatingt a ebastiseineat^ a th^^- 
ing; a battle; pbysioal percus- 
sion, a sort of onre (P. O'O.) ; 
b, biife, a hurling match. Ste 

boatao haf, m., wringing of 
hands, or beating Uiem together 
through grief ; ouo applause. 

buata* ctoi, m., a Btyn on foot 
(due to striking against stones). 

budta'6 cf oioe, m., palpitation of 
the heart. 

buata-6 ceanjan, n», a disease in 

boan, -ame, a., lasting, enduring, 
long-lived, certain, fixed; p!of-b., 
steadfast, everlasting, 

buana-oar, -aif, m., continuance, 

boanaim, H., buana*, buain, 
buamc, imper. buam, o. ft-., I 
mow, cut, reap; I derive jn^ifit 
or advantage from; specially 
used of reaping [cognate with 



bvAn-tAjtA,/., a lasting friflnd. 
bnan^uimne, g. id., pi. -aia, /., 
a lasting remembrance, a chron- 

durability (Bomet bnanFir)- 
buiitiTiA, g, id., ji. -rte, m., a 
bond^oaa ot «kve ; a meroenary 
soldier ; any soldier. 
OoArtiAic, -A,/, bondage, slavery; 
military serrioe ; a aiibsidy ; free 
quartering for soldiers ; 6 t>o 
tdbAifc bn Annate A t>o )len- 
^ij-c, that he gave subaidiea to 
Hengiat (Kea., F. F.\ 
t)aAn-rAoj;Al.A£, -Ai^e, a., long. 

t}uan-toijiteA£, -ti£e, a., ever- 

t>iiAiiui'6e, fs- id., pi. •■6t«, m., a 
reaper, a mover, a hewer, a 
outter, a differ, a delver ; if 
TfOitij connin mAit ti'FaJAii, 
"oo ^ttoi-bnAnui'Ae, it ia a pain- 
ful thing to snpply a bad reaper 
with a good reaping-hook. 

tooAtituSim, .oJa*, v. a-., I OOB- 
tinue, prolong, persevws, give 

length of life to. 
boaii, -Aip, m-, diarrhfaa ; qf. ci 

lApi"'*'^ ■"S llu4|i ofim ; ci 

boAfi ofim. 
budji, g, budift, collect, m,, oattle, 

bnajiie, -di^e, -afia, J-, a spanoel 
used to tie a coin's hind legs 
vhile being milked ; a tisp ; 
ni, cuif co]i T}B-o DuAfdi^, do 
not stir (said fig. of persona) } 
buApA^ t6cdiiD, the eye of the 
rope in which the heel of the 
sprit is held while a boat is sail- 
ing (Ttyry) ; cuif pimiu budt<A£ 
'ha ComAl}t, we will lay a trap 
for Mid. In Don. bmjiAt is the 
bean, a apancel is bHAifcin. 

bnatiaf. -ai$e, a., having oattle; 
belonging to cattle. 

t>ujl|idnTiae, -Ai£e, a., laxative; 
sunering from diarrhcea. 

biiACAir. -e> -<*e, /., a boot 

bobAiL, -JlIa, pi. id., /., a raaring, 

yelling, or b«llow)ng. 
bubiiti, -Ain, pi. id., m., a coieomb. 
bnbAiiAA, -Axj;e, a., noisy, fop- 

bat {bo%ai), a., free, liberal, kind. 
buclA, g. id., pi. -i^e, m., a wisp 

or ringlet ot hair ; a baokle ; 

bdctdi'oe bjid^, sboe-buokles. 

adorn with buckles. 

Xja-6, amd, of oM«rtit« v. \y, vary 
oommonly used for bd, past of 
ir; answers to affix -ward, 
•wardB,in soatbwards, etc. ; ro\fi 
bu'A tuai-^, to the north-east 
(Kea., F. F.) ; pAti bn-6 -oeAf, to 
the Bouth-weat (to.). See if. 

bav4tn, bO'6£in, self (obsolet*). 

bnicSAT), -£iT), -^A'OAi'^e, M., a 
buoket. X>ttcAm,pJ, -rA»(Doa.). 

baMmin, g. id-, pi. •)4e, m,, a 
pieoe of wood used to fasten a 
oord that binds a fore-leg and 
a horn of a oow {Clare). 8te 


bort-bjiiflcliAt, -Aije, a., gentle of 

bni'be, a. Kf.,/., mildness, graoious- 

nesB, kindneBB, thanks. 

bui'de, pi. -diA, a.f yellow, tawny ; 
snnbtimt, sunny, sunimerlike ; 
mi Co lie, July; La b. beAl- 
uAine, bright or sonny May 
day;Ub. ptiTiAifi,abrightor 
sunny day in horveet ; boi4e is 
sometimea used as a strengthen- 
ing adverb, as tf fa-da bui'6e 
UAi-D i, it is far indeed from it. 

bniilieAC, -"Diie, a,, thankfnl, 
grateful, obliged, kindly dis- 
posed, pleasing, gentle (to, t>o), 
pleased with (■Do = oe); zim nA 
TJAOine An-Cai'6ea£ ne'n fip&i- 
ifiAji ro, tlie people are very 
satisfied with this harvest ; 
Angto-IriA, the p 
thankful to this hi 


btnie&tin, 'iin, pi. id., m. the 
j<dk of aD egg, 8te btii'deAcAn. 

bai^eACAti, -Atn, m., the yolk of 
aD«gg(in ff. Ker.hai-deatin). 

bwAei.iAr, -din *»'• thutkB, grati- 
tnde, thanhfnmeas j s^n b. txi, 
in Epite of; a mbiii'AeAti.f vo 
^tttedih, to earn Uieir grati- 
tnde (in M., tp. I, bao*atAr). 

btii4eA6c, •&,/., gratitude. 

t>Dt4eA(c, -d,/., jellowneea. 

t)ai4e«£cAin, -And,/., Mt of tnm- 
ing yellow ; act of ripening (of 

baivfiat, -hi, pi- id., m., a batUe, 

baivedl bni6t, *fc, a yellow- 
hamni«r {Don.). 

bnciedn, g. -4ne, pi. id., /., a 
orowd, mnltitaae, a retinne, a 
troop, ft oompany; buiAcdn- 
ct't'OAJ, a oompanj. 

bat^eanihdti, -dipe, a., fond of 
oompan^ ; baTine a kirge follow- 
ing ; vitb abtmoant foroea. 

Dtti'^-tfedC, -Ofiice, a., apeokled 
with yellow spotfl. 

bai4e m6<n, -6tf,pl. id., tn., dyer"! 
rocket, ydlow weed, or weld, 
r*»tda lute<ila; t6Ai burbe teif 
An mbai'6e m^fi, a ooinmoa 

t>Bi*eos, -0150, -054, /, a bird 

called a yellow-hammer (alio 

btit*e-ciDJ, -cite, a., thiok and 

yellow (of the hair). 
bu.4ne46, -fiij, tn. (or -mS*, /.), 

Ion, a tern of endearment. 

Cnie wordiBDodoubtmdoinedft ; 

aa a rule, it ia only heard in 

voe. a ThdotniJ or a ftoi^i^; 

also, a ihdoinedC or A t>ai'6ti*d6.} 

See maoinedt and niAOin. 

builcfn, g. id., pi. -lie, m., a small 
quantity ; the amonnt of thi-cad 
pnt on a spindle (balk I); a 

pared of any kind; baiLc 
•mSLir, a oanse of qnarrel, ( 
" — '- -' '^-wrd;'' ?^. Eo 

"apple of < 

tJniLe, g. id., J., dutraotitni, mad- 
ness, rage ; a fit ; aomet. gea. ^= 
adj., aa FCAp boiLe, a madnuui ; 
i.f bnite, mad, furiotu, madly ; 
If ■o6^i le pBdji Tid b. supdb 6 
yim FBAji Hi cfiitLe, 

boiLede, -lige, a., mad, dis- 

bmteaihail., -1(1 Id, a., farious, 

bail.s,beIlawH; a diseaie in cattle. 

Sm holj. 

btntsedf, -5if, tn., a bliater, 3 

, a., spotted. 

buiLsodfdi, -dije, 

bnttjiin, -S***> *■ ^-i I bliater. 
bnilsin, g. id., il. -tie, m., a littlo 

bubble or Dliater; a small 

paonoh ; dim. of bot^. 
bail5-l£dp fa., a bright spot ; 

alto a hliater. 
bntts-L^dfiif, -di£e, a., blistered, 

blotohed, pook-marked. 
bnitii, -e, a,, geatJe, oiril, oour- 

teons ; gay, meny, lively, 
btiiti*edtc, -d, /., gentleneea, 

dvility, oonrtMy J BprighQiaese, 

gaiety, livelinesB. 
bnitin, g. id., pi. •^'Ae, m., a amall 

loaf of bread; battein, id. 
boilipc, -e, /., the broadeat part 

of a boat (Mavo). 
bnitle, g. id.,pl. -tie, m., a stroke, 

blow ; oast ; bnil.te ipi £aai|tim, 

a gaess, an approximatioD ; (me 

atroke of Uie olook ; an a' boitte 

'o £105, at one o'clock ; boiLLe 

■oidj o CLoj, eleven o'clock 

iDtr.) ; bnilVe Ap d^di'b, a step 
orward, so much dene; bailie 
t^doi n6 tdijiif, a gneaa at ilv 
roughly Bpeaking ; dttbuiLledn 
Ciiif, on the point of death, 
bo lite ae, -tife, a., beating, 
Bbikiog, smiting (alao bntt- 


but ( : 

tMimbfiedA, -Jii^e, a., qnemlons. 

baime, g. id., pi. -mi'^B,/., annrae. 

txumitie, g. id., jil. -oi-^e; also 
bumaitie, m., b minute; ap 
dn t., on the apot, iiubuitlj 
(tr. and Con.). 

bntnulidn, m., a Btupid fellow 

ODitniTic, ff. trf., pi. -croe, in., ft 
moment (also bumn-nce, Der.). 


'P'r. - 


sole of a ^oe (bamipjir -If.). 
tiniTi-6fo|-, ffl., a peiuioa. 
t>nin-6fortii*6e, g. id., fL -■ttt, w 

See boiTinfiic. 

bniTitn, g, id,,pl. -i4e, nk.aKeny 
oow ; a Bmau breed of oowb. 

bainnc, g. id., pi. -ni'6e, m., a flood, 
a wave, & toirent, & npid 
atreom ; a tap, a epont ; a apoat- 
iug, sqairtiag fortli ; boinne 
^bd|icA, a apring tide ; oormp- 
tion flowing from an ulaar ; 
anger, passion, (bniLe!); U 
btiiiine miStt f^o\, he was in ft 
great rage (Z)on.); a oom on the 

bninne, g. id., pL -ntAe, m., ft 

border, edsuig ; ft aet^off in 
batiket-makiiig ; ft thiok border 
in beginning ca fininhing ^jyj 
irioker-work ; » branoh, lapling, 
•i«ont« IX plant; a wioii, ui 
t^prinx; bninne cuit, the firit 
strouE layer in basket-making ; 
tiuiaph., ft ohief, a primal Stock 
in families (also bainne bjit). 

thiinneAC, -ni^e, /., laxit?, looM- 
neBO, purge ; diturhcsft ; a gushing 
forth, sprontdng. 

bamnedt, -ntge, a., fall of ooma. 

t>aiTinea6Ae, -Ai£e, suffering from 

buinneACc, -A,/, a gushing forth, 
sprooting (fii'N.). 

Dmn-neiTi, -iin, pi. id., m., a twig, 
ft branch, a sapling ; a soion {tUm. 
ofbuinne); a soft, sappy leaf. 

t)aiTine b6, to., the yolk or yelk 
which oovers a oalf after twing 
« {Ckm^ 

a plant ; a ac 

uainri5im, -ioSa*, v.intr., I flow, 
ipring ap. 

bninnin^A'^, -f^t, m., act of flow- 
ing^ springing up. 

tl&^xt, -e, /^ a shont, a ory ; a 
roaring, a bellow. 

bairbe, g. id., /., wrath ; hanh- 
; pride, fieieeneaa; riohneoa. 

baif eo5, -oi^e, -05d, /., a tann ed 

leproooh for a womaa. 
bdi|i|»d'6, -fi4,f)I.Hf.,>n.,an<dw, 

ft roaring. Bee bdifiaAi. 
btSitif-eA-AAf, -Atte, f., a roaring. 
bfitrvt-Aim, •ceA'4,v.Hitr.,I roar (aa 


bnititie, ff. id., /., tnrgidity, pride. 

bdifce, a. id., pi. -ci'Ae, la., a sorip, 
ft poaim, ft bag ; oatmeaj mixed 
np with bntter, etc., and put 
into a aerip or ponoh to ba naed 
in travelluig ; ft olown, a slug- 

buifciiti, -£a)ia, -iifi'Ae, nL, ft 
bntoher. butfceoi-i^ (^Doa.). 

buirriipeAtc, -i, /., butohering, 

bnicLiif, -£a|ia, -i^e, tn., » buUer. 

bDit)iea'C>, m., act of groaning, 
roaring (as of a oow, etc.), Sm 
buireA-6 and bnif peA-ft. 

bniere, g. id., pt. -p'oe,/., a witeh 
(also bnicfSAC and bnicfed^, 

boirrsAdan, -iin, pi. id., m., an 

assuming, arrof^t per»on. 
boicreAiAf, -Aif, m., withorafti 


but ( 1 

t>atlA, g. id., m., ft Pap&l bull ; a 
txnFl ; a bnll, the uiinud (WeD.). 

t)alLACJiir<n> j7< u'-. >>>., b whirligig, 
a Biriilliiiiiig in tlia head. 

bntlin, -ktn, pi, id., m., a Tound 
hoUow io a stone, a boVl 

t>t)tlAii, -iin, pi. id,, m., a bullock 
(alBO botan). 

boLratpe, i" 
boaat«r (J 

()nm-biitLo4-6, -Li*, -tiiie, m., 
bnm-bailiff(E fl.). 

bon, g., bum uid boiiA, pi. ti., m., 
afoondation, root, origin, baae, 
bottom, tJio mouth (of a river) ; 
Af b., on foot, established ; cu|i 
df b., to found, eatablish ; no b., 
in pursnanoe of; bnn n& Rcnoc, 
the base of the toonntaina; 
b»m-6f-cioTin, upside down, 
awry ; bun-fif-cionn te, inde- 
pendent of, free from ijie infla- 
enoe of ; ciiioCd'o n6 fi. ti-* 
bon, thirty or nnder; i mbon, 
in charge of, keeping, guarding ; 

cceAf c," the foi guarding the 
Eeoa; tii fe^Oiifi ca-o if ban 
Leir {or t>6), I don't know what 
is the origin or cause of it. 

bniidt, -Ai£, m., tow, ooaree flax. 

bnn^eAn, -i.\r\, pi, id., m., a feast 


bntiAtAtv -Aifi, m., fonndation, 

origin ; Bubstanoe, means. See 

bnnA-A, -di-O, pi. id., m., origin, 
atook, root, foundation; Restock 
of a farm; a family, people. 

boiiA'Sir. "*'r. "•■> 0"Bip. finind- 
ation, root, cause, oHgin:i1iby, 
atrength, force; Bnbs(«Jice; mat- 
ter (as of a book), bodyi sub- 
stance (of bread and wine as op- 
posed to aooidenta intha Euchaj- 
iBt) {Donl.) ; b. bLta*ni, the 
greater part of a year i t>o h^i)' 
buiid*4ra, by desoent (Sea,), 
meaning, aeoae; cAVoi An 
bnnA^df dcA teip m\ bfOCdt 
f Ain, what ia tlie meanii^; of that 
word? {AT.); b. 01I15, almost 

' ) bun 

bonaiiTAft, -aije, a. (pron. bund- 
fAi), original, primitive; sub- 
stantial, forceful, f undamentaJ- 

bnii«i'6, a. (prop, g».), original, 
primitive, own. 

bon-Aic, -e, -tAti, /., a fixed 

Kition, a foundation, a dwell- 
j, a chief place of residenoe, 
head -quarters. 

bon-iiceo6, .rij;e, a., principal, 
chief ; assertive, precocious 
(Can.); 50b.,oon8tautly(Don.). 

btin£ici'6e, the greater part; e.a,, 
cA in feincam b. fcajir, the 
rain ia almost over (C7i»i.) (also 

bun-iieititn, -luja*,, I foand, 
establiab, ni, mherlt. 

buTi-itc, -aiLc, pi, id,, m., a prin. 
eipal article of belief, a funda- 
mental proposition. 

banAn, -am, pi. id., m., a stomp ; 
a little root. 

bnndc^ indte, a., settled, eatab- 

bun-bean (bnna-beAn), /., a stout 

woman of low stature ; somet. a 

middle-aged woman. 
bon-ttiiLV, -C6iLLe,/., a moral. 
buii-£meAl, g. -thX., tn., middling 

kind {Dm.). 
boti-diori -*! -Anna, m., chief i-cntj 

tribute, head rent ; a pension 

(also bam-«Sor)- 
bnn-ClAOi^ce, p. a,, reduced to 

the last extremity, as b; liok- 

neas, hanger, fatigue, etc. 
bon.<bu.r, -8, -SAnna, /, a first 

(oft«m proa, bnn- 

bnn'oiSnAd, -Aise, a., blundering, 

ban-cAt, m., Uie abaoliit« ouias 


bunnin, -ltn,pl. id., nt,, a beetle; 

b. l^AnA, a (littera, 
bunniViAti, -Aipe, a., settled, fii«d, 

tlaii-n6f, m., an old anstom.,.,..i.,GtX)^lc 

Dun ( 1 

l)onnr*i6, -iije, -aia,/., a jaTelin, 

a rod, a twig, an Mier, a etout 
little girl. See bonnrat. 

Dunn-cf tdc,/.,a ationgswitob ot 
rod, a hoop rod. 

bonoc, -6tce, -6c4,/.,a very young 

tlun-6f-cionn, head over hoets, up- 
side down, wrong ; with Le, in- 
dependent of, free from the in- 
flnenoe of (AT); given up or for- 

Dan (tibe, m., a oarbnncle on the 
faam^i akin, 

tion-rt«it, -ffiota, pi, id; m., a 

, fountain bead, a ttaBin or reaer- 
Yoir for water. 

Onn-rcoc, -uic,^. id., m., the old 
stock, the Aborigines, 

boncaif ce, g. id., pi. -1*8, /., ad- 
vantage, perqniBit«B, profit; bd 
CedS ATI buncairce fii ^130 aif, 
be was little better than the 
otber, he had little advantage 
over the other (said of two 

Don crat^Tie, *"., the pocket of a 
aeine net {Ker.). 

bun-cfop, in-, theeavea of a house. 

t»unn^4-6, -uit£e,m.,aotot filing, 
resting ; dwelling, fbDnding, 

biinuijim, -11^4-6, V. tr. and inir., 
I fix, rest, dwell; I found, begin, 

bBp, g- bfiiti.pi. id.,dpl. biitiAi'dib 
(poet.), nt., a, boor, a tvrm for the 

Buji, po»». pr, your (p?.), edipiet. 
See ii,x^. muf in Z>07t. 

D01UC, -aij, jJ. id., TO., a boor, a 

bufitiun, -Din, pj. id.,m., a heavy 

Dupsaipe, g. id., pi. -prte, m., a 

horgeisB, a citizen. Setbaii^nxpt. 
tiunliiil., -iti, /-, act of bundling 

OijivAit, g. id. pi. -e, m., a clown, 

a blockhead. 
bn^ttidt, -dit, pi. id., m., a loud 

lainentation, a mouraful cry or 

) cab 

bapiidl., -AiL, m., a jot, a bit 1 with 
neg,, nothing (Con.). 

botittiiViaiL, -liiLi, a., aurly, clown- 
ish, aujby, stupid. 

"bori/tU.rA. (if aaurtive V. i^. See 

'bur f'"' dliuf , which fee. 

bufcdit), -e, ■eafii, /., a blister 
[aUo purciSn)). 

bucAifie, g. id., pi. ■fn'6e, m,, a 
chapman ; a dealer in cattle. 

butame, g. id , ih., a oloud of 
smoke (sputaipe). 

the fulcrum of an oar. 
bucdj, •6ne, -65a,/.,a tholc-pin 

bucnn, -liin, pi. id., m., a smith's 

paring knife, an unluokf deed ; 

Cinnir tK) Cucun, you have 
ronght misfortune on yourself 
by your own action (also bociin). 
buciinat, -aige, a., unfortunate. 

r» (coll, the bazel tree), the third 
letter of the Modem Irish 

'hitherF now _ . 

verba ; in past becomes cap, and 
aspirates ; ci> }\ar, from what T 
wfienoeT ci hudi|i, what time T 
when? ci, miAV. how much! 
CA rii^iv, how many ! and in if. 
how much t S01116 'n ih*n) T 
what size {Don.); ca ceAjifd 
-6U17; rciAl tie, bow does it 
matter to you, why should you 
mind! (Ker.). 

Cd, a honse or workshop, found in 
compounds like ceAji'Dialcedii'o- 

Cd ( U. ), neg., part., not, no ; 
tA eclipses; ta, T>cuiT;im=n( 
tuisim, I do not understand ; 
i& Aiiiain, let alone, not to speak 
of ; i& miree liom, I don't 
mind. Set ian. 

Cdb, g. ca\h, pi. id,, m,, a mouth, 
a head, a gap, the bit or mouth- 
piace of a bridle, a muffle, a 


ooat-oollax, * hood, » 

rab^ B large awkward bftt, oap, 

head gear ; cAb^ p^tl^tn^e, the 

cape (tf a mantle. 
CdbA, ff. «2., j]2., -Cnd, n., a cave. 
Cdb4i, -Ai^e, a., babbling, talkm^^ 

gapped, indented. 
CAb^^i -Ai^e, I-, wearing a large 

or donbla cape or cap; alumsj, 

CdbAiJe, g. id.,/., prattle, prate, 

CaCiil, -B,/, the body ; the trunk ; 

the bod; of a ihirt, ooat, etc.; 

a woman's bodice ; the bare walls 

of ahooBe. 
Ca& -bfu, -&tu6 and -Vaftta, 

/., help, assiataaae, mpport. 
CAbAitie, g. id., pi. -^iroe, m., a 

prattler; C4b4i)ie btieAC,aniag- 

CAlUifie, g. id., pi. -fii'be, in., » 
helper, aBaiatant, a aupporter. 

CdbAi^eaic, -A, /^, prattling. 

CAbiifce, g. id. m., oabb^e, oole- 
worth, oauliflowsr; cabAirce 
-DAoine mAite, LoDdon Pride, 
which ia alao oalled cdbiij'ce 

a oabla. 

Cibat, -aiL, pt. id.. 
Set cibLd. 

C^ban, -Ain, pi. id., m., a tent, a 
oaUD, a booth, a, oavity or hol- 
low ; c^biin b6cAt«, an um- 

CA&dn, -am, of. id., m., a field, a 
ralley, a plain. 

C>ibdn, -Am, pi, id., m., OMOtnou 
yellow water lily. 

cAbinDf6e, g. id., pi. -ite, m., a 

Cdbdoif, CAbAOt|ie. See CAitidOiti. 

CiibAf, -Aift, m., a collar (Cim.). 

C<iba)itA, gi. aa a., helpful, oom- 

CaBijicat, -Aije, a., oomfortable ; 
helpful, aiding, ftfifti'tfingi 

CAT>Ajii6ipj -6110, -^ifiive, «., a 

helper, aider, aaadatant. 
CAbAf, -Aif, m„ stepping stoa«a 

oorOBB a atream, Stt cdbf a. 
CAbcAt'oin, g. id., pi. -i'6e, m., a. 

little atomp ; c nirtiAinnB, a 

worn little spade. See c&^c&ro, 
CdbjdiL, -e, /., babbling, talking. 
C^bt,A, f. id., pi. -i^e, in., a cable, 

a obam, a rope. 
Cabl-a£ (also cobtAfi), g. -di$, pi. 

id., and -AtA, m., a fleet, a navjr ; 

CdbLdi c<Se, a mined or einp^ 

CdbUae, -Aije, a., having plenty 
of cable ; in thick oluaters (o£ 

the hair). 
CAbta^an, 3. -am, pi. id., m., a 

sailor, a mariner. 
CAbLdim, -44, V. (r., I bind, ohain 

CabLui£e, ^., ffl., the rigging of a 

Cabdj, -6150, -65A, /., a jaokdaw, 

a jay. 
Cibds, -6150, -65A,/., an old hat; 

a rustic, a Iaw>urer ; a prater 

CibdcAt, -dite, a., unkempt, nn- 

tidy, doll. 
Cibfisdi'6ea(i;, -a, /., the going aa 

a labourer on hire, especially to 

CabpAb, -AiS, -mj^e, m,, an asaiat- 

ant, on aaiiliory. 
CAbfidt, -ai£e, a., belpfol. 
Cabiioif, -e,/., com apurrey. 
Cibtmisiin, -uja*, Mnper. cab- 

puij and cflbaip, V. iair,, I halj, 

coiofort, aid, assist. 
C^bfA, g. id., pi. -lie, m., a 

Svement, a causeway ; a laua 
CAbrdi|i, -6)10, -6itii'De, m., a 

Cab^n, -£tn, p{. uf., in., a oapon, 
an igtioraot, low fellow. 

Ca£, 17. cAiA, everyone, all in 
general, the whole, each, every, 
all the others ; int^. prn., wiUi 
neg., no one ; nafi cfud^ Ve oit 
A hdici'o, that no one pities her 
miafortuna if/Sa,).,.,..i.,CtX)^lc 


C»c, -A, -jinnji, m., 

filth, ordure ; cue idjiainn, a 
kind of iron ora found in damp 
BoiLa; cdCAfA^Ai'b, fallow Una. 
See b|idndti. 
C^iCA, 9. td., pi. -i-6a, a oake. 
Cacaiid, vi. cac, to Toid emre- 

CAcn4i'6, m., dried oowdang for 

fuel imigo). 
C&tK, -A, pi. -Af^e, m., a maid >er- 

▼aat, ft bond- woman; w»Siie- 

CAccaniAil, -mlA, a., Bervile. 
Cati, t«{. and interr, pm., what! 
CAT) Af, whenoe, wherefore t cav 
tw^e, why, foe what purpoae f 
CA'o 'ti-d taoB, why? cav pi, 
why, what for ? cati i an AiIlOi, 
bow? CAD CA Afi, what ail<, 
what ia the matter with ? 

Cd'DA^, -aiS, m., oalioo ; fig., hom- 

Ci.iiAtA'Ci -oir> ■»■■ atonoment. 

CA'6aiti, -e, -ce, /., a meaoore con- 
taining slighuy more than » 
glMB;amnKia<nip; ^.caiotiA 
caiine f«o^an s&i-^tn eile; a 
cell, CA^din iheAtd, » beehive 

CAtMLijie, j7. ul.,pl.-ni4e, m., a belL 

CAtMLt]ifie, g. ia., pi. -ni4e, n>., the 

CA'Adl, -ait, jil. id., m., k skin, a 
peel, the rind of a tree ((ys.). 

CATXitaim. See cotiALaini. 

CATJAoiin, ■i,in,pl. id., m., a low, 
dcapioable fellow, 

C*i*an, -4na,-4arica, m., a wild 

CaT>af , -aiti, pi. id., a hermaphro- 

CaDAitar, ■ 

C*oor> -iTt ' 

% m., ootton; bom> 

1 ((I'm. 

ij4uay-, -ain ">-, oottoD, fofltian i 
hombog, bombast. (Cao^ti If 

mpect, no 

CAiAfae, -at^e, a,, friendly, toad, 

C«4ta£,-tai£e,a., Catbolio (O*^.). 

nononr, friendahip, 

I ) C4I 

Ca4laiO, -e,/,, the herb ondwwd. 
CA^mnf, -uip, i»., pride, upatart, 

Mnimption. (The fint lyllable 

i« nmaily pron. long.) 
Ca'6niafA6, -aije, a., pnnd, 

awomiug. 8»e ca-^ur. 
Cai>6^ -615B, -63461. /, » had- 

CA'Oti^n, -iiin, pi. id., m., con- 

CA'otia" Aec,-A,/.,aotof wrangling, 
diipnting (aUo CAVtiancAdc, 

C«i>tiincA, midte. a., oontentioiu, 
obatinat^ atDbbom. 

CA'OfArAt, -Aite, a., oontentioua. 

CApAifie, g. id., pt. -prtit, ffi., a 

CapAitieaec, -a, /., gating, talk- 
ing ; gab, prattle. 

(UfUe, -Alt, m., ohaff, huaks, 
pollani. jSmcAHaC. 

CApfiAl4, -e, M., floimnery. See 

Cij, -hs. -S*. ■»■. » jackdaw. 

CACAilr, -e, /., adTantage, profit^ 
frugality. See CO151LC. 

CASALdim, -5A1I.C, V. tr., I ipare, 



CdibfAVBi'Ae, g. id., pi. -4te, m,, 
the penon who plant* potatoee 

CAibi-oil, -e, -T)l.i*e,/., aohapter; 

a ieMJon for lettling disputes; 

nl ^16 in6 1 tiTiLi^eA'O ka 1 

SCAibiDil f lAih, I was never at 

law or in dispute (Aran). 
CAibivleAi, -U$e, a., capitular, 
CiMn,,pl. ■ft«,vt.,^catibet,a, 

an old hat ; a low hat. 
CAtble, g. id.,/., act of disturbing, 

disquietdng, dragging, pulling 

{P. OC). 
Cai&ne, g. id.,/., friendship, 
CAibneat, -nije, a., friendly. 
CAitkt«iSiin, -ioSa*, o. intr.,\ com- 

iorb, help (with te) ; also 

Cait), g. CA-OA or cotja, stone, layer 

<t). DA SAOp).,.,..i.,GtX)L^lc 

cAi ( : 

Citi, •«, o., obMte, pnre ; funoiUL 

dm, -e, /., a cbosto one. 

Cdi'6Ctinc, -e (cdiiVitinc),/., act of 
contendiog (also ciSiTrlinc). 

CM-oi, initr. pr,, what P Often 
written joro*. In Ktr,, cad 6. 

Cii'6e, g. td., /., chastity, purity, 

CAi4e, a, id., pi. -eaii, /., a blem- 
ish, defilement, spot. 

CAt'6e, interr. part. , whatT {obi.). 

Cii'toAi, •'bt^G, a., mthy, polluted. 

Cii'deA^c, ^/.,ohftBti^,Ban""— 

CATO^At, •t>4iU, pi. id; n., a 

CJii'6eAtiiAi1., -liilA, a,, decent, b6- 

CAivitf, -e, -eata,/., an enquiry; 

CA ClJ A5 CUfl T>0 i. p^iti dif, 

^ou ore potting your own oar 
into the question; no £u>neAf 
cAii)£ir <i)]i, I accosted him, 
stopped him to ash a question. 

CiiD^iI^at, -pse. a., inquisitive, 
one oonstantJy aakuig CAmi ? 

Cai-oeo^, -oige, -054,/, an earth- 
worm, a rough caterpillar. 

CAi'op, -e, -eantiA, /., » womao'l 

CAiT>rieAe, -fise, a., friendly, 

C4i<i>t>e«it, -iti., J., prattling, 

CAi-ofeAih, -t"*i. "•■! company, 
fdlowahip ; intercourse, famili- 
arity ; partnership in trade ; act 
of oaresaiiig (also catDiiea*). 

Cai'0|ieAifiA£, -ai^e, a., familiar, 
fond, kind, social, frioodly. 

Ciiti|ieiim4fi, -41s, pi. id., m., an 
aoquaintance, a friend. 

CafopeAma)^, -Airi »■. familiari^, 
fondness, intimacy. 

CAirapSiri -e. /■. rhapsody, non- 
sense. (This word la also used 
as a variant of CdiTi^ir.) 

CAiDHiJim, -ot'eAiii, imper. cii-o- 

E15 and cAiDiji, V. tr., I cherish, 
re socially or mnnnbially with. 
CiTOf*"!'. -*'P. -*>I't*e, m., a gul- 
let ; a stream issuing from a 
fence ; the mouth of a drain ', 
a tittle well (£srl. 


CAip, -o, -Bita, /., a h 
quoif. Bee CAi'op. 

Caipitiin, g. id., pi. -lie, m., a 
nurse's hood ; the cap worn by 
a cook ( W. Ker.) ; a kerchief, a 
little shawl or covering worn on 
a woman's head, a hood (also 

CAi^neos, -oije, -053, /., the sea- 
fowl called puffin. See cAndj. 

Ciil, -e,, and -rte,/. quality, 
reputation, repute, fame ; means, 
state, sort ; amount, «hM«, quan 
tity ; dispoeition, strength, pro- 
tection, keeping ; ii-moarAciit, 
of very bad oharaoto'; kind, 
quality ; ci ciiV xie f6]i= tioA* 
Asam, I have a, new sort {Don.) ; 
ei, c&it ihAit .ASAm, I buve a 
good de«I ; ca cM\. ifiAit Aifi, 
be is of good repute ; bl cAit 
itiAic ■oAOine Ann, there was a 
good number o( parsons present ; 
call ili6ti -oe, much of it; caiI 
beA5 Tie, a little of it (Omealli, 


CaiI, ., .-..,.. 

usually applied to an old ass, 

prob. for cAiLe ( W. Ker.). 
CAiLbe,^.tii,,/, baldness. SiecAtb. 
CAiLbeAe, -bi^e, a., wide-moothod. 
CAilbeACc, -A,/., yawning. 
CaiLc, -e,/., i»ialk; alto a shield. 
CAilce, ijtdec. a., chalk-white. 

Really gen. of CAilc. 
CAiLceAfi, -ci^e, a., chalky. 
CAilceAmAtt, -itiaIa, a., chalky, 

Cailcittm <cailciin), -ceA*. v. (r., 

CAitcin, g. id., m., a disorder of 

the eyes; a target, a small shield 

(from cditc, a shield). 
CAitc (iDA'A,/., red ochre. 
CAite, g, id., pi. id. -Liie, -tCA^A, 

m. and /., a oountt^ woman, a 

maiden, a girl (caiI^ is m. in 

Don. and in parts of Con.). 
CAitcAf. Set coiLeA^. 
CAiLeaeir-^*^P coicdBAiin, m,, 

common cock's-foot grass. 
Ciileatc, -A,/., nature; prt^erty; 


C^tle4ih4il<, -mLa, a., famona, re- 

Qowned, worthy. 
CAtte AKVA, indtc. a., girlisb, effem- 

CAtl.ednT>Ati, g. -Atfi, pi. id., m,, a 

CatVeos, -oije, -osa, /., a snow- 
flake (also c iL^s ). See h\iaz6^. 

CAit^, -e, jil. id.,/., a (tiug (of a 
bee, Bta.); Coif an Beat a cails 


deotdt, tetaoheay. Set cet 

Cail^eaC, -sise, a.,priokly. 

CaiL^eathdit, -ifita, a., 

Cail^m, -5ea4, «. tr., I sting, 
pnok ; deoeive. Sec ceatratm. 

Caiticfn, jf. id., m., disease of the 
eyes, o^thalmia. See cditcfn. 

CAiti'beaCc, -a, /., a quality ; 
qualificatioQ ; geniiia. 

Cailtn, g. id., pi. -tie, nt,, ft giil, » 
maiden ; caiLfti 6^ a grOHn-np 
girl ; cA)Un amifijiB, a serranl 
girl ; catlin bea;, a little girl, 
a yonog girl ; catifti ttfanca, ft 
fiuly-developed girl {Don.). 

CaiLin'D, oatends. 


Catll, -e, /., loss, damam ; n^t* 
riidp an ^aiLI 6T was it not a 

cattle, g. id., pi. -a6a, /., a veil ; 
ft nun's veil. 

Caitteafi, -Lise, -Leata,/., a nun; 
often caittead ■ovb is used for 

CaiLleat, -ti^e, -teaiA,/., an old 
woman, a hag ; a fisherman's 
stone-anchor i a fir Htump fonod 
in bogs ; a b«d or sbriTelled 

CaiLteataihait, -ihla, a., haggish, 
belonging to ao old woman ; 
pertaining to a niui. 

Cailteataf, -aif, ">., female 
monasticlsm; oowardiue; dotage; 

CaiLleae ftpeac,,/., the greysBa. 

gull ; ft fieh like the dog-fish. 
Caitl.ea<i •ieaps, /., red poppy, 

CaiLLea6 ■avtt, f., the 

Caillea£ na bptea'd, /., ft larg 

CaiLleai oi'AAe,/., an owl. 
caitleab )iua4, /., the loaoh, i 

caill.ea-6. ) 

Caillearii. j 

CaiLl.eaihain,-riina,pi, id,,/., Iosk, 
damage, failnre, neglcot ; aot of 
loeing 1 Tioin. also caitleaifiainr. 

CailteaAiTiaA, -ai^e, a., losing, 
defective, apt to lose. 

caitttfiin, g. *d., pi. -ni*e, «»., a 
little b^; ft kind of sea- 
~>igecin i a stunted tree in poor 


Caitlim, vl. cailtea*, caiLLeaih, 
caitteaThain(c), caiLL, cailtc, 
pp. cailLce, V. br., 1 lose, spend ; 
with afi, neglect, foil; in paw,, 
I die, perisn, am mined ; T>a 
caiLtea'6 i. he died ; ■ci, f£ 
caiLtce. he is mined. Does not 
mean "die" in Don. 

Caillr^anae, -ai^e, a., failing, 
losing, betraying, disappointing ; 
also used aa t3>., one that m- 
tTftjs, etc. 

caitlce, p.a., lost, dremobed, 
mined, destroyed, dead; very 
bad, as ba £ailtce an ihaire 
ajac 4, it ill beoame you to dio, 
etc.; {(yN. also has caiLtce, 
dead). Bee cailLim. 

Ca>tLcea£, -cige, a,, minous, 
dostniotive, hurtful, disastrous. 

CaiLLceaic, -a,/., losses, damages 

ounnoh. See coiLtueinat. 
Cailtceoip, -dfia, -difii'De, nt., one 

who is always talking (and 

hence losing tijue) (B.). 
CaiUlceoif, -ofa, -oi^i^e, n., ft 

gelder. Set coittceai|i. 

AiLLceoifi, -ona, -oitti'6e, m., a 

loser, a spender, a spoiler. 

' ■ ' " -ihiiie, a., of good 



1 brave, stronj^ 


C&im-UAl, -Mil, pi. id., m., a, 

C4im-ceal.d6, -Ai£e, a., wry- 

CAwn-tiAtv, -A, m., the oonstella- 
tion oalled the "plough" (P. 
O*!?. Bayithe "beftr"). 

Cdime, g, id., /., oraokedneea. 

CAtmedCin, ~hn, pi. id., 

honoh-backed peraon. 
C«iiheaiAn, -iin, pi. id., m., a pro- 

teotoT (thu wora is a Tsriant of 

CAOiTutin or c^oiihedi jn). 
CAim-f eoiiAin, /., a whirlwind 

Cdim-piAcWi, -Atge, a., taooked.- 

CAimre&A, -rise, a., orooked, 
ourled, winding, tonting; fraud- 
ulent, deceitful. 

Ciimreos, -oiKe, -054,/., a false- 
hocd, an illDUonj CAiinre^ii, 

dm, -ina and c&nAi, pi. -BAiA, 
/., a law, a rule ; a bne, tribute, 
rent; cAin dn Laiic, tonnage 

CA<n, -e, a., pleasant, Iiir, jnat, 
exaot, ohaiate, devout, faithful 
(olderfonnof CAoin). iScscAom. 

CJiinoAi, -nige, a., abnaiTe, satiri. 

Ciiin|Mced'6, -I 

., oonfiaoation. 

Ciinpiciin, -ceA*, v. tr., I fine, 
ameroe, oommand. 

CiinsBin, g. -jne, pi. -sni'ne, /., 
cause, dispute, oovenant. 

dispraise, reproaob, satirlie. 

CiitiSn (ciinuin), g. id.,pl. -lie, »., 
a speok, a mote in the eye, any 
litue dark partdole of matter in 
nd]k ; one of the minute particles 
of butter in a oiuuD i aanowdake. 

CAinIn, g. id., pi. -i'6e, m., a pqper 
cone (B.). 

C^inni^l, -ill., pi. id., m., a olun- 
uel, aoooal (J.). 

CAinnc, -e, -edtind,/., talk, speech, 
oonTBTsation, style ; idicnn ; a 
proverbial saying ; also vl., aet 
of talking, oonTersing : ni, b{ a^ 
CAinnc I expressiim of wonderl 
vi. CAinnc ASAZ J it is easv for 
yon to talk | An-£dinnc, Mck- 
talk (Der.) ; T>eAt-e,, wit, alever 
talk, {Sligo). 

Caitinceai, -cije, o., talkative; 
of peevish or malicious speech. 

CAinnceoiii, -otid, -oifti'de, n., an 
orator, a speaker, a talker, a 

CAinnci^im, nI. CAinnc, v. tr. and 
intr., I talk, speak, interrogate, 

CJiinreAft, -p^e, -ea^A, /., a 
female Bootd or satirist ; a 
female keener using scolding 

CJiinreoii<, -ofiA, -oipi4e, m., a 
scold, a satiriHt, a reriler. 

CJiinfeoifeACT;, -a, /., scolding, 

Cimpm, -fBA*, V. tr., I suold, 

abuse, revile, satirise. 
CiinceAe, -ci$, pi. id., m., a 

C^inceafi, -ci^c, a., abusive, funlt- 

finding, satirical. 
cAinceA6c, .a,/., act of satiriaiag 

or abusing, 
f^inceoif, -oitd, -oiffbe, m., a. 

reproocher, a satirist. 
CilnceoijieAdc, -a, /., a reviling, 

a reproaoh, aot of reviling. 
CAincic, -e, -i-be, dpi. cdincicift, 

/., a canticle, a hymn. 
CAipIn, g, id., pi. -I'be, m,, a cap. 
C Alp in ronAir, a ohild's oaul 

(valued by stulors). 

Ciip, /. ; in pkr. UA caib JAitiide 

Aitt, he has a laughing faoe 

CAipbeaCi,!!, -iin, pi. id., m., a 

Cdinbin, g. id.ii. -rite, »., a little 

ship i a carabine.,.,..i.,GtH)^lc 

oat aide of Uie Bculop-^ell-fish 

CAiftteAf, -A., ■>., a twut, turn. 
Cditnie, pi. of c>]i)id, ». or /.. » 

Caitroe, g. id., /., respite, deUy, 
credit, " tiok " ; pu-o do 4eAn- 
<aAt Ap Qitfi-ot, to bay good* on 
credit ; pvo \to tup ^ji c, to 
produtuiBte i ir rAT>A «n fiiif- 
got » loD^ respite up to thia 

CiitroedC, -nije, a., friendly, 

fKrcnirable, having nuiny frienda. 
CitnpeAtAr, -Aif, n., fiWdship, 

cAifiTieAriidiL, -itit«, a., friendlj, 

loving, kind. 
CAiiiTieAiht^c, -a, /, frieodahip, 

Ciipt^wsi /■• >• blnah ; tbe red- 

neas ottLoe which la oaoaed by 

CAi]ivedr, -t)ir and -'oeAr^, »-, 
friendahip; a aponaor, & dear 

beooming friendly or tuuiliar 
with; « citti-oear^i-Aeific le 
tifjtift <C40ine** ^iTic Ui 

CiitfoeAr Affofi;, I*., a apcoaor in 
baptiani ; aometimsa ciijiveAf 
oiwieBn aponsor in baptlun, 

CAtp'oio^'i't-i -^1^1 "-I '■ Cardinal. 

CAip^al^ 'ht, ft. id., md -ittzA, 
m., & qnajry. Set coif £'<'■ 

Caiji^ireii, -rije, a., fiuo, d«- 

CdirsBAr* -S'r ("^ cdpjir). "■. 

CAitineA6, -niS, -niie, at.,k Dmidi- 
□al priest; tJifcaife ciifneat, 
an oeprey, a kingfisher. See 

CAitinea£, -tiite, a,, atony, no- 
ercn, aboonding in oaima. 

the flat aide cd the 
CaititiiAr<'^i4e, g. id., pi. -■6t«, a>.. 

line bearing ; niaolly applied in 
an anoompuiiientary leoBe (£«r.) 

CAiffS'"' -e, /., a apeoiea of aea- 
weied ; a lund of aea-moaa. 

aaititilne«e, -ni^, pi. id., n., a frail 

paper oud ; writing ; 
chart, Iwiui ) af a CpeatiAnnatb 
CAiiica If c^t^, from their lands 
by right of aharter and. equity 
{ffSa. and Ftr.). 

Celtic, -e, -eatA, /., a cart. 

CAi|ic-£eAp, -£ip, pf. M., M., the 
nsTe oc stock (d a cait-wheel, 

CAtfceAfi, -ei£e, a., barky, belong- 
i^ to paper. 

Cdif ceox, -oise, -054,/-, a wheel- 
barrow ((yif.). 

CAit<ceoiti, -oftA, -oifiie, nt., a oar- 
man, a oatter, a wagg ~ 

CAifCim. See CAticaim 

CitiC'iail,/., amarineraoompasB, 
a chart of direotion. 

Cdi-tictAnn, -Ainne, -AinnA, /, a 

Ciifi -ej /> iff I eeteem, regard. 

ciifc, g. CifCi and Circ, /., 
E^t«ri the PasBorer; tnion- 
Ciifc, Epiphany ; "Domndfi 
CifcA (t). Cafc, Don,), Eaater 

C4ir-6idB> -A and -ii6e, pi. id., /, 
a ringlet, a cnrl. 

C<iij'-£i<kA'iLfi, -di£e, a„ having 
ringlets or oiirled hair. 

Cidrcin, g. id., m., wheaten meal 
{iha.) ; kiln-dried grain (Con.) 

Ciir*, g. id., /, cheese [num. also 

ciire, g. id,, /., love, aSeotion, 
regard ; also ci)r- 


Cdire,ff. id., irf.-p-6e,/., ft stream, 
abroob, a carTeat, a flocxl ; piLL- 
e^^ All an 5CAife d^ATmA, to 
return tho same waf (Jf.). 

Caire (from car> twisted, awry, 
etc.), g. id.,/,, a wrinkle, a fold, 
a twiat, a plait ; passion, disooid, 
hatred, isnooor ; qniokness ; 
feat an Caipe acA 'n-a t>ol5, 



Caireae, -f'tt 

Caifea*, -fee, «., Buddeoness, 

caireaL, -fit, ji. id., «., a castle, a 
bulwark, a wall ; a stone build- 
ing ; a olampiag of Hoda, eto. ; a 
BtoDB fort ; the towo of Caahel; 
US cup SAifil. clamping with 
soda or stonea. 

CatfeaLca, p.a., walled ; fortified 
with castles, towen, bnlwarka; 

Cairealcddc, -a,/., battlementH, 

Caireafban, -iiin, m., dandelion ; 
c. TiA mac, the common speoies 
cA bitt«r dandeliOQ ; c. caoL 
Tiedfi^ the I " " 

Caif-fSiceai, -tise, a., having 

CAif-fit-Lea-D, -Ice, m., aot of 
retDmiog, of coming book. 

cairineaftc, -a, /., nagging, 
grumbling, oomplaming (Con, 
and v.). 

Caip-iompd-d, -puigte, m., act of 
turning back. 

CAir'linin. 9- 'd., pi. -fde, n., a 
hard turn on an over-twisted 
straw rope; a half-knot; a fold, 
a wrinkle. 

Cdirte, g. id., /., a stream, a sea- 
inlet ; ^. Cuan Cairle, Cashla 
Bay, Co. Gal way. 

(UifLein, -team, pt. id. {g. also 
•ii\n, pi. id.), a oaatl«, a fort, a 

Cairteoip, -0(1 a, -onn-ie, n., » 
oaatle or fortress builder. 

Cairteoiiieafc, -a,/., the building 
of oastles or towers. 
•Lijce, p. a., wrinkled, shriv. 


CoifUn, g. id., pi. -foe, m,, a 

rkled little bird, a at^me- 
iSm cair^in. 
Catftin, g. id., pi. -ni>6e, «., a 

' streamlet. 

Cairmeafic, See caipnipc. 

Catnnijic, -e, -I'oe,/',, alarm, heat 

of battle ; conflict ; a plausible 

appearanoe ; etymolo^ ; c tw 

Cup ap t^iat, to tdl a story 

plausibly ; argument, diaouBSiou. 

caipnijiceaC, -cije, a,, noisy, 

quarrelsome, tnrbident, talka- 

Caipniitreat, -cit, pi. id., m., a 

quarrelsome, turbulent fellow. 
CaiTT^oS. -o'S*. -05a,/., a wrinkle, 

Caip|ie03a6, -aise, a., wrinkled, 

Caifrtat, -ciit.pi. id., m., aoastle, 

CAirc(ii,,pl,-i'6e, n,, aorafty 
little fellow ; a little girl of 
prematurely old appeaiaiuie and 
maimer ; a vicious person ; a 
potato shrivellad from frost 
or heat ; the stoae-obat or 
" chatter-stone," a speckled 
little bird b^iered to spend 
the greater part of the year in 
a, state of torpidity. 

Cairciimin, g. id., pi. -i-6e, ■•,, ft 
wrinkle, a amall plait, a fold. 

Can:=ci aic, what plaoe ! where! 
C^it, -e,/., chaff ; refose, rubbish. 

Caitbeat>ca6, -ai§, pi. id., n., a 

soldier living on free qnarteta. 
Caitbeipc, -e, /., armour. 
Ciiteat, -ciie, a., chaffy, having 

an inferior mixture, containing 

alloy ; fuU of chaff. 
Caiceaft, -cije, -ce&ta, /., a Uttle 

basket msde of green rushes ; 

a carpet of rashea (caiceo^, y.. 



-C6a6a, /., the 


Dowing sheet ; also dnfting left- 

CaicedeiLTi, -Jiin, fl. id., m., a win- 
CAitedCuAtn, -iitia,/., force, oom- 
pulsion ; r\i6 ti-itt< t. t>6i6 
gAbAit, througli which tlie; htul 
to -pam (Sg. Ch. M.). 
Caited*, -tee, m,, aofc of winnow, 
ing, snowing, pouring out ; 54ofr 
iJLirce, wind suitable for win- 

Cditeam, g, caicihe or Cditce, m., 
aot of eating ; eipendine ; spend- 
ing (time) ; using up, euiansting, 
oonsnming, wasting, wearing ; 
deoay ; durability ; caitearti i 
n-^ifTiG, tbeeajoeof "tosa-np." 

CdiceAih, m., force, compulsion; 
oonneoted witJi cdicim, Imust. 

Caiteaih, m., oredit (in ooromerciftl 

CaiteartiJC (caifiheat), -aij, m., 
a spendthrift. 

CatteoAtAtv (cAitiVieaCc), .«, /., 
devastation; spending. 

Cdifc-fiiTiei*, g. 'imrt and -Sit>- 
t^e, pi. id., n>., ^:monr, battte- 
ofothing or harness. 

CAiceo5, -oja,/., the nap of cloth 

CAiteos, -oise, -oja, /., a jackdaw 

CiiciS ^a'0«, Uie oommou heron 


CAitiiti, -teaili, m>, caitce, e. (r., 
I throw, hnrl, fling, oaat; waste, 
wear, spend; eat. drink, con- 
sume, use ; 6 £ai£ 4n ton^ an 
c-oiVean, as soon as the ship 
cleared the island (Aran) ; cA 
ft 05 caiceaih na hodcriia'6 
b1.i4'6na, he is in his eighth 
year ; I ttae (tobaoco) ; I smolie 

Caitim, rf. caiueaficain, I must, I 
am obliged to ; caitim Celt im 


C^itim, -itA-fi, V. tr,, I winnow, 

pour forth (ae tears) ; cAiteann 
r* rneaCca, it snows; faittti^e 
ftaitcea*. spray, 

Cairin, g, id., pi, .i'6e, f., th« nap 
of oloUi, the blossom or catkin 
of the osier ; a little cat, n., 
din. ot cac 

Catc<ne4i£, -nije, a., curled, nap- 

Cait-io)i£t.a6, -ai£e, a., battle- 

CA'tif, -e, /., love, friendship; a 
term of endearments 

Caici{^aC, -fie, a., fond, affeo. 
tioiiBt«, ktvely. 

Ciitteat, -Ut, «.. ohaff, husks; 
a winnowing sheet. 

cAitleafi T)eap5, -LiJ ^eips, n»., 
oonunon red poppy. 

Caitiheat, -rtiise, a,, spending 
wasteful, prodigal ; ciitmeat- 

Caitiheaiar, -Aif (caitceatar), 
m., prodigaUty, wast«, riot, ex- 

Cait-ihllBa4, -li4, pi. id., m., » 
soldier, a warrior, a hero. 

Caitne,, the arbutus tree; 
ubLa c, " catn-apples," arbatus 

Ciitne, g. id., pi. -iii-6e, m., a husk, 
a single atom of ohalT. Bet 

C^itnfn, g. id., pi. -i'6e, nt., an 
atom, a small particle of any- 
thing ; a husk of oom ; a snow- 
Bake ; the small particle of butter 
formed va a chum at first, 

Cai£|iea£, -jiige, a., of or belong- 
ing to a city. 

caiciifiim, -e,pl. -eanna and -eA6a, 
triumph, triumphing ; higii 
feasting ; a " run " in story 
telling (caitlSim or caiLufiim in 
parts of Con.). 

Caitpf imeae, -mi^e, a., triumph- 
ant ; holding a feast of triomph. 

Cait|t£imeaihaiL, -liiVd, a., trium- 
phant, viotonous. 


Caitpioji*, -ifite, m„ & flonriah- 
ing (a» ears of oarn from mo 

CAi£ue, p. a., worn, worn ont {of 
he&lUi) ; Boeat (of moiie^r) ; oou- 
■mned (of food, tobaooo, eta. ). 
{In Don. -fiAitce is used in this 
■ense tiao.) 8k cAiuim. 

CiitTM, p. a., wianowed, oleaiuwd. 

CdiicGdt, -ci£e, a., spending, 
liberal. See cAitmeAC. 

CliiueAfi, -ci^o, -ceiti,/., a win. 
nowiug Bbeet. Ste ci,itT:eAt. 

CAttcBd^iin, •, pt. id., »., » 

CAitceotti, -o^A, .oi}ii-Ae, m., a 
■pendtbrif t, & wsat«r ; an eater, 
» feeder; tiiioe-^., one witfa » 
poor appetfM. 

CiL, -Alt, »., cabbage, kail ; 
c^t, ce^nnAin, potatoes dreased 
np with butter, eta. ; alto, watch- 
lug, goardirig. 

C^La, g. id., »., a cape or cloak 
(iW). Su caLIa. 

CaIaKap, -Atf , m,, a nuDtel -piece ; 
ctACfA, id. 

CAVa-6, -M^i, pi. id., m., a shore, 
port, harboor, hareiii a rii 
side meadow ; a fen; ; a nan 
neok of the sea (non. also 

CaIa-6-)^^c, g. -^uifc, pi. id., m., 
a port, harboor, haveii. 

CAtA-Atfiif, -6fiA, -61111*6, m., a 

CAtdi^itn, -La^A*, e. tr,, I take 
harbour, renutin, reaide at. 

CaLah, -^in, pi. id., m., a gallon, a 
Teasel ; CAtiin Cf^tice, a milk- 
ing Tusel ; CAlixi CAorcto, a 
vessel for boiling ont a boat, 

CalAoir> -e, /., triokerj, deceit, 
knavery, fraud. 

CAtAOifeAfi, -pje, a., oheating, 

diihOQest, fiai^alent. 
CaLaii, the oholera (^0- 
CALb, -AiLC, »., hardness ; bald- 

CAt&Ad, -Ai^e, a., bald ; as *u6«., 

CAtbA^G, -a,/., baldiiM*. 

I ) C^t 

CAtcA'A, -eta, •t.,aot of corrupting, 

stagnating ; plugging up. 
CAlCAim, -4*, V, Ir. and intr., I 

coimpt, stagnate (said of a sore, 

or of stagnant water) ; I plug up 

CAlcAifie, g. id,, pi. -ftiie, m., a 

caalking iron. 
C4L5, -Atlse, .A.tsiie,/, a sting, 

a goad. See C0I5. 
CiLsAtm, -A-6, V. tr., I tting, 

CAljAitie, g. id,, pi, -jn'ie, St., a 

oheater, a wheedler. See cedV- 

CaU,, -AiLt, m., want, necesmty, 
loss, injury; ■oi in4iiiFeA-6 An 
buiicAr 1.4p tiiuAj mo dalL, if 
the oompany who pitied my 
need were alive (O'Jta.) ; ni'l 
CAtL cVAArii" Asac, yon have 
no need of complaining ; tiCt 
AMk ^Alt 011R1, tEei« is no need 
for tnei 

CaII, olain ; aft don (Jitt a^aid 
£0150, I have BO claim to it; 
also in phr,, ni tiAiB son fiitt 
ASAiti-pA teif, Z had nothing to 
do with him. (Tbia word is 
pron. like the Engliah "call," 
and in jf . is generally translated 
by " oaU " or claim. It aeems to 
be an English word, and must 
not be confounded with cAtt, 
want, need.) 

CAttA, ir.fd., jM. -i'6e,n., a woman's 
cloak or hood : a oowl ; a soil ; 
in pi., fineries of dress. 

CA^,^^^be,pl., m., potatoes bruised 
with a pounder. 

CAltAi'Ae, pi., fineries of dress, 
high oaol cap. eto. See CAttA. - 

Caltattie, g, id., pt. -pi'^e, m., 
a crier, prootatmer ; one who 
laments; a scold. 

CdltAiiieAic, -A, /., loud oaUing ; 

CAttnti, -iin, m., noise, clamour 
(of voices). 

CAttjnA^, -Ai$e, a., clamorous, 

CiX, leAnii65Ae, m., the green sonm 
that forms on shallow pools of 


Cit ( 

water during hot weather ; aiio 

a, green eeo-weed washed in by 

the tide. 

CaV1<Sit>, -e, /, B, wrangling, 

prating ; waiUng ; a funeral crj, 

CAtl6itied£, -tii^e, a., oompkin- 

ing, wailing ; noisy, clamoroui, 

'Wrangling; stormy; vi in ot*fie 

T^d^ CAtL6iT>eA£, the night ia 

oold and atonnj. 

CAtl-^t£i'6eeAC. -£i5e, It., dis. 

orderly, qnalrelsome. 
CaLLcip, -4111, pi. id., m., a oonltM'. 
CAlm, •ditme, a., calm, as ti an 

maitt CAtm (also cdilm). 
C^tm, -ditni,nt.,aoalin ; cacAlm 
mdjt Ann in'oin, tbere is a great 
calm to-day. 
CAlma, g. id., m.. baidnesi, 

strength, bravery. 
CALmd, iiidte. a., biare, Taliant, 

CflLmaft, -Jije, a., stout, brare. 
CAt-maic, -i.,/., iM^vety, coorage, 

Aeson, that is, Jason <£. R.). 
CAtm-i^dt, m., a time erf braveiy. 
Citm 0151m, -nji*, V. tr., I 

Btrengtiien, fortify, encourage. 
CA\,pA, g. id., pi. -AiiiKim., theoalf 

of the lee ; Cdlpafte tiedfCniH, 

the pillan of Heronlea. 8u 

colpA and coLCd. 
Cdm, -Aim, p2. -ta, M., a small 

Teasel for dipping ruah oandles 

in, or for smelting ; a oressat. 
" carnie, twisted, aw 
; perverse, deceitful. 
Cam, -Aim, »., deoeit ; orooked- 

neea ; alto, a qoarrel, a duel ; 

peAji ^ati cam, a plain, just man. 
Cama^, -mta, nt., set of bending, 

making crooked ; defrauding, 

wronging. ■ 

CamaoJaiL, -e, /, trioketj, 

double-d ealing. 

1 } C4ftl 

Camaim, -a-6, r. tr., I bend, make 

crooked ; I defraud, wrong ; aim) 

uKr., I grow orooked. 
Cdma lama, an uninteltigible tale ; 

CaibatV, -aitt, pi. id., *»,, a oamel 

(also cimati). 
Camatca, tndM. a., demure, staid. 

CainaleaAc, ■_,,., _ 
modesty, aobriety. 

CamAn, -Aiti, pi. id., m., a atiok 
with a erooked head; a hurly 
for ball-plaTins; camin batpe, 
id. {B.) ; a bend in a road, eto. 

Camanafic, -a, /., the game of 

Caminai'^eaAc Ste camina£c 
(also iom£nai-6ea£c]. 

Cam an ime, m., the buttercup 

CamAn mditi^, ■>., oamomile (alio 
cam An mlolLa). 

CamAn«i4«, g. id., pi. -4ta, flt., 

Caihaom, ^, /, daybreak, dawn, 
twilight : caihaoip an tae, the 
dawn of day (if.); caihaoit* 
- "),aperaonMpoor,nngaiDly 
iranoe (A). 

Camafi, -ai|i, pi. id., m., a jakes- 

d^ormed p , __ 

Cathafina, n>., a bale of flannel, 
etn. ; a tliiak pieoe of bread 

Camatifafc, -ai£e, a., twisted, 

Camatitai, -ai^e, -a,/., a barlot. 

Camar, -aif, •>>., a bay, 

Cimaf , -air, m., a fault. 

CamaJ^at, -aiSe, a., affected, pre- 
tentious ; BUly (CIm.). Ste ca-6- 
murae and ca'6mnr. 

CamarJaiL, -e, /., ohioanery, 
omoked dealing misrepresent- 
ing one's motiTeA. 

Cam-afna, the lowest rib of the 
lireast,ao called beoauae crooked. 
e, -i-ie, /., a crooked. 
worthleas person or 


thing : CAitiCAi-o t>^<^^"i"^> A 
worthless, alight spade ; cAih- 
CAiT>in be<i3, a, despicable per- 

Cam-tor, /., a orooked log, a 
bandy leg. 

Cam -do roc (cam a- to raft), -aije, 
orooked -legged, bandy-legged. 

CATn-Lnaihain, f., act of moving 

Cam-Ldb, -liibe, -dba, /., a ringlet 
of hair, etc. 

Cam-LmpsneaC, -nite, a., bandy- 
legged, club-footecL 

Cani.Lup5ft, -luitisne and 
-tuifiJTiiie, /., « olub foot; a 
bandy leg. 

Cam-niaineaLat, -ai^e, a., orook- 

Cami^, -iSise, -654, /., ft stick 
having a crook at the end ; 5^. 
caman, a hurley. (A new ladies' 
game is called cain6^ai'6eacc, 
aa distinguished from cdTtiiin- 
ai'6ea6c or iomanai'6ea6c, 

Camdj, -6156, -65a, /., a curl, 
cla^P, a ooinma, any thms curved; 
a bay ; a turn, a winding ; the 
concave side of a scallop shell- 
fish; an eqnivooation, a trick, 
deoeit; a large fishing-hook for 
ocmger eels. 

Camos ap*. /-. * temple (of the 

Cjmfisat, -aiSe, a., crooked, 
curled, twisted ; eqnivocatiag, 

a qmbbler, an equivocater. 

Cam65ai'6ea6c, -a,/. See cam 65. 

Camoif, '^,^-t a chamois. 
Camps, g.ia,,pl. •i'6e, m., a camp. 
Campui^im, -v^ai, v. ijUr., I en- 

Camtia, -ail, -ai-6e, /., a sewer ; a 
privy; dirt, filth, ordure; mail 
tampa 6ii4an 1 mbfiiLLic tap- 
tiai^e, like a putrid sewer 
beneath a vast rook (tToAn 

! ) cin 

Campat, -aije, -a, /., a tewer, a 
gutter, a house of eaae ; a closet, 
a Jakes (OW.). 

Cimpaic, -e, /., cambric cloth ; 
f nAcaiTj timpaice, ft needle for 
sowiug cambric cloth, a very fine 

Camfait, -al>a, /,, contending, 
arguing, wranghng (O. J.). 

Campaiiiail, -rtiUi, a., filthy, diri^y, 

Cam-peili5, -e, /,, a oinb-foot 
{from cam ftnd peilij), it being 
tkoagbt that if a pregnant 
woman pass over a grave, the 
child of whom she is jo^gnant 
will be clnb-foot«d. (This idea 
seems confined to the Ncoth, 
and stiU exists in Oavan and 

Camfan, -Am, }il. id., m., a snooeB- 
aion of windings (in rivers, eto.) 

Cam-rppoc, -poic, m., a perversa 
rabble (also cr ' 

Cam-f-pSn, /., a 

Cam-rndnai, -aije, a., orooked- 

Cam-{^ica, m., lit. orooked stake 
or stack ; ia phr. zi rt 'na tam- 
rcaca, he is dnmk {Omealh, 

Cam-fCHatc, /., the crooked limb 
of a tree. 

CAm-fuileat, -ti^e, «., crooked- 
eyed, squinting. 

Camca, p. a,, bent, crooked. 

Camca, g. id., pi, -i«e, m., a fol- 
lower, one of a faction (usually 
used in the pi, : 4 p6in ajur a 
CamcaiiSe, himseU and his fao- 
tion. — Ker.). 

Can, the form assumed by the 
negative particle ta before 
parts of the verb if (or with 
that verb omitted) ; tan mi, it 
is not I ; (an fib, it is not you ; 
tan ^utt, it is not, he or she is 
not; old form, not a(n), follows 
rules of tan. See 6a. 

Cana, Jr. id., pt. -i*e, n., a oane. 

CAna, g, id., pi, -nca, n., a tribute. 
Set dm. 


can ( ] 

CAiiAt, -41 J, m,, lint, cotton, down ( 

the ootton-down plant. 
Carid£, -Ai^e,/., tribute, tax, rent. 
Ci.n^tAf, -aif, pi, id., m., custom, 

cAiidfic, -^ /., taxation, sot of 

CAHAtb, -e,/,, hemp. See cniib. 
CAniil, -ilA, pi. -&\,Ar<>e and 

-htct,/., a ooireat. 
CADAim, -4*, f. (r. and wrtr., I 

dng, chant, reoite, I say. 
C&Ti£t4±, -d*^, fi{. id., m., a i«a. 

flood, a torrent ; a canal. 
. C<in Amain, -mna, pi. id., and 

-ifiAinciie, /., a dialect laa. 

goage ; aooent, pronnnoiation. 
CAni>n, -Am, pi. id., »., an orohin. 
CanknAt, -aiJ, pi. vd., m^ a oanon- 

iet; soaoon. 
Cdndf, ad., vhenoeT from what! 

CAnncaft, -atji, m., a oancer ; anger, 

CAnncpat, -ai je, a., angry, vioiona, 
ill-temperedj, nethil (cAnnclAfi, 

CAnnctiai$im, -u^Ai, v. (r., I Tex, 
atmof , t«aae, au^. 

CanntAti, -itn, pi. td., n., a family, 
sap. a young helpless family 
(tT.and ffiK.). 

CATintiin, -lin, pi, id., m., a con- 
tenti<»i, a gnunbling, a mutter- 
ing, a chattering, a murmuring, 
a wrangling. 

CAnnfinAi, -Atje, a,, dissatisfled. 

C Ann (I Jin Aim, xi. -(ijn, v. tr. and 

intr., I chatter, mutter, grumble, 

CAnnCA, g. id., pi. -lie, la,, a junk, 

aportton; CAnnuA AttAin, apiece 

of bread ; also cdnnnA. 
CAnnCAl. See CAnnrlA-A. 
CAnncLAC, -Aije, a., sor 

morofw, cranky. 
CanncLA*, -ai*, m., sorrow (n 

sIbo cAtincLAAi). 

t ) CAO 

CAnncldifi, •6t"<'. -iifi'Se, m., a 
Borrowftd, moroM person ; a 

CAnncfiittin, a. W., pi. tie, »., 

twilight, nightfall. 
CAn65, -fiise, -65A, /., a •ea-bird, 

a puffln ; OileAn na sCAnd^, 

Puffin Island, near the Skelligi. 
CAttdin, -6nA, -dine, /., a oanon, a 

rale ; Canooioal Soriptore. 
CAttAnDA, indee. a., oanooioal. 
CAnAn'OAec, -a, /., Moonization ; 

•ot of Moonizing. 
CAtiuiltl., -JiLa,/., aot of sellina by 

auction, nanting {A.); aet Ot 

Toting {(yy.). ; piim. cean- 

Canciiiteafi, -lit, -lt£«, »., a 

■met {(yy.). 

CancAii), -ana, J., ap«*king, 

CancaifB, g. id., pi. -tii*e, m., a 

chanter, a singer, a chorister. 
CAiiCAipeAic, -a, /., aot of sing- 

ing ; the chanting of pealms. 
CancJilaim, ti, cancait, v. tr., I 

sell by auction. 
CAncAoi^, -e, -lie, /., a press 

(also cancairt). 
CAncniJtsoiti, -op a, -oifroe, ■»., 

a singer. 
CAOb, -A, m., a clod, a lamp, a 

shovelful of oW, eto. ; a layer ; 

the portion of hav, etc., taken 

at a time by a fork ; an untidy 

person. See fCAob. 
CAobAfi, -Aije, a., in streams or 

layers ; olnnsy, untidy. 
CAobai, -Alt, pi. id., m., an un- 
gainly, dull-witted person. 
CAObAiRi, -A^, V. fr., I throw clods ; 

clear away rubbish ; I pour out. 
CaoltAn, -Ain, pi. id., tit,, a place 

of shelter or oonoealmeDt; a 

CAoCAn, -im, pt. id., n., a twig, 
a bough, a branch. 

CAobfi^, -6ise, -6^^, /., a clod, a 
lump of olay, etc. ; aim. of CAob. 

CaoC, -AOiCe, a., blind, dim-eyed ; 
Masted (of wheat, etc.) ; peap 
ioaIL, ft blind man ; J^eA]1 caoC, 
a dim-eyed man, a blind man (in 


CAO ( ] 

•n abntive sense) ; neAnnc6^ 
tiot, B, apeoies of nettle ; budiL 
fi CAOt rfmrniC 6, h« beat him 
to bits, destroyed his faoe (with 
blows or words) ; fSAn aoi, a 
man having an impedim^it in 
hia apeeoh {Steath). 

Coofidim, -dti, V. tr,, I blind, 
•tapefy, blast, 

CAOfjkn, .hn, pi. id., m., a blind 
peraon, beast or bird ; a note 
or donnotue. 

CAofan, -^in, Jil. id,, m., the 

fundament ; Binglings 
firat produce of diatui 
rill (Am. 

Ution; a 

CdO£an')£, -^13, pi, id,, m., an awk- 

Wdid, listlesa person. 
CftoCiniiSe, g, id., /,, awkward- 

neea, listlessneaB. 
CaotLi*, ic. See ctAo£t']L'6, ^c. 
CaoC m 3ced)ic, n., common hen- 

Caoeag, -6156, -651, /., a nttt 
without a kernel; a fuzzball; 
blind man's buff; a blindfolded 

know what 1 
CAot-jiua-b, m., the wire-worm. 

Caot-fjiiriAt, -Aije, a., having 
obetraoted noa^ls ; speaking 
through the nose. 

Cao£-f|i6nui'6e, g, id,, pi, --tte, 
one who speaka indiatincUy, or 
through the nose. 

Cao|-a'6, -Aii>, m., Donteution, teas- 
ing, perplexity. 

Caos,,/., a wink, 

CaojAt, -aije, *., squint-ejed. 

CaosAX), m., Gftji nve decadea, or 
the tMrd port of the Rosary. 

Caosat)!!!^*, num. a,, fiftieth. 

CAosAi'ie, in phr, ^m' iAosAi^e 
AonAifi, all alone i.C<n-li). See 

CAOjAi-oin, 3. irf.,pi. -i-6e, m., the 
lai^ bead between the deoadea 
of the Rosar;, hence a solitary ; 
im' fiAOSAi-oin aorlAip, all alone 
by myself {Ker,), 

CAo^Aiin, -A-^, V. inlr,, I wink 
(somot. written cAoiAim). 

1 ) CAO 

CAOS-fiJiVeAt, -tike, a,, aquint- 
eyed (caosAft, id,). 

Cao 1 , J. I rf. , ^ -ce. /. , mode, way, con - 
dition, method, manner, means, 
arrangement, diape ; cad & An 
i,, CIA An i., how r (Con-) ; c.a 
i. bpail. cii, how are you! (Coti.); 
An t. ti&Tint, in the same way ; 

... Afi d. All bit, 
anyhow, at Kay rate ; 1 5CAO1 
50, so that ; ni'l AOn £aoi 
A^Atn Ai|i, I have no means of 
doing it, of ohtaiaing it; ri'l 
AOn £aoi Af A^Am, I have no 
means of avoiding it; 1 5CA01 
■OAtn, when I get an opportu. 
nity (nron. caoc in M., as nAoi, 

Caoi, g, id, (j. cAOice, Kea,),J., act 
of weeping, lamenting, mourn- 

[ my horaemau Ifl'R.). 
iaoice, fl. «l.,X> blindnesa, aquint- 
ing ; deprivation ; state of heing 

blasted (of com, etc.). 

Caoicriir. See coictijeAf. 

CAOi-Dim, ti. cAoi, V. ir. and ititr,, 
I weep, bewail ; A5 caoi a c§iLe, 
bewailing her apouse {CfRa.). 

Cioi-SoL, -Juil, m,, weeping, 

CaoiL, -e, /, loins ; the waist. 

CAOite, g. id.,/., narrowness, slen- 
demeaa, Bparsenesa ; aoarcity, 
want; grace (caoiLbaCc, id.). 

CAOiifi-^eAtinj-A, a,, gentle, mild, 

CAOiih-feAnnf aCe, -a,/., mildness, 
meeknesa, oentlenesa. 

CAOiihe, o. i<L, /,, genOoneaa, mild- 
ness ; boauty, grace, courtesy, 
civility ; cioiiiieAtc, id. 

CAOiriieACin, -Ain, pt. id., m., an 

CAOimeAtAr, -Aif, pi. id., ri., 
entertainment, society. 

CAOimCAmAil, -itiLa, a., mild, dis- 
creet, kindly ; soft, fair. 

CAoiiheAihlAic, -A, /., diacretion, 
kindness, mildness. 

CAOimin, g. id., pi. -I'Oe, «., the 
horb eyebright. 


CAO ( 1 

CAonnin, -e,/., theninmln (ffiW.). 

Cdoiihfneaic, -d, /., grazing on 
oonunons {O'N.). 

CflOiih -Lean nan, -ain, pi. id., m., 
a, dear Mend, a Bweet-heart. 

Cioiiii-rfifii tine aft, -tiije, a., gentle- 

CaoiiVi-rciat, -£ite,/.,a8bield, an 

Caoiihted^, -cite, a., social, 
friendly, comrade -like. 

Cdoiinteaf, -cij, -teada, m. or/., 
a oompanioQ ; a bed-fellow ; a 
dear friend; ^uf £ailteaj- mo 
iaoiihceaft caoin, that I lost my 
graitle boon companion (ifcD,). 

Caoiriitea£af,-aif, n.,aa8oaiation, 
fellowship, partnership, 

Caotn, -e, a,, gentle, mild, tender, 
kind ; pleading ; nnniffled, 
imooth, polished ; delicate. 

Caoin-&ftar^*' -ai*e, a., of pure 
life, of gentle behavionr. 

CAOin-nealb, /,, a fair form. 

Caoine, g. id,,/., gentlenaas, mild- 
neSB, amoothneu. 

Caoineai, -nee, pi. id., n., act of 
moiuning. lamenting, wuling, 
orylng, ikploring ; a lament, an 
elegy ; i scaomcib, in keening, 

Caoineaf, g. -a and -nif, m., mild- 
ness, smoothness, gentleness. 

Caoinini, -nea^, v. fr,, I lament, 
bewail, weep, cry, "keen." 

Caoin Lead, -LiJ, pi. -Uke or 
-teaCa, m., stubble ; BtalkB of 
com left on the field by the 
reaper; also conntaft (Ooti. and 

CaoinceiC, -cite, o., sad, sorrow- 
ful, monmM, melancholy, 

mourning, lunentdng ; bean 
CaointeadAin, a woman who 
mourns at a wake or funeral. 

Caoiti-beanc, m., a clnster or 
bunch 01 berries. 

Caoi|i-beiftcea±, -ci$e, a., bearing 

Caoiii--6ea(i5, -eitije, a., red hot ; 

of a Saming red colour. 
Caoif-feoil, -peola,/.. mutton. 

CaoirSit, -B, -ce, /., n bla/e, a 
flame ; caoitijit rtidp teinea*, a 
flaming 6re. 

Caoiftte, a. id., pt. -afia,/., a little 
lump, clod or mass (from caon]. 

CaoipLe, g. id., pi. -a*a,/., a ctub ; 

toppling {ffN.). 

CaoifLi^e,^. a., tumbled, tossed, 
scattered m heaps (ffN.). 

Caoi-fcfiea-o, n»., a scream of grief. 

Caoiteaitiait, -ihla, a., opportune, 
timely ; leisurely ; having 
means of doing a uing ; caCoiii 
vaih-ra £ 6 caim caoiteaiiiait 
annpo, give it to me, as I am 
opportnnely sitnated here (of 
something to be done) ; mafta 
Tirisi-6 CO c, nnless yon oome 
on the qviet (C7ob,). 

CaoiteaitiLadc, -a, /., leisure, 

CaoL, -aoit, -aotcA, m., the smaller 
or narrower part, "the small 
of " (foot, back, etc.) ; the waist, 
loin ; c. na 'ootttne, the wrist ; 
c. an 'D]ionia, the waist; c. an 
cuifine, portion of a spinning- 
wheel [Der.); c. an mumit, 
narrow part o[ the neck, 

Caot, -oiL, -otcA, m,, a marshy 
stream, a marsh ; a biutow 
rapid ; a strait. 

Caot, -oiLe, a., narrow, slender, 
thin, graceful, slight ; CAot- 
£i)iTi, a slight portion ; caoL- 
et^Dai-d, stingy ; somet. used as 
a mere intensitive ; 50 ceagic 
caot r>ft<ea6, right straight ; 
caoL is (nten compounded with 


small of the back ; caol-^eaf, 
a slender, graceful man, etc, 
CaotaA, -ai£, m,, limm lilvtitre, 
fairy flax ; a, sapling ; a 1i(^t 
plantation as distinct from 
trees ; the roof-wattling of a 
house ; the breaat-ribs ; plait 

{(fBa.) ; en* caoLaiJ, a prison^ 
a cage for malefaotws, , 


CAoUnidtti, -dtiA, '6irii'6e, m^ a 

nun who m&kes baskels, eto. 
CaoLdT>6i]ied£i:, -4^ /., wicker- 

CdoLiin, -AID, pi. id., **., the small 
inUotiiwa, tripe ; c. imLiocain, 
the iiaTel.«liiiis ; rd^la^bufoe 
tiA <^, Uie oh^e, a yellow flaid 
vonutod ia Baa^oknecs after all 
food ia tibiown np. 

CAOt^orAC, ^i$e, a^ ilender- 

CAoUCjiot AC, -Ai^e, a, of gnuwfol 

CAot-£t<aAr6, a., stingy; wiij. 
CA0t-£aihAn5, -dinse, a., alender, 

CdoUvoif c, IT- u^'i ■•■> • graoefal 
oak plaJitaUoii. 

CAoL-vtiotn, -A, pi. -dnnA, m., a 
■lender or graceful back ; caoL 
T>tu>niA, the small of the back. 

CaoUf Alt, -e, /., nettles ; the herb 
heinfF(cnil pi'*. I><m.). 

CaoUf6T), -^on), pi. id., m., the 
narrow aod tamed up bj the 
pkmgh to clear the fnirow. 

CA0t-£L6|tA£, -Aige, a., shrill- 

's the cuckoo (Araji). 
CAoUtUi'6A)K, M., narrow or sharp 

CAoUtuiiAiica^, -Ai5e, a., narrow- 

sighted, diarp^ighted. 
CAoL-cdiri, -cntfie, -CBi|ii-*ej/, • 

narrow tower, a p;Tamid {Sea.). 
CAola^i, -vi^e, ■>., aot of 

n yoorselt. 

CAoloiSim, -agA'6, v. (r. and Mi*r., 
I restrain, stint (myself) ; I go 
away qoietJy ; vo 6itoLui$ r^ 
teir. He glided away quietly, 
made himself soaroe. 

CAOih, -01 me, a., gentle, mild, 

CAOih, -otih, jJ. id., 

CAOinAiin. jSh CAOiiinAiin. 

CAomAini;, -Anco,/., protection. 

CAoriian, .AID, pi. id., h,, a mild, 
gentle person. 

CAotiiADCAt, -Ai^ pi. id., n., a 
protector, a snj^KHler. 

CAOih-£|iu£AniAiL, -inlA, a,, slen- 
der, finely formed. 

CAom'PA, g. id., «., poetiy, versiii- 

CAoiii-LAfAif, y., a small blaze, 
a moderate fire. 

CAoihnAi, -Ai$e, a., oompanion- 

CAomnAfir, -a, y., oompany ; 

pnDteotion, defence ; nnrtore, 
CAOmnAi, -lii AnCA, >*., act of keep 
ing, majntainiiig ; act of res- 
trainingj act of protecting, 
sanng ; proteoti<m, defence ; 

CAomnAim, -A«, v. tr., I p 
protect, keep, maintain. 

CAoiiinAr, -Aif, I., proteotion. 

CAamnaj^'6, -Dt^te, m., act of 

CAOihnui^e, g. id., pi. --Aie, a 
companion, an attendant. 

CAOiTinai£ini, -bJa-6, and -liiAih- 
Ainc, e. (r., I protect, defend, 
aave ; ca r^ Afi a (AOniAiiiAinc, 
be is in a safe tetreat. 

CAOiimni^e, p. a., protected, 
nurtured, befriended. 

CAOmnni^eAe, -cije, «., protect- 
ing, proteotiTe. 

CAOihnDi^eoif , -ofiA, -aifii^e, »,, 

CAombs, -*iss, -65A, /, an affec. 
tioDa«e woman. 

CAOiTirAi^m, -^e, v. Ir., I rehearse 

C40mrui'6ce,p.a., rehearsed (O* JV.) 
CAoriiroi'iceoiTi, -ofiA, -oiin-ie, m., 

a otuleotor, a rehearaer. 
CAomtAi, -tAi3, pi. id., m., s 

friend, an associate, 
CAomui^im, -uSA-A, v. tr., I cher. 

iah, protect^ save, defend, keep; 


CaodaA, - 



ible ; cdonaC me,fA, 

. . tsonai Liat, mildew, 

C<iondt<i -Aifi >^'i ootton. 
Caon-'oitliidc, -4, /., good-will ; 

earnesteiesi ; devotion. 
CAon-T>ucfAti;Ai, -dii^e, u., de- 

Tout, aBsiduDus, zenlouE. 
CAontids, -6156, -654,/., a nost of 

wild DOBS ; tamal^ rtrife, a 

fight (ctj^rnAs, W.). 
C<ioii|<Dr'^i -41 £b. <i-j tender, 

gentle, kind. 
CAOncA, iitdee. a., private, seoret. 
CAonntie, g. id., pi. -iitB, m. ; 

im' i. Aondifi, aa a •oliterj' 

wretoh. Set C40S4I'A«- 
CdOf, 'A, pi. id., /., a mountain 

berry, the rowan ; grapes (in v'.) ; 

rc£iL tiA scAop, the blueh of 

the rowan beiiy ; C40]i £on, 

dogberry ; caoji fcAtitiAn, pig> 

nn^ earth-nat. 
Caoti, 'Oifie,/., a red Uazo, a flash, 

derbolt; c. lAtiAinn, a mau of 
inm red hot in a fnmaoe. 
CAop, -doif , ii£ «{., »., a diy olod 
or Imnp of^earth or tmf. 

CaOfUL, (r. -At, d. CAO If 1^ fipl. CAor d, 
CdOfCd, CAOIft^ lff)t. CAOfAt 

and cdoifieaC, t^. caofiaib.yl, 
a sheep, an ewe ; JTaiLt ha 
SCAOifeAC, a olifF overlooking 
Qie Puffin Island {Ker.). 

CaotiAi'6eA£c, -a, J''., a foray or 
plundering of cattle ; cattle and 
their caretaker. 

CJofAiieaSu, -a, /., soolding, 
satire ; in phr., U65 dgAi'6 uo 
£AOf ui'6ed£cA iiom, turn away 
the edge of your aat^ or soold- 
ing from me (said to a soold). 

CdorUfi, -^iTi, pi. id., m., a t^od, 
a fragment of drv peat used for 
fuel; aBmallBpark; cuof pAn and 
CAO)!ti05 (^n.) ; proQ. cd'OTiin. 

CAOf -buiLe, g. id., /., wild rage ; 
■00 Liim |-i 'n-A 44op-6uiLe, he 
spnuig wildly. 

CAOft-'fieAiic, --fieitise, a., ruddy, 

■" "h CtlAOfULC. 

CAOft-'fieAiic, - 
beny-nidT , 

r ) CAR 

CAOfi-'bab, -DiCe, a., of the ooloor 
of blackberriea ; jet-hlaok. 

CAOftdnn, -Ainne, -AntiA, /., a 

CAOf^s, -di^e, '6^, /, a little 
berry ; a bit of butter from the 
chum ; cAon^c tianA, meadow 
rink IffN.). 

CAOftADD, g. -Ainn, pi. id., m., the 
rowan or quicken tree, mountain 
ash; CAO|t£Aori«iTin, thebeny 
□f the qnioken tr«e. 

Cdoji'ieinci'ie, g. id., /., a flash 
of lightning, a thunderbolt; 
also CAOp-tBincefln ; cf., cAOtt- 
teiriceAn OfC, blast youl (Don.). 

Caoji-tonn, -tainne, -tonnT:^, /., 
a fire- wave, a fierce wave. 

CMytAi, -di$e, «., ahowering. Set (cit (hBALd), -414. Sh, 

CapaLL, g. -Aill., pi. id. (in Con. 
and Don., alao CAiple), n., a 
horse, a na«; a mare, a« dis- 
tinguished from seAfiftAn, a 
horse (F. and Con); c. CAiih- 
tAt, a vary large herring 
(ToufW) ; c fiiihe, a sea- 
horse {Aran) ; c. FAiflise, a 
sea-horae [Str.) ; c. coftt^^, a 

CAP65, -^150, -65A, /., the herb 
dock ; CAp^s n'^''°Bi .'■' sharp- 
pointed dock ; c. Ai<Jf ntfce, 
neat water-dook ; c. ^iAfi 
sWp-pointed dock ; c. rleAth- 
Ain, ooltsfoot (U.). 

CApT:Aoin, g. id. pL -i'6e, si., a 
captain ; CAiFcIn (Son.'), 

CApCAOineA^c, -a,/., a oa^tainoy. 

6Afl (£A-no), neg. part, (with perf . 
tense), not (17.). 

Cap, for cA, where ! before perf, 

Cif, -Ai|i, pi. id., the mouth ; a 
twisting of the mouth ; alsoc^ip. 

CAfA, g. CAfATI, d. CAfAlt), tipl. 
CAfAlTt, Caitl-Oe, gpl. CAfATl, M. 

and /., a friend, a beloved one, 
a rehitivB, a term of endeannenti 
nan. CAtiA {Don.) ; num. also 


CAR ( : 

CatiA, g. id., n., a leg, a baunob; 

caf a muice, a kajn of bacon. 
CifiaUac, -iic, jrf. id., m., a cravat. 
C^tiibo, noiBe, totnult, exoitement 

CdiiAbunnCd, nt,, naiBS, tumult 

Cifa'oaiTiaiL, -iViLa, a., friandlj 
befriended ; widely conneoti 
tiuine c, a person having 
BXtenaive family coimcation. 

CapA'cari '-^Ti "^-^ "Uioi 
an act of frienaabip. 

ui$im, -■oa*. V. ft-., I be- 


CdtiagaiL, -aLa, /., hardship., indec, a., batd, cloee- 
preasing (of wrestling). 

Cap^im, -a-b, f. ft"., I lovo. 

Cap^n, -am, pi. id., m., a beloved 
one, a darling; ba tafian ban 
If maiJTJean 6, he was the 
darling of women and maidens 

^ (0«.). 

CAt<ini:A£> -*t&e. »■. friendly 

Cattincar. -air» •"-. friendship 

{Dim, and Onuodi). 
CAfiaf6i|t, -6fia, -6irii'be, ?a., the 

captain of a ebip (Kfr.). 
Cflt'^i 3- caipb, pi. td., m., a ship ; 

also, a plank, a bier; a sorim- 

Ca^bav, -aiTi, pi. id., m., a chariot, 

OOBOb, waggon, carriage, litter. 
Cawba'D, -ai-o, pi. id., m., teste ; 

the month, the gum, the jaw ; 

]:iacta calibai'O, the teeth of 

the uppOT ]aw. 
Caiibfl'oaiSc, .«, /., act ot making 

or of driving a chariot. 
CanbaTjan, .hn,,m.,a,tooth- 

less person. 
CipbaTiiiiii, -6]ia, -fiiin'oe, a., a 

Caiibaipneac, -nij, pi. id., to., a 

periwinkle {K«r.). 
cafbatt, -ailt, pi. id., m., the 

palate; the xoof of a dog's 

mouth. A dog haviog a very 

block catibaLt is supposed to bo 

a great fighter. See capbaD. 

cap*'*'-''! -iiLl., pi. id., m., a 

booldor, a very big rook 

CapOaLl., -aitt, pi, id,, m., a oarol, 
song ; a confidential oonversu- 
tion, a discourse ; caitȣ an 
cajtbaLt i reo aji fiubaL Anoip 
agsib, what conversation is this 
in which ye are engaged ! 
A jifiilceann na caippje, 
A naoim-Jeaca pappcaif, 
eipc-fe Lem' dapball, 
'S tern' AsaLLopcootnoit. 
-(2-. G.) 
Capbanaft, -aij, pi. id., m., aship's 

Capbdnae uirce, m., a carp-fish 

CapCac, -aic, m., a cravat ; capb- 
aca, id. See capabac. 

Capcaip, -cpad, pi. -cpafta, /, a 
prison (lAt. carc&r) ; a oofier ; 
a slope, a sloping height. 

Capua, g. id., pT -i-de, m., a 
card ; a playing card ; a sea 
chart ; an inatnunent for teas- 
ing wool ; cajiua is also used for 
a playing card. 

Cip-oail, -ata, /., act of carding 

Cap-oitaim, -aiL, B. tr., I card, 
Capuuijim, -oait, v. tr., I card, 

CattfocaL, -ait, pi. id., m., anti- 

pnrasis, a quibble, a pun. 
cansail, -ata,/., tumult {T. O.). 
Capjaop (cappaijear), -aoif, »., 

Lent (qnadrageesima) ; aorrow, 

compassion (Cm.). 
Capjar. Set capjaop. 
CapLa, g. id., pi. -iiie, m., a wool 

oomb (81C in Con. ; in M., cap'oa, 

which aee). 
CapLaftan, -atn, pi, id,, n»., u 

carder, a scribbler (O'N.), 
Captui5»n, -la-6, v. ft-. See 

Cap-mosat, -ail, pi. id,, m., a 



Caji-n, g. ca>im and cdjidinn, m., a 
heap of imytbiiig ; a pile of 
stonea ; the piles on which the 
Druids lighted their solemn Gros 
on May day ; a ^gaa prieat ; 
the word c&fn la common in 

caimafi, -BiSe, a., in maasea (of 

the hair). 
C.'pnait, -aLa, /., act of heaping 

up, amassing [cit|inA'6, id.). 
Caiinaim, -a*, b. tr., I heap up, 

pile (flgetlicr ; I plaof ' ' 

CA|tn cuiihne, m., a moniuaopt. 

C4)iii-^oLr. n>., a heap of tresses, 
a mass of h^ ; an arrangement 
of the hair on the crown of the 

Cd]in-uiTia, m., an udder having 
solid comcra, as la found anme- 
timea with cows aoon after 

, , tt ' ' -" 

without the head. 
caiitt, -Aipjie, -a., /., scab, itch, 

mange, scurrj, crust, bran ; 

cijipai-oe, id. ; ft grin. See ciiji. 
C<s|i^a, g. id,, m., stepping stonetp, 

a causeway. 
C4]il;''ti -ai^e, a., scabbed, mangy, 

bald ; stony, rocky, barren. 
Cdiitta£An, -am, pi. id., m., the 

rook fiab called " cobbler," more 

scabby wretch ; a peraoa with 

an uneven gait. 
Cdi't'''''^^i 3- "'i /•' mftnge, scabbi- 

nesB ; captiai'oejiiic, id. 
CaTiiiai'oin, -e, /, the thick part 

of buttermilk ; the barmy part 

of milk. 
Caniiais, g. -e and ciiiipse, J^. -e, 

ciinpse, cjppaiseota, caiiirs- 


/., a rock, a large, prominent 
stone ; catiiiais i KcirLL, ft rock 

Cippaij Bpdso, /., a pook of 
which no part is above water in 
any tide, out which ie not far 
below the surface of the ae«. 

Ca-jipcisiti, g. id,, pi. -fie, m., k 
little rock (also caipp^in]. 

C^iip^il, -aLa, /., fermentation of 
leaven, yeast, or barm. 

Cappiiirue, g. id., pi. -ui-fie, n., a 
carriage ; bag^ge, a bundle, 
stuff; dross, attire ; gait, deport- 
ment, behaviour ; courage, con- 
fidence, •elf-reliaiioc. 

CAppiifceamail,, -itiLd, a., oonra- 
geouB, self-reliant (pron. cpaif. 

CAfipa ihitif, g- c. ihitre, /-, wild 
liquorice root ; wild peas. 

t^ppin, -im, pi, id., m., a reaping- 
hook ; a name for an indented 
or serrated mountain ; CAppi,n 
CoitiiL (the serrated mountain 
of Toathal), Cani Tual, in Kerry, 
tlie highest mountain in Ireland 
(also cop pin). 

CAppifi, -am, pi. id., m., oominon 
scurvy grass, 

Cappin, -am, pi. id., m., the jaw ; 
tlie knuckle- Done of the kip. 

Cappin, -im, pt. id., m., a oar, a 
cart ; cafpin pleaihnain, a 

CappAna£, -ai^e, a., having long 

or prominent jaws ; hooked. 
Cappa rteamnom, m., a sliding 


: taking loads down a 

CappCar, -41 fi ^-1 intemperance. 
Cappfij, -fiije, -654, /., a little 

pit ; adt M sulks ; anger. 
Cipp6ip,-6pa, -diprte, m., a carter, 

a oar driver. 
Cappta-fi, -ii*, -ai*e, m., a pillar, 

monument; pier. 
Cappiiti, -am, pt. id., m., a noise in 

the throat ; hoarseness ; asthma. 
Cipranaft, -aiSs, a., hoarse. 

', A 


C^R < 1 

Cdt<c, -itji^, ji. id. and -Ai'6e, n., 
a quart i cajica (Don.). 

A playing oud. See caii-oa. 

CJi]tca edit, n., the last card ; the 
main-Btay ; tlie " man iix thft 

CajiCd-d, -CCA, «., act of emptying 
ont (aa a cargo) ; not of throwing 
away ; what u thrown away ; 
bogatu^ rubbish j clearing, 
aleaiiBing(I7.}; as c. lidibaC, 
tamiing nidea {U^. 

Cdncdim (rcapcAitn), -a*, p. (r., I 
oiaoharge (aa a cargo) ; I rid, 
clear awaj, shovel ; I overthrow 
Tlolently, fling away, expel, sub- 

fleeh 1 in M, rcdfcjin, or 

CAfcAn CAO|iai, in., aheep-veriniu 

(Don.) ; fof CAOttdi, id. 
C4)i6an cHtipAi^ m., wild officinal 

CAtttAnnAC, -di^e, a., charitable, 

friendly, kind. 
Cd|ifc4nnatc, -a, J., charity, kind. 

nees, friendliaess, gentlemeas. 
CAftanriAr, ^air, o*-! friendship, 

CAticuigim, -ca4, t>. tr., I cleanse, 

tan, strip the burk off. 
Catiniie, g. id., pi. id., »., a 

wrestler ; a debater. See cof- 

Cir> 9^- cAire, a., crooked, 

winding! wreathed, entwined, 

twisted; nimble, aotivei tasl^ 

peevish, angry, wiasionate ; haid 

to deal with, difficult. 
Cdf, -A, -dniiA, m., a fold, a plait ; 

twist. iSae car-i*- 
CiT, g. ci,ir, pi- id., m., a cause, a 

ease ; sad plight, strait ; niof 

4ir -Doit i «eaiuiih, you oguld 

not possibly do it {Ker.). 
Q^r^tVAt, g., -Afs and -Ai§e, m. 

and/., a cough ; fiuiji r* Sf S'J'r 

CAr^Acais Tie, he had a fit oif 

coughing, got ovei a fit, eto. 

(also C4ira±e, -a). 

Caj'A'6, -red and -Aii, m., act of 

twisting, turning, plaiting ; act 
of returning; aot of raising or 
beginning a cry, a song, etc. ; 

fault, act of aoooaing one (with 
te) ; a wrinkle, a fold ; the 
beginning of the second part of 
an Irish air; cop iACAto, the 
foot of a spinning-wheel. 
CAf-A-ornA'o, m., the ribs of a boat; 
the "crooked timbers" from 
which the ribs are usually made 


CAfA'^ n^ m^fiA, m., the ebb of 

Uie tide. 
Caj-a-A ha CDinne, m., the creet of 

CAfAi'o, -e, /., to incline ; te 
CAfAii = Le FAnAi'6 ; toic fi 
Le c. , he fell headlong ; Let^ 
te c. m4, let me down. 

CafAi-^e, g. id., ta., a spinner; 
Li 'le Ojiijue 'na f-Aoife 
Aft £Aramib, the Feaat of 
Bridget is a holiday for spinners. 

CdrAim, -Am. V. tr. and tn^., I 
bewail, gromble, comploia. 

CAraim, -At, V. tr. and intr., I 
turn (a grindstone, a key, etc.). 

; Ih ^ , 

I raise or begin (a cry, a song, 
etc.} ; in pom. impert., with ati 
(also -DO and le), I meet : tto 
CAf A'6 i:eA|i o)un, I met a man ; 
I ohai^ tax a person with a 
fault, etc. ; I accuse, question ; 
■00 tAf r* Afmuiin Liom, he 
insulted me; I withdraw (a 

CapAm, -n'Ai, -pta'a,/., a thorn, 
bodkin, skewer ; tempest, light- 
ning, hail. 

CAf Aifie, g. id., pi. -]ii-6e, m., a tole- 


of lightning (O' 
CAfAl, -All, pi. id., m., a ohaauble. 
CAfAn, -iin, pi. id,, n., a path, a 

road, a way ; coji pa (Aran, 

a kind of MS. oontiaotion. 
CArAOiT), -e, /., a complaint ; act 

of oomplaining (against, a|i). 


C-ar^oiT>eA£, -Tn^e, a., full of com- 
plaint, wrauglmg, gnimbliug. 

CAfdoixteot-ti, -ot<A, -oitn-^e, m., % 
oomplAiDBiit, a, pl&inti£r. 

Care. "■' ^ b'^ti * ship (Ker.). 

alaughter, kill ; I melt or thaw, 
orpnt to rout; La car^a]it* an 
crneiScAi-b, a day that melt* 
the BQOW. 
C^rcailic, -afta, /., daughter, 
maeaacre, bntoheij. 8te cop' 

CAr-T>L4oi, a. id., pi. -fte, /., a riag- 
Ict, a curled look of r ' 

anokle, woodbine. 
Car-tf HAS, /., curled hair, a wig, 
C^r-^fO'^S'^'i -At^B, a,, ot oorled 

C^r-l-ubAt, -diSo. a., ringleted, 

thioklj ourleoT 
Cdr"ni£im, -tiAih, «. tr., I defend. 

See copiuiS""- 
CUf^S, -615^. -iSsa. /-. » ooat, a 

bDOg ooat ; a akiited coat 1 a 

Cajca, p. a., twisted, tamed, 

folded, inrolved, intncat«, eu- 

tAngl«d, ]plait«d, curled (of the 

Iiair) 1 idiomatio [of apoech). 
Car^dipB, g. id., lit. -pite, m., • 

twiEter, a jester. 
CAjc^tt*! '^r*, •6>iii-6B, at; a little 

fork lued in putting rings on the 

noaesof pigi,eta.; bdtit<-tnb, iti. 
CafTjioijiin, -uja*, v, tr., I croea. 

CAf-ugiLa, a curled bush of hair. 

Gflc, g. C01C, coic, ctm:, ji. id., m., 
a cat) ■i6a,nj:iii t6 cac if -oi 
tajihatt, he would do wonders 
(fie., make a oat with two tails) ; 
cat magib (somet, cac inA]id) ; 
cia An cac mi^iO i tip '" 
mo fti^e iu P what mischief 
brought yon my way! tr cuma 
Liom 'fi scic maii6, I don't 
care a straw {Con. and U.). 

Cat, -a, pi. id., and -anna, m., s 
battle ; strife, troable ; an Irish 
battalion of 3,000 men ; a tribe. 

1 ) CdC 

CAtae, -ai^e. a., warlike, belong, 
ing to battle. 

Cata6, -a>$, m., a reliquary taken 
to battle ; a copy of the Pulter 
supposed to hava been written 
by St. Cotumbkilla, and used in 
battle by the ohieftains of Tyr- 
counelL It is now in the library 
of the Royal Irish Academy. 

cacaC, -aiSe, a., curly. 

Cacad^n, -Am, fl. id., st., a onrly- 
headed person ; a sheep with 
curly wooL 

Cacaiar, -aif, n., caterwauling ; 
heat in oats, e.g., cA an cac a]i 6. 

Cata'6, g. caitce, »., winnowing ; 
" tutccditce," winnowen. Stt 

oit«d by Btorm; patfitise-Aatt 

Cata'd rneaicai*, «., snow drift. 

Catain, ttmp. amj,, when. 

Cataif, f. -tpaf, pi. -ttiafia, fr^. 
-£faf ,/., a oity, a court, a man- 
sion ; caCaifi maf ainm 6'f 
cataift san SiaFpa4, a mansion 
only in name, since it ia a man. 
sion without Qeoffrey (Elegy on 

Cfltaif-Lior, m. or /., a mansion, 
Beat ; a chief city. 

Catair, "*> /-I » guard, aentinel, a 
watch ; a term of endearment. 

Cacairea* (caitireai), -riSe, a., 
brave, Taliaut, stout, cleyer; 
vizilant, quick ; excellent, ami- 
*able. See caitireat. 

Catat, -ail, m., valour; also tlie 

S roper name of a man, Ang, 

Cacan, -hn, m,, knap ot shagged 

Cacaoiii, -eai, -eata, /. (cataiji. 
Dob.), a chair, a aaat ; b Chriatian 
nomo. Ang. Cahir and Charlea j 
caCaoip QacLann, an armchair; 
cataoit< ALaiii, a wooden chair ; 
cataoiii fiisan, /., a hay-ropo 
chair, somet. called a pii'Aircin 
(fui'Dfueos, i>i»t); c. f ocaihLat, 
an easy chair. 


C^C ( i 

Cahoot pLeAf, -ttt, pi. id., m., a 
oh*irman, a preiudBiit (recent). 

Catap'Did, -aije, a., belonging to 
4 citf ; also Citcn-oa. 

CAttuitfi, -tiai]ip, pi. id., m., a hel- 
met, headpiece. 

Cic-ftiliun, -liin, pi. id., m., an 
officer, a eoDummdcr. 

Cat-bpuit, -e, n., flummery. 

Catbu4-6aft, -aije, 
in battlo. 

cat-iLiat,/., a bulwark in batUo. 
C4c-6nioii"eA6, -rijc, a,, eager 

for battlo. 
Cau cpomn, m., a squirrel ; a rat- 

CAtFAijie, a. id,, pi, -pi-te, m,, a 

mean trifling feltow. 
Cdc-LabAi|ii;, -UdbaticA, /., the 

Bpeeoh of a general before 

CiLctdA, -d'ge, /., loud sneezing (as 



field of battle. Sm CAc-taicip. 

CAt-Litaip, -Latnad, /., a battle- 

CAC-Lnib,/., ohaff-weed, cudweed, 

Cit-riiarc-ic, -aij, pi. id. and 
-aije, n»., » cavalry soldier, a 

C«i-miLea6, -li*, pi. id., bi., a 
hero, a military commander, a 
champion in battle (also cut- 

&1IC65, -6156, -65a, /, the straw- 

beiry bush [OW.)- 
CACdgAC, -ai^e, a., abounding ia 

etcawbemes (O'lV.). 
CacoiLicead (CaicLiceAi), -cij, 

-c£e, m., a Cathulio, 
Cacoiticeai, -ct^e, a,. Catholic, 

Ci epic (cacain), when, at what 
time (ffN.). 

CdC-ru'l, -e. i^- W., /., a quick, 
sharp look. 

Cacujo'i, -m^ce, m., act of fight- 
ing, rebelling against (]ie) ; aut 
of sorrowing ; sorrow, contrition ] 

C6, coaj., although, however (56, 
CIO*, 510*, are variona forma). 

C* (prep, cii), tnierog'. pr. who? 
wfiioht what! 

Ceadaifi, g. ceatf&t, /., dirt, 
filth i distress, p^uiy, want ; > 

csAdaipe, g. id., pi, -fitie, m., a 
poor, stingy person. 

CeAdiipedfic, -A, /., a stain ; pen. 
ury; distress; jan ceitaiiieafic 
•na ctfiii (E, S.). 

Ceaddtiod, indec. a., miry, dirty ; 
ponurions, stinsy. 

Ceatu, -d, pt. ia],uid .anna, m., 
B lesson, Boienoe, eminenoe. 

C4a£c, -a, pi. -aiie. m., a plough ; 
an C^adc Cam, the constellation 
Plough ; nom. also ciafiua 
(soroet /.). 

Ciaficaipe, o. id., pi. .jn'oe, m., a 

Ceaeca|i, dutrib. pr., either, one 
or other, each, any ; with neg., 
not any, neither. 

cea-o, -a, pi. -a and -anna, m., 
leave, permission, license ; leave 
of absence ; c. mapa, riglit of 
way at seA ; leave, forewell (in 
early mod. lit.) ; c. cof, liberty 
to go ; c. cinn, one's own way. 

CSax), pi. cfiatica and cSaoa, an 
hundred ; often used loosely of 
a great number ; a hundred, 
weight ; also 120 (of seed plants, 
etc., that are oount«d in scores, 
as cea-o cabaifce, sii scores of 
cabbage plants ; c^a-o ^ifc, 128 
fiahos {iter.). 

c£ao, indet. num. a., aapir,, first, 
choicest ; somet. in compounds 
it baa an intenaitive force ; com^ 
monly aspirated, iiio, after 

C£ai!i, g. c£iti, m., a quay, a wharf; 

CeaTiad, -aige, a., having permis- 
sion or license. 


C6A ( 1 

Ciamt, -Aise, a., on hmtdred-fold. 
CeAtidc, -A15, m., a man's name. 
C6j>ti>i4, nun. a., hundredth (also 

C4'iT>-ii'6tiA|i, -4it<, fi'. >cf., first 

cause, element. 
CeAHAtm (cea-onijim), .T)uSa*, «. 
ratr., I permit ; nf iea^joeiinn 
ilim'oniim^, Iwouldnotwiahit 
form7lile(if.) ; ia (^im. they say 
ni tei-oneoiAinn, ni efiemnieofi- 
Ainn, and tiio)! Ceiiini^te tiom, 
also cuiiii, as ni d«iti|Mnn putic 
'nd (Diha, I would not wish it 
for a pound (O, J.) ; nio)i (em- 
uirce Liom (Z>on,}. 
Ce<ki3^L, -diL, p'- III., m., a storj, 
detraetiOD, malicious invention ; 
deceit, oonflict, battle. 
Aoine, the first fast of the week) ; 
"Dti cid-DAoin, on Wednesday ; 
Cia-oaoinB (.Don.). 
CeAti-tiAttin, -ixti, j)l. id,, m., fii-st 

dug or teat. 
c6&-o-i^t&i, -iije, a., hondred- 
battled, an epithet of Conn, 
monarch of Ireland, 
CijiT>-4tiifiim, -ioii, v, tr,, I first 

£at, am tho first to put. 
■o-tioilLBie, -Lige, a., hun- 

Ce4Tj--DuilLe4fi, /„ tho herb 

Cia'opi'o, -ai-6, pi. id., m., sense, 

faculty, undeietandiug, opiaion i 

teetimonyi verdict. 
CfA-opa-OAt, -VAige, a., discreet ; 

Bensible ; belonging to the senses 

or faculties. 
Cfeatif a-6«tc, -4, /., sensibility ; 

Cfii'DLonsaTi, -ii'b, ■ai'oe, nt., 

Cfiat)ton5ii-6, -41*, m., a fasting. 

Cei-otonsaim, -aii, v. inir., I 
breakfast, lake the first meal 
of the day (aUo, I fast). . 

CeawLoc, -uite, /, rejoicing. 

Cea'ot.ucai, -Ai£e, a., rejoicing, 

Ceatiiiidf, -aite, a., permiasible. 
Cia'criiA*, a., hundredth. 

) ceA 

C4at)-ihuince4|i,-eire./., the elder 
branch of a family ; primogeni. 

C^Aond, indee. a., the same, simi- 
lar 1 follows nouns : An pedp 
c^A'ona, the same man, the very 
man: 30 mbednniii^i'6 ^n f. C. 
■6uii:, an answer to 50 mb, Tiift 
■buic ; map an jcia^ona, like, 
wise, in like manner Ifilto, as 

Ciaufiiii, in phr, 1 5c. or pa t., 
immediately, at once, instantly, 

C*aT>(iur, -uir, m., a oedar-tree, 

Cfan-fani, g. -riian, d. -ihain, May- 
day, month of May {P. O'C.) ; 
also ciroeam. 

C^aD-featic, g. -feifc, -femce, 
-jeanca, jpl. -feajica, m. and /., 
first Wo -* •■ " 

Cfia-D-toiViaile, -e, 

Ciao-toihtaim, -tomailc,, 
I breakfast. 

Cia'o-cojia'o, -ojifta, pi, id., «,, 
first fruits. 

Cfia-D-torai, -ai^ pi. id., m., an 
element, a begmning, 

CJa'o-ciiirriieaf, -11113, *"-' first- 
ling, first bom ; c£a'o-cutr- 
rtini5a-6,-i5ce,m,, bringing forth 
the first born. 

C£a-D-iiatji, /., the first time, 
originnily, primarily. 

Ceaou^ali, -uiste, m., tho act of 
permitting, allowing ; consent, 

Ceauoisitn, -uja'o, v. tr., I permit, 
allow, grajit leave, dismiss j I 
consult [Con.) ; I wish, will ; ni 
tea-o6eainn ap piinc 6, I would 
not have wished it for a pound, 

CeaTJUijie, jj. iwc, permissible; 
nfoti ieaouijte -iam ap punc 
£, lahould nut have permitted 
it for a pound. 

CeaTiiiijceat, -cije, a,, permis- 
sible, allowable. 

Ceap paf, -ai5e, a., active, nimble. 

Ceappaii, -ala,/.,actof oottinR a 
oaper, act of playing pranbs, 
oret«nding ; pretwice. 


□aper(Z'. (?.)■ 

CeAl, -4, tn., obliTiou, negleotfnl- 

neas, wont, death ; aiao a ooorsa 

olothi a 

perUb, to depart, diaapbear, be 
taoking, go beyond reoalt ; cniti 
i.\i c, put oft, lay aside ; \.hs 

- - , - -, forget, leaTa undone ; 
5dn c, not wanting in. 

CeAti in p/ir., fieAL, ha^ Cf'"'- * 
ftor A3AC, do you not know, 
really (Con.). 

C4dLdcAn, -Am, m., a oomplete 
fast; Af c, fasting from the 
midmgtit ; niofi bpifedr mo £ ., 
I have not broken my fast, liava 
had DO breakfast; cfalACAn 
jiATu, Hm habit of fasting long 

CeiLs, g. Cflitse, d. ceils, pt. 
cbaLsa,/., aplot, deceit, treach- 
ery, guile ; A5 ceils, plotting ; 
conniia-6 ceiLje, a oonapiracy. 

CeAljAi, -Aije, o, deoeiuul, 

CeAtjArte, g. id., pi. -*ce, m., a 
knave. See ceAL^Aif e. 

CeaLcAi^e, y.W.,/., fraud, deoeit, 

CBAtsAitn, -Ai, V. tr,, I Btiag, 

annoy, wound ; I aeduoe, deceive ; 

CeAtjaitie. ?■ id., pi. -tn-io, m., a 

deceiver, a cheat ; a crafty man, 

a hypocrite, a traitor. 
CeALsAijieAfic, -A, /., deception, 

Uluaion, hypoorisy, cheating ; 

CeAls-AOihA'4, -i^6a, m., dissimu- 
lation ; act of diasimulating. 

CeAt^-AomAim, -A* V. intr., I 
disaimulat«, I dissemble. 

CeAts-AOihtAf, -Ai^e, »., dis- 
sembling, feigning. 

CeAlj-aoTicuiJim, -uja*, v. inir,, 
I dissimulate, dissemble. 

CeAt3-Som, -JotiA,/., act of stab- 
bing, stinging, wounding. 

CeAts-nAihA, g. -iiAihAti, d. 

deceitful eaemj. 

CeAl5-«an, -( 
treaohE — 

m., malevolenoe, 

CfiAts-iidnAi, -Aije, o., evil- 
minded, malevolent^ deoeitfnl. 

CeaVsuigim, -ja*,, I beguile, 
deceive, allure, tempt. 

CcaLL, /., a ohurch. Set citl. 

CeAtl (somet, written for caLI), 

CeAtlAd, -Ai£e, a., belonging to a 

CeaLlAd, -aiJ, -aije, m,, a church- 
man, a hermit, a recluse. 
ceAtlAt, -Ai£, m., war, contention. 
CcALLAife, g, id., pi. -Ji^^i^e, m., 

a ohurch officer. 
CeALl-otiAi, -Ai J, pi. id,, «., a fool 

[On..] ; a coward (Dob.). 
CeALt-SoiTJ, /., church robbery, 

CeALt6ifi, -6pA, -fii|ii'4e, >»., the 

superior of a church or 

CeAll-^onc, -Auitti;, pi. id., m., 

a catheoral onurch. 
CeAtL-fLai), -A1T1, nt., ohnroh 

robbery, sacrilege. 
ceiLLcAip, -cfiAi, 'CpAta, J., the 

face, aspect, visage, countenance; 

the natural figure or appearance 

of the body ; a mask, a hood, a 

vizor, a disguise ; ceAtLcAift 

'opAOi'deAiCA, a magic disguise; 

nom. also ccAttcAp. 
CcaLLciia^, -Aije, -Afta, /, » 

ohuroh, a churchyard ; applied 

in Con. only to a burying place 

for onbaptized infants. 
CeALl.-di]i, -dine,/., achurohyord, 

a sacred enclosure. 
CeADiAt^^, -Ai*, pi. id., m., a 

large-headed ^own, a rustic. 
CeAn, -A, m., affection, passion; mo 

CcAn, welcome, sncceas attend 

(thee). Set cion. 
Cean, -A, pi. id., /., sin, transgrea. 

teana, partiolo strengthening the 
proceding word ; just, the very, 
even, indeed, already, before, 
however, nevertheless, howbeit, 
else i a4c fieATiA, but however, 
but verily, bat still; a]! deAtia, 






in like muuier, likewise, in gen- 
eral, besides ; 4n li, (eatiA, the 
other day; if cu £ean^ it is 
youtnUj; teAnAp£in,alreadyj' 
6Sof dnnro dC: " '^ — ' 

L, I have been 

, pi. id., m., bog. 

; cotton^down ; c. 

■iiml, prundla vid- 

garu; c. mCnA, brood-leaved 

cotton grass. 
Ceditdif (prop, a, of ce Andp, friend' 

ship), a., fond, mild, gentle. 
CeAtihU -H^, /., mUdneoB, kind- 
ness, fondnesB. 
CcATiilcA, mdee. »., kind, mild, 

loring^ fond, gentle, seemly, 

amiable, agreeable. 
CeAnaihAiL, -ihtA, a., kind, mild, 

gentie, ftnid, loving, amiable. 

I, love, aSeotion. 

cednar'<''i •'•^$^1 »■• fond, affec- 

CeAniAt]i, •», a., saucy, wanton, 

CednKdiLce,j>.a.,bonnd, faatwned 
UtiJ, tied, knott«d : married 

CeAn^dilce^i, -ci^e, a., bmding, 
oonneating, oblijgatory. 

ce^n^AL, -Alt, pi. id., m., aot of 

J the "Bamming 

ap " Terse'of a poem. 
CcAnsALciiii, -^in, pi. id., »., a 

trass, a bundle, a packet. 
CeinjatcA];, -<kir, pl. id., m., a 

tying, A binding, a oonneotion. 
Cean^tc6iti, -ifi^, -dit<i4e, m., 

a binder, a tier. 
Cean^LAe, -Aije, a., binding, 

CeanslAfAn, -i-w, pi. id., m., a 

bo^le^ a bonob ; that wbicb 

CeADsLdtm, imper. -5411, vl. -JiL, 
-5Aitc,f>p. .SAilce,f.(r., Ibind, 
Ite, faat^, fetter, join, secure ; 

also intr,, I oling to ('oe], I unite 
with (le). 
CeAnn, g. cinn, d. cionn, pi. cmn, 

C. cednnA, lit., a bead; end, 
t (in time, place) i aie single 
person or object^ ia j>Ar. " the first 

e of b 


CBAnn Ap £eAnn (or 4)1 ceAnn), 
one after another; csAnn fAOi, 
dejeotion, humiliation, reptoaoh, 
dire poverty, sdvewity ; ceAnn 
^r^S^i strand's end (in place 
names): with a, i, or Ap, and 
verb ttf stotion, nBuall7=to er 
ira ! im' deann, to me, before 
me ; j;aoi (pi) CeAnn, within (a 
oertam time), at the end irf, 
after ; 1 5ceAnn, at the end of, 
head of ; in front of 1 in regard 
to, to, for J 1 n-A CeAnn, over 
him, against him ; Ap ati tcAnn 
ir i^Ai-oe, at farthest (of time) 
(Dim.) ; CAP ieann, over, be- 
sides, beyond ; for tiie soke of, 
instead cuF, in preEerenoe to ; in 
spit«of. notwithstanding, in op- 
position to \ with 50, although ; 
Bin fcAtin, in reference io ; r>o 
CeAnn 30, hecaose, by reason 
of i 100 CeAnn mAp, for the 
reason that, beoanse ; ceAnn Ap 
A^Ai'b, headlong ; 1 «eAnn a 
^jiile, tiigetlier; t>o tnic x^ t 
cceAnn a Cof, he fell in the 
direction of his feet, collapsed ; 
50 ceAnn bti A'6n A, a year hence ; 
50 ceAnn 1 &pA'D,foralongtimei 
in wp. I., dot. often ceAnn. 

hiured, yellow-heaaed. 

CeAnnAi, -aiJ, -Aije, at., a por- 
ohase, price, wages, reirerd, 
eovenant ; act of buying. 

CeAnnA^Ai, -Cca, m,, act of buy- 
ing, pnrobasing. 

CeAnnACAim, -a'6, I bny, por- 
chaae ; o'r'JAopsupCeAnnACAir 
_!___ tEou didst deariy 
Knil {Tadhg Oa 
ceAnn oi^im. 


ceA ( ] 

ceanrafc, -a, f., a buying, pur- 
chasing ; commerce ; power, 

Ceann-A'flainc, -e, -eatu, /., o 
pillow, a bolster. 

ceann-aSar6, jrf. -aijte, m., the 
forehead ; the features, connten- 

Ceinn-AHnf eif, -f ijie,^.,an epoch, 

CBArriAipc, .e, /., frtrifo, uproar, 

division ; a meeting ; cooteation, 

rebellion, inBQboraination, ooq- 

CeannAiiie, g, id,, pi. -tii«e, m., 

a driver, a leader, a conductjir ; 

a provider, Bach as a husband. 
Ceatinaipic, -e,/,, sedition, turba- 

lence. See ceannai]tc. 
Ceantian, -Aire (cfijjrn-f lonn), o., 

bald, white-headed ; bi5 t., a 

white-faced cow ; CdpaLl c, a 

bald-faced horse. 
Ceann-iiiti, -iiptie, a., arrogant. 
Cednn-iji-DAi, -Aije, a., proud, 

ambitious, oommandina;. 
CeAnndf, -Aif, m., headship, 

authority, power, superiority. 
ceantiirAc, -Aije, a., powerful, 

mighty, oommanding ; having 

supreme power, 
Ceann-Bin, -ime, a., white- 

ceAnnban, -Ain, pi. id., m., cotltin- 
grasB ; c. beag, self-heal, pru- 
nella ; c. bai'oe, marigold ; c. 
cinn coitle, olary ; c. curtianj- 
■6uitleae, narrow-leaved cotton- 
grass ; c. leaftan--6iiilleAft, 
broad-leaved cotton-grass (also 

Ceann-bt'ac, -bptnc, pi. id., m., a 
head-garment, canopy. 

CCAtin CA1C, m., an owl. 

Ceatin-ftacAi, -Aije, a., foremost 
in fight. 

CeAnn-iaiain, /■• » metropolis; 
tjie chief ohnroh in a diocese. 

Ceann cini'6, g. cinn cini-6, pi, id,, 
m., a chief, the head of a olan. 

Ceann clAif, m„ the head of the 
table ; the place of honour at a 
feast ; c. bui)iT>, id. 



CBAnn-iorat, -aij, m,, a blue wild 

flower (.J ran). 
Ceann cfiuai'o, m., a small homed 

shellfish {Ker.) ; a hard ont ; a 

Ceatin-T>AnA, indec. a., headstrong, 

stubborn, forward, bold. 
Ceann -tiinaer, -a, /., stubborn. 

Ceann-tteans. -tieiiise, /, the 
nameot afiahor aworm. There 
is a well called Cobaji na Cmn- 

Ceann -oonn, m., oamgeen mosa. 

Ceann-pit, m., chief cause, 
original reason. 

Ceann ^ea'6na, m., a tribal chief. 

Ceann-peajicai, -aij, pi. id., m., a 
chief, a leader, a governor. 

ceann -peapcar, -aip, m., domi- 
nion, sovereignty, auprema<!y. 

CeAnn-iomaipe, g. id., pi. -lomaip- 
r6e, m,, a head-ridge. 

Ceann-tiiT>iti, -'ope, a., head- 
strong, stubborn. 


Ceann-noicui^te, a., bareheaded. 

Ceann-^opc, g. ceann- pa ijic, pi, 
id., ra. chief man, author, founder, 
a ruler or governor ; a head 
port or city ; nam, also ceann- 
^uiticandceanna ^mjic. 

Ceannna£, -ai^e, -a6a, /., a fillet; 
a t«ther, a head-stall; a bridle, 
a halter ; soft porous leather, 
felt((7o7i.) ;J!g,, an introduotion, 
a gloss, an apology {pron. by a 
slurring over the nn, as in 
j^annfia*, M."). 

Ce«nn-tia-6aiicat, -aije, a., far- 
aeeing, pamoular. 

ceann-tieainAfi, -iieim]ie,a.,thi(ik- 
headed, large or flat-headed. 

Ceann-tiSiciJ, g. cinn-ti*icig, m., 
propitiation, mercy, a peace- 

CeAnni-A,/., gentleness ; mildness, 

Ceannfd, a., mild, gentle, 
ceannpatr, -a, /., tame , 

mala) ; gentle (of persons). 
Ceannj>a<%e. Ste ceann^a. 



CCA ( 1! 

Ce&nnfAt, -'it, pi. id., n., nile, 
sorenunent ; asoendanoy , pre- 
domiitanae, emulation. 

ceannraLAft, -aije, a., lordiy, 

firosperouB, proud, haughty 
P. O'C.) ; coercive, oppresBive. 
Ceann-jHltiftunii, -e, jrf. id,, /., a, 

title, a motto, d headline. 
Ceann fLintie, m.. a ilftted roof. 
Ceitinfnta-6, -aiW:e, m., act of 

appeasing; paoiDcation, 
Ceannfoijifn, -oja*, v, tr., I 
appeiue, moderate, mitigate, 


CeAnnruiJce, p. a., Bubdned, ap. 
peaaed, moUffiod, tamed. 

CeanncA]!, -a if, pi. id., m., »■ 
ouitred, i.e., the side of a 
oouDtry ; district. 

Ceann cataif, m., the flawer of 
the ftao-tnr, the " soldiers " 
with which children play. 

Ceann cige m., the roofof a bouse ; 
ceann a' ci^e, the gable of a 
house, the immediate preoinots 
of the gable. 

Ceann T;f|ie,m.,»headl(uid.aoape, 

Ceann-rf £an, -tine, a., obstinate, 

Ceanii-ttiom, -fmiine, a., Bloggish, 
dro»8y, heavy. 

Ceann cni^e, tn., a thatched roof, 
a "atraw" roof; cij cinn 
cui£e. a thatobed house. 

Ceanti-uaifneae, -nije, a., rash, 

Ceannnite, g. id., pi. -aigte, m., 
a merchant, an extensive trader, 
a dealer, a, bnyer ; c. popa, a 
shopkeeper ; c. fnit, a yam 
merchant (U.) ; c. cLvaire, one 
at a fair who listena to and 
finally seoures another's boi^in 
for himself (Con.) ; c. mala, a 
pedlar (Con.). 

CeannniSeair, -a, /., purohase ; 
merchandise ; traffic ; dealing ; 
act of buying and selling. 

Ceannnigim, -naC, v. tr., I bay, 
purobase; Ideal, I traffic (tnfr.). 

r ) ced 

Ceannai^e, p. a., bought, pnr- 
chased; luir c. (,g>. of vl.), 
bnyeta; ifmait aca fi ceann- 
ui^te a^am, I have not got it 
without serions trouble. Ihave 
suffered for it. 

Ce annul Jueoip, -ojia, -oip>«e, m., 
a buyer, a dealer. 

Ceann tifi)iai'6, nt., a captain, a 
leader, a Beneral of on army ; 
the head c^a gong or faction, a 
ringleader; aomet. ceann ujinain. 

Ceap, g. cip and ceapa, pi, td., m., 
a, block ; a shoemakei^s last ; a 
piece of gronnd ; the stock or 
nave of a wheel ; the head of a 
tribe or family; a leadnr; the 
supreme ruler ; alto, a battalion ; 
3la^ cip, a nm look ; » email 
cultivated plot. 

ceapae, -ai:^e, -a6a, /., a villaze 
or hamlet inhabited by one tribe 
of relatives {P. O'C.); often 
used in place-namee, as Ceapaf 
Cuirn, Cappoqnin, in Water- 
ford ; ceapaC na Coife, west of 
Kenmiire ; Arm. gives the mean- 
ing, a plot of land laid oat for 
tillFige, a decayed wood ; a 
kitchen garden {Con.). 

Ceapa'6, -p±a,t>i,,i»., act of seizing, 
oontrolUng, stopping ; thinking ; 
cA j4 a^ ccapa-6, he is thinking, 
planning, inventing. 

Ceapa-^ jiann, m., scanning or 
composing verses. 

ceaitaim, -aii, v. tr., I stop, 
oatoh, seize, control ; think, 
invent, resolve ; limit, bound ; 
ceap T)o fuairtinear, take your 
time, go eaav ; ni ceap 6, don't 
imagine it ; I dress stone ; ceap 
na gaihna, turn back or check 
the calves {Drm.). 

Ceapaife, g, id,, pi. .jii*e, nt., 
a flat cake ; bread and butter ; 
pi,, slices of bread and butter, 
ceapaifi'^e a^ Am a^uf ime ; a 

Ceapan, -ain, pi, id,, m., a stump 
or pin ; a little stock or last. 

CeapAnca, indec. a., stiff, rigid ; 
stubborn, positive ; nigganUy. 


C6A ( I 

Ccdp Tnd3Ai'6,m.,alaQghing stock. 
Ceap65, -iije, -65a, /., a green 

plot before a, house. 
Cedp^liTi, -dilTO, pi. id., »., a 

little aledge, a sleilge-luuiiiiier, a 

hammer for dresBing stooe. 
CeAp-fCAoile^'b, -tee, m., propa- 
gation, desoent d a family. 
ceAp-rc40itim, -lea*, f. tr., I 

propagate, tnioe the bnuiabes of 

a famu}'. 
ceap r^'onisditi, n., a eooper'a 

Ce4ptd£, -tM^e, a., given to 

planning, oonaeiving, projeoting, 

framing ; inventJTe. 
ceap tairLi'6, m., a (tumbling 

CeApnitim, -pa*, v. tr., I form, 

found, biaa, train Dp, stop, in- 


ceap'^i •eip''6, -AiA, J., a rag, a 
tatter ; a limb ; la eioresoence, 
a soab (^eApb) ; a ooTeting: 
duiti r^ ceanb Ann, he ooveted 
it (Wai.). 

Ce^fb&t, -tiiSe, i„ ragged, 

CeAfbAim, -A'6,,, I out, wound, 
dismember, oarve, engrave. 

Ced]ib£it<, -611a, -it|ii-6e, »., a 
oarrei", an engraver. 

Ceijic, g. cijice, d, cipc, jrf. ceA|icd, 
/., a hen ; c. ^aLsaA, a shuttle- 
000k; c. £ail.l.e, apartridge ; 0. 
^fAiinCdt, a turkey (female) j a 
mason'e hammer ; c. ^Aoifi 
(l^n. c FtUkois), a heather-hen, 
a female grouse ; c urfce, a 
water hen ; ceapca sealii, 
oocklee (Con.). 

C«ifiCAt, -Ai$e, a., abounding in 

Cei.jitAll', -41IL, pi. id., m., a pil- 
low, a bed, a oouoh, a oarpentCT's 
block ; a bare tnmk of a tree, as 
found in bogs; often cfteA^ailL,/. 

ceancanin, -iin, pi. id., m., a 
beildooot (Mayo). 

CeApclAtin, -AiiiTie, -4, /., a 
poultry house, a hen-house. 

CeAf call, g. id., m., a circle. 

ceAfD, J), c^ipne, ji. id., /., art, 
soienee, function, trade, profea- 
don, calling, bueineas ; poetry. 

CeiiiTi, g. cfiijit) and ceintji, pi. 
id., «., a worker, a mechonio, a 
tinker, a smith ; cesnTi aijici>o, 
sUTersmitb, etc. See t>0u. 
(Also written c£«|it>.) 

CeAt^'o, -i, -ADTiA, m., a oomer, 
point, dir«otion {Con.). Ste 

CeipTJidaf, -iif, m., art, trade, 

oraft, ingenui^. 
Ceip'OAdc, -A, /., trade, mechan- 

CeApD aifst'o, m., a silveramitti. 
CeJift-oariitiL, -Thld, a., onrioDB, 

onnning, well-wrought, tradea- 

Ce^P'oamLdfic, -a,/., ingenuity. 
CeiiiTjfta, g. trf, and -6an, A. id. 

and -eain, pi. -i^rte and -Anna, 

/., a foige, a smithy (pron. 

Ce^t't' fopAiti, m., a oopper-smjth. 
Ceijin tpfi, m., a pottOT. 
Cei.pT) CjiH, M., a butcher. 
ceApT) 6i]i, m., a goldsmith. 
Ceap'DBi'6e, g. id., pi. -■ ' ' 

mechanic, a tradesmj 

CeApn, g. ceipn, pi. -ptia and ceipn, 
m., a com^, an angle, a point ; 

(Don.) J somet. ceapt>. Su 

Ceiipn, .1. boiiA, victory. Stt 

ceapna, g. id., pi. -i*e, ni., an 

angle j ni't ctuiti ni cCApna, 

tliere is neitlier oomer nor 

CeAtinatlATi, •inn, pi. id,, m., a 

Ceapnai, -Aije, a,, viotorions ; 

conati ceA|inae, C<»uiU tin 




having corners; pneijin c., a 

square chin. 

Ceaiinit, -«iiS, p2. id., m., a sqnare. 

Ceajinie 5l,oine, -aij jLome, jH. 

id,, m., a square or pane of glass. 

CeAptiA'D, -tiuigte, )»., a, oonquer- 

ing, a subjugation, 
Cejimaimj-a*,, Ifret, gnaw; 

I conquer. 
Ceajin-Tjuoir, /-, a prize obtained 
iu pnblia games, in running, 
wrestling, etc. 
Ceatin-tnai, m., a priie. 
Ceapnoj, -(Sige, -iSsa,/., a square; 

a lour-oomered figure. 
CeAf>ii6i|i, -6(11, •6it<t'6e, m., a 

victor, a oonqueror. 
Ce<i[it(, indec. a., wrong ; crooked ; 
dnmb ; dji ceajin, wrong {Don.); 
usually as a prefix. 
Ceapjiidin, -im, pi. id., m., a car- 

Ceiprbifi, -ijij, pi. id., m., a 

f ambler ; one who plays cards 
y profession ; a clever player. 
Irofcssional eamblers were very 
oommon in Ireland 200 years 
azo ; they visited the houses of 
the gentry periodically, and ate 
constantly alluded to by the 
poets of the period. 

Ceatifbai-ir, -Aif, m., a gaming, 
a gambling. 

CeA|iji6aH,, -aiLt, pi. id., m., 
massacre, carnage ; a q-ao, Ua 
Cea^ f bAiLt, a family name. 

CeaiiiiBaLL, -4tll, pi. id., m., a gos- 

CcannbLaC, -aig, m., a gamcat«r, 
gambler (IT.). 

CeAtipufiin. -im, ^- id., m., a 

Ceo^ic, g. ceipc and cipr, m., 
right, justioe, claim, law, equity ; 
pcjip nfiAncA Cipc, one who 
gives fair play ; maoji cipc, an 
arbitrator appointed in tbe 
mountain distncta of Tyrone to 
decide disputes that arise 
amongst those who have grazing 

ceapc, gif. cifce, a., rigbteous, 
honest. Just, proper, certain ; an 
inteositive prefix in oompounds, 
as ceapc-lAli na CAttta£, the 
very heart of the city. 

CsAtiCdA, -ai%i, ii.,raggcd, shabl^; 
Pti£d6Jn ce')t«^a£, a kite. SeA 

CeAticatan, -iin, pi. id., n., a 

ragged person. 
cea]ic-aor, -aoire, /., a two-year. 

old heifer, a ruU-grown eow ; a 

" three-year-old " is usually 

called a fAibairc or a rean^oi. 
Cea^ir beiiice, g. ceipc beipte 

and bedded, »., birthright. 
cea|ic-fdiiaim, ■^■6, v. tr., I sing 

Ceanc-dnei'oedib, --onh, m., sound 

Ceajic-epei'OTiieat, -liiige, a., of 

sound faith, orthodox, 
CeatiC'iafiann, »,, good or pure 

CeancCann, -ainne, -nna, /,, 
house of cf " ■' 

middle poini. 

CeajicliiiTi, g. id., pi. .tie, /!, a ball 
of thread ; ^g., a well-set man, 

Ceajicnja*, -uiste, m., fixing, 
priming, dressing, setting right; 
act of iuflictiag just punish- 
ment; d^ c. taoite, composing 
lays ; as c. ceoiL, composing 
poetry (u.). 

Ccat"^"'5">ip -"Sji*! "■ ''"■I I re. 
buke ; adjust, rectify, amend, 
set right, dress; ceapcuij, set 
yonrself straight, stimd out of 
the way, addressed to a cow, etc. 

Ceapcuijce, p. a., regulated, ad- 
justed, measured, set right. 

CcAjicuijceoip, -ojia, -oifi-oe, m., 
a reformer, a corrector, a regu- 

Cear, -a, m., grief, aBliotion, ob- 
scurity ; fear, dread, 

Ceapat, -aije, a., dark, gloomy, 

Ceafaic, -a, /., mnrmuring ; 
grumbling ; complaint, fault- 


CJArAi, -fca, m., iLffliotioa 


*£ar*''^'5'Pi -Afi, -6iiii'6e, m., a 

Cear^ii^i -*■". ^- tr., I torment, 

crucify ; I afflict, onnoy. 
Cfiar'-'^i 3- 'i'-. I^- -'*e, m., an 

Ck^flAt, -AtJ, pi. id., m., an oara. 
maD ; a kind of coarse wool. 

CfiarLiCc, -i, f., rowing. 

cearLuijini, -Li*, V. tr., I row, 

Ce^fnA, g. id., fl. -rd^, m., want; 
perplexity ; aedoua trouble. 

Ce jfTi ai£t1-, -e, /., act of grumbling, 
complaining, murmuring ; a 
grumble, a complaint, a murmur. 

Ceapiugai, -ui^e, m., want; 
perplexity ; Bcrtons ooncom ; 
great fear. 

Ceapiuigedi, -Jije, a., querulous. 

Cearnuigim, -uga* and -niSiL, 
V. tr. and intr., I complain, 
gmmble ; question, inquire. 

Ceafnuigteafi, -cije, a,, troubled ; 

Cearc, a question ; trouble, diffi- 
culty. See ceifc. 

c6&T7:a,p.a., tormented, vexed. 

C^afciinAi, -ai5, -pt. id., m.. 

cencameaC, a., showery {Don.). 

Ce-jciije, g. id., /., inconveni- 
ence ; awkwardness (opposed to 
■oeire) ; c. IM *6anini ■oam, to 

Ceitiim, ■i.-t, V. tr. and I'tKr., I 
shower, I pour down. 

Ceaciiili, card, numb., four; fi 
CCAcaip, four times. 

Ceatii|i-Beannad, -aije, a., hav. 
ing four peaks or horns ; four- 
squared, quadrangular, 

Ceatiiii-teA|inac, -aije, a., quad- 
rangular, having f uur comers. 

Ceataiji-ftor-ii, -aige, a., four- 

Cpat*i|i-tdiiinea4, -m^e, a,, four- 

CeaCai'ti-'o£a^, card, num., four- 

ceacaiji-iiiotnneAi, -nije, 
four-sided, four..angled. 

Ceataiti-jA6l.Anad, -i'Se, 

Ceafciin-HotaC, -Aise, a., four- 

Ceataiti'fi-iornAt, -a'^e, a., four. 

Ceauaili-mtLeannai, -aigi 

Ceatan, -Am, pi. id., m., a light 

Ceacanna*, -aije, a., showery. 

CeAcajiiA, ittdec. a., belonging to 
four ; fourfold ; an fijiuinne 
(earap**, the fourfold universe 
(from the four elcmentB). 

Ceata|i-6aCc, -a, /., fourfold- 

Ceataii^uiL, -e, /., the world, the 
oniverse (from the idea that the 
universe consisted of four ele- 

ceacaiin, -aipne, -a, /.. a bond of 
fighting men, yeomanry ; a 
multitude (nom. also ceiteapn). 

CearatinaC. See ceiceaiinat. 

Ceacaiinaic, -a,/, .heroism, valour. 
See ceitea]inaec. 

Ceaiaf-pAihae, -aij, pi. id., m., a 
four-oared boat. 

Ceatpa (collect.), cattle. 

CearpaCa'o, forty. 

ceacnaSa-oma-iJ, ordin. num., tor- 

Ceatjiania, -than, -rtina, /., a 

quarter ; a leg (of mutton, etc.) ; 

the thigh ; a quarter of on acce, 

etc. ; a four^Iined stanza ; a 

quadrant ; quarter, as in JAr. 

to give quarter ; clemency, 

mercy ; quarlors, lodging, aj c, 

in quarters, quartered, lodged; 

X>i utcae asainn 

tJpSip ap ceatpama, 

'S ia n-iajippa cuiTjeocca 

b'aoibne. (C. song.) 

Ceacjiaiiia caoiiaf,/., lamb's qusir- 

tcr ; fat hen ; wild oracho. 
Ceat]iaiiia-fi, num. a,, fourth. 
ceat]iama-0 -ofeas, ord. i 


ce^ ( 

fonrteentfa (noun oomsa before 

Ce4cpdtiid io\im, /., blnok-leg, a 

disease in cattle, 
ce-sciiirti.) dji-oLaig, /, ft quarter 
of an inoh. 

n,/., lamb's lettuce ; 
m; salad {Ftdita 
CeAipa.mnAt, -Ati;e, a., cubioal. 
Ceat para ni ail, -riila, a,, beastly, 

Ceacjiaji, -aiti, m., low persons, 
but <f. ca tnh-o ni6 ajacP ni'L 
ajam aic ceattiaii (Don.). 

C6i6. 8e« ciaU (aJaocSa-o}. 

Ceifi-fionn, -finne, -fionna, /., a 
lair head of hair ; a fair lady ; 
sa a., fair-haired. 

C4ibin, g. id., pi. -i*e, m., ft fillet ; 
a little look of hair. 

Cii-oe, g. id., ^. --ariie, m., » mar- 
ket, fair, green, plain, road ; 
c6iT)in, dim., id. 

CeiT)-5ein, -e, /., firat-bom, first- 

C6>-D-Spinneair, -a, /., the know- 
ledge of ripened age. 

CSiidL, -e, /., a duel, a combat ; 
strife; ctann idac ip no caiLt- 
ea-ii 'j-an f^i'oiL, the sons of Ir 
who perished in the strife 
{Sfoghan O'CotuaU). 

C^iTi-teaOatt, -ai]i., nt., a first book, 
a primer. 

C^io-iiiear, »>., a first opinion; 
a first taxing. 

c£i-D-ni!t, -ior<l. -iofanna, /., ft 
first month. 

C^i'D-tieafrui'^e, g. id., pi. -'6ie, m., 
a forerunner. 

CfiiD-jil, g. -pfo^ d. -pi^, pi. 
-pi'Sfee, gpl. -rioj, a first king. 

Cfit'o-piajail, -jLa, fl. id. and 
-^a6a, y., first rale ; obligation. 

CeiLe, g. td., pi. -U-ite, m. and/, a 
fellow, companion, mate, oon- 
sort, spouse ; a ££ile, each 
otiier, oneanother ; map a diite, 
identiool ; 6'n rpeaiiciiiain 50 
££ite, from one week to an- 
other; 1 n-oiai-fi a C6ile, oon- 
seoutiTely ; a^ saC j,it. >o'a t6il; 

1 ) C«1 

harasting on* another ; ap A 
£iite, oontinuonsly, but after 

Terbfl of separation ap a Ctite 
means osvinder, as pcpaca^ af a 
££iLe, to tear asunder; cia aca 
a £6il.e? whioh of theml cp6 
n-a title, entangled, confused, 
worried. In Bon., a tMte, le 
6£ite, la, have the e short. 

Ceileaftaipim. See ceiLeaftpaim. 

CeiLeabap, -aip, pi. id, m., a 
warbling of birds, a melody ; a 
discourse, greeting (Z>on,); con- 

ceileab^aC, -aije, a., warbling, 

Ceileabpa'6, -Capta, m., act ai 
bidding farewell ; denial (at 
cards) ; leave, farewell ; ceaT> 1 
c. T>0 tiomnai vo, to bid leave 
and farewell to (eoWy mod. Ir.). 

Ceiteabpa'A, -ftapta, tn,, chirping 
or warbling like birds ; the song 
or concert of birds ; singing ; 

Cetteaftpaim, -a4, v. inlr., I con- 
verse, discourse ; I greet, aftlut« ; 
I bid farewell ; I renege at cards. 

CeiLeabpaim, -a'6, v. tr., I cele- 
brate, solemnise. 

CtiteabputSim, -uja*. v. tnfr., I 
bid farewell to, take leave of 
(with no). See ceileaBpaim. 

c£ilea£ar, -aif, nt, adultery. 

C£il.ea'6, -ti'6, m., jonotion, union, 
a joining together. 

CeiLeacdp, -air, ">., concealment, 
privacy, secrecy. 

CeiLeacpom, m., concealment, 
confusion ; iu phr., ceiteacpom 
bp4d5, a tissue of lies, of excuse 
or concealment. 

Cittt X>£, g. id., m., ft servant of 
God, a Culdeo. 

Ceils- See ceals. 

Ciil-Jeallaim, -gealLaihain, I 
betroth, promise in raarri^e. 

CfiiL-Seallartiam, -liina, /., a bo- 
troUial, a promise of marriage. 

Ceils-riiian, -mSine, /., deceitful 


c6i { : 

C*iti-ie-iec, -a, /., the marmge 

state, the duties of marriBge ; 

C£ili'6)m, •led'O, v.intr., I lounge, 

viflit ; I court, woo. 
C^iLfbteoiii, -opd, -oittTOe, m., 

one who pajB an eTening visit. 
CeiLrm, irf. ceilc, p.p. ceitce, v. 

tr., I oenceal, hide, deny. 
C^itltte, mdec. a., wiae, rational, 

aensible, prudent. 
CeiLp, -e, /., kelp. 
Ceitc, -e, /., act of oonoeoling ; 

conceal meat J fi, £eiLc, under 

concealment ; denial, refuaoL 
CeilceaC, -cije, a,, Celtio. 
CeiLceafi, -cije, a., denying, prone 

CeiLc-incinn, -e, /., mental reser- 
vation, equivooatiou. 

C*im,, -eonn-j, 0pi.cfiime-jnn, 
m. (eomet./.), a etep ; positioQ, 
degree ; pass ; dignity, style ; 


adventure ; c^im <;(tadi'6, a, 
di£GGulty; ba ihoji an ceim £ 
dop ipceit, it was no easy 
nutttor to put him in. 

" ' '" " m., in high posi. 

C^ime'iihAiL, -ihtd, 

Ciimnijeat, -015, -nige, m., a 

Ceimmjim, -iuJa-d, o. tr. and intr., 
I step, moBsuro by steps, ad- 
vance forward. 

CeiniiiiJteid,-ftij;e,o., progreasivo. 

CiimniujA*, -nijte, m., aot of 
stepping, walking, etc. 

C^imre, g. id., /., gradation, de- 
gree, rank. 

Cfeimpeai, -r'S^. "■. gradual, step 
by step, 

Cfiim-uitcapAft, -oije, a., supe- 
rior, uppermost. 

c£in, prop., d. of ci'ir), distant, far 
(in space or time} ; 1 seem, for 
away, far off; an scfiin, as long 
as, while. See c>ati. 

Ceirmocii, prep., besides, without, 
except J as ad., almost, nearly 

i ) cei 

Cemntetpc, -e, f,, a helmet; any 
oover for the head. 

Ceinn-^aTictiom, -jiuime, a., light- 

ceiiiTij?ionn. See ce*nnAn. 

Ceinn.trac,.L^ite,a., grey-headed; 

Ceinn-tici|i, /., a capital letter. 

Ceinn-iliijie, /., frenzy ; vertigo. 

cetnnreat, ceinnrsi'tat (also 
cinnreai, cinnreatat). See 
ceannr-it, ceannraLat. 

Ceitin-n'idn,/., the head-stall of a 

CeitiTi-ciiean, -Sine, a., obstinate, 
stubborn. See ceann-cjiSan. 

cei tin -cp feme, g. id,, /., stubborn- 
ness, obstinaoy. 

C§i|i, -veat,/., wax; wax oandles 

dtp tteAi, bees' wax ; what is 
ofioioa or perfect; cfiif 6ea6 if 
pSattLa tia ITIuimneai, the 
choice and pearl of the men of 
Munster {O'Ra.) ; but ci r* '"i 


confusion of the thing (if.). 
ceifiFiitie, g. id., pi. ■|ii'6e, >»., a 

carver (O'N.). 
Ceijifiipim, vl. ceipb, V. tr., I 

oarve (O'JV,). 
Ceipbfeoif, -ojia, -oitii-oe, m., a 

Ceiticin cttaja, g. id., pi. -woe 

cpaga, m.. a kind of sea-bird 

that always hovers along the 

Bhore(^ej-.); also, cijicin cjiaja. 
C6ip^. See ceijiT). 
Ceijieai, -pije, a., waxen, waxy, 

Ceijii-oe,5f.«i., IB., aplaster applied 
to a wound or sore ; a wound ; 
a maiming or deformity ; mis- 
fortune ; a moral stain ; ca 
ceipi*e te n-a faojal aip, he 
is in misfortune tor ever, said of 
a man who gete a bad wife {M.), 

Ceiiii£im, V. Ir., I maim, defonn, 

Ceijiin, g. id., pi. -foe, m., medi- 
ome ; a plaster, a poultice ; c. 
i:65aLa, a blistering plaster. Sec 




bird ; tdio, the tong-thniBh 

(also cwitirfi'iS)- 
Ceippoiii. See ciapriiiii. 
ceiTifLe. See ceifcte. 
Ceiiic, -e, pi. ceiticeaii, gpl. 

ceipceai, /., a rag, a little bit 

of oloth (ia If. ap. I., cedijic) ' 

cult* oim: t)o £ei|iced£A, pnt oi 

your clothes (Don.). 
Ceijic-Bpeiceiiibiia]', g. c.-Ojieit- 

eaihnAir, m., ngbteona judg- 

Ceiticeic, -cije, a., ragged (pron. 

Ceijiceos, -0156,-05 A,/, a little rag. 

Cei]icte, g. iS., /., ft ball of yam 
or thread (UBO ceifCLe and 

CeipcLin, g.ia.,pl. -Tte, m. or/„a 
ball of yarn, a tieap. a lump. See 
ceijicle and ceitirLinn. 

Ceijic-riieaTiin, --odm, m., the ex- 
act middle. 

CSiT, -e, -eata, /., ft amall harp ; 
the peg or key of a harp-, a 

Cfiif, -e, -eanna, /., a young bow ; 
a grown-up pig; ciirmuice ia 
used like C|tAiii mnice, inter- 
mediate between a banC and a 
full-grown pig. 

Ceif, -e, /., a raised way over a 
stream or ditoh, a oauaeway ; 
a road over a marshy or boggy 

Elaoe for cattle, ttc. ; used 
irgely in place names. See 

CeiyeAi. iSe«-t'ifeaf. 

Ciifeoj, -oije, -05a, /, a slip, a 

young pig. 
ceipeos, -oige, -05a, /., a kind of 

flat basket ; ceifeAii, id. 
C^ipin, g. id., pi. -i-6e, m., a slip, 

a young pig ; dim. of c£if . 
Ceirreacc, -a, /, complaint, 
ig, exprestiug disaatis- 

Ceirneaifi, -niib, m., aot of bowail- 
ing, regretting, gmmbling. 

Ce,rn.$m,, -neam (ce.rn.m), v. tr. 
and tntt-.p I oomplain, grumble ; 

Ceifc, -e, pi. -eanna and ceafra, 
y., a question, a puzzle, a prob- 
lem ; difGcutty. trouble ; fear, 
anxiety ; tiA bio* ceifr ope 'ti-a 
taoft, nave no anxiety about it ; 
C.S j'i I sceifc 50, it it said that ; 
ir FBajip -DuL 1 sceipc '"a "Oiil 
reifc (Con. prov^. 

CeirceaCan, -am, pi. id., m., a 
oateohism ; act of qucsttoning, 
constant quoationing. 

CeirceaiVidiL, .mla, a., inquisitive, 
Buapicioua, questionable. 

put questions to. 

Ceii-uioSflt, -igte, pi. id., m., an 
examination, a questioning ; a 

Ceircnijim, -lujai, ». Ir., I ex- 
amine, question, enquire ; I 
oomplain, grumble. 

Ceircnmja*, -ijie, m., an exami- 
nation, enquiry. 

Ceiteafn, -ceiitne, /, a band, 

Ceiceapnat, -aig, pi. id., m., a 
foot-soldier, kern ; a hero, yeo- 
man ; a country gentleman ; a 
local tyrant, 

ceiteajinaA coilLe, m., a wood 
kern ; ceattn or ceifieann coiLte 

Ceiteajinaic, -a, /., heroism ; 

ceitue, four; cei6pe(cinn)'D6a5, 
fourteen ; cei£r]ie (iifiii, eighty. 
(Ceicjie has the c aspirated tn 
ep. I. tn if. and Con.) 

Ce\t^i\m, -e, J., a wound that 
maims for life {Aran oud Don.). 

CeitrSimeai, -m'Je, a., maimed 
{Aran and Don.). 

Ceo, g. ciafi, ceoig, d. ceo, pt. ctO'6, 
ceoia, gpl. ceo, dpi. ceotaib, 
nt., mist, fog, smoke, darkness ; 
grief, trouble, anguish ; with 
aeg,, nothing (Ciw.), as nf'L ci3 
as innpnc ceo ■oo'n Fi)«nne,.,..i.,GtX)L^lc 

■5dTn, you ore not telling me a 
word of the truth ; in Om., 

Ceotjiati, -Ain, pi. id,, m., a heavy 

dew, a drizding rain. 
Ceo6]iAnat, -Aije, o., dria/.Uiig, 

misty, iogaj. 

ceofdu, -am, n., hooreeness; a 

little mist. 
Ceo£i,nca, indei:. a., easy, oom- 

fortablo, roerry (Con.). 
Ce6fii.t, -iije, a., dim, cloudy, 

misty, dark, dull ; hoiuise. 
Ceo'Ddtc, -A, /., darkaess, misti- 

CeoL, g. ceoiL, ciuiL, pi. -tCA, to., 
music, melody, singing ; a song 
((7.), aa distinguished from 
Amtian, the humming of a soog ; 
a t«nD of endearment, as mo 
6eol cu ; iuaLa me isceot 6,1 
heard it in song (or poetry) ((/.), 

Ceoliilie, g. id., pi, -jii-ue, m., ft 
musici&D, a singer. 

Ceotaijieatc, ■«, /., music, sing- 
ing, warbling, molodiooBnoss. 

CeoLin, -Am, pi. id., m.. a httlo 
bell ; a worthless babbler ; a 
worthless fellow. 

CeoLin, -Ain, m., dizziness ; bionn 
ceotan im' £e&nn, my head is 
frequently dizzy (Om.). 

ceoLan corat, »., a grasshopper. 

ceoL-Bmn, -e, a., narmonious, 
Bweotlj musioal. 

CeoL-Cui|im,/., a oonoert. 

Ceot-nAn, m., a harmonious poem 

ceoLiYiaiiiea*c, -a,/,, tuncfulncEs; 
vigour, activity. 

ceoLrtiapi -i"lie, o., musical, 
active, vigorous, sprightly, as 
yeajt ceoLiiiaji, a sprightly, 
spirited mun. 

CsoL-ihoLaim, ■a'*, v. tr., I ohant, 
sing the praises of. 

Ceol-piimigim, -luja-o, v. ft"., 1 
modulate, ptay musio. 

CeoLfui-^e, ^. pt. -rite, id., m., a 
musician, a chanter. 

Ceotc6i;ft, -6(1 a, ^ipi-te, ra., b 

ceolcoitieatc, -a, /, the art oi 

playing music. 
Ceoiiiaifeair, -a, /,, darkness, 

dullness, mistiness. 
Ceoihaji, -aitie, a-, misty, dark, 

'"887 : ""• niMtable. 
Ceo-iTiitcea£, -^15, m,., mildew. 
Ceotpin. See ceoUpin. 
" ' ■ lafi. Sm ceoBjiinai. 

, who I which ? 

Cia, i 

--. -og. par., 

whatt (followed by 1 
relative clause) ; cia 'ca, which 
of them? cia Aic, cia an ate, 
what placet where T cia leir, 
whose T {somet. written ci and 

Cia, eonj. though. See cio*. 

Ciab, g. ciitm, pi. ciata, c^ifte, 
c4i&eanna,y., a lock of hair, the 
hair of the head. 

Ciah, g. cfiibe, /., aodge, ooaree 
mountain-grass (also ci'ob and 

Ciabaii, -'tise, a., foggy, misty, 

hazy, dark. 
Ciaba£, -ai^e, a., hairy, busby, 

having long hair. 
Ciaba£c, -a, /., keeping the hair 

in order. 
Ciabas^n, -am, pi. id., m., a 

ringlet, a curlet, a lock of 

Ciaban, -am, n., light fog. 
Ciaban, -am, pi. id., m., a gizzard. 
CiaCaft, -aifi, in., hair or locks 

collectively ; head of hair (Jf. 

Ciat-Oa£lae, -dige, a., hiiring 

curled looks or IrcEscs. 
Ciafi-ftarca, indtc. a., having 

curled treasos. 
Cta6-6eann vuti, ;;. ciab-(inn 

T>uitl, n., scaly, stalked, spikc- 

nuh, deer's liair. 
Ciab--6eaL5, /., a hair-pin. 
Ciab--6oat, m., ft lock of hair. 
Ciab--6ual.d£, -aii^e, a., wearing 

long tresses, having tjie hair in 



Citl ( ] 

C)iCM5, -6156, -^SA, /., a small 
look of bair ; a toro-Wk, a side- 

Ciaftpan, ciaBfiinai. See ceo6- 

Cid6, g. ciiij, m, (jn-op. gi. of cia or 
ceo, mist), opprOBsion ; stifiing 
oold (the diHoose) ; hoarseness ; 
aathtna ; mist ; grief, Borrow, 
anxiety ; aat ofic is a oommou 
form of impreotttiOB. 

Ci-icAnui-6e, g. id., pi. -iite, m,, a 
pereon suffering from cbroiiio 
hoarseness ; oca who speaka in 
a hoarse, indistinct voice. 

Cia4*i, iiidec. a., misty, foggy. 

CiAimeos, -oise, -03^, /., a peri- 

ciaipreaft, -r'feo. -r*^*'*> /.■ *^^ 

female blaokbird. See chjirdAi. 
CidtL, g. c6iLle, d. c4>l.l., /., senao, 
meaning, int^eot, reason ; dis- 
creUon, pradeuoe ; wisdom, 
bnowledge ; cause or motive of 
BujthiDK ; cuji 1 3ceill, to 
mc^e clear, make one under- 
stand (in Don. and Clare modem 
usage, to moke one boliove, to 
pretend) ; af a ihll, out of 
one's aenses ; came an fiaLL 
aca Leip, wliat does it meaaT 
CAT) ir ciatL -06, what ia the 
Bense of it? if lonann ciatt 
vdi&, they have tho same sense 
(meaning) ; 30i'o§ 'f cialt 
vuicT what on earth is the 
matter with yoo (what do you 
mean)l(Z>o--, -ai* 
tional, prud___, 

CiJ.ll'J.i, -aig, pi. id., m,, a lover, 
a sweetheart ; a t«rm of endear- 
ment; •/. a Seasflin, a diall- 

CiiLtafia'A, -f ca, m., act of aigoi- 

CmUlacjn. See ceaLacan. 

CiaLla'6, -tea, nv., act of equal- 
ising, poising, balancing. 

-a*, 1 

, I 6 

poise, balance. 
CialL*a, indec. a., aensible, pro- 
dent, r,itional. 

Ciatt-Flait, m., a Secretary of 

Stal« {O'N.y 
CialLiiiaft, -aije, a., rational, 

sensible, prudent. 

■ steadiness, prudcnue, under- 
standing, knowledge. 

Cidtliiiaf, -aifte, a,, aensible, 

CialLoJa*, -uiSte, pi. id., m.. 

CiaLlmSim, -uja*, v. tr. and 
inlr,, I mean, denote, signify, 

Ciaiiiai)!, -e, a., misty, foggy, 
gloomy, obeoure ; aad, gloomy, 
melancholy (from ciam = cii6, 
fog, mist). 

Cian, g^. c^ine, a. (used mostly 
adverbially and as a noun), long, 
distant (of apace or time) ; 
1 sciiti, far away, afar ; an 
i;cSiii. as long as ; ni cian 50, 
it was not long till ; 6 tianaib, 
a while ago ; 6r "" ciancaiB, 
from time immemorial ; Le cian- 
caib, id. ; If saipiTj ■oumn an 
bar ' S^^i'^i death of the future 
is nigh unto us [T. G.) ; 6 Cian- 
dib, a while ago, ia pron. in M. 
6 tiainib {P. O'C. translates 
6 (lanaib, long tmce, which is 
wrong) ; 6 Aiancaib, agea ago, 
a very long time ago; 6 tian. 
aibin, juatamomentago; car^ 

it is ages siuce I saw vou {Don.^. 
lan, ?»., tedium, griu ; cdc an 
cian T>e, dispel his grief, oheer 

him up [U.). 

''tit' -"^'' 

journey aiar. 

countiy (the strong jrf. 
prevails in Jf.). 
Cianaiiiait, -tiiLa, a., sai 

sad, sorrowful 
uja*, V. intr., I 

/,, a distant 


CIA ( 

Cian-Aihalic, m., a distant viaw or 

Cian-joir./. old age. 
CMn-aopca, indeo. a., very aged. 
Ci4n-6feAtnHi5im, -ns^*, w. (r. 

and I'nfr., I meditate, contein- 

CiantiA, indee. a., long distant. 
Ciaii'oatc, -a, /., tediousnesa, rc- 

CM.n-fe.Tiii, a., very long, vary 

dialaiat ; durable, 
Cian-FuLains, /., long sofforing; 

aa a., long suffering or enduring. 
Cmn-miiiitin, /., long oontinu- 

ance, perpetuity, 
Cian.rtiaoin,/., ft legaoy. 
CianiiiAtt, -di]ie, a., aftd, 80 

Aije, a., long- 

i, BOtTOwfnl 


lived, perennial. 
CidTiflj, -fii^e, -65a, /., a amall 

ooin, a farthing, a mitc (in Cork, 

Galvjay, Don., etc., half a 

Ciapot, -Aije, a., vesatione, 

troubleHome, importunate. 
Ciapait, -iLA, fl. id., /., strife, 

dobate, contention ; ci m4 45 c. 

Ltom, I am Btruggllng with the 

world aa bard as 1 can ; ciopA'd, 

Cidpnini, -ai>, V. br. and intr., I 

vex, harass, torment ; I strive, 

Ci^pdifie, g. id., ft. -ftmn, tn., a 

CiApAVai, -iiiSB, m., perveree, oon- 

tentiouH, voiations. 
Cmpal-aim, -ill, v. iiUr., I atrivo, 

quarrel, contend. 
Ciapilui-oe, g. id., pi. -*te, m., a 

quarrelsome person. 
~ ^p65, -6156, -65A, /., witchery 



CiApcdt, -aije, a., vexing, teasing, 

Ciapuijim, -uJaA, v. Ir,, I vex, 

torture, torment. 
Ciif, a oomb. See cioji. 
Clip, -aiiie, o., dark -coloured, 

dark-brown, black ; ciaji-'OuR, 


Ciatiiit, -itd, ^. ii.,/., a quarrel, 

contention, brawl, fray. 
CiaiiiLaS, -4ije, o., perverse, for- 

Ci'i)i-'6onn, --6uinne, a., brown, 
tawny, dim, dark-coloured. 

Ci»T-4ai, -AoiBe, a., ooal-blaok, 

' --SIS' , ..... 

. a beetle, a black chafer. 

CiA]ijiai*B, g. id,, /., Kerry ; 
OiieAn (ii4,ji|tAr6e, Castle Islaud 
in Co. Kerry (the name Cidfi- 
fiAi'de waa formerly confined to 
the north'Waatem portion of the 
present county). 

CiippaTOeit, -■61J, pt. id,, to., a 
Kenyman. Pierse Forriter de- 
scribes himself in one place as 
CianfiaiAeat ccitAce iifte 
4i5in, a aertAin tormented 

Cidtiran, -4in, pt. id., m., a hum- 
ming, buzzing ; a, grumbler. 

Cniiir'Jn''i, -Aije, a., burning. 

Ciajij-iiiii, -lijia, -diin'oe,/., a ker- 
chief ; a handkerchief ; c. cinn, 
a covering for the head ; c. 
piiCA, a handkerchief. 

Ci^jit^Q^, -a, /., blaokneea, dark. 

Cib, . . ,, 

handj tbe pabn 
(ffN.) ; cibin, dim., tbe rump. 

Cib, -e, /., aedge. 

Cibi (sibfi), indef. pr,, whoever, 

cibeae, -bige, a,, sedgy (CJV.). 

CibeaibdiL, 'inta, a., sedgy. 

Obin, g, id., pi, -i-oe, m., uie ramp. 

CibLeaiin, -iin, pi. id,, m., a bow- 
legged person, a nine-pin. 

Cic, -e, -eanni,/., a kick {A.). 

Ci'ee, 3. id.,/., the breast {O'N.). 

Cicemeiti, -e. /., a brood of 
ohiokens. (!) 

Cftin. g. id., pi. -its, m„ a littlo 
dug. breast, pap ; dim, of ciofi 
and cite. 


ciii { 1 

CitinreaC, -T't^i /-. "a stibil. in 
pkr., ctimreAft mnj, a. strong, 
handflomo, bouncing wolOBJi ; 
Eilso ceitineAi. 

Ci-D (51-6, U.) See CIO*. 

Ci* v\ia and ci* cp4 i6r (somet. 
CI ■6 ctiicc), coKj'., however, 

CicLeoj, -0.56, -OS4, /, an un- 
handy fellow i a booby. 

Cicit., -e (cigilr, -e),/., a tickling. 
See 5,5,1. 

Cs^^™, -tr (s,5a,m), t.. (r., I 

CigiLce-jfi, -cije, a., ticklish. 

Csiiti, I inspect, I HOO [O'N.). 

CiKifte, g. id,, fl. -|ii'6e, m., an 

Cisitieadc, .4, /., inspection. 

Cite, 3. id,, /., the keel o£ a ship. 

C,LeAc, -e,ce, /., a small trout 
(Ker.). See5,oU65. 

Ciieip, -L^flt"', -lS,ti,-6e, m„ a 
"keeler," a broad, shallow 
wooden vessel for milk to throw 
up oream in (citeafi, Oon.). 

Ctt, g, cilte, fl, cealLa (also 
cedLLciiafia), a church, a 
churchyard, a burial place. 
{CLL is properly da. of ceiLt.) 
Citt and cealt enter largely 

Killamey ; na cealta beasa. 

CiLLin, 0. id., pi. -ni*e, m., a littlo 
church ; a small cell ; ft church- 
yard set apart for infanta ; cii 
cttin aipsiu aije, he has a 
great heap of money ( Jf.}. 

CLlineaS, -mje, -eati,/., a place 
Bet apart for the burial of nn- 
baptiscd children, generally 
near a liof, often a plMe name. 


See ■a 

Cimbeat, -bit, jrf. id., m., a cymbal. 
CimSiieaft, -ca, t»., pillage, plun. 

der {O'N.). 
CimCiieadain,, -a*, p. tr., Ipillage, 

I plunder, devastate. 
Cime. See cimeai. 
Cimeai, -miS, pi, id., to., a captive, 

a prisoner, a hostage. 

1 ) cm 

Cimeaiar, -aif, m., captivity, 

CiniiS,m, -luJa'D, o. <r., i imprison, 
make a captive of. 

Cini,t,im, -mitc, v. tr. and tntr., 1 
rub, touoh (with le and 'do = 
Tie} ; a^ cimitc fiaife ■ot, 
pattinghim; ag cuimilc iheala 
f £, coaxing him. iSee cuimitim. 

Cimitc, -e, /., act of touching, 

Cimim, -mea'o, T. tr., I enslave, 
make a captive of, imprison. 

C.nea*, -mt (cne), pi. .«,-6eAU. 
gpt, -'iAt, dpi, .-6d,6, m., race, 
generation, tribe, family, off. 
spring ; nature. ('Dine, pne 
are cognate words.) Also /. 

Cinea-iaC, -aij, pi, id., and -ifia, 
nt., a Gentile ; an individual of 
any nation or people. 

Cined'6 vaouna, m., the human 

C,n£aL, -£it, pi. id., m., a kind, 
sort, class ; a generation ; affeo- 
tioQ, kindness ; ra an ta cin£dt 
fud|<, the day is rather ("sort 
of") cold (also c,neal.). 

Cin^ataC (r Aoiti-), (free) clansman, 

CmeaLca, indec. a., kindly, gentle, 
humane ; liking one's work ; 
capalL cmeoLca, a willing 
horse ; luij f^ ifceai 50 cm- 
eatca Letp an obaif, he look to 
bis work with a willing spirit. 

Cineatcar, -i,!", m., kindness, 

Cms. m., a kiii^(/). 
Cinjcir, -e,/., Pentecost. 
Cinsim, -jea-D, v. tr., I strengthen, 

improve; inlr., I walk, step 

Cin5,i,e, g. id., pi. -piiie, m., 11 

leader, director. 
Cin,in, V, inlr,, I descend, spring 

from, am bom. 
CinLin, g. id., yi. -ni'6e, m., a little 

candle j an icicle (C) (prop. 

Cin-nieataim, cin-ibeala'D. See 

tnriieaLaim, it 


•Beap^i -fteipce, pi. id., /,, a, 
helmet, head-dresa. See cinn- 

nn-BejijiCBr, -iifi nt., sover- 

nn-beiiic, -e, pi. id.,f,,a head- 
baud, a helmet, a head-dreas. 
nn-(e.in5AUi5 {prop, gs.), a., 
having Uie head bound as a 

Tin-^iof, m., a poll tax. 
nre^*, g, cinnce, m,, act of 
appointing, deciding, det^rmiti- 
ing, resolving on ; appointment, 
destiny, fate ; wit^ coiiiAittte, 
to take (oouDsel). 

tiny, lot, fortnno, aJ^oidont; rr 
5ii|i iiopiiBms dn tintiedrii^in 
aji teoiiidin, and that our heroes 
Bucouinbedtofate(jfci>.) ; Ttii.'r 
c. •OAm cii maf fcox., it yon are 
fated to be my treasure {Art 
MacC.) ; ill-luck, misfortune, as 
the loss of cattle, eto. If one 
buries the carcaas of a oow, 
horse, eta., tliat died oa bis 
neighbour's land, the cmneaiii- 
Ain, or ill-luck, goes to the 
neighbour ; eutp ffi an i. 
iuS^m, he turned the iniator- 

C)nTie']Lmnji£, -^136, a., fatal, fated; 

accidental, eventual. 
Cinn-fiaAna, m., a ringleader, 

Cinn-feifcin, g. id., ji. -me, m., 

kilderkin, a measure. 
Cmn-Sfiaii, -Jfi'lie, a., sharjj. 

Cinniin, vi. onneAri.Ain. v. tr., I 

fix, appoint, decide, resolve, 

agree, decree, datorminc, assign ; 

I surpass, excel (nith a\\) ; vo 

(inn oftm i -iikin&m, I failed to 

Cinnifie, g. id., pi, -pi-6e, m., a 
leader, a guide, a protector, a 

J ) cTo 

Cinnineaic, -a,/., leadership. 
Cmn-licip, g. -cpeit, pi. -Licjie, 
■tic|ieaoa, /., a head-letter, a, 

Cinn-iiiiiie, g. id., m., fronny ; 

Cinn-niiriiTn, v. tr., I madden, 
angor, annoy. 

Cinnce, indec. a., fixed, definite, 
appointed, arranged ; certain, 
sure, accurate : pronouuoed ; 
constant, Steadfast, positive, 
strong ; covetous, stingy, close ; 
50 c., surely; somet. 50 is 
omitted; tpuiL uii ji^iiil Co, 
cinnce, are you ready T Yea, 
surely (.Don.). 

Cinnceofc, -a,/., certainty ; poai. 
tivenesa ; confidence ; punctu- 
ality ; elosenoas, atingineas. 

Cinnrijim, -iuga-6, v. tr., I consti- 
tute, decree, nmke certain. 

Cinn-cpean, -feme, a., ohstinat*, 

Cin]-e, g. id., f., an aspersion or 
stain (from cion, a fault). 

Cinreat, -reiL, pi. id,, m., aepor- 
sion or stain ; want, necessity. 

Cinrealai, -di^e, a., asperaed 
with shedding blood wrong- 
fully; cruel, 

Ciob, g. cibe, /., coarse mountain 
grass; the pip in fowl; cib 

CiobAil, -dtd,/., " kibing.'' a mode 
of sowing potatoes by borying 
the sets (fcoitceatim or 
rcoilceam) a few inch^ in 
the soil with a trowel-shaped 
iron instrument having a sickle 
handle to hold it by {Boa.). 

Ciobap, -aili) "•-, dust, dirt ; Cf i 
uaLaiJe -oe dioba]! {O. S., Don.). 

Cioi, g. cite, pi. cioSa ((dso cW- 
ni-oe], /., a oreaat, suck, pap ; 
ctoc an liiuinfiiL, tiie dewlap of 
a bcaat ; an "Da 6\i, the Paps, a 
mountain in Kerry ; bainea* 
an £io£ Tie, he was weaned 
(pron. in Don. ceaC, pi. ceaia) ; 
in Wat M. ixom. also cin. 

CioCa*, -aiSc a., ol 
to the breast. 


CiocAife, g. id., pi, --^lite, i 
Btinsy person ; a nuet, a 
gard; a crank. 

Cioein, -iin, jif. t<i., «., ft 

Ciocap, -aiti, J>i, trf., m., a 

dog; Hharp hunger; ardent 

CiocAjfoa, indee. a., greedy, 
himgry, ravenoiu. eager (cf, 
hoimd, and ocAtt, hunger, 
P. ffC). 

CiocjiAi, -jiaije, a., hungry, 
greedy, ravenous, Ticions, peer- 

CiocfiAf, -dif, m., greed, hunger. 

CioctiArAn, -am, jfi. id., m., « 
hungiTj or greedy fellow. 

Ciodc, -d, -AnnA, nt., a carver, ut 
engraver, a weaver {Clf,). 

CiofcAim, -Av, v. fr., Ipaint, de- 
pict ; carve, weave; aJaocioic- 

Cio£cditie, 0. itL, pi. -fi'Ae, m., a 

paintnr, a linmer, a weaver. See 
Cio'6, coi^., though, although, yet, 
SY&a ; CIO'6 50, ^though ; cio^ 
511(1, t<i., before past tenae ; cio'6 
^patv (cio-6 cfA a4c), however, 
bo that as it may (ci, ^i, sto4 

CioVt^t'-^'O^i "'-> confusion ; ca 
an cfiAi 'n-4 diollAf-eior, the 
honse is in oonfosion {Don.). 

CiotLd«-t"'"*> -^'Sfp "*■. ""a- 
fused, in disorder (£o>t.)- 

C10I65, -6156, -65a, /., a hedge 
sparrow ; An 610L65 niACit, the 
bird that follows the cuclcoo 
(also called f iaCos). 

Cioljuie, -aij (coM.), m., shreda, 
fragments, as a hare torn to 
shreds by the hounds, or a 

eosible etoi7 torn to atoms 
, a lawyer ( JT. Eer.). 
Ciol]iAtAin), •tA.i>, V. inir,, I chat- 
Cioma£, -Ai£, -aAa, m,, a lout, a 
clout ; a slattern, an untidy 
person; in pi,, tattered old 
clothes; ctomatan, id. 

CioinA£Ai-6e, npl,, cdd shabby 

CioTtiAim, -d^, V. Ir., I oomb, I 

CiombA (Lat. a/mba), ff. id,, pi, 
-rte, a little boat (ifer.). 

Cion, g. ceand, m, regard, atten- 
tion, respect, esteem ; afleotion, 
lore, appreciation ; aintn AeAtiA, 
a fond name, a term of endeor- 

Cion, g. ceanA, pi. cioncA, m., a 
share, division, pc*tion, quota 
or dividend ; mo dion j>e'n 
t1ot)lAi5, my sham of the 
Christmaa feativities ; mo £ion 
T>e'n di|i3ea'D, my share of the 
money ; cion cljie, a country 
tax or tribute ; cdiT> ^an cion, 
they are without a porti<Hi, 
disinherited {(Tlia.) ; cton 
Cfiom, a large quota; An cion 
ctiom, tile greater portion, the 

Cion, g. -A'6, d. -Ai'6, pi. -CA, 
gpl. -A*, djpl. -CA16, /. (somet. 
m.), sin, transgression, a fault, 

CionA'6, -Ai'6, m., the five at cards, 
thebesttnimp(Lat. cjiuinartiu/); 
used _fig, for a prinoe, a leader, 
and often in poetry for the Pre- 
tender (in Con. somet. c!onAn), 

Ctonfiat, -A, pt. id., m., ocoasion, 
cause (prop. cionn-rAt). 

CionniAiiieAtc, -a, /., a share, a 
portion, a dividend ; cionriiAip, 
id. (pron. cioniiiiieAic). 

Cionn, d. of cednn, m. (which see), 
head, end ; oausa, account, 
reason ; tio iionn, because, for 
the reason that; 1 ^cionn, at 
the end, head of ; with regard 
to ; with verb of motion, to <w 
for; 6r cionn, over, above, on 
top of, overiiead ; in preference 
t« (with gen.) ; 6r mo (tio, etc.) 
ftionn, above me, over me ; pa 
n-a iiorn r>n. o» tiwt head, on 
that acooimt; 1 n-aji jcionn, in 
our company ; tdieod of us, 
before us, awaiting us ; a|i a 
3Cionn, for them, before them. 



Cionn-A^ni, n., tha forehead, 
the coaQtienanca ; ah bpuiL ^4 

Ctiftcihat' -^r ^ Sionn-aj.j.i'o, 
as he a handsoiDe countenaDoe T 
{Cob.). Also ceinti-aS'"* *™J 

Cioonif, cionnuf, iiUerrog. fir., 
how! in what mannerT 

Cioiin-aca-6, -ai*, m., the face, 
tha features. See c\onn-&%in-d. 

C>onn-tiA'AA[tc, n., fate, destiny, 

Ciotin-pdiii-pc'iC, -Aije, a., ordain- 
ing, dostming, far-seei 

( 140 ) 

Cloii, g. 


I (froi 

. id., pi. 

I fault ; s 

fuit cionncd uaim-re teif, it 
19 no fault of mine; cionncA 
cdnitiAi-oce, a verbal inault 
(P. O'C). 
CionnCAt, -aiS,j)I.i<i.,m.,awiofced 

Cionncit, -Aite, a., guilty, onlp- 

able, wiuked. 
CionncAfic, -A, /., guilt, crime. 
Cionncapafic, -a, /., emergenoy 

Cionncuigim, -nga*, v. It. and 
sproaoh, oondemn ; I 





-^S-i' /-I * soiftll 
coin, a farthing ; a kernel ; a 
BUiall portion or slice of any- 
thing {dim. at cion, share, 
portion) ; also cmnfis- 

" 'he hair of the 

cipe, /., the h 


ik; cpamjinne, a worthloBS 
spado, a spado which is a more 

ioji, g. ci'tie and cifeai, pi. ciot^- 
aiA, /., a oomb ; a orest ; the 
tuft on tho he^ of a bird ; the 
mane ot a boaat ; ciop itieaLa, a 
honeyoomb; ciop liiuttais ci^e, 
the ndge-thatoh of a house, the 
roof-tilo ; ciop ioilij, a cock's 
oomb 1 ciott iinn, a, Imir-brusb. 

:(He and ciftead, pi. c(o]i- 
aca i«e previous word), /., the 
teeth, the oud ; ag cogainc na 
cif a, chewing the oud ; cFop 
pidCAL, a row or set of teeth ; 
50 n^Aca 1 5cfp, nicely set in 
rows {of the teeth). 
CioiiaTi6i(i, -fipa, •otjU'oe, m., a 


■a*, V. tr., I comb, teaao, 

Stn, pi. id. 
como or crest. 

Ciof&A'd, cio]i&aim. See ciot<|^Ca'6, 

CiohcaL, -Alt, pt. id, m., » oirole, a 
oompaas, a hoop. 

CiofcaLnA, a., oiroular; 50 c, in 
a, oircla. 

CiojicLai, -ai Je, a.,cironIar, rotund, 

Ciopctuijim, -ujat, V. tr., I en- 
compass, hoop, ginl. 

"'-■■ """"■ """ :iati-'6oll. 

' knaps cloth ; 
a oomb-maker, a oomber. 

CfopmaiiieA4c, -a, /., the art of 
fulling, cottoning, dressing 
oloth ; flax or wool combing; 
the trade of comb-making. 

Cioji iheAtA, g. cfpe ibeala, pi. 
ciopA ihaata, /., a honeycomb. 

Ciopij. See ciatiij. 

Ciofpabaaic, -e,/., a noisy meloe, 
or woidy souffle (Don.) ; also 

CiopjiftaS, -Ai^ pi. id., m., a 
maimed of disabled person. 

Cion|i&A4, -Ai'ote and -Mi, m., act 
of cutting, maiming, mangling, 
hewing, slaughtering, mutila- 
tion, cutting short, Koeration ; 
ciojitillA'o ope, m.iy you he cut 
or mangled {a common form of 
imprecation); cioppbA-6 ispron. 

CioppbAim, -a*, V. tr., I cut, hew, 
shod, take away, abbreviate, 

Ciop|i6uiJim, -oja-o, v. tr., I ab- 
breviate, take away, waale, con- 
sumo, shed, muUlatc, mangle, 
mortify. iSfee cioppCAn 


CIO ( : 

Ciottf tnimed^, -mi^e, a., maimed. 

See cittieimedA. 
CiontiDrCA-A, -cai£ce, m., a sqnab- 

blijiSt ft figbtiiut. 
Ciof, -A, -Ann A, «., rent, tax, 

CSofA^, -Aije, a., importuDato ; 

CiofdC, -Ai^e, a., tributaiy, bo- 
longing to ce«a. 
Ciof-^ain, g, -e imd -jini^, fl. 

-BAta,/., a tax, neas [O'N.). 
CiorfiaineAfi, -nij, pi. id., m,, a 

ceBB-oolleotor, e. ta* gatherer. 
Ciof-iiiAop, -doiii, fii. tii., »>., a 

Ciof iieaicjld, m., "the nmning 
year'B lent," which went over 
Dmminiillagh (Omoath) about 
70 years ago, 

CiofOire'afic. -a,/.,arentaJ (O'Bo.). 

CiornS-^""' -o'Ste. >»■. wt of pay- 
ing tribute. 

Ciorutjim, -uJa-o, «. inlr., I pay 
rent^ tax or tribute. 

dot, g. cSAtd, ji. cedtAnn4, 
, a ahower of 

, the left hand, used in deri- 

avkward, helpleas ; 

nienoed; oommon as a soubri- 
quet, as seagAn ctovAt, John 

the loft-hBodod. 
CiocAfiSn, -im, jrf. id., m., a left- 
handed person. 
CioEJn, -Ain, fl. id,, m., the loft 

hand, dim. t^ cioc. 
Ciotihap, -Aipe, a., showery. 
Cioc6s, -oige, -654, /., Uie left 

hand; a left-handed person, 
CiocdgAi, id., aa a., Mt-handed, 

CiotjiAtnAi, -niAii, pi. id., m., an 

abjeat person. 
Ciocf adiaC, -Aije, a., mean, low. 
Cioc-npfA'DAr, -Aif, n,, rudeness, 

awkwu^iness, Impndenae. 
CiocnfjiAinn, -e, -i«e,/,a 

accident ( Wat.). 
Cip, port, for ciApA'6 i uoti SL^"- 

£ip, oompletely destroying you. 

1 ) CIS 

Cipe, 9. id., pt. -pcOe, /., a rank of 

Cipin, g. id., pi. .i4e, «>., a little 
stiok ; a dibble ; a pin for Qing 
and fastening a t«ther; cipin 
I-olmr, a match. (Cipin is d^st. 

of CBAp.) 

CipineA£,-ni£,M,, fragments, bits; 
■oein f B c. ve, be smashed it to 
atoms, CA c. T>£Ani:A Ai^e, he 
devastated everything all roond. 

CipifCB (for cmpuitteP), indee. 
a., tormontod ; ca f^ cipifce 
teoDtA, he is tormented by 
them ((7(01.). 

Ctnc-^eotl, -eota, /., flesh at a 
sen, ehioken. 

Citicfn, g. id., pi, -i*e, m., a littlo 
hen, a pullet. 

Ciiicfn ciiaJA, nt„ a small whistling 
bird ; a kind of aea-bird, always 
met with along the beach. 

Cit^iib, -e, -cAiA, /., an insurreo- 
tion, tumult, quarreL Seecttfhb. 

Cip£ibGA(i, -bi^e, a., tumultuous, 

Cipin, g. id., pi. -rte, m., the orna- 
ments OB the top of a house- 
roof i a little comb ; a crest ; a 
ridge; a top-knot ; a bird's crest; 
the trunk of an oak tree embed- 
ded in a bog ; c. na cLoaire, the 
topoftheeur; ca c. aiji, he is 
tipsy (Con.), 

Cijiitieai, -nije, a., orestM ; comb- 

Ci]<7i|-i, .i. ci^re, compar. of ceAjtc; 
simdarly, ciSucAtf' for copA and 
FeAppoir! for jr eajipA. 

Cif, -e,pl. ofeAtinA and ceAf AnnA, 
/,, a wioker basket ; wickrrwork 
to fit 00 a cart, ' ctmB cip Ajuf 
td-D ' [lt<ifiery), 

Cire-i4. -rSe, -r^Aiii,/., a cause- 
way ; a raised path over a 
streajn, eto., generally made of 
wioker- work, wild rods, furz^ 
or heather; a wioker basksL 

CtfSAl, -pL, ff. id., m., astmtum; 
a layer or row of sheaves in a 
corn-stack ; a hollow or furrow 
like that between waves. 


CIS ( 1 

Cipei.*!, -iin, pt. id,, n., a wioker- 
work baakat, & Urge basket ; 
cliaD, an ordliiary basket ; 
cl^ibin, a littJe bosket ; cif eiin, 
aomet, a hand-basket. 

I ol 

com or straw ; the detachable 
bottom of a paBuier or oreel 

{abo rcireog). 

watchful, oontrol my feelings 

i-Ae, m., a tittle 

(with anj. 

Cifce, p. W., j)i. -ci*e, ni,,acheBt; 

a atore ; treasure ; a term of 

CircB, g. id., pi. -ifii, and -ciifie, 

m., a oake. 
Circeaniic, -a,/., hotise-keepiog, 

kitohcn-keepinff, st«re-keepiDg. 
Circm, g. id. and -eai, jjJ. -eaCa, 

/., a kitchen ; b^^dn na cifcir, 

tbo bacon hong up for onring in 

a kit«hen. 
Circmeai, -if 
kit ' 


Cit, a shower of taia. See ciot. 

CiT:eat, -riL, pi. id., m., a kettle. 

Ciceat, n>., life, vigour; p^At an 
cicedl >)ci> f 6, see how liveW he 
is, said of a person, a spirited 
honie, eta. (also ciocaI). 

Ciutifiibea4, -bi$, m., tumult, 
bustle; waste, ddrris; pron. 
ciictiSabifi in Ker. : ci ji 'ni 
6ai£t<^'ba£ as^r, yoD have 
reduced it to shreds, crushed it 

Citpiimead, -liiiSe, «., crippled, 
maimed (Con. ),also ceicfeimeaA. 

Ctuba£, -aije, a., cubic, cubical. 

Cinin, -a, a., oalin, gentle, quiet, 
still, mild, placid. 

Ciuin-Aionnca^, -ai^e, a., silent 
and guilty ; sly. 

CiBine, g. id,, /,, calmness, quiet- 
nesB, rest^ silence ; modesty. 

Cimnear, -ntp, m.j a calm, a si- 
lence ; relief in Bickness after 
loud oomplaining (as in tooth- 
ache) ; patience. 

I ) cU 

Ciainijim, -mja*, o. (r., I qniet, 
calm; «. inCr., I lapse iato 
silence, talk lower, calm down. 

Ciutnigce, p. a., quieted, stilled 

Ciuimm, -nCd-D, P. Ir,, I calm, still, 
pacify; ciorti an LeanO, pacify 
the child {O'N.). 

Ciuifi,-e,a., good, perfect, faultleas; 
qniet ; 5^. caff-sins 5° ciuin 50 
ciuif, draw qaietly and gently, 

Ciuifnis™, -lUJa-D, V, tr., 1 cover 
over, gather about (generally 
said 01 a great ooat or of bed 

Ciuitiaif, g. -a, pi, ciortifa, ctnih- 
aiT«a6A, /., an edge, a border, a 
selvage, a limit (idso ciumaf, 
-air, m.). 

Ciun-forc, m., a mild oountenance 
(O'A'.) ; prop., a qniet eye. 

Cifinf a6, -aige, -ata,/., v-fig. term 
for a young woman. 

Ciiinni^eoni, -opa, .oiinie, m., a 

Ciui<a6, -aijie, a., good, perfect ; 
quiet, an t. Meinponn, the 
good white-loined cow. 

Cinf^naf, -ai£,pl. id.,i^., adizzard, 
an aimless, arratio person. 

CiuranaCr, -a, /., dizziness, mov- 
ing about aimleesly, reokless- 

Ciuca, g. id,, pt. •Ai'te, n,, a deep, 
preguaat saying ; n clever hit 

Cmtfai, -ai^e, -a, /., a red- 
headed bird (O'S.). 
Clab, -aib, m,, tlie full open 

up, hold your tongue. 
ClAbaC, -aige, a., thick-lipped, 

wide-mouthed, garrulous, 
CLabai'oe, a. id., /., open-mouthed- 

ness, wide moutbedness ; ctab- 

ai*eatc, id, 
Clabaine, g. id., pi. -fi-o 

aijie, g. 
)bler; t 

> clapper of a 
. cup through 

Ubl . . 

the inverted cup through wbiolh 
the ohumdaah passes ; dim, 
clabaif in, id. 
Clabait<ea6c, ■&,/., talk, babble. 


CU). ( 1 

CtAbi)!, -dip, n., Bourthiok milki 

bdinne ctdbdit*, id. 
ctibi|i, -Alp, m., filth, dirt, mire, 

mud. See cLAb.JL|i. 
CtibAfAi, -aite, o., dirty, 

CLiT)*rcaii, -4i]i, m., reod ; long, 

BoedleBS straw (P. O'C). 
CtdBaTCaitimt, --ji j, m., reed. Sm 

Ctab^s, -6156, -654, /., a blubber- 
lipped, open-mouthed person. 

Ctabf^tin. -am, pi. W,, m., a 

CLaOpnr, -u'r. p'- W., m., purple 
mountau B^ufrage ((7.); chrysoi 

Ctabr^l, -ait, jii. id., m,, a column 
of a book ; ono oolomu of a 
page ; inr on tiao cLabfat, in 
the first column (L. B.). 

CLatran, -am, m., gnimbling, 

CLabruaji, -aip, m., a cloister ; an 
awkward person. 

CtaCin, -am, pi. id,, m., a village 
or townlaud in which the parish 
church is built 1 a burying 
ground ; originally a druidicd 
circle of ttaaee for pagan wor- 

Cla-6, a fence, etc. See clai'6e. 

Cta'^, m., the chimney-beam or 
mantle-tree of a chimney ; also, 
the side-beam of a car; we 
say, cLaii pmtift and eta* or 
Veac-tla* eaipji (P. O'G.). 

Clanat, -ait, -aij;e, m., the aea- 
ahore, the oeach ; a fiat ehore, a 

CLa^aC, -aije, a., dirty, filthy, 

Cla-oaijie, g. id., pi. .pi-6e, a slug- 
gard, a thief, a rogue, a coward, 
a rascal, a scoundrel. 

Cla-oaifeaic, -a, /., cowardice, 
laziness, roguery, rascality. 

Claoaijiim, -pr, V. (r., I tOBs about, 
roll iu the dirt. 

ClaT) in, -am, jJ. id,, m,, a bnrr, a 
flake (also cnatian). 

ClA-oan, -am, fi. id., m., a foQce- 
like pile of stones. 

ClA-6Ati, -aiji, ■•., the cron-beam 
that supports the chimney- 
breast. (P. O'C. writea it 
cla-6ap'o, but the -o is not heard 
in Ker., at least.). Bet cla4 and 

Cta'^ap'ba, indej:. a., cowardly, 
laiy, idle, villainous. 

Cla^-ihup, -thuigi, pi. id., »., a 
raised mound. 

CLanjiaC, -aij, -aifte, m., a very 
rocky recess on ahUI-bc^ (Ktr.). 

Cta-6-f p6n, /., a fence-like nose; 
a strong, prominent nose. 

Clag, cdgaim, cLasaipe. See 
CL05, etc. 

ClajaC, -aije, a., cackling. 

Clagat, -aiS, -ai je, hi., a atunner. 

CLagat, "Sta, m., act of stunning. 

CLataipe, g. id., pi. -pi'oe, m., a 
fish after shedding its spawn 

Ctagap, -aif, m., heavy rain, 
(This word is osed in Ker., but 
is unknown in parts of W. Cork, 
where ctasafinai is used; it is 
used in BaSyTimirMy.) 

Cla^apnat, -aije, /., heavy rain ; 
noise, as of heavy rain falling ; 
an CLasapnafi ■worn 50 cpom 
a^ cuiptm^;, while the brown 
ram poured down in t4)rrenta 
(C. it.) ; ca r* 45 clasapnaifc 
it is raining very heavily; ca 
p£ a5 cLagapnaC b^if Li^e, it is 
pattering rain (Mm.). 

CLa^iin, -nm, pi. id., ra., a fiagon ; 

Ctaib^if, -e,/., prat«, talk ; ohat- 

CVaib^ifcai, -fij*! "■> talkative, 
prating ; officious. 

Ctaibin, g. id., pi. -I'oe, m., a lid; a 
wooden cup with a hole, through 
which the handle of a obum- 
daah passes to prevent spla.9hing 
when churning ; a little mouth ; 
a bottle-dapper ; a tap ; a door- 

Ctaiie, g. id., pi. -a£a and cla4- 
ca£a (usually the latter pi. in 
M., in Con.pL cLaroriice), m., a 
fence ; qften a stone fence. 


ctA { : 

ClifAediii, g. ■■btfn, pi. -■ortie and 
-lortite, m., a sword. 

Ctai-Di Jim, -1U5A-6, 11. intr., I dig, 
oieavate, fence. 

Ctiitimsa*, m., a digging, fono. 
iDg, excavating. 

CLai*cei'o6ipe<iCc, -*, /., hedge- 
haunting, loitering, idling. 

CtikrA, -e, /., the mange, itch, 

CVatme, g. id., f., Icproay, itch, 
scurvy ; mange in slicep, etc. 

Clatmeit, -Tii'se, a., mangy, full 

CtatmeAic, -«, /., the mange j 

Claiihircin, g. id., m., a rough 
noise, as the gnashing of tooth. 

CL<iim]ieAi, -Jiije, /., the hair of a 
dog, eto. ; c. S^Oaip, "goat'a 
hair " ; ragged clouda portending 
rain {Aran). See cluiiimeaC. 

CtdiifijieaC, -111J, -tiige, m., a aoor- 
bntic person, a leper (0'^.). 

Ctiiip64.Ti, -h-o, m., claret (O'If.). 

Ctaip-faDAii, -Ain, pt. id., m., the 

CLaiti-^A'oanAf, -Ai^e, a., broad- 
browed, full-faced. 

CLAip-fiacAil, /., a prominent 
large foretooth ; a fang (ciacdL, 
-4it, genly. »b. in M. ep. I). 

CLai|iini, -ijid-D, V, tr., I divide {of 
5^il or prey). 

cLo-iiinedic, -j, /., acting the 

ctdiTire-jc. 9. -vt^i }*■ -r^"**' 

/., a harp (pron. cLJiifiid, 
ClAipr^oili, -opa, -oipi-oe, m., a 

CtailTeoif eiifc, -a, /., harping, 
CUir,ff--e,p'. -eiltina and -eaia, 
/., a drain, aewer ; a furrow, a 
gravel-pit, a hollow ; a valley ; 
a streak, a stripe ; a choir ; a 
quarter (as of a beast, etc.) ; 

I ) cU 

Leat-iLair, the half-furrow afc 
one side of a pototo-bed, as dis- 
tinguished from cLaif. the whole 
furrow between two beds {M.). 

CLoircedDdt, -ait, m., a singing 
of hjrana ; united harmony. 

CLaifeA't, -pge, o., worn into fur- 
rows ; full of pits or drains. 

Clairim, -^r*'^' "■ ''■-7 I ^S> 

CLair-teauAn, -teitno, a., wide- 

CLdiii, -iiriie, a., mangy; despic- 
able, wretched. 

Ctam, -aim, pi. id., m., a jest^ 

CL-flrtii)iiie, g. id., pi. -pi-6e, m., a 
laaar, a leper; a aoratcher (ap- 
pHod contemptuously to a chiM 
crying, if.); a wretch ; a diminu. 
tive person, as c. beAj millce 
(somot. used for cneaiViai]ie). 

CLijriiaiiieaf c, -a, /., mange, scab, 
leprosy ; scratching, itching ; 
ciying, squealing. 

Claman, -atn, pi. id., m., a buzzard ; 
any diabby or mangy. looking 

CLariiarcaii, -aif, m., a rough, 
grating n-^-- 

elanip ; a row-lock (Ser.) ; 

jtamba (Com.). 
CLampiiiie, g. id., pi. -]ii-6e, m., 

a niischii^-raakcr, a cheat. 
CLampatt, -aiji, pi. id., m,, a 

wrangling, dispute ; idle talk, 

deceit, slander ; confusion ; a 

Clam pap a6, -aije, a., litigious, 

wrangling, fraudful. 
Clariiiia-D, -ai-6, m., a scratching, 

an itching, a shrug; muige, 

Ctampan, -Am, pi. Id,, m., a scabby 

wretch ; an insignificant fellow ; 

a term used for a restless, crying 

chiU {Ker.). 
CVaiiitiar, -aip, m., a bawling, 

chiding, grumbling {0'!f,), 


. tr., 1 scratflh, i 


cU ( 1 

CLamra, g. id; ^- -^ti., m., an 
alley, a narrow lane, a oloao. 

CLdtnr-an. -Ain, n>., the aot of oom- 
plaJning ; oomplftints j toroi^ 
■p6 dp S'"'" (CiiVir^in, he Bet 
up a complaining ory ([/■.). Set 

Clanir':dl<> nt-i *> kind of oimb ; 
rough kitehen bread (Don.) ; cf. 

lO'Ba.) ; claAirrptiiiio bpoj, 

nogainly shoes (Str,). 
ctAihcA, jr. W., pi. -1*6, 01., a blow 

with Uie open hand ; a olont. 
CtamciiL, -iLi, /., boating with 

the open hand ; clouting. 
ClAiiic65, -tiise, -6^A, /., a tittle 

blow with the open hand. 
CtAnn, g. ■'iinne and -omne, pt. 

cLdnna, /., race, ohildien ; 

sept, breed, progeny ; T)nine 

cLAinne, a -^-'-'^ ..... 

any child? ( 
of one child ; ctdnn r 
descendants ; clAtin ^ 
feoiale deeoendants ; a; lomtop 
cLainne, pregnant. 

ClAntiAt, -At3e, a., fmitfal, pro- 
lific; hanging in locks, luxuriant 
(of the hur). 

CLAntiAsid, -Ai$e (="Cl«mA5A6!), 
a., orooked, dishimeet (Don.). 

Ctonn inAicne,/., a clan, a sept, a 
tribe ; male i^sue, pOBterity, 

CtantimAiiie, g. id,, /,, fruitfol- 
ness, fertility, the state of being 

CtAnnihap, -4ij»e, a., fniitiiil, pro- 

li&t, having issue. 
CtannuisiTii, ■•a^&t, v. intr., to 

have carnal iut«iD0Ui8e, to beget 

ClAofl.6'6, -A,m.,aotofaluitiging; 

alteration, change ; lefleotion ; 

oonqneat, Oppression. 
ClAoCtoi'bini, -l&o. See cLAot- 

CtioiLuijim, -Li*, V. tr. and intr., 

I repent ; torn, change, vary ; 
, destrt^, canoel, anni- 

t have they 
used even 


fugitive; aBimpIeton. 
CLAOiiim, -ttAt, V. tr. and intr., 

I defeat, oppre«, destroy ; with 

te, I oling to, stick to. 
CLdOitice, p. a,, defeated, op' 

pieesed, ruined; reduced m 

physical condition, worn out 
Cldoi'DCCAi, -ci£e, a,, subduing, 

an oppressor ; a conqueror (also, 
a weak, delicate peraon). 

Ctdoin-Cpedc, -Ctierte, /., a false 
or prejudiced judgment. 

CLdoin-bfiedtAC, -Ai^e, a., preju- 
diced, partdal in judgment. 

Cl>]LOin'T>eApc<itm, v. tr., I gaze 
wantonly on, 

CLAOme, g. id., /., bias, prejudice, 
partiality, pronenees i a bend- 
ing, a stooping ; inolination. 

CVdoin-iij-ceafic, ■&,/., partiality 
in hearing. 

CLAOin-0A£dinr,-e,/, a squinted 
glance, a perverse or wanton 
gaze (sJso cUaoin-f'^A^dtn). 

CtAon, -oine, a., perverse, partial, 
prejudiced ; inelined to do a 
thing ; foUing down freely ; 
bending down. 

elAon, g. -oin, pi. -va, m., deceit, 
perversity, prejudice, intrigue ; 
mclination toirards ; CAppAing 
6 £LAon, adeparting from error. 

ClAonA'6, -ncd, «., aot of inclining ; 
bending, declining, turning away, 
perverting ; perversion ; devia- 
tion I propensity ; derogation. 

ClAonAim, -At, V. in/r., fdedine, 
bend, tiun away ; incline, lean. 

ClaotiAijie, tf. id., pt, -pi-oe, m., an 
unjust or oiassed person. 

cLAon-AfD, -Aifve, a,, steep, in- 

CLAoti-A]i'D, n., an inclining steep ; 
a orick in the neok, 

CLAon-iiiApbA'D, nt., mortification. 

CtAon-riiapbAim, -a*, v. tr., I 

CtAon-iiurAi, -Aije, a., perverse. 


cu ( : 

CLion-fiiiLeii, -Vije, a., squint- 

ClAOnra, p. a., beot^ inoUned, 
perverse, partial, prejudiced. 

aptoeaa, diapoaiti<ai, prejudice. 

CldorcfiA, 17. 0., ft. -ive, M., a 

doister. Sm cLdBfcpA and 

CIAP65, -6156, 
kisB ; a slap 1 

Ctdp-rotiti *"■. niorning or even- 
ing tvili^t. 

CLAfi, y. cLiip, pi. ctijii. and 
ctAtUiCa, dpi, cLAftAiC aiid c\,ip- 
didiC, m., a level eurfaoe, a 
plain ; a board, a table ; a lid ; 
& programme, a oatalwne ; a 
flat countrj, a large ^strict; 
CLAptldnluiii, C\.ifT6\>\.A, CLAp 
tuitic, etc., aamee tor Ireland ; 
cl^t* iAv-iin, forehead ; clAt< 
in'fiaDdin, my forehead; cLJp 
fciitv, ttia mould-bowd of a 

CLit'^e, -ii Je, o., bare, bald ; 
made of boarda ; belmging to 
the County Clare ; bnmd-fs«ed. 

CtAp-ai-nmniuJ**, -iSce, m., a 

Clip b6it, J. id., m,., a lid, a cover. 

CLap-fiorai, -iiise, a., eplay -footed. 

Ctiji ifinfce, n., an index ; table 
of contents. 

CLit* minigte, m., a glossary. 

Ctflti ni cuinneoise, «., a cover 
of A oBom. 

Clj,ri63, -6ise, -650, /., a small 
tAblej the bottom of aoor or cart. 

Ct^fi plninnc, m., a plank of a 

Clip rpeile, m., a board to edge 
a scythe with ; a Baytbe-boarcT 

CLarcd, g. id., pi, -lie, m., a clasp 


ClAruiSini, 'USi*, V. infr. andto-., 
1 msEe furrows, I trench ; I 
make hollowa in the sand as 
salmon do for spawning 

CL£, a., left (opp. lo right) ; left- 
handed ; awkward, sinister, 
nicked (used as a prefix in this 


CliaCdf, -Aift, »>-, a cleaver {A.). 
Cteitc, -4, m., habit, praotioe. 
Cledtrae, -diSe, a., used, aocua. 

tomed (to, te). 
CLeAfcA'D, -zti, m., wont, habit, 

practice, -experience. 
CteACcAim, .i-6, «. tr. and iWr., 

I am wont, am aeoosfomed to ; 

I practise, n«e, cherish. 
ClcAdcdihAiL, -itiLi, a, nasal, 

habitual, onatomary. 
CteaCr^rj -Airi m.j habit, fashion, 

CLeift uuijte, P.O., accustomed; ri 
•mi c. Leif, I am aoonatomed 

CteaihAin, m., a son-in-law. Bm 

niHAfr, -Ai^e, D 


, having song- 
by mar. 

ClcdTrnAf, ^A^f, n., marriage, 
afEnity ; alliance by marriage. 

CleAThnui^iin, -oji*, o. iittr,, I 
make a marriage, matofa or 
alliance with (LeV 

Cle£iid£, -Ai^e, a., familiar (O'N.). 

CteaitflCc, .i, /., familiarity. 

ClsAr, -A, pt. id. and -AtinA, and 
cLip, m., aplay, a game, sport; 
a feat, device, trick ; craft ; art, 
scienoe ; cLeAf ■oo ■6i&naii, 
clear ■o'tmipc ap, to play a triti 
on ; Ati clear ciAuna tjo '6*An- 
Ath leir, to do the saioe thing 
with it, to treat it in the same 

CteAraA, -Aije, o., tricky, wily, 
playful; ingenious. 

CteAraCc, -A, /., sport, pMtime. 

CteAfAioeAfc, -A, y., playing, 
pastime, illusion, sleight-iu- 
hand, frolio, subtility, triok. 

CLeart<A'6, -Aii, m., device ; sporty 
fjame, amoaement, sleight ; act- 
ing, juggling. 

CLeAruiie, g. id,, pt, -*te, m., an 
atttul man, an actiir, a juggler, 
a quack, a mountebank ; a tug- 
ger (Om.). 

CLeAtmigim, -a^A'6,, 
I sport, play, gambol, pofonn 



rod ; cleat fcior 
cte.i£-Ailpin, a, short stick with 

CVedtafi, -Jije, a., ribbed, com- 

poeed of wattle- work. 
CLeatAitie, g. id., pt. .piie, in., » 

logae, A rustic, e, itsrdy beggar. 

8«e cieitifie, 
CleAtiijieaic, -a, /., matioity. 

CleatAti, MH]!, fl. id., n., a stoke, 
a pole ; ft pile or post ; fig., a 
pnuoe, a chief. 

ClBitfliiiiil, -ita,/, a ievere beat- 
ing, a dressing, a flo^igiiig, 

Cteac-iiiti, m., a plantmg of trees ; 
heaoe the correlative or col- 
lateral hranohee of a pedigree 
(P. O-C). 

CLeacpafa, in phr. cJi mo iLear- 
(la^d aji teata'6, my bosom is 

Ct£i6<n, g. id., fl. -tie, m., a small 
basket: a jug. 

Clfiif. See ctiaii. 

Ct^ipcea6, -cije, a., clerical. 

Cl^rgiceAi, -C15, fl, id,, m., a 
clergyman; a clerk. 

Cleipceaic, -a, /., clerkship ; 

ClSijiceaf, -cir, m., the oot of 
making up oooounts, book- 
keeping, clerkship ; cLeif- 

CL^'peat, -liiS, fl, id., dpi, -ji4i6, 
m., a olerio, a clerk, an account- 
ant, a Borivener, a ootoiy, a 

CLSijieaic, -a, /., the atato of a 
clergyman ; (derkship, schoiar- 
ship, accountantship. 

Cteite, g. id., pi. -ea6a, /., in oar. 

CLeice, g. id., pi. -ci-oe, m., a 
feather, quill, plume ; a pen, 
qnill-pen; amm dleice, a pen- 

7 ) Ctl 

CLeicea6, -ci^, m., eon., wings. 

quiUot ; met., a thin or lazy 

C Lei ceil Aim, -ait, v. tr.. 1 knit 

Cletceaninar,-aif, n., dependence 

Cleirein, -hn, pi. id., m., a pent- 
house ; the eaves of a house. 

Cleireos, -oikb, -05a, /., a little 
quill or feather. 

Ct*iceos, -oise, -oga,/., movable 
bottom of a oreeL 

Cteicigim, -luJa'A, v. Ir., I plmne 
or feather. 

CL4itin,ff.ti.,jrf. -lie, m., abreast, 
a chest. Ste cLiac. 

CLeiuin, g. id., pi. -rtie, m., the 
eaves of a house ; the wattles or 
ribs of a house-roof {O'lf.}. 

CLeictneafic, -a, /., wottling or 
lathing a houso.root (O'A'.). 

Cteitirie, j. id., pi. -jii'fie, m., a 
sturdy person ; a Isirge. atrone 
animal ^ anything atroog and 
vigorous; cleitijie rca'oain, a 
large herring; cleicijie CflpaiLl, 
a strong horse ; cLeiciiie bacaij, 
a atvong, stout beggar ; cLeitiiie 
mai\is, a strong, 8t«ut stick. 
See cleataitie. 

Cteit-rtiiorcaji, -aiji, m., a private 

Cleit-^|iioca'6, m., a goad. 

Cleit cije {or cLeit-caoB), in 
house-roofing, the bars over the 
caoCain (or longtitudinal cross- 
bars) to support the rcpaic (er 
Gbrous sod, generally heath). 
See cleicin. 

CtS-latiifli, -Aif, a,, left-handed. 

CLeoi, -oioe, -00a, /., a horse- 

Cleotati, -aitt, m., a horse-fly 

CLi, g. id,, /., ohest, ribs, stomach, 
heart ; the ribs of a boat : a 
successor l&N.), 

ClI, left-handed, eto. See cl£. 

CtiaC, g. cl^iS, pi. id., m., a 
basket a creel ; a breast, bosom, 
chesty ribs. 


CLiaftin, -iin, pi. id,, m., a cradle, 
a basket, e. oage ; cLiaban im, a 
bird crib. 

Ctijp, g. ctfeiiie, d, cliip, /., a 

band, a componj ; the ijergy ; 

the bards ; strolling Bingerg 

(nom. genlj. elf 1(1). 
Ctiat', a Dundle of reeds made by 

fisnennen and burned on St. 

John's Eve. 

CLiApii, -iije, o., belonging lo 
the clergy, Irarda, etc. ; having 
a large retinue. 

CLmiiiTOejtc, -A, f., hardship ; 

CLia|ioi-6e, g. id., ji. 
bard, a minstrel, as „ 

CtiAc, -Ihie, -Viita,/,, a hurdle, 
the treadles of a loom ; a man's 
cnest or side ; the darning of a 
stocking ; apparatus tor keeping 
a poultice or bandage in ite 
place J a plaster ; a plate ; a 
narrow ; a cipear, a pike ; also 
cUit fnirp^e «T F^ime. 
a barrow; c. LAiihe, a hand- 
barrow ( cLia6 FUiSita, sprig 
work, darning work ; cLia6 
j-eoiL, loom-tackling ; cliac 
tata, a body of men engaged in 
battle ; cXnt f eanCair, a geno- 
alogicai table. 

CLiatdi, -cea, pi. id,, m., a har- 

Ctiflca*, -tea, TO., the copulation 
of certain animalB, as boars, etc.; 
cLiataim is the corresponding 
verb (better ctijim, frora coiL- 
eai and cuLLai, P. O'C, 

Ctiauaim, ■ii.r>, v. tr., I barrow. 

CtiatailiaiL, -riiLa, a„ strong, 
stout, having a strong ohest, 

CLiacJn, -am, pi. id., m., the sido ; 
one side of the chest or broost 

of an animal ; the ribe ; the 

breast ; the side (of a b31} ; 

ctiatan an &dcai|<, the road- 
side ; a small hurdle. 
CLiatSs, -6156, -6sa,/., a hurdle; 

the chine or back. 
;tiau6iii, -6)ia, -dipi'oe, m., a bar- 

rower, one who tnahes burdlee. 
Cliautiai, -ai5, -ai^e, ni., a soft, 

swampy spot, passable only by 

means of hurdles. 
Cliacliaman, -Am, pi. id., m., a 

Eraon or thing morely hanging 
,5etbor (Don.). 

ling. Set cLiat. 
Ctiac-fLac,/., a hurdle. 

enoe ; anything that dangles or 

liangs loosely from another; a 

tag, a tatter, a bush of hair. 

Sa slib, 
Clibin, g. id,, pi, -i-oe, m., a dew- 
lap ; anything dependent from 

another; a bash of hair; a 

piece, a segment, a fragment ; 

a little nag (Z)on.) ; a oolt 

(lyjV.). Seegt.bJn. 
CLibSr, -e. -eata, /., a tumult, 

noiao, prattle ; peevishness. 
Clibifeai, -f'Se, a,, tumultuous, 

noisy ; peevish. 
Clipinj;, -e, -eafia, /,, a leathern 

boitle, a water budget (also 

ciLpins, older form). 
Clins, -e, -eada,/., apealof bells; 

a chime, a knell. 
Ctinjineai, -mse, a., sounding 

like a bell ; resonant. 
Ctmsipe, g, id., pi. -jime, m., a 

Ctiobat. See jUobaf . 
CLiobfij, -iise, ■65a, /., a colt, a 

filly ; a coltish trick or eonibol ; 

a person with long untidy hair. 

See sliobig. 
Clioc, -a, -ai'oe (die, Don.), ot., 

Clio-ona, g, id., pi. -riie, m., a 
person wasted from sickness 
(tf.) i a famous M, fairy. 

Cliojafi, -aiti, pi. id., m., a croak- 
ing, a oroak. 


-ST' ■ 

, I 

Ctiomflijic, -djira, /., the "Btrip- 
pingB of B, cow. 

CtiorcaC, -aige, a., bouncing, 
rattling, skipping. 

Ctiorca* (cLiorc), -ai*, pl- i^-. «., 
a bounciag, a, Btartiug, a spar- 
Ctiocdi, ■&ri,jl. id., m., a frame, 
a BkeleloQ (Ker.). 

CLior^-ti, -&IV, in., a rattling noiao, 
clatter ; cLiocatiaiL, act ol 
rattling, making a noise {M.). 

a, hook, a auare (Ker. and i 

CLip^At), -£i'0, ■£A'oai'6e, m., the 
little cloth or leathern covering 
used to protect a weak or 
injured eye ; a person (uaually 
of females) whose hair is always 
unkempt, and hanging careleesly 
over the eyes. 

Clif, -e. -eaea,/,, a throb, a start, 
a Burpriao. 

CtireACi-fSe, o.,akittiBh; apt to 

Ctifed*, -fTie, m., trembling 

through fear (U.). 
CLip^ce,p.a., startled, friohtaned , 
CLipm, -rea'Dj ». intr,, I fail in a 
thing ; it aurpOBBes me ; xio £Lif 
f^ 0|ini i v^andni, it aurposBed 
me to do it, I failed to do it; 
mi filireann Ofic, if you fail; 
■DO dLir lid CijtaTOe, the pota- 
toes faued (Con.) (also m] Loic 
A pflcai^e). 

{Dan. Oaa, poem). 

CUfze, tjidee. a., expert, dexter- 
ous, skilled, active. 

CUtce, indec, a,, frightened, 
Btortled (17.). S«cLip5ce, 

Cli[-ceAic, -i, f., skill, dex- 

) ) CLo 

Cticeii, -cifc, -cije, m., the keel 
of BBhip(Jfer.) ijfy., thobowela, 
the heart (ffifo.) 5m ctiocat. 

Cliceon, -itn,j>I. td.,i7i., athiaot 
narrow- cheated person. 

CLifiicBad, -cige, a., famous, 

Cliiiceaic, -i., /., renown, fame 

CtiiicAt, -aije, a., famoua, re- 

CW. S{ecl6-b. 
CloC, -A, tn., a pair of tongs (coci- 

monly cLob or cLu in tp, I.), 
Ctoi, g. cloite, ji. c\.ota, /., a 

atune ; a atone weight ; a testicle ; 

clot LeabaTO and cLofi jijoait, 

upper and lower millBtoae(Oiii.) ; 

dot n4. ruiLe, the pupil of the 

C\,6cA, g. id., pi. -lie, m., a cloak 

Cloiat, -iiSe, a., stony. 
Cto6a-6, -6ca, m., act of stoning, 

Ctoi-aijeincaft, -dije, a., stonj- 

CtotAim, -d'6, v. tr., I itone, I 

Cloftaiiiej g. id., pi. -^ime, m., a 
atone-cuttor, a atone-mason. 

CLofiAifeacc, -a, /., masonry, 

Cloiamait, -ibLa, a., atone-like, 

Clocan, -am, pi, id., m., a ruin, 
remains of an old fort; a heap 
of stones ; stepping stones ; a 
□auseway ; a pavement ; Clotin 
nd Cl):6mo|ia£, the Fomorians' 
Causeway, a name tor theGianta' 
Causeway in Antrim. 

Clo6 aoil, /., limestone. 

Ctocaji, -iiii, pi. id., m., a stony 
region, a rocky shore. 

Clo£.i|i, -Aiii, pi. id., m., an 
aasembly, congregation, college ; 
a convent ; an ecclesiastic^ 
structure ; a stone church, e.g., 
CLodap ■""'Lis. St. Dolough'a, 
neorI>ublin; ^.aIaoClocAi|iin, 
near Eillamoy.,.,..N,Gt)OL^Ic 

cto ( ] 

CtoiAttAn, -iin, jd. id., m., a cod- 
veubialiBt, a hermit ; also a bird 
oalled wheat ear (AchiU). 

CLoeAfin, -Ain(cWJ.), nt., stepping- 
stones norosB a Etream ; paving. 

CtoiafcbA, indic. a., set with 
ttoDea, stony. 

CloiafnAi, -4115, m., a wheaiins 
in tiie throat. Sec ^Lotati and 

CLoC iirm, /., * beadatone, » 

C\-ot f aoOaip, /., a hone, a whot- 

Btoue ; a aharpening-stone ; a 

Clot puiit, /., the gravel. 
Cto6 $Ainihe, /., BODdstone. 
Clo£ gotiTn, /., Bulphato sf copper. 
CLa£ 5UAit, m., stone-coal, cool. 
CLoC Uot>Aiii.m, /., a grinding- 

Btone i c. li'oCua, id. 
Clot riiuiLinn, f., a milbtoae. 
C\,ot ihulWi^, /., a top or head- 

Ctot no. cinnedihriA, /., tho stone 

of destiny. See l,ia fail. 
CLot na, rulj /., the apple of tha 

CL0465, -6136, -6s4,/., a tract of 

land full of boidder st^jnes 

{Sfago, ate). 

CtDC|ian, -Ain, pi. to., n>., a 

bird called the stone-chatter 1 

Btepping-stones across a ford. 

Sm cloC^^n. 
C\.mt fiea.t^ /., a rolling atooe. 
i:Lo£-f'^tAnn> »>., rock-salt. 
CLoC ^eoni,y., a pracious stone. 
Clotta, iruiec, a,, stony. 
CloA t4ttpAin5te, /., a loadstone. 
Clo£ teinea'6, f^ cLodd ceinedi, 

CLot uarit, ?. cLoite uaifLe, pi. 

clota uAirLe, /., a prooious 

Clo'o (do), m,, act of conquering, 
subjugation, defeat; variety, 

016-6, -A, Di., a nail or spike. 

CL6-D, -&, m., stamp, tyjie, prints 
impression made iff nail ot style 



on wood, eto. ; mould, form, 
appearance, obaracter ; cu|i t 
gciet, to print ; 1 set, bacaiS, 
m the gaib of a oeggar (th» 
word ctd-o has a wide, if Tague, 
application in poei, to the par- 
son, form, appearanoe, mould, 
character, etc.); yi. i\-6-6, in 
type, printed ; bu4li-6 f a' 
il6'6, to print; tafp^ins pA-o 
d £liW>, they drew a porffftit of 
him 1.0m.); ni'L atin aic inclfiti, 
he is reduced to a skeleton. 

CtODaij ••iise, a., dirty, muddy, 
stringy; also cIJi<»a£. 

ClWii^fiif, -611A, -(Siju'oe, m., a 
printer (also written cLd-ooni). 

CLo-oaim, -i-o, V, tr., I print, 

Cl.6-6iiiie, g. id., pi. -jii-fie, ™., a 
printer ; villainy, guile. 

Ct.6'6Ai;ie<i6c, -•!,/., printing; de- 
oeptiou, guile. 

CLo'oj.nAi, -AtSi *><> dirt^ mud, 

Clo-oagiin, a pool of water (with 

Ct6'6budiLim, -Cudl.A'D, V. (r., I 
print, stamp. 

Ctoti-buaitce, p. a., ])rinted. 

ClStiBufltat, -aiLce, m., a print- 
ing, a stamping. 

Ct<J'D-£Df tA. S»e cLd'^tiu Alice, 

man among printers. 
Cl64iii$im, ■u£a'6, v. It., I print, 

Ctoj. g. cLuig,!)!, W.,in., aboil, a 

clock ; ceacaip a 6L05, four 
o'clock ; cA-o A ftl-os 6 ? what 
o'clock is it ! c6 in6ATJ A tlas 6 t 

CI05, -Luis, pi. id., w,, a blister, 
a bubble ; a cluster, a bunch. 

ClosAti-Aige, a., Btiinniog, deafen- 
ing (also cLa^ac). 

CLo^Ad, -Alga, a., blistering; 
riamg up in bubbles as a fluid. 

ClosAO, -Alt), pi. id. and -atia, tn., 
a helmet^ a nead-piece ; a cone, 

CLosAiv, -e, -i'6e, /., a 


do ( 1 

CtosAim, -Ai, v. tr, uid intr., I 

ring or «oiuid * bell ; I iton 

CloSAim, -At, V. ir., I blister; I 

beocme covered with blisters ; I 

riae in babbles. 
Closdipe, g. id., pi, -tuie, a aei. 

ton, a bBUman. 
cLo^Aifed£t, -A./.theringinsof 

bella ; tbe oreating of a deBlen- 

iug or stsimii^ noiae. 
CLo^An, -iin, i», id,, m., a little 

bell; a Bm&ll olook. 
cLo^At), -im, pi. id., m., a amall 

bbator ; a litUe babble aa flaid. 
Cto^aiiiin, -iitn, pi. id., »., a little 

bell : c. ct«iiie4e, ttie litUe beU 

rang hy tbe aoolTte (olerk) ftt 

Mmb, et«. ; an empty, WMsy 

penoD (Hftalh). 
Clo34^4i&, -Alt, m., a noiae, a 

ringing of bells, * tinkling, a 

atanuiiig sound. 
CLostif, 'hr, pi. id., «., a belfry 

{also ctojAr). 
CLos-fnitao, -aioe, -aitH^o, /,, a 

gnomon, tiw haod of a dial or 

CLot£-t>JtmneA£, -nifi, pi. id,, n.. 

, -nlft, pi. ic 
marking; i 

CtoifeAn, -iin, 
■hrimp, a pnwn ; a ciab-Gsh, or 
any little stcme-fith ; ctoifeo^, 

CLoiiin, g. id., -i4e, m., a pabble, 
a small stone. 

CtoiftiSiiA, -tii^e, ■fedtd, /, m 
atony plaee. 

CLoid-f ne^^ca, g. id., pi. id. and 
cloCd-rnedCCA, n., baiUtooe 
(lUHB. also -cd-o, g. -tn-d). 

Clothe, m., act of digging, erect- 
ing. See clivi*iS"n- 

Clot^editi. Su cLAi'oedifi. (The 
word ia pron. cLoi'deAiti in M.) 

Cloisednn, -Sinn, pi. id., dpi. 
ctoitnib, m., also y. -sne, /., the 
akull, tbe bead ; the head of a 
■pooa 01 ladle ; one (in reckoning 

peraona, IT.); 40n (toisednn 
i>*ds, eleven persona ; "oetfi 
ScLoigne (5cld)5ne), ten per- 

Otoisfn, g. id,, pi. -ive, n., a 
belli an ear- bob oraar-penc 

Clot5ined£c, /., the aot of dc- 

nouooing from the altar, scold- 

ing (Don.); noise; the ringiiii 

of little bella. 
CLoi5-ib4A|i, M., the hour-hand or 

finger of a dial-plate. 
CloisneAt, -ni Je, a., pertaining to 

CLoi^nedAAn, -ain, pi. id. n,, a 

CloiRied^, -tiAe, -ciSce, m,, a 

belfry, a round towor. 
Cloif. -e, -eACo, /., the stinking 

marah, or horse-tail (CiV.). 
Ct^if^A'o, -iixi, pi. id., m., a tdoaet, 

listening (Ct 

Cloieaos.-oije, -osa./.aflhrimp, 

Clorii, g. id,, n., a pair of t^ngs ; 

an iustmiaent to dress flax. 

See dob. 
Cl6ttAn, -din, ^. id., la., anearth- 

chestnct or pignut. Setcutapii^. 
CLor. aot of hearing, listening ; 

tdso p. a. of T)o-£t,uiniiTi, was 

CLdr, a small oat-offioe, a yard 

Clii,, ta. kud/., praise, fame, 

CLnam, -ini, /,, flattery, diraimu- 

lation ; tuCc ctudnd, fiattorera; 

a trick, deception; An pe^ti * 


do ( 1 

tm\i ctodin a\i An mbi^, tiie 
nuui vha tricked death (oame 
of Man. folk-t&le). 
CttKiin, g. ctoADd, fl, -Ancd lad 
■ince, /., e, meadow, putore 

as ClaAm msAla, Clonmel ; tiA 
CLnAiTice, CluBDs, b townland 
in Co. Cork. 

CluAinme, g. id., pi. -'6ee, »,, a 
ooiuer, a, wheedler, a deoeiver. 

CluAinitieAec, -a, /., roguishneBa, 

Clnaitiifeati:, -a, /., hypooriay, 
disaiiQulfttion, deception, flat- 
tery, treooheiy. 

CLuiiii'tin, -line, /., com tpair^. 

CLuainceopfltc, -a, /., deceit, 
crookedness, flattery. 

CLuaipf n, g, id., pi. -\-6e, m,, a pnll- 
iogotljiaofti:; abor iathr, ear; 
a little ear ; a kind of Bbell-fidi 
with both Bides hollow (£er.]. 

CtoairLiat, /., ooltafoot. 

Ctuaif-i'eoi'o, -o, pi. id., /., an 

- - t"*e. ' 

Cluanjipeoic, -4, /., flattery, 

coaxing, deceit. 
CLudnaifeaC, -pje, a., retired, 

ploco, a bower, a IttUe meadow. 

I. id., pi. -■ote, 
oajoler, a Batterer. 

CLuAjiAn, -iin, pi. id., m., a thistle, 
a Bpoago. 

CLvati^nai, -Ai^e, a., abounding 
in thiaUes. 

Ctu«r, -aire. "»- /■. an ear; a 
handle; inifi re c. aifi piin, lie 
listened intently ; 'r^ tusaf im' 
filuafditi tiotn, it is what I 
understood, as I understood it ; 
tii Tiian i pti a]i tto ctuan", 
don't do that for your life (if 
you value your ear) ; bain bipfi 



HA ctudire '6<om in 
yon in »U oonfideuoa that (with 
rxg.) ! aLc na ctaaife, tbo 
iDMtoid process behind the ear. 

CLnarad, •a^^ pi. id., m., one hard 
of bearing ; ana who haa con- 
tinually to "ooofc hia ears" in 
order to hear. 

CloArai, -aige, a., having eara or 

Cluaraijie, g. td,, pi, -tie, m., a 

person wiUi remarkable bearing. 
Ctuaran, -oin, pi. id., m., a pillow; 

a bothered or stupid person 

CLnafanat, -aij. -aige, m.. o 

blookbeod; one having big 

Ctuaf-doibneaf, n., the bearing 
of pleasant sounds ; delight 
obtained through the mubb of 

CLuar 6aic(n, /., wake robin, 
mirun maculalum. 

Ctuar-'oailte, y. id., /., deafness. 

Cluar-tiaLl, -aitta, a., stupid, 
dull, deaf. 

Ctuar-fail, -e, -i*e, /., on ear- 
ring (CiV.). 

Ctuar-fainne, g. id., pi. -nite, m., 
an ear-ring. Ste cLuar-^ail. 

CLuar-^jalaft, n., a di«rniin of the 

Cluaf-lnfi, -u , , , , „ 

mouse-ear, kieratium piiouUa. 

CLuafmaocan, -iin, pi. id., m., 
the soft tip of the ear. 

Clotan -oeaps, tn., dodder. 

patch ; sheltering ; 

CtiiuflC, -ait, m, covering, obtbes; 
act of clothing, covering; ctuoa£ 
Lae, wearing apporol ; cliJT>a6 
oitibe, no Leaptan, mght cov- 
ering, bed - clothes ; cluTia£ 
tiCTieai, an envelope. 

Ctiioa'D, -iita, tn., aot of covering, 

CLuTiaini, ■Tii.t and .a'6, v. tr., I 
cover, tbatcb, clothe ; cherish. 

a rag, a 




CLilTJfliiie, 3- id., pi, -]ii-6e, m , 

thatcher ; a botoher, a cobbler. 
CLu-ouiJiin, -nja*, and -oae and 

-T/AV, V. tr., I eovor, clotho, 

Ct6t>ui5te (cliixicii), p. a., 

covered, protected, olot^ed, 


CLnjinit, -aije, a., clustering. 

CLuiAe, g. id., pi. cLoiite and 
-(i-Ae, m., a game at cards ; a 
sport, apastims; funeral games ; 
a rite or ceremony ; a rout, pur- 
Bait, a battle {{TN. hae cLui£, 
nom.) ; proa cLuiye (Con.). 

Ctoifiedf, -iige, a., ^mesome ; 
playing tricks, indulgwg in pas- 

., Eportive, 

tii6e c 


., a foDeisl game, 

CLuiteoj, -oije, -05a, /,, a littio 

trick, a praiik, a game. 
CLmfti'oeAcc, -a, /,, playing of 

games ; Le ceot tf te c (Oiis. 

Ctuii!:iTn, -iearb, v. tr., I hunt, 
pursue, rout^ run down, . 

Ctmice, pi., funeral games or 
BolomnitleB. See ctoide. 

CLiiiD, -e, -eafd, /., a comer, an 
angle ; cliiiti nd pit, tlie Comer 
of the eye ; 1 ^c. £i|i7;, rightly 
proportioned (of the body); a 
nook ; the arnui, aa a stay for a 
baby, etc. ; a receaa, a comer ; 
protection ; society. 

Ctoisin, g. W.. pi. -liie, m., a bell, 
a little beU ; a pratUer 1 a block- 

CLui5inea6c. See cLoisineaCc. 
CLmcimm, ■ne.itc. o. W-., I ring, 

make a tinkling noise with a 

beU, etc. 


t<te - 

steeple [O'A'.) ; also 

Lutm-ealra, a feathered flock, a 
flock of birds. 


ne, /., a feather ; cloimfe, 

nijie^t, -tiije, /., feathers, 
plumage ; ceo cLniThfi^e, de- 

{lumation in a fight between 
irds (Dun.) ; shaggy hair. 
Ctmnim, v. irreg. (m« pared.) ; v. 
tr., I hear, liaten to. Set xio- 
CLoitin, -e. -ce, /., a mine {(rif.). 
Cloinneai, -n\i, -mfce, m^ a 

CLumnitue, p. a., tmderniiDod 

Ctninfin, -e,/., the act of hearing 

(U.); it becomes clainrcin in 

CLuince, p. a., hoard, listened to. 
Ctuinceat, -ci^e, a., listeniog, 

CLuirceoi-p, -or*, 'Oilii^e, m., a 

hearer, on auditor. 
Ctuinceoiiaic, -4, /., a hearing, a 

CLuip*aD, -il^■o, -SaTjai-oe, m., the 

little covering used to protect a 

sore or weak eye. See clipc'i'D. 
Claipt\i«, g. id., fl. -DTOB, IB,, a 

corner ; Uie pockets or folds iu 

CLuite. CLuifce c4il.i*e = cuaipT>, 

a visit (OW.j. See ctuiCe. 
Cluih, g. cLuiiti,pI. id., m, {eoUecl.), 

feathers ; down, plumage ; hair 

on the face or other parts of the 

body (ezoept ihe head). 
CtiiifiaC, -aig, tn., down, plumage; 

_fig., wealth, riches. 
CLoriiat, -aije, a., abounding in 

plumage or down ; rich, wealthy. 
CLuiTiAii, -ai'o, m., support, pro- 

teoticn {0'F.a.). 
CliimaiL, -mta, a., renowned. 
Clumaim, -a>6, v. Ir., I deplume, 

Ctuihiip, -aiiie, a., famous, re- 

CLurii Liat, m., verdigris, ruat, 

C turn cat, -aije, a., feathered, 
downy, hairy. 

Ctdn, -uin, fl. id., m., aftermath 
of grass [Don.). 


cifl ( 1 

Ctiincdifi:, -e, -roe, tn,, an emaci- 
atod person or ammal; one 
prematurely bom ( W. Ktr.). 

CtA]<iiCAn, -din, fd. id,, m. a 
dwarfish aprite (Jkr.ji also cl.uu«- 

Ctucaifiicin, g. id., pi. -rte, m., 
" sweet potato," a kind of nut or 
edible Dolb found along river 

CLfltAriiAit, -lilt*, o„ 

famons. See cluiiidit. 
CLutAjiacin, -am, pi. id., 

dwarfiBb sprite {if.). 


, warm water {Don,) ; 

Cnabaim, -a*, v. tr., I pull, haul, 
batter, beat violently ; also 

CnAbdi|ie, g. id., fl. -tfvae, m., a 

hemp-breaker, a flaz-bieakar. 
Cnibaiiie, g. id., pi, .fii-oe, m., a 

beorty, stout fellow ; a sooffer, 

a. satuist(=cneaTiidi|te). 
CnAT>An, -hn, pi. id., m., a frog, a 

toad ; groamns, complaining ; 

act (^ oompUinmg. 
Cna-Diti, -iin, pi. W., m., a burr 

growing on the burdock. 
Cnao^nui-oe, g, id., pi, -■6ue, m., 

a oomplainer, a grumbler. 
Cnandf, -di)i, oi. id,, m., a boat; 

c. bafca, a barque's life-boat; 

c. Vuin^e, a ship a boat. 
Cna'ocAitic, -apci, ^., draining, 

exhausting ; suckluig ; lttilki"g 


Cna^, -ai^, pi. id,, and -a^^i, m., a 
oraok, a split, a wrinkle ; a 
knob, a peg ; a knock, a blow. 

Cnnsdii, -'MSe, »,, having fiasuros, 
wrinkled, oiaoked. 

Cnijii'D, g, -ait) and -sta, pi, id., 
m., a apLitting, a knock-down, a 
rap, a blow ; Cf ajipai-o mife c. 
*uhCi 111 give yon a thrasiiiiig 

Cnasav^iniii, g. id., pi, -i-oe, m., a 

hard J, wiry little person. 
Cnasiim, ■£,■6, V. ijilr. and (r., I 

break, orsok, m^e a noise : I 

beat, strike. 
Cnd3dipe, g. id,, pi. .fit*e, m., a 

noggin, the fourth part of a 

CnAgAifte, g. id., pi, -ftxiB, m., a 
knoaker, a cracker. 

English {Aran). 

CnAK-Aoir, /., an advanced or con- 
siderablo age. (A limilar use of 
cnas is found in other oom- 

Cnisapnii, -Aije,/., a crackling 
or rustUng noise ; a knocking ; 
a smiting; aot of crackling, 
knocking, smiting : if Ann tio 
iLoirpeSan SAo^its AgcnAK- 
AIWAiS, it's there you woold 
hear We Irish "rattling," being 
spoken vigorously. 

CnAg-bpuitce, par-boiled {Aran). 

Cn-iS^s, -iije, -65A, /., a blow, 
on the face, etti. 

CnA565, -6156, -65A,/., awrinkled 
or furrow-taood woman {O'N,). 

CnAib, -e,/., hemp, a hempen oord ; 
cfioiaif B nA cuAibe, a villain, a 
haugman ; -pfiT cnatbe, hemp- 
aeed; cniib uirce, neck water- 
weed, hemp agrimony. 

CnaibeAt, -bi^e, a., hempen. 

Cnaiv, -e, -I'oe, /., a scoff, a jeer, 
a flout ; vexation, annoyance 
{ixmir. from conAi<o). 

Cn^roeA^, --oiSe, «., vexing, scoff- 
ing, jeering. 

CnAiTum, el. cniln>, e. intr., I jest, 
jeer, deride, sooff. {This word, 
P. &G. says, is a great soleoiGm 
in language, and never uaed by 
a gooa writer.) 

CnaixtceAfi. See cn^ivea^. 

CnAiS""' "Se'J'Oi "■ ''■-1 I gnaw, 
fret, bite, ohew, corrode. 

CnAi^in, g, id., pi. -i4e, n., a nog- 
gin ; a little crack : a fissure. 

CnAigteAC, -tije, a., gnawing, 


CtiAiiii-^^, -4i$,i><. id,, m., a rook, 

Cn Jiih-^eAtif d'6, ^td, n., a boiie- 
ontting, dujointjiig, laoeiHtdsg ; 

CnAiiti'fiAtid^, -bed, n., bcMia- 
bratkiug, wraiobing. 

Cniiih-tieAThAp, -ftBiiiitte, a., thiok- 

Cniitiii-tii£e,/., an ann<n; cubit; a 

oobit in Wgth. 
CtiiiiTire*t, -pje, -feA^d, /, a 

Cniiiiil^iil, -iti), /., act <rf oom- 

plaiiuDg, gnimbliag. 
Cnaiiiireoip, -otia, -oitiiie, m., a 

man midwife ; a grtunbler. 
CnAipe, g. id., ji. -pii)6, »., a 

hnttoa ; toit: fi 'ti-d ttidipe, he 

fainted; ci mo & oidnud, I am 

CndipeAi>oi|i, -0)10, -^iinie, »>., a 

Cndipin, g. id,, pi. -r6e, m.. a 

little lump or knot, a imall 

CtiAired6An, -lin, fi, id., m., 

a gruul«r, a grumbler (0'^-) 

Cndifce, g. id., pi. -ci'oe, m., the 

oatdde stiehiher of a bed ; a 

Cndifrin, jr. id., pi. -v6e, m., a bat^ 

a oinb, a cudgel. 
CnAih, -iiih, -Athd, m., a bone ; 

c. An t>^ca, t^e fore-ann ; c. 

mnin^iL, the collar bone; c. 

rtadifce, the Mp bone; c. 

CnAniAt<td£, -dij, ■did, m., ft 
akeletoD ; a Btalk, at a potato 
rtalk; cuAihAntdi mdigice, a 
bony oow (Obi,). 

Cndiiidtil.d6 cnd)bei n>., hemp- 

CiiAihUe, -Atje, -Aio, /., a big 
Gre, a oonflagniUon, a bonfire ; 
a skeleton. 

Cniiii-lur. •»-> samphiiB. 

CnAih-ih&t'S^'^i ">■! Bhamblea. 

Cn^ii)-ih6ii, -iiidi]ie, gross-boned, 

vt. cndoi, V. tr., I oon- 
come, eat, awallow ; I gnaw ; 
tWr., I pine, waste away (better 
cnoi^im, wMob tee). 

Cndoi4ce, p. a., weak, wasted, 
exIuostM, powerleM. 

CTidp, -Alp, JM. -dpAi^e, and -atA, 
m., a tump, a mass ; a knob, a 
ball, a button ; anything dense ; 
a dense human head ; a blow, a 
rap, a hard knook ; cnop pjiAuA, 
a good "lump" of a potato; ci, 
r^ od £nap, he it sound asleep. 

CnapdC, -iit, -aije, m., an ugly 
or nngsinly person; c, fmut- 
caife (ffBa.), ^. seanjid-t. 

CnapAt, -Ai^e, a., knotty, knobby, 
bosay, lumpy. 

CnApAiL, -Ala, /., act of beating, 
striking ; a beating, a smitioe. 

CnApAim,, V. tr., I colleot 
into little lumps, heap ; I roll up 
olothaa, ete. ; raiaa lumps on, 
etrike. &< cnAboim. 

CnApAifie, g. id., pi. -)ii4e, m., a 
■Ixoag, atont man; a atriker; 

CfiApin, -iin, pi. id., m., a knob; 
anyUung laige or st^iut ; a lump ; 

lumps in the throat; cnopiin 

nib, a large egg. 
CnApAiiAf, -Ai^e, a., rough, rugged, 

uneven, knotty. 
CtiAp65, -61^0, -6^^, /., a little 

lump ; a tuft ; the nap of oloth 

(inp^.); a hillock. 
cnap fzAjiHA, m., a stumbling 


ittle lumps, heap; 1.. 
lumps on, strike. See criApAim. 
CneATi, -eatiA and -eroe, pi. -catj- 

/., a sigh; a groan, a pant, 


die ( 1 

Criea'D, g. ctieTOe, d. cnetA, pi, -t, 
s scab, a, boi« ; cne^i) C|uivce, 
bitter deetruution ; Aor cneA'6, 
the voDiKled ; cn£A'6, in Dot. 

CnediAf, -*iige, a., woouded, 

Cned'DAC, -ai^ pl. >iJ., *,, K woond- 

CneaoAt, 'Ai^e, /., act of oom- 
plaimng, sigiung, groaniDg, 
g™n*Ji^ 1 AS cncABAi^, gnmt- 


CneA-Odim, -iiaC, v., into-., I dgh, 

groui, (Qimt (as an animal) ; pant 

CneA'OAitie, •;, id, pf. -pi'^i ">•> & 

cned-oAitieafc, -a, /., sorsery. 

Cnedrii, -A, St., garlic, wild gariio. 

CneAiiiAi)ie, g. id.,vi. •jn'oe, jn., a 
mean fallow, a knave, a rogae ; 
cneAitiAifie {Cob.). 

CneAihAiiieAfl;, -A, /., meanness, 
low knaverj'. 

Cneaf, -eir, fif.-eir and -eArA,Bt., 
the skin, bajk, rind ; waist^neck, 
breast ; compleiUMi ; the trank 
or body of a tree ; coAilne cneif, 
the oiti«me -pex in a warping 
frame {aha/., if., 'n-A cneip). 

CneAfAt, -Aige, a., belonging to the 
trunk of a b^ ate. ; having 
akin or rind. 

C ne dt^ AOlr A, a., white-skinned ; irf 

3 bright, lime, like appearance. 
CneAr-Soin, -^onA, /., act of akin* 

CneAfCAjj). o., modest, mild, oven 
tempered, humane, cdvil, gentlt . 
coorteouB, honest ; alto healed, 
bronght to a skin (as a wound), 

CneArcAfic, -A,/, modesty, mild- 
nosf, honesty ; healing, bringing 
to a skin (as a wound.) 

CneAfutA'D, -Di^ce, m., healing, 
act of neaiing ; improvement ; a 

CneArm-oe, g. id., fl. --ice, a com- 
rade, a companion, a bed-felloiv 
(foie that joins his akin to jui- 
otfaor'a) ; a snrgeon, a healer, 
one that brings on a akin. 

CneApn^nr, -otai), v. tr., I heal, 
cure ; inlr., I heal np. 

Cniofic, -A, a., a soldier, a knight. 

CnSopA'6, -pcA, »., a striTJag, s 

CniopAipe, g. id., pi, -in-oe, «., a 
poor, mean-spirited rogue. 

mean rognery. 

CnioCAlAim, -Alt, P. Ir., I knit. 

Cnir, -a (cneir), /■, the opeoing 
in the warp njade by the gears 
of 1^ kioin in weaving. See 

CnicBAittm, -SAit, V. Ir., I knit 
(A.). .Sat cniociLAim. 

Cn6(ciiD),i7.iil.,fi{. cnAandcndice, 
dpi. cnarO, m. and /., a nnt, a 
filbert;cn6 |:|iAiinc«£,awalnnt; 
cn6 seArnniiAi-D.a oheatnnt; cro 
SaeoBAlAC, a hazel-nut; cro 
miLre, an eartii-nut ; cn6 CAod, 
a blighted nut; cn6 cdiLL, a 

Cnoc, y. cnnic, pi. id. and cnocA, «., 

a hill , a height, a mountain; an 

impediment; a difficulty; mo 

tnoc I alas I pirn ■oa cAftAipi; 

WDn 6noc, to vomit something ; 

IHta). C)ioc often in Ooti. and &. 
CnocAi, -Ai^e, a., hilly, uneven. 
CnocAi^eA^c, -a, /., nontering 

lUfout tJie hills. 
Cnocdn, -A)!!, pi. id., «., a hillock, 

aheight; mo inocif modnocAn 

pAOA SBtpc ! woe, woe, alas I 
CnoCAOAC, -At3e, a., hilly, nneven. 
CnocAti, -Alts *>-> coil., hills ((op.). 
Cno-doiLl, /., a nut-grove. 
Cnoc-tonn, -tninne, pt -connCA, 

/., a wave mountain high. 
cn^Aitie, g. id., pi, -ni-oe, ■■., 

a nnt-crackare ; a dealer or 

^therer io onts. 
Cn6uAi|ieA£c, -a. /., a gatbraing 

of nuts ; a dealing in nats. 
Cnoicin, g. id.,fl. -me, n., a littie 

h'JI; "an Cnoicin PTuoic," "The 


Cno ( 1 

TAttie Hodthory HUI," « woll 

Cn6i}iati, -difie, a,, Abounding in 

Cii6l'^£, ■&!§, m., net of gathering 
(nuts, etc.); lieaping togbther. 

CiM>c<i, g.ia., pi. -i.T6e,m.,^knoti 

a bow of ritibons; a cockade; 

"An Cnori bin," "The White 

Oockado," a well known sir. 
Cnii. See cn6. 
CnuAr. "^Ti P^- *^i *-. »oolleotion ; 

treasure ; reoolloction, reflootion. 
CnudrdC, -dis, m., act of gathoring 

(fmitv etc.) ; heaping (ogethor ; 

ft claator (of grapee, nnla, etc.). 
Cna4r<i^r, -a, /., a itoiiog ; n 

treasuro; Aflection. 
Cflairaiin, -d*, f, (r., I ooUect, 

gauier, gloan. 
Cnudr^itie, g. id,, pi. ■jti'de, n., o 



Cnuflfr6iii, -fipa, -iipiie, w., a 
oolleotor, » gatherer; a mieer. 

Cnuaf uijim, -faC, e. (r., I gather, 
glean, oolloct, hoard, scrape t«- 
gather. Set cnudfAim. 

CruCAijic, -iviicd, /., act of 
"footing" turf, i.t., setting it 
on end in small heaps to dry 
(hoard in somo parts of if.). 

Cnn'OAii, -Am, pi. id., tn., a gurnet^ 
a gurnard (tish). 

Cnnsd, o. id., pL -t*e, m., Uie end 
of a hammer, a lump, a bard 
head ; a round prominent fore- 
head ; the thole-pin of a boat or 

Ciiu5Ai|ie, :;. id., pi. -tii'6c, m., a 

person with a round prominent 

Cnuim, -Dime, -oma,/., a worm, a 

maggot, a mite {nom. also cnuiii). 
CnuirfisAi, -ihije, o., abounding in 

worms or maggots. 
Cnmmeos, -0150, -05a, /., n wonn, 

Cnmiiieosaft, -iiji 
in worms or maggots. 

I (no 

Ct\utA\<Xi.o, -hn, pi. id., m., k pig- 
Co, prep., also lign qfadoerh, now 
wriLUn 50. 

C&-, cdi-, Bomctiioes nsod in com- 
pounds for c6iVi, c6iifi, con, 
coin, particularly before some 
words boginmng with c or u. 

Ciibut, -Alt, pi. id., St., a clown, a 
boor, a cnurL 

CobAil, g. cobla, pi. id. and 
coiQleafd, /., in oiiclosure ; a 
woman's stays, etc. See cdbAil. 

CoGAit<. See csh&ijt. 

CottiC, -tiiS, pt. id., m., II fleet ; 
a tax (.Iran) ; ni'L mAOin tia 
coOLai Aige, he has ooither 
wealth nor the moans of acquir- 
ing it; the nun«d walls of a 
house. See ca&LAi. 

Co&r"'^! -°i <^i itrong, firm, 

Cobrai^ea6c, -a, /., valour, 
bravory, strength. 

Cobta£,(n., a sudden blast of wind 

Coc, -a,;pZ.<i{., m., acock, atuft ;a 
docoration worn on the head ; 
the comb of a cook. 

Coca, <7. ill., pi. -ai'oe, m., a cook 
(as of hay, eto.). 

Cocaine, g. id., pi. -]ii-6e, «., a 

-111*8, 1 

Cocaitte, g, *d.,pi 
impertinent feflow. 


Cocaitieacr, -A, /.. impertinence. 

Coe^Ll, •Aitt, pi. id., m., a 
cloak, a hood, a mantle, a oope 
or chasuble ; the cowl of a 
monk or wizard ; a bag ; a 
sort of pocket net ; a b\xah 
of fuizo, ot«. ; a curl, a plait 
(of the hair) ; a pod, a husk or 
shell ; the round pod women 
wear on their heads for protec- 
tion when carrying anything 
heavy (as gallons of water) ; the 
porieranium ; a ftovm ; anger, 
wrath, fmy ; cuip coiaLt ojic 
F^in, bestir yourself, get into 
an earnest mood ; ca coCaLt aj; 
ceaic aiji, ho is getting fun- 


C04 ( 

onB, preparing to fight ; ■ml i 

SCoiilL 4 title, to tear one 

another's heads. 
CodalVit, -AiSe, a., hooded, robed; 

eamoBt; angrj; boBhy, huflky, 

Cocan, -Ain, j>t. i^., m., a enri, » 

Sliut of the hair ; a, top-knot 
Urn. of coc). 
Cpiln, -im, »., etrtiw. 
CocdDdt, -dige, 0., in onrlfl (of the 

hair), in knots. 
coetae, -AiJ, yi. W., m., a fillet, a 

hair Uce. 
Coftad, -A\^e, a., braided, filleted. 

Cocoit, -e, f., a boir ; eomnKin 

burdock ; a etnintry lout. 
Coc6it, -dli, -6iti6e, /., a cap 

nom ID a flaunting fashion; a 

"cuckold" (coc6iL!n,iiim.); alio 

cocoL, J. and pi. -6iL. 
Coct")^' ''i P'' *<^'i ">-> ^ '^'S^ ^ 

C6tt, ■di'o, ft. id., «., a pledge, an 
asBurMioe ; no Cutji fe maji tfro 
opm, he enjoined on me to do ea 

COTJitl, -TJOLCA, and COT)1,4Cd 

(pron. coLtaca), /., sleep, act of 

CouailceaC, -cije, -cijce, m., & 

Co-oaL, -atL, m., a kind of fish. 
Co'oatai, -aige, a., quarrelsome ; 

raging; paippse i., an imgiy 

Co-Da1,cat,-aASe,o., aleopy , drowsy. 
CoijaLcaS, -ai J, -ai je, m., a sleeper. 
Co-oatcaic, -a, /., aleepinosa. 

CO'oalui'be, g. id,, pt. •■tie, »., a 

sleeper ; a dormitory. 
Co'Dam, 'aim, m,, dandri£ 
CoDairniati, -ain, pi, id., n., a boor, 

an ignorant rustic ; cODamAn, id. 
CoTjatiminat, -aije, o,, Tulgar, 

low; nai c. an ihaije '6uic 6! 

was it not a low, Talgar act on 

your part ! 
Cooafinanca, indt*. a,, boorish, 

low, Tulgap, awkward. 
CotjajifTia, a., contrary, conflict- 
ing, adverse. 

I ) COS 

CoMla*, -'oaLca, and -olAed, », 
sleep, act of deeping; carotAO 
T>]ii S 1 tic, ntunbocBB, s^por; "pina 
and needles"; conLa'6 mdicitfil, 
id. {Aran) ; cooLa* DjigUaciin, 
id. iSildare) ; cool,** sLdfiaic, 
id. (JfartA) ; cocLi* iDpopaic, id. 
(Mmi.) ; co-Ota* slfijiajAin, id. 
(Don.) i co-ola* winoLaic {Con,). 

Cotild-A snfbtin, DtunbDeaa or 
Ungling feeljog in arm or leg 
from imperfect circulation or 
over-reet (M.). 

Co'oLai'ofii, -e, -i-6e, m., white 
poppy, opinin. 

Cotilaim, -t)ta'6, 2 1. jmper, covatt, 
fiU. and eond. coix>eot- and cotj- 
1.66-, I sleep (alaoeoDlnJim). 

Co'oLaraii, -am, pJ, id,, m,, a troat ; 
a sleeper (Om.) ; na re^fic jcoti- 
tacaiti, tbe seven sleepers, ».e,, 
•even birds that hibernate. 

Co'6na£, -aig, -ai$, m., a, lord, a 
chief, a captain. 

CoiinaC, -aije, a,, oharit*ble, kind- 
hearted, generous. 

Coinaiap -aif, n., patronage, 

Co'o65, -iSise, -fisa, f., a haddock. 
CoTipaiteancA, tidy, neat (Con.). 
CcDfiomta, inrfdj. a., uncivilized, 

foreign, strange. 
CdFt**! y- '^■t F^- •Ai'Oe, «»., a chest 

Cojad, -aige, a., warlike, apper- 
taining to war. 

Coga*. g. -aiw, fl. -ai* and -stA, 
m., war, hatUe. 

Cogaim, -a-6, «. (r., and infr., 1 
war, make war. 

Cogamc, -anca, /., act of chew- 
ing, gnawing ; cojamc ptacli, 
gnashing of teeth ; aj cojiiine 
na tidft'oAige, diewing the 
thumb, with a view to foretell- 
ing ; a5 cosamc na citie, ohew- 
ina the cud; casame in Ctm. 
and U. generally. 

Cogat, -ail, m., corn-cockle, tares, 
berb-oookle ; a bearded ear of 
barley ; alloy ; cogat ■ooafis, 
oockb-weed ; cosat, SOfui, 
purple violet 



Cosif, -dijf.m., Bwhispor; eosaipl 
C054111 A teit (ntarn, cojaip 
Annpo, ooma here rill I t«ll you; 
conapiraoj, matiny ; tj'ap 500-, oonapiring tlg«iD«t OB ; \.l 
A tnitLue 6 togd]! va txiif, the 
day it waa plundered be cansed 
it to cease ^om conspiriDS. 
Co^diinifi.-aijo,/., aot of woiHiwi 
ing, oonspiring, plotting ; a plot, 
a whispering, a oonapiraoy. 
Co^dpnAi, -Alt, -aige, m., a con- 

Bpirator, a wbiaperer. 
Co^n-A'A, -sdncd, to., ohewiiu, 
raminating, gnaabing cS t«eto. 
Sti co3Ainc. 
Co5nAiin, -sainc and -sriAi, 2«. 
trnper. C05AIT1, v. tr., I ouew 
bite, gnaw. 
CosrAC (cosipAi), -aij, -«i Je, m. 

a oonapirator, a whisperer. 
C[>5ttA±, -Atte, a., wbispering, 
ooDipiring (also co^AtiAd). 

I, vi. cojATi and c ^ 
I. tr., I trtilEper, attend, 

hearten to; 00341111 teitdujAiri 

ig used aa an invitation to a 

secret ooUoqny, 
Co^tAf, -Ai^e, a., rebellionc, qnar- 

Cosiat, -At J, .Aijo, m., a warrior. 
CoKnSdr, -Air. •»-> the ooDBoienoe. 

Sa coJAf. 
cojoCrAt. -Ai$e, a., oonsoiontiont. 

toiKe, g. ta., pt. -eA^A, /., hire, 

mgts, pay, debt. 
CoiKir, -e, /., equity, joatioe, 

CoiWifeAi, -t\%t, a., Just, eqni- 

tablo, Impartial. 

I ) COl 

COibliiti, -iAt'^i -i)I"Ae> 01., a 

cobbler (A.). 
CoitttiSe, g. id., pi. -Jte. »., Ih* 

law of oorrelativee, ladi aa lord 

and Tassal. 
CdiBnear. -"T. -neArrA, i»., a 

neigbboor, relation ; neighbour- 
hood. Stt c6ritineA|'. 
Cdici-iif (coictiiif, cois*(r, 

c6i5ti*ir), -e, -eAeA, /. Set 

CoictiSeAf, -pT't^- **■• «»-.»*M*- 

night or fifteen days. 
Coii>te, adv., ever; alwayi; with 


A £., for erer; somet. £oi'6£inn 

CoroeAr, -^tf, pi- **., "•-, *nti- 

CoipcAf, -ij (coAipeAt), m., a 

equall or niddMi gust of wind 

CfiifjiSn, ff. id., pi. -i*e, /., the 

put that hold* the oonaeomted 

country ; Ap do^cpffi, 
neighboiir'B limd {Tffrone). 
Coiscplot, -<££,«., strange, foreign. 

ijcpioft, -]"S. fi- '^- *°" -liloiA, 
m., a Btranser, a foreigner (CO15- 
qiiJeAfi, id,). 

Caiscpfo^AC, -Aige, a., strsoge, 
foreign, remote ; pertainuig to 
the ooaflnea or marobes of 
a country; alto aa tubt^ a 
(Ttranger, a foreigner. 

coiscpiodAr, -Aif, J*, id., m., dia- 
tanoe or romotenera of oounUy, 

Ciise, c6i5eA-6. 8et cuisca*. 

CoiscaL, -Gite and -caLa, ji, -SAt- 
a£a,/., adistaff; tlie portion of 
flax, etc., placed on a distaS to 
be spun (also cois^At and 

CoiseAtAd, -AiJ, m., the quantity 
M Bax, hemp, etc., on a distaff; 
Jig., an awkmud, untidy person, 
wiUt nnkempt hair. 

IC great oat's tail, or reed- 
maoe ; iypka latifolia. 


cOi ( I 

C6iE4ite (cai*-e«ae), g. id., pi. 

•Li'cc, m., B. companioD ; also 

ccsU W.). 
CoiijiL. Ste coijeal. 
CoigiLr, -e, /., aot ol iparing, 

reaoiring ; Having np ; oovBring 

over ; a raking up of the tiva to 

presorve it. 
Coistim, -Silt, V. Ir., I spare, 

coijilc na ceinea-o, covering 
up tire-sparka with ashoa to pre- 

Coislijim, V. tr., I esoort, I accom- 
pany {P. (yC.) ; DO ioisLigeif 
& Gaite d, I escortad him homo. 

Coilbin, g. id., pi, -rte, to., a amril 
shaft or atom ; a. ehaint, a aUtk, 
a shoot^ a twig ; a bud, a sprig, 
a sprout of a plaot ; a small 
post, a pillar oi pedestal (<im. 

of COtOA). 

CoiLedfi, -Lij, pi. id., m., a cook, a 
male bird ; coiled£ pe^'OA, a 
woodcock, a pheasant; coil,e(i6 
trpinncflC, a, turkey (male) ; 
coiteni^ fliAoit, m., a grooae 
(male) ; coiLe^i jaoite, a 
weather cock, 

Coitedii, -Ain, pi. id., m., a wholp, 
a puppy, a youDg dog ; coiLean 
oar At, ^^ enahanted whelp. 

Coitfeiim*, -aise, o., having ooU 
lars or oapes. 

Coi1.*if, -^AjiA, -£i]ii-De, ti., a 
collar ; also a quarry, pit, mine. 
See CDljiSal. 

C0it5neAt, -nijo, a., irritable. 

CoiLs-fearaiii,jf., -fAirti aad-fiiiA, 
nt.,standiBg ereot; b'^itiS r^ '"* 
i., he stood np itraight (df.]. 

CoiLlCB, g. id., J., the colic, gripes. 

Coidsin, g. id., m., tie colic. 

Coilineai, -nij, pi. id., m., a 
colonist ; somet. coiLin. 

Coitinefltr, -a, /., a colony. 

C^itfr, -e, -ea^a, /., cabbage. 

CoiLice, ^. HJ., m., the centra] 
shoai in a corn-stack ; tlio heart 
or centre o( a thing; the middle 
of a stream (also mi Lite). 

Coitiuin, g. id., pi. -tte, m., a bil. 
low ( W. Ser.). See coiVice. 

) C01 

Coill,, -e, -ce, /., a wood, a grove ; 

coal 6116, a hazel wood igen, 

also coil.leA'6 in Don,). 
Coille (probably from caUendtey, 

the first day of the year, JJoir 

Yoar'8 Day; ti ph\.e CotlLe, 

or ti CoiLLe, Feast of Circiun- 

oision ; in North and West, New 

Year's Day is called no'ot.Ai3 

Beaj and to TIO'oLas beij. 
Coiltea-6, -tee, m., castratioa, 

the act of gelding. 
Colli eairn AC, -ai^ -Aije. "»., a 

woody place. 
Coittini, vl. coillc (»p. I.), coitt- 

e&-6, V. tr., I geld, castrate ; I 

ruin, destroy {often spoiled 

ciillim and caillc), 
CoiLlin, g. id,, pi, -i-6e, m., a small 

liazel wood ; a small basel nut 

(dim. of coll). 
Coitl-miat. -"i^TEi -ihiar^, /., a 

wooden dish or bowL 
Coillce, p. a., gelded, oasttatfid; 

ruined, deeb^jed. 
CoillcsAi, -ci^ pi. id., n., a 

wooded place. 
coitlceaiiiAtl, -mla, a., woody. 
Coillcein, -Ain, pi. id., m., an 

eunuch ; a gelding. 
CoillceAtiA*, -A15, pi. id., m., a 

Coittceotti, -oiiA, -Difiie, to., a 

woodman, a wood-cutter. 
Coillteoiji, -opA, -fiijii-oe, m., one 

Coiifi, prep. c6ih, in compositi<Ki 
before a consonant followed by 
a slender vowel or diphthong; 
equal, as (akin to Latin am-, 
CO-, com-) ; often it is only 
strengthening, and in some 
oases does not even intensify 
much, as cdini'6eAf siMietJnies 
means little more than siiuply 

Coim, -e, /,, skirtj boaom; oover- 
ine; FA i., undu' pcoteolion; 
ciMoq., und^haud, secret; %tt\f 
cojAp pAot doim 6 AinrpiopaiD, 


"vrho got a secret whiBper from 
an eril spirit {Mtath long) ; 
coim pa t%t, a protection froin 
a Bhower ; f oLdt f ^ £otm, oon- 
CfiirtiBeiium, V. tr. and intr,, I 

C^iriibeivbuigiin, -oga'6, v. It., I 

CoiihCit, -Benca, m., life, co- 

C6iinCtiio$d£A'6, -£ca, nt.,oonnib- 

c6irtiti|in-ea-6, -fte, m., act (f 

breaking down atterly or com 

CcStihtttiipm, -reA'6, v. tr., I bret^ 

to pieofiB. 
c6iTliCeAT>tii$im, -iiSa*, «. intr., 

I oonaent. 
CiiiinteaLs, -ett^e, /., a con- 

c6iiVi(edn5dl, -Alt, fl. id., n., a 

bond, a conapiraoy ; alUanoe, 

union, covenant, leagae ; the 

binding stanza of a song. 
c6tniieAii3tflim, -jal, ». ft*., I 

unite, couple, compar*. 
CfiimeeinjiAft, -aije, o., oom- 

Coimfiearniiic, -a, /., oommeroo. 
C6irii44il,e, g. id., pi. -Liie, m,, n 

comrade, a oon^mnion. 
C6imefiim, g. -ieime, pi. -titm- 

eaona, 3pt -ft6imeann, m., equal 

d^ree or dignity. 
Cdim£#ininea£, -m^e, a., MOOin- 

panying, oonouirent. 
Cdimteimnejiic, -a, /-, oonoomi- 

company, keep the same step as. 

CSwhaetmiieid, -fije, a., con- 

c6iih6eoL, -oil, -otcn, tn., a con- 
ont, harmony, chorns; ainging 
in harmony. 

CmThdeotdC, •«<$•, a., choral, 

Coini^eoLfurde, g. id., m., a 

C6iili6iti^al, m., a fellow, one of 
the sanie race. 

C6iTh£liamdin, m., a brother-in- 
law, a father-in-law, a tou-in- 
law, or any other close relative 
by marriage. The husbands of 
MHtorH ace more striody called 
each a coinidti amain, 

C6tiii£l>eiineaib, -mte, m., Mit of 
gnawing fierciely. 

C6iin£|i{o£, -lie, a., of the sane 
nation (ffiV.). 

C6imfiiiorLa£, m., the oooflnea 
or borders (O'A'.). 

C6iiTi6fiit, -tieatd, pt. id., /., a 
violent trembling. 

C^iti£nitim, ■t\i\i, «. intr., I 
trembls violently. 

Coirii'6e, If. •iteA'fi, d. -4t4, m., the 
Lord God, the Trinity ; a pro- 

CoiniT>e, g. id;, m., a bUob; c. 
attain, a slice ot bread. 

Coirii'oeaA, -'oi^e, a., safe, aeenve. 

CoithDeaec, -a, /., act of aoeom- 
panying ; attendanoe, protoc- 
tum, eeiDpaay, esoort ; cuiiiAl 
cdimttea^ca, lady-in-waitiog ; 
I j5c5tmv«a£c le, in oompany 
witfa ; ainseaL cdirtiveacca, a 
guarcUaii angd (cotrniteoAc is 
often used in this sense in M.). 

CditkManaiii, -nca and -naiih, st., 
coinpounding, oomposition. 

C6iih-6eaii6aim, -a*,, I con- 
firm, certify. 

Cfiiirrteapj, -ifieitiE^i "■> '*T 

C6iifi'6eaiircnai£ce, p. a., refined, 
aooompluhed, perfect. 

Cdiifi'Oeaf, --Aeire, a:, connMtlent, 
suitable, well adapted ; very 
nice : ambidexter ; all the one, 
•II tiie same, equal, indifferent 



C6iiii'6iO(!^tta, a., ardent, diligent. 
CoiiimiTie, in fihr. coiriiTiifie na 

cuaiie, the bird that follows the 

onokoo {I>tr.). 
CtSiiii'oijieai, -]ti3e, a., stzaight, 

C6imea6c, -a, /., correepondenoe 


Coiih^A'D, -ca, m., keepmg, pro- 
tection, goaidiansbip. 

rj.a I,., ..[.Google 

tkni (nsad oolloquiallj m M. for 


Coiih6AT>Aim, «{. coiih^At), I bold, 
preserve, keep, guard, wntoh 
tcoimeiTtAim, eelioq. id.). 

Coii{i<A«6iti, -6tid, ■Jifti'De, m., a 
keeper or guorduui, an overseer. 

Coiih^ATJUi'De, g. id., •'cte, m., a 
custodian, a keeper, a guiird 
(coimei-oaiie, eoUoq. id.). 

Ciitriienr. -t-*. '»-. comparison, 
equality (also cditnniedr)- 

Coiiheardim, -riie^ri *'' '''■' ^ oom- 
pare, liken, equaL 

C6tih£itrcdi'6, -e, a., equally ready, 
very ready, 

c6iihcA)^im, -m, v. Ir., I mii, 
commingle, compound, amalgo- 

CdtiJiearciif t)eiir, -"oir, m-, muhial 

CoiihedpMfi, -iif, »., fight, com- 
bat, oon&iet 

Cfiiriiiiyeaec, -4, /., oo^effioiency ; 
oo-effioaoy ; equal importanoe. 

Cdini£ifed(cd6, -di^a, a., co- 
efficient, of equal importaaoe. 

C6ith*ise4n, -sin, m., foroe, con. 

C6iifi£i^dnra£, -Ai£e, a., forcing, 

Ciimiisneflfi, -nije, o., forcfag, 

c£ifiiii5niuj^i, -ni§te, »., act of 

c6iih*iliSteoil<, -opa, -oifif6e, «., 
a competiter ; a oandidate for 
the same tbing- 

C6irii6it>£e, g. id., /., insorrec- 

cdimfiiitSim, ■iifSB, tp. inlr., I join 

f OT«es with, I oo-aosiBt, rise with 


c6imeiriL. /., united flight 

C6imeotae, -aije, a, equally 

acquainted ; very learned ; 

c6iniFefl'6air, -■6n4, /., a troop, a 

Cdnhpedf , -ftp, ft. id., m., a mate, 

a fellow. 


C6ii(i^A<6TiAire, g. id., pi. .|-i'6e, /., 

C6iiiiFi£nn, -fi^e, v. ir., I dispose, 
arrange ; I bmd together. 

C6iihpl-iu£, -iCe, o., very wot ; 
equally wet. 

Cdiriifpefljflinc, -ajita, /., an 

answer ; a correspondence. 
CoimFpeojaiitii, -aije, a., cor. 

roaponding, agreeing. 
CoiriipjieajfljicAcc, -a, /., coQcord- 

anoe, correspondence ; act of 

c6iihF]ieii5ii4, m., oonoordanoe, 

eorrespoodence ; act of replying, 

CSithpt'eajt"'"''! "S^'fC. «■ ''■-, I 

suit, ooirespond, agree. 
CdimjeaH. See coin^edlL. 
Coirtiseafpa*, •\iia, pt. id., m., 

concision ; curtoilmeat. 
C<5iiii^l,£Ardim, V. tr., I eompoae; 

I ferment. 
CoimsLfear*"**! ?■ '■'■. Ji -'oce. 


C6ini£lic, -e, a., very prudent or 

discreet 1 equally prudent or 

CfiiriiJiieamniJiiTi, -usa'o, v. tr,, 

I adbcrti, cling to ; I bind closely 

c6imiA'Ddini, -iai, v. tnfr. andtr., 

I congpire ; I bind together. 
C6imtai!)ca, p. a., qnlte dosod. 
Coimijceai, -tij, -teadi, »., s 

Btrenger, a foreigner. 
CoirtiiSceaC. -rije, a., rtranee, 

unlike ; foreign ; wild, rude, 

uncivil ; sfay ; often used as an 

epithet of pAittttse, eto.j imra- 

daimed (of land). 
Coiitii^ceaf, -A, 01. 1 BtrangenMS, 

foreiguuees ; wildnees ; shyBcea ; 

5an c, without being bashful; jj 

ti^anaiii coiiiusceafa, "mskiDg 

Coimilim, -Ic, V. Ir., I rub, rub 

down, touch. Ste caimiLim, 
Cotmilce, p. a., rubbed. Sit 



C6iiliiniitice, g. id., f., co-emigra- 

Coimiti (ctmfn In tp. L), g. id,, fi. 
-■-6e, m., Euburbe, pasture kiid 
of a, village, paature lands, 

C6iii]iomLAn,-iire, a,, full, entire. 

equal, equivalent. 

c6imioii5anej6, -iije *., won- 
derful, eoua.llj' wonderfiu. 

Coimitice (alBO comai|ic, j. -e), 
g. id., /., protection, patronage, 
safeguard ; colloquially, com- 
tiaiSe, coimpije ; c. ■dnic, you 
are safe ia my hoaaeT mo 6. 
ottc, be merciful to me ; no 
nAifc fi A c. Aigi, she besought 
him to protect her; c. "06 
OfKi, may God protieot me I 
c. "Oi tujtkmti, God be mercitol 

coimiiicteoip, -o]ii, -oifi^e, to., 
a saviour, a guardian, a pro- 

flat tbroogh- 

C6iiliire4l., -ft 

ont, level. 
c6iiiiieiSa-6, -ajca, m. 

tdon^ amalgamatJ^]. 
C6imtea54iin, v. tr,, '. 

mate, compound. 
c6iiTiLeaii5, -A, -aia, /, 

Cfiimleanmam, -liiiia, pi. id., /,, 
& ooDsequence. 

CoiiTiLedpc^ -ai^, m., a bed- 
fellow, a conamft. 

CiimLeaptanar, -aip. n*-? »ct of 
lying in bed together. 

Cdiihlea^an, -teitne, o., very 
wide, expansive. 

Cditht^in, in phr., maiia* cfiiih- 
l£iTi, a racing dog {Der.). Btt 

C6iii]1,iJiTn, coiiiiti^e. 5m c6m- 
luijim, cfiriiLuije, 

c6iiTiLinc, -e, /., act of con- 
tending in a race, etc. See c6iiti- 
leans, nc. 

c6ini1.ioii, -tin, in., a multitude, 
on assembly. 

Cdiihtiona-6, -nca, pi. id., »., 
aocotnplishment, completion. 

: ) cOi 

C6iihltonaim, -a*, n- tr., I fulfil, 

finish, fill up, 
c6iihLion5, -lonja, ■lonsa'da, /., 

a raee ; a course. SU c6tiii- 

leans, c6irtiLiin, ^c. 

c6iriiLionsa*,-sta,i»., the regular 
march o! an army. 

Ci5ifbtior\saim, -a'6, v. iiUr., I nm 
or march wiUi another or others. 

c^iihlfoniiiatt, -aifie, a., numeroui, 
plentiful, populous. 

Coiiiitionca, p. a., completed; ful- 
filled (as a propheoy). 

Cdiihlfoncae^ -'■£«• A, fulfilling, 

C<Jiriilionca±c,''-a, /, a fulfilling, 

an aocomplishment. 
c6imLiotic6ifi, m,, a fulfillor; one 

who aocomplishee onythinR. 
c6imrii£a'o, -^ixie, a., of equal size. 
CdiThrtieaj-, -fca and -a, »., act of 

oompanng (with, pe, le) ; oom- 

parison ; if c. tio, it is oompar- 

able to ; cup i jc. te, to oompare 

with (also coiiheaf). 
Coimmeafaim, vl. -iheaf, v. tr., 

I compare, I oollate. 
Coinnbeafca'O, -eta, m., act of 

nixing, oonuniDgling. 
Coiihifieafcaiin, -a*, u. tr. and 

infr., I oommingle, I mix te- 

gether, I componnd. 
Coiihiiiearca, p. me. and p. a,, 

meaaurable, comparable ; equal 

in value, equivalent. 
C6iihminic, a., very frequent, of 

equal freq'.;>enoy. 
Cdinnieatic, -nipc, n., equal 

strength ; oonfirmation. 
C6tiiitieapcuijim, ■u^a'o, v. tr., I 

OOnfiriB, sti^agthen. 
CSiihneaficuigi^e, p. a., ocufirmed, 

c6^mneiir,-mT,m., neighbourhood, 
Lguinity, kia- 

Cfiiriineafa, comp. of c6mfostif, 

Conhneafaim, -a'6, v. tr., I ap- 

cSiihneafcaCc, -a, /., proiimity, 
neighbourhoixl ; cSimneafaiu, 


CiiiTh^dn'ii'6, -ticd, m., act of 
pmuahing together, of sererety 
C6iiiif)l*iir'^, m., a loud noise, 
Coimptex, tliB physical oonatitJi- 

1 -jdlcji, /., a constellatioD. 

CiSiihiieaiii, -liiiii, m., computation, 
oounting, a reokoning ; the full 
number j ci An coiihf eiiih 
Aiioir A^diYi, I have got the full 
number now ( W. Ker.). 

CiirafeAmAH, -peimtie, a., veij 
tiiick, equally thick or fat. 

c6iihfe«n5, -cmse, -ij*e, /., a 
wrinhle, a welt ; a oord, a string 

CdiiViTieann, ^c. See cfiihpann. 

Cdinirti*, -e, a., level, smooth. 

c6iiiijiiimeAf, -mi]", nt., eompoti- 
tion, rivalry. 


C6iiTir£ip, /., eongraity, COB- 
BtructjoD, syntax, concord, an- 
alogy ; niiifiHinity. 

agree, aoquieece. 

C6iiiipiA[«ltm, -a-6, ti. tr., and iatr. 
(with i.'fi), I serve, attend os, 
dispense to, rale, govern. 

Cotniiiije {also compoige, cow- 
^ije), oolloq. form of coimtpce, 
comaipce ; coimliijo m'Afiama 
ope, protection of my soul on 
yon (Dtr.) ; coiti Oiiin c. 'nn 
cilteA'6 r'-an, wirfl me a safe 
retnm {Armagh tang). 

Coiriiiiitim, -Jilt, V. ivlr., I niu 
along with, in company with. 

Cfiimrcf e-ir, ■&, -Cjl, ■»., a record. 


Seaj'tain if c, 
□wnpour {Don.). Set cDimre. 
CoimfeAt, -fifee, *i moderate, 

temperate. See counj^. 
Coimreat, -rige, a., powerful, 

Coimreafr, .a, /., temperance, 

Coimi-eap-Dd, inrfee. a., Udy. 
CdiitifedraiTi, -diih, M., oompeti- 

tioii, equality, equilibrium. 
Coimfeir^a*, -atSe, a., oonstant, 

a fellow-servant. 
c6iiiir5l-eo, g. id., m., a conflict, a: 

I modomte. Six cuunriSm 

Comipgte, a., comprehenaiblo ; 
kept witj\in bounds. 

C6impreaT), -nee, n,, act of har- 
monizing, being in agreement 
with (Le) ; stretching at the 
same time ; lying down Bimnl- 
taneously ; spread, extension, ' 

expansion (eariy Mod. Ir.) ; 
oontinoation, prolcmgatic ' "* ' 



equally, I harmcmize ; I spread, 
I ext^id {eaHy Mod, Ir.). 

Cdiriiflnce, p. a., harmonized, in 

accord with. 

CfiirtifpeAns, -einje, -ar6e, /., » 

welt; a string, a cord See 

C6iriif neAnjaim, .j-b, B. Ir,, I pull 

(V haul nniformly. 
Coithteiie, a., wild, exotia Ste 

C6imieataf, -air, m., oo-habito- 

C^iibteaec, -A, Di., oouoord, ton. 

Coiiiitisear, -sip, m., an ocmaa,- 
tion of the same house. Set 

C6\mt\^eafAf:, a., co-habttiDg, 
occupying the same house ; u, 


c6% ( : 

Bubs., a. dwollor in tlio some 
Iiouee witli aaothor. 
Coinif:iOTi6L, -diL, -Lea, n., 
Oissemblj, meeting, oommunity, 
oongregfttion ; tba laity {aa <lis- 
tinot from olorgy). {Tho word 
is coiihciotan ia Ca Donogal, 
and comtaLin or comtilon iii 
c6iiT)tion6l>]iiin, -a-6, v. It., I M- 

Beiahle, I coll together. 
Coiini]t<ul.L, -AiLI., ■)., oommeDco- 

ment, undertaking. 
c6inictt<4l.t., -ditt, SI., marahing 

or walking together. 
CainCite, g. id,, »., the dogberiy 

Coiti'oeaUsdiTn, -ail, v, tr., I od- 

viae, I permiado, I convinoe. 
Coimi]iir, -e, /., a dog briar. 
CompeArcip, -aif, m-, evaning, 

twilight ; fi, 6., in tho evening ; 

Le c. n* hoiide, at dusk (I'.) ; 

comeArcin (.Der.) ; coiniprce 

(Gleni of Am.). 
Coinpeiirctwft, -ii^e, a., lato. 
com-f lacait, ff. -caiLe and -aicLe, 

pi. -eld, /., a dog tooth. 
Coin-fia-D, -Aii, pi. ■■6.1, m., a 

hoimd-stag, a fine stag (con in 

inlensitive] {O'Ra.). 
Coin-^id-oaC, -Ai£, ffl., a hound 

Coin^, -e, -ejiAa, /., a, yoke, a tie ; 

coin^ ftM$alcA,aBtatut«, aUw. 
CoinjeaLV, -JiU, pi. id., m., a 

condition, covenant, obligation ; 

a pledge (pron. corasiotl). 
CoinseAlL^C, ••iise, a., oondi- 

tional, acoording to terms of 

agreement ; foitrbful to one's 

Coin^edltcA, a., conditional. 
Coirijiii, .6, /., a oouplo, a pair ; a 

team of plough -liorsoa ; a yoku 

between two ; two sheep, etc., 

yoked; cw^i^ {Man.). 
CoinspeAC, -lilt, -tiije, m., a 

couple ; plough-traces. 

> 1 COI 

Coiniciip, -iif, jji. I'rf., m., a rabhit- 
warreD, a burrow ; a rough 

Comi'n, g. id., pi. -i'6e, m., a ooney, 
a rabbit ; if fedtigi si"'"" 'oe i. 
'ni ■bA 5i;eim tie fiac, one bit« 
of a rabbit ia better than two 

Joinihe.i'b, -d, n., act of keeping, 
billeting; "coigny." 

Coinna, g. id., /., an appointment^ 
a meeting, an expectation ; cJL 
coirne d£dm Lerr, I expect to 
meet him, or, that he will arrive ; 
louAT) comtie, a tryating-plaoo j 
3dn £oinne. uneipeotodly ; i 
Scomne, againat, towards; ^5 
nuL im' Coinne, opposing toe, 
turning out contrary to my 
expectations, too hara for mo 
to maater ; d. often coinnib; 
drcomne an cije, opposite or 
over againat tho houao {Pan.) ; 
T>ut I ^comne, to fetch; zim 
pa ioinne uifce, go for water ; 
ni -ofiApFdinn iiD tomnib, I am 
inclined to agroo with ^on ; 6r 
coinne dC^ile, over against each 
other ; 6r coinne a n-ea'oan, 
before their faces ; lOndTi cinnce 
coinna, a fixod or certain place 
of meeting ; fl £oinne, to fetch, 
for, for the purpose of {Con, and 
iJoTi.) ; Tjo (a) tomne, for, for 
the purpose of {Don,). 

CoinnsiL, -nL6,-nli-6e,/.,aoandlc, 

CainneaL-Cata'6, ■biii'6ce (somet. 

used aa adj.), m., oxcommunica- 

tion ; "oandle-oitinguiahing." 
CoinnedL-biudim, -Cita'o, v. tr., 

1 eicommunicate. 
Coinne-ataifi, -tap, -ifiaia, m., 

the wife's father ; a fathor-in. 


CoinnLe, g. id., pi. -aCa, /., a stem, 

CoinnleaC, -I1J, -leata, m., a 
stubble ; conLaf (Don.). 

Coinnleos, 'Oise, ■05a,/., a stalk, 
a bud, a stem. 


Coinnleoi|i, -o-pA, -oilii'6e, m., b. 

Coinntin, g. id., ji. -ni'oe, m., a 
straw pipe ; a withered atem or 
blade of gross ; c. ttBO'64, an 

Coin-|ieA±c, -^ nt., Una relating to 

Coinrs'-eo, g. id., m., straggle, 
oonffict; 411 mo Co.nfsl'*'' '» » 
form of asBOTOiratioii in If,, but 
in that form coinrsVeo is prob- 
ably a substitate for coitifiif, 
oonscienoe. See sLeo. 

CoinrsLeo'oai, --tiJije, a., tmnal- 
tuous, oonSicting. 

CoinfiAj", -idiri ™-i oonscionce. 
(This IS the word used generally 
in if. and Don. ip. I,, but somec. 

Coince, pi. (rare) of co, a dog 
(D. and G.). 

Comcimi, -e, /., oontentioo, dis- 
pute, controversy, oonTersation; 
T 3eipp sop 6ir'S redtiiir 
■oVji 5c. Ajiaon, soon talk of old 
times arose from our controversy 
(conversation) ifionor O'Rio.). 

Coincinneji£, -ni^e, 'a., oonten- 

Cfiip, -e, -eAii, /,, a band, a 00m- 
pany ; c6ip dn 61 1, the drinking 
company {UcD.) ; idto a copy 
(Latm copia) ; pi. also c6ip- 

C6ip, -e, -saCa, /,, a oopa (Latin 

Coip, -e, /., froth, fermentation. 

C&ipe&t, -pi^e, a., numerons, 
aboonaing m troops or oom- 

CoipeiiL, -iXA, /., act of frothing, 
fermenting. &e coipiusa-b. 

Coipi3im, u. -pio^AO, ■peA-6 and 
-peiiL, V. tr. and inir., I fer- 
ment, I froth ; I beat np (as an 

Coipiu§d-6, -i^te, m., fermenta- 
tion ; the head or froth on 
malt, porter, etc. ; the lather 
on ends ; the froth of the sea. 

Coiji, g. -e, pi. -ce and -opcA, /, 
sin, crime, accusation, trespass ; 

coip Baip, deadly sin; coip a 
6)106 ca, a crime that wonlA 
hang him ; in compound words, 
false, deceitful, as coiji-ilfiiiieAfi, 
a deceitf al clerk. 

C6if, g, cijiA, /., right, power, 
authority, justice, fair play ; 
propriety ; due order or arrange- 
meiit ; apparatus ; ftocoufio- 
menta ; atteudanoe ; fair wind ; 
diet, food ; ca c. wA\i Asam, I 
am well dieted ; cii c. riidir At|i, 
he is in good oiroumstanoe (alao 
vi Cfeo maic aiji) ; 'o^-mpA'D 
c6i|i Time, I shall see that yoa 
get fair play ; tjo f oardirii f.^ 
ciSift mm, he saw that I got fair 
play ; 536 ciip T ceapr f>o 
tainc -oe -Dutne, to give a per- 
son no chance at all in a fight ; 
■o'lmcij an h&n Le c6iii, the 
boat set out with a fair wind. 

Coip, comp. c6tia, a., fit, righ^ 
proper, honest, yirtnoua, inno- 
cent, civil ; a ■6Hirie __i<jiii, 
my good sir ■ if cfiiiaTwiic 
ceaec, you had better aoue ; 
f:6Ai cofia '66 teit annroin, as 
right for him to be there {Don.) ; 
bn* 6611a -DU1C cii F^in a 6otm- 
^an, it would suit you better to 
mind yourself [Don.). 

Coipb, -e, o., Bocursed. 

Coifb, -e, -ea6a, /., the timber 
portion of a straddle, in whioh 
are the pegs for receiving the 
baskets (Can.). 

Coittbead, -bige, a,, impious, 
wicked. See coit<pea6. 

Coifibgiun^a, Kk, the hauooheti; 
used like copagiob (Con). 

Coi|(ce, g. id,, pi. -cioe and •ci'A- 
ea6a, m., oats ; in pi., different 
kinds of oate, and also varioQ) 
fields of oata; com {(J.); c 
aifi-oe, tail oat-graas ; c. cLdim- 
tea6, pubescent oat-grass ; c 
6]i-FOl,ca6, yellow-haired oat- 
grass; c. ni6in^fi)i, meadow 
oat-grafls ; c. abat, dwarf wheat- 
grass ; c. -Dab, black oats ; c. 
pta'oain, wild oate ; c. p]<£a6aini 

C01 ( 1 

CoipiiOAnii, -Citin, jrf.W., m., apole 

or oentre ; the nave (of > wheel) ; 

a spindle. 
Coiiiieann, -tmtie, /., a whirligig ; 

a megrim ; a falling down he^- 

CoiIiteinnd6, -aije, a., having a 

hole, nave, or centre. 
Coipfietknnikim, -a*, v. tr., 1 put 

a roand point on, shape liko a 

top or whirligig. 
Coifce sojim, m., blue-bottle. 

standing to diy (also Cf Dice 05). 

Coipe, g, id., pi. .prte, m., a cal- 
dron ; a la»go pot or boiler ; i 
gnlf, a whirlpool ; a maeUtrom , 
aomet. apphed to heU ; coiite 
cuitail,, a whirlpool 

Coipeai, g, -■p^% pi. id., dpt. -\iei.t- 
^ib, m., a tioner, tmiagresBor ; 

Cdijieai, -p^$e, a., jnat, right, 
vrrtnons, proper ; well-ordered, 
noat, beautiful (aL» c6)id£). 

CoiiieaA, ff. -pi* and -piSte, 
p(. -jiiSce, m., an invitation to 
a feast, ete. ; a feaet ; a beokon- 
ing ; <>5 ud0.i(]<c coifi'd '6air, 
inviting you ; ^5 cuTi coijii'6 
Oftc, beckoning to you ; coifieA'o 
RATI tajipai*, feaat-going with- 
out beug asked, one inviting 
himself (also cuitieA*!)). 

Coiffidt, -hi, pi. id., TO-, a quarry, 
a stone-pit. 

Caiti4Al,A'o6iti, -6jii, -difffie, m., 
a qoarryman. 

CoipBimail, -artild, 0., guilty. 

CoipeaiiitAtc, -A,f., guilt. 

Coifiein coit.l.ed£, m., wild cam- 
pion [Ij/ehnis diaiea). 

Coijiein muice, -iin muice, m., 

Coiii^iA'6, m,, a stag. See caiti^t- 

Cdip-^niom, m., latigfaotion ; a 

just deed. 
Cdipijim, vl. e6t\iiu^ai, v. tr., I 

arrange, fit up, prepare, '' 

tnspasa, offend ; v. tr., I aoooM, 
Cdifiigte, p. a., arranged, drawn 
up ; set in order, dressed (as 
a bed) ; correoted 1 mended, 

I weary, I tire, I te 

a small can, gallon, or bucket 
{dim. of coife). Stt cop. 

Coijiinnceai, .cije, a., Corinthian. 

Coijiioe (coifipte), inden. a., 
wicked, corrupt. See coijib. 

c6ifiiDg.i'6, .pigte, pi, id., m., an 
ornament ; an arrangement ; 
amendment, lepalring, regu- 
lating ; an abusive attack ; if < 
£n5 an coif inSa'6 '66, she oamo 
OQt with all hia &ults, she 
Mftfed him ; dress. Setc6na^it. 

Coirile4nn<i$<]>6, -Aije, /,, the 
green sonm on the surface of the 
water (Don.) ; also coilteann- 

Coi|itimin, g. iil. pi. -i'6e, m., a 
mean or iiuignillcant persom. 

Coi|i>n. Sa cuitim. 

C6ip itiAitiaAt, adj. phroH, for a 
oertainty, right or wrong, by 
any means ; tli fi cdip mAifieaf 
*5 '■JfHiaii aipseau T>'FJ5aiL 
udini, he did his very bast, tried 
every means to get money from 
me ; ui, mbA'D c6ip maipeAft, if 
it were a thing that *oiiId he 
done i T)o f-AoiLear c6i|i mAip- 
et,i, I thought right or wrong 

Coip-ih£Ap, m., an odd finger, the 
fore- finger (cotip-mcAp). 

Coip-ihioL, m., a midge, a stinging 
fly (na miota cpionna is often 
usod for midges, ete.) ; coip- 
liiiolcos, id. 

Coip-ihiolc63, -6156, -65a,/. See 
coip-ihiot and 111101.^65. 

Cdipneat, -nij, pi. id., m., an 
oaprey, a royston crow ; any 
bird of the orow kind ; a term 
for the foreign invaders. 

Coipnea£, -ni^e, a., croaking, liko 




cdipneae, the king-fisher i cd 

66ttitieA£, a Betting dog. 
Coifin^dL, -£il, m., a oomer. 
Coitmin, g. i^., pi. -me, »., a, round 

baJl ; a curl ; a, little veaael or 

bow] ; a, tankard. 
coitinineafi, -iii$e, a., frizzled, 

Coitip-Ceafi:, -Ceitice,/., raimeot, 

Coi]ifceA6, 'Cije, a., sinful, ob- 

Coi|icea-6, -cice, m., biirk'^ig nets ; 

tenniBg {Ker,), 
Coijitooiii (coijifcisfceoif), -oiia, 


Cointi^im, -in^'D, v. tr, aod intr., 
I blame, I impeaob ; I sin. 

CoiliEigte, a., black, awattby ; 
cpoicednn c., swarthy skio. 

Coif tiD^a-n, -i^te, n>., a sinning ; 
an Mousatiou ; an impeaolimeiit. 

CoifC iti^nb, /., dead Dark, dead 
skin ; the peculiar appeonmco 
of fingei-tipa of a dying person ; 
a numbness of fingers portend- 
ing the death of » friend (,JU.) 
CA.pc {Don.). 

Cotfi -e, -eati, f^ a drain or out- 
tmg in a bog, made by cutting 
sway the turf soda ; coip ihona, 
the quantity of tnrf bo cut {M.\ 

Cotr {.wA. of cof, /., a foot), beside, 
close by ; coif LcAr^, beside a 
fort; coifvOann, beside a river ; 
A5 ceaCc a 6aiLe Lem' Soip, 
coming home in my company ; 
^ST ^^ ""'^ ^"T P''> ">^ more- 

Coir-beajic, -Ceijire,/., ormunonts 

or ooveriiigB for the feet or legs ; 

shoes, boote, slippers. 
Coircfiim, -e, pi. ut and -cSim- 


/., a footstep 1 st«p ; a pace. 
Coirciimmjim, •iuja'6, v. (r. and 

vntr., I step along, walk j measure 

by pacing. 
Coirceoip, -op^ -oi|ti4e, m., an 

obstructionist ; one who stops or 

puts obstacles in the way. 

Coircim, rf. cope, f. (r. and intr., 
I check, hinder, stop, prevent, 
interoept, oppose ; intr., coircim 
■oe, I oease from, a^ corcpA-D- 
vi. T)em ^oLaf'^'t^i I Wul oease 
from my weeping (0*2).). ; cdao, 

Coifeoj, -oise, -osa,/., a stalk of 
bay or oom with its seed. 

CoipTOe, g. 0,,- |il. -'Dte, m., a 
walker, pedestrian ; a footnaan, 


Coifraea*, --DiJ. fit. id., m., a 
walker, a pedeattlan. 

Coiri'oea£^, -d, /., travelling on 
foot ; the aot of walking ; speed 
inwslking; ca coir<'oea^c ma.ft 
ajar, you are a good walker or 

a pedestal {dim. of cof ]. 
dJifi;!, -e, dI. -ea£a and -fi-iie,j., a 

feast, a festive party, a banquet. 
Cfiiriiie, g. id,, pi. .fii'be, /., a 

wedding or banqoeting party. 

See coifip. 
Coiripe, ff. id., pi. -fTOe, n., a 

foot- man, a runner. 

or foaating. 
Coif-LeatanaC, -ai^e, a., broad- 
footed i S.8 niii., a broad-footed 

Coir-tiaunoiti, -e, si. -i-oe and 

-eaea,/., a football. 
CoirmSiS, -e, -eaia, /., a footstep 

Coirpein, -am, pi. id., m., afoot- 
stt'p (f.). Sm coifceim. 

Coirjieafi, -P'Sei "■, pertaining to 
a feast ; feasting, revelling, 

Coirr*-"cai'". "*■ coiftieacan, v. 
tr., I bless, consecrate ; I church 

^u mother) ; uipce coirpeacfln, 
oly water. 
Coirpeacta, p. a., consecrated. 
Coirreaccaic, -a, /., sftnctiEoi- 

tion, consecration ; churchiDg. 
C6trt<i^e, pt., n., guests at a feut. 

corr'S™) "'■ coirr'uS"*! I H«»i 




croae, conBccrato. Set coif 

Coiftitj^e, p. a., blessed, sancti- 

fiod, consooTftted. 
Coif-fLiSe, /., a foot-way- 
Coifce, g. id., pt. -ci'oe, m., k 
deliberative body, > jui?- (Thia 
noun 13 often /em., bb ah toirce 
rndp, etc ; coipne, Ooa.) 
C6ifue, g. id., pi. -ci'oe, m., a 
ooaoh ; a bo'A4]i, the " headless 
coaoh," a spectral vision ; c6if ue 
teineo'D, a locomotivo engine ; 
coifce biCiii, a wrt of chil. 
dren's play. 
CoifceAt, -eij, -cije, m., a jury- 

Coir^edf^n, -Ain, pi. iiJ., m., a 

Coirceoi]!, -oil 4, -oiiinie, m., a 
juryman ; coirneoifi (Cun.). 

Cfin-ceoiji, -oji'i, -oijii'iie, m., a 
ooaohman ; a ooacb-bnllder ; a 

Coirceoijieiiec, -a, /., coaoh- 
driviug; coach-making. 

Ciirc'pe, y- *^-> pi' -vo^f "I-. * 
coacnman (Don.), 

CfiircitteaCr, -a, /., ooiching ; 
going idly front bouse to hooso 
for tbe purpose of goBsipina; 
AS c. Leir I'l TiSiLcaib, coach- 
ing by the stars, t.c, night- 
walking {Don,), 

CoirieAnn, comp, ■fiinne, pi. 
-fteinni, a., general, universal, 
common, public, vulgar ; 30 
coitiednn, in general, in com- 

Coicieanncfl, indee, o., customary, 
habitual, universal ; as adv., 
generally, always. 

frequency ; permanenoa ; uni- 

Coic£iAnnca, cotcfi-iLnncAfic. See 
coicfieanncij and coicieann- 

Coicftmne, g, id,, /., universality ; 
I scoicCinne, in common, alto- 
gether, in general. See coic- 

Coic4ionn. See coirte-jnn. 

Coice, g. id., pi. -ciie, m., a cot ; 
a small boat, a akifF ; ^an fioice 

an bio, without skiff or boat 
90 COIt), 

Coiceos, -oige, -oKi, /., an earth- 
worm used as a oait by anglers 
(Don.) ; cii-oeos a«d cai-De^n 


Coiceoip, -ofA, -oifi"6e, m., a cot- 
tngor ; a builder of small boats. 

Coicion, -me, a., obEtreperoua 

Col, -fl, m., impediment, prohibi- 
tion: sin, wickedness, incest; 
blood relationship ; ctd an cot 
Ard A^di: tetf, what is your 
blood relation to him! mo £ol 
ceatafi, my first cousin; mo 
60L reij^Ajt, my second cousin 
iCcn.): eua.t r* "5 ceinnai 
cot', he went to look for a dis- 
pensation for marriage ; dislike ; 
Stac r^ cot leir, ^^ conceived 

Cotdi, -di^e, a., prohibited, pre- 
vented ; sinful, wicked, incos. 

Cold^, -Ai^, pi. id., m., a male 

CoLiiSe, J. id., f., impediment, 

Cotiim, -i*., V. (r., I p.i. 

forbid, hinder ; I plaster. 
ColJir=e, g. id,, pi. -ciie, m,, a 

ColAifCedf, -ci^e, a, collegiate ; 

ColiirceifaC. ■fl'Si y- '^■1 ■>., a 

collegian {Ker.), 
ColAihin, -rtioiti, jil. id. and -riind, 

m., a pillar, a prop, a pedestal ; 

I ti-A £. T>i|<e'iL^, aa straight as a 

ColAmiiji, -cipa, -oipi^oe, m., a 

hake, a species of fish. 
Cotdn, -am, pi. id., m., a young 

cow, a calf ; a yearling. 
Cotann, g, colna, d, colamn, pi. 

colna, /., tie body, the fleah ; 

the living body of rational 


cot ( 

CotAian, -om, pi. id., m., a very 
small fiah. 

ColDd (also colli), ir. id., m., a bed- 
post^ head of a bed ; outer aide 
of a bed or ridge; aaoeptre; the 
Btalk of a pluit ; a hazd tree ; 
edge, brink, border of anything ; 
cedtdi]i i^SAfs Af ColbA, a 
red four (heane or diamonda 
in oarda) in front, i.e., the first 
cord in one's hand being a red 
four, which is supposed to be un- 
lucky j a form or bonoh beside 
a walk 1 a well-known cliff on 
Yalentia Island, with a natural 
slip along its face, where tradi- 
tion sajs St. Brendan landed 
after one of his voyages ; a]1 t. 
<kn C6u.iiti, on the side of tbo 
road (Con.). (The word is pron. 
coLo in if., col'-ii in Don.) 

Co1.b4, g. id,, Di,. love, friendship, 

CotBAim, -d.'o, V, iatr,, I sprout, 

CotfiaTi, -Aiii, fl. id., m., a dove or 

pigeon (proQ. coLufi, and often 
10 spelled). 

I. ,..„,_ 

S barley, a priokle , 

the ooarae or priokly tow token 
ofFfltu; a spear ; the point of a 
weapon ; weapon ; ^^S'l fury. 
Coljifi, -aiSe, a., bearded, pomt- 
M, prickly, fieroe, wrathful ; 
aiartial ; fretful; coLsinca, iii. 
Colsai£e, g. id., /., beardedaesa, 
state of bristling ; peevishness, 
in, -hiiipl. id., m., a sword- 
name for a aalmon 


by (ome sailed a thomhiuik or 
ttornback" (P. O'G.). 
Col^Jinca, indta. a., bearded, 
pnckly ; fierce, f rctfuL Sec 

CoLstiir**! -*'S*. "-I prickly. 
Colg-iiorcai. -ai^e, a., lieroe- 
eyedi fierce-looking. 

) col 

CoLS'tpoiTi, -coa, /., sword-fight- 
ing, a duet with rapiers. 

CotL, g. cuitl, the hatel tree ; the 
Irish letter c. 

CoLl, m., loss, want, etc. Sec 

CotLac, -AiJ, pi. id., m., a boar ; n 
fab heifer. 

CotL-inii, m., a hazel nut 

CoLt-£Dill, /., a hazel wood. 

Cott r^itie, /., nettles (neann- 

Colt-ihuine, /,, a hazel thicket. 
ColldTO, -B, eatfl, /, ela,mour, 

noise ; a brawl See catLiSn). 
Cotm, a. cuitm, pi. id., m., tho soar 

left by a wound {Cent., O. J.). ; 

the strong whit« tendons of 

beef (Jf.). 
Cotm. See cotum. 
CoLma, indee. a., hard, stiff, 

ColmAn, -Am, pi. id., m., a young 

pigeon or dove ; coLman apuir, 

a tamo pigeon. 
CoLman coille, -am coiLl.e,pi. id., 

m., a wood-queat, a ring-dove. 
CotmLann, -ainne, -a, f., a dove- 
cot, a pigeon- housa 
CoLnaC, -aije, a., gross, fst. 

corporeal (also written collad). 
CoLnai'oe, indee. a., bodily (Xea,). 
ColnaTOeafic, -a, /, oamality, 

luat; coLnai^e, Ul. (obo coll- 

aioeaic and colLaiJe). 
C0L65, -6156, -dja, /., a coUop, a 

Colpa, g. id,, pi, -ai'de, m., the calf 
of the leg ; tho shank ; tho 
handle of a flail ; a bat or 

colpa, g. id., pi, -ai'de, nt,, a 
bullock, a cow, a steer; afoll- 

Kwn animal, whether oow or 
se 1 taken as tho unit for 
grazing animals, equivalent to 
six sheep ; a " collop " (aomst 
written colttca) ; <U»o a kind of 
needle,/. (Cwt.). 
ColpaA, -aige, a., having itaut 

osrlves or legs. 
Colpa6j-ai^e,/., a yearling heifer, 
w. ifee coLp<i. 

a stirk, a 


r, -^.m, pi. id,, m., Uie 
faandle cd a tlail. 
ciottatir -''It'. P*' ^-J "*■> "*" 
coulter of a ylongh j the oars- 
man's benoh m a et^ej. 
C^atnm, -uim, jit. iet., ^d •Vumd, 

m., a doTe, pigeon. 
CoLumiitiin, 3. id., pi, -rte, m., a 

young dose. Set coLom. 
CoLarhAn. See co\.i,A\^n. 
CoLufi. See coLftiH- 
Com, g. cuifn and coiin, d. often 

the oavil^ of the ohest, wai«t, 
body ; the waist or bod; of 
a garment; the hollow of a 
bowl ; » cave, a holloir ; 1 
Scoim nA hoiifre, in the middla 
of the night ; ^eAf tiA'6 coim, 

C6iii, i6Ai, as, 01^ eqoally ; c6ih 
. . . foin, so ; ci3ih r°'"' 
BO far, BO long (as that] ; c6iii 
, , . te, before noun or pm. ; 
c6ih . . . Ajur, before verb, or 
olaoM, as ... as, so ... M ; 
c6m FA^>A iv^-o) Le, aa far u, to 
(with movement) ; c6ill ^AT>d 
A^Dr. a* liHig aa, wiiile ; e6At 
tuAt A^ari "B *^oi> " i cdrii 
AfiTi, ftqmuly high. In «p. I., 
t6A\ is generally used. 

C5ih- (cfiiiti-), prenij {a) intensive ; 
(6) of aoocmptuument ; (e) of 
eqnalil(f, mntoality, ooneapon- 

CoihAfic. 8te coritddc. 
CortiadCAim, -cuJa'd, «. tr,, I em- 
power, I anthoriee {lyN.). 
CoihdfcdiH, -6nA, -dincAe, m,, a 

Com^'o, -di«, t>f. id,, m., a olose, a 
cover, a place for holding or 
keeping anything ; the last two 
lines of a T>an T><tieA± quatrain ; 
an elegy ; poetry in general ; a 
bond or obugation. 

CoidA'OAi. Set eorfii'o (Om.). 

CoiViaii, g, id. and coiiitA, n., a 
reward ; one's share of food. 

C6m^lt, -ALa, /., aot of oombing 

CoihAitt, -e, -caSa, /., the womb, 
tite cheert (ffN.). See cj&aiI. 

CoihArLLe, g, id., /., largeness, 
greatness ; a swelling or preg- 
nancy ; the ohest, tSe womb ; 
coihAilLeAdc, id. (coiiiALl). 

Coi^AitLim, ji. -ThALt, ■itiAltA'b, 
V. Ir., I ftjfil, perform, disohsirge 
an office or duty. 

C^ifiAiinreAri, -pfe, /., Uia same 
time ; d. 1 ^ciSiViAtmpft, at the 
same time, contemporaneonsly ; 
\.vt-c c6iii-.ttmrttie, oontempo- 

ComAimreApiA, ittdec. a., eon. 
t«mpor«ry. (c6itiAinireaMae in 
Uiis sense is bad.— P. VO.) 

Comiw (or eotni-t), intemig, part,, 
with nej,, whyl {Ker,). 

CotnAiTiim, -iinc, v, tr., I drive 
forward, I press on. (In parts 
of Ker. comAiTum eoems used 
ohiefly of driving a horse ; com- 
Ainim of driving other animals ; 
in Scut M. roRiAinim only is 
nsed.) Bet cioiriAinftn, 

C6*Ainm, -AnmA, jrf. 
and -AinmneA^A, m., a si 

C6i(iainmrea6, -n\%, -nije, m., a 

Com Alt! (coimeijt), -e, a., brief, 
shorty pithy ; neat, exact. See 

CoiiiAiti, -e, /., presenoo ; fiy tjo i, 
AitidC, in your very presence ; 
6r bAfi 5c., over against you ; 
im' i., for me ; yi, t. ■6uine, for a 
person, awaiting a person ; 1 ^0. 
An lAB, (to be used) during the 
day; tio (a) tortiAif An nje, 
near the house (Dm.), but 6r 
coinne An n£e, opposite or over 
against the house (Don.') ; n'lt- 
SA-oap 1 5c. i, they ate it in 

C6iiiAitic, -e, /., outoiy ; Voice ; 
nproar; tinltA liAipc, id. (the 
latt^ m<«« usually refers to 


com ( 1 

the barking and uproar of the 

Comai)ice, g. id., /,, mercy; pro- 
tection ; patronago ; mo t. ofir, 
be meiciful to me ; iio n&ifc r< 
A c. Aifi, aha besought him to 
proteot her. 

Comdifceai, -ci£e, a., guarding, 
protecting, defending. 

CdmdifeAm, -jtiih, »., oomiting up ; 
aooount ; oalculation ; reckoning. 

c6ihAt|ieArii £]i^tne, m., a aun- 

ComAifi^e, g. id., /., protection; 
mercy, aaf^uard. ^u comAijice. 

ComAifijeiit, -SiSe, a., proteotive. 

■. ■'"*"orka 
a d&7 in return for work done, 
aa attending on funerola, etc. ; 
coiiiaifiSeai maifc if ea-o 6, he 
goes regularly to funerals, he ia 
ready to loan a day's labour. 

Com/iipiSim, -lasa-o, v. intr,, I pro- 
teat, a^egueid, guard [with no) ; 
50 scomiipiSi-D-DiA *dmn, may 
Qod proteot ua, la a common 
expression in the caao of violent 
atorma or otJier such Budden 
dongera. See cominije. 

CortiaiTiLe, g. id., pi. -eiit, f., 
advice, counsel, decision; a 
mutual project or advanture ; 
a league, society ; a body of 
oounoDlorB, a parliament; cu|i 1 
5c., to propose et resolution ; vo 
Cuipea-OAii 4 sc. pi (te) iiite, 
they pot their hooda together, 
took oounseL 

CoiiiflinLeAi, "LiS, -Lije, »., an 
adviser, oounsellor. 

ComaipLijiim, -lujil'D, v. tr., I 
counsel, advise, oonsalt. 

CoiiiAipLi5teoi|<, -opi, -oiptve, 
m,, a counsellor. 

CortiAipliuSa*, -tiSce, to., act of 
counselling, advising ; consult- 
ing; coinAi|>LeA£An, also used 
as vl. 

Cdihiifrtieii, -ihije, o,, 00m- 
puting, reckoning. 

C6iiiiipii>ini,rf.c6riiiipeiih, inper. 

J ) com 

cortiaiidrti, f. tr., I oount. com- 
pute, reckon. 

CMi-AirceAii, -cif, -CfieAtiA, (B., a 
travelling in compiuiy. 

CoifiAicteAri -tif, ■ra., atate of liV' 
ing in the same plaoe ; aeigh- 

CoriiAt, -Alt, J1I. a., m., die jamb 
of a door; a iiood, a mook'a 

CoriiaL, -ail,, jJ. id., m., a bonda- 

CoriiAldfii:, -a,/; confederation. 

CoTnAlL, tr.-AiiL,})f. coihALLcAirde, 
m., act of fulbiling ; covonant, 
performance, execution, fulfil- 
ment; act, deed; <kirne (^itiof-c 
SAT) ruiBi 'uA coiHalL, the ooat- 
maodmeut of Christ— no heed 
paid to its fulfilment (fer.). 

CoThdliLA-A, -Ic-t, «., act of fulfill- 
ing, performing. 

Coni Altai in, tA. coibdlL and 
•AllAt, V. tr., I fulfil or. accom- 
plish, disobarge an office {eoiilr. 

ComAtiCA. Ste carn'OAlcA. 

ComAlcA,;). a., covered, hooded; 
coiViaLca ca BpacAiB r^oe, 
covered or hidden under foii; 
roboa (McD.). 

CoiiiAlCA, p. a., joined, united (&a 

CoihAlcAim, -.Ail, I join or nnito ; 

CoinAlugiandf, -Air, "*-, mutual 

Comin miontd, •iin riiSonUd, »., 

com chamomile ; comiin mcAlL, 

Comann, -Ainfi, fl. id., »., fellaw- 
ahip, union ; affection, amity, 
fondness ; a sooiety or party ; a 
term of endearment. 

ComannvA, i»dec, a., kind, frionil- 
ly, loving, affectionate. 

Comdnn'OACc, -a,/, love, aSeotitn, 
kindness, frieniUhip. 

ComAtincoifi, -dtiA, ••3i]ii'6e, a., a 
bcnefooter ; a memb^ of a 
society ; a commissioner. 

ComAoin, -e, -eA6A, /., reoompenBo, 
oooaideration ; 




fovoni ; barter, exchange ; com- 
panj ; commimioD, u in the 
oonUDHmon of lamta ; the Holy 
Communion ; the hold'* Snppor ; 
1 sc, along with ; e. ^y> tnn Afi, 
to do a favour for one. 
ConiAoine, g. id., f., a faTour, bene- 
fit ; o<HiTenienoe ; an injnnotion ; 

ComdoineAf, -ni^ 

, indnlgent^ 

Comdoine^fi, -m^e, 

favourable, kindly ; grana. 

CdriiAotr, -e, /., the same i^ ; a 
peraoa of the Muue age (in M., 
cdih-n-doir, also cdm-n-^of) ; 
mo b., one of my own age; 
Bomet. applied to a penon'e 
paasione, as c^ iM e6iti<ioir ^ 
imifC o|ic, your poeaions are 
too strong fw you ; ntnet, 

WihAOncuSd*, -nijte, m., agree- 
ment^ aaaent; cdihAonCA, id. 

CMi^ioncai^tm, -n^d'6, v. intr., 
I agree, ooneenL 

CdiiiAorcai, -Atte, a., oontempo- 
i»ry (O-iV.). 

Comafi, -dif, fl. id., »., a ravine, 
a ocmfliKooe, a valley. 8te 

Covniip, -Aift, tn., a way, a niad; a 
meau« <w method. 

ComAp, -Ai]), M., alUanoe ; recipro- 
cation ; m partnerdiip, mutual 
or alternate returns ; the being 
joined iritb a nei^bour, tvo 
hoisea fnnn each ploBglung; tiaV 

return for his work lor yoo ; ti 
cortwiti, a day of aoeh work; 
cedii comaif, a labourar so 

c xo fedi, have you 
jonwu ul ptoughin^ vetT ((/.) ; 
-DJan coih4|i teif, ware with 

TitAti co<iu{t Unti, tea i* iBadi,>, 
come and join ua (Don.). See 
CDihapba, n., an e«t&t« or land 

D partoerabi^ 
«, lay or olerii 

li^ bv difliwent 
»y or olerioaL 
Coihdpbd, g, id,, pi. ■i'6e, a eo- 

partoer in power; a nooeaaor 

in an eookoiaatioal or lay ofBoe ; 

an abbots a viear; a religioua 

order of monks amount tiie old 

Irish {Sta.). 
Cotbdtib^dc, -A, /., a vicarage; 

Coriiat't>'ir> *^*ri '"-I eocleaiaatioal 

or lay capremacy or mcceadon. 
c6riiAtiT>, -Aoifoe, a., equally high ; 

C0ThAin>A, g. id., M., eorreepon- 
denee in sound between eertain 
words in the Iri^ nteMo oalled 

■oin ■ofpeai. 
CoitiAtt'6A, indtt. a., harmMUOOt. 

'^(o-'if.r*''' '^' " """"""^ 

c6iii4ii54iTi, -itifl, /., a syllogism, a 

dispute ; an error ; trespa«a, 

CoiiiAtifd, g, -ti, d, -in, ji. -in and 
-itA, f., a neighbour ; a friend ; 
an aoqaaintance ; oae standing 
or sittmg beside another. 

CoibdtiTAnCd, iiuUe. a., tteigh- 

cortiapraicadc, -a, /., ne^hbour- 
Uneas, kindneas, humanity. 

CoriiaiirnAi, -Atte, ft. id,, /., a 
neigfaboar {E. U,). 

Coiiifl-npiAic, -A, /., noighbour- 
hood, district. 

CoihairtrA, g, id., pi. -rte and --6a, 
gpf. -iy, m., a sign, token, sym- 
bol, mark ; a model (as of a 
key) ; coihAptarte iifc, signa 
of fiah ; coina^tAi'De p^ift, 
loea, features, Biuaplea ; 
apology for a Uiing, 

t:£iil, signs on it as a proof of 
this ; ci oo doihaiitAi'oe 
(TfiBinti, you are right, you've 
hit it oS; cowidptA ciLLe, a 
mole, a black spot appearing □□ 
some part of the body, usually 
on the head, a birth-mark. 
Comapcafi, -aije, "■, marked, 


CoihAptdim, I mark with wounds. 

3a comitituigim. 
CoifiAntu^d-b, -iiiSte, m., aot of 

CorfiAtituiJim, -iij4«, V. tr., I 

a«A, point out, iuuiotat«. 
CoihAfituigte, p. a., nuvkcd, 

Cdriibaspaim, -saipc, o. (r., I 


tioQ, ptutiolity, BTmpath;. 
C<3inbii'6eA£, ■'oi^e, a., frieitdly, 

kind, k>Ting. 
c6TnbAi'6ea£4f, -^iri •»'> friendli. 

nesB, affection, gratitude. 
CdrtiBoSd-D, m., motion, oomiuo- 

CfiihCf^itfeAf, -]ii£e, a., ooiuaii. 
gaineooB, having close kinship. 

C6mf>fi&\tT>eAti.x, -iif, m., oon- 

sanguinity, cloaancas of kinahip. 

CiSriibtiicaits m., 

CfiiViBpoit), -oioe, /., oppreBBion. 

CfiriiBiiuJa*, -ui;sce, m., opprea- 

c6th6r'iS-iin' (cflmbp'Sij"")- 
-li^A-D, V. tr., I bruiae, crush, 

c6mbuAit)]iea-6, -■beinta, m., con- 

fusioi, distatbaiioe. 
Cdmbudi'6t«>n> vl. •fXA'd, v. tr., I 

disturb, confuse. 
Ciiiii£di'orii$ini, -ntiedii), v. intr., 

I live iooiaUj with. See c£ih- 

c6iii£jki'Dpiin, -■Dtieiih, i^ into"., I 
live offeationatalf with, asaooiate 

CiiitiiAtnnc, -e, -eAnnd, /., a oon- 
ferenoe ; ft auaciy answer, word 
for word ; light saroasm, ohaL 

Cfimiiiji'oear. ■'•"r> '"■i motual 

c6iii£AtiC|iA£c, 'A, /., choral music. 

CoihtAOinim, -neA^, v.intr.. Icon- 
dole, lament 

CfiitifiAjinmSim -n^it, V. (r„ I 

he^ tc^euer, aooumnlat« j 
c6iiitdt<nAiin, -d'6, id. 

cdrtiiednjaL, i 

nnim ; the " binding " stanza 
of a poem. 
c6AiiVann, -£l.AiTine,/., one fatuOj, 

oommon kinship. 
CdmindOi'tiini, vi. -insoi-6, v. tr., 

I coDHume, gnaw. 
Cdihinodruiiim, -raJa-D, ». Ir., I 

ooUoot together, aoooinalate. 
C6riiioimrBit, -pSe, o., oommen- 

Ciiihfioiufieann, -tinne, «., nni. 

CiiiTii^oriidiftLe, g. id,, ft. -a6a, /, 
combination, confoderaoy, con- 

nion, fellowship, partnership. 

CdihionsCiil, -Ha, /., honour, 

aeoreo]' ; obligation to keep a 

C6m*ojip, -ftuipp, m., a body 
mixed or composed of elements 
of diftisrent consistence ; whenoe 
c6ihdatip4A, tniied, compound- 
ed, and c6ili£o|ip'6d£c, a oom- 
poaition, a mixture. 

Ciiriiipdt*iin, -at At, v. tr,, I 
sprinkle, shake together, 

C6mfitiotii*, -Cci, m., ocdkerenoe, 
act of hanging olosely togetlnr. 

Cdihipoitce (c6mfiii4icee), p. a., 
shaken tog«rtdier. 

c6Th£iiuinn, -e, a., all round, oval, 
orbioular, oiroalar, globolar. 

C6m6l«tnni$im, -luja-o, v. tr., I 
collect together, assemble. 

c6ihfipoinniuta'6, -tjce, pi. id., 
m., an assembly, a coogr^stian. 

C6ihtnAr^> -i<Se> "-. oonoiTe; 
equally hallow. 

CAiii^Di-oi^ceoit*, -ofd, ■oi|ii'6e, 
m., a ooadjutor. 

CiiiiinimrctuSd*, -rcijce, n., 

C6ni£uttiini, irf. c6ih£nt<, v. tr., I 

arrange, dispose, regulate. 
C6iii£iimanTi, m., mutual love or 

f^Ieatioa, etc See c6mioinMii. 
C6ili£iiti, ■iaif, 91., act ot plsoiDg 

together ; iimultaneous ^t- 

ing or sowing. 
cM^iiil, •'tilA,/., meeUng, ooa. 

vention, presence, intmiew ; 


act of accomponj^g ; oppod- 
tioD ; I 5c. d £4itB, togeUier, 
alio hosmelf oppooed ; if m^ 
■oi c6m'6iit Ati «jn iifiti, imd I 
"loaving bar," accompanying 
her B, ptui^ of the rood {Don.). 

pregnable, firm, oWdy knit, 

very atrong, bbcuto. 
Corii^dinsne, g. id.,/., atabillty, 

Cim-DdmsniS"", -luSa*, v. Ir., I 

BtrengtEen, confirm, stauncli. 
C6ih-6iLc4, g. id,, pi. -tie, m., a 

foater-soo, a brother ; a member 

of a society. 
C6*'6aLicar. -''T. ""•» fosterage ; 

Corii-A^oine, pi., m., contempo- 

CMivacaA, -AiSe> »■> many- 

C^ih-dtdtt, -e, a., oloaa, compact. 

Cfiiti'DtocuiSim, -Ǥa*, v. tr., I 

oompKiaa, coDdeiue, closely pack 

C6ii-6oiAf, -aiji, m., identity of 

eril fate. 
C6ih*oiLteAr, -Sir and ■S''^r^, 

m., coadolence. 
Ciih-Dund*, -ticA, m,, a shutting, 

oloeio^, faatoniiig ; a oonolnuon, 

Cditi'^utCdf, m., the Btate of be- 

lotting to the same country or 

biibe ; gi., c6iiitDc£Air> used as 

CdrnfAT), -ait), m., ft length, an 

equal length. 
Cdihtiircim, -ire**, f. tr I hind 

closely, I fasten uniformly. 
Coihflilttedic, -i, /., a joint 

sovereignty, a commonwealth, a 

republic ; ariatocracy. 

synonym ; 

C6iliFoS'*P. -^iP. "•-. * dipthong. 
CiSihFOSur, -uir, "*-.. neighbour 

(c4ihs«r <* c6ihsir *» "•** i* 

the BE 


c6rtifo5orae, -AiS, pi. id., m., a 
relation ; one near in blood. 

C6ih^oi5re, g. id., /,, neighbour- 
hood j 'n-A t., near him; c6rii- 
^oigrcAtc, id. 

CfirtiFuaim, /, vowel rhyme, awo- 

CdriiFUAtia'd, -ntA, nt., act of grow- 
ing quite cold. 

C6Th^m1.i'6e, m., a relative, a blood 

C6ih^Bi1ii$im, -fcit, V. intT., I 

CdihpuiieAt, -aije, a., comfortablo, 

C6ihf't)t<CA±c, -&, /., comfort, aid, 
ooniolation ; fuU relief, help, or 

C6tiif'titicu$>]>4, -ni^te, m., aet of 
ooDBoling, oomforting ; pedtt 
c^ni^uiicui^e, a oonsoler. 

C6ih$4Cdit, -Ato, /., harmony, 

lova, generosity. 
Cdifijiiti, -e, -iiiti,/, outry, eon- 

CdihiAifoeAt, -vtSe, a,, glad, 

joyful, merry, 
cdrtiJiniT>e4t4ri -^Ti "*-> JT 

mirtii, gladness. 
C6iHSaii<e, g. id., m., general 

laaght«r or ridicule. 
cdrti^AipeAi, •f\%K, «; noisy, 

CoibSAtticA^C, 'A, J"., neomesB, 

C6m$aniini, vl. ■Samin, tp. (r., I 

oonToke, call togettier. 
C6ifiiiiiim, -4t|iniA, /., a oonvoca- 

Cfiinjaol, -oiLipt iii. and .JaoLca, 
nk, Icindred, consanguinity. 

Com^dri, -dit*, m-, waking and 
burial arrangement* [U.). 

Coifi3A]i, -Aiti, pi. id,, m., neamesB, 
ft neat way, convenience, prox- 
imity ; meeting ; 1 5c., near ; iw 
^BA^Ii f-^ c., he took a short cut 
(proo. cdrtinsaf). 

CoitiSdfAe, -dije, 0., adjacent,,.,..i.,GtX)^lc 


( 178 

oonvonicnt; wittj, quiuh at 

Coitijat" ciinnce, m., wit, Suency, 
qaiokDess at repartee. 

CSthSat, ■»"r> *"■• Doarnesa, oloee- 
nesa ; rolationahip ; relativee. 
See c6iiiF05ur. 

CiSrtisLan, -aire, a., equally bright, 
very pure. 

c6ihgLaar'itc, -i, /., a Bimul- 
toneouB movement (also c6*- 

Cfiiiisoin, g. -e and -gon, pi. 
-jonca, /, contrition; sorrow, 
oompimction, remoree, sympathy 

Coihjona'b, -Jonca, m., oontntion, 
Borrow, amiction. 

C6rti5t"ii-6t80iti, -oita, -otiitie, to., 
a rival in love. 

CfiitijnL, -Snit, ra., act of weep- 
ing together ; inteDBe weep- 

C^ih^ut, -Jota, m., voiora in 

Coihta, -an, -atn (also g. -a-o, 
pi. -a'^a), /., a valve ; a leaf of a 
door ; a door, a gate, a shutter ; 
a threshold ; coihla oirce, a 
flood-sate ; coiiiLa cd^ALa, a 
tr»p.<EKir ; 'ofon-ftoiiiLa, a guard 
or protection ; coiiita fipeac, 
the magic door in fairy dwell- 
ings among rocks {M.). 

CiiJiLataipc, -ajita, /., a diali^uo 
or colloquy. 

CoriilaC, -aij. -aiSe, t».,acomrade, 
a fellow-soldier. 

C6riitai*e, g. id., f., oonfederaey, 
allianoa, union. 

C6mtdfn, ad., hand to hand, 

c6mLan, -jine, a., full, very full ; 

bat, fight, coiifflot, battle, duel ; 

a matdi, oomplement, im equal ; 

a oolleague. 
ComLannar, -aif, m., valour, feata 

Cdmtaofi (also conLaofi, comta*, 

contai), TO., a comrade, a f ellow- 


) CO ,11 

c6ihLa]i, -ai|>e, a., quiet, even- 
tempered, steady, level-headed. 

C6mliona-6, -nca, m., fulfitment 
(aa of a prophecy), 

Cfiiiiloircmi, ii, -lofca*, im^ter. 
-Loipc, V. (r., I bum up. 

CouiLorca*, -oircte, m., a ooa- 

Coitiluaoap, -aiii, pt. id., m., a 
company, a society, a club ; 
conversatJOti ; OOngratalatJon ; 
pron. cloaDa)! in Der, : e/., ctAXt 
clua-oaiti t.£>£e, permission to 
converse with her; Cfua-oaL in 
Om. ; rean-Spiia-oal, old ohat ; 
If itrnic an c. 6, he is good oom- 
pany (Con,). 

CSihtuat, -a>f:e, a., equally quick, 
very qniok ; equally soon ; c6ih- 
Inat, no sooner than ; coih luat 
1 n€itiinTi, tiie very moment 
that, etc. (In these last the 
words coih and Inat are really 

C6iiilit£c, g. id. and -a, n., a 
felloW'labourer ; an associated 
band ; a honsohold ; c oibfie, 
labourers together, partners, 
associates, allies. 

CfiriiLotc, m., a cast or charge; 
the contents of anything. iSee 

c6mLn>ge, g id., /., lying with ; 
coupling with. 

C6ihl«'se, g. id.,/., a mutual oatii 

C6iViloiJim, rf., v. iiUr., I 
lie with, couple with, associate 

Cdnrmdim, -e, /., a woman, a wife. 
This word is not yet obsolete 
wiUi pure speakers of tjie 

(C). (Coihmaime also as turn.) 
CiAimMi, -e, a., so good, so 

excellent, equally good, veiy 

good ; aa mis., an equal. 
Cdmiiiaonleaiii, -rtiaoiiice, n., 

mutual joy, common joy ; ooB- 

c6miiiaoi'6im, -tnaoi-Aearii, n Ir. 

and iTUr., I boast, hrag, exult. 
Commaoin, -e, -eaCa, gpl. -eaft, /., 


!< com Aoine Al- 

corn [ 

favoor, obligation ; advantago. 
See comdoin and comAoine, 

municant, eti). 

Comnib-. Stt comb-. 

CoriiriiolAim, -a*, v. tr. Mid inlr., 
Z JDia in applaoae, I oongr»tn- 

C6mm6ti, ■rt>6ilie, a., very great, 
equally great 

C6mm6iia*, m., oo-extollmg, mag- 
nifying ; a BigQ of rsBpect, 
ooQgratalation (Dim.), e.g., tnji 
X\ATi c. '66>b ; a convening of 
assembliea ; an anembly of any 
kind, especiaUy wake, funeral ; 
fiitine m4 mo dditntiina*, I 
went to the wake ; A5 an ^ciiib- 
nidfd-6, at Uie funeral {Om.) ; 
Le c. cabaipc no'i' nir, to show 
reapeot to or congratulate the 
two {Peier Wal^) ; tie act of 
esoorting, Booomponying. 


mbly) ; 


C6mtn6iini5im, -iii'o, v. tr., I equal, 

eto. See c6itiTn6)iaiin. 
Comndirciin, -naj|C and 

1 ]oii 

, link, 


C6riindirc£eA£7, -a,/., what bioda 
or links together. 

Coihnap'O. ■ J'Tti, m., oompariaon ; 
1 5c. "oo foT), in comparison with 
him (U.) ; often c6ihnlitiT). 

C6iiinAfc, -difc, m., a mutnd bond, 
link, or connection. 

c6ihnArci!ii, -t±A, m., a mntual 
bindiiig or linking together. 

Cortinoi'oe, g, id, and coihntri'ote 
(also coitinuitj^e),/., a dwelling, 
a rest, an abode ; aic n6 lona'o 
coiiinniT)te, a place of abode ; 
biil 'ni iortiTiui-oe, a silent 
mouth ; 1 jc, always ; ca f6 
'na CoriinuiiSe, it is at rest, not 
,'ocoihnui'6te, leave 

., I dwell. 


COThnuista^fi, ■*'$«> "■. lasting, 

C6ihnni5teoili, -Of a, -oifie, m., 
a dweller, an inhabitant. 

C6ih63la6, -aij, pi. id., m., s 

CiirtilisLataf, -aif, m., follow. 


low-helper, a 

CiSitioibiiiJim, -mSa*, v. intr., I 
work with ; oo-operat«, aanist 

CdrtioibiiinJa-6, -pijte, m., co- 

CiihoiSfe, g. id., pi. ■fi'6e, m., a 

C6rtioiSfioo5, -otse, -ojiji, /, an 

C6Thoi|iedThna6, -aije, o., har- 
momoaa (witi), 'oo). 

C6m6}ia*. Set cdrtirndpA*. 

ComiSfcar, -air, m., aoomparison ; 
emulation ; rivalry ; contest ; 
tjut I 5c. te, to oonteat, to com- 
with, like, got up like ; ni c. ife 
teirrean, she la not to be coDi- 
pared to him ; tiafia f^^" 
com^iicdr, abeil eompamtio, 
there is no comparison 1 

Compaiti, a chest. See compajt. 

c6ih^a'Ticeaft, -cije, a., partaking, 
sharing, imparting ; equallj' 

Cfirii^AitiCTOe, g. id., pi. -■6fte, m., 
a co-partner, a colleague. 

Compatr, -e, /., ooupaasion (A.). 

Compi>n, -Am, pi. trf,, m., com- 
panion, colleague. Bee com- 

companai, -atj, pi. -ai$e and -afta, 
171., a oompanion, comrade, asso- 

Compancar, -^Ti "'-1 fellowship, 

Compap, -atji, m., chest, bitdy, 

tmnk ; coitnpleAti, id. 
CompAf, -lif, m., a compass ; 1 50. 

a bpoLlaiS slS'S't (P. eong). 
Complu£c, -a and -di£c, m,, a sot, 


a eang, a oompany, a household 

(often written complaCc). 
Conip6[iT>, -dipn, pi, id,, m,, aoto- 

fort, pleosura (also comp6i^c 

and c^mpdip'o). 
Comp^ntiAfi, -AiSe, a., comfortable. 
CompdtiTtA'/nMt,, a,, oom- 

CompjiAio, -e, /., I 

CiiVifioTOim, ri. c6riiiii-6, v.inir., 

1 oonTerse. 
Cdmpji^ceai;, -cise, a,, afiablo ; 

Cdiiitiiii'oceAd, -cig, -ci^e, m., an 

B&ble man , a collooutor. 
Com|iii5e,ff. »o.,/., protection, etc 



Cufi 1 sc le 6£il,e, to put them 
together, to compare tfiem. 

Cdriifd, g. -fidnn, d. -{idinn, pi. 
-jiAnn^,/,, a large box or cheat ; 
a coffin J a bier ; a oompaoion ; 
an ark (pron. c6ftA in Don,, 
c6ncpa in Con.). Id JK c6niij, 
a chest, ia pron. differently from 
c<iiiit<A, a coffin, and u tn,, 
tbon^h originally the same 
word; ef. coffer. 

Corii^AC, -Aic, pi. id,, m., a contest, 
conflict, combat, contention, 
Jigbt, meeting, junction ; Com- 
fidc Aba, a place name in Kerry, 
the conQuence of two rivers ; 
c. Lae If oi-oCe, twilight {ann- 
voif<£ea(i;, id.) ; c na mbd£a|<, 

Coni^acae, -aite, a., wreatling, 
struggling, fighting. 

cdrnpii, g. -paiw, pi, id. and 
-jiai^ce, dpi, -jiIi'Dcit, m., con- 
versation, discourse, speech, 
dialogue, talk ; c. b£iL, oral 

C6ihiiati6ip, -iSfA, -fiiiiiie, m,, a 

Comjia'Dui'oe, a. id., pi, -■6te, tn., 
a comrade (also comtia'oa). 

Coibnaiceae, -C156, «., aggres. 
sive, quarrelsome ; lUso com- 

Coihtiaiceoifi, -otta, -oipi^e, m., a 

fighter, a combatant. 
Coiiijiaicijiin, vL coriipac, v. tr., I 

fight, combat, wrangle. 
Comiiai'6e, g. id,, tn,, protection, 

patronage ; comjiai'oe m'anma 

otic, my life on you ( W. Ker.) ; 

(also cumiKiiJe). 
Coni)iai'Deaic, -a, /,, form, figure. 

Cfiiiifann, -a, pi. id. and -fiainn, 
m,, an equal share ; in t>i; eqnaJ 
ebaree, partnership ; x:i an 
caLaih I scoriijijinr aca, they 
hold the land in partnership. 

c6rii)ioinn, g. -jioinne and -fonna, 
pl. -]ionna, /., a division, a por- 
tion ; a field ; division of land ; 

Cfirtipoinnea-ofiip, -6^*, -6ijii6e, 
m., a partaker, a distributor. 

Cfiiiitioinnim, pi. cdmjioinTi, v. tr., 
I distribute, shore, divide. 

Ci5rti]ioiTinreoili, -ona, -oipTOC, m., 
a divider, distrioutor ; a psr- 

Cdiiipuatan, -aip, nt, ntter de- 
struction, complete rout^ 

C6riipun, -puin, pl, id., m,, con. 
spiracy, joint dceign ; a common 

C6riipuiiui-6e, g. id., pl. -iite, tn., 
a secretery {P. O'C). 

CompaihaiL, comraihalatu. See 
copiiiaiL, cof ifiaiteatc. 

Cfiriipanncat, -at5e, a,, desirous, 
covetous, greedy. 

CimpMil, f., a school or colli^ 

.■coLaiiie. . 
a school-fellow. 

C6mfeinm, /-, harmony, sym- 
phony, conc^l;. 

C6i>ifli", -aine, a., entire, soand, 

C6riipna'6mta, p. a., incorporate. 

CSibj'OiLlrefl*, -r'S^i "■■: equally 
bright or luminous ; very bright 

CdiViroLar, HI., morning or evening 

C6ihf-6I.Ar> '^Ti '"-1 consolstJOD. 

Cdmrpaipn, -e, /., a wrestling, s 


Clilfl ( 

Cdmf-jiiitA*, m., a oonfluenoe of 
Btreams (also c6nif jiui). 

Cdriif 01*61111, vl. -fBi-^e, I get tout 
together, to oocnpy a, common 

CoihfDitii'6ed£u, -A, /., courtobip, 
rivalry (OW.). 

-ai^, m., Blanghtor, de- 

C6i>ita5aii, -itfi pl- W., m., a 

CoiTicAt., 'Ci>it, In., a oonfluz or 
Btroaiuiiig foi^ of liquid, aa 
water from ft pipe, or aa milk 
from the paps of an odder. 
C&/ntiXA\m, -eit, V. iiUr., I yield 

or pi^iioe milk, as an animaL 
Cdmiatinj -iiin, fl. id., nt., a 

Kthering or aasembUge, as at a 
rling mateb, or oouatr; djmoo 

(£«r.} ; a oolloqnial form of 

CfiihfciUliiins, -e, /., a pulling, 

dragging, aniwing ; contraction. 
Cfimcatitiamsim, -tit'1"^i"5i "■ *'"■» 

I pull, draw, drag, contraot. 
c6nititiiiSim, -uS**, V. tr., I 

cement, join together, solder, 

bind finnly. 
c6iTit65iit, -iXi, /., a building, a 

cartitosaim, -Salt and -Siinc,,li!-- — - 

CiSmtoil.,/., onftniroity, agreement, 

mutual oonsent. 
CfimtoittSim, -toilea*, V. inlr., I 

dooBent, agree, contrsict. 
ComcoitcedTiAJ;, -di£e, a., willing, 

cfiiiiuiiat''*. -r*'5S' °-j odoriferoua, 

aweet-aoented [O'N.), 
Cfimtliom, -cpnimo, a., equal, just, 

Coititjiom, -puim and -^loina, 
ji id., m., jaeticB, right ; a 
weight, a balance ; standard ; 
c. caLman, level ground ; c. na 
liaimritie j-eo anujiai*, thja 
UtDB laat year ; c. p^inne, fair 
VM- , . ,^ 

Coihtliomaim, -a-o, v. ir., 1 weigh, 


, -e, /., building, ei 

I ) con 

I balance, I aqualiae ; I level, 


Coihtfommjim, -uJa*, v. bv, I 
normalise. See coth^tiomaim. 

Comttiomu, tteae. -t.^B, o., 
equally woighing, balancing, 

Coibtjiomnigteatc, -a, /., equili- 
brium, equipoise. 

CoihtjiorcaCc, -a, /., a general 

c6intpo<i£, -t|iuaiSe, /., great 

C6itittiainie, ji. id.,/., equal weight, 

c6Thttii|ire, g. id.,f., utter iotTow. 

Cdihtnicini, tj. id, v. tr., I fall 
equally or mutually. 

c6tVituicini, -e, /., act of falling 
down, perishing. 

c6ihuiLLeanTia£, -aij;e, a., equi- 

Comuiji-AeaCr, -a, /., form, shape ; 
1 scomuip'ieACc pii, in the 
shape of a man. 

Canitii|i5, /., port, diviaion. 

C(5mnpiijiii:a, a., intrepid, daring, 

Coihufr''' /'i > neighbour. See 

Con-, used m composition for corii. 

COTidbVdC, -ai^ -a£a, m., aoaroasa, 
» corpse ; oorrion ; a trashy 

Conaft, g. -aii, dpi. .itAttt, m., 
prosperity ; Buocess ; a source 
of prosperity j wealth, riches ; 
a {;ona£ pn o|>r, may you reap 
the reward of that, said on bear- 
ing of one's good action or good 
fortune ; also used in a bad 
sense on hearing of one's mis- 

Conaf, -ai^, n., a murrain ; rabies ; 
fierce gpito, rage : 'o'^ifiii; conac 
ann tugam, he became enraged 
towards me. 

See CI 

COTiiiiat, -'oai^e, a., prosperous, 
wealthy, successfuL (The same 
meaning is also conveyed by gs. 
of conafi, as peafi C011A13, a 
wealthy or proaperous man). 



Coriiit>eat, --oije, a., given to 

flouting, jeering, mookiog. 
Conii-oim, -ii-o, I'. Cr., I mock, jeer, 

Conai'onear, -fiif, .i., power of 

reasoning, raliocnnation. 
ConailCe (conuattfio, com- 

■oeiLOA), g. id., /., friendahip, 

lore, ajnity. 
ConaiiCedi, -bise (con-odilbeAf, 

coin'oeAtbdC), o., friendlj, 

Amorous, affeetioDate ; showing 

a fair oountenance. 
Conaitt, -e, pi. id,, f., a road, beaten 

Toad, way, path ; s haven. 
ConAifC, -e, -eat&, /., a. pack of 

hounds ; hunting ; a rout of 

Conainu|i, -viif, •»., fragments ; 

fiinne An leAnb conAmu)! •ak 

tato A)iAin, the child has broken 

his bread into fragments (Don.) ; 

ConOat, -A'S. "'I liydropbofcia. 

See conra-6. 
ConOiJircne, g. id., f., the dogberry 

ConfiuiieAn, -■one, -■6eAnci, /., a 

ConiABAp, -aip, m., help {aim, a 
proper name). 

Coni4B4|iCAt, -tAiJe, a., meddle- 
some; If coniACA|icA6 CAiLteAf 
LJl cuAtim, 

-, - . , ''Old 

visit is meddloaome (6'on.). 

confitann, -Ainne, -a, /., an < 

a fellow, e. match, a rvt 

ConpA'D, -Ai-6, m., «. roarmg, a 
howling ; madness ; rabies ; fury ; 
rapacity ; a greedy appetite ; cii 
conpAi'^, a mad dog; ^Ati con- 
pAi-ii, a vulture ; conpA'D ha 
pAtfipse, the raging of the sea. 

ConfA'DAi, --DAiJe (cohfaC), 

F-i'frS*. *^^ raging 
ConfA'DAS, --DAiJe (c , .. 
raoid, furious, raging, stormy ; 

vicious, crosB-grained ; 

) con 

cioua, ravenous ; ^An conya-iAi, 

a vulture (also conApAfi). 
CoTiFAtiriiaii (f silent), -Aipe, a., 

rtormy (Om.)- 
Con Foipne, /., an otter. 
Con^iiji, -A]irA, pi. id., /,, nproar, 

clamour, conclamation. Su 

ConsAimm, vl. corjaip, v. intr., I 

roar, I sbout. 
Consancat, -Aite, a,, holpfnl, dis-. 

poeed to render assistaDoo ; as 

mibe., an auxiliary. 
Con^Anr^tp, -i3]ia, -ditiiT^e, m., an 

auxiliary, an assistant. 
CongftaiL, -aVa, /",, a babitaticHi, a 

houee, a residence, tt village ; 

used in place names, as tlua^ 

ConefiAiL, Nohaval (pron. T\6- 

Consbait, -tile.,/., act of keeping, 

holdiug, restraining from (6) ; 

maintaining ; support ; consFiAil 

fuar, supporting (pron. coin- 

tieAil. See con^BAim. 
Corii;Ba)m, vl. consBait, S 8. pf. 

bacK : I pluck. 
Con^CALAfi, •ai^e, a,, guarding, 

preserving ; tenacious. 
Constialcar> "^Ti ""i mainten. | 

ance ; a prop, a stay ; eup. 

CongnA, g. id., jil. -i-6e, n., a hom. 

Con^na*, m,, help. See consnarii. 

Con5narti, g. congAtita and cons- 
iiAiih, m., help, saaiHtancH, enc- 
oour, aid ; act of helping, co- 
operating with (le] ; lute 
conjanca, helpers {pron. ciinaih 
(«.), cunii {Don. and Con.). 

Conmaicne, g. id,, /,, a Bept, a 
tribe ; it is the name of several 
districts in Connaught 

Connac, eonnajic, la.iiMHt^.ot 
■oo-eim, I see. 

ConnaCca, g, -nadr, A -nabtaiE, 

ConnAtcAC, -AiJ, -aije, «,, a 
native of Connaught; uid as 
adj,, Conn?.cian. 


limbed, greedy person ^ 
a fierce, strong womui (also 
applied to a oow, eto.), 
Connopcjift, -aiSe, a,, binding, 
obli^torj ; beloiigiDg to » ocKi- 

ConnLit, -Ais, J»- W., m., a stalk, 

stubble; moss (also cumnLeit). 

ConTilA6c, -'), /., oontfacting, 

shuttiDg up, booraing. 
ConnLin, -am, fl. id., ta., b vooug 
helpless family [Con. and fVat.) ; 
ohildren (U.). 
Connlann, a bero. See ayinlAoi. 
ConTitusAv, -uigce, nt.. act of 
collecting, aorapin^ h^etbcr, 
oontracting ; Tetimig, wiUi- 
ConnfUL-o, -irnntd, pi. id., m., aii 

agreement, a covenant. 
COrnpiim (cotiJliAim), -Ail, I t«ll, 

relate, narrate. 
Connrain, -e, -ite, /., a consonant. 
Conncae, g. id,,f., a ooonty. 
Conncan6r, -6tj; m,, ooiintenanoe, 

ConnciiWc, -a, /., a ourse, a 
malediction ; ntiafoi'tune. 
■6s. -<S' 

c6npa, cfincpa- See c6mf -J- 
Con-por, "•■■ a dog-roso. 
Conrail.Sapai'De, g. id,, m., a coun. 
sellnr, a, barrister {A.).; con- 

ConrpfiiT), -e, -i-oe, /., dissenaion ; 

a djspute, a^ument ; a quorreL 
Conrpoi-oeaC, •'oi§e, o., oonteu- 

tiouS, quarrelsome, litigious, 

ConrP^i^S'i^^i -^> /'I <^ di«pDta- 

Cotirpoi-Dim, vl. conrpofD, v. inlr., 
I contend, dispute, strive. 

ConfcAbLa, g, id., pi. -rtie, m,, 
a constable, a policeman {A.). 

Conpcaic, -e, -loe, /., a clever 
saying ; a dodge ; a condition 
utfoOy. introdooed into a bar- 

geoeraily Dsed injif. (if .). 
Concabaipc, 'bapta and -tkaipce, 
/., danger, risk ; doubt. 

risky ; doubtful 
Conca^aipc, -apia,/., affirmation, 

allusion, reference. 
Concpaic, -a, f., miBfortoiM ; a 

Concpailce, a., wrong ; transverse, 
across; an Faitim tup cor- 
cpailce ap an Lime, to put tlio 
hem wrong on tbe abirt (Kerry 
song) 1 also concpalca. 

Concpaf -Oa, iadee. a., oontfary. 

Concpati-oaCc, -a, /., oontradic- 
tion ; the oppoaite^ the direct 

Cone pat na hoi'6£e, twilight 
{Aran) ; concpaitin, id. ; prop. 

Copan, -am, jil, id,, »., a cup, a 

Cop6s,-6ise, -65a,/., dock (weed): 
any large leaf of a pUnt ; copo^ 
cuatail, common burdock ; 
copfi^ f^^'^'^^">> colt's foot 
(t/.). Sm capos- 

CopoCAd, -a>3e, a., abonndlug in 

Cop, g. coi|i, pi. id,, m., mode, 
manner, state, condition ; power, 
hold : a trick ; turn, twist, stir ; 
occtwioD ; tune ; cast, throw ; 
guarantee, surety, pledge ; en- 
gagement, obligation, covenant, 
compact ; visit ; bar of a tune ; 
a bout of wrestling; a reel in 
danoing ; a|i an 5c. fm, in that 
state, by tbat means ; ap t. 50, 
so that, to the end that ; ap aon 
6., (ap) 6. ap bit, 1 n-aon-fi., on 
any aooount, by any means, in 
anywise, at all ; oo'n 6. r<>, on 
this occasion, now, this t'""°- 


13 woll aj 


what is your condition? nio|( 
tmp r^ c. xie, he did not stir ; 
ni't aon i. 'n-a finoite na puiL 
a pio)- a^am, there is no trick 
in his mind tbat I am' not 
ao^uainted witli ; an c. aca aip, 






the condition in whiob ke ii ; 

cofi coir^i a triok in wrsatliug 
by which the leg is auddbnly 
taken from ooe of the con- 
teatanta ; biinei* cop ap an 
n^itiiipid'o, the hate waa «o 
botl; pursued Uiat it had to 

Cot<> g- cojitA, n., act of wearTing, 

growing tired. 
C6p, -6iti, ■6nti, m., a com in the 

foot {McC). 
Co]ia, g. -4-6 or -inn, d, -ai-6 or 

■Ainn, pL -A'OA, /,,a weir, a dam ; 

Cednn co|iA'6 (Einoora), tko 

T«sidenoe of Bnan Bonuuha; 

c/!, trlAinircifi TiA CofiAnn, 

Midleton, in Go. Cork. 
COfiat, -AiSi pi- id,, m., a mareh, 

a waste, a barren dtitrict, a plaoe 

where reeds grow. Ste coti- 

CdttAfi, -At^e, a., just, fair, even ; 

weU-proportioned, liandsome, 
Cdt<Ai, -Ai^e, /., justice. Set c6\\i. 
CopASiob, -A, IB. ; inyAr. as r"'** 

Afi A (ojiASiob, sitting on hia 

COfiAgiobAd, -Alt, fi. id., m., the 

male salmon (&]. 
C6p4it), -e, /., a pair, a couple ; 

a yoke of cattle ; i^. c6fi,fo b6 

and cfiliAiti SAOiliis ; eheese. 

CoiiAi-6e, g, id,, m., a hero, a 

CoiiAi'6eatC| -a, /., bail, security, 

guarantee, recognisance, 
COTAiieAtc, -A,/, wrestling, con- 

teoding ; valour, bravery. 
CoiiAim, vl. cot>, t). tr. and inir., 

I tire out, weaiy ; I fatigue ; I 

tirist, I turn. 
CopAAiAil, -ititA, a., wrestler-like ; 

angry, fitful 
CofiAnA^, -Ai^, -Ai^e, tn., a funeral 

oiy, a dirge. 
COfiAnCA, imee. a., stroi^, valiant ; 

peAp cogiAfiCA, a atrcnig man ; 

■oo fiobAil fS JO copAtica, he 

walked stoutly ; f/, cu|iaca or 

CofAOiT), •«, /., a pair, a daplioate ; 

COflAOIT) DO, two COWS. lS« 

CotiAOitieAfc, -A, /,, duplioating, 

Cofb, g. ctiiitb, pi. at., m., a coach, 
a wagon. 

Combat, ■Ai5e, a., wicked, lewd. 

CotibA'A, •&ri>, m., corruption, 
depravity, debaushery, inoeeti. 

CopbAim, -A-D, V. tr., I waste, con- 
sume ; I corrupt, deprave. 

CotibAijie, g. id., pi. -iii-ie, m., a 
charioteer ; a coachmaker, a 
wheelwright. See cApbAipe. 

Cofc, g. cuiii^ -AnnA, nt., a oork ; 
oork-wood ; a cork-tree (also 

CopcA, race, ofipring ; enters into 
many place names, as CofiCA 
tiAircm, in West Thomond ; 
Co^cA l]i ^aibne, in West 


CoticAif, g. -Aife, ji. cofciiA, a., 

Cojican, -Ain, jjI. id., m., a pot. 
CofiCAn coitle, t»., a small red 

woodland Bower ; a bull-finch. 
CojicAf, -Air, pi. id., m., trunk of 

a man (On.) ( = carcaBa F) 
Co|i-dAfttiAjiji, -415111, pi. W., m., ft 

hat band ; a helmet clasp. 
C011C65, -dige, -6sA,/.,ahive. Sec 



CopctiA, g. id,, n., purple, red 

colour. See copcAip. 
Co^ictiAf, -Ai^e, a., purple, soarlet- 

ooloured (also cuticufAfi). 
Concup, -copA and .cpa, m., soar- 


a string, 

C6pT>A4, -ui^te, nt., nnion, ag,.,..i.,GtX)^lc 



ment ; aot of binding ; pnip. 
Co^^fi ■■^Ti "■• Lent See 
c^pS^r (pron- with 5 bard, 
Copjnair, -e,/., oonfnsion, trouble, 
annoyance ; tio ttufi fi c. aiji. 
it put him about. 
Cojiin, g. cDijiTT, m., a kind of 

strong Irish beer or ale. 
Conma, g. id,, n,, ale. Ste copin. 
Cor"""""' -1*. "■ ''■■I I brew. 
Cotim-OjjiLI,, /., dnmkon damonr. 
Conn, g. cuitin, pi. id, and coiina, 
dpi. cojindib, m., a goblet^ 
cnalioe, oup, drinking-horn {pi. 

Copn, g. cuipn, m., a roll (as of 
oloth, etc.) i cofin btt£iT>ln no 
cofn pLAinin, a piece of frieze 
or a piece of flannel rolled up 
on a Btick ; a ooil of rope, a 
bank of yam ; dim., copnin ; 
cojina, id. 

Copnuban, -iin, pi. id., m., a beetle. 

Coimaim, -ixi, v. Ir,, I plait, fold, 
cucl. roll, wind, warp up. 

Co)in in Caii'i'.., -iin Cflirit, pi. id., 
m., -wall pennywort, pennyleaf 
(also called Leiicln). 

Coiinin pAil, ni., hemlock. 

Cofin-tLip, -im, pi. id., m., a cup- 
board, a Bideboard. 

Coiin-Fotc 8te Cdim-joLc, 

Coimcutc, -A,f., roundness (as of 
a {Hooe of oloth rolled on a 

Cop65, -iije, -65^, /„ a small 
piece of butter given from the 
obnm^caonfis ; a faggot (in 
some districta) ; a raven. 

Copfis, -liise, -654, /., the hip 

Cop^in, g. ■e4£, -e, and -6nd, 
pL -eatd and -dnaii, /., a 
orown ; a orown-piece, five diil- 
liap ; an Coiioin tflDipe, the 
Roiary of the Bleaaed Virgin 
Mary ; cofifim ihntLiiig, Sie 
vertoi or top of anything ; nf 
piorcdiufi An fi bei* 1 jcopdin 
btiA'oain 6 'nDia, nobody can 
Bay what king will reign twelve 

I ) COR 

moatha hence ; c. an £inn, the 

crown of the head. 
Copdiniip, -iapa, .ii]ii-6e, m., a 

coroner ; also cjioiiimiapAiue. 
Copiinai, -A15, -aije, m., a royal 

Cop6nat, •ai3e,'a., crowned, royal 
Copdnaim, -a-o and -^nu$a6, v. Ir., 

Cop6nca,p. o., crowned. 

CDp6nuJaii,.ui5te,in., coronation. 

Cop6nuiSim, -usa*, v. Ir., I crown. 

Copp, g. cuipp and coipp, pi. id., 
M,, a corpse, a body; a headless 
trunk ; copp cpainn, the trunk 
of a tree ; Le cojip itaip, with 
geniune ploasore ; he\i f6 ann- 
j-o liittieat an an jcopp 
ajainn, ha will bo here proB- 
ently, ha ia upon us ; 'o aon- 
£opp iha^aid, fully bent on 
mocking ; l£iin r^ aj- a £opp, 
he sprang into the air ; i>'imc>5 
rj an min a Di 'na iopp, hu 
went off as fast as he could ; 
c. an tpaihpdi'4, the middle of 

coppalat, -aig, t»., the body, aa 
diatinet from the haad. 

Coppan, g. -hn, pi, id., m., a 
oorpee ; alio a litUs or miserable 


CoppapTiatc, -a,/, materiality. 
Copp-f napa*, m., anatomy. 
Copp-pnaruijim, -pa*, v. tr., I 

Copp, g. cuijipe and coippe, pL 
-a, /., any biiii of the crane or 
heron kind ; a atork, bittwm, 
etc. ; copp Can, a stork ; capji 
^tap, copp rii6na, a crane or 
beron ; copp i^p^ata, a screech 
owl ( copp- pep iaCiij ) ; copp 
Liugan (P), a curlew. 

Copp, g. cuippe, pi. coppa, /., a 
worm, a reptile, fly ot insect. 

Copp, -a, /, a crib, a stull, hut, 
encloaure, pen, as copp na 
ScapaLL, the horse ahed ; copp 
na 3caopat, the pen for shuiip,,.,..N,GtX)^lc 

COR ( 1 

Cojiti, -A, -ia (also 17. and pt. 
cuittti), nt,, an angle, a nook, a 
oomer ; a bound ; a limit ; end, 

Cojif, g. cuiptie, pJ. -a,/, a snout, 
a beak, a bill; the stem or 
prow of a ship; cofit^ cofais m 
tumse, the prow. 

Co|>]i, g. cuipfi, m., a sand eel ; 
copti jobai, a sand eol with a 
long head {Ker.). 

copft (for co[itiAi'6eaic), an addi- 
tion to ; copli T ptie bLii-oan, 
~ twenty years and some months ; 
bpeif 1 Biee blid-oAn, twenty 
yeoiB and more. 

Cojif. »• (generally oompounded 
with noun), odd, oooafiioual i 
c.-f oCAt, an odd word ; c.-aaiti, 
occasionally ; c.-uimi]i, an odd 
number ; co|if-'6uine, an occa- 
sional persoa ; uuine coiif, an 

Copii, a., round ; co)t]i-boL5, a 
round bag. 

Cojif A. a round, rough liill (CiiJ-i). 

Co|it''i6uair, -e, /., coQcern, un. 
easiness (corrupt for ca|<- 

Cojiiiae, -aije, a., unstable, un- 
even, unsteady ; mjjiT)e coppAi;, 

CopltaC, -415, -aise, m., a morass, 
a marsh, a bog ; a level, low- 
lying plain. 

Cojip-JlC, -aic, pi. id., m., top-hnot 
(head-dress) ; the diminutive 
cotifdicin was applied to the 
creat on the head of a fowl, lap- 

Coiip-i*-on, ■fill. P'- '''-1 ""-i a light 
boat made of hides or canvas. 
See cofat ; see also cuiiacin, 

Coiip*^*r> "^T) "'•J weariness, 

CotipacoSAil, -uijce, !»., the coo- 
ing of the dove. 

CofipA'c, iajAr.cojifiii) te, almost; 
alto more than (if) ; co|i]i, id, 
{Don.); coitjia-b ip fite bLii-oin, 
odda and twenty years (O.) ; 
<if. jeaVt te (W.). 

COfipai'oedCc, -4, /., eiooas ; cojifi- 

i } con 

iifoeaCc ir pice piinr, twenty 
pounds odd (M). 

CojinaiTiin, J. id., pi, -tob, tn., a bit 
o( steel well edged (usually jrart 
of a co|ipan), used for thinning 
the edge of a scythe to sharpen it. 

Cottfin, -din, cZ. a., m,, the jaw ; 
a hook or sickle ; an indented 
or serrated mountain; CofittAn 
CuataiL, Tuathal'a serrated 
mountain, Cam Tual, in Eecry, 
the highest mountain in Ireland; 
cojitiin pitia, a long-hafted seai- 
weed hook. 

Coiifin, -am, pi. id., m., the jaws; 
tile throat. Set cotittan tupro. 

Cotitt^titit, -415, pi. ia., DL, a man 
with pointed edged jaws ; a, 

cot^lidnae, -ai^e, a., poiute(^, 
barbod, indentod. 

Co]it<dTi4ri -dip, m., a desire to 
eat from seeing others eat. 

Copp-caile,^., a clumsy, clownish 

Coii]ifoi;aiLc, -e, pi. id. (coji]!- 
Coi^itc), /., irreen and blue 
figures, resembling glow-worms, 
observed on the heartii when 
raking the fire at night, said to 
forbode frost or rain {Con.). 

Coiip S'^r. 3- cuiti]ie slAifs, 
w. coppa sLar". /-. * stork or 

Copp S', g. cnippe 5p6ine, 
pl. coppa si'iana, /., a heron. 

Copp tafc, f^, a heron, a crane. 

Copptat, -ai5, m., sea- weed 
reached only at low tide { it 
grows on rooks at the bottom 
of the sea, and requires a special 
knife to out it. 

CoppLuaC, -aise, -a, m,, over|daB, 
addition, remainder. 

Copp-m^att, m., the odd or ring 



Copp liidna, g. caippe ni<3na, pl; 
coppa rii6na,/., a oraue. 

Co|t|i pcpea'065, /., a screech owl. 

Copp-f iJit, /., a glance. 

Cott|tu^at, -nijie, m., act of 
stirring, moving, inciting ; mo- 
tion. See copfuige. 


CottfoiS^i -"i$te, m., ftot oi' 

moviag, atining ; motjoo. 
Coji-nuite, g. id., /., aDger, fury ; 

wrath, offence (C). 
COfjtnijeat, -^ije, a., moving, 

stirriag ; active. 
Coniiuisim, -ujai and -nije, /ai. 
-f d^An, cond7-tid£Ainn, v. Ir. and 
*nf r., I stir, move ; tamper with ; 
copfui^ otic, hurry on; copiiuis, 
id. ; coii|nii^ cu Fein, id. 
Co\itii,p. a., wearied, tired out. 
Cipra, jf. id., m. (corrupt for coca), 

a. coat {Der.), 
CopciCc, -A, /., 
baustion, laasitudo. 

fringe, embroidery. 

C6pi:ariit, -aije, o.. 

proper, courtaoua ; if c6lfZA^At 
Sae'oeaLaft an n6r 6, it ia a 
rooming Iriah praotice. 

Cop cuataiL, m., a turn contrwy 
to the aun's motion ; a turn U> 
the left ; aji unprosperoua or 
fatal oonree. 

CopuJA-D, -uijie, m., act of repair. 
ing,refittina; arranging, Betuing, 
preparing ; dreaaing out, rigging ; 
armour ; a band, a troop ; bat- 
talion of troops drawn out in 
order of battle. See coipiu^- 

Copuijim, -uJA*, V. Cr., I mend, 
ornament, arrange, regulate, 
prepare. See coipijim. 

Copuijim (copAim), vi. copai-6- 
eacc, v. ialr,, I wrestle, contend, 

Cop-ufpa-o, m., a Burety. 

Cor, 3- coire, d. coip, pi. COf A, /., 
a foot ; a leg ; a handle ; a 
trunk of a tree ; the treadle of a 
spinning-whool ; cop i n-iipTje, 
at a gallop; if amavan ap a 
CofAiD £, tie is a veritable fool ; 
tio petp mo C:or, in good apirita 
^K„.)■, cm cor, ~t, M 
coipe, leave to go. Cop is always 
used for the handle of any tool 
that implioB length, as a ham- 
mer, aie, fork, knife, etc. ; but 
a vesBoI, etc, with two handles 

> ) COS 

IB Haid tu have ctuap^ (ears) ; 
that nf a, jug, teapot, ia tint, 
while the hilt of aawoid iaixipn 
(fist) or side i 1 scopaiC, 
amougat ; cop cpamn, a wooden 
leg {Mgo) : cor 1 
knock-kneed. See c< 

Copa£, -aije, a., footed ; having 
many legs ; belonging to the 

Copaic, copa£cai, a ooagh. See 
capaic, capafirad. 

Copa'Doip, -opa, .oipi'Oe, ■•■, a 

Copflinc, -anct, pi. id,, f.jdoUmiM; 
kocpiiig; reply; aveimeot ; pro- 

Copaip, -ppa^i /■• * trampling ; 
what ii trampled down ; 'n-a 
dopAip ip6, in a gory maaa 
or heap ; 'na iopaip eapatp, 
trampled under foot, a« litter 
for animals' bedding. 

CopaiViaiL, I'd,, ratJier, middling 
(Obi.) ; copariiait mat,U some- 
what late. Set copmail. 

6i c 6 Ceann Cuipc ap an 
bpdpat, there was a rabble from 
Kanturk at the wedding ; t sc 
(with g.), in the wake of, In the 

CopamLaec. Se« coprtiaiLeaCc. 

Copan (capan), -lin, pi. id., ni., a 
path, a loot-path, a route ; the 
ravage made by a flood (D^ti.). 
See capan. 

Coparfi, -ain, pi. id., m., a b1o»- 

Copanaim. See copnaim and cop- 

. . iding, protecting, 
Copanca^, -ai$, tn., a defendant 

Copancfiip, -opa, -oipiBB, »., » 

defender, a defendant, 
cope, -a, m., act of restraining; 

restraint; preventing, hindering, 

intercepting ; a cessation ; a 


COS ( 1 

eiving op ; impediment, hin- 
anmoe, reatriotioD, prohibition, 

COfCd^, -eta, m., the net of stop- 
ping, Buppreasii^, hindering, 
r«atrioting. &e cope 

CorcAim, vi. cope, V. tr., I oppoae, 

Erevent, forbid ; I wean [Mojio); 
inder, atop. 
CorcaijiB, g. id., pi. -pi-6e, m., a 
hinderer ; a monitor ; an in- 
structor ; one that oeases or 

Corciipc, -apti, /., act of 
Blauglitering ; of tnimiphing ; D 
thaw (Don.) 

Cor-iam, -aimo, a., crooked- 

Cor^^tt, -a^p, pi. id., m., slaughter, 
havoc, overUirow ; victory, exul- 
tation, fear, dread, terror {Don,). 
See corcjifC. 

Cofcaiia-D, -titi, m., act of tarrify- 
ing (Oem.). See corcaiii. 

Co]^:i]icAt, -i'se, a., destructive, 
overthrowing ; exultant blood- 
curdling (ZW.). 

Corcpat, -oije, o., victorious ; 
fonil of carnage; also corc^ptdi. 

Corc]iAiin, -Ail, v. tr. and intr., I 
slaughter, mossaore ; 1 triumph, 

Cof T>iiD, /., the plant maiden 
hair; ■ouH-iorat M'ti™)- 

Cor-S''^'-*'^". ■<i'" P'- "^-. ™-i * 

Cor-LeacAti, -eicne, a, broad- 

Cof-tom, -luime, «., barefooted. 

Cor-lomnoiCA, indec. a,, bare- 

Cof luait, -e, o., swift-footed. 

CoritiaiL, -fAiiil-'i, a., like, alike, 
resembling (to, te) ; ip C'> 't is 
likely, probable ; if c. 50, it is 
likely that. 

CoriniiLeatc, -a, f., likelihood, 
probability ; likeness, similitude, 
resemblanoe ; faahion, imitation ; 
imagery , also cof-aihLd£i;. 

CoriiiAiteAf, -lif, m., resemblance, 
bkenesa, comparison, imitation. 
See con>iaiLeik£c. 


. I 1 

CormaiLim, -Ail , 

Ilka, resemble, I liken to. 
Cornafi, -dij, "»-, a defendant. Se€ 

CornaB, m, S<x cortiam. 
Cornaim, vl. copainc, corn am, 

corna'i, intper. corfin, fut, coip" 

eona-o, ip. I. corndtau (pron, 

cornfi jati, M. and 5. Con.}, eond. 

-oireonairn and »p. I. •ndiitnti, 

V. It., I defend, protect, ward off 

from (ati), I mamtoin (also cof- 

anAim and carnaim). 
Coftiam, g, -naiiii, corinca, m., 

protection, defence, defensive 

warfare (also carnani). 
Copnaiiiaf, -ai^e, a., defensive, 

giving assiatanoe. 
COfnailiat, -aij, -Aije, m., an 

asaerter, a defender, one who 

pleads, intercedes for. 
Cornofica, indec. a., bore-footed, 

barelegged (also cor>io£Eua and 

Cofnuijjim. See copnaim. 
CofiSs, -fiije, -oga, /., the stem of 

a plant. 
Corrai, eoU., fetters (O'JV.). 
CorfcoL, -61L, pi. id., m., a foot- 

Corca and rcapaoiD are in Aran 
folklore the magic goblet and 
table-cloth which produce all 
desired drink and food. Set 

Copcar, -aip, pi. -aip and -aipt-ie, 
n>., provision, food ; coat^ ox- 

Corca^-aft, -aige, a., oostly, ex- 
pensive, rich, EumptnouB. 

CopcarAniail, -mLa, a., expenaive, 
ooatly, luxurious. 

Cofuive, g. id,, pi. ■'6te, m., a 
pedesbian ; a footman ; a 
courier (also coiriT)e). 

Cop uipce, g. id., m., wild chervil, 
cow parsley, lAoerophyllum ayl- 

Coc, g. cuir, pt. id., m., a bill- 
hook ; a strong knife. 

Cdca, g. id,, pi, -\-oe, m., a coat, a 
garment ; coca m6p, a great 
coat; cdca bea^, a petticoat i 


alcKemilia wlqa 
^Oc^AiL, -e, 

^ vtdgan 


Con.) (prop. coniciiom65). 
Couo^At, -Ai§e,D., backward, ahj 

{Don.) ; feorfnl, timid. 
Cocu^A'^, -nisie, nt., baokward' 
n«o, HhyneaB (P.) ; fearfnlness, 
timidity ; aot of fearing. 
CotusA'd, -nt^te, m., «ot of sup- 

j "oaring for"; por- 
; food, support, main. 
; good feeding ; aleek- 
ueas, fatneea ; one mipporbed : 
ir oLc AH c. cii, you ore ill. 
deaerring of maintenance ; dg 
cocoJd-6 nd hiice cfiaona, 
keeping the same place. 
Cotuigim, -uSa*, V, tr,, I rear, 
feed, maintain, nonriab, pre- 
serve ; keep op ; nf Cotui^ednn 
tit nunc ■o'ei.i i scothnni-nB, a 
orse cannot alwajs maintain a 
good paoe {M.), 
Cocaisim, -ogi*, V. tr. and inlr,, 
I fear, di*ead, am timid, shy 


Cotuijto, p. a., maintained ; well- 
fed (genersUr of cattje, etc) ; 
cotmSr^" (.Don.). 

CotoiSceoip, -OJia, -oi]ii-6e, m., a 
supporter, a maintainer. 

CpABAiu, -a, /., piety, devotion, 
virtnB, contrition. iSee ciiii6- 

Cf^bA'6, -ai-4, n., religion, piety, 

CjiA&jn, -irn,jil, id,, m., a kind of 
small rook-QHh. 

CHAcitfe, g. id,, ji. ■tuie, m., a 
boaster, a jest..', a talker. 

Ctii*, g. ctiii-6 and cjii'od, m., act 
of vexing, plaguing, tormentingi 
pain, torment misery, destnio- 
taon, anguish, tortnce ; if cii ad 
C]<A'o, yon are a torment ; (taoi 
t., in misery. 

CfiA'dAim, vl. cjfii) and cii^vAi, 

V. tr., I pain, torture, torment, 
annoy j ni, b! am ((ti^, do not 

CttA-OAK, -Am, pi. id., m,, a burr, 
a boraook. 

C^'6nAf , -diri >A-, vexation. 

CfA'Apcai, -All, pi. id., m., a 
hBart-bam ; a dislike ; sorrow j 

CfiA^rcAtAft, -Ai§e, a., heart- 
burning ; offensive, repugnant^ 
distasted ; icrapuloui. 

CjiA-icAipe, g. id., pi. -fme, m., a 
worn-out person ; a uaelewi 
animal ( W. Ker.). 

CpA3, -aice, -ijA, f., a paw ; a 
broad palm of the hand ; a hand- 
ful (of meal, eto.) ; nom. also 

C]iA3Ai, -Ai$e, n., having large 
huida or f Oct 

CnAS4«, g. -jtA and -SAi*te, m.. 

-A*, V. Ir., I handle. 

besmears everything ; a maoler. 
CfiiftteAfi, -ti^e, o., religioua, 

C^iCtCAtc, -A, /., godliness, piety, 

Ci'ii'Ace, p. a., tormented, vexed, 

troabled, puned ; cfioi-oe c, 
' a heart torn with angniBh. 
C^i'^ceAdAn, -am, pL id., nt., a 

bold, peevish youngster; a 

CjiAis, -t, 

rook. See cAfti 
CfaiS, -e, -eata, /., the fist ; a pai 
a olaw (alto the throat) {O'X.), 

rpais- ^ 

., /., the fist ; a pi 






CtiAin, -anai^, -imii,, /., a femalo ; 
a BOW ; a ahe-onib ; the female 
of several animals, having the 
idea of maternity, aa ctiAin je, 
cjiam Heite, cpain liiuice. 

Cpainn-tieiihip, -iteimiie, a., aa 
thick 03 a tree ; thick -shafted. 

Ctidinnpuisce, a., obdurate, hard 

Cfdinnfeoil, m., masto. See 

Ctiainncigim,-i u J a*.,I parch, 
shrivel up, sear. 

Ct«iit>cin, y. id., pi. •ma, m., the 
femalo of aeveial tmimals, I 
cfimcin 36, a goose ; dim. 1 

Cjiain-creiLe, g. id., m., tough 

Ctiaiptisim, -lUJi'D, V. Ir., I un- 
tangle ; I cripple. 

CpAiiianLai, -ais, m., the refuse 
stalks of peas, potatoes, or other 
crops (prop. cnimofLae). 

Cpimoj, -6156, -65<j., /., a rem- 
nant, refuse, residuum ; cfiJiiioc 
fDAit, cinders; a worm, a Btill 

CiiAmpd, g. id., pi. ■ai'oe or -^xi^, 
m., a knot, a aUsp ; a cramp ; 
a spasm ; cttampai'oe, cramps. 

CfAmpAi, -aije, a,, knotty ; sub- 
ject to cramps or spasms. 

Cpimpin, -am, pi. id., m., a 
twisted, knotty Ijeara of wood ; 
a tree bunk ; a large tuft, a dry 
lump in a bog or marsh ; a »nall 
holm; a high river bank, com- 
mon in place names ; aecording 
to aoiue, an inlet of a river, a 
oreek ; it is the name of some 

CMnip6s, -oise, -65.),/., anooae 

CpJncAi-6, -e, -ce, nt., a grumbler. 

C|uncatne, o. id., pi. -|tnie, ro., a 
grumbler {A ?). 

Cliano, g. -Ainn, pi. id. and -a, dpi. 
CfanraiO, ni., a tree, mast, 
stave ; a bolt ; a, plough ; the 
handle of a weapon or iniplO' 
ment ; a staff ; a, limb ; afi a 
tjiannaiD, on Lis hands and 

feet ; cttann Tn6]i, ctiAiin ctjin, 
main mast ; Cjiann iceal, a low 
mast; cpann meA'ooin, miszen. 
mast; ciKknn Aifce, the oork- 
troe ; c Aitine, Uie sloe-tree ; 
c. bJiTi, the ayoamore-treo ; c 
b£i£e, the birch-tree ; pi. somet. 
cpainnce (Con.). 

CfAnn, g. C|idiiin, pi. id. 
C|i.innd, m., a lot ; cfianna do 
£11(1 ai]i, to select something by 
lot; Cfamnce w) Caiteam ain 
id. (Con.). 

Cpann, ■&,,a tune, a melody, 
a stop in dancing ; c;iannaceoi1., 
tunes in musio ; in pi, ontios : 
p^ai^ na cpanna ca f>6, obaacve 

Ciianna-o, -nca, m., choosing by 
lot ; act of playing certain tunes 
on the fiddle, bagpipes, etc 

Cpannaolat, -aij, m., woven 
basket-work at the top of 
country chimneys, plastorod 
ovor and whitewashed. 

C)iann b^n, nt,, the sycamore tree. 

Cpann bpacaij, m,, a flag-staffi 

Cttann bjieite, tn., the tree of 

Cfann bufca, m., a box tr«o. 

Cjiann-aaitic, f., the bark of a 

Cf Ann £anai§, m., e, cotton tree. 

Cfann (aot'^aAnn, nt., the moou- 
taiii ash ; the service tree ; the 
quicken tree ; tbe quick beam. 

Cpann caf-pair, "-. » dwarf tree. 

Cpann coilLcin, m., the hazel treo. 

Cpann epic, g. ctiamn dpeaca, pL 
id., m., an aspen tree ; tiio 
trembling poplar (also c|unn 



., the bark of a 

limn, in., a holly tree. 
Cpiinn cuinfe, m., a quince tree. 
C[tann finpaip, nk, a cypress true, 
C|iAnn-(u]i, -imp, m., a costing of 

lots ; cpamn'oo £u|i, to cast lots, 
Cpann-£up pifeosaf, m., magics! 

Cjiann'oa, a., bowed, feebls, 

shrivelled ; woody. 


n oak tree. 
, on oak trco. 

|iaini, m., the ctdoT tree 
eal'opoim, cfijnn T>tiom- 

castiDg of lota. 
Cfiinn petnira, m., an elder tree. 
Cji&nn peapn^ije, m., id, 
Cjiinn Fige, in., a fig tree. 
Cpann ]Tiaotiin,iii.,Dlftoll whortlo- 

bony, bilberry, bleaberry ; c. 

f paoWije, id. 
Cp^nn pnine, nt., a baker's Tolling. 

C)iAnn fuinnfeoise, m., oommoa 

ash tree. 
Cpann jifiirn, m., henbane 

CpannSaiL, -e, f., lattices before 
the Bltnr, dividing the eanctoaty 
from the bodj of the church ; a 
bier ; strains at mnaic (pipon 
used to accompany funerals at 
one tame ; (/*. cfi^nti, a tune : 
Seatiaip majicAfbeatc «ft 
fipannjiil, aoibinn. 
— "An c-OcAf i3or An Wp" 

Cjiann s^l-l-Sn^, "i-i a walnnt tree. 
Cpann gatA, m,, a piko-staft 
Ctunn 5eAnm>£ti6, tn., a chestnut 

tree (also cfidnn Cn6 (apaiVl). 
Ciidnn ^lumaife, m., a fir tiee, a 

pine t3«e ; bog pine. 
Cimnn lomCuif, m., an axle-tree. 
Cpinn iu6dip, m., a yew ti-ee. 
Cpann LaTipdir, m., a laurel or bay 

Cpannldfi, 'AiS, m., boughs of 
trees ; brushwood ; stalks of 

Cpann taip, m., a main mast. 
Cp-jnnLann, -ainne, -anna, /,, a 

Cpann t>oni6i'De, Ht., a lemon tree. 
Cpann tuinse, nt., a foremast, as 

distinct from cpann peotL, a 

mast simply. 


up, m., 






g. c 



pi. id. 

m., a 





n. St., 



Cpann-napc, -naipc, m., a kind of 
apanoel which tics the horns of 
a oow to one of Uie fore loga 
(prop. cpoO-napc). 

Cpanndgi-fiije, -65a,/., a pulpit; 
the driver's box on a coach ( a 
hook or pin to hang things on ; 
an old la\o dwelling. 

Cpann oLa, g, cpainn ola, ji. id., 
m,, an olive tree 

Cpann paitme, nt., a palm tree. 

Cpann pice, nt., a pike handle. 

Cpannpa, g. id,, /,, a knot in wood, 
a wart {Oon. and U.) ; ca mi 
'mo Cpannpa ai3e, I am wearied 
out by mCon.); pinnea* cpann- 
pa r>E, ha was destroyed 

Cpann p£i-6ri$, m., a magietrate 
{U.).i any peacemaker, 

Cpann r^'Lige, m., a sallow or 
willow tree ; also c. faiLeoise. 

Cpann-faop, g. -faoip, pi, id,, m,, 
a carpenter. 

Cparn fc6i'oe, nt., a boom ; aiao 
a bow-sprit. 

Cpann r^'tse, m., a hunting 

Cpann peoiL, m,, a mast ; cpainn 
peoit, masts. 

Cpann p^il'^i w., a cherry ti-ee. 

Cpann rlsiniatn. m., horn beam, 
horse beech tree (corpinut 
bttalvs) ; on elm tree (ffC.j. 

Cpann f nAiiti, m., a canoe, a boat. 

Cpann p otatp, m., a chandelier. 

Cpann p peile, m., a scythe handle, 

Cpann pP'Onim, m., a gooseberry 

tree ; c. ppionfis (^0^.)- 
Cpann pppeoTOc, m., a bolt-sprit 

or bow-Eprit. 
Cpann-ra6ai1,t,<fpi. -caiCliC, f., a 

sling, a sling-st^S 
Cpann-rappaing, /., a drawing of 



en* ( : 

Cpiinn cdiiiiAinse, m., a wooden 

peg or pin. 
Cliann-ceat, vi., an arbour. 
CfiAnn ce^nnCd, nt., a prmting 

press, a bookbinder's preea, a 

Cgidnn ceile, n., a lime tre«, a 

teel tree. 


015B, . 

Cfann coiAiiice, m., a red for 

grinding yam {MttUh), 
Cttdtin codjiAir. in., a reel for 

wioding yam. 
Cjiann cosatift, ff. CTiflmn cflj. 

AtaiJ, pi, cpanna cdsaLAfia, m., 

a orane, windlaaa, fiver, orow 

(aUocfdnn 763^1^,). 
Cjidnn coiiiair, nt., a guess; An 

OyiSa-D zip mo t. 6, shall I get 

it, if I guess rightly? 
Cjianti cofiai'o, m., a fruit-tree. 
CpAT^n roftiis, m., the foremost. 

S« cpann Luirse. 
Cpann ctiaf"''? ""i ^ otobb bar, a 

cross-beam ; the swiDgle-tree Id 

Cfijinn cuilm, in., holm-oak. 
Cpann ruire. m-, a trankinconge 

C|<ann nCailt, m., on apple tree. 

CfAnnBi'6e, g. id., pi. --bie, m., a 
decrepid old man, 

Cpannuitim, -uJa^, v. tr. and 
inlT., I become wooden, grow 
into wood ; I plant trees. 

Ctidnn uifce. n., the bowsprit of a 
ship (F. ffC). 

CtidoC, g. -oibe and -obA, d, -oiC, 
j]2. -ba and -dCa, dim. cgiaoibin 
and cjidoBdj, /., a, branch, a 
boagh, a tree ; An £., the palm 
of victory ; cjiaoB tOfcaip, a 
sign of triumph ; poK f* ^'o 
tpdoB teip, lie won the palm ; 
ni fiflOfiiTin Aon ^loc ■oe 
epaoiC fln oonAiS 00 tup Aip, 
I could not put anything of the 
palm of the fair on it, i.e., I 
couldn't do it in any way well 
{M.) ; pug cpaob, raspberry. 

CpdoB, aa it oecura in place names 
and family names, aa CpaoC 
nuA'6, CpAoB Cpuailma, et<i.. 

mav aignifT a seat or mansion 


a£ is similarly used. SeeF.(rC. 
Cii4o6a6, -6*ije, a., branohing, 

full of bon^ ; flowing (of the 

hair) ; vanegated, fasbionaUe, 

e.g., mo ifina cpaofiaft {V.). 
CpAoUdfi, -ait, m., loppinga of 

trees; brushwood. 
CpAofiAim, -a:it, ii. intr., I branch, 

I sprout. 
CpAob£oit>neara,/.,a genealogical 

tree, a pedigree. 
CpAoCi £orcAip, /., a laurel, a 

CpAob ^pomain, /., an elder or 



Cpaob f «6pA, /.. a sty in the eye. 

CpAob ^einealai^e, /., a gene- 
alogical tree. 

Cliio6-l<irpii6, -AiSe, o., with 
branch -like Same, flamboyant. 

CpAob rtiuice F1A-6, /., hart's 

CpAoC o'AAp, /., a sty in the eye 
(some write it cpao& f osAti and 
cpaoB f dCpA, tie latier wing 
probably the correct form). 

CpA0&6s, -6156, -654, /., an ar- 
borette ; a little branch, a twig. 

Cpaotircaoit.ei-D, g. -Vce, fi. id., 
m., act of propagating, publish- 
ing, setting down in genealogical 
order ; genealogy ; an explana- 
tion ; publishing, preoohine. 

Cpaotpcaoitim, -tea*, v. fr., I 
prop^ate, diasominate, pubmh, 
explain, divulge, delineate. 

Cpaobj-caoitce, p. a., preached, 
published, delineated, explained. 

Cpao£a-o, -ira, m., withering, 

CpAoitl-eoLai, -aij, pi, id., tn., an 

CpAOiBin, g. id., ft. -i-Ae, tn., a 
small branch or bough ; a baa)i, 
a small tree. 

CpAoipead, -fije, -reifta, /., a 
spear, a javelin ; cpaoirneai, i''- 

Cpaoipin, g. id., pL -ni-oe, m., a 
little glutton. 

Cpaolaim, -at, I announce ( Wai.V 

Cpaopac, -aice, a., bright- red. 

bright- rt 

apeokled (another form of either 
C]nS-'6eaii5 or c^on-tjedps) ; alio 
cttAOfiA^ (Con.). 
CtiAotLoc. -aic, ft. id., m., a SbL 
-witii bright-red sciUee (proa 
cpei^f eac in Ker.) ; btnn iid 
^C)iei-6fedc, a little peak on 
the northern coast of ValentJa 
lBland,round which thi* partion- 
lar fiah is foand in Urge nom- 

CfiOf, -oif. "-I *^ throat, the 

open month ; the oaTit; of the 

month ; the bell; ; greed, glnt- 

Umj, reralling ; anger, &; ; 

f^i An cfidor ACi, ntpti, aud 

of a Boolding woman. 
Cjiaof-At, -Ai5e, a,, greed;, glut- 

tOMnia, gapme, wide-moutEed ; 

forioua ; florid of f aoe. 
CjiAorit, -A1$. -Aije, m., a glutton, 

a Bpendthrift. 
Cli-Jor*^*"! "*'"i J^- *^'' '"■• * 

CfAor'^ipe, g. id., pL -fi'6e, «., 

a glutton, a debauchee ; a 

Ct<aorAi|ieA£c, -A, /., greediuesa, 
glnttony, apendthriftneaa ; 

CltAorAndi, -AiJ, -AiSe, "-i " 

Sintton, a riotooa person, a 
CiiAor-6Jn, -ftime, a., white- 
mouthed, white-throated. 
CtiAor-to5AntAt,-AiSe,a., greedy ; 

Cr'«>r-toipA5A*,_ -jtA, m., a 
gargling or nuamg of the 

CpAor-S*LA«, -Aip, «., sorea in 
the mouth, mouth diatemper 
(uenally in children) ; atoma- 
titia, or thrush. 

CjiAor-sl^"**, -ni^i. »»■. gfttgliufr 

c)iAor-si-iT*>i". ■^*. »"■ '»■■. I 

C]iAor"'-'"'S''*> "5^*, m., act of 
greedily oeTounng ; vorscit;. 

Cpior-fiV, -fill, "»-, »ct of drinking 
wiuk greed ; great drinking. 

CtiAOf-f DAtAt*, -Aiji, n., a hungry 

' t; . ,--„-- 

CfAorcA, indte. a., greedy. 

C|iApA'6, -pia, sL, aot of oontract* 
ing, ahrinkiag up, crippling, 
atunting; gattieiing oloae to- 
gether ; pron. c|iupA'6 (Con.). 

CtiapAii6tp, -djiA, -oiiiiifie, ■»., 

CpApAim, -A-i, p. a. -pt A, •. tr. and 
intr., I ahriok up, contract: 
withdraw (e« ones hand) ; I 
cauae to shrink ; bring oloae 
together (aa hay spread out). 

C|tApAll, -AiLt, m., a fetter; 

ahacklea (alao cfeApAll). 
CtiApAiiAt, 'Aise, a., curled (of ^e 

CtiApLui£im, -uSa-^, t>. tr., I fetter, 

I tie, 1 bind. 
C)iAp.f olAf, -Aif, m., twilight. See 


CfiApiA (cjiApui^ie, M. tp. I.), 

p. a., warped, contracted, bent, 

CfACAt, -Aise, a., shaking, 

trembling, waving, quivering ; 

cit c|>AtA£, a waving head of 

Cpati'6, -Aitre, pi. id., m., a 
ahaking, brandishing, flapping, 
quivering ; aspersion ; ooncus- 
Eion 1 a nod of the head. 

CfAtAim, -A'6, r. tr. and >n^., I 
wave, shake ; nod, beckon. 

CjiAiAtiAf, -Ai^e, a., shaking, 
quivering, trembliiig. 

CfAttifle, -Aije, /., a shaking bog. 

C]<6, g. CTiAii, a. cfiAio, pi. 
cfhieATtjiiL /., earth, clay, duat 
(S- cjii, d. id., is most usual now, 
except in poetry). 

Cli*, g. id., f., the Creed (Lat. 

CpeAbA'odii', -6)1 A, -£ifi'oe, m., 
a beggar, a dun. 

CjieACAji, -Aip, pt. id,, m., a (ork- 
oock of hay. 

ClieABAp, -Aif, !■., a woodcock ; a 


cue ( 1 

^dfly. {P. O'C. »peUs qietrtip 
or cficd'OA|tf &ii<1 thinks the -o 
is foreign and inperBiKiiis] ; 
cpeabaipe, id. 

C|ieaOaii Cflo6, m., a gadSy; a 
woodcock (Con.). 

Ciieabfis, -6156, -fiSfl,/., a twig, a 
branch ; a young 

prey ; a hetd, as cfiea^ b6 n6 
capitL, a herd of cows, or a 
truop of horses ; a hoat, a multi- 
tude ; ruin ; mo (peAC, woe ie 

CiieASdiDfiifi, -6n4, -difiie, to., 1 
spoiler, a plunderer, —'-'--- 
freebooter, destroyer. 

plunderer, robler, 

CpeaCail, -e, -tob, /., a crooked, 
gnarled piece of wood ; Jig., a 
person ofa oross, unmanageable 
disposition ; cjieafailc, also in 

Cfieafaim, -o*, v. tr., I plunder, 

I rob, despoil, desolate. 
CiieaCiijie, p. id., pi. -jii-De, m., a 

plunderer, a robber, a destroyer, 
CpeflCoifieaCr, -a, /., plunderiug, 

robbery, desolating. 
Cpeadin. See cfeAtin. 
Cjisac-lorca-D, -Voircfce, jrf. id., to., 

destruction by fire. 
C|(6<iCc, g. -a, jii. id.,/., a wound, a 

a ravine ; a streak ; cjifAtca 

rilic 'Df, the wounds of the Son 

of God, 
C|i*Aicat, -ai^e, a., wounded ; 

wounded by sin, sinful. 
CpiaCcaS, -ai^, m., crane's bill, 

a plant used in healing 1 

are used for dyeing. 
CtiSaecaim, -a-D,, I wound. 
Cp4aic-5oin, /., act of wounding 

C]i6Aic-Jonea, p. a., deeply 


Cii^afic-Loicim, -Loc, v. tr., I 

wound severely. 
CpfaCr-tofS, -l-uiIiS' **■. * scar, a 

Ciifeair-Voiisai, ■A)Se, a., (nil of 

Cfifatc-lur, TO., wound- wort. 
CfSaicnujiA, -uijte, ra., sot of 

irounduig; wounding. 
Citiatcnoisim, -oja*. pp. -uijte, 

V. tr., I wound. 
CiifidScnuijro, indtc p. a., 

Cjieiicfiiji, -fipa, -dmi-de, m., a 

plunderer, a despoiler, a 

Cpiitv-^ksbi.'t, -bta, n., aot of 

mangling, tearing in piooe*. 
Cft£aT>, tnUrrojf. pr., what 7 why ? 
cfiiav df F what from? wby? 
whence? wherefore? cfietfo pit? 
what forP wherefore? why? 
c|i£aT> na£? why not? cf^av , 

eiLeP whatelsef | 

CiieATial,, -ail, pi. id., m., a onto j 

undersiied person {Clare). ' 

CjiSaFfis, -6i5e, -65a, /., earth, 
dust, (jay ; ag -ont pi'ii SCfrfa- 
1:613, S^'^R under the sod, being 
buned {Baft.). 
Cjieac, g. cpeise, pi. cpeasa, /., a 

rock, a crag, a cliffL 
Cuea^ai, -aije, a., rocky, abound- 
ing in cUSh. 
Cfteacan, -im, pi. id., m., a little 

rock ; a rocky or stony place. 
Cjieatii, garlic. See cneam. 
Cfeaii) sappaiie, m,, a leek, 
C|ieAmai|ie, g. id., pi. -pme, m., a 1 

hawker, a pedlar, a huokster. 1 

C|ieairdipea6c, -a, /., hawking, 

peddling, petty dealing. 
Cpeaih-CoiLl, /., where garlic 
grows ; a garlio-wood ; the 
original and oorreot fomi of 
Craughwell, Co. Qalway. 
Ctieath maice piAi^, m., hut's 

tongue (Ungva ctrvina). 
CjiiammSea*, -JiJ, .Jige, «., n 

opow {Der.). 
Cpeana*, seaweed intenniicd 
with mussel-shells that gram 
on rocks. See cjieatnat 


Cfiean&im, til. cjiBATiiiiAin, v. (p., I 
consuiDe, waste, expeod on (Le) ; 
X poTohase. 

C|teAnditi, -e, f., sedition; mor- 

■4, /., ol«Terne«8, 

□OBI- luuiaeuneu. 
Cfiedpditce, indee. a., atnubling ; 

fettered, dissbled, crippled. 
C)ieApal1, -diLl, «., entuigle- 

ment ; retsining, keeping ; 

fetters ; a binding. 
CpeipaLtiim, -4*, v. tr,, I bind, 

•o^a-o, V. tr., I entugle ; Mop, 

Btaj, hinder. 
CfteAf; ceine tfteAfd, spuki u 

from flint or from t£e road, 

made 1:^ bona*' hoofa wben 

CfCArin. -am, fl. id., m, a giidle, 

a belt (dim. of ctttof). 
Ctieafloja-i, -oijcB, pi. id., m., 

a girding, binding. 
Cf eAr-rtioip, -riwp*i /-. * oreek, a 

artrait {of the sea). 
CfCipitsim, -uja*, e. tr., I gird, 

anything ; the appearance ; the 
oomptexian ; the state of the 
body ; CfieACA, tba aidea (rib* 
and planking) of a ship ; th« 
sides, ribs, etc., of a boas»-rao[. 
See cjie^tai. 

CpeatAi, -flij, -i, m., a hurdle of 
rods or wattlea (I^t. craXet) ; 
c)iedtA£ cije, the ribs of a 
bonse-roof ; cftcAtdi Imnse, 
the sides (ribs and planking) of 
a ship (aomet. ct)eacd£). 

CtieAiAt, -dise, &, shivering, 
trembling, qnakiiig ; ctiAnn 
cjiBAtAd, the aspen tree ; soLdti 
cxieAt^i, piAAfiAr ctieatAt, the 

CfieatAfAn, -iin, pi. id., n., a 

(P. aC.) : .%.. a SI . 

little child (jnon. cpiotAioe). 

See ct<eatan. 
CtieAtdtm, I tremble. See ctiitim. 
CftAtin, -hn, pL id,, n., a small 

potato ; Jig., a small object, aa a 

•niaJt ^K, et«. ; a small person 

(also ctiioian). See c^tAtirot. 
Ct>edCAt, -Alt, sL, bustle, tumult ; 

bain cpeaudt api "tnock sparks 

ont of him " (Con.). 
C^eatA)!, -Aifi, pi. id,, M., a sanotn- 

arjr; a plaoe where relics ars 

Ctiedt-ponn, -f uinn, pi. id., m,, an 


m., the entrails, the bodj. 
CtteAC-Lom, -Wime, a., bar*- 

bodied, scraggji. 
CfieAtnAt, -Ai^e, /., edible seawoed 

with shells (■ouilidn « utiifi- 

licin) ; not dtiiee (wuiteAp^), 

which has no sholla. 
ClteAtnn^Ai, -ni^ce, m., fear, 

dread, terror; tremor, trembling; 

sot of trembling. 
C|ieAtniiitiin, -ntAi, v. Ir. and 

intr., I shake, I shudder ; I cause 

to tremble. 
CtieAr-tiiAbA'6, -b^A, »., a hewing 

and hacking of bodies. 
Cf^Acditi, -cufiA, pi, -cnitie and 

-tl(ifiT>e, n., d creature ; a per- 
son to be pitied ; cniAciip 

Cpttte, g. id., f., a wreteb ; a 

whining or crying child ; a XtkiXt 

A fip^'^E fit" '01 [SCAsin nA 

Rait in e At). 
Cpii-6. -e, -eanrA, /., the Creed; 

faitb, belief (also cp4)- 
CpeiTWAiti, -fiiti, m., faith, belief 

religion, creed. 

■ 1. /■, ' * 


Tespeotable (also cjietDBditi- 

CfettieAThndt, -di^e, a, respect- 
able, of higi eliwaoUr ; worthy 
of trust or credit. 

C|iei-6it. -e, /., a knell ; c. taif, 
the death-knell. 

Cjienjim, -tieaih, ■■oeartiim, ti. ir. 
and intr,, I believe ; I truat to, 
oo^de m ; I think, imagine ; 
Cfoimm I iiX)ia, I Iwliere in 
God ; *n ui . . . tpenjcir no'n 
ci tio £uitt uai4 in£, he who . . . 
believes in him who seot me 

CjieiTtiheAt, -ihi^e, a., faithful,- 

CfeiTjitieaC, -AiJ, -iViiste, m., a 

Cpemriieiil,, -ila, /, act of be- 
lieving (ZJon.). See c^ieiTiini. 

Cf enjiViCit. -r'^*! "i-i credit, triut, 

CfifArieAC, -ttic, pi. id,, m 
epeoiea of the fish called " 
nor" (Ker.), Bee ctidO]i>ic 

Cttei-DpTi, -e, /,, the oiroumslj 
of believing ; belief, 

CpeiDte, fit to be believed ; more 
uBuallj in oompoonde like iti-6., 
y)[-t,, which tee. 

CpeiTiteoitt, -ofiA, ■oifi'6e, m., a 
believer, a credulous person. 

Cpeim, -e, /., gnawing ; 
a bite, a gnawing pain. 

Ciieimeai, -irnje, a., iibusive, 
biting ; cji entitled*, -11156, id. 

C|ieimeA*, -tnte, m., gnawing, 
naming ; act of gnawing, cor- 

Cfeim-^efliiiid*, ■\iti, m., act of 
gnawing ; act of abusing or 
satirizing ; aj ciieini-JeaiipA-6 

fdon-fUdit, abusing freemen 
E. R.). 
Ctieimim, vl. cfieim, v. tr., I gnaw, 

chew, bitfl ; v, intr,, I Buffer. 
Cpeimijie, g. id., pi. -inoe, m,, a 
btt«r, a gnawer, a chewer. 

) cm 

CuBim-leaijfiii'o, -■oafiti, n., act. 
of gnawing away. 

CtteimneAit, -Hm, /., the act of 
basting or sewing the pieces of 
doth roughly together, ia tail- 
oring {Men.). 

Ctieirnea*, -nirti, pi. id., m., a 
soar {CfN,). 

CtieirneAibAi, -dice, a., givine 
sows iO-N.). 

Cfieif tieiih, tbe zodiac IffN.). 

Ct<eopd£, -ait, pi. ia., m., a 
sedaoer (.(/N.). 

CfeopAtc, -4, /., sednction {O'N.). 

Cpeopdim, -Ai>, B. tr,, I seduce 

Ctiid'6, ge. of cp^, earth ; used as 

CtiiA'oa, indee. a., eartJien, clayey, 
Cliia'6d, g. id., m., delf, earthen- 

cpia-DdijiE, g. id., pi. -pfue, m., a 

husbandman, a labourer. 
C}iid4aTnd>t, -diVita, a., clayey, 

earthen, loamy. 
Ciiifl"o6ip, -6pA, -6iifi'6e, «i., a 

Ci<mi-6-idnAinn, a., o( iron and 

clay (£m.). 
CfiAtAfi, -Aif, pi. cp^itpe, m., a 

sieve ; c. ibeaLa, a honeycomb. 
Cttididn, <Ai]i, pi. id., to., a deep 

hole in a bog. 
Ctiia^dp tbedta, n-, a honey- 

Ctiidtpdt, -aij, -dije, m-, a wilder- 
neaa, a swamp ; marshy ground. 

C]iiJ)t|iA'6, -fiuijce, pi. id., tn., a 
sifting, a filtering ; a minute 

Cfiatju-ofim, -6]ia, ■liipi'oe, n., 
a man who makes sieves, etc 

CpiAttiQigim (cjiiArpdim), -fi*, 
V, fr,, I sift, filter, examine 

C)iiartiAft, -aij, m., a deep, im- 
passible, shading bog. 

CpiaipAf, -di^e, a., sieve-like. 

cpfoe. See ctioi-6e. 

Cpnntejiic, -ceijice, /., a second 

Cpine, g. id., /., the withered, 


CR1 ( 1 

Bftplesa condition of old ftge. 

Ctiineaic, -a, /., witbering, rotteo- 
ceaa, diyneas, brittleueea, sap- 
lesaneaa (of wood, etc., tbirough 

CjiinsLeat, -lij, -Vise, m,, a 
despicable, worthless fellow, 
merely hanging together {Don,). 

Cpiti-iiiiot., Hi., a wood-louae, a 
wall-louse ; a moth ; also a 

Ctiinceat, -ciSe, a., fretting. 

Cjiioi, g. cfiie, pi. ciitoSa, flpt 
Clfiof:, f., limit, end ; region, 
kingdom ; bonndary ; territory, 
coontiy ; a definite object ; busi- 
ness, economy ; ^ut> xio tti\i 
6nni C|ii£e, bo utilise a thing, 
turn it to a definite nse ; a^ 
-D^an^rti Cfite, indnatrious ; 50 
TJCojAi* AH nW pn turn 
c]ii£e, may that event come to 
pass ; cpioft f oSanc-a of c, may 
yoQ turn out well, have a good 
end ; nf'l aifti nA cfiio^ dif , he 
is good for nothing; cfiotd 
■ oitee, the 

{£. R.) ; a definite aettling 
down, hence matrimony, for a 
girl; caiLfn UO tvjl 1 RCfii*, to 
get a, daughter married ; ciA h< 
on caitln a bea-o jan Sjifi P 
who is the girl who would re- 
maiB unmarried ? cap 6 Mi, to 
seduce (?7. and dm.). (In M., 
at least, this word is proa, cpit, 
that is, Uie guttural 6 is not 
heard, except in pi.) 

CiiiotAn. See cpeitan- 

Cliioi-dditeirti, m., utter destmc- 
tjon, perdition. 

Cf I ofn dihai L, - iht A, a., indostrious, 
economic, diligent ; tidy. 

Cjiloftnartitiiic, -a, /-, diligence, 
aeonracj, industry ; tidiness. 

Cjiiotnuja'D, ■uijcre, m., act of 
ending, completing, fulfilling, 
finishing, accompli^ung. 

Ctiiofinnijim, -oja-o, pp. -uijte. 

■ ) Cl'.1 

0. fr., I end, complete, fiuiah, 

Ci^ioinoijte, p. a., ended, oom- 
pleted, finished out aod oat ; 
biieaihnaC cjiioftitii^ce, a per- 
fect robber ; amaTian cjiiot- 
nni^te, a " finished " fooL 

Cii<o£nui$tea£, .tije a., final, 
complete ; 50 C-, finally. 

Cjifotnuijieoip, -opa, -oiprte, »., 

CpiocfiiD, -e, -^te, /.. a cricket. 

Cpiosar, -iin, m., a bruise, a sore, 
caused by a tight boot, horse- 
collar, eta. (also cjieo^in). 

Cfion, -ine, a., worn-out, wiUiered, 
old, dry, aaplees, brittle. 

Cpfonfle, .41S, m., dry or de- 
cayed wood, wlUiered leaves 
or branohea ; things di; and 
rotten with age. 

Cptotid'6, -i^^i> and -nuitte, m., 
act of withering, gmwiag old, 

in(r., I wither, grow old. 

CIiicn-&iiac, -Bjiaic »nd -Bhuic, pi. 
id., and -tr|iACA, nt., an old, worn- 
out garment. 

Ctiion-bpufcati, -aiti, m^ old 
refuse (of people) {T. O.). 

' , -caiia'6, V, intr. 

aije, a., withered - 



C|>!ontat, -ai^, nt., touchwood, 
diy brushwood. 

C|iionna, indtc, a., wise, eiperi 
enoed, clever, shrewd, prudent 
thrifty, old ; r^^'''^T'>*'nna is 
generally used for u>ise, preoo- 
cions, eto., while cftonna means 
mmply cM iu Jf. 

CtiionnaCc, -a, /., wisdom, pru- 
dence, thrift, age, longevity ; 
old, withered refuse. 

Cjiiop^s, -flije, 65a, /., a wrinkle. 

Cliior, g. cjieara and c\<\\; pi. 
Cfteafannd, m., a girdle, a belt, 
a zone ; a thigh. 

Cjiiora*, ■''•je, a., tight, braced 
up, girdle-bound. 

Cfiiortat, -taij, pi. id., m., a point 



whera waiter and land 

limit, a border, a I: 

fringe ; the ciroling «i 

1 sc'h'or'-^^ "^ ci'iie, 111 uie 

ntiddle of the oountiy . 
CltiorLiifi) -fliS^i /-, » girding of 

the loins. 
Cuiofl-oiS"". "Si*. •• '*■-. I giwl. 

border, encircle. 
Ctiior^, g. id., fit. -i.Ttnt.\ Christ. 
cJiforCAi-^e, indee. a.. Christian ; 

an ceagarc CplofC'ii'Ae, the 

Christian Dootrioe, 
Cflorcii'oe, g. id., pi. -ite, n., a 

Christian ; with neg,, eipreeaed 

or implied, no one; an jiaiB 

aoinneannp Citiorcai'oe. Was 

tuipbady there P Not a sonL 
CiiiOfCMieatc, -a, /., Christi- 

C]iior^at, -att, pi. id,, m., crystal 

Cjiloftamait, -rtiLa, a., Christian, 

Tirtooos, pious. 
Ciilorcaihtafic, -a,/, Chriatiftnity, 

piety ; mildness of mannerB, 
Cplorcanra (Flt-tf). «-. pC; 

(false) ChriBte. 

qnaung, shiToring, trembling ; 

Act of shaking, trembling (nont. 

often C|iit}. 
Cttiotaim, v(. C|»ot and c\»i, 

V. tntr., I tremble, I shiver, I 

Criotan, -Jiin, «., a kind of ague ; 

the palay ; bronohitia (pron. 

CtiiOcAn, Mago). 
Cftotin^t, -aifte, o., trembling, 

quivering, shaking ; asthmatic. 
CjHOt-Fuar, -aijie, a., exceedingly 

Cpiot-Jalap, -aip, m., the ague, 

the pals;. 
Ciiiot-iaLpaC, -aije, at, having 

the a^e or palsT. 
Cfi'OtVas, -ai5, ji. id., m., a oom- 

Cliiot-Luinneat, -nije, a., vio- 
lently tremblmg. 
Cpiotnuja*, -oiSte, m., fear, 

dread ; tremor ; aet of trembling, 

■baking. See CTieAinuJa*. 
Criotnvi^im, -uja*, v. tr. and 

■ } CRO 

iiilr., I shake, tremble, qii»k«. 
See ciieatnuijim. 

Ct«ot-fditeat, -li^e, a., purblind. 

Cfiiot caLriian, g. cjieata CAtthan, 
ft. id., n., an earthquake. 

Cjiir-teansal, -atl,, pi. id., m., a 
swaddling band. 

Cpit, -jieata, m., quiTering, 
shaking; the ague. See cfiioc. 

C]iitea£, -ti^e, a., shaking, trem- 
bling ; Cfann ctiitea6, an aspen 

Cjiifc-easVa, /., intense fear ; fear 

causing trembling. 
Cpit-ea5la£, -ai^e, a., quaking 

for fear. 
Cpiceail, -ALa, /., knitting (prop. 

Cpitean, -tin, -teanna, m., au 

aspen tree, popufui tremalus ; 

also applied to a nervoua 

"'Er . 

Cttiii]!, -e, /., a spark, a particle, 
a small portion ; s. trembling, as 
of land, eto. ; a drinking cup ; 
ronn cjiitife (somet. ctiiti]i), a 
quagmire, a swamp ; ctiitiri 
fota, a dropping of blood, an 
issue of bltxid ; cficm fifiiati, 
the ommbling surface of 
ploughed land when dry after 
rainli*. O'C). 

C]iitn£at, -itl, -falca, m., n 

Cfii£|iea£, -f i^e, a,, Bparkling. 


fortified hold ; ep6 caoi>a6, s 
sheep-fold ; cji6 ^iX>A]i, a goat- 
fold ; cii6 muc, a pig-aty ; cp6 
CaoLaiJ, a prison, a placs of 
confinement made with Itokee 
or wooden beams ; dim, cti6icin; 
cjiS £uinn. Conn's fold,j!j;, (or 
Cli6, g. id., pi. cp6*anna, bl, sd 
eye or socket ; an opening ; a 
small hole ; cfid rnataine, the 
eye of a needle ; ctiiS ptop^ the 
bore of a pipej qio cat^ s 


ar, a orowbfcr ; cji6 
lApAinn, ft crowbar; (Jso spelt 
c|i6'6 (uid 5|i6o. 
C-fio, 9. id., /,, gore, blood ; death ; 
SAece cti6, bloody speani ; 
coraip tp6, mass ot gore ; 1/. 
phr., 1 scofdiii t|i<S, at death's 
door, in a maas of gore ; 6 T>'ioc 
riiit) an niS-Bean fl fiior Uif 
An 5c]id, siiwe Ibo royal lady 
haa paid his rent to death 
Cjiofi, g. cfBit) and ctioiC, fi, id. 
CfobA, cftoCan and ciiobanna, 
nL, a paw, a claw, the hand from 
TTUt to fingers ; a handful ; 
tus 1*6 na ceitjie cpoift 1 
n-^ifiTie Aiti, he tamed ilapaide 
down, upaet it, 
Ctio&Ains, -e, -eaid, /., the qnan- 
tity ^t may be grasped or 
held in the hand (of nute or small 
fmit} ; a bonoh, a clatt«c (from 
CfioA, ^e flat) ; oIm ct<ollAn3. 
CtiobAife, g. id., fl. -ftiie, m., a 
sturdy man, a swmg-handed 
man ; a stingy, olose-fiated 

Ctio&in, -Jiin, pi. id,, m., a wriat ; 

a little paw or hoof ; a little 

CtioO-narc, m., A binding ohord ; 

the rope that binds a fore-leg 

and a horn of a "thieving" 

CfoDf>tt£a£itn,!;.c]iuib fiftedtJiin, 
n>.. the herb crane's bill. 

Cgid-CiiAtle, g. id,, /., a cattle-shed. 

Ci>oe, g. -oi6e, d, -oit, fi. -a., /., 
a croas ; a gallows ; a hooked 
bar over the fire for hangiiis 
pote from (cno^Av is the word 

CjiSe, -616, m., saffron; oreom 

CiiiKu, g. id., m., a crock (A.). 

CjioCa*, -ftca, m., »ot of hanging ; 
the penalty of hanging; the 
ohun of a pot (U.). ; A-fi c., 
banged, hanging up. 

Cfo^A'oAn, -Am, pi. id,, m., a pen- 
dnlnm, a pendant ; a tassel. 

CtiotAttdit'i -^liA, -6iiii*e, ■*., a 
hangman ; a traitor, a villain 
(ctiotAife is more oommoD in 
the latter sense). 

CtiocAT>6i]i, -6nA, ■iStni'6e, m., a 
potter, a pitober- maker. 

Citofdim, u. cfiotAi, pp. CpoCCA, 
V, It, and irUr., I hoog, crucify. 

C^oCAi]ie, g, id., pi. -jiiie, m., a 
traitor, a villain ; a hangman ; 
a "hanger," a name for a stiff- 
jointed or lean animal, aa a 
sheep; cro±Ai]ii'6e CAOiidt, stiff- 
jointed, lean, or miserable- look- 
ing sheep i An Ctio^Atfte C^ti- 
noCctA, the Naked Hangman, a 
character in Ulster folk-tales; 
a honger-ou, a lazy fellow 

CtiocATi, n., a pot (prop. coftCAn, 

Ct(ti6A|<, -Ai|<, pi. id., n., a bier ; 
fA ^ofAifi TO} iti6£Aiti, sup- 
porting the ends of thy bier 

C\'6tijibiT>, -AfD, pt. id., m., a 

CfMAtin, nk, a hearse (On.) (the 
word is pron, cjio4-£A|in). iSce 

Ct>o£CA, p. a., banged, crucified, 

Cfio-A, g. id., m,, cattle ; riches, 
treasure, property, chattels ; a 
dowry; compensation (also c]iu<, 

fidiA (f roi 

I C|id, valonx), irvUe. a.. 

(pron. cfosfl, JT; cpixiA, Don.). 

Cjio'oaic, -A (from cti6, valour), /., 
valour, might, bravery (pron. 

CftO'^-imnceAC, -ci^e, a., blood- 
thirsty ; bloody ; in pools of 

Cfiis, -6150, .fiSA, /., a paw, a 
clutch. Stt ct<Ai;. 

Cjios, or cnosA, a orook (also 

CfOCA A.). 

Ci<o5A, -Ai'b, -Ai-oe, M., the thole- 
pin of a boat, __,.,..N,GtX)^lc 

Cf os^tt) -AiLl, pi. id., 1 

, " foot," as turf [Don.). 

Cti6 lafAinn, tn., a orowbar. 

Cti6iU^l, -ill, pi. id., m., oofaL 

C|ioib-nedtic, n., one's fait 

CiioiO-neafieihat'? -aipe, a., strong. 

Ciioiceann, j. -cinn, fi. -cne and 
-cinn, m., a akin, a hide j rind, 
peel ; the bark of a tree j ah 
tmpa ctioicednti, the inner bark 
of a tree ; cpoicednn 5*11 toin- 
gedtl, an inbmuati, beartleaa 
man; c ■oo 6uii ap ^finu, to put 
a pound together ; if bo^dci'DO 
tnoiceAnn ore, what a generous 
view jou take of the matter ; 
c. T>o iw if fciiX, to make a 
story look plausible; cac. at* ""O 
iainnc, jou speak to the point. 

CfOicne^i^, -nt^e, a., skinny ; 
skin-like ; hide-like ; ctiotcni'oe, 

Cpoitce, g. id.,f., a orosa. 
Cuoiiiceos, -oije, -05A,/., a pan- 

Cpoi'tie, g. id., ft. .xtte, apt. cjioi*- 
teA'6, m., the heart ; lore, affeo- 
tion ; b|iired'6 C, m., heart- 
breaking ; c|ioi-De-&iiui5ceA6c, 
oontrition of heart ; cpoi'oe 
ifci^, inner heart, a term of 
eiidearment ; c^toitie tia baif e, 
palm of the hand ; c^oi'OG do 
teijininn, the centre of thy 
palm ; cpi.'o cpoi'oe, anguiah ; 
a diseaae in bena. 

Cfid'oedt, •'Oi^e, a., hearty, stont, 

Ctioi'^eAAAif, -e, a., kind-hearted, 

C|ioi'Ded£t),ifiea£c, -i.,f., kindness, 
cordiality, friendship. 

Cttoi'oeddin, -i.m, jd. id., m., a 
small bud ; the umer oore of 
anything ; the kernel in oore of 
a spherical body, as a ball of 

Ctioi-oeArtiait, -rtiL*, a., hearty. 

C)<oi'6ed|i3. -ei]i5e, a., aoarlet, 
crimson, blood- red. 

CtioiielAciin, -iin, pi. id., m., 
the inner core, IJie portion of 
a potato remaining after sets 
(rciolcim) have been out off 
for sowing. 

Ctt'Siti'oe, g. id., f., lamenesB, im- 
potence, want of power in any 
member of the body ; racking 
pain, torture, distemper, disease ; 
c]i6it,i'oe dn tii,if, the extreme 
agonies of deulh. 

Cii6iVi*e, intisc. a., sick, infirm. 

C]i6it.i*tejft, -tije, a., weak, 
sickly, infirm, 

Cp6i-t)j;e, /., lying in gore, in 
death ; 1 jc 6iir, in the agony 
of death. See C]i6ili'6e. 

Cjioi-Linn, /., a pool erf blood. 

Cf^i-tinnredt, -ci3e, a., dripping 
with blood ; in pools of blood. 

Ctioini'5teAnTi,in.,a winding glen. 

CfoimleAc,/., alarge monumental 
stone laid horizontally ; a orom- 
leao (recently formed from the 
Welsh word crotaledt ?). 

Ctioini-}<ciAti, /., a crooked knife 
(surgical instrument). 

C]<oim-ft,inneATiA£, -Aise, a., hav- 
ing stooped shouldeni ; crooked- 

Cf iJine, g. id., /., swarthinesB ; 
blackness ; a stain. 

Cfoinic, -e, pi. id. and -i-oe, /., a 

Cfomici-oe, g. id., pi. -■ote, nt., a 

Cjioinicit, -cLe, -ctiie, /., any- 
thing weak or tottering; feaii- 
tliomiciL lUAtiice, an old rickety 
cow (Don.). 

Cpoip- "See ojior. 

Cjioir-ftfiitA*, -aise, "•• oroBo- 

Ciioirin, g. id., pi. -i-oe, n., a small 
cross, used as a mark ; a crutch 
{U,)i a long instrument for 
cutting seaweed. 

Ciioirineafi, -ni^e, a-, having 
oiutches; lame. _. , 

L.i; l.,LjtH)l^lC 

CTioirl'S"". ■>«3'i*. "■ ''■•J 1 bind 

up, eavelop. 
Cjidiein, g. id., pi. -i-oe, m., & anuU 
hat for sheep or cattle ; dim. ot 
cfio, a hot, eto. 
O-tioitce, p. a., shakeD out, tossed, 
w&ved, Bprinkled ; done up, 
Uigged, ezhaoBtad ; with the 
BBseDoe shaken out (aa a meal- 
sack shaken when almost 

cpo-lod, »., a pit or dyke oi 

Cti6toicim, -Loc, V. tr., I woond 
dangeroQslv so as to draw 

C|idl,oii:ce,ji.o., mortally wounded. 

Cnom, g. cpuime, a., bent, bowed. 

Cpoma'D, 'di-d, -Ai-oe, m., a finger 
length, two nails ; not declined 
after numerals ; cjiam in Con, 

CtioinA'6, -mtd, m., the act of 
stooping, beoding, reaching ; 
bowisg down in teverenoe ; 
bending tmder the weight of 
ysara ; inif c]ioma'6 ip liAti* 
■66, as he is getting stooped and 
growing grey. 

Cfoind'Dd'6, nt, A|i mo i., in a 
stooping posture [Aran). 

CtioniAtm, -A'it, V. tr. and inir., I 
bend down, stoop, crouch, bow, 
BWOC^ ; C(iomA'6 a\i, to set 
about (doing a thing) ; cgiomaim 
Ap obAip An tae, I set about 
the day's work ; uo i]<om ffi "•]< 
£ol, he began to weep. 

Ciiomin, -hn, jii. id,, m., the hip, 
the hip bone ; a crooked sur- 
gical Instrument ; a fishing 
gaS; a portion of a spinning 
wheel (prop. ctiomAu). 

Ciiomin, -am, -ina, in., a crow ; 
a kite ; cor fifOmiin, crows- 
foot, ooldfoot, or coltsfoot. 

Cpomin tuin£e, m., a fire shoveL 

Clioma-TniAcaii, m., sitting on the 
hauuohea, as cannibals at a feast 

Cttombfdl, m., a moustache. 

Cfom-tniban, -iin, pi. id., m., a 
fisherman's gaff. Set ctioniai. 

CitomlsAC. &t C]ioirnLeac. 

9 ) CRO 

CtioinlDf, -Dtr.p'^ uf.. >i>.| poppy. 

Cnom65, -6158, -654, /., a hook, \ 
crook, a clasp, a gallows, a 
■kirret ; the hook in the nppet 
jaw of ■ trout {Don.). 

CfOmpin, -jiin, pi. 0., n>., a 
gnarled tree stump, etc See 

Cfom-iiorc, m., a downcast eye ; 
C|iOTn-f lilt, id. 

Cpom-fuiLcid, -lise, a., bont- 

eyed, downcast. 
CjiomtA,;), a., bent, crooked) bent 

with age. 
Cfiin, -6m, m., a croon, a hmn. 

See cjionan. 
C\i6n, -6ine, a., brown, dun- 

coloured, swarthy, black -nosed, 

oopper-ooloured ; ceann-asai-6 
a black-faoed (sheep) 

.15*, 1 

1 funeral 

cnon, I 
Cp6na*, -aij, . 

Cft6nAipe, g, id., pi. -jitiie, n., a 
lamenter, a mourner ; a coroner ; 
An c K'ilcd, the English ooro> 
ner (.Din.). 

Cf6nin, -am, pi. id., nt., a ham- 
ming or buzzing sound (as of a 
bee, oeetle, or insect) ; any dull 
note long continued ; the noise 
of a kettle beginning to boil ; 
the drone of a bagpipe ; the bass 
in music ; an indiaticctly sung 
tune ; a croon ; act of humming 
or singing in a low, indistinct 
voice ; a refrain, a chorus, often 
with merely lilt-words (cfotian 
is dim, of cii6n, a hum, etc., and 
has itself a dint., cponimin). 

CpAnandC, -di^e, a., given tohum- 

C]i6ii-ftui*e, mdee. a., copper - 

CfoniSs, -6156, -dSA, /., the prow 

of a ship or boat. 
Cti6n-fioc, -^uic, pC. id., m., a 

swarthy buck (often applied to 

the EngUsh invaders). 
Cnon-crat, m., dusk, eventdde 





CtidoDi^im, -u^a^ir. tr., I eiploin; 
hinder ; blame, find fault ; I 
blush {intr.), 

Cfofi-oire, -ofa,/-, ft cross ; oroes- 
Toada; amarket-place; anaCBic- 
tion ; a prohibitjoa ; the baft of 
t, knife or sword ; 50 cjioif. to 
the haft ; ca^ a ^foir. m spite 
of his prohibition ; in pi., mis- 

CpofAi, -aije, a., streaked ; 
striped ; crossed ; caop-i t-, » 
blaok-faoed sheep; pock-marked 


d tr,). 

Cporafiin, -i,in, pt. id., m., a aea- 
biid ; a, kind of sea-pigeon ; 
citoj-in, id. 

Clior-mn, --I'D, P. ft"., I oros^ 
Uu-aaten, prevent, forbid ; I 
recant ft curse or malediotion ; 
50 mbpirceip vo finiihji — Ajuf 
cporaim tfi, may your bones be 
broken — but I take off the curse 
again, I cross you. 

CforAiiie, g. id., m., oroas-roada 

C]iorAnA±c, -A, /., a sort of Versi- 

Cfor«nCA, iiidee. a., perverse, 

Cjioi^ftocafi, --1111, -fiiciie, n., cross- 
roads ; a perverse, crooked path 
(ohiefly in pi.]. 

Ctt Of- Co Alice, a., smitten aoroes, 
cut through. 

Cfor^S. -^ise. -^5*, /■. ft burden 
rope for carrying bay, com, etc. ; 
the burden so carried ; a bundle ; 
c. rcuiji, a little folded bundle 
of fl^ after being combed ; a 
croes, a cross -emblem worn on 
St Patrick's Day. 

Cttor-^'OA, a., golden -crossed ; 

Ctiofca, iruUc. a., crooked, per- 
verse ; prohibited ; difQcult ; 
unruly, mischievous (of chil- 
dren) ; cross, illtempered ; cross- 
wise i taims fi Cjiorco Otim, 
he met me, he came aorosa me ; 
ni f^ATipa'o r* 5'''" teate 
cttorca oftA, he cuuld not 
avoid meeting them. 

) ) cno 

Ctiofcoit, -iXA, /-, nnrulinoaa, 
mischief (of children, CAttle, 
eto.) ; t>ul I 5c., to go into a 
forbidden place (as of oattlo 
going into 00m). 

Ctio{TAlCA, a., unruly, impish, 
mischievous ; oroes, difficult (d 
a way or route). 

appearance, shape, 

that is ill-formed or shaped, 
inpiobable (of a storv, eto.}; 
c^ ctior An ihf aiji, be looks 
like a dying man (JU.) ; the Don. 
word is cpoCAl ; no doubt cpoc 
is another form of C]iui: ; ciioc 
refen to appeftrance ; cf nt 
rather to shape and form. 

CjiocaS, -AiJ, -Aije, m., a onrlew. 

C)ioca6, -Ai£e, a., hunoh-baoked. 

CnocAi, -Aite, a- formidable 
(O. J.). 

Cfiot Ao, -oiice, m., act of shaking, 
flaiJping, wagging; scattering, 

Cjiotaitn, u! cfotA'6 and cfiAcAi, 
V. fr., I shake, wave, flap, 
■prinUe. See cftAtAim- 

CpocAl, -Alt, m., the rind of a 
kernel ; a kernel ; the awns of 
barley, i^e, etc. ; rind, husk, 
refuse ; the sediment at the 
bottom of a liquid ; the name of 
a lichen from which a dye is 
made ; c^ioCAt ctof, a lichen or 
scruff of stones used in dyeing 

Cj'ocdL, -ait, n-, look, appea.rance; 
c* ■ojiofi-Ct'Of^Al. otic irnjiu, you 
look ill to-day (,Do».). Set 

CftocALcA, indec. a., husky, con- 
taining sediment or refuse. 

CpotAH, -Ain, W. id., m., a pen- 
dant ; a little cluster out off a 
bunch of grapss (B.). 

Cpocnuijitn, -uJa*, v. tr., I 
notice ; I miss (P.) ; djiocnntS 
mi A ■tit onin i, I noticed liis 
being missing, I missed bim 
{Don.) ; iAji it"*^'""5 '"^ *p ^ 
didn't miss him (Jfon.); tDi|i 


notice of it (Uon.), 
Cfotiij, -6.5e, -6S'>i/-. » c^w ; » 
speciea of pollook {Ker.) ; 
CTot^s liAt, the grey crow. 
Cf ocn^A'D, ■oiste, "i-, act of 
proving, of creating, fomiing, 

''£ti "^' 

- . f:,9cj ... 

ft stack, a rick, a clamp (of turf) ; 
tlie heap of meal, com, atiO., 
above the moath of a veiiael 
when overflowing ; a Bymmebri- 
o*lly ahaped mountaiii ; nd 
C]itid6<i, iha Keeks in Kerry; 
HA C]itiAta ^oiinid, the Blue- 
stack mouQtauiB in Co. Don. 

CjiDAeAt, -Aise. •-. full of heaps, 
piiee, ricka ; stacks ; full of hiLta, 
mounds, hillooka. 

Ciiaa6atm, -a-o, v. tr., I heap, pile 
np ; stack (as hajr or oom). 

CfOdean, -itn, pf. id., m., a littls 
riok or stack, a amall heap ; a 
little hill or mound. 

Cpn«6in, -iin, pi. id., m., a little 
fiah fuond in boLtiin (poola of 
water in rook-oayitiea) when 
tide ia out, \\ to Z inohee in 
length, and in abape like a 
porpoiae (also called ctoisean). 

CjiaAi-Ludtai]!,/, dwarf clnbrnsli 
(scirpttg eeapitome), 

CiioAlb pi'otiiiis, -aiCe 0aT>]iAi5, 
/., the herb plantain [piajiiago 

Cjiui-o- (cpuAi*-)? hard, firm, 
difficult, aevere. In early Iriati 
it aeema to mean lovd ; hence, 
posaibly, the t«rma ctiua'o- 

CfuA-oai, -ai5e, a., of or belonging 

to steel; aa(uit.,8t«el(C.aDd U.). 

Cjiua'odftin, -i.111, fl. id., m., a 

atinginese ; courage, danger, 
ioliuiDanity, adversity, hard- 
ship, distress, penury. 
C|iU4'6Aini, -'oao, V. tr. and inlr., 
I batden up, grow stiff; xk> | 

turned out tmlnckily for him; 
DO iHuai'6 a £)ioi'6e, he grew 
hard-hearted (also cpaAi'Aini). 

CtiuAVdL. -atl, s., chatting, talk- 
ing [S. V.) ; very probably a 
IomI form of coihliiaT>a]i. 

C|iaaT>at, -^ite, /., hardneaa, 
cruelty l,Dtr.). 

Cfuaoatde, -ai^e, a., hard, hardy 

CfUAtiiLAe, -Ai$e, a., sore, cmel; 
stinsy, desperat«, mthleaa, 
hardy, hard-bearted ; cpuAi'A 
ctiDAo^lAA, hard and stingy. 

CtiUAOon, -Ain, ji. id., m., the flah 
called the goniet (also cnfi-oin). 

CjiDA'DAr, -Aif, n., temper, sharp- 
nesa ; hardneaa, rigour, strength. 

CpoA-o-ftjioiT), -Blioi'oe, /., harah 
bondage ; difficulty ; press of 

CrtuA'6-tij', -iif, pi. id., m. diffi- 
culty, distreaa, bardship, danger, 
sad [jigbt. 

CfDA-b-ffoicneAe, -ni^e, a., hide- 
bound ; stiiiKy, mean. 

gardly, stingy. 
C|<uA4-£ui&tieA£, m., aevere 

Cttad'6-£d)reA£, -fige, a., difficult, 

calamitoua ; hardy. 
CfiuAi-lac -lorA, fl. id., m., 

aneezewort^ whit« hellebore. 
C|iuA'6-ihaineJtA£, -Ai^e, a., stiff- 

diatresa ; haste ; presaure, d 
culty ; cA c o)im, I am preaaed 
for time, hurried ; c. otA, a sick 
call to a priest (Aran) ; dia- 
tresa, necessity. 

CfnA-oi^At, -Aite, a., needy, 
necefsitous, difficult, hard- 

Cti«A-6-fnAi-6m, g. -piAi'ome, pi. 
-fnAimAnna and -fna'oniAdA, 
/, bard knot, tie or bond. 

difficulty, hafdaliip, distress ; 
mam an ttiaaicAin, the baud 


CtMl ( 

of misery ; An cjiua-Acan, the 
bos; seasoo. 

CjiniiiuSiVO, -uiSte, m., act of 
growina stiff, hardeniug, becom- 
ing Bolid. 

Ctina-ouisim, -usaw, -■6«i*, and 
cituA-Aa^diin, V, Ir. and intr., I 
harden, stifien, dry, as «-ain in 
akiln; 1 aasninB the solid state ; 
I grow hard;, enduring, oalloua. 

CtioArd, -e, bull, firm ; diffiaulf^ 
■evere, close ; 50 a, severelj, 
keenly, strooglj, closely. 

Cfadro, -■oe,/., steel; pron. cpudis 
{M.), cjiud'oai, id. {Ooit. and (7.). 

CfQ4>i-A-l}§dLd£, -aige, a., hard- 

CtiuAiv-iedtiSAt-, -All, m., a 
ssvere bcmaoi fett«r. 

C|inii*-4eirc, -e, -eAuna, /., a 
diffionlty ; a haid problem. 

Ciii]Ai-6eAr, --iir, ■•■> hsrdship. 
See cjivAVAr. 

CtiaAi'D-^nfoiii, -A, -Afia, to., a 
difficult task. 

CfiuAi'o-ti i^iti, -e, a., firmly tough. 

cJtuAi'A-uiAt), -t^iti, m., a strong 
rope 01 cord. 

CiHiAf (ctioa-oAj-), g. -iif, m., 
difficulty ; hardiiess, penurioua- 
ness ; rigour, strength. 

Ciinirat, -Aije, o., hard, rigorous. 

C|tu&, -6itie, -liCd,/., tbe nave of a 

Cfnb, -uibe, -ubji, /, a claw, a 
hoof or paw ; poeL, a hoofed 
animal, a cow; cioc^ai'o an 
Tifiitar tjii'o na cjiiibaib a^vf 
leAnpani an tu siptipia'i 

Cfubafi, -Aije, a., olub-footed. 

Cjtubat, -aij, -aije, m., an animal 
having paws or claws ; an awk- 
ward man, a clown j a grasping, 

Cjiiiba fiin, /., bird's foot (orai- 

Cf^baitn, -ai, v. tr., I paw, scratch, 

Cf liba Leif in, /., columbine (ogut- 

legiu vulgaris). 
cpiba leomain,;f.,oommon lady's 

mantle [alchemiUa vulgaris). 

Cti^biiti, -ain, pi. id., m., a cn.b- 
fish ; a crooked person or beast. 

Ctiub6^, -^156, ■6sa, /., a knot io 
weaTing ; thrums At the end of 
a piece in weaving ; a, species of 
large crab-fish, 

CtiDCA, o. id,, ■^. -rbe and -■6a, i»., 
a hook, a hmge ; a crook ; tho 
human hands (said of grasping- 
persons) ; ij* oeicaiji 4 ■o'^iiait 
AT a ^t^^cai'otb, it is difficult to 
get it out of his claws ; ahandfoL 

C]iucan, -Am, ji. id., m., a J-shaped 
rod with which straw ropes am 
twisted (^!r.) ; cop fiijan, id. 

Cpu*, g. -ui*, pi. -a, -ui-oce, -uto- 
ceata, and ■Mttea.ti., m., a 
horse's shoe ; an iron heel ; n^ 
Ctiuiteaia Vionncu3a'6 (or A 
tionncuga'D), to change tho 
shoes {Dim.). 

Cpu-da<,-ii<-6ce, IB., got of milking. 

Cpii'oaim, -a-6 (jj. a., cjiiji'dco), 
o. It., I milk ; laet., I obtain 
secrete or money by a gradual 
prooess from one. 

Cpu-^aiin, -a6, v. Ir., I shoe (a 
horse, etc). 

■n, ic.). 

Ctioibin, g. id., pi. -ite, m., a little 
hoof; cpuibjn muice, a pig's 
trotter ; a cranberry ; a currant- 
like wild berry {Aran), 

Cftuicea^, -cte, m., act of lifting 
turf-sods into small heaps for 
pnrposos of drying; "footing" 
turf {Ker,); in Oaiway flie 
word is spuaijea-o ; in Don., 
ctiflisea-6 or cp^sati ; in parts 
of Ker., cnufiatpc. 

Cpuiceos- See cuipceos. 

Cpdifin, g. id., pi. -i^oe, m., a king- 

CpoiicG, p. a., shod (aa a horse). 
Cpiii'ore, p. a., milked; deprived 

of one's secret or money by an 

insinuating and gradual process ; 

emptied out. 
Ctiiii-bcedf, -ri^e, a,, accustomed 

to milk (cows, etc.), 
Cpiii-ocea*, -C15, -Bije, m., a 


Cttuiiti, ••, -aihA, gji. -uih, /., • 

CtmnneAec, -d, /., onHikedneM, 

C-lt^im-ftniiieiii, -eiin, pi. id.. 

ahoalder ; 

. linDohb&ok ; kIm 

C-)tuinn, -e, a., round, ciroular, 

exact, oomplate, aocnrate, lolid ; 
rntional, having the ti«e of 
reason, int«lligent ; vi jii-pifi 

Cfumne, g. id,, /., the ronnd 
world, globe, imivcr»e ; the 
■alar ajstem ; roundnesa ; MOD- 
nw>7; tnsar '"" cpninne i, I 
saw, discovered it clearly (of 
ob^ecbi Been Uirongh a t«le- 

Ct<uinne, g. id., /., dow, rniat, 
moistiire ; ftAtneAf an ifiuinne 
■d'a iitiitne le iiitin-rcu4bdi;Si 
whioh takee the dow from bcr 
feet bj its loiig-Bweeping(0'JlB.); 
CTHimneafi, m., id. 

C]iuinnedtAn, -Ain, pi, id, m., a 
masB, a heap j a ooronet. 

Cpoinneaftciin, -6itA, -fiiin-oe, «., 
a gatherer. 

Cfoinned]', -nif, m., aoouraoy, 

diaaretion (Bsid of a person 

baring soBioe tiie nae of reason) ; 

ias ri 'an c, be obaerred 

Cimititieos, -0150, -05a, /., a 

roimd bundle ; -oo pinneiTia-ii c. 

T>foin, tbey loUed me np like a 

Cfumneotar. "•■■ geography. 
Cf oinneoloi^e, g. id., pi. ■■oto, m., 

a geograpbei. 
CjinHinijim, -i«S**, ". (r., Ihoard, 

heap together, gather, gather 

C^uiTiiiicjte, p. a., gathered, 

gathered together, amused. 
CpumninSa*, -itte, m., act of 

gathering, hoarding, assembling; 

a ooogic^tion, a gatboring. 

CfuipiiM, 'i4|ia, -I'be, n., a crup- 
per (A.). 

Cfdircfn, (J. W.,p/.-i*e, n., pitcher, 
small jar, jug, "cruiakoen." 

C|<airciotina6, -ai%, m., oommon 

Ct^Dircfn, g, id,, pi, -ti>«, m., a 
Cfnic, -e, -eannai/.jabarpjalyre, 

Cf Die, -e, -eAnna, /., a hump on 

the baok, a little emineuoe ; 

■ummit ; cttmc an cige, the 

roof of the house {t/,). 
Cftaiceae, -ci^e, a., bmich-backed, 

gibbons (olio cf ucaii). 
Cfiuiceaftin, ■Am, pi. id., M., a 

dwarf, a hunchbadc 
CtiDiceos, -otge, -05a, /, a female 

C]inic<n, g. id., pi. -i'6e, m., a onr- 
tain ; a bed-aurtain. 

Cf Birln, a. id., pi. -i4e, m., a hump 
on the book ; a bonobback ; the 
king-fl«her bird ; dim. of ctintc. 

C]ia I r< n ^ a£, 0., hiuioh-b«cked (uaed 

in oonteinpt of anybody). 
;I^olCt|^^ ( ■ ' 
harper, a 

pff -fii 

Cfiuitneatc, -a,/., com, wheat; 
c laatfaihdit, rash-like wheat- 
grass ; c. 6]iHimrean, couch- 

Cimih, -uiida, f., a worm, a mag- 
got; ct<aifi65, id. Set ciimib. 

CfUTbai, -ai£e, a., full of worms 

CtinmAim. Ste c|>onia»n. 


Cfumfisai, -aije, o., full of niag- 

Cttiinca, g, id., pi. -I'oe, m., a beut 
or decrepid person ; one in a, 
oroochiiig posture ; c rc"- 
Tmine, a oent old man. 

Ctiuntui^im, •ii$a'6, D. (r., 1 miss, 
feel the want of; nf et<xntt)i^ 
teaji an r-oifce so TJCtnomnij- 
£eA|i an cobAfi, the wat«r is not 
missed till the well is dry (Don.) 
(a mis-spelling of ctiotnuijim). 

Cftupaioe, a., stiff, pnckerisl ; ni'L 

re ctinpaiie, be is nimble,.,..i.,GtX)^lc 

{Om.) ; c. Af & £«iLe, shrivelled 
np (tor ctiupta or ctvapta). 
Cpopafi, -dije, o., contracted, 

Cf npAt, -Aig, pi. id., n,, an awk- 
ward down. 

CliupAiin, -^6, t). ir., I abrink, 
contract, sbriveL See ctiip^im. 

Cttupin, -ill), m., a diaeaae in 
cattle (,D<m.). 

Cpnp65, -6156, -654,/., a wrinkle. 

Cfiurdfan, -ain, oT id., m., a pufflo, 
a kind of aea-bird {Ker.). 

CpufCA, o. W,, pi. -i*e, m., a jng ; 
a amall boi or coffer, 

Cpd-fcaoiteii'o, -tee, m,, a. bloody 

Cpiirca, 9. id., pi. -i-ie, m., a crust ; 
a clod, a missile ; a close-fisted 
persoD ; j:i fa 'na i. Ai5e, he 
has killed bim, turned bim into 
a clod. 

CtiiipCdloini, -iiL, 0. tr., I throw 
missiles, cloda, etc, at ; also 

Cfut, g. cjiotd, pi. id. (also, g. 

ctiaice, 0. cjiuic, pi. ctioca), m. 
(aomet, /.), figure, form, state, 
shape, appearonoe ; 1 5c., in such 
wise, so, so that ; Af t., in the 
form of ; 1 3c so, so that. See 

Cfni:46, -aiS, pi. id., m., a oor- 

Cfucift, -Aije, a., well-formed, 

Cputai-6ea(c, -4, /, creation. 
CtiuiimAil., -riiLo, a., shapely, 

CiiutimnAr, -«itj *»■. proof, evi- 

Cpotpir. -iT. "•■. canvas {A.). 

See cndtpir- 
Cttncutd^, -u.Ste, ni,, act of 

creatmg, shaping, forming ; 

proving ; a creation ; behaving. 
C|tutDi£itn, -o$A*, V. (r., I oreate, 

form, fashion, mould ; behave ; 

succeed, get on. 
Cfntui^im, -uja*, V. tr., I prove ; 


! 50 

the Creator, tlte Maker ; a 

£8. also can, d. coin, /., a do^, a 
ound, a greyhound ; a hontina 
dog ; a hero, a champion ; co 
f oil, a bloodhonnd ; en sLAfi 
a greyhound T indec. in $ing. id* 
U. and Con. 

Cvat, -Ai£e, -a£a, /., a cuckoo ; a 
term of endearment ; mo 6mi 
CD, you are my darling ; dim., 
cuAiAin, used also sa a term of 

Cudt, -Ai£e, -d£A,/,alookof boir, 
a ourl ; a plait or fold ; a ooress. 

Cuat, -Aite, -titA,/., a bowl, a cup 
or goblet ; a globe ; a ball 1^ 

Cua±a£, -Ai^e, a., curled, frizzled 
(of the hair, ete.) ; also cuckoo- 
like, belonging to a cuckoo ; 
oup-like, bowl-like ; abounding 
In cups or bowls. 8a various 
meanings of cant. 

CnofAim, -A'o, V. tr., I roll up, 
told up ; plait, frizzle ; I 

C-ai.ti.TiAt,-A\%e,a., folded, plaited. 

Cuae65, -6150, -65a, /., a Dowl, a 
cup ; a fold, a nnglet ; a sailor's 
knot; a young cuokoo. See 
various meanings of cuaf. 

Cuatca, p. a., rolled up, folded ; 
Jig. fagged out, exhausted ; un- 
done, strung up, jaded ; finished, 
consumed (of food], eta.]. 

Cuopa*, -Ai-u, m,, a whirling, twist- 
ing, folding ; i-ionin cuapait), a 
whirlwind (Coil.) (prop.cuafa'u]. 

CttAi£in, g. id., pi. -roe, ni., dim. of 
cvat, a cuokoo ; a ringlet ; a 
small handful of hay put under 
the bridge of a tick to keep it 
straight and well-balanced ; a 
caresa ; sweet singing. 

liuai'^, 3 I. indie, poet of cli^im, 
I go. See e6i-6im. 

CudiU, -e, -Aia, /, a little pUe, a 
bundle, a knot, a fold ; caAtl 
tnaiii, a heap of boues. Set 



( ' 

CuAiDn, g. id., pi. -I'de, m., ft 
bundle ; a amftll faggot. 

CsditLe, g. id., pi. -aia (cuaitne), 
/., a stake, a pole, a club, a 
baton i -DO BuAiL r* ^n ft- com- 
|i«ic, he brandislied the battle- 
etalT; cnAitle pifi, a tall, alen. 
der man ; cLedf nA cudille, 
tumbling head over heols. 

Cuame, j. I'rf., m., a litter of pnps; 
a pack of bounda ; a family, 
sept, tribe ; a troop, a com- 
pany (somet, cudin aiid^!, often 
also fcuaine). See cuan. 

Cuainr-eji6in, -Am, pi. id., m., a 
Bmall hiding-ptace ; a neat fur a 
litter of pops, eto. 

CUAIJfO. Set CD4tt*C, 

CuaiitedLcd, a., curioua. See cuift- 

Cniijirce, a. id., rf. -ci«e and 

-ceAfid, /, a roll, a wreath, a 

Tolume ; a loi^h, ignorant 

woman ; a maiden. 
CnAittfceAnn, -cinn, pi. id., m., a 

wrapper ; the felloe of a wheel. 
CuAiprctm, -ceai, v. tr., I roll, 

wreath, twiat, wrap. 
CuAitic, -iiicA, -einna^/l, a circuit, 

a tour, a visit ; -visitation ; 

Bojonming ; Afi c, on a viait ; 

CIS iji a, viait. 
CuAiticediaf, 'Aif, m., Tiaiting, 

Cuaipreoip, -ofA, -oi|ii'De, m., a 

visitor, a courtier. 
CuaipcrieACc, -a, /., the act of 

visiting, Ste cuAjiCAfoeAic. 
CuAirfn, g. id., pi. -itie, nt., a hood, 

a kerchief, a little ahawl ; also 

dim. of CBAr, a cave; proQ. 

CoAt, -All, pi. id., m., a faggot ; a 
heap or pUe of sticka, bones, et«. 

AoAtii, duALAi'6, (uAtAf, indie, 
past ol -oo-fttuinim, I hear. See 

CuAlLtiiie, g. id., pi. -iite, m., a 
comrade, a partne 
5iiAUui«e (P.). 

haven, a harbour ; bay, coast ; in 

pi. often the high seoa. 
Cuah, -Ain, -aha, nt., a troop, a 

multitude; a litter of whelps; 

a tribe, a family ; cnan mAjiA, a 

aea urchin. See cuaine. 
CuAn, -Ain, m., deceit ; t S'^"'^" 

mo riiAipbte, in danger of my 

CuannA (coAnvA from CAoin), 
ittdee. a., fine, neat, elegant, 
noble ; A Cjiiorc iuannA, O 
noble Christ. 

CuAnCAtt, m., H oondition ; A]t t. 
ni &FA^Aitin, even should I get ; 

. , whence coAiiie, crook. 
Cuaji, -aife, a., crooked, awry, 

CuA]iin, -iiin, pi. id., m., a foot 
covering formed of a looEe piece 
of leather bound with a thong ; 
a slipper, a sandal. 

CuApuafi, --iuijie, m., act of 
aearching, aearehing for ; aj c. 
■DiS,Bearchingforit (S. W. Cork). 

CtiAfiT>A£, -Ai^e, a., wandering, 
searching; given to visiting or 


CoApT)6i|i, -6 fa, -fiipiie, m,, a 

searcher; ftBtrongfellow(C jf.), 
Cuap'ou^aA, -ni3fce, m., act of 

CuApBuiSim, -u$ATi, V. tr., I 

search, hunt. 
Cuaji-tiibAil, -bta, m., act of 

turning round. 
Cnaiifis, -6158, -65a, /., a shoe 

made of untsjiued hide; a 

CuapCAi'oeAic, -a, /., the act of 

visiting ; a gosaiping visit. 
CuAf , g. -Aif, pi. -A, m., a hollow, 


reoew, oaritj ; o&ve. hol« ; liao 
applied to the bx^r indenla- 
tions in the eteep chSa along the 
Bsa-Bhora; codifin, dim., refers 
to the lesser onee (oommon in 
plaoe names). 

Cuaf'**' -^"5*1 "i concave, holtow. 

Ca<ir-^'^Ai''i -mL-i, a., hollow, 
pierced with holes. 

CadriLH, -itn, p' ' ' 
hole, a cavity. 

Coif-'ooirtiiii, -e, *, having deep 
oaves or hollows. 

CaA^--6ina.'6, -nci, m., act of clos- 
ing the holes ; atoppiog up the 

CuAjTidg, -6156, ■figi, /., a nest 
of honey bees (also coanr^x). 

CoiroSi -^ise, '65a, /., a Uttle 
hollow ; a honeycomb found 

Cu«rT'''"5*S| P' "■■• walled up in 
it* socket (of the eye) (/Tea.). 

Cu^r-f'^'l'E^*' -Lije, a., holiow- 

C£b, -liibe, pi. id., and -fiibeanna, 
•DibeA^A, /., a ben-coop; a 

Ciibai, -aise, a., having horns 
bent inwards ; as tmhs., a oow 
with such horns. 

Cnbdri, -din, pi. id., nt., a cubit. 

CubAi'i, -e, a., honest, becoming, 
fit, oomely. See cuiSe. 

CfibaiL, -ita, /., a warping, a 

Cobflim, -fl-6, v., Ir. and intr., I 
stoop, bend, crouch, lie down; 
130 £^ib r^ iui^e, he restrained 
his tongue (of a man about to 
impart seoretB, but who suddenly 
restrains himself) ; I pull mjseU 

Cob(kir, -0, /., on oath, a word of 
honour ; oonscienca ; tiii]i mo 
ftodiif, on niy word of honour, 
on my oonscience ; tuc ^ (aCaif 

te A eomdtl, he took his oath 
e would perform it. 
Cubat'i '^'fp ""i Ifoam, froth, 
CubAftAU, 'hn, !»., / spnme. scum. 
Cotapinae, -aije, a., foamy, 

Cubdf-dtifd^Afi, -Ai^e, a., foam- 
Cofiar, -dtr, m., 

CoBpiim, -d*6, r. intr., I froth, 

foam, sweat, perspire. 
CoBpan, -im, m., froth, foam, 

CiMt&, prep, pron., 3 pi., combined 
with (uTTi, to them, for them ; 
iucA (Con.). Set dom. 

Conarte, g. id,, pi. -i^te, m., a 
hxy, etnpid fellaw (Aran), 

CoTJimn, -Ainne, /., "cuiUy," a 
kind of fish (Zer.). 

Co'oat, -Alt, pi. id., m,, a cuttle- 
fish [Aran). 

Cu-oamin, -im, pt. id,, m., a lout 
(of a persou). 

CiiT>6si -tiiSe, -65A,/., a haddock; 
a otioagh. 

Cotitioni (cortttnom), -01111, m., 
evenness, equa!lity, justice ; cip 
jAti cocpom T)o boftciiB te 
v^AnAib, a land in which justice 
is not meted out to the poor 

CoTipomt, ■poime, identical, equal, 
even, just, complete, regular. 

CoTjpomAi, -4150, a., weighty, 

CuvtiDime, g, id., /., complete 
or perfect equality, evenness, 

CUFpfis, -fiije, -65A,/., cypress. 

Curulin, .am, m., a crowd (Z)o».); 
also ciJiVitotAn, both = c6>iVi- 

tuj;oi6., 2 pi., combined 
with tarn, to, towards you ; 
emph., tujAiC-f e (sJso tnSAib}. 

CujAinn. per. jw., I pi,, combined 
with Cum, to us, towards us ; 
emph., iuSAinn-ne, and finj- 
Ainne, eomet. See inm. 

CnJAm, pronom. combination of 
per. pr,, lal per., with torn, to, 
towards me, eto.; emph., i&^im- 
ra(Cu54m inOon. and t''., where 
t is pron. h ; in ;?. IT. Hon. pron. 




hotn ; in MttUh, 'B^Aiti). Set 

Cn^AC, pronom. aombinatioD of, 2nd per,, with ium, to 
thee, towards thee, etc. ; £ugac, 
look out, take oare, some one is 
going to ponnoe on yoa (a not-e 
of Wftming): emph. dujou-fa 
(£u5dc in Con. ftnd U., where 
the i ia pron. ti). See £uni. 

Cu^n^itce, a., ruioed, perished ; 
c. Leif in 6f'">*Ci perished with 
cold {Don.). 

CofnALAitn, -^il, imper. -ai\.,, 
Irnin, destroj ; ni cu^nAit cd 

5 tin, do not deatroj jonrself 
M by oold) {Don.). 
CuiCe (caibio), iadee. a., proper, 

bcooming, meet, fit, Memly, 

Coi6ejihait(cDiWe4iliflit), -ml4, 

a., deoent, becoming, fit. 
CuiAcdr (cui6*ear)i '^ir. "*■■ 

deoenc;, propriety. 
CuiCear^i (ctii&*eAr**)i -'''Se, a., 

diaoreet, judioions, inoderat«, 

tolerable (from cnifte, fit, 

proper) ; cAim go c, I nm fairly 




Cui6eir«*'p -■*■ /■ propriely, 
deoeuoy; state of being middling. 

CuiOtinn, -e, -)*e, /., a dispute, 
a contest ; a raoing match (also 

CmftLitintm, ui, -tmn, v. intr., I 
strive, vie with. 

Cuiftpeat, -fig, 'iiije, and -eaCa, 
m., a fetter, a manacle, a bond, 
a band ; a trammel-nat for 
fiahing (Eer.). 

Cuib|ie<knn, .tiinn, m,, partnership, 
association, company ; portion, 
shore, allowance ; a ooiich ; a 
room ; a tilled field ; a dale ; an 
enclosed piece of ground ; aj 
6t 1 JCUiCtieatin, drinking sup 
for sup; an r6 taitpea-D boij- 
fiein 1 scoibiieanti an ■oiabaiL 

CoitiiiSie, p. a., bound, fettered, 
tied, manacled. 

CoifttnuSat, -jiijie, «., act of 
binding, subjugating. 

CuiBre^'i coibreaCc. Set cult' 
e^r^t, cuifte^rotc. 

6oiCe, pron. combination of 3rd 
»ing. per. pr. with tnm, to her, 
for her (or it,/). See trim. 

euro, g. cooa, pi, ctyoata, cotifia 
and cotianna,/, portion, share, 
part, remnuit, some ; a meal, 
supper; a term of endearment; 
tioni t. p£in, tc my own share, 


i of 

them ; CDfo >oe 
eite, others ; an i. eite, the 
re«t; An t. if mi, most of ; cunj 
thait, a gocrf many ; c. liifir, a 
great part, a large portion ; a 
t. ■oe'n cfao^at, my share of 
the world ) (my love) ; a C, my 
love I an-£aiti, rather mnch, on 
excesaive thuv; mtiji-iuiT), a 
great part, a great deal. 

CniTibeaf , -&if , m., partnership. 

" " ' ~ /., company ( 

pe - - ■ 

title, together 

Cui-oeaCca, g. -car, d, -cam, also 
g. id., pi. id,, /., company, a 
Booial gatheriog; the word is 
somet. applied to a single in- 
dividual; cmtteaCca ihait if 
ea-i Comaf, Thomas is Tory 
agreeable in company; i jceax) 
6i>ti 3C,, begging your honours' 
pardon (in Jf. somet. cuiLeaiica). 

CuiT)ed£cain, -ana,/., act of help- 
ing, taking part with ; oompany, 

Cni'oeatruijim, -■oeaicatn and 
■oSa'o, V. tr., 1 accompany, 

Cmtiea'D, -TirA, ta., a help (also 

Curoea'Dai;, -*4iSe, a., aoxiliary, 

CuiTieo^, -otje, -oga, /., a hand 
(of help) (i>er). 

CufOiJim, -mja-o, vl. also conj- 
eaCcain, v. tr. and infr., I help, 


CuiTHsteifi. -tij, -tije, m., a 

Cuioijteoip, ■otiA, -oipi**. m., a 
helper, an abettor. 

Cui-Diuja-D, -ijte, TO., act of help- 
ing ; participation. 

Cuis. tndee. num., a., dva; na 
cuts miir, the five in cards (U.). 

Ciiis TJ^AJ, indec. num.,, a., fifteen. 

Coise, pronoro. combination of 
3rd nng. per. pr. maa. with 
6uni, to. For him, it (nuM.), for 
the purpose; ma\i ni, pAi6 r* 
asam 611156, becauae I hadn't 
it (for the purpoae) -, euije fi" 
DO rcpfoBar i, for that piirpOBe 
I wrote it ; t^KO, to him I wrote 
it; Cii'o (uije (aomet. cnije) P 

60156 (also tuis, ■oise, 'U15), 
with dot. = Cum ( U. and Con.). 

CiJise, /., aprovinoe. Seecai^e&ii. 

Ciiisea*, -51-6, -gi'oe, m., a fifth 
part, a provinoe ; one of tha five 
proyineea into which Ireland 
was onoe divided. 

Ciiisea*, indec. ord., fifth. 

Cniseaia*, -aij, ft. id., m., a 
provincial king. 

Cmgeaiaiar? ■'T. ""■> provincial 

Cuijeao Tjftas, indec. ord. num., 

CuijCiit, "Site, /., the part of 
the fliax spinning wheel round 
which the oombed flax ia pnt 
before spinning ; a diataff (also 
coiseit and coisioL). 

Cmsealat, -atg, -aige, m., a 
diataff, etc.; the flax or v^ool 
prepared for the cui^eat; a 
thin, tall peraon. See cui,^eat. 



-Sneafin, /., a churn (tht 
bente, not the vessel) ; ag 
Tj^anirt) coisinne, churning. 

Cuigeali, -tji, m., five [apiilied 
only to persons or personified 

CiiisleAil, -llA, /., oheatangi 

t ) Cfil 

acquiring mone; or goods by 

Impropriating in small qnanti- 

ties ; cheating by sleight of 

hand (from coisilc?). 
Ciiisteotni'ie, jr. id,, pi. --tte, m., 

a cheat ; one who appropriates 

in small quantities. 
Cuisrtiea*, a., fifth. See cni^eaTi. 
Cui5-iiiSap riluipe, f., common 

creeping cinque foil {potentSla 

Cfiis-ftirneat, -mje, a., pen- 

CdiL, -e, pL id., /., a horae-flr, a 

gnat ; cuiL i>att, a black flV, a 

Cult, -e, -ea£a,/!, a comer, nook ; 

a couch 1 a heap (a comer- full) ; 

ciiit oioin, a nook of shelter, a 

C01L fciiiLtri), -e, -eanna, /., a 
trout of brownish colour (also 
called caiL). 

CuiL, -e, /., great eagerness ; n&t 
mdfi an (nit aca aitt, how fleree, 
earnest, he looks ; cA cail ntdfi 
atji tarn na hoibtte, he sets very 
earnestly to work. 

Ciiit bpice, g. id., /., a cook's 

CuiLc, -e, .eaCa, /, a teed. 
Cti\\,ci,g. id., pi. -ci*e,/., aquilt 1 

a garment. See cuiLc. 
Cuitieann, -£inn, pi. id., m., the 

poll (of the head). 
CiiiteaS (prop. ciiiLceat), a small 

side room (or a sleeping apart- 

Ciiiteadc (ciSiLi'6eaCi;), -a, /., shy- 
ness (Con.) ; q/". cfltail.. 

Cniteaira, g. id,, /,, oompany, 
society (JT). See cuitieadr. 

Cmtean, -eiin, pi. id., ix., a wbelp, 
a dog. 

Coileann.-Linn, to., the holly-tree ; 
c, tapaiLL, a weed witli a tongh 
root ; c. cfid^a, a kind of sea- 
hotly ; c. tiaiOie, sandbox, sea- 

CuiL4aii, -*iti, pi. id., m., a quarry. 
See coijidaL. 

CiiiteatiAn, -am, pi. id., in., a 


Cntle4T«, -leifce, /., a borse, a 

Cail-£irC'S's<»!'i -Of^. -OlT"*Bi 

"" n eavesdropper. 

Cfiitf lonn, .inne, ji. id., /, * fair- 
haired, baudioiDe pereoa ; most 
ffener^y a fair ladj ; aa 
nir-haired, handiome. 

CutL-$eAttt>^'^> >"■• slander, baok- 

c£iL-£eA«|idini, -a-6, v. Ir., I back- 
bite, cammniate. 

Cuits-fearaih, -aiiti, m., a Btand- 
ing upright (as the hair, etc.). 

CtiiLijite, g. id., m., the inner 
sheaf of a com-staok ; tbe inner- 
most part of aDjthiQg. 

Cuitin, g. id., n>., the hair on the 
back of the head ; a fair-haired 
maiden ; a little field, a back 

CfiiL-tomp6i, -pDijte, m., aetof 
turning one's back ; retreat. 

Cutttt, -e, -lie, /., a fold, a turn, a 
plait, a rulSe ; the little ripples 
bounding the cnrreiit in the 
middle of a swollen stream or 
river (also cuiLi^te or cniLite). 

Ciiil.-lJArni'ie, g. id.,fi. -'ote, nt, 
one who pries into comers. 

CiJit-niiOTinu5d4, -m^ee, fl. id., 
NL, abjuration. 

Cuit'rtiionnuijim, -d Ja-6 and-na-o, 
V. (r., I abjure, 

CailtiAiTi, -e, -eAta,/., a backward 

CQiLfaiT>ed£, ■T>i£e, a., sequest- 

Cuit-]iiircrtiaii, -Aine, a., wild, 
lonely (of a place) (Don.). 

Ciii1>-feom]iA, m., a bed cllamber, 
a side closet. 

Cuit-f UimnDta-6, -oiSta, pi. id., 
in., a backsliding. 

Cuilc, -e, -Cdnna, /., a quilt, a 
covering ; cnfe-dBilc, a covering 
of clay (as tor the dead). 

CoilceAC, -eijB, «., an outside 

office attached to a house. 

Cuitcedijin, -^in, ji. id,, m., ua 

Cuimeiii, -e, a,, neat, well- 
arranged, proportionat* ; brief. 

Coirtim,/., memory, remembrance, 
recollection; ip c. liom, I re- 
member, recollect. 

Cnimi|i. Set caimeifi. 

Cnimtitn (cuimitiin), id. coimiLc, 
c. Ir. and intr. (with tie), I mb, 
chafe, touob, slroke, wipe, grind 
between the palms ; with le, 
I touch, meddle or tampei 

Cuimtinj, -Leansa, /., a oombat , 
act of contending. 

Ca\mnt, g, id,, /., memory, remem- 
brance, i«aollecti on; acommeniD' 
ration ; a. raemoriai ; cuimne ■oo 
6eic ap, to remember. 

CDiibnea6, -ni£e, a,, mindful, 
consoions ; ij- c. tiom, I remem- 
ber ; 6h\ c. leif, a« long as he 
remembered (Dim.). 

Coimneatan, -ain, pi. id., m., a 
memorial, a keepsake, a memo- 

Cuiiimigiin, vt. -lu^ai, and -tieAtti 
or -nea*,/u(. cnirfineofia'o,, 
I remember, recollect, bring 
memory to bear on (a-p) ; 1 
think of (af ). 

Caiiiiiii$£eaC, -ti^e, a., recording, 

Coiihnijfceoili, -Ofa, -oijii-6e, m., 
a recorder, a chronicler. 

CoiihnioS^*, -ijte, m.. 

ring ; memory ; a c( 

Cmmtiiorc, -a, m,, a rabble. 
Cuimfe, g. id,, /., a 
of aim ; a mark, a hit ; modera- 

i., aimlessly, uselessly ; a tnck 
{Gork) ; ar c, ertraordinary, 
unusual, beyond imagining ; bi 
c. naoine ann, there was a good 
crowd there {Con,). 

Coimfead, -pg, n., power. 

CDimreae, -fise, a., proportioned 


t» stfMigth ; modents, middling; 
ajming well, unerring ; saitable. 
Cnimredt, -f'Se, a., mighty, 

CoimriSim, -iu Jji«, V. Ir., I hit (e 


; fit; 

Cmmrijceoiti, -OI14, -oip-oe, m., a 
person of imemng aim, a good 
shot ; an adapter, a moaeurer. 

Cuifi5, -e, pi. id., /., a yoke ; a 
bond, a duty ; obligation j 
solicitation ; entreaty j a zone ; 
a, swingle-tree (in ploughing) ; a 
beam aorosa a house ; c. SiioOai*, 
a raligionB vow ; c. pdja, a 
marriage dntj; c. ^n muineil., 
the throat. 

Cnins-Cedn^dt, -dil, pi. id., m.. 

Cnifi^ea'6, -51^, m., a, requisition, 
petition, request (more common 
ID the compound AtCutn^e). 

Cumseat, -Sit, •&, m., a yoke, 3, 
boud ; a pair of beasts tied 
together ; c. cao|ia£, a pair of 
sheep yoked ; c. satafi, a pair 
of goats tied togetbar. 

Cnmse^lat, -aig, -iije, m., a 
bond. Set cumsedL. 

Coinsim, -sea*, v. tr., I desire, 
request, demand. 

Comciii, "Speafi, -jpeifta, /., a 
yoke, a pair ; two animals yoked 
together ; a team ; AZi mo 
Anin^iti 5an fiM, my team are 
without grass {MeD.). 

Coin5)He, g. id., pi. -pi-Oe, m., a 
coupler, a yoker, 

'=""l'r'';;.'#wB^ "■■■ ' 

. ,ayoli 

couple joined t 

getbor; cmnslejn apAt, t? 

aaaes yoked together, etc. 

Cninsjieat. See cuinKip. 

CDinic£At<, -^if, pi. id., m., a ra 

bit burrow; a rough, nnovi 

Cuintn, 3. irf.,p(. -i*e, m., a rabbit. 

Cuimofin, -itine, /, the nostrils. 
Comiornaft, -aije, a., hai-ing a 

prominent nose. 
Cuinne, g. id., pi, -ni-6e, /, an 

angle, a corner ; a gallery, 
CumneaC, -niSe, a., liaring oor- 

Cuitineat tflmpe, /, hog's taper, 
ladv's foxglove ; also a red clotb 
tied to a oow'b tail after calvinz 

Cutnneos. -oije, -05^,/, a chum, 
a pail ; the vessel in which the 
cuijeonti is made, 

Coinneos, -oije,/., wild angelica. 

Cuinre, g. id., pi. -p-oe, m., a pro- 
■ ■ competency ; a trick, 

a plan ; ingenuity ; cdinfe tr 
TdtArii r^Oji, competency and 
free land {song). 

mreaiiiail,, -Sili, a., ingenious, 
Cuip, -e, /., froth, foam, spume. 

cooper; cuipiaj" (■''<'")i cfiip- 
ja|ia (Con.). 

Cuijic, -e, -i*e, /., a cap or coif; 
a crest, a tiip-knot ; also a tuber 
or tumour ; a knife, a whittle ; 
alFo cope. 

Coif ceos, -oije, -05a, /., a cone 
on its base ; a beehive ; a atook 
of turf (of corn, Con.) ; also 
cjioiceos and cuitticeo^. 

Cuijiea'6, g. •pi*, jrf. -pi'6e, m., aot 
of inviting, an invitation, a bid- 
ding; 43 cup cuipi'b opm, 
beckoniug to me ; ,13 caftaipc 
ipti!> 'Aam, inviting me. 

fortable ; bean iuipeJLta, a 
tidy neat woniao. 
CuipeiLcaiic, -4, /., curiosity, 

Cutpeac, !»., tho knave of cards 


cm ( '. 

<.l.ii ip, I., cDitieACA) ; in Con., 

C;»a ij'eoiiafic, ■&,/., not of tilling 

4>he land {Don.). 
Oiaipiilca, tndM.a., curioos; nice, 

snug (also cail<eALcA), 
C^miiicre, indee.a., having tumoure, 

Coifii'oeatc, -a. /., state of being 
arable ; act of tilling ; kIem 

Cotf itiin, g. id,, pi, -i-6e, m,, naked 
horse-tail, equisateum /otiis 
nvdvm; c. bin, common wild 

avAit (Don.). 
Ctiit<tm, vl. cn^t, intjier. cuip, v. tr., 
I pnt, place, fix, sand, applj; 
it ui n*ed largely in connection 
with pr^t. whioh limit its 
meaning; with ^f before in- 
direct object to do good or harm 
to a person or thing, to ask qiiea- 
tiooi tif, to send /or ; to put 
hinderiog, delaying, trembling, 
favours, etc., on one, ,i. to 
binder, dclaj, make tremble, 
Bto. i fiof no 6uf aif, to send 
for him ; comAOin -do £D|t diji, 
to confer a benefit on him ; 
eA^tA ■oo tof af, to make 
afraid ; ei^cdt-ti t)o tn^ a^, 
to wrong ; maitL tjo Con ''f ■ 
t« delay ; no eun Ap Cai-pue, 
to put off : Tio fiu ;i ap cjiii, 
to make tremble ; r-a tuji aji 
jciit, to put BHide, to post- 
pone ; with Af it denotes to 
put a person or tiling out of a 
place or position, to emit a crj, 
etc,, T)o ioip j-6 LiuS i,r, he 
uttered a cry ; cof ap lonin, to 
dislocate ; i no tv-par AtAtAiii, 
to eject him from his land ; with 
ne, to put away from one's self, 
to emit, to take from another; 
cuif (an bfitai.) uioc, be off; 
often with r^ojjl,, etc., omitted, 
as Aci r^ AS cnji pe 50 mdit, 
he is getting on well ; azi [^ A5 
cnp dtluir -oe, he is perBpiring; 
with fa, to put something under 
or biuding on a perBon or tJiiog, 

) CUI 

to pat a perton or thing under 
protection, etc. ; cufi fi Com- 
Aipce, to put under protection 
of ; ojiCfltt ■oo io]! pa, to put a 
fetter on, to fetter; with 1, to 
trust, hope in, take interett in, 
desire a person or thing; piim 
-oo taji 'fan cfAogAt, tohaaker 
after worldly things or life, also 
in phrases like cup 1 scfiitL, 
I n-niiidit T>6, to remind him, to 
givp him to nnderatand; cdii i 
bpei-^m, to put to use ; — 1 leit, 
to impute ; — 1 ■ocAircrt, to itore 
up ; with 6, to hinder from get- 
ting a thing, to pttt one out of 
a poeitdoD, inheritance, etc. ; cun 
6 OffyieAtr, to put oat of inheri- 
tance; wo Cui]i f6 licip uaii, 
he sent a letter (from him) ; with 

), the sending vriih 01 


r means 

money with him, or by 1 
cailt fUT) Leif, prop it up, add 
something to it, exaggerate; 
with ftoi^, to put a tasK b^ore 
one, to determine on a tjiiug; 
with cf 6, to mingle one thing 
with another ; with nm, cuititm, 
umAm, I put on (of clothes) ; 
with adverb, cup t^op, to get 
down; cup amut, to oviot, to 
put forth; cnji rnAf ''"i *o 
tolerate ; I bniy, sow (seed), 
plant; A5 cufi fx^r ^f> prevent- 
ing ; of the weather, ca f4 a^ 
cnp fsAcA ; it is freezing; ti f* 
AC cu;! f eAptAniiA, it is rainiug 
(shortened to ci f* ^S ^^T>' •" 
North and West, and not used in 
M.); nf 'Si trip teo 6, "not judg- 
ing them," they are not to be 
envied (said of peraons guilty of 
some unworthy deed) ; cuip 1 
5Cir. supposing ; cop 1 jcfat, 
to pretend (ilon.); an CpuiL m* 
A5 cup Af '°"'^ P am I putting 
you to inoonvenienoop {Con.), 
CD)ti{n, g. id,, pi. -i-6e, m., a can, a 
small pot ; a small creel or shal- 
low bMket. 



Cuiptifin, ■liin,fiI.Hi., m.,aciir1 

Cuitim, -e, -eoto, /., a. bind of ale 
formerly used by the Iriah ; a 
feast or banquet. 8te co|<m. 

CuinmeaC, -mije, a., po;tiiiiUDg U 
ale J festive. 

CuiiiiniSini, -1054TI, 11. tr., I foiflt, 

a, /, Fourb^ip, 

Cuiiineon, -Bam, pi. id., m., 

head of a pin ; a brooch, a 

ringlet; a aniaU heap. 
CuitineAiiAi, -Aige, a., abauuding 

in ringlets (of the hair). 
Cui]iTiin, g. id., fl. -I'Ae, m., a amall 

vessel, a little eoblet. 
Cuitinln, a. id., pT -i-6e, m., a mass 

of ringlets ; a dewdrop ; a drop 

of sweat ; a pin's bead ; a little 

groin of an vtbing. 
Cniiipte, inae«. a., vicious (also, 

cnifitpe, cnippe, etc.). 
Cuijipceat, -cije, a., corrupt, 

viciooa, wicked; as suis., a 

wicked person. 
CuijipteaCc, -A, /., corruption, 

vice, vqluptnousnasB. 
Cuiupceoip, -ojia, -oiin-oe, m., a 

corrupt or wicked man. 
CuitifieacAC, -Ai£e, a., deformed. 
Ciiiiic, -e, -eannA. f., a court, a 

palace, a royal residence ; a 

mansion; a law-court; a yard. 
Cat)ite, p. nee., to be put, put off, 

d^yed. ; also cuttc4. See cuf . 
Ciiipcedtiiail, -ihtd, a., courlty, 

courteous, gallaut. 
CiiifceaiTitiCu, -4, /., oourtUness, 

oonrtesj, gallantry. 
CiiifciAii-jCc, --J, f., act of court- 
ing, wooing; ci fS 45 c. Iti, be 

is oourtingher. 
Cui|<u£ir. -e, /, courtesy, oere- 

Cuipceire^i, -pje, o., courteous, 

Cuipceire^ec, -4, /, coortsay, 

courtliness ; act of courting. 
Cnifceos, -0156, -05a, /., a kind 

of oup (O'N.). 
Cuiitceoif, -Ofa, -oipi^e, m., a 

courtier ; a suitor, a wooer. 
Ctii]iteoi|i, -ottdj -oitii'6e, Bi., an 

CilifceoitiedCr, ■ 

Coittcin, g. id., pi. -tie, nt., s 
curtein ; in pl„ bsd-cnrtains. 

See cpoicin. 

Coir, -e, -eanni, gfl. -einn, /., a 
cause, case, matter, affair, cii- 
ODiastance, business ; reason. 

Cuire, g. id., m., a kind of grass or 
weed ; c. Aitp, alpine meadow- 
grass ; c. coiCcedmail, reed-like 
meadow-grass ; c. japC- j^rAfi, 
rough • stalked meadow - grass ; 
c. curiiATij-ioitLeaft, narrow- 
leaved meadow-grass ; c mlon- 
^ariiA, smooth -stalked meadow- 
grass; abL.iA'6.»ncdni«il.,annual 

COTOC, rag-wort ; c. f lonn, wall- 

Cnirl-e, -Leinn, -Leanna, /., a 
vein, a pulse, an artery, a 

Sipe ; the blood ; the arm ; 
iarrhipa; c. m lifisr*, c. na 
■oiime, tbe well or fount of the 
muses ; a term of endearment ; 
c, mo itioioe, 7C.; c. nibeica'o, 
the great artery, called also dn 
t. iii6]i ; ca laj^iiaftc T>e fiuij-- 
linn 011m, I have an attack of 

Cuiftead, -Lije, a,, veined ; like a 
vein or artery. 

CoifLednnad, -ai^e, a., having 

Cuij-Leanna*, -iig, -ai^e, m., a 
piper, a fifeo', an organist. 

CuifLeoiit, -011a, ■oijU'oe, m., a 
profeesional btood-lctter. 

Cuirne, g. id., m., frost, ice, cold ; 
a haze iu warm weather (Aran) ; 
a, frost mist, a fog in frosty 
weather (M.) ; sloot. P. O'C. 
gives the following fanciful deri- 
vation for this word ; — Cuir"* 
is formed by suiiixitig the ter- 
mination -tie to pac {g.d., 
f loc) inverted ; c. reaca, an 

Cuirneai, -ntSe, a., treoiiing. 


CU1 ( i 

Ctiirnea*A<l', -ihti, a., icy, chilly, 
cold ; cii r£ c., it is chiUj. 

Cuifi jitn, -mji*, V. (r. and inft"., 
I freeze, I oongeaL 

Cuirnigte, ivdec. p. a., frozen. 

Ciiire, g. id., /., memory, recollec- 
tion; "interview"; i -orurmo 
6uire, in the beginning of my 
life (Dm.)- 

Cuiceai, -ciS, -n Je, m., a requital, 
a denial, a rofusnl. 

CDiceJiA, -Cite, a., retribative ; 
even with. 

Cdired£, a., mindful, remember- 
ing ; If c. Liom 6, I remember 

CniteaL, -cil, pi. id., m., the 
cuttle-fiah {Ker.). 

Ciiiceam, -iih., m., a recompense; 
a retribution ; act of giving 

money {Con.). 

CiiiciSim, -loJiiTi and -cearii, v. (r., 
I requite, repay, reward (with 
ace. of the thing requited, and 
le with dot. of person requited} ; 
I weigh, coniider ; aj cop ij- ag 
cuiredifi, weighing carerally 
the proa and ootiB. 

Cuitm, adv., when. See cdtain. 

Ciiicinga*, -ijte, ; 

geance, requital. 
Cut, g. cmt, pi. id., m., the back; 
the back part of anything; the 
bock of the head, the poll ; a 
head of hair; a guard ; a re- 
■erve; ciit biiiie, a reservB tor 
defence; eeap cuil, a man at 
one's back, m a defence ; ri 
ax., at the back of; ap sciit, 
behind, backwards, in the rear, 

K 'irately ; 45 Dut flp «uL, 
lining going back, deteri- 
orating; cup Ap 5cuti to put 
back, to put aside, to abolish, to 
postpone; ag out 1 nmaio A 
£iiiL, going backwards (of physi- 
cal motion) ; vo pig f£ an a 
£utaib d bdite i, he took her 
home seated behind him on 
horseback ; ciil cinn, reserved 

) Cflt 

force; ni't ciiL cinn agam, I 
have notliing to fall back on 
(Oer.); ap tal aiinn, flat on 
his baok ; nl'l f lof ai^e aCc 
oipeav Le cat a finn, he knowa 
nothing at all; c^L-^eappCaf, 
a spectator who prompts at 
card-playing ; ciil lism, a de- 
fence in ditEcnlty; a paCa'o 
amat cdt fi'S'i te Iiafa, who 
would so forth running to 
stand defence in a difficult post 

(Om.). ; I 5c^L t>o tinn, bebind 
your head. Set 01)165. 

Cotai*, g. id., and cuLa*. pi. 
■eaCa and -Icata, m. and /., a 
■nit of clothes ; a robe, a dress; 
Attire, apparel ; sacred vest- 
ments ; c. an dirpinn, the vest- 
ments used at Mass (a form of 
asseveration) : c. fie, an oil- 
skin suit (used in fishing) (Ker.); 
c. capailt, horse trappicRB. 

Ciitaiite, g. id., /., a backward 
nook ; the chops ; the throat. 

tongue cleaves to my mouth 

Cot^n, id., m., a lane; a 

back comer or angle ; a rood (of 

land) (52^). 
CuL^nra, iniUc. a., shy, bashful, 

timid, retiring. 
CiiL baipe, g. M., m., a reserve, a 

SDsl-keeper ; a chief man to be 
epended on; a "strong back." 

CuL-boc, -Buic, pi. id., m., a buck, 
a he-goat; prop, col-boc. 

CuL-boc, n., the first blow struck 
after a goal in hurling (Don.). 

CnL-bpu§a*, m., a crushing, a 
trampling, a violent pressing 
from the rere. 

CiiL'iainim, -nea*, v. tr., 1 back- 
bite, slander. 

CdL-iAmea-fi, -nte, m., act of 
book biting. 

Cut-fiainnc, -e, -eanna, /., back- 
biting, detraction, a slander- 

Cot- tain nee aft, -cije, a., back- 
biting. . - 

cai ( s 

Cdt.-^innceot|<, at., » badlbiUr, k 

C6L-eoiiiiiAt>, -im, ■ id., 

m., » t«argiunl; a letroqieotioD. 
CaL-tjuor, m., the back port of 

tlia mouth. See c|ULor. 
Cat-4(r|ur. !«■, a back .door; 

TiopAc cfiiL, iii. 
CaL-tAbAim, -^olL, o, tr., I idopt. 
CnL-jAitim, -AiiniA, /., tjie act of 

CoLliAf, -at$, pi. I'rf., m., a boar ; 

often applied to the foreigners ; 

rtaA-tn\.\M:, a wiLl boar. Ste 

Cat-todCA, m., a side loft ; a 

back kit (also cuL-Ioca). 
CoLldro, coIIAitmaA. Set caLI- 

CaL-ihoCAttie, g. id., pi. ■pi'oe, m., 

C0L65, -(Sige, -65A, m. or /., the 
riding behind another [aa od 
horoebaok) ; one who rides be- 
hind another on honebaok (the 
foremost rides Aft rcAnA-6 5AO- 
tfis, the other Af cul,65) ; ft 

Cntpoc, -pDic, pi. id., m., a he- 

Kost (also col-boo). 
Cal-^oc, !»., (he goal-keeper's 

stroke (also poc cuiL). See 

Cnl'tiAVAtiCAA, -Ai^e, a., oiToam- 
spMt. ouvetona. 

CtitCA£A4, -Ai*, pi. id., m., a 
backing, a support, a redoubt, ft 

Cnttii£ini, -n^A'A, v. trUr., I re- 
cede, retire ; I " beck water " in 

Cum (uo-fium), prep., with gea. 
(io pTODom. oombinat., £u5Ani, 
CoSac, toije, m., Cuifie, /., 
«D5Ainn, 6U3A1T), batA; also 
eujAm, etc. ; in Jtf. the 5 is 
silent, except rarely in poet., 
and the sound is tuc, etc.; in 
Con. and U. the scDnd is hD^ac, 
Bte.)> to, towards ; after no- 
tioDS of motion ; eotAr torn t>o 
tije, a knowledf^ of the way to 

. thy house; 05 lompoo £uni 

: ) CUlA 

ceAinpBill,, Inniiog orer to the 
(Proteetant) chnrob ; often vnt, 
tarn An EobAip for TMi'n cobAf , 
etc. ; to express purpose : t>o 
£nAi4 ri Ainaf £ain FeA|t do 
CAini;, he went out to cut hay; 
when 6biii govenu a clause in- 
cluding a vtrbal, M here, the 
subject of the vl. is more genly. 
in ace., though turn ^iif t>o 
CAitic is permissible; in pAri. 
like tial, tarn pume n5 cpJte 
■66, to be of profit or advantage 
to him; 6ain5l,<5i't<e'0£,forthe 
glory of God. 

Cnm, g. CBim, m., form, body, 
waist ; a valley, a glen, a h<d- 
low. &ecom. 

CemA, g. id.. 111. cumuA, /., form, 
shape, appesronce, Ugure ; way, 
state or oondition ; ft figure, a 
model, a pattern ; Aft Aon iuniA, 
in any CAa^ ; cumA no Oeic Ap 
■Doine, to be io trim ; tii't cpoc 
riA cumA Aip, it is entirely mis- 
shapen ; tii't corn* tiA ■oftanAiii 
At]T. id.; CA cuind nA f'a|1- 
cAnna Aifi, it looks like ram 

CumA, a., mdiflferent, squftl, all 

>D<c, you thoidd not aaxi 
o afiair of yours, also it 
une to you ; ip c. e, it m 

a gift, a 

CoriiA, g. id., pi. -rt' 
rew^, ft bribe. 

CoriiA, g. id. and cuiiiA-d, pi. -I'oe 
{nam. often cuniA-6), m., sorrow, 
melancholy, loneliness, lamenta- 
tion, grief; CA c. 011m, I regret 
(something Inst, gone or absent); 
A5 TJ^AnAni cuiTiA'6, lamenting; 
mo AuiiiA, atoB ; home-siokness 
(Dor.); noya- CUmAio [U. and 
Con.) (pi. also-fl'DCAandj. -Ai*). 

rowful, mournful, plaintive, 
woful, doleful. 
CnmAfc, -A, /!, power, might, 


curii ( i 

CuihflCca, g. id., m, (prop. pi. of 

cum die), power, might, outho- 

rit;, >treDgtb. 
Cnihaicdi, -iij, -Aije, m,, a 

mighty person. 
CnitiAtcAC, -Ai^e, a., powerful, 

mighty, influential, command- 

■., I empower 


CuifiA^cdiH, -litiA, ■6it"'6e, m., a 
commiaaioner ; a person en- 
tniBted with oredentiaU Bnd 

CurtiA-b, -mi&, III. id., m., (Mt of 
farming, deviaiug, ahapiiig, 
making ; form, model, pattern 
(ciinio-o, jtf.). 

CUTna'o6iii| -6(14, -6ipi-6e| m,, one 
who lorms ; a framer ; a 
fashioner ; a romancer ; an in- 

CumA'odit<ed£c, -a, f., invention, 

device, formation. 
Cumoitim. -Lc, ». ir., I touch 

(with tie) i wipe, mb. S(» 

CamiiLs, 'e, /., a wiping off, a 
touobing. Set cnimtlc. 

Cumaiin, ■i.'t, v. Ir., I frame, com- 
pose, shape, form, devise, make, 
fix ; ±nm r4 AihgiAn, he com- 
posed a aong ; cnmAim {II.). 

CumAin^e, g. vl., /., norrownesa, 
straightneas, (dosenesa, tight- 
ness; diatresa, difficulty; cnm- 
ainseatc, id. 

CumAiti. -e, <■., short, brief. Su 

Cumaij^im, -cea-o, andinlr., 
I mix, I compouiid ; Xa have 
oamal intercourse with (Le). 

Cum4ircce, iiidec.p. a., compound, 

CumAt, -AiLe, -A, /., obedience, 
Bubjeotioo; a hiLndmaid, female 
slave; c. Cui-oe, in phr., 50 
■oci An fiuiiiAl, buiBe, to the 
backbone [Der.) ; a hood, a cowl. 

CuiiiaL, -Alt, pi. id., m., a fine, a 
mulct; rcaUtution, reparation, 
atonement for trespaaa ; the 
cnibAt varied in qnantity. 

CaibAlVA, indw. a., belonging to a 

servant or bundswoiuan. 
Cum Alb Alt, -thLA, a., comely, 

CDifiAn^, -Ainje, /., power, 
strength, abihty; a oomer; a 
narrow neck of water. 

CoibAtis, -411150, a., narrow, slen- 
der, contracted, tight, tigbtly 

CnihAngAiffl, -Ai, tf. Ir., labridge, 
I narrow, confine, reduce. 

CoihAnsari -*'rr "-. entroaching ; 
act ol enorooohiog ; as c. ai]!, 
enoroaching on him ; also A3 
■Dfianaib cufhansAir aiti. 

CntbanslAt, a Don. form of 
CBiTiAti5iiAt, which He. 

Cflihan^iiat, -aije, a., olose- 

CDriiAnstiAfi, -Alt, nt., ■ preaa ; a 
difficulty; a haid plight; a 
tight hold. 

CaihAn5tia£i;, -a, /., ptesBore, 

CothAnsui^im, .5A*, v. tr., I nar. 

ComAnn, g. -ainn, fl. id., m^ 
affection, love; a term of en- 
dearment ; le^pie, societv ; a 
lot ; acquaintance, fellowship. 

CnmennaC, -Aifc P*. id-i «., a 
friend, a companion ; f eo 
rLftirce mo iumAnnaiJ, hera'l 
to the health of my friend. 

CnmannAA, -Aige, a., amiable, 

CnmAoin, -e, jJ. id,, /., favour, 
conimunioD ; fellowahip ; an ob- 

Cnmap, -Aip, pi. id, and cuuifiA, 
n., a cavo, a ravine, a valley ; 
the coincidence of a chain ot 
hills with low lands, hence a 
tract consisting of highlands 
and ^'alleys ; a promontory, a 
dale ; the confluence ot rivers, 
as CumA^ nA vCf i nUifcc, tbe 
conQuence of the three rivers 
(Suir, Nora, Barrow). 

Cu mAfiA, /., a «ea dog. Set 


la and vtktleyi. 

Cnmap-Jfi (cumpdi), -ait pi. id., 
m., a plaoe fall of Mlla and 
valleya ; on inhabitant of auch 
a place, hence comaiiaiS, people 
dwelliiig in a place full of hilla 
and volleys. 

Curndf, -dir. ">.■ atrength, power, 
ability, faculty ; leave, indulg- 
ence ; ni't r* ■''r ""o '■> I ^^ 
not able to do it, I have it not 
in my power. 

Conw.r'Jt, -atie, a., atroiig, pow- 
erful, oapaDle ; good-looking ; 
t^. the phrase cDrndr^d sL^n, 
applied to persons of good looka; 
ir c. iji fAX) map ■o^ibpij CO, 
you have worked splendidly. 

Comafc, -aifc, pi. id., m., a com- 
pound, a oonfectioD, a miitnre, 
a dontention ; act of blending, 
miimg, compounding. 

Cumarcaim, -ai), v. tr. and tnir., 
I mix, mingle; noite (with Le). 

CuriiTiflt, -■oa.\%, -aije, m., act of 
covering, keeping, screoning \ 
dofence; cover; roof; guidance, 
protection ; dye, paint, varniah; 
an omamenttu book-case ; cov- 
ering ; thatch. 

CuiViTiafi, -iiise. (^-i omaraenta!. 

Cum-DU 151111, --DflC, V. tr., I keep, 
preserve, defend, save, cover, 
clothe, roof a building, thatch a 

Cumnoitce, p. a., preserved, 
chaseiir oovered, bumiahed, well- 
wrought; fenced. 

CumsaC. -aiS, -aige, m., difficulty, 
straits, hindrance, trouble ; a 
atnmbling block. ^eectntiAns-iii. 

Cnmotirap, -av^i t^i., a comparison, 
rivaliy, contest, Smcomfxf^iiX- 

CumpUtc, -a, /., a company, a 
band of followers; a family; 
a crew, a gang. 

CniiiTia, indt.c. a., fragrant, aweet, 
often an epithet of a man or 
chief ; genly. pron. ciipta. 

Comjiat. Set comifat. 

CuitijiiCc, -a,/., tragranoe, Bweet- 

Cumnai-deaCc, -a, /., an appari- 
tion ; appearance ; 1 5c. 'OBine, 
in the sbape of a man. 

Cumjiaise, /., protection. .See 

CD1T111O3, -6156, ■65a, /., an opple- 

Cniiifana'o, -nca, ni., act of rest- 
ing, repose. 

Cum fan aim, -ai6, v. I'lilr., I rest, 

Cunircu^a'D, -ui^e, in., aat of 
sbakiug ; marching ; joumey- 

CoihrcuiSim, -ii§a*, v. intr., I 

ring, ahake. 

Cunircui5ce, p. a., well shaken. 

Camrcacai-oe (pi.), m., tricks or 
plana; ip asac aci rra cum- 
fcacaiie, what a trickster you 

Comta, P.O., shaped, formed, well- 
siiaped, handsome; ■oeag-C, well- 
shaped, shapely; ciimta, {M.) ; 
in U. <yFten pronounced cumpa. 

Cumta^, -ai^e, a,, forming, shap- 
ing, devising. 

Cumuitim, 'U^a*, o. tr., I frame. 

Can, the ordinary pronunciation 
of Com, and aometimea the writ- 
ten form. See ftum. 

Cunabtai, -aij.pi. irf., m., a car- 
cass, carrion ; a lazy corpulent 
person ; a skeleton. 

Cunat, -aii, -ai^e, m., dodder; 
anything overdned, as poor hay, 

bed ornest. See dn\,iif:. 
Ciinattce, ind^e. a., famished as 

by cold (Don.). 
Cunariicat, -aite, a., cross, angry 

(J)on.) ; no donbt =conFa-6a6. 
CunsaLat (constaft), -aij, -aige, 

and -ata, m., yokes, bonds ; 

cor^Lafia creitpeaC, swinge 

trees, plough and grappling 

chains (Don). 
Cutijancat, -aije, a., helpful, 

ready to help (also con^ancaft). 
Cursantdir, -lilia, -oipi-oe, m., 

an assistant (alao consancdip). 
Consniitjim, -Tiaiii, v. tr., I hold. 

See conjOaim.,.,..i.,GtX)glc 


a ; Btnbble 

Cdntad, -Aij, m., 

Cflfinaill, -e, a., tidy, tight, well. 

gathered togeUier ; P. O'C. gives 

aa meaning, wise, prndeut, dii- 

creet (hia spelling is cnnndiL). 
ConnAiL1,-6o4c, -oiCce, o., poor, 

miBCTftble, very depressed. 
CanntderAim, ^. cvnntAtc, v. tr., 

I hold, oollect, concentrate ; c/'. 

fii teit tio btmc aic mAji ft^Tt- 

Cnnncdipm, -eaij-, «. If., I reckon, 
count up ( U.). 

an account, » bill ; a description ; 
li dn fnnnCAif, the (by of 

CanrdCan, -iin, pi. trf., »., a miser, 
a oloee-fiated person ( v. Ker.). 

Cnnr^S, -iise, -65a, /., a nest of 
hemey-bees, in mosa or loose 
grass at the side of fences, while 
cAldTh6c is a nest of hODey-beea 
embedded in the ground. 

CufiraBaific, -^fta, /., danger, 
doubt, perplexity. See coti- 

Cuncd-l^, -Atf, m., a shop counter 
(also cnncouc). 

Ccp^ti, -iiin, pi. id., m., » cup; 
cnpA, id. (also copati). 

CupLa, g. id., jrf. -me, nt., a 
couple, A pair, twins ; a few ; 
the bMins joined in pairs that 
form a roofing. 

Cdpta*, -atSe, a., doable- plaited 
(of the hair], couple-like. 

Cupl.ui$.in, -Lnja*, v. tr., I 
couple, pair, join together. 

Cup65, -iije, -65a, /., dock 
(weed) ; cnpfig foiin andcupoj 
^a0|i are varieties of this weed ; 
copfi^ tjiiorcaiii, ft leaf of sea- 
weed 1 a leaf. See cupds- 

Cup6s rf ai'oe, /., dock-leaf (^so 
bite 05 rr^™*)- 

Cup, g. caipte and copta, m., act 
of putting, etc, ; a putting 
away, a banishing ; as cuji 
Fea|icanTia, raining (P. 

CUJI feaca, freezing ; the se 
}r olamp in a riok 

r load 

turf sods (r.); ci mo Croitle 

as CBf ottin, I have ft heart 

ache. Set cnitiim. 
CDtia£ na cuaiie, /., the flower 

blue bottle; small-leaved hell- 

flower; campanula. 
cujia*, -ai*, pi. id., m., a warrior, 

cess to yon ; cuiia-6 a Citoi*e ap 
an bp6ra'6, oonlonndthe marry- 
ing {S, n.) ; cdfa* &f an 
bpoictn reo, woe betide this 
poteen (Miaih) ; perhaps = 
CDtiaiceat, ^cije, a., scabby, 

(poria of UlHer and 

CDpaiieai, --iije, a., ohiviJrotui, 

brave, manly. 
Cnjiai'oeae, --diJ, pi. id., m., a 

Cupaiieaec, -a, /., a sowing, a 
planting, a setting ; aimrif 
na cujiai'deatEa, sowing-time j 

Ciipam, g. -atm, pi. id. and -aiie, 
nt., oare, thought, charge, pro- 
vision, office, employment; oon- 
oem, interest, responsibility ; 
ra r* im' Cu(iain, he cares for 
me (ironically) ; an riifia-o mo 
iiiiiam, through the greutnees 
of my respoosibUities [Don.). 

Ciipamaf, -aite, a., careful, pi 
dent, thoughtful ; ziftciji&m- 
at aije, ne is careful of "■ 

Cufar^n, -am, pi, id., m., a milk- 

Cu^iaca, indee. a., courageous, 
valiant, hnightly, heroic, gal- 
lant, brave ; often written 

CoiiacaCc, -a./., heroism, bravery, 

courage, valour. 
Cuticaf , -ai^e, a., nnkempt, having 

buahy hair [CN.). 


cun ( i 

Cuficd^, -Aic, pi. id., nt., a sand- 
piper (a bud). 

Cujicair, -e, /., hair ; bulrashes ; 

Cap-FafdC, -aij, m., a poor crop of 
corn, not worth cutting and left 
on th« field {Con.). 

Cuii-tdlAn, -k\n, pi. id., nt, a 
bagket, a bailer. 

Cuji-ti, Di. (Bomet./.), a sharp point; 

a well, a founta' 

I, heU ; 

oanvaa. (Good MSS. of Kea., 

F.F., Bpell this word copaC.) 
Copt^ift'i. -J'l", P'- id., m., a skiff, 

a little boat, a oanoe (so mot. 

Cuppn'o Cdi|ir, m., a oart a shaft. 
Curr^p g-id.,ii.-i-te, m., a course, 

of life ; a round ; an event, an 
adventure; a race-course ; cu]i- 
parte Ml crioSdit-, the ways 
-' " - -orld; c. 

of the world 

Cfirra, g. id., pi. -rte, m., a reef in 
a sail; cnip irceat c, put a 
reef in the sail {Mayo) ; coti in 

Cupr'^^i -a<£e, a., given to travel- 
ling ; wandering ; vagrant ; 
journeying, marching. 

Cipr"'S'",-"S^*, •■»■■. I «om«. 
traverse, put in ranks or rows. 

Cuprdip, -ojii, -iifi'De, m., a 
oouiser, a oruiser, a messBager. 

CulicA, indec. p. a., put, aent, 
despatched ; buried ; sown (as 
seed); cufiti ■oiotn, put over 
me, accomplished. 

Cufpa, S' w.i pl- -arte, m., an 
example, a model ; a great per. 
BOP (tron.); ir cu an Curp4 
asamn, what a fine fellow j-ou 

Cuppdifi, -ixt^, -iiiirte, m., an 

object, an aim ; ideal ; a model. 

Cure, g. cuifc, m., the skin, the 

Cuf^aitie, g. id., pi. -frte, m., a 
tanner, a skinner. 

I ) Vi 

Cnrc^uin, -viTnipt. id.,m., a custom. 

« peaba-6 on tuj-cuim (Uonii- 
eftofJA Mac Airt 0'Ket£e) ; ceaft 
(C15) an £ufcuim, the onstom- 

Cutai, -aij, nt, madness, rage. 

Cucai, ■atje, o., bob-tailed. 

Cucart. -e, -te, m., a short stump j 
c. plopa, a "cutty" pipe. 

Cutaij, a. igl. of cutat), furious, 
mad, fierce. 

Cu^Ait. -e, a., bashful, modest, 
timid ; bumbled, brought low. 

CdtaiLe, g. id.,/., modesty, bash- 
fulness ; cuiaiteafc, ia. 

CiifcaiLeaCc, -a, /., bashlulness, 
modesty, timidity. 

Coratcari -air, m., baahfulneSB 

CiicatiLan, -am, pi. id., m., any 
bulbous-rooted plant, an onion, 
an earth-nut, eta. 

iV~\ (naift, the oak tree), the fourth 

" letter of the Modern Irish 

X>', eontr. for do, ■oe, preps., and 
fur 'oo, poea. pro. (which somet. 
becomes c') ; also for -do, verbal 
partide,pf. temt, act. and pass., 
and verbal noun. 

Da, 'oa, T>'a, prep, and poee. prn. : 
(1) Tio a, to, by, with or on his, 
her, its, their ; (2) tie a, of or off 
his, her, ita, their; tdo n^ip, to, 
according to his will; ni Bpis 
pn, for that reason. 

■Da, whatever, however ; before 
ad^s. in comp. form or abstract 
nouns, identical with or derived 
from them, expresses alraolute 
BUperlativeness, aa tia afiraic 6, 
however ancient bis lineage 
(E. S.) ; na aoiTn>e i, however 
great bis (or its) height ; v^ 
56i|ie, however sharp. 

■Oa, if {as need tj>.day, implies a 
condiiion which may or may nof 
bi fuljilled, takes past or con- 
ditional, and eclipaes); formerly 
used {Kea.) with present tense, 



where vni is emplojed dow ; _ _ 
mbea'D jijiseAti ajam, if I hod 
money ; -oi Opuijinn mo ito$d, 
it I were to get my choice. 

X>1 (aapir.), num. two, a pair, with 
art., Doth, the pair ; used with 
noDD {r>6 ia uaed when noun ie 
not expreased) ; ni takes it! 
noun in ita dual form, as -oi 
6(1615, " P''^ °^ Bhoea ; 4n Jii 
fiednn, the two heads ; i>a £dp- 
atV, two horses ; An «^ £<kpal<l, 
the two horaea ; t>A fi^S, twelve 
meo i flo f tiio, fort^ ; i>i uaif, 
twice 1 generally -ii in tp. I,, but 
vi. after n. 

"Da (=i>o a), somet. used for ag or 
^5 a, with pra. part. 

T)i-A'6ArCde, ■aije.a.itwo.homed. 

t)4ba, g. id., fi. -i-6e, m., a small 
heap or quantity of something 
soft ; tiaba reoLa, ic {Con,), 

■DaBaft, g. tiaiBee, jrf. -a, /. and 
m., a veasel, a vat, a press ; . 
collection of sand-hills on th 
seashore ; nuni. also tiaibfe 
where £ ia almost silent ; Tiailli^e 
cofic^tn If ei-D t, it ia a dtep 
lajj;e pot (said in praise of a 
pot) i sainirii oaiBie, beach 

"Oabati, -dtf , pi. id., m., a backet, 
a pitcher. 

■Da ttoca (gabL^s, Galway), (two 
Btioks) ; pins 01 sticks used to 
keep in pUce false bottoms in 
peaJoosavDe (baskets). 

■Da-beatat, -aiSe, a., amphibious. 

■Dft-btia-Dnad, -aij, -a'Se, m., a 
two-year- old animal. 

tiabiiAn, -Ain, pt. id., m., an otter. 
Set uobtian. 

"DaOc, g. id., m., doubt (A.). 

TlA-eeannaiS, -aije, a., having two 

■Di-iea^inafi, -aije, a., bi-angular. 

■Oacdijieaec, -a, /, roviliEg, obae- 
cratioii ; ■ofianfaiuir ■oacfiip- 
eadc If eapcaine ope, they 
would revile (I) and curse you 
{Cm., C. S.). 

■Oi-ftotipafi, -aije, o., having two \ 

'Oi.tafi.t, -aije, a,, biped. 
■Da-ftfocai, -aiJe, a., bi-formed. 
'OaDa'6, -ai'6, m., a jot, anything ; 

with neg,, nothing j ni piu 

TiaTiao i, it is worth nothing ; 

aomet. pron. TiATiaiie ; 'oa'Ddm, 

-aim, m.,id, (often also T;a'Dai'6). 
"Di-faoCfaf, -ai^e, a,, two-edged. 
Ba-f lacLat, -*ije, a., bi-dental ; 

having two prominent teetb, aa 

a sheep two years old. 
"Da ^itiTi, num., forty (pron. VAtaTi 

in Jf.). 
,-f ilLce, a., two-fold, double. 

a diphtho 


pt. -tA, tn., a breeze 

T)a-Sof:afi, -A-J, -aiJe, , 

•Di.b,.i.'T>6.t Seevo, 
T>Aibiri, -6p*. "■• poor, 

BaibLeai, aj ■oaiCLeafi peap- 

tanna, rainmg heavily. 
X)aiBpeafi, -piSe, a., poor, needy, 

■Daibpeap, -pif, m., poverty, desti- 

'Oai-o, g. id., m., a father ; mo 
■DAin iri6(i, my grandfather. 
The Clodach fishermen are in 
their own locality called riA 

poaed to pAi-oBip), a., poor, bad. 

"Dai'oBpe.y. irf.,/., poverty; ■oai*- 
Bpeap, id. 

Tlaig, hope, conGdenoe, eto. See 

"OiiL (tdaI), -ita,/., a meeting, a 
convention ; a hostile opposition; 
a matchmaking meeting {Don.) ; 
a story, a legend ; a decree, au 
ordinance; respite, delay; des- 
tiny ; state, condition ; a share 
or portion ; on enclosed plot of 
ground ; a, separate tribe ; rela- 
tions J act of sharing, distribut- 
ing, giving; iaitns f6w ' ' " 


T>A1 ( '. 

he cune to my kid, to meet me 
(somet. vith hostile intent) ; 
•ohX. tdbfd, immediate proapeot 
of ftid ; lAtt ntiail, with solein- 
Dity or public proclamatioD (oa 
of mamaAS) {Don.) ; t>ait Aa^a. 
/. (with Uie accent on tiAil.), a 
pitched battle; (with the accent 
on CAta) a battlB*field ; i noo^i- 
■d'6 nd T>J1.A, in the end, 
finally ; cf i^o t rro. comi,tji\,e, 
thc^ consult together. 

"Oiilc, in., a strong low-Bized stout 
penon dm. vdilcin, id. 

'OiiiteA'6, -11-6, -Lijte, m., a tra- 
dition {(/N.). 

■Oiiteaiti, -tiiti, m., a cupbearer, 

DiilB05, -o>se, -05^/., the date 

Oail't£<m, -teA'6, v. tr., Idedicat«, 
distribnte, set apart, give, 
deliver. See oaiLim. 

■oiittm, vl. T>iiL, w. tr., I bestow. 

Scant, give, distribute, give oul^ 
eal, confer, delay, keep : a^aiji 
■olXi,, be that gives in marriage 
(with a-^ and t>o). Su ■ohl. 
■Daitiomio, -Atn, fl. id., m., a 

batler, a distributor. 
■Oiiitiu5A*, -1.iSte. '"■. diatribu. 
tion, act of dividing, apportion- 

■OAiLt-teaiicAi, -iiso, a., blind, 

stapid, nnsuapecting. 
tiAtlL-tiAi, m., a tiiick misb 
'OAil.le, g. id.,/., blindoees, dark- 

neia, obecnriM'. 
■OAitlicin, g. ia., to., "bUndmui'e 

buff"; T)aLta-6 piiicin, id. 
"DaiLt-incteadCAC, -aiSe, a., dnll- 

witted, slow of nnderstanding. 
■OAiLlcin, g. id., m., "blindman'e 

■OAiLceatiAii, -aije, a., like a cox- 

comb, foppish. 
■DAilxcin, g. id., pi. -i^e, m., a 

foster child ; a meoii fellow ; 

a fop, a coxcomb ; an imper- 
tinent yonug man. 
T)Ailcfneatc, -A,/., impertinence, 

foppiehneas; tiAiLcineAr, id. 
Tl^irii, -e,/., affisotioD, friendship. 

concord, reconciliation (with 

t)'Aiiti'6eom (from tjo, prep., iiih, 
Tieg.part., -oeoin, will), ad. and 
prep., against, in spite of. 

■Ooiiheat, -mije, a., affectionate, 
harmonionB ; friendly, having 
many friends and relations. 

t>AiiTieAttiAil, -ihlA, a., friendly, 
kind, benevolent. 

■OaiiheartiLafic, -a,/, benevolence. 

TjAitiitiflc, -Aise, /., a church 
built of stone. 

'DAinir£A]i,ni., harm,damage((7on.) 

"Daimi-Iti, J, id.,fl. -rte,/., adam- 
- - plun 
- , -51" 

rongl , 
garrison ; an espousal or mar- 
riage contract; OAiii^eAn na 
l^ftttnne, the gronnd of sacred 
truth (OonZ.) ; iuAfo an ieifc 

1 tiT). Aif , he found the problem 
hard to solve. 

DainceAn, -jne, a., strong, forti- 
fied, close, secure, flrni, pron. 

t>Ain3neA£c, -a, /., firmnesa, 
strength, durability ; -oAinsne, 
id. ; OAigneafc {{/.), 

■OainEHitim, -luja-*, v. tr., I 
make firm, I fortify, strengthen, 
eetabliah ; I fence, make en- 

tlAinsnjjte, p. a., fixed, con- 
firmed, fenced, fortified ; niar- 

t of 

the bull ; bo 5 An t., 

in oaU ; bo aft vaiti (Zton.) ; b6 
■ootita, a now in calf. 
"Daip, g. -aine, -apA, -apot, - apaije; 
j)i. -anaig, -aifjce, -Afatia, /., 

"Oaiiib, -e, -baCa, /., a apeeies of 
worm IJiat cnusw swelling in 
cattle ; a dwarf. 



j, -wse, -OS*, /., (U) oak 


t>diti&iie, -e^t, -«Aii, /., a place of 

oftlu ; ftn onk ; OD oak plantation ; 

Otle^n t)., Valtmtia Island ; also 

O. "Dditiitie ; also "DAitumr- 
"D-nfedi. See ■ootpc&ii. 
'Daitt^e, /., an oak. See xtAtf. 
■Oailiiin (xH>ipim), vt. -oipa'o, 

■wtiitit, p. a. tiotttd, I copulate 

(as cattle). 
"OaifC, -e, -ed£d, /., a heifer, a 

Toung oow ; also a joang bul- 

T>aitic, -e, -edtd,/., kolod; rftn., 

x>Aifc!n; tia|icln (Don.). 
'DAi]iced£, -cije, a., clodded. 
"Dditejie, -ti j - 

BWift (O-i^r, 
■Diiteats, -A, /., 

activity {O.N.). 
'Dditcdrc, improperlj used for 

■Dait-JeiL, -Site, a., white- 
coloured, bright-ooloored, clear, 

■D'aitte, prm., after. See aitte. 

■Oaitnit). See nAtiaro. 

■Oiicce (-oaicijce), p. a., dyed, 
coloured, stained, varieeated ; 
bright-oolonred ; rosy (of oom- 
plezion), poet. : ducolooied ; 
blackeoed or coloured by being 
cleaDed (c^ boots), e.g., bp^Sd 

"Dal, -A, -Cd, /, fate, situation, 
state ; share, diviaiou, lot ; a 
tribe, a family, aa assembly ; 
tribe land ; x>il, in sense sep^ 
tribe (also a conatry or region), 
oocun in munee like the follow. 
iug, T)a1. ;;Cair, the Daloassiaua; 
■OAV RiflTi4, in Ulster, eto. 
See T>Ail. 

'OALa, i»-ep. with g., as regards, 

rative, as j)i,t& eo^'itn, to return 
to Eiwhan. See oatcA. 

T)i1a,/^,pl., news, hialorical n^- 
rations : espousals, vows ; meet- 
ings. See tiiitl. 

'DdlAC, week-day. TtoRinaJ; if 

'DAld£, " Sunday and Monday " 
(Con. and Don.); " Saturday Mid 
Sunday " ; e.g,, ca mi o^ obAtti 
tioirnaft ip TJilaC, I am work- 
ing Sunday and Monday. 
tiAtAn, -i,tr\, pi. id., m., a great 

XiAtin -O*, -oin -O*, pi. id., «., » 


"DAVbd, iitdec. a., obstinate ; bold, 
impudent, piesumptious : prop. 
■oolbA (//.) ; cALbai-ee (Con.). 

"DiLjAr, -Air, *"■. longing, desira ; 
pain after oopulation in cattle, 
cinneAr t nT>iAi'6 CAiftb ; y^P- 
AiL^BAr or AL$Ar< 

T>aLL, -Aitte, a., blind ; dull, 
stupid ; ignorant ; puzzled ; t>ub 
A^uf f>aX\. HA boitite, the 
darkness and dulneas of 

TteAX, -Aat, pi. id., St., a blind 

ness, stupidity ; dazzle {Dok.')\ 
tiaLLa^ ^iSictn, blindman's buff, 
the blinding cloth ; -o. niAlt^s 
blindness (in sheep, etc.). 
"DAlL-Ai^eAnuA, indee. a., stupid, 
dull-witted (TJALl-aiSGAncAd, 

-A.$fl, id.). 

'OALlAim, -A'6, c. (r., I blind, con- 
fuse, stupefy, puzde, dazzle. 

TtAttAtnLis, -6156, -6-s^f., stupid 
folly ; a foolish, insipid person 
(xiALLAmLAn, id,). 

©ALlAn, -Air,p(, id., m., a blind ac 
stapid person. 

VAtWin, -am, jif. id., m., » winnow- 
ing fan ; sheephido ; a " wight " 

DALtAn, -km, pi. id., m., a peg, 
plug, stopple ; -o. n&tX'^t, the 
peg in the bi)w 01 a straddle 
(.doBffAaa (fDaly). 

"OAttiriAt, -A15, -aije, m., a win- 
nowing fan. See ■oaltaii. 

'DAllAn'oAic, m., blindman's buS, 

T)aLt,Alian, -i,\n, pi. id., m., a pur- 
lilind person. 

■DaII-4ao4, -eaoiie, o,, completely 
blind, stjHie blind. 


■Ditt-dpofieat, •■Dijo, a., blind of 

DAtLTiiianian, -am, fL id., »., a, 
dnll fellow (Om.). 

■0*1,1,65, "^'K^. ^S"*' /> ■ mole, ft 
leech 1 1). f 4t|i, a dormouse ; tvi 
"OaLlAmilain, *rf. (CorA). 

T>alt65, -6156, -65a, /, a cover, 
ft blind ; blindness ; blindman's 
buff; ■oa1,1.6K "a rmnneoise, 
the window-blind {Der.). 

■Daltos iAot.f,, a fish resembling 
the pen -fish. 

TOaLt-jiitatic, ■a)|ic, m., blindnesB 
(of intellect) {DorU.). 

T>alliiaiim (caLLtioijim), -(la*, 
V. tr., I daze, I blind, I dazzle ; 
■cattnoiSfce tetr 4" bpuiiCc 

TDaLlea {tuba. Hied bh prep.), in 
the likene** or muiner of, re- 
garding {Seoieh). Su tiJiLca, 

TlaLtca, p. a., blinded. 

■Dalca, g. id., el. -i-6e and -^a, 
ffl., a foster-Qhild, a foster-son, a 
nurslicg ; a disciple ; a pet, a 
ward ; a term of endeamtent. 

', like, resembling i tiatca 
maf ■oo fimne, jnat as he did ; 
fin i mo '6^lca-ra,, I am like 
that, thftt is as I shoald act. 
("Dalca is pron. in M. tialfea or 
TjAcLa). See tiiVa. 

■DatcaC, -aige, betrothed (Tjait, a 
matob -making), with Le or a|i, 

■Datcafior, -aip, "t-, fosterage. 

t)<itcan, ■am, pi. id., vt., a foster- 
child, a disciple. 

■DiLuiJtm, -loSa*, o. Ir., I deal 
out,a88ien,appoiDt. Seco^itpim. 

X)&&i altca, a wild ox or bu&lo ; 
■Dam T>flltcaig, a bull. 
•Oarii, Ifl me, by me, etc. ; 1 ». per. 
pr. combined with p«p.-oo (now 
used in Ulster and North 
Leinster,proii.voh) ; empk.Jbrm, 

for me ; emph. ti«iii-r' 

■DO, prrp. _ 

^Afb, -aini, _pi. itt.pflnd T>an 

a poet, I 

it, a learned man ; a school 
poets ; poeta in general ; 

learning ; a poem. 
Xi&m, ■Aiib, nt., a tribe, a family, 

kindred, relationship ; a church, 

a house, 
Tlamaip, -e, a., earnest, keen, 
ttamaiji, -e,/,, hsate, hurry. See 

"oaihaipe, ff. id., /., pasBion, fury, 

excitement ; haste, hurry. 
■OamAifce, g. id., pi. -ci-6e, m., 

damage, hurt. 
■Oamiireeot, -cije, a., damaging, 

"Dam aLtai'^ (■oairi altca), a wild 

ox, a buffiilo, an elk, a roebnok. 

■Dartiin, -iin, pi. id., m., an ax, a 
young bnll. 

T)ai)iAn atLa, -Am alia, pi. id.. 
m., a spider. 

'Oamanca, ti. a., damned, con- 
demned ; damnable, evil, 

'Oamancat, -aiSe, a., damned, 
condemned, damnable. 

TJamancafc, -a, /., damnation, 

"Ofliiiai;, .mra.m-, adance; aotof 
dancing, leaping wildly ; a wild 
running or leaping (in M., used 
of the sportive leaping of cattle, 
etc. ; t»iince is used for human 
dancing) ; ■oimf^llf. and Con.). 
Ste xiamrmS'm. 

T)aihaf6i|i, -ojia, -dififbe, m., a 
jumper, a dancer. 

TJaid-'oaol, m., a beetle ; a chafer. 

"Oaib-taijie. m.. the bellowing of 
cattle ; "Oiiuim 'Darfi'Jiipe, the 
old narae of Cnoc Luinse, or 

"DaThna, g. id., nt., the stuff or 
matter from which anything is 
produced, or producible ; cause, 
reason, motive ; q/". plog^amna, 
a person fit to be a king, an heir 

'inanca, m., act of a 
demning ; damnation. 

V. Ir,, I condemn, danin. 


■Damnoijim, -ojo'o, v. tr., I con- 
demn, damn. Set nAmrraim. 

"O^tii-oiDe.m,, a teacher, a master ; 
a preacher. 

TJaihiw, g. id., pt, -lie, m., a wild 

'DA<ii]t'ii'6, -e, /,, oxen. 

'Oamr*, J. ill., i''- ■I'oe, m., a dance ; 
act of dancing ; xiaihrA ■ohfe, a 
strathspey. Set T>4ih4r. 

"OdiiifA^, --n^eia., given to dancing 
or capering. 

"Oaihta*, ff- W., pi. -Ai'o, It-, act of 
daaoiDg ; a cUace. See TiaiiiAf. 

■Oaihr"f*. ?■ "*-. pi' -■pi'De, m., a 
dancer, a caperer; 11. du&, b 
morrit'dancer, also a water- 

"Oirtiffiip, -6fa, -fii-niie, m., a 

duicer, a prancer. a caperec (also 

'DaitiruiSim, tl. '04ihrd'6 and 

oAiiiari I dance, jomp (chiefly 

of aniniala in MX 
"Oi^t^t, Ai$, pi. id., m., a student. 
T>AiTitd£, -AiS^i o<t teaching, 

"Din, g. -iin and -ini, jjf. -itia and 
-inCA, <»., a song, a poem ; art, 
Bciecoe, trade, calling, profes- 
sion ; a treasure j 'o^n tiifiedt, 
a metrical system naiad in Irish 
requiring a fixed number of 
syUablee to aaah line, and cer- 
tain vowel and oonsonant con- 

■oin, If. -itn and-.ind, di., fate, lot, 
destiny i 1 nitin t>6mn, destined 
for ua, in atore for ub, 

"Diin, -hn, pi. id., m,, a rope tied 
round a cow's horns to prevent 
her going overboard (in ship- 
ping) (J ran). 

tilnd, iiuUc. a., bold, brave, intre- 
pid ; determined ; familiar with 
(d)i) ; also vin. 

■oinifcc, -4, /., oonfidenoe, bold- 
ness, plainness of apeeoh ; fami- 
liarity with ia.\i). 

"Dinji-Dii', -air, m., boldness, 
preauroption, determination. 


,refnul to oblige 

i^e, a., disobliging ; 
17- V. an moire ■6uic i, yon are 
very disobliging {Con.). 
■Danai-o, -e, /, grief, sorrow, dis- 

'DiinAi'6e«£u, -a, / , boldneea, pre- 

Bumption ; familiarity ; forward 

manner ; ti. xio ■fiftanaih ap, to 

make free with. 
'DAn^tdt, 'Ai3e, a., howling, roar- 

"Danafi, -aijie, a., shy (Der.). 
■Danafiiic, -d, /., shyness (Der.). 
'0'iTidti-6a, a., foreign ; fierce ; self- 
willed ; cruel, brutal. 
Tiflimp-fiAic, /., cruelty, tyranny, 

"Dan-f^eap, -pip, pi. id., TO.,»Dane, 

a foreigner, a tyrant. 5eet)anAp. 
Xianpmaic, m., tyranny. 
'Dancai^aCc, -a, /, poetry ; 

■Oinoijim, -uSa*, V. It., I dare, 

risk, adveature. 
Tiaat, -a, /., a periwinkle ; a sea- 

anail ; dim. T>ao<!:6£, /■ id (also 

"DaoCan, -iin, m., anger, rage; 

a^ a sea-anaU (tfim, ofoaoC). 
"DaoiAtiat, -ai^e, a., angry. 
"Daon, -a, nt., hatred, envy, 

"Oaoi, a. id., pi. -te, m., a fool, 
a dnllard, a dunce, a clown ; a 
wicked person. 

"DaoiL-^eap, m., black sorrow. 

"Daoit-f eap, m., a lazy, idle man. 

X>aoine,pl. aDdgpl,oiva\Tie,m.,a 
mnn, person ; people, mankind ; 
T>doine matte, the good people, 
fairies (in Don., tiaoine beasa) ; 
v. ni6pa, the gentry ; m. 65a, 

nng a large fc 
lowing ; vaomeamait, id. 

t)AO ( i 

XtAoif-bfeit, /., ooademnation ; 

severe sentence. See bjiest. 

mechanic's Eirt. 
tiaoif -ftiof, m., rack-rent; severe 

Xlioijie, g. id,, /., dearness, ei- 

pensiveness ; <^eo bondage, op- 
pression ; rage, anger, e.g., Afi 

■DAOlfie (Jfon.). 
"DdOifCAfc, a., /,, deomeBS, ex- 

pensiveneas, costliness. 
■DAoif-JioLLa, g. id., pi. .i-6e, m., 

a slave, a bondsman. 
t)Aoip-meAf, m., sheer contempt. 
t)aoiti-mearcift, -aij, -aije, m., 

a hard taskmaster. 
■Dioip-riiearcoiri, -6|i<i, -6ipi*e, 

m., a bard taskmaster. 
TOfloirre, g. id., /., slavery, 

bondage, oppression ; a (ask ; 

Xtaaifiyeai, -pji ?■'■ '''■p ""r * 

slave, a bondman. 
t)aoipre-itc, -i, /., bondage; 

deartb, scarcity. 
■Ddoitirijtm, .msa*, ti. tr., I en- 
hance, inoreaflo the price of. 
TtaoipriSte, p. a., ouhaaced, 

made dear. 
■Daoiiipne, g. id,, /,, captivity; 

dearth (nom. alao ■oaoipr"')' 
'Oaoippuja'D, -ps^^i "*-• **** ^"^ 

of making dear, enliancing, 
tiaoirce, g, id., pi. -ziiie, m., a 

churl, a clown, 
■Oaoiceiriiait, -a ml a, a,, base 

"Daot, -oiL, -oti, m., a beetle, 

chafer, black Wtla, leech ; a 

bug, caterpillar ; jiff., a devil ; 

T>ao1. 'DU&, a black devil ; -oafC- 

T>ao1., a long black chafer ; an 

earwig (Don.). 
"DaoL, -oite, a., lazy. 
"OaoL-tiDC, -tiuiGa, a., ohafer- 

blaak, jet-black. 
■Daot--oui6e, g, id., J., jet-bUok- 

WAot-Rnuir, /-, » duaky visage 

t>aone<kn, -am, jrf. id., m,, the 
moral of a fable (CA'.). 

■Daotitanaic, -a, /., explanation 
of fables (ffiV.). 

■Daonna (oaontiA), indec.a. (somet. 
a compar., uaonnaise, is found] 
human ; mortal ; liberal, civil 
hospitable, charitable ; an cm 
ea'6 'Daonna, the human race 
T>aonnaC, id. 

"Daonnaic, -a, /., mankind , 
hnmanity ; clemency ; human 

■Daonnaicafi, -aije, a., hoinane, 

Daonna Ccaihait, -idta, a.,humane, 

DaonnuisiTTi, -nja*, tp. (r., I 
assume human nature (aa the 

t)aof, -0111, pi. id., 
man; a guilty or 

Daoi<, -oifc, a,, enslaved, con- 
demned, guilty ; dear, costly, 

tJaojio'D, -pea, m., the act of con- 
demning, disapproving ; dear- 



■Daopairn, -a'o, v. tr., I censure, 
condemn, convict, doom ; make 

T)ao|iana£, -aig, -aige, nt., a dave, 

a bondsman. 
■Daoti-6oCc, -oi*re,o., exceedingly 

Tiaon-bf ac, tit., a costly oloth ; a 

robe ; a banner. 
■Oaon-Ctann, -Ctainne, -^tanna, 

/., slaves, plebeians. 
T)aofi--dait,^., hard fate, oppreaive 

bondage, rigour. 
'Daogi-^^tat, -aige, a,, ill-fated; 

t)aop-ta6]iaini, -baiilc, n. intr., I 

speai harshly. 
■Oaop65, -6i5e, -654, /., a virgin 

slave ; Tjaofr^j, id. [O'N.), 
■Oaoti-fislai, -ait, pi, id., m„ a 

man dave (O'.V;). 
'Daop-ociiai', -aif. *''■^ a cancor. 
■Oao|i-rmaic, -a, m,, bondage, 



"OOlO ( i 

X>aa]\i^, p. a., oondenmed, en- 
slaved, convicted, damned. 

Vaorc^ti, -d<t<i m., the di«g« of 
the people, the rftbble, the mob. 

■DAorcati-fLodS, -aij, -aiSce, m., 
the rabble, the plebeiana. 

TiaotAin, f., sufficiency, enough ; 
ci, mo iaocam ih6p annp>, 
I have qnite enoQeh here ; in 
Clare T>aotainc See x>6tAiii. 

QaotaihAil, -iViLd, a., ohorlUh, 
vain, ignonuit. See 

f (.. 

ur, with our, of our. 

■Dapi d^tci. v., viji Uom, Leac, 
leir> 1^.1 it «e«nu te me, me- 
thinks, in my opinion, I think ) 
you would imagpM that, eto. 

Daii, prep., by, m (Wiewroitont; 
Ti^li mo tttiiacAf , by my word ; 
VAp mo lJ,irii, by my hand. 

t)«-n (-06 + 4 + po, or Tio + a + po), 
with paat tena, to whom, to 
whiob, tmoD which, of which, 
whom, whoee, whereof; -oanab, 
to whom is, to which a ; x)A^b, 

to whom V 

>B, were ; to whiidi 

"DdiiA, ord. nun., seoMtd, next ; 
-DdjiA 'D£iS5, twelfth (with inter- 
rening noun) ; in sp. I. in M., 
also cdHna ; ia tp.l.ia Con. and 
Don., also odfiriA. 

t>flfiib, tiatil), to or for whom, 
(which) of whioh it was. See ■oan. 

T)dfA£, -,41 Je, /., an oak: ctif 
vAfidt^e, an oak board. Sts 

"Odfib, m. , a worm, chafer, black- 

boetlei OAot ■oapb, «t 
TOajib (-Do + a + fO + bA), to whom 

waa, to which — 

(Jf.) ; tiearsd-oaoL (Oon.). 5ee 
T)an£jin, -am, f^. id., m,., an acorn 

tl^tiTiat, -d>t, m., storm, tempest; 

severe, broken weather. 
TJAHtiAoiti, f., Thursday ; tjia 

Tb*p-Ddoin, eOTitr. T>id ji'O'ioin, 

I > X)At 

on Thursday ; 'O. mann-oala, 
Manndy Thursday. 

T>d t><)iib, re«l, serious ; in earnest, 
in reality, actually, really ; ad 
■oi. fiiiib acioi ! are you in 
earnest ? do you mean it I 

T>Aiin, a sohool, an ooademy ; 
ni'l DAHti I n€itiinn. there is not 
a sohool in Ireland {O'N.). 

"D&f^i., num., seooDfL next See 
Tidjid, also cdjinA (0 JV.) ; canna 
and cdftd are the usual words in 
M. ; -vAfiA and najina are used 
in Con. 

Ddiiiidic, -A, J., keeping or teaoh- 
ing school (CN.). 

t)Aiic, -AipcB,/. See ■oaijic. 

Uipcat, -»it, -4i$e, in., a two- 
year-old bnll. 

■Dajicin, -iin, IB., a olod. 

T}'i)i-uBaLt', in., a nut-gall, an ook- 

"DarAfi, -Ai^e, a., violent, bold. 

.. .untleas; preaumptuona. 


tia-rciitifi, -aije, a., two- winged. 

"Oat, g. A, pL -inni, gpl. ann, 
colour, complexion ; a speck, a 
jot; with tteg., nothing (Don.), 
ni iiaib tiae if^iS *"" Att 
aiitseao ; nat-aLumn, beauti- 
fully ooloored or oompleiioued ; 
Dai-St>a'"'a, ugly-oofoured ; ni 
^iiil a ■iat a ihaic atin, it is 
of no use whatever iDort.). ; ni 
fatC vat na filot jiim ai^e, he 
bod nothing at aD [Con.) ; nion 
iugir T>ac an fiifc liom, I 
brought no fish whatever with 

t)aca, g. id., m., date, time; af 
Tjica, out of date, useleaa {M.S.) 
(itom. also vie). 

"Dotad, -aije, a., highly ooloured; 
also OS an affix, -oacat, -ool- 

'Oataia («. pi,), rheumatic pains. 


rhennuUsm {Sf.) ; pi. of ijoi^ 

Whioh BBS. 

■Datai.-dttca, m., » oolonring, a 
dyeing, ft ataining, a tiactnre. 

fatiTJOip, -6fia, -61111^8, «., a 
dyer, one who ooIoutb ; one who 
calourB the truth or exaggerates 

■DAca-oOifieaSt, -i, f., the trade 



comely, gracefuL 
■D-itAiiiLitc, -A, /, majesty, 

honour, comeliaeaa. 
t)Afcaniiafi, -aija, o., coloured; 

tfime t)., a " print " shirt. 
tJi-te^nsai, -atSe, a., bi-lingoal. 
■DAcnftiti, ■am, m., dyeing, dye- 

T>atu5a*, -uiste, m., dyeing, 

colouring ; a dye, a oolonr ; 

"colouring" of card», i.e., a 

magtool power of getting the 

beat cartla. 

■Datuijim, -ojij'o, o. It., I colour, 
dye, tincture, stain. 

"D^, 9. ■o\e,i) and 'o£i£e,/., a spark 
of fire, a gust or blaat of air, 
or Brooke ; ■dS -oe Jaoit, a guat 
of wind ; (/". 1 nceifea* na 
'o£ite, at the point of death 
(Con.) ; -ck txi -ab if. he is 
dead (Coil.) 

"Ok, oblig. fate of tiia, a day; 
I n^i, yesterday. 

T) e, prep, [in pronominal oombina. 
tionB.-oiom, ■oioc,T)e (m.), t>i (/ ), 
tiinn, -oiC, ■oioB, with article 
writtentie'n, fe niiOBrna ; as 
a sirople prep, it is confounded 
with 1)0 in the greater part of 
printed books and MSS., and 
even in the ap. I., except in M, ; 
hence with the article it is gene- 
rally written -oo'n or TjonJ of, 
ont of, from, used in ablative 
and genitive relations after 
verbs of taking from, throwing, 
stripping, springing from, aris- 
ing out of, asking of, taking 
hold of : e.g., cuif Tiioc, be off ; 
bain ■oioc tjo 6/lr6s, take off 
your coat ; 35 cup attuir tie. 

■weating ; Lean Tie pin, continue 
at that ; also in such phrases as 
ni ti5 r'" ■olom, I cannot do 
that; LeiKim Tjioin jan cpAic 
opta, I leave off discussing 
them ; also to express what a 
thing is made or full of, as 
D^ancd-oe pp&r- mode of brass ; 
LAn ve 6Lo£aiO, full of stones ; 
also partjtively, 'onine Tie m' 
^aotcdib, one of my relations ; 
cia at iiocfap, which of you 
will oome ? cia'p -oioC ti ! 
what is your surname (to what 

family do you belong) T ca£ t£ 
ti'ap riiaip 1^6, every day of 
his life. It is recommended U 

•Oe,,9t., off him; tmph., 
■oe-fear. See prep. xte. 

t)*, iaphr. tiaji a ofi no 5116, may 
you not succeed ; nip a ■o& tdo 
ftaiTice, never welcome you ; 
vi DO fteata, welcome (also t)S 
Beaca-ra); nip a '06 uo fteijeaf 
(pron. vice) irceaC, you aro not 
welcome back (of one going out) ; 
nap a nt do hovdy (stc pron.), 
never welcome you (B.). 

T)e (perhaps the per. jn-n. com- 
bined with j?r«;i. -oe) is added to 
comparatives, as ip pup- 

all the better for that, 

t)ea6ai-6| -bta and -ai*, pi. id., 

/. and m., a conflict, strife ; 

debate ; haste, hnri-y ; bean an 

■oeaOai*, a midwife. 
TJeaDuai, -ai^e, a., quarrelsome. 

contentious, litigious. 
•DEacflip, -cpa, a., difficult, hard, 

t)eacaipea4r, -a, /., difficulty. 

See ■oeacpaic. 
t)eaeihaD, -ai*, -atie, m., the 

tenth part; a tithe; in pi., 

tithes ; taxes in general 
TJeaima*, mim. a., tenth ; t>. ap 

pti-o, thirtieth ; -o. Af cpi f liro, 


•OBA ( ! 

Mventiath; tk «t* Ce'^r^ piti-o, 

1>eA£ihu$At, -tii£ie, m., tiUiiug. 
neAfriitii^ifn, -os^*. "- '>■■. I poj 

tithes ; decimaite. 


"Oe-iciiAfc, -A, /. , difficulty ; hard- 
ahipi nnsearohftblenesB. 

OedCc. See ■oteiic. 

■Oeidcoitim (tieaScaim), -uia*, 
V. (r.,1 indite, diotata, teach, 
give law to ; I oompute, count, 
rackoD ; ^3 vcAicugd'o 54.6 
pN:ail, emphaaisiDg eaoh word 
with geatnreB, etc. 1 ^^ neACc- 
iitait ceoiV, compoajng poetry 

'D^d'o, -^iv, pt. iii., m,, a tooUi ; a 
row of teeth ; ivory. 

"Oii-tin, -Ain, pi. id,, m., a dean. 

■DfiAtil-d, a., bold. 

'D£A'0'&an,-Aine,a., wliit«-t<xithed. 

T)*A5, teo, -teen, as ciiis-Di-is, 
fifteen ; need in pi., aa ca f-6 ac 
T)ut inr "^ t>£A5AiS, he la aa- 
vanoing in hia leertA 

■Oeaj- (dbiJ-), good, excellent, 
pleasing, acceptable; used only 
m composition, where it pre- 
cedes Wie nonn ; prim. mSaj 

"Dea^Ati^, a poetical elongation of 
tieoi*, ,1. oiai* J 'na *. pn, 
after that (tomet, 'oea&Ai^), 

OeiS-aiseanci, iitdte. a., right- 
minded, good-willed. 

■OeAS-Aisnea*. n»., pioiw aflfectioD, 
good-will. Set aistieai. 

"Dea^Ailc, -e, /. act of severing, 
separation, divorce ; somet. 

t)645.Aimredii,/, good time, good 
weather, good season. 

T>eAS.Ainm, m., a good name. 

■Diajaiji, «., quick; 50 T>ea54iii, 


L, /, faith. 

TAif, ni., a rood father ; 
a father of good descent. See 

De^-Blari ""■' reliah. See blAf 

r ) -OBA 

TleaJ-Stapca, indtc. a., wall- 

flavonred, savoury ; proper. 
Veat-&ola6, -iije, o., fragrant 

■OeAt-ftAinrc, /, wit; elocution 

TJeaS-ftainnceaC, -cije, o., witty, 

given to repartee ; fluent. 
ttea^-taoi, tn., good oonditjon ; 

beic 1 noea5-£aoi. to be in a 

good condition, to be in order. 
■OeaS'Stii, m. or/., good repute, 
"DeaJ-iomann, -Ainn, pi. id., tn., 

sincere friendship ; ingennous- 

■OeaJ- 61101 ■6e AC, --iije, 1 

hearted, generous. 
"Deat-fiDALtaiieafc, -a, /., good 

ttea^-inmta, j>. o., well-shaped, 

'DeAJ-'oAn, -^iTi, pi. -arica, m., an 

excellent or pleasing poem, 
■OeaS-^ume, g, id.,pl. -iAotne, w-, 

a good nvui, an exemplary per- 
son; a patron, 
tjea^-faicftear, "»■. ' 
"DeaS-toctai, -Atje 

spo |o 

■oeai-JndireAC, -rije, a., good- 

oonipleiioned, comely. 
T)eA$-LACA)ica6, -aij, -ai$c, s»,, 

OeA^-tAbap^ae, -aise, «,, well- 
spoken, eloquent (also tieAJ- 

Tteas-LaoC, m., a trained or expert 

"DeA^-tuA^, nt., good value ; a high 

'Oeastui^te, p. a., separated, 

TleAS-maire, g. W.,/., beauty. 
■Oeat-iiiaireat, -rije, a., beautiful. 
■Oeag-rtiAiriS™, -luJAB, P. (r., I 

adorn, beautify, embellish. 
T)eaS-iho4, ■Aoiie, a., very early. 
■DedS-ib6iT>ea6, -tii Je, a., devout, 

"Oeag-riiotAV, -Lea m., recom- 


t)e»S-ihllimni, -ihiiitiea*. B. tr., I 

instowt well. 
Ded^-itidmce, imUt. a., w«ll.brod, 

"Oe^^-ridf, m., a good habit or 

ouatom ; temperanoe ; reapeot ; 

> rite {Dmd.). 
Oea$-fi6rd£, -di^e, a., deoent, 

rtttpeotfol, temperate. 
T)e4S-ob4tp, /,, good work. 
'De^-6fi-ooJA<, n., good arrmgo- 

ment, good plea«iir«. 
VeA^-ftAt, nt., good luak, pros- 
T)eaJ-[iiin, m., a good resolu- 

Deds-ftDAt, m., ft fine or well- 
equipped hoet ; Ml armj. 

"De^^-rompLd, M., good example 

T>eA£-fomptd£, ■Ai%t, a., exem- 

tieA^-tapai^, •-, very qmck, 
active, ezpeditiona. 

"Wi^-tAtmAf, »., good or assi- 
daoua oare, good management. 

tieaJ-toiL, /., bauevolenoe, good 
pleasure, will ; free beatowu. 

■DeaJ-toiteafi (-toiLceanaC}, 
-l.i^e, a., benevolentt willing. 

■Oeas-uain, /., good •eason; a 
favourable m>portui]ity. 

■DeaS-or^"'/. » W>°^ "^ 
'Oed.l.^n, -Ain,M. id., m., a sudden 
burst of iDiuluiie after a cloud ; 
a atieak ol brighbieea in the eky 
at night: a spuk ; a flaming 
ooo] of fire ; heat ; a light, a 

-Dealiindi, -di^e, a., aparkling, 

■OeaLft, -eiLbe, /, a form, shape, 

^ure; an image, a statue, an 

idcd; faoe, visage, appeantnoe; a 

ugnaL Ste veilO, 
TMaLt^ -A, a., empty, poor, bare, 

Veai^t, -Axk, -Ai^B, m., a poor 

peraom (7*. G.). 
VbaLAa^, -m%6, a., handsome, 

shapely, resembling, inventive. 
'DeAtltA'o, -tcA, n., act of shaping, 

forming, framing. 

T>edLCA'Ddit>i -iStiii, -iSi|ti'6e, i 

■Deitftaim, -Ait, v. tr., 

yam for the loom. 
Ve«Ltin, n>., a small flock, t>, 

CdotiaC, a hsuidful of sheep 

(Con,) ; prop. eal.6An. 
"OeoLfiAr, -dTi ™- {pron. ■oeaViic), 

poverty, distress. 
tleaLbid, p. a., formed, made, 

shaped ; moulded, outlined ; 

'OedtCt6i]i, -6p«, -difiiie, m., a 

framer, a oreator. 
tieaLfttfiifeafic, -a, i., painting, 

stetiury, framework ; the art of 

forming or inventing. 
Tteoinni^tm, -uja*, u, tr., I shape, 

f<«m, create. 
DbaIs, g. ■ceitse, p(. ijedt^A and 

T>eil.sne,^, a tliom; a pin, a 

"DeALsafc, -Aije, «., thorny, having 

tJealsaipe, g. id., pi. -iti*e, m., a 
pin-maker (O'iV.). 

■DealgiiHeatc, -A,/., the trade of 
pin-making (O'A'.). 

■OeotjAn, -iin, pi. irf.jia., a bodkin, 
a pw, a skewer; a knitting- 
needle (2)im.). 

■DeiLsin, o. w., «., the white of 
on egg (i>er.). See se^^i"- 

■Oeatsin tjeaitiam (prop.-Deatsin 
tionn), in., a small thorny fish. 

■Oealsnifi, ■A\%, pi. id., m., an 
outlaw, a rebel (OW.). 

■Oeattjiaft (oeattjiartiAt), -aiie, 
■>.. bright, tieaming, shining, 
radiant, refulgent ; resembling, 
like; if tj. teir b, he is like 
him (pron. in M. -oeAf At and 
■oeirtipifi) ; neAllfiiitcid, id 

t>ed1,lpai^ced6, -^ise, a,., resplen- 
dent, shiaing ; ukelj; good- 
looking (pron. 'DeaitittAiAC Mtd 
tjeaptifi in Jf.}, 

"DeAlttidrii, -«irii, m., appearance, 
sheen, glare, splendour, bright- 
. ■{«n:i{tit/3a . likelihood f 

•imilitode i 




eA -oedlliUiiii Ai$« leif, he u 

like him ; c^ veAlLtiAm Afi "oo 
rctAl, yoors iB ft likely itory, 
Slid doubtingly ; ('oeaUttt'i'o, 
■Ati>, id.). (In if. T>eAltt<am ii 
pron. TtedihiiAih and -DeA-pAiri ; 
lif. fcannttd'6, whiofa ia •ptoa. 

■OeatlliamAft, -4ije, «., of good 
appeu-ODCe ; probable : having 
verisimilitude, reBembling, like 
(with te) ; if ti. Le n-A aiatji 6, 
be resembles hia father (in M. 
pron. -oejjihiiat and ioeiiii6). 

'OeALli;[itiSa'D, -oiste, m., act of 

tleaLViiuijim, -poja*, v. (r., I 
shine, am resplendent; I judge 
by appearances ; I liken to ; 
tk dfi -oo fnaii'6, I guess from 
your appeaianoe (pron, neaf- 
ui^im and xiefmiiai^ini in We^t 
M?j ; tieattpniteann in fciflt 
Suti, "Yi; it is lilcely from the 
accoimt that, eto. 

"DeaLliafAn, -iin, ji. id., nt., the 
oollarbone {Con.'). 

Dealu^di, ■flijte, m., act of 
MTenog, parting, separating 
(from, le) ; separation, divorce; 

"OeALuiJim, 'tija*, «. tr., I sever, 
take away a thing from (Le) ; 
(Titr., I depart^ quit ; I wean 
from (6). 

■Deatuijte, p. a., severed, sepa- 
rated from. 

'Oeaman, -A\n, pi, id, and veAThnd. 
m., a demon, a devil, an evil 
spirit ; used as a modified form 
of -DiACdl, in aaaaveratjon ; 
'ue^nidn ^lop <^'ni, I don't 
know at all (initial t> aspir. in 
Con. and U., (d) ieAthan, ic). 

Oediiidnld£, -aij, -Ai$e, m., an 

tleiuiiA]), .Alt*! m., a defect 

■Deaihnai-De, indec. a,, demoniacal, 


Tifiamraf, -aif, m,, "makings"; 
material from which things 
might be made. 

"OeAihn^r, '^tiA, -6ifii'6a, m., a 

XtiMx, 2 «. ittyier. of oo-$nlm, 1 
do, etc. (T>iin in ip, t,). 

■Otanafic, -a, / See ■o6inea*c. 

'D£ana'6. See ■ofearam. 

ti^AnavAf, -atr, m,, an act, deed, 
notion ; efficiency, exertion, 

trtanaim, represents the enclitic 
form of oo-inim, I make, I do ; 
bat is now often used as an in- 
dependent form. iSes DO-snlm. 

"Dianaiii, -nca, m., act of gene- 
rating, performing, oarrying out, 
effecting; act of doing, making, 
Dompoiing, acting, building, 
instituting ; habit, make, baiU 

Sof a person), Sgure; «s t). cftait, 
Leepmg time ; peaf v^Anca na 

5caf cai-Ae, the man who shuffles 

the cards (in caid-playing) ; mo 

'6.-ra, my deal at oaidi; a; 

vianaih a]t an 3cataiti, making 

towards the city. 
"Ofianai^ai, -aite, a., efficient, 

laborious, induatrions, active ; 

T>£aiiriiar, -aif, fit. id., m,, efiect, 

reanlt (also t>£ai{inaf ). 
Oeannat, ■&%%, m., dust; mill- 

'Oeann^s, -dise, -^S*j /■> a pinah 
of snuff; a small quantity of 
powdered matter ; a grain, a 
handful {dim. of 'oeann, snuff- 

T) janca, p. nee., to be made, to be 
done; if Ti^anra 3iii'6e, oron- 
rfunt ett, we must pray. 

"Dlanca, p. a., done, made, de- 
veloped; cailinTi^anea,afally- 
developed girl (per, ) ; TiAanca 
a]i, aconstomed to, familiar 
with; c& mi t>ianca af r<n x>o 
'A^anaiii, I am aocustomed to do 
Uiat. See fean-'66anca. 

Dfancaf, -aifi *»-, power of mak- 
ing or doing ; making, manu- 
facture. Sm 'oiancdf. 

'D£ancafa£, -aite, a., efficient, 
laborious, active. See >o44n-,.,..i.,CjtX)^IC 



m., making, manuftwture ; mo 
■6. )!£in,fnj own making ; rhym- 
ing, poetry ; tots loiancuir, 
poets, rhymers. 

t)£Att, See Tieofi. 

"Dedti-, an intonsttive prefix. 

"Dealii: c^iBiifici'oeapa, remark, 
notioe, oonaiAer ; CABaip pi 
T)edtiA ofta, comouuid ol- oblige 
them ; ij* i fin yi Tjeafa ■6am 

Jc., it was that oaneod ma, etu. 
a ip. l; M., f4 nt>ea]i4 ia used, 
and fi n-oeifi; mo ihataip p* 
■ti'oeip 6, my mother is the cause 
of it; fi Tieaiid. 'OAiti tiidih 
c^irAtt Ofc, that which oamcd 
me ever to have reoourse to 
thae(0'Aa.). Coitip^ mi f«oi 
tiDOifi ■6uic, 1 will compel you 

"D^^ifAi, -^i^e, a., tearful, of tears. 
Stt Tieiyp^i, 

"De^liAim, -ATI, V. tr,, I draw, 

T)eAt<C, -a, a., real, genuine, true, 
sure, certain ; persuaded of, 
eottTinced ; if ■o,, it ia oartain, 
assuredly ; if v. Liom, I feel 
certain ; 30 'o., of a certainty 
(also 50 T>eatiCid), TleA^b is 
used often as a prefix in com- 
position, signifying own, sure. 
cerhun ; somet. ■oeflt'5 " used 
where Trad^ib alight be ex- 
pected ; as Tieii|i5-nAmaiD, for 
'oeafb-nam All), a mortal enemy; 
■oeAfis-iiteaS, for Tie4|ib-£it- 
edt, an infamous lie ; Deajig- 
tuiLe, tor ■oeapO-ftuile, sheer 
madness, etc 

'Oe'i|i&d£, -AiS^i o.> sure, capable 
of proof. 

"Deafba-o, -btd. i».,actof proving; 
proof ; an assurance ; swearing. 

■Dedjibdim, -a*. jm. -Bed, V. tr., 
I prove, establish, testify, oon- 
finn, swear ; ^5 oeatiCati £ici^ 
Bwearing to lies, giving false 

X)eafi6-ain-6e, g. id,, m., a sure 

sign, mark, token. 
T>edpb-46i5,/., sure conlidence. 

'DeanC-mdiDeafc, •».,/., affirming 

by oath {ffS.). 
tJeatiWs, -6156, -654,/., a t«uch- 

tJeApOiiicaip (pron.iv|ieiitiiii, W.}, 
g. -t>fi.ta^, pt, -h\ii^t\iB aod 
•ftiiiitjieaia, gpl. -bjiAitpcii, 
(oldar gen,, -bjiiti\ii\, is still 
beard, and this applies to 
mitajia, etc.)., pron. vp^atatji 
(Gotl), -oeAt<£iir {Don,), a 

t>eapb|iiitt'SA6c,-4, /., a frater. 
nity, society. 

■ ■ CAIi, i 

iffiAX' and XI 

See ■DBipbfiuii. 

TieipBca, p. a-, approved, tried, 

certain, sore, proved ; 30 t>., 

'DeApbujia'D, -ntjte, m., aot of 
affirming or swearing ; a confir- 
mation ; an oath. 

"OeaiiBuisim, -ii^ai>, v. (r., laffirm, 
attest, swear, prove, certify. 
See ■Deupb.iim. 

■Deaiic, /., a cave. 3e6 -oetfc. 

■Oeaiic, --1, jJ. ui-,gpi- iieatic, m., 
the eye ; as ik^., bright, resplen- 
dent; used in the compound 
oiji'tiea^c, noble, iUiistrious. 

T)&aj^c, g. D^iftce,/., alma, charity, 
^ee T)6ipc. 

Utipcit, -aige, a,, charitable, 
alms-giving. See \>itjicta6, 

"Oe^^tca^, •eta, Dt. , aot of looking, 
laying before one's eyes ; think- 
ing on [aji), meditating, con- 

"Deancaim, -a'6, v, tr. and inlr,, 
I behold ; consider (with an) ; 
■00 lieancar rP*»p-6e4in, I be- 
held a fair laay ; -oeaiic, look, 

used like fiat, aitiai]tc, and u 

often {N. Con.) oeapc aji, look 

intently at (Con.). 
Ve^tican, -aiti, pt. i<i., m., an 

aoom; a kind of thistle. 
'D6afi-taomea'6, -nee, m,, act of 

lamenting tearfully ; bitter 


'Ded^S, -eitiSB. a., red, briglit red, 

onmson, ruddy, fallow, bloody ; 

saDgninary, intense, inveterate ; 

Bevere ; great, reftJ. 
TledliS- (^)i tued m inteOBiTe 

prefix ; TJCitis-ip, m., utter 

alanghter, great Blangbter ; 

oeA-ps-taf Aif, ft great lame ; 

Tjeifs-leaij.'D, dp -D., wide 

-ctd, m., red oooflagratii: 
veAtis-^tl, m., pure gold ; 
■ceips-tioA*. red ; ne^tis- 
ttnAtAti, -^ift. III. Hi, m., son- 
gainaiy fight ; T>eAf5-f i3iLe«6, 
-Vije, red-eyed. See ■oeapft. 

TleAMa'6, -^cs, nt., act of jh^- 
panng, making ready ; dreaaing 
(aa a oed, grave, etc.) ; plough- 
iag or digging up tiie lea. 

Dedf^A'D, -stA, m., act of wouDd- 
ina, hortuiK; Act of dyeing, 
colouring red; act of becoming 
red, blusliing ; act of lighting 

grave] ; f prepare laud for till- 
ing ; I plougl^ dig. 

tleaiiSAtiTi, -4'6, V. Ir. and inlr., 
I make red, wound, hurt ; I 
become red, bla«h, kindle, light : 
tio '6eA]<3af mo ^lopa, I li^t«d 
my pipe. 

■Deatisin, -Am, pi. id,, m., a fiah 
called hKMa ; a red inaeot found 
under atonee ; a Sea ; a red 
atain ; rouge. 

Deatisina*, -aig, -aise, m., a 
Boldier, a red-coat. 

'0eAllS'-^''5•lt<^ •»'•> terrible threat 

'Oeaiis-Odi'D,/., relataonship, blood 

friendship ; love, affection (0'^.). 

Qedtis-ttAO^l, tn., dreadful peril 


■oe-jns.taoir. /.. burning luat 

{&S.) : great foUy. 
■Oeaps-CeatiS. -^eiitje, /, a 

■OeAns-tnite, g. iii., /., raging 

t>ed|i5-eafAiti, /., a bloody bed 


"OeAiis-enmA, /., the \erj imago 

T)eAti3-'6D'o, tn., a sound box on 

the ear (O'JV.). 
■Oeans-^ntL, /., a terrible longing 

or (TeBite (O'JV.). 
tleAft^-f onn, •"-, vehement delight 

or desire {O'N.). 
"Dsopg-JfiAi, m., intense love. 
"DcAtis-tAof , to., a kind of spurge 

that growa in plaahj bogs 


'Deati^-ldfA'D, -r^A, pi. id., m., a 

oonflagration ; aot oi lighting 

up ; Afi o., a^me, 
'DeAti^-LeAtA'6, m, (aaually in 

dative, if x>.), wide open. 
'DeAji^'riieifce, /., utter intoxica- 
tion ; Afi ■o., " blind drunk." 
TJeAti^-iiiofi, -iboifie, a., very 

■DeAiisnAic, .e, -i^e, /, a flea; 

also -oeaiinaic, T>eAfiiAiT> (Con.). 
■DeAjiE-niiTiAio, -iliAt), pi. -AiTje 

and -nAim'oe, /., a mortal 

tieflrsds. -dise. -i^S*' /■• * """^ 

T«d pollock {Tory}. 
'DeAHc - H^tm^ir, /., dreadful 

ravmg {(TN.). 
Oeaiis-tiuAtAp. «»., utter rout, 

precipitoto rout ; i^f., i ti-DeAHJ- 

tAiAtAtiAib coitheAt^Aitt, in th« 

Deree rout of battle. 

■Deaiis-rotiAli, m., a full trot 

■OeatiK-rcuiTifioii, D»., intense 

study (O'JV.). 
■OeAfJl-'orAi, tn., the very first 

beginning (O'iV.), 
"Oeans-ioattfteAt, m., a violent 

'^A,/., ared beard (ffN.). 
T}ei,\i^-tipiA\{, -Aifi, m., a fierce 

tnbuting, diap^ising a benefit, 



(pron. tie^tiiiQ in 2f,), m., for. 

Ketfulneas, oversight ; toes, 

defeat ; (if. aim -a). 
"OeAjimamt, -^136, a., forgetful, 

slow of memory. Set DedpinATi. 
tJeapmiUAim, vl. t»e-jnmau, 

imptr. -maiti, v. tr., I forget, 

lose, forego. 
VeAtimAtidiiiAit, -ih1.d, a., forget- 
ful, having Upsee of raaiaoty. 
fedf ffldTitdi p. a., forgotten. 
T)e^ttn«, dependent or enolitio 

pm. of Tia.^nlm, I make, do. 

See tJo-Jnlm. 
"DeAjind, -nn and -inne, pi. -inne 

and -nna, /., the palm of tlie 

hand ; a l^dfal ; cnot-Ae -oo 

4ei>t«>AiiTi, the middle spot trf 

thy palm, 
t)BijinaTi6ni, -fifiA, -iijiiie, tn., 

a palmist, a chuvmonoer. 
t)eaiir4 rilBipe, g. id., f., common 

lady's mantle (al^emUla wl- 

OeA^ndit), -e, /, a hand. 
TDeajifiil, -e, a., mean, wretehed, 

low, poor, miserable, pitiabla, 

weak, infirm. 
t)edt<^ite, q. id., /., low estote, 

porer^, destitution, wretched- 

nen, miser;. 
'Oeijidilaaic, -a, f., poverty, 

want, wretebednees. 
■DeAnfCAiSce (.rcnaijee), p. a., 

refined, excellent, aooomplished, 

t>eaffcn4, indec a., polished, 

TJeaiirctHija*, -utjte, pi. id., tn., 
aot of polishing or refining ; 
■oeajircnmS, .e, a., exoellent, 
goodly J wi»e, prudent ; bur- 
nished, polished. 5e« TjeAfi^n'- 
tJeAprcnuiiim, .D^A'6, 0. tr.. I 
exrJfUD, distingniBh ; I embel- 

"DeAnc, -A, pi, id. and -Anm, n., 

a dart (.i.). 
tJfat'-^B^^' "*■• " bouse ot penanoe. 

a dunconu in a oloiater ; ti^Aii. 

■Oear, -eife, a., right (as opposed 
to left) ; mo Lain 'oeaf, my 
right hajid, etc ; also as «uij,, 
mo ■oeAp ^suf mo t\.t, my right 
and left; ap ■oeirmo tiiihecW, 
convenient to my left hand. 

■Oeaf, -eipe, a., pretty, handsome, 
lovely, pleasant, nice; ready, 
dexterous, expert, proper, fit ; 
b'£ b* '6edr ini^e (abo ^fji), he 
was indeed export at -' 

south side or quart«r, when we 
face the east; ^. 'OeAphaiha, 
South Himster; ca f6 tear 1 
mbaiLe Ooifine, he is in Bally- 
voumey in the south ; a nveaf, 
from the sonth ; cA ^n ^aot « 
n-oe^ri Uiere is a south wind 
blowing ; 6 'iteaf, southward. 
T)64r, g. tifiire, pl- 'oiifA, Mid 
-a6a,/., anaar olcom;m. often, 
/?., a soion {pKfp. Tiiar. which 

'OeAfatAn, -iin, pi. id., 1 

a plaything (Ont. ). 
'Oearca'6, -ai4, pi. id., m., 1 


of anything ; in phr.-aa ■tei.yc- 
aiB, beoause of; ni. ^edfcaiB 
pn, for that reason. 
ttearcan -iin,p<. id., m., gleanings, 

'Ded)H:aoi'6, -e,/., lees, dregs; ren- 
net ; barm. Sa 'oedrca^. 

"Dearcutnn, .e, ■i*e,/.,leBs, dregs, 
rennet, barm. 8t« ■oe&t^&orii. 

Xttaf%tX>i.\\,, -Ata, /., Ascension ; 
aion Thursday. 

"Oear-JnAfc, m., a oeremtmy ; 
usage, oustooi. 8te -^nit. 

T>ea]'-La&|u, g. id,,/,, elocution, 

"Dear-tiih, -iime, -ima, /., tlie 
right huid. 

"Dear. Li* a*, -aije, a., right- 
hsnded, dexterous, handy. 

■Dear-Lirfriaec, -a, /., dexterity, 


•oeA I 2 

QBAphuiihneAd, -ni£e, a., belong- 
ing to DeamtHid. 

VeATihniihnBat, .mj, pi. id., m., 
ftDeamood man. 

'D»*rP^t<^''^c> '''I /-• <^ coctro- 
vtny, a diaonsdou. 

T)eiroS4*, -nr^e, «., aotof pre- 
psjing, getting «' making reodj ; 
praparation ; oorreoting ; mend- 
ing ; beaudfying. 

1>edn><5i<"> -oi**. "■ *■-» I I^ 
pare, make ready, arrange, dis- 
pMe, dren ; meod ; I act myiaU 
right, gat into poaitioa ; n. Ve, 
I ohiig to ; ^>. por, I Blip down ; 

Icaijginif.); VBAroij Uom 
t, oome over here to ma 

down 1 nedfDt^ 4nSof 6uis ^n 

cemfb, draw oloae to Iho fire 

(Con.). Ste tieirtjim. 

a oomposer 

who repairs. 
TieACdi, -CAi^, -A, m., smoke; a 

vapour, a mist, foine, Btetun. 
'OeaCdfifi, -jiin, fl. id., m., a 

X>«AKitt CAlihAH, /., the herb 

"DeACdmAit, -mtd, a., emoky, 

'Oedcftd, indtc. a., amoking. 

'OeacrfiAf, -Aiiie, a., smoky. 

WeACOiSim, -uJa*, e. ir,, iBmoke ; 
fmne, atoam ; disoolour. 

T)£e, pL of -Oi^, in., God, a 

tleibi-de, g. id., m., the principal 
kind of xiAn tiiT<SA^ {*■ apeaies of 
versiGoation having a fixed num- 
ber of syllables in aooh verse, 
with certain aasoiiauoe«, eto.). 

"Detble^n, -e^in, j)t. id., m., an 

"DeiOlioftcAi^e, g. id., pi. -6te, 
m., an orphan. 

tieifi, num., ton ; Tieit ip V'te, 
thiity ; 1)816 ir '^& ^tdiD, mly ; 
tieid If cfii vitn>, seventy. 

Tleifbiil^e, eoU. /., the Decalogue, 



or Ten Oommaodmento (O*^.) ; 

also "Oeii nAiteanCA. 
TJetfieArtiA*, num. a., tentii. 
Tleifi mfLe, num. a., ten thousand. 
"OeiC-rhlor, -A, pi. id.,f., December. 

a decade (of the Rosary, eto. ). 
■oeiC-fLiornAti -Aiji -AtSe, «., a 

■D^i'i, behind, after {pott, aod U. 

for niAii) ; 'ha 'Miti fin, after 

"DBi-ie, g. id., /., two thin^, a 

double proportion ; a pair or 

'D^iTieA'd, -'oi'6, m., a toothaohe. 
Vii<>ai.nat, -Ai£e, n., last; late, 
late hoar; lundennaat. 

'D£i'6eAnA£c, -a, /., a i 

fi •A., recently (T>et|ieA'6T 

D^iTj-^eAti -$itei a , white- 
tooled ; aa «ub«., /., a fair 
lady (^. alao nfiiTi-'ABAr). 

"OeuMJl, fl, ■ff'eAt, jrf. -pflBAfiA, /,, 

a difference, a dispute ; tu»o 
haste ; ieap^f iai]i C'aoSi veif if 
tsAc i, I thought it made no 
difference to you (^.), TieipeAf 
■nd'oeiFtie(Ao)i.). ftexieitlttf. 
■DeiJ-, for tieAt-, before oonso- 
nante followed by a slender 

■OeiJ-MAfAi, -Aite, a., well-mao- 

nered ; of good Dehariour. 
TleiJ-tieAtA, /., a good life. 
'Oeit-dfei«iheA£, -ihiSe, a., faith- 

t>ei$-ef foi, /., a good «ad ; good 

'Oe>5-^ittce, p. a., taetily folded, 

carefully turned. 
■DeiS'SBAnAr, m., virginal choatity 

Xteit-%ttHef6, m., aabmisdve 

adoration (O"^.). 
■Deis-jnfoih, m., a, worUiy deed, 

a good actiixi ; a favour, a 

I., Google 



T>eit-iArA£c, m., ft beneficial loan 

T>eii-iom6a]i, m., good ooaduct. 
T»eiS-iom6at'**i P- "■< well-oon- 

ducted, obaate, exemplary. 
Vei^-leAf, nt., a good or just 

'Dei3-meaf-, m, approbation, re- 

I ; good intent. 
■Deis-meirneae, -mSe and -m J, m. 

and/ , good aplrits, high conrage. 
t>ei^-riieirtieAniail,, -m!,a,o.,conr- 

ageous, high-spirited. 
t>ei^-nii4n, /., pioua afleotion 

■oeiftihtllce, o., in pkr. if v. an 

La 6, it is a wild etonny day 

T)ei5-tieA£c, m., wholeeome or 

good law OF ordinanoe (0'^.). 
■oeiS-f'ot, m-j Tjrtuoua issue or 

ofepring (O'JV.). 
t)ei5-rciujia*, m., discipline; 

good direction; reliable guid' 

■OeiJ-teAsihiit, /., a happy or 

foitniiat« meeting {O'N.). 
Tieis-tedfCd, a. of honest re- 

■Deijj-teirc, /., good report, tes- 

1>ei3-tiotiA£, m., an honest 
oonntry fellow (O'N.). 

■DeiStfead, -rij, -jiije, m., a 
person of good family, 

"Oeil, -e, -eanni, /., ft turner's 
lathe i Ueit; aji ■oeit, to be punc- 
tual (of persons) ; to be in work- 
ing order (of an instnuneDt) ; 
■ ' ■ p -oeiL &CA, they 


tadeTBiTthing quite ready. 

L6, -e,/., the warp (ill weaving). 
tteiLC, -e.-eadd,/., an image; the 
figure or face of a person ; 
the appcaranoe or figure of an 
animal or inanimate object ; 
F^at an 'oeiLO [no T>eil6m) aci 
ai^e, see the utiseraUe figure 
he (or it) . ■ 

good appearance 

ii aiii, be bai 
and figure. 


tleiLCeae, -Oije, a., baa 
shapely, comuy (O'ff,). 

tleiLCea'ofiip, -6pa, ■6ttii4e, m., 
a weaver ; a soulptor. 

t>eaBeo3, -oise, -oca,/., a minia- 
ture, a picture, a litUe image or 
statue, a seaL 

■Deilbijce, p. a., warped, reduced 
in oonditioQ ; TjeiLfite, id. 

CeilCiTTi, ii. Tieitfi, V, tr., I weave, 
warp; form, build, ocaiiBtruot, 
(also -DeiVBi jim). 

tietlCin (dim. of oeitC), a picture 
or miniature, a small figure or 
statue; also a miserable appear- 
ance or figure; the warp (in 
weaving) ; DeiLbin caotUk6, a 
mieerMle ham^id of sheep. 

t)eilfteannae, -naite, «., two- 
headed (O'N.). 

■DeiLiatianaft, -naiie, a., two- 
faced (O'N.). 

'Oeil,eaT>dt|i, -iSfia, -dittfAe, n., a 
turner ; a miniature painter ; 
a man who makee spinning 
wheels ; a wheelwright; a wood 

■Deileaodipeaic, -a,/., the art of 
making spinning wheels. 

■Deilp, g. -oealFa, ^. ■riie, /., a 

"Deilgin T>eamain, m., the devil- 

■Deitsne, g. id., pi. -nroe /. 
{cMsct.], thorns, prickles. 

■Deitsneai, -nije, a., thomy. 

■DeiLgneai, mje, /., a apear- 
thistle ; the swine poi. 

"OeiLspftine, g. id,,/., the name of 
Fionn MaoCumhalll's standard. 

T)eilibi-e, /., a nurao {N. Con.). 

"DeiLtm, -Lea-b, u. ir,, I turn with 
a lathe, 

■Oeimear, ■'hiri la-i a pair of shears, 
scissors ; ueiiheif, -e, /., id. 

■Deiriiin, -mne, /., certainty, asan- 

informed of it ; bio'6 d -6. aige, 
let him be assured ; if maifS a 
■deanann v. na '66daf, woe to 
the man who builds on hope as 
certainty; teipim mo x>. -ouic, 


verUjr, indeed, 
tieiihne, g. id.,/., oertoiiity, anu- 

Tonoe. Sa 'oeiihin. 
t)eiiiined£, 'ni£«, a., certain, sare. 
tletihtiiSini, -iuSi*, V. tr., I affirm, 

prove, vwify, empluwiae. 
tieiiiiniste, J). . * 

■Oeiihmjte-jt, -tije, a., affirma- 
tive, oertaiii. 

"Oenhntjlteoi^, -otid, •ot)ii'6e, »., 
an approver, a certifier. 

■DeirtinioSA-b, -mjte, m., act of 
affirming ; testing, proving, 
verifying, emphasiHing, 

■Dfin, in phr, pa -6. (with p.), 
towards ; ^«oi m' ■6., towards 
me, to my aid, to meet me or 
take me with him ; toinel. with 
hostile intent. 

'D6in. See ■oiin. 

'04tiie,ir-Mi,/., ardour, vehemenoe, 
iuteiuity, nrg^nor. 

t)^nea£c,-a,^,vehemeac«, deter- 
' 1, violenoe. 

'Oei|it-ftioec, tn., o 

alrog ; peaji tj^iiici . 
gar i is lajit'-i''" "* ■ofiiiice, m 
as lapnai* -oeitice, begging 
jutrn. T)6ifice [Don. and Con.). 

■Oeipceii, -01^6,0., poor, heggarly 
aimsgiving, ch.iritable. 

■Ofiincea*, -C15, j)i. id., »., a beg- 

'06ifcteoj\i, -a^&, .oipi-oe, m., a 
giver of alma ; a beggar. 

'Oei'|ieA'6, -tii'6, })f. ui.| n>-, the end, 
the laet, the couolosioD ; the 
rear ; tlie etem of a ship ; a 
finishing; fi. i>eijmit, at last. 

lastly (also 'ra\ Tjeifeai) ; dn 
Li F^ deifiea'd, the other day ; 
dC ttuL tvm 'Dei^i'6, deterior- 

« t>ul 


Veifieantidf, -Ai^e, a., laat, hind- 
ma«t i final ', lat«, latter. 

tleitteannAtse, f., lateness; near- 
Dees to ths present time ; te t>., 
lately, latterly ; Le Tieiflednnari 
id. (Om.) 

t)eiiie4nnari '^T. *"■> lateness, 
latter port (of day, etc.). 

tJeifeoi^ -e, a., miaeroble, 
wretilhed ; Utile, slight, poor, 
weak ; oppressive ; making 
wretched ; bf 6n Tieitieoil, op- 
pressive grirf {&Con.). 

IDeiiieoil,, g. id., pi, -e, m., a needy 
person. See 'oedft6it>. 

t)ei)ieoit.ln, g. id., pi. -i'6e, m., the 
wren ; ti. cpii<pc> an object of 

■Deins- (136*115-), rod (often used 
as an intensive preSi) : tieit<3- 
*'fej /i fariouB tage; -Deijis- 
ilietrce (more commonly oeatii;- 
liieirce), J"., sheer intoxication. 

veit<^-£innea£, -m^. nt., a finch 
(with red head), Itnofa n(/<sccRi. 

"Oeittse, g. id., /., redness, mddi- 

'Deitii4 (g. of t)ei}tea4), a., hind, 
rear ; af d 'oJl £o>r 'd-> oa his 
two hind legs. 

"Oeipim, for A-oeiitini, whioh see. 

Oeir, usually in Con. lot -ueire ; 
rA -o. ifiait ^1(1, he is in good 
oircvirastaaces. See ■oeire. 

'D^ir. -e, -eacd, /, land ; a Bept, a 
tribe. 'D^ij-c is the name of 
some diBtricta in Ireland, aa 
■Ofiire muman, the Deoiee of 
Munster (in WaterEord and Tip- 
perary) ; ■Oiire tjpeis, Deece 
(of Meath). 

■0*1 r> ■«, /-, the point of a 

■D^if (-o'^ir), jirqj. phr., after. See 




Veij-ceAbdt, -Alt, fl. id,, n., a 

Beipceapc, g. -ceipc and -cijic, 
m., the south, gonth part; ■Oeir- 
ceA|iu t^i^ean, South Leinster. 

tleip:e.i)iT;A£, -dige, a., southern. 

"Oeircffti'o, -B,/., disoretion, pra- 
danoe (nom. slso feifciiii-De). 

'Oeifcii£iT)ed6, -11156, a., dis- 
oreet, prudeDt, retentive of 

Deipe, g. id., /., neatness, band- 
Bomeness ; convenience ; utility ; 
improvenient ; a setting things 
rignt ; dress, Mooutrements ; 
preparation; i>o -oidnrdi r^ 
dn-T>eire '6dm, it would be of 
great use to me. Ste ■oBtf^Atz. 

'DeifeAtt'iti, -4tii, tn., the Bunny 
side; 4]i *. na 5li6ine, exposed 
to th« Bun (Om., Doa.). 

■OeifBiOiiaC, -dije, o., sunny ; ex- 
posed to the sun ; fflf. spells 
■oeirapfiafi (wronRly), 

"Deireae, -r'S^. "•> laoing towards 
the aoutb, Boutbwards. 

"Oeireafc, ~i, /., an ornament, 
elegance, neatness; oonvenienoe. 

■Deifeal, -pL, n., a turning to 
the right ; as intery,, may it go 
right, said when one sneezea or 
swallows something awry, still 
used in Aran and Wal, , etc. ; 
■oeirejil, is opposed to cudfcit ; 
df 4eiredL tiA sr^'"^' exposed 

on the brow or poll of some per- 
sons, called coaft Ikt. 

■DeifiSim, -luji'o, V. Ir., I dress, 
adorn ; mend, repair, improve. 
See -oeArut^im. 

■Oeirijte, p. a., repaired, put in 

■DeiriuS**! -ikte, »., act of re- 
pairing, mending ; ornamenting ; 
Lnproving. See TieAruJa-o. 

t)Birinea^, -mttte, a., neat^ tidy 

■Oeiptiiiie, g. id., yi. ■iii'ie, m., a 
poet, a rhymer ; a quaint 
speaker ; a carper. 

J ) "oeo 

'Deirmifede, -piSe, a., oorioiw, 

quaint, epigrammatio. 
T)Birmi|ied£c, -i, f; a proof; a 
quotation ; a quibUe, a cunning 
metbod of spesoh ; paraphrasing, 
carping ; cariosity ; aupersti- 

Tleipnif, -e, /., qoainlneas, ouri- 

•Oeirmir, -e, a., quaint, onrious. 
Viiruean, -citi, fi, id., m., an 

edge (set on the teeth) ; disgust, 
abomination, fright ; a qualm ; 

t)4ircedndA, -Atse, a., abomioable, 

loathsome, diaguating. 
Tl^ifcednaiin, -d-6, v. ir., I hat«, 

I disdain, I abhor, loatiie. 
T)Bit6iji, g. -e and -6jiead,/., tuut^ 

spead ; difforeuoe. See 'oeipfi. 
"Oeit'oiiedA, -tii$e, a,, speedy (also 

■Oeitbfiiiim, -lusail, e. (r. and 

iMr., 1 hasten, make speed, 

hurry on. 
Veiii'oe, a. id., /., oare, diligenoe ; 

X)eitinreat, -rije, o., quick, hasty, 

nimbla, earnest. 
■oeitnean -nif, m,, speed, oelerity ; 

haste, hurry. 
'DeitnedfaC, -^136, a., quick, 

hasty, hurried, fussy ; Tieitin- 

t)eicredruijtm, -u^d-A, o. (r. and 
imtr., 1 hOBteu, I make haate. 

"060, g. id., /., an end, the laat; 
tn^eath, air, life ; in jmr. 50 iieo, 
for ever ; witJi nt^,, never. See 

t)eo6. g. TiiSe, d. -015, pi. -oeofid 
and 'oeotdnnd, /., a drink, a 
draught; bfiAon oi^e, adropof 
drink (bjiaon tjo -OeoC, jwrt* qf 
Don.);Tieoi An-oo[i4ir,aparting 
drink, a Etirrup-cup. 

tieoiaiin, -ai>, v. tr., I quafiF, 
drink ; I kiss, embraoe, cherish ; 
aj ■oeofta'6 ip ag p6s^*. ''"S" 
ging and kissing. 

'Dcocin, -jliii, pi. id., m., a deacon. 

'OBo-euirne, g. id., m., a chilling 
frost {Kta.). 


"Deod fWmce, /, 


"Deo^A, g. id., m., common henbeme 

Ikyot^amui niger). 
'Ogoi'6 (■oeois), /, an end, the 
rear, tlie lost j in phr. fi 4., in 
the end, fimilly, in fine ; at 

TJeoin, /,, will, oonoent, accord ; 
■oo 'D., wjUi tho good-wiU of, 
willingly, at his (^od pleaaure 



Veoifi, in M. and Con, sp. I. used 

for tieof, b drop, a tear. 
TJeoL, -oil, m,, act of euokling ; 

TieoiL, a Buckling calf; (aUo 
tJeolAim, ■d'6, f. tr., I suck, drain 

XleaL£di|i, - 

.i*e, f., a gift, ( 

'OeotCaif, -e, a., liberal, generous, 

'DeoLeAife, g- id., /., liberality, 

generosity, monifieence. 
TiBonii (T)enndi5te*6), -dijt 

agraeable ; mA-6 ■n. Ledr, if 

please {mriy mod. Jr.). 
T>eonA£t;, -a, /., willingneea, 

t)eotic<lC, -aiSe, a., content, 

ing, Tolnntar;. 
■DBoncatr, -a, /., willingneas, 

ogreeablenew. Su -oeotiA^u. 
"OeoncAf, -ii]", m., willingnei 

■Oeonuja-fi, -uiSte, m., act of 
allowing, oonBenting. 

■Oeoimijim, -oga'o, v. tr., I voueh- 
aafe, permit, allow, consent; 
condescend ; I command, order, 

tleon, -oif, -i, m., a tear, a drop 
(of water) ; ni't 'oeoii inn, Uiere 
ia not. a drop in it ('omi^ used 
in the game phrase, Ker.) ; 50 
■DBO na nueoii, for ever and 
ever ; nioit fij r* '- ''""■ ''^ 
drained his blood, killed him 

"DAondt, -Aige, a., tearful, soirow' 

T>eot<d£cd£, -Ai^e, a., strange ; b6 
-6,, a strange cow ; 'ouine D., a 
itrange man {Der.). 

'Deo|tA'6, -ai'o, pi. -Arte and 
-di'6te, m., a wanderer, an exile ; 
a Bttanger, a traveller ; a fugi- 
tive, an alien ; a beggar ; a pil- 
grim, a penitent. 

T>eoti'iii'6e, g. id., m,, an exile ; the 
fish called Jaoky Dorey. See 

■oeoiiaiieaic, -4, /, pilKTiinage, 
exile, bauiahineut, wandaring, 

'Deotiaii^iin,-'6eaic, V. tr,, I banish, 
dnve into exile. 

TleotiATbAtt, -athtA, a., tearful 
sorrowful, dowucaat. 

t)eot<acd, indee.a., strange, foreign 
(also ■oeottanca). 

Tleori-edot, m., lamenting ; tlie 
being steeped in tears. 

'Deoti-£4oinea-6, -nee, m., lament- 
ing with tears. 

■Deop-^doinim, -tiea*, v. tr, and 
iiUr., I bewail with tears. 

Tteojiuijim, -ujai, v. tr,, I banish, 

■Di- (-Dio-l, prefix; (1), negative 
= nn-, in-, dis- ; (2). intensive. 

t)(, (l) = T>B-l-f, of, off orfromher, 
iti{2)='oo-H, toorfor bw, it; 
iwtpft. r) ; eomet. tji. See 
■oe and -co, prep*. 

mA, g. T>i, d. "Om, vac. a "di and 
A "Dm, f^, "Oie and "Oeite, g. pi. 
t)ia and T>£i£ed-d, d. pi. "D^ib 
and ■D61C16, voc. pi. & tiee and 
a ttiite, m., God, a god; t)iA 
•ftuic, God save you ! 'Diii 'r 
muijie 'ouic, Ood and Mary 
save you ! t)ta Linn, God help 
us I If coil L^ 'Dia or ^f 4 coil 
■D*, it is God's wili 

■OiA, m., a da.y, in phra,, "Dia 
Tloninaig, ou Sunday ; V, LuAtn, 
on Monday ; -O. maipc, on 
Tuesday ; t). C^A-oooin', on 
Wednesday ; t). 'O-jft'OAOine 
(oontr. to TiiA'ii-DAoin), on Thurs- 
day; t>. hdoinG,on Friday; Xt. 
8*t«ifn, on Saturday; 1 nuiu, 


tO'day; i ti-o*, yesterday ; a.^a- 
jja-D 1 nT)*, the day before yes- 

'OiA-Aitir,/-i blasphemy. 
Xiia-4itireaC, -psej <^i bias- 

■Oia'afeaiii, -fcapi ?''- -aitue and 
'AictiSAcA, la., a godfather. 

■Diab-iiL or -oiail, inrfec. a,, good, 
eioellent, famoiiB ; if n. in Feaji 
i, he is a wonderful or excellent 
man ; ci fiAn 50 ijiaiL, tliey are 
splendid {M.) ; some think this 
word is the same as jt. of 
'oiiCdl., the devil. 

"Di-ibat, -ait, pi. id., m., a deTil, 
an evil or wicked person ; mis- 
ohief, misfortune ; used much in 
the same metaph. way aa devil 
in English ; ^iinj 'ran htj,, go 
to the devil ; saji't i an t). ■oo 
fiiipF'"'^ '-^T ^°> devil take 
you ; nafi i an n. i, is he not 
wonderful, awful, etc. 

■DiaBitiiti, -fir-i, -Qipi-be, m., a 
devilish person ; a wretched, 
unfortunate person (pron. Diab- 

■Diaftaica, a., good, excellent, 
splendid, wonderful (perhaps 
from uia6aL the devil) ; ip 
-oiAbaLcA An feA^ i, he is an 
extraordinary man ; peatt diaD- 
dlca, a strange fellow. 

■OidOaLca, inrfec. a., diabolical, 
great, wondrous, surprising, 

"DiaOatcan, -am, m., devil-craft, 

'OiaMai'oe, irtdee. a., devilish, dia- 
bolical (0 jiron. as b). 

XliaBlai-6eafic, -a,/., devilishness. 

■Diablui^im, V. tr., I abuse. 

"DiaSain, -fijia,/., sorrow, trouble ; 
mo*ia*aiji, ahwl (from -oiat, 
mishap, misfortune). 

■DiiCliae, -aije, a., painful, 
grievous, sorrowful ; mo fipeat 
■oiaCiiae cii, thou art the {cause 
of) my grievous loss [O'Ba.). 

■DiatpQ'S""! -nja*, v. ivtr., I 
grieve, mourn; threaten. 

t)ia*a, indec. a., divine^ godly. 



holy, pions <in W«at M. ^. t. 
-Diasaite ie used); the s sound 
ooours in the three following 
words also, 

'Dia'6a6c,-fl,/., theology, divinity; 

godliness, piety ; the divine 

Tliatiaitie, g. id,, pi. -^loe, m., a 

spiritual director ; a theologian, 

a divine. 
■DiaTiaiiiea6c,-a,_/l, sanctity, piety, 

Tlia 'Doi^natg, Sunday, on Sun- 

TDiaSatlie, g, id., pi. -pioe, m., a 
divine {Dmil.). 

■Oiasanca (cia'oanca), a., devout 
{Don. and Con.). 

"Dta-inafi, a. See Tiii-oeanat. 

■Dia.-6 (oia.s), / (oft*,), end, rear, 
wake, cxmclusion. 

■Diatw, 1 n- or a n-, after, behind; 
1 noiai-i, -oiai-D aji n>iai-6, con- 
secutively ; with gen, or with 
po$t, prn,, im' '6., lu' ■(>,, etc. ; 
1 n^iatv a d^ite, after each 
other, one aft«r another; T>iai'6 
&-\i nrnArfi, id., time after time, 
from age to age, in regular suc- 
cession ; 'n-a ■oiai* pn, after 
that, afterwards ; 'n-a-oiai'i, irf., 
after that time ; 1 ntiiai'^ a 
iinn, headlong; aj doV i tm. a 
Lairiie, going to the bad. 

TDiai* ap n-oiai-6, one after an- 
other ; by degrees ; continuously. 

t)iail, -e, /., a dial. 

TliaiU See TJiabait. 

Tii-aifi^e, indec. a., innumerable. 

■Oi-ailimeaec, -a, /, infinity, in- 

"Dl-AittThi^ce, p. a,, innumerable, 
not computable, 

•OiaUann, -ainne, -a, /, a diary, 
a day-book {O'N.). 

■OiaLannat, -aij, -aije, n., one 
who keeps a day-book or diary 

■Oiatannaec, -a,/., the keeping of 
a day-book or diary (CJV.). 

■OialL, -aiLte, /., the breech ; a 
seat ; a knapsack ; submission. 

TiiatLaic (■oiaLLai'o), -e, ■i*e, and 


mA ( 9 

-eA£<, /, t. saddle (in M. «p. I. 
often iaILaic). 
TliAtLdtceoiti, -op^ -oi-pi*e, •»,, 

WiiAailt, -e, /., darkneas, ol«au- 

rity, myitoty. See -Diannkiii- 

"OiaiiiAiti, -e, a., bidden, secret, 
lonely, myBterious, dark. 

t)iaitiii]iea6c, -4, /,, ft secret, a 
royBtery ; lonelinesg. 

T>i<.-ihaoin, ^i, ecolcfliasticol prop- 

TtMiina^ii, mdtc.a,, mt«iise, great, 

eantest ; lecret, Daysteriooa. 
Via-iiidrlee, -Ai$e, a,, blasphe- 

tJid-fhArLuiSitn, -uja*, v. inir., I 

■Dia-rtiirLuiSceoiii, -ojia, -oifrte, 

m., a blsapbeoier. 
■Om-ihicAiti, -till, pi. -iitpo imd 

.t]ieat A, /, a godinofcher. 
"Didn, g^, ■Dime, o., vohement, in- 

teme, violent, severe ; swift, 

t>idn-, vehement (oned as an inten- 

sitjve preGi). 
T>i4nAf*, 'Aif, tn.) vehemence, vio> 

leooe, intensity. 
"Oianir*') -■"j.s. »■. direful, 

dreadfal ; vehement, earnest. 
TJiAH-iltCuiiise, 3. id., pi. -j.-db, 

/,, an eameat request, ft fervent 

■Oian-iiOaiiiae, -aije, a., actively 

or efiectively assisting. 
T>idn-eortiU, g. id., pi. -i-fte, »., an 

aideMia-camp ; an officer of the 

Life Guards. 
"Oian-joi'a'o, -jitA, m., act of 

vdiemently heating. 
■Oian-Spi*. *"-> i^"^ loy«, intense 

■Diiti-rcioitea*, -tre, m., act of 
vigtvDusly routii^. 

'0<a)<'D4tn, -e, /, anger, chnrlish- 
nesB. {P. (rC. gives -oiaiiTiAn, 
roughnees, baughtinesB, pride ; 

) um 

with g»., x)it.fX), lued •■ ot^., 

peAfi 'OiA|i'DAin = Fe']ip sAftC n6 

FeapFi*-) , ^ 

'Di>s)1'oAtiac, -^15, pi, td., m., a 

churl ; as a, , angry, wrathful, 

TJiap'Oioin, -6, /., Thnrnday. 8u 

"Oion 9' ■"fiip """^ •oitf^e, /., a 
couple, a pair, two (persona or 
personified objects only). See 

Uidf. a- ■oSife. P^' ■oiafi and tuar- 
aCa, ^., an ear of com ; nulaph., 
a Bcion of a family (improp. 
■oiari ; toja viife, flower of 
the flock. 

^laf, g. T>£tfe, p(. oiafa, /, the 
blaide or point of a weapon ; 
-01 ar'6tih, the point of a 

'D<ar=T)eaf, south. 

T)iaraft (niarEaft), -ai£e, a., 

abounding in ears of com. 
T)i Apcan, -im, pi. id,, m., a gleaning. 
TJiafiiaim, -a-4, v. tr,, I glean. 
■Oiatfaill, -e, o.,deBert ; desolate. 
t)[ b' ( = iii b'),Boniet.»uedinCoB. 

tor nf b', before wmpar. of adj. 
"Olb (■oaoib), prep, prn., 2 pi., to 

you, for you, by you ; empS., 

Tjifi.j-e and -oaoit-fe. Set pr«p. 

t)!6,prep.prj».,2pi., offyou; empA., 
■oit-fe. Beeprrp.Tie. 

TXtteai. -bi^e, a., grudging, frown- 
ing (0-N.). 

t)i6eatc, -a,/., begradging (©"if.). 

BibeaLaiJ, a., patiless, without 
passage or way {O'N.). 

tUbeafta, p, a., banished, exiled, 

Olbeatitaft, .aij, -aije, m., a 
banished perscm, an outcast, an 

t)i6eifi5. See ■olbpeaiis. 
T)i6Feap5,jf.-pei|i^e,/., vengeancei 

anger, indignation ; rebellion ; 

alea zeal, ardour, fervour (nom, 

also -olbFeiiis]. 
T)lbFeap5ai, -aij, -aige, m., a 

rebel ; a robber, a spoiler, a 





vengeful, wraufaL 
'OitnticeAt, -ci^e, a., fervoat, 

Ardent, iiulaatH<ftu, diligent 

"Oibiiic, •« and -«dpuA,/., penecn- 

tion ; hulisbDient, eipnlntni ; 

slao T>ibeiitr in nam. ; ^p ti., in 

TliCLiie (■oiBLiSe), indec. a., 
wretehed, vile, wcntiileM, mean, 
abject, destitute, poor, vnlgar. 

T>i&ti'6edCc, -A, f., vileneu, 

"DibLtJim, -oSfl«. P. tr., I demean, 
diiKtpect, oontcmn ; I make 
rile or wretched. 

'DiDfi^, f; weakness, cimtempt, 
negiod See ■oimbttij. 

'Dib|<im, imper. wibip, vi. uibipc, 
p.p. Dlbeap^"' J^' ■oibeopaD, 
eoad. -eojiAinn (aUo/., ■DibjieoJ- 

I drive outv ozpel, exile, bsniBh. 

T>ieeAl.t, -CilL, m^ effort, endea- 
vour ; one's beat ; ap d '6., doing 
his beet; fi n-d 4., up to his 
power; ■otan tjo '6t6ea1.t, do 
jonr best or worst (aooording to 
ocHiteit) ; bA '6. T>din, it was as 
mncli as I coold do ; a^ D^Andm 
-oifttll aji lc., doing one's boat 
to, ttc., A\i tniAi (n5 tan) a 
-6f6ilt, nuiking his utmost en- 

■DfCejittaS, -dtSe, a., attentive, 
careful, diligent, industrious, 
doing one's be«t ; bold, daring. 

■OfCoatloisim, -uja*, v. inlr., 

I do my best, 

bfoDAt' A5 -o,, they 

tbeh' best {Ker.). 
X>iteAnnAt, -Af^e, a., headlees. 
'D!(eAnnd'6, -nuA, si. , a beheading, 

■Oiteanniim, -a*, v. tr.. I behead, 

^iCetlim, -Lc, ». tr., I disguise. 
TJittille, g. id,,/., folly, humbug, 

HlllineBS (in M. tp. l.,iiit c^itle). 
'D<±£>'6e, indee. a., foolish, 

senselesB, irrational. 
m-flteiTieAih, -ttiih, m., incredu- 

louBDces, Dnbelirf, sseptuian, 

'Oi£t*'^T»faede, -ihij, -ihiSe, m., mi 

infidel, ao unbeliever. 
t>i-£tiei«ilTeA6, -ihi^e, a., ineredn- 

looa, nabelieving. 

i-4iiei'ote, " " "~ 


I'D, -e, -eAnnA, /., a te*t, a 

pap ; dint, mvein, tHxieos, 

kn, -Titne,/, protection, shel- 
ter, safety, refuge (also ■>.). 
i-oeandiji, -dtu, -6i|ii*B, m., a 
protector, a guardian. 
loCAnCd, p. a., protected, de- 



I, ■olrMonn. See 

f eAf65d(, -Aige, a., beardlces. 

Tjipin, -Fpeifi, -ppeaii, /., a 

dinerence. See t>eirOip and 

^'Si -e, -eada,/, a pit, a dyke, a 
tieuah, a ditch (»o». also 

T>f-£eATi, n,, moroeenees, sullen- 

■OiSme, -e, /., dignity ; need as 

far bi:ck as 1680. 
'OH., -e, a., dear, beloved, fond, 

■one, g. T>ileinn, 'oftinne, d. 

■ofLinn, /., a flood, a deluge ; 

the sea, the ocean {non. Qmo 

T>ite, g. id-, /..friendship, affeotioQ, 

an orphan (often in"»p. I.) Sei 

■Oitea^i-i, -Sta, m., complel* 

melting ; act of digesting ; ti 

ope, may you become wasted. 
TJileajjaim, -Sa6, v. tr,, I digest 

food ; I melt down, I destrojr. 
"Oil-eajLi, /., respect, rererenoe. 
t)il-ei5to4, -itje, a., reverent, 



vt address. 

id., m., B lectuie, 

t)i1.eAiii4in, -riin'i, /., lore, friend- 
ship; populuitj. 
XiiteatiTi. 8tt -ode. 
'Oiteanncd, tndo;. a., deluge-like. 
Xiiteir. Set ■DiLif. 

ttlteAI^, VlllDfC, VlltlOfC. Sk 

t)iL-£eAn, m., ardent love, loyal 
kSaotion {O'N.). 

WL--kifLi.-tat, -Aije, a., dafttly- 

Vitin, o. id.,fl.-riie, m., a story ; a 
petition ; a sing-song ; a frequent 
repetition of the same w<«dB ; 
cA fl 't\a -DiLin Aise, ho has it 
by rot« (as a sing-soiw) ; xntin 
nA mbocAi, beggars request 
(Dtm.) ; the seoret language of 
■" - .)i dielomi 


dear, fond, loyal, faitWnl, trusty, 

friertdly, reliable, seoure, firm; 

darling, beloved ; own, speoiaL 
"OiLLfliCc, -A, pi, id. and -ai-oe, m., 

an orphan (in JH. »p. t. nom. often 

'oftteAAcui'Ae or 'oiLe.itcui'Ae, 

in Con, 'oiLeafca). 
TJitfo, g. id., /., fidelity, loyalty, 

sincerity, love ; inherent right. 
TOiLreaic, -a,/., friendship, reU- 

tiooahip, love, faitMulness, 

loyalty ; alio rights property. 
^''-fS"". -"'S'*'"> "- **■■. r secure ; 

f^AtA -00 ibilriojii*, to secure 

tltmbpfs, g. -fo^ and -e,/., weak- 
neglect, dis- 

t>fmb]iiSea6, -Jije, a,, weak, 
feeble, powerless, negligent, dis- 
paraged (also YiSnibtiiofd^). 

"Oi-meaf, -rca, m., disrespect 

Xii-rheAfAi, -aije, a., durespeot- 

^{-ihiit), in., ooDtempt. 

"Di-in^iDedt, -Tuge, a., oontemp- 

. ) vio 

■Oi-iheifneii, m., Domrdioe, want 
of iinrit (ffN.). 

Vtrnjiedf, -fir, <*., need, neoessity. 

"Dine, g. id., pL -ed^d, /., a genera- 
tion, an age ; a tribe. 

Vinedpc, -eifc, m., inbeoility, 

'Dtnedtiuni^im, -a^A^, v. tr., 1 en- 
feebly weaken. 

'Dins, '*> -BA^Oi /■> *• wedge (also 

'Omsim, -seA'6, v. tr., I thrust^ 
push, wedge, urge ; tio itam 
nit binn ^oo ■iingjMTin piin i-o 
bt<i£Ai^> I wouki tbrust Uiy 
inharmonious clamour down tJiy 
throat {(ySa.); 6for bpiiiSce 
tiitisite atge (Con.). 

T)fn-SLic -e, a., wi*e. 

t)in5lir> '°> -^'i * tickling, a titilla- 
tion ; CHIP ■oinslir ann, tickle 
him (also m., oorrupt for 
S'Sl-T)- . „ . 

'Oinn, pnp. jyrn., I pL, o£F or from 
ns; «)nj>A.'D<nn-ne, o&im.Tiinne. 
Setprep. «e; pton, with -a thick 

"Otnn ; an -it, an tae, in the broad 
daylight, at mid -day {M.). 

X>\r>niAf,-h\j., pi. id.,aiiA.'i\f,tata, 
m., a dinner. 

"OinnfeantAf, -dif, m., legends 
about and explanations en the 
names of places. 

in pi. form. The singular 'oinn- 
■oiap occurs in a King's County 
legal document of 1594 {Q. J'.). 

THoft, prep, pm., 3 pi., off them, 
tnxn them ; emph. \iiob-fan. 
Setprtp. -oe ; xi. t^ok {fion.), 

'DfobA'6, -Att, m., death,_ oessation, 
destruotiou ; a skirmish, a 
battle ; wickedness, impiety. 

T)fo6a5A'6, -Afste, m., oessation, 
destruction, ruin ; the refuse of 

TlioDAi'Aim, -d'A, V. Ir., I oonsume ; 
irUr., I die without 

t, /., lavishnMs, pr»di- 


'DloDUCcAe, -aiie, a., ^prijdigftl, 

tliotitAr, -Axy, m,, extravagance, 


,, disoalced, 

'Oio6iiaci-6, -(lai 

•ofobtiosoe, -Mi 

birefoot, BhoeleaH, 
"Oiotfei, local, chiefly Con., for 

tiiob, of, off or from tbem ; t> 

thick {Don.). 
Xi'io-tktx.'oe&t, -Tn%e, a., frieudless, 

■Dio-Siifi-oear? ■'oif. "i-i friendlesB- 

nea», emnity. 
T)<oetdond'6, g. -nrii, pi. id., m. 

t>lo£lAonaim, ■A'6, and infr. 

I decline. 
Olo-tL6'ouiSie, y. a. diamantled. 
Olo-eoircte (-toirciSte), p. a. 

unohecked; implacable. 
tXo-eoiiiLAC, -<iiSe., o., of evil 

TOioCjiA, in/Ue. a,, intense, fervent 
"Oiottiaft, --Mje, o., diligent, 

zealous, very eameat. 
■Dio-ftoimne, g. id.,/., forgetful- 

ness, want of memory. 
o-iaitiim, vl,, -tun, v. Ir., I put 
7, expel, baniah ; I put down, 

ff. tr., 1 deform. 


I disfigure. 

V1o-£af, -Coif, m., act of putting 
away, eipateion, baniahment ; 
■nbdning, subjugation. 

Vfo-'AAoini^iin, -mja*, v. (r,, I 

"Dio-fuLditi^, -e, a., intolerable, 

Tjios, g. id., -An, and -Sje, pi. 
"(054, -iojaftd and -io5iiA£d, /., 
a bank, a ditch, a treach. See 

Diojii, ff. id., m., rejection (opp. to 
fos^), often = refuse, the worst 
of anything; TJi'oJi 5-16 r'"^ 
dn fioc, frost is the worst of all 
weathers. See TiioCA-A. 

TOioga*, -st^. ">.. aot of entrench- 
ing ; an entrenohment ; drink- 
ing, draining. 

t)foj4ttc, -e,/., aot of revenging, 

■OfoSAim. See Tuflsaim. 

TOiojiinn, -e, a., steady, firm. 

THoJil.-iite,/., restitution; ven- 
geance ; satisfaction ; offence ; 
If mdit An t)io3a1, Aifi i, it 
serves him right (sometimoB 
"oiot is used in uiis phrase). 

TJioJflLaim, -JiiLu, v, tnlr,, I 
avenge, get satisfaction from. 

t)ioS4tcd6, -iije, a., vindictive, 

^ioJaLcaf, ■i.if, m., vengeance, 
revenge, reatitution. 

tJioSal-carii, -iije, revengeful, 
tfflrrifying : tiiosaLcAireat, ii(. 

"Diogan, -am, pi. id., m., severity ; 
spite, revenge ; grief, sorrow. 

tJiosanca, inSet. a., fierce, stern, 

ttiogbAi, g. id. and -ai-^, nt., des- 
truction, death. See ■oioTie.ii. 

T)io56ai-Dim,-04*, v. tr., I con- 
sume, destroy, eta. Ste -oiob' 

t)i036ail, ■ H.,/.,iniuiy 
damage, destruction, harm : 
want, scarcity of a thing ; 'oei|i 
r* nii ■oioSCJit aipjio ti fli^. 
he says that it was not fruiii 
want of money (Don.); cuip 1 
n-oiojeiit t, incline it slightlv" 
to right or left (as a plough) (Zt j. 

"OiosfcaLat, -Voije, a., hurtfi;!, 
lojurious , noxious , gui Ij 

■DioSti, ff. id., m., indignation. 

■DioJtAim, vl., -oiosaiLc a id 
tjiogaL, imper. -oiosaiL, I taku 
vengeance on 1d]i). 

Ttio^Luim, -toma, t^. id,, m., a 
gleaning ; a leasing ; a com- 
piling ! peaii -oioSLomfl, a coji;- 
piler (also -oioLuim). 

l>ioSLiiimim, i>. tr., I glean, letu.c, 
weed, compile ; r(., 'oiojLnini. 

Qio^tDincdiJ'.a., gleaned, ga there d 

■OiogiiAin -«■ /-. affection, love, 
charity, zeal, diligence, fervour, 
ardour ; a motive or sooret. 

I., Google 

, a., diliKent, 
. aitUul. 

'Oiosftuj'. 'ffB. gives ttiii w<sd 
meanmg uprightness, but pro- 
bably it is oiily aoother fonn of 
■oiojiiairi which i» sopron. in At, 

Oiot, -a, m,, oat ot paying, pajring 
for (af] ; desert, satufactioii, 
redresa ; eufficianoy ; act of 
selliDg ; I no,, in exahange for 
(with gat.) ; a ■6., enoDUi for 
him; lofoL C|iiiaiSe,anobjeotof 
pity i 'oi'ot T>6i]ice, an object of 

TtSol, -d, m., usage, rstribntion, 
end 1 If oLc on T>ioL taSAirait*! 
voD have ill-used or ill-requited 
mm ; if matt An T><ot opc 6, 
you are well requited ; nei^- 
viol, a good end ; >ottoi£-'4iol, a 
bad end ; mi ci w) *. 'fan 
5Ciipin, cut 6, if the oap fits 
you, wearit((7<»».). ff«iiioJaL 
(perhaps Taiojal is the proper 

'DiotAi'Deddc, -a, /., pay, r«oam- 
^tense ; payment ; restitution ; 

■Oiotaim, vl. nfol, v. (r., I pay ; I 

■ell (to, te) ; I bebvy ; I pay 

for (irV 
■DiO'tiitifi, -tpe, /, abaeuce. 
■Dio-LAictiiJim, -luji*, o. tr., I 

utterly destroy, expel, depopu- 
late, confiscate. 
DioLainancddu (pron. 'oioLdn- 

citc), -a,/., bravery, generosity. 
"Diolftmancflr (pron. 'DiotiincAr). 

-Air, m.. bravery, generosity. 
t)ioLaiTind6 (pron. 'otoLiinAi), 

•di£, jH. id., M., a hired soldier ; 

A brave, generous man ; a person 

■omeUiing above the common ; 

caoifij i5«r ■oioLaiTinaij, is a 
conunon way of boasting of bigb 
rank ; a iioLAmnaiJ, my fine 
fellow ; often now means a vil- 

■Diol-Coi, /., a shop 1 a tent. 

t)lol-4o4n, M., a shop. 
■DioL-fionKinii, -amn, fl. id., ra., 

a ocoifederaoy. 
"OioL-CunrDae, -aij, «., reserva- 

tion ; business, troffio. 
"Dial 'Orifice, m., a beggar. 
"DioLtnain, -e, a., tributary, etc. 

Sfx 'otleaihdtn and 'ototaihain. 
•Oiolriiaineai. -nit. -nije, »., a 

soldier {Kta.). The same word 

as ■oioLaiVinsA, writtoi niot- 

iVianiC in the Bible. 
■OloLihaineikr, -niT", m., warfare, 
Qio-LoicAft, -Ai^e, a., faoltlees. 
YXoLca, J). a,, paid, requited; sold; 

Cliotc6t]i, -6)14, -ditii-6e, m., a 

payer, a seller. 
Viotdnca (prop. TjfotdiiiAnird), 

indtc. a., brave, stout, generous. 
t)iOTn, prep- pm., 1 «., off me, from 

me ; tmph. T>lom-ra i w thick 

(iJon.). 3ee prep. ne. 
■DiomaiLc, g, and pi. -aLca, /., 

wasting ; ci ■o. aji an uirce, 

the water is being wasted. See 

t>K>mdtc6i|i, -dfd, -difti-oe, m., a 

spendtlinft, a squanderer ; a 

t>>oiiidOin, -e, a., idle, vain, empty, 

oeeleas ; vainglorions ; not en. 

gaged; unmarried i bpuit. cd 

fi6fca hiSt)., are yon married or 

single I {Don.); ofoihdoineA^ 

ntoiiiaoinear, -nir, m., vanity, 

worthleasneoB, idleness. (In M. 

and in Con. ip, I., nam. vfo- 

TlioniAr, -Aif and -aj-a, m., pridf, 

arrogance ; SeAi^An an "Diomair, 

John the Proud, Shane O'NeilL 
TlioniAraC, -At^e, a., pruud, 

■Dio-iiiartuisini, -usA*, v. Ir., I 

t)iombArt, -e, /., sorrow, pity j 
dejection ; misfortune ; £i- 
lintmentj mo 4(oinbai^ 



pitiable; if oiombii^AttnittdC 
Liom, I un itxook with Borrow 

^iombdil., -e, /., Uiriftleasnees, 
wbbI*, ■qTuutaering ; ci d. dip, 
it ia beiiig wuted. 

T)Iombdil.e4C, -ti^e, o., wasteful, 

T)iomt), ti. T>{ombdil., v. tr., 

I waste, iqiUDder. 
T)i(>Tnbt«r, -«tr, "«., want of t«at« 

(for, Af). 
VtombtdfCd, i»dte.a., aaax, bitter, 

'Dlombloiv, -e,/., mallM, nnaaar. 
nOfombaA4, «., iiidjgnation, grief, 

diaplcMure. Bu -oittttrtA. 
'DioinbnA>6A£, -Aijge, a., tmmcoMs- 

fnl, unfortunate, nmdeMaot. 
VSombtiAiA, /., miafortnne ; a 

Vlombodine, g. id-.f-, tranmency, 

frailty, periahableneM. 
ViomboAn, -Aine, a., nuiteady, 

tmintoiy, fading, ahort-lived. 
Vfombni-Ae, a. id., /, ingratitude, 

pnth ^"^ f "T"M*i 

len, nnsMtefn^ 
(pnxL in M. TiiombAo^dt). 
Vfomboi-^BatAf, 'Air, «»■, ingrati- 

Dfoni'dA, 7. id., at., diipleasnre, 

t>ioni«de, -aiSe. a-, di«pleii«d, 
indignant, dusatisfied, nnoatia- 
fied, rezed (nttb, T)e). 

Tlio-riiota-A, -tcA, m., act of nnder- 
tatdng, duparaging ; ditpraisa, 

"Dfo-ihotdim, -ai), v. tr., I dis- 
parage, underrate. 

t)!o-ihotrA, p. a., diepraised, n- 

'Dio-ihotc6if, -AjiA, -iitiiie, m., a 

"OiomrAC-A'S*.*-. proud, haught;, 

t)io-Th6iTire, p. a., ignoraat, un- 

Won, B- 'oi" t^i^ tilona, «I. itJ., m., 

a cover ; thatch ; eh«lt«r ; pro. 

taction ; defence ; co ni]4ini-6 


tecting againtt (^fi) ; n., thatcb, 

t>iOTt, g. TAn and TilonA, m., the 

aecKHid hemistich of a verse in 

vAn nlpeae, more oommonly 

called the cothdT>. 
t)ionaC, -flije, a., doee-jointed ; 

"OionaCc, -d, /., security, tighten- 
ing, staunching. 
t)iond-o6iii, -dpa, -fiiiii*e, m., a 

tiiatcher ; a proteotor. 
TI Son dim, tl. iifon (T>ionDi$iin, 

•ot^-it), V. Ir., I thatch, cover; 

protect, lafeguard, secure, 

tliofi-Atf m, f., a place of refuge or 

aludt<^ ; a militer; magaiane. 
'Oio-ndfCAim, -cd'c, r, tr. and irttr., 

I loose, disjoin, eet free, sepa- 

t*cting father. 

mton-Ci^oLtdf , m., an apologia for 

a book ; an introdnotion or pre- 

Tlion^ihjiL, -4td, a., worthy, fit, 

ttiongrtiAit, -ilfl, jrf. id., f., an 

equal, a match. 
lionsrtiaLcd, ituU 

suitable, perfect, fit, 

steady, fixed, strong, staunch, 
TJionjihiLcddc, -a, /,, safety, 

security, steadfaatuMS (1)10115- 

a garrison. 

Vtoinhdii, -diiie.B., safe, prot«oted, 

"Dionn, g. ■oinn, pi. -a, m., a fort- 
ress, fortified hill ) a hillook ; 

'Dionndt, -ai£e, /., the hair that 

grows on a person's body ; moas 

at the bottom of wells. 
X»ionnin,-i.m, pi. id., m., abiUook, 

■D' 1 onn pi f6e , prep.phr., to, towards, 

unto. £m lonnpiiie. 
-Dionut^m, -u^di, e. tr., I shdtar, 


oover, protect, et«. Ste T>i 

T><otiai^eoit<, -oiia, oifii-be, 

'Dfonat^teoiiie'iiic, -a, /., proteo- 

tion, guardiaiiBhip. 
'Oio|iAiiin, flpito, misobievoDB in- 
tent (CW). Sm vidii-OAin. 
"Dfoiiainnedt, -ni^e, a.^ muoliiar- 

out, Bpiteiul (Con.). 
'Oiojiata*. '"'S^. "■• irasoihle (O. /.) 
ISfoiit, -!^6e, a., severe. 
Tliort^A, mdee. a., direct, straight. 
T){ot*i^'^> -^'>> ">■> '^ ot direot- 

ing. See vfv*«%A'i>. 
■Dtotijatni, -S**, V. (r., I direoty 

T)!ott^r> '^<ri ">■< righteoiuuesa, 

"Dlottntd, g, id., pi. -ntid and .fid, 

nt., a troop, orowd, multituda, 
'Dfoiittuirc, -e, /., haetinew of 

t^per, raohiieBB, fieroenesa. 
TlSon)iDir*, a-, raah, inocnuiderat* 

Viojiruigim, -oft**, V. tr., I movB, 

adjust (myseU) ; Tiioftfni^ tdt'^> 

said to a oow in Don. like ceA]i- 

■Diorc, -ifo*. -^i /-t * barren 

oryneaa (ag of a fountain, eto-) . 
cii on ti6 A^ DUL 1 nvfj^, the 
cow is running dry, losing ber 
milk ; (uai-6 An cobAf i nTiffC, 
the well ran dry. 

■Diop:, -Ifce, a., barren, dried up 
(as a well or a beast). 

Wofca^i-ctA, m., dryness, barren- 
ness: a ruDDing dry, as wells 
of tlieir water, or cattle of 
tlieir milk ; Aci DforCA* Af 
An Ai)iTi£ir, tiie cattle are run 
dry ; Aci -DiorcA* a]1 na 
1iuir«t4i&, the waters are nm 
dry; cAife 5in ■oiofCA'b Tie 
**A|iAill, a never-failing flood of 

■OiorcAim, -4-6, V. tnCr., I nm bar- 
ren or dry (aa wells, etc.) ; I dry 
np, as a fluid. 

■Olo-rcAOileA'b, -tee, m,, separ- 
ation, imluosing. 

sound, creaking ; a gnsisbiiii^ 
the teeth ; a chewing of the end ; 
Bomet. siorcan. 
'DtOfcin, -^in, m., a handful, K 

t>iorcA'|i, -Ai|i, m., the labbU^ the 

Tllorl-^i 9- >■'-> P^ '<'^B> "*'> " '^^' 
■DiortAnn, -Ainne, -nn*, /., » 

dice box. 
■Dio-rmos*""' 'S*'*' "• ''■> lolosn 

the nose ; I snuff a candle. 
T)[orp6iT>, -e, -SAtA, /., a dispute. 

"DiorP^ive^^i -tii^e, a., diaputa- 

tire, oontentions, deliberatiTo. 
■DfoppfiijiaAtc, -A, /., reasoning, 

disputation, argmnent. 
'OlorPiS'ri'"' ■peafic, V. (r., I 

reason, dispute. 
Tlloc, l^rrf). pm., 2 «., off thee, from 

thee ; tmpk. 'Dfoc-rA. Set pnp. 

"OlocJiit, -^tA, }]^.»rf.and-AlA£A,/., 
ao indiobnont, an aoonsation. 

Tlfo-tAttCAfi, -Ai$e, a., unprofit- 
able (also Tjfo-tAifOeAe), 

tlioi-ftorfiALl, -AilL, m., non- 
fulfilment of. pontnotsi dis- 

■Oiot-Uitpitim, -iuJa^, h to-,1 
ocmsume, destroy. 

^liotiiAiii, -Aith (prop. TiitneAB), 
pi. td., m., a wilderness, a desert. 

T>iot-f t^ifice, g. id., /., ill-healtli. 

"Oiot-fLiinceAt, -cije, a., un- 
healthy, sickly. 

■Diotuja*, -uijte, m., act of 
destroying; destmctioii. 

tliotniSim, -ugft*, V. tr., I destroy, 

tXoc-umal., -liiLA, a., proud, 

"Dip, -e, -i^e, /, a net (also ipinn 

'D!|ie,0en, id.,/., what is due; a '6., 
hie due. 

"Oi^eAf, -itije, a., direct, straight, 
just, sure, exact; 3a£( a) ti^{]ieA£, 
directly ; vijiaAt . i>omAn, just 



edi JO Dtiiead, 

tM-n*iineflC, -mije, a., erring, 
dtnying, deolimng (fA'.). 

■OfjiiSim, -mta*, f. (r. sod tuft-., 
I guide, lift np, Btrsisliten, 
direct : intr., with Af, 1 set 
about a tiling, I attook, I scold, 
abuse i 1 " set at " one ; ■oo 
■Aifii^eAr Ait>> I BBt about 
abosuig him ) tio 'Ottii^eatiAti 
mo pnndinue aji tieit T>om' 
6]ia4, my tbougbte begnu to 
bauble mo. 

"Oij; -e, /., coopls, pair, two (per- 

■Difftedsa*, -scA, m., team, ooo- 
tempt, belittlemeDt. 

Wr6ea54tni, -5a*, v. Ir., 1 pro- 
fane, Bcom, reject, conteuin, 

"Dirce, g. id., /., sterility, barren- 

TtifCi]!, -C|te, a., fierce ; uimble, 

active, sudden. 
"Oirciifiiti, -e, /., discretion. See 

Vf-feiLCi^te, p. a., divested, dis- 

'Oirl.e,,/. loyalty, devotion. 

See tiltre. 
ni<rl.e, g. id., pi. -Li'oe, /, a die; 

VJrtedtc, -A,/., faithfulness, love, 

frieadahip, loyalty (-oILreAic). 

tXpLiieAC, -Sije, o,, deviating, 

WrLiS.m, -iniA-e, V. Ir., I con- 
aeorate (to, -oo) ; I renounce. 

■DirLiSim. -iuSa-6, 0. tr., I hide, 
put out of the way. 

T)frl.iuSA-6, -lite, m., act of re- 
uonncing, a renunciation ; act of 
consecrating, a consecration. 

"Oft- (negative prefix), indicates 
want, defioienoy. 

t)!t, •«,/, loss, hart, hann, injury, 
detriment, damage, destruotion, 
rain ; want, newl ; defloiency, 
defect ; ip ■o'\t liom, I pity ; ci 
f^ ■oo '6ft ofm, I need it. 

t)it-£t*"'''^Aiii, m., unbelief, infi- 
delity. See vi-tjiortteim. 

I ) -oifl 

VlteA6, -ti^e, a., defioient, dis- 

treased, indigent. 
WteAi, -ti5, -tt^e, ni., a pauper. 
'DictM)!. See T>eic&itt, 
'OftteA6cui*e. See ■oiLeAtcoi*e. 
t><utteAO, -ei5e, -eA6A,/,a retreat, 

a cell for a hermit ; a hermitage, 

"DiciieotiAt, -Ai£e, a., devoid of 

t>io, lemp. ail. of t>iA. a day, in 
phr. I n-Din, a ti-diu (Ania, 
iTi-Div, Aniu'6;, to-day, now. See 

■Diu, of, of or from them (oba.). 
'DiH&pAcA'D, -Aicce, m., act of 

shooting, burliag, brandishing. 
T)iu6ttAicim, -ACA'o, V, tr,, I shoot 

arrows ; I brandish, shake, 

TOiuc, g. n\ 

C1UC in this latteruse) i 

loniiAc, oonfound yon ; a atoc^ 

ing of Uie shoulders. 
Ttiit, -A, -AniiA, m., an df, a fairy 

( W. Ker.). 
T>iucA'6, -ctA, m., the cackling of a 

■Oiueatti, /, ache (N. On.). 

'DiuCAn, -Ain, pi. id,, m., the wind- 
pipe ; a wind-pipe of a gooao, 
et«., used as a musical instru- 
tnent ; a musical reed, made 
from a blade of straw by 
□utting a tonuue in it close t^ 
one jomt, while the next joint is 
out off (also ■oeocAn). 

T>idt>An, -Ain, m., gidi^ness. 

'Dtu'OAnA6, -Aije, a., giddy. 

UiiiSAim, -a*, V. Ir., I drink off, 
drain out, drink freely. See 
TjiiisALA.m. , 

tnucaijte, g. id., pi. -\^^■w, m., a 
cner, a wheedler, a ooaxer ; 
a bawler j a drinker ; a strangler 

t)iiisAmefl6c, -A., /., draining to 
the dregs ; coaxing, beseeching 

TDiDsiLaiin, -sail, ». «•., I Buok, 

drain to the drogs, 
mvic, g, id., pi. -I'oe, m., a doke, 

prince, leader. 
'Dtui'D, B, pipe (for amoliing), s 

shurt pipe ; the gtump ; a oad ; 

di^ Tiinroin, id. 
tliuiTi, -t, a., tender-he(u-t«d, 

flexible, mild, modest,' bashful, 

'Diuive, ff. Id., /., flexibility ; 

tenderneaa of heart. 
"Oiaiii, -e, /-, a drop; ni'L Tnom 

bdinne ^3 na btiAiC, the oows 

have not a drop of milk (Ker.) 

(connected with -oeoji). 
'OtuL, g. viQil, m., » lucking. See 

also tieota* (Don.). 
■Otfilaim. See ■oeoLaitn, 
Tliiitcat, -4ije, 0., fond of for- 
saking or refusing. 
tnutcd-D, -ctd, m., refoMl, rejeo- 

tion ; act of delaying, refusing. 
T)inLcaTOeaft, m., the sUnenta^ 

oanal (also TJiuLuaC). 
■OiiiLcaim, -ea*, v. tr., I deny, 

oppose, renounce, abandon (with 

tio) ; I jilt. 
■DiuteniSiin, -oja*, V. tr., I deny, 

refuse, oppose, renounce (with 

tio). Ste vtiiLcdim. 
'OiDlcoi^ieAi, -tite, (i.,na^tive. 
TJiu]!, -Ditie, a., haM, diffionlt {Lot. 

t)iii|iA, in phr. 6'n bpeaiiiia so 

-oiiit<'> ti^") ^Bo<^ te t°°^ ('*■ 

-Di^t^nin, -^in,^. id., m„ a ffulph, 

a drop of dnnk sw^lowed. 
DifipnuiStm, -naA, v. tr., I gulph 

down, swallow, drink, drnin; 

»S 'oifi|inani an iopam, draining 

or emptying the glass. 
■DLat, -aiie, /., a small handful; 

a iook of hair. See T>Laoi. 
"DLaoi, g. id., pi. -te,/., a look of 

hair ; a wisp of mx (nooi. also 

vlaoi'A, -olioij). 

"Dtooi-i^oti;, m., the hair of the 

bead (poel.). 
'Dtaoiteafi, -tije, a., in looks (of 

the bair). 
t)ldtae, -ai^e, a., in looks (of tho 

"DLeadu, -a, -anna, /., a law, s 

right ; costom, due, a toll. 
T)leaeuae, -ai$e, a,, lawful, rigbt, 

I>Topec (tileaii: also is used as 

"OLeatcatm, -ca-6, p. fr. , I adjndge, 

exact, decide. 
t)lea£cAitie, g. id., pt. -fi'6e, m., 

a toll or custom collector ; a 

■OLeatc6ifi, -ip*, -6'pi*e, in., a 

law-giver, a t«x-ooUeotor. 

fil. DLi^e, m., a law, regulation, 

does, ngbt, ordinance. ("DliSe 

='oLiSea-6, genly.m., butsomet. 

■oL.Je, like rtiie,/., as 1 n-aja,* 

T.aT>L,Se, tkler.) 
■DLiieafi, -S^Se, o., Uwful, leg«a, 

regular, formal. 
■DLiieai, -Jij, «., a legislator. 
■Oliseaic, -a, /., legality, Ic^ti- 

t)li|ea*. See -oLiSe. 

t)Lt3eaT)6iti, -6fa, -i5ifti4e, m., a 
lawyer { a barrister. 

"Dlijeaueiiieatc, -a, /., act of 
making laws. 

■Otisim, -jea'D, v. tr., I owe, 
deserve ; I appoint by law, 
command ; inpaae. impera., it is 
lawful, (me has a right, it is in- 
oumb^t on ; -oti^im aiit^eaT) 
Ttioc, thou oweet me money. 

'Oli^ieaihait, -ibla, a., lawful, 

"Dli^ceoip, -0|<a, -oifii'^e, m., a 

lawyer, a, wrangler. 
■OL'rcsanaC, -aije, a., lawful, 

legitimate, normal, right, proper 

(someL ■oUrcionat). 
■OLirceanatc, .a, /, legality. 
tHircionaS. Set TiLirceanaft. 

a oolander. 
'Dtui^e, g. id., /., separation, divi- 

siou, dispersioiL 


T)tU ( ! 

T>tai£iin, -oiSe, v. tr., I propare, 
dinde, aepaTsU, acatter. 

t>Luiili,-e,yf,athick cloud; emoke, 
dprV""" 1 a bkzo of fire. 

T)L<}it| -e, a., cloae, deiue, tight, 
near, thicklj-set i sincere, steul- 
faBt (uaed as prefix instead of 
■otit before (ylL with slender 

Dluite, g. id., /., oloscoess, oom- 
paotoeaa, norrownesa. 

Xtiitttii, -ti%t, a., oloee, oom- 

'Dl.uii;-iA'Aca, a., olosely or firmly 

"Dlfiit-ntdlt, -ii£tLl,-n£, m., 

TlLuri *^<ri ■"•< coougl^ snf&oienoj 

(auo -oLurii). 
t)Wt, jr. W. and ■oliiit, fl. id., m., 

tha warp in weaving ; an an- 

oloanre ; a cloi«ter. 
X>t&t, -vite, a., dose, dense, oom- 

paot, firm ; earnest. Ste TA.6it. 
tlLdtadc, -*, /., act of weaving, 

joining togeuier. 
■DLucAudiii, -ifiA, -oipioe, m., a 

warper ; a j<nner ; a oluser ; a 

t)totar< -^T? '*. nearness, close- 

ration for. 

"Dtut-idoin, -e, a., gently oompact 
{of eyebrows) (S. B.). 

■Dtutuijini, -tusa*, V. Ir. and 
intr., I warp ; I draw olose to ; 
I join, press together, pack ; I 
ombraoe (with te) ; ■otiituij 
Viom, come olose to ma, embrace 

•Oo-, xt6- (iwi-, T)6i-)—- (1) iiegative 
pr^ (before a<&.), ill-, an-, in-, 
dis- ; often impues diJietUty or 
impoBmbilily : ^jo-i>ii.Tir:a, hard 
to be done, impossible ; is com- 
bined with genitive qf »abeia7i- 
tive» to form adjtdivia: x>o- 
^Aipiitf e, unspeakable ; (2) 
viiUn».ot pr^Kt (before mist, or 
<i4?.), verv, eieeodingly. 

"06, suitf. form of nuinetW, two : 
An <oiS, the two ; when used 

with noun, beoomes 'dA ; fi. -tb, 

t)o, ai^ of ths^pcMt tentt*; varftal 
partide used mper/ect Uam; in 
act., Mpirat«s; in pcua., does 
not aspirate, but prefixes h- to 
voifeJg ; is somet. prefixed to 
cond.; in comb, with tif and 50, 
tto ia nsed for -oo, hence nfofi, 
Sof, nip, Tc. 

Vo, jXMi. pm,, (infleotiiig), uiyj 
before vl., used •> the mb^'. 
of an intrant, or the obf. of a 
trans,; 'do (often for fo'), in 

■06, prep, jjrn., to him, to it (m.) ; 
for him, for it ; emph. j>6-fi.n. 

Tio, prep, pr^ioi in oomp. verbs, as 
^o-fi!m, ■oo-6Biiiini, -\c 

130, prep, [in pronom. oombina- 
tloDS, t)Am (-DAiii still ill Ulster, 
aa in the early modem literary 
usage). Tin I c. T16, T>i(/.), xiutnTi, 
■oaoiti, TidiB J ■Dim with the 

■dIB ia often used for ■oat,,„ — , 
for. This partiole has very 
varied applioatioos with th» 
dative case; after adjectives it 
eipreeaes involnntAr; relations, 
as dlBtinguished from voluntary 
relations expressed by te : thus. 
If mait -ii&m, it is good for me, 
but If matt Liom, I like; if 
BASaL r>6, he should fear ; if 
edgAl Leir, he fears ; if £15111 
-oo, be must, etc ; after s!dj. Kke 
ititfieince, property be believed, 
etc, i If inetieroce T)i5, he dioola 
believe ; used after substanUvee 
and verbs aa daUvwi eommodi : 
it t pn tiDic f 6in, eat that (for 
yourself) ; tnara f* figm fniine 
■66, be profitod by it ; in adv. 
clauses like < nsap tio, near to ; 
1 Brosuf Tio, id.; used in geni- 
tive aenae or poas. pm. : cad if 
Ainm DQic, what is your name! 
nsed of agent after verbals : ««)< 
jif ceAfic T)6, after he had come ; 
lAf mbeit a; feafdiii vo, as he 


■toocL eh), ; titer verb* of giaat- 
ing, beatowui^, pronUBing, dis- 
plajiDg, permittoDg, happening, 

etc ! -DO Jeall. r* iifS^^'o 
vdm, he pt-omised ma monej ; 
BOmetimeB the verb la omitted : 
nf mi-fi cm ■oam-fi, that is not 
the case with me ; cati 6 fiti 
tiditi-rAl what IB that to met 
used in adverb., prep,, and conj. 
phraBBB, as, Tioni '6eoin, with my 
will ; Tjo Jnat, uaually ; ■oo -jifitl 
mo tuaipime, ia my opimtm; 
T>oin' ridfi, aa I think ; no fiop, 
oontinnalfy 1 'oo( = ne) C|iij^ 50, 
because ; xi'i -^tiDiin pn, beoauBO 
of that; n'e^sLa 50, Ie«t, for 
' feaf that ; no titit^, in the 
preBenoeoi; need with dative to 
expreaa instrument : nuOdiiicri 
50 n^eoBat r* '"o'n rpeiL iip, 
he said he would asBault him 
with the Beythe ; a^ s^b^il no 
fofAil^ 'Ai^i trampUoKOn, kick, 
ing it ; after verba tn motion : 
£a-li'6 r^ "Oo'il Spjiin, he went 
to Spain ; to express tiie time in 
which an event occurred: tj,n'i 
jiabir. ic, on a day as I was, 
et«. i -DO t6 If 'o'oi'ACe, night 
and day ; nsed in a partitive 
sense (=ne); pnuc no ihaine, 
a piece of a stick ; of or con- 
cerning ( = 'oe) 1 LAbfi'^nn j-i -oo 
3|iir^i ^' speaks of sraoa ; used 
as a prefix to the tii,, both Ir. and 
into-. ; with the in*-, vl. — ■'- 

before 1 thua, no b'aiL leip 

tM|i no nat. d txkite, he liked 
that the men should go home, 
but no b'iiL leir an tpeap nut 
A bdile, the man liked to go 
home; with Ir.vl.: lute cijce 
no 4£anaih, builders of houses ; 
pea)! na nnin no fieapa-A, the 
man who composes poems. See 

"Do-iibfead, -r'S*! "-I sad, gloomy. 
See nuiiBreat. 

t)o-'iiSreara6i -a'S^i o-i india- 

'Do-dtfiheae, -mije, ., 

able, not easily counted. 
TiA'AtT^f^ilte, p. a., immovable. 
Tla-aiipifce, p. a., unspeakable. 

, the a 


TJiba-i, -buigto, 
plastering ; daubing. 

Tldbaim, -^■6 sad -bail, v. tr,, I 
plaster ; daub. 

'Oo-Oaince, p. a., hard to be 
plucked, mown, or dug. 

"DoCaiji, -e,a., obscure, dork, foul. 

T>6baiti, in phrase like, ba '66baif 
nam 6 a bafcai, I almost 
wounded him (prob. a oorruptior 
of n'^dbaip). See p6bttaim. 

'Ooba<ti-±ea, -ieoi^, n., a dark 

tJo-UaireaC, -rijei <•■» undying, 
'Dobap, -aif , pi. id., m., water, 

tlobaji-Cu, /., an otter, a water- 
dog ; pron. n6b|ia£d in Co. 
Dtmegal and used of a mythical 
animal like an otter. 

■Do-beipim, c. irreg., tr, («« Farad, 
I give, cause, often with uam 
etc., I give away; no-beiiiini 
agai'6 an, I look towards, I face, 
I make lor ; T>o-beittiin dCc aft, I 
set about; 'oo-Bei]iini mimnsa* 
a]i, I explain; no-6eipim amur 
aft, I attack ; T>o-beittitn mo 
banna, I promise solemnly ; no- 
beiTiim 1 scDiihne, t ntieapman, 
-jc. I remember, forget, etc. ; I 
give (beannaic no, a blessing 
to); with pa, no-be>pm F*>£'' 
paoi, I attsrck him ; Tio-beitiim 
pa neafa, I observe {»ee neafa), 
ifole. — Theprefiino isgenerally 
omitted or atuired over m speak- 
ing, but even then the aspiration 
of b makes this verb eaaentially 
different from beifim. 

-DoCfatc, -a, /. , gloomineBS, cold 
manner, sullenness. 

'Dob|ia'D, -(tui^ce, m., wetness, 




ful, moumfS, melancboly, sad, 

T>o-Cui'6eA£ar, -aif , i»., IbankleaS' 
nesB, ingratitude. 

'Oo-bui'4e<kn, /., an evil oompany. 

t).5fia(-6), -ii Je, a., likely, probable, 
rather; ij- tioftd 50 DciocfAi-o 
ft. it ia probable tbat he will 
come ; if tJiSCiiJe suji r">c " 
■6£Anpdt4 r^, it ia more likely 
that it will freeze. 

T)*5CiiJe, the more likely or prob- 
able (5/; mircroe, etc.); alflo 

", harm, damage, 

"Oo-iiicee, p. a., worn with diffi- 
culty ; eoauTing. 

'06cAriia1., -ni.iiL, m., distress, dis- 
comfort, difficulty ; Tia caifi an 
IsScamdL foirii an -oficamal., 
prov. = busmesa before pleasure. 

'D6cathta6, -ai^e, a., painful, 
hard, difficult. 

"DdcathLa^c, -a,/, difficulty, hard- 
ship, trouble. 

■Do.*aol, -CaoiLe, a., very strict. 

t)oea]i, -aif , pi- id,, m., misfortune, 
hardship, damage, harm, hurt, 
loss, mischief ; debit. 

■OotajiA*, -aije, a., narrow, diffi. 
cult, uncomfortable ; intricate. 

"DiiSar, -aTi "*■> hop«i expeota- 

ntt^fit, -aije, a., confident, 

■Oo-iearnifaS, -aije, a., head- 
strong, unruly, inflexible. 

■Do-fieannrafic, -a, /., obstinacy, 

tJO'iSimniusa'd, -nigte, m., diffi- 
cult marching or ioumoying. 

■Do-Cim, e. irreg., tr. (see Farad.) 
(aouiet. AC-6imor at)-4iu),lBee ; 
ioo-£icea]i linn, I see, I observe, 
I notice; uo-ticeaii ■cam, it 
seems to me, 

t)o-iLaoi'6ce, p. a., indefatigable, 

T)o-eLaoi'6ceaec, -a, /., invinci- 

T>o-4l.ninim, v. xrrtg., tr. («ee 
Parsd.); the prefix t>o is not used 
after An (interrog.), ^o, n<, and 
its place ia often taken by ac ; 
I hear, listen to ; an ^ctoifci 
(pron. 'scloircl), do you hear 
tbat (or tbat person) ? just listen 
to that (or to him) ! said in sur- 
prise or contempt. 

"OoCma, g. id., n^, harshness, 
surliness ; weakness. 

'Dofma, indee. a., surly, morose ; 
weak, impotent) powerless. 

■Ootmatc, -a, f. morosenesa, sur- 
liness, inhoHpitality (dso weak- 
ness, want of power). 

'Oo-doimnieai'CA, indec. a., incom- 

■Oo-toinirijte,^. a., inoomprehen- 

'Do-ioircte, a., indocile, unre- 
strained, wicked ; 'ooAoirc, id. 

'Oo-fionafi, m., adversity, mis- 
chance, misfortune. 

'D6-£o|iiia>gte, p. a., immovable, 

"Ooijiai, -aije, a., grievous, hurt- 
ful, injurious. 

■Doiiiaftc, ■&, /., difficulty, dis- 
agte«ableness, impracticablenesa. 

"Dofpai-A, -e, a. dark, gloomy, 
obscure ; close, rigid, severe ; 
spiteful, envious. 

t>o6Tiai-6e, g. id., J., slavery ; dia- 

■06-4^01 ■6 eai, -*iSe, a., double- 
hearted, generous ; daring (0',y.). 

■Ooijiuistm, -uga*, v. tr., I dis- 
quiet, discompose, 

T>oec, -oi£ce, a., tight, strict, stiff, 
hard, doee. 

Xtoftcfiip, -lipa, -rte, m., a doctor, 
a physician ; ij. gan eolaf. » 
quack doctor ; >ooccui]i (Z>or.). 

T)otcuiiiea*e, -&, f. act or pro- 
fession of healing ; gt^aj- 'ooC- 
cuitieaCca, medical appliances. 

Do-Cuaticuijte, p. a., unsearch- 




Tlocuni, eomp. yrep, govern, g., 
towards, unto, to(witii motion); 
tioCuin 50, in order that Set 

'Do-£unidnnd£, -'i^e, a., faithlesi, 

unkind, unfriendij, 
fyo-tamta., p. a. , iU'Sbapen ; 

fonned with diffionlty. 
'Do-£u^t<i. j). a., hard to be uttered, 

hard to M set ; xi. riof, hard to 

be put into the pot. 
'Don, g. ■ooto, n., anger, poaaion, 

displaaaure ; aj -out fie ■offo, 

getting angry or cross. 
'Donad, -Ai$e, a.,diapleased, vexed, 

angry ; bo -6., a oow that spills 

her milk. 
tloTidifie, g, id., pi. -(iroe, m. a 

sulky, dogged fellow, 
Tl6--6Si5, num., twelve. 
Xlo-'oeALbA6, -ai^e, a., ill-shaped, 

deformed, ugly. 
■DO-* 6 AH cd, p. a., bard to be done, 

"Oo-o^ATicdf, -dif, m., impossi- 
bility, impraoticability. 
■Oo--6uine, g. id., pt. -iSAOiiie, m,, 

an evil peraon. 
Tto-^A^aLA, indee. a., rare, diffi- 
cult to be found ; an creoiT) no- 

^AgiLa 'ff T J''l'"e, the rare 

jewel a the fairest. 
'Do-^dicreAn4, indee. a., invisible. 
X>o-fMcrei.n&t, -dise, invisible. 
"Do-fairnfire, indtc. a., unspeak- 

able, indescribable. 
Tio-f Bicpnc, /., invisibility. 
■Do-ieicfioni*, -Atge, a., invisible 

(also -Do-faicreinAi). 
'Oo-FoLlurii, -aije, a., v^[ue, 

indiatinot, not elear, 
"DO-futdinsedtc, -a, f., insuffer- 

"DD-^utAti^cd, a., insnfferable, 

intolerable, grievous. 
■0650*, ?-, -ooijce, pi. ■o6^i&, TO., 

a onming, a conflagration. 
■D65i*-6oL5, m. , the colic ; prop., 

"OoSd^ ctioi4e, m., the heart. 

TDoiiit-ro. ff- irf,,/, woe, anguish, 

I, V. tr. and intr., I 


Tlo-Seibim, I. irrtg. tr. (see Farad.), 
I get, find ; i:daiii p* bir. l>e 
died; with 6, I get something 

/ron> a person ; tii ^uAifi oomne 
uiim an xc^i.1 T>'iiinr"ic, no 
one persuaded me to tell the 
news ; followed by of. = 1 can, 
I MU able, I MU permitted ; ni 
fd^AinnTiat dnninTiiii, I wonld - 
not be able (or would not be 
permilted) to go there to-day ; 
m tiSaitin lontiom F*.n « 

Th'itiba'6, 1 oould not bring my- 
self to kill him ; with aft, of 
indirect object after words like 
lode, paiLL, -061111111 ! jMiAiii r* 
Io^t; difi, be found fault with 
him 1 puditi yi fditL aif, he 
found an opportunity of attack. 
inghim, etc. ; ctonnuf SBi&ednn 

you to-day (how do you find 
yourself), i!f. ^x S"!" FP'o* S" 
Fann-Lis ojieam n^ hfeijieinn, 
for the Irish people were pros- 
trate {D. if.) 1 ■ti%o.i\. &m&t, 
to find out ; dn Cfuiti|i A^ 
Fi$diL nA rLa'Uce 50 matt P 
are you in good healtJi ? pidi)! 
r* an gLar ■00 bflinc anoar. 
he suooeeded in taking off the 
lock i cionnnr cuaif y^ ann 
r^in k -b^^namr how did he 
bring himself to do it? 

■DogLuairce, p. a. imposaible to be 
shaken, bard to move, self- 
willed, stubborn. 

tlo-Jnim, V. irreg. tr. («« Parad.), 
I make, cause, do, oreate, used 
with a variety of objects, thus ; 
ds 'ofandiVi co>5itce, hiding; 
as V. caoince, weeping; ae-o. 
aicp. je, repenting ; ag -o. -oios- 
biLa, injuring ; 115 -o. buart- 
eajita ■oam, troubling me, etc., 
etc. ; with preps, aji, -oe. ■oo, Jie, 
governing indirect object ; with 
Aft (without a direct obj.), -oo 
*ein {M.) r^ aip, he approached, 
him ; (with direct obj.), generally 
in the sense of inflicting evil on ; 




timne r^ fsdtt ai^, he behaved 
treacheroiulj towuda him ; with 
T>e, I moke odb thing of another : 
■DO ninnedT" bL6TSciiaiiA '60, I 
broke it in frftgmeiit* ; t)o tiitins 
f £ ft! ■tie, he mode him king ; 'do 
)iinna ri ton^nao '6ioin, he iraa 
aatonished at me, etc. ; with -□□, 
I do good or evil to, the direct 
ohjecte being generally words 
libo tKiCap, ■oiojbiit, mAtteari 

fojnith, ciiudj, etc.; with te, 
(wt or behave towarda one, 
CAT) T>o '6£ani:'iv LeAc, what 
shall I do with you ; with adj., 
■DO pinne ft ■oeflps i, he made 
it ted ; with «(., ■00 Tunne pfi 6 
F^in tio ni$e, ha washed him- 
self, etc. ; used intratu. in 3 «. 
with ue ; ■00 tiinna f tiaC mfip 
'01, it beciune a great mountain 
{Eia. T. 8.) ; no <ein ceo -o'i 
fniLihAib, his bones became dost 

■Oo-jniiire'iSi •r'Se,''-.i'l-foat''™d, 
ngly, repulsive, eour.facod. 

Tto^jiii, g. id., tn., misery, sickness, 

. sorrow, sadneea; stupidity, 
sloth; act of grieving, lament- 
ing; ¥■ *5 -ooSnA flsur -15 
'Diaii-6doineaT> (aeo.). 

TloSjiiinn, -e, -eiii,/., affliction, 
calamity, anguish, perplexity, 
fear, danger ; A5 'ojdndm vog- 
jiainne, grieving ; 1 n-ootttAtnn 
d anm* taitLearfiainc, m dan- 
ger of losing his life. 

■OoJiiAirneid, -11150, a., full of 
misery, woful, painful, diffi- 

■Dojiifiar, ad,, for ever. 

■D01-, v6t- (t)o-) negative or inten- 
sive prefii. Bee uo-. 

■D6i6, prep, pr., 3rd pi., to theni, 
for them; emph. TjiiB-fean [ 
■oaobcA, tiaobcii-rin [Don.). 
Sci prep, ■00. 

"Doib, -e, /., a daub, a plaster ; 
yellow cJay, soft mud. 

"Ooi-fieific, -ftBifire, /., 



, pi. id.. 

an evil 

>i-b£jiraf , ->]ii5e, a., ill-mannered. 

"Doi-tifiirej*, r^e, m., aot of com- 
pletely smashing (,E.S.). 

■Doic, -e, -eAima, /., a strain, a 
difficulty; ailment^ pain, disease ; 
mo i>., alasl voic Cfioiie, heart 
disease {Ker.). 

"Doi^, -e, a., soon, quick, swift, 
early (used for mot in Wat.); 
t6iA\ xmtt dsap, as soon as. 

■0616, hope, etc, See Tiiij. 

"Doi^e, g, td., f., quickness, activity. 

"Doiidtt, -Citt, M., inhospitabJe- 
nesB, ohurlisImeBB ; a grudge ; 

able, boorish, cburlieh. 
Doi-^eannr'r "■• headstrong, 

Voi-teAtinnii^ce, p, a., nntame- 

able (Citf.). 
'06iieAtina£, -di£e, a., biangular. 
tloi-Cmeoil, a., low-born. 
t)oi£LeA6. Bee T>oi£eallA£. 
'Dotdti^e, g. id,, /., inhospitable- 
B, churlishness. 

tloi-ttiecoue, a., improbable, in- 

'Ooi-Cfiofinuitce, p. a., intermin- 
able, not to De ended, 
Ttoi-^inorr:'!, p. a., ungitdable 

"Ooifue, g. id.,f., tightness, stnot- 

ness, scantiness, poverty. 
■Odfo, -«.*>'■ id., /., the hand, the 

closed &t ; ■o. ni6tt tii6nd, a big 

sod of turf. 
■Odi-o-tLaAt, -dleite, /., a poet. 

word for the hand (wattle-hand) 

"Oovoeii, -'oite, a., quarrelsome, 

"Doi-ie-iLbdii, -diSe, "-I ill- 

■Oo\--ii%&v,j:&,p.a., impossible. See 


» knotMd liMid t A band. 
'Ooi-«dT>ri^nd, 'fko, a., impene- 
tnble, irreaistiblB. 

abl<^ dimoolt to be . 

■Ooi-f|iearT;4iL (prop, gi-), a., iin- 
■enriceable ; dMtrbctive, 

"OoiS, ff. ■e,^..te,B,nd-ietta,/.,a 
pang, a atitoh, a sharp shooting 
ptun ; -o. lonndc, a pang in you, is 
a oiuol bad wish ] tj. iTntedc^in, 
oolio; tofcdi 'ooi^e, a heart- 
burn ; pron. noi^ in JH., the 
wordDAtAtatTJoiSteaij), rheu- 
inatiai, ii a pi. form of tMi word. 

■D61S, -e (TjiiJ), /., tout hope, 
oonfidenoej (^nion, JDOgment^ 
oonjeoture ; tastJmony (pron. 
tii)J m 17.) ; 1 iTOdiJ Le, in the 
h<^of; OAti tiT>6i^, of oooTBe, 
no doubt ', ir 'o6ig La, he thinks 
it litely, he is sure, he snpposea, 
thinks, imagines ; tp TJ6it so, 
no doobt niat, it is probable 
that J If "oiSiJ iiom juii b'ej*, 
I suppose it u ; as eon/, in pAr., 
ir T)6i$, however, indeed, bnt : 
*'1"S trcei,t," "ni tiAta'o, ir 
T,6^t/' 'V in," "but I will 
not i 'r e** ir ■06'S' ""^II •!'"> 
very good ; b* -661$ Leic ovta, 
ic, one would fancy from their 
oondnot, eta ; somet. 'D6in, as in 
phrase if 'ofiiii (Jf.)- 

■o6^%, -e, /, manner, tasbion, 
method, state, condition, waj, 
means, livelihood; cd A'Adi^p^m 
^S 5*' vkomne, atv ci *A -idij 
ij afi neatimonn-na, every one 
has his own way, but our Bdraond 
hastwoways; tAnfuiLmO'fidtJ 
*H pij no piiionnri, Agur ^-^n 
^df |i thS F^in A beit, no prinoe 
or king is in my circumstances, 
and it is better for him not Ui 
be (proverb). "Dfiig is used in 
U. m phrases like the following : 
Ap dn vdi^ r'"> ^ ^^^^ way; 
3cin 1)61^, destitute ; pAOi edf 
bAii t>6i^e, in want t» means ; 

cai'o^ An i>6t^ dca o|ic, what 
way are yon T how are you T also, 
wliat way are you off? vi. mi 
ap mo poj'' tifiije, I am in Oie 
best of health ; zi mA dfi 'odi^, 
I am "rightly" well; pcAp ap 

' tidi^, a fine man ; ni't fcpAtt 
41)1 ap i>6iS ni Dion, it is not 
properly "scr»wed"orthatohed; 
cAro^ An X)6i^ Aci Aip, is he 
well off! Ap "oiSiS Jip bit, any- 
how, anyway. 

"061$, -e (Diifi), /, an objeot. or 
thing to be hunted, frequented, 
to be meddled with, or made 
free with (P. CO.); a place 
where one expeota to find what 
one eeeka j cnAjiooiJ; odi^ if ah- 
■o6it ■ie, search it all, likely and 
nnlikely plaoes ; if mAit An-odi£ 

t>6i$ p)iaT;Ai-6e Ati bosA£ rAin, 
that peat land is not likely to 
produce a good crop of potatoes ; 
ni hAon 061 J i, he ie no joke, he 
ia not to be trifled with (oiii^tin 
is used in the same senae). 

v6i£eAiii<iiL, -AtbLA, a., hopefnl, 
confident, reliable ; respectable ; 
handsome, oomely. 

'D6iJeAthl.Aftc, .a, /., comelinees, 
reBpeotabilitv, decency ; hope- 
fulness; pFoMbility, likelihood. 

TloiSfiap. -iip.pi. «'., m., a spear, 
a dagger. 

"Doit fiAcat, /., the toothache. 

■06151m, -j;eA<, V. intr., I confide, 
I hope {ffN.}. 

■d6i$-1.ias,/., a touchstone ((^JV.). 

■Ooi-Jnfom, -A, yi. W. and -AftA, 
n., an ill turn, an evil action. 

"OoisniDiiiA^, -Ai^e, a., injurious, 
malicious (O'jv!). 

T)6ijce,p. o., burnt. 

"Diijcfn (also T)6i6in), aomothing 
to be made free with, etc. ; ni 
hdon 'Doi^tfn 6, be is no joke ; 
ni meafoim ■000 f6pc aSc 
<o6i^iTi liiAit, I do not think of 
you but as one not to be made 


tXM ( 

obscure ; pensive, sad, melaii' 

X>oiLC-dea, -fteoij, m,, darksome 

fog i^fig., sadness, roouming. 
'Doitbe'iri 'I^Ti '"'I Borrow, afflio- 

'Ooitbif, -e, a,, sod, dim, obscure, 

TtoilCijie, g. id., /., darkness, 

gloom, dusk, sorrow, sadness. 
t>otlbpeAec, a. /., gloom, sod- 

t>oil.bCe, iTidn. a., dark, occult, 

Tloittfce, g. id. (■ootlBe), /., sor- 
oary, mystery, magio; -ooiLO' 
teAfic, id. 

'DoitCdnn, -Ine, -a /, on eddying 

T)o.-te,i. _ _, 

■ooi-LeiSifce, • 
T)oi-t£inini5e, tndee. a, , impaseable. 
■Doi-Vfiip, -tfinie, a., obscure. 
T)oi-leilie, g. td.,/., obscurity. 
Wot-LeicrceaVcfl, indec. a., in- 

T)oil5. See -ooaij. 
"Ooilse, g. id.,/., sorrow, distress. 
tloiiseir. "STi '"■i Borrow, elSio- 

tioD, torment, melonoboly. 
'DoiL^edr'd, -Ai^e, a., lorrowfol, 

afflicted, mefuX sad, melanoboly. 
T>oiLi^, -tse, a., sad, sorrowful, 

grievous, distressful, sore, hard, 

troubleaome, difficult. 
"Doim, -e, 0., poor, miserable, 

"Oo-imeAllcfl, p. a., hard to be 

surrouDded ; boundless, limit- 
less iO-N.). 

T)oi-iiiBir^'o, ■r^'*! •"■! s'ii 

thought, disparagement. 

., inestimable; un- 


1, /., low ei 

less, hard to be made merry 

Y)oi-iViidn, -rii£ine, /., evil wish, 

Tloifntn, -nine, a., deep (in all the 

senses of that word, as thought- 

ful, e 

addicted to ; c 

ap an Lui6, I am very fond d 

T)oiinne, g. id., pi. id., /., depth ; 

a deep pit. 
tioimneflic, -a, /., depth. 
■DoiriinBiri -"T" *"■' depti ; degra- 
'DoimTiiSint,-iug*'6,ii.<r., I deepen, 

hollow out. 
"Do-imcedfrs, a., impassable. 
■Doineann, -ninne, /., bad weather, 

storm, tempest. 
■O 01 n 641111 a6, -aije, a., stormy, 

wintry, tempestuous. 
'DoiTieinnca, a., stormy, wintry, 
"DoineATincdCc, -a,/, tempestuous 

weather; bpudif cu -ooineann- 

cfltc ? [Don.). 
■Ooinsean, -sine, /., a speoies of 

fish, bass. 
'Dotniin, -e, -nmi-oe, /, a blemish, 

a mould, a spot (O'A'.). 
■Ooiniriiead, -mifte, a., blemished 

'Oointni^te, p. a., blemished 

'OoiniTiini, -liien'o, o. (r., I blemish, 
I stain, I speckle (O'A'.). 

T>oinn--oean5, -eipse, a., reddish- 
dun, auburn. 

Doinn-ionsna^, -ai§e, a., brown- 

tlo-innirce, p. a., indescribabls. 

■Do-iompuijce, P.O., inconvertible. 

Tloipioii, -a, -ca, m., the sooop- 
shaped retioule used for getting 
the fish from the net into the 
boat {A., Tory). 

"Ooijib, -e, a., displeased, dissatis- 
fied, morose, iU-natured, hard, 
unfavourable, grievous. 

'Ooipb, -«,/-. an insect, a UttJe 
worm. See tjai-iiB. 

'Doititteaf, -bif, m-i discontent, 
grief, ai^uish, sullenneas. 

tioifie, g. ^., pi. 'tiiie, m., am oak 
grove, a wood, a thicket. 

Tloi-ii^ii, -e, a., intricate, en- 

Ooi-tili-6cijce, p. a., irreoouoil- 
able ; bard to solve. 




■Ooi-piaJLuiSte, p. a,, hard to be 

"Doi-fmiita, p. a., implaoable, 

mirul^ ; iniatiah1«. 
Ttoititin, I copulitte, aa cattle ; 

need chiefly in ph, Tioitiea'6 An 

t>6, the cow was bulled. 
Ttoifioncd, indeB. a., sullen, 

■Doipneos.-oise, -osA-Aihandlo; 

ft handatone; a handful. Se« 

T10i]iiift), g. id., pi. 'tte, m., one of 

the projecting handles of a 

w^^e; the head of a apade 

biuidle, et«. ; a little handful. 
'06ittr^o<f<, -0)<A, -oifi'6e, m,, a 

porter, a doorkeeper. 
"D^inreoineiir, -a, /., the office of 

a door-porter. 
"OoiiiceAe, -cige, a., spilling, shed- 

■DoiiiciiTi,!!/. ■ooj|ica-6, t. (r., I pour, 
pour oni, spill ; shed (of tears) ; 
I move, stir ; tioit<c, move, stir 
(Con.); ci]! -DO -ooipceA* pa 
tofdiC nd in6it<l-ea^, a land 
poured out nnder the feet of 
iniBOreanta (ffifo.). 

"Doi-f^nce, a., indnotale. 

■DoicCeaLt. Sft ■ooiieall.. 

■Doi-teagairc {prop, ga.), indocile. 

TJoi-ciJearat, -aiie, a., chnriish, 
inbospitable ; q/Tpeaii ■opae t>o- 
tiSoafat, naji ifiaii Liotn Beit 
as Cfe-iruSa* air iCort). 

'D6it)n, g., T)6cn4, ■odtana, and 
T)6itine, /., sufficiency, fill, 
plenty, enough ; what is fitting 
or becoming ; it is frequently 
need with the pcaa, pmt. : ca a 
vdiutn ai^e, he has enough 
(hence, vulg., "be has his 
'nough"); ca Tiditin an jiioS 
'j-an scapaLV r*'"i that horse 
is good enough for the king. 

■Oo-itre, a., hard to eat, WBdible. 

■Dot, g. TijuX,, pi. id. and -ai*e, m., 
a fishing net ; a snare, a knot ; 
a thole-pin ; the wooden peg 
stuck into the row-look of a boat. 

TJoLa, g, id., pi. -ai*e, m., a thole- 
pin, etc. Set vol. 

T>o-tabarta, p. a., unspeakable, 

TloLai^, -e, /., damage, harm, 

TloLai'D, -e, a., hurtful, inju- 
rious, detrimental ; alto ( = vo- 

iolBins), insufferable. 
"Dotain ( vela's), cori;. or ad., still, 

always, all the time ; In N. Con. 

UBoaUy a ■ofilaih or a ■o6taim 

(.Don. and Con.). 
'Do-taih, /., a playing in pairs, as 

at cards J iiniriTni'Dt>d-tJ>ili, lei 

us play in partoerahip (two in 

each party) ICon,), 
■D<S-LoiVia6, -ai^e, ambidentrous. 
'D6tan, -Am, ^, id., m,, a small 

t)6lir. -itr' ***-> Borrow, tribula- 
tJoa, anguish ; melandioly ; o. 
Gfioive, affliction of heart. 

"OdLArad, -ai^e, a., grievous, sad, 

■Do-t.a}<c<i,}>.ci,, not easily Ught«d, 
not inflammable. 

"OoLft, -oiLbe, /„ sorcery. 

Xtolba, irufec. a., bold, headstrons; 
peagi vina votba, a bold, head- 
stnuig man (also oalba). 

'Dotba'A, -bta, m., fiction, decep- 
tion, transformation. 

■Oolbaim, -a-6, v. ft-., I ttansfonn 
(as by magic, etc.). 

Dotciiuniot, -oiSe, a,, grievous. 

t)o-Lubrafir, -a, /., inflexibility; 

stubbomneas, firmness. 
'Oo.Lui^e, g. id., m., a long illaess, 

used in imprecations as 'oo-lui^e 

patia ope. 
■Dom (also -oam, -oam), prep, pro., 

]»., t« me, for me ; emph, -oonT 

ra i in C<m. ■oom-fa. iSee prep. 

e prep, prna., ' 

Soiiia'D, indec. ord., a,, secotid ; as 
an 'odiha'D cuit) v^as, the 12th 

Do-mairaaft, -rije, a., uoly. 
Doiiian, -am, pi. id., and -ra, m.. 
the world, the earth, the u 

; nl f 

in, I 




one"); p6 ap ■o. &, however it 
be, in any eaae {M.). 

'OoniAn-gf apA-6, m., oosmographj. 

"Oo-tnAfMa, a., immortal. 

'Oo-iHa|ibtAiiC, -At/., immortality. 

tjoitiArifi, ■aia m, the light dry 
soil of K tilled field, " moaay 
gronnd" {Dtm.). 

"Dombldri '''Ti "^1 8^ ■ ill-taste ; 
bile ; anger ; duoontent ; a dis- 
ee«e in oattle; 'f 6 Fua-oae an 
fidic if in tiTJOtnbLAr 6. what a 
oatoh it IB 1 

t>Oinbl,di'^^ (also 'oo&tdrci), 
inde«. 0., ill-tasting ; oontetnpt- 

Xlombacoedt, -'oi^e, a., imthaak- 
ftil, ongratefnL 

T)oihn«6, -nAiS, p^. -nii^e and 
-nidnrAi^e, m., Sunday ; a large 
houBO; aohuToh; "Dia t)0iiinAi5, 
on Sunday; i n'DoiiitiAd, by the 
Sunday I a mode of asseveration; 
Qomna£ m6|t, Donaghmoia, Co. 

"OoihnaiLtfn, g. id., m,, a name for 
a small crab (Con.). 

"Ooriiiiin, -am, pi. id., m., a little 

■Do-mocuigeiC, -Jije, a., imper- 
oeptible ; onfeeUag. 

"Oo-itiuicA, a., onqueuohable. 

t)o-tiiuiTice, a., iU-bred, ill-man- 
nered, unteaohable. 

"Don, T>o'n, to the ; -oonA^W) HA, 
in ilf. 'DOf ttA, t« the, pi. 

T)onA, indee. a., wretobed, miser- 
able, unfortmiate ; in bad beftltb 
or condition. 

t)oiiAtc, -A, /., evil, badneaa ; as 

o the 

bad (Con.). 
tJonAOAF, -Air, m., evil, miBery, 

1>onAiie, indet. a., miserable, 
wretched ; in low health ("I am 
very donnt/," is oft«n heard). 

"DonAi-oeaic, -a, /, want of suo- 
oesa, misfortune, badness. 

T>oTiAn, -itn, pt. id., m., a kind of 
fish resembling ling. 

73onin, -iiti, jS. id., m., an en- 
feebled person ; a monnikin (also 
■ounan ; P. &€. says it is dim. 
of tiuine, but thii is unlikely). 

T>onAr, .Aif, nk, bad luek, mis- 
fortune ; no iein r' An tionAf 
Atf , he destroyed him (it.), 

Tio-ni^e, a., hiuil to be washed. 

"Oonn, in phr. -ofiieAd 'oonn, just 
exactly (perhaps for 'oomAn] ; 
Tionn, A -onine 1 by Jov& man I 
{■Oonn was a celebrated fairy 
inhabiting sandbanks off the 
coast of Clare.) 

"Donn, pfl/l ■ouinne, brown, brown- 
haired i ■oonn-fiAtl^fi, brindled, 
having brown spots. 

"Oonn-Jojim.-oittme, a., abrownish 

T)onn-lAf)iit, -Aije, a., brown- 

T)onn65, -6158, -65A,/, a kind of 
flfih ; a sea-dog. 

■Donn-fiij, -e, -654, /., a brown- 
haired maiden. 

Conn-iiuA-D, -Ai-6e, a., brown-red ; 
obeatnut or bay colour. 

-ugA*, ». (r., I injnro. 


Tlo-pioctA, hard to be picked o 
colleoted (of potatoes, tti.'). 

'Do-ptAiin'ouiste, J), a., hard to be 
planted (O'lV.). 

'Do.pti.iiuitte, p. a., bard to be 
planed (QN.). 

tJo-potLoitte, p. o., impenetrable 

tiotiAinseAt, -giSe, «., pMn- 
ful, troableaom^ unfortunate 
(f. 0.). 

T)o-tiAnnrBi^e, p. a., inscrutable, 

DoiiAr, -Aiftpi. ■ofiitire, m., a door, 
a gat«, an entrance ; a boundary ; 
notiAf Ai^ce, a front door; 
■oopAf ttfuitice, a back door 
(Don.) ; -DOjiAr laocA, back door 
(Jf. andCoi.); -DotiAf ^ituijte, 
a wioket, a door of escape ; 
TiotiAp in6f , a hall door or main 
__j. , iooiiornAniinje, the 


Tlojita, ituUc. a., dark, block, 
duikj ; hidden, ascret, mysteri' 
oua; ahy, distent (opposed to 
rub-iilceaf) ; malignant. 

'Dotitdic, -a, /., darkness, bliiuk- 
ness ; eclipse; mysteriousnoFiti. 

tiofiCatiAri -4'r> ""■• darkness, 

■Oofcin, -itn, pi. id,, TO,, ft yearling 

■Doftujd*, -uiSce, TO., act of 
darkening, eclipse, obscura- 
tion ; the eclipsing of a li:tter 
(in Irisb grammar). 

VonCui^im, -ngA-o, v. tr., I darken, 
oDBcnre ; iitlr., I grow dark ; 
become eclipsed (as the suij or 

Vo)!!), -ti<\n},pl, id., m., a humming, 
a iDuttering ; baas in music ; 
Tjoft) mapfici, the office for the 

■Ooti-odim (-DOfitiajiaim), -a-o, I 
hum, I buM. 

'OofivAn, -Am, pi, id., m,, a hum- 
ming noise, a buxz. 

Tiopja, \)Oii3fl. See -00111154 and 

TJopn, g. •ouijin, pi. irf,, ■oopna and 
-o6ifine. m., the fist, the hand ; 
a handle ; a blow of the fist ; a 
handful : D. aipgiTi, a handful 
of silver, or of miiney of any 

"DoimaDdifi, -dim, -6tfii*e, m,, a 

"DoiinATioifedtc, -a, /., pugilism. 

T)otinaiiiiiL, -liila, a,, pugilistic, 
given to Sghbing, 

■DOpnin, -iin, pi, id., m., a fistful, 
a handful of 00m, four times the 
bulk of a cea-oalt,, which is the 
<{uantity a reaping-hook wilt out 
atonesweep; a small gathering 
of people (/ton,, with o long). 

"Dojindlann,/., the hilt of a sword. 

'Oopn-tiit, -(uiL, pt. id., m., a haft. 

■Oopntun, -uip, pi. id., m., a haft. 

"Dopnfiirc, -aipc, pi. id,, m., a 
manacle, a handcnff. 

1)0111)155,-0156, -65*,/,, a handful ; 


"Do-ttoinnce, p. a., hard to divide. 
■OotiraC, -aije, a., harsh, rou(^, 

■Oojif An, -im, m., anger, vexation. 

'Dotitianaf, -ai^e, a,, irritable, 
surly, snappish, cruel. 

'Do|iii'^d, inaec. a., grim, harsh. 

"Dojiii^ail,, -e, /,, the act of snarl- 
ing (of a dog) (Con,). 

■OotifAn, -iin, pi. id., m., a grass- 
hopper (somet^ called piot>iii|ie. 

Tlotifa, p. a,, bulled, in calf. 

Tloiicafi, -ai$e, a., effusive, over- 
flowing, pouring out, spilling. 

Ttoiicd^, -dilute, m., act of pour- 
ing, pouring out, Spilling ; out- 
pouring, shedding (of tears), 

UoitCdim. See 'ooi|iciin. 

■Dopuja, g. -nn, pi. -nna, -Jca, 
/, a fishing-lina, pron. -Dpusj 
{Con.) ; in M. TJOjiuiSe and 
Dopfle. See tJopuiSe. 

Tlopuije, g. id., pi. -Ste, /., a 
hshing-Une ; a line used for mea- 
suring or marking off drains, 
fences, potato-beds, etc 

"Dofi B' 'O^Ti/''- *'^t '"'I ' bush, a 
copse ; a tuft, a bunch of hair ; 
a ooropact body of men ; froth, 

"Dop, g. Duip, m., the fifth degree 
in poetry ; a poet (O'AT.) ; the 
base in musin ; any dull note or 
hum : isor m^p, the drone of 
bagpipes ; nop beA5, a smaller 
bumming; 'oo f^i'oeaindp up 
nT)uir, we blew our trumpets. 

T)or {/o'" 'CO, before the pi. form 
of the article), for, to ; ■oop ("oo) 
na ceflpfliB ri". ^ those men 

■Dorifi, -iije, a,, bushy, tufted; 
abounding in thickets, 

Ttopdipe, g. id., vl, -pi'oe, ffi., an 
impertinent feflow. 

■DopAipeAfic, .0, f., impertinence. 

■Oo-famLmite, p. a., incompar- 
aUe {ffK]. 




ViJ-fan, tntph, firtp. pron., to him. 

oome ; moomparabtd ; iudefotig- 

tlo-f afCd,}). a., not eaidly satia&ed, 

Qo-rcAoiLce, iwtee. a., 

■olnble ; indiBpeDnblo. 
Tii>-rc4]ita,y. a., hardtoi _ 
Wo-fCffi'ooiSce. »■ J., unsearch- 
Vofcnt'oteAi. -ii^e, a., fooluhly 

•Oor-'fioii'o, m., tho bua in mnaie. 

Set tiof and T)0|iti. 
T>o-ft.inui^te, p. a., inonrable. 
'Oo-rmdicuiA^e, p. a., Etubbam, 

obatiute ; nord to tame. 
t)o-rmiiAinciS£ei P-_ «■> inoompre- 

heuiible ; not maHy oonceived. 
Do-foLaruA, p. a., hard to be 

lighted iCN.). 
■Do-rpfonC'^i P- o-> nnsearchable. 
'Do-rCAOfiuttce, p.<L, iodeolinable 

'Doc'=T)oi>', Bomot ■0U1C, to thy, 

for thy ; -ooc' iicaifi, to thy 

father, tor tiiy fatiier. 
'Do-t^ini, -e, a,, morose, grim, 

■urly, Bulky (fdao wakeful). 
"Ddtdin, y., plenty, a aufficienoy, 

snffioient quantity, eoougb ; uaed 

with paw. and g. (in U. and Mea., 

Tjfiftitn). See T>6itin. 
"OO'tAirListe, p. a., unnavigable 

"OCttAT, ■odttor. Set x>6tjx{: 
■Do-teas^ircce, p. a., ignorant, 

imtAught. See ■ooj-tei.^if^, 
■ tlo-tltuflitliste, p. a., incor. 

T)o-cui5re, g. id.,/., difficulty of 

■Oo-cuispjce, P.O., hard tounder- 

■Oo-cui^rip -B, a., not easily 

"Dotuispntieai, -iiiSe, a., wanting 

'Oo-6aij;r"'Ci /'■ confusicm, chaos. 

"Do-cui^ie, p. a., unintelligible. 
Xlva, m. {draw), oppression ; t>. n a. 

■oaoipre {E. R.).; but Ke T)|ijm. 
TtfiAb, -Alb, pi. id., m., a spot, a 

stain; dirt or mud caught up by 

the dceas. 
'Opib, -aib (■Diiim), m., refuse of 

com ; refuse ; inferior cards of 

t>r<dbAe, -dite, a., draggle.tailed, 

slovenly (ff-V.). 
Dpibaipe, g. id., pi. •^j-te, m., », 

hnge, able-bodied, lazy follow : 

T>pAOdr, -iif, m., a wry mouth 

with prominent teeth. 
■DtiabpuiScaLt, -Jill, m., waste, 

dregs ; refuse of com, eto. 8te 

X)^b6'^, -6i^e, -6^^,^!, a slattern, 
a slut 

■OpiCai-i, a., wet, dirty (of 
weather) {If, Con. and .¥eath). 

X)ni.\>i.n, -hn, pi. id., m., a toper 

■DpitianjiCc, -A,}., lingering about 
a tavern in a state of intoxica- 
tion (i>0T.,). 

'Opde, a., churlish, strange, wild ; 
feaf T>)iAe> achurlish or boorish 

■Oiiae, in phr, like an BpuiL Aon 
rcfiLnuatasac? "Diiaercial- 
or An ■v^ae rcldl. Have yon 
any news! Not a won](Jlf.). 

■OtiflSfln, -am, pi. id., m., a war- 

'DiiA;ti]in, -Ain, m., rctoctanoe 

Dpasinra, indec. a., warlike. 
■D)iaSaiic, -aijic, pi. id., m., a flint 
"DpajApeAfi, -Aije, a., flinty. 
"OgiacCot, f., the lesser Bear Coa- 

stellation; a fiery houaetO'.V^). 
■Dpa^ninaC, -aije, /., drilling of 

ram (B.). 
"Dfas-oi^eann, -31TI, pi. id., m., a 

"Ofd^un, -dm, pi. id., m., a 

■Djiaib, -e, -eannfl, /., the edge, 

the lost accessible point; the 

juncture in a st«cp rugged clifi' 


driok which o 

VtLd ( 1 

from whioh tho roolu slopa iheer 

into Uie BW ( IT. Ker.). 
■Dfiai'o, -6, -eiiina, /, tbs mouth ; 

a ooutemptuoiu Mqiresaiun of 

the face ; a dog-mouth. 
"DttAige^n, -tin, yi. id., m., k Uaok- 

thoTD, SBloe-tree. 
X)|iAi$iie^, -ni$e, a., thorny, 

TttiAisnedA, 'i^tfl. id., m,, ablaok- 

thom, B. elae<tr«e. 
'0ri4i$ne^n, -am, fl, id., m., ft 

biMkthom, a, sloe-tree. 
tltUiinc, -e, -eAnnd, /., a, aDarling, 

g. frowning, a grinning. 
Ttf diTic, -e, -ei-t^, /., a grin, EnarL 

"DtiAm, -a, pi. -arna, m., a drink 
ofqimta; ni ueofi 50 -Ofiim, » 

"Dtiiih, -iim, m., at cards, a 
"plebeian oard," a oard not a 
tramp. See v\ii.X). 

'%i'pi.mA,g,id.,pt, -nnd, m., a drama, 
a plaj (quite a recent word, and 
not yet inlly aooeptad). 

Ttiidihatcid, -caige, a., trampling, 

"Ottaiii^ui^eatl,, -Jilt, pi. id, and 
-3l.e, m., refuse, lueleas rem- 
nants, what remains after the 
beat is taken away; xi. cabiirce, 
refnee cabbage (also vjiaft- 
f uigedtt, T>tidm£aiL and ofab- 

■DnAmtoiSim, -ihailc, v. tr., I 
Kick, apnm, stamp. 

"Ofdndife, g. id., f«. -t<iie, nt., a 

"DTtannA, R>., a grin, a snarl, whence 

■Dfannaipe, a enarler, 
'Oti'iiinaiin, -n^ri, v, intr., I snarl, 

grin ; tt, te, I snari at. 
■Dudnn-oaL, -aiL, m., the month, 

the gnms. 
Ttf^tini;, /., the mouth. See 

'Of-innci.n, -ifn, pi. id., m.. a hum- 
ming, e buzzing, a growl, a 

snarl, a gurfiliiig noise. 
T)tiAnrcSj,iL, -e, ' -^--^-- 


QtianAsaCc, -«,/., the rhyming of 
a woman, rhyming like a woman. 

tltuotiATn, ■ id., m. a tribe, 
a oompan^. 

V)iAoi, g. id., and 'DtitiA'6, pi. 
■o]iAOite, g. pi. tindOited'A and 
■ojiDA*, «., a druid, ft wimrd, a 
magician, a sorcerer, a man of 

"Djidoib, -e, /., mnd, mire> 

DliA0i-6eA£c, -A, /. enchantment, 
magi<:^ sorcerj, dmidism, divin- 
ation, ipell, witchcraft; druid- 
ical learning; cajaleTy. 

t)riaoi'6edt)6itt, •6f A, '^ipi'be, m., 
an enchanter. 

T>tiAOiiteA£, -£i^e, a., learned, 
sage, mystical ; fond of dmida or 

DfAorca. a., obaoene. 
"Di'aorca'''' -d,y., obsoeniti 
■Oliaorc«m4)t, - 

■On*, a., early, moroae; yeap «. 
Doi-titear^t, a surly, moroao 

man (M.). See ■Ofiae. 

■Op^, g. id., pi. -iiteannA, m., » 
sledge, a dray (A ). 

tipeablar, -aif, m. (c/. aiihleAf), 
mischief; tnneo r£ £um a' d. 
he went to the bad {Don.). 

Vt^eaft, -a, in., countenauoe, aspect^ 
Tisage, general appearance ; a 
lookmg.^aas ; a habit ; m o., 
simple, childish, irniocent. 

T>t>eA£diin, -£d'6, v. tr., I delineate, 
portray ; dress, adorn. 

UneAftaiTiAit, -Aiiila, a., comely, 
nice, of good complexion ; image- 
like, statoesque. 

t)|ieae-nati, -nJiitie, a., bashfnl of 

TiiiiA^c, -a, pi, id., m,, a song, 
poem ; tale, story ; a draft or 
pattern ; aa article of writing ; 
a compact or agreement ; poetry; 
a company. 

'Df^aiC'iiiTi, -Ail, V. tr., I tell, 
relate, report. 

TJlieas, •&, -anna, m., an adver* 
tisoinent {(flf.). 

"DliadsaD, -sfcA, m., act of adver- 
tising (CS.). 


I oertify; advertiBe; notify 

TJneflm, g. -a, pi. -iniiA, m., a 
band, a oompanj, a party, a mul- 
titude ; people, a tnbe ; a cle,aa ; 
a following, adherante; gurnet, 
n 'DiieAm with rel. eoru. = tbose 

, /.. . 

flea; nom. also T)]ieAncAiT>e. 

ffB. gives T>tieancav, m. 
T)lie-jns-6fltt,ni.,a flea-bite (O'Af.). 
Tttie^nn, g. 'tiinn, m.. at — 

melaooholf, pain; speed 

. a ccoktentiouB person. 

XipeanncSiji, -6pA, -oiiii-ie, m., an 
angnr ; a diviner by birda. 

"Djieapaiidifi, -dfia, -fiipi'oe, m., a 
climber, a scaler ; a trickster ; a 
ateep oliff amongst the Caha 
Mts. ja oftUedtllieflpa or ■Djiapo. 

'DfeApd'oaitiedfc. -d, /., climbing, 

■DtiedpaipeACc, -a, /., id, 

■Opeapuijim, -oSa-D (Diieipiim), 
V. tr., I climb, ouunber. 

J-,, -, ■■■ ■• 


■Ojieif, -d, m., a bout, a tnni ; 
D^ieAf cotjaLco, the amount of 
sleep taken without waking ; 
mi'r maic pfmr '°^ IppAireafi) 
If teop npear 'oe (Mon.). See 

■Dfie^rAt, -aise, a., tbomy, 

abounding in brunblea. 
Dfeir-^pi^Ci -»"Si -^'5*1 »"-. a 

place where brambles grow, a 

ttramble shrubbery. 
T)fear-toiLL, /., a thicket of 

■Ojieaf^B' -^'S^i •^5'>./. » little 

I encourage, excite. 
■Opiim, -e, /., an end 
attempt ; ftot of Dontending, ei 

lating, oppoeing ; expecting : 
thinking; ag tip6im Le, relying 
on ; as 'o. teip, expecting him 
(Don.); AS D. te -oeoi-aiti, in 
emulation of tears (Fer,) ; ci 
m6 ^5 Tjji^im 50 nciocrai* ^6, 
I expect he will come [Don.). 

TtpiimeaA, -mije, a,, endeavonr- 
ing, attempting, essaying. 

■Oii4im.m, t*. ■opi.m, r. intr., I 
contend, struggle ; emulate ; I 

"Dti^imiiie, g. id,, pi, -tii-oe, alad- 
der ; an isthmus ; a long thin 
portion of the soil undisturbed 
m a field dug np. 

TJjiitmifie bni'oe, m.. the yellow 

■DpSimiiie 5ojim, m., woody night- 

■Onfiitnipe ffiuipe, g. id., m., the 

leeaer centaury (herb). 
T)n*mipea6, -Tiije, a., gradual ; 

ladder-like ; scaling ; waving ; 

in long wisps (of the hair). 
■Dpeipjte, p. o., rehearsed (O'J^.). 
Tlpeirim, -fea*, v. Ir., I rehearse. 
Tlpeipfip, -nip, pi, id., m,, a 

dresser (an article of household 

furniture) {A.). 
■Dpeippeatc, -a, /., act of rehear- 
sing (0' A'.). 
'Opeogaim, -ja-o, v. intr., I rot 

away, wither with age. 
■Opeoijce, p. a., rotted, putrified. 
TlpeoijceaCc, -a, /., mustiness, 

"Opeotleacon, -am, pi. id., m., a 

little wren ; a silly wretch. 
■DpeoiUn, g. id., pi. -i-oe, m., a 

Tlpeotan, -ain,^. id., in., awren; 

a silly person. 
DpeoLanafu, -a,/., silliness. 
T)pe6ldn ceapBuis, -iin ceaf- 

^o\^,pl. id,, m.. a grasshopper. 
"Dpiataipe, g. id., pi. ■pi'oe, m,, ea 

obstinate person, a plodding 

inflexible person. 
T)pia6aipeaSc, -a, /., stiffness, 

THiiamLad, -aig, -aije, 


.. a fish- 


ikempt, ooreleBS. 
'Ojilbeog, -oise, -oji, /, a slut, 

a reckless unkempt oreaturo. 
■Dpiljiiie, g. id., pi. -fme, m., an 

ensnarer, one who lays snarea 

"OpibjieitT, -a, /., act of aeteing 

auarea (O-jV.). 
"Dint, -e, -eanna, /., a drop glao- 

oiug in the sun ; a sparkle, a 

twinkle; aglimpse. SeeT>tMtLe. 
X)fiiLre46, -riSei "., radiant, 

dazzting, glittering; dropping. 
Vfiod, m., oounteDanco. See 

"Djiiotiiii, -Aip, m,, loea; waste; 

dregs ; gora ; corrupt matter. 
T>)iio'Dd,}itA, iitdec. a., mixed with 

■''l"'"?' ->5«. -iseati. /■. a drop ; 

a distillation ; a still {O'tf.). 
tltiiocacc, 'A, f., diatiltation 

(0'«.). , 
'DlifoS'life, g. id., pi. -fn'oe, to., a 

■DpiOnsAn, -am, ^. id., m., a plaj- 

tbing; a wortmosB pastime; luiy- 

tbing worthless or unwieldy 

(also tJiionsan). 
'D;<ip, -e, •ea£A, /,, a snare ; con- 

fuflioD, bustle, hurry. Set-Of^'b. 
■Dpir, TJnireit, ic. See ■ojiedf, 

TjpeAraft, ic. 
"Opireifion, -iiHi pi. id., 


m., the 

lureoS, 'Oise, -054, /., a thorn, 
a broDible, a. briar ; a djp candle. 

nimals (Eiuch as sheep, 
goats, etc.), usually filled with 
lood stuff and cooked as pudding; 
a small bramble. 

'DiiirLedfi, -tiS, in., briars, 
brambles, bmshwood. 

■Ojiitle, g. id., pi. -anna, /, a flash, 

■OpicLeat, -Lije, a., sparkling. 
■DpitVeos, -oise, -oja, /., a Sash, 

tJpitUn, g. id., pL -i-6e, m., ft 
spark, a sparkle ; a drill, a per- 

"DpitLineaCc, -A,/., drilling, per- 
forating, piercing through ', 0' iV.). 

■Opiut, -&, pi. id., m., fretfuluees, 
peeTishuoss ; a beak, a snout ; 
an angry look ; <r^, tipeae, 

YlpmCaim, -a'o, v. intr., I chafe, 

fret, rage. 

"OpobLar- '^>r> '"' niisery, ex- 
travagance ; ef. -opedClap. 

T)poS- (tipoitOi ffd (used only as 
the first part of a oompound, 
and is sometimes merely a neg- 
ative preSx. 

■OpoC-a-DiiianaS, -pai^e, a., un- 
lucky, ill- fated. 

Opod-aiciT), -e, -eaCa,/., adanger- 
ous or contagious dir^axe ; 
venereal disease (with article). 

tllioe-aijnear, ■mp, pi. id., m., 
impudence ; an insult ; uncivil 

"DpoC-aihancap, -aip, m., itl-laek, 

T)po£-arii]iar, m., an evil suspioion. 

■Opoi-ftaiL, /, ill-luck ; au evil 
end; bad oonditiott ; T)po6-6aiL 
-DO Cup ap, to render void (as 
a Sacrament, etc., JJoiU.}. 

■OpoC-h^pariiaiL, -liiLa, pJ. id.,/., 

■Opofi-blapca, iadec. a., ill- 

flavoured ; conlemptuous. 
'Opoi-ttota'D, -aixi, jif. id., m., a. 

"Opoi-Ootan, -ain, pi. id., m., a 

poor cabin, a hut 
"Dpoi Opaon, m , a bad drop an 

cvtl inheritance or charoctenstic 
"Opof Bpudu m , a vile betth, a 

disagreeable vomit 
■Dpofi Caiopeam, m , Bintul mter 

"Opof tait, f, an evil quality , 
ill repute 

r Cl.X)i.iL 

uiguage ; bad Unguage. 
t)pot-ii!ifiti, m., a bad or ragged 

path; aa eril pikth or way <£ 

'D)io6-£osAti, m^ an evil whisper. 
■Oiiot-6omai]iLe, ff. tii.,jji, -teafti, 

f., BTJl oounseL 

ill advioe: coriiAit<tf 
£oiiiAittli$, the advice of one 
who is erring himself (aa the 
advice of ■ dnmkani on temper- 

■Oiioe-eot, «., hadviotuala {O'N.). 

"Ofot-toia^iA, m., bod mainton- 
uioe ; worthlesB rearing ; &, tj 
fiC An 'otio£-±of:u3A'6 AjAin, 
Ah, ye are ill worth being 


Xltto£-£ntd3,/., a bad rider behind 
another (CA^.). 

■Of o6''64c, m., a bad colour. 

'0't'oC-'6d£^r, n., despair. 

■Opoe-^uB, m., bad ink (O'iV.), 

■Dtiofi'-DuiL, -e, pi. trf., f., evil 
desire, coDoupiscence. 

■Opoi-iuiiiB, g. id,,jil. -'OAOine, m,, 
a bad man ; a miserly ungenerous 
peiam ; a triokBt«r as opposed 
to ouine mac&nCA. 

'Dtiod-fao&iiiti, m., bad edge (of 
a mower badly able to sharpen 
his soj'the, or a barber not well 
able to sharpen his razor). 

"Onofi-FOCiL, m., a saooy answer ; 
a bad word. 

"Ottod'togAti, m., a coarse accent 
or tons i&N.). 

■0|io6-fuaDiti, -4111, m., ill-dia- 
poaition, ill-promiae ; ca -o. put, 
yoa are dispoaed to evil, you 
promise ill by your actions. 

t)|iot-Fui|ieann, /., awioked crew 
or fuDily (C^.). 

TJroe-SnitoJfl*, »., eva habit. 

T)tioe-Sii6c44, -A1$B, o., ilj. 
employed, miaabievonBly en- 
gaged ; If peififi 6eit T)iomAoin 
ni T>., it is better to be idle than 
to be misohieToasly employed. 

DlioA'^ui-oe, m., an ill- wish, a 

'Opo6-la&<>ti£d(, -di£e, a., pert, 
saucy of speech. 

T)t">£-Ludc oibjie, m. IfioUed.), evil 

■Oiioe-iTiiipciiL, »., bad mortar 

or plaster (CW.). 
'Opod-iTiAit-ctied'A. ni., a ainall 

churning of milk. 
'OtioA-tiidinEe, a., sauoy, insolent, 

mde, ill-mannered. 
■DHoe-ihome^nn, /., a bad wife 


Dpot-nfir, -tiiiir, •n6fi, m., a per- 
nicious custom. 
tlpoC-obaiji, -oibfie, -oibpeaia,/., 

evil work, mischief; stronger 

than -Dtioi-^no, which means 

work ill-doue. 
■Dpoft-pa*, a. -pi*4 and -pii*, pi. 

-paii and -^iitce, »., an evil 

word or saying. 
t>poe-ttAt, m., iU-lnck, misfortune. 
Vjiot-ji&r\, nt., ill-will, malice. 
Titiot-pniiiinciHSa*, -ctjte, pi. 

id., m., evil thinking, evil 

TIpof-fompLA, M., bad example 
DpoC-rcii'o, /, evil plight. 
"DnoC-tiirc, Bh, an evlt rumour, a 

Dsd report 
'Opoi-co5a,y., a bad choice. 
"Dtiofi-cpac, m., an unsuitable time, 

an ill-cbosen oooasion. 
"Opot-tnariiim, /., an ill opinion. 
■Djiot-CHiijiifc, /., an evil report; 

ill tidings ; miainf ormation. 
t)iiot-tuaii, m., evil foreboding. 
Tiriod-cuifmedi, m., a bad do- 

liTery, a bad bringing forth 

■Ditot-oiin, /., bod weather, in- 
clement weather (of the dura- 
tion of on ordinary storm). 

tltioiC, -e, -OAnna,/., a dwaif.,.,..i.,GtX)glc 



"Oltoift-bJAt, iit.,a Bauoy or ibuaivB 
mouth ; vi TJttoiC-Cfat diti, he is 
giT«u to uuc; or abuiive l&n- 

'Ot'oit -68411^ ■Ceipce, /, an e*u 

T)tioift-Mari ■*■ pf- '^■t ■»■■ " ''^ 

t)tioie-C£dr''A, -aije, a., rude, ill- 

maniiered, impolau. 

-tiiLa, o., dU- 

delioate brad ; bq unbind mastur 
ornnrBe; cJit>|ioie-teann asam, 
I am subjast to beadochw ; 'fi 
An Dttoit.eeiTin ■d6 i, Bhe is an 
iil-uurae ir fojdar to him. 
■Dltoii-iiialL,/, bftdsenao or mean- 

nation, a pert 

■Opoii-iteaiua*, »,, an evil habit. 

'D(ioi4-'6e-!iL6, g. -■neiLlle, d. 
-'4e)tl>, also g, -'oeaLbA, d, 
-■nealb, pi. -Ba, m. and /., do- 
formity, an ill-shape. 

T)tioi£-'6lol, n>,, an ill-payment. 
an ill-rsquital (■oiioi6--bio5aL ?). 

"Onoifi-'oioLai'DeaCc, -a, /!, in- 
payment or lequitaL 

T)noi6ea-o, -tfo, pi. id., m., a 
bridEe 1 in Meath, Louth aud 
adjoming ^rtiona of Ulster 
often applied to a Tillage or 
town whieb baa sprung up 
around a river bridge, e,g. 
■Dpoifteai-o CeapfiaLtam, Car- 
laostonm (County Meath) ; 
Dpoiieao baile ^ua f ea|t'6ia'D, 
Ardee ; Tipoiteao a' djioinn, 
Bridffe-a-cbrina ; An 'OttoiCea'O, 
DiogTiBda, also ■OfOiCea-o Aca, 

■OpoiC-eaoai, -ais, -Aije, m., a 

ar mean drees ; oIoUieB of a 
quality; ga. used as adj., ef. 
50 rinsit ■ojioii-iaiiaiS afl uip- 
eafbai'6 bti65, distreasfnl, ill- 
clad, wanting ahoes {tong), 
■Dpoit-4a-Diil, -iLa, /, ill-gotten 

gain, a trifling acquisition. 

X>|ioi6-eaLa-6ain, --ona, pi, id., /., 

»onrioaiart; evil learmog. 

1 ) tiKO 

T>|ioi£-eatit<A'A, ■di'4, pi. -av6e, 
-a'6a, m., bad wares, staff, etc ; 
fig., a person of bad oharacter. 

■Ditoic-ffeacjia, -sajita, pi. id., 
«., an ontavourable reply, an 
DDsatisfactory ot pert answer. 

Vliaif-^nEaiTi, St., an evil deed, an 

■Opoifi-ioc, »., bad pay (O'N.). 
"Ofoxt-wnti-f,, -aif, m,, ill-behav. 

Tlrioie-ionncaoib. -e, /, an unfa- 
vourable suspicion, a want of 
Donfidenoe; bad prospect; ni'l 
aon opoif-ionncaoib asjim af,! 
do not distrust him. 

t>ttote-nieanma, f., faint-hearted- 
ueM) low spirits, languor. 

■Opoit-ifieap, »., disrespect, oon- 
tempt ; Le n., in oontempt. 

'Oitoie-msafca, a., of ill-repnta ; 

'Opoii-iheirtiiuSa'o, -niSto,pI. «£, 
St., discouragement. 

BfioiC-iHian, -riiSino, /., evil dis- 
position ; an evil desire. 

■Dpoii-fiaT), Bt. or/, a vile wretcb, 
a lasoaL 

Vpoit-reafaib,))!., a weak, helpless 
resistance; ip peajiii ceiiean 
maii 'na ■oiioifi-rear*''', ^ 8°°^ 
retreat is betterbhan a bad stand. 

■Opoii-feiceaTJiiip, -opa, -liipiiie, 
St., a wicked executor. 

T)poi6-feoL«6, -Lea, m,, ill-adyioe, 
evil mstruotioa, bad direction. 

■Dpoift-fiou, m„ a rascal, a villain. 

"Opoi^iotc (■Dpoijioic). Bet 

t)iiotSBanat, -aije, «., abounding 

in blaokthom. 
"OnoiSneai, -tii^, m., tboms ; a 

blaokthom ; a siuubbei^. 
■Opoijnean, -ain, m., bla<*thorQ. 
t)(ioV, -oit, -ta, nt., a pot-book, a 

t>|to1,tait>e, g. id., pi. -tti-^e, n., an 

idler, a sluggard. 


■DrO ( i 

■OjiiSLAiin, -amne, -ann-s, /., the 
ohief intestine ; in pi., the 
entrtiila ; poet., the heart ; if 
cmn T>i\^ ntnioLainn, it ia u 
heart*cho to me (.Fer.) ; c/ the 
eiclamatioQ a 13 p 61. Ann n^ 

■Oporn, -a, ^. .flnna, m., the hack ; 
a ridge, a hill ; a roof of ft bouse 
(the dot. form T))io>n is always 
used of the hitman back in M, : 
i-p a tpam, on his back ; ^{1 a 
ritiuim, upon him, on his ahoul- 
dere) ; ni ■o]iomAnrui -ouSa, dire 
injunotions, auoh as are imposed 
by sorcerers ; cuiiiim tia -Dtiom- 
ar\na tetp, I declare vehemently 
against it. See nituiTn. 

•Diioma*, -AtJ, -aiSe, m,, a band 
or strap, with hooKS at each end, 
passing over the horse's back in 
ploughing, and holding np the 
chains attached to the cuinR or 
swingle-tree (Ker.) ; it ia called 
'ojiomii'oe in Don., ■ojiomin in 

"Opomatan, -Ain, pi. id., in., a 

'Dttom<i'o6i)i, -iStiA, -6ifi'6e, nt., a 
drummer ; a dromedary. 

■D|iomAitie. See ■opomaC. 

TOnomAn, -hn, pi. id., m., the baot- 
band of a cart; plough-tracea 
(also ■ojiomAiAn.opomai, 1)11001- 

Dfom \>&m, to., the keel of a boat 

■Otiom-joncA, p. a., wounded in 
the back. 

■DpOihlAt, -AiJ, -aiga, m., a large 
wide wooden vessel ; a large 
tub (also spoiled -onotbAt and 
■opolmaC). See Y. B. L., p. 106. 

■DnomtAt, -aiS, "t.. the ohine or 
back-bone ; the back. 

■Ojions, g. ■opoinse, d. ■oiiuins, 
voc ■opoti^. jA. -A and -opuinge, 
/, a multitude, folk, company, 
party, troop, triiie, persons, race ; 
a part or division. 

■Dpons-bui-bean, /., a multitude, 
folk, party ; an im. 
pany, a vut wowd. 

I ) -ORU 

■Oronn, g. -Dpuimie, p/. -i, /., a 
hump on the back, a bent 3tat« 
of the back ; ca nponn dip, he 
has his back bent (not neoes- 
Bftrily permanently), ■opnmn is 
used as now. in Co. Wat. Prou. 

■Opotinafi, -aiSe, a., white-backed ; 
having white tufta ; hunch- 

■Dponnfis, -dtje, -6^&,f., a hnmp ; 
the higheat part of the back of 
an animal or of a ridge ; a sum- 
mit ; a small burden ; a hunch- 

■Dponn-uiLLe, /, a right angle. 
■OtiOnn-uiLLeannae, -Aige, a., 

right-angled, rectangular. 
'DpuA'd, -Ai'6, nt., a charmer, a 

magician ; a dmid. 
T>pua-6-Join6, g. id., f., magio 

XipubA'6, -Aiv, •A<'6e, m., a name 

for a large, awkwMd cow, per- 

■Dpiiic, -A, pt. id,, m. and /., dew; 
fg., beer, ale, whey, distilled 
liquor ; any subtle or thin bever- 
age; dim., T>pi3^CAn and T>pi)i6- 
cin ; Tieoi npufca, any thin 
drink, neotar (nom. also 

"OpuScan, -am, m., a tiny drop; 
cheese whey. 

■Dpiitc ttiitLceaft, m., mildew. 

'Dpu'o, a jot, a syllable ; in phr., 
niop tabaip pfi -opuu, he did 
not utter a word ; also, -opoti 
na ttitAbDAm, not a syllable 
{M.) ; Dupm na T>apm {Don.) ; 
also -opu n>. 

■DjiHDa*. -■ota, m., act of bring- 
ing tc^ethet ; A5 13. a nopannc, 
grinning {Kea.). 

tlpuc, -A, -anna, a drug, a medi- 
cine {A.). 

"Dposaipe, g. id., pi. -pi'oe, n., a 
drudge or slave. 

"Drinjaipeafic, -a, /., slavery, 

■DpujaLt, -Ailt, !»., shyness ; lazi- 

t)pusAtta£, -aije 

a., shy ; lazy. 


covered the oolour of the hair 
of their fnture husboiids from 
the shade of oolouriog of the 

flrat -ojiuitcin they found : i^. 
tuai* fi 'IJ' LopS ^ ■opuifrcin. 
■Druiecin m6ra, a- W., " "■■ 

used for dyeing the 

"Otiui-D, -e, -enCfl, /, ft starling at 

atare (nom. alao -Diiunje). 
TJpui'oeoj. -oige, .05a, /, a staro 

or starling ; ctmiTjeoj (Z^dh. ajld 


vZ. (d. and Titiui'o, also 
■DfiuitieariiaiTir, n. intr. and (r., 
I oIoGe, ahnt ; I push, drive ; I 
move, come close to, unite with 
(with te or fe) ; aa Ir., I push, 
force, oauae to retreat in a 
battle ; ■oiiuiti anonn, move 
away, etc. ; TiiiniTiearn in 
c-oct^af Ltom, I feel hunger ; in 
£7., and H. Oaa. 'ojint'OAn Tiopiif 
=shut the door; witJi it, I 
retreat, draw back, retire from. 

■opofoim, -e, /., ftot of moving ; 
approaching (with |te or le) ; 
retreating, retiring baohwarda 
(with 6). Set V. ■oituiTum. 

T)pun3te, p. a., dosed, ahutj 
piuhe^ driven. 

■Opuini, g. ■Dfonm, pi. ■onomanna, 
m., the back (never used for the 
human baok in M., where T>]iom 
is always osed) ; the top or 
npmost part; &yi a 'otiom, on 
hia baok ; dfi a -A^uim, on his 
ahoulders or head ; -oe '6., be- 
oausB of ; ■ok ■opuim fin, for 
that reason, wherefore ; x). af 
*., baok to back ; bi t).a An *. 
nanfomse, God is vengeful on 
those who, eui. {Kta.); cA fi 
'fAn Ttfrnm jinai* 011m, he ia at 
loggerheads with me ; na Doipre 
■Diinca ap ■ojiuim An ■Di6l.cai-6, 
the doors cloaed through inhos- 
pitAlity (t/',);pnjp. (to.of ■ofiom, 
which «ee. 

i ) XtMA 

Dpuim bttifre, m., a hunchback. 
tJjiuim-tia'6,'6, ■claticaia, 

nt., a ridge-mound. 
'DpaimpiOTin, -inne, a., white> 

backed, white - ridged ; b6 


n spelled vnuimeo 
L, /, a back thooj 

•Opuim-it „, 

thong of the back-akin ; a welt 
or hem ; a caul, covering for the 

"Oriuim-leac, /., a tombstone Uid 
horizontally over a grave. 

UtiuTi -^< /-I adultery, fornica- 
tion; lust. 

■Dpuiread, -r'S*, i-, adnlterons, 

'Oritiireaiiiail, -mid, a., lascivious, 

Xlfuireotti, -Ofia, -oitii'Ae, m., on 
adulterer; a wanton. 

'Djiuma, g. id., pi. -i-6e, m., a 
dram ; ■onuniAi'De an Uuif, the 
drams of Ross, was a oonBCaot 
phrase in Kerry after Ross 
Caatle became a nulitary station; 
ni ■oiiireota* -oiiuniaioe an 
nair *, the drums of Ross would 
not awaken him. 

VliUTnaTiditi, -6fA, -^i-pi-fie, m., a 

X)tiuman, -am, pi. id., m., a ridge, 
a back, a summit; the back- 
band of a aarl'borae. 

'Dpunraot, >»., a light mist 

t)liu&, -liite, -anna,/., a foolish 
mri, a harlot (ffif.) ; uputOs, 

TJpuctanri, ■atnne, -a, /., a house 
of ill-fame, a bawi^ hooae, a 
slum, a brothel {(yN.). ' 

■Oua*, g. -ouaio. m,, toil, trouble, 
hardship, difficulty, 1' 



pijalca asam, I have got a 
good deal of ^nble from it 

Tlua'oaihaiL, -liila, a., laborious, 
toilsome ; aleo clownish, churl- 
ish, boorish. 

tJuaianai, -aij, -aije, m., a 


-DUA ( '. 

TMA^ih^ti, -Mfe, a., Uborimu, 

Vn^tAfaAC, -ri$e> *■, gloomy, irk- 

tome, Btabbom, morose. 
Va^tTinitri -Bi /■! tcouble, dilE- 

Vn^itin, g. id., pi. -miie, m., a 
bobbin, a little bnodle of flax, 
straw, eto. 

VnAtnpeAtc, pott, ior TiuaTiaif- 

Va4ttic, -e, a., nrly, atom, moiosD, 

Vn^tticAA]', -ctf, m., aurliaesB. 
DoArf, -e, -Bdnna, /., a reward, 

preaent, prize, wagee ; a bribe ; 

Vn4treA£, -r)$^ ^> geaeioua, 
liberal, bouuBfiiL 

VuaI, -Alt., m., law, part, du^, 
office ; a patrimany ; am ia- 
berent bereditary prinoiple, 
what ia aooording to kith or 
kind; nature; ba. i-miX x>6 i 
■ii^n^At, it was according to 
big kind to do it; ouatom, toll, 
fee (ffif.)- 

T>DAt, -Alt, it. id., m., a pin, a peg, 

a oord, a atrand of rope ; ■ou4 
tJn, a aheaf of green flax iffN.). 

"Ov^X, -Mie, a., righ^ proper, 
beooming, inherent, natnraL 

"ODAlae, -Ai$«, a., folded, pliuted ; 

"DadtA^diti, -611A, -6ifii'6e, m., a 

plaiter, a oarver, an embroiderer. 
Xta-^lMvn, •At, V. (r., I plait, fold, 

weave, onrre, braid. 
t>DAt bACA6, ?n., a lame peraon. (!) 
T)04lsAr> -'^Ti "*■■ '•''*' wages, 

tribute, duty ; duea paid to the 

clergy (Aran,) ; obligation. 
tluAii, -Aine, -AncA, f., a poem, a 

Bong, a lay ; a oopy of verses ; 

a canto (nota. also tiuaih) ; dim. 

'DuAnAfi, -Ai^e, a,, bardie, poetioal, 

■DuAnAipe, g. id., pi. -jii-oe, m., a 

rhymer, a poet; a poetioal 



. (A book adM 
"DoAnAitte piAf Atr {Teitiiudir ia 
referred to by &ieu and in 
US. H 1. 7. T.C.D. 1 itoontained 
many matters of historioal in- 
tereab; it is now, unhappily. 

Tin AnAitieAfic, -a, /, aet of reciting 
or composing verses ; crying aa 

t)iiAr or -DDAir, labour, peJn; 
cneA'D If TJtiAir, the limering 
of a cow immediately before 
deaUi ; " oonA 'j- DttAif Aft 
T>'otT>e m^ince," "misfortune 
attend your aohoolmaater," an 
imprecation on qnarrellers ( W. 

"DoAfAe, -Ai£e, a., painfal, toil- 
some (from TiaAr, bbour, pain). 

"OuAriiiAli, -Aitie, a., laborious, 
toUaome, troublous, difficult. 

"OoS, g^. 'ouiBe, a., black, dark, 
gloomy, morose, sad, severe (it 
IS used as an intensive prefix). 

"Dub, -uib, m., ink; black night; 
6 -tut 50 nut), all day long. 

T)uBa6, -AiS. ™., ink. 

tiu&Ae, -Ai^e, a., sad, mournful, 
Borrewful, meWoholy, grieved. 

'Ou&A^^n, 'Am, pf. i(f.,in.,abli{;ht ; 
a amall riok of turf ; an mk- 
well, an ink-stand ((yN.). 

"DubACAn. 8e£ xtrntteAian. 

Xtitat^T, -CAir, n., sadness, sor- 
row, melancholy. 

DubAi, -be A, m., blackening, 
mourning ; p'on-inBA*, uttM 

"DuDATjln, -hn, pi. id., in,,an ink- 
stand ; ink ; soot, amut, black- 
ball, smoke. 

"DubASin, -iin, pi. id., m., the 
deep ; a bottomless pit (O'N.). 
See DuibcA^^n and "DubAis^Aii. 

tlabdis^An, -€in, pi, id., m., the 
very deepest part, the greatest 
depth (&N.); tfiim caopAft i 
TIT)., the jump of a sheep into 
the ooean, a rash act. 

■OubAiLce, g. id.,pl. -a6a,/., a vioe, 
an evil habit. 


f) bdi Ic, - jkLcA,/., sot of donbling ; 

Aji a. iubAili;, two-fold, donblea. 

t)ub4ilcea£, -ci^e, a., double; 

'Du&atm, -d-6, 1 blsokm, dkub. 

T3u64ipc. See aoeif im. 

TMitUiitii: (4 t>aBAitic r^, idlo 
talk, huu-Mj. 

DiibAtE^ p. a., donbled; clever, 
deep-Emnded, (nummg» 

T>u(ki,n, -atTi,pl. id., m., » hook, a 
anare ; a fiahiug hook. 

tlaOin, -iin, pi. id., m., the kid- 

TJubAn-aLlA, -ain-AtLd, pi. i<L, m., 
> Bpidei. Ste 'D^ban-dttti. 

■OuOin caann-torAd, -am teann- 
dorAit, BL, oonnnoii lell-heal, 
pnmdla adgarit ; also -written 
Duban ceann-Cdp 

'Oub-£oT>LA'6, St., a deep sleep. 

tlub-eoTi f; a bUok foot, stem, or 

"Dub-Cora*, -Aije, a,, blaok-footed. 


a uaed tometimeB for tea 

Dub-^t'oi'AeAe, -'6i£e, a., blaok- 
hearted, joyUsa, melanoholio. 

t)ub-«jnat, -aije, o., fatal 

'Dub-'^nnim, m., "oold sboiilder"; 
m par., ■oah-ii. do tuf fitr ad 
fAi*bpe«r. •* t""™ °°"'" '>*"'' 
wholly on riche^ to renonnoe 
it altogether, to give it the oold 

"Dub-SAlt, -AilL, pi. id., a Dane, 
Si foreigner. 

■Oub-sLAr. -Jtairfi. <^. d'U't gray. 

■Oub-jruipeai, -rije, a., black- 

"Dnb-^oiini, -^itrnie, a., dark blue. 
"DublA, g. tdi, pi. -i^t m., a 

aheatb ; a lining, a covering. 
'Dab-l.dic, -Aj in., oomipt pioduoB 

[lit., black ]uioe or muk). 
'Oubtai-6,-e,a.,ungBneroaai bA-6. 

an ibaife intc, it waa UD- 

generoui of you; wintiy; dark. 

■ ) -ofl-o 

VnbU&r6eaCe, •«,/., hard or wrere 
put of winter; «. na bLia'Ana 
(Don.) ; ef. oubLnafiaif (Jf.). 

Voblatiea^, -ti^e, -a., melaa- 
□holy ; aerioni, graTBi 

'Oub-l.artiAC, -Aiie, «., blaok- 

■Dub-tia, H., the panoreM. Bte 

'OBb-lo£lAnn«£, -ai$, -di^e, m., a 

"Dnblos^n, -Ain, m,, a mote enoh 

as gets into Hie eye {Don.). 
'Dob-lofca'6, n,, a oomplete oon- 

VnbtnaCAiTt, -bju, /., the wont 

put, the refuse ; t>. na btia'6na, 

the depth of winter. 
T)DC-lili5e, n., miaforbune ; a black 

■pell of sickness (oommoa in 

inipreoaticnu, \>ub-l.nt$e fana 

"DDbLoitim, -La£d4 and TiubaiLc, 

V. (r., I double, fold, repeat. 
"Dnb 'na JeaL ; wib 'na Jeal. xio 

bnata-^ (Cuf) ai|t, to impose 

upon him, to persuade ^i"" tbab 

blaok is white. 
T)Db-niihA (-natbait)], /, a mortal 

VoCmattiic, -oir, n., impudence, 

asanmption, arrogauoe. 
T)at>'iatiufa(, -ai3e, a., impudent, 

assuming, arrt^ant. 
T>ubtia'oan, -ain, pi. id., m., a 

black mote or atom ; a small 

partiole BQob as gets into the eye; 

"Oubti^n, -6in, n., dire, bitter 

sorrow ; melancholy. 

'OobiifinaS, -aije, a., bitterly sor- 
rowful j melaaoholy. 

Vubftan, -am, t»., challenge, de- 
fiuioe ; ■D. 'oo tO]< fAoi, to chal- 
lenge ; mo -6. Fiie, I da^ you ; 
'r^ oo 4. 4, it la aa much as you 
can do. 

'OuC-f^atn, m., a diving under 

"Oub-titorcai, SI., rigorous absti- 

nenoe or fast 
t}ij'0, -liin, pi. id., m,, the ear, a 

tii^Ung (rf the earj a horn; a 




abort smoking pipe. 

t)!!^^!!!^, g. id., pi. -niie, m., one 
who blows a. Bounding hom ; a, 
trompeter ; a oongtant smoker. 

■DoTMis, -fiige, -6sj, /., a bos on 
the ear ; a email hom or trum- 
pet ; a tobacco pipe (O'N. and 
i}o>t. ; 'oui'otn also in Z)oii.}; 
also vdiveo^. 

'On^, and -vo^a, m., a, dock (for 

'DosAi'6ea£c, -a, /., wharfage. 
■OuiB- (Tiuti'), black (a '■■■-■-' 

Ttmt-bneic, m., a jooog trout 
"DniB-tior, --), -onuA, fB., a tribute; 

TtuiO-TinicLeaC, -tiSe, «., giving 

out black sparks, 
■DuiSe, g. id., /., blackness, gloom, 

ink ; a stain. 
'Ombedtan, -Ain, m., dorkiieiB ; a 

darkening; t>. nd lioi'oAe,' dusk; 

a heav J darkness came over the 

heavens (aUo 'otiibceATi}. 
'OuitteA^jn, -ain, m., an abjsi ; a 

dark, deep hole ; a pit. 
'DuiltadtAn, -am, m., potato blight 

(ifoyo) ; TmO, id. (ffer.). 
T3ui6eAftu, -a, /,, blackness, dark- 

'Duib-^a'oan, -Atn, pi. id., nt., a 

blaok forehead. 
Ttuifteasin, -iin, J>I. W., m., depth ; 

the deep ; an abyss. See tmb- 

di^^An and 'ouibeiltAn. 
Ttmtp'eASi.nai, -aije, a., deep, 

profound, bottomless. 
tXtib-eatiKie, -aig, -iise, St., a 

t)uiN')n, nt., a cormorant 

TJuiB-Liat, -L*ic«, /, the spleen, 
tbe milt. 

"Ouib-tionn, -Leanna, /., melan- 
choly : the spleen. 

X)mO-L.onrcit, -aije, a., melan- 
cholio, splenetic 

t)U)C-n4all., -fi£iLL> pi. -nealtca, 
m., a black cloud. 

'OaiD-ti£, /., the first and last 
~ ' the moon ; " dark 

moon"; a moonlcee portion of 

the night ; oii>ie ■6., a night 
with "dark moon." 

•OuiB-fliib, -f UiBe, -fUi6re, m., 
a black mountain. 

^liiTi, -e,/., the Ijottom of the neok. 

"DiiiiieAn, -Am, pi. id., m., the neok, 
the throat. 

"DoTOin, g. id., pi. -i-6e, nt., a abort 
tobacco-pipe ; a dram meaeore 
made of horn {dim. of ■oii'o). 

TJuit, -e, /, desire, appetite, long, 
ing ; fondness ; hope (with prtp. 
; ni't -ofiiL 1 mbflinne flgam, 
I have no desire for milk; 
■o'lmciS mo tIuiL af an mbia'6, 

"Dull, -e, pi. id., gpi. -duL, /., ele- 
ment ; creature ; t>. -baortnA, 
human race. 

'DuiL, -e,/.> distribution. Set^oi^^,. 

"DiiiLe, g. id., f., a substance, a 
creature. See Diiit. 

'Diiiteadiin, -am, pi. id., nt., 

■Oiiiteam, old&r g. ■oniteaidan, 
later Tjuttim, nt., the Creator. 

t)uiteat^, -tifc, m., a kind of 
edible sea-plant; 'o. na habann, 
broad-leaved pond- weed. 

■DiiiLiciti (■ouitLicSn), g. id., pi. 
•^■6e, m., a shell growing on 

tliiiLi-oeair, -A, /., act of dis- 
tributing ; partition, division. 

■Oiiiligtm, -Lmja*. v. It, and tatr., 
I desire, I wish, I covet. 

'Dutlte, g. id., m., a leaf. 

"OmlLeabaii, -dip, nt., foliage, a 
leaf of a plant. 

t)uitt.eACaf p£itteann,m., honey- 

■DaiLleaCap rP""""^, nt, ooltafoot. 

t)uaiead, -1.136, a., leafy, leaf. 

"DnilLeafian, -atn, pi. id., m., a 
pamphlet^ on unbound booklet. 

■DailLeog, -otse, -Oja, /., a leaf of 
a tree or bixik; -of, caob na 
-ouiLteoi^e, both Bides of the 
question ; biteoj, id. (Jf.). 

VuiLleo5a6, -ai$e, a., fnll of 




Vaitteos Bii-Oco, /, <rater lily 
{■Ht/at-phaa ma^or aquatica). 

TJniLleos biiiSiie, /., dock 
oreBBes, nipple wort (/ofMana 

tnfr., I 

t)uiUttcin, g. id., m., a 

'OuilLiJim, -iD^dTS, 
bring forth leaver. 

"Ouilliorc Ti4i mbeflno, m., moun- 
ttun l&ver, kKTuff srowitig on 
the boe of mountaui bouldura, 
lued in dyeing. 

ttuiU-mioL, -ma, pi. id. and 
-miolA, nt., a caterpillar. 

'Duine, g. id., pi. naoine, people, 
nuuikind ; gpl. vAOineA-6 or 
'D&oine, m., a man, human 
being, person, individual ; a 
mortal (used d male or female, 
bnt generslly male) ; employed 
without artiole=Fr. on, Germ, 
man, English one or tka/, as in 
"onegoOB," "they gay"; AOn 
■D., T). afi bifc, anyone, anybody; 
witii Titg., nobody; t>. 615111, 
some one, somebody ; ah uite '6., 
every oaa, everybody ; a '6uine 
£6iti, honest uum I my good sir t 
v. cifie, peasant; d. a^faX,, 
gentleman, t>. m6ti| great man, 
nobiemaa ; tia -OAoine motto, 
the gentry ; r^An-Tiaine, old 

t}uineAliAic, -A, /., manslaughter 

"" ■ il, -rtiLi, a., manly, like 

'orldly, natoraL 

SoineacA.*' I '"''*''■ "■' humane. 
"DaineAncA^r, -o, I /., humanity, 
TxiineaCiidc, -a, i kindnesia. 
'Daine-niatiba'6, nt., homicide; (also 

'Ouine-mAfbta£, -4i)$e, a., boml- 

TDiiinn, prep, pr., let pi,, to as, for 
nB; emph. 'oiJinn-ne, abbrev. 



txiipe, g. id., /., gloom, wttow; 
dulnesB, stupidity, ineenaibility ; 
hardness. stubbonieBs ; oruelty, 

■Ouiliicin, J. irf.p pi, -I'oe, m., any- 
thing vary sEoall ; a little fellow. 

t)uiiil.iTi5, -e, -ce, /., a row of 
boulders thrown up on the ooast 
by the st«rm ; a rocky promon- 
tory [Clare); pron. rioititin^ in 
Don., where it means a rude 
breakwater ; n! Vta clai^ n& 
TniifLin^e rti tdo (Con.). Ste 

Duitt-ce^e, n., a house of penance 
and prayer; apriaou,a jaiL Set 

■Diiircim, -cea-6, v. tr., I awake. 
"Duireatc, -a, /., watchfulneaa, 
vigilanoe ; an awakening, 

'ODiriJim, vl. 'oilifSAtc and 

■oufca*, V. tr. and intr,, I 
avi^en, awake, woke up. arouse. 

"Duipm. See ■ouirijim. 

'Ouipn, g. id., pi. -i-Ae, m., a dozen; 
a hank of yam of twelve onts, 
each cut containing 120 threads. 

■DuiriuSa*, -ijte, m., act of 
awakening (rare). 

XlUTE. prtp. pr., Ziid 8., to thee, for 
thee ; ra^A. Tjoic-r*. See prtp. 

■Out, -i and -ti., 1 
going, getting, securing (used 
m meanings of cfii-Dim) ; going 
over to the other world, death ; 
idiom, consbmctiou ; ni'L aon 
out ii|i fin &-^AC, you have no 
chanoe of obtaining that; -out 
4p aSai-6, to prosper; imX. if, 
to reach ; fm S &n T>ut ceatic, 
that is the proper construction 
(ingrammar);cit) OeAtita 
in the English con- 


■Ottt { ! 

'Dal, -uiL, III. id., »., a mm, « 

trap ; a loop, a net ; a gin ; a 

synnge: a Wedge, a pin ; & knot 

in wood. See ooi. 
"Dotd, g. id., fl. -itie, nt., a wodge^ 

a p«g, a pin (also tiotA). 
■OoLiim, tt. Dui Lite Ate and 

ooLajiAic, V. Ir,, I ensnare, 

entrap, catob with a net, oatoh 

witb a loop. 
■DuLAmin (■oufi-Lomiti), -ain, m., 

edible seaweed (in aeitson in 

"OnUn, -din, fil. id., m,, a oork, a 

ping, a peg, a pin, a wedge. 
■DoLarAC, "iiSe, a., eagee, vehe. 

ment; g"* ^ina -o. (.Kea.). 
VatbAti, -Aijie, «., doleful, on- 

pleattint (CyR). 
Ttnlti^p^tr, -A, f., dolefolneas, 

misei;, nnpleaaantnesa. 
t)QtC£n, -hn, Bt., avarioe, oovet- 

■OolCinAt, -ai$e, 
miserable, pitifnl ; dirty. 

TOnWiiTniie, -a,/., greed, avarioe. 

"Dol sLiomit, di., a wicker-work 
lobster-pot, a kind of orib in 
whioli lobster is preserved in 
tlie salt water. See tjuL, a trap, 

t>Dtpi,t, m., one'a fill, what one 
needs or requires, full satis- 
&otion ; tiAin MO i>. dr> take ea 
mnoh as yon oan oat of i^ 
Batisfy yoor mind on it (£Vr.). 

"Dnluigte, p. a., eameet, fervent ; 
■DO ihAttatcoit rf i 50 tiol- 
oijie, ahe cureea tiim fervently. 

T)Dmd£, -dite, a., oM^, dark 

DdmAf, -iiif, m., act of pretend- 
ing ; astjiimar ''^'c nnn, pre- 
tending to be sick {Cork). 

"Vumarat, m., light, peatv soil 

Tlunirdf, -di^e, a., dark, dismal, 

'Outi, g, tiuin and tiutiA, jil, TJUin, 
Tiuince, iiuncd and v^na, m., a 
fort, a fortresB, csatle, royal 
reaidenoe, fortified manaion. 

"DunAt, -nCA, Bi., act of closing 
up, barring, fastening. 

"Ddndnn^ -A't, *. (r., I close, ahnt ; 

bar, nuit«u, lecnre, banicade, 

laoe, olaap, button ; also inlr., I 

alow round, hem in (with af ). 
'OnnAn, -itn, pi, id., n., a manni- 

kiu. See -oon^n. 
'Diinin, -£in, fl. id,, m., a little 

hill or fort ; a snujl manBi<aL 
'Odn-ajiur, -air, ">., a dweUing, 

a habitation. 
"DnnTiAtitin, -i.m, pi. id., m., a 

dunce (Don.). 
Tl^n-Liot, ">., apalaoe, a fortified 

TJuTiln]-, .01^, m,, knotted fig-wort 

(serophataria nodota). 
"Oinmi^tia.'A, -bta, m., act of 

murdering, murder ; niAjtCd^ 7 

'D6nThi]|<bA'6, manslaughter and 

murder [Donl.). 
TJunriiaitBiitn, -Bd*, e. tr., I 

commit homicide, murder. 
"OiJnnnijibcAt, -aije, a., mnr- 

derouB, homicidal. 
tdiniiifl-tibtAe, -Alt, -Aige, «., a 

homicide, a muraerer. 
T)oTimATi6i6iti, -dliA, -6i^iie, m., 

a muiderer. 
tlon-^oiic, ■Dijic, pi. id., m., a 

fortified oaatle, a town of resi- 

tlnnCA, J), a,, closed, ahut, barred, 
AiSe, a,, bound ; oloee. 

stepid, obstinate; withered, ae , 
haniened, like aged wood (of tbe 
heart); fc An ■tpoTOe'Duji(0',K(i.). 

Vu]iAbAn, -Ain, m., a rioh, sanity, 
soil [Aran). 

T)ujiA-DAn, See ■oubfiAtiiin. 

TlattATiiin, -^in, pi, id., m., a 
stubborn, obatinate person. 

'OujidniAn, -l.i'n,pl. id., tn,, a dunce ; 
"odfAmiiii (Don.). 

■DupinCA, irviec. a., rigid, morose. 

■DiifAncAtc, -A,/,, sti&ieae, hard- 

"O^tiAf,;; pi. id., m., a house, a 

"Duji-bot, /., a cell, an oratory i 

a miserable hoveL 


t>tiR ( 1 

T)u)i-etiiArde, -AtSe, a., hard of 

'Oati-«foi'6eA£, -*<Se, a., h»rd- 

"DiipDiL, -irL, jJ. id., m., a oooing. 

tjoiroin -iin, «(. id., «., a mote, a 
partiole of dust; a mnrmur, a 
purring. See uofip^'oi"- 

■Dopsinca, indec. a., aorly, sour, 

■0up-rtidt4i'6eiec, -a,/., knitting 
the eyebrows {(fN.). 

tHif, ■oor-ili'i, »-, » oliont (ffW.). 
■Doraic, -*, /., watchfolneH, 

wakefnlneM. See v6tr«Atv. 
■Oiir-iic,/., a place of refuge or 

-Durdfuer, -d, /, orying, oom- 
plunlng; impwtiiience ot reply 
{also "oorAipeaer). 

'Oiircd'6, -ctA, iL, state of being 

"DurcaitieACc, -d, /., oat of doing 
lighter work about a house 
{Don.) ; aleo tiiorcaijieaic. 

T>ur'^"'^'i ~^'$c> °-i rakiib, 
courageous {Ctm.), 

"Dufcin, -iiJ\, fl. id., m., a bundle, 
a poroel (Con.), 

It lo^'.). 

T)ur6s^ai, m., a man client (O.V.). 

■DiitaiJ, g., -e and ■ofiifcie, jii. id. 
and -Diiitti-oe, /., a county ; 
estate, land ; Jig., a great 
number ; Ci i.n ttucai^ aca dnn, 
there was a great number of 
them thsre. 

"Dutam, -e, a., ttanaient. 

■Dutai-n, -e,/., deceit. 

Tuittap, -ftaif, -Cafi, m., one** 
own oounti7; birthright, here- 
ditary inatinot; ba iiattAr t>6 
Ceit 'n.a rcolitfe, he inherited 
(capacity for) learning; a^ tm- 
teodc te n-A '6<3t£ar, giving 

tJiSttafafi, -ai£e, a., of or bel(»g- 
ins to one's oonntiy ; inherml^ 

txitft^e, -41$, -ai^e, m., a fonnda- 

"Du^aAc, -a,/., diligence, eameat- 
neea, aauduity, seal ; •omelhing 
more than what ii due, an extra 

did my beat with il^ I did it 
tldtfiateae, -ai$e, a., diligent, 
zealom, eameat, femot, kiM. 

tree), the fifth letter (rf the 
Modem Irioh AlphabeL 
6, -neg. prefix (ia befora broad- 
voiralled syllablM, and ii before 
ilender-Towelled syllaWaa). 
e I initrj., ezpfesaing wonder, 
grief; often ttetoguiening an 
mterrogation ; also in reponae 
to a aSa, oummona, or addreoa, 
■ignifying well I ytm 1 aa, & 
i_ .J.- _ . A . J jjjy^ John 1 



6, ptra. pm., he, it ; in nom. and 
ace.. If i, it ifl he ; if peAji *, he 
ii a man ; r^ancap i, he or it la 

fia, ntg. pr^^ aa fa^cditi, in- 
juatioe, ete. See t {prefix). 

4a6a, g. id.,/.. Eve. 

eaCa4, -dii, fl. -oiA, •at'6e, nt., 
the anten tree, wbiob gives ita 
name to the letter e ; any diph- 
tJiong beginning with e, aa oon- 
tained in the old (rrammatioal 
rhyme, Cuis hea6a<a pfif 50 
coirtionn ; e 1 oudf gaft eaBai'd 
am," et«. (also ea-ba-A). 

dabai, -aiL, pi. id., m., a fire, a 
apark, a brand (ffN.). 

fiaOaLlai, -ai^e, a., unspotted, 
uuoheqaered, nntpeokled (.ffN.). 



e«tiUtnn, -b4iL 

1 die, peruh, lau. 
6Ab\-iti£, -tdi.^e, a., bloMOOikan, 

flowericM iO'A'.y 
e«6ti^ g. id., m., the Hebrew 

tungae (anw eab|>air,'. 
edbpd£, -«i£,p'. a., m.,« Hebrew, 

ed^matfc, -«, /^ dcaire o€ vopnla- 
tioD ID (lorscs ; act of cniDl&- 
tioo ; fdoi eA£niAi|ic, giiaal a 

(, .k-w i>.Ji. 

edb|i<i£, -ai^B. a,, Heb 
eAbju^Af, 'Aij;, pi. lu,, n., ■ 

Hebrew ; one belonging lo the 

Hebrew nBtiim. 
eabf^fie, ijuUc. a., Hebrew. 
eAhjiarbeit, -ii^ pi. id,, «., a 

eAbraifi -e> /•• t^ Hetvew 

gdbDi'dedt, '4ite, a., nngratefol, 

ttuDklew (aN.). 
^Abap, -Dtp, m., ivory, 
eai, j. «it, yi. tii. and eaCpi, 

ea£|idi4 (ong- > eoiitciinei, n., 
' se, s «teedi e>!>e nirce, a 

.1 Donegal; dp ibum An ei6, 
on horaebai:k ; ftp tiA n-tAt, 
horsemen ; oe f oif n6 T}'eA£, 
on foot or on boraeback, willy- 
nilly; eat pi)r, a raco-horeo; 
cdifce r^ n-eAA, a coach and iix. 
BiiAt, -ai^e, o., abounding in 

eaCAi'^, in., a horaeman {<dto a 
proper name). 

ei-tin, -iin, pi. id., m., a reel to 

eafian, -4in, m., wind, Btorm ; 

ed^AH 54oitB, a whirlwind, 
eatitiit, ./iije, o., atonny, windy, 
eaftliifi ■«• -i*e, /■ i » i^yi 

Hloveulv woman ; a alaltem 

(ueed alao of a man). 
eafiUnn, -Ainne, -amiii, /, a 

eAt\.*rc, -iifce, ■«, /., a rod, a 

whip, a horae-lash. 
e-itLArcaitn, -ArCAii, 0. Ir., I 

liorsewhip, I lash, 
edd-ludt, a.,ol Uie gwift sfc^ds 

{Xea. F. F.). 
eatmiiiie, g. id., pi. -pi-6e, m., a 


lAtfiA, eaipA'o. 

times ipell e. 
ea£|Lann, -dim . _ 

impedimrait, an entanglement: 

a quarrel 8te ai{id«ti. 
edittdnnat, -ai£e, a., intricate, 

entangled, qaarreUmne, See 

6Atc, -A, pi. id., ■•., a covenant, a 

thing 1 a state, a omditioD, a 

dee^ ta act ; a heroic exploit ; 

proweaa (T. O.) ; a catastrophe ; 

a •OTTOwful event, a great loss ; 

An c4Atr XK> *AOini6, a won- 

droos lot of people. 
6a£ca£, -At%e, a., wooderfnl ; 

deed-doing, powerfoL 
fiifcaim, -a*, tr. Ir., 1 do, I act, 

I e 

ii'fie, m., ! 

6a£eaitie, g. id,, pi, . . 
historian, a chronicler. 

dairaipeaec, -a, /., history, histo- 

ea£rna, (r. id., pi, .me, m,, an ex- 
pedition, an adventure, enter- 
prise, action ; a history, a stoiy ; 
ea£cf a ojac P 

pedition {Kea., P. P.); usually 
followed by aji, as Caicpa ap 
Fionn mac CumailL 1 ajl an 
ngairci-Deai, a atorj about F. 
son of C. and tbe Giaot. 

eaicfann, -arnn, pi. id., m., an 
alien, a foreigner. 

eatcttannat, -atjjpi. id, and -aige, 
nt., a foreigner, an adventurer. 

eaCriiannaini, -na4, e. <r., I banish 


ea*, it ; is never used except with 
the asaertive verb ir, or neg, ni ; 
5Ut<ab ea'6, may it be so ; an 
ea'6, is it F forsoooth I if ea'6, 
'rea'6, it is, yes, it is then, it ia 
there; ma if ea-6, ma'fea'o, if 


6At) { i 

■o, nsf , no ; if eoA or 'fea'd ii 
uwd in apodosis, answering to 
ntiAif Un ctiAr, r:fi.i, eto,), -oi 
rii£AT> (T)i AOiftiB, etc), 'n-a 
iondt> j-aiTi, etc, or to a partiou- 
lar time or place raentioned, in 
pcodoais, eg., tiu^tf d £uai4 mi 
n^T SO gaittiih 'fGA* car"* 
ScAJAn Ua mlilU o]im, wW 

I went ap to Oalway 'tia thsra 
(or then) I met John O'Mtdley ; 
■oi iotihi^e an cobaf 'fea-6 if 
Staine an c-uifce, the deeper 
the well, the clearer the water ; 
I mbaiLe|t na gaiLLiitie 

S' fla-6 Co'DAil mi atiiip, io 
Lara-Oalway (it is there) I 
slept last night ; ap maiTiin 
1111)4 'rea* tonnAc ^jVasterday 
a then) Isaw him. 

aft«r va ih^A'D, etc, in Con. and 
U., and after 'n-a lonat) pain in 
if., e.g., "OA riiea-o ■o'i. 6|;eicini 
ite, ir amtai* if Luja mo S""'*' 
A.p(Co».), . . . .rartiU.ii 
tf IuJa ci iijit) ASAm Aip ([^.) 
=■0^ m&a'o TJO-iim i 'rea* ij* 
Lu£a mo £ion aift (Jf.), the more 
I see him, the less I lilie him ; in 
17. ftnd3feii.'i^isuB©dfot'rea-6 
after noaip, ah epic, epic, etc., 
e.g., tiuAip A £uaLai< RioCApt) 
an fC^Al feo Y* I'**™ f* ^^V 
hocixi bea^ ^aCaip, when 
Rickard heard this news ('tis 
then) ha leaped tike a young 
buok-goat ] and 'f£ an puTjoft^r 
I n-Aic, e.g., i n-iiu A *ul. A5 
obAip 'xi Ati pnu A tkm cu 50 
cij DO Coriiappan, instead of 
going to work (tia how) you go 
to the neighbonr'a house ( = m 
M., I n-ionan Luige a|< obAi|i ip 
AihlAi'6 c^i'^CAnn cii 50 ci^ -oo 

da>a, -a, m., jealoniy, obloqny, 
auspioion, reproach, zeal ; cat' 
aite An ^Atia, the crime of 

eat), a negative particle ooming 
before vowela or f, c and -a in 

6a-dai1,, -aLa, /., booty, plunder, 
gain, riches, profit, benefit ; ex- 
oeea, inoreaae ; hope. 

gaTiAiLeafi, -li£e, a., rioh, profi- 
table (also ia'OALa^). 

eAUAiLir, -e, /., tie Italian lan- 
goage. 8te looaitir' 

fia-OAHi^ean, -^ne, a., weak, on- 

fiaOAinsneAfic, -a, }., weakness, 

6Ai:iaipe, g. id., pi. -piie, m. a 
jealous person. 

^axiaipeafic, -a,/., jealousy, envy. 

fiavALaA, -ai$e, a., Inorative, 
profitable, gain-giving ; wealthy, 

fiAuan, -am, pi. id., »., the fore- 
head; face, countenance; brow 
(of moontain) ; 1 n-^AOAn nA 
huat|ie, every hour ; ap an 
fatian, fully, entirely (Jlfon.), in 
Don. Af 6AT>An : le h^ATiAn, in 
face of ; t n-£aT>An, against ; 1 
n-£aT>An na habann, against the 

fia-oanan, -Ain, fl. id. and -incA, 
n>., a frontlet. 

ea-DAp (ei-Diii), prep., between. 
See roip. 

eaT>Ap-SA6ait, -iVa, /., going 
between, intervention, peace- 
making ; peA|i na heanap-gaCi- 
atA, Uie peacemaker, the go- 
between ; ni t^ioeann feap na 
heATjap-iAbilA Ap, the peace- 
maker or go-between (in a con- 
flict) does not escape (blows). 

eanap-ganai'fie, g. id., pi. -ai'oce, 
m., a mediator. 

eA-oap-juioe, g. id., /., intaroes- 
sioQ, sappli cation, mediation. 

eatjap-Joi'Dteoip, -opa, -oipi-be, 
m., an interceseor, a aappliant, 
a mediator. 

eaTiap-LaAri o^, eicitoment, fussi- 
neas, flurry ( IT. Ker.). 

ea-DApnaioe, g. id., m., ambush, 


cnnninz, malicious, 

ed-oaprclit,, -itA, /., aot of separ- 
ating quarrellere {Cork). 

CiTiaiircain, -ana, /., a parting, 
a B^MmtiOQ ; iaterpoaition ; 
iT>i|iircin [Miath ana Don.) ; 
miOafircln (Tory). 

ea'DAtircatia'6, -tita, m., divorce, 

i the 
., . Ijv oftbOe in ws 
to be milkt 
reafca pfiin an i:-eaT>atifu*, 
enm diy sows avail thamselves 
of the milking time (the repose 
given therent) ; co-ola* 50 
tiedTjajifo*, a long morning 
Bleep (till aboat o'o. a.m.) ; 
T>oifina£ fiA n-ea'Danf'iii'Ae, a 
Sunday Bomewhere about May, 
when oows are brought to the 
milking yard for the fiat time in 
the year; an c-eaT>ajifo-6 ■00 
4£anatii, to retire for milking 
(said of oows) ; dinner-time (if.); 
conta* 50 heatiarfu*, a« in the 
prov., an c* 50 oc^iiearn 
ceipc na moft^itiije amat aiji, 
nf cif -06 coT>la'6 ^o heaTiati- 

fiaTj^lans, -ainse,/., intolerance, 

^AiiitiAttieaec, -«,/., jealousy. 
Aa-Dihati, -artie, a,, jealous, en- 

6AT}6tAf, -Aif, m,, despair, took of 

heme (alao iaT>6tear). 
^A'^taj-At, a., -aije, nopelem, de. 

6ait)0ii(iin, -riine, a., shallow. 
eaTiditireaic, -a, f., naturaliTa- 

tion (0-N.). 
eATtdttiriSim, -mjat, v. tr., I 

eaT>6ittritte, p. a., naturalized 


ea-^on, ea^fin, to wit, namely, 

that is, i.e., VIZ., that is to say ; 
fOmraoaly written .1, 

* 1 eis 

eaT>o]i£a, prtp. pra. 3rd jrf., be- 
tween them. See rniiji. 

ea-oj(aiB, prep, pm., 2nd pi., be- 
tween yon. Bee m\y. 

eA-o\iAfnn, prep, pm., let. pi., be- 
tween tu, in our midst See 


6aT)caijibea6, -61 5 e, a., nnproflt- 

able, nieleBS. 
fiaucoipueat, -tije, o,, unfmitfn'. 
fiaTJcojitaf, -air, "■! mediocrity, 
flaocjieoi)!, -ojia, f., imbecility, 

fearitiieoiiai, -aiSe, a., weak, ir. 

reaolnto ; ignorant Of the way. 
6anuji6i;aiTie, g. id., j., cniplty, 

unmeroiftilneBS ; somet, h&^r>^c■^6■ 

6aTic]i6c4itieafi, -piSe, a., unmer- 
ciful, meroilesii. 

quick ; fnvoloua, fatuous ; ra fi 
iaocfiom 'n-a 6eann, he is s 
little touched. 

Cd-DCiiomaAAn, -Am, n., lightness, 
ease, comfort. 

fia-oujiomaiie, pi., m., the lights 

(of a 


fio-DCiiomAn, -iin, ^. id., m. ; 
the bladder ; a football ; a 
frivolous reason ; alight, miser- 
able, good-for-nothing person. 

fiaTJCTiomnJo*, -ui^ie, m., act of 
lightening ; alleviation. 

t>. tr., I alleviate, Hgliten. 

6a-Dcttoniuigte,y. a., lightened. 

GaTJcpnime, g. id., /., lightnpaB, 

CaTJcnalanj, -ainge, /., nnbear- 
able suffering ; injury, intoler- 
ance, harshneae. 

6aT>uta-6, -uijte, m., the act of 
clothing, dressing. 

eatjoijim, -uSa-6, v. tr., I clothe, 
I dress in armour. 

A, pi. id., m., death, extinc- 
tion (Bomet.pi.insingutars<inie.'; 
Aft t^f '3 An £^3, lifeless, dead; 
I T)ceanncai6 ii^o. in the grip 
of death ; toai-o an tomneaL 1 



( ! 

n<<4s> the OMtdle wont ont ; in 
pkr. 50 tiiaj, for erer, inten- 
siva ; 6* ifei-oim 50 h*d5, I'll 
nerer believe {3tta.). ; nit 50 

Jlfjr, "nin liWo moil". i-S 

> like mad^ 

about Irish (U.) ; . . 
^5 DDL I n-fi^s, the fire ia 
going out (in urta of M. and in 
Don., DuL a * 4^3 ia used). 
€as,^, no^ on-, in-. Sec 

^aSditn, s^'i, V. infr,, I die, 
perish, expire, become qneuobed: 
■D'4flsr4=FOAri.r6bir. . , 

eaCAl, -5I.A, /., fear, dread, 
timidity; if edjdt leif, he fears, 
is afraid; if ed^dt v6, he hai 

«d5dl>i>6, •di$e, a., afraid, timor- 
ous (also eACLAfi). 

^■]>5An, -din, jiT id., n., a. wanderer. 

ea^^n, -iin, m., an abyss, an un- 
fatiioroable depth ; Cadi'6 dn 
bAxi s° ^<^"i eAsiin, the boat 
wtnli ((Jm.); benoe TiuibedSdTi 
(TM16 + edjin). See aijean. 

ea^n, -din, JM. id., n., a bird's 
gizzanL iSce nsAn. 

ed^dft, -dtf, pi. id., m., order, 
arrangement ; a row ; a bank ; 
a bin ; apelliuR (for ed^dfi tid 
Licfcdi) (Tadhg ffCon., Bit. 
Oram.) ; f edp edSiif, oue who 
pnts BomBthing ia order, an 
editor ; cuiptm 1 n-ea^af, I ar- 
range, ««t in order, I edit. 

easaptiip, -6pd, •6itir6e, »., an 
arranger, one who pnts in order; 
an editor (recent). 

da^caoine, g. id,, f., act of oom- 


> ^ascaoifiiin, -Tied'6, and -ne, v, tr,, 
' Xcomplain, lament, complain of ; 
ni. hiajcaoin tio iuipfe, do not 
oomplaia oi your fatigue or 
6a5CdOinued£, -ci^e, a., mourn- 
ful, querulous, lamenting. 

£d5COiinp'o, -e, a., inestimable. 

6d5c6ili, -6iia,/.,acrime; wrong, 
iujUBtioe, iniquitj, unrigbtooua- 
neas ; uA fi 'pan i. d6iC 30 
mijL, he wrongs tbem greatlj' 
(thereby) (Don.) ; cdoi 'fdn 
i,, you are astray, yon are 
on the wrong road (Jf); ca an 
i. a5au, you are wrong (M.). 

fiascomtdim, -a*, f. (r., I omit, 

€d^coriitdT)n, -ainn, m., oppres- 
■ion trraony, injustioe, injury ; 
anguish ; unequal oontest (Sta., 
F. P.). 

6d5Coiiitliom, m,, nnevanneas, tin. 
steady beat (u of the pnlse) ; 
irregularity, inequality, onfair- 
nesa, injustice, oppression. 

6d5c6fd6. -aiSe. "-■ unjust, 
wroog-doing, oppressive. 

6a3c6tiui$te, p. a., wronged, 
treated unjaatlyi injured. 

fidscofmait, -fdrtitd, a., unlike, 
lEverse, variona, disaimilar ; £. 
le, dissimilar to, different from. 

fiajcof maite, g. id,, /., disparity, 
dissimilitude ; it is followed by 
Le when contrast is intended. 

eaccofibaiLeaic, -d,/., diversity, 
dissimilitude (with le, of thing 
oontrasted with) (alao £a3cof- 

fiascpiba*, -ai-6, m., impiety, in- 

6a3cti£ibtedC, -ti^e, «., onbe- 
lieving, irreligions, impiooa. 

6as-6|iit, -tpeatd, m., the trem- 
bling of death. 

^ascpad-bdc, -'Adif, pi, id., m., 
infirmity, ouilady, ferer (also 

edSCttudi'A, -e, a,, infitm, sick, 
weak, poworlcBs, impotent j ci 
^ I n-4., ho appears wretchedly 

Cdscfnt, -fotd, m., deformity ; 

dismay, terror. 
easLa, g, id.. /., fear, tunidity, 

terror, frigut; easla tM Ceit 



«4SlA SO, le heajlA 50, for 
fear that, leat that; Af eajla 
T\i, fearing leet. 8u esSAl. 
e-JsLiJit-aiSe, o., afraid, timorous; 
bea5-e<isla£, fearless, epithet 

Church ; a ahnrch ; the 
clergy; a olergjnmn (Jfayo). 

eA3ljiired£, -riSC) <>., of or belong- 
ing to the CAiiiroh or olergy. 

e^Stiireai, -rij, -rije, m., a 
churohman, an ecclesiastic. 

easLaireariiAiL, -id La, a., pertain- 
ing to the Church or olergy. 

e^islArco, a., eoclBBiasticaL 

eastar'^^S'^i -") J< ^^^ hierarchy 
or governing body of the Churon 
(P. ffC). 

fias-tiorj -teof/k, fl. id,, m., a 
churchyard, a burying-ground. 

e<is^<'£''^i -uigce, m., act of fear- 
ing ; also act of frighteuiag, 


^tui^im, -usa'6, v. tr. and t 
Ifear ; I frighten, I terrify. 
vsmAir, -e, /, want, need, lack, 
absence of; 1 ii-ta5mair,inwanl 
of (with g«n.) ; 1 h-a Siismoir, 
in want of it. 

ddjihair, -e, /., reputation, fame, 
great importance. 

fiijihaireai, o., very groat, i 

easnA, g. id.,/., wisdom, prudence. 

eAStiae, -aije, a., wiae, prudent, 

^A^nAt, ■&>%«, a., munnuring, 
complaining, grumbling, lament- 
ing; as cdoi so hfiisnat, 
bitterly lamenting. 

ftdSnat, -aig, !»., reproach, cause of 
grief ; resentment ; blasphemy ; 
a, blemish ; a satire ; as ^AsndC 
a\i, grumbling against. 

easnifi, -aij, -ai^e, m,, a wise 
person, a sace. 

eAsnoic, ■&,/., prudence, wisdom. 

eASnar^e, a., wise ; expert, skil- 

GASnaitteAt, --6156, a., prudent, 
©AsnArteAtu, -A,J^, science, wis- 

BAsnuiw, g. id.,pi. id., nt., a wise 
man, a prudent man; a philo- 

eAgnoiJim, -uSa*, v. intr., I be- 

Sasnu'S""! ^- ^Ajnad, V. intr., I 
growl, grumble, murmur against 

fiASjiAim (eA5]iuiJim), -5AIIIC, v. 
tr. , I set in order ; digest, ordain, 
regulate ; I edit (as a book, etc.). 

flAStAtViail, -mta, a., various, 
manifold, difFerent, dissimilar, 
mongrel, mixed ; strange, sur- 
prising ; mittolilesa, inoom^r- 
able ; k. te, dissimilar to, differ- 

fiasrArtiALcA, indec. a., strange, 
extraordinary, terrible {Mea.). 

^Asr^m''**^' ■*■ /■' variety, di- 
versity, dissimilitude ; WMider, 

easrAiiiLuisim, -uJA-d, ti. tr., I 

6Al,a,ff.«d.,j)I. -i«B,/., a Bwan. 

©AtA-fteAn,/., aswau-like woman, 
a fair lady. 

eatai, -Ai^e, a., awan-Iike ; 
abounding in swans. 

ealA'ca, -II, -4nA, /., learning, 
science, art, skill ; a trade or oc- 
cupation ; shamming, pretence ; 
nf'L am a4c eAlA'6A(iti) (he is 
not sick), he is only pretending ; 
If bpea jca I an ■oiipc 'na ciip-o 

LcaLa'da, begging is bett«r 
n a trade or craft {Fr. Eng.) ; 
rAocliuSAii na n-eaLa'OAn, the 
oultivation of the sciences ( JTea., 
F. F.) ; nam. also eaLaiatn ; 
eata-OAin BeAUA^, a trade, a 
means of living ; nf heat.A'AA 
■oo, " it is not for," it does not 
befit, e.g., ni he. 'oo '6uine An 
rrTi^n a Oainc oe pfim maf otc 
Ap a 6ionnAtSti6, it is not (fit- 
ting) for a person to out off his 
nose to B[Hte his face (Jf.). 


e&l ( J 

edLA'6dncd, indee. a., onrioni, 

artificial, ingenioos, learned ; 

quick, readj, apt; aute, onn- 

ning: preteading. 
e^Ld'oaTicaf, -di^e, a., wiieDtific, 

learned, quick. 
eaLdiincd)!!, -6\iA, -5ifi4e, «•., • 

learned perwo, »a ingeoiona 

peraon, one ikilled in leamiiig, 

a idenliit. 
eAtaindC, -aiSs, a., onriouj, in- 

genioue, learned, quick ; witt7. 

an opportuijitj, on ungoarded 
moment ; a fault, flaw ; a weak- 
ness, an ailment ; ^uait^ fi 
ia\.in^ aif , he got an unguarded 
moment in which to attack, etc., 
him; uiiiially £^1.^5 in W. Utmt. 
(also ^dtditi). 

edlAf, -dif, m., salt {VN.). 

eatinji, -ii*e, *., «al^ Baity 

eaLapACc, -A,f., ealtineea (O'N.). 

eaLdftdim, 'tiu^d'6, V. (r., I «alt, 
I piokle (O-JV.). 

eaLb, -a, -diie, »,, a flook, a 
herd, a drove ; dinu. eal&an 
eitCfn and eoLaC^ti lj>cm.) {ntnn. 
ling. Bomet. eaLba). 

eatca, a., noble, brave, honour- 
able; inir CaLs*, foet. tnif 
^itSe, It«uuid. S«e dLgd. 

edlSAim, -Tiat, V. tr~ I ennoble 


edtl, -a, 'Ca, m., an CEsay, a trial, 

a proof (0" A'.}. Steals. 
eA\.'iat, -dtS, m., cattle of any 
kind ; household goods, f umi- 

eALtdC, -Ai^e, a,, belonging to a 

f&ttp^d'o, -Aiv, m., "gadding," 
r unnin g fnriouBtv in the heat 
(aa cattle, etc) {&ff,). 

64L<W, (^aLfiJi*, poet.), m., act of 
goin^ ofT stealthilj or quietly, 
eloping ; a passage for bmite be- 
tween two rocks or between a 
rock and the mainland (Don.). 
Sm 6dtu^«. 

ealci .n, -64, /., a flook of birds, 
herd, lUove, tcoop, crowd) a 

ealcae, -aije, a., abounding in 

eatcin, -iin, pi. id., m., a strong, 
sharp instrument ; a razor ; 
dint, eatciLitiifi and ailcin (also 

eattij, .<SiKe, -6sd, /., any 

flighty, wild, bird-Uke creature; 

eaters teataiti, a bat {P. O'O.) ; 

ialte65 (mioLcds, fciAtin) 

l,eAt4i|i, id. 
^aluji.*, -uijlte, m., the act of 

goin^ oft Btealuiily or quietly, 

6aLui*cea*, -tij, >»■, » deaert«r, 

eitoiSim, -uja* and eaLo*, 
ti. tnir., I ateal away, go away 
quietly ; elope. 

6«n (aon), one, anyone, any ; used 
to composition, as i n-fian-6al.l, 
in any place ; ni fatft 4an-i>iiit 
a^am ann, I had no desire for 
it. The form 6m is used before 
words beginning with a slender 
vowel or consonant, as '&fuiL 
§in-ea6cpa ajac, have you any 
newsT £an sometimes prefixes 
c (o words beginning with j-, 
as 4an-cr^1<c< ian-craftatr lo. 
Somet, in poet. proa, short in 
U., destroying govarnnient, e.g., 
ni'L ajam ap an craojat aic 
cnaiha an ean-B6 (pron. kraa'. 
wi Tian wO) (old sonff). See aon. 

€an, g, i\T\, pi, id., in., a bird, a 
fowl; fan pionr, a white bird, 
a kit« ; pi. alao £ana£a. 

4an, g, iin, pi, id., m,, the semi- 
circular piece of the gunwale 
passing round at the bow and 
immediately in front of the fore 
paddler {Tory). 

San, £anTia£c, ic, one, ete. See 
aon, aonT>aCr, -{c. 

eanafi, -ai^ -aige, n., a pass, a 
road (also ana£). 

eanaC, -aite, a., clean ; free from 
Bin (O'S.). 

eanae, -ai^ -ai£e, m., a lake, a,.,..N,GtX)^lc 

pood, a watery pkce ; » fen, a 
marsh, a swamp ; fi-eqnent in 
place uftroes, as n<k tiCjitiAi^e, 
a Cownlond in Olenfieak (Co. 
Kerry) ; e^n&t bea^ and ^AiiAi 
1116(1, Annaghbeg and Annagb- 
mote, towTuondfl in Uagimmy 
(Co. Kerry) ; ni b! t ■ociir e-*"- 
Ai£ na I nT>ei|ieA'D coittea'o 
{Coa.) ; 114 heAimije, Amjiea 
(near Dundalk). 
eanae 51111 ji arte, m., endive. 

g. id., pi. .pTO 

eanaiiie, a , ^ . . ., 
fowler, a bird-catcher j a dealer 

^^"S' 9- Btn^e, /., a track, foob- 
Btep, footprint ; land, territory ; 
a tmrder ; a year ; the voioe : a 
shield ifflf.); ci ci An cans 
50 ceann a^ u6t<m^, thou^ 
the land ia bursting with pro- 
duce {Fer.), 

eiini;a, g. id., pi. -ai'dc, f., a 

eansit, -aije, -aSa, /., a fishing 

net i a chain of nets for herring 

or salmon fishing ; a drag-neb ; 

biotian ean^Aise, m., a needle 

for mending neta. 
einsat, -Aifce, a., talkative, vooi. 

ferous; abounding in Bhielda 

eAn5tii6, -Aijv m., the numb- 

nees oaoaed Dy great cold [Con, 

and Don,). 
edn^lAir, -e, /., gruel ; milk and 

water ; any weak drink ; ean^- 

tAir c6, weak tea ; ioTilAir 

(Don.) :?« AnstAip. 
eAn5lairea4, -fite, a., crosa- 

grained, cranky (Con,). 
eansriAih, -Aim, m., dexterity at 

^AntAiu, /■ (i^-), birds in general ; 

bird-flookB ; 6anLAite somet. 

ueed in the ji2,, as ^AnLAite An 

eAtipAi^, Spring birds {McD.), 
feAnLann, -Aintie, -A, /., ao aviary 

(also fianAOAn). 
£Anlui£ceoti<, -ona, -oijii-ie, m., 

s ) edit 

a ponlterer ; a fowler ; a biid- 

^ATi-f^cA'D; T>'£An-rAtA4,at once; 
a simultaneous advance or 

fian-coirc; -D'San-coirc, on pur- 
pose ; lit., in one bulk. 

fidftA'c, -iitA, m., a refusal, denial, 
fear, terror, distruat. 

6AjiAini, -juyi>, v. Ir., I refute, I 

eApbAtl, -Ai'Lt,,}>I.uJ.,(n.,ataU; a 
trail or train ; a remnant ; the 
end ; 1 n-eA]ibAtt a teAfAi at 
the end of its heat, as it (food, 
eto.) begins to get oold ; jiii bAVL 
(i3on.andCon.);'oi"''bAtl. (Con- 

eajic, -A,pl. id,, and eai-pc (coll.),/., 
any animal of the cow kind \ a 
litter of pigs ; a trout, a salmon 
(eAtic = speckled) ; tjo JeAtl -fi 
nA huiftc ir <i^ iieAijic -uo, ne 
promised bim everytlung. 

6A)ic, -a, }>i, id., /., a bee, a wasp, 
a hornet, a gadfly, an ant, 
generally a fly or insect that 
stings hke the newt or lizard 
(eAfC tuAtliA). 

BApc, -A, /., the heavenly arch ; a 
vault; a rainbow, water ; honey 

eAfc, gaf. eitice, a., bloody, blood- 
red l&N.). 

Cajica'A, -CCA, m. , act of recruiting 
for the army (O'iV,). 

eaticAit, -e, /., prohibition J a 
threshold, a prop, a pillar, a 
post ; a leader, a stay, a pro- 
tector ; the name for Hercules 
(sometimes written eA)i£ai1.). 

eApCAipe, g. id., pi. -Tii-oe, m., one 
who recruits, a recruiting officer 

eApCAD, -Ain, pi. id,, m., a heifer 
calf; a baiiha, eAfcan bAttain 
T>ei|ii'D, the piglet which sucks 
the Undermost teatof all (Der,), 
tf. Famey prov., na cfij cpo 
noiiiie Le^f nabeafica; in iSouth 
Muns. Uiifl bant) is called ioficaii 
tlemin ; a groody ohild. .See 
eafC and ioecaiiiiii. 


, e4]ic luoAitd, a newt, a litard ; 
ed|ic rt-tiCe, id. 
Bif'f\.uttAr, -tif, •»-, an ArUto- 

eap-Saftiit, -ala, /., captivity, 

eAtt-SdCsim, -^ACitl, V, tr., I 

apprehend, lay bold of, m&ke 

eAtiliAi, -Aim, nt., a patron, the 

fomider of a church, etc. ; a 

noble person ; a prince, au earl ; 

Ai]i'D-ea|itaiii na h€itieAtin, the 

t^ief patroD of Ireland {Kea., of 

St. Palriek). 
eAtilditi, a., noble, grand, angnrt. 
^dtttoiri -e, /., earnest- money, 

money deposited as an assnr- 

ance of gtrad faith. Set idplar 

and lajiLdif. 
eaftniiL, -iILa, /, a part, a share, 

endowment ; a department of 

anything ; a department in any 

6at>d^, -6156, -63^, /., a chicken 

(in Don., ii-peo^). 
eAHDAim, -d4, V, tr., 1 lie, I state 

a faUehood (O'-V). 
ednpAifie, g, vi., pi. -jn-^e, m., a 

liar, one who bears faUe t«eU- 

e^nf, -d, dot, lOfipi ")., a tail ; 
Uie end, a oonclusion, a bound- 
ary ; as a., noble, grand ; 6 
loftfi Lde 30 ti, from the end of 
one day to another (3. W. 

eAPf**. ■■»'$. -»'S*i "■. spring ; 
toe ipring-time, 

e.i|i]iA-6, -£1-6, -Mbe, m.. property, 
goods, ware, furniture, artioles, 
materials ; cargo ; dress, ar- 
mour, accoutrements, military 
snit; of persons: if- oLc aji 
e'i|t|id'6 i, he U an evil peiBon. 
Set dfijia'D. 

eifTiim, -e,-ed64, /., an error; vioe, 
lewdneaa ; wandering, roving ; 
jun'b i bir mo Leannam a tos 
m£i n-eAtifAro, my love's death 
caused me to rova {An cUtcafi 
tieau4i*e, S. U. son?). 

edgifdiD, -e, /, contention, strife. 

enmity ; ra r4 1 n-e. tioni, be U 
at enmity with me. 
ea|i|idi'Dea£, -'oi^e, a., given to 
error ; erroneous ; vicious ; W mi 
feat AefieA^ ed|i|<it«eAe (ifeii. 

eapjidiitteaf,/., the dog-briar. 
ea|i]iAige, indec. a., vernaL 
eAftiaot'oeafi, --oi^e a., erring, 
erroneous ; oontentious, wiang- 
ling. Ste edtijtai'oeae and e^ti- 

e^r, neg. pr^/fv, as eafAonCAr. 
disaDion, schism. See 4a. 

eAfi -At pJ. Hi., m., a waterfall, 
a casoade, a stream, a spring, a 
cataract ; ear i» common in 

flaoe names, as b^Al eAfA, 
oiford, eta. 
e<ir, -A, pi. id., and -Anna, m., a 

weoMl {M.]. 
eafAi, -Aije and -aiJ, m. and 

/, a waterfall ; ir s^im AS an 

eAfdiJ, and the roar of the 

waterfall (5caniM^l. Seeei.T- 
Bar^i, -Aije, a., springy, water- 

isb, aboimding in cataracts. 
earaitle, g. id,,/., disparagement, 

ear^'f. -rp-iSi /-I iitter for cattle ; 

a straw pallet ; fig., profusion ; 

corAif cAfAiti, duoraer, oon- 

fuaion. See AfAiti. 
eari.eiSim, -loja^, w. (r., I pat 

out of place ; I miaplaoe. 
eaf-Aonca,/., disunion, aobiun, le- 

bellian,diBagTeemeut, variance. 
SAfAonuAi, -aite, a,, disagreeing, 

---*--'-' >us, disunited (aJsoeAf. 

"afaoneu ja-D, -uiJtB, m., sohism. 
JarAfjAin, -ana, /, act of 

beating, striking ; a tumult (also 


oliarm, Dewitch. 
eafAnta, p. a., littered, strewn 
wiUi stnw, rushes, ^4L,.,..i.,GtX)glc 

e^s ( i 

GAj-bA'iai (eaj-bii), --ooige, a., 
waating, deficient, oe«dj, dis- 
treBsful ; vain, foolish (pron. 

eafbai* (Jf.), earB*'* ICon., U.), 
g. .bd*a,j)i. -ba'iHL,gfil.-b^T>,/., 
ueed, want, daticienoj, absence, 
defect, loss ; metrical defect ; 
'o'e,, awing to the want of ; 'n-A 
heAfbdi'D, absent from her, 
without her ; beit af e. cfiiLle, 
to he in want of seme. 

earbai* 6fi jgaTi, /., a defeot of 
the throat, king's evil ; somet. 
applied to any scrofulous oom- 
plaint ; the word bttii^d'o is 
of t«n omitted ; cnic bt<''>S^^' "'- 

eaf baLoiv, -e, /., absolution. 

earl^oSi -IJoiS- *"-■ * bishop. Set 

eafca,/. a sedgy bog (Con.). 

fiafca, g. id.^/., the moon ; OTote 
^an ^afcd, a moonless night. 

6AI^fli'6, -e, a., niinble, quick, 
active, speedy, swift, rapid ; 
feasible, willing, agreeable ; 
snitahle to do a thing in (of 
time) ; if £af cai4e neoin 'nA 
moroin, one is more ready to do 
work in the evening than the 
(next) morning, t.c,, it is a better 
time to work ; free (of wheels, 

fearcai'fieatc, -a, /, speed, swift- 
ness, promptitude. 

earc-jine, g. id., pi. -m'OB, /., a 
malediction, curse. 

earcaiiii'oe, /., act of cursing ; 45 
earcaini'oe, oursing. 

earcAii'Si™! -ii**! "- ''■■J I curse ; 
also intr. (with aji). 

eafcaif , -cjiat, -cf Aid, /., a warn- 
ing, a proclamation; a sturm, a 
hurricaae, a tempest {nom. also 

earc^ip'oeaihail, -rtiti, a., inimj- 

oal, hostile. 
ear&iiTiT>ear> ■'0'T> ""-i enmity; 

an unfriendly separation. 
eaj-caL, -ail.yi. ia.,01., astorm; a 

wave ; t^. Cnoc tiA nearcdl, in 


eafcat, -ail, pi. id., m., tie arm- 
pit (also ofcaL). 

eafCAOin, -e, a., roogh, uneven, 

eafcaoine, g. id., /., ruggedueas, 
rudeness, uncouthness ; the 
rough or wrong side ot any- 
thing, aa a cloth, a table, etc. 
(tkmw. aomet. earc*oin). 

eafcaoinear, -nif, m., roaghneas, 

ear<Mf (eafcpa-d), .aip, m., spring- 
ing np into ear (as com); de- 
scending from an ancestor; • 
cutting off; a grain of com; a 

eat^ati, -aitt. pi. id., m., a leap, a 
jump, a fall, a stumble ; a cata- 
ract, a caacade (zeaf). Ste 
previoua word. 

eafca^i, -aifi, j)2. id., m., a cnp, a 
goblet (also earc|ta]. 

eafcaiia, ■■o,pl. -caiftie, /., a foe, 
an enemy. 

eafctAH, id., a gusset. 

earcon, /., an eoL Su eared. 

earcpa, -T),/., a rooky ridge. 


earciia'6, .caiita, m., aot of walk- 
iiig, stepping, springing, march- 
ing ; e. an tae, the l»:«ak of 

00m) ; spring from (as o£ a race). 
eafcti6tseAn, -Am, m., a thin wall 

of turf (Con,). 
earcu, -con,^. earooin,/., an eel 

(also eafcon). 
eafcu Tjampse, /., a conger eel ; 

eartabpa, -Uafita, /, courtesy, 

eaplAtne, g. id., /., ilt-heattb, ill- 
ness, iiuumity. 

eai^tamcB, g. id., /, ill-health, 
sickness, infirmity. 

eAfLAiticeaf, -cige, a., sickly, 
infirm, nnwholesome. 

eor^an, -^ine, a., sick, unbealtby ; 
a* tabe., a dok ta infirm perstML 


reproof ; dependenoa (nont. also 

Af, ridicuIiDg him. 
edpn^t'itni, -J,iL(c), tp. tr., I ftbuw, 

revile, reproach, duhonour. 
eAfitiALcaC, -di^e, a,, abusive, 

inaulting, reproatjlf oL 
eifni, g. id,, pi. -tA, -i*e, and 

-fosA^d,/., a rib, a lath ; ^., » 

eApiA'A, -A1-6, \m.,awBat; adcfi- 
eAf-nAih, .aiih,/oiency in the fill- 
ing of a veessi, in a fixed sum of 
mcmey, in web for the loom, 

eApij, -fiise, -63^1 /■! a atoftt, & 
weaael, a squirreL Sm eaf' 

eAr-om6iv, -e, /., disrespect^ die- 

eAr-om6iT>ea£, -m^e, a., diere- 
Bpoetiui, dishonourabls. 

e4r-oii6if, -otiA, /., dishonour, 
disrespeot, insult. 

eAf-oii6paC, -diiiije, o., abusive, 

eAf.onbfui^im, -uJa*, v. If., I 

abuse, revile, dishonour. 
eAf-dflXMijA*, -ut$te,n., disorder, 

eArofisAtn. Set CArAfSAin. 

e ^rP Ai|i c, - Atfce, - Afica,/., vespers, 

evening devotions ; the Servioa 

of Benediction. 

eArpAfCAin, -AtiA, /., twilight; 

eafpos, m., a biBhop(also eAfbo^). 
earitomeatz, -a, /., a bishopric, 

a eee ; episcopacy, prelacy. 
6Af|iA6, -Aite, a., of or belonging 

to litter (aiBo arp^t)- 
e^jTutJim, -u^A-6, V. tr., I litt«r, 

I strew with sWaw or rushes ; 


eipo^t*) 9- «'-i /-. disobedience ; 
-out 1 n-e. Af , to become disobe- 

l ) 61c 

dientto; xx> t6i<>eAi> 1 n-ear- 

omLA Afi <,Kea., F. F.). 
eApiThLAf; -Aije, a., disobedient, 

eAruihLAfc, -A,/., anoganoe, dis- 

eArumaliittt, -Apa, -iitiiie, /., a 

sample, a pattern. Set eipom- 


eAra^tVAim, -AiTiA, /. , diarespeot, 

eAru)ir'<"'i<'^> -^li^t <*■( rebelUoos, 
presumptuous, diarsspeotful, dis- 

AfDtttianiAet,, -A, ^., 

presumption, disobe 

eoj^otipo'CAr ■— - 

CApjpjiu'iAraC, -Aije, a., pre- 
samptuoua, rebellious. 

eAcLAC,-AiJ, -Aije, in.,aranawayr 
See eiceALliAiin. 

eaclAim. See eiceALLAim. 

eacoptA, prep, jw., 3ni pi, be- 
tween them (also CATiotitA). 

61, tieg. prefix, same as £a. 

eibeati, granite ; cLofi mionn^in 
eiCif, a heavy piece of granite 
used \a break limestone (AraiC\, 

eibei]ic. See eibipc. 

6tbil (ab«. v.), 3ni ». pf., he died. 
See GAbLAim. 

eibi)!,/., a report, a calumny. 

eibipc, -e,/., a report, a saying, 
a oalumuy ; topography (also 

eiBLeos, -oi^e, -ocA,/.,a spark; 
the ughtmng Hash ; embers. 
See AiBLeos. 

eibteo^aC, -Aise, a., abounding in 
burning coals. 

eibLiJim, -lUJA-i, n., intr., I 
sparkle, glitter. See AitLiJim. 

£icineA£, eicinccAi. £ee£i5ineA& 

ftiCitic, Siceinc. See 615111. 

6icLipr,m., an aolipae ; a darken- 
ing or blinding ; i. -oo txtf Af, 
to snrpase, to throw into the 
shade ; ca %. Afi An njf tin 
(nseaLAij), there is an eclipee 
of the son (moon), the sun 
(moon) is being eclipsed {Don.) ; 
pron. ii-ctiopp. 




eroe [M.). 6^T,eAi>{U.), g. id. (M.\ 
-T>\ii {U.), in,, olothea, olothiDg ; 
armour ; liverj ; uniform ; vast- 
mente, esp. a, cops or chuuble ; 
£iT>e £^{Ofc, osoerdotal vaat- 
menta ; f^s^ftc ^f ji'oed'6, a 
disrobed pneet {Don.); i n-edf)!- 
£-6 'f 1 n-£iijed'6, armed aud 
accoutred; oUo i n-dfin 'f t 
n-^TOBd* and jaoi apm tf 

&fue&t, ■■oi^, j^. id., m., olothoB, 

armour ; 6. oAca, a breastplate. 

3u 6i.xiit. 
ei*eiii, -■oin, TJi., ivy; used in 

place names ; the deny, ei'ooejn, 

or Aisnedn, ia the word in oidi- 

oorj use in M. 
firoeAfib, a., folfle, onoertiun. 
dittejifbcA, indec a., reprobate; 

loose, uucertain. 
^I'oeiniin, -time, a., unoertaiu, 

doubtful, Suctuating. 
6«>eii(initteAtc, -a, /., nnoer- 

tainty, doubt, wavering. 
$iTie pliiCa, m., a breastplate, a 

coat of mail. 
6i-DiJ, -e, a., ugly, detestable 

(Aen.). hateful, horrible, 

s (hell).— Ce^iii UA pAiiice 
(ft /., No. 144). 

6.o.Sim, ..ut-*, t.. to-., I arm, 
accoutre (also Ji-oim). 

firoijce, p. a., armed, accoutred. 

6it>i5cea6, -ii^e, a., ugly, detest- 
able. SeeiiwS. 

eiTHoprcapaim, -jii-o, v. tr., I sepa- 
rate, disperse, scatter, divorce. 

ei'aif,j)rep,, between, among. See 

eimttieatic, -£ii<c, nt., an equal 
distributive right ; eiTJijiteaiic 
pocdt, an interpretation. 

eioip-*eil6i-6, -Bti, nt., prohibi- 
tion, abstinence ; a distinction ; 
eiTiip-'oeaHiB'a oo -bianam, to 
make a distinction. 

eiTMii-'oeaLBca, p. o, distinct 

eitxp-ieaLnja*, -uiste, m., act 

at discriminating ; diatinction, 


eitiip-'AeaLaijjini, •nSd'b, v. br., I 
distinguish, diBoriminate, sepa- 

ei-oine, g. id., pi. -ttfAe, m., a cap- 
tive, a hostage. 

Bivif-f idCdit, /., an inter-tooth. 

e.t).r-SLeo, m., mirth, merriment, 
loud laughter. 

emiti-ihed'oiin, -6in, pi. id,, m, 
mediation, intervention. 

ei'Dif-mea-AoncAtu, .6]ia, -6ipi'6e, 
tn., a mediator. 

eitnfi-minij;im, -luji*, B. tr., I 

ei'oin-]iio$dic, /,, aji interreguum. 
ei'0i|i.fc6at, m., a tale, a story 

between various personie. 
eroip-foLap, m., twilight. 
Cfoiti-teanscdiii, -dim, -<Si[ii-6e, 

m., an interpreter, a translator, 
eroip-teinsuiseeoiti, -otiji, -oiil- 

i'6e, m., a translator, an intOT- 

eioifci (eioiTi \), prtp. pr., ^rd 

aing., /., between her, always 

followed by pirn ajuf , betweei 

herself and, ete. (this form i: 

a in grammai 

Wat Etr.). 

ertneiftin, -iir, m., ivy (Der.). 

Bet eionean and aignein. 
ei'6neAn, -din, m., ivy, a branch of 

ivy (also aijuein). 
fii-ocrtian, -iine, a., weak, feeble, 

fii'octieoiiaS, -aiSe, a,, silly ; 

weak, sioUy, delioate in health, 

dipcAei;, -a, /., force, paint, sub- 
stance ; araJl ; sense, wisdom ; 
maturity ; nif iaini^ i n-£., 
who did not come to maturity ; 
'r S" "ib'tfiitiiii go TiciocFainn 
1 n-6., and that perhaps I might 
get better off [S. [T. tong) ; cS 
pie oi Le tiiipeaiT;, though 
you are a poet composing with 
sense (I*. MacCoittr) ; pcSat 
^an 4., a pointles* story ; gaifa 
jan i., a pointless laugh ; "' 


eipe^eCAC, -Aite, a., »ab«lMitial; 
wife i to the point ; efiec- 

fiife^tCAihAiL, -ihtu, a., effeotunl, 
effieien^ powerfol, vigoroui, 

613, negative pr^x, 

AijCBifc, ^ifit, pi. id., m„ in- 
iquity, n treapaai, injustioe. 

4i5ceA]ie, -citice, a., unjust. 

4i5c4itli'6«, a., abanrd, irvpoa- 
teroiu i not endowed irith 
reason (of beuta). 

6i5Ci4tL*ii, indte. a., senseleet, 
devoid of r«Mon (m animals). 

fi 15C1 All. n 1*60, g. id., pi. -ire, m., 
a foqlioh person ; one who lias 
not mnoh sense. 

^tsctnnce, a., unoertain, uudeter- 

fii|eirfi, -Jrtie, jrf. id., f., act of 
crying aloud, compUtoing ; a 
shout, ory, oalL 

eiteAiht^iji, -6tid, -^ijiiie, m., a 
shonter, a crier. 

ir 6156* 

I, compulsion, force; 

contest ; neoesaity ; 
^ 1, 1 moat ; 1 n-iis- 

fjln need ; an iisean, with 
difficulty, soaroely; ap iip "6 
Af. ii^edn, nolens volens ; la6c 
£13111, the violent ; cax-A nA 
li^i^ne, a friand in need ; ^ise^r 
piiL* Ajur oinij, the stress 
of hospicality and generosity 
(Jf«o., F. F.) ; t. bjiuiniieiLL, 
rape of maidens {Ftr.) ; if^e^n 
is used poet, at 41511 105^-6, 
which us. 
fii^eAn-Dftil., -T)itA, /, necessity, 

a., neoesBwy; 

eiceancai, -uAite 1 
hard; distreBstul. 

GigeAf , ■S<ri?'' *'Sr*. "*•» " learned 

6i^iin, vl. <■$•«■)), V. <r. and ititr., 
I oall apon, appeal to ; i oaJI, 
bewail, cry aloud. 

$iSin (ticin), some, oertab, a sort 
of ; tiDt) £15111, something ; 
iiome £15111 site, some other 
penon ; Ap ^umA £1511), in some 
way; tufic £15111, oertain per- 
sona, tome people ; but luCc 
^5ne (from £156^11), the violent; 
£i5iiic, £i5iiiceAe, eiSmceit 
(Dm.), etc., are varietieB. 

ei5iTieae, £i5mi;ed6. See £15111. 

6151PC, -e, /, Egypt. 

ei5ipceA6, -cij, pt. id. and ■7:t%e, 
tn. or /., ui Egyptian. 

6i5ipceA£, -cije, a., Egyptian. 

fiiSli'Ae, a., weak, frul, infirm; 
mean, abject. 

ftiSti'deAfic, -A, /., infirmity ; 

€ij;nieA£, -ihije, /,, a constant 
shouting, bawling, crying ; £ifc 
Item' iigniij, hear my oryiD^, 

fti^ihe^^, -if)i£e, a., shouting, 
noisy, olamoroua. 

fiitmeoin, ^pd, -oitiiie, 
hawler, a crier, a shouter. 

feijmim. Se«£iS.m. 

615116, g. id., pi. -atJ, 

6i5neA6, -ni$e, a., violent, dis- 

61511151111, -mja-fl, tf. ir., I force, 
ravish ; distress, oppress. 

feismo^A*! -ifite, m., act of op- 
pressing, compeUing, forcing. 

fiisr tfor Siseif), a poet, a 

6i5re, tmfce. m., poet, bard ; also 
pi. of £i5eaf, a poet, a satirist ' 
r nfoti fi'iicnit) 00' n £i5r'' 
[T. MaeOoilir). 

di5re {oolUct.), g. id., f., learning, 
soienoe, poetry, literature ; the 
body of the poets { a single 

6i5reA£, -fi^e, a., learned, scien. 
tine, poetioat 

fii^cCA^, -tige, n., shouting, bawl- 
ing. Drying. See £igiiie>i£. 


6iv { a 

dilbcAfi, -Bije, -41, /., m Boold 

6il&ed6c, -A, /., soolding, tatir- 

etLe, other, aaother, eUe = other ; 
ii mnully placed immadiately 
after ita noun ; csAnn eiLe, 
another one ; An iniv cite, the 
rest; An tii eiLe,theotherday; 
nii> eite, iibi> ett«, cuiLleAi 
etle, besides, moreover; but 
■DBine At* bit eite, anybody 
else; turn iism(c) - ' - 

at a book or aDything else ; An 
6iAt) nAitt eite, the next time ; 
■blot pfi An Keat Ajur eite, he 
sold hoose and all ; n'eile 
(Bomet. eite), also : coiti irc^Afi 
6 reo eiLe <or 'o'eite), pat this 

6iteAiTi, -tim, n., a plea, a 
oaiue, a olaim, a obarge ; 
demand ; regard ; act of plead- 
ing, olaiming, charging ; act of 
making a friendly claun on, of 
looking up or visiting in a 
friendfy manner ; An pAiO 4it- 
CAih mdp AH An im inDiu, was 
the batter in great demand to- 
day? CA fiitoAm Si5in[c) Aije 
nitici, he has some special regard 
for her (with a view to matri- 
mony) ; Ud ^iteArh m6ji ACA Af 
A £^le, they have a great re- 
gard for each other (of^lovers) ; 
ci An-SiteAtii Aije Aip fein, he 
fancies himself a good deal ; 
m' eiteAih-rAi as much as I can 
contain (Mayo). 

eitcACf om, -^nim, n., a hearse, a 

6itic, -e, -i'6e, /., the wooden rest 
or step of a spade, the treadle 

diti^tm, Mt- -tiusA^ and -leAm, 
v. tr., I look for. demand, call to 
account, sue for ; I make a 
friendly qoeat for ; I visit; pur- 

l I 6in 

qniriee about ; given to visit in 
• friendly manner ; nA6 eiLi$- 
tcAt 1 1 how friendly or 
thongbtfnl he is (in visiting, 
asking qaeations abont one, 
fiitijteoiji, -oiiA, -oijii-oe, ■»., an 
a<^user, a plaintiff. 

-tee, pi. id., /., a hind, a 

abounding ii 

eiLiceAfi, -ci^e, < 
hinds or does. 

feitiuJA'o, -i§fcB, (also iiteAth, 
-liifi), M., act of accusing, 
calling to account, demanding, 
suing or looking for ; aoQasa- 
Hon, obarge, impeachment. 

eitccos, -oise, -05A, /., a young 
doe ; any nighty little creature ; 
eiteeoj teAtAip, is one of the 
many names for a bat. 

eimitc, -e, a., slow, tardy, prtdiz 
(stiofCA, i«Sin.) 

eimitCBAr, -cif, m., delay, t«rdi- 
nees, prolixity. 

S™™, .n,M« («™.S'"), »■ •'■, 
I deny, refnse, shnnk from. 

6imcEae, -cije, a., shouting. 

£in, inpAr. i n-^ini&, able, capable 
of {Drm. a S.), usually i n-ini&, 
the final portion bung from 
O. It. indeb, wealtii, resources 
(i n-An' of Con. isprobably of the 
same origin). 

6in£eAnn, -Cinn, nk, a morsel, one 

einea£, -ni;^, m., proteotton, coun- 
tenance, safeguard, geoerous 

eineA^tAnn, -Ainne, /., latribu. 
tion, fine, amends ; a tribute 
due to a chief for his protection; 
protection, safety, sanctuaiy. 

eineiitAnn, -Ainne, /, civility, 
nrbanity, politeness, good breed- 

6infeA£c (Aoin^eA^c), in phr. 
I n-£., at onoe, together; i 
n.£in^eA£c te, together, to- 
gether with. 

6in-£e<n. -e, n., the Only Begot- 

6ini$=ii5in, which sm.,.,..N,GtH)i>lc 





einfn, g. id., pi. -t^B, n., a little 

6in-iond'o, -«iv, m., one place, the 

£inne (Aoinne(d£) ), anyone, anj 
person ; perhapa from e^n'outne. 

6mi\ei.t, anjone (used in Don.). 
Bee dOinnedt. 


hoiue ; ni 615 eoLAf jan 6. 

*5«r "' *'5 *• 5*" t"""" (.Don. 

eipifcit, -cle, -cti'6e,>., aktter. 

eitic-CCiif, /., a waap. 8t« Xi«At 

and eAftc. 
CipcedmAit, •riild, a., heretioaL 
e.tie, g. .neann, d. -p.nn ((g. 
ally with artide in i^en,), /., 
land, Erin; cib4 (p4) 1 nfii, .... 
i, whatever in the world it be . 
ft6 t n6i|iinn i, whoever 
world she be ; ni ^eavAf 
nfiitiinn, I do not know ' " 
world; t6m meAti 1 ti6 
t6m Loit 1 n6iiHiin, aa x 



J rather than Ireland though 
oovered with gold (*ong). 
6if e, g. id., pi. -iiiA, m., a burden : 



, {This 

eitieA^, m., a bortben. 8te eitte. 

6it<ednna£, -mt, m. and /., an 
IriBhman, an Iriihwoman. 

€itteAtinA£, -ai^e, a., Irish. 

fliTieos, -0156, -osa,/., a pullet 

eifipific, /., maturity, puberty ; 
ui f£ 1 n-e., ha has arrived at 
puberty (.^ntn). 

6t]i^e, g. id. and 6itt)$te, m., act 
of rising, arising, getting np, 
setting out J 4it<£e 1 n-ii]iT>e, 
pride, presumption, aoting like 
an npetart ; nat Aif aKi. An 
c-fiipje 1 n-Aipne, how pre- 

■Dnptnona he is, td»o how gaj 
and marry ha is ; fipje n^ 
SeAtaise, the rising of the 
moon; fiipje amAt, a risiDg 
out, an ioBurreotioa ; a body (» 
men enlisted in a fight or insur- 
rection ; tUio a return visit to 
the bride's family some time 
after marriage (pron. generally 
eitii^e, except Bomet. in poetry, 
when it is pron. 6iii^e). 
£i|i5ea£c, -a, pi. id,, /., the aot at 

fiirSim (fiipigitn), W. ^iiiSe a 
iipije, imper. cSipij and *ip _ 
fut. Sitiedtdo, cond. -eoCainn, 

.'. intr., I risB, mount up, pro- 
oeed, depart, become, get to M ; 
in 3 per. (with le), it aucoeeda, 
is favourable ; I grow big, in- 
crease, accrue to ; 50 n-£i)ii$i4 
&B \,i. teac, may the day be 
favourable to you; as ^ifS"' 
becoming, getting to be ; the 
imper. cliiii^ means go (as often 
£i1..S)i also, cpe-x) x)' 6.tti4 
'6uic, what happened to youp 
eipjim Com perpse, I become 
enraged; j:k rd ag 6<t<$e txim 
^doite. it is becoming atormy; 
ca ft as ^'Pje ■oii*eanat, it is 
becoming late; ■o'fiitiisancirce, 
the cake swelled np in the bak- 
ing ; ca caoifij ag iifSe, sheep 
are getting dear; ^ipis ar, give 
it up, cease from doing it ; £i]ii£ 
■bfom, get off me, don^t lean oa 
me, get off my back, cease from 
troubling me, let me alone 
(genly. pron. ipijim, Don.). 

fiipic, g. -e, Sijice and £a)icfl, pi. 
-i-4e, /., "eric," fine, ransom, 
retribution, requital, reatitutiim. 

eipiceaiS, -CIS, pi. id., in., a heretic 
(also e,i..c,*). 

eipiceaCc, -a, /., heresy. 

dtttim, -e, /., an argument; aoon- 
test; point, substance (as in a 
summary of a story); force, 
vigour (used like ^ifeafc); 
dignity, importance ; ability, 


6m ( ! 

flirnin, -•, /., riding, hOTMinMi- 

fiittitneaitiAil, •iViLd, a., mbatan- 
tial, efleatnal, capable. 

eijiin, -e, -rite, /., the oy»-tooth 
(aim din. of eipe, a bmtlen). 

etiiir, ■«, -t*o, /., a rope, etc., 
attached to a basket lor aup- 
(xntiiig it on tbe Bhonldera ; a 
Mok-MDd in carta, et'3. 8te 

Btpif, -e, pi- -t*o or -eaeA, /., ao 
era, an aooonnt of time, chrono- 
logical biatory. 

eit>irBA(Cj -^/i ohronology. Set 

it"r ■•>* c/. Aitt"r- , 

ei^ledfi, -ti$, m., deatraotioii, 

alanghter, haroo, conSioation. 

fiif, inpAr., T)'*ir,car*'r Cf^T). 
after, behiod; pii8t=aiter ; ca|i 
jir An t>6, past two o'clock ; 
rdf iif mdti, after that (am?.) ; 
rj r4 cAf e>r ^ CaaLi-d, )ie has 
just atniok him ; c^ j't cAfi £if 
Biiif, he haa just died ; i n-^if, 
after ( tr,) ; liip (for tip (if ?), 
after ( Jfojia). 

eif (eAf). I^^ implying repeti- 
tion ; re-, baok, again. 

eifc, -o, -lie, /., a Miannel ont in 
the strand 1^ a stream ot fresh 
water ; a river generally ; a 

6irceA£c, -i,/-, exception ; act of 
excepting (irem, 6), 

fiircim, -cea*, v. It,, I ont oS, I 
eialade, I except. 

fiirci'n, g. id; pi. -i^e, m., a little 

eifcip, p. oircfia, jrf. id.,/., a ridge 
of mounds, or mountains, wheuoe 
Bsker, in Co. Galway; eifcit* 
niATia, a former bonndarj be- 
tween the North and SouUi of 

ftirc-Lmn, -e, -ce,/, a fish-pond. 

eiroBfltUit, -ii*e, a., parbunlar; 
nioe {Kea., E. S.). 

eipean, he, him, (entpft.) himself, 

eir-*irSe <eir*'t"Se)> s- '^■. ™-i 

resurrection ; coming oat of. 
Cif^'t'S"''! -PS*. «■ '"*'■■> I rise 

et{--innitt>, ■*, a., inaecnre, w«^. 

e>r<emp1,iin, -e, /, an exemplar, 
an example. 

etriomptinicift, -iii^e, a., ex- 

eifTonntutcdr, -Aifi n., nnright- 

eifionnjidic, -e, a., anrighteons ; 
mean, sordid. 

eipji, -rpe, -TTi^o, «. and /, 
tm oyster (also oififi and oif |ie ; 
in Con., eirciti). 

eirLfime, g. id., pi. -lAint:ea£<i, 
/.. "slurt," shroud (also iift.). 

Sirtinn, -e, -i-oe, /., a weak apot ; 
a flaw, a defect. 

dirt-inu, -e, a., nnsafe, weak. 

eiflinne, g. id., /., unsafety, in- 
Bsourity ; defect, fault, weak- 
ness (also eirLinn.) 

feirLinneAC, -tiije, a., unsafe, in- 

fiirLif, -e, J., neglect, mistake, 

eif jie, an oyater. 8tt eij^ni. 
CirceAi, -ci'je, a., attentive in 


ins ; aleo audience, hearing, 
si^Dce ; appreciation, e.g., ni 
fuAiti r* 4. ap bit, he wasn't 
appreciated at all ; ctu^r Le 
h£., a willing ear. 

eircear, -cir. "*■) lodging ; a 
night's entertainment ( = peif- 

eirui-oe, g. id., pi. -Me, m., a 
nearer, a listener ; "Oia tw 
CeannAfii-b na h-iir=i*te oiLe, 
God bless all the hearers 
{P. &0.). 

6ireiSteoiii, -opa, -oitii'6e, m., an 
auiStor, a listener. 

6ircim, -ceatc, «. fr. and inlr., I 
hear, hearken, listen (to, te) ; 
tipcl hnsht list I silence! iifc 
aijiid 1 an exclamation of won- 
der ; fiij-u Tjo 6Sat I hold your 
tongnsl iifc tiom, listen to me; 
aj iifCBaCc paoircine, hearing 
"-' — '-ni iffc Leif, leave it 


alons (OM.) ; jnter^. iwiper. often 

eice, ?. M., ft. -^tA, -iti and 
-ci*e, /., a quill, a wing, a 
pinioQ, a feather, afin; an uldi- 
tioa to a worn ploughshare ; 
m'eice eiceoije, a term of en- 
daarment {Ftr.) ; rcian eice, a 
pen-knife {Can.) ; ceann pa e., 
lit., held under wins, a peonliar 
contraction io >ome H83. 

„ , , , ■; wing", 
feathent ; arms, grip {8. U.). 
eiccAd, -cit;, nt., refusal, denial ; 
act of refonng « person some- 
etcedt,-ci$e,a,, winged, feathered, 

having flna. 
eiceiLt, -wLl, »., act of flying ; 

eiceAlLd£, -dige, a., fljiog, 
wift' ' ' 

bounding; swiftly ooaning (of 

eiceaLUC, -ii^e, /., W., flying; 
^Ait^ta Tid h4in-£teice ^5 eic- 
e^lLaiS I n-imfentv, birds of 
the same plumage flying to- 
getier {Don. prov^. 

eicealLd'A, -41-6, M., ■ flight ; 
taking flight. Set etcealt. 

6>cedtLAim, -4*, -ccdLt, and 
■cite, p. ittir., I fly, I bound. 

eiceiln, -hn, jit. id., m., ■ little 
quill i eice^Lii pitea'ndiid, a 
weaver's quill or bobbin (also 

fttceoj, -0130, -05a, f; a featJier, 
a little quill ; a wing ; m'etre 
eiceoise [Ftr.) ; ci in c-ian nji 
eiceois, the bird is flying ( IT.). 

£iteoi)i, -o|t^ ■oipi'^e, tn., a liar, 
a perjarer. 

eicigini, vl. eiceae and eiceAtai, 
V. tr., I refuse, I refuse a person 
something; I hesitate; i>'eici$ 
r4 camAiLtfti', he hesitated for 
a momeot ; ■o'eici^ r6 mi Af 
piiiT:, he refused me a pound. 

fintijim, -tioj**, c. (r., I oontra- 
diot ; I objure, I give the lie to. 

eieim, -8, /., danger, hazard, 

eicinn, -e,/., tubercular eonsutnp. 
tion (nom. also eicinne). 

eicip, ■e,/, vigoor, strength ; an 
opportuoity ; ip jiiS-Beas *n 
eicip *, it is wortD very little 
(Aran) ; justice, 

eicleA£. Ste eiueALLAi. 

eicteoK. -oije, -05a,/., a jump, a 
leap, a short flight ; a bat. 

eicLeogdA, -Aige, a., volatile, 

eitne, g. id., pi. -ni*e,/., a kernel; 
fruit prodnoe ; a lemale per- 
sonal name, now Anglioiaed 

\t'nea,ti.n, -Jiiti, ol. id,, m,, a ker- 
nel ; fruit, prodnoe. 

eicneaCcd (also oicnic), tndce. a., 
heathen, gentile, 

eicned£caec, -4, /., heathenism, 

eicfie, g. id., pt. •t<i'6e,/., a salmon. 

eivpe, g. id., pi. -iii or -pi«e, /*., 
a fiuTow, a treneh, a ditch, 

eirtieAt, -tiije, pi. id. and -f e46A, 

/., 8 •- 


eic|ieAe, -fite, a., 

grooved, sooiloped. 
eicpeos or eitcfcos, -otse, -05a, 
/., a standing jump (oomiption 

in Aran of eicleo^, which eeej. 
eicjiiSe, ?■ id., pi. -ite, /., a fur- 

row, a groove, a onannel ; lom- 

difo A^or eicni^e, a ridge and 

furrow {Kta., F. F.). 

->i>t, « 

, tbess 

as eicfe, a furrow {Man.). 

eicfCAic, -A,/., departure, death. 

Co, /., a yew-tree ; atAt Vl Co, 
Aghadoe, the field of the two 
yswB ; eo6i)iVl, YoughaL 

eotAi]!, -ftt^ii, -tpAfta, /., a key ; 
a keystone, a oomer-stone ; poLt 
eoiiiaC, key-hole (also rdiU ^n 

eoCdin, -CtiAC, -6ftd£a, /,, a brim, 
brink, edge, boider; eotdtnino 
taiiiie, the edge of my hand. 
" p, -Cnflft, -iiiaiA, ,., 
spawn of a fish ; a sprout, a 
young plant. 

eo£«it>-Ao>b)nn, -One, a., having 



beantifnl fringeB (of a country) 

eotiiiii-pciAt, -rciite, tit -reiaii., 
/., a k^-abield, a buckler of 
defence; " eotaiji-rciat an Aip- 

Gnn," "The Kay -shield of the 
ass," the name of a work by 

eofp^^i -ais, -fiAia, in., tha spawn 

of any fish, 
eotiiaii, -e, -te, m., a keeper of 

keys ; a. turnkey. 
eo£nair, -e, /., the milt or spawn 

01 a Qeh j eoftiios and eoCtmi*, 

id. Set eoCditt- 


eo^aniftc, ■&, J., one of tim divi. 
siona of land supposed to be 
made among the sons of Eoghan 
Milr, King of Munater. 

eoL, g. lutt, E^ iiiV, knowledge, 
oapaaity, discernment; if eoL 
TKim, I know; 'oom' iiit, to my 

eoLat, g. eolaij, pi. id,, dpi. eomet. 
eoliaib, m., a learned man, an 
educated person ; a guide. 

eoLdi, -aije, a., learned, skilled, 
scientific ; used like eoL in auoh 
phr. aa if eoLaC 'OAm, I know, 
I am acquainted with. 

GoLar, -air, m., knowledge, skill, 
infonnfttion : ca eoLaf Asam 
aiH, I know it ; eotaf ti'f ajaiL 
ait<, to acquire a knowledge of 
it ; knowledge of a locality ((7.); 
■o^an eoLar -Doinn man a fipoiL 
fg, gnide OS to where he is ; t)o 
taiLteaf m'eotar, I lost my 
way ; "00 Caip ffi ap aj* fl-eolaf 
jnnn, he pointed out the right 
Toad to lU (after being astray) ; 

Euaiji rfi an c-eotar a tiaiLe, 
e found his way home ; -do 
Cuai'b r4 tap m'eoLar, it sur- 
passed me ; ip £uaf 1 ngAilliiii 
tvtp mi eolar ^V' ""> 5P^*i "P 
in Galway I made my love's 
acquaintance (Con. »ong) ; £6tii 

Java If tiiyieanfi m'eotaf, aa 
ir aa I know (M.). 
eol^aitie (also eoLCuif, eolCaitt), 

g. id., n., a wailing ; mouniiiig ; 

eoteaifeaC, -fi^e, a., eorrowfu], 

eoL6ai|iea4c, -a, /., penaivenefls, 

dejectictt, meluicholy. 
eoLjad, \ -aije, a., knowing, 
eotsaraA,/ skilful. 
eoLui-oe, g. id., pi. --Ate, to., a 

guide, a dii'ector. 
eopna, -n, /,, barley ; pLea* na 

heopnan, spirits distilled from 

barley ; alio beer (indec. in U.). 
eoiinafi, -aite, o., pertaining to 

beer (ffJ^O- 

P(t»a|in, the alder tree), the 
sixth letter of the Modem 
Irish Alphabet, 
pi (pe, f 6, paoi), prep, [in pronom. 
combinations, fim, puc, paoi, 
or pe (mtwc.) ; puice (/em.); 
fiimn, fiiib, F''^''' I before jMWt. 
proTicrun, a, it prefixes n, as 
ci n-a ieann, underneath his 
head], under, about, through- 
out, oonaerning, for, on account 
of ; of spate, under, as fi 
i\.oit, under a stone ; a; -ouL 
);aOi, going under, setting, sink- 
ing ; throughout, after Verbs of 
motion ; pi'n jcoill,, pa'n 
gen oc, throughout the wood, 
the hill ; pa'n mbdcaf, alongthe 
road ; in adverb phi., as fa 
'6eipea'6, pa 'Aeoii, at last ; 
pa ££at)uai|i, at first ; pi ■66, 
twice ; fi, n-a liiuiniaL, around 
his neck ; is used ethioallf ; fi, 
fining, under a. yoke ; cun pa 
^feim, to lay hold of ; fi. bn6n, 
in sorrow ; pi'n faogflL, in life, 
in the world ; on aooount of : 
ir 6 fit pa'p canja, it is the 
reason why I came ; citSaT) fi, — 
why ; aft«r verbs or nouns of 
mockery, inoitation, desire, in- 
tention, attack: bntfcoFar-cise, 
they burst into derisive laugh- 
ter ; a^ magati F°m, laughing 
at me ; if otc an f aaT>att aca 
fut, you give promiM of evil j 


d^ riiTieait F"!"! inciting me, 
tempting me ; cjibdifi yatt, 
attack ihem ; caOiiji iioja 
riitd, make aa onset on them ; 
in posBesBJOD of; fa Cudifi, pa 
LiOiJ, pi iflOipiS 5BflLa, having 
oattla, calves, and wbit« iheep ; 
in the ohftrgs of : p^c piim-rA 
an sn6 f-iin, leave tbat affair 
in mj oharge ; in numeral ad- 
verbs ! pi id, fi. cfii, twice, 
thrioe ; with mif, fi maf, M, 
aooording as: ol time: fi'n 
Itr6£tna|(, before Autumn ; in 
phrases, «a fl 66mAtp, for the 
use of, in the preeence of ; 
tnsar fi, TieAfA i, I obnerved 
him ; cdti FA nne-iiiA '6uic r^in 
■oo -Afianairi t why have you 
done that! Notice also ei- 
preRsione like pi ioicdtt, in the 
lower parts ; f^ aA^caji, above ; 
fl thAire. proaperoui ; fi 06(11), 
at table; bnait name piitn, I 
met a person ; toitteif F"") 
innriin, I settled down there ; 
i>ut fi CeifiVia^A'A, to evapor- 
ate, as water allowed t« con- 
tinue on a fira after beginning to 
boil 1 buiLLe F^ tnnittim, a 
goesa ; f^ cuAititm flJince n« 
mnA, (drink) to the 

his money ; \f inaii f^'*^ '"bi 
6, he is generous in sharing 
food. t;6 is a poet, equir. or 
pi ; f6 ifl gBnerally used in M. : 
nf jiatii* fi fi ni ciiifiir, he 
will get it ; t)'iTr;tiSei04jt ot'*^ 
a,n\At ri'ii rViab, they betook 


I the 

tiof F^'" i>cnit, itt the oounti^j 
fA $t4if, locked up, under look, 
in prison; fi. litAifL, at present; 
ctii|ied'6 fi %<tti>e an pobdit i, 
the prayers of the pnblio were 
sought for him ; bd, l.<onti)4i)ie 
fiifie fi naoihiiB 'ni fim-CjiioC 
'pAfi eottaip, Ireland was more 
prolific in saints than any other 
country in Earope ; aj coti 
ineALA fi, coaling him; as 

coji pnejpa fi n-A ftfiigiib, 
greasing his boots ; paoi (ia'o if 
CO, beoaose (Con.) ; in parts at 
Don., f^ = about, Faoi = under. 

pi, non-o^., older form of bo, 
poit laue of ir (auertivt verb). 

pAtiAiti, -DiiaC, -ftfiA^d, /., a plum- 
tnet or leaden weight used for 
sinking nets or fishing lines 

F<kbdiiic, -dtttd, /., favour ; zi 
fAbarfiT: Aum l-etr, I am sym- 
pathetio (tier.). Ste pAbaji. 

-pdCiil-Fc^AL, -iiL, sf., an allegory, 
a panble, a fable witli a moraL 

p^C'il, g. -All., pi. FAible, >»., a 
report, an aooount, a fable ; aiao 
a journey. 

rA&dLAi, -lAi£e, a., remantio 

PA&Alcaf. 8tt F^^AluAf. 

pA&dti, -AVf, pi. id., m., a favour, 
an interest, a friendship (pron. 


pabaji, -iii|i, -Bjiarte, m., a curtain, 
a fringe ; an eyebrow ; nam. also 
fahfA (ft. pron. FAPpAi*e)- 

patinaC, -aije, a., favoniable, 
friendly, timely. 

pAOt<A, g. id,, pi. id, and -i'6e, ni., 
a fringe, an eyelid ; the eye. 

'PACtiAi'^eAec, -i, f., favouring, 
favour, partiality. 

riBc, IB,, unsoundiieMi, rottonnesa 

fabcAfi, -Ai^e, a,, ansoood, un- 
wholesome, rotten (from favln) 

Pa6, g. FAi6e,/, a hole in which a 
lobster is found ; Abtd£ (Aran). 

VACA-, dependent poet of t)o.£<m, 
I see. 8tfW)-i^m. 

fA^Ain, -e, /., a fighting, a bicker- 

pA^ain, -e, /., oause, source, rea- 
son; temptation (P. OC. spells 

]:a6i;, -di£c, -Anna, tn.,aqneatioa; 
temptation [O'N',). 

fAbvaym, vl. fi.t'c, V tr., I ask, 

fAT), -Ai-o, *>-, length (of time or 

I., Google 

nwoe), distfuiDe, extent of any. 
tning ; f ^T> tr. as long as, while, 
whilst ; p&xi nd r'-'^^i "'^ 
length of the way ; Ap yan, 
leogthwise, in length (yatda, 
etc.), long, throughout, alto- 
gether, in all, entirely ; i Cfao 
(a Cfan), far off (of apace or 
time): fuu a ia^ t tifiT>, to 
postpone a thing ; 50 ce^nn 1 
6i!4-o, for ft long time ; 1 ftpiT) 
udim, far from me ; 1 CpA-a 6 
(6ite, far apart ; p^-D 6, fAO 6 
foin, long ago ; bi (ti «nn ca rao 

roin, there waa a king in for- 
mer times {U.); ca f^'Oi how 
long, how far ; pAti tio tiA-OAijic, 
ae far M yon oan flee; riu geime, 
as Ua aa a oow'b bellow could 
be heard ; an po-o a cei'oeiinn 1 
fipa-o cii-beann r* ' tFuaife, 
what ia long deferred beoomsB 
neglected ; pat) r-ioS^'l- tosac, 
may jou live long ; Le pan oe 
6Lia*ancfliB, for many years , 
in M. (at leaat) the form f ditt is 
Boniet. used as /., aa ■]• cuma 
<ntc an tait) ir 6ei'6 aipgeao 
A^ac, it does not matter to you 
aa long as you have money ; an 
faiTj 6iop ifciS, while I was 
within. (J^oie,— In 4f. (at least) 
jcai-o ia often used for can ; 

Sai-D always means length or 
iatance ; ci na taefte aj out 

1 ftpaiT), the days are getting 
long ; t>6e Cfoig aji paio, 
twenty leet in length ; piie 

3ioiS an pa-D, twenty feet 
pat), a., long, teU ; distant. Set 

pio, pi T>', under thy ! ^pa + oo, 
thy. See pi, 

(of time or space), far, far off, far 
away, distant, of long oontinn- 
ance, for a long time ; toriiFAOa 
le (with njwiTi). aa far as, to 
(with movement) ; £6* pa-oa 
flSur {with verb), id. ; Le pAoa, 
for a long time (up to the 
present); 66m paoa r'"i*otar; 

I 1 i:4T5 

If FAVA leir . - . , he thinks it 
lon^ ; niof B'f aoa, it was not 
long; i6Tn F^'oa Leif, as far as 
itt The mmp, ■p^''^^ '^ ""' much 
used in .If. 
paoaiU, 'Ota, /., delay, t«dious- 
3, lingering (from f*'°- 

;t of temper- 


Fa^aiHC, -apfca,/.,f 
ing (steel, etc.)] nre lor lem- 
pering {S. S.) ; fire fiaahing in 
the eyes {iwm. also pa jaijic). 

pa-oaijic, -aiita, /., aeaweed. 

■paoalat, -atje, (pa-o-uALat), a., 
lingering, tedious, slow. 

paoAlaim [pflTj-'oataim), 2 a. imp. 
paTJail,, V. ijitr., I delay, linger, 
procrastinate ; vl. ^axiht. 

Fao.ana-6iiA*, -naite, a-, long- 
headed, patient, long- suffering, 
(The A* IS pronounced as f, or 
rather aoi. ) 

Fa-o-apa'tnatc, -a, /., patience, ' 

pa-dfi, -anifie, -a, /., a knob ; an 
eioresenoe ; ft mole, a lump 
caused by a blow ; a cutting or 
woundink;, a cleft, a gftsb, a 
callous blister; itfault; the mark 
left by a blow ; a knot in wood ; 
a knotty or difficult question ; 
FA'66 cLoite, ft "lump of a 
stone" (pron. patib) ; compai-e 
ba-ob, which is pron, ba'6b 

|:a-6bae, -Aije, <*; enigmatical; 
intricate, myatcrioua (0'2f.}. 

Fa'oba'o, -Cca, m., a spoiling ; a 
spoil ; ft beating, a smiting, a 
cutting, a wounding. 

FA-66aim, -A*, v. tr,, Istrip. spoil, 
I strip the dead ; also, I beat, I 
strike ; I cut, I wound. 

pa-6ban, -itn, pi. id., m., a lump, 
a tittle knob, a bunch, a knob, a 
hillock ; a large potato, a large 
root of any kind {lee cnap) ; a^ 
icetiasciieaton if as T)iot na 
Dpa'oCnn, eating the amaH 
potatoes and selling the large 
ones (pron. pa^bin in M.). 

pi,-6B65, -disc, .rSga, /., a fib, a 
white lie (pron. pa'^b^^. Con.), 


striker, a1 

oared, flap-eared. 

F4T>-6orat, -aise, it., long-legged. 

j:dt)-dom4, m., lasting Borrow. 

j:<iT>.£Dihcd£, -dtte, a., perma- 
nently sorrowfot 

Fix»-tii]irAt, -iije, a., of long 
range, sweeping of the hair. 

1?AT).-Diil,, -tiiia, /., delay. Ste 

fAT>--o^\,i.i, -Ai£e, a., lingering, 
tedious. See fi.t>i.\^t. 

JTa-D-tifirca*, -cti, m., watohing, 

^d.-6#in, self. iSee pgin. 

Pa -Aeoii, f6 -ieoy-b, at length, 
finally, ultimately. 

fA-D-f uLding, -e, /,, lon^ suffering, 
patience ; a» adj., patient, long- 

jTA-o-juLainstei*, -tige, a., long- 
aasering, patient ; aUo fixi- 

pav r^ogdiL, g. id., m., length of 
life (in M. also ji'div f^osAil,). 

pATi-fioSataC, -aise, «-, long- 

paunJA-i, -mjte, m., act of bind- 
ling, lighting up. See ATiDi;A'6. 

Pa-doSa'd, -ui^e, m., a lengthen- 
ing; a prolongation, an eiten- 

pADniSim, 1^. -■ousa'o, -tifijA^, 

V. tr., I kindle, light up, blow 

the fire. See ADnijim. 
FaTJUijim, -a5A'6, f. tr., I continue, 

prolong, lengthen. 
paeteAth, -tiiii, pi. id., n., »a 

appearance or disposition to 

laughter (Jtf., pAtA-fl, which aee). 
pas, -iise, -Asa,/., a wave (Con.). 
paA, T:A$A.m, ^c See -oo-SeiCtm. 
pAsat, -SAig, m., anxiety, . 

UtAJAi, very aniious, yearning 

(i)«i. C. S.). 
1:a5ai6, 2 «. irnper. and 3 a. pf, oi 

f ASAim, I leave, etc. 
FJiSAit (FASaoiL), ?. -itA and 

■iLcA,/., act of finding, getting, 

receiving, obtaining, proonring ; 

AH r., to be fomid, in evi- 

FAjaiL, -aLa, /., act of leaTing, 
quitting, abandoning, etc ; vt. ol 
T'a^Aim in all ita meanings. 

FASAim, vl. pA^nil, ^istAil, fAj. 
Ainc, V. tr. and tntr., I leave, 
quit, desert, abandon : -o'f i^ f* 
ftAn A3, he bade farewell to ; 
nf filsBnn j-Ain -OAOii m*, it 
does not follow from that, that I 
am guiltr; pAsaim Le hii-6aic, 
tit., I leave by will, hence I 
solemnly assert ; Ti'f ig fl Ap Ati 
liinAOi eiLe snp majiC f' *. ^lle 
blamed the other woman for 
killing it (Om.) ; with p.p. it 
ezpresBeg the action of the verb 
to which the p.p. belongs ; 
D'f ASa-i) cappAinste, who used 
to draw (leave drown) (iff. B.) ; 
oft«n with adj. or noun and 
prep., there is a similar use, as 
ti'f A5 r* ctnn i, he made him 
sick ; also with jAti following 
8ol»t. or verbal : T)'^a5 r* S*" 
tit mi, he left me without 
vigour. (The forms pAgCaim, 
piSCar. "to-. "™ going out ot 

■FAgoiin, vl. pAgait, irrdp. v. (r, 
(properly a dependent form of 
T>o-£ei&iin, but now used also 
as an independent verb), I get, 
etc. See -Do-^eibim. 

FAjainc, g. pAsta and -e,/ {li. of 
rnsaim), leaving. See FasaiL- 

|!AjaiTic (FogAijic), -^\^ta, /., act 
of tempering (metal), seasoning 
(wood) ; the fire which tampers 
metal {B. Jl.) ; fire in the eyes ; 
vigour, activity ( = FUiniieAih). 
See Fa-DAipc. 

FaJAtCAf, ~iir, m., means, pro- 
perty ; a gift, an endowment j 
profit, gain, advantage ; often 
a emaU profit or lilUe means 

Fajalcarafi, -aije, a., profitable, 

FajAii, -am, m,., a straying, a 
straggling, a wandering, a roam- 


inffj now genly. written fin, 

pajaji, favour, etc Bee pAb^t*' 
fist,-. Seeyis-- 

t:*s6-. SmfaJ.. 

F^SCiiL, -sLca,^, Sec fi^AtU 

i^iSUiiL, -ila./. See pisiit. 

FisBaim. Bee pijaitn. 

F^jtiAfi. See pirdt. 

taS^'Ti, -e, -eati, /., a faggot; 
eJbo P10361D in ^. 

t^asiioeaC, --oiSe. a., fsgaoty; 
cdaI pdcoi'oeaf, a heap of fa- 
gots for fuel. 

■poiStiea'oJj 1*., act of tempering 
(metaJJ, heating la a furnace; 
•eaaoning (as wood, etc) ; act of 

purging, purifying. 

foraaken; uuniahed, exhausted. 
fAic, -e,i>i. -me and -BAnni, /., a 
bit of paper, a sorap, a rag ; 
with tttg., nothing ; nap. somet. 
omitted; paic na ngft^f, nothing 
whatever; ni'L pdic Ait<, nothing 
whatever il wrong with faim, 
tin pAic HA Fpi&oe aif, id. 
(CW) i al»e a sparkle, a bu^t, a 

blow. «/. bAltlOA'D file Af (O'JV.) 

( = wbaoht). 
fiictn, g. id., fi, -i-6e, {dim. of 

pAic), m., a Lttle rag, aahred; 

on article of dresa for a baby. 
pAicreAnae, -Aij, -Aije, m., a 

pAicreAnACr, -a, /., viability. 
pAicrm; -re^"*. /-, aot of seeing, 

perceiving ; an appearance, « 

face, sight, view, observatioa. 

See f eicpn. 
Pait). See pAT). 
flrt, g. id., uid -e, fl. -e, m., a 

prophat, a teer, a poet, a leanied 


beech tree. 

pACo-fin^ASAf, -Ai^e, a., prophetic- 
ally ^Ise, deceitfuL 

fAi-o-BjieAcnuiJeAS, -JiSe, a., far- 

f Aio-£eAnnAt, -Aije, a., far- 
seeing (Con.). 

pAiue, g. id.,/., length ; ci ^aitjb 
(ca'fDe) UAinn i, how far is it 
from us? (Con.), ca f at. {f = h) 
DAtnn i (Doa.) ; also ecn^. of 
pAQA ; piA is the more usual 

FACoeatc, -A, /., length, longi- 

pAii^eAti6ip, -dtiA, -5i]ii'6e, m., a 

prophet, a seer. 
pii'6eA'o6itieA£c, -a,/., prophecy; 

aj TifiAnAiVi F^foeAodipeatcA, 

pi.i'6eAiliAit, 'ihLA, a., prophetic, 

poetic, visiimary ; learned, wise. 
f ATOBOS, -oise. -os-i. /■. a S^a" 

plover; chance, lot. Seeyet.v6^. 
Faidcos, -oije, -05A, /., a tallow 

candle (Con.). 
pAi'oi-6eA6c, -A, /., act of "think- 
ing long," i.e., feeling lonely, 

etc ; ca p. opm . I feel lonely 

{Tyrone, Om., O. J.). 
■pAHj-VeicneaC, -ni$e, a., long. 

pAi'o-Liai^, -LeA^A, pi. id., m., a 

propheuo pbysioian. 
pArfpin lfAi4ipin), g. id.,pl. -tie, 

m., a pft, a "fairing'*^; often 

pe-pfn. ^ 
pai5, M. form of pA^, unper. of 

vo-^eibtm, I find. 
■Fait, proiimity ; in pAr., 1 ftpAil 

(with gen.), in company with, 

alio compared with ; 1 bpAit 

bATi, in the society oi women ; 

1 bpAit an OSip, compared with 

death {Kea.). 
J^Att, -e, /. , hiccough ; sobbing. 
fAil, -e, -eAfiA, /., a sty ; a reet- 

ing-place ; a den ; fi^., a bed, a 

couch ; p, mnice, a pig (tj; ciMit. 

pattin. iSu pAtais. 




p^it, -e, -lieiy., bheximof a potj 

a ring ; a, wreath. 
fiiL, fate, destiny (eft*, in mnn.); 

ttd -f Alt, the atone of daatinj ; 

Inir I^Ait, a name for Ireland. 
|:AtLbe, indee. a„ lively, pleasant^ 

p^iLbedtc, -A, /., brightnen, 

■prightlineu; merriment, oheer- 

^AitUim, -e, /., a blasting (oi of 
com, et«.). 

|:aiLc, -e, -t^ii, /., a gap, a month. 
Ml opening; a hare-lipped 
mouth; a month with some 
teeth lost ; a etammering ; "oo 
ADifi r^ PAil/C Ai|i, he broke hi* 
jftws [(yBr.). 

^Aitc, -e, -SAtA, /., a atrohe, a 

VdiLceAnn, -cinn, -ccAnnA, m., a 

fiilctm, -ced'6, ». ft-., I atrike, 

I gash ; ^ pAitp. 
fAitii r,^- -e and .4e af*! p'- ■"^'' " ^ 

/., a pit. 
^liiLse, g. id., pL id. and -Jrte, /., 

an oneh, a ring, a jewel, ft 

pdiLin, {f. id., pi. -ri>e, nt. (dim. of 
F^tL), a pig-sty, a dirty little 
oftbin (prrai. f nilfn). 

t^^sitL, -e, -ce, /, a dif^ a proci- 
pioe (in Aran and elsewhere 
pi. FAiLLrjieAia). Sm ailt. 

):aiLI, -e, /., leisure; an ad*an- 
ti^e, an opporbmiity ; neglect ; 
an nnguarded moment; fuAit> 
ft F^ttl Atfi, be took him un- 
awares ; pAitL wo cabaipc, to 
neglect (o/ra, to give time to, -00); 
041J1 ni patlle, an unguarded 
time ; a^ai'o n^ pdilte, an un- 
gnarded aide or moment. 

raitL, -e, -ejiSfl, /., a kernel; a 
com in the flesh {ffN.). 

paitLise, g. id., pt. -ata,/., n^leet, 
delay ; a failing ; ip. oo tabai]ii; 
(n6 Tio -b^dnaiii) aft, to negleot ; 
iei^ean i Cp,, >^ 

paiLLijeaC, -3156, o., negligent, 
failing, drowsy (also patltis- 
tea£, followed by 1 or pi). 

^ailli£ea(c, -a, /., negleot; 

habitual delay. 
tTAiLLiSini, -lu^a^, v. tMr., 1 fail, 

negleot, delay (also fattlim). 
faiLtittead, -ti je, a., negligent, 

Fatlliteae. 8t* paitLiJead. 
paiLtinJii-6, -ijce, pi. td., m., ft 

failing ; neglecL delay, 
paiLm, -«, -lie, /., the tiller of a 

pailm, pftlm. See pailm. 

pail^, -e, -eatitid, /., a stroke ; a 
heavy stroke of anything that 
bends (as a rope, oloth, twig, 

failpea^, -pte, m., a whipping, a 
beating with a rope, a heavy 
whip, eto. 

pail,p£a]Uiec, -A,/., living on an- 
other ; erpeoting presents. 

failp£drai'6e, ta., a hanger-on, an 
uninvited guest (Con.). 

greeting, futlutation, welcome ; 
f. Tio Cup po'ihi to welcome; 
cfiati mtte paiLce poihac, ft 
hnndted thoosoDd welcomes to 

failceAe, -oSe, a., ready to wel- 
come, hospitable ; agreeable. 

pAilceafiap, -air, wt., Hospitality, 
welcome reoeption of strangers. 

riiLceos, -oige, -05a,/., a woman 
visitoT ; a small feast (ffN.). 

Fiilci^im, -loja*, V. ir., I wel- 
come, ealate, greet (generally 
with poiih). 

paitrin, g. id., pi. -rte, m., an 
interiiieiddler,one who interferes 
Id others' buednees. 

piiLcfn, g. id., pi. -lie, m., a mon 
visitor ; a small feast (O'.V.). 
Su piiiteos and previous word. 

yiitciu^a*, -ttte, m., act of wel- 
coming, saluting, greeting ; 

Fiime, o. id., pi. -AtA, /., a hem, 

iraimLeaft, -LiJ, m., sea-weed ; 

" bladder " sea-weed (Sligo}. See 

paineAl, -niL, >. id., t>L, a layer 


PA1 ( ! 

or handful of straw nsed in 
tbatcbiug (Con.). 

pains, -e, -eaCa, /, a, raven ; ^g., 
a tall, nimble, obatinaCa girl ) 
piins -iiomioni, aaid of ft 
nimble, bttt la^y, girl {Ker.). 

l^ain-^LeAnn, -a, -ca, m., a valtev. 

JTdmiciin, V. tr., I protect, ahield 
(like cornaim, followed by af, 
in referenoe to the aggieaeDr) 
(Con.) ; Fiinic = reaCain, be- 
ware, have a cara(aJHo dime, ic). 

piinLe, g. id,,pl, -ito,/., a swallow, 

Fiinleos, -0156, -ogd, /., a awal- 

low (iJao iinLeos). 
painne, g. id., pi. ■mite, m., a 

ring ; f. e,n ^opcA, wedding 

ring (nOTii. also ^mne). 
};dinne, g. id,, f., a weakening or 

tesseoing ; ixtiap. o! rAnn, weak. 
fimnoAt, -ni$e, a., ringleted [of 

the hair) ; beautiful. 
pii|i, a reply froiu a distance to a 

oaJl or BJ^ial (alao ph-d) [Ooa.), 
fMfie, g. id., pi. -i.ta, /., a 

dioceae, a pari^ ; an eoolesias- 

tioal diatriot. 
jrAifceiLl., -ciLL, pi. id., 7H., * 

reward, salary, wages {&If.). 
^i,if<ite.\.\,e.t, -dig, --iise, m., a 

stump, a lump ; somet. applied 

to * stout^ burly person ; f&vf- 

cei.\XAb CiLiiiiiJe. 
^AittceAtLAfi, -Aige, «., well-knit, 

wall-set ( B'. Ker.). 
^A\vcei.\XAbz, -A,/., giving wages 


p^igie, g. id, /., aat of watebing, 

guarding ; a watcb, a guard; 

a waking of the dead (Ztoit.); 

FocaL iiA paijie, watob-word, 

pass- word. 
^Ai^e, aUeiy., for shaoie ! alas 1 

wbat a pity ! expression of dis- 
gust, or sorrow or iiity. 
pAitieat, -tiise, a., vigilMit, watch- 
ful ; cautious, careful, prudent. 
pAtgieAe^n, -din, m., constant 

watching ; aiao a watchman, a 


1 ) F-i1 

'PAi|ieo5, -oi^e, -054, /., a hillock, 
a watcb-tower ; a gland ; a 

pAi|ieoeA6, -AiJe,o., pertaining to 
the gmnds. 

];jitt5neArii. See foiiisneAiii. 

r'"r5r=-"^> -VS^ (FOiPSfe-mAt), 
a., spying, guarding, watobing. 

fAiiisfeoiti, -orA, -oi]ii-6e, m., a 
watchman, a sentry, a spy, 

■pAipsfeoilieAtc, /., act of watob- 
ing, guarding, recormoitring. 

fAifim, vl. FAijie, imver. faiji, 
n. It., I watflh, ^ard ; notioe, 
perceive ; spy (witb a|i), 

FAipioti, inier}., alas ! emph. faiji 
fop S^^fi FAiliion cfiAi'oce. 
ot^ (also Fi3itiiott, fittAoiii, 


■FAipir, odv. pm., together with 
that ; also ; FAijiif fin, id. ; "Dia 
linn, "DiA FAipir F'n Linn, God 
help US, God help us abo, say I 

FA.rir!ne-i6. -niS. -nije, "»-, » 

pAiIinfiir, -B,/. See FAifmr- 

Fiijinir, -e, /, informatiMi; p'T 
IF F^'fuir. knowledge and in- 
formation (Con. and U.). 

]?Ait>tis^i S- ^■' P^- -A^A aod -si'de, 
/., a sea, or wave ; brine. 

(TAiiinseoip, -ojiA, -oifiie, m., a 
seaman, a sailor (also peAf 

pAitipns, -e, 0., wide, extensive; 
plentmd ; generous, bestowing. 

FAippnse, 3. td.,/., plenty; gene- 
rosity ; extent, enlargement, 

fAirrmseAic, -A, /., plenty ; 
extent ; generosity ; variety ; 
room, spaoe. 

FAijirinsisim, -loSao, v. Cr., 1 
widen, extend, iuori^use, enlarge. 

FAijipoS, used in M. fur paitinns, 
which see. 

pAi|iceoin, -opA, -oiiii-6e, B».,a spy, 
a watchman. 

FAiticir, -e,/., a pit (also pAiiieir). 

■pAirc, -e, /., a fold, a pound, a 
pcnfold (also F^ir^B^'o)- Ste 


t^Atrcedmdil., -mlA, a., oompreB- 
alble; flat; oompresaed. 

F^trce^n, -iiti, m., a banda^ti. 

paircim, -ifcaii, v. intr., I pin, 
confine, impoond. 

piircim, -Jrc«*, «- Cr., I Bqueeae, 
I oompresB, MTing, aorew ; I bind 
oompaotly, I tighten ; T preaa 
forw&rd ; 1 Bmbrace. See fif- 

paircteio, -iin, pi. id., m.,» proas. 
■Fiirean, a taahioii (A,). 
^MpiAnZA, indte. «., faahionaMe, 

Faipiii*, -a, /, inquiry ; ag cuii 

7aipi6i-6e Tio ttmteittua, in- 

quiring about you (Der.J. 
fiirn*i*'Tn, -nil*, P. tr., I rehite, 

tell, infurm, certify, give ovi- 

]:aifn£ir, -e, -eatt.,/., a narrative, 
statement, account, rehaaraal, 
intelligence ; act of publishing, 
relating, oommemuratiog, nar- 
rating, making known ; a hint ; 
peip pdirnfiirSi an informant. 

pairniip**. 3' id., pi. -*ce, m., » 

■pAipifiirim, li-FAirneir '""l v"?' 
n£i'6e, V. tr,, I relate, oertify, 
give evidenoe. 

FiirniSini, -loja*, v. (r., I pub- 
lish, relate, make known. Set 
F-Jirn^T"" *"<! cairnii-Dim. 

paircme, g. id., p.. ia. and -nrte, 
/., prophecy, an omen, a divina- 

a diviner. 

wizard, a soothaayer, 
■A,/., augury, divina* 

pait, a prophet. Sa fkvii. 

piit-6eaTic, -eittce, -eatica, f., 
ekilled knowledge. 

paitte, g. id., pi. -eaia,/., a tann, 
a field, a green, exercise-gronad, 
a plain 1 aji pi^tt no gfait^s, 

! 1 F-Jt 

on field or plain ; ^ ait(e na 
ciiif ce, the lawn of the man- 
sion ; pditee na cpAe, the Field 
of Troy ; pron. pata-o in 3f., and 
often M spelled ; frequently a 
place name, as Faha, a townland 

piicieat, -cfiijo, o., timid, fear- 

paiWeaCa, (pi. of pair), /., volun- 
tary oontributions collected in 
the fields by such of the. decent 
poor as are ashamed to b^ from 
door to door ; aj baitiuta-^ 
paicCeaea, collecting such alms 
((7.) ; but <if. f aic. 

^aicfeaf, f . -a and 't'f, j»., fear, 
fright, terror ; Ti'f., for fear 
(written also -pfliceior). 

Faicfeapad, -ai$e, a., fearful, 

■pait-Ciatl, /, figurative or alle- 
gorical sense ; reason, cause. 

i:iit-iialtae,-aije,a., in prophetic 
sense, proj^etical, allegorical. 

yait-iialLrtiap, -aijie, a., skilful 
at understanding causes, et«. 

FaifetiVL, .8,/., vigil ; bei« m6 ap 
m'faiiiiLl, I will be on my 
guard {Don.). 

paicilof, g. -fii'r and -a, m., fear, 
terrOT, fright. (In f,,and even 
in W. Ker., pairdfof means 
shyness, no( fear.) Seepaictear. 

ITaice, g. id., pi. -ti*e, /., one fold 
of a garment ; a hem, a crease 

faiCBae,-ciSe,a., fearful, timorous, 
timid ("this is redundance of 
abstraction," P. CCG.). 

Caitim, -teai, v. tr., I crease, I 
fold (ffJV.). 

{Taiufn, -e,/., whiting, a speoies of 

fish {Tory). 
paiclior, -leapA, m., a wardrobe, 

a press (O'lV.). 
paitne, g. td., pi. -ni-6e, m., a wart 

(prop, paicmne). 
Fait-rc6aL, -*iL, m., a parable, a 

legend. Set paCal-fc^al. 
pat, a fold, a penfold, a sty. See 


teoting ; tending cattle , 

olotiiea, covering (CiMi.); Irel&nd. 

piLai, -iiSe, a., protecting; de- 

PaLaA ; vii\.At C)iuat. hide md 
8«ek {Con.) ; fattt f''*5> *''' 
See poLit. 

■pALA*, -Ai*. miu, a wound ; die- 
pleaanra, spite, grudge, treach- 
ery (also ilA'd). 

pateic, -e, -i«e, /., a little hut, ft 
at^tJf.); dim. ):AL'ii5<n. 

piLAim, -d-6, P. (r., I hedge, enclose, 
proteot. See fiLoitim. 

p^lidin^ -e, .eAea, /, a mantle ; 
BO Iruh olook OF covering ; a 
doth wrapped round the body 
1^ an inbnt (Jf.). 

pAtAi|ie, g. id., pi. -jiriie, m., an 
ambler, a pacing horse. 

]:atAitieACT;, -a, /, an ambling 
pace ) act of ambung, pacing. 

fitiiii, ic. See polAm, "ic, 

{ret-atiAim, -ard, v, itxir., X amble, 

pdLijjita. See catdipe. 
■paLc, m., a flood (Hon.). 
paLcAim, I bathe, dip. See pol- 

pALCiifie, g. id., pi. -fffte, m., s 
Booffer, a oheat; alio a strong, 
brave, fellow ; a reaper, a hook- 
man, a workman (from caU:, a 
reaping-hook, a pnining knife). 

p&tcaitie j!ia'6ain, m., male pini' 
pemel; ^latcaipe ^maf, id. 

patcAtfiea^c, -A, /., a sooffing, a 
oheating, ill conduct. 

paLcanca, o., billowy. 

pitcriiAp, -aijie, o., swelling, pro- 

}?At-'6or, "^i a thorn hedge. 

pdtta, g. id., pi. -tie, m., a wall 
(jr.); Fjiltaf;6i-oin, amudwall 
(jtf.). See baUa. 

■paLl/airtie, g, id., /., 
vaoanoy. See pottaiihe. 

I ; slothfu 
paLlr«6r, -a,/., falsehood ; slotli- 

paLLr^"' -htiipl. id., m., a sloth- 
'""' - — a sluggard. 

Faltrdifi, -6\iA, -dipi-ie, m., aslag. 

f'sh, lazy person ; nion b'p. mi, 
went on with dl mj' strength 


FaUrunAt, -4'5. -■I'S*! "■■ » 

treacherous person (O'^.). 
paLtr<''>'i<!c, -A, ^ folsehood, 

paLLcfis, -dije, -155a, /., a heavy 

blow, an unexpected stroke. 

See paLlcfic. 
fTaLtnr {Rathiin I.). See atLnr. 
patca, indee. a., weak, feeble, 

faint, spiiitlesa. 
Fatca£u, -a, /., feebleness, weak- 

enmity, spleen; a pretence; 1 Or. 
te Ceal.La££n, at enmity with 
a {CBr.) ; I be., in ambush (P) 

piLmSim, ot -la«, V. (r., I hedge, 
enclose, enfold. 

piiluiSceoiii, -o)ia, -oiiii-4e, 1 
hedger, an encloser. 

a swimmer ; a visiiior do ine sea- 
side (Clare) ; often applied to 
a stnmg, ragged man, ajid even 
to big, coarse animals ; fimAipe 
coijin^it, a oomer-boy, a loafer 
(N.CoTi.) ; -Famaijie iiina,alarge 
(idle) woman. 

pin (piiSan), -i.n, nt., straying, 
wandering ; ap pAn, astray, 
wandering, straying, in exile; 
imteadc Le foaCc ip Le pan, 
to fall into improvident ways, 
exile, or poverty. 

pin. See panart. 

p«n (in ip. I. a oormption bf afi,.,..i.,GtX)^lc 

or time) ; -pin MtAiji, along 
the road ; pAn Lae, throughout 
thedaj; ftn nd tioi'6ee (more 
aotmratelj 'pCA'ft nA hoiiCe), 
daring the night; i>o bndil pi 
fi.n (All r^ai An) Mit t, ne 
■trnok Dim aoroae the mouth. 

fin^fi An, fi.'t\, under the. 

ipijiAt, -Ai^e, a., idle, strolling, 
melesB, aimlen ; Mldom, rare ; 
Mattered, hard to collect; 
exiled, wandering abroad ; nJ 
Bionn Ann ofic tiaine piniC, 
there ia onlj an odd person 
there ; if f ^nAfi a tAjAio "oom 
fJACAinc, they seldom oome to 
see me ; ir pinae ■oome Ann 
Anoif, rarely ia anybody seen 
there now ; ui. J^ f AnAt AjAtn 
fitit, fc, it i> vain t<« me to be, 

fAnAec, -A, /., aot of remaining, 
ataying, att^ing, waiting (Con^, 
See FAnAiTD. 

JTAnAicim. See pAtnicim. 

'P^nAi'A, g. id., m., an incline, 
declivity, slope, desoent ; a 
oalamitj ; ne piLnAi-d, down' 
ward*, neadlong ; Le pArai-A an 
innic, down the hiU-slopo. 

t^Anann, vi. ^AnAthAinc,pAnAihAin, 
U.; pAnaic, Con.), t. inlr., I ro- 
nuHB, atay, atop, dwell ; I await 
(with le) ; I cbeist ; pan, atop, 
osaae, stay, wait. 

pAnaihamc, -e, /., aot of remain, 
ing, staying, stopping, waiting. 

t;.\n&n, -^tn., m., an incline, a slip 
for boats. 

pinAnAC, -Ai$, m., an inoUned 

pin-tas, m., a abpe. 

^ann, g^. painne, a., weak, infirm, 

lai^id, faint, feeble. 
pann-dor, /-, a weak leg. 
panncAip. -e, -i-oe, /, weakness, 

a fainting fit (noix. also pann- 

pAimcatpe, g- id., pi. -pi^e, /., a 

See pann- 

^anncaipeae, -rije, a., w«ak, 

fainting ; speotraL 
pannui-oeae, --oi^e, a., negligent, 

FAn6.o, -e,/, ajibe, jesting (O-JIT.). 

See potioihaTi, 
l^andi-oeafi, -tii^e, a., jeatingly. 

Su ponoihafoea^, ^c. 
Fan6i'Dea£c, -a,/., jesting, jeering, 

-p^nni^e, g. id., pi. -iyit, m., a 

wanderer ; an exile. 
f;Ao&A'6, -Ua, Bi., aot of spoiling, 

preying on. See pa-6&a4. 
fraobAitn, -bAi, V. ft",, I rob, spoil, 

eto. Set pa'6BAini, 

the temper of steel i 
See pA^Aitir. 

];aoeAti, 'Aif, pi. id., nt., edge (of 
tools, weapons, eto.) ; tJie faonliy 
of sharpening edged tools; ca 
paofiAti mait Ai^e, he oan 
■karpen a aoythe, razor, etc, 
keemv, lit., "he has good 
edge''; pAO&Ap an Annie, the 
t(^ edge of the hill. 

pAoSAti-ALear, m., Bword.dexter. 
ity, display of swordmanship. 

FaoOan-Cpuaii, a., hard-edged (of 

i;Ao&Ati'6ul.AiteAe, -ti£e, a., steel' 

'PaoCfiaf, -ai£e, a., sharp, sharp. 

edged ; keen ; bitter, satirioaC 
FaoBiTuitmi (pAoBfaim), -iil>*a«, 

V. tr., I sharpen, whet^ set (as a 

faobta, p. a., worn, spoiled (Om.). 

JTAof, -a, -am, /., a periwinkle; 

paoCiSj and paofiin, id. (paoCa, 


paoC65 Cu'iin, a large peri- 
winkle ; paoAd5 iapaiLL, dog- 
whelk ; FA0665 riiA-opA, a dog. 
winkle ; in Om. pAop^S. 






Pjmh, oTBniiig, nightfall [Don.), 

See pAOiteATi. 
pdoi, pr^. pro., under it, under 

him; jAn pocAL yAoi nitailiir, 

without exaggeFatiog ordetroat- 

ing in the sligtitaat; tiaoi, under, 

eto. ; yi, about (Don.). See fk. 
fao<t>, -a, f., a relia ; dead men's 

-pAoii, -e, /., a. about, a cni, a 

maaD,aToioei o^ sleep (QW.). 
fAoi'AeAffi, -^iiii (pAoiteAih), m., a 

meBsengar; afreet, esse; relief 

from siokneu. See •fo.att.m. 
^iortvm, «I, -'6eA-D, v. tr., I give 

op (the ghost), yield up, breathe 

f^Aoil-dti'o, -ivptt, m., the flat of 

the bock between the Bhouldeta ; 

the very summit. 
pAoile, g. id.,/,, wildneoa, aavage- 

FAOile, g. id; /., a BeBZoIl (Hon.). 

fAoiLeaiL, -iXi, f. (from Bag. 

wheeling), trioha, motions, geo- 

diplomatio action, maQceuyring; 
pn { bf <^ HA fAOiteitA, that 
IB the upshot of the whole 
mantBuvring (£«r.). 
tTAoiLcAnn, -Linn, ^. id., m., a 
sea-gull (pdoite^n la CJore, 

C>iteAT>in in Om., and Cfif. 
pAOiteAnniin, whioh is heard 
in Hon.). 
pAoileAnn-oA, ladee. a., seo-gull- 
lilce; tr Faoil.eAniiT>A r"' ' 
sea-gull, or brightest ai 

t appear- 

:. -A, /., — o 

jf appearance, like a sea-gull' 
JTAOiLeoK, -oije, -05A, /., a sea- 
gull {Don.) ; dim. FAOiLeo^^n. 
paoil-JLcArc (c/. FAOiL-Afix)), m., 
a ridge or verge ; the apine ; aji 

eoiL-pLeAfC A ■DjiomA, on the 
t or level of his back ; also 
At) pleAfc A ipoma. 5m 
pAoiti-6, ■«, a., glad, joyful, merry, 

pAoitleAi, a remnant. See FU15- 

FAoiLLi'6, the old name of tbe 
Kalenda of February and of 
fifteen days after ; often it is 
used for the entire month 
(P. ffO. says it ia a corruption 
of fDiile, .1. tbe dregs or re- 
mains of the year) ; it also 
means bad weather ; 1/, feo^ll- 
ro A ihAfiCuiteAnn nA cAoit<i£, 
February it is Uiat kills the 
sheep; Janiiary {(yN.). 

FAOituBAft, -cije, »., glad, joyful J 
rejoiced at seeing a friend. 

'PAOin, -e, a., wea^, mean, vain, 
idle ; indining. See f Aon. 

|:AOine, g. id.,/., vanity, idleness ; 
an inquiry; a ohimera; pAoin- 
cAf, FAomeAie, id. 

I^aoinim, •neA'6, v.iiUr., I indulge. 

fAOirceAn, -im, pi. id., n., a 
female crab. 

pAoirceoj, -oise, .05A, /, a 

pAoipeAih, -r>iTi, m., an amend- 
ment, a recovery ; a rest ; oessa- 
sion; help, sun. 

FAoiriu^Ai, -ijte, . 
peusation ; ati c 

I. id., m., dis- 


e ni FAOir- 

■iaty of orab 

from wliiah tliere is no relief o 
dispensation to be got. 

CAOirne, g, id,, m., a little s! 
fisi. as" --■— ' 

pAOifcin, ••, -lie,/., eonfeesion; 
the Sactiuuent oi Penance; 
f. tiACAfi, an imperfectly made 
eonfessioD ; p. BeAtA-6, a " gene- 
ral confession " ; ACAip pAOif- 
nne, a ghostly father; oma 
pAoifctne, id. (Don,). 

Faoieean, in phr. 6 iiiAiT»n 50 p. 

JTAOicin, g. id., m., a whiting, a 

species of fish, 
■pAoL, p. -oit, pl. -A and -ca, m., a 

pAoL, -oile, a., wild, untamed. 
pAolfoniJA, indec. a., wolfish. 
fAoUon'OAtc, -a,/., wolfishnesa. 
FaoL-^u, g. -toTi, d. -£oin, pl. 






•iom, /., ft wolf I a wild dog ; a 

brave warrior. 
pioVoK,/-, s sea-gull (^. Cum. and 

/>ohO ; also paoiLeos. 
Caotj-ca*, -di-D, »?»., a Boorohing, a 

burning (ffX). 
■Faolpjiim, -a*, V. tr., I Horob, 

bum, pepper {0'2f.)., -iTica, »(., act of oonaant- 

iug, aasonting, yielding. 
-pAomaiin, -a6, v. iTitr., 1 consent, 

BHsent, yield, 
^aon, -otne, a., void, empty, veak, 

languid, naked, fooliah ; M «., 

the Oat or level part, as aji caon 

a -biiomA, on the "flat" of his 

back, (lying) on his back, 
paonaim, -d*, v. Jr., I mollify, 

paon-iaf, -Caire, o., hanging 

down m ringlets (of Uie hair), 
iraon-tas, -taise, a., weak, feeble ; 

hanging down in unreaisting 

madsea (of the hair), 
paoniiiafi, -a^Se, a., mild, meek, 

quiet, Bilent, 
j^aorAtii, -aiiii, m. See paoifeam. 
paofc See raofCdi {Amni. 
paorcfis, -oise, -65a,/., an inaeot, 

paoruSa«, -mSte (Faoirioja-o], 
7H., a oritioal ease, or relief in 
heavy eiokneas. See paoireaiii. 

paot, -a, -anna, m., a fall; an 
easement ; ease in tioknees, 

paouam, -cna, /., sundown, even- 
tide; diiiaiTiin 50 pao£aiTi,from 
dawn till sunset (Faoicean). 

paofcaiTi, -aim, m., alleviation ; 
recovery after the orisis (of a 

jraocuja*, -uiJcB, m., a oritioal 
case in a heavy sickness. See 

tTaji^pA {prep.) + jio (verbal pre- 
fii) = lllBO fi. [prep.) + a (rd.) + 
110 [verbal pr^x). 

-patiai xiDb, m., great fig-wort, 
kernel- wort. 

patia4, -ai'o, -ai'^e, m., a hen- 
roost ; a loft of any kind ; litter 
in a. boat to receive borees or 

pajiaiSim (paiiaim), -para, v. tr., I 

fraignt (a ship). 
'Tajiiil, -ita, /., an ofFering, b 

present (OTV.). 
faiiaiLiin, -aiL, v. tr., I present, I 

)7attat|ie, g. id., pi. -priie, m., a 

brave man, a soldier. 

wild gorlio 

patian, -ain, 

pattJitica, iitdec. a., stout, strong, 

Fijiaoip,paliaop,ala8l SeefiMfiOf. 
patiar, -aipj •».> a reason, an arga- 

papaf ca, indee. a., solid, sober, 

reason£.ble (also popapca). 
pat'^A, g. id., pi .'oa, n., a maul, » 

beetle, a mallet ; papca, tfi. 
pajican, -Am, |)f. id., nt., a knot in 

timber ; a wart ; a 00m or welt 

on hands or feet ; in M. and 

Don,, pa^ajican- 
)7aji±a ceinci'be, g, id., nt., a 

□aming thunderbuk. 
■pap-tiioiceann, -cinn, pi. id., n., 

the epidermis. 
pap-b^iL, /., the greater part of 

-patinaL, -ail, m., an aooount, an 

eipknation (£. S.) ; hiiidrauoe, 

delay (0'.«.). 
pap-Tiopaf , aif , m., lintel of a door. 
pan-pa, prep, with pronoun, with 

-papiiafi, -ai^, m., pestilenoe, force, 

Fappa-6, m., nearness, proxiniity ; 
ooiopaDy, party, people ; inpfir., 
1 6pappa-6 (with gen,), near, 
along with, in company with, 
on the side of, together with ; 
n/so in comparison with; ibpap- 
jia.'ti roin, in addition to that. 

■pappan, -hn, m., vexation, chagrin, 
annoyance, anger. See poppin. 

pappanat, -aijje, a., veiatioiw, 

Fappincap, -aip, m., power. 

Faijcaine, g. id., pi, -ni-6e, /., a 


F^s ( ! 

or aft«r growth; fif tia tidon 

oi'Oie, a, musbroon). 
TArafi. -A'Se. 0-. desolate, detert, 
orergrown witli grsia. 

m desert, a wildemesa, a wild ; 
grass; headtaod of a ploughed 
rich pasturage ; pasture land. ; a 
field (fffi.); 'D"iis-firat, a 
dre(U7 desert; ^s CA&Aitic An 
tir*'S' growing grass, i.e., dead 
and bunud ; ^o Ci a jnd 'n-A 
fi.T*t ^^f, his busineas went 
agaJDBt hint; beii ah ci£ feo 
'n-A Fir-ii or^' y"" "'■'l ""^ '•* 
allowed to eater this houae ; 

rtAltSAr nA nAOlfl A)1 S^AinAf 

'n-A ■deans-f irat, may heaven 
of the aaints be oomplelelj shut 
against James {UcD.). 

pirA£a4, -6rA, m., desolation, act 
of depopulating. 

F^LroiieAtc, -A, /, act of devas- 
tating or turning into a desert. 

F^r''!'"! *''■ F^n "■ '"*'■■. I grow, 

increase ; I am bom, sprung 
from <6). 
pJirAmAil, -rtilA, <a, growing; 
desert, wild. 

fir^", -Am. pI- K^i >»'< > SS'pliDg. 

JTAf-bnAite, /., a tiemporary eii- 

oloeure for cows in the summar 

p«rc, -d, nt., a bond, a Ue, a t jing ; 
a restraint ; a prison ; protec- 
tion, shelter ; an enotueure ; a 
fold ; a pound for oattle. 

F^rcA^, -ctA, !»-,_ a aheoking, re- 
straining an imprisoning, an 
impounding ; sheltering. 

pArCA*, -ii^uA and -cuigce, m., a 
squeezing, a tightening, oom- 
^«ssion; the sparks from a 
red-hot iron ; also 1^Al^ceA'6 ; 
pifCA* Anior, water rising, as 
through the floor in a house, 
CBAfiC fi, id. 

pAJ««t)ATI (pOrCATJAtl), -im, pi- 

id., m., a sooooe ; sn umbrella, a 
Fil*a'o6iii, -6i<«, -Aiiirte, m., a 
Fir«An, -iin, pi. id., SI., a bandage. 

)?At-cnA'6, -A, m., a winnowing, a 

cleansing, a purging ; bAti|i 

poi^wa*a, ohaH; u'lmtij p* i 

inbj,ti]i nA bpATCdi^te, he went 

at top speed (CW). 
pArcnAim, -A'A, v. tr., I winnow, 

cleanse, purge, puriiy. 
jr^r^o'*-^! /■> ' joung wood, a 

FAr;C)iAnn, nt^ a plant, a grore, a 

vineyard {Oen., iL B, etc.). 
pirl-**. -I'S ("^O. ">■. yontfti. 
JTArlAC, -Aij, m., in tnrbary, the 

plaoe where the turf is spread, 

the part cut away, as distin- 

guiahed from the satiaA or unout 

-pArmAji, -Atfe, a., vegetative, 

growing, thriving. 
yir nA h-Aon oi-Die (pip *"" 

oi'6de), M., a mushroom ; al»o 
name at a oelebrated anti- 
monument near Don- 


mew ; an osprey. 
FAfc, -Aipc, m., a capture a 
seizure; a jail, a prison. 5m 

FAf":"***. -"'fc pi- ^-j »»■. one 
who is hired ; a young man 
(ufton naed in a depreciatoiy 

'PAfcu^A'b, -ni^e, m., aot of 
staying, resti'aining, retaining, 
fastening, securing ; seizing ; 
agreeing to ; hiring ; binding ; 
CA ri An p., he is hired 
I.D0n.). ■ 

FApcuisim, vi. cApcijA*, popc- 
a^A-A, V. (r, I retain, fasten, 
secure, moor ; seiie ; agree to ; 

-pApuuSni, -e, -eA£A, /, pleasure, 
sport, pastime ; nonsense ; ro- 
manoe ; pApcufm, A iloine ! non- 

FApujA'b, -ui jte, m., aot of laying 
waste, devastating; a deaert 
plaoe, a waste. 

FAfoiSim, -oj^A-b and -pAioeA^c, 


fSa < i 

■. tr., I davutkte, turn into & 

tripngte, p. a,, laid waate, de- 

■pit, -A, pi. id. and 'AnriA, m., a 
oaow, reason ; an opportunity. 

t^ACA, ^. tiJ., pt. -i'6e, a potato 
(Con.) ; in M., ji^Act, which aee ; 
prtJACd [Don.). 

pitAt, -A\%e, a., migh^, power- 
ful i prophetioal, philoaophio ; 
skilfuf ; oausatJTe ; opportune ; 
50 ^At^e, with akiU. 

-pdt-iC, -di£, pi. id. and -Ai^, M., 
a giant Set At^t. 

pAtAtA^iit, -i(iIa, a., gigantio, 

^itAt, m., the appearaaoe or dis- 
pontwMi to a tbing ; bi pliA'i 
An Htfe Afi A SiAt, the Brst 
beginning M a laugh oovld be 
■een <« hu Iip«, he imiled. 5m 

pAtA'A. iSm rAit£a. 

pat^oAtm, -e, '-eA6A, /., the hem 
of a garment (also pAAtiin). 

Fii-Siii;iS.n., ti. FAt-5ii|.i«e. t.. 
intr., I smiiB ; ■o'tit-Sitiiii p«, 
he imilod (aUo '■ ^ ' 

f^At-totrcim, -cAi 
I BOtiA, I bom. 

l^it-oioe, m., a 

Fit-tiiin, «»., ■ myrtery. 

fit-lid nT> A, indee. a., toTstio. 

JTAt-CDtf r«> g- i<i;/; distnSS, tOT- 

— w (alio At-CBipr")' 
7. i(j., /, a meaaBring rod ; a 
id f«r meamiring gmvee, ootiinH, 
ood doad bodi«a ; a pound. 

ft, pnp-i bef<»s. under {If.) 
pr»f. pm., > «. See pii. 

^6, mite, a., I«an, poor, meagre 
an imttnt. pr^x, u pS-rmsit, 
T«7 dMnwed. 

-peAtuifi -*'r ""^ -^r*. "*■• eioel- 
leace, goodness, good, auperi- 
ority, worth, beauty ; ap p.i 
exo^ent, in excellence, exoel- 
lendy, first-rat«, in first-olaoa 
style ; -oi feah^t, however 
well ; A5 T)nL 1 OpeACAfi ini- 
proving; ^i, f. m&f dif, he is 
modi oettw ; ci r^ Ap p., it ia 

exoellent, ua ri coiiT», wi 

]?eACiiA, g. id., February. Stt 

- - ■ Aise. a., w 

. skilled, on „. 

'. tr., I o 

develop ; alao v. intr., I mend, 
grow better. 

■peAc, -eic, -AnriA, m., a spade- 
handle, a spade ; peAciLn, uL 

):eAcA, TieACAi*. ic. S« -Dd-tim. 

jreACA'6, -ctA, m., a bending, a 
twiatmg ; aiao a piok-aie, a 

i:iA£AT>6tti, -btiA, •ditii'Ae, m., a 
seer ; a spectator. 

pCAaj.a, -iU, /, watohing; 
F^Afiil. A £Df Aifi, to try hin, 
examine him, to ke^ guard over 
him (Dim.). 

-peACAim, -A'6, V, tr. and intr., I 
bend, ham ; I shrink. 

fi^tMm, -AAinr, v. tr. and intr., I 
look on (if), look at, view, 
examine ; watch, explore, attend 
to, viait 1 try, attempt ; ftAt t 
lo [ fttb Ai-p, look at It or him ; 
fiat t, try it, test it ; ftaA 
leif, attempt it. 

t;fiA£Aini;, -e, /., looking, exam- 
ining ; appearanoe, aapeot ; oon- 
aideration, pity ; act of looluDg, 
beholding, searching, exploring 
(also F^AfAin) ; cLAon-^., a 

p^fiAinc (or )-£A£Ait) fsr piA^Aitt); 

so) ; lA^AlL ( Ker.), iAlt*t (On.). 

fsAtc, -A, /,, a grave ; a oonntry ; 
time, piaoa, tnm, ocouiou, 
sometimes ; p. n-Aon, at one 
time i p. n-Aitl., oa another 
oooasioo ; An TUftA f., in the 
second place; 1 n-Aoin^eAic, or 
1 n-imfentc, together, togetier 
with (Le), alMgetlier. 

)7ea-6, St., apaoe, extent, length (of 
time or spaoa), duration, eon- 
tinuanoe; An ft^i, tbraugh, 
thiangkoat« dunn^ for ('■&-,.,..i.,GtX)glc 



ing). ainongBt ; ^n peA'6, wfiilst; 

iip peA't an Lde, daring the day ; 

AX> t^iyo flu ti6ca>li, along the 

road ; pron. peA-o (Don.) ; in M 

sp. I. 4f pea* an becomes pAn. 
pea-6, -i, y. irf., /., » fathom, 

piie pea.*, twenty fathoma 

(pron. pei-6). 
peAn, ff. -a and pei-oe, jJ. -a, m. 

and/., a whistlo ; a shrill ooiso ; 

a hias ; if oLc an bit -n&t piu 

ye&t) a IMse&n oirti, it ifl an 

tU hound that is not worth 

whietliag for. 
J^eavdit, 'B, a whiBtling, a piping. 

See peAotait. 
);e4t)<iini, vl. pea'OjAil and pea'o- 

Ail, ti. tr, and tntr., I whistle. 

haps there to (c 

fea-iiin, -^nd, pi. id., /,, a tribe, 
a company of people, a party, a 
troop ; ceAnn peA-6na, a oap- 
tain ; ccAnnar peA-6na, general- 
ship, oaptaincy. 

■peATJAipe, g. id., pi. ^tie, m., a 
whistler, a piper. 

pedtiAitieAec, -A, /., act of 

jreavAtAd, -Ai£, -A)$e, m., a hiss- 

peatJin, -im, pi. id., m., a pipe, a 
reed, a flute ; a atreamlet, a 
brook ; a canal ; a spout isBuing 
from a tube or openins ; a vein ; 
p. polA, a stream of blood, a 
small stream (also pio-oAr). 

peAuanAi, .A15, -Aije, m., a flnt«- 
player, a piper. 

peaDAHAdc, -a, /., playing on a 
flut« or pipea. 

peA-DAnaim, -ina*, v. intr,, I pipe, 
I whtotle. 

peATianca, p. a., cold, shj, bsek- 
ward (Om.). 

! ) F6A 

peA-OAf, v., I know (used with 
neg., ni f eADAf , I do not know) ; 
ni fcAVAiti r^, he does not know. 
Note that in per/. («»M, nf ^eioi|i 
p6, he did not know, is naed ; in 
Con,, n( f ioT>tiA m6, ni 'tj^a mi ; 
in Don., niofi imi\i (peroip) me. 

peA'66, -ai-oDe,/., a widow ;"areli- 

pea-DjAiL, -e, /., act of whlstlinj^ ; 
pofc peaojAiLe ircoi-ifte ip 
pciaL piArnaiieaecA am 16, 
whistling by night and the tell-' 
ing of Fenian bues by day (men- 
tioned as unseemly actions). 

peaDjoiLe, g. id., /., a noise in 
the stomach at some horses 
when trottiag. 

p^A'Am, -A, m., praise, credit ; 
fame, renown ; ta^ ri fia.-6m 
mdn X)6, he gave him great 
praise ( = fame?) (Om.). 

peA'bmA,, m., service, iuperin- 

peA'Amaf, -mai^e, a., serviceable. 

3a peiimeafi. 
peA^mAthait, -ihtA, a., serrioe- 

peA'dmAnnaA, -ai^> ''<£e, m., a 
servant, a steward, an over- 

peA-DmannAic, -A,/, a bntlership, 
a Btewardahip. 

peA'6niannca, \ndee, a., belonging 
to the office of a butler ; officiaL 

peA-6manncar, -aip, «•., a dis- 
pensing, doling ont. 

pea'AmAnnnp, -tiir> M-, stewald- 
ship, BDperiatendenoe ; an office; 
a legacy; fcnic pi ipceaC t 
bpea'Dmannap, he oame in for 
a legacy (M.) ; ci p4 1 6peA-6- 
mAnnnp An ci^eaiinA, he is in 
the lord's employment. 

peainA; ip oLc oa pei,*tiA Aca 
poc, your disposition is evil ; 
your behaviour aaguca ill for 
you {Ker.). 

fetiiinAt, -aij, m., a tooop, a 

company ; p. seamAipe, a troop 

of masked yooths at a wedding, 

eto. (Coo.). See peA-6Ain. 

, peAvd;, -615B, -65A, /., a plovwr. 


-peas, -A, -di4e, n>,, d nub. 
TeiSi ?- -* ""1 r»'58. P*- -*. /-. 

a oog, a tooth, a notah ; otfcnoe 

(alw easl, 
■peaS, a fathom. See fecit. 
pea^A, g- id., pi. id., /., a beeoh 

tree ; a wattle. 
F*AS'"*'r' ?■ ■*• /■ a'wonoe, want. 

Set fiA^maif , 
ITea^nA^Ai'^e, the "cliAB^iti " or 
. baakeM used with tratAtt ^atja 

[>rpaiiiiieTs{CSM.) In i>9n. peA^- 

pealt, g. reitL and ciLt m-, dt- 
ceit,lre«chet7, fabenood; fraad, 
wrong ; oonspirMcy, eril ; tnnrder 
{timf.,g. feilte). 

ireAllAi, -IxCA, "., »ct of de- 
ceiving; a joke {Don.). 

peAlLdiffl. -A-t, V. fr. and (nfr., 
I deceive) I conspiTe, fail ; nfoii 
f OAtlA'A iiiAih nl ptlpi'Ae. de- 
ception meeta ita retribution; 
'o'^edtt t^ of">i ■I' foiled me, 
iain« oi Tio teip fi otim (Cbn.). 

■peALLAipe, g. id., ji. -tti*e, m., a 
deceiver, a conspirator. 

peALL.fteaiir, /., murder, rapine, 
treaaherj [also f siLt-lleAtic). 

peAtlr*. g. •**., /., philoeophf, 
leamiDS, literatim (improp. 


peiLtr**, g. -fArtiAn, d, -rAiViAin, 

■pi. -fAmnA and -fAifiAin, nt., a 

peaLtfAihnAfi, -aiJ, -Aija, "»., ft 

philoBopher, a sophiater. 
peALLramnAfic, -a, /., pliiloBophy, 


peALLuAt, -Al$, -AIJO, "■, • ""W- 

derer, a ireaoherons person, 
peaLlCAt, -Aije, a., treaoheroua, 

pe AllcAic, -A, /., fraud, trGaoherjr, 

peAlLcair, -6fi., -iifiDe, m., a 

deceiver, a traitor, 
peaLlc6itieAec, -a, /., treachery, 

deceit, villainy, 
peam, -a, pi. -ai'ie and -anna, in., 

a tail; a rubber-tike stump on 

peamad, -a>£e, a,, tailed ; full of 
tails or sea-rodK. 8et peam. 

peamain, -mna, /., sea-weed ; 
f , -Anti, blaok weed ; f. 'beaf 5, 
red weed (beat for making 
kelp) ; «. tAiLinead, f. RoiLsin- 
ea£, bladder-woed ; f. ^aai- 
ana£, string-weed ; p. toittp- 
Leat, grows on rooka, taa be 
out only at low water in spring 
tides {Cloa.). 

sea-weeda attached to tiie atump 
or peam. 

jreinad, -aiS, -aije, m., a paU 

peannAi, -nra, m., aotof flaying; 
act of akinuing an animal or 
atiipping or plucking a fowl ; 
rcian feanncA, a flyTng knife. 

peaniiAim, ■i.ii, v. tr., iflay, akin ; 
I pluck or atrip ; I plunder. 

FeAnnaipe, g. to-, pi. -ftiiB, m,, a 
flayer; a cnmnt cake {Aran). 

peannc, -a, Tn., a wiy month ; a 
twiat; nlon IjaineA* f. ar, he 
did not budge (Con.). 

peannas, -dtje, -6sa,/., a royaton 
or oarrion crow, a aoald crow; 
a vulture ; a pannier ; a whiting. 

t;eAnnca, indee, p. a., flayed, 
skinned ; perforated. 

peanncaC, 'ai^e, a., skinning, 
flaying, atripping, plucking. 

peanrca^T;, -a,/,, ^ying, flaying, 
stripping, plucking. 

pearinc6iii, -6jiA, -6i]ii*e, nt,, a 
flayer, a skinner, a spoiler. 

peaii, g. pVi 1^- »<'-. '"-1 * man, a 
husband ; peaii cige, a house- 
holder, man of the house ; reat* 
br^'S^i " statue or other objeot 
dressed to 00Qiit«rfeit a man, 
a Bcarecrow ; reati ceoit, a 

lawyer ; feaf p^T''. * »»«'■. 
a wizard ; peap teigip, a physi- 
cian, one who practises medioinal 






peA|i coiih^-Dtd, » keeper, k 
gnudiao ; pCdti b^iv, ft bcMt- 
Dun ; TS'f 'ir'Si ^ ioTTjman ; 
pCdtt oibjie, a lubourer; F"t* 
fiaftdii, a man who travels, a 
tramp ; ad pedp tn6r, tli« devil. 
The jiL U f eA|id in oompouiid 
fourteen men ; thenoin.tuidt>iK. 
pi. ftAjiMti it rtry common, 
being oa* of tlie inatanoea in 
whiiw the -tX> ie pron. in pf . in 
Con. and Don. 

JiAji, g, fi^n, m., gnwa, ha; ; the 
lea ; f. ptioii, paatnntge, ae 
oppoeed to p. citiini, saTea ha;, 
M fodder ; f. b6, the grass 
fodder of a oow tor the year. 
ipt^li without a i^nalifjdng 
adjeotive eiprameo either ha; 
or grass.) 

fi&X^t, -Alt VI., Drying; hired 
grazing ot oattle; -ofol Af 
peatuS tiA mt>6, to pa; for the 
grazing of the oattle ; a\i ri^p^t, 
being grazed {fiaji^tT, iiayo). 

pe&pitt.f, ■A\f, m., eeonom;, 
husbaudr;: fcAfAdAf ci^e if 
bAiLe, thrift and eoouom; (JT). 

FeA-paec, -*, /. (?), likeness, simi- 
lar happening; a synonpn of 
T}itcA: f. caC cine 61)1 eite, 
like every other gold-pnidnDiag 
coontr;, O. J., No. 116, p. 498 
(Oort.) i d f. pn, like that. 

peAfd-in {peAli-in}, /., a warrior 
(man-honnd) ; declined like cq, 
which tee. 

fea,fA<), -pta, m., a happening. 

peAfA'd, -pta, m., act of giving, 
pouring out, sending, ete. See 

feAHAmi, -A*, V. tr., I pour ont, 
ram, give forth, send, grant, 
bestow ; no peAttAi rAitce 
ttoifhe, he was weloomed ; A3 
peAftA'd mo ■i^Ap, pouring oat 
my tears. 

peAitAihAiL, •ihtA, a., manly, 

FeAfAihliAftc, -A, /, manliness, 

power, heroism, spirit. 
ft^pin, -Am, pi. id., n., a turtle 

dove ; p^pin bpCAc, a turtle ; 
fiApin pA-6Ain, a wild pigera; 
p^AtiAn etAin, a wild pigaon. 
jTeattAn, -im aad -IriA, pCid., m., 
a wood ; wild gu^ ; Inib 
fkApittA and DflitteAtkAf p^Af- 

):eAt<«ni>, -Ainn, pi. id., m., a field, 
laiid, farm : ground, oountay ; 
7. ban, tea-lsnd ; p. coiLLceAfi, 


l^pBAtCA, a 

peAfiAnnA^, -Ai^e, a., rich in lands. 
f^eAjiAnnACc, -4, /., extent of tor- 

ritory ; peAtiATliiAf, id. 
]7eA]>Aiin-ihA£, sk, a field, a lawn. 
peA]iAnncAf, -Atp, m., land, 

'peAf -AfaL, m. , a jackass. 

jreAfib, g. peifibe, pi. -a,/, a do^ 
a deer ; an ox, a oow ; a pair d 
bellows ; a pimple ; a stripe 

hare j a red deer ; the herb 
crowfoot [(yjV.). 

ipe^p Xial^g. pf btiit,^, and 
-bol,3A, m., one of the Balgm ; 
alaa a soabbard, a sheath. 

■peAii bpSise, m., a scarecrow, a 
puppet. See peAfi. 

|;eA7i ctitioe, m., a tradesman, a 
otaftsman, an artisan. 

fi^p conjiAin, m., hook grass ; 
grass that oouuot be cut with a 
scythe (as grass growing on 
borders, etc.), but most be ont 
with a reaping hook. 

peAfiA, iniMC. a., manly, gallant ; 
male, masonline (esp. as gram- 
matical tenn); male; ss tube., 

peA|tnA£c, -A, /., manhood, age ot 
a full-grown man ; manliness. 

peAf ■oliS'*, g. pfi ■oLiJi*, a 
lawyer ; tor pi. we have tnCc 
Tjliji*. lawyers, offioera of the 


anger or vex a pereon ; f. 

Loinne, fury at finger. 
peAPSat, -a.i5e, "-, angry, wnith- 

fiu, fierce, paaaioiutte. 
(reAfSdiin, -^i>, V. tr. and intr., I 

grow angry, vex, fret. 
1^eip5*4Cc, -4,/., rtate of being 

peevish or tagry ; rtige, anger. 

hanger felt m travelliug moor- 

peapjuitim, -a$d'D, e. (r.and in/r., 

I vex, bet, grow angry. 
pfeijiLann, -«inne, -4, /., a bam for 

hay or straw ; piajitdi, id. 
Cfidti-leasAitin, -a*, «. iWr,, I mow 

hay {E. S.). 
F^afi-lotin, m., a grassy pool 
Feapmao, -are, ro., envy, jeaJonay, 

bigotry. See pot<inA'o. 
pearniATiai, -aije, o., envious, 

jealous, bigoted. 
F^apiiiat', -aipe, a., grassy, vet- 

feAtin, -A, m., the alder tree ; alder 
timber; the mast of a ship 
beoaose genly. of alder) ; hence. 

better for (him), 
to (him) ; ir r^^vV Le't. **- " 
more pleaaing to him, he likea 
best, prefera, would rather ; 'f^ 
• F^Afp 'na a diile, better 
— each other, bet(«r and 

that as willingly sa anything 
else ; an reaiip Leic i, do you 
like him ? {Dim., where no atjl- 
nile comparison is implied) ; ca 
r6 66in reitiit asam, it is as 
well for me, is quite commoa in 
Iveragh {Ker.) ; Foijip fieifc i 
mbaiiiiaiB puaip-Beann, it is 
good to be on tue top of cotd 

peaks (L, potm) ; nf peitip 6eit 
ag cainnc aif, there is no good 
in lAlking about it (Jf.). ; nioft 
Cpeaiiji liom-ra rciaL De 'nA 
beit amui3 ap. I'd rather be 
outside of it (Sc^at. t. muman). 

yeaiipa, .i. Teinii, which ate. We 
say, b'peipp liom, b'jeapfia 
■ftuiu, b'jeaiiii teip, b'^affa 
■66, ic. (Jf.). 

peantia if boff, or eapji if bi.YX'i 
in phr. An e-eaup ir bipn, the 
greaterpart; an c-eapti if batifi 
Tie'n aiji5eaT>, the greats part 
of the money ; an overplus. 

peapr*' Q- *^-' P^- '''S' "•■» a veree, 
a versiole. 

Fearr*^. 9- reiprce, pi. id., /., a 
pit or pool of water ; a deep 
narrow channel in the strand 
when the tide is at low ebb ; a 
posJ^age across the strand at low 
water ; XtiaX peipf ce, Belfast. 

peaprait), -*■?''■ -''oe aod -ea£a, 
/., a spindle ; Feajipat'o na 
' ' ' B, the ulna [on" " '' " 

writ^ peafraT), and nom. is 
somet. peaprat) '" ^- »p- 1-) 
Feap popa, m., a shopkeeper, 
■peapc, -a, and peipc {rare), pi. id.,, 
m., a grave, a tomb, a vault ; a 
Feapc, -a, pi. id., m., virtue, power, 
force, strength, efBoaoy, desert, 
merit ; a miracle, a prodigy ; 
A "Oia 50 bcuiL na peafca 
ajac, or A 'Oia na tpeapc, 
God of Power ; piupais na 
Bpeapc, St. Patrick ; a ■6p6- 
lann na bpeapr, on exdama- 

Feapcad, -aije, a., full of action, 

active ; of good repute, 
peapcaite, g. id., pi. -Ii4e, /., a 

funeral oration {(/y.). 
peapcain, -Feapcamn, 


act of raining; nun; as cup 
feajitana, raining (this phr. is 
not used in JM". ; they say, ca pi 
a3 Feapuam, among the several 


vaT* of exprtasing the aotioa of 

r mimttp 'j 

pea^cdih&il., -ihtd, a,, reputable, 
miraouloDS ; aluo territorial, 
sepulchroL Set peAiic in its 
teveral meanings. 

peific/iniuid, -dije, a., rainy, wet. 

; Tieatifcannar, 

peijicar. •■'''ri "*■' ™anly conduct. 
J^eajiuAr, -aif, m., a ohurohyard, 

a DDiying place, 
ped-it ci^e, ffl., a houaeholder, Uie 

head of a fomtly. 
peAjic-tAOi'6, -e, -te, m., an epi- 

peape-mAS, m., a graveyard. 
i:ea|ictii$iin, -uja*, f. (r., I bury, 

);£a|i-nAine, a., grass-green, 
pear, known ; in phrs. like n[ 

?ea|* ^om 76int it ifl not known 
) myself ; ir pear, it is well 
known ; this latter phr. ia often 
used by poets as a Seville. 

peafat, a., skilful, knowing, ac- 
quainted, instnioted ; ig- j^eafaC 
■oowi, I am aware (also if Feaf-jiC 

pearaim, v. to-., I know ; nsed in 
eipressions like an canjeara* 
linn, when I knew [E. A). 

FearamaiL, -riila, a., akilful, 
knowing, learned. 

VearcalaC, -aite, a,, diligent on 
an erranii {O. J.). 

piarcin, -Am, pi. id., m., s shell- 
fiah called the mnaael. 

peareat'i "^'P. "*• *ke evening 
(u^Beparation.O'.A'.); p-tfit, 

-peafCAfaim, -a*, v. tr., I darken, 
oanae to fade, eitingviiah ; I 
separate ( = 1:^ rcafaim). 

)?e«p^tt4a, itidee. a., late in the 

pearcAfSaic, -A. f; lateness in 
the evening. 

pearcaii-tuij^., a field-mouse, the 
dormouse; abuzzinginseot that 
flies about in the evenin 

peApciiAi, -ai£e, a., lat«. 

> pei 

ing to eventide. See reAj- 

ipUr^s,, -6si./. » beard; 
fibruus threads ; the beard or 
awns of wheat, barley, oto, ; the 
feelers of insects and worms. 

Ffar6^at, -aije, a., bearded ; 
iiaving awna like barley, wheat, 
etc, ; full of fibrous threads, 

poatTae, -"S, -a'Se, m. {aUo 
■aite, -eafta, /), a muzzle, a 
aname (alao ^earciiafi, rpear- 

peapjia*. See l^ear[^at. 

peafca, henoeforth, over more, 
ever again, henceforward, in 
future ; now, any moment ; 
therefore, on that nocount, ao ; 
ni feiocpai'fl r^ peafca, oh, then, 
I aee he will not come ; withiKff., 
no more ; beao-j-a a5 imcBaCc 
reapca (in this expression anoip 

F^arca, g. id., pi. -i-ie, nt., a £e«8t, 
a banquet ; good cheer. 

jrfiar^ae, -aiie, (,, festive, merry- 
making ; fond of feasting or 

pfiarcoga*, -oijte, m., a feasting, 

a banqueting. 
p6arcui$im, -uja*, v. «*■., I 

feaat, make merry. 


gentle, shy ; iU»o valiant, brave, 
pftacatc, -a, /., valour, bravery ; 
0^ shjmeas, gentleness, strange- 

peatar, -am, pi. id., ui,, the hair 
of the body, the far of a beast 

jreatanad, -aije, a., hairy, furry ; 

as mibBl., m., a furrier {O'N.). 
peacaf, -aip, m., fur, hair ; aiao 

F4act6s, -fii3e, -65a, /., wood- 
bine, common honeysuckle (also 

pearrcaoitea*. -Lee, m., the 

piieeam, -tiih, m., a debtor; a 
debt; dfi. p^iCeaiTinaiO, in a 
version of the " Our Father.' 


peictm. See ^>o-t(m. 

ireiein, g. id., pi. -i4e, n., a, little 

raven, a jonng raven (dim. of 

fiat) ; alio a man'i name, 
peicreinaS, -iije, o. Tisible. 
jreicfinc, g. -e and -pedn*, /, act 

of seeing ; nl'l, a leitfiiti Le 

■petcpni: Atinfo, there'i no each 

thing to be seen here. 
f6m, .t. pSitHii. in ni plro=n( 

t^il'Olf ; n{ 1^4l1»t< tiom, I oan- 

not do, eta See piiTiiji. 
JCii-oedtiiA, indec. a., praotioable, 

p6m*Aniia6i:, -*,/., praotioabilitT, 

fea«iUlity (also F^ivifea^c). 
peroiL, -e, -lie, /., a wooden yoke 

tied to tfaa horns of oxen (Om.). 
pertil, ^c. 8te peijit, nc. 
■p^iTHti, owd »fter ni and ir, »• 

hapa there is ; b'i'&i'oiti «6tC, 
perhaps they wonld ; t>'^4tt>itt 4, 
It may he bo ; ni Ftiuif a AaU 
AifC tj'Fi^Ail, a mbBtitnte of 
alternative for it oannot be luwL 

Fei4ni, g. -e and ceA'6ffl«, pi. 
•CAnn^ /., act, effi»t power, 
eiertjon.duty ; Bervioe, nw, bnn- 
neaa. work, fimction ; nature ; 
employment ; need, neoesBity ; 
military urrioe; peAft peA^mA, 
a fighting man ; iaCc pcA-bmA, 
an army in service ; cpiin- 
fei^m, a mighty effort; pp 
peA'bmA, men of tmat ot mb. 
stanoe ; cii^at) £ tr F*<'^'n ^M'n 
oifce eoiftieA^tA, what is- the 
nae of holy water T {Doni.) ; 
pei'bm tto 'AfAnAiii iie, to make 
mie of it; peiT^m t>0 AAinc Af, 
to derive profitable use from it ; 
cA i;ei-6in ofC, there is a task 
before you ; ci ■ofioift-f ei-om 
yk, he promises badly (like ca 
tjjioi-faA-DAp f*) ; 'o'*ei*m (a 
■^'pei-bm, Don.), needed. 

pei-^GAfi, -ffli^e, a., energetie. 

pei*ineAihAi1„ -ihtA,_o., needfid. 

I t»1 

neoeaslty, awfnlnflM, foniUe- 

f?ei'4m-feal,&,y., aotnal possession 

or employment. 
r^<S> -e. a., sharp, of a weapon ; 

keen, of Uie eyes (E. R.) ; smart 

(T^i^e, g. id., /., tbe top, die snin- 

mit (of a house or hill) ; a fanlt, 

a weakness iS. B.) ; met., tbe 

"t«p of soverdgnt;" (also 

F«iSb, g. id., /., keomess, smart- 

t:ii$eAihAit, -riiLA, a., weak, d»- 
feotive ; alto keen, sharp, 

f itssAn, nsed somet, in M. and 
etsewham for iiseAn, which tet. 

{(TN.); act of 
looking after, 
minding ; i Bireijit a ^6fcA, in 
pnmiit of bis Wuieat ; i tVpei tit 
nA nibA, herding the oows (also 

feititrte, g. id., ji. -«te, i»., a 
follower, a servant, an atten- 

t;et$itnn, tt. pei^il, I watch, take 
care ; A3 f. nA mbii, becding the 
oowa ; A3 7. teirC, nursing or 
taking care of a ohild (1 bpei^tl, 

r*iL (F* „ „ . - 

SiilueA^A, f., the 1 ^ 
last, a feast, a festival, a 
holiday ; tA £iit« pAtrtiAir, 
tbe Feast of St. Patrick, St. 
Patrick's Day; f. ati %i.if, tbe 
time of death ; f jit Ddir, com- 
niemoration of the dead, anni- 
versary (O'W.) ; pSilce r«- 
^InAifce, moveable festirala. 

peitbin, g. id., pi. -tie, ■»., a lap. 

^eilc, •«, -eAnriA, f., a trembling, 
a tremor (Clore) ; <f. An jAot 
Anoip, blonn p' cpe.r 1 cnif. 
eAnr fl ^eitc «]i ■iAOiniO ; a 
tombatone (O. J.). 

peite-, in compounds inteusitive 
(it is oftsner used in a bad than 
a good sense, that is, it ia oftao- 






Mt jlMwd before worda like 

bitesihnae, ji^^^ims, but not 
oooflned esclUHivel}' to suoh 
wonll ; It ii prefixed to ad}'«. 
and nouna). 

pi\l», g. id., /., generotit]', boapi- 
talitv, liberality ; coitie piile, 
the boUen of hospitality used 
by the BiaUohi, or almoners to 
ohlettAltu. aetftttX,. 

i;*ile4t, -lije, a., festdve ; per- 
talalns to a holida}' or festi^ 

|7tiledclfi, -^in, pi. id., m., a but- 
terfly (pei'fiteAciii in M.). 

ptileAthdiL, -iViLa, a., feitiTs, 
merry, HMonable. 

peitedThAin 4)1 ftoif, neorosia of 
the bone* ol the leg (Con.). 

]:eil.ed)iiTide, -di^e, a., appropri. 
ate ; ip Tteir F- *" c-aiTim 6, it 
la a nice, appropriate name. In 
the barony of Iveragh (£er.) the 
word 1b alwayi pronounced 

f iiLein, -iin, pi. id., m., a cod ; a 
bulk or pod of beaua, peas, 

herbi) [(yy.). 
^reilim, vt. peiteAibAintr), I suit 

{Sfayo) ; peiteann f £ no'n mh'O 

f m, it anawera for all these pur- 

pol«« {Oon. atmg), 
l^iiUjie, ff. id., pi. -fiie, m., a 

calendar, a catalogue of festi- 

Tala ; an almanac 
peitV-beAjic,/., treachery; an evil 

or treacheroua line of action, 
peitt-tntorii, m., a treacherous or 

evil deed. 
):ei1,m, -e, -ettA, /., a farm (In 

Sf., peipin, which te). 
peitm, ■«, pi. -BitA and -neati, 

/., a helm ; a helmet ; )?eiLin 

iapA""i. 1° iron helmet (A.), 
jreiLTn, -e, /., eoum on the eye 

^0'^■.)( = fihnp). 
i:eiLme0)|i, -ofiA, .oifii*e, m,, a 

former (also ]:eiVm£irl, -6^]ia, 

■fiilirte ; pf AjiTnaf, Don,). Set 

peipmeoi^ {Jt.). 
reiLmeoitieatc, -a, f., farming. 

ir^tceaC, -ci$e, a., keming holi- 
days or Church festivala. 

piiLreAfc, -a,/., feaatiDg or keep- 
ing of holidays. 

piilceos and peileos- See fiit- 

^eimin, g. id., pi. -I'oe, m., a liUle 
tail, a toft ; the oreet of a diake ; 
a sea-rod (dim. of peam). 

-peimitieAt, m., a beast that eata 
the tails of otlier animals. 

p^in, tmph. prn., own, self ; eren ; 
'nA Am p£in, in it« own time ; 
xn6 f £in, myself, etc. ; Oiof liom 
p£iii, I was alone J often ethi- 
cally, without emphasis, as, it 6 
pin Tjnic piin, eat that/oryciw- 
edf, eat on ; pan ipct$ ■onii; 
p^ifi, remain within doors ; tiA 
mbSA* piinc pfiin A3ani, if I 
bad even a pound; -o^an Anoip 
piin i, do it ewn now ; somet. 
added to words like feanA to 
express emphasis i ^eana p£in. 

himself; and after a 

ceded by pers. pr. to express 

own : mo fC^At ptiti, my own 

story; TSofO'inimteaScA-odiO 

Airci Ati uAifi pin p6in, and that 

they should have left it even 

then (Oidhe Ch. U.). 
e^ifieae, a strong form of p<in 

(J. M.). 
(:£ineA6Ar, -Aip, m., the code of 

Irish laws including judgments, 

history, and genealogy. 
F^ineAiCAin, a strong form of 

piin ; cii p., your very self 

i:4inicr, m., a phtsnix, a paragon ; 

a name often used in poeti^, 

eap. of a maiden, to imply all 

that is excellent. 
i:6itii-6 (pStnisJ = pirn; flip no 

f-AoiVeap piinis ni muipteofia* 

to kill yon ; and map a bpipAro 
CAO]ia na n-am p£ini'6 (Caoin- 
SA* Aifir Uf taojAipe)!- often 


F«i ( 1 

used u » strengthened or em- 
piuktiu furm of f^in, eep. in M. 

i;iinni'6, g. id., pi. -t, m., a oliam. 

Feinni-6ei4c, -*, /., Fankn bi- 
pkuta ; Fenian Htoricfl ; &ot of 
telling Btories of t'eiuan exploita 
(also pdtinAi'deaCc). 

1 paunch, a welt, a hoop; the 



peak of a cap ; ca peific dif, he 
naaapAuiich; hdCACfi ^I:elt1c- 
I, a tbree-oomored bat; 43 

fitat rcine 50 t^el)1c, alioking 
a knife to the baft 

f eiiie, g. id.,/., wrjaeaa, perveriie- 
neaa. See FiAf. 

freiti^AD, -fiit), pi. id; m., » fer- 
ret (A.). 

peittfn, ff. id., pi. -i-De.m., a reward, 
a present, a keepsake, a fairing ; 
zi F^iTiln letn' teau-feaiic im' 
p6cA tior, I have a keepsake 
from my dearest love deep in my 
pocket (long). 

ipei^m, -e, -eaed,^., a farm ; often 
with cataiii ! FBium tiitiiii, a 
farm of land (alao pettm), baile 
cditiih, id. {Don.). 

-peituneoi^i, -ojiA, -oi]ii'6e, m., » 

'peit'tt^e, Me. compar. of matt, 
good 1 the better of it; if f. tie 

Sn £, he ix the better m that 
bo peittijiDe). 

'Feijif^B, pools of water on aand at 
low tide. See pedHraT). 

feir, 'e. pi- -einni and -eifia, /., 
a iMtit^d, a parliament, a con- 
vention, a seasion, a conferenoe, 
on antertainmont ; night's quar- 
ters, acaommodadon ; a meal ; 
a sleep (generally pron. p^if ). 

pfeire05, -0156, -03d, /., a nap, a 
short sleep. 

f ^ifc, -B, pi. id., /., a feast, enter- 

]:eirce, g, id., J,, aooommodation, 
entertainment ; equipment ; 
order ; etowins, adjusting. 
(Feifce is used siinilarty to 
ftitc) See peirce^r- 

peifce^r, -cif, n>., order, regula- 
tion ; stowing, adjusting of 
things ; aooommodatioD, enter- 
taimnent; peii-ceAr Di'6de, a 
night's Booommudation. 

FeifCiSim. -inStt-o. v. tr., I prepare, 
arran^, aooommodate ; I moor 
(a ship); F«<I^i$ an tmt^t, 
fasten Che ouor. 

F«irciSte, p. a., tidy, com. 
FBAii peifci$te, a tidy, well. 

F^it, -e, pi. -eaia and -eAnnA, /, 

tain, a stream ; a swamp, a 
marsh ; the source or root oif a 

piic, -B, -BAen, /., a smaU twig, a 

withe, a wicker. 
p^it-^ftdpA-b, -fitA, M., a spasm, 

a ciamp. 
piiteae, -iiS, m. {coU.), nerves, 

Teins, sinews; twigs, etc. 
FiiiedC, -ti£e, a., sinewy, mnscn- 

lar, full of veioa ; swampy , 

also pertaining to twigs, wiUtes, 

ete. ; full of twigs, withes, etc. 
peiceaiii, -cme,/., act of watching, 

waitiog (npoQ, d]<), (for, te) ; 

attending, overseeing. 
peiteim«nc«r> -^Ti "•■i longing. 

Buffering, endurance, patienoe, 

delay, waiting. 
piicein, -Ain, pi. id., m., a. small 

Toin, sinew, tendon ; alao, a little 


, m., a quill, spool, eto. 

Fiiteann«6 -ntfi, a., sinewy. 

feitioe, g. id., pi. -m^e, /., a 
beast in general ; a small beast, 
as disbinguiahed from t ' 

Feitim, vl. FBiceam, v. tr. and 
intr. {obs. eioept as vorbol noun), 
J wait, await, abt«n4 oversee, 
watch, observe, regard. 

Ip6\tle, g. id., /, woodbine. Su 


ftttl^At, -li£e, «., maewy ; 

strong, bony. 

Ipittl^at, -tige, -It^iA, m., % 
vein, ftu Mtery. 

piitteA^. See r^iuLe^A. 

j:6icleos> -oise. -05^, /., the pod 
or huBK of any leguminous vege- 
table ; hooeysuckte, woodbine ; 
gristle ; pfitleATin, id. 

feitimeAt, -niiSe, a., OKeM, 
watchful, palieot. 

petciheoip, -o^ia, -oi|ii'6e, ■■ 

i{E. B.). 
'peotait, -tzA, m., & blasting, a 

decay, ft wiOiering. 
FeotiT>on, -am, pL id., to., the 

oommon 00m tbiiitle. 
j:ao6ci, p. a., w 

deoayad, faded. 
peo'oaim, «t peoi, v, intr., I 

wither, decay, droop, perish 

(also feotiim). 
peo^^d'D, vL ipeotiivt, m., aot of 

withering, wasting away ; peo'O, 

]?eo'6ui3im, vi. •o^^'i and feoii, 

V, intr., I droop, wither, deoaj. 
peos, -oige, -ojA, /., a rush; 

e. ^i4*j,iii, » sort of wild nub 

shriTellad. St« peo6cd. 
peoil, -Ola, -otci,/., flesh; meat; 

muic-feoiL, pork ; CAOip-teotl,, 

mutton ; maittc-reoit, Deef ; 

Uoi3-teoit, Teal (s hard is if., 

seoond member short in U,). 
peoil ^dpAilV, toagh, briaUy 

sabstaaea lik» ivy found in boge 

peoil-itced^, -ci£e, a., oarni- 

peotji, ■otui, -oflA^A, /., a border, 
brun, edge {O'N.) ; the River 
Hon CwiU) artid«). 

1 veo 

peoi]ii«e, g. id., pi -ttiie, m., a 
beach ooverod with pebbles ; 
ate) a borderer (C^.), 

peoiptms, -a, pi. -i*e and -oAtA, 
/., a farthing, 

peoitne, g. id., p^. -nrte, m., e 
full-grown blade of grass ; 
withered gta-ea. 

peoL^ndiit, -6jia, -^iitiie, m., a 

pcolAifB, o. Mi., pi, .(irte, «., a 
dealer in Dutches meat. 

psoLBii. See peotiriit 

peoL-fuil, -M*,/., heart's blood 
{^poei. exprcBsiou). 

peoLfiiAf, -mA\i, m., fleshmeat; a 
msas of raw fleah i p. ■oo'oiAniili 
xiiom, to oonvert me into car- 
rion, to kill me (by wounding) 
(Ker.) ; also feol&a£. 

peolihiiji, .iitiB, a,, fleshy, oamal. 

peotui^e, p. a,, wounded, out 
[from FeoVmsim). 

peoft, poet, for fiAp, which set. 

peof-Junn, -.ainne, -Anna, /., the 
green Ixuik, edga or shore oS the 
sea ; tha margin of a lake or 
riTer ; aiao a green sward ; a 
sandy lavel apot on the brink of 
the Boa i ir ri"" rinc* Ap f eoji- 
ainn axi cftfiibe, as we lay 
stretched on a green award in 
the mountain, or at the moun- 
tain's brow {M E.) ; ceotidnn 
(nom. used by P. (/G.) u rather 
the g«n. case of feoju, (Eng. 
shore) than the nom. cue (ah 
^ao|iA, DA ):eot<Ann, Af an 
^ojiAinn — P. O'O.'atMte); nwn. 
often written t^aoticAnn and 

peofan, -ain, pi. id., n., a neen 
pasture ; a mountain valley ; 
land near a stream or rivar ; tlie 
atraam itself ; a brink or edge. 
See Feofiamn, 

peofAn curifAis, ID., water hone- 
bound or common gipsywort, 
Lgcopu$ Europctue. 

the spindle tree. 

11), peotitdnn. Set reop- 

prick wood. 



peo c i 

peor-i>C, -aifte, a., withered ; 

iiiiddte-ageutP) : cac da QfCAp 
bpeor^^ (Otnantc Poems). 
peocA'oin, peotanin. See psoi- 

reocin, -Ain, pi. W., M., » 

mouse (ffM)- 
fiAtpar. -"T) "*•. " 's^s' 

CfeataC, au ague, a, quDtidian 

fever ; p. eao-DmaiS, id. ; p, f-eAfi. 

]iiin, a wandering fever; p. 

^01 Le, aatomacli fever. 
piaQiiAraf, -r"S8i "■• feveriih. 
piaCfarta, indtc. a., faveri«li. 
;:iaf, g. <f^it and piai£, pi. ptaid, 

m., a raven J p. TinC, a raven; 

p. paif i^se, a cormorant, a aoa- 

raven ; p. cfpe n6 pL^iDe, a 

):iae, tn., a debt ; now only in pi., 
pia6a, debts, price ; vi. piaia 
ai|i, he is in debt; piaAa na 
inb]i65, the price ol eboea ; 
cuiiipeaT>-ra v'^ia^aitl one, ic, 
I'll compel you, eta. (in thia ajid 
similar phrases there are a great 
many variations of 'o'f laiaiC, aa 
cuitipeAV-pa ia£alL o]ii;,ii'f ia£- 
ainc ore ic). 

piacaiL, -e, pi. piacLa,/, a tooth ; 
an item in indented objects; 
eituji-^iiicail, one of the fore- 
teeth, the iQter-teeth; piacta 
poiiaif, wisdom-teedi ; piacla 
CAtibai'o, cheek or jaW'teeth 
i&B.) ; pcatp-f lacait, a task, 
a promiaent tooth ; piacaii 
fLeite, a harrovr pin; nioti 
tfiK/i r^ aon ^lacaiL ann, he 
used the exprcBsion without 
softening it down (of a curse, 
eto.)i inM, sp./.noni.pia(ML,aDd 
often m. ; niofi ftpir pocal mait 

Eiacait (tiaifi, a good word never 
urt anybody ; bean-pa ann i 
n-ainT>eoin a eiiil-piocaite, I'll 
be there in spite of bis very 
worst (M.) ; but aj LaCaific 
pa 'n' pid6ail, articulating al- 
most inaudibly C^. also piacLe). 

piacaiLce, iadec. p. a., indented, 
serrated, jagged. 

fiaiainc for piaCaift, oompnlsii 

coippoaip-ra Ti'fiafiatnc ope 6, 
I will compel you to do it; also 
CBitipea'o-ra '^ta£al oftc (M.). 
Set piai. 
piadan, -am, pi. id., m., a yonug 

ITiaeanea, i 

■:, at a niggardly 

piacLaC, -ai^e, a., toothed ; having 
great or many teeth or tuaks; 
anappiBb ; an animal with re- 
markable teeth (aa «h6«.). 

]:iacLui^)in, ■luja*, v. iatr., I 
grin, lahow the teeth. 

pa*, g. piai*, yi. -■6ta, m., 
a deer, a stag; pid'6 pionn, a 
roebuck, a fallow deer ; ni'L 
cuiThne an f lai* asac, you have 
but a poor memoi7, 

pia'6a,^.Kl.,i».,God; God's good- 
ness or benevolenoe ; viotuale ; 
manifeetation {<yN.). In the 
phrases, Tiap (^laii, T>ati -pia-o ly 
vail poLaf, a oommon aasevora- 
tion, and tuj r§ (Tva'b, cn^ fi 
fifl* ippiolaii, he swore, it is 
uncertain whether the word is 
equivalent to pia'6a, or merely 
a substitute word for Tlia ; 'oaii 
fot "Dia ia alio a oommon objur- 
gation in M., but difficult to 

-pia-^ae, -aig, m., act of hunting ; 
a hunt; cdto venison; LnCe 
piaiaij;, huntsmen ; 5a4ait> 
f laiaig, hunting dogs, 

paiiAi^im, rf. pia-ftai, u. Ir. and 
iij(r., I hunt (also F)a*afiain). 

piaiaite, g. id.,/., weeds in gene- 
ral. iSee pta^jarl.. 

pia'Aain, -e, a., wild, uncultivated, 
untamed, savage ; 56 pia-oaii), 
a wild goose (pia-oain. Con.). 

piaiain, -e, /,, evidence, witness, 
testimony ; presence, being pre- 
sent; nom. also piatitkine. 

pia'Aain, -e,/., wildneea, madness, 
diBtraction ; CuaTjaft 1 Cpia'oain, 
they went crazy, they betook 
themselves to flight. 

piaiainaiL, -ihla, a., wild, savage. 

Fia*an, -am, pi, id., m., a witness. 

pia^anca, inaee. a., wild. 



riA«.CeiitdiieA£, m., a wild 

pido-eapdVl, -AiLV, in., B wild 

pi. id., m., a, wild boar. 
|:iA«-teoi1„ /., veniBuii. 
piA'bSaiL, -Al-a, /., weeds of every 

kind; vetches. 
pia'6-s6, D>., a wild Booee. 
■pi4«-tii4a, /., a wild duck. 
jria-61,inn, -amne, -atini, f., o 

pd'6-muc, -iViuice. -iHuca, f., a 

wild pig. 
pii^nat, -aije, a., orident. 
|;iA'6nd)re, g. id., pi. -r'^e, /., 

witnera, presence ; testimuu^, 

evidence ; a witnsss ; i bp., id 

pr«tenoe of, before (with ^n.) ; 

bto'6 d p. Af . . ., M a wituess 

I ma]' quote . . . 
pri-6n6i*, -e, -ce, m., a witoetB; 

teetimony, evidence (if.); pron. 

pA-dnai'fte, nt., a huntsman. See 

pia-6nuisitn, ■uJa-6, v. iiitr., I run 

wild, grow mad, distracted ; 

Fidim^im, id. 
Fi4«tiu.Sim, -uja*, V. inlr., I 

att«a^ evince, witness, tell, 

pidviiuitie, p. a., witnessed, evi- 
denced; also run wild. 

piA^ta, indte. a., wild, shy, dis- 
tant, reserved (poet, f^oca) ; 
also savage, ferooious. 

pia'D'tojic, -tuipc, pi. id., m., a, 
wild boar. 

piiiui-ie, g. id., pi. --ite, m., a 

quiring; an inquiry, a question; i 

cein i:'fiaft""S*^e ©tie («.), | 

«4i) e'fiafpuiSB ofC (Coil.), I 

tean i'ftiFpuijB ojic {Cavan), | 
ein Fiacpuije ojie {Tory I.), 

tin and -oein riAcpui^e Ofc ] 

(iten.), how inquisitive JOB are I I 

F'*FI""S'"i, rf. Fiappuije, I a^, 
enquire (of, ■oe), question. 

FiAFIiuijte, p. o., asked, inquired, 

):1AJ^ttu>^ceAd, -ti^e, a., inquisi- 
tive, fond of asking questionB, 

p->5' 0- -^ *^ F"i'Sei P'- «*■. /-. 
a rush (also peAS and F'OS)- 

pidJA. See pid'oa. 

piA^dile,^. uf.,/.,akindof weed, 
weeds in generaL See vMi>- 

riA^catAiL, .e, A ootme Mdge 

piAiL.lleAf Cd£, -Aije, a., element, 
oompassioiuite, generouB, boapi- 

{:id)l-Eed£, tn,, a house of general 
entertainment ; a wild oeast's 
den ; a ferret iiouse. 

f^iAif-^edfipcA, p. a., out across, 
hacked asunder. 

PmL, gef. fijtt, a., ^Deroos, 
liberal, bountiful, hospitable. 

PiaL, .Alt, -Cd, IK., a ferret ; piAt- 
ceAi, a ferret^house, a place 
where ferreto are bred ; a boast's 
lair in general. 

l^iAlaCc, -A,/., hospitality, liberal- 
ity, bountifuluess. 

piAlAr, -A, m., relations, kin, a 
tribe; also friendship, lenity, 

■piALlAi, -oij, -Aije, m., a knight- 
errant, a ohampioa ; modem 
meanine is rather a wild or 
savage-looking man (nom. also 


JTiAtilidiiieAic, -a, /., generosity, 
liberality, munificence. 

piaUrtiaiceAr,/., generosity, liber- 
ality, munifloeaoo. 

p^AtniA^, -Ai]ie, a,, bountiful, 

FiAiii-Sailie, g, id., m., a smile. 

Fiann, g. pfiinne, pi. -a and piAnn- 
Ai*e, m., a Penian, a soldier; 
hero, ohampioii ; one of the 


p* ( 3 

. -A, /., the Fenian 
order, the luiaient Irislt militia ; 
leaderBhip of the Fenians ; oub- 
toms, adventures, attributes, 
exploits of the Fanians ; stories 
oonoeminf; them ; act of telUng 
those stoiies ; (H^^al. fMAnnaiv- 
edtcd, a ramance ; i Qf lAntiAi'o- 
eadc, amono; the Fenians ; non- 
sense ( W. Ctori). 
JTiAtin-'Dun, St., a fortress ; a gar- 

p)anntDoe, n>., a hero of the 

ancient Irish militia ; also 

)»Annl.dC and piALtdt. 
pidnnui'Ae. ISte p 
"" i,fft/'-F*tfe, ">■. 
Mad, wild (of 

winked, perverse. 
piAfi, 5. piiitt, pi. Fiafi, m,, a flaw, 

a defect ; cA f\^f bea^ ann, 

there is a Oaw in it (in glass, 

eto.) {Der.). 
f^Ajie.i, -aije, a., twisting, in- 

fi lmin g, slanting, warping. 
pionAd, -Alt, m., rough ground 

tilled for Oie first time {Uon.j. 
pMjiA'A, -•ii'6, m., the top, the 

bendmg. See yiopAii. 
Fiifidim, -A-6, V. It., I twist; I 

bend, inoline. 
piaTir, -am, m-, in phri., ij ■ont 

art f., leaving hutne in a fit of 

anger with intent to stay away 

some time ; Cuaiv fe a\i p., he 

left home in a huff (U. ). 
fitfitf, -Ai)-, m., orookednees, per- 

•e, /., wandering, 

FiAIi-fuiLe-ift, -lise, a., squint- 

Fiaii-titT"* (-t-par"*). ^1 
athwart, across ; e.g., r- puta. 

piafcilafi, -aig, m., forked rushes, 
"sprit" (Don.). Also T^^f 
ziX&i, -aiSe, /.; ^a^ap f., a 
" goat " of sprit, t-e., a bound 
bundle of it. 

piacd, indic. a., wild, shy, distant i 
cdao stroDg, savage, ferocious ; 
temperate ineatingand drin king 
iOon.). See piA^ca and p^Aca. 

) FiF 

pidCaihaiL, -riila, a., wild, savage. 

ITiacjaiL, -ata, pi. id., /., wee& ; 
vetches. Set pia^gail. 

pibin, g. id.,jit. ■I'Ae, m., a laugh- 
ing-stook, a fool ; againe(0'.W.). 

pibineafc, -a,/., playing the fool, 
trifling, getting on with antios ; 
gadding (of cattle). 

pvte, -ati, d. -tio, pi. -titi, /., 
twenty, a score ; vei£ if ftta, 
thirty; vi ^idiTi, forty; tieii 
If cf) p£n>, seventy ; aon a|i 
piCiT), ; veatiha^ 
af ^leiti, thirtieth, etc, 1 iatp.l., 

pi^ea^ (fideaihao), itidec. ord. 
num. a,, twentieth. 

FiteoTjao : cff fitea'Oa'A, six- 
tieth ; ceitfie fif iTiea'b, eighti- 

iprt, g. pea'6a, m., a wood, a rod. 

Set F>o«. 

a chain, a 

. tr., I 

pi'6-£ean5al, -aiL, m., 

JJi-o-eeanjUim, -5.^l, 
bind (with a chain). 

pi-oeos, -oise, -05a, /., a small 
pipe or reed ; a nute, a whistle, 
a flageolet, a fife, 

p-DiL, -e, -I'oe,/., a fiddle, a violin 

JTitiiteiii, -ta|ia, -£ijii-6e, m., a 
fiddler (also Cei'ot.eatidif). 

f nuliiTfeafic, -a, /., a playing on 
the fiddle ; met., trifluig. 

pioift (old form of FeaT>a|i), 1 
know ; ni m4 na£ Fi'^^'fi ^ know 
well {(fD.); used in this form 
in Co. Donegal, e.g., nan fioif 
'f nap ^ostuiTt) an ^aroip, who 
aid not know or le«m the Lord's 
Prayer {Don. *ong; ■Oeilin na 
T)Cinclei|>i'6e) ; n{o|> f iiitp me 
cif fcafi mo CiaLL uaim, I 
hardly knew whether my senses 
had parted from me {old U. 

pioitte, g. id., pi. --oiii-be, m., a 
jester, a merry person, a trifler. 

piT>it<ea£u, -a,/., smiling, constant 
laughing, jeering, trimng. 

pi-omeannaC, -aij, m., a kind of 
large fish. 

pip, -e, -.lie, /., a fife (A.). 


t^v ( ■• 

fifeAii6\f, 'Ofi, -imiie, nt., one 
who pUya on the fife. 

Flped-Doireiftc, -4, /., the art of 
playing on the fife. 

CiFinei*, -mi), m., greea broom 

Pfse. 3- W- Pl. -5'«e, /, a fig ; 
ctiAnn pis*, a fig tree. 

Fige, J. »a. and -Jee, /., a weaving, 
a twistiiig, a twining. 

pi^edtin, -Jiin, m., act of weav- 
ing; a wreath, a ohaplet ; a web. 

FiJeawdtTi, -djia, .dttii-^e, m., a 

pig6AX>6iTieAtc, -4,/., weaving. 

piSiL, .e,y., a prayer, a vigil. 

Fijim, -Se, p. J.. -See. v. Ir.. I 
weave, plait, twut. 

F'$tri -^' /'• ^^ email passage that 
conveys sound to the ear (O"^.), 

pSce, p. a., woven, twisted, 
plaited i ci fiiw F'S^s Fuai^ce 
tl>iT> 4 tiil^, they are inex- 
tricably mixed up together 

gri^cein, -iin, pf. >e2,, m., an incor- 
rect way of writing peiceAn or 
eicei.n ; pt^ceAn pi^cATJiJiid 
(eice^n or Feireiiii), a weaver's 
quilt or bobbin. 

ptLbin, g. id., pi, -rte, m., a green 
plover, a lapwing (pilibSn 
in M.). 

pile, g. -LCA^ and -Ut, pi. ■ti'6, 
-le^'DA and -li-6e, gpl. fii-eii), 
m., a poet, a profeaaor (nont. also 

pileA'ocj, indec. a., poetical, per- 
taining to a poet. 

piLeariiAiL, -amti, o., poetic, 

piLibtn, g. id., pi. -i*e, m., a small 
poisonoos fish found among 
sand-eels {Mayo). 

filiieAic, -A,/', poetry, minstrel- 
sy, art of poetry ; philosaphy. 

JTilirclnead, -nij, ■nije, m., a 

rilLeAi), -Lee, m., act of returning 
(to, ati). turning {from, 6) ; a 
' n ; a fold, a plait. 

wrinkle, a 

T^iLLeos, -015B, -05a, /., a shawl, 
a mantle, a oovenng. 

|^ltLlm, -ea'A, t>. inir. and Ir., I 
turn, bend ; return (to, ip ; 
from, 6) ; turn baok 1 aiso fold, 
plait, double, wrap ; I pay baok 
in kind, I make return for. 

piLl-ce, p. a., folded, plaited, 
doubled down ; deceitful, treooh- 

Fimmeae, -nis, pi. id., m,, a 

ptnitieiic, -a,/., hypocrisy. 

Fine, 0. id., pt. -a-6o and -a-ttiA, a 
stock, a nation, a tribe, a family. 

pineae, -nije, a., frugal (ffiv.) 
(also pmi'Oe.iA). 

pned^dr, -Aif, m., kindred, con- 
sanguinity, inheritauoe. 

FinfiaSjia, g. id., ta., vinegar. 

trineiit, -iU, /., a fine (A.). 

pn^aL, -61I., m., fennel, /omteu- 
lam ; frnb&X. cuihtia, oominon 
fennel ; pin^oL trimtie, fine- 
leaved hedge mustard. 

pltieitca, indec. a., fine, finely 
drawn out, delioate ; subtle ; 
well-dieased, elegant (^). 

pine^LcaCc, -a. f., condition of 
being finely drawn ont, delicacy; 
finery ; fondness for dress ; ele- 
gance U')- 

-pfnedLCAf, -Air, >n., delioateness. 

Ste FfneilcAiic. 
pineaTliiiin, -mna, /., a vineyard, 

a vine ; a twig, an osier. 
^ineamnaC, -aije, a., abounding 

, mity, full of 


piniDi-Ae, very small potatoes 

(same as cgiedtain and clob- 

afAin) (Wat.). 
pnne. g. id., /., fairness (of hue), 

whiteoeBB, beanty. 
pi'nne. See piA^nei'd. 
rinn§dLL, m., a bright oloud 



Fin < ! 

Finne-fteAti, /., a fair lady (de- 

□liaed like be^n, which «ee). 
i;inneoLar, -^ir, m., pleasaut or 

refined koowledge, 
Firn-ffiinni*, g. tS., pi. -e, m., a 

oaptslD, « genaral. 
pmn^einue, the white aalioiia 

(NorwegianB, Finlanderi, etc.)) 

sa diatlDguiBhed from the X>mC- 

ieiTice, oommonly supposed to 

be the Doaei. 
]:innrc^AL, -^il,pl.-d and-cA, m., 

a romantic tale ; a Btorr u£ the 

Fenians; a fable. 
pmnrc£dl.A£, -diSe, a., romantio, 

piiinrc6itni'6e, g. id., pi, ■■ite, m., 

piob, g. pibe, pi. -A, a small battle- 

Fio6, g. 'A and f16, m., fury, 
anger, wrath, ire ; laud, domi- 

pioiiriidti, -Aire, a., furiooi, wrath- 
ful, fierce, cruel. 

pio-D, ff. .A and yet-ta, m., a tree ; a 
wood ; coitedi pe^'dA, a wood- 
cock, a pheaaant-oock ; ceAfC 
pea'OA, a wood-hen, also a 

«heasant-hea ; ah piov, the 
ews, Co, Armagh, gen. in 
tao.'in ; e.g., Cd mi ^3 ■omX. 'un 
an fea*a; bealaC mop an 
tea*a, the old main road from 
Dundalk to Armagh, passing 
through the Pewa [knn, F. M., 
A.D, 1607, (/Dan.) ; also pii and 

pioilae, -aij, -4i£e, n»„ a martyr ; 
F.O*ae -06, a hermit {CfN.). 

piooln, -am, nt,, the pith of the 
alder txee ; the marrow ; piotian 
a -^rioma, the medulla or spini^ 

pio'Dbad, -Aije, /,, a woody dis- 

triat, henoe place -oamea Fee- 

vagh, Fivy, 
pio-oSa*, -ai*e, pi. id., /., a wood ; 

a grove, a thicket, 
pioii-guati m., charcoal, cinders 

of wood. 
pio*-riia5a-6, -ai-6, pi. id., m., a 

BcofFer ICon.). 

pio]^a, indtc., the windward side 

Fiosa-A, .ai'b, •Ai'Ae, m., a dog- 
fish, pen.fiah (somet, fiojad). 

Fiogaip, -SjiAd.-Jt'aeA,/,, a figure. 
amark, sign, diagram; figurative 
referenoB ; shape, appearance ; 
fashion ; p. iia Cpoif e, the sign 
of the C^^, 

FioSpuiJim (poSAjiaim, rfoj- 
faim), -ujA-i, V. tr., I figure, 
lashioD, outline. 

Fionatca, FfonAlcad;. 8c6 pin- 

eoLcA, pineatcatc. 
piontiA, indec. a., vinous, belong- 

FionjAt, -S^ile, /., the slaughter 
of a feliow-tribesman or rela^ 
tive ; murder, treason {nom. also 
pionsaiL and ponjaite) ; somet. 

pionSaldi, -Ai^e, a., fratricidal ; 

as mdiat., a fratricide ; a traitor. 
plon-Sopc, -Soipc, pi. id., m., a 

Fioniiiap, -ihaijte, o., vinous, 
abounding in wine. 

pionn, g^. pinne, o., fair (of hue, 
hair) ; paJe, pure, white ; true, 
sincere ; fine, pleasant ; often 
as a prefix in compounds ; 
Ftonn-toraft, fair-footed] pionn- 
Tinme, m., a fair man ; ponn- 
aoLcA, pure white (white-lime- 

Fionna-6ptiu, m,, a likenesa of one, 
one's HQcond self ; one in the 
"hue and cry." 

jriontiAecAin, -AiiA, /., act of 
making known, finding, recog- 
nizing ; experience, discovery ; 
pionnAdu, ui. 

piOTinao (prop. FionnpA'D), -aii, 
-ai-6e, M., hair, fur (as on live 
animals, but not the hair of the 
human head) ; ca dii p. 'ha 


PO ( 3 

feif"''''' I'pci, the (oow'h) hair 
IS standing erect (which ia a 
bad feature) ; jHonnaf ■□ Cim. 

fionnatia* (prop, pionnra-iat), 
-Aije, a., hairy, furry. 

■pioimaiS FeAnnA'6, in phr. like 
ni ji^-iTi f. f, ^136 Le i:i^An.iih, 
he had nothiug to do {Con.) 

pontiAiiriKiC (prop- Fionnfa-Dai), 

-Aige, a., hairy, rough, 
ponnaim, -i*, v. tr., I know, tiy, 

examine, aee, behold, reoogaize. 

};iotiTiAnn, I flay, etc. See f einn- 

pionna-ihSin, -ihdna, /., white, 
mosay peat. 

(Ttonnan, -Ain, m., a kind of long 
ooarse wlut« grass which grows 
on marshy land, used for making 
graaa ropes (ri^g^xi) and aa bed- 
ding for cattle. 

jrionn.AoLAim, -a*, v. Ir., I whit«- 

Fionn-aoLci,, p. a,, wliitewaflhed, 

pionnA-ttud'^. a., of a yellowish 

red colour, sandy ; f^T^S F-i 

sandy uhiskers. 
-pionn-bfiuiine, g. id., m,, brass, 

copper (also Finntipine}. 
JTiOnti-f DdAc, !»., coolness, 
pionn-^ujii, -aipe, a., cool, re- 


, rettigerato (pionn- 

FUAtlAlltl, id.). 

■pionnFuapu'Sce, p. a., cooled, 

ponn-Laoi, -laoifi, pi. id., m., a. 
captain, a leader. 

Jhonnds, -0150, -65a, J., a royaton 
crow, etc, (also peimiiSs]. 

pionnfcot, -rcota, -rcotai-6e, m., 
a flower, a blosaom ; used also 
as a female personal name. 

piotitircouai;, -aije, a., flowery, 
full of blosaoma. 

ponncat, -aise, a., fair ( = Fionn). 

JTiOnncflii, -aiTi, m,, risk, jeopardy, 
Struggle (used aomowhat like 
rcTiiure) ; 'ouL 1 bcionncaii dn 
^DTiaip, to approacb so near the 

-pionncjiat, -Ai$e,a., venturesome. 
);ion-u&dl1., lit., a ^pe. 
pionuip, -djia, -uifii'^e, /., tbe 

I.,/. : 

cooking with truth' and T . 
what IS false, a folk-tale i 
spired by a proverb. 

■pio)!-, inUnave pi^rx, Tery, tmly, 
quite (with a.) ; real, perfect, 
complete (with s\^M.). 

pio|ia'6, -]ita, m., act of verifying, 
proving ; asserting, testifying. 

piotia-6, -am, ■ai'oe, m., the back- 
bone ; a verge or ridge ; tbe 
back of a hill. iSee piafa'c. 

p<o]iaiin, -a-6, ti. tr., I make true, 
verify, fulfil. 

plop-aitfijie,,/., true repen- 
tance, perfect contrition. 

piop-UoAn, -aine, a., steadfast, 
lasting, livelong. 

l?io|i-fiancain, /., instruction, a 
discourse, act of chanting ; aj 
pi Of -tan cam deoil, ohanting 
muaic (of birds) (if. JR.). 

i:foii-*aoin, a., truly aflable, truly 
gentle ; somet. used as eiibe., aa 
m cioti-daoin piiLce, a hearty 

Fiof-tana, g. -tatia-o, fi. -tiijiTje, 
ni. and /., a true friend. 

pioii-toiriieaoaim, rf. -toiiJiSa-o, 
V. tr,, I keep carefully, guard 

llioii-tnaiftteai, -tije, a., truly 
faithful ; sincerely virtuous. 

poii'ca, indee. a., aineere, true, 
genuine, righteous. 

■piofoaec, -a, /., truth, veracity, 
sincerity, righteousnega. 

]:iop-*oda)i, -aiji, m,, great suffer- 
ing, great loss or injuiy. 

irior-'ftoimne, g. id., /, the vast 
deep (poe(.). 

Fiop.fiiaodcaic, -a, /., genuine 

pioji-sati. »-, very near ; 50 rfoii- 


pfoii-slAiTie,/,, quiateuenoe; sin. 

oeritj; oh&atit^. 
Ftofi-Jpii, m., true love. 
pioti-3liAin, /., thorough detestiv- 

tioD ; intense dislike (Donl.), 
fioj\'i<i\i.i\n^ iniUe. a., exceedingly 

ugly.£, m., a, true hero, 
tTiofiniAimeinc, pi. -iiie, f., the 

|*Joti-riiAtt, a., truly good or 

piofi-ihiSti, -iSijie, a., truly greivt. 
■pioii-iiiulLaC, m., the summit {of 

a hill], the very top, 
TTfop-naom (-naoniua), a., truly 

pore, veiy holy, 
pori-innj -ainne, /,, ft kind of 

lon^ coarse gra«a (also piouiian, 

which lee) ; fi,o\itaxm (Mayo). 
Ffo]i-tipnsAine, g. id., /., act of 

trnly foretelling. 
irfoii-cd]insaineacc, -a, /., true 

■Fiop-tobip, -«itt, m,, a spring 

p{o)i-6orA6, -A15, m., the very 

■p(on-t]iorc<i*4, -Att, m., true 

Ffoti-tjfoaJ, ■A)te, a., truly or ei- 

oeedingly pitiful, sad, wretched. 
Flop-tfUA^p -Atge, /,, exceeding 

mng, Sm cur- 

f to|i-uA(catt< "1^ the nunmit, the 
very top, the uppermost point ; 
genuine cream. 

FfOfi-oarsneAf. -"T. "■> * wilder- 

nees, perfect solitude, desert 
place ; sheer loneliness. 
Fiop-uattat, -aije, a., utterly 

pfoji-uarat,, -uiii-te, a,, truly 

t of c 

nfying ; 

7 ) po 

piotiBiSim. -bJa'A, v. tr,, I yerify, 

certify (Fiotiaim, id.). 
pioii-uirce, m., pure or fresh 

water ; spring water, 
pior, g. Jjeari, pl- pearco, know- 
ledge, infonnation, iotelligeuce, 
art, science, word ; ocoul t know. 
ledge, prophetio knowledge ; 
■out ■o'^ior, to go to seek, to go 
to i xi'i fiof, to get iutelligenoa 
of him ; ^An f lor 00, a 5411 
^lof Tio, Without (his) knowing 
It, unknown to ; pior tto beit 
45 (ouine) a\i (puT)), to know, 
have heam, have information 
of ; F>or Tj'FJgiil, te get 
knowledge of, to know; piof 
t)o ivji dti, to send for, send a 
message for, send word to, te 
invite ; 50 Cirior ■oaih-f a, in my 
opinion, I am sure ; cA Cpiof 
■DHicf how do you hnowF ci 
pior Ai^e, be has occult or 
prophetio knowledge ; bean 
peapa, a fortune-teller ; ci fiof 
a ^ii6ua dije, be knows his 
business ; ci a pior a^am {ca'r 
ajam), I know (this phrase is 
■omet. used transitively, as 
ca'r a^am 6, I know it) ; piof 
with prep, ^an forms a noun 
oomhination ; 1 ^an-v'Or vuir, 
unknown to you ; 1 Dpof ajur 
1 san-fior, openly and secretly 
(the pl. reafca is need esp. oi 
Pionn Mac Cunhaill's special 
art of divination, eto.) ; ni'L 
pay asam an ftpuit, ^c., I won- 
der whether, ete. [Doit-), oor- 
respcoiding to n! ^ea-oa^t an 
ftpuit, (jtf.J. 
jrior. -'r^r/-- * vision. See pff. 
piofad, -aise, a., knowing, ex- 
pert, instructive, intelligent ; 50 
Fior^i, instinctively; 50 p. 
-Dam, to my knowledge, so far as 
I know; ip f lopai ■oam, I know, 
piof aic, -a, /., occult soieuce ; 

sorcery, divination. 
pioramaiL, -am La, a., expert, 

Bkilfnl, knowing. 
)^l0^tta±, -ai^e, a., inquisitive, 
prying, husy ; knowing. 


pioniotSe. 9- «i: Pl. -see. /■• «» 

porrniSim, -oga-6, f. (r., I ask, 1 

eQquir«, I viail. 
pojTioitte, p. a., Tiiited, ^uea. 

tioned, inquired after, eitumned. 
piortiuijceafi, -iije, a., inqniBi- 

tavo, prying. 
pioriiuiSteotli, -ojia, -oijii-De, m,, 

an inquirer, a questioner, a 

piotAt, .^it, m., a dwarf, a&ftbing 
■tunted ; a fairy, a hag, a goblin. 

fiotn&t, -41$, m., a rainbow. 

piott>^"' -^<ti> "*■• oommon wheat 
graaa (IriiieuM rtptna). 

Pr, -e. /.. truth (,0-N.). Ste piop 
and (tife. 

ptji- {ctoji-), imentilhe prefix, Tery, 
bulf, quit« (with a.) ; real, per- 
fect, complete (with »ubal.). 

f if-Ced^n, -i.tti, *»,, a very small 
quantity, very little, a small 
Dumber (with gtn. or -oe). 

);{]i-£eAiic, m., jDBtioe, rightsono. 

Flp-dmnce, a., truly afBrmed, 
quite certain, very exact. 

]7ff-4eAr, -'6eire, a., Tory hand- 
some, pretty. 

r!t<-'Ai'^> -^^> i^' the true Ood. 

j?f]i--6ilir, -tro, C; sinoero, genn- 

ine, true, lo^. Sa "oILir- 
Cfn--6Htr, -e, -eanna, J., the wild 

rose tree (ffN.). 
ptjie, g. id.. /., truth, sinoerity ; 

lomiig pljie, a true image, 
ptjieaic, -4,/., truth, verity ; sin- 

pipidii, -6fO, ji. W., m., a ferret : 

FuiJleAfi Fif ^'TJ, ferret's milk, 
e for the whooping oough. 

person, a juet man ; ua fip^i 
the ele<jt. 
Fip64imfi, -d.S. -aije, «i., a right- 

( ) pis 

Ff ti<And£, -Ai£e, a., just, righteous. 
pi^eann, a., male, maacaliiie. 
pitieannat:, -aij, -Aije, n»^ a 

|;t]ieann<i£, a., male, masculine. 
(ATote.— P. ffC. says of Fijiean- 
tlii and rir#«nat, etc., that 
they are redundant abetiacte 
and superfluous." ) 

rineannAfc, -a, /., of the male 
'■ ■ ho«L 




pi|<-eotA£, -A>3e, a., truly learned, 
very intelligent. 

plfi-eoLAr, -aif, m., tme know- 
ledge, knowledge. 

plf-flAiAinc, /., act of keenly 
watohina (also jM'fi-FeoCaiii). 

f ip'^BT' J' ' true oonvention. 

i;if-56Ai<, -iipe, a., really sharp. 

T'P-SL'C, a., tnily wise, very wise, 
very cunning. 

pifln, ff' id., pl. -I'ie, m., a little 
man, a mannikin. 

■piimine, g. id., /., truth. 

^ifinncAii, -nige, a., true, holy, 
righteous, faithful. 

]rlf mnca6u,-A,/.,truth, righteouH- 
oesB, faith. 

■pip-inrcne, /., the masculine gen- 
der 1 If tie'n f. t, it is a moscu- 

pin-fodcafi, -Aip, m., the real 
bottom, the lowest depth. 

piji-loCctiAft, -aije, a., doepeat, 
lowest, nethermost. 

pip-Leam, -leiiiie, a., very foolish, 
very insipid. 

pip-Li on A'6, -nca, m., multiplioa- 

ptp-LfonAim, -ai, v. tr., I miJtiply. 
j:tti-)iia6cana£, -aige, a., truly or 

absolutely neoessary. 
V'Ti '*■ /-> ^ dream, a vision. 
FT. ••i/v " ily*. * tincture, 
pfre, -e, /., a dream, an art, 

divination (nofn. also gHof, F<r 

and F'r^)- 
Fireos. -O'So. -OS*. /-. a long 

slender species oi nsb (Mayo).,.,..i.,GtX)L^lc 

pifeoif , -Ot"^ -oi]ii*o, IB., s 6j» ; 

pifeoipeaic, -a, /., dyaing, ool- 

pireotiiedCc, -d, /., acting tbe in- 

fipce, g. id., /., th» scieaoe of 

(TinceAtc, -a, /., the practice of 

pipci4e, g. id., pi. -*te, m., a 

of koowledge. 

lri*B4tc, -a, /., a poetdoaJ in. 

spiration ; the aot of dreamiiig, 

pitieaLL, -diVLe, ^toaLt*,/. (also 
ff. -titt.pi. -*eilL«,m.),*ahea»- 
board ; a game of oheM ; cLA^t 
fitirlie, a ohesa-boaid ; pedji 
^lifilLe, a ohesa-maii ; poif eann 
pit^ille, a iet of oheaa-men. 

pi£6edtta±c, -a,/., obeu-plajing, 
art of pUytog ahMB. 

picei>n. See peicein and eicejn. 

p>ii, n*., worth, prioe, equivalent; 
OB a., worth, equal in yeine to ; 
used (generallj with gen.) ia the 
flense of even : nf 71U 'Aatti 6 a 
ifiinaih, it i« not worth mj 
while to do it: nf pin Leir i 
'o'^icrinc, he doM not think it 
worth hU while to see it 1 bA'A 
ih6)i A b'f iii i, it would be very 
valuable ; nf piu rctLtitij i, it 
is not worth a flhilting; ni vti 
biottin If 6, it ie of leu vatoe 
than a, pin ; ni't piii na mb^id^ 
aise, he haa not even shoes; 
pifl 1 pioiCAiB biir, even at the 
point of death; pid aiViAin, even. 
(Note. — Probably pi ti, worth, and 
f\6, even, aa mnch as, are diatinet 

(Tidbanca, indte. a., worthy, valu- 

pijttancat, -at^e, a., worthy, 
ralnable, good, generous, die- 

tTi^Danr^r' -"ri ">•< worth, good- 
oesfl, merit, ezcellenoe ; gene- 
roiityr -" "- 

^inbaf, -Atf, »., worth, dignity. 

piu6<ii-6, a. riuicd, m., aot of boil- 
ing, bubblinc, simmering, raging; 
aji i;in£a'6, boiling, raging. 

Vio^dim, -tL-6, p.p. piutca, v. intr, 
and tr., I boU, Iiimmer, I bubble. 

piDiaitteaec, -*, /., fury, Iwiling 

f iBdtait, -•, /., aot of boiling, 
bubbling, nrnmering. 

pn6cd, p. a., boiled ; boiling, 

Fiu^ancat, -aije, a. Set pifiCAn- 

piij^ancaf. Bte pidAancaf. 
Tiun, 'Uin, tn., a "pearl" on the 

eye (Con.)- 
Tiiinar, -dir. m., pnoe, valne 


Fitincai, -aije, a., worthy, re- 
■peotabla. Sm iMubancdC. 

lliancar. -air. •»., worthiness, 
discretion (auo piubancar). 

trlaiie, ff. id., pi. -iiiie, /., a blaat 
of wind. 

ftai£ea6, .£i$e, a., windy, 

flaiTMfeaAu, -a, y.> fishing with 
a fly, or with any kind of bait 
dragged rapidly through the 
water (rorji). 

flaisfn, g. id., pt. -i«e, m., a 
flagon (J.). 

gentleman ; a hero ; a prinoi- 
polity ; ]:Lait'5.i0a, a obief 

ptait-iir^e, <»., a royal treasure. 
]:laiteariiail, -aihla, a., princely, 

generon* ; heavenly, celestial. 
jrt^iteaiii'ba, irahe. a., noble, 

princely, royal. 
plaiteaiVi*aftc, -a, /., nobili^, 

ptaiteaihtaC, -ai^e, a., generona, 

hospitable, big-hearted, 
f Laiieaihtatc:, -a,/, prinoelinew, 


FU ( ! 

pVditeAnAr, -Aif, m., beavrai. Ste 


pLaicSiir, ff. -tir or -tear*. P^- 
id., m., kingdom, princedom, 
conntiy ; reign, sovereignty, 
rule, dominion ; heaven ; often 
Deed in the pi. : 'fxn pUtitedr- 
diC, and 'fnd f Laitifi u> heaven ; 
c6iri-f ., joint reign. 

pLditneafAA, -Ai^e, a,, oeleBtial, 

'plAfpSAi'L, -e, f,, act of amaoking 
the fips ; making ■"•"'• "■*<■>> »>■- 

flea*, -ei*e, -ta, /., a feast, a 
banquet ; a oollation. 

{;tea4a(, -ai^e, a., feasting, con- 
vivial, festive. 

pled-^dt, -A\$, m., an entertainer, 

pted-Adfdr, -dif, m., feasting, 

^leA'OditieAf, -'oige, a., festive, 

fciai of feasts. 
t:teat)|iainn, -e, pi. id., /., a bnoy, 

a fishing buoy. 
plea-boga-6, -ui5te, m., aot of 

JTleii'Ouiftim, -uja*, w. inlr., I 

feast, Banquet 
-pLedn^ai, -dig, m., a kind of dog- 
fish (also pfiedngai). 
pl^ann n>rce, g. id., J., water 

orowfoot (mnuncu^tM aquali- 

^Learc, g. pteifc and ptedfcd, 
pi. id,, m., a garland, a wreaUi, a 
fillet ; a sheoiF ; a ring or oircle ; 
a olasp ; a hoop, a braice ; a sieve. 

f6 afi pLearc A i>vom&, he feU 
on his spine, on the "flat" of 
his back; dfi jidoit-ftearc a 

TTtearcae, -aij, -Aije, m., a rnatio, 
a yonth ; a bachelor ; a rascal. 
(FLeApJAe formerly signified a 

I ) pia 

man distinguiahed by a bodge 

of honour.) 
FleArcatan, -am, pi. id., m., & 

ruBtio. a boor, a countryman. 
FL^ipc, -e, -eata,/, a blow ((7o».). 

See pLfiarc. 
jrlibin. See riLbfn. 
yUt, -e, /., ohiokweed {O'N.). 
1pUi~tU\.&6, -ai^e, a., that saJi- 
flows at the mouth; 

, phlegm ; a torrent, 
pLifieaCc, -a,/., moisture, oozineas, 

fMi6i'6ea£c, -a, /., moisture, net- 

plitce, p. a., wet through. 
JMini, -ite, a., moist, wet, damp, 

juioy ; pfiaji pLini, grazing, as 

opposed to F^afi ciiiiin, Bay ; 

c^ fe pLiui ^o matt, he is fond 

eDOUgb of dnnk {Ker.). 
pLiu^a-D, -eca, pi, id., m., aot of 

wetting ; a wetting 
Fliutaim, -ta*, K. tr^ wet, water, 

irrigat«, steep, soak, seethe. 
pliu££n, -iin, in., moisture, rain, 

pliut^n, -lin, pi. id., m., a frog 

pliufitad, .a<i, m., wot weather 

}rliu6naT, -aif, •»., moisture, wot- 



■ptioeiiar, -air, »»., moisture, 

^itt^-fflSiiai. -aige, a,, wetatth« 

nose ; (/*. " eatpe emimgeris, exi 

oeius et propera, siceo venit allem 

naso" Cfuvetud). 
i:liufi-fuiLea6, -lige, a., having 

running or wat«ry eyes ; tearfuL 
pLocaf, -atf, m., a look of wool. 
pLop, -iSif, m., a flower {poet.). 
Fliiipre. ?■ "'■. /-I liberality, 

plenty, abundanae ; f. -oe'n 

ajian, plenty of bread (Oe».). 




rtiiifrsaC, 'p%e, a., generouB, 

TMurCii, g. id., pi. -ifie, to., a flux ; 
mini, atao jLorc ; ptorc an 
b^ir. the lost discharge of the 
body before death. 

ptorcaijieifir, -a, /., the act ot 
flattenng ; ni bi ag f. teir. 
don't be flattering him {Om ). 

f6, prep., nndar, for, at. al)out, 
throaghout, along, tewards. Bet 

If 6, prefix, under. 

JTO (io com pounds), oooaaional, 
odd, rare, few, small, slow, lighC, 
aa po-4uine, a person hei« and 
there ; po-1ivaiti, now and 
then, oooasionolly ; n< yb-tnea-ij 
fVAXiiT. not light or trivial was 
the wound I received (Fer.). 

fo-Catte, m., a suburb, a village. 

pdbaif, /., an undertaking, an 

a bathing aa with eyewatei 
|:6bii]ic (puabaiiic), -apta, /., a 
ohai^, attAck, onset ; alao 
trouble, disturbance, disquiet, 
afiont, abuse, insult. 
Fobap, fi. -6tui*e, m., the eye- 
brow. See paftap. 
t^fibtiaim, -baijic and -batf, v. tr. 
and intr., I begin, commence, 
undertake ; it had like ; it 
meditated ; it happens by aooi- 
dent ; Ti'f 6bflif otc ■oon ufdaji, 
evil nearW oame of the cast 
(yoew on Ftr.) ; bd -b'f dbaip -06 
i -00 Bptrea* he nearly broke 
it (where ■fi'^dbatfi Beems from 
this verb) ; n{oii'6'f6baip na 50 
mbeinn ann, I had the misfor- 
tune to be there ; f dbaif -Darti 
vcAtimaTi tio '66atiAm ai|i, I bad 
almost forgotten it (Don.) ; 
i(t\>a,Vf 30 'Dcnici;e4>'6, he almost 
fell; nioti -^'f obai]i tiom, 1 could 
hardly ; niop '6'f 6baifi n& 30 

pocail-tf*Atha6e, -a, /., ety- 

il-ptt^AiTiuiTie, g. id., m., «a 

podaip, /., proximity, pretenoe, 
company ; in phre. like 'n a 
^oCaif. near him, about him; 
I bpotaiii, with, along with, 
together with, in presenoe of 
(with pen.) ; 1 n-' fofiaip pn, 
along with that, also ; t bpo^ai]! 
beit xieatb, along with being 

i:ocat, g. pocait, pi. id, and cocta, 
to., a word, a saying, a phrase ; 
a promise, a oommand ; a vowel,^ 
a noun ; aji aon f. te, in agree- 
ment with, agreed ; 3aot an 
^ocait, a mere hint; t^ocal 
ma^aiv, a taunt, a bye-woid ; 
an nnubaitii: f6 aon nf4 F 
focat, did he say anything? 
nota word ; an pocal if meafA 
'na ^tnic, bis worst language. 

roiAU (pofotl), -aiLl, »., filth, 
dirt ; corrupt matter vomited by 
a patient ; corruption ; cai£ 
amad an poiatl, Bpew out the 
phlegm (said to a patient) ; 
^odall an ba>r> oomipt matter 
in the throat betokening death. 

podattat, -ai Je, 11., full of corrupt 
matter or phlegm. 

Fo-tacain, /., a saburb. 

ro-teann, m., one here and there, 
an odd one. 

podta, g. id., pi, -i'6e, m., an offer- 
ing ; a throne, a lordship, a 
principality ; the habitation of 
a great man 1.0'N,) ; a seat (in a 
chariot, eto. ). iSec podia, a cave, 

podia, g, id., m., the noriji, eepe- 
oially the north of Ireland [obe.). 

poCla, g. id., m., a, den, a cave, a 
grot : common in place names, 
aa cin an ■potla, a territory 
west of Clare Castle, in Co. 
Clare; Cuat an fodla, a terri- 
tory in the Barony of Coroom- 
roe. Co. Clare (P. &0.). 


J!oc\,6^■p, -iifiA, •6tni4e, »>■, & 
diotiouar; ; t, TooabuUry. 

(:o£in.i, g. td., pi. -i'6e, nt., a kibe, 
a, ohilblain. 


(also nom. foiMJi). 
}?oCniAii>ed6, -'D1SB, a., mookiug, 

scoffing, jeering. 
foCriiAi'oed'6, -rite, nt., sot of 

mcK^ing &t, sooffing (at, pi), 
pofirtiaroim, vi. poiiiiato, v. (r., 

I Bcoff at, mook, deride (also 

■Fo6]iar> -^Ti P'- *''■. ™-t *•>* 

; the soil ; earth ; graaa ; a 
spot ; knowledge, skill ; i tpoxi 
fi. tett, apart, in aquiet spot ; 
pdti dn Cisic, the first eod turned 
up in tiUing lea (Con.) ( nl'l jp 
fOTi iti Tjoiiiain, ^c, there is not 
in the world, eto. 

p6 T)', under thy. Ste pi. 

piJ-Ddt, -Ai£e, a., of sods ; landed. 

i;cr6att, -e, /., a division, Bopara- 
tion, releasing ; trouble, aniiety. 

poTiaitiin, -ila-fl, p.p. -Lee, v. tr., 
I divide, distinguish, eeparate. 

|rtr6i)ilce, p. a., divided, distin- 
guished, separated, 

finon, -iin, pi. id., m.. a little 
sod i a spot ; land, country ; 
pdtiin nd Dpidnn, the land of 
the Fenians, >.<., Ireland {Fer. 
et aiii). 

'p6v-fAi[irin5, -e, a,, long and 
broad, brood -sodded. 

p6i>td, g. id,, f., an ancient name 
for Ireland, very common in 

JTO'DoihAin, g. -oirtine, jii. -oirtini'de 

and -oiiiineAfa, /., a gulf. 
po-'Dojiar» -dT" -(i'PrB' '"■I • 

)?D-'Ao)ii>, -'Aoiftii, m., a murmnriug 
of bees ; back-biting ; a oon- 

po-'Aume, g. id., pi. 'ttotne, m., a 
] man, •arvant, inferior 

peraon ; an odd person ; a [ler- 
son here and Qiere. Set po. 
pogi, g. id., pi. -nno, m., a dart, 
a javelin ; an attack, an attempt, 

FoJaC, -A.S, -AiSe, IB., a marauder, 

a plunderer. 
poSaiL, -$td, -Sl-Atd, /., aot of 

Slundarmgi devastation, plun- 
or, prey, robbery, depredation ; 

trespaas ; grief, vexation ; a|i 

1:03411., plundering, outlawed. 
Fotflitim, -Ic, V. tr., I plunder, I 

devastate. See poJluiSim. 
fotAilce, p. a., destruotive ; atto 

JTo^Aiin, ti. yo^a, v. tr., I attach, 

rob, expel. 
pfitAitic, -e, -eaCi,/, a sarvioe; 

pfigAiticeaf, -ci^e, a., mffioient; 

serviceable ; good, fit. See piSS- 



Uireat«ning ; an 
izpelling, driving away. Set 
potAtiCA, a., good, useful, »ervioe- 
able ; t"«TJ *'5>" FoJAnci, 
something good or servioe- 

fojiiTiCAt, -aij, -4iSe, m., a ser. 
vant. an attendant, 

|r6s«nrde, -Ai^e, a., good, terrjoe- 
able, usefoL 

f 6g4ncaCc, -4, /., goodness, pros- 
perity, BuJBcienoy, service. 

piS^ncit. -Air, m,, utility, service, 

po-§a.ot, /., a gentle wind. 

Fojaji, -«ip, m,, sound, noise; 

pjSifi,-aifi,m., favour (17.) ; pron. 
aa if pAeft ; it, T>cdbaitt£i tiatH 
An f. no An fonn, I was not 
favoured in any way (P. Woiahj. 

yo^-i^iAt, -4iSe, "-. Bounding, 
vowd, noisy, clamorous (also 




jrojSanin, -am, m., a thiatle. &« 

pocatiin Mid FeotdUiTi. 
'po^l.At, -Aige, a,, destruotivs, 

rapacious, pluadering. 
FojtaC, -aij, -At^e, m., a robber, 
po^lAiieA^c, .«, /., robbery, 

pluoder ; y. matiA, pinwty. 
FoiLnSa-6, -oi5te, m., sot of plvm- 

deriag, Bpoiling, lajins waste ; 

tuic FOjtuiJte, plim^rers. 
pojlorte, a. %d., pi. -oi*fe, m,, 

(L MMkuder, plunderer, pirate, 

fojtBi^im, -nfta*, e. tr., I ran- 
mok, rob, plunder, spoil, de- 

fM>^t.ui$ee,;i. a., plundered. 

t^oXtOKn, g. -tumtA and -lAilid, 
pi, -Intme, sot of learning; 
Wriiing, instrootico, eduoa- 

foStuimce, g. id., pi. -ei*e, «., a 
schobr, an apprentice, a novice. 

)^05LamA1m (po^laimittm), U. 
FO^lnini, imjter. id., I learn ; ac 
p05l.a)in Biif, on the point <3 
death, or dangerously iu. 

foslumca, o. a., learned, well- 

t^o^itiiiti, -ibAif, at., autumn, 
barreat, harvest-time ; the har- 
vest ; meiieAm «n f djihaip, 
meA'odn ):6gnidtti, September; 
'Oei|iea'6 posniAt]!, October. 

pdsrii Ajiaii, -Ai^e, 0., antomnal, be- 
longing to autumn, barvest-Ulce, 
&vonrabIe to harveating oper»- 

FoSiSiitiaft, -aij, -Aije, m., a 

pojijiifoi-oe, g. id., pi. --ice, in,, a 

Fos""*ri -"^T' "*■' obedience, 

hom^e, respect (also pomof and 

poSnaA, -^anta, m,, act of serving 

{also posnaiii). 
pojiiaim, rf. rojnim, imptr. 

po^Ain, V. intr., I serve, avail. 

am of »erviee to (do) ; anit, 
suffice, satisfy, perform. 

pojiiAiii, -Aiib, ^. id., m,, act of 
serving, availing, doing good, 
being of u«e or service (to, 'oo) ; 
suiting, snfficiUK, satisfying ; 
performing; service; nrUtn >)|l 
pognAtii, I am ill, bvt ufluaJly 
not ritm ap j^ogtiAiii, I am well ; 
po^ndiii mo ttuA]', the use of 
my ears; 5471 foSraih, 
a nseleas, idle person ; ci p£ 
5«ii 6eit »p is ill ; ca p( 
af p., it is obtainable or ready 
for use l,I>oit.). 

FoSnoiiim, -na*, «, inft-.. I rever- 
enoe, serve (with 'oo). 

p^Sra'A, -sap^A, ol. id. and 
-5tiAi'6e, m., act of announcing, 
proclaiming, deoreeinB, enjoin- 
mg; ordering, oommanding (with 
tm) j renonnoiiu;, excluding (with 
6) ; expelling, banishing ; warn- 
ing; an onlinanoe, order, a 

FoSpaim, -J^iijie and -St"**, 
V. imr., I tingle, I make a noise, 


order, oommood (with tio); 
lenounoe, exclude (with 6) ; 
I warn, annonnoe ; proclaim, 
decree ; cAim as F'i?'"?" "* 
mb6 fAm -ODic, I bring those 
cattle formally under your 
notice (said of cattle that have 
been trespassing) ; pd^pAtm 
oaim 6, I warn it off from me, 
I exclude it. 

po^ca, p. a., plnndered- 

pojur, eomp. fOisro and foirce, 
near, close to, near at huid; 
sa tabg., nearness, proximity 
rosnt^ ■oo ttlanainn, quite near 
MMinin ; 1 6^050^ °^^ ** 
hand ; 1 Bpotsre, comp. form of 
prepositional phrase, also used 
m positive sense, in the neigh- 
bourhood of. 

):o5uratm, -a*, 0. intr,, I draw 
near, approach, advance towatds 


poiiBitt, -6itL, m., a day's wages 

poitiiTmiiiiin, ■niu3at>, v. ir., I 

iDOoeed, follow after. 
poi£6imnin^a'6, .nijue, m., a auo- 

cesaion, a series. 
Fotteifc, ■iSeircB,-ftairceann«,/., 

a sab-diviaioii, am item. 
poroe, g. id., /., length. See 

pdi-oin,, pi. -i4e, /., a small 

sod ; a small farm ; a pieoe or 

poroel of land ; » little pitfall 

to oatoh birds ; fA\-\.a p., a sod 

wall ; f. peittttn, the Sret green 

8od tnrned up in tilling lea, an 

Ciot-f d'o, id. 
t^AiDin me<iri.ii4e, m., a oamie of 

oonfiurion or error, like will-o'- 

Uie-wisp [Con.). 
poiSceaC, --oije, a., patient, long- 

^615*^5, -$6156, ■5idsa,/.,aHmall 

or worthlesa branch. 
FoiS'''>r -Spe. /. patiauce, snffiar. 

iug, forutude (nom. alao f^'S' 

poiSitje^t, -'oiSe, a., patient, 

Foijtie, g. id.,/., patience (JT); 
MO fifip ^f "" Bpoi^ne AIC1, 
ahe lost her patience. 

FoiSf***- ™ TaSfia* and 

FoiSfiHti. See po^fiaim. 

Foisr^i /-' nearness, proxiimty; 
I if., near to, wit^ the dia- 
Uuioe <rf (with g,). Set foST- 

poi5Pea6c, -a, /., neameBS, prox- 
imity ; I fif. (with g.), near, 
witlun the distance <a, within; 
I if. fie<tt*^iiiji(n) «o'n 'oeiC, 
abcnt a quarter to teu. 

cStl, In 50 pait, yot, stiU (Dm.). 
See f 6.Lt. 

FoitC^im, -e, -eAnnA,/.,ablemi«b, 
a atain, a blast, an eyesore ; 
a soandal, a rai^OBab. See 

fotlMimedC, -miSe, a., having a 
stain or blemish ; soandalons. 
See oilMimeAA. 

pciit4BA'o6if, .6|i«, -6if i*e, m., a 

1 ) F* 

roiLAeAndttteddr, -4,/., conjuring 

FOilSeif, -tif, m„ a mystery. 
Foilieafr -^<r^i <^-i dark, obeonre. 
FoiLiear-i^i -Aije, a., dark, ob- 
scure, myetio, mystferions. 
FoiliearJn, •iin, pj. id., m., oon- 

oealiQcnt, disguise ; a mask ; a 

wizard ; a lurker, a waylayer, 

hence an asp. 
FoiLfiif, -e, -TOe, /., anything 

hidden or iay8t«riouB. 
FoiLeanaim, vl. toi-Leinihatn, 11. 

Ir., I pursue, follow after, 
poitein amain, -mna, /., eloae 

FoiVeannati, -am, m,, a follower, a 

poiVeann, FOileanrtia. SasfaoiL- 

eatin, paoiteannDa. 
Foil£im, f., a light leap. 
Foi1.4iined£, -mite, a., lightly 

leaping, sprightly, nimble. 
poiliSteAi, -tije, a., seorot. See 


FfiiLL; soF-.qaietly, softiy, slowly, 
by degrees, gently ; often trank. 
awhile, for awhUe, 

B^y I (5" F^ttt ia the ordinary 
word for ye(, »tUi, in SoKommon, 
N. JWajo and Don.); F6iLUn = 
a little while ; 50 p6it.lin, for a 
little while; nt tiea'D a^ 'OoX, 
a BaiLe 50 pSitt, 111 not be 
going home for awhile ; cA fi 
ag cuji baircije 50 poiLt, it is 
still raining (Con. and U.) ; 
F^itlt f6iILI eaayl easyl waiti 


FoiLteaiiinafi, -ai£e, a., meet, 
proper, fitting, suitable, ex- 

Foat-iSueat, -c>Je, a, ; uo goiL 
ff 50 p., she cried softly. 

' Ujg ^^ ^jjj, ^pj^ 

pron. "fell";. 
(Con.). 5m peiLim. 
pAiLttn, m., a little while (need 





tat, -pje, a., deolamtoty, 

FoitlpSim. -j-ioSi*, V. tr., I flhow, 
reveal, exhibit, publish, ezplain; 
illnstrste, d«aanbe. 

T!oiltriS*e> p- <*., published, de- 
olu'ed, made monifeat ; illus- 

poiLtriJteoitt, -op A, .oifi'^e, m,, 
a publisher, a proolaimer. 

FoiUpu$d-6, -pS6e. m., aot of 
eKhihinng, aKowing, explaining, 
iUuBtrating ; a mamfestation, an 
evidence, aii iUuHtratian. 

Co in ^ all, m., s small olond 

Fomnim, ii, -nea*, v, tr,, I tem- 
per, (as the blade of an tnatru- 
ment), knead ; I oompoae, set 
ID order (aa a poem) ; I make 
— ' r tidy (also puinnim and 



■pdiii (FOijieinn),/., a raoe, a tribe, 
a ship's crew, a conroanj. 

■poiji, -e./., punnit (Aeo.). 

'Poif- (FOp-), tntenntive prefix, 
aa in piMf-^eAl, poip-Tieapc, 

F6.p,..,... . . 

cap fi irreparable. 
)?oitib, -e, -eii&, f., grass, herbage, 

pasture, land. 
poipb, -e, -e<i£(k, /.| a welt, a soar, 

an inpreesion. 
■poipftCAfi, -613, -Bije, m., on elder, 

an elderlj person. 
j:oipbe46, -bije, a., covered with 

welts, 00ms ; rouffh, coarse. 

FoipBiJim, -luja*, v. tr., I finish, 

■foiiibim, .tea*, V. intr., I appear, 

present myself {ffN.). 
Foip-6tiiatap, /, an anxiliaiy 

word, as an adjective, an ad- 

'Poip-bliidtt<A£,-4t$e, a., adverbial, 
adjectival, etc. 

Foip-6pfS, /., strength, &»««; 

foip.bjiiotde, -Aije, a., itroDg, 
powerful, oppressive. 

poipBte (pron. FOipite], p. a., old, 
aged ; weak from age ; full, 
perfeoti faultless, eiperienoed, 
trained, perfected. 

t?oipCteA6c, -d, /., perfeotioa ; 
experience ; senility. 

■poipCed'OAi,, .-oaiL, pi. id., m., 
instnKition, exhortation, ad- 
monititxi ; catechism, dootrine ; 
a lecture. 

■Foip6e4T)l.<i4,-diJe,o., instmoti vc^ 

^oip^ed'ol.A^, -&t%. pi. id., m., * 
teaoher, an instruotor. 

poipAednn, -tint), n,. end, ex- 
tremity, oonolusion ; maturity r 
tie lower part of the spine ; th( 
very end ; a point, a pivot. 

po'pieap , -A, m,, fat ; fat meat ; 
anything savoury. 

^oipdedfariiditj -iril-d, a., fat, 
savoury, oily ; iia nei£e |:oip- 
CojirAiiiLd, good things at table, 
"pingnia" {Kea.). 

Foip.44imniSea6, -Jiie, a., going 
before, preceding. 

i:o,r-ei,mniSifn, -n,ujd«, v. intr., 
I prooeed, advance before. 

FOip-fifitmnmjA'D, -nijce, tn., the 
act of preceding, going before, 
advancing, leading, 

foipcte, indse. a,,, learned, pro- 
ficient, perfect. 

|:oip-«e4pSp -eipse, a., very red. 

poip-^edp^a*, -5ca, m., aot of 

poip--6flap5Aiir, -j-u, v. tr., I red- 
den, wound, wound grievously. 

T^oip-optf, f., Bwoet hrisr. 

Foipedec, /., aot of helping, sue- 

l^oipednn, g. poipoe, d. poipinn, 
rfpi. pfiipnifi, /., a troop, a body, 
a orew ; a orowd, a company ; a 
committee ; on army ; chsBs. 
men ; the furniture of a dresser ; 
poitieann pM)ll«, 




ohesaineD ; poitieAiin biiv, b 

boat'a oi«w. 
foittednncA, indec a., having ft 

poiji-iiSean, -5111, 

violence, oppresaion 
poip-fiiseancoiTi, -ipi, ^Sif'De, 

m,, a violant or oruel person j an 

poi|i-i 1511 Bit, -mje, o.,eitreniely 

, I 

oppress, foroe, oonstiain (poiti- 
ii3niin, id,), 

^ifipe. See poiti&ue. 

i^oipFeiic, -A, /., yeiiBotioii ; old 
kge, aenilit;. Set poitiCteafc. 

Foifi-f larpuije, ff. -fiAFi-uiSce,/., 

poi^-pLiuC, -i£b, a., very damp, 

■poip-jioSal,, -ait, pi. id., m., a 

rag used to etaunah a leaky 

vessei {O'N.). 
f^0lf5nedn1, g, -niih, -ni5i:e and 

-nijeppi. id,, m., aotof boUding; 

a building, 
■poijisnisim, -nei*, v. Ir., I build 

(oiso poif sneariniim). 
pottisni j;te, p. a., built. 

^ointAii^t, -Aije, »., preposterous 

foifiS'"- See piiiii;" 

tr., I help, SI 

euooour, relieve ; 50 Cr^iri^ 

13ii o|im, may God help me. 
pSinim, V. iTUr., I suit, fit (wo. to) 

[t)on,), 5seoit<iin. 
poip-imeitt, -mitt, pi. id., m., a 

border, a hem, a oir