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Full text of "The annalls of Ipswche. The lawes customes and governmt of the same. Collected out of ye records bookes and writings of that towne. Nathll Bacon serving as recorder and town clark in that towne. Anno: Dom: 1654. Edited by William H. Richardson ... with a Memoir by Sterling Westhorp"

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- GOVERN MT of the same. 




By NATH LL BACON serving 

as Recorder arid Town Clark 
in that Towne. 

ANNO: DOM: 1654. 



St. Mary Hall, Oxford; 
Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London ; 

and formerly Assistant Master in 

Christ Church Cathedral School, Oxford, & 

Queen Elizabeth's School, Ipswich. 


Mayor of Ipswich, 1884-5. 






N at length presenting to the subscribers this long-anticipated volume, 
it is perhaps right that some apology should be offered them for the 
time which has elapsed since its first announcement, but I may be 
permitted to say, in explanation, that the delay has arisen principally from my 
being able to pursue the work only at such odd moments as could be snatched 
irregularly from the busy and exacting routine of daily duties. 

Apart from the addition of dates, the reproduction, from original sources, 
of several documents incorrectly quoted by some other hand, and occasional 
alterations in the sequence of paragraphs with a view to secure uniformity of 
arrangement, the book, as now printed, may be taken as a verbatim et literatim 
rendering of Bacon's MS. 

The annotations, drawn chiefly from the State Papers in the Public Record 
Office, the Harleian and Additional MSS., the collections of Jermyn and Davy, 
and other MS. sources, as well as from a large number of printed works, contain 
references, more or less copious, to about six hundred and thirty persons, places, 
or matters connected with the town, and will, I hope, not only be found interest- 
ing and useful to the reader, but also afford substantial help in the prosecution 
of more extended researches into the history of Ipswich and its people. The 
distribution of these notes is no doubt somewhat unequal, but the earlier pages 
had unfortunately to be proceeded with in Ipswich, the libraries of which, how- 
ever admirable in other respects, are as yet of little use to the antiquary. A 
few annotations, marked (B), are by Bacon himself; some others, distinguished 
by the initials (R. C.) are from the pen of the Rev. Richard Canning, M.A. 

PREFACE. viii. 

minister (1734 75) of St. Lawrence, Ipswich, and rector of Harkstead, who 
edited, in 1764, the second edition of " Kirby's Suffolk Traveller ; " the authorship 
of a few more, initialled (J. S.) seems to be unknown. 

I have, in conclusion, to express my obligation to those who, in various 
ways, kindly assisted my labours ; and among these I must mention, first of all, 
the late Town Clerk, Mr. Orford, and his courteous assistant, Mr. H. C. Garrett, 
whose obliging services during the six weeks occupied in comparing the tran- 
script supplied to me with the original, as well as subsequently, were of much 
value. My thanks are also due to Sir John B. Monckton, Kt, Town Clerk of 
the City of London, for leave to make some extracts from the archives at Guild- 
hall ; Dr. Reginald R. Sharpe, the Records Clerk ; Mr. H. Murray-Lane, Chester 
Herald and Registrar, R. Coll. of Arms ; and more especially to Dr. Luard, 
Registrar of the University of Cambridge ; Mr. Walford D. Selby, of the Public 
Record Office ; and Mr. J. J. Muskett, whose promised work on " Suffolk 
Manorial Families " will be awaited with much interest. 

W. H. R. 



was born at Coddenham, in the County of Suffolk, on the izth of 
December, 1593. He was the third son of Edward Bacon, of Shrubland 
Hall, in Barham, by Helen, the only daughter and sole heiress of Thomas 
Littel of the same place, and of Bray, in the County of Berks, Esq., by 
Elizabeth his wife, daughter and co-heir of Sir Robert Litton, of Kneb- 
worth, in the County of Herts, Kt. Edward Bacon, the father of 
Nathaniell, was the third son of the great Lord Keeper, Sir Nicholas 
Bacon, Kt., by his first wife Jane, daughter of William Fernley, of West 
Greeting, in the County of Suffolk, Esq., and half brother of the illustrious 
Francis Bacon, Viscount Saint Albans, who in 
the Parliament of 1 6 14 represented Ipswich, until 
ne was elected by the University of Cambridge. 
Nathaniell Bacon was admitted a student at 
Grays Inn in 1611, and was called to the Bar in 1617. He was first Reader at 
Barnard's Inn, and afterwards Lent Reader of his own Inn, and became a Bencher 
in 1640. 

For some years he resided in Essex, and was in the Commission of the Peace for 
that County. 

He was a strong adherent of the Parliamentarian party, and took a very decided and 
active part in the transactions of his time, and was highly esteemed for his learning, 
talent and ability. He sat at Cambridge as Chairman of the Committee for the Seven 
Associated Counties (Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridge, Herts, Hunts, and Lincoln) 
with great and general approbation of the Counties and the University, and in 1645, 
upon the death of Dr. Eden, he was chosen by the University of Cambridge as its 
Representative, and served throughout the remainder of the "Long Parliament" until 
the Members were expelled by Cromwell, on the zoth April, 1653. 

It is to be observed that Cromwell was a member of the Committee of the Associa- 
tion of the Seven Counties (which was the only Association of the five or six formed in 
the interest of the Parliamentarian party that stood its ground), and that Bacon was by 
birth or marriage connected with County families belonging to several of these Counties. 


At a Great Court, holden for the Borough of Ipswich, on the joth December, 
1642, Bacon was elected Recorder of the town upon the conditions set forth in the 
following terms, as recorded at the commencement of the fourth Book of Great Courts. 

" Att this Cort it is agreed that Nathaniell Bacon Esq e shall bee imployed in the 
" roome and place which John Lany Esq e lately held and shall beare the name or 
" title of a Recorder duringe the Townes pleasure and shall have allowed unto him 
" Twentie poundes a yeare for his fee to bee paid halfe yearely from Christmas last by 
"equall porcons soe that hee take upp his freedome anil continewe his dwellinge w th n 
" this towne duringe the continewance of his office and that in consideracon of the 
" premisses hee shall ayde and councell the Bayliffes for the time beeinge in all causes 
" of the Towne att London and elsewhere and aid the Bayliffes for the time beeinge in 
" all judgements demurrers and all other causes without beeinge of councell with any 
" man's private cause in the Courts of this Towne and also to travell to the Court and 
" other places by the direccon of the Bayliffes for the time beeinge to doe the messages 
" and business of the Townie convenient by him to bee done havinge horses found him 
"and his necessary chardges borne And it is further agreed that upon hys the said 
" Mr Bacon's acceptance of the said place as aforesaid hee shall bee admitted a ffree 
"Burgesse of this Towne freely without any fine and shall take the Oath of a Freeman 
"at some Petty Court" 

At a subsequent Court, holden the xoth of March, 1643, it is recorded that he took 
his oath, and had three sons Nathaniell, Phillip, and Francis and " no apprentices." * 

He took up his residence in the parish of Saint Margaret, in Ipswich, in a mansion 
house, which he subsequently left, by will, to his wife, and he appears, by his signatures 
to the Parish Registers, in the years 1650 and 1651, to have been forsome time Church- 
warden of that parish. He was a contributor to the decoration of the Roof of the 
Church of that parish, on which his arms, with those of other donors, appear. 

At a Court held on the 8th of August, 1651, he was for the first time elected Town 
Clerk and Clerk of the Peace for the Borough, which appointments were annually 
renewed. At the Great Court, held on the agth September, 1653, he was elected, and 
continued to be annually elected one of the Clavigers, who had the custody of the 
Common Seal and Records of the Corporation. Bacon continued to hold the offices of 
Recorder, Town Clerk, Clerk of the Peace, and Claviger, to the day of his death. 

He was also Recorder of Bury Saint Edmund's, as well as a Judge of the High 
Court of Admiralty, to which office he was appointed the 3oth August, 1649, and a 
Master of the Court of Requests. 

In the year 1654, at a Great Court, held the zznd of June, Nathaniell Bacon and 
his brother Francis were elected Burgesses for the Towne, to serve at the Parliament 

* The right to become a Freeman by birth or service, was limited to the children or apprentices of 
Freemen, born or apprenticed after the Parent or Master had become a Freeman. It was usually 
notified what children or apprentices a person newly admitted then had, to prevent such children or 
apprentices being enrolled as if they had been born or apprenticed after the admission of their " Root of 
Title." (See note t page iii.) 


which began at Westminster, 3d September, in that year, "to act and consent unto suche 
" things as shall be there ordained," subject, however, to the following very remarkable 
condition : " That they shall not intermeddle in the alterying of Governmt- as it is 
"now established under one man and the Parliam 1 " The two Bailiffs, five Portmen, 
seventeen of the Twenty-four men, and 108 Free Burgesses, making in all 132 electors, 
were present at this election, and the list of names as recorded includes many who had 
been or were subsequently Bailiffs, besides other leading men and benefactors of the 
town, f 

t The following is a copy of the names of the Electors present, as recorded at the Court, from which it 
may be interesting to local subscribers to trace many benefactors to the town. 

Bailiffs : John Aldus and Manuell Sorrell, gent. 

Portmen : Richard Puplett, gent., Nicholas Phillipps, gent., Richard Hayle, gent., Robt. Dunkon, 
gent., Richard Jenings, gent. . 

Of the Twenty-four Edm. Morgan, Thomas Ives, Benjamyn Butter, Thomas Wright, Henry 
Parkhurst, Benjamyn Wade, Simon Cumberland, Richard Shepperd, Isaac Day, junr., Robt. Maninge, 
Miles Wallis, John Humfrie, Thomas Burrough, Luke Jours, W" 1 - Cooke, Henry Whitinge, Rob'- Turner. 

Freemen : Nathaniell Bacon, Esq., Rob 1 - Clarke, John Taylor, Richard Marsh, Edmond Taylor, 
Ralph Holland, Thomas Mudd, George Coppinge, Henry Robinson, John Ballard, gent., Jeremie Lowe, 
Richard Trewlove, Sam: Hubberd, John Burton, Paul Cole, John Manver, Joseph Hubberd, John Donton, 
Richard Pymborough, John Coale, junr., John Stebbinge, John Jefferie, Thomas Rice, Rob'- Ward, 
Simon Burton, George Warren, John Warner, Jonas Beacon, Ralph Neale, Samuel Greeniwich, Will 1 "- 
Foster, snr., Richard Humfrie, John Moore, John Furmyn, Joseph Clarke, Phillipp Goslin, Luke Ratcliffe, 
Joseph Bigsbie, Matthew Vynes, John Wilder, George Raymond, Nicholas Cooke, Michael Gusbome, 
Peter Cole, John Coleman, John Searles, Robt. Kingsburie, Henry Cousens, Wm. Cole, Edward Martin, 
Jeames Goodinge, Wm. Doggett, Wm. Manister, Wm. Feast, John Raymond, John Camplyn, Nicholas 
Sicklemore, Peter Sicldemore, Titus Camplyn, Wm. Weeklie, Jeames Wolvertone, Thomas Burradge, 
Thomas Carter, Thomas Wright, Tobias Barker, Benjamyn Rowninge, Thomas Griggs, Thomas Tunmore, 
John Jobson, Richard Knights, Wm. Lynch, Nicholas Newton, Sam. Gislingham, John HuUinge, Richard 
Phillipps, Will 1 "- Kirk, Jeames Cantinore, Sam. Burrough, John Bitten, Sam. Boycatt, Sam. Stannard, 
Nicholas Minter, Thomas Dodd, Charles Wright, Edward Milksopp, Will 1 "- Cole, Peter Baker, Joseph 
Clifford, Rich : Rodnall, Ambrose Frost, Joseph Clifford, John Barber, Tho. Wills, Gilbert Linkfeild, 
Sam 1 . Linkfeild, Will"'- Cole, James Bowell, Ed"- Peale, John Robbinson, John Cutler, Will 1 "- Rumsy, 
John Sonmore, Richard Puplett, Rob'- Henry Sparham, Edmond Furmyn, Henry Gosnold, Eleazar Dunkon, 
Rob'- Horingould. 

The following part of this note, upon the constitution and mode of proceeding of the Corporation, 
prior to the Municipal Corporation Act, 1835, and upon Election of Members of Parliament, prior to the 
Reform Act of 1832, has Deen kindly furnished by Mr. Stephen Abbott Notcutt, who was Town Clerk of 
the Borough for many years. 

Before the Municipal Corporation Act, 1835, the name of the Corporation was " The Bailiffs, 
Burgesses, and Commonalty of the Borough of Ipswich." And it consisted of two Bailiffs (who together 
held the office of Chief Magistrate), twelve Portmen, twenty-four Common Councilmen, and an indefinite 
number of Freemen or Burgesses. 

The Bailiffs were annually elected by the Corporation on the 8th of September. 

The Portmen held their office for life, and a vacancy was filled up by the survivors, or " the more part 
of them." 

The Common Councilmen held their office by the same tenure, and vacancies were filled up in the 
same way, that is, by the survivors, or " the more part of them." 

A Freeman held his office for life, and every son of a Freeman, born after his father had been 
admitted to the Freedom, was entitled to be admitted as such, on attaining the age of 21, and any one 
bound an apprentice for seven years to an admitted Freeman, and serving faithfully the full period under 
his indentures of apprenticeship, became entitled to be admitted as a Freeman. The Corporation had, 
like many other Corporations, the right to present the Freedom, which right was occasionally exercised. 

For several years, prior to the Municipal Corporation Act, 1835, the vacancies in the Portmen had not 
been filled up, as the number had been allowed to drop below seven, and it was held that the words " the 
more part of them," applied to a majority of twelve. At the time of passing the Municipal Corporation 
Act, the number of Portmen had been reduced to four. 

As to the mode ot proceeding -The Acts of the Corporation could only be done or authorised by a 
meeting, called a Great Court, consisting of the two Bailiffs, and some of the Portmen, Common Councilmen, 
and Freemen. At these meetings every Freeman was entitled to vote upon any question before the 
meeting. Each question was determined by show of hands, unless a poll was demanded. The right to 


Both Nathaniell and his brother Francis were re-elected for the Parliaments of the 
iyth September, 1656, the zgth January, 1658, and the 5th April, 1660. But whetherthe 
restriction above referred to was renewed is not stated. On Nathaniell Bacon's death 
in 1660 Sir Frederick Cornwallis, Knt., Treasurer of King's Hospital, was elected as 
Burgess in Parliament in his place at a Great Court held on the agth October, 1660, and 
continued to serve with Francis Bacon the brother of Nathaniell until the end of the 

Bacon was the author of the work entitled, " An Historical Discourse of the 
Uniformity of the Government of England." This book was published at London 
in two parts. The first part published in 1647 has an epistle dedicatory to the 
Right Honourable Edward Earle of Manchester, Speaker of the House of Peeres, and 
the Honourable William Lenthall, Esqu., Speaker of the House of Commons in 
Parliament, signed " Nath. Bacon " ; but without any further description of him. The 
second part published in 1651 has on the title page " by Nath : Bacon of Graies Inne 
Esquire," and has for a preface, " A Vindication of the Ancient way of Parliament." 

The work is highly praised by the Earl of Chatham in his letters to his nephew, 
and unfavourably spoken of by Bishop Nicolson in his " English Historical Library," 
published in London, 1696 1699. It was privately reprinted in 1672, and again in 
1682, for which editions the publishers were indicted and outlawed. It was reprinted 
in 1689, and again in 1739 and 1760. From an advertisement printed in the edition of 
1689, it appears to have been then considered that the book was founded upon notes 
by the learned John Selden. j 

Bacon died in London, and was buried in the church of Barham, on September ist, 
1660 (where his father and mother were buried), without any inscription. He had the 
character of being a very pious, prudent and learned man. The Reverend Cave Beck 
(who was Curate of the parish of St. Margaret when Nathaniell Bacon resided there, and 

vote was not confined to the Freemen resident in the Borough. A large majority of the Freemen resided 
out of the Borough, and whenever the question was disputed and considered of importance, the non-resident 
Freemen were brought up to vote. 

Although no Corporate Acts could be done, except at a Great Court, the Bailiffs, Portmen and 
Common Councilmen were accustomed to meet from time to time, as a sort of standing Committee, to 
consider and determine upon matters to be brought before the Great Court. These meetings were called 
meetings of the Assembly, and their proceedings were regularly recorded in a book called the " Assembly 

Prior to the Reform Act of 1832, the members of Parliament for the Borough were elected by the 
Corporation, at a Great Court, held at the proper time, according to the writ of election. A Great Court 
for this purpose was constituted, and the proceedings conducted in the same manner as for any other 
business of the Corporation. The candidates were proposed and seconded, and if a poll was demanded, 
the non-resident as well as the resident Freemen, were entitled to vote, and the poll was kept open from 
day to day, until all the Freemen had had an opportunity of voting. The candidates having the majority 
of votes were declared to be duly elected, and a return to that effect was made by Indenture, under the 
Common Seal, and annexed to the Election Precept. 

J There has been some controversy whether the subject of this Memoir, or Nathaniell Bacon, of Friston 
Hall, near Saxmundham, in Suffolk, or Nathaniell Bacon, " the Virginian insurgent or rebel," was the 
author of this work, but as it is now clear that the rebel was never of Gray's Inn, and that the will of 
Nathaniell Bacon, of Friston Hall, was proved (at Ipswich) in 1644, there can be no doubt that the 
Nathaniell Bacon referred to in these Title Pages is the Bacon who is the subject of this Memoir. It is 
remarkable that both he and his cousin of Friston Hall, were admitted in Gray's Inn the same year, 1611, 


who was subsequently Rector of the parish of St. Helen, and Master of the Grammar 
School, in Ipswich), in the following dedication of his work : " The universal character 
" by which all the nations in the world may understand one another's conceptions, 
" reading out of one common writing their own mother tongues, London, 1657," records 
a high opinion of his character ; 

" Sapientia, virtute, genere, praecellentibus Nathanieli Bacon et Francisco Bacon, 
" Armigeris, Fratribus, Amore, Pietate, Dignitate conjunctissimis Patronis suis 
" Colendissimis Hunc Gratitudinis et observantiae characterem indelebilem, D. D, C. B." 

Nathanieli Bacon was a man of great industry, and was zealously alive to the interests 
of Ipswich, as is evident from his constant attendances at the Great Courts for the 
Borough, up to the 3oth April, 1660, the day of his last recorded attendance, and from 
the labour he bestowed upon the Annalls. His labour in compiling these Annalls was 
recognized by the Town, granting a gratuity to his widow, at a Great Court holden on 
the 8 November, 13 Charles n.(i66i), recorded in the Great Court Books as follows: 
"Agreed that Mrs. Bacon shall have a Gratuitie of Five and twentie pounds given her 
" fm this towne for the great paynes that her husband, Mr. Nathanieli Bacon, did take 
"in the transcribinge of several ancient Records belonging to this Towne." Although 
it is very evident, from the perusal of the discourse on the Uniformity of Government, 
that Bacon had a very strong bias to the principles of the Parliamentarian party, at 
the close of his Annalls he seems to drop a tear over the unfortunate King Charles the 
ist, concluding them with this remark, 

" The last daye of Januarie putts a sad period unto my penn. And thus, by the 
"goodness of Allmightie God, I have summed up the affairs of the government of this 
" town of Ippeswiche under bayliffes whoe are happie in this, that God hathe estab- 
" lished their seate more sure than the throne of kings." 

Bacon was twice married, namely : first to Elizabeth, the daughter of Robert 
Maidstone, Esquire, of Boxted, in Essex, and widow of Edward Glascocke, of Horsley 
(Horkesley), in Essex, who died without issue by him, and was buried at Horsley; and 
secondly to Susanna Holloway, daughter of Holloway, and the widow of 

Matthew Alefounder, of Dedham, in Essex. By his second wife he had issue three 
sons (besides one Francis who died in infancy), Nathanieli, Philip, and Francis, and 
five daughters, Catherine, Ann, Helen, Susanna (baptised at St. Margaret's, Ipswich, 
the igth October, 1649), and Elizabeth. His sons Nathanieli and Francis were both 
entered at Jesus College, Cambridge. Nathanieli took his B.A. degree, and died 
'magnse spei juvenis." Francis died in 1661. 

His Will is dated the a6th August, 1660, and, with a Codicil, was proved in the 
Prerogative Court of Canterbury, on the 8th of July, 1661. || 

|| The Will of Nathanieli Bacon, of Grayes Inn, in the county of Middx, Esquire, whereby I doe dispose 
my worldly and temporall estate as followeth : Imprimis I give to my dearly beloved wife Susanna 
Bacon, besides her ioynture, which I hereby confirme for her life all that messuage and manshion house 
with the appurtenances thereto belonginge and the piece of coppyhold ground upon the Hill in the 
occupation of Goodman Parker, in Margaretts parish, in Ipswich, in the countie of Suffolcke, to have and 


The Arms displayed at the beginning of this Memoir were granted to Sir Nicholas 
Bacon, Lord Keeper and Grandfather of Nathaniell Bacon, on thezyth February, 1568, 
by Sir Gilbert Dethick, Garter, and are blazoned as follows : qtly i & 4 gu on a chief 
arg. 2 mullets sa. (Bacon) 2 & 3 barry of 6 or & az. a bend gu (Quaplode). 

The Arms on the Roof of St. Margaret's Church, exactly correspond with this 

The signature of Bacon below the Arms is taken from the Register of Baptisms 
for the Parish of St. Margaret, Ipswich, for the year 1651. 



December, 1884. 

to hold to her and her heires and assignes and the coppyhold to her and her heires accordinge to the 
custome of the mannor, and also all my goods and chattels, to the end that shee may out of the same pay 
all my debts and legacies. I give the revercon of all my freehold lands and coppyhold lands in Croefeild, 
in the countie aforesaid, after the death of my wife, unto my sonne Philipp, and his heires payinge or 
securinge to bee paid to my son Francis within one yeare after hee shall come to be possessed of the 
premisses the sume of foure hundred pounds, with interest for forbearance, accordinge as interest shall 
then ruun. I give unto my daughter Elizabeth the sum of three hundred pounds, and to the rest of my 
daughters two hundred and fifty pounds a-peece, for the payment whereof I doe make my said wife my 
assignee in my name to demand, receive, levie and sue for the sume of twelve hundred pounds of my 
money, which is in the hands of Mr. Winkefeilde, secured by certain lands of Mr. Winkfeilds in 
Brantham, and to deliver upp the writings concerninge the same upon the payment thereof. My will and 
meaninge is that in case any of my said fower younger daughters Katherine, Hanna, Ellen and Susanna 
shall die either in the life time of my wife, or before they bee marryed by the advice of my wife, or 
before they be one and twenty yeares of age, then the parte of her soe dyinge shall go to all the fower 
daughters survivinge, jointly share, and share alike. And I doe hereby make and ordaine my well 
beloved wife Susanna Bacon, sole executrix of this my last Will and Testament. Item I give and 
bequeath unto my sonne Phillipp my interest I have in the lodgings att Grayes Inn and the 
furniture and bookes therein. Item I give unto my sonne Phillipp, my Law and Historic bookes that are 
att Ipswich. Item I give unto my sonne Francis, my Divinitie bookes and Philosophy bookes, exceptinge 
such as my wife and daughter Elizabeth shall chuse out of the Divinitie bookes for themselves or my 
daughters att Ipswich. In witness whereof the said Nathaniell Bacon, accordinge to the interlynings in 
the Will, doth declare it to bee his last Will and Testament, and did thereunto sett his hand and scale 
this twenty sixt day of August, in the yeare of our Lord one thousand six hundred and sixtie. Nath : 
Bacon (L.S ) in the presence of us. Fr: Bacon, John Maidston. 

Whereas, I, Nathaniell Bacon, of Grayes Inn, in the Countie of Midd, Esquire, did make and ordaine 
my last Will and Testament, bearing date the twentie sixt day of August, in the yeare of our Lord one 
thousand six hundred and sixtie. I do hereby adjoyne this Codicill desireinge my Executrix to performe 
the same. Imprimis, I give to my brother Francis Bacon and sister, twenty shillings apeece to buy 
them ringes, and to my brother Lionell Bacon, twenty shillings to buy him a ringe. Item I give to John 
Maidstone, forty shillings for a legacie. Item I give to my Landresse twenty shillings for a legacie. And 
I desire my brother, Francis Bacon, Esqr., to settle the little Chamber that hee hath had the rent of for 
some yeares, upon her and her assignes. Item I order what is due to her for her service to bee paid her. 
Item I give to every Maide servant that is now my servant and hath lived with mee two yeares, twentie 
shillings a peece for a legacie. Item I give to the poore of the Parish of St. Margaretts forty shillings, to 
bee disposed amongst them by my Executrix. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seale 
the day and yeare above written. Nath : Bacon (L.S.) in the presence of us. The marke of Elizabeth 
Durham. The mark of Mary Drakeford. John Maidstone. 



N the framing of this Relacon, I purposely omitt the names of 
the freemen from time to time meeting at the greate Courts of 
this Towne, and of such as are from time to time admitted, 
(unless somme cheife men of rank). And alsoe the divers 
orders for disposing of the mony given to charitable uses from time to 
time, and do referre the Reader to the Court bookes, w ch are precise in 
noting of those p'ticulers. fifor that my ayme is principally to recollect 
those auncient memorialls remaining in scattered writings and records, 
whereof noe recollection hath bein formerly made, and therby lay buried 
up, as it were in a heape of rubbish, and to adjoine therto all the later 
orders, and ordinances, and acts, concerning the governm 4 and order of 
the people or Town lands, as things of greatest observacon for the future 
managem* of affaires ; and these onely in a summary way, referring the 
reader to those court bookes concerning the litterall composure of the 

Now to give accompt from whence I have gathered these observa- 
cons principally ; you shall understand that the remembrances in the 
Treasury, from whence these for the most p't are collected, consist of 
Court Rolls, and Court Bookes, and Deedes, besides letters, accompts 


and other writings concerning suites, all which I have found help from 
in setting down this series of affaires, for no Court bookes are to be 
found before the ninth yere of Hen : the 6 th , and the bookes, esp'ly about 
the time of Hen : the y th and Hen : 8 th , in matters of the greate Court, 
[are] negligently observed till about the 30 yere of Hen : the 8 th , and 
from that time forward the acts of the greate court are preserved in one 
booke apart, being formerly mingled w th in the peticourts. And during 
all this time of Hen: 7. and Hen : 8., Edw: 6., [and] Q. Mary, few Rolls 
are to be found; shewing eyther the negligence of the Town Clark or the 
Clavigers in keeping the records, if any were. 

Nor is there above 2 rolls before the time of Edw: i.; the reason 
will appear in the ensuing treatise. 

Soe as the bulke of rolls consists of the times of Edw: i., Edw: 2., 
Edw: 3., Rich: 2., Hen: 4., Hen: 5., Q. Eliz: King James and King 
Charles ; the rest are scant and few, especially about the times of Hen : 
5., 6., 7., and Hen : 8., Edw: 6., and Q. Mary. 

The Cause which moved me to this work was : That I did p'ceive 
few or none of the inhabitants of this Town were acquainted with the 
trew nature of the governm*, and therfore could not soe exactly con- 
forme them selves to the auncient rules, wh ch are the sea marks by w ch 
Governours ought to steare theire course, and w th out w ch noe Governm 1 
can long continnue, and I finde somme cause to conceive that former 
Recorders, or at least somme of them, (though long exercised in that 
worke) yet eyther died ignorant of the principles aunciently taken up, 
or else caried them selves corruptly, w ch in Charity I ought not to 
beleve, Now for the future, I suppose a little time imployed in the p'usal 
of this work by any Recorder or others y* shall minde the governm* 
of this towne, will inable him for this governm* more than forty yeres 

Lastly I beginne \v & the governm* of Bayliffs, (w ch camme in W A 
the Normans, as the name dothe cleerely import) principally because I 
want further light in p'ticulers, yet by way of introduction I shall note 
these few p'ticulers, that as all corporacons before the Conquest,^ soe 

(a) What Corporations were there before the Conquest? (R. C.) 

PREFACE. iii. 

even this Towne was Governed by The Guildholder and Headburrowes, 
and Coroners of the County, by Lawes and Customes settled by them 
and the inhabitants in theire moote or meeting, and these were then the 
administrators of Justice, as by the Saxon laws is evident, and yet in the 
nature of publique servants of the Towne. 

But when the Normans camme in, they seized the Governm* of all 
Corporations, and sett over this corporation, (as even over London it 
self) two Bayliffs as servants to the supreame power, to administer 
Justice faj and to be responsible to the supreame power for the fee farme, 
w* they enhanced beyond what was payed to the Saxon kings. Yet 
they allowed the choise of these Bayliffs to the people.^/ Afterwards 
Hen : the 2 d granted the inhabitants liberty to elect two Coroners from 
amongst themselves : these were allsoe servants to the supreame power, 
and had jurisdiction in Crown plees. But the inhabitants not liking 
that their governm* should be concealled w^in the breasts of soe few, 
and these servants to the supreame power, by constitution joyned w 111 
them twelve whom they called ' Portmen,' (cj to whom they gave 
authority to vote together w th the Bayliffs in case of jurisdiction, and 
this constitution was afterwards allowed by Charters, but neverthelesse 
are originally from the people. Now what persons these originally 
were, is to me a doubt : somme of the rolls do seeme to hold forth that 
they were those whoe formerly were Headburrowes, and in reason it may 
seem expedient that they [who] were thought worthy of one place, might 
be thought worthy of the other. But finding a Quo wartanto brought 
against the Towne under the name of the Bayliffs and fower and twenty, 
twelve yeres after the constitution and election of the first Portmen, it 
may seeme more probable that the fower and twenty were the 1 2 Port- 
men and the 12 headburrowes, and the rather is it to be beleeved, 
because w th in a while after, its apparant that the headburrowes Court 
was holden different from, and w th out the Portmen, and so continueth 
to this day. And possibly the Headburrowes work might be thought 
to be eyther too inferiour or otherwise too burthensomme for the Port- 
mens undertaking, whoe were to mantaine the state of the Towne (and 

(a) How doth it appear that they administer'd justice ? (R. C.) (J) Not before the burgesses were 
incorporated. (R. C) (c) What! In Hen: 2*> time? No such thing. (R. C.) See Madox (T.) "Firma 
Burgi," various pp. 


probably had theire name given them to minde them of their maine 
work,) and to assist the Bayliffs in judicature, as theire othe sheweth, 
and the constitution it selfe limiteth out to them the same. 

This power of theires they expounded liberally, (as is the custome 
of those in power to doe) and from assisting in judicature according to 
lawes made by the whole body, proceeded to exercise a power w th the 
Bayliffs to make lawes and constitutions for the governm 1 thereof, 
allowing the commons onely theire libertie of assent : whether this was 
cautelous to the people, or what other the cause was, its not materiall, 
but the inhabitants joyned the number of fower and twenty to be assisting 
in publique Councells w th the Portmen and Bayliffs, and these together 
w th them made up a Councell for the Towne, w ch after was called the 
Assembly, or the Common Councill, the said fower and twenty being 
made up of 12 new members joyned unto the Headburrowes. 

The time of their institution is as uncertaine as theire power. That 
act of the 13 of Edw: 4., made upon S' Davids day, [was made] princi- 
pally, as it seemes, to abate the necessity of Create Courts, and theire 
power speaketh much of the antiquity of the assembly, but I can finde 
noe footslepps before that kings reigne of any such matter, ffor in Hen: 
6 ths reigne divers acts are made by Bayliffs, Portmen, and the Burgesses 
subscribing theire names [to] Divers assessm ts , uppon cache portman soe 
much, and uppon cache other Burgess soe muche, and noe mencon of 
any suche rank of men as the fower and twenty, nor doth any Charter 
take notice of them. Theire work was (doubtless according to theire 
name mett in one body) w th the twelve Portmen, to give advice in 
matters of immergency, for the good of the Towne, as the Common 
Councill of the same, but certainly [they] had noe legislative power till 
that constitution of 13 E. 4: formerly menconed, was made. 

Concerning w ch I shall leave this my oppinion in writing w a my 
own hand, as in the presence of God, and being mindefull of my othe : 
That it seemeth clere to me to be a rule made for the present state of 
affaires, to avoid distractions, and not to continnue as a binding law to 
posterity. My reason is, because the act or constitution it selfe in the 
preface importeth soe muche, and principally because I can not under- 
stand how it can consist w th the charters formerly granted, or w th those 


afterwards granted, w ch fixeth the legislative power uppon the greate 
Court, nor w th the auncient Customs of the Towne. Or how such law 
by them made, can be effectuall in the eye of the Common Law in any 
court before whome Cognisance of suche law shall comme. 

I desire that the reader will not mistake my meaning, whoe doe not 
intend to question the election of Portmen by Portmen as illegall ; the 
order of the 3 rd yere of Edw : the 2 nd will clere that sufficiently. But I 
doe not think it consistent w th the governm* of this Towne, that the 
greate Court should be concluded by any order of theire owne, whereby 
that power of making lawes whiche bothe the Charters and auncient 
Customes have allotted to them, should be utterly abrogated as to them, 
and transferred to any other Court not warranted by any charter or 
custom, and therefore the vote of the greate Court, 23 Car: i Novemb: 
is every way justifiable by the constitutions of this Town, and for peace 
sake, I wish as muche could be said for the election of the fower and 
twenty by themselves, allthough I deny not but presidents in Q. Eliz : 
time doe leade that way, yet I can finde noe constitution for it. 

Three officies more yet remaine, wherof, though I made mention 
formerly, yet I must add somwhat for further clearing the governm 1 of 
this Towne, and these are the Guildholders and the Headburrowes, and 
Coroners, uppon whome the hinge of governm* in this towne in the 
Saxon times did rest, fa) 

As touching the Guildholder, aunciently he was one man, elected 
by the brotherhood of the Guild, for the rule or governm* thereof, in 
order to the benefit of the same, (bj ffor it was the wisdome of our 
predecessors in those older times, having elected a place of habitation 
in this place commodious for traffique, to joyne together by mutuall 
consent in a common purse, to mantaine the common good and benifitt 
of themselves as members of one body, and to exclude suche as refused 
to joyne w th them from the common benifitt of freedome in trade or 
Traffique : and in those times all such as were made ffree, were by them 

(a) See "Index to Municipal Offices," L. Gomme. Index Soc. 1879. 

(b) All this is gratis dictum. The Guild, before the Enfranchisement of Boroughs, was, as it were, 
the Customhouse of the Crown, unto which all traders, during the servile state of the Burgesses, were 
obliged to pay a duty before they were permitted to trade ; which duty was call'd the ' hanse,' from whence 
came the word ' Hansell,' or leave to sell, now used for the first money taken in the sale of any goods. [R. C.] 


admitted to the freedome of the Guild. But in after ages by reason of 
confluence of inhabitants for commodiousness of dwelling, many of them 
not delighting at all in that course of life, regarded not the freedome 
of the Guild, and soe the Towne growing too bigge for the Guild, and 
probably, as noe members of theire body soe not governed, or not as 
they ought to be : The Normans sett the Bayliffs upon the whole Towne, 
as officers under them to render and accompt of the whole Towne, in 
order to obedience unto them. Albeit that the governm* of the Guild 
still continnued in order to the proffit of them selves in matter of trade ; 
and soe did for a long time after, till those kind of ffraternities grew 
distastfull to kings in their governm 4 , by trenching too much, as was 
thought, uppon the prerogative of kings, by their ordinances, and by 
lawes, the same w.are committed to the cognisance of the Justices of the 
peace, (aj or cheif Governour of the Corporation, to be disallowed, or 
allowed and recorded by them, and afterwards to the Justices of the 
Benches and of assizes. And thus theire power being checked, they 
withered, and for theire better support, taking into theire society many 
fforrainers that minded not that way of Trade, by degrees the ffreedom 
of the Guild was changed into the freedom of the Towne, The Guild- 
holder still retaining his title and name, as a monument of an auncient 
freedom, and no more, allthough formerly he was looked uppon as a 
kind of Check to the Bayliffs, and in somme acts, (even of the kings of 
this land,) sett in order before the Bayliffs. As it hath bein, therefore, 
the wisdome of this town hitherto, soe it will be theire wisdome for y e 
future, to continnue constant regard of election of Guildholders, all- 
though it be merely tituler, and of no consequence in the governm 4 of 
this Town.^) 

The Headburrowes were those that aunciently were called Chiefe 
pledges; and were the Governours of the Towne in point of jurisdiction 
in matters of rights and nusances, as the Guildholder in matter of trade ; 
what theire power in p'ticular was, may appeare by the Stat : 1 8 E : 2 . 
and by theire continuall practise, even to this day, but what it was over 
and besides that power (especially in matters or crimes against the 

(a) 15 H : 6. Cap. 6., 19 H : 7. Cap. ",. [B] (}) On the subject of Gilds, see Toulmin Smith's English Gilds, 
Early Eng. Text Soe.. 1870, and C. Walford on Gilds. Insur. Cyclop, vol. v. 



Oh ! Ipsw ch 
remember this 
when I am 

publique peace) is difficult to sett downe ; in regard the records have 
noe foote stepps therof ; nevertheless, what ever it was, the Bayliffs by 
theire institution swallowed it up, as may appeare from the Auncient 
Indictm 1 * w ch are " contra pacem Balivorum " " against the peace of the 

The Crown plees were aunciently inquirable onely by the Coroners, 
w h in those times were the kings Coroners of the County, and triable 
before Justices Itinnerant, unless in case of appeale, w ch , as they were 
aunciently tried before the Bayliffs, soe, before theire time probably 
were tried before the Headburrowes or Guildholder, vf & them. But by 
the Charter of Hen : the 2 d , Coroners are granted eligible w^in The 

Thus have I glanced upon the Auncient governm 1 of this Towne 
by way of Introduction. The summe of all being this : That by the 
perusall of this booke, those that mind the governm 4 of this Towne may 
see what their predecessors have donne, and wherein they failed, that 
thereby a way may be found for a more p'fect rule of a more righteouse 
and peaceable governm 4 , w th truth w th in this Body, w ch as it is and shall 
be my dayly praiere and indeavour w th in my place, soe doe I beseeche 
all other the members hereof to indeavour the like, every one of them 
being contented to do the work of theire place, and not to exceede the 
same. But especially to advance Gods worship, and his Solemme 
dayes and times for the continnuance of the same in publique, w th out 
w h both righteousness and prosperity, (w ch God forbidd) will gett 
uppon the wing and be gone, and leave this place buried upp in con- 
tempt, w h hitherto hath bein the glory of the places round about. 




1352-3, 26 Edw. III. 

flOHN COBBET and Henry Rotton, Bayliffs of the said 
towne of Ipswich, w th their Burgesses, did ride the circuit 
under written, including the fower Hamlets of the said 
towne, that is to say : Stoke, w* 11 all the appurtenances ; 
Brooks Hall, w th the churche of St. Buttolfs in Whitton ; Wicks 
Ufford & Wicks Bp:, with all theire appurtenances; peaceably and 
quietly, w th out any contradiction. By the kings Precept. 

The Circuit of the ffranchise of IpsW*, and belonging to our 
soveraine Lo. K. Edw: 3., after the conquest of England, the 26 yere, 
and of ffrance, the i3th ; and these were the Bayliffs of the Towne the 
same yere : John Cobbet and Hen : Rotton. ffrom the Bull stake unto 
the mid bridge of Bourn bridge, a good mile ; and from the bridge 
under Stoke hill wood that longeth to the prior of Ely by the water side, 
unto Thetford bridge, and through the yard of old Reinold Bourn ; and 
forth by the Gate of old Rob: Andrew, and in a lane unto the Cross that 
belongeth unto the Prior of St Peters in IpsW*, and then into a little 
lane into the high-way from Ipsw ch to Hadly, and to the Crosse that 
parteth Stoke Neyland way and Hadly way, and turne againe to Ipsw ch 
ward unto Breedling Buss, and in a fare mere unto Bordshow wood, 
and leave the same wood on the right hand, and into Holdessie vally, 
and into, the meadowes and over the River under Bordshow Hall into 
the high way from Ipsw * 1 to Sprawton. And in a little lane between 
Joh : of Western tenem* of Ipsw ch , Sporier ; and in the lane that goeth 
from Ipsw ch to the high way to Bramford, and from that high way to 
Wetman How, and from Witman How on a faire mere unto Lovetoft 


Hall, and have in all Leyhams Closes, and in a little lane to the Cross 
in Whitton in Whitton streete, and in a lane to Whitton Church that is 
holden of St. Buttolfs, and from the Churche on a faire mere unto old 
John Omersons of Thurlston, and in a little lane that goeth to Ponton 
marche, and through Ponton marche into a lane that goeth to Wester- 
feild wood ; and into Westerfeild Wood, and on a faire way that goeth 
to the Crosse that stand by the high way that goeth from Ipsw h unto 
Tuddenham ; and from the Crosse on a faire greene way, and in the 
same way to Rushmere ; and forth by the Hall gate, and in the same 
way to a Crosse that stands in the high way betwene Ipsw h and Rush- 
more, and in the same way forthe by Rogers (blank} gate, and forth to 
a Close of the aforesaid Rogers to the high way that goeth from 
Ipswiche to Woodbridge : and from that way on a faire greene that 
goeth to Bixly marshes end, into the high way that goeth from Ipsw * 1 
to Colniss ; and unto Merediche, and as Merediche goeth into a way 
that goeth from Ipsw ch to Nacton, and from the way unto a Close that 
is Mr John Paxter's, by Daniells hill, on a greene way through old 
Walter Ponds close, and in a lane fast by the Dayry of Alis Borne, 
unto Kings Ness, and from Kings Ness unto Donham bridge ; and 
from Donham bridge by the water side unto Ipsw 011 . 


It was even then a town of repute, and by the Danes at theire first 
comming in twice pillaged within the space of 20 yeres ; yet before 
those times it had been a Corporacon and a halfe hundred, and had 
diverse members or hamlets besides the maine body of the towne, of 
whiche number Stoke was one, and then soe greate as it rendred unto 
the Saxon kings tenne pounds yerely rent, and was granted to the 
Churche by Edgar the Saxon king in ffree allms. One other member 
of Ipsw 011 at that time was Brookes Hamlet, and rendred unto the Saxon 
kings IO H rent, & the same was granted afterwards by Edward the 
Saxon king unto Alurick de Clare at the same rent. 

What the certaine number of the parishes were in the body of the 
Towne in those daies I finde not, yet I find that there were then eight 
mencioned under the names of Trinity : St Mary : St Michael : 
St Buttolfe : St Laurence : St Peter : St Steven ; and doubtless there were 
more, for diverse more there are that seeme not inferiour in antiquity to 
any of the former, faj 

In the body of the Towne there were in those times three hundred and 
eight and twenty dwelling houses. And in them were five hundred thirty 

(a) This is no consequence : we know several of the present Churches have been built since ; and it 
is most probable none of the buildings now standing are near so old as Mr. Bacon supposes. And as the 
authority of Domesday hath always been allowed and submitted to, it is much more reasonable to believe 
there were at that time no more Churches than are therein mentioned. (C) 


and eight inhabitants that payed tribute to those kings, and bare Scott 
and Lott with the Guildable part of the County. It likewise had forty 
akres of land in Demesne, and payed a fee farme to the king at fifteen 
pounds yerely. Two parts of three of this rent was granted by Edward 
the Saxon king unto his Queene. And the other third p. was granted 
to Duke Werth that was brother to Harold, whoe was after competi- 
tour with the Norman Duke William for the crowne of England. 


During these times the town was muche decayed ; rather 
occasioned by the pillage and plunder of the Danes soe lately donhe, 
then from any violence from the Conquerour, I meane the Normans : 
ffor theire policy led them to the protection of the people in theire 
liberties, in order to the establishm' of theire own liberties to themselves 
and theire posterity, as may appeare in the lawes of him whoe is 
ordinarily stiled y e Conqueror, (or rather his grand Charter), wherein 
he granteth to all Burroughs to hold theire ffree market uppon this 
ground, that in them the Customs of the kingdom, the Common Law, 
and other good lawes made by former Princes cannot be destroyed nor 
violated ; and the like dothe appeare in the Lawes of Hen. y 6 first, 
whereof afterwards. 

This decay that I mentioned, was rather in the estates of the 
inhabitants then in theire number, although in that allsoe there was 
abatem*. ffor in the Domesday booke in the Excheq r , it is related that 
then there were noe more then one hundred and tenne burgesses left 
that bare Scott and Lott w* the gueldable p* of the County, besides one 
hundred burgesses of the poorer sort, that were not able to give above 
one penny to the king, and yet the farm of the Towne to the Excheq r 
was raysed to Twenty Seven pounds yerely. 

During the reignes of Willm y e Conqueror and Wm Rufus I finde 
nothing concerning this town more then hath bein saide. 

In Henry the first his reign, by a law he ordained town Courts 
should be holden every monthe, w 011 formerly by the Saxon Lawes 
were to hold onely fower times in the yere ; yet this restrained not 
custome aunciently settled of oftener holding courts, as it may seeme 
this Towne had. But in perticuler concerning this Towne I finde 
nothing but that in this kings time the Hamlett of Wikes was a member 
of Ipsw 011 : for the king did grant unto Allaine of Brittaine out of the 
Hamlett of Wicks, a member of Ipsw"*, thirteene shillings fower pence, 
to be payed by the Bayliffs of Ipsw*, soe as Ipsw ch was alsoe governed 
by Bayliffs as theire chiefe magistrates (aj in this kings time. 

(a) i.e., as officers of the Crown. (C) 



Henry the Second was the first king since the Conquest that 
showed any special favour to this Towne fa), ffor whereas by the 
Conquerours Lawe formerly menconed, markets were ordered to be 
holden onely in Citties and Burroug Townes, and by reason thereof 
This Towne had formerly a greate market, there being noe market 
nigher thereto then Orford. Now the Prior & Cannons of Woodbridge 
beganne to stirre for a market to be holden in that Towne, w** comming 
to a suite before the king, by reason of the opposition made by the 
Towne of Ipsw * 1 , It was at length agreed as follow 4 : 

1161. 19 Novemb : 8. H. II. 

Whereas a market uppon Wednesday in every weeke was 
indeavoured by the Prior and Cannons of Woodbridge fbj to be 
holden in that Town : 

The said Prior and Cannons did grant and give to the Burgesses 
of Ipsw 1 * for ever one moity of the said market at Woodbridge, w th all 
the Customs, Tolls, and other appurtenances whatsoever to the said 
moity belonging. And the said Burgesses shall have their servants in 
y 6 said market, together w" 1 the servants of the said Priour and 
Cannons, to receive Toll and all other benefit in the said moity of the 
said market emergent. And the said Prior and Cannons have granted 
and given unto the said Burgesses a peece of ground in y e said market, 
in lengthe thirty foote, and in bredthe twenty foote, to build a house 
thereon where they may putt their p* of the market, and other things 
w 1 * concern them ; ffor w h ground the Burgesses shall pay to the Prior 
and Canons yerely fower pence at the feast of Michalmass. And the 
said Burgesses shall be free from all Toll and other Customs in the 
said market for ever. 

Witness. W m : priour of Trinity, Tho : de Otley, Osbert de 
Baudresey, knights; John de Belmis, Geoff: de Belmis, Then Bayliffs 
of Ipsw ch . Rog. Lew, Amis Bolle, &c. 

And thus they camme off upon equal terms, w ch was a good 
bargaine in those dayes, wherein the Clergy were assendant. But the 
kings favour yet further cleared itselfe to this Towne under the broad 
sealle, by gr' of priviledges, as flowers gathered out of his owne 
Gardein, where by he granted as followeth : 

Charter of 40 Hen. II. fcj 
All returns of writts concerning the inhabitants of this Towne and 

(a) Mr. Canning thinks this a mistake. 

fb) The Prior and Canons of Woodbridge did not exist in the time of Hen. 2. (C.) 
(c) This seems to be a mistake ; it should be " Charter of 40 H. in.," for (with other reasons) 
H II. did not reign 40 years. (J.S.) (Dat. Westminster, 15 April, 1256.^ 


the liberties thereof : That the Bayliffs of this Towne shall be imme- 
diately accomptant unto the Exchequer. That no Sheriff or Bayliff 
shall meddle in summoning, or attaching, or distraining, in the said 
Towne, unless in default of the Burgesses or Bayliffs of the Towne. 

That the Burgesses shall from amongst themselves elect, and make 
Coroners w^in the Towne and Attachem 13 in crowne plees within the 
said Towne and liberties of the same, & shall give accompt thereof to 
the Judges Itinnerant in those pts. 

That all marchants w* all their marchandise, as well of fishe as 
other commodities coming to the Port of Ipsw*" 1 , shall have free 
passage comming and going, and free trade. 

That there shall be noe Brokers of marchandise to hinder the 
Trade in the said Towne. Thus the sheriffs, coroners* and other 
County officers are excluded from having any power w a in this towne, 
and the power of the Towne extended to all manner of causes and plees 
within it selfe, whereof any court in Hundred or County could take any 
cognisance, and henceforth Coroners becomme a name of office in this 
town, and the psons are so farre forth adjoyned to the governm 1 as 
the additionall power of crowne plees will extend, but not to make 
them essentiall members of the corporacon, w^out whome noe adminis- 
tration of justice or act of councill could pass, for as to these the 
Towne was fully inabled before any Coroner was ever elected w th in 
this towne. 


In this kings time little is found as touching this Towne, saving 
that about his seventh yere he confirmed the liberties thereof; but it 
cost the Towne sixty marks, besides an hundred shillings increase in 
the yerely farme, for the holding of the Towne in theire own hand (a). 
And yet it was inferiour to the farme in the Conquerours time, for that 
was 37'' yerely, and this but thirty and five. 

And towards the latter end of his reigne he gave the Hamlett of 
Wicks, a member of Ipsw 1 " 11 , to Joh : , Bp. of Norw 011 , paying to the 
Towne of Ipsw h tenne pounds (bj, so as still it remained parcell of 
the fee farme. 

JOHN : K. 

By this time the corporacons of England, by experience finding 
that the kings writt was soe commonly granted to the hindrance of 
theire courts and other liberties, toke generall Charters of grant and 

(a) Mr. Canning thinks this " strangely misunderstood." 

fbj It was the reverse of this. The town paid ten Pounds p. an. to the Bishop, which was allowed 
to the Town out of the Fee-farm-rent, or rather, it was allow'd to those who farmed the Town of the 
Crown. Vid. the Copy of the Roll in Domesday. (C.) 


confirmacon of their liberties, rath r to be in nature of estoppells to the 
crowne, then out of any desire of increase of priviledge. And in the 
first yere of his reigne he granted as followeth : 

Charter i John. [Dat. Gold Cliff, Monm. 25 May, 1199.] 

The Burrough of Ipsw ch with all the liberties and free customs 
granted and confirmed, to hold to the Towne and their heires rendring 
the wonted rent, to be payed to the Excheq r by the preposit' of Ipsw * 1 
Vf & one hundred shillings over by increase at the same time. And 
immunity from Tollage, Lastage, Stallage, Passage, Pontage, and 
other Customs by land and sea. That none of the inhabitants shall sue 
w th out theire liberty, unless in plees of forraine tenure, (excepting the 
kings servants). That they shall have a March' Guild, and their Hans 
or freedome. That noe man shall take free Quarter, nor shall take 
anything by force w th in the Towne. That they shall hold Law of their 
lands and tenem te w^in theire liberties, according to theire custome. 
And of debts lent w^in theire Towne and pledges there made. They 
shall not be amerced but according to the law of free Burgesses. The 
liberties and ffranchess of London saved. 

The Burgesses by common councill of the Town may elect two 
loyall and discreete men of theire Towne, and them present before the 
Chiefe Justice in the Excheq r , to be sworne well and faithfully to keepe 
the governm' of that Towne of Ipsw**. And they shall not be removed 
soe long as they behave themselves well, unless by the Common 
Councill of the Towne. 

That they may elect fower Coroners to hold theire Crowne plees 
w^in the Towne, and doe other things belonging to the Crown, and to 
see that the governm* be well ordered. 

Heres much by confirming and little by granting. The second, 
third, and fourth, may add muche, the rest tells us rather what the king 
was willing they should hold, then what they should have, and therein 
strooke on both sides, else on the one side would he not have urged 
a journy up to London to take the othe, nor on the other allowed the 
Common Councill of the Towne to have putt out theire governors 
without breach of good behaviou r . Although I denie not but there 
may be causes of disability that extend not to morality. 

In the same first yere of his reigne the king likewise granted a 
ffayer to the sick house of Mary Magdalen of Ipsw 011 faj, to be yerely 
holden at Ipsw ch uppon St James day, and to continue for two dayes, 
unless it shall be prejudiciall to the neighbouring ffaires. 

(a) This Hospitall was (9 H. 8.) said to be annexed to the Rectory of St Hellens of Caldwell ; soe 
a box of Houses of St Hellens, late Mr Toolies, soe as by the dissolution the faire camme to y c Town. (B.) 


1 200- 1. 2jok: Thursday after y* Nativit. Joh: Bap: [June 28, 1200.] 

Bayliffs sworne, } J hn ^ Norman, 
) Wm : de Belmes. 

Coroners } Phil : de Porta ' 

O t/fvflCf&f ? T* T 

) Roger Lew. 

ORDERED : that twelve Portmen shall be elected as in other 
ffree townes of England, & they shall have power w* the Towne to 
governe and maintaine the said Burrough, and all the liberties thereof, 
and to doe judgem 1 to the Towne, and to doe all that may concerne the 
state and honor of the Towne. 

The Lords Day after Peter & Paul. 2 Jo h : \_July 1 , 1 200.] 

ffower men are elected and sworne to elect Portmen out of the better 
rank : more discreete and abler persons of the Towne, and accordingly 
they elected 

Job : fits Norman, 
Willm de Belmes, 
Philip de Porta, 
Roger Lew, 

Peter Everard, 
Andrew Peper, 
Wilm Godscalk, 
Lewes Bolle, 


oh : de St George, 
oh : le Maister, 

Sayer fits Thurston, 

Rob' Paris : 

Whoe are sworne before the whole Towne, and the Townesmen are 
sworne to obey the Bayliffs, Coroners, and Portmen, to maintaine the 
honor and liberties of the town against all but the King. And the new 
Charter is delivered to the Bayliffs to keepe. 

The Lords Day after Nativit: Mar : 2 Joh : \_Sep : 9, 1200.] 

Ordinances devised by the Bayliffs, Coroners, and Portmen, by 
direction of the last Court, are now brought into the Court, read, and 
allowed by the same. The same Bayliffs elected for the next yere. 
The Common Sealle made and brought into the Court, is allowed. 

The Bayliffs, with Peter Peper, Norman Halinothe, Clement le 
Palmer and Seman de Ponte, are ordered to levy the Customes of the 
Towne, and to pay the ffee ffarme. 

Two Bedells or Serjeants are elected ; one of whome to kepe the 
Gaole, viz. John Prickheart, the other was John Hane. 

They likewise elected one Alderman of the Guilde, and fower 

They granted to the Portmen Oldenholme medow for their horses. 

They ordered Domesday booke to be made. 

1203-4, 5 Joh: 

The King caused the ditche and wall to be made about the Towne 
by the aide of the County, and off the County of Cambridge. 

1212-3, 14 Joh : 

The governour and the twenty and fower men of the Towne of Ipsw h 
are summoned to show Quo waranto they did remove their ffshmark* 


in the same towne otherwise then was wont. And thereof Elias of 
Ipsw ch dothe complaine, that by removall of the same he is damnified 
to the vallew of eight shillings, and that they have removed the same 
from the place where it was wont to be from the Conquest of England. 
And the said Governour and the fower & twenty men doe say, that they 
have allwaies used for the inconvenience of the place to remove the 
same soe as they may the better levy the ffarme of our Lo. the King. 
And that the King by his Charter hath confirmed theire liberties. 

I doe not find that as yet the Towne had the Clerkship of the 
market, but justified theire liberty to order theire market for place, in 
order for the better inabling them to pay the Kings farme, and therefore 
may much rather, being Clerks of the market, order the same bothe for 
place and time as may be most convenient for them. 


We are now comme w th in view of a more perfect sea mark to 
stere our course : hitherto we scarce meete w th any footstepps of the 
manner of the governm', and until this kings time not one record of 
Court of plees, and during this kings time but very few, w h might 
arise from the perfidiousness of a Common Clerke of this Towne, 
named John Blake, whoe, as uppon Record appeareth, fledd away (being 
in danger to be prosecuted for felony) and caried away w* him the 
Doomsday booke and the rolls of the Court of plees, so as of all the 
plees in former times remained to posterity noe more than fower or five 
small rolls of the proceedings in the governm 4 about the 40 th yere, and 
54 and 55* yeres of his reigne, whiche, as allsoe the rolls of the next 
kings times, I shall examine soe farr as they reflect uppon the 
Customary of the Towne, and thereof give a summary accompt as 
I passe along. 

1254-5. 39 Hen: III. 

In a writt of right before the Bayliffs, the process is three 
summons, three distresses, and a seisure for want of apparance, and 
after apparance restitution, the defend* putting in 2 pledges. 

A debt acknowledged before the Bayliffs in court, and for non- 
payment a distress to be taken by the Bayliffs order, of all goods and 
Chattels in the liberty of Ipsw 011 belonging to the debtor, and under 
penalty of 5 U to the Bayliffs use if it be not payde. 

A recognisance of ffreehold. If a man dyed leaving onely 
daughters, his lands and tenem* 5 shall dessend by the Custome to them 
in coparcenery ; adjudged in a case between Joan and Oliva, daughters 
of Robt* de Rendlesham. 

A recognisance of a rent in fee simple out of a tenem* in Ipsw h . 

A writ of covenant in the court before the Bayliffs. A recog- 
nisance of a gen. release. An action of wast. 


1253-4- 38 H. III. 

n j-ff I Silvester fits Wakelin, 
Bayliffs, | Thurstan del Clay. 

The Towne in their time granted to the Abbot and Covent of 
Albemarle, that the Abbot and his successors and theire Villani of the 
Towne of Belsted, should be tollfree in the said Towne, excepting 
Marchants for marchandise, and such tenants as shall cary fruites of 
lands holden of otner lords, and sell in the said Towne. Vid : 1 5 Ed. II. 
m. p : r : Thursday before Valentine. [Feb. 2, 1254.] 

1254-5. 39 H. HI : 

D ,-jr ( Matthew de Porta, 

A recog. of debt to Thurston del Clay by Hugh Peche, under 
penalty of 5'' to the Bayliffs, besides liberty of seisure of all the 
Cognisors goods and Chattells w th in y liberty of Ipswch. rot. m: p : 

1255-6. 40 Hen: III. 

A recognisance of contract for paym* of money, and for want of 
payment, that the Bayliffs shall turn the detors wife and children out of 
doores, & seise & keep the house and goods till the debt paide. 

In a plea of a messuage, the defend* appared, and demanded the 
view, w* was granted to be uppon the same day, being the Lords Day 
betwene the hours of one & nine. 

An aeon of wast brought against ten 4 in dower of a moity of a 
messuage, and because the tenant in dower could not find sureties to 
uphold the same in as good condition as shee received it, the same was 
recovered by the plaintiff for ever, w th dammages for the wast done. 

In an accon brought against the Prior of Trinity, he did appere, 
and because he had distrained his ten 4 by his own Baly, w^out the 
notice of the Bayliffs of the Towne, The Prior submitted & was 

In an accon of dower of a moity, as of her reasonable p*, the def 1 
called to warranty. 

Tenant in remainder in fee brought an action of wast against his 
tenant for life, whoe appeared and confessed the wast, and found four 
suerties to repaire and maintaine the same during his life, The Court 
gave him a yeres time to repaire, under perill of loss of his estate for 
life & payment of dammages. 

A contract, and for security of paym* of the mony, the party 
bound himselfe, his heires, and executors, and all his goods and chatties 
w th in y 6 manjier of Brookes, w th in the liberties of Ipsw h , & the 
Bayliffs may distraine the same, and them kepe until the debt be paide. 

One brother brought his action against his other brother, for 
refusing to admitt him to have his moity of a messuage in 


dissending to them both as heires to their father, and becaus the 
defendant could not gainsay it, judgem' passed for the plaintiff to have 
a moity, and if any wast be doune, the defend' was to have the place 
wasted for his moity. 

1269-70. 54 Hen. HI. 

Hugh Lew, 

A deede of annuity out of a house in Ipsw 011 acknowledged, 
inrolled, and the wife examined before the Bayliffs. And the like in 
another case. 

The will of Clem* de Ponte proved and inrolled before the Bayliffs, 
whereby he gave a rent out of a house in Ipsw 011 during the lives of 
the present tenants, and after the tenem* it selfe to his daughter and 
her heires, and this was formerly proved, and by Inspexin? allowed. 

Thursday after Leonards day: 19 Ed. II. [1325. Nov. 7.] 

1270-1. 55 Hen. HI. 

. /vr. f Matthew de Porta, 
B*yKff* t \ Vivian fits Silvester. 

Justifies for 45*. debt. Recognizance of debt of freehold and 
annuity. A justifies by warr* fro' the Sheriff to discharge ten* of 
Service claimed by the Lo. paramount, w^ the meane ought to be 
charged with, rot: m: p: 

1271-2. 56 Hen. HI. 

/?.,/,-/?, f Robt de Orford, 
BwW*. \ Godfrey Davy . 

The Towne in this Kings reigne made freemen paying a duty to 
the Towne once for all, or yerely, and a duty to the Bailiffs. 

They made forrainers able to Trade for their yerely fine, without 
being Lottant or Scottant. 

EDW : I. 

1272-3. i Ed. I. Thursday before St. George. [Ap. 20, 1273.] 

An accon for breaking a dwelling house contra pacem Balivorum, 
and the like Thursday after Pet. & Paull. [July 6.] Thursday after 
Barnaby. [June 15.] Friday after Ascension. [May 19.] 

One charged before the Bayliffs for selling of wool by false weights, 
found pledges to abide the judgem' at the next Court. 

Recognisance of G 1 * in taile with reversion or remainder over, 
and of Debt. Thursday before St. George. [Ap. 20.] 


1273-4. 2 E. I. 

a i -a-, f Vivian ffits Silvester. 
Baylt ff*> \ John Laurens. 

Thursday, St. Luke, 2 E. /. [Oct. 18, 1274.] 

Because many forrain Burgesses refuse to pay aide to the farme 
of the Town of Ipswch, as theire ancest rs were wont to doe for theire 
liberty in the Towne, It is ordered by the Common Concent of the 
Commonalty of this Towne, that noe forrain Burgess shall hereafter be 
but onely for his life, and this allso paying a certaine fine yerely to the 
farme of the Towne at Michallmass, or else that they be Lottant and 
Scottant according to his estate to the common tallage of the Towne. 
And they that be Lottant shall be Toll free w th in the Town for all his 
marchandises and other goods. And those which are not Lottant shall 
be Toll free for all their corne & other fruits arising & growing w^in 
their owne proper lande, & all things bought for their proper uses. 
vid. Domesday booke, white lether, horded cover. 

1274-5. 3 Edw. I. 

Wicks Ufford & Wicks BP presented for holding view of frank 
pledge without the Bayliffs of Ipsw"*, whose suburbs they are. 

1276-7. 5 Edw. I. Thursday after St. Denis. [Oct. 14, 1277.] 

Lambert de Gumbervill demanded judgem* against Geoffery 
Baldwin, for that the said Geoffry had essoigned him selfe for the 
kings service, and tooke not out his warrant as he ought, and there- 
uppon judgem* passed, dammages taxed, and the said Geoffry gave 

,-ff ( Richard ffader, 
Bayli/*, ( John Clement ; 

William de Gosham made sergeant of the Gaole, and found suerties 
for the safe keeping of the prisoners to him committed. 

1277-8. 6 Edw. I. Thttrsday after St. Valentine. [Feb. 17, 1278.] 
A recognisance of debt to one at London by his attorney. 

r> ,. j Richard ffader, 
Bayliffs, } Roger , e Maister _ 

St. Thomas' day. [Mar. 7.] 

An accon of Detinue of charters. 

Thursday after St. Margaret. [July 21, 1278.] 

In a writ of right, the tenant pleaded that by a former judgem* in 


the Court, in a former accon of the same nature, he was acquit, and 
vouched the record, and afterwards the plaintiff camme to agreem*. 

1278-9. 7 Edw. I. Thursday after Candlemas. [Feb. 9, 1279.] 

Rob : L : , plaintiff, against Joh : Manewick, defend* ; for that the 
said John did draw the said Robt into the Court Christian before the 
Deane of Ipsw 011 , for violence by him donne to the said John. And 
the defend* pleaded that he might justily soe doe, for that he is a Clerk, 
and the other did the violence to him, and offended against the Cannon, 
and the complainant replied, that this plea belonged to the Kings 
Court, and not to the Court Christian. 

1279-80. 8 Edw. I. Thursday before Luke. [Oct. 17, 1280.] 

rff ( Robt de Orford, 
Bayhffs, | Simon fits Silvester. 

A writt of dower for a moity accord to the custome, and the ten* 
called in aide the two sonns and heires of the father that was dead. 

1280-1. 9 Edw. I. 

,-ff t Robert de Orford, 
yaps, j Vivian fits Silvester. 

If a man wages his Law, and commes not in at the day, or failes in 
making his Law, judgm* shall pass against him. Phillip & Jacob. 
[May i, 1281.] 

Thursday after H. Cross. [Sept. 18, 1281.] 

In a writt of right, the defend* pleades he is not tenant of the 
land putt in view, and thereof putts him selfe to the Triall of the 

Common soile granted to Godscalk, nigh the wall at the Kay, at 
the rent of 2s. in dors. m. p: 

Recognisance of debt and probates of wills, ibid. 

1281-2. 10 Edw: I. The same Bay liffs. 

Charter of 10 Edward I. faj 

The king by his Charter confirmed the Charters of Hen. the 2d 
and king John. And granted that noe burgess of the Towne shall 
inplead or be inpleaded wthout theire Burrough in any plees of assize 
or complaints, eyther of lands or tenures, w^in the said Towne or 
suburbs of the same, nor for trespass or contract wthin the said town 
or liberties thereof. 

(a) Should be H. 3d (S) 


That as often as assizes by sworne men, or any inquests concerning 
intrincecall tenures, trespasses, contracts, or felonies w^in the Town 
or liberties shall befall these assizes, and inquests shall not be by 
forrainers, but by Burgesses, unless they concerne the King or his 
successors, or the commonelty of the Towne. 

That the inhabitants of the Towne shall be for ever discharged 
from presenting theire Bayliffs elected to the Justices of the Exchequer. 
And that they shall not be bound to elect more then two persons to be 
the Coroners for that Towne, whoe shall doe all suche matters as are 
appointed to the Coroners by the Charters of K. John and Hen. the 2d. 

That whereas the Burgesses of that Towne have had the custody 
of the prisoners w th in that Towne and suburbs indicted or arested : 
when any escape of suche prisoners be, they shall answere y same. 

That all persons arested or indicted and taken w th in that Towne 
for any offence whatsoever, shall be imprisoned w^in the gaole of that 
Town and liberty. And that all suche shall be kept by the Bayliffs 
till they shall be discharged by law, unless speciall precept from the 
king or Keper of his Forests (for offence against the forest lawes) 
shall be to the contrary. 

That the Burgesses of that Towne, and theire heires, burgesses ot 
the same, shall be for ever free from all Murage, Panage, Pontage, 
Anchorage, Strandage, Segeage, for all theire Marchandise in all the 
kings ports. 

That no man shall forstall or stopp any goods going by land or 
sea to the said port of that Towne appointed for sale. 

Thursday after Valentine. [Feb. 19, 1282.] 

In a plea of land against Albreda Permihood and her son John, 
after the 3d distress, Albreda appeares and demands the view; after the 
third demand, John appeares, and would be essoigned, but it would not 
be admitted, and thereuppon Albreda vouches to warr 1 ? her sonne John, 
whoe enters into war.r*y, and thereuppon the matter goes to the Grand 
Assise, and after at the time, John essoigned him selfe, and thereuppon 
judgem' for default. 

Gavelkind in plea betwene Hugh de Krymes and Walklin de 
Bel ings: 

The first deed inrolled verbatim under the Teste of the Bayliffs 
and others named therto. In Dors : 

1282-3. ii E.I. 

T} i-ff ( Tho: Ailred, 

A writ of right was sued forth at Westm r for house in Ipsw 1 * by 
Roger Clement and Julian his wife against Godscalk and others, and 


because the plaintiffs were at IpsW*, the kings Dedimus commes 
down to the Prior of St. Peters to receive theire atturny, and to send 
up his name, and after the same being returned, the same is certified to 
the Bayliffs of Ipsw 011 by writt. Upon complaint of two psons above, 
a writ commes downe to Sheriffs to take security of the peace, and the 
Sheriffs signified the same to the Bayliffs, and required them to see 
it donne. 

In debt by Justicies from the kings writt by the sherefs precept 
to the Bayliffs, wherein divers actions are joyned in one writt, and the 
greatest sume is not above 10 marks, and the least 4O S . 

A will of Robt. de Orford proved before the official of Suff: & 
after, as to the lay fee, proved before the Bayliffs. 12 Ed: I. 

1283-4. 12 E. I. 

T> TO- / Vivian fits Silvester, 
Bayhffs, j jQhn Clement> 

A will proved intirely, and seisin granted as to suche as are legatees 
of lay fees. 

One demanding his freedome by birth, brings into the court his 
fathers armes, was admitted, and tooke his othe of fealty to the king. 

The first will proved before the Bayliffs, wherein I find that seisin 
was entred, given by the Bayliffs as to the freeholds devised. 

A deed of lands in Codenham, Creting St. Mary, Stansf., Lamb e ., 
Easton, Birtn., Elmset, Ofton, and nonew th in the liberty of Ipsw h , and 
the same was acknowledged and inrolled. Strugel to Harneis. 

1284-5. X 3 E' I- The same Bayliffs. 

In this yere the liberties of this Town were seised into the kings 
hand for trespasses donne to the king, and soe continued till the 
nineteenthe yere of this kings reigne. And in the meane time there 
was a Gustos set upon the Towne, the first of w * 1 that I can finde was 
Wm : de Boothe. 

An action brought by Rob 4 de Hemingston and Ancell his wife 
against Hugh, servt of R : B : for that he had drawne them into plea in 
the Court Xian, for Chattells, contrary to the kings lawes, and that 
therein the plaintiff was indammaged fower shillings. The defend* 
acknowledges the principall plea, but denies the dammage to be such, 
and judgem* passed for the plaintiff. 

Munday after Quindena Pasche. [Ap. 9, 1285.] 

John Chelings, plaintiff, against John ffaber and Emme his wife, whoe 
appeard and waged law by three, the plaintiff said they were ffree 



Burgesses and ought to wage law by tenne, the defend' herto answered 
that his wife was free, but she was marred to him whoe was not free, and 
therefore not bound to suche wager. 

The towne had furnished two shipps for the kings service in 
Scotland, & they were sent home wth a short testimoniall in parch mt , 
like a writt under the privy scale, approving theire service and returning 
thanks to the Towne, and testifying theire discharge. 

The Sheriffs' precept to the Gustos of Ipsw 011 by Justicies uppon 
an acco' of accompt by Aylred against Colt : 

1285-6. 14 Edw. I. 

By the Teste of a deed belonging to Stoke parish, I doe find that 
the first name before whom the Deede was acknowledged was Geoffery 
Kempe, Gustos of the Towne, and after him the names of John 
Clem 1 and Laur: Harand, whome I take to be Bayliffs, although not 
soe named. 

The liberties of the Towne being now seised, the chiefe inhabitants 
became collecters of the farme, rendring an accompt, and in the Sheriff 
of Norff. accompts in the Excheq r , I find this accompt of the halfe 
yeres profitts from Lady day to Mich. 14 Ed. I. 

Of the farm of Horswade Mill 

Of the Towne farme 

ffor certain custome called Hatgavell 

ffor Stallage 

ffor Customs of the Kay . . 

ffor Tholl for Early 
















1 1 










3 2 









For small customes 
Promts of free-pledge 
Promts of plees 

And by the same it appeareth allsoe that the Town then had, viz. 
at the time of the seisure, The returne of writts and fines of the Exchequer 
view of free pledge ; two Markets, one on Wednesday, and the other 
on Satterday, Horswade Mill and Oldenholm Medow, and the profits of 
these were seised. 

1287-8. 16 E. I. 

T, j-a f John Harnais, 
B*yW, { foiiim: Malyn. 

Detinue of Charters brought by Justicies : the writt directed to the 
Sheriff, and his precept to the Gustos of Ipsw*. 


Bothe formerly and now accons of defamation are usuall. 

Accon of debt according to the Sea Law, in the Court of ordinary 
plees, Irpe and Scoord and divers others, according to law march 1 , and 
an accon of accompt after the Sea lawe. 

One was fined 200% and uppon submission, the fine was abated to 
one hundred shillings. And three others disfranchised for trespass 
done to the Bayliffs and Commonalty, by forestalling uppon a verdict 

1288-9. *7 E. I- 

Bayliffs, \ Gilbert de Burgh, 
-* M > \ Edw: de Castleacre. 

Cnratifrt f J hn Bande ' 

"' { Joh : de Preston. 

Satterday after Joh. Bapt : [June 25, 1289.] in dors : 

A will was proved before the Gustos of the Towne. 

In an accon of defamacon, the same being in the declaracon law 
to be donne in open market, the defendant waged his law, and it was 
adjudged that he should not be received therto. 

In an accon of defamacon, the plaintiff declared of the words 
spoken in open market, but doth not alledge that occasione inde he was 
damnified: and he would have no judgem* : for it was said, " si cantemus 
de vento, non debet respondere." 

1289-90. 1 8 Edw. I. 

T, ,-jr ( Vivian fits Silvester, 
Bayhffs, j John Clement _ 

The liberties of the Towne continued still in the kings hands by 
seisure, as appeareth by the accompt of the farme, of the proffits in the 
Sheriffs accompts in the Excheq r , where its entered that Phillip Harneis, 
John Clem*, Vivian Silvester, John Briset, and other men of Ipsw** did 
accompt for 60" farme, during the kings pleasure. 

Satter day after E dm : Bishop. [Nov. 18, 1289.] 

In a Trns:^ Willm: Joylard declared against three others in an 
assalt, one of whom, named Roger Deesring, demanded the BP of 
Elies Court. And it was resolved that the BP hathe no Court in such 
case w^in the liberties of this Towne. 

Thursday before. [Nov. 9, 1289.] 

Dower of a moity granted by the Custome to Norman Curtis and 
Maud his wife by the Kings writt. 

t Transgressio trespass. 


Thursday before Gregory. [Mar. 9, 1 290.] 

Isabell the wife of Robt: Crudd brough an acco' against Hardy 
for deforcing her of a house in Ipsw ch , w h is her right, and free 
marriage. And the defendant called to warranty fower sonnes and 
heires of Rob: Crudd. 

An accon brought against a femme covert, for a house by her 
demised, and whereto the husband would not consent, and judgem' 
passed against the wife w th dammages. 

Daniel de Cansia, defendant, against John Lew in an accon of tms, 
for that the defend 4 (in a case before the officiall of Norwch, betwene 
the said John Lew and the prior of St. Peter), did sweare that the said 
John Lew was summoned in St. Stevens Churche uppon the .... 
day of S r by the Deane of IpsW*, whereas the said John Lew was at 
that time in the kings service beyond the sea, and thereby the said 
John Lew was indamiged. 

Letis, the wife of Edw: le Ken, brought an acco' of defamation 
against Letis, wife of Alexandr Burchier, whoe pleaded that shee was a 
maried woman, and could not answere w th out her husband, against w ch 
the plaintiff alledged the Custome of the Towne that every maried 
woman ought to answere in a personall accon, and Judgem* passed for 
the plaintiff. 

A recognisance for the paym* of mony and if default be, that the 
Bayliffs shall deliver possession of the Recognisors house to the 
Conisee and his heires till the paymen* be made. 

Diverse presidents wherein the priors of Trinity and S l Peter were 
drawne into plea before the Bayliffs in theire Court of plees, and 
therein judgem* against them and theire submitting therto. 

In an action of assalt and Battery betwene Baron and Le man, the 
Declaracon wanted the words, ' et inde producit sectani? and this being 
pleaded, uppon demurrer, judgem* passed for the defend*. 

Munday after y e Ass unit ion. [Aug. 21, 1290.] 

The Kings writ of praecipe to the Bayliffs to doe speedy execution 
of a judgem* in an action of Deb* : 

19. Edw. I. The same Bayliffs. 

Now was the yere of restitution of the liberties of this Towne to 
it selfe, hitherto (from the 1 3 th yere of this kings reigne) they beeing 
under seisure as to the promts of the same, all though the Customes 
still continued of the governm* by Bayliffs, &c, under custody of divers 
psons deputed therto by the king. The Gustos serving rather to 
preserve the proffits for the Crowne then to exercise any power. 

But in this nineteenth yere, the king making an other voyage into 




Scottland, and having found the good service of the Ipsw ch sea men, 
granted to the Towne as followeth, after the stile thereof : 

' Allthough the Burrough aforesaid, w* all the appurtenances and 
liberties aforesaid, for certain transgressions and offences to us donne by 
the Burgesses, have been taken into our hands, and for somme space 
detained, and afterwards restored to them, rendring the rent of 6o u 
during our pleasure : And because we are advised by the Barons of 
Exchequer that we may safely doe it, we doe grant that the Burgesses 
aforesaid shall have the said Burrough and all theire liberties and 
appurtenances, to hold to us in the fee farme of 6o H yerely, and that 
they shall have all theire liberties and priviledges as formerly. Dated 
at Barwick. 19 E. i.' 

S l Laurence day. [Thurs., Aug. 10, 1290.] 

In an accon of Battery, the plaintiff declares, that whereas he was 
in the peace of the Bayliffs, &c. 

The auncient Lawes and Customes of this Towne being brought to 
an uncertainety by the loss of the Doomsday booke foremenconed, and 
the several interest of Judges, to the great dishonour of this Towne, Its 
therefore ordered that the auncient Customes and Constitutions of this 
Towne shall be againe brought into writing by 24 men sworne to that 
end, whose names are as followeth : 

Phillip Harneis, Job : de Causton, Rich : Lew, 

John Clement, John Harneis, Tho : Stace, 

Vivian Silvester, Laur : Harand, Joh : de Whatfield, 

Tho : Ailred, Joh : Lew, Tho : le Kent, 

Tho : le Maister, Nicol : le Clerk, Gilb' Roberd, 

Laur : Cobbe, Wm. le Maiden, Alisand Margr', 

Arnold le Pelleteur, Helis le Cook, Joh : de Bresete. 

Tho : de la Pere, Rich : le Clement, ,, ,, ,, 

Cap : i . Plees of right and freehold held before the Bayliffs every 
Thursday fortnight. And on the same day and place the Crowne plees 
before them and the Coroners. These are called Create Courts or 
Portmans Mootes. Excepted cutt purses and thieves taken at the suite 
of strangers in faire or markett. 

Small plees betweene inhabitants by pledge, are pleadable twice 
eache week before the Bayliffs, unless for cause otherwise adjourned. 

Pleas of Pepouders are adjournable from day to day, if eyther of 
the pties pray the same. 

Plees in ffaire are adjournable from hower to hower if betwene 
strangers, and begunne in that ffaire. 

Maritime plees are adjournable from tide to tide, if betweene 
strange passingers, being Mariners. 



In all plees of Pepouder, ffaire and Marine, is allowed three 
Essoignes for sickness to deathe, ply if it be desired. 

And the like in all plees by or w th out writt, as well after apparance 
as before, Excepting in Plees of ffresh abatem* and Nusance. 

Cap: 2. And except plees of ten* 5 in Common or Parcenery, 
and voucher to warr* in Common. In all w h cases, if one of them 
demand essoigne, and others appeare, and would be essoigned to 
another day, they shall not be allowed therto, nor to sever in essoigne. 

Cap: 3. Executors, though never soe many, shall have but one 
essoine to them all before apparance, and but one after apparance. 

Cap: 4. Small plees, whither w th or w th out writte, where three 
essoines are allowed, essoigne for the kings service shall be allowed, 
unless in Pcpoudres, ffaires and Maritime plees, in w ch noe such shall 
be allowed to eyther ptie. 

And suche essoine shall not be allowed to a woman, but where the 
law alloweth it. 

Essoines cast at the greate Court, shall be adjourned to the next 
greate Court, and suche as are Cast at the petit Courts, shall be adjourned 
to the next petit Court after 15 days. 

At w ch time, let the party beware that he have his essoigne ready, 
or otherwise it shall turne to a default, and nevertheless he shall be 
amerced 2 s . 

Let every man advise that he beginne his plaint according to the 
nature of his accon, for according therto shall the essoines be allowed, 
and the plee determined. 

Cap: 5. Writts of Right must be of Tenem* 5 pleadable within 
the Towne. 

The tenant shall be summoned at the tenem* in demand by two 
free men, to appeare at the day of the next Greate Court, and soe for 
want of apparance to three summons, and after them to three distresses. 

If the ten 4 then appeare, he may have three essoins upon demand ; 
But if default be after the essoines, the tenem 4 in demand shall be 
seised by lawfull men of the next visnee. And the tenant againe 
summoned to answere the accon and default. 

If the tenant will have reseisure or restitution, he must at his perill 
plead before or uppon the fifteenth day following, or he may lose his land. 

If the demand* will stand uppon the default, The tenant must 
defend the summons and distresses by wager of law, that he was not 
summoned nor distrained according to the Custome, or that the 
essoignes were not demanded by him or by his consent. After w ch 
law, the tenant may have three essoines against the demand*, if the 
tenant will demand them. And this wager of law shall be by twelve. 
After the law soe made, the demandant shall loose his writt, and be 
amerced, and the tenant is at liberty. 


If the ten 1 make default in making of his Law, the demand' may 
have seisin, and the tenant amerced. If any person shall comme before 
Judgemt and shew good title of right, by jointenancy or otherwise, that 
the default of the tenant ought not to prejudice him, he shall be 
received to defend his right. And this shall hold for ferns covert 
as well as others. 

But if the demand* shall wave all defaulte, and hold him to the 
Chiefe plea, and plead according to the common Law, excepting in 
joyning of the Mise, the tenant shall cast himself upon the Grand 
assize, for determining whoe hath the more right, according to the 
demand 15 plea. 

Noe triall by Battaile is allowed by the Custome of this Towne. 

The Bayliffs shall elect fower men in open court to elect the jury, 
and the Elizors shall presently be sworne to elect the most fitt and able 
men, and soe they shall be adjourned to the next greate court to 
bring in the panell. 

If it be brought in, summons shall goe to the jury to appeare at 
the next great court to give their verdict. 

If the Elizors come not at their adjournm*, summons shall issue 
forth, and if they comme not at the next greate court, they shall be 
amerced, and attached by mainpernours; if default be, the mainpernours 
shall be amerced, and another attachment by sixe mainpnours shall 
issue forth, and soe from court to court, the mainpnours shall be 
amerced till apperance. And when they appeare, they shall be sworne 
again as formerly, to impanell forthwith 24 able men at the least, in 
regard of Challenges. And these 4 Elizors shall be the first in the 
panell, if the pties will concent. 

If the tenant comme in after 3 essoignes, and demand the view, 
he shall have it, if the demand* make it not apparant that he hath 
allready had it in some other writt of the same nature. 

After the Mise joyned, the pties may have their essoignes if 
they will. 

If any ten* of land w th in the Towne be vouched to warrant in any 
plee of land, it shall be by good summons, three times if neede be, by 
two free men. 

And after apparance, the vouchee may have three essoines : if 
after them he shall make default, his lands in vallew shall be seised, 
and the process at the Common Law shall be awarded upon such default, 
and if the vouchee appeare and enter into warranty, he shall defend 
his right as at the Common Law, except as joyning the Mise & 

And if the tenant vouche forrain voucher, when the vouchee hath 
sufficient w^in the liberty of the Towne, and the plaintiff will averr 
the same, and the tenant will not accept of the averrm 4 , and the 


demand* esseneth by good inquest to prove the same, and demandeth 
judgem* of the voucher, and if it be found by verdict, the demand* 
shall have seisin of the tenem* in demand, and the Tenant shall be 
amerced. But if the contrary be found, then the forrain voucher shall 
be awarded for good. 

If the forrain voucher be by ayde of the kings Court, and the 
demand* allow thereof, the parties shall be adjourned to the next 
great Court, and then shall have three essoines if they will, and if the 
tenant then maketh default in his voucher, or bringeth not his ccrtiorari 
by the day given, and the defendant thereuppon demand judgem', he shall 
have seisin of the Tenement in demand, and the tenant shall be amerced. 

And the same process shall be against the jurors, if they make 
default, as is aforesaid for the elizors. 

Cap: 6. A plee of abatem* or fresh force, is for disseisins of 
freeholds pleadable w th in the Towne, w 011 must be prosecuted (w^in 
forty dayes after the desseisin first committed) by pledges. 

The Bayliffs, uppon complaint and pledges found, shall seise the 
tenem*, and deliver the same into the hands of two of the next 
neighbours, to kepe till judgem* pass. 

The disseisor shall finde pledges to answere at the day. And if 
he appeare not, or wil finde noe pledges, he shall be summoned by 
two free men. 

And against the day of apparance, an assize shall be arained of 1 2 
men of the visnee, who shall have view of the place, &c. 

If the parties doe appeare and plead, the assize shall be taken 
according to the plea. 

If the disseisor make default, and the same be awarded, the assize 
shall pass uppon the default, and dammages shall be taxed, and the 
desso r amerced and seisin delivered, as in Novel disseisin. 

If the disseisor hold by force, the Bayliffs shall remove the force. 
If the force can not be removed without perill, the Bayliffs in the 
presence of one or two Coroners and others, shall seise and pronounce 
the seisin to be by force, and soe to be null, allthough it continued 40 
dayes. And after such 40 days, the plea shall be executed against the 
disseisor in like manner as w th in the first forty daies. 

If the disseisee dothe not prosecute w th in 40 dayes after the 
abatem*, he is wthout remedy by his plea. 

If the disseisee at the time of Abatem* be in prison, or not of 
sound minde, or beyond the sea, he shall have 40 dayes after he shall 
be at liberty, or of sound mind, or comme from beyond sea, to 
prosecute the Abatem*. 

The same process shall be used where the plaintiffs plea shall be 
abated for insufficiency, provided that he doe amend his plea, sitting 
the court. 



Noe essoines shall be allowed to eyther pty in this plea. 

The Defend' in this plea may appeare by his Baily. 

Cap: 7. In a plea of Nusance of freehold, proceedings shall be 
by pledges. And w th in 40 days after the Nusance, levied, if the 
plaintiff be not beyond the sea, or not of sound minde, or in prison, 
otherwise he can have noe remidy w th out the kings writt. 

If the plaintiff be disabled in any of the cases aforesaid, he shall 
have the first 40 dayes after such disability removed, to prosecute, &c. 
In all proceedings in this case, by or w"'out writt, the defend* shall be 
attached by pledges. If he be not found, or will not find pledges, 
summons shall issue at the place where, &c., and at the day. And 
against that day an assize shall be arrained, (as in other case) whoe shall 
have the view. And if they finde the Nusance, judgem' shall be to abate 
the same in the presence of the jurors, and they shall assesse dammages, 
and the defend' shall be amerced. 

If the defend* make default in apparance or pleading, judgem* 
and execution shall pass thereuppon as aforesaid. 

The pties may in court agree that the matter may be determined 
by the Bayliffs and neighbors w th out plee, and if not, that the plea 
shall proceede. 

In this plea, noe essoine shall be allowed to eyther party. But if 
it be by writt, three essoines shall be allowed. 

Cap: 8. If ten* for life, dower, or ffrank Bank, or yeres, committ 
wast, or suffer the same, he in the revers : or remainder shall have his 
plea of wast before the Bayliffs, by pledges as well as by writ. And 
uppon the plaint the defend* shall be summoned by two freemen, &c. 

And if at the 3 d summons noe apparance shall be,' the Bayliffs 
and Coroners shall goe to the place, and by the othes of 1 2 men shall 
taxe dammages. And then another summons by 2 men, &c., shall 
issue to cause the defend* to appeare, and finde suerties to repaire the 
wast and abide judgem* of the Court. 

At w ch day no essoine shall be allowed to the defend*. 

And if noe apparance by him, and the summons proved, judgem* 
shall passe for recovery of the place wasted, and the dammages taxed 
and the defend* amerced in regard of soe many defaults. 

But if the defend* appeare at the three first summons, or after the 
inquest taken, and acknowledge the wast, and shall find suerties to 
repaire the same by the view, in as good condicon as he received the 
same, by a sett day he shall be received therto : and if he will not 
finde suerty, he shall loose the place wasted and dammages. 

Yet before he shall be received, the Bayliffs shall taxe dammages 
by the jury, and the suerties shall answere therefore. 

If the wast be not repayred by the day, the plaintiff shall have 
summons by two freemen for the defendant to show cause whye seisin 


should not be delivered, and if the defend' comme not, or shew not 
cause by a later and higher title, it shall be delivered, and the 
defend' amerced. 

If the defend' appeare, and counterplead, and the verdict pass 
against him, then the plaintiff shall recover seisin and dammages, and 
the defend' shall be amerced. 

If after the wast repaired, the defend* shall againe committ or 
suffer wast, he shall for ever loose the place and damms. 

In a plea of wast, 3 essoines shall be allowed for eyther pty after 
apparance uppon the summons. But if apparance be after the Inquest 
uppon the summons to shew cause, noe essoine shall be allowed. 

Cap : g. In alienacon of tenem ts by husband and wife, wherein 
shee hath any right. After livery and seisin, If they comme into the 
Court before y Bayliffs, and acknowledge the tenem* to be the 
purchasers according to the deede, and bring the same deed : The 
wife shall be examined apart by the said Bayliffs, and if she declare her 
free consent therto, the same shall be good and soe enrolled, and they 
shall binde the wife and her heirs, and the same shall be published 
before the Coroners and Townsmen, whether she shall be joint 
purchaser w^ her husband or hold by inheritance. 

But where the tenem* is granted in ffranckmariage, or uppon 
condition, where the fee is intailed to the husband and wife and heires 
of the m , or the reversion limited to the Donor and his heires, or in 
remainder to any after the deathe of such feoffees, noe recognisance 
shall be allowed to barr the limitations, reversions, or remainders 
thereuppon, but the same shall be recovered in the Towne Court 
by the kings writt according to the Custome, notw' h standing such 

In like manner shall the wife and her heires be bound by acknow- 
ledgem* made by process, or plee, or_ theire release. 

And if the seisin and estate uppon such recognisance be not good 
and sufficient, and the tenem* come after into demand, the demand* 
shall avoid such recognisance by putting uppon inquest that noe seisin 
was of the land before the recognisance, or that the ptie had no estate 
by the recognisance, nor in the same. 

Cap: 10. If a neighbour house fall uppon, or by leaning 
uppon do indammage the next house in the said towne, the pty 
indammaged shall recover dammage from him that owneth suche house 
by plea before the Bayliffs by pledges, and the dammages shall be 
taxed by the Inquest. 

Cap: 1 1. Tenants in reversion or remainder, after estates for life 
or yeres, may alien in open court by deede, and the same shall be 
inrolled w th other cognisances of ffreehold. And the ten* for life or 
yeres shall then be called by pledges to appeare at a certain day at the 


greate Court w th out essoine, to declare his right, and if default be, the 
pledges shall be amerced, and the ten' distrained till he appeare. 
The tenant uppon apparance shall declare what right he claimeth, and 
if it be for life or yeres, he shall be injoyned to atturne to him in 
reversion or remainder. 

If the tenant will not finde pledges to appeare he shall be 
distrained, and further shall be summoned by two free men, and if he 
appeare not, and the summons witnessed, the distresse shall be adjudged 
to be forfaited. 

If the tenant appeare, he may plead in barr of atturnem* if he 
hath cause. But noe summons shall issue against tenants for life or 
yeres if it shall appeare to the Court that they are in prison, or not of 
sound minde, or beyond sea, or if it appeares not to the Court till after 
summons, the summons shall be recalled. 

The fforfaitures aforesaid shall goe to the use of the Towne, and 
not of the Bayliffs. 

Cap : 12. If rent be issuing out of any ffranktenem*, and the same 
be granted over by deed inrolled in the Court : The like processe shall 
issue to the pty W* demandeth the rent to appeare at the next great 
Court to show his right, and if he demandeth the rent, he shall be 
ordered to atturne to the grantee. 

If he disclaimeth to hold of the recognisor, and the recognisee 
will averr that he did hold of the recognisor at the time of the 
recognisance, such disclaimer shall not be received. 

If the pty that claims the rent will not accept of suche averm*, he 
shall be injoyned to atturne. And if he refuse the same, the cognisee 
shall have a distresse for the rent, and avow thereuppon according 
to the Custome. 

If the tenant can plead good cause against atturnm*, it shall 
be received. 

Cap .'13. In case of Abatement of rent by inclosier, the remidy 
shall be by ffresh abatem* as in Novel disseisin in the Kings Court ; 
viz : the Plea shall be attached w th in the first forty days after the first 
deniall, and if deniall shall be after the distresse, they may not distraine 
as formerly, but the distresse shall be for double dammages, and the 
like for every deniall afterwards made. 

Cap: 14. If any tenen* lets his tenem* lie fresh, and cease 
to agree w th the lessor for the areres, by the space of 4 termes, 
the lo : shall have his plea of Customes and Services, and thereby 
demand his tenem* before the Bayliffs, and dammages, and if agreem* 
be not made, the tenem* shall be delivered to the lord for a 
yere and a day, and if no agreem* be then made, the lord shall 
hold on for another like time, and if agreem* be then, he shall hold 
the tenem* for ever. 


Cap: 15. In distresse for rent, if the ten* reedeeme his distress by 
pledges, or if he hinder distress by {forestall, the lo: shall recover in a 
plea of Abatem* before the Bayliffs, as in Novel disseisin Before y e 
Justices ; viz., if he attache his plaint w^in 40 daies after deliverance 
of the distress, or after such disturbance. 

Cap: 1 6. Purchasers of tenem* 3 or rents in fee may devise the 
same by will as they shall please. And that devise, be it by writing 
or nuncupative, must be proved w h in forty daies after the testator's 
death, by othe of 2 psons at the least, severally examined, and uppon 
the proof made it shall be inrolled, and administration shall be granted 
to the executrs after the forme of the proofe, and seisin shall be 
delivered to the legatee by the executors by the view of the Bayliffs, 
Sauns chacoun distreit. 

If the proofe agree not, and the will therby made suspicious, it 
shall be holden for none, as touching the freehold bequeathed, and the 
same shall go to him that hath the right. 

If the executors refuse to proove the will w th in 40 dayes aforesaid, 
or to deliver seisin to the legatee, And the legatee comme w th in the 
said first 40 daies, and pray summons to the executors to prove the 
will, or if they do not shew cause whie the legatee should not have 
seisin : Then they shall be summoned at the place bequeathed, to 
comme at the day, and make proofe of the will, or show cause, &c ; 
and if they come and make proofe, they shall be therto received, and 
seisin shall be delivered accordingly. 

If the executors comme not, the legatee may prove by inquest the 
legacy, and if it be found accordinly, seisin shall be delivered 
accordingly, salvo jure. 

If the executors dye before probate, within the 40 dayes, theire 
executors shall be received to prove the will of the first testator. And 
if they will not comme, the legatee shall have the same remidy against 
them as in the former case against other executors. 

Cap: 17. If a tenem* devisable be bequeathed to an Infant, and 
the exec rs refuse to prove, &c ; the next friends of the inf * shall be 
received to sue w th the inf*, if the infant cannot sue by himselfe, and 
thereby shall compell the executors as formrly. 

And if the child be eloigned, the next freinds shall be received to 
doe for the child whatsoever himselfe might doe if he were present. 

Cap : 1 8. If a tenement not devisable be bequeathed, the heire 
shall not be bound therby, but may have remidy by plea of Abatement 
within the first forty dayes after the will proved, and seisin delivered 
soone after the testator's death. 

If he that ought make claim be demurrant en pais, out of prison, 
and of sound mind, and suffer the legatee to continue possession 40 
dayes w th out claime, noe abatem* lieth, allthough the tenem* be not 


devisible. But his remidy must be by writt of Novel disseisin, or 
otherwise after the Custome of the Towne. 

He that is out of the country, not knowing of such divise, or in 
prison, or not of sound mind : when those disabilities shall be removed, 
if he speedily put out by entry suche as he shall finde seised according 
to the bequest, and be putt out againe, he shall have the plea of 
Abatement according to the former course. 

A child w th in the age of the Towne, that by himselfe or freinds 
doth not putt in his claime to the tenem* devised w th in 40 dayes after 
death of the testator, or after seisin delivered, shall loose his advantage 
by plea of Abatem*, yet when he commeth of full age, he may sue by 
the King's writt, by the Custome of the Towne. 

Cap : 19. If a tenement be devised to one out of the country, the 
testam 1 shall be proved as formerly, and seisin shall be delivered to his 
next freind in his name, to hold for him w th out wast doing till he 
shall comme. 

And the form of the delivery shall be inrolled, and when the 
legatee is comme, he may enter w th out disturbance. And if 
disturbance be by the guardian or his heires, the Bayliffs shall cause 
seisin to be delivered after the forme of the inrollm', if the guardian or 
his heires show not a better title to barr the seisin. 

If the guardian committ wast, the legatee shall recover dammages 
by pledges, according to the Custome, if he will sue for the same. If 
the guardian dye, and his heire enter, the legatee may enter w th out 
disturbance, and recover as against the Auncester. 

If the guardian alien, and the legatee claime by devise, and enter, 
and be putt out, he may recover by abatem* if he put in his plea w th in 
forty dayes after he is putt out. ffor that the freehold is accrewed by 
devise, and proofe of the same, and by the seisin in his name. 

If the executors will not prove the will, nor deliver seisin to the 
next freind, or to the legatee when he commeth : The legatee within 
40 dayes after his comming into the country, may cause by process 
the executors to make proof of the will, and soe recover the same. Or 
by the King's writt may recover the same fro' any in possession thereof. 
And may averre the devise notw th standing the want of probate. And 
if uppon inquest the same be found for the legatee, he shall recover 
damages double to what is taxed by the inquest, besides the meane 
proffits, and dammages for wast, if any be committed, w h shall be 
taxed w th the other dammages. 

Cap : 20. If rent be devised, after the will proved the legatee 
shall be putt in seisin thereof by the executors, if the tenant shall 

If he will not, he shall be commanded to appeare, and uppon 
apparance shall declare of whome he did hold at the testator's deathe, 


and of whome he holdeth, and by what service, and if he acknowledged 
his tenure of the testator by such rent, he shall be commanded to 
atturne to the legatee. 

In this case no essoine shall be allowed. 

If the tenant will not finde mainprise, or suffer them to be amerced, 
the same process shall be as in case of atturnm* of legatees for life 
or yeares. 

If the tenant shall appeare and disclaime to hold of the testator, 
and deny that he payed him any such rent, the legatee may averr the 
contrary, and if the other will not accept thereof, the Court shall order 
him to atturne, which if he refuse, the legatee shall distraine, and avow 
by vertue of the order of the Court, and the devise aforesaid. And 
after such order or award, the ten* shall never be admitted to disclaime, 
unless by a latter title then the bequest. 

If such as were at the will making will not comme to prove the 
same, the legatee may averr the bequest by inquest of the neighbour- 
hood where the testator died. 

Noe maried woman can bequeath any freehold in the same towne 
in disherison of his heirs, allthough the husband will assent. 

Cap : 21. The nourture of every heire after the auncestr's death 
belong to the next parent of the father's or mother's side to whom the 
inheritance cannot descend, and this shall continnue to the full age, 
according to the Custome of the town (viz., to fowerteene yeres) 
w^out doing wast ; and when the full age shall be accomplished, the 
heire shall enter w th out disturbance, and shall have the meane proffits, 
and all the cattaile with their proffits, saving expences in the sustenance 
of the heire, and amending of the houses and other things concerning 
the inheritance. 

And if the Guardian shall committ wast, he shall loose the guard- 
ianship, if he fmdeth not sufficient suerties to repaire the wast, and to 
mantaine the same in repaire (till the heir shall comme of the aforesaid 
age) in as good condicon as he received it. And one of the heire' s 
next freinds shall be received to take security, and allsoe to sue in case 
of wast aforesaid, in the name of the heire, if he be of such tender 
age as he cannot sue by himselfe. 

Cap : 22. In plees of debt, detinue of charters, accompt, and of 
Justicies. The process when the plaintiff hathe attached his writt, a 
summons shall issue to cause the def* to appeare ; if he dothe not 
appeare, the summons shall be recorded, And an attachment by pledges 
shall issue. If he yet make default, and suffer his pledges to be 
amerced, then an attache* by four pledges ; if they be amerced for 
default, an attachement by eight pledges. And if yet default be made : 
distresses shall issue from Court to Court uppon all his goods and 
chattells w^in the liberty, w th in house or w th out, till hee doe appeare. 


If the defend 1 keepeth his goods w th in doores under lock and key, 
the house and all therein shall be sequestered till the defend 1 in due 
manner will be justified, w ch attachem ts , distresses, and sequestrations 
shall be the like in all plees by burrough and pledge as in plees that 
hang by writt, except that in plees w th out writt, which touch not the 
freehold, noe summons be first awarded. 

Cap : 23. In pleas of Battery, blouddraught, Hamsockne, and 
other trespasses against the peace : If the defend* will not find suerties 
and have noe Chattells, and the same be recorded, he shall be attached 
till he finde suerties, or brought forthw th before the Bayliffs to answere. 
And if he shall be attainted of the fact by inquest, Dammages shall 
be taxed by the inquest, or by award of the Court. 

If the defend 1 be a common offender in suche case for bloud 
draught w* weapon, he shall be imprisoned 15 dayes ffor Battery, w th 
Hamsockne w th out bloudshed he shall be imprisoned 1 5 dayes. 

ffor Battery and bloudshed w th Hamsockne, he shall be imprisoned 
20 dayes or more, as the case is more or less perillous. 

If the defend* be noe common offender, in suche case the defend* 
may be discharged of imprisonment after agreem* for dammages. 

If any in prison in the case aforesaid make an escape, his paine 
shall be doubled, but if the gaoler suffer an escape w th out the Bayliffs' 
assent, there beeing in suche case dammages taxed, the gaoler shall 
answere the dammages, and suffer further punishm 4 by the Bayliffs 
for his offence. 

Cap : 24. In assault uppon one of the Bayliffs, or disturbance in 
doing theire office in the presence of one of the Coroners, or other 
honest men of the Towne, soe as the offence may be proved by one 
sworne coroner, or by the othe of 2 or 3 psons of credite, eye witnesses 
of the same, or otherwise by inquest : the offender shall be committed 
to prison by order of the coroner and other good people of the Towne, 
there to be kept till he have made amends to the ptie offended, and 
hath satisfied the dammages ordered by the coroners and other people 
of the Towne, and otherwaies punished for wrong to the Towne, in the 
despite done to their Bayliffe. And the pty shall find suerties to answere 
the King for the offence against him. 

If any of the Towne give any reproachfull words to the Bayliffs, in 
Court or out of Court, doing their office, and shall be thereof convicted 
in manner aforesaid, he shall be imprisoned, and shall finde good 
suerty to answere the same before the Coroners and other people of 
the Towne. 

Cap: 25. The same punishm* shall be ordered by the Bayliffs 
and people of the Towne against suche as trespasse in like manner 
against any of the Coroners of the Towne doing theire office. 

Cap : 26. Trespasses by assalt, stroke, or wound, uppon any of 


the under Bayliffs doing theire office, or by hindrance of them in 
aresting, or disturbance of them in theire office, uppon conviction shall 
be committed to prison, and otherwaies punished by amends made to the 
ptie and to the Court, according- as the fault shall be greater or smaller. 

Cap: 27. Wardens shall be appointed for the fishe market, to 
informe against Regrators and forestallers. And uppon conviction 
for the first offence, the offender shall forfait the goods forestalled, and 
nevertheless satisfie the seller of the same, and he shall furthermore 
be imprisoned. And if he hath not ability to satisfie the seller, the 
goods forestalled shall be delivered to him, and the offender shall 
remaine in prison till he satisfy the Towne for the vallew of the goods 
forestalled. And for the 2 d offence, the offender shall be put in the 
Pillory without favour, besides the loss of the goods, and satisfaction 
donne to the seller or Towne as aforesaid. And for the third offence, 
the offender shall abjure the occupacon for a yere and day, and lose the 
goods forefaited as aforesaid. And the like for poulters. 

Cap : 28. Regrators that buy and sell the same commodity in 
the same market, shall forft the fish soe bought, and be imprisoned, 
and be sett in the Pillory, and abjure the trade for a yere and day. 

If any shall take out of the possession of such as bring fish to 
market against their wills, and sell them in the same market, over and 
besides the forfaiture aforesaid, they shall be imprisoned for breach 
of peace. 

Cap : 29. These ordinances, because they tollerate regrating, and 
concerne onely that present time, I omitt. 

Cap : 30. Sellers of corrupt fish shall for the first offence forfait 
such theire fish for the poore, and for the 2 d offence, besides the 
forfaiture, be set in the pillory. And for the third offence shall forP 
such theire fish, and abjure theire trade for a yere and day. 

Cap : 31. Against minglers of corne brought to market, but 
noe penalty set. 

Cap: 32. The like of corrupt fowles. 

Cap: 33. In Contracts betweene March* 3 . If eyther party will 
deny the contract concerning w ch a plea is depending : If the one party 
will wage his lawe, he shall not be received thereto, if the other pty 
will prove the same by witnesses, or averr the same by Inquest. And 
the like in contracts where paym* is appointed forthw th , or within a 
short time, so as noe writing nor tally is given for the mony. 

The march* allsoe that is to pay the mony shall be allowed to 
averr by good Inquest that he oweth not the mony demanded. And in 
both cases proofe shall be by two witnesses severally examined. 

In the case of delivering goods to keep, the Baylee shall not be 
allowed to wage his law, if the Baylor will averr and make proofe of 
the delivery of them by good men severally examined. 


Cap: 34. ffor debt or dammages taxed in the court, if noe 
agreem 4 be first made, the complainant shall have distress out of the 
Court of goods w th in the liberty, as well w th in doores as w th out, from 
day to day, till the full vallew shall be received. And if the defend* 
doe not come to agreem 4 w^in the first 40 dayes after distress, the 
distress shall be brought into Court, and the pty distrained by two men 
shall be warned to comme at the next court and acquite the distress, 
and to come to agreem'. And if he comme not at the day, or doe 
not make agreem*, The distress shall be apprised in court by 
sworn men, and warning shall be given to the party by the Bayliffs if 
he be present in Court, or if not, by any other warning that he doe 
appeare at the next Court to agree. 

If then allsoe default be in appearing or agreem 4 , the distress shall 
be delivered to the complain 48 for the price, and the overplus, if any, 
be to the defend*. 

If the distress amount not to the vallew, the remnant shall be forthw th 
levied by distress. And the Sub-bayliff shall be punished by Bayliffs for 
failing in the full vallew, unless they can shew good cause to the cont. 

The prisers, if by collusion they overvallew the distress, they shall 
have the goods and answere the price. 

Debt or dammages taxed in the Court by judgement or recog- 
nisance in the behalf of forrainers, passingers, or mariners ariving at 
the Port, or stranger passingers at the time of faire or market, the 
greatest speed that can be shall be used for the levy of the same, 
having no regard to the time of 40 dayes for keeping of the distresse 
as aforesaid. And if the goods be shut up under lock and key, that 
distresse can not be made, the house or place shall be sequestered, w 4 * 1 
all the chattells therein, and soe shall remaine till agreem* made. 

If any pson doe break suche sequestration and carry away any p* of 
the goods, he shall be imprisoned till the goods be restored, or the 
vallew, or that agreem 4 be made w th the pty for the debt, or &c. 

And nevertheless he shall be punished for his offence. 

And when the goods are restored, the Bayliffs shall levy the debt 
uppon the same. 

Cap: 35. In pleas of land, dammages shall be taxed by Inquest, 
and the same shall stand. But in other plees, the dammages taxed by 
Inquest at too low a rate, may be increased by the Bayliffs and Court. 

Cap : 36. Noe inhabitant whatsoever of this Towne shall take any 
goods or marchandise of any strangers comming to this Towne, w^out 
agreem* w th them made for paym 4 at a sett day. And if paym 4 be not 
made accordingly at the day prefixed, and complaint be made to the 
Bayliffs therof, they shall forthw th cause the debt to be levied of the 
goods of suche person w th in and without house, and make agreem 4 w th 
suche marchant for his debt w th out waiting 40 dayes as formerly. 


If the debtor shall not have sufficient goods, he shall be dis- 
franchised, and never to be restored till he shall finde good suerty to 
answere, and restore all the debt and dammage, as well to the march* 
as any other of the Towne that shall be indamiged by his default. 

The Bayliffs shall cause such security to be inrolled. 

If a forrainer shall be inhabitant in this town, and shall make 
contract w th any march* as aforesaid, and make default, or is not 
sufficient to make paym* : he shall be by the Court forejudged to make 
any manner of marchandise by him selfe, or other in his stead for him, 
till he shall have made agreem* w th the marchant as touching suche 

Cap: 37. Contracts fotf marchandise of victuall, or such like, in 
Bulk, comming by water, shall be recorded before the Bayliffs of the 
Towne, or one of them, if it be desired, w* 11 the suerty for pformance, 
if any suerty be given. 

And then the marchandise shall be viewed and searched by the 
Bayliffs or one of them and fower other sworne men. And if the 
marchandise prove not sufficient as at the first view it did seeme, the 
price and payment shall be abated according to reason, provided there 
be no collusion in the fower searchers. 

Cap: 38. If a march* stranger's hoste shall be seller of theire 
marchandise, they shall answer ther march* 8 at the full, and if they doe 
not, the same pcess shall be against them as against other ill payers. 

If march* 3 make contracts w th out their host's council, and w th out 
knowledge of the Bayliffs, or survey as aforesaid, the dammage shall 
light uppon themselves, if default of paym 4 shall be. 

Cap : 39. All the tenem ts in the said town are partible, as well 
betweene the heires male as heires female, If gift or bequest dothe not 
not alter the same. 

If any of the heires will demand his part, a partition shall be. 

Partition by concent ; the eldest shall first chuse, and the rest shall 
be by lott. 

If any shall refuse the partition, the pty that is disturbed shall 
recover before the Bayliffs by pledges against the disturber, if he shall 
sue w th in 40 days after disturbance. 

If he sueth not w* h in 40 dayes, he shall loose his remidy before 
the Bayliffs by such plea. 

After the plaint attached summons shall issue by two free men to 
appear at the next Portman moote to answere the plea of Reasonable 
part, and uppon defalt, a second and third summons shall issue. 

After the summons there shall be three essoines, if they shall be 

Uppon apparance after the summons, or after the essoines, and 
noe cause shewed whie the demand' should not have his part ; or if he 


make defalt, the plaintif shall have judgem* for his part, w th dammages, 
and the disturber shall be amerced. 

The taxacon of the dammages shall be respited till the partition 
be made. 

ffor if the disturber hath donne any wast, the place wasted shall be 
assigned him for his part. And if he hath done wast in the place, that 
shall fall to the demand* ; the wast shall be taxed w th the dammages 
by two sworne men. 

The Bayliffs shall therfore soon after judgement aforesaid make 
partition and deliver to the plaintiff his part by lott ; and the partition 
shall be made by twelve sworn men. 

After that, summons by two free men shall Isue to the disturber 
to heare the record, and his judgem* of the said Taxacon at the next 
Portman moote. 

Whither he comme or comme not, judgem* shall (if summons be 
proved) be executed against him. 

If the eldest parterner be the disturber, he shall loose his election, 
and shall take by lott. 

Cap : 40. In a plee of tenem* pleadable, if any deed of the 
plaintiff be pleaded in Barr, testifyed by witnesses within the liberty, 
the deed shall be tried. But if they be not w^in the liberty, so that 
the Bayliffs power cannot extend to send for them, The plea shall not 
stay, nor the proof of the writing more then if the witnesses were dead. 

Cap .-41. In Debt uppon tally not sealled, between marchants, 
and the defendant will wage his law, it shall not be received If the 
demand* will by law march* prove the tally to be the defend* 5 deed. 

The witnesses shall be two sufficient men severally examined, and 
eyewitnesses of suche as have heard the defend* acknowledge the same. 

If the debt be found by proofe, the demand* shall recover debt and 
dammages, and def amerced. 

If the proofe vary, judgement shall be as may best appeare, and 
the Tally shall be damned. 

But if debt be demanded uppon Tally not sealed, out of law march 4 , 
the defendant shall be received to travers by enquest or by law wager. 

Cap: 42. Every Burgesses son and heire may w* h in 40 dayes 
after his fathers deathe, demand his freedom, and shall tender his 
fathers sword in court ; and sweare to be trew to the ffranchise of the 
Towne and to kepe the councill of the Town secret. 

And untill this be done, he shall be sequestred from being present 
at any councill of the Towne. 

If there be many sonns, the elder brother shall present the sworde 
in behalfe of all that will be sworne as aforesaid. 

Cap: 43. Noe Burgess may distraine another Burgess for debt 
or trns w th out complaint made first to the Bayliffs. 


Cap : 44. A forrainer indebted to a Burgess, his Chattels 
comming through the Town may be arested by the Burgess till he 
may have a Bayliff to whome he may attache his plea to sue. 

Cap: 45. If a Burgess attache marchandise w th in the Liberty of 
the Towne, and a fforrainer be present and challenge pt of the same 
marchandise, the fforrainer shall not have that part by him claimed. 

But if a fforrainer attache marchandise, and a Burgess be present 
and claime pt, he shall have his part. 

Cap : 46. The view of ffree pledge w th in the Towne shall be 
holden allwaies in whitsun weeke, and the purprestures w* h in the Towne 
shall be remidied by view of the Bayliffs and Chiefe pledges w th in 
40 dayes after. 

Cap : 47. In plees by the King's writt of tenem* 3 w th in the Towne, 
the Bayliffs, after the writt broken open before them, shall inhibit the 
defend* from wast making. 

If, notwithstanding the same, (the demand* recovering in the plea), 
the defend* have committed wast, his damages taxed by the jury shall 
be awarded double against him, and he shall allsoe be grevously 

The like process shall be used in plees of land w th out writ. 

Noe inhibition of wast shall be w^out demand thereof. 

Cap : 48. Noe person of the Towne shall take of poore men to 
paune any goods that are suspicious not to be theire owne. 

If any shall doe otherwise and complaint be made to the Bayliffs 
by the owner, they shall cause the goods forthw* 11 to be restored w th out 
recompense, If the party that did pledge them be soe poore that he 
can not answere the owner for the same. 

Cap : 49. Any one in the same towne may have by plee attached 
by pledge his recovery of his goods stoln, in whose hand soever they 
shall be found, be they bought or otherwise. And he shall have his 
recovery against his Gageant by such waies as he can. 

Cap : 50. The Bayliffs, or one of them, may admitt atturny for 
eyther pty to suit depending by or w* h out writ, as well in Absence as 
presence of the party, and as well out of Court as in the same. And 
his record thereof shall be sufficient. 

If eyther pty can not be present by reason of sickness, The Bayliffs 
may send one of theire Serjeants or somme other pson to the party that 
is sick to take of him an Atturny in the said plea. 

Cap : 51. The Bayliffs, or any one of them in any place w th in his 
Balywick, may take recognisance of debt in the presence of the Demand* 
and the debtor, and shall inroll the same, and thereuppon grant 
execution. And after that noe averr m * shall be received. But 
dammages shall not in suche case be taxed, or adjudged without 
process of plee. 


Contracts of Marchandise between Marchants may be acknowledged 
before the Bayliffs, or Bayliffs and others in any place w th in their 
Baylywick. And the same shall be recorded, and noe averrm* shall be 
received against the same. But such party as will averr contrary 
thereto, shall be by the court condemned after the law March*. But 
noe suche recognisance shall be taken uppon the Bayliffs report after 
that he shall be removed out of office, if the recognisance be not found 
upon record. 

Cap: 52. If a Burgess that is Per and Communer, take a wife, 
whether maid or widow, soe as himselfe was not formerly maried, and 
the wife overlive him, shee shall have the cheife house of her husbands 
w th in the Towne whereof he died seised in fee simple, as her ffrank 
Bank during her widowhood, w th out making wast or Alienation to the 
disherison of the heire. 

And over and besides, shee shall be indowed of the moity of the 
remnant in the same Towne whereof shee ought to be indowed. 

And if her husband hathe but one house w^in the Towne, the wife 
shall have the same in ffrank Bank : and the children of her husband 
shall be lodged therein with her. 

Suche women as have not right of ffrank Bank shall abide in the 
cheif house of her husband forty dayes after the deathe of her husband, 
without wast doing. 

During w** time the heire may of his own accord assigne her dower 
according to the Custome of the Town ; viz : the moity of all the 
tenem 15 and rents whereof her husband died seized in fee. 

Cap .-53. If a Burgess denizin espouse a forraine woman and 
dye, his wife shall enjoy the {franchise of the Towne during her 

Cap : 54. No landholder of land holden in this Towne by ffree 
Burgage shall doe homage or fealty to any cheif lord for such tenem ta . 

Nor shall any suche Cheife lord have any relief, ward, or mariage 
or any atturnm* of service, but only paym* of his rent and escheate 
when it is due by law. 

This shall not excuse any Allegiance due to the king. 

Noe fforrainer shall distraine any free man of this towne for rent 
w th out the Baylif of the Towne, That he may make deliverance of the 
distresse if neede be. 

But Burgesses lottant and scottant may distraine theire tenants for 
rent arere when they will, without the Bayliffs. Because if they 
impound the distresses where they ought not, they are answerable to 
the Bayliffs. 

Cap: 55. A ffemme covert shall answere by her selfe in plees of 
trespass, or where payne of imprisonm 1 of life dothe lye, but not in any 
trespass that touch the freehold. 



Cap : 56. The husband shall answere for the debt of his wife 
contracted before or after manage. But if the wife becomme pledge 
or suerty for debt, that the husband shall not answere. 

Cap: 57. To remidy ffelonies its ordained that noe fforraine 
Bucher bring the Carkaise of any beast to market to be sold w th out the 
hide of the same, under p'ill of forfaiture of the carkais. 

Nor shall any Buchers sell theire hides but in the open market, and 
not before mid-day, and that the same be viewed by the wardens of the 

This ordinance shall be cried at Micalmass in the open market of 
the Buchery every year. 

Cap: 58. All buchers selling corrupt fflesh shall for the first 
offence forfait the said flesh, and for the 2 d offence, besides the forfait, 
shall stand in the pillory, and for the 3 d offence, besides the forfait, shall 
abjure the trade for a year and day in this towne. 

Yet may any one sell suche fflesh under the pillory w th a Table 
before him w^out penalty. 

Cap : 59. Cooks selling corrupt victuall shall be punished by fine 
and distress : for the 2 d offence stand in the pillory ; for the 3 d offence 
abjure the trade, or any benefit thereof, for a year and" day w th in 
the Towne. 

If he have noe Chattails for distress, he shall be for the two first 
offences suffer the pillory, and for the 3 d offence abjure the Trade for 
ever in the Towne. 

Cap : 60. None but ffree Burgesses may be hosts to march* 
forrainers, and such hosts shall councell their march* 3 how and to whome 
they shall sell, and for the same they shall have their forthe pt and noe 
more, after y price that the marchandise is sold, and the other three 
parts shall be sold to the good folk of the Towne. 

If the hosts shall sell the marchandise, they shall answere the 
March* for the whole. 

If the march 13 sell theire goods without theire hosts councill, yet 
shall their hosts have the fowrth part. 

But march* vintners selling wine out of theire sellers, or woad out 
of garners, shall not be answerable for the fourth part to theire hosts. 

Cap : 61. Noe Burgess of this Towne shall implead any other 
burgess against the powers granted to the Town by Charters out of the 
liberties of the same, for anything v^ h by the sufferance of the law may 
be pleaded w* h in the same towne. 

If any shall doe otherwise he shall be admonished by the Bayliffs 
and two Burgesses y* he shall proceed noe further under perill of 

And that if he will sue, he doe the same w* h in the Towne. 

If he shall still psist, he shall be summoned by the Bayliffs sworne, 


and two Burgesses of the Towne, to appeare at the next Portman 
moote to heare his judgement. 

And whither he doe comme at the day or doe not comme, if the 
summons be duly witnessed, and noe cause shewen, he shall be 
disfranchised w th out reconciliation, unless by new creation, and fine 
for the same freedom, and for the Trouble and charge imposed upon 
the Towne. 

Cap: 62. This shall not prejudice the right that any Burgess 
hathe by law to bring a writt of error, in case injustice be donne to him. 

Cap : 63. Noe fforraine March' shall be made ffree Burgess, if he 
have not lands and tenem 13 w th in the Towne wherein he may be 

If any Burgess shall eloine himself out of Towne, or his chattells, 
or alien his tenem 15 , and will not be lottant and scottant, his ffranchise 
shall be repealled by the Bayliffs, Coroners, and people of the Towne. 

If afterward he shall marchandise, he shall pay custome as a 

ffranchisement shall be granted to knights and gentlemen of the 
country only for their lives. 

Cap : 64. If any of the Towne do borrow mony upon a pawne, 
to be paied at a certaine day, and the day is past, and the pawne not 
redeemed, the matter shall be shewed in court, and warning shall be 
given to the debtor by a certaine day to redeeme his pledge. If he 
comme and satisfy the Court, it shall be restored w th out damms. 

If he comme not, or shew not good cause, the pledge shall be 
wholy at the will of the pty to whome the same is pledged. 

Cap : 65. If any free Burgess shall divulge the Councill of the 
Towne, or counterpleade the ffranchise of the same, he shall be 
summoned to the Greate Court, and if he shall be there attainted, he 
shall be disfranchised. 

Cap : 66. Any Burgess ffor collouring of goods shall be dis- 
franchised, and shall pay custome if he marchandise, and shall not be 
restored but uppon new fine. 

Cap: 67. Marchandise comming by sea to the Towne to be sold, 
shall not be carried back to sea w^out license from the Bayliffs, nor 
shall they deny licence if it be demanded. 

Nevertheless if it may be, the same shall be sould in the Towne or 
country if the buyer and seller can agree. 

But if they shall be caried back, they shall pay Custome as well as 
from importing them. 

Cap : 68. Noe marchandise comming by sea shall be sold after 
sun sett nor before sunnrise, unless fresh hering betwene Michalmas 
and St. Clements day, and that only by the hand of Burgesses and not 


If any shall be found doing otherwise, he shall forfait all his 
marchandise, and be amerced 3 s 4 d for the first offence, and for the 2 d 
offence 6 s 8 d , and as offences multiply, so shall the penalty increase. 

The marchandise forfaited shall be committed to two of the chief 
men, to be sold for the benifit of the Towne. 

Cap. 69. Shell-fish shall be sold only by the hands of the 

Cap : 70. Suche w th in the Towne, whither male or female, being of 
fowerteen yeres of age and can recon and accompt, may alien lands and 
tenem ts whereof they are seised in fee within the Towne, or lett or 
release the same. 

If any of lesser age shall doe the like, suche, when they comme of 
the age of 14 yeres, may demand their right, and recover the same 
according to the Custome of the Towne. 

Cap : 71. Threats portending danger of life or limbe, or burning 
of houses, proved by 2 witnesses uppon othe before the Bayliffs and 
Coroners, the delinquent shall be attached to find fower suerties of the 
Peace to him that is threatened. 

And if he will not finde suerties at the Court, he shall be imprisoned 
till he finde suerties. 

Cap: 72. Drawing of a weapon, giving blow or wound in the 
presence of the Bayliffs, the offender shall be imprisoned forty dayes, 
till he have found suerty to recompence the offence. And the same 
shall be done in Court. 

Cap: 73. Sclanderous words, whereby any man is indamiged or 
defamed in the presence of others or in open market. 

The party wronged shall have his remidy by pledges before the 

In open slanders the defend 4 shall not wage his law. 

Dammages shall be taxed by inquest or by the Court w th regard 
to the person that is soe sclandered. 

If the offender hathe noe estate to satisfy the dammages, he shall 
be imprisoned according to the damages, If the offender cannot find 
pledges in the Court. 

Cap : 74. Women common Brawlers or scolders shall be chastised 
by the Justice then called, or else shall make greevous ransome. 

Cap: 75. There shall allwaies be 12 sworne men of the ablest 
sort to maintaine the lawes of the Towne, to doe justice, and ordaine 
that which shall be for the benifit of the Towne. And they shall have 
Oldenholm Medow for theire horses, and in case of deathe or neglect 
of theire place, they shall remove suche and elect others in theire 
place, (a) 

(a) This order was first made Thursday after St Joh. Bap : 2 E. I. (June 28, 1274] vid. Thursday 
aft. St. Luke : 8 H. VI. [Oct. 20, 1429]. (B.) 



Cap : 76. Serjeants of the Mace neglecting to doe execution, to 
the indammaging of any pson, shall render dammages, and for the first 
offence be sequestred from his place for forty dayes, and for the 2 d 
offence shall be sequestred for a yere, besides the dammages, and for 
the 3 d offence shall be utterly deprived. 

Dammages shall be taxed in suche case by inquest or by the 

Cap: 77. Serjeants of the mace that by false tales work strife, or 
that shall discover the secrets of the Towne or theire superiours, being 
convict, shall be putt from theire office. 

Cap: 78. The Town Clerk that shall make false rolls to deceive 
the Towne or pty shall be imprisoned, and for the first offence be 
suspended from his place for half a yere. And for the second offence, 
or for discovering the secrets of y c Towne or his sup'iours shall be 
utterly putt out. 

Cap: 79. In accons of debt or detinue between free Burgesses, 
if the debt shall be above 1 6 d ob : If the defend' will wage his law it 
shall be by tenne men in manner following, viz: the 10 men shall be 
divided into 2 pts, and betwene them shall be cast a pointed knife, and 
those 5 towards whome the haft of the knife shall lye shall be dismissed, 
and of the other five one allsoe shall be dismissed, and the remaining 
fower shall sweare w th the defendant that shall make his law. 

If the debt be but 6 d ob. or under, the defendant shall wage his 
law, but by his third. 

But this law shall not hold betwene Burgesses forrainers. 

But in plees of debt whatsoever, betwene a ffree Burgess and a 
forraine Burgess, which of them soever shall be defendant and wage 
his law, it shall be by his third, if the law will admitt wager of law. 

Cap : 80. An order for the making and assize of bread ; now 

Cap : 8 1 . An order for the brewing and assize of Ale ; now 
useless allsoe. Onely its to be noted that in those dayes the Towne 
had the assize of Bread and Ale. 

Cap: 82. Its used in the Towne for the Bayliffs w th other 
understanding men to searche the wines in the Towne betweene the 
old and new vintage, and to stave suche wines as are found naught, and 
to seise vessells to the Bayliffs use. 

Cap : 83. Noe sale shall be of corn, wine, ale, or other liquor by 
any measure or weights but suche as shall be sealled by the Town 
according to the standard. 

And the Bayliffs shall, when they will, make proof and triall of all 
the weights and measures in the Towne. And if any shall be found 
to use other weights or measures then suche as are approved, he shall 
uppon conviction be amerced. 


Thus farre of the Auncient Customes and Orders : 

All w h I shall rank into three orders, for some of them are of later 
originall, arising from ordinance by the greate Court or Councill of 
the Towne. 

Another sort may be from ordinance likewise, but of Norman 
birthe in pt, and in part Saxon ; viz : suche as concerne process and pleaes 
of severall natures, concerning w 011 diverse are the Saxon lawes before 
the Normans ever camme into this nation, though I doubt not but by 
them they were muche compleated and refined. 

The third sort are those that are concerning prop'ty of marled 
women and of children, and translating of property by recognisance. 

Concerning maried women, its evident that by the Saxon lawes 
they were not reputed one w til theire husbands, neyther in matter of 
property nor of dammage in all respects, for they found pledges apart 
from theire husbands for theire good observance w th the law of 
Decemners, and theire owne estates are answerable for dammages by 
them done. 

Secondly, theire dower was of originall regulated by the Saxon law, 
whoe gave the moity w 011 by the Normans was turned to a third, and 
yet in bothe these cases the Towne did hold theire Customes contrary 
to the Norman lawes. 

Secondly as Touching Children, its noe less clere that the Custome 
of Gavelkind was purely of Saxon originall, and yet it held in being, 
notw^standing the Norman lawes contraried the same. 

The other, concerning the lawfull or full age of children ; Its 
evident that the Custome of this Towne is expressly menconed in the 
Saxon lawes. 

And Glanvill, writing of the lawes refined by the Normans, 
expressly mentioneth the full age of psons in case of conveyance, to be 
by the law 21 yeres, nevertheless he afifirmeth the Custome of somme 
Burroughs to be the same w th this formerly mentioned, soe as it seemeth 
this Custome was so settled that lawes of the Conquerour prevailed not 
against it. 

The conclusion of all w h will be, that this Town was a Town in the 
Saxon times, & that it had Customes of governm*, & that such they were 
as indured not alteracon eyther by Danes or Normans, allthough it felt 
the force of bothe nations. 

1291-2. 20 Edw. I. Munday after Assertion. [May 19, 1292.] 

z, j-a- ( Laurance Harand. 
Bayhffs, } JohnLew . 

William Haile impleaded Peter ffuller for taking his goods in 
Stoke in the suburbs of Ipsw*. The defendant pleaded in barr, that 


the goods were pawned to him by the plaintiffs wife for I9 d , and that he 
was to redeliver the same at the day apointed for the paym* and was 
ready soe to doe. 

And Judgem* passed for the defend*, and the plaintiff was ordered 
to pay the money, and that thereuppon the goods should be 

20 E. I. ffriday of ter Trinity. [June 6, 1292.] 

Letis la Cenn impleaded Roger ffits Ode in an Assalt and Battery 
donne uppon her to the dammage of io h . 

The defend* alledged that the plaintiff was a.femm covert. 

The plaintiff demanded if the defend* had any more to say. 

The defendant said that shee prcemised that plea cum emenda, and 
that shee was not guilty. 

The judgem* was that shee could not soe plead, and that the 
plaintiff should recover damms. 

20 E. I. ffriday after S l Leonards. [Nov. 7, 1292.] 

In a plea betwene Richarde de fforo and Philip Harnais, a 
Custome was pleaded that in all plees of entry or abatem* the defend* 
ought to depose the tenem* in question into the custody of two of the 
neighbourhood, to keepe possession till the plea shall be determined. 

1292-3. 21 E. I. 

Bayliffs, I Laurence Harand, 
( Richard Lew. 

Courts were kept uppon the Lords dayes. 

1293-4. 22 Edw. I. Munday after S' Martin. [Nov. 15, 1294.] 

A plea of entry by Nicholas Kengsbregg against John and 
Eustace Thede, brothers and sonns and heires of Agnes, daughter and 
heire of Will m de Burstall : 

Eustace appeared and answered for him selfe, and as Bayliff to 
his brother John. 

22 E. I. ffriday after S* E dm : [Nov. 27, 1293.] 

William ffaber and Margery his wife and John ffits Allexander 
de Stoke, as executors brought an accon of debt against Hugh the 
Prior of Trinity, for a debt due to the testator. 


The defend* demanded the will to be shewen. The plaintiffs said 
that it was inrolled and proved in Court before the Bayliffs, and 
therefore ought not to be shewen. 

The Court ruled that the same ought to be shewen, allthough it 
were proved in Court and inrolled. 

22 E. I. S* Andrew. [Nov. 30, 1293.] 

In the case aforesaid the executors produced the will. 

The Prior said it was not sufficient, because it was not sealled w th 
the executors scales, and demanded judgem 4 . 

The executors said that the will was proved before the officiall, 
and under his scale, and that Administration was granted to them. 
And that afterward the said will was proved in this Court before the 
Bayliffs, and demanded judgem*. 

But afterwards the Prior submitted to pay the debt. 

22 E. I. Monday after Assump. Mar. [Aug. 16, 1294.] 

John Wallenger brought an accon of Trn' against Henry Matelin 
for a nusance donne to his freehold. The Defen' acknowledged the 
nusance, but he alledged that the same was donne above forty days 
before the action brought, and demanded judgm 4 if he shall answere 
w th out the kings writt, and judgm 4 was for the defend*. 

22 E. I. Buttolfsday. [June 17, 1294.] 

A plea in the Court of Small Pleas of action for contribution for 
reparacons of a shipp called ' the Hinde,' in a case betwene Ranulf 
Allein and Mabil le Mestre. 

1294-5 23 E. I. 

Bayliffs, \ f 7 awran r. Harand ' 
( Vivian Silvester. 

Noe essoigne shall be allowed in a plea of Abatem 4 , neither for 
the plaintiff nor the defend', in a case betweene Will 1 " Bulling and 
John de Bergham : m: pi : Thursday in Whitsun weeke. [May 26, 1295.] 

In this yere wills are p vcci of tenem ts devised by will, and by the 
generall contents of the bequests that concerne them onely, not of 
goods or chattells, and the probate is entered coram Balivis et alijs. 

1295-6. 24 E. I. 

* \ 

Tho : Stacy, 
Tho : le Maister. 

Phillip Harneis, 
Vivian fits Sylvester, 
Rich : Lew, 
Arnold le Pelleteur. 




ORDERED, that millers taking- more than theire just toll : for the 
first offence shall be put into the pillory from one of the clock to three ; 
and for the 2 d offence, from i to 9 of the clock ; and for the 3 d offence, 
from i to 9, and forejure the trade. 

24 E. I. Thursday before S i Lawrence. [Aug. 9, 1 296.] 

Accon of trns against a part owner of a shipp of Ziruksee for a 
trns donne uppon the English sea. The defend 1 after appearance and 
pleading, departed beyond the sea and returned not, and judgem* was 
given against him by default. 

24 E. I. day after Bartholomew. [Aug. 25, 1296.] 

An Abatem 1 brought by John de Orford against his brethren 
Henry and Nicholas. And it was adjudged that the house after the 
deathe of the Ancester, by the Custome of the Towne, discended by 
inheritance to three sonns as heire. 

1296-7. 25 E. I. 

Thomas Stacy, 
Thomas de la Rent. 


Phillip Harneis, 
Tho : Ailred, 
Rich : Lew, 
Arnold le Pelleteur. 

One waged his law, and camme not at the day to make his law, 
and judgem* passed against him. 

25 E. I. Thursday before S l Edm., King: [Nov. 16, 1296.] 

Christopher Haltebe brought his accon against Robert de Clopton 
for assault and Battery, and that thereby he, being a servant, was 
hindred in doing his service, and judgem* passed for the plaintiff w 111 

25 E.I. Thursday before, Penticost. [May 30, 1297.] 

Christiana, the daughter and heire of Elias of Ipswich, demanded 
a messuage in Ipswich against William le Maiden. The defend* pleaded 
that Elias aforesaid was attainted and convicted of theft, and was 
hanged, and soe judgem*' passed for the defendent. 

25 E.I. Thursday before Barnaby. [June 6, 1297.] 

The will of Vivian fits Silvester, containing bequests of severall 
tenem ts , was proved by parcells, the legatees coming in to make theire 
Claimes at severall times. 

(a) The same Bayliffes and Coroners by somme deedes appeare as the former yere had, and these 
are referred to the next yere. (B). 


1297-8. 26 E. I. 

Divers actions brought by the Prior of Trinity in the town court. 

Walter de Clopton brought an accon for a house in Ipsw**, and 
declared that his father died seised, and that the messuage thereby 
desended, and ought to comme to his sonns Rob*, Ade, Will m , Walter, 
and Hugh ; and that Will died w ft out Issue, and Ade becam prof- 
fessed in religion, and thereby the messuage ought to comme to the 
complainant w th his bretheren Rob* and Hugh as partible land. 

John de Bergham, parson of St. Edm : Chappell in Ipsw * 1 . 

Markesius de Markesio brought into the court a writing signed 
and sealled w th the king's scale of the Castle of Burdeaux : whereby 
Roger Blome, m r of the ship called ' the L : ' of Ipswich, was bound to 
the said Marks in 36'' 13 s 4 d , while he lived, for wines bought of him 
at Burdeaux, and that the said ship is ingaged for the payment. And 
therefore the ship is by the Bayliffs ordered to be arested and prised 
by sworne men. 

Then came Thomas le Meystre and Will" 1 Hastings, and demanded 
the reason of the seisure, and prayed restitution, and shewed for cause 
that 2O U parcell was paide, and that the said Tho : and Will 1 " had given 
new bond for the residue, and hereuppon restitution of the ship is 
awarded, faj 

Lawrence Cobb, 

e Whatfeild _ 

1298-9. 27 E. I. 

The Coroners the same that were the last y ere. 

1299-1300. 28 E. I. 

Srpi , / Phillip Harneis. 

Thomas Stacv, /-> \ i. j T 

John le Maister Coroners, Richard Lew, 

( Arnald le Pelleteur. 

Kfeimne Covert brought an Action of detinue, and it was allowed. 

In this yere I finde divers accons in the petit Court brought for 
maritime causes, suche as for mariners wages, for ffraught, for detinue 
of a part of a ship, and the port called Orwell. 

I finde allsoe divers accons for defamacon, but uppon dammage 
pticulerly declared. 

(a) Admirall causes tried in the Towne plees : for no Admirall Court was in England till Edw : in. 
vid Spelm : Glos. Maritime plees therefore are holden by this town by prescription ; but Admirall Courts 
by Charter. Masters of ships had aunciently power to charge their ships in debt. (B). 


1300-1. 29 E. I. 

Bayliffs & ) {h( fame ihat werg - n ^ i asty(re 
Coroners, ) 

Parcell of the will of John de Claidon, giving- to his wife his rents 
in Ipsw h for her life, proved and inrolled before the Bayliffs and others. 

Tho : Ailverd, one of the Coroners, being dead, his will was 
proved by the executors, wherein 2O 5 yerely was given for ever out of 
lands in Stoke, called Stiwards, for the maintainance of the Bridge, 
and io s yerely out of other tenem ts ; and the will was proved and 

The Towne gave the Ordeale pitt in the suburbs of Ipsw ch to ffabate. 

This I note for the Antiquity of the Towne, for the triall by ordeale 
was wholly raised in the Saxon times, and at the Normans comming 
and after grew out of use, soe as this towne had the cognisance of plees 
determinable by Ordeale before the Norman times. 

29 E. I. Thursday after S 1 Michael. [Oct. 4, 1301.] 

An appeale of felony for theft tried in the Towne Court. 

1301-2. 30 E. I. 

Bayliffs, I J !" 1 ? e Caust > 
( John Lew. 

30 E. I. Thursday after S' August in. [Aug. 23, 1302.] 

An action was tried in the Town Court for a trespasse laid at 
Callis. vid: rot: Crast : Assention. vide plecs. E. 2. 

30 E. I. Thursday before Palm Sunday. [April 12, 1302.] 

Gilbert Thurston demanded a partible tenem* in the suburbs of 
Ipsw h , as his right by desent to himselfe (amongst others his brothers) 
from Julian dying w th out issue, and that all the rest of his bretheren are 
dead without issue. 

1302-3. 31 Edw: I. 

Bailiffs, \ ] ohn Lew ' 

( Lawrence Cobb. 

31 E. I. Thursday after S' Leonard. [Nov. 7, 1303.] 

Granted to Robert Joyliff parcell of the Towne diches over against 
stables grange, at the yerely rent of sixe pence for ever, unless it shall 
comme to pass that the Towne shall be inclosed with a stone wall. 


1303-4. 32 E. I. Wednesday before S' Nicholas. [Dec. 4, 1303.] 

Arnolde de Wedat brought an acco" of debt uppon a Tally, vid. 
the like, Munday before S' Vincent. [Jan. 20, 1304.] 

32 E. I. 

Bayliffs, I om : Stacy, 

I Thorn : de la Rent. 

In a plea of Abatem* betweene John ffits William le ffleghere and 
Lawrence Cobb, the parties camme to agreem', and it was inrolled and 
acknowledged before the Bayliffs, and Arnold le Pelleteur, Coroner, 
and the wife examined by the Bayliffs and Coroner. vid. the like, 
Thursday before S f Thomas. [Dec. 19, 1303.] 

Justicics for 5O S debt by warr* from the sheriff. 

Justicies for the ten 1 against the Lord paramount, for services 
demanded w h ought to be paied by the rnesn 6 . 

32 E. I. Thursday after Candlcmass. [Feb. 6, 1304.] 

Abatem* between Robert and George Cocket, brothers : the 
plaintiff claimed a tenem* in the suburbs of Ipsw ch in parcenery, and as 
joint heire w th the defend*. After, he alleged in stop of Triall, that the 
tenem* was holden of the Prior of Peters in ffree alms, but waving the 
same, the triall went on, and the verdict found for the defend 4 by the 
will of their father, whoe gave the same to the defendent, being elder 
brother, for yeres. 

Spicer gave to his wife by his last will all his goods movable and 
unmoveable, to pay his debts, and the overplus to her owne use, and 
this will was proved before the Bayliffs. 

Recognisances of deedes are entered to be sometimes before the 
Bayliffs, and sommetimes before them in the presence of Coroners, and 
sommetimes before the Bayliffs and Coroners, and the woman is said 
to be examined sommetimes by the Bayliffs, and sommetimes by them 
and Coroners. 

Wills are entered as proved before the Bayliffs, and sometimes 
entered verbatim, and other times onely soe much as concerne the 
freeholds w* the Towne. 

The like of contracts, agreem* 5 , debts, &c. 

1304-5- 33 E. I. 

The same Bayliffs that were the last yere. 

33 E.I. Thursday after Hillary. [Jan. 14, 1305.] 

John de Causton, Ralfe de Codenham, and Steven de Wurston, 
executors of the last will of Selena de Golding, late wife of the said 


John de Causton, camme to the Court to prove the will, wherein were 
bequeathed divers tenem ts in Ipsw ch from the right heire. And 
Samna Loone, sister and heire to the said Selena did appeare and 
counterplead the probate, alledging that the Custome of the Towne 
would not admitt the probate. And thereuppon the Common Councill 
of the Town declared that noe/em covt by the Custome of the Towne 
could bequeathe any freeholds by her last will, allthough her husband 
did agree therto. 

33 E. I. Vigil of S* Joh: Baptist. [June 23, 1305.] 

The Prior of Trinity, in an assize brought against him, pleaded in 
Barr bastardy of the last tenant, and soe the tenem* falne to him by 

33 E.I. Munday after Midsumm''. [June 28, 1305.] 

An accon of debt brought against Nicolas de Debenham uppon a 
recognisance by him acknowledged. And the declaracon was of a 
debt acknowledged before Tho. Stacy, Bayliff of Ipsw ch , w th out mention 
of the other Bayliff or Coroners. 

33 E.I. Munday after Micalm : [Oct. 4, 1305.] 

The Lady Alis Holbroke by Rob* Lampet her atturny (by letters 
patents shewen in Court) acknowledged a recognisance of debt to 
Rob* S 4 Quintin, and found 18 suerties of the inhabitants of this towne 
for the paym 1 thereof. 

1305-6. 34 E. I. 

n ,-ff ( Thorn: de Petra, 
Bayhffs, ( Lawrence Cobb. 

At the Towne Court of Plees, John de Musket by inquest was 
found guilty of stealing 2 pounds of candle, price 3 d , and had the 
judgem* of the pillory, m : pi : 

A recognisance entered into for a debt, and the same acknowledged 
by both man and wife. m ; pi : 

34 E. I. Thursday after S l Mark. [Ap. 28, 1306.) 

A tenem* claimed by two brothers as one. heire after the Custome 
of the Towne. 

34 E.I. Thursday after S* Luke. [Oct. 20, 1306.] 

Maritime causes determined in the Court of ordinary plees. 
Accon for scandalous words brought by/emms covert. 


An accon of Debt betwene Rob 4 Tillot and Roger Patchet, march ts , 
for 17 marks, 6 s , eight pence, commenced originally and tried in the 
Town Court without the Kings writt, and the Kings writt comms, 
enjoines execution, and in the writt its expressly mentioned that the 
triall was according to the Custome of the Towne without the kings 

1 306-7. 35 Edw: I. 

Tho:dePetra \ continued still Eayli/s. 
Lawrence Cobb, ) 


During this Kings time, as formerly, fforrainers are made free in 
severall manners, for somme are made free to all intents absolutely, 
others for terme of life only, somme to be lottant and scottant, and 
inhabite w^in the Towne : others were admitted as forraine Burgesses :' 
somme uppon one certaine fine : others at a yerely render : And some 
by inheritance. And theire customewas, when theycamme to demand 
theire freedome, they shewed in open court and tendered their fathers 

1307-8. i E. II. 

r> ,-er ( Thorn: Stacy, r, ( Richard Lew, 

Bayhffs, ( ThQ . de la ent< Coroners, | Arno]d k p el , cteur> 

At the Instance of S r Walter de Norw ch the Towne gave to 
Walter the sonne of Rich : Thurstan 40" yerely during his life : the 
severall acquittances are in the Treasury. 

1308-9. 2 E. II. 

Tho: Stacy, j continued Bay liffs. 

Tho : de la Rent, ) 

2 E. II. Thursday before S l Margarets. [July 18, 1308.] 

Thomas Stacy granted to the Towne of Ipsw ch that they shall 
have liberty to raise his medow two foote higher nigh the stanks of 
Horswade Mill, to the least dammage of the medow that may be, and 
w th out clayming any other right in the ground so raised, but onely 
liberty to goe uppon the same to fishe the mill pond, and to raise and 
amend the same as oft as neede shall be. And in consideration thereof 
the Towne granted that Thomas Stacy and his heires and all those 
that shall be owners of that medow, and theire heires, shall for ever 
have weekely the grist of halfe a quarter of corn, viz., fower bushells 
after the market measure, toll free, w* remidy, in case of deniall, 
according to the indenture under the sealle of the said Tho : Stacy. 

4 8 



Will 1 " Malyn brings an action against Hugh, Prior of Trinity, in 
Ipsw ch , for the taking of w : goods and carying them away to the 

The prior appeared and justified the ex'tion, as the goods of 
Alice, whoe was wife of Philip Harneis, whoe held the tenem* where 
the goods were taken of the Prior, at the yerely rent of &c., and 
whereof the prior was seised by the hands of the said Alice as very 
tenant ; and for areres of the said rent in the yeres 10: 1 1 : 12: of the 
last King he avowes the distresse. Will 111 by replication averrs, that 
the time of the avowing aforesaid, Alice was under coverture of 
Phillip Harneis then her husband. The Prior rejoinds, that Will m is 
alltogether estrange therto, and ought not be admitted to that plee, and 
both demand judgem*. 

1309-10. 3 E. II. 

Tbl\ dS'Rent, ) continued Bayliffs y * , y ere. 

Three brothers and coheires were vouched to warranty ; the eldest 
appeared and warranted for a third part, and it was found against him ; 
the other two under age appeared not, and lost by default, but execucon 
staied till theire full age. 

3 E. II. Thursday after Holy Rood. [Sep. 18, 1309.] 

The Commonalty mett for election of twelve honest and sufficient 
men to conserve the Lawes and Customes of the Towne, and to give 
just Judgem*, and to do all other things for the promt of the Towne ; 
as other twelve men from the time whereof there is no memory have 
used to doe, and they chose Electors. 




. Roger Bond, 
\ Peter de Birchey, 
Ralf Haghelott, 
Rich : Swallow. 

/ John de Cotteler, 
\ Roger Haltebe, 
j Rob' de Elmsett, 
Rich : Cowlott. 

Sf. Mar: Elms, 
St. Nicholas, 

Si. Pttirs, 
St. August ins, 

John de Woodbregge, 

John de Bresett, Kay, 

V\ m Malin Clements, 

Rich : Otter. 

St. Matthews, 
St. George, 

Hen : le Tannour, 
Peter le Lockiere, 
Will"' Deye. 

Abram le Pelleteur, 
Jordan Tannator, 
Rob' Cowlott, 
Joh : de Westerfield. 

Hugh Scott, 
Rob' Clement, 
Adam de Holbroke, 
Gilbert de Ponte. 

John de Grimbsy, 
Robt de la Lane, 
Ralf le Taverner, 
Hen : Verdune. 


Whie Helens parish was left out in this election, I finde not, But 
these electors did make theire election off 

Tho : Stacy, ) z? / Thomas de Petra, 

Tho : de la Rent, J Elias le Ken, 

Richard Lew, Hen : le Rottum, 

John de Whatfield, John le Maister, 

Hugh Harand, Alexan : Margrete, 

William le Mayden sen : William Robherd, 

To governe the aforesaid Towne faithfully : 

To assist in judgem 4 in the Court : 

To doe all the thing's used to be done by the former 1 2 : 

Provided that the Bayliffs shall be chosen by the commonalty in 
the Common Councill as formerly hathe been used ; and act to the 
number of y e 24 ; And it was granted to the said twelve men and their 
successors after them to be elected, to have the common medow called 
' Oldenholme ' to hold for life. 

And when it shall happen that any of the 1 2 shall dye, it shall be 
lawfull for the eleven companions of them alive to elect out of the 
commonalty one honest and lawfull man in the roome of the party 
soe dead. 

The psons elected are sworne in open Court. 

3 E. II. Thursday after Candlemass. [Feb. 5, 1310.] 

Walter son of Randolfe of IpsW* acknowledged a release of a 
tenem 4 in Ipsw h , being then sixteene yeres old, and it was received 
and inrolled. 

1310 ii. 4 E. II. 

Tho : Stacy, ) continued Bayliffs ( Arn !dle Pelleter, 

Tho : de la Rent, tht+thven. Coroners, \ Rich : Lew, 

( Elias le Ken. 

The King this yere being at Barwick, sent his letter like a writt 
patent in parchm 4 , written in Lattine under his scale, to the towne, to 
borrow of them two hundred pounds ; the original is in the Treasury. 

1311-12. 5 E. II. 

Tho : Stacy, ) continued Bayliffs Arn ldle Pelleteur, 

Tho : le Rent, the tfhyen. , lch : , L w ' 

Ehj : le Kenn, 

An Aeon of accompt by Jmticies, by the Sheriffs warr 4 to the 

The Towne gave to the King sixty markes in sylver to aide him 
in his warrs against Scotland. See the Acquittance in the Treasury. 
They gave five marks more for the aide of the Kings shipp called 
' the Christopher.' 


continued Coroners. 



5 E. II. Thursday after St. Buttolf. [June 22, 1312.] 

In the case betweene Baden and May, two brothers are menconed 

5 E. II. Thursday after Holy Rood. [Sep. 16, 1311.] 

In the pleading of a will, its alleged to be proved before the 
Bayliffs onely, and no mention made of Coroners or Court. 

5 E. II. Thursday after St. Thomas. [Dec. 23, 1311.] 

John ffits Christopher acknowledged a conveyance of a tenem* in 
Ipsw 1 *, he beeing then sommewhat more then 14 yeres old, and the 
same was accepted and inrolled. 

I finde mentione in the rolls of the Court of plees of this yere of a 
tenem* between Losegate way and St Austens Church on the one pt, 
and the salt water on the other pt. And a streete called Coocke Row 
in Lawrence parish. 5 E. II. Hillary : Rot. g i . 

Cognisance of plees allowed to this Towne by y e judges of the 
Comm : plees. 5 Ed. 2. 

1312-13. 6 E. II. 


Thorn : Stacy, 
Laurence Cobb. 


Richard Lew, 
Tho : le Rent, 
Elias le Keene. 

The Bayliffs and Comonalty ex officio declared in the petit Court 
against John ffarmer, free Burgess of the Town, for collouring of goods 
of forrainers : and the defend 4 confessing the action, was adjudged 
disfranchised, and as a forrainer to pay Custome for his goods in 
marchandise for the future. 

Parcell of the Common Soile next the capitall house of Simon le 
Painter, w th out the common diche in Marg ts parish, 1 10 foote long and 
80 foote broad, granted to Tho : Chapplein at 6 d rent, provided he 
shall mantaine the house there already built, and soe muche of the 
common diche bordering on the said ground, and that he shall build 
noe more uppon the premisses. 

6 E. II. St. Markets Day. [Thurs., July 20, 1312.] 

An essoigne de servicio Regis was cast for the Prior of Trinity, and 
it was not allowed, because he hathe an atturny uppon Record before 
the Bayliffs, where is not menconed. 

1313-14. 7 E. II. 

Bayliffs, j 

Thorn : de la Rent, 
Richard Lew. 


7 E. II. Thursday before Simon & Jude. [Oct. 25, 1313.] 

An accon of accompt by justicies, sent from the Sheriff w th out 
warr 1 thereuppon to the Bayliffs. 

Mabell Leighton demanded for dower a moity of messuage and 
tenem 1 in Ipsw ch . 

7 E. II. Thursday after St. Edmund. [Nov. 22, 1313.] 

Rooes, the wife of Henry Stabler, brought her accon against John 
de Whatfeild, whoe vouched to warranty sixe sonnes and coheires of 
the said Henry. 

1314-15. 8 E. II. 

i TV, <?t^ ( Tho : de la Rent, 

liffs, irexander Margery. Coron ^' * icha [ d Lew, 

( Ehas le Keene. 

Clement de Spicer, John Russell, and Edmund de Castleacres 
Deed acknowledged before the Bayliffs and one Coroner ; and others 
before the Bayliffs and 3 Coroners ; and a forrainers will of a tenem* in 
Ipsw 01 * proved before the Bayliffs ; and a deed of Ralfe Randolfe 
proved before the Bayliffs and others named, but noe Coroners 

Mabel Toke and John Toke her sonne granted a house in the 
Kay parish to Tho : de la Rent, and the deede was acknowledged ; 
the said John being found by proofe 14 yeres old, and being tried by 
numbering and measuring, it was allowed and inrolled. 

St Mildreds Church and Allsaints chappell in Ipsw * 1 , I finde in 
the records of the Court in this yere. 

1315-16. 9 E. II. 

rff ( Lawrence Cobb, r ( Tho : de la Rent, 

Bayhffs, Gilbert Roberd. Conners ' S^, 8 ^ 1 

( Ehas le Keene. 

Thursday after Holy Rood. [Sept. 18, 1315.] 

John Godsman of 15 y. age, tried by number and measure, 
acknowledged a deed. vid. rot. Recog: 3 Coron. 

Nic : Carres will of Sudbu r . v , and Rog : Bonds will &c. 

Thingsted way seemeth to be the way from Bolton to y 6 Wash 

Thomas Stale and his wife acknowledged a deede in the presence 
of one Coron r ; soe Roger del Wode. 

Katharine the wife of Robert le Webber brought a writ of right 
Patent of a ten em* in Ipsw ch , and declared of a tenem* in the suburbs 
of Ipswich, and by judgem* of Court shee lost her writt. 


Willelmus de Cleidon (?) per Johannem de Gipwico atturnatum 
suum petit versus Laurentium fits Barkham sol : stau (?) de Gipwico 
unum toftum cum pertinentiis in Gipwico ut jus suum &c : et praedictus 
Laurentius per Thomam de Westill atturnatum suum venit et super hoc 
venerunt Ballivi Libertatis villae Gipwici et petunt modo curiam suam 
ut habeant et Ballivi praefixerunt diem partibus apud Gipwicum die 
Jovis proximo post festum Sancti Andrese apostoli et dictum est iis 
quod celerem justiciam partibus exhibeant alioquin quod revertant. 
Mic: Rot: ccccxx (?J Ash. (a) 

1316-17. 10 E. II. 

Tho Starv ( Tho : de la Rent) 

Bayliffs, johndeWhatfeild. C ers ' Elye le Kenne, 

Richard Lewe. 

10 E. II. Thursday after Nativit : Mary. [Sep. 9, 1316.] 

Roger ffrancis brought an accon of wast against John Blake, for 
wast donne in a wall and a well in a tenem* demised to the defend 4 for 
Life, under condition to leave the same in as good estate as &c. The 
defend' pleaded that by the Custome of the Towne and constitutions 
thereof suche wast is not punishable w^out the Kings writt. (bj 

10 E. II. Thursday after St Mathew. [Sep. 23, 1316.] 
Divers sonnes are reputed as one heire. 

Thursday after St Luke. [Oct. 21, 1316.] 

A will was proved, wherein a house was devised to be sold, and 
that for the benefitt of the testaters soule, and the executors had free 
administration and seisin to do according to the will. 

1317-18. ii E. II. 

Richard Lew. 

Common soile once Brabons, in St Nicholas parish, granted to 

ii E. II. Thursday before Allsaints. [Oct. 27, 1317.] 

A deed acknowledged and inrolled before one Bayliff and 2 
Coroners in full Court. 

The like allsoe in the vigill of the Purification of Mary. (Wed., 
Feb. i, 1318.) 

and is probably misplaced. 

(b) Quer. for I find noe resolution (B). 


Thursday after Gregory. [Mar. 16, 1318.] 

Divers deeds acknowledged and inrolled before 2 Bayliffs and one 
Coroner in full Court. Thursday after Holy Rood. (Sep. 15, 1317.) 
And Thursday after Barnaby. (June 15, 1318.) 

11 E. II. Wednesday after Joh : Revelation. [Dec. 28, 1317.] 

The town of Ipswich by John de Whatfeild complained to the 
maior of London that the Burgesses of the Towne were distrained by 
the Sheriff of London contrary to their Charter, and uppon the reading 
thereof it was allowed, vid. libra E. fo. 70. this is in London. 

Memorandum quod die Mercurii proximo post festum Sancti 
Johannis ante portam Latinam anno Regni Regis Edwardi filii Regis 
Edwardi undecimo venit quidam Johannes de Whatfeild de Gipwico 
ceterique Burgenses ejusdem villae coram Johanne de Wengrave 
Majore Londinensi ceterisque Aldermannis et questi fuerunt quod 
Johannes Priour et Willielmus de ffourneis vicecomites dictae civitatis 
Burgenses dictae villae sepius contra libertates suas eis a Domino 
Rege et suis progennitoribus concessas et confirmatas ac contra cartae 
suae tenorem distrinxerunt unde petierunt quod remedium inde eis 
fieret et quod de cetero contra cartae suae tenorem non distringantur et 
super hoc lecta et intellecta carta sua praedicta cujus tenor de verbo in 
verbum (ad dictorum burgensium requisitionem) subscribitur et irrotu- 
latur. Dicti Major et Aldermanni in quantum in eis est omnes libertates 
subscriptas allocarunt eisque de cetero allocatas concedunt Unde 
preceptum est vicecomitibus praedictis quod districtiones praedictas 
eis deliberent et quod de cetero non distringantur. t 

1318-19. 12 E. II. 

D 7 -a- ( Thorn : Stacy. .-, ( Richard Lew, 

Bayhff*. \ Thom:dela y ' Rent . Coroners, \ E , iag le Kenn ' 

12 E. II. Thursday after St. Steven. [Dec. 28, 1318.] 

Before two Bayliffs and one Coroner in full Court, the will of 
Rob* de ffornham was brought to be proved, the same being neyther 
signed by the hand of the testator, nor proved before the Ordinary. 

And amongst other legacies therein, A tenement was given to the 
ffriers Minors of Ipsw** to inlarge theire dwelling. 

ffor the probate whereof the executors produced two ffriers Minors, 
viz., ffrier Rob* de Wonton, and ffrier John de Winington, whoe uppon 
the perill of theire soules, affirmed that they were present at the making 
of the will, And that the testator did therein give the legacies therein 
contained as they are therein menconed, And that he made the 

f This transcript appears, on comparison, to vary in some degree from original record at Guildhall, 
Letter Book E. fo. 70 b., where the Charter referred to is given at full length. It is not in Bacon's hand- 
writing, nor in the same as the preceding transcript. 


executors therein likewise menconed, and that he was then of good 
memory, and settled in minde. And there uppon the will was allowed, 
proved, and.inrolled w th a salvo jure, as is formerly used, and seisin was 
granted according to the Custome. 

1319-20. 13 E. II. 

,.. ( Tho: Stacy, .-, ( Alexander Margery, 

Bayl,/s, \ Tho: de ^ Ren t. Corners, J Elias le Kenn. 

13 E. II. 2 Novem : [1319.] 


Whereas by the Charter of Hen : y e 2 d all brokage in marchandise 
in this Towne was forbidden, And by the Charter of Edw. I. free passage 
was granted of all marchandise to the place appointed for the sale 
thereof: Nevertheless, divers ffree Burgesses, minding theire private 
gaines, tooke uppon them as hoasts to marchants, and make private 
sales of theire commodities, and many times w th out the march 45 consent, 
and kepe the fourth part of suche sales to themselves for hoastage : 
and buyers doe buye for them selves and theire Burgesses. It is there- 
fore ordered that noe hoaste nor broker shall intermedle in such sales, 
nor shall any 3 th p* be allowed or demanded. And if any burgess shall 
claime part in any suche sales, he shall putt in security, then shall have 
his part. And if any Burgess shall go contrary hereunto, he shall 
loose his goods soe bought, and allsoe his freedome. And that all 
goods and Chattells of buyers shall be lyable for the debt due for suche 
marchandise. And all contracts for marchandise shall be recorded 
before the Bayliffs uppon acknowledging if the seller will, and the 
suerities for performance and the Bayliffs shall levy by distresse the 
debt and dammages for delay : and if paym* cannot be made, the pty 
shall be disfranchised. 

All forestallers shall loose the goods forestalled, and if he be a 
free Burgess, he shall moreover loose his freedome. 

That there shall be noe broker w^in the Towne. 

That noe Burgess shall take uppon himself to victuall marchant 
shipps, and thereuppon demand brokage, but every marchant shall 
victuall as he pleaseth. 

Whereas noe day nor hower in certainty is determined for election 
of Bayliffs, whereby Bayliffs have bein at theire own wills making a 
party for themselves, And have layed taxes and levied them upon the 
Commoners to theire owne private benifit, w th ransoms and amercem ts : 
It is ordered that the election of Bayliffs shall be uppon the feast of 
the Nativity of our Lady ; unless the Commons by theire common 
assent will retaine theire former Bayliffs still. 

Eache Bayliff shall have for his fee yerely five pounds, and the 


auncient Custome of ffishe, hering, onyons, garlick, Broomes, and the 
usuall fee of sixe pence for every ensealing. 

That the Bayliffs shall take noe amercem* 5 w^out the presence of 
the Chamberlins and two lawful men. 

That the Bayliffs shall not charge the Towne w tb out the presence 
of the Chamberlins. 

That two sufficient persons of the inferiour sort of people, shall, 
by common consent, be elected to be Chamberlins to receive plees, 
issues, and approvem* 5 of the said Towne. And thereout to pay the 
farme to the King, the Bayliffs fees, and other estreates for the Towne. 

That the Bayliffs shall charge the Chamberlins w th the said 
approvem ts ; And the Chamberlins thereof shall accompt in the 

That the Chamberlins shall counter roll to the Bayliffs all manner 
of plees touching frank tenem* 3 , recognisances of ffrank tenem ts , and 
of greate debts and probates of Testam 43 . And for this the Chamberlins 
shall have twenty shillings yerely to cache of them. 

That the Chamberlins shall hold their place for one whole yere. 

Because the Common sealle hathe often passed w th out common 
consent, Its ordered that fower men of the most sufficient sort, by 
common consent at the day aforesaid, yerely, shall be elected to kepe 
the fower keyes of the Common Hutche in w * 1 the Common Sealle 
and the Treasury are kept. Soe as on the day of election of the 
Bayliffs they render the same to the Commons to be disposed as they 
shall please. And that nothing shall passe the Common Sealle w th out 
common assent and in open Tollhouse. 

That one of the Commons shall be elected the same day by 
common assent, to be Clerke of the Court, and Common of the Towne, 
and he shall have forty shillings yerely from the Chamberlins, besides 
the ordinary fees. 

And allsoe two underbayliffs, cache of whome shall yerely have 
a gowne and sixe shillings eight pence and shoes. 

And that by common assent a Gaoler shall be elected, and he 
shall putt in suerties, and shall have 13" 4 d yerely, and the auncient 
ffees of the Gaole. ffellons goods shall be under the Custody of the 
Chamberlins, whoe are to render them up to the next Chamberlins at 
theire accompt, and all other things in their Custody. 

Because Bayliffs have formerly made Burgesses by compact, taking 
the whole benefit to themselves : its ordered that noe Burgess shall be 
made in the Towne but at fower set times in the yere, viz., the next 
Court after Michallmass, and after Christmass, and after Easter, and 
after St John Baptist ; And the same shall be elected by common 
assent. And the mony thereof arising shall goe to the common 
proffit, and by the Chamberlins to be collected and accompted for. 


The Common Sealle shall be free to all, and not be denied to any 
free burgess demanding the same. 

13 E. II. July. 

At this time was the towne of Harwich, belonging to Thomas 
Brotherton Erie of Norff : by his mediation made a free town Corporate, 
upon an Ad quod Damnum directed to the Sheriff of Essex, (aj 

1320-1. 14 E. II. December 12. [1320.] 

It is ordered by the general consent of the town that from hence 
forthe the Bayliffs of this town shall allwaies be elected uppon ye day of 
the Nativity of the Virgine Mary, And that they shall have to cache of 
them the yerely fee of ioo s for theire service. And they shall likewise 
have to theire own use the Customes of fishe, herings, and onions, and 
the fee of every inseallm* by the common sealle, which is 6 d . 

This order is inrolled under the names of the Alderman, Bayliffs, 
and Commonalty, the Alderman being set before the Bayliffs, which I 
conceve is the Alderman of the Guild. 

14 E. II. Hillaryes Day. [Tues., Jan. 13, 1321.] 

A deed was acknowledged and inrolled according to the Custome. 
And after, uppon the Wednesday after St Buttolfs day, the Recogniser 
camme and praied the record of the said deed to be vacated, alledgmg 
his title otherwaies. And accordingly it was vacated in the Margent 


_,.,.. ( Lawrence Cobb, 
Bayliffs, H le Rottonn . 

1321-2. 15 E. II. 

,.. ( Richard Lew, 
Bayliffs, Walter de Westha ii. 

Appeales of fellony tried in the Court of plees. 
1322-3. 16 E. II. 

( Tnhn Harnak ( John de Prestoun, 

*"''/'. { femS. Chamberhns, \ J Miles le ifenndre, 

Town Clark, William de Kenbroke. 
1 6 E. II. Thursday after Michalmass. [Sep. 30, 1322.] 

An action of Right brought against Geoffery Stacy of a messuage 
in Ipsw 011 , and he pleaded in barr that the messuage was in the suburbs 
of Ipsw 011 , and not in Ipsw 011 , and the verdict was found for the defend 4 . 

fa) This was Thomas Plantagenet, surnamed "De Brotherton," 5th son of K. Edw. I., who was 
created Earl of Norfolk 16 Dec., 1312, and was the yth of that title since the Conquest, ob. 1338. s. p. m. 
when the title became extinct. 




1 6 E. II. Tk. 

ursdav after Holy Rood. FSep. 16, 1122.! 

An Appeale of Robery brought in the Town Court against 
Edward de Disse, whoe pleaded not guilty, and putts himselfe uppon 
triall of the Country at Disse. And being asked if he would putt 
himselfe upon triall of the Country at IpsW* where the robbery was 
committed, he said ' noe,' and thereuppon he was committed to the 
Gaole, et ad Dietam, untill he shall putt himselfe uppon triall of the 
Country at Ipsw ch . And the goods are committed to John de Akenham, 
Chamberlin, to keepe. 

16 E. II. Simon and Jude. [Thurs., Oct. 28, 1322.] 

Maud the wife of Clem* Soam demanded a John de Leyham and 
Christiana his wife, a moity of a messuage in IpsW* as her dower. 
The defend* pleaded a record of a plea 7 E. II. in the time of 
Laurance Cobb, Bayliff, wherein it was found that Clem : Soam was 
not seised, and because the roll was mistaken in the plea, for that the 
same was 14 E. II., and not in the 7 E. II., Judgm* passed for the 

16 E. II. Thiirsday after Trin. [May 26, 1323.] 

Richard Rober 
was disfranchised. 

1323-4- 17 E. II. 

Bayliffs, { Vivian Sylvester, 
( John Clement. 

17 E. II. Thursday after St Martin. [Nov. 17, 1323.] 

Diverse assizes of nov : disseisin, and writs of Abatem* 3 . vid. rot. 
recog : 17. a. r. 

In the proving of John Harneis his will, the Baylififs gave 14 dayes 
for any one to putt in theire claime. 

17 E. II. Friday after St Edmund. [King, Nov. 25, 1323.] 

In an assize the demand* made his title by vertue of a last will. 

The tenant pleaded that the Testator was noe freeman of this 
Towne, and therefore could not give any lands or tenem* 8 by will by 
the Custome of the Towne. But the verdict passed upon the seisin. 

Cognisance of plees allowed in the Kings Bench in a case betwene 
John fitz Seman, le Long Peter, and Rob* fits Roger le Glover, and 
Peter Parminhood, because their liberties were confirmed by the kings 
charter in the 5 th yere of his reigne. vid 5 E. II. rot. 92. Hillar : 
et 17 E. II. rot. 98. Mic: rot. plac. 162. 

Richard Roberts, for forestalling, and other falcities and trespasses 
was disfranchised. 


Rich. Chancer and Mary his wife demanded of Annis de Westhall 
a moity of one messuage and two shopps in Ipsw ch as y e Dower of the 
said Mary, and this was in the Kings Court at Westminster. And y e 
Bayliffs of Ipswich camme and demanded their Court, and it was 
allowed, vid. rot. dev 1 . 

17 E. II. Thursday after Assumption. [Aug. 18, 1323.] 

Two actions for Dower, wherein a moity was demanded. 

Suerty of the peace granted by the Kings writt to the Sherif of 
Suff. against one in Ipsw ch , and the same delivered to the Bayliffs 
w^out warr 4 thereuppon. 

1324-5. 1 8 E. II. 

n i-a- ( Gilbert de Burrough, ,-. ( John de Prestoun, 

Bayhfft, j John de castleaker. Conrtm > \ John Balioll. 

1 8 E. II. Thursday after St Dunstan. [Dep. May 23, 1325.] 

Justicies for 20 marks by the Sheriffs warr*. 

The like upon an accompt. 

An Appeale of Robbery in the Court of plees. 

Roger and Thomas Raison acknowledged a deed, and the same 
was accepted and inrolled, the eldest of them being but 1 8 yeres old, 
and the youngest 16 yeres. But bothe of them were tried by number 
and measure. 

Maud Alison prosecuted an Appeale of Robbery against Joh. de 
le Gonre, and the verdict found him guilty, whereby he had sentance 
to be hanged by the neck. In a writt of right, the defend* 5 atturny 
admitted above at Westm r , and certified by writt to be received at 
Ipsw ch . 

1325-6 19 E. II. 

T, ,-a- ( John Hert or Yrpe. ^ ( Gilbert Roberts, 

Bavhffs, ( John de Prestoun. Coroners > ( John le Maister. 

19 E. II. Thursday after Edmund the King. [Nov. 21, 1325.] 

The wife of Geoffery Barnard demanded in the Kings Court at 
Westminster of John de Balioll, a moity of a messuage in Ipsw ch as her 
dower. And the Bayliffs camme, and demanded their Court, and it 
was allowed them. vid. plac : before W m de Berisford and his Companions, 
Justices of the King de Banco. 19 E. II. Rot. 161 : Mic. tres Septiman : 
vide rot : 156. 


19 E. II. Thursday after St Andrew. [Dec. 4, 1325.] 

In an accon against John Dusyon, he pleaded l non est factum? 
and the verdict found that it was his deede, and thereuppon he was 
committed to prison, and fined 6 s 8 d ., which after was remitted to 2 s . 

1326-7. 20 E. II. 

Bayliffs, I Gilbert de Burgh, c J Gilbert Rob'ts, 

( John Yrpe. ( John le Maister. 

The Course during this kings reigne for recognisances of deeds, 
was to do the same in full Court, whither one of the Coroners were 
present or more, 8, 9, 12, 13 E. 2., and 19. Somme times before one 
Bayliffin Court n E. 2. 

And deeds were not entred verbatim, but the contents soe farr as 
touched the main substance. 

Wills were proved onely for lay fees, the fee for the probate to 
the Bayliffs 2 s . 

Every lay fee uppon the probate was by seisin delivered by the 
Court, and 6 d for every seisin. 

Proclamacons made for one or divers dayes, as the Bayliffs 
discretion lead him, for all that would to counter plead the probate. 
And to put in theire Claime for the legacies. 

Witnesses prove the will uppon othe, and that the testator was of 
sound minde and memory, and did give the legacies in the will 

1327-8. i E. III. 

SGeoffery Stacy, 
Geoffery Costyn, .-, ( Gilbert Roberts. 

TUT Coroners. < T , , , , . , 

John Irpe, ( John le Maister. 

Richard Leyham. 

A plea of Abatem* of a House in the suburbs by Concent. 

Robert Scott was distrained, for that being a forrainer, he claimed 
the liberty of a free man, and being present in Court, a jury was 
awarded to inquire, and they found him a freeman by bloud, viz., the 
sonne of Will m Kemp, whoe was a free man resident, and thereuppon 
judgem* passed for him. rot : min : plac : 

John le Man brought an abatem* against John the sonne of 
Richard Haltebe and John Lipp, and pleads that they disseised him 
of his freehold, that is to say, of 14 s rent, w th the appurtenances, to be 
received out of a house w th the appurtenances in the parish of St. Mary 
at the Tower of Ipswich, in the flesh market, put in view of the Jurors. 


And John Lipp sales he claimeth nothing in the house or rent, nor did 
he make any disseisin in the same. And John the sonne &c., by 
Christopher Haltebe his Bayliff, as tenant of the premises, said that 
one William of Wetheringset was long since seised of the said rent, 
and is yet still seised untill that the said John Man disseised him : and 
the Jury named in the record being sworne, and have the view, and 
finde uppon theire othes that John Lipp did disseise the said John Man 
of the said annuall rent; that is to say, when the said John Man 
distrained for fower yeres annuity arere, John Lipp by force of armes 
rescewed the distresse from the said Joh. Man by force of armes, to 
the dammage of John Man 2 s . The Jury being asked if John Haltebe 
were present at the disseisin or not, and the Jury say he was not. 
And that the said John Haltebe is tenant of the messuage and the 
appurtenances, and that the rent of 14* is arere for fower yeres. 

Judgem* that John Man shall recover arers and damm's 2 s . And 
a precept to levy the same of John Lipp, and he is committed to the 
Gaole, and John Lypp camme and made an end. 

1328-9. 2 E. III. 

,-jr ( Geoffery Costyn, /-, ( Tho : Stacy, 

Bayhfs, ( Thomas de WhUfield. Coroners, j Wi]liam C auston, Cl.r : 

2 E. III. Thursday after E dm : Bishop. [Nov. 17, 1328.] 

If a rent be granted, and the tenant refuseth to atturne, a p. quce 
servicia lieth for remidy. 

2 E. III. Thursday after St. Andrew. [Dec. I, 1328.] 

The Will of Ade de Westhall was brought into the Court, and 
seisin granted of somme tenements granted by legacy, but in regard 
Claime was made to others (therein mentioned) by Joh : le Maister, 
seisin and administracon as to them was stayed, quousq : &c. 

2 E. III. Thursday after Convers : Pan II. [Jan. 26, 1329.] 

In a per quce servicia, And the verdict be for the plaintiff, and the 
defend* nevertheless will still refuse to atturne. The Court granted a 
distress for the areeres. 

The fee farme of this Towne now was 6o u . 

1329-30. 3 E. III. 
******* \ SETZShSld C ( fe^d'eCauston.c.e,: 

Shirehouse Hill in the Kay parish, north of a house, and the salt 
water south of the same house, r. r. 


1330-1. 4 E. III. 

,. .. , ( Geofferv Costyn, .-, ( John Irpe, 

Bwlifsamtmiud, [ Thomas de Whatfeild. Cmmn. \ William Causton, cler : 

The Bayliffs are fined 2O S for a false returne. 

4 E. III. Wednesday after St. Leonard. [Nov. 7, 1330.] 

Geoffery Costyn, one of the Bayliffs, and John Irpe, one of the 
Coroners, executors of the last will of Maud Davy, camme into the 
Court and proved the will before Geoffery Costyn and Thomas de 
Whatfeild, Bayliffs, and administration was granted accordingly, r. r. 

1331-2. 5 E. HI. 

I w-.r 611 ^ 9 Ur fh ' Coroners, \ fc Ir P*' 

( William le Smith. ( William Causton, cler: 

A streete in -Laurence parish called ' the Cook Row,' lying North 
and South, r. r. 

5 E. III. Thursday, St. Marke. [Ap. 25, 1331.] 

Geoffery Costyn, one of the Bayliffs, brought into the Court a deede 
of conveyance of a tenem* in Ipsw 011 to him made, and the same was 
acknowledged and inrolled, but the teste is the other Bayliff w th others. 

5 E. III. Wednesday after Nativit : Mar: [Sept. n, 1331.] 

A deede acknowledged by John fits Robert Abrams, and the same 
was inrolled allthough the recognisor was but bare 14 yeres of age, but 
he was tried by numbering and measuring. 

1332-3. 6 E. III. 

, cler: 

Thingstead nigh the Town wall in Marg* 3 parish. 

The highway is in Thingstead. 

A tenem* in Mildreds parish betwene a tenem* on the west and the 
apple Market on the east, one head abutting on St Mildreds church on 
the south, and the Cornhill on the north, r. r. 

Common soile in Nicholas parish at the Colehill granted to 

1333-4- 7 E. III. 


7 E. III. Thursday after Assumption. [Aug. 19, 1333.] 

John ffits Robert de Bosco acknowledged a deede, his age was 
proved by othe of 5 witnesses to be above fowerteene yeres, and he was 
approved by numbering and measuring, and the deede was inrolled. 

1334-5. 8 E. III. 

1335-6. 9 E. HI. 

,. ( John Lew, ^ ( John Irpe, 

Bavhffs, ( J Tho . le C^ttellere, Conne "> \ William de Causton. 

In a plee concerning land, fower p'sons were Chosen by the Court 
to impannell 1 8 good men to try the title. 
Appeales of felony tried allsoe in Court. 

1336-7. 10 E. III. 

Bayliffs, ! jn ^ 7 eStOUne ' Coroner, William Causton, cler: 

This yere Horswade Mill was burnt, and John the sonne of 
Richard Haltebe the miller, being willing to build the same anew at 
his own Charge, the Towne granted him a lease thereof for 8 yeres, 
and allsoe theire medow called ' Oldenholme,' rendering a redd rose at 

Common soile in Mary at Elms parish granted by the Towne 
to Noris. 

1337-8. ii E. III. 

Bavliffs ( Gilbert de Bur g h . Coroner* I Wm ' de Causton . cler : 

ray*, { Edm Petigard . -, | John Irpe _ 

ii E. III. Friday after St. George. [Ap. 25, 1337.] 

Rob* sonne of Emme Brid acknowledged a deede, he being then 
1 7 yeres old, and he was approved by numbering and measuring, and 
the deed inrolled. 

ii E. III. Thursday after St. Martin. [Nov. 13, 1337.] 

An appeale of Robbery against 5 persons, whereof 3 were acquitted 
and 2 found guilty, and pleaded that they were Clerks, and were 
committed to Custody till the Ordinary should send directions. And 
three others were found guilty as receivers, but judgem* stayed till the 
ordinary had determined concerning the clergy of the principall. 


ii E. III. in Cena Domini. [Ap. 15, 1337.] 

Alexander de London and Joane his wife brought an accon of 
Dower for a moity, &c. 

11 E. III. Thursday in Whitsun week. [June 12, 1337.] 

A plea of land : after the petit cape the party appeared, and 
replevyed the land. 

1 338-9- I2 E. III. 

.. ( John de la Rent, n ( John Irpe, 

Bayhffs, | William Malyn. Comun, ( William Causton, cler : 

In Matthews parish is Allsaints Church and an hospitall. 
The king in this yere did confirme the Charters made to this 
Towne by his auncesters, but granted no new priviledges. 

12 E. III. Thursday after St Thomas. [Dec. 24, 1338.] 

In a plee of Dower for a moity, judgem* passed for the' plaintiff, 
and therein allsoe are three sonns of Joh. Harneis as one heire. 

12 E. III. Munday after Annum : Mar: [Mar. 30, 1338.] 

Two women and two men vouched to warranty as Cousins and 
heires of John de Whatfeild. 

12 E. III. Thursday aft'' Assump : Mar: [Aug. 20, 1338.] 

A moity seised by a petit cape replevied by 2 sureties. 

1339-40. 13 E. HI. 

T> j-tc ( John Irpe, .-, ( John Irpe, 

Bayh/s, j John de Leyham. C0mun > { William Causton, cler : 

House in Mary Elms on the South abutting on the high way called 
' Boteflood,' and on Barkers streete towards the East, and the Towne 
diches towards the West, r: rccog: 

13 E. III. Thursday, Mary Mag : [July 22, 1339.] 

A deede acknowledged by Joh : de Briton and Isabell his wife, 
and Rob* fils Nigel Tibaud and Marg rt his wife, and the said two last 
were one of them 16 yeres old and the other 17 yeres old, and the 
deed was inrolled, noe mention being made of number or measure. 

1340-1. 14 E. HI. 

T, ,.,? ( Geoffery Stacy, n ( John Prestown, 

Bayhffs, \ Kenbrokes. Coroners ' { John Irpe. 


14 E. III. May 15. 

A Commission of Inquiry concerning the Haven, in Latine, translated. 

Edward, by the grace of God King of England and ffrance, and 
Lord of Ireland. To our welbeloved and faithfull John de Whelnetham, 
John de la Rockele and Rob* de Cleve, greeting: Our welbeloved 
Burgesses of our Towne of Ipsw"* have prayed us that whereas they 
doe hold of us as of our Crowne of England the said Towne with the 
appurtenances at fee farme by the gift and grant of our progenitors, 
formerly kings of England, rendering thereout to us 6o u yerely : And 
allthough the whole Haven of Erewell in the arme of the sea there to 
the said Towne of Ipsw ' 1 dothe belong, and from all times passed hathe 
belonged : And the Bayliffs of the Towne aforesaid, distresses and 
attachments in the said Port to make, and Tholl and other small 
customs (of things and marchandises to the said Port and Town 
comming) ought to take in our name (for the better inabling them for 
the farme aforesaid) w ch from all times past they have accustomed to 
take ; without that any distresses or Attachments ought to be made by 
any other : or Tholle or any Custome of Goods or Marchandises to 
y 6 said Port comming by any other person hathe or ought to have been 
accustomed to be taken : 

Nevertheless the men of the town of Herewick, by collour of our 
1'rs patents, by w ch lately (at theire request) we have granted the said 
Haven to belong to the said Towne, (uppon theire information that it 
belongeth to them) and we have granted to the said men of Herewick 
that they certaine customes of goods and marchandises comming to 
the said Haven for a certaine time for the benefitt of the said Towne 
may take. And w ch said 1'rs afterwards (for that they were prejudiciall 
unto us and our said Burgesses) we by our 1'ers patents have caused to 
be revoked. The Men nevertheless of Herewick aforesaid, the customs 
of all goods and marchandises comming to the said Port of Erewell, 
w th out respect had to our revocation aforesaid, doe take and will not 
leave off to take, whereby our said Burgesses can not pay y ffee ffarme 
aforesaid as they ought, to the noe small dammage and loss of us and 
of our said Burgesses. 

We will that the Charters of those our auncestors to the said 
Burgesses of the said Town to have the fee farme aforesaid, againe by 
our Charter shall be confirmed, and the said Port w* the arme of the 
sea there in that Charter shall be specifyed, 

We, willing to provide for the indempnity of us and our burgesses 
aforesaid, and to be more fully certified as touching the praemises, 
have ASSIGNED you and two of you to inquire by the othe of honest and 
lawfull men of the County of Suffolk, by whome the truthe of the 
matter may be best knowne, in the presence of the Bayliffs and other 


honest men of the Towne of Herewick, as you shall see expedient, to 
be summoned by you if they will be present : If the Port aforesaid with 
y e arme of the sea there doe belong to the said Towne of Ipsw 011 as it 
is said or not. And if soe, then from what time, in what manner, and 
how. And if the Bayliffs of the said Towne of Ipsw 4 * distresses and 
Attachements in the said Port to make, and Tholle and other small 
Customs of goods and marchandises to the Port and Towne of Ipsw 011 
they ought to take, to inable them for theire fee farme, and heretefore 
have accustomed soe to doe, without that any other persons the 
like distresses and Attach m ts ought to make, or Tholle and other 
Customes of the said goods and marchandises ought to take, and 
heretofore have used to take or not. And if soe, then what, and what 
manner of Customes, and what Marchandises, and in what manner, and 
how : And if any Customes by others then the Bayliffs of Ipsw ch , in the 
port aforesaid, of goods and marchandises thither comme, have been 
taken or not. And if soe, then what, and what manner of Customes 
and of what marchandises, and for how long time, and by whome or 
what persons, and by what title, in what manner, and how ; and of 
other circumstances concerning the praemisses, the full truthe. And 
therefore we command you that at a certaine day and place w ch you or 
any two of you shall appoint, you make diligent inquisition touching 
the praemisses, and the same distinctly and plainly made, that you 
send to us w th out delay, under your scales or the scales of two of you, 
and under the seales of them by whome the requisition shall be made, 
together w & this writt. ffor we have commanded our Sheriff of the 
County aforesaid, that at the time and place appointed by you or any 
two of you, to him to be made knowne, he shall cause to comme before 
you or two of you, soe many and suche honest & lawfull men of his 
Baylywick, by whome the truthe of the mater in y e praemisses may be 
best knowne and inquired. In witness whereof these our letters wee 
have made patent. Witness myselfe at Westminster, 1 5 May : in the 
yere of our reigne of England 14 th , and of France y c I st . (a) 

An Inquisition taken at Ipsw ch uppon Munday in Whitsun weeke 
in y yere of the reigne of Edw. III. after the Conquest the 14 th , and 
of his reigne over ffrance the I st . (bj 

By John de Whelnetham and John de la Rockele, assigned to 
inquire concerning articles underwritten, according to the forme of a 
commission of our Soveraine Lo. the King to the said John and John 
and Rob* Clere made, and unto this inquisition annexed (John Butt, 
Bayliff of Herewick, Rich: Love, Rich: Ireland, Serlone le Coggere, 
John Bollard, William Coppin, and Robert * * *, honest men of the 

(a) 1340. (T>) Rot. Escaet, 14 E. m. No. 36. [B.] [June 5, 1340.] 



Towne of Herewick at the port of Erewell, by John Cobbett and 
Geoffery Newton being summoned, whoe doe not comme), by the othe of 
Thomas de Hoo, W m de Henley, Rodland de Blonvyle, Robert de Merton, 
John Norman. John le Vynter, Henry Purchase, John Burriche, 
Rob* de Bonwaile, John de Martlesham, John Clement, and Thomas 
Snyward, whoe say uppon theire othe, that the port of Erewell wholly, 
w* the wholle arme of the sea there running from a certain place called 
the Polles in the deepe sea on every side unto the towne of Ipsw ch , 
to the said Towne as to the Crowne of our Soveraine Lo : the King 
dothe belong, and for all times past hathe belonged. 

They say allsoe that the port aforesaid takes its originall and name 
from a certaine fountaine called Erewell, w ch is in the towne of 
Rattlesden in the said County, (w ch is distant downwards from Ipsw ch 
towards the towne of St Edmunds fifteen miles) and floweth by a river 
through the middest of the Burrough aforesaid to the Port aforesaid. 
And they say that the Burrough aforesaid at the first was seated there 
by reason of the port aforesaid, as the Chiefe Towne of the whole 
County of Suffolk, by a certain Pagan king named Ypus, who named 
the said towne by his name Ypswich. faj And that the Bayliffs of the 
said Towne, and the officers of the predecessors of our Lo : the king, 
kings of England, and not other persons, for all times in w h the said 
Burrow was in the kings hands, distresses and Attachem 13 (w ch to the 
Bayliffs and officers of the king ought to belong to be donne) in the 
Port and arme aforesaid in every place have made ; and Tholle and 
other Customes, w " 1 of things and other saleable marchandises within 
the port and arme of the sea aforesaid comming and going forthe to 
other places ought to take and have taken as appurtenances to the 
Burrough aforesaid ; that is to say, of every Hogshead, Pipe and 
Barrell of 

Sweete wine, Wode Ashes, 

Wine vinagre, Coperace, 

Uncti Cisaris, Cardoun, 

Ale, Asseris, 

and suche like marchandises of liquor, Arguel, 

2 d 

Allsoe of every ffardel, bundle, and Trussell of canvace clothe and 

linnen clothe w th the ends of them bound up, . . . . 4 d 

And of every ffardel, bundle, or Trussell not bound up, . . 2 d 

(a) Quer : if not Wippo, a Saxon of note for making lawes. vid. Lindenbrogius Cod : L.antiq. [B] 

If it were so, how came it that the Borough is called in the Original Domesday* ' The Half Hundred of 
Gippewid ' ? And the Town Gippewiz and Gippewic, and always in Latin Gippovicus ? By comparing 
this return with the Commission itself, it is plain these men went out of their way, for neither did the name 
of the Haven nor the name of the Town make any part of their inquiry. And it is most probable that this 
unnecessary and unwarrantable account was occasioned by some conceited, silly man among them, who, 
pretending to be more knowing, misled the rest. Had this return been in all points satisfactory, there had 
been less occasion to make a like inquiry in the beginning of the very next reign, the return to which was 
reasonable and true. See T, Rich, II. R. C. 

* Brit. Mus. Add. MSS. 25,012. 


Allsoe of every last of wooll and millstones .. .. .. 8 d 

Allsoe of every last of hand millstones, Balle of Alume, Brazil!, and 

Almonds, and such like marchandise . . . . . . 4* 

Allsoe of every shipp w th Scalteren and a hundred of greate salt * 4"* 

And of every shipp w th Banks et Beyles . . . . . . 2 d 

And of every Battel with Orelocks .. .. .. .. i d 

And of every Battell with Cholles . . . . . . . . ob. f 

Allsoe of every last of herings J and every hundred of Estriche bourd 4 d 

And of all other Customes w * 1 belong to the king to be taken of 
all things and marchandises saleable, of w h the particulers in certaine 
can not appeare to the jurors, they have taken as belonging to the 
Burrough aforesaid, and soe the Bayliffs and officers of our Lord the 
king of the Burrough aforesaid, and not others, distresses and attachm 45 
in the port and arme aforesaid, every where have made and ought to 
make. And Tholle and other Customs aforesaid of things and saleable 
marchandises comming to the said port or Burrough, or from thence 
going, ought to take, from the time wherein Lord John, formerly King 
of England, progenitor of our now Lord the King, the Burrough 
aforesaid, vf^ y e appurtenances, to his burgesses of Ipsw h did grant 
and demise, to have and to hold to the said burgesses and theire heires 
and successors for ever, of the aforesaid Lord John, King, and his 
heires, as of his crowne, by certaine farme to him and his heires yerely, 
at his Exechequer to be returned and paid, or belonging to the said 
Burrough for the better inabling the said farme of our Lord y e King, 
without that any other ought to have any dominion or jurisdiction 
whatsoever, or have used or ought to make any distresses or attachm 45 
any where w^in the said port and arme, or any Tholle or Custome of 
any goods, marchandises, or salable things to the said port comming, 
or from thence going, have taken or of right ought to take, or have 
heretofore used to take. Till of late the men of Herewick (a hamlet 
of the manner of Dovercourt, w^ mannor is holden of our Lord the 
King) by collour of certaine 1'rs patents 6f our now Lord y King, by 
w * 1 the said Lord King to the men aforesaid, 2 June, 12 of his reigne,|| 
certaine customes of goods and salable marchandises to the port 
aforesaid comming, for the benefit of the said Hamlet in the walling 
thereof, for a certaine time to be received, did grant, (w * 1 said 1'rs patents 
the same King for certaine causes, by his other 1'rs patents, dated the 
1 2 of July in the same yere, did revoke, and hereuppon did command 
the aforesaid men of Herewick that theire collection & levy of the 
Customes aforesaid for certaine causes they should forbeare) distresses 
and attachm 13 by John Butt theire Bayliff in the port aforesaid have 
made, and diverse Customes of all sorts of goods and salable wares to 
the port aforesaid comming, from the 14 th day of June in the yere 
aforesaid untill now have taken, the revocation aforesaid notwithstanding; 

* "Great salt was no doubt the larger crystals now known as bay salt." Rogers' Hist, of Prices, 
Vol. I. p. 456. 

t obolum, a halfpenny. 

t A last of red herrings was 10,000, at five score to the hundred ; of white herrings, 10,000, at six 
score to the hundred, -aid. Liber Custumarum. Rolls Ed. Vol. 2, p. 737. 



that is to say, of Will" de Berking of London, one quarter of Estriche 
board price IO H , one barrel of pitche, price 4 s . Allsoe of Reinold 
Estell de Deeft and his company, i6 s 8 d for 200 fflanders clothes. Of 
Peter Henned de Malins and his company, 4 s 2 d for fifty fflanders 
clothes, comming into the said port in a certaine shipp of Brele, uppon 
the 1 5 day of September. And of other marchants as well English as 
fforrainers, (whose names are unknowne) ffor diverse wares and 
marchandises, diverse customes unto the summe of 4O h and more, as 
they beleeve, by diverse distresses and attachm ts have taken, and suche 
distresses and attachm ts to make, and such customs by collour aforesaid, 
and no other title whatsoever, to collect and levy doe not forbeare, 
whereby diverse march ts , whoe were wont to comme to the said haven 
and Burrough w th theire goods to sell, by reason of these oppressions 
and exactions doe refuse to comme, to_ the greate detriment and 
irrecoverable losse of the Burrough aforesaid. 

In witness whereof the aforesaid jurors to this Inquisition have 
putt to their seales. Dated the day & yere aforesaid. 

This yere the Cornmarket was demised at the rent of 25'' ; The 
ffleshmarket at 9" 6 s 8 d ; the ffishmarket at 8 U 6 s 8 d ; the small markets 
at 4 H 13 s 4 d ; Woodbridge market at i u 12 s o. The Kay Tronage and 
Bermandry at 2O U ; the mill at 2 !i o o ; Ward sylver and Hatgabulum 
at 5 H oo; In all 75" i8 s 8 d . 
1340-1. 14 E. III. Thursday in Whitsun week. [June 8, 1340.] 

Elen the Relict of Robt : Ede brought a writt of dower of a moity 
against W m Malyn, whereof shee was endowed at the Church dpore, 
The defend' alleged that the plaintiff had formerly brought a writt of 
right of dower in the same cause, and that he knew not to whiche writt 
he should answer, and judgem* passed for the demandant, (aj 

1341-2. 15 E. III. 

,. I John de Preston, r nr , >,,*, I John Irpe, 

Bayliffs, | J Henry Brikoun . ' tters < \ William de Causton. 

Thursday after Epiphany. [Jan. 10, 1342.] 

Henry Brikown, one Bayliff, brought a deede of a rent granted to 
him, and the same was acknowledged and inrolled coram Balivis, &c. 

15 E. III. Munday before and uppon Gregory. [Mar. 5 & 12, 1341-] 

Henry Brickoun, one of the Bayliffs, died before Gregorys day 
this yere, and uppon Munday before, the other Bayliff was at Bury, 
before the Lo. Tho. Wake, (b) In whose A'sence, The will of the said 

(a) md. ' Le Domesday de Gippewyz.' Cap' iv ' De dowarye.' Brit. Mus. Add. MSS. 25,012. 

(b) Summoned to Parliament from 20 Nov. II Edw. n. (1317), to 20 Nov. 22 Edw. in. (1348). In 
1341, ' Le Seignur de Wake ' is one of four Barons appointed by the King to examine & report on certain 
petitions, vid. Nicolas Syn. Peerage. Vol. I. pp. 668 & 722. 


Henry Brickoun, uppon the Munday after the said day of Gregory, or 
uppon Gregoryes day, was brought into the Court before John Irpe 
and Geoffery Stacy, deputies of John de Preston, then being sole 
Bayliff, and one Coroner, in full Court, and there was proved. And 
thereby ordered his body to be buried in St Marg'ts churchyard, and 
in the said will bequeathed five houses in this Towne and half a shipp, 
and 200" in legacies to diverse persons. And the will was proved and 
Administration granted, as well of goods as freeholds w th in the Town, 
according to the Custome, (for suche is the forme of the entry). And 
then the widow camme, and demanded her Dower and her frank Bank 
of her husbands dwelling house, which by the Buttalls seemes to be 
the greate corner house north from the Hospital. 

15 E. III. Wednesday after Philip & Jacob. [May 2, 1341.] 

I finde another will proved before the same deputy Bayliffs. By 
the testimony of the Deane of Ipswich. 

I finde allsoe that wills and deedes were proved and inrolled before 
John Prestoun the onely Bayliff, till Wednesday after St Mathewes day,* 
and how much longer I can not finde. Soe as it may appeare that 
Ipswch was governed by one Bayliff from St. Gregories day till after 
St. Matthew, which is a full half yere.f And allsoe that the Towne 
did not yet settle theire elections allwaies uppon the Nativity of the 
Virgine Mary, ffor that John de Prestoun continued Bayliff alone till 
St. Mathewes day and longer. See the Rolls of Recognisances, Munday 
after Corp' Xi & Munday after the Nativity of Joh : Bapt : , & ffriday 
after St. James, and uppon the Lords day after St. James, and Wednesday 
after St. Mathew : 

15 E. III. Thursday before Laurence. [Aug. 9, 1341.] 

In a plea of Abatem 4 brought by Richard and John Martin against 
Alis Hilt and others of a messuage, the plaintiff gave pledges, and the 
tenem* was seised in Custody, and 18 lawfull men summoned for 
the Jury. 

15 E. III. Wednesday after St Denis. [Oct. 10, 1341.] 

A will was brought into the Court and proved before one Bayliff, 
whoe was Will m de Kenbroke, (a) that had formerly been Townclerk, 
and others. And in this will diverse tenem ts were bequeathed by the 
Testator, Alex : Davy, and when the administration was to be granted, 
Rob* the brother and heire of the Testator counterpleaded the same, 
alledging that the tenem ts in the said will so bequeathed, doe lye in the 
Towne of Ipsw h and were of the Testators inheritance, and that by 

(a) quere whether he were not deputy to the Bayliff, for I finde noe more of his govemm 1 this yere. [B] 
* Sep. 26, 1341. t St Gregory is Mar. 12, & St Matthew Sep. 21. 


the custome of the Towne, noe man can, by his last will and testam* 
devise his inheritance or any part thereof. And because the Executer 
did not appeare to demand seisin of the tenem* 5 aforesaid, therefore the 
execution of the same was staied. 

The last will of Agnes the wife of Adam de Shedd, whereof 
Will" 1 de Kenbroke of Ipsw ch was one of the Executors, and was 
proved before Geoffery Stacy and William de Kenbroke, Bayliffs, (aj 
and one Coroner. 

1342-3. 16 E. III. 

n ,.. ( John de Prestoun, ( John de Prestoun, 

Bayhffs, \ j ohnlrpe . Coroner*, ( j ohn Irpe . 

S r John de Caston maried the daughter of Sir Richard Lew, bothe 
of them being of Ipswich, vid: rot. recog: 

1 6 E. III. Friday after Gregory. [Mar. 15, 1342.] 

A deede of Rob* Mundkine and Agnes his wife acknowledged 
before the Bayliffs and Coroners, and because Agnes was bedred, the 
Bayliffs, Geoffry Stacy and W m de Kenbroke, went to her and examined 
her, and noe mention is made of the Coroners. 

1 6 E. III. ffriday after Trinn ty [May 31, 1342.] 

Deede of Rob*, de Walsham & Isabell his wife and Hellen the 
daughter of John Lew acknowledged, and Hellen proved by othe to be 
1 5 yeres old, and allowed by numbring and measuring. (6) 

1343-4. 17 E. III. 

Bavliffs \ J hn de Prestoun - Coroners \ Wil1 Kenbroke s, 

>i! # s ' | John Irpe. "' ( Will- Ringold. 

Walter the sonne of John de Dunstall acknowledged a deede, and 
uppon othe was proved to be 19 yeres old, and was allowed by numbring 
20 s , and measuring 12 elns of clothe. Buttolfs Day. 17 E. III. 
[Tues., June 17, 1343.] 

A deede acknowledged by one of 18 yeres old, proved by othe, 
and allowed by numbring and measuring, (cj 

1344-5- * 8 E. III. 

7?W,VK i John de Prestoun, ( William de Kenbroke, 

Bayliffs, | , T Coroners, John de Prestoun, 

( Will- Eingold. 

(a) quer : if not deputy Bayliffs. 

(b) This custom of Ipswich, that a person is of full age when he can count and weigh, and measure 
cloth, was admitted in a suit between ' Johannes filius Gerardi ' and ' Elyas le Cu de Gypewiche 'AD 1304 
when the question was one of capacity. Year Book, 32 & 33 Edw. I. App. p. en. Rolls Ed. 
In ' Le Domesday de Gippewyz ' it constitutes Cap lxx f. 36. vide infra p 87 

(c) These are in the 28* yere, rot : recog : [B ] 




The Corn market was demised this yere for 

And the fflesh markett for 

And the ffish market for . . . . 1 1 ' 

And the Kay for .. . .. . 17" 

And the Small markets for 

And Woodbridge market for 

And the new mill for 

And Horswade mill and Oldenholme (a) for 6 1 '- yerely for tenne yeres. 

vid. rot. firmar : 1 8 E. III. 

(bj In this yere Will Sharford was Judge of assize at Ipsw ch , And 
a greate number of sailors in a riotous manner went to the Common 
Hall in Absence of the Judge, and one of them satt down in the Judges 
Chaire and sett up a Crier, whoe called the Judge to appeare uppon 
paine of 20'', and the Clark of Assize uppon paine of tenne pounds, 
and none of the sailors were aprehended, whereuppon an Informacon 
was exhibited against the Town, reciting the matter, and concluded 
that it was done in derision of the Lord King. And the Town answered 
that the sailors were soe many that they durst not attacke any of them. 
And thereuppon theire liberties were seised, and the court said that 
the governm 1 of the Towne should be committed to those that would 
dare to do Justice. And thereuppon the governm* of the Towne was 
committed to the Lo. John Howard, Sheriff of Norff. and Suff., (c) whoe 
deputed Edm. Noone as Gustos of the Towne in his stead. And I doe 
finde that uppon Munday after St Mathew the Apostle, and soe forward 
till Tewsday after St John Baptist, (dj and uppon that day, Courts of the 
Towne are holden before Edm. Noone, deputy Gustos of the Towne, 
yet in the presence of John de Prestoun' and Will Ringold, whoe are 
called Coroners. But uppon the Lords day after the Assumption of 
Mary, (e) Courts are holden before John de Prestoun and John Irpe, 
named Bayliffs againe. And the entry inrollm* of deedes in the time of 
Gustos, examinations and recognitions, were by or before the Gustos 
and Coroners according to the custome, yet I finde noe pleaes entred 
nor freemen made during all that time. 

I find a will produced to be proved, and proclamation being made 
according to the custome, a claime was put in as touching a tenem 1 
in the will bequeathed, and a deed produced for the proof of the claim, 
but no further proceedings thereuppon. It was the will of William 
ffroist. 19 E. III. 

(a) In D.G. called ' Odenholm,' & in the translation temp. Hen. VI. (Brit. Mus. Add. MS. 25,011.) 
'Hodynholm'; this meadow was afterwards called ' Portmens" Walks,' & was enjoyed by the portmen 
until they were abolished by the Municipal Reform Act, 5 & 6 William iv. Cap. 76. vid. Black Book of 
the Admiralty, Rolls Ed. vol. 2. note. cf. ' Portmeadow,' at Oxford. Turner's Records of the City of 
Oxford, p 132 et seqq. 

(b) vid. Mich : 18 E. HI. rot: 162. B. R : iiid : 19 E. III. r: m : plac. (B). 

(c) Harl. MSS. 259, & Fuller's Worthies. Vol. 2, p. 145. 

(d) That is, from Sep. 27, 1344, to June 28, 1345. 

(e) Aug. 21, 1345. 



1345-6- 19 E- HI- 


John Lew, 
Ed. Petigard. 


John de Prestoun, 
William Ringold. 

In a case betweene Thedam and Seman in a plea of land, after the 
2 d defalt noe essoigne is to be admitted. 

19 E. III. Vigill assumpt : Mar: [Sun. Aug. 14, 1345.] 

The will of Seman Botild was brought to be proved, and a Claime 
was putt in by the testators sisters, demanding possession by title of 
desent, contrary to the devise by the will. And it was alledged that 
part of the tenem 13 devised were holden in Socage of the BP of Norw ch , (a) 
and the residue of the Lord Rob 1 de Ufford, (b) and therfore not devisable 
within the Custome of the Towne. 

The executors replied that the praemisses are w^in the liberty of 
Ipsw ch and devisable by will. 

Afterward the Sisters relinquished theire claime, acknowledging 
that the praemisses were parcell of the possessions of the ffriers of the 
Hospitall of St James and of Mary Magdalen, (c) 



20 E. HI. 

John de Preston, 
John Irpe. 


John de Preston, 
Will Ringold. 

20 E. III. Munday after Mic : [Oct. i, 1346.] 

Thomas the sonne of Simon Shole and Joane his sister acknow- 
ledged a deede, and released in open Court. Tho : proved to be 

1 9 yeres old, and Joane but 1 2 y. and a halfe, yet bothe were allowed 
by numbering and measuring. 

20 E. HI. Thursday after Mic : [Oct. 4, 1346.] 

Mariot the daughter of Hen : le Rotton acknowledged a deed, her 
age being proved to be allmost 14 yeres, she was allowed by numbring 
and measuring. 

The Corn market demised for a yere at 

The fflesh market at . . 

Woodbridge market at 

The fish market 

Ward sylver and Hategabulu' 

Horswade mill and Oldenholme 

The new mill at 


Kay ...... io li - 

(a) William Bateman, Archdeacon of Norwich. Appointed 23 Jan. 1344 ; ob. 6 Jan. 1354. 

(b) Son & heir apparent of Robert, Earl of Suffolk, & summ. to Parl. as " Roberto de Ufford le Fitz," 
25 Feb. 16 Edw. in. (1342) vid. Nicolas. 

(c) These were situated in the parish of S< Helen, and established for the reception of poor persons 
afflicted with leprous diseases. Their revenues, at the Dissolution, were appropriated to the rectory of 
S 1 Helen, vid. Wodderspoon, p. 329. 



6 u. 


20 E. III. Thursday after Hillar : [Jan. 18, 1347.] 

Thomas and Rob* sonnes and heires of Ralfe Cowlott acknowledged 
a deed, the one of them by proofe uppon oath being- 1 7 yeres old, the 
other 15 yeres, and are allowed according to the Custome. 

Thingstead, sommetimes taken for a place in the suburbs of IpsW*, 
sommetimes for the way leading towards Little Bolton. vid : rot: 
recog : 20 E. III. 

1347-8. 21 E. III. 

J ohn Prestone ' Cm; I J ohn p restone, 

Tho : Lew. """" ( Will"- Ringold. 

A messuage in Clem* 5 abbutting uppon Clem ts streete East, and 
uppon an empty place called Shirehouse hill, (a) and the churchyard 
of the antiquated Church called Osterbolt. rot: recog: 

1348-9. 22 E. III. Thursday after the Annunciation. [Mar. 27, 1348.] 

In a plea of wast, the defend', after 3 essoignes, did not appeare, 
and then one Coroner was ordered by the Court to goe and view the 
place wasted, and then the jury found the wast, and after two Courts 
more, the defend* appeared, and being demanded to make repaire of 
the wast, he refused, and thereuppon the plaintiff recovered the place 
wasted and dammages. 

22 E. III. 

Bayliffs ( John de Preston, ( John de Preston, 

continued, { Tho : Lew. '"' { William Ringold. 

22 E. III. Thursday after Mildred. [Feb. 21, 1348.] 

A deede acknowledged by Richard the sonne of Henry Brickoun, 
being then but 16 yeres old, and the same proved uppon oath, and he 
allowed by numbring and measuring. 

22 E. III. Tuesday before Gregory. [Mar. 11, 1348.] 

Thomas Lew, one of the Bayliffs, was now dead, and wills and 
deedes acknowledged, proved, and inrolled before John de Preston, one 
Bayliff, and he allsoe, one Coroner, and William Ringold the other 
Coroner, and soe continued till Thursday after Bartholmew, (b) w * 1 
is above five months, and how much longer I finde not. 

(a) A large open space of land, lying apparently between the parishes of St. Clements and St. Mary 
Key. vid. Wodderspoon. pp. 229-30. 

(b) Aug. 28, 1348. 




22 E. III. Thursday after Mic : [Oct. 2, 

The corn market demised for one yere at 

The fflesh market at 

The ffish market at . . 

Wood bridge market at 

Small markets at 

Ward sylver and Hatgabulum at 

Horsewade mill and Oldenholme 

The new mill 

The Kay . . 



I 6 mrl-s. 
I 2 mrks. 
2. 4 s ' O 

511 o o 
511. o o 
6n. o o 

21i. O O 
o O 


1349-50. 23 E. III. 

,.. ( John de Preston, 
Bayhffs, \ J JohnC obat. 


5 s - o 

John de Preston, 
Will Ringold. 

Taket streete in Marg* 5 parish, south of a tenem*. places: r: m: pi: 
and Seman Baldries will proved before John de Preston, one Bayliff, 
noe mencon of Coroners. 

1350-1. 24 E. III. 

Bayliffs I John de Preston, 


John Cobat. 

1351-2. 25 E. III. 


John de Preston, 
Walter Curteys. 



John de Preston. 
VVill m Ringold. 

John de Preston, 
W m Ringold. 

John de Preston was Bayliff and Coroner six years ensuing 
one another. 

1352-3. 26 E. III. 


John Cobat, 
Henry Rottom. 


John de Preston, 
J Wilr Ringold . 

They rode the perambulacon of the Liberty of the Towne, w h see 
in the leafe following the preface to the Reader, (a) 

I353-4- 27 E. III. 

T, ,-tc ( John Cobalt, ( John de Preston, 

Bayhffs, j Richard Haveringlond. Coroners < \ Will- Ringold. 

(a) This appears to have been the first time the boundaries were ridden. Perambulations subsequently 
took place by order of Great Courts in 1452 and 14/7, and in 1522 by virtue of a Commission issued out of 
Chancery and an Inquisition taken thereon, dated "th Feb. 13 Hen. viu. The boundaries appear also to 
have been afterwards gone in accordance with orders made at successive Assemblies in the years 1565, 1591, 
1608, 1615, 1623, 1645, 1661, & 1674, which seems to have been the last time the Boundaries were 
gone by land until 17 Sep. 1812, when an order was made that this Ceremony should be observed every 
7 years, and it was accordingly repeated on Sep. 22. 1819. vid. Batley MSS. Brit. Mus. in Add. MSS. 
25,337. ff. 1-28. 




27 E. III. Wednesday after Valentine. [Feb. 20, 1353.] 

A deed acknowledged by one by proofe little above 14 yeres old, 
and Allowed by numbring and measuring. 

27 E. III. Thursday after St Ambrose. [April 9, 1353.] 

A deede acknowledged by a maide by proofe 14 yeres of age, and 
the same allowed according to the Custome. 

1354-5- 28 E. III. 


John Cobalt, 
Tho : del Stoon, 

called otherwise de Petra. 

I355-6- 29 E. III. 


John Cobbatt, 
Tho : del Stoon. 

1356-7- 30 E. III. 


Geoffery Starling, 
Rob' Tibaud. 

1357-8. 31 E.III. 





Tho : le Maister, 
Richard de Haveringlond. 

John de Preston, 
Will" 1 Ringold. 

John de Preston, 
Will" 1 Ringold. 

John de Preston, 
Will" 1 Ringold, 
John Hasting. 

31 E.III. Tewesday after Dunstan. [May 23, 1357.] 

Before Tho: le Maister, one Bayliff, together w th Richard de 
Haveringlond, other Bayliff of the Town, camme Richard de 
Haveringlond, and shewed a deede from William Peck to Roger de 
Wortham, Walter Peck and Richard Haveringlond, and the same was 
acknowledged and inrolled. 

31 E. III. Tewesday after Simon & Jude. [Oct. 31, 1357.] 

Before Henry Starling, one of the Bayliffs, together w th Walter 
Curteis, another of the Bayliffs, and John Hastings, one Coroner, 
together w th Will'" Ringold, another Coroner, camme John Cobatt, 
Walter Curteis and Will 01 Ringold, and brought a deed from S r Oliver, 
with Knight and others, made to them three, w ch was acknowledged 
and inrolled. 

1358-9- 32 E. III. 

Bayliffs, I Walter Curteis, 
( Henry Starling. 


John Hasting, 
Will 1 " Ringold. 

7 6 



1359-60. 33 E. III. 

,-a- ( Tho : del Stoon, 
Bayhffs, j Tho:deEuston. 


John Hasting, 
William Ringold. 

1360-1. 34 E. III. 

n ,-ff ( Tho: le Maister, 
? W*' { Henry Starling. 


Tho : de Euston, 
Elias Malyn. 

1361-2. 35 E. III. 

a fa- ( Henry Starling, 
* y"ff*> \ Walter Curteis. 


Elias Malyn, 
Baldwin Cobb. 

1362-3. 36 E. III. 

r> ,. ff / Robert Thebaud, 
Bayhffs, j Tho :le Maister. 


Elias Malyn, 
Baldwin Cobb. 

1363-4- 37 E. HI. 

**& { 5ES2? 


Elias Malyn, 
Baldwin Cobb. 

Two deeds acknowledged from 
to be of age and over, and allowed 

severall p'ties, bothe of them proved 
by numbring and measuring. 

1364-5- 38 E. III. 

n ,1-ff ( Thomas le Maister, 

Coroners ( 
continued, ( 

Elyas Malyn, 
Baldwin Cobb. 

1365-6. 39 E. III. 

n TJT ( Rob' Thebaud, 
Bayliffs, | Rob , de Prestone> 


Elias Malyn, 
Baldwin Cobb. 

1366-7. 40 E. III. 

Kavliffs \ Henr y Starlin ?' 
vll # s ' \ Robert Walleis. 


Elias Malyn," 
Baldwin Cobb. 

1367-8. 41 E. III. 

r, ,-a- ( Hugh Lew, 
Bayhffs, [ Ro de p restone _ 


Elias Malyn, 
Baldwin Cobb. 

1368-9. 42 E. III. 

I Tho : de Ley ham, 

Bayliffs, \ Hu S h Lew > Coroners, Richard de Cuester, 

{ Robert de Prestone. j Richard R an dolf. 

42 -E. III. The Lords day after John Bapt : [June 25, 1368.] 

Baldwin Cobb and Agnes his wife brought a deede of Release of 
John and Richard, heires of Alis, former wife to John Beckerell, of a 
Reversion of a moity of a tenem* after the deathe of the said Alis, w ch 
release is to the said Baldwin and his heires. And John and Richard 


aforesaid acknowledged the same. And summons issued forth to the 
said Alis to comme in and putt in her claime to her estate for life and 
to Atturne. 

42 E. III. Tewesday after Luke. [Oct. 24, 1368.] 

William Warin and Alis his wife acknowledged a deede, and the 
wife was examined and proved to be of age, and allowed by numbring 
and measuring. Common soile granted to Starling in foro meremij in 
Nicholas parish. 

1369-70. 43 E. III. Tewesday before Gregory. [Mar. 6, 1369.] 

Ravliff* \ Henry Starling, r ( Richard de Layham, 

Vjr*> { Robert de Prestone. ' rs ' { Richard Randolfe. 

John de Sutton le fits Miles and Alis his wife granted theire 
tenem ts and rents in Ipswiche, with the advousion of the churche of 
St Stevens in Ipsw * 1 to Roger Wolverston and others, and the warranty 
was onely by his wife. 

The custody of a messuage w* the appurtenances in Ipsw 011 late 
John Mabbisons, holden of the king in capite, committed to Nicholas 
Bond, rendring 6 d rent for 20 yeres, from 42 Ed. 3. mag: rot: de 

43 E. 3. in Item Norf. et Suff. in the pipe. 

1370-1. 44 E. III. 

John Cobatt, Coroners I Tho : de Leyham, 

"e Prestone. continued, { Richard Randolfe. 

1372-3- 46 E. III. 

( William le Maister, r ( Tho : de Leyham, 

j Hugh Wall. -owners, j wmiam le Northerne 

46 E. III. ffriday after Christmasse day. [Dec. 31, 1372.] 

Maud, formerly wife of Rob* Spicer and William her sonne ; and 
William uppon examinacon was proved to be of age sufficient, and was 
allowed by numbring and measuring. 

I373-4- 47 E. III. 

D , yr ( Henry Starling, Coroners ( Tho : de Leyham, 

\ Rob 1 Walleis. continued, \ Will 1 " le Northerne. 

1374-5. 48 E. III. 

B liffs e P restone > Coroners ( Tho : de Leyham, 

" ' { Hugh Wall. continued, { William le Northerne. 

I375-6- 49 E. III. 

j.ff ( Hugh Lew, Coron''" ( Tho : de Leyham, 

aayujft, | Rob , Walleis _ continued, \ Will" 1 le Northerne. 


49 E. III. Thursday after y e Purification. [Feb. 8, 1375.] 

John, sonne and heire of Tho : le Maister, acknowledged a deede, 
and was proved by oathe to be 14 yeres old, and allowed by measuring 
of linnen and wollen clothe, and numbering of mony. 

49 E. III. Thursday after Valentine. [Feb. 15, 1375.] 

The same John acknowledged another deede, and he was allowed 
w th out mencon of proofe of his age, or triall by numbering & 

I376-7- 50 E. III. 

. . ff ( Geoffery Starling, Coron ( Tho : de Leyham, 

Baylifls, | Hugh WalL continued, \ Will" 1 le Northerne. 

One messuage with the appertenunces, formerly Mabbesons, 
holden of the king, and escheated because the said Mabbeson was 
a bastard, and died w th out heire, was now granted in custody to 
George ffelbridge and his heires at 6 d rent, instead of all manner of 
service, mag: rot: 50 E. 3. in Item Norff. et Suff. pipe. 

The entries of probates of wills and acknowledgm* of deedes in this 
king's reigne are sommetimes before the Bayliffs and in the presence 
of the Coroners, and sommetimes before the Bayliffs and Coroners. 

And in the probate of wills, soe many severall legacies of tenem ts 
as there are so many severall seisins of the same, are granted by the 
Court, and i2 d payed to the Bayliffs for cache p'ticuler seisin, vid : 
20 E. 3. ffriday after Pet. & Paull. 

And for every recognisance 2 s to the Bayliffs, and soe of wills 
proved. But for releases onely I2 d . vid. 3 E. 3. friday before 
Barnaby. [June 9, 1329.] 

ffreemen made as formerly used in the Portmans mote,* and uppon 
condition that w th in one yere they becomme dwellers w^in the Town, 
and beare Scott and Lott. 

Coroners juries were summoned out of the Towne and the Hamlets. 

In theire verdict they presented whoe was the 4 next inhabitants to 
the place where the body was found dead, and suche inhabitants gave 
pledges to appeare. They likewise found and presented whoe first 
found the body. 

A man slaine by lightening was by the Coroners inquest found slaine 
infortunium, and he that first found the body, and the 4 next neighbors 
to the place where the body was found, gave pledges to appeare. 

* The Court of the 12 Capital Portmen appointed under the Charter of King John. vid. supra, p. 7. 
Cowell, in his Law Dictionary, affirms that these Courts were held "not only in a Port or Haven town, 
but in any City, Town, or Community," and cites Bury St. Edmund's and Knotsford as instances; Lord 
Coke, however, seems to be of a different opinion, vid. Black Bk. of Admiralty. Rolls Ed. Vol. 2. 
pp. 21-3. &D. g. f. 5. b. 


1377-8. i R. II. 

D ,. ( Geoffery Starling, r ( Tho : de Leyham, 

Bayhff*, \ Rob V/alleis. Coroners, j Will"' le Cook. 

i R. II. Thursday after St Mathew. [Sep. 24, 1377.] 

Joane, late wife of Will 1 " Battisford, acknowledged a deede of gift of 
goods and chattells, and the same was inrolled. 

At the same Court John Norton complained that he had purchased 
of John Ellis a messuage. And that John Elis had another brother 
older then hee, whoe hathe issue alive of full age, and its said is right 
heire to the messuage. And in regard that the said John Ellis lay 
sick at home, the said Norton prayed the Bayliffs, Coroners, and others 
present, to goe to the house of the said John Ellis and examine the 
title, w h they did, and found that Elias Spilman, father of the said 
John Ellis, purchased the said messuage to himself and his wife and 
theire heires, and that his wife overlived him and bourded with the 
aforesaid John Ellis, and was maintained by him, and the house was 
repaired by the said John Ellis, and more ground purchased thereto by 
him. And his mother in her last sickness did give the said messuage 
to him and his heires in the presence of diverse witnesses, and for the 
greater security gave the said Ellis the deed of purchase, all which 
together with the deed of purchase, at the request of the said Ellis 
was inrolled. 

This house was in- the Tower parish, betweene Mainards house 
south, and Mildreds Chappell* north, abutting uppon the timber market 
eastward, and westward on Lawmans tenem*. 

Common soil granted unto George Kilbridge, the same being in 
Nicholas parish, at 2 d rent. 

Custody of a cottage w* appurt. in the parish of St Hellen de 
Caldwell, granted to John Potter at 8 d rent, the same being seised 
into the Kings hands, for that John Parson of Caldwel anexed the 
same to the churche w^out the kings License, mag. rot: 51 E. 3. 
in Item Norff. 

Custody of a tenem* called ' ffishers ' in Laur : par : in Ipsw., once 
Dekemans, escheated to the king for want of heire, granted to 
Geoff. Newton at 2 s rent. 

These 2 tenem te were after wards granted in custody to Denys, and 
last of all to Pargetter, at 7 s rent, 15 H. 8. and under that name hathe 
been hietherto charged uppon the Towne accompt in theire Quietus est. 

* Formerly standing on the site of the present Town Hall, is mentioned in the Town records as early as 
1314, and existed in part till 1812. aid. Wodderspoon, p. 237. 


1378-9. 2 R. II. 

,.,, ( Geoffery Starling, n , ( Thomas de Leyham, 

Bayhffs, ihie sicf;. Cormm, j W ill"> Northeme. 

This yere the king granted his Charter of confirmacon to this 
Towne of theire liberties formerly granted or confirmed to them by the 
Charters of Edw. 3. Edw. 2. Edw. i. John and Henry 2 d . (a) 

2 R. II. Nativ: Mar: [Wed. Sep. 8, 1378.] 

Ordered by the Bayliffs and commonalty of the whole towne of 
Ipsw ch , that hereafter noe Burgess shall be made but by the concent of 
the greater p't of the commonalty aforesaid, and suche p'sons soe elected 
shall have freehold w th in the liberty of the said Towne w th in a yere and 
a day after his election, under penalty of forfaiture of his freedome. 
And that noe Bayliff shall hereafter take the proffit of making such 
Burgeses, but the same shall goe to the repaire of the Towne Hall of 
plees called the Toll-House, and other houses thereto belonging. 

Ordered that the Tenem* formerly Will Malyns, viz. the proffit 
thereof as it is in the Cook Row, shall goe to the repaire of the Bridge 
called Peters Bridge in IpsW*. 

And that the benifit of the Weares shall goe to the farme of the 
said Towne. 

And that 27" rent payable from William Monerch and John Wendell 
by moities shall goe to the fflesh stall newly built in the fflesh market 
of Ipsw ch . 

A deed made by a maried woman, and inrolled at the importunity 
of the husband and wife, although they were told it would be nothing 
worth, and that it would be a scandall to the Towne. 

1379-80. 3 R. II. 

j.jr ( William le Maister, n ( Tho : de Leyham. 

Bayliffs, \ Roger Gosnold. Coroners, j W "> Northerne 

In this yere the town petitioned the king that they might have theire 
haven to Polls Henned fbj granted to them and theire heires and succes- 
sors, to hold in fee farme, w 011 they have time out of memory belonging 
to them, but not expressed in theire Charter in p'ticuler words, (c) 

The king thereuppon granted a Commission to John de Sutton, 
Richard Waldegrave, knights, and to y e Sheriffe of Suffolke, (d) or two 

(a) qr. if not H. III. This was in the roll misplaced. If this be not found in the rolls this yere, see 
10 H. iv. [B.] 

(b) "Polles Head, or Paul's Head, a tongue of land beyond Langar Fort, but now destroyed by the 
waves." Wodderspoon. p. 132. 

(c) The Copy or transcript is in y e Doomsday booke, stitched in in 40 parchem*. [B] 

(d) Joh. de Mantby. Until the I". Q. Eliz. there was but one sheriff for the two counties of Norfolk 
and Suffolk, md. Fuller's Worthies, vol. 2. pp. 145 & 347. 


of them, to inquire upon the oathes of lawfull men, if the Port to the 
place aforesaid hathe formerly and still doth pertain to the Towne 
as parcell of the ffarm therof. And if it be to the prejudice of 
y* Crowne or others that it should be granted unto them unto the 
place aforesaid, in aid of their fee farme. Dated Westm : 1 6 Octob : 
ann. 3 reg : 

By vertue thereof an Inquisition was taken at Shotley, before 
John de Sutton and Richard Waldegrave, knights, uppon Thursday 
after Allsaints,* 3 R. 2, by the othes of Nich: Norman, Rob 1 de Dorsham, 
Math : Barnard, Roger Shriblont, Walter le Reeve, Nich : Gosselyne, 
Rob* Barnard, Walter Poyniell, John Blouballe, John Pope, John 
de Kent & John Ardeley ; Whoe say uppon theire oaths, that the 
Port of y e Towne of Ipsw * 1 extends from the said Town unto the 
said place called Polles Henneds, and soe hathe donne time out 
of minde, and remaineth soe at the present parcell of the fee and 
ffarme of the said Towne. And that it is not to the dammage or 
prejudice of the king or others, if the king shall grant the same to 
y e Burgesses of the said Town theire heires and successors. 

In this yere the King granted to the Towne his Charter w th 
explanacon concerning cognisance of plees, in this manner : 

Whereas cognisance of plees formerly granted to the Towne 
of Ipsw h was not granted to any officers of the said Towne in certaine, 
and thereby justice hath bein retarded in regard thereof, and for the 
paym* of forty shillings into the Hamper allready made by the 
Burgesses of y e said Towne : 

Hee did grant that the Bayliffs by the Burgesses of the Towne 
elected, and yerely to be elected for the time being, shall have and 
hold cognisance of all manner of pleas of lande, tenem ts and rents, 
as well by writts of assize as other writts of the king and his heires. 
And allsoe cognisance of plees of Trespass, debts, contracts, accompts, 
covenants, assizes of ffresh force and all other plees whatsoever 
w th in the said Towne arising, in manner and forme as aunciently hath 
bein used. 

3 R. II. Nativit: Mar: [Thurs., Sep. 8, 1379.] 

The king by his 1'rs patents did make Rob* Walleis and 
Will 111 Maister, Burgesses of Ipsw 011 , his atturnies, and putt them in 
his place, jointly and severally to pursue in his name and p' forme 
all his businesses touching the said Towne and p't of the same, if God 
shall please, and whatsoever they or one of them shall do about suche 
matters, he will hold them stable and firme for ever. 

3 Nov. 1379. 




1380-1. 4 R. II. 

In this yere I find an old roll of the names of the lawfull men 
of this towne of full age, according to the severall parishes and 
families in the same, the numbers whereof are 






Brookes Ham" 

Wicks Bp 


1381-2. 5 R. II. 

Bayliffs, { 









Geoffry Starling, 
Hugh Wall. 

Augustin cum Stoke 
Nicholas . . 
Mary Elms 
Mary Tower 
Mathewes . . 







1382-3. 6 R. II. 

Bayliffs ( Geoffry Starling, Jan., 
continued, { Hugh Wall. 




( Tho : de Leyham, 
( John Golding. 

Tho : de Leyham, 
John Golding. 

A tenem* between the Brook street (b) on y 6 one side, & the way 
under the ffriers preachers wall leading to the Kay on the other side, 
abutting south on Roberds tenem*, and uppon the Church yard of 
St. Edmund Pounteney northe. (c) 

I383-4- 7 


, { 

1384-5- 8 R. II. 


Geoffry Starling, Jun. 
Hugh Wall. 

Geoffrv Starling, 

contin.y e 


Tho : de Leyham, 
John Golding. 

John Golding, 
Tho : de Leyham. 

8 R. II. Thursday after Clem 1 . [Nov. 24, 1384.] 

Tho : Terry his last will, (whereof his wife Alis, and Geoffry 
of Bargham and Rich : Terry were made executors) was brought into 
the Court and proved by the othe of the said wife (whoe had divers 
legacies given her therein) and by the othe of John Arnold, whoe 
allsoe deposed that Richard Terry was by the testator by word 
(a little before he died) excluded from being executor, and thereuppon 
administracon was granted onely to the other 2 executors. 

(a) but 1 188. [B] (b) ' Broc Strete,' in Ipswich, is traceable as far back as the reign of Hen. III. 

(c) So named from its dedication to St. Edmund, King of the East Angles, & from its endowment 
by Johan Pounteney or Pultney, Lord Mayor of London for several years during the period 1330-6. It is 
conjectured by Wodderspoon (p. 331) to have stood near the Church of St. Helen. 


8 R. II. Thursday after Thomas. [Dec. 22, 1384.] 

Cecily Warner by her last will gave her tenem* 5 in .Ipsw ch and 
Rushmere to Geoffry Starling-, Will 1 " Gurnild, John Briton, her husband, 
and her sonne Richard Braham, and their heires, and noe executors 
menconed, and it was proved onely by John Britton, and administration 
was granted to the legatees of all the tenem* 8 in Ipsw ch . 

1385-6. 9 JR. II. 

Bayliffs j Geoffry Starling, Coroners { J ohn Goldin g> 

contm., ( Robert Walleys. ( Tho : de Leyham. 

9 R. II. Thursday after St. Ambrose. [Ap. 5, 1386.] 

John Betill made his will, and noe executers menconed in the 
record ; the Testator gave to Will" 1 Parkin and John Say his messuage 
in Ipsw ch ; the will is proved by the othe of the two legatees, and 
seisin is given to them accordingly. 

1386-7. 10 R. II. 

Bavliffs \ J hn Andrew > Coron'" J hn Goldin S> 

r"ff*, \ Will- at ffen. ' Tho : de Leyham. 

1387-8. ii R. II. 

z> 7 -a- ( Geoffry Starling, ( Tho : Clerke, 

Bayliffs. -o ut nr ti Coroners, ,,-,, . . 

( Rob 1 Walleys. ( Tho: Rising. 

ii R. II. Tewesday after St Paull. [Jan. 28, 1388.] 

John Peynter made his last will, and the same was proved by two 
of the legatees uppon theire own othes, and the will was inrolled. 

1388-9. 12 R. II. 

,-ff ( Geoffry Starling, r I Tho : Clerke, 

Bayliff*, | Rober [ Walleys g Coroners, j Tho . Rising ; 

1389-90. 13 R. II. 

Bayhffs ( Geoffry Starling, Coron" I Tho : Clerk, 

con/in., ( Rob 1 Walleys. contin., ( Tho : Rising. 

1390-1. 14 R. II. 

Bavliffs ( Geoffry Starling, j John Arnold", 

vll # s ' \ John Andrew. ltn < \ John Plombe. 

14 R. II. Thursday before Simon & Jude. [Oct. 27, 1390.] 

Geoffry Starling and his wife acknowledged a deede, and the entry 
is that it was donne before diverse p'sons named, but neither Bayliffs 
nor Coroners mentioned, nor is there mentioned by whome the 
Cognisors were examined. 


14 R. II. Thursday before Katharine. Novemb : 24. [1390.] 

Geoffry Starling and his wife acknowledged a deed coram Balivis et 
Coron : and the wife was examined by the other Bayliff and y 6 Coron rs . 

14 R. II. Thursday after Katharine. [Dec. i, 1390.] 

Geoffry Starling and his wife acknowledged another deede before 
the Bayliffs and Coroners, and the wife was examined before the other 
Bayliff and Coroners. 

14 R. II. Thursday before Barn aby. [June 8, 1391.] 

A deed made to one of the Bayliffs and others, acknowledged 
before and examined by the other Bayliff and the Coroners. 
John Ling was now Common Clerke of the Towne. 

1391-2. 15 R. II. 

D ,-a- ( Geoffry Starling-, n ( John Arnold, 

Bay It ffs, T i A u Coroners, 4 -r,, , 

( John Arnold. ( John Plombe. 

Geoffry Starling and his wife acknowledged another deede in the 
Court and his wife was examined by the other Bayliff, and John Plombe, 
the other Coroner. 

1392-3. 1 6 R. II. 

D ,-a- ( Gilbert de Boulge, n ( John Arnold, 

naynffr, < nr-n- j i Coroners, { -i , , , 

( William del ffenn. ( John Plombe. 

1 6 R. II. Thursday after Buttolfe. June 19. [1393.] 

A deed of gift of goods made by the officiall of the Archdeakon of 
Suff. (a) to three persons, brought in by another person, at whose instance 
it was inrolled. 

16 R. II. Thursday after Gregory. [Alar. 13, 1393.] 

Gilbert Bouldge brought a deede into the Court made by himselfe, 
one of the Bayliffs, and his wife, and the same was acknowledged, and 
it was examined by the other Bayliff and Coroner. 

16 R. II. Tcwesday aftery* Claus of Easter, (b) [Ap. 15, 1393.] 
Another president of the same nature. 

1393-4. 17 R. II. 

Bavliffs \ Geoffr y Starling, Jun., 
VltJ > S ' \ Hugh Wall. 

(a) John de Thorp, 1390-99. vid. Le Neve's Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae. Vol. 2, p. 488. 

(b) The ' Claus ' or Close of Easter is the Sunday after Easter. 


17 R. II. Thursday* being John port Latin. May 6. [1394.] 

A deed made by Rob* Walleis and his wife to Hen : and Will m Lomyne 
and the two Bayliffs, and the wife was examined and the deede inrolled. 

17 R. II. Thursday before Dunstan. May 14. [1394.] 

Robert Cookes will was proved by one onely witness, and it was 
admitted and inrolled. 

17 R. II. Thursday after Pctronel I. [June 4, 1394.] 

John Andrew summoned to answere for a rescue by him made of a 
distress taken by the Serjeants, by the Bayliffs precept. And he 
appeared and submitted him selfe to the order of the Portmen, for his 
offence and contempt donne to the Bayliffs. 

1394-5. 18 R. II. 

Bavliffs ( Gilbert del Bouldge, r ( John Arnold, 

Vttffs, j William del ffenn. ;rs> I John Plombe. 

1 8 R. II. Thursday after Peter & Pan II. [July 2, 1394.] 

The deede made by John Andrew inrolled, and mention made 
therein of Dower, being a moity. 

1 8 R. II. Thursday after Holy Rood. [Sep. 17, 1394.] 

John Andrew brought two deedes witnessed by the former Bayliffs 
and others in open Court, and they were inrolled without further 
examination, faj 

1 8 R. II. Thursday after Epiphany. [Jan. 7, 1395.] 

One of the Bayliffs brought a deede made to himselfe and two 
others, and the same was acknowledged before and examined by the 
other Bayliff and Coroners. 

1395-6. 19 R. II. 

Ravliff* \ Geoffry Starling, Camnert I John Arnold, 

Bayltffs, | Rob' Lucas. '"' ( John Avelin. 

19 R. II. Thursday after Peter and Paull. [July i, 1395.] 

Will" 1 at ffenn, one of the Bayliffs, came before the other Bayliff 
and Coroners, and brought a deed made by Tho : Scott to W m at ffenn 
and others, and the same was examined and inrolled. 

* Should be 'Wednesday.' 
(a) It seems these were acknowledged before the former Bayliffs, but not inrolled in their time. (B) 


1396-7. 20 R. II. 

D ,-a- ( John Barnard, 
BayKfa \ j ohn Aveline . 

20 R. II. Sunday after St James. [July 30, 1396.] 

A will brought into the Court and proved by two legatees, and noe 
other witnesses, and allowed. 

1397-8 21 R. II. 

r, 7-jr ( John Arnold, r ( John Barnard, 

Bayhff*, \ J Rob t Lucas . Coroners, j J W ill Maister! 

1398-9. 22 R. II. 

R rff ) John Avelin, 

V'tffs, ( John Stacy, vide Quest' est ': 

Stoke mill was this yere granted to one by the king, as being 
forfaited by alienacon in mortmaine. 22 R. 2. membr. 38. Tower. 

22 R. II. Tewesday after Math : [Sep. 24, 1398.] 

A deed acknowledged by the husband in the Court, the wife lying 
sick in her bed, at the request of the Husband. One Bayliff w th one 
Coroner and diverse others repaired to the house, and examined her 
lying in bed, and then the deed was inrolled. 

1399. 23 R. II. 

John Aveline, /-, ( John Barnard, 


John Arnold. , villiam Maister. 

23 R. II. Tewesday after Holy Rood. [Sep. 16, 1399.] 

John Aveline one of the Bayliffs, camme before John Arnold, the 
other Bayliff, and John Barnard, one Coroner, and brought a release 
of all actions from Rich : Wind and his wife to the said John Aveline, 
and it was acknowledged and inrolled, the wife being first examined by 
the other Bayliff and Coroner. 

1399-1400. i H. IV. 

Ravlifft { J hn LeW> Cnrt ( J hn Barnard . 

vlt ff*> { John Parker. rs > { Geoffry Starling. 

The king by his Charter in the first yere of his reigne, reciting the 
priveledges granted to the Towne by the Charters of his predecessors, 
confirmed the same without any additionall grant. 


1400-1. 2 H. IV. 

T> i-ft ( John Lluellin, n ( Rob' Lucas, 

ay lifts, 4 , TT , , Coroners, ' , 

( John Horkslee. ( John Barnard. 

2 H. IV. TJiursday after Peter & Paull. [June 30, 1401.] 

Margery y daughter of John Howell came into the Court, and 
desired to be admitted to the lands and tenem ts formerly her fathers 
in Greenew 011 , (aj in the suburbs of Ipswich, and by othe it was found 
that shee was daughter and heire of John Howell, begat in lawfull 
matrimony, and that shee was of full age, viz : of 1 5 yeres, and fitting 
to receive her inheritance according to the Custome of the Towne, 
and that all heires, males or females, of 1 2 yeres old, able to number 
mony, are to have their inheritance in ffree Burgage, and therefore 
uppon Triall, she was admitted to all her lands and tenem* in free 
Burgage to her and her heires. (b) 

1401-2. 3 H. IV. 

r, ,-ff ( Richard Cherche, ( Rob' Lucas, 

Bqylif*. j John Barnard. Coroners, j Geoffry Starling. 

1402-3. 4 H. IV. 

D TO- ( John Horkslee, ( Rob' Lucas, 

Bayhff*, j J Wiir Debenham. Coroners > \ Thomas Cambridge. 

1403-4. 5 H. IV. 

Bayliffs ( John Horkslee, Coroners ( Rob' Lucas, 

continued, { Will" 1 Debenham. continued, { Thomas Cambridge. 

5 H. IV. Tewesday after the Nativit : Mar : [Sep. 9, 1404.] 

William Debenham, one of the Bayliffs, produced in Court a deede 
made to him selfe and others, and the examinacon was by the other 
Bayliff and Coroners. 

1404-5. 6 H. IV. 

6 H. IV. Tewesday before Vincent. [Jan. 20, 1405.] 

A will produced by one of the executors, and by his othe and the 
othe of another, it was allowed to be proved. 

1405-6. 7 H. IV. 

Bayliffs, \ ?u btL A UC H S> Coroner,, f J|>n Knepping, 

( I ho : Andrew. ( John Barnard. 

(a) Situated at the back of Gainsborough's lane, about 100 yards from the river. 

(b) vide Supra p. 70 note. 


1406-7. 8 H. IV. 

,.-. ( John Horkslee, r ( John Knepping, 

Baylifs, j ^ ho . Andrew . '"' \ John Barnard. 

8 H. IV. Tewesday* John Port Latin. [May 6, 1407.] 
An Assize of ffresh force brought in the Towne Court. 

1407-8. 9 H. IV. 

D .. ( John Starling, r ( Rob' Lucas, 

Bayhffi, | J hn Knepping. '"' \ John Barnard. 

The Conduit house wth 2 shopps, with a sollar, granted by 
Will" 1 at ffenn to Rob* Andrew and other ffeofFees. vid. the deed, 
1 6 June, g. H. 4. in the Treasury. 

1408-9. 10 H. IV. 

,.~ ( John Rous, r ^, ( John Barnard, 

Bayhffs, [ J Rob . Luca s. Coroner*, | J Hugh Hoo. 

10 H. IV. prox: Ascention. [May 15, 1409.] 

The Constitution and Custome, Cap. 33-4. (a) pleaded in an accon of 
debt against the tender of a wager at law in a case betwene Will" 1 Man 
and Edm. Barber. 

10 H. IV. Tewesday before Alban. [June 18, 1409.] 
The like in a case betwene Warroll and fforth. 

1409-10. II 

Bayliffs ] 

//. it/. 

\ John Rous, 
[ Robt: Lucas. 


j John Barnard, 
( Hugh Hoo. 

I4IO-II. 12 

H. IV. 

\ John Horkslee, 
[ John Knepping. 


John ffelbridge, 
Rob' Lucas. 

12 H. IV. Tewesday after Luke. [Oct. 21, 1410.] 

Allen Deynes acknowledged a deede to John Horkslee and his wife 
and John Knepping. And the deede was onely in the name of 
Allen Deynes, and at the same Court his wife camme, and released 
her Dower and title to the tenem 4 . And its not sett downe by whome 
shee was examined, but the Teste is under the Coroners names and 
other inhabitants. 

* Should be ' Friday.' 
(aJD. G. f. 24. Cap'xxxiij , ' De contract de marchaimdise,' & Cap' xxxiiij , 'De dette ou damages derrenez.' 


1411-12. 13 //. IV. 

Bayliffs ( John Horkslee, Coroners j John ffelbridge, 

continued, ( John Knapping. continued, ( Robert Lucas. 

A deed made to John Knepping, one of the Bayliffs and others, 
acknowledged before the other Bayliff and Coroners, and inrolled. 

Custody of a cottage in Elens in Caldwell and of a tenem 1 in Laur : 
par : called ' ffishers,' granted to Staverton and ffrenche, at 5 s rent to 
the king. 

1412-13. 14 H. IV. 

Bayliffs, ( John Starling, Coroners, \ & Pe \ 

( Tho : Andrew. ( William Stonham. 

14 //. IV. St Lucy. [Tuesday, Dec. 13, 1412.] 

An accon was brought by Wagstaff fa) against Pratt uppon the 
48 ch. of the Customs and Constitutions (bj w ch concerneth poore mens 
pledges, and the declaration thereuppon entered. 

14 H. IV. Tewesday before Candlemas. [Jan. 31, 1413.] 

In the case aforesaid by Wagstaff, judgem* passed according to 
the said constitution. 

HEN: V. 
1413-14. i H. V. 

a i -ft ( John Horkslee, n ( John Barnard, 

Bayhffs, j j ohn Knepping. Conner*. j J Hugh Hoo . 

I H. V. Thursday after the Annunciation. [Mar. 30, 1413.] 

In an accon of Debt, the defend 4 for want of apparance, was, after 
distress, summoned by scire fac : to appeare, and save his distresse. 
And because the distresse was not sufficient, and the Serjeant returned 
that the defendant was poore, and had not goods sufficient, therefore 
an attachm* was awarded against the p'son of the defendant. 

If the distresse be sufficient, and the defend* maketh default, the 
distresse shall be vallewed, and if uppon the scire facias to save the 
distresse, the defend* dothe not comme, the goods shall be delivered to 
plaintiff to the vallew of the debt, and the defend' shall be amerced, 
and An Attachm 4 shall be awarded uppon the defend* 3 person. 

i H. V. Tewesday before St John Baptist Nat wit : [June 20, 1413.] 

ffenn brought an accon of Trns quare vi et armis against Yeomanson, 
a Ducheman, for taking of his shipp and goods to the Dammage of 200''. 

(a) Thomas Wagstaffe, Suffragan Bishop of Ipswich in 1694, & bom at Binley, near Coventry, in 
1645, may perhaps claim Suffolk descent, vid. Colvile's Worthies of Warwickshire , p. 781. 

(b) D.G. Capxlviij' "ZV chose adyree." 



The def* pleads non cul: as to the trespass, and as to the taking 
of the shipp, he saith that it was taken by Patrick Browne, eastward of 
the Mase (a) gate, uppon the coast of Holland & ffreezeland, (bj and 
not by the defend 1 , and that the place is not w th in the liberty of 
Ipsw ch , and demands judg mt . The Court advised thereuppon, 

Afterwards I finde the plaintiff amerced /. lie : 

1 H. V. Thursday before St Thomas. [Dec. 14, 1413.] 

In a case betweene Plemden and Jurden, after a scirefac : in debt 
to the defend* to save his distress and default thereuppon, another 
scirefac: was awarded. 

1414-15. 2 H. V. 

,.,, ( John Debenham, ,-. ( Will" 1 Chamber, 

Sylif*. { J Hug hHoo. Coroners, ( Robert Lucas _ ' 

( Rob' Jove, 

Tnawrtrs, \ Hen .-fray ward. 

2 H. V. Tewesday before Mic : [Sep. 25, 1414.] 

In debt the defend' affers (c) his law, and finds pledge at the day he 
makes default, and judgem* passes against him, and execution uppon 
the goods of the pledge by ffieri fac : 

In an accon of trns uppon the stat. for departure from servise, 
the declaracon was to the dammage of 40" : the defend* confessed 
the accon, the Court abated the dammages to 3 s 4 d . The parties, 
Rich : Disse, Joan Thresher. 

2 H. V. Tewesday before Allsaints. [Oct. 30, 1414.] 

In an action of Covenant, the defend 4 was taken, and found 
pledges, and after made defalt, and Judgem* and execution forth w* 
\yy ffieri fac; against the goods of the pledges. 

The like allsoe Thursday after Martin. [Nov. 15, 1414.] 

2 H. V. Tewesday after Thomas. [Dec. 25, 1414.] 

In debt against Bogas and Joane his wife, who was administrat. of 
the goods of Gammin, whoe was indebted by booke to the plaintiff. 
The defend* pleaded that by the Custome of the Town an administrater 
is not chargeble in debt w^out speciality. But Judgem* passed against 
the defend*, vid. the plea, Tewesd. before Dunstan, [May 15] 2 H. 5., and 
the Judgem* Tewesday after Thomas, and the same recorded againe Tewesday 
after Pet r ad vincula. [Aug. 7.] 

(a) The Maas or Meuse. (b) Frieslaud. (c) Fr. affier. i.e. affirmare. vid. Cowell's Law Diet. 


2 H. V. Tewesdayafter Candlemass. [Feb. 5, 1415.] 

In debt uppon a distress, a default was, and after 40 dayes a 
fieri fac : was granted to the Serjeant that tooke the distress to make 
sale, and pay the debt, and dammages assessed by the Court. 

1415-16. 3 H. V. 

Bavliffs { J hn Horkslee ' Con ers \ Willm Chamber - 

y "#*> { John Knepping. !rs ' { Rob' Lucas. 

3 H. V. Tewesday before Barnaby. [June 4, 1415.] 

Tooky brought an action of debt against Disse for io d debt, and 
4 d dammage, and the defendant demanded his law, and it was granted 
uppon his single oathe, and thereuppon he was acquitted, and the 
plaintiff was amerced. 

3 H. V. Tewesday before Nativit : Mar: [Sep. 3. 1415.] 

Notw^standing, the distress was kept forty days, and execution 
awarded uppon the goods taken in distress, yet a scirt 'fac: was awarded 
to save the distress, and pay the mony. see allsoe i H. 5. Tewesday bef. 
Epiphany: [Jan. 2.] and Julians day : [Jan. 27.] and 2 H. 5. Tewesday 
bef. George. [Ap. 17. 1414.] 

1416-17. 4 H. V. 

/?/,#, f Jh n Starling, ~ ( John Barnard, 

Bayhffs, | J HughH oo. Coroners, ( Will- Stonharn. 

Common soile in Peters parish granted to Cheston and others. 
Common soile in Peters parish granted to Goodwin, vid. Treasur: 

1417-18. 5 H. V. 

nj;ff* f Willm Debenham, r ( John Barnard, 

Bayli/s, | Rob . Lucas . Coroner*, j J Wi li- Stoneham. 

Common soile granted to Parmafey, the same lying in Nicholas 
parish, vid. Treas : 

1418-19. 6 H. V. 

Ttnvliff, \ Wil ' m Debenham, r ( John Barnard, 

Bayhffs, | Robert Lucas. Coniur*. j will- Stonham. 

6 H. V. Perpet : ffcelicitas. [Tuesday, Mar. 7, 1419.] 

A dede acknowledged before one Bayliff and the Coroners, of a 
tenem* granted to the other Bayliff by John Shrublont and his wife. 



1419-20. 7 


H. V. 

Will'" Debenham, 
Robert Lucas. 


| John Barnard, 
( William Stonham. 

Granted to John Tiler a peece of common soile in the Kay parish 
by the common diches on the west, and the high way east, southward 
27 foote broade, northward 20 foote broad, in length no foote, at 
8' 1 rent. 

1420-1. 8 H. V. 


1421-2. 9 H. V. 

}fo n y e e pping ' 


John Wode, 
Rob' Bicklcswade. 

Will" 1 Wethereld, 
Will" 1 Bury. 

9 //. V. Teuoesday before Candlcmass. [Jan. 27, 1422.] 

Marg*, the daughter of John Horkslee, brought into the Court the 
deede of Marg* and Alis, daughters and coheires of John Horkslee, and 
Marg'ret acknowledged the same, and she allowed by number and 

And at the same time cam Eliz : , another daughter of John Horkslee, 
and released to the former ffeoffees, and shee allsoe was allowed by 
number and measure. 

Common soile in Nich. parish granted to Chamberlin. 

1422. 10 H. V. 


John Knepping, 
John Joye. 


William Wethereld, 
Will" Bury. 


1422-3. i H. VI. 

Bayliffs, j Thomas Astley, 


William Bury, 
William Wethereld. 

John Dekcn. 

The moity of the new mill was by Rob* de Cleydon, Rector of the 
Church of Breydiston, (a) divised by will unto Legatees in severall limita- 
tions, the last whereof was that the Towne of Ipsw ch should sell the 
same for charitable uses. Tramcr : vet : i H. 6. win : plac : 

2 H. VI. 



( Tho : Astley, 

1 John Deken. Coroners, 

Common soile in Peters parish granted to Phillips, vid. Trcas : 

John Joye, 
W 1 " Bary. 

fa,) Also written < Braydeston,' ' Bradeston ' and ' Bradston ' (S. Michael), a parish in the hundred 
of Blofield, Norfolk ; Robert de Cleydon was rector 1346-9. vid. Blomfield's Norf. vii, 218. 



1424-5. 3 H. VI. 

Bayliffs ( Tho : Astley, 
continued, ( John Deken. 

In this yere I finde that James Andrew had to him and his heires 
8 s 8 d out of Handford mill yerely, and he surrendered or released the 
same to the Towne for 2O S annuity, payable to him during his life w* 
distress for paym 4 , vid. orig : Treas : 

1425-6. 4 H. VI. 

,. ( Tho : Astley, ^ ( John 

Bayhffs, | j ohnDeke Coroners, } 

Common soile in Peters parish granted to Pape. 
1427-8. 6 H. VI. 

Bayliffs, { JohnJDAen, ^^ j John Kneeing, 

In an accon of Trns brought by Denton, cognisance of plees was 
allowed to the Towne. Triti : 6 H. 6. rot. 381. Common plees. 

And the like in Mic : 6 : rot. 169. in a clausumfregit. 

And another in a quare vi et armis. vid. rot. min. plac : 

A conveyance by Wimarks of the conduit house and 3 shopps w* 
a sollar, to diverse feoffees, in the presence of one Bayliff and two 

1429-30. 8 //. VI. 

Wilr Debenham, 

8 H. VI. Thursday after Luke. [Oct. 20, 1429.] 

Cognisance of plees allowed to the Towne in y Common plees. 
Trin. 8 H. 6. rot. 2. vid. Domesday book, in white lether and Board Cover. 

By the Bayliffs and portmen of the Towne, whose names do 
follow : James Andrew, Will 1 " Wethereld, John Deken, John Joye, 
John Wode, Rob. Bickleswade, John Knepping, John Caldwell, 
Rob* Wode, Tho. Denis, Its ordered 

If a forrainer shall be arested in debt, detinue of goods, Charters, or 
writings, or other less trespasses, or in accons upon contract, he shall 
give pledges of two free men of the Towne, to appeare in person at the next 
Court, and answere and give satisfaction in case he shall be condemned. 

And in case of defalt at that or any other Court, hanging the 
plea, the Bayliffs may, uppon demand of the plaintiffs, grant execucon 
\syjierifac: or capias against the defend* or his Bayle. 


And if by fieri fac :, the same may be demanded against the defend', 
or against him and his suerties. 

And at the Court then next following, day shall be given to the 
Bayle to bring in the defend* at the next Court, to satisfie the plaintiff. 
And if they then have him not there, then execution shall goe forthe 
against the goods of the Bayle by the apprisem* uppon othe of persons 
of credit in the said Towne, by delivery of the same or the price of 
them, at the plaintiffs election. 

Noe Bayliff of the Towne shall be elected Bayliff by the space of 
two yeres after that yere that he hathe bein Bayliff. 

Noe Bayliff for the time being Bayliff shall sell wine or ale in his 
house or Taverne, nor shall regrate victualls, eyther by him selfe or 
other for him, nor shall let out his Taverne to any other to sell wine 
or ale during such time. Nor shall he hold a common Tune in his 
house nor Host'ry, nor sell horsebread, or hay, or otes, under perill of 
forfaiture of io u to the use of the Towne, to be recovered before the 
next succeeding Bayliffs and sixe Portmen in full Portman mote, in the 
presence of suche offender, being duly summoned thereunto. 

Provided that the new elect Bayliff, having one Tunn or two Pipes 
of wine at the time of his election, shall have liberty to sell the same 
after his election, or after Mic : day. 

If any Portman shall refuse to weare his livery, called Portmans 
livery, he shall forthwth loose the state of his Portmanship for ever. 

The Chamberlins for the time beeing shall show theire accompts 
quarterly framed, and bring the same compleate at the end of the 
yere, in the vigill of Mic : and if they shall make any concealm' in the 
same, they shall pay for every penny concealed, 4 d , to the use of 
the Towne. 

The fower Serjeants shalt serve every one to his own ward to him 
assigned by the Bayliffs, and shall collect all fines, amercem 48 and rents, 
and shall p' forme all executions and precepts w th in theire severall wards. 
And shall putt in sufficient suerty for the monthly safe returne for such 
amercem 15 , fines, and rents, and for the p'formance or execution of 
precepts to him or them made, and doing all other things belonging to 
his or theire place and office. 

The aforesaid constitutions, ordinances, and agreem ts to maintaine 
and finally to kepe, and without contradiction, revocation, or diminution, 
to uphold and observe. 

The afore named Bayliffs and Portmen, and the under named 
Burgesses, have given theire corporall othe, and have agreed that theire 
names shall be inrolled under the same, instead of theire scales, in 
affirmance of the same. 

Signed by the said Bayliffs and Portmen, and the Burgesses, in 
number 196. 




1430-1. 9 H. VI. ffriday, Nativit : Mar: [Sep 

8, 1430.] 

Bayliffs ( John Joye, 
sworne, ( Rob' Beckleswade. 

Coroners i John Deken, 
sworne, ( William Wethereld. 


John Joye, 
Joh : Prior, 
John Deken, 
Alex : Mason. 

Treasurers ( Tho : Chapman, 
sworne, ( John Drye. 

Clerk sworne, Tho : Bonham. 


!Joh : Geete, 
John Ogger, 
John Cole. 

1431-2. 10 H. VI. Satterday, Nativity Mary. [Sep. 8. 1431.] 

Bayliffs ( John Deken, 
sworne, ( John Caldwell. 

Treasurers ( Tho : Denis, 
sworne, ( Rob' Drye. 

Clerk sworne, Thomas Bonham. 



:John Deken, 
John Joye, 
John Prior, 
k Alex : ffarnham. 

John Ogger, 
Edm : Lamb. 

1432-3- ll H. VI. Mun day, Nativit : Mar: [Sep. 8. 1432.] 





Will m Wetherald, 
Robert Drye. 

William Waldworth, 
Alex : ffarnham. 

John Blankpaine, 
Rob' Parmafey. 

Clerk sworne, Tho : Bonham. 



Will 1 " Wetherold, 
John Prior, 
John Deken, 
Alex : ffarnham. 

Edm : Lamb, 
John Ogger. 

ii H. VI. Tewesday before Nicholas. [Dec. 2. 1432.] 

The eight penny waxe not yet paid, shall be collected by the 
Serjeants of all persons charged with eight pence in waxe, beeing arere. 

The Chamberlins not having allready accompted, shall accompt 
before Auditors at the times by them appointed. 

1 1 H. VI. Thursday before Invention of y' Crosse. [Ap. 30. 1433.] 

Tho : Burbill, ffarmer, of Horswade Mill, ordered to repaire the 
mill before Midsummer, or his lease shall be forfaited. 

Granted to John Deken, a peece of the com. soile nigh the 
Houses of Office at the Kay. 

ii H. VI. Thursday before Bartholomew. [Aug. 20, 1433.] 

Granted to Peter Heed for his life and a yere over, parcell of the 
Common soile, to make a pond and inclose the same. 


The bounds of the liberty of the Towne by water shall be sailed, and 
that every craft of the Towne shall find botes. And the Chamberlins 
shall prepare and furnish them for y Bayliffs, Portmen, and Officers. 

ii //. VI. Tewesday after James. [July 28, 143 3.] 

Whereas amongst other Constitutions in Doomsday Booke, in the 
62 Constitution is contained : (aj That if any Burgess of the Towne 
aforesaid, against the liberty and {franchise of the same shall plead or 
cause to be pleaded any allowance in any thing contrary to the 
(franchise or articles contained in the kings Charter, suche Burgess 
shall be utterly discharged of his ffreedome, and thereafter accompted 
as a forrainer. vid. Transcript, I finde it not in the Court Booke. 

And because John Thweit, one of the Burgesses of the Towne, of 
late in the presence of the Bayliffs and Portmen hath spoken against 
the Liberty and ffranchise aforesaid, contrary to his othe made to the 
said Articles and Constitutions : And uppon Tewesday after Mary 
Magdalens Day, 1 1 H. 6 : (bj being summoned to be at the Guild 
hall of the said Towne, the said John Thweit did refuse to comme. 
It is therefore ordained and adjudged by the Bayliffs, Portmen, and 
other good men of the Towne present, that the said John shall be 
utterly disfranchised, and not to be restored but by the Bayliffs, Portmen, 
and other men present at the Court afforesaid. vid. Transcr : I finde 
it not in the Court Booke. 

1433-4. 12 //. VI. Tewesday, Nativit : Mar : [Sep. 8, 1433.] 

Bayliffs, & ( Will" 1 Debenham, 

, I 

Tho: Denys sivorne, ( Tho : Denis. 

Coron rs ( William Wallworth, 


sworne, ( Allex : ffornham. 
Treasurers ( John ffrenche, 



John Dekon, 
Job : Priour, 
Tho ; Denys, 
Alex : ffornha'. 

Serjeants ( John Ogger, 

sworne, ( Will" 1 Ridvat. 

sworne, ( Rich : fflegg. 

Clerk sworne, Tho : Bonham 

12 H. VI. Thursday before Bartholomew. [Aug. 19, 1434.] 

John Asslott hathe liberty granted to him to make a Penthouse 

over his doore, as his predecessors have usually donne, paying yerely 2 d . 
John ffrenche hathe granted to him liberty to build a portall before 

his doore, 18 foote long, the north head 6 foote broad, and the west 

head one foote broad, at 2 d rent. 

Geoffery Pipho hathe granted to him parcell of the common soile 

whereuppon part of his malt house standeth, at the wall dikes, at 2 d rent. 

(a) D.G. Cap' lxij\ " De ceux qe contrepledunt la allouance de la franchise, < 
. (b) July 28, 1433. 




12 H. VI. Thursday before y e Circumsision. [Dec. 31, 1433.] 

Order for John Wiseman, John Blankpaine and Rob* Parmafey to 
comme to accompt, uppo' a certaine day. 

Ordered that every ffree borne Burgess shall take up his freedome 
before Midsummer next, under perill of p'petuall loss thereof, excepting 
suche as were made on the day of the Nativit : Mar : last past, or after 
that time. 

1434-5. 13 H. VI. 


Wednesday, Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1434.] 





Clerk swotne, John Oliver. 


John Deken, 
Rob' Wode. 

Will'" Wallworth, 
Alex : ffornham. 

John Jeete, 
Tho : Portwey. 



John Deken, 
Alex : ffornham, 
John Priour, 
Joh : Witton. 
John Ogger, 
Rich : fflegg, 
Will 1 " Samson, 
Joh : Lorkein. 

Granted to Thomas Bonham forty shillings & one short gowne for 
the next yere, out of the profitts of the Towne, by the Chamberlins to 
be delivered, for the service w 1 * he shall doe to the Towne. And its 
granted to him to have all his debts due to him, for money laid out for 
the service of the Towne. 

Whereas aunciently the Towne intertained onely 2 Serjeants, and 
of later times the Bayliffs have desired the service of two more to be 
added to the former: And the Towne gave them liberty to elect 2 more, 
vt ch men by them soe elected, were intertained by the Bayliffs into 
greater respect than the other two elected by the Towne, w * 1 is found 
inconvenient, therefore its ordered that henceforthe shall allwaies upon 
the Nativit : Mar : fower Serjeants be elected by the body of the Towne 
to serve every yere. (a) 

See the originall in the Treasury, signed by the Bayliffs and 66 
Burgesses more. 

13 H. VI. Thursday after Exaltat : of y" Crosse. [Sep. 16, 1434.] 

Granted to Alexander ffornham the fulling mill, until he shall be 
satisfied, twelve pounds payed by him for the Towne. 

13 H. VI. Munday after Hillary, (bj [Jan. 17, 1435.] 

Ordered that noe Burgess that is an Alien shall be henceforth 
admitted into the Councill of this Towne. 

Common soile, parcell of the town ditche at the Barr gates, in 
length 44 foote, and 36 foote in bredthe, granted to John ffrenche at 6 d r nt . 

(a) vid. next page, note. 

fbj ffrom hence unto the mark o is taken out of the old Transcript, and nothing found in the Court booke. (B) 


John Caldwell offered to make a bridge at Stoke bridge, provided 
that the inhabitants should pay pontage. 

Granted to Tho : Denys parcell of the common soile in Clem ts , 
between the high way north, and the salt water south, abuting west on 
the Town soile, and the other head uppon the way to Greenew ch Rode, 
in length 80 foote, and in bredth 40 foote, at 6 d r nt . 

ffower p'sons named shall see to the building of a house at the 
end of the Guild hall, and John Deken shall oversee the worke. (aj And 
that nine persons named shall be Burgesses, and theire fines employed 
by the p'sons aforesaid for the building. 

'435-6. 14 H. VI. Thursday, Nativit : Mar : [Sep. 8, 1435.] 

a i-a- ( John Caldwell, r ( Alexand : ffornham, 

Bayhffs, j Will'" Withereld. "*"*> \ John Witton. 

At the greate Court for the future, fower Serjeants shall be chosen 
to serve the Bayliffs for the time beeing for one yere next ensuing, and 
the Serjeants soe chosen shall finde suerties to the Bayliffs for theire 
faithfullness. (b) 

14 H. VI. Thursday after ffaith. [Oct. 13, 1435.] 

Liberty granted to John Aslott and his wife to sell fishe and other 
victuall at theire house, rendering 1 2 d yerely. 

1436-7. 15 H. VI. [Saturday] Nativit : Mar : [Sep. 8, 1436.] 

,- ff ( Will" 1 Wallworthe, ~_ ( Alexand : ffornham, 

Bayhffs, \ Rob Drye . Coroner,, j John witton _ 

15 H. VI. Thursday after Gregory. [Mar. 14, 1437.] 

Granted to John Witton parcell of the Common soile in the way at 
Stevens, by the Carmelite ffriers (c) wall on the West, and the way on the 
East, in length from the gardein of the said John, late William Stonhams, 
to the high way on the north, 36 foote in bredth, southward n foote, 
and northward 4 foote 6 inches, at 6 d rent. 

To John Glassin parcell of the Com : soile by Mildreds Church, (d) 
at the east end therof, in lengthe from the Church to the way on the 
east, 9 foote ; in bredth from the way south to John Sewats tenem* 
north, 8 foote, at 2 d r nt . 

Three persons nominated & appointed to the office of wine drawer, 
and other duties thereto belonging. 

(a) vid. infra, p. 103. 

(b) This order, first made in the preceding year, was not carried out, apparently, till 1439. vid. 
infra, p. 100. 

(c) The house of Carmelite, or Whitefriars, was founded about 1279, and situated in the parishes of 
S< Nicholas and S l Laurence, occupying land from S' Stephen's lane to Queen S 1 , on the S. side of the 
Butter Market, and subsequently used in part as the county gaol, whence the adjoining lane was called Gaol 
lane. vid. Tanner, Notitia Monastica, p. 529. and Wodderspoon, p. 319. (d) vid. supra, p. 79. 


Granted to Job : ffrenche parcell of the Common soile by his 
tenem 1 on the north in Nicholas parish, in length 39 foote, in bredth 
eastward 1 2 foote, and westward 9 foote, at 4 d r nt . 

Granted to him allsoe another parcell over against his tenem* in 
Clem'nts parish, in length 18 foote, in bredth southward, one foote, & 
northward 6 foote, at 2 d r nt . 

1437-8. 16 H. VI. [Sunday] Nativit : Mar: [Sep. 8, 1437.] 

,. ff ( Rob' Wode, ,-, f Alexand : ffornham, 

Bayhffs, \ Will- Ketche. Coroners, } John Whitton . 

1 6 H. VI. Wednesday before Joh : Baptist. 

Granted to Tho : Denys parcell of the Com. soile in Mar: Elms 
parish, betwene the prior of Campesses (a) messuage on the South, and 
the Curtelage of the said Thomas on the North, abutting East on the 
high way, and West uppon the Towne ditche, in length 84 foote, in 
bredth 15 foote, at i d rent. 

Common soile granted in Mary Elms parish to Baldry. vid. 

1438-9. 17 H. VI. [Monday] Nativit : Mar: [Sep. 8, 1438.] 

Ravliffs ( R er Tim P erl ey, Coroners \ J hn Deken . 

V'W*> { will" 1 Harlewin. '"' { Will 1 " Wetherold. (b) 

17 .H. VI. Thursday after Katharine. [Nov. 27, 1438.] 

Noe person shall be admitted Burgess, to enter into any of the 
publique counsills of this Towne, unless by the assent of the great court, 
and they being of good behaviour. 

17 H. VI. Munday after Assention. [May 18, 1439.] 

Roger Tough is admitted Cheife pledge fcj for the East ward. 

17 H. VI. Thursday after Peter & Paull. [July 2, 1439.] 

Will" 1 Wetherold payed to the Commonalties use the moity of a 
loane of 40" made to the king in the time of Rob* Wode and Will" 1 
Keche, fforegoing Bayliffs, as may appeare by a Tally made and 
directed to the Chamberlins of this Towne. The other moity, being 
20'', is to be payed at Mic : next, according to a Tally thereof remaining 
in the hands of Will m Wethereld and John Deken. 

(a) The Priory of St Mary of Campess or Campsey was founded before 7 Ric. I. (l 195) by Theobald 
de Valoins, and was situated six miles from Woodbridge, on the right of the high road. In 14/6 Margaret 
Henham was Prioress, vid. Dugdale Monast. Vol. 6. Pt. I. p. 585. 

(b) If credit be to the roll B. 17 H. 6. Tewesday after assention : Will Wetherold and Joh : Deken 
are Bayliffs, and a deede made to Wetherold acknowledged before the other Bayliff, and exami'con of 
the wife by him. (B) 

(c) vid. ' Headborough,' Glossary. 




1439-40. 1 8 

H. VI. {Tuesday} Nativit : Mar: [Sep. 8, 1439.] 

j Tho : Denis, 

John ffellaw, 


) John ffelaw. 

f John Whitton, 
( Alexand : ffornham. 


Rob' Wode, 
Will" 1 Taylferr, 
John Blankpain. 

Clerk, Tho: Bushop. 


( Tho : Cowman, 
{ Will Ridout. 

John Lorkein, 


( Joh : Sudbury, 
( Rob' Smith. 

George Page, 
Tho : Haile, 
W" 1 Brody. 

Tho : Bushop is admitted ffree Burgess, giving a buck to the 
Towne, but instead thereof he gave two sheepe, and six fflagons of 
wine on the day wherein William Average, Clerke, made his feast in 
the Guild hall. ' 

1 8 H. VI. Thursday before Holy Rood. [Sep. 10, 1439.] 

John ffelaw is elected Chamberlin of this towne for 12 yeres to 
comme, and to have all the proffits of the same, rendering to the Towne 
yerely twenty marks (b) at the two usuall feasts. 

1 8 H. VI. Munday after Corp' Christi. [May 30, 1440.] 

The Chamberlins shall bring 20" w* they received out of the proffits 
of theire places, as p't of the kings lone, and pay the same uppon 
Munday next after Bonifaces day, fc) under penalty of disfranchisem'. 

19 H. VI. (Thursday} Nativit : Mar : [Sep. 8, 1440.] 
Rob' Wode, 





John Deken, 
William Talifer, 
Rob' Wode, 
John Blankpain. 

John Bargony, 
John Wall. 

Peter Terry. 

John Wode, 
John Sudbury. 

Clerke, Thomas Bushop. 

Serjeant*, j J hn L rkin ' 
J \ Geor: Page, 

In a Trespass quare claiisu 1 fregit betwene Stonham and Manser, 
cognisance of plees allowed to the Towne in the Common plees at 
Westminster. 19 H. 6. Trin. rot. 254. 

19 H. VI. Thursday before Christmass. [Dec. 22, 1440.] 

Edm : Stratton, gent, presented at the sessions at Ipsw ch , for holding 
a wear in the River over against Shotly, within the liberty of the Towne 
of IpsW*. vid. rott : Sessions: 19 H. 6. 

1441-2. 20 H. VI. 

William Debenham, r ( Alexand : ffornham, 

John Deken. roners > ( John Whitton. 


(a) Elected in pursuance of an order made Sep. 8, 1435. vid. p. < 

(bj ^13. 6. 8. (c) June 5, 1440. 


20 H. VI. Thursday after Valentine. [Feb. 15, 1442.] 

It is commanded by the Bayliffs that all the Portmen and Burgesses 
be before the Bayliffs in the Guildhall uppon Thursday next after the 
first week in Lent, at 2 of the Clock in the afternoon, to heare, doe, 
and determine what shall by the Bayliffs be propounded for the honor 
and proffit of the Towne, under a penalty, &c. 

1442-3. 21 H. VI. (Saturday} Nativit : Mar : [Sep. 8, 1442.] 

Tho : Denis, 

( John Wode, 

(Coroners, < \ , <-> ju 

( John Sudbury. 

Clerk, Tho : Bushop. 


Rob' Wode, 
John Caldwell, 
John Blankpain, 
W m Talifer. 

John Burgon, Geor : 


In trns quare clausum fregit betwene ffishman and the Prior of 
Trinity, (aj cognisance of pleas was allowed to the Towne by the Court 
of Common Plees. Hill: 21 H. 6. rot. 271. 

The like in Trns quare vi et armis betwene Tho : Cowman and 
John Tiler. Hil : 21 H. 6. rot. eodem. 

In debt the defend* was distrained to a small part of the debt, and 
found pledges, and after made default, for w ch they were amerced, and 
another distringas ita qtiod appar: vid. rot: m. pi. 2 1 H. 6. in diverse cases. 

In debt the defend* found pledges, and appeared and tendered his 
law and found pledges, and at the day confessed the deede, and 
thereuppon execution issued against the pledges. 

21 H. VI. Thursday after Mathew. [Sep. 27, 1442.] 

If any ffree Burgess shall sell any marchandise not customed, he 
shall pay to the Bayliffs 3 s 4 d for the first offence, and for the 2 nd offence, 
6 s 8 d , and for the 3 d offence, 13* 4 d , and soe doubling the summs as 
often as he shall multiply offences. 

21 H. VI. Thursday after Gregory. [Mar. 14, 1443.] 

In an action of 5" debt, betweene Reinold and Duxe, the plaintiff 
declared uppon an accompt before Auditors, whoe found the defend* 
indebted 5" to the plaintiff; the defend* by protestation denied the 
accompt, and therto tendered his law, and desired that the accompt 
may be examined, and uppon examinacon, it appearing that the 
accompt concerned severall contracts, whereuppon several! summs of 
mony were said to be due to the plaintiff, The Court adjudged that the 
said contracts comme not w*hin the nature of Accompt, & they admitted 
the defend* to his law, w ch he not being able to p'form according to order, 
The Court took further day to advise. 

(a) John Gyges, d. in 1443. The priory of Augustinian or Black Canons was established in the 
parish church of Holy Trinity, nearly on the present site of Christ Church mansion, before 1177. vid. 
Tanner, Notitia Monastica. p. 518. 




21 H. VI. Tewesday before Annunc : Mar : [Mar. 19, 1443.] 

An accon of deceipt betwene Bowin and Shipman, for exchange 
of a horse w ch the defend 1 warranted to be sound of wind and limbe. 

21 H. VI. Thursday before Palm Sunday. [Ap. n, 1443.] 

An accon of defamacon uppon the Constitution of the Towne. 

21 H. VI. Thursday before Annunc : Mar : [Mar. 21, 1443.] 

Chamberlins ordered to accompt, &c., w ch if they refuse, the summe 
charged shall be levied uppon theire estates. 

Demise of the Common marsh for 7 yeres, at 8 marks yerely rent. 

21 H. VI. (Monday) John Bapt : [June 24, 1443.] 

Demised (to 4 p'sons named) the common marshe, w*h all the 
houses and grounds, for 3 yeres, to maintaine and repaire the pageants 
of the Guilde. fa) 

21 H. VI. Tewesday before Laurence. [Aug. 6, 1443.] 

An assize of ffresh force betweene Wallworth and Debenham. 

Granted to Rob* Parmafey, parcell of the Common soile, 80 foote 
long, betwene the River west, and the highway east, south abutting 
uppon his gardein, which is common soile, and north uppon a common 
well or fountaine. 

1443-4- 22 H. VI. 
Bayliffs, [ 


[Sunday] Nativit : Mar : [Sep. 8, 1443.] 

Rob Wode, 

Willm : Wetherold. 

Rob' Wode, 

John Drayle, 
William Ridout. 


John Blankpain, 
John Caldwell, 


Will 1 " Talifer. 

ritnnt* \ Geor : Pa e> 

Rich : Baker, 

rjeants, \ John Burgoin> 

Gualter Parsons. 

22 H. VI. Thursday in Easter week. [Ap. 16, 1444.] 

Summons against Henry Parker to be at the next greate Court, to 
answer suche things as shall be charged against him, under perill of 

22 H. VI. Wednesday before George. [Ap. 22, 1444.] 
(b) Portmans Medow demised for seven yeres at rent. 

(a) Religious festivals, instituted by Pope Urban in 1262, to be held on the first Thursday after 
Trinity Sunday, and introduced into Ipswich in 1325. vid. Picart's Religious Ceremonies, vol. 2. p. 49, 
and Wodderspoon, pp. 155-80. 

fb) iiid. supra, p. "! 


1444-5. 2 3 H- VI- Teivesday Nativit : Mar : [Sep. 8, 1444.] 

. ,. j Will Debenham, 
(ajBayhffs, j Peter Terry . 

( John Drayll, 
Coroners, j fan- Ridout. 

iWill" 1 Debenham, 
John Caldwell, 
Will 1 " Talyfer, 
John Blankpain. 

,-,, , ,. ( Rob' Parmafey, 
Chamberhns, J Rog . Stanna / d . 

ijohn Parsons, 
John Causton, 
John Burgon, 

Clerk, Tho : Bushop. 

John Cousin. 

23 H. VI. Thursday after Allsaints. [Nov. 5, 1444.] 

Surveiours appointed for the surveying of the Town mill, and other 
houses belonging to the Towne. 

23 H. VI. T/mrsday after Ambrose. [Ap. 8, 1445.] 

John Draile is elected Portman, and is sworne. 

John Causton admitted, and sworne free Burgess, uppon condition 
that for seven yeres next following, he shall mantaine the ornam ts 
belonging to Corp' Xi pageant, and the stages, receiving the Charges 
thereof from the farmers of the Common Marshe, and the Portmens 
medow, as the Bayliffs for the time being shall think meete. 

Ordered that the ffarmers of the Marshe and Portmens Medow 
shall pay to John Caldwell for his charge of Corpus Chr : pageant 
4O S yerely, till all his areres shall be satisfied. 

A recognisance acknowledged in open Court before one Bayliff: r.r. 

In an accon uppon the statute 23 E. 3. Ca : 2. concerning servants 
departing from theire M rs servise, brought by Stonham against Manser, 
Cognisance of plees was allowed in the Common Plees at Westminster. 
vid. 23 H. 6. rot: 208. 

1445-6. 24 H. VI. Nativit : Mar : Wednesday. [Sep. 8, 1445.] 

D ,.# ( Tho: Denys, 

Bayhffs, | Joh:Deken. 

Corm" ( Will'" Ridout, 

Lorvn ' ( JohnGeete. 


John Stannard, 
Rob 1 Parmafoy. 

Clerke, Tho : Bushop. 



Joh : Deken, 
John Blankpain, 
John Caldwell, 
W m Talyfer. 

John Burgoin, 
Geor : Page, 
Tho: Haile, 
Rich : Baldree. 

Survieurs appointed for the new Chamber* at the end of the 
hall of Plees. 

(a) In y e rolls of Recog ; W" Wallworth is sommetimes entred Bayliff w h P. Terry, and somme- 
times W" 1 Debena'. viz. Tewesday lief: George, W m Walworth and Pet. Terry. But Thursday after 
Ambrose, Will" 1 Debenha' and Pet. Terry; and Thursday lief : Nativit. Mar. 24 H. 6. W Walworth and 
Pet r Terry, when as the Trew Bayliffs in the Court book are as after are set down (B). 

* Council Chamber, I conceive. (B.) vid. supra, p. 98. 




24 // VI. Mitnday, Marks day. [Ap. 25, 1446.] 

The Priors of Trinity and Peters and the officiall of Suff : w th others 

made Burgesses, (a) 

Alderman of the Guild elected, and to him is granted to have the 
proffi ts of the Marchandise of stones, (b) 

1446-7. 25 H. VI. Nativit: Mar: Thursday. [Sep. 8, 1446.] 
BayKfft, ( 


Rob' Wode, 
Will" 1 Witherold. 

John Geete, 
Will" 1 Ridout. 

Escheater, Rob' Wode. 

( John James, 
Chamberhns, | Rog: Tough. 

Clerk, Tho : Bushop. 


John Deken, 
Joh : Blankpain, 
John Caldwell. 
Rog: Stannard. 


John Burgon, 
Geor : Page, 
Tho : Haile, 
Rich : Baker. 

25 H. VI. Tewesday before Mic : [Sep. 27, 1446.] 

Ordered: that no fforraine Bucher shall have a stall w'hin this Towne 
for his owne use, but at the will of the Chamberlins for the time being. 


25 H. VI. ffriday after y e Conversion of Paull. [Jan. 27, 1447.] 

John Smith and Will m Ridout, Burgesses resident, are elected 
Burgesses of the next Parliam* for this Towne. f 

25 H. VI. Thursday before Ambrose. [Mar. 30, 1447.] 

Two Chamberlins elected to hold for two yeres beginning at Mich : 
next to repaire the decaies of the Towne houses, and to be repayed out 
of the proffits of theire places. 



Escheator, William Waldworth. 

, , ,. ( John James, 
Chamberhns, | Roge r Tough. 

26 H. VI. 

Will" 1 Waldworth, 
Rob' Smith. 

John Geete, 
Will" 1 Ridout. 

Clerk, Thomas Bushop. 



John Deken, 
John Blankpain, 
Rob' Smith, 
Roger Stanard. 

John Burgon, 
Geor: Page, 
Tho: Haile, 
Rich : Baldree. 

26 //. VI. Munday after Holy Rood. [Sep. 18, 144?-] 

Ordered : that if any inhabitant of this Towne or the liberties thereof, 
shall not arise in defence of another inhabitant thereof, being assalted 

(a ) Geoffry Stoke. Prior of Trinity, elected, July 4, 1444 ; who also appears to have been at the 
same time Prior of St Peter's, a monastic house of Austin Canons situated in St Peter's parish, and 
fo-mded, traditionally, by Thomas dc Lacy and Alice his wife in the reign of Hen. 11. 

(b) -.'id. Wodderspoon, p. 81. t First Burgesses of Parliament. (B) 


by force, suche p'son declining- to aide in such case, shall be disfranchised, 
and not to be restored w th out fine of the greate Court, and further to 
take this othe following : "This heare yee all men, that I shall trew man 
be to the king of England, and this Towne and ffranchise of the same, 
against all manner men shall sustaine and maintaine to my power : and 
the kings peece shall sustein and keepe, and all routs, riots, and 
rebellions and conjurations against the same peece, to my power reforme 
and destroy : and the command of the Bayliffs for the conservation of 
the same peece at all times to obey. And each trew Burgess of this 
Towne in every fraye made against the peece, assist, help, and support 
with all my power: so help me God and Halidome." 

26 H. VI. Tewesday after Faith. [Oct. 10, 1447.] 

Ordered that Will m Ridout shall have Horsewade Mill from Mic. 
23 H. 6. for 13 yeres, paying 20" at the two usuall feasts, by equall 

26 H. VI. \_Friday~\ January 19. [1448.] 

All ffullers of this towne and Country shall sell their clothe every 
Mark* day at the Moot hall, under p'ill of fforfaiture of all theire cloath 
sold elsewhere. 

The like for clothiers. 

All p'sons likewise shall sell theire wooll at the Wool house, and 
all Mercers are likewise to hold theire market at the Woolhouse. 

26 H. VI. Tewesday before Tiburt & Valerian. [Ap. 9, 1448.] 

The proffits of all Estreats and fines of the Burgesses are for the 
use of the building at the hall of plees, and three p'sons nominated to 
dispose the same. 

The miller shall pay 5'' of the arere of his rent to Will" 1 Witherold, 
in p't of his charges and fees for his service at the parliam 4 , and the 
rest of the arers allsoe are ordered to be payd. 

26 H. VI. Thursday, St Peter, \_advincula. Aug. I, 1448.] 

John Lackford accused for cheating at Games called Whistilds, 
Prelleds, and Quarter spells, to the scandall of the governm* of this 
Towne for suffering of him soe to doe. It is ordered that if he shall be 
found doing y c like againe, he shall uppon the next Market day after 
conviction, undergoe the penalty of the Pillory. And because he 
beeing now present at the Court, and hathe confessed his fault, and 
submitted himself to the mercy of the Court, therfore he is fined 26 s 8 d , 
and hathe given suerties for the paym 4 . vid : rot : recogi 




Ordered that John Thweyt shall plead noe more in the moot hall 
nor be of Councill w th the Towne. 

Granted to Mathew Stabler, three stalls in the ffish market, to him 
and his heires, paying 3 shillings rent. 

1448-9. 27 H. VI. Nativit: 


John Caldwell, 
Rich : ffelaw. 



John Geete, 
Will'" Ridout. 

The Bayliffs & 
Tho : Denys, 
John Deken, 
Will"' Wetherold, 
John Drayll. (a) 

'. Sunday. [Sep 8, 1448.] 



( Tho : ffastolf, 
( Roger Stanard. 

John Deken, 
Joh : Blankpain, 
John Caldwell, 
Roger Stannard. 


Rich : Wall, 
Hen : Sweyne, 
Joh: Hert, 
, Joh: Wight. 

Escheator, John Caldwell. 

Cletke, Thomas Bushop. 

27 H. VI. Thursday after Michalmas. [Oct. 3, 1448.] 

John Thweyt fined for contempt against the ffranchise of the 
Towne, and against his othe, and found 4 pledges for his fine. 

All tenants of common soile of this Towne shall shew theire 
writings and evidences (whereby they Claime) to the Bayliffs, before 
Thursday after ffaiths day, under perill of forfeiture of theire estates. 

27 H. VI. Thursday after Concept : Mar : [Dec. 12, 1448.] 

John Caldwell, one of the Bayliffs, dothe undertake to make or 
cause to be made, the Common Gaole for the Towne, at the West 
gates of the said Towne. 

Areres uppon accompts shall be levied, and 20 marks thereof shall 
be payde to John Smith for his service at the Parliam*. 

27 H. VI. Thursday after Vincent. [Jan. 23, 1449.] 

John Andrew, Rich : ffelaw, elected Burgesses for this Towne at the 
next parl mt at Westminster. 

27 H. VI. Thursday before Candlemass. [Jan. 30, 1449.] 

Granted to John Smith and Will 1 " Wetherold, 5 marks to eache, for 
theire wages for theire service at the Parlm 4 . 

27 H. VI. Thursday before Gregory. [Mar. 6, 1449.] 
Will m Hereward pardoned his accompt of 29'' 13 s 9 d . 

(a) The first Justices. 



1449-50. 28 H. VI. Mtcnday, Nativit : Mar : [Sep. 8, 1449.] 



Tho : Denys, 
Job : Drayll. 

Will" 1 Ridout, 
Roger Stanard. 

The Bayliffs and 
John Caldwell, 
Rich : ffelaw, 
Tho: ffastolf, 
Will'" Wetherold. 

Escheator, Thomas Denys. 




Clerke, Tho : 

Will"' Winter, 
Rob' Hall. 

John Caldwell, 
John Drayll, 
John Blankpain, 
Rog r Stannard. 

Will- Wall, 
Geor: Page, 
Will" 1 Dalton, 
Will'" Say. 


A Burgess admitted, uppon condicon not to exercise the trade of 
Bucher w th in the town of Ipswich and the liberties thereof. 

28 H. VI. Munday, Vigill of Simon & Jude. [Oct. 27, 1449.] 

John Smith and Tho : Denton elected Burgesses for this Towne at 
the next Parliam* at Westm r , to be holden 6 Novemb. next, they 
beeing residents. 

28 H. VI. Thursday after the Assumption. [Aug. 20, 1450.] 

Day given to John Manser, to repaire a way by him made by the 
Town Diches, under penalty of disfranchisem 4 . 




29 H. VI. Tewesday, Nativit : Mar : [Sep. 8, 1450.] 

Will" 1 Wetherold, Treasurers 

John Geete. sivome, 

Will" 1 Ridout, 
Roger Stanard. 

The Bayliffs and 
Tho : Denis, 

Justices, John Caldwell, 

Rich : ffelaw, 
John Drayll. 

Escheator, Will" 1 Wetherold. 

Will" 1 Winter, 
Will : Hall. 

John Geete, 
John Caldwell, 
Joh : Blankpain, 
Rog : Stanard. 

Rich : Wall, 
Will" 1 Dalton, 
George Page, 
Will'" Say. 

Clerke, Tho : Bushop. 



Gilbert Debenham Esq r , and John Smith, Burgesses, elected for 
the Towne at the next Parliam* at London, on Leonards day next. 

29 H. VI. Thursday after Hillary. [Jan. 14, 1451.] 

The Collectors of the kings fifteenth of this town, are ordered 
likewise collectors for the Hamlets. 




All ordinances made before this Court, in all things shall be 
observed, and shall for the future stand in full force. 

The Chamberlins shall pay John Smith, Vintener, 7 marks for one 
tunne of wine, given by the town to the Duke of Suffolk. 

Granted to Tho : Denys, parcell of the com. soile at Shire house 
hill, 100 foote long, 80 foote broad, at 4 d rent, payable by moities at 
the two usuall feasts of La : and Mic : w th a distresse for areres, and if 
arere a whole yere, then a reentry. 

Richard ffelaw hathe allsoe another parcell of the common soile 
granted unto him at Shirehouse hill, (a) 

29 H, VI. Friday before Trinity. [June 18, 1451.] 

The Serjeants shall give theire bonds to the Chamberlins, and the 
proffits of the leetes and Courts shall be paid to the Chamberlins, whoe 
shall discharge the Bayliffs thereof at theire accompts. 

An Aide shall be collected of the inhabitants of the Towne, for the 
renewing of the Town Charter, and to that end every Portman shall 
pay 3 s 4 d , and every Burgess i s 8 d , and every fforrainer i s , and collectors 
are appointed to levy the same. 

1451-2. 30 H. VI. Wednesday, Nativit: Mar : [Sep. 8, 1451.] 




John Caldwell, 
Tho : ffastolfe. 

Will 111 Ridout, 
Roger Stannard. 

The Bayliffs and 
Tho : Denis, 
Will" 1 Wetherold, 
Rich : ffelaw, 
Joh : Drayll. 

Escheator, Tho : ffastolff. 






John Geete, 
Joh : Caldwell, 
John Blankpain, 
Rog : Stannard. 

Rich : Wall, 



Will'" Dalton, 

George Page. 

Clerk, Tho : Bushop. 

If any ffree Burgess shall be elected to any office to serve the 
Towne, and shall forsake his office, he shall be disfranchised. 

30 H. VI. ffriday after Holy Rood. [Sep. 17, 1451.] 

ORDERED : to ride the perambulation of the Towne, (b) and demolish 

an hedge and diche made by the Prior of Ely to inclose a common of 

pasture time out of minde belonging to the Towne, that is to say, to 

common from the feast of, &c. 

Granted to John Bole, the custome of the Kay and Woolhouse, and 

Petybeame weights and measures, the fleshouse and Custome of fflesh 

and hides, the faires of St George and St. James, and all fforaine fines 

for one yere, at 48" rent. 

(a) vid. supra, p. 73, note. 

(b) vid. supra, p. 74, note. 


30 H. VI. Thursday before Edmonds day. [King. Nov. 18, 1451.] 

Rich : Melys and Wm : Sewall elected to order and repaire the 
conduit and the house, and give accompt. 

Edm : Lamb, for diverse offences not specially menconed, is 

30 H. VI. Tewesday before Mathew. 
John Bunce disfranchised. 

[Sep. 14, 1451.] 

30 H. VI. Thursday before Annunc: Mar : [Mar. 23, 1452.] 

Rich : ffellaw shall have 4 U g s for his wages, for service as Burgess 
of the Parliam* for this Towne, and the same is to be payed him by 4O S 
a yere, out of the Marshe farme. 

Every Portman shall pay 2O d , and Every Burgess i2 d , for the 
maintenance of the liberty of this Towne, and two collectors are 

1452-3. 31 H. VI. Thursday,* Nativit : Mar : [Sep. 8, 1452.] 




Rich : ffelaw, 
Robert Smithe. 
Will"' Ridout, 
Rog : Stannard. 

Rob' Hall, 
Edm : Winter. 

Escheator, Rich : ffelaw. 

The Bayliffs and 
Tho : Denys, 


John Caldwell, 
Joh : Drayll, 
Will" 1 Wetherold. 

Rich : ffelaw, 
John Caldwell, 
John Blankpain, 
Rog : Stannard. 



John Ward, 
Hen : Stannard. 

Clerke, Tho : Bushop. 

Will Say, 
Rich : Wall, 
Will : Butler, 
Tho : Lee. 

31 H. VI. Wednesday sJ night after Mich : [Oct. n, 1452.] 

Every man w th in the liberty of this Towne resident, before Munday 
next, viz. all having shopps, shall kepe one good staffe : and every 
servant of lawfull age shall have one staff in their shopps or houses 
under penalty of 4 d , to wait uppon the Bayliffs when necessity shall be, 
by day or night, ffor the good and honour of the Towne. And that 
other inhabitants of greater ability in the same Town shall have Jacks, 
Sallets, Bowes, arrowes, swords, Targetts, Poleaxes, and other weapons 
of warre ready at an hower, to defend themselves and w th stand the 
enemies of the king and kingdom as they ought. 

Should be ' Friday.' 




31 H. VI. ffriday before Luke. [Oct. 13, 1452.] 

Every Burgess of this town shall pay j of a i 5 th for certaine affaires 
of this Towne, and collectors specially named. 

Granted to Will 1 " Winter, parcell of the Common soile betwene his 
tenem 1 on the north, and the salt water on y c south, 67 foote long, and 
53 foote broade, at 4 d rent. And the said Will 1 " Winter gave againe 
the same to the Towne, to have for ever sibi et assignatis suis. 

Common soile in Peters parish granted to Daling. 

31 H. VI. Tewesday before Thomas. [Dec. 19, 1452.] 

A cognisance of debt taken before Rich : ffelaw, one Bayliff, out 
of Court, vid : rot: min: pi: 

31 H. VI. Tewesday before y e Circumsision. [Dec. 26, 1452.] 

Robert Hall shall pay to the Bayliffs sixe pounds, to the use of the 
Towne, as Edm : Winter his fellow Chamberlin hath donne. 

31 H. VI. ffriday before Mathew. [Sep. 15, 1452.] 

John Smith and Edm : Winter elected Burgesses for the Parliam* 
to be holden at Redding, 6 May next, to serve for this Towne. And 
the said Edm : hathe granted that he will serve at his own charges. 

31 H. VI. ffriday before John Baptist nativit : [June 22, 1453.] 

The Estreats of the Towne, under the greene waxe, delivered to 
Will 1 " Wetherold and John Geete by the justices of this Towne, shall 
be paid out of the revenewes of this Towne. 

Granted to John Goss, liberty to Kay in the ground he bought of 
Brazier, in the salt water, to hold him and his heires repayring the same. 

!453-4- 32/7. VI. Satterday, Nativit : Mar : [Sep. 8, 1453] 

Bayliffs ( 

John Geete, / 

Will 1 " Ketche, 

sworne, ( 
Coroners ( 

Will" 1 Ketche. 
John Langcroft, 

Clavigers, < 

John Blankpain, 
John Caldwell, 

sworne, ( 

John Sudbury. 

Joh : Creeke. 

Eschcator sworne, 

John Geete. 

Clerk sworne, 

Tho : Bushop. 

Chamberlins ( 
sworne, ( 

John Rever, 
Math : Stabler. 

Serjeants ( 
sworne, \ 

Rich : Wall, 
Will 1 " Dalton. 

The Bayliffs and 


John Caldwell, 

Serjeants ( 

Tho Ley, 

/us/ices, < 

Robt. Smith, 

not sworne, ( 

Geor: Page. 

John Drayll, 


W m Baldrey. 


At the next court consideracon shall be had of the matter 
concerning Joh : Thweyt and others, and to take theire answere to 
matters charged against them by the commonalty. 

Determination allsoe shall then be made concerning the arests of 
Burgesses w th in theire houses. 

32 H. VI. Tewesday after Martin, [Nov. 13, 1453.] 

John Archer of Thorpe Morieux, and Willm. Piper, Lavenham, 
executors of the last will of John Archer of Lavenham, camme and 
proved his will in this court, there beeing no lay fee therein bequeathed, 
that doe lye w th in the Towne of Ipsw ch or liberties thereof, and the 
same was inrolled according to the custome. 

32 H. VI. Wednesday before Simon and Jnde. [Oct. 24, 1453.] 

Tho : Bushop ordered to go to London to obtaine a new Charter, 
and therew th fines and amercem* 3 before the Justices. 

ffower Portmen and nine Burgesses elected to be Assessors of the 

A levari fac : shall issue against Rob 4 Hall, late Chamberlin, for 
6 H , to be paied by him to Rob* Smithe in p't of 8 H g s io d to him due. 

32 H. VI. Thursday before Thomas. [Dec. 20, 1453.] 

Tho : Barker shall shew forthe his title to the Common soile that 
he holdeth, before Tewesday after Epiphany. [Jan. 8, 1454.] 

32 H. VI. Munday before Vincent. [Jan. 21, 1454.] 

Accompt shall be made before auditors assigned, of the mony 
received for the suites betwene this Town and that of Bury St Edm : 
and the priour of Ely. 

32 H. VI. ffriday before Dunstan. [May 17, 1454.] 

Sixe collectors named, to assess all the inhabitants of this Towne, 
at j quinzieme, for the suit aforesaid. 

32 H. VI. ffriday in Whitsun weeke. [June 14, 1454.] 

The inhabitants of this towne shall pay to the subsidy ordained by 
the assent of the Lords & Commons in parliam*, for the defence at sea. 

Burgesses elected, ordered to pay 4 s yerely apeece, till they shall 
submitt to be sworne. 




32 H. VI. Thursday before Translat : Thomas. [June 27, 1454.] 

S r Roger Chamberlin (a) and John Timperly, Esquire, (bj elected 
Burgesses uppon condicon. 

H54-5- 33 


H. VI. Sunday, Nativit : Mar : [Sep. 8, 1454.] 

Thorn : Denys, 
John Caldwcll, 

John Waldworth, 
John Langcroft. 

The Bayliffs and 
John Geete, 
Will" 1 Ketche, 
Rich : ffelaw, 
Joh : Drayll. 

Escheator, Tho: Denys. 




Joh : Rever, 
John Goss. 

John Caldwell, 
Will" 1 Ketche, 
John Blankpain, 
Joh : Creyck. 

Com. Clerke, 

Rich : Wall, 
Will" 1 Dalton, 
Geor : Page, 
Tho : Ley. 

1454-5. 33 H. VI. ffriday before Simon & Jude. [Oct. 25, 1454.] 

No forrainer in the Towne abiding, shall pay any fine but by the 
allowance of the Bayliffs and Chamberlins. 

Every stranger comming to this Towne w th Marchandise, by land 
or water, shall weigh his Marchandise at the common crane, and not 
otherwise, unless by composition w th the chamberlins, whoe shall be 
answerable for the cranage, and composition for weighing otherwhere, 
and if no composition shall be made, the 3 d peny of the mony received, 
shall be payed to the Chamberlins for weighing otherwhere. 

33 H. VI. ffriday before Andrew. [Nov. 29, 1454.] 

Granted to John Caldwell parcell of the common soile at Shirehouse 
hill, (cj 80 foote broad, 100 foote long, at 4 d r*. 

And to John Geete another parcell thereof, the like quantity and 
rent. vid. 15 H. 7. 

And to John Osborne another parcell there, forty foote broad, and 
in length equall to his tenem* there at 1 2 d rent. 

And to Willm. Ketche another parcell there, 80 foote broad, and 
100 foote long, at 4 d rent. 

And to Drayll another parcell there, at 4 d rent. 

And to John Goss another peece at the West head next the 
highway, 80 foote; and Eastward next Verdons Lane, 55 foote; And in 
length next the land of Nich : Swann 87 foote, and next Ketches and 
Osbornes, 132 foote, at 4 d rent. 

(a) Sir Roger Chamberlain, Sheriff of Norf. and Suff. 19 Hen. vi. vid. Morant's Essex, Vol. 2, 
p. 261, and Fuller's Worthies. Vol. 2, p. 147. 

(b) Timperley of Hintleshara ; vid. Page's Suffolk, pp. 20 and 21 ; Weever's Fun. Mon. pp. 765-6, 
780 ; Her. and Geneal. iii., p. 420. (c) vid. supra, p. 73. 



33 H. VI. Tewesday after Epiphany. [Jan 7, 1455.] 

Every Burgess of this Towne shall pay ^ of a quinziem towards the 
suite betwene this Town and the Town of Bury, and every fforraine 
Burgess shall allsoe pay thereunto. 

33 //. VI. Wednesday after Candlemass. [Feb. 5, 1455.] 

Gilbert Debenham and . . . ffincham (aj elected to arbitrate the 
difference betweene the Townes of Ipsw h and Bury. 

33 H. VI. ffriday, Easter weeke. [Ap. n, 1455.] 

The collectors of mony of certaine p'ticuler parishes in Ipsw ch for 
the suite w th Bury, have a day sett to bring in theire accompts. 

The Chamberlins shall pay the expences of the journy to 
Stow Market in meate and drinke, for the arbitration of the difference 
betweene the said Townes. 

33 H. VI. Tewesday before Peter & Paul/. [June 24, 1455.] 

John Timperley (6) and Gilbert Debenham the younger, Esq", 
elected to be Burgesses of the Parliam* for this Towne, uppon the 
19 of July next to be holden. 

1455-6. 34 H. VI. Munday, Nativit : Mar : [Sep. 8, 1455.] 




Rich : ffelaw, 
Will" 1 Baldrey. 

John Wallworth, (c) 
John Langcroft. 

The Bayliffs and 
Tho : Denys, 
John Caldwell, 
John Drayll, 
Rob : Smithe. 

Escheator, Rich : ffelaw. 

John Goss, 
John Ward. 


Rich : ffelaw, 
John Caldwell, 
John Blankpain, 
John Creyck, 
Tho : Bushop. 

Comm : Clerke, Tho: Bushop. 
Cler : pac : Joh : Creyck. 


Willm : Dalton, 
Rich : Wall, 

Christopher Stekenham, 
W' Say. 

Noe Burgess or fforrainer shall purchase any letter or message 
from any lord or lady for obtaining any office in this Towne, under 
perill of perpetuall disablem* for any office in this Towne. 

A scire fac : ordered against Willm : Ridout and Willm : Heede to 
appeare before the Bayliffs, and shew cause whie they should not be dis- 
franchised for suing Joh: Caldwell, a free Burgess of this Towne, out of the 
liberty of this Towne, unjustly and contrary to the Charter of King John. 

(a) Fincham of Finchara Hall, Blomfield's Norff. vii. 348, 462 ; Marshall's Gen. Guide ; and of 
Outwell, Page's Suff. Traveller, p. II. 
(bj vid. supra, p. 112. 
(c) Wodderspoon, p. 35 r> assigns this family to St. Lawrence parish. 



34 H. VI. ffriday before Mathew. [Sep. 19, 1455.] 

Granted to John Letill, parcell of the Common soile betweene the 
Towne diche on the South, and the said Lettles tenem 4 on the North, 
1 20 foote long, 1 8 foote broad at both ends, at 6 d r*, w th distress for 
default of paym* uppon the day, and reentry for areres, one yere and a 
month, and to repaire the Town dich along his tenem*. 

And to John Sharpe, p't of the Common soile beneathe the close 
of the Priour of St Peter north, and Com : soile south, the Common 
soile east, and the Common soile towards the river west, 44 foote long, 
and 24 foote broad at both ends, at 6 d r 1 , w th remidy as aforesaid. 

And to Thomas Soty, betweene his garden on the South, and a 
common way on the North, 36 foote long, and Westward 9 foote 
broade, at 4 d r*, w* remidy as aforesaid, vid. 15 H. 6. 

And to John Buggs, chaplain, the land formerly Jo : Parkers, 
betwene the highway North, and Nic : Pecoks curteledge South ; 
64 foote long, and Eastward 30 foot broad, and Westward 35 foot, at 
6 d r 1 , and the same to remain to the Guild after his deathe. 

34 H. VI. ffriday bef : Mich : [Sep. 26, 1455.] 

Willm : Ridout and Willm : Heede ordered to bring into the Court 
theire Bill, whereuppon they p'secuted John Caldwell by subpena. 

Granted to John Drayll, the Common Marsh, at 8 marks rent yerely, 
till he be satisfied, 22 marks. 

Willm : Ridout and Willm : Heede shall bring security for 30'' arere 
of theire mill farme before ffriday after Mich : next. 

34 //. VI. ffriday before Faith. [Oct. 3, 1455.] 

Willm : Ridout and Willm : Heed shall bring in good security for 
theire rent arere, and for reparacons of the mill, before Allsaints day. 

34 H. VI. ffriday after Ambrose. [Ap. 9, 1456.] 

Willm : Ridout hathe further day to acquitt himselfe of 20" of the 
mill rent before Georges day next. 

34 H. VI. Thursday before George. [Ap. 22, 1456'.] 

Willm : Ridout camme this day, and answered that he would not 
acquitt himselfe of the 20" ordered formerly. 



1456-7- 35 H. VI. 


Wednesday, Nativit: Mar : [Sep. 8, 1456.] 

John Wallworth, 
Edm : Winter. 

John Langtoft, 
Rob' Hall. 

The Bayliffs and 
Thorn : Denys, 
Rich : ffelaw, 
John Caldwell, 
John Drayll. 

Escheator, John Wallworth. 

John Blankpain, 
John Creeke. 




Edm : Winter, 
John Caldwell, 
John Blankpain, 
Joh : Creyck. 

Cler: pac : Joh : Creyck. 
Com : Cler : Tho : Bushop. 


Rich : Wall, 
Willm : Dalton, 
Willm : Say, 
Cuthbert Steckenham. 


H. VI. ffriday after Edward. [Rex et Con/. Jan. 7, 1457.] * 

Horsewade mill demised to Lackford for 7 yeres at 2O U rent, the 
lease to be made by the Chamberlins, and Lackford made free Burgess 
upon condition to keepe covenants. 

Granted to Winter parcell of y Com. soile by y river on the west, 
in length according to Terries land, at 4 d rent. 

John Blankpain and John Creyk, Chamberlins, shall moderate the 
forrain fines assessed. 34 H. 6. 

Auditors for the Chamberlins accompts are named. 

35 H. VI. ffriday before Valentine. [Feb. n, 1457.] 

Ordered : to buy a Barge for the Commons use and honour of the 
Towne, unto W* the Bayliffs and Portmen contributed 2O U and more if 
neede be, soe as the Commons doe contribute 2O U and more if neede be. 

35 H. VI. Peter ad Vinc^da. [Monday, Aug. i, 1457.] 

Recognisance of debt before the Bayliffs out of Court, vid. lib : 
min : pi : aud the like I o June y e same yere. 

35 H. VI. ffriday after Corp Ckr' i : [June 17, 1457.] 

If any person shall purchase a writt of error for a suite in the 
Towne Court, he shall pay for allowance thereof, 6 s 8 d to the Commons, 
and 2 s to the Clerke. 

35 H. VI. Wednesday before Nativit: Joh: Bap: [June 22, 1457.] 

Tho : Shreeve elected to conduct shipps from the Woose fa) end 
and the Pynnell to the Common Kay, taking the auncient fee. 

Granted to Tonwinter parcell of the Common soile over against 
his tenem*, in length 40 foote, and the same in bredth. 

* If his Translation is intended, the date would be Oct. 15, 1456. 

(a) i.e. Ooze end. 







36 H. VI. 



Tho : Denys, 
John Drayll. 

John Langtoft, 
Robt : Hall. 

The Bayliffs, and 
Rich : ffelaw, 
John Caldwell, 
John Wallworth, 
W m Baldrey. 

Thursday, Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 145 7.] 
Chambers, j j g^' 

/ John Drayll, 
r , . \ John Caldwell. 

Clangers, j ohn Blankpain, 

' Joh : Creycke. 
Com : Cler: Tho : Bushop. 

Rich : Wall, 
Eschealor, Tho : Denys. 

36 H. VI. ffriday before Gregory. [Mar. 10, 1458.] 

The Burgesses of this Towne shall pay ^ of a fifteenth for the 
suite w 111 the Prior of Ely, (a) and Collectors are appointed. 

36 H. VI. ffriday after Phill : & Jacob. [May 5, 1458.] 

All burgesses refusing to pay theire p't of the said assessm 4 shall 
be disfranchised. 

[Sep. 8, 1458.] 

Willm: Dalton, 

W m Say, 

Cuthbert Stekenham. 

8-9- 37 




VI. ffriday, A 

John Caldwell, 
Rich : ffelaw. 



John Langtoft, 
Rob' Hall. 




The Bayliffs and 
Thorn : Denys, 
John Drayll, 
Joh: Wallworth, 
W m Baldrey. 

', Joh : 




John Blankpain, 
Joh : Creyck. 

Rich : ffelaw, 
John Drayll, 
John Hlankpain, 
Joh : Creyck. 

Clerk, Tho : Bushop. 

Willm : Dalton, 
Rich : Wall. 
John Newport, 
Rich : Baker, 
Willm : Plaines. 

37 H. VI. Munday after Mich : [Oct. 2, 1458.] 

Collectors for \ of a 1 5 th granted for the suite with the Priour of Ely. 

Auditors .for accompts w* power to summon accomptants from 
time to time, and for the first default fined 6 s 8 d , and the fine doubled 
till they doe appeare. 

37 H. VI. Thursday after Nicholas. [Dec. 14, 1458.] 

Collectors made for j of a 1 5 th for the charges of a suite wherein 
John Geete was condemned against Gregory Langham, and for other 
urgencies of the Towne. 

(a) Probably William Wells, elected Prior in 1430 or 1432, and cited as Prior in 1460. vid. Dugdale 
Monast. i. 468. 




37 H. VI. ffriday after Hillary. [Jan. 19, 1459.] 

Granted to John Caldwell, the Comm : Marshe (for certaine debts 
from the Town to him due) for 3 yeres from Mich : last, excepting one 
medow, formerly granted to Horswade Mill tenant. 

1459-60. 38 H. VI. 

Safterday, A 

Bayliffs ( 
sworne, \ 


Wai worth, 
: Winter. 


( John 


Escheator, John Wallworthe. 


The Bayliffs and 
Tho : Denys, 
Rich : ffelawe, 
John Caldwel, 
John Drayll. 




[Sep. 8, I459-] 
Willm : Stile, 
John Campion. 

John Caldwell, 
Edm : Winter, 
John Blankpaine, 
John Creyck. 

Clerke, Tho : Bushop. 

Willm: Dalton, 
Willm : James, 
Rog : Maroine, 
Gregor : Page. 

38 H. VI. Munday before Mich : [Sep. 24, 1459.] 

Burgesses made, eache of them giving a buck of the seisin uppon 

38 H. VI. Thursday after Mich : [Oct. 4, 1459.] 

Granted to Tho : Denys 2O S yerely, for his councill to the Towne, 
payable by the Chamberlins at the times accustomed. 

Tho : Denys and Rich : ffelaw (a) shall goe to London for the suite 
betweene the Towne of Ipsw ch and the king. 

A summe of mony assessed upon p'ticuler persons named, for the 
maintaining of the suite. 

38 H. VI. Munday after Martin. [Nov. 12, 1459.] 

Willm: Worsop & John Rever (b) elected Burgesses for the Towne 
at the next parliam* at Coventree, 20 Nov. &c., and shall eache [have] 
1 8' 1 a day, soe long as the parliam 1 shall be there or at York, but if at 
London or Canterbury, they shall have but 1 2 d a day. 

38 H. VI. Thursday after Epiphany. [Jan. 10. 1460.] 

Ordered : that the Sheriff of Suffolke (c) shall distr nc Willm : Wetherold 
and Rob* Wode, late Bayliffs, for the summe of 6 U 2 s io d ob.* 

Auditors appointed for the Chamberlins accompts of the yere 35 H. 6. 

(a) Rich : Felaw occupied an important place as well in the commerce as in the administration of the 
town for a considerable time, and at a later period afforded valuable aid to Sir John Howard in his efforts on 
behalf of Edw. iv. (-aid. p. 125. note.) He was also by will, dat. 2 Jan. 1482, a generous benefactor to the 
Grammar School. 

(b) A family of this name, also spelt Rivers and Ryvers, is found at Chattisham from 1563, one brass 
inscription on the floor of the Church still remaining. 

(c) Philip Wentworth. vid. Fuller's Worthies, ii. 147. Morant's Essex, ii. 361 ; and Gage's 
Thingoe Hundred, p. 4. * obolum, a halfpenny. 




38 H. VI. ffriday, being the feast of Mark. [Ap. 25, 1460.] 

John Palmer brought the king's writt of dotage uppon the Stat. 
West. 2. Ca. 38., w** writt is entered verbatim. 

1460-1. 39 H. VI. 

Willm : Stile, 
John Campion. 


Escheator, Tho : 


Tho : Denys, 
Will 1 " Ridout. 

John Creyck, 
John Rever. 


The Bayliffs and 
Rich : ffelaw, 
John Drayll, 
W m Baker, 
Joh : Wallworth. 



Joh : Caldwell, 
John Creyck, 
John Blankpaine. 

Com : Cler : Tho : Bushop. 


W m Dalton, 
Rog : Marvin, 
George Page, 
Willm : James. 

39 H. VI. Wednesday before Mich : [Sep. 24, 1460.] 

The Cheife pledges (aj of the South ward ordered to see if 
Tho : Blomvile hathe removed his nusance in the high way. 

Richard ffelaw and Willm : Baldrey elected burgesses for this Towne 
at the next parliam 4 7 Octob. 

39 H. VI. Wednesday before Faith. [Oct. i, 1460.] 

Granted to John Pollard, atturny of this Towne, 2O S yerely, soe 
long as he shall continue Atturny of the same, for his fee for his service 
in the kings Exchequer. 

James Hobbard (d) of Ipsw ch admitted of Counsill for this towne, 
and shall have 2O S yerely, payed by the Chamberlins, soe long as he 
shall continue in the service. 

James Hobard is admitted allsoe Atturny for this towne in all 
other the kings Courts at Westminster, or in any other place in 
England. And the Chamberlins shall give him 6 s 8 d for his fee. 

Rob 4 Blomvile made free Burgess, his fine is pardoned for his 
service donne, excepting the fees to the Bayliffs and other officers. 

39 H. VI. Wednesday before Valentine. [Feb. n, 1461.] 

The present Chamberlins shall pay to the Bayliffs 28 H , of w** 
summe this Court will save harmless John Wallworth and Edm : Winter, 
late Bayliffs, and the said Chamberlins, against Margaret, Queen of 
England, and all others, (c) 

(a) vid. supra, p. 99, note. 

(b) This James Hobbard or Hobart, afterwards (vid. p. 127) elected representative of the borough in 
Parliament, appears to have been the son of Tho : Hobart of the Tye in Essex, and was reader at Lincoln's Inn 
in 1447, and Attorney-General to Hen. VII, by whom he was knighted in 1505. md. Blomfield's Norf. vii, 243, 
and Page's Suff. 956. 

(c) This order, and a further one on p. 120. 2 Ed. IV., for the providing of 20 armed men for the King, 
Wodderspoon (p. 297) regards as evidences of the adherence of this Borough to the Yorkists. 





1461-2. i E. IV. Tewesday after John Bapt : [June 30, 1461.] 

Richard ffelawand Willm: Baldree elected Burgesses for the Towne 
at the next parlm* at Westm r , 6 of July next ensuing. 

I E. IV. Tewesday, Nativit : Mar: [Sep. 8, 1461.] 


Rich : ffelaw, 
Rog : Stannard. 

John Creyck, 
John Rever. 


The Bayliffs and 
Tho : Denys, 
Joh : Walworth, 
John Drayll, 
W m Ridout. 


' Tho : Winter, 
John Bolton. 

Willm : 



Roger Stannard, 
John Creyck, 

\ John Blankpain. 

Com: CYi?r:Tho: Bushop. 




John Newport, 
Tho : Reede, 

Rob' Kirkham. 

Escheator, Rich : ffelaw. 

Edward Lamb restored to his ffranchise. 

John Brown, bucher, admitted free burgess, together w a his two 
sonnes of the same trade, and it is granted to him to have a stall in the 
Buchery, suche as he shall chuse. 

i E. IV. Thursday after Holy Cross. [Sep. 17, 1461.] 

The new mill granted to Richard ffelaw for 2 yeres, at 10" yerely 
rent, and to repaire the same. 

i E. IV. ffriday after Epiphany. [Jan. 8, 1462.] 

Chamberlins to accompt before Auditors at the day appointed, or 
to be disfranchised. 

Twelve of the Chiefe pledges named, shall assesse a fifteenth 
uppon the Town to the use of the Towne. 

Granted to Wm : Winter 42 foote in lengthe, and 2 1 foote in breadth, 
of the com. soile betwene the water gates and the new mill on the 
south, and Byles his Curtelage on the north, and the common causew'y on 
the west, the same soile to be kayed to his owne use and the millers for 
time to come. vid. the file of Peters com. soile in y" Treas ry ; the deed: 2 E. 4. 

i E. IV. Wednesday after the Purification. [Feb. 3, 1462.] 

Auditors elected for accompts, and the accomptants not to make 
default under io u penalty, and the arbitrators are likewise to arbitrate 
the charges of reparacons donne to the mill by Joh : Ody. 




1462-3. 2 E. IV. (Wednesday) The Vigillofy* Anminci: [Mar. 24, 1462.] 

Granted to R. ffelaw a p'cell of common soile between Keeche his 
garden on the north, and the Tenem* of the said R. in p't, and 
John Geete and Walter Whitlock in p't on the south. Tho : Denys his 
garden being east, and the highway from Blackfriers bridge to the Kay 
west, at 4 d r 4 by moities. 

2 E, IV. Tewesday before Ambrose. [Mar. 30, 1462.] 

This Towne shall finde 20 men armed when they shall be called 
for the kings service, and this to be at the charge of the Towne. 

Composition is made betweene the Prior of St Peters (a) and this 
Towne, that the Prior and his successors shall yerely for ever have at 
Easter and Mich : 1 6 s 8 d by moitys for the tithes of the new water mill 
and the Buchers house. 

2 E. IV. Tewesday after the feast of Reliques* [Sep. 21, 1462.] 

ffines of Burgesses to be made, assigned for y e paym 4 of the 
charges of the new Charter. 

1462-3. 2 E. IV. 


Wednesday, Nativit : Mar : [Sep. 8, 1462.] 

Edm : Winter, 
John Langcroft. 

John Creyck, 
John Rever. 

The Bayliffs and 
Thomas Denys, 
John Walhvorth, 
Rog : Stannard, 
Rich : ffelaw. 

Escheator, John Langcroft. 

Tho : Winter, 
John Bolton. 



! Edm : Winter, 

ni . \ John Blankpain, 

Llavisers, { } , ^ 

\ John Creyck, 

[ W m Ridout. 
Cler : pac : Joh : Creyck. 

Com : Clerk, Tho : B p . 


Joh : Newport, 
Rob : Kirkhous, 
Geor : Povy, 
Tho: Reed. 

2 E. IV. Tewesday before Epiphany. [Jan 4, 1463.]. 

Edm : Winter one of the Bayliffs, and the Portmen and Burgesses, 
granted to John Langcroft another of the Bayliffs, 1'rs testimoniall under 
the Common seale, against Robt: Wild, for a suite unjustly commenced 
by him against the said Bayliff before the sheriff of London. 

* This Festival, according to the calendar in the " Black Book of the Exchequer," falls on Sep. 15, 
but Sir Harris Nicolas, in his Chronology of History, (Lardner's Cab. Cyclop.) fixes it on Jan. 27, without, 
however, assigning any reason. 

(a) John Monewden, admitted 1381. 




2 E. IV. Thursday after the Convers : of Paull. [Jan. 27, 1463.] 

Will m Worsop and John Loppam, (a) burgesses resident, elected 
Burgesses for this Towne at the next Parliam 4 5 febr. at York, and 
W m . Worsop is to have his wages 2O d p. diem, so long as he shall 
be at York; if the parlm* adjourne nigher, he is to have but i6 d /. diem, 
and if to London, but I2 d /. diem. And John Lopham is to have but 
1 2 d /. diem wherever the Parliam* shall be. 

Two Porters elected and sworne. 

2 E. IV. Tewesday after Agatky. [Feb. 8, 1463.] 

Rich : Kirkhouse, for diverse injuries, deceipts, and trespasses, 
donne against his othe, is disfranchised, never to beare office in this 
Town againe. 

John Newport disfranchised in like manner, but after found suerties 
to stand to the judgem* of the Bayliffs and five others named, as touching 
his faults. 

1463-4. 3 E. IV. 


Thursday Nativit : Mar : [Sep. 8, 1463.] 

Thorn : Denys, 
Robt : Hall. 

John Creyck, 
John Rever. 

The Bayliffs and 
Rich : ffelaw, 
John Wallworth, 
Edm : Winter, 
Joh : Lancroft. 

Escheator, Tho : Denys. 

John Hasting, 
Edm : Sharrow. 




Robt : Hall, 
John Creyck, 
Roger Stannard, 
John Blankpain.($) 

Chr : pac : John Creyck. 

Com: Cler:Tho: 



Willm : Say, 
Tho : Reede, 
George Page, 
John Stile. 

3 E. IV. ffriday in Easter weeke. [Ap. 15, 1463.] 

John Lopham & Willm : Worsop elected Burgesses for this Towne 
at the next Parliam* at Westm r , uppon 29 day of Aprill. And at this 
Court were Gilbert Debenham and John Timperley Esq rs present, 
being ffreemen. 

3 E. IV. Tewesday* y e vigill of St. John B apt : [June 23, 1463.] 

Granted to John Goss, parcell of the common soile by the high way 

under the ffriers preachers wall, at 8 d r 1 , w * 1 Rich : Golty formerly had 

at 1 2 d r*. 

And to John Hasting, parcell of the common soile by the high way 

on y e south, by the house of Steven Wederingsett. 

(a) vid. Wodderspoon, p. 391. 

Should be 'Thursday.' 

(b) if Eng. ' Whitbread/ 




3 E. IV. Thursday before Bartholomew. [Aug. 18, 1463.] 

An Aide (a) granted to the King by Parliam*, assessed uppon this 
Towne by assessors in every Parish, viz. in Marg ts 3, and in the rest 
but 2, and the Parish of Stoke and the Hamlets are not menconed. 
The summs assessed uppon eache parish are as follows : 

li s. d. 

li s d. 


. 2-19-8 

Mary Tower 

3-i S- 2 

Mar: Elms 

. 1-7-8 


Marry Kay 

3-1 8- 2 

Tot. d. 

' li 


1-13 - o 



21-02 - 7 


. 0-13 - 8 

Clem" .. 




3 E. IV. ffriday before Mich : [Sep. 23, 1463.] 

Demised to Rich : ffelaw, the new mill w th the marshe, at io lj rent 
for one yere. 

The Serjeants shall warne John Newport to bring in at the next 
Court after Mich : a horse, saddle, and bridle, taken from John ffriston, 

3 E. IV. Thursday after Valentine. [Feb. 16, 1464.] 

The Chamberlins shall pay James Hobard for areres in the 
Exchequer, for inrolling the new Charter, 5 marks. 

Memorand : this Charter was passed almost a yere before, but 
was forgotten in the due place, and therefore the summe thereof is 
sett down as followeth. 

3 E. IV. (Wednesday) Marche 8. [1464.] 

The Charter reciting the Charters of E. 4., R. 2., E. 3., E. 2., 
E. i., John, and Hen. 2. fb) confirmed the priviledges of the Towne 
of Ipsw ch in them granted, omitting the Charter of Hen. 4 & others 
of that line. 

And he granted that they should be a corporate Town in p'petuall 
succession, by the name of the Bayliffs, Burgesses, and Commonalty 
of the Towne of Ipsw ch to all intents. 

That they shall have a common seale. 

That they may purchase lands and tenem ts to them and theire 
successors for ever. 

(a) An Aid (auxilium) was a subsidy granted to the Crown, usually a tenth or fifteenth of the 
personal estate of the subject, varying at first according to each new assessment, but reduced to a fixed 
amount by a commission issued 8 Ed. I. By the statutes 25 Ed. I. cc. 5 & 6, and 34 Ed. I. c. I. the king 
could levy no aid or tax without his Parliament. 

fbj Qy. should it not be H. III.? (J.S.) 


That yerely uppon the Nativit : of the Virgine Mary, in the Guild 
Hall at Ipsw ch , the Burgesses may elect two Burgesses, whoe shall be 
Bayliffs for one whole year then next following. 

That the Bayliffs and fower of the Portmen shall be justices of the 
peace for that liberty, for the hearing and determining of felonies, 
oppression, extortions, trespasses, contempts, routs, riots, conspiracies 
and all other crimes within the Town and Liberty; And to inquire into 
articles concerning the statutes of laboring, clothing, et capiciorum, 
forcible entries, and all other statutes inquirable by any justice of 
peace elsewhere. 

That all writs and warrants shall be directed to the officers of the 
Burough, (w*hout any precept to the Sheriff or Coroners of the County 
of Suffolke) to be executed by them. 

That noe other justice of the peace shall intermeddle in the 
execution of Justice in any matter arising w'hin that Towne. 

That They shall have all ffines, issues, and amercem* 3 and ffor- 
faitures whatever, adjudged before them in Sessions, and all fines, 
issues, amercem 15 , penalties, and ransoms of all and singuler w'hin the 
Towne abiding (resident or not resident) before or in any of the Courts 
of Westm r or Chancery or elsewhere. 

That they shall have all waifs, straies, and goods and Chattells 
called ' Maynor,' and all felons goods or Traitors goods, (convicted in 
any Court whatever) then being in the liberty of Ipsw * 1 , and fugitives 

That they shall have the assize of wine and ale, and all 
victualls, and of measures and weights, and shall have the power 
and place of Clerks of the Markett w'hin theire towne and precinct 
of the same. 

That they shall have the Admirallty and be Admiralls w'hin theire 

That they shall be Escheators w'hin theire liberty. 

And that therein noe Clerk of Market, Admirall, nor Escheator, 
shall intermedle to inquire any matter that may concerne theire 

That they shall have cognisance of plees, both reall, personall, and 
mixt, arising w*hin theire Towne and prsecinct, before all Courts what- 
soever, Although they may concern the Crowne. And they shall be 
allowed uppon the shewing of the Charter. 

That noe resident in the Towne shall not against theire wills be 
impanelled in Juries w'hout the liberty. 

They shall not be made assessors or Collectors of tenths, fifteenths, 
or other tallage or aide, nor be made Constable w'hout the liberty. 
And if they refuse uppon such election, they shall not pay any fine 
or penalty. 




4 E. IV. ffriday* Nativit : Mar: [Sep. 8, 1464.] 

Bayliffs and 





John Wallworth, 
Willm : Ridout. 

John Creyck, 
John Rever. 

The Bayliffs and 
Rich : ffelaw, 
Rob' Hall, 
Edw: Winter, 
Roger Stannard. 

John Lighthill and 
Tho : Cobb. 

Cler: pac : John Creyck. 
Com: Cler: John Ballhed. 

Willm : Ridout, 



Roger Stannard, 
John Blankpain, 
Joh : Creyck. 

Willm : Say, 
Geor : Page, 
Joh : Stile, 
Tho : Reed. 

4 E. IV. Thursday before Tiburt and Valerian. [Ap. 12, 1464.] 

John Wallworth, (in the room of Tho : Denys, lately dead,) is 
elected Bayliff to hold for the rest of this yere. 

4 E. IV. Friday before Nativit : Joh: Bapt : [June 22, 1464.] 

Granted to Thomas Bushop, Town Clerk, for his service donne 
and to be donne, all the common rent of the Town of Ipsw ch , cum toto 
Hadgabulo of the said Town During the life of the said Thomas, as 
well in sickness as in healthe. 

Noe man shall be made ffree Burgess in this Towne but shall pay 
at the least 4O S for his fine, (a) 

4 E. IV. Thursday, y vigill of St Mathew . [Sep. 20, 1464.] 

The towne Marsh, formerly demised to Tho : Denys, is now, w'h 
Portmens medow, demised to Depden and ffattare. 

If any inhabitant of this Towne shall find another mans hogg in 
his close or gardein, he shall have liberty to sell the same: the one halfe 
of the mony shall be his, and the other halfe to the Townes use. (bj 

4 E. IV. Thursday before Epiphany. [Jan. 3, 1465.] 

Rob 4 and Tho: Reydon Esq rs fcJ granted a rent of 23" 6 s . 8 d . to Sir Tho: 
Waldgrave, (d) out of severall manners and tenem ts w*hout the liberty of 
Ipsw ch , and the deed was here acknowledged and inrolled.svza'. rot. min: pi: 

Should be ' Saturday.' 

(a) Previous to the Municipal Corporations Act, 5 & 6 Will. 4. c. 76, the title of Freeman or Burgess 
was acquired either by patrimony, marriage, servitude, (i.e. as an apprentice for seven years), or by purchase, 
and the fees payable varied according to local custom. By ordinances made in 1 55 1 , the freedom of the city 
of Oxford cost by purchase v" iiijs vjd, but the son of a freeman was admitted for iiijs vjd, and the Mayor for the 
time being might admit his own son on payment of a gilt penny, vid. Turner's Records of the City of Oxford, 
pp. 204-9. 

(b) The straying of hogs appears to have become by degrees a public nuisance, against which various 
regulations were from time to time made, and at length, in 9 Eliz. a Hoggard was appointed to impound the 
errant swine, inflict a fine of is. 4d. for each, and to sell the animal if it were not paid. This nuisance was 
not confined to Ipswich, vid. Records of Oxford, pp. 109, &c. Lib. Albus. pp. 270. 590-1, from which it 
appears that in London pigsties had been kept in the streets. 

(c} md. Page's Suff., pp. 21, 30, 36, 1007. 

(d) Knighted by Edw. iv. for his gallantry at the battle of Towton, 29 Mar. 1461. ob. 1500, and buried 
with his wife at Bures. vid. Page's Suffolk, p. 924; Sims' Index to Her. Vis., and Marshall's Gen. Guide. 







Rich : ffelaw, 
Rog : Stannard. 

Job : Creyck, 
Joh : Rever. 

The Bayliffs and 
John Wallworthe, 
Willm : Ridout, 
Joh : Langcroft, 
Edm : Winter. 




5 E. IV. Sunday, Nativit : Mar: [Sep. 8, 1465.] 

Rog : Stannard, 
W" 1 Ridout, 
John Creyck, 
Joh : Blankpain. 

Willm : Winter, 
Joh : Waays. 

Cler : pac : Joh : Creyck. 
Com : Clerk : Joh : Ballhead. 

Willm : Say, 
Tho : Reede, 
Jo : Stile, 
Geor : Page. 

Serjeants shall bring in theire security w'hin 15 dayes, and then 
they shall be admitted. 

1465-6. 5 E. IV. ffriday before y e Anmmciacon. [Mar. 22, 1465.] 

The Marsh and Portmens medow granted to Rich : ffelaw from 
Mich : last, to pay to John Strangwaies 2O H . 6 s . 8 d ., and to Rob'ffattar (a) 
4O S . of the Town arere in y c Exchequer. 

Noe Burgess of this Towne shall be amerced for brewing, and that 
the best ale shall be at i d ob. a quart, and the worst at ob. q. (b) 

Granted to Steven Withe, a wear in the common river, over against 
Greenw * 1 Cliff, at 6 s 8 d rent for 7 yeres yerely. 

Granted to Edm : Winter parcell of the com. soile in the parish of 
Nich : north of the tenem* of the said Edm : called the Woad house, (c) 

5 E. IV. ffriday before Corf Chr i : [June 7, 1465.] 

John Solyard elected to be of the Councill of this Towne, and 
twenty shillings yerely is given him for his fee, and allsoe he is made 
a free Burgess of this Towne. 

Auditors for accompts named. 

Granted to Joh : Campion, pt of the comm : soyle in Mathewes 
parish, betweene the Gaole southe, and Clay streete north, in length 
80 foote, in bredth 30 foote, at io s yerely rent. 

5 E. IV. Thursday before Hillary. [Jan. 9, 1466.] 

George Seckford Esq r fd) inrolled a deede to S r John Howard, (e) 

(a) This Fattar appears to have been "under sheryffe." vid. Pub. Roxburgh Club. 1841. p. 192. 
(Brit. Mus. 'Academies,' 8104/51.) 

fb) obolum = |d ; quadmns = \&. The restricted character of this trade is clear from Cady's case, 
4 H. VII. 

(c) Woad, botanically known as 'Isatis tinctoria,' and in Med. Latin called 'wesda,' was extensively 
imported from Normandy and Picardy for dyeing purposes, in large frails or wicker baskets, vid. Lib. Albus. 
Introd. xxxiij, and Liber Custumarum, ii. Gloss. 

(d) Page's Suff., p. 41. 

(e) A full account of Sir John Howard and his connection with Suffolk affairs is given in the vol. of the 
Roxburgh Club Pub. mentioned above. Introd. pp. Ixxxv-xciii. vid. also Marshall's Gen. Guide. 




John Clopton,(a) Tho: Heigham/^ Clem* Heigham, Rob* Deane, Willm. 
Hobart (c) of manners and lands, all w th out the liberty of this Towne. 

And a release uppon a recovery to Will" 1 Hobart, inrolled here allsoe. 
vid. rot. recog, m : p : 
5 E. IV. Thursday after Valentine. [Feb. 20, 1466.] 

Divers deedes of forraine lands and tenem ts inrolled in this Court. 
vid: recog: min: pi: 
1466-7. 6 E. IV. Munday, Nativit: Mar: 


Edm : Winter, 
John Goss. 


John Hasting, 
Willm : Wats. 


The Bayliffs and 
Rich : ffelaw, 
John Wallworth, 
Rog : Stannard, 
W m Ridout. 

[Sep. 8, 1466.] 

Edm : Winter, 



Rog : Stannard, 
John Creyck, 
Joh : Rever. 

John Baldweene, 
Hen : Bass. 

Chr:pac: Joh : Creyck. 
Com : Clerk : John Ballhed. 

Roger Marvin, 
W m Say, 
Tho : Reed, 
Geor: Page. 


6 E. IV. Munday before Easter. [Mar. 31, 1466.] 


Willm : Sewell elected ffree Burgess, that he might make up the 
ffriers Bridge. 

The fine of John Newport shall be 4O S . 

6 E. IV. Tlmrsday after John: Bapt : [June 26, 1466.] 

A recognisance was acknowledged for the good behaviour, and 
the forfaiture was limited to the use of the party complaining. 

1467-8. 7 E. IV. Tewesday, Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1467.] 

I Rob' Hall, 



j Robt : Hall, 
; Willm : Stile. 


\ Rog : Stannard, 
j John Creyck, 
{ Joh : Rever. 


' John Hasting, 
; Willm : Watts. 

Chamberlins, j John Baldwin, 
( Tho : Gyles. 

The Bayliffs and 

Cler: pac: 

John Creyck. 

Rich : ffelaw, 

Com : Cler 

: John Ballhed. 


John Wallworth, 
Rog : Stannard, 
Joh : Goss. 


!Rog : Marvin, 
W" Say, 
Tho : Reed, 

Geo : Page. 

(a-) John Clopton of Melford and Kentwell, Esq., vid. Howard's Vis. Suff. i. pp. 34-40- Iio-il- 127 
will dat. 4 Nov. 1494 ; P.C.C. Home 17. Inq. p.m. 13 Hen. VIII. no. 114. 

(b) Heigham. vid. Howard's Vis. Suff. ii. 210 &c. (Brit. Mus. low. dd.) 

(c) vid. supra, p. 118. 


7 E. IV. Friday after Easter. [Ap. 3, 1467.] 

Granted to R. Barker, parcell of the com : soyle nigh the {friers 
Preachers, (a) 131 foote long, 20 foote broad southward, and 15 or 16 
foote northwards. 

To R. Casenell, another parcell nigh his house, 15 foote broad 
southward, and 20 foote northward, and 90 foote long, at 8 d rent, and 
a garden nigh the river at 3 d r*. 

To John Wallworth, parcell of the com: Diche, 250 foote long, 
at 4 d r*. 

To John Stevens, nigh the ffriers Preachers wall, 99 foote long, 
14 foote broade Southward, and 22 foote Northward, at 8 d r*. 

To John Rever, nigh Georges Churche, W 253 foote long, 27 foote 
broad next the high way, and 46 foote southward. 

7 E. IV. Wednesday, Whitsun iveeke. [May 20, 1467.] 

John Wimondam Esqr (c) and James Hobart, (d) elected Burgesses 
for the Towne at the next Parliam 1 at Westm r , 3 d June. 

7 E. IV. Munday before Mich : [Sep. 28, 1467.] 

Granted to Tho : Reed, parcell of com : soyle betwene the gardins 
of Rich : Cooper and John Hamond, at 6 d rent. 

John Brenn shall build a house of Stone by the Town diche, 
paying 2 d r*. 

Thorn : Say shall have part of the com : soile w th out his gate, nigh 
Campions house, at i d r*. 

A surveiour of the ffishe market elected. 

7 E. IV. Munday before Candlemass. [Feb. i, 1468.] 

Granted to the church of Stevens, parcell of the common soile on 
the west for the Church yard, rendering a redd rose yerely, if it be 

Auditors elected. 

(a) i.e. the Black Friars. 

( b) This Church, mentioned in the Domesday Survey, and situated in Globe Lane, was a building of the 
Early English period, some remains of which existed till a recent date. (Wodderspoon, p. 332). A wood- 
cut of the interior is preserved among the drawings in the King's Lib. Brit. Mus. 

(c) Also spelt Wymondham, Windham, and Wyndham. This John appears to have been in the 
service of Sir John Howard, afterwards Duke of Norfolk, whose daughter he married, and being with 
K. Hen. VII. at the battle of Stoke, 1489, was there knighted, but afterwards beheaded for conspiracy 
on Tower Hill, 6 May, 1503. vid. Blom. Norf. viii, 112. 

(d) vid. supra, p. 1 18. 



1468-9. 8 E. 

IV. Thursday, Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1468.] 

John Wallworth, 


John Wallworth, 


Rog : Stannard, 
John Rever, 


Willm : Ridout. 

Willm : Winter. 


ijohn Hasting, 
Willm : Watts. 

Chamberlins, \ Walter Hering, 
( Joh : Deeping. 

, The Bayliffs and 

Cler: pac : Rob 1 Bloomfeild. 

Robert Hall, 

Com : Clerk : John Ballhed. 


W ln Stile, 

Rog : Marvin, 

Rich ffelaw, 
Rog : Stannard. 


Geor: Page, 
Rob' Porter, 
Joh : Dry. 

8 E. IV. Temsday before Mich : [Sep. 27, 1468.] 

Granted to Rich : Barber, parcell of com : soyle by the ffriers 
Preachers wall, at i 5 rent. 

Deeds of Rob : Reydon esquire, (a) and others, and the will of 
Rob 1 Reydon esquire, proved and acknowledged and inrolled in the 
Town court, though they concerne noe lay fee within the liberty of the 
Towne. vid. rot : min : pi : 8 E. 4. 

8 E. IV. Wednesday after Luke. [Oct. 19, 1468.] 

Every Butcher shall agree with the Chamberlins for theire flesh 
sold in the market. Every Butch r shall be amerced I2 d for sale of 
corrupt flesh, and I2 d for sale of Bulls flesh not bayted, (b) [and] i2 d for 
flesh sold at theire private houses on the Market day. 

Assessors appointed for the new 15*. 


9 E. 

IV. (Friday) Nat 


(Rich : ffelaw, 
Rob 1 Wimbill. 



John Hasting, 
W m Watts. 


The Bayliffs and 
John Wallworthe, 

Rog : Stannard, 
W m Creyck, 
W m Winter. 


Tho : Drayll, 
Joh : Osborne. 

Cler: pac: Rob' Blomfeild. 
Com: Cler: Joh: Ballhed. 


Rog : Marvin, 
Geo : Page, 
Joh : Dry, 
Rob : Porter. 

9 E. IV. Friday after Corf Chr' i : [June 2, 1469.] 

At Corp' Chr'i : dinner, every Burgess shall pay 6 d for his owne 
dinner, and 4 d for his wives dinner. 

Willm : Cady shall have the heathe belonging to the Towne for two 
yeres, paying for the same 4 shillings. 

(a) -vid. supra, p. 124. 
(b) i.e. by dogs, at the Bull Stake on Cornhill. vid. Strutt's Pastimes of the Eng. People, pp. 192, &c. 




9 E. IV. Munday after Nativit : Mar : [Sep. n, 1469.] 

John Timperly, Jun., fa) and Joh : Alfray (b) of Hendley, elected 
Burgesses for this Towne at the next Parliam* at yorke, 22 Septemb. 
The first of the m hath given him 8 d p.diem, * the other serveth in 
consideracon of his admission to be ffree Burgess of this Towne. 

The proffits of S* James his faier granted to the lazers (c) of this 

The com. marsh and portm. medow granted to trustees to demise, 
and out of the proffits arising to pay debts to Rich : ffelaw and 
Rog : Stannard, and render accompt. 

Granted to Rich : ffelaw and Rog : Stannard the fine of the next 
free Burgess to be elected by them. 

The Chamberlins shall receive the p' frits of the Common marshe 
for this yere. 

9 E. IV. Mimday before Mathew. [Sep. 18, 1469.] 

The King shall have 1 2 soldiers to serve for 5 weekes, and \ a 15* 
shall be collected for that service. 

1470-1. io E. 

/F.f (Saturday} Nativit : Mar: 

[Sep. 8, 1470.] 


Edw : Winter, 


Rob Hall. 

John Hasting, 
Willm : Watts. 


( Rob : Blomfeild, 
' ( Rich : Machet. 

f The Bayliffs and 

Cler : pac : Bennett Caldwell. 

Rich : ffelaw, 


John Wallworth, 

Com: Cler: 

Ro : ffuller. 

Rob' Wimbill, 

Joh : Creyck. 

/ W- Say, 

Rob' Hall, 

, . Rob' Wimbill, 
Clufrn, John Rever> 


| Rob : Hall, jun., 
j Joh : Lutton, 
\ Joh : Tiler. 

, W m Winter. 

(a)-vid. sup., p. 112. This family, according to Blomfield (Norf. ix. 474.) descended from Tho : 
Timperley, Esq., of Bowdon, Cheshire, and removed into Suff. in the reign of Hen. vr. It seems probable 
that the John Timperley here mentioned was brother of Roger Timperly, Bailiff in 1490, and previously 
M.P. for Yarmouth, being kted. at the marriage of Prince Arthur, Nov. 17, 1501. Harl. 6063, fo. 10. 
There is a brass inscription to Alice, wife of John Tymperley, Esq., in the chancel of St. Mary Key, 
dated 1485, and another to Elizabeth (Tymperley), wife of Wm. Platers (1584), in Sotterley Church. 

(b) A. Sussex family of this name is found in Berry's Suss. Gen. p. 244 ; Burke's Landed Gent. supp. ; 
and Foster's Stem. Brit. p. 25. md. also Davy's Suff. Coll. Add. MSS. 19,114, fo. 182, Brit. Mus. 

(c) i.e. lepers, vid. sup. p. 72. note. 

* This seems a very low rate of payment, since Parry (Parl. Eng. 200) fixes the wages of a Burgess in 
this reign at 2 s per diem, at the least. 

t This year and a portion of the next, form what is known also as the 49 Hen. VI., which begins on 
Tuesday, gth Oct., 1470, that being the date of the first instrument issued in his name after his restoration 
by Warwick, although he was not released from the Tower till the I2th Oct., and did not re-enter London 
till the 25th. The year ended, of course, on the day of his final defeat at the Battle of Barnet, I4th April, 
1471. Holinshed, 677. 



10 E. IV. Thursday after Joh: Port Latin. [May 10, 1470.] 

Every Burgess shall pay for his dinner at the Guild 6 d , and for 
his wife 4 d . 

And shall pay yerely for the two next yeres for augmentacon of 
the Preist's wages, 4 d . 

If ffidlers doe comme to the Dinner, theire wages shall be 
gathered at the Dinner. 

Auditors elected. 

Granted to Joh : Hasting, parcell of the com : soile at the new 
mill damme at 2 d r*. 

10 E. IV. Wednesday after Holy Rood. [Sep. 19, 1470.] 

Halfe a fifteenth shall be collected for 12 soldiers for the kings 

Edm : Bowen elected Atturny for this Towne in the Exechequer, 
and the Chamberlins shall pay him the auncient fee. 

10 E. IV. ffriday after Martin. [Nov. 1 6, 1470.] 

The 4 Serjeants shall yerely collect the fines, amercements, and 
issues of the inhabitants w ch shall be in the kings Courts at Westm r 
or other where. 

They elected Joh : Hasting portman. 

Granted to Nich : Helperby & his heires, a garden in Stevens 
parish at 4 d r l , w% distress for areres, and after 3 months reentry. 

To Geoffery Osberne and his heires, common soile in Clem ts 
Streete, to build a trawase thereuppon, at 4 d rent, ~w^ distress and 
reentry as formerly. 

1471-2. II E. IV. Sunday, Nativit : Mar : [Sep. 8, 1471.] 



Cler : pac : Bennet Caldwell. 
Com : Clerk, Rob' ffuller. 



John Wallworth, 
John Creyck. 

The Bayliffs and 
Rog : Stannard, 
Rich : ffelaw, 
Rob : Wimbill, 
Edw : Winter. 


John Creyck, 
Rob : Wimbill, 
Joh : Rever, 
Willm : Winter. 

John Rever, 
Willm : Winter. 

Rich : Machet, 
Joh : Brown. 


Rog : Marvin, 
Tho : Reed, 
Joh : Dey, 
Joh : Cotton. 

it E. IV. fSaturdayJ, 9 of Marche. [1471.] 

Diverse persons fined for not comming to the Court, and the 
Court adjourned for want of apparance. 


ii E. IV. Wednesday after Joh : Baptist. [June 26, 1471.] 

Sixe Porters of the Towne are elected. 

Ingill faj Bolton fined for a nusance donne to the highway at the 
Cole dunghill, by laying muck therein. 

Chamberlins shall p' forme theire works of receipts and paym* 5 in 
this house, as aunciently hath been used. 

ii E. IV. Tewesday before Peter. [June 25, 1471.] 

A release by S r Tho : Waldegrave acknowledged in this Court, 
allthough noe lands or tenem ts w'hin the Town or liberty were therein 
concerned, vid.rot.min: plac: and this release was to S r Tho: Bourchier,^^ 
Wm Jenny, Serjeant at law, (c) Gilbert Debenham, ^/y John Timperley (e) 
and Rich : Southwell Esq rs , (f) and at theire request it was inrolled. 

ii E. IV. Wednesday after Bartholomew. [Aug. 28, 1471.] 

Granted to John Rever, a garden called 'Bonbrokes garden,' at 4 d r*. 

fforrain fines assessed uppon three persons, at 6 s 8 d , and 3" 4 d . 

Rob : Casenell shall remove his Nusance done to the high way in 
Mary Elms parish before Mich : next, under the penalty of 10 shillings, 
and for the present offence fined i2 d . 

(a) A.S. Engel, angel, cf. Ingram, fr. Engelram, & Engelbert. Stratmann's Diet, of O.E. 181. Skinner, 
Etym. Ang. Camden's Rem. cone. Britain, p. 77. 

(b) In Davy's Suff. Coll. Add. MSS. 19,119, Brit. Mus., abstracts are given of the wills of Sir Tho : 
Bourgchier the elder, Kt, a younger son of Hen. Bourchier 1st E. of Essex; proved 19 Nov. 1491 ; and of 
Sir Tho : Bourchier, Kt, cousin of the preceding Sir Tho : and son of Sir John Bourchier, Kt, 1st Lord 
Berners ; proved 3 Sept. 1512; besides copious pedigrees and notes. Brasses of this family remain at 
Braunton, Devon ; Halstead, Essex ; Tatlersall, Line., and in West. Abbey, md. Haines' Mon. Brasses. 

(c) Afterwards Sir Wm. Jenny, Kt, of Knodishall, and one of the Judges of the King's Bench, 
1478; ob. 23 Dec., 1483. Page's Suff. pp. 244-5, 267. Marshall's Gen. Guide, p. 256. Sims' Index to 
Her. Vis. Burke's Hist. Com. iii, pp. 446-9. 

(d) The knightly family of Debenham was of Acton and Little Wenham, Suff., and became extinct 
in the male line about 16 H. vii., when Elizabeth Debenham being left sole heir of her brother, Sir Gilbert 
Debenham, who died s.p., mar. Sir Tho : Brewes of Fressingfield. The Sir Gilbert of Ed. 4th's reign was 
a stanch Yorkist, and on the re-adeption of the royal power by H. VI. in 1470, he accompanied Edward in 
his flight to the Duke of Burgundy, and was then knighted. On Edward's return, (Mon. n Mar. 1471) 
he joined the expedition, and in conjunction with Sir Robt. Chamberlain, landed, first at Cromer, and 
afterwards, more successfully, at Ravenspur, near the Humber. Loder's Hist. Framlingham, 394. Blom- 
field's Norf. iii, 167. Davy (Add. MSS. 19,126.) has pedigrees and copious notes on this family, and there 
are a few in Jermyn (Add. MSS. 8207). 

(e) md. sup., p. 129. 

(f) "The Southwells," says Camden, (Brit. i. 273) "originate from Southwell in Nottinghamshire, 
from whence they removed into Norfolk." The seat of this branch was at Woodrising, Norf., of which, 
apparently, the Rich. Southwell named by Bacon became possessed on his marriage with Amy, dau.and coh. 
of Sir Edm. Wichingham, lord of that manor. This Richard appears to have been Escheator of Norf. 
and Suff. in 38 Hen. VI., and in Ed. rv. Marshal of the Exchequer, and was still living in 1492. Another 
branch settled at Barham, Suff. Page's Suff., 567. Blomfield's Norf. x, 275. Davy's Suff. Coll. Add. 
MSS. 19,149. Jermyn, Add. MSS. 8215. Brasses of this family are extant at March, Cambs. ; Cobham, 
Kent ; and Barham, Suff. Haines' Mon. Brasses. 




1472-3. 12 E. IV. Tewesday, Nativit : Mar : [Sep. 

3, 1472.] 

Bayliffs, ( Rog : Stannard, 
Escheators, ( John Goss. 


Rog : Timperly, 
Willm: Watts. 


The Bayliffs and 
Rich : ffelaw, 
John Wallworth, 
Rob' Wimbill, 
Willm : Styles. 


Cler: pac: Bennet 
Com : Cler : Rob : 

W m Gnatt, 
W m Sewall. 


Thomas Medow shall pay 5 marks towards repaire of the Kay, in 
discharge of the Chamberlins and other officers of the Towne. 

12 E. IV. Thursday after Davids. [Mar. 5, 1472.] 

Willm: Stile elected -Bayliff instead of Joh : Creyck, lately dead, 
to execute the same w*h John Wallworth till Mich : day. 

12 E. IV. Wednesday before Gregory. [Mar. n, 1472.] 

Auditors elected. 

John Lee Esq r hathe liberty to view the Town evidences, and is 
admitted ffree Burgess, giving a brace of Bucks. 

The Prior of Peters (aj shall be summoned to shew his title to the 
gardein next the priory. 

Chr : Foster shall be allsoe warned to shew his title to the 
common soyle w ch he holdeth. 

12 E. IV. Friday before Mar g ts day. [July 17, 1472.] 

Day further for Chr : ffoster to shew his title to the common soile 
called 'Caldwell.' 

Another summons to the Prior of Peters. 

fforrain fines assessed. 

Tho : Bushop ordered to deliver up the Towne writings and 
evidences, and give accompt of y rents. 

Arbitrement ordered betweene Bennet Caldwell and oth rs . 

12 E. IV. Thursday before Mich : [Sep. 24, 1472.] 

A recognisance of debt was acknowledged before the Bayliffs at a 
Court of peepoudres. 

(a) Perhaps Jeffry Stoke, who was Prior in 1444. 




12 E. IV. Friday after Mich : [Oct. 2, 1472.] 

Willm : Worsop Esq r (a) and John Wallworth elected Burgesses 
for this Towne at the next Parliam 1 at Westm r 6 Octob. And 
the said William shall have 5 s p. week, and the said John 3 s . 4''., 
and if the Parliam* shall be adjourned, the said Willm : shall have 
I s p. diem.* 

Granted to Wm. Winter common soyle called the 'Dikehole,' 
no foot long: broade according to the headburrowes order uppon 
view, at 2 d r*. 

Tho : Medowes discharged from all offices by patent under the 
common seale. 

A Court not holden for default of apparance, and yet 10 persons 
fined for default of apparance. 

12 E IV. Wednesday after John Evang : [Dec. 30, 1472.] 

Chr : ffishert ordered to comme before the headborrowes and shew 
his title to Caldwell Heath, under penalty of 2O S . 

Areres found in the hands of divers persons ordered. 

Thorn : Stevens shall have com : soile next y e ffriars Preachers 
wall, betwene it on the West, and the highway on the East, abutting 
on Barbers land North, and uppon the com : soile south, 77 foote long, 
and 1 8 foote broad northward, and 16 foot southward, at 8 d r nt . 

To Rich : Barber, another parcell under the said ffriars wall West, 
and by the highway East 75 foote long, abutting North on Toughs 
land, and South on Stevens land, 22 foote broade Northwards, and 18 
foote Southward, at 8 d r nt . 

Auditors appointed. And Collectors of the contributions of the 
severall parishes for the repaire of the Common Kay. 

1473-4- 13 E. 

IV. (Wednesday?) Nativit: Mar : [Sep. 8, 1473.] 


Benedict Caldwell, 
Job : Hastings. 


Rob : Wode, 
Roger Marvin. 


Rog : Timperley, 

[ W m Watts. 

Chr: Pac: Rob : Blomvile. 

Com: Cler: Rob: ffuller. 

The Bayliffs and 

Rich : ffelaw, 

Tho : Reed, 


John Wallworth, 
Rog : Stannard, 


Joh : Lotton, 
John Dey, 

Rob : Wimbill. 

Joh : Smith. 

(a) This William Worsop was of Ipswich, and son of Richard Worsopp, of Nottingham, Visit. 
London, 1664, Harl. 1096. fo. 92. 

* These payments, being still below the rate " fixed by usage, or possibly by ordinance, in 7 Edw. II.," 
were probably the result of some arrangement with the town, or did not, perhaps, include " due considera- 
tion for time spent on the way, ' in eundo, morando, etredeundo? " Stubbs. Const. Hist, iii, 5 2 3"4* 

f Should be ' Foster.' vid. sup. et inf. 


13 E. IV. Munday after Mich : [Oct. 4, 1473.] 

Suche as suffer theire hoggs to goe at large w^in this Towne shall 
pay for the first offence, to the use of the Towne, for every foote i d , for 
the 2 d offence 2 d , and for the 3 d offence shall forfaite his hoggs so 

One of the last chamberlins and the executor of his Companion, 
are ordered to accompt before auditors, and in case of default at the 
day, power is given to one of the Bayliffs or the Town Clerk to bring 
an action of debt against the defalter, suche power shall continnue till 
Easter next. 

The Butchery Marshe and Portmens Medow demised for 7 yeres, 
paying 9" eache halfe yere to the chamberlins, and 2O S to the 

Ordered : that noe Buchers fflesh shall be sold but in the Buchery 
of this Towne. 

All the Barbers of this Towne are ordered to be at Corp' Xi feast 
with the Banner of S 4 Tho :, and shall chuse 2 wardens. 

Granted to John Brown, Bucher, parcell of the com : soile 
at 2 d r 4 . 

And unto Wm Winter parcell of common soile nigh the mill-pond 
in peters parish, 107 foote long Northward, and 45 foote broad, both 
Eastward and Westward, at 4 d r*. 

13 E. IV. Wednesday before Luke. [Oct. 13, 1473.] 

All the Inhabitants of the Towne shall grinde their corne at the 
Towne mills under forfaiture of halfe a Bushell of Corne for every 
bushell ground elsewhere, vid. Transcript : its not in the orig 11 - booke. 

The Towne Millers are, at theire perill, to take noe excessive Toll. 

Chr : ffoster shall shew his title to Caldwell heath before Andrew 
next,* and in default thereof an entry is ordered to be made. 

The like order for the Prior of Peter for the gardein. 

13 E. IV. ffriday before David. [Feb. 25, 1474.] 

An entry into Caldwell heath ordered, (aj 

The like allsoe into the Gardeins nigh the Cole hill holden by the 
Prior of Peter, (b) 

fforrain Burgesses shall Contribute to all Towne charges, to be 
assessed by the Bayliffs and two Portmen, and two of the 24 : 

* Tues., Nov. 30. 

fa) Foster having failed to exhibit his title thereto to the Headboroughs, as required, after four 
summonses, vid. sup. 

(b) The Prior had been three times summoned, vid. sup. 


Diverse persons fined for deceipt in paying of customes. 

All grain shipped in this Port shall be measured by the Common 
measure in the Chamberlins Custody. 

Marchandise shipped in this port shall be weyghed by weights 
called ' Tronage,' in the Chamberlins custody. 

John Newport shall discharge all inhabitants of this Towne from 
the suertie of peace, by him obtained in the kings Benche, and soe 
doing he is admitted atturny of the Towne Court as formerly. 

All Harlotts and Bawds are injoined to depart this Towne before 
Davids day next, (a) under perill of imprisonm* under the Pillory. 

13 E. IV. Friday after David. [Mar. 4, 1474.] 

fbj Whereas heretofore it hathe bein used that the Bayliffs, 
1 2 Portmen, and the 24 Burgesses should allwaies meete together at 
the holding of every greate Court, whereuppon much trouble, contro- 
versy, and strife hathe risen : for the avoiding thereof, and for better 
govern mts sake, It is ordered that the Bayliffs for the time beeing, and 
12 Portmen, or 7 of them, shall have power and authority, together w% 

14 of the 24, to doe and execute all things for the good of the Towne 
convenient, and to ordaine, adnull, and make, all such Lawes, Statutes, 
and Ordinances as shall be thought meete. 

And that all Burgesses resident and noe others, shall have theire 
free votes in Election of Bayliffs and other officers of the Towne, 
according to the auncient Custome, uppon the day of the Nativit: of 
the Virgine ; and theire free election of Burgesses of the Parliam 4 
whensoever the same shall be. 

If any person shall prosecute or bring any Letter or message from 
or off two knights or two esq rs to the Bayliffs or Burgesses of the 
Towne, to be Burgess of the Parliam 1 for the Towne, or for the office 
of the Common Clarke, or for the office of the Serjeant of the Mace, 
or Collector of the Customes of the Towne, suche shall therby be 
disabled for ever from holding such place or office. 

If any fforrainer shall be arested in any action of debt, detinue, 
trns or other personal accon, he shall finde two pledges, free men of 
this Town, for bayle to answere to the accon at the next court in his 
owne person, and if he shall not appeare at the same, or at the 2 d or 
3 d Court ffollowing, for every default he shall be amerced at the 
Bayliffs discretion, and if defalt be made at the next Court after the 
said 3 d Court, then, if the plaintiff shall avow his declaracon uppon 
othe, in such manner as the Bayliffs shall finde necessary, according 

(a) Tues., Mar. I. 

fb) These orders are not in y e Court booke, but I find them inrolled, and I finde them in Doomsday 
booke in 8, in white lether, and wooden boards. (B) 


to reason and good conscience : the plaintiff shall have judgem 4 w 4 h 
dammages and costs. And if the complaint were for trns, then 
inquiry shall be made of the dammages, and thereof satisfaction shall 
be made by judgem 4 and execution as formerly. 

In like manner shall proceedings be in case where the defend' 
dothe appeare at the first Court, [and] afterwards shall make 

And the Bayliffs after every judgem 4 , at the demand of the 
plaintiff, shall grant execution by fieri fac : 

E legit or capias before the next Court after judgem 4 against the 
defendant or his suerties. 

And if execution be praied against the suerties, they shall have 
day given to bring in the defend 1 to satisfy, and if they shall not bring 
in the p'ty at the day, then execution shall pass against the defendant 
and his suerties, yet may the suerties plead in Barr the death of the 
defend 4 or release of the plaintiff. 

If the defend 4 or his suerties shall, after the arest, and before the 
returne of the same, offer sufficient distress or pledge of Goods to 
answere, then shall y Serjeant returne the said distress, and pro- 
ceedings thereuppon shall be according to the Custome. 

In case of judgem 4 and execution uppon verificacon, or avowing 
of y e declaracon aforesaid, the execucon being after inquiry of dam- 
mages, the same shall be against the goods and chattells of the 
defend 4 by y c apprisall of Burgesses of creditt uppon theire othe. 
And the goods shall remaine in the Custody of the Bayliffs for the 
space of twenty dayes, w 4 hin w* time, if the defend 4 shall comme 
in, and offer to comme to triall according to the Custome, he shall 
be admitted. But if he shall not comme w 4 hin that time, the goods 
attached shall be delivered to the plaintiff, and the overplus restored 
to the defend 4 . And if the plaintiff shall not by plea recover, the 
goods attached shall be restored, and the plaintiff shall be amerced 
pro faho clamore : 

If any inhabitant of this Towne shall bring in any stranger, to 
mantaine any quarrel, or to determine any matter, the party soe doing 
(if he be a Burgess) shall be disfranchised for ever : and if he be a 
fforrainer, he shall forfait for every suche offence 2O S or more, as the 
case shall require, to be levied by distress ; and if no distress be to be 
had, then the offender shall be imprisoned w 4 hout Bayle during the 
pleasure of the Bayliffs, and the party greeved shall have his accon & 
shall recover dammages against suche person, (a) 

(a) ' Maintenance ' is an officious intermeddling in a suit that noway belongs to one, by maintaining 
or assisting either party, with money or otherwise, to prosecute or defend it,- the punishment by common 
law, and also by Statute, (i Ric. n. cap. 4) is fine and imprisonment, and by 32 Hen. VIII. c. 9, a 
forfeiture of 10. Stephen's Blackstone, iv. 322-3. 



1474-5. H E. IV- (Thursday) Nativit : Mar: 

[Sep. 8, 1474.] 

Bayliffs & j John Wallworth, 



( Rich: ffelaw. 

', Roger Timperley, 
Willm : Watts. 


( Rob' Wode, 
' ( Tho : Skipper. 

The Bayliffs and 

Cler: pac : 

Rob' Blomville. 

Benet Caldwell, 


Rob' Wimbill, 

Com : cler : 

Rob' ffuller. 

Rog : Stannard, 

Joh : Goss. 

ijohn Dey, 


John Wallworth, 
Roger Stannard, 
Tho : Drayll, 


John Lotton, 
Tho : Reed, 
Joh : Smith. 

Willm : Winter. 

14 E. IV. Thursday after In vent : of y" Cross. [May 5, 1474.] 

Letters testimoniall concerning the river, under the Town sealle, 
shall be sent to the Lo : Chancello r , (aj ffower Portmen, and sixe 
Burgesses named, to assess Tholl uppon all sorts of Merchandise. 

All victualls and ffishe shall be sold by the owners thereof, and 
not by retaile by inhabitants of this Towne, under perill of seisure. 
And if any inhabitant shall sell such victuall, then shall he forfait 6 s 8 d . 
And nevertheless if the victuall be corrupt, the Bayliffs may order any 
inhabitant to sell the same, and soe allsoe shall be donne w'h wild 
foule and conyes. (b) 

The wool weights of this Towne shall be ordered according to the 
Custome of London, (c) 

14 E. IV. Satterday after Luke. [Oct. 22, 1474.] 

A Recognisance of deb 4 acknowledged before one Bayliff out of 
Court, and recorded. 

14 E. IV. Tewesday before Simon & Jude. [Oct. 25, 1474.] 

At this Court Thomas Young, Master Porter of the port of Ipswich, 
is sworne to execute (together with sixe others mentioned by name, and 
called subporters of the Port aforesaid) and to perform, &c. 

14 E. IV. Thursday after Allsaints. [Nov. 3, 1474.] 

A recognisance of 40'' before the Bayliffs to the Bayliffs, w*h 
condicon to indemnifie them against John Shelly in an accon of deb* of 
40'' by him brought. 

(a) During the period 1473-5, this office was held by Henry Bourchier, E. of Essex, and Laurence 
Booth, Bp. of Durham. Beatson, Pol. Index. 
(bj i.e., rabbits. 
(c) vid. Liber Albus, Rolls Ed. pp. 226-8, or the translation in vol. iii. of the same series, pp. 61-2. 




Granted to Thorn : Parmiting, parcell of the common soyel 
betwene the common way east and the River west, abutting north on 
Mandolfs Lane, 126 foote Eastward, and 100 foote Northward, and 56 
foote Southward, at I4 d rent: In Mar: Elms parish. 

1475-6- \$ E. IV. ffriday, Nativit : Mar: [Sep. 8, 1475.] 





John Goss, 
John Rever. 

Willm : Watts, 
Willm : Sewall. 

The Bayliffs and 
John Wallworth, 
Rich : ffelaw, 
Rob' Wimbill, 
Rog: Stannard. 



Cler.-pac: et 

Com : cler : 


John Goss, 
Rob' Wimbill, 
Rog : Timperley, 
'Iho : Drayll. 

Rob' Wode, 
Tho : Skipper. 

Rob : ffuller. 


Joh : Dey, 
Tho : Reed, 
Rob : Hall, 
Joh : Denys. 

15 E.IV. Wednesday after Barnaby. [June 14, 1475.] 

Granted to Rog : Stannard, a gardein in Marg te parish, betwene the 
Highway north, and the Town diche south, abutting East on the kings 
high way, and west uppon the tenem 4 late Lisets, and y e common soyle, 
1 60 foote long, and westw : 54 foote broad, and east 20. 

Granted allsoe to him p't of the wast nigh Stevens church, betweene 
the churchway on the East, and the Carmelite ffrieres wall on the West, 
abbutting South on Dentons gardein, and North on the Common 
ground, 133 foote long, and 13 foote broad southward, and 7 foote 
Northward, at 6 d r l . 

Granted to Rob : Blomfield, a pightell next Handford Bridge, 
betwene the Prior of Trinities (a) Pightell on the north, and the high 
way on the south, abutting upon the high way East, and the river West 
at 2 s 4 d r*. 

Granted to Joh : Hammond, parcell of land nigh the new mill, 
at 4 d r 4 . 

Granted to Walter Hering, parcell of y e com : soile at the Barr- 
gates (b) in Math : parish, betweene the Town diche on the East, and 
the high way on the West, one head abutting on Barrgate streete north, 
and the common soile on the south, go foote long, and northward 
33 foote broad, and southward 27 foote, provided that the said Walter 
and his assignees shall kepe clean the water course there, [at] 2 d r*. 

(a) Geffiy Grene, died 1476. 

(b) Wodderspoon (pp. 226-7), gives a copious account of these barriers. 




ffines of Burgesses admittances shall be for y e repayring of the 
new mill and the ffish market, by advise of the Bayliffs and 2 others 

15 E. IV. Tewesday after Hillary. [Jan. 16, 1476.] 

A recognisance in Court acknowledged of a debt due to one of the 
Bayliffs there. 

1476-7. Satterday* Nativit : Mar: [Sep. 8, 1476.] 





Benet Caldwell, 
Edm : Winter. 

Willm : Watts, 
Willm : Sewall. 

The Bayliffs and 
Richard ffelaw, 
Joh : Wallworth, 
Job. : Goss, 
Rob 1 Wimbill. 

Benet Caldwell, 
Rob' Winter, 
Rog : Timperley, 
Tho : Drayll. 



Tho : Trott, 
Tho : Yole. 

Ckr.-pac: Rob' Blomfeild. 
Com: cler: Rob' ffuller. 


Tho: Reede, 
Rob' Hall, 
John Denys, 
Tho : Cady. 

1 6 E. IV. Wednesday after Buttolf. [June 19, 1476.] 

Noe bucher w'hin this Towne or Liberties thereof shall sell any 
flesh of Beasts w'hin this Towne, but onely in the Buchery, on Mundaies, 
Tewesdaies, Thursdayes, and Satterdayes, under forfaiture of i2 d for 
cache offence. 

Every Portman shall contribute towards the repaire of the Kay 
two lodes of greene broome, and 8 d in mony, and every two Burgesses 
one lode of Broome, and 7 d in mony, and every of the 24^, one lode of 
broome, and the collection to be made by the Townclerk and Serjeants. 

fforrain fines assessed. 

16 E. IV. Wednesday after Mich : [Oct. 2, 1476.] 

John Trott deposed from being Chamberlen, & made uncapable for 
ever, and fined 4" towards the repaire of the Common Kay, and Rob 1 
Barker is elected in his stead. 

Granted to Walter Hering, parcell of land to repaire a water- 
course, as formerly. 15 E. 4. 

Noe man shall lay muck in the high-way next the Colehill, under 
the ffrieres Carmelites (aj wall on the south, under the penalty of i2 d 
for every offence. 

Should be ' Sunday.' 

(a) vid. sup., p. 




John Smith shall not proceede in law against Isabell Smith, under 
perill of disfranchisem*. 

The Serjeants shall impound any hogg found at large w'hin the 
praecincts of this Towne untill 4 cl be paid for cache hogg to the Town, 
and 2 d to the impounder. 

An order for the paym* of mony to the repaire of the Kay, and for 
the Chamberlins to pay 300", formerly belonging to the Towne. 

An Accon shall be brought against the occupiers of the gardein 
next the priory of S 4 Peters, the same being Common soile of this Town. 

The Burgesses shall ride the perambulation of the liberties of this 
Towne uppon Thursday next, in manner as aunciently hathe bein used, (a) 

1477-8. IT E. IV. Sunday* Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1477.] 

Baliffs, ( 

Eschiators, \ 




Joh : Wallworth, 
Job : Hasting. 

Willm : Watts, 
Willm : Sewall. 
The Bayliffs and 
Bennet Caldwell, 
Rich : ffelaw, 
Rob' Wimbill, 
John Goss. 

John Wallworth, 
Rob' Wimbill, 
Rog : Timperley, 
Tho : Drayle. 

, ... 

Nich : Porchet, 
Nich . Winter / 

Cler: Pac : Rob Blomfeld. 
Com: Cler: Rob' ffuller. 


Rob' Hall, 
Tho : Cady, 
Tho : Reed, 
John Lotton. 

17 E. IV. (Wednesdayj , Gregories day. 

A recognisance of a debt taken before Benet Caldwell, then one 
of the Bayliffs, and he out of Court, vid: lib: min: plac: 

17 E. IV. Munday before Annum: Mar: [Mar. 24, 1477.] 

John Lotton elected Serjeant in the room of John Denys till Mich : 
All apprentices indentures w'hin the libertie of this Towne shall be 

inrolled w'hin a yere and a day, or suche shall not be of force to obtaine 

theire freedome. 

The master of the Grammer Schoole shall have the governm 1 of 

all schollers w*hin the libertie of this Towne, (excepting little ones 

called Apes eyes) (bj taking such salary as by the BP of Norw ch (cj 

is appointed. 

(a) vid. sup. p. 74. * Should be ' Monday.' 

(b) May this be a perversion of 'Absies', or A B C children ? Apechilde or Abchild is found as 
the name of a manor in Essex. Morant, ii. 85. 

(c) The Bishop at this time was James Goldwell, previously Dean of Salisbury, and Archdeacon of 
Essex, appointed by the Pope, i"th July, 1472. 


Granted to John Osberne, p'cell of com: soile at Shirehouse hill (a) 
betwene his tenem* east, and Ketches gardein west, and ffelawes gardein 
south, and Gosses garden north, 105 foote long eastward, and 84 foote 
westward, and 60 foote broade northward, and 69 foote southward, at 4 d r*. 

Granted to Tho : Yole, the com : ground next the ffriars preachers 
wall west, and the high way east, both heads abutting on the common 
soile, 38 foote long, and 18 foote broad, at 2 d r 4 ., and another parcell 
there at 2 d r*. 

Munday aft : Peter & Paull. [June 30, 1477.] 

Granted to Bayly, p'cell of the Com: soyle in the Common Ditches, 
w% a certaine pond of water in Marg ts parish, betweene the ground of 
the saide Baylies, late Com : soyle, West, and the Common way East, 
and the Common ditche South, and the high way north, 154 long, and 
15 foote broad, saving passage to the neighbors for water at the ponds, 
at 2 d r*, and fine of io s . 

Noe fish shall be forestalled, but common proclamacon shall be by 
two tides. 

The assize of wood (bj sold within this Towne, shall be 7 foote 
for Talwood and faggots. 

Bakers shall bake horsbread, and not the Innkeepers, under penalty 
of io s for cache offence. 

17 E. 4. Thursday after Nativit : Mar : [Sep. n, 1477.] 

Carts shall not goe over Stoke bridge, but the Bayliffs shall kepe 
the same locked. 

A new Crane shall be built at the Common Kay at the Common 

Tho : Drayll and Rich : Horkswade Elected and admitted portmen. 

17 E. IV. ffriday before Epiphany. [Jan. 2, 1478.] 

James Hobart fcj and John Timperley Jun. elected Burgesses for 
this Towne at the next Parliam* at Westm r 1 6 of Jannuary next. 

17 E. IV. ffriday after Hillary. 

Granted to Willm : Wine, liberty to build a Tainter uppon the 
common soile called the ' Sheete,' uppon y e south side of the new mill, 
and to inclose the same on the west, and to have the same for ever, 
provided that the mill be not therby indammaged. 

(a) vid. sup., p. 73. 

(bj i.e., the power or privilege of as'sising or adjusting the weight and measure. Cowell's Law Diet. 

(c) -aid. sup. p. 118. In 16 Ed. rv. he was Steward of the manor of Framlingham to John Mowbray, 
Duke of Norfolk, and afterwards served in the same capacity to John Howard, Duke of Norfolk, and John 
Vere, Earl of Oxford. He rebuilt his own church at Loddon, Norfolk, and erected St. Olive's bridge over 
the Waveney. Camden, Brit. ii. 109. Loder's Hist. Framlingham, 394. 




The fforrain fines and other monies ordered for the repaires to be 
donne to the Kay. 

Strangers and Dutchemen keeping Inns or open shops shall pay 
yerely 2O d a peece, and theire servants that take wages shall pay 6 d 
a peece. And such Innkeepers and shopkeepers shall answere for their 
servants yerely. And suche Innkeepers shall not intertaine March* 3 as 
guests, under penalty of 6 s 8 d , to be levied by distresse for cache offence. 

1478-9- i8 E. IV. Munday* Nativit: Mar : [Sep. 8, 1478.] 





John Rever, 
Tho : Drayll. 

William Watts, 
Willm : Sewall. 

The Bayliffs and 
John Wallworthe, 
Willm : Wimbill, 
Benet Caldwell, 


Tho : Bramston, 
Hugh Lewes. 

Com : Clerk : Joh : Ballhed. 
Cler:pac: Robert Blomfeild. 

men : neiaw. 

Joh : Hasting, 
Tho : Drayll, 
Rog : Timperley, 
Rob : Blomfeild. 


!Rob< Hall, 
Tho : Cady, 
Joh : Lotton, 
Tho : Reed. 

1 8 E. IV. Munday after decollat : John Bapt : [Aug. 31, 1478.] 

All persons taxed to the repaire of the Common Kay shall pay 
theire areres before the Nativity of the Virgine next.t under perill of 

1479-80. 19 E. IV. Tewesday, I Nativit : Mar : [Sep. 8, 1479.] 



Bennet Caldwell, 




John Goss. 

Willm : Watts, 
Willm : Sewall. 


Peter Powell, 
Joh : Hall. 


The Bayliffs and 

Cler : Com : John 


Joh : Wallworth, 



Joh : Rever, 
Tho Dryall, 


: Wurshop. 


Rich : ffelaw. 


Tho : Reed, 



Joh : Hasting, 
Bennet Caldwell, 
Rog : Timperley, 


Rob : Hall, 
Tho : Cady, 
Joh : Lotton. 


Rob' Blomfeild. 

* Should be ' Tuesday.' 

t Sep. 8, 1478. 

+ Should be ' Wednesday. 1 


19 E. IV. Tewesday before George. [Ap. 20, 1479.] 

Granted to John Pecker, parcell of the Common soile, 44 foote ^ 
long, and 24 foote broade, betweene the Brooke and the ffriers preachers; 
on the south abutting on Richard Barber, Baker, at 4 d r 4 . 

Will'" Parnell discharged of his Chamberlins accompt, because he 
hathe built one Dosser of Estrich board. 

fforraine fines assessed. 

Granted to John Tooly, a messuage in Caldwell for the teorme of 2 s . 

19 E. IV. ffriday after Holy Rood. [Sep. 17, 1479.] 

John Squier, Clerk, shall have the proffits of the mill stones during 
his life, to finde a Chaplein to celebrate holy rights in honor of Corp' 
Chr'i, and shall give security the same to doe, and the residue of the 
proffits shall goe to the use of the towne of Ipsw ch . 

ffower wardeins of the Guild elected. 

Granted to Rich : ffelaw, parcell of the common soile betweene 
Mert diche and Chestains close, for his life, at 1 2 d r*. 

If any Burgess shall refuse to pay i6 d yerely to Corp' Chr'i, he 
shall forfait his Burgeship. And if any one shall bring w*h him to 
dinner more then his wife, he shall pay for every suche p'son 4 d : 

Granted to Walter Hering, a parcell of the common ditche for 20% 
to be payed, and rendring 6 d r 4 , the sayd parcell lying at the Butts, 159 
foote long from the Elme, and broad Eastw: 38 foote, and Westw : 
35 foote. 

Granted to Peter Joy, parcell of com : soile lying nigh the Town 
Ditche, over against the way from the round Cross to Blackfriers bridge, 
298 foote long, and broad southward 34 foote, and northw rd 31 foote, 
at 8 d rent. vid. rott : m : pi : 

Granted to Roger Timperley, parcell of the com : soile next the 
ditche of the Town over against the Dayry Lane, (aj 78 foot long 
southward, and 74 foot northward. In bredth Eastward 26 foote, and 
Westward 39 foot, at 2 d rent. 

Granted to Willm : Cooper, parcell of the Common ditche, in length 
100 foote, and 27 foote broad, at 4 d rent. 

Thursday after. A recognisance was acknowledged by two at 
variance, to stand to an arbitrem 1 , and the recognisance of one of them 
was by atturny. vid. rot. recog. 

19 E. IV. ffriday after Concep : Mar: [Dec. 10, 1479.] 

The 2O S w"* Walter Hering ought to pay for the common soile 
lately to him granted, shall be for the Carpinters worke at the common 

(a>Now 'Fonnereau Road,' Wodderspoon mentions it, but traces its existence no farther back than 1550. 




house and Kay, and allsoe 26 s 8 d more shall be payed by the last 
Chamberlins, and allsoe 23 s 4 d of the Burgesses fee which shall next be 
elected. And allsoe 26 s 8 d more, due from Peter Joy for a parcell of 
common soile. And that the Bayliffs for the time being- shall levy the 
same by jffieri fac : or capias ad satisfaciendu . 

The Guild Chaplin shall celebrate 30 dayes masse for every 
brother or sister of the Guild w ch shall dye in this towne, w ch shall be 
donne in the same Church of the parish where hee or shee lived. 

Edward Bekys elected Serjeant till Mich ss next. 

find Sessions rolls, and amongst them diverse 
uppon, and carnall knowledge had of women 

ig E. IV. 

In this yere I 
indictm ts for assalts 
unmarried, and fines sett, somme at i2 d , others at 2O d : and one at 6 s 8 d . 

I finde allsoe one indicted for buying of Butter at Marg* 3 greene 
before it camme to the market, and this indictm* was for ^forestalling. 

1480-1. 20 E. IV. ffriday, Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1480.] 






John Wallworth, 
Rich: Haukiswade. 

Willm : 
Willm : 


The Bayliffs and 
Bennet Caldwell, 
John Goss, 
Rich : ffelaw, 
Tho : Drayll. 

John Wallworth, 
Bennet Caldwell, 
Roger Timperley, 
John Kirre. 

GeofFery Osberne, 
Willm : Manser. 


Com: Cler:]oh: Ballhed. 
Cler : pac : Willm : Wursop. 


Tho : Reed, 
Tho : Cady, 
Joh : Lotton, 
Edw : Bekys. 

Rob* Blomfeild, Willm : Baker, Nich : Winter, are at this Court 
elected Portmen. 

20 E. IV. Friday after the Assumption. [Aug. 18, 1480.] 

ffower wardens of the Guild elected. 

Granted to John Hall, parcell of the Towne ditche in Marg ts parish, 
126 foote long, and southward 33 foote broad, and northward 31 foote, 
at 8 d r*. 

And to Joh : Bedfeild and Maud his wife, ffishers tenem* in Laur. 
parish, whereof the Bayliffs are discharged in theire accompt in the 
Exchequer; it is 36 foote long, and Eastward 21 foote broad, and 
Westw: 25 foote, at 4 s 8 d rent. 

fforraine ffines assessed uppon 4 p'sons. 

I 4 82.] 


20 E. IV. Munday before y f Purification. [Jan. 29, 1481.] 

Assessors & collectors made in cache parish, and by name sett 
downe, for f of a fifteenth for the King. 

1481-2. 21 E. IV. Sattcrday, Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1481.] 



John Hasting, 
Rob' Blomfeild. 




Willm : Wursop, 
Willm : Watts. 

The Bayliffs and 
Bennet Caldwell, 
John Wallworth, 
Rich : ffelaw, 
Rog: Haukyswade. 

John Hasting, 
Benet Caldwell, 
Rog: Timperley, 
Joh : Kirre. 

Tho : Portman, 
Rich : Bayly. 

Cler: Com : Joh : Ballhed. 
Cler: Pac : Willm : Wursop. 


Joh : Dey, 
John Bedfeild, 
Jacob Cook, 
Rich : Osberne. 

21 E. IV. Munday after Holy Rood. [Sep. 17, 1481.] 

John Alfray elected ffree Burg-ess uppon condicon that he shall 
paint the Dosser w th the kings arms, and St George, and the armes of 
the Towne and others, and he is sworne. 

Every inhabitant of this Towne shall ever be prepared, and have 
authority to arest every p' son making assalt and affray, to finde suerties 
for the good behaviour, and if he be rebellious, and will rescue him 
self, then to carry him to the Gaole. 

Somme perticuler person shall be ordered by the Bayliffs to 
impound hoggs, and he shall have for his labour 2 d for eache hogg 
impounded, and the Towne 2 d , and for every pigg one penny, and the 
Towne one penny. 

21 E. IV. Wednesday before Nicholas. [Dec. 5, 1481.] 

ffower Guild wardens elected. 

Every tenant of the common soyle of this Town shall show their 
deedes by w* they hold from y Towne, before Candlemass next, under 
perill of forfaiture of theire said lands. 

21 E. IV. Thursday after Mathias. [Feb. 28, 1482.] 

The Custody and proffits of the Common Conduit shall be granted 
unto 2 persons for the upholding and repairing of the same. 

A femme covert or married woman, is made defend* without her 
husband, in an action of assalt and battery : 

vid. R : Recog : 





1482-3. 22 E. 

IV. Sunday, Nativit : Mar : [Sep. 8, 

I 4 82.] 


j Tho : Drayll, 


( Benet Caldwell. 

Willm : Worsop, 
Job : Kirre. 


Tho : Portman, 
John Stannard. 

The Bayliffs and 

Cler: Com : Joh : 


Rich : ffelaw, 


Joh : Wallworth, 

Cler : Pac : Willm 

: Wursop. 

Joh : Hasting, 

Rob 1 Blomfeild. 


Tho : Reed, 


Benet Caldwel, 
John Hasting, 
Rog : Timperley, 


Edw : Baker, 
Jac : Cook, 
Rich : Osborn. 


John Kirre. 

22 E. IV. Thursday after Gregory. [Mar. 14, 1482.] 

Every Burgess shall pay to Corp' Chr'i i6 d aty e fower termes of 
the yere, under perill of disfranchism*. 

Granted to Willm : Parnell, comm : soyle under y e ffriers preachers 
wall, uppon the North and the East : 5 1 foote long Eastward, and 24 
foote broad, and Westward 12 foote broad, and Northward 51 foote 
long, paying 10 shillings towards the passing of the charter in the 
exchequer, and a rose at midsummer. 

22 E. IV. Wednesday after Mich : [Sep. 25, 1482.] 

Granted to Roger Timperley, parcell of the Town ditche, West of 
his garden, 137 foote long Southward, and 66 foote broad Eastward, 
and 51 foote Westward, at i d rent. 

To John Portman and John Boyton is granted the ffee of one 
Burgess, to sustaine and repaire the common conduit. 

The women bringing ffish to the market, shall not tie theire fish 
together under perill of forfaiture of them. 

Granted to Tho : ffastolfe Esq r , and Alexander Bush and Maud his 
wife, and theire heires, parcell of y 6 common soyle, betweene the Town 
ditche on the West, and the highway towards the Kay on the East, 
1 20 foote long, and 33 foote broad Northward, and 37 foote Southward, 
at 4 d r*. 

To Rich : Osborne, common soile betwene the Towne ditche West, 
and the highway East, 200 foote long, and 33 foote broad, at 6 d r 4 , 
paying to the Chamberlins 6 d 8 d . 

22 E. IV. Wednesday before Simon & Jude. [Oct. 23, 1482.] 

John Alfray elected Treasurer for the Towne. 

ffower Guildholders elected. 

Auditors elected for the mony collected pro regardo D'ni Regis. 


Hoggs suffered to goe at large in the Towne shall be taken by 
suche as are thereto assigned, and impounded in the pound nigh the 
prison, and if the owner will not redeeme them, and pay for every foote 
w'hin.two dayes, they shall be sold : the one halfe of the mony shall goe 
to the use of the Towne, and the other halfe to such as shall impound 

Noe stranger beeing inhabitant in this Towne, shall harbour in his 
house as guest or otherwise, any strangers, march* 3 , mariners, or other, 
under perill of forfaiture 6 s 8 d for every p'son soe harbored, and 

And none of them shall sell or regrate any goods, wares, or 
marchandise, but in gross, (victuall excepted) and the penalties afore- 
said shall be levied by distresse and sale. 

Granted to Tho : Young and his wife, for their lives, parcell of the 
com : soile over against theire house, at 4 d r 4 . 

Every Burgess inhabitant shall pay to the M r of the Grammer 
Schoole, for a boy, 8 d p. quarter and noe more, and the M r of the said 
Schoole shall during his life celebrate for the Guild of Corp' Chr'i. 

Persons fined for not bringing in theire accompts. 

22 E. IV. Tewesday after Hillary. [Jan. 14, 1483.] 

James Hobard fa) and John Timperley Esq rs fbj are elected 
Burgesses of the Towne at the next Parliam* at Westm r , 20 day of Jan : 
next, and they shall have for theire charges 26 s . 8 d . cache of them, and 
if the parliam 4 be adjourned till after Mich : the present Chamberlins 
shall pay the one halfe, and the future Chamberlins the other halfe. 

22 E. IV. Tewesday after Octav: Hillary : [Jan. 21, 1483.] 

S r Gilbert Debenham acknowledged a deede of Release to Edm : 
Jenny and others, of lands in Bocking Ash, and the same was inrolled. 

22 E. IV. Thursday before Valentine. [Feb. 13, 1483.] 

Eache Portman failing to appeare at this Court is fined 2 s , and 
every of the 24 for such default fined at i s . 

Granted to Willm : Baker and his assignees, parcell of the Cole- 
hill in Nich : parish, betweene the Curtelage of the said Willm : on the 
East, and the Curtelage of Nich : Bramston on the West, the North 
Buttall on the Common high way, and the South on the Prior of Peters 
ground, at 4 d rent. 

Noe fforainer of other nation shall be elected ffree Burgess of 
this Town. 

(a) vid. supra, pp. 118-41. (b) vtd. supra, pp. 112-29. 




Every inhabitant of this Towne that shall buy any fflesh of any 
Butcher but of the fflesh market w*hin the suburbs or liberties of this 
Towne, shall forfait for every offence I s , whereof 2 d shall goe to the 

I finde in this yere diverse indictm ts for forstalling of corne com- 
ming to the market, somme at Marg'ets greene, and at Thingsted 
greene, somme in Clem ts streete. 

And allsoe I finde diverse indictm* 3 for fornacaion and adultery, 
and fines thereuppon. 

EDW : V. 

1483. i E. V. Thursday before John Baptist. [June 19.] 

John Squier, Clerke, elected Treasurer of this Towne, and i i u I s io d 
delivered to him by Wm. Baker, notary, to kepe to the use of the Towne. 

The Bayliffs and Tho : ffastolfe Esq r , and John Timperley sen. 
shall examine Giles Johnson if he will be a free Burgess, and if he will 
not, what he will pay for his fine. 

John Timperley, Jun. Esq r , and Roger Wentworth, elected to be 
Burgesses for this Towne at the next Parliam 4 . (aj 

Giles Johnson shall pay for his fine 5 U , and if he will injoy his 
burgeshipp, he shall pay 5'' more at Whitsuntide next. 

Granted to John Parker and his assignees, parcell of the com : soile 
at the Barr gates, at 4 d r 4 . 

And to Thomas Skipper parcell of the common soile in St. Stevens 
way at the rent of &c. 

1483-4. i R. ///. Munday, Nativit : Mar: [Sep. 8, 1483.] 


Rich : Hawkswad, 


, Willm : Sewall. 
Job : Kirr, 
Willm : Wimbill. 


i Willm : Harlewin, 
1 John fforgan. 

The Bayliffs and 

Com: Cler:]oh: Balhed. 

Benet Caldwell, 


Tho : Drayll, 

Cler:pac: Joh 

: Wallworthe. 

Joh : Wallworth, 

Joh: Gosse. 

Tho : Reed, 



Rich: Hawkiswad, 
Benet Caldwell, 
Rog : Timperley, 


Rich : Osborne, 

James Cook, 
Edw : Dekys. 

k Joh : Kirre. 

(a) The first Parliament of Rich, in, begun on Friday, Jan. 23, 1484, in the " Camera depicta" at 
Westminster. Parry's Parl. Eng. 194. 


i R. III. ffriday before Mathew. [Sep. 19, 1483.] 

Tho : Baldry, Rog : Timperley, elected Portmen at this Court. 

Tho : Benet admitted free Burgess, and if he shall exercise his 
trade of Tallow Chandler, his fine is sett at 5 marks, otherwise but 
40 shillings. 

Noe inhabitant of this Towne shall buy any fleshe of any Butcher that 
hathe not a stall in the publiq. market, under perill of forfaiture 6 s 8 d for 
every fault, the one halfe thereof to the Towne, the other to the informer, 
and if the offender hathe noe estate, he is to be committed quoitsg. 

I R. III. Friday before Simon & Jude. [Oct 24, 1483.] 

Twenty soldiers granted to serve the king in his army for three 
weekes, at tenne pence for cache man cache day. (a) 

i R. III. Wednesday after Simon & Jude. [Oct. 29, 1483.] 

Tho : Baldry and Joh : Wallworth Jun. are elected Burgesses for 
this Towne at the next Parliam* at Westm r , 6 Novemb : next, and Tho : 
Baldry shall have 2 s eache day, and the other but 1 2 d cache day. 

i R. III. Tfmrsday after y e Concept : of Mary. [Dec. n, 1483.] 

Granted to John Hocost parcell of the common soile nigh the 
woodhouse, to set a pale thereuppon, and to shutt up the way w 4 h a 
gate by night. 

ffower Guildholders elected. 

If any Porter shall carry any wooll into any private house before 
the Woolhouse be filled, the Porter shall loose his place. 

Noe inhabitant shall carry any corne to any other mill besides the 
Towne Mill, under perill of the forfaiture of the vallew.of soe much as 
shall be soe sent. And if the Towne millers take more toll then is 
allowed by the statute, they shall be amerced to the Towne, and shall 
give satisfaction, or shall goe to the Pillory, and if the millners be not 
able to satisfy, the farmers shall. 

And if any Burgess shall carry his corne elsewhere, he shall loose 
his freedome and forf* 3 s 4 d to the Towne. But this ordinance shall 
not hold where the Town mill cannot grinde. The Informer likewise 
shall have 2 d for every bushell of corne discovered. 

(a) On the day previous to this, Oct. 23, a proclamation had been issued at Leicester by Richard, 
addressed to the Sheriffs, Mayors, and Bailiffs of certain Counties, Cities, and Towns therein named, offering 
rewards for the capture of the Duke of Buckingham, the b'ps of Ely and Salisbury, Thomas, Marquis of 
Dorset, Sir Tho : Bourgchier, and other rebels concerned in the late rising on behalf of Henry of Richmond. 
(Rymer, Foed. xii, 204-5.) " But Richard's good fortune," as Lingard says, (iv, 246) " served him better 
than his troops or his proclamations," for Henry, sailing from St Malo on the 12 th Oct. with a fleet of 40 
sail, encountered such heavy weather, that on reaching the coast of Devon, he found himself with but a 
remnant of his ships, and was unable to disembark. The efforts of his English adherents, begun on the 
18"' Oct., failed from similar causes, and though Richard marched his army into Devon, he did not strike 
a blow. 




John Squier, Clerk, Treasurer, shall pay 5" for the soldiers charges 
granted for the kings service. 

i R. III. Munday after Epiphany. [Jan. 12, 1484.] 

Benet Caldwell and Tho : Baldry elected Burgesses for this Towne 
at the next Parliam 1 , 23 Jan : at Westm r , and shall have theire whole 
fees for theire expences. 

i R. III. Munday* Vigil Marg'. [July 19, 1483.] 

Auditors elected. 

Giles Johnson hathe further day for his full answere concerning 
his freedome. 

Granted to Tho : ffastolfe, parcell of the com : soile at 2 d . 

And to John Browne, another parcell there at 2 d r*. 

And to Robert Kirkhouse, a parcell in Stevens, late Helperbyes, 
betweene the Carmelite ffriers wall on the west, and the high way on 
the east, 58 foote long, and 13 foote broade at 4 d r*. 

And to Rob 4 Henry, Horswad mill for 20 yeres, at 2O 1; yerely rent, 
the tenant keeping the house and mill in repaire. 

And to Rob* Whitlock, parcell of the common soile on the west, 
abutting north on the common soile, 83 foote long, and 1 1 foote broad, 
northward, and southward 3 foote, at 2 d r*. 

I finde Indictm* 8 of persons for assalt by force of armes uppon 
maried women, and carnall knowledge had, in this yere. 

And an Indictm 1 of Tho: Paris, for entry into the vestry of 
Laurence churche, and taking away Thuribulum argenteum, faj price 
ioo s , of the goods of the Parishioners. 

1484-5. 2 R. 

III. Tewesdayf Nativit : Mar : [Sep. 

8, 1484.] 


( John Goss, 


( Tho : Baldry. 

( Joh : Kirre, 
\ Willm: Wimbill. 


' Willm : Harlwin, 
Joh : fforgan. 

, The Bayliffs and 

Com : Cler: Joh : Balhead. 

( John Wallworthe, 


Bennet Caldwell, 

Cler: Pac: Joh 

: Wallworth. 

( Rich : Haukiswad, 

^ W" Sewall. 

Tho : Reed, 


!Joh : Goss, 
Benet Caldwell, 
Joh : Kirr, 


Edw : Dekys, 
James Cook, 
Rich : Osborn. 

v John Wimbill. 

* The Vigil of St. Margaret in i Ric. III. (1483) falls on Saturday, but would fall on Monday 
2 Ric. in. (1484). 

(a) a silver censer. f Should be ' Wednesday.' 


2 R. III. Munday, Vigill Mathew. [Sep. 20, 1484.] 

ffower Burgesses abjured theire ffranchise. 

Granted to John Spereman and his heires for ever, the common 
heathe at 2O S yerely rent. 

2 R. Ill, Friday after Lticy. [Dec. 17, 1484.] 

The 12 Capitall Burgesses of this Towne shall be Constables of 
this Towne for ever. 

ffower Guildholders elected. 

The areres in the Treasurers hands given to the Chamberlins in p't 
of the Charge of the new mill. 

Every Burgess that shall carry his corne out of y e towne to mill, 
shall pay 3 s 4 d for every offence to the Chamberlins. 

2 R. III. Munday before Gregory. [Mar. 7, 1485.] 

Assessors named for the charges for renewing the Town Charter, 
and the Serjeants are ordered to levy the same. 

Granted to Rog : Timperley, parcell of the common soile southward 
from his garden, 6 foote long and 18 foote broad, at i d r*. 

I finde diverse indictments for fforestalling the market, by buying 
of Butter in Barrgate Streete. (aj 

The Charter formerly last mentioned, was granted to the towne 
1 6 Marche, 2 R. 3, and was noe other then a bare confirmacon of the 
Charters of E. 4., R. 2., E. 3., E. 2., E. i., John, and Hen : 2. 

1485. 3 R. HI. Munday after Nativit : Joh: Bapt : [June 27, 1485.] 

ffower Guild Wardens elected. 

Benet Caldwell disfranchised for diverse offences against the 
liberty of this Towne. And it is ordered that he shall lay open that 
parcell of the common soile by him incroched, before Peters day next, 
under the penalty of 20", and he is fined IO H . for his incrochm*. Its 
ordered allsoe that he shall lay open the watercourse betweene his 
tenement and Blowbells tenem*, which was wont to runne from Bram- 
ston's tenem 4 to the ditche on the East of Blowbells tenem*, under the 
penalty of 5 marks. 

3 R. III. Tuesday Vigill of Laurence. [Aug. 9, 1485.] 

Noe stranger borne out of England, shall hereafter at any time be 
elected Burgess of this Towne.* 

(a) Barrgate Street, now St. Matthew's, took its name from the West Bar or Gate which formed the 
entrance to the town on that side, and which was not removed till 1780. Wodderspoon, p. 226. 
* vid. Feb. 13, 1483, p. 147. 





H. VII. Wednesday* Nativit: Mar 


Nich : Winter, 
Rog : Timperley. 


John Kirre, 
Willm : Wimbill. 


The Bayliffs and 
John Gosse, 
Tho : Baldry, 
Joh : Wallworth, 
Tho : Drayle. 

Clavigers, < 

!Rog : Timperley, 
John Hasting, 
John Kirre, 
Willm : Wimbill. 

[Sep. 8, 1485.] 


Rob : Kirkhouse, 
Tho : Cady. 

Com : Cler: Joh : Balhed. 
Cler: Pac : John Walhvorth. 


Edw : Dekys, 
Ro : Hall, 
Tho : Grey, 
Calixt : Clerk. 

i H. VII. Thursday before Simon & Jiide. [Oct. 27, 1485-] 

Tenne soldiers granted to serve the king for 21 days, when the 

king shall call for them, and assessors and collectors nominated for a 

summe of mony for theire maintenance. 

Tho : Samson Esq r (a) and Willm : Wimbill (bj elected Burgesses 

for this Towne at y next parlmS 7 Novemb : (cj 

Granted to Rob* Kirkhouse in fee, a messuage uppon the common 

soile, on the north of the Archdecon of Suff: (d) at the auncient rent, 

135 foot long, 19 foote broad Westward, and 10 foot \ Eastward, at 6 d r*. 

i H. VII. Satterday after Katherine. [Nov. 26, 1485,] 

At the Admirall Court a recogn : of io u , in case y e recognisor did 
not p' forme an arbitrem* to be made. 

i H. VII. Wednesday after Antony. [Jan. 18, 1486.] 

Assessm* for mony granted for the setting forth of horses for y e 

soldiers. , 

Noe person shall sell in this market ffish that are tied together, 
nor shall sell any ffishe to any regrators, under p'ill of forfaiture. 

(L) S Thf famVy^fTamson or Sampson was anciently of Brettenham, Suff. and aftemards of Playford. 
The Tho Samson who represented Ipswich in this Parliament appears to have been subsequently knighted 
on the occasion of Prince Arthur's marriage, Nov. 7, 1501, (Har. 6063,, and died s. p. Jan. ^8 1512 
Davy, (Suff. Coll. Add. MSS. 19, 148) has copious pedigrees, notes, and wdls, with a long account 
Tho : Sampson, dean of Chichester, Ind of Ch : Ch : Oxford, bom at Playford in 15 1 7. d. also Jermyn, 

nte 5 ' aisle of the Church of St Mary Tower, is a brass of Robert Wymbyll, notary, 1506 
() The first Parliament of Hen. VII, held in the " Camera Communiter dicta Cruets, infra Palatmm 

'collated 2 March, ,471-2- Le Neve's Fasti, ii, 488. Wodderspoon, p. 23. 


i H. VII. Munday after Gregory. [Mar. 13, 1486.]* 

ffines of ffree Burgesses granted to the repaire of the new mill. 
The 1 2 Capitall Burgesses shall, uppon view, sett the bounds be- 

twene Benet Caldwells curtelage and the common soile. 

i H. VII. Friday in Whitsun weeke. [May 19, 1486.] 

If any Portman shall break the peace w*hin the liberty of this 
Towne or be aiding therto, he shall forfait his freedome, & for every 
suche offence shall pay 5". And every other Burgess soe offending 
shall forfait 5 marks, and any other inhabitant soe offending shall be 
fined 20% and suffer imprisonm* for 40 dayes, all w"* shall be donne by 
the Bayliffs for the time beeing. 

Portmens Medow demised for 1 2 yeres, at 2O S yerely rent. 

Granted to Tho : Baldrey 2O U , and assessors nominated to assess 
the same uppon the Burgesses, (except y Portmen) and the Serjeants 
shall levy the same. 

John Cooke and Tho : Hobard elected to be of Councill w*h this 
Towne, and the fee of 13 s 4 d is granted to eache. 

Granted to Nich: Winter, common soile betweenehis curtelage and 
the land of Jos : Heynes. 

To John Browne, of the com: soile nigh Blackfriers bridge, betweene 
the garden of Alexand : Bugg, North, and the common soile South, the 
East head uppon the common soile, the West head uppon the Town 
Ditch, 12 foote long from the ditche, and 4 foote broad, at i d r*. 

i H. VII. Tewesday after Barnaby. [June 13, 1486.] 

A Deede of lands of greate vallew, in Bergholt, Reydon, the man- 
nor of Buers in Ipsw ch , and the advousion of Stevens churche, w'h other 
lands, acknowledged by S r Gilbert Debenham (aj to Benedict Caldwell, 
and inrolled. 

i H. VII. Munday before Peter. [June 26, 1486.] 

Assessors named for a summe of mony for the kings intertainm 4 at 
his next comming. 

In the rolls of the Gaole delivery, I finde that [in] the 5 severall 
sessions in this and the next yere, Thomas Cade, Bayliff of the Hamlet 
of Stoke for y Prior of Ely, (bj absented himselfe from the Sessions 
holden for this Towne, and was fined, and the fines extracted and 
levied, vid. the estreats in the Treastiry. 

* On Mar. 4 in this year, the King, by Patent, grants to the Queen, in part compensation for the 
residue of her dowry, 40" out of the fee-farm of the town. Hist. Hen. VII., Rolls. Ser. i. 347. 

(a) A grant is made, I Dec. 1485, to Randolph Sandford, of the office of Steward of the lordship of 
Donyington, Co : York, formeily held by Sir Gilbert Debenham, (/'*. i. 190,) and on Mar. 9, 1486, a general 
pardon is granted to Gilbert Debenham, (alias Debnam, alias Debynham) and of suit of the king's peace 
for treasons, &c. ib. 380. 

(b) Roger Westminster, elected July 28, 1478. 





1486-7. 2 //. 

VII. Thursday* Nativit: Mar: [Sep 

8, 1486.] 


John Wallworth, 


Willm : Baker. 

Edm : Booking, 
John Kirre. 


Joh : Wapon, 
Tho : Stiles. 

The Bayliffs and 

Com: Cler: Joh: 


Roger Timperley, 


Willm : Winter, 

Cler: Pac : John Wallworth. 

Tho : Drayll, 

Tho: Baldrey. 


Edw : Dekvs, 


! Willm : Baker, 
Willm : Wimbill, 
Tho : Skipper, 


Rob : Half, 
Calixt : Clerk, 
Tho : Gory. 

Joh : Hall. 

2 H. VII. Munday before Mat 'hew. [Sep. 18, 1486.] 

ffower Guildholders elected. 

The Chamberlins shall pay Tho : Samson Esq r faj and Willm 
Wimbill theire wages for services as Burgesses at the last Parliam 4 . 

2 H. VII. ffriday before Martin. [Nov. 10, 1486.] 

The last Chamberlins shall pay 1 5'' 8 s for the charges of Tho : 
Samson Esq r and Willm : Wimbill, late Burgesses for the Parliam 4 
for this Towne, and for their fforfaitures, and that the Chamberlins 
shall discharge this Towne of a writt of Habere fac: for the said 
fforfaitures, all w h shall be donne before Thursday next after Martins 
day next coming, t 

The Bayliffs and sixe others named, shall be Auditors for Accompts. 

The Chamberlins shall repaire the new mill. 

Granted to Tho : Manser, the Butchers house, and stall, and marshe, 
as Wm : Winter had the same, from Mich : last, for 7 yeres, at i8 H yerely 
rent, if noe other Butcher shall before Thursday next give more, and 
security for paym*. 

Willm : Baker, (b) one of the Bayliffs, at this Court granted to the 
Towne the proffit of Stoke mill, for and during the time specefied in an 
Indenture betweene the Prior of Ely (cj and the said Willm : Baker, 
Uppon condicon that the proffits of the said mill shall goe to the 
Chamberlins till Mich : next, and thenceforthe to remaine to Trustees 
named by the Great Court, to the use that when it shall happen that a 
1 5 th of our Lo : the king or other greate Charge shall comme uppon 

* Should be ' Friday.' (a) Vis : Suffolk, Harl. 1560, f. 1 74. t Thursday, Nov. 14, 1486. 

(bj Jermyn (Add. MSS. Brit. Mus. 19, 1 16) gives several pedigrees of this name, belonging respectively 
to the parishes of Stutton, Fressingfield, Westhorpe, and Wrentham. 

(ci Roger Westminster, elec. July 28, 1478, and lived till 1499. Dugdale, Monast. i. 468. 


the Towne, the same shall be disbursed for the disburdening of all 
the inhabitants of the towne whoe shall be assessed to the summe of io d 
or under, soe as suche persons shall pay nothing to the said Charge. 
And if it shall happen that the said Town shall not be burthened, then 
the Trustees shall yerely render accompt to the Bayliffs for the time 
beeing. And the Trustees shall yerely sufficiently repaire the said mill, 
Allwaies saving to the said Willm : Baker all the pasture to the said 
mill belonging, except pasture for the millers horse. And the Miller 
for the time beeing shall yerely pay to the said Willm : Baker and his 
assignees, the farme rent of the said mill for the use of the prior of Ely. 

2 H. VII. Tewesday, 2 d week Lent. [Mar. 13, 1487.] 

Tenne assessors named for 50 marks, pro regardo D^ni Regis, when 
it shall be demanded. 

2 H. VII. Tewesday after John the Baptist. [June 26, 1487.] 

ffower Guildholders elected for the yere ensuing. 

Certaine persons elected to receive the proffits of millstones, 
Dogstones, Quernstones, (aj Grinstones, and grave stones ariving in 
this port, and therof to render accompt. 

Granted to Calixt' Clerk, parcell of land by view of the headbur- 
rowes, 1 06 foote long, and 26 foote broad, at 6 d r*. 

To Alexander Hert allsoe, parcell of the Town Diches. 

To m r Wm : Peckenham, (bj Archdeacon of Suff: parcell of the 
common soile north of his house, 75 foote long, and 8 foote broad, 
at 2 d r l . 

To m r John Smier, Clerk, parcell of the common soile next the 
ffriers preachers wall, as well on the East as North, 5 1 foote long 
Eastward, and 24 foote broad, at 3 s 4 d r*, and a red rose at Midsummer, 
if it be demanded, to the intent that the said Smier shall build thereon 
a new house for a schoole for Grammer scholars 

2 H. VII. Munday before Peter. [June 25, 1487.] 

Granted to the king, two soldiers for 28 dayes, when they shall be 
thereto required, (cj And assessors named for the mony for theire 
charges, and collectors for the same in the severall parishes of the 

(a) Quern, not always for grinding corn : Rogers, (Hist. Prices, ii. 573) mentions a " pepper quern." 

(b) vid. supra, p. 152, note ; his official residence, the gateway of which, still remaining, bears his name, 
is on the W. side of Northgate St. Wodderspoon, p. 23. He also built the grand gateway to the parsonage 
at Hadleigh, and died 149". Original Letters (Sir Jno. Fenn) v. 241. 

(c) This grant, occurring immediately after the collapse of the Simnel imposture at the battle of Stoke, 
l6th June, 1487, was probably not only part of a measure of precaution against further disorders, but 
against the "dangerous and unlawful practice of maintenance." Lingard, iv. 284. A Commission of 
array for Suffolk had been issued early in the year (7 An., 1487) to John, Earl of Oxford, and others, with 
special injunctions to repair and guard the beacons on the Suffolk coast. Hist. Hen. vil. Rolls. Ser. ii. 135. 




Tower, Marg'ets, Laurences, Mathews, Peters, Kay, Clem ts , Nicholas, 
Elms, Stevens, Ellens. 

Eight Burgesses elected, and ordered to pay cache of them 6 s 8 d 
yerely, till they shall take theire Othe. 

I find Indictments for forestalling of ffishes, by buying them at 
the Common Kay before they come to the market. 

1487-8. 3 H. VII. Satterday, Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1487.] 


( Tho : Drayll, 


[ Rob 1 Blomfield. 
The Bayliffs and 


Tho : Smith, 
Willm : Ropkin. 

Joh : Wallworthe, 


Wm Baker, 

Com: C7v Joh 

: Balhed. 

Tho : Baldrey, 

k Rog : Timperley.(a) 

Cler : Pac : Joh : 



Edw: Becking, 
Tho : Skipper. 


Edw : Dekys, 


Tho : Drayll, 
Tho : Baldrey, 
Tho : Skipper, 


Calixt' Clerk, 
Rob' Hall, 
Rich : Martin. 

Joh : Hall. 

3 H. VII. ffriday after Martin. [Nov. 16, 1487.] 

Joh : Scott elected Serjeant in the room of Edw : Dekys, (lately 
dead) to hold the place till Mich : next. 

Tho : Cady is reconsiled to his ffree Burgesship, upon condicon that 
he will hold and p' forme his Chamberlins place. 

By the consent of Wm : Baker, the proffits of Stoke mill is ordered 
to comme to the Chamberlins till Mich : next, for the use of the Towns 
charge now incumbent, and after Mich : next halfe shall goe to the 
Chamberlins for the time being, to the use of the Towne, and the other 
halfe to the former uses. 

3 H. VII. Tewesday after Epiphany. [Jan. 8, 1488.] 

An assessm* shall be made for the Towne Charter renewing, and 
Assessors and Collectors mentioned and named in every parish. But 
Stoke is not menconed. 

3 H. VII. 20?an: [1488.] 

The king granted his Charter of Confirmacon of the liberties of this 
Towne, formerly granted and confirmed by Edw: the 4 th , but mencons not 
the charter of H. 4., nor Rich : 3., nor granted any inlargem* of liberties. 

(a) His name occurs, with those of John and William Tymperly, in a licence to alienate the manor of 
Hyntlesham, Suff. 23 Nov. 1487. Pat. Rolls, p. i. m. I. (26). 


3 H. VII. Munday after Edw: y' King. [Jan. 7, 1488.] 

Tho: ffastolf Esq T (a) and John Wallworth Jun r , (b) are elected Bur- 
gesses for this Towne at the next Parlm 4 , 9 Novemb., (cj and they shall 
have halfe the wages aunciently given, viz., to cache i2 d a day. 

Willm : Henbury (d) elected Coroner for this Town. 

The collectors of mony lately granted to the king, shall be distrained 
for the areres, and the same shall goe to the use of the Town. 

Every ffree Burgess or fforrainer who shall buye any Chese w'hin 
the liberty of this Towne, shall weigh the same at the common beame, 
and if he shall weigh the same at any private beame, he shall pay to the 
collector of the small customs i d , and for custome i d . 

Stoke mill shall be let to farme by the present Bayliffs, and Joh : 
Wallworthe, and Willm : Baker. 

3 H. VII. ffriday before Trinity. [May 30, 1488.] 

An Assessm* shall be made for a tenth and fifteenth for y e king, to 
be payed to the Exchequer at the Nativit: of Joh: Bapt :* and assessors 
and collectors nominated in eache parish, Stoke parish not mentioned. 

All suche as may claime theire Burgeship by birthe or service, (ej 
shall at the next Court take theire othe, or forfait theire Burgeship for 

Burgesses elected for soe long as they shall continue in this Towne. 

Auditors appointed for the Chamberlins accompts. 

Headburrowes shall goe about the Town and view incrochm* 5 , and 
warne suche as have incroched to appeare at the next Court. 

Granted to Margt: Little, common soile 260 foote long, and in bredth 
betweene her house north, and the topp of the Town wall south, as shall 
be sett out by meetes and bounds, at 1 8 d r*. 

Rich: Bayly, Joh: Hall, and Wm: Harlwin elected portmen by con- 
sent of the Portmen. 

Auditors elected for accompts of the collectors for the kings mony, 
and for mony for the kings intertainm* /^/9_at the Conception of Mary 
the Virgine.t 

(a) The family of Fastolf was of Caistor, Norf., and Pettaugh, Olton, and Nacton, SufF. The Thomas 
Fastolf here mentioned was sou and heir of Sir John Fastolf, Knt, of Nacton, who died in 1445. Davy, 
(Add. MSS. 19,129) has many pedigrees, copious notes, wills, and other memoranda, relating to this family. 
vid. also Jermyn, Add. MSS. 8208; Vis. Suff. 1561, Harl. 1177, f. 59, and 1820, f. 23. Some abstracts of wills 
are found in Fitch, Add. MSS. 23,964, fo. 4. 

(b) Wallworth of Ipswich. Harl. 1449, f. 95. et. sup. p. 103, note. 

fc) This Parliament met at Westminster, on Friday, Nov. 9, 1487, (Parry's Parl. Eng. 196.) and their 
election therefore appears to be post-dated. 

(d) W m Henbury appears in 1487, together with Roger Went worth, as Collector of the King's Customs 
in the port of Ipswich, the amount rendered at Easter being xl li . Hist. Hen. vn. Rolls Series, ii. 145. 

* June 24th. 

(e) vid. sup. p. 124, note. 

(f) This was not the King's first visit to the town. vid. Monday before Peter, 1486, p. 153. 
t Dec. 8th. 



3 H. VII. 

I finde divers Indictments for buying of Butter at Marg ts Greene, 
and in Barrgate Streete, and in Broke streete, before it comme to the 
market fa.J 

John Mason indicted for breaking and entring the churche of Mary 
Elms, and taking away a candlestick, price 2 s , of the goods and chattells 
of the parishioners of the said Church, in the custody of Tho : Cady and 
Tho : Mixer, church wardens of the said church, against the peace, and 
the fine imposed was 2o d . 

1488-9. it H. VII. Sunday* Nativit : Mar: [Sep. 8, 1488.] 






Tho : Baldrey, 
Rich : Bayly. 

The Bayliffs and 
Tho : Drayll, 
Rob' Blomfeild, 
Rog : Timperley, 
Willm : Baker. 

Edw : Booking, 
W m Henbury. 

Tho : Baldrey, 
Rob' Blomfeild, 
Joh : Portman, 
Nich : Porchet. 


Edm : Stiward, 
Rich : Goss. 

Cler: Pac : Joh : Wallworth. 
Com: Ckr:]oh: Balhed. 


Rob 1 Hall, 
Rich : Martin, 
Joh : Scott, 
James Cooke. 

4 H. VII. ffriday before Mathew. [Sep. 19, 1488.] 

Tho : Alverd made free, and to hold his freedome wheresoever he 
shall dwell. 

ffower wardens of Corp' Chr'i elected. 

Granted to Joh: Cheeke, for his Councill, 2O S yerely, and to be of 
Councill w*h this town during life. 

Suche as shall bring ffishe to market in this Town, shall sell the 
same in full market, (bj under perill of forfaiture of the ffishe for 
the i* offence, and of 3 s 4 d for every other offence, to the use of y e 

Granted to M r Heed, Schoolem r , 10 marks to celebrate for the 
Guild, from Mich : last to Mich : next. 

(a) md. p. 144. * Should be ' Monday.' 

(b) In order to prevent the practice of 'forestalling.' In D. G. (Capxxvi, 'Deforstalleryedepeyscun,') 
the forestaller, besides forfeiting the fish, and satisfying the seller, is to be imprisoned, and so kept until 
he shall have compensated both the seller and the public, and on a second offence is to be adjudged to the 
pillory without pardon, and the third time to forswear the trade for a year and a day, in addition to forfeiture 
and imprisonment as before, vid. also App. to Black Bk. of Admiralty, Rolls Ed. ii. pp. 100-3, an d Uling- 
worth's Trans, in Harl. 25,341, fol. 52. 




4 H. VII. Munday, Vigill Simon & Jude. [Oct. 27,1488.] 

Tho : Baldrey and Rog : Wentworth faj elected to be before the king 
and the lords spirituall and temporall, uppon the 10 day of Novemb : 
and they shall have for the Charges of eyther of them 2O S . 

4 H. VII. ffriday before Thomas. [Dec. 19, 1488.] 

Collectors ordered to comme to accompt uppon call, or shall forfait 
for default 2O S to the use of the Towne. 

4 H. VII. Wednesday after Epiphany. [Jan. 7, 1489.] 

Thorn : Drayll fbj and Rog : Wentworth elected Burgesses of the 

next Parliam*, 13 Jan : next, for this Towne. 

All Chamberlins w ch shall be after the deathe of Rich : ffelaw, 

shall have actions against Wm: Cady for using the Trade of Common 

Brewer fc.J 

4 H. VII. Lords day aft : Ascension. [May 31, 1489.] 

A recognisance of debt acknowledged before one Bayliff. vid. 

petit Court booke. 

I finde Indictm* 5 for assalt upon women, and carnall knowledge had. 

And Indictments for forestalling, by buying fish at the Kay before it 

comms to the mark*. 

And that the Sheriff of the County as yet had the Custody of the 

Town Gaole for Crown plees, for that the precept was to him to bring 

y e gaole and return juries. 

1489-90. 5 H. VII. 




John Hasting, 
John Hall. 

The Bayliffs and 
Tho : Bayly, 
Rich : Bayly, 
Tho : Drayll, 
Willm : Baker. 

Edw : Booking, 
W m Henbury. 

John Hasting, 
Rob 1 Blomfeild, 
John Portman, 
Nich : Porchet. 

Tho : Gardner, 
Edm : Daundy. 


Cler: Pac : Joh : Walhvorth. 
Com: Cler: John Balhed. 


Rob 1 Hall, 
John Scott, 
Rich : Martin, 
James Cook. 


A Burgess made uppon condition to make a paire of stocks at the Kay. 

(a) He belonged to the Wentworths of Nettlestead, Suff., and Codham, Essex, and is apparently that 
Roger who was 2 nd son of Henry Wentworth of Codham, Esq., and was Sheriff of Essex and Herts in 1499, 
(15 Hen. vii.) Fuller's Worthies, 366. Davy's Suff. Coll. Add. MSS. Brit. Mus. 19,154. Morant, (i, 429.) 
gives the date of his death as 9 Aug. 1539. -aid. also Harl. 1484, ff. 43, 55. 

(b) Drayle's brass, with the figures of himself and his two wives, is in the Church of St. Mary Tower. 

(c) But no Burgess was to be amerced for brewing, md. sup. p. 125. 


5 H. VII. Tewesday after Simon & Jude. [Nov. 3, 1489.] 

John Squier, Clerke, (a) Jeffry Osborne, James Hill, made ffarmers 
of the proffits of the Stone Trade, (bj for the benefit of Corp' Chr'i. 

5 H. VII. ffriday after Candlemass. [Feb. 5, 1490.] 

Granted to Robert ffuller and Marg 1 : his wife, Willm : Manser, and 
others, common soile betweene the tenem* of the said Robt : ffuller, 
West, and the high way East, abbutting Northe on the high way, 45 
foote long, and 4 foote broade, at i d r 4 . 

5 H. VII. ffriday before Phillip and Jacob. [Ap. 30, 1490.] 

Granted to Eliz : Caldwell, the common soile, to finde out diverse 

5 H. VII. Munday after Trinity. [June 7, 1490.] 

John Yaxley, gent, fcj elected forraine Burgess, and its granted unto 
him to be one of the Councill of this Towne at the next vacancy of any 
place when it shall happen. 

Granted to Tho : Cutting, fdj parcell of the common soile, with a 
well, as it lies west of the garden of Robt : Smith, 96 foote long, and 
27 foote broade northward, and southward 4 foote, at 2 d rent, uppon 
condition to build a new house thereon. 

5 H. VII. Thursday after Peter & Paull. [July i, 1490.] 

The prior (e) and Covent of Ely, by deed dated 6 aug : 10 E : 4,* 
[granted] to Phillip Booth Esq r , (f) a plott of ground at the west end of 
the Churchyard of Bargham, (g) paying to the prior and his successors 
i d r*, w*h a distress, and this was inrolled in this Court by m r Boothe. 

(a) cf.\<) Ed. iv. p. 143, where he receives the monies obtained from those who were compelled by the 
Bailiff's to grind corn at the town mills ; he was afterwards Treasurer, vid. sup. p. 148. Wodderspoon, p. 168. 

fb) i.e., the trade in millstones, vid. inf. 12. H. vn. This trade seems to have been considerable on 
the Eastern coasts, the best millstones being of foreign origin, and made from the chert found in the neigh- 
bourhood of Paris. Other kinds were obtained from Bucks, Leicester, and Durham, and the cheapest from 
the Trillek quarries in Monmouthshire. The prices in Ipswich, from 132010 1347, vary from ^1.5 {0^2.4.5, 
the average being ji. 16.11^. Rogers' Hist. Prices, 1.504-11, and ii. 432-3. 

(c) John Yaxley of Mellis and Yaxley, eldest son and heir of Richard, only son of John Yaxley, alias 
Herberd or Harbord, was a Serjeant at Law, ob. 1505. Page's Suff. pp. 467,506. Vis. Suff. i56i.Har. 1177, 
fo.33, andHarl.155, fo. 58b.&c. Hist. Hen. VII. Rolls Series, ii. 479. 

(d) Davy, (Add. MSS. 19,125, fo. 381) has some notes on the family of Cutting, and refers to Dawson 
Turner's Sepulchral Reminiscences of Gt. Yarmouth, pp. 24-5. * T 47- 

(e) Henry Peterborough, Prior from 1462101478. Dugdale, Monast. i, 468. 

(f) A pedigree of the lamily of Boothe of Shrubland Hall, Co : Suff., beginning from Edw. I., is given 
in Davy's Suff. Coll. Add. MSS. 19,119. This Philip was apparently knighted on the occasion of Prince 
Arthur's marriage, Nov. 17, 1501, (Harl. 6063, fo. gb) and was High Sheriff of Norf. and Suff. 22 Hen. VII. 
Fuller's Worthies, ii. 148. His dau. Audrey m. W m Lytton, Esq. of Knebworth, Herts. Le Neve's Knights, 
Harl. Soc. Pub. viii. 82, (1873.) 

(g) Barham, near Claydon, called also Barrougham, Bargham, and Bergham. Lib. Regis, 731, and 
Index Villaris, 21 ; also Add. MSS. 19,149, f. 291. 




5 H. VII. (SundayJ, Assumption of Mary. [Aug. 15, 1490.] 

A Burgesses fine of admittance was ordered to be paied to the 
Chamberlins, in recompense of expences made to the wife of the 
Sheriff of Suff: faj and ending a suite w*h the kings Atturny. 

Granted to Tho: Baldrey, to make one Burgess at his owne election, 
in recompence of, &c. 

Collectors for mony for charges w% the E. of Oxenford to the 
Sheriff of Suffolk, and if any Burgess refuse to pay the same, he shall 
be disfranchised at the next Court. 

It is found that John Tooly hath done wast in a messuage in Cald- 
well, lately granted to him by the Towne, and therefore the house is given 
to John Ketche, rendring 2 s rent, and doing reparacons. 

Common soile in Mathewes parish granted to Bridges, w ch now 
semeth to be Egertons. 

1490-1. 6 H. VII. Nativit: Mar: Wednesday. [Sep. 8, 1490.] 




Roger Timperley, ( 
Willm : Harhvin. 

The Bayliffs and 
John Hasting, 
Joh : Hall, 
Tho : Baldrey, 
Tho : Drayll. 

Edw : Booking, 
Willm : Henbury. 

Rog : Timperley, 
Robert Blomfeild, 
John Portman, 
Nich : Porchet. 

Chamberlins, o : Bird 

( Will : Revet. 

Cler: Pac : Joh : Wallworth. 
Com: Cter.-Joh: Balhed. 


Rob' Hall, 
Joh : Scott, 
Rich : Martin, 
James Cook. 

6 H. VII. ffriday before Allsaints. [Oct. 29, 1490.] 

Assessors, in number 20, named to taxe the moiety of a tenth and 
a fifteenth. 

It is agreed to pay the prior and Covent of Ely, for Stoke mill, the 
ferme of 16 shillings yerely for ever. 

And that Cam : ffrody shall have a Burgesses fine to repaire the 
Town Gaole. 

ffower Guild Wardens elected. 

Granted to Tho : Gardener in fee of the Towne ditche in Mary Elms, 
uppon the south of the way leading from the church to Horswad mill : 
196 foote | of ground in length, and westward 221 foote, and in bredth 
northward 62 foot A, and southward 1 1 1 foote, at 1 2 d r*, and to repaire 
the water land to the river for ever. 

(a) Simon Wiseman. Fuller's Worthies, ii. 148. Gage's Thingoe Hund. 124, note. This family was 
of Thornham, Suff. Jermyn, Suff. Coll. Add.MSS. 8217. 

fb) 4th son of John Timperley of Hintlesham, Esq., m. Margaret d. of W m Roberts of Little Braxted, 
Essex. Davy's Suff. Coll. Add. MSS. 19,152. 


6 H. VII. Munday, Markes day. [Ap. 25, 1491.] 

Order for the Pageant of Corp' Chr'i. 

Horse and armes of the voluntary gift to the king by severall per- 
sons particulerly menconed, fower joyning in one horse ; in all, sixe horses, 
somme persons giving compleate arms, somme parcells of armes, all 
being voluntary and free gift, (a) 

Thomas fforeman of Thorpehithe, at the instance of Thorn : ffastolfe 
Esq r ., shall be admitted ffree Burgess, provided that noe other fforrainer 
shall be admitted ffree Burgess hereafter, according to the ordinance 
formerly uppon Valentines day, 22 E. 4.* 

6 H. VII. Munday after Rogation. [May 9, 1491.] 

Granted to Tho : Bale, (b) 3 2 foote in length, and 1 5 foote in bredth, 
incroched by him uppon the com : soile, at 4 d r*. 

The E. of Oxenford (cj made free Burgess of this Town, and one 
of the brethren of the Guild. 

All persons w'hin this Towne shall be free from all attachements 
for debt or trespass, from 1 2 of the clock at noone, uppon Wednesday 
before Corpus Chr'i, to the going down of the sunne, for ever. 

Granted to the Bayliffs, one Burgesses fine at theire election, in 
recompence of 45 s i d , w ch they payed for charges for the pageant, soe 
as the party be no alien, nor forrainer, nor Butcher. 

Every country mercer, from Mich : next, shall kepe his market in 
the mercers houses, and noe where else, under forfaiture of 4o s by cache 
offender, for eache offence. 

ffower Guild Wardens elected. 

Granted to the Chamberlins to have a Burgess at election, or the 
fine of Hen : Stannard, to discharge the Towne of a pipe of wine bought 
against the kings comming to this Towne. (dj 

Granted to John Casenall, the land formerly Joh : Joseps, 101 foote 
long, and 59 foote broad. 

6 H. VII. [Munday], June 20, [1491.] 

The prior and Covent of Ely granted Stoke mill, w'h two peeces of 
pasture called the ' Hopper ' and ' Harpe ' to this Towne for 500 yeres 
from Midsummer next, w'hout impeachment of wast, at 3 H 4 s yerely 
rent, provided that the same shall not be assigned over w'hout licence. 

(a) Henry was at this time preparing for his pretended invasion of France, and had begun to collect 
taxes, levy troops, and provide stores for that purpose, in accordance with his treaty with Maximilian, Sep. 
II, 1490. (Rymer, Foedera, xii-455, 397.) Hence the assessment ordered above on a tenth and fifteenth. 
Letters from William Paston and Sir Roger L'Estrange to Sir John Paston, K, dated respectively 10 Feb. 
1491-2, and 16 Ap. 1492, (Orig. Lett. Sir Jno. Fenn, v. 416-9) afford an interesting account of what was 
doing in Suffolk. 

Rather, the day before Valentine's Day, Thursday, Feb. 13, 1483. -aid. sup. p. 147. 

fbj This name recalls that of the learned author of the ' <De Scriptoribus Britannicis," John Bale, Bishop 
of Ossory, in Ireland, who was born in the parish of Covehithe, Suff. 21 Nov. 1495. Page's Suff. Traveller, 
p. 218. (c) -vid. infra. 8 Hen. vii. (d) See previous preparations, 3 Hen. vii. 



l6 3 

W m Dykys of Whitton was arested in the Church of Whitton by 
the Sheriffs Bayliff, and carried to the County Gaole at Ipsw ch , upon 
an indictm* of felony. And Roger Timperley, one of y e Bayliffs of the 
Towne of Ipsw ch , camme before James Hobard, the kings Atturny, and 
John Yaxlee, and other of the Justices, at the Sessions of the peace, 
and demanded the body of the prisoner, for that he was inhabiting, and 
arested w'hin the liberty of the Towne, and the prisoner was delivered 
accordingly, vid. Transcr. vet. 

1491-2. 7 





H. VII. 

( Tho : Drayll, 
\ Willm : Baker. 

The Bayliffs and 
Roger Timperley, 
W m Harlwin, 
Tho : Baldrey, 
Rich : Bayly. 

Willm : Henbury, 
Job : Stannard. 

Tho : Drayll, 
Tho : Baldrey, 
Edm : Dandy. 
Willm : Stile. 


Willm : Bale, 
James Hill. 

Cler: Pac : John Walhvorth. 
Com: Cler: John Balhead. 


Rob' Hall, 
Rich : Martin, 
John Scott, 
James Cook. 

7 H. VII. ffriday after Faith. [Oct. 7, 1491.] 

John Yaxlee and Tho : Baldrey (aj elected Burgesses for this Towne 
at the next Parliam* at Westm r , 17 Octob., theire wages to be at the 
order of the great Court. 

7 H. VII. Munday before Edm : the king. [Nov. 14, 1491.] 

In eache parish assessors and collectors mentioned to assess and 

collect a tenth and 15 th ." 1 " 

Granted to Tho : Mixer, parcell of the Common ditche south of 

Gardeners, 189 foote long Westward, and 159 foote Eastward, 7 foote 

broad Southward, and 1 1 1 foote broad Northward, at 8 d r*. 

And Tho: Mixer granted a moiety thereof to Tho: Cady, fbj viz., 

62 foote Westward, and 65 foote Eastward, long. And Southward 75 

foote, and Northward 1 1 1 foote broad, at 4 d r 4 . 

* Conditionally that the last Chamberlins shall pay to them 3'' for reparations to be donne to the mills 
whereof they made default during all theire time. [B.] 

(a) The Vis. SufF., 1561, in Harl. 155, fo. 68b, contains a pedigree, with arms, of Baldrie of Stowmarket, 
R d Baldrie of that place being the father of Sir Tho : Baldry, K.t, Mercer, and Lord Mayor of London in 
1524, or according to Haydn, (Book of Dignities) in 1523, whose son, Geo. Baldry, was of Hadleigh. md. 
also Vis. Essex in 1556, Harl. 1137, fo. 35. Another pedigree, however, (Davy's Suff. Coll. Add. MSS. 
19,116) makes the Lord Mayor the son of the Tho: Baldrey above mentioned, who is said in the same 
MS. to have been buried in St. Mary Tower. 

t Assessment for the king. [B.] 

(d) Cady and Mixer were Churchwardens of St. Mary Elms, vid. sup. p. 158. The family of Cady belonged 
at an earlier period to St. Margaret's parish, vid. abstract of will of Robert Cady in Fitch's Ipswich Wills, 
Add. MSS. 23,964, fo. gb. 


7 H. VII. Thursday after Andrew. [Dec. i, 1491.] 

A release of lands and Tenem 18 in Ashfield Thorpe, (aj and same 
acknowledged and inrolled. 

7 //. VII. ffriday before Passion Stinday. [Ap. 13, 1492.] 

Assessors and collectors in cache parish menconed. 
Persons nominated to arbitrate the matter in difference betweene the 
Towne and the Prior of Ely about Stoke Mills. 

7 H. VII. Wednesday before Dunstan. [May 16, 1492.] 

Granted to the Chamberlins now being, the power of making 4 new 

7 H. VII. ffriday before y e Assumption. [Aug. 10, 1492.] 

Sixe Portmen and ten of the 24 named to view Stoke mills, and 
the lands thereto belonging. 

Areres to Corp' Chr'i are to be paied, or the p'ties shall appeare at 
the next Court, and show cause why they should not be disfranchised. 

The Bayliffs and others named to conferr w'h James Hobard the 
kings Atturny about matters concerning the honor of the Towne. 

Granted to the Chamberlins, the making of two Burgesses more. 

Granted to Willm : Baker, parcell of the common soile w'hout Laur. 
Church yard gate, in length 7 foote , and 4 foote \ broad, at 2 d rent. 

Willm : Parnell shall have the mony arere at Corpus Chr'i dinner 
to defray areres of y e Pageant. 

Every Burgess shall pay yerely to the Guild 8 d , and there shall be 
no dinner. 

Kepers of the Ornam 43 and utensiles of Corp' Chr'i appointed. 

Every shipp that shall throw theire ballast into the river, shall pay 
1 2 d for eache Tunne soe throwne out, and the informer shall have 1 2 d . 

Every p'son that shall cast muck into the high-way called Brook- 
streete, shall forfait for eache offence 1 2 d . 

The prior of Ely is made ffree Burgess, and of the fraternity of 
the Guild. 

Two Scottish preists taken at Ipsw h for treason spoken by them 
against the king; the Town seised theire goods as fforfaited, and sent 
the prisoners up to London. The king granted the goods to James 
fframlingham Esq r . (bj The Town sent up John Balhed to plead theire 

(a) Qy. Ashfield c. Thorpe near Debenham. 

(*) James Framlingham of Crowshallin Debenham, Suff., appears as 2nd son of Sir John Framlingham 
of that place. Vis. Suff. 1561, &c.Harl. 1560, f. 46. Jermyn (Add. MSS. 8208) adds the date 1498, and 
says also " the king's Servt," this he quotes from Sir Jno. Blois, Genealogies of Suff. Families. Davy, (Add. 
MSS. 19,130) says he died in 1519. A brass in Debenham Church, c. 1425, is supposed to represent one of 
this family, which became extinct in 1595. 




Charter, w ch he did, alledging that it was the kings owne grant, and 
confirmed by authority of his Parliam*. The king answered, he would 
not infringe theire Charter in the least point for IOOO H , but said that 
the goods in question were not forfaited, and that the preists might 
plead as subjects of Scotland, and are not subjects and lieges of the 
king of England, vid. Transcr : vet : 

1492-3. 8 H. VII. Satterday , Nativit : Mar : [Sep. 8, 1492.] 




Rich: Haukiswad, 
Wm Sewall. 

Wm Henbury, 
Joh : Stannard. 

The Bayliffs and 
Thorn : Drayll, 
Willm : Baker, 
Tho : Baldrey, 
Rich : Bayly. 

Rich: Haukiswade, 
Tho : Baldrey, 
Willm : Stile, 
Edm : Dandy. 

Tho : Herford, 
Giles Lackford. 

C ' hamberlins, 

Cler: Pac: Joh : Wallworth. 
Com : Cler: Joh : Balhed. 


Tho : Newman, 
Brian : Hatfeild, 
John Scott, 
Rich : Morton. 

8 H. VII. Tewesday after Holy Cross. [Sep. 18, 1492.] 

A deed acknowledged of lands and tenem ts in ffreston, Wolverstone, 
and Holbroke, and the wife of the recognizer living in Holbroke was 
examined and the deede inrolled. 

8 H. VII. ffriday after Edmond. [Rex. Nov. 23, 1492.] 

Perticuler persons named to undertake to beare the Costs of the 
suite and charges thereof w'h the BP of Norwich, if any suite shall be 
about the lands incroched uppon the Port of Ipsw ch . 

Common soile in Nicholas parish granted to Lacy, lying at the 

Granted to Hugh Lewes and his wife and theire heires, parcell of 
the common soile nigh the Colehill, betweene the garden of Nich : 
Bramston southe, and the common soile in p't north, 24 foote \ long 
northward, and southward 46 foote, and in breadth eastward 28 foote ^, 
and westward 2 1 foote, at 2 d r 1 , uppon condicon to pay io s to the Towne. 

8 H. VII. Thursday before ffoelix. [Jan. 10, 1493.] 

Bonde acknowledged in nature for the peace and good behaviour, 
but the forfaiture is to the party complaining, to be levied as recog- 
nisances, vid. rot. min : plac : 




8 H. VII. ffriday after Mark. [Ap. 26, 1493.] 

Burgess chosen uppon condition of residence, and beeing aiding 
to the pageant of Corp' Chr'i. 

Diverse p'sons disfranchised for areres to Corp' Chr'i, unless they 
shew cause at the next Court. 

Guildholders elected. And every Burgess shall pay to the dinner 
i6 d , and order is given to make p' vision for the Pageant. 

8 H. VII. ffriday aft r Assump : Mar : [Aug. 16, 1493.] 

The E. of Oxford, Admirall of England, faj sent a precept to the 
Bayliffs to attache a shipp in the Rode of Ipsw^ 1 for the Admiralty, 
which the Bayliffs refused to doe, and resisted the doing thereof, and 
afterward sent John Balhed w'h the Charter to Heveningham Castle (bj 
to shew the same to the Admirall, where allsoe were present James 
Hobard, Atturny Gen : (cj Robt : Drury, (dj Joh : Yaxlee, and Tho : 
Appleton, (ej whoe all agreed to the liberty of the Towne. vid. 
Transcr : vet: 

9 H. VII, Nativit : Mar: Sunday. [Sep. 8, 1493.] 





Tho : Baldrey, 
Tho: Alvard. 

John Stannard, 
Willm : Stile. 

The Bayliffs and 
Rich : Haukiswade, 
Willm : Sewall, 
Tho : Drayll, 
Rog : Timperley. 

Tho : Baldrey, 
Rich : Haywad, 
Edm : Dandy, 
Willm : Manser. 

n , , ,. ( Joh : Winter, 
Chamberhns, j J Rich . 

Cler: Pac : Joh : Wallworth. 
Com: Cler: Joh: Balhed. 


Joh : Scot, 
Rich : Martin, 
Tho : Newman, 
Joh : King. 

(a) John de Vere, I3th Earl of Oxford, K.G., was Lord High Admiral of England from 1485 to 1512, 
and died 1513. He was made a free Burgess of the town in 1491, (p. 162.) an honour the more readily 
bestowed, no doubt, since his mother was daughter and heir of Sir John Howard. 

(*) Qy. Hedingham Castle, Essex, the seat of the de Veres, where the Earl had been residing not long 
previously, as appears from a letter to Sir John Paston. Original Letters (Sir John Fenn) v. 390. 

(<r) Appointed July 8, 1486. 

(d) Son and heir of Roger Dniry of Hawstead, and knighted by Hen. VII on Blackheath Field, on St. 
Botolph's Day, 17 June, 1497, after the defeat of the Cornish rebels under Flammock and Lord Audley. 
He was of Lincoln's Inn, Speaker of the House of Commons, and a Privy Councillor. Cotton MSS. Claud. 
C. III. fo. 32., and Gage's Thingoe Hund. 432-3, where an account and pedigree of this family is given at 
length. Davy's Suff. Coll. Add. MSS. 19,197. Jermyn. Add. MSS, 8207. 

(e) Apparently of Little Waldingfield, Co. Suff., and son of John Appleton of that place ; another 
family of this name, from Dartford in Kent, and Bemfleet, Co. Essex, settled at Kettlebaston, Suff. One 
branch of the Waldingfield Appletons emigrated to America, living at Boston and elsewhere. Copious 
pedigrees and notes are found in Davy's Suff. Coll. Add. MSS. 19,1 15. Jermyn (Add. MSS, 8201) mostly 
repeats these. 



I6 7 

9 H. VII. Munday after Edward. [Jan. 6, 1494.] 

Demised to Mathew Wode, the Butchery w* the Common Marshe 
and the Mill Marshe, from Mich: last, for 7 years at 20" rent, payable at 
the fower usuall feasts, finding pasture for two horses for the new mill 
during the said Terme. 

John Browne, one of the Headburrowes, is discharged from his 
place by the Headburrowes, and they chose Rich : Goss in his roome. 

(William Spencer of Bury St. Edmond chose Burgesse inerme upon 
condition y* he shall be commorant. in Ipswich. Peter Lamborne chose 
Burgesse upon cond n y 4 he shall New Tile at his owne cost and charge 
y e house of Pleas.) (aj 

9 H. VII. ffriday after Philip & Jacob: [May 2, 1494.] 

Guild (Corporis Christi) wardens elected (for 7 years to come, ita 
tainen g d reddant Gildoe p' diet.} 

Two persons, for service donne to the Towne, for ever discharged 
from being elected Chamberlins, (on cond n y l they make y e walls and 
two Chimnys in y e house to be New Built, &c.) 

Order for provision for Corp' Chr. pageant. 

Agreed that a house shall be built uppon the south of the house 
of plees, (bj for a Kitchin, and thereabove for a sociary for the Guild, 
\v & a csalar under y e house of plees ; and the house above the cellar, 
viz., betweene the house of plees and the Tavern, shall belong to the 
guild for ever, (and note, several causes are entered at this Court.) 

1494-5. 10 H. VII. 


Rich : Bayly, 


Rog : Timperley. 

John Stannard, 
v Willm : Stile. 


Wm Pipho, (c) 
Tho : Cutting. 

The Bayliffs and 

Chr. Pac .-John 


Thomas Baldrey, 


Tho : Alvard, 

Com : Chr: John 


Tho : Drayll, 

Wm Harlwin. 


Joh : Scott, 

Clavigers, < 

' Rich : Bayly, 
Tho: Alvard, 
Edm : Dandy, 


Rich : Martin, 
Tho : Newman, 
Joh : King. 

^ Willm : Manser. 

(a) This and several succeeding paragraphs within brackets appear to be in the handwriting of 
Mr. Sparrow. 

(i) The Moot Hall or House of Pleas stood on the site of the present Town Hall, where also was the 
ancient Church of St. Mildred. The ' sociary ' was a banqueting room for the members of the Guild. 
Wodderspoon. p. 4. 

(c) Abstracts of wills of the family of Pypho are given in Fitch's Ipswich Wills, Add. MSS. 23,964, 
ff. 1,5, 2ib, 2gb. 


10 H. VII. Tewcsday after Hillary. [Jan. 20, 1495.] 

James Hobard and Tho : Appleton agreed uppon to arbitrate be- 
tweene the BP of Norw ch faj and the Towne concerning lands and wast 
uppon w ch diverse buildings have been made, over against the Rotten 
Row (b.j 

Granted to the Chamberlins, one Burgesses fee for the expences of 
intertainm* of James Hobard and Tho : Appleton, and the Chamberlins 
nominated Richard Cranfenn to be the Burgess. 

Tho : Mixer acquitted from being elected Chamberlin, soe as he 
shall beare halfe the Charges of the stone work of the building on the 
south of the Moot hall, for the use of Corp' Chr'i. 

John Manser shall have a butchers stall in the fflesh market for 
life, bearing Scott and Lott, (or being a Burgesse). 

Assessors and Collectors in eache parish for a moity of a io th and 
a 1 5 th , for the repaire of the new Mill, the whole sume being 1 8 1 ' 4 s 6 d . 

10 H. VII. Thursday, Gregory. [Mar. 12, 1495.] 

A deed acknowledged of lands and tenem ts in Kesgrave, by a man 
and his wife, and shee was examined. 

10 H. VII. ffriday after Gregory. [Mar. 13, 1495.] 

Soldiers granted to the king to serve under the E. of Oxford accord- 
ing to his Letters. 

The Bayliffs and Portmen undertake to finde armour and weapons, 
and the 24 undertake to finde horses w th their furniture. And eache of 
their p'ticuler charge in severall summs of mony sett down in writing. 

10 H. VII. (Wednesday}, Aprill 8. [1495.] 

Bayle taken for felony by the Bayliffs, inrolled, the recognisance 
was to appeare or forfat io u to the use of the Towne. 

10 H. VII. ffriday after Joh : Port Latin. [May 8, 1495.] 

Granted 3" n s for the Pageant of Corp' Chr'i. 

All carts going over Stoke bridge lately built, shall pay towards 
the repayring and maintaining of the same; viz., every Burgess i d ob., 
and every forrainer i d for ever, provided that none shall goe over the 
.bridge when they may goe through the ffoord. 

(a) James Goldwell (vid. p. 140) continued in this See till 1499. 

(b) A part of Norwich was also called Rotten Row, (Blomfield's Norf. iii. 67) and in the present day 
we have the famous thoroughfare in Hyde Park, the name of which is said by Thombury and Walford (Old 
and New London, iv. 398} and Hare (Walks in London, ii. 108) to be a corruption of ' Route du Roi' but 
the derivation, if correct, must be purely local, for the Rev. Isaac Taylor informs me that in the village of 
Settrington, Yorks. there was not long since a row of four tumbling down cottages which went by this name, 
and I am also told that at Ulverston, Lane, there is or was a road, which, abounding in rats, was termed 
' Ratten Row.' 




I495"6. ii H. VII. Tewesday, Nativit : Mar: [Sep. 8, 1495.] 





John Hall, 
Willm : Harlewin, 

John Stannard, 
Willm : Stile. 

The Bayliffs and 
Roger Timperley, 
Rich : Bayly, 
Tho : Drayll, 
Tho : Baldry. 

/ Job : Hall, 
\ Tho : Alvard, 
j Edm : Dandy, 
Wm Manser. 


Willm : Stansby, 
Willm : Gibbon. 

Cler: Pac : Joh : Wall worth. 
Com: Cler: John Balhed. 


John Scott, 
Rich : Marvin, 
Tho : Newman, 
Joh : King. 

ii H. VII. ffriday before Mathew. [Sep. 18, 1495.] 

John ffastolf Esq r , faj Edm: Booking gent., (bj elected Burgesses 
for this Towne at the next Parliam* at Westm r , 14 Octob. Theire wages 
sett at 26 s 8 d , if the parlm* continue at Westm r , but if adj'ourned further 
off, then theire wages to be ordered by the greate court. 

Auditors for Stoke bridge mony. 

Noe person in this Towne shall use les Roblys for measuring of corne, 
under penalty of 2O S for every offence. 

Granted to Joh: Blowgate, fcj parcell of the common soile of the 
Town ditche, 80 foote long, and in bredth 28 foote northward, and 30 
foote southward, at 1 2 d r*. 

ii H. VII. ffriday after Hillary. [Jan. 15, 1496.] 

Granted to John ffastolfe Esq r , for his charges about the weights 
and measures, 13* 4 d , and for his wages at the Parliam 1 , 4 U , and to Edw: 
Bocking three pounds, and the Chamberlins shall deduct the same out 
of the fees of weights and measures. 

ii H. VII. Thursday before Gregory. [Mar. 10, 1496.] 

Granted to the Chamberlins, 8 Burgesses ffees for the repairing of 
the New Mill, and noe other Burgess shall be sworne before them : pro- 
vided they be not Butchers or Chandeliers. 

Noe fforrainer (d) shall be hereafter taxed but in the generall court. 

(a) He was of Nacton, Suff., son and heir of Thomas Fastolfe Esq., Burgess for the town in the Parliament 
ofl48;. Davy's Suff. Coll. Add. MSS. 19,129, fo. 45. Jermyn's Suff. Coll. Add. MSS. 8208. 

(5) This Edm. or Edw. Bocking is apparently the first in the Visit, pedigree, 1 56 r , and died 6 Ed. VI. He 
was of Ashbocking, Co. Suff. and mar. 1st, Jane, dau. of John Talmach of Helmingham. Harl. 1103, fo. 936. 
and Davy, Add. MSS. 19,119. Harl. 1560, fo. uib,and 1177, fo. 78, differ as to the arms, the fess in the 
former being ' wavy,' and in the latter ' nebuly.' There is a brass in Ashbocking Ch. to Edm. Bockinge Esq. 
1585. Haines, Mon. Brasses. 

(c) The family of Blowgate seems to have belonged to St. Lawrence parish. Andrew Blowgate, by will, 
proved 20 Dec. 1503, bequeaths his forgotten tithes to this church, and desires there to be buried. Add. 
MSS. (Fitch's Ipswich Wills,) 23,964. 

(rf) By a ' forrainer ' is meant one not residing within the liberty of Ipswich. 




1496-7. 12 H. VII. Thursday, Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1496.] 

Tho : Alvard, 




Tho : Drayll, 
Willm : Baker. 

Job : Stannard, 
Willm : Henbury. 

The Bayliffs and 
William Harlewin, 
John Hall, 
Tho : Baldrey, 
Tho : Alvard. 

Tho : Drayll, 
Edm : Dandy, 
Willm : Manser. 

Cler: Pac : Joh : Wallworth. 
Com : Cler: Tho : Hall. 


Rich : Marvin, 
Tho : Scott, 
John Awly, (sic) 
Wm Withe. 

12 H. VII. ffriday before Christm'ss. [Dec. 23, 1496.] 

Tho : Alvard, (a) Rich : Bayly, elected Burgesses of the Parliam* 
uppon the 16 of Jan. next. 

Every Burgess defalting in his duties to the Guild, shall be sum- 
moned by the wardens to the next court, to shew cause whie he shall 
not forfait his freedome, and if he comme not at the next court, then 
shall he be reputed a fforrainer. 

ffower Guild wardens elected. 

Corpus Chr'i pageant shall be provided at the charge of suche as 
have been used. 

Surviers appointed to vallew the mill stones fbj and other stones of 
Quarry for the use of the Guild. 

The Bayliffs shall be saved harmless from their bonds entred for the 
difference betwene the BP of Norw ch and the Towne. 

Noe forrainer or other person shall intermeddle in the office of a 
Porter w th in this Towne, but the Porters thereto assigned, under penalty 
of forfaiture theire double gaines, Provided that any Burgess may imploy 
theire servants to carry theire Marchandise. 

12 H. VII. Thtirsday, i$Aprill. [1497.] 

Willm : Spencer elected into the number of the 24. 

(a) Thomas Alvard or Alverd, Bailiff in 1493, and again representative in Parliament in 1503, had 
received the -freedom of the borough with special privilege, in 1488, and was the son of Tho : Alverd of 
Woodbridge, Suff., and, as it appears, keeper of Wolsey's wardrobe. His dau. Agnes m. William Daundy 
of Cretingham, and his grand-daughter Margaret became the wife of William Latton, Esq. of Kingston 
Bagpuze, Berks, the then representative of an ancient family of wealth and influence, whose monumental 
brasses still remain in the parish Church of St. Michael, Blewbury, Berks. The name is elsewhere found 
as ' Alvered,' (Blomfield's Norf. ii. 517) and in the letter referred to by Wodderspoon (p. 350) is spelt, as in 
Domesday, and in Blomfield, (iii. 58,) ' Alward.' The original letter is among the Cotton MSS. (Vitell. B. 
xii. f. 173), and has been printed in Sir H. Ellis's Original Letters, First Ser. i. 307-10. Copious pedigrees, 
inquisitions, and wills of this family are found in Davy's Suff. Coll. Add. MSS. 19,1 14, ff. 291-8, and in the 
Jermyn Coll. Add. MSS. 8201, ff. 55-6, in the Brit. Mus. Alvard died in 1504. 

(bj cf. p. 1 60. supra, note. 


The king intending- a royall voyage into Scotland, The E'l. of 
Oxenford, Lo : Lieuten* of this County, demanded 20 men, archers, and 
bills of this Towne, w h was granted. And for their arming, the 1 2 
and 24 undertooke; and as to the horses and furniture and other 
necessaries, a summe of mony was assessed uppon the Chiefe and 
ablest inhabitants, whose names are sett down w th the severall summs 
of mony charged uppon theire heads, and Collectors are named in every 
severall ward. The greatest summe charged uppon any was 6 s 8 d , and 
the least i2 d . faj 

12 H. VII. ffriday before George. [Ap. 21, 1497.] 

The first 15 th and 10 th granted at the last Parliam 4 , assessed uppon 
cache parish by 2 assess rs in eache parish, and two collectors named, (b) 

Willm : Bole, one of the 24, at his request discharged, and Hen : 
Stannard elected in his stead. 

12 H. VII. ffriday after Mar g 1 et. [July 2 t, 1497.] 

The Bayliffs accompted for the 1 5 th and io th last received, and allsoe 
for the mony received for the soldiers last granted. 

12 H. VII. Wednesday after Mar g*et. [July 26, 1497.] 

Granted to John Bridges, parcell of the Com. soile, 66 foote long, 
and 9 foote broad, in Mathews Parish, r 4 2 d . 

1497-8. 13 H. VII. Thursday, Vigill Concept: Mar : [Dec. 7, 1497.] 

Thomas Mixer elected into the number of the 24, and Hen : 
Stannard discharged from that number, and Rich : Joury elected in 
his stead. 

The Bayliffs shall enter bond as by the direction of m r Serjeant 
Yaxley, and James Hobard fcj the kings Atturny shall be ordered for 

(a) It would seem from this, that the king had first intended to proceed m person against the king of 
Scots ; the expedition was, however, intrusted to Lord Dawbeny, a commission of array in Cumberland and 
Westmoreland having been also issued on the 13* Feb. to Sir Tho : Dacre, lieutenant of the West Marches. 
Lingard's Eng. iv. 31 1. Foedera, xii. 647. 

( b) At the Parliament which met at Westminster on Monday, the 1 6 th Jan. preceding, the Commons granted 
for the defence of the country against the irruption of the king of Scotland, as ally of the pretender Warbeck, 
" too hoole xv mes and x mes to be had paied taken and levyed of the movable goodes catellis and other thyngis 
usuelly to such xv mes and x mes contributory and [charcheable] within the Shires Cities Boroughes and Townes 
and other places of this yo r seid realme," but in case of a peace with Scotland, the second Tenth and 
Fifteenth was not to be levied. Statt. Realm, ii. 642-3. Carte's Hist. Eng. ii. 849-50. Lord Bacon, however, 
says that Henry exaggerated the circumstances of the Scottish invasion, in order to obtain money, "for his 
wars were always to him as a mine of treasure, of a strange kind of ore ; iron at the top, and gold and silver 
at the bottom." Life Hen. VII. p. 355. 

(c) vid. another case in which they were called upon to arbitrate: Original Letters, (Sir John Fenn.) 
v. 438. 




the matter in difference with the BP of Norw ch concerning the new 
Buildings uppon the wast by the haven, and that the Bayliffs shall call 
to them suche Portmen and Burgesses for the soliciting and manifesting 
to them the truthe of the matter, as they shall think meete, and the 
Bayliffs shall be saved harmless by the Town. 

The Chamberlins shall pay the fee farme to the king. 

Common soile in Laur : parish granted to Baker in court before 
one Baylif, viz. Tho: Drayll: vid: Treas v . 

1498-9. 14 H. VII. Saterday, Nativit : Mar : [Sep. 8, 1498.] 





Tho : Baldrey, 
Edm : Dandy. 

Willm : Henbury, 
Job : Stannard. 

The Bayliffs and 
Richard Haukiswade, 

,-,, , ,. ( Wm Stisted, 
Chamberlins, r> u. T 
( Rob' Joury. 

Willm : Sewall, 
Tho : Drayll, 
Tho : Alvard. 

Com : Cler : 
Clcr : pac : 

Tho : Hall, by him- 
self or his sufficient 

' Edm : Dandy, 

Rob : Martin, 

1 Tho: Drayll, 
| Willm : Manser, 


Joh : Scott, 
Wm. Withe, 

\ Willm : Rivet. 

John Aroty. (sic) 

14 H. VII. Thursday after Laurence. [Aug. 15, 1498.] 

A deed of fforraine land fa) and tenem ts acknowledged and inrolled 
in this Court, and the woman, a forrainer, examined. 

1499-1500. 15 H. VII. 

Granted to Thomas Cutting, parcell of y e common soile in Mathewes 
parish, 1 1 1 foote long, and 3 1 foote northw., and 4 foote southward broad, 
at 4 d r*. 

And to John Pitt, parcell of com. soile west of Georges Lane in Math : 
parish, 253 foote long, and 27 foote broad eastward, and 46 foote west- 
ward, 4 d r*. 

And to Agnes Goss, 96 foote in length, and 29 foote in bredth, south- 
ward, and 33 foote northward, this lies w^out the west Gate of the Town, 
on the south of the way : 6 d r*. 

And to Margery May, and Cady, Gardner, and Scarp, 3 1 7 foote 
long, and in bredth northward 30 foote, and no foote southward, be- 
tween Burstall Lane and the Town ditche, and south of the street, 8 d r*. 

(a) i.e. lands without the liberty of the Town. 


And to John Bridges, 63 foote in length, and in bredth 30 foote 
eastward, and 36 foote westward, and it lies betweene the highway north, 
and the Town Gaole wall south in pt : at 6 d r*. 

And to Nich: Pecock, 58 foote long, and 23 foote broad, betwene 
the highway south, and Bridges com. soile north, at i2 d r*. 

And to Peter Lamb, a tenem* betwene Pecocks on the west, and 
Hills on the east, abbutting south uppon the high way, and north uppon 
Clay streete, I s 4 d r*. 

And to Katharin Hill, 132 foote in length, and 50 foote in bredth, 
betwene Lambs on the west, and Agnes Goss on the East, abbutting 
north on Clay streete, and south on the Hillses, at 2 s r i . 

And to Agnes Goss, 92 foote in length, and 61 foot in bredth, from 
Clay Streete towards the south, at 3 s 4 d r*. 

And to Wm: Scarpe, 84 foote in length, and in bredth northward 
50 foote, betwene Agnes Gosses on the west, and a little way from the 
kings high way and Clay streete on the East, at 4 s rent. 

And to Wm: Braxsted, 129 foote in length, and 32 foote in bredth, 
betwene the Town ditch East, and the high way west, abbuting south 
uppon the garden of Calixt' Clarke, comm : soile, and uppon Agnes Gos 
north, at 8 d r 4 . 

And to Walter Quintin, 103 foote in length, and 4 foot in bredth, 
formerly Chamberlins, betwene the house of the late Willm : Jefferies 
south, and the tenem* late Aldermans, north and east of the way to the 
Cornhill, 2 d r'. 

And to Agnes Reve, 144 foote in length, and in bredth westw: 
80 foote, at 1 2 r*, it lies betweene the way at the fforth on the north, 
and the garden of the gray ffriers or ffriers minors on the south. 

And to Thomas Cady, 58 foote in lengthe, and 14 foot and \ in the 
middest, this lies nigh the Colehill, by Leweses garden. 

Granted allsoe to Hinds, common soile in Nich : par : 

And unto Wode, common soile once Starlings, in Nich : 

And unto the widow Keene : quer. whither it be not rather the 
widow Reve, formerly Agnes Reve. 

Granted to Hugh Lewes, 108 foote in length by the way, and 
101 foote by the River, and in bredth 30 foote, and abbuts on Mandoffs 
lane south, 2O d r*. 

And to Tho: Gardenner, 104 foote in length under the Town ditches 
west, 2 d r 4 . 

Common soile in Peters parish granted to Spencer. 

Common soile in Mathewes parish granted to Clark. 

A tenem* with a garden in Marg ts parish, by the high way on the 
north, and the common diches on the south, the west head abutting 
uppon the common soile next the Northgate, the east on Boles tenem*, 
it containesin length, 123 foote, and in bredth westward 33 or 37 foote, 




and 53 foote eastward. This was granted to Alis and her sonne Tho: 
Calton, and the heires of Thomas for ever, at 2O d r*. 




17 H. VII. 




Rich : Bayly, 
Willm : Rivet. 

(Wednesday), Nativity : Mar : [Sep. 8, 1501.] 


Com : CUr: Edw : Goldgelt. 
Cler : Pac : Edw : Booking. 

The Bayliffs and 
Willm : Harlewin, 
Tho: Bird, 
Tho : Baldrey, 
Tho : Drayll. 

Willm : Rivet, 
Edm : Dandy, 
Willm : Manser, 
Tho : Cady. 

Willm : Henbury, 
Tho : Cady. 

Rich : Levack, 
Joh : Wiles. 


Joh : Scott, 
Willm : Wiche, 
John Melys, 
Joh : Anty. (sic) 

17 H. VII. (Monday), Lucies Day. [Dec. 13, 1501.] 

John Reynold and Robt : Joury chosen into the number of the 24, 
by the assent of the Court. 

The Chamberlins shall ever hereafter give up their accompts before 
Andrewes day yerely, unto the Bayliffs for the time beeing, under the 
penalty of 40 shillings. 

Simon Topsfeild (aj elected Atturny for the Towne in y 6 Exchequer, 
and 2O S given him for his fee. 

The Common Clark shall have suche fees as shall be by persons 
specially named thereunto determined. 

Every inhabitant shall remove all Nusances in the publique streete 
before theire severall doores. 

Noe Gaoler of the kings Gaole shall be Gaoler of the Towne Gaole. 

17 H. VII. Munday after Mathias. [Feb. 28, 1502.] 

The Town shall finde twelve soldiers for the kings service; viz. 
every Portman shall find one horse, the 24 shall finde 12 men, and per- 
ticulere men, named in writing, shall pay 24 s a peece to finde armor, 
and collectors named within the severall wards. 

(a) The family ofTopesfield or Toppesfield, originally of Toppesfield in Essex, was of Gislingham and 




1502-3. 18 H, VII. (Thursday), Nativit : Mar : [Sep. 8, 1502.] 


' Tho: 




: Ropkin. 


' Willm 

: Henbury, 

i The BaylifFs and 

Rich : 



Willm : Rivet, 





f Tho : 



1 Edm : Dandy, 
i Willm : Manser, 




Willm : Giles, 
Willm : Game. 

Com: Cler: Edw : Gildgelt. 
Cler; Pac : Edw: Booking. 


Joh : Melys, 
Joh : Scott, 
Tho : Newman, 
Rob : Hall. 

18 H. VII. ffriday before Mich : [Sep. 23, 1502.] 

Corp' Chr'i pageant shall hereafter be observed, and a convenient 
artificer shall be intertained to that end, and shall have 403. Eache 
Portman shall pay i s 4 d , and cache of the 24 shall pay 8 d , and the re- 
maining 6 s 8 d shall be levied. 

Noe Bayliff shall interrupt or hinder the pageant, unless by order 
of the great court, or uppon sp'iall cause, under io u forfaiture : Col- 
lectors allsoe are named. 

1 8 H. VII. 

Granted to Tho : Gardner, common soile in Mary Elms, in length 
99 foot, and southward broad 15 foote, and northward 20 foot, abbutting 
north uppon the highway, from the church of Mar : Elms to Horsewade 
mill, and south uppon Tho : Cadyes, at 6 d r l . 

1503-4. 19 H. VII. (Friday) , Nativit : Mar : [Sep. 8, 1503.] 






Tho : Drayll, 
Edm : Dandy. 

Tho : Cady, 
John Crule. 

The Bayliffs and 
Tho : Baldrey, 
Willm : Ropkin, 
Tho : Alvard, 
Tho Bayly. 

Edm : Dandy, 
Tho : Alvard, 
Willm : Manser, 
Tho : Cady. 


: ns, 

Tho : Jacob, 
Rob : Joyne. 

Com: Cler: Edw: Goldgelt. 
Cler : Pac : Edw : Bocking. 


John Scott, 
Joh : Melys, 
Rob : Hall, 
Joh : Anty. 




19 //. VII. Munday before Mich : [Sep. 25, 1503.] 

A committee appointed to settle the water bayliffs duties. 

19 //. VII. Thursday after Lucy. [Dec. 14, 1503.] 

Tho : Baldrey, Tho : Alvard, elected Burgesses for the next Parliam*, 
uppon condicon to serve without wages, and not otherwise, (aj 

19 H. VII. Munday after Easter. [Ap. 8, 1504.] 

Collectors for the play of Corp' Chr'i. 

Granted to Edw : Goldgelt, the sale of Quarry stones, (bj 

Surveyers elected for the Kay made by Willm : Linde. (cj 


1504-5. 20 H. VII. (Sunday}, Nativit : Mar: [Sep. 8, 1504.] 
Bay Ufa, 


{ jon : oianimru. 

Com : Cler: Edw : Goldgelt. 
James Hill, 

T'U^ . TV 11 



Tho : Alvard, f 
James Hill. 

Tho : Cady, 
Joh : Stannard. 

Willm : Harlewin, 
James Hill, 
Tho : Drayll, 
Edm : Dandy, 
Rich : Bayly, 
Tho : Baldrey. 

I Willm : Harlewin, 
\ Edm : Dandy, 
j Tho : Cady, 
Hen : Stannard. 

Willm : Hall, 
Joh : Butler. 

Cler.- Pac : Edw: Booking. 


Robt : Hall, 
Joh : Melys, 
Joh : Anty, 
Joh : Scott. 

20 H. VII. Tuesday after Edw : Confess: [Jan. 7, 1505.] 

All Burgesses shall pay theire fines before Saterday next ensuing. 

Auditors for accompts elected. 

Granted to Willm : Linde 4 H , provided he shall kepe the Kay well 
repaired for 20 years. 

The promt of Quarrie stones granted to Rob 4 Goodwin for 10 yeres, 
at 1 2 1 ' yerely rent. 

Guild wardens elected. 

The Searchers place for 7 yeres demised to fforgan, at 4O S yerely 

(a) This Parliament met at Westminster, Thursday, Jan. 25*. 1504. Parry's Parl. of Eng. 197. 

(b) Surveyors had been appointed to value these, 12 H. vn. vt'd. sup. p. 160, note. 

(c) Abstract of will of John Lynde of Ipswich. (Fitch) Add. MSS. 23,694. 

f Quere : Why one Bayliff is noe Justice ? (B.) Ans. Because he was likely to die. See next Court 
but one. (R.C.) 




20 H. VII. Concept : Mar : Munday after. [Dec. 9, 1504.] 

Willim : Harlwin elected Bayliff in the roome of Tho : Alvard, lately 

Granted to Tho : Drayll and Edm : Dandy, to make a ffree Burgess 
for theire expences at Corp' Chr'i play. 

Edw: Goldgelt is acquitted of his farme of Quarrie stones. 

Willm : Cuttler is acquitted of his water Bayliffs farme. 

The farme of Quarry stones is granted to Rich : and Rob : Joury. 

Auditors appointed. 

20 H. VII. Tewesday, Vigill George. [Ap. 22, 1505.] 

Edw : Goldgelt, Willm : Spencer, and Henry Stannard are Portmen, 
elected and sworne. 

Tho: Parnell, Rob: Joyne, Joh: Cuttler, elected and sworne in the 
number of 24. 

Granted to John Stangilts, 2O S 8 d yerely for 1 2 yeres, to finde the 
stageing for Corp' Chr'i play. And to John Parnell, 33 s 4 d , to find the 
ornam 13 during suche time, and collectors named of assessm* 3 for the 

1505-6. 21 H. VII. Munday after Gregory. [Ap. 16, 1506.] 

Henry Stannard elected Bayliff in stead of Willm : Spencer, whoe 
is discharged by a Le're from the king to the Portmen, Burgesses, and 
Comonalty of this Towne, dated 6 march, for that he was the kings 
servant, and Customer of this Port. vid. Letter entred in y' Court 
booke. (B) 

1506-7. 22 H. VII. 

Bayliffs, ( Henry Stannard, 

Escheat", \ Willm : Baker. 
The Bayliffs and 


', Tho : Cady, 
[ Joh : Stannard 


Edm : Goldgelt, 
Tho : Drayll, 

Com-.Cler: ' 

Tho: Hall. 

Tho : Baldrey, 

Edm : Dandy. 

Rob : Hall, 


Hen : Stannard, 
Ed : Dandy, 
Joh : fforgon, 


Joh : Scott, 
Joh : Melys, 
Joh : Anty. 

Tho : Cady. 




22 H. VII. Wednesday after Mathew. [Sep. 23, 1506.] 

Granted to Tho : Gardner, the little way off the common soyle, be- 
twene his tenem*, late Turries, and the ffriers minors Curtelage, leading 
to a mill w ft a gate to be shutt by night, but open by day, as publique 
neede shall be, at 2 d r l . 

And unto Edw: Bettis the Court granted Crateram suam, w* free 
passage unto the same, into the highway, Nodanter, at 8 d r*. 

Indentures of apprentiship to free men shall be inrolled, paying 4 d 
for cache inrollm*. 

Rob: Hall discharged from being Chamberlin, for a fine. 

Henry Stannard paied 13* 4 d in full, of repairing y e new mill. 

22 H. VII. Wednesday after Valentine. [Feb. 17, 1507.] 

This is the first court wherein I finde the names of the commonalty 
present at the greate Court are entered, and yet they entred but a few 
of them w th &c. 

Horswad mill demised for 7 yeres to Baker and others, at IO H r*, w th 
assent of Blowgate, former tenant, and a new lease ordered to be made. 

The Guild ordered to be upon the Lords day after the octave of 
Corp' Chr'i.* 

Two guildwardens elected, w th a collecter of the mony for the same. 

A Butchers house and a stall, late Wodes, granted to Rob* ffoxe 
for 7 yeres, at i8 H yerely rent, provided if he shall dye w^in the Towne, 
then the house shall be delivered up w^in one yere after. The house at 
the Com : Kay demised to Sewall for one yere. 

The yerely obsequies and vigills shall be holden for the death of 
every brother of the Guild, and thereat none of the fraternity shall be 
absent under the forfaiture of a pound of waxe. 

22 H. VII. ffridayafter Whit Sunday. [May 28, 1507.] 

One elected at this Court into y c number of the 24^. Willm : Revet 
for infirmity, at his owne request discharged of the Portmans place for 
a fine. 

Granted to the king 1 2 soldiers, by vertue of his Letters entered in 
the booke of the Court of plees, and they chose collectors and assessors 
for eache parish. 

Clem* - 
Kay - 
Peters - 

35 s 
35 s 

Nicolas - 25 s 4 d 

Mar: Elms I3 s 8 d 

Mathewes- 22 s 8 d 

Marg'ets & Ellens - - 48= 

Tower - - 34 s 8 d 
Laurence - 22 8 d 
Stevens - 1 7 s 8 d 

June 1 3th. 




1507-8. 23 H. 

VII. (Thursday}, Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1507.] 


I Tho : Baldrey, 

Willm : Ropkin, 


[ Willm : Ropkin, 

The Bayliffs and 
Willm : Baker, 


Ed : Dandy, 
Joh : fforgan, 
Tho : Cady. 


Hen : Stannard, 

Tho: Drayll, 
Ed : Goldgelt. 

Com .- Cler: \ , .. 
Cler:Pac: j Tho: Hall. 


Tho : Cady, 
Joh : Stannard. 

!Tho : Manser, 
Rog : Gobbet. 


Rob : Hall, 
Rich : Blowbell, 
Joh : Melys, 
Joh : Anty. 

23 H. VII. ffriday after Lucy. [Dec. 17, 1507.] 

None shall be admitted ffreeman that is villein to any other. And 
before any p'son shall be admitted, he shall sweare that he is a freeman 
of England. 

Humfry Wingfeild faj and Rob* Southwell (bj elected to be of the 
Councill of this Towne, and to cache of them is granted 13 s 4 d fee yerely. 

A fine of a freeman dead, remitted to his widow. 

Treasurer elected. 

Willm : Stisted elected to be Controller of the Towne. 

(a) Afterwards Sir Humfrey Wingfield, and knighted, apparently, in 1528, being 12 th son of Sir John 
Wingfield, K.', of Letheringham, Suff., and Elizabeth FitzLewis of Dedham, Essex, and founder of the 
line of Wingfields of Brantham, Suff. He was in the Commission of the peace both for Suffolk and 
Essex, aud High Sheriff of Norfolk and Suffolk in 1520, (12 Hen. vin.) Davy (Add. MSS. 19,155) de- 
scribes him as Speaker of the House of Commons, and Jermyu (ib. 8217) as Prolocutor of Parliament, but 
his name does not appear as such either in Haydn or Beatson. In 8 Hen. vill., (1516-17) according to Dug- 
dale, (Origines Juridiciales, 292) he was Reader at Gray's Inn, and his arms, quartering Bosvill and Gowsell, 
with the coat of his wife, a daughter and coheir of Simon Wiseman of Brantham, Esq., as an escutcheon of 
pretence, are in the south window of the hall. Contemporary evidence seems to show that he identified 
himself, more or less, with Wolsey's projects at Ipswich, and held a large share of his regard; he was, we 
read in 1527, "in great favour with the Cardinal," (Letters and Papers, Hen. vin. [Brewer] Rolls Ser. iv. 
p. 1344.) and Dean Capon, writing to Wolsey in Sep. of the year following, speaks of him as present with 
Cromwell and others, at a service held "on the Eve of Our Lady," in the College church, and acknowledges 
himself much bound to Wingfield's kindness, (ib. p. 2071.) In 1530, on the resolution of the King to dis- 
solve the college, he was retained (9 July) as one of Wokey's Counsel concerning this matter, (ib. p. 2928) 
and on the 14"' of the same month was appointed, together with Philip Tylney, Thomas Germyn, and Thomas 
Rushe, as a commission to enquire into Wolsey's possessions in the county of Suffolk. (Fcedera, xiv. 404.) 
With Rushe, he was chosen to represent Ipswich in Parliament in 1523, and in 1529 sat for Yarmouth. He 

Wingfield in Hoxon hundred, temp. Hen. I., afterwards at Winnington, c, 50 Hen. in., and last of all at 
Letheringham, in Loes hundred, c. 1 1 Hen. II." Pedigrees are given in Visit. Suff. 1561, Harl. 1 103, f. 52b, 
and 155, f. 44b. Visit. Suff. 1563, Harl. 1177, ff. 47b, I lib. Visit. Suff. 1611, Harl. 1820, ff. 2ib, 34. Visit. 
Suff. 1613, Harl. 1 179, f. I28b. Cott. MS. Julius, F. 65. Davy has an extended collection of ped's and notes, 
and a copious list of printed ped's will be found in Marshall's Geneal. Guide. Brasses of this family remain 
at Easton, Letheringham, Mildenhall, Tannington and Wantisden, Suff. Three are preserved in the Bodleian 
Library, Oxford, and there is one to John Wingfield, (1594,) in the chancel of St. Stephen's, Ipswich. 

( b) Apparently Sir Robert Southwell, K', son and heir of Richard Southwell, Esq.; of Woodrising. 
vid. sup. p. 131. He was made (19 Hen. vn.) Seneschal of all the honors and manors forfeited to the king 
by Edmund de la Pole in Norf. and Suff., or by his mother, the Duchess of Suffolk, and in the following year, 
by patent, Chief Butler of England. In 4 Hen. vin. he became Supervisor of the king's lands and castles by 
Act of Parliament, and Receiver thereof. Though twice married, he died s.p. Davy, Add. MSS. 19,149. 
Jermyn, ib. 8215. 




23 H. VII. ffriday, 12 May. [1508.] 

Willm : Hall, John fforgan, Willm : Stisted, elected and sworne Port- 
men at this Court. 

Roger Gobbett, Tho : Stonway, Tho : Crane, Willm : Cuttler, elected 
and sworne at this Court into the 24^. 

Two collectors elected for Corp' Chr'i. 

fforasmuch as the Maintenance of this Towne is much in malt, and 
that many fforainers aliens w th in the same Towne abiding, doe much 
hinder the ffree Burgesses by theire Malting: Therefore its ordered that 
noe fforrainer alien shall by him selfe or any other, Malt any Barley, otes, 
or other graine, under the penalty of 6 s 8 d for every quarter soe Malted. 

1508-9. 24 H. VII. ffriday, Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1508.] 




Tho : Drayll, 
Willm : Spencer. 

Job : Stannard, 
Tho : Cady. 

The Bayliffs and 
Wm Ropkin, 
Tho : Drayll, 
Edm : Dandy, 
Ed : Goldgelt. 



Com: Cler: 
Cler: Pac: 


Tho : Drayll, 
Edm : Dandy, 
Tho : Cady, 
Tho : Manser. 

Rob' Gobbet, 
Job : Smith. 

Willm : Butler. 

Job : Melys, 
Rich : Kirk, 
Ralf Allen, 
Jo : Bobbat. 

24 H. VII. Munday after Mathew. [Sep. 25, 1508.] 

Whereas Joh : Harvy hathe procured his ffreedome in this Towne 
by the false informacon of Joh : Portman : The said John Portman and Joh : 
Harvy shall at the next Court shew cause whie bothe of them should 
not for ever be foreclosed of theire Burgeship. 

Diverse monyes, received during the time that Hen : Stannard and 
Willm: Baker were Bayliffs, intended for soldiers to serve the king, shall 
be redelivered to the parties demanding the same w^in one hower after 
demand made, under perill of fforfaiture of the double vallew. 

Granted to Tho: Manser and Rob 1 Bobbat, parcell of the Towne 
ditche, 250 foote long. And they shall enter the same to the use of the 
Towne, which was donne accordingly. 

24 H. VII. Munday after Annunc: [Mar. 26, 1509.] 

Two Guildwardens elected, and the Bayliffs for the time beeing 
uppon Corp' Chr'i day, shall order the Table of the Portmen, and the 
Diet therof, and two collecters elected for the Pageant. 

Tho: Hall delivered to the keeping of this Town the standard 
Bushell and Brazen Gallon, and the Yard, all of them newly received 
by him out of the kings Treasury. 



All the inhabitants of the Towne shall have their Tabernas and at- 
tendance at the ffeast of Corp' Chr'i, under penalty of 6 s 8 d , and every one 
shall hold by order of theire procession, according to the Constitutions. 

Mr. Dandy shall be spared from beeing elected Bayliff for six yeres 
to comme, for that he hathe given 33'', and brick and lime for 20,000 
brick, and laid the same uppon the common Kay. 

Surveyors to survey the nusances donne to the Haven and Common 
Marshe, and to order therein as they shall think meete, and theire order 
herby is established. 

24 H. VII. Munday after Mathew. [Sep. 25, 1508.] * 

Tho : Gardner, Citizen of London, and there outlawed, came to IpsW* 
and there died, leaving diverse goods, w ch were all seised by the Cham- 
berlins of the Towne, and afterwards the Towne sold them to his wife. 
vid: Transcr : vet: 

1509-10. i H. VIII. (Saturday}, Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1509.] 

Bayliffs & 



Joh : fforgan, 
Willm : Hall. 

The Bayliffs and 
Tho : Drayll, 
Wm Spencer, 
Tho : Baldrey, 
Ed : Goldgelt. 

Wm Hall, 
Edm : Dandy, 
Tho : Cady, 
Tho : Manser. 


Com; Cler: Rob: Bray. 
Cler: Pac : Joh : Mason. 

Tho : Purpet, 
Tho : Crane. 


Joh : Melys, 
Rich : Kirk, 
Joh : Bobat, 
Rich : Allen. 

i H. VIII. Munday before Thomas. [Dec. 17, 1509.] 

Willm: Spencer (a} and Tho: Hall fb) elected Burgesses of Parlm* 
at Westm r , (cj 2 1 Jan. next, (d} during the whole parlm*, and Willm : 
Spencer shall have for his charges 4O S . 

i H. VIII. 

The Sheete/^/and the Tainter in Peters parish granted un to Gooding. 

* This should probably be I H. VIII., since the same date, which occurs above, would scarcely be repeated 
in the same year; in that case the figured date is 'Sep. 24, 1509.' 

(a) Possibly William, 3rd son of James Spencer of Nawton or Naughton Hall, in Rendlesham, Suff. 
Davy, Add. MSS. 19,149. Jermyn, ib. 8215. Visit. Suff. 1561. Harl. 1177, fo. 50. 

(b) The Halls of Ipswich originated from Shirbome in Yorks., and the Tho : Hall here elected seems 
to have been the first who settled at Ipswich. In 1509, 20 Oct., he was appointed Comptroller of the great 
and little Customs in the port of Ipswich. Pat. Rolls, I Hen. viu. p. 2, m. 4. His son Tho : Hall, of Ipswich, 
was Clerk of the Hanaper, and father of Bartholomew Hall, also of Ipswich, who received a grant of arms 
from W nl - Flower, Norroy, 8 th Feb. 1587, viz. : "paly of 10, gu. and erm. 3 iuescutcheons, or." Harl. 155, 
f. 5gb, and 1560, f. 1 15. Visit. Suff. 1588, (Vincent) I33b. Coll. Arms. Guillim's Her. 344. 

(c) On Westminster as the place of Session, md. Stubbs, Const. Hist. Eng. ii, 412, etseq. 

(d) The first Parliament of Hen. VIII., begun at Westminster, Monday, Jan. 21, 1510. Parry's Parl. 
Eng. 198. 

(e) A name given to a portion of the common soil in this parish. 




2 H. VIII. (Sunday), Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1510.] 


Edm : Dandy, (a) 
Wm Stisted. 


Tho : Cady, 
Joh : Blowgate. 


The Bayliffs and 
Joh : fforgan, 
Willm : Hall, 
Tho: BaldreyYJ; 
Ed : Goldgelt. 

r^t T i- ( vVillm : Gardner. 
Chamberhns, , , ' ,. 

Com: Cler: Rob: Bray. 
Cler: Pac : Joh : Mason. 


' Edm : Dandy, 
Tho : Drayll, 
Tho : Cady, 
Tho : Manser. . 


Joh : Melys, 
Joh : Bobat, 
Ralf Allein, 
Rich : Ross. 

2 H. VIII. Wednesday after Mathew. [Sep. 25, 1510.] 

Assessors elected for fforraine fines. 

Auditors appointed for the proffits of the Trade of Quarry stones. 

2 H. VIII. Tewesday after Allsaints. [Nov. 5, 1510.] 

Tho : Hall, for disobedience and Contempts donne, is disfranchised 
in the presence of all the Burgesses, and proclamation thereof made: (c) 

Noe Freeman shall sell to any stranger by Water measure out of 
the said Towne, neyther by land nor water, under forfaiture of 40* for 
every offence, And noe Burgess shall kepe suche measure in his house 
under the like penalty. 

1511-12. 3 //. VIII. (Monday}, Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1511.] 

Edm : Dandy, 


Ed : Goldgelt, 
Hen : Stannard. 


Tho : Manser, 
Tho : Drayll, 

t Rob : Joine. 


John Blowgate, 
Joh : Butler. 


Joh : Barber, 
Christoph : Limner. 

The Bayliffs and 
Edm : Dandy, 

Cler: Pac: 
Com: Cler: 

! Rob : Bray. 


Willm : Stisted, 

Joh : Melys, 

Tho : Baldrey, 
James Hill. 


Rich : Ross, 
Joh : Gobat, (sic) 

Ralf Allein. 

(a) License granted to him, 21 Feb. in this year, to found a chantry in St. Lawrence's Church, with a 

chaplain "to say mass for the good estate of the King and Queen Katharine, the said Edmund Daundy, 

Thomas Wolsye, Dean of Lincoln," and others. Letters and Papers (Brewer) Rolls Ser. i. 135. (b) Thomas 

Baldre appointed weigher at the port of Ipswich. Westm. 14 Feb. 1510. ib. i. 134. He is succeeded by Wm. 
Sabyne, serjeant-at-arms, Feb. 14, 1525. ib. 'iv. p. 500. A brass of a Thomas Baldry, merchant, and his wife 
Alys, dated 1506, remains in the church of St. Mary-le-Tower. The family obtained a grant of arms, viz.: 
" sa. on a bend or, between 3 demi griffins segreant, 3 martlets gu.," temp. Hen. VII. Barker's Grants, f. 31. 
Coll. Arms, (c) This was after questioned in Chancery. (B.) Subsequent to this open and ceremonious dis- 
franchisement, it appears from a transcript of Causes tried in the High Court of Star Chamber, (Tues. 28 
Jan. 151 1.), and contained in Lansd. MS. 639, f. 78, that Hall was committed to the Fleet for disrespectful 
language concerning the Queen. The report runs as follows: "Mart, vicesimo Oct. Januar: Thomas Hall 
de Ipswich com'issus est custod' Gard" de le ffleete ib'm moratur quousq' gr'a eo quod dixit ha?c verba in 
lingua v'nacula 'The queene is delivered of a knave childe.' " (d) License was given to these, during their 
year of office, and to the commonalty of Ipswich, to acquire lands to the value of ^50 a year. Del. Westm. 
25 Nov. 1511. Letters and Papers, Hen. vin. (Brewer) Rolls Ser. i. 304. 


3 H. VIII. ffriday before Mathew. [Sep. 19, 1511.] 

Noe Butcher on the Market day shall sell any flesh at his owne 
house, from 6 of the Clock in the morning to fower in the afternoone ; 
under forfaiture of 4O S . 

Butchers house and stall granted to Willm : Cooper, w 111 the Common 
Marshe, for 7 yeres at 20" rent yerely, saving the sollar and the house. 

Granted to Rob 1 Wright, two watermills called the new mills, for 
10 yeres, beginning Mich: last, at 2O H yerely rent. 

3 H. VIII. ffriday after Alls ts . [Nov. 7, 1511.] 

Surveyoirs appointed for the reparacons of Stoke mill. 

All Bushells w th in this Towne ordered to be sealled by the Bayliffs. 

Contribution ordered to the pageant of George. 

3 H. VIII. Thursday after Convers: of Paull. [Jan. 29, 1512.] 

Tho : Baldrey and Edm : Dandy (bj elected Burgesses of this Towne 
for the next Parliam 1 . faj 

Surviours appointed for repaire of the Common Conduit. 

John Stannard discharged from the number of the 24, and Willm: 
Gardner, John Barber, Rich : Lenakre, elected into that number. 

3 H. VIII. Wednesday before George. [Ap. 1 6, 1511.] 

Corp' Chr'i dinner and pageant laid aside, and every free Burgess 
ordered to pay 8 d towards a Mass for the soules of all the brothers and 
sisters of the said Towne. 

Rich: Percevall and John Cuttler at this Court are elected Portmen. 

Willm: Buett and Chr: Limner elected into the number of the 24^. 

Joh : Wilde fined 20 marks, for refusall of his election of Portman. 

3 H. VIII. 

Common soile in Nicholas parish granted to Bole. vid. treas. 

(a) The second Parliament of Hen. vill., begun at Westminster, Thursday, Feb. 4, 1 5 1 2. Parry's Parl. 
Eng. 199. 

(bj The earliest accounts of the family of Daundy seem to begin with Arthur Daundy or Dandy of 
Mondeford, (presumably Montford, Co. Salop) from whom Edmund Daundy of Ipswich was 4 th in descent, 
being the son of Thomas Daundy and Mary his wife, dau. of John Wingfield, of Wingfield, Surf. A pedigree, 
with arms, "quarterly, az. and or, a mullet of the 2nd, "is given in Visit. Suff. (Camden) 1612, f.8i, Coll. Arms, 
at which Visitation the family claimed also to quarter "az.a saltireor, between 4 stags statant, arg.,"but this, 
says the record, "rests on further proof." The quartering is, however, allowed in Add. MSS. 1560, f. 301. 
A short biography of Daundy, who was representative in Parliament for Ipswich in 1511 and I5'4> and re- 
peatedly held various municipal offices, is given in The Suffolk Garland, pp. 158-9, and an account of his 
charitable bequests in Ipswich Gifts and Legacies, pp. 163, 164, 195. Jermyn (Add. MSS. 8207) has a short 
pedigree only, but a more extended one, with notes, is found in Davy, Add. MSS. 19,126. He was buried 
in the church of S' Lawrence, Ipswich, where he had previously founded a chantry, vid. p. 182, note. The 
brass inscriptions to himself and his wife, now lost, are given at full in The Suffolk Garland, as above, but 
there still remains one to Margery Daundy, dated 1618. 


In this yere, about the beginning of November, the king granted his 
Charter of confirmacon of the liberties of this Towne. And ffurther 
granted to Edm : Goldgelt and Hen : Stannard, Bayliffs of the Town of 
Ipsw ch , and to the Burgesses and Commonalty, that they and theire 
successors shall have power and right of purchase and holding for ever, 
mannors, lands, tenem* 5 , and heredetam* 3 , to the vallewof 50" p. annu', 
allthough they be holden of the king in capite or otherwise, or of any 
other lord, without any Inquisition first to be made, or notwithstanding 
that the certaine yerely vallew be not mentioned. 

And afterwards, in the same yere, the king uppon the 1 2 th day of 
Marche, did grant his Charter of confirmacon, w th inspexim' of the former 
Charter, and of the Charters of H: 7, E: 4, R: 2, E: 5, E: 2, E: i, King 
John, and H: 2, faj and confirmed the liberties in them granted and 

3 H. VIII. 

The Town of Ipsw"* are, according to their Charter, allowed to be 
Tholl free for their goods in London. See the Journall Booke in the 
Maiorallty of Rog: Achley. \ Aprill, $ H. 8. vid. Transcr: vet: 

" Maior, Recordator, Capell, Tate, Haddon, Aylmar, Copynger, 
Exmewe, Yarford, ffenrother, Holdernes, Myrfyn, vicecomitibus : 

Ad hanc curiam perscrutatis diversis libris et memorandis in Camera 
de Guihalde Londonie residentibus quia videtur Maiori et Aldermannis 
et etiam de Recordo apparet in praedictis libris quod Burgenses Ville 
de Gippewico ante haec tempora allocati et exonerati fuerunt de et a 
solucione sive prestacione alicujus Theolonii vicecomitibus istius civi- 
tatis solvenda prout per inspeccionem talium allocacionum predictis Mai- 
ori et Aldermannis plenius liquet : concordatum fuit per eosdem Maiorem 
et Aldermannos quod de cetero nullus Burgensium ville predicte contra 
libertates suas eis a Domino Rege et ejus progenitoribus concessas et 
confirmatas distringatur per eorum corpora seu bona sua ad solvendum 
sive praestandum aliquod hujusmodi Theolonium sive pecuniarum 
summam pro bonis rebusque suis ac Mercandisis huic civitati adductis 
sive adducendis sed quod a modo ipsi et omnes alii Burgenses ville prae- 
dicte de aliquo Theolonio praestando sive solvendo quieti esse per- 
mittantur Et ulterius preceptum est vicecomitibus qui nunc sunt quod 
districciones si quas ab illis sive eorum aliquo ceperunt ei vel eis deliber- 
entur Tune Ballivis ejusdem ville Edmundo Gelgeit Henrico Stannard 
Edmundo Dandy et Willelmo Styted tune portmennis in eadem villa 
existentibus." fbj 

(a) H. 3<* instead of H. 2. (J.S.) 

fbj The Transcript of this record in Bacon has been carelessly made, and is inserted by some other hand; 
under these circumstances it has been considered best to recur to the original at Guildhall, (Journal xi. fo. 
157.) which is here given at full. 


1512-13. 4 H. VIII. (Wednesday}, Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 12, 1512.] 


Bayliffs, (a) 



James Hill, 

Rich: Perceval. ^3 ; 

The Bayliffs and 
Edm : Goldgelt, 
Hen : Stannard, 
Tho : Baldrey, 
Edm : Dandy, 

John Blowgate, 
Rich : Lenakre. 



Cler : Pac : 
Com : Cler : 


Edm : Dandy, 
Hen : Stannard, 
Tho : Manser, 
Rob : Joyne. 

Tho: Wimbill, 
Rich : Ropkin. 

Rob : Bray. 

Joh : Melys, 
John Anty, 
Ralf Allein, 
Tho : Edmonds. 

4 H. VIII. Thursday after Mathew. [Sep. 23, 1512.] 
Assessors of fforraine ffines nominated. 

4 H. VIII. Munday after Agnes. [Jan. 24, 1513.] fcj 

For the raysing of a whole taxe granted to the king, and assessed 
in manner following : 

Tower - 5" 4 s o 

Margets - 5'' 1 1 o 

Clem B - 4" 9 s 8 

Nicholas - 2" 4 s o 

Stevens - 2" 4' 


Mar: Elms .2"! 8 s o 
Laurence 5" 5 s 6 
Kay - - 4" 9* 4 

Peters - 4" 
Mathew - 4" 

6 s 4 
3 s 

o"n s 4 


Total - 4i"o8 s io d 

And for the levying hereof, two taxers and two collectors in cache 
parish are nominated. 

Granted to Willm : Spencer, 46 s 8 (1 , for his service as Burgess of this 
Towne at the Parliam*, i H. 8., of which 40" is for his fee as Burgess, and 
6 s 8 d for his charges in procuring writts to the Bayliffs for the same. 

Demised to Rob* Gooday, (dj three feilds in Whitton, called Colm ts 

(a) The Bailiffs and Justices, together with Sir Jas. Hobert, Humph. Wyngfeld, and Rob. Suthwell, 
Jim., are the persons named in the Commission of Gaol Delivery for this year, dat. Westm. 26th Nov. Pat. 
Rolls, 4 Hen. vm. p. 2, m. 5. Letters and Papers, (Brewer) Rolls Ser. i. p. 444. 

(b) Pardon and release is gran ted to him, 9 Dec. , in this year, as late collector of the customs of Ipswich, 
and of his recognizance for ^200, made before the Barons of the Exchequer, Trin.Term, 18 Hen. VII. ib- i. 
p. 448. 

(c) " The Nicholas of Yppeswich" is named among a list of vessels for the carriage of supplies to "the 
king'sarmy royal now being on the sea." April, 1513. Royal MS. 14 B. xxv. Brit. Mus. z'S.i.p.552. 

(d) The family of Gooday originated from Sawbridgeworth, vulgarly Sapsworth, in Herts, and after- 
wards settled at Pentlowe, in Essex, and Fornham All Saints and Kettlebaston, in Suffolk. Visit. Essex in 
1558, (Harl. 1137, fo. 139) in 1612, (Harl.6o65,fo. in) in 1634, (Harl. 1432, fo. I55b.) Ped. of Essex Families, 
(Harl. 1541, fo. I43b.) Gage's ThingoeHund. 244, and Berry's Essex Genealogies, 116-7. A Patent of Arms 
was granted in 1 600 (42 Eliz.) to Rich. Gooday of Kettlebaston, by Sir W m Dethick, Garter, and W m Camden, 
Clarenceux. Coll. Arms, Old Grants, (Vincent) 157, fo. 297, and C. 2l,fo. l85b. 

B B 

1 86 



closes, late purchased by Rich : ffelaw for the use of the Gram r Schoolem r , 
rendring to the Town yerely 30% to the scoolem rs use. And the Tenant 
shall discharge all taxes for the space of 20 yeres next comming. 

Corp' Chr'i pageant and dinner againe laid aside. 

Edm : Dandy at this Court declared that he had given to the Town 
lands and tenem* 8 in vallew 6 } 'fl. annu.' , to the end that they should dis- 
charge the poore commonalty of the Towne of all dismes, quinziemes, 
and Charges w ch shall happen. The lands doe lye in Rushmere, and were 
purchased of the executors of ... Cowham. 

1513-14. 5 H. VIII. Sunnday* Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1513.] 


\ John Butler, 


( Tho : Baldrey. 

I Edm: Dandy, 


The Bayliffs and 
Rich : Percevall, 
James Hill, 
Ed : Dandy, 
Ed : Goldgelt. 


Com: Cler: 
Cler: Pac: 

| Hen : Stannard, 
Tho : Manser, 
[ Rob : Joyne. 

| Rob 1 Bray. 


Tho : Blowgate, 
Rich : Lenakre. 


John Anty, 
Ralfe Allein, 
Tho : Edmonds, 


Tho : Finder, (sic) 
Rich : Humphry. 

Joh : Melys. 

5 H. VIII. Munday after H. Rood. [Sep. 19, 1513.] 

fforain ffines assessed. 

Horswad mill granted to Robert Goodwin, at IO H r l yerely, provided 
that the tenant shall build a new house w th in three yeres. 

Granted to Joh : fforgan, the proffits of the Quarrie stones for 1 2 yeres, 
to beginne at Mich: next: for the first yere noe rent shall be paied, and 
the other 1 1 yeres he shall pay 6 U yerely at the 4 feasts. 

Joh : fforgan sold the residue of the same, after 7 yeres expired, to 
Rob* Goodwin, for 48". 

Surveiors appointed to putt to farme the lands and tenem* 5 late 
ffleggs and fforths, to the use of the Towne. 

5 H. VIII. Munday after Edw: y e King. [Jan. 9, 1514.] 

Granted to Rich : Lenakre, parcell of the common soile at the ditches, 
betweene the way from Marg te Church and the La : Maries chappell on 
the North, and the diches on the South, abutting East on Melyses garden, 
and uppon a pond on the West, in length it is 64 foote, and in bredth 
Eastward 29 foote, and Westw: 26 foote, at 4 d r*. 

* Should be 'Thursday.' 


I8 7 

5 H. VIII. Tewesday, 4'* weeke in Lent. [Mar. 28, 1514.] 

John Wilde and Rob 1 Goodwin are at this Court elected Portmen, 
and Rich: Ropkin and Rich: Humphry into the number of the 24% and 
are all sworne. 

Corpus Chr'i play and dinner againe laide aside. 

Whitton lands demised for 30 yeres to 3 p'sons, paying yerely i4 d 
for cache acre rent, and to Cleere the ground of Thornes and underwood, 
and make the same good arrable and pasture, and soe to deliver up the 
same at the end of the Terme. 

5 H. VIII. Munday after Whitsunday. [May 16, 1513.] * 

Assessors and collectors named in cache Parish for the levy of the 
whole taxe granted to the king. 

Persons nominated to view the lands in Bramford. 

Noe man shall sell Quarry stones but by assignm* from the Towne, 
under forfaiture of io s for eache stone sold contrary therto: 

Common soile in Peters parish called the 'Sheete,'H and Tainter 
granted to 

1514-15. 6 H. VIII. Munday, ^ Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1514.] 

Edm : Dandy, 



John fforgan, 
Rob : Goodwin. 


Hen : Stannard, 
Tho : Manser, 
Rob : Joyne. 

( Job : Blowgate, 
Coroners, ( R ic h : Lenakre. 


' Wm Bark.t 
Tho : Bloise. 

The Bayliffs and 
Tho : Baldrey, 

Com: Cler: ' 

Rob' Bray. 


Joh : Butler, 

John : Anty, 

Ed : Dandy, 
James Hall. 

John Melys, 

Tho: Edmonds. 

6 H. VIII. ffriday after Mathew. [Sep. 22, 1514.] 
fforraine fines taxed after the auncient custome. 

6 H. VIII. (Sunday}, Agnes Day. [Jan. 21, 1515.] 

Christoph: Hayward is elected into the number of the 24% and 

* If this were 6 H. vin., it would make the date June 5, 1514, which seems more probable, 
t Should be 'Friday,' and is so in the Ipswich Court Book, 5 to 12 Hen. vin., now in Brit. Mus. Add. 
MS. 24,435, f- 'Qb- + In Court Book called ' Seruientes ad Clautgeros.' 

H vid. sup. p. 141. II qy. Barker. 



6 H. VIII. Thursday before Candlemass. [Feb. i, 1515.] 

Tho : Baldrey faj and Edm : Dandy (bj elected Burgesses for this 
Towne at the next Parli amt at Westm r , 5 ffebr. next, (cj 

Burgesses indebted for theire fines shall pay the same before January 

6 H. VIII. Munday in Whitsun weeke. [Junes, I 5 I 4-] 

Persons appointed and intrusted to exchange lands in Whitton w* 11 
Willm : Hill by Indenture. 

Corpus Chr'i play and dinner laide aside againe. 

Thomas Manser shall make up the Towne Ditches by him demolished, 
and amend the watercourse at the woodhouse, and shall not suffer his 
pond any longer to runne to the anoyance of the people. 

All the Utensiles belonging to Corp' Chr'i Guild shall be entred into 
a booke, to be kept safe by John Butler to the use of the Guild, viz: 

i dozen of spoones, u 
5 mazers, 44 oz : J 
5 Table Clothes. 
3 Clothes of J cloth. 
14 Salts, 2 brasse potts. 

one pann. 

A garnish of vessell. 

2 chargers. 

5 platters. 

4 dishes. 

5 saucers. 

6 H. VIII. ffriday after John Baptist. [June 30, 1514.] 

Surveyors appointed for the land purchased of John fflegg and 
others, to let the same and repaire Towne houses, and receive fines for 
admittance, and give accompt. 


Ed : Goldgelt shall pay 2O S for diverse offences by him donne. 

Common soile in Peters parish by the new mill pond, 46 foote long, 
and 43 foote broad by the pond, and 9 foote broad by the high way, 
granted to Rob : Reve, at 4 d r*. 

Common soile in Peters parish Granted to Tho : Reinolds, betweene 
Butlers Eastward, and Bakers Westward, arid the common way North, 
and Fenns garden South, 63 foote long, and Southward 25 foote broad, 
and Northward 22 foote broad. 

(a) md, sup. pp. 163, 182. (b) md. sup. pp. 182-3. 

(c) The third Parliament of Hen. vill., in the first session of which "because divers now being weary 
with sitting so long in Parliament, did depart home without license," ..." it was ordered that they should 
lose their wages, if they went without the leave of the Speaker and Commons House, to be entered in the 
Book of the Clerk of the Parliament." Life and Raigne of Hen. vii., by Lord Herbert of Cherbury, p. 56. 
"Andrew Marvel, M.P. for Hull in the reign of Queen Anne, is said to have been the last person who re- 
ceived these wages." Parry's Parl. Eng. 200. 



1515-16. 7 H. VIII. (SattirdayJ ', Nativit: Mar: 

[Sep. 8, 1515.] 



( Willm : Hall, 
Job : Wilde. 


Willm : Hall, 
Hen : Stannard, 
Tho : Manser, 
Rob : Joyne. 


', Rob' Joine, 
Tho : Punder. 


i Willm : Nottingham, 
[ Willm : Legy. 


The Bayliffs and 
Job : fforgan, 
Rob' Gooding,* 
Tho : Baldrey, (a) 
Ed : Goldgelt.* 

Com: Cler: 
Cler : Pac : 


Rob' Bray. 

IJoh : Melys, 
Job : Anty, 
Ralf Allein, 
Nicholas Outing. 

7 H. VIII. Thursday before Mathew. [Sep. 20, 1515.] 
fforraine fines taxed after the auncient manner. 

7 H. VIII. Wednesday after Mathew. [Sep. 26, 1515.] 

Guildwardens elected : every Burgess shall pay for his dinner as 
aunciently hathe bein used, and the play laid aside for this yere. 

7 H. VIII. ffriday after Easter. [Mar. 28, 1516.] 

Corp' Chr'i dinner and play layde aside for this yere. 

1516-17. 8 H. VIII. (Monday}, Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1516.] 

Hen : Stannard, 


( Willm : Stisted, 
( Hen : Stannard. 


Willm : Hall, 
| Tho : Manser, 
i Rob 1 Joyne. 


( Tho : Punder, 
( Rob' Joyne. 


Joh: Smith, 
Ortyaw Maker, 
Joh: ffenn.* 

The Bayliffs and 
t Wm Hall, 

Cler: Pac: 
Com: Cler: 

Rob : Bray. 


John Weld,* 
Tho : Baldrey, 
Ed : Goldgelt * 


Joh : Anty, 
Joh : Melys, 
Ralf Allein, 
Nich : Outing. 

8 //. VIII. Wednesday after Holy Rood. 
fforrain fines taxed as aunciently. 

[Sep. 17, 1516.] 

In Court Book ' Goodwyn,' ' Gelgelt,' 'Wilde,' ' ffynne.' Add. MSS. 24,435, fo - & 7- 
( a) He appears at this time to have been an alderman and mercer of London. Letters and Papers, 
(Brewer) Rolls Ser. ii, pp. 1055, 1269. 




Ed: Rosier shall pay for every oxe hide by him sold, i d for the use 
of the Towne. 

8 H. VIII. 

Common soile in Mathewes parish granted to Sparhauk, betwene 
the Town ditche East, and the common way West, abutting on Gosses 
North, and Clarks South, 129 foote long and 33 foote broad. 

1517-18. 9 H. VIII. (Tuesday j , Nativit : Mar : [Sep. 8, 1517.] 




Edw: Goldgelt.f 
James Hill, 

Rob : Joyne, 
Tho : Punder. 

The Bayliffs and 
Henry Stannard, 
Willm : Stisted, 
Tho : Baldrey, 
Willm : Hall. 



Cler: Pac : 
Com: Cler: 


James Hill, 
Willm : Hall, 
Tho : Manser, 
Rob' Joyne. 

Nich : Harvy.f 
Wm Courtenhall.f 

Rob : Bray. 

Joh : Anty, 
Hump : Hunt, (a) 
Ralfe Allein, 
Nich : Outing. 

9 H. VIII. Wednesday after Mathew. [Sep. 23, 1517.] 

fforaine fines taxed after the wonted manner. 

There being variance about the choise of one of the Serjeants, its 
ordered that Humphery Hunt shall be Serjeant for the yere to comme 
instead of Tho: Edmonds. 

9 H. VIII. Wednesday after George. [Ap. 28, 1518.] 

Henry Stannard shall carry the Towne Charter up to London to 
plead in the Excheq r against the Townes accompting there, they beeing 
discharged thereof, as they are Escheators w th in the said Town. 

The Chamberlins shall bring theire acquittances into the Common 
Chest of the Towne, under forfaiture of io h . 

Corp' Christi play and dinner layd aside for this yere. 

Bloudshed punished in this Court of plees. 

t In Court Book ' Gelget,' Hervy,' ' Courtnall.' Add. MSS. 24,435, <- 8 9- 

(a) The Court Book, instead of Humf: Hunt, has " . . Edmunds," with this note: "reformaturi 

electionem pro Edmunds ad proximam generalem curiam," and Hunt accordingly then appears in place of 

Edmunds, ib. vid. infra. 


1518-19. 10 H. VIII. (Wednesday}, Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1518.] 

James Hill, 





Tho : Baldrey, 
Rich : Pcrcevall. 

Rob : Joyne, 
Tho : Punder. 

The Bayliffs and 
Ed : Goldgelt.f 
James Hill, 
Hen : Stannard, 
Willm : Hall. 

Willm : Hayle,| 
Rob : Joyne, 
Tho : Manser. 


Com: Cler: 
Cler: Pac: 


Tho : Bloss, 
Tho : Tudenham. 

| Rob : Bray. 

Joh : Anty, 
Hump : Hunt, 
Mich : Outing. 

10 H. VIII. Vigill of Mathew. [Sep. 20, 1518.] 

fforraine fines taxed after y 6 ancient manner. 

Granted to Dr Bayly, (aj p't of the Common soile in Math: parish, 
and the Sollar over the Gaole, for 3 yeres, w^out rent. 

10 H. VIII. ffriday after Martin. [Nov. 12, 1518.] 

At this Court the Burgesses of the 24 elected Wm Legy, Tho: 
Bloyse, Wm Nottingham, and Wm Barker into theire number. 

They discharged Tho : Parnell out of theire number of the 24, and 
elected in his place Nich Harvy. (bj 

Demised to Math : Wode, the Butchery w th the stalls, and the Com- 
mon Marshe, for 7 yeres. 

10 H. VIII. Munday after Gregory. [Mar. 14, 1519.] 

Georges ffaire, in regard the day falls on the vigill of Easter,* is 
adjourned to be holden uppon the day of the Invention of the Holy 
Crosse. t 

Corp' Chr'i play and dinner putt off for this yere. 

Auditors nominated. 

10 H. VIII. (Thursday), March 3". [1519.] 

Uppon consideracon of the Custome of this Towne aunciently had, 
The king by his Charter did declare that the Port and Water passing 

t In Court Book ' Gelget.' Add. MSS. 24,435, f - r '4- 

(a) John Bayly, D.D., was presented to the parish church of S' Matthew, Ipswich, 24 Aug. 1510. Pat. 
2 Hen. vin. p. 2, m. 6. Letters and Papers, Hen. vin. (Brewer) Rolls Ser. i. 181 . He also appears among 
a list of " Spiritual Persons" contributing to "an annual grant by the spiritualty to the king, for the king's 
personal expenses in France for the recovery of the crown of the same." (1522) ib. pp. 1048-50. 

(b) In Dec., 1518, he received ^23 6s. 8d. for losses in the king's service. King's Book of Payments, 
Rec. Office. 

* Sat. Ap. 23, 1519. f Tuesday, May 3, 1519. J qy Hall. 


by fflux and reflux of the sea from the said port south east, to a place 
called Poules head, and the ground by the fflux and reflux sommetimes 
covered, to be w th in the liberty and ffranchise of the Towne, and to be 
thereunto anexed, allthough hertofore it may be soe not reputed. 

Hee allsoe granted that the Bayliffs election should be observed 
uppon the Nativit : Mar : * every yere, and that the Bayliffs soe elected, 
and fower other Burgesses of the Portmen, shall be elected by the 
Bayliffs and New Elects to be Justices of the peace for the yere to 

And that the Bayliffs, Burgesses, and Commonality of Ipsw * 1 shall 
have the office of the Admirallty w th in theire liberty aforesaid, and shall 
be Admiralls uppon the sea shore w^in the liberty aforesaid, and shall 
have the like powers that any other Admirall hathe elsewhere, and that 
noe other Admirall shall intermeddle therein. 

That the Towne shall have wrecks, flotsan and jetsan, and all other 
goods lost at sea, or w* belong to the Admirall w th in the liberty to take. 

And all felons goods and deodands w^in the same Liberty or Port. 

That noe person not being a free Burgess of that Town, nor Lottant 
or Scottant therein, shall buye any marchandise w th in the liberty thereof, 
of any fforainer, to sell the same againe in grosse or by retaile, nor shall 
trade or buye marchandise, unless to proper use of the buyer or seller, 
or for support of their families, under penalty of fforfaiture of theire 
goods to the use of the Town. 

That the Bayliffs, Burgesses, and Commonalty, or the greater num- 
ber of them, shall have power and authority to amend old Customes and 
ordinances found prejudiciall to the Towne, according to their best dis- 
cretion for the Benefit of the Towne and the inhabitants. Provided that 
they be beneficiall to the Crown and People, and Consonant to trust and 
reason, and that they shall be inrolled and allowed in all Courts at 
Westm r . (a) 

* Sep. 8. 

(a) This grant, reciting Patent, 12 Mar. 3Hen.vni., confirms a grant of certain liberties by king Edward, 
(IV.) subject to a farm of 60. Del. Hampton Court, 3 Mar. 10 Hen. vm. Pat. 10 Hen. vui. p. 2,m. 18, 
by virtue of a signed bill from the king. Letters and Papers, Hen. vui. (Brewer). Rolls Ed. iii. p. 33. 
vid.sup. pp. 64-8,80, 123, 1 66. The wording of this Charter formed the basis of the suit between the Corpora- 
tions of Ipswich and Harwich at the Essex Assizes in 17/8, when a verdict was given for the former, upon 
which the Corporation of Harwich moved for a new trial, but after a full hearing the rule was discharged, ' the 
Court being of opinion that the right of the Corporation of Ipswich, as established by the verdict obtained 
at the Assizes, was very clear, and that the boundaries by water extended in a direct line from Ipswich to 
Polleshead, (beyond Landguard Fort) that being the true construction of the Charter granted to the Town 
of Ipswich 10 Hen. vui." The only records the editor has met with of the Boundaries having been gone 
by water, are in 1 1 Hen. VI. (sup. p. 96), circ. 1722, 1/59, 1/61, and 181 1. On this last occasion, the Bailiffs 
and other principal officers, on arriving off Harwich from Shotley Ferry, were met by a deputation from the 
Corporation of that town, informing them that they could not be permitted to land and pass through the 
town in their Corporate capacity ; they therefore rowed round Harwich, and having gone ashore at Land- 
guard Fort, walked in state to Polleshead, where they held an Admiralty Court, and re-embarking, proceeded 
again to Harwich, landed privately, and after entertaining several members of the Harwich Corporation at 
dinner, remained for the night. Next morning, having further surveyed their liberties in those waters, they 
returned to Ipswich. Add. MSS. (Batley) 25,337, ff. 72-80, which also contains a carefully drawn map of 
the boundaries referred to. 




10 H. VIII ,t Munday after peter ad vine: [Aug. 9, 1518.] 

Granted to John Pierson, parcell of the comm: soile in Math: parish, 
betwene Barkers mess: East, and the streete West, 15 foote long, and 7 
broad, at 8 d r*. 

10 H. VIII. 

Thomas Wood was indicted at the Gaole delivery before James 
Hobard, Atturny Gen : and other Justices, for murther, and refusing his 
Triall by the Countey, was adjudged Dilapidari, and it was donne ac- 
cordingly at the Corn hill, vid: sess: rot: 

i5i9- 2 - ZI H. VIII. (Thursday}, Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1519.] 

James Hill, 
Willm : Hall, 
Tho : Mixer,* 
Rob : Joyne. 



John fforgan, 
John Buttler. 



Rob' Joyne, 
Tho : Punder. 

The Bayliffs & 
John* Baldrey, 
Rich : Percevall, 
James Hill, 
Hen : Stannard. 



Com : Cler : 
Cler: Pac: 


Joh : Meye, 
John Portman. * 

: Bray. 

Willm : Pumfret, 
Tho : Magas,* 
Tho : Reynold, 
Rich : Kirk. 


H. VIII. ffriday after Mathew. [Sep. 23, 1519.] 

fforain ffines assessed as aunciently used. 
Caldwell heath demised for 30 yeres, at 2O S rent. 

ii H. VIII. ffriday after Convert: paull. [Jan. 27, 1520.] (a) 

Two persons ordered to ride to London to provide for the Townes 
quiet injoying the Admirallty, and to petition the Lo: Admirall. (bj 

All Burgesses shall informe the Bayliffs of goods forraine bought 
and sold, and the Assembly shall set ffines in suche cases. None shall 
seise suche goods but the Bayliffs and the Chamberlins, yet any person 
may freely buye and sell in the faires of George,* James, 1 " and Holy 
Rood. I 

t It seems more probable that this should be 1 1 Hen. viii., in which case the date would be Aug. 8, 1 5 19 . 
* In Court Book 'Thomas Baldry,' 'Thomas Manser,' 'John Petman,' 'Thomas Agas.' Add. MSS. 
24,435, f - 36. 

(a) By a letter from Bp. Tunstal to Wolsey, dat. London, 13 Aug. 1520, it appears that Wolsey was at 
this time in Ipswich; Tunstal promises to visit Wolsey on the succeeding Friday, (17 Aug.) "but cannot leave 
earlier, as his horses have not come, and he must buy more." Letters and Papers, Hen. vin., (Brewer) Rolls 
Ser. iii. p. 450. 

(b) Thomas Howard, created Earl of Surrey, 28 June, 1483, and Duke of Norfolk, I Feb. 1514, was 
appointed Lord High Admiral, May 4, 1514. 

April 23. t July 25. + September 14. 





Noe marchandise shall be bought or sold in the Market hill on 
Satterday, neyther by stranger or other, but onely victuall. 

Noe lands nigh to the La : Graces chappell shall be demised to the 
annoiance of the neighborhood, fcj 

Auditors appointed. 

Every person absent from Corp' Chr'i Mass shall forfait a pound of 
waxe. And the play and Dinner shall hold this yere : the Guildward- 
ens are elected, and the pageant ordered to be ready. 

A preist elected to say masse yerely, and he is made M r of the 
Grammer Schole for this yere comming. 

All Clothes, wools, and oxhides unladen at Ipsw ch , shall be sold at 
a sett place assigned, (unless bought out of Towne by a ffreeman) and 
allsoe uppon certaine dayes, viz. the hides uppon Wednesday and Sat- 
terday, from 8 in the morning to 12 o'clock at noone: and the wool and 
woollen cloathe on Munday, Wednesday, and ffriday, from 8 o'clock in 
the morning to 1 1 , and from i in the afternoone to 4 of the clock, and 
hides are to be searched and sealled by persons sworne therto. 

All Bushells shall be sealled. 

The liberty of the Admirallty is allowed to the Towne by the E. of 
Surry, Lo. Admirall of England, by wan 4 under the Admirall Sealle, the 
Coppy whereof is in the Treasury: dated 7 febr: 1 1 H. 8. 

1520-21. 12 H. VIII. (Saturday) , Nativit : Mar : [Sep. 8, 1520.] 

Wm Hall, 


\ Joh : Wilde, 
Wm Hall. 


James Hill, 
Tho : Manser, 

Rob : Joyne. 


SRob : Joyne, 
Tho : Punder. 

.*,, , ,. ( Christoph : Hayward 

C* rl(Z??lDTl'l1TS, } - j T) 
f -tLQW * _h>GttvS 

The Bayliffs and 
John fforgan, 

Com: Cler: 
Cler: Pac: 

Rob' Bray. 


Joh : Butler, 

Joh : Anty, 

Tho : Baldrey, 
James Hill. 


Nich : Outing, 
Rich : Ross, 

Ralfe Allein. 

(c) S' Mary's Chapel, commonly called the " Chapel of Our Lady of Grace," is said to have stood at 
the north-west corner of the lane still called " Lady lane," without the west gate, and was famous for an 
image of the Blessed Virgin, known as " Our Lady of Ipswich," and held in high regard, to which many 
pilgrimages were wont to be made. Wolsey, on the establishment of his College at Ipswich, directed that 
an annual procession should be made to this shrine by the Dean of the College on Sep. 8, being the Festival 
of the Virgin Mary; but the ceremony, according to Wodderspoon, (p. 331) only once took place, for on the 
disgrace of the Cardinal, and the seizure of his property by the King, the Chapel was destroyed, and the 
venerated image, despoiled of its costly adornments, carried to London, and there publicly burned. This 
seems to have been done by the recommendation of Bishop Latimer, as appears by a letter from him to the 
Lord Privy Seal, in Sir Henry Ellis's Original letters, 2 nd Series, iii. 207. The transmission of the image to 
London was entrusted to one William Lawrence, who accomplished this evidently delicate business with the 
assistance of Lord Wentworth, of whom he says, writing to the same official, "His good Cownsell, and help 
of his servants was so ready, that shee was conveyed into the shipp that very fewe were privy to it." ib. iii. 78. 


12 H. VIII. Assembly Holden (FridayJ, 11 May. [1520.] 

Surveiors elected for the liberty of the Admirallty. 
Noe Common Inn-keeper shall Bake any bread. 
Two p'sons elected Cheif Pledges and Constables. 

12 H. VIII. Wednesday after Holy Rood. [Sep. 19, 1520.] 

Apprentises Indentures shall be inrolled w th in a yere and a day after 
insealling of the same, or the apprentiship shall be void as to the liberty 
of the Towne, and the m rs shall be fined for theire neglect, at the Bay- 
liffs discretion. 

Noe Burgess to be admitted under less than 4o s for his fine, first 
laid down and paide. 

fforaine fines assessed as aunciently. 

12 H. VIII. Thursday, 5'* weeke in Lent. [Mar. 14, 1521.]* 

Guildwardens elected, and the masters of the pageant called "the 
shipp," shall have the same ready, under forfaiture of IO H . 

The play called Corp' Christi play laid aside till further order. 

Granted to James Lilly, the Grammer Schole tenem* and p't of the 
gardein, for 20 yeres at 6 s rent, and persons apointed to divide the 

Every Burgess of the 24^ shall have murrey gownes, ingrained, 
ready before Corp' Chr'i next. 

Granted to John Wilde, parcell of the land nigh y c messuage, late 
Joh: Bridges, at 2 d r*. 

12 H. VIII. Munday after Corpus Chr'i: [June 3, 1521.] 

Admirall Court. 

Diverse persons presented, somme for casting into the river Bal- 
last, others dirt, others Bever, and fines assessed at i2 d : 2 s : and 6 s : 

We have further another letter from Thomas Thacker, Cromwell's steward, to his master, dated London, 
30* July, acknowledging receipt of the image, "which, "says he, " I have bestowed in the Wardrobe of bedds 
till yo r Lordshipps pleasur shalbe further therm knowen. Ther is nothing about hir but ij half shoes of 
silver, andiiij stones of cristal sett in siluer." ib. iii. 79. That its position as an object of religious worship 
was considerable, may be inferred from the fact that it is specially mentioned as follows in Pt iii. of the 
Homily against Peril of Idolatry. " When you hear of our Lady of Walsingham, our Lady of Ipswich, 
our Lady of Wilsdon, and such other, what is it but an imitation of the Gentiles idolaters, &c." Homilies 
of the Ch. of Eng. Camb. 1850. p. 225. If it be true, as asserted, that Elizabeth, daughter of Edw. I., was 
here married in 1297 to John, Count of Holland, the building must have been, as Clarke says, "a religious 
house of note at an early period of our history." Clarke's Hist, of Ipswich, 178. Add. MSS. (Batley. i. 
o-38) 25.334- 

* A commission is issued in this year (21 April) to John, Abbot of Bury St. Edmund's, Robert, Lord 
Curson, Sir Rob' Drury, Sir Rich d Wentworth, Sir Philip Tylney, Lionel Talmach, and John Sulyard, to 
make inquisition and perambulation as to the metes and bounds of the liberty of the town of Ipswich, and 
as to those in which the Mayor and Bailiffs claim liberties. Pat. 12 Hen. VIII. p. I, m. I4d. Letters and 
Papers, Hen. VIII. (Brewer) Rolls Ser. iii. p. 469. 



1521-2. 13 H. VIII. (SundayJ, Nativit : Mar : 

[Sep. 8, 1521.] 


Rob' Goodwin, 
Hen : Stannard. 


( Henry Stannard, 
) Rob : Gooding. 


The Bayliffs and 
Thomas Baldrey, 
Willm: Hall, 
John Wilde, 
v James Hill. 


Com: Cler: 
Cler: Pac: 

( Rob' Dandy, 
( Hen:Cooly. fa) 

} Rob' Bray, 


Willm : Hall, 
James Hill, 
Tho : Manser, 
Rob : Joyne. 

Serj ts , 

Nich : Outing, 
\ Ralfe Allein, 
j Rich : Ross, 
' John Anty. 

13 H. VIII. Wednesday after Mathew. [Sep. 25, 1521.] 

fforraine ffines assessed after the auncient order. 

Distresses for certaine p'ticuler fines ordered not to be remitted, 
nevertheless p* of the fine is remitted, and the whole fine as to one p'son 
is remitted, because he is disfranchised. 

Humphery Wing-field fbj for his good councell shall have 40 shil- 
lings yerely fee henceforthe. 

John Smiths fine shall not be remitted, in regard he hathe not 
scoured the river as he ought, yet 2O S of the fine is remitted. 

13 H. VIII. Munday after Luke. [Oct. 21, 1521.] 

John Smith shall dense the river to him belonging before Aprill, 
under penalty of 4O S . 

John Man may stopp the water running by Hellens Church, to his 
own use, from 9 of the clock in the morning, till 2 in the afternoone, 
and from 8 in the evening, to 10 in the same, paying yerely i6 d , and if 
he useth the water otherwise, he shall forfait 5 s for every suche offence, 
2 p ts whereof to the use of the Towne: the 3 d p* to the informer. And in 
case it be found prejudicial! to the Towne, the Bayliffs and Burgesses 
shall reforme the same at theire discretion. 

Geoffery Gowty disfranchised for affronts donne to some Portmen. 

A peece of medow next Portmans medow, unto w ch m r Andrew Sylliard 
makes title, is cleered for the Towne for the summe of 5'' paied to him. 

13 H. VIII. Munday after Concept: Mar: [Dec. 9, 1521.] 

Rob 4 Dandy (cj having submitted himselfe to take y e Chamberlins 
othe, his fine is remitted in p*. 

(a) Clearly an error for "Tooly," see next page. 

fb) Sheriff of Norf. and Suff., 12 Hen.vui. Fuller's Worthies, ii. 148. State Papers, Dom. Ser. 1042, 
Rec. Off. 

(c) Second son of Edmund Daundy of Ipswich, vid. sup. p. 183, note. 




Henry Tooly, formerly fined 4 H for disobedience, shall pay the same, 
and 2O S more, and soe shall be acquitted from beeing Chamberlin for ever. 

Travel, a forrainer, sold calveskins to Richards, a fforrainer, where- 
by the skinns are forfaited, nevertheless they shall be restored, paying i s . 

Willm : Stisted shall have in Exchange a peece of medow contain- 
ing about i acre, at Handford mill, for a peece of medow belonging to 
the Towne, about i acre in quantity. 

13 H. VIII. Thursday, 5 weeke Lent. [Ap. 3, 1522.] 

Guildwardens elected : the dinner ordered, but the play deferred. 

1522-3.* 14 H. VIII. (Monday}, Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1522.] 


Escheat'' 8 , 



Tho : Baldrey, 
Willm: Stisted. 

Tho : Punder, 
Rob : Joyne. 

The Bayliffs & 
Henry Stannard, 
Rob' Gooding, 
James Hill, 
Willm: Hall. 


Com: Cler: 
Cler : Pac : 


Willm : Hall, 
James Hill, 
Tho : Manser, 
Rob' Joyne. 

Joh : Allein, 
Rich : Pypho. 

Rob' Bray. 

Joh : Anty, 
Ralfe Allein, 
Rich : Ross, 
Nic : Outing. 

Two Guildholders elected. 

14 H. VIII. Wednesday after Holy Roode. [Sep. 17, 1522.] 

Assessors of forraine fines elected according to the auncient use. 

A Selander of Middleburgh, bringing 1'res Commendatory to this 
Towne under the Common Sealle of that Towne, is made freeman w th out 

14 H. VIII. Tewesday after Palm Sunday. [Mar. 31, 1523.] 

Humphry Wingfield faj and Tho : Rush (bj Esquires, elected Bur- 

* A commission is issued in this year to John Bertelot, to take into the king's service "The Anne of 
Notyngham," W" Notingham, of Ipswich, owner, and all other ships fit to serve in the war, and to provide for 
them tacklings and other necessaries. Westm. 12 July, 14 Hen. VIII. (1522). Letters and Papers, (Brewer) 
Rolls Ser. iii. p. 1131. Sir William Sandys, treasurer of Calais, and commander of the rear of the army in 
Picardy under the Earl of Surrey, writes to Wolsey from Calais, (16 Aug. 1522) stating that on his way thither 
he had sent orders to Ipswich and other places for the speedy preparing of victuals. There is great lack of 
beer, of which he begs Wolsey to send over 1000, or at least 700 tuns. ib. p. 1029. Halls' Chron. (Grafton) 
fol. 101. Thomas, Hist. Notes, i. 271. 

(a) vid. sup. p. 179. 

(b) Thos. Russhe, with Thos. Hungerford, seems to have superintended at Ipswich the collection of pro- 
visions of various kinds for shipment to Calais, being there delivered " to W m Brysewood, receiver of victuals 




gesses of this Town for the next Parlm*, and they camme into the Court, 
and took theire othes of ffreemen. 

The 24 discharged one of theire number from that place by his owne 
concent, paying io s fine. 

At this Court they elected John Smith, Henry Tooly, Joh : Portman, 
and John Pipho into the number of 24, and they are sworne. 

At this Court they elected Willm : Stanser, and John Portman into 
the number of the 1 2 Constables. 

1523-4. 15 H. VIII. (Tuesday}, Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1523.] 





James Hill, 
Tho : Punder. (a) 

Rob : Joyne, 
Rich : Lenakre. 

The Bayliffs and 
Tho : Baldrey, 
Willm : Stisted, 
Joh : fforgon, 
Willm : Hall. 

Willm : Hall, 
James Hill, 
Tho : Manser, 
Rob : Joyne. 


Com: Cler: 
Cler: Pac: 

Alderm : of 
y e Guild, 


Tho : Reason, 
Alexand : Sparhauk. 

| Rob' Bray. 

John ffinn. 

Joh : Anty, 
Rich : Ross, 
Nic : Outing, 
Ralfe Allein. 

for the king's army in France, while the Earl of Surrey was captain, from June to Oct. 14 Hen. VIII." In 
their accounts are receipts from Edw. Weldon and Sir John Dauuce, 7 Feb. 14 Hen. VIII., for the sum of 
^"1,233, iyj-. 6rf., some of the items of which it may be worth while to quote: "For com, at 8s. 2d. a qr., 
620/. 5J-. <)\d. For malt, at y. lod. a qr., 364^. 13,?. lod. Hire of granaries and a boulting house at Ipswich, 
at 4d. and 8d. a week, and wages of men for keeping the granaries, &c., 6d. a day, 7/. 15.?. lod. Carriage of 
corn from Ipswich to Haxstead, Haxston, and Nacton mills, and grinding at 6d. a qr., I5/. 13.?. lod. Neces- 
saries for the mills: ' filles,' \d.; shovels, l6d.; pitch for marking the sacks, $d.; 2,100 'hoping' nails, 2\d.\ 
3 pieces boulting cloth, 15^.; 80 quarter sacks, 52^. 4<; 8 ells hempen cloth at (id.; for making a boulting 
house, &c. 3"/. i8.r. id. Wages of bakers 8ci. and yd. a day, 2il. l^s. Freightage from Lynne to Calais, at 
lOii. a qr. by various ships; John Smith for 62 doz. mats for putting over the corn, lod. a doz., 12 ll. y. n\d. 
Carriage of corn from the ships to the granaries at Calais, 2\d. a qr., malt id. a qr., and flour at \d. a barrel, 
\^l. ids. o\d." Lat. pp. 13. Rec. Off. Letters and Papers, (Brewer) Rolls Ser. iii., p. 1187. 

A commission issued 30 Aug. in this year to Sir Ric. Wentworth, Sir Anth. Wyngfeld, Sir Robt. 
Drury, Sir Philip Tylney, Sir Humph. Wyngfeld, the Bailiff, James Hill, W" Tisted, Thos. Baldry and Thos. 
Russhe, for the collection of the subsidy granted for four years from the town of Ipswich. Pat. 15 Hen. 
vni. p. I, m. 13 to 2od. ib. iii, p. 1523. A like commission is again issued, 2 Nov. in the same year, to the 
Bailiffs and Justices, W m Tycestede, and most of the others previously mentioned. Pat. 15 Hen. viu. p. 2. 
m, 2od. to 22d. ib. p. 1458. 

(a) Thomas Punder or Pownder, Merchant of Ipswich, and Bayliff in this year, had for several years 
previously held the office of Coroner, and appears first as Chamberlain, in 5 Hen. vui. He died 7 Nov. 1525, 
and was buried in the church of S r Mary Key, beneath the magnificent and well-known brass still existing in 
that church, though not now in its original position, and which Wodderspoon (p. 342) considers to be the 
work of a Flemish artist. A Thomas Punder, and apparently a relation of the Bailiff, is recorded as buried 
in S l Lawrence's Church, Ipswich, 12 Feb. 1542. ib. p. 361. From a letter written by the Earl of Arundel 
to Wolsey, and dated 4 May, 1521, it appears that a certain Sir William Punder, being then at Chichester, 
narrowly escaped arrest within the Earl's franchise, on suspicion of theft; subsequently, having as it seems 
gained the Continent, he is found among the knights who accompanied Tho : Howard, Earl of Surrey, on an 
incursion into Picardy, 30 Aug. 1522. Chron. of Calais, p. 32. Add. MSS. (Davy) 19,145. Letters and 
Papers, (Brewer) Rolls Ser. iii. p. 481. 




15 H. VIII. 

Jeoffry Gowty reconcilled, uppon his fine payed, and his sonne and 
apprentises inabled to have their ffreedome. 

15 H. VIII. Thursday before Vallentine. [Feb. n, 1524.] 

Penny potts and halfpenny potts shall be made & sealled and 
delivered to every Innholder, And every Innholder shall sell otes after 
one and the same measure, w** allsoe shall be sealled. 

And otes shall be rated after 6 d the Bushell. And every bottle of 
hay to be sold shall weigh 6 U at the least. 

Noe beere or ale shall be sold but by suche measures marked, 
sealled, and delivered, and w * 1 are rated after 6 s the Barrell. 

Gannikers and Sellers of Ale allowed, and in perticuler named, 
because none ought to be allowed in this Towne but by assent of the 
greate Court. 

15 H. VIII. ("Thursday)^ Septemb: 10. [1523.] 

Granted to John Smith, a garden in Mar: Elms. This was granted 
after (12 El.) to Bobbet. 

Granted to ... Pipho, parcell of the com: soile in math ewes parish, 
at the East end of Mildreds Chappell. (a) 



1 6 H. VIII. (Thursday), Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1524.] 

Guild Alderm :( 


Rich : Percevall, 
Rob' Dandy. 




Rich : Lenakre. 

The Bayliffs and 
James Hill, 
Tho : Punder, 
Tho : Baldrey, 
Joh : fforgon. 

John Barber. 

Joh : Pipho, 
Nic : Hervy. 

Com: Cler: 
Cler: Pac: 



Rob' Bray. 

James Hill, 
Walt : Hall, 
Tho ; Manser, 
Rob : Joyne. 

Joh : Anty, 
Nic : Outing, 
Rich : Ross, 
Joh : Parvise. 

1 6 H. VIII. Wednesday after Holy Cross. [Sep. 21, 1524.] 

Licence granted to sell ale. 

John Bell admitted ffree Burgess, and to hold a stall in the Butchery 
of this Towne. 

(a) vid. sup. p. 79, note. 

* A commission for collecting a subsidy is issued I Aug. in this year, to the same persons as in the 
previous year. Pat. 16 Hen. vui. p. 2, ms. id. to 8d. Letters and Papers, (Brewer) Rolls Ser. iv. p. 239. 
Wheat is required at the close of the year for 20,000 men for a month, 920 barrels of which is ready for ship- 
ment at Ipswich, ib. p. 428, & Cott. MSS. Brit. Mus. Calig. B. i. 


1525-6. 17 //. VIII. Wednesday after St Mathew. [Sep. 27, 1525.] (a) 


An Affray made by diverse persons on the river, presented. 
And casting of Ballast into the Channell. And the sweeping of 
the oyster bote w th shells of oysters cast over board, presented. 

1526-7.* 1 8 H. VIII. 

Coroners, \ b , : i ? 116 : 

( Rich : Lenakre. 

i 5 2 7 -8.t 19 H. VIII. 

uppon view of a body found dead at Maidens Grove, w th in the 
liberty of Ipswich. 

(a) On the news of the victory of Pavia, Feb. 24, 1525, Henry despatched ambassadors to the imperial 
court, proposing that he and Charles should together invade France, and divide it between them, and, since he 
was entirely averse to the calling of another Parliament in order to obtain the necessary supplies, he adopted, 
under Wolsey's advice, the expedient of " an Amicable Loan, a project derived from the old feudal obligation 
of contributing aid to the king when he led an invasion in person." The commission, issued towards the end 
of March, required of the clergy a fourth, and of the laity a sixth, but the new subsidy met with great oppo- 
sition, especially from the clergy; "in Suffolk four thousand men took up arms, but were persuaded to return 
to their homes by the duke of Norfolk." Charles Brandon, duke of Suffolk, writing to Wolsey, in a letter 
dated Eye, II Ap. 1525, says that on the previous week he went through the whole county, except Ipswich, 
"with the commissioners, to induce the people to contribute to the grant." On Tuesday in Easter week 
(Ap. 18) he intends to sit at Ipswich, and trusts to find the people conformable. Letters and Papers, (Brewer) 
Rolls Ser. iv. p. 552; ib. Introd. Ixvii-lxxxiii. Lingard, iv. 439. 

* The Pope, at the beginning of this year, accedes to Wolsey's request for a bull for the establishment 
of his College at Ipswich, which is forwarded by the bearer of a letter to the Cardinal from Jerome de Ghinucci, 
Bishop of Worcester, and auditor of the Apostolic Chamber, and Sir Gregory Casale, dated Rome, 6 May, 
1526, in which they state that they have "thought it advisable to insert that the publication could be either 
at the feast of S' James in July, (25) or at the Nativity of the Virgin," (Sep. 8) . Cott. MSS. Vitell. B. VIII. 40. 
Letters and Papers, (Brewer) Rolls Ser. iv. p. 967. In Oct. 1527, Cromwell is at Ipswich on matters connected 
with the College, and again in Sept. 1528. ib. p. 1591-2036. The works were then going on vigorously. Mr. 
Dawndy had sent 121 tons of Caen stone, and promised loootons more before Easter. Capon to Wolsey, 26 
Sep. 1528, ib. p. 2071. In Dec. (p. 2212) he writes that "Lee and Barbour, the master masons, will shortly 
take my Lord the whole platte [plan] of the college, to know his pleasure thereon." A ballad of the period, 
contained in Har. MS. 2252, f. 158, and printed by the Ballad Society, (i. 352), may not improbably refer to 
Ipswich, and expresses the popular dissatisfaction at Wolsey's suppression of the smaller monasteries for the 
furtherance of his educational schemes. The poet is unfavourably comparing the Cardinal with "Thomas 
of Canterbury," and thus writes : 

" hym' men' do worsshyppe w th prayers & lyghte ; 

The peopyll do Curse bothe day & nighte ; 

Thys ys the Comon' voyse. 

w th Abbayes good thy Colage y u byldeste, 

w th pore mens good thy place y u gldeste ; 

How Canste y" thys Reioyse ? " 

f There being great scarcity of corn, Wolsey, through the duke of Norfolk, offers " the most substantial 
men of Ipswich," and neighbouring towns, " 200 out of 800 mayes of wheat, which the French king has 
licensed him to import from Picardy, at the price at which his factors will buy it, if they will send agents 
thither to convey it to England." They, however, decline to purchase, since they hear wheat is at a mark 
(13^. 4^.) a quarter in France, which would leave them but little profit, vid, a letter from Norfolk to Wolsey, 
dat. Stoke, Dec. I, 1527. Letters and Papers, Hen. vin. (Brewer) Rolls Ser. iv. p. 1629. There is subse- 
quently a com survey, "commissioners being sent into Suffolk, and other shires, to ascertain the amount of 
grain in eveiy man's possession," the statutes against regrating being strictly enforced, ib. pp. 1644, 1782, 
and Introd. ccclix. In Dec. 1528, Norfolk writes again to Wolsey that the collectors of customs at Ipswich 
complain that the king's customs are lessened and his subjects impoverished by the restraints laid on the ex- 
portation of grain and victuals, and that he has promised them to obtain relief, ib. p. 2197. The price of 
wheat was at this time us., and malt qs. a quarter, vid. Letter from Capon to Wolsey, ib. p. 2108. 




1528-9. 20 H. VIII. (Tuesday}, Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1528.] 







James Hill, 
Tho : Manser. 

Rich : Lenakre, 
Chr : Hayward. 

The Bayliffs and 
Henry Stannard, 
Nich : Hervy, 
Willm : Stisted, 
Joh : Butler. 

James Hill, 
Willm : Stisted, 
Edw : Belts, 
Willm : Legy. 


Alderm: Guild, 

Cler .- Pac : 
Com: Cler: 


Tho : Barber, 
Ralfe Gooding. 

Tho : Melys, 
Tho : Ashley. 

Tho : Hayward. 

Joh : Anty, 
Willm : Perry, 
Rich : Holmes, 
Nic : Outing. 

Tho: Manser, Rob* Joyne, John Pipho, at this Court elected and 
sworne Portmen. 

20 H. VIII. Wednesday after Mathew. [Sep. 23, 1528.] 

The Burgesses elected Alex: Sparhauk, Rich: Copping, Tho: Seely, 
Tho : Melys, Ralfe Gooding, into the 24% and they are sworne. 
fforraine ffines assessed after the auncient manner. 

20 H. VIII. Wednesday after ffaith. [Oct. 7, 1528.] 

Tho: Manser, one of the Bayliffs, and others, injoyned to pay in the 
summs of mony uppon the foote of theire accompts, at a day sett, or a 
distress shall be awarded uppon theire goods. 

The Common Chest is delivered to Tho: Manser, and the Keyes to 
James Hill, Edw: Bettis, and Wm Legy. 

20 H. VIII. The same day at An Assembly. 

At an Assembly of Bayliffs, Portmen, 24, and some of the Com- 
moners, all theire names being sett down, and amongst the rest, the 
names of Humphry Wingfeild and Lionell Tallmache Esq rs . (b} 

(b) Eldest son and heir of John Talmage or Talmashe of Bentley and Helmingham, Suff. Visit. Suff. 
1561, Harl. 1177, f. 37b, and 1500, f. 48. He was Sheriff of Norff. and Surf, in 1512, died in 1533, aet. 70, 
and was buried at Helmingham. The early history of this family, like that of too many more, has been 
carried back by most genealogists to a remote antiquity, the purely fabulous character of which has been 
severely criticised by M r E. A. Freeman in an article on " Pedigrees and Pedigree Makers," in the Con- 
temporary Review for June, 1877. vol. 30, pp. 27-9. The first "real man" in the pedigree, according to 
M r Freeman, is one Hugo Talmashe, who lived in or about the time of Hen. 1., and this view is amply 
supported on reference to the Rolls and other Public Records. The earliest name in the Visitation pedigree, 
1561, is that of "lyonell Talmage of Beneley in Suff. temp, H. 3., as appeareth," says the record, "by 
evidence in the hands of S r lionell," the then representative. Two peerages, those of Dysart and Tollemache, 
are held under this name, transmitted however, in both cases, by its assumption on the intermarriage of an 
ancestor with a member of the family of Talmashe. 

D D 




They gave to the Deane and Cannons of the Cardinalls Colledge of 
St Mary in Ipsw ch , all the interest of the Towne in the lands in Whitton 
and Ipsw* w ch the Town claimed in them by the last will and testament 
of Rich : ffelaw, or otherwise, (aj 

20 H. VIII. ffriday, 5 weeke in Lent. [Mar. 12, 1529.] 

John May, Tho: Barber, and Wm Nottingham, elected at this Court 
into the number of the 24^. And they discharged Rob: Bobbat from 
being Constable, and elected Willm: Legy in his roome. 

Corp' Chr'i play deferred, and Auditors appointed. 

Trees growing on Rudlands farme, soe many of them as are neces- 
sary, shall be employed in the repaire of the Common Kay, at the direc- 
tions of perticuler persons named. 

The Bayliffs, w th 4 of the 24^ by them called, shall yerely visite the 
Towne farmes, under penalty of forfaiture of 40* for every default. 

20 H. VIII. ffriday after Assention. [May 22, 1528.] * 

Inns whose signes stand uppon the Town ground, shall pay yerely 
for theire standing as followeth: 

Kings Head 




I s 
i s 
i s 

Griffin - - 6 d 
Whit Hors - 6 d 
Assumtion - 6 d 

Tho: Portrich hathe granted unto him the p'ffit and easem 1 of the 
Town wall over against his tenem*, from the Barrs to the end of the ditche, 
and to conduct the waters from the brooke running from the said wall 
ditche into his tenem*, at 8 d rent. 

fa) -vid. grant to Wolsey by the king, dat. Greenwich, 23 June, 1529. Pat. 20 Hen. VIII. p. I, m. 30. 
Letters and Papers, (Brewer) Rolls Ser. iv. pp. 1937, 2212. The letter of the Bailiffs to Wolsey, dated lojan. 
1 529, expressing their willingness to surrender the School lands, (printed, but in a modernized form, in Ipswich 
Gifts and Legacies, 1747, p. 105.) is preserved in the Recoid Office, (State Papers, Hen. vill. No. 5160.) and 
runs as follows: "Pleasith it yo r grace to be aduertised that we the balies portmen and enhabitaunts of this 
the Kings Towne of Yppswich haue Lately app'ceyved by Master Deane of your newe College of Yppswich 
aforesaid, that your pleas' and desire is that all such Lands and Ten't 5 as of old tyme haue been lymyted and 
appoynted to the Gramer Maister ther / shuld be mortised and gevene to the said College / towards the sus- 
tentacion of your newe Maister of Gram er of your Scole ther and his Successours nowe by your grace ther 
appoyncted and ordeigned./ And that yo r grace wold haue our ffree assents unto the same / It maie please 
yo r grace to be aduertised that we welle app'ceyve and considre the manyfold goodnes that yo r grace hath 
shewed as welle in the ereccyone of the said College and gramer scole ther as also in many and diuers other 
thingis that it hath liked your grace to do to the welth of the said Towne / ffor the which we confesse our 
selffs unable to make unto yo r grace any sufficient Recompence/but as towchinge yo r said request and desire/ 
we alle be not only content frely w 1 oon assent to accomplishe and fulfille the same but also to do and execute 
alle and eu'y other thinge that hereafter shalbe yo r gracious pleas' to aduertise us to do / for the coroboracione 
of the same / As knoweth our lord god, who send unto yo r grace, our especalle good and gracious lord long 
lief and honorable to his pleas', and to the fulle accomplishment of alle yo r honorable affaires. Wreten at 
Yppswich the X th day of Jannuarye 

By yo r most humble and daylye bedemen the Bailies of Yppswich aforesaid 


Since the regnal years of this king began on the 21 Ap., it is clear that if the MS. is to be strictly 
followed, Ascension Day in 20 H. VIII. could not fall in 1529, so that either this entry is misplaced, or should 
be regarded as 21 H. vni., in which case the date would be May 7, 1529, 




1529-30. 21 H. VIII. (Wednesday}, Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1529.] 





Rob* Goodwin, 
Rob : Bray. 

Rich : Lenakre, 
Chr : Haward. 

The Bayliffs and 
Hen : Stannard, 
James Hill, 
Tho : Manser, 
Rob' Dandy. 

James Hill, 
John Butler, 
Edw : Bettis, 
Wm Legy. 


Alderm: Guild. 

Com: Cler: 
Cler: Pac: 


Willm : West, 
Tho : Cooke. 

Tho : Ash by, 
Willm : Legy. 

Tho : Hayward. 

Joh : Anty, 
Willm : Perry, 
Rob: Bird, 
Rich : Skinner. 

Memorandu\ these 4 Serjeants were elected by the greater p 4 of the 

One of the Chamberlins discharged for 6 H fine. 

21 H. VIII. Wednesday after Mathew. [Sep. 22, 1529.] 

fforaine fines taxed after the auncient Custome. 
Taxed uppon several! persons, 26 s 8 d , for goods fforraine bought, 
forraine sold. 

Laur: Stisted elected Chamberlin, and discharged for 6 H fine. 

21 H. VIII. ffriday before Denis. [Oct. 8, 1529.] 

Tho: Rush Esq r (a) and Tho: Haward, elected Burgesses of Parlm* 
for this Towne at the next Parlm*. (bj ' 

21 H. VIII. (Friday}, Novemb: 19, [1529.] Assembly. 

Willm: Sabin, Esq r , Burgess of this Towne, fined 20% for contempt- 
uous words spoken to Rob* Dandy, one of the Portmen. 

If any burgess or other inhabitant of this Towne shall mannase or 
misreport the Bayliffs, Portmen, Justices of peace, Coroners, or other 

(a) Sir Thomas Rush, K.', of Chapmans in Sudbourn, Suff., living at Ipswich in 1514, and Sheriff of 
Norf. and Suff. in 25 Hen. vin., (Fuller's Worthies, ii.) is the first of this name mentioned in the Visitation 
and other pedigrees. He married I st , Anne, dau. and heir of John Rivers of Ipswich, by whom he had 5 sons 
and I daughter; and zndly, Christina, widow of Tho : Baldry, Bailiff of Ipswich, who died 20 May, 1524. His 
4 th son, Anthony Rush, S.T.P., became Dean of Windsor, by Patent, dated 29 July, 1566, (Le Neve, Fasti 
Eccles. Ang. iii. 396) and was installed Dean of Chichester, 10 June, 1570; he died I Ap. 1577, (ib. i. 257) 
being then 40 years of age, as appears from a brass inscription stated to be in the possession of J. B. Nicholls, 
Esq., of London, (Haines' Mon. Brasses) where he is also described as "Chaplain to the Queen." The 
pedigree and arms of this family, " gu. on a fess or, between 3 colts courant, arg. 3 hurts," are recorded in 

(T>) Begun at the Black Friars, London, 3 Nov. 21 Hen. vin., the king being present the first day. 
Letters and Papers, (Brewer) Rolls Ser. iv. pp. 2689-91. 




head officer of this Town: uppon proofe thereof by two substantial! wit- 
nesses, for the first offence he shall forfait 100% or for want of ability 
shall be imprisoned 8 daies, and for the 2 nd offence shall pay suche fine 
for his redemption as shall be thought meete by the Towne, and to be 
disfranchised for ever. 

21 H. VIII. ffriday before Whitsunday. [May 14, 1529.] 

Corp' Chr'i play putt off, and the Court adjourned till ffriday next. 

t 1530-31. 22 H. VIII. (Thursday}, Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1530.] 





Rob' Dandy, 
Job : Pypho. 




Rob : Lenakre, 
Chr : Hayward. 

The Bayliffs and 
Rob' Goodwin, 
Rob' Bray, 
James Hill, 
Hen : Stannard. 

James Hill, 
Rob' Bray, 
Edw : Bettis, 
Chr : Hayward. 

Tho : Cuttler, 
Geoff: Gilbert. 

Alderm: Guild, 

Com: Chr: 


Willm : Legy, 
Rich : Copping. 

Tho : Hayward. 

Joh : Anty, 
Will : Perry, 
Rob: Bird, 
Rich : Holms. 

22 H. VIII. Munday after Mathew. [Sep. 26, 1530.] 

fforaine ffines taxed after the auncient manner. 

Annuity of 6 s 8 d granted to the Serjeant of y e Admirallty. 

ffine assessed for concealem* of Quarry stones. 

22 H. VIII. (MondayJ, Octob.-^i, [1530] at the Assembly. 

ffine sett uppon p'ticuler persons for offences in Innekeeping, and 
selling of candle above i d the pound. 

All chandlers shall sell candle in this Towne at the rate of i d the 
pound, and shall not sell above two pounds to any one person at one 
time, nor shall they sell any Tallow unwrought. 

t On 20 July, 1530, Capon writes to Wolsey that he learns from the Duke of Norfolk that the king is 
resolved to dissolve the College by Michaelmas, and that the lands have already been seized to the king's 
use; on Oct. 4, he again writes that he has received orders from the king, through Norfolk, to dissolve the 
College, retaining only "the sub-dean, schoolmaster, usher, and six grammar children," until the king's further 
pleasure should be known. He also states that a commission, consisting of Sir Philip Tylney, Humphrey 
Wingfyld, Thomas Rushe, and Thomas Jermyn, had sat on 19 Sep. at Woodbridge, and had given verdict 
that by reason of the praemunire committed by Wolsey, as they alleged, all the College lands were forfeited 
to the king. Letters and Papers, (Brewer) Rolls Ed. iv. p. 3033. Foedera, xiv. 404. 




22 H. VIII. Munday before Candlemass. [Jan. 30, 1531.] 

At this Court Rich : Lenakre was discharged from the number of 
the 24% and from being Constable and Hedburrough, and Laur : Stisted, 
Tho : Cutler, and Geoffery Gilbert, are w th one concent of the Court 
elected into the number of the 24^. 

Corp' Chr'i play laide for ever aside by order, fa) 

At this Court, 6 headborrowes named did elect Laur: Stisted, Tho: 
Melys, and Chr : Limmer to be Cheife pledges or headborrowes, and they 
are sworne. 

1531-2. 23 H. VIII. (Friday}, Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1531.] 


j Rob' Joyne, 
j John Butler. 


\ Tho : Partritche, 
I Simon ffuller. 


( Edw : Bettis, 
( Christ : Hayward. 

The Bayliffs and 

Alderm: Guild, 

( Rich : Coppin, 
t Joh : Allein. 


I Rob' Dandy, 
John Pipho, 

Com : Cler : 
Cler : Pac : 

Tho : Hayward. 

1 Hen : Stannard, 

^ Rob' Bray. 

John Anty, 


!John Pipho, 
Rob: Bray, 
Edw : Bettis, 


VVillm : Perry, 
Rich : Skinner. 
Rob : Holms. 

Chr : Hayward. 

William Nottingham and Laur: Stisted elected into the number of 
the 12. 

They elected allsoe Willm: Sabin alias West into the number of 
the 24. 

23 H. VIII. Wednesday before Mathew. [Sep. 20, 1531.] 
fforaine ffines taxed after the auncient custome. 

23 H. VIII. ffriday before George. [Ap. 19, 1532.] 

. . . fined 5 U for opprobrious words spoken to John Pipho, Justice 
of the peace, and uppon petition, 4 pounds thereof was discharged, (bj 

(a) -aid. sup. p. 102, note. 

(b) D.G. Cap xxiiij . cf. also, p. 28, sup. 



1532-3. 24 H. VIII. (Sunday}, Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1532.] 

Bayliffs } HenrStannard, 
Etcheators, Laur: Stisted. 
Admiralls, ) 


Joh : Blewit, 
Joh : Barber. 

( Chr: Hayward, 
Coroners, | Edw : Bettis. 

Alderm: Guild, J 

Joh : Allein. 


The Bayliffs and 
John Buttler, 
Rob : Joyne, 
Rob' Dandy, 

Cler:Pac: ( 

Com : Chr : 

Tho : Hayward, to 
hold by himself or 

Rob : Bray. 


Joh : Anty, 


Joh : Pypho, 
Rob : B'ray, 
Chr: Hayward, 

Serjeants, \ 

Will : Perry, 
Rich : Holmes, 
Tho : Battell. 

Edw : Bettis. 

24 //. VIII. Munday after Mathew. [Sep. 23, 1532.] 
fforaine ffines assessed after the auncient manner. 

1533-4. 25 H. VIII. ffriday after Decollat : Joh : Bapt : [Sep. 5, 1533.] 


By a jury of 15, presented that the fishgarth or weare intended to 
be sett up by m r Candish against the marshe of him the said M r Candish, 
and in the salt water and river of the liberty of Ipsw ch , will be to the 
prejudice of the liberty of the Towne. fa) 

And that Henry Hart hath broken his agreem* w 111 Winbon to sayle 
to the p'ts of Iseland, to the Dammage of, &c. 

And that the said Henry did make an affraye, and drew bloud 
uppon the Salt River, w th in the liberty aforesaid, (bj 

And two persons are presented for making a Dock to the hurt of 
the Channell, and indanger of shipps. 

And setting stakes and dooles to the danger of shipps. 

And a person drowned, and what persons were w th him. 

(a) Various statutes, from Hen. III. to Ed. IV. forbad the setting up of weres, kiddles, or other immov- 
able means, in salt water, for the purpose of ensnaring fish, these being regarded as a cause of loss to the king, 
(" desheriteson du roy,") and prejudicial to the ports, ("en aneautance des ports,") and it was ordered 
that all such should be pulled up, but only in the presence of the High Admiral, or by his special commission. 
The offender was fined according to the length of time the obstruction had existed, and the amount of profit 
he was supposed to have made by it. Black Book of the Admiralty, Rolls Ed. i. 74-7, &c. The kiddle or 
kidel was a kind of weir fitted with nets for intercepting fish. Successive ordinances were issued from the 
time of Richard I. to that of Henry v. against their use in the Thames or Medway. Liber Albus, Rolls Ed. 
pp. 498-9, &c. 

(b) The maritime laws of the 1 5* cent, punished offences of this kind with a fine. " Pena pro verber- 
acione seu affraia, finem faciet secundum discrecionem admiralli, secundum quantitatem etqualitatem delicti, 
(et)pro sanguinis extractione decem solidos nomine finis domino admirallo solvet." De Officio Admiralitatis, 
xxvij"* Art. Black Book of the Admiralty, Rolls Ed. i. 230-1. 


25 H. VIII. fSundayJ, g Novemb: [1533.] 

Uppon a petition or bill of complaint in the starr Chamber by the 
Towne against m r Candish for his weare, the matter being uppon full 
hearing, uppon witnesses on bothe sides, the wear was decreed to be 
pulled up by the Towne, the coppies of the proceedings are in the 

1534-5- 26 H. VIII. 

Bayliffs, Escheators, Admiralh, j ^ Q \ M^e'r 

1535-6. 27 H. VIII. 

Bayliffs, Escheat", Admiralls, j ^ f ^ 

Munday before St Matthew, [Sep. 20, 1535.] 

Presented by a jury of 13, that Rich: Brankesfer did finde in the 
high sea a hogshead of wine, appraised at io s , and that the moity be- 
longs to this liberty, faj 

A weare in the River, called the ' Glutton,' is prejudiciall to the 

A bote laden w th Ballast is sunk in the River, the owner is ordered 
to remove the same under penalty of 2O S . 

The Inhabitants of Harw ch presented, for taking Ancorage under 

Two persons for fforestalling of herings. 

1536-7. 28 H. VIII. ffriday Mich: day. [Sep. 29, 1536.] 

In the presence of Rob* Dandy, one of the Bayliffs, and John 
Buttler, elect, but not sworne. 

John Butler, lately elected Bayliff for the yere comming, for his 
absence at this day, wherein he should be present in Court, to take his 
othe for the place aforesaid, shall be fined io h to the use of the Towne, 
conditionally, that if he can shew any good cause for his absence, he 
shall be discharged from the paym* of the same. 

George Harman is at this Court discharged from his place of 
Coroner, and Alexand r Sparhauk is elected in his roome. 

(a) The Admiralty regulations, temp. Ed. III., directed that enquiryshould be made concerning all those 
who had found things floating (flotson) at sea, "tonnel ou pipe de vin ou doille, ou bales de mader, drap, 
coffres, ou autres chases quelconque" and if it were discovered that any had concealed the flotson from the 
possession of the Admiral, on being indicted, and convicted by 12 men, the person so found guilty had to 
pay the value of what he found, with an additional fine to the king, at the Admiral's discretion. Black Book 
of the Admiralty, Rolls Ed. i. pp. 82-3, 150-1, 223, 241. In every case of flotson the Admiral could claim a 
moiety, i.e. one-half, the remaining half going to the finder, j'i.pp. 170-1,396-7. 


28 H. VIII. (Friday), October 6: [1536.] 

In the presence of Rob* Dandy, one of the Bayliffs, and of John 
Butler, Elect, but not sworne. 

At this Court John Butler, new elect Bayliff, camme, and according 
to the order of the last Court, did pay his fine of io u according to the 
said order to the use of the Towne. 

28 H. VIII. Munday after. Ltike. [Oct. 23, 1536.] 

This Court is holden before John Butler and Rob* Dandy, Bayliffs. 

John Holland is elected Constable for the East ward, w* Ralfe and 
Tho : Barber, and is sworne. 

Geoffery Gilbert and John Sparrow are elected Constables for the 
North ward, and are sworne w th George Harman. 

Willm: West and Alexand: Sparhauk, w th Rich: Coppin, are elected 
and sworne Constables of the South ward. 

Tho : Ashly, John Allein, Thomas Melys, elected and sworne Con- 
stables of the West ward. 

Mr. Pipho and m r Stisted, treasurers, called to accompt w* the 
Chamberlins and others, and Auditors elected. 

Butchers of this Towne shall sell their Tallow to Chandlers of this 
Towne, under penalty of 4 d for every pound of Tallow sold to other 
p'sons. (a) 

Every strange Butcher selling theire flesh in this market, shall bring 
theire Tallow therew 411 . 

The Chandlers shall sell theire Candle in this Town at i d q'rter : the 
pound, under penalty of 4 d for cache pound sold above that vallew. (bj 

Noe chandler of this Towne shall convey candle out of the Towne 
whereby the price shall be raised in this towne above that price of i d q r * 
uppon the like payne. 

28 H. VIII. ffriday after George. [Ap. 28, 1536.] 

Laurence Stisted having undertaken the repaire of all defects in 
pathing in the streete for 2O S , its ordered he shall have 2O S payed him. 

Noe person shall lay uppon the Dikes or parts nigh therto, any 
muck or other filth, under penalty of i d for every skeppful so laide, the 
one halfe to the informer, the other halfe to the Towne. And shall 

(a) A similar ordinance existed at an earlier date in the City of London, on account of the scarcity of 
the article. Lib. Albus, Rolls Ed. pp. 279, 713. The Corporation of the City of Oxford, by a resolution of 
Council, 20 June, 1535, direct "that the bochers of the Towne and suburbys of the same shall sell their talloe 
to the chandelers of the Towne, and to noe other persons dwelling oute of the Towne under the payne to 
forfayte at every tym that doe the contrarye to the usse of the Chamber of the Towne xx s ." Turner's Records 
of the City of Oxford, p. 133. 

(bj At Oxford the penalty for selling Candle contrary to the fixed price was xx s , and for selling it out 
of the town "vntyll suche tym as the Towne and Unyversite be served," x 11 . ib. p. 133. * I Jd. 


forfait over and above: for cache lode, 2 d to the same use, and the 
offender shall carry the same away at his own charge. 

Noe inhabitant shall from Easter next suffer his swine to goe at 
large w th in this Towne or suburbs therof. And if any be found at 
large, the Crier shall impound them w^out release, till the owner hathe 
payed 4 d for every swine, the one halfe whereof shall goe to the Towne, 
the other to the Cryer. (aj 

Chandlers fined for transgression against the late ord r . 

Diverse persons made Guildwardens 'and discharged for the fine 
of 40 s . 

Granted to Rob : Bobbet, parcell of the com : soile under Gray 
ffriers or the ffriers minors wall on the West, and abuts on the Greene, 
called "Nicolas Greene," on the Northe, 115 foote long, and 13 foote 
broad, at 2 d r l . (bj 

28 H. VIII. Munday after Nativit: Mar: [Sep. n, 1536.] 


Presentm* 5 by the Jury. 

The casting out of Ballast into the Channell at the Ozes end, 
amerced 3 s 4 d . 

The Constable of Trimly, for not summoning, 3 s 4 d . 

One summoned and not appearing, fine 2O d . 

Rob' More found an ore at the Poull head, price 8 d , and that 4 d 
thereof is due to the Liberty, w ch was paied to the Serjeant of the 

28 H. VIII. Munday after St Mathew. [Sep. 25, 1536.] 


Noe man shall sett any stakes in the river, unless to aide themselves 
in ffishing, and then shall carry them away under penalty of 3 s 4 d . 

ffive wainscots (cj found in the high sea, price 6 s 8 d , and that the 
moiety belongs to the liberty of this Towne. 

The miller of the new-mill, by clensing of his mill damm choking 
the channell w th dirt, is presented, and amerced 2 s . 

Willm: Goldgelt commanded to take away his Ancor now lying in 
the haven, w th in 15 dayes, under paine 6 s 8 d . 

{forestalling and regrating amerced and abbetting thereof amerced. 

(a) vid. sup. p. 124. 

(b) The monastery of the Grey or Franciscan Friars, who also called themselves, " out of pretended 
humility," "Friars Minors," stood westward of S< Nicholas Church, on the bank of the Gipping, and was 
founded in the reign of Edw. I. by Sir Robert Tiptot or Tibetot, of Nettlestead, Suff., to whom this lordship 
had been given for his services to the king against the rebellious barons. He died at Nettlestead, 25 Ed. I. 
(1296-7). Dugdale, Monast. vi. pt. 3, p. 1532. Wodderspoon, pp. 313-9. Clarke, p. 241. Page, Suff. Trav. 
p. 608. (c) Boards for wainscotting. 

E E 


1537-8. 29 H. VIII. (Saturday), Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1537.] 
Bayliffs, Escheators, Admiralh, { J^ /gtist^d. 

Wednesday before A r ativit: Mar: [Sep. 5.] 

At this Court was read m r Edm : Dandyes foundation of the Chantry 
of S* Tho: the Martir in the parish church of Laurence, (a) 

29 H. VIII. Wednesday before mich: [Sep. 26, 1537.] 

At this Court Willm : Sabin was elected into the number of the 
portmen, w* pro visor that before Chr'mass next, he shall obtaine the 
kings licence in writing for him to use and ocupy the said roome. 

They elected alsoe John Sparrow into the number of the portmen 
and he is sworne. 

John Sparrow and Rich : Smart elected Treasurers of the Towne 
for this whole yere. 

One Auditor elected for the accompts of all the Town, to Audite 
fower times in the yere, viz. Chr'mass, Easter, Midsummer, and mich: 
and his fee yerely shall be 2O S . And all defalters in not comming and 
accompting shall forfait 40* for cache defalt. 

Edw: Betts having lent this towne io u , and beeing now deceased, 
and his widow espoused to Henry Burgess, whoe desireth to be free of 
this Towne : Its ordered that he shall be admitted ffree Burgess at the 
fine of 5 marks, to be deducted out of the said io u . And rest thereof 
shall be payed by m r Pyphoes widow. And the said Henry shall provide 
Bobbets and pailes of lether before Christmass next for danger of fire, (bj 

Every ffree man hereafter to be made, shall w th in one quarter of a 
yere after, bring into the moot-hall one lether Bucket of the quantity of 
2 Gallons. 

29 H. VIII. (Friday}, Inocents Day. [Dec. 28, 1537.] 

Two persons of every parish in this Towne nominated to be asses- 
sors of the vallews of houses and lands in every parish and Hamlet. 

29 H. VIII. Munday before Mich: [Sep. 24, 1537.] At Walton beneath 

Landgard, at the Poll Head. 

Presentm ts of p'sons making defalts, and they amerced. 

And p'sons fraiting aliens shipps, whenas there were natives that 
might be fraited. 

And of Bloudraughts, and a child drowned. 

And that aliens Duchemen are more favorably housed then English. 

(a) vid. sup. pp. 182-3. 

(l>) A similar instance occurs in Turner's Records of Oxford, p. 348, Edmund Darye being admitted free 
on payment of 40*, which is to be expended in ladders and hooks. 


29 //. VIII. Tewcsday before mich : [Sep. 25.] at Ipsw eh . 

Presentm* of taking unlawfull fish, and not good for food of men. 
And of p'sons summoned and making defalt, and they amerced. 

29 H. VIII. Thursday before mich: [Sep. 27, 1537.] At Shot/y, at 

Hosy End. * 

A person presented for taking of a bote belonging to another, and 
detaining of the same. 

That the men of Harwich w th force of arms did hinder the kings 
subjects from selling herrings in ffishing time. 

29 H. VIII. Wednesday, the first weeke in Lent. [Mar. 6, 1538.] Ipsvtf h . 

Plaints uppon attachm ts of goods uppon the river belonging to a 
man dead, for debt due by him, and therein the i defalt, and soe courts 
holden on friday, munday and Wednesday, and uppon cache day a defalt, 
and at the 4 th defalt the goods are condemned, and ffraitage and Oylage. 

1538-9. 30 H. VIII. (Wednesday), July 10, [1538.] 

James Hall ordered to pay 2O S for his incrochm*, and shall remove 
the pale, or take the ground up by Indenture, at 4 d r* yerely. 

George Harmans amercem ts are remitted, and he shall have the 
Easem* of the water in the Brooke for 2 yeres at 2 s rent. 

Willm : Tapsfeild (a) elected Atturny for this Towne in the Ex- 
chequer at the auncient yerely fee. 

All persons assessed to pay mony to the Treasurers, shall pay the 
same before Christmass next, under penalty of loss of freedome, if good 
cause be not shewne, &c. 

The eleven Portmen have elected Ralfe Goodwin to be one of theire 
number, and he is sworne. 

30 H. VIII. (Sunday), Nativit:Mar: (b) [Sep. 8, 1538.] 

30 H. VIII. Munday after Allsaints. [Nov. 4, 1538.] 

Every Inhabitant shall amend the decaies in pathing before his owne 
house before mich: next, under forfaiture of 4O S for defalt. 

Auditors for accompts. 

Guildwardens elected, and discharged at 4O S fine. 

Tho: Selsden, the old m r of Corp' Chr'i elected ; Tho : Shapted to be 
his companion. 

* Ooze end. 

(a) He was of Fressingfield, Suff. and son of Simon Toppesfield, Gent, of Fressingfield, (vid. sup. p. 174) 
living in 1551, but dec. before 1563, The arms of this family were : gu. on a chevron, erm. 3 martlets, sa. 
(*) But see 31 Hen. 8, Wedn. after Decollation of Jn. Baptist. (R.C.) 


John Hawes elected Constable instead of Tho: Melys, for the West 

The Portmen and 24^ new elected, shall have their gowns before 
Easter next, under penalty of 40* for each defalter. 

M r Sparrow and m r Rich : Smart elected Treasurers for the yere to 
comme, and theire amercem* for not accompting pardoned. 

Granted to three waites, 13* 4 d a peece yerely. (a) 

Every Constable shall bring in uppon Munday next all the re- 
tailers and Gannikers of ale and beer w^in theire severall wards. 

30 H. VIII. Munday after David. [Mar. 3, 1539-] 

New mill shall beginne to be repaired by John Ingram uppon the 
first of June next, under the penalty of IO 1 '. 

Diverse persons fined to the vallew of 5" a peece, after the rate of 
4 d for every pound of candle sold contrary to the former order. 

Two of the said chandlers p'ticulerly named, shall give theire bonds 
of 20 H cache, for the future not to sell above the price ordered. And to 
deliver to noe buyer above 2, 3, or 4 pounds of Candle at one time. 

And not to compell any p'son to take other ware w th the candle. 

Excepting shipmen, whoe may take as muche candle at any time as 
they shall neede. This order shall continue for one whole yere. 

And the Butchers of this Towne shall be equally divided betweene 
the chandlers. 
30 H. VIII. Thursday after Annunc: [Mar. 27, 1539-] 

m r Sabin (bj and m r Dandy elected Burgesses for this Town at the 
next Parliam 4 , 28 Aprill, at Westm r . 

The sollars over the fflesh stall granted to John Allen for 7 yeres, 

(a) This seems to be the earliest mention of the town musicians, more particularly referred to in suc- 
ceeding pages. The name of "waits" or " wayghtes" was indifferently applied to the players and to their 
instruments, although more usually to the former. Thorns (Early Eng. Romances, iii. 178) understands the 
word to signify a musical instrument, which Butler (Principles of Music, 1636) identifies as the hobby or 
hautboy, then of different sizes, the mouthpiece being a quill, and Minshew also writes, " waites, a wind 
instrument, vid. hobois," but most lexicographers and general usage have assigned the term rather to the 
performers. Skinner (Etym. Ang.) calls them " Lyi icines, Tibicines, Citharaedi," who attend upon "magis- 
tratus et alias in pompis," and Nares (Glossary) adopts the same interpretation. Dr. Richardson derives 
the name from Fr. Guetter, Germ, wachten. to watch, as indicating their original occupation, which is well 
illustrated in the records of the Duchy of Cornwall, where frequent mention is made of a Curia Vigiliae or 
Curia de gayte, i.e. Court of Waits, to which suit was owed by those who held their lands on tenure of 
keeping watch at the castle gate of Launceston. Notes and Queries, 3"' Ser. vi. 487. Wayte-fees were 
similarly paid at Norwich, (Arch. Journ. iii. 340) the castle watch being distinct from the castle guard, 
(bpelman, Gloss, sub voce.) But when no longer needed in this capacity, they still remained as an appanage 
of monarchs and municipal bodies, under whom they enjoyed exclusive privileges, receiving 3d. or 4d. a day, 
besides board and clothing. As watchmen they were accustomed to pipe the hour, and hence their conver- 
sion into musicians. Remembrancia, City of Lond. 275. 

(b) William Sabyn or Sabine was the son of John Sabyn, Esq. who in 1516 received a life annuity of I2d. 
a day for being in arms in the king's service. Letters and Papers (Brewer) Rolls Ser. ii. p. 876. Previous 
to this election W m Sabyn had been for many years extensively employed as a Captain in the Royal Navy, 
and clearly held a position of some importance. In 1512-13, he was in command of a ship bearing his own 
name, "The Sabyne," of 120 tons, and carrying 60 men, (ib. i.pp. 455, 551) to which in 1513, (Mar. 25) two 
months' wages were ordered from Feb. I, being 6s. a man per month, and the same for victuals (ib. i. p. 969). 
In April of the same year he was sent with despatches from the Admiral for the king, (/*. p. 538) receiving 


at 20 s rent yerely, Provided that he shall plancher, window, and doore 
the same, and lock it sufficiently. 

_ All strangers comming by water to the Common Kay, shall unlade 
theire Marchandise uppon the Common Kay, paying the Tolls and 
Customes of the Towne and King according to the Table in y e Kay 
house. And noe person shall unlade at any other Kay, unless the Toll 
and Custome shall first be payde. 

Bayliffs shall not remitt goods, forraine bought, and forraine sold 
w tt out the assent of the Towne. 

Robert Williams shall have the feeding of the Common ditche from 
the old Barr gates to John Harisons house, provided that he dense the 
way along the said Dikes next to the Town from all filthe, and that he 
shall not lay any muck there during his terme. 

The whole fine of Roger May for Ganniking forgiven savine s i; - 
6 s -8 d thereof, provided that he offend noe further. 

Two of the 24 fined at i2 d cache, for departure out of Court w th out 
the Bayliffs licence. 

30 H. VIII. Munday before George. [Ap. 22, 1538.] 

Constables assigned to severall wards, to remove nusances, and to 
levy mony to pay Carts for their cariage of the filth away. 

for this service the sum of 2ol. (ib. ii. p. 1460) and returned just too late to take part in or to prevent at 
ArPfnTc 1 ,*' thedlsa f t , rous termination of which he laments in a letter to Wolsey, written while under sail 
Ap. 30, 1513 The Admiral, Sir Edward Howard, had put to sea with 32, or, as some sav 42 shins of war 
and was blockading the French fleet at Brest, but hearing that 6 French gal leys coming from Mirseines 
had reached Conquet i, miles \V. of Brest, he met and attacked them, himself 'boa ing U, ship c rf the 
French commander. Ihe two vessels, however, getting separated during the action, Howard, left with only 
a few attendants on board the enemy, was killed. Sabyn declares that the attack was not conducted as he 
would have advised it, and, says he, ' ' now we be bodys withowte a hed." ib. i. p. r 4 g Ranin's Hist En7 
i. MI. Whether he afterwards temporarily exchanged his ship is not clear, but P in Tdeclara ion of charts 
relative to the king's army royal now on the sea," dat. Ap. 1513, W" Sabyn, with John Term mister 
appears as Captain of The Less Bark," a vesselof 240 tons, and carrying 193 nW. Lett &Pap i p g Tsub 
sequent list, dat. Aug. 3, ,5,3, again mentions him as Captain of "The Sabyn, "now carrying^ ofmen and 
C J September fol owing he was appointed to cruise with his ship during the winter between Dover and 
Calais, (ib. pp. 677-8) having on board, as may be gathered from payments made in May ici 4 ) 40 soldiers 
55 mariners, and 5 gunners ib. p. 813 In Jan. 1515, he was in command of the king's ships ordtred to the 
Firth ,(,*. 11. p. 17) and in Nov. 1517, being upon the French coast, became involved in a dispute with the 
French commanders on the subject of piracy, but eventually, on the production of the kine's si minuil 
obtained restitution of a royal vessel called " The Black Barke" (ib. fp. 1 184-88). On OcMso ^8 Sabvn 
was appointed one of the king's serjeants-at-arms, with a salary of I2 'd. a day, (ib. p. 1384.) In 1 1 22 he was 

K fc, r ,\ era seas ;, wl f nc , e> ^ tin /. to the .? arl of Surre y- Lord Admi ' ffii IMS* 

o May, 1522 he says that he had fired into Leith and Kinghorn, and after attacking a ship at anchor which 
was rescued by the country people, had captured a ship of Copenhagen, laden with rye which his seTvant 
will repair and bring to Ipswich; adding, that if he had had two good ships to land 5 c^ men he would have 
burnt half-a-dozen villages. (,b. m. pp. 1581-2.) Afewdays after, onhis homeward voyage, hechased a Spaniard 
and next two French vessels off Orfordness, finally putting into Orwell haven, where he hadleft Ms boat ' 
the selecdon of f S ^ CCee . dm , g m nth he accompanied the Admiral to Dartmouth, and assisted him in 
e selection of a harbour to lay the great in for the winter, ib. iii. p. 997. In IS 2 S , Feb. 14 he 
succeeded Tho: Baldry as weigher in the port of Ipswich, (ib. iv. p. 500) but in 1529 was again at sea, and in 
command of " The Les Bark " ib. p. 3183. In 1538, the Assembly, conditionally on a license from the 
Se^ rn e i?im ln !^ rtm i an A and "^ame Bailiff in 1540. In 1541, the site of Black Friars' monastery was 
fo the c hurc r o 'f s^M^ K' aCC rdl "S l Dav y ( Add ; MSS,I 9 , 148) in 1543- Sabyn was a great benefactor 
" Key, the S. aisle of which he is said to have built. Wodderspoon 307 Clarke 


30 H. VIII. (Monday), Septemb: 2. [1538.] 

Granted to Marg 1 Pickarell, parcell of the comm: soile called 'the 
mill way,' for Carts and horses, unto a parcell of land at the west of her 
dwelling house, at i d r 4 . 

30 H. VIII. ffriday before Mathew. [869.20,1538.] Ipsiaf h Kay. 

One gave pledges by recog: of io u and 5'' suerties, to appeare at the 
next Admirall Court, to be holden for the liberty uppon the sea port or sea 
shore, to doe and receive, as well for the king as the party in a trespass. 

1539-40. 31 H. VIII. (Monday), Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1539.] 

BayKffs, Escheat", Admiralh, f ^illm = vf ^"' v 

( Willm : Nottingham. 

31 H. VIII. (Tuesday), June 17. [1539.] 

If any Free Burgess shall retaine himselfe to any person, then and 
from thenceforth he shall loose his freedome. 

31 H. VIII. Wednesday after Decol: Joh: Bapt: [Sep. 3, 1539.] 

At this Court are elected by the w^in named 24% Edm : Leeche, Rob : 
ffisk, and Tho: Atwood, to fullfill the number of the 24^. 

Ralfe Gooding and Willm : Reynbade are elected and sworne into 
the number of the 1 2 Portmen. 

All the above mentioned 1 2 and 24, except 7 persons named, have 
agreed that Hen : Tooly shall pay a fine of 40'' for his disobedience, which 
he now refusing to pay, is dismissed of his Burgesship and freedome of 
this towne. 

John Cook shall, before Hollowmass * next, comme and take the 
Towne ground w ch he hathe in his hand by Indenture for yeres, as the 
Town and hee can agree, or else the same shall be demised to somme 

John Barber admitted into the number of the headburrowes and 

31 H. VIII. Wednesday aft r Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 10, 1539] at Pyn mill. 

The Constables of 3 townes making defalt of apparance, are amerced. 
Persons for taking nets and cords of other men, presented and fined 

3 s 4 d - 

A man drowned. 

Ordered that noe man shall fish in the River till Thursday after 
Ash Wednesday, t 

A man presented for dredging oysters all the yere, contrary to the 
Custome, and amerced 3 s 4 d . 

* i.e. All Hallows or All Saints, Nov. I. t Feb. n, 1540. 


ffriday after Exalt: of the Cross. [Sep. 19, 1539.] 
Presentments for transportation of Corne cont. to the law. 

1540-1. 32 H. VIII. (Wednesday}, Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1540.] 

Bayliffs, Escheat, Admiralh, ( J|^ n uttler ' 

( Joh : Sparrow, (a) 

32 H. VIII. ffriday, the 7 weeke Lent. [Mar. 26, 1540.] 

The Chamberlins brought into the Court the Quietus est: for the 
yere past. 

ffines uppon forrainers not able to pay, shall be received by the 
Bayliffs, and the Wardens of their Company. 

All persons shall bring the Sacram* of Corp' Xi from Laurence 
churche towards the fishmarket, to the Corne hill, and so to the Tower 
Church, and soe from thence on Corp' Chr'i day to Marg ts Greene, and 
thence round about the Towne, till the Tower church againe, [and] there 
shall heare a masse, and on the next day shall bring the same from the 
same church through the Brookestreet into the ffish mark 1 and Corne hill, 
and soe to Laurence Church, and there an end. 

And that every of the Portmen shall have two torches, and every of 
the 24 one torche, and all the Torchers shall waite on the Sacram* uppon 
all the said three dayes, under forfaiture of 1 2 d for every default. 

And cache Portman Torcher shall, uppon the same penalty, waite 
uppon the Sacram 4 uppon the Sunday. 

32/7. VIII. Munday before Math: [Sep. 20, 1540.] 


One presented for suing in the Admirall Court above, cont: to the 

32 H. VIII. Munday after Faith. [Oct. 11, 1540.] 

Rob* Sparrow (bj is elected one of the Serjeants of the mace. 

(a) Son of Thomas Sparrow, of Somersham, Suff., and mar. Elizabeth, dau. of John Bacon, of Hesset, 
Suff.; elected Portman and joint Treasurer in 1537, and returned Dec. 30, 1541, as one of the repre- 
sentatives of the borough in the Parliament which met at Westminster, 16 Jan., 1541-42. The earliest 
accounts of the Ipswich branch of this family begin with Thomas Sparrow, of Somersham, A.D. 1419, whose 
son, John Sparrow, was slain at Hexham, 8 May, 1464 ; his grandson of the same name, and uncle of the 
John Sparrow here mentioned, fell at Bosworth Field, 22 Aug., 1485. Copious pedigrees and notes 
relating to the different branches of this family are given by Davy, (Add. MSS. 19,149) and by Jermyn, 
ib. 8215. 

(1)) Only son of the John Sparrow above, and mar. I st . Elizabeth, dau. of Robert Bacon of Ofton, and 
2 nd . Dorothy, dau. of Thos. Armiger of Hitcham. He was elected Portman in 1573, and died July 26 th > 1594, 
aged 84. A grant of arms was made to him by Rob' Cooke, Clarenceux, (Cooke's Grants, E.D.N. B.f. 57. 
Coll. Arms.) viz. " Ar. 3 roses, purp. leaved vert, seeded or, a chief of the first," to which, in June, 1594, a 
crest was added by Rich. Lee, Clarenceux; "Out of a mural crown or, a unicorn's head, ar. maned purp. 
homed of the first." Misc. Grants, Coll. Arms, I. f. 25. & Harl. 1507. f. 32. The inscription on his tomb (Harl. 
1 754. f. 58) ran as follows : "Sub hoc Marmore seputius est corpus Roberti Sparowe nuper unius Portmannorum 
hujus villae Gipp'i qui obiit 26 of Julii a salutis 1594 J&tatis vero suae 84." 


Tho: Atwood and Rob* Fisk elected Aldermen of the Guild. 

Mathew Gooding allowed to sett up a kay along- the pale, uppon the 
void ground where Tho: Birche nowdwelleth, at 2 d r 4 , but shall not pay 
any rent for 4 yere. 

Phillip Willm 5 fined 6 s 8 d for colloring fforrain'rs goods. 

32 H. VIII. Munday after Epiphany. [Jan. 10, 1541.] 

Areres for the paving of the Corn hill and the Common Kay ordered 
to be payed. 

The kings taske faj shall be assessed upon every parish in this 
Towne by p'sons nominated in cache parish, and the 4 Hamlets shall 
allsoe be contributors therto. (bj 

32 H. VIII. Tewesdayafter Convers: Paull. [Feb. I, 1541.] 

Rob: ffisk electedAlderm:of the Guild, to associate the old Alderman 
Tho: Sharplin. 

A Particuler of lands in Holdbrooke entred. 

M r Hervy upon his accompt as Bayliff, is discharged thereof, pay- 
ing I3 s 4 d - 

32 H. VIII. Munday after Gregory. [Mar. 14, 1541.] 

John Humfry fcj dismissed from beeing Chamberlin for this yere 
following, and John Dyer is elected and sworn. 

John Humfry is fined at 26 s 4 d . 

At this Court Henry Tooly for his disobedience hathe submitted 
himselfe to the Commonalty, and is admitted to his freedome and liberty 
for 5 H fine, w ch is sett off for his fee, as he was last Bayliff, and he shall be 
received into his pristinate estate, and the decree formerly made against 
him shall be voide. 

M r Bayliff Sparrow and the Town Clerk shall ride to London, and 
sue to the Court of Augmentation for the halfe market of Woodbridge. 

The act made 25 H. 8. for shoddcarts, shall take effect at Easter next. 

Scavingers elected in every parish, and all muck shall be caried and 
laide at 4 severall places named, and not otherwise, viz : Warwicks pitts, 
The Colledge yard, Behinde the Diches next Joh : Herons, and the Dikes 
in the Marshe. And if the Scavingers shall not execute theire office 
every weeke, they shall forfait i2 d for eache default. And every person 
for not making cleane against his ground and doore every Satterday in 

(a) "Taske alias Taxe (Camden) is a British or Welsh word, signifying Tribute." Minshew. The word 
is used in this sense by Fabyan, Chron. cap. cc. p. 263. Ellis's Ed. p. 207. 

(bj It seems that hitherto the Hamlet of Stoke was not contributary (B). 

(e) Davy (Add. MSS. 19,136) has a pedigree of the Humfrey family of Suffolk, connected in some 
of its matches with Ipswich, but which does not identify the John Humfrey mentioned ; see also Term, 
(Add. MSS. 8210). 




the afternoone, shall forfait 3 d for every weekes defalt, to be levied by the 
Scavingers, whereof the Scavingers shall have i d , and the towne 2 d . (a) 

32/7. VIII. Thursday, y e 4'* week Lent: [Mar. 24, 1541.] 

A recognisance of debt due to the Bayliffs, and yet acknowledged 
before them. vid. Court booke. 

1541-2. 33 H. VIII. 







Rob* Dandy, 
Tho : Ashley. 

Job : Holland, 
Tho : Barber. 

The Bayliffs and 
John Buttler, 
Wm Sabyn, 
Joh : Sparrow, 
W m Nottingham. 

Willm: Nottingham, 
Jeffery Gilbert, 
Joh : Sparrow, 
Rich : Smart. 

Thursday, Nativit : Mar: [Sep. 8, 1541.] 
Alderm: Guild, 


Com: Cler: 
Cler: Pac: 

et Coronae, 



Tho : Atwood, 
Rich : Bloyse. 

Joh : Gardner, 
Wm Woodless. 

Rich: Bird. 

Rich : Holms, 
Edw : Draper, 
Joh : Sharp, 
Rous Julian. 

Joh : Holland. 

33 H. VIII. (Wednesday}, May 25< h: [1541.] 

Thorn : Ashly sworne into the number of the Portmen at this Court. 

Whereas 9 or 10 yeres since it was ordered that the inhabitants of 
this Towne shall pave against theire houses and grounds, where it shall 
be thought convenient, and to kepe them in sufficient repaire, and that 
the Bayliffs for the time beeing shall compell the owners to pay therfore, 
and uppon refusall that the Bayliffs shall have authority to imprison them 
till paym* be made. And if the owner be not inhabitant, then to distraine 
w th in suche house and ground, or to take the yerely p'ffit, &c. 

Noe Draper, Grocer or Peuterer shall hold any butchers stall uppon 
the Cornhill, but shall onely kepe theire houses and shopps. 

John Ward al's Bently, Jeffery Gilbard, and John Barber, are at this 
Court elected Constables of the North Ward, And Rich : Smart Constable 
of the West Ward, and are made Headburrowes. 

(a) The office of Scavenger, (A.S. Scafan, Germ. Schabeii, to scrape) appears formerly to have included 
duties beyond those of simply cleansing the streets and public places. In London, scavengers, on appoint- 
ment, besides clearing away refuse, were sworn to see that houses were roofed with uninflammable materials, 
such as lead, tile, or stone ; to regulate the height of pavements, and keep them in repair, and especially to 
inspect chimneys, furnaces, and reredoses, (terrailles) and report those not properly built to the Alderman 
of the ward, receiving 4 d - for every dangerous furnace removed. Lib. Albus, pp. 313, 333. At Oxford, in 
1541, a " Comon Skavinger " was appointed, every householder paying i d ' a quarter for his services, " they 
that have horses to paye for there dong caryage as the skavinger and they can agree." Turner's Records 
of Oxford, p. 162. 

F F 


Three Chandlers bound in 2O U a peece, to sell Candle to the inhabi- 
tants at i d q r the pound, without buying any other ware, and shall sell to 
one p'son not above 4 pounds at one time, unless to shipps. 

33 H. VIII. (Thursday), May 5. [1541-] 

Tho : Raynburrow presented by the Hedburrowes for incrochem 4 
uppon the Dayry Lane, w th a ditche, and laying open and bare the town 
conduit, and stopping a stile and way to the conduit heads in the close of 
the said Thomas, and he is commanded [to] amend the same and enlarge 
the Causey along the highway in bredth 1 2 Inches, vid. Hedbr : booke. 

33 H. VIII. ffriday, Swithin. [Trans. July 15, 1541.] 

fforrainers meete and able to be free burgesses, shall take up theire 
freedome, or shall be putt to their forraine fine. 

33 H. VIII. 

The 24 have elected into theire number Joh: Stiward, John Bennet, 
and Rich : Bloyse. 

If any forrainer shall buy or sell any marchandise, except of or to 
a freeman or fforrainer contributory, the goods shall be forfeit as for- 
raine bought and forraine sold, and the Taker shall have one halfe, and 
the Town the other halfe. And the seisure shall be by one that is a free- 
burgess, (a) 

Noe retainer to any greate p'son, man of worship, or gentleman, 
shall be admitted to be a free Burgess. 

Granted to m r Bayliff Sparrow, two tenem* 5 at S. Maryes Churche 
gate, for 40 yeres to comme, at 5 s rent, provided he shall mantaine and 
repaire them and soe to leave them. 

33/7. VIII. Munday before Mich: [Sep. 26, 1541.] 

John Blode is assessed 5 s for forraine bought and forrain sold, and 
5 s to the taker. 

33 H. VIII. ffriday bef: Circumsciss: [Dec. 30, 1541.] 

Ralfe Gooding and Joh: Sparrow elected Burgesses of the Towne 
at the next Parl'm'. 

(a) In London, foreigners were forbidden, by a mandate of Edw. I., to sell to other foreigners for the 

Rolls Ed. 492-3. The "Hansa Teutonicorum," or merchants of Almaine, was formed about the year 1 169, 
under the name of "Easterlings." 



2I 9 

ffower old records and the Indenture for Woodbr : markett, shall be 
delivered to John Ward to be carried up to London for the mantaining 
of the liberties of the Towne. 

I542-3- 34 H. VIIL Nativit : Mar : ffriday. [Sep. 8, 1542.] 


Escheat 1 ' 3 , 




Hen : Tooly, (a) 
Willm : Reynbald. 

Job : Holland, 
Tho : Barber. 

The Bayliffs and 
Rob' Dandy, 
Tho : Ashley, 
Joh : Buttler, 
Wm Nottingham. 

Willm: Nottingham, 
Joh: Sparrow, 
Rich: Smart, 
Jeffery Gilbert. 

Chamber tins, 

Com : Cler: 
Cler: Pac: 



Tho: Gooding, 
Joh: Harbottle. 

Rich: Bird. 

Rich: Holms, 
Edw: Draper, 
Jos: Sharp, 
Rich: Julian. 

Joh: Holland. 

ffriday in Whitsun weeke. [June 2, 1542.] 

Every householder, w & their family, shall follow the pageants of 
Corp' Christi in due order, under penalty of 4 d , if lawfull cause be not 
shewen, except the 12 portmen and theire wives, and the 24^. 

Every Warden and Master of the Trade shall offer to theire Page- 
ants uppon the day of Cor? Chr'i, each of them i d , the one halfe whereof 
shall goe to y e parish preist, the other halfe shall be divided between the 
Clerk and the Sexton, and every defalter shall loose 4 d . 

Every Burgess shall offer on the Guild Sunday one halfe penny to 
the preist, to be divided, the one halfe to the preist, the other to the 
Clerke and Sexton, and every defalter shall loose 4 d . 

John Allein is sworne into the number of the 12 Portmen, and hath 
given bond not to exercise his trade of shoe making any more. 

Granted to Archer, parcell of the Common soile lying in Mar: Elms 

(a) It appears from Blomfield (Hist. Norf.) that the family of Tooley or Toly (a crasis for St Olave or 
Olaf) were resident at an early period in that county, and several of this name held municipal offices in the 
city of Norwich, of which Richard Tolye or Tooley was Mayor in 1620. Henry Tooley, whose father was 
of Catton, in Norfolk, was Portman of Ipswich, and one of its foremost benefactors, being the founder, by 
will, dated Nov. 4, 1550, of the almshouses bearing his name, primarily intended for those who had been 
injured in the wars, or in default of such, for other " aged and decrepid persons." He lived in the 
parish of St. Mary Key, in a house subsequently the Ram Inn, and there died, 22 Aug. 1551, and was 
buried in the north aisle of the church, where there is an altar tomb, (the only one in Ipswich) bearing in 
lozenge-shaped panels the arms of the borough, and those of the Merchant Adventurers. Above the tomb, 
within a slightly recessed and arched canopy against the eastern wall of the aisle, is a brass, with the 
armorial achievement of the borough, and kneeling figures of Tooley, his wife Alicia, (who died 8 Feb. 1565), 
and their children; below, a rhymed inscription sets forth their virtues. Add. MSS. (Davy) 19,152. 
Wodderspoon, p. 338. Ipswich Gifts and Leg. pp. 1-30. 




34 H. VIII. (Wednesday), July 5. [1542.] 

Headburrowes think meete that Anthony Cabo shall have for his 
life parcell of the wall diches next the old Barr gates, 69 foote long-, 
alongst the wall, and 14 foote broade at the east end, next the Barr Gates, 
and the west end next Bennets garden, 16 foote broad, at 4 d r*. 

34 H. VIII. ffriday aft: Mathew: [Sep. 22, 1542.] 

Thorn: Gooding is discharged of his office of Chamberlin for 5'' fine, 
And Chr: Mecill ordered to be in his place, and John Harbottle is dis- 
charged from the like place at 4'' fine. 

On Corp' Chr'i. day* and the Sunday after, the preist of Mary Tower 
for a masse and other Ceremonies, shall have every day 2O d , and the 
Clark for his attendance there and at the procession, i6 d for the said 
Two dayes, his forraine fine shall be remitted him, and the Sexton shall 
have for his service i6 d . 

Demised to James Leman, ground and medow on the east end of 
S. Tho: chappell (a) in Whitton, containing 6 acres more or less, and 
another peece of ground and pasture by Lomkins, for 10 y: at the rent 
of 22 s 8 d . 

1543-4- 35 







H. VIII. Satterday, Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1543.] 

Rob' Dandy, 
Chr : Lymner. 

Job : Holland, 
Tho : Barb'. 

The Bayliffs and 
Wm. Nottingham, 
Hen : Tooly, 
Wm. Reynbald, 
Ralfe Gooding. 

Willm. Nottingham, 
Joh : Sparrow, 
Rich : Smart, 
Geoffery Gilbert. 


Com: Chr: 
Chr: Pac: 




Andrew Ingforby, 
Rob' King. 

Rich : Bird. 

Rich : Holmes, 
Edw : Draper, 
Joh : Colleins, 
Joh : Deye. 

John Holland. 

35 H. VIII. Wednesday before Peter. [June 27, 1543.] 

Chr: Limner sworne into the number of the 12 Portmen at this 
Court, and John Ward afs Bently discharged from that number, and 
from beeing Bayliff, for 20'', and Rich : Smart likewise discharged from 
both the said places for the like summe of 2O H . 

* The Thursday after Trinity Sunday. This festival was instituted by Pope Urban the IV in 1264 in 
honour of a miracle. 

(a) According to Bacon (Liber Regis) and Ecton, (Thesaur. Rer. Eccl.) the church of Whitton was 
dedicated to St. Mary, and that of Thurleston, not now existing, to St. Botolph ; there does not seem to be 
any account of any other religious edifice, and Whitton church may therefore have had an earlier dedication 
to St. Thomas; it certainly was, at one time, known as Whitton chapel. 


John Harbottle likewise is discharged from all offices in this Towne 
for terme of his life for the summe of i6 u 13* 4 d , conditionally that the 
said John Harbottle shall, after Mich : next, bring in his Chamberlins 
accompt uppon demand. 

John Gardner is elected into the number of the 12 Portmen. 

Every Burgess defalter at the Portmens moote shall forfait 1 2 d , and 
suche as shall not comme this day before noone shall forfait 6 d . 

James Dyer and Tho : Gooding elected Guild Wardens. 

John Bennet discharged from beeing Guildhold r during his life, for 
the summe of 4O S . 

At this Court Rob' Baker, and Wm Woodier, and John Dyer, and 
Mathew Gooding, are elected into the number of the 24^. 

Robert ffiske and Tho: Patriche are elected Headburrowes, and 
Rob* ffisk elected Constable. 

35 H. VIII. Thursday before Nativit : Mar : [Sep. 6, 1543.] 

The lands late Birds, nigh S l Tho: chappell, are demised to John 
Sparrow for 10 yeres, at 9" yerely rent. 

Demised to Robert Stile, all the lands &c, late Rob : \blanK\ sonns, 
at 4 H 6 s 8 d rent, for to years, from mich : next. 

The Crier shall impound all the swine that he shall finde in the 
streets or lanes in the yards next the moote hall, and the owner shall pay 
1 6 d a peece before they shall be delivered, the one halfe whereof shall be 
the Criers, the other the Townes. And if y c swine shall not be redeemed 
w^in 4 days after proclamac'on made, then shall the same be sold to the 
use of the Town, and the Crier shall have 2 d for every foote. (aj 

Noe person shall lay any horsdung in any place within this Burrow 
and liberties thereof, nor any manner of muck or filthe uppon the Dikes, 
or nigh to the same, under forfaiture of 3 d cache skepfull, and i2 d each 
lode : nevertheless the sweeping of the streete may be laid on the com- 
mon ground called 'Warwicks pitts.' 

Every fforrainer for the Craning of one Tunne at the Common Crane 
or elsewhere, shall pay 3 d , and after that rate for more. And every Bur- 
gess shall pay 2 d , and soe after that rate, and the Water Bayliff shall 
have power to distraine for the rights as above said. 

John Allein is discharged of the lease of the sollar (b) over the flesh 
stalls, for io s paid to the Treasurer. 

35 H. VIII. Wednesday before Mich: [Sep. 26, 1543.] 

Robert Baker and John Harbottle shall cache of them becomme 
bound in 100 marks, not to depart the realme till they have discharged 
the fee farme to the king this next terme comming. 

(a) vid. sup. p. 124, note. (b) The upper room of a house or building. 




Noe forraine dweller in the country not paying a forraine fine shall 
stand and retaile uppon the Corn hill or fish market uppon paine of 
theire goods seised as forraine bought and forraine sold. 

John Bird sworne to be trew searcher and sealler of lether, accord- 
ing to the statute. 

35 H. VIII. ffriday before Martin. [Nov. 9, 1543.] 

Rob* Deerhaugh, gent., faj shall pay io s for his fforrain fine for y e 
yere past. 

The Water Bayliff shall distraine for areres of Willm. Bemond and 
Tho : Wood. 

fforraine ffines shall be levied by the Chamberlins for the time beeing. 

35 H. VIII. Wednesday aft : Exaltat : S. Cross. 
Levington. Admiralty. 

[Sep. 19, 1543.] at 

A man drowned at Langarde fHeete, was found betweene Shotly 
bridge and Pache ffleete, cum camisa et a peticote, price 6 d , and x d mony 
in his purse. 

A wreck cast uppon the marshe of Bloss of Shotly, and is worth &c. 

A Porpose found beneathe ffaybury Cliff and ffalse Cliff, and ap- 
prised at 13 s 4 d . 

1 544-5- 36 H. VIII. Munday, Nativit : Mar : [Sep. 8, 1544.] 


Admiral Is, 

iWm Nottingham, () 
John Allen, (c) 

Alderm: Guild, 


Wm. Woodier, 
Rob' Barker. 

Coron rs , 

f Tho : Barb', 
( John Harman. 

, The Bayliffs and 



Tho : Sharpley, 
Rob' Brand. 


I Rob' Dandy, 
< Christ : Lymner, 

Cler: pac: 
Com : Cler : 


Rich: Bird. 

/ Hen : Tooly, 


v Wm Reynbald. 

Rich : Holmes, 


(m r Sparrow, 
m r Ashley, 
\ m' Smart, 


Edw : Draper, 
Rich : Julian, 
Rob : Hay ward. 

( m r Gilbert. 

(a) The family of Derehaugh or Dyrhawe was of Colston Hall in Baddingham, and of Gedgrave, Suff. 
Robert Derehaugh of Gedgrave was appointed in 24 Hen. vill., 28 Sep., collector of customs and subsidies 
in the port of Ipswich (Index. Originalia, ii. ff. 108-9), on account of which he was specially exempted (26 Sep. 
36 Hen. vili.) from attendance upon the king in his wars. Harl. 1 765, f. 15. In 38 Hen. vill. he did homage 
for the manor of Gedgrave, and died in 1557, leaving one son, William Derehaugh, of Gedgrave. The 
arms of this family were: sa. 3 martlets in bend, between 2 cotises, arg. Add. MSS. (Davy) 19,126, and 
(Jermyn) 8207. Harl. 1560, f. 208. 


36 //. VIII. Muii day aft : Peter ad Vine: [Aug. 4, 1544.] 

Order for Bowmen, Billmen, horse Harnies. 

Edm: Lerthe discharged from the masters place of Corp' Chr'i 
Guilde for the fine of 3''. 

36 H. VIII. ffriday bef: Mathcw: [Sep. 19,1544.] 

Noe swine shall be suffered to goe at large upon paine of forfaiture; 
if they be found abroad in the Towne, the forfaiture to be to the towne, 
and to be received by the Chamberlins or theire deputies, whoe allsoe 
shall have theire charges allowed. 

36 //. VIII. Tewesday aft: Bartholomew. [Aug. 26, 1544.] 

The 12 Portmen shall pay (towards the harnessing of soldiers) eache 
of them 6 s 8 d . And eache of the 24^ 3 s 4 d , and the Commons accord- 
ingly, viz : the third part of the whole summe. 

36 H. VIII. Wednesday after Mathew. [Sep. 24, 1544.] 

Rob 4 Bobbet is discharged from the number of the 24% and from 
being Headburrow and constable for ever. 

36 H. VIII. Munday after Luke. [Oct. 20, 1544.] 

The yerely fee of 2O S granted to Willm. ffoster, soe long as he shall 
behave him selfe well. 

The Common Council of this Towne shall use all means to compell 
the 4 Hamlets to comme to the Sessions of this Towne, and to be con- 
tributory to the Charges for the king. 

Auditors named, and accompts ordered to be made. 

Holbrooke tenants shall hold theire former farmes for 7 yeres from 
Mich: last. 

John Stannard sworne Constable and Headburrow. 

36 H. VIII. (Mondayj, Candlemass day. [Feb. 2, 1545.] 

Tho: Gooding, Rob* King, Andrew Ingforby, Tho: Sharplein, Tho: 
Whiting, and Henry Burgess, Elected into the number of the 24^, and 

(bj William Nottingham, who successively filled the offices of Portman, Claviger, Justice, and Bailiff, 
seems to have been the son of John Nottingham of Bury, and his wife Rosa, dau. of Thomas and Agnes 
Dunne. This John Nottingham was Seneschal or Steward to the Abbot of Bury, and built the south porch 
of St. Mary's church there. Rose, daughter of William Nottingham, openly espoused the Protestant cause 
in the reign of Q. Mary, and venturing, with other women, subsequently executed, to encourage one Robert 
Samuel, an Ipswich martyr, on his way to the stake, she was obliged to flee the town and remain in conceal- 
ment ; she afterwards married the Rev. Richard Proud, rector of Dunsmore, Warw. Foxe, Acts and Mon. 
(ed. 1843) vii. 574 and viii. 598. Add. MSS. (Davy) 19,143. 

(c) Davy (Add. MSS. 19,114) has various pedigrees, with notes of the families of Allen of Thaxstead, 
Essex, and of Bures, Icklingham, and other places in Suffolk, without, however, any evident mention of the 
Bailiff. References to the same are found in Add. MSS. 8201, (Jermyn). 




all and every of that Number shall have theire livery gowne ready uppon 
Assumption day next coming-, (a) uppon paine for every default 5''. 

John Dier sworne Constable and Cheife pledge. 

Every Portman shall pay towards the kings harness (bj io s , and 
every of the 24*}' shall pay 5 s . And every of the Commons shall be rated 
according to theire substance by two honest persons w th in their parish, 
as well w th in the Towne as the Hamletts. 

Three persons fined i s a peece for departing the Court w th out licence, 
before the Court ended. 

Tho : A' wood, formerly fined 2O U , this Court abated thereof 1 5'', pro- 
vided that he shall serve the Towne w th candle according to his portion 
till Easter next, uppon paine of 2O U . 

Rich : Gosling shall have a new lease of his farme in Holbrooke for 
7 yeres from Mich : last, by the old forme. And the other Tenants of 
Holbroke shall have the like leases. 

George Harman shall comme in at the next greate Court, and take 
up his farme, or shall avoide the same at mich: next. 

At the Home and Trump (cj blowing, every Portman shall be at 
the Hall w th in one hower after the time appointed, under the paine of 
3 s 4 d for eache default, and every of the 24 under the paine of 2o d , and 
every Commoner under the paine of i2 d . w th out lawful! cause shewen. 

36 H. VIII. (Wednesday), Aprill the i s( - [1545.] 

Rob* Barker and Wm. Woodier discharged from being m rs of Corp' 
Chr'i : Guild, and allsoe Mathew Gooding, and their fines severally sett at 
3 marks or 5 marks. 

37 H. VIII. 

Tewesday, Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1545. 


) Ralfe Gooding.(rf) 
j Wm. West. 

Alderm: Guild, \ 

Rob' King, 
Tho : Whiting, 
Andr : Ingforby. 


( Tho : Barb r , 
( George Harman. 


Hen : Burgess, 
Tho : Whiting. 

, The Bayliffs and 

C'nm C'ltr \ 

( Wm, Nottingham, 

O (/// . O ICt . 
/~ 1 "lay Pfjf \ 

Rich : Bird. 


| John Allen, 

\^ltCf . / (:! . 

| Joh : Sparrow, 


Rich : Holms, 


v Tho : Ashley. 

!John Sparrow, 
Tho : Ashley, 
Rich : Smart, 
Jeoffery Gilbert. 


Edw : Draper, 
Rob : Hayward, 
Joh : Collens. 

Tho : Barber, 
Rob' ffiske. 

(a) Aug. 15. (b) Harness = armour, Fr. Harnois. 

(c) The Great Court Trump of Ipswich, believed to have been given to the town by King John, on 
the granting of his Charter, and still in the possession of the Corporation, is an instrument of brass, weighing 




37 H. VIII. (Saturday), Apr ill 17'*, [1545.] 

Willm. Richard acknowledged a recognisance of 8 1 ' debt due to 
Ralfe Gooding, one of the Bayliffs, and this was taken before the said 
Ralfe Gooding onely. 

37 H. VIII. Thursday after Exalt: S. Cross: [Sep. 17, 1545.] 

At Pynn Mill. 

Wreck betweene ffaybury cliff and the poull head was pillaged of 
her tackle and sailes by A: B: &c: apprised at &c. 
Trespasses in taking of botes and &c. 
A trendle of rosin found in the haven prised at 

ffriday after, at Ipsw ch Kay. [Sep. 18, 1545.] 
Regrators presented for cabbage and oysters regrated at the Com : 
Kay, with fines. 

38 //. VIII. Wednesday, Nativ: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1546.] 







Tho : Ashley, 
Jo: Smith, a/.Dier. 

Tho : Barder, 
Georg : Harman. 

The Bayliffs and 
Ralfe Goodwin, 
Wm West, 
Hen : Tooly, 
Wm Reynbald. 

Wm Smart, 
GeofP Gilbert, 
John Hawes, 
Rich : Bloyse. 

Alderm: Guild. 


Cler: Pac: 
Com: Cler: 



Rob : Brand, 
Tho : Goodwin, 
Andr: Ingforby. 

Wm Lyon, 
Rob' Bray, 

Rich: Bird. 

Rich : Holms, 
Edw : Draper, 
Ro : Hayward, 
John Collein. 

Rob' Barber, 
Tho : ffisk. 

38 H. VIII. 

At this Court Joh : Holland is elected Bayliff for the yere following 
w* John Dier, in the place of Tho: Ashley, lately dead. 

Rob 4 Brand is elected Alderman of the Guild w th Andrew Ingforby. 

Willm. Lyon is discharged from being Chamberlin for this time, 
and Math : Buttler is elected in his place, to hold w th Rob* Bray. 

John Gardener is sworne at this Court into the number of the 1 2 

4^ Ibs., two feet nine inches in length, and curved upwards at the wider end. It was blown at midnight 
before the door of the Bayliff's residence, and then in each ward, upon the night preceding the day for 
holding a great Court. The Corporations of Ripon, Dover, Sandwich, and others, possess similar relics. 
Wodderspoon, pp. 102-3. 

(d) Portman in 31 Hen. VIII. Davy (Add. MSS. 19,132) has copious pedigrees and notes on various 
families of Gooding or Goodwin, none of which, however, touch the bailiff, although several individual 
members are mentioned as of Ipswich. Jermyn (Add. MSS. 8209) assigns the arms, " or, a fess between 
6 lions' heads, gu." 





38 H. VIII. ffriday before Allsaints. [Oct. 29, 1546.] 

Andrew Ingforby at this Court is sworne into y number of the 
Mathew Gooding is sworne Constable and Cheife pledge. 
Order for levy of subsidy to the king. 
Recognisance to binde the Collectors to make paym 1 . 
Recognisance to binde Chandlers to sell candle at i d q r the pound 
Auditors elected. 

1547-8. i E. VI. Thursday, Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1547.] 


Alderm: Guild, 

Stephen Lully. 

Escheat rs > 

John Gardner, (a) 


Rich : Bird, (b) 


Rich : Bird, 

Cl. Mark . 

Chamberlins, \ 


Tho : Barb', 


Bastian Man. 

C oron rs , 

Geor: Harman. 

Com : Cler: ) 

The Bayliffs and 

Cler: Pac: \ 

Willm. Whetcroft. 

John Holland, 


[oh : Dyer, 


Rich : Holmes, 

Rob' Dandy, 
Ralfe Gooding. 


Edw. Draper, 
Rob* Hayward, 

( Rich : Smart, 


Jo : Collen. 

Clavigers, \ ? e , off *7 Gilbard ' 
1 Job : Hawes, 

( Rich : Bloyse. 


Tho : Barber, 
Rob' ffisk. 

i E. VI. Munday after Candlemass. [Feb. 7, 1547.] 

The 1 2 Headburrows shall goe quarterly about the Towne, viz : 8 
dayes after Candlemass,* and 8 dayes after Chrouchmasse,f and 8 dayes 
after Lammass,^ and 8 dayes after All Hallowmass,|| and they shall view 
the Annoyances of the Towne. And they shall be warned thereto by 
a serjeant, and all defalters warned shall forf* 5 s , and at suche a day as 
the Headburrowes shall bring in theire bookes, (which shall be w th in 8 
dayes after inquiry) the Chamberlins shall deliver them 5 s towards theire 
Charges. And the Bayliffs shall quarterly levy all the Amercements, 
before the next quarter after the presentment shall be brought in. 

(a) A collection of pedigrees of the families of this name in Suffolk, will be found in Add. MSS. 
(Davy) 19,131, and (Jermyn) 8209. 

(b) Davy (Add MSS. 19, 1 18) has slight pedigrees and a few notes on the families of Bird of Yoxford 
and Denstone, and there are some references in Jermyn, ib. 8203. 

* February 2. t i.e. according to Paston Letters (Ellis) iv. 193, the Festival of the Invention of the 
Cross, May 3. + Aug. I. || i.e. All Saints' Day, Nov. I. 


i E. VI. Thursday, the i weeke Lent. [Feb. 24, 1547.] 

ffower Butchers are agreed to deliver to the Towne Chandlers 
tallow at g 5 the hundred. And the chandlers shall sell Candle at the 
price allready sett. 

Ralfe Gooding shall serve the Towne w th Candle, good ware, at i d 
q r the pound, and not above. 

i E. VI. Wednesday, 4"* weeke Lent. [Mar. 16, 1547.] 

Robert Brand is discharged from beeing Alderm : of the Guild for 
4<D S fine, and Steven Lully is elected into the said place. 

A yerely election shall be of a Clark of the market, to searche and 
sell fishe at the Kay and fish market, whoe shall be sworne to deale 
indifferently betweene the buyer and the seller, and shall have for his 
wages 2O S yerely, besides advantages. And he shall doe other things 
concerning his office. 

i E. VI. (Wednesday), May II th . [1547.] 

Headburrowes agree that Wm Candler shall have a garden at the 
wall ditches in fee farme, 100 foote long, and 93 foote broad Northward, 
and on y e West head 42 foote, and 45 foote Eastward, abutting on a 
little way belonging to m r Darbies Wood house, and uppon the wall 
Ditches south, at 6 d r*. vid: the Grant: 4 July. 2 E. 6. uppon the file. 
Tower parish. 

i E. VI. 

Common soile in Peters parish granted unto Buttler, as it lies nigh 
the ffriers Lane, see after.* 

i E. VI. Wednesday after Corp'' Chr"i: [June 15, 1547.] 

Mr John Southwell (aj is elected to be of Councill w th this Towne, 

and to have the yerely fee of 2O S . 

Thomas Wine is elected w th Bastian Man to be Masters of the 

Mercers Company, and it is determined that Ralfe Gooding is none of 

that Company. 

i E. VI. Thursday, Vigitt Mar : Magd : [July 21, 1547.] 

The Towne marsh shall not be demised to one p'ticuler person. 
Every of the 12 Portmen shall pay to aCom'ertha io s a peece, and 

the 24*y shall pay 5 s . 

* Next page. 

(a) Qy. Son and heir of Robert Southwell, Esq., serjeant-at-law, of Barham Hall, Suff. Add. MSS. 
(Davy) 19,149, ff. 285, 291, 297. ib. (Jermyn) 8215. Visit. Suff. 1561, c. Harl. 1177, f. 39; 1560, f. 2536. 
The arms of this family were : arg. 3 einquefoils pierced gu. each charged with 5 bezants. 


i E. VI. Wednesday, 31 August. [1547.] 

John Butler at this Court is discharged from the office and number 
of the 12 Portmen, and Rich: Bird is elected into the said number, and 
shall have one yere respitt before he shall be elected Bayliff. 

All fforrainers shall have a day given them yerely, to comme and 
make theire fines before the Bayliffs and others appointed. And two 
inhabitants in cache parish shall warne the forrainers in suche parish to 
appeare before the Bayliffs for that end. 

Noe ballast shall be landed uppon the Kay, and if any be, the 
offender shall carry the same againe away, and pay the fine of 4 d for 
such offence. 

Granted to Willm. Nottingham, (a) parcell of Com : soile north of 
the wall dikes, westw: 60 foote broade, and Eastw: 74 foote, at 2 s r*. 

Granted to John Butler, parcell of the common soile lying by the 
way from the white ffriers back gate, towards the Back gate of the late 
Colledge, formerly St Peters, towards the west, 98 foote long: the East 
side next the gardein of the said John Buttler, and there containeth in 
length 100 foote \, abutting north on Little Colehill, and in bredth 
there 38 foote, and south on the common soile, in bredth there 23 foote 
and \. And the said John Buttler shall leave the highway betwene 
the said parcell and the ^garden of the late Lo: Curson and others, 
1 7 foote broade, at 2 d r*. See the gr* uppon y e ffile. pet: par:. 

i E. VI. Wednesday, Vigill Mic: [Sep. 28, 1547.] 

John Gosnall, and Joh : Dyer al's Smith, are elected Burgesses for 
this Towne at the next ParPm*. 

Willm. Whetcroft (bj is elected Common Clerke for this yere, pro- 
vided he shall abide uppon his office. 

John Southwell is elected ffree Burgess, provided that he shall 
neyther beare the office of Bayliff or Portman. 

Holbroke tenants whoe have not lawfull leases, shall be warned out 
of theire farmes against this time 1 2 month. 

i E. VI. Wednesday y e 12 of Octob: [1547.] 

Constables nominated; three to eache ward. 

All muck shall be carried out of the houses, yards, and streetes, into 
suche common places as are appointed, or other places, provided that 
it be no noysance to the Towne nor the people inhabiting there, or 
repayring thither, under the penalty formerly mentioned. 

(a) vid. sup. p. 223, note. 

A AA bj> c VyU ' m Whetecroft appears in a list of Suffolk freeholders a 1561. Lands. MS. 5, f. 2ob. Davy 
(Add. MS. ^19,155} has some notes on this family, to whom he assigns the arms, "sa. a bend raguly arg. betw. 




The Hedburrowes shall give order to every of the inhabitants to 
pathe the streetes, every one against their owne houses, gardens, and 
yards, by a certaine day, and under a certaine paine by them limited. 
And they shall present the defalters that shall suffer theire hoggs to goe 
abroad in the streetes, and every person that is owner of suche hoggs 
shall for such defalt forfait 4 d . 

The Constables are allowed to licence victuallers w th in the Towne, 
and all offenders w th out theire licence shall forfait i2 d for every daies 

Noe person shall keepe open his shopp or shopp window uppon 
Sunday after 8 of the clock in the morning, under the forfaiture of 1 2 d 
for every offence. Nor shall any beerebrewer carry beere on that day, 
under the like penalty for every offence. 

Noe ballast shall be laide w th in the Towne or the liberties thereof, 
or the haven, w th in the space of 20 foote of the high water mark, under 
penalty of 1 2 d for every Tunn of Ballast otherwise laide. And if any 
ballast shall be laide at the Common Kay, the same shall be removed 
by the party laying the same, w^in 4 dayes after, uppon the like paine 
for every Tunne. 

I E. VI. (Thursday), Novcmb: 10. [1547.] 

Ordered by the Headburrowes that George Harman and Tho: 
Pattriche may stopp a way on the wall ditches leading from Math: 
Goodings to Tho : Patriches, and in considerac'on thereof, they shall pay 
to the Town i d yerely rent. 

1548-9. 2 E. VI. Satterday, Nativit; Mar: [Sep. 8th, 1548.] 


Admir lls , 
Clerks MarW, 




Rob' Dandy, 
Hen : Tooly. 

Tho : Barber, 
George Harman. 

The Bayliffs and 
John Gardner, 
Rich: Bird, 
Joh : Dier, 
Wm Nottingham. 

Rich : Smart, 
Geoff: Gilbert, 
John Hawes, 
Rich : Bloyse. 

Rich : Skinner, 
Wm Borle. 

Com: Cler: 
Cler: pac: 


Wm Whetcroft. 

Ri : Hollmes, 
Ed : Draper, 
Ro : Hayward, 
John Collen. 

Treasurer, j Joh : Holland. 

And because Henry Tooly is sick, he is respited to another day to 
take his othe. 


2 E. VI. Wednesday, y c 4 weeke Lent. [Mar. 7, 1548.] 

Two persons made common Chandlers for 7 yeres, to finde Candle 
for the Towne at i d ob. the pound for the i yere, and at i d q r the pound 
for the rest of the Terme. And the Butchers shall sell their Tallow 
onely to them, under penallty of being inhibited their trade w th in this 
Towne. And noe other person shall make or sell Candle in this Towne 
during the said Terme, under forfaiture of io s for every pound sold or 
made : and the Bayliffs shall not pardon the same, but it shall goe to 
the use of the Towne. 

The Towne being indebted to the Chamberlins, the Treasurers are 
ordered to pay them 4O S /. anmC , till the whole be payed. 

Holbroke lands shall be demised, all of them, to one man for 10 
yeres, at suche rent as any man will give. 

2 E. VI. ffriday after Marke. [Ap. 27, 1548.] 

All inhabitants w th in this Towne shall, before Allsaints next,* amend 
all suche pathing in the streetes against eyther of theire houses and 
grounds as shall be deemed necessary by the headburrowes, or 7 of 
them, and every defaulter shall pay 6 s 8 d to the Town. 

Rich: Blowgate shall have I3 s 4 d during his life, if he shall so long 
continue in this Towne, the same shall be payed by the Crier of the 
Town for the time beeing. 

Tho : Whiting at this court sworne into the number of the head- 

Rob: Bray at this Court is elected into the number of the 24% and 
shall provide himselfe of his livery before the Nativit: Mar: next, under 
the former penalty. 

2 E. VI. Wednesday, July 4. [1548.] 

Mathew Gooding is elected at this Court into the number of the 
Portmen, and is respited from being elected Bayliff for two yeres next 

The Bayliffs from time to time shall cause all persons inhabiting in 
this Towne, or having lands and houses, to pathe sufficiently the streete 
against their houses and buildings, as by theire discretion shall be 
thought most meete. 

The Tresurers shall have power to sell unto John Sorrell of 
Bramford, certaine parcells of land belonging to the Town of Ipsw ch , 
lying Towards the River, amongst the said Sorrells grounds, for the 
benefit of the Towne. 

* Thursday, Nov. i. 




2 E. VI. Thursday before Mich. [Sep. 27, 1548.] 

Granted to Rob* Wingfield Esq r , a tenem* late Humphrie Wing- 
feilds, knight, for 10 yeres at 2O s rent, maintaining the houses and build- 
ings in repaire, and so yeelding the same up at the end of the Terme. 

At an assembly holden 24 Decemb. by the portmen and 24% for the 
uniting of diverse parishes in Ipsw ch , viz: Nicholas, Stevens, Mar: Elms, 

2 E. VI. ffriday after Hillar: [Jan. 18, 1549.] 

Bastian Man at this Court is elected into the number of the 24^. 

Rich: Bird, cooper, is ordered to pay 2O S in full of all his amercem* 3 , 
and the rest is remitted. 

John Holland is elected Treasurer, rendring accompt quarterly to 
the Bayliffs. 

2 E. VI. Wednesday after Exalt: S. Cross: [Sep. 19, 1548.] At Nation. 

One Ancor found beneath Landguard, price, &c. 
A Butt of Sack found in ffaybury Hope, price, &c. 
Casting out of Ballast into the channell. 

1549-50. 3 E. VI. The Lo: day, Nativit: Mar: 

[Sep. 8, 1549.] 

Escheat , 

Willm. Reynbald, 


STho: Samson, 
Tho: Bobbet. 

Admir 11 ", 

John Allen. 

Clerks Mark*' 

( Geo: Harman, 
Coroners, j T ho: Barb'. 

Cler: Pac: 
Com: Cler: 

| Willm: Whetcroft. 

The Bayliffs and 


Rob* Dandy, 
Hen: Tooly, 
Wm. Sabyn, 
Joh: Holland. 


!Rich: Holms, 
Ed: Draper, 
Rob: Hay ward, 
Joh: Collen. 

IRich: Smart, 

Geoff: Gilbard, 
John Hawes, 
Rich: Bloyse. 


j Rich: Smart. 

3 E. VI. ffriday after Phil: & Jacob: [May 3, 1549.] 

Willm. Harvy is at this Court discharged from exercise of the Trade 
of victualler in this Towne. 

Granted to Katharin Blomfeild, widow, 26 s for the price of a horse 
belonging to her, and taken in post and soe destroyed. The paym* 
shall be made by the Treasurer. 




ffor the scarcity of Tallow this yere, the price of candle is sett at 
i d ob. the pound, and the price of tallow at i2 d the hundred. 

Willm. Harvy is restored to his Trade of victualling w^in this 
Towne, paying io s fine for his misdemeaner. 

3 E. VI. (Friday}, May 24, [1549-] 

Recognisance of debt taken before one Bayliff. vid. 25 Jan: 6 E. 
vi. & I. el. 2. Ph: M: Novemb: 10: & 23 Jan: & 19 Octob: 2 et 3 Ph: M. 
& 6 Eliz: febr: 6. 

3 E. VI. Thursday before Mich: [Sep. 26, 1549.] 

Persons appointed to inquire of Trespasses donne in the Towne 
Marshe called 'Leyham Marshe,' and to assess dammages. 

Assessors to assess the Burgesses and inhabitants of this Towne to 
pay Scott and Lott for the Town debts. And the Bayliffs shall assess 
the assessors. Provided if the order be found contrary to the kings 
lawes, the same shall be voide. 

3 E. VI. (Friday}, Novemb: 8, [1549.] 

At the Assembly holden, Collectors are appointed to levy dammages 
assessed uppon Trespassers uppon the Town Marsh, and suche as refuse 
to pay shall be committed to ward till they make paym*. 

3 E. VI. (Monday} , Novemb : n, [1549.] 

At the Assembly holden, It is ordered that every Assembly shall 
be called by the Bayliffs, and by their direction warning shall be given 
to meete at 8 of the Clock in the morning, if the same be to be holden 
in the morning. And every Portman defalting shall forfait 3 s 4 d , and 
every of the 24^ shall forfait 2O d for eache default, if cause be not shewed 
to the contrary. 

1550-1. 4 E. VI. (Monday}, Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1550.] 


George Harman, 
Tho: Barber. 

Willm. Whetcroft. 




Phill: Will'ms, 
Rich: Swayne. 

Rich: Holms, 
Ed : Draper, 
Jo: Collens, 
Rich: Hayward. 

4 E. VI. Munday after George: [Ap. 28, 1550.] 

Rich: Skinner is elected into the number of the 24^, and is allsoe 
elected and sworne Constable for the East Ward. 


Granted to Tho: Bobbet a lease of the heathe for 60 yeres from 
Mich next, at 5 marks yerely rent, w th a clause of distress and a covenant 
to barre him from Alienating or assigning over the same, or any part 
therof, w th out the assent of the Towne, under paine of forfaiture of the 

And bond likewise shall be given for the paym 4 of the rent. 

Diverse presentm ts by the Headburrows concerning incrochem 4 into 
Dayry Lane by the tenants on the west part of the way. vid. Hedbur : 
19 May, 4 E. VI. 

4 E. VI. Munday before Mich: [Sep. 22, 1550.] 

The water bayliffs place demised to the Chamberlins for the yere en- 
suing at 1 2 H rent, and to give accompt of the surplusage of the promts 
if any shall be. 

One close containing 8 acres, parcell of 3 closes in Whitton somme 
times called the Grammer Schoole lands, faj demised to the 2 late cham- 
berlins for 21 yeres, at the rent of 14% provided they shall not alien or 
sett over the same w th out licence. This was for a deb* due to the chatn- 
berlins from y e town. 

The Bayliffs have their fee granted to them, w ch was due to them 
for theire service the last time that they were Bayliffs. 

4 E. VI. ffriday* 7 Octob : [1550.] 

The butchers of the towne shall deliver to the Bayliff, M r Gooding, 
and to Rich : Bloyse, all their tallow of beasts by them sold in the Towne 
Mark 4 , before Shrovetide next, at io s the hundred, and all refusers shall 
be discharged of theire trading as Butchers in this Towne. 

The order made Thursday before Mich: last for Scott and Lott con- 
firmed by another order of this Court. 

4 E. VI. ffriday,\ 27 Novemb: [1550.] 

Collectors nominated to levy the mony assessed uppon this Towne, 
of \v ch number the Bayliffs are two. 

4 E. VI. 

M r Tooly by will gave to the Towne of Ipsw^ 1 all his tenem 43 in 
Ipsw ch , and Rob 1 Stiles his tenem 4 , and Grymseyes tenem 4 , and Shank- 
fords tenem 4 in Claydon, and Skimings tenem 4 , and the manners of Ulves- 
ton Hall and Sackviles, to charitable uses, (bj 

(a) vid. sup. p. 202. * Should be 'Tuesday,' unless we are to read ' IO Octob.' t Should be 
' Thursday.' (b) Ipswich Gifts and Legacies. 1727, pp. 3 et seqq. 

H H 




1551-2. 5 E. 

VI. Tewesday, Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 

8, 1551-] 


( Joh: Smith al s Dyer, 
( Rich: Smart. 

Com : Cler: Willm : Whetcroft. 


( Tho : Barber, 
( George Harman. 


Willm : Barber, 
Geor : Coppin. 



, The Bayliffs and 
( Rich : Gooding, 
{ Willm : Sabyn, 
Joh : Holland, 
v Rich : Bird. 

( Geoffr : Gilbert, 
( Joh : Hawes. 

Treasurer, Rob' 

Rich : Holms, 
Ed : Draper, 
Wm. Hay ward, 
Joh : Collen. 


5 E. VI. ffriday after Candlemass. [Feb. 6, 1551.] 

Tho: Atwood, instead of Ralfe Gooding-, now Bayliff, shall \v & 
Rich: Bloise serve the Towne w ft candle for one yere next comming, at 
the like price as the said Ralfe formerly did. 

The Treasurer shall pay m r Bayliff Gooding 5" w h was owing to 
m r Sabyn for his fee in attendance as Burgess of this Towne at the 
parlm*. (aj 

Willm. Harvy and John Crawford made Chandlers for the Towne, 
to serve the same w th Candle made w th Clean Cotton at i d ob. the pound, 
for the year ensuing. 

Adam Wetherby payed 2o s composition to the Town for his goods 
forfaited to the same by utlary.* 

5 E. VI. Wednesday, 13 May. [1551.] 

Two persons drowned by occasion of a shipp of Woodbridge, w^in 
the river of Orwell over against ffaybery Cliff. The owners are ordered 
to pay to this town 2O U in Hew of the Deodand. vid. y e Admir: Court 
at Levington fleete. Tewesday ^ S' Math: (Sep. 21) 5 E. VI. 

5 E. VI. (Wednesday}, Septemb: 16. [1551-] 

Whereas m r Bayliff Smart formerly compounded w th this Towne for 
the summe of 2o u , to be discharged from beeing elected Bayliff, and not- 
withstanding the same he is now elected : It is ordered that at the passing 
of his, the Bayliffs accompt, the said 20" shall be forthwith allowed unto 

Early feild belonging to Rudlonds, sold to the Town by Edw: 
Grimston for 2O U . 

(aj Begun at Westminster, Ap. 28, 1539; vid. sup. p. 212. * Outlawry, t Should be "Monday." 


5 E. VI. Wednesday, 21 Octob: [1551.] 

Mathew Gooding- hathe by demise for 2 1 yeres, ffrom the Towne, 
lands in the occupation of the widow Tayler and Rich : Tailer her sonne, 
lying in Bramford, for the rent of 4" yerely, w & clause of distress and 
saving the wood and Timber. 

ORDERED : that fower sermons shall be made by the Common 
preacher of this Towne (a) at the Tower Church uppon fower dayes yerely, 
viz : Easter Munday, Assention day, Whitsunday in the afternoone, and 
Mich: day in y e forenoone, to w ch sermons the Bayliffs, Portmen, and 
the 24^' shall resort in their liveries, and the Wardens of the Companies, 
under the penalty of forfaiture of 3 s 4 d for the Portmen, and 2O d for cache 
of y e 24*y, and of the Wardens for every default w th out sp'iall cause shewen. 

Granted to Rich : Bloyse, parcell of the common soile in y e Tower 
parish, 211 foote long, and Westward 75 foote broade, and Eastward 
63 foote, at 2 s rent, and the said Rich: Bloyse shall maintaine the Towne 
wall and Dike over against the same. 

Granted to Edm : Jolly, a lease of the Conduit house in Laurence 
Parish for 10 yeres, at 6 s 8 d r*, and finding all reparac'ons, and saving to 
the Towne free ingresse and egress to see, &c. (bj 

5 E. VI. Wednesday, 2 Decemb: [1551-] 

Auditors appointed, and the Audite sett uppon Munday next, and 
all accompts to be ready. 

Surveyors of the Common Marshe nominated. 

Two in every parish shall be nominated by the Bayliffs to inquire 
into the poore of every parish, and thereof to make certifficate to the 

Noe person of any craft or mystery shall sett up w th in this Towne 
the publique exercise of the same w tt out allowance first had of the War- 
dens of the said mystery and occupac'on. 

5 E. VI. (TttesdayJ, Novemb: 10. [1551-] 

By the HEADBURROWES : Liberty allowed to George Carman to take 
to his house water out of Cal dwell brooke, paying 2 d yerely to the Towne. 

And unto John Ward like liberty for his tenem*, paying 4 d yerely to 
the towne. 

5 E. VI. (Thursday}, 17 Septemb: [1551] at Pyn Mill. 

ffelony presented for stealling a bote of a Dutcheman, apprised at 
26 s 8 d , and this felony is layed at the Kay at Ipsw ch . 

(a) A list of Town Preachers or Lecturers from this date until the abolition of the office on the 
passing of the Municipal Corporations Act, 9 th Sept., 1835, is found in Wodderspoon, pp. 366-77. 

(b) Wodderspoon (p. 232) mentions that a Conduit house was let to William A-ttfen and Robert 
Andrew, 9 Ed. IV. 




One drowned, and the Deodand belonging to the Towne of Ipsw ch , 
Git 1 admirallo U'ni Regis; the drowning is presented to be in the river 
against Nacton. 

(Friday), 18 September: [1551] at Ipsw ch . 

Excessive wages taken by Carpenters and Shipwrites presented. 
Persons presented for destroying frye of fishe. 

1552-3. 6 E. VI. Thursday Nativit: 
n ,.. , , ( John Holland, (a) 
Bayhffs elect, } ij ath : Gooding. (, 





Tho : Barber, 
George Harman. 

The Bayliffs and 
Joh : Gardener, 
Joh : Smith, 
Rich : Smart, 
Rich : Bird. 

Geoffery Gilbert, 
Rich : Bloise, 
Joh : Hawes. 

it: Mar: [Sep. 8, 


Com: Cler: f 

Willm. Whetcroft 


Willm. ffoy, 
Joh : Brend. 


Rob : ffiske. 

Alderm: Guild, j 

Rob : Bray, 
Joh : Humphry. 


Rich : Holmes, 
Rob : Wayward, 
Rob : Barne, 
Rob : Pinswein. 

6 E. VI. Thursday, 3 of ' Marche. [1552.] 

Rich : Bloise and Chr : Ward made common Chandlers for the next 
yere. And by reason of scarcity of tallow, the price thereof is sett at 1 5 s the 
hundred, and the price of candle at 2 d the pound. The butchers shall 
sell noe tallow to other then the said common Chandlers, whoe shall 
serve the country w th noe more provision of candle then may stand with 
the provision for the Towne. 

6 E. VI. (Monday), May the 2 d . [1552.] 

The Hedburrowes agree that W. Whetcroft shall have in fee farme 
parcell of the common soile at his back gate, 1 1 foote long, and 5 foote 
broade at the East and West head. 

They also granted liberty to Edw: Grimston to impale before his 
house, late Godsalves, from the hall doore northward, all the length of 
his house by the highway, not exceeding three foote from the sell of the 
house, paying yerely i d rnt. 

Mr Dier and others payned for not scourring theire ditche in Dayry 
Lane, betweene their ground on the west, and the Conduit. 

(a) Pedigrees of the Hollands of Norf. and Suff. are given in Add. MSS. (Davy) 19, 136, and (Jermyn) 
8219 ; neither, however, distinctly mentions the Bailiff. 

(b) Mathew Gooding of Ipswich, gent., appears as the son of Mathew Gooding of Blaxhall, Suff., and 
Margery his wife ; he mar. Jane, dau. of William Gardener, of Suff., and had issue Edw. Gooding of Ipswich, 
and Robert Gooding of Wherstead, which last died in 1618, aet. 80. Add. MSS. (Davy) 19,132. f. 253. 
and 8209 (Jermyn) f. 153 ; Harl. 1820. f. 25, and 891. f. 31. where the arms assigned are " or, a fess gu. 
between 6 lions' heads erased." 


6 E. VI. ffriday, June 3. [1552.] 

Peter Noon elected free burgess for 4O S fine, is discharged of the 
said place and fine, paying io s . 

The .Guild shall be holden uppon the Sunday after Trinity Sunday, 
yerely, according to the auncient order: and the Communion shall be 
celebrated at the Tower Churche, beginning at 9 of the clock the same 
day. The Bayliffs, Portmen, and 24^, and the wardens of the severall 
Companies, all of them in theire severall habitts or gownes, and they 
and all the Burgesses shall offer, and the offerings shall goe to the 
poore : the defaulters of the Portmen shall forfait 1 2 d a peece, and of 
the 24*7 the forfait shall be 6 d , and of the Burgesses 4 d , unless reasonable 
cause shewed. The Priest, Clark, and Sexten, shall have theire dinner, 
and the preist shall have 1 2 d , and the Clark and Sexten 6 d cache of 
them, fa) 

Two alderm : of the Guild elected. 

Granted to Wm Whetcroft, parcell of the Common soile at his back 
gate, allready impaled, wherein he layeth his horse muck, at the rent of 2 d . 

Uppon every Munday and Wednesday in every weeke, betweene 
theNativit: Mar: fbj and Michalmass, the Bayliffs for the time beeing, and 
new Elects, the Clerk, Coroners, and Chamberlins for the time being, 
and suche as are new elected therto, shall assemble by 8 of the clock in 
the morning, in the Moote hall, and there shall be read the Orders and 
Constitutions in Domesday booke. (cj If any of the Bayliffs shall make 
default, they shall eache of them forfait io s , and cache of the other officers 
defalting shall forfait 5 s , and thereof the Chamberlins shall render ac- 

Portmans me&efdj and the Common Marsh demised to Willm. Lyons 
for 20 yeres from Mich: next at 13" rent, and the lessee shall fill up the 
Creyks, and repaire the banks, and shall not alien or demise but by con- 
cent of the Towne. 

M r Argentine (ej shall have 4O S for translating the Charter into 
English, to be payed by moities at Midsummer and Michlemass. 

6 E. VI. (Saturday}, September 3. [1552.] 

At the Assembly the Portmen elected Richard Smart portman of 
this Towne, and he is sworne. 

(a) mdesup. p. 215. (b) Sept. 8. (c) Now in Brit. Mus. Add. MSS. 25,012, as also a translation 
made, temp. Hen. VI. Add. MSS. 25,01 1. Both are printed in extenso in the Black Book of the Admiralty, 
Rolls Ed. Appendix, vol. 2. vid. sup. pp. 18-38. (d) vide p. " I, note, (e) This was very probably Richard 
Argentine, alias Sexten, M.D., Camb., who published a translation of a work by Zuinglius, printed at Ipswich 
in 1548,35 well as translations of Sermons by Luther and others, with a dedicatory preface, dated at Ipswich. 
Gent. Mag. 1787. vol. 57, p. 217. He diedcir. 1568. Cooper's Biog. Diet. Page's Suff. 231. 


6 E. VI (Tuesday}, Sept: 20. [1552.] 

Common soile granted to Reward, as it lies in Georges Lane fa} in 
Math: parish. 

6 E. VI. (Wednesday}, Septemb:^. [1552.] 

S r John Jermy fb} commanded his tenants in Wicks BP not to serve in 
the watches of this Towne, and thereuppon m r Bayliffs, and such of the 
twelve and 24^ as they shall think meete, shall advise w th the Councill 
of the Towne concerning the same, and doe therein as they shall think 

The Bayliffs hereafter shall allwaies uppon the Annuciac'on of the 
Virgine, fc} receive theire fee due for theire Baylywick, w ch is IO H , out of 
the new mill. 

Auditors for Ralfe Goodings accompts appointed. 

Noe Burgess shall buye any marchandise by water measure, and 
shall sell the same againe by the same measure to any forrainer, under 
perill of loss of his freedomme. 

The Bayliffs for the time being shall receive to theire owne use all 
the fines and amercements in the petit Courts, according as they have 
used by the auncient order. 

6 E. VI. (Wednesday}, 17 Aug. [1552.] 

Mr Tooly made a feofm* to diverse Townsmen to the uses contained 
in his last will and testam*. 

6 E. VI. Munday before Mathew. [Sep. 19, 1552.] 

Willm. Dandy, fd} elected Chamberlin, is therof discharged for the 
fine of 5 H , and John Brennd is elected in his stead. 

Handford Hall, called 'Rudlonds,' demised to John Steward for 10 
yeres, at the former rent, and fine of IO H , provided he shall not alien. 

Noe craftsmen shall hold stalls in the market or cornehill on the 
market day, but Tanners, Cardmakers, Smiths, and Glovers, unless they 
shall pay cache market day 4 d a peece. 

(a) Now Globe lane ; it was so called from the chapel of S' George, which formerly stood there. 
Wodderspoon, p. 228. In 1610 this Chapel, described as a stone building, was used as a barn, and held 
on lease by Richard Parkyus of Ipswich. Add. Charters, 4832. Clarke's Hist. Ipswich, p. 170. 

(b) Sir John Jermy, k', was son and heir of Edmund Jermy, Esq., of Metfield in Mendham, SufF., and 
mar. Margaret, dau. and coh. of Sir Thomas Teye, k', of Peldon, Essex and Brightwell Hall, Sufi. He 
was made a Knight of the Bath at the coronation of Queen Anne Boleyn, May 30, 1533 ; he died 3 Eliz. 
(1560), and was bur. in S' Stephen's, Coleman S', London. Pedigrees and notes are given in Add. MSS. 
(Davy) 19,137, and 8211 (Jermyn). See also Blomfield (Norf.) v. 386; Page's Suff.pp.3i &c.; Harl. 1449 
f. 85, and 891 f. I. The arms assigned are "arg. a lion ramp. gard. gu." (c) March 25*. (d) William 
Dandy or Daundy was grandson of Edmond Daundy of Ipswich (vid. sup. p. 183) and mar. Frances, youngest 
dau. of William Brampton, gent., of Letton, Norf. Add. MSS. (Davy) 19, 126. 


6 E. VI. Munday after Andrew. [Dec. 5, 1552.] 

Willm. ffoy, late elected Chamberlin, is discharged thereof, and 
Rich: Hayward elected and sworne. 

Birds and Lemans lands in Whitton demised to Gardner for 2oyeres, 
at the former rent and 2O S fine. 

New mill demised to Rob* ffisk and Geoffery Gilbert for 20 yeres at 
30" rent, taking no toll, but onely mony, viz: i d every bushell of bread 
corne, and i d for every combe of malt. 

6 E. VI.* Thursday, \^ffebruary. [1553.] 

John Smith al: Dier, and Rich: Eird(aJ elected Burgesses for the 
Towne at the next Parliam*, i March next, (bj 

The new-mill demised to ffisk and Gilbert at the same rent and 
covenants that John Ingram had the same for 20 yeres, and the former 
ord r shall be voide. 

6 E. VI.^ (Wednesday) , ffebruary 8. [15 53.] 

Granted by the Hedburrowes to Tho : Whiting, part of the Common 
soyle at the old Barr gates, in lengthe 7 1 foote, and in bredth 1 3 foote, 
being formerlie Tabors, at 2 d r*. 

6 E. VI. ffriday after S* Math: J [Sep. 22, 1553.] ffilstow.\\ 

A porpose taken at Nacton, prise 5 s , belonging to the Admiralty 

1553. 7 E. VI. Wednesday in Whitsun weeke. [May 24, 1553.] 

ffower common Chandlers elected till Easter next, to serve the 
Town w th Candle at i d ob. the pound, and giving to the Butchers for 
theire Tallow after the rate of i I s the hundred. And the Butchers shall 
sell all theire Tallow to them (under perill of being discharged from 
victualling for one whole yere) except onely Sewett. And the Chandlers 
shall make good provision for the town, and of the overplus shall sell 
to the country at suche moderate prises as are at other mark* 5 . And 
the chandlers shall be bound herto by obligac'on of 100 marks. 

Noe person having small tenem ts w th in this Town and liberties therof 
shall demise the same to any poore Alms people, other then such as have 
theire abode in the Towne by the space of 3 yeres, under perill of for- 
faiture of the 2 ble yerely vallew to the Towne. 

* This would seem to be ' Tuesday 7 E. VI.,' since in 6 E. VI. the 14* Feb. falls on Sunday, (a) vid. 
sup. p. 226, note. Fitch (Add. MSS. 23,964) has some abstracts of wills of Ipswich Birds. (f>) Begun at 
Westminster, Wednesday, Mar. i, 1553. Parry's Parl. of Eng. p. 209. f Calculated as ' 7 E. VI.' J S' 
Matthew having already occurred in 6 E. VI., this is probably also 7 E. VI. || Felixstowe. 




1553-4. i Mar: ffriday Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1553.] 






Rich : Bird, 
Rich : Skinner. (a) 

George Harman, 
Joh : Stannard. 

The Bayliffs and 
John Holland, 
Math : Gooding, 
Wm Reynbald, 
Jo : Gardner. 

Geoff: Gilbard, 
Rich : Bloies, 
Joh : Hawes. 

Com : Cler: 




Willm. Whetcroft. 

Rich : Ceely, 
Joh : Golding. 

Rob : ffisk. 

Rich : Holmes, 
Rich : Hay\vard, 
Rob : Pinswein, 
Ed : Draper. 

Mathew Butler and Willm. Dandy, Aldermen of the Guild for two 
yeres, and at the next election day they shall be new chosen. 

I Mar: Tewesday, I August. [1553.] 

Scott and lott shall be assessed by perticuler p'sons named, whereof 
6 at the least shall performe the work w th in 6 dayes, and every defalter 
of y e 12 portmen at the time of the assessment to be made, shall forfait 
5 s , w th out reasonable cause shewen to the contrary. And defalters of 
the 24^ shall forfait 3 s 4 d , and defalters of the Burgesses 2O d . And the 
assessors shall be assessed by the Bayliffs, and 4 others named. And 
Collectors are appointed in cache parish, and refusalls of paym* shall be 
remedied by distresse and disfranchisem*. 

Suche as have not payed theire assessm* made 3 E. 6. shall forthw* 
pay the same, or it shall be levied, and the parties disfranchised. 

i Mar: Thursday* 16 A*(gust. [1553.] 

Auditors assigned for Ralf Goodings accompts, and suche of them 
as shall defalt in appearing, shall forfait 2O S . 

Wednesday, Vigill Mathew. [Sep. 20, 1553.] 

Steven Cardnall, the last Court elected Chamberlin, is discharged 
at this Court for 5'' fine, to be paied by the next greate Court after Mich : 
or else to be disfranchised. And Rich : Ceely is elected Chamberlin w th 
Joh: Golding. 

(a) Notes of a later date on this family are found in Add. MSS. (Davy) 19, 149. 
* Should be " Wednesday." 


John Gosnall (aj and John Sulyard Esq rs (bj elected burgesses for 
this Towne at the next parlm* at Westm : 5 Oct. next.* 

i Mar: Wednesday, \$ Decemb: [1553.] 

John Bobbet, tenant to the Towne of the heathe, hathe a licence 
granted to demise the same, or any p 1 thereof, for 2 1 yeres, and not above. 

i Mar: Munday, 29 ffebruary.^ [1554.] 

The chandlers appointed, the one to serve the one halfe of the Towne, 
the other the other halfe of the same, w th Candle till Easter next, accord- 
ing to. former agreem ts , these are Richard Bloies and Tho: A' Wood. 

The Town walls and Ditches shall be Cast up and repaired by the 
inhabitants that have any ground adjoining to the wall diches, before 
Easter next, and that Turnpecks shall be sett up before that time. 

All inhabitants using Cranage, shall pay after the auncient order 
mentioned in Domesday booke. 

i Mar-: Munday after Palm Sunday. [Mar. 19, 1554.] 

Clement Higham, Esq r , fcj one of the Privy Councill to the Queene, 
and Tho : Pooley, Esq r , fdj elected Burgesses for this Towne at the next 
Parli'm 4 , at Oxenford, 2 Apr: next (ej. On Maundy Thursday ffj next 
shall be kept at the Tower, the Maundy, as in time past hathe been used. 

(a) The ancient family of Gosnall or Gosnold was of Otley, Suff. The John Gosnall here named, son 
and heir of Robert Gosnold of Otley, became Solicitor General May 21, 1552, and was also representative 
in Parliament for Ipswich in 1547. vid. sup. p. 228. Davy (Add. MS. 19,113) has copious pedigrees and 
notes ; see also Jennyn, ib. 8209. The arms assigned are : " party per pale crenelee, or and az. quartering 
arg. a fleur-de-lis sa. charged with 3 bezants, or." Harl. 1560. f. 67; 1177, f. 52b. etc. 

(b) High Sheriff of Norf. and Suff. in 2 and 3 Ph. and Mar., and apparently son of John Sulyard, Esq., 
of Wetherden Hall, Suff., and grandson of Sir John Sulyard, K.'. Puisne Justice of the King's Bench, Oct. 
20, 1485. vid. sup. p. 125. This family was for several generations of Eye, and afterwards of Haughley, 
Suff. Arms: arg. a chevron gu. betw. 3 pheons, sa. Add. MSS. (Davy) 19,150; (Jermyn) 8215. Page's 
Suff. 556-7. Harl. 1177, f. 28; 1103. f. 28. 

* Thursday. 

t Qy. "January," since the 2gth of February is on a Thursday. 

(c) This family takes its name from Heigham, a hamlet of Gaseley, adjoining Barrow, in Suff. This 
Clement Higham (afterwards knighted) was the son and heir of Clement Heigham of Lavenham, Suff., 
and became Speaker of the House of Commons in I & 2 Ph. & Mar., and Chief Baron of the Exchequer, 
Mar. 2, 1557; he died 9 March, 1570, (Inq. p. m. Will proved, P.C.C. Holney, f. 27.) and was bur. at Barrow, 
where there is a canopied tomb with effigies in brass, inscriptions, and arms. Hervey's Visit. Suff. (Howard) 
ii. 235, 290; Gage's Thingoe Hund. p. 12, et seqq. Harl. 1449, f. 83. Arms: sa. a fess chequy, or and az. 
betw. 3 horses' heads erased, arg. 

(d) The family of Pooley or Poley was of Boxsted and Badley, Suff. The authorities quoted give 
copious pedigrees and notes, but do not distinctly indicate the Tho : Pooley here named. Hervey's Vis. Suff. 
(Howard) i. 269, &c. Add. MSS. (Davy) 19,145, and (Jermyn) 8213. Harl. 1449, f. 18; 1177, ff. II, 12, 29. 
Arms: or, a lion ramp. sa. 

(e) (Monday) Summoned to meet at Oxford, but was removed, and met at Westminster. Parry's 
Parl. Eng. 210. 

(f) The Thursday before Good Friday. 





i Mar: Tewesday* 1 6 Apr ill. [1554.] 

Willm. Harvy, Butcher, is summoned to this Court, and making 
default, is fined at 20% to be payed forthw th , or shall be imprisoned. 

If Willm. Harvy shall persist in refusall of delivery of his tallow at 
i I s the hundred, he shall be disfranchised. 

Tho: Rouse is discharged from victualling w th in this Towne for 
refusing to sell his tallow at the sett price. 

I Mar: Wednesday, 27 June. [1554.] 

The Justices of peace of this Towne named assessors according to 
the stat. 32 H. 8 faj for the reparac'on of Bourn bridge, and Collectors 
are appointed in every parish, Stoke being joyned to Peters. 



I & 2 Phill: Mar: Satterday, Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1554.] 



( Tohn Holland. 

I Rich : Skinner, 
^ Rich : Smart. 


Rob' Dandy, (V) 
John Gardner, (c) 

George Harman, 
John Steward. 

The Bayliffs and 
John Holland, 
Rich : Bird, 
Rich : Skinner, 
Rich : Smart. 


Willm. Whetcroft. 

Geoffry Gilbard, 
Rich : Bloyes, 
John : Hawes. 

Willm. Baker, 
Rog r Warren. 

Rob: ffiske. 

Rich : Holms, 
Edw : Draper, 
Rob : Hayward, 
Rob : Pinswein. 

Election of the Alderm : of the Guild is deferred to the next Court, 
at the request of Math : Buttler. 

S r Nicholas Hare (d) Elected of Councill for this Town, and to him 
is granted the yerely fee of 3 1! 6 s 8 d , to be payed by the Chamberlins. 

i & 2 Ph: & Mar: Tewesday after Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 1 1, 1554.] 
Robert Reward elected Chamberlin in the stead of Roger Warren. 

* Should be "Monday." 

(a) Cap. 18. "For Reedificng of Towues," in which "Ipeswiche" is particularly mentioned. Statt. 
Realm, iii. 768-9. ed. 1817, fol. 

(b) 2nd son of Edmund Daundy, (vid. sup. p. 183) and a Portman of Ipswich; he mar. Joan, dau. of 
Tho: Rede, Esq., of Beccles; he was bur. at S' Lawrence, Ipswich, II Ap. 1^8, and his wife j Mar. 
1579; her will dat. 1578. 

(c) Davy (Add. MSS. 19, 131) and Jermyn (ib. 8209) both give various pedigrees of Gardiner, none of 
which, however, seem to identify the Bailiff. 

(d) This family, claiming to be derived from the Harcourts of Lorraine, was of Holmersfield and Brus- 
yard, Suff. Sir Nicholas Hare was son of John Hare, of Holmersfield, Esq., and was Speaker of the House 

chief indented, or. 



i & 2 Ph: & Mar: Munday after Luke. [Oct. 22, 1554.] 

Ralfe Gooding and Joh: Smith elected Burgesses for this towne at 
the next parlm* at Westm r , 12 Novemb: next.* 

The 2 Bayliffs and 5 Portmen, and 5 of the 24% and 5 other free 
Burgesses, are appointed to collect and draw a booke of ordinances for 
the Common Welth of this Towne, and the same shall be written in a 
table, and hanged up in the moote hall to be read yerely on Michalmass 
day, when the Bayliffs take theire othes. 

i & 2 P: et Mar: ffriday, ^weeke Lent. [Mar. 22, 1555.] 

Ralfe Gooding and Wm. Hervy elected Corn Chandlers for the 

Towne for one yere, ending at Easter, comme 12 month, eache of them 

to serve his moity of the Towne according to former agreem ts . 

Mathew Buttler, Wm. Dandy, Wm. Barker, elected Guildholders, 

to hold the Guild and Maundy at theire accustomed times. 

At the Admirall Courts diverse presentm ts are, as transportation of 

inhibited commodities, and of destroying the young frie of ffishe. And 

assalts and blondraughts, and hier of strangers mariners to serve, and 

casting out of Ballast into the channell. 

[Sep. 8, 1555.] 

(Rob : Sparrow, 
Jeffery Cauche. 

Wm : Whetcroft. 
Rob : ffisk. 

Rich : Holms, 
Rob : Gilbard, 
Ro : Pinswein, 
Jo: Micklefeild. 

Wm Barber, 
Joh : Golding. 

1555-6- 2 





P: et Mar: Sunday, Nativit: Mar: 
\ Willm : Reynbald, 

Rob : Barker, (a) 

Geoffrey Gilbard, 
Rob : Fisk. 

The Bayliffs and 
Matthew Gooding, 
Rob : Dandy, 
Joh : Gardner, 
Ralf Gooding. 

Rich : Smart, 
Rich : Bloyes, 
Jeffery Gilbard. 


Com: Cler: 

Serje nts , 
Alderm: Guild, 

Every Burgess taking apprentice shall inroll the Indentures w th in 
one yere : otherwise the apprentis shall not have any benifit thereof for 
his ffreedom. 

2 & 3 P: et Mar: Wednesday, 7 August. [1555.] 

An Ashburners oven sett up, found to be annoyance to the Towne, 
and the same ordered to be demolished. And it is ordered that noe 
such oven be hereafter sett up in this Towne or the liberties thereof, 
under paine of io u forfaited to the use of the Towne. 

* Monday. 

(a) Son of Robert Barker, gent, of Ipswich; he was a Portman, and Burgess for Ipswich in 1559, and 
was bur. in S' Lawrence Church, 30 Aug. 1571. Page's Suff. 69. Add. MSS. (Davy) 19, 116; (Jeimyn) 
8202. Harl. 1560, f. 264. Arms: per fess nebuly, az. and sa. 3 martlets or; on a canton erm. a martlet. 


Edm: Leeche of Marg ts parish, having w^out licence from the Town, 
built a water mill uppon the water course from Caldwell brooke, running 
through parcell of the said Edm: tenem*, late Patriches, towards the 
Haven, to the dammage of the Town in theire haven, and of diverse 
inhabitants of the Key and Clem ts parishes, by stopping the water, over- 
flowing theire gardeins, and hurting theire walls: Its ordered that the 
said Edm : shall take away his fludd gate and mill wheele before Mich : 
next, under 20'' paine, to be levied uppon his goods and chattells. And 
that noe person shall henceforthe kepe any water mill there for the grind- 
ing of corne under the like paine. 

2 & 3 P: et Mar: ffriday before Mich: [Sep. 27, 1555.] 

Steven Baxter, suerty for Tho: Lease in a plea of debt of 47% shall 
pay the same debt and charges of suite, and shall discharge the Bayliffs 
thereof. And the said Baxter is allsoe fined io s for misusing the Bayliffs 
w th divers words and Comminations. And Commanded that he shall 
not disturbe the Bayliffs concerning that ace' on, nor prejudice the liber- 
ties of the Towne, under perill of disfranchisem*. 

2 & 3 P: et Mar: Sunday: Mich: [Sep. 29, 1555.] 

Tho: Gooding faj elected Coroner, and refusing to comme this day 
to take his othe, w th out reasonable cause shewen, is fined 2O S , and dis- 
charged of that place for this yere, and in his stead Rob : ffisk is elected 
Coroner, to serve w th Jeffery Gilbard. 

2 & 3 P: ct Mar: Munday, 7 Octob: [1555.] 

John Sulyard, Esq r /^ and Rich: Smart, elected Burgesses for this 
towne at the next Parlm* at Westm r , i Novem: next (cj . 

2 & 3 P: et Mar: Thursday, vigill Nick: [Dec. 5, 1555.] 

Edm : Leeche not having taken away the floud gate and mill wheele 
uppon the streame from Caldwell brook, Its ordered that he shall doe 
the same before Christide next, under perill of 2O H forfaiture, and for 
the fine allready set uppon him, he shall abide the order of the next 

(a) He was of Freston, Suff., son of Matthew Gooding of Blaxhall, and brother of Matthew Gooding 
before mentioned. Add. MSS. (Davy) 19,132, and (Jermyn) 8209. Harl. 891, f. 31 ; 1560 f. 27/b. &c. 

(6) vid. sup. p. 241. 

(c) This Parliament was begun on Monday, 21 Oct. See Parry's Parl. Eng. p. 212. The return from 
Ipswich was made 7 Oct. Parl. Returns, (1878) pt. i, p. 394. 


Horswad Mill demised to John and Ralfe Engram for 2 1 yeres, at 
the same r* that Sparhauk had it, and not to assigne or sett over the same, 
but unto a free Burgess of this Towne. And that the said ffarmers shall 
pay 45 U for a fine in consideracon thereof. 

Town lands in Whitton, in the occupac'on of Stiles, demised to him 
for 10 yeres, at 4'' 6 s 8 d r 4 , and a fine of 5 U . 

2 & $ P: et Mar: Munday* 21 Jan. [1556.] 

Holbroke lands demised to Edm : Leeche for 2 1 yeres, and the for- 
mer r* and Covenants. Noe lease shall be allowed by the Bayliffs, nor 
sealled, of lands belonging to the Towne, but the same shall be read and 
passed in the great Court before the ensealling thereof. 

Noe house w th in this Towne shall be demised to any stranger that 
is a poore person, w th out the allowance of 3 Portmen, 3 Headburrowes, 
and 3 of the 24^, appointed to be searchers of that Ward, or the greater 
number of them, under perill of forfaiture of 40% to be payed to the 
Treasurer uppon demand, or the party shall be imprisoned untill paym* 

Noe owner shall suffer more dwellers then one, in one house w th in 
this Towne, w th out sp'iall licence of the searchers, or the greater number 
of them, under perill of forfaiture of the like summe, to be levied as 

Noe person likewise shall hereafter set up any shopp or shopps of 
any occupa'con w^in this Towne, w^out licence from the searchers, or 
the greater number of them, under perill of imprisonm* untill suche fine 
shall be paide as by the Bayliffs shall be thought fitt. 

ffower Chandlers allowed to the Towne, each one for his own Ward, 
for one yere, from Easter to Easter, to sell Candle to the Townsmen at 
2 d the pond, and to forfait I s for every pound sold to the Townsmen for 
more; the one halfe shall goe to the informer, the other halfe to the 
Towne, to be received by the Chamberlins. 

Noe butcher shall sell above 2 pounds of Tallow in one day, under 
perill of forfaiture of i s , for every pound soe sold over and above that 

Munday next after Passion Sundayf is appointed for the Buttaling 
of Bramford lands by p'sons perticulerly named. 

2 & 3 P: et Mar: Wednesday, 4 March. [1556.] 

John Golding at this Court elected one of the Aldermen of the Guild, 
to hold the place together w 411 Wm Barber. 

* Should be "Tuesday." t i.e. 22 March, 1556; Passion Sunday was the fifth Sunday in Lent. 




2 & 3 Ph: et Mar: Wednesday, 23 September. [1556.] 

George Copping elected at this Court into the number of the 24% 
and is sworne. 

Noe butcher of this towne shall sell any kinde of ffleshe in open 
shopps, eyther in the Mark 4 , or in their houses, uppon any Wednesday 
after Mich : next comming, under perill of forfaiture of 3 s 4 d for every 
peece of flesh soe sold. 

At the Admiral Court at Nacton presentm* was made of casting 
Ballast into the Channel, and of assalts, and of Constables not appearing 
and returning their precepts. 

J 556-7- 3^4 P: et Mar: Tewesday, Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1556.] 





Ralfe Gooding, 
Willm. Sabyn. (a) 

Geoffrey Gilbard, 
Rob : ffisk. 

The Bayliffs and 
Joh : Gardner, 
Wm Reynbald, 
Rob' Barker, 
Joh : Holland. 

Rob : Sallowes, 
Tho : Madock. 

Com: Cler: 


Willm. Whetcroft. 
Rob* ffisk. 

Rich : Smart, 
Geoff: Gilbard, 
Rich : Bloyes. 

Rich : Holms, 
Rob : Hayward, 
ROD : Pinswein, 
Joh : Micklefeld. 

3 & 4 P: et Mar: ffriday, g Octob: [1556.] 

Eight persons elected for the ordering of the maintenance of the 
poore and impotent people: ffor providing them work: ffor suppressing 
of vagabonds and idle persons. 

M r Steward hathe given towards the foundation of a house for the 
purpose aforesaid, fower pounds. 

Chandlers shall sell candles to the Townsmen at 2 d the pound, and 
to the country men as usually in other markets is sold. 

Auditors appointed for Tho: Chappleins accompt as Chamberlin, 
and in regard he is poore, its ordered that all debts to him due from the 
Towne shall be paid him by the Treasurer. 

Willm. Baker discharged from being Alderm: of the Guild, at the 
fine of 40% and John Brenn is elected in his stead, and a banner shall 
forthw th be provided, and a bell for the Crier to goe about to pray for the 
soules of the bretheren and sisterne of the same Guild, according to the 
auncient order. 

(a) Son of William Sabyn, of Ipswich (p. 112), Justice in 1549. and previously Bailiff in 1550. 
MSS. (Davy) 19,148. (Jermyn) 8215. 



3 & 4 Ph: et Mar: Thursday* 4 Decemb: [1556.] 

Ralfe Gooding- and Tho : A' Wood discharged from being Chandlers 
for the Towne. And Rich: Bloyes and Chr: Ward allowed to be the 
onely Chandlers for the same, till Easter next, and shall sell according 
to a book of rates to be made, till Candlemass next, and afterward till 
Easter, at halfe the rates. 

Surveyors nominated to survey the Butchers in every Ward, to see 
what Cattail they kill, and thereof to take an accompt, and if any butcher 
shall be found imbesselling of any tallow, he shall forfait 3 s 4 d for every 
pound of Tallow soe imbezilled. 

3 & 4 P. et Mar: (FridayJ, 11 Decemb: [1556.] 

At the Assembly, ORDERED : that the Treasurers of the Towne shall 
not pay above the summe of 40% by warrant from the Bayliffs for the 
time being, for any Towne cause, w th out the concent of the more p't 
of the Council of the same, at his own perill, reparaco'ns only excepted. 

3 & 4 P: et Mar: (Monday), 22 oiffebr: [1557.] 

Noe Children of this Towne shall be p'mitted to begg, and suche 
as shall be admitted thereto shall have badges, (aj 

3 & 4 P: et Mar: Thursday, 8 Aprill. [1557.] 

Chr: Ward and John: Cage elected Chandlers for a yere, from 
Easter next, and shall sell cotton candle at 2 d the pound. 

Butchers of this towne shall sell their Tallow only to the said chand- 
lers, and at the rate of 13* 4 d the hundred, and shall not imbessel any 
Tallow, unless for necessary victual!. 

George Harman discharged out of the number of the 24% for dis- 
order by him donne ; John Brenn discharged from being Alderm: of the 
Guild for the fine of 3'' 6 s 8 d , to be paid to the Treasurer before Easter 
next. Geoffery Cauche is elected in his room. And in regard of the 
greate dearth and scarcity, 33 s 4 d is allowed to the Guildholders, to be 
paid by the Treasurer. 

At the Admiralty, presentm* is made of one that found an Anchor 
at sea of 150" weight, and the same is brought w th in the Admiralty of 
Ipsw ch , soe as a moity thereof belongs to the Town. And a barrell of 
Aqua vitce found at Sylly,"j" in the sea, by the mariners, is brought into 

* Should be "Friday." 

(a) By the Stat. 2 & 3 Ph. & Mar., c. 5, confirming 22 Henry yin., c. 12, and 3 & 4 Ed. VI., c. 16, 
" such poore folkes " as were licensed to beg, are directed " at all times when the same goth abroade to 
begge" to " weare openly upon him or them, both on the breast and back of his or their uttermost garment, 
some notable badge or token, to be assigned unto him by the Maio r or Head Officers." Statt. Realm, vol. 
iv. pt i, p. 281, ed. 1819. 

t Scilly, Cornwall. 




this liberty, and delivered to the m r of the ship, and its found that one 
moity belongs to the Town, and the other to the mariners. 

One presented for taking imprest, (a) and w th drawing himselfe from 
the king and queen's service. 

Presentm* for transportation of inhibited Commodities, for forestal- 
ling, and taking excessive wages, viz: 12 p. diem. 

3 & 4 Ph: et Mar: (Tuesday}, Novemb: 30. [155?-] 

The ffeoffees of m r Toolies lands receive a licence of alienation of 
the same to the towne of Ipsw ch . (b) 

1557-8. 4 & 5 p. et Mar: Wednesday, Nativit: [Sep. 8, 1557.] 


' John Smith, 
; Tho : Gooding. 

Coron rs > 

; Rob: 
^ Edm: 



The Bayliffs and 
Ralfe Gooding, 
Willm. Sabvn, 
Rich : Birdi 
Rich : Smart. 


Rob: Nottingham, 
Willm. Harvy. 

Com: Cler: 


. Whetcroft. 



Alderm: Guild, 


Phillip Will'ms, 
Willm. Barber. 

Geoffery Gilbard, 
Rich : Byes, 
Mathew Butler. 

Geoffery Cauche, 
Tho : Haddock. 

Rich : Holms, 
Rob : Hayward, 
Rob : Penswein, 
Joh : Micklefeld. 

4 & 5 P. et Mar:* ffriday, 9 July. [1557]. 

John Humphry, Geoffery Cauche, and Joh : Reward, elected at this 
Court into the number of the 24*?. 

Edm : Leeche elected Coroner. 

Rob 4 King, Robt : Bray, Joh : Golding, elected Headburrowes at this 

Geoffry Gilbard and Tho : Gooding, at this Court are elected Port- 
men and sworne. 

Water allowed out of Caldwell brooke to Joh : Hollands house, at 2 d r*. 

Suche of the inhabitants as shall suffer theire swine, geese, or ducks, 
to goe abroad in the streetes, after proclamacon made, shall forfait for 
any of them taken, the one halfe to the taker, the other halfe to the Towne. 

Every Portman shall have in readiness for the defense of this Towne, 
two pikes, a bow, and sheafe of Arrowes, and 4 harneis. And every one 
of y e 24<y one pike, a bow, and a sheaf of arrowes, and 2 harneis. 

(a) Money received for compulsory service in the navy. 

(6) Successive enactments, from the time of Henry in. downwards, had prohibited the alienation of 
property to bodies corporate, and had declared gifts so acquired to be forfeited ; but " it was in the power 
of the Crown, by granting a licence of mortmain, to remit the forfeiture, so far as it related to its own rights." 

Stephen's Blackstone, iv. 474. 


4 & 5 P: et Mar:* Wednesday, 21 July. [1557.] 

Letters from the Lords of the Councill were this day read, requiring 
a shipp to be sett forth by this Towne. And its agreed that for lack of 
mariners, men, and munition of warre, the Towne is not able to sett forth 
a shipp according to the request in y letters. 

John Humphry hathe a day Assigned him to take his othe of one 
of the 24% or to pay the fine of three pounds. 

A surveyour of the river is elected, to see that idle persons be 
punished whoe doe frequent fishing therein. 

Suche as are in arere to the Guildholder, shall pay the same by a 
day appointed, or shall be disfranchised. 

4 & 5 P: et Mar: Wednesday, 15 Septemb: [1557.] 

Willm Lion and Christoph: Ward, formerly elected Chamberlins, are 
now discharged of the same at 3" a peece fine, and Rob : Nottingham 
and Wm Harvy are elected in theire stead. 

Rob: ffosdikes fine in part remitted. 

The Bayliffs, calling unto them two of their bretheren, and two of 
every parish in this Towne, being of the 24% shall assess forraine fines. 

Rob* Sparrow elected at this Court into the number of the 24^. 

4 & 5 P. et Mar. ffriday,-\ 17 Octob. [1557.] 

ORDERED: that the Charter shall be renewed, and that M r Smith, 
and M r Whetcroft, Town Clerk, shall travaile w th the learned Councill 
of the Towne, concerning the same, and shall lay out suche money therein 
as they shall think meete. 

Every inhabitant that kepeth hoggs, shall mark them w th theire 
proper marke, and the Serjeants in their severall Wards shall have notice 
of the said marks, and if any hogg shall be taken in the streetes, the 
owner shall pay for every foote 4 d , and the Serjeants shall pay the one 
half to the Towne, and shall retaine the other halfe to themselves, and 
if any swine shall be taken unmarked, the same shall be forfaited to the 
Towne, and if any person shall refuse to pay the forfaiture, he shall be 
committed to prison till payment be made. 

Every of the 1 2 and 24, and ffreemen of this Towne, shall, according 
to the auncient order, provide themselves of one bucket before Christm : 
next, under perill of forfaiture of the price of suche bucket. 

The Bayliffs for the time beeing shall order searchers for new com - 
mers into the Towne, and idle persons and vagabonds. 

* Qy. 3 and 4 Ph. & Mar., otherwise the days are respectively Saturday and Thursday in 1558. 
t Probably an error for " I5th Oct.," since the lyth falls on Sunday. 

K K 


The Bayliffs, w th suche persons as they shall think meete, by advise 
w a the learned Councill of this Towne, shall sett downe in writing in- 
structions for the direction of the Bayliffs and other officers of this Towne 
in theire severall offices. 

The Bayliffs, calling to them suche of the inhabitants as they shall 
think meete, shall frame orders for the order and maintenance of the 
poore and impotent of the Towne : and if any inhabitant shall refuse to 
pay suche mony as shall be allotted him to pay for the use of the poore, 
suche person shall be punished at the discretion of the Bayliffs. 

Uppon Munday after every Mich: day, a Court shall be kept, and 
allsoe at other times by the appointm* of the Bayliffs, where certaine of 
the Tenants, to the number of 1 2 at the least, shall be sworne to present 
matters requisite for the preservacon of the Town lands and rents. 

Part of the Donghill, called " Warwick pitts," shall be viewed, and 
soe much thereof as the headburrowes shall think meete, shall be demised 
for the benefitt of the Towne. 

M r Smith al. Dier, shall have a demise of suche lands as he now 
holdeth, to hold from the Towne during his life, and one yere after, at 
the former rent. 

John Jennings shall have a new lease, by virtue of the Admirallty 
of this Towne, for 4 yeres after his last lease. 

4 & 5 P: & Mar: ffriday after Concept: Mar: [Dec. 10, 1557.] 

Auditors appointed. 

Willm. Cordel Esq r , M r of the Rolls to the king and Queenes 
Ma ties , (aj shall from henceforth be High Steward of this Towne, (b) by 
Patent, under the Common Sealle of the same, and shall have for the 
same during his life, fower pounds at the feasts of the Annunc : of 
Mar: * and Mich: by equall portions. 

Scavingers shall be appointed in every parish of this Town, suche 
as M r Bayliffs shall think most meete. 

4 & 5 P: et Mar: (Thursday), 2 Decemb: [1557.] 

Presented by the Hedburrowes: that Rich: Hayward of Mar: Elms, 
hold town soile called ' Water yards,' adjoining to the ground late Tho : 
Rainsburrowes, next the Common River. 

(a) Son of John Cordell, of Long Melford, Suff., and grandson of Edm. Cordell, of Edmonton, Middx. 
He was Solicitor General, and became Master of the Rolls, Nov. 5, 1557, and was Speaker of the House of 
Commons in 1558 ; d. s. p., and was bur. at Long Melford, 19 June, 1581. Add. MSS. (Davy) 19,124 ; 
(Jermyn) 8206. Visit. Suff. 1581. (Howard) i. 245-266. Arms. gu. on a chev. between 3 griffins' heads erased 
arg. 3 ermine spots, (b) The first High Steward that I finde (B). * March 25. 



4^/5 P: et Mar: Wednesday before Christmass. [Dec. 22, 1557.] 

Willm. Whetcroft gent, and Phillip Williams, (aj elected Burgesses 
for this Towne at the next Parlm 1 at Westm 1 , 20 Jan. next,* and the 
said Phillip hathe remitted to the Town halfe his Burgess fee. 

4 / 5 P: et Mar: ffriday,^ 19 ffebruary. [1558.] 

ffor the paym 4 of debts contracted uppon this Towne, its ordered 
that all the Burgesses and inhabitants of this Town shall be Lottant and 
Scottant, and shall be allotted by p'ticular persons specially appointed 
thereunto, or by 14 of them, viz: one Baylif, one Portman, ifower of the 
24% and 8 of the Commons. And if any of the assessors doe make 
default, and the number of 14 be not compleate at the day appointed for 
their meeting, then shall every Portman forfait 2O d , and every of the 24 
shall forfait 1 2 d , and every of the Commons 8 d , and the said assessors 
shall assess the Burgesses and inhabitants to the summe of ioo u at least. 
Collectors are named in every parish. 

4 & 5 P: et Mar: ffriday, 18 of March. [1558.] 

John Cage and Tho : Eldred elected Common Chandlers for the 
Towne, from Easter next to Easter following, to serve the same w th 
good Cotton Candle at 2 d the pound. 

The Butchers of this Town shall sell theire tallow onely to them at 
13 s 4 d the hundred, and shall not imbezill any tallow under perill of 
beeing discharged from victualling. 

At the Admiralty, presentm 4 of defaults of apparance and of 2 
persons of Harw ch , whoe refused to sell fish at the Cay, and sold them in 
the ffisshmarket, and for transportatio' of p'hibited goods. 

And a mast found w th in the liberty, and sold, whereby the moity of 
the vallew is due to the Towne. 

And allsoe for casting of Ballast into the Channell. And for assalts 
And diverse wrecks taken by others, whereof a moity belongs to the Towne. 

1558. 5 & 6 P: & Mar: Thursday, Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1558.] 

Bayliffs, ( 

Rich : Smart, 

Com: Ckr: 

Wm : Whetcroft. 

Escheat" 1 , ( 

John Vallentine. 



Rob : ffisk, 
Edm : Leeche. 


Rich : Bloyes, 
Mathew Bultler, 

Rob : ffisk. 


The Bayliffs and 

Justices, < 

Tho : Gooding, 
Joh : Smith, 

Alderm : Guild 

Tho : Maddock. 

Rich : Bird, 

Joh : Micklefeild, 


Rob : Barker. 

Rob : Pinswein, 

C ' hamberlins, 

Rich: Bell, 
Rob : Guttler. 

Serfe nt ', 

Rob : Willson, 
Ed: Gooding. 


(a) Apparently 3rd son of Francis Williams ; Visit. Essex, 1558, Harl. 1 137, .131. Arms, gu. a chev. 
. 3 cubes, voided, each with 4 others in saltire, arg. * Thursday, t Should be ' Saturday.' 




Tall wood or billet from henceforth transported from this towne by 
shipping, the owner of the vessell shall pay to the use of the Towne 
3 s 4 d for every lode so shipped. 

5^/6 P: et Mar: Munday, 12 Septemb: [1558.] 

Rich: Bloyes and Mathew Butler discharged of their Treasurers 
place, and Rob 4 ffisk elected Treasurer. 


Admiral Is, 



i El: 


ffriday, Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1559.] 

Com : Cler : Willm : Whetcroft. 

Rich : Bird, 
Rob : King. 

Rob : ffisk, 
Edm : Leeche. 

The Bayliffs and 
Robert Gooding, 
Rich : Smart, 
Joh : Smith, 
Ralf Gooding. 




Rob : ffisk, 
Edm : Leeche. 

Geoffery Gilbard, 
Mathew Buttler, 
Joh : Golding, 

Alderm -.Guild : Joh: Reward al. Haris. 


Rob : Pinswein, 
Rob : Willson, 
Edw: Gooding, 
Wm : Russels. 

Joh : Moore, 
Tho : Whiting. 

i El: Wednesday. 

Tho : Seckford ju r Esq r , faj is elected ffree burgess of this Towne, 
and they elected him and Rob : Barker (bj to be Burgesses for this 
Towne at the next Parlm* at Westm 1 .* 

i Eliz: Munday. 3^ weeke Lent. [Feb. 27, 1559.] 

According to an order, dated 19 Novemb : 21 H. 8., whereby it 
was ordered, that if any of the burgesses, or any other inhabitant w th in 
this Town, from thenceforth did manace, or miscall, or misreport, openly 
or secretly, the Bayliffs, Portmen, Justices of the peace, Coroners, or any 
other head officer of the same towne, being proved by 2 witnesses : the 
first defalt the offender shall forfait 5 H , and the 2 d time be disfranchised, 
and allsoe to make fine. 

Now for that it is fully certified in this Court, that Walter Meryell, 
a burgess in this Towne, hathe misused, miscalled, and defamed Mr. 

(a) Son of Thomas Seckford, Esq., of Seckford Hall, in the parish of Great Bealings, Suff. He was 
Lecturer at Gray's Inn in 1556, and Master of the Court of Requests, 9 Dec., 1558; he died s. p. and was 
bur. in Woodbndge Church, 15 Jan. 1587. This ancient family held the Seckford Estate from the time 


(bj Son of Rob 1 Barker, gent, of Ipswich, and elected Portman in 1563 ; he was bur. in S' Lawrence's 
church, 30 Aug., 1571. Add. MSS. (Davy), 19,116., and (Jermyn), 8202. Arms: quarterly; I and 4, 
barry of 10, or and sa. a bend qu. with a mullet az. for diff. (Barker) ; 2 and 3, per pale, sa. and gu. a lion 
ramp. gard. arg. crowned or. (Bestney). 


Mathew Gooding, one of the Portmen of this Towne, in the publique 
hearing of many persons, this Court dothe fine the said Walter Meryell 
at 5 1 '. to be levied of his goods and Chattells to the use of the Towne. 
Mathew Gooding is elected Bayliff of this Towne, in the place of 
John Vallentine, lately departed this life. 

i El: Munday, 10 April I. [1559.] 

Geoffery Cauche elected into the number of the Hedburrowes. 

Demised to Jane Sorrell of Bramford, certaine peeces of lands and 
pasture in Bramford, beeing of the Towne ground, by estimacon 20 
acres, more or less, late in the tenure of Cardnall, and formerly in Joh : 
Cookes tenure, for 10 yeres from Mich: next, at 34 shillings yerely rent, 
and 4O S fine, and the carriage of 28 lodes of timber from Whitton to 
Ipswich, for the building of Stoke Bridge, and 8 lodes of Timber from 

Demised allsoe to Edm : Sicklemore, (aj two peeces of the Town 
land in Bramford, esteemed 6 acres, in the Tenure of Jane Beakon, 
and a peece of fenne, w th a peece of pasture, esteemed 3 roods and 1 5 
perches, and one peece of medow, esteemed at one rood, ffor 10 yeres 
from Mich: next, at 8 s 4 d r 4 , and 46* 8 d fine, and the cariageof 12 lodes 
of Timber from Whitton to Ipsw ch . 

Demised to Tho: Carter, one acre of land in Bramford, more or 
less, for the like terme as aforesaid, at 2O d yerely rent, and for the 
cariage of 4 lodes of timber from Whitton to Ipsw ch . 

Demised to Rob 4 Cooke, sixe peeces of the Town land in Bramford, 
esteemed at 12 acres, at 15* yerely rent, for the like terme, and suche 
fine as shall be assessed by the Bayliffs. 

i El: ffriday, i Septemb: [1559.] 

Whereas Willm : Whetcroft is this day by the Portmen elected one 
of the Portmen of this Towne : It is agreed that he shall not be elected 
Bayliff before the feast of Mich: 1562, notwithstanding his burgesship, 
and election into Portmanship. 

All manner of persons having any Clothes, and bringing them to 
this Towne, shall bring them into one hall next the mootehall, appointed 
for the searche and sale thereof, commonly called Clothe Hall. 

i El: Wednesday, 27 Septemb: [1559.] 

Whereas Tho : Humphrey and Tho : ffuller, mariners, Burgesses of 
this Town, have not onely contrary to theire othes and duties of freemen, 
infringed and broken the liberties and franchise of the same, W* they 
are sworne to keepe and maintaine, but have allsoe most arrogantly vf & 

(aj He was of Sicklemore House, in Bramford, Suff.; this family also resided at Wetheringsett, and at 
a later period held a high position in the county. Add. MSS. (Davy) 19,148 ; Page's Suff. pp. 499, 581. 




diverse opprobrious stout words, and greate threatinings, by them pub- 
lished and uttered against Mr Smart, one of the Bayliffs of this Towne, 
and others his bretheren, openly in the streete, to the evill and perilous 
example of others: ffor reformacon and punishment of w ch misdemeaners 
It is fully and wholly granted, condiscended, and agreed, that the said 
Tho: Humphrey, and Tho: Fuller shall be cleerly discharged of theire 
freedoms of this Town for ever, and henceforth to be taken and reputed 
as forrainers, and nevertheless they are fined, eyther of them, at 5'', to 
be paid to the Chamberlins, and they are to be committed to ward till 
paym* made. 

i El: Munday, 13 Novemb: [1559.] 

At this Court Rob : Sallowes and Rob : Guttler are elected into the 
number of the 24*?. 

And Willm. Barber and Tho : Cobbet are elected cheife pledges. 

Thomas Humphry & Tho : ffuller shall not be in any wise admitted to 
theire freedome, nor shall have againe the said io h , or any parcell thereof. 

There shall be a humble supplication made to the Hon ble Councill, 
to have somme compassion of the Bayliffs, and Burgesses, and Com- 
monalty, for the liberties and freedome of the Town, used time out of 
minde for the Common Welth of the same. 

ffor the paym* of deb te of the Towne, growing by reason of suites 
about theire Charter and liberties: It is granted and agreed, that all 
the inhabitants of this Towne shall be Lottant and Scottant towards the 
paym* of the same, as in former times hath bein used. And that the 
said inhabitants shall be severally allotted and charged by the persons 
hereunder named, viz: &c: and that the assessors shall meet at the 
Moot hall, 1 5 Novemb : next, and shall assess the Burgesses and inhabit- 
ants to the summe of 100 marks at the least, of them to be levied. 

1559-60. 2 El: 

Sunday, Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 


Bayliffs, \ 

John Gardner, (a] 

Com : Cler : 

Wm Whetcroft. 

Admiralls, ( 

Geoff: Gilbard. 

( Rob : King, 

Clerks Mark 1 , ) 


Rob : Sparrow, 

/"* * 

Rob : ffisk, 

( Joh : Golding. 

Coron rs , 

Edm : Leeche. 

!Rich : Ceely, 

The Bayliffs and 

Alderm: Guild, 

Rich : Bell, 

Ralfe Gooding, 
Rich : Bird, 

Rob : Sparrow. 

Rob : King, 

!Rob : Pinswein, 


Joh : Smith. 

Wm Smart, 
Joh : Warren. 


Wm : Russell, 
Rob : Willson, 
Edw : Reding. 

(a) Perhaps of Columbine Hall, Stowmarket, Suff. Harl. 1103. f. 27. Add. MSS. (Davy) 19,131, and 
(Jermyn) 8209. 


2 El: Munday, 22 Jan: [1560.] 

Auditors elected for the charges of the suite at London ffor the 
Lottant and Scottant Burgesses refusing to pay summs of mony assessed 
uppon them, or not paying the same w^in convenient speede after 
demand made, shall loose their freedome. 

The greate Court shall forthw th taxe and assesse the Portmen of 
this Towne, towards the Charges of the Towne suites, 

John Reward discharged of being Alderman of the Guild, and 
Rich: Ceely and Rich: Bell are elected Aldermen in his stead. 

2 El: ffriday, y e 4 weeke in Lent. [Mar. 22, 1560.] 

A preacher shall be provided for this Towne, and he shall have for 
his salary 20'' yerely. 

Mr ffrancis Noone elected to be of councill w* this Towne, and 
shall have yerely for his fee 26 s 8 d . 

All areres of any Lott and Scott mony shall be paied before Georges 
day next,* or the defalters shall forfait theire ffreedome and franchise of 
this Town for ever. 

Joh : Crawford and Tho : Eldred elected Common chandlers of this 
Towne from Easter next to Easter following, and shall sell to the in- 
habitants good cotton candle at 2 d the pound. And shall give bond to 
the Chamberlins to p' forme the same. 

Butchers in this Town shall sell all their Tallow only to such 
Chandlers at 13" 4 d the hundred, and shall reserve noe tallow from them, 
but onely 2 pounds of every bullock, and the 2 d webb of every sheepe, 
for victuall, and for noe other uses, under perill of forfaiture for the first 
offence 40% and to be discharged from victualling for the 2 nd offence, 
and allsoe to be disfranchised, if he be a burgess, and nevertheless to be 
fined, at at the discretion of the Towne. The informer shall have the 
one halfe of the forfaitures, and they shall be levied of the goods and 
Chattells of the offender. 

2 El: ffriday, 31 May. [1560.] 

All those of the East ward of this Towne that have not payed theire 
Scott and Lott shall for theire default be disfranchised. 

The like for others menconed of the West ward. 

The like for others menconed of the South ward. 

The like for others menconed of the North ward. 

Diverse paying theire fines for not paying Scott and Lott, are re- 
stored to theire freedome. 

Ap. 23. 


John Steward, uppon surrender of his former lease of Handford hall, 
shall have a new lease for 21 yeres from Mich: next, upon the old rent 
and covenants, uppon a fine of 30" to be by him payed. 

2 El: Munday, 10 June. [1560.] 

Roger Kelk and . . . Makebray are elected preachers and ministers 
for this Towne for one whole yere next ensuing, at suche convenient 
stipend as shall be agreed uppon. 

2 El: (Monday j , 23 September, [1560.] 

By/5/>oWoftheChartersofE.6.,H.8.,H.7.,E.4.,R.2., .3., E.2., 
E.I., John, and H.2.; the Queene confirmed them all by her Charter, 
but therby granted noe new liberties. 

2 El: ffriday before Mich: [Sep. 27, 1560.] 

John Warren, lately elected Chamberlin, is discharged thereof, 
paying 2O S fine, and John Dandy is elected in his stead. 

2 El: Sunday, Mich: day. [Sep. 29, 1560.] 

Jeoffery Cauche, one of the Bakers of this Towne, fined 4O S for his 
contempt in not serving the Q. Ma ties subjects with bread, allthough he 
was commanded therto by the Bayliffs. 

2 El: ffriday* 12 Octob: [1560.] 

Tho : Gooding, disfranchised for not paying Scott and Lott, is now 
readmitted, paying a fine of io s , and his areres of Scott mony, being 40% 
and he is sworne. 

When any ship or bote shall arrive w th salt, cole, or any other victuall, 
the same shall be sold at the Common Kay. And the shipper before sale 
shall acquaint the Bayliffs with his lading, and the Baliffs shall drive a 
convenient price of the victuall. And then the Town Crier shall make pro- 
clamacon that suche free men as will resort to the Common Kay w th in 3 
dayes, may make theire provision of the said victuall. 

Rob: King, disfranchised for not paying Scott and Lott, is readmitted, 
paying io s fine, and his arere of Scott mony, viz: 3'', and he is sworne. 

Wm Savell and Wm Cooke shall have licence under the Town Sealle 
to sell wine (as the statute hathe limited) w th in this Towne. 

Demised to John Goylmer, the Conduit house, for 20 yeres, at 13 s 4 d 
rent, and putting the same in good reparacons, and soe mantaining the 

* The 12 Oct. falls on Saturday. 



Granted to Waller of Laur: parish . . . foote in length, and . . . 
foote in bredth, of the com : soile, at i d r*. 

Rob : Sparrow discharged from being Alderm : Guild, for the fine 
of 40 s . 

At this Court, John Moore is elected into the number of the 24. 

Rob: Guttler is elected Alderm : Guild, and is allsoe discharged of 
the same for the fine of 4O S . 

Rob: Nottingham is elected Alderm : of the Guild, w th Rich: Seely 
and Rich: Bell. 

M rs Alis Tooly, widow, shall receive of the Treasurer 40", w ch m r 
Goodingand m r Buttler received of her, an: 1553, in the i y. of Q. Mar: 

The Bayliffs shall conferr w th the Councell of the Towne, and with m r 
Toolies executors, concerning the assurance of the Mortmain of Henry 
Tooly (late one of the portmen of this Towne) unto this Town, accord- 
ing to the trew intent thereof. 

At the Admiralty presentm 13 are of Goods found, and wrecks, and 
bloud draughts. 

1560-1. 3 El: Munday, Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1561]. 



Rob : ffisk. 


Job: Smith al. Dyer, 
Tho: Gooding. (a) 

Com: Cler: 

Willm : Whetcroft. 

Clerks Mark*, 

Rob : King, 

Coron" ( Rob : msk ' 


Joh : Golding, 

; ' { Edm : Leeche. 

Rob : Sparrow. 

Joh : Gardner, 

7 J ' 

Geof: Gilbard, 

Alderm : Guild, 

Tho : Whiting. 


Rich : Bird, 

Rob i Pinswein 

Ralfe Gooding. 

/-.i i ; ( Rich : King, 
Chamberhns, j Steven BaJ f ter . 


Rob : Willson, 
Wm Russell, 
Edw : Reding. 

3 El: ffriday* 13 Marche. [1561.] 

John Cage and Tho : Eldred elected Chandlers, from Easter next to 
Easter following, to serve the Town with good Candle at 2 d the pound, 
and they shall be bound thereto by obligacon of 40". 

Butchers of this Town shall sell their Tallow onely to them at 13 s 4 d 
the hundred, saving 2 pounds of every bullock, and the 2 d webb of every 
sheepe, and y* onely for victuall, and for the I st defalt to forf* 4O S , and for 
y 6 2 d to be disfranchised if he be a Burgess, and to be discharged from 
victuallyng, and to pay fine at discretion of the Town, to be levied of his 
goods and chattells, or he shall be committed till paym* made, the one 
halfe to the informer. 

(a) He was of Freston, Suff., a Portman, and brother of Matthew Gooding before mentioned ; ob. 38 Eliz. 
Add. MSS. (Jermyn) 8209. * Mar. 13, 1561, falls on Thursday. 

L L 


If m r Toolies executors still refuse to confirme the Mortmain ac- 
cording to the intent of m r Toolies will, complaint shall be made to the 
Queene, or suche of her Councell as shall by the Councell of y e Town be 
thought most meete for the order and reformacon of the same. And for 
the charges thereof, every of the Burgesses and Commonalty of the 
Towne doe hereby agree to be Lottant and Scottant of theire owne free 


Rob: Nottingham is discharged from being Guildholder, for his fine 
of 4O S , and John Moore is elected in his stead. And John Moore is dis- 
charged for y like fine, and Rob: Sallowes is elected. Rob: Sallowes 
is likewise discharged for the like fine, and Christ : Ward is elected in his 

And he likewise is discharged for the like fine, and George Copping 
is elected in his stead. 

ffor augmentacon of the Serjeants maintenance, its ordered, that they 
shall have for the arest of every ffree man 6 d , and of every fforrainer 8 d . 

Rob: ffiske is elected Treasurer at this Court for the yere following, 
and m r Leeche shall have his fee of 20% for halfe a yere at our La: day. 

3 El: Munday, 21 Aprill. [1561.] 

Wm Barber and Rob* King shall bring in before the next Court, 
314'' of lead in defective weights in the time of theire Baylywick, or the 
Serjeants shall distraine for the same in case of default. 

The hedburrowes shall view Joh: Denyses house in S* Nich: back 
lane, and to bring their opinion whither it shall be necessary to reedify 
the same, or onely to make a decent fence between it and the street. 

At a great Court on ffriday before Mich: last,* Rob* Barker of Ipsw * 1 , 
march 4 , camme into the Court uncalled, and spake these words : "I was 
of late commanded by my Lo : Keper fa) to submitt myselfe at this 
Court, for that I have offended m r Bayliffs and Portmen, and doe promise 
that I will fullfill all orders and lawes of the Towne, (as I have heretofore 
donne, as you all know) being to the Queenes honor." 

3 El: (Thursday}, the 22 day of May. [1561.] 

By the HEADBURROWES : allowed to George Copping, parcell of 
the Common soile behind Curson house, leaving a cart way on the East, 
1 8 foote broad, and on the South, another way 27 foote broad, and 
saving the BP S gate into the highway at 2 s 6 d rent. 

The lane from Coppings ground unto the end of the lane by St. 
Nicholas Almshouses, thought meete to be granted by lease to Wm 
Barber and his assignees at 6 d r l . 

(a) Sir Nicholas Bacon, the first Lord Keeper who ranked as Lord Chancellor; appointed Dec. 18, 
1558 ; ob. Feb. 20, 1579. * Sep. 27, 1560. 


The peece of ground of the Town, lying- west uppon Eastalls back 
yard, in length northward, 87 foote, and southward 61 foote, in bredth 
eastward 49 foote, and westward 33 foote, leaving the way on the north 
side 24 foote broad. This is thought meete to be granted to John 
Easthall and his assignees, at 1 2 d r*. 

Thought meete to grant to Tho : ffishe and his assignees, a lease 
of the com: soile lying by Easthalls, in length northw: 61 foote, and 
southward 30 foote ; broad eastward, 34 foote, and westw : 42 foote, at 1 2 d r*. 

Allowed to Edm : Leeche and his assignees, Warwicks pitts and the 
lane leading therto from Caldwell Brooke, provided he kepe the same 
fenced, and paying 5 s r 4 . 

3 El: (Tuesday}, the \Q day of June. [1561.] 

All the inhabitants of the Town shall be assessed to the Costs and 
Charges for the intertainm* of the Q: at her next comming to the Towne. 
And the assessors are named, and suche as shall not pay their assessm' 
shall be disfranchised, fa) 

Thomas Gooding, one of the Portmen, hathe putt himselfe to the 
judgement of this Court as touching the last Scott and Lott uppon him 
assessed, to the summe of 8 U . And its agreed that he shall pay the said 
8 U for his lott, and shall not be remitted any p't thereof. 

At this Court its agreed y l Thorn: Gooding hathe negligently be- 
haved himselfe in the office of Portman, and he, intending to retire into 
the country, and not from henceforth to execute the said office, therefore 
it is ordered that he shall pay for his fine as well as for discharge of Port- 
manship as all other offices, as for his former neglects, 20"; viz: IO H at 
Mich: next, and io u at Mich: next after that. And therew th the said Tho: 
is contented, and offers himselfe and Robert Boreman to be ingaged for 

Rob* King, one of the Portmen, being often times in y e yere last 
past orderly warned to frequent the Assemblies and Councills of this 
Towne, and be aydant and assistant unto the Bayliffs, as a portman ought 
to doe, he having notw th standing bein very negligent, by reason whereof 
he putting himself upon the Judgement of the Court for assessing his fine, 
and he is adjudged to pay 5 marks for the same ( 

It is allsoe agreed and concluded that the Portmen, Burgesses, and 
Commonalty, and every of them, shall assist, uphold, and maintaine all 
suche ac'cons and suites as are moved by m r Gardner and m r Geoffr: 
Gilbard, against Rob: Barker, and them, the said m r Gardner and m r 
Gilbard at any time hereafter, for any cause or matter stirred, moved, or 

(a) Vide Nichols' Progresses of Q. Elizabeth i. 96-7. Machyn's Diary, (Camden Soc.) p. 264. Batley's 
Ipswich Coll. (Add. MSS, 25,334.) i-f-^S &c. 


depending between them. And that they, and every of them, will be 
Scottant and Lottant at all times hereafter, to and for the upholding, 
defending, and maintaining, of the causes and matter aforesaid. 

3 El: Tewesday*, 17 July. [1561.] 

There shall be two vessells or Botes, decently furnished, to attend 
uppon the Q. Ma tie soe farr as the liberty doe extend. 

3 El: ffriday before Mich: [Sep. 26, 1561.] 

Whereas Rob: Barker hathe hertofore refused to pay 8 H assessed 
towards the intertainment of the Queen, and allsoe his Scott and Lott 
formerly assessed, and thereby became disfranchised : its now ordered 
that the said Rob* shall, before Alls* 5 day next,")" pay to the Treasurers 
the summe of 8 H , and allsoe a fine of 6 H for the redemption of his free- 
dom, whereunto the said Rob* dothe submitt, and thereuppon he is re- 
admitted and sworne. 

Two wollen Clothes, Henry Osmonds, seised as forraine bought 
and forrain sold, and are redeemed for 4", to be payed to the Chamber- 
lins, w^in 15 dayes, and in case the same shall not be payed, the said 
Clothes are forfaited to the Town absolutely. 

3 El: Wednesday, 8 Octob. [1561.] 

Sixe Wardens and M rs of occupacons elected for the better main- 
tenance of good order and rule w^in the said Towne. 

Every householder and inhabitant w th in this Towne, shall cause the 
streets against theire houses to be made cleane every Satterday, in the 
afternoone, or shall forf* 3 d for every defalt: and two honest persons in 
every parish shall be overseers, made to present defalts uppon paine of 
imprisonm*. And the Carters of the Towne shall be ready w th their 
Tombrils, for carrying away of the dirt at reasonable prices, when they 
shall be therto required, uppon paine of imprisonm 4 . 

Mr Bayliffs, m r Bird, m r Gooding, m r Whetcroft, Edm: Leeche, 
Wm Smart, Joh: Moore, Chr: Gooding, shall consider of the orders and 
constitutions of the Towne, and shall sett forth the office and duties of 
every officer w th in the Towne, for the better executing of the same. 

Edm : Leeche, having inclosed parcell of the Town soile, its order- 
ed that he shall sow the same w* h acorns, and preserve it from spoile or 
otherwise, to the use of the Towne, as by the Bayliffs, 12 and 24, or y e 
greater number of them, shall be directed. And to that end its granted 
to y e said Edm:, provided that Bobbet shall release his terme therein. 

* Should be "Thursday." f Nov. I. 




At the Admirallty its presented that a bote belonging to I. is sunk 
w th in the streame, and he is injoyned to weigh the same up before a day 
prefixed, under a penalty/ 

And a shipp called the "James" is burnt, and lies sunk at the side 
of the Channel!, and the owner is injoyned to weigh her up, or Beacon 
her, and preserve the Beacons from time to time under a penalty. 

1561-2. 4 El: 

Tewesday, Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 



\ Ralfe Gooding,(<z) 


Edm: Leeche, 
Rob: Sparrow. 


[ Rob: Bray. 

Clarks Mark*, 

Com: Cler: 

Wm Whetcroft. 

SEdm: Leeche, 


Wm Smart. 

Rob: King, 

The Bayliffs and 


Wm Smart, 

John Gardener, 

Joh: Golding. 


Job: Dier, 

Tho: Gooding, 

Rob: Pinswein, 

Rich: Bird. 

Wm Russell, 


' Joh : Barker, 
[ Rob: Andrewes. 


Rob: Wilson, 
^ Wm Boynton. 

Tho : Seckford Esq r , M r of Requests, is elected free Burgess of this 
Towne, and is sworne. 

Friday, 5 December. [1561.] ? 

The Common Meeter shall, for every bushell measured by the Com- 
mon Bushell, have of strangers for every booke of commodities, and 
of every Waigh, 2 d , the one to his own use, the other to the Towns use. 
And every ffree man shall pay for every Waigh 2 d , to the like uses, and 
shall be discharged of the Bushell. 

Auditors appointed. 

4 El: Munday* 20 Jan: [1562.] 

The matter concerning m r Toolies will, by agreem 4 , is referred to 
be comprtemitted by the ffinall decree and order of the Lo : Keeper. 

Mr Madock dothe lend to the Towne 20 marks, besides 4'' to him 
formerly due, in the whole, iy u 6 s 8 d , W* shall be paied to him; viz: 
gu j^s ^d thereof w th in 8 dayes after Lady day next, and 8 H 13 s 4 d within 
8 dayes after Mich : following. And the Treasurer shall give his bond 
for paym 1 thereof accordingly. 

(a) -old, sup. pp. 225, 235. 

* 20 Jan., 1562, falls on Tuesday. 


4 El: ffriday, 3 weeke Lent. [Feb. 27, 1562]. 

The 1 2 and 24^ shall sett the price of Candle for the next yere. 

fifor proceedings in the Compromise concerning M r Toolies Mort- 
main, m r Bayliff Dyer, M r Wm Whetcroft, and suche other as m r 
Bayliffs shall think meete, shall ride to London, and advise w th the 
Learned Councell of the Towne concerning the same, according to the 
Lo: Kepers request in his 1'res. 

Granted to Alis Tooly, in fee farme, parcell of the comm: soile in 
Clem 15 parish, next Rob: Deerhaws, in breath Northward, 31 foote, and 
Southward next the Channell 2 1 foote, at 2 s rent, and a convenient fine, 
if uppon view it be not found praejudiciall by the Bayliffs, and suche as 
they shall call to them. 

Tho: Bobbet discharged from Guildholders place, at 40= fine, and 
Wm Smart is elected. 

And he allsoe is discharged for the like fine, to be deducted from 
suche mony as the Town oweth him uppon his Chamberlins accompt. 
And Tho: Whiting is elected to kepe the said Guild. 

Tho : Seckford Esq r shall have one foote from the old sell of his 
house into the streete, to build his house uppon, soe as the Q. high street 
be not annoied therby. 

4 El: Wednesday after Trinity. [May 27, 1562.] 

Whereas Rob 4 Barker was, according to the auncient Constitutions 
of this Towne, fined 5'' for miscalling and misusing m r Bayliffs and 
other of the Town Councill, for w 1 * fine the said Barker desired to be 
judged by this Court, whither the said fine should be remitted: its 
determined that the same shall not be remitted, but shall be payed w^out 

And hereafter uppon further consideration of him, the Towne 
meaneth to recompense the said Barker w th a greater pleasure then the 
vallew of the said fine amounteth unto, as good will and amity requireth 
to be accomplished. 

Ralfe Engram, ffarmer, of Horswade Mill, shall be conferred w th 
tor a new lease of the said mill by the Common Councill, for the terme 
of 2 1 yeres, for suche a fine as they shall agree uppon, soe that the house 
be made substantiall, according to the covenants to be contained in the 
said indenture. 

It is allsoe agreed that Wm Whetcroft, now Town Clark, shall con- 
tinue in the said office for one halfe yere next after Michalmass ensuing 
this Court, and shall not be elected Bayliff at the next election day, nor 
before the Nativit: of our La: w ch shall be 1563, any order, agreem*, or 
constitution notw th standing. 




4 El: ffriday* g July. [1562.] 

Whereas m r Kelk, (aj before this time, hathe bein unjustly accused 
to be a liar, and to be a preacher of no trew Doctrine : The said m r Kelk 
hathe bein called to answere the said accusation, and for that there is no 
matter proved against him, therefore it is awarded and ordered by this 
Court, that the said m r Kelk shall be remitted quite cleere of the said ac- 
cusation, and every part and parcell thereof. 

John Southwell the younger, gent, (bj is admitted free of this Towne, 
w th out fine, at the request of his father, John Southwell Esq r , free man of 
this towne. 

4 El: Wednesday, 5 August. [1562.] 

ffor the paym' of Town debts, and setting forth of soldiers for the 
Queene, there shall be a Scott and Lott assessed uppon this Towne, to the 
summe of 120'', that the severall inhabitants shall be assessed or allotted 
by the p'sons herein named, viz : &c. or by 8 of them at the least, whereof 
shall be 2 portmen, and 3 of the 24^, the rest to be Commons. And 
the Assessors shall be assessed by m r Bayliffs, m r Gardner & m r Gilbard, 
the one halfe shall be payed forthw th , the other halfe before Alls 15 day 
next,t under perill of forfaiture of the freedome of defaulters. 

Where as Chr : Crane did pluck up a post at Handford bridge, where- 
by certaine carts did goe over the bridge, and decayed the same : Its 
ordered the said Crane shall be fined 6 s 8 d , and shall set up another post 
where the former stood. 

4 El: 

Common soile in Peters parish, formerly Buttlers, granted to Coppin. 

1562-3. 5 El: Wednesday, Nalivit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1563.] 

Bayliffs, \ 
Escheators, 1 

Rob* Barker, 


Wm Buckenham, 
George Wiles. 

Admir"*, ( 

Wm Whetcroft. 

Clerks Mark*, ] 


Rob : Sparrow. 

The Bayliffs and 

Rob : Pinswein, 

John Gooding, 
Rich : Bird, 

Rob: Wilson, 
Wm Russell, 

Rob : Brav, 

Rich : Trowes. 

Geoff: Gilbard. 

* July 9, 1562, falls on Thursday. t Nov. I. 

(a) Roger Kelke, born about 1524, was of St. John's Coll. Camb. B.A. 1543-4, and elected Fellow in 
or about 1545. He commenced M.A. 1547; was elected Senior Fellow of St. John's, 19 Oct. 1552, and 
became B.D. in 1559-60, and D.D. in 1564. In 1559, Nov. I, he was elected Master of Magdalen Coll., 
and in 1567, and again in 1572, Vice-Chancellor of the University. He died 6 Jan. 1575-6, and was bur. in 
the chancel of Great St. Mary's. Will dat. 12 Dec. 1575. Cooper's Ath. Cantab, i. 341-3, which gives a 
biography and copious references. 

(b) Son and heir of John Southwell, Esq., of Barham Hall, (vid.sup.Tf.22~,). He died njas.i. (1613-14) 
aet. 75. 


Rob' Barker is elected to be one of the Portmen of this Towne. 

At this Court Tho: SeckfordEsq r ,M r of Requests, and Edw. Grimston 
Esq r (%y were present as of the Commonalty, and Edw. Grimston was 
present at Divers Courts ensewing. 

5 El: (Wednesday} ', 28 Apr ill. [1563.] 

The feoffees of m r Toolies lands levy a fine to the Towne to the 
uses contained in m r Toolies will. 

5 El: Tewesday, \f[Decemb: [1563.] 

Edw: Grimston Esq r elected free Burgess, and is sworne, having 
sonns, Edw: Chris: Tho: Edw: Jun: and Willm. 

Tho: Seckford Esq r , m r of Requests, and Edw: Grimston Esq r are 
elected to be Burgesses for this Towne at the next Parliam* at Westm r , 
1 1 Janu: next. * 

Tenne quarters of malt, of the goods of one Johnson, of the Citty of 
London, seised as forraine bought and forraine sold, shall be redelivered, 
paying 3o s to the Chamberlins, whoe shall accompt thereof. 

5 El: Satlerday, Stevens day. [Dec. 26, 1562.] -f 

Richard Bird is elected Bayliff in the roome of m r Ralfe Gooding, 
late Bayliff, and he is sworne. 

5 El: Munday,\ 2 Marche. [1563.] 

John Cage and Tho: Eldred elected Common Chandlers for this 
Towne for one yere ensuing, and they shall serve the Towne w* good 
candle at 2 d the pound, and give theire bond of 40" for p'formance. 

The Collectors of Scott and Lott for the Q. intertainm 4 , shall levy the 
areres uppon the goods and chattells of all persons in arere, before the 
i st day of May next, at w ch time, if the areres be not paied, the parties in 
arere shall forfait theire freedome. 

Debts to any of the inhabitants of this towne, for and touching the 
late intertainment of the Q : suche inhabitants shall bring theire bills 
w th in 14 dayes next after the first day of May, and the same being con- 
sidered and allowed by m r Bayliffs and others thereto appointed, shall 
be payed, and not otherwise. 

(a) Son of Edward Grimston, Esq., of Rishangles, Co : Suff. He was appointed Comptroller of Calais, 
30* August, 1552, and on the loss of that town, instructions were issued by Q. Mary, July 15, 1558. to Sir 
Clement Higham and Sir John Sulyard, to make an account of his revenues, and take an inventory of his 
goods, (Cal. State Papers, Dom. Ser. p. 104), and he was subsequently arraigned for this disaster, Dec. i, 
1559, as recorded by Machyn. Diary p. 218. For ped. see Clutterbuck's Herts, i. 95. Harl. 1389 f. g2b. 
Add.MSS. (Davy) 19,133; ib. (Jermyn) 8209. 

* Monday. t In 1563, St. Stephen's day falls on Sunday. J Should be "Tuesday." 



26 5 

5 El: Wednesday, 15 Sept: [1563.] 

The Bayliffs, Portmen, and 24% and three Burg-esses of every ward, 
or as many of them as shall comme, shall sett forraine fines. 

Edward Gooding discharged from bearing any office w th in this 
Towne for the space of 10 yeres next ensuing, provided he shall pay 
4O S for a fine, and 15% being his arere of Scott and Lott, and the same 
is payed. 

MEMORAND : A Court was holden 13 of 'Decemb: 6 El: before 
Willm. Whetcroft, Bayliff, and Rich: Bird, deputy bayliff to the other 
Bayliff, but noe act is therein entred to be made, saving election of 

1563-4. 6 El: ffriday, Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1564.] 


Rob : King, (a) 


Chr: Crane, 
Joh : Baker, 

Admir 1 ' 3 , 
Clerks Markt, 

Willm. Barber. 


Robt. Sallowes. 

Com : Cler : 

Joh : Hawis. 

Coron rs , 

Edm : Leeche, 
( Willm. Smart. 


Joh : Golding, 
Wm Smart, 

, The Bayliffs and 


Tho: Whiting. 


Willm. Whetcroft, 


Rob : Pinsvvein, 


Rob : Barker, 
Joh : Gardner, 


Rob : Willson, 
Wm Russell, 

1 Rich : Bird. 


Rich : Trost. 

John Baker, elected Chamberlin, is discharged thereof at the fine 
of 3 H 6 s 8 d , and John Tye is elected in his stead. 

John Hawes shall have liberty to follow his Clients causes at London, 
next Mich mass and Hilly termes. 

At this Court Tho : Gooding made defalt in apparance, w th other of 
the 12, and therefore is fined 3 s 4 d according to auncient order. 

At this Court allsoe Rob: Cuttler, one of the 24% made defalt of 
apparance, and is fined I s 8 d . 

At this Court allsoe 26 of the Commonalty defaulted in their appear- 
ance, and are fined at I s apeace, saving one at 6 d . 

John Tye is discharged of being Chamberlin, and Tho: Barrow 
elected in his place. 

6 El: (MondayJ, 17 day of Jan: [1564.] 

An assessm* shall be uppon all the inhabitants of this Towne for 
the repaireof Handford bridge by the Bayliffs, Portmen, and 24, or the 
more part of them. 

(a) The family of King was of Great Thurlow, Suff. Add. MSS. (Davy) 19,138. Page's Stiff, p. 900. 

M M 


The parishioners of the Kay have granted to the Towne in fee farme, 
a peece of ground at the red cliff, along by the water, in Estimacon one 
acre, there to digg stone for the paving of the streets of this Towne, at 
the rent of 6 s , to the use of y 6 Kay Churche for ever, provided that the 
same shall not be prejudicial! to the haven. 

M r Rob: Bray having undertaken to digg stone in the said ground, 
shall have the same for his best commodity, not being hurtfull to the 
haven as aforesaid, and in Consideracon thereof, shall from time to 
time serve the inhabitants of the Towne w th sufficient stone for the paving 
of the same, at the prices following, viz: the parishioners of the Kay at 
2 s the Tonne, and all the rest of the inhabitants of this Town at 2 s 4 d 
the Tonne, and shall deliver the same in his yard : to every Tonne there 
shall be 20 hundred. 

John Hawes at this Court is elected to be Common Clerk of this 
Towne, and its further ordered : 

1. That he shall be attend* uppon the said office. 

2. That he shall ingross in parchem* all suche matters as be reall 
actions, and suche other acc'ons as shall be tried by verdict, w th in the 
liberties of the Town of Ipswich, w ch doe amount to the summe of 5'' 
or more. 

3. That he shall be noe serv* nor retainer to any man, during 
the time that he shall exercise the said office. 

4. That he shall not exercise the faculty of an Atturny at the 
Common pleaes, or in any Court of record, whereby he shall have 
occasion to absent himselfe from attending uppon the said office. 

5. That he shall observe suche other articles as shall be devised 
by the Common Councill of this Towne, and the greater p't of them. 

Saving onely to the said John Hawes, liberty for Hillary and Easter 
termes next ensuing, to be at London to finish his Clients Causes, and 
thenceforthe to be attend 4 uppon the said place and office, so long as he 
shall continnue therein. 

6 El: (Tuesday}, iZAprill. [1564.] 

At the Assembly its ordered, that a suite shall be commenced 
against m r Withipoll (a) and others, for fishing in the river at Handford 
bridge by his commandem 4 . 

6 El: (Wednesday), 29 Marche. [1564.] 

The Tower greate bell shall be rung throughout the yere, at 4 of 

(a) The ancient family of Withipoll is said to have come out of Italy, and to have settled at Withipole, 
Co : Somerset. Edmund Withipoll, here referred to, was of Christ Church, Ipswich, and son and heir of Paul 
Withipoll, of London ; he died 16 May, 1582, and was bur. in S< Margaret's, Ipswich, where his tombstone, 
bearing a shield of arms and inscription, as prepared by himself in 1574, still remains. Clarke's Ipswich, 
p. 328. Wodderspoon, p. 399, Add. MSS. (Davy) 19,156; (Jermyn) 8217. 


the clock in the morning, and in winter at 8 of the clock in the evening, 
and in summer at 9 of the clock, when the watche bell beginns to ring, 
and the bellringers wages shall be assessed by the Common Councill. 

Every Burgess of this Towne shall provide one leather Bucket in 
his house before Whitsunday next, under perill of forfaiture of 3 s 4 d for 
each default. 

Tho : Eldred by himselfe apart, and Chr : Lymbard, and Tho : Bloyse 
jointly, are elected Chandlers for one yere, from Easter next, to serve the 
Towne with good Candle, at 2 d the pound, and to give security, &c. 

And all Butchers of this Town shall sell all theire Tallow to them 
onely, at 1 3 s 4 d the hundred, saving 2 pounds of every Bullock, and the 
2 d webb of every sheepe, w h shall serve onely for victuall, under perill of 
forfaiture, and imprisonm*, and disfranchisem*, discharge from victualling, 
as formerly hath bein ordered. 

The constitution for hailing and searching of clothes within this 
Towne, shall be reformed by the Councill learned of this Towne, and in 
the meane time, the same shall continnue effectuall for the taking of 

Rich: Hay ward elected Alderm: of the Guild for the next yere w th 
John Dandy. 

6 El: (Thursday}, 7 of Septemlf. [1564.] 

A portman discharged at the Assembly, viz : M r Math : Gooding, and 
M r Rob: Cuttler elected into that number, vid. 4 Sept: j El. 20 Marche: 
23 El: 1 8 Jan: 44 El: 19 July, 44 El: 9 Aug: 44 El: 

6 El: ffriday, 22 Septemb: [1564.] 

At this Court Rob* Cuttler is sworne into the number of the port- 
men of this Towne. 

Tho: Burrow discharged from being Chamberlin, at the fine of 3'' 
6 s 8 d , and Willm. Bloyse is elected in his place. 

Edw: Gardner made free Burgess, for building of Handford bridge, 
according to agreem*. 

Assessors of fforraine ffines named, to assess the same on Wednesday 
next, and suche as shall make defalt, not having a reasonable cause, shall 
forfait io s . 

The bellringers fee of 20% for ringing of the Tower bell for this 
halfe yere, shall be payed by assessment, uppon every Portman 4 d , and 
every of the 24% 2 d , and uppon every inhabitant, as they shall be assessed 
by the M rs and Wardens of every occupacon. 

Tho: Gooding, being lawfully warned to be at this Court, hathe 
made defalt, and therfore is fined 3 s 4 d , according tc former orders. 




John Goylmer, in setting up of his house next the Conduit house, 
incroched 1 2 inches into the com : soile, and was therfore amerced by 
the Hedburrowes at 3 s 4 d , and ordered to remove the same under a 
certaine paine of 40% by a day set and now pas 4 , and the incrochm* is 
not reformed ; its ordered he shall pay 13 s 4 d , and thereuppon the paine 
shall be discharged. 

And the said John Goylmer shall from henceforth injoy the said 
incrochem 1 by grant from this Town, in fee farme, for the yerely rent 
of 4 d , w th a clause of distress and reentry: the distress in case of arere 
by the space of 8 daies: the reentry in case of arere for one month. 

George Coppin sworne one of the hedburrowes. 

6 El: (Wednesday} , 2\ Novemb: [1563.] At the Assembly. 

The Bayliffs for the time beeing may lawfully take to themselves 
of every fforrainer entring an acco' w^in this Towne, 4 d . 

At the Admiralty its presented tha: J: found a skiff in the liberty, 
priced at 2O d , and that it is in the possession of J: and thereuppon the 
said J payed to the Chamberlins 2O d . 

And that R found an anker, prise 6 s 8 d , and that it is still in his 
hands, and that one moity belongs to the Town. 

Many persons presented for destroying small fish, and cache of 
them Amerced at 1 2 d ,and suche as defalted uppon summons, amerced 6 d . 

1564-5. 7 El: (Saturday), Nativity: Mar: [Sep. 

Com : Cler : 

Escheat ers, 
Admir 11 ", 
Clerks Mark 1 , 

Job : Gardner, 
Tho: Gooding.(a) 



!\Vm Leeche, 
Rob' Sparrow. 

The Bayliffs and 
Rob' Barker, 
Rob : King, 
Job: Smitha/.Dier, 
Rich : Bird. 
Hen ; Ashly, 

' ( Wm Hongate. 

Willm. Smart is elected Portman of this Towne. 

5, I565-] 

Rob : Sallowes. 

John Hawes. 

Job : Golding, 
Wm Smart, 
Tho: Whiting. 

Steven Baxter. 

Rob : Pinswein, 
Rob : Willson, 
Wm Russell, 
Rich : Frost. 

(a) vid. sup. p. 244, note. 

(b) He was a great benefactor to the poor of Ipswich, and to the Grammar School, and may be regarded 
as the founder of the Town Library. He died 23 Sep. 1599, and was bur. in St. Mary Tower, where there 
is a unique framed tablet of wood, bearing an acrostic inscription in rhyme, within a border illuminated with 
scroll work, a view of Ipswich, and kneeling figures. Wodderspoon's Hist. Ipsw. pp, 347, 380. Clarke's 
Hist. Ipsw. pp. 280, &c. Will dat. Jan. 8, 1598; proved Nov. 2, 1599. Ipsw. Gifts and Leg. 1747 DD - 
50. Add. MSS. (Davy) 19,149. 


Licence is given to Joh: Hawis to follow his Clients Causes three 
weekes in Mic: terme, and 14 daies in every other terme, at London, 
provided he shall leave in his stead a sufficient deputy. 

7 El; (Wednesday}, 6 December. [1564.] 

Licence to sell wine w th in this town by retaile, is granted to Willm. 
Cooke and William Sewale, according to the statt. Auditors appointed. 

Demise to Rich: Battell of 3 peeces of Arrable land in Whitton, by 
esteeme 4 acres. And 7 roods of medow in Claiden, w ch the said Richard 
found out as concealled from the Towne by m r Barnard. 

And this demise shall beginne from mich: last, and continue for 12 
yeres at 2O S r*, with reentry for non paym*, and a clause to binde from 
alienation or assignm 4 , unless to a freeman w^out licence from the Town. 

For the service w ch m r Grimston hathe donne as Burgess of this 
Towne, and further friendship extended in this behalfe, there shall be 
presented unto him from this towne two hogsheds of wine. 

Tho: Eldred and Chr: Lymbard are elected common chandlers 
according to former orders. 

The hedburrowes shall rate every inhabitant to a certaine quantity 
of Candle to be spent by them. 

Order for Butchers to sell theire tallow to the former Chandlers, now 
elected according to orders formerly made. 

John Barker elected alderm: Guild: to hold W A Rich: Hay ward for 
this next yere. 

John Barker is discharged for his fine of 5", and Steven Baxter is 
elected Alderm: Guild in his stead. 

7 El: (Tuesday), 13 Marche. [1565.] At the Assembly. 

m r Bayliffs shall fish the river from handford bridge to Bodshaw 
bridge, (a) as hathe bein formerly used. 

7 El: ( Tuesday}, 26 June. [1565.] 

S r Nicholas Bacon, Lo: Keper of the greate Sealle of England, is 
admitted free Burgess of this Town w rh out othe taken. 

Rob: Thorpe, gent, (b) for IO H fine is admitted a free Burgess uppon 
condicon to be resident in this Town before Mich : next, and thenceforth 
toremaineandcontinnuewith his familyasap'fitable member of the same. 

Ulveston hall (cj demised to Wm Trailes for 1 1 yeres at. 36'' rent, pay- 
able by moities at the 2 usuall feasts, w th distress for arere, and covenants 

(a) nid. sup. p. I. Edward deBordshaw resided at Sproughton temp. Hen. III. Page's Suff. p. 27. 
(4) Add. MSS. (Davy) 19,151 ; (Jermyn) 8216 ; Blomfield's Norf. v. 142 ; Page's Suff. 398. 
(c) A manor in Debenham, held by the Corporation of Ipswich under the will of Henry Tooley. md. 
sup. p. 219. 




that Wm shall be at charge of the Courts there to be holden, and shall 
repaire and set up the barne, 22 foote long and 20 foote broad, accord- 
ing to the Lo: Keepers order. And that the said Willm. shall collect 
the rents, fines, amercem 15 , and proffits of the said Courts, and shall 
have therefore io s yerely by defalcation out of his rent. And Tho: 
A' wood shall have 4 U yerely during his life, being now tenant to the 

(Monday), 24 September. [1565.] 

Giles Stedman dismissed from beeing Hallinger for this last halfe 
yere, paying to the Chamberlins the mony allready received. 

The present Bayliffs and the new Elects, w* 2 or 3 of eache parish, 
or the greater number, shall assess fforr: fines, and shall discharge or 
moderate former fines, and paines, and amercements by hedburrowes, and 
suche assessors as make default w th out cause, shall forfait io s . 

At the Admiralty Joh' Heart of Harw ch amerced io s , for taking 
ancorage of shipps beneath Landgard w th in this Jurisdiction. 

One presented for carrying a mans serv* to sea w th out his m rs con- 
sent, and amerced 2 s . 

One presented for not submitting to governm 1 by the m r of the 
shipp : amerced 3 s 4 d . (aj 

Geoff: Gilbard (b) 
Joh: Moore, (c) 

1565-6. 8 El: (Sunday}, Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1566.] 


Com: Cler: 




C larks Mark 1 , 


Edm : Leeche, 
Rob : Sparrow. 

The Bayliffs and 
Willm. Whetcroft, 
Joh : Gardner, 
Tho : Gooding, 
Rob : Barker. 

Joh : Hawes, 


Wm. Smart, 
Joh : Golding, 
Tho : Whiting. 

Rob : Pinswein, 
Willm. Russell, 
Rich : Trost. 

the other Serjeants staled. 

8 El: (Friday), 7 December: [1565.] 
Auditors appointed. 

(a) The ancient sea laws of the I4th cent, direct that if any mariner offends, he shall be carried before the 
Admiral, "pour prendre et avoir ce que lay de mer veult et demande." Black Book of the Admiralty, No. 
B. XI. Rolls ed. i. 32. 

Cb) Add. MSS. (Davy) 19,131, and (Jermyn) 8209. 

(c) " He was a merchant and portman of Ipswich, and a wise and religious man. He dy'd 1587, and left 
6 Dau: & coheirs." Arms: arg. a fess betw. 3 mullets, az. Cole's MSS. Brit. Mus. vol. 28, f. 148: quoting 
from Sir Rd Gipps' Antiq. Suffolc. 


Whereas m r Kelk is retained to be Common preacher of this Towne, 
for 40 marks yerely stipend, (aj w ch hathe not heretofore bein well levied: 
Its ordered that m r Bayliffs for the time beeing, m r South well, m r Grimston, 
calling before them suche as m r Bayliffs shall finde not being- contributory, 
shall take suche order w th them as in theire wisdome shall be most con- 

Seisure of a Barrell of herring as forraine bought and forrain sold, 
belonging to Edward Andrewes, whoe paieth his forrain fine. Its ordered 
that restitution of soe muche mony shall be made by y e treasurer as the 
Chamberlins shall accompt for the same. 

Willim. Martin, Musitian, shall have 13* 4 d for his service at the last 
Guild, and shall have henceforth 2O S yerely. 

m r Bayliffs shall appoint two of every parish to collect uppon Sunday 
next towards the release of Tho: Cooper, his wife and children. 

Tho: Bobbet is elected Alderm: Guild, with Steven Baxter, if the 
said Tho: hath not allready fined for the same, and if he hathe fined, 
then Rich : King is elected in that place to serve w ft the said Baxter. 

8 El: (Monday), 28 Jan: [1566.] At the Assembly. 

A suite is ordered against the Sheriff and his bayliffs, for aresting 
w th in this Towne without a Non omittas. And its ordered that the Sheriff 
shall not have the use of the Towne hall for the holding of the Sessions. 

8 El: (Thursday), 7 Marche. [1566.] 

Three common chandlers for this Towne elected for one whole yere 
at the like agreem ts with those of the last yere. 

And an order for the Butchers to serve them onely w th tallow 
according to the last yeres agreem 1 . 

Rich : Gage, Butcher, fined 40" for selling of Tallow to one that was 
noe Chandler of the Towne, and a capias awarded against him for the 
levying of the said fine. 

Willm Trailes, farmer of Ulveston hall, shall putt in suerties to 
render accompt as Bayliff of the manner, and to pay the rent as tenant 
to the farme, and his lease shall be sealled, and somme petit Court. 

Differences concerning rents to be paied by diverse persons to the 
Towne, are referred to be determined by p'ticuler persons specially named. 

Rich : King is discharged of his place of Alderm : Guild, at 4" fine, 
and George Wiles is elected in his stead, and hee allsoe is discharged 
at 4 U fine, and Rob: Andrewes is elected in his stead. 

Marg rt Ingram allowed to assign over Horswad mill to Roger 
Wright, for the fine of 5", to be payed by moities, and thereof the said 
Roger shall give security. 

(a) 2(1 135. 4d. 



m r Gardner shall have soe much of the Com : soile as the head- 
burrowes shall sett forthe at i d rent. 

8 El: (Monday), 18 Marche. [1566.] 

The Queene founded by her Charter the Grammer Schoole. (a) 

8 El: (Tuesday}, 28 May. [1566.] At the Assembly. 

The Chamberlins, as Ushers, shall serve at the next Guild, and 1 2 
of the last admitted Burgesses, by command of the Bayliffs for the time 
beeing, shall serve at the same Guild. The Bayliffs, Portmen, and Town 
Clerk shall cache of them find one capon, or forfait 5 s . 

8 El: (Saturday}, 31 August. [1566.] At the Assembly. 

m r Bridges, procter of the Admirallty, shall be retained of Councill 
w th this Towne, concerning the jurisdiction of the Admirallty, and to kepe 
the Admirall Courts, and to have 4" yerely fee, besides his charges at 
suche times. 

8 El: (Wednesday}, 10 July. [1566.] 

By the HEADBURROWES : m r Edm : Withipoll presented for taking 
in w th hedge and gate, the way for horse and foote from Brooks Hall to 
Dayry Lane, and amerced 3 s , and payned to lay the same open. 

A pece of common soile as its Kayed in at the south end of Stoke 
mill, next to Stoke Bridge, granted to Thorn: Bell for 21 yeres, at 2 s r 4 . 

Agreed that Joh : Waple shall have, to him and his heires, a peece 
of the common soile at the end of his house, in length 4 foot 2 inches, 
and of like bredth, at the south end of the La: Chappell (bj wall, at i d r 4 . 

8 El: (Friday}, 20 September. [1566.] 

28 Persons mentioned and named, whoe, or the greater number of 
whome, shall call before them and assess forrainers theire fines for theire 
Trading, such persons of the said forrainers as they shall think meete. 

John Easthall shall have a parcell of the Com: soile westward of his 
back yard, appointed by the headburrowes, for the yerely rent of 1 2 d , 
vf & a clause of reentry for non paym* w th in a month of all areres. 

Rob: Hall shall have p' cell of the Com: soyle next to the peece for- 
merly granted to Easthall, w ch was formerly appointed to Tho: ffishe, 
and the said Hall shall have the same to him and his heires at 1 2 r 4 , w th 
Clause of reentry for not paying w th in a month. 

(a) Ipsw. Gifts and Leg. 1747, pp. 112-17. 0>) v 'd- * U P- P- '94> note. 


John Waple shall have a parcell of the Town ground at the end of 
his house, formerly allowed by the headburrowes, and newly builded 
uppon by him, at 4 d r*. 

All w ch grants may be sealled at a Petit Court. 

WHEREAS Thorn: Gooding, one of the Bayliffs of this Towne, during 
the Time of his Baylywick thisyere, hathe not kept hospitallity according 
to the accustomed order of this Towne, and hathe nevertheless received 
5" fee, usually paied to every Bayliff for that purpose : And allsoe for 
that he hathe not given his attendance uppon his said office as he ought 
to have donne : Its ordered and agreed that if at the next greate Court, 
to be holden after the feast of S* Michaell next comming, the said Thomas 
Gooding shall comme into the Court, and there w th out any exception, 
openly confess his negligence and default, and then pay to the use of the 
Towne tenne pounds for a fine, that then he shall be remitted of the Towne 
for that offence, but if he shall neglect to doe the same, its ordered that 
the said Thomas Gooding shall pay at the same Court to the Townes 
use, 2O H for a fine for such negligence. 

8 El: (Friday), n October. [1566.] 

Rob* Sallowes elected Treasurer of this Town. 

A survey of the Town lands in Claiden, Whitton, Bramford, Aken- 
ham, Thurleston, IpsW*, Sprawton, and Holbroke, shall be made by 
p'ticuler p'sons named, or any 6 of them, and every man making a defalt 
therein, shall forfait to the Town 5 s . 

All fforrainers or strangers shall pay 2 d for every Tonne of Mer- 
chandise as they shall take up or unshipp at any crane w th in this Towne. 

ffifteene persons named to draw up orders to be observed in holding 
of greate Courts, uppon suche penalties as shall be therein sett down. 

WHEREAS Thomas Gooding could not be lawfully warned to this 
Court, to p' forme the order touching him : Its ordered that the said Tho : 
Gooding shall comme to the next greate Court, and confess his fault, 
and pay io u , and thereuppon he shall be remitted, or otherwise shall pay 
the fine of 2O U . 


At the Admirall Court, a man drowned was taken up, w th n s 6 d in 
mony in his pocket. 

The 'James,' that is sunk in the River, wanteth Beacons. 

Trespasses contra pacem. 

Working on the Sundaies. 

Nusance to the Haven by Ballast, muck, stakes, &c. 

The Constable of Whersted found a paire of Trail heads uppon the 
sea shore, and he is commanded to deliver them to the Bayliffs under 
paine of 6 s 8 d . 

N N 




ORDERED by the Bayliffs, and the Jury assenting thereto, that no 
inhabitant w th in this liberty shall use Trailing henceforthe, at any time 
after the hower of one after midnight on Satterday night, under penalty 
of io s forfait for cache offence. 

1566-7. 9 El: (Monday}, Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1567.] 


Com : Clerk : 

Clarks Mark 1 , 


Rob : Barker, 
Job: Smith al: Dyer. 

Edm : Leeche, 
Rob : Sparrow. 

, The Bayliffs and 
Willm Whetcroft, 
Justices, < Geoff: Gilbard, 

/ Job : Moore, 
v Rich : Bird. 


Common soyle in Nich: parish granted to Alderman. 

( John Harrison, 
' ( Tho:Bennet. 

Rob : Sallowes. 
( Willm. Smart, 

Willm. Bloyes, 
I Tho : Whiting. 

Joh : Hawes. 

Wm : Russell, 
Rich : Trost, 
Rich : Battell, 
Tho: Allein. 

8 El: (Friday}, 6 Decemb: [1566.] 

Auditors named. 

In consideration that John Upson hathe acquitted the Towne from 
all debts and demands, in right of his wife, executrixe of Edm: Reding ; 
And in regard that the said Upson shall educate Mary . . . whome he 
now hathe in his tuition, and discharge the town of all future incumbrance 
concerning her: The said John Upson shall be ffree Burgess of this towne 

M r Kelk shall continnue ordinary preacher of this Towne for the 
yerely stipend of 40 marks, serving onely 4 months in the yere, untill he 
shall be discharged by common concent of this Court, having a halfe yeres 
warning given to him. And for the better levying of the stipend m r 
Bayliffs for the time beeing, calling unto them suche p'sons as they shall 
think meete, shall p'swade, as well w th forrainers as Burgesses, for theire 
liberall contribution to the same; And if any of the free men will not 
agree to a reasonable portion Towards the same, The Bayliffs and suche 
as they shall call to them, shall assesse uppon every free man suche 
summe as shall be meete, and the same shall be levied, as by the dis- 
cretions of the said Bayliffs, and others called to them, shall be thought 
most meete. 

At this Court m r Gooding made his submission according to the 
last order, and found suerties, viz: John Brenn, and Geoff: Cauche, to 
pay to the Treasurer io u . And afterward the Court agreed that there 
shall be defalked 5" out of the said summe of io u , and abated unto him 


the said m r Gooding of his fine, and the other 5" shall be paied to m r 
Gardner, his late fellow Bayliff, towards his extraordinary charge spent 
in housekeeping, through the said m r Goodings defalt. 

9 El: (Tuesday), n Marche. [1567.] 

The bill now read in this Court against suche as have common access 
to alehouses, and loyter in tippling houses in this Towne, is referred 
to p'sons named, 3 of w ch are of the 12, and 3 of the 24^, and 4 of the 
Commonalty, to be corrected and amplified, and presented at the next 
greate Court. 

And whereas after the reading of the said Bill, Tho : ffuller, one of 
Burgesses present at this Court, not onely uttered many rash words 
towards the impugning of the same, but allsoe unmannerly said to the 
Bayliffs and Portmen then in full Court sitting uppon the benche, "That 
he marvailed whie there should be any suche bill now sett forth, more 
then in times past, when there were as wise men then as now:" The 
said Thomas ffuller was thereuppon by common concent committed to 

None of the towne lands or tenements shall be henceforthe demised 
by this Towne to any person or persons, before one whole yere next before 
the expiracon of the former leases allready passed. 

Demised to m r Math: Gooding, Kents, in the tenure of Pike, in 
Akenham, Claidon, and Whitton, for n yeres, from Mic: next, at 13'' 
6 s 8 d rent, w th clause of distress for arere 20 dayes, and reentry for arere 
by the space of 2 months, w th covenant to set yerely, 20 okes, ash, or 
elme, and kepe suche other covenants as are mentioned in the Lo: Kepers 

Demised to Rob* Stiles, the Tenem* now in his occupacon, late 
Henry Toolies, for n yeres from Mic: next, at 13'' 6 s 8 d r', w tt clauses 
as aforesaid. 

The reparacons shall be maintained by the lessee and covenants 
observed according to the Lo : Kepers order. And in regard the rent 
is increased to 4 U io s more then formerly, and that Tho: Cooper, late 
servant to Henry Tooly, is poore, the said 4 H io s shall be paied to him 
by the Warden yerely, during Stiles his lease, provideth he carieth him- 
selfe orderly, and that he shall not alien this penc'on. 

ffive persons nominated to propound and debate w th all suche persons 
as shall minde to buye any messuages, lands, or tenem ts of m r Toolies 
ffoundaco', and to beate out the uttermost price, and to certify. 

Willm. Bloyse is elected Alderm: of the Guild. 

At this Court the 24 did elect into theire number Willm. Hugget, 
and he is sworne. 


9 El: (Monday), Apt-ill \ \: [1567] 

m r Bayliffs that now are, and suche as they shall call to them, shall 
appoint Com : chandlers for this Town till Easter next, And then an order 
shall be made for further furnishing this town w th candle. 

The like order made concerning Butchers selling Tallow. 

Wm Bloyse, Chr: Crane, John Baker, John Tye, Tho: Burrow, 
Wm Hugget, and Henry Ashley, elected one after, and in the roome of 
cache other, to be Guildhold", and every of them are discharged at the 
fine of 5 H eache. And lastly, Willm. Buckenham is elected, to hold w* 
Rob 4 Andrewes, to whome is granted 33 s 4 d , and unto Willm. Buckenham 
3 H 6 s 8 d to hold for 2 yeres. 

Wm Barber, refusing to contribute to m r Kelks maintenance, was 
distrained for his p' portion assessed; viz: 4 yards and a halfe of broad 
Cloath, vallewed at 23 s 4 d , by two prizers. (a) 

m r Goodings, m r Aldermans, Tho: Bobbs, Ro: ffatts, and Joh : Maples 
grants, shall be sealed at somme petitt Court, w tt the Com: scale, and 
m r Gooding shall give bond of 40 marks for pformance of coven* 5 . Tho : 
ffuller, uppon paine of 20'', injoyned to appeare at the next Court, to 
answere matters charged against him. 

At this Court the 24 elected Hen: Ashley into theire number, and 
he is sworne. 

Edm : Leeche shall have the feeding uppon Warwicks pitts during 
the Towns pleasure, provided the inhabitants still may lay theire muck 
there, and take from thence as they usually have donne, allwaies provided 
that the way nor the haven be not indammaged thereby. 

m r Whetcroft and John Hawes shall this Terme take advise of the 
Lo: Keper, whether it shall be lawfull to alien the Tenem* 3 , late Henr: 
Toolies foundation, in Ipsw ch , to purchase lands and Tenem ts in stead 
of them, to the use of the poore. 

9 El: (Thursday), 26 June. [1567.] 

Willm. Trailes, farm r , of Ulveston hall, by agreement shall avoid 
the possession at Mic: next, and the p'sons hereafter named, viz: &c. or 
the most of them, shall propound, debate, and conclude for the sale, as 
may be most advantageous for the poore, and suitable to the Lo : Kepers 

The p'sons intrusted as aforesaid shall alien all the tenem ts late m r 
Toolies in this Towne, and the Capitall messuage in the Kay parish, as 
may be most for the advantage of the poore. 

(a) The price of broad cloth at this time appears to have been generally higher than this ; in 1553 at 
London it was 3,'- and 3/4 per yd. ; in 1563 at Cambridge, I ell sold for 6/3 ; in 1575 at Oxford, broad blue 
cloth sold at 3/3 per yard. Rogers' Hist. Prices, iii, 494-508. 


The Capitall messuage, late m r Toolies, in the Kay, shall be sold to 
Edm: Leeche for 239'', and Edm: Leeche shall enter into recognisance 
for security thereof, fa) 

9 El: (Thursday}, 18 September. [1567] at y" Assembly. 

m r Withypoll sent this message to m r Bayliff Moore. "I advise you 
that you doe not as tomorrow comme into the faire. And I doe under- 
stand that in times past, the Maces of the Towne have, uppon the ffaire 
even, bein delivered up to the Trinity, and there have remained till the 
next day after the ffaire." 

Notwithstanding w ch message, by advise of Councell, the Bayliffs, 
as Clerks of the Market, and as Justices of the peace, shall goe into the 
faire, and doe as usually they have donne. 

A riott ensued hereuppon, and a suite in the Starr Chamber, the 
p'ticulers whereof see in Treasury, (bj 

9 El: (Wednesday}, 24 September. [1567.] 

Assessors of fforraine ffmes named. If any p'son assessed shall not 
pay his fine uppon the day, the Bayliffs shall levy the same by distresse, 
and the goods shall be sold, if paym 4 be not made w th in 3 daies. 

ffower Persons appointed to view what reparacons have bein donne 
to the Grammer Schoole by m r Scott, and the same to allow or disallow 
in p* or in whole, and to Cause paym* to be made. 

Shephards, Barkers, and Smarts (cj leases shall be sealled by the 
Bayliffs and new Elects, and the Wardens of m r Toolies foundacon, and 
the Clavigers, or the most part of them. 

A Committee appointed to finde out lands or tenem te to be bought 
w* the mony of m r Toolies capitall messuage, and thereof to acquaint 
the assembly or the greate Court, that a purchase may be made. 

A Committee appointed to inquire what butter and Cheese or other 
victuall.hathe bein taken of Tho: Warham by the Bayliffs, or other inhabi- 
tants of this Towne, and thereof to certify the Assembly. 

(a) The accounts of Tooly's charity from 1566 to 1592, are contained in Add. MSS. 25,343. Brit. Mus. 

( b) The suit " Wy thyrpoole v. the Bailiff and Commonalty of Ipswich " was heard in the Star Chamber 
on Sat. 19 June, 10 Eliz. (i 568) when John Dyer of Ipswich, merchant, aged 68, and William Bloys, aged 37, 
were sworn and examined in a series of eight questions. The evidence, much of which is hearsay, goes to show 
that a fair, called "Holy Trinity Fair" had for 30 years past been held in the street leading from Ipswich to 
Westerfield and Tudnam, by the Prior, Sir Humphrey Wingfield, and Sir Thomas Rushe, but it was not proved 
that this place was within the precinct of the Priory of Christ Church, nor that the plaintiff used any force to- 
wards the Bailiffs ; at the same time it was admitted that he had personally opposed the progress of the Bailffs, 
and had stopped up Pedders Lane and other public ways. Star Ch. Proceedings, (Rec. Office) Letter W, 
Bundle ix, No. 38. See a similar case in Abstracts of Trials in Star Ch. Harl. 2143, f. 26. Wodderspoon, p. 94. 
The Decrees of this Court are nearly all lost. 

(c) This house, M r Smarts, was Hen: Toolyes, and demised by the town to M r Rob' Smart for loo 
yeres, from mic: 9 El: at 56= 8 d rent, by moities. It lies in Hellens parish (B). 


The treasurer shall pay to m r Grimston 5 U for his paines, Travaile, 
and friendship, as Burgess of this Town at the last Parliam*. 

m r Kelk shall continnue ordinary preacher of this Towne, according 
to the former retainer. And for the better levying of his pention to 
proceede as by the former order. 

Whereas Mr Barber hathe commenced a suite against one of the 
Serjeants of this Towne, for taking of a peece of clothe for m r Kelks 
wages, its ordered that the suite shall be defended at the Towns charges. 

Willm Martin and his serv ts , being Musitians dwelling in this 
Towne, shall have liveries and cognisances given them at the Towns 
charge before Christm: next, and the Gaoler shall likewise have a cog- 
nisance at the Towns charge, himselfe providing clothe for a livery, (aj 

The Bayliffs shall have power from time to time to make Hoggards, 
to impound at the new pound at Warwicks pitts, all swine taken in any 
streete or lane of this Town, there to remaine unrepleviable 3 dayes, 
unless the owner shall pay I s 4 d for every hogg, to the use of such 
Hoggard, and if the mony be not payed w th in suche time, the hoggs 
shall be apprised by 2 p'sons, to make sale of them, and thereout to pay 
the hoggards fee, and to render the overplus to the p'sons y* are owners 
at the time of impounding them, fbj 

9 El: (Tuesday), 14 October: [1567.] 

Apprentices bound by indenture, acknowledged before one Bayliff. 
vid. pettit Court booke: 

At the Admirallty the m r of the ' ffortune,' of Aldbur : is presented 
for refusing to pay ancorage, and is fined io s . another of the like, fc) 

2 p'sons amerced for taking the maineyard and sailes from a shipp 
of Rye, and they are amerced, cache 20% and commanded to pay the 
same under penalty of forf 1 of 4O S . 

The m r of the 'ffortune,' of Aldbur: presented for suffering his 
ancor to lye in the channell by the space of 3 months, and is amerced 
6 s 8 d . 

Two Boyes presented for grubbing of Butts on the Lo : day, and 
amerced eache at 2 s . 

Two p'sons amerced 2O S , for taking ancorage w th out warr*. 

Taking of ffish under assize. 

Ordered by the Bayliffs, that noe inhabitant of this Towne shall 
suffer to be, or putt into the channell, any Ducks or Drakes, under 
penalty of forfait of i2 d for each Duck or Drake. 

(a) Z'id. sup. p. 212 ; also Introd. to Percy's Reliques, by H. B. Wheatley, F.S.A., p. xvi., ed. 1876. 
and Index to Municipal Offices, by G. L. Gomme, p. 26. 

(b) On Agricultural Offices in Boroughs, see Index of Municipal Offices as above, p. 27, &c. 

(c) By the maritime laws of the 15"' century, the anchorage dues for a ship of more than 50 tons 
amounted to 4 d ; and for one of lesser burden, 2*. Black Book of Admiralty, Rolls Ed. i. pp. 74-5, 234. 



1567-8. 10 El: (Wednesday}, Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1568.] 


' Wm Whetcroft, 

Chamberlitu, ( Chr: Alderman, 
( Joh : Cole. 

Admir" s , 
Clerks Mark', 

1 Rob : Cutler, (a) 

Treasurer, Geoff: Cage. 

Com : Clerk . Toh : Hawvs. 


\ Edm: Leeche, 
[ Joh : Barker. 


Wm Smart, 
Wm Bloyse, 

The Bayliffs and 

Tho : Whiting. 

John Smith al: Dyer, 

Wim Russell, 


Rob : Barker, 
John Gardner, 


Rich : Trost, 
Rich : Battell, 

Geoff: Gilbard. 

Tho : Allen. 

10 December. 

Auditors appointed. 

The suits w th M r Withypoll and other suites and matt ers depending 
thereuppon, shall be prosecuted w* effect at the Towns Charge, and 
m r Whetcroft and the Town Clarke shall follow the same by advise of 

The Wardens of m r Toolyes foundation shall allwase beginne theire 
accompt on Munday next after new yere day, or the next day following 
that is not a holy day. 

A Committee appointed to procure m r Buckenham to make assur- 
ance of suche legacies as m r Allen hathe given to the poore. 

The fine of 6 s 8 d sett uppon a jury at the last Sessions for the peace, 
is referred to the audit, to remitt or order as they shall think meete. 

10 El: (Friday}, Marche 5. [1568.] 

At suche time as any greate Court shall be summoned, the same 
shall be in the morning. And before the hower of warning, all the 
burgesses having notice of the Court shall repaire to Laurence Churche 
to heare divine service, and to make speciall supplicacon to God for 
his grace and assistance in theire affaires, and suche as make default in 
comming for suche intent, shall forfait for every defalt 4 d to the use of 
the poore, unless reasonable cause be shewn to the contrary. 

Common Chandlers elected to serve the Town vf & candle as 
formerly hathe bein used, and uppon the like agreem* 3 . 

Every Burgess of this Towne shall have theire bucket or buckets 

(a) Merchant and Portman, ob. 9 May, 1596, and bur. at S' Nicholas, Ipswich. Harl. 1169. f. I2ib. 
Add. MSS. (Jermyn) 8206 ; and (Davy) 19,125, where there is a ped. extending to 1655. This family was 
afterwards of Boss Hall, in Sproughton. Arms : bendy of 6 or and sa : over all a lion ramp. gu. Robert, 
son of the above, obtained a grant of arms, 20 June, 1612, substituting a lion passant. This Boss Hall 
obtained its name from Edward de Bordeshaw, who held it temp. Hen. in., and must be distinguished from 
Boss (De Bois) Hall in S< Matthew's parish. 


ready before Whitsunday next, under former penalties. And the 
Treasurer shall p'vide for every ward by such time, a crome and a 
ladder convenient, at the Towns charge, (a) 

The Assembly shall conferr w th m r Rob : Bray concerning Cranage 
toll and other p'ffits detained by him from the Towne, and a certaine 
way which ought to be had through the yard of the said Robert. 

Writings to Barber, Amys, and Buckenham, shall be sealled at the 
petit Court. 

Tho: Bloss elected Alderm: Guild w th Willm. Buckenham. 

10 El: (Thursday}, Marche 18. [1568.] 

All matters tried by verdict, where the debt or dammage shall be 
under 13" 4 d , the plaintiff shall give to the Jury after they are discharged, 
8 d . And if the debt or dammage be above that summe, unto or under 
4O S , then they shall be paied i2 d , and if above 40%- they shall have i6 d . 

10 El: (Thursday}, 29 Apr ill. [1568.] at the Assembly. 

John Shemin shall have a lease of a tenem* in Whitton, wherein he 
now dwelleth, for 1 1 yeres, at 1 6 s 8 d r*, to beginne at Mic : next. 

10 El: (Tuesday}, May 4. [1568.] 

ffor defence of the suite against m r Withypoll, soe many of the 1 2 
as will lend 40% and of the 24^ as will lend 20% and of the other Bur- 
gesses as will lend any other summe, shall be reimbursed by or before 
the 3 d day of August next. And m r Smart is made receiver of suche 
summs, and shall yield accompt thereof. 

Tho: Bloss is elected unto the number of the 24^'. 

The matters in suite w th m r Withypoll shall be prosecuted to Judge- 
ment in the Starr chamber w th out comprcemise. 

There shall be but one Admirall Court holden this yere for this 
Towne, the Bayliffs taking a competent number of the Towne to be of 
the jury. 

m r Mathew Gooding hathe licence to sett over his lease of Whitton 
lands, provided that the tenant shall mantaine w th reparacons, the Town 
onely sending Timber. 

m r Barkers and m r Smarts leases shall be sealled at the petit Court. 

Wine licence granted to Giles Stedman, and he shall be one of the 
three vinteners of this Towne, according to the Statute. 

The Booke exhibited by Rob: Bull unto this Court, shall be con- 
sidered by the Town Clerk, and afterwards referred to the assembly. 

(a) At Oxford each parish contributed a fixed number of buckets. Turner's Records of Oxford, p. 348. 
A ' crome ' was a hooked pole, used for puffing down houses in case of fire. 


10 El: ( Tuesday), August 3. [1568.] 

Lott and Scott ordered for the Towne debts, and suite w th m r 
Withypoll. The summe shall be for 200". 

The assessors shall be 3 portmen,4 of the 24% and 4 other Burgesses, 
or 8 of them. And the assessors shall be assessed by the Bayliffs, and 
m r Gilbard and m r Moore, or any three of them. The assessm* shall 
be made before Bartholomew day,* and paym* shall be uppon demand 
by the Collectors, being 4 p'sons named. 

Defalters shall be 'distrained, and if noe distress be, theire tenem ts 
and rents shall be seised, and the p'son imprisoned and disfranchised. 

Tho: Cotes, Serjeant of the Admiralty, shall have 5 s delivered unto 
him by the Chamberlins, to buy himselfe a cote, to be made fitt for him 
at his own Charge, and he shall have a Cognisance of the Townes gift. 

The Bargaine betwene the Town and Joh: Amys, shall be made by 
the Bayliffs and suche as they shall call to them. 

The Bayliffs shall not suffer the Sheriff to have use of the Towne 
Gaole w th out licence first had of the great Court, under the perill of 
forfaiture of 2O U . 

10 El: (Friday) ', September 17 '. [1568.] 

The Water Bayliff shall distraine for Cranage, for goods comming 
to the Kay at the common Crane. 

m r Bayliffs and mr Newelets, w th severall persons of severall parishes 
named, or most of them, made Assessors of the forraine fines, and re- 
fusers to pay shall be distrained according to the former order. 

Rob: Potter fined by the headburrowes at io s , is abated 5% and 
Walter Meryell, that was fined by them 6 U , is abated 5 U . 

Rob : Andrewes, fined for diverse purprestures, uppon the paym* of 
4O S he shall be discharged. 

If any Ducks or Drakes be found in the channell of this towne by 
the Serjeant of the Admirallty, the serjeant shall seise soe many of them 
as he can, and take the one halfe to his own use, the other to the use of 
the Towne. 

At the Admirallty presented a felony, in taking a sale and a lighter. 
And one for taking and concealling an Ancor, by him found w th in the 
liberty, and he is commanded to bring the same to the Bayliffs, under 
penalty of forfait of his moity; (a) the ancor is belonging to p'son un- 
knowne, and vallewed at 1 2 s . 

A p'son drowned by misadventure, and a Deodand found. 

* Aug. 24th. 

(a) Anchors and all weighty things whatsoever thus found were termed "lagan." (A.S. liggan, to lie) 
and the law applying to flotson, applied to these also, vid.sup. p. 207, and Cowell's Law Diet. 





1568-9. 1 1 El: (Thursday) ', Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1569.] 

Admir 11 ', 
Clarks Mark*, 



Rob: King, 
Wm Smart. 

Edm : Leeche, 
Job : Brenn. 

The Bayliffs and 
Joh: Smith a/: Dyer, 
Willm: Whetcroft, 
Rob: Guttler, and 
Robert Barbe. 



Com: Cler: 
Cler: pac: 



Aug : Parker, 
James Beddingfeild. 

Christoph : Crane. 
Joh : Hawes. 

Rob : Sparrow, 
Tho : Whiting, 
Wm Bloyse. 

Wm Russell, 
Rich Trost, 
Tho : Allen, 
Rich : Battell. 

Robert Sparrow elected into the number of the Portmen of this 

John Harison elected into the 24*?, and sworne Constable of this 

n El: (Wednesday), Decemb: %. [1568.] 

Auditors appointed. 

John Bond amerced in the Court at Ulveston hall, for gathering of 
wands, to 6 s 8 d , and petitioning for release, its referred to the next Court 
at Ulveston hall. 

Noe Tanner being not a Burgess of this Towne shall buie hides of 
any fforrainer w th in this Town w th out Custom paid, under forfaiture of 
6 s 8 d , and to abide further order to be considdered off as touching him. 

ii El: (Friday}, Aprill i. [1569.] 

Berebrewers fined by the Headburrowes for disorders against the 
order sett by the late Bayliffs, having submitted them selves unto this 
Court, its referred to the headburrowes to considder thereof, and other 

The fine of 40* sett uppon Tho : Bennett, Chamberlin, for negligence, 
is remitted, and his fine of io u for not bringing in his accompt at the last 
auditt, he is remitted thereof 8 U . 

The ordering for Chandlers and Butchers referred to the Assembly. 

Rich: Cage elected Alderm: Guild with Thorn: Bloss, and is dis- 
charged for 6 U 1 3 s 4 d fine, and John Harison is elected in his stead, and 
is likewise discharged for 5" and in his stead Tho: Bennet is elected, 
whoe is allsoe discharged at 4o s fine, and the same allsoe remitted. 

Three vinteners licenced by the Towne for this yere, provided they 
behave themselves according to the Stattute, viz: Tho: Bobet, Wm 
Savell, and Giles Stedman. 


Bramford and Whitton lands shall be viewed by p'sons named, the 
greater number of whome shall have authority to lease the same in the 
name of the Towne, to suche as will give most for the same. 

The Wardens of the ffoundacon shall enter in the name of the Town 
into Stiles his lands, containing 9 acres or thereabout, concerning w ch 
Stiles hathe complained in this Court against m r Dyer and thereuppon 
shall make suite to S r Rob' Wingfeild (a) for the quiet possession thereof 
hereafter, to the use of the Town, as allsoe for a licence of Mortmaine 
to be obtained of him for another peece of ground called 'Brookes Wood.' 

n El: (Thursday), May 26. [1569.] By y Headburr: 

Christoph r Crane having incroached into the high streete a foote 
and a halfe, at the west end of his house in Tacket streete, the same is 
allowed to continnue at 2 d rent yerely. 

ii El: (MondayJ, Septemb: 26. [1569.] 

The Bayliffs, new Elects, and those whose names ensue, are made 
assessors of fforr : fines, and refusers to pay shall be distrained according 
to the order 9 El: 27: Sept: 

fforrainers turning over apprentises to a freeman, the indenture of 
the first apprentiship shall be indorsed w th the assignm 1 in the presence 
of the Bayliffs, and by them subscribed, otherwise the assignm 4 or turning 
over shall be void and uneffectuall to obtaine freedome. 

The late house of Black ffriers, (bj bought of Joh : Southwell, Esq r , 
shall be henceforthe an hospitall for the poore people of this Towne, and 
shall be called Christs hospitall. 

By advise of the Bayliffs and Portmen, and of James Rivett (cj and 
ffrancis Noone, Esq rs .,/^/y beeingof the Councell Learned of this Towne: 
It is ordered that all pleaes and jury Rolls, Replevies, scire facias, and 
process of execution, shall be exhibited in parchm* at the charges of the 
parties to the same, and not in paper as formerly, and that allowance 
for the same shall be in bills of costs in manner following : - 

ffor every Declaracon, Avowry, Cognisance, and Justification, i s 4 d . 

(a) Second son and eventual heir of Sir Anthony Wingfield, K.G., of Letheringham, bom 1520, Sheriff 
of Suff.3 Eliz. and representative in Parliament forSuff. 1559, 1563, and 1572. Died 19 Mar. 1596. Add. MSS. 
(Davy) 19,155; (Jermyn) 8217, Clarke's Ipswich, p. 220; Fuller's Worthies, ii. 149; Page's Stiff, p. 116. 
Arms : arg. on a bend gu. cotised sa. 3 pairs of wings conjoined in lure, of the field. 

(b) Wodderspoon pp. 305-13; Clarke, 276-81. 

(c) The family of Rivett or Revet is presumed to be of French extraction. James Rivett here named, was 
of Rattlesden, Suff. son and heir of Thomas Rivett of Stowmarket, a councillor-at-law, and J.P. for Suff. ob. 
23 Jan. 30 Eliz. (1588), and bur. at Rattlesden. Inq.p. m.8 Jan. 31 Eliz. (1589). Add. MSS. (Davy) 19,146; 
(Jermyn) 8214. Page's Suff. 732. Arms: per pale, arg. and sa. on a chev. betw. 3 lozenges, as many martlets, 
all counterchanged. Harl. 1177. f. y6b; i55-f.6lb. 

(d) Son of Henry Noone of Shelfhanger, Co : Norf. Esq. He was ot Martlesham, Co : Suff. and reader 
at Gray's Inn; ob. 1574. Add. MSS. (Jermyn) 8212; (Davy) 19,143. Dugdale, Orig. Jurid. pp. 293-4. Arms: 
or. across eng. vert, (or gu.) Harl. II"". f. 53. &c. Blomfield. Norf.i. 113. 




ffor other pleaes, replicacons, rejoinders, surrejoinders, and re- 
butters, I s O d . 

ffor every venire fac: towards the charge of the parchm 4 of the jury 
rolls, o s 4 d . 

ffor the entry of every Judgem* and awarding of every process, o s 4 d . 

These shall be allowed to the Atturnies, besides theire standing 
fee, of and for attendance for a free man, i s 4 d , and for a forrainer, 2 s , 
hanging the suite. 

ii El: (Thursday), 27 Octotf. [1569.] At the Assembly: 

M r Donne shall be retained to make a survey of the Town lands of 
Bramford, Whitton, and Ipsw ch , at the charge of the Towne. 

1569-70- I2 El: (Friday}, Nativit: Mar: \Sep. 8, 1570.] 

Admir 113 , 
Clerks Mark*, 

John Gardner/a,/ 
John Barker. (b) 

Coron r >, 


Edm : Leeche, 
Joh : Brenn. 

The Bayliffs and 
Joh: Smith al: Dyer, 
Rob: King, 
Wm. Smart, 
Geoff: Gilbard. 


Christoph : Crane. 

Com: Cler: } 
Cler:pac: \ 

John Hawis, 


Rob : Sparrow, 
Tho : Whiting, 
Wm. Bloyse. 

Guild holder \ 
w th joh: Cole,) 

Christoph : Merill. 

Mr Whetcroft shall receive 6o u given by m r Allen for the provision 
of gownes, shirts, and smocks for the poore, for an annuity of 3'' io s , 
issuing out of all his lands, mesuages, and Tenem ts in Ipsw ch and Wher- 
sted, to be assured to this Towne for ever, to be imployed by the Bayliffs 
for the time beeing, according to the intent of m r Aliens last will, (cj 

12 El: (Wednesday} , ffebruary 22. [1570.] 

The 53 s 4 d given to m r Y{\\\,(dJ Curate of the Tower, for a gowne, shall 
stand firme. 

A committee appointed to draw a booke of orders for governm* of 
occupacons, to be read at the next Court. 

Willm. Dandy, Burgess of thisTowne, being grown intoweake estate, 
and in respect of the Lo : Kepers letters in his behalfe unto this Towne, 
the renter Warden shall pay him yerely 4 H , by 4 paym* 3 in equall portions. 

(a) vid. sup. pp. 226,254. 

( b) Son of Rob : Barker (p. 252), a Merchant, Portman, and Alderman, and Burgess for Ipswich in 1 585, 
1586 and 1588. He was bur. in the Tower Church. Ret. of Mem. Parl. (1878) vol. i. 

(c) Ipswich Gifts and Leg. 1747, p. 150. 

(d) Perhaps of the Hill family of Bury St. Edmunds, Add. MSS. (Davy) 19,135. Arms: gu. 2 bars 
erm. in chief a lion pass. or. John Hill, B. A. , of Trin. Coll. Camb. was preacher there about 1 582. Cooper's 
Ath. Cantab. 


The under clerk of the market, appointed by the Bayliffs, shall have 
his yerely pencon of 26 s 8 d paied him out of the Treasury. 

John Cole elected Alderm : Guild, to serve w* Tho: Bennet. 

Commelystaires shall be madeup into the Treasury, and table presses 
and formes shall be made therein. 

Rob: Inglish of Magdalen Coll., in respect of his poverty, and beeing 
a Toward young man, shall have yerely exhibition of 53* 4 d out of the 

Christoph : Ward did deliver into the Court five deedes, purporting 
a gift of Almeshouses in Mathewes parish, given to the Towne by his 
father, Joh : Ward al: Bently, by his last will. 

12 El: (Tuesday), z^ffebruary. [1570.] At y' Assembly. 

Every of the 1 2 and 24 hereafter to be elected, shall have theire 
liveries w th in halfe a yere after theire election, under perill of forfaiture 
of 5 U for every of the 1 2 that shall make suche default, and 3" 6 s 8 d , for 
cache of the 24, being defalters. And they shall the same weare when 
they comme to Churche at the feasts of Easter, Penticost, and at the 
Election day, the Guild day, and Mich: day. 

12 El: (Monday), Mar che 6. [1570.] 

John Hawes and Aug: Parker shall summon Joh: Southwell, Esq r , 
and Margt his wife, to appeare before the Judge at the next assize, to 
acknowledge a fine of Blackfriers. 

Tho: Eldred, Chandler, for not serving the Town with candle 
according to his bond, is fined at 40% and Tho: Everard, for the like 
offence, though of less vallew, is fined at 2O S . 

The Bayliffs for the time beeing shall call all suche as have in- 
croched into the Towne soyle, w th out right, and such as having right, 
doe hold without paym* of rent, and shall agree w* suche for the settling 
of theire rent and estate, and make certifficate thereof at the great Court. 

John Wood shall be Chandler for the Towne according to agreem* 
with other Chandlers. And that Candle of 1 6 to the pound shall have 
two wicks of Cotton, and of 1 2 to the pound, 3 wicks, and of 8 to the pound, 
4 wicks, and of 6 to the pound, 5 wicks, and of 4 to the pound, 6 wicks. 

Tenants of Bramford and Whitton lands, that have theire termes and 
leases expired, shall be warned out of theire possession at Mich : next. 

m r Kelk shall continnue town preacher for the Quarters in every 
yere, viz: Easter, Whitsuntide, and Michaelmas, for the salary of 20''. 

And that 6 H 13* 4 d of m r Kelk's salary, and 5 marks collected of the 
inhabitants of the Towne, (aj shall be paied to m r Hill, the Curate of 

(a) Together=io. 


the Tower, whoe shall serve the other Quarter, and allsoe preache every 
Sunday in the yere in this Towne, in the absence of Mr Kelk, and if the 
5 marks shall not be raised by Collection, it shall be made up out of the 

The summe of 6 U 9 s 6 d , laid out by the Chamberlins for a dinner 
made to the Lo: Wentworth (a) and other commissioners, (to examine 
a matter y* Bardwell moved against the Towne and m r Kelk, concerning 
certain disordered words by him said to be uttered) shall be allowed the 
Chamberlins uppon theire accompt. 

The forfaiture of Rich : Bennets obligacon remitted upon his sub- 
mission, to be ordered by the Bayliffs in the matter betweene him and 
Walter Estall. 

12 El: (Monday), 3 Aprill, [1570.] at y e Assembly. 

The lands in the occupacon of Cranford, the marsh, and the mills, 
at the expiracon of the severall leases, shall be in the hands of the 
inhabitants beeing free men; viz: the lands and mills shall be in the 
Towns hand, to the end that the inhabitants may be well used in theire 
Toll: and for the better mantaining of the haven, that the floud gates 
may be sett open once every month, or otherwise, as need shall require. 

12 El: (Wednesday}, 5 Aprill. [1570.] 

Willm. Dandy remitteth his annuity to the Town freely, as it was 
granted to him. 

Chr: Crane shall seise all lands forfaited for not paying of rent, or 
for any other cause. 

The Town marsh and Cranfords farme, after the leases expired, 
shall be parcelled out by two of the portmen, and 2 of the 24% and 4 of 
the Commonalty, and the same shall be inclosed for suche ffreemen as 
shall desire to hold any such parcell. 

Willm. Atwood shall have 13* 4 d fee yerely, to be aidant w th m r Greeke 
in the saving of the Towne from Troubles in the Exchequer process 
concerning the fee farme of the Towne, and other matters whereof the 
inhabitants may be discharged by theire Charter. 

John Brame shall have 26 s 8 d yerely to him granted out of the 

Tho: Everad fined 20* more, for disorder in serving the town w th 

Tho: Cooper shall have a pencon of 4 H io s yerely out of the ffoun- 
dacon, payable quarterly by even portions. 

(a) Thomas, 2 Baron (by writ) of Nettlested, Co: Suff:, Deputy of Calais until its surrender in 1558; 
Lord Lieut, of Norf. and Suff. " He died," says Fuller (Worthies, ii. 331) "a very aged man, 1590." Cal. 
State Pap. Dom. Ser. Burke's Ext. Peerage. Nicolas' Hist. Peerage. 


Trees of Timber shall be taken off the coppyhold lands belonging to 
Ulveston hall, if by the Councill learned of the Towne they shall be soe 
advised. And other timber trees from the demesnes, for repairing of 
the Hospitall, and other houses there. 

12 El: (Monday}, 22 May. [1570.] At the Assembly. 

Utlawes goods shall henceforthe be seised by the Chamberlins to 
the use of the Towne. 

12 El: (Thursday), & June. [1570.] At the Assembly. 

The house in the occupacon of Carnaby and Hally, shall be sold to 
suche as will give most therefore before Midsummer next. 

12 El: (Wednesday), 28 June. [1570.] At the Assembly. 

m r Bridges, his fee abated to 4O S p. annu', and he shall stay from 
keeping the Admirall Courts for this yere. 

12 El: (Wednesday) , July $. [1570.] 

The Common Kay shall be repaired and made up w th Timber work 
as the rest thereof is, at the charge of the Town. 

The Tenures, rents, and services belonging to Ulveston hall shall 
be inquired into. 

Orders shall be made and published for the better ordering of the 
Grammer Schole, and of the Master, Usher, and schollers there, by the 
12 and 24*y of this Towne, soe as may stand w* the Charter of the 
Schoole. (a) 

Willm. ffoster, Esq r . (bj discharged of his fee and attendan ce as 
of councill for this Towne. 

And John Clenche, gent, (cj shall henceforth in his place be ac- 
cepted to be of Councill, and shall have for his fee 26 s 8 d yerely, and at 
Mic : next, 1 3 s 4 d , during the Townes pleasure. 

m r Key shall, from Mich: next, be retained preacher to the hospitall 
of this Towne at the fee of 6 H 13 s 4 d out of the ffoundacon Revenewes, 
during the pleasure of this Towne, and he shall instruct y e poore people 
there, as at the assignem* of the Bayliffs, and he shall have a chamber 
allowed him in the Hospitall continually. 

(a) Ipswich Gifts and Leg., 1747. pp. 117-21. 

\b} Add. MSS. (Davy) 19,130. 

(<r) Son of John Clench of Wethersfield, Essex., and grandson of John Clench of Leeds, Yorks ; he 
became a Baron of the Exchequer in 1581, and Justice of the Queen's Bench in 1584; he died Aug. 9, 1607, 
and was buried at Holbrook, where there is a tomb with effigies of himself and his wife, and an inscription. 
Foss's Judges of Eng., v. 474; Add. MSS. (Davy) 19,123; Harl. 1136, f. 54; 1169, f. 57; 1560, f. 233b ; 
Page's Suff. 23. In Dugdale's Orig. Jurid. p. 253, is a portrait of him by Hollar, and notes in Chron. Ser. p. 96. 


12 El: (Wednesday}, 20 September. [1570.] 

Whereas the common and meaner sort of people in this Towne are 
growne to excess of apparell, especially in theire hose, to the ruine, 
decay, and impoverish* of the Towne against the com'andm* of the 
Sscr: in contempt of the lawes, to the increase of wickedness and sinne, 
where through they fall into the greate displeasure of Allm^' God : Its 
therfore ordered, determined, and agreed, by the whole concent of the 
Bayliffs, Burgesses, and Commonalty assembled, that noe inhabitant 
of this Towne using any mystery or occupacon w th in this Towne, theire 
apprentices, servants, or journy men, shall use about their hose any 
stuffing w th haire, wooll, or other stuffing therein laid, bolstred, or inter- 
lined, other then one single lining of cotton, and one other like woollen 
or linnen lining, uppon paine of imprisonm* by the Bayliffs, after warning 
given by publiq 6 proclamac'on, and there to remaine till the offender 
shall have reformed his excess. And all Constables shall make stay of 
suche offenders, and them shall bring before the Bayliffs for the time 
beeing. (aj 

Wine licence granted to Tho: Bobet, James Bedingfeild, and Steven 
Greenleafe, provided they shall sell according to the stattute, and all 
other p'sons admitted therto by this Town shall be discharged. 

Edw: Shephard, farmer, of Ulveston hall, shall be discharged from 
building any other barne then what is allready builded. 

John Nicolls, fined by the hedburrowes at 6 H 13" 8 d , for not repairing 
his Kay, is remitted of the same uppon his grant of 2O S yerely, during 
his life, to the Hospitall, and his repairing the Kay before Mich: 1571. 

And the said John Nicholls is made a free burgess of this Towne, 
and is discharged from beeing elected Chamberlin for ever. 

Assessors of fforr: fines nominated to assesse for the yere past and 
the yere to comme. Refusers of paym* shall be distrained without re- 
plevin, and if within 3 dayes paym* be not made, the distress shall be sold, 
paym* shall be made, and the overplus restored. 

Mr Rivets indenture of a quill of water, granted out of the hospitall 
conduit, and the demand made by m r Withipoll of a rent for the said con- 
duit, are referred to the Councill learned of this Town for theire advice. 

Rob* Andrewes his fine of 5" is abated to 40% and Eldreds fine of 
2O S is remitted. 

12 El: (Monday}, 25 September. [1570.] 

Wm. Russell, Rich: Trost, Tho: Allen, Rich: Battell, elected Ser- 

(a) See Statutes I Hen. vm. c. 14 ; 7 Hen. vm. c. 6 ; 24 Hen. vni. c. 13. Statt. of Realm, iii. pp. 8, 
179, 430. Wodderspoon, 287. 




Grants and leases of the lands in Bramford and Whitton, and of the 
Common soile, accordingto former order, made by the p'sons appointedfor 
that end, and w ch are or shall be sealled at the petit Court, are confirmed. 

Augustin Parker (aj shall have the lease of a certaine garden plott, 
called "ffrier Woodcocks garden," giving as muche as any other will 

Henry Ashley and George Wilds shall have liberty to sett up Tainters 
on Warwicks pitts, paying suche rent as by the Bayliffs and Headburrowes 
shall be thought meete. 

12 Eliz: 

Common soile in Mathews parish granted to Bateman. 

Common soile, once Butlers, in Mary Elms parish, granted to Cutting. 

Common soile, once H awards, in Mary Elms parish, granted to Bobbet. 

Com: soile in Mathews parish, Laurences, granted. 

Com: soile in Peters parish, Merills, granted. 

Com : soile in Nich : parish, Aldermans, granted. 

Com: soile in Nich: parish, Cornelius, granted Croxon. 

Com : soile in Nich : parish, Gardners, gfanted. 

At the Admirallty: presentm* 3 of affraies in shipps. 

Casting out of Ballast into the Channell, and taking of small fish 
under the assize, and bringing them to market. 

And one p'son was presented for taking up a bote in the Channell, 
and that a moiety thereof belongs to the Bayliffs. 


El: ( Tuesday J, 12 Septemb: [1570.] 

m r Allen's 6o u nowpaied to m r Whetcroft, he granted a rent charge 
of iiij 11 x s out of his houses in the Kay parish, and tenem ts in Westerfeild 
and Witnesham. And this is yerely to be bestowed uppon the poore 
and needy in gownes and shifts. 

1570-1. \2> Jit 

: (Saturday), l\ativit: Mar: \2>ep. 

8, I57I-J 



Chr : Crane. 

Clerks Mark*, 

Geoff : Gilbard, 
Rich : King. 


Rob : Sparrow, 
Tho: Whiting, 
Wm. Bloyse. 


Edm : Leeche, 
Joh : Brenne. 

Cler:pac: \ 
Com:Cler: } 

Joh : Hawis. 

The Bayliffs and 

Wm. Russell, 


Joh : Gardner, 
Joh : Barker, 

Tho : Allen, 
Rich : Trost, 

foh : More, 

Rich : Battel. 

Rob : Guttler. 

Guildholder, \ 


' Ed : fflick, 
; Laur : Trost. 

with James 
Beddingfeild, ) 

Augustin Parker. 

(a) He died 12 Mar. 1590, aged 60, as appears from an inscription on brass in St. Mary Key Church. 
Clarke's Ipswich, p. 270. 




13 El: (Monday), 4 December. [157-] 

Auditors appointed, and they have power to determine penalties set 
uppon the persons of any by the headburrowes. 

All the inhabitants of the Towne shall grinde their corne at the 
Towne mills under penalties of former orders. 

John Hawis shall cease his going to London after the next terme 
ended, and shall continue in his office of Town Clarke, and shall have 
for his salary 20 marks (aj by moities at Mic : and Lady, besides the 
ordinary fees. 

Willm. Smart elected Treasurer of Christs Hospitall. 

Tho : Everards fine of 3" remitted. 

The portmen and the 24**' shall have authority to take order for the 
pathing of the streets of this Towne. 

13 El: (Monday}, 5 Marche. [1571.] 

The order made, 2 et 3 Ph : et M : touching granting and leasing 
of Tenem 13 in this Town to poore p'sons, shall be putt in execution. 

The Constables, w^in their severall wards, shall inquire into the new 
commers into this Towne w ch by force of the Statutes are to be removed 
out of the same, and thereof make certifficate to the Bayliffs. And every 
Constable making defalt shall forfait 20% and after the said certificates 
by the Bayliffs com 1 , the Constables shall see them removed out of the 

The streete betwene Stoke bridge and Peters Church shall be suffi- 
ciently pathed by the owners of the houses where defalt shall be found, 
before the last of Aprill next. 

fformer orders touching pathing revived. 

The Treasurer shall repaire the Common Kay where need shall be. 

1 3 El : (Wednesday} , 1 4 Marche. [1571.] 

Edw: Grimstone Esq r , and Joh: Moore, March 1 , elected Burgesses 
for this Towne, at the next Parliam* at Westminster, 2 d Aprill next. 

M r Kelk shall be restored to his former retainer, to serve 4 months 
in the yere, as the last yere he used to do, and shall have for his service 
40 marks (b) p. annu', as he hathe formerly had, and for the levy there- 
of the former constitution shall be observed 

Chandlers for the next yere shall be appointed by the Bayliffs, and 
none shall be suffered to make or sell candle in this Towne but suche 
chandlers authorised, under forfaiture of 40" for cache default, to be levied 
by distresse &c. as formerly. 

(a) 13 6s. 8d. (5) 26 135. 4d. 


13 El: (Friday}, 27 Apr ill. [1571.] 

Christoph : Merill, elected Guildholder at m r Rivets request, is dis- 
charged at 5" fine, and 33 s 3 d thereof is remitted, and Christoph: Alderman 
is elected in his place, whoe allsoe at the like fine is discharged, and James 
Bedingfeild elected, to serve with John Cole. 

Rob* Hally, John Carnaby, Godfry Woollnall, fined I s a peece for 
theire late comming to this Court, and payed the same, and in favour 
the Court returned to eache of them 6 d . 

The areres of m r Hills quarter shall be payed out of the Treasury. 

Christoph: Crane and Rich: Battell shall enter into all lands and 
tenem* 3 in Bramford belonging to this Towne, and from them detained, 
and to certifie the same at the next Court, and in whose occupac'on they 

Tho: Stannard, fined for throwing Ballast into the Channell, is par- 
doned of all the fine save 20% in regard he being but a serv* did the 
same without the consent of his m r , and in a void place not greatly hurtful, 
as is certified. He is allsoe ordered to pay to Thorn: Cooper 2 s for his 

Judgem* had against John Amis by the Towne, for 20 marks uppon 
bond, is remitted to him, he paying the costs and charges of the suite. 

13 El: (Monday}, 16 July. [1571.] 

The house and Kay in the occupacon of Carnaby and Hally, being 
parcell of m r Toolies foundacon, is for the summe of 200'' granted to them, 
paying 8 d r 4 , w th a clause of distress. 

Rich: Stannard, having sued Roger Wright the ffarmer, of horswad 
mill, for more tithe then to him is due, camme into this Court and 
submitted himselfe to take onely 8 s for the yerely tithe of the same, 
and to the order of this Court for satisffaction for this offence. This 
Court doth therfore order him to deliver to the use of the poore of the 
H ospitall 60 combes of Tanne, and w th draw his suite, and pay the charges 
under perill of forfaiture of his freedome. 

13 El: (Wednesday}, 19 September. [1571.] 

Assessors for the fforr: fines for the yere past and the yere to comme 
named; areres shall be levied according to former orders. 

Ralfe Skrivener, Gent, (a) made ffree Burgess w th out fine, and dis- 

(a) Son of Nicholas Scrivener of Brantham and Belstead, Suff. born 3 Feb. 1535, Barrister at law, 
Portman, and subsequently Bailiffof Ipswich. He had a grant of arms made to him and his posterity 20 Jan. 
1576, viz : quarterly, I and 4, ermine, on a chief indented az. 3 leopards' heads or; 2 and 3, arg. a fess az. 
betw. 2 lions pass. sa. He died 21 May, 1607, aged 71. Will dat. 19 May, 1607. Add. MSS (Davy) 19, 148; 
(Jermyn) 8215; Page's Suff. 259; Burke's Land. Gentry, ii, 1431. Harl. 1560, f. I56b. An emblazoned 
pedigree of this family, with collateral descents, from an early period to the present time, is in the possession 
of Mr. John T. Scrivener, of Freehold Road, St. John's, Ipswich. 


charged from all offices excepting that of Bayliff, in consideracon of his 
faithfull councill given and to be given. 

m r Whetcroft fined io s , for not making up p* of the Town wall; 5 s 
thereof is remitted. 

All free Burgesses by redemption at theire admittance shall pay to 
the poore of the Hospitall 2 s , and such as are by patrimony or service, shall 
pay but I s to the use aforesaid. 

The inlargement of Augustine Parkers Kay towards the Haven, shall 
be considered uppon by the Hedburrowes calling to them m r Harbottle,- 
and hearing his allegac'ons therein. 

Persons nominated to set a rate uppon all Burgesses of the Towne 
for the pathing thereof, and suche as shall lend any mony to that work 
shall pay the same in before Christm: next, and shall be repayed at a 
sett time, or else shall, if they will, receive stones in Hew thereof. 

And Edm: Leeche and Chr: Ward are appointed surveyors of the 

The order made at the last Admirall Court shall stand in force to 
binde all the Burgesses, being owners,. in manner and forme as is in the 
same contained. 

m r Keyes salary shall be considered of at the next greate Court. 

At the Admirallty presentm ts are of taking and destroying fish under 
the assize, and for throwing Ballast into the Channell. 

And Constables for not doing theire service to the Court, and for 
travayling of serv ts on message on the Lords day. 

One of Shotly presented for concealling of 7 barrells of pitche 
beneath the Oseend, and he is commanded to appeare at the next Court. 

Presentm ts made of diverse taking ancorage without warr*. 

A bote found sunk w th in the liberty, and apprized at 6 s 8 d , and a bote, 
ancor, and an ore, &c: and precept awarded to bring them at the next 
Court, under penalty of 3 s 4 d for eache. 

It is presented that it is convenient that every shipp y* shall ground 
at Downam Bridge and thereby shall make any pitts in the soile, they 
shall fill them up when they depart, or w th in 24 howers after, under 
penalty of forfait of 3 s 4 d for eache offence. 

And that every shipp of ioo th tunns and upward, that shall cross 
the sea, shall pay to the hospitall 1 2 d , and all under 60 tunns 6 d . And 
all others travailing to Newcastle 4 d , and those that goe to London 3 d , 
and those to Ireland 1 2 d , and others y* usually crosse the sea, shall pay 
for every hiher 2 d , and suche as goe along the cost, i d . Uppon condicon 
that every mariner w th in the liberty, whoe shall be inhabitant in the Towne 
by the space of 3 yeres, and shall stand in need of releife by reason of 
poverty, shall be kept w th in the Hospitall. 


157 1 " 2 - i$ El: (Monday) , Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1572.] 


Exheaters, \ Job : Moore, Chamberlins, 

Admir 11 ', 

Clerks Mark*, . 

. , Treasurer, 

Job : Brenn, 

Tho:BIoss. , 

Tho : Whiting, 

Clavigers, \ Wm Bloyse, 



The Bayliffs and 
Geoff: Gilbard, 
Rich : King, 
Wm Whetcroft, 
Rob' Cutler. 

Willm. Geofferyjun. 
Oliv : Cooper. 

Tho : Bennet. 

Alderm : Guild, 

Christoph : Ward. 
Willm. Cutler. 

Willm. Cutler and Augustine Parker sworne into the 24% and Willm. 
Cutler sworn Constable. 

Henry Ashley sworne Hedburrow: 

14 El: (Thursday}, 6 December. [1571.] 

Auditors appointed. 

Whereas m r Kelk, the ordinary preacher of this Towne, is elected 
Vicechancellor of Cambridge: Its ordered that m r Keyes, by his con- 
cent, shall serve in that place for two quarters ; and the rest of the yere 
the service shall be by the said m r Keyes, or suche sufficient p'son as 
m r Kelk shall depute thereunto, or by m r Kelk himselfe at suche time 
as he may be spared. 

That the Church be better frequented in prayer, its ordered that noe 
inhabitant w th in this Towne shall open any shopp doore or window on 
the Sabbath day, with intent to sell any wares, under forfaiture of 5 s for 
every offence. 

Provided this shall not extend to Butchers, but onely in time of 
common praier and preaching. The penalties shall goe to the poore in 
the hospitall, and suche as refuse to pay shall be imprisoned till paym* 

Gilbert Mainard fined 40' at the Sessions for brewing above the 
price: 2O S . 

20 s thereof is remitted, provided he payeth the other 2O S forthw th 
to the Chamberlins. 

Diverse freemen of this Towne, having presented divers tipplers, 
allowed by the Towne, at the Court of m r Withipolls Lordship as 
offenders, and therby having infringed the liberties of this Towne: they 
are therfore fined, somme of them at io u , others at 5 U , to be levied by 
distress or imprisonm*, and one of them being Coroner, and two of them 
being of the 24*^, are therfore made incapable of their offices, (b} 

(a) vid. sup. p. 215. 

(b) The concluding words are crossed out and interlined, apparently by M r Sparrow, with these : 
' not to enjoy or use their office till farther order.' 


John Mintor, for services donne and charges expended at the 
Queenes intertainm*, shall have 2O S in full recompence. 

14 El: (Sunday}, 23 Marche. [1572.] 

Orders for the Chandlers and Butchers. 

Liberty granted to Rob* Cole, shipwright, to build a shipp uppon 
the old Kay, paying 2 d for every Tonne in burden. 

m r Whetcroft shall pay his fine of 5 s for breach of the Towne wall, 
uppon demand. 

Richard Kempe Esq r , (a} learned in the law, shall be of councell 
with this towne during the Townes pleasure, and his fee appointed at 
the feaste of annunciaio' of the La: * 20". 

m r Hill shall have for preaching in the Town one whole yere 
3 H 6 s 8 d , and shall surcease preaching at the Common charge of the 
Town at Mich: next, and for his labour till that time, shall have 33 s 4 d , 
he continuing to preache every Sunday and holy day as he hathe used 
to doe. 

Willm Bloyse having forfaited 5% for transgression of the order 
concerning Sunday, is remitted 2 s 6 d , and hathe paied the residue at this 

The assurance of the house betwene the Towne and Hally and 
Carnaby, shall be considered by the Councill learned of this Town. 

14 El: (Sunday}, 27 A prill. [1572.] 

Tho: Seckford Esq r , m r of Requests, and Edw: Grimstone Esq r , 
elected Burgesses for this Town at the next Parliam* at Westm r , 8 May 
next,f and m r Grimston shall by his own agreem* serve w th out fee. 

Order for the Butchers to sell all their Tallow to the Common 

14 El: (Friday}, 16 May. [1572.] 

The Queene, at the request of the Towne, granted to them her 1'rs 
patents for the foundac'on of Christs Hospitall in Ipsw ch . (bj 

14 El: (Monday}, 11 August. [1572.] 

Stoke Mills, w th the mill marshe at the ffriers bridge, except the 
drowned marsh, demised to John ffairecliff at 42" rent, for 20 yeres, and 

(a) Son and heir of Robert Kemp, Esq., of Gissing, bom 1541 ; he was of Lincoln's Inn, and Wash- 
brook, Surf., and a Counsellor-at-law ; died in 1600, and was bur. at Gissing, 5 Ap. in that year. Add. 
MSS. (Davy) 19,158 ; (Jermyn) 8211 Blomfield's Norf. i. 177, &c. Arms : gu. 3 garbs, within a bordure 
engrailed, or. 

* Mar. 25. 

t Thursday. 

(bj Ipswich Gifts and Leg., 1747, pp. 51-73. Clarke's Ipswich, p. 277; Wodderspoon, p. 308. 


a fine of 100 mr ks : he shall repaire the premises w & the ffloodgates and 
banks twise a yere, by order of the headburrowes, and shall by their 
order 4 times in a yere sett open his ffloodgates for the scowring of the 
channell. And shall not exceede the pennd that they shall sett. Nor 
suffer much to be layd at the wall next the mill. And shall carry out 
of the mill pond yerely 60 Tonne of Earth and Mainour, at the assignm 1 
of the Bayliffs, and by their assignm 4 to lay the same. And shall keepe 
an ayry of swanns, if the Town will provide them, and preserve the 
Signetts. And shall grind vr^ Collein (aj stones, or suche other as the 
Towne shall assigne. He shall not comme to the Corn Mark* on the 
Market dayes, nor buy or cary away any corne from thence. Every 
inhabitant may grind elsewhere in case of misuser. He shall find 
suerties to p'form covenants, in 200 marks. 

Two of the 24*y, one being Coroner in former times, having forfaited 
theire places for transgressing the liberties of this Towne, in presenting 
victuallers at the Trinity court, are at this Court, uppon their submission, 
restored to their places and offices, and theire fines of IO H abated to 
3 s 4 d a peece. 

14 El: (Monday), 22 September. [1572.] 

Rob* Martin, clothier, sworne into the number of the 24 t y. 

An apprentise serving out his time in the Indenture, but the in- 
denture antidated before his service, is admitted of grace. And another 
allsoe, in case where the Indenture was rased and suspicious. 

Assessors of fforr : ffmes named. 

Committee appointed to consider of Whitton and Bramford lands, 
and of the vallew and lett of the same, and the occupiers shall be 
warned to avoid the same at Mich: next. 

A warr 4 to certaine persons named, to appeare in all Courts for the 
Towne whereof any lands of the Town are holden, to answer and 
defend, &c. 

Wm Russells, Rich : Trost, Tho : Allein and Rich : Battell are 
elected Serjeants for this yere to comme. 

John Hawis shall continnue Town Clerk in manner following: 

He shall cease his travailing to London after the next terme. And 
shall continnue uppon his office of Townclark or Recorder w th out being 
removed, soe long as he shall behave himselfe well in the same. 

(a) Qy hill-stone, Fr. Cottine. The best millstones, obtained from Paris and Andernach, were very 
costly, and the average price in the decade, 1571-82, was about g us. id. The Paris 'chert,' (md. sup. 
p. loo.) a kind of imperfectly formed flint, being obtainable only in small pieces, was formed into millstones 
with strong cement, and the whole mass held together by an iron band passing round its cylindrical surface. 
Rogers' Hist. Prices, iv. 425, &c. ' Collein ' stone was perhaps similar to the ' Calyon ' stone given by 
Richard Gowty in 1448 for the rebuilding of S' Mary Key, and described in the Promptorium Parvulorum 
(Camd. Soc.) as a "rounde stone. Hie rudus esto lapis, durus, pariterque rotundus ; " it was also used 
for the building of Little Saxham Hall in 1505. 




He shall have 20 marks stipend yerely, payable by the Treasurer 
at the feasts of Lady day and Mich: the Archangell, by equall portions. 

He shall have the ffees of Court increased in this order : 

ffor inrollm* of every matter being 2O U or upward, in debt or damm- 
ages, after verdict and judgem', I2 d . 

ffor inrollmtof deedes as formerly hathe bein used; hee shall inroll 
all manner of deeds, wills, indentures, recoveryes, releases, reall actions, 
and all other actions amounting to 20" in debt or dammages, wherein 
verdict and judgem* shall be given before the Bayliffs. And the Quarter 
Sessions Gaole delivery, and Coroners Inquest. 

Thatin time of sickness he shall putt in his roome a sufficient Deputy, 
to be allowed by the Bayliffs. 

At the Admirall Court presented throwing stones at one at work at 
Bourn bridge are amerced 2 s . 

Parcel of a ship called 'marenium,' fa} found as a wreck, and allsoe 
a plank found as a wreck, and therfore belonging to the Towne. 

A man presented for stealing Customes._ 

Disobedience of a mariner to the boteswaines in command punished, 

1 2 d , (b) 

Divers presented for taking mony for ballasting of shipps, and for 
taking of mony for groundage of hoyes and botes at Bourn bridge. 

And for taking Elees, viz : steek eles fc) before the day accustomed, 
viz: before S. Tho: Ap le .* 

1572-3- 15 El: (Tuesday), Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1573.] 

Bayliffs, \ 
Admit*", ( 
ClarksMarW, ] 

Rob : Guttler, 
Ralfe Scrivener. 

C 'hamberlins, 

Wm Linnfeild, 
Hen : Haman. 

Christoph : Ward. 


John Bren, 
Tho : Bloss. 

Com : Clerk : ) 
Cler : pac : } 

John Hawis. 


The Bayliffs and 
Rob' Sparrow, 
John More, 
Wm Smart, 
Joh ; Barker. 

Alderm : Guild, 

Tho : Bloss, 
Wm Bloyse, 
Geo : Wilds. 

Rob' Martin. 

Rob* Inglish elected Usher, w th the assent of John Dawes, Schoolm r . 
Assessors of fforrain ffines nominated. 

(a) Qy . Lat. maeremium or merennium, timber ; Du Cange, Gloss. 

(b) vid. sup. p. 270. 

(c) Qy. 'stick eels;' i.e. sold bythe stick, about one-fifth of a barrel; or perhaps 'stock eels.' Rogers' 
Hist. Prices, iv. 532. * Dec. 21. 


15 El: (FridayJ, 5: December. [1572.] 

Auditors named. 

A warr 1 to diverse persons, to appeare and make suite at any Court 
where the Towne dothe ow suite, and to enter and demand rents of lands 
or tenem ts arere to the Towne, and for default of paym 4 , to reenter to the 
use of the Towne. 

Diverse persons comming to the Court after the hower appointed 
fined 6 d . 

The former committees for considering and letting of lands, have 
certified that they have demised the tenem ts in Grimsies farme to John 
Hawes, and the Grammer Schoole lands to Wm Jeoffery, and the school- 
house to m r Dawes, for certaine yeres, according to articles. Its ordered 
that the said leases shall be sealled at the petit Court. 

In regard of the poore estate of M r Keyes, and the small releife he 
hath had of the inhabitants, considering his paines : Its ordered that he 
shall have 5" out of the Treasury. 

Committee to view M r Cranes land, which he off ere th to the Towne 
in exchange. 

John Minter shall have 4O S more given to him, provided that he give 
a gen 11 release. 

A release shall be made to Hally and Carnaby of all the right that 
the Towne hathe in the Kay and yard late Hills, and the same shall be 
sealled at a petit Court. 

ffifty and seven persons of the ffree men amerced for not comming 
to the Court, whereof i Portman, and 2 of the 24^; the same shall be 
levied by distress by Tho : Everard and Rob: Cooke, and they shall have 
2 d over of the said persons for theire paines. 

S r John Brewes (a) his offer of Wicks Ufford manner to the Townes 
purchase is accepted, and to that end a Committee is appointed to con- 
tract w* him, and all the Town lands in Bramford, Whitton, Holbrok, 
and Harksted are intrusted w 111 the Committee for security for the purchase. 

The headburrowes shall view the ground against Dawbenies house 
along the Key, and soe much therof as they shall think meete shall be 
conveyed to George Copping. 

15 El: (Monday), 2$ ffebruary. [15 73.] 

The marsh viewed and dooled out, and shall be demised by parcells 
to suche as will give most by the yere, \v & fine or w^out, Butchers and 
victuallers Excepted. 

(a) Son and heir of Thomas Brews, Esq. of Little Wenham, Suff. and Topcroft, Norf. ; bom in 1512; 
died 1585, and was bur. at Wenham, where there remains a mutilated brass to Tho: Brewse above mentioned, 
(ob. 1514) his wife Jane, 2 sons and 3 daurs. with effigies; and at Fressingfield are other brasses. Haines' 
Mon. Brasses. Page's Suff. p. 35. Blomfield's Norf. viii. 267-8. Add. MSS. (Davy) 19,120, and (Jermyn) 
8204. Harl. 1560, ff. I2ib, 122; Arms: arg. semee of cross-crosslets, a lion ramp. gu. 




15 El: fSundayJ, 15 Marche. [1573-] 

Chandlers elected for a yere, 4 in number, one for cache ward, to 
sell candle at rates to be sett by the Bayliffs or Hedburrowes. 

Butchers ordered to sell theire Tallow as formerly at i6 s 8 d the 
hundred, w* covenants as hertofore. 

The Bayliffs and others made committee, to demise the marshe at 
21 yeres to severall persons by parcell, Butchers are excepted. 

The lessees shall not assigne but to a freeman, unless by licence of 

the Towne. 

They are likewise to consider of the Covenants concerning Horswad 
mill and other matters specially menconed. 

ffairecliffs, Hawises, and Geofferies leases shall be sealled at any 
small Court, and ffairecliffs fine shall be paied to m r Smart to discharge 
lones to the Hospitall. 

The Exchang of lands w 411 m r Crane shall p'ceed, and the assurance 
shall be sealled at a petit Court, and 40* is given to m r Crane for a 
further recompence. 

George Copping shall have 8 foote in bredth of the Common soile in 
the channell next his ground, at the South end of Stoke bridge, and in 
length 140 foote from the Bridge Eastward, provided that the said George 
shall kepe up at his owne charge .... at the west end of the said bridge 
from Bells ground to the p granted as aforesaid. The rent is i d . 

Charles Radcliffe shall serve in the office of Usher till Mich: next, 
provided that if an other may be found convenient, he shall give place. 

15 El: (Thursday) ,3: September. [1573.] 

An Acquittance under the common scale shall be granted to the 
executors of Joh: Dandy for 6 u i3 s 4 d > given to the pooreofChr: Hospitall 
by John Dandy in his last will. 

Rob 4 Snelling, march 4 , admitted free Burgess for his fine of 6 1; 1 3 s 4 d > 
having noe sonne. 

The warrant concerning the Townes right to Hally and Carnabyes 
Key, shall be approved by Tho: Seckford Esq r , before it passe the com- 
mon sealle. 

At the Admiralty, besides trespasses of takinggoodsandtransporting 
corne, and nusances, defalts of Constables, and Deputy Clerk of the 
market, whoe ought to be present: 

One was presented for carying suspected cloth as unaccustomed, and 
being stayed by the officer, resued himselfe and bote, and is amerced at i o s . 

One alsoe for receiving 4 salmons into his house, and not bringing 
them to the Bayliffs. 

The viceadmiralls deputies servant amerced 10% for taking ancorage 
of one p'son for his ship w^in this liberty. 

Mony payed to the Chamberlins for a wreck formerly presented. 




I 573-4- 16 El: (Wednesday}, Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1574.] 


Bayliffs, \ 


Admiral Is, i 

Cler: Mercat. } 



Willm King, 
John Tye. (a) 

Joh : Brenn, 
Tho : Bloss. 

The Bayliffs and 
Ralfe Scriven', 
Rob : Guttler, 
Rob : King, 
Joh : Barker. 

Willm Cardnall, 
Tho : Barker of 


Cler: pac : 
Com : Cler : 


Christoph: Ward. 
John Hawis. 

Tho : Bloss, 
Willm Bloyse, and 
George Wild. 

Thomas Bonhams fine, estreated into the Exchequer, remitted. 

m r Bayliffs and suche as they shall call to them, shall injoyne Rich : 
Golty, free burgess of this Towne, to prosecute suites against other 3 
freeburgesses, for any lands or tenem ts w th in the Towne, in any of the 
Q : Courts w th out the Towne. 

1 6 El: (Friday J, 4 December. [1573.] 

Auditors named. 

Collectors of the last Scott and Lott shall gather all the areres before 
the end of the next weeke, and shall render accompt before the Auditors. 
And suche as refuse to pay shall be imprisoned till paym 4 ,and disfranchised 
if the Court think meete, 

Rich : Golty, one of the Burgesses of this Towne, being allotted to 
the summe of 40% diduppon the 10 of Octob: in the presence of 2 p'sons 
of credit, say that the Scott and Lott rated on him was donne against 
reason, conscience, charity, and honesty, and being convicted thereof, 
he was fined 5'' and ordered to pay the said 40*. 

Thomas Smith shall have the peece of ground to sett his pale from 
the corner of his shopp unto the end of the corner post of the first Alms- 
house in Lady lane, straite by line, at i d rent. 

Mr Keyes shall have 6 H 13 s 4 d , yerely stipend, added to his stipend 
of 6 U I3 s 4 d for the Hospitall, in considderacon of his paines of preaching 
in this Towne. 

m r Whetcroft discharged of all incumbrances donne by him, and 
shall have 5 U for assurance of his garden w th in the walls of the Hospitall 
to the Towne. 

(a) This family was of Barsham, Clopton and Kenton, Suff. Davy (Add. MSS. 19,152) has peds. and 
notes; not, however, touching the Bailiff, who died in 1583, aet. 58, and was buried in S' Clement's, Ipswich, 
where there is a brass, with the figures of his wives, Ales and Julyan, two groups of children, with the date, 
and the arms of the borough; the effigy of the Bailiff, with some shields, having been taken away. Arms: 
arg. a bend betw. 6 cross-crosslets fitchee, sa. 


Rob* Martin discharged from being Alderm: Guild for the fine of 
6 U 13 s 4 d , and Willm. Geoffery elected in his roome. 

Noe Burgess of this Towne [shall] buy, or cause to be bought, any 
marchandises or victuall comming to this Towne by water to be sold, 
nor shall contract for the same before it shall be unladen at the Common 
Kay, or other place appointed by the Bayliffs, uppon paine of judgem* 
for forestalling and disfranchisem 4 . Nor shall any Burgess of this towne 
combine by message or otherwise to raise the price of any wares comming 
by water, or being in the Towne. And no victuall in this Towne shall 
be sold in gross untill proclomacon made first, for sale thereof by retaile. 
And if any marchandise or victuall be after arivall bought in gross, it 
shall be lawfull for any Burgess to demand p't, paying according to the 
price first paied, provided that the first buyer may retaine a third part. 
And all Bargaines to be made for suche wares in gross, shall be acknow- 
ledged before the Bayliffs, or one of them, before the Buier shall inter- 
meddle MV & such wares or victuall, uppon paine of disfranchisem 4 . 

16 El: (Tuesdayj, 15 December. [i573-J 

At the pettit Court, ordered that all such as shall have judgem 4 in 
theire causes under 2O S deb 4 or dammages, shall pay to the poore 2 d , and 
above the vallew of 20% shall pay 4 d . 

And at the allowance of any writt of error, certiorari or procedendo, 
the poore shall have 4 d . 

And the purchaser of lands or tenem 43 in the Town, uppon inrollm 4 
shall pay 4 d , and at the probate of every will, 4 d . 

1 6 El: (Thursday}, i Aprill. [1574.] 

Chandlers assigned, each to his severall ward, at suche rates for 
candle as shall be sett by the Bayliffs or headburrowes, and in case of 
default theire bonds shall be put in suite. And the order for Butchers 
made formerly shall stand in force. 

By le'rs from the Q: and the Councill to this Town to contribute to 
the Repaire of Yermouth haven, it being a matter tending to the utility 
of bothe Shires, its ordered that a sixth part of a taske shall be levied 
of this Towne towards the same, and that the Constables of the Towne 
and Hamletts shall collect the same. 

The matters concerning m r Withypolls suites shall be referred to 
the determinacon of the Common Councill of the Towne. 

Lands, lately Battells, in Whitton and Claydon, demised to m r Smart 
and m r Barker, yeelding 30" yerely rent, to the intent that if any p'son 
shall interrupt theire possession in any p't thereof, they shall prosecute 
suite in the behalfe and at the charge of this Towne. 

John Southwell Esq r shall be discharged of and from the Burden 
of all manner of offices in this Towne. 


John Cole, Tanner, a free Burgess of this Town, for denying 
Custome of hides, contrary to the order 8 Eliz : is disfranchised. And 
proclamation thereof made according to the Custome of the Towne. 

Richard Stannard, Burgess, offending in the like kinde, is fined 6 s 8 d , 
and committed to remaine at the discretion of the Bayliffs. 

Lands and tenem ts now or at Mich: next out of lease, and belonging 
to this Towne, except those granted to m r Smart and m r Barker formerly, 
shall be demised by a speciall Committee named. 

Lessees of the severall parcells of the Common Marsh shall seale 
theire leases before may day next. 

Paines by the headburrowes for not pathing, remitted. 

John Clenche Esq r faj shall, from Mich: next, beare the name of 
Recorder of this Towne, (bj and shall have io u yerely fee, and shall 
therfore solicit the Town causes at London, and shall dwell in the Towne, 
and be sworne a free man. 

Mathew Gooding shall repaire defalts in the mills, or else agree for 
the same, or his bonds shall be putt in suite. 

The Common Councill shall sett orders for the millers grist. 

m r Tye shall be paid his areres layde out at the Hospitall out of 
the Scott and Lott mony. 

1 6 El: ( Saturday^ ', 7: August. [1574.] 

Richard Cornelius, being charged to make stay of his man serv 4 , 
accused for getting a wenche \v & Child, and contrary thereunto dismiss- 
ing away his said serv*, is therfore fined at three pounds. 

And the said Cornelius, for saying that m r Whetcroft had donne 
the towne wrong, and speaking the same in the open Court, and not 
being able to show any p'ticuler cause for such words, is therfore fined 5". 

The headburrowes shall demise for yeres to Joh : Cooper a pipe of 
lead, late occupied by John Cole, with a sweke for taking up of water 
from the river, at suche rent and covenants as they shall think meete. 

A committee appointed to make further orders for wares, and mar- 
chandises, and victuall comming to the port of Orwell. 

Mother Gosling shall have the lands in Holbrooke in her occupacon 
formerly, to hold for her life, and a yere after, and shall have 2O S abated 
of what is allready assessed. 

(a) vid. sup. p. 287. 

(b) Mr. G. L. Gorame (Index to Municip. Offices) considers this office "a relic of the old Burghal 
Constitution," and quotes Sir F. Palgrave (Eng. Commonwealth i. p. 148) in support, ut seq : "When any 
of the peculiar customs of the City of London are to be noticed by the superior Tribunals, they are not 
ascertained by reference to the Rolls of the Court of Husting: no book or writing is consulted, but they are 
certified by the mouth of the officer, who hence is called the Recorder." An officer with this title appears 
in no less than 1 79 Boroughs. Municip. Com. Reports. 



Rob: Constable shall have 40" for procuring a licence of Mortmaine 
from S r Joh : Nevell, Lo: Latimer, (aj of lands late given to the Towne. 

Hedburrowes shall cause swekes and washes to be sett in the River, 
and shall demise them to suche p'sons, and for suche fines as they shall 
think meete. 

The headburrowes shall make an order for the furnishing the Town 
w" 1 candle. 

A clock shall be sett up in the moote hall by the Treasurer. 

The meadow next the Portmans meadow had in exchange from m r 
Crane for 3 acres of arable, in a place nigh Handford, next the Dean : 
for every acre of the meadow from m r Crane. 

16 El: (Friday) ', 24 September ; [1574.] 

Assessors of forrain fines. 

Willm Johnson made a free burgess, provided that according to 
former agreem*, to assure the pipe belonging to the conduit of Blackfriers, 
and to allow liberty to the Town to survey and amend the same, and for 
security thereof hath given bond. 

Lands [and] tenem 15 in Whitton and Bramford demised for life to m r 
Gardner, and untill the feast of Mich : comme twelve month after his 
death, at the auncient rent. 

Tho: Barker discharged of being Chamberlin, and frombeingelected 
to be Alderm : Guild, for the fine of 6 H 1 3 s 4 d , and Willm Mydnall is 
elected Chamberlin in his stead. 

Laur: Trost elected Alderm: Guild, and is discharged for io u fine, 
and Oliver Cooper is elected in his room. Handford mill is demised to 
Joh : Proys al: Deye, for 2 1 yeres at 2O U rent, and 100 marks fine, in con- 
sideration of surrender of 3 yeres w ch he hathe by form 1 demise. 

Allowed to the Alderm: Guild, 3" 6 s 8 d , in consideracon of the 
scarcity of victuall. 

ffines remitted. 

1 6 El: (Wednesday), 29 September. [1574.] 

Willm. Russell, Rich: Trost, Tho: Allein, Rich: Battell, are elected 

And that they shall give security to the Bayliffs that they shall not 

1 6 El: (Monday), 4 October. [1574.] 

Ordered that Shankford, one of the ten te to the towne, shall be dis- 

(a) This Barony was created by writ, 25 Feb. 10 Hen. vi., in the person of George, 3rd son of Ralph 
Nevill, ist Earl of Westmoreland. Lord Latimer held lands in Holbrook, Chelsworth, Walsham and Preston, 
Suit, and died in 1577, when the Barony fell into abeyance between his four daus. and co-heiresses, and so 
continues. Arms: gu. a saltire arg. an annulet for difference. Burke's Ext. Peerage. Courthope's Hist. 
Peerage. Page's SufT. p. 22. 


trained for rent arere, and that a wan 4 shall issue forth under the Town 
sealle to the 4 Serjeants to that end. 

Tenne pounds lent to the Clerke of the Hospitall, to be repayed 
yerely, by defalking his yerely stipend till all be paied. 

The Water Bayliffs place shall be demised by the assembly. 

The wages for ringing the watche bell, and the sermon bell, and 
the 8 oclock bell, shall be assessed uppon the inhabitants by persons 
specially therto named, and refusers shall be denyed their candle, and 
the same shall be delivered to the Hospitall. 

16 El: (Friday), 29 Octob: [1574.] 

Uppon a message sent from the Bayliffs to Rob: Hally, a free 
burgess of this Towne, for the observing of somme orders for the benefit 
of the Towne, he returned this answere: "I have allready donne otherwise, 
and meane to doe soe still, and for this message, it is a message to scare 
flies, not men;" and for this, and other misbehaviour in this Court, he 
is fined at 5". 

Auditors named. 

Wan 4 of Atturny to 3 of the portmen to receive all writings and 
conveyances sealled and delivered to the use of the Towne. 

m r Tweytes shall be sued for detaining the Towns evidences, and 
his mothers gift to the Hospitall. 

There shall be Carters ordered, to carry away the muck out of the 
streetes, the same shall be elected by the headburrowes, and they shall 
make orders to be observed, and shall assess wages uppon the inhabitants 
for the paym* of the officers, and shall elect scavingers. 

John Carnaby shall be water Bayliff of this Towne, paying therfore 
30" for one yere, ending at Holymass * comme 1 2 month. 

One of Rye, a member of the Cink Ports, amerced for refusing to 
pay his duty, called ' Knowledge penny,' for ancorage. Besides nusances 
and unlawful! fishing, and consealing goods found, and trespasses, and 
nusances and excessive wages. 

1574-5. 17 El: (Thursday), Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1575.] 

tiayl: \ 
Escheat: I Wm Smart, (a) 
Admir: ( Edw : Goodwin, fbj 
Cler: Mark', ) 
The Bayliffs and 
Ralfe Scrivener, 
Justices, Rob 'King, 
Job : Tye, 
Job : Barker. 



Com: Cler; 

Willm. Saier, 
Geoffr : ffreeman. 

Christ : Ward. 
John Hawis. 

* i.e. Hallo wmass, or All Saints' Day, Nov. i. 

(a) -vid. sup. p. 268. (b) iiid. sup. p. 236, note. This family^seems to have been indifferently called 
'Gooding' or 'Goodwin' ; both forms occur repeatedly in the ped. 


It is certified that Edw: Goodwin, gent: was elected Portm: i Sept. 
and that he was sworne 6 Sept. 

A letter of Atturny to m r Scrivener and John Hawis, to enter into 
and possess to the use of the Towne, part of the common soile in Marg* 
parish, betwene Barells curtelage west, and the way from Bolton to 
Caldwell street East, and abutting south on the way from Clay streete 
to Caldwell streete. 

m r Clenche shall henceforth be Recorder of this Towne during the 
Townes pleasure, and shall have 13" 6 s 8 d fee yerely, provided he shall 
dwell in the Towne w* his family during his office, and shall solicit all 
causes of the Towne, and aide the Bayliffs in all causes of judgem*, and 
not be of Councill in any private mans cause in the Town Court, and 
shall be sworne free Burgess. 

Auditors of m r Smarts accompts. 

m r Bayliffs shall examine and settle the rates of candle allowed to 
the p'ticuler inhabitants of this towne. 

m r Bayliff King allowed to assigne his interest of lands in Whitton 
unto Stiles. 

Two persons nominated to have a Ir. of Atturny under the Town 
scale to accept of Goslings interest of her terme, if shee will surrender 
the same to the Towne. 

Rob 4 Sallowes shall be overseer of the Chandlers at the Hospitall, 
and shall receive and make paym 4 * as m r Smart hathe donne, and for 
his pains shall have 2 pounds of candle weekely, freely. 

17 El: (Monday}, 17 January, [1575] at y' Assembly. 

The land in exchange from the Town to Chr : Crane, in the occu- 
pacon of Paull Grimston, shall be ditched and fenced at the Charge of 
the Town, and of the same Christoph r , and that the parcell of ground 
in the nether feild on the south side of the way, shall be fenced w th a 
Ditche towards the rest of the Town ground, and the said Christopher, 
his heires, and assignees, shall mantaine the same. And that parcell in 
the upper feild, the north side of the way, shall have the Topp of the 
Ditche made towards the residue of the feild. And that [the] fence is 
to be mantained at the Towns charge. 

(Monday}, Marche 21. [i575-] 

The guild feast shall henceforth be holden uppon Sunday se'nnight 
next after midsummer day. 

Paull Banning, apprentice to m r Barker, is admitted free burgess 
of this Towne, having one apprentis, and noe sonne. 


All the Tallow renewed in this Towne by all the Butchers, shall be 
brought to the Hospitall, and there sold to the Town Chandlers at the 
price sett the last yere. 

Noe inhabitant shall buye any such Tallow of Butchers of this 
Towne or victuallers comming to the same, under the forfaiture of 40" 
for every hundred, and soe after that rate. 

And the 1 2 portmen shall sett orders for the due making of candle. 

The chandlers bonds shall be brought to the next Court, that if 
any shall appeare forfaited, order may be taken therein. 

The houses sold to m r Barber and to Rally and Carnaby belonging 
to the foundacon, and noe other recompence being yet made : Its 
ordered that all Holbrook lands from the La : day next, shall be imployed 
to that use. 

And the Grammer Schoole lands shall be imployed to the use of 
the poore of Christs Hospitall. 

m r Keys shall continnue ordinary preacher of this Towne as hitherto, 
untill Mich : next, and shall have 3 U 6 s 8 d halfe yerely for his wages. 

Shankford found in arere to the towne 22 U iy s o d , its ordered he 
shall pay 57 s forthw th , and IO H at Whitsuntide, and IO H at Mich: next, 
and John Leaes security w & him shall be taken for the same, and Shank- 
ford shall have abatem* of his_ rent yerely 5 U henceforth. 

Joh : Lathe, miller, shall have liberty to assigne over the new mills 
to Laur: ffairecliff, so as Lathe shall give to the poore at Easter next, 
10 combs of good rye, and ffaircliff other 10 combes of good rye. at 12 s 
the Bushell, before Hollymass next, and soe yerely during the terme, 
and hereof good suerties shall be given. 

The lone for the benefit of the Hospitall by severall persons for one 
yere shall be repayed, and thereof the Town shall give security, and 
countersecurity for the safety of their suerties. 

Rich Joyners fine for contemptuous words against m r Whetcroft, 
is abated to 2O S . 

17 El: (Saturday}, 26 Marche. [1575.] 

A committee appointed to sett orders for the making of candle at 
the Hospitall. 

Handford Hall demised to Edw: Cage for 21 yeres, after the 
determinacon of the former lease, at 40'' rent yerely, saving two peeces 
exchanged to Chr: Crane. And the lessee shall not assigne the same, 
but onely to a freeman, w^out the consent of the Towne. And the 
said lessee shall have the 4 th part of such forfaitures as shall comme by 
the defalt of the present tennant. 

Rob* Battell, the Common carter of this Towne for the cariage of 
muck, shall proceede, and shall give suerty for the trew performance of 
his work. 



17 El: (Friday), 22 July. [i575-] 

John Marshall having produced the Q : letters for his election to be 
Water Bayliff, its ordered he shall be in that place for 2 1 yeres, and a 
committee of p'ticuler p'sons named, shall sett the rent and make 

m r Smart shall deliver to Rally and Carnaby all the evidences 
belonging to the messuage conveyed to them. 

Persons refusing to pay wages to Battell the Common Carter, shall 
be by appointm 4 of the Alderm : of that ward committed to prison till 
paym' shall be made. 

The Bayliffs and Justices shall licence onely 20 Tipplers * yerely 
for this Towne, and if more shall be licenced, the Bayliffs shall forfaite 
theire fee of 5", and others offending shall forfaite 5", to be levied by 

The said victuallers soe licenced shall give security to discharge 
the Towne of all children unlawfully begotten in any of theire houses. 

Offer shall be made to D r Kelk to continnue ordinary preacher in 
this Towne, and to be resident and preach every Sunday, Wednesday, 
and ffriday, and to visit the sick, and comfort distressed consciences, and 
soe doing shall have 40'' yerely, otherwise another sufficient man shall 
be provided after D r Kelke shall be lawfully discharged. 

Peter Ray, Tailer, admitted free Burgess, provided he shall take an 
apprentice out of the Hospitall. 

17 El: (Monday}, 26 September. [1575.] 

Joh: Brenn and Tho: Bloss elected Coron rs . 

Willm. Siers of Norw ch , free burgess of this Towne, is discharged 
of his Chamberlins place, and from election of Alderman of the Guild, 
for his fine of 3 U . 

Geoffer: ffreeman of Aldburrow, free burgess of this Towne, dis- 
charged from bothe the said offices, at 4O S fine. 

John Knapp and Rob* Barker elected Chamberlins. 


Tho: Bloss, 
Willm. Bloyse. 
Hen : Haman. 

Joh : ffisher, 
Rich : Bemont, 
Wm Russell, 
Rich : Battell. 

Kents hills demised at the Lo: Kepers request to Willm.- Dandy 
for 1 1 yeres after the end of Math : Goodings lease expired, at the former 
rent, and to maintaine reparacons, and not to alien but to a freeman, 
w th out the Towns licence. 

Willm Linnfeild elected Alderm: Guild. 

* i.e. Publicans. 


A Committee appointed to compound w th Marshall concerning the 
Water Baylywick. 

m r Bayliff King shall have liberty to sue John Ungle, a free burgess, 
whoe is not resident in this Towne, in any fforrain Court, as he shall please. 

John Hawis his request touching liberty to erect a new mill, shall 
be considered of at an assembly. 

Assessors of fforr: ffines. 

17 El: (Thursday}, 20 October, [1575] at the Assembly. 

Every writing acknowledged, every witness examined before the 
Bayliffs in writing, and every sealle w* the Common Sealle, the p'ty that 
prosecutes shall pay 4 d to the poore for cache. 

17 El: (Monday}, 31 October. [1575.] 

There shall be noe Freeman admitted by redemption for the space of 
these 7 yeres. 

A Committee appointed to attend m r Secretary Smith (a) and the 
m r of the Rolls (b} concerning Marshalls election to the Water Bayliffs 

The number of tipplers enlarged to 26: wherof 2 shall be allowed 
for strangers. 

Auditors named. 

The Bayliffs shall appoint a hallinger for the Clothe hall, whoe may 
take for every Clothe comming to the hall, or other place in this Towne, 
2 d for hallage. 

Occupacons in this towne shall be drawne into companies. 

m r Smart having borrowed of Paull Banning to the use of the Towne 
6 U i3 s 4 s , its ordered that the Towne shall discharge him thereof. 

Steven Baxter indicted and convicted for ingrossing (cj and trans- 
porting of corne, and fined at 3 U 10% its ordered that 3O S thereof shall be 

17 El: (Tuesday), 15 November, [1575] at y e Assembly. 

In all personall accons for fforrainers, theire Atturnies fee shall be 
3 s , but a freeman shall pay but 2 s . 

Persons injoyned at the last Admirall Court to bring their goods 
by them found, and making defalt, are amerced 6 s 8 d . 

(a) Sir Thomas Smith, K'. Sec. of State, 1567. Rapin de Thoyras, Hist. Eng. ii, 81. 

(6) Sir William Cordell, KX -uid. sup. p. 250. 

(c) i.e. buying or bargaining for com in gross, while growing, or on the way, bef6re it comes to any 
market or fair to be sold, in order to sell again. By 5 and 6 Ed. vi, c. xiv, this offence was punishable, for 
the first offence, with two months imprisonment and forfeiture of the value of the goods, and if repeated, 
the offender was liable to be pilloried, lose his personal property, and be imprisoned indefinitely. See also 
5Eliz. c. xii, and 13 Eliz. c. xxv. cf. sup. 'Forestalling,' p. 158, note. 




presentm* for taking and concealling a wild swanne, and not bringing 
it to the Admiralls. 

One vessell taken as a pirate, and not brought to the Admiralls. 

J 575'6- 1 8 El: (Saturday), Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1576.] 

Cler: Mark: 

Joh : Barker, fa) 
Augustin Parker. 


John Brenn, 
Tho : Bloss. 

Justices, < 

, The Bayliffs and 
iRalfe Scrivener, 
Willm. Smart, 
Edm : Gooding, 
Joh : Moore. 

Chamberlins, , , 

( Rob : Snelhng. 

Chr : Ward elected, but at his request 
discharged from being treasurer, and 
Henry Hamond is elected in his roome. 

Cler: Com: 

T , TT 
Jh : Hawes. 


Alder m: Guild, 

Willm. Bloyes, 
Chr : Ward, and 
Oliver Cooper. 

Henry Hamond. 

Tho: Bennet and Henry Hamond sworne Headburrowes. 

Oliver Cooper and Rob: Limbard sworne into y e number of the 
24% and to be Constables. 

All ffreemen of ability shall comme to the great Court in their 
gownes, or shall be excluded the house for that time from vote, and 
forfait 3 s 4 d , to be levied by distresse. 

Treasurers of this Towne shall put in his owne sufficient bond, 
onely for security. 

18 El: (Friday}, 23 December. [i575-] 

A Terrour in Parchment of the contents of the lands and tenem te 
of Kents hill, exhibited by m r Mathew Gooding, farmer there, father to 
m r Bayliff Gooding. 

Composition w th Marshall for the Water Bayliffs place for the summe 
of 45 H , paied to him according to the order of S r Tho: Smith, principall 
Secretary, and the m r of the Rolls, and for that the Lo : Keper in this 
matter hathe shewed himselfe an especiall friend to this Towne, con- 
sideracon shall be had by the Portmen what benevolence shall be given 
to his LOPP for soe great freindshipp. 

The waterbaylywick shall be letten to suche as will give most for 
the same, by a committee specially named, w ft suche covenants as they 
shall judge most meete. 

And the said committee shall consider whether it be requisite to 
make Clothes called 'whites' w^in the Hospitall. And the proffits of the 

(a) Son of Robert Barker, who was elected Burgess in 1559; (vid. sup. p. 252). He was also a Merchant 
andPortman, Burgess in Parliament in 1584, 1586 and 1588, and was bur. in the Tower Church, Ipswich. 


waterbaylywick shall goe to the Hospitall, or such other use as the 
committee shall determine. 

Orders for artificers, handicrafts, and millers shall be put in writing, 
and set up in the moot hall in a table. 

Difference betwene the m r of Requests and the Towne concerning 
licencing of Tipplers w th in Stoke, and concerning the liberty of Wood- 
bridge market, shall be advised of by Councill at London, at the next 
terme, and thereuppon order shall be taken accordingly. 

Persons appointed to draw up the state of the differences in writing. 

Committee to consider the difference betweene. the Towne and 
Tho : Dandy, concerning lands in Holbroke. 

ffor Sessions, Admirall Courts, dinners, the Chamberlins shall allow 
for the Commissioners and Admiralls, and all those that sitt at the 
Bayliffs table 2% and for the 24% i2 d a man, and every of the jury 6 d . 
the Serjeants and serv 43 shall have theire m rs reversion, and the Town 
shall not be charged w* greater charge than this. 

The headburrowes shall have noe more than 15* allowed them for 
theire dinner. 

Certaine lands in Whitton, in the occupacon of Dier, about 9 acres, 
shall be viewed, and the title considered by a sp'iall committee named, 
and if the title be found good, S r Rob : Wingfeild shall be conferred w th , 
and if he will referr his claime, this Court will doe the like. 

If m r Withypoll will take a lease of Whitton lands, late Battells, of 
the Towne for 1 1 yeres, yeelding 50* yerely rent, and pay the areres at 
or before the next greate Court, he shall be admitted therto, otherwise 
its agreed that Steven Baxter shall [have] the same, uppon like terms, 
provided that if m r Withypoll shall disturbe him in his possession, he 
shall attempt a suit w th him at the Townes charge. 

Inquiry shall be made at London for orders concerning Hailing of 
clothes, and for orders to be established therein. 

Treasurer shall finde suerties to render good acompt. 

Hally , fined 5 U formerly for rash speeches to y Bayliffs, is abated to 4O S . 

Divers p'sons pardoned for want of pathing. 

Auditors for the sixth p't of a task * lately granted, and for the 
pencon of Dr. Kelke, and refusers shall be imprisoned untill paym*. 

Order for the Common Carter wages shall continnue in force, and 
the Alderm : of the ward hathe power to remitt any fine or fines, or abate 

Woad seised as forrain bought and forrain sold, if it be not redeemed 
according to former order, by paym* of suche summe as was then agreed, 
then the one halfe shall be paid before Candlemass next to the Town, 
the other to Rich : Trost. 

* vid. sup. p. 216, note. 


A fine shall be levied of lands belonging to the Towne, such as 
m r Scrivener, m r Clenche, and m r Hawis shall think meete. 

m r Bayliffs shall have liberty to admitt any victualler in this Towne 
over and above the number prescribed, and thereuppon they have at this 
Court admitted John Bird victualler. 

18 El: (Wednesday}, 18 January. [1576-] 

An agreem* is concluded betwene the Town and Robert Dandy, and 
in order to a better assurance, the Town dothe assigne to Edw: Cage 
and Hen : Hamond, all theire interest of yeres in lands demised to them 
from m r Smart and Crane, they do order an assignem* under the Common 
sealle, that the said Edw: Cage and Henry shall assigne and reassure 
all theire interest unto the Town by good conveyance in law. 

God having taken to himselfe D r Kelk, and the Town now destitute 
of a preacher in his place: It is agreed that a learned sufficient man shall 
be elected by the assent of the BP, and somme other well learned divines. 
And that such person shall have a settled stipend of 100 marks,* and 
to that end m r Bayliffs shall first treate w th the inhabitants about theire 
voluntary contributions, and suche as refuse according to their ability, 
shall be by the Bayliffs and others assessed at quarterly paym 13 of such 
summs as are meete, and if they refuse to pay, they shall be committed 
to prison till paym 4 made. 

A benevolence allowed to be collected for the repaire of Cromer 
haven, at the letters of request from S r Chr: Heydon (aj and S r Wm 
Butts, (bj and if it amounts not to 4'', the Treasury shall make it up. 

Goods forrain bought and forrain sold referred to the Assembly. 

The Town Charter shall be inrolled in the Kings Benche, that 
thereuppon cognisance of plees may be demanded as occasion shall be 

John Minter allowed to tipple or draw beere according to the statute. 

1 8 El: (Tuesday}, 17 Aprill. [1576.] 

D r Norton (c) is retained ordinary preacher in this towne, to be 

* 66 13 4. 

(a) The family of Heydon is said to take its name from Heydon, near Aylsham, Norf. Sir Christopher 
Heydon, K'. here mentioned, was of Baconsthorpe, Norf. and highly esteemed for his justice, charity, and 
remarkable hospitality; he was knighted at the Sacking of Cadiz, and Sheriff of Norf. and Surf, in 1569; he 
died 10 Dec. 1579, and was bur. in the south side of Baconsthorpe church, where there is an altar tomb, 
with effigies of himself and his 1st and 2nd wives. Arms: quarterly, arg. and gu. across engrailed, counter- 
changed. Blomfield's Norf. vi, 504. Add. MSS. (Jermyn) 8210; Harl. 1484, f. 478. Fuller's Worthies, ii, 149. 

(b) He was of Thornage, Norf. son and heir of Sir William Butts, K'. M.D. physician to Hen. vm, 
and died at Thornage, s. p. Sep. 3, 1 583, where, according to Blomfield, (Norf. ix, 446) is a tomb, with effigies 
of himself and his wife, and shields of arms. His father is introduced by Shakespere in his play of Henry 
VII, Act 5, Sc. 2. Add. MSS. (Davy) 19,121, and (Jermyn) 8204. HarL 5189, f. 2gb; Il77,f.l4lb. Arms: 
az. on a chev. or, 3 lozenges, gu. between as many estoiles of the second. Blomfield's Norf. vii, 429. Page's 
Suff. 913. 

(c) He was of Caius Coll. Camb. B.A. 1588-9, M.A. 1563, and B.D. 1570, and was presented 8 July 
1572, to the Crown living of Aldborough-cum-Hasylwood, Suff. and published in 1573 a translation of 
"Godlye Homilies on Abdias and Jonas by Rodolph Gualter of Tigure" Cooper's Ath. Cantab, i, 516. 


continually resident therein, and shall have 50'' stipend, payable quarterly, 
beginning his work at Easter next. 

A committee appointed to meete uppon a certaine day, to demise 
the Water Baylywick. 

Butchers refusing to bring theire Tallow to the Hospitall, and 
neglecting their bonds, its ordered their bonds shall be sued, and a com- 
mittee appointed to compound w th such as will submitte. 

A committee to consider to assigne in what place the candle shall 
be made this yere, or whether the candle shall be assigned over to two 
persons to serve the Town as formerly. 

The Guild shall be holden uppon Sunday after Trinity Sunday. 

The paines for not paying petit rents pardoned hitherto, but urged 
as to the future. 

1 8 El: (Monday}, 18 June. [1576.] 

Noe inhabitant shall burne or consume w th fire, any dunghill, filth, 
straw, Raggs, Clouts, soote, or other filth, w th in this Towne, out of any 
house, nor in any Chimney, oven, or furnace, to the annoyance of the 
neighbors or other people, under perill of forfaiture for cache trans- 
gression 6 s 8 d . 

Noe Butcher shall bury the intrailes or oflfalls of any beast in any 
of theire yards, or w^in the walls of this Towne, under penalty of 6 s 8 d 
forfaiture for every offence. 

George Adington and Willm. Atwood elected atturnies for the 
Towne in the Exchequer. 

Whereas the marsh is parcelled out to severall tennants, whereof 
the portions of somme are of more benefit then the portions of others, 
its ordered that the rent of cache shall be proportioned to the vallew by 
the Bayliffs, and suche as they shall call to them. 

Carts and Tombrills of the Towne, or others carying muck or other 
cariage from place to place w th in the Towne, shall be unshodd after 
Mich : next, at such times of cariage, under penalty of forfaiture of 1 2 d 
for cache comming over the paved streete otherwise. And all carts that 
shall comme ^ commodities for transportation, shall pass by the Back 
streetes or lanes, and not uppon the paved streetes if it may be avoided, 
and after warning given. 

Where a free burgess is sued w th out the Town, in case that ought 
to be decided w th in the same, the party that will desire the benifit thereof 
shall pay the 4 th p't of the charges of the Towns demand of Cognisance 
of plees, and the Towne shall gr* theire Letter of Atturny to put in theire 
Claime w th effect. 

ffree Burgesses transporting by water any kinde of victuall, shall 
pay all suche Customes as forrainers ought to doe, or shall forfait for 




every default tenne times the vallew of the Custome, and imprisonm* 
till paym* made. 

A Lone is ordered for furniture for provision for candle to be made 
in the Hospitall, and if by that means a sufficient summ may not be had, 
an assessment shall be made. 

Jon. Brenn elected Treasurer. 

Burgess admitted, provided if he be not free born he shall pay, &c. 

i8 El: (Wednesday}, 26 September. [1576.] 

All assignem 15 of apprentices shall be before the Bayliff, and indorced 
on the Back of the indenture w* the Bayliffs hand. 

Rob* Dixon shall have 4" yerely paied towards his support and 
maintenance at the university at his booke. 

Assessors of fforrain ffines. 

At the Admiralty one was presented for taking groundage at Bourn 
Bridge, whereas none was ever used to be payed. 

Besides nusances, and death of a man, and unlawfull fishings, and 
defalts of pformance of orders of Court, and amercem* 5 forfaited, and 
therfore they are doubled. 

1576-7. 19 El: (Sunday}, Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1577.] 

Rich : Golty, 
Tho : Knapp. 

Hen : Haman. 



! Geoff: Gilbard, 



Joh : Moore. 

Clet: Mark: 



I Joh : Brenn, 
( Tho : Bloss. 

Com: Cler: 

The Bayliffs and 


( Augustin Parker, 


< Joh : Barker, 

I Wm Smart, 


v Ralf Scriven^. 

Joh : Hawis. 

Wm Bloyse, 
Chr: Ward, 
Oliver Cooper. 

Rob* Lymbard, by the Courts consent, is elected by his p'tner, Wm 
Midnall, to be Alderm: Guild; Robert Lymbard prayed his discharge, 
and was assessed 15" fine, W* he refused, and was thereuppon fully elected. 

19 El: (Friday}, 7 December. [1576.] 

Auditors appointed. 

The headburrowes in their circuits shall searche what children borne 
in this Towne are sett to be bound apprentices to Artificers w ft in this 
Towne, esp'ly such as are trained up in Idleness, and hereof they are to 
make certificate to m r Bayliffs every month, under perill of forfaiture of 
6 s 8 d for every default. 


The guider of the Hospitall shall have his fee paied, his requests 
shall be considdered, his accompt first audited, and the accompt for the 

A survey shall be made of the Grammer Schoole orders by the 
Bayliffs, and such as they shall call to them, and they shall appoint an 
Usher, and give order for the erecting of a house of office. 

Ulveston hall shall be surveyed by a committee, as touching the 
yerely vallew thereof. 

An informer appointed for transgressing the order of Cariage w th 
unshodd Carts, and uppon his informacon, the Bayliff shall send the [blank] 
to distraine the offender for the forfaiture, and the informer shall have 
the one halfe. 

19 El: (Monday}, 7 January. [1577.] At y* Assembly. 

The Gaoler shall not exact fees above the proportions following, viz: 
for every prisoner committed concerning fellony, i4 d ; at the discharge 
of suche uppon his acquittall 3 s 4 d ; for every arest uppon accon personal!, 
I4 d ; ffor diet at free bord, by the meale, 6 d ; for his lodging in bed, cache 
night, 2 d ; for every othe, i d , to the poore y l cannot maintain free bord. 

ffor suche as are committed for offence to the peace, not above 2o d . 

ffor persons not condemned in debt or dammage, 4O S and upward ; 
he shall not compound for irons at above ob. in the pound. 

And for persons condemned at i d in the pound, and not above. 

The Bayliffs and Justices may abate the fees of suche committed at 
theire com* : 

19 El: (Monday}, I Aprill. [1577.] 

Order for continnuance of furniture of Candle at the Hospitall. And 
for Butchers Tallow. 

If the Ten* of Ulveston Hall will surrender his lease, he shall have 
a new lease for 1 1 yeres, at 50'' rent, provided he shall maintaine the 
reparacons, and deliver to the use of the Hospitall such quantities of 
butter and Cheese, to be deducted as parcell of his rent and other cove- 
nants, as the p'sons hereafter named shall think meete. 

The ffarme house at Holbroke wasted by fire, the trespass is remitted 
to the tenant, p'vided that he shall finde meate and drink for the work- 
men while they are rearing of the houses there w ch shall be made at the 
Towns charge, and that the said Tenant shall finde the thatching, daub- 
ing, and pinning suche houses. 

The indenture of agreem* betweene m r Withypoll and the Towne, 
concerning a peece of medow in Claydon and Whitton shall be sealled 
v^ the Common sealle of the Towne, at suche time as the Bayliffs shall 
think most meete. 



Christoph r Mervill fined 2o u for coullering forraine goods, fa) shall 
be abated to 2O S . 

m r Lovers nusance in laying muck at the ffriers bridge, as well for 
offences past as future, shall be ordered by the headburrowes. 

m r Smarts demand of certaine peaces of land, intended as he thinketh 
w^in the compass of his grant, shall be considered off by p'sons specially 

The Chamberlins petitions of certaine fines and amercem ts set over 
to them at the Audit, is referred to m r Bayliffs. 

Certaine woad, appointed to the use of the poore schollers w th in 
this Towne, is appointed to be sold by the p'sons herafter named, to 
the uses aforesaid, for io u . 

The Common Kay shall be reedified at the Towns charge. 

D r Norton is retained Cheif preacher for this towne after the 
Annunc: last,* and to have 50'' salary, payable quarterly, and he to 
serve in preaching in the towne two weekes together, according to his 
former manner. And that m r Webb shall be received 2 d preach 1 of this 
Towne, to serve in person there every third weeke, and shall serve allsoe 
the cure at the Tower, and shall have for his salary 33" 6 s 8 d quarterly, 
whereof 20 marks t yerely out of the Tower parish, and to beginne at 
the Annunc : last. 

Henr: Hammond discharged from Alderm: Guild for the fine of 
lo 1 ', and in his place is elected Joh: Knapp, whoe is disch: for 20 marks 
fine, and Willm: Middenhall elected in his room. 

Antony Edwards payed 6 d to the poore, for departing out of Court 
w th out licence. And Thomas Knapp : paied the like for the like cause. 

The wages of the Common Carter, lighter men, and Porters, shall 
be referred to the Bayliffs henceforth to order. 

The 2 peeces of land in Bramford now in m r Nicholls occupacon, 
touching the Towns title, shall be considered of by m r Clenche, m r 
Scriven r and Hen : Haman, and they shall make report thereof. 

19 El: (Tuesday), 30 July. [1577.] At the Assembly. 

James Seger shall have granted to him and his heires a peece of 
ground, of an acre or more, lying at the red Cliff, at the rent of 6 s 4 d yerely. 

19 El: (Wednesday}, 18 September. [1577.] 

Bart: ffenn, Joh: ffisher, Rich: Beamont, and Wm Russell, elected 
Serjeants of the mace. 

fforraine fines shall be assessed by the Assembly. 

(a) i.e. allowing a Foreigner to enter goods at the Custom House in his name, he being a Freeman. 

* Mar. 25. t ,13 6s. 8d. 




Bourn bridge ordered to be repayred, and the mony to be levied 
according to the stat : to the summe of i yo 1 '. 

Rob* Sallowes shall still continnue his lease of the marsh at the 
former rent, and shall be discharged of arearages layd uppon him by a 
late survey. 

Auditors for the Renter Wardens accompts. 

Apprentises indentures shall be acknowledged before the Bayliffs, 
or one of them, and then inrolled, or in defalt of suche acknowledger^ 
the master shall forfait 2O S . 

Ordered that the Towne shall beare the charges of John Knapp, in 
the suit by him against citisens of London, for staying his woad for 
weighage, If the Councill learned of this Towne shall adjudge the same 
to concern the priviledges of the Towne. 

19 El: (Sunday}, 29 September. [1577.] 

Governours of the Hospitall elected, viz: Edw: Gooding, Ol: 
Cooper, Will m . Midnall, and Laur: Trost. 

It being informed that m r Gilbard, the new elect Bayliff, is sick, its 
agreed that the new Bayliff sworne, and the 2 last Bayliffs, and 8 others, 
shall, as a committee, repaire to the house of m r Gilbard, and administer 
his othe according as is prescribed in Dooms day booke. 

At the Admirall Court, besides defalts in not bringing wrecks 
formerly found, wherein amercem 13 are doubled: And trespasses and un- 
lawfull transportations, and unlawfull fishing, and corrupt fish, and 
nusances, and goods found. Presentm 1 is of one that took and concealled 
waived goods.* 

1577-8. 20 El: (Monday}, Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1578.] 

Cler: Mark: 



Rob : Guttler, 
John Knapp. 

Job : Brenn, 
Tho: Bloss. 

The Bayliffs, 
Geoffery Gilbard, 
Joh : Moore, 
Joh : Barker, 
Ralf Scriven'. 



Godfry Woolnall, 
Edw : Rivet. 

Hen : Haman. 

Com : Cler ) T , -,-, 

r,, Toh : Hawis. 

Cler : pac : ) J 

Wm Bloyse, 
Christ: Ward, 
Olive.' Cooper. 


Alderm : Guild, Rob' Lymbard. 

Persons comming w^out gownes to the Court, having noe notice 
of the order, are ordered to provide gownes against the next Court, in 
regard they are deemed meete men for ability. 

* i.e. Goods stolen, and waived or thrown away by the thief in his flight. Cowell's Law Diet. 


If any ffreeman shall make any wager w th any other for electing of 
any officer in this Town, neyther of the persons soe wagering shall have 
any voice, or be present at any suche election, nor shall procure any 
other to give his voice at suche election, for the winning of suche wager, 
uppon paine to forfaite 5". 

After the end of the Terme that John Bray now hathe in the Port- 
mens medow, The Portmen resident for the most part in the Towne, 
having horses kept ordinarily in the Towne, shall have the little medow, 
paying 6 s 8 d yerely to the Towne. And all other portmen, not ordinarily 
resident in the Towne, after Mich: next shall loose theire p'ts, as well 
of the said Portmens medow, as of the little medow, for soe long time 
as they shall not be resident and kepe horses. 

20 El: (Thursdayj, 5 December. [1577.] 

Auditors appointed. 

The house next the Grammer Schoole, in m r Dawes occupacon, 
shall be demised to him if he will, or otherwise to somme other person. 

And that Joseph, m r Dawes sonne, shall continnue Usher of the 
Schoole till Annunc: next.* And that the Bayliffs, and suche as they 
shall call to them, shall allow him to continnue still in that office, or 
choose somme other meeter man. 

The collector for the subsidy for this Town shall distraine the in- 
habitants of Rushmer \v th the liberty of this Towne, for areres of the 
subsidy, and if any suite shall arise, the Town shall defend the same. 

Orders concerning the assignem* of the present lease of the new 
mills and Horswad mill. 

The gr l of one acre at Segers Cliff to him agreed at the assembly, 
is confirmed at the said rent, w th a clause of reentry for non paym 4 . 

20 El: (Monday}, 24 Marche. [1578.] 

Order for Candle referred to a committee. 

Ulveston Hall demised to Shepard, for i r yeres from mic : next, at 
56" 13 s 4 d r*. 

Stiles his messuage to him demised, and the mortmain lands w th 
Ballings Close (except the 9 acres) for n yeres from mic: next, at 20" 
r 4 yerely, and he shall have the 9 acres till mic: next for 9 s . 

m r Smarts lease of Kents hill, assigned to him from Wm Dandy, 
shall be sealed at a petit Court, and he shall have liberty to assigne the 
same over to Rich: Dameron. 

John Cage, Carpinder, for his worke in the house at Holbroke, shall 
have 40 s , over and above the Bargine. 

* Mar. 25. 


A payne set uppon Brenning, to pull up his pale before Easter 
next; time is given him till Whitsuntide. 

John Carnaby shall continnue his gallery from his dwelling house 
to his ware house, at 4 d rent, and to take the same by indenture. 

Overseer of the nusances in the Towne shall have yerely 26 s 8 d , and 
halfe the amercem ts to be assigned by the headburrowes, uppon present- 
ments by him made. 

Handford Hall demised to Smith for the remainder of the terme, 
in Edw: Cages lease. 

20 El: (Monday} t 29 September. [1578.] 

Willm: Russell, Joh: ffisher, Rich: Beamont, and Earth: ffenn, elected 

Assessors of fforrain fines. 

Edw: Gooding, Wrn Midnall, Tho: Bennet, John Carnaby, elected 
Governors of the Hospitall. 

A committee to determine whether Tho: ffletcher shall be admitted 
to his forraine fine. 


Suche as shall cast ballast or filth into the channell w th in the high- 
water mark, shall forfait 4O S for every skuppet full so cast into the same, 
the one halfe to the presenter, the other halfe to the Towne. 

Noe person shall stick or grubb any fishe w th any shelve netts, 
betwene 8 of the clock at night, and 4 clock in y c morning, under penalty 
of i o s every defalt. 

The channell shall be beaconed, and if any p' son doe pull downe or 
decay the same beacons, and not repaire them w th in 2 tydes, the same 
shall forfait 5 s each defalt. 

Noe person shall heve any fish w th heave nett, unless there shall be 
two p'sons in the bote, under penalty of 2od, one halfe to the presenter, 
the other to the Towne. 

The ordinary time for dredging of oysters shall be in Lent, and then 
none shall be carried away but suche as are well growne, and the smaller 
and sulche shall be forthw th cast over bourd under perill of forf 1 of 40* 
for cache offence. 

Noe p'son shall dredge any oysters in the haven in May, June, July 
and August, nor in any other month out of Lent, but onely once a weeke, 
viz: on Thursday, and then he shall take away onely suche as are faire 

The Bayliffs nevertheless, under their office seale, may licence any 
impotent or lame person to dredge oysters in the haven at pleasure, 
provided that there be but one p'son in one bote, and that none butwel 
grown oysters be carried away. 



ffor the preservacon of muskels in the haven, its ordered that noe 
person shall destroy or remove the bedds of them, nor carry away the 
frye or broods of them uppon paine of forfait 20% the one moity to the 
presenter, the other moity to the Towne. 

1578-9. 21 El: (Tuesday}, Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1579.] 



Ralfe Scrivener, 


Job : Tye. 

Cler: Mar: 


John Brenn, 
Tho : Bloss. 

The Bayliffs and 

Rob' Cuttler, 


Joh : Knapp, 

Joh : Moore, 

Joh : Barker. 



Cler: pac: 
Com : Cler : 

Aldtrm: Guild 

Joh : Carnaby, 
Nich : Crane. 

Willm : Mednall. 
John Hawis. 

Christoph : Ward, 
Hen : Haman, 
Oliver Cooper. 

Tho : Glede. 

21 El: (Friday}, 5 December. [1578.] 

Auditors appointed. 

Certaine differences depending- betweene the Town and m r Withipoll, 
if they be not determined before the 15 th day of Jan: next, Its ordered 
that it shall stand agreed that the nine acres of ground at Castle hill in 
Stiles his occupacon, shall be letten to the Towne, and Wardens of the 
ffoundacon,and others, w* Rich: Battell, und r suche covenants as to them 
shall seeme requisite, provided that it be not for more time than 1 1 yeres 
from Mic: last. 

Kents Hill, demised to m r Smart, shall be demised to m r Moore under 
suche covenants as in the former lease, if m r Smart will surrender his 
interest, and m r Moore shall have licence to assigne the same over to 
Rich : Davers under the same covenants. 

Rob* Bacon rated 20 shillings for his forrain fine, is referred to the 

The headburrowes shall take order concerning the setting of mill- 
stones under Carnabies Jetty, how farr they shall be sett out. 

The difference betweene m r Bayliff Cuttler and John Brenning, 
touching a peece of ground at the old Kay, nigh m r Guttlers house, is 
referred to the assembly to consider of the title, and to report at the 
greate Court. And all the amercem ts layde uppon Brenning concerning 
the removing of his pale, shall likewise be referred to the Assembly. 

Robert Hally, for misbehaviour in sundry speeches against certaine 
others, and for attempts to defraud the Towne of Customes, is ordered 
to be committed to the Gaole during the Bayliffs pleasure, and fined 5", 
and shall pay all areres of Customes. 


Robert Barker discharged from being Alderm: Guild for 20 marks 

John Wallis standing bound to the Towne w* suerties for childrens 

portions, Its ordered that if good suerties shall be putt in by D r Sherman, 

.the former bond shall be delivered up, and uppon the receipt of suche 

portions, the children shall acquitt the executors, or otherwise the bonds 

shall be stayed till suche acquittances made. 

21 El: (Wednesday), 10 December, [1578.] at the Assembly. 

Constables shall make search every month for needy, impotent, 
and vagrant p'sons, and therof make certifficate that they may be settled 
according to law. 

They shall twice every yere hold pettit Sessions w th in one month 
after Easter, and one month after Mich: and for every default shall 
forfait 2O S . 

They shall see that noe serv ts shall be retained for less than one 
whole yere. 

Searches shall be made forthw 111 for new Commers, and servants 
retained for less then one yere, and to certify what apprentices they 
finde, and warne new Commers to depart the Towne. 

21 El: (Friday), 2 January. [1579.] 

Noe journeymen nor apprentis shall be intertained in any handicraft 
w th in this Towne w th out the privity of one of the Constables of that ward, 
before the retainer, and notice shall be given by the Constables to the 
Cheife of the ward. 

Constables shall make searche for children borne in this Towne of 
poore parents, meete to be apprentises.and therof shall make certifficate. 

21 El: (Wednesday), 4 Marche, [1579.] at y e Assembly. 

A warr 1 of Atturney shall be made to certain persons in the name 
of the Towne, to make entry into lands and tenem 13 whereunto the Towne 
hathe right of entry. 

21 El: (Friday), 10 Apr ill. [1579.] 

Order for candle referred to a sp'iall committee. 

Rob: Snelling elected Alderm: Guild. 

Henry Mudd shall have a lease ofcertainepeecesof land in Bramford, 
about 8 acres, now in his occupacon, and formerly in Rob* Cooks, for 1 1 
yeres from Mich: next, at 36* rent, w* 11 clause for reentry for non paym 4 , 
halfyerely. And that he shall covenant to inclose soe much of the 
praemisses as doe lye in the common feild, \v & 2 ble quickset and ditch 


The messuage, lands, tenem 45 and limekill in the occupacon of 
Shankford, except the lease lands, shall be demised to ffinche for 1 1 yeres 
from Mich: next, at 22" rent, by moities, w th clause of reentry for non 
paym 4 and coven 4 to mantaine reparacons, pay the Lords rent, and doe 
no wast, and sell lime to be spent in this Towne, for 6 s 8 d the chalder, 
w* other covenants, according- to the Lo: Kepers order. And the said 
ffinche shall have the lease of the medows during the time yet to indure, 
paying the Lords rent 

The bonds made by D r Sherman (a) and Rich : Stannard to the 
Towne, to the use of certaine children, shall be ordered for delivery 
thereof by p'ticular p'sons menconed, p'vided that care be that the 
executors be discharged. 

The signe of the Golden Lion shall now continnue, paying therfore 
yerely to the Towne i d r 4 . 

If Mr Grimston will surrender his lease of the heathe, he shall have 
a new lease made Back againe to him, w & an addition of the terme, w th 
the same covenants. 

Matters in controversy w 411 m r Withipoll shall be referred to m r 
Clenche, provided it shall be determined before Midsummer next, and 
that mr W th ypoll will give bond of loo 1 ' to stand to the arbitrem 4 , as the 
Towne offereth to give suerties on theire p't, and A submission in writing 
is ordered to be made, w ch shall be sealled at a petit Court. 

John Hawes hathe liberty to goe to London these 2 next termes, 
to follow his Clients causes, putting in a sufficient Deputy in his place 
in this Towne. 

Willm Leye, apothecary, henceforthe off his wares in towne may 
make open shew for his forrain fine, putting in bond to discharge the 
Towne of all burden and charge by himselfe, wife, and children. 

21 El: (Tuesday}, 29 September. [1579.] 

At the request of Edw. Grimston Esq r , the heathe, formerly his by 
lease, shall be demised to John Usherwoad, according to the former 
forme, saving that there shall not be allowed more then three months for 
reentry for non paym 4 of the rent, and that the said heath shall be 
abbuttalled out, and that he shall not assigne w^out licence from the 
Towne, but to a free burgess. 

Wm Russel, Rich: Beamont, Joh: ffisher, Bart: ffenn, Serj nts . 

Assessors of forraine fines. 

Mr Smart, Hen: Hamond, Tho: Bennet, Ro: Bark r , governors of 
Chr: Hospitall. 

(a) This family was of Yaxley and Brusyard, Suff. Add. MSS. (Davy) 19,149; Harl. 1560. f. 249!). 




At the Admirall Court, besides presentm ts of offences against the 
late orders for oysters. It is further ordered : 

That noe person shall dredge oysters w th in this port, but shall after 
every hale cull his oysters before he shall hale againe, under penalty of 

3 s 4 d - 

Noe p'son shall bring oysters to market that shall have above two 

on a cluster, uppon the like penalty. 

All suche as shall dredge oysters w th in this liberty shall sell the 
same at the common Kay at Ipsw ch , under penalty of 2o s for cache 

21 El: (Sunday), 13 Septemb: [1579.] 

m rs Rose Bloise (aj gave 2O U to fower poore handicraftsmen, to be 
lent for 3 yeres together, the next of her kindred to have the preferrm'. 

1579-80. 22 El: (Thursday}, Nativit : Mar: [Sep. 8, 1580.] 

Bay I: 
Escheat : 
Chr: Mar: 



Agnes Usherwood shall have the demise of the heath according to 
the agreem 4 w th her husband. 

m r Warner, procter in the Consistory of Norw ch , retained to be Coun- 
cill for this Towne in the Admiralty, and shall have 4O S for this yere, yet 
m r Briggs shall have his fee till Mich : next, and then he shall have notice 
to cease his care for that service. 

Rob : Copping made Clark of the Hospitall for his yerely fee of 5 H , 
to make a trew accompt to the Bayliffs of all suche mony as shall comme 
to his hands, and of other goods allsoe wherw th he shall be intrusted. 

' Wilm. Smart, (b) 


Paull Banning, 
Sam" Smith. 

I Tho : Bloss. (c) 



Willm : Midnall. 

( Joh : Brenn, 
( Hen : Haman. 

Com : Cler : 
Cler: pac : 

Joh : Hawys. 

The Bayliffs and 
Ralfe Scrivener, 


Chr : Ward, 
Hen : Haman, 

Ed : Gooding, 

Oliver Cooper. 

Job : Tye, 
Rob : Guttler. 


Tho : Knapp. 

(a) Ipswich Gifts and Leg. (1747,) p. 77- 

(b) -aid. sup. p. 268. 

(c) Son of Thomas Blosse of Ipswich, b. 1522, and fourth of this name in succession. He died in his 
year of office, (p. 327 infra.) and was bur. in S' Lawrence's Church, Ipswch, 20 Dec. 1580. Add.MSS. (Davy) 
l9,iig;Harl. 1560, f. 282; 1169. f. loo. Arms: gu. 3 dragons pass, in pale erm. Granted by W. Segar, Coll. 
Arms. E.D.N. 57. f. 35. Guillim's Heraldry, p. 269. 



John Pavis shall have from the Towne, towards the Tiling of a new 
framed house by him at Horswad mill, 4 U , and he agreeth to leave the 
same in good and sufficient repaire. 

Alis Pavis, widow, remitted of 2O S paine uppon her late husband by 
the headburrowes. 

2 2 El: ( Friday J , 4 December. [ 1 5 7 9 J 

Auditors appointed. 

Warr* of Atturny to prosecute suit against Shankford. 

Offences against the order for Customes referred to a committee, to 
considder what may best be donne for the advantage of the Towne. 

Victualler allowed, in consideracon he shall at the Bayliffs appointm* 
be helpfull to cure poore men in reasonable manner. 

Carnaby shall have licence to lay Grindstones of his owne under the 
Jetty of his new house at the Common Kay, paying 4 d r*. 

All the persons in this Towne rated to pay to the poore, shall presently 
pay soe much mony as by computation his rate shall amount unto for 
one monthe, and neverthelesse continue the paym* 5 of their rates as they 
are rated. 

22 El: (Thiirsdayj, 24 Marche. [1580.] 

James Leman, Bachelour of arts, a poore young man, borne in this 
Towne, being indebted at Cambridge for his Commencem*, shall have 
5 U payed of the Towne mony, and the same shall be deducted out of 
Roger Barnys gift if by law it may soe be. 

Orders for Tallow and Candle for this yere referred to a committee. 

Orders touching the Grammer Schoole and reparacons thereof shall 
be referred to the Portmen to determine, and to suche as they shall think 
meete to call to them. 

Butchers shall give good suerties for the rent of their stalls. 

Thomas Sicklemore fa) hathe liberty to sett out his houses into the 
streete equall to his mansion house by line, paying the old rents. And 
he shall have suche ground in Stevens parish belonging to the Towne 
(as he now occupieth) to him and his heires, paying the ordinary rents. 

Order concerning Hallage referred to the Bayliffs and others men- 

And they allso shall consider of the complaint against divers inhabi- 
tants for setting out theire Kayes into the Channell, and to make report. 

Willm Mydnall sworne to execute Treasurers office. 

(a) Son of Edm : Sicklemore (p. 253) ; he was a Portman of Ipswich, and was bur. at S' Lawrence's, 
Ipswich, 16 Feb., 1619. Arms : Sa. 3 sickles interwoven, arg. 


22 El : (Thursday}, i^.ofAprill. [1580.] 

Chr: Crane elected Corroner to serve w th John Brenn, and is sworne, 

The late infection still continuing in this Town, its ordered that the 
charges of the poore shall be borne by the Treasury till io u be spent, 
and then m r Bayliffs shall assess the inhabitants of this Towne at suche 
summs of mony and further contribution as by them shall be thought 

Orders concerning Hallage made by referres, and now brought into 
this Court, are confirmed. 

Wm Geoffry and Nich : Crane made Hallingers during 3 yeres, pay- 
ing therfore half-yerely, io u io s , and therof shall give suerty. 

Joseph Dawes, Usher of the Gram r Schoole, hathe surrendered his 
place. And the Bayliffs and portmen, w^ 1 the concent of m r Dawes the 
Schoolm r , shall elect another in his roome. 

A ferry betweene Harw ch and Wai ton demised to m r Phillip BrownfaJ, 
and by him continnued against the liberties of this towne, its referred to a 
committee to order and determine of the same as they shall think meete. 

And they allsoe shall take councell and order concerning the Towns 
interest in Woodbridge market, as they shall think meete. 

The Charter of this Towne shall be shewen to m r Barren Shuttle- 
worth (b), at London, for the discharge of the free men of this Towne of 
all Customes claymed at Sturbridge ffaire (c). 

The Bayliffs and portmen for the time being shall appoint a conve- 
nient Clark to serve at the Hospitall, and allow him suche yerely fee as 
they or the most of them shall think most meete. 

Pettaughs request concerning com : soil by him incroched, shall be 
considered by the headburrowes, whoe shall order the same and the 
rent as they shall think meete. 

Shephard, the ten* at Ulveston halls petition for Bushes and earth 
to make brick, shall be considered of and ordered by the Wardens of 
the {foundation. 

Orders for corporations in this Towne made by the assembly, shall 
be considered by a committee named, and they shall certify theire 
opinions at the next great Court. 

The Wardens of the ffoundacon and others named, shall take order 

(a) He was of Walton, son and heir of Armiger Browne, Esq., 2nd in descent from Robert Browne, 
Esq., of Leiston, Surf., Baron of the Exchequer in 1553. He dec. before 1599. Arms : per bend, arg. and 
sa. 3 mascles counter-changed. Add. MSS. (Davy) 19,121 ; (Jermyn) 8204. 

(4) Richard Shuttleworth was of Gray's Inn, and became a Serjeant at Law 4 July, 1584 ; in 1589 he 
was made one of the Judges of Chester, but was at this time probably occupying the office formerly styled 
"officium Clerici Scaccarii Cestriae, vulgariter nuncupatum Baronis Scaccarii Cestriae." Ormerod's Hist. 
Ches. i. pp. 59, 69. Dugdale, Orig. Jurid. p. 295. Harl. 1912, f. 179. 

(c) This fair, formerly one of the largest in the kingdom, is still held at Sturbridge, in the parish of 
S 1 Andrew the Less, Cambridge, beginning on the 4 th (or i8 th ) of September, and anciently continued for 
several weeks. 


for the demising of 9 acres of lands in Stiles his occupacon at Castle 
hill, at rent and coven 13 as they shall think meete. 

Bartholomew ffenns petition touching Butlers Garden plott, com : 
soile, given to uses of Butlers will, referred to be granted at suche rent 
as the Bayliffs shall appoint. 

22 El: (MondayJ, 18 July. [1580.] by the Headburrowes. 

Parcell of the Coledunghill demised to hugh Stiles for 10 yeres, 
being 60 foote square, paying io s yerely, and this was to make salt pitts. 

22 El: (TiiesdayJ, 27 September. [1580.] 

Assessors of fforraine fines. 

Willm. Russell, Rich: Beamont, Joh: ffisher, Bart: ffenn, elected 

Paull Banning discharged of his Chamberlins place, and Thomas 
Eldred is elected in his roome. 

Willm. Bloyse elected Coroner, and Henry Haman discharged. 

ffines for non appearance at the great Court, discharged for want of 
timely notice. 

Rob: Hally his fine of 3 U remitted. 

fforraine fine for the last yere remitted. 

ffower pounds yerely shall be given to James Leman out of Barnies 
legacy for 3 yeres to com, quarterly, towards his maintenance in learning 
at Magdalene Coll: 

Paines by the Headburrowes uppon two persons, remitted. 

Geoffery Moss shall have the house and ground lately buylded 
uppon by him at St Matthew towns end, paying 4 d r* with distress. 

Thomas Smiths incrochement of a window space at his new erected 
tenem* at i d r 1 , w th clause of distress in the house. 

Aberds fine for not reparing the fenche betweene him and the m r of 
Requests, remitted. 

A committee nominated todetermine the difference betweene m r Cut- 
tler and Brenning touching a peece of ground in Brennings occupacon, 
next m r Cuttlers house 

The Gaugership lately granted to the Towne, shall be demised by 
a committee mencioned. 

Moity of amercem* 3 presented by Rich : Wolsy, to him granted. 

ffine uppon an Indictment of Moone, to him remitted, he paying the 
same shall be repayed for service donne. 

22 El: (Thursday}, 29 September. [1580.] 

ffine of i o s remitted to one that was fined at a petit Court, for want 
of apparance at a jury. 



Robert Limner, Willm. Buckenham, Tho : Glede, John Goylmer, 
made Governors of the Hospital! . 


At the Admirallty presented trespasses, concealm* 3 of Goods found, 
unlawfull dredging of oysters, 40% and fyshings, defalts of jurymens ap- 
parance, 3 s 4 d , and bloud draught 3 s 4 d . 

1580-1. 23 El: (Friday}, Nativit: Mar: ("Sep. 8, 1581.] 

Cler; Mark 1 , 




Joh: Barker, Esq r ,(a) 
Edw: Gooding, gent. 

John Brenn, 
Rich: Golty. 

The Bayliffs and 
Wm Smart, 
Ralf Lymmer. 

Tho: ffuller, 
Tho: Sucklemore. 


Com: Cler: 
Cler: pac: 

Alderm: Guild, 

Willm Mydnall. 
Joh : Hawis. 

Chr: Ward, 
Oliv: Cooper, 
Edw: Cage. , 

Rich: Golty, with 
Tho: Knapp. 

In regard of Willm Syers weak estate, certified by the maior and 
Alder m of Norw ch , this Town hath granted unto him three pounds w ch 
formerly he paied for his discharge of the Chamberlins place. 

Randalls evidences shall remaine w th this Town, in theire custody, 
till they shall be lawfully discharged of them. 

A committee to amend the Causeyes towards the marshe. 

23 El: (Friday}, 9 December. [1580.] 

Auditors appointed. 

fforfaitures for hallage shall be complained of by the farmers to the 
governours, whoe shall at the charge of the Hospitall bring an ace' on of 
debt before the Bayliffs, and the farmers shall give evidence to the jury, 
and have the one moity of what shall be recovered. 

Christopher Merill having caried away a greate Quantity of Gravell 
washed down before his doore by a rage of waters from m r Withipolls 
ponds, This Court dothe give him 20% provided he shall carry away all 
the rest that remaineth. 

Loves lease shall be ordered as touching the articles and covenants 
therein by a committee specially appointed. 

(a) md. sup. p. 284. (b) ib. p. 236. 


John Smith (a) by 1'rs commendatory from S r John Wray,^ Cheife 
Justice of England, shall be presented to the BP (cj for his allowance of 
him to be m r of the Grammer Schoole. 

Authority is given to the Bayliffs for the time beeing, to take order 
for hanging out of candle light by the inhabitants of this Towne in the 
winter season. 

Willm. Randolfe, uppon conviction forfaiting his goods, soe much 
of them as he gave to his children shall be restored to them by the Towne, 
the residue, if the children will buye them, they shall have them, paying 
as they are apprised. 

Shopkepers shall hang out signes at theire shopps, and other in- 
habitants may doe the like. 

23 El: (Tuesday}, 2 May, [1581.] petit Court, 

The Town clerk may take for the coppy of every declaracon, plee, 
answer, replicacon, &c., after the rate of 2 d a sheete in the larger ordin- 
ary paper, writing 20 lines in every sheete, and if the last sheete shall 
have 10 lines or more, he may haue 2 d for that sheete. 

23 El: (Friday), 29 September, [1581.] petit Court. 

M r Gooding, before he tooke his othe of Bayliff, desired that he 
might have two commoners joyned w th him for setting of assize of bread, 
beere, ale, and wine, because himselfe useth a brewhouse w^in the liberty 
of this Towne, but the motion was not allowed. 

(a) This John Smith, perhaps the same as one of that name recorded as Fellow of Queen's Coll. Camb., 
B.A. 15/5-6; M.A. 1571) (Cooper's Ath. Cantab, ii. 438), appears to have been strongly recommended 
both to the municipal authorities and to the Chief Justice, by John Foxe, the martyrologist. A draft of 
a letter to the former, and the letter itself to the judge, are found in Harl. MS. 416. ff. 135, 155. The 
latter runs as follows : 

" Jesus. 

forasmuch as thys yong ma' for whom I \yryte y s not so well known to your honour peradventure, as he 
is to me, by long acquayntance and co'tinnuance, to signifie therfore to your Lordshyp, not only upon 
priuat affection, but upon truth and knowledge in hys behalf: thys y s breifly to testifie to your good L. 
that if y e town of ypsewych stand in neade of a worthy, godly, and lemed scholmaster, for all such indow- 
me'ts and orname'ts requisite in such a fu'ction, or trew religion, lemyng, diligence, and practice, for these 
and such other gyftes of abilitie, I know not how, nor where, they may be better spedd then in receauyng 
thys M' J. Smythe, beying hymself bom in ye same town of ypsewych, whom both present occasion of 
tyme, and y e good vocation of Jesus Christ, I trust, offereth now unto them. Certifeyng moreouer your 
good Lordshyp, and not only you, but also y e whole town of ypsewych, that whosoever shall receaue hym 
for guydyng of theire schole, shal doe no such pleasure to hym, as profyts to themselues, and co'moditie to 
theire yougth. 

D. iesus tibi benedicat et suis. Amen. 

Yours in Christ iesu 
Lond. Noueb. 23. joh. foxe. 

Endd. To y ryght honorable and hys very good Lord ye Lord Chiefe Justice of England. 

(b) An error for Sir Christopher Wray, Chief Justice of the Queen's Bench, 15731591. Haydn, 
Book of Dignities. 

fc) Edmund Freake, D.D., Bishop of Norwich, 15751584. Le Neve. Fasti. Eccl. Ang. ii. 470. 
Cooper's Ath. Cantab, ii. 96. 


23 El: (MondayJ, 19 December. [1580.] 

m r Bayliff Bloss dying- uppon the 25 th of this month, Rob 1 Lymmer 
is elected Bayliff to serve till Mic : next. 

Orders for Corporacons committed to p'sons sp 1 ? named. 

Joh : Lee, remitted of his issues estreated, bring 25 s to the summe 
of 8 s . 

Brewers fined by the Headburrowes, for selling- beere for undue prices, 
are remitted and bound in obligacons not to sell beere by retaile, nor to 
sell to any p'son above the rate sett by the Bailiffs. 

23 El: (FridayJ, 24 Marche. [1581.] 

A committee to appoint Chandlers. 

The manner of keping- a Guild March 4 is likewise referred to a com- 

Shopkepers shall sett up signes before Midsummer next, and suche 
as defalt shall forfait 5 s . 

Orders for Tonnage shall be p'fected by the Assembly. 

D r Willm. Goldingham (aj shall henceforth be of Councill w th this 
Town for the Admirall Court, and shall have his yerely fee of 4O S . 

Granted to Rich : Golty, parcell of the com : soile, late Rokeses, ac- 
cording to the forme of writing now shewed in this Court. 

The like feaffrn 1 shall be made to Joh : Hawis, from the Towne, of 
the parcell of the Towne soile lately Willm Hawises. Common soile, 
claymed by Edw: Cage, shall be referred to a committee to considder of 
his title, and to certify. 

Given to Laurence 2O S for attendance uppon m r Secretary Wilson^?/ 

A distress taken and accompted for, restored to the owner and to 
the accomptant, the mony is allowed 

Uppon the sale of certaine land, the towne received 45" of m r Withi- 
poll, and the same is paied to the Treasurer of the Hospitall, whoe layed 
out the same uppon the bridge. 

2 3 El: (Friday) , 2\ July. [1581.] 

Wm Bloise, lately elected Portman, is now sworne. 
Rich : Golty is elected Coroner, and is sworne. 
The Portmen, or the most of them, shall considder whoe shall be 
high steward of this Towne, and of his fee. 

(a) "William Goldingham was of Trinity Hall, Camb., B.A. 1567 ; M.A. and Fellow, 1571, and LLD. 
1579, in which year he was admitted an advocate ; he had an estate at Dedham, Essex. This family was of 
Belstead, Copdockand Gislingham, Suff. There is a brass at Belstead to John Goldingham, 1518. Arms : 
arg. a bend wavy. Cooper's Ath. Cantab, ii. 10. Add MSS. (Davy) 19,132, and (Jermyn) 8209; Harl. 
155. f. 47. &c. 

(bj Sir Thomas Wilson, appointed by patent, Jan. 5, 15/8, in addition to Sir Francis Walsingham. 
Haydn, Book of Dignities. Thomas's Hist. Notes, i. 474. 


A committee shall consider whither it be needfull to have any buyld- 
ing on the south side of the moote hall, to inlarge the same, and shall 
certify Auditors for p'tic: debts. 

Goylmers petition concerning paving at his tenem* at the conduit, 
shall be considered by m r Serjeant Clenche, uppon consideracon had of 
his lease. 

The Bedell shall have io s for his paynes in crying of lanthorne and 
candle light. 

Given to the inhabitants of the Tower parish, 40% in consideracon 
of the charges of seate for the 24% and abating other seates there set 

23 El: (Monday), 25 September. [1581]. 

Assessors of fforrain ffines. 

The Wardens shall demise Holbroke lands, late Leeches, as they 
shall think meete. 

Shankfords lands and tenem* demised to Willm ffinche, for 1 1 yeres 
from Mic: next. 

Ordered, that the Towne shall lend John Minter 3O U io s , for one 

The Wardens shall doole out the ground in Shalford medow (a) be- 
longing to the foundacon. 

A committee to considder of Knapps pile and jetty by him sett up 
in the channell against his marsh, and give theire oppinions thereof. 

Three pounds given to the erecting of the Clock in the Tower 
Churche, provided the parishioners preserve the same in good order. 

Given to Antony Popler, Stronger, for his advise in erecting the 
Hospitall pulpit, and in other things io s . 

23 El: (Friday), 29 September. [1581.] 

Joh : Moore and Ralf Scrivener elected Justices. 
Wm Russell, Rich: Bemont, Joh: ffisher, Bart: ffenn, Serjeants. 
Aug : Parker, Wm Linnfeild, Rob : Snelling, Rob : Knap, governo" 
of y e Hospitall. 

23 El: (Wednesday}, n October. [1581.] 

One man in cache ward made Monitor, to present the names of 
such of the free men in theire severall wards who make default of appar- 
ance at the greate Court, and this they shall present at the next petit 
Court, and shall have for theire paines, 2 d of every shilling soe forfaited, 


( a ) Uy- " Shanford" meadow in Barham parish, now the property of the Ipswich Charity Trustees, as 
of Tooley's Charity. 


and they shall be collectors of the forfaitures, and suche as refuse to 
pay, uppon complaint shall be committed till paym 4 , and if any of the 
monitors make default, he or they shall be committed till he or they pay 
the forfaiture of such defalter or defalters that ought to be presented. 

The preachers areres at mich : last shall be payed out of the Treasury. 

Debts due by bond to the Town, shall be paied before Hollymass,* 
or theire bonds shall be putt in suite, and debts due w th out specialty 
shall be paied by that time, or the party shall be committed till paym*. 

m r Knapps pile shall be ordered at the next greate Court, and in 
the meane time his fine shall continnue. 

Knights demand of io u for repaire of Bourn bridge, shall be con- 
sidered of when they have p' formed their covenants. 

m r Moor and m r Lymmer, shall joyne w* the Bayliffs in setting 
assize of victuall w th in this Towne, and they are sworne. 

A committee appointed to meete to set orders for Corporations in 
this Towne, and if any defalt to meete, they shall forfait 2 s 6 d . 

Auditors appointed. 

Charges for the carriage of D r Nortons stuff ordered to be payed by 
the towne. 

The tenne pounds lent formerly to Peter Moone, shall by him be 
repayed, and he shall give security for the same. 

2 3 El: (MondayJ , November 6 lh . [1581.] 

The committee having elected S r ffrancis Walsingham faj to be High 
Steward of this Towne, its ordered he shall have the said place, to con- 
tinnue during his and the Towns pleasure, and shall have io u yerely fee, 
payable half yerely by moities, and shall have a patent under the Com- 
mon Scale. 

A second preacher for the Towne shall be elected, and shall have 
io u quarterly. 

A beame and weights, and a p'son to see to the waying of meale 
appointed, and he shall have i d every quarter of meale. 

A warr* of Atturny to impleade Sam 11 Johnson and others. 

Thomas Eldreds debt respited untill Candlemas f next. 

m r Knapps pile further to be considered till the next greate Court, 
and the fine still to stand. 

* All Saints' Day, Nov. I. 

(a) Secretary of State 157290, and at this time Ambassador to Paris. He was 3 rd and youngest son of 
W" 1 Walsingham, Esq., of Scadbury in Chislehurst, Kent, and was born about 1536. Educated at home, 
he afterwards became a fellow-commoner of King's Coll., Camb., but took no degree. He successively repre- 
sented in Parliament the towns of Banbury and Lyme Regis, and the county of Surrey ; was knighted in 
1577, and after receiving many other honours, died at his house in Seething Lane, London, Ap. 6, 1590, and 
was bur. in the north aisle of Old S< Paul's. Cooper's Ath. Cantab, ii. pp. 86-92, where there is a biography, 
with copious references. Thomas's Hist. Notes, i. 472. 

t Feb. 2. 






Besides presentm* 3 of concealem^f goods found, unlawfull dredging 
of oysters, and fishing and trespasses, the jury presented an incrochem* 
uppon the salt water, 4 foote in bredth, by Wm Write, and he is amerced 
io s , and commanded to reforme the same before the next Court, under 
penalty of 4<D S . 

1581-2. 24 El: (Saturday), Nat wit : 


Clet: Mark: 

Aug: Parker, (a) 
Chr: Crane, (b) 

r, ( Job: Brenn, 
Coron "> { RichiGolty. 


The Bayliffs, and 
Ralf Scrivener, 
Joh: Barker, Esq r , 
Edw: Gooding, Gent. 
Joh: Moore. 

.-,, , ,. ( Edw: Cage, 
Lhamoerlins, rj,, c , e 
( Tho: Sherman. 

Mar: [Sep. 8, 1582.] 

Treasurer, Willm Mydnall . 

Com:Cler: } 
Cler:pac: } 


Joh: Hawis. 



Alderm: Guild, 

Chr: Ward, 
Oliv: Cooper, 
Edw: Cage. 

Wm Russell, 
Rich: Bemont, 
Joh: ffisher, 
Bart: ffenn. 

Edw: Rivet, 

to serve \v th 
Rich: Golty. 

A warr* of Atturny to the Treasurer to demand rents and farmes due 
to the towne during the time of his office, and to distraine or re-enter, as 
the case shall require, and the warrant shall be sealled at a petit Court. 

The like to the Chamberlins. 

The Chamber of access in the Hospitall shall belong to the ffounda- 
con, and the reparacons thereof shall be at the charge of the foundacon. 

Uppon m r Dawes his resignacon, m r John Smith by agreement is 
elected m r of the Grammer Schoole for life, from Mic : next. 

24 El: (Friday}, 6 Aprill. [1582.] 

m r Pemberton, elected second preacher of this town at the Create 
Court, 6 Novemb: last, is still continnued for 3 quarters of a yere from 
Annunc: last,* and shall have io u cache quarter. 

An exhibition of 4" yerely shall be paied to Rob: Dixon, the towns 
Scoller at Cambridge, till midsummer comme 12 month, to be paied 

A committee appointed to deliver to Edw : Rivet suche evidences 
in the Treasury as belong to his house and garden next the Blackfriers. 

(a) He belonged, apparently, to a family of this name settled at Walsham-le- Willows, Suff. The ped. 
is given in the Suff. Visit., but no arms are assigned. Harl. 1560, f. 274. vid. sup. p. 289. 

(*) The Cranes were of Wooduorton, Norf. and Chilton, Suff. Page's Suff. 932. Ipsw. Gifts and Leg. 
(1747), PP. 80, 92. Add. MSS. (Davy) 19,125 ; (Jermyn) 8206. Harl. 1484, f. 42 ; 1449, ff. 13, 88 ; 1 103, 
f. 2. Arms : arg. a fess. betw. 3 crosses bottonee. fitchee, gu. 

* Mar. 25. 


And the 2 waies leading from that house and ground to the houses of 
the ffoundacon shall be shutt up if the committee shall think meete, and 
hereunto the said Edw: Rivet dothe consent at this Court. 

A committee appointed to considder of the setting over of Pavies 
Town mills and the continuance of the former order concerning Grist. 

Orders for Tallow and Candle. 

Willm Martin, musitian, and his company, being sixe in number, 
shall have waits (a} brought them at the Towns charge, and they shall 
serve the Towne as m r Bayliffs shall appoint, and shall have for salary 
as the Town shall think meete, and this shall continnue for one yere, 
and if the Towne shall not like of their service at the yeres end, the said 
Willm Martin shall repay the mony disbursed for the waits, and thereof 
Wm Martin dothe give security. 

m r Sterne (bj having surrendered the Ushers place of the Grammer 
Schoole, Rob* Brown shall be admitted therto, soe as D r Norton, m r 
Pemberton, and m r Dawes doe approve him for his learning and religion. 

Giles Barber shall have the office of the Gaugership by lease for 
10 yeres, at 4" rent to the Towne, and he paying the Queens rent, and 
he shall not assigne w th out consent of this Towne. 

24 El: (Monday}, 2 Jtdy. [1582.] 

m r Knapps pile shall stand, and be considered off by the committee, 
till 13 of this month, and the paine continued. 

A committee shall consider of the letting of the Conduit house. 

Robert Lane having first sett up the Trade of waggon cariage 
w th in this Towne, shall hold the same by order of this towne, and noe 
other p'son shall be admitted therunto during tenne yeres, as farr as 
this Court can authorise him. And he is made free Burgess. 

24 El: (Friday, 13 July. [1582.] 

Ordered by concent and agreement, that John Knapp shall pay for 
his pile and incrochement, io s fine. And that at the request of the said 
John, the same shall continnue for 3 yeres, for triall further to be made 
concerning the Dammage, paying I2 d yerely to the Town. And giving 
security to pay suche dammages w th in one yere after the 3 yeres, as shall 
appeare to the Aldermen and Headburrowes to be donne by the said 
pile, and to remove the same if cause be found by them. 

(a) m'd. sup. p. 212. 

(*) Qy- Jhn Sterne, mat. at Trin. Coll., Cam., 1560; B.A. Christ's Coll., 1564-5; M.A. S' John's 
Coll., 1568; being then under-master of the Grammar School at Ely; B.D. Peterhouse, 1575. Successively 
Vicar of Rickmansworth, Herts, and Witham, Essex, and Suffragan Bp. of Colchester, 1592. ob. Feb., 
1608. Cooper's Ath. Cantab, ii. 469. Add. MSS. (Davy) 19,150. 


24 El: (Friday) ', 10 August. [1582.] 

A committee to considder the yerely vallew of Stiles his land to be 
leased, and to report their oppinions at the greate Court. 

Holbroke lands demised to Rich : King for 1 1 yeres from Mich : 
next, at the rent of i6 H yerely, and the coven ts shall be as formerly, yet 
the old farmers shall hold the same till Mich : comme twelve month, if 
they will, at this rent of i6 u , provided m r King shall not assigne it w th out 
the Towns- consent. 

Rich: Wolsy, Scavell mans wages, in regard of his poverty increased 
to 40 s yerely. 

The conduit house demised to Goylmer for n yeres from Mich: 
next, at 2O 5 r l , and mantaining reparacons, and the Towne to have 
liberty to inlarge the conduit out of the roome of that house, if they 
shall see cause. 

Allowed for match at the trayning of the Town soldiers, 1 2 s y d ob: 

24 El: (Saturday), 29 September. [1582.] 

John Knap, Rob: Snelling, Edw: Rivet, and Rob: Knapp, elected 
Governors of the Hospitall. 

24 El: (Monday}, 15 October. [1582.] 

Assessors of the forraine fines appointed. 

Auditors appointed. 

Hammans Garden plott demised to Mathew Windes, as it lieth 
next Taketstreete, for 2 1 yeres, at 2 s 6 d rent, w* reentry for non paym 1 
within 2 1 dayes, and to pave the streetes, and mantaine w th reparacons. 

Demise to the Grammer schoole m r the garden plot at the north 
end of the Gram: Schoole, and another p'cell of the tenem* next Sher- 
mans, at the rent of 6 s , to hold during his continuance. 

Tho : Kenington shall have the residue of the said Tenem 4 for the 
like terme, at 42 s 6 d rent, maintaining reparacons, and paving and paying 
Lords r ts and Queenes duties. 

m r Barber resigning the Gaugership, a committee is appointed for 
demising the same. 

A paine set by the Hedburrowes uppon Pitman, remitted, and the 
like to Pettacker and Tappliff. 

Carnabyes demand of a parcell of Town soyle, at the south end of 
the Kay, claimed to belong to him, is referred to a Committee. 

Stiles his land by the committee vallewed at 6 H 13 s 4 d yerely, and 
deemed to be worth more, its ordered it shall be let for the most. 


At the Admiralty presented concealm* of goods found, nusance to 
the chanel by Ballast, unlawfull fishings, and dredging of oysters. 

5 82.] 



1582-3. 25 El: (Sunday), Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1583.] 
Stephen Baxter, elected portman, is now sworne. 

Esch : 
Cler: Mar: 



Rob : Guttler, 
Willm Bloyse.(a) 

Joh : Brenn, 
Wm Mydnall. 

The Bayliffs 

and August : Parker, 

Chr : Crane, 

Joh : Moore, 

Ralfe Scriven r . 


'tis, i 


Rob : Guttler, jur., 
Wm Acton. 

Willm : Mydnall. 

Cler: pac : ) T , TT 
Com: Cler: \ Joh : Hawis. 


Oliv: Cooper, 
Edw : Cage, 
Tho : Sherman. 

Bonds of Mrs. Tye and Joh: Tye brought in by Edw: Cage, and 
delivered to be kept in the Treasury according to the trust reposed by 
mr. Tye, portman deceased. 

mr. Smart hathe delivered Randalls evidences remaining in his hands. 

25 El: (Wednesday), 19 December. [1582.] 

Whereas D r Norton was,byp'ticuler persons agreed w th in the behalfe 
of the Towne to be common preacher there, and his salary to be 73" 6 s 8 d 
quarterly, paied by equall portions, the same to be levied by collection 
of Benevolence of the inhabitants. And since a second preacher hathe 
bein elected, named m r Pemberton, and that his pencon of lo 1 ' quarterly 
paid should be out of the Treasury of this Towne, And diverse p'sons 
doe w th draw their benevolence as to the first salary : Its ordered that the 
said io u per quarter shall be paid out of the Treasury, equally to the 
said D r Norton and m r Pemberton, and that out of the collection, 20'' 
yerely shall be paid to m r Pemberton by equall portions quarterly, and 
the rest shall be given to the Doctor. 

And its referred to the Bayliffs, and suche of the 12, 24^, and com- 
monalty as they shall think meete to call to them, to consider the bookes 
of collection, and estates of them that doe contribute or doe withdraw, 
or have not yet allowed any contribution, and to conferr ^ such, and 
bring up the collection to the summe promised, or otherwise if it can 
not be raised, that they may conferr w th the said Two preachers as 
touching their continuance at less charge, and thereof shall certify at 
the next Court. Provided that its the meaning of this Court that the 
preachers shall be payed out of the Treasury theire severall quarters 
before collection made. 

(a) William Blois, only son of Richard Blois of Grundisburgh, Suff., where this family became seated 
temp. Hen. VII., was mar. at S l Nicholas, Ipswich, in 1560, and bur. there 27 Feb. 1607. Add. MSS. 
(Davy) 19,118; (Jermyn) 8203. Arms: gu : a bend vairy, betw. 2 fleurs-de-lis, or. 


An order for explanation of the power of the renter wardens of the 
foundacon, whereby it is declared, that the Renter Warden shall not, 
w th out the consent of his companions, make any extraordinary allowances, 
w ch during the time of his office shall amount to above 2O S . And further, 
that all poore persons, sick, diseased, maimed, and not able to live, though 
not resi'ant in any of the houses of m r Toolies foundacon, nor yet wearing 
his badge or livery, may by the Bayliffs and Wardens be releived with 
part of the proffits of such lands, &c., during such infirmity, observing 
the rules prescribed for such poore people. 

The Scholem r shall have 4O S for his paines and charges in presenting 
certaine publiq e pageants in joy of the Queenes Coronation uppon the 
last 1 7 of November. 

Committee appointed for the repairing of the old Kay in Clem ts 
parish, and the same to be donne at the Towns charge. 

A Liter shall be provided at the Towns charge, to be used at the 
discretion of the Bayliffs, for the Town business. 

Steven Baxters last paym* of his obligacon ordered, and his bond 
shall be delivered up to him. 

25 El: (Thursday}, 17 Jan: [1583.] 

The m rshi PP or guider shipp of S* Leonards Hospitall, faj granted 
to Henry Berry during the Towns pleasure, observing such covenants 
for ordering of the house, and redelivery of suche goods as belong to 
the said house. 

John Lowry, Beadle, allowed yerely 26 s 8 d . 

A committee to anext certaine houses and grounds of the Hospitall 
to m r Toolies ffoundacon, and to determine what mony shall be allowed 
to the Hospitall in recompence. 

m r Joh: Knapp, governor of the Hospitall, shall give accompt of the 
receipts and disbursem ts before Auditors, and that to other intents the 
present governours shall still soe remaine, but as to the receipts and 
paym ts the same shall be ordered by a committee. 

The matter concerning concluding the preachers wages by treaty, 
shall be donne before the next Court. 

Every inhabitant of this Towne shall have a clubb ready in his 
house to suppress ffraies made in this Town, and this shall be w th in 14 
dayes next ensuing, uppon pain to forfait 2 s , and thenceforth to continue 
them allwaies ready uppon the like pain. 

A committee to demise Battells lands and Stiles his lands and the 
hallage as in their discretion shall be thought most meete, soe as the 
yerely farme of the Hallage shall be to the use of the hospitall. 

(a) A lazar-house, situated in the suburbs, beyond the river, and near the extinct church of St Austin. 
Clarke's Ipswich, p. 261. 


Bonds belonging to Henry Creeme w th the accompts of the Hospitall 
shall be passed, and if they be not discharged, they shall be putt in suite. 

25 El: (Friday), 22 Marche. [1583.] 

Order for Candle. 

The rate for the preachers wages is brought in and ratified, and is 
now ordered to be observed and levied according to the discretion of m r 
Bayliffs for the time being, and to continnue during the Townes pleasure, 
and that D r Norton shall continnue preacher here, and shall not be pre- 
ferred to some further advancem*. 

Lands belonging to this Town formerly conveyed to m r Bayliff Crane 
and m r Smart in trust, shall be reconveyed to suche p'sons as m r Bayliffs 
shall appoint, and as by m r Barren Clenche shall be devised. 

Rich : Golty having served one yere Alderm : Guild, at his request 
to be discharged, he is discharged for a fine of 8 U , and Edw : Rivet shall 
be discharged for the summe of 1 2 U , John Carnaby and Tho : Sicklemore 
allsoe at 20 marks* fine cache of them. And in theire Roomes Sam 11 
Smith and Tho: ffuller are elected. 

Webbs marshe in demise to him, forfaited by utlary, and two houses 
nigh the Tower demisable by a committee. 

The ffleshstalls allsoe shall be new builded and timber shall be felled 
at Ulveston hall, as well for that work as for the old Kay. 

Rich: Boise shall have convenient roome in Clem' 3 parish, at m r 
Braies garden, assigned him by the Bayliffs and hedburrowes, to build 
a house uppon,uppon suche rent and condicons as shall be thought meete. 

The paym* of the widow Smiths rent is respited till S 4 James tide.f 

Sam 11 Smith discharged of Alderm : Guild, for his fine of 1 2 U , but 
Thomas ffuller not submitting to such fine, he standeth chargeable vf & 
the said place. And Edm : fflick is elected in Smiths roome, and dis- 
charged for io u fine, and Godfry Woolnall is elected in his roome, and 
if suche persons doe not compound w th the Treasurer by security, or pay 
theire fines by tomorrow night, they shall hold theire places in theire 
severall cources. 

The Guild shall be holden on Sunday before Midsummer next. J 

The m r of Request demands, touching an increase of his terme in 
the stables, shall be referred to the assembly to certify. 

A committee to elect a Clerk of the Hospitall, and allow him meate, 
drink, houserent, fyerwood there, and to set his wages, not exceeding 
20 marks. 

ffaireweather shall have passage w th his lyter, by making a Dock at 
Whipstreete for the same, and to have a cart way there for the passing 

^13 6s. 8d. f July 25th. { June 23rd. Adjoining the New Cut, south-east of Stoke bridge. 


away of his muck and meanour to his ground there, soe as he makes the 
cart way firme w th gravell, and w th out annoyance of the channell w th his 

The setting of Tainters at the Cole dunghill shall be considered by 
the headburrowes. 

ffower p'sons meete for waits shall be retained in the Towns service, 
as by the Bayliff for the time beeing shall be ordered, and they shall have 
4 pounds from the Towne, besides theire common collection, and every of 
them a livery at the Towns charge. And for theire last yeres service they 
shall have 40*. 

25 El: (Wednesday), 22 May. [1583.] 

Godfery Woolnall disch: from being Alderm: Guild for 8 U fine, and 
at Tho : ffullers proposall Joh : Pavys is elected to hold with him the said 
Tho : ffuller, and the 8 U formerly of the fine of the former elect Alderm : 
is given to them. 

John Pavys hathe liberty to assigne over the new mills (to him de- 
mised) unto Robt. Nooth for the terme unexpired, and the said John, in 
consideracon thereof, shall pay 2O S yerely to the hospitall during the con- 
tinuance of that terme, and if Nooth shall putt in good suerties for p'for- 
mance of his coven 13 , John Pavys his bonds shall be delivered to him 
againe, provided this shall not extend to allow Nooth to assigne without 
concent of the Towne. 

Tho: Bonham utlawed; his goods forfaited to the Town shall be 
comittedto mr. Scrivener and mr. Snelling, that the benefit of them may 
be converted to the use of his wife, and for her maintenance, saving 26 s 
8 d thereof, for a fine to the Towne. 

The hospitall conduit shall be viewed, and what is the cause of want 
of water, and what quills thereout are running, and certifficate shall be at 
the Great Court. 

25 El: (Monday), BtA July. [1583.] 

Steven Baxter elected Coroner by the death of Rich. Golty. 

Tho : Glede sworne headburrow. 

Joh : King for pageants at the last Guild, and speeches by p'sons out 
of a shipp, shall have five markes out of the Treasury.* * 

Quills in the hospitall conduit ordered to be taken away, or the p'ties 
having them shall be putt in suite. 

Rich : Battell hathe licence to assigne over his interest in such lands 
in the occupacon of Grimsey unto Henry Mudd, soe as he give security 
that noe way shall be incroached over the said lands to any other lands and 
tenem ts adjoining. 

*/3 6. 8. 


Rich. Stone for ringing the Tower bell 2s. 6d. p. quarter. 

The little house next the Backhouse at Handford hall that was wont 
to be thatched, shall be tiled at the Towns charge, soe as the farmer shall 
beare the diet of the workmen. 

25 El: (Monday}, 23 September. [1583.] 

Treasurer for candle untill Easter next elected, his salary shall be 
3 H 6 s 8 d , to be taken out of the stock of candle. 

Willm. Russell, Rich: Bemont, Bart: ffenn, Willm. Gilbard, Ser- 

fforraine fine remitted, and Headburrowes fines remitted. 

Rob: Copping continued clerk of the Hospitall. 

Cesperalle to be made for stopping of filthe by the brooke. 

The mr. of Requests demand is referred againe to the assembly. 

25 El: (Sunday}, 29 September. [1583.] 

mr. Smart, mr. Parker, mr. Gooding, mr. Scrivener, governors elect 
of the Hospitall. 

25 El: (Wednesday), 23 Odob: [1583.] At the Assembly. 

The Constables, as deputies of mr. Bayliffs and the justices in theire 
severall wards, shall once every month make searche in their severall 
circuits for suche poore impotent vagrant persons, new commers, and 
shall take notice of their last abode, or place of birth, and thereuppon 
three or 4 of the Constables shall cause the Town Clark to make a pass- 
port for suche, according to the statute, unless order from the Bayliffs be 
to the contrary. 

25 El: (Friday}, 25 October. [1583.] 

fforrein ffines Assessed. 

Auditors assigned. 

ffraud in Customes of commodities shall be considered of by a com- 
mittee specially named. 

Lambard and Ragmans petitions, for allowance of common soile to 
them to build houses uppon, shall be referred to a committee, and as they 
shall like or dislike, they shall report. 

A stock of 2O U shall be disbursed by the Towne,for the providing of 
paving stones for the streets of this Towne, and the proffits thereof arising 
shall be imployed to the Towns use. 


At the Admirallty presented the unlawfull dredging of oysters, tres- 
pass in taking away goods, and the ill use of the fferry at Walton, wherby 
many have bein indammaged, and lost theire tides and voyage. 






fj SJMttiUfltt 


Joh : Moor, 

O /* i* "* t/Cf t If 


Joh : Knapp. (a) 

Cler: Mark: 



Joh : Brenn, 
Wm. Mydnall. 

Com : Cler 

The Bayliffs and 

Cler: pac: 

Rob' Guttler, 


Wm. Bloyse, 

Wm. Smart, 


Ed : Gooding. 

1583-4. 26 El: (Tuesday}, Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1584.] 

{Rob : Knapp, 
Joh : Raynberd. 

Willm : Mydnall. 
Joh : Hawis. 

Oliv : Cooper, 
Edw : Cage, 
Tho : Sherman. 

Monitors elected to present the names of the defalters at the greate 
Court for this next yere, and the forfaitures, besides the monitors p't, shall 
goe to the Hospitall, one for cache ward is elected according to the former 

Order for Candle. 

Edw : Cage elected Alderm : Guild. 

The Kay shall be filled up by a committee at the charge of theTowne. 

Bedell of the Hospitall, Joh: Lewgat elected. 

Under Clark of the market, John Ropkin, his fee for a yere 4O S . 

Henry Hammans wife, for her worke in ordering of the hospitall, 
shall have 5 U p. ann. 

Rich: Barnies legacy shall be considdered by the Portmen, and the 
petition of Sam : Goodyere to be admitted penconary, as a poore Scholler. 

The waye at Kents hill shall be considdered by the assembly con- 
ferring with the Justices of the shire. 

Luke Meltons offer, touching building of a house over the barr gates, 
shall be considered. 

26 El: (MondayJ, 21 September. [1584.] 

A contribution for Nantw ch , uppon the Q: letters ordered, and 3 
portmen made collectors of eache ward, (bj 

m r Kings charges for the Pageant at the last corronacon referred to 
be ordered by the Bayliffs and new Elects. 

Bonds Petition touching dammage to him donne by the repairing of 
the old Key, referred to consideracon. 

(a) Second son of Rob' Knapp of Needham Market, gent, and mar. Martha d. of Rich. Bloise of 
Ipswich. He was a merchant and Portman ; died 2nd May, 1604, and was bur. in S Peter's Church, where 
there are brasses to himself, his wife, and 12 children. Arms : or, in chief, 3 close helmets, and in base a lion 
pass. sa. Granted 25 Sep. 1576, by Rob. Cooke, Clarenceux ; Harl. 1820, f. 44; 1860, f. aygb. Add. MSS. 
(Davy) 19,138; (Jermyn) 8211. 

(b) This collection was made throughout the kingdom, in consequence of a terrible conflagration which 
broke out in the town of Nantwich, on the evening of the loth of Dec. 1583, destroying a great part of the 
south and east sides of the town, and doing damage to the extent of more than ^30,000. Ormerod's Cheshire, 
iii. 222. Stowe's Annals. (Ed. 1615,) p. 697. 


The samereferrees shall take order as touchingthe charges of Green- 
leaf at the last muster. 

26 El: (Tuesday^, 29 September. [1584.] 

Wm Russell, Rich: Bemont, Bart: ffenn, Willm. Gilb*, elected Ser- 
jeants, provided if Rich: Bemont doe not leave off victualling and selling 
of wine before Christmas next, and use himselfe well in that office in the 
meane time, then shall he be excluded his office by the discretion of the 
Bayliffs. Provided allsoe that noe other Serjeant shall henceforth victuall 
w^in this Town uppon the like paine. 

Governors of the Hospitall, m r Smart, m r Gooding, Gleede and 
Edw: Cage. 

26 El: (Thursday), 8 October. [1584.] 

After the 23 d of this month noe more manage dinners shall be kept 
in the moot hall w th out the speciall licence of the Bayliffs, and the most 
p't of the 12 portmen. 

S r Nich : Bacon faj and S r Phil : Parker (b) offered to be made ffree 
burgesses in respect of their Curtecies shewn to the Town at the last mus- 
ters, and if they will accept thereof, they shall take theire othe or soe much 
thereof as m r Bayliffs shall please. 

Assessors of fforrain fines appointed. 

Auditors appointed. 

Gilbert shall have for altering 6 cognisances of the 4 Serjeants and 
Grimble and Bates, 30". 

ffreemen not comming at the hower, but being specially sent for, 
comme, and are fined i2 d a peece, yet after remitted 6 d a peece. 

(a) Sir Nicholas Bacon, K.t, Lord Keeper of the Great Seal to Queen Elizabeth, (22 Dec. 1558) was bom, 
it is said, at Chislehurst in Kent, being 2 nd son of Robert Bacon, esq., of Drinkstone, Suff., by Isabella his 
wife, dau. of John Cage, esq. of Pakenham, in that county. He was of Corpus Christi Coll. Camb. B.A. 
1526-7, and subsequently of Gray's Inn. By his first wife Jane (Fernley), he was father of Sir Nicholas Bacon, 
premier baronet of England, (22 May 1611) and of Edward Bacon, of Shrubland Hall, esq., whose son 
Nathaniel Bacon, esq. was the writer of these " Annals " ; by his second wife Anne (Cooke), he had the illus- 
trious Sir Francis Bacon, K.', Viscount St. Alban's, and Lord Chancellor. He died 20 Feb. 1578-9, at his 
residence, York House, near Charing Cross, and was bur. 9 Mar. in the south aisle of Old S< Paul's ; his tomb, 
with recumbent effigies of himself, in armour, and his two wives, under a canopy supported by Corinthian 
pillars, was almost wholly destroyed by the Great Fire of 1666, only a portion of his figure surviving : the epi- 
taph was written by George Buchanan. Add. MSS. (Davy) 19,1 16 ; (Jermyn) 8202 ; Milman's Annals of 
S' Paul's, 378 ; Blom. Norf. vii. 165 ; Cooper's Ath. Cantab, i. pp. 389-96, where there is a biog. and copious 
list of references. Arms : gu. on a chief arg. 2 mullets sa. (Bacon), quartering barry of 8, or and az. a bend 
gu. (Quaplode), Granted Feb. 22, 1568, by Sir Gilbert Dethick, Garter. Page's Suff. 712. 

(b) Sir Philip Parker, K.', of Erwarton, Suff. was son of Sir Henry Parker, K.B., and grandson of Sir 
Henry Parker, I st Lord Morley. He was knighted by Queen Elizabeth during her progress through the 
county in 1578, being then Sheriff. Fuller's Worthies, ii. 348 ; Page's Suff. 4. Add. MSS. (Davy) 19,144, 
(Jermyn) 8213. Arms : arg. a lion pass. gu. betw. 2 bars sa. thereon 3 bezants, 2 and i ; in chief 3 bucks' 
heads caboshed of the third. 




Edw: Cook Esq. (a} retained of councill w th this Towne, his fee yerely 
shall be 5 marks* half yerely by moities. 

A committee to inquire and consider concerning making of Kayes 
and Jettyes in the river. 

26 El: (Monday}, 16 November. [1584.] 

S r John Heigham, knight, (b) and John Barker, Esq r , one of the Al- 
dermen of this Towne, shall be burgesses for this Towne at the next Par- 
1m* at Westm r , 26 Novemb : (c} provided that S r John Higham shall take 
the free mans othe, or soe much thereof as m r Bayliffs shall think meete, 
or his election shall be void, and his charge at his next comming to this 
Towne shall be borne by the Towne. 


At the Admirallty presented concealment of goods found, and wrecks, 
and unlawfull dredging of oysters. 

1584-5. 27 El: (Wednesday}, Nativit: Mar: [6^.8,1585]. 

Bay I : 

Esch : 
A dm : 

\ Ralf Scrivener, (d) 
(Steven Baxter, (e) 


( Lucas Melton, 
( Joh : Humphry. 

Clar: Mark: 


!Joh : Brenn, 
Wm Mydnall. 


Wm : Mydnall. 

The Bayliffs and 

Rob*: Cuttler, 


Joh: Knapp, 
Wm Smart, 

Com : Cler : 
Cler : pac : 

Joh : Hawis. 

Joh : Barker. 


fa) It seems certain that this " Edw. Cook " was no other than the afterwards famous Sir Edward 
Coke, Lord Chief Justice of the King's Bench, 1613 ; especially since we find that in 1605 " Sir Edward 
Coke" is consulted as to the Admiralty jurisdiction. He was the son of Rob 1 Coke, esq., of Mileham, 
Norf. and was bom Feb. I, 1551-2, educated at Norwich School, and afterwards at Trinity College, 
Camb. ; he next entered at Clifford's Inn, and subsequently at the Inner Temple, and was called to the bar 
Ap. 20, 1578. In 1585 he became Recorder of Coventry, and in 1586 of Norwich. He died Sep. 3, 1633, 
and was bur. in the church of Tittleshall, Norf. where there is a monument with an effigy. Foss's Judges of 
Eng. vi. 108 ; Dugd. Orig. Juridic. p. 166, and Chron. Ser. p. 103 ; Coll. Top. et. Gen. vi. 108 ; Blom. Norf. 
ix. 237. Arms : per pale gu. and az. 3 eagles displ. arg. * ^3. 6. 8. 

(b) Son and heir of Sir Clement Heigham (p. 241). " He succeeded to the Barrow estate on the death 
of his father in 15/0, and through a long life appears to have taken an active and leading part in everything 
connected with the public business of the county, and especially with the duties of a magistrate." In 18 

' ' L the Parliaments of 1586 and 1603 ; 
ion in 1588, commanded a band 
, and was bur. at Barrow, where 
there are two mural monuments to him, one of which has been defaced by a superimposed insc. to his son. 
Add MSS. (Davy) 19.135 ; (Jermyn) 8210. Montaigne, in referring to his own ancestry, seems to suggest 
a French origin for this family, in the words : "et Us miens se sont aultrefois surnomm&s JEyquem, surmom 
qui touche encore une maison cogneue en Angleterre." Essays, Bk. 2. Ch. 16. p. 347. 

(c) Should be "23 Nov."; Return dated l6th Nov. Parry's Parl. Eng. 226. Return of Memb. Parl'. 
(1878) i. p. 415. (d) -vid. sup. p. 291. 

(e) The pedigrees of this family recorded by Davy, are confused and contradictory ; it appears, how- 
ever, that they were of Forncett, Norf. and Harleston, Suff. The Steven Baxter here named, previously 
elected Coroner and Portman, died, apparently, 24 Ap. 1589, seised of lands at Whitton and Thurleston, 
which last he held of Mr. Justice Clench. Inq. p.m. taken at Ipswich, 25 May. 34 Eliz. (1592). Arms : 
arg. on a bend, within a bordure, sa. 3 bezants. Add. MSS. (Davy) 19,117. 


Rob* Wright, faj preacher, shall be admitted to preache at this 
Towne on suche ordinary daies as formerly have bein used, and to 
continnue from Mic : next for one whole yere, and shall have 50" payable 
quarterly, and that 30'' thereof shall be payed out of the Treasury, and 
2O U shall be collected of the inhabitants, by taxacon by the Bayliffs and 
Portmen, or the most of them. 

27 El: fSaturdayJ, 23 January. [1585.] 

Certifyed that S r John Higham hathe taken his othe of ffreeburgess. 

m r John Lany/^y elected Recorder during the Towns pleasure, and 
shall have yerely 13'' 6 s 8 d from Christmass last, at the termes by equall 
portions, provided he shall continnue his dwelling and aid the Town in 
all causes at London or elsewhere, and the Bayliffs in judicature, and 
shall not be of councill w th any private mans cause in the Courts of this 
Towne, and shall take the free mans othe, w ch the said m r Lany did take, 
being sent for. 

m r Walton elected of councill w th this Towne, and his fee allowed is 
4O S yerely, by moities. 

Rich : Bemont shall continnue Serjeant soe as he doe not continnue 
to sell wine, and behave himselfe diligently in attendance on his place, 
and if he shall faile therein, m r Bailiffs and portmen shall discharge him. 

27 El: (MondayJ, \ffebruary. [1585.] 

Libells of sedition w th in this towne against the governours and 
preachers in the same, being lately scattered abroad : It is ordered that 
all p'sons finding suche libells, or opening them, or disclosing the actor, 
maker, spreader, or consenter of or to such libells, to m r Bayliffs of this 
Towne for the Time beeing, or eyther of them, or to any Justice of peace 
of this Towne, shall have given to him by the Town 40" within 8 dayes 
following; Provided noe p'ty guilty of the devising thereof, shall have 
benefit thereof. And its ordered that suche other inhabitants as have 
not taken the othe devised and taken by the p'sons present, shall be called 
therto as m r Bayliffs and the Justices shall think meete. 

D r Nortons wages failing in collection, its ordered the residue shall 
be payed by the Treasury. 

Acommittee to order the 2O U given forthe providingof pavingstones. 

A committee appointed to demise the old Kay. 

(a) Perhaps Rob' Wright of Trin. Coll. Camb. mat. 1571, B.A. 1574, M.A. 1578. Cooper's Ath. 
Cantab, ii. 223. 

fa) Son and heir of John Lany of Cratfield, Suffolk, esq. He was a Counsellor at law, and a Jus- 
tice of the Peace ; he died 4 Oct. 1633, and was bur. at St. Margaret's, Ipswich, where his monument still 
remains in the south transept. His youngest son, Benjamin Lany, D.D., was Master of Pembroke College, 
Camb., and successively Bishop of Peterborough, Lincoln, and Ely. Add. MSS. (Davy) 19,139; (Jermyn) 
8211. Clarke's Ipsw. 325. Arms: arg. on a bend betw. 2 fleurs-de-lis, gu. a lion passant of the field, 
quartering Cooke and Bohun. 


27 El: (Monday}, I Marche. [1585.] 

The author of the libell being now discovered, its ordered that the 
^"40 shall be ordered by a Committee to suche as they shall think meete, 
in regard there is a controversy concerning the same betweene Peter 
Moone and John Hawis. 

And the discoverer of the other libell, if it be found out before Mich: 
shall have for his paynes IO H . 

That Edm : Goodings fact in the late libell shall be prosecuted at 
the charge of the Towne to punishm*, as shall be advised by m r Justice 
Clenche (a}. 

It appearing that a difference was betweene D r Norton and m r Negus 
(b), preachers in this Towne, w ch spread in the greate Court into parties, 
and somme foule words were spoken, whereuppon orders were made, yet 
in the conclusion of the Court all those things were dashed out, and an 
order made that a committee shall conferr w^ bothe the said ministers, 
and conclude for the departure or continnuance of them or eyther of them. 

27 El: (Wednesday}, 7 Aprill. [1585.] 

Order for Candle. 

By the proposall of Edw : Cage, Alderm : of the Guild, Rob* Cuttler 
is elected and discharged [for] 20 marks,* and liberty allowed to Edw: 
Cage to nominate till one should hold w th him, and thereuppon he nom- 
inated Willm. Acton, who is elected and discharged for 20 marks, and 
then Edw: Cage nominated Nich : Crane, whoe was elected and discharged 
for 20 noblest nne - And then the said Edw: Cage nominated Chr: Lau- 
rence, whoe was elected and discharged. And then he nominated Tho: 
Sherman, who was elected and discharged for 20 marks fine, and then 
he named Joh: Humphry, whoe was discharged or dispensed w th , and 
after him Joh : Sturgeon was dispensed w*, and after him Jeremy Barber 
was dispensed w th . Then he named Rich : Cornelius, who was elected 
and discharged for io u fine, and after him Edw: Hunting was nominated 
and elected and discharged for io u fine, in all 66 U 13* 4 d . 

Acquittance shall be advised by the Recorder and Councill of the 
Towne concerning m r Tyes legacy. 

John Humphry p'petually disch: of election of Alderm: Guild, for 
his fine of 8 U . 

27 El: (Tuesday}, 27 Aprill. [1585.] 

Willm Serler being elected Alderm : Guild, is discharged thereof, 
and from the Chamberlins place, for io u fine and 5" fine. 

(a) md. sup. p. 287. (b) Probably William Negus, of Trin. Coll. Camb. mat. 1573 ; B.A. 1577-8; 
rector of Leigh, Essex 1585 ; deprived for nonconformity, 1609. Cooper's Ath. Cantab, ii. 529. 
*>3<> 8- tj6 13 4. 


M r Tyes money in 6 parcells let out to six severall p'sons, provided 
if suche person dye w th in 3 yeres, the suerties shall repay the mony w^in 
3 months after death of the principall. 

If the suertie shall dye w th in suche like time, new suerties shall be 
given w th in one month after death of the suerty. 

The committee appointed to conferr \v & the ministers as touching 
dep'ture or continnuance, doe certifie that m r D r Norton shall depart at 
Mic : next, in regard he hath a benifice at Aldburrough, and his salary 
can not be gathered ; yet he shall have all his areres till Michallmass, 
and this is confirmed. 

Comm : soyle granted to Rich : Glede, next Wm Webbs wall in Nich: 
parish, vid. the Deede. Close boxe : 3. 

At the report made by the Committee, It is ordered that 30'' of the 
4O U shall be given to Peter Moone, whoe was the first finder out of the 
libeller. And the other io u shall be given to him that shall find out the 
other libeller before Mic: next. And in regard John Hawes discovered 
the first libell to the Bayliffs first, it being by the discovery of Peter 
Moone to him, therfore Peter Moone shall give him 4O S , and if the other 
tenn pounds doe befall to the said Peter Moone, he will allsoe pay to the 
said John Hawis thereof, 36 s 8 d . 

27 El: (Monday), 3 May. [1585.] 

Joh : Goylmer elected Alderm : Guild, at the last Court, is at this 
Court discharged for 12" fine undertaken, and Rob* Hally is elected. 

Sixe pound of m r Tyes gift ordered to be lent to Joh : Carow, instead 
of his brother. 

At m r Tyes request, 6 H of that Gift, formerly ordered for Joh: Suc- 
klemore, is now ordered to Roger Lacy. 

m r Tyes gift of 5 Bales of wood to the Hospitall, is ordered to be 
disposed by the Bayliffs. 

Tho: Sparrow, by request of m r Bayliff Knapp, is admitted Serjeant 
of the mace, in the roome of Bart : ffenn, till Mic : next, provided he putt 
in suffic : security for discharge of the Towne of his children. 

27 El: (Wednesday)^ 29 September. [1585.] 

Governors of the Hospitall, m r Parker, m r Bloyse, Rob: Snelling, 
Joh : Carnaby. 

Certified that S r Phillip Parker hathe taken the whole othe of a 
freeman of this Towne voluntarily. 

M r Smiths petition for the admittance of m r Bartley to be m r of the 
Grammer Schoole uppon the surrender of the said m r Smith, is referred 
to a Committee. 

Rich: Bemont, m r Gilbert, Rob: Copping, Joh: Home, elected 


27 El: (Friday), 8 October. [1585.] 

Assessors fforrain ffines nominated. 

Auditors nominated. 

All persons in arere for preachers wages now or hertofore, shall 
pay the same before Chrismass next, and the refusers under forfeiture 
of double the vallew, and uppon paine of imprisonm*, provided that this 
shall extend to suche onely as have holden theire houses in theire hands 
by the space of 3 yeres last past. 

The charge of the poore in the time of the plague shall be assessed 
uppon the inhabitants by a Committee to the 4 th p't of a subsidy, uppon 
suche as are in the subsidy, and uppon the rest according to their best 

The assembly shall have power to let the old Kay, and all the lands 
in Bramford now out of lease. 

The ordering of a distracted p'son referred to the Assembly. 

Petition concerning a house builded by the inhabitants of Clem te 
parish, referred to the assembly. 

Willm Russell made Warden of the River, and shall have 4 marks* 
fee yerely, and a livery every 2 d yere, and shall ffish for the Bayliffs, and 
to no other use, but by allowance from them, and shall preserve suche 
eyry of swanns as m r Bayliffs shall therein putt. 

Wm Webster shall have a feofm* of the com : soile of this Towne, 
according to the headburrowes order, against the Stoning Cross, (a) 
paying 4 d rent, w 4 Clause of reentry as other grants have. 

A Testimoniall granted to D r Norton, that his departure was to 
satisfie scruples concerning non residency, that his life is blameless, that 
his doctrine is orthodox, that his family is well governed, that he is 
deligent and industrious, in fuller words to that effect. 

Pikes petition concerning erecting of a Jetty, shall be referred to 
the Assembly. 

Joh : Brenn, Coroner, sworne. 


At the Admirallty presented concealements of Goods found, and 
one that found a man drowned and buried him, and did not acquaint 
the officer of the Admirallty. And one that did fraight a strange shipp 
of Embden to Melwinf^ and home againe. Idea ipse incurrit penam statut. 

They presented allsoe certaine rovers w th in the liberty, and diverse 
p'sons that received, bought, and sold goods received out of the rovers 
shipp, and for this the Court will advise w th councell. . 

*& J.3- 4- 

(a) Qy. "Stonen," i.e. made of stone. 
(*) A village of this name appears near Neustadt, on the Gulf of Danzig. Ritter's geog. stat. Lexikon. 




They presented Nusance donne to the channel by the water falling 
downe from the hills in Clem ts parish, and hereof allsoe the Court will 

1585-6. 28 El: (Thursday}, Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1586.] 

Rob : Hally, 
Tho: Sely. 

Tho: Glede. 
Joh : Hawys. 

Oliv: Cooper, 
Edw: Cage, 
Tho: Sherman. 

m r Rob* Wright elected preacher of this Towne, to continnew from 
Mic : next for one yere, and soe from yere to yere during the pleasure 
of the Town and the said preacher. 

A lone, agreed by the 12 and 24^, of mony, till midsummer next, 
for corne to releive the poore people w th for their mony if scarcity shall 
happen the next yere, and a committee is appointed to receive the mony, 
make provision of the said corne, and preserve and deliver the same, 
and to receive mony for the same, and if any loss shall be by abatem 4 of 
price, the Towne shall beare the same. And persons named in eache 
ward shall indeavour w th p'ticuler p'sons to advance the lone. And 
Auditors are appointed for accompts concerning the same. 



Wm Smart, (a) 



Rob : Lymmer. 

Clark: Mark: 


Corone rs , 

!John Brenn, 
Willm. Mydnall. 

Com: Cler: 

, The Bayliffs and 

Cler: pac: 

!Ralf Scrivener, 


Steven Baxter, 
Joh : Moore, 


Joh : Barker. 

28 El: (Friday}, 17 December. [1585.] 

Mony laid out by the Bayliffs and others in defence against a com- 
plaint made against the Towne, is appointed to be audited and allowed. 

m r Barkers request for allowance of mony in defence of the Town 
liberty concerning outlawes goods seised, is referred to the Assembly. 

Pouder and Matche shall be provided in readinesse for the publique 

The underclerk of the market being dead, the place is by the Bayliffs 
allowed to Bate, the Common Crier. 

Gilbert Maynard having given to the poore of the Town 20'', its 
ordered he shall distribute thereof soe much as the Assembly shall think 

Edw: Hantings fine of IO H remitted to 5 marks. 

(a) vid. sup. p. 268. 


The houses at Kents hill shall be repaired by timber to be taken 
off somme of m r Toolies grounds given to the Town. 

Christopher Laurence having contracted for Bramford lands, shall 
take up his lease under seale before the next Court. 

A house in Mar : Elms granted to Joane Hopton and Richard her 
sonne, for 1000 yeres at 4 d r', provided not to alien w^out licence from 
the Town. 

28 El: (Wednesday) ', 9 Marche. [1586.] 

Order for chandlers. 

Another preacher shall be provided for the helpe of m r Wright, and 
its referred to the assembly. 

Rob' Hally, alderm : Guild, hathe nominated Humphry Harman, 
whoe allsoe is elected to joine w th the said Rob*. 

If the Treasurer shall disburse above 4O S extraordinary, under collour 
of m r Bayliffs warr*, or above the summe of io u in one yere, by collour 
of such warr ts , the same not being allowed by the greate Court or 
assembly, they shall not be allowed at the Audit, provided uppon 
suddain urgent occasions for the service of the State or Towne, the 
Bayliffs and 6 portmen may, by theire warr 1 , authorise the Treasurer to 
disburse a greater summe. 

The Bayliffs shall not be allowed theire fees, unless they shall 
produce certificate by 6 of the portmen, that they have audited the 
accompts for the foundacon and the Hospitall, and the preachers wages 
and collection for the poore for the yere past, neyther shall the payment 
of theire fees be allowed at the audit otherwise. 

Brewers shall be bound not to lay in beere to unlicenced houses, 
or if he refuse, he shall be discharged from his trade of brewing w^in 
this Towne. Nor shall any p' son be allowed to set up suche Trade of 
brewing till he have given security as aforesaid. 

Bedell discharged and another Bedell is elected. 

The petition of John Sicklemore touching the borrowing of 6 H is 
referred to the assembly. 

Cognisance of plees shall be demanded in the common plees in 
two writts of Dower, fa) one against m r Bloyse and Edw: Cage, the 
other against Nottingham, at the charge of the Towne, provided not 
exceeding the summe of 40% and a warr 4 of Atturny shall be framed 
and sealled. 

28 El: (Tuesday}, 19 April!. [1586.] 

A rate being made for providing pouder and matche, it is at this 

(a) Stephen's Comm. iii. 713. 


Court ratified, neverthelesse if any p'son shall freely give the moity of 
suche rate, he shall be discharged of the rest of his assessm 4 , and suche 
as are poore shall be discharged uppon the paym 4 of a % d part. 

m r John Bartley, m r of Arts, shall be presented to the B?of Norw 011 
for the injoying of the Mastership of the Grammer Schoole of this 

Humphry Harman elected Alderm: Guild, is discharged for 20 
marks fine, and by Hallyes nominacon Rob* Knapp is elected, and is 
discharged for 20 marks fine, and Joh : Rainberd is nominated by Hally. 

Mr Justis Clenche having purchased lands late Kinderslewes, in 
Holbroke, lying intermingled w* 11 the Town lands, he offereth an exchange, 
which is referred to the Assembly. 

Chr: Laurence, having lands of doubtfull title w ft in his lease, its 
ordered he shall have his lease for all, and he shall doe his best to 
settle the controversy at the Town Charge. 

28 El: (Monday}, 26 September, [1586.] 

Rich: Beamont, Willm. Gilbert, Joh: Herne, Joh: ffisher, elected 

A Committee elected to view the lands at Holbroke, offered by m r 
Justice Slenche for exchange. 

The matter concerning paving the streets being interrupted by the 
infection, its ordered that suche p'sons as have paied theire shares to the 
same or to the infection, shall be remitted uppon the assessm 4 . 

Besides 4 marks formerly allowed, m r Wright shall have 7" 6 s 8 d 
more for the charges of his removall. 

Granted to the widow Smith 4'' towards the reparacons of Handford 

S r Phillip Parker shall have the waved bote faj, w th the furniture, 
uppon his request thereof, paying such price as by a committee the same 
shall be sett at. 

28 El- (Thursday}, 29 September. [1586.] 

Governors for the Hospitall elected, m r Cuttler, m r Knapp, Tho : 
Knapp, Edw: Revet. 

S r John Higham, first elected Burgess of Parlia* for this Towne, and 
since elected Knight of the Shire, and being not certified Burgess for 
this towne to the Sheriff, A new election is agreed shall be made, and 
that the former is declared void, and that Joh : Lany Esq r , Recorder of 
this Towne, shall be burgess for this Towne w th m r Barker. 

Assessors of fforrain fines appointed. 

Auditors appointed. 

(a) A derelict, vid. sup. p. 315. 


Sseasers of goods forrain bought forrain sold, shall have the moity 
to theire own use. 

The lands shewed by Justice Clenche for exchange, are not liked 
off by the Town. 

Diverse p'sons in Chelmondeston and other Townes about the haven, 
being lately vexed w* process of the Viceadmirall, for doing theire service 
to the Admiralty of this towne, its ordered theire charges shall be paied 
by the Towne. 

Tho: Glede sworne Treasurer. 

28 El: (Thursday}, 26 May. [1586.] At the pety Court. 

The Town Clerk, the 4 Serjeants, and the Cryer, shall receive uppon 
every action tried, as well reall as personall, 2 s , viz: to cache of them 4 d , 
to be payd in Court by the prosecutor. 

28 El: ( 'Wednesday}, 8 June. [1586.] At the Assembly. 

The Constables shall every one of them watche his cource according 
to the stat: And cache Portman to see in cource nightly the watche 
orderly set and charged, and noe Serjeant shall watche for other then 

28 El: (FridayJ, 22 July. [1586.] By the Headburrowes. 

Manns incrochm* by the highway by the Common brooke at the 
black ffriers wall, w th his house end set over the said Brooke, allowed to 
continnue, paying the Towne 2 d yerely. 

28 El: (Wednesday}, 12 October. [1586.] At the assembly. 

Chr: Laurence shall have the lands in Bramford late Shermans, 
Mudds, Carters, and Dawtrees.viz: 10 acres in Thornbush,* 5 acres more 
in the same feild, 5 acres more there, 2 acres in two peeces at Syllets 
hill, 2 acres of pasture at Contualls Hill, i acre south on Syllets Hill, 5 
acres in m r Docklemore feild, 3 roods nigh ffickets, one acre one rood, 
of Henry Mudds, one acre and one roode more, 4 acres, one acres and 
one rood, one acre one rood, 3 acres in all, 12 acres i rood of Henry 
Mudds. One acre and a half in Tho : Carters occupacon, one acre and 
3 roods in George Dawtrees occupacon. 

The house in the Widow Harklesons occupacon shall be conveyed 
to the parishioners of Clem 45 in fee farme at 4 d r*. 

. * There is a farm of this name at Bramford, now in the occupation of Mr. George Fiske. 





At the Admirallty presented trespass and concealment of goods 
found w th in this liberty, and of goods found uppon the sea and brought 
w th in this liberty. 

And that J: did reveale the secrets of the last Court, whereby the 
Viceadmiral did arest diverse persons. 

And that diverse p'sons named were arested w th in the liberty of this 
Court, viz: beneath the full sea mark. And that Tho : Talbot and Antony 
Stiles held an Admirall Court at Pinmell, w th in the jurisdiction of this 
Court, w th in the high water mark. 

1586-7. 29 

El: (Friday}, Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 





ijohn Barker, Esq r , (a) 



Wm Sparrow, 
Chr : Laurence. 


Edw: Gooding, gent. (V) 


Tho: Glede. 

Clark -.Mark: 

Cler : pac : 
Com : Cler : 


Joh : Hawis. 


Joh : Brenn, 
Willm : Mydnall. 


Oliv : Cooper, 

^ J 


Edw : Cage, 

, The Bayliffs and 


Tho : Sherman. 

Ralf Scrivener, 


Rich : Bemont, 


Wm Smart, 
Rob : Lymmer, 


Wm Gilbert, 
Joh : Herne, 

Joh : Moore. 


Joh : ffisher. 

The Custome of Infants disposing of theire estates uppon Recog- 
nisance, and numbering of mony and measuring of clothe, sett downe at 
large, but quere. (cj 

The suite w ft the Towne for the new mills shall be defended at the 
Townes charge. 

A gr* to the widow Havens of goods, late her husbands, shall stand 
good as the same is passed under scale. 

A Committee to consider of debts due to the Towne, and fro the 
towne to other persons, and to take order therein. 

A perambulation shall be ordered. 

29 El: (TuesdayJ, 13 December. [1586.] 

The provision of corne shall be referred to the order and mannaging 
of the Assembly, and whatsoever they shall doe therein, shall be allowed 
by this Court and confirmed. 

And they shall order the Bond of Joh : Heinsworth and others, which 
is forfaited. 

(a) vid. sup, pp. 284, 308. 

(b) ib. pp. 236, 303. 

(c) vid. sup. p. 70. 


29 El: (Monday J, 13 Marche. [1587.] 

Order for Candle. 

The water Baylywick shall be lett by a committee for the best. 

A committee to let or bargaine for the old Kay and any p't thereof, 
or otherwise to inclose the same for the Townes use, and all suche grants 
as they shall make are hereby ratifyed, and shall be ensealled at any 
Court. I finde parcell hereof demised by Joh : Gooding to Southwell 
for 90 years from La: day 29 El :, saving 7 yards of ground next Revets, 
reserved to John Godding, and w ch Hen : Goodings wife now hathe. 

The goods of Rob: Havens deceased, belonging to the Towne, and 
being seised by the Chamberlins, the same are referred to be ordered 
by the Assembly. 

John Lewgar restored to his office of Bedell of the Hospitall, and 
to the fee of 4" yerely. 

John ffairewether, at the nominacon of the Alderm : Guild, is elected 
Alderman to hold w th him. 

Refusers to pay duties to the Alderm: Guild, shall be committed 
to the Gaole till paym* made. 

A warr 1 shall yerely be made to the Chamberlens for the levying 
of duties. 

Common soile formerly, uppon petition of Earth: ffenne, granted 
to him, shall be confirmed by Indenture. 

29 El: (Friday), 29 September. [1587.] 

Governors of the Hospitall elected, m r Knapp,m r Bloyse, Edw: Rivet, 
Oliv: Cooper. 

29 El: (Friday}, 20 October. [1587.] 

Assessors of fforr : ffines Nominated. 

Auditors nominated. 

Contribution agreed for the repaire of the churche of Beckles, de- 
cayed by fier (a), to be ordered as the Bayliffs and suche as they shall 
call to theire assistance. 

John Betts and 4 more of his company shall be musitians to this 
Towne, and shall goe about the Towne every night, beginning about 2 
of the Clock in the morning, and shall be at the Bayliffs order at other 
times, and for this shall have 4" w th convenient liveries, besides to receive 
the benevolence of the inhabitants of this Towne as John Marten formerly 

(a) This calamitous event occured on the evening of the 2gth Nov., 1586 ; the roof, seats, and wood- 
work of the church were consumed, 80 houses destroyed, and property lost or damaged to the amount of 
20,000. Suckling's Suff., i, 12. 


Edw: Cage sworne one of the Hedburrowes. 

Willm Acton sworne into the number of y e 24*?. 

John Cressy elected to be the Drummer to the Town, and shall have 
yerely a livery and 2O S . 

There shall be an auncient (aj provided for the Towne of the Townes 

A commission shall be sued out of the chancery for a p' ambulacon, 
to be made at 'the Townes charge by the direction of the Bayliffs. 

29 El: (MondayJ, 13 ffebruary. [1587.] By the Headbtirrowes. 

Liberty of water from Cal dwell brooke to Swaines house at y e yerely 
rent of 6 d . 

29 El: (Monday), 20 ffebruary. [1587.] At the Assembly. 

Constables shall make weekely searche for impotent, vagrant new 
commers, and certify theire names, and for default shall forfait 20 shillings. 

They likewise shall search in alehouses, Taverns, and Tipling houses, 
for such people as they shall find eating and drinking at unseasonable 
times, or continnuing in such houses longer then to satisfy necessity, and 
shall bring the offenders before the Bayliffs or Justices, and for default 
the Constables shall forfait 5 s . 

Noe inhabitant of this Town shall be suffered w th out reasonable cause 
to eate and drink in suche houses. 

Com : soile at the Colehill in Peters parish granted to ffenn. 

29 El: (Monday} , 22 May . [1587.] By the Headburrowes. 

Common soile on this side the Butts (bj allowed to Morse and Bower, 
at the Stoning Crosse, 1 6 yards long, at i c d rent, and to build. 

29 El: (Thursday), 22 June. [1587.] at the petty Court. 

Uppon removall of any cause out of the Town Court, the p'ty shall, 
uppon allowance of the writt, pay i2 d to the poore, and 2 s to the Clark, 
besides his allowance hertofore used, and to every of the Serjeants 2 d , 
and to the Crier 4 d . 

(a) The "auncient" or "ancient" here means a flag or ensign, from which latter word Skinner 
(Etym. Angl.) thinks the name is a corruption, but the term is also applied to the bearer of military 
insignia, as till lately the officer who bore the colours of a regiment was denominated the "ensign." 
HalSwell's & Richardson's Diet. 

(b) Wodderspoon (p. 232) thinks that probably each parish had its own Butts; in 1586 the parishioners 
of St. Mary Tower were fined for not maintaining them, in pursuance of 33 Hen. vm. c. 9, which imposes 
a penalty of 2os. for every three month's neglect, and orders that the inhabitants of every city, town, or 
place, shall exercise themselves with the long bow "in holye days and other tymes convenient." Statt, 
Realm, iii, 838. Butts were level marks, requiring a strong arrow with a very broad feather. Strutt's 
Sports and Pastimes, pp. 38-55 ; Archaeologia, vii, pp. 46-67. 


29 El: (Tuesday}, n July. [1587.] at y' petit Court. 

In case of removall of plees, allsoe shall be payed to the Clarke of 
the Juries 4 d . 

29 El: (Monday}, 7 August. [1587.] by the Headburrowes. 

Allowed to Luke Melton, his incrochm* uppon the way of y e old barr 
gates, by his pale, paying 1 2 d r*, or else he shall remove the same. 

29 El: (Wednesday}, 27 September. [1587.] 

All precepts ad testificandu shall be made by m r John Lany, and he 
shall have 1 2 d for cache of them, and the same shall be sealled by the 
Bayliffs, whoe shall have 6 d for every sealle. 

29 El: (Thursday}, 24 August. [1587.] 

The right Hon blc S r George Barnes, Knight, Lo: Maior of the Citty 
of London (a}, in the presence of diverse persons, called before him John 
Riply, one of the officers for taking water toll or ballage, and then did 
forbid him to take any Towll, lastage, stallage, passage, pontage (b), or 
any other Customes, as well by land as by sea w^in the realme of Eng- 
land, of any of the free burgesses of the Towne of Ipsw ch in the County 
of Suff : for that they be freed and priviledged by a grant to them made 
by King John in the first yere of his reigne (c). And since confirmed 
by the Q : Ma tie that now is, and allsoe w th the assent of the Lo :, Maior 
of the said Citty of London, and his right wprshipfull bretheren, the 
Aldermen of the same Citty, as by diverse of theire charters and writings 
appearethe. And soe is now confirmed and allowed by the said Lo: 
Maior in the presence of us, ffree Burgesses of Ipsw ch . Rob* Barker, 
Tho: Sicklemore, and Rob* Halley, now being of the Chamberlins of the 
same Towne. 


John Rypley, Tollgatherer, 
Nicholas Clay, 
Tho: Sicklemore. 

(a) Sir George Barnes, K', (more correctly Barne), Lord Mayor 1586, was the son of Sir Geo. Barne, Kt., 
also Lord Mayor in 1552. He died in 1592, and was buried in the church of St. Edmund the King, 
Lombard St. This family afterwards settled at Sotterley, Suff., and is now represented by Fred. Barne, 
Esq., J.P. ; D.L., whose son, Lieut.-Col. F. St. John Barne, is M.P. for Suffolk. Add. MSS. (Davy) 19, 
H7> (J erm yn) 8202. Suckling's Suff. i, 95. Arms: az. 3 leopards' heads arg. ; confirmed to Sir Geo. 
Barne, 1 5th July, 1580, by Rob. Cooke, Clarenceux. Guillim, Her. p. 258. 

(b) Lastage. Teut. last, a burden, Lat. lastagium; was custom exacted forwares sold by the 'last,' or 
for liberty to carry goods bought whither the buyer chose. Stallage, A.S. Stal. Lat. Stdbulum ; the right 
of erecting stalls in fairs or markets, or the payment made for exercising it. Passage, Lat. Passagium ; 
toll paid for transport by water. Pontage, Lat. Pans; either a tax for the repair of a bridge, or a toll paid 
for passing over it ; the former was accounted one of the three public charges on the nation from which 
none were exempt. Cowell's Law Diet. Skinner, Etym. Angl. 

(c) Wodderspoon, p. 75. 




1587-8. 30 El: (Sunday), Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1588.] 

Treasurer, Edw: Cage. 


A dm: 
Clark Mark: 

Chr: Crane, (a) 
Willm Mydnall. (i) 

Job: Brenn, 
Hen: Ashley. 

The Bayliffs, and 
Ralf Scrivener, 
Joh: Barker, Esq r , 
Ed: Gooding, 
Rob: Guttler. 


( Oliv: Cooper, 

Edw: Cage, 
f Tho: Sherman. 

Com: Chr: 
Chr: pac: 

Joh: Hawis. 

!' Rich: Bemont, 


W. Gilbert, 
Joh: Herne, 

Joh: ffisher. 




Orders ffor Candle and Butchers. 

3 o El: (Friday) , 2 2 Marche. [1588.] 

Henry Gooding, sonne of Math : Gooding, portman of this town, is 
admitted ffree Burgess. 

Rob: Cutler, the elder, is elected Justice for this yere. 

Thomas Glede, for the scandall brought uppon this Co'poracon by 
his abominable incestuous act w & his wives daughter, is fined at 2O H , to 
be payed to the Hospitall, and is discharged of all offices in this Towne. 
Whereunto he submitteth, craving pardon for soe foule offence. 

Edw : Cage is elected Treasurer of this Towne. 

Order for Candle. 

John ffairewether, Alderm : Guild, hathe nominated Luke Melton to 
serve w th him, and he is elected, and discharged for 20 marks fine. 

And then the said John named James Peck, whoe allsoe is elected 
and discharged for his fine of 20 marks, and then the said John named 
Nich: Groome, whoe is discharged for this time, and then y c said John 
named Willm. Cook, whoe is elected. 

30 El: (Wednesday} , \Q Aprill. [1588.] 

Three hoyes being required to be sett out for warr by this towne 
and Harw ch , in ayde of the Q: against her enemies, uppon conference w* 
the Towns men of Harw ch , its agreed that they shall beare the sixth p't 
of the charge, the rest of the charge is to be borne by the inhabitants of 
this Towne, and the liberties thereof, the fforrain Burgesses allsoe help- 
ing in the service, and purveiors are elected, And assessors are named (c). 

(a) vid. sup. p. 330. 

(b) Qy. "de Myldenhall." 

(c) Two letters from the Bailiffs to Sir Francis Walsingham, relative to this matter, are preserved at 
the Record Office. It appears from the first of these, dated Ap. 12, 1588, that they had been directed by 
the Lord Admiral to furnish 3 hoys instead of 2 ships and a pinnace as required by the Council, which they 




m r Wrights petition for parcell of the common soile, is referred to 
the Portmen and hedburrowes, who shall agree, and suche grant as they 
agree uppon, shall be sealled at a petit Court. 

The erecting of John Parvises windmill shall be considered off by 
the Councill Learned of the Towne. 

Rob 1 Noothe shall have licence to assigne the new mills during the 
remainder of his terme to Edm : Newby, giving security to pay 40* to 
the Hospitall yerely, during his terme, and 6 combs of Rye, before 
Pentecost. And his paines and amercem 18 shall be remitted, soe that 
he shall give other 6 cornbs of rye before Mic : next. 

Order for candle. 

30 El: (Tuesday}, 25 June. [1588.] by the Headdurrowes. 

Allowed Edm: Burrow parcell of the Coledunghill, next John Revets, 
late Wileses, 22 foote broade against the highway, and 30 foote long, 
at 1 2 d r 4 . 

30 El: (Thursday}, 15 August. [1588.] 

The Portmens medow, w th another little peece adjoyning, somme- 
times a floate, shall be mortgaged for mony for the hoyes for warr. 

30 El: (Thursday), 19 September. [1588.] 

Holbroke lands sold by the Towne to Justice Clenche for 6oo u . 

M r Tyes mony disposed off. 

A Committe named to conferr w th m r Charles Seckford (a) for the 
Townes right in Woodbridge market, and to report his answer at the 
next Great Court. 

Defaults in paving pardoned, soe that the pavem* shall be made 
before Mic : 

The order for the water baylywick is referred to the Town Councell 
at the Assembly. And Meltons petition touching the sale of the Old 
barr gates shall be considered by them. 

had done, but request that the heavy ordnance may be supplied from the Queen's stores. Sir Francis 
having suggested that the merchants, whom he supposed to have greatly benefited by their letters of reprisal, 
should bear the chief cost of equipment, they reply that the merchants have rather lost than gained by 
reprisals, that they have before time found the inhabitants unwilling to be subsidised, and ask what they are 
to do with those who refuse to contribute. Stat. Pap. Dom. Ser. vol.ccix, No. 88. In the second letter, 
dated Ap. 19, the Bailiffs say that they have sent up the bearer to attend on Sir Francis for the great ordnance 
to furnish the hoys, the fitting out of which will amount to four whole subsidies, and that having rated the 
inhabitants, one Rauff Morryss, gent, most obstinately refuses to pay his rate, whom they have bound over in 
100 marks (66 133. 4d.) to appear before the Privy Council on St. Mark's day next, (Ap. 25). ib. No. 100. 
Both letters are signed by the Bailiffs, John Barker and Edward Gooddinge, and indorsed with an abstract 
in the handwriting of Sir Francis Walsingham. 

(a) Son of Francis Seckford, Esq. of Seckford Hall, and was declared heir to his uncle Thomas Seckford, 
(p. 252) as appears from Inq. p.m. Oct. 5, 29. Eliz. (1587), being then nearly 39 years of age. He repre- 
sented Aldeburgh in the Parl' of 1572, was mar. at Framlingham, II Oct., 1575, to Mary, dau. of Tho. 
Steyningof Earl Soham, Esq., and was bur. at Woodbridge, 20 Feb., 1592. Inq. p.m. at Ipswich, 29 Mar. 
34 Eliz. (1592). 


30 El: (Simday), 29 September. [1588.] 

Governors of the Hospitall ; m r Lymmer, m r Baxter, Job : Rainberd, 
Tho: Burrow. 

30 El: (Friday) ', 18 October. [1588.] 

John Barker Esq r (a) and Wm Smart, Gent: (b) elected Burgesses 
for this Towne at the next Parliam* at Westm r , 12 Novemb: next.* 

Assessors fforrain ffines nominated. 

Auditors nominated. 

Auditors ffor the shipp mony. 

That parcell of the Old Kay assigned to John Brenning, shall be 
conveyed to him and his heires at 4 d r* yerely, w* distress, and that he 
shall carry the water cource used into the kay by convenient valt and 
grate, for avoiding of nusance of the Kay. 

And the rest of the same Kay shall be letten over by the Bayliffs 
for the time beeing, and such other as they shall call to them. 

And the rent shall goe to the Hospitall. 

30 El: (Saturday), 2 November. [1588.] 

John Brenning shall have to him and his heires 1 2 foot of the com- 
mon Kay in breadth, on the east side of his ground there, at the length 
from the highway to the Common Kay, (besides the other peece) and 
this shall be at 4 d r 4 . And John Brenning shall fence the same w 411 a 
pale from the other p't of the Kay, and continnue the same for ever. 

The residue of the Kay shall be ordered as formerly, saving that 
its offered to Edw : Cage by demise or sale. 

The residue of the munition left of the Hoyes for the Q : service, 
is appointed to be sold by the Bayliffs, and the mony shall goe towards 
the charge of setting out the said Hoyes. 

30 El: (Friday}, 24 Novemb: [1587.^ By the Headburr: 

Allowed to John Smith parcell of the Common soile in Marg ts 
parish at the Dunghill, over against the tenem* of John Dameron, 18 
foote square, at 4 d r*. 


At the Admiralty presented concealem ts of goods found, and nusance 
by Ballast, and by a Gutter at the new Kay, and unlawful! dredging of 
oysters. And that Nath 1 fford taketh 6 d a load of gravell for ballast, 
w th in the high water mark at Greenw ch Nesse. 

(a) vid. sup. p. 284. (b) ib. p. 268. 

* Tuesday. Prorogued to Feb. 4, 1589. Parry 'sParl. Eng. p. 230. 

t Since the regnal years of Q. Eliz. began on 1 7 Nov. ; it is clear that the 24th Nov. must fall in 1587, 
unless we should read "31 El: " 




1588-9. 31 El: (Monday), Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1589.] 

Bay I: 


Escheat : 

( Rob 1 Cutler, (a) 

Adm : 

I Rob' Snelling. (b) 

Clark: Mark: 



( Joh : Brenn, 
( Hen : Ashley. 


Bayliffs and 

Christ : Crane, 


Wm : Mydnall, 




: Gooding. 



Cler: fac: 
Com : Cler : 


Edw : Hunting, 
Rich : Martin. 

Edw : Cage. 
Joh : Hawis. 

Oliv : Cooper, 
Edw : Cage, 
Tho : Sherman. 

Gagership shall be conveyed from m r Smart to m r Knapp and m r 
Rob 1 Barker. 

Issues for not appearing at the Assizes abated. 

31 El: (Monday), 23 December. [1588.] 

Order concerning security of the mony to be paied by Justice 
Clenche for Holbrooke lands. 

Orders concerning the Water Baylywick, Hallage, and Woodbridge 
market, and distraining of ffree mens goods by Londoners, and for the 
searchers sealle, are referred to a Committee. 

A warr 4 of Atturny to p'sons named to pay i68 H to Rob* Barker and 
Willm. Barker for the redemption of the portmens medow at the day 
and place, &c. 

Hamford mill demised to Joh: Deye, for 21 yeres from the last 
lease, expired under the form r rent and covenants. 

The new mills demised to Rob: Nooth for 22 yeres and a halfe, 
from the end of the last lease. And in consideracon hereof, the said 
Deye and Noothe shall pay the fine of 2OO H in manner set downe, whereof 
i68 u is appointed for the redemption of the Portmans medow. 

Demised to Jeffery alias Spooner, the grounds in Whitton w ch 
m r King had of the Towne for 1 1 yeres from Mich: next, at 46 s 8 d . 

Ranbyy/0 de se, his goods given by the Towne to his widow. 

31 El; (MondayJ, 13 January. [1589.] 

Order : the conveyance of Holbrook lands to Justice Clenche shall 
be by Bargaine and sale and ffeoffment, w th letter of Atturny to make 
livery, and to receive the counterpart, w th bonds, for 6oo H and deede of 

(a) vid sup. p. 279. 

(V) He was of Whatfield, Suff., son and heir of John Snelling, gent., of the same place, and a merchant 
and Portman. He died while Bailiff, Oct. 1602. There are brasses of this name at East Horsley, SUIT., 
1498-1504. Add. MSS. (Davy) 19,149; (Jermyn) 8215. Arms : gu. 3 griffins' heads erased, 2 and I, or ; a 
chief indented, erm. 


A committee to view the lands to be lett belonging to m r Toolies 

31 El: (Friday), 14 Marche. [1589.] 

Ulveston Hall demised to Lionell Kenningale, for 1 1 yeres from 
Mich : next, at 90" yerely rent, w 111 covenants as before. 

Kents hill demised to Chr: Laurence and Willm. Sparrow for n 
yeres from Mich: next, at 38'' yerely rent, w* covenants as formerly. 

Taylors messuage and tenem* in Whitton and Bramford, late in 
Stiles occupacon, and one close called Ballings, in his occupacon, and 
9 acres at Castle hill, demised to Minter, from Mich : next for 1 1 yeres, 
at 28" rent. 

Order for Candle and Tallow. 

Will m ffinche shall sealle his before Mich : or shall depart w th the 

31 El: (Friday}, 28 Marche. [1589.] 

Orders for Candle and Tallow. 

A committee to demise the water baylywick and the Custome house. 

Tho : Sely, elected Alderman Guild, is discharged for his fine of 20 
marks, and Willm. Sparrow elected, and discharged for 20 marks fine, 
and Chr: Laurence is elected, and discharged for the like fine of 20 
marks, and Rich: Martin is elected. 

Chr: Laurence, for his service in Trayning of the town soldiers, 
shall have allowed him 15". 

Edm : Burrow shall have p't of the Cole dunghill allotted to him 
where his house is scittuate allready, w* a gardein plott of 50 foote long, 
at i6 d r*, w^ reentry for non paym*. And that he and his heires shall 
keepe the way against his house in good repaire. 

Rob* Bayly shall have another p'cell of the Colehill to set his house, 
with a garden plott, 36 foote at i2 d r 1 w* reentry for non paym 4 and to 
mantaine the way against his house. 

Joh: Smith shall have another p'cell of the same Colehill allotted to 
him, to sett a house uppon, w th a garden plott, 36 foote, at 12 r*, and 
like agreem* as formerly. 

Luke Melton shall have the common soile of the Towne whereuppon 
he hath built and inclosed the same at the Old Barr gates, at the yerely 
rent of 2 d , over and besides the rent of 7 d that he allready payeth. 

31 El: (Monday), 5 May. [1589.] 

Ordered that noe inhabitant shall receive any woollen Cloth, Bayes, 
Cottons, Corsies, ffrizes, or ruggs, or peeces, into theire owne private 
houses, w ch are brought to be sold in this town in Grosse, or to be 


transported, unless the same shall be first brought to the Clothe hall, 
under forfaiture of 6 s 8 d for every clothe received, and for the other, 
3 s 4 d , and imprisonm* till payment be made, or else to be levied by 
distress ; provided this shall not extend to any ffree Burgesses trading 
in those commodities beyond the seaes, soe as he give notice to the 
Hallinger of suche commodities as he shall soe receive, as his own or 
sent to him, and shall pay for the Hallage of them, (aj 

The fee for keeping suche commodities in the hall shall be as 
followeth : viz : for every peece of Clothe one halfpenny p. weeke, and 
for the other wollen commodities, a farthing a weeke, to be paied before 

The keper of the Hall shall give sufficient security to the Bayliffs 
for the saffeguard and safe delivery of suche clothes as they shall receive. 

Noe inhabitant shall receive into his private custody any butter, or 
cheese, or corne, to be transported by sea, nor shall cause suche com- 
modities to be imbarked without first notice be given to the water Bayliff 
of the quantity, and the owner of the same, under perill of forfaiture for 
every defalt 40% to be levied by imprisonment or distress. 

Noe p'son having a private Kay shall suffer any forrainer to dis- 
charge any goods at their Kayes untill notice shall be given to the 
water Bayliff, under forfaiture of 40" for every offence, to be levied as 

All p'sons buying marchandise that is to be weighed, shall bring 
the same to the Town beame under forfaiture of 2O S . 

Rob 4 Scarlet shall have a lease of the water Baylywick and town 
house for 10 yeres, from Midsummer next, at 40* rent. 

A warr* of Atturny to reenter into a house in Hellens parish, demised 
to Smart. 

31 El: (Friday}, 30 May. [1589.] 

m r Justice Clenches writings, brought and delivered, to be kept in 
the chest w th the foundacon writings. 

And a Dedimus to S r Phillip Parker and m r Lang, to take the recog- 
nisance of a fine from the Towne, and m r Smart, and Chr : Crane, of the 
lands, &c., in Holbroke, to Mr Justice Clenche, according to the uses 
in the conveyance. And the commissioners comming into full Court, 
the fine and conveyance was read, and by publique vote agreed unto. 
And an instrum* reciting the conveyance and covenant to make further 
assurance, and the fine, and the concord, and acknowledgem*, in these 
words : " We bein agreed the fine shall be levied in forme aforesaid, to 
the said Justice Clenche, according to the forme and effect of the said 
fine : And we, the said Bayliffs, Burgesses, and Commonalty, have 

(a) vid. sup. p. 307, note. 


hereuppon in full Court set our Common Scale to the same, in ac- 
complishm* of our covenants made w th the said Justice Clenche in that 

Wm Jeffery made Hallinger for one yere next after Midsummer 
next, at 8 H rent. 

m r Smart sued for breache of covenants at Kents hill. 

And Edm : fflicks bond shall be sued at the Towns charge. 

The assembly shall take order for recovery of fines of forrainers 
refusing to pay. 

The Town leases to be sealed, shall be made ready and sealled 
within a fortnight after midsummer next. 

31 El: fMondayJ, 29 September. [1589.] 

Governors of the Hospitall, m r Mydnall, m r Barker, Sam 11 Smith, 
Joh : Carnaby. 

Rich: Bemont, Wm Gilbert, Joh: Home, Joh: ffisher. Serjeants. 

31 El: (Tuesday) ', 4 November. [1589.] 

Assess" fforr : fnnes nominated. Auditors nominated. 

m r Wright (aj elected to be town preacher during suche time as he 
shall continnue in the Towne, and teach sound Doctrine as hitherto he 
hath donne, and shall have for his salary 100 marks. 

A warrant to pull down two cottages set up at Whitton uppon the 
town soile, if the owners, uppon warning, do not take the same away. 

A debt claimed by Henry Hammond : its ordered he shall have 
6 H i3 5 4 d paied to his wife, and the rest uppon the passing of his accompt. 

This 6 U 1 3 s 4 d shall be paied by m r Crane out of Joh : Brennings 
mony, for the sale of the Old Kay. 

31 El: ^Thursday), 27 ffebr: [1589.] 

Allowed to Rob : How and his assignees, liberty to wash in the 
river against his tenem* in Nich : parish, at 6 d rent yerely, w th out annoying 
of the river. 

Allowed to Hen: Heynsworth, Glover, y 1 Hee may use his wash at 
the mill damme, at 6 d rent. 

Allowed to Leonard Master to use his wash against his tenem 1 , at 
4 d rent. 


Presented : an arest w th in this liberty w th out authority, and trespasses 
in taking of Goods. Nusance to the channell, by rotten ffish cast there- 
into and Batterye. 

(a) Probably of Clare Hall, Camb. B.A., 1582; M.A., 1586. 




32 El; 


Escheat : 
Admir : 
Clark : Mark : 



(Tuesday), Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1590.] 


Rob : Barker, (b) 

Job : Brenn, 
Hen : Ashley. 

The Bayliffs and 
Ralf Scrivener, 
Rob : Guttler, 
Rob : Snelling, 
Wm. Smart. 

Job : Topliff, 
Georg: Parkhurst. 

Tho : Sicklemore. 


and he shall have 
40 s fee, and noe 


Cler: pac : ) , , .. 
Com.Cler: } John Hawis. 

I Tho : Sherman, 

Clavigers, Nich : Crane, 

f Laur : Trost. 

Mr Harison is elected ordinary and chief preacher in this Towne, 
from Mich : next, for one whole yere, to preach in this Towne at the 
usuall times and places, and shall have 40" quarterly, by even portions, 
payed out of the Treasury, provided that he be allowed by the BP here- 

And he shall have liberty to be absent, and at his fellowship, for 
this yere, provided that it be not above three monthes in all. 

32 El: (Monday), 19 January. [1590.] 

Mr Wright confirmed againe common Preacher, and shall have his 
grant of his salary under the Town seale, and in time of sickness, liberty 
to substitute suche an one as the Assembly shall like well of. And if 
he travaile, he shall substitute a godly, sufficient, and orthodox supply. 
He shall not take any other pastorall or ecclesiastical! promotion, w th out 
concent of the Bayliffs for the time being. 

John Norton, sonne of Dr Norton,^ shall have 6 U yerely towards his 
maintenance at studdy at Cambridge, for the space of 6 yeres, if other- 
wise he be not provided and advanced, and shall soe long conrinnue at 
the university. 

mr Smart is elected Justice of the peace for this towne till Mich : 

A warr* to sue the executors of Tho : Sely for a debt they ow to 
the Towne. 

32 El: (Thursday), 19 Marche. [1590.] 

A grant of m r Wrights salary passed the Common seale of this 

(a) vid. sup. p. 333. 

(b) Son and heir of John Barker, gent. (p. 284.) He was of Grimston Hall, Trimley St Martin, Suff., 
whither he removed from his house in S' Matthew's parish, Ipswich, about 1 591 ; he was Burgess for Ipswich 
in 1592, and at the coronation of James I., July 24, 1603, was made a Knight of the Bath ; he died in 1618. 
The arms of this family are correctly given on p. 243, those given on p. 252 appear to belong to the Barkers, 
of Bildeston, although the Bestney quartering, according to Davy, might be borne by both. 

(c) Probably of Trinity College, Camb. B.A., 1593; M.A., 1597. 


Rich: Martin, elected Alderm: Guild, is discharged for his fine of 
6 U 13 s 4 d , and Andrew Durrant is elected in his roome. 

Edm : fHicks debt shall be examined by a Committee nominated. 

m r Castlins fine set by the Headburrowes, and paied by the Cham- 
berlins, uppon accompt, its order[ed] the Treasurer shall repay the same 
to the chamberlins, and m r Castlin shall be sued for trespasses to the 
Towne by him donne. 

Noothe allowed to sett over to m r Loves, i acre and ^ of marshe, 
p'cell of his late demise of the new mills, p'vided it shall not extend to 
alter the rent, or to extinguish any part thereof. 

Kents Hill demised to Henry Moore and John Murton by the con- 
cent of Sparrow and Laurence; for the like terme, and the like covenants, 
that Sparrow and Laurence should have had the same. 

Concerning the water Bayliffs place, the doubts shall be resolved 
and settled by the Assembly. 

32 El: (Monday}, 23 Marche. [1590.] by the Headbtir: 

Edm: Sparrow is allowed 10 foote of the common soile at the West 
end of his house, in Martins occupacon, by S* Math: Church way, to be 
directed by line fro' the North end of the said ground to his post in his 
garden, next Collins yard, at the rent of 3 s 4 d . 

32 El: (Thursday}, 16 Aprill. [1590.] 

m r Write, late preacher of this Towne, having refused to accept of 
the patent under the Town scale, of his said place and salery : Its ordered 
it shall be cancelled, and all other orders as touching his retainer shall 
be void ; and that noe patent shall from henceforthe be made to any 
p'son of suche office, or of any stipend for the same, and that henceforth 
there shall not be granted to any preacher above 40" out of the Treasury 
of this towne. 

Order for Candle. 

Joh: Sturgeon, Alderm: Guild, is discharged for 20 marks fine, and 
John Topcliff is elected into the same place, is discharged for the like 
fine, and John Wallis is elected. 

Tenn pounds demanded by m r Garnish for the pay of certaine 
horses w ch went out of this Towne to Tilbury; faj its ordered it shall be 
levyed of the inhabitants, by a collection of a 5 th p't of a subsidy last 
granted to the Queene. 

Order for Willm Warrens releife. 

(a) The military force assembled at Tilbury Fort in July, 1588, "consisted of two armies, one /or 
immediately opposing the enemy, under the Earl of Leicester, the other for the defence of the Queen's 
person, commanded by Lord Hunsdon." The County of Suffolk contributed towards this force 4807 able 
men, of whom 4239 were trained soldiers; 70 lances, and 230 light horse ; and furnished also 1550 calivers, 
350 muskets, 1025 corslets, noobows, and 72 bills. Royal MSS. 18. c. 21. The musket was a heavy piece, 
carrying a large ball ; and the caliver a light kind of musket, with a matchlock ; corslets were suits worn 
chiefly by pikemen, and bills were weapons hooked like a woodman's bill, with a long projecting spike at the 
back. Grose. Mil. Antiq. 



32 El: (Wednesday), 6 May. [1590.] 

Joh : Wallis, elected Alderm : Guild, is discharged for 20 marks. 

And Andrew Durrant allsoe is discharged, and Joh : Ward is elected 
into the said place. 

More and Murton shall scale their counterpane of lease of Kents hill 
before midsummer next, or the Town will seize the same into their hands. 

Edm : fflick shall pay IO H and costs of suite due for the water Bayliffs 
place, and then shall be discharged. 

An order for W m Warrens releife. 

An entry ordered into the common soyle nigh the new mills, de- 
mised to Bell. 

32 El: (Monday), i June. [1590.] By the Headbur: 

Allowed to Vesy, to take water out of the wast water from Dayry 
lane into his house at the Old Barr gates, at 2 s rent yerely. 

Allowed to Thurston Ashley, to have water from Caldwell brooke 
to his woaad house, by penning the water, at 2 s rent. 

Allowed to Rob: Chepe, com: soile betweene another parcell former- 
ly granted unto him on the East, and the common way leading by Nicholas 
Churche on y c West, abutting on Gledes common soile Southward, in 
bredth South 4 foote, in length 40 foote, at i6 d rent, \v & distress out of 
the head house, and to kepe the way from annoyance by the premisses. 

32 El: (Thursday}, 30 July. [1590.] 

Cure of a woman shall be paied by the Chamberlins. 

water baylywick ordered and mannaged by a Committee, whoe 
shall set wages and fees. 

One utlawed in a p'sonal accon ; his p'sonall estate seised; its re- 
stored paying 40* to the Towne. 

Committee to take order for suche p'sons whoe are capable to take 
up theire Freedome. 

Noe forrain fines shall be taken of any fforrainer in this Town, but 
onely of handycrafts men. 

A scirefac: shall issue to the last Guildholders to appeare at the 
next Court, to answere touching their misusage of the last feaste. 

Rich : Seelys debt ordered, and granted to him that he shall not be 
elected Alderm : Guild for 7 yeres after this Court. 

Liberty granted to the Bayliffs and Wardens to build or to repaire 
houses at Kents hill and M inters farme. 

32 El: (FridayJ, n September. [1590.] 

Hugh Shilds shall have one parcell of com : soile in the Dunghill, 
17 foote broad, 42 foote long, to build a house thereon; the other peece, 


extending- from the last peece Eastward, extending to John Smiths 
grounds, and in bredth 30 foote, at io s rent, w 411 covenants, to be advised 
by the Councill learned of this Towne. 

The Lo : Hunsdon, Lo: Chamberlin, (aj is elected high Steward of 
this Towne, and shall have fee and patent as formerly, if he shall please 
to accept thereof. 

Rob* Scarlett, water Bayly, elect for TO yeres at 32" yerely rent, 
and shall be at liberty to depart at any time uppon a yeres warning, w th 
other covenants as shall be thought meete. 

The two last Guild holders fined 2O S cache, for their disorderly and 
insufficiently holding- of their dinner at the last Guild. 

Suche persons beeing- housholders, Traders, or occupiers, whoe by 
patrimony or service are capable to be free men, and being 24 yeres old 
or more, shall comme and take up their freedome w th in one yere next 
ensuing, or shall be excluded from all claime hereafter. 

32 El: (Tuesday J, 29 September. [1590.] 

Governors of the Hospitall, m r Mydnall, m r Cage, John Carnaby, 
Tho : Sherman. 

Rich: Beamont, Wm Gilbert, Joh: Hern, Joh: ffisher, Serjeants. 

And m r Bayliffs have authority to discharge any of them for defalts 
in service, through neglect wilfull 

Scarlet elected Water Bayliff at 30'' per annu'. 

32 El: (Monday}, 2 November. [1590.] 

Assessors of fforrain fifines named. 

Auditors named. 

Order for candle. 

Rich: Martin sworn Petty Constable at this Court. 

The musitians shall continnue in theire office for one yere more, 
according to the former retainer, and they shall have a fifth man into 
their Company, whoe shall be intertained as the other, onely James Belts 
and Ralpe Oldham shall be the governours of the residue. 

Allowance for the Cutting of a child of the Stone. 

Eight pounds shall be paid to m r Garnish for pay of horses that 
went to Tilbury, and this the Treasurer shall pay. 

32 El: ( 'Monday J g November. [1590.] By the Headbur: 

Allowed to Rich : Badison to sett a pale from his house corner to 
his new house end, paying i d rent. 

(a) Sir Henry Carey, I st Baron Hunsdon, K.G., was first cousin to Queen Elizabeth, by whom he was 
elevated to the peerage in 1559. On the assembling of the troops at Tilbury, he was entrusted with the 
protection of the Queen's person in the camp there, and the command of the army appointed for that pur- 
pose, of which 2000 were Suffolk men. He died 23 July, 1596. 





Presented defaults in appearing and doing service, and trespass in 
taking goods, and nusance to the channell by ballast, concealm* of 
goods found w th out, and brought into this liberty, and of goods found 
w th in this liberty, and arest by the Viceadmirall w th in this liberty, and 
unlawful fishing and selling of ffish under assize. 


Bay I: 

33 El: ( 'Wednesday) , Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1591.] 

Clark: Mark: 

Coron r >, 


Joh : Knap,(a) 
Rob : Guttler, jun (3) 

Henr : Ashley, 
Wm Jeffery. 

The Bayliffs and 
Rob : Barker, 
Willm. Bloyse, 
Ralf Scriven', 
Rob : Guttler, sen : 



Clerk : pac : 


Wm Cock, 
Rich : Cornell'. 

Tho : Sicklemore. 
Joh : Hawis, sen. 

Nic : Crane, 
Tho : Sherman, 
Willm : Sparrow. 

33 El: (Saturday), 2 January. [1591.] 

The order made in Aprill last, touching a retainer of a preacher, is 
now made frustrate and void. 

Mr. Haris (c) is elected town preacher for one yere from Epiphany 
next, and shall have 100 marks salary yerely. Whereof 40'' out of the 
treasury and the residue by collection. Provided that he shall be allowed 
by the BP, and that he shall not be absent above 3 months in a yere, 
saving that for this yere he may be absent at suche times as the statutes 
of the Colledge, whereof he is fellow, doe require his presence there. 

That one quarter before the yere expire he shall have notice whether 
the Towne shall like to continnue him, and if so then to continnue for 
life, at suche conditions and agreem te as shall be convenient. 

Scavengers stipend is inlarged. 

Rich : Battell shall have the office of Hallinger, paying 40' half 
yerely, and shall have a house to abide in convenient for that service. 

33 El: (Tuesday), 16 ffebruary. [1591.] 

Allowed to Jeffery Man, common soile nigh the common privy house 
at the Kay, 1 2 foote long and 6 foote broad from the wall of the parlor 
on the south, and 5 foote 3 inches on the north end, at 4 d rent. 

(a) vid. sup. p. 338. (b) Son of Robert Cutler, of Ipswich (p. 279). He mar. Alice, d. & h. of Tho : 
Gardiner of Glemsford, Suff., and died at Sproughton, 9 July, 1619. The arms following were confirmed 
to him June 21, 1612; viz.: or, 3 bends sa., over all a lion pass. gu. Coll. Arms. Vincent, 169, p. 145. 
The funeral certificate, dated at Ipswich, 24 Aug. 1622, gives the lion as "ramp." So Harl. 6071. f. 206. 

(c) Qy "Harison," iiid. sup. p. 360. Harl. 6071. f. 224. 


33 El: (Thursday), I A prill. [1591.] 

Monie in demand as due to m r Smart in defence of suite w* Bennet, 
is referred to the p'sons mentioned in the Assembly booke. 

Order for Candle. 

Order for Tallow. 

Henry Gipps, elected Alderman Guild, is discharged for his fine of 
5 pounds, and Andrew Durrant is elected in his roome. And Henry 
Gipps and John Ward, Aldermen of the Guild, formerly fined for mis- 
ordering the intertainm' at the late Guild, shall be remitted of their fines. 

A committee to considder of inlargem* of the terms of such as hold 
the Town marsh in farme, to the end that the banks may be repaired 

An order for the clothiers of this Towne to sett the poore on work 
w th in the Towne, and if any shall refuse or misuse the worke, they shall 
be punished by the Bayliffs. 

A debt to Rob* Hally ordered to be payed by the Towne. 

The Tailors shall have the hall at the Hospitall for 1 1 yeres, at 
1 3 s 4 d the yere. 

33 El: (Friday), 30 Aprill. [1591.] 

To avoid the great increase of fforrainers tradesmen, orders are 
framed for reducing the Clothiers, Cloth workers, Weavers, Shermen, 
and Diers, into a ffraternity or Company, and for the regulating the 
worke and reducing the same unto suche as are w^in that company, and 
for governm* of apprentices and servants. 

Andrew Durr 1 discharged from being Alderman Guild, for his fine 
of 20 marks ; at S r Martin ffrobishers (a) request, his fine is remitted to 
5 H , and Willm. Chapman is elected in his stead. 

The Guild deferred till Sunday senight after midsummer,* and the 
greate Chamber over the Butchery shall be fitted for Guests, and a 
Tierse of wine provided at the Towns charge. 

The Town marsh demised for ? i yeres after expiration of the former 

The booke of the Cloth Company shall be confirmed under the 
Towne sealle. 

A Committee appointed to conclude concerning Shilds petition. 

Order for a debt from the Towne due to Thomas Barber. 

A lease for eleven yeres to the Company of Tailors of the hall at 
the Hospitall, at 1 3 s 4 d r*. 

(a) The famous navigator ; he was a native of Altofts, near Doncaster, Yorks., and mar. as her 2nd 
husb. Dorothy, dau. of Thomas, Lord Wentworth, and widow of Paul Withipoll, Esq., of Ipswich, (p. 427) 
Add. MSS. (Davy) 19,156, f. 54!); and 19,170, f.84- He appears at this time to have been unemployed. 
Harl. 4630. ft". 190, 208; Hunter's South Yorks, i. 33. State Pap. Dom. Ser. vol. ccxxxviii. 61. 

* July 4. 159'- 


33 El: (Thursday), 3 June. [1591.] 

The Cloth companies booke, now exhibited to be sealled, some 
words are therein amended, and the same is sealled. 

Hugh Shild shall have on the north side of his house and ground, 
granted unto him addition of common soil, in bredth i 2 foote, and in 
length from the West to the East, all along the new building, for the 
rent of 6 s 8 d . 

The Title concerning Woodbridge market shall be heard by m r 
Justice Clenche after the next terme. 

Stalls shall be made by the Towne at the fish market, shall be 
rented out to the use of the Hospitall, and the streetes shall be cleansed 
before those stalls by the Towne. 

33 El: (Thursday), 29 September. [[591.] 

Governors of the Hospitall, m r Mydnall, m r Snelling, Tho : Sher- 
man, Wm. Sparrow. 

Order for lending part of m r Tyes mony. 

20 marks ordered by this town to S r Arthur Heveningham, fa) 
towards the reparacon of Christmass Lane, by a Commission to him 

Order for a debt from the Towne due to m r Smart. 

Thomas Andrew, Poldavies fbj weaver, made free for 5 pounds fine, 
he had then tenn apprentices, named in the booke. 

33 El: (Thursday), 11 November. [1591.] 

Assessors of fforrain ffines named. 

Auditors named. 

Hugh Shilds request for common soyle at the Common Dunghill, 
is referred to the Bayliffs, Portmen.and Headburrowes to settle the Quan- 
tity, and fine, or rent. 

The assembly shall sett downe a rate of summs of mony, that shall 
be payed for every Barrel! of London beere that shall be brought into 
this Town. 


Presented unlawfull dredging of oysters. 

The taking away of a hawser from a shipp in the night, and bury- 
ing it in the sand by 2 of the saylers w th in the same. 

Concealem 1 of goods found. 

(a) Son and heir of Sir Anthony Heveningham, K', of Keteringham, Norf. He was High Sheriff of 
Norf. in 1581 and 1602, and was knighted at Whitehall, 2 Jan., 1617; he died Oct. 8, 1630, and was bur. 
at Keteringham. Add. MSS. (Davy) 19,135; (Jermyn) 8210; Harl. 1560. f. 129; Blomf .Norf. v. 94; 
Page's Suff. 238 ; Fuller's Worthies, ii. 151. Arms : quarterly, or and gu. on a bordure sa. 8 escallops arg. 

(b) A sort of coarse canvas. Nares' Glossary. See Addenda. 




1591-2. 34 El: (Friday}, Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1592.] 

Bay I: 
Escheat : 

Clark: Mark: 


Ralfe Scrivener, 
Edw : Cage. 

Wm Jeffery, 
Job : Carnaby. 

The Bayliffs and 
Rob* Guttler, sen., 
Wm Smart, 
Job : Knap, 
Rob : Guttler Jun. 

Chamberlins, j Tho: Brownrigg, 
( Hen : Ashley. 


Com : Cler . 
Cler: pac: 


Tho : Sherman. 
Tho : Walton. 

Willm. Buckenham, 
Tho : Sicklemore, 
Wm. Sparrow. 

No gaoler shall be appointed for this towne that shall be Gaoler for 
the County. And if any of the Bayliffs shall p'mitt the County Gaoler 
to kepe the Town Gaole by the space of 14 dayes, they shall cache of 
them forfait io u . 

34 El: (FridayJ, 24 December. [1591.] 

Thomas Walton Escffaj admitted ffree burgess w^out fine, in regard 
that it is purposed to elect him to the office of the Town Clerke. 

Thomas Walton elected Town Clerk, p' forming Condicons follow- 
ing : nevertheless he shall have liberty to Travaile to London this next 
terme. And his ffee of 40% as of Councill w* this Town, shall henceforth 

i. He shall dwell in the Town, and not be absent above one day 
and a night w^out the leave of the Bayliffs, and leaving a sufficient 
deputy, and noe licence of the Bayliffs shall allow him to Travaile to 
London, but onely for the next terme. 

2. He shall kepe all manner of Courts and Sessions for the Town 
in person, unless in case of sickness or other business appointed him by 
the Bayliffs, and then to appoint a sufficient deputy. 

3. He shall in p'son attend the Bayliffs in all ffaires, markets, and 
other places, wherein his presence shall be necessary, if the Bayliffs shall 
call him. 

4. He must assist the Justices and Coroners in the execution of 
theire offices, and make and Ingross Inquisitians and recognisances. 

5 . Hee shall assist the headburrowes from time to time, and preserve 
perfect theire presentments, and trewly estreate all fines and amercem' 5 , 
as well of headburrowes as of Sessions to the Chamberlins. 

6. He shall ingross the Sessions, and make rolls and Records of 
deeds inrolled, and all other matters heretofore used to be ingrossed or 
inrolled by the Town Clerk. 

(a) A Thomas Walton, of Gray's Inn, was called to the Bar n Feb., 1577, and became an Ancient 
in 1584. Harl. 1912. ff. 2O2b, 224b. 


7. He shall every yere at the Audit deliver in all rolls and records 
of the former yere, ingrossed, inrolled, and recorded. 

8. He shall doe all other business usually donne by the Town 

9. He shall Travaile by the directions of the Bayliffs to doe the 
Town messages convenient by him to be donne, having Gueldings found 
him, and his necessary charges. 

Composition for a Deodand of one Cart, 2 mares, 4 Gueldings, 
movers of the deathe of John Blage, for the summe of 5 marks, paied 
to the Treasurer. And in regard the cart was laden w th cheese and 
butter, a composition was for that, as being in p't cause of the deathe, 
for the summe of 5 marks, to be likewise paied to the Treasurer. 

A committee named to view the Town marshes, whether it be con- 
venient for the farmers to make a ditche or ditches in the nether end of 
the same or not. 

34 El: (Wednesday}, 16 ffebruary. [1592.] By the Headbrirrowes. 

John Greenleafe allowed to erect a pale, 4 foote high, against his 
new erected tenem 1 , 5 foote from the ground sell of his tenem*, into the 
way from Georges lane to the old barr gates, at i d r 4 . 

34 El: (Thursday}, 23 Marche. [1592.] 

Edm : Bass, for collouring fforrainers goods, disfranchised. 

Orders for Tallow and Candle. 

According to certifficate, its ordered that the lower marshes shall 
be ditched in by the ffarmers. 

Uppon surrender of Mortons lease of Kents Hill, now made at this 
Court, Its ordered that Leo : Gates shall have a lease of the same, for 
1 1 yeres from Mich : last, according to former covenants. 

The ffarme at Claydon hills demised to Oliv: Jolly, for 1 1 yeres at 
28 rent yerely, under former covenants, and to put in suerties. 

m r Carter of Bramford shall have 2 acres 3 roods in Bramford, 
betwene hen: Dayes tenem* on the south, and a peece of land the Lo: 
Wentworths north, and uppon Bramford streete and the Lo : Wentworths 
house east, and the land of Rich: Booth west; w ch praemisses were 
formerly in Laurences occupacon, whoe hath resigned up his interest 
therein. To have to the said m r Carter and his assignees for 40 yeres 
at 13 s 4 d p: annu'. 

m r Ashley is discharged of his Coroners place, and John Carnaby 
is therein elected. 

34 El: (Wednesday), 26 April/. [1592.] By the Hedburrowes. 

Allowed to Henry: Heynsworth to inlarge his .... one yard 
further into the river at 12 rent. 


And to John Wallis so much of the wall ditches as is dooled out 
against the Alms houses in Lady lane, at 5 s rent. 

George Parkhurst elected Alderm: Guild, to serve w th Willm. 

A composition for a deodand, formerly made, ordered to be paied 
by the p'sons giving security. 

34 El: (Friday), 22 September. [1592.] At the Assembly. 

Noe man shall be Atturny in this Court, unless he be a freeman, 
nor shall any p'son that shall practise as Atturny in any Court at 
Westm r . 

34 El: (Monday), 25 September. [1592.] 

A Clarke of the Admiralty elected for the Towne, and shall have 
4O S yerely ffee, viz : John Talbott. 

A new Bedell of the Towne elected, and uppon former covenants 
and fee. And if any hoggs or shotts fa) shall be found by him w th in 
the body of the Towne, or any streete or lane thereof, he shall impound 
them untill 1 2 d shall be payed for cache of them, 2 p te whereof shall goe 
to the bedell that shall take and impound them, the other 3 d pt to the 
other of the said Bedells being Bedell of the Hospitall, whoe hathe like 
power to take and impound such hoggs as he shall finde. 

And if the owner, having notice, shall suffer the hoggs to continnue 
in the pound 48 howers w th out redemption, The said hoggs and shotts 
shall be sold, and imployed for the poore of the Hospitall, and if any 
p'son shall refuse any hoggs or shotts, he shall forfait 2 s for cache hogg 
or shott to the Towne, and shall be imprisoned during the Bayliffs 

The order for atturnies made at the last assembly confirmed. 

Leonard Gates shall be discharged of all subsidies issuing out of 
Kents hill. 

Mr. Burgess, his retainer to preache in this Towne, shall still con- 
tinnue, and rates for the paym* of his wages shall allsoe continnue, and 
such others as are not yet rated, shall be rated by the Portmen or greatest 
number of them. 

An order to inquire into all accompts, debts, duties, to the Towne 

34 El: (Friday), 29 September. [1592.] 

Governers of the Hospitall elected ; m r Lymmer, m r Snelling, Wm 
Sparrow, Rob: Hally; and Rob: Hally is appointed Treasurer. 

(a) Young pigs ; the word also means " the refuse of cattle taken out of a drove." Halliwell's Diet. 



Disorders of Serjeants shall be punished by the Bayliffs for the 
time beeing, by putting such out of theire places, and putting- in others. 
And hereuppon Rich: Bemont, Joh: ffisher, Christ: Tolson, and John 
Gooding are elected Serjeants for this next yere. 

34 El: (Monday), 2 October. [1592.] At the Assembly. 

The sermon uppon Wednesdaies and ffridayes in the winter time, 
shall end at 1 1 oclock, and in the summer one hower sooner. 

All inhabitants of this Town shall, uppon every Sabbath day, resort 
unto their churches diligently and reverently, as by the law they are 
bound. And uppon the Sabbath day, all men shall cease from their 
labours ; nor shall any man sett open his shopp window. Nor shall 
cariers or laborers use theire cariage or other labour on that day. 

And all such poore persons as receive any almes of this Towne, 
shall comme for the same to their severall parish churches, and there 
receive the same uppon the Sabbath day in the afternoone. And suche 
of them as doe not comme to Church on that day in service time, and 
abide there all the service time, shall loose alms for that weeke, w th out 
lawfull excuse. 

All the ministers w th in this Towne shall use to Catechise the youth 
of theire parishes uppon the Sabbath day in the afternoone. 

On holy daies, during the sermon time, shopps shall be shutt up. 

34 El: (Friday), 13 Octob: [1592.] 

fforraine fines Assessors nominated. 

Auditors nominated. 

Steven Greenwich, Hallinger, elected for 3 yeres.payingyerely 53 s 4 d . 

The assessors of fforraine ffines shall elect a Serjeant of the 
Admirallty, and allow him suche fees and duties as to them shall seeme 
most meete. 

Mony lent to Smith to build his house at the Colehill w ch is now 
escheated to the Towne. Its ordered it shall be repayed out of the 
yerely rent, by p'ticuler parcells menconed. 

Tho: Sherman sworne Headburrow. 


Presented one for undertaking the place of a pilot without know- 
ledge, and thereby cast away a shipp. 

Concealem* of goods ffound. Carrying away a ship out of this 
liberty w th out warr*. 

There shall be noe fishing during Jan: and ffebruary w^in this 
liberty, under penalty of 40". 

Presented m r . Hall for taking groundage of hoyes and boates as 
uppon his ground, beneath Bourn bridge. 


o r 

i.. j 


3fil+ *?*/ 

;f m*r . i. .< ' - **t-<' 
f*>!B.tfj.-N '" n-.'j-:' e-; iii;o-f; ' 

1 y , t r ' 

t v.J. 

Dear Mr. Amey, 

The following entries referring to tue Milton family occur in the 

St. Nicholas Registers. 

Mary Dawghter of Christopher Milton baptised Mar. 2Pth. 16^6. 

cri stoker Sonn ^ Mr. Melton esiuire buried March 12th. 1667 

John Melton gent, was buryed December 2Pth. 1669 

thomasing Duater of Mr. Melton bur^ied July 6th. 167*5 

Sir Christophere Melton of Rushmore was buried in t-h^a the Church 

of this parish St. Nicholas Ipswich Mar. 22th. 1692 

After what you said to -no this afternoon I thought you mlgh* like 
sea these. I am inclined to think that I have read of the last men- 
tioned as the brother of the famous John .Milton. The others might ve 
well be his children. But I am not at all learned in these things. 

Yours sincerely, 

s. Green. 




1592-3- 35 El: (Saturday} ', Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1593.] 


Clerk: Mark: 



Wm Smart (a), 
Rob* Lymmer. 

Wm Jeffery, 
Tho: Sherman. 

The Bayliffs and 
Ralf Scrivener, 
Edw: Cage, 
Rob : Guttler, sen: 
Edw: Gooding. 


Com: Cler: 
Cler: pac: 


Wm Parker, 
Gilbert Lindfield. 

Tho: Sherman. 
Tho: Walton. 

Willm. Buckenham, 
Tho: Sicklemore, 
Willm. Sparrow. 

A warr* to fell trees in two peeces of land in variance betwene S r 
Charles fframlingham (bj and the Towne, the one peece by Old hall, the 
other by the lands called Winchesters. 

Rindges house in Whitton, set uppon the Common soile there, 
granted by the Towne to him and his wife for theire life, and of the 
longer liver of them, at i d rent. 

35 El: (Monday}, 4 December. [1592.] 

John Bratoft allowed to use the Trade of drapery as he now useth, 
untill 14 dayes after Georges day,* for a fine of 20% and he shall not 
open his shop w th in 14 dayes after the day aforesaid, nor use his trade 
of buying or selling w^in the Towne after that day. 

John ffairwether elected Chamberlin in the roome of Tho : Brown- 
rigg, deceased, untill Mich : next. 

The debts claimed from the Town, due to m r Smart, are referred 
to the Auditors. 

The Town Bedell shall have 4" and a summer livery yerely. 

Gratuity given to Lewgar. 

Hugh Shild shall have soe much ground of the Coledunghill as is 
now builded uppon, according to a platt made, paying 2O S at Lady and 
Mich. And if the rent be arere by the space of 40 dayes, he shall forfait 
2O S more pence, and if it shall be arere a whole yere, a reentry shall be, 
and retainer till the rent and nomine pence be satisfyed. 

The annoiance of the channell shall be viewed by the 12 and 24, 
or the greatest number of them, and they shall report. 

And they shall elect a Clerke of the Hospitall. 

(a) vid sup. p. 268. 

(b) Only son and heir of Francis Framlingham, Esq., of Crows Hall, in Debenham, Suff. He was 
High Sheriff of Suff. 25 Eliz., died at Crows Hall on St. Peter's day, 29 June, 1595, " and was worship- 
fully buryed accordinge to his estate, at Debnam, the 3 day of August next followinge." Coll. Top et Gen. 
iv - 375 ; Page's Suff. 511; Fuller's Worthies, ii. 348 ; Add. MSS. (Davy) 19, 130 ; (Jermyn) 8208 ; Harl. 
1484. f. 50. 

* April 23. 



35 El: (Monday), Jan: 15. [1593.] By the Headbur: 

Allowed to John Mose alias Bower, Com: soile in Math: parish 

nigh the butts, Eastward 20 foote broad, and in length Northward by 

the way, 132 foote, and soe much towards the South, and in bredth 

Westward 32 foote. 

And that Joh : Greenwich lease shall have a gutter from his new 

house into the ditche, at i d r l . 

35 El: (Wednesday), 31 January. [1593.] at y e petty Court. 

Where it was ordered at the Court 13 July, 34 El: that the Town 
Clerke shall have for every sheete 4 d , of every declaracon or pleading 
wherein debt or dammage exceeds IO H , now for that the same appeareth 
uncertaine, Its ordered from henceforth that there shall be pay'd to him 
for every cause wherein Judgem* shall be given exceeding the summe 
of IO H , the summe of 6 s 8 d . 

And that the Atturnies shall have allowed them for every declaracon 
and plea drawing and ingrossing, according to the discretion of the 
Bayliffs for the time beeing, notwithstanding any order to the contrary. 

35 El: (Monday}, 12 ffebruary. [1593.] 

The Cloth workers shall have the other p't of that hall w ch the Tailers 
had, for the same term, rents, and covenants. 

Rob* Barker (a) and Zachary Lock Esq rs are elected Burgesses for 
this Towne at the next Parliam* at Westm r , 19 ffebruary. 

35 El: (Monday}, 19 ffebruary. [1593.] At the petty Court. 

Christopher Ballard was fined 20 shillings for altering a capias ad 
satisfaciendu' after it was by order stayed for error. 

35 El: (Friday}, 23 Marche. [1593.] 

John Tye admitted free Burges for 20", being discharged of the 
Chamberlins and Alderm : Guilds places, and because his father was a 
benefactor, (b) his fine is abated to 6 U 13 s 4 d ; he hath 6 sonns and 9 

Gilbert Linfeild elected Alderm: Guild. 

One fined 1 2 d for not appearing at the Court, and yet was scene 
abroad in the Town. 

Order for Tallow. 

Granted to S r Phillip Parker, one pece of the Town soile in St. 
Marg 15 , towards the ditches, 254 foote in lengthe, and in bredth West- 
ward 1 6 foote and 3 inches, Eastward 3 foote, at 6 d rent. 

(a) Tiid. sup. p. 252. 

(b) Mr. John Tye (p. 299) in 1583 gave to the Bailiffs, &c., 25, for loans of three years to indigent 
persons. Ipsw. Gifts and Leg. (1747) p. 77. 


Granted to Rob* Dawbney p't of the channell, in length 201 foote, 
and in bredth westw: 7 foote 2 inches, and Eastw: 10 foote, at I2 d rent, 
w th distresse in the mansion house of the said Rob*. 

And he hathe promised a release to the Almshouses. 

35 El: (Tuesday}, 24 Aprill. [1593.] by the Headburr: 

Allowed to m r Tie to set a pale or raile before his new houses in 
Clem ts streete, 8 foote from the sell thereof, all along the said houses, 
at 2 d rent. 

35 El: (Saturday^, 28 July. [1593.] By the Headbur: 

Allowed to John Jeffery a parcell of Common soile about an elne 
in quantity, from the West end of his little house at the ffriers bridge 
unto the foote pathe, at i d rent. 

35 El: (TuesdayJ, 28 August. [1593.] 

2 p'sons deputed to receive m r Justice Clenches 200" arere, and to 
deliver him his bond. 

A committee to finde out and fullfill a purchase for the Town w* 
m r Justice Clenches mony. 

Noe quills shall be allowed out of the Hospitall conduit, and suite 
shall be commenced against suche as shall transgresse. 

m r Edm : Poly (a) shall be retained to be of Councill w th this Towne, 
and shall have 4o s yerely for his fee. 

The Renter warden shall pay halfe the charges for amending the 
way leading through the channell. 

Mony given to Rob* Copping in regard of his poverty. 

35 El: (Wednesday), 26 September. [1593.] 

m r Thomas Walton elected Town Clerk for one whole yere. 

m r Smarts demands considered : he shall have 23" 6 s 8 d in full. 

m r Sake rejected Clark of the Hospitall of m r Toolies foundacon 
by the consent of the renter wardens. 

All petitions concerning Headburrowes verdicts shall be referred 
to the assemblies order. 

Noe butcher shall hold any stall for selling of flesh in the face of 
the market other then in the Butchery, under forfaiture of io s cache day. 

Rob* ffrost shall have a lease for one yere of the wast betweene 
Seagers house and the channell, at 4 d r*, provided he shall not exact any 
mony for the graving of shipps thereon. 

(a) Son and heir of John Poley, Esq., of Badley. He was admitted at Gray's Inn in 1563, and was 
called to the Bar and became an Ancient in 1574, and Reader in 1587 ; he died s. p. and was bur. at Badley 
31 Oct, 1613 ; where there is a monument to him, with insc. in Latin, vid sup. p. 241 ; Harl. 1912. f. 179. 




35 El: (Saturday}, 29 September. [1593-] 

Governors of the Hospitall, Ralf Scrivener, Rob: Barker, Rob: 
Hally, Chr: Laurence. 

The assembly shall take order for the poore of the Town and 
Hospitall, and whoe are fitt to be committed, and for the guider of the 

35 El: (Thursday}, 8 November. [1593-] 

fforraine ffines Assessors nominated. 

Auditors nominated. 

Noe forrainer admitted to his fforraine ffine shall be free from 
paying of Custome or other duty due to the Towne. 

If the petitions formerly committed to the assembly, shall not 
determine of any of them, they shall be determined at the next audite. 


Presented, that A Constable standing on the shore, and charging 
C. to keepe the Q: peace, he answered, " shite on the Q: peace." 

And concealement of Goods found. 

Noe Trauller shall w th Trawling nets fishe above Mulbery, under 
penalty of io s each offence. 

Noe ffishing shall be above Downham Bridge, but w th sett netts and 
heave netts, under penalty of 5 s . 

Noe eeles shall be taken and sold under a foote long, under perill of 
forft 3 s 4 d . 

Noe dredging of oysters shall be out of Lent, but uppon two daies 
in cache weeke, under penalty of 2 s 6 d , cache offence. 

1593-4. 36 El: (Sunday}, Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1594.] 

The Bayliffs and 

Sayl: (b) 

Ralfe Scrivener, 


Edw : Gooding, (a) 


Rob : Guttler, sen : 

A dm: 

Willm. Mydnall. 

Wm Smart, 

Clark: Mark: 

Rob : Lymmer. 

( Wm Jeffry, 

Treasurer, Tho : Sherman. 

\ Tho: Sherman. 

Cler: pac: 
Com: Cler: 

Tho : Walton. 

(a) Son and heir of Matthew Gooding, of Ipswich, gent. p. 236. ante. 

(b) Edw. Gudding and Wm. Midnall, as bailiffs, with three customs' officers of Ipswich, write to Lord 
Burghleyin Oct., 1594, complaining that the price of calf skins is raised from io/ or I2/ to i6/ or i8/ a 
dozen, owing to a licence granted to three Italian merchants to export skins from Suffolk. They have 
appointed Arthur Woolich, surveyor of Customs at Ipswich, to buy up all the calf skins. Stat. Pap. Vol. 
ccl. No. 19. 


36 El: (FridayJ, 20 September. [1594.] 

.-,, , ,. ( Steven Coppin, 
Chamberhns, j Jeremy B^ 

. Bukenham, 
Clavigers, Tho : Sicklemore, 

Wm Sparrow. 

Rich : Bemont, 

Serjeant*, : = gfoding, 

_ . 

Chr : Tolson. 

A committee to view the Houses and ground late in m r Sackfords 
occupacon, abuttall the same, and sett a vallew uppon them. 

Arerages of Portmens medow ordered. 

The Kay against the Town ground shall be made Cleane by p'sons 
appointed at the Town charge, whoe allsoe shall make the ffriers bridge, 
and a passage over the water there. 

Mony resting in the surveiors of the High waies hands ordered for 
the repairing of the streete by Wm Parkers, spoiled by the fall of waters. 

Topps of Trees felled shall be imployed for the use of the poore. 

Churchwardens of Clem te fines for not opening the foote path 
through the Church ward, remitted, provided that they lay open the 
same before Mich: next. 

36 El: (Friday), 14 December. [1593.] 

Tho Shermans petition referred to the Assembly, and to certify at 
the next Court theire oppinion, whoe allsoe shall doe the like as touching 
the Tailors booke, and the Mercers booke. 

The lands in Tho : Gastalls demise shall be viewed, and the vallew 
considdered, and how he hathe demeaned him self as touching his cove- 

36 El: (Tuesday^, 22 January. [1594.] at the pety Court. 

The Serjeants shall have for aresting every ffreeman 8 d , and for 
every fforrainer 1 2 d . 

And the Atturnies as well on the plaintiffs as on the defend 43 part 
for giving evidence in every Triall, shall have 2O d over and besides theire 
ordinary fees. 

36 El: (Wednesday}, 13 Marche. [1594.] pety Court. 

A ffreeman at this Court was licenced to sue another freeman in 
any Court w^out the liberty. 

36 El: ( Wednesday J, 27 Marche. [1594.] 

Late commers to this Court shall pay 6 d a peece, not commers shall 
pay i2 d , unless case be shewen. 
An order for Tallow. 


By the nominacon of Gilbert Lindfeild, Willm. Parker is elected 
Guild Holder, and is discharged for 20 marks fine, and by the like 
nomination Jeremy Barber is elected, and discharged for his fine of 20 
marks, and Tho : ffuller is elected. 

The Tailors, Mercers, and Clothworkers bookes referred againe to 
be considered by the Assembly. 

The assembly shall demise Battells lands and M r Gardenners lands 
and the pightell in m r Cranes occupacon as they shall think meete. 

The rents of the houses and lands in occupacon of Kenmington, 
Shile, m r Bartlett, and all other the Grammer Schoole lands, together 
w^ the stables in m r Seckfords occupacon, shall be united to Chr: 

A ffoote path through the ground of Thomas Write lately stopped 
up shall be considered by the Bayliffs, Portmen, and Headburrowes. 

A Committee shall take order for the saving of Jefferies marshe, 
and agree for the doing thereof. 

36 El: (Thursday}, n Aprill. [1594.] at y e * Assembly. 

A demise made to Gaston of the tenem* and lands he now occupieth, 
for ii yeres at 15" rent yerely, w tt p'ticuler covenants. 

A demise allsoe made to m r Gardner of his tenem 4 , at the former 
rent, for 22 yeres. 

36 El: (Thursday}, 4 July. [1594.] at the petty Court. 

Noe atturny of this Court, Serjeant, or Gaoler, shall receive any 
summe of mony, due or payable to any plaintiff or defend', uppon any 
matter depending in suite at this Court, but he shall at the next Court 
pay the same to the Town Clarke. 

36 El: (Friday), 19 July. [1594.] 

Committee to take up such Coppihold lands as the Towne hathe 
purchased of m r Gooding. 

Acquittance ordered for John Bulls legacies to the Hospitall. 

Ordered to Wm Jonson, ( a) poore scholler at Cambridge, out of Rog: 
Baneses gift, 2O S in hand and 4'' a yere. 

m r Caston intertained to be Solicitor for this Town in the Courts 
at Westm r , and shall have 2O S yerely fee. 

A Committee to take order vf & the Escheator, concerning the ward- 
ship of Knights daughters belonging to the manners of Ulveston Hall 
and Sackviles. 

A commission of sewers shall be taken out, at the Town charge. 

(a) Possibly of Pembroke College, Camb. B.A. 1597; M.A. 1601. 


A treaty ordered to be w th the executors of Charles Seckford Esq r 
concerning Woodbridge market. 

Lionell Kenningale shall be Bayliff of the mannors of Ulveston 
Hall and Sackviles, and shall have 40* fee. 

An order for a Clamp of Brick or tile at Ulveston hall. 

Mony due to the Towne from m r Justice Clenche assigned to m r 

An order touching the taking accompts, and p'fecting the way 
through the Channel, and to considder of the wast ground enclosed by 
m r Snelling. 

A treaty appointed w th the Lo : Maior and his bretheren by suche 
as m r Bayliffs shall appoint concerning m rs Walters gift, and recovery 
of the same to this Towne. 

(FridayJ, 6 September. [1594.] 

Order for a Committee to ffell Timber on the Town ground, where 
they shall think meete, and for repairing of Bridges broken downe, and 
making way of passage for the people. 

Suche summs of mony as m r Burgess hathe payed for ringing of 
the sermon bell, shall be repayed to him by the Treasurer, and the 
Sexton of the Tower shall have henceforth 15* yerely, for ringing the 
said bell, and the 8 o'clock bell. 

A committee to consider the charges of repare of Stoke Bridge 
and Handford Bridge, and to make a rate uppon the inhabitants of the 
Towne for the same. 

36 El: f Sunday}, 29 September. [1594.] 

Rob* Brown, (aj usher of the Grammer Schoole, discharged for neg- 
lecting his place, and James Leman fbj p'mitted to execute that place, 
till another usher shall be elected. 

Governours of the Hospitall, m r Smart, m r Cuttler, Jnr. , Rich: Marten, 
and George Parkhurst. And George Parkhurst, Treasurer. 

The order renewed for view of m r Seckfords houses and grounds, 
theire contents, and to abbuttall them. 

36 El: (Friday}, 4 Octob: [1594.] at y' petty Court. 

Noe atturny shall henceforthe sue forth any cause by proviso, but 
where there hathe bein formerly a default by the plaintiff, at a Court 
wherein there shall have bein a jury summoned. 

(a) Possibly of Corpus Christi College, Camb. B.A. 1572. 

(b) Probably of St. John's College, Camb. M.A. 1595. 

c c c 


36 El: (Friday), 25 October. [i594-] 
Accpccr>r<s nf ffnrrain fines nominate* 

Assessors of fforrain fines nominated. 

Auditors nominated. 

A lone ordered to the summe of 2oo u , for providing of come for the 
poore (a). The receivers appointed shall give their bonds for repaym*. 
And the Town shall covenant to save the receivers harmeless from suche 
bonds, and the dammage shall be borne by the Towne. 

Lanthorne and Candle light ordered at every inhabitants house from 
Holymass to Candlemass,* and defaulters shall be committed to prison 
during pleasure, and the Bedell shall have io s yerely for every nights 
crie of Lanthorne and Candle light, (b) 

Common soil granted to m r Snelling, in length all along the vault, 
as it is dooled out by the headbur: at 4 d r l . 

The vault made by m r Snellings house shall be repaired and main- 
tained by the Towne. 

Guider of Chr: Hospitall elected. 

1. Masterless idle persons, hedgebreakers, Harlotts, Drunkards, 
&c., shall be sent to the Hospitall, and whipped, and forced to worke at 
the entrance ; the guider shall hav 1 2 d of every suche person, and shall 
take the benifit of theire work for theire maintenance. 

2. ffor p'sons not able to worke, the guider shall have but 8 d p: 
weeke, and for others nothing. 

3. Every child shall have once a yere, a coate, 2 shirts, i paire 
of shoes, and such other aparell as shall seeme good to the governors, 
or the most of them. 

4. The Guider shall be allowed wheeles, cards, fc) bedding, and 
fiering, viz : 5 Chalder of Coles, and 8 lodes of two band cubit (dj p : 
annu' . (And the governors shall be at the charge of surgery and physick 
as neede is.) and one lode of brome every quart 1 . 

5. The Guider shall have 4O S p : ann : wages, and housing, and 
ground, as now he useth the same. 

(a) This year there were very heavy rains, which began in May and increased throughout the months 
of June and July until two days after St. James's day (July 25) ; August brought, nevertheless, a fair harvest, 
but in September there were again great rains and floods, and the price of grain rapidly rose, rye being 55. 
a bushel, and wheat from 6s. to 8s. a bushel, but the dearth was caused, according to Stow, " more by meanes 
of overmuch transporting by our owne Marchants for their priuate gaine, than through the unseasonablenesse 
of the weather passed." Annals p. 768. 

* i. e. Nov. i to Feb. 2. 

(b) The hanging out of lanthome and candle light between Allhallows and Candlemas was enforced in 
London as early as 1416, and on the institution of a standing watch, the watchmen were accustomed to 
patrol the streets crying " Lanthom and a whole Candle light ! Hang out your lights ! Hear ! " Knight's 
London, i. 102. 

(c)^ " Wheeles " were for spinning, and " cards " seem to have been a species of comb for carding the 
wool; in 1437, John Notyngham, a rich grocer, of Bury St. Edmunds, bequeathed ' j spynning whel et j 
par Carpsarum," or cards. Wright's Dom. Man. in Eng. 426. Spinning was the daily employment of the 
boys in Christs Hosp. as late as 1814, and the Guide is directed to see a certain amount completed before 
they go into school. Clarke's Ipswich 278. 

(d) Probably a species of faggot ; a load seems to have contained about a quarter of a hundred. 




6. The Guider shall have the Town livery and cognisance. 

7. The Govern" shall provide 6 bedds, 3 straw beds, and 3 flock 
bedds, 6 paier of Blankets, sixe coverlets, 1 2 paier of sheets, i Reeles, 
6 paier of cards for Thow and greate wooll wheeles. 

8. He shall Calender all those that shall have 8 d allowance. 

9. He shall receive none but by warrant. 

i o. Every person sent by warr* of any portman shall be received. 

11. Every of the 24^ shall bring before any portman all masterless 
serv* 3 , idle p'sons, hedgebreakers, harlotts, and Drunkards &c. whoe 
may send them to the hospitall and discharge them. 

12. And that prayer shall be said every Wednesday and friday, at 
least morning or evening, and on the Sabbath day both morning and 
evening, in the chappell. 

13. The governors, or two of them, shall meete on Munday every 
weeke, or as the Bayliffs shall call, to see to the execution of these orders. 

14. The guider shall be ruled for the continnuing in or putting out 
any of the hospitall, as by the Bayliffs and governours, or the most of 
them, shall be thought meete. 


Presented : a rescue of a shipp under arest, by order of this Court. 

Concealem* of goods found. 

Netts less then 2 inches broad in the mask, yet not prejudiciall to 
the fishing. 


Liberty for fishing allowed w th t(r)awling netts in any place of the 
haven, provided they take no fishe but of due assize, and the reason is, 
because they breake the weedes, and clear the haven. 

That one Brandston of Chelmton (a) sent away 3 quick hougs and 3 
quick sheep to Ostend by J.B. 

1594-5- 37 ul: 

(MonaayJ, Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 

8. I595-J 


Escheat: \ 
Admir: ( 

Rob:Cuttler,sen: fbj 
Rob : Snelling. 


Mathew Brownridge r 
Tobyas Bloss. 

Clark: Mark: J 


Willm. Sparrow. 


Wm Jeffry, 
Tho: Sherman. 

The Bayliffs and 

Chr:pac: ) 
Com: Cler: \ 

Tho: Walton. 

Wm Mydnall, 
Edw: Gooding, 
Wm Smart, 


Tho: Sherman, 
Tho: Sicklemore, 

Ralf Scriven'. 


Wm Sparrow. 

(a) Qy. " Chelmondiston." 

(b) He died in his year of office : vid. inf. p. 383 ; sup. p. 279. 


The way from Hellens pound to Jebit* ffeild ordered to be closed up. 

A sylver standing cup of io h 13" 8 d , double guilt, with a cover, 
presented from the Towne to S r Phill: Parker, at the mariage of his 

An order for the intertainm* of the Bayliffs and Aldermen of 
Colchester in p't of recompence of the late intertainm 4 of the Bayliffs 
and Portmen at Colchester. 

37 El: (FridayJ , Aprill n. [1595.] 

Thomas Gooding by will gave to y e Towne 2O U yerely to be laid out 
uppon wood and cole, to be sold to the poor at the same price, and 40'' 
to be lent to 4 young occupiers for 2 yeres. (a) 

37 El: Aprill n. 

Micklefield's fine by the headburrowes paid to the Chamberlins, and 
by them accompted, f thereof is restored, and order that the treasurer 
shall repay it. 

Order for Tallow. 

James Leman (b) is elected usher of the Grammer Schoole during 
pleasure, p' forming the place w* care and diligence, he shall have the 
same maintenance that formerly hathe bein given. 

One convict of fellony : his goods shall be to him restored at suche 
prises as m r Bayliffs and the Justices shall think meete. 

The Town musitians have liberty to passe the seaes this summer 

Tho : Eldred elected Alderman Guild, and discharged for 1 6 h fine. 
Tho: ffuller is elected and discharged (for) 13'* 6 s 8 d , and in theire stead 
is Tho : Burrow and Rob* Nooth elected. 

37 El: (Tuesday), 20 May. [1595.] 

S r Edm : Withypolls Bayliff felo de se: the Town gave his goods by 
grant to S r Edm : provided that he shall beare all the charges in recovery 

The way leading from S* Hellens pound to Jebit feild referred 
to consideracon, whither it shall be closed up or not. 

Joh : Ward was now sworne one of the Clavigers of this Towne. 

37 El: (WednesaayJ , 24 September. [1595.] 

Willm Bloyse and Mathew Brownrigg discharged from serving in 
the places of Chamberlin and Alderman of the Guild, for the fine of 
1 8 U 6 s 8 d , to be payed by cache of them. 

* i.e. "Gibbet." 
(a) Ipsw. Gifts and Leg. (1747) p. 77. (b) Probably of St. John's Coll. M.A. 1595. 


Chr: Ballard is elected Chamberlm, and submitteth therto, and 
prayeth to be acquitted from the service of Alderman Guild for 7 yeres, 
and its granted unto him. 

Rich: Bemont, John ffisher, John Gooding, Joh: Hern, elected 

Allowance over and above the Bargaine for the making of the 
Bridges, xii 1 '. 

Grant of goods of the^/0 de se formerly agreed to S r Edm: Withypoll, 
shall be sealed at a pety Court. 

Allowed for paines about arming of soldiers, 40*. 

Warden of the River elected, and shall have for his fee 53 s 4 d yerely, 
and he shall warne suche persons to the Sessions as dwell w^in the 
liberty w th out the Hamlets. 

John Bower al: Mose, shall have the ground assigned to him and * 
his heires, at I2 d yerly r'nt. 

37 El: (Monday}, 29 September. [1595.] 

Governers of the Hospital!, m r Knapp, m r Bloyse, Joh: Ward, 
Gilbert Linefeild, and John Ward, Treasurer. 

37 El: (Monday), 13 Octob: [1595.] 

Assessors fforrain fines nominated. 

Auditors appointed. 

Sixe hundred pounds shall be lent by the inhabitants, to buy 300 
quarters of Rye for the poore. (a) The receivers shall be bound to 
repay, and they shall be saved harmless by the Towne. 

A committee to determine of the extreats out of the exchequer. 


Presented : concealem* of goods found, unlawfull fishings. 

Trespasses, nusance by casting in Ballast. 

Noe man shall lay any anker in the Channell above Bourn bridge, 
w th out a short buoy rope and a good buoy, and it shall be beaconed 
when it lies uppon the oze, under penalty of 53. 

All that dwell w^out this liberty, and fish w^in y e same, shall sell 
theire fish at Ipsw* market under perill of forf 1 5 s each offence. 

(a) The continued exportation still maintained all kinds of grain at an excessive price ; "in some 
places," says Stow, " from I4/ to 4 markes (2 133. 4d.) a quarter," and in Oxford, wheat was sold at an 
average price of 2 2s. 3^d. per quarter ; with a view to remedy this " our marchants brought backe from 
Danske much Rie, and some wheat (not of the best) but passiug deare." Stow. Annals, p. 768. 



1595-6- & El: (Wednesday} , Nativit: Mar: [Sep. 8, 1596.] 

Bay I: 


Willm. Bloyse, fa) 

A dm: 

Rob' Barker, fb) 


Clerk: Mark: 

_ ( Tho : Sherman, 
Coron > ( Joh : Carnaby. 


The Bayliffs and 

Willm. Mydnall, 



Rob : Snelling, 

Willm. Smart, 

Edw : Gooding. 

Joh : Brenn, 
Joh : Wright. 

Willm. Acton. 

Tho : Sherman, 
Tho : Sicklemore, 
Wm Bloyse. 

ffree Burgess made at the request of S r Ph : Parker, provided he 
shall not exercise the Trade of a Tailor w th in this Towne w^out the 
allowance first had of the Tailors Company. 

38 El: (Saturday), 20 December. [1595.] 

Writing sealled to save harmeless the receivers of the mony lent for 
the corne for the poore. 

An acquittance of executors of Tho : Gooding for legacies given to 
this towne. 

There shall be payde to m r James Leman for speaches made uppon 
the Coronation day (cj by his scollers, and other charges 4". 

Mony ordered to Johnson for his service in the market, and loss of 
his cloke therein. 

38 El: (Saturday), 3 January. [1596.] 

Order for the setting out of two shipps for the Q : service in defence 
of the Realme, charged uppon this Towne, and all other maritime 
Townes of this County, fd} 

A treasurer for this town is appointed. 

And a committee to be surveiours and purvieours. 

And a committee to make an assessm* uppon y e inhabitants. 

And the Treasurer shall issue out mony by theire warr*. 

m r Bayliffs shall have power to appoint such necessary things as in 
their discretion shall so seeme for the said service. 

The ffree men and fforrainers may see the accompts from time to 
time if they will. 

(a) T)id. sup, p. 333. (b) ib. p. 284. 

(c) Queen Elizabeth was crowned on Sunday, 15 January, 1558-9, at Westminster Abbey, by Owen 
Oglethorpe, S.T.P. Bishop of Carlisle. Holinshed. iii. 1180. 

(d) These ships were required for the expedition against Cadiz, undertaken with a view to anticipate 
the reported designs of Philip against England. The expedition, consisting of 150 sail, carrying 14,000 
men, left Plymouth harbour June 3, 1596, and on the 2Oth reached Cadiz, which, after a determined 
resistance, capitulated on the 22nd. Stow, Annals, 771 ; Oldmixon, 615. Lingard. vi. 561. State Pap. 
Dom. Ser. Vol. cclx. No. 46. 


38 El: (Friday), 23 January. [1596.] 

A paire of indentures for the Towne to save harmeless the purveyors. 
One whole subsidie shall be rated for the servise uppon the inhab- 
itants, and Collectors in every parish named. 

38 El: (Friday), 26 Marche. [1596.] 

An order for the mortgaging of portmans medow and the lands in 
Bramford in Laurences occupacon, for supply of mony for the setting 
out of the shipps. 

Willm. Sparrow is discharged of his treasurers place for his ready 
offer of lone of 50'' for the setting out of the shipps. And Thomas 
Sherman is elected in his place, to serve till Mich : next. 

38 El: (Thursday), 8 Aprill. [1596.] 

An order for Tallow. 

Bramford lands, mortgaged to m r Smart, shall be viewed by such 
as shall be by m r Bayliffs appointed therto, and they shall certify how 
they finde them. 

38 El: (Friday), 14 May. [1596.] 

m r Bayliff Guttler dying 9 May, instant, m r Willm. Mydnall is elected 
Bayliff, to serve till Mich : next. And having last year served in the 
said office, Its ordered that the Towne shall freely give him 2O H . 

Rich: Bemont, Joh : ffisher, John Hern, Joh : Gooding, elected 

m r Bayliff Mydnall is discharged from being Treasurer for the 
shipps, and shall give accompt, and m r Robert Cuttler is elected in his 

38 El: (Friday), 16 July. [1596.] 

Willm. Sparrow is elected Coroner in the roome of Willm. Jeffery, 
lately deceased, to serve during the Towns pleasure. 

Twelve barrells of gunne pouder bought for the Town : ordered that 
cache portman shall pay for one barrell. 

Town Bedell elected, and his fee continnued at 4 H yerely. 

Antony Wingfeild, (a) Edm : Poly, and Humphery Wingfeild, (b) 
have offered in behalfe of the heire of Seckford, to pay io s yerely for 
Woodbr : market. And this Towne dothe accept thereof, till the heire 
shall comme off age. 

(a) Probably son and heir of Sir Robt. Wingfield, of Letheringham (p. 283), Sheriff of Suff. 39 Eliz. 
(1596-7) and representative for the County 30 and 31 Eliz. (1588-9); died 29 Sep., 1605, and bur. at 

(b) Apparently son and heir of Humphrey Wingfield, Esq., ofBrantham, Suff. d. 1612. 


Petition for exhibition for m r Birds sonne at Cambr: Its order(ed) : 
the gift of m r Barny shall be considdered, and what mony is laid out, 
and thereuppon order shall further be made. 

38 El: (Thursday}, 12 August. [1596.] at y e petty Court. 

Noe officer belonging to this court shall henceforth becomme suerty 
to any action or plaint commenced, or to be commenced, in this Court, 
under perill of forfaiture of io s for every such defalt. 

38 El: (Saturday}, 14 August. [1596.] 

The Earle of Essex (a) elected Lo : High Steward of this Towne, in 
the place of Lo : Hunsdon, and shall have a patent to hold during the 
pleasure of this Towne, and the fee of io u . 

Mr Bayliff Snelling and m r Burgess shall travaile to London and 
deliver the patent and prevaile at the Councell for somme order for the 
obtaining the mony out of the Shire, for theire p'ts of the charges for 
the 2 shipps set forth, (b} 

It is ordered that 4 H shall be given yerely to Sam 11 Bird, (c) sonne 
of m r Bird, minister of S. Peters at Cambridge, for his maintenance in 
learning, till 20'' be laid out. 

38 El: (Monday}, 27 September. [1596.] 

Joh : Brenn and Tobias Bloss shall be disch : of Alderm : Guild for 
the summe of 15'' a peece. And John Wright and Edw: Man shall be 
discharged for 13'' 6 s 8 d a peece. 

Granted to John Upson parcell of the Com : soile