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fridge High School 

Indianapolis, Indiana 
Volume 81 

*, ■- 

2 ™i p tt. 

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Far Left— The band was frequently on the field at 
dawn in order to be ready for performances at 
football games. 

Left— Presenting Miss McNiel with a bouquet at the 
Prom is Robert Thompson, President of the 74 ju- 
nior class. 

Below— Studying the recipe for their next con- 
coction are Robert McNiel and Duke Matthews. 

'Ridge expresses an idea . . . describes 
over 2,000 unique people. The current 
integrated, jean-clad SHS population has 
worked together to keep our ever- 
changing identity alive. These are the 
people who have supported the Short- 
ridge teams, joined the Student Council, 
various clubs, built homecoming floats 
or helped with other activities. In our ka- 
leidoscope of students, teachers, and 
administrators, a pride thrives. 

Our proud past has set a pattern for 
today's Shortridge. Many former 'Ridge 
students are prominent figures, such as 
Mayor Richard Lugar and author Kurt 
Vonnegut. Our alumni, too, cherish SHS. 
Upon request, they have written to us 
their feelings and memories of Short- 
ridge. Through the years, the pride and 
spirit of Shortridge has raliied on. We 
hope this yearbook will set this year 
apart from the rest and tell the story of 
Shortridge, 1975. 


"As 1 have heard the merits of public 1 


education debated in the past two dec- 1 

ades, 1 appreciate the opportunity to 1 

point with pride to Shortridge High 1 

School as an important answer to those 1 

who would question faith in democratic 1 

institution, and the public schools, in I 

particular. 1 have remained excited 1 

about the potential of Shortridge High 1 

School in 1975 as I was in the fall of 1947 1 

when 1 entered Shortridge High School I 

1 "Memories remain of games won or lost, 

for the first time. For a quarter-century, 1 

I club projects, social functions, report 

Shortridge High School has met the chal- 1 

I cards, etc., but-more than everything— 

lenges and enjoyed the adventures of I 

I Shortridge was a spirited group of 

dynamic change in our society." I 

/^~~5 v s> 1 

1 people, interacting, intelligent, optimis- 
■ tic, fun-loving, hardworking people. It 
I was a magnificent environment in which 


1 to spend one's teen years." 

rf 1 

Richard G. Lugar 1 

I Max Schumacher 

Mayor I 

1 General Manager, Indianapolis Indians 

"Shortridge was a happy experience, 1 

Above— Mr. Brown's eighth hour gym class jumps for 

remember it, and shall remember it, with 

joy at the sight of the Annual photographer. 

pleasure and a sense of gratitude 1 was 

Right— An attentive class listens to Mrs. McCree's help- 


ful criticisms on their artwork. 

**\gm* a <" "T —<^ 

Far right— Margo Nelson asks a friend for a little help 

^^^^T^ 1 

with her studies. 

Edward H. Ziegner 


Political Editor, Indianapolis News 

"1 suppose that one never appreciates, 

at the time, just whether he is getting a 

good, mediocre, or poor education at 

the high school level. It's several years 

later, 1 think, before he realizes that the 

fact that he's avoided so many pitfalls, 

hurdled so many barriers and missed so 

many bumps isn't really coincidence, 

but the fact that high school education 

was so solid." 

Don L. Campbell. 

Financial Editor, New York Daily News 







SALES 142 

Top left— Jacques Cousteau of the Shortridge set, 
Kelley Osgood prepares the aquarium for sea life. 

Bottom left— A little pre-game pep is lead by No. 
15, Tim Rush. 

Left— Last-minute primping is made by Sarian Wil- 
liams, awaiting the moment to file in, at the 74 


Above-Private practice sends Ulys- Right-Marvin Roney takes a little 
ses Terry on the road to. stardom. time off to speculate on the world of 

microscopic beasties. 

Above— "I've got it!" scream dozens of frenzied freshman females during a 
wild volleyball game. 

'I believe that I learned a great deal at Shortridge, both academically and in terms of human relations. 

Alan T. Nolan, Attorney-at-Law 

Reading Tested 
in English Dept. 

This year the English Department, along 
with all the other high school's English 
Departments, tested freshmen, juniors, 
and seniors to see if their reading level 
had gone up at least one level since last 
June. If a student's reading level had not 
gone up satisfactorily they were helped 
in their English classes, and second-se- 
mester seniors were offered a class 
called reading expansion. 

According to Ms. Jean Whitcraft, English 
Department head, the aim of the depart- 
ment is to train the students in reading, 
listening, speaking, and writing, and this 
year the department accentuated listen- 
ing and speaking skills. 

New teachers this year were Ms. Sandra 
Scott who taught Special Education, and 
Miss Mary Esterline, who taught fresh- 
men and sophomore English courses. 

Above left— Mr. Sutherland's creative writing class 
plays follow-the-leader to help them imagine 
being blind. 

Left— Everyone is eager to respond in pre-college 

Above— An informal teacher-student atmosphere is 
provided in Mr. Cohen's English 7 class. 


Right-Denise Peacock finds out she is just 
the right type, as she finishes an important 
letter in Business Correspondence. 

Below-The new Automated Instruction 
program will help these students to achieve 
more in the future by ironing out present 
typing problems. 


New System Aids 
Beginning Typists 

There were many innovations in the 
Business Education Department this 
year, according to Mrs. Ruth Webb, de- 
partment head. For instance, clerical 
practice was expanded from a one-se- 
mester to a two-semester course. Also, 
students taking first year typing were in- 
troduced to a new program, the Auto- 
mated Instruction Program. The program 
was geared to the individual achieve- 
ment of each student. It involved a series 
of films and cassette tapes, given to stu- 
dents at their own pace, interspersed 
with classroom work. Teachers were on 
hand to help and give individual atten- 
tion to those who needed it. The pro- 
gram was the only one of its kind in 

Mrs. Twyllah Taylor, who taught last 
year, transferred to Attucks High School. 

Top-Toni Moore adds a little something to her 
grade by being sure she has the right figure. 

Above-The velvet touch of budding typists is care- 
fully checked by Mr. Carry Woods in typing class. 


Below— Wearing an authentic Russian 

army uniform, Mr. Cochran gives a Right— A serious moment in Mr. Mor- 

talk of his travels in Eastern Europe. gan's economics class. 


Juniors Draft 
Lilly Papers 

Anthropology students dig up their his- 
tory through a new simulation game. 
The game was designed to give students 
a better idea of how scientists discover 
the remains of the past. 

Freshman were introduced to social 
science in Social Studies 1 through an in- 
class study method. 

Mr. Catus took on the new U.S. I and II 
C classes. The development of research 
skills and fact-finding were high prior- 
ities in the new class. Perfection in writ- 
ing Lilly Scholarship papers is their ulti- 
mate goal. This year, Shortridge had 
more participants than in recent years. 
The history department applied to par- 
ticipate in the National Humanities Fac- 
ulty Thematic Project for 1974-1976. The 
topic is "Moral Uses of Power." 

Left— George Washington, alias Sylvester Rowe 
leads a discussion in Mr. Houston's fourth hour 
"Continental Congress." 


Diesel Powers 


The new features in the Industrial Arts 
Department include a new diesel engine. 
Diesels are superior to internal com- 
bustion engines because they can 
handle a much heavier load. 

The Print Shop also has a new Plate 
Dryer. This is used in speeding up the 
process of drying the cast pages. This is a 
great help in the production of the Echo 
and game programs. 

Right-Working at the monstrous linotype ma- 
chine, Martel Pipkin helps in producing the SHS 

Below right-Smiling to himself, |ohn Lewis studies 
to learn the basics of mechanical drawing. 


Right-Planning a meal in foods, Dawn Miller takes the first steps seriously. 

Below-Getting a little expert help, Wyena Murray observes the handiwork 
of Ms. Mary Davis. 

Below right-Ms. Benton shows her students the necessity for neatness in 
cutting out pattern pieces. 


"Holiday Ideas" Presented at Hobby Show 



The foods 5 class gave a demonstration 
of "Holiday Ideas" at the Gift and 
Hobby Show this year, presenting their 
knowledge from the previous four 

The Home Economics Department was 
sorry to announce the retirement of Ms. 
Frances Grubbs in January, after 18 and 
one-half years of teaching, 3 of which 
were spent at Shortridge. 

The clothing department participated in 
a Spring Style Show at Tabernacle Pres- 
byterian church and displayed items in 
the Spring Arts Festival at SHS. 

Left— Anna Fuqua is "sew" good at the homemak- 
ing arts. 

Below left— Reading their recipe carefully, )ohn 
Smith and Albert Musgrove prepare to make a de- 
licious confection. 


ROTC Teaches 

The purpose of the jROTC is to train Ca- 
dets in the basic principles of citizenship. 
Instilling a sense of responsibility, 
through the assumption of leadership, a 
Cadet broadens his ability to cope with 

The ROTC ranks range from basic Cadet 
to Lieutenant Colonel. Freshmen begin 
as Cadets and work their way up 
through higher ranks. 

Members of ROTC also enjoy the privi- 
lege of joining extra activities. These ac- 
tivities are color guards, rifle team, drill 
team, and M.P. duty. These programs 
give the Cadet a chance to test his or her 
skills learned in ROTC. 

The ranking officers this year were: Lt. 
Colonel Evans, Lt. Colonel Howard, Ma- 
jor Williams, Captain Ratcliffe, and Cap- 
tain Randolph. 

Below right— Standing at attention, a ROTC class 
prepares for another day of drilling. 

Men's ROTC: Front row— Stephen Brown, Albert Musgrove, Criag Ratcliffe, Ser- 
geant Richard Stoe, Rodney Evans, Bradley Garing, Gerald Gray; Back row— Kent 
Hayes, Dennis Phinisee, |ohn Jackson, Charles Knight, Greylin Seals, loseph Wall- 
ace, Darnell Cannon, Adrian Joyce. 

Men's ROTC: Front row— Alfred Hayes, Louis Goldman, David Terrell, Dennis 
Williams, Sergeant James Woods, Edward Robinson, Michael Starks, Billy Easley, 
Kerry Crossland; Back row— Walter Wilson, David Moure, Richard Frizzle, Clifford 
Brown, Jonas Hampton, Malcom Jones, Vaughn Terry, Anthony Birdsong, An- 
thony Proctor, Larry Hester, Glenn Taylor. 


Left— With a stern expression and a warning finger 
shaking, Sgt. Woods lectures a ROTC class. 

Below— Sgt. Woods surveys his ranks in an outside 

Men's ROTC: Front row— David Williams, Talbert Jones, Clifford Brown, David 
Henson, Sergeant Richard Stoe, Rodney Evans, Thomas Crossland, James Wise- 
man, Rickey Howard; Back row-Jonathan Stegall, Oslan Haslam, William Ed- 
wards, Tracy Terry, Dexter Jordan, Harry Dunlap, Michael Gray, Robert Towns, 
Clayton Breiner. 


Womens' ROTC: Front row— Deborah Easley, Julia House, Barbra Phillips, Teresa Johnson, Rodney Evans, Ser- 
geant James Woods, Sylvia Allen, Terri Paicely, Vernell Crabtree, Theresa Hall, Amanda Fletcher; Back row— Ann 
Bell, Kimberly Dycus, Velda Person, Debra Jones, Sue Parker, Tanya Beamon, Valerie Sharp, Juanita Walters, 
Debra Wilson, Donna Goodrich, Shellye Napier, Starlott Coleman. 

Women's ROTC: Front row— Valerie Hale, Karen Chambers, Robin Vaughn, Sandra Mitchell, Debra Sulivan, 
Carla Bullock, Karen White, Harriet Chatfins; Second row— Hattie Williams, Sandra Brown, Sharon Taylor, 
Debra Lightfoot, Benita Murphy, Yvette Edmonds, Charyl Jones; Third row— Patsy Gaines, Latanya Duncan, 
Lorraine Allen, Rhonda Solomon, Donna Clark. 


Left— These girls make the most of ROTC 
smiling while practicing their marching. 


wp' ,s »*^n 

Above— The Shortridge ROTC displays 
their military prowess in the Veteran's 
Day Parade. 


Right— Up, up, up and over the horse, Ms. Hunt 
spots Vernell Crabtree as she volts over the horse. 

Below— During a break in the action of a freshman 
P.E. class, Christina Brand takes time to pose for 
the photographer. 

Below right— lumping jacks and other fundamental 
exercises still play a major role in P.E. classes at 


P.E. Classes Sport Wider Range of Activities 

The Physical Education classes widened 
their curriculum in terms of participation 
this year. Boys' P.E. teacher Gary Brown 
told of the variety of sports available to 
the boys. These sports, including basket- 
ball, volleyball, wrestling, and football 
have been either improved upon or 
added to the curriculum this year. 

Girls' P.E. classes have been active in the 
field of gymnastics. The girls participate 
in partner stunts, pole climbing, and vari- 
ous other gymnastic stunts. 

The Drug Ed. classes have been involved 
in many oral and written activities. These 
activities dealt with advertising in alco- 
hol, dramatizing the legal aspects in al- 
cohol, and viewing films about alcohol 
abuse. The classes also studied 

Gary Brown, the football coach, is one 
of the new teachers in the department 
this year. Ms. Sandra Hunt is the other 
new teacher. She started a swimming 
program for students here. The class of 
about 20 students met at Riverside Com- 
munity Center. 

Above left-Besides being a P.E. teacher, Mr. 
Brown also teaches several health classes. 

Left-One-on-one in basketball is both good exer- 
cise and fun for Ronald Tooley and Bernie Harris. 



Top— Hard at work in her craft arts class, Diane 
Miller creates a rug. 

Above left— Mark Cole admires his finished pot as 
Kevin Miller prepares to start a new one. 

Above-Basic Art isn't confined to the classroom. 
Here, students gather textures from various sources 
in the hallway. 


New Head Has 
Dept. in Hand 

All sorts of Art Contests were brewing 
and many students prepared art port- 
folios to enter in the Regional Scholastic 
Awards Contest. Many other students 
entered their art work in the 500 Festival, 
a collection of Indianapolis Schools' Art, 
which is usually displayed on the circle. 

The Art Department started the school 
year with two new teachers, Ms. Corrie 
Wilson, and Ms. Wa r da Gourley, who 
replaced Mr. Sheldon Kantor and Mr. 
Ian Fraser. 

Ms. Wilson was the new Art Department 
head, and she taught Craft Arts, Ceram- 
ics, and Art Appreciation. She thought 
Art Appreciation was a very good course 
for serious art students, and said that 
more emphasis should be put on this 

Ms. Wilson has big plans for the Art 
Club, too. She took members to the In- 
dianapolis Museum of Art and plans 
were made for a long-range trip. The an- 
nual Shortridge Art Festival was also held 
once again May 10th. 

Lgi As the new head, Ms. Wilson said she 
enjoyed the "feeling of warmth" at SHS. 

Top left— Jamie Gallagher puts the final touches on 
his brownies in jewelry class. 

Left— Now students can design jewelry exactly as 
they want it. Julia Ware and Jean Stocks make 
necklaces from copper and brass. 


Right-Precise measurements are a very important 
factor in general science as shown here by Jerry 

Below-Doretha Watson takes time out of her gen- 
eral science class to ask Ms. Ballow for some help 
with a problem. 


Science Class 
Size Increases 

A greater interest in the science depart- 
ment seems to have caused an increase 
in classroom size this year, not only in 
the two semester courses, but in the ad- 
vanced classes. Ms. Carol Smith, the new 
department head, has taken this interest 
as an opportunity to try the use of labo- 
ratory assistants on a large scale, and try 
new projects. 

Seventeen lab assistants were working in 
all areas of the department, ranging from 
running errands for the science office to 
helping teachers set up experiments and 
other class projects. Most of the work is 
done during the assistants' free periods 
for which they receive a small fee, but a 
great deal of experience. 

Room 301 has become the office for 
Project Star, Student Teacher Associated 
Research. During the past summer, two 
teams from Shortridge, which consisted 
of Ms. Smith and David Thuma, and Ms. 
VanHorn and Thomas Williams, took 
part in a program that offered them the 
opportunity to learn and experience the 
functions of research by working with 
research scientists. The main purpose of 
the project was that the teams would be 
able to implement their own project 
during the year. 

Another program that took place during 
the summer was the Project SEED Re- 
search Program, which was sponsored 
by the American Chemical Society. Two 
students, John White and Lucia Spears, 
worked in chemical and biological re- 
search, respectively, for 10 weeks while 
receiving a stipend. This project was also 
based on giving students experience in 

Middle left— Physics students concentrate on a test 
about time and motion. 

Left— Using the videotape equipment purchased 
last fall, Debbie Cougan is interviewed by Ms. 
Carol Smith on the subject of the moon rock which 
was displayed here early in the year. 


Advanced Students Compete in Math Contests 

The head of the math department, Mr. 
Gibson, would like to start the math 
clubs again after their coming to a grad- 
ual end. If enough people joined the 
clubs that Shortridge was once famous 
for, the department can get speakers 
from Purdue and Butler Universities to 
help. Students in algebra and geometry 
can join the Hi-Pi club. Those in ad- 
vanced algebra, unified math and calcu- 
lus who maintain at least a "B" average 
and have a math major can join the Mu 
Alpha Theta club. Math clubs were very 
active for over 54 years, between 1916 
and 1971. Ms. Wahl offered to help any 
students who want to get them started 

As far as the math department goes, 
there were no new teachers or equip- 
ment. But there will be new textbooks 
next year which are supposed to be an 
improvement over our present ones. 

Two students in advanced algebra and 
unified math represented Shortridge in 
early March in the National Math Con- 
test. The Marion Country Math Day was 
May 3rd. There were preliminary tests 
for all students in algebra, geometry, uni- 
fied and calculus who wanted to partici- 
pate. Three students from each level 
participated in the county-wide contests. 

Right— Indiana Central University student, Suzie 
Lamb helps Leroy Kilgore with his basic math. 

Below right— Brenda Terrell discovers that under- 
standing the basics is half the problem in passing 
the course. 


Below— A quaint pose by Ms. Greenwood alle- 
viates the seriousness of algebra momentarily. 

'■Ad' A/t <AjJ!/UfrJZf^* &*% 



Below— Basic math proves to be thought— provoking for Secherrie Sears 
and Anthony Wollridge. 

Bottom— Phyliss Brown frowns in confusion as she and Twlyanna Ma- 
lone listen, engrossed in Mr. Freeland's algebra class. 


Students Tested for Study Programs Abroad 


Under new guidance, the Foreign Lan- 
guage department flourished this year. 
After the retirement of Ms. Louise Reiter 
last year, Mr. Alain Sutherland took over 
as department head and part-time Ger- 
man teacher, along with his advanced 
French classes. 

Mr. Sutherland also aided I.U. Honors fi- 
nalists in German and French. Spanish 
students tried out for the program, too. 
Last summer, two Shortridge students, 
Edward Ramsey and Nathan Thuma, 
went to foreign countries on the I.U. 
Honors program. Nathan went to France 
and Ed to South America. 

Among other activities planned, the de- 
partment went to Ball State University 
for a language "get together", and a Ger- 
man class demonstrated a typical day in 
a classroom for a hobby show. Language 
clubs flourished, and a new club, the 
League of Nations, was formed, with 
Solomon Kennedy as president. The 
League of Nations was a combination of 
language clubs formed to promote for- 
eign cultures and languages. 

Below right— "Keep at it; Russian takes a while to 
master!" Ms. Waycott says as Lydia Ashanin sighs 
in frustration. 

Right— Mr. Baker seems to say to his class, "Imag- 
ine yourself in Spain . . ." 


Left— "You blew it again!" says Alycia Adams to 
Solomon Kennedy as he takes the lead in Latin 

DE Job Trains 
Student Talent 

Distributive Education is a program in 
sales and merchandising. The students, 
who are mostly juniors and seniors, re- 
cieve one credit for the class and one 
credit for a job they have in this field. 
Many of the jobs are with department 
stores such as Sears and Blocks. The stu- 
dents find their own job and are hired 
on their own merits. 

In the classroom two areas are covered: 
general studies, and specific education. 
The general studies includes human rela- 
tions, which is essential in any business 
career. The specific studies are designed 
to fit the individual's need in the specific 
job career in which he is interested. 

DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of 
America), is sponsored by Mr. Randall 
Smith. The students in this club partici- 
pate in regional, state, and national com- 
petition. There are 15 different contests 
in which the students can choose to par- 
ticipate. The student chooses to partici- 
pate in the contest that involves the area 
in which he is interested. Some of the 
areas are window display and sales dem- 
onstration. The contest usually is made 
up of a test to determine how much the 
student knows about the subject, and an 
activity that gives the student an oppor- 
tunity to use the knowledge he has on 
the subject. 

DECA: Front row-Brenda Walton, Gennifer Finnell, Sinifred Reed, John Waldon, Karla McClury, 
Thomas Parker, Rita Rent, Denis Avery, Linda Pierson, Diana Fenveroy. Second row-Gerald Green- 
wade, Mr. Randall Smith-sponsor, Seline Brown, Susan Peters, Felicia Canatrell, Juana Minor. Third 
row— Doug Mathis, Allen Banks, Shawn Allison, Jimmy Cooper, Brad Rector. 

Left— Michelle Winfrey looks like one of the "sweets" while she 
works in DE at the candy department of Sears Lafayette Square 

Below— Dapper Darrell Wells shows a customer the latest in men's 
fashions while on his DE job at the National Shirt Shop. 


COE: Front row— Sharon Lauray-parliamentarian, Faughn Paicely— treasurer, Karen Mur- 
phy— v. pres., Kandi Wilson— secretary, Leslie Anderson— historian. Second row— Judy Gar- 
rett, Cindy Coleman, Ms. Brenda Branham— sponsor, Callie Gordon. Third row-Sylvia Rice, 
Lenita Monroe, Juana Minor, Brenda Jackson, Cassandra Grant. 

Biz Ed. Clubs 

COE, (Cooperative Office Education), is 
a vocational program for students who 
are interested in clerical and secretarial 
work. The students receive two credits in 
this program: one credit for the class and 
one credit for having a job which re- 
quires clerical or secretarial skills. The 
students are paid for their work like any 
other employee. The job gives the stu- 
dent both working and learning experi- 
ence in this field. 

Co-curricular with COE is the OEA club, 
sponsored by Ms. Brenda Branham. The 
title stand for office Education Associa- 
tion and is open to any student inter- 
ested in clerical and secretarial fields. 

Competition with other OEA clubs in the 
city makes this organization more ex- 
citing and motivating. One such contest 
was held October first, at which time 
each club was to enter a ladge to repre- 
sent their school's OEA club. Shortridge 
won first prize, which was a scrapbook. 
There are district, regional and national 
contests of the OEA clubs. This year, the 
national contest was held in Chicago. 

Perhaps one of the biggest events of the 
year was the Employer— Employee Ban- 
quet, which was held in the spring. As 
the name implies, the students invite 
their bosses to the banquet in apprecia- 
tion for their cooperation in this 

Above-Ms. Brenda Branham coaches students of COE on what they will need to know on the 


Right— junior Chris Hamilton, employed 
through CSP at the Ambassador Animal Clinic, 
helps Dr. Earl Corbett with Nicky, who is not 
feeling well. 

Above— Speaking at the Flight Careers Work- 
shop, which 15 SHS students attended through 
CSP, is Maurice Daniels. 

Right-Linda Kuhn, biochemist at Eli Lilly, and 
Lucia Spears, Shortridge student at Lilly through 
Career Sampling are shown separating pieces of 
DNA into different molecular weights using the 
electrophoresis apparatus. 


Above— An informal talk about jobs at Indiana Bell is 
led by Ms. Pat Morrison, employment counselor. 

Popularity of 
CSP Soars 

Career Sampling reached a new peak 
of popularity this year, with an aver- 
age of thirty students a week ex- 
periencing different jobs. More fresh- 
men were involved in the program 
than ever before. 

Of all the programs offered to stu- 
dents, the most popular were those 
dealing with health careers and nurs- 
ing, with courts and journalism, with 
law and government following. 

Some students have been hired where 
they sampled jobs, at places like 1MB, 
the Children's Musemu, B&T Shell, 
and Winona Hospital. 

As usual, Career Sampling sponsored 
the "Senior Thing" in October and the 
"Junior Thing" in March. 

New programs were tried, such as an 
open house, a rap session at LaRue 
Carter, an open house at Methodist 
Hospital, 24 students working at the 
polls in November for the National 
Election Service, and going part-time 
to Tech High School for special 

Left-While being visited by Allen Davenport, 
Andrea Fleenor, and Sherrae Moore finish their 

CSP staff; Front Row— Cindy Swanson, Ed Ramsey, Sandi Schwarzin. Second row— 
Sherrae Moore, Andrea Fleenor, Wyena Murry, Ms. Roselyn Richardson— director. 
Third row— William Bland, Terry Lisenby, Pat Sanders, Tim Rush, Joe Moore. 

Above— Indiana Bell employment counselor Sandy 
Smith is consulted by Lucia Spears at the down- 
town branch. 


Above— The Madrigals display excellent musical talent during the Christmas 

Below-"l'm on that!" yell Quiz Right-"Couldn't wait to find a girl," 
Team members Richard Heard and explain skaters Aronld Lewis and 
Clax Richardson. Duke Matthews. 

"My first poems were published in the Spring Sampler. My first journalism was in the Shortridge 
Daily Echo. I produced my first plays there, acted and sang there, learned Greek there and first 
got interested in politics there. The first scenes I wrote were for a Shortridge Junior Vaudeville 
Act that got cut at cuts. Everything I've done, it seems, started ther» " 


Honor Moore— poet, playwright 

Swimming Club Flourishes Under Coach Hunt 

This was Ms. Sandy Hunt's first year as 
sponsor for the Intramural Swimming 
Club. Its 38 members met at Riverside 
Community Center, Tuesday afternoons 
from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. Both males and 
females attended. The main purpose of 
the club was swimming for fun, but 
some members were taught different 

According to Ms. Hunt, "The club did 
real well, and the kids had a great time. 
But not enough people knew SHS had a 
swimming club." 

Swimming Club: Front row— Karen Crossland, Harriet Cheffins, Loraine Powell, Becky LeForge, Tanya 
Polin, Brenda Reynolds, Ms. Sandy Hunt— sponsor. Second row— Gabriel Jones, Robin Roddy, Lillian 
Ervin, India Bell, Loretta Collins, Kim Buntin, Rhonda Sanders. 

Above-Manuel Ross, Oscar Roddy, and Kenneth 
Spearman rest and enjoy the cool water at the Riv- 
erside pool. 

Above— Testing her endurance in treading 
water, Becky Strickland is being watched by 
Robin Roddy and a friend. 


Student Council 
Sponsors "Hop" 

The Shortridge Student Council got off 
to a slow start this year. Ms. Mary Ester- 
line, the new sponsor for the group, 
helped president Joye Carter with orga- 
nizational problems and election of new 
members. Homecoming activities were 
sponsored by the council again. Organ- 
izing the dance, queen contests, float 
contests, etc. were delegates to special 
committees who put together their ef- 
forts for a unified homecoming 

The Student Council met bi-weekly to 
accomplish a more comfortable rela- 
tionship between students, their activi- 
ties, and the administration. 

Left— Ridgers rock and soul at the student council- 
sponsored Homecoming dance. 

Student Council Officers: Tyler ]ones— publicity 
chairman, Joye Carter— president, Lucia Spears- 
treasurer, Sandi Schwarzin— corresponding secre- 
tary, Gail Smith— recording secretary, Keith La- 
sher—vice president. 

Student Council: Front row— Fostena Bacon, Ed Ramsey, Gogi Napier, Lynn Davis, Lewis Ryker, Liz 
French, Karen Crossland. Second row— Selina France, Holli Jones, Verdonna Malone, Dana Yowell, Pa- 
tricia Parker, Evelyn Barnett, Doris Trice, Ms. Mary Esterline— sponsor. Third row— Tyler Jones, Velinda 
Ferguson, James Allen, Judy Marrs, Thomas Parker, DeeDee Newbolt, Scott Solterman, Portia Spencer. 
Fourth row-Peggy Smith, Kenneth Barrett, Moses Haralson, Nick Owens, James Benn, Thomas 


Quiz Team Rousts Tech 62-22 

Exercise in Knowledge is definitely a 
growing "sport" at SHS. This year, Short- 
ridge again has produced a dynamite 
squad. Team members Dave White, Da- 
vid Thuma, Rick Jones, and Clayton 
Richardson showed one of their superior 
efforts in a match against Tech on Jan. 9, 
beating them by a score of 62-22. This 
margin was one of the largest ever re- 
corded by a Shortridge team. 

In only a few months of preparation, 
Mrs. Constance Kirby, Quiz Team spon- 
sor, put together a great 1975 Exercise in 
Knowledge team. 

Below-Quiz team members for Shortridge and 
Tech breeze through the warm-up questions. 
Questions are provided by all the participating high 

Quiz Team: Front row— Richard Heard, Clayton 
Richardson, Solomon Kennedy, Mrs. Connie 
Kirby-sponsor. Second row— Dave White, Da- 
vid Thuma, Rick Jones. 

Above— Sophomore Clax Richardson concentrates 
during a tense moment in the Shortridge— Tech 

Above— David Harper and Eric Strickland visually instruct a couple of other play- 
ers in strong chess. 


Chess Team: Front row— Eric Strickland, David Harper, Clax Richardson, Rick Jones, Richard Heard. 
Second row— Charles Wimbleduff, Hans Harper, Vaughn Terry, Mike Frasure, Bobby Lee, )ohn Hinant, 
Mr. William Morga— sponsor. 

Chess Team Captures 
Mid-America Title 
For Third Year 

The Shortridge Chess Team, in a disap- 
pointing season, put together a squad of: 
Richard Heard— first board, Rick Jones- 
second, Clax Richardson— third, David 
Harper— fourth, and Eric Strickland on 
fifth board. 

The team got off to an early start in Sep- 
tember by capturing the Mid-America 
High School Tournament for the third 
straight year. 

In match play, the chess team suffered 
tough losses to Broad Ripple and Arling- 
ton, but defeated Southport, Brebeuf, 
Greenfield, Central, Marshall, and Tech. 

Above— Anticipating a mate, Eric Strickland observes the 
chess while Clax Richardson moves his jeopardized king. 

Above— Pondering the intimidating "sac" of Rich- 
ard Heard, Rick Jones blatantly ignores opting for 
the strongest variation. 



Artists Enrich 

Shortridgers enjoyed a two-week visit 
from Claudine Paluzzi, painter and scup- 
tor, who visited us on the Artist-in-Resi- 
dence Program. Ms. Paluzzi visited 
classes, and demonstrated her art to the 
students, using such materials as plaster 
and sand. 

The Artist-in-Residence Program at 
Shortridge is sponsored by the P.T.A. 
and the Indiana Arts Commission. Pay 
for the artists was taken out of grant 
from the Commission and the Indiana 
Foundation for Artists-in-Residence. The 
program brought artists from such fields 
as journalism, music, art, drama, and 

Right and Below— Claudine Paluzzi is shown work 
ing on one of her innovative paintings. Her two 
week stay at Shortridge in December was spon 
sored in part by the P.T.A. 


lllll* 11 ""*** 1 *^ 


Journalists in Residence Revitalize Shortridge 



Above— Jim Ballard explains the workings of 
the "Grapevine Journal" to a group of inter- 
ested students. 

Left— Using his hands to gesture, Monte 
Trammer introduces the next journalist on 
the program. 

As an off shoot of the Artists in Resi- 
dence program, a Journalists in Resi- 
dence program was presented to stu- 
dents in February and March. 

The program was devised by Rachael 
Beck, Chairperson of the PTA Arts Com- 
mittee and Mr. Ben Johnson, Principal, 
then further developed and revamped 
by a committee made up of Shortridge 
faculty and community people. 

A grant from the Indiana Art Commis- 
sion provided the financial help needed, 
and the assistance of Joyce Levin, Fritz 
Lieber, and Monte Trammer helped 
shape it into a very successful program. 

People from all facets of journalism 
came to Shortridge and talked to stu- 
dents in the west end of the cafeteria 
and in room 123 about their work. Some 
were: R.K. Shull, for the "News", Claudia 
Polley of WNTS, Ronnie Bell for Channel 
8, and many other journalists and inde- 
pendent writers. 

Above— Situated in the cafeteria, the Joumalist-in-Resi- 
dence program included all types of people in the 
media. Among these was John Bigelow, a cartoonist 
for the "Star". 


Chilean Student 
Science Fan 

Richard Beltran is a Youth for Under- 
standing exchange student from Chile, in 
Lantin America. Ricardo lived with the 
R.W. Moss family, who have a son and a 
daughter attending Shortridge. Ricardo 
had a special interests in the area of 
science. After graduating from Short- 
ridge in the spring, he planned to attend 
a university in Chile and study engineer- 
ing. Ricardo also likes sports, especially 
swimming, football and fishing. 

Right— Ricardo Beltran, exchange student from 
Chile, looks up from his drawing in basic art to 
beam happily at the photographer. 


German Dinner Prepared 

Above— With Russian Club members looking on, Lydia 
Ashanin shows her dancing talent. 

Russian Club: Front row-Ms. Deborah Waycott, sponsor, Kris Clickert, Lydia Ashanin, Becky Cordon, 
Sarah Helmer. Second row-Robert Weber, Mike Stovall, Kevin Fuqua, Albert Musgrove, Betsey 

The Russian Club of 1975 attended a 
ballet. Sponsor Ms. Deborah Way- 
cott, and president Becky Gordon, ar- 
ranged for the club to visit Clowes 
Memorial Hall at Butler University 
and orient themselves with a Russian 
ballet. Kevin Fuqua, Kris Glickert, and 
Lydia Ashanin were some of the 
members who were on hand for this 

Ms. Kathryn Lerch and Mr. Allen Suth- 
erland sponsored the German club 
this year, featuring a membership of 
18. Officers this year were Kelley Os- 
good and Cindy Swanson. One of the 
highlights of this year was a German 
dinner. Ms. Lerch cooked part of the 
meal, while some students contrib- 
uted their own creations. After the de- 
licious dinner, the students listened to 
German music. Plans were made for 
the club's presentation at the State 

German Club: First row-Wendy Beidelman, David Hauck, Danny Irby, Becky Strickland. 
Second row-Lydia Ashania, Kelley Osgood, Julia Ware, Bradley Garing, Ginger Blumen- 
thal, Mr. Allen Sutherland-Sponsor, Kathy Black, Krysti Wagener, April Turner, Delen 
Williams, Third row-David Beuke, Andy Cobb, David Lee, Dywayne Gaines, James 

Above— Preparing to sample a new German delicacy, Cindy 
Swanson hesitates when she finds out it contains broccoli and 


French Club: Front row— Beth Bottos— Treasurer, Carolyn Watkins— Co-president, Portia 
Specner— Co-president, Krysti Wagener— Sec. Second row— Mr. Allen Sutherland— Sponsor, 
Susy Dove, Martha Ringel, Marguerite Hazelwood, Sandi Schwarzin, Lydia Ashanin, Lewis 
Ryker, Gordon Dove. Third row— Clax Richardson, Nancy Hernly, Selina France, Elizabeth 
Earnhart, Anne Fine, Laura Martin, Leah Hickerson, )ean LaFollette, James Benn. 

IU Honors Candidates: First row— Cathy Herod, Anne Fine, Suzy Dove, Leah Hickeron, Sandi 
Scharzin. Second row— Bradley Garing, Michael Crawford, Betsey Hatchel, Elizabeth Snortin, 
Nancy Hernly. 

Left— An informal attitude is adopted by co-presi- 
dent Carolyn Watkins as she opens a French Club 

Above— French Club members are entertained by 
games and music after a hearty pitch-in dinner. 

Language Clubs Learn Through Fun and Frolic 

Latin Club: Ms. Lois Repass— Sponsor, Lisa Stegall— Vice President, Solomon Kennedy— Presi- 
dent, Alycia Adams— Treas., Thomas Williams, Joye Carter, William Tuggle. 

Students flocked to Language Clubs 
this year, and attendance was high. 

Pennants were sold by the Latin Club, 
and 79 dollars was raised, , according 
to club president, Solomon Kennedy. 

Annie Fine, French Club member, ar- 
ranged a French— only tour of the In- 
dianapolis Art Museum. Also, a pitch- 
in dinner was held at the home of 
Elizabeth Earnhart. Among the deli- 
cacies served were quiche lorraine 
and vicchysoise. A suggestion was 
made by Mr. Sutherland, sponsor of 
French Club, to begin a foreign lan- 
guage bicentennial project for the 
next school year. 

Many advanced language students 
participated in the I.U. Honors pro- 
gram, which enables high school ju- 
niors to spend two months of the 
summer before their senior year in a 
foreign country. Practice included 
early morning sessions, drills, and 
tests. In December it was learned that 
Ginger Blumenthal, Suzy Dove, Annie 
Fine, Nancy Hernly, and Leah Hicker- 
son, had all sucessfully passed the first 
test in French. Ginger Blumenthal also 
passed the test for German. 

Spanish Club: First row-Sharon Blankenbaker, Becky Lingeman, Kevin Anderson, Alice 
Terry, Susan Shaw, Karen Crossland. Second row— Peggy Smith— pres., Susan Grodon, Ruth 
Hunt, Karen Anderson, Michael Crawford, Elizabeth Snorton, Delores Roddy, Mr. John 


Above— It's tuba time when this group join the rest 
of the brass during a practice session of the Mighty 
Marching Shortridge Band. 


A and B Band: Front row— Becky Cordon, Susan Cordon, Laurie Garrett, Cabrielle Jones, Laurie Gardner, Cathy Herod, 
Verlinda Ferguson, Glen Herod, Verdonna Malone, Greg Myers, Jim DeFrantz. Second Row— Elvira Nolcox, Delores, 
Roddy, Robin Roddy, Alyce Ward, Natasha Jones, Blenda Nolcox, Jean Stocks, Elizabeth Earnhart, Laura Martin, Kathy 
Jones, Eddie Ross, Larry Bentley, Henry Whitted, Linda Williams, James Grant, Linda Rent. Third row— Judy Marrs, Lisa 
Miller, Daniel Stewart, Ulysses Terry, Rick Jones, John Smith, Andy Ross, Gordon Dove, Jay Dawson, Julius Trammer, 
Alfred Person, Wendi Beidleman, Stanley Mitchell, Becky Strickland, Pharez Whitted, Carlos Banks, Wilbert Buckner, 
Jerry Siegel, George Mosley, John White. Fourth row— Tyler Jones, Robert Thompson, Fred Stokes, Arnold Lewis, Jackie 
Rourke, Rick Parker, Larren New, Michelle Jones, Benton Polin, Franfc Hines, Rita Rent, Judy Garrett, Gene Allen, Byron 
Lipkins, Mr. Leonard Behling-director. 

Right— Mr. John Medjeski directs the newest musical in- 
novation at the 'Ridge— the strumming guitar class, as they 
pluck the melody of a popular tune. 

Guitars Great 
In New Group 

Along with regular programs at the 
school, the band performed their own 
concerts, took part in parades, and per- 
formed for other schools. 

The marching band is made up of the 
"A" band members and the pom-pom 
girls. It is directed by Mr. Leonard Ben- 
ling. Through his direction, the band has 
won various first place awards. The band 
performed at the Rushville Parade in 
Rushville, Ind., and at our own "500" 
Festival Parade. Concerts included the 
Sweaterman's Concert in March and 
ones at schools #86 and #76. 

New to Shortridge this year were guitar 
classes taught by Mr. Medjeski, who was 
assisted by Mr. Rodgers. Students 
learned the fundamentals of guitar and 
other strings. 

Left-The Shortridge Orchestra performs 
"The Christmas Song" under the direction 
erf Mr. John Majeski. 

Below-Girls' Glee Club members Patricia 
Musgrove and Glenda White take a break 
during the group's daily rehearsal. 

Orchestra: Front row-Theresa Jones, Joan LaFollet, Carolyn Watkins, Kalista Swift, Alice Terry, 
Anthony Patterson. Second row— Mark Raver, Wanda Gillespie, Lisa Stegall, Charlotte Burton, 
Michelle Jones, Lenette Williams, Velinda Ferguson. Third row— David Finnell, Suzy Dove, Mr. 
John Medjeski-conductor, Tony Gilbert, Marlin Casey, LeNore Williams, Robert McNeal. 

Above— Tuning up before playing the first tune of the day are Ricky Armstrong and his 

instructer, Mr. John Majeski. 


Orchestra, Choirs Appear at School Concerts 

A Cappella: Front row-Lucia Spears, Selina France, Vanjean Edwards, Martha Ringle, Sandi Schwarzin, 
Eddie Ross, Grant Goodrich, Gail Smith, Betsy Hatchel, Nancy Rodeheffer, Gogi Napier, Anita Slatter. 
Second row— Velinda Ferguson, Elizabeth Snorton, Carnice Bell, Ruth Hunt, Sharon Blankenbaker, J. 
Gordon Dove, Tyler Jones, Jerry Siegal, Jeffery Jones, Felicia Cantrell, Karen Milgate, Raquel Garvin, 
Joye Carter, Deborah Daniel. Third row-Cecilia Boler, Janet Carter, Georgette Fraction, Patricia Lee, 
Scott Solterman, Buddy Ross, Peter Moss, Jeanine Herold, Michelle Winfrey, Sue Clardy, Gloria Myers, 
Denise Wethington. Fourth row-Michael Morris, Richard Heard, Robert Thompson, Henry Whitted, 
George Mosley, James Benn, Ernest Jarrett. 

The A Orchestra, under the leadership of 
Mr. John Medjeski, played at the Christ- 
mas Concert this year with members of 
the A Band joining them. They played 
Christmas carols and part of Handel's 
Messiah. Later in the year, they played in 
the Sweaterman's Concert. The Orches- 
tra plays many different pieces, classical 
and modern alike. 

The Boys' and Girls' Glee Clubs worked 
hard this year learning the basics of sing- 
ing and music. They are non-performing 
groups, although toward the end of the 
year they each participated in Glee Club 
festivals. After this first year of musical 
training, many members will join the A 
Capeila Choir. 

A Capeila Choir is traditionaly known for 
singing music without accompaniment 
and for its Choral Classic held every 
Spring. Students are selected by audition 
for this choir. Performances this year 
consisted of auditoriums for the Mayor 
and reknown musicians and out-of-state 


Music Makers Warble Around 'Ridge 

Madrigal Singers are selected from the A 
Capella choir to sing difficult pieces. 
Both Madrigals and A Capella are under 
the direction of Mr. Philip Rogers. 

Musically inclined students were offered 
Music Theory again this year. The class, 
taught by Mr. Leonard Behling, trained 
students to read, write, sing, play, and in- 
terpret music. Students also took music 
dictation and ear training. 

During the first semester, the class wrote 
small musical pieces for mixed choir and 
piano, and second semester they ven- 
tured into writing pieces for instruments. 
Since the students all had previous musi- 
cal experience, some performed their 
own pieces. 

Right— Music theory students Becky Gordon and 
Jeanine Herold compose music for teacher Mr. 

Madrigals- Ernest )arrett, Debbie Daniel, leanine Herold, James Benn, Gail Smith, George Mosley, 
Sandi Schwarzin, Robert Thompson, Martha Ringel, Michael Morris, Cecilia Boler, Sue Clardy, Jeffery 

r >-i 

Stage Workers 
Support Plays, 
Display Scenes 

Half of the success of a staged pro- 
duction depends on the scenery, 
lights, and sound and at Shortridge, 
that half is supplied by our stage 

Stage crew members constructed sets 
for the Senior Play, Junior Vaudeville, 
and any other activity presented to 
'Ridgers on the stage. 

To broaden the experience of stage 
crew members, a stagecraft class was 
offered, and taught by Mr. Teddy 
Celb, who was also sponsor of stage 

Left— In class, )oe Moore learns that stage craft 
is more than just painting scenery. 

Stage Crew: Second row— Teddy Celb, sponsor, David Morris, Joe Moore, Herold Conway, Willie Ealy, 
Benton Pollin, Rusty Rice, Keith Lasher. Front row— Becky Strickland, Ronald Tooley, Richard Greg, Kerry 
Williams, Kim Dorsey, Karen Cambell. 


Left-A quiet tea that was full of questions by Tyler Jones, leaves Gail 
Smith with this shocked expression. 

Above— one of the murder victims of the play, Jeanine Murrell, makes a Above— Being severely questioned by Tyler Jones, Martha Ringel declares 
mysterious phone call. her innocence. 


"Whodunit" Quite 

Celia Granger, a genteel woman living in 
a splendid mansion on the Hudson 
River, suddenly finds her well-ordered 
life shattered by the murder of her maid, 

Immediately, she, her son, and all the 
other members of her household are 
suspect. A rugged, probing detective, 
who has admired our heroine for quite a 
while, is called into investigate. Another 
murder follows: this time, the chauffeur, 
Moreno who thought he knew the killer. 
Suddenly, Celia finds herself alone in her 
house but she doesn't know who the 
murderer is! 

There lies the plot of the Senior Play, ti- 
tled "Design for Murder", which was 
presented November fourteenth and fif- 
teenth. Unlike times in the past, when 
seniors class spirit waned, the cast was 
made up entirely of seniors, including 
the student director, Slim Bailey. Under 
his guidance, and also that of Mr. Phillip 
Hirsch, the faculty director, the play was 
very successful. Leads were well played 
by Gail Smith as Celia, Tyler Jones as 
Carlin, the detective, James Johnson as 
David Granger, and Ernist Jarret as 
Moreno. Other members of the cast 
added spice to the production, often 
even providing comic relief. Many sea- 
soned thespians contributed their talents 
to the play. 

Right-Gail Smith is pensive over the death of ser- 
vant, Jeanine Murrell. 


SHS Thespians 
Present Drama 

One of the many prestigious organiza- 
tions of Shortridge today is the Inter- 
national Thespians Society. This society 
is an organization that was originated in 
the mid-forties and has continued to 
grow steadily. A thespian is one who has 
earned the credit equivalent to 100 hours 
of stage performance. This credit is used 
as reference for acting or backstage pro- 
gramming in future years. 

Shortridge was one of the earlier troupes 
to develop their part in the organization. 
Out of three thousand some odd 
troupes in Thespians, Shortridge was the 
595th to develop. 

During the 74-75 school year, foot- 
lighters have shown their dramatic ability 
through numerous activities. Among 
those are the Senior Play "Design for 
Murder," the Christmas touring play 
"The Christmas Gifts," the traditional 
"Junior Vaudeville," and the all-school 
play in May. 

Right— Tyler Jones questions Gail Smith after the 
murder of a maid in the Senior Play, "Design for 

Footlighters: Front row-James Johnson, James Benn, Velinda Ferguson, 
Wendy Beidleman, J. Cordon, Dove, Lewis Ryker. Second row— Joye 
Carter, Selina France, Ernest Jarrett, Carl Rice, Martha Ringel, Sandi 
Schwarzin, Karen Crossland, George Mosley. Third row— Keith Lasher, 
Cecilia Boler, Thomas Williams, Marilyn Thomas, Jeanine Murrell, Gail 
Smith, Debbie Rooks, Becky Strickland, Harold Conway. Third row— 
Debra Daniel, Gloria Meyers, Lydia Ashanin, Georgette Fraction, Lucia 
Spears, Slim Bailey. 

Thespians: Front row-Gail Smith, Debbie Rooks, Georgette Fraction, Lucia 
Spears, George Mosley. Second row— Martha Ringel, Carl Rice, Gloria Meyers, 
Thomas Williams, Debbie Daniel, Slim Bailey, Selina France, Joye Carter. Third 
row— Jeanine Murrell, Ernest Jarrett, Becky Strickland, James Benn, Cecilia Boler, 
Keith Lasher. 

r >8 

Xmas Spirit Lights Upon Feeder Schools 

This year's Christmas touring play was 
"The Christmas Gifts" by Dorothy Su- 
merau. The story was about a newly- 
wed couple who send meaningless gifts 
to friends for Christmas. The holiday was 
just a hopeless effort until by the magic 
of the Christmas Spirit, the gifts were 
given meaning and the true definition of 
giving is revived. 

Every year the touring troup brings en- 
joyment to various feeder schools in the 
SHS district. This play gives newcomers 
an opportunity to develop acting and 
drama skills. 

Left-The true meaning of Christmas is relayed to 
the forgotten presents by Terri Williams as the 
Christmas Spirit in "Christmas Gifts." 

Above— As the clown doll, Scott Soltermann wishes 
he could make someone happy in the touring 
Christmas play. 


76 JW Explores Film World 

The class of 76 added a new and differ- 
ent touch to Vaudeville. The scrips used 
this year were purchased From Carol 
Burnett show. The five acts were Lovely 
Story, Alice Portnoy and the Bank Rob- 
bers, The Old Folks, As the Stomach 
Turns, and Flight 13 to Nowhere. Stu- 
dents also wrote and performed their 
own intermission acts. 

Vaudeville Chairperson Gloria Meyers 
lead the months of effort and hard work 
that went into Vaudeville 76. Ms. Susan 
McNeil, class sponsor and Mr. Phillip 
Hersch, Mr. Ted Gelb, and Mr. Leonard 
Behling provided the faculty leadership. 

Below— An interesting secret is shared between 
James Benn and Portia Spencer in Act 4, As the 
Stomach Turns. 

Above— Tyler Jones scolds his father, George Mosley, in Old 


Above- Scott Soltermann and David Huxhold are the misguided pilots in Flight 13 to Nowhere. 

Above-The danceline of Lovely Story Act 1 assumes their posi- 
tion on stage. 

Jr. Vaudeville chairperson Gloria Myers worked hard to make 
this year's show a success. 


Club Hosts 
Art Festival 

New leadership by Ms. Corrie Wilson 
sparked the Art Club this year. The club 
went to the Indianapolis Art Museum, 
watched Artists-in-Residence, and spon- 
sored our annual Art Festival May 10th. 

Ms. Wilson replaced Mr. Sheldon Kantor ^ 

not only as Art Club sponsor but as head 
of the Art Department as well. During 
Easter vacation Ms. Wilson was one of 
the "chaperones" for a trip to Nassau. 

Above— Ms. Corrie Wilson, new Art Club Sponsor, was very busy 
this year. Besides sponsoring the club, she was the new Art De- 
partment head, taught classes, and planned a trip to Nassau for 
interested Shortridgers. 

Above-Art Club member, Liz 
French, also in Ms. Wilson's Art 
Appreciation class, researches 
such artists as, Titian, and Van 

Art Club: Front row— Ms. Corrie Willson, sponsor, William Bland, Paul Davis, James Benn, Thomas Parker, Dolores 
Roddy. Second row— Otha Taylor, Annie Fine, Karen Grassland, Lynn Davis, Liz French, Julia Ware, Thea Brown, Be- 
linda Nolcox. Third row— Rosalind Clayton, Milton Keyes, Leah Hickerson, Nancy Hernly, Laura Spinks, Patricia Parker, 
Kathy Bambry. 

Skating Forms 
Taught in Club 

One of the 'Ridge's favorite clubs is the 
Roller Skating Club. Students met at 
"Rollerland" at 926 N. Pennsylvania, ev- 
ery Thursday from 3:15 to 5:45. The 
charge was 50<t for admission and skate 

Skating Club sponsor, Mr. Allen Suther- 
land, was dismayed at the drop from 100 
members last year down to 35. 

The students skated free-style to records 
they brought. Members were taught all 
forms of skating by Mr. Sutherland. 

Mr. Sutherland stated that roller skating 
is "a good way to get rid of excess 

Above— With determination in his eyes, Cliff Dolli- 
son skates around the rink with style. 

Right— An expression of embarrassment seems to 
have overcome Ann Bell's face as she skates be- 
tween Robert Russell and Greg Crowe. 

Below— Skating with a partner can be fun as you 
can tell by the smile on Duke Matthews' face as he 
skates with Sherri Honiston. 


Religion Probed 
by F.GA. 

Many Shortridge athletes joined the Fel- 
lowship of Christian Athletes here this 
year. The object of the group was to re- 
late religion with sports. According to 
sponsor Mr. Ervin Wright, a student does 
not have to be a Christian to join. He 
said "You just must believe in some- 
thing; if you believe in yourself, then 
that's religion." There are no restrictions 
to become a member, and female ath- 
letes would be accepted, although none 
joined it this past year. 

Members helped at Tabernacle Presby- 
terian Church with their Fish Fry, painted 
Shortridge locker rooms and cleaned 
them up. Members Duddy Reeves, 
Buddy Ross, and Eddy Ross attended 
summer camp in 74. 

Y-teens is a girls service organization in 
affiliation with the YWCA. Ms. Eugenia 
Buckner was sponsor for the group the 
first semester. The Shortridge Y-teens 
service projects this year included 
checking coats at the homecoming 

Right-Athlete Eddie Ross attended summer camp 
in 74 through F.C.A. 

Y-Teens: Front row:— Thea Brown (Treas.), Theresa Hazel- 
wood (V.P.), Dolores Roddy (Pres.), Mia-Lon Walton (Sec), 
Second row:— Laurie Garrett, Margaret Dumetz, Margeurite 
Hazelwood, Lynn Davis, Vicki Ervin, Judy Garrett. Third 
row:— Verdonna Malone, Patricia Alexander, Debbie Cougan, 
Darlene Edwards, June Smith, Darla Smith, Kathy Bembry. 

FCA: Front row-Andy Ross, Jerry Seigel, Wendall Hall, Sylvester Rowe. Second row:-Mr. 
John Haynes, Wayne Hamilton, John White, Byron Lipkins, Dave Huxhold, Marcellus Green, 
Mr. Ervin Wright. Third row:-Duddy Reeves, Jerry Greenwade, John Peacock, Otha Taylor, 
John Smith, Craig Ratcliff, Tim Rush, Freddy Ross. 


Lettermen and Key Clubbers Serve Community 

Lettermen: Front row— Kerry Williams, Ed Ramsey, Eddie Ross, Michelle Jones, Craig Ratcliffe, Otha 
Taylor, Selina France, John Peacock, Denis Avery, Leroy Driver, Jerry Siegel, Gerald Greenwade, Andy 
Ross, Ron Tooley. Second row-Karen Crossland, Judy Garrett, Moses Haralson, Dan Read, Sylvester 
Rowe, John Fewell, Crawford Jones, Milton Keys, Wendell Hall, Marcellus Greene, David Huxhold, 
Mr. Trabue— sponsor. Third row— Jeanine Murrell, Vivian Joyner, Tom Crossland, John White, Jay Alley, 
Mark Coles, Kevin Miller, Tim Rush, Wayne Hamilton, Duddy Reeves, Larry Lael, David Coudon. 

The Lettermen's Club added women to 
their ranks this year. The women had to 
have earned a varsity letter, as the men 
do, and this year women begin attending 
the meetings held every other Friday. 

The Lettermen began working toward 
the goal of buying a weight machine by 
selling totebags. Additional activities this 
year also worked toward this goal. 

Once again, our Shortridge Key Club 
was active in community and school. Af- 
ter our home football game against Bre- 
beuf, they cleaned up the football field. 
Community-wise, they distributed post- 
ers for the Ruth Lyons Christmas Seals 
Program, worked in a mental hospital 
"Toy Shop," packaged envelopes for the 
Mother's March Against Polio, and set 
up a rest station for bikers participating 
in the Diabetes Bike-a-thon. The In- 
dianapolis Kiwanis Club sponsored their 
activities. The club sold posters to raise 
money for their dues. 

Initiation ceremonies were held at the 
beginning of the second semester, and 
in the spring. President of the club this 
year was David Huxhold, and the other 
officers were also seniors— Bruce Boh- 
lander— V. Pres., Keith Lasher— Treasurer, 
and Dan Read— Secretary. 

Activities with other schools' Key Clubs 
were planned. Mr. Jerry Steiner was fac- 
ulty sponsor, and there were eight fe- 
male student sponsors. 

Left— Joye Carter and Sandi Schwarzin help student 
sponsors stuff envelopes for a Key Club/March of 
Dimes project. 


Twelve Scribes 
Join Honorary 

In the fall twelve new members were ini- 
tiated into Quill and Scroll, the inter- 
national journalism honor society. To 
become a member of Quill and Scroll 
one must have a B average and be on a 
publications staff, either "Annual" or 

The initiation of the new Quill and Scroll 
members was held in the library. Mr. 
Lloyd Anderson, guest speaker from 
"The Indianapolis Star-News" spoke 
about what it takes to be a potential 
news writer. 

The two sponsors of Quill and Scroll are 
Mr. Houston and Mr. Cohen. Both of 
them are directors of a publication; Mr. 
Houston for the "Annual" and Mr. Co- 
hen for the "Echo." 

Quill and Scroll; Front row— Karen Crossland, Dana Yowell, Theresa Hazlewood, Mia-Lon Wal- 
ton, Thea Brown, Lewis Ryker, Nancy Hernly. Back row— David Huxhold, Kelley Osgood, Dave 
White, David Thuma. 

Above— Quill and Scroll initiates assemble in the ceremony 
which will make them members of an international honorary. 

Fall 1974 Initiates- Front row- Beth Bottos, Dana Yo- 
well, Theresa Hazelwood, Lewis Ryker, Thea Brown, 
Mia-Lon Walton, Karen Crossland. Back row— Leah 
Hickerson, Kelley Osgood, Nancy Hernly, Charles 
Wimbleduff, David Huxhold. 

Left— After the initiation ceremonies, Quill and Scrol- 
lers enjoy some delicious goodies served by Annual 
staff member Suzy Dove. 


Above— Members of the Great Books Club discuss a great book with Mr. Co- 
hen, sponsor. 

Great Books 
Reads Classics 

The Great Books Club, under the spon- 
sorship of Mr. Richard Cohen, met twice 
a month to discuss important works of 
literature. The meetings were held after 
school in the library. Membership was 
open to any student who liked to read 
and discuss books. 

The members of the Great Books Club 
chose what books they wanted to read. 
Wuthering Heights, Pride and Prej- 
udice, Death of a Salesman, and After 
the Fall have been among the books 
read by the club this year. 

Great Books Club: Front row— Liza French, Karen Crossland, Karen Milgate, Nancy Hernly, )oan LaFol- 
lette, Gordon Dove. Second row— Kent Hays, Bradley Garing, Lewis Ryker, Lydia Ashanin, Krysti 

Speaker of the afternoon, Mr. Lloyd Anderson of the "Star- 
News" advises young journalists what skills to develop if they 
want to excell in journalism. 


Above— Dave White, editor-in-chief of the Echo 
calls to arrange an interview. 




h V 


Perfect Paper 
Producers Here 

Shortridge journalists strove to create a 
perfect newspaper with the Echo this 
year. Mr. Richard Cohen held his usual 
position of Director of Publications, and 
the new Editor-in-Chief was Dave 

The Echo participated in several college 
journalism seminars such as Franklin and 
Ball State and also attended Marion 
County Journalism Day at Lawrence 

On December 18th, the Echo-Annual 
Christmas party was held at the home of 
Mia-Lon Walton. Guests were treated to 
"Echo Surprise" made by David Hux- 
hold and Dave White, and a mock cere- 
mony at which "Dave" awards were 
given to several publication staff 

Left— Ringing in the Season's Cheer are Echo staf- 
fers David Huxhold— sports editor, Lenette Wil- 
liams—page editor, and Charles Wimbleduff— busi- 
ness manager. 

Echo staff— Front row— Theresa Hazelwood, David Huxhold, Dave White— editor-in-chief, Judy 
Marrs, Thea Brown, Mia-Lon Walton. Second row— Ricky Howard, Bradley Caring, Percy Bland, 
Beth Bottos, Richard Heard, Helen Russell, Delrhonda Wimbleduff, Angie Bland, Lewis Ryker, Mr. 
Richard Cohen— Director of Publications. Third row— Dana Yowell, Ginger Blumenthal, Dawn Wix- 
kers, Angie Wickers, Abel Burnett, Carol Ray, Judy Buxton, LaDonna Puckett, Theresa Joyce, Tim 
Hernly, Peter Moss, Dwight Goodson. 

Left— Writing, rewriting and a 
little friendly discussion go 
into every page of the Echo, as 
page editors Theresa Hazel- 
wood, Thea Brown, and Mia- 
Lon Walton show here. 


First Juniors, 
First Co- Editors 

"First" was the word for the 75 Annual 
staff. The first co-editors, and the first ju- 
niors to act as editors-in-chief were 
Nancy Hernly and Leah Hickerson. Last 
summer Leah and Nancy attended a two 
week training session at Indiana Univer- 
sity for yearbook editors. 

"Pride in Shortridges' Past" was the 
theme for this year's Annual. Pride in 
Shortridge's yearbook was obvious 
among 75 staffers and editors. They 
worked long and hard after school and 
vacations to meet their deadlines. Edi- 
tors and staff members attended the 
Marion County and the Franklin Central 
Press Day seminars to increase their 
journalistic skills. 

Annual Staff: Front row— Lydia Ashanin, Betsey Hatchel, Margaret 
Dumetz, Angie Bland. Second row— Denise Wethington, Clyde Bol- 
den, Lewis Ryker, Wendi Beidelman. On top— David Huxhold. 

Thomas Williams- Senior Editor 

James Benn— Cover Artist 

Mr. Robert Houston— Advisor 

Nancy Hernly-Co-Editor-in-Chief 

Leah Hickerson— Co-Editor-in-Chief 

Sandi Schwarzin— Activities Editor 
Tricia Duckworth— Index Editor 

Suzy Dove— Underclass Editor 
Kelley Osgood-Copy Editor 

Above— Trying to avoid a Brebeuf lineman, 
Mark Burris carries the ball for another first 
down at the Homecoming game. 

Right— A fast return on the volleyball 
court makes Selina France of the girls 
team another point. 

"The opportunity to be involved in athletics and the coaches under which I played taught me 
the importance of being competitive and have helped me to succeed in my work." 

Dick Lacy 
President, Lacy Advertising 

Cindermen Set 3 School Records 

The Blue Devil track team highlighted 
their 74 season by breaking three 
school records. Marcellus Greene in 
the 440 yd. dash, Richard Rourke in 
the discus events and Ed Murrell in 
the mile run. Marcellus Greene, only a 
sophomore last year, set a new time 
for the 440 yard dash twice, breaking 
his own record the day after he set it 
with 49.4 seconds. Richard Rourke 
landed his new school record sailing 
the discus 133 feet, beating the old 
record by more than ten feet. Ed Mur- 

rell, the only record-breaking cinder- 
man to graduate, clocked in at 10:07 
in the mile run. 

Head coach Jim Hausmann compiled an 
overall 2-8 season but took two runners 
to the state finals: Ed Murrell, who 
placed fifth in the regionals, and Mike 
Greene who placed fifth in the state. 

Below— A track team member passes off the baton 
to his teammate in a meet against Decatur. 

Bottom— Eager bystanders watch as the gun sounds 
and the runners are off. 


Above— With a burst of speed, Anthony Thompson Below— Milton Keys has the perfect twist as he 
races across the finish line, bringing Shortridge in goes over the pole of the high jump. 
Number One. 


John White 
Leads Batters 

The Shortridge 1974 baseball team 
ended another very tough season, under 
their new Head coach Mr. John Haynes, 
with a record of 3 wins and 12 losses. 

One of the outstanding players of 1974 
was John White who lead the team with 
a batting average of .290 and was sec- 
ond in RBI's with 4. Other outstanding 
players were Derrick Burks, who had the 
second highest batting average, Darryl 
Reves who lead the team in RBI's with 6, 
and James Bowers who had the only 
homerun recorded for the whole year. 

The most valuable player was Ray Baker 
who graduated last year and who's ser- 
vices will be truly missed. 

Above right— Making, his way to first base, Kerry 
Williams takes "ball four". 

Right— Larry Lael fires one of Ins blazing fast balls. 

The 1974 Varsity baseball team: Seated— Darrell Burks, Derrick Burks, Ray 
Baker, Kerry Williams, Ronald Tooley, Larry Lael, John White, Eddie Sanders, 
Greg Elder, Duddy Reeves 


r l%% 



.-*.' :. 





Above-Team captains Duddy Reves and Ray 
Baker meet with the men in black before the Dev- 
ils tangle with the Wood Woodchucks. 

Left— Now its time to learn to bat! Coach Haynes 
shows the professional techniques of this task. 

-„.— ^ -— ;w*fc, : - ' 

1974 Varsity Baseball 





Ben Davis 



Broad Ripple 

Park Tuddr 



North Central 



King Builds 
Strong Team 

Mr. Don King in his first and only year as 
golf coach took a largely inexperienced 
group and built a formidable team for 
the future. First-year golfers Dave White, 
Chuck Holstein, John Fewell, and vet- 
eran Dan Read all showed great im- 
provement over the season and formed 
a strong team nucleus. The team finished 
9th of 11 teams in the city tourney, beat- 
ing teams they had lost to earlier in the 
season. The team members agree that 
"The King" was a great coach and were 
sorry to lose him to the vice- 

' : : ■*■■ »:i*$; '.'■■;; ?'l»: : kj:-«"}^'';. 



Front row— Richard Heard, Dave White. Back 
row— John Fewell, James Gallagher, Chuck Hostein, 
Dan Read. 

Above Right— Team members Dave Sabens and 
Dan Read start out again to try and bring in a win 
for "Coach of the Year" Don King. 

Right— Spiro Bereveskos smacks another drive, 
showing improvement over the season. 


Dan Beck City Champ 

Front row— David Grasston, Bill DeBow, Andy McLaughlin, Dave White. Back row— Dan Beck, Dan 
Read, Steve McLaughlin, Mr. Steve Tolin— Coach, John Fewell, David Thuma. 

This year's tennis team, coached by Mr. 
Steve Tolin, finished the season with one 
of the most impressive records in recent 
years. The team, led by the three return- 
ing lettermen Dan Read, David Thuma, 
and Dan Beck, took third place in the 
city tourney, and advanced to the semi- 
finals in sectional play. The overall 
record for the team was a formidable 10 
wins and 4 defeats. 

Heading the squad, in the #1 position, 
was sophomore Dan Beck, who was the 
City Singles Champ this year. In the sec- 
ond spot was senior Dan Read, and third 
was held down by junior David Thuma. 
Fourth was junior Steve McLaughlin, 
while sophomore Andy McLaughlin was 
in the fifth spot. Another McLaughlin, 
Joe, was in the first position on the re- 
serve squad. Seniors Dave White and 
John Fewell held down second and third 
positions, respectively. The team was 
rounded out by freshman Bill DeBow, 
with an occasional appearance by Rich- 
ard Heard. 

Left— As the ball nears his racket, Dan Read pre- 
pares to savagely smash it to smithereens. 

Below— "Deuce again?" exclaims Dan Beck as he 
concentrates on breaking the tie in practice before 
a match with Manual. 






1974 Tennis 

is opp 





4 3 




5 1 

5 2 






Broad Ripple 

2 4 
4 3 
6 1 

6 1 





4 3 






Right-Out of breath but still going strong, Mi- 
chael Morris heads for the finish line. 

1974 Cross country team: Front row-Eddie Ross, Kenneth Moore, Francis Nance, Jonathan Stegall, Larry Bently, 
Second row— Henson Garland, Willie Ealy, Michael Morris, Coach James Hausmann 


Above— First in a pack, the SHS and Attucks 
teams bolt at the starting line. 


Mike Morris 
No. 1 Runner 

The Satan Cross Country team, coached 
by Mr. Jim Hausmann, was lead by Mike 
Morris as number one runner. His best 
time was 14:28 for the two and one-half 
mile course. The three other seniors fill- 
ing the top four positions were Willie 
Ealy 2nd, Lamont Gilbert 3rd, and Joe 
Adams at 4th. 

The team tied Arlington, their city rivals, 
and Cathedral 28-28, and finished last in 
four tournaments: The Washington In- 
vitational, the Northwest Invitational, 
and the City and Sectional meets. The 
Cross Country team finished the 74 sea- 
son with a 10-2 record. 

Left-Willie Ealy trails his Attucks competitor, but 
not for long. 

Left-Out in front, Francis Nance lengthens his lead 
in meet against Chatard. 

Cross Country 







Washington Invitational 


Broad Ripple 



Northwest Invitational 
































Huxhold and 
Reeves All-State 

The Blue Devil football team received a 
new head coach this year. Coach Brown 
managed to compile in his first year a 
season record of 1-9 and had two play- 
ers recognized at the city level and two 
players receiving state honors. 

Quarterback Duddy Reeves lead the of- 
fense with 550 yards rushed and 1044 
yards passed, completing 48 passes dur- 
ing the year for a 29.9% completion aver- 
age, and a total offense of 1594. John 
White lead the receivers with 18 recep- 
tions for 525 yards and 3 touchdowns. 
Dennis Avery, noseman, with 68'/2 tack- 
les lead the defense in average tackles. 

Duddy Reeves and David Huxhold were 
named to the U.P.I. (United Press Inter- 
national) All-State team. Reeves at quar- 
terback and Huxhold as guard. 

Mike Greene and David Huxhold were 
named to radio station WNDE all city-all 
county team. Greene at defensive back 
and Huxhold at guard. (Layout by Su- 
zanne Wells). 

Right-Slipping through the Attucks line is Buddy 
Ross who carried the pigskin for 1 18 yards. 

Above— "Doc" Robert Catus tapes Tim Smeehuy- 
zen's ankle during a tough game. 

Right— The Shortridge offensive line sets up for 
action against Northwest. 

Varsity Football 






.■■;. J 















Key blocks help a 'Ridge runner to score, in a block-buster with Brebeuf. 

Varsity and Reserve Football: Front row— Coach )ohn Haynes, Stanley Sledge, Jeffrey Sublett, Crawford |ones, Dennis Avery, 
Buddy Ross, Tim Rush, Duddy Reeves, Gerald Greenwade, )ohn White, Kevin Miller, David Coudon, John Smith, )erry Siegel. 
Second row— Coaches Rod Trabue and Ervin Wright, lames Grant, Leon Beverly, Derek Anderson, Milton Keyes, Byron Lipkins, 
)ohn Peacock, Wayne Hamilton, )ay Alley, Wendell Hall, David Huxhold, Tim Smeehuyzen, Tony Bibbs, Nathaniel Patton, Andy 
Cobb, )ames Defrantz. Third row-Dwight Goodson, George Mosely, Mark Burris, Mark Cole, Wayne Rainey, Pete Davisson, Rick 
Parker, Marcellus Greene, Frank Hines, Scott Soltermann, Pete Moss, Allen Banks, Kyle Mason, Coach Gary Brown. 

Tim Rush connects foot to pigskin with a 
powerful punt for forty yards. 

Freshman Football: Front row— Cliff lackson, Robert Quarles, Mitchell Banks, Brett Hill, Anthony Williamson, 
Russell Quarles, Kenneth )ones, Wayne Smith, Walter Gallespie, Curtis Bray, David Matthews. Second row- 
Assistant Coach )ohn Haynes, John Jewell, Osmon Hoslem, Jim Gruver, Joe Beck, Darnell Cannon, Norman 
Scott, Jerry Waters, Gene Brown, Mike Taylor, Garnett McClendon, Head Coach Rod Trabue, Third row- 
Assistant Coach Ervin Wright, Darnell Poston, Robert Tandy, Jerome Dumetz, James Coleman, Richard Evans, 
Thomas Flowers, Mike Sanders, lewin Oliver, Leroy Kilgore, Kendal France, Charles Westmoreland. 


Above— Lumberjack Richard Rourke "ties-up" with his opponent in order to gain a superior position. 

Varsity Wrestling: Front row- Robert Davis, Freddie Ross, Craig Ratcliff, Otha Taylor, )ohn Peacock. 
Back row-Jerry Siegel-manager, Dennis Avery, Tony Bibbs, Buddy Ross, Allen Banks, Richard 
Rourke, Ervin Wright— coach. 

Grapplers Seize 
First Place at 
Tipton Tourney 

Coach Ervin Wright's grapplers, "The Big 
Blue Devil Demolition," or if you prefer, 
the mean muscle machine, fought, 
folded, thrashed, spindled, mangled, and 
mutilated their opponents, with six wres- 
tlers winning first place in two 

The grapplers won the Tipton Tourney, 
defeating last year's state champs, and 
placing nine out of ten wrestlers. Five of 
these took first place: Anthony Middle- 
ton at 119 lbs., Otha Taylor at 126 lbs., 
Dennis Avery at 138 lbs., Buddy Ross at 
155 lbs., and Allen Banks at 167 lbs., who 
also received the tournament's most 
valuable wrestler award. 

The team finished the season placing 
third in the State Sectional Wrestling 
Meet. Freddie Ross, a junior at 105 lbs., 
won his lower weight division and Den- 
nis Avery placed first in the 138 lbs. class. 
Three other wrestlers, Buddy Ross, Otha 
Taylor, and Allen Banks placed second, 
qualifying them to go on to the State Re- 
gional. Banks was also the only City 

1975 Varsity Wrestling 



Arlington 53 


Wood 76 

Cathedral J1 


Chatard 27 


Tech 26 


Washington 24 


Warren Central 

Tourney ird 

City Tourney 4th . 

Brebeuf 56 


Tipton Tourney 1st 

Attucks 72 


Perry Merician 27 


Broad Ripple 52 


Sectionals 3rd 

Reserve Wrestling: Front row— Julius Thompson, Fred Caddis, Clifford 
Jackson. Back row— Mike Sanders, Charles Westmoreland, Darnell Can- 
non, John Haynes— coach. 


Satans Strive for Improvement 


: ■■Wm z 

5 2 











'"." 57 



'■:: ■ : 72 


Marshall '-:; , 





- 60 

Gary West 













:■.'■ 56 


E. Chic. Washington 

.. 53 





Broad Ripple 



Laffayette Jeff. 






North Central 



Below— Two-on-one, Lament Gilbert and 
Mike Greene close in on a Brebeuf Brave. 

"This year was a building year. A year of 
striving to play together mentally as well 
as physically." said Coach Don Thomas 
after finishing his third year coaching the 
Shortridge Varsity Blue Devils. The Dev- 
ils finished with a 6-10 record. 

On the final roster, the Satans consisted 
of three seniors, one junior, and one 
sophomore. Throughout the season, 
John Gissendanner, known as the "Ala- 
bama Star", was 'Ridge's leading re- 
bounder, and top scores, with an aver- 
age of 17 points per game. John scored a 
total of 326 points this season. "Goose" 
Gilbert, a 6'2" guard, led the Devil as- 
sists. This senior letterman averaged 11.5 
points per game. 

The SHS cagers had great potential, but 
were held back by not enough concen- 
tration toward the end of their game. 
During the Sectionals the Devils lost to 
their first opponent, North Central, by a 
ten point lead. 

Although defeated in the first game, 
three Satans were chosen for the All- 
Sectional team. First was Jay Alley, a 6'3" 

forward, scoring an average of 11 points. 
Second and third were "Goose" and 
John Gissendanner, respectively. 

The Reserve basketball team finished the 
1974-5 season with seven strong victo- 
ries tucked away. The Devil reserve was 
headed by Mark Johnson, junior center 
forwards, Danny Sulivan and Daniel Bar- 
low, and sophomore guards, Delbert 
Akers and Kevin Bullock. 

Coach Charles Fitzgearld said "The team 
lacked height, But was strong in over all 

The freshman basketball team also fin- 
ished a victorious season. The team 
promises some prospects for the varsity 

'Ridge fans were dazzled by the com- 
bined skills of forwards Richard Evans 
and Derek Ross, guard Andrew Edward, 
and entire freshman Blue Devil team. 
Brett Hill was kept busy managing the 
team. Coach Rod Trabue said, "The 
team was weak in shooting, strong in 

Varsity Basketball: Don Thomas— Coach, William Crider, )oe Adams, )ay Alley, )oe Hart, Wayne Smith, 
)ohn Gissendanner, LaMont Gilbert, Deniss Thumin, Abel Burnett, Marcellus Greene, Marvin Roney, Mi- 
chael Taylor, Asst. Coaches, Charles Fitzgearld, and Rod Trabue. 

Reserve Basketball: Front row-Arnie Williams, Gary Hamiter, Leonard Gilbert, Delbert Akers, Ed Ramsey, 
Manager. Second row-Clinton Pold, Rodnay Wells, Danny Sullivan, Mark lohnson, Moses Haralson, Peter 
Thompson, Daniel Barlow, Charles Fitzgearld— Coach. 

Above— Washington's center finds the going rough under 
the basket, as Jay Alley, Wayne Smith, and Joe Hart close 

Left— John Gissendanner snags a rebound out of the help- 
less hands of a Brebeuf Brave. 

Above— lay Alley whips the ball inside over a slow-reac- 
ting Washington Continental. 

Left— During a time-out, Coach Don Thomas explains a 
point of order to Marcellus Greene, while the other Devils 
look on. 


Above- No. 43, Mark Johnson battles for the ball at the tipoff against his 
reserve Washington opponent. 

Freshman Basketball Team: Front Row- David Barlow, Jim Cruver, Paul Mitchell, Andrew Edward, 
Tim Boyd, Joe Beck, Steve Boyd. Second row- Earl Davis, Greg Rasdell, Phil Walton, Doug Wat- 
son, Roderick Morgan, Derek Ross, Leroy Kilgore. Third row— Brett Hill, Richard Evans, Mike 
House, Thomas Flowers, Charles Duncan, William Hocket, Coach Rod Trabue. 

Right- Freshman, Joe Beck dazzles 'Ridge fans as he dribbles past center 

Below— Preparing to pass to No. 40, Rodney 
Wells deftly avoids a Brebeuf Brave. 

*jf * ,fl 

Hr ' 


W i 

"fcw*- ""'' ^B 

~~ -MWKW"^ ■ 

^^^ '*^ 

4 1 i 

H B 


Above— Reserve player, Clint Polk stands ready to receive a pass. 


Excell in Track 

The girl's track team did not have a win- 
ning season, but many of the team 
members showed promise for the 

Yulinda Blackmon was voted the team's 
most valuable player. She was an ex- 
ceptional high jumper and relay team 
member. Karon Chambers was the 
team's star distance runner. She excelled 
in the 880 yd. run. Runners who did well 
in the 440 yd. during the season were 
Helen Russell, Kerry Bingham, and Thea 
Brown. Tammye Bonner was the team's 
best hurdler, and Donna Fleming and 
Selina France did well in the 100 yd. dash 
and shot put as did Jackie Ware. Delia 
Lacey was as excellent 220 runner for the 

Right— You have to give it everything you've got 
when throwing the shot put, as Selina France does 
her best. 

Below Right-With such style and form, Darlene 
Jewell throws herself over the high jump bar. 



Girls' Track Team: Front row-Alice Terry, Tory Smith, Donna Flemings, 
Helen Russell, Darlene lewell, Tammye Bonner, Delia Lacey; Back row- 
Karon Chambers, Thea Brown, Barbara Slatter, Yulinda Blackmon, Cary Bi- 
ngham, Joye Carter, Selina France, )ackie Ware, Coach Ms. Harriet Wisdom 




1974 Girl's Track 


Attucks 12 70 

Arlington 34 35 

Deaf School/Manual 1st 

Deaf School /Pike 2nd 




- T« 


Lack of Gym 
Hurts Team 

Volleyball losses were due in part to the 
lack of a home court for playing games. 
The girls were however able to practice 
in the SHS gym. The team this year was 
young with only two seniors, Selina 
France and Blenda Nolcox. Ms. Harriet 
Wisdom, coach, summed up the year by 
saying, "We suffered greatly from the 
lack of the home court this year. We 
hope to start our practice earlier next 
year. We have a young team and are 
looking forward to a better season next 

Girls Volleyball 

Broad Ripple 

Lady wood 

Right— Belinda Nolcox shows her jumping power 
as well as her spiking power in a pre-game warm 

Below— Ms. Wisdom gives her team a last minute 
pep-talk before they hit the floor for another game. 

Girl's volleyball team: Front row— Nancy Grant, Elvira Nolcox, Debbie Nelson, Be- 
linda Nolcox, Selina France, Mary Coleman, Becky Lingeman: Back row— Michelle 
Davis, Linda McCray, Cassandra Grant, Robin Roddy, Jackie Ware, Ingrid Grant, 
Darlene Jewel, Yulinda Blackman, Susan Shaw, Coach Ms. Harriet Wisdom, Paula 


Girls Smash 
Ripple 64-31 

Ms. Harriet Wisdom is convinced that 
the girls had a good season. They started 
off with a big win over Broad Ripple (64 
to 31 ). The girls have shown great enthu- 
siasm in learning different plays and 

Most of the girls will be in their third sea- 
son next year. Starters this season were: 
LeNore and Lenette Williams, Deborah 
Nelson, Carolyn Alexander, Paula Mcin- 
tosh, Eva Humphreys, and Yvonne Wa- 
shum. The team had one regular starting 
freshman who contributed a great deal 
to the scoring (Carolyn Alexander). Le- 
nette Williams was high scorer almost 
every game. The only player the team 
will be losing this year is Selina France 
who is a senior. Betsey "Hatch" Hatchel 
was voted the most inspiring member of 
the team. The rest of the team included 
Linda Williams and Sheri Williams. 

Right— Lenette Williams (24) goes up for the 
rebound, while her sister Lenore (20) and (12) 
Deborah Nelson look on. 

Girls' Basketball Team— Front row: Paula Mcintosh, Selina France, Carolyn Alexan- 
der, Second row: Sheri Williams, Lenore Williams, Lenette Williams, Ms. Harriet 
Wisdom— Coach, Eva Humphreys, Deborah Nelson. 


"Girl's Basketball 

^Broad Ripple 
Broad Ripple 

Above-Paula Mcintosh drives against a Ladywood-St. Agnes opponent. 

Ridge Bowlers 
Strong Strikers 

Above— Crawford Jones concentrates on the pins as he prepares to 
strike in the tenth frame. 

Right-"Gutters" Rick Jones and Pete Moss sit entranced as their team- 
ate makes a strike. 

The Intra-mural bowling teams of Short- 
ridge High School held their interleague 
action at Meadows Bowl during the 
1974-75 season. Most of the finest 
bowlers at SHS contributed their talents 
in the league this year. Duddy Reeves, 
Crawford Jones, Roger Woodson, Wil- 
bert Buckner, Ivan Caudle, Carlos Banks, 
Tony Gilbert, Fred Hauck, Richard 
Heard, Peter Moss, Rick Jones, and Da- 
vid White were many of the pin-point 
bowlers who clashed with each other 
every week. This season high scores 
were tallied. Wilbert Buckner's 212 
stunned many bowlers and Rick Jones' 
182 helped the "Gutters" cause. 

Extremely close matches also prevailed 
during this exciting season. The "Stro- 
kers" squeezed by the "Gutters" in a 
high scoring encounter with only a two 
pin margin separting the two squads. 

Left— As the sponsor of the bowling club, one of 
Mr. Jerry Steiner's jobs is tallying scores and 



Mat Maids: The New Addition, 


The Shortridge wrestling team get a new 
boost this year in the form of Mat Maids. 
Ten girls donated their afternoons to 
cheering our wrestlers through all their 
matches, city and state tourneys. Un- 
sponsored as they were, the Mat Maids 
flourished in their first year. 

As the SHS basketball team took a break 
from play, out came the Devillettes to 
entertain the fans. In their new blue and 
white uniforms they performed daz- 
zeling routines for the spectators. 

The Pom-Pom Girls were lead by their 
captains Kay DeBow and Debbie Rooks. 

The squad this year performed at home Mat 0iaids: Front row-Thea Brown, Terri Shackleford, Susan White, Blenda Nolcox, Amanda Fletcher. 

... , i i ^i ii Second row— Elvira Nolcox, Michelle Davis. 

football games and most basketball 
games, and in three parades. 

Pom-Pom Girls: Lula Carter, Michele Jones, Patricia Walker, Lynn Davis, Thea Brown, Debra Rooks, 
Kay DeBow, Kathy Bembry, Cinthis Foreman, Patricia Alexander, Margaret Dumetz, Sheila White. 

Above— "Right on Ridge" is what our Mat Maids 
cheer as grapplers take to the mats. 

Right— Pom-Pom Girls wait through the tense mo- 
ments of the basketball game against Arlington. 

Varsity Cheerleaders- Kathy Ann Johnson, Terri Waters, Judy Garrett, Jeanine Murrell, Michele 
Jones, Vivian Joyner, Karen Crossland. 

Cheers Spark 
Student Spirit 

Walking down the hall on Thursday af- 
ternoon, better beware of the shouts 
and yells of the cheerleaders. They can 
be found almost anywhere practicing for 
the next big game. 

Tryouts were held in the spring for the 
Varsity and Reserve squads, followed by 
a summer of practice and going to camp 
at Vincennes University. While at camp, 
the Varsity won the highest award 
given— the "spirit stick," they competed 
for the Miss Vincennes title, Vivian Joy- 
ner becoming one of the five finalists. 

The squads this year seemed very suc- 
cessful leading the fans in cheers, yells, 
and enthusiasm for the teams. This re- 
sulted from the help of their sponsors 
Ms. McDowell and Ms. Hunt. 

Below-Judy Garrett smiles as she reads the win- 
ning score on the scoreboard. 

Mki,,-. *'~::i>: ':*-■ ■T''-St-i**s .■■'.»<•.' ^i.':*., "V'-J"^-.'...;*'*^ ^i....^ 1 ?*- ..>>•., 

Above— Freshman Cheerleaders— Kathy Jones, Laurie Brown, Lisa de- 
mons, Brenda Young, Diana Davidson, Laura Martin. 

Right— Reserve Cheerleaders— Kneeling— Amanda Fletcher, Laurie Gar- 
rett, standing— Anita Slatter, Darlene Edwards, on top, Marty Richard- 
son, not shown— Tanya Stuart. 

Soccer Team 
Joins League 

Four years of hard work paid off for the 
SHS soccer team as they went into their 
first year of league play. The team par- 
ticipated in a coed league with represen- 
tative teams from seven area high 
schools. A spring record of and 10 was 
bettered in the fall with a 1 and 9 season. 
Practice and consistency of team mem- 
bership helped to produce a winning 
team. Mr. Cochran again was the faculty 
sponsor. CTS student and member of 
the Butler Soccer team, Jay Libby pro- 
vided coaching for the players. Team 
members and coach were looking for- 
ward to a more promising spring season. 

Right— Racing to cover the Shortridge goal, Mike 
Watkins guards his Chatard counterpart. 













Lawrence Central 

' 5 






Warren Central 



North Central 




Above— The style of champions is demonstrated by 
Kelley Osgood as she blocks a Chatard kick in a 
soccer match. 

Soccer: Sitting— Robert Weber, Kelley Osgood; Kneeling— Edward Ram- 
sey, Paul Rumer; Standing— Tin Stearn, Pete Moss, Dante Ventresca, Da- 
vid Lawson, Brian Hawkins, Bill Dresser, Brad Rector, Bruce Bohlander, 
David Harper; On Shoulders— Jeff Ware 


Sophs Capture 
Float 1st Prize 

This year, Homecoming was celebrated 
by two evenings of activities. On Octo- 
ber 24th, the first evening, a very suc- 
cessful and entertaining dance was held. 
Music was provided by a local group, 
"Black Thorn Rose", while disc jockey 
Roger Halloway acted as the Master of 
Ceremonies for the presentation of the 
Homecoming queen and princesses. 
Other events at the dance were contests 
for the best dressed couple, and for the 
best dancers. 

The second evening of Homecoming 
consisted of the football game against 
Brebeuf High School. Although the 
game didn't go well for our team, Short- 
ridge fans' spirits were lifted by the half- 
time presentation. This show included 
routines by the marching band and the 
Pom-Pom Girls, and the judging of floats 
by the three upper classes. The soph- 
omores received first place for their 
piece of work, but they didn't win the 
award without stiff competition from the 
Junior and Senior classes. 

Left— Riding the Junior float, Karen Campbell has 
high hopes at half-time. 

Below left— A bouquet brightens Blenda Nolcox's 
night as she finds out from Duddy Reeves that she 
has been named Homecoming Queen. 

Below— With intent face and swinging hips, 
Thomas Williams "bumps" with Portia Spencer. 


Right —Students flock around a visting 
disc jockey as he entertains them during 
a break at the homecoming dance. 

Below right— Healthy smiles on the faces 
of John Fewell and Dan Beck indicate 
success in Mr. Wright's health class. 

Below— Long-time Shortridger and Se- 
nior Guidence Counseler, Jerry Steiner 
Hunts down a lost upper classman who 
needs to graduate. 


"I think the most outstanding thing about Shortridge High School when I was there from 1940- 
44 was the "spirit" of team work among the students and faculty, the faculty in providing the 
best education possible for all students and building in each of us the desire to make this a 
better world for all." ^ 

Shortridgers ,/ y S* y< 

/ /d4^^/S' 




. : 




vm. xm 






/ice rnncipai 

# V 

Have you ever wondered who the hand- 
ful of administrators is that organizes 
most everything at the 'Ridge? These are 
the people that carry the heavy load 
here at SHS. 

Our principal, Mr. Benjamin Johnson, is 
the head organizer at SHS. He has a hard 
job and everyone recognizes his capa- 
bility in handling it. 

Mr. Donald Oldham has a number of 
things to organize as part of his job as 
Vice Principal of Business. Among these 
responsibilities, Mr. Oldham is in charge 
of the budget, business and grounds, the 
deans, the bookstore, the clerical staff, 
and the security staff. 

Mr. Don King' is a new addition to this 
handful of organizers this year. He was 
previously head of the SHS science dept. 
Mr. King took over for Mr. Riley who be- 
came principal of Scecina High School. 
Mr. King is faced with the job of organ- 
izing the schedules for 2,000 students. 

Shortridge's Director of Guidance is Mr. 
Peter C Davis. He coordinates guidance, 
counseling and testing, evaluates credit 6 
and helps with college entrance 


,MR. PETER DAVIS- Director of Guidance 

(a) MILDRED BLE WITT- Registrar. 

(b) KAY SHEPARD-Artendance Clerk. 

(c) MARY HULTS- Secretary to Mr. King. 

(d) MARY WILLIS- Secretary to the Dean. 

(e) GLADYS MARY SMITH-Secretary to Mr. Johnson. 

(f) F. DEAKYNE-PBX Operator. 

(g) BETTY NICHOLSON-Bookstore Manager. 
CATHERIN TIMBERMAN-Secretary to Mr. Oldham. 
SHARON MARTIN-Secretary to Guidance. 

Deans, Guards 
Aid, Protect 

Concern and a sense of humor have 
aided deans Ms. Betty Garret and Mr. 
Francis Carter in handling their many- 
faceted jobs at Shortridge. The most im- 
portant tasks in their busy schedules 
were helping students with social, emo- 
tional, and subject problems, and just 
generally helping out and answering 
whey they could. 

Mr. Carter has been Dean of Men for 
three years, while Ms. Garrett has held 
her position as Dean of Women for two 
years, with previous experience in the 
Athletic and Guidance departments. 

Both deans express an avid interest in 
their work, and a sincere motivation to 
help and improve students where 

Students and faculty were protected and 
secure thanks to our security guards, 
headed by Sergeant Robert Taylor. 
Guards maintained friendly relations 
with students, while still enforcing order, 
making them popular at 'Ridge. 




Sgt. Robert Taylor keeps kiddies corraled in cafeteria. 



(b) HOOVER BAKER-B.S., M.S.; Biology 

(c) JOHN BAKER-B.S., M.A.; Spanish. 

(d) MATTIE BALOW-PhB. B.S., M.A.T.; Science, 
English. Assistant to Dean of Women 

(e) CARITA BAYS-B.S.; Science. 

(f) CAROLYN BEARD-B.A.; English. 

(g) LENOARD BEHLING-B.S., M.S.; Band, Music 
Therory, Music Dept. Head, Jr. Vaudeville Sponsor, 
(h) BARBARA BENTON- B.S., M.S.; Clothing. 

i) BRENDA BRANHAM-B.S.; Typing, Clerical 
Practice, Business Math, C.O.E. O.E.A. 



(k) GARY BROWN-B.S., M.S., M.P.E.; Health. 

Head Football Coach. 

(I) SUSIE S. BROWN-A.B., M.S.; Biology, General 


(m) EUGENIA BUCKNER-B.S.; English, Black Lit 

(n) SUSAN BURTON-B.A., M.S.; Short Story, 

(o) ROBERT CATUS-B.A., M.A.; Anthropology, 
Sociology, World Civilization, U.S. History, 
(p) RICHARD COCHRAN-B.A.; Government, 
World Civilization. 

(q) RICHARD COHEN-B.A., M.A.; English, Jour- 
nalism. Great Books, Quill and Scroll, 
(r) JOAN O. COOPER-A.B.; English. 


8 Teachers Join 'Ridge 

(j) TED GELB-B.F.A.; Art Craft, Stage Craft, 
(k) WILLIAM E. GIBSON-B.S., M.S.; Math. Dept. 

(I) WANDA GOURLEY-B.S.; Art. Sophomore Co- 

(m) MAE F. GRAVES-B.S., M.A.; Child Devel- 
opment, Family Health, Men's Foods, 
gebra, General Math, Basic Math. Sophomore 

(o) JOANN GRISSOM-B.S., M.S.; Jr. Counselor, 

(p) FRANCES H. GRUBBS-B.S., M.S.; Foods, Fam 
ily Living. 

(q) DAVID R. HAMMER-A.B., M.S.; French, 

(r) LINDA HANSON-M.S.; Foods. Pom-Pom 


(a) B.E. COULON-B.S., M.S.; Graphic Arts. 

(b) DORCAS CRAVENS-B.A.; English. 

(c) JOYCE CRIST- Developmental Reading. 

(d) MARY DAVIS-B.S., M.A.; Clothing, 

(e) JAN DEAN— B.S.; Advanced Library Experience 

(f) MARY ESTERL1NE-B.A.; English. Co-sponsor 
Student Council. 

P.E., Dr. Education; Dept, Head. Coach Reserve 

(h) RON FREELAND-B.S., M.S.; Math, Physics. Re- 
serve Basketball Coach. 

(i) ERNEST FRIGO-B.S., M.S.; Math. Sr. Class 


(a) JAMES A. HAUSMAN-B.S.; U.S. History. Cross- 
country and Track Coach. 

(b) JOHN E. HAYNES-B.S.; Basic Art, Advanced 
Art. Co-sponsor Fellowhsip of Christian Athletes. 

(c) P.H. HIRSCH-B.S., M.A.; English, Film Crit., 
Dramatics, Speech. Footlights, Thespians. 

(d) M.S. HUCKLEBERRY-B.S., M.S.; Social Studies, 

(e) ROBERT HOUSTON- B.S., M.S.; Gov't, Econ., 
Social Studies, U.S. History, Psychology. The An- 
nual, Quill and Scroll. 

(f) SANDRA HUNT-B.S.; Health, P.E. Girls' Track, 
Field Team, Intramural Swimming and Gymnastics. 

(g) JEAN M. JACKSON-B.A., M.A.; Social Studies, 
(h) MATTIE JOHNSON-A.B., M.S.; Library 

(i) AZILEE KINCAIDE-A.B., M.A.; English, Mass 

(j) CONSTANCE B. KIRBY-B.A.; M.A.; Spanish, 
English. Exercise in Knowledge, 
(k) DONALD W. MANNAN-M.S., B.S.; Social 

(I) ERNESTINE M. MCCREE-B.S.; jewelry, Art. 
(m) LYNN MCDOWELL- B.S.; Government, Amer- 
ican and World History. Cheerleaders. 

(n) SUSAN MCNIEL-B.S.; Business Education 

Data Processing, Typing, Business Opportunities. 

Junior Class Sponsor and Financial Advisor. 

(o) JOHN MEDJESKI-B.M., M.M.; Orchestra, 

Strings, General Music. String Ensemble. 

(p) HELEN MOELLER-B.S.; English. 

(q) WILLIAM R. MORGAN-B.S., M.S.; Economics 

and Government. Chess Club. 

(r) MARTHALOU NEWLAND- Adult Library 




(a) CHARLES E. THOMAS- B.S.; Health, Phys. Ed v 
Drug Ed. 

(b) CHARLES J. THOMAS-B.S., M.S.; Electricity, 
Mech, Drawing. Department Head. 

(c) DON THOMAS-B.S.; M.S.-Assistant Dean of 
Men. Head Basketball Coach. 

(d) STEPHEN M. TOLIN-B.S., M.S.; Intro, to Social 
Studies, Basic Math, U.S. History. Tennis Coach. 

(e) RODERIC TRABUE-B.S., M.S.; Freshman Cuid 
ance Counselor. Lettermans' Club, Freshman Bas 
ketball and Football. 

istry, Advanced Chemistry. 

(g) LUCILLE C. WAHL-A.B., M.S.; Math, 


(i) RUTH ANN WEBB-B.S., M.B.A.; Accounting 
Recordkeeping, Typing. Department Head. 


"Activity" Word 
For Seniors 

Activity describes the senior perfectly. 
The Senior Council generated much sup- 
port and enthusiasm for the Junior and 
Senior Prom, the Senior Class Play, and 
Homecoming festivities. 

Innovation was a trademark for the class 
of 75 and this year's Senior Council has 
maintained that standard by sponsoring 
the first Annual Basketball Homecoming 
Dance in February. The Basketball 
Homecoming featured a King rather 
than having a Princess as the Football 
Homecoming did. 

Right— Buddy Ross' shock is apparent as Joye Car- 
ter presents him with the traditional Prom King 

Below left— In this years' Senior Class Play, "Design 
for Murder", Marilyn Thomas and Ernest Jarrett 
"psych" themselves up for a dramatic sequence. 

Senior Council: Front row— Thomas Parker— Vice Pres., Keith Lasher— Treas., Joye Carter— Sec, 
Ed Ramsey— Pres., Theresa Hazelwood, Mary Coleman, Alycia Adams, Cogi Napier, Mialon 
Walton, Thea Brown, Portia Spencer, Dana Yowell. Second row— Lucia Spears, Mr. Ernest 
Frigo— Sponsor, Lynn Mathis, Carl Rice, Tyler Jones, Velinda Ferguson, Thomas Williams, Selina 
France, James Allen, Gail Smith. 

Above— Where to from here? seems to be the question Liz 
French asks as she explores the many displays and booths at the 
Senior Thing. 

Above— Seniors receive instruction from professionals about the 
community during the Senior Thing. 

"Where to 
From Here? . . ." 

"Where to from here? . . ." is a mind- 
twisting question that is asked by every 
senior at one time or another. Fortu- 
nately, Shortridge's "Senior Thing" pro- 
vides uncertain seniors with an opportu- 
nity to meet representatives from more 
than 150 colleges, universities, and local 

Right— Judy Garrett investigates a new possibility. 
Like many other seniors Judy is leaving no stone 
unturned when considering opportunities for the 

Below— Scalp the Braves, indeed. Spirit peaks dur- 
ing the Homecoming parade at half-time. 

ADAMS, ALYCIA-Treas. Junior Class; Senior 

Council; 74 Vaudeville; True Blue; Student 

Council; Betty Crocker Winner. 



ALLEN, CAROLYN-73 Vaudeville. 

ALLEN, JAMES— Senior Council; Junior Policy; 

73, 74, 75 Vaudeville; Spanish Club; Career 

Sampling; German Club; Key Club; Stage Crew; 

Student Council; I.U. Summer Health. 

ALLEY, JAY-Fres., Res., Vars. Basketball; Fresh., 

Res., Vars. Football; German Club; Lettermens' 

Club; Nat. Honor Soc. 

ANDERSON, FLORA-Junior Graduate. 




Shortridge Senior Plot Their Courses 

BELK, CHERYL -Glee Club; Career Sampling; 

Red Cross Club; Echo. 


BEMBRY, KATHERINE R.-Senior Council; 74, 

75 Vaudeville, Pom Pom Girl; Spanish Club; 

Pep Club; Senior Float Com.; Key Club; Nat. 

Honor Soc; Y-Teens; Art Club. 

BENN, JAMES SOLOMON -Junior Policy; 74, 

75 Vaudeville; Glee Club; A Cappella; Choral 

Club; Madrigals; Footlights; Le Cercle Francais; 

Human Relations; Thespians; Student Council; 

Annual; Art Club; Senior Play 73. 



BLAND, WILLIAM JR.-Art Club; Career 

BOLER, CECILIA -Junior Policy; 73, 74, 75 
Vaudeville; A Cappella; Madrigals; Footlights; 
Nat. Honor Soc; Human Relations; Student 
Council; Thespians, Jr. Vaudeville Program Edi- 
tor; New Establishment. 

BOYD, VICKIE E.-Young Life; Girls' Drill 

Team; True Blue; Pep Club; Career Sampling. 


Team; Pres. of O.E.A., Outstanding Student 

from ASWA. 

BRADFORD, VERLINt -73 Vaudeville; Y- 

Teens; Library. 


BROWN, ALENE-True Blue; Skating Club. 

BROWN, CELENE -True Blue; Spanish Club. 


BUSH, CHARLES-Junior Graduate. 




■ ■■ .. :.' ■ 

si ^ % i W i 


As the Year Swiftly Passes 


CANNON, SHELIA R.-News Bureau; Glee 
Club; Pom-Pom Girl; True Blue; Soccer; Bowl- 
ing; Track; Career Sampling; Exercise in Knowl- 
edge; Human Relations Council; Library Asst.; 
Student Council; Y-Teens; 71 Homecoming 


CLARDY, SUE-Jr. Policy, 74 Junior Vaudeville; 
Glee Club; A Cappella; Madrigals; Pep Club; 
Letterman; Human Relations Council; Vars. V- 

CLARK, LINA REA— Career Sampling; Library 
Asst.; Y-Teens; junior Graduate. 
COBB, JENNIFER-Career Sampling. 
COLEMAN, MARY-Jr. Policy; Sr. Council; 74 
Jr. Vaudeville; Spanish Club; Pep Club; Math 
Club; Letterman; Library Asst.; Y-Teens; Soph- 
omore Council; Vars. V-Ball. 

CONWAY, HAROLD-Sr. Council; 74, 75 
Vaudeville; Fresh., Res., Vars. Basketball; Bowl- 
ing; Key Club; Human Relations; Stage Crew; 
Student Council; Thespians. 


DANIEL, DEBORAH JEAN-74, 75 Vaudeville 
Act Chairman; 73, 74, 75 Vaudeville; Glee 
Club; A Cappella; Madrigals; Career Sampling; 
Footlights; Human Relations; Thespians; New 

DAVIS, LYNN-Jr. Class Treasurer; Junior Policy; 
75 Vaudeville Act Chairman; Pom Pom Girl; 
True Blue; Spanish Club; Pep Club; Home- 
coming Float Chairman; Student Council; Y- 
Teens; Art Club; Annual; Homecoming Queen 
Candidate; Junior Grad. 

DEFRANTZ, JAMES-Junior Policy; A Band; A 

Orch.; Fresh., Res. Basketball; Nat. Honor Soc; 

Junior Graduate. 




DORRIS, JULIET CHERYLE-Senior Council; 74 

Vaudeville; Human Relations; Library. 

DORSEY, KIM-Vars. Baseball, Bowling, Stage 


DRESSER, WILLIAM-Res., Vars. Baseball, 

Soccer. - ■—. ,- 



I J-.."..;'; 


Right— Starry-eyed fans look on as Lamont (Goose) 
Gilbert displays his basketball talent. 

Seniors Bruce Bohl ande r and Ponce Watkins listen 
attentively to th^Mflfeh^n German class. 


Senior Class Headed 

DUDLEY, DEBRA LYNN-Vaudeville; PomPom 
Girl; Girls' League; True Blue; Pep Club; Key 
Club; Red Cross Club; Sophomore Council; Ju- 
nior Prom Comm. 

DUNCAN, TANYA-Glee Club; Pom Pom Girl; 
True Blue; Basketball; Library Assit.; Student 
Council; Y-Teens. 

EALY, WILLIE-73 Vaudeville; B Band; Fresh., 
Res., Basketball; Var. Cross Country; Footlights; 
Lettermen's Club; Stage Crew. 

EDMONDS, TERRY-Sr. Council; Glee Club; 
Pom Pom Girl; Math Club; Library Assit.; Stu- 
dent Council. 

EDWARDS,' VANJEAN A.- 74 Vaudeville; Glee 
Club; A Capella. 

ELLIS, RONALD JAY-Fresh. Football; Le Cercle 
Francais; Nat. Honor Soc. 
ERVIN, BRENDA-Red Cross Club; Career 

ERVIN, CAROL— Sr. Council; Sophomore Coun- 
cil; Nat. Honor Soc; 74 Girls State; Human 

ERVIN, VICKI-Y-Teens; Honors Studies Pro- 
gram; News Bureau; 75 Vaudeville; Pom Pom 
Girl; Spanish Club; Pep Club; Career Sampling; 
Key Club. 

For Better Things 

Above— Chewing on his pen stimulates senior Dave 
White's brain cells. 


FARLEY, THELMA-Glee Club; Junior Graduate. 

FENCEROY, DIANA-Nat. Honor Soc; Junior 


FERGUSON, VELINDA- Senior Council; Junior 

Policy; Vaudeville Act Chairman; '73, '74 

Vaudeville; Glee Club; Choral Club; A Capella; 

Madrigals; Band; Orchestra; True Blue; Pep 

Club; Career Sampling; Footlights; Key Club; 

Human Relations; Red Cross Club; Student 


FEWELL, JOHN-Soccer; Fresh., Vars. Football; 

Golf; Tennis; Career Sampling; Letterman's 



FINNELL, GENNIFER-Student Council; Nat. 

Honor Soc; '74 Vaudeville; Glee Club; Pom 

Pom Girl; True Blue; Track; Career Sampling; 

Honor Pin; Pres. of D.E.C.A. 

FISHER, GARY-Jr. Vaudeville Act Chairman; Jr. 

Prom Comm. Chairman; Footlights; Junior 




FOREMAN, CYNTHIA-Junior Graduate; Pom 
Pom Girl; Track; Nat. Honor Soc. 
FRANCE, SELINA-Sr. Council; Jr. Policy; Jr. 
Vaudeville Act Chairman; Jr. Prom Comm. 
Chairman; '74 Vaudeville; Glee Club; Choral 
Club; A Capella; I.U. Honor Language Study; 
Girls League; Girls' Basketball; Track; Pep Club; 
Career Sampling; Footlights; Math Club; Honor 
Pin; Le Cercle Francais; Lettermans' Club; Nat. 
Honor Soc; Human Relations; Library; Student 
Council; Thespians; Honor Studies Program; 
Who's Who In High School; Volleyball; Soph. 



GALLAGHER, JAMES-Fresh. Football; Colt- 
German Club. 

GARRETT, JUDY-Sr. Council; Jr. Policy; A 
Band; Orchestra; Majorette; True Blue; Pep 
Club; Track; Honor Pin; Key Club; Lettermans' 
Club; Nat. Honor Soc; Student Council; Y- 
Teens; Res. and Var. Cheerleader. 

GILBERT, STANLEY-Career Sampling; Library; 
Stage Crew; Junior Achievement; 
GOODRICH, GRANT-A Capella; Res. Base- 
ball; Junior Graduate. 

GRANT, JAMES-Band; Orchestra; Wrestling; 
Var. Football; Career Sampling; Lettermans' 


and Var. Football; Fresh., Res., and Var. Basket- 
ball; Lettermans' Club; F.C.A. 
HALE, VALERIE-71, '72 Vaudeville; Girls' Drill 
Team; ROTC. 

National Honor Society: Front row— Edward Ramsey, Jay Phelps, Cindy Swanson, Sandi Schwarzin, Diana Fenceroy, Kayanne DeBow, LaNita 
Sanders, Michelle Davis, Suzy Dove, Denise Berry, Jeanine Herold, Nancy Hernly, Charles Wimbleduff. Second row— Carnise Bell, Ricky How- 
ell, Pamela Turner, Alice Terry, Becky Gordon, Delores Roddy, Matthew Murphy, David Thuma, Milton Keys, Cathy Herod, Portia Spencer, 
Mia-Lon Walton, Leah Hickerson, Kathy Bembry, James DeFrantz, Carol Ervin. Third row— Wendall Hall, Richard Rourke, John White, Judy 
Garrett, Gennifer Finnell, Cynthia Foreman, Denise Fields, Lewis Ryker, Cynthia Boatright, Kelly Sue Osgood, Keith Lasher, Bradley Garing, 
Ronnie Ellis. 

Shortridge NHS is Active, 


HARPER, JENNIFER-Girls' Volleyball; Career 
Sampling; Footlights; Library; Annual. 
cer; Key Club; Fresh, and Var. Track; Nat. 
Honor Soc. 

HAZELWOOD, THERESA- Senior Council; Ju- 
nior Policy; 74 Vaudeville; Echo Page Editor; 
Glee Club; Choral Club; Pom Pom Girl; Pep 
Club; Career Sampling; Key Club; Quill and 
Scroll; Y-Teens. 

HEARD, ELENORA-73 Vaudeville; True Blue; 

Red Cross Club; Y-Teens. 




HILL, MELVINA-Junior Graduate. 





Baseball; Golf; Lettermens' Club. 






INGRAM, BELINDA-Junior Graduate 


[ " w r ' 

O s| 


i bEt 

if J 

■ «i i j 

1974 Honor Society Initiates: Front row-^Dave 
White, Joye Carter, Martha Ringel, Selina Above _Kayanne DeBow proudly accepts her blue- 
France, Mary Coleman Second row- jay Alley, and . white H onor Society ribbons from Ms. Kincaide. 
Dan Read, Thomas, Williams, Laurie Gardner, 
Lucia Spears. 

The National Honor Society, once 
an exclusively senior organization, 
initiated outstanding members of 
the junior class this year for the 
second time. Nevertheless, the So- 
ciety has still maintained its high 
principles of Character, Leadership, 
Scholarship, and Service. Fund- 
raising projects for a NHS scholar- 
ship to be presented in the spring,. 

ii i\.iuuuu iiuiii^iuuj ivsiicti ifL 

parties and contests among the 
classes. Revival of the National 
Honor Society tutorial program 
was also a part of this year's So- 
ciety agenda. 

Resourceful and Creative 

JARRETT, ERNEST M. Ill-Junior Policy; 73, 74, 
75 Vaudeville; News Bureau; Glee Club; A Ca- 
pella; Madrigals; Bowling; Pep Club; Career 
Sampling; Footlights; Human Relations; Student 
Council; Thespians. 

JOHNSON, JAMES-News Bureau; Footlights, 
74, 75 Vaudeville; Key Club Publicity 


JONES, JEFFEEY LEE-Junior Policy, Senior 
Council, 73, 74, 75 Vaudeville; Glee Club; 
Choral Club; A Capella; Madrigals; Res., Var. 
Track; Career Sampling; Footlights; Human Re- 
lations; Student Council. 

JONES, MICHELLE-B and A Band; B and A 
Orch.; Pom Pom Girl; Student Council; Y- 
Teens; Res., Vars. Cheerleader; Jamboree 


JONES, RHONDA- 73 Vaudeville; Girls' Drill 
Team; Career Sampling. 

JONES, RICHARD S.-Pit Band; A. Band; Res. 
Baseball, Soccer, Bowling, Chess Club Pres.; Ex- 
ercise in Knowledge; Math Club, Nat. Honor 


JONES, TYLER-Senior Council, 73, 74 Vaude- 
ville; A Capella; A Band; Res., Vars. Baseball; 
Homecoming Float; Footlights; Lettermens' 
Club; Stage Crew; Student Council; Thespians. 
LASHER, KEITH-Junior Policy; Senior Class 
Treas. 72, 73, 74, 75 Vaudeville; A Capella; 
Madrigals; A Band; Drum Major; Footlights 
Pres.; Nat. Honor Soc; Stage Crew; Annual; 74 
Senior Play Director. 

LAURAY, SHARON-Glee Club; Band; Spanish 
Club; Career Sampling; Debate Club; Foot- 
lights; Math Club; Great Books Club; Nat. 
Honor Soc; Human Relations; Student Council; 
Y-Teens; Honor Studies Program; Nat. Achieve- 
ment Semi-finalist; Annual; COE. 
LIPKINS, BYRON-73, 74, 75 Vaudeville; Ju- 
nior Policy; New Establishment; A Band; Or- 
chestra; Spanish Club; Var. Baseball; Res., Var. 
Football; Key Club Board of Directors; Let- 
termens' Club; Human Relations; Art Club; Pep 
Band; Pit Band; All City Band and Orch. 




MCCLURY, KARLA-True Blue; Spanish Club; 

Career Sampling; Library; Y-Teens. 

MCFARLAND, LINDA-Clee Club; Track. 

MCFARLAND, THERESA-Jr. Policy; 74 Vaude- 
ville; Girls' League; True Blue; Pep Club; Career 
Sampling; Great Books Club; Latin Club. 
MCGRONE, MARION-Glee Club; Career 
Sampling; Student Council; Young Life. 
MILLER, DAWN-True Blue; Y-Teens*. 

MILLER, KEVIN-Spanish Club; Fresh., Var. 

Football; Res., Fresh. Basketball; Lettermans' 




MOORE, DEBRA-Career Sampling 

iors Display 

Above— Being first in his class hasn't affected Dan Read's 
golf game, as shown here. 

Senior Honor Roll 


1. Peter Daniel Read 

2. Richard Jones 

3. David White 

4. Michael Watkins 

5. Thomas Williams 

6. Selina France 

7. Joye Carter 

8. Lucia Spears 

9. Jeanine Murrell 

10. Mary Coleman 

11. Brian Hawkins 

12. Martha Ringel 

13. Laurie Gardner 

14. James E. DeFrantz 

15. Ronald J. Ellis 

16. Gloria Myers 

17. Portia Spencer 

18. Kayanne DeBow 

19. Jay Alley 

20. Kathryn J. Black 



Cynthia Swanson 



William Dresser 



Paula Turner 



Edward Ramsey 



Mia-Lon Walton 



Brian Thomas 



Katherine Bembry 



John White 



Vincent French 



Diane Fenceroy 



Teresa McFarland 



Cynthia Boatright 



Gennifer Finnell 



Mary L. Ratcliff 



Dawn Miller 



Keith Lasher 


37. TJolores K. Roddy 



Jennifer Taylor 



Carol Ervin 



Judith Garrett 

Outstanding Scholarship 

Above- Seniors Sonja Taylor and Harold Con- 
way demonstrate the attentive attitude which 
earned good grades this year. 

MOORE, GWENDOLYN-Junior Policy; Girls' 
Drill Team; ROTC. 
MOORE, IRIS-Glee Club. 
MOORE, JOE JR.-Bowling; Fresh. Football; 
Fresh. Track; Career Sampling; Stage Crew. 
MOORE, KENNETH-Jr. Policy; 74, '75 Vaude- 
ville; Cross Country; Track; Career Sampling; 
Footlights; Human Relations; Stage Crew; Stu- 
dent Council. 
MOORE, TONI-Career Sampling 

MORRIS, MICHAEL- 75 Vaudeville; Choral 
Club; Glee Club; A Capella; Madrigals; Cross 
Country; Track; Lettermans' Club; Stage Crew; 

MORSE, JEFFREY-73 Vaudeville; Glee Club; 
Stage Crew. 

MOSLEY, GEORGE-Senior Council Junior Pol- 
icy; 73, 74, 75 Vaudeville; A Capella; Madrig- 
als; A Band; Footlights; Fresh., Vars. Football; 
Track; Lettermans' Club; Human Relations; Stu- 
dent Council; Thespians. 
MURPHY, KAREN-Career Sampling. 

MURRELL, JEANNINE-73, 74, 75 Vaudeville; 
Junior Policy; Spanish Club; Footlights; Key 
Club; Lettermans' Club; Honor Pin; Nat. Honor 
Soc.; Library; Human Relations; Thespians; 
Fresh., Res., Vars. Cheerleader. 
MYERS, GLORIA J.-Vaudeville Chairman; 73, 
75, 76 Vaudeville; Glee Club; A Capella; Ca- 
reer Sampling; Footlights; Math Club; Nat. 
Honor Soc; Human Relations; Student Council; 


NAPIER, GOG!— Senior Counci; Junior Policy; 
Glee Club; A Capella; Girls' Drill Team; Pep 
Club; Float Comm.; Career Sampling; Human 
Relations; Library; Student Council. 
NOLCOX, BLENDA- Senior Council; A and B 
Band; Lettermans' Club; Honor Pin; Track; Pep 
Club; Library; Homecoming Queen; Art Club. 
OATES, CASSANDRA-Glee Club; Girls' Drill 
Team; True Blue; Career Sampling; ROTC. 

PAICELY, VALERIE-Junior Policy; Spanish Club; 
Career Sampling; Student Council Y-Teens; 
Who's Who in High School. 
Senior Class; Publicity Chairman Junior Class; 
Chairman Jr. Prom Comm.; Key Club; Nat. 
Honor Soc; Student Council; Art Club; New 

PATTON, NATHANIEL-Res. and Var. Baseball; 
Bowling; Var. Football; Wrestling; Stage Crew; 
Young Life; Fellowship Christian Athletes. 
PEACOCK, DENISE-Young Life; Career 
Sampling ° 


PERRY, YVONNE-Glee Club; Spanish Club. 
PETERS, SUSAN-Career Sampling; T 

PETERSON, LINDA-Mat-maids, Art Club, Jan. 


PIERSON, LINDA JOAN-Career Sampling; Red 

Cross Club. 





RAMSEY, EDWARD E.-Senior Class Pres.; Se- 
nior Council; Junior Policy; 72 Vaudeville; 
Echo; A and B Band; I.U. Honor Language 
Study; Spanish Club; Chess Club; Math Club; 
Career Sampling; Soccer; Res. and Var. Base- 
ball; Fresh. Res., and Var. Basketball; Key Club; 
Lettermens' Club; Nat. Honor Society; Student 
Council; ROTC 

RATCLIFF, CRAIG-Fresh., and Var Football 
manager; Track; Var. Wrestling; Lettermens' 
Club; Drill Team; FCA. 

READ, PETER DANIEL-72, 73, 74 Vaudeville; 
Glee Club; Golf; Tennis; Key Club; Lettermen's 
Club; Stage Crew; Student Council; Nat. Honor 
Soc. Vice Pres.; NCTE Certificate. 

Below— Selina France is amazed and 
alert on the volleyball court. 

The Class of 75 Bids Farewell And Good 

Mr. Freeland's physics class became temporary 
gourmet cooks when they tried making ice cream. 


Luck to Remaining Underclassmen 

REED, WINIFRED-Pom Pom Girl; Pep Club;. 
Bowling; Y-Teens. 

REEVES, DARRELL-Junior Policy; Bowling; Var. 
Baseball; Fresh, and Res. Basketball; Fresh., 
Res., and Var Football; Key Club; Lettermens' 
Club Pres.; Student Council; FCA; Young Life. 
RENT, RITA-Majorette. 

RICE, CARL C. JR.-Senior Council; Junior Pol- 
icy; 75 Vaudeville; A Capella; Bowling; Track; 
Footlights; Key Club; Stage Crew; Student 
Council; Thespians; Annual. 

RINGLE, MARTHA JANE-72,'73,'74, 75, 
Vaudeville; Choral Club; A Capella; Madrigals; 
B. Orchestra; Footlights; Nat. Honor Soc; Li- 
brary; Thespians Sec./Treas. 

RODDY, DOLORES- 72 Vaudeville, A and B 
Band; Spanish Club Vice-Pres.; Career Sam- 
pling; Nat. Honor Soc; Student Council; Y- 
Teens Pres.; Art Club; Junior Graduate. 

ROOKS, DEBBIE- 74, 75 Vaudeville; Glee 
Club; Pom Pom Girl; Career Sampling, Foot- 
lights; Soccer; Student Council; Thespians; 
Who's Who in High School. 
ROSS, ANDY-Junior Policy; 74 Vaudeville; A 
Capella; Band; Orchestra; Wrestling; Vars. 
Football; Key Club; Lettermens' Club; FCA. 
ROWE, SYLVESTER-Senior Council; Junior Pol- 
icy; 73 Vaudeville; News Bureau; Glee Club; 
Choral Club; New Establishment; Spanish Club; 
Res. and Var. Basketball; Cross Country; Fresh. 
Football; Track; Career Sampling Club; Key 
Club; Lettermens' Club; Human Relations; Stu- 
dent Council. 

SAPERSTEIN, ERIC-Junior Policy; 72, 73, 74 
Vaudeville; Footlights; Human Relations; Stage 
Crew; Student Council; Thespians. 
SHOFFNER, HELEN-74 Vaudeville; Girls' Drill 
Team; True Blue; Track; Pep Club; Career Sam- 
pling; Y-Teens; ROTC. 

SIEGEL, PRENTICE J.-Senior Council; 74 and 
75 Vaudeville; A Capella; Band; Career Samp. 
Footlights; Lettermens' Club; Football Manager; 
Wrestling Manager; Track; Career Sampling; 
Footlights; Lettermens' Club; ROTC; Young 
Life; FCA. 

SIMMONS, BYRON-B Band; Res., Fresh , and 
Var Basketball. 


SMITH, GAIL— Junior Class Vice. Pres.; Senior 
Council; Junior Policy; Junior Prom Comm. 
Chairman; Glee Club; A Capella; Madrigals; 
Pom Pom Girl; 72, 73, 74, 75 Vaudeville; 
Track; Float Chairman; Footlights; Human Rela- 
tions; Student Council; Thespians. 

SPEARS, LUCIA MARION-Senior Council; Ju- 
nior Policy; 72, 73 Vaudeville; Glee Club; Cho- 
ral Club; A Capella; Madrigals; Footlights Vice 
Pres.; Key Club; Pep Club; Human Relations; 
Nat. Honor Soc; Student Council Treasurer; 
Thespians; ANNUAL. 

SPENCER, PORTIA- Senior Council; Junior Pol- 
icy; Vaudeville Act Chairman; 72, 73, 74, 75 
Vaudeville, Pep Club; Float Chairman; Career 
Sampling, Le Cercle Francais; Nat. Honor Soc; 
Student Council; Thespians; DAR Award; Art 

Above— Senior Council practices what it did best. 




Below-With outstretched eyes and steady arms, Tim 
Rush contemplates. 

Graduation, the Perfect 

SULLIVAN, CAROL-Library Asst.; 

man Club; Career Sampling; Nat. Honor 
Soc.; Junior Grad. 

TAYLOR, JENNIFER-True Blue; Spanish 
Club; Pep Club; Library Asst.; Y-Teens; 
Who's Who in High School. 

TAYLOR, MICHAEL-Vars. Basketball. 


Above— In a contest to see who can play loudest, these se- 
nior trombone players concentrate heavily on the music 
before them. 

Below— These sexy legs belong to two of our star athletes, 
who entered the Echo "Best-Looking Legs" contest in 

THOMAS, MARILYN-Spanish Club; Pep 
Club; Career Sampling; Footlights; Math 
Club; Who's Who in High School; Junior 
Achievement; Swimming Club. 

TOOLEY, RONALD-Var. Baseball, 
Bowling; Letterman; Library Asst.; Stage 
Crew; Young Life. 


TUCKER, ARTHER-C Band; Stage Crew; 

Latin Club. 

Climax to a Perfect Year. 

reer Sampling; Key Club; Girl's League; 
True Blue; Nat. Honor Soc; Human Re- 
lations Council; Library Asst.; Y-Teens; 
Honor Studies Program; Who's Who in 
High School. 

WALKER, SHARON-Girls' Drill Team; 
ROTC; Latin Club. 

WALSTON, BRENDA-True Blue; Span- 
ish Club; Career Sampling 

WALTON, MIA-LON-74 Jr. Vaudeville; 
ECHO Page Editor; Spanish Club; Pep 
Club; Sr. Float Comm.; Key Club; Career 
Sampling; Quill and Scroll; Nat. Honor 
Soc; Library Asst.; Y-Teens; Most Prom- 
ising Journalist Award. 

WARE, JACKIE-74 Jr. Vaudeville; Track; 
Career Sampling; Letterman; Human Re- 
lations; Student Council; Girl's Basket- 
ball; Volleyball; Library Asst. 

Vaudeville; Glee Club; A Cappella; Jr. 
Prom Com.; Library Asst.; ANNUAL Staff; 
Junior Graduate. 

WHITE, DAVID-74 Jr. Vaudeville; 
ECHO Editor-in-chief; New Bureau; Key 
Club; Golf; Tennis; Bowling; Soccer; Res. 
Baseball; Chess Club; Exercise in Know.; 
Quill and Scroll; Letterman; Nat. Honor 
Soc; Outstanding Teenager of America. 


New Things to 
Come as High 
School Ends 

The Class of 75 will look back on their 
four years at Shortridge with a kaleido- 
scope of memories. There will always 
linger in the mind of every class member 
a unique collection of experiences and 
events that will characterize his or her 
high school years and bring about that 
occasional good feeling that comes with 

Ron Tooiey gives an S-H-O-R-T-R-l-D-G-E as he 
leads a cheer during a heated pep session. 




WILLIAMS, DEBRA-Career Sampling; 

Spanish Club. 


Club; Junior Achievement. 
WILLIAMS, KERRY-Var., Res. Baseball; 
Lettermens' Club; Stage Crew 
Girls' League; True Blue; Track 

WILLIAMS, THOMAS-Senior Council; 
Junior Policy; Vaudeville Act Chairman; 
72, 75 Vaudeville; Annual; Footlights; 
Key Club; Pres. Nat. Honor Soc; Pres. 
Human Relations; Pres. Student Council; 
Pres. Thespians; Nat. Achievement Semi- 
finalist; NCTE Certificate; Who's Who in 
High School. 

WILSON, CECILE-Junior Policy; True 
Blue; Girls' Drill Team; Pep Club; Career 
Sampling; Red Cross Club; Y-Teens; 
ROTC; Who's Who in High School; Mili- 
. tary Ball Queen 1972. 
WILSON, DIANNE-Senior Council; 
True Blue; Career Sampling; Spanish 
Club; Student Council. 
WISEMAN, JAMES-74 Vaudeville; Glee 
Club; Varsity Football; Track; Career 
Sampling; Lettermens' Club; ROTC. 

WOODSON, ROGER-Bowling; Cross 
Country; Track. 

ville; Senior Council; News Bureau Asso- 
ciate Ed.; Junior Policy; True Blue; Girls' 
League; Pep Club; Career Sampling; 
1: Sec/Treas. Footlights; Key Club; Quill 
and Scroll; Human Relations; Library; 
Student Council. 

Seeking the future, 
While the evanescent 
Past fades like darkness 
at the sunrise. 

Taking a new step, 
While the security and 
Certainty of the present 
Crumbles on the edges. 

Reaching an old dream, 
With the persistence and 
Courage that made it 

Vaudeville Uses Professional Scripts 

For the first year, the junior class 
elected all women officers, with 
Kay Debow as Pres., Michele 
McClure as V.-Pres., LaDonna 
Puckett Sec. and Lynn Davis Treas. 

Junior Policy was hard at work to 
raise money for Junior Vaudeville. 
They tried something new this year 
by making all five acts scripts from 
Carol Burnett. Gloria Myers, as 
chairman of V.V., was in charge of 
putting the show, including inter- 
mission acts, together. 

Shawn Allison, Derek D. An- 
derson, Kim Anthony, Fostena 
Bacon, Jacqueline Bacon, An- 
thony Bailey. 

Debbie Baker, Evelyn Barnett, 
Joseph Beck, Carnise Bell, Pa- 
tricia Benning, Elester 

Cynthia Beverly, Tony Bibbs, 
Vera Bickett, Belinda Bi- 
ngham, Dwight Birdsong, 
Beverly Bland. 

Ginger Blumenthal, Marvin 
Boatright, Patricia Bowes, Pa- 
tricia Boyd, Leslie Bridge- 
water, Michele Brown. 

Wilbert Buckner, Charles 
Bush, Audrene Byrd, Kenneth 
Caldwell, Karen Campbell, 
Lina Clark. 

Freddie demons, Barbara 
Coleman, Carolyn Coleman, 
Lawrence Coleman, Mark 
Coles, Roger Cooper. 

Debora Cougan, Karen Cross- 
land, Donald Crumpton, Ron- 
ald Crumpton, Michele Davis, 
Pete Davisson. 

Junior Policy: Front row-Karen Crossland, Theresa Joyce, Michele McClure, Kayanne Debow, LaDonna 
Puckett, Gloria Myers, Ms. Susan McNiel— sponsor; Second row— Bill McClure, Betsey Hatchel, LaNita Sand- 
ers, Alice Terry, Richy Howell, Karen Bledsoe, Carol Ray, Sherman Malone, Jim DeFrantz; Third row— Nor- 
man Allen, Elizabeth Snorton, Debbie Cougan, Jeanine Herold, Janet Carter, Georgette Fraction, Linda Over- 
ton, Denise Wethington. 

Above— "Home was never like this," 
says junior Cynthia Foreman at the 
Homecoming dance. 


Kayanne Debow, Clifton Dol- 
lison, Suzy Dove, Tricia Duck- 
worth, LaTanya Duncan, 
Danny Dunlap, Kimberly 
Dycus, Carlette Elliot, Ronnie 

Harry Ennis, Sandra Ervin, Julie 
Evans, Vanjean Edwards, 
Thelma Farley, Denise Fields, 
Kenneth Fields, Cherrie Flip- 
pen, Anne Fine. 

Gary Fisher, Gary Flowers, Cy- 
nthia Foreman, Georgette 
Fraction, Adrian Franklin, An- 
ita Franklin, Kevin Fuqua, 
Ricky Gaddis, Bradley Garing. 

Racquel Garvin, Donald 
Colder, Louis Goldman, Grant 
Goodrich, Becky Gordon, In- 
grid Grant, Rayford Griffin, 
Wendell Hall, Christopher 

Brenda Harmon, Kenneth 
Harper, Joe Hart, Betsey 
Hatchel, Kirk Hawkins, Rach- 
eal Hayes, Richard Heard, Sa- 
rah Helmer, Francis Hender- 

Above-"Don't stall in the hall," Bob Scanlon seems to be saying to junior 
Lynn Davis. 

Right— Marcellus Greene pulls back on defense waiting for the Brebeuf drive 
on the basket during a tense moment of a Shortridge winning game. 

Thinking about writing "the great Ameri 

Class of 76 Elects First Woman President 

David Henson, Nancy Hernly, 
Cathy Herod, Jeanine Herold, 
Deborah Hester, Leah Hicker- 
son, Melvina Hill, Sherry Hol- 
land, )ulia House. 

Randy Howell, Ricky Howell, 
Sheryl Hunt, Debra Jones, 
Doris Jones, Karen Jones, Mar- 
lene Jones, Sandra Jones, Tal- 
bert Jones. 

Gale Jordan, Theresa Joyce, 
Arnold Keith, Donald Kelly, 
Beth Ann Kennedy, Leatha 
Kennedy, Milton Keys, Dianne 
Lawrence, David Lawson. 

Patricia Lee, Arnold Lewis, 
Kim Lindsey, Terry Lisenby, 
Vikki Locke, David Lockhart, 
Terri Lyons, Diane Martin, 
Pierre Martin. 

Kyle Mason, Johnny Mathis, 
Victor McCarley, Alice Mc- 
Clendon, Anthony McClen- 
don, Michele McClure, 
William McClure, Robert 
McDaniels, Paula Mcintosh. 

Shirley McQueen, Anthony 
Middleton, Diana Miller, Gary 
Mitchell, Sandra Mitchell, Da- 
vid Morris, Matthew Murphy, 
Linda Myers, Shelly Napier. 

Patricia Nicholas, Kelley Os- 
good, Linda Overton, Terry 
Paicely, Sheila Patton, John 
Peacock, Carol Pell, Gerald 
Perkins, Jay Phelps. 


Patrice Phelps, Terri Pierson, 
Alfreda Polin, David Pope, 
Joni Poole, LaDonna Puckett, 
Ronnella Radford, Mary 
Radcliff, Carol Ray. 

Andrew Richardson, Greg 
Roach, Connie Roberts, Linda 
Roberts, Edward Robinson, 
Delores Roddy, Nancy Rode- 
heffer, Clarence Rodgers, 
Marvin Roney. 

Carolyn Rosenthal, Yvonne 
Ross, Richard Rourke, Elsie 
Rowe, Lewis Ryker, LaNita 
Sanders, Sandy Sargent, Tim- 
othy Sayle, Sandi Schwarzin. 

Calvin Schockley, Byron 
Smith, Cathy Smith, Craig 
Smith, )ohn Smith, Catrina 
Smith, Kurt Smith, Reggie 
Smith, Elizabeth Snorton. 

Rhonda Solmon, Sharon Sper- 
man, Laura Spinks, Tim Steam, 
Annette Stevenson, Jean 
Stocks, Denise Swanigan, 
Cindy Swanson, Kenneth 

Above-Junior Terri Williams is entranced by what her instructor is describing in 
English class. 


Paul Taylor, Sharon Taylor, 
Alice Terry, Anthony Terry, 
Vaughn Terry, Valencia 

LaRee Thomas, David Thu- 
manter, Dennis Thumin, Barry 
Tipton, Robert Towns, Cheryl 

David Tucker, Kathy Turner, 
Kim Turner, Marion Turner, 
Debra Tyson, Renee Tyson. 

Dennis Vaughn, Odell Wald, 
Charles Wallen, juanita Wal- 
ters, Christine Walther, Diane 

Denise Wethington, Rose 
Wheat, Benjamin White, Carol 
White, Angie Wickers, Dale 

Ed Williams, Lennette Wil- 
liams, LeNore Williams, Ste- 
ven Williams, Willis Hayes, 
Debra Wilson. 

Fred Wilson, Patricia Wilson, 
Roselyn Wilson, Charles Wim- 
bleduff, Brigitte Winters, Larry 

Elizabeth Woodruff, Jacque- 
lyne Woods, Rita Woods, Tim 
York, George Yowell, Detra 

Below-Devil football fans make final adjustments on Right-Kayanne Debow discusses a point in her black lit 
their team— entrance hoop. erature book with teacher Ms. Cooper. 


Above-At Quiz Team practice, Charles Wimbleduff tensely awaits the 
next question. 

Ricky Howell concentrates on a chalk drawing in art class. 



Braves, Your Graves are Ready" Wins First 

Sophomore Council: Front row— Andy Cobb,— Sergeant-at-Arms, Peggy Smith— Sec, David Finnell— Pres., 
Laurie Garrett, Sharon Blankenbaker; Second row— Ulysses Terry, Krysti Wagener, Becky Lingeman, Margeur- 
ite Hazelwood, Tanya Newbolt, Everett Shockley, Ms. Greenwood— sponsor; Third row— Carolyn Watkins, 
Susan Gordon, Karen Anderson, Susan Shaw, Patricia Parker, Ruth Hunt, Judy Marrs. 

The sophomores were excited 
when they beat the other classes in 
the float competition. Their float, 
saying "Braves, Your Graves are 
Ready," was built at the house of 
Sharon Blankenbaker. 

The Sophomore Council elected as 
President David Finnell, Tammye 
Brown was Vice-President, Peggy 
Smith Secretary, Helen Russell 
Treasurer, and Andy Cobb Ser- 
geant-at-Arms. They sponsored a 
drive for canned goods at Thanks- 
giving, which were turned over to 
the school Social Worker to be 
given to needy people. They also 
gave a program in honor of Martin 
Luther King in January. 

Above-Sophomore Susan Shaw gets ready to return a fast serve 
from a fellow team member in a spirited moment of volleyball 

Roger Adams, Tony Adams, 
Delbert Akers, Gene Allen. 

Louis Allen, Rochelle Allender, 
Blake Alexander, Sherry 

Gregory Anderson, Johnathon 
Anderson, Karen Anderson, 
Kevin Anderson. 

Tommie Anderson, Lydia Ash- 
anin, Vera Austin, Alfreda 

Ethel Baker, Fern Balingit, 
Merilynn Bankhead, Carlos 

Gerald Barker, Gregory Bate- 
man, Greg Bates, Carolyn 

Dan Beck, Wendy Beidleman, 
Craig Bell, Sandra Benson. 

1ft- W 

Above— Holiday Greetings, displayed by the sophomore class, catch 
the eyes of Percy Bland and Delrhonda Wimbleduff. 

Right— Sophomores sway at the Homecoming Dance to the rhythm 
of Black Thorn Rose. 

George Berry, David Beuke, 
Stevie Beverly, Pamela Bibbs, 
Kerry Bingham, Anthony Bird- 
song, Yulinda Blackmon, 
Percy Bland, Sharon Blank- 

Dione Bledsoe, Jerry Bonner, 
Tammye Bonner, Kevin 
Booker, Julie Bose, Beth Bot- 
tos, Levon Boyd, Helena Brad- 
ford, Dwight Brown. 

Gene Brown, Linda Brown, 
Stephen Brown, Michael Bull- 
ock, Lynette Burnam, Delbo- 
rah Burrus, Charlotte Burton, 
Debora Butler, Terri Cade. 

Cynthia Caldwell, Lula Carter, 
Terri Carter, Ivan Caudle, Ka- 
ren Chambers, David Clark, 
Donald Clark, Donna Clark, 
Annette Clayton. 

Andy Cobb, Tammy Cockrell, 
Marsha Coe, Michael Cole- 
man, Donna Collins, Keely 
Collins, Kent Collins, Garfield 
Cooper, Pam Crawford. 

JoAnn Crumpton, Deborah 
Cumming, Earnest Cunning- 
ham, Leon Dailey, Alan Dav- 
enport, Aspher Davis, Brian 
Davis, Cheryl Davis, Dirk 

Carla Dillard, Gordon Dove, 
Jerry Dunford, Stanley Dun- 
son, Steven Durham, Anthony 
Easley, Darlene Edwards, JoEI- 
len Eldridge, Charles Evans. 



Peggie Evans, Raymond Fields, 
Ricky Fields, Tony Fields, Da- 
vid Finnell, Sandra Fisher, 
Donna Fleming, India Flem- 
monds, Kevin Flemmonds. 

Amanda Fletcher, Mike Fra- 
sure, Anna Fuqua, Frederick 
Gaddis, Patsy Gains, Laurie 
Garrett, Karla Gay, Leonard 
Gilbert, Tony Gilbert. 

Wanda Gillespie, Susan Gor- 
don, Tina Gray, Robin Griffin, 
Chris Gruver, Pamela Hall, 
Theresa Hall, Reginald Hamil- 
ton, Jonas Hampton. 

Anthony Harmon, David Har- 
per, Terry Harper, David 
Hauck, Alfred Hayes, Darla 
Hayes, Marguerite Hazel- 
wood, Alvin Hester, David 

)ohn Hinant, Frank Hines, 
Sherryl Honiston, Debra 
House, Mary Howard, Ricky 
Howard, David Howell, Ruth 
Hunt, Cathy Hunter. 

Diverse Interests Captivate Sophomore Stars 

Dan Beck shows the top form which won him the City Tennis Championship as he retujjj£a| 

f it," says sophomore Margie Ringel as she studies a difficult 

Tim Huse, Danny Jackson, 
Doris Jackson, John Jackson, 
Victoria Jeffery, Gregory Jen- 
kins, Darlene Jewell, Brown 
Jones, Donita Jones. 

Dorothy Jones, Malcolm 
Jones, Natasha Jones, Sherri 
Jones, Jackie Keeylen, John 
Kelly, Morgen Kemper, Linda 

Shirley Keys, Rhonda King, 
Paul Knox, Delia Lacey, Joan 
LaFollette, Beverley Lee, Lecia 
Lee, Vernon Lee, Rebecca 
Le Forge. 

Shelly Lewis, Becky Lingeman, 
Lance Lipkins, Janet Lightfoot, 
Valerie Locke, Viola Love, 
LaWarda Lyles, Wayne Mad- 
dox, Verdonna Malone. 

Clyde Manuel, Judy Marrs, 
Linda McClure, Diane 
McKune, Andy McLaughlin, 
Robert McNeal, Eric Mc- 
Williams, Greg Myers, Barbra 

Rodney Middleton, Arthur 
Miles, Karen Milgate, Lisa 
Miller, Tiawana Miller, Anita 
Minor, Crystal M inter, Mary 
Mixon, Steve Moffett. 

Lowayne Montgomery, David 
Moore, Sherrae Moore, 
Dwane Moorer, Susan Moran, 
Vickie Morris, Peter Moss, 
Charles Murphy, Emerson 

Wayne Murry, Wyena Murry, 
Albert Musgrove, Brenda 
Nance, Deborah Nelson, 
Margo Nelson, Larren New, 
Tanya Newbolt, Elvira Nolcox. 

Scott Norris, Carla Owens, 
Doug Paris, Bertha Parker, Pa- 
tricia Parker, Ivery Peacock, 
Debra Perdue, Brenda Per- 
vine, Michelle Phillips. 

Thomas Pittman, Clinton Polk, 
Laura Porterfield, Charles 
Quarles, Carron Radford, 
Wayne Rainey, Sherrie 
Reeves, Brenda Renolds. 

Rita Rice, Clax Richardson, 
Martha Richardson, Margie 
Ringle, Antoinette Robinson, 
Oscar Roddy, Estalita Rodgers, 
Fred Rose, Annie Rosenthal. 

Mary Rowe, Helen Russell, 
Michael Sallee, Matilda Gerry 
Sanders, Mark Sanders, Susan 
Shaw, Everett Shockley, 
Donna Simmons. 


Denise Sims, Vernetta Single- 
ton, Anita Slatter, Johnnie 
Smith, June Smith, Karen 
Smith, Kim Smith, Peggy 
Smith, Reggie Smith. 

Vanessa Smith, Elizabeth 
Smitha, Scott Solterman, Keith 
Spencer, Brenda Stanback, 
Lisa Stegall, Bennie Stigler, 
Fred Stokes, Julie Stone. 

Becky Strickland, Eric Strick- 
land, Tanya Stuart, Danny Sul- 
lavan, Michell Summer, Kalista 
Swift, Norma Talley, Mark Tat- 
man, Glenn Taylor. 

Brenda Terrell, Ulysses Terry, 
Leonard Thomas, Julius Thom- 
son, Charles Tinsley, Jeffrey 
Tipton, Betty Townsel, Re- 
becca Townsend, Dean 

Diane Triplett, Louise Trotter, 
Randolf Tucker, William 
Tuggle, Jill Turman, Michelle 
Turner, Milderd Tyler, Anna 
Vaughn, Dante Ventresca. 

Krgsti Wagener, Patricia 
Walker, Thomas Wallen, Stacy 
Walton, Alyce Ward, Marvin 
Ward, Julia Ware, Annette 
Washum, Annie Watkins. 

Carolyn Watkins, Sylvia Wat- 
kins, Darrell Watts, Donald 
White, Glenda White, Johnny 
White, Janet Whitmore, Betty 
Williams, Brenda Williams. 

Martha Williams, Robert Wil- 
liams, Sirena Willis, Delrhonda 
Wimbleduff, Bernard Woods, 
Cheryl Woods, Marvin 
Woods, Joe York, Henry 

Lower left— Math can call for a lot of concentration as sophomore Fern Balingit 
demonstrates by her attention to the subject at hand. 

Below— "Cheerleading is fun!" think three sophomore cheerleaders as they 
watch the action on the floor. 

'Ridge Welcomes Largest Group Ever of Frosh 

The class of 78 was the largest fresh- 
man class ever to have entered Short- 
ridge thus far. The freshmen came 
from such feeder schools as 86, 59, 
Kennedy, and Mapleton-Fall Creek. 
Comprised of 597 students, the class 
of 78 was able to establish itself in 
many extra-curricular activities. The 
freshman football team finished the 
season with a 8-1-1 record, and this 
was the first year there were freshman 
girls on the Pom-pom girl squad. 

Although they had no sponsor, the 
freshmen elected class officers. They 
were: Kim Sanders— Pres., Margaret 
Dumetz— V. Pres., Phyllis Brown— Sec, 
and Robbie Davis— Treas. 

Mr. Trabue, the freshman counselor, 
said that this freshman class was the 
most energetic he had seen in a long 

Freshman Council officers: Mr. Rod Trabue-counselor, Phyllis Brown-Sec, Robbie Davis-Treas., Marga- 
ret Dumetz— V. Pres., Kim Sanders— Pres. 

Dennis Allen, Keith Allender, 
Carijane Alley, D'wayne An- 
derson, Freddie Anderson, 
Yvonna Anderson, Richard 
Armstrong, Tim Bankhead, 
Lester Banks. 

Mitchell Banks, Daniel Bar- 
low, David Barlow, )udy Barn- 
ett, Tony Bass, Scott Bate, 
Camille Batties, Ann Bell, 
Sharley Bell. 

Ricky Berry, Pannie Berryhill, 
Pattie Blackburn, Theresa 
Blackwell, Angie Bland, An- 
thony Blane, Jill Blumenthal, 
Clyde Bolden, John Bose. 

Diane Boyd, Timothy Boyd, 
Karen Bradley, Susan Branden, 
Carolyn Braxton, Curtis Bray, 
Rodella Bridges, Mike 
Broadus, Nick Broadus. 

Charles Brown, Curtis Brown, 
Elnora Brown, Joe Brown, Jo- 
seph Brown, Kathy Brown, 
Kim Brown, Laurie Brown, 
Mark Brown. 

Phillis Brown, Roxie Brown, 
Sandra Brown, Steven Brown, 
William Brown, Carla Bullock, 
Kim Buntin, Phillip Birch, 
Diane Burrell. 


Vickie Burrell, Michael Butler, 
Sherri Buxton, Pam Byrd, 
Gregory Cager, Tamika Camp- 
bell, Francine Casey, Marlin 

Terrie Caudle, Rosemarie 
Chislom, Joann Cissell, Lisa 
demons, Davey Coleman, 
Robert Coleman, George Col- 
lins, Jeffrey Collins, Loretta 

Rita Corbin, Vernell Crabtree, 
Diane Craig, Carl Cruse, An- 
thony Cushenberry, Jennifer 
Daniell, Jeffrey Daniels, Carla 
Davidson, Dianna Davidson. 

Darren Davis, Earl Davis, Oth- 
ella Davis, Ricky Davis, Robert 
Davis, Stephanie Davis, Joey 
Dawson, Bill Debow, Bart 

Burt Dickerson, Charlene 
Dixon, David Dixon, Rhonda 
Dobbins, Michelle Dockery, 
Kim Dotson, Kenneth Duke, 
Jerome Dumetz, Margaret 

Charles Duncan, Harry Dun- 
lap, Leroy Dunson, Jacque 
Durham, Shawn Dycus, Phillip 
Ealy, Elizabeth Earnhart, Billy 
Easley, Gloria Edmonds. 

Yvette Edmonds, Danny Ed- 
mondson, Andrew Edwards, 
William Edwards, Terry Elliot, 
Becky Ellis, Brenda Ennis, Lil- 
lian Ervin, Cathy Eubanks. 

Richard Evans, Steven Evans, 
Cora Fisher, Thomas Flowers, 
Pamela Floyd, Joyce Ford, Yu- 
suf Ford, Nigel Foreman, Ken- 
dall France. 

Theresa Franklin, Richard 
Friznzle, Jerii Gallagher, Dale 
Gant, Elvina Gibson, John Gib- 
son, Richard Gibson, Greg 
Goodrich, Barbara Gordon. 

Clyde Gray, Michael Gray, Ja- 
nice Green, Donald Greene, 
Beatrice Gregory, Melvin Grif- 
fin, James Gruver, Carolyn 
Hampton, Debbie Hankins. 

Thelesia Haralson, Gail Hardi- 
man, Hans Harper, Doshia 
Harris, Ernest Harris, Sharon 
Harris, Terry Harris, Osman 
Haslam, Ann Hatchel. 

Kent Hayes, Sheila Hayes, Tim 
Hernly, Glen Herod, Paulette 
Hightower, Brett Hill, John 
Hill, Dwight Hilliard, Benjamin 



April Hutchinson, Eva Hum- 
phreys, Patrice Howard, Ray- 
mond Howard, Michae 
House, David Hoesman, Wil- 
liam Hockett, Clifford ]ackson, 
Oral Jackson. 

Sherene Jackson, John Jewell, 
Rosemarie Johnson, Theresa 
Johnson, Celeste Jones, Donna 
Jones, Dorothea Jones, Ca- 
brielle Jones, Holli Jones. 

Kathy Jones, Kenneth Jones, 
Mai Jones, Michelle Jones, Te- 
resa Jones, Tommy Jones, 
Dexter Jordon, Adrian Joyce, 
Greta Joyner. 

Lana Lewis, lllana Leflore, 
Matthew Lawson, Andrew 
Laury, Sheryl Langford, 
Charles Knight, Andy Kuhn, 
Leroy Kilgore, Jeffrey Kelly. 

Deborah Lightfoot, Terry Li- 
senbee, Esther Little, Angela 
Lively, Joyce Lucas, Twyiana 
Malone, Laura Martin, Phillip 
Martin, David Mathis. 

Tony Matthew, Duke Mat- 
thews, Lisbette Maure, Tonia 
Maxey, Darlean May, Garnett 
McClendon, Vanessa Mc- 
Clendon, Rita McClury, Linda 

Arnell McCullough, Robert 
McDanials, Marcia McFarland, 
Micheal McGrady, Calvin 
McKeller, Larry McKinney, 
John McKune, Joe Mc- 
Laughlin, Pam McSwine. 

Above-Freshmen play football too! Two Frosh close in on an opposing player as he tries 
to make yardage. 

Above-Guarding "tight" in a close Frosh game, Delbert Akers 
shows concentration on his opponent. 


Cecilia Mick, Bryan Milas, 
Barbi Milgate, Shari Miller, 
Tonya Miller, Jeffrey Minor, 
Paul Mitchell, Stanley Mitchell, 
Constance Moore. 

Diana Moore, Susan Moore, 
Teresa Moore, Theresa 
Moore, Rebecca Moss, Angela 
Murphy, Benita Murphy, Da- 
vid Murphy, Cathy Murry. 

Patricia Musgrove, Harvet 
Nance, Lloyd Nance, Regina 
Neblett, Maria Nelson, Andrea 
Newbolt, Wendi Ney, Irwin 
Oliver, Lori Parks. 

Janet Patterson, Connie Pat- 
ton, Reno Patton, Mike Pell, 
Bonita Pepper, Lamont Per- 
kins, Alfred Person, Barbara 
Phillips, Chester Pierson. 

Hope Pierson, Tanya Polin, 
Clinton Polk, Darrell Poston, 
Beverly Powell, Deborah 
Powell, Lorraine Powell, Willie 
Powell, Thomas Preer. 

Tammy Pringle, Russell Qua- 
rles, John Radford, Donnisha 
Ransom, Mark Raver, Paul 
Rice, Terri Rice, Freddie Rich- 
ardson, Scott Rivers. 

Darryl Roach, Andrew Robin- 
son, Robin Roddy, Paulett 
Rodgers, Katherine Rogers, 
Jacqueline Rourke, Deanne 
Salters, Kim Sanders, Michael 


Above— Freshman gather around Ms. Hunt as they get readv for action. 

Left— "Don't string me along," Marlin Casey seems to be saying as he rests from his musical 

Bilesa Sapp, Liz Satterthwaite, 
Graylin Seals, Barbra Shannon, 
James Sharp, Teresa Sims, An- 
drew Smith, Brian Smith, 
Deborah Smith. 

Cina Smith, Katrina Smith, 
Bobby Smith, Sharron Smith, 
Wayne Smith, Kenneth Spear- 
man, Jonathon Steagall, An- 
thony Steward, Barbra 

Gail Scott, Karen Stovall, Ani- 
tra Suber, Kathy Sublett, 
Debra Sullivan, Derick Sum- 
mers, David Summerville, 
Sheila Talley, Robert Tandy. 

Michelle Tarrants, Odie Tate, 
Mike Taylor, Paul Taylor, 
Ricky Taylor, Sandy Taylor, 
Thomas Taylor, David Terrell, 
Tracy Terry. 

Mark Thomas, Shirley Thomas, 
Jeffry Thompson, Vernetta 
Thompson, Haskell Thomson, 
Wayne Thrailkill, )ulius Tram- 
mer, Anthony Tubbs, Lori 

Anthony Turner, Susan Up- 
shaw, Donna Jean Veden, 
Robin Vaughn, Sandra Ve- 
neble, David Walker, Linda 
Walker, Anita Wallen, Be- 
atrice Walls. 

Phillip Walton, Adair Ward, 
Joseph Ward, Sheila Ward, 
Jerry Waters, Doug Watson, 
Brian Wells, Charles West- 
moreland, Sheila White. 

Susan White, Brenda Williams, 
Linda Williams, Ricky Wil- 
liams, Toni Williams, Gerlalyn 
Wilson, Rhonda Wilson, Wal- 
ter Wilson, Paul Woodard, 
Tony Wooden, Callie Wood- 
ford, Dwayne Wyatt, Brenda 

Above— Sharon Blankenbaker for Richard's Market Basket. 

Right-Lamont Gilbert, Coach Don Thomas, and Joe Hart For 
Stokley Van Camp. 

Prestige Photography by Schaefer. 

r |B ; 

«„ was Shortridge through both fund raising projects and club treasuries that I got my first ex- 
perience in handling money. 

Prudence J. Lagurf 
Economic Advisor 

Lina Clark 

John Fewell 

Pat Townsend 

^Tto £Rs$m, okJit) 


Ronald Tooley 

Dawn Miller 

Stanley Gilbert 

l\ vATOr. 




Drink at Least 3 Glasses a Day 



"Atlas Super Market means good food at good prices." lean Ann Stocks and Bet- 
sey Hatchel have said a mouthful as they sample the hardware at Atlas' boutique. 





PHONE 255-&800 




3001 North lllinios Street 
W. Dennis Brake, Manager 


Douglas Jones, Manager 
2829 North Meridian Street 







It's the real thing;. Coke 

£_J Trademark (r) 

GOOD LUCK to the Class of 75 



6349 N. Guildford 

Indianapolis, Indiana 46220 


Creators of fine rings, awards 

announcements, yearbooks, diplomas 

Don Hock Gary Long 

1210 N. Payton 651 Brookview Dr. 

Indianapolis, Indiana 46219 Greenwood, 

359-2550 881 -2681 

v,m*M™wmimttm*mn i wim*m i * > )>* wu- ' ' "■ 

Sharon Blankenbaker displays a sign in front of SHS 
promoting her father's store, RICHARD'S MARKET 
BASKET. Sharon and the rest of her family have always 
shown great support for Shortridge. 

"buy The Best For Less At" 


3701 EAST 38th ST. AT SHERMAN 


Open 24 Hours a Day 





"Looks like you could use some Gatorade, Coach!" star basket- 
ball players LaMont Gilbert and Joe Hart inform Coach Don 

For "Green 
expertise on 
any financial 
matter, just 
call your 
Merchants Man 
or Woman. 

Thirty-Eighth Street Office 

Eugene L. Pavey, Jr. 

Vice President 
21 West 38th Street 


Congratulations to the 
Class of 75 


to the Class 

of 1975! 

Completion of high school represents an important 
milestone in your life. Your diploma signifies many 
hours of conscientious studying on your part. 

In the years ahead, you'll look back on these days as 
very important ones. Because it was during this time 
you learned not only how to think clearly, but how to 
think for yourself! We at RCA know your dedication to 
learning will serve you well in the years to come. 

Our warmest congratulations and best wishes to each 
of you. 

RCA looks to the Future! 
The RCA Space Mountain — 
newest, most exciting attraction 
at Walt Disney World. 
Don't miss it! 


An equal opportunity employer. 


Dr and Mrs. C.B. Ashanin 
Mr. Carl W. Barker 
Rachael and Sig Beck 
Pontius Birdfat 
Thea Brown 
Dorothy Cake 
Charlotte and Rodney 
The Cathedral Girls' Choir 
Fancy Charmley 
J. Gordon Dove 
The Dummy, Alg. 4 
Claire English 
Ron Freeland 
Mrs. Betty Garrett 
Jeff Glover 

'Ridge Annual Patrons 

Theresa Hazelwood (T-Haze) 

Ruth Hendicott 

Mrs. Janet Hernly 

Humphrey & Matilda 

David Huxhold 

Ms. Jean Jackson 

Mrs. A. Kincaide 

Lynn F. Kincaide 

Krissy and C.C. 

Little Rollo 

Matildah Meek & Son Myron 

Myron Meek & mother Matildah 

Lisbette Maure 

The 18 Maures 

The Melvin M. Meek Family 

Notorious Natashah 

Mr. & Mrs. Clark L. Osborn 

Myra Petite 

Pablo Picasso 

Carole Quail 


Robert Lewis Ryker Esq. 

George Smith 

Peggy Smith 

Rebecca J. Strickland (BECK*) 

Allen Sutherland 

Mia-Lon Walton 

David J. Whighhight 

The Wilkes Belles 

Mrs. Mary Wills 

Compliments of 


The managers of Seven-Eleven Supermarkets as- 
sure their customers of the finest quality food. 

Congrats to the 
Class of '75 from 
the Meek 
Family and the 
Annual Staff 

Front row— Marvin Meek, Matildah Meek, Crammah Meek, Myrtle Meek Valenski, Mel- 
vin Meek, Jr. Second row— Marthah Meek, Albertah Meek, Melvin M. Meek, Sr., Marvah 
Mild Meek. Not pictured— Henry Valenski, Milton Mild, Myron Meek. 







ACapella 53 

Adams, Alycia 33, 49 

Akers, Delbert * 139 

Alexander, Patricia 65, 96 

Allen, Gene 50 

Allen, James 41, 65 

Allen, Norman 1 26 

Allen, Sylvia 22 

Alley, Jay 65, 84, 88 

Allison, Shawn 34 

Anderson, Karen 49, 132 

Anderson, Kevin 49 

Anderson, Leslie 35 

ANNUAL , 70 

Armstrong, Ricky 52 


Ashanin, Lydia 32, 47, 48, 58, 67, 70 

Avery, Dennis 34, 65, 84 


Bacon, Fostena 41 

Bailey, Slim 58 

Baker, Hoover 32 

Baker, John 49 

Baker, Ray 76, 77 

Balingit, Fern 136 

Ballow, Mattie 28 

BAND , 50 

Banks, Allen 34, 84, 85, 86 

Banks, Carlos 50 

Banks, Mitchell 84 

Barlow, David 90 

Barrett, Evelyn 41 

Barrett, Kenneth 41 

Beamen, Tanya 22 

Beck, Dan 79, 134, 100 

Beck, Joe 84, 90 

Behling, Leonard 50 

Beidelman, Wendi 47, 50, 58, 70 

Bell, Ann 63 

Bell, India 37, 40 

Beltran, Ricardo 46 

Bembry, Kathy 62, 65, 96 

Benn, James 41, 48, 54, 58, 60, 62, 70 

Bentley, Larry 50, 80 

Benton, Barbara 18 

Bereveskos, Spiro 78 

Beuke, David 47 

Beverly, Leon 84 

Bibs, Tony 84 

Bingham, Cary 92 

Birdsong, Anthony 20 

Black, Kathy 47 

Blackmon, Yulinda 92, 93 

Bland, Angie 68, 70 

Bland, Percy 68, 133 

Bland, William 36, 37, 62 

Blankenbaker, Sharon 49, 132 

Bledsoe, Karen 1 26 

Blumenthal, Ginger 68, 47 

Bohlander, Bruce 65, 98 

Bolden, Clyde 70 

Boler, Cecilia 54, 58 

Bonner, Tammye 92 

Bottos, Beth 48, 66, 68, 69 

Boyd, Steve 90 

Boyd, Tim 90 

Brand, Christina 24 

Branham, Brenda , 34, 35 

Bray, Curtis 84 

Breiner, Clayton 21 

Brown, Clifford 20, 21 

Brown, Gary 5, 25, 84 

Brown, Gene 84 

Brown, Laurie 97 

Brown, Phyliss 31, 137 

Brown, Sandra 22 

Brown, Seline 34 

Brown, Stephen 20 

Brown, Thea 62, 65, 66, 68, 69, 92, 96 

Buckner, Wilbert 50 

Bullock, Carla 22 

Buntin, Kim 40 

Burk, Charles 17 

Burks, Darrell 76 

Burks, Derrick 76 

Burks, Dwayne 17 

Burnett, Abel 88 

Burris, Mark 72, 84 

Burton, Charlotte 52 

Buxton, Judy 68 


Campbell, Karen 55, 99 

Cannon, Darnell 20, 84 

Cantrell, Felicia 34 

Carter, Janet 126 

Carter, Joye 49, 58, 65, 92 

Carter, Lula 96 

Casey, Marlin 52, 141 

Catus, Robert 14, 82 

Cheffins, Harriet 22, 40 

Chambers, Karen 22, 92 



Clayton, Rosalind 62 

Clardy, Sue 54 

Clemmons, Lisa 97 

Cobb, Andy 47, 84, 132 

Cochran, Richard 14 

COE 35 

Cohen, Richard 11, 67, 68, 69 

Coleman, Cindy 35 

Coleman, Mary 93 

Coleman, Starlott 22 

Coles, Mark 26, 65, 84, 

Collins, Jeffery 1 7 

Collins, Loretta 40 

Conway, Harold 55, 58,65 

Cooper, Jimmy 34 

Cooper, Joan 130 

Coudon, David 65,84 

Cougan, Debbie 29, 126 

Crabtree, Vernell 22, 24 

Craig, Diane 43 

Crawford, Michael 48, 49 


Crossland, Karen41, 49, 58, 67, 71, 97, 126 

Crossland, Kerry 20 

Crossland, Thomas 21, 65 

Crowe, Greg 63 

CSP 37 


Daniel, Debra 54, 58 

Davenport, Allen 37 

Davidson, Diana 97 

Davis, Earl 80 

Davis, Lynn , 41, 62, 96, 127 

Davis, Mary 18 

Davis, Michelle 93, 96 

Davis, Paul 62 

Davis, Robbie 137 

Davis, Robert 65 

Davisson, Pete 84 

Dawson, Jay 50 

DeBow, Bill 72, 79 

DeBow, Kayanne 96, 130, 126 

DECA 34 

DeFrantz, Jim 47, 50, 84, 1 26 

Dollison, Cliff 63 

Dorsey, Kim 55 

Dove, Gordon 48, 50, 58, 67, 71 

Dove, Suzy 48, 52, 66, 71 

Dresser, Bill 65, 98 

Driver, Leroy 65 

Duckworth, Tricia 70 

Dudley, Debra 65, 128 

Dumetz, Margaret 70, 96, 137 

Duncan, Charles 90 

Dunford, Jerry 28 

Dunlap, Harry 21 

Dycus, Kimberly 22 

Fuqua, Kevin 47 


Ealy, Willie 80, 81 , 55 

Earnhart, Elizabeth 49, 50 

Easley, Billy 20 

Easley, Deborah 22 

ECHO 68 

Edmonds, Yvette 22 

Edward, Andrew 90 

Edwards, Darlene 97 

Edwards, William 21 

Elder, Greg 76 

Ervin, Lillian 40 

Ervin, Vicki 65 

Esterline, Mary 41 

Evans, Richard 84, 90 

Evans, Rodney 20, 21, 22, 86 


FCA 64 

Fenceroy, Diana s.34 

Ferguson, Velinda 41, 50, 52, 58 

Fewell, John 65, 78, 79, 100 

Fine, Anne 48, 62, 128 

Finnell, David 52, 70, 132 

Finnell, Gennifer 34 

Fitzgerald, Charles 88 

Fleener, Andrea 37 

Fletcher, Amanda 22, 96, 97 

Flowers, Thomas 84, 90 



Foreman, Cynthia 96, 126, 128 

Fraction, Georgette 58, 126 

France, Kendal 84 

France, Selina 41, 48, 58, 65, 72, 92, 93 

Freeland, Ronald 31 


French, Liz 41, 62, 67, 70 



Frizzle, Richard 20 

Fuqua, Anna 19 


Gaines, Dywayne 47 

Gallagher, Jamie 27, 78 

Gallagher, Jeri 33 

Gallespie, Walter 84 

Gardner, Laurie 50 

Garing, Bradley 20, 47, 48, 67, 68 

Garland, Henson 80 

Garrett, Judy 35, 50, 65, 97 

Garrett, Laurie 50, 37, 13 

Gelb, Teddy 55 

Gilbert, Lamont 88 

Gilbert, Tony 52 

Gillespie, Wanda 52 



Gissendanner, John 98 

Glickert, Kris 47 

Goldman, Louis 20 

Goodrich, Donna 22 

Goodson, Dwight 68, 84 

Gordon, Becky 47, 50 

Gordon, Callie 35 

Gordon, Susan 49, 50, 132 

Grant, Cassandra 35, 93 

Grant, Ingrid 93 

Grant, James 50, 84 

Grant, Nancy 93 

Grasston, David 79 

Gray, Gerald 20 

Gray, Michael 21 


Greene, Marcellus 65, 84, 88, 1 27 

Greenwade, Gerald 34, 65, 84 

Greenwood, Jacqueline 31, 132 

Greg, Richard 55 

Gruver, Jim 84, 90 


Hale, Valerie 22 

Hall, Theresa 22 

Hall, Wendell 65, 84 

Hamilton, Chris 36 

Hamilton, Wayne 65, 84 

Hammer, David 33 

Hampton, Jonas 20 

Haralson, Moses 41, 65 

Harper, David 98 

Harris, Bernie 25 

Hart, Joe 88 

Haslam, Oslam 21, 84 

Hatchel, Betsey 47, 70, 126 

Hauck, David 47 

Hausmann, James 80 

Hawkins, Brian 65 

Hayes, Alfred 20 

Hayes, Kent 20, 67 

Haynes, John 76, 84 

Hazelwood, Margeurite 48, 132 

Hazelwood, Theresa 65, 66, 68, 69 

Heard, Richard 38, 42, 43, 68, 78 

Helmer, Sarah 47 

Henson, David 21 

Hernly, Nancy 48, 62, 66, 67, 70 

Hernly, Tim 68 

Herod, Cathy 48, 50 

Herod, Glenn 50 

Herold, Jeanine 54, 126 

Hester, Larry 20 

Hickerson, Leah 48, 62, 66, 70 

Hill, Brett 84, 90 

Hinant, John 43 

Hines, Frank 50, 84 

Hocket, William 90 

Holstein, Chuck 78 

Honiston, Sherri 63 

House, Julia 22, 23 

House, Mike 90 

Houston, Robert 15, 70 

Howard, Rickey 21, 68, 69 

Howell, Ricky 126, 131 

Hunt, Ruth 49, 51, 132 

Hunt, Sandra 24, 40, 141 

Huxhold, David....61 , 65, 66, 68, 69, 70, 84 


Irby, Danny 47 


Jackson, Brenda 365 

Jackson, Cliff 84 

Jackson, John 20 

Jarrett, Ernest 54, 58 

Jewell, Darlene 92, 93 

Jewell, John 84 

Johnson, James 58, 65 

Johnson, Kathy 97 

Johnson, Mark 90 

Johnson, Teresa 22 

Jones, Charyl 22 

Jones, Crawford 65, 83, 84 

Jones, Debra 22 

Jones, Cabrieil .40, 50 

Jones, Holli ...41 

Jones, Jeff ery. ......54 

Jones, Kathy 50, 97 

Jones, Kenneth 84 

Jones, Malcom 20 

Jones, Michelle 50, 52, 65, 96, 97 

Jones, Natasha .....................50, 96 

Jones, Rick ........42, 43, 50 

Jones, Talbert ....21 

Jones, Tyler.. 41, 50, 56, 58, 60 

Jordan, Dexter 21 

Joyce, Adrain ......20 

Joyce, Teresa ................68, 126 

Joyner, Vivian.... 65, 97 


Kennedy, Solomon 33, 42, 43, 49 


Keys, Milton 62, 65, 75, 84 

Kilgore, Leroy 30, 84, 90 

King, Donald 78 

Kirby, Connie 42 

Knight, Charles 20 

Kuhn, Linda..... 46 


Lacey, Delia 92, 96 

Lael, Larry 65, 76 

LaFollette, Joan:. .....48, 52, 67 

Lamb, Suzie 30 

Lasher, Kieth 55, 58 


Lauray, Sharon 35 

Lawson, David 98 

Lee, David 47 

LeForge, Becky ,.„...... 40 


Lewis, Arnold 38, 50 

Lewis, John... 16 

Lightfoot, Debra 22 

Lingeman, Becky 49,93, 132 

Lipkins, Byron 50, 56, 84 

Lisenby, Terry 37 


Malone, Sherman v - 1 26 

Malone, Twlyonna 31 

Malone, Verdonna 41, 50 

Marrs, Judy ...............132 

Marrs, Judy 41 , 50, 68, 97, 1 32 

Martin, Laura 48, 50 

Mason, Kyle..... 84 

Mathis, Doug 34 

MAT MAIDS . ...96 

Mathews, David....... 84 

Matthews, Duke 31, 38, 63 

McClendon, Garnett 84 

McClure, Bill ...126, 129 

McClure, Michele 1 26 

McClury, Karla 34 

McCray, Linda 93 

McCree, Ernestine 5 

Mcintosh, Paula 93 

McLaughlin, Andy 79 

McLaughlin, Steve 79 

McNeil, Robert...... , 3, 52 

McNeil, Susan 2, 126 

Medjeski, John :'.. 50, 52 

MEN'S ROTC 20, 21 

Milgate, Karen 67 

Miller, Dawn 18 

Miller, Diane....... 26 

Miller, Kevin 65,84 

Miller, Lisa 50 

Minor, Jauna , ..........34, 35 

Mitchell, Sandra 22 

Mitchell, Stanley 50 

Mitchell, Paul...... 90 

Monroe, Lenita..... 35 

Moore, Debra ,....>,.... 14 

Moore, Kenneth.. 80 

Moore, Sherrae ., 37 

Moore, Toni 13 

Morgan, William 1 4 

Morre, Joe 37, 55 

Morris, David..... 55 

Morris, Michael 54, 60, 80 

Morrison, Pat 36 

Mosley, George... 50, 54, 58, 60, 84 

Moss, Pete 68, 84, 98 

Moure, David 20 

Murphy, Benita 22 

Murphy, Karen 35 

Murray, Wyena .....18 

Murrell, Jeanine 56, 57, 58, 60, 65, 97 

Murry, Wyena 37 

Musgrove, Albert 19, 20, 47 

Musgrove, Patricia .....52 

Myers, Gloria 58,61,126 

Napier, Gogi 41 

Napier, Shelley 22 

Nelson, Debbie 93 

Nelson, Margo 5 

New, Larren 50 

Newbolt, DeeDee 41, 65 

Newbolt, Tayna 65, 132 

Nolcox, Blenda.... ....50, 62, 93, 96, 99 

Nolcox, Elvira ....50, 93, 96 


Oliver, Lewin 84 


Osgood, Kelley 6, 47, 66, 71, 98 

Overton, Linda ..126 

Owens, Nick 41 


Paicely, Faughn 39 

Paicely, Terri 22 

Parker, Carolyn..... 36 

Parker, Patricia 132, 65, 62, 41 

Parker, Rick.. 50,84 

Parker, Sue .. 22 

Parker, Thomas.... 34, 41, 62, 65 

Patterson, Anthony. ..52 

Patton, Nathaniel.... .......84 

Peacock, Denise 13 

Peacock, John .....................65, 84, 86 

Person, Alfred .......50 

Person, Velda . v .....22 

Peters, Susan 34 

Phillips, Barbra 22 

Phinisee, Deniss 20 

Pierson, Linda 34 

Pipkin, Martel 16 

Polin, Benton 55 

Polin, Tanya 40 

Polk, Clint 91 


Poston, Darnell 84 

Powell, Loraine 40 

Proctor, Anthony 20 

Puckett, LaDonna 68, 126 



Nance, Francis........ 80, 81 Quarles, Robert 84 


Quarles, Russell 84 



Rainey, Wayne 84 

Ramsey, Edward :.........37, 41, 65, 98 

Rasdell, Greg .90 

Ratcliff, Craig 20, 65 

Raver, Mark.......... 52 

Ray, Carol ...68, 126, 128 

Read, Dan ...65, 78, 79 

Rector, Brad 34, 98 

Reed, Sinifred ...34 

Reeves, Duddy 65, 76, 77, 83, 84, 99 

Rent, Linda..... 50 

Rent, Rita 34,50 

Repass, Lois 49 

Reynolds, Brenda 40 

Rice, Carl.... 55, 58,65 

Rice, Sylvia 35 

Richardson, Clax 38, 42, 43, 48 

Richardson, Marty .97 

Richardson, Roselyn 36, 37 

Ringel, Margie 134 

Ringel, Martha 49, 54, 56, 58 

Robinson, Edward ...20 

Roddy, Delores 48, 49, 50 

Roddy, Robin 40, 50, 93 

Rodeheffer, Nancy . ...65 

Rodgers, Ester % 

Roney, Marvin .....8, 88 

Rooks, Debbie 58, 98 

Ross, Buddy 50, 65, 82, 84, 85, 86 

Ross, Derek. , : ..., ....90 

Ross, Eddie ...50, 65, 80, 85 

Roufke; Jackie ..........50 

Rourke, Richard 85 

Rowe, Sylvester... 1 5, 65 

Rumer, Paul 65, 98 

Rush, Tim .......6, 37, 65, 84 

Russell, Helen............ ...68,92 

Russell, Robert............. 63 

Ryker, Lewis....41, 48, 58, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70 


Sabens, Dave....... ............... ,78 

Sanders, Eddie..... .76 

Sanders, Kim... 137 

Sanders, LaNita 1 26 

Sanders, Mike 84 

Sanders, Pat .....37 

Sanders, Rhonda 40 

Schwarzin, Sandi 54, 65 

Scott, Norman 84 

Seals, Greylin 20 

Sears, Secherrie 31 

Sharp, Valerie 22 

Shaw, Susan 49, 93, 132 

Shockley, Everett 132 

Siegel, Jerry 50, 65, 84, 85 

Singleteary, Charles 1 29 

Slatter, Anita 97 

Slatter, Barbara 92 

Sledge, Stanley 84 

Smeehuyzen, Tim 82, 84 

Smith, Carol 29 

Smith, Gail 54, 56, 57, 58 

Smith, John 19, 50, 84 

Smith, Peggy 41, 49, 96, 132 

Smith, Randall 34 

Smith, Tory 92 

Smith, Wayne 84, 88 

Snorton, Elizabeth.. 48, 49, 126 


Soltermann, Scott 41 ,47, 61 , 58, 61 , 84 


Spears, Lucia 37, 58 

Spencer, Portia.... .41, 49, 60, 99 

Spinks, Laura .62 


Starks, Michael ...20 

Stearn, Tim 98 

Stegall, Jonathon .21 

Stegall, Lisa 49, 52 

Steiner, Jerry 100 

Stewart, Dariel 50 

Stocks, Jean 27, 50 

Stoe, Richard ..........................20, 21 

Stokes, Fred .........50 

Stovall,Mike 47 

Strickland, Becky...... 47, 50, 55, 58 

Stuart, Tanya ..; 97 

STUDENT COUNCIL ....... .....41 

Sublett, Jeff ery 84 

Sullivan, Debra.. ..........; 22 

Sutherland, Allen .........10, 47; 48 

Swanson, Cindy, 36, 37 

Swarzin, Sandi 36, 37, 48, 58, 71 

Sweatt, Jackie 65 

Swift, Kalista * 52 



Taylor, Otha 62, 65, 85 


Terry, Alice :..• 49, 52, 92, 126 

Terry, Ulyssess ,.i 8, 132, 50 

THESPIANS. %........ 58 

Thompson, Robert...... ..2, 50, 54, 75 

Thuma, David 42, 43, 66, 79 

Tooley, Ronald 25, 55, 65, 76 

Trabue, Rod 60, 84, 88, 90, 137 





Vaughn, Robin 22 

Ventresca, Dante 98 

Wagener, Krysti 47, 49, 67, 132 

Walton, Mia-Lon 65, 66, 68, 69 

Ware, Julia ,.. 27, 47, 62 

Waters, Terri 65, 97 

Watkins, Carolyn 48, 52, 132 

Watson, Doug. 90 

Waycott, Deborah 32, 47 

Weber, Robert 47, 98 

Wells, Brian..... 70 

Wells/Rodney. 90 

Wethington, Denise 70, 126 

White, Dave..........42, 43, 65, 66, 68, 78, 79 

White, John 50, 65, 76, 84 

Williams, Kerry 55, 65, 76 

Wlliams, Lenette ., 52, 69 

Williams, LeNore ... 52 

Williams, Terri f . 58, 129 

Williams, Thomas 41, 49, 58, 65, 70, 99 

Wimbleduff, Charles 66, 69, 131 

Wimbleduff, Delrhonda 68, 69, 133 

Wiseman, James , 21 

Woolridge, Anthony ......31 


Woods, Gary 1 2 

Woods, James ....20, 21, 22 

Wright, Ervin 84, 85 



Young, Brenda 97 

Yowell, Dana 41, 65, 66, 68 

"Shortridge High School was a very special place and I 
loved it very much. It evoked in most people feelings of 
great loyalty or great hatred— but never, that I knew of, in- 
difference. I learned a great deal there, not only in classes, 
but even more outside the school building itself, about 
friendship, frustration, snobbery, uncertainty, bravado, 
bravery, bluster, beauty, hurt and harm, loneliness and love. 

It was, in short, very much like life, for better and worse- 
life condensed into four short years and several crowded 
hallways. I treasure Shortridge not only for the gifts it be- 
stowed on me but also for the blows it dealt me, the hard 
and lovely lessons I learned in and out of its classrooms that 
basically seem to me still to apply, a quarter of a century 

Dan Wakefield, Novelist-Journalist 

Our thanks to Mr. Richard Johns and the High School Journalism Institute staff, Mr. Richard Cohen and 
The Echo staff, Mr. Donald Oldham, Mr. Larry Glaze, our yearbook representative, Mr. Ed Sims and 
National School Studios, Mr. Clarence Downey, our photographer, Ms. Webb and Ms. McNiel, the of- 
fice personnel and the counselors, James Benn for the cover design, Suzanne Wells for getting us 
started, and our deepest, most grateful and most sincere thanks to our dedicated staff and to our advi- 
sor, Mr. Robert Houston. 

I'd like to start by thanking Mr. Johns for giving me my basic 
knowledge of yearbook editing. Thanks to Mr. Cohen for 
the use of his friendly staff (only when he didn't need them, 
of course). Thanks to all our industrious staff, and most es- 
pecially to Suzy Dove, who often did more than her share, 
to Gordon Dove, to Liz French and Sandi Schwarzin for 
doing the undesirable odd jobs, to Brian Wells, and to 
Thomas Williams for his ideas and cooperation. And most 
of all I want to express my most heartfelt gratitude to our 
patient Mr. Houston, and to Leah, without whose mar- 
velous ideas and humor I would have cracked up. Thank 

you all. 


3^7 CM /&- 



And so ends the 1975 edition of the Shortridge Annual. I 
sincerely thank all those individuals who sweated for this 
yearbook: Mr. Houston, Liz, Suzy, Lewis, Thomas, Kelley, 
and an especially big thank-you to my twin, Nancy. It's 
been a lot of work and fun, and I'm not sure in what por- 
portions. With the end of the year our self-pride is swept 
away at saying good-bye to many friends for the summer. 
And seniors leave 'Ridge perhaps with damp eyes and 
surely many memories. With the title of Shortridge Alumni, 
they leave with a certain feeling of Shortridge pride also in- 
stilled in many others. 



Nancy Hernly 
Co-Editor-in-Chief, 1975 Annual 

Leah Hickerson 
Co-Editor-in-Chief, 1975 Annual