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American Catalogue 

1 899 

Being the full litlts, vith deuriptive notes, ef ail bocks recorded in The Publishers' 

Weekly, 1899, witk author, title, and abject index, publishers' 

annual lists and directory of publishers. 


NEW vopjt-. ; ■ : ■ ■; . ■- 








Book Prodactton to 1899, vii~x 

In the United States, vii 

Work of th« United States Copyright Office viii 

In England, iz 

In FraDce, x 

In Italy, x 

Book Production of the World in 1898-99, x 

Directory of American Publishers issuing books in 1899, .... iv 
Annual American Catalogue of books recorded in 1899, with full titles and 

descriptive notes, arranged alphabetically by authors, .... 1-240 

Index to the Books of 1899, by author, title, and subject, .... 1-109 

Publishers' Lists of the Books of 1899, 113-166 








Thk year 1S99, In tbe Ufilted States at least. 
left the Impression of being an abnormally 
busy one with Ihe publishers — an impression 
created chiefly, perhaps, through the coDcentra- 
tloa of the busloesa into its last three inootbs. 

Thk PtTBUSKiKs' Wekklv recorded in its 
weekly lists of new publications during 1S99 a 
total of 5321, more, It Is true, than in 1897 and 
iSgS.bnt less than in 1895 and 1896, when the 
figures were 5469 for the Grsl year and 5703 for 
the second. As compared with iSgS, In which 
publlcstioD was seriously interrupted by our 
war with Spain, 1899 was an extremely good 
year, an increase being shown In books pujj- 
lished in almost every class of literature. It 
was, likewise, a good selling year, an enormous 
namber of boohs being reported as having been 
disposed of, especjallyduringthe holiday season, 
Tbc most inspiring and hopeful literature of 
the year belonged to the department of Biog- 
raphy and Memoirs. In these days of recon- 
structing past literary estimates, if one would 
keep pace with the times, it would not be safe 
to leave unread a single one of the biographies 
of the year. In history, description and travel 
many excellent works were sent out on Cuba, 
Puerto Bico, the Philippines, Hawaii, the Klon- 
dyke, on Africa and Ihe Boers, and other sub- 
jects of timely interest. Few notable religious 
works were published, and little in political 
science or popular science, or in poetry. The 
prominent losses by death In the ranks of 
literature include, from among our own writers, 
the historian, John Codman Ropes \ Elliott 
Coucs, the scientific writer; Mrs. E. D. E. N. 
Southworth, and Horatio Alger. Jr. Among 
English writers, Dr. Andrew Kennedy Boyd, 
better known as the " Country Parson "; Grant 
Allen, Florence Marryat, and also the Rev. 
William Garden Blaikie. Cherbullez and Emlle 
Erckmann, the literary partner of Alexander 
Chatrian, popular French writers, belong also 
to the missing of the year. Likewise Elise 
Polko. the graceful German author. 

The total number of books received by The 
PuBLiSKiRs' Weekly duringthe year amounted 
to 371S, still an increase over former years. 
The balance of titles recorded with an asterisk 
and taken from various sources amounted to 

2606 titles. These two totals together make 
the whole number of books of the year — 5321. 


Education and Lanvunge 

TheoloKT and Rell^on 

Literal vHlatoryan^ MiKcllany 


Riograpby, Memoirs 

Political and Social Science 

Fine Aru and lilustniled Booki 

Description. Tra«l 

Phyiical and Mathematical Sci- 



Meni.1 and Moral Phllo»pbr.. 

Domesiicand Rural 

Sports and AmuKmcnts. 

Humor and Satire 


s £ = 5 




Table No. I gives in classes the figures, ap- 
proximately, of the book production of this 
country in iSgi), with those of 1898, for eom- 
parisoD. All the departments show an increase, 
excepting Theology and Religion, Political and 
Social Science, and Medical Science, in each of 
which there was a slight decrease. Fiction, it 
will be seen, still keeps the lead, as it has for 
many years. Law follows, as in the previous 
year. But Theology and Religion, which occo, 
pied the third place, fell to the fifth, taking the 
position of Juvenile in the list, which rose to 
the third place. The changes in the other 
classes were not so notable. Education and 
Language, Biography and Memoirs, and De- 
scription and Travel, went up a little, but the 
other classes kept their old positions. 

Table No. 2 attempts to show the number of 
books that were manufactured in the United 
States in l899~lirst, those of American origin; 
second, those of English or Continental origin; 
and third, the English works that were im- 
ported, bound or in sheets; these three classes 
comprising the book production of the United 
Slates in iS<jg. This table, like the former one, 
scarcely claims to be exactly correct, as it Is 
impossible always to trace the history of a 
work. The table shows 363(1 books by Ameri- 
can authors, of course made in this country 
(against 3qo8 of 1S98); 571 books by English or 
other foreign authors made here (against S34 
of 1898); and 1124 books or sheets imported 
(against 1144 of iSgS). The reprints were the 
largest in fiction, amounting to 354 books. 


The copyright business and the work of the 
copyright office of the Library of Congress, 
from January to December, 1B99, is summarized 
by the Register of Copyrights, Thorvald Sol- 
berg, in Table i. The actual number of com- 
pleted copyrights, by the deposit of two copies 
in the case of books, and one copy in the case 
of fine art photographs, falls considerably short 
of the number of applications entered, as ap- 
pears by the summary in Table it. 

The financial 'statement of the Register of 
Copyrights shows that the fees received from 

January 1 
and paid ii 

December 30, 1S99, applied 
the Treasury, amounted to (bo,- 


803.50, The amount paid was for filing B 
titles of foreign productions, at (l; 78, 3''f> titles 
of United States proiluciions, at 50 cents; for 
29,194 certificates, at 50 cents each; for loBg 
copies of record, at so cents each; (846 for re- 
cording assigomentf, and (9 for search fees. 

The applications acted upon and titles filed 
and numbered, of all classes, up to December 
30, 1899, amounted to $86,491. 



PV..GHT • 

»IF,.. MA 

. .» I8w. 

Month. .89,. 





















■1 i 

■68 Jfo 






.oSo, 1776 






^Sr:.:\. ::::::::■::■■■:.: 


fi,, 6^ 


86,, 1 Bsoj 

■ ".«? 



.^ 1 ■!.. 










IN 18 




„ iii 







■ s 




1 W 
« in 











,„ .,,,1 .„ .,.,1 «.. 





.»; 1 .B; ! „-; 


Fourth quuter 

.*»S i 'J7° "5; 1 i.B 

'JB7 J*"7 









6,„ |„«. „,. j „ 






does aflect the demand (•: 

Thb London Publukiri' Circular inirodtices 
itf statistics of [he books ptiblisbed in 1899 with 
the following remATlcB : "War and rumors of 
war aSccied the produciion of books In i8g8, 
wbicb numbered 410 less than in 1897. Tbe 
year just closed has also been one of ex- 
ceptional excitement on the military side. Yet 
we have to record a slight increase over the 
figures of tbe preceding twelve months. Our 
table shows an increase of 103 in essays and 
monographs, of 33 in poetry, and 33 in books 
of travel. In tbe department of arc and science 
(here is an increase of 44. In fiction, new and 
old, there is an increase of IS9. 'he n"" editions 
as slated being up 93. In law there are fewer 
new books, but more reprints. Theological, 
educational, and serial works show nearly the 
same numbers as last year. Of political and 
kindred books there are 70 less to chronicle 
tban in 1898, and 177 less than in 1B97." Then 
follows the analytical table, divided into tbir- 















Arts, Sciences, and Illustrated Worlis 
Voyages, Ttaiels. GeogtapMcal Re- 




History. Biography.elc 

Poetry and tHebranw 

Yeu-Books and Serials in Volumes.. 





■ w« 

Commencing on the sutlstlcs 
Pnbliihers' Circular, pointing to 
book production, says : 

books, and nhen- 
the (icld of battle 
the newspaper furnishes the bulk of the read- 
ing. Nevertheless, it will surprise some of thc- 
paragrapbists who have been furnishing facts, 
from their imagination to learn that the nevr 
editions of works of fiction in 1899 exceeded by 
nearly a hundred those of 1B98. Fortunately, 
we are able to dispense with speculation la 
this maccer, and to speak with cerlaintv. 
The number of new works brotight out in 
any year is no real indication of the business 
done by publishers and booksellers, but new 
editions are an excellent index to the stale of 

" Theology is also ' strong,' tbongh here the 

w edlii 





of the 

, repcB 

(t few weeks like a parrot cry by 
the ill-informed, that thenar was seriously cur- 
tailing the issue of books. So far as numbers 
go, the war has had no perceptible effect. To 
take the most prominent department, fiction, in 
Stock Exchange phrase, ' continues exceedingly 
active,' the figures for iBgg showing a consider- 
able increase both in new works and new edi- 
tions as compared with those of the preceding 
year. An increase In new editions is particu- 
larly gratifying, in view of all we have lately 
been hearing about the evil effects of the war 
on novels. Doubtless the war has affected the 
sale of novels. Great public excitement always 

it possible that tbe reading public 
iously disposed in time ol war than in time 01 
peace? Under the bead of education tbe 
figures continue to grow, and law may be said 
to hold the even tenor of its nay. In political 
and social economy we have to chronicle a 
slight falling off ; but tbe xsthelic will be glad 
to learn (bat the arts advance. Travel is also 
up. but history and biography are down. We 
have frequently noticed the decline of history 
during the last few years, and the record 
of 1899 unfortunately confirms previous state- 
ments on the subject. In biography, however, 
the year has been excellent. Indeed, we should 
say that to this department fall the honors of 
the year. Our readers will easily recall several 
biographical works of importance issued during 
the last twelve months. Tbe autumn season 
alone has given us at least three of firsi-rale 
importance — namely, the lives of Millais and 
the late Archbishop of Canterbury, and the pew 
biography of the Duke of Wellington by Sir 
Herbert Maxwell. To the list may also be 
added the Letters of Robert Louis Stevenson. 
All these have been conspicuous successes. In 
poetry the honors are with Mr. Stephen Phil- 
lips, though Mr. Swinburne is likewise repre- 
sented in the list. Year-books grow in num- 
ber, and the department of belles-lettres shows 
an increase of 100. But in miscellanies there 
has been a decline of 300. This, however. Is 
of little im porta Qce. 

"Yet another interesting point is brought oul 
by our table. We hear much ill-informed talk 
about the spring as a publishing season. Some 
self-appointed directors of public opinion in 
matters relating to the book trade assume that 
there is practically no spring season. How far 
they are mistaken our table proves. As was to 
be expected, November is, in a publishing 
sense, the heaviest month of the year. It is 
forty ahead of October, but March stands 
third, being only sixty-eight behind November ; 
February, April, and May are all heavy. June 
is practically on a level with December, and is 
ahead of September. A comparative study of 
the figures of each month for the last few years 
shows conclusively that publishers arc more 
and more spreading their books over the whole 
year. Indeed, if the Christmas book— that is 
to say, the book for children^were eliminated, 
it would, we suspect, be found that in tbe more 
Important works spring stands as high as au- 
tumn. It is wise, we think, to avoid crowding 
too many books Into a particular season. Dur- 
ing November, Christmas books of course come 
pouting out. Since the Christmas, trade i& an 

,„,„„„, C.ooglc 


important one, there It tbe grcMer reason for 
leaving them a fair field, and it it clear that 
publiBben bear ihli la miod." 

The Bibliegrapkit de la Franet, In Itl tsaue for 
December 30, 1S99, givei the following figures 
of the number of book*, mnsical compositloai, 
engravings, etc., published in France during 
1S99. The number of books recorded was 
13,985, showing a falling off of 1796 titles as 
against the jrear 1S98. The number of musical 
compositions was 5761, or 5S1 less (ban la 
iSgS; and tbe number of engravings, lltbo- 
grapbs, and photographs, was 781, or sss less 
than In i8q8. 

ACCORDINO to tb« BolUline dtlle fHiiiicadoHi 
//aiiaHt, there were published in Ita]^, during 
1899, 965s books ftnd journals, or 113 more 
than In 1898. Lombardy, as nsual, Issued the 
larger number, heading tbe list with 1831 pub- 
lications, while Calabria brings up In tbe rear 
wltb 30 publications. 

Wb give below tb« statistics of the books 
published in 1S9S by eleven book- producing 
countries of tbe world, as compiled by Le Drdt 
XAultur; also tbe statistics for 1899, so far as 
they are available at the time of onr going to 
press. Tbe figures for Germany are not pub> 
lished until the time of the Easter fair, ofteoer 
not until June. The publication of statistics 
in the other countries is uncertain. 





Tbe Netberiuidi 





Issuing Beaks in 1899 




Issuing Soeks in 1899. 

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Non.— The figniea in pareDthese* immeillUcly after the GnMume reprcacDt the Dombcr ol booln n 



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DyrsenA PfeiSer(t) ..43gFifthA 



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Echo(L'}de la Semainc (;) I7S Tremont St., Boston. 

Eckler, Peter (4} 35 Fulton St., New York. 

Editor Publishing Co. (7) 337 Pike Bldg., Cincinnati. 

Educational Church Board (i) Albany, N. Y. 

Educational Pub. Co. (i) Boston. 

Egbert, FIdlar & Chambers (i) Davenport, la. 

Elder, D. P., and Shepard, Morgan (3) 338 Post St., San Francisco. 

Elliott. H.S. (I) ai5 Wabaah Ave.. Chicago. 

Ellis, George H. (a) 141 Franklin St., Boston. 

Erwin. F. A. (i> 3a Waverley Place, New York. 

Estes, Dana, & Co. (a;) 196 Summer St.. Boatoa. 

E8ty&Esty(i) 334 W. 15th St., New York. 

Evening Express Pub, Co. (i) Portland, Me. 

Evening Post Pub. Co. (i) 306 Broadway, New York. 

Ewell, F. D. (0 126-133 Market St., Chicago. 

E^tcelsior Pub. House (r) 8 Murray St.. New York. 

Farrell, C. P. (1) 117 E. aist St., New York. 

Fenno, R. F.,&Co. {18) 9 E. 16th St., New York. 

Flanagan, A. (9) 362 Wabash Ave.. Chicago. 

Flemings Carnick (i) 40 W. 13th Si.. New York. 

Flood. T. H, & Co. (s) 149 Monroe St., Chicago. 

Fluegel, H., & Co. (I) 521 Robert St., Baltimore. 

Flynn 4 Mahony (i) 20 Essex St., Boston. 

Fords, Howard & Hulben (7) 47 E. loth St., New York. 

Franklin Press (The) (i) 1310 Walnut St., Philadelphia. 

Franklin Printing and Pub. Co. (i) Atlanta, Ga, 

Free Library of Economics and Political Science (i) 1315 Filbert St., Philadelphia. 

Friedenwald Co. {The)(i) Baltimore, Md. 

Fuchs& Lang Mfg. Co. (i) 39 Warren St., New York. 

Funk& Wagnalls Co. (33) 30 Lafayette PI., New York. 

Gallery & McCann (1) Ballimore. 

Gardiner, A. Paul (l) 550 Pearl St.. New York. 

Gay, Richard L. (i) 114 Huntington Ave., Boston. 

Gazette Pub. Co. (i) Uttle Rock, Ark. 

George Book Pub. Co. (i) ao6 Huntington Ave., Boston. 

Georgia State Library (5) Atlanta. Ga. 

Geyer, Andrew (i) 318 Broadway, New York. 

Gilbert Book Co. (2) 205 N. 4th St., St. Louis. 

GUI. J. K.,Co. (i) Portland, Ore. 

Ginn & Co. (48) 7-13 Tremont PI. , Boston. 

Glass, C. H. (I) Bangor, Me. 

Gleaner Pub. Co. (The){i) Minneapolis, Minn. 

Goodykoontz, Jasper (i) Atlanta, Ind. 

Goupil & Co. (See Boussod, Manzi, Joyant & Co.) 

Government Printing Office (4) Washington, D. C. 

Grand Forks Herald (i) Grand Forks, N. D. 

Greene, W. L., &Co. (i) Boston. 

Grosset. Alei,, & Co. (9) n E. i6lh St., New York. 

Hadley, Wm. B, {2) New York. 

Hammonds, A., 4 Hewitt, E. M. (i) Gettysburg, Pa. 

Hansen, F. P., & Bro. (i) 96 Canal St., New Orleans, La. 

Hardenbrook, Wm. Ten Eyck(i), 61 E. 9th St., New York. 

Hardy. Pratt & Co. (5) 3 Somerset St., Boston. 

Harison, William Beverley (l) 3-5 W. i8tb St., New York. 

Harper, Francis P. (12) , 14 W. aad St., New York. 

Harper & Bros. (81) Franklin Sq., New York. 

Harrisburg Pub. Co. (i) Harrisburg, Pa. 

Hartford Pub. Co. (l) Hartford, Ct. 

Harvard Law Review Pub. Assoc. (2) fCaii)brid^,.Mass. 


Hawkins, Charles A. (i) York, Pa. 

Haye». Cooke & Co. (i) (now H. H.Cooke) IBS Michigan Ave., Chicago. 

Hazlltt, Geo. K., & Co. (i) : 373 Dearboin St., Chicago. 

Heath, D. C, * Co. (36) no Boylston St., Boston. 

Helman-Taylor Co. (3) 33-37 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, O. 

HenIey,NonnanW.,&Co. (3) 13a Nassau St., New York. 

Herder, B. (33) 17 S. Broadway, St. Louis. 

Herndon, R., Co. (i) Congregational House, 4 Beacon St., Boston. 

Herrick, E. R., & Co. (7) 70 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Hess, Selmar <4) , laa Fifth Ave., New York. 

Hessling, Bruno (r6) 64 E. 12th St.. New York. 

Hill, Geo. M.,Co. (i) 166-174S. Clinton St., Chicago. 

Hinds & Noble (35) 4-14 Cooper Institute, New York. 

Hirsch, Adolph (i) 631 Broadway, New York. 

Hirschfeld Bros. <i) 65 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Holbrook, M. L., & Co. (r) 46 E. aist St., New York. 

Holt, Henry, & Co. (47) 39 W. 23d St.. New York, 

Home Pub. Co. (8) 3 E. 14th St., New York. 

Home Study Pub. Co. (a) Conneaut, O. 

Houghton, Mifflin & Co. (isS) 4 Park St., Boston; 11 E. I7lh St., New York. 

Howard, AinsleeS Co. (5) (succeeded by Streets Smith) 81 Fulton St., New York. 

Hubbell Pub. Co. (TheKl) 309 Broadway, New York. 

Hudson-KImberly Pub. Co. (6) ID16 Wyandotte St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Hurst & Co. (3) 135 Grand St., New York. 

Hurst & Co. (1) Pulaski City, Va. 

Hyde, Robt. W.-(i) 369 Superior St,, Chicago. 

Hypnotic Pub. Co. (i) 9 Cortlandt St., New York. 

India Rubber Pub. Co. (The) (i) ijo Liberty St., New York. 

Industrial Publication Co, (i) 16 Thomas St., New York. 

Inland Press (The) (1) Ann Arbor, Mich. 

International Book Co. (i) Chicago. 

International News Co. (i) 83 Duane St., New York. 

International Pub. Co. (3) 33 Duane St., New York. 

Internationa! Scientific Asi'n (l) Sea Brceie. Fla. 

Ironside, C. N. (i) 33o Broadway, New York. 

Jacobs, George W., & Co. (13) 103 S. 15th St., Philadelphia. 

Jenkins, Wm. R. (7) 853 Sixth Ave., New York. 

Jenvy, Frank B. (i) Cumberiand, Md. 

Jewish Pub. Soc. of America (a) 1015 Arch St., Philadelphia. 

Johns Hopkins Press (7) Baltimore, Md. 

Johnson. B. F., Pub. Co. (2) Richmond, Va. 

Jobason, Franklin (i) University of Chicago, Chicago. 

Johnson, T. & J. W., Co. (4) 535 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. 

Johnson. Walter (i) 303 Sapp Block, Council Blufls, la. 

Jordan, Marsh & Co. (i) Boston. 

Judd (The) Edward P., Co. (3). P.O. Box 405, New Haven, Ct. 

Judd. Orange, Co. {4) 53 Lafayette PI., New York. 

Kaiser. Ferdinand P. (i) 407 N. Broadway, St. Lonii. 

Kay 4 Bro. (i) 19 S. 6lh St., Philadelphia. 

Kellogg, E. L..&C0. (3) 61 E. 9th St., New York. 

Kenedy, P. J. (1) 5 Barclay St., New York. 

Kennebec Journal Print (i) Augusta, Me. 

Kenncy, Eudorus C. (l) Truxton, N. Y, 

Kenyon, P. C. {Press of) (i) Des Moines, la. 

Kerr, Charles H., & Co. (16) 56 Fifth Ave., Chicago. 

Ketcbam, Wilbur B. (9) 9 W. rStb St., New York. 

Kiiner. H. L.. & Co. (5) 834 Arch St., Philadelphia. 

Kimball, H. lngalls{2) 35 W. nth St., New York. 

Kirch wey, George W. (i) 473 Lafayette Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

KirkUnd Press {The){i) f Clinton, N. Y. 

Digitizffa ny V^iL'\_'V IC 


Krehbiel, H. P. (i) Canton, O. 

Laird & Le« (13) 363 Wabaah Ave., Chicago. 

Lamson, WolSe & Co. (4} 6 Beacon St., Boston. 

Une, John<5a) 351 Fifth A»e.. New York. 

Laniag Printing Co. (6) Norwalk, O. 

Lasher, George F. (i) Philadelphia. 

Law Reporter Co. (l) Waibington, D. C. 

Lawjrers' Cti.operative Pab. Co. (15) Rochester. N. Y. 

Lea Bros. & Co. (16) 706 Sansom St.. Philadelphia. 

Leach, T. S-.&Co. (a) 29 N, 7th St., PhlladelphU. 

League of American Wheelmen (4) Boston. 

Leavenworth, F, H.. Pub. Co. (i) McGraw Bldg., Detroit, Mich, 

Lee & Shepard (ig) 303 Devonshire St-, Boston. 

Leeds, W. H. (i) Salem, Ore. 

Legal Adviser Pub, Co. (Tbe)(l) 78 Fifth Ave., Chicago. 

Lemclce & Buechner <6) 3il Broadway, New York. 

Untilhon & Co. {3) 150 Fifth Ave.. New York. 

Levey Bros. (5) Indianapolis, Ind. 

Library Bureau (i) 315 Madison St., Chicago, 

Lite Publishing Co. (i) 19 W. 3i8t St.. New York. 

Lincoln Trust Co. (l) St. Louis. 

Lippincott, J. B. (The) Co. (loi) 634 Chestnut St.. Philadelphia. 

Literary Shop (The) (Smith-Shaw Co.) (3) 143 E. 4th St. Cincinnati. 

Little, W. C.&Co. (3) Albany, N. Y. 

Uitlc, Brown & Co. (to6) 354 Washington St.. Boston. 

Little Folks Pub. Co. (i) Springfield, Mats. 

Longcope, E. M. (for sale by N. Y. News Co.) (t) Houston, Tex. 

Longmans, Green & Co. (15a) 91-93 Fifth Ave., New York, 

Lorcnzcn, A. F. (i) Deuolt. Mich. 

Lotbrop Pub. Co. {13) 53° Atlantic Ave., Boston. 

Lyon, James B. (lo) 36 Beaver St., Albany, N. Y. 

McAllister. Mary C. (1) Fort Hunter, Pa. 

McClelland & Co. (1) 67 N. High St., Columbus. O. 

McClurg, A, C, & Co. (13) aai Wabash Ave., Chicago, 

McGrath, T. F. (i) 30B Gordon Ave., Cleveland, O. 

McKay, David (3) 1033 Market St., Philadelphia. 

Mackel, A.,&Co. (a) 318 E. 85th St., New York. 

Macmillan (The) Co. (615) 66 Fifth Ave., New York. 

McVey, Joseph J. (8) 39 N. I31h St.. Pbiladeiphia. 

MansBeld. M. F.. & Weaseli. A. (43) (now A. Wessels Co,). .36lh St. and Broadway. New York. 

Marlier, Callahan & €0(3) 173 Tremont St.. Boston. 

Marquis. A. N., & Co. (1) 3J3 Deaiborn St.. Chicago. 

Martindale. J. B. (i) I43 La Salle St., Chicago. 

Massac htisetts New-Cburcb Union (5) 16 Arlington St., Boston. 

Matthews, A. (i) Omaha, Neb. 

Maver, William, & Co. (i) 130 Liberty St., New York. 

Mayer & Miller (I) Bs Fifth Ave.. Chicago. 

Maynard, Merrill & Co. (i) ag E. 19th St., New York. 

Meegan, Jas. F, (i) Atlanta, Ga. 

Mellen, George E. (i) Times BIdg., Chicago. 

Memorial Press (i) 1305 Manhattan BIdg., Chicago. 

Merriam, G. & C, Co. (i) Springfield. Mass. 

Merrill & Baker (1) ir E. i6ih St., New York. 

Mershon Co. (The) (g) 156 Fifth Ave.. New York. 

Metaphysical Pub. Co. (1) 405 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Meyer Bros. & Co. (a) 1133 Broadway, New York, 

Michels, Nicholas (3) 1033 Chamber of Com. BIdg., Chicago. 

Michie, G. R. B., & Co. (6) (now The Michie Co.) Charlottesville, Va. 

Mighill. Ralphs, (i) 7oFi(th Ave., New York. 

Miller. J. H. (I) ..„.. Lincoln. Neb. 



Miner Pub. Co. (i) Botw, Mont. 

Montgomery Pub. Co. (i) 33 Park Row, New York, 

Moon, Robt. C. (I) 1319 Walnut St., Philadelphia. 

Morse (The) Co. (I) 96 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Morton, John P.,&Co. (l) 440-446 W. Main St.. Louisville, Ky. 

Mosher, Geo. A. (9) Ill E. Fayette St., Syracuse, N. Y. 

Moshcr, Thomas B. (13) 4J Exchange St., Portlaod, Me. 

Moultoo. Charles W. (a) Bufiilo, N. Y. 

Munro'i, George, Soot (i) 17 Vandewater St., New York. 

UnnacT, Frank A. (8) ,., iii Fifth Ave., New York. 

Mardock Frew (The) (1) S33 CUy St., San Francisco. 

Murphy, M. (i) 715 Sansom St., Philadelphia. 

Myerg, E, B. & Co. (1) 133 Qulncy St., Chicago. 

Myers, R. L.,& Co. <4) HArrlsburg, Pa. 

National Pub. Co. (i) St. Paul, Minn. 

National Temperance Soc. and Ptib. House (i) 3 W. i8lh St., New York. 

Neety, F. T. (38) 114 Fifth Ave.. New York. 

Nelson, S. A. (i) r6 Park Place. New York. 

Nelson, Thomas & Soo« (33) 37 E. i8th St., New York. 

New Amsterdam Book Co. (36) 156 Fifth Ave., New York. 

New Jersey Dept. of Slate (i) Trenton, N. J. 

New Talmud Publishing Co. (i) S4 E. io6th St., New York. 

New York Nautical College (1) 130 Water St.. New York. 

New York Tribune (The) (i) 154 Nassau St., New York. 

NuBbaum Book and News Co. (The) (i) Norfolk, Va. 

O'Bannon. J. H. (1) Richmond, Va. 

Ochs, A. J.. & Co. (3) 367 Washington St.. Boston. 

Ogilvie, J, S.,,Pub. Co. (13) 57 Rose St., New York. 

Ohio Law Book Co. (i) Norwalk, O. 

Open Court Publishing Co. (14) 334 I^earborn St., Chicago. 

Oregon Mining Journal Pub. Co. (1} Grant's Pass, Ore. 

Orr. Charles (i) Case Library, Cleveland, O. 

Other Side Pub. Co. (The)(t) 136 Market St. . Chicago. 

Ot:s. H. H.,&Soat(i) 384 Main St.. Buffalo, N. Y. 

Onting Pub. Co. (The) (i) 339 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Owen, Wilber A. (1) 908 Spitier Bldg., New York. 

Owen 4 Weibbreeht (Press of ) (I) Milwaukee, Wi«. 

Oxford University Press (tlenryFrowde)(S) 91-93 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Pacific Press Publishing Co. (5) OakUnd, Cal. 

Page, Charles N., fif Co. (i) Des Moines, la. 

Page, L. C, & Co. (3a).. 196 Summer St., Boston. 

Palm, Charles W. , Co. (i) Los Aogele*. Cal. 

Parker, C. C. (i) Los Angeles, CaL 

Parker, Jones H. (i) St. Louis. 

Parkinson, O. B. (i) 13 S. Hunter St., Stockton. Cal. 

Park8,J. S. (i) Topeka, Kao. 

Parsons, H. B. (3) loj Hudson Ave., Albany, N. Y. 

Peale, R. S.,&HI11. J. A. (3) 93 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Peloubet, S. S. (s) 76 Nassau St., New York. 

Peon Pub. Co. (C. C. Shoemaker, Manager) (30) iO30 Arch St., Philadelphia. 

Phillips. C. D.,&Co. (i) 356 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

Phillips, I. Newton (7) Springfield, III. 

Pbonographic Institute Co. (The) (3) 333 W. 4th St.. Cincinnati. 

Pilgrim Press (Cong. S. S. and Pub. Soc. (7) Congregational House, Boston. 

Biman, Isaac, & Sons (13) 33 Union Sq., New York. 

Poll, James, Sc Co. (7) 119 W, ajdSt.. New York, 

Powers. O. M. (1) 7 Monroe St., Chicago. 

Pratt. A. S., &Sons (i) Washington, D. C. 

Presbyterian Bd. of Pub. and 5. 5. Work (s) 1319 Walnut St., Philadelphia. 

Presbyterian Committee of Publication (15) loor Main St., Richmond, Va. 

Press Pub. Co. (i) Puliuer Bldg., New York. 

Pres(on& Rounds Co. (i) Providence, R. 1. 

Price. W. E. (i) H03 Market St., San Francisco. 

Public School Pub, Co. {13) BloominBton, III. 

Publishers' Weekly (The), Office of (8) 59 Duane St.. New York. 

Publishing House of the M. E. Church South (Barbee & Smith, Agls.)(6) Nashville, Tenii. 

Putnam's, G. P., Sons (113) 29 W. asd St., New York. 

Rafisdale. G. H. (z) Dei Moines, la. 

Railway World Pub. Co. (i) 137 S. Fifth St., Philadelphia. 

Rand. McNally & Co. (18) 160-174 Adams St., Chicago; 53 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Randolph, A. D. F., & Co. (1) 103 Fifth Ave.. New York. 

Record Printing Co. (1) Detroit, Mich. 

Reed, Geo. B. (i) 4 Park St., Boston. 

Remick, Schilling 4 Co. (a) 277 Broadway, New York. 

Revell, Fleming H., Co. (134) 158 Fifth Ave.. New York. 

Rhodes, Bradford & Co. (I) 78 William St., New York. 

Richmond, George H..&Son(i) 114 Fifth Ave,, New York. 

Richmond-Backus Co. (Tbe)(i) Detroit, Mich. 

Ring, Byron, Pub. Co. (t) San Francisco. 

Roberts, William W. (I) Port land. Me. 

Robertson, A. M, (3) ia6 Post St,, San Francisco. 

Roe, Alfred Seelye(i) Worcester, Mass. 

Rogers, H. Taylor (3) ao S. Main St., Asheville. N. C. 

Rollins, Montgomery, & Co. (1) Bostoit. 

Rough Notes Co. (The) (i) Indianapolis, Ind. 

Routledge, George, & Sons, Limited (25) iig W. a3d St., New York. 

Rowland, A, J. (Am. Bapt, Pub. Soc.)(3) 1430 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. 

Rugglefi-Gale Co. (i). Columbus, O. 

Russell, R, H. (38) 3-7 W. agth St., New York. 

Saint Paul Book and Sutionery Co. (i) St. Paul, Minn. 

Sanborn, B. H., & Co. (la) no Boylston St., Boston. 

Saunders, W. B. (as) gi3 Walnut St. , Philadelphia. 

Schroeder. Gustavus W. (i) 393) Fourteenth St., Brooklyn, N, Y. 

Schulie Pub. Co. (3) 334 Dearborn St., Chicago, 

Schwartj;, Kirwin 4 Fauss (i) 4a Barclay St.. New York. 

Scienliiic Pub. Co. (4) 253 Broadway, New York. 

Scott, Foresman & Co. (2) 307-30Q Wabash Ave., Chicago. 

Scribner'a. Charles, Sons (445) >S3-157 Fifth Ave.. New York, 

Scrimger, Harold B. (i) Baltimore, Md. 

Sergei, Charles H., Co. (6) 358 Dearborn St,. Chicago. 

Severance, Frank H, {Buffalo Express) (i) 179 Washington St., Buffalo. N. Y. 

Shakespeare Press (a) Weatfield. N.J. 

Sharp &Alleman(i) 37 S. 3d St., Philadelphia. 

Shaw, George C. (i) Cincinnati. 

Shepard, Frank (1) Chicago. 

Shulti, Albert (l) Staunton, Va. 

Sigma Pub. Co. (The) (2) Chicago. 

Silver, Burden & Co. (7) ito Boylston St,, Boston. 

Sinton, Walter L. (i) 4S Rush St., Chicago. 

Slap, H. & W. (I) Altoona. Pa. 

Small, Maynard & Co. (37) 6 Beacon St., Boston. 

Smith, Robt., Printing Co. (t) Lansing, Mich. 

Smythe, A. H. (2) Columbus, O, 

Snow Pub. Co, (The)(i) Crestoo, la. 

Soney & Sage (s) Newark. N.J. 

Southwest Mail Printing Co. (l) Nevada, Mo, 

Sower, Christopher, Co. (4) 614 Arch St. , Philadelpbla. 

Spectator Co. (The)(i) 95 William St.. New York. 

Spon S Chamberlain (29) 12 Cortlandt St.. New York. 

Sproul, George D. (1) 156 Fifth^ve., New York. 



Sute Capital Printing Co. (i) Guthrie, Oklahoma. 

State Journal Co. (3) Lincoln, Neb, 

Statesman Printing Co. (1) Boisg, Idaho. 

Statute Law-BooL Co. (3) Wasbinston, D. C. 

Stechen, G. E, (5) 11 E. i6th St,, New York. 

Steiger, E., & Co. (i) ; as Park PI., New York. 

Stephens, E. W. (5) Columbia, Mo. 

Stcvans & Handy (i) Masonic Temple, Chicago. 

Stewart & Keane (t) 403 Sixth St., N. W., Waahington, D. C- 

Siokes, Frederick A., Co. (67) g E. i6th St., New York. 

Stone, Herberts.. & Co. (60) Eldridge Court, Chicago. 

Stone, N. J,, Co. (l) 809 Market St., San Francisco. 

Street & Smith (65) 23a William St. , New York. 

Stromberg, Allen, & Co. (i) 337 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

Stuyvesant Publishing Co. (1) 353 Broadway, New York. 

Sweden borg Pub. Ass'o (l) Gcrmantown, Pa. 

Taylor, J. F., S Co. (a) 7 E. i6tb St., New York. 

Taylor, John, & Co, (i) Front and Mission Sis., San Francisco- 

Tengg, Nie(i) San Antonio, Tex. 

Texas (State of) (6) Austin, Tex. 

Texas Printing Co. {!> Fort Worth, Tex. 

Thayer, Frank S. (i) Denver. Col. 

Thomas, F. H., Law Book Co. (3) 14 S. Broadway, St. Louis. 

Thompson, Edward, Co. (8) Northport, N. Y. 

Thousand Islands Publishing Co. (i) Clayton, N. Y. 

Town Topics Pub. Co. (4). ao8 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Townsend, F. H. (Press oO (i) 9S Pine St., Providence, R. I, 

Traver,C.L. (i) Trenton, N. J. 

Treat, E. B., & Co. (6) 341 W. asd St., New York. 

Tribune Association (i). 154 Nassau St., New York. 

Tribune Printing Co. (i) South Bend, Ind. 

Truslovc, Hanson BtComba (7) 65 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Truth Seeker Co. (a) a8 Lafayette PI., New York. 

Tuck, Raphael, & Sons Co. (1) 114 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Tucker, Benj. R. (3) Syndicate BIdg., Park Row, New York 

Union Press (Am. S. S. Union) (5) iiaa Chestnut St., Philadelphia, 

United Brethren Pub. House (W,R. Funk, Agt.) (i). Main and 4th Sts., Dayton, O. 

Universalist Publishing House (a) 30 West Si., Boston. 

University of California (3) lierkeley, Cal. 

University of Chicago Press(i) Chicago. 

University of Wisconsin (4). Madison, Wis. 

University Pub. Co. (i) Lincoln, Neb. 

University Publishing Co. {3) 4S e. lolb St., New York. 

Vance Printing Co. (i) Jacksonville, Fla. 

Van Haagcn. H. J. (i) "67 Broadway, New York. 

Van Noslrand. D., Co. (19) 33 Murray St., New York 

Volta Bureau (i) iSa5 3SthSt., Washington, D. C. 

Voo Boeckmann, Eugene, Pub. Co. (i). Austin Tex 

Wahr, George H. {5) Ann Arbor, Mich! 

Wall Street Daily Investigator (a) 44 Broadway, New York. 

Wallace Pub. Co. (i) 41, Court Ave.. Des Moines, la. 

Wanaroaker, John (l) Philadelphia. 

Ward* Drummond (3) 7 W. 19th St.. New York 

Warne. Frederick,* Co. (lo) ,03 Fifth Ave., New York 

Warren, William M. (I) Detroit. Mich. 

Washington Law-Book Co. (4) Washington, D. C. 

Watch Tower Bible and Tract Soc. (i) Allegheny Pa 

Waugh, Ward. Co. (The) (I) MeVicker'sBldg., Chicago! 

Weaver. A. G. (i) 803 Marquette Bldg., Chicago. 

"■"•'•"■'■' ^;:Z:;:X:SS^-- 



Weed, Robert Louis, Co. (i) 65 Fifth Ave.. New York. 

Weekly Law Bulletin (1) Colnmbnt, O. 

Weeks, E. A., Co. (a) 521-531 Wabash Ave., Chicago. 

Weiss. Louis, & Co. (i) 116 Fulton St., New York. 

Welsh, Rees&Co. (3) 19 S. gih St., Philadelphi*. 

Wenborne-SummerCo. (TheKl) 61 Carroll St., Buffalo. N. Y. 

Werner (The) Co. (17) Akron, O. 

West, Ja. H. (S) 174 High St.. Boston. 

West Pub. Co. (S9) 52-58 W. 3d St.. St. Paul. Minn. 

Western MeLhodlst Book Concern Press (i) Cincinnati. 

Westminster Press (Presb. Bd. of Publication) (s) 1319 Walnut St., Philadelphia. 

Weymouth & Braintree Pub. Co. (i) Weymouth. Mass. 

Wheeler, W. H., & Co. (i) 203 Michigan Ave,. Chicago. 

Whidden, Bradlee {4) i8 Arcb St., Boston. 

WhitakerS Ray Co. (8) 723 Market St.. San Francisco. 

White, Jaa.T.,& Co. (a) 5 E. i6ib St.. New York. 

While, S. S., DenlalMfg. Co. (1) Philadelphia. 

White Law Book Co. (i) Albany, N. Y. 

Wbittaker. Thomas (35) 3 Bible House. New York. 

Wilde. W. A., Co. (II) HO Boylston St., Boston. 

Wiley, John, & Sons (31) 43 E. 19th St., New York, 

Williams, David, Co. (7) 33a William St., New York. 

Williams & Rogers (I) Rochester. N.Y. 

Williamson Law-Book Co. (5) II Exchange St.. Rochester. N. Y. 

Wilson. Western W. (8) 14 Thomas St., New York. 

Wilson. Humphreys & Co, (9) 300 Fourth St., Logantporl, Ind. 

Woman's Exchange (i) 43 White BIdg., Buffalo. N. Y. 

Wood, Wm.,&Co. (a8) 51 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Wood-Alien Pub. Co. (1) Aon Arbor, Mich. 

Wortbington, A. D.. & Co. (i) Hartford, Ct. 

Wright. H. T. (i) Kansas City, Mo. 

Wycil Pnb, Co. (3) 83 Nassau St. New York. 

Wynkoop, Hallenbeck. Crawford Co. (i) 441 Pearl Street. New York. 

Young. E. & J. B.,&Co. (8). 5 W. iSihSt.. New York. 

Young. Wm, H,, & Co. (7) 37 Barclay Street, New York, 

Young Church man Co. (6) 413 Mllwaokee St., Milwaukee. Wis. 

Zfekel. S. (i) i39DuaneSt..New York. 



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la IhU list the litlti are generally vtriatim IranimflivHt {auerding to tht rati ef tht Amtruam 
Library AttoHatiim) from books reeeivid. Books vol received art indicated by a prefixed asterisk, 
and this offiee eannat ke held respoHsible for the correetntts of their record. 

The abbreviations are usually self-explanatory. A colon after initial designates Ike most usual 
given name, as: A: Augustus; B: Benjamin; C: Charles; D: David; E; Edward; F: 
Frederic; C: George; H; Henry; I; Isaae ; /.■ John; L: Louis; jV.- Nicholas; P: Peter; 
S: JHchard; S.- Samuel ; T: Thomas; W: William. 

Sites are designated as follows : F. {Folio: over yi centimeters high); Q. (410: under 30 en.); 
O. {8wj.' 25 em.); D. {Mmo: 2a em.) ; S.{\(ime: n^cm.); (T. 24m*.- 15 em.); Tt. 32no: laJi 
em.); Fe, {^imo: \o cm ) Si/., obi., nar., designate square, oblong, narrow books of these height. 



Of Books recorded January i to December 31, 1899, with full titles and descriptive 
notes, arranged alphabetically by Authors. 

■Al telegraph code. N. Y., American Code 
Publishing Co., 1899. lB+1340 p. 8*, cl., 
nel, t7.50. 

■Abbatt, W: The crisis of the Revolution: 
bein^ the atory of Arnold and Andr^, non 
for Uie first time collected from all BOUr~ 
and illustrated with views ot all pli 
identified with it. N. Y., W: Abbatt, 1899. 
c. 8*, cl., »20. 

Abbot, Willis J: Blue jackeU ot '96: a. hie 
torr of the Spanish -American war. N. Y., 
Dodd, Head & Co., 1899. c. 10+867 p. 11. 
0. cl., tl.OO. 

This 1>, u ths Bub-liUe uys, "a hiaCory of Cht 

tbefiu'-raichliiBOBiuHoI tbe war wlch Spain; of hm 

(eHadTthe diplomacy at the Cuban queatlon; whj 
Spain and the United Statea -i--'— ' ■ •>• 1- 

[ ir- " 

ifetiirsll . 

Uod ap CO Ibe Peace Commlaslon at Paris. 

■Abbott, A. C, M.D. The hygiene of trans- 
missible diseases: their causation, modes 
of dissemination, and methods of preven- 
Phil., W. B. Saunders. 1B99. 

tiop. Phil., W. B. Ss 
SOOp. U. 8°,cl.,Rit, |3. 

■Abbott, Austin. Forms ot pleading ii 
tions for legal or equitable relief, prepared 
with especial reference to the codes of pro- 
cedure of the various states, and adapted 
to the present practice in many common 
law states; completed for publication after 
his [the author's! decease by Carlos G. Al- 
den. InSY. V. 2. N. Y., Baker, Toorhis 
& Co., 1899. c. 89-1-806-1868 p. O. shp., 

■Abbott, B: Vaughan and Austin. The clerks' 
aadconTeyanoerB'as9istant;acoll. of forms 
of conveyancing, contracts, and legal pro- 

Birdseye. N. Y., Baker, Voorhis & Co. 
1899. c. 10-fl091p. 0. Bhp.,f8. 
Abbott, E: O. Modem photography in the- 
ory and practice : a handbook for the 

amateur. Chic, G: K. Hazlitt & Co., 
[1609.1 c. ■96. 2-<-334p. il. D. cl., f 1. 
beflneaaod claalflca different tyoe- ' 

J1S. ■raihiuK. reCouchlnE. printlDe, trlnnninK. aad 
monntlnK. Dlacusnes llkBiriae flash iuhtphotoitrapby, 
ind HtudlefichemJcalaad mechaalcal effects andj mb- 

Abbott, Katharine M. Trolley trips: the his- 
toric New England coast. Long Island shore, 
Narragansett Bay, Connei^icut Valley, 
Buzzard's Bay, and Massachusetts. Low- 
ell, Mass., published by the author, Eath- 
arhie M. Abbott, 1698. c. 4^128 p. il. obi. 
T. pap., 10 o. 

A Kttle book In Una vltta " Trolley trips on a Ba^ 
StatA triangle " and '■ Bouth ahore trolley trips." De- 
scribes K, hundred places of Interest to be reached by 
trolley or stewner along the polnia Indicated In title. 
Full laftHinatloD Is glTen or routes, etc. 

*Abbott, Lyman, B.B. The life that really 
is: sermons. N. Y., Wilbur B. Ketchani, 
1699. c. 850p 12°, c).. (1.50. 

■Abhedananda, SieAmi. Ved&nta philoso- 
phy: three lectures on reincarnation, N. 
Y., Henry J. Van Haagen, 1899. 01 p. 12*, 

"About, Edmond Francois Valentin. Le roi 
des mcntagnes; adapted and ed. by Erneet 
Weekley. N. Y.. The MacmUlan Oa., 1899. 
lT-(-17T p. 18°, (Siepmann's advanced French 
ser.}cl., net, 00 c. 

Abrahsnu, Israel. Chapters on Jewish litera- 
ture. Phil., The Jewish Publication Soc. 
of America, 1699. c. 275 p. D. cl., |1.2S. 
Twenty-flve abort chapteje on Jeirish llteraturej 

they open with the fall of Jerusalem in the year 70 oi 

the current era, and end with the death of Hosea Hen. 

delHohn lu ITM. Thus Che period extends oTermora 

than seTenteen centuries. 

Abrqjsl, Tulis. An index finger. N. Y., R. 
F. Fenno &. Co., 1898. c. 'VJ. 2-883 p. D. 
buckram, SI. 35. 

The book Is to be an Index flneer that will point out 
"truth, eternal in the haaTens," that there ts no 
death, but only a change tu a lite as busy as this oi 
earth. The »|— -'- "-"-* ' ' "- —-"—■■--' 

>r's belief Is not exactly ■piritoalliib, , 

or tbatMOpby, or evolution. The hsppioeu of hum»n 
beLii;fa li CO depend upon goodaew. Womeu bkve 
gre&t rBspoDBibiUties. and men kre required to make 
n(e on earth BE euv u pottlble for them. Tbe little 
my*t«r1ous pla;thtna; knovn u"Flanchetie " •otne 
yesn back playi a piirc ta ibe plot. 
'Academy a ichi lecture and architectural 
review, 18S9. N. Y., BrunoEcBBlin^, 1899. 
4°, cL, |2.M. 
Aohard, L: Am^dto Eu^ne. Belle-Rose: a 
romance ot the cloak und sword; from the 
French bj W: Hale, N. Y.. Howard. Ains- 
lee & Co., [1899.1 c. ■95. '88. 3+368 p. il. 
D. cl.. tl.35. 

Btory by EUSor de Hauveloo. publl^ed In Dresdau Id 
17S3. A story of the setentecuth century, full or love 
and *ar. Belle-Row vm the nickname of a brave 

Aohard, L: Am^dee Eugene. The clrae:ooDB 
ol La Qiierche; Troiii the French by R: 
Duffy. N. Y., Howard, Aioalee 4 Co., 
[1899.] 4^389 p. D. cl.. il.25. 

i sequel to "The HucuenoLV loTe." dealin? still 
furtber »lth the period of the ■' Thirty Year«' Wbt." 

Aohard, L; Amedee Eugi^ne. The Huguenot'a 
love; from the French by R: Duffy, N. Y,, 
Howard, AinsleeA Co., [1899.] o. "98. 3- 
3S3p. il. D. cl., tl-30- 

Olrei a truitnortby account ot the rellglouB itrlfe 
which paralyzed all Europe In tbe middle of tbe seven- 
teenth century. GustavusAdolphus la one of the lead- 
ing characters. 

Aohard, L: Ara^dee Eu^^ne. The Bword of 
a. Gascon: from the French by W: Hale, 
N. Y.. Howard, Aioslee & Co., [1699.] c, 
'97, '98. 4-389 p. il. D. cl., »1.26. 

mplbhed svordan 

a cardinal, vllh 

keepers liBughtL-, _ 

Aokworth. J: The making- of the million: 
tales of the Twentieth century fund. N.T., 
Eaton & Mains. [1899.1 5-142 p.,35c. 
Conlmli: The grapes of E«chol: The committee 

man; A Himcbester man; The blank line: A costly 

Adami, C: Francis. Imperialisni and the 
tracks of our forefathers: a paper read be- 
fore the Lexington, Massachusetts, His- 
torical Society. Tuesday. December 30. 1898, 
Boet., Dana Estes & Co., 1899. 37 p O. 

'Adams. E: F. Tbe modern farmer in his 
business relations. San Francisco, Gal., 
N. J. Stone Company, 1899, 664 p. 8°, cl., 
su{M.,|3;C4;hf. mor., |5. 

Adams, Ellinor Davenport. Little Miss Con- 
ceit: il. bv H. C. Preston Macgoun. Best., 
A. I. Bradley & Co., 1899. 4-112 p. S. cl., 
75 c, 

"Little Hlsa Conceit" wosthenBine ^Tcn by Lady 

importanceandhermttnyafTeotatlons. Thestory tells 
hon the cblld came to a realization of her fatlln^and 
what bafel her when she tried to conquer herself. 
*Adaina, O: Transformer designs: a treatise 

on their desiR'n, construction, und use. 2d 

ed. N. Y., Spon & Chamberlain, 1699. 

7Bp. 13-, cl., $1.50. 
'Adams, Q: Burton, European history: an 

outline of its development. N. Y., The 

Macmillan Co,, 1899, 38-1-577 p, maps, il, 

8', hf. leath,. net, |].40. 
*Adania,H: Strainainiroawork. Newed. N. 

Y., Spon & Chamberlain, 1899. 13°. cl.. $3. 
'Adams, H: Austin. Westchester : a tale of 

the Revolution. St. Louis, Mo., B. Herder, 

1899. 264 p. 13°, cl., 75 c. 


Adanu, Herbert Baxter, ed. JaredSparksand 
Alexis de TocqUKVille. Bait., Md., The 
Johns Hopkins Press, i;i89e.] 4-61 p. O. 
(Johns Hopkins UniverBity studies, 16 eer., 
no. 13.) pap., 25 c. 

A series of lettenillustratlnKlherelatkinBof Alexis 

de TocqUBvUle with Jared Sparks. 

Adams, J: Coleman. Nature studies inBerk- 
shire; with il. in pfaotoi^ravure from original 
photographs by Arthur Scott. N, Y., G: 
P. Putnam's Sons, 1899. c. 8-)-826 p. O. 
cl., t4.S0. 
A collection of prose pictures of ikleg and irooda 

and flelds, IntermlDK led with tberBflectloniot a writer 

who Is at once a pbllosopber and a poet—one who en- 

Jo.vs profoundly the beautiea of the Berkshire hills. 

Illustrated vltb sixteen photogravures. 

'Adams, Oscar Fay. The archbishop's un- 
guarded moment, and other stories. Boat,, 
L. C. Paige & Co., 1899, c. 370 p. il. 12*, 
cl.. (1.36. 

Adams, W.. 1. Lincoln. Amateur photog- 
raphy: a practical guide for the tieeinner, 
5th ed. rev. and enl N. Y., The Baker &. 
Taylor Co.. 1899. c. '98, '99. 8-185 p. il.O. 
cl., tl.2G; pap., 75 c. 

"Adams. 'W:H: Davenport. Dewey and other 
great naval commanders : a series of biog- 
raphies. N. Y.,G:RoutledgeASons,Ltd., 
1899. 487 p. por. il. 13*, cl., $1. 

'Adams, W: Taylor, ['■ Oliver Optic,"jweKd.] 
Oliver Optic's annual, 1899. Host., Dana 
Estes&Co,, 1899. il. 4', bds., $1.25. 

Adams, W: Taylor, ["Oliver Optic." paeud.,'] 
and Stratemeyer, E: An undivided union. 
Bost.. Lee &Shepard. 1899. c. 18+482 p. 
il. D. {Blue and the gray— on land ser,, no. 

volume.- It relates U. the advrnlurea of the Klverlawn 
Oavalrj', a Union regiment raised tn Kentucky and 
formint; a part o( the Army of the Cumberland. An 

of c'hlckamaui-a. ChattHtrooi-a, Lookiiut Mountain. 
Missionary Rldpe. and other con^pBtH leading up to 

Addams, Janf. A function of the social nettle- 
mput. Phil.. American Ai-ad. of Political 
and Social Science, [1899.] 38-55 p. O. (Pub- 
lications of the society, no. 251.) pap,, 25 c. 


s how its ' 

Ic might be broad- 

Addison, Jos. Essays and tales, N. Y., 
Casaell & Co., Ltd.. 1899. 8-193 p. T. (Cas- 
sell's national lib., new ser., v. 6, no. 309.) 

Addison, Jos.. ar\d Steele, R: The Sir Rog«r 
de Coverley papers from The Speetator; ed. 
by Franklin T. Baker and H: Jones. N. Y.. 

Appleton, 1899. c. 8-t-317 p. por. D. 
CTweotieth century text- books. ) bds., 40 c. 

Contains all but one uf those numbsrs ot THt Spic- 

■nt-. — . .. ijanej upon t*— -' "— ■' ' '■ 

...n to preiient usage ln'i._, 

and orthography The I. 

.onie of the salient features In tbe politl- 
al. and social life of England at the time 
'appeared. Blbllo^aphy of works relat- 


ed., with introd. and notes, by Hary B. 
LitchBeld. Bost., QinD & Co., 1899. c. 
87+178 p. por. D. (Standard English claa- 

TtaeBabJectaoovcndbftbelatroductloiikre: Folitl- 
esl ootidltlQiui Social condltlona; WriMin of ths Blr 
Bctgerdfl Coverlejp&pcn; Jouraallun Kud party liter- 
Mure: Hit l\illeriuidThe SpectaloriMA their pT<iiig(n»- 

Aildi«>n,Joa., and Steele, R: The SirRoger 
de Coverley papers, from The Spectator; 
with introd. and notps by W: H: Hudson. 
Boat., D. C. Heath & Co., 1899. c. 24+ 
208 p. il. por. S. (Heath's Eogliab classics} 
cl., 40 c. 
iQtrodaetlODglrMao naootiot of the autbon of the 

8irItiigsrdaCorerleypap«raiDdor the papers md of 

Tht TaOtrttni Tht Speeiator. BibllagraphlcKl note 

<IP')- There are tbIrCy-BiiKlectiona. 

■AddUon, Jos., and Steele, R: Sir Roger de 

Coverley: essays from ttiB Spectator ; ed., 

with notes and an introd., by Zelnia Gray. 

N. Y., The MftcmillanCo., 1899. 4]+186p. 

18', (Macmillati's pocket English claasics.) 

le van teen, net, 25 c. 
Addison, Jos., and Steele, B: Sir Roger de 

Ctoverley, and The Spectator's Club. N, 

T.,CasBell & Co., Ltd., 1899. 8-193 p. T. 

(Casseira national lib., new ser., v. 8, no. 

it05.)pap., 10 c. 
■Addison, Joa., and Steele, R:, ed9. The 

tatler; ed., with introd. and notes, by O: 

A. Aitlcea; II. with photogravures. N. Y,, 

W: B. Hadley, 1899. 4 v., 8*, bucltram, 

|10i hf. levant, |tT.60. 
•Addy, Sidney Oldall. The evolution of the 

English houRe. N. Y., Tbe Macmillan Co., 

1899. 36+333 p. il. 13% (Social England 

3er.)cl.. |1.50. 
Ads, fj: Doc' Horoe; a story of the streets 

and town ; picturea by J: T. McCutcheon. 

Chic, H.S. Stone &Co., 1899. c 3 + 393p. 

il. S. cl., $1.25. 

The author of "Any •■ and " The Plnli MBj-»h " glvoB 

Record. the'Bupposod reminiscencea of "Doc' Horno" 
and bU (ellox-lodE'rB, ■' The Lush " and the " Ught- 

recoLlectlons' of lhe"Doo.'' which date baA to the 
flttle«. and which are In a modem way as wondBrful Be 
■re the adreatureii of tbe far-faniBd Muncbauten. 
Ade, Q: Fables in slang; il. by Clyde J. 

Newman. Chic, H. S. Stone & Co., 1899. 

C. 5+201p.S.i'l..|l. 

These fables Drat appearvd in the columns of Ttu 
Ckieago Record. Thoy are a oolleotlonof amusing sto- 
rlei. not without a moral, by the author of "Artie" 
and" Pink Harsb." 

Adgsr, J: B , D.D. My life and times, 1810- 
1899. Richmond, Va., The Presb. Commit- 
tee of I'ublication, [1899.] 681 p. por. O. 
cl., 18. 

John B AdEer was born in Charleston. S C„ of a 
long line of Presbyterian anoentry, Hn in-aduatB<] 
from Klnderbonk academy and entered Union Colleze, 
Schenectady, from wblch he gruAoAiea in IICiH. Ha 

Ticea to the American Board o( 'Miasions. Shortly 

tember 33, 1900. Phil., The Jewish PubU- 

catiun Society of America, 1899. C 5+ 

390p. D. c].,75c. 

Contalnta Jewl(b calendar: two articles on "Tbo 
Jews of the United Stataa," by Abram 8 Isaacs, and 
" The Jews of Europe," by Jos. Jaooba; a directory of 

ista org-anisatlODB (amuiged a'lphabetlcaliy by st«t«* 


Adier, C;yrua, and Casanowicz. I. M. Bibli- 
cal antitjuities: a description of the exhibit 
at the Cotton States International Exposi- 
tion, Atlanta, 1895 ; from the "Report of 
U.S. National Museum," [Smithsonianln- 
atitution.l for 1896. Wash., D. C, Govern- 
ment, 1899. 948-1098 p. pis. 8°, pap., 


n tbe United 

was established In 1B8T, and 
to the r 

la 1880 there ' 

reliidous ceremonial inatiiiutii 
identical in scope, it was Tout 
BOEi. that tbe exhibit of thssi 
lanta Exposition should be 

Sschylns. The Prometheus bound of .^!s- 
chylus; tr., wilh introd. and notes, by Paul 
Elmer More. Bost., Houghton, Mitflin & 
Co.. 1899. c. 3-107p. D. cl.,$l. 
The aubjecta of the introducllon are: "Origin of 

Greek trafredy." "Moral aspects of Qroeli tragedy," 

"Life of ,Eiehylus." "Production of the play," and 

" SiKnlHcanoe of the play." 

JBiop. A hundred fables of .^sopi from the 
English version of Sir Roger Lestrange; 
with pictures by Percy J. Billinghurst, and 
an introd. by Kenneth Grahame. N. Y., 
J: Lane, 1899. 15 + 301 p. O. cl., $1.50. 
Alternate padres of pictures and text. 

•Aflalo, F: O:, ed. The coat of sport: papers 
on shooting and fishing in the British Isles 
and other parts of the world; hunting, rac- 
ing, trotting, boating, yachting, canoeiag, 
puntine-, criclfet, golllQg, curling, lawn ten* 
nis, polo, archery, cycling, coursing, fal- 
conry, ice sports, mouFiinia climbing', W 
various experts. N. Y.. imported by C; 
Scribner's ^ns, 1899. 304 p. 8', cl., f 3.40. 

*Agnew, Philip Leslie. Arunthrough "The 
Nibelung's ring." N. Y., imported by C: 
Scribner's Son-, 1899. 83 p. 13", cl., net, 
75 c. 

Aitkan, W. Hay U. H. The romance of 
Christian work and experience. Neio ed, 
N. Y., B. P. Dutton & Co., 1899. 4-533 p. 
por. O. cl., |2. 
Aims to Khow that there is within tbe scope of *jiiT. 

'pretation of romance as applied tt 


t part 



by friends. Some ot 

a for the 

■AUbaaiB. Supreme ct. Reports of caaes 
from Nov. term, 189B, to Nov. term. 1897; 

S' ' Phares Coleman. St. rep. Vs. 110,117. 
ontgornery, Ala., Thf Brown Printing 
Co., 1898. c. O. Bhp., 18.75. 
■Alabama. Supreme ct. Reports of caaes 
during thp Nov. term, 1897: by Ph ares Cole- 
man, St. rep. y. 118. Jacksonville, Fla., 
Vance Print. Co., 1809. "" 

shp., (3.75. 

90. c. 34+830 p. d! 



Alaro£ii, Pedro Aatonio de. El Capital) Ve- 
ueno; ed., with notes and vocabulaiy. b; 
J. D. M. Ford. Bost., D. C. Heath & Co., 
1609. c. 5+187 p. S. (Heath' 
laoguag'e ser.) cl., 65 c, 
Tbe author, irho died Id iSB], tu m, m 

art of writing the tb 



Harvard Uiil«er«Jty. 

iii^ht out 

Alden, Mtk. Isabella MacDonald, [Mrs. Q: R. 
Aldeui " Paney," pseud.] A modern sacri- 
fice: the story oF Kisaie Qordon'a experi- 
ment. Boat., Lothrop Pub. Co., [1899 j c. 
6-303 p. i!. D. cl.,7Bc. 
The duth of Kiaete Oordon'i lather, who was a 

oler^maii, deprlTea Kiuie and her mother of almost 

oept the hoapltaltty of fin Gordon's algter, lira. 

a worldl. 


into the whin, but the mroi 
mother aKalostdaneinK, aa 
etc. . that had bsan earlv in 
to to* front aiMl a oondict i 

'if ™; 


Aldan, JVTrs. iKabella MacDonald, [if ra. Q: 
R. Alden. "Pansy," ptead.] Yesterday 
framed in to-day: a ator; of the Christ, 
and liow to-day received him. Boat., Lo- 
throp Pub, Co., [1699.1 c. 3-356 p. il.D. 
cl., 11.50. 

Other wrltera have *ltetDpt«d to portray the actlona 
ot the world of to-day ahould Cbrlat appear in it to 
labor, heal, and blew as he did In Che yesterday of 
nineteen centuries ago; "Pau9y" boa placed him there. 
Into the to-day of railroads and MleicrapbH, phono- 
graphs and electric lights, she brli^ra a cenlral flfinire 


the people of loday, who appreciate 
did those of Old Juijea. with the re- 

Aldrioh, Anne RBeve. A village Ophelia. N. 
Y.. G: W. Dillingham Co., 1899. c. &- 
188 p. D. cl., tl,36. 

eovery, and An erenlnB •ritb Callender. 

"Aldiloh, Julia Garter, ["Pitresia Peters," 
pseud,] Hazel Bloom: [poems.] Buffalo, 
N. Y., C: Wells Moulton, 1B99. c. 318 p. 
16', cl., tl. 

'Alexander, Fraocesca. The story ot Ida; 
epitaph on an Etrurian tomb. Portland. 
Me., T: B. Hosher, 1899. nar. 8*, (The old 
world ser., no. 15.) Van Gelder pap., net, 
$1; Japan vellum, net, |3.50. 

AlBxandar. Oro°s. The son of man: Btudiee 
in his life and teachings; with an introd. 
by J: J. Tigert. Nashville, Tenn., Publish- 
ing House of M. E. Church, South, (Barbee- 
& Smith, Agts.,) 1898. c. 18-(-380p.D. cl., 

AlBxandor, Ja. B. King Solomon; a drama 
in five acts relatine to incidents in the life 
of the wise king, derived from history and 
legend, including his courtship of the beau- 
tiful Shulamite as set torth in Solomon's 
song, and introducing sis songs. [Minne- 
apoTis, Minn., Ja. B. Alexander,] 1899. c. 
113 p. 11. D. pap., 35 c. 


Alexander, S. A. The Christianity of St. 

Paul. N,Y.,Longmans,areen&Co.,1899. 

8-f316 p. D. cl., fT.35. 

The sermoDs of which this volume consists were 
preached at the Templo Church (England) aa part of 
an attempt to illustrate. In adirect and practical and 
almpte way, the mind of 8t Paul on cert«ln great as- 
pecM of the ChiiatlaD faith. 

•Alger, Horatio, jr. Mark Mason's victory: 

the trials and triumphs o( a telegraph boy. 

N. Y., A. L. Burt, 1899. 808 p. 12', (Alger ■ 

ser.)cl., II. 
Alser. Horatio, jr. Rupert's ambition. Phil., 

E:T. Coatesit Co., 1890. o. 4-(-S06p. iU | 

D. c]., 11.35. 

A boy or sixteen, named Rupert Rollins, loses bin 
position In a ili\y goods bouse in Xew Vork city tbrough 

has been the main support of his mother and i 

)ry despondent for a time. But frfenda are 
raised up for blmin mostunexpected ways,andbe^ts 
a place as bell-boy la a hotel, then beoomea a rich 
man's con Bdantlar clerk. His cheerfulness, ho neaty, 
and good deeds finally bring him all his ambition hul 

Alien, [pseud, for Mr*. L. A. Baker.] The 
untold half. N. Y., G: P. Putnam .Sons, 
[1899.] c. 7-1-873 p. D. (The Hudson lib., 
no. 38.)cl.,|1i pap., 50 c. 

The beautiful mountaluoua country of New Zealand 
furnishes the setting of a drama dealing with the life 


en>. Oneofthemenlsapalnt 

and T loll ni St. One of the women la 

of the mountains. The untold hall 
tu Che Imafiinatlon after the author 

•Allbutt, T: Clifford, M.D., ed. A system of 
medicine, by many writers. Vs. 6, 7, Dia- 
easea of ciroulatorr and nervous systems; 
indexes, tables. N. Y., TheMacmiilan Co., 
1809. 10-1-944; 13-1-937 p. 8% cl., aubs., ea., 
neM6; hf. rus., nef.|6. 

•Allen, C, Frank. Railway curves and earth- 
work: a pocket-book for civil engineers. 
N. Y., Spon & Chamberlain, 1699. c. 
194 p. 13*,limpleath.,(2. 

Allen, C: Orant BlairSndie. The European 
tour. N. Y., Dodd, Head & Co., 1899. c. 
4+397 p. 11.25. 
A eeneral lutroductloa points out the great educa^ 

tlonal ralue of a European tour. Then follows prac- 

irpose in aeelne Eng 
,d Italy. Thespecla 
.ndon. Pans, Floreoe 
t with spirit by on 

O: P. Putnam's &)Da, 1899. 7+344 p. iL D. 
c!., $1.60. 

Hiss Caylev is a Olrlon graduate, who by her step- 

convenUonat girl, "ho makes up ber m^d to go round 
the world. She first hires herself aa companion to 
a - cantankereus old lady," going with her to Oet^ 
many. Fromthebejtlnclngshe has numerous ad Ten- 
Allen. C: Urant Blatrflndie. A splendid sin. 

N. Y., F. M. Buckles & Co., 1899. c. 3- 

273 p. D. cl., $1. 

" Black Eagle." an old-fashioned hotel ; It (bifts aftert 
wards to DeTonshlre, England A young EnR-llsbmaii, 
Bnbert E^^remont. who has made a spacial study of 
pbyslology, wants to marry the daughter of an Italian, 

iwss Bide o( the nuurlue. UDaipactedly » queBt[on 
or haredity comes up wMch Chremiena to ■epwvte the 
yauiu; people. A coafeulan Hubert's mo'tier makes 
endstbecompllcatloii. Qnnt Allen Irsauber "eplen- 
dld im" IQ Ml uaooDTentlonal and wball; sclentltlc 

*AUan, C; Warrenne, M.D., and Sobel, Jacob, 
M.D. Handy book of medical proeresB. 
N. Y., W: Wood 4 Co., 1899. c. 8°. 
buckram, net, %%. 

"Allan, Bthati, D.D. The Garriaon church: 
a sketch ol the historj' of St. Thomas 
Parish, OarrisOD Forrest, Baltimore Co., 
Maryland, 174^-1853; ed. in 189B by Rev. 
Hobivrt Smith, with additional sketches. N. 
Y.. Ja. Pott & Co., 189B. IBS p. >1. 8°, cl., 
net, 12.50. 

•Allen, H. C. M.D. Keynotes and cbarao- 
teristics; with comparisons of some of the 
leading remedies of the materia medica. 
Phil., Boericke & Tafel, 1898. 179 p. 18*, 
cl., $1.35. 

Allan, H: E. In hell and the way out: a non- 
partisan political handbook: a comparative 
Stuf-.v of present conditions, and a plan of 
social democracy outlined; respectfully in- 
scribed to the farmers and trade unionists 
of America, by one of theirnumber. Chic, 

•Allan, Ja. Lane. The choir invisible. N.Y., 
American News Co., 1899. 13-t-864 p. il. 
18*, (People's lib,, no. 2.) pap., 50 c. 

Allan, Ja. Lane. Two gentlemen of Ken- 
tucky. N, Y., Harper, 1899. c.'91,'99. 2-H 
TS p. nar. S. (Little books by famous au- 
thors.) cl., SOc. 

Astory Uken from Mr. Alleo's "Fluta kad TioUn." 

•Allan, J:Oamaliel. Topical studies in Amer- 
ican history, JViruj ret), ed. N. Y., The 
Macmillan Co., 1899. 86-t-98 p. 13*, cl., 
net, 40 c. 
Allan, Katharine. The treatment of nature 
in the poetry of the Roman republic (ex- 
clusive of comedy): a thesis submitted for 
the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, Uni- 
versity of Wisconsin, 1B98. Madison, Wis., 
Dniversity ofWisconsin, 1899, 8-(-89-219p. 
O. (Bulletin of the University of Wisconsin, 
no. 38; Philology and literature ser,, v, !, 
no, 2,) pap., SOc. 

Contains a blblloErapbv of prloclpal literature con- 
sulted {£ p.). 

Allan, Hary Wood, Jtf.D. Teaching truth. 
New ed. Aon Arbor. Mich,, Wood-Allen 
Publishing Co., [I899.J c. '92. 34-t-4 p. il. 
sq. S. pap-, 35 c. 

SuxKesta t» a mother bow to Impart Information to 
lier children about tbc origin ot life in unobjectionable 

•Allan, R: Hinckley. Star-names and their 
mednings. N. Y., Q: E. Stechert, 1899. c. 
20-1-480 p. il. 8°, cl., titt, %5. 

•Allen, W, J, Annotations oF amendments 
and alterations made in the Wisconsin 
statutes of 1898; also index-digest lines of 
all the new laws of (general importance, 
enacted by the Legislature of 1899. Mil- 
waukee, Wis., C. NT Caspar Co., 1899. c. 
printed on gummed pap., net, $1; hound, 
net, f 1.2S. 

Allan, Willis Boyd. Cleared for action: a 
story of the 8r>HUish-American war of 1898; 
Bec[viei to ''Navy blue": il. hyG: A.Tnivcr. 

N. Y.,E.P. Dutlon&Co.;1898. 8 -f- 346 p. 
O. cl., 11.50. 

Tbe heroes of "NaTy blue" reappear In this book 
far boys; it tIU be fouQd to contain not only a record 
of the experiences of Koilga Kexdftle, Eagineer 
Holmes, aud otbars, but an abridgad history of the 
Spanish American war In which they took part as 
oOlcerB la the Uolted States Raty, 

•Allsop, F. C. Telephones, their construc- 
tion and fitting: a practical treatise on tbe 
fitting up and mamlenance oF telephones 
and the auxiliary apparatus. 5fh ed. rev. 
and rewritten. N. Y., Spon & Chamber- 
lain, 1899. 184 p. 13°, cl., tl.aB. 

AlUuus, E: Synopsis of German grammar for 
the use of high schools and academies. 
N. T., Longmans, Oreen &, Co., 1699. c. 
6-t-116p. D. cl., net, 60o. 
professor Althaus Is Instructor In Qerman at the 

Hlebachool. Borough of the Bronx. New York. 

Altahaler, Jos. A. The last rebel ; with 
frontispiece by Elenore Plaisted Abbott. 
Phil.. J. B. LippincottCo., 1900 [1899.] C. 
'98, '99, 3-219 p. il, D. cl.. |1,25. 


.f tbe I 

J , „ ._,, ,.juld not acknowlcdfte that 

the nar was over. He aBtabllshed nlmbelf with bis 
daughter and a few old soldiers tn a fortress in tbe 
Allegbeay MouutalnH of KBuiucky. A youne artist, 
lost In the snow, i* found by this fanatical Midler and 
treated as ■ spy. Tbe atrenctb of tbe story lies In the 
descriptions of nature In the moontalDS duribg an 
unusual 1} inclemeDt winter. 

•Amear Ali Seyd. A short history of the 
Saracens: being a concise account of the 
rise and decline of the Saracenic power, 
and of the economic, social, and intellectual 
development of the Arab nation from the 
earliest, times to the destruction of Bagdad 
and the expulsion of the Moors from Spain. 
N. Y.. TheMacmai8nCo.,1899. ]9+&ep. 
maps, il, 8°, cl., %%. 

American Academy of Political and Social 
Science. The foreign policy of the United 
States political and commercial: addresses 
and discussion at the annual meeting of 
the American Academy of Political and 
Social Science, April 7-8, 1899. Phil., 
American Acad, or Political and Social 
Science. 1899. 3-(-3ie p. O. cl., (1.50; pap., 

Amoilcan Ajpricultoilst year-book and al- 
manac, 1899: a cyclopedia of progress and 
events; a treasury of statistics for farm or 
home, and office or factory, by Herbert 
Myrick. V. 3. no. 4. N. Y., Orange Judd 
Co., [1S99.] 513 p. D. pap., SOc. 
A rsferenoe work one"ery subject pertaining to b«- 

affatts. ecoDomlcii, and politics, buusebold education, 
religion and society, an almanac of caleDdars. as- 
tronomy of 1899, the weather, hinte for each month, 

•American and English corporation cases; a 
coll, of all cases affecting corporations of 
every kind, other than municipal and rail- 
road, decided by the courts of appellate 
jurisdiction in the D. S., Eng., and Canada; 
ed.byTrJ.Michie. V. 8-10, neui ser, Char- 
lottesville, Va., The Mirhie Co., [1898, '99.1 
c. '99. O. shp.. ea., $4.50. 

' Am. and Eng., with notes refer- 
ring to the principal matters. Annual. 
V. 5, Isf arr. Annot. by Ardemus Stewart, 
Phil.. M. Murphy, 1899. c. 15-^e30 p. O. 

''"■■**■"■ D,g,„z.anyCOOglC 


"Amnican and Engliah encyclopndia of law; 
ed. by D: S. Oarlaad and Lucius P. HcGtehee, 
under the Bupervisioii of Ja. Cockcroft. 2d 
ed. V. 10-lS, (Documents of title to emolu- 
ment a-for warders,) Northport, N. Y.. E: 
Thompson Co., 1609. o. O. ahp.,«a., |T.50. 

'AmeiicBii and Eng'lish railroad cases; a coll. 
of all cases aflecting railroads of every 
kind decided by the courts of appellate 
jurisdiction in the XJ. S., Eng.,and Canada; 
ed. by T: J. Michie. V. 11-14, nere ger. 
Northport, N. Y., G: R. B. Michie & Co., 
[1699.J c. O, shp., ea., $6. 

'American and Ene-lish railroad cases. Digest 
to cases reportea in v, 1 to 10, inclusive, 
newser., and index to the notes tliereto 
with table of cases reported; by T: J. 
Michie. Northport. N. Y., O: R. B. Hichie 
& Co., 1899, c. &46p.O.8hp.,»4.50. 

American bankruptcy reports ; annotated 
(cited Am. R.R.;) reporLtog the bankruptcy 
decisions and opiniooB in the United States 
of the federal courts, state courts, and 
reffree in bankruptcy; ed. bv Wr Millet 
Collier. V. 1, Albany, N. i., Matthew 
Bender, 1889, c. 38+782 p. O. .shp., 15. 
The American bankrupicyreporta are compiled uid 

aoDotated with the purpoHi of prcsHDilnf; to thepro- 

tbe decision! made under the new b&Dkrupta]' law ot 
lt»g, wbether the same btiTe tinea nadena by Che 
federal judges, by the referees in bankruptcy, or by 

American church almanac and year-book for 
189K. T, 69. [Protestant Episcopal church.] 
N. Y.,Ja. Pott & Co., [1888.1 c.'BS. 420p. 
D. (Pott's lib,. V. 1. no. 11.) pap., 25 c. 

'Amarloan digest, A complete digest ot all 
reported Am. cases From the earliest Limes 
ti> IHSe, Century ed. V. 6-lB. Bailment^ 
courtyard. St. Paul, West Pub, Co., 1899. 
c. 3338 columns, O. shp,, eubn., ea., (6, 

•American digest, 1609 annual, continuing 
without omission or duplication the cen- 
tury ed. ot the Am. digest, 1653 lo 1896. 
16W. A digest of all current decisions of 
all the American courts, as reported in the 
national reporter systi-m. the official re- 

Sorta, and elsewhere, from Sept. 1, 1896 to 
Car. 31, 1689 ; prepared and ed. by the 
editorial staff of the Am. digest system. 
St. Paul, West Pub. Co., 1690. c. 13 p. 
4886 columns. O. (Am. digest system, annual 
for 1899.) shp., 86. 
American Economic Association. The federal 
census: critical essays, by members ot the 
American Economic Association, collected 
anded. by a special committee. N. Y.. pub- 
lished for the American Economic Assoc, 
by The Macmillan Co., 1899. c. S+SIB p. 
O, (Publications of the American Economic 
Assoc., new ser., no. 3.) cL, tS.SO; pap.. fS. 

Contrntt.- Report ot the eommltteo od tbeicope 
and method of the twelfth ceoeus ; Population, by 
Walter F, Wlllcox; Colored population of African de- 
scent, by W, Z. Klpley; The eenaua of North American 
Indlaoi, by Franz Boat ; Age. lex. dwellluKm. and 
famllles.and urban population, by a:K Holmes: Illll- 

Statietice o( occupations, by R: Mayo Bmlth: Vita) aud 
social ■IntiBtlcs, Cresay L. Wilbur: Mortality statUtics 
of the United States cennus, bv Irving Fisher; Statis- 
tic* of crime In the United States census, by Boland 

American Economic Association. Handbook 
of the American Economic AsHOciation, 
1899: with Report of the Eleventh annual 
meeting. New Haven, Ot., December 27-39, 


1808. N. Y., published for the American 
Economic Association by The Macmillan 
Co., 1309. 8-126p. D. (American Economic 
Association Supplement to Economic stud- 
ies, V. 4, no. 3.) pap., 50 o. 

American Economic Association, President's 
annual address: The relation between eco- 
nomics and politics, by Arthur T. Hadley; 
Report of committee ou currency reform; 
Report ot committee on Twelfth census. 
N. Y., published for the American Eco- 
nomic Assoc, by The Macmillan Co., 1809. 
8-60 p. D. (Economic studies, v. 4, no. 1.) 

Amarloan educational catalogue for 1899, 
N. Y., Office of The Publithers' Weekly. 

1809. 09-108 p. O. leatherette, 60 C. 
*Amarioan Historical Association. Thestudy 

of history in schools ; report to the Ameri- 
can Historical Association by the Commit- 
tee of Seven. N. Y., The Macmillan Co., 
1809. c. 9-1-287 p. la", cl.. BO c. 

American practice reports: official leading 
cases in all state and federal courts, anno- 
tated and sysceroa'ically arranged so as to 
include in the table of cases ofeach state 
its reported, cited, and digested practice 
cases; editor-in-chief C: A. Bay. V. 1. 
Wssh., D. C, Wa.shington Law Book Co.. 
1890. c. 70-1-738 p. O. shp.. 16. 
This Is the llrst lalume of a series which will be 

publlBhed at the rate of four bound Tolumes a year. 

Cases for the flnt Tear's publlcallon are selected from 

tboBS decided during the months of September, IW, 

to September, 1898. 

'American state reports, cont. the cases of 
general value and authority subsequent to 
those contained in the "Am, decisions " and 
the ''Am. reports." decided in the courts 
of last resort of the several states ; set., 
rep., and annot. by A. C. Freeman. V, 68- 
60. San Francisco, Ban croft- W hi tney 0>., 
1898, '08. c. '09. O. shp., ta.. (4- 

'American state reports; a brief digest to v, 
61 to 6S. together with an index to the 
notes and a table ot cases reported, by J. 
M. Robs. San Francisco, Bancroft-Whitney 
Co., 1809. c. 216 p. O. pap., gratia to 
subs, of the aeries. 

•Amea, Ja. Barr. A selection of cases on the 
law of suretyship. Pt. 3. Cambridge, 
Mass., Harvard Law Review Pub. Assoc., 
1809. c. 310-464 p, 

Amiois, Edmondo de. The heart of a boy 
(Citore:) a school-boy's journal; from the 
324th Italian ed.. by O. Mantellini. Edi- 
tion de /ui'e. Chic, , Laird & Lee, [1899.] c. 
'05, '09. 2-1-200 p. por. il. sq. O. cl., tl.25. 

•Andera, Ja. M., M.D. A textbook of the 
practice of medicinp. 3d ed. rev. Phil., 
w. B. Saunders, 1809. 8°, cl., net, f5.50; 
shp. or hf. mor., nef, 16.60, 

"Andersen, Hans Christian. Fairytales; tr. 
by Mrs. E. Lucas. Neieed. N. Y.,E.P.Dut- 
ton &, Co., 1800. 5M p. il. 13°, bds., ^HM. 

Anderson, F. U. The geology of Point 
Reyes peninsula. Berkeley, University of 
California, 1899. 119-15B p. O. (Bulletin of 
the Department ot geology, v, 3, do. 5.) 
pap., 35 c. 

■Andrewi. Rev. S: Ja. God's revelation ot 
himself to men. New iSBue. N. Y., 0: P. 
Putnam's Sons, 1800. 6*, cL, $3. , 


A>iiim1»7, C: The Btandard opera-glaas; con- 
tain ing the detailed plots of one hundred 
and twentj-three celebrated operas, with 
critical and biographical remarks, dates, 
etc.. etc.; with a prelude by Ja. Huneker. 
N. Y., Brentano'8, 1899. c. 15+446 p. D. 
d., |1.50. 

Thia Tolume r&ngeB from 1714, irhea Oluck oi 
born, to 18SS. irbeiilliuc' ....... 

fuiei of the opera*, tadt 

Annual American catalogue, 1696; being the 
full titles, with descriptive notes, of all 
Iwoks recorded id The Publwhera' Weekly, 
1898, with author, titl«, and subject in- 
dex, publishers' annual lists, and directory 
of pubhshers, [Fourth supplement to the 
American Catalogue. !890-e5.] N. Y., 
Office of The Publuhera' Wtekly, 1899. c. 
16+821+98 p. O. hMeath,, 18.60. 

•Annuniio, Oabrield', {pteud. for . Ra- 

pagneltu.) The child of pleasure ; from the 
It^ian. by Oeorgina Harding ; the verses 
translated with an introd. by Arthur Sy- 
mons. N. Y., O: E. Richmond &, Son, 

1898. c. 18°, cl., fl.50. 

Ansorgs, W. J. Under the African bud: a de- 
scription of nativ.* races in Uganda, aporU 
in^advenlures and other experiences; il. 
from photographs by the author. N. Y., 
Langnians. Qreen &Co., 1899. 10 + S55 p. 
jl. 8 col. pi. U. c1.,t6. 

Koi»l™nei,'e o" Mtturitlua and raedfciil oBleor to Her 
a.Wtr-s BoMrnmert In Ueanda He took the Jour- 
Dcy OTer the old caraTsn route from Mombom to 
Uganda bIx tlmn.and spent ayearliithe more remote 

^rt four CLmes. In'che appendix Mr. Eraest Hutert. 
director of the Trlcg Museum, hu kI"" an Inrerost- 
ing account of tbe autlior'a cullectiua of African 
birds. Hon. Walter Rothschild c on tributes a deMrip- 
tlDD of Bums new species of African lepldoptera. 
■AnUn, Mary. From Plotzk [Poland] to Bos- 
ton; with a foreword by Israel Zangwitl. 
Bost., W. B. Clarke & Co., 1B99. c. 80 p. 
12°, pap., «e(, 50 c. 
Antoniitus, Marcus Aur^lius. Selections from 
the meditations of Marcus Aureliun; tr. 
from the original Greeit, with an introd., 
by B: E. Smith. N. Y., The Century Co., 

1899. c. 36 + S02 p. nar. T. (Thumb-nail 
■er.,) leath.,$l. 

A new translation of the heat ports uf tbU ethical 
iiiMCorpioce by the managing editor of "The Oentiiry 

•Ide? of an old cola bearing a portrait of tbe emperor, 
Appian of Alexandria. The Roman history 
of Appian of Alexandria; tr. from the Greek, 
bv Horace White. N. Y., The Macn.illan 
Co.. 1899. c. 2 v., 68+418; 34+554 p. 
maps, 11. D. cl., S8. 
relgni'o'f''TrftJan,*Hftdrlan,ftTid Antoninus Rua, His 

orjr. The] 


. Haiinlbalie. 

I laocuuie (Oern 

artlallty ai 

ins^urtc?pa.*''He''say''s of 

_, the Judicial temper are his 

■trIWnK ebaracterlstics," Bibliography <B p.). 
Appleton, Amelia. That other woman. N. 

Y., F. Tennyson Neely, [1899.] 3-26* p. D. 

cl.. tl. 

Boston 1* tl 


IK people. The girl's father tiad m 

mng people. Theg 

» wife Ion at aea. "That other woman" for yean 

lul. him h.1i«.. hi. second marriage ill«ai, and the 

rould iiotcoa>eDttolilamuTla(e 

young man's mother wi 

'Applatou'i annual cyciopsedia, 1897, 1896. 
Va. 23, 83. N. Y., Appleton, 1898, '99. 8*, 
cl., tS. 

•Appleton's dictionary of New York and vi- 
cinity. New ed. for 1899. N. Y., Apple- 
ton, 1699. maps, sq. 18°, pap., SO c. 

'Appleton'i European guide-book, for ^^^g- 
lish-speakinr travellers. 39fA ed. N. Y., 
Appleton, 1899. 8 v., 12°, mor., (S. 

"Appleton'i general guide to the United 
States. Newed. for 189». N Y., Apple- 
ton, 1899. il. maps, 16°, flex. mor. with 
tuck, S8.60; or in av., ea., (1.85. 

Apthorp, W: Foster. By the way: a collec- 
le(;tioa of short essays on music and art in 
generiil, taki>n from the program-books of 
the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Bost., 
Copeland& Day, [1898.] c. 2 v., 12 + 157; 
9+106 p. S. cl., 11.50. 
The malcrial t/aa flrat printed under the headtDE of 

" Entre'ofrte,'' In the programmes preparei^ ' .. 


rsadersof artistic feelinm and impulses. 

'Arabian nights. A plain and literal Irana- 
lation of the Araoian nights' entertain- 
ments, now entitled "The book of the 
thousand niglita and a night," with intro- 
duction, explanatory notes on the manners 
and customs of Moslem men and a ter- 
miaal essay upon the history of The 
nights, by Richard F. Burton. In 16 v. 
V. I-B. [DfnTer, The BurtQn Society, 1899.] 
37+(l) + S83; 343; 8+356; 9+809; 11+407 p. 
26 il. 0. 
Tblilaanextra illustrated facsimile of theedltlon 

issued by tbe Kamashastra Society at BeDarea,ieSS. 

It to toKUed by The Burtun Society for circulation 

among members The edition Islimlled to lOOD copies. 

The price for the set Is at prenent (100. 

■Arabian nights. The story of Ahtkar; from 
the Syriac, Arabic, Armenian, Bibiopic, 
Greek, aod Slavonic versions, by F. C. 
Convl>eare, J. Rendel Harris, and Agnes 
Smith Lewis. N. Y., The Macmillan Co., 
1899. 88 + 182 p. 8°, (Cambridge University 
Press ser.) cl., net, (6. 

•Arblay, ilme. Frances Burney d'. Evelina. 
N.Y.,TheHomaPub.Co..I898. 400 p. ir, 
(Welcome ser., no. 37.) pap., 50 c. 

Arbnthnot, Sir Alex. J: Lord Clive: the 
foundalionof British rule in India. N. Y., 
Longmans, Green & Co., 1899. 1S+S18 p. 
por. D. (Builders ot Greater Britain ser., 
no. 5 ) cl., (;1.50. 

' — •""— '-the words of Sir Alfred Lyall, is" the 
Kiire all oihers the Gng'lnh arc Indebted 

., on of our Empire in fodla." 11 Is tbe 

object of tbix brief mctnoir to show huw thin came 
about, to describe the xailent pointa In Chve's career, 
and CD Biplain how entirely It van owinif to Ciii'e that 
the place now tilled by the British Siij In India nas not 
occupied In tbe middle of the last century by the 

Archer, W: America to-day: observations 

and reflectious. N. Y., C: Scribner's Sons, 
1899. c. e + aSOp. D. cl., 11.25. 

M whom ■ 

^aUGaietle BDd Pali iioa 
• reprfi»ea by p«ifi u|on 


le JVeir Yatk Titnf. 
'Architecture Fran (aiBi>. V. 13: ParU and its 

monuments. N, y., Bruno Heasling', 1S99. 

S5 photo-engravings, 4% cl., C'i'-60. 
Ardol, H; Little Arlette; or, mv couBin 

Guy; from theFrench, by Francis T. Furey. 

[A atory /or youog people.] Phil., H. L. 

Kilaer & Co., 1899. c. 292 p. D. cl., net, 

Ardel, H: Twas to be; or, everythiog hap' 

pens ; from the French, bv Francis T. 

Furey. [A story.] Phil., H. L. Kilner & 

Co., [1899.] c. 300p. D. c].,nel, 60 c. 
'Axvy, Albert L. Elementary chemistry (or 

hig'h schools aad academies. N. Y.,The 

Uocmillan Co., 1899. 11+971 p. 19°, cl., 

net, 90 c. 
Ailol booklets. N. Y., Q: P. Putnam's Sana, 

1899. 6 v., ea. il. T. leath., per Kt, ft4.(S0. 

ConUntt.- aoDDeU from the PortugueH, by Mrs. 
Ellz. Bdmtt BrowDlDg, ITR p. ; School for icuiilal, by 
R: Brinsley Sheridan. IHB p ; Okir but society, by Cl: 
W:Curtla.S+107 p.; Bab and hLi friends, ftud Marjorla 
FleiDlUE, by J: Brown, M D., IDS p.; The culprtt fay, 
by Ja«. Hodnian Drake. litT p.: Tbegold bug-, by Edgar 

'Azlatophanai. The clouds; ed., with introd. 
and notes, by C. E. Qravea. N. Y., The 
Macmillan Co., 1899. 10+173 p. Ifl*. <Htt 
I>res9 ser.) cl., net, 90 c. 

•Arkansas. Acts, passed at the ninth sesaioD 
oF the general assembly of the territory of 
Arkansas: which was begun and held at 
the city of Little Rock on Uonday, the fifth 
day of October, and ended on Tuesday, the 
fifth day of November, one thousand eight 
hundred and thirty-flve. Published by 
authority. City of Little Rock, Printed by 
J. Smith and J. H. Reed. Printers to the 
Territory, 1835. [Reprinted in photo-fac- 
simile by Statute Law Book Co., Washing- 
ton, D. C, July 15, 1899. 60 copies (only) 
printed.] 103 p. [1] [3], D. (12. 

'Arkanaaa. Lawsof the territory of Arkansas: 
comprising' the organic laws of the terri- 
tories of Missouri and Arkansas, with their 
amendments and supplements annexed; all 
laws of a general nature, passed by the 
general assembly of the tpnitorv of Mis- 
souri, at the session In 18lS; together With 
the laws passed by the general assembly of 
the territory of Arkansas at the session in 
1819 and 1820. (Publishpd by authority.) 
Arkansas, Printed by William E. Wood- 
tuff, Printer to the Territory, 1821. [Re- 
printed in photO'racsinille by Statute Law 
Book Co., WashinBton, D. C, July 15, 1899. 
60 copies (only) printed.] 149 p. [8], D. 


'ArkaBsaa. Snjireine ct. Ufports, v. 65, from 
Jan. to Nov., 1898; T. D. Crawford, rep. 
LittieRock, Gazett-Pub. Co.. 1899. c. 16 
+8.58 p. O. shp., (8.50. 

'Atkwrigbt, J: P., eil. Cabinet-making for 
amateurs: a practical handbook on the 
maJcin^ of various articles of furniture, bv 
various hands. N. Y.. imported by C: 
Scribner's Sons, 1899. il. S°. cl., (I. 

'Armataga, G: The catile doctor; with copi- 
ous notes, recipes, etc, and upwards of 
360 practical illustrat ions sliowing Forms nf 
disease and treatment. Tfh rev. enl. ed. 


N. Y., F: Waroe & Co., 1899. 21+BS8 p. 
8°, cl., tT.SO. 
Arnold, Howard Payson. Historic side-lights. 
N. y.. Harper, 1899. c. 8+331 p. por. il. 
diagrams, facsimiles, O. cl., |3.60. 

BeTi]amlD Frmnkllii and hla frlenda both In America 
and abroad are the ceatral flgum of a mo*! CDt«^ 
tainisg collectloa of delightful gOHlp, penonal aaec- 
dot«a. and quaint and curTouablstorlcallore. Eatberad 
from thoK out^ of-tbe-nay cornen wbleh hUtoriau 


'Arnold, Matthew. Bohrab and Rustum, and 
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The title poem IsareliKlmu picture In two parts: 
Omen uIh torib tbe end ot the old; Alpha deali vlth 
theblrtb orthe new. Tbe otber veraei ara on tuia- 
cellaneoui subjects. 
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,— , jl^gS^liTfllS^ ; 

is: Laiimer and card*: DUcuurae 
r and a profeuor; LeglalatloD at 
of asaminEtiounclSeB; Qambllns 
iR eiLrly elcLteenlh century: Anec- 
ivre. E. Ward, Steele. Pope. Seau 
Horse raclnjc; Bettlnv houiea: Tha 

.— Wblte'B. Cocoa 

s lire, etc.; 

ckfird's cinl 

.mbllnB i 

■AakwiU), E. H. The Epistle to the Gala- 
tians: an e.'say on its destination and date; 
with an appendix on the visit to Jerusalem 
recorded in chapter II.: being an enlarge- 
ment of the Norrisian prize ecaay for 1898, 
on "The loealitv of the churches of Ga- 
latia." N. Y., the Macmillan Co.. 1899. 
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Tbe Japanese hat-? a voluminous literature, extend. 

Inir over tnehc c-enluiles, Rhicli to tbis day baa bees 

very Imrierrpclly explored by Europeal> studenla. 


Hean the hUtorian of thplr IIMrature l> tbrowD 
'■nainlr upon bis own reKiiircM, Liule apace, there- 
fon.hasbeen dcTotfld In thii volume to whatlBDBC- 
Msarlly k recnnl of penonal ImpreMlonaknil opinlona, 
-the out come of rouch pioneer work. Much room La 
glren lo tniislalcd eitrocts, and Lu such bloEraptaical 
Doticesaa are necessary to snow what maonerof meo 
tho authors were. The liteoeral plan, howsrar, of the 

comparallrely greater length, 

mined Its character at paniculorpertodi. The author 
haa been lor some time asalslani JapauBse secretary 
H. B. X.-B Legation al Ysdo. 

Atherton. Mrt. Gertrude Fraaklio, [" Fraok 
Lln,"p«ud.] A daughter f>[ the vine. N. 
T., J: Lane, 1890. c. 8-300 p. por. D. vl., 
The father of the heroine la repreaentsd Ma former 

brot'her o*? Chif lotte Br^U While under the InOu- 
ence of liquor he marries an Ignorantbarmald. To bide 
hia social downfall he gives uphlahome In Yorlishh'e 
and comes to America, flDallyaeltllng In Ban Francisco 
In the fortlBB With such a father and mother Nina 
Randolph ts far from helng a normal girl. The part 
hert^dlty plays In her story, particularly tu a lore af- 
fair with ayoung E^llshman. Ib painfully depicted. 
•AtUnioD, E. H. de V. Text-book o( practE- 
cal solid geometry ; for the use o( military 
students. N. Y., Spon &, Chamberlain, 
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aod court of' oyer and terminer of Del., and court of 
ol statutes construed Is ei'eo io tho Index to each 

Att«rbiiry. Anson P. Islam in Africa, its 
effects, religious, ethical, and social, upon 
tbepeopleof tbecountry; withintrod. by 
F. F. Ellinwood. N. Y., Q: P. Putnam's 
Sons. 1899. c. 24+208 p. D. cl.. t!.S5, 

Aatudvof UDhammedanism. by the paator of the 
Park Presbyterian Church. N. V. Re takes a middle 
erouud tMtveea tbosa who view Islam as wholly an 
Impoaturr. destitute of all true ethics, wholly opposed 
through all itiihlslorvto enilzhieninent, and Qreacb- 

ol ty which 


fully b 


directory. V. 9. Jan., 1899, (revised to Jan. 
1, 1899;) cont. alist of the associate attor- 
neyaoi the association, together with the 
Damea of S(IO0 other reliable attorneys in 
TJ. 8. and Canada, [eto.j N. T.. Attorneys' 
and Agencies' Association. [1899.] c. 840 
+38 p. O. shp., t;3.S0; pnp.. tl.50. 
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naval architecture. N. Y.. Longmaos, 
Green &. Co., 1890. Q+395 p. il. D. cl., 

Author is assistant constructor. English Royal Navy. 
This boolc was prepared by him In order to pro- 

tcxt-book which should HI pialD the calculatloas which 
continually have to be performed II is Intended, 

portion to the eiamlnatlonsnf the science and arl de- 
partment In narai architecture. Tina refers to Eog. 
'llah offloes and schools. 

Aubrey, Frank. A queen of Atlnntls : a rn. 
raaace ot the Caribbean Sea; il. by D. 


Hurray Smith. Phil., J. B. Lippincott Co., 
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TheoTcotawhlcb culminated Id the author's" DeTll- 
tree of EI.Dorado " (ks ■' Weekly Record, " P. W,, Hay 
10, -ST, IlSaOI) are here described. Abandoned by tbe 
crew in the Sai^cossa Sea, between the ( aribbean Sea 
and Ouir of Menioo. the four iieopie left upon an old 
brig reach a:i Island they name AtlautU. Heresword- 
Hih. Tarapires. tlowerpoople, ghost* and every terror 
aosallsthem, from which they are rescued by tbe hero 
ot the'-Dsill treeof EI-Dorado," The almost perfect 
heroine Is crowned queen by the wild InhabltaoU ot 
the Island. 

Anousln and Nicolette, the lovers of Pro- 
Tence: a ms. aonK'-alory of the twelfth cen* 
tury ; rendered into modern French, by 
Alexandre Bida; tr. into English verse and 
prose, by A. Rodney Hacdonough; with 
eogravinga after designs by A. Bida, Mary 
Hollock Foote, W. H. Gibson, and others. 
[NeiP ed.] N. Y.. Fords, Howard & Hul- 
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science.)cl., net, T5c. 

The story Is baaed unon the experience of two boys 
vergihgupoQ manhood who serTed with the armies In 
Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines. It is designed 
to give young readers Infonnation about modern mill, 
tary methods. Including the organlEatlon and handling 
OF arml's, the methods of Their training and Held work, 
the gathering and diatributloo of supplies, modem 

especially modem methods of Hghtlns In actual active 
flcid work. This Is done through numerous conversa- 

Avary, Harold. Mobsley's Mohicans : a tale 
of two terms; il. by J. H. Bacon. N. Y., T: 
Nelson ft Sods, 1899. 4-318 p. D. cl., tl.2S. 
The scene Is laid la Eoglaod In a boy's scbuol; the 

1 on the I 

It thrilling 


: after 

._ ..._ ... , __jbsley'a 

e Joneses' birthday; start the "Mohicans," 

etc., etc The sceceends In the school, with the boys 

•Avii, R: Bird preserving and mountiog, and 
the preservation of birds' eggs. N. Y,, F, 
Warne & Co., 1899. 48 p. la". pap., 15 c. 

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a flrst book of knowledge of natural his- 
tory, botany, phyBicF, and chemistry, for 
young people; ed. by W. F. Barrett. N. Y,, 
E. P. Dutton & Co., 1899. 18+348 p. D. cl.. 

The object te to provU 

:wo great divisions of s 
nental— to tho 'Worl. 
uperlment." The flrst 

-biological and eiperi- 
" and the "World of 

iie the work BMuraie aa^ar u 

u 1,0 0, C.ooi^k' 

'Awdry, Jlfrs. W, Baj-ly chapters inscieace; 

a Brat book of koowledK^ of natural his- 
tory, botuQj, physiology, physicB, and 
chemistry (oryounK people; ed. by W. F. 
Barrett. N. Y., imported by C: Scribner's 
SoDH, leW. 848 p. 11. la*, cl., 13.40. 

B«ok«B, Jiicob. Manual of the American 
ateoocode: a new system o( rapid writias', 
which wUl save time, space, and labor for 
all who use a pea, a pencil, or a typewriter. 

N. Y., published by the inventor, Jiicob 
Backes, 1898. c. 34 p. Tt. pap., 20 c. 

Thin nowsystem of rapid wntlngdoeBDOtroqairBBay 

r tbe 

■hat tbetw 

t ot • 


The duplication of aoy ot 

reprenenlArfl must beapelled out, writteo l«^1bLy, aod 

muBl be roilowed. It in claimed that the avitem will 
save [weuty per cent. In time, andbsotapeclal beneflt 
to typesolloreand proo(-re«der». 

fiaooD^ Edwin F. Anew French course; com- 
prisini; the essentials of thegrammar, with 
a series of illustrated conversation in Paris. 
N. T., The American Book Co.. [1899.] 
319 p. 3. cl.,|l. 

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3-193 p. S. (GasBell's national lib., v. 7, no. 
331, newser.lpap., 10c. 

Baoon, Leonard Woolsev. D,D. DiBCourie in 
memory of H: Leavitt Goodwin, pronounced 
in thepansh church of Bast Hartford, April 
16, 1899; [abo] The story of a suppressed 
document. [Norwich, Ct., Cranston &Co.,] 
1899. 88 p. O. pap., 35 c. 

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il. by Margaret J. D. Badenoch. N. Y., E. 
P. Dutton ifcCo., 1899. 18+355 p. il. O. cl., 

Saaayi on the d> 
and watldng-leave.. .. „._. .,^. ._.„.__ 

Saaaboppen, «ymbnlii ot psyche, daT.aylng mothi 
ecaae roothi, tbe h]LwkTnotbs,aDd tbe deatb'if beau 

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with New Foundiand, and an excursion to 
Alaska. 2d rev. ed. N. Y., Scribnpr. [im- 
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jacent portions of Italy, Savoy and Tyrol: 
handbook for travellers. New [ISth] ed, 
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plans, 13*, net. f3.60. 

Bailey, Alice Ward. Outside of thirds: a 
sky book; verses by Alice Ward Bailey; 
pictures by Annita Lyman Paine. N. Y„ 

y emblsmalical t>or- 

iloredink. TheblDdlDs liadelicate 

'BoUev, J. C. Studies 

N. Y., Truslove, 

13*, oi., %2. 

iture: a text-book for schools and ru- 
ral societies. N. Y.. The Mocmillan Co., 
1899. 15+300 p. il. 16°, (Rural ecience aer.) 
cl., I1.3C. 

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1899. c. '97. 820 p. so. 8. {Bailey- Wiemer 
Ber.,Sdbook.)cl., eSc. 

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based on some talks to teachfra and par- 
ents. San Frandiico, Cal.. The Whita- 
ker & Ray Co., 1899. c. 28 p. O. pap., 
35 c. 

•BeUey, W: F. The law of ii 

u peach ment of judgments, Uabil 

isdiction in- 

cludm,, _._.^ ...."„ 

ity for judicial acts, and special remedies 
as follows: divorce; contempt; habeas cor- 
pus; certiorari: prohibition; quo warranto; 
mandamus. Chic, T. H. flood & Co.. 
1899. c. 2 v., 74+580; 10+561-1210 p. O. 
Rhp., (13. 

tr., byR. Nisb^l Bain. N. Y., A. L. Burt. 

1899. 10+850 p. il. 13°, (Fairy lib.) cl., $1. 

Balrd, S. W. Graded work hi arithmetic. 

Fifth year: Qraramav grades. N.Y., Ameri- 
can B6ok Co., [1B99.] c. 356 p. D. cl., 65 c 
rt — 1.... _ .. -'i.gradeQ and progrvB-slve eerleaof 

pupils B 


refully pi 

kt the I 

with Cl 




cal applies 

'Baker, Adella L. Famous authors of 
America : brief sketches of prominent 
American authors. Syracuse. N. Y., G. A. 
Mosber, 1898. 63 p. pors. 16*. silk fibre 
binding, 50 c. 

Baker, C: Whiting. Monopohes and thepeo- 
ple. 3d ed. rev. and enl. N. Y.. G: P. PoU 
nam's Sons, 1899. c. '89, '09. 33+868p. D. 
(Questions of the dayser., □□.59.)cl., 91.50. 
It li ten yean since the orii.-inal work was Issued. 

i> decade. The 

Part a. Ho baa hi 

Baker, Q: A:, jr. Point lac« and diamonds; 
with new il. by Louise L. Heustis. A'ew 
presentation ed. N, Y., F: A. Stokes Co., 
1899. c '75, '88, '99. 5+150 p. D. cl., (1.35. 

"Baker, Ira O. A treatise on masonry con- 
struction. 9tk ed. rev. and partially re- 
icritten. N. Y., J: Wiley & Sons, 1899. 8', 
cl., |5. 



Bakar. Louise R. Sunbeams &ndniooDbeamB. 

N.T.,T:Y. Crowell&Co.,ri899.] c. i+ 
190 p. 1 il. sq. D. (Sunshine lib.) cl., BO c. 
Tbe " SunbsBmi " la tbe DBiue of a club ofgirUlD 
emulation of wbom tbeir play natea tha twya rorin 
a club of " Moonbcuna," snil the tlorj tails of thBlr 
nuarous rlralrr in doing kind aaa bei pf u1 dands for Che 
beneQtor the cotnmuDlty Id which they live. 

Baker, H. N. Potable water and methods of 

detectiog; imnuriiiea. N. Y., D. Van Nos- 

trand Co., 1880. c. 97 p. 8. (Van Nos- 

traud'a science ser., oo. 61.)bds., 00 c. 

The object U to pniKnt eloiu-ly aod brlelly the euen- 

tla] quHlliiss of potable nkler, bow it may be obtained 

and tbe al^incaDca of chemloal, bacterial, and mlcro- 

acopical testa of Its quality, bolb In tbemtelveiaad 

relsclTely. There U alio some dlacuasion of the value 

■n5" y ph'ki 'i'tvtt 
Impurity of publii 
"Baker, Uary Baker. Animaliokes'. [comic 

pictures and text.] N. T., R. H. Ruasell, 

189B. sq. 8*., bda., $I.3G. 
Bakmr, Ray Stannard. Tbe bo.v's book oF in- 

veniions: stories of the wonders ot modern 

science. N. Y., Doubleday & McClure Co,, 

1699. c. lS + B54p. il. O. cl.,|2. 

OolklenU; & Toyosre on tbe bottom of tbe sea: 
Liquid air: Teleentpblng without vlrea: The modem 
mocor vehicle; X ray photography: Taillen kite*; Tbe 
etory of tbe pbonograpb; The modorn tliysoraper; 
Tbroegb the air. 
Baker, Mrt. Woods. The fisher by the sea: 

a story told in rhyme. N. Y., t: Whitta- 

U bu'cbUd 

Batch, T: International courts of arbitra- 
tion, 1874. Phil,, H: T, Coates & Co., 1899, 

le parity or 

printed hia 


. publ label 

_._ P, of London, Top . 

iaaued Id pampblet In this country. To It Ur. Balch> 

notes of an Interricir with President Lincoln in Novem- 

ber. I SM.Oud a reference to Hr. Balch'a letter totbe New 

York Triiyiuu on tbe subject printed on May IS, 18K. 

•Baldock,T.S. Cromwell as a soldipr. N. Y„ 
import«d byC: Scribner's Sone, 1699. 15+ 
S8S p. 8% (Wolseley military aer.) cl., |6. 

*Baldry, A. Lys. Sir John Everett Millaia; 
his art B.nd influence. N. Y., The Mac- 
raillan Co., 1899. 15+123 p. il. 8", cl.. «3, 

•Baldwin, D: A., M.D. The family pocket 
homceopathiBt: a concise manual ot ho- 
mueopathic practice for families and travel- 
lers. 3d ed. Rochester, N. Y., E, Darrow 
& Co., 1898. 148 p. a4%cl.,50c.; bds., S5c 

"Baldwin, Ja. Hark, Mental development in 
the child and the race: mettiods and proc- 
esses; with 17 figures and 10 tables. 2d 
ed. C07T. N. Y„ The Macmillan Co., 18B9. 
16+496 p. 12°, cl., net, price reduced to 

■Baldwin, Ja. Hark. Social and ethical in- 
terpretations in mental development : a 
study in aocial psychology. N, Y., The 
Hacmlilan Co.. 1899. 14+574 p. 12°, cl , 
net. price reduced to (1.70. 

^Baldwin, Josephine L. The shepherd psalm 
for chOdren. N. Y. and Chic, Fleming H, 
RevelL Co., 1899. 88 p. il. 18", cl., with 
key, 85 c. 

Balfour, Lady Betty. The history of Lord 
Lytton's Indian administratinn, 187S to 
1^; comp. from letters and oBBcial papers. 

N. Y., Longmans, Green * Co., 1899. 6+ 
S61 p. pors. O. cl., $0. 
Ball, Bev. G: Ja. Light from the east; or, 
the witness of the monuments: an intro- 

266+24 p., te. 

This colleoUon. containing over BO pieturot (which 
Include 30 platee la color), U one of tbe fuileat and miwt 
compreheoslTe series of biblical lliuatrationsfroin tbe 

selected subJecU cover tbe wbule Held of modem 
archfflologloal dlsooTsry In Babylonia, Assyria, Syria, 
and Ksypt. The letter-press deM^riptlona include a 
lorce tun,,uDtof orlRinal matter ^learin^ on til B history 
and development ol Semitic rellgiOD. literature, and 
cl>llii»Cloii, valuable both to the atudeut and to the 
general reader of tbe Bible. Conloiua also a new 
uomparatlre list of tbe propernamesor theBibla, 

Ball, J: Hints and notes, practical and 
scientiflc, for travellers in the Alps: being 
a revision ot the general introduction to 
the "Alpine guide."' Kew ed., prepaiedon 
behalf of the Alpine Club, by W. A, B. 
Coolidgp. N. Y., Longmans, Green & Co., 
1899. 164 p. S. bds,, net, |1. 

■Ballard, Susan, eotttp. and tr. Fairy tales 
from Tar Japao; witn a prefatory note by 
Sirs. Isabella L. Bishop; il. by forty-seven 
engravings from Japanese originals. N. 
Y. and Chic, Fleming H. Revell Co., 1899. 
138 p. 4°, cl., 70 c. 

Ballard, Tilghman E. and Emerson E., eds. 
The law of real property, being a complete 
compendium of real estate law, embracing: 
all current case law, carefully selected, 
thoroughly annot. and accurately epitom- 
ized : comparative stiklutory construction 
of the laws of the several states; and ex- 
haustive treatises upon the moat important 
branches ot the law of real property. V. 
6. LoRansport, Ind., The Ballard Pub. Co., 
[1899.] c. a4+889p. O. shp., $1,60. 

■Balma, E. The luck of the fourleaved 
shamrock: [a novel.] N. Y.,a:Koutledge& 
Sons, Ltd,, 1899. 234 p, i). 12°, cl., |1.2S. 

■BaliRO. Honor6 de. La comEdie humaine, 
(Scenes from private life;) tr. by Katharine 
Prescott Wormeley. Centenary ed.; il. by 
Wagrez, Ouyon, Girardet, Moreau, and 
others. Borft,, Little. Brown & Co., 1899. 
c. '8S, "aS-'fle, '99. 88 v., il. 13°, cl., per v., 
Contenli: V. 1, Pin Goriot: The taarria^e contract i 

II. by Jeanniol and George* Cain. V, S, Memol™ ot two 

SDunK married women; Albert Savarus: 11 by Jules 
irardet and Hail mil letine Ouyou. V. B, Fame and Sor- 
row; Colonel Chabcrt; Tbe atheist's macs; Ia grande 
Bretiohe; The deserted woman: Tbe purse; La grena- 
dldre: A double life; The rural ball; 11. by I^urent. 
DesrousBPaui and GeorKesCam. V. 4. ModeHle.MlgnoD; 
The peace of a home; A daucbterof Eve; 11. by Adrlen 
Moreau and 8l, ReJchan V.S. Aslort in life: Vendetta; 
A study of woman: The mc-sace: Paz: Madame 
Flrmiani: II. by Oi^j^e Roux V. fl, Watrix; A commis- 
sion Intunacy; II. by Albert Fourie. V. T. Eu^De Qrao- 
del.and Pierrette, V 8. The two brothers, and An old 
maid. T. S, Tbe Illy of the valley, abd A gallery ot 
antlqultloB V 10, traula. and Yhe VIear of Toura. 
V. 11. Lost illusions, and The Illustrious Oaudlssart, 
V. I!, Thr preat roan ot tbe provinces In Paris. V. IS, 
Luclen de Rubempr#, and DuchsMe de Lanseals. 
v. i(. lAst incarnatloa of Vautria, Ferragua, and 
nobscck. v. IE, Ctear Blrotteau, and other stories. 
V. IB, Bureaucracy, and other stories. V IT. ThE leea- 
er bourRpiiiHin V. 18, Conaln Bette. V. IS. Cousin 
" — TheChoua ' ■ .— .--.---. 

7. S4. The . , . -.. -— .. 

-, V, EB. Sons or the noil V. Z!, Catharine 
. V.28,Seraphlta,andTheAlkaheat. V. W, 
^ skin, and The bidden masterpiece. V.80. 

Loul* Lkmbert. and othsr Itorlei. T. B1, Juaoa, mud 
□Iber •torlea. V. 3j. Uemolr ol Balzac. T. 83, FeruMUl 
opiDion* of Balzac. 

*B*lBao, Eonor6de. Nove1s;ed. bvQ: Saintft- 
bury. In 42 v. Vs. 34. 85. N. Y., The Mac- 
millan Co., 1899. 12', sateen, ea., $1.00. 
Contenti.- V. 31. A OondroTlllc mj-stery, lUnt Tini- 
brettf olTalr— un epiiode tout la T^rcur.Jtr. by Ellen 
Marriage. 124-210 p. V.35. Tbe mlddla clauei, (Le 
petilt boiirgtou.i tr. by Clara Bell, S+Ol p. 
BalzBo, HoDore de. The personal opinions of 
Honore de Balzac taken from his corre- 
spondence and his iniBcellaneouE writing, 
preceded by the address of Ferdtoand 
BrunetiSre delivered at Touts, May flth, 
1899, on the occasion of the Balzac cea- 
tenai?; comp. and tr. by Katharine Pres- 
Gott Wormeley. Bost., Hardy, Pratt & 
Co., 1899. 36+340 p. D. lit. rus., |1.S0. 


e, tbepolUica, 

Tot'tbe'^tliim VrJInlUoe ot"h\i 
e works are not referred to. ai 
Id be monat 

. Ttaei 

tiuloglcally, and cover the 
years from iSH to tSSe. 

Bancroft, Hubert Howe. The new Pacific. 

N. Y., The Bancroft Co., 1900 [1899.1 c. 

" ',,13.50. 

!XB and clloiate, htstory and 


the Ctaiii 
author bell eve 

DC jc loped le i 

Bang!, J: Eendrii'k. The drpamers, a dab: 
bein^amore or less faitfaTul account of the 
literary exercises of the first regular meet- 
ing of ihat organization; reporied by J: 
Kendrick Bangs; i1. bv E: PeoBeld. N. Y., 
Harper,1899. c. T+MTp.,$1.2S, 
A collection ot parodies of the aulbora of tbe day. 

told bv tbe thirteen memberi of "The Dreamera' 


Bangs, J: Kendrick. The enchanted type- 
writer; il. by Peter Newell. N. Y., Harper, 
1899. c. 6-Hl71p. 8. cl.,»1.25. 
In hkfi Introductory chapter Mr. Ban^explolnB how 

he ban been enabled tj, f umiRh an lar^-n u. rimd of in- 

rormatloD remrdli 


_„ that .. . 
iwislori had tE 


1 InvcBtisaiionj 

In the dead 
dUcovort It la beliiB used by Bosw 

leanied ti falthfully°recorded in the book. 

Bank!, C: Eugene, tind Cook, Q: Cram. In 

Hampton Roads : a. dramatic romance, 

N. Y. and Chic, Rand, MoNally & Co.. 

[1899.1 c. 388 p. n. D. cl., $1.35. 

1 story of the wnrbetireen the north and tbe south, 
beBlnnfnK Immediately after the fall of Fort Sumter, 
The scene Is Virginia, and the ntorv of tbe birth of the 
Ironclad war reswl Is told la detail. The heroine Is a 

The MerHmac and tbe Monitor, and thslrgirat work 

southern Bplea pW Important pans. 

Banks, Ed^r Ja. Jonah in tact and fancy; 
iotrod. by Rev. Lyraan Abbott, D.U. N, 
Y., Wilbur B. Ketcham, [!8B9.] c. 2+ 
lfl4p. D. cl.,75c. 

Tb« aim of Ibis book <a to present to the largo body 
or busy clerKymen and biblical students a clear, simple 
■tatement of all the facts which are known and many 

Banks, L: Albert, D.D, Anecdotes and 
morals: a Tolume ot illustrations from cur- 
rent life. N. Y., Funk & Wagnalle Co., 
1898. 0. 46-t-417p., $1.60. 

■'The contents of this volume haTe not been gatb- 

Tbey are almost entirely composed ot Incidents faap- 
penlnu throughout the world within the last tew 
months, which have beenselzed upon to polnta moraJ 

ered here Are hundred and rlfly.nine'of these anec- 
dotal arrows, to which I have prepared an index with 
croesreferences."— AufAor's Fnfiux. 

Banks, L: Albert, D.D. The great sinners ot 
the Bible. N. Y., Eaton & Mains. [1899.1 
c. 829 p. D. cl., fl.60. 

tbrouirh tbe autamo and winter ol 1W6 and 1899 in the 
First Kethodlst Epluupal Church, CleveUud, Ohio. 

Banks, L; Albert, D.D. John and his friends: 
a series of revival sermons. N, Y., Funk 
& Wa);nallB Co., [1899.] c. 8-f-3S9 p. D. 
cl., $1.50. 

Thirty-three sermons delivered In the First Metho- 
dist Episcopal Church, CleTeland, Ohio. JHM. The 

revised version. The^prescnt 'volume Is the tourtn In 

" The 'Washerman ancfbls friendV and"Pauland bW 

Banks, L: Albert, D.D. Hy young man: a 
series of addresses to young men. N. Y., 
Funk & Wagnalle Co., 1899. c. 8-133 p. 
D. cl.,7.5c. 

Addresses dell ventd In the Toung Men's Christiaii 
Association Hall, Cleveland, Ohio. They are devoted 
In the cnnslderatlon of the young man In his relatlnn. 
ion, a brother, a member ot society, a love 


in as hi m> 

a yount man and hi 

»i. Theaimoftheseaddrei 


«ct for Ihlngs they are apt to regard lijbtly. 
aauki, L: Albert, D.D. A vear'ji prayer- 
meeting talkx. N. Y., Funk & Wagnatis 
Co., 1899. c. 8-1-289 p, D. ol., »1. 

« _ — . .. 1, -neetlniia- 

: is rich la 
dly fall Id 

D the year The 
u-atlons which cs 

.- --. -.- .bright 

*Barbar, Edwin Atlee. Anglo- American pot- 
tery; old Enitlish china with American 
views: a manual for collectors. Milwau- 
kee, Wis.. C. N. Caspar Co.. 1890, 161 p. 
ia°, cl., net, »1.50. 

Barbour, Ralph H: The half-back: a story of 
school, FootbHll, and golf; il. by B. West 
Clinediost. N. Y.. Appleton, 1899. c, 5-1- 
3GTp. D.H., 11.60. 
Hr. Barbour^s hero Is Introduced at a' preparatory 

school, where the serious work and discipline are 

varied by golf and football matches and a regatta. 

Later the young half-back of the school earns a place 

KToat university ;;ame, which la sketched la a brllHaat 

Bardean, C: W: Authors' birthdays, 3d «er., 
contiiiniug- exercises for the celebration of 
the birthdays of Bayard Taylor, Lowell, 
Howells, Motlev, Emerson, Saxe, Thoreau, 
E. S. Phelps-Ward, Parkman, Cable, Al- 
drich, 3. C. Harris. Syracuse, N. Y., C. W, 
Bardeen, 1809. c, '98," 8-tB9 p. pors, 8. cl., 
fl; pap., 50 c. 

Bardaon, C: W: CommlsMoner Hume: a 
story of New York school h. Syracuse, 
N. Y.,C. W. Bardeen^lflOO. C;| SIO p. S. 

>n,l«09. c. I a 

(Standard teachers' lib.) cl., t^-^; Pfp-i 

A description of rt 

iOKlly published 

h Is k Mqu«l to " [k>derlcl[.Eum( 


it the > 

The I 

:a. in Tht 


* the Welsh In his Mt«mp[s 
We1(h prlMi, bunted ^y 

erer, berngfl^tlaBedwIth'iuru'of bis woric, recalled 
the printed paces. wlCh tha lnt«aCion of rewritlDf 
tbeia TblahkaaiDOebeeD recoiuldered, and tbetait 
is here glTsn u it wait flnt wrlttan. luid t» k conlrtbu- 
UoD tssdncatloDal history, 

•Buing-Ootdd. Sabine, Rev. The crock ot 

gold: twelve (airj tales, old and new. 

Boat., L. C. Page & Co., IS99. 44-t-25Sp. 

pi. 12% cl., |1.M. 
Bailng-Qoiild, Sabiae, Rev. Pabo, the priest: 

a novel. N. Y., F: A. Stokes Co.. [1899.] 

c. 3+274 p. D. bds.. 50 c. 

A hlstoriul nOTBi of the reign of Henry I. of Vjig- 
land, samwned Beauclerc. He wM the fourth sod of 
William the Conqueror. HU only son iras droirned in 

the WhiitSliip In the English t'haor-' "— " 

eepted his bere»' • '-' — 

tor his cruel jper* 

the Normiuu, wbo'hVd' nlckedly^BlVreaieirbl* peo- 

tle. A One picture la given of the Welsh people of the 
wolfth century. 
'Borkw, U: Fi, ed. Bontgen rays: memoirs 
by Rfintgen, Stokes, and J. J. Thomson; tr. 
and ed. by G; F. Barker. N. Y., Harper, 
1899. 7-76 p. 8°, (Hwper'a BCientiflc me- 
moirs, no. 1, ed. bv Jos. S. Ames.) cl., eo c. 

A new serloa of handbooks In eclence, embracing 
translations and reprints of Torlous articles on physics, 
astronomy, chemistry, and other sciences, hitherto 
practically Inaccemlble to the eeneral student. 
■Barker, LeweH^^s F., M.D. The nervous 
system and its constituent neurones; de- 
signed for the use of practitioners of medi- 
cine and ot students of medicine and psy- 
chology. N.Y.. Appleton,ie99. C. 1150 p. 
il„2col. pl8.,8*,ol.,Ki. 
"Bamurd, P. Mordaunt. Clement of Alex- 
andria's biblical text, N. Y., The Macmil- 
laa Co., 1890. 19+64 p. 8°, (Texts and 
studies, contributions to biblical and patr~ 
tic literature, t. 6, no. 5.) cl., net, fl.SJS. 
Bam**, Annie Maria. The ferry maid ot the 
Chattahoochee : a story for girts; il. by Ida 
Waugh. Phil., The Penn Pub. Co., J899. 
c. 343 p. pis, D. cl., tl.36. 

Has a cheerful, happy heroine, wboimTer falten Ic 
ber task of supporting- her family. 

Baitioa, Annie Maria. Tatong, the little slave: 
a story of Korea. Richmond, Va., The 
Presb. Committee of Pub., [1899.] - " 
202 p. il. D. cl., tl. 

Barnes, J. The darkey phrenologist: a nigger 
absurdity in one act. DtcA:'a American ed. 
N. Y.. Dick & Fitzgerald, [1899.] 11 p. 8. 

Barnes, Ja. David O. Farragut. Host., 
Small. Maynard AGO., 1899. c. 18+182j 
T. (Beacon biographies, ed. by M. A. D 
Wolfe Howe.) cl., 75 c. 

This Is the flrst of a new series of bliwraphles, ii 
tended In time to Include the most notable Sgurea I 
American history, your other Tolumea are entered 1 
this ■• W. tt" under Hale, Howe, Hapgood, and Tren 
The auD of this series is to furnish brief, readable, an 

whose pemonallties ha»e Imnre-sed themselves moi 
deeply on the character and history of their country, 
^hrolnme la equipped with a frontispicee portrait, 
a calendar of Important date*, and a brief bibllogntphy 
for further reading. The Toiuines are printed In a 
form con lenient for reading and for carryloK handily 
in the pocket. 

'Barnes, Ja. Drake and his yeoman: a true 


Bamett, P. A. Common sense in education 
and teaching: an intraducCioD to practice. 
N. Y., Longmans, Ureen &, Co., 1899. 7+ 
saip. D. ct..$1.50. 

Content!: Instruction a* discipline; The discipline 
character; The phv^cal basis of education; The 


But, Jlfrs. Amelia Edith. I, thou, and the 
other one : a love-story. N. Y., Dodd, 
Mead & Co., 1898. c. 4+864 p. il. D. cl., 

The clcelng days of the reign of Oeorte it. and the 
_.onblou*dayaof KlngWllIlsmiv. furnished the his- 
torical background lor a loTe-tale In which the Re- 
form Bill, and the work ot Peel, O'Connell, Sydney 
Smith, and others are deciding factors, "f-'standa 
forthebelrot a dukedom, "thou "for the dauKhier ot 

his It 


BaiT.Jlfrs. Amelia Edith. Trinity belU: a tale 
of old New York; il. by C. M. Relyea. N. 
Y., J. F. Taylor & Co., 1899. c. 7+278 p. 
D. cl., 11.50. 

A romance of old NewTork, opening with the retom 
ot Catharine Van Clyde from the UoraTlan school at 
Bethlehem to ber brother and her handsome home. 
Their Father had been captured by Tripolltan pirates 
and held in slavery by ttae Dey of Algiers. The itonr 
turns on the courageous eltorts ot Paul to ransom hi> 
father.and the seif-denisl of bis mother andsisler. 
The silver Trinity bells sound messages of hope and 
Joy throughout the story. 

Ban-, Mn. Amelia Edith. Was it right to 
fortfive? a domestic romance. Chic, H. 
S. Stoned Co., 1899. c. 8+294 p. D. cl., 


A story of New York City and a beautiful subu-" — 

Lnd daughter of a 

or''pi!'en™"Md''unsoiflsii'n™!''T'heorliei very fully 
upon the separate standard of morality required for 

•Barr, J; H. Kinematics of machinery; a 
brief treatise on constrained motions of 
innchine elements. N, Y.. J; Wiley ttSoas, 
1899. 5+247 p. il. 8°, cl. , |3.50. 

BatT, Rob., ["Luke Sharp," pMud.] Jennie 
Baxter, journalist. N. Y., F: A. Stokes 
Co., [1899.] c, 4+887 p. il. D. cl., $1.75. 
The story of a young American woman, a Journalist 

of the modem school, pretty, bright, and audacious. 

While vlsltioir London (be be^an to introduce her 

methods Into the English and ContiDental newspapers. 

The author Is a Teteran newspaper man and points out 

BaxT, Bob., ["Luke Sharp," pteud.] The 
strong arm. N. Y., F: A. Stokes Co., 
[1889.] c. 'S7-'99. 4 + 338 p. D. cl., $1.26. 
The besieging of Castle Von Schonbarg and Che 
rescue of an emperor are the moat Interesting Inci- 
dents in the flrn story. "The strong arm." The other 
stories are entitled: The Count's apology; ConTerted; 
Ao Invitation; The Archbishop's gift; ffiunt Xonrad's 
courtship; The long ladder; "Bentlemen: tbe King"; 
The hourglBss; The warrior maid of San Carlos; The 
Ambassador's pigeons. 

■Ban-, Bob., [" Luke Sharp," jweud.] Tekla: 
a romance of love and war, N., Y,, The H. 



B. Claflin Co., 1899. 0+487 p. 12°, (Stand- 
ard sericB of novels.) pap., GO c. 

•Barr, Rob,, ["Luke Sharp," jweud.] The 
unchaa°iD^ east. Boat., L. C. Pare ft Co., 
1900 [1899.] c. a T., por. p)., 12*, cl., $8. 

Barrett, Jay AmoB. Nebraska and the na- 
tioQ. 2d ed. rev. and enl. Lincoln, Neb., 
J. H. Miller, 1898. c.,76o. 
A nvlHd «dltioii of "Hutorv and ftoTernmonl o( 

NsbraakB." published In ltlB2. The princlpBl oddlUoD 

is % iTatemUlc " Study of the Dnltnl Bt«tea EOT«n>- 

msnt." The Mltbor Is llbnuisn of the NebrukKStMa 

BUtoriul Society. 

Barrett, J: Admiral Q«>or^ Dewey: a sketch 
or the man. N. Y., Barper, 1890. c. 11+ 
280 p. por. S. cl.. tl.26. 

A. iketch of Admlml Oeorffe Dewey, by Hop. John 
BajTctl. late Uaited States liiolaterto Sun, uid ten 
months wmr correapondeDt at Manila, from llajr, 18)0. 
toUorcb.lSW. The nark la not an eiteoded blo)t»pby , 
but an Btutmpt to give an adequate represeatalloD or 
the oharacter and penooallty of the foremost Amerl- 
caa of the present day. 

Barrett, Wilson, and Hichens, Rob. 8. The 
daue-hters of Babylon : a novel. Phil., J. 

B. Lippincott Co., 1899. c. 3-334 p. il. D. 

cl., il so. 

With the uslataoce of Mr. Hichens Mr. Barrett has 
put Into dots] form the drama In vtalcb, In EDKland, 
he played the leading part. It has Its scene chlrfly la 
BabyloD, iluriog the lime of the Jewish captivity— 

thB tents of illustration betnp gWen of Israel's 
cruel adhorenon to the latter of the law. Uive. hate. 
and revenfte are the mollTes of this dramatic Mory, 

tlonsof Babylonian lireand^'orgeousnass. 

Barrie, Ja. Matthew. The little ministeri il. 
by photographs, Trom life of Maude Adams, 
Rob. EdesoD, and other members of the 
compiiny, by Sarooy, and also by Jla. from 
original drawings, by W. J. Kennedy. 
Greenroom ed. N. Y., H. M. Caldwell 
Co.. 11899.] c. '91, '95, '97, "98. 8-(-454 p. 
pora. O. cl., $2. 

•Banle. Ja. Matthew. The little minister. 
Neiced. N. Y.,TheH. B. Claflin Co., 1899. 
13°, pap., 35 c. 

■Barrie, Ja. Matthew. The little minister. 
A'ew id.; il. by Ernest Haskell and C. Allan 
Gilbert. N. Y., R. H. Russell, 1899. 13*, 
tl.. 4l.50. 

Barrie, Ja. Matthew. The little minister. 
N.Y.,8treet&Smith,[1809.] c. "94. Slip, 
lil. D. cl^ftOc. 

Baxrington, Boyd C. The Magna charta and 
other great charters of England; with an 
historical treatine and copious explanatory 
notes. Phil., Wr J. Campbell, 1900 ri899.] 
c. 342p. D. cl.,|3. 

lish iKilltlcal Institutions and has entbodled the results 
of his labor in a valuable critical essay. 

Barrowi, J: U:, D.D. The Christian con- 
quest of A<:ia: studies and personal obser- 
vations of Oriental religions; bHng the 
Morse lectures of 18B8. N. Y.. C: »crib- 
ner's Sons. 1899. c. 17+S58 n. D. cl., 
CVinl^nCs.' BeKlnnlngat Jerusalem, or. Chrlsllanity 

and Judaism; The Cross and the Crescent lu Asia: Ob- 


"Barrows, Morton, Handbook on the law of 
negligence. St. Paul, West Pub. Co., 1900. 
c. '99. 12+684 p. O. (Hornbook ser. [v. 28.]) 
shp., f8.9e. 

Barry, Etbeldred Breeze, Little Tong's mis- 
aion; il. by the author. Bost., Dana Estes 
ft Co., 1W9. c. 6-89 p. sq. D. (Young 
of heart ser., no. 10.)cl., 50c 

A Blory of a little cripple boy. 

Bany, J: D. Julia Marlowe. Bost., R: D. 

Badger* Co., [1890.] c, 2+87 p. 8.(Bock 
and buskin biographies.) cl., 75 c. 

The actress Inioiin as Julia Uarlooe was bora In 
Cumberlandihlre. England, In 1?;o. Came to America 
at the a^ of dve and settled lu Kansas City. She 
was christened Sarah Frances Frost and played tw 

"Mihe has starred in Shakespeare and o ' 


This biographical 

s II lust] 

„ . ed wRh 

portraits of the i ' 

Barry, W: The two sUndards. N. Y., The 
Century Co., 1899. c. '98. 0+516 p., 


'■ The title is takeh from one of the Kttreitet qC SI- 
/ffnatiui. the famous parable which is the Christian 
counterpart of the Choice of Herakles. The problem 
is as old as Che world— the choice between the pleasing 
evil and the bitter good. The purpOBB of the book Is 
to trace the progress from indeterminate ease tc the 
crisis which arrives soun or late for every man, wben 
the standani of right and wrong rereals itself as soli- 
tary and final. But this is a loere general description: 
In detail the problem presents Itself In a thousand 
forms. From first to last Che history of Uarian Orvy- 

nwriich ^Hrl's longing for the great world, to the HbaI 

renunclailoQ of ilie lust of Che eyes and the pride of 

llfB.'^ — The Academii. 

"Bartholomew, J: Qi, ed. The citizen's atlas 
of the world ; with a de.scriptive gazetteer 
and geographical statistics. N. Y., im- 
ported by C: Scribner's Sons, 1899. maps, 
plans, , |10. 

•BarUett, A. D. Wild animals in cantivity: 
being an account of the habits, food, man- 
agement, and trpatment of the beasts and 
birds at the "Zoo," with reminiscences 
and anecdotes, by A. D. Bartlett; com|). 
and ed. bv E: Bartlett. N. Y., imported 
by C: Scribner's Sons, 1809. 373 p. il. 8*. 

or, $8. 

Bartlett, C:H., and Lyon, R: H. LaSallein 
the valley of the St. Joseph. South Bend, 
Ind., Tribune Printing Co., 1899. c. 118 p. 
pors. map, il. D, cl., $I.2S. 

Iful valley of II 
outhero klehl, 

llluBtratlocsarenprncluctlnns of the two famous hls- 
loricBlpalntlnitBln the ITourt Houso at South Bend. 
Ind,— "La Salic at the portage " and " La Salle at the 
Miami treaty." 

BarUett, Vaoda Wathen. Heart's desire. 
N. Y., JiLane. 1899 S+829p., $1.60. 

3er husband's tailing 

on. her 



Barton, C. Josephine. Healing thoughts. 

2d ed. Kansas City, Mo., A. P. Barton, 

1H98. c. 107 p. 8°, pap., 50 c. 
'Barton, Rob, T. Pleadingaad practice inthe 

courts of chancery. 2rf ed, rev. and en/. 

In 3 V. Lynchhurg, Va., J. P. Bell Co., 

18911. c. 90+078; 22+0711-1496 p. O. shp., 

Barton, W.E. WhenBostonbravedthekiai;: 

a story of tea-party times; il. bviFnMik O. 


Small. Boat., W. A. Wllde&Co., [18W.] 

c. 4-814 p. D. i;l., $t.SO. 

TbUi knlD the ■tory of the Boston teft-part]', In- 
t«Dded to be Accunte m Itfl repreeeniAtLon of historic 
«tiancters Bnd sventa; to gUe & true picture or life 
ud thouEht In BMton before the Resolution, and to 
briiiE to Che rront the young people of the time, to- 

Eiher with their loCerutlDK Mhiors. Among; the 
ter it Introduce* John Crane, Paul ReTere.Qovenior 
HutchJnaon.CheQuKker owner or tbet«K-ahip-,Francii 
Aotoh, and otheia. It eadeavora, alio, todojuBttae to 

Buwiae, Sidae}', 31.D. The puriScatioD of 
aewag^ : being a brief account of the 
BcientiBc principles of sewa^ purification 
sad their practical application. N. Y., D. 
Van NoBtr&nd i^., 1S». 12+lSO p. S. cl., 

dealt wiUi chiefly from achemical and biological point 
of new, and In the light of eiperienee sralned In tbe 
dlwhaiKO of my dut' ■- •■ — 

bopedlwlth aulBclei 

u the medical ol 

BarzUlm, Jacob, She beats the devil. Los 
Angi-IeB. Cal., C: W. Palm Co., 1898. c 
18+380 p. ij. 8. c).. 50 c; pap., 86 c. 
Emma Riley in tbe heroine of a aerlFa of MnaaUonal 

iDcMenti, said to be founded on facU. Tbe most re- 

aeoause "^th I. Inter^eiit Ionian d o'n'aecounl''of her 
mlnlttry to her blind stelor, supposeti to be posseseBd 
with eil] sulritB, It wan talri of her "She beau tbe 
deril." Questions of heredity are dealt with. 
Buhford, Herbert. Songs from Puget Sea 

San Francisco, Cal,, The Whitaker & Bay 

Co., 1898. c. 100 p. D. cl., tl. 

Poems that were lint published In Til* Indtpendent, 
Critic, /VanJt l^ilit'M Weeliii/. Chaalaugjia OtierlaTut, 


Baskstt, Ja. Newton. The story of the fishes. 
N. Y., Appleton, 1899. c. 32+307 p. D. 
(Appleton's home reading books, division 
1, natural history.) cl., net, Tfi c. 

llluBtrMed. tel'llDK almost eTsrything there la to tell 
about all kinds of fish in a simple style for young 

Busatt, J: Spencer, Slavery in the state of 
North Carolina. Bait., Md.. The Johns 
Hopkins Press, 1600. c. Ill p. O. (Johns 
Hopkins University studies in historical 
ind political science, ser. 17, no. 7-8.) pap., 

75 c 
Con ten 

: Freen. 

>] life ; Tbe triutni 

life : Industrial and ac 

pro-slavery MDCiment. 

*Bat«, Percy H. The English pre-Baphaelite 
paintersi their associsles and successors. 
N. Y., The Mocmillan Co., 1899. 16+136 p. 
il. 8°. cl., ♦la. 

"BaUman, Rev. O. C, and Bennett, R A. R. 
The book of aquaria ; being a practical 
guide to the con <>t ruction, arrangement, 
and management of fresh water and marine 
aquaria, containing full informational to 
Ihe planis, weeds, fish molluscs, insects, 
etc.; how and where to obtain them, and 
how to keep them in health. N. Y., im- 
parted by C: Scribner's Sons, 1899. 12+ 
450 p. 13*, cl., #3.35. 

Bateman. Hay. The attar of life. Phil., J. 
B. Lippincott Co., 1889. 5+390 p. D. (Lip- 
pincott's select novels, no. 213.) cl., $1 ; 
pap.. 50 c. 

The heroine's favorite metajihor Is that "fupon Ihe 

Lng beauty, wealth, and social posltloo. s 
resigns all these and her cherished aim 
of a man whose past la shadowed. To 


JatM, Arlo. Under the beech tree. Host., 
Boughion,Mifflin&Co.,1809. c. 8+133p. 

O. ol.,$].50. 

of the best p 

II the author 

Bates, Frank A. Stories of lake, Held, and 
forest: rambles of a sportsman-naluralist. 
Bouth Braintree, Mass., Frank A, Bates, 
1809. c. 3-ie5p. il, D. cl..»l. 

Omleutt! OrouBe ■hooting extraoramary; Fly flsti- 

A tale of Wltinepesatilice; Hum pout flsblcE; The fox 

ashing: Thenaturalbit In the White Mountains. 

Batvs, Frank Greene. Rbotle Inland and the 

formation of the union. N. Y,, published 

for Columbia University by The Macmillan 

Co.. 1898. 3-330 p. 6°, (Studies in history, 

economics, and public law., vol, 10, no. 

3.) pap., net, J1.60, 

Thia monograpli embodies the results of Investiga- 
tions begun In the American History Seminary of Cor- 
nel! Uolvemlty, under ibe guidance of Professor 
Uoses Colt Tyler, and completed Inthe School of Politi- 
cal Science of Ootumbla University, under Professor 
Berliert L. Osgood. The workglvesthefaetsof Rhode 
Island's hiatory from 1765 to ITSO, and explalna why 
Rhode Island so long delayed her ratldeaHon of the 
Federal constitution, BlbliogTaphy U p,| 
Bates. S: A. The early schools Of Braintree. 
South Braintree, Hass., Frank A. Bates, 
1899. 34p. S. pap.,2Sc. 
Bates, S: A. Soldiers who xervod in the Rev- 
olution from the town of Braintree. So. 
Braintree, Uaaa., Frank A. Bates, 1698. 
36 p. S. pap., 35 c. 
■Bateson, Mary, ed. Records of the Borough 
of Leicester: beincr a series of extracts from 
the archives of the corporation of Leices- 
ter. 1103-1327; rev. by W. H. Stevenson 
and J, E. Stocks; with a preface by the 
Lord Bishop of London, publithed under 
the authority of the corporation of Leices- 
ter, N. Y., The Macmillan Co., 1809. 68 
+448 p. facsimiles, S", d., net, CR. 
"Baughan, Rosa. Character indicated by 
handwriting: a practical treatise in sup- 
port of the assertion that the handwriting 
of a person is an infallible guide to his 
character: with illustrations taken from 
autographic letters of statesmen, lawyers. 
soldiers, ecclesiaxtics. auihors. poets, mu- 
sicians, actors, etc, 2d ed. rev. andfJil. 
N. Y,, imported by C: Scribner's Sons, 1690. 
139 p. 13". cl., fl, 
*BBum, L. Frank. Father Ooone, his book; 
verses by L. Frank Baum; pictures by W. 
W, Den^^low. Chic. Gpo. M. Hill Co., 
1609. 113 p. sq, 8°, bds., 11.35. 
■Baz. Ernest Bplfort, Peasants' wnr icGer- 
nianv, 1535-1528. N. Y., The Macmillan 
Co., 1809. 13+307 p. 6". (Social side of the 
Rpformation in Germany ser., v. 3.) cl,, ^2. 
•Baylies, Edwin, Questions and answers for 
law students. 3d ed. N. Y. and Alb,, 
Banks & Bros., 1899. c. 619 p. O. shp.. 
■Baylies, Edwin. Trial nractice; or, the 
rules of practice applicable (o-tlie trials of 

B (<vtlie trials o 



civil actions Id courts of record, under the 
code o[ civil procedure, with an appendiK 
of forms. 2d td. Rochester, N. ¥., Will- 
iuniHOD Law Book Co., 1699. 108-1-833 p. 
O. shp., t6.S0. 
Baylor, Frances Courtenay. The ladder of 
furtune. Bost., Houghton, Hifflin & Co. 
1898. c. 2+303 t>., 11.60. 

loclal pmil 

■ tba Jadder of 

id i> IpdilTereat to 

e morvJ to be do- 

urBL uuLj uj uinn. by bflLng *^it good uj-uiluh- uj 
money [or bin family. The icnaeortbe itory li partly 
la W«t«rti America, partly in Parli. 

'Baacli, C: Fiak, jr. A treatise on the law 
or coatributory uegligeuce, or negligence 
as a detenae. 8d ed., bj J; J. Crawford. 
N. T., Baker, Voorhia & Co., 1899. c 
183+702 P.O. 6hp.,»6. 

Beal, W. Ja. Seed dispersal. Bost., Qinn & 
Co., 1898. c. 6+87 p. D. cl., 40 c. 

ElemsDtary itudlee in botany, lDt«iu]ed M a hand- 
book for both Btudaati and isachora. Bibliography 

Baale, Harriet S: B. Stories from the Old 
Testament for children. Chic, H. S. Stone 
A Co., 1899. c. 4+400 p. O. buckram, 

he writer has told the well.known storlu of the 
OldTeaCamentlaa slmpleKa?, tbat cblldi 

doi«t*Dd and enjoy " ' — " 

duot«d by the reade 

*BeaIa, Jos. H:, jr. Criminal practice and 

pleadinif. Boat., Little, Brown & Co., 1899. 

400 p. 12*, cl., S2.S0. 
•Beaman, A. O. Hulme. Pons asinorum; or, 

bridge for beginners : a short treatise on 

the new game of "bridge"; with twenty 

apecimen games. N. Y., imported by C*. 

Scribner'sBona, 1890. 103 p. 16°, cl., net, 

75 c. 
'Beunan, A. Q. Hulme. Twenty years in the 

near east N. Y., New Amsterdam Book 

Co., 1899. por. 8°,cl., $3.75. 
Baard, Wolcott Le Clear. Sand and cactus. 

N. Y., C: Scribner'a Sona, 1809. c. 4+ 

337 p. D. cl., $1.50. 

FroDLler stories, which deal principal with life Id 
Arizona and the Bitreme southwest. The titles are: 
; Specs: Rou^-et-noir : Tlizard 
rdom of Jt------ ~ 

responsibility: Section 3i;+&T.I 
sailing of Tlo Juan; A. brothei 
•Baardalaa, J:Walter. The Bible among the 

nations; a study of the great translatom. 

N. Y. and Chic, Fleming H. Revell Co., 

1809. 226 p. 12°, cl., tl. 
Bauley, A: H: Life ot Danton. 3d ed, N. 

Y., Longmans, Green & Co., 1899. 21+ 

S32p. por. D. c].,|3. 
Beaton, Ja. A. Lee's vest-pocket question 

settler. Chic, Laird & Lee, 1890. c 3- 

288 p. 1 il. nar. T. cl., 25 c; leath.. 50 c 

Over thirty thousand quick, com pie i a, &Dd correct 
answers; hlatory and resources of our now possessions: 
gronth of the American exptn^ trade: chronology of 
the Dreyfus oaae: the armies and navies o( the world: 
Interaatioaal and United Statea copyright: R.R. and 
teloKTttph stalisdcn: pension and patent — 

mentary rutes; ■— "--■ "— 

Jnited Stale* m 

; or *, 

'Beautiful and quaint designs in leaden glass: 
entitled A book ot sundry draughtea, prin- 
cipally serving for glasiera, and not imper- 
tinent for plaaterera and gardiners; besides 


sundry other professions, where unto is- 
annexed how to anniel in glass, and also 
the true forme of the foraace and se- 
cretes tbereot, London, printed in Sho- 
dane, at the signe ot the Faulcon, by Wal- 
ter Dight, 1616. (Facsimile.) N. Y., im- 
ported by C: Scribner's Sons, 1899. 4°, vel- 
lum, net, 93.40. 

*Baavau, Arthur H:. James and Horac» 
Smith, joint authors of rejected addresses: 
a family narrative based upon hitherto- 
unpublished diaries, letters, and other docu- 
ments. N. Y., imported by C: Scribner's 
Sons, 1890. 312 p. pors. 13', cl., |2.40. 

Bechtel, J: H. A dictionary of mythology. 
Phil., The Penn Pub. Co., 1809. c 221 p. 
aq. T. cl., 60 c. 

Bhort and intereatioB: sketches of characten In 
Oreak and Soman mythoIoKv, with prouunclatlonl sf 
Oreek and Roman name* and mythologloal teniu. 
*BBok, L: J. New York's Chinatown: an his- 
torical presentation of its people and places. 
N. Y.. Bohemia Publishing Co., 1809. c. 
■08. S50 p. il. 8*, cl., aubt., %IM. 
B«ok«,L: Ridan the Devil, and other stories. 
Fhil., J. B. Lippincott Co., 1890. 3+880p. 
O. cl., «1.60. 

Talea of the North Paclflc coast, etc. Some of the 
tklea are: Rldan (he Derll; An ' ' " 
- ■- - , Island: Bll( 

e: Denlsoo gets a. 

lory ot the Toke- 
laus; In a natWe village: Maurice Klnaoe; Dculson's 
second berth ashore: With hook and line oa an Aostral 

Becks, L:, and Jeffery, Walter. Admiral 
Phillip; the founding o[ New South Wales. 
N. Y., LonsinanH, Qreen & Co., 1800, 20+ 
336 p. por. O. (Builders of Greater Britain, 

no. 0.)cl., $1.60. 

Cwtaln Arthur Phillip was the first Eovemorot the 
first Australian colony, Liulelsknownof Fhililp'sllfe 
beyond a balf-doien years of his career-from ITSd, 
when he was chosen to fuund the settlement ot New 
South Wales, till his return to Kngiand In ini: his de- 
apatcbe* and a few contemporary cbronicleiot that 
period are the only sources of Information, as be In- 
dulRed scarcely at all in letter writing. The book, 
therefore, is rather a narratlra of the founfling uf New 
South Wales than a biography ot the colony's Or>t 

'Beck*, L:, and Jeffrey, Walter. The naval 

Sloneers of Australia N. Y., imported by 
: Scribner's Sons, 1809. 318 p. fl. 13°, cl., 
'Becker, G: J. Ornamental penmanship, an- 
alytical and finished alphabets anddraughta 
man's letter book. Phil., J: Jos. McVey, 
1809. c. 40p. obi. 4°, cl., $2. 
'Backer, Eev.'W: Christian education; or, 
the duties of parents; rendered from the 
German into English by a priest of the Dio- 
cese of Cleveland, [sermons.] St. Louis, 
Mo., B. Herder, 1899. 424 p. 8°,ol., net, 

Rev. P. Manual ot the sodality; 

Blessed Virgin; tr, from the Latin. [Alto] 
New translation of the Little office of the 
immaculate conception A. M. D. G.; with 
The litanies of Jesus and the Blessed Vir- 
gin and prayers; ed. of 1890 printed from 
new pis. St. Louis, Mo., B. Herder, 1899. 
416 p. 12", cl.,40c. 
Baebe, Katherine. The story of Henry Wads- 
worth Longfellow. Chic^ A. Flanagtui, 




A brief btogn^iby, which coreni tbe Clma from laOT- 
Ittt. IcCeaded aak literary Bludr mud teit-book for 
the jouDR. CoDtftlDB alao HlecUuiu from Longfel- 

B*erbohiii, Has. More. N. Y., J: lAtie, 
18M. c. 6+aOl p. sq. S. ol., $1.W. 

Londaa £alwdav Keofeio, Ute Oafly VniJ, 77u JAui- 
eim, anil other English porJodlcals. Tbe t[t]« an: 
Some word! on royaltji '^ Punch"; Acton; Hadune 
Tiuaaud'a: Qroups of myrmidoas : PrelendlcE: An m- 
famoua brlnde; The seailde In winter; If I were 
Aadilei Slgii boards; Oulda: The bllfrbt on the music 
I.. 11.. d:::^_i._ ^..I.... ..i.. sir Faamoo and her 

hslla; Prancley Valley: Ar'lM, 61 

bicycle; QtAng baclt to sohool: "a o . a. t;iuuu uu 

^aforta; At Corent Oanten : The caee o( Prometheua, 

*B««rt, H: AujruBtii). From Chaucer to Ten- 
njsoa; with 29 pors. and selectiona from 30 
authors, tfeio ed. N. Y., The Macmillaa 
Co.. 1899. 8a5p,12%c1., net, »1. 

B«eia, H: Augustin. A history of Eaglish 
romanticism in the eighteenth century. 
N. Y., H: Holt & Co., 1899. o. '98. B + 
4S.5 p. D. cl., %2. 

"the repTMluctlon fa modem art or literature of the 
life will thouEbt of the Middle AgeB." He doe* Dot 
trvkt bii aubject cbroDologically. but in the fotlonlns 
order: The Augualani, Spencerlaoa, LAndseape poeta, 
MiltODlc groUD. Bcbool of Warton. tiie Ootblo revlral, 
Percy and the ballads, Oulan, Thomaa Chattefton, 
the Qermao tributary. Bibliography (ISp.). Index. 

Basaly, At E: Life of DantoD. N. Y., 

LoDgmaax. Oreen & Co., 1890. 14+8CtS p. 

O. cl., $4.50. 
Behind the veil. Boat., Little, Brown & Co., 

1890. c. 2 + 107 p. 8. Ci., 70 c. 

A Virirlnia artist drifted to New York City, married 
I he daughter of a poor artist, and suffered seelnehls 
wife suHer lllneaa and poverty. He ^aadoned art 
■Dd worked with unskilled laborera in the street. Al- 
moBt (razee, be Tost qoiwclouaDess, and awoke under 
tbe conditions of a future existence. A speculation on 
the nature of life after death. 

*B«hTena. C: Form and color : new motives 
for wall and celling painting; 80 col. pis.; 
pi. 1 containing' 10 plates. N. Y., Bruno 
Bessling, 1699. F. cl., $4.50. 

*Bail«l, Calvin O. A treatise on the poor 
laws of Pennaylvania. Phil., T. & J. W. 
Johnson & Co., 1890. c. 19+609 p. O. 
shp., net, $6. 

•Bell, Ren. C: C. Christ our life: quiet 
thoughts for Easter-tide. N. Y., E. & J. 
B. Young & Co., 1890. 61 p. 18°, cl., 20 c, 

"B«1I, Jlfr«. Hugh. Conversational openings 
and endingsr hints for playing the game of 
xmall talk and other society pufitimea. 
Reo. enl. ed. N. Y,, Scribner, [imported,! 
1899. OS p. 8', cl., SI. 

Bell, J: J. Jack of all trades ; with pic- 
tures by C: Robinson. N. Y.. J: Lane, 
[1899.] e4p. il.sq. O. cl., $1.25. 

Comic pictures and veraes. 

* Bell, Mackenzie. Christina Rossetti; a bio- 
graphical and critical study. Authorized 
life, ithed. N. Y., Trustove, Hanson & 
Comba, 1899. il. pors. 12*, cl., |2. 

*BelI, Malcolm. Rembrandt Van Rijn and 
his work; il. in half-tone and line. N. Y., 
The Macmillan Co., 1899. 16+337 p. 8°, c)., 

"Bell, Jlfrs. Nancy R. E. Meugens, [■• N. 
D'Aavers," paeua.] Representative paint- 
ers of the nineteenth century. N. Y., E. 
P. DuttoQ&Co., 1899. i1.4°. cl., (13. 


*BeU, Ridley Hfisted. Ada Deene, and other 
poems. Buffalo, N. Y., C: Wells Moulton, 

1890. c. 133 p. lB',cl.,|l. 
Bellamy, Blanche Wilder. Twelve English 
poets; sketches ot the lives and selections 
from the works of tke twelve representa- 
tive English poets from Chaucer to Tenny- 
son. Boat., Qinn & Co., 1900 [1899.] c. 
"90. 4+518 p. D. cl.,85c. 

Pre]>are>d at requ«t of editors of the Outheh. when 
the sketches Urst appeared . Thepoela are Ohaucer, 
Bpeoser. Bbakespeare. Milton. Dryden, Pope. Quid- 
smith, Bums. Scott, Byron. Wordsworth, TenayaoD. 
Index of authors and of Rrst llnea and a glosaary to 
Chaucer, Spenser, and Buma. 
Bellamy, C: J. Return of the fairies; il. by 

C: W. Reed. Springfield, Mass., Little 

Folks Publishing Co., [1899.1 c. 3+183 p. 

O, cl., $1. 

There are six atorles la all. each one Inculcating a ]em- 

Bon without any ^pareut effort. 

Bellamy, B: Equality; with biographical 
sketch. N. Y., Appleton, 1899. c. "97, "99. 
18+413 p. por. D. (Appleton's town and 
country lib., no. 36Qi^.)cl.. $U pap., 60 c. 

Set notice, "Annual Catalogue," 1897. 
Belloo, Hilaire. Danton: a study. N. Y., 
C: Scribner'a Sons, 1890. 11+440 p. por. O. 
cl., $3.B0. 

The first biography In Enellsb of tbe sreat Frenoh 
reTolutiooary leader founded on original document*. 
Xr. Belloc. latescholar of Balllol Collage, Oxford, deals 
oply nitb Icnown facta— facta that may be proved; he 
has by this method painted a TiTid and true picture 
of Danton, and described tbe character of tbe period 

ments the narratlTe, embodying much collateral In- 

■Bellord, Ja., (Bp.) Meditations on Chris- 
tian dogma; with an introductory letter 
from the Cardinal Archbishop of West- 
minster. St. Louis, Mo., B. Herder, 1809. 
3 v., 40+788 p. 12°, cl., net. |3.60. 
Beman, Wooster Woodruff, and Smith, D: 
Eiigeoe. New plane and solid geometry. 
{Rev. ed.] Boat., Ginn & Co., 1899. c. 
•95, '09. 9+38Sp. D. hf. leath..»1.25. 

For notice of flrat edition see '-Annual CaUlogue," 

There Ib ablognuhlcal tableof matheniatlclane wliose 
works are mentloacd. Such material of the flrat 
edition as proved at all questionable has been omitted 
from the present edition. 

Bemla, E: Webster, ed. ]klunicipal monop- 
olies: a collection of papers by American 
economists and specialists. N. Y., T:Y. 
Crowell at Co., [1899.] c. 6+891 p. D. 
(Library of economics and politics, no. 16.) 
cl.. 92. 

<>iiit«i/f ; Water works, by U. H. Baker; Uunlclpal 
eleotrtcllghtlng. by J: B. Commons: The latest electric 

'•-•■• ■- by E: W. Bemla; Appendli— Validityof 

' ■-- IT. A. C. PerHne; The 

:rlc light c 

'mpartsonB, b> 
luE Parsons; 1 

■Bender, Matthew, Bender's lawyers' diary 
and directory for the stale or New York, 
1809; from Jan. 1, 1890, to Feb. 1, 1900. 
Published annually. 8th vear. Alb., Mat- 
thew Bender, 1800. c. 680 p. (including 
diary, J O. hf. roan, 91.60. 

■Benedict, Martin U. The advanced speller. 
Harrisburg, Pa., B. L. Myers & Co., 1809. 
c. "08. 168 p. 16', cl., 25 c c - 

,% Google 


*Bniedlot, Martin O. The primary speller. 

Harrisburp, Fa., R. L. Mvpre & Co., 180&. 

c. 81 p. 16", cl.,20c. 
BMiner, 8: Beaoer'a prophecies of future 

ups nod downs ia pricea; what jeara to 

make money on pie-iron, boga, corn, and 

Sroviaiona. 18(h ed,, with Forecast for 
BtK). Cin., O., The Robert Oarke Co. 

1869. c. ■7B-'a9. 238p. sq. a. d.,fl. 
■Bannatt, C; Edwiu. Critiqueof aomerecent 

subjunctive theories. N, Y.. The Macmil- 

lanCo., 1809. 76 p. 8°, (Cornell studies in 

classical philology, no. B.) bda., vet, SO c. 
Bennstt, E. A. A man from the north. N. 

Y., J: Lane, 1809. c. 4+26i3 p. D. cl., 


The itory of & youriE man, with llteru-rupLm onr, 
who coiDBB to London Irom a amall town in the north 
of England. Hit loie nJTair*. hla MmpUtlodB, his 
frlamlB, his unancceufuL atMmptB to become an au- 
thor, are the subject* of tbe narratlTe. 

Bann«tt, Edmund H: Tlie four gospela from 
a lawyer's standpoint. Bost., Houghton, 
MifBin & Co., I89l}. c. 11+08 p. S. cl., $1. 

Judge DoDueit, who for many ygan hold the oDloe 
of Dean of the Boston Uolrenlty ld,w School, waarec- 
o^nlied as an authority In hla profenloD An impor- 
tant paper read by him before a Church Congress Is 
now reproduced. It is an W" ' 1--— -..- 


'alldlty ol 

., Ernest N. Downfall of the der- 
yishes. N. Y., New Amsterdam Book Co., 
1899. maps, 1 il. 8*, cl., %1A0. 

•Bonnett. Ernpst N. The downfall of the 
dervishes: beinff a sketch of the final Sou- 
dancarapaign of 1898, N. Y., imported by 
C: Scribner's Sons, 1899. 2SS p. por. maps, 
plans, 16°, cl., 91.40. 

B«naon, E: F. The Capsina : a historical 
novel; il.byO. P. Jacomb-Bood. N. Y., 
Harper, 1899. c. 8-^3S3 p. D. cl., 11.50. 

Id a Rieaaurs a sequel to "The »lnlasfi."biit can be 
read iDiIependentiy. The heroine of that booli has 
^--' - UH, who has been sinKled 

le the 1 
It by Nicholas T 

lek pbtrloi 
id oI liio b 

a. a wond 


H. laiB-iHS). li 


in the 

of Capaas. known ae the Cap- 

again... . 

Teoseance on bis wire, but was conquered by his child. 

Benaon, E:P. Mammon & Co. N. Y., Ap- 
pleton, 189S. c. 4-360 p. D. cl,. $1.S0. 
The "smart" people of London society again find 

portrayal through the pen of the author of ^'Doda." 

and women 'striving to gain rlchcB at the aacriflce of 

sharply a 

Hi Cleverly 

and the Hooley illwl 

dents. T 

he dfaloEue 

• the authors bi^Vr point: it 
y witty. The scene is Lotidon 

be present 


L: F., D.D., ed. The best church 


s; ed.. w 

Ih an introd. and notes. 

The W^> 

tminster Press, 1898. o. 


R. S. bds. 

75 c. 

This little book had its oriEln lo two rapor. pre- 

If. rliean 

of Ihe editor of The Sund^v 


iclessreentltled: Wbatarethe 


ch hymns I : 

and What Is to-day the 

arU of th 

best churc 

hymns. These articles I titro- 

are sung 

n all tbe Enirlisli Frote.tanl churches of 



, L: F., D.D., ed. The best hymns: u. 
text-book for memorizing them. Phil., 
The Westminster Press, 1898. c. 6-1-68 p. 

Benson, L: P., D.D., ed. The school hymnal. 
Phil., Presb. Bd. of Pub. and Sabbath- 
School Work, 1899. c. 11+283 p. so. D. 

ard and choice hymns and tunca of the church to be 

a preparation for ohureh worship. It Is. however, an 
Independent book and claims to make complete pro. 

day schools, In their societies, and In their homes. 

*B«nao&, Har^., and Gourlay, Jane. The 
Temple of MutinAsher : an account of the 
Temple and ol the religious represent alio ns 
and objects found therein, as illustrating 
the history of Eeypt and the main religioiu 
ideas of the Egyptians: the inncriptiODS 
and trs. by Percv E. Newberry. N. T.. 
imported by C: Scribner's Sons, 1^. 391 p. 
plans, il. 8^, tl., |8.40. 

Bsnton, Joel. Emerson as a poet. \Netn 
ianue.] N. Y., M. F. Mansfield &. A. Wps- 
self^, [1890,] c. -SB. »-l«8 p. por. D. cl., 

!^"fho i 
■dance oontnbi 

and prrivdlcai essaysuponEmersoncontrlbutedtothe 
Chicago Dial by Mr. Po<ile lis p.} aod a list of "Bome 
books about Emerson " H p.]. 
BvntOD, Joel. In the Poe circle; with some 

account of the Poe-Chivers controversy, 

and other Poe memorabilia. N. Y., H. F. 

HansHeld & A. Weasels, 1899. c. 86 p. 

ror. B. cl., $1.26. 

' ■- "■ originally published In 

TVuU. The lilies 

_.;: Thej._ 

^:R. Jenkins, [1699.] 

■ of Poe ; The Poe- 

dalre and Foe : a brie^ 

a des verbes Fran- 
_.. __. N.T., 
. 81 p. D. pap.. 

Berean beginner's lesson-book on the Inter- 
national lessons for 1900. N. Y., Eaton & 
Mains, [1890.} c. 246 p. il. map, T. (Be- 
rean ser., no. 1.) bds., 15 c. 

Berean intermediate lesson-book on the In- 
ternational lessons for 1900. N. Y., Eaton 
& Mains, [1900.] c. '96. 235 p. il. map.T. 
(Berean ser., no. 2.) bds., 15 c. 

fieraan senior lesson-book on the Interna- 
tional lessons for 1900. N.Y., Eaton & 
Mains, [1899,] c, 316 p. il. map, T. (Berean 
Her., no. 8.) bds., 15 c. 

Beresford,C:,(Zr<ni-d.) The break-up of China; 
with an account oT its present commerce, 
curr.^ni y, waterways, armies, railways, 
potii ic»>, and future prospects- N. Y . Har- 
per, 1899. c. 22-f 491 p. por. maps, O. cl., 
Ixird Bereiiford TiHilrd China In IBSS, at the request 

rl Chan 

areportof ltstnule< 

raile and commerce. Che relati 
oya, reports of chambers of i 

>minerce, alia tha in 


Hews nllh Chlans ofBcULa, who beu witD 
oaeoalty of tha "opea door." Cbaptor* u 
Totad U> tbe dUcuBUDD of wftt«rir&yH. r^lire 
mod QATisB. trwie, treatlHa. tu-lSs and 
-cloBisB with Accounts of Tlsttii to jApn 

- 1, C:, (Lord.) Nelaonand histimes. 
N. Y., New Amsterdam Book Co., 1869. 
SOS p. il. 12°, cl., C3. 

*Berg«ii, Mrs. Yfumj D., comp, Animal and 
plant lore; coll. from the oral tradition of 
EnKliah-speaking folk; ed. and annotated 
by Fanny D. Bergen; with iutrod. by J. T. 
Bergen. Boat., Hout;hton, Mifflin & Co., 
169B. B°, (UemoirB of the Animal Folk- 
Lora Soc, V. 7.) net, 18.60. 

BargBagrso, Ralph. In caae of need, these 
may come hand^: a book of pictorial and 
Teraifled admonition. Host., Small, Hay- 
nard & Co., 1809. c. 8D p. sq. O. bds., 

ic, Savinien-Hercule Cyrano de. A 
oyage to tbe moon. N. Y., Doubleday & 
HcClure Co., 1890. c. 80+219 p. por. S. 
(,Ladiei' Home Journai lib. of Action.) cl., 
net, 50 c. 

R<KCAnd*> epoch-maklDK P^y o( " Cynno de Bar 
MTAo ■' Is foundad on event* In the ilfe of Cyrano da 
BerxerAc, who lired from l(CiO to 1«5G. and on tali Imul- 
nAtiVe work. "A Tuya«e to the moon," whleb was piib- 

whlch there have been three English traodat Ions. Tlie 
f>n«entoEie,byA.Lore]l, Appear^] in JO^. Andtheoric- 
inAl tLtlo pae a i« elten In the booli. It ia an ImAElna- 
•.in nATTAttve of a trip to the moon, deMrlbloff the 
tohibitAati of 'hat planet, their stranre cuatoois, etc. 
CurtlB Hidden Pan, of ColumbiA Unlrerslty, gives a 
blOKraphlcal BkeCch of Cyrano de Bergerac, awAsb- 
buokler, hero, poet, aad phlloaopber, who waa ot nobJe 
family and richer In titles thAn aatAlea. 
"Berkeley, G:, (Bp.) Work»i; ed. by G: 
Sampson; with a biographical iatrod. by 
A. J. Balfour. V. 3. N. Y., The Macmil. 
Ian Co., 1899. 6+538 p. 12°, {Boha'a philo- 
sophical lib.) cl,, net, (l.GO. 
Bany, Arthur. A Hhort history of astron- 
omy. N. Y., C: Scribner's Sons, 1899. 81 + 
440 p. il. D. (UniverBity ser.) cl., net, $1.50. 

An outline or the blatorv of Astronomy from the 

In A form Intelligible to a reader nho bai'na special 
knowledxe of either astronomy or matheniatlcs, and 
has only an ordinary etiueated pereon's power ot fol- 

*B«rtbon, H. E., ed. Specimens of modern 
French verse; ed. with biographical and 
critical notes, and an introH. on the struc- 
ture of French verse. N. Y., The Macmil- 
lan Co., 1899. 00+292 p. 18", (Hacmillan's 
foreign school clasaics.) cl., net, 60 c. 

'Bvrtln, L. E. Marine boilers: their construe- 
tiOD and working, dealing more especially 
with tubulouB briilera; tr. and ed. by Leslie 
S. Robertson. N. Y., D. Van NostrandCo., 
1899. 487 p. il. 8°, cl., $7.00. 

■Bsrtrand, Alfred. The kJniidom of the Ba- 
Kotsi upper Zambezia; tr. by A. B. Maill. 
N. Y.. New Amsterdam Book Co., 1899. 
804 p. il. 12*, cl., $4.50. 

Beiant, Sir Walter. The orange girl; il. by 
Warren B. Davia. N. Y., Dodd, Mead & 
Co., 1899. c. 4 + 847p. D. cl., $1.50. 
A tale of the etoalns days of the last century when 

inspected citizens and debtors were treated aacriDil- 

... .. _.. .... _.._._.._._^j„„ (!!,.___.,_. .._ 

the criitiinAl classev, sold fruit around Drury Lahc 

turned out a gambler, Bhe had noble Impulses and be- 
cAme the ^fuardlan Ahgel of some of the tortured debt, 
ors Ih tbe overcrowd^ prison. Describes accurately 
the London of one hundred yean ago. 

*BHuit, Sir Walter. The pen and the book. 

N. Y., imported by C; Scribner's Sons, J899. 
347 p. 12", cl., $3.40. 
Besaat, Sir Walter, and Palmer, E. H. Jeru- 
salem, the oicy of Uerod and Saladin. 4th 
ed. enl. Phil,, J. B. Lippincott Co., 1890. 
10+682 p. il.O. cl.,$8. 

First written In IfflO a--" ■"- 

e-epared Id 1HH8 by Walti 
. BTpalioer. who was f<._ .. . 

At Cambridge UnlTerslty. and who had supplied the 

bas been added slDC« 

maCerial f rom Hohammedai 

■Bible. Cambridge Bible for schools and 
colleges; ed. by A. F. Kirkpatrlck; The 
Book of Chronicles; with notes and introd. 

'Bible. Cambridge Bible for schools and 
coUeges; ed. by A. F. Kirkpatrick, D.D. 
The First and Second Books of tbe Kings; 
with introd. and notes by J. Rawson Lum- 
hy, D.D. 3v. inlv. N, Y., The MacmU- 
laQCo.,1899. 16', (Cambridge University 
Press ser.) «1., net, $1.50. 

Bible. The sacred books of the Old and New 
Testaments: a ni;w English translation, 
[printed in colors, exhibiting tbe compoait« 
structure of the books.] with explanatory 
notes and pictorial illustrations; preparM 
by eniinent biblical scholars of Europe and 
Ameiica. and edited, with the assistance of 
Horac«> Howard Furnesg, by Paul Eaupt. 

i Polychrome ed.} Old Testament, in 20 pts. 
'ts. 8, 12. N. Y., Dodd, Mead & Co., 1899. 
c. il. map, size 71 x lOj in., cl. Pt. 6, 8+ 
94 p„ net, $1.33; Pt. 13, 8+308 p., net, 
CmlenU- Pt. S, The book of Joshua: tr. by W. B. 

Bennett. Pt. II, The book of tbe prophet Excklel; tr. 

by C. H. Toy. 

•Bible. Old Testament. Cambridge Bible 
for schools; A. F. Kirkpatrick. ed. of Old 
Testament. Proverbs; with introd, and 
notes by T. T. Perowne. N. T., The Mao- 
millan Co., 1899, 196 p. 18% cl., 7S c. 

•Bible. Old Testament. Fragments of the 
Books of KingR, according to the transla- 
tion ot Aquila, [the Proselyte of Pontus;] 
from a ms. formerly in the Geniza at Cairo, 
now in the posses.sion of C. Taylor, D.D,, 
Master of John's College, and S. Bchecbter, 
University reader in Talmud^c hterature; 
ed. for the Syndics of the University Press, 
by F. Crawford Burkitt, with preface by 
C. Taylor, D.D. N. Y., The Macmillan 
Co., 1899. 7+34 p. 4°, (Cambridge Univer- 
sity Press ser.) pap., net, 75 c. 

Bible. New Testament. The New Testa- 
ment, with notes, instructions and refer- 
ences designed to give the results of critical 
investigation and to assist readers to un> 
derstand the holy spirit in the inspired 
word. N. Y., American Tract Soc., 1899. 
800p. S. leath., $1. 

•Bible. New Testament. Marked New Tes- 
tament. N. Y. and Chic, Fleming H, R«- 
vell Co., 1899. 361 p. 16', cl.,(^^^^ I, . 


*Blbl«. New Testament. The twentieth 
century New Testament. Pt. 1, conxistinfc 
of the Ave historical booka. N. T. and 
Chic. Fleming H.ReTell Co., 1899. 2M p. 
16*. flex, cl., net, 60 c. 

Blbla. Neir Testament. The four gospels: a 
new translation; from theGraek text direct; 
with reference to the Vulgate and the an- 
cient Syriftc version, by Rev. Francis 
Aloysius Spencer; preface by James, Car- 
dinal Gibbons. N. Y., W;H.Toung&Co.. 


mUlo EnglUh a 

-280p. il. D. cl., tl.50. 
I renfon p[ tbe Onapeti ^ *- 

.r id to 

□ tbroughout 
Enffllah aa fv &■ the auH-Buurr ui lmq iici- 
nent and tbe style at the original text permlC, 
ue naa onde»vorod to represent our Ixjrd and the 
Apoatles, aa (peaking not to an antique at^Ie, but Id 
tbelaUKuaEethey would ipsok i( tbey lired amani na 
DOW. CoDtalna a baraiouy of the three aynoptlc 
Ooapelt, with marginal nolH* and reference!, 

*BiblB. New Testament. An Arabic version 
of the Acts of the Apostles and the seven 
Catholic epistles; from an eighth or ninth 
century me. in the Convent of St. Catharine 
on Mount Sinai; with a treatise on the 
triune nature of Ood and translation from 

B*, (Studia Sinaitica, no.7.}pap.,n«f, |8.S0. 

'Bible. New Testament. Cambridge Greek 
Testament for schools; J. Armitage Robin- 
son, D.D., ed. of New Testament. The 
rtoral epistles; with introd. and notes 
J. H. Bernard, D.D. N. Y.. The Mac- 
niillan Co., 1899. 78-HB2 p. 16°, cl., net, 
90 c. 

'Bible. New Testament. The general epis- 
tles of SS. James, Peter, John, and Jude; 
with notes, critical and practical, bv R«v. 
M. F. Sadler. JVew cheaper ed. N. Y., The 
Macroillan Co., 1699. 89-F805 p. 13°, cl., 

'Bible. New Testament. The First Epistle to 
the Theasalonions ; analveis and notes by 
Kev. G. W. Garrod. N. Y., The MacmUlan 
Co., 1660. 6-t-184 p. 13*, cl., net, 80 c. 

'Blbla. New Testament. The Epistles of St. 
Paul to Titus, Philemon, and the Hebrews; 
with notes, critical and practical, by Rev. 
M. F, Sadler. iVeio cheaper ed. N. Y., 
The Macmillan Co., 1899. 29-)-27S p. 12°, 
c].. $1.60. 

■Bible. New Testament. The Revelation of 
St. John the Divine; with notes critical 
s^d practical, by Rev. H. F. Sadler. New 
cheaper ed. N, Y., The Macmillan Co., 
18B9. 3^-^398 p. 12*. ol., $1.50. 

'Bible. New Testament. The great discourse 
of Jesus the Christ, the Son of God: a topi- 
cal arrangement and analysis of all his 
words recorded in the New Testament ; 
separated from the conte:ct, by A layman. 
9fA ed. enl. and rev. N. Y. and Chic, 
Fleming H. Revell Co., 1809. 380 p. 12°, 
cl., $1.25. 
Formerly published by A. D. F. BaDdolpb £ Co. 

'Bible. New Testament. Our Lord's illus- 
trations ; the metaphors, emblems, inci- 
dents, and allusions employed by our Lord 
to illustrate his teaching: classiUed and ex- 
plained by Rev. R. R, Reaker. N. Y., 
imported by C: Scribner's Sons, 1899. 1S6 p, 
33% (Bible class primers.) cl., net, 20 c. 

*Blb]a stories series. N. Y. and Chic, Flem. 

ing'H. Revell Co., 1899. «▼„ ea. abotU 

120 p. il. 13*, cl., per set, $3. 

Conlsnfi.* The good ahepberdiTballfeof David; Tbe 
prodlnl »u and other itorlea; The children of th* 
Bible; Early Bible history; and Btoriee of P&luUne. 
Biokerdyke^ J: Angling for coarse fish: a 

Eractical work on fishing for roach, perch, 
arbel, chub, dace, carp, eels, etc., etc., 
according to the methods in use on the 
Thames, Trent, Norfolk, Broads, and else- 
where, N. Y., imported by C: Scribner's 
Sons, 1899. 184 p. il. 13*, ch, 40 c. 
Blckerdjrke, J: The passing ot Prince Bo- 
zan: a romance of the sea. N, Y„ G: P. 
Putnam's Sons, 1899. c. B+iSO p. D. cl., 

a brought out Id 

dlecoTsry, and Invllce a number ot pBopI*, trerti of 
wbom oavB it In thsir power to teetlry agalut him, to 
a yacht royago to the Arctic eeas One of the men la 
a baiTlstcr, wto tella the atory. It la he who dlacoverw 
~ imake away wltblbe whole party. 

Bloknell, E: The territorial acquisitions of 
the United States; an historical review. 
Bost., Small, Maynard* Co., 1899. c. 11 

+110 p. S. bds.,I»)o. 

Olyea conclesly the detail* of our acqulalUoD of tho 

Northwestern Territory, 1TB7, Loulr' '•«■ ■""-!■'- 

181B; Oregon, 1848: Teias, 1S4G: thi 
1848, I8»; Alaska, IHT; Hawaii, 

■y,lTB7. Louisiana, I gdS; Florida. 

. , 3 Kloo 


■Bie, Oscar. History of the pianoforte and 
pianororte players; tr. and rev. from the 
German by E. E. Kellett and E.W. Naylor. 
N. Y., E. P. Dutton & Co., 1899. 348 p. 
pore, facsimiles, il. 8°, cl., $6, 

*Bie. Oscar. History of the pianoforte and 
pianoforte players ; tr, and rev, from the 
German by E. E. Kelbett and B. W. Nay- 
lor. N. Y , imported by C: Scribner's Sons, 
1890. G86p. por. il. facsimiles, 4*, cl., $6. 

Blederwolf, Rev. W. E. History of the Ona 
hundred and sixty-Srst Regiment Indiana 
Volunteer Infantry. Logansport, Ind., 
Wilson, Humphreys & Co.. [tor sale by 
W. E. Biederwolf.] [1809.] c. 6-450 p. 
pors. O. cl., $2; ht. leath., $2.60. 

Blgelow, J:, jr. Reminiscences of the San- 
tiago campaign. N. Y., Harper, 1899. C 
6+187 p. map, D. cl., $1.35. 

The author is already well known In army elrcloa aa 
the author of the '■ Prlneiplea of Btrat«ey," a valuable 
book on military tactlo. Illn description and criU- 
clam of the manner of oonductinK the Saatlafro cam- 
paign is therefore authoritallTe As he says, the book 
iBHlmply "a narratiun of what anoBoerpartlelpatln* 
In that campaign saw, fett, and thought, with such 
eiplauations ami suEHeittignB luhii ohMrratloDs and 
reflectlona prompted." Captain Blgelow writes mod. 

«tly tl 

licular. He d^crlbes the battle In whlcti be itaa 

under his observation with dramatic force. The 

chapter, because It Is a careful discussion of the whol* 
military question as concerned with the United at»l«». 

of Christ. Oxford, during Lent, 18M; with 
introd. N. Y., Longmans, Green & Co., 
1800. 3+108p. D. cl.,80ot ■ 

Mggmr, E. B. The Boer war: its oauses &iid 
its interest to CanaidiaDB; with a Klossar^ 
of Cape Dutch and Kaffir terms. Toronto, 
Ca^v-'Bigfcar, Samuel & Co., 1899. c. 88 p. 
O. pap., 10 c. 

From ftu ffar^Lt^ standpoint. 
Blurt, Allred. The psychoid^ of reasoning: 
based on experimeniEkl researches in hypoot- 
iata; from the Sd French ed.; bj Adam 
Oowans Whvte. Chic, The Open Court 
Pub.Co.,189B. c. B+191p. D. cl.,7So. 

Thia work vrw publlahed In 18H, and U looked upciD 

u authorltktlve. 

^''"g*—"'. Jennie M. The life of the seventh 
Earl of Shafteabury, K.O. Cin., O., Curts 
& Jennings, ISgg. c. 3SB p. D. cl., 90 c. 

._... •a-.^^—Tgr thaii6.anthElirlofBbllflo«- 

I a peer of EnKU'idTbe ir»« tbn morer In 

•11 tbe KTSkC reformB brougbt about In Eogland for 
(he worilDK people and tbe poor ot tbe laat luty reara 
of hia lire. %e abollihed cbUd ilavery in EngrUib 
mtnesand colJleriea. gbortsned (be boun of labor 1D 

asjiuma, put an end (o (he cruel trestnieiit of tba 
UtUechlmnerairMps. Htabllabed tbs raend BchooU. 
and nuhde a long cmaade a^abiat tbe Kaat Indian 

*Biiu)a, W. An elementary treatise on or- 
thographic projection: being- a netr method 
ot teaching the science ot mechanical and 
eagineerinjc drawing. 13Jh ed. N. Y., 
Spon & Cbamberlaia, 1809. 108 p. r, cL, 

-•Birch, De Burgh, X.D. A class-book of 

S elementary) practical physiology, incl. 
oloiry. ■phil., P. BUltistori'B Son & Co., 
1899. 273 p. il. 13*, cL, net, (1.75. 
Birch, O: W. F., D.D. Our church and our 
villagv. N, Y., Ward & Drummond, 1899. 
4+20il p. por. il. 0. cl., $2. 
ConUnti: History of tbe ClayaTille Preabyterian 
Cburch; Bioifrapblcal aketch ot Rev. Tbomas Hoge; 
. BemlnlaceuOB* of Clayafllle, Pa., aad addresses de- 
livered tp commemoratioa of tbe serenty-arcb auni- 
veraary of tbe Claysrllto Freabyteriao (Aurcti. lOM- 

Blirell, Aueustine. Seven lectures on the 

law and history of copyright in books. 

N. Y.. G: P. Putnam's Sons, 1899. S-9S8 p. 

D. cl., net, «1.26. 

OMtlenCi: Intitiductory; The orlgiD of copyright; 
The Slatloneri' Company and tbe flrat copyright 
■t«(ute: The battle of tbe boakaellera for p«petual 
. capyrl|rta(: LeglslatlTe enactments since Queen Anne: 
Literary larceny: The present sItuMlon. 

*BlrreU, Augustine. Sir Frank Lockwood: a 
biographical sketch. N, Y., imported by 
C: Scribner's Sods, 1899. 226 p. 12*, cl., 

Blrt, Archibald. Castle Czvargas: a ro- 
maoce: being a plain story of the roman- 
tic adventures of two brothers told by the 
younger of them, and ed., by Archibald 
Birt. N. Y., LongmaoB, Green & Co., 
1899. 8-1-298 p. D. cl., $1.25. 
A atory of tbe seTentoenth century. The exc«p- 

tional skill of the brothers In vrestling; svImmlnK. and 

avmrdamanablpaddslDtersstto the tale. The scene la 

laid In Someraetablre. 

Bishop, Seth Scott, M.D. Diseasesof theear, 
nose, and throat, and their accessory cavi- 
ties. 2ded. thoroughly rev.anderd. Phil., 
The F. A. Davis Co., 1898. c. 19-(-554 p. 
O. cl., net, $4; hf. rus., net, |5. 

•Blspham, G: Tucker, The principles ot 

aiiity; a treatise on the system of justice 
ministered in courts of chancery. Sth 


ed. Phil., Kay A Bro., 1899. c. lll-l- 
742p. 0.shp„ |S. 
Black, Alex. Captain Kodak : a camera 
story. Boat., Lothrop Pub. Co., [1899.] c. 
?-3^p. il. O. cl.,|2. 

Thesl«r;of an amateur pbotograper aodblacbUDu; 
of a boy's adventurea in the company of his camera; 
ot a oamera olub and the old luid young brought to- 
KSCher by tbe Infiueoce ot a common Interex; of 
JourDeyiogs in search of tbe plctUTcaque; ot problems, 
stragglea, and aurprlsoa. 

Black, Alex, Modern daughters: ooDversa- 
tiODB with various American girls and one 
man; with designs and photographic il. by 
the author. N. Y., Cf: Scribner's Sons, 
1899. c. 6-i-ai3 p, O, cl.. fa.50. 

A running thread of happy text connects a series of 
pbotographs of American girls nblch. lUr. Blaok says, 
'■permit my oamera ui save my pen the impossible 
task of describing the beauty of tbe American girl." 
The types thua deacrlbed are: a dfibutante, a left, 
over girl, a gym girl, a heroine, a club woman, a cynic, 
a chaperons ' -•-' - •■-'•'- — ' •'■ — '- 

*BUok, Norman Fergus. First reader; for 
use during the flrst school year. N, Y,, 
The Macmillan Co., 1899. 8+41 p. il. sq. 
12°, cl.,net, 80 c. 

'Blaokall, Rob. H. Air-brake catechism; for 
firemen, engineers, air-brake instructors, 
shopmen, and all branches of railroad men. 
N. Y., Norman W. Henley & Co., 1899. 
240 p. il. 12°, cl., tl.50. 

Blackburn, Vernon. The fringe of an art: 
appreciations in music. N. y!,M.F. Hans- 
fleld & A. Weasels, [1999,1 8H-175 p. por. 
sq. D. cl., net, 11.75. 

Contmti: Prologue; Hnderhlty in maslc: "A cen- 
tury dead"; ArrlRO Bolto; A Joumalut on tour; A 
great contemporary; The "grand (raitt"; Calvt ; A 
popular iilQger: Roaaini; U. Haurel and bis acbool; 
Il Don Oiovanoi: Plain soog; "Otello"; Tbe mau- 
nen of music; Humour in muaic; Tschalkowsky; 
■Parairal"; A mere glimpse; Uozart at Munich; 
Epilogue: "Vanlt«a vanltatum." 
BUckbume, J. H. Mr, Blackburae's games 
at chess; sel., anaot., and arr. by himself; 
ed., with a biographioal sketch and a Drief 
history of blindfold chess, by P. Ander- 
son Graham, N. Y., Longmann, Oreen 
& Co., 1899. 5+331 p. por. O. cl., |250. 
•Btaokman, W: Fremont, The making of 
Hawaii: a study in social evolution. N. 
Y., The Macmillan Co., 1899. 12+266 p. 
8*. cl., %2. 
•Btackmar, Frank Wilson. The story of hu- 
man progress. Topeka, Kan., Crane & Co., 
1899. 875 p. 13°, cl.,$l. 
"Blaokatono, W. E. Jesus is coming. New 
rev.ed. N.Y. and Chic, Fleming H.Revell 
Co., 1899. 160 p. 16°, cl., net, asc; pap., 

*B]*ckitone, StrW: Commentaries on the 
laws of England, together with a copious 
analysis ot the contents and notes with 
references to Eng. and Am. decisions and 
statutes which illustrate or change the law 
of the text; also a full table ot abbrevia- 
tions, and some considerations regarding 
the study of the law, by T: M. Cooley, 
4fh ed. by Ja. DeWitt Andrews. V. 1 
cont, bka. 1 und 2. Chic, Callaghan & 
Co., 1899, c 115+580 p. por. O. shp., 

■Blaine, G. R. Quick and easy methods ot 
calculating; a simple explanation of the 
slide rule, logs, etc. ; with examples worked 


out. N. Y., Spon & Chamberlain, 1869. 
144 p. 16°, cl., |1. 
Blaladell, Albert F. First Btepa with Ameri- 
c&D aDd British authors. Sev. and enl, 
[A'eio iMue.] N. Y.. American Book Co., 
[1899.] c. '68, '98, '99. 5+44ap. D.ol., 90c. 

Forineriy publltbed by Lee £ Sbepard. 

*BIaisd«U, Etta Austin and Hary Fraaces. 

Child life: a first reader. N. Y., The Mac- 

millau Co., 1899. 12T p. il. sq. 12*, bds., 

net, as c. 
'BUiidoU, Etta Austin and Mary Frances. 

Child life in tale and fable : a second 

reader. N. Y., The Macmillan Co., 1899. 

159 p. 0. sq. 12% bds., nef, 85 c. 
*BIika, E:, M.D. The study of the hand for 

indications of local and general disease. 

2d ed. N. ¥., Q: P. Putnam's Sons, 1899. 

10+185 p. 8°, cl., net, |1.60. 
BUkB,PBUl. Phil and I. N. Y.. T: Nelson & 

■Blaka, W: William Blake: seventeea designs 
to Thornton's "Vireil"; reproduced from 
the original woodcuts, I821j nith vignettes 
hv Selwyn Image, taken froro The Century 
4uild Hobby Horae, 1884-1892. Portland, 
Me., T: B. Mosher, 1899. 60 p. 8*, bds., Van 
Oelder pap., 4S0 copies, net, |!; 26 copies 
on Japan vellum, net, f7.50. 

Blakanev, Rob. A. boy in the Peninsular 
war: the servicer, adventures, and experi- 
ences of RobertBlakeney, subaltern in tbe 
28th Regiment: an autobiography: ed. by 
Julian Stursris. Bost., Little, Brown & 
Co., 1899. 18+383 p. map, O. cl., »4. 

The Robert Blakenov u( thene memoirs vu born Id 
Qslway In ITBB, Jnlnsd tha Z8ih English RB)flmeni of in- 
ranlry In 1804, left It In I82S. He dleain 18M. Inhiaeeven- 

U a. spirlUd pl^ure ol an English BoldierVllFe during 

thraugh Spain ta Coruuna with Sir John Uoore. and 
a vivid and touchln)^ account of that great generarn 

battle of Baroaaa, and the siege and atormlng of 

*Bl>key, Rob. Angling-; or, how lo an^le 
and where to go. New ed. rev.; with notes 
and memoir by " Red Spinner." (W: Senoir); 
il. by Avery I>ewis. N. Y., G: Routledge 
& Sons, Ltd., 1899. 286 p. 12", cl.. $1.50. 


orj-.J Phil 
!% cl., tl.2. 

Blanchard, Amy Ella. A Revolutionary maid: 
a story of the middle period of the War of 
Independence; il. by Ida Waugh. Bost., 
W. A. Wilde & Co., [1899.] c. 5-331 p. D. 
cl., *1.50. 

The stirring times In and arouQd New York follow- 
Ins the pulling dotru of the HUtuc nf Geori^ttbe Third 
by the fanioua" Liberty bovs" brmt-fi to the surface 
the patriotlxm of tbe younirlieroine nf tbe story. Tbia 
act of tboKewYorlipatrlotsobliKed Kitty De WUt lo 
daclde nbsther sbe wuuld bs a Tory ar a ReTolutioD- 
ary maid, and a patriot good and true she became. 

Ingly pic turi'il. making this a bappy campanionbook 


Blaaohard, Amy Ella. A sweet little maid;, 
il. by Ada Waugh. Phil., G: W. Jacobs & 
Co., [1889.] c. 4-215 p. D. cl., H. 
A story for little girls of eight or ten years. Bo- 

lates to a little girl's fun and frolic*. 

Bland, E: Meade. Studies in entomology. 
San Francisco, Cal., The Whitaker±&aj 
Co., 1899. c. 8-98p. il. O. cl.,75o.; pap., 
50 c. 

A pncllcal work on Insects, cootalnlng su^gsMlODa 
and outlines for nature study in scbool-work. 

Bland, Afrs. Herbert, [" E. Nesbit," paeud.^ 
The secret of Kyriels. [Phil., J. B. Ljppin- 
cott Co.,] 1899. 3+891 p. D. cl.. fl.M. 






Bland, Mrs. Herbert, [" E. Nesbit,'' pseud. ] 
Thestory of the treasure- seek era: being the 
adventures of the Bustable children in 
search of a fortune: il. by Gordon Rrowne 
and L: Baumer. N. Y., F: A. Stokes Co., 
[1899.] c. 8+396 p. il. D. cl., |1.50. 

Tbe six Bascable children had lost their mother aiMl 

Crai>ce ^helr father's business certainly dld''Dot 
rlsh. so tbey determined they *ould belp blm In 

seek for treasure. Tbey lllBrall»dl(c for treaaure and 
ti-y otber tunuy nays to replenish the treasury, but 
without success, a rich old uncle from India comloE at 
last to tbeir reicue. 
Blatchford, Rob., [" Nunquam,"pMtid.] 8o- 

cialinm: a reply to the Pope's Bncvclical. 

N. Y., International Publishing Co., 1890. 

86 p. D. {International lib., v.l,no. 1.) pap., 

*BliiB,F: Jones. Excavations at Jerusalem; 
il. by Archibald C. Dickie. N. Y., New 
Amsterdam Book Co., 1899. 874 p. 8°, cl., 
net, (4. 
Bloch, L S. The future of war in its techni- 
cal, economic, and politicsl relatiooK. Is 
war now impossible?; tr. by R. C. Long. 
and with a prefatoryconveraation with the 
author, by W. T. SUad. N. Y., Double- 
day & McClure Co., 1899. c. 79+390 p., |3. 
Blok, Petrus Johannes. History of the peo- 
ple of the Netherlands. In 4 pts. Ft. 8, 
From the beginning of the Qfteenth cen- 
tury to 1559; tr. by Ruth Putnam. N. Y., 
G: P. Putnam's Sons, 1899. c 6+420 p. 
O. cl., 12.60. 

The flnt volume was entered la "Annual Cata- 
logue." ISBS. In it were included six chapters of Part 

close of the lourteenth century. The present volume 
covers tbe gradual expanr^ion of the Bu^undlan sov- 
ereignty and of the eatabllshment of the central gov- 
ernnieiit with a new system. Social and eoonomio 

Bloomlngdale, C:, jr., ["Karl," jweud.] Mr., 
Miss, and Mrs. Phil.. J. B. Lippjncott Co., 
1899. c. 8-271 p. D. cl., $1.25. 

A number of sborl stories un events In every-dav 
life. ' ' 

Blow, Susnn E. Letters to a mother on the 
philosophy of Froebel. N. Y., Applelon, 
1899. c. 18+311 p, D. (International edu- 
cation ser. no. 45.) cl., $1.60. 

The philosophy of Froebel Is lwr« eiDlali^ .In 

BLUM '2 

gnise addrewed to tbe e«"r>1 pabtic. Tbe aotbor 
takeaup tha moflt Importcuit doctrlneA one after tha 
other aa tbe? were developed In tbe Mttlttr und Kote 
Liedtr, wd Bbon tlieir equivalents In tbe dlfferaiic nym- 

■ynama aroin hftrmooy with Froebol, and in other 
casea there la profound diaaereement, 

Blnin, Edgar C. Satan's realm. N. Y. and 
Chic, Rand, McNally& Cki., 1890. c. 2- 
809 p. D. d.,tl.25. 

K aatirioa] »tory which pictui 

kn impoaed upc 

by ambition to pui 
Edward Cbamplal 

e blH I 

reporter. Led 

.ually giies to a cannibal 

aurvlvee the death of the horo, and he oontlouea to 

■oul Is auppaeed to have been transported, until be la, 
like Lucifer, expelled to the realm of darkneaa, where 
be baa the experiencea ao graphically deBcrlbed. 
Bo-Pssp: a treasury for the little anes. N. 

y., UasBell & C * ■ " — 

il. Bq. O. cl.. *1.( 

Stories and veraea by popular authors, llluatrated _ 
coloro, and la blacli and white. 
Boudmaa, G: Daoa, D.D. Tbe kin^ona 

(Basileia): ao exegetical study. N. Y., Ci 

ScribDer'aSons, 1M8. c. 8+348 p. O. d., 

fa'tud of 

appears so olten 

conceptloDS. to deflne 

phrase " the klngdotn of Ood." which 
- "IB NewTealament. The aim of 
thli formula from radical ml>. 
Its nature, to slate lU laws, tc 

Boardman, G: Nye. A history of New Eng- 
land theology. N. Y., A, D. F. Randolph 
& Co.. 1899. c. 3+314 p. D. d., $1.50. 
Theterm New England theoloeydeaiKDaCesaHystam 
of theology developed In America between thoyeart 
1T30 and 1^. Tbe Initial purpose waa reslatance to 
Influencee which It was feared were leading onhodoi 
belierers away from the truths of the Qospel. Tbe 

pared fur an elective course In Chicago Theological 
Seminary, in which iustituiion the autburiBaprofesaor. 
Tbe aim is to trace the developnuent of the " New 
Divinity." formerly so called, throngb tbe century 


Giovanni. Tales from Boccaccio; 

Comba, 1899. 13*, cl.,|8. 
Bcwga, Martha Frye. Jack Crews. N. Y., 
GiW. Dillingham Co., 1899. c. 3-373 p. 
D. ol., 11.50. 

ariulroad hand wl 

;lnB, bole 
e tlie tal 

(TH several criminals to J natloe. 

'BoUeau-DsiproRiix, N: L'art poetique; ed., 
with in trod, and notes, bv D. Nichol Smith. 
N. T., The Macmillan Co", 1899. 23+104 p. 
16°, (Pitt Press ser.) cl., net, 60 c. 

Boiwler, Oastoa. Roman Africa: archseo' 
logical walks in Algeria and Tunis; autho- 
rized English version, by Arabella Ward. 
N. Y., G; P. Putnam's Sons, 1BB9, c. 13+ 

and towns, and study. In the ligtitof their past history, 
their InhaWtanta. their cuatoms, their language and 
literature, their mode of living, tbeir government, and 
tbe ruins of their ancient monuments, many of which 

Bok, E:W: Succt^sward: a young man'i 
book for youiie men. Sthed. [New issue.] 

N. Y., Doubleday &. McClure C 

'90. 8+183 p. S. (Ladies' Borne Journal 

gractical hb., no. 2.) limp cl., 50 0. 
rlglnally publlahed by Fleming H. Ravell Co. 3ie 

" Annual Catalogue," 19H. 

■Bolton, Mr*. Ethel Stanwood. A history of 
the Stanwood family in America. [Brook- 
line, Mass., for sale by the author, Hrs. E. 
S. Bolton,] 1899. 817 p. il. sq. O. cl., $6. 

and Chic, Revell, 1900. 200p.l6°, cl., nel, 
SOc; pap., 15 c. 
Bond, Dan. Uncte Sam in business. Chic, 
C: H. Kerr&Co..ri899.] c. 64 p. sq. D. 
(Onity lib., no. 93.) pap., 10c 

Ulalms to have been written by an oldaoldlerof tbe 

and advocates tree silver, gov srame'nt managenient oj 
the railroads, telegraphs, etc., opposition to trusts and 
so on, sh owing how the adoption of these meaaurea did 
Bnally stem the curruptlon and poverty of the present. 

Bond, Francis. English cathedrals, illus- 
trated. Phil., J. B. Lippincott Co., 1809. 
15+814p. il. D. cl., $3. 

studies of the leading Sngllsb cathedrals; they are 
chronologically arrangeil, and will befound most usef nt 
aids In tbe study of ecclesiastical arcbllectursiu-well 
OS In learning their history. Thopapersare »ery fully 
illustrated from photographs. 

BonBhlll, Captain Ralph, [fseud. tor E: 
Stratemeyer.J Off for Hawaii; or, the mys- 
tery of a great volcano. N. Y., The Uer- 
shun Co., [1899.] c, e+M8 p. il. D. (Flag 
of freedom ser., no. 3.) cl., |1. 
The same boy heroes who Bgured In "Wben San- 
tiago fell " and " A sailor boy wftb Dewey " are a«ain 
met with in this story. The scene Is Hawaii, of which 
a very careful description is glvon. 
Bonehill, Captain Ralph, [pseud, for E: 
Btratemeyer.] A sailor boy with Dewey; 
or, afloat in the Philippines. N. Y., The 
MershonCo., [1899.] c 8+360 p. 1 il. D. 
(Flag at freedom ser., no. 3.) cl., $1. 
Wblleacomplctestoirln Itself, this farms the second 

known lu our boys the strange sights and scenea 
which come to light daily In our new possessions In the 
far east. The hero is a boy of sliteen. the son of a 
rich merchant of 3aa Francisco. He talle* a pleasure 
trip to Hong Kong and the Philippines, meets Dewey 
and la Involved in the Span ish war. 

Captain Ralph, [pseud, for B: 

Stratemejer.] When Santiago fell; or, 
the waradveutures of two chums. N. Y., 
TheMershonCo., [18B9.] c 8+280 p. il. 
D. (Flag of freedom ser., no. 1.) cl., tl. 
" When SantliEO fell," while a eomplBtc atory In it- 
self, forms the flmtvoluBie of tbe Flag of Freedom 
Serfet for boys . The time covered Is the lost year of 
the Cuban-Spanish war and our oivn campEtign leading 
up to tbe fall of Santiago. 

Bonney, T: G: Volcanoes, their structure 
and sigDiflcance. N. Y., G: P. Putnam's 
Sons, 1899. c. U+317 p. il. map, O. 
(Science ser., no. 5.)d.,$a. 
The author has endeavored to lead the reader 
through descriptions of the varied phenomena of vol- 

tions. The book opens vritb an account of "a living 

Bonsai, Stephen. The fight for Santiago; 
the story of the soldier in the Cuban cam- 
paign from Tampa to the ^arrendejflN. 

Cuban Kill How tbe 
Theoigbt arurBuiJu« 


tight; Tba dftv of batt 
—'-'[; Under the Uui 

letrall. Tht . 

ilnsvnoiig other thiDKa: Oeocral Sbanw'*lDstnc 
— ^— "" • — n Secmmry AIbot'b raport c- "■ 


I the TiBt 

l8t%, 1 

Book! I have read. N. Y., Dodd. Head & 

Co.,189B. c. '80, "OB. 8 + 338p. D. ol.,$l. 

A bound bl&Dk-book. In wblch a reader may reconi 
the tltl« ol % book, tbe name o( author and publlaher. 

data of naillnB, aubjscl. referencea f- '-' -- 

■»«•, aiKI commeuM ptrtalolng to e 

TtaloD la alao made for an atphabetR 

books read. Suoh a boc^ conaclaatlouBly flilad, wUt 
be of sreat future Intereit to tbe reader, and a great 

aid to%idlDe book -• — — " — "■— >■-— >-—— < 

educate the readei 


II aod quotations that hare belped 

at, J: W. Siberia and Central Asia; 
il. from photographs taken by the author. 
2ded. N.T.,T: A. Stokes Co., [1898.1 c. 
4] + M8p. map, O. cl., f4. 

Tills book 1« the result of a trip through Blberla and 
Cenlral Asia made by the author -* -"* — •'-- 

.of la 

ot mtar It has beei 
Mr. Bookwalter Is a 
great manutacturer. 
— Lctleai. His work 

oslly ol 



Booth, Mrs. Eliza M. J. Oollau, ["Rita," 

Sieud., now MrH.HumphrevB.] Good Mrs, 
ypocrite: a iitudv in Belf-righteouBnesg. 
N. y., F. M. Buckles & Co., 1899. c. 2- 
384 p.«I. 

i-sged Scotch 

- *l[|in(oniy . 
She becoa 

1 wiekednesi 


ler Invalid brothe 
hypocrisy and Ic 

•Booth, H: Matthias, M.D. The man and 
his messaee: addresses. N. Y. and Chio., 
Fleming H. Revell Co., 1899. IQS p. 10', 

Booth, Mrs. Haud Balliagton. SleepT-time 
atonies; with iatrod. by Chauncev M. De- 
pew ; il. by Maud Humphrey. N. Y., G; 
P. Putnam's Sons, 1889. o. 8+177 p. O. 
cl., tl.60. 
Eight little stones for very amaU children, charm- 


Boothhy, Guy. Dr. Nikola's experiment. 
N. Y., Appleton, 1899. c. 3+308 p^. 

(AppletonS town and country lib., i 

cl„ |1; pap., Kc. 

Dr. Nikola, the cold-blooded, unscrapuloui a 
Is already known to Ur. Boothby^s readers 
"Dr, Nikola" and "The lust ot hate." Healn 
novel to restore to youth a feeble old man of 

"'"' " ihorrlbla-looklnBCl 

nely, di 

lerted castle, and hu n 


Bootfaby, Guy. Love made manifest. Chic, 

H. S. Stone & Co., 1898. c. 2+380 p. il, 

D. cl., 81.2B. 

Story opens In the European settlement of Aula ii 

D Island 


The ..__ 

B inlendlug-to he mald-of-hi 

>nor to the 
d painter. 


Boothb;, Guy. Pharos the E^ptian: a ro- 
mance. N. Y., Appleton, 1899. c. '98, *W. 
a+838 p. D. (Appleton'H town and cotintty 261.)tl.. |1; pap.,Mc. 

"The hero was tbe chief niaidcian at Pharaoh's 
court In the time of Moees, and Is occupied as the story 
opens In recorerliiEhlsonmniummy. as ha is attended 
throuEhout by an Enitllsh artist and Valerie da Toes- 
qal, the finest violinist in Europe, and does practlcallr 
what be likes by way of murder, mssmerlc Influ- 
ence, and reading the future. It may be coacelved that 
the results of the eoncatebaUon Is a good deal of ad' 
Ventura."— TTw Athenirvm. 

'Borgmayer, C: L., ed. American corpora- 
tion legal manual: a compilation of the es- 
sential features of the statutory law regu- 
lating the formation, management, and 
di&HolutionoI general business corporatio 

[to Jan. 1, 1899.] Plainfield, N. J., 
The Corporation Legal Manual Co., 1899. 
c. 8+1388+38 p. O. sbp., 14.00. 

•Borrow, G: The Bible in Spain; or, jour- 
neys, adventures, and imprisonments of an 
Englishman in an attempt to circulate the 
Scriptures in the Peninsula. New 1 v. ed., 
with notes and glossary ot Ralph TJIick 
Burke. N. Y., Scribner, [imported,] 1899. 
838 p. il. 12°, ol., $3.40. 

'BoiBoquet, Bernard. The philosophical 
tlieory of the state. N. Y., The MacmillaD 
Co., 1898. 18+842 p. 8°, cl., net, |3.3S. 

*Boiqui, Francis L. Practical notes on the 
cyanide process. N. Y., The SctentiBc 
PublUhing Co., 1899. 201 p. il. r, cl., 

Bokt, Clara Pearce. After life, and other 
poems. Bost., [Little, Brown ± Co., 1899.] 
93 p. por. O. cl., nti, 11.26. 

BoBiuet, Jocquen B^nigne, (Bp.) Devotion to 
the Blessed Virgin; being the substance of 
all the sermons for Mary's feasts through- 
out the year; condensed, arranged, and tr. 
br F. M. Capes; with introd. by the Rev. 
W: T. Gordon. N. Y., Longmans, Greenft 
Co., 1889. 13+150 p. D. cl., $1. 

'Botsford, G: ■Wjllis, A history of Greece for 
high schools and academies. N. Y., The 
MacmiUan Co., 1888. 13+381 p. H. maps, 
8", hf. leath., net, $1.10. 

'Bonohot, Henri. Catherine de Medicis. 
freneh tej^t ed. N.Y., Jean Boussod. Mann, 
Joyant & Co., 1888. il. 4°, vellum, <30; 
or bound in mor. or cf., net. C33.60; Japan 
pap., |JJD; or bound in full polished levant, 
net, |75. 

'Boudlnot, Elias. Journal ; or, historical 
recollections of American events during tbe 
Revolutionary war, by Elias Boudinot, 
President of the Continental Congress, 
Comniisfiary-Generat of prisoners during 
the Revolutionary war; copied from his 
own original manuscript. Trenton, N. J., 
C. L. Traver. 189B. 87 p. 8°, pap., net, $2. 
[Ed. limited to 290 copies.] 

BougBud, Emile, (Bp.) History of St, Vin- 
cent de Paul, founder of the dongregation 
of the Mission (Vincentians) and of the 
Sisters ot Charity; from the 2d French ed., 
by Rev. Jos, Brady; with an introd. by the 
Cardinal Archbishop of Westminister, N. 
Y., Longmans, Green &, Co., 1899. * 
17+338; 7 + 2T8 p. pore. O. cl., 1" 



*BonIgar, Demetrius C: v. Kavanagh. The 
Congo state; or, the gronth ol civilization 
ID Oantral Africa. N. Y,, New Amsterdani 
Book Co., 1809. 418 p. il. map, 6', cl . %i.tiO. 

'Bottrdalll*, Pierre de, [Abbi de Brantfime.] 
The book of the ladies, (illuBtrious dames;) 
with elucidations on some of thOBe ladies, 
trr C. A. Sainte-Beuve; tr. by ELitharine F. 
Wormqley; il. with pore, from the original. 
VeraaiOeaed. Bost., Hardy, Pratt £ Co., 
1699, 8+808 p. pi. pors. 8', buckram or % 
leath., nibt. 

Bonxdillon, Frances W. The night haa a 
thoLisand eyes, and other poems. Bost., 
Little, Brown & Co., 1699. c. '91-'e9. 4- 

Bonrget, Paul. Pastela of men; tr. by Katha- 
rine PreHcott Wormeley, [Neio M«ue.] 
Bost., Little, Brown & (?o., 1899. c. '91. 

ergeant Bourgogne, 181S-1818; comp. 
from the original ma. by Paul Cottin. N. 
Y., Doubleday & McCiure Co., 1899. c. 
17+3M p. por. il. D. cl., 11.60. 

ThBterribleltuHlan campaign, tha burning of Mo«. 

Htfeut [n Napoleon's Old Guard, whleli dsBorlptioo 
practically Ant appeared la a French blsIorlcalina«a- 

iDldlen are giyen. The°Tolu[ce 1> llluBtraled nltb 
nproducClQUa at aketcbua made by aa officer of tbe 
Fnncb axmj duriog tbe retreat, 
BonvBt, Marguerite. Tales of an oldcb&teau; 

il. by Helen Maitland Armstrong. Chic, 

A. C. UcClurg&Co., 1699. c. T-2S5 p. S. 

cl.. »1.3S. 

Ctnttntt: Tbe EOldcn amulet; Saint Oansfieva'a 
■«11: DemolHlle lUx; Tbe CheTRller da IJ, Brtts; 
Oratidoiama tell* bcr Iwt auiry. 
BowoD, Wilbur P. A teacher's course in 

Shysical training ; a brief study of the fun- 
imentaJ principles of gymnastic training; 
designed for teachers oT the public schools. 
Ann Arbor, Mich., O: Wahr, [1899.] c. 
183 p. il. D. cl.,$l. 

Tbe author ia direcior of physical tratalng la Michi- 
gan Slate Normal College. Yor yean paat be baa clTeo 
acoune each year In the theory of pbyelcal training 

ble within Ibe nieam of teachers, and therefore pre- 
pared this. Blbllo^irrapby <8 p.). 

"Bowhill, T; A manual of bacterioloeicai 
technique and special bacteriology. N. Y., 
W; Wood & Co., 1899. 396 p. il. 8^, cl., net. 

■Bowkar, Alfred, td. AlFred the Great: con- 
taining- chapters on his life and times, by 
F: Harrison, The Lord Bishop of Bristol, 
C: Oman, Sir Clements Markham, Rev. — 
Earle, Sir F: Pollock, and Rev. W. J. Loftie; 
also, an introd. by Sir Walter B^sant, and 
a poem by the poet laureate ; ed., with a 
preface, bv Alfred Bowker. N. Y.. The 
Macmillan'Co., 1899. 13-1-280 p. 6', ' 

Bowker, R; Rogers, ed. Publications of so- 
ciBtiee: a provisional list of tbe publica- 
tions of American scientiSc, literary, and 
other societies from their organ izoti on ; 
comp. under the editorial direction of R. R. 
Bowker. N. T., Office of Hie PvbliahtTs" 
Weekly. 1899. c. 6-1-181 p. sq. O. cl.. 

•ocletlea and from 111 

Bowker, R; Rogers, ed. State publications: 
a provisional list of the official publications 
of^the several states of the United State* 
from their organization; comp. under tbe 
editorial direction of R. R. Bowker. Id 8 
or more pU, PC, 1, New England States: 
Maine, New Harapsbtre, Vermont, Mossa- 
chuaetta, Rhode Island, Connecticut. N. Y., 
The Offlte of The Publishers' Weekly. 1899. 
c. 6-f-99p.O. pap., l/orcompIe/etrorfe.lJO. 

Tbeonly attempt, ai & as imown. tooatafoeiie 

lyiteioatlcally the QiBclal publics*- • ■"— -■ 

if tbe Union are thoie made In 
'State publications" Included a 

The preseol work is modelled u, , ._. 

;over« tbe publlcatloneoftbe«tat««from their organl- 

Bd from the Btate Iltararlaa and otE^r llbiarlei 
ted In the irorlt, and upon printed catotceuea 
lumehta; It should be a UMful guide In a little. 

. . . „_ the remalDlnjr 

iesot the Union. 

Bowlei,M. Theamazinglady. Phil,, J. B. Lip- 

pincott Co., [1899.1 I+Sio p. {Lippincott's 

select novels, no. 215.) cl., $]; pap., 50 c. 

Uagda etacpoole -■ - "■-' — '- ' — ■ •'■- 

' IBMrW aod 1B80-SB. 

DQths, al 

Magda baa a 

rothar was the Ticar of ai 
church and a bactaelu 
itlng apd puzzling peraoii 

Bowne, Borden Parker. The Cbristian life; 
a study. Cin„ O., Curta &. Jennings, 1899. 
c. 163 p. nar. D. cl., 50 c. 

AJmi to be a help to Blacerity and uMuralnsw In re- 
IIeIod by olearlDg up »me of tbe oonfuainnsc^ popular 

relli^oui thought and speech. 

Boyd, Alex. J, The shellback; ed, by Archie 
Campbell; with an introd. by Morgan Rob- 
ertson. N. Y., Brentano's, 1699. c. 16-f- 
376 p. il. D. ci.,$1.50. 

The account glien cifbardiblpasufTeredlaan Amerl- 
cau ship In tbe sixties Is Touched for by ihe autbor'a 
■erioos preface. He arraigns (be merchant salllDg 

-Vankeesblp and Heliship are synoaymous, and the 
ship wblcb earrlea the Stars and Stripes to all pt^-ta of 
the earth la avoided and feared by tbe sailors of all 
nations a« tbe wont-found, worst- manned Tcsael that 
floats, and la known— to those wbo know— as the thea- 
tre of Inhuman barbarity that cannot be paralleled In 
tber^Uime of any human despot now alive." 

Boyd, L. The sorrowa of Nancv. Rich- 
mond, Va., The Bell Book and Stationery 
Co., 1699. 8-95 p. 1 il. sq. D. cl,, 11. 

A hrlof history of Nancy Hanks, mother of Abra- 
ham Uncoln. The author aayii be has founded his 
work on facta, traditions, and faDoIea. 
Boyar, C: C. Principles and methods of 
teaching: a manual tor normal sf-haols, 
reading circles, and the teachers of ele- 

0. cl., 11.50. 

The treatise Is divided into three parts-" Psychol- 
gy." '■Principles of teachlBB." and "Methods of 
. __,!, _ , Tno author Is protesaor of peda- 

itles Issuing 

I Norn 

Pa, and author of " Concrete pej-cbology.'' 

■Bojrer, Jos, A, Boyer's legal directory of 
the United States and Canada; ronl. a care- 
fully prepared digest of collection laws of 
each atate and territory, Ontario and 
Quebec, [etc.,] Jan. ,1698. Jan,, 1900. Phil., 
Jos. A. Bovf-r, |1S98, 189B ] c. 4-(-3T8-(- 
ai; l-*-384-f"20p. O. shp.. co.. n.(. 83,,^|^ 


BojrlaD, Grac« Duffle. Bosaana and huzzah: 

[a poem;] decorated by Blanche HcManus. 

N.T., B. R. Eerrick&Co., 1899. c. unp. 

nar. O. cl., 50 c; pap., 35 c. 
"Boy's own annual, [ItfOO :] aooual volume of 

the boy'a own paper. N. Y. and Chic, 

FlBininir H. ReveU Co., 1899. 840 p. il. 8*, 

cl.. $8.G0. 
Bradford, Amory Howe. The art of living 

alone. N. T.,lfedd, Mead & Co., 1898. c. 

8+138 p. nar. D. (Littia books on religion.) 

cl, 50 c. 

Five emayB, entitled: Thoj»rlla of laiieUneu; The 
oompenaKtlona ot solitude: Tli« frieudsblp of books; 
liie reneired mind; The broodeainK life. 

Bradford, Amory Howe. The holy family: a 
Christmas meditation. N. Y., Fords, How- 
ani&Hulbert, 1899. o.,50 o. 

A. Christmas sourenlr. The medlCktlon la preceded 
by vervM from "The Vli^a Simij [« the Child Jesus," 
br Elizabeth Barrett BroffnlDK, and Qeorge KnaDoa- 
aid's "Hymn for the motber.^' uid foliowcd by "O 
happy home." by K; J: P: Bpitta. There are two full- 
pa^ reproductions ot well-knowTt pictures ot the holy 

'Bradford, Gamaliel. The les8on<t of popu- 
lar government. N. Y., The Macmillan 
Co., 1809. 2 v., IB+536; 13+590 p. 8', cl., $4. 
"Bradford, T: Lindsley. History of the 
Homoeopathic medical colle^ of Pennsyl- 
vania: tne Hahnemann medical collei^e and 
hospital of Philadelphia. Phil., Boericke 
ATafel, 18B8. 904 p. 8', cl., |8.B0. 
Bradley, Rev. £:, ["CuthbertBede," j}*eud.] 
The adventurfB of Mr. Verdant Green, 
N. Y., Street ± Smith, [1899.] 4-304 p. D. 
(Medal lib., no. 34.) pap., 10 c. 
•Bradley, Rev. Jos., D.D. The love of God 
revealed to the entire universe by man's 
redemption. N. Y. and Chic, Revell, 1900. 
69 p. 18°, cl., 80 c. 
Bradley, L. D. Our Indians: a midnight 
visit to the ^eat Some where-or- other ; 
drawn and wntten by L, D. Bradley. N. 
Y.. E. P, Button & Co., 1899. unp. il, obi. 
O. hds., %2. 

ImmeDBe colnred pictures SAd k narrUlTe in rbrme 
describes Che rlalt made by the poet and bis little 
nieoe B.nd nephew to tbe Land ot the Indlaa^the ^reat 
Some where-OTvOl her. The pictures are Krotesque, In- 
dians Bfurmg lar^Iy En them. The book was vrittea 
and illustrated tor a little eirl. 

Bradley, L. D. Wonderful Willie ! what he 
and 'rommy did to Spain : sketches and 
rhymes. N. Y., E. P. Dutton & Co., 1899. 
c unp. il. obi. O. bds., $3. 

Tbls book vas made to please a little boy vbo 
liked stories and pictures " with animals Id them." It 
tells or tbe remarkable adTenturea of the good little 
Willie and the terrible Tommy, who went to Cuba and 
thonce to Spain, accompanied by a clraffe and an 
orang-outang, and [rigbtened tbe people out of tlielr 

'Bradshaw'i Continental railway steam tran- 
sit and e^ide for travellers through Europe. 
New ed. for 18BB. N. Y.. imported by C: 
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335 p. il. D. cl., tl.50. 
By theaulhorot "Far lore ot country "; deals wllb 

erenta supposed to iiave taken place In the War of 

period. Including the Rreatiea duel bftneen the Con- 

and AmerlcSD abips, wltb ai 


Bndy, Jasper Ewing. Tales of the tele- 
graph: the story of a telegrapher's life and 
adventures in railroad, commercial, and 
military nork. N. Y.,DoubUday&UcClure 
Co., 1899. c. '98, "99. 8+272 p. il. D. cL, 

the sturdy, lojal men and won 
onnecWid by telegraph In timi 

1 wbo k«p tbe 

„ .^uught, are spocially 

Brauae, Charlotte M. ["Bertha M. Clay," 
uieud.l Her fatal mistake: a novel. Chic., 
E. A. Weeks Co., [1899.] c. 4+310 p. D. 
(Phcenix ser., no. 14.) pap.. 25 c. 

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Hawaii: how American missionaries gave 
aChrislian nation to the world. N. Y. and 
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193p,il. D- cl„ |I. 

A record of Btcy yean* missionary work la ^iven in 
a srrles of papers, some of wbicb were first published 
in7^(7hr<tt<an£Vid<atiarM'orI(laudlaF1anaarif. The 

edge. Borne ot the titles are: The Hawailana m, hun- 
dred years ago : Tbe orerthrow of Idolatrj- ; The 
mlMiuDsrlea at work; Story utKapiolaoi; The Roman 
Catholic mission; Hawaii a Christian nation; HatraU 

Bralne, Sheila E. The Princess of Hearts; il> 
bv Alice B- Woodward- N. Y., imported 
by C: Scribner's Sons, 1899. 8-173 p. O. cl„ 

A fairy tale, profusely illustrated. 

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bankruptcy decisions; cont. the decisions of 
the supreme court of the U. S. from 1800 to 
1899, and of the federal and state courts of 
last resort under the act of 1867. Chic, 
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shp.. 16.50. 

'Brandenburg, Edwin C. The law ot bank- 
ruptcy, including the national bankruptcy 
law of 1898, the rules, forms, and orders of 
the U. S. supreme court, the state ex«mp- 
tioD laws, the acts of 1867, etc., illustrated 
by the bankruptcy decisions under the act 
of 1867. Chic, Callaghan £ Co., 1898. c. 
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JnaCmg system. Phil., American Acad, of 
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356.) pap., 25 c. 

tbe political macblne-a controf which in Philadelpbfa 
cannot be shaken off. as one party has so large a ma- 

cally ir 


Branson, Walter J. Tendencies in primary 
'.merican A — ■* -* "- 

t,--a cbe developnwnt ot primtrj leciaUtlon 
r Cha BtikteB of ihe UDlon, ftad comturei the moT 
I In Ken Tork and Oblo to that of the 1«8 pi 

. Conla. 


■Brauey, T: A. (Baron,) ed. The naval an- 
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il. and numerous charts and diagrams. 
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by ihe author, [W. Caldwell, Agt.,] 18B9. 
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and loroancM dgrinc the period of tie biatory of New 
York City wliloh wltneued the rise and fail ot Tweed, 

••■ — ot Tammany under Jobo KeUy, »nd Its 

launder BlcW'd Croker. The author, 
1 the leg&l adilser of John Kelly, ei- 

1 no rlBbCs. cotnmeDU 
patrono^, etc., &Dd 
celebrated poIRIclana 

^mmny ye 

■htch a citizen bu no Tolce 1 

so the dMrlbutioQ of poUtli 

tellB many anocdDtsa ot the m< 

ot Uielut thirty jrean. 

BrsDd, W: A. The xtory of ice in the present 

and past. N, Y., M. F.ManBfleld& A. Wes- 

sels, 1899. 228P. D. cl.,75c. 

The diacoverlaa iiDd lii<a*Il^tioi» made by eiplaren 
In the far north have thrown great. lleht upon many of 
tb« disputed queitlons connected with thepheDomeaa 
exhibited by Ice. Tbe chief features of ice-action as 
eihlblled on the sarlace of tbe Klobe at the preaent 
time as tbey have operated in paat times are here 
deacrlbed in unteehnlcal language. Tbe glacial period 
la exbauitlTely treated. Tbe author U acbolar of Sid- 
ney SuMei Collece. Csmbrldjie. 

BiBDt, Aeu. C:H. With God in the world: a 

series of PHpers. N. Y., Iiongmans, Green 

£ Co.. 1899. c. 5-)-I44p. S. cl., $1. 

Tbeautbor Upaalor of St. Btephen'a Church. Boet^m. 

He prepared tlieTC papers for tba Saint Andrtw'4 Crott, 

tbe orj^a of a eociety of that name. Tbey diacuaa 

(rlendahlD largsly, wttli Ood and In Ond, the church In 

*Brareton, F. S. With shield and assegai : a 
tale of the Zulu war. N. Y., impnrtpd by 
C; Scribner's Sons. 1899. 320 p. S il. [Scrib- 
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Cl., $1.25. 

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time. St. Louis, Fi-rd. P. Kaiser, 1899. c. 
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«3.50;hf. Ieatti.,perv.,94;mor.,iterv..|5. 

Breyfogle, W: L. Sense and sat're; based 
upon nineteenth centurv philosophy; il. by 
J; W. Breyfogle. N. Y. and Chic, Rand, 
McNany&Co.,[1809.] c. 
About 700 qufttrainn, chiefly of peoelTrlallc tone. In 

wnieh tbe folblea and frUolftles of modern men and 

■omen are beldjio torlcileule. An^ong the aubje^cta 

d™n»,"»tra«aKance. 1»d*,*'^"»lp,''hum°an "fatuSi 
lock, tbe mother In-law, the new woman, penuchle, 
nidenesB, richea, theosuphy, Cbrlatlan science, wom. 

Bridga, Norman. The penalties of taste, 
and other essays. Chic H. 8. Stone dC 
Co.. 1898. c. 4-»-llM p. D. cl., tt.M. 
CmltnU: Tbe pennJlleaot laatc; Two kinds ot 

; Some lensona of heredity: Our poorJy educated 

■Bridge!, Rob. Seymour. Poetical works. 

Newed. N. Y,, imported by C; Scribner's 

Sons, 1890. 2 v.. 2B2; 300 p. 13°, cl., ea., 


Conltttli: V. 1, Prometheui thetlrKlver. Eros and 
Payche. The erowlh of luve, notea. V, S, Tbe shorter 
poema in four books, new poems, notes. 

807 p. D. cl.,»1.50. 
Tbe master Idea which 
Hat all being.' material ai 

. [If 

leof Ood 1« shown in tbelntellectual and emotional 
t of man; 8, "Ood In political life," de«lE»ttli tbe 
, . ^.j i. 1.. — inlly as a body politic, and with 

tbo action of n 

Briggi, C: A:, D.D. Oeoeral introduction 
to tlie study of the holy Hcripturei the 
principles, methods, history, and results of 
its several departments and of the whole. 
N. Y., C: Scribner's Sons, 1899. c. 28-i- 
088 p. O. cl.,nef, $3. 

Tbla worli takes the placa of the author's "BIblleal 
itudy," nr>t published In 18B3, which has gone throURb 
many editions. It Is here revised, enlarged to oouble 

thepreeent problems, and the aims fur the future. 

•Briggi, Warren R; Modem American school 
buildings: being a treatise upon, and de- 
signs for the construction of school build- 
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& Drummood, 1899. 138 p. : 

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BriscoB, Marg. Sutton. The sixth sense, and 
other stories. N. Y., Harper, 1M9. c. 
6-1-274 p. il. D. cl., $1.25. 

y of tl 

give* title to the V. 

IS a touching lore-story 
.torieaare:Tjncle Elijah' 

■Bristol, Rev. S. The pioneer preacher. 

jVetc ed. N. Y. and Chic, Fleroiog H. 

Revell Co., 1899. 3Se p. il. 12°, cl., fl.35. 
British Africa. N. Y., Funk dt Wagnalls Co , 

1899. 13-h4l8 p. maps, O. (British Empire 

ser.,no. 2.)cl.,t8.50. 

The titles of some ot these paper* are ; Rhodesia, 
by C. W. Boyd and others; Bechuanaland. by Sir Sid- 
ney O. A. ehlppard; The Transvaal, old and new. by 
W. ¥. Campbell: Natal, by F, Keginald Blatham: Zu- 
luland.hyMlssrolBnso; Tliefrolde™ In South Africa, 
bv Basil WofTifold; British Cent 1 • -■ ■ - ^ 

c. by Arthur 

Icbols. etc, etc. ,1 , 


Briton and Boer. See Brjc«, Ja. 

■Brlttsn, F: Ja. Old clocks and watches and 
their makers: beiog an bJBtorical and de- 
scriptive account of the different atylea of 
clocKB and watches ot the past in EWlaod 
and abroad; to which is added alist of 8000 
makers. H. Y., imported by C: Scdbner's 
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Territory during the years 1863-66, based 
upon official reports and observations of 
the author. N. Y., G; P. Putnam's Sons, 
1899. c.m. 31+MBp. O. g1..$3.B0. 

Tbs flrat volume ol the work, corarlng the years 
laoi and IME, wu nublUhed In ]E90, anil noticed In 
"Aonunl CatalOKne,^' 1890. 

"Broadley, Arthur. Chats to 'cello students. 
N. y., imported by C; Scribner'a Sons, 
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brief history of the Arch-episcopal See. 
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8*, cl., tl.36. 

Bronta, Anne, ["Acton Bell," pgeud.,] 
BrontS, Charlotte, \Mra. Nichols, "Currer 
Bell," pseud.,] and Bronte, Emily, [" Ellis 
Bell," pteud,] Life and works of the Bisters 
Brontfi. The Haworth ed. illustrated ; with 
prefaces by Mrs. Humphry Ward, and 
annotations to Urs. Gaskell's "Life of 
Charlotte Brontfi," by Clement K. Shorter. 
In 7 V. V. 1. N. Y., Harper. 1B9B. c 
"' '"' " -'.. $1.75. 


Brooks, E: The story of the Maeii; or, 
the adventures of Mneaa; for boya and 
girls. Phil.,The Penn Pub. Co., iSM. c. 
366 p. il, D. cl., fl.35. 

'"[ng tlilB prose version of tbe .£neld tor Tonng 

of (be Odyuey. 

Brooks, Elbridge Streeter. 

. — itorio Ameri- 
: sketches of the lives and characten 
of certain famous Americans held moat 

told : il. by F. 
Crowell &, Co., 

cl., |I.SO. 

C. Merrill. N. _., _. _. 
[1899.] c. 8+884 p. O. 

uit. Ur. Brooks incluijea 
cKunuel Adams, John a ' ' ' 

Henry Jefferson. Ham,.^^, „,„=,„ , 

BbiJl, iladlson, Monroe, Ell Whitney, J»oksbn;'wob- 
«ter, IrTlne, Clay, Cslhoun, Hor», fioraee Baan, Un- 
coln, and tongrallow. In each case Kr. Brooksaelzes 
a p[yotaIeir«iit to illustrate " the chief characterlatle 
wiSsm." """ '^ "^^ "*" "•"« "" ""1' "' P- 

Brooks,ElbrJdgeStreeter. In blue and white: 
the adventures and misadventures of Hum- 
phrey Vandyne, trooper in Washington's 
Ute.guard ; »J. by F. T. Merrill. 3d ed. 
Boat,, Lothrop Pub. Co., 1899. c. 4+848 p. 
D. cl., $1.50. ^ 

T4« oblef episode In this story is the so-called 
Hlckey plot " against the lite orWashington. Youne 
umnhrsv Vandyne and a brare you"~ "*-' ^ — "--5 
tbe oonaniracy. Introduce 

Hale, F 

m Washin; 

.mlltoD, HaUiai 

Brooks, Elbridge Streetar. On Wood Cove 
Island; or, a summer with Longfellow on 
the New England coast; il. bv F. J. Boston. 
Phil.. The Penn Pub. Co., 1899. o. 848 d 
pis. D. cl., fl.3B '^' 

given tl 


lEht New E^^land obildren ore 
n. ThBy'Mefo«u"a£.lS°h'a'JjM 


<BrontS, Anne, ["Acton Bell," psetid.,] 

Bronte. Charlotte, [3fr8. Nichols, "Currer 

Bell." paeud.,) and Bronte, Emily. The 

novels of the sistersBrontS. Thornton *d.; 

ed. by Temple Scott. In 10 v. V. 4-10. 

N. Y., imported by C: Scribner'a Sons, 

1899. 13*. cL, ea., (3. 

CimttnU.- V«. lands. The tenant of Wlldfell Hall, 
by Anne Bront*. 3S7 p. Vs. 8, 7, Shirley, by Charlotte 
BrontB, 12-HB8; 0-Hft p Vs. 8, B, Vlfletle, by Char- 
lotte Bront*, S0+A21 ; fl+*0» p. V. 10, Agnes Grey, by 
Anne BrontS, with nsemoir of her sisters by Charlotte 

and other papers. N. Y., T: Whittaker, 
'1899.] 8+I18p.S.{SmaU books on great 
iubjects.)cl., HOC. 

tonfend.' The ship of tbe soul; Th 
■ ■"■- "--Tistlan in the world; Th. 

Lg of tbe I 

I uptll death. 

i: Qod'i 

1 life: 

i: F^th- 

Brooklyn Daily Eagle almanac, 1899: a book 
of information, general of tiie world, and 
special of New York City and Long Island. 
Brooklyn-N. Y. City Daily Eagle, Eaele 
Building, [1899,] o. 600 p. O. (Eagle lib., 
V. 14, no. 1.) pap., 25 c, 

»= » .iBibur ™ ineir summer Dome cna poet Lour. 
ff 5.°."' "oo™. MA^alntance adds greatly to their dfe- 
lighc and prollt. 

Brooks, Elbridge Streeter. Stories of the 
Old Bay State. N. Y., Ajnerioan Book Co. 
1899. c. &2384p,- por. ilD. cl.,60c. 

n with the early hls- 

:a OS Miles 8l 


iSOtis, theAdami 

,t and Sutn- 
ve style f« 


Brooks, Elbridge Streeter. The story of our 

war with Spain. Bost.. Lothrop Pub. Co 

[1899.] c. 349p. il. O. cl.,tl.50. 

f The author's design has been M. give simplT, con- 

elsely. and eonpeetedly the complete story ofouV witr 

with Spain, so that readers, young and old. who have 

tloos 'n tor|r^flt''deU,'l'l"ma''ob"l *"* ""''' "' "f*^ 
eye view of theVaJ from "^he l'osll;tS?«,S«*E:;'?hS 
final triumphal close. "—JVeCace. 

Brooks, Elbridge Streeter. The true story of 
Laf^ette, called the friend of America; il 
by Victor A, Seariea. Bost., LothropPub' 
Co., [ISBB.] c. 4^360 p. il. O. (ChilSren-a 
liveaof great men. no. 6.) cl., 11.60. 

.Brooks begins Wsstot^by telling how (bellttis 

srquls beKan lite, 

oded In America, fuught for 

ive. rich In lossonsand inform^ 
■•', tbe lauguage simple, and the 
led with portrait 8 and picturaa. 


Brooks, Francis. The poems of Fr&uciB 
Brooks; Ell,, with a prefatory memoir, by 
WoUace Rice. Chic, R. R. Donnelley & 
Sons Co., I89». c. •n-'OS. 28+204 p. 8. 
cL, net, tLSO. 

rnuclB Brooks na born Id Ueinphla, Tenneaee. on 
Mmrch 1, IBK. HI* brief life oud« to an eod Id IBM. 
Hla poetDB ftn Imbued with a mournful quallCf and 
■hovtba influence ol Walt Whitman, whom hatrraatlr 


8+186 p. il. T. (Gold duot ser.) 

CmltnU: Tbs beautv ol a lite of httIcv; Tbought 
tsdaccioD; The duty of the ChriitUn bualneu man: 
True Uberty; The Christ In wbom Chrlstlaiu bellsTe; 
Abraham LlbcoJn. 
*Brooki, W: Keith. The foundations of 

ioa\oi^. N. Y., The MocmUlaji Co., IB99. 

8+S89 p. 8*, (Colunibia University biolop- 

cal ser.. v. S.) cl., net, fa.SO. 
Bromp, R. P. Modesty, courtship and wo- 

ro&a's right. Chic., International Book 

Co., [1890.] c 2+17S-208+37 p. D. pap., 

TbB two chapter* of this pamphlet are taken from 
"ChrkitUDicyaDdour CItnea." The author <■ opposed 

*BtoUien, A. Photography ; it« history, 
processes, apparatus, and materials; com- 
prising workiag details of all the more 
important methods. 3d ed. rev. Phil., J. 
B. lippincott Co., 1890. il. pis. 4°, cl., $6. 

Broughton, Rhoda. The game and the can- 
dle. N. Y., Appleton, 1899. 3+305 p. D. 
(Apptelon's town and country lib., no. 368.) 
cl,, $1; pap.. 60 c. 

_ On hia deathti«l the husband ol Jane ECharedge en- 

iwaiheioyei. Sheretuses 
rlts her The story relates 
I forbidden suitor, but fluds 

, ally feels the Bame aha has 

played was not worth the candle. 
'Brown, Alice. Meadaw-grasa: tales of New 
Bnglund life. [JVeu issue.] Bost. , Bough- 
ton, Mifflin & Co., 1809. c. 3+816 p. 12*, 
cl., 11.50; pap., 60 c. 

Formerly published by Oopeland £ Day. 

*Biown, Alice. The road to Castaly: poems. 
Boat., Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1399. 16°, 
(1; large~pap. ed., |3. 

Brown, Alice, Tiverton tales. Boat, Hough- 
too, Hiftlin & Co., 1899. c. 4+889 p. D. 
cL, $1.60. 

TwelTC stories of rural New EnglaDd life. Contaitt: 
Dooryarda; A Marohwlnd: The mortuary i 

A stolen festiTat: AlMtaasembtlue; The 
Tbe experience of Hannah Prime; n< 
~oona marriage; The"*' ' — '-*- 

bt; The 

and myrrh; 

«nd or all livlnc. 

Brown, Anna Robeson. A cosmopolitan 
comedy. N. Y., Appleton, 1809. c. S+ 
304 p. D. (Appleton'a town and country lib., 
DO.360.)c]., 11; pap.. SO c. 

While tho story has lt» openinjr chapters la Paris, 
It is qulokiy transferred to the United States. The 
Chilean Qui. built by a French MlRneur of the time of 
Loalsw.. on the New England coast, is the picturesque 
scene ol the ooaiedy. ^The Prlnceai Sarrazine, an 
American girl who had married a Russian. eom?s here 
to pass her widowhood. Her wealth reitores to its 
former beauty this home ot one of her ancestors. The 
Prlncesa Is a Tain woman loud of gems, and haa by in- 
trigue obtained possewilon of a valuable pearl belong. 
Ini tuaCuban patriot. The time Is leSS.and IhesUH'y 
1* colorrd by the events or the Spanish war. The com- 

Srown, C: W. Nathan Hole, the martyr 
spy: on incident of the Resolution. N. Y., 

J. S. OgilviePub. Co.,i;i809,1 c. 4-149 p. 
1 il, D. (Sunnyeide ser., no. 107.) pap., 2S c 

A brief account of Nathan Hale's life aud death, 
including many testimon las In prosa aod verse to bla 
courage and patriotism . 
Brown, Haydn. The secret of good health 

and long life. 3d ed., 6th thousand. N. 

Y., M, F. MansQeld & A. Weasels, 1698. 

8-163 p. nar. D. cl., 7G c. 

Contents.- What the length ol alifels; What deter- 
mines tbe length of a life; Some Inatances of false bal- 
ance at certain ans; Food: Drink; Atmoaphere; 
Bmoking; Exercise: Care ot body; Clothing; Oooupi^ 
tlonanddlTeralon; Reit;RsEnlarity, 
Brown, Helen Dawes. A civilian attach^: a 

story of a frontier army post, N. T., C: 

Scribner's Bona, 18B9. 2+161 p. nar. S. 

(Ivory ser.) cl., 75 c. 

A young girl from the east, who spends a summer 
with an old friend wbose husband, anarmyolBcer. was 
stationed at a fron tier poat, ig tbe"clTllian attach^." 
She goes out "fancy free." butisthe heroloeof a Ioto- 
slory. The a 11 max comes in the summer of 'H, dur. 
Ing the Pullman strike around Chicaco. Returning 

heryoiuighero, called out by the goTerament to' pro- 
tect the trams, perFormsa dramatic act of bravery. 

'Brown, J:, M.D, Marjorie Fleming. Port- 
land, Me., T: B. Mosher, 1899. 16*. (The 
brocade ser,, no. 18.) pap,, net, 76 c. 

'Brown, J: Howard. American naval heroes. 
Boat., Brown &Co., 1899. 600 p. il. S", cl., 
subs., f3. 

*Brown, Mary Willcox. The development of 
thrift. N, T., The Macmillan Co., 1899. 
10+322 p. 16*, cl.,$l. 

lain, 1890. F. cl., $10. 
'Brown, P. Hume. Hiatorr of Scotland. 

V. 1, To the accession of Mary Stuart. 

N. Y., The Macmillan Co., 1890. 10+408 p. 

12', (Cambridge historical ser.) cl,, n€t, 

*Brown, Vincent. The romance of a ritual- 
ist. N. Y„ J:Lane, 1899. 8°, cl., $1.60. 
•Brown, W. Jethro, The new democracy ; a 

political study. K.Y., The Macmillan Co., 

18B9. 12+216 p. 8°, cl„f2. 
Brown, W: Harvey, On the South African 

frontier: the adventures and observations 

of an American in Mashonoland and Matft- 

beleland, N. Y., C: Scribner's Sons, 1869. 

c. '90. 20 + 430 p. map. il. O. cl., $3. 

Thiawork Is a narrative of Che author's eiprrlCDCea 
and obeervationH. partly as tiaiuralis' ' ..i....- 

sent by the trclte<r Stales Governmi 

)t ot Africa, bi 




r tte I 

■ven ycBrs" pBrtlclpalfo 
and early development ot Rhodei 
iy of travel, collectlnK. hunting, prospecting, farming, 
scouting, fight inn. It throwBafewsldellKQts on pio- 
neer lite. Two chaptera are lievolsil to ethpoli^y. 
The race probienia which arise during the stage ot 
transition from barbarism to civlliutlun are dlBCuased 
to some eitent, aa well aa the agricultural and mineral 
resources of Rhodesia, and the posalbllities ot that re- 
gion as a tutu™ neld tor immigration and commercial 

Browne, Q. Waldo. Two American boys in 
Hawaii; il. by L; Heynelle. Host., Dana 
Estes & Co., [1899.] c. 6-360 p. »q. O. 

cl., $1,60. 

Tbe adventurea of two American boya who became 
involved in the intriguea incident to the recent revo- 

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Recipe* for dlshea aulC&ble for bre^fatC, uruiged 
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" ■ ■ -■ "■ a PIpBrof Hamelln; HerrSRlel; 

rhroui-h the 1 

_ ._,B French ea.iip: riiTe; MuWykeh: 

Tray: A tale; Gold bsir: Doaald; The gloTe. 

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t, — , . .L_ ,_.. , ■- -"le BrowQingB to 

Consist B of the 

staled Id the j 

has all theelemsDU of 'a noveJ of the old letlcr-writlDB 

for the moat part tbe wrlMra are ooncemod only wlLh 
tbelr love for each other aud for each other*! work. 

Brownies, Ja, H: Wartime echoes: patriotic 
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or Che maar poeou iaiplred br the brave deeda 
aod eicitlnb- epl»)d« of the late war.oae hundred and 
forty of the best are embraced In tbls Toluine. Thej 
arearranired In order ot time, makine up a series of 
vivid picl ' "-- -■ ■ --.--—.---- 

•Brownaon'i iron merchants' memoTanda 
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years, and much of It ha« aiready appeared in the 
pacn of Tht Ezpotitor. He believes the Epistle vraa 
written about TO A.D.,aDd Has addreMed to tbe Jews to 
preach to them the religion of free, uurestrlcted acceaa 
to God without the laterventton of an earthly prieat- 
hood. The best authorities are quoted and approved 
ofordlffaredfroai In a quiet spirit of investigalitui, 
and the author's reuonlnK Is clear and within the com- 
preheaelon of the general reader. He la pTDfesaor ot 
New Testament exegesis lu tbe Frm Church Col lc«e. 

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Owlne to the Illness of the author, the Oiffard tec- 
nt at 1H9;-I)8 appear a year late. To answer the 
lestloD '■ What huve the wisest thought on tbe great 
erne ot the moral order of tbe universe •" Ibeae 

Christ's leaohlne ooncerntnc Dlvioe Providence: Mod- 
ern opttmliim: Browning: Hodem dualism; SdeallHc 
and phlloBophic aspects; Rellglaus and social aspects; 
Relronpect and prospect. 

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OrlghiaUv published by LowmaQ £ Hanford Sta- 
jnery and l*rlntln(.- Co Jiee "Annual Catalogue." 
M. This edition Is — ■' — —' ' — — — i...^j — • 

ced by 

B buodnd 

Bruce, T., ed. Views of the American press 
on the Philippines. N. Y., Esty & Eaty, 
1809. c. 3-66 p. D. cl., |1i pap., 50c. 
Journalistic comnu-nts on the question of 
le New York Cltv prww la not ri>DrH«nt«1 thf. odUn- 
the present work hav 

United Stale ■. 
Bmhl, Lucien Levy. History of modern phi- 
losophy in France, Chic."", rhe (^t^n Court 


Pub. Co., 1899. c 10+600 p. pora. O. cl., 

nlhe begtni 

HKuwTuiu Ecui-uiT uuou lu ourdayH. Tbal repre- 

■cDtulTS men an not omitted m>j be Ken from the 

iniatotlM cb^iten, aMaeij: Deseart**; CbrleaiMi- 

liDkHftMrnnche: pMcaU Bajrle-Fontenclle; Monies. 

ouKu; VolIBire; Tbe EncvelopiBdIMa: Bousssau: Coa- 

dUlu: Condorcet; The Idealoclita : The TradlLlanal- 

ln>; Maine De BemD-CoUBlDkndEclecticIsm; The soctal 

Rformcn Aiyriute Corate: R«iM>-TKlDei Contempu- 

r,u7 moTcments In French phlloeopby. ClBOad bibll- 

ogripby or mudera French phllosoi^y ID p.). lodex, 

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Geaerul of Holland from 1614 to 1636 to 
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discover new countries; together with the 
Charter of privileges granted to the Fa- 
trooDS. Phil., Christopher Sower Co., 
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Tbe LOxrtw Bdt Leaflet! 1« a aerlea of traDBlatloDa 
AOdreprintAof orl^En&l nIfltoHcal documents, deelvned 
lo lllustnte tbe beginning and deielupmsat of the 

Ernest C. Pfixotto. New ed. N, Y.. The 

Hacmillan Co., 1899. ^40 p. 13*, cl., tl.SO. 

Bnmetiare, Ferdinand. Art and morality; 

authorized tr., with prefatory note, by 

Bfuoetlftre clalauthatmeretrtcloui form* of beauty 
cuDDtchanne the euence of that irhlcb )■ latrloBl- 
callrilleand corrupt. He Mta np a criterion which 
appeaU to men'i Bane Jud^^ment and sets men to thlnk- 
InfrandDTltlclainE- so that Ibey may have a reason fur 
IlklnKordlslIklni; the products of modem arl. literary 

Bryan, Alfred Cookman. History of state 
banking in Maryland. Bait., Md., The 
Johns Hopkins Press, 1896. 3-144 p. O. 
(Johns Hopkins University studieti, 17 ser. 
DOS.. 1, 3, 3.) pap., <1 

11 of bi 

onal Bank Ac 

MarrlBD^ befi: 

lalWi, ThBoreauisatlonana iineoT nEieiuunmni, arc 
•tudlediThletly «■ thny arerenected In the leglslatlTc 
reirulallona on banking by the General AaBemblyol 


Bryant, Anna Bumham. Suadayhourseries. 
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il. S. cl., per set, |1.G0. 

VonttntM.- V. 1. Bertha's garden and other storlee, 
«7p^; v.i, Two little giria and other stories, TO p.; V. 
li. Polly Peacemaker and other iturlea, 17 p.; T. t, 
A bird partyandolherstorlea, TTp.; T. 6. Papa'a birth- 
day and other stories. Tt p.; t. B, The prettiest tree 
aod other sUn-les, Ti p. 

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tertainment tor children. N. Y., Dick & 
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■Bryant, Edwin E. The law of pleading 
under tlie codes of civil procedure; with an 
introduction briefly explaining- the common 
law and equity systems of pleading, [etc.] 
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c. 35+400p. D.ol., J3.60. 

African question; reprinted by permission 
from the ^orth Atneriean Review. N. T., 
Harper. 1900 [1899.] c. 4 + 351 p. il. map, 
D. cl., ti.25. 

rbntenU: HlEtorlcal causes at the prewnt war in 
South Africa, by Ja. Brycei Enjflaiid and the Trans- 
Taal. by Sydney Broc'--- ' -i--"—^'-' -" 't— «~.« i^ 

o Sydne 

he Transvaal war and Europeou opinion, 

The Soulh African question, by Andrew 

■ - •- ;. by 

by K: Blind; 
CarueKle; W 

agaluct England, by D. C. Boulger; fhllosopby and 

morals of war. by Max Nordau. 

Bryoe, Lloyd. Lady Blanche's salon: a story 
of some souls. N.Y. and Chit., F. Tenny- 
son Neely, [1890.] c. S39p. D. cl.,tl;pap., 

Lady Blancbe lived In London. Hen 

of people whom she referred to aa har souls; ttuae she 
gathered together for the express purpose of settUoB 

woman's lolssloo • What are tbe'true relations be- 

soul r The husbaud of Lady Blanche playa an im- 

■Bryden, H: Anderson. An exiled Scot. N. 

Y., NewAmsterdam BookCo., 1899. 844 p. 

I il. 8", ol., $1.50. 
Bochan, J: Urey weather moorland tales of 

my own people. N. Y., J: Lane, 1899. c. 

5+897 p.,f 1.50. 

Fourteen stories preceded by a " Ballad for erey 
weather." Cbntents; Preater John; At the articte of 
death; rolltlM and the May-fly: A reputation; A Jour- 
ney of little profit; At the nslng of the waters; Ths 
earlier alTectloD; The black Qshers; Bummer weather; 
The oasis 111 the snow; The herd of Btaodlau; Streams 
of water In the south; The moor eoncs: Comedy In tbe 

Bnchas, J: A lost lady of old years: a ro- 
mance. N. Y., J: Lane, 1890. c. fl+3«6p. 

D. cl.. $1.50. 

The title Is aquotatloD fromapoem of Browning's. 

The stormy days of George ii. and'enrioh hlmseir with 
her vast fortune. The hero Is Che son of a prodigal 
Bon deacepded from an old Sootohfamlly, who for cen. 
turles had stood for respectability and quiet obser. 

cally described, 

Bnchanan, L. A., and Andr6, J. L; The al- 
gebraic solution of equations of any degree: 
a novel, simple, and direct method for the 
solution of equations of the nth degree. 
San Fran oisco, Cal., published tor the au- 
thors by The Whitaker &. Ray Co., 1899. 
c. 4+61 p. D. limp cl., ntt. 80 c. 
The authors charaolerize this as "a method that 
-- artificial nor Indirect processes for the 

or Jugglery 

:ompletlan of Che elren quantity to 
quares; noranymathematlcalaubstlt 

i*o( K higher degree tbau cbe quitdr»tlct," 

Book, Gertrude. A course Id aivumentative 
writing. N. Y., H; Holt & Co., 1899. 0. 
7+306 p. D. cl.,80c. 

..™.i, _..__. ... . ,f ceit»ln beliefi " ' — 


i> th»t tbe principles oC'arEUmi 

rifed by the itudent from Its practice before 

practice Is mule tu coo form to tbe principle! 

Bnok, Gertrude. The metaphor: a study in 
the psychology of rhetoric. Ann Arbor, 
Mich., [For sale by Sheehan & Ck).,] The 
Inland Press, [1899.1 4+78 p. 0. (Contribu- 
tioDB to rhetorical tneory, no. S.) pap., net, 

Book, Qertrude, and Woodbridge, Elisabeth. 
A course in expository writing. N. Y., H: 
Hole & Co., 1899. c. 9+293 p. D. cl., net, 

Alma tn do ftwa; with tbe "deadnen" of EnEllih 
□ wrltlneiuinnerallytiiUBbC. Theauchora 
iiore In^Dg-llBh at Veawf Collese, They 


miDd. ■ 

e punllH are made to aoalj-ze by 
careful i|uestloalD|!'. To iiialie Ihe pupil tblnk clearly 
and understand nbades of meaning, tbe autban con- 
•Ider tbe all-important sleplQ expository writlug, 
Buckley, Ja. Monroe. Christian science and 
other Huperstitions: being xetected cha.pterB 
trom "Faith-healing, Christian science, 
and kindred phenomena." N. Y., Tbe Cen- 
tury Co., 1899. c. '86-'99. 6+138 p. D. 
buckram, 50 c. 

With tbe two eaBayt"FBlth-heallng"and"Chrla- 
" ■' in aaupplBmentary 

ealing, the i 

n tbe 

.._. . . of faltb'beallDK and Clirlstlan 

aclenoe and tboae o[ pbyalGlaua. Important facts con- 
oerninir all sicknesa and the relation of ths practice of 
ChristfaD science and faltb-bealliiE to cItII law. Tbli 

Buckley, Ja. Monroe. Extemporaneous ora- 
tory Tor profess ion al ajid amateur speakers. 
N. Y„ Eaton & Mains, [1899.] c. '98. 7+ 
480 p. D. cl. $1.80. 
Deflnea eitemporaneoiu upeaklng from a peraooal 

standpoint, and su^^esta and compares methodn at 

exordium. Is that every' man must be his own flnal 

Some of the subjects desTt with are words and their 
similes. and'lllustnftlons^n^lnliK^e'nccs.'^^e "ice, pro^ 

Budd, H: St. Mary's Hall lectures, and 
other papers. Phil., H: T. Coatea & Co., 
1898. c. 3-287 p. D.c!., $1.50. 
COnients .■ La VendJe; The Chevalier Bayard; Norse 

mytUiilcjg^'; The use of a Jury: The contrast or the 

Iheu8,VlnctuBandSIacl»th: The groundwork of^ Eng- 
lish literature: Phillip Maailnger and bin plays: A short 
examination of Haz)itI'8critlci»msof irfuslnger; Tbe 
works of Thomas De guincey: Venice; Thomas JefTer- 
son; Sir Edward Coke. 
*Budd, Jos. H. A treatise on the law of 

civil remedies. 8an Francisco, Byron RlDE 

Pub Co., [1899 ] c. ll+48a+U p. O. shp. 
Budd*, K:. D.D. Reii^ion of Israel to the 

exile. N. Y., G: P. Putnam's Sous, 1899. 

c. 18+228 p, D. (American lectures on the 


history of religion 
cl., $1.60. 

Cbnfenta.- OrlBlnat the Yahweh religion: Yabwt 
and bis rivals: Priest*, oropbets, kioipi— tbe cbai 
pious of Vabweh: The lorelgn powers and tbe writt* 
propbecy of tbe northern kingdom; Tbe rellgloQ i 
Yahweh in Judah la oonOict with the world powe 
Tbecollapaeot Judah and the bases of Its re-eatA 
Ilahmi ' 

A dialogue on former existence and 
1 the marvellous birth and career ot the 
Buddhas between Gotaroo and hia monks: 
being the fourteenth dialogue in the Long 
collection of tlie sacred scriptures of the 
Buddhists, Pt. 1, translated from the P&li, 
by Albert J. Edmunds. Phil., J: Jos. Mc- 
Vey, 1899. c. 11 + 13 p. D. pap., 36 c. 
int tbe United fitaCea, to forty-Dine different llbrarfes, 
'the saored FUl Canon, In thlrty-nkie 
prhited in Siamesa letters. Tbe 
■ ■ ■ ■ 1 Bavortord College and the 
r for tbe tuo of Ihelr 
T been printed before 
'hey are no w belDg printed 
1. EaelaDd,Bnd published 
'xf by Rhys 

It yet printed by'the English: 

nativity iefvnda 
e is given, the i 

ir being promised a 

Budget (The): a reprint of the issues of the- 
Horsnionden School Budget ot Uay 14 and 
36, 1898, containintr contributions bv Rud- 
vard Kipling and Max Beerbohm. 14. Y., 
M. F. Mansfleld & A. Wessels, 1899. 82 p. 
S. bds,, net, $1. 

*Buggo, tophus. The home of the Eddie 
poems; with special reference tothe Helgi- 
LayH. iieti. ed., with an introd. concerning 
old Norse mythology by Ihe author; tr. 
from the Norwegian, by W; H: Schofleld. 
N. Y.. imported by C:8cribner'8 Sons, 1B99. 
B9+40B p. 12°, (Orimm lib., no. 11.) cl., tiet, 

Bullard, Frank D., JU.D. The apistophilon : 
a Nrmesia of faith. Chic R. R. Donnelley 
& Sons Co-, 1899. c. 8-109 p. D. cl., il.W. 
A]»em in which faith and unfait^ say their saylD 

Bullen, Frank T. The cruise of the Cachalot 
round the world after sperm whales, N. 
Y., Appieton, 1899. 20+379 p. map, il. D. 
cl., $1.50; (Appleton's popular lib., no. 1.) 

''The'course' ot the Cnc'jaJot was Ihroueh the Atlan- 
tic to Tristan da Cunha, thence by the Indian Ocean 
to Ihe Malay Archl|>Plago. and northward to tlieSeaof 
OkbotRk: while tbe homeward track wm. by Polyoesla. 

e attractively dCHcrlbed, b 

me of the . 
eullar."— H 

a be 

"Bullen, Frank T. The cruise of tbe CaehO' 
lot. N. Y., The H. B. Claflin Co., 1890. 
12*, pap., net, 15 c. 

BuUan, Frank T. Idylls of the sea; with an 
introd. by J. St. Loe Strachey. N. Y., 
Appieton, 1899. lO-t-366 p. il. D. cl., $1.36. 

Brief sketches grouped under "Idylls of t' - - " 

and ■■Other 

Croduce for si 
as told to mi 

nice hanD," 

Bullen, Frank T. The log of a sea-waif : t>e- 
iug recollections of the first four rears of 
my sea life. N. Y., Appieton, 1890. o. 
13+370 p. il. D. cl., $1.50. 
The author of "Th<> cruise of the Cachalof and 

" Idylls or the sea " dgscrlbea how he wont to sea afc 


ttm age of twelve and tb« mtoj vlclHltudH ha en- 
ooDiiMrcd up tohlialiteeaChyear. HI* vojrasa* Uko 
him to H&TaoA, Jamaica, Bamba;, Melbourne. ela.i 
he gota through yellow rerer, ihlpwreak and mutlDr, 
hunser and froat, and dsHrlbea >1J tbiiC befalls him 
in hlB hapirieaC Dianner. The British merobaut lerrlce 
la hie iphere of llle. 

Bnllitt, W. G. Review of the Constitution of 
the tJcited States, inoluding- changes by in- 
terpretation and anaendment for lawyers 
and thiise not learned in the taw. Cin.,0,, 
The Robert Clarke Co., 1899. o 13+860?. 
D. ol., 12. 
Cmttntt: The people authorized to make tbelrown 

the Eorer 

ment uiider 

the CoQ 



f iTSJ; Or- 




h; Po>fers 


hIbUlon axai 

cutive de- 

and power. 


dldary de- 


and the jar 


■at: c 


relation b. 


Ilea; Ad 



Bullock, ShanF. TheBarrys. N. Y., Double- 
day & McCIuie Co., I8B8. 4+422 p. D. cl., 
An Irish Btory full of doecripllon of beautiful acen- 

ary and of aketchei of flne characters. The Barrya 

and one driven by deapair ove 

■Bulwer-Iiytton, Sir E: O: Earle Lytton, 
[Lord Lytton.] Worka; il. with photo- 
gravures and etchings by W. L. Tayler, 
F. T. Mernll and others. New il. Cabinet 
ed. Host., Dana Estes & Co., 18B9. 35 v., 
18*, cl., $31.50; hf, cf. or mor., $75. 

•Bnlwer-LTtton, Sir E: Q: Earle Lytton, 

Little, Brown &. Co., 1S9S, ea., il. 8°, cl., 

subs., net, $3, 
'Bolwar-Lytton, Sir E: G: Earle Lytton, 

[Lord Lytton,] Last days of Pompeii. N. 

Y., University Publishing Co., 1889. 13*, 

(Standard lit. ser., no. 86, double no.) cl., 

30 c.; pap., 30 c. 
Bolwer- Lytton, E: Bob., [Lord Lytton, pseud. 

"Owen Meredith."] Lucile. N. T., T: Y. 

Crowell&Co., [1899.] o. 6+360 p. il. D. 

(Copley fler.)cl., 11. 
Bunjraa, J; Qrace abounding to the chief of 

sinners. N. Y., Cassell & Co., Ltd., 1899. 

4-193 p. T. (Casaell's national lib., new ser., 

v. 7, no. 831.) pap., 10 c. 
"Banyan, J: Mr. Badman:il. by the brothers 

Rbead. N. Y., R. H. RuBsell, 1899. size 

10x13)^111. cl., 98.60. 
*Biuiy«ti, J: Pilgrim's procrress: for the 

LDunff folks; il. bv Bernard. Phil,, J. B. 
ippincott Co., 1899. 184 p. 4', cl., |1.35. 

•Bnrbmr, 8: Hawksley, A treatise on the 
kinetic theory of gases. N. Y., TheMac- 
millan Co.. 1899. 8+157 p. 8", (Cambridge 
University Press ser.) cl., net, (3. 

Burchvll, Sidney Herbert. The duke's ser- 
vants: a romance. Boat., Little, Brown ft 
Co., 1899. 3 + 306 p. D. cl., $1.50. 
O«orn Vllllera. first Duke of BucklnEbam, Is the 

hero. The story has for Its oblef epHode the duke's 

loie tor John Felton'a wife, who became bis mlnress. 

Felton when bis wile la dying forgives ber and later 

■eventaenth century. There Is a secondary love-atory 
full of romaace. 

pital annual. N. Y., imported by C: Sorib- 
aer's Sons, 1899. 960 p. 12°, cl., |3. 

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cycle of modern fairy tales for city onil- 
dren. N. Y., F: A. Stokes Co., 11^9. c. 
319 p. il. sq. O. cl., 91.60. 
A humorous mock-essay atatea the author's opln- 

the pert flreengiue, Che lazy lamp-post, the bouse 
who walked In her sleep, the terrible Iniin, Che very 

J rand plauo, etc, Eig-ht full-page color places and 
jrty-flTe black and white drawings. 
Burgess, Qelett. The nonsense almanack, 
1900. N. Y., F: A. Stokes Co., [1899.] c. 
unp. O, pap., BO c. 

The author of "The purple cow " haa shown a 
genius for nnDsense In words and pictures. There Is a 
useful page derated U> the astroaomlcHl calculatioos, 
chronological eras, chronological cycles, equlnoie* 

a full-page picture In which many modern society 
tads and much hi:lman nature are burlesqued. 
Burgb, A. de. Elizabeth Empress of Aus- 
" Phil,, J. B. Lippincott 

, , potB. il. O. cl., 92.50. 

made public. 

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arcnitecture, fittings, and furniture, N. 
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ciliation with America; pd., wilh introd. 
and notes, by Sidney Carleton Newsom. 
N. Y.. The Macmilian'Co., 1890. 38+124 p. 
18*, (Hacmillan's pocket English classics.) 
levanteen, net, 35 c. 

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on moving his resolutions for conciliation 
with the colonies; ed., with introd. and 
notes, by Anna M. Fisher. Bost., B: H. 
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sq. S. (Cambridge literature ser., no. 3.) 
levantine, 36 c. 

Bnrke, W: Maxwell. Hiatorv and functions 
of central labor unions. N. Y., published 
for Columbia University by The Macmillan 
Co., 1899. 3-125 p. O. (Studies in history, 
economics, and public law, v. IS, no. 1.) 
pap., $1. 

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outside the Roman Empire: two lectures 
delivered at Trinity College, Dublin. N. 
Y., The Macmillan Co,. 1899. 89 p. 13°, 
(Cambridge University Press ser.) cU, net, 
70 c. 

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1898: or, the reconquest of the Soudan. 
N. Y., imported by C: Ser ibner's Sons, 1899. 
840 p. maps, plans, il. 8°, cl., 94.80. 

Boniett, ifr«. Frances Hodgson. Id connec- 
tion with the De Willougfaby claim. N. 

Y.,C:8cribner'« Sons, 1899. c. 8+446 p. 
D. cl., tl.60. 

"BIk Tom Willougbby" vaa a (oclal fallura. He 
tMloaged U> an old ud oultured ■ouChern famUy, irho 
' ■J inuati mbamed otbis bigoegs, hUlul- 

out^[-tE»iraj K>uCluirD town, whore he Qpem i 

aide (tore. 1 little eblld comei luio hla lUi 

uneipectodly, aarlDg him fromdeipalr, and th«"Wll- 
lousbbf olalm" pa»ea Consnaa, Kat<wliig to blm hla 
Urthilght, TberaUatraeedvwtalobBCroogljcoDtntau 
the northern and Bouthern charactflr. 

■Burnett, Jit. ComptoD, M.D. ThechED^ of 
life in women and the ills aod ailinga inci- 
dent thereto. Phil.. Boericke & Titfel, 

1898. 185 p. W, cl., fl. 

■Burnett, Ja. Compton, M D. Diiensee o( 
the skin; their constitutional nature and 
cure. 8d ed. rev. and enl. Phil., Boericke 
& Taiel, 1898. 264 p. 12*, cl., $1. 
Bnmhain, Mrg, Clara Loui&e Root. A West 
Point wooing, and other stones. BOHt., 
Houghton,Mifflin&Co..I8e9. c. 3+305p. 
D. cl.,tl.25. 

Tbe book contain!, beaide* the Btorj which fWea It 
Itiname; Punuerorpunued !; A cadetcamp episode: 
A Franco-AmerlcaD ; The cadet captain's eiperi meat j 
The new organ; AThanlisglTlngrBTiTal; Tbe aubJuga- 
tion of Miu^lalne; A mlatake Inconaonanta; A neutral 
ThankBEl'liiE: Uarj- Aanle; By a minute; and At 

•Bumham, Mrs. Clara Louise Boot. The wise 
woman. Boat., Boughton, Mi£Qin & Co., 

1899. 16', (Riverside pap. ser.) pap., SO c. 
*Bniiis,Rob. Complete worksicontainingthe 

poems and letters, with K'oBsarial index 
and a biographical memoir, b; Alex. Smith; 
il. from ci-leDriited paiutinKS. N. Y,, A. L. 
Burt. 1899. 10+7!a p. 12°, cl., |a.60; hf. 
cr., (8.50; f levant, $3.50. 

Bnmi, Rob. Rppreseniative poems of Robert 
Burns ; with Carlyle'a " Essay on Burns " ; 
ed., with introda., notex, and vocabulary, by 
C: Lane Hanson. Bost., Qinn & Co., 1899. 
c. 9 +90+ IS + 84 p por. D. (Standard Eng- 
lish classics.) cl., 4C c. 

Bnnislde, W: Snow, and Panton, Arthur W: 
The theory of equations; with an introd. to 
the theory of binary algebraic formx. 4t^ 
ed. V, 1. N. Y., Longmans, Green & Co., 
1899. 14+386 p, O. cl., net. t2.7G. 
In preparing the prsHnl edition, tbe authors bare 

tbought It advlslble to divide tbe work lata two toI- 

umea. Thli, the Hnt volume, contains all that is uau. 

ally giren id elementary worka on the tbooT or equa- 

bers and tbe complex variable. 

4-58 p. por. S. cl., 50c. 

BurrallfD; Ja., D.D, Ood and the people 
and other sermons. N. Y., Wilbur B, 
Ketcham. [1899.] c. 2-350 p. D cl., S1.50. 

'atar-gate: AttbethnsboldorJoaepb'a 
uuuK, luDurcvlty ot life, etc. Dr. Burrell iipastor 
of the Harble Collegiate Church. 

■Burton, Isabel Baker, ILad;/.) The life of 
Captain Sir Richard F. Burton, K.C.H.G., 
F.R.O.S., b; his wife; ed., with a preface, 
by W. H, WilkiDs. New td. N. Y., im- 
ported by C: Scribner's Sons, 1899, S48 p. 
il. 8%cl.,|B. 

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modem story of love and adventure. H. 
Y., Appleton, 1899. c. 4+411 p. D. (Ap- 
pleton's town and country lib., no. S7S.} cl., 
«1; pap., eOc. 

A young lieutenant In the EnRllsb navy la recalled 
to his suppoaed father's deathljed. The dylnj man 
t«I]s him ho was stolen as a baby from a brother la 
BriUth Honduras who la now entreniBly rieb. Tlio 

begins a most myatarioui complication, Mhelr being 
already on the spot, tbe rich planter also being deatT 
Tbe descrlptiaiia of tbe country, the Inbabltanla, tlie 

make a story of aome originality. 

Burton, J: Bloundelle. Fortune's my foe: a 
romance. N. Y., Appleton, 1899. c. '98, 
'99. 3+848 p. U. (Appleton's town and 

liege oi 

meels bis death from'a. 
dies shortly afterward. 

of-war durlnjca war with France adds many adven- 
turous eplaodea ta the story. 
"BortOD, R: Literary likings. Bost., Cope* 

land & Day, 1898. o. 7+384 p. 13*, cl.. 

Burton, R: Lyrics of brotherhood. Bost., 

Small, Maynard & Co., 1699. c 4+75 p. 

S. cl., «1. 

Foems reprinted from TH* AttantiCiTht C^hirir, 
Harptr't Magatine, ITie OatmopDltCan, Tht Bookman, 
The Criitc, Tke Independent, and The Outtoot. 

Bnach, W: Max and Maurice: a juvenile 
historvin seven tricks; from the German 
by C: T. Brooks. [Neic twite.] Bost,, Lit- 
tle, Brown & Co., 1899. c. TO. S6p, il. sq. 
O. cl., 76 c. 
Originally published by Roberta Bros. 

BuichjW: Plisband PlumifromtheGerman 
by 0. F. Brooks. [Neto is»ue.] Bost., Lit- 
tle, Brown & Co., 1899. c. '82. 67 p. il. sq. 
O. cl., 7B c. 
Originally published by Roberls Broa. 

Bniineaa correspondence in ahorthand; in the 
reporting atyle of Pitman's shorthand. 
N. Y„ Sir I: Pitman & Sons, [1899.] 4+ 
100 p. 8. bds.,35c. 

■Buawell, E: F. The civil liability for per- 
sonal injuries arising out ot negligence. 

. 2d ed. rev. and enl. Bost., Little, Brown & 
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facture, tenting, and use. N. Y., Spon & 
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Butler, H: Montagu, D.D, Public school ser- 
mons. N. Y., E, P. Dutton & Co., 1899. 
4-STl p. D. cl., $2. 
Bcrmoni preached at Uarlboroiieh College, Barrow 

School, Eton. Radiey. and many other celebrated Inatl. 

tutlons. Some ot the aubjectt^:^:, f^liflsf (an great- 

Dor: Public K 

BqUm-, Hovrard Crosby. Scotland's ruined 
ahbeys; il. by the author. N. T„ The 
Hacmitlaji Co., 1869. c. 14+287 p. sq. O. 
cl., I8.S0. 

Tba work ■■ tbe mult ot two ■ummon apeat In 
SoimJukI: itapurpoaeli 
tbe dispOBkl of interestad trsreller* amoae the ruins 
of Sorth Britain, and of all to whom theM aiclent 
bDlldiogs lure aa object of pleaoaat memarv, an ac- 
euraw, though necouarllj- brief, hlitory of each of 
the mora Important abbeVB, with a careful deacrlptlon 
-' ■ In the light of thr • -^— ■- 

and criclcii 

_ . __jut thei 

' Bt«nd, and for thia reaaoa qi 

>r the ; 

made directly i 

Bntlar, W: Allen. Nothing' to wear, and 
other poems. Neui ed., Irom aew plates. 
N. y.. Harper, 1899. c. 71, '81, '81, '99. 

■ 8+341 p. por. O. ol., 11.75. 
Coutalna besides the celebrated " NothloK to wear." 

•BoU«r, Sir W: Francio. The life of Sir 
George Pomeroy-Colley, K.C.S.I., 1885- 
1981, including services in Kaffraria — in 
China— in Ashaati — io India, and in Natal. 
N. Y., imported by C: Scribner'a Sona, 1899. 
431 p. por. map, if. 8°, cl., (8.40. 

Battarfieldj Consul Willsbire. History of 
Brulfe's discoveries and explorationa, 1810- 
1626; being a uarrative of tbe discovery, 
by Stephen Brul6, of Lakes Huron, Ontario, 
and Superior, and of his explorations (the 
first made by civilized niau) of Pennsyl- 
vania and Western New York; also of tne 
Proviace ot Ontario, Canada; with a bi- 
ographical notice of the discoverer and ex- 
plorer, who nas killed and eaten by sivages. 
Cleveland, O., The Eelman-Taylor Co., 
18S8. lS+184p. il. map, O. (Publications of 
the Western Reserve Hist. Soc.) buckram, 

Stephen Bruia was boro In Champtenr, France, about 
4he year 159S. Be came to New rronce !□ the ship 
oommanded by Cbampluin In 1808. whlcb broughtmen. 

Brul« wrote nolhin„, ,,. 

turee among; aavaeBS ware recorded by Champlaln, 
9agaid. and LACaron. From their aarratlTes the au- 

■crlpt Id I)«; totbe 

tory ot Ferdinand I 

the Phllipprne Iilandi in the i 
the completion of the flrat • 
gloke la Sntroduoed ' 

dlacuised Inlands and their InhaoltantB. In addition to 

pic'turei of places Increase the blatorical ralue oi thu 

hstructlTc book. 

Batterwortb, Hezehiah. The treasure ship: 
a tale of Sir William Phipps, the regicides 
and the inter-chtrter period in Massachu- 
setts; il. by B. West Ctinediost and others. 

N. Y., Appleton, 1699. c. 9+3S1 p. D 
{Creators or liberty ser.)cl., 11.50. 

cbuaetu, begaa lite aa a poor boy Id an EDgllsh ship- 
yard. Afterward be went to sea aDd dlaooTored a 
Spanlah treacure ablp sunk In the Bahama*, for which 
be was knighted by hla king. Hla subaequent car«eT 
as a soldier, as a firm opponent of tbe witcbcrafl 
delusion, and asgaremor or Maaaashuaetla, Utoldin 
agraphlcstyle. InterwoTeo are soenM from seTen- 
teench century life In Bostoo. the hidden exlatenoe of 
the reglcldee OolTe and Wballey la Hassochuselta, 
andep&odeaof Audroa*sdomlDloD and tbe inter-char- 

BusBcU, Arthur L. Captain Dick; or, our 
own war correspondent: an origmal comedy 
drama in three acts. N. Y., Dick & Fitz- 
gerald, [1899.] c. 38p. S. pap.,35c. 

■Bygate, J. E. The cathedral church of Dur- 
ham: a description of its fabric and a brief 
history of the Episcopal See. N. Y., The 
Hacmillan Co., 1890. 117 p. il. 8°, (Bell's 
cathedral ser.) cl., 60 c. 

Bylngtoa, Ezra Eoyt. The Puritan as a colo- 
nist and reformer. Bost., Little, Brovrn & 
Co., 1899. c. 36+876 p. il., (3. 

SupplBDienU the author's ''Tbe Purllan Id England 
and New England." Cbaptara on the pilgrim as acolc- 
Qlst, tbe Puritan aa a colonist, John Sliot, tbe apostle 
to the Indlaoa, Jonathan Edwards aud tbe great 
awakening, and Shakespeara and the Puritans, a very 
Important contribution to Bbakespear«an literature. 
Tbe writer prares that Shakespeare has a much higher 
place than be had befcve the rsTolutlOD of ItSS. Uat 
of authorities referred to (4 p.). 
Byrd, Mary E. A laboratory manual in as- 
tronomy. Boat., Ginn & Co., 1899. c. 
9+398 p. map, D. cl., $1.35. 
Hiss Byrd le Director of the Obserratory, Smith 
College. The present manual has grown out of the 
needs of her own students during Che past flflaen 
years. It Is baaed uponaprlmer called "fiuastlunaof 
the slty," which was printed In I8S3. The questions 
given there are repubUahed here with some modlQoa. 
ttonHandaddltlons. After tbe intruductory chapters 

posed are designed to be answered directly from ob- 
serTatlon or by data obtained from obserraclDn. Tbe 
one aim and object of (he book Is to lead to direct 

■Bym*, Austin T. Inspection of the ma- 
terials and workmanship employed in con- 
struction: a reference book tor the use ot 
inspectors, superintendents, and others en- 
gaged in the construction of public and 
private work, etc. N. Y., J: Wiley &Sons, . 

1898. 18% cl., |3. 

■Byron, G: Oordon-Noel, (Lord.) Childe 
Harold's pilgrimage: a romaunt. Cantos 
1, 2. S,aDd4; ed., with notes and an introd., 
by E: Morris. N, Y., The MacmUlan Co., 

1899. 3 v., 88 + 115; 88 + 188 p. 8°, (Mac- 
millan's English classics.) cl., net, ea., 40 c. 

■Byron, Q: Gordon-Noel, {Lord.) Childe 
Harold's pilgrimage: a romaunC; ed., with 
introd. and nuCei, by Andrew J. George. 
N. Y.. The MacmiUan Co., 1899. 84+283 p. 
18°, (Jlacmillan's pocket English classics.) 
le van teen, net, 35 c. 

O., A. E. Hymns and their stories; with a 
preface by E. C. S. Gibson. N. Y., im- 
ported bv C: 8cribner"s Sons, 1899. 301 p. 
16°, cl., 80 c. 

■Oable, G: Washington. The Grandinsimes. 
Wew il. ed.; il, by Albert Herter. N, Y., 
C: Soribner's Sons, 1899. 8', cl., 56; on 

0>bla, a: WashiDgton. Strong hearts. N. 
Y., C: Scribner's Sons, IBW. c. 8+2U p. 
D. cl., 11.35. 
Under CDe tItiB ot "Strong hearts" tbree of Mr. 

mologliV ■■TholanldormliiV' ani "The BoLitary." 
Now Orlo«n« and Ita mingled races Is tigalQ the mate- 
rial from which Che author draws hts iceiiesaiid char- 

176 p. por. il. 0. (Scribner'a ser. of school 
readiDg.lcl., (1.35. 

Oontenll: The children's New Orleans; the story of 
Bras-Coup*; Joan-Ah Foquelln; New Orloani before 
the capturs:aregory's island; The stury of the author's 

•Odbot, H: C, M.D. The serum diagnosis of 
disease. N. Y.. W; Wood & Co., 1898. 
154p., «1,50. 

Onau, Caius JulLus. Cieaar and Pompej- in 
Greece: aelectiona from Csesar's "Civil 
wftr,"Bk. 3; bv E. H. Atherton. Boat., 
GiDQ & Co., 1809. c. 15+188 p. por. 8. 
(School classics.) cl., 50 c. 

Onaar, Caius Julius. Caaaar for beginners: a 
first Latin book. N. Y., Longmans, Qreea 
& Co., 1SB9. c. 15+357 p. D. cl., net, 

Cteiar, Caius Julius. Cssar's Onllic war. 
Bk. 1. Being theLatin text inthe original 
order, with a literal interlinear translation, 
and an elegant tr. in margin, by Ja. B. 
Finch. N. Y., Hinds & Noble, 1808. o. 
808 p. D. (Completely parsed classics.) c1., 

"Cssar, Caius Julius. DebelloOallico. Book 
2; ed,, with an introd. and notes, by A. C. 
Liddeli. N. Y.. The Macmillan Co., 1888. 
8 + 111 + 82 p. 18", [Bell's iUuBtrated clas- 
sical ser.) cl., net, 40 c. 

•OaffemU, Rev. H: T. Catechism aimply ex- 
plained. St. Louis, Mo.,B. Herder, 1900. 
16+172 p. 13°, cl., net, 50 c. 

OtiOyi, Mrt, Kathleen Mannington, ["Iota," 
pseud.] Anne Hauleverer. Phil., J. B. 
Lippincott Co., 1889. 34B p. D. (Lippin- 
lott's select novels, no. 230.)cl., (1; pap. 

50 c, 

lrtsh"glrl or gwJ birth, and 
tmta flhA m&lif^H sculpture i 
a to Ital;, t 

tudy of a 


whom she had □ 

ridliia, and her eccentrlo ways, InvolTe her Ln cdb- 
tlouftl gossip. 9ha never seems to be loTod by the 
right man, Che story leaving her "a osUbnte from 

Oaglioatro, Alewandro di (Count,) [asaumed 
name of Giuseppe Balsamo.] The book of 
de«tiny by Cfteliostro, the great fortune- 
teller; tr. into-Engiiah from the old Italian 
original, hy Mme. Carlotta Dp Baray, 
Chic. Laird & Lee, [1890.] c. 22+168 p. 
il. D. cl.,75c. 
The anchor wss the vorld-famoDs Sicilian adren- 

tonr, Uiuseppe Uslsamo, knowii In the eighteenth 

f by all the court* of Europe as t1 
mariellous accuracy all queries 


Oalna, O. V. Face to face with Napoleon: 
an English boy's adventurea in the great 
French war. Bost., A. I. Bradley & Co., 
[1889.] 4+867 p. por. il. D. cl.. 11.60. 

,e a German, the other haTlue an Enclish father, but 
German auDt Id whoae house rie has been educated— 
■ In Napoleon's time. They 

army the} have many adve 

Blllcher at Waterloo. The 

story are in accordance with facts. 

Oaine, 0. v. In the year of Waterloo. Bost,, 

A. I. Bradley & Co., [1880,] 5+865 p. D. 

cl., fl.SO. 

The time of tbe story is 1815. The notable chsrae- 
ters who flgured fn Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo are 
Introduced; also Talleyrand, and other famous Freacta- 
'" " ' The Incidents which (oreahadow 

lelr way to the PrussU 

, turas. being Hnalywli 

. The historical portions of tl 

nen and EDgUshineii. T 

.hedownWlofNapoleo _ 

the spacf. although a romantlo love story ends the 
stirring tale. 

•Oalne, T: H: Hall. The Manxman. N. Y. 
Tbe American News Co., 1898. 13*, (Peo 
pJe'a lib., no. 5.) pap,, 50 c. 
Oaine, T: H: Hall. The scapegoat ; a ro- 
mance and a parable. New rev. ed. N. Y., 
Appleton, 180B. c. 14+363 p. D. cl., (1.60. 
To quote Hall Caiue: "This book In Its present form 
Is new to American readers, although a book under the 
same title, telling practically the same story. waspDb- 
llshed In America seven years ago. That was Juit 
after the passing of the copyright act. and the eDort 
to meet the conditions of Che new law stemed to re- 

Oalne, T: H: Hall. The shadow of a crime: 
a novel. N. Y., Street & Smith, [1888.] 
8-835 p. D. (Arrow lib., no. 84.) pap., 10c. 

'Oaine, W: Sproaton. Picturesque India: a 
handbook for European travellers; with 
additional chapters on Burma; il. by J: 
Pedder. H. Sneppard Dale, and H. H. 
Stanton. Nrwed. N. Y., 0:RoutIedge& 
Sona, Ltd., 1898. 662 p. 12°, cl., (4, 

ooaird, J: N., AD. The ftindamental ideas 
of Chri-.tianity: being the GifTord lectures 
on natural theology delivered to the Uni- 
versity of Glasgow in sessions, 1882-88 and 
1895-96; with a memoir by E. Caird. N. 
Y.,The Macmillan Co., 1^. 3 v., 141+ 
233; 7+297 p. 8". cl„ net, (8.50. 

8°, cl., (1.75. 
Oalrns, Kate. "Bobbie." Richmond, Va., 

B. F. Johnson Publishing Co., 1989. c 

4-134 p. il. sq. O, cl., 75 c. 

" Bobbie "wa« a little beir born Into a aoutbem 
homeluthedajBof war, atl»r his mother had waited 
ten lone years for a little sou. Black Peter, a ten- 
year old boy. became his servant. The story deal* 
-'■'• '—•'■'-•- <••- ' '■ '-ivcs him a lieutenant mar- 

Oaims, W: B. Introduction to rhetoric. 

Bost, Ginn & Co., 1890. c. 10+270 p. D. 

cl., (1. 

Tbe book is divided Into two parta, "Style" and 
"Invention." the larier partbeinpdevuted to "Inven- 
tion," which embraces chapters or narration, descrip- 
tion, exposition, argumentation, and persuaalon. Tbe 
author Is Instructor iQ English in the University of 


'Oajorl, Floriao. A historTot physics in its 
elementary branches, includiiig' the evolu- 
tion or ptijsioftl laboratories. N. Y., The 
MocroiUaa Co., 1809. 8+832 p. 8% cl., net, 

Okldar, J: PreventtOQ of factory accideots 
. . . account of manutacturiog' industry 
aud accident, and praclical guide to the 
law of safe-guarding, safe-working, and 
safe-conat ruction of factory machinery, 

Slant, and premises. N. Y., Longmans, 
reen & Co., 1809. 16+83G p. D. cl., |3.50. 

■Oalifomia. The civil code of the state, as 
enacted in 1873, amended at subsequent 
sesBiona, and adapted to the constitution 
or 1879; and an appendix of general laws 
upon the subjects embraced in the code; 
camp, by Ja. H. Deering. San Francisco, 
Bancrort-WhitneyCo.,189B. c. 11 + 1035 p. 
a4%Bhp., ta.CiO. 

•Oalifomla. The code of civil procedure, 
adopted Har. II, 1872, and amended up to 
and including 1899, by Jas. H. Deering. 
San Francisco, Bancroft-Whitney Co., 1899. 
c. 10S4 p. T. shp., ^. 

*OaIifoTiiiB corporation lawa : being a compi- 
lation of the laws taken from the oonstiiu- 
tion, the four codes, and general laws of 
Gala., applicable to all corporations organ- 
ized for Duameas and manufacturing pur- 
poses, [etc.] San Francisco, A. Carlisle & 
Co., 1899. c. 182p. T. pap.,80c. 

*OalUbniia. General laws aa amended up to 
the end of the session of 1899; cont. the 
laws that are in common use in full, with 
references lo other general laws in force, 
and alaoto special laws in torcH or showing 
where such special lawn may be found; by 
Ja. H. Deering. San Francisco, Bancroft- 
Whitney Co., 1899. c. 10+1354p.T.shp., 

"OaUfoniia. Notes on the California reports, 
ahowing the present valuta as authority of 
the decisions of the supreme court of Cala , 
as determined through the citations in suli- 
sequent decisions of this court, the courts 
ot last resort of sister slates, and of the 
federal courla ; bv C: T Bjone, 8. W. 
Charles, W: Fosttr, Albert Raymond. C. 
H. Squire, and C. Harding Tebbs. V. 2-4. 
embracing v, 17-130 Caiifornia reports. 
San Francixco.Bancrofl-WhitneyCo., 1898, 
■99. c. 829; 1033; 1000 p. O. shp., eo., $7.50. 

■Oallfomia. The penal code, enacted in 1872; 
^is amended up to and including 1899; by 
Ja. H. Deering. San Francisco, Bancroft- 
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J ..;„:_.,g ^y parallel cases and points fr — 

Dak., No. Dak. and So. Dak., Id,, Incj.. Ind. 
appeals, Iowa, Kan., Kan. appeals, Mass., 
Mont., Neb., N. M., N. Y., Okl., Ore., Utah, 
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of leaf.) 11 


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rilteen Btarlea o! ulventura Ln the west; orlelaallr 

publiahed la tbe Youlh'l Ompanion. 

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ican diplomacy. Bait., Md., The Johns 
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BoginninK with Cuba's position ai a. centre ot Spao- 

the csuwH »D<I eiTectn of European wars and colonial 
policies before 17^^ thebpiuilBh policy Ln the American ' 
Heyolutlon ; the westeru demgnd for an open door to 
the (lull; laJurlCB Co American commerce In Cuban 
WBten: ihe acquisition of Louisiana auii Florida by 
the United States; the influeoce of theSpanlsb-Amaiv 
lean revolt; the origin of the Monroe Doctrine; AdsIo- 

tempta of the flllbuBtere :' the 'neEotlaiions of Polk. 

the United 8iat«a and the Southerii Cooti'deracy to 
Bpaln aud Cuba durlue the Civil War; the causes 
of the Cuban Insurrections which beEan Id 1M8; Atner. 
lean patience, torbearance, r-^ — " — ■■ — ■"-■' — 

the steps looking toward Inu . 

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her efforts to shield her " ' ■ - ■ 
plcions on herself, which 
real sterling Integrity am 

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Cameron.] A man's undoing. N. Y., F. 
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Captain Ouy Ripley, wounded In an Indian campaisa, 
labeliBved by the Burxeon to bo unfit for further activo 

does so] and ttoeu back to Enslniid 10 reside with hia 

Tered li 

man a^n. and tbrough Idieno 
uenced by two other i 

the editor of ■ London paper 

His life and care<- ■-" — 

besides bis wife. 

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"Tb> series of Htudles Is," says the author, " the 
outCTOH-tb of two conrlctlona; flnt, tliat tbe epli(l« 
cnntalns much valuable truth for the upbuUdlnE ot tbe 

nected deTelopmenl oC (h(i truth contained In tbe book 


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Four slrl* olio haTelaTtcDuntrrhoiDea to study art, 
mutic, e>o.. In N«w York City nuke their home for ooe 
winter on the top floor of an old maaalon turned 
iDio "flats." The det«ila of their efforts, dlnppolnt- 
meDta, aud pleaaurea are kItsd, At tbs end the pdrla 
^Te up Chair ambltiouB plana, all harlnc found that 
the most satlifactory thing to which » rlrl can aeplre 


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Tbewholobookkfoanded upon the text,"Ot such 

latheKlDsdomot HeaTen." It It aplaa for (Implicit/ 

and BlDoerlty of character; Id ahort, tor child llkenees. 

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Beo CoDMe wa« bom In Lexington In I7B7. He talla 
bla own atory. kItIiv a description oF hi* boybood and 
youth, thacomlDB oTtbeold French war.and hlsenliaU 
meet with two companloDs In the Rogers Rangers In 
ITSMI. Heaerved with this celebrated British corps 
for two years near Lake Champlala and I^ke OeorRe 
a^ost the Trench under UoDtcalm. Lord Howe, 
John Stark, andlarael Potnamare Introduced Into the 


appropriation and its issues. N. Y., Scrib- 
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This work, Intended as an introduction to the read- 

aand study of Fiench Ifrico, aketebes the main 
ate Id the hiatory of the lyric la France, and ^vea 
an outline to help the reader place the lyrlca tu the 
nchl historical relations. In order to All out the 
polDts not corered, rsadera are advisad to oaa in con- 
luDction with the present itudy (oma hiatory of 
rreucli literature. BloiTaphlcal notes. lodex. 

0«ntweIl,FredericliaSpanKler. Thehighcom- 
mission: a romance of the Spanish- Ameri- 
can war. N. Y., F. Tennyson Neely, 1899. 
o. 3-288p. D. cl..|l. 

The scene or this romance Is Florida durlus the 
(DDimer of ISee. TheereuCsrelatechiefly to the late 
war with HpalQ. oltbODgh there are a couple ot love- 
Btorles. One of the cbaracMn is a Spaolsb spy ; a 

Legation luat on the ere of Ita memben' dqxuture 
from WaahlngtoD, Is the mesoi of bis dlacoTery and 

Oapes. Bernard. At a winter's Bre. N. Y., 

Doubleday & UcClure Co., 1899. c. 6- 

808 p. D. cl„ $1-36. 

All except three of these t«lea have been pubUabed 
In eltbt^r Amerlcaa or Eolith ma^azlDee, such as the 
VontMU, ItaaniOan't Nagaiine, Lippinmlf: etc. 
The titles are : The nio<m stricken; Jack sod Jill: The 
TanlihiuK bouse; Dark DigDum; William Tyrwbltt's 
"copy"; A lazy rcHnance; Black Venn; An eddy on 
the Boor: Dinah's mammoth; The black reuer; A 
TOlos from the pit. Mr. Capes la the author ol '■ The 
lake or irlm." 

darkness. N. 
c. 8+328 p. 

D. cl., tl.60. 

The time la the latter part Df the last century— the 
period of the French ReTOlutlOQ— and the scene Is laJd 
first Id England, arierward* in a little tnon In H«l. 
glum, and Chen In Paris The herolni 
I' Our lady of darkness," li ' ' 

of the revolution. 
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novel.] N. Y., The Macmillan Co., 1899. 

6+479 p. 12", cl., |1. 

e leading figures 

in cot t Co., 

a young girl of n 
let ber rSn will 
b«lnninR of the 
Frivol" is made 

8-801 p. il, D. cf. 


nd characters, _.. , _.. _. 
birth, whose eccantric father 
lie coming of a Kovemess latne 
yry, which describes bow " Lady 
sweet, well-behaved young lady, 
mbu LUC gu' xruns and Che pu|^l bare their romaece. 
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ship and trarels, tr«— '-— ' '-^ --' " 

Goethe, IZ+IBB; 6+118 
Bcblller. comprehending 
ia+3B7p. V. M-30, CtltVc 

, jninaUonof hiswi 

leal and mlscellaneoua eai 
; 4-mW; t-MKll:>MM p, 



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IIJiutTKtsd with thIrtT phoU^nraras on etcfaln[ 
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essay, by C: Townsend Copeland. Bost., 

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Krs. il. D. ci.,|2. 
e leltenpriDtodlD this Tolume were nulnlj writ- 
ten ay Thomaa Csrijrlc U> hi* joun^eirt liater, Hra. 
Bobert BauninE. who died iaToroatoontBeChUtaenth 
day of De«mber, 1897. Otber miunben of the famUy 

Mten — tbene perbapa tbe ouMt intercetlnff — from 
CulyletotaLsmDlher; a few, BlH.from tbe mother to 
her oldeat and to her yauniceet child The collectloo 
alteDds from 1831 to ISM. when J: Carlyle AlCkeo wrote 
iDinronnblsauDt Urs. HauQlQg.of the dsath of Jamee 
Carlyla, her Foungeat brother. Kr. Copeluid't lotro- 
ductory eauy la oo " Carl^le aa a letter- writer." 
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3. bds., 79 c. 

Seven poem* : December la Bcltuate; Winter at 
TortolHi Shell: Bahaman; Flying fiah; In Bay atreet: 
VLgranUi White Naiaau. 

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rative ot five years' pioneering and explo- 
ration in western Australia. N.T., H. F. 
Mansfield & Co., 1898. 16+454 p. por. il. 
maps. O. cl., (5. 
-■ -■ (laaa-iaffT) spent m thegold- 


Tlsltlrw all the dltTermt ooimtrle* and learaln([ about 

flvevi ,. — „ 

Interior of Wealem Australia. 

lourneT described Mr. Carnetrle waa acoompauied by 
LordFercy Uougia* Inow Lord nouElaa of Rawlck). 
Besldea recounting the Interesting personal experl- 

thecuitorns. resources, and Inhabltanta (partlcularlr 
the aborl^es). and glTes Information about geologi- 
cal specimens, and hlstheorlesastothe wisdom of ex- 
ploring thse regions. 

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ed. from the original with an introd. by 
Sidney Whitman. N. Y.. Harper, 1899. 
31+367 p. por. 8*, cl., tS. 

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from the Qerman.bySarah Austin. Boat., 
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witiian Islands. Bost., Small, Haynard dC 
Co., 1899. 11+275 p. D. ci., $1.50. 

Hawaii, from the bf«lnnlng of ths moTement for an- 
BSiailon to tbe time Ctie Aj^bipelagM «as Qnally an. 
oeKed (ISM). Many fact* touching upon the earjv 
comnwrclsl relations of the United States and BawaJl 
are glTeD, and the diplomatic and political Issuea of 
the Hawallaa questkni are caretullv considered. The 
Intormatlon Is baaed on the public document s of Hawaii 
and the United States, also on tbe works of noted his- 
lorlans. The time corered Is from IT:B-18B8. King 
Kalakaa. Lilluokalanl, and other prmnlnent figure* In 
the ReTolutJon of 1893 are Introduced. 
Carpenter, Frank O. South America. N. Y., 

American Book Co., [1899.] c. a.-SS2 p. 

il. map<H D. (Carpenter's geographical 

reader,) ci., net, 60 c. 

In this book the children i 
ally conducted lour thriiugb . 
panaof the South American continent Learlng New 
Tork the; aall through tbe Atlantic Ocean and Carib- 

atotbe Isthmus at Panama- Here they ei 

the Paelflo and tra»ol along t^ ' — 

.qgall thedltferent oountrli ■" ' 

' clvlUzation and IcdDSIrlea. 
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English composition : first high - school 
courae. N. Y., The Macmillan Co., 1890. 
10+264 p. 12", ol., net. 60 c. 
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ol., «1.70. 
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u. Host., Ja. H. West Co., [I8B9.] c 
i p. il. sq. S. ol., 50 c, 

patbetic tale of tbe recent war, founded on fact and 
of sidelights on the sacrifice* and dlstresi c e of,tlie 

anspnTloiuto Americaolnterrentlou. Thesuthor 

wrllesfrom perwinal knowledge of Cubaaod Us pao 
lat her proDts from tbe book ehall BO 
made orphans In tbe recent struggle, 
*Oarrington, Fits Roy, comp. The king's 
lyrics: a collection of verse of the time of 
James I. and Charles I. N. Y., R. H. Rus- 
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dier; with chronological index and appen- 
dices. Host., Lamson, Wolffe & Co., 1898. 
c. 20+481 p. por. il. maps, O. cl., $2,50. 
A detailed account of Wash 1 nit on 'a campaigns and 
an estimate of bis qualities as a soldier and command- 
er. Together with tbe account of WosblDgtou'a mlU- 
tary career 1* bicluded a brief synopsis of the career* 
of his generals. Many Taluable maps, a gloaaary ot 
milltai? terms, a chronological and biographical In- 
den and uipendlTes containing special statistics and 
facts complete tbe work. 

OarroU, Stella W., and Jerome, Harriet L. 
Boys and girls of the Philippines and around 
the world. N. T., The Morse Co , 1899. 
c 9-326 p. il. sq. D. cl.. 60 c. 

stories or Alaska, Uexioo. Norway, Sweden, Cuba, 
Porto Rico, the fhlllmlnes. and Hawaii. Descrip- 
tions of tbe people and couDtries are Included, and 
tnaoy pictures lUustrale the text. 
•Oarruth, Frances WeRton. Those Dalegirls; 

a story for girls. Chic, A. 0. McClurgdE 

Co., 1899. U. 12°, cl.,tl.35. 
OaiTuth, Bayden. Mr. Hilo Bush and other 

worthies, their recollections; il. by A. B. 

Frost. N. Y., Harper, 1899. c. 5+218 p. 

13*, ol., $1. 

Twenty bumoi-ons short storle* and oharacter 
■ketches, entitled Goldstein's equestrlao Joke; Hen ot 
mark; Qreeley's handwriting: Tales ot two borsaei 
Fog; The passing of Ueneral Jackaon; Tbe Colonel; 
Publlodebate: Budstarts peculiar election; The long- 
■uftering Bcandlhayian ; Tbe unfortunate town of Blue- 
blooom: The judges burglar: Yule-tide memorie*: A 
suburban adveature: Journalism at Tucker's Qulchi 
Recollections of thestaee: Coroner Rafnebone; "Blm- 
moos " : Mr. Bush's circu*; In the studio. 

aarryl, C: E. The river syndicate, and other 
stories. N.Y., Harper, 1899. c. 4+297 p. 
il. D. cl.. $1.2B. 
OrntenU.- Tbe rirer syndicata; The Faaha Club; 

The bouse of the way; Sirs. Porter's paragon; ThoAs- 

per agency; The Colonel's desk ; Captain Block. 

*Oarter, A. C. K., eomp. The year% art, 
1899: a coacise epitome of all matters re- 
lating to the arts of painting, sculpture, 
engraving and architecture, and to iichools 
of deniffn. which have occurred during the 
year 1898; with information respecilDg the 
events of the year 1899. N. Y., imported 
byC:Sorihner'a Sons, 1899. 482 p. |1. 12*, 
cl., tl.40. 

"Oartei, A. C.R.,efi. The year's music, 1899; 

being a coacise record ot all matters relat- 

I ing to muaicand musical instltotiona which 

Scriboer's 6oDS, 1899. 400 p. 12*, cl.,|: 
•Oartor, C. F. Katooticul; il. bj J. M. Cond6: 
[a story for children.] N. Y., R. H. Rus- 
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federal courts, as limited by the dtizecship 
aod resideoce of the parties. Bost.. Little, 
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pio," pseud. 1 The man at the wheel. St. 
Louis, Mo., Carter & Bro„ 1899. 6+187 p. 
il.t).cl., 91.35. 

Twentr-flve aketcheH and stories told mostly by 
^^ th« niAti $-t the wheel '* uF & MIbbIshIppI ftteambOAt. 
They on remlnlsceiit of past ph&sea of (looser life. 
'Oartat, J: Henton. Ozark post-oflice : [a, 

novpl,] St.Louia, Mo., Carter &Bro ,1889. 

271 p. I3'.cl., 11.25. 
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The Hve kernels otcorn; Nick Carter's one 

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Y., Longmans, Green & Co., 3899. 14+ 

386 p. D. cl., 11.75. 
Carter, T: Tbellusson, (Canoii.) Undercur- 

rents of church life in the eighteenth cfn- 

tury. N. Y., Longmans, Qreen &Co., 1899. 

16+333 p. D. ci., |l.75. 

B. P. Button & Co.. 1 
■Cartwrlght, S. E. The eagle's 

cl., f6. 

il. by 

W: Rainey. N. Y., imported byCiScnb- 
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Blackie books for young people.) cl., (1. 
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critics. Chic, The Open Court Pub. Co., 
1899. o. '94, '97. 2-318 p. D. (ReliKion ol 
e lib., no. 86.) cl., tl.SS; pap., 50 c. 


s-Hlded because 11 

Sudd hint thouxht h 
"■ ■ Canity are In 



!hiB aeeouni thai a iitu<fy ot 

Budcfhisll _._ ^ 

of CbriBtlanlty."— iV(/oce. 

Carus, Paul. Thi> dawn of a new era, and 

other pssays. Chic. The Oi*n Court Pub. 

Co., 1899, 3 + SO p. D. (Eellgion of science 

lib., no. 89.) pap.. 15 c. 

ConlentM.- The dawn of a new relizinuii en: The 
now orlhodoiy ; The late ProfeKscir KoDiwio's tboushts 
oa religion. 
Cams, Paul, The ethii-al problem: three 

lectures on ethics as it scienci*. 2d ed. 

Chic, Thp Op"n Court Pub Co.. 1898. 24+ 

351 p. D. (Religion of science lib., no. S5.) 

This second edition contains Iwsliles the oriRlnal 
nentthinlursholdiusdllTerenCviEHs on ilie subject. 


Oanu, Paul. Sacred tunes for the consecra- 
tion of li f e: hymns of tV e religion of science. 
Cbic, The Open Court Pub. Co., 1899. c. 

rourteaii bymus with musto. 
Oary, Elisabeth Lutber. Browning, poet 
and man: a survey. N. Y,, O: P. Putnam's 

Sons. 1899. c. 7+382 p. O. cl., |3.7o. 

author's t.>rmer Tolume dld"f*or'Tennysoii" "u£ie sifts 
the mass oIcrlilcaliQat^rlnltbat has gathered about 

and gatbad the lacta ot his life. 

Casey, Bev. P. H. Notes on a " History of 
auricular confession " ; H. C. Lea's account 
of the power of the keys in the early 
church. Phil., J: Ji.s. McVey, 1898. c 
lis p. sq., 60 c; pap., 25 c 
A criticism from a Catbollc's standpoint of B. C. 

Lea's "HiiCDr? of auricular oonreesioo and ladul- 

genclea In the Latin church." Bev P. H. Casey Is 

proteuor ot dogoiatla tbeoioey in Woodstock College. 

*C«ipaii, K: Paul. A grammar ot the 
Arabic laneuage; from the Qerman; ed., 
with numerous additions and corrections, 
by W, Wright: 3d ed., revised, by W. 
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8*. (Cambridge University Press ser.) cl., 
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Oast up by the tide; by the author of '* Half 
a truth." N. Y., Street & Smith, [1899.1 
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II. SO. 

Edward Warrender, ik>( quits twenty one, vhllo 
travelling with bis tutor (an En^iish clergyniaii aa 
they existed in ISiiSi became Duke of Rochesterby the 
sudden death o( bis uncle. Ho asserted his rliiblB, 
took all tbe funds from Rev, Dr, Bnilley, and tor thirty 
days followed bis own sweet will. He first ma*qu«- 

ilonly banished Ignomlnlously. The preliy, genrroua, 
virtuous prima donna, a dasblnfr iKilriiar, a youiu? 
English phlloBOpher, a oounHfls, who was "the vll. 
^„?;. F.yi^, *5_P"„'.!^ _,",?"!,' Ji^aem. By 

" The I 

! of Jen 

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ematics. N. Y., The Macmillan Co.. 1899. 
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■' ' ■ partnenilntbesawtiiill 

left sc 

.... _ „. .1 deal of leniency, as they 

were healthy, active boys, unused to conflnement, and 
were slven a reitliiB fijell whi-never they naked for it. 
So when Hugh a^ked I^ul to ko with hlnIonBshoo^ 
iDK expedition, after an old turkey. f< 



le elioutlDK ftl*o or a, wblta 

■Oatchpool, Edmund. A text-book of Bound, 
with numerous diagrcuus and examples. 
N. Y., imported by CiScriboer's Sons, 1899. 
a08p. 18% ol., »1.40. 

OaUkchism made easy; or, a simple explana- 
tion or Christian doctrine, eapecially in- 
t«aded tor Sunday schools, by A secular 
priest. N. Y., P. J, Kenedy, '*"" - " 
174 p. D. cl.. 75 - 
Theobj -■'-■■ 


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5 + 222 p. 11.50. 
A oollaetlon of twelve tbort Btorle* portriylng the 

picturesque life of Amertcui*. Canadian!, aod li&rf- 
18 or the grei - - - 

■t KLtcl 

;maiiVlll»KO; T 

Honor*; TU« Ini 



Oathsrwood, JIfri. HaryHartwell. The queen 
of the Hwamp, and other plain Amerii-ans. 
Bost., Houghton, Hifflin & Co., 1899. c. 
8+831 p. D. cl.. (11.25. 

Stories of Ohio. Kentucky. lodLuia. and IIUi 

tbe early d»Ta of the preseot' 


lul baclign 

und, and a 




Under Ohio 

are '-The 


«D of Che 






kj-, "A K« 

si J DlWt ■' B 


t' FSrKor, 

'_'; under 




" Tbe bab« Jerome 

■ -The Calbo 

and "'a 

m the Span 

sh war." 

Oatherwood, Mary Hartwell. Spanish Peg-gy ; 
astorr of y'oung'lllinoi'>;[i1. by J. CLpven- 
decker.] Ghiu., H. S. Stone & Co., 1899. 
5+85 p. O. cl., 11.50. 

stirorthy CItlzanH of 

HTeml klndn. 

Oathay, Ja. H. Truth is strangpr than Ac- 
tion; or, the true g'enesis of a wonderful 
man. Asheville. N. C, H. Taylor Rogers, 
. [1889.1 o. 6-185p. por. sq. S. cl., 80 c. 

Abraham Lincoln la the wonderful man. The "rritor 
baa l.tbured lonK and hunted up much evidence to 

Erove a [rndition current In Ruthrrfi.rd Co , North 
arollna. that tbe father of Abrnham Lincoln was 
Abraham Hnloe and bin mother N'ari<-v Hanksa scirl 
llvlnKaaserranllo tbe Enloc family. The hlntorlea of 
all the people b-ItIeb 

Morlh Carolina. The ,._ 

thniui.-h bla father Abrahain Lincoln eau trace hlH an- 
cestry to William the Conqueror. He bellevea this 

'OathoUo church. Uannal oT meditations 
preparatory to tlie feast" "f our Lady's 
immaculate conception, of St- Joseph and 
of the visitation of the most blessed Virgin 
Mary: for the u-ie of the Si-ters of St, 
Joseph-of C.irondel-t. St. Loui', Mo., B. 
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lis JntroductioQ into the Am<>riCHn church. 
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lS8p. D. cl-,ne(, II. 

■■Theobjeotof the followLriK pases Is to trace the 
evolution utd davelopmonl of an Idea, or wt of JdAas. 
which hava been generally denomlnateil by the title 


ProtSbtaut. aod which, la the light of preaeut knowl- 

edge, must be regarded as one ut the curloaltlea of 

history.' '~pr^act . 

'Oavsndiah, Q; The lifeand death of Thomas 
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Tbe author believes that the comtnandmaats now 

staad as expressions of duties broader and deeper and 
iplei than could be dreamed of Id the age of 

. Somt 

of then 


D In- 

teresting, readable, aud suggestive style. 

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painted their pictures and miniatures, 
tinted their papers, made their varnishes, 
etc., etc.; a reference work for the artist, 

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New Vork City Is the scane. Its many little worlds 

of Bohemia, palatial life, boarding. houses, ' — ' ^~ 


log. houses, bualneasea 

„„D, Google 


e dsBlins irltb 

lIMrar; ud >rilatlo lite. 

on & ffre&t city. 

01lMmlMo,L: C: Adelbert v. The wonderrul 

history of Peter Sohlemihl, the man who 

lost his sbadowi tr. by F; U: Hedire, D.D.; 

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Storiu ftda^iMd from the Bible. 

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Co., 1899. 13+88« p. il. O. (Dames and 
dau/;fatersof colcmiat days, no. 1.) d.. $1.60, 
Tblilithe flnt volume at ■ neir aeries tor young 
psople. It opeUB Id ItOS [n Bbemood ForeaC, preHut- 
^ the tiro young heroes, twin boyi, named LOTeBod 
Wrestling. Patience Dudley la KfterwRrdB lutmducBd. 
oDe of the bori of oouna falling In Jove wltb ber. 
This voluma li lariely taken up with Ule and ereota 
InBngUuidJiutberiavthBeinlgntloD, In order Mahow 
Juat wbat were tha cauaea wBleb led to the Pilgrim 

majority of the-'oblldrsnoIthelfaiUIouer" wereaim- 

ai artlauu, their teadera ware men who bad enjoyed 
e highest prlrllegea. 
OhampQ«j,3fr«. Eliz. Williams. Romanceof 
the feudal chateaux. N. Y.,0:P. Putnam's 
Sons, 1900 ri809.1 9+486 p. it. sq. O. cl., 
Hra, Champuey ha< cboMD a few of the feudal ch&- 

* aa typical. Bbe wrlteaaympatheClcally coneem- 

e rufna o( those rhiteauz and the Ir--"" 

cling to tbam. Borne of these tradltli 
■- - ' ■— -■- people on the spot, ' 


(^rlTBd from 
with forty la 

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An UDmarrledwomanof meanaaDd leisure, formerly 
a Preabyterlan, now on probation In the Methodist 
church, writes her ideas ot the ImproTemenla that 
ahould be made In all churches to make them working 
foroea Id the oommunity. Written In thedlalectofao 
uneducated American woman. 

if Tarlons lands, en- 

_, r; Fl«eea,thBfl»hos; 

ies, the ram; Taum*, the buIU Qemlnl, the twins, 

resenting tbe algua of ... _. 
ast ronomy. They are talry tal< 
titled; Aqaariur •"■ 


OhapUii,0: Chaplin Child, Jir.D. Benedioita; 
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paymeat to local authorities of the pro- 
ceeds of certain imperial taxes. N, Y., Im- 
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la bu- Introduction Lilian Whichif aaya ot this 
assay: "It Is a wonderful plea for irTlug the life of 

own peraooality by m 

la book, whitth 

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133 p.,|1.2S. 

A sympathetic atudy of the three principal cbarao- 
tors ot tba Nlebelungenlled. 

same magnetic cbouKht. It is a clarion call to that 
nobler \lie which Isjust aspoaslble touaaala the Igno- 
ble. Tbe motneut one will aaaert hia fi«*dom from 
petty cares, perpiexltlee, troubles, and aiucletiaa, that 
momeot they fall off ot tbenuelvea." 
OharlOB, Jos. F. The Duke of Linden: a ro- 
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D. cl., 11.28. 

A story at Qermany, beginnlns In tbe nrat halt ot 
ibepreaeat ceDtury. TbeLichteDsand IheBtorckens, 
:wa great Oerman ramiUea, bod been fnemles aa tar 

Judaism, and in Cbristianitv; or, Hebrew, 
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pre-prophetic times till the close of the 
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Hifflia ft Co., 1899. 16*, (Riveraide lit. ser., 
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TbenuD'spriest'stale; ed., withanintrod., 
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Toe hand of fate; or, a study ot destiny: a 
noirel. N. Y., F. Tennyson Neely, [1899.] 
c. '98. e-IM p. por. D. cL, |1 ; pap. , 50 c. 
Telli In ■ saosatlaiUil way the titetorj of n yount 

Boc'lBtaaiul, who is flrsl ssan near tbe rului at Che 

Orut Pyramid. In El K»m»k. IncrcMiuoen two &7pt- 

okigtata. who mklie the reroltliiK dlHWTsry deiciibfld. 

The mutbor t^s^ la bii pretsos bhM bis Intmltoii U to 

win humanity. 

Obssnejr, Weatherby. The adventures ot & 
solicitor. N. Y., M. F. Mansfield ft A. 
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Ei^teen weird ahniH, entitled: Theamugglar; Tba 
•oroereu ; TIm mechsolcal buiKlX' ; The ghost of 
fftrnJey Abbey; The lapreme court: 4 m»ker of 
UiDmba;TbedrlMpIrat«; Thetraoeei The rKlnmskei; 
The end o( BocUnd; Thewltcb; TberenBwerof youth; 

Ohasnntt, C: W. Theoonjurewoman. Bost., 
Houghton, Mifflin ft Co., 1899. c. 3+ 
3S9 p. D. cl., tl.2fi. 

Bevea ntorleii In nepro dialect, nsimaly; The goopb- 

Bred gnurliie; Po' dandy: Usra Jeems'a nigbtmi 

The conjurer'* rnrengo; 8I«' Becky'i -•-' — • ' 

gray woITi ha'nt; Hot-foot Hannlba 

b' Backy'i pickSDiiiny; ' 

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por, Te. (Beacon biographies. )cl., 75 c. 

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Ontente .- The wife or ills youth; Her Vinlnia msm- 
Tbe ■GerllT* chlldreu; A matter of^ principle; 


i; The i 
ivea; The bouq 

ig of OrandlKiD; I 

Ohsiter, S. H., D.D. Lights and shadows of 
mission work in the tar cast: being the 
record of observations made during a visit 
to the Southern Presbyterian missions in 
Japan, Chins, and Korea, in the year 1897. 
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311 p. D. (Appletan's town and country 
lib., no. 2S7.)cl.,»l; pap.. 50" 

tbe reign of Kins tttephen of Eniclai 
battles and dispute* that arose from his ui 
title lo the throne form port of the narratli 
hero is a young hoblemao who wIlIluKly surr> 


iltted by bii 

.. «».^. After lh.[.ri»..u.r>u., ..... LU...U.S .,« 

keshlseacape, falla in with gypsies In the rorut, 
bU a " little maid " who becomes his partner lu ad- 
iture, and fiota through many exciting and dapger- 
I experiences before he wins hii spurs and his knight' 

dictionary of the literary, political, and 

V. 1, A to D. N. Y., The MacmlUan Co., 
1899. 38+572p.8*,cl.,subs.,pnBeeAan(rea 
to $5; library leatb., net, $7.50. [StM otUy 

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*OhlcBgo medical blue book; containinga list 
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Co., etc.1 rev. to May, 1899. Chic, Chicago 
Medical Book Co., 1899. 408 p. IVT, cl., 
net, %%M. 

Child. Frank 8: The house with sixty closets: 
aCnristraas story for young folks and old 
children; il. by J. Randolph Brown. Bost., 
Lee ft Shepard, 1899. c. 4^-216 p. D. cl., 

This is a story ot queer happenlDn. like "Alice in 
Wonderland." Oloseta walk and talk, aa also do aol- 
malB and loacimate objects of all deecrlptloDS. 

Ohlld, Frank S: An unknown patriot: a 
story of the secret service. Boat., Hough- 
ton. Mifflin ft Co., 1899. c. 6+89«p.i].D. 
cl., 91.60. 

The town of Talrfleld, Conn., la ehoacD aatheeoeDa 
ot a hitherto uawrltteQ chapter In the biatory of tlis 
War of Independenoa— the secret serrlce. Major Tall- 
madge, one of WasblDgtoa's oonfldential acenta, and 
theoffloer who oared for Major Andre aTterhlB arrest, 
had chaive of the secret •errloe. and Uili shore town 
~ whaleboat warfare and spy 

Tbeprlnci^ul actors are abrol^er and slater 

ouuvB uuoia I* the conatant meeting-place of the younc 

patriots In Falrfleld. 

•Oblpman, W: P. The young minuteman: a 
story ot the capture of Qeneral Prescott in 
1777; U. hy J. Watson Davis. N. Y., A. L. 
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Cellim, his times and his contemporaries; 
by the author of " The life of a prig." N. 
¥., Longmans, Qreen ft Co., 1699. 9+ 
lB8p. ilTb. cl.,$1.75, 

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of Hon. Joseph H. Choate by Will M. 
Clemens. N. Y.. The Montgomery Pub- 
lishing Co,, [1899.] c. 68 p. 8. pap,, 26 c. 

This la the little book Cbat was announced for pub- 
lication in London, but fritbdrawn at Ur. Cboate'l 
request after be became our Ambassador to England. 
It glres a brief sketch of hia lire, and a number of 
jolraa. either emaaatlng from him, or ot which he waa 

Ohola, (pseud.) A new divinity, and other 
stories, N. Y., Longmaux, Oreen ft Co., 

1899. 5+164p. 8. cl., tl. 

Btoriea of Bouthem ladla. 
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Harper. 1899. c. 8+875 p. D. cl.. |1,50. 

The writer of ■' 31r Cbarlea Danrers " and >' The 
Danvera jenelB " again describes English society. A 
young man about town has tor some time been the 
loTcr nt a nobleman's wife. He is growing tired uid 

by the husband, accused ot the crime, and made to 
draw one of two 1 1jtbtflra. He drawa the ahorter and 
isexpectedtotakehisown lite In fire months. What 
happens during those months makri the story. 
Ohopin, 3frs, Kate. The awakening. Chic, 

H. 3. Stone'ft Co., 1899. 2+308 p. D, cl., 


A Kentucky girl, brought op among strict Presby- 
terians, had married a Creole speculator, chSeBy be- 
cause ber family had acti rely opposed the marrlace 
becauaetbemaniraa a Catholic. Betook her to New 

D,„l,„no, Cookie 

eiglil, ibe mother ot two boys.ioendiiiKliormniin 
QriLnd-Iile. Id Btrong contrast Ufaer 
Toted CO huiband aod obLldMn. The ClB«oriptloi 
Creola Hummer puUmea, the hotel Jlte. the flirtat 
ohlelly occupy the authnr. Thia summer HkdanM 
HontpelUer &>vakeiu to the fact that her Indulgen' 

notMtiaryber. Tiro men atlr he 

lor a ahort time. There la a tragk 

■OhilaUM), F. W. The Caroline latands: 
travel {n the a«a ot tbe little landa. N. 
Y,, imported by C: Scribner'n Sons, 1B99. 
412 p. i). maps, plane, 6*, d., |4. 

OhrlsUan, J: T., D.D. Baptist history vindi- 
cated. Louisville, Kj., Baptist Book Con- 
cern, 1898. c. 20+328 p. U. cJ., »1. 
OITbps many now facts besrluB nn the hLMory of the 

turW culled by Dr ChrUitUwrrommaterla] IntheBrlt- 

■OhiiBtie, R: Copley. Etienne Dolet, the mar- 
tyr ot the Benaissance, 1508-1648 : a biog- 
raphv. Neiv ed. rev. and corr. N. Y., 
The Mftcmillan Co., 1899. 83+570 p. aq. 8°, 
cl., $i. 

OiutBtl; W: Wallace. ChimD«y desifcD and 
tlieory: a book For engineers and architects. 
N. Y.,D. VanNo-traadCo., 1899. c. 7+ 
1«1 p. il. O. d., $3. 

A praciieal treatise on the lateit melhodi ot ohim- 
■My building and deaigalng In the United StaCM. vhlcb 
BlveHeiuocdal conalderatlon tothe formatloo and ma- 
■onryot rarloiu t^pes 0[ modern chimneys, and In- 
clude* mathematical formnlK, and In some inaCanceB 

loal properties of materials are studied. Historical 
note* with pictures of famous chimneys are likewise 
given. Indei. Previous to the publication of Ihepres- 
ent worli, Armstronir's book od chimney draft waa the 
only work on the subject ever published in the United 

OhrlitUon, J. Sanderaon, JM.D. Brain in re- 
lation to mind. Chic, [J. Sanderson Chris- 
tison, M.D.,1 189». c. 8-143 p. il. U. cl., 

The plan of tbe work In the main is to quote facta 
rather than present arguments, and lo estahliBh these 
tacu by the best of references. In the llrst chapter 
•ome general principles are applied to the claims of 
matfr&llam. The second and third chapters give a 

the brain. Chapter four present 

tains a t;lo*Bary addressed both to physician* and 

Ohrlatlaon, J. Sanderson. M.D. Crime and 

criminals. 2d ed. Chic, J, S. Christison, 

M.D,, 1899. c. '97. 177 p. pors. il. D. cl., 

net, tl.2S. 

This new edition baa an appendix of over tOO addi- 
tional pa ;.-ei containing analyses of tbe I.uclcert and 
-"■ - "- ^— ■- Irety consists 


Udlos I 

B of C 

*Ohareh. Archibald, if.D.. and Peterson, F:, 
M.D. Nervous and mental diseases. Phil., 
W. B. Saunders, 1899, c. 843 p. il. 8', cl., 
net, «6; mor, net, $8. 

Ohnroh, S: Harden. Oliver Cromwell: a, his- 
tory; comprising a narrative of hie life, 
with extracts from his letters and speeches, 
and an account of the political, religious, 
and military affairs or England durine- his 
time. Commemoration ed. : vith 18 fi. in 
photogravure. N. Y., Q: P. Putnam's 
Sons, 1899. c. '94. 24+624 p. O. d., $6. 
[Kd. limited to 600 copies.] 

Ste "Annual Catalogue 



Ohnroh, S: Harden. John Marmaduke: aro- 
mance ot tbe English invasion of Ireland 
in 1649. N. Y,, U: P. Putnam's Sons, 1899. 
0+838 p. 1 il. U. (Hudson lib., no. 85.) d., 
tl: pap., BOc. 

eie "Annual Catalogue," 18BT. 

•Ohuroh, W: 8: Supplement to the North- 
west digest; embracing Montana reports, 
vs. 18-21, Oregon reports, vs. 27-32, and 
Wasiiington reports, va, 11-19, inclusive, 
with extensive dted information, in con- 
nection with the text, as to where particu- 
lar points have been aSlrmi'd, Tollowed, 
approved, reversed, modified, criticised, 
oit«d, explained, doubted, dinUnguished, 
limited, or overruled; and a table of cases, 
[etc.] San Francisco. Ban croft- Whitney 
Co., 1899. c. 671 p. O. sbp,, »7.50. 

Oborch of England. Collects, epistles, and 
gospels suggested for use on certain special 
occasions and holy days: with a preface by 
Rev. T. T. Carter. N. Y,. Longmans, 
Green & Co., 1898. 8+51 p. D. cl,, 50 c. 

Ohurcfa unity: the progress and suspension 
of the negotiations betnepn the Protestant 
Bpiscopuland Presbyterian churches. PhiL. 
Preab. Ed. of Pub, and Sabbath School 
Work, 1899. 3-46 p. O. (Church papers, 
no. S.) pap., 10 c. 

"Oburchill, Winston. The celebrity: an epi- 
sode. N. v., The American News Co., 
1899, 8 + 302 p. 13°, (People's lib , no. 7,) 
pap., 50 c. 

ObUTohlll, Winston. Richard Carvel; il. by 
Carl'on T. Chapman and Ualcolm Fraser. 
N. Y., The Macmitlan Co., 1899. c. 9+ 
638 p. il.D. cl., $1.60. 

The author seU bis scene between the years 1705 and 

an<la(,-BlnlnHarylaDd Tbe novel Is aloce sti.ry llrM 
ofall, and Is related by Richard Carvel in bis old aee to 
bis irrandchlldren. Carvel waa drat a gallant tleuten- 
aot under John Paul Jonen. ani) In love uitb Dorolby 


38+489; 14+ 

Green & Co., 1899, 

499 p. it. maps, O. cl.. $10. 

■• Tbe flrst object of tbia book Is to relate lu eaact 
military detail the operations directed bv Lord Kit. 
chener of Khartoum on the Upper Nile fnim April. 
IBM, to February, IM>». which 1 have called ■ The river 

E^ptlan Soudan. But In order that the reader may 

which these events excitecli t have prefixed a^neral 
surcey of the ireoErapbv. aspect, and history of the 
country, and have tried to nhow lu connection with 
E^ypl andQreatHritain." -fVyttce. List of principal 

Olcero, Marcus Tullius. Thecorre-i ondence 
of M, Tulliua Cicero: arranged according 
toils chronological order; with a tcvistOD 
of the text, acnmirenlary.and introdiicto^ 
"■jrrell and L: 
N. Y., Long- 
mans. Green & Co., 1899, 75+433; 117+ 
347 p. D. (Dublin University Press ser.) v. 5, 
net, $4; v, 8, cl., net, 18,80. 

*01caro, Marcus Tullius. Letters: the whole 
extant correspondence in chronological 
order; tr. into English by Evdyn S. Shuck- 



burrh. In 4 v. Vs. 1 and 2. N. Y., The 
M«!iml]anCo.,18»8. 47+887;18+406p.ia% 
(Boha'B classical lib.) cl., net, ea., tl.50. 

OmtmO: V. 1. ■ □. OS-U. V. X. B.O. Sl-tB. 

'Clcaro, Harcus Tullius. Pro A. Clueotio 
oraiio ; ed., with introd. and not^s, ex- 
pianatorv and critical, by W. Peterson. 
N. Y., The M&cmillan Co., 1890. S6-I-2T1 p. 
16*, (Hacmillan'sclaasicalser.Jcl., ne(, T5c. 

Oloero, Marcus Tullius. Selections from the 
correspondence ol Cicwro; ed. for sipht 
readioff by J. C. Kirtland, jr. N. Y., 
American Book Co., [1809.] c. 'B8. 103 p. 
Bq. D. cl., 60 c. 

Oloero, Marcus Tullius. Ten oratinns of 
Cicero; with selections from "The letters"; 
ed. by W; R. Harper and Frank A. Oallup. 
N. Y., American Book Co. [18983 <=. 4- 
666 p. por. maps, il. D. hf. leaih., 11.30. 

"Clara, Israel Smith. Ubrary of universal 
history: oontaininK a record of the human 
race front the earliest historical perioil to 
the present time; embracinf; a general sur- 
vey of the progress ot mankind in national 
and social life, civil ^vernment, religion, 
literature, science and art; with an introd. 
by Moses Coit Tyler. In 8 v. V. I, Ancient 
Oriental nations. N. Y., B. 8. Peale & J. 
A. Hill, 18B0. il. maps, pors. 8°, cl,, tubi., 
for complete tcork, 140; hf. mor., $52; full 
rus., «64. 

Olaretis, [Arsdne Arnaud called Jules/} Vi- 
comteDePuTJoli: a romance of the French 
revolution; Englished by Emma M, Phelps. 
N. Y., R. F. Fenno & Co., 189B. 3-288 p. 
D. cl.. 76 c. 

tbadaji of ITW-SB to prlvmte InUrealB and penODSi 

inlrlsiiea of both HrlitocratBsndplebelana, A prompter 

ud actor of tha Cam«dle Frantala played Irrportuit 

pftita that iTiBde Tor proce and clemency. The loie- 

■tory Is eaaenclaLly Frencb. The hero suffers all 

tbroogh ilCe from bii pbenomennl penonal beauty. 

*01ark, A. Campbell, M.D. Clinical manual 

ot mental diseases. N. Y., W: Wood & 

Co., 1809. 4B2 p. il. pis. cl., net, |S.50. 

■OUrk, F: H. Outlines or civics : being a 

supplement to Bryce's "American cora- 

monweatth." Abridged ed. ; for use in 

school* and colleges. N. Y.,TheMacmillan 

Co., 1899. 17+361 p. 13', cl. , net, 75 c. 

dark, Mri. Battle Arnold. Father Jerome: 

a storv of the Spanish Inquisition. N. Y., 

American Tract Soc, 1899, c. 3-298 p. 

iLD. cl..(:l. 

Deal! wtth the reformallnn In Spain In the sixteenth 
century «nil the Bpanlah Inqui«Ltlon. The writer 
clilma that everythiui; related ol the nuble band of 
men and vomeD who were mitrtyred far their faith ia 
■trictl}' true, 

OUrk, H: Scott, (pseud.) The Legionaries: a 
stoiV ot the great raid, Indianapohs, Ind,, 
The Bowen-Merrill Co., [18e9.J c. 7+ 
385 p. 11. D. cl , tl-SO, 
The story of the Br^i; raid made hyJBi 



d Ohlodurli 

□ ther 

OMD, a'caplaln ot earalry In Horcan's ciinimand. He 

elate* both of the north and south are xkiirullv de- 
•erlbed. ■• Henry Scott Clark " ta a pseudooj-m com- 

of lODtherc Indiana' most concerned Ic the raid. The 
author Is H«ld tnb" n prominent Judtre oF Indiana, who 
wa» a small child at the time of the war. 


Olark, J. C. L. Verses. Lancaster, Hast., 
published by tha author, J. C. L. Clark, 
1890. c.'U8, 4+li4p. S.pap..lSo. 

Olaxk, Kate Upson. Bringing up boys: a 
study. N, Y., T: Y. Crowel! & Co., [1890.1 
c. 8-297 p. 8, cl..50c. 
CWitenlt.- Taking: boynertously; Tlieboy'emanneis! 

" ' •■'-■: Personal defects and pe- 

.__, __c boy's library; The boi _ 

„-. al. moral, and religions discipline of 

the boy; The boy's politics. 

•Olark University, 1880-1899: decimal cele- 
bration. N. Y., [G. E. 8techert,J 1809. c. 
8*, cl., net, (5. 

■Olarks, Allen. The effects of the factoi? 
system. N. Y,, imported bv 0: Bcribner^ 
^ins, 1899. 178 p. 12', cl,, $1. 

"Olarka, Hamilton. A manual of orchestra- 
tion, designed especially to enable amateurs 
to lollow inielligently the performance ot 
orchestral music. N. Y., imported by C: 
Scribner's Sons, 1899. 124 p. 12°, cl., 60 c. 

*OI«rke, H: De Forest, comjp. Handbook of 
alt the decisions of the supreme court of 
the United Statts, from its orjcanizatioo to 
Oct. term, 1891, Part 1, Index by sub- 
jects ; Part 2, Index by cases. Supple- 
ment,Oct. terms, '91-97, inci. Rochester, 
N. Y., The Lawyers' Co.-op, Pub. Co., 
1899. c. 848+157p. O. shp., J5. 

Olarke, Hugh A. Music and the comrade 
arts: their relation. Bost., Silver, Bur- 
dett&Co.,[1899.] o. 8-138 p. S. cl.. 75 e, 
mu- .._ . . . , —form, the 


rclattoDS and iQCerdependen 
In view : Qnt, to point 


iireatatlDns, In Ita higher 
foriTB, are not subject to scientlfl claws, but toKsthetlo 
lavs, whiob ps>'cnoluffy. when far enough advanced, 
may succeed in fonnulaltnB; second, that the unifying; 
principle of the arts ie— rorm, 

'Olarke, J. Jackson. Orthopiedic surgery; 
a text-book of the pathofogy and treat- 
ment of deformities. N. Y., W: Wood JE 
Co., 1809. 470 p. il. 8°, cl., net, $S. 

■Olarke, R. Floyd. The science ot taw and 
law-making; being an introduction lo law, 
a general view of its fornis and subsiauce, 
and a discussion of tb(> question of codiB- 
cation. N. Y., The Mncmillan Co., 1890. 
16+473 p. S°, cl., prux changed to, net, fS, 

Olarke, Rebecca Sophia, [" Sophie May," 
pieua.] Wee Lucy's secret. Bost., Lee & 
Shepard, 1899. c. 6+102 p. il. so. S. (Lit- 
tle Prudy's children.) cl.. 75 c. 

of the series have grown a little older and are on a 
visit Id Grandpa and Graodma Parlln In the east. 
They still continue to hare laughable sdTeuturea and 

Olarke, Rebecca Sophia, ["Sophie May," 
vsevd.,] Brine, Mary D., [and othera.'] 
Nursery and kindergarten stories: amusing 
stories, sonps, and nurserv rhymes for the 
young. Akron, O., The Werner Co., 1800. 
c. unp. 11, aq. O. cl., |1. 

Olarke, W: Newton, D.D. Can I believe in 

Ood the Father 1 lectures delivered at the 
summer school of theology of Harvard 
University. N. Y. , C: Scribner's Sons, 1800. 
c. 4+215 p. D. cl., tl. 

The titles are: The practical arEumeut for tbe being 
of Ood; DiTine personality ; Thsrelatlon between God 
and men; The moral effect of the doetrlne of Ood. 

Olarke, VT: NewtOD, D.D. What shall we 
think ol Cbriatiaait;? The Levering lec- 
tures before the Johns Hopkliu UniTeraity, 
1896. N. T., C: Soribuer^s Sons, 1899. c 
G+149p. D. cL, tl. 

Dr. Citake aumlnu the hlitorload d«nlopmKit 
■Dd praMnt coudltloB of the thiee ([roM OODtrlbutiana 
whlcli Chrlit hM made to the moril weaJth and wel- 
Imnot humautty—thB Cbrirtiaa people, the ChrUtUn 
dootrloe, uid tbe Ctariaclan power. Tbot the book 
deals Id a broad maimer with the great b— en tiala of 
ObrlBtlaalty, aad will prore balpfulaod atloiulatlDK \o 
thoughttul persona ot all deDaminatloDa. 

OlM-kson, Anna Howell, [JIfr*. Jo. S. Clark- 
son.] A beautllul life and its associations, 
N. Y., published under the auupices of the 
Historical Department of Iowa, [for sale at 
Brentaao's,] 1899. c. 13+317 p. pors. O. 
' cl., V>. 

Tbe beautiful life was lived by Urs. DnuUla 

Stoddard, for many year* a teasber la Iowa Caatral 
UnlTcraliy. Hra Stoddard was bom Id lan.and bi 
kinsed to the Society ot Frieada, but later became 
Baptist and did niiHlODaiT •ork in India. Upon hi 
return to America she waa put In charge ot tbe wonwD 
department ot the college, and tbe writer eraduat«d 
from ber care. A abort iliHtch la gireTi of alUbe preal- 
deoM of tbe university, and a Tory tall akatcb of 
Emma WlUard. from who» historic school Urs. Clark. 
■oD gradnated. Very fully Uluatrated with portraits. 

Olayton, Victoria V. White and blsck under 
the old regime; with introd. by F: Cook 
Morehouse. Milwaukee, Wis., The Young- 
Churchman Co., [1899.] c. ]95p. por. S. 
cl.. net, tl. 

Largely a biography, but written oblefly "to give 
northern readers a more Just conception ot wbat the 
system of soutbero (lavery actually waa as It existed 
In many, It not In most, iDslanceB." Un. Clayton pic- 
tures many bright and happy Bcenea ot plantation Ufe 
" tMfore the war," and shows the slave was not always 
unhappy or badly treated. Hrs. Clayton Is tbe widow 
of the late H: D. Clayton, Major Oeneral C. B. A., 
judge of tbe Circuit Court of Alabama, and President 
ot the tlnlrerslty of Alabama. 

•Olemens, Will M. Akenot Kiplincr. N.T., 
New Amsterdam Book Co., 1899. 143 p. 
il. 12*, cl., 75 c. 
Olsmens, Will. M. Life of Admiral Qeorge 
Dewey. N. Y.. 8treet & Smith, [1899.] c. 
196 p. por. D. cl., tl. 

The scoiie of the work Is beat deflned by giving tbe 
subjects of tbe chapters, namely ; The Dewey ances- 
try; The boy Oaorce; At the Naval Academy; Tbe 
young llautaBant; The battle of Fort Hudson; In the 
years ot peace: Life in Washtneton; Tbe battle of 
Uanlla Bay; Tbe oIQclal records^ Dewey ths hero; 
After the battle; Daya or vlitllance; Tbe tall ot Manila; 
Fighting tbe Insurgents: Admiral of the navy. 

Olamans, Will M. Theodore Boosevelt, the 
American. N. Y.. F. Tennyson Neely, 
[1899,] o. Vr. 5-218 p. por. D. (Neely's 
choice lib., no. 90.) pap., 60 c. 
A comprehensive biography ot Governor Roosevelt. 

Tbe chanter headlrHjs ara oa •-' "— "~~ ■- 

ancestry; The boy Tl " 

■tblele: Tbe stateletili 



; Tbe 

y Tbeodorej^ The sliident and 1 
^ie practical polltich 
; Tbe author and 1 

e retor 

; The I 

Id and faibi 

Clereland, F: A. The flnal report of the 
Monetary Commission. Phil., American 
Acad, of Political and Social Science, 
[1899.] 31-56 p. O. (Publicalions of the 
society, no. 244.) pap., 25 c. 

■Oleveland, Helen M. Letters from queer 
and other folk: a manual for teachers. 
InSbks. Bk. 1, For lower grammar RTades. 
Bk. 3, For hieher grades. N. Y,, The Mac 
millan Co . 1899 7+135; 8+141 p. 10°, cl., 
bk. 1, »el. 30 c; bk. 2, net, 3S c; complete, 
8+342 j). 16 , ol.. ui-l. (iOc. 

•Olodd, E: Tom Tit Tot: an essay on sav- 
Bfe pbUosophy in folk tale. N. Y., W: B. 
Hadley, 1899. c 349 p. IS*, cl., fl.90. 

*01oste, H: History of the Great Boer Trek 
and the origin of the South African Bepub- 
lics, by H: Cloete, H.H.S. High Commis- 
sioner for Natal, 184S-44; ed. by his grand- 
son, W. Brodrick Cloete. N. Y., Scribner, 
[imported,] 1899. 14+198 p. 12*, cl., 78 c. 

Oloaat and altar. Host., W. L. Greene & Co., 
1899. c. 209 p. nar. D. cl., (1. 

Meditations and prayers upon various tbeme* and 
for special occssIods; suitable for IndlvUnal uh and 

tor tamlly worship. 

Olon^, Arthur Hugh. Poems; with memoir. 
N. Y.,T: Y. Crowell & Co., [1899.] BI+ 
390 p. D. (Crowell's standard Ob.) cl.. (1. 

Glow, F: R. EoonomiCB as a school study. 
N. ¥., published for the American Eco- 
nomic Assoc, by The Macmillan Co., [1890.1 
c. e+183-346 p. D. (Economic studies, v. 
4, no. 3.) pap., SO c. 

loto the 

il Schoo 
■le furt 

bkosb. Wisconsin; be almi 

D of tl 


1 of the E 

be employed in teaching It. Contains blbliogmphy (5 p.). 

■Olowss, W; Laird. A history of the royal 
navy, from theearliesttimesto the present 
day. InSv. Vs.8,4. Bo»t., Little, Brown 
&Co., 1S09. 8', cl., net, ea., |6.50. 

Clyde, Anna M., and Wallace, Lillian. 
Through the year: a supplementary reader 
for third and fourth year pupils, combining 
nature study, science, history, literature. 
In 3 bks. Bk. I, September to January; 
Bit. 2. February to June. Boat., Silver 
Burdett & Co., 1899. c. "m. 3-107: 6- 
110 p. it. sq. D. cl., ea., sac. 

Intended tor aupnlamancary school readinir tor 

third and fourth year pupils, a--" •—■■-- ■- ~- 

books contain brlBht.aItr»ctl. 
will readily oorreTats with the 1 
"■' * Jlteraturotanght ir 

ly Include ordinal poem 

' Tbe 

Oobb, Sylvanus, /r., ["Walter D. Dunlap," 
pseud.] The king's talisman; or, the lion 
of Mount Hor : an eastern romance. N. 

Oobb, T: Mr. Fassingham: an ( 
life. N. Y., J: Lane, 1899. 

D. cl.. tl. 

ita Ur. Pasali 

;llca(iy cl 


face to face with aein ot his past, which be bad buried 

Oobban, Ja. Maclaren. The angel of the cov- 
enant. N, Y., E. F. Fenno & Co., 18B9. c. 
'98. 7-G6I p. D. cl., tl-60. 
The sub' title reads: " Memoirs of the early career 
of tbe admirable James Graham, llist Marquis of Mon- 
trose, K.O..eto., ineludinH the st range true history ot 
hiaslslcr. the Lady Katherine Orabam; his friendkhlp 
with certain gentlewmnen; and the whole truth ot bis 

1 by a coi 


(Appleton'B town and couDtr? lib., do. 308.) 
cL, 91; pap., 00 c. 

The berolsBTfrycleTer InrscUiruid skllfiil worker 
to metmli. Uto IMbar la found murdered under ctr- 

Ra kcouKB hlnueir of the crlma. it tried I 

iDTTi UKl tb^D eacapes on his w&y 

Bnal trUI. The atory tolls hi* mIt. . ._ ... . . 

■OMl bj dstscUvM with theories, tramp* wl*hltif[ra. 

nrd money, etc. The chief iDtareat centres la a man 

posing a* ptallaothroplst aod soclatlat, whoae real occu. 

patloo eomea >■ a nirprlse to the reader. 

•Ooblenta, Virgil. The newer remedies; in- 
cludiDg' their synonyms, sources, methods 
of preparatioQ, t'vta. Holubllities, iacom- 
patibleB. medicinal properties, and doses as 
far as known; together with sections on 
oi^ano^herapeutic agents and iadiffereDt 
compounds of iron: a reference manual for 
physicians, n ha rmacists, and students. 8d 
Wt rev. ana enl. Phil., P. Blakiston, Son 
& Co., 1899. 150 p. 8*, cl., net, |1. 

*Ooclirana, C: E: Wonders of modern mech- 
anism : a r^sum^ of recent progi ess in 
mechanical, physical, and engineering sci- 
eno«. New enl. ed. Phil.. J. B. Lippincott 
Co., 18»9. il. 13°, cl., 91.50. 

*Oook, Mrs. Alfred. Life of Madame de 
Longueville (Anne Genevieve de Bourhon). 
N. Y., Scribner, [imported,] 1B99. 280 p. 
por. la*, 92.35. 

'Oockcroft, Ja., ed. Encyclopiedia of forms 
and precedents for pleading and practice, 
at common law, in equity, and under tbe 
Tariotis codes and practice arts; ed. by W: 
Hack and Howard P. Nash, under the su- 

Cervision of Ja. Cockcroft. V. 7-10, (Bri- 
ery-labor.) Nortliport.N. Y., Ja. D Cock- 
croft, 1899. c. O. abp., ea., $%. 
■Ooe, E: B., D.D. Life indeed. N. Y. and 

Chic. Fleming H. Eevell Co., 1899. 367 p. 

18*, cl., 91.35. 
*Ooffin, J. H. C. Navigation and nautical 

astronomy. 7th ed., rev. by C: Belknap. 

N. Y., D. Van NoBtrand Co., 1899. 331 p. 

12*,cl., net, 93.50. 
Ooggins, Paschal H. Law and how to keep 

out of it. Phil., The Penn Pub. Co., 1899, 

c. 204 p. sq. T. cl.,50c. 

A sumtnaj-f of the legal riehts aad obllEatlon* of 
ctUtens of the United States; deals particularly with 
those legal principles which apply to the 
needs of busy people. Contain* vocabulary of legal 

Oohen, Alfred J., ["Alan Dale,"nseu(f.] Bis 
own image: a novel, N.Y., G:W,Dilling- 
ham Co., 189S. c. 4-SlO p. D. cl., 11.50. 

A popular actor lathe hero. HI* overweening con- 
celt and *eir-love, hi* Iguorance and Jealousy, are 
depilated tnoet graphically. He li cast into the back- 
ground In a new play b» hi* leading actresa- a young 
Klri he has befriended and [el;.-necr to love. Hatred 

■Oohn, Alfred I. Indicators and test-papers; 
their source, preparation, application, and 
tents, for sensitiveness: a resume of the 
current facts regarding the appiicntion of 
the indicators and test-papers which have 
been proposed from time to time, ard are 
in present use in chemical manipulations; 
with a tabular suminary of the application 
of indicators; designed ^r the use if I'hem- 
ists. pharmacist!!, and student*. N. Y., J: 
Wiley & Sons, 181)9. 9-1-249 p. 12°, tl., $2. 

OolbyjC: W., ed. Selections from the sources 
of English history; being a supplement to 
text-books of English history, B.C. 55-a.d. 

1BS3; arr. and ed. b' 

yj C: W. Colby. N. T., 
k Co., 1899. 'Se-FS35p. 

Oolby, Frank Moore. Outlines of general 
history. N. Y., American Book Co., [1899.1 
- eiOp. il. D. hf. leath., 91.60. 

review, but wlthlD this III 

□f knowledge. 

jtudle* shouM 

>rdlng to the author, outlines 
— '-- -itages at itodj farpuT> 

raf for the acquisition 

present autline* bave been deSnad 
wLKu LneiauE, id uiiud that they areJotended to be *n^ 

*Oolcord, Jlfrs. Anna L. A friend of the 
kitchen. Oakland, Cal., Pacific Press Pub. 
Co., 1899. 13%cl.,60o. 

*Oole, Alan S. Ornament in European silks. 
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college boiB, and an equal number oF girls, Just out of 
school. A couple of romanea are developed. 
Ool«,R.S. A treatiseonphotographicoptics. 

N. T.,D.VanNostrandCo.,I899. 8-f880p. 

il. D. cl., $3.60. 

The object of thl* treatise Is to provide an account 
of thoprtDclplesof optics. BO far as they apply tu pho. 
lograiiiiy. In a toroi which la of Bclentlflc value, while 
□otof too abstruse a nature to place It beyond the 


>r «ays, " 

; iha ton 


mattca and glvlngnone _. _ 

dapriva it of all real value " To make the mathe^ 
maUcsaa InUlllglble as poeaible, moat of the result* 
have been llluHtrated by worked numerical eiamples, 
and symbolical results have been exoreued In vords. 

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abroad. Phil.. J. B. Lippincott Co., 1899. 
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Co., 1899. c. 3-16Sp. il. D. cl., 50 c.j pap., 
35 c. 

Borne correcUona of what arc alleged to be false 

PhUlppines. The articles ar- entitled : The work of 
the religious orders In the Philippines: The charge* 
made s gainst them considered- The rebellion largely 
■'■ " organizali.m; The rebel* and 

tTheee papen u 


the olUctal cor 

Ooleman, Oliver. Successful houses. Cl 
H. a. Stone & Co., 1899. c. <-(-165 p., 91.60. 
A manual of iorerlor decoration. Taking tfae 


. Addill 

. _.. Small orna- 
ments: and On the use of soft wood, by Alfred H. 
Ooler, C. S. Character building; a book for 

teachers, parents, and young people. [New 

tMue.l N. Y., Hinds & Noble, 1899. c. 

■97, '99. 199 p. D. cl., 75 c. 
OoIerlck,E. Fenwick. Adventures of pioneer 

children; or. life in the w(lJerflfB{ij|8rt 


I □[ tbe I 

of tlwl early ploneera'tn eBUbllahlnB 

OoleridKe, 8: Taylor Ancient mariner; ed., 
nith introJ. and uotee, by J: Phelps Fruit. 
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8S p. por. S. (Cambridge literature ser., 
no. l.}d., 2Sc.i pap., 12c. 

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Kubla Khan, and Christabel; ed., with 
notes and an introd., by TuleyPrancia Hun- 
tington. N. Y., The Macmillan Co., 1899. 
37+109 p. 18°, (Hacmillan'B pocket English 
claasIcB.jleraQteen. net, 25 c. 

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retit meditations of Isaiah i.-xu. ; with out- 
lines of Christmas meditationa on St. 
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lOOp. sq. D. cl.,«l. 

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and ttin national bankruptcy act of 1898: 
a treatise on the principles and practice of 
the law of bankruptcy as embodied in the 
new national bankruptcy act; with cita- 
tions to all applicable cases decided under 
the former U. S. bankruptcy acts, many 
Eng. decisions, and extended notes and 
comments upon the new statutory pro- 
visiooB, [etc.] Alb., Matthew Bender, 1899. 
c. 30-H695p. O.shp., (6. 

"Oolltor, W: Miller, ed. The official rules, 
forniH, and general orders in bankruptcy 
prescribed by thesupremecourtof the U. 8. 
and promulgatpd Nov. 38, 1896; copiously 
annot., cross-referenced andinde]<«>d,[etc.] 
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'98. 30+448 p. pors. il. O. cl., *9.50. 
Mr. 8^ Dodgson (.'ollltigirood^ l» a nephew^orj'Lewla 


he haa HUlTercd al 
Icbea, for Lewis 

Icept I 

o him 

?opy c 

•Oollini, Jo9., Jf.C Treatment of diseases 
of the nervous system: a handbook for 
practitioners. N. Y., W: Wood & Co., 
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Oolman, Julia. The beauties of temperance: 
a practical iniid« for young p<>ople's socie- 

tiw. N."^ .:.-.— i^ «-<— n^™.! „ o 

pts.. Ill 

Ber.) cl., CO., an c. 

Facta •nii anruineiils in farnrnf total abstlneoce 

froinaplrltuouiillquors. In chH piers headed : The mod- 

e use at foods and drlakB; T 
A talk about wlnei; Some th 
': What are distilled liquonl ; . 

t veatber driDke ; 

ColnoT*, G., [p»eud. for Mrs. Oeorgina 

Appleton, 1899. c. 6+881 p.' D. (Applet 
tons town and country lib,, no. 870.) cl., 
(1: pap., SOc. 


details of Che deatb-bed, that It 
to him. The boy grown up I 

Wynne's romance. Be is sbowQ fljcbtiDg th« tempta- 
tion of bis Inheritance, and fearing to marry and per- 
petuate his race. Heater Wynne ih a etraage, mortld 
character, perseouledby her guardian's son, who pot- 
ets her fcrtune. There it a succeulon of weinl , tbrill- 

■he calls It. The story, howerer, comes to a happy 

Oolonna, Ej^idio. Li livres du gouvemement 
des rois: a 13th century French version of 
Egidio Colonna's treatise, " De regimine 
principium," now first published from the 
Kerr ms.; with introd. and notes, by B: 
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1897, the Sept. term, 1897, and part of Jan. 
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N. Y. and Alb.. Banks & Bros., 1898. c. 
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'Colorado in color and song: color reproduc- 
tions from photOfrraphs, verse by J. W. 
Wright, of the Colorado Springs OaxetU, 
Frank H. Ma.ver, of Denver Cycling Wesl, 
J. D. Dillenback, and others; poems and pic- 
tures. Denver, Col. .Frank S.Thayer, 1899. 
c. 63 p. sq. 4', velium, |3.50. 

'Colorado school law: with the opinions of 
the superintendents of public instruction, 
and questicDKfrom teachers' examinations ; 
com p. and arr. for the use of teachers and 
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F: Dick. Efenver. The Ba«fley-Tully Print. 
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Blatkie books for young people.) cl., (1. 

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perienre in misKionary lands. N. Y. and 
Chic. Fleming H. Revell Co., 1899. 131 p. 
il.l3-,d..50c. _,,,^C00g\C 


Comfort, Will LevioKton. Trooper (alea: a 
series of shetches of the real American pri- 
vate soldier. N.T.,Street&Smith, ri8§g.] 
c 3i8p. il. D. cl., tl. 

Tbeae tafu, ■Ixtaen In number, mim to do for the 
Anwrlcui BDlclier what Klpllog tiu done for tbe Zng- 
llab -exhibit him a* he Istn oampaod Held. The; ve 
nofuicy iketchaiol herolim. but Just pJala t&lea of 
our caralrymen'! erery-day life. 

OomparatU, Domenico. The traditional po- 
etrr of the Finns; tr. [from the Italian] bj 
Isabella M. Andertoa ; with iatrod. bj 
Andrew LAQg. N. Y., LoDemaue, Oreen 
& Ck>., 1898. 27+S59 p. O. cl, $G. 
The Bnt part ot the work U eipluiktory. glrlDg In- 
formatloQ and deSnlttaii* ngaraltuc thli tradlLlonal 
poetry, with anaoeoaatol the ooDlenta ot the X&le- 
Tala. aod the method of Ita c(»ipotitk>ii, a tranilation 
of one of Ita prlDdpalaoDEibelne added by war of ex- 
ample. The second pan, tbeontlcal, •xplaloi the ort- 
Eoa, the deTelopment and the life of thb poetry, tint 
Its mythic creatloiu. both demoole and heroic. Cbea 
Id (taalf or In what 1> known ■■ tbe rune. Aflnalchap- 
IM offen tbe conclQsionB U) be dravn from this poetry 
wHb reirard to the origin of national eplna. Brief bib- 
llo^rapblee follow the chaptera. 

•Oompton, Alfred Q., and De Groodt, Ja. H. 
Advanced metal -work: lessons on the speed - 
lathe, engine-lathe, and planinK-machine. 
for the use ot technical schools, manual 
training schools, and amateurs. In 8 pte. 
Pt. 1, The speed-lathe. N. Y., J: Wiley & 
Sons, 3898. 9+lU p. 12*, cl., |1.60. 

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moir, N. Y., imported by G; Scribner's 
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ment. Phil., American Acad, ot Political 
and Social Science, [1899.] 3S-47 p. O. 
(Publications at the society, no. 2C9.)pap., 

_ Q: Christian life : a response; 

with other retreat addresses and sermous. 
N. Y., Longmans, Green A Co., 1899. I3-f- 
378 p., 11.50. 
Oonn, Herbert W: The story of the living 
machine: a review of the conclusions of 
modern biology in regard to the mechanism 
which controls the phenomena of living 
activity. N. Y., Appleton, I89B. c. lO-l- 
191 p. u. S, (Library of useful stories.) cl., 
40 0. 

The author uye the work !■ dealeoed "with the 
hope that It may give a clear Idea of the trend ol re- 

'Oonnactlcut. Blue laws of Ct.; taken from 
the public records of the colony of Con- 
necticut previous to IGQ5, as printed in a 
compilation of the earliest laws and orders 
of the Qeneral Court ot Connecticut, from 
the original records remaining in the office 
of the Secretary of State, and from Ur. 
Lewis's book on Sunday Legislation; alHO 
an extract from the constitution or civil 
compact entered into and adopted by the 
towns of Windsor, Hartford, and Wethers- 
field in 1638-9, as confirmed by the Qeneral 
Court of Connecticut, and showing the 
Biblical basis of colonial tenislation. N. Y., 
The Truth Seeker Co., 1899. il. 18°, pap., 
25 o. 

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OonleiUt: The old patroon, comedy; Atrllocyin 
miniature; Bty younnter'a love affair, comedy; The 
g-uardlan angel, melodrama; The mild monomaolao, 

Oonnor, Ralph, (pseud.) Black Rock: a tale 
of the Selkirks; with an introd. by O: 
Adam Smith. N. Y. and Chic, Fleming 
H. Revell Co., 1899. 7+817 p. D. cl., fl.SS. 

The Btory la rlrtuaJly the hlatory ot a cruiade 
a«alaat drink In mx^weat Canada. The characters 

Tlie hero, a 

except looa d 


CheSelklrka. Hn. Ilavor,thaheroliie,laminlatarlnri3 
a alck maa'a bedalde when lotroducad. Althon(h the 
acoouDtoI Craig'i mlaalonary work takes up moat of 
the Btory. iDCidsnu ot mining life are deaerlbedand 
Urs. Haror'a Intereallns hlatory la told. 
•Oonnor, Ralph, (paeud.) The sky pilot: a 
tale of the foothills. N. Y. and Chic, 
Fleming H. Revell Co., 1899. 300 p. IS*, 
ct.. »l.Si. 
Oonrad, L:, M.A OrOsse an meine freuude 
in New York; zum besten dea Deutschen 
Hospitales. N. Y., DyrsenAPfeiffer, 1899. 
8+146 p., $1. 

Conrad, at one time a lamoua physician practldatt Id 
New York City but now ■ettledatUayance.Oermany. 
The aala of the volume Is Intended to beneflt tbe Oer- 
man hospital (Dae Deutsche Hospital) of New York. 

*Oonvarie, C. C. Ur. Isolate of Lonelyville: 

[humorous stories.] N. Y., R. H. Rusaell, 

1899. il. 16', bda., fl. 
"Convene, Florence. Diana Victrix: anovel. 

Bost., Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1899. 16*, 

(Riverside pap. ser.) pap., 50 c 
OonvsTse, Ja. B. Uncle Sam's Bible ; or, 

Bible teachings about politics. Chic, Tbe 

Schulte Pub. Co., [1899.] c. '98, '99. 8- 

280 p. D. ct., (1. 

Take* up the problama of the day aod discuaaas 
them from tbe Bible itandpolnt. Anawera theqtiea- 
(ions: What doe* tbe Bible aay about truata, monopo 
llM. the tariff, tai«, latwr, aaclallam, prohibition, the 

rallroada, money, if--" — "" ' — '-— "■-* 

been adopted . Tbe 
prlnciplea afflrmed'. 
and Textual Index, 

t Thea 

Tene was formerly ec 

Ooniray, Moncure Dan. Solomon and Solo- 
monic literature. Chic, The Open Court 
Pub, Co., 1899. c 8+248 p. U.tuckram, 



Wisdom ol Solomon from the Apocrypha. Ratben 
makea a literary atudy of the literature which haa 
been InBuenced by the Holomonlctrodltlona, beBlnolDK 
with the eplatle to the Hebrews. 

*Oonway, R. Seymour, ed. Dialectomm 
Italic arum exempla selects in usum aca- 
demlcum Latine redita; brevi adnotatione 
iliustrare studuit. N. Y., The Macmillan 
Co., 1899. 4+83 p. 8°. (Cambridge Univer- 
sity Press ser.) cl., net, BOc. 

Oook, Albert Stanburrough, The artistic or- 
dering of life N. Y.,T;Y.Crowetl&Co., 
[1899.] c 2-31 p. D. (What is worth whil« 
ser.) leatherette, 35 c 

Tbe writer dlacuaaes the question whether art, eyea 
rollgloua art, baa OTcr exercised any good; but while 
he IS ■lIllDCtoaee the point of Tiew of Ruakln, oreTen 
ot thoH who are eren more icoooclaatle than Ruakln, 
■tlllhepleadBtorartaaafl^temsrof^l^,,^ .. , ,^ 


enl. ed. Cin.,Tbe Eobert aarkeCo.,1900 
[1806.] c.'88. 18+33ep. 1 i1., $1.50. 

"A porcraj'al of tbe part perloriOKl by (hi chlldrea 
it thn early ploceers In Htabllahliur homea In the 

■dventuret vlth wild beast* and brui iil aaTogs." 

Coleridge, B: Taylor Aacieiit mariner; ed., 
with introd. and notes, by J; Ptielps Fruit. 
Bost., b: H. Sanborn & Co., [1^.] 6+ 
8S p. por. S. (Cambridge literature ser., 
no. l.Jcl., 25 c.; pap., 12 c. 

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Eubia Khan, and Chriatabel: «d., nith 
Qolesand an introd., byTuIeyFraucia Hun- 
tington. N. Y., The Macmillun Co., ia99. 
27+109 p. 1B°, (HacmiUan'B pocket English 
classics.) levanteen, net, 35 c. 

OolBB, Bev. Vincent Stuckey Stratton. Ad- 
vent meditations o( Isaiah i.-xu. ; with out- 
lineB ot Cbristmas meditations on St. 
John I.. 1-12. N. Y., LoDgmans, Green A 
Co., 18». 16+118 p. S. en, 75 c. 

OolL J. A. The dust of dreams: [poeins.l 
Cin., O., The Editor Pub. Co., IBW. 5+ 
100 p. sq. D. cl., f 1. 

•OolUer, W: Miller. The law o! bankruptcy 
and tbn national bankruptcy act of 1898: 
a treatise on the principles and practice of 
the law of bankruptcy as embodied in the 
new national bankruptcy act; with cita^ 
tions to all applicable cases decided under 
the former U. 8. bankruptcy acta, many 
Eng. decisions, and extendi-d notes and 
comments upon the new statutory pro- 
viaions, [etc.] Alb., Matthew Bender, 1809. 
c. 80+895 p. O. shp.,e5. 

*OolUsr, W: Miller, ed. The official rules, 
forms, and general orders in bankruptcy 
prescribed by the supreme court of the U. S. 
and proraulgatpd Nov. 38, 1898; copiously 
anaot., cross referenced andindexed, [etc.] 
Alb., MatthewBender, 1899. r. 49S-t)58p. 
O.hf.shp., «1.60. 

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letters of Lewis Carroll (Rev. C. L. Dodg- 
son). N. Y., The Century Co.. 1899. o. 
•88. 30+448 p. pors. il. O. cl., f9.S0. 
Mr. 8 DodBSOO (.'oltWwoodJs b. nephew of'Lewl- 

I, [or Lewis 

Koomir of his mind. He - 
tlDn»oi □owgimeg, and al 

which b. 


■Collins, Jos., JIf.P. Treatment ot diseases 
of the nervous system; a handbook for 
practitioners. N. Y., W: Wood & Co., 
1899. 616 p. n. 8-, cl., Jie(,$5. 

■Oollliu, Laura G. Bygone tourist days; 
letters of travel. Cin., The Robert Clarke 
Co., 1899. 16+328 p. il. 8*. cl., f3. 

Colman, Julia. The beautiesot temperance; 
a practical guide for young ppople's socie- 
ties. N. Y., Eaton & Mains, [1899.] c. 3 
pts., Ill; 113 p. S. (The league at work 
ser.) cl.. ea.. 36 c. 
Facts Bnd anrumeniB In favor of total abrtlnence 

from spirltuouH liquors, la obapieri heailed : The mod- 

beer; What aredlitilled'llquDt 

things we know aboQt 

life: Clgarettae and tobacco: Tbe *alue of temper- 

Oolmore, G., [pseud, for Mtb. 0«Drgina 

details of tbe death.bed. that It mt 

Wjrnne'B romance. Be is shown I 
tloDofhlilDherilance. and feiirlni 
petuate his race. Hester Wynne i 

There b a succu 

Colonna, Egidio. Li livrea du gouvernement 
desrois: a 13th century French version of 
Egidio Colonna's treatise, " De re^mioe 

g-incipium," DOW Hrst published from the 
err ma.; with introd. and notes, by S: 
Paul Holenaer. N. Y., The Macmillan Co., 
1899. 43+461 p. 8°, (Columbia TJniversilv 
Press8er,)cl., nef, $8. 

■Oolorado. Ct. of appeal*. Reports of the 
decisions, including pan of the Apr. term, 
1897, the Sept. term, 1697, and port of Jan. 
term. 1898; J: A, Gordon, rpp. Vs. 10, II, 
N. Y. and Alb., Banks & Bros., 1B98. c. 
20+636; 19 + SS6 p. O. ahp., nef, ea., (5. 

'Colorado in color and song; color reproduc- 
tions from photographs, verse by J. W. 
Wright, ot the Colorado Springa Gazette, 
Frank H, Mayer, of Den tier Cycling West, 
J. D. Dillenback, and others; poems and pic- 
tures. Denver, Col., Frank S. Thayer, 1889. 
c. 62 p. sq. 4', vellum, (3.50. 

'Colotado school law; with the opinions of 

nd questions from U 
comp. and arr. for the use of teachers ajid 
students, bv S. Arthur Johnson; ed. by 
F: Dick. Denver. The Batrley-Tully Print. 
Co., 1899. c. 115+11 p. 18°, pap., 50 c. 
'Colorado. Supreme ct. Reports at the 
Jan,, Apr., and Sept. terms, 1896; J: A. 
Gordon, rep. V.a5. N.Y., The Banks Law 
Pub. Co., 1899. c. 33-i-673 p. O. ahp., net, 

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Kimball. A history of England for hi^h 
schools and academies. N, Y., The Mac- 
millan Co., 1899. 28+S07 p. 8*, cl., net, 

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by W: Rainey. N. Y.. imported by C: 
Scribner'sSons, 1899. 307 p. 13'. (Scribner- 
Blatkie books for young people.) cl., (1. 

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ligions. N. Y. and Chic, Fleming H. 
Revell Co., 1899. 361 p. 13", cl., »1.25. 

'Comegys, JIfrs. B; Bartis,^. A junior's ex- 

— 'jnre in missionary lands. N. Y, and 

., Fleming H. Revell Co., 189». 131 p, 

'■'^••^■'■■«'<=- .,n, Google 



Comfort, Will I^vioKton. Trooper tales: a 
series of aketchee ol the real American pri- 

vatesoldier. N. Y.,Street&Smith, [1699.1 

c. 348p. U. D. cl., |1. 

Tb»s tBles. riitesn In number, aim to do tor tbe 
AmarlCBO Boldlar what Klpllns ha» dona for the Ens- 
Itob-eiblbithlmuheisinounpandlleld. Ttisfkn 
DO tucy iketcbss or berolam, but Just plain talea ot 
our oiftlrynioii'* every-dar 11 fr 

Oompurattl, Domenico. The traditional po- 
etrr of the FIdiu; tr. [from the Italian] by 
ImDella M. Aodertoa ; with introd. by 
Andrew lAQg. N. Y., Loagmans, Qreen 
&Co.,1898. 27+359p. O, cI.,$S. 

Tbe Ont part ot the work U eiplanatorr, giriiig la- 
foroutloD and deflultlona reeajdlns tbi* traditional 
poetry, ttltb ■□ account ot the contents ol tbs Kale- 
nta, ai3d the method of Itaoompoaltlon, a tranitation 
of CDS of its priDCipoi Mon belnc added by way of ex- 
ample. Tbe aecona part, Uieoretloal, explalos theori- 
ED*,tbe dsrelopmeDt and the life of this poetry, tint 
Ha raytbic creationa, both diomoDic and heroic, then 

kStheruae. A. final chap- 

le drawn from tbla pootr; 



creatlona, both i 

*Ooinpton, Alfred G., and De Oroodt, Ja. H. 
Advanced metal- work; lessons on theapeed- 
lathe, engiae-lathe, and planing-macnine. 
for tbe use of technical schools, manual 
traininK' schools, and amateurs. In 8 pts. 
Pt. 1, The speed-lathe. N. T., J: Wiley & 
Sons, 1B98. S-t-184 p. 12°, cl., fl.SO. 

•Oompton, Rev. Berdmors. Eldward Mejrick 
Qoulburn, D.D., Dean ot Norwich: a me- 
moir. N. Y., imported by C: Scribner's 
Sons, 1899. IM p. por. 12°, cl.. (2. 

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ment. Phil., American Acad. oF Political 
anJ Social Science, [1899.] 25^7 p. O. 
(Publicaiious of the society, no. 3a9.)pap., 

Oongrevs, Q: Christian lite : a response; 
with other retreat addresses and sermons. 
N. Y., Longmans, Green & Co., 189B. 13-f- 
378 p. D. 

Oomi, Herbert W: The story ot the living 
machine: a review of the conclusions of 
modern biology in regard to the mechanism 
which controls tbe phenomena ot living 
activity. N. Y., Appleton, 1899. e. lO-i- 
191 p. il. S. (Library of useful stories.) cl., 


P. Andrews. N. T., The Banks Law Pub. 

Co., 1S99. c. 10+837 p. O. shp., (3.60. 
Oannall,G: Stanislaus. Theold patroon, and 

other plays. N. Y., W: H. Young ft Co., 

1899. c 8-HOS p. S. cl., 40 c. 

ConUnU.- The old patroon, comedy; A trilogy in 
miniature; Hy youngster' a love affair, comedy; Tha 
euardlao augel, melodrama; The mild mon<HnanlaB, 

Oonnor, Ralph, {pseud.) Black Rock: a tale 
of the Selkirks; with an introd. by Oi 
Adam Smith. N. Y. uid Chic, Fleming 
H. RevellCo.,1899. 7-1-817 p. D. ol..»1.85. 

The atorj ia virtually the history ot a emsada 
agalost drink In northwest Canada. Tbe ebaracun* 
are nearly all real penons, who are wltb one or two 
. , ^g hero, a ml olster named Cialg, 

tale ot the fooltim^ X T. i 
Fleming H. BeveU Cx. -^». m &■ 
cl.. |] TSj. 
Conrad, L:, M.D. GrOae ax Ksme ±rm 
in New York; zum bsux ob ZtrtK*. 
Hospitales. N. T.. Does * ?tedrt- : 
8-f-14ap. D. cl..»l. 

The sale of tbe toIi 

man hoapltal (Das ' 

'Oonvans, C. C 


1889. iLir. 

Bost, ___,^ 

(Riverside fa^ ^ 
lOBTWaa, Ja. 1 Tv:^ 
Bible teaeiu^ jkc v 
Scbnltc Pm. :^ T-^K 
230 p. L s.. r^ 


'□onneoUont. Blue laws of Ct.: taken fi 
the public records ot the colony ot C^ 
necticut previous to IS6S, as printMi k a 
compilation of the earliest laws and ordss 
of the General Court of Connecticnt. frjm 
the original records remaining in the lAv 
of tbe Secretary of State, and fi«« Ik 
Lewis's book on Sunday Legialatk«. ■«■ 
an extract from the constitutjoc b- stt 
compact entered into and ada|(tw ir ■^■ 
towns of Windsor, Hartlord.aad Tsig, 

field in 1688-9, as conSrmed by a» ' 

Court ot Connecticut, and Ash m ^e- 
Biblical basis of colonial leeidKaa. J ~ 
The Truth Seeker Co., 1899. i- T — 
25 c. 

'Oonnacticnt. Supreme et (K t—wK. ^ • 
ports, July, 1898-June,l«.'' 1 - i> i 

F. A. 




en/, ed. Cin., The Robert CQarke Co., 1900 

[1889.] c.'88. 13+258p. lil., H.60. 
•V portrayal f' ■•- .^..... 

or tliB B&rly pic 

•ildorneas-act* , 

ulienlurei with wild bessU and brurul 

Ooleridge, S: Taylor Anciect 
with introd. and notea, by J; Phelps Fruit. 
Boat., b: H. Sanborn & Co., [1899.] 6+ 
85 p. por. 8. (Cambridge literature ser. 
QO. l.)cl., 35 c.; pap., 12 c. 

•Oolsridge, S: Taylor. Ancient raarioer 
Kubia Khan, and Ghristabel; «d., witb 
notesand an inirod., by Tuley Francis Hun- 
tington. N. Y., The Macmillan Co., 189S, 
27+109 p. 1S°, (MacmiUao's pocket English 
classica.) levanteen, net, 2S c. 

Galea, Bev. Vincent Stuckey Stratton. Ad- 
vent meditations of Isaiah i,-xii.; with out- 
lines or Christmas meditations 
John I.. 1-12. N. y,. LoognuuiB, Green & 
Co., 1899. le-fllB p. S. cl., 75 c. 

Coll, J. A. The dust of dreams: [poems.] 
Gin., O., The Editor Pub. Co., 1899. 5+ 
100 p. sq. D. cl., $1. 

•OoUier, W: Miller. The law of bankruptcy 
and thi> national bankruptcy set Of 1898: 
a treatise on the principles and practice of 
the law ct bankruptcy as embodied in ttie 
new national bankruptcy act; with cita- 
tions to alt applicable cases decided under 
the former U. 8. bankruptcy acts, many 
Eng, decisions, and extended notes and 
comments upon the new statutory pro- 
visions, [etc.] Alb., Matthew Bender, 1899. 
c. 80+695 p. O. shp., $5. 

•OolUer, W: Miller, ed. The official rules, 
forms, and general orders in bankruptcy 
prescribed by the supreme court of the U. 8. 
and promulgated Nov. 28, \S99; copiously 
annot., cross-referenced andindesea, [etc.] 
Alb., Matthew Bender, 1899. c. 498-«l68 p. 
O. hf. shp., C1.50. 

OoUlngwood, Stuart Dodgson, The life and 
letters of I^ewis Carroll (Rev. C. L. Dodg- 
son). N. Y., The Century Co., 1899. c. 
'98. 20+448 p. pcrs. il. O. cl.. (2.50. 
Mr- S Dodnon L'ollLnfwood Is a nephew of *' Lewis 

Carroll " and knew bim wall. In the task which he has 

completed he hoasulTered ali 

I, for LawlB Carrol 

car* fully n led, Th( 
letWra lo chlldrep. 
reading, reeembUng 

cenulty of I 

,11 d( pi 


I of new games, anU all these Ideas he noted don 

the looklnK-Klau." 

■Oollltia, Jos., Jf.2>. Treatment of diseases 
of the nervous system: a handbook for 
practitioners. N. Y., W: Wood & Co., 
1899. 618 p. il. 8', cL, net,$5. 

*OolliiiB, Laura G. Bygone tourist days: 
letters of travel. Cin. , The Robert Clarke 
Co., 1899. 18+326 p. il. 8*, cl., tS. 

Oolman, Julia. The beautiesof temperance: 
a practical guide for young people's socie- 
tiM. N. Y., Eaton & Mains, [1899.] c. 3 
, 111; 112 p. S. (The league at work 

r.) cl.. 

,, 26 c 

from Bplrltuoua liquors, 

il abstlne 

:; Does alcohol i 

e things we know abont 
mt: AlcoholiiourfDcmy; 
IB or Ibe drink; Crime 

e of temper- 


fe; Clgarettoa a 

OolmoTe, O., [paeud. for JIfrs. Oeoi^na 
Dunn] The strange story of Hester Wynne, 
told by herselF; with a prologue. N. Y., 
Appleton, 1899. c. 6 + SSI p. D. (Apple- 
ton's town and country lib., no. 270.) cl., 
|I; pap., 60 c. 
Id the prologue !■ deecrlbed the death of a man of 

rellDrment and education whodleafrom Intstnpennce. 

seculed by bergb^u— .. . «,u, _uu n»- 

). There <■ a tuccesslou of weird, thrill- 

" " ' id by tbe " dread," aa 

T to a happy 

Oolonna, Eji;idio. Id livres du gouvernement 
desrois: a 13th century French version of 
E^dio Colonna's treatise. " De regimine 
prjncipium,"now first published from tbe 
Kerr ms.; with introd, and notes, by S: 
Paul Molenaer. N. Y., The Macmillan Co.. 
1899. 48+461 p. «°, (Columbia Universitv 
Press ser.) cl.,n«f, $8. 

*OolaratIo. Ct. of appeal*. Reports of the 
decisions, including part, of the Apr. term, 
1897, the Sept. term, 1897, and part of Jan. 
term, 1898; J; A. Gordon, rep. Vs. 10, 11. 
N. Y. and Alb.. Banks & Bros., 1898. c. 
30+686; 19+686 p. O. shp., net, ea.. t6. 

'Colorado in color and song: color reproduc- 
tions from photographs, verse by J. W. 
Wright, of the Colorado Springt Oazette, 
Frank H. Maver, of Denver Cycling West, 
3. U. Dillenbock, and others; poems and pic- 
tures. Denver, Co1., Frank 8. Thayer, 1899. 
c. 62 p, sq. 4°, vellum, |3.50. 

'Oolorado school law: with tbe opinions of 
the superintendents of public instruction, 
and question!) from teachers' examinations; 
com p. and arr. for the use of teachers and 
students, bv 8, Arthur Johnson: ed. by 
F: EHck, Denver, The Baaley-Tully Print. 
Co., 1899. c. 115+11 p. 18°, pap,, 50 c. 

'Colorado. Supreme ct. Reports at the 
Jan., Apr,, and Sept, terms, 1898; J: A. 
Gordon, rep. V. 35. N. Y., The Banks Law 
Pub. Co., 1899. c. 23+672 p. O. shp., net, 

*Coman. Katharine, and Kendall, Elizabeth 
Kimball- A history of England for high 
schools and academies. N. Y.. Tbe Mac- 
millan Co., 1899, 38+607 p. S", cl., net, 
SI. 35. 

■Oombe, Florence. Herfriendsand mine; il, 
by W; Rainey. N. Y.. imported by C: 
Scribner's Sons, 1899. 30T p. 18*. (Scribner- 
Blackie books tor young people.) cl., (1. 

•Combs, G; Hamilton. Some latter-day re- 
ligions. N. Y. and Chic, Fleming H. 
Revell Co., 1899, 261 p, 18°, cl., fl.SS. 

*Oomegys, Mrt. B; Bartis,^. A junior's e»- 
perience in missionary lands. N, Y. and 
Chic, Fleming H. RevelUCo., 18». 121 p. 
il.l3-,cl„50c. .,,„X,OOgTc 


Oomfort, Will LeTinetoii. Trooper iaiea: a 
series of Bketchee of the real American pri- 
vftte soldier. N. T.,8treet&Smith, ri8».l 
c. 348p. 11. D. cl.,tl. 

TbOB teles. ilxIesD in DUmtMr, aim to do forttas 
jUmtIcwi aoldlar whM Klplln? has done (or the Eng- 
liili -exhibit him u he is In ump mad Seld. The; art 
no fancy alcetchea or heroUro, but Jiut plain talea of 
oar CATalrymen^i eTerj-d&y life. 

OompaxetU, Domenico. The traditional po- 
etrtr of the Flniu; tr. [from the Italian] by 
Isaoella M. Anderton ; with introd. by 
Andrew Iadk'. N. Y., ' " 

&Co., 1898. 27+359 p. 

The Qr«t part of tbo »ork !■ Bipl»ii»tory, giiing In- 
rormation sod dellnltlou ngaidiag tbl* tiaditional 
poetry, with an aooouat ot the contenta of the Kale. 
rala, aod the method of Itaoompoalcion, a transIatioD 
otoDeoI it* prlDcipalaoDBabalu added bywayorex- 
■mple, Th« eeoood part, IheoretleaJ, enilalaB the oii- 

EnM,tbe derelopmuitaDdtbe lireof thlau>atry,flrat 
ItB mythic creatioDB, both drnmoDlc aod herolo, then 
iDltaelf orlD what la Imown aatheruoe. A. llDalahap- 

■OomptOQ, Alfred G., and De Groodt, Ja. E. 
Advanced Tt>etaJ-nork : lessons on the speed- 
lathe, engine-lathe, and planing'-niacniQe. 
for the use of technical schools, manual 
trainiuK' schools, and amateurs. In 3 pta. 
Pt. 1, The speed-lathe. N. Y., J: Wiley &. 
Sons, 18S8. e-t-134 p. 13°, cl., |l.OO. 

•OomptoD, Rev. Berdmore. Edward Ueyrick 
Ooulburo, D.D,, Dean of Norwich: a me- 
moir. N. Y., imported by C: Scribner's 
Bona, 1899. 164 p. por. 13°. ci.. $2. 

OoiMut, C: A. Securities as a means of pay- 
ment. Phil., American Acad, of Political 
and Social Science, [1899.] 26-47 p. O. 
(Publicalions ot the society, no. 2fi9.) pap., 
25 c. 

Oongrcre, O: Cbristian life: a response; 
with other retreat addresses and sermons. 
N. Y., Lons;macis, Green & Co., IB99. 13+ 
378 p. D. cl., $IM. 

Conn, Herbert Wi The story of the liTing 
machine: a review of the conclusions of 
modembiologyinregard to the mechanism 
which contmls the phenomena of living 
activity. N. Y., Appleton, 1899. c. 10+ 
191 p. l1. S. (Library of useful atoriea.) cl., 
40 c. 
The author luiyB the work !■ da«lKoed "with the 

hope that it may give a clear Idea ot the trend ot re- 

ceot bl<dowlcal Hclence and of tbe adraace* made 

• i the Bolullon of thcproblBmof IKe," Pt III 

nsd with " The runnlnlc of the llvlntc machine" 

. ^man bodyl. PI. 2 roUtea to tbe building of the 

llTlng machioe. 

'Conneoticnt. Blue laws of Ct.: taken from 
the public records of the colony of Con- 
necticut previous to 1866, as printed in a 
compilation of the earliest laws and orders 
of the General Court of Connecticut, from 
the ori^nal records remaining in the office 
ot the Secretary of State, and from Dr. 
Lewis's book on Sunday LegiBlation; also 
an extract from the constitution or civil 
compact entered into and adopted by the 
towns of Windsor, Hartford, and Wethers- 
Seld in 1638-9, aa conBrmed by the General 
Court of Connecticut, and ehowing the 
Biblical basisof colonial legislation. N. Y., 
The Truth Seeker Co., 1899. il. 16°, pap., 
35 c. 

*Oonn«oticut. Supreme ct. of errors. Ee- 
porU, J^uly, 1898-June, 1899, v. 71; hy Ja. 


P. Andrews. N. Y., The Banks Law Pub. 
Co., 18B9. c. 10+837 p. O. ehp., 98.60. 
Ooimell,G: Stanislaus. Theold patroon, and 
other plays. N. Y., W: H. Young & Co., 

1899. c. S+108 p. 8. cl., 40 c. 

OoitlenU; Tbe old patroon, comedy: A trUogTin 
mtnlatare: Hj youngiter'a lore affair, comedy; TIM 
guardlao angel, metodramai Tbe mild moDomanlac 

Oonnor, Ralph, (jjseud.) Black Rock: a tale 
of the Selkirka; with an introd. by G; 
Adam Smilh. N. Y. and Chic, Fleming 
H. HeveUCo.,18B9. 7+817 p. D. cl..|1.35. 

The (tor; Is virtually the hlatory of a oruaade 
agalut drink In northwest Canada. Tbe cbaractera 
are nearly all real perBoou, who are with one or two 
except Ion* miners Tbe hero, a minlMer named Craig, 
il flr*t aeen In a lamber campat Black Rock, amoog 
theSelklrka. Mn.lIaTor,theherolae.l«miniitarlngM 
a elck man'i bedilde when introduced. Although the 
_. «__._, — lUeionafy work tr' — * "' 

.. mcmsDui -•-'-'— II'- — 

Urs. MaT 

Fleming H. Revell Co., 1899. 300 p. ir, 


Oonrad, L:, 3f.U. GrOsse an meine freunde 

in New York; zum beaten des Deutschen 

Hospitales. N. Y., DyrsenA Pfeiffer, 1899. 

B+146p. D. cl.,tl. 

Venea on various subjecta and occaaloni, bf Dr. 
CoDiad, at one time a famouB physician practicing la 
New York City but now settleJatHayeiice, Germany. 
The sale of the volumB U Intended to benoSt the Oer- 
manhospltaKDaiDeutscheHospitaDof New Yorii. 
'OonTsrse, C. C. Hr. Isolate of Lonelyville; 

[humorous stories.] N. Y., R. B. Russell, 

1899. 11. 16°, bds., II. 
■Oonve lie, Florence. Diana VIctrix: anoveL 

Boat., Houghton, HifOin dc Co., 1899. 16*, 

(Riverside pap. aer.) pap,, 60 o. 
Oonverse, Ja. B. Uncle Sam's Bible ; or, 

Bible teachings about politics. Chic., Tbe 

Schulte Pub. Co., [1899.] c, '98, -99. 8- 

330 p. D. cl..fl. 

Takes up the problems of the day aed dlsouuM 
them from tba Bible itandpolnt. Aniweri tbe quea-- 
ttoni: What doei the Bible say about trust*, monopo 
liea. tbe tariff, taxes, labor, socialism, prohibition, the 
railroads, money, land, etc. The narrative form haa 
been adopted. There are four ladeieH: A list of the 
principles aJSrmnd; Analytical Index, Topical Index, 
and Textual index. Hr. Convene was formerly editor 
of 7^ Chrittian Observer ^ 

Oonway, Moncure Dan, Solomon and Solo- 
monic literature. Chic, The Open Court 
Pub. Co., 1899. c. 8+348 p. D. buckram, 

Tbe autbor's opinion that Solomon Btaads more for 
a school of philOBcmhy than for one man be baseson a 
■Cudy of the books of Kicgi and Chronicles and the 
Wisdom of Solomon from the Apocrypha. Hethan 

been Influenced by the tlnlomonlc trndltions, t»glTiQliiE 
with Che epistle to IheRebrews. 

■Oonway, R. Seymour, ed. Dialectorum 

Italicarum exempla selecta in usum aca- 
demicum Latine redita; brevi adnotatione 
illuatrare studuit. N. Y., The Macmillan 
Co., 1899. 4+32 p. 8°. (Cambridge Univer- 
sity Press ser.)cl., net, SOc. 
Oook, Albert Stanburrough. The artistic or- 
dering of life. N. Y.,T:Y.Crowell&Co., 
[1899.] c. 3-31 p. D. (What is worth while 
aer.) leatherette, 35 c. 

stltl he pleads for 

[ID. or even 



ml. ed. Cin., The Bobert Clarke Co., 1900 

fl8M.] o.'88. 13+2.50 p., $1.60. 

"A porcra^Kl of the p&rt performrd by the children 
of the early plooeerB In eslabllBtiitiK homea In the 
irllderDeBs-ttctB ot unequalled braTory and pal rlotlr— 
adTsDluies with wild beula and bruTuluTasea." 
Oolerldge, S: Taylor Aocient mariaer; ed., 
nith in trod, and notes, by J; Phelps f^uit. 
Bost., b: E. Sanbora & Co., [1809.] B+ 
8S p. por. 8. (Cambridge literature 
DO. l.)cl., 35 c.; pap., 13 c. 
■Oolaildge, S: Taylor. AncieDt mar 
Kubla Khan, and Chn'stabel; «d., with 
DoteHaod aa introd., by Tuley Francis Hun- 
tington. N. Y., The Macmillan Co., 1B99. 
37+109 p. 18°, (HacmiUao'B pocket EngliBh 
claaaics.Jlevanteen, net, 25 
Oole*, Bev. Vincent Stuckey Stratton. Ad. 
vent meditatioDB or Isaiah i.-zu.; with out- 
lines ot Christmas meditatiouB 
John 1.. 1-12. N. Y,, Longmans, Oreen & 
Co., 1889. 16+118 p. 8. cl., 75 c. 
Ooll, J. A. The dust of dreams: [poems.] 
Gin., 0., The Editor Pub. Co., 1899. 5+ 
100 p. sq. D. cl., (1. 
•Oolllor, W; Miller. The law of bankruptcy 
and thft national bankruptcy act of 1898: 
a treatise on the principles and practice of 
the law of bankruptcy as embodied in tne 
new national bankruptcy act; with cita- 
tions to ail applicable cases decided under 
the former U. S. bankruptcy acts, many 
Eng. decisions, and extendfd notes and 
comments upon the new statutory pro- 
visions, [etc.] Alb., Hattbew Bender, 1899. 
c. 80+395 p. O.Bhp.,«6. 
■OolUer, W: Miller, ed. The official rules, 
forms, and general orders in bankruptoy 
prescribed by the supreme court of the U.S. 
and promulgated Nov. 28, 189S; copiously 
annot., cross- re fere need andindexed,[etc.] 
Alb., Matthew Bender, 1899. t. 498-t)S8p. 
O. hf. shp., C1.50. 
OolUngvrood, Stuart Dodgaon. The life and 
letters of Lewis Carroll (Rev. C. L. Dodg- 
son). N. Y„ The Century Co., 1899. c. 
"■" 20+448 p. pors. il. O. cl. 

" "-' -oliln 

Ur. S DodgsOD L'olliiun'ood it 
implcted be hi 


1 Carroll kept a copy of 

EeDDltyDf blatnlDd. He wi 
tloDsof DawKames, aod nil 1 
The book conlalna many ic 

w Idene h' 


lotcd don 

the looHlnB-rlaa*." 

■Oollini, Jos., M.D. Treatment of diseases 
of the nervous system: a handbook for 
practitioners. N. Y., W: Wood &, Co., 
1889. 618p. il. 8°, cl.,ne(,|5. 

'□ollins, Laura G. Bygone tourist days; 
letters of travel. Cin., The Hobert Clarke 
Co., 18B9. 18+32fl p. il. 8°, cl., |3. 

Oolman, Julia. The beatitiesof temperance: 
a practical guide for young people's socie- 
ties. N.Y., Eaton & Mains, [1899.] c. 2 
pts., Ill; 113 p. S. (The league at work 
Her.) cl.. ea., 26 c. 

Facta and anrumenls in faTorot total abstlneiipe 
from HP IrltuDUii liquors, in chipler* headed : The mod- 

Alcohol In the atomach ; beluBloneot the drink; Crime 
throuirh drink; Does alcohol warm the drinker! ; The 
traveller's bottle; Hot weaiber drmk* ; Succns in 
lite; Cigarettes and tobacco; The value of temper- 

Oolmore, O., [pieud. for Mrg. Gteorgina 
Dunn,] The strange story ot Hester Wynne, 
told by herself; with a prologue. N. Y., 
Appleton, 1899. c. 6+831 p. D. (Apple- 
tons town and country lib., no. 370.) cl., 
(1; pap,, 60 c. 

In the prolojue is detcrlbed the death of a man of 
Hla wife (orc« tbelr little son to irltness the tflrrible 


OolODoa, Egidio. Li livres du gouvernement 
des rois: a 13th century French version of 
Egidio Colonna's treatise, " De regimine 
principium," now first published from the 
Kerr ms.; with introd. and notes, by S; 
Paul Molenaer. N. Y,, The Macmillan Co., 
1899. 48+461 p. 8°, (Columbia Universilv 
Press ser.) cl., net, fS. 

"Colorado. Ct. of appeals. Reports ot the 
decisions, including part of the Apr. term, 
1897, the Sept. term, 1697, and part of Jan. 
t«rm, 1898; J; A. Gordon, rep. Vs. 10, 11. 
N. Y. and Alb.. Banks & Bros., 1898. c. 
30+686; 19+686 p. O. shp., net, ea.. (G. 

'Colorado in color and fiong: color reproduc- 
tions from photographs, verse by J. W. 
Wright, of the Colorado Spring* Gazette, 
Frank H. Mayer, ot Denver Cycling Weal, 
J, D. Dillenback, and others; poems and pic- 
tures. Denver, Col.. Frank S. Thayer, I^. 
c, 62 p. sq. 4°, velium. |2.60. 

"Colorado school law: with the opinions of 
the superintendents of public instruction, 
and questions from teachers' exam i nations; 
comp. and arr. for the use of teachers and 
students, bv S. Arthur Johnson; ed. by 
F: Diek. Denver, The Baeley-TuUy Print. 
Co., 1899. e. 115+11 p. 10', pap., 60 c. 

"Colorado. Supftme et. Reports at the 
Jan., Apr., and Sept. terms, 1898; J: A. 
Gordon, rep. V, 26, N. Y., The Banks Law 
Pub. Co., 18B9. c, 23+673 p. O. sbp., net, 

"Oomau, Katharine, and Kendall, Elizabeth 
Kimball. A history of England for high 
schools and academies. N. Y., The Mac- 
millan Co., 1899. 28+507 p. 8*, cl., net, 

'Combe, Florence. Herfriendsand mine; il. 
by W: Rainey. N. Y., imported by C: 
Scribner'a Sons, 189Q. 207 p. 13*, (Scribner- 
Blackie books for young people.) cl., (I. 

'Combs, O: Hamilton. Some latter-day re- 
ligions. N. Y. and Chic, Fleming H. 
Revell Co., 1890. 361 p. 13°, cl., (1.35. 

'Oomegyi, JUrt. B: Bartis, jr. A junior's ex. 

Sjrienre in missionary lands. N. Y. and 
hie. Fleming H. RevelUCo., 1899. 121 p. 
il.,50c. .,,„X-OOgTc 


Oomfort, Will LevJDgtoD. Trooper %ales: a 
series of sketches oi the real American pri- 
TOtesoldier. N. Y.,8treet48mith, [1899.] 
c. 348p. il., (1. 

Thwi tmtea, ilneeD Id number, aim to do for the 
AnwdUD (Oldlar what Klpltus bu done for the Eng- 
Uih-exhIblthlmuhelgliicikmpBDdlleld. Tttefnre 
no floor sketchMor beroltin, but Juat pIkLn tklcs of 
our CBVftlTTinflD'ft eTery-dAy life. 

Oomparstti, Domenico. The traditional po- 
etrtr of the Finns; tr. [from the Italian] by 
Isahelia M. Anderton; with introd. hy 
Andrew I^ng. N. Y., LoDgmans, Oreen 
& Co., 1898. 27+85S p. O, d., $B. 
Tbe Hrst p«rt of Ihe work la oiplmnmtqry. glTlng In- 
fomutloD and deflnltlaiu regarding tbl> Ctadltloaal 
poetrjr. with an aooount of too oonMnta of tbe Kklo- 
-.1- — 1.1 .i._j _. 'te oompojtlon, » traa«l»Uon 


._- derelopmsat knd tbe lite of thb poetry. Bra. 
nirthlo crcAtlona, botb dmnoiilc And berolCi then 

InitHlf orln vhat [■ known Mtherune. A Snalcbap' 

wtthrenrd totbeortglnor natlonkl eplca. Brief bib- 
liogmpblet follow tbe ehapi«n. 

*aompton, Airred G., and De Oroodt, Ja. H. 
AdTaoced metal- work: lessons on the speed- 
lathe, engioe-Iathe, and planing- machine. 
for the use of technical schools, manual 
training schools, and amateurs. In 3 pts. 
Pt. 1, Tbe speed-lathe. N. T., J: Wiley & 
Sons. 1898. Q-l-191 p. 13*, cl., (1.00. 

•Oompton, Rev. Berdmore. Edward Ueyrick 
Ooulburn, D.D., Dean of Norwich: a me- 
moir. N. Y., imported by C: Scriboer's 
Sons, 1899. IM p. por. 12*, cl.. $2. 

Oonant, C: A. Securities as a means of pay- 
ment. Phil., American Acad, of Political 
and Social Science, [1899.] 25-47 p. O. 
(Publications of the society, no. 3Gg.)pap., 

OoDgreve, O: Christian life: 
with other retreat addresses and sermons. 
IT. Y., Longmaos, Green & Co., 1899. 13-<- 
378 p. D-cl.,i:.50. 

Conn, Herbert W: The story of the living 
machine: a review of the conclusions of 
modern biologv in regard to the mechanism 
which controls the phenomena of living 
activity. N. Y., Appleton, 18B9. c. lO-t- 
191 p. U. S. (Library of useful stories.} cl., 
40 c. 

Tbe mthor aaya the work ta dealKoed " with the 
hope that It may give a clear idra of tbe trend of re- 
cent blolorica) science and of the adfancea made 
toward the nlutlon of the problem of life." Pt lis 
concerned with " The runnloK of the llirlnn maoblns" 
Ithe human body). PI. i reUtea to the bulldlne of the 
llTlog machine. 

■Oonneotlcut. Blue laws of Ct. : taken from 
the public records of the colonj' of Con- 
necticut previous to 166fi, as printed in a 
compilation of the earliest laws and orders 
of the General Court of Conneeticut, from 
the original records remaining io the office 
of the Secretary of State, and from Dr. 
Lewis's book on Sunday Legislation; also 
an ejctract from the constitution or civil 
compact entered into and adopted by the 
towns of Windsor, Hartford, and Wetbers- 
fleld in 1638-9, as conBrmed by the General 
Court of Connecticut, and showing the 
Biblical basis of colonial legislation. N. Y., 
The Truth Seeker Co., 1899. il. 16°, pap., 
25 c. 
'Oonneotlcut. Supreme ct. of errors. Re- 
ports, ^uly, ie98-June, 1899, v, 11; by Ja. 


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other plays. N. Y., W: H. Young & Co., 
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Cmlanli.- The old pMroon, comedy; Atrilogv in 
mlnlatare; Hy youneater'a loTe affair, comedy ; The 
guardian angel, melodrama; The mild monumanlao, 

Oonaor, Ralph, {pseud.) Black Rock: a tale 
of the Selkirks : with an introd. by G; 
Adam Smith. N. Y. and Chic., Fleming 
H. Revell Co., 1899. 7+817 p. D. cl., $1.35. 

The atory U virtually the blatory of a cruaade 
against drink In nortbweal Canada. The cbaractara 
— Dearly all real persona, wboaie irltboneor two 

— , . K^.^ ,.,— edcralg, 

k, among 

__ . alarlnriA 

^_ .....u . .».e when IntrodDced. Attboug^i ilie 

Dount of Craig's mla^lODuy work takes up most of 
... — ._.....„...< _._!._ II. q described and 

Fleming H. Revell Co., 1899. 300 p. 12*, 

cl.. tl.25. 
Oonrad, L:, M.D. OrOsse an meiue treuude 

in New York; zum besten des Deuts(^hec 

Hospitales. N. Y., Dyraen& Pfeiffer, 1899. 

8+146p. D. cl.,$I. 

VerKs on various Bubjecta and occaalons, br Dr. 
Conrad, at one time a famous physician practicing In 
New York City but now settled at Mayonce, Germany. 
Tbe aale o( tbe volume U Intended to beneflt the Qer- 
man hospital {Das DeuUcbe Hospital) of New York. 
"Oonverse, C. C. Mr. Isolate of Looelyville: 

[humorous stories.] N. Y., R. H. Russell, 

1889. il. 16°, bds., |I. 
"Oonverse, Florence. Diana Victrix: a novel. 

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(Riverside pap. ser.) pap., 50 c. 
Oonverae, Ja. B, Uncle Sam's Bible ; or, 

Bible teachings about politics. Chic, The 

Schulte Pub. Co., [1899.] c, '98, W. »- 

230 p. D. cl..$l. 

Takes up tbe problema of the day and dlaoiuaes 
them frnm the Bible standpoint. Answers tbe ques- 
tions: What does tbe Bible aay about truata, monopo 
llM. the tariff, tai«, labor, aoolallsm, problbltion, tbe 
railroads, money, land, etc. Tbe narrative form haa 
been adopted. There are four Indexes: A list of the 
principles alDrmed; ADalytlcal index. Topical Icdex, 
and Textual Indsi. Ur. Oonverae was formerly editor 
of Tht Chrittiart Obterver. 

Oonway, Moncure Dan, Solomon and Solo- 
monic literature. Chic, The Open Court 
Pub. Co., 1899. o. 8+348 p. D.Tjuckram, 


~' " ' iplnlon that Solomon stands tnorefor 

itudy ol 

udy of 
le Holon 

Ihe Apocrypha. Het 

been infiuenced by tbe Solomoulc tradltlans. beelDQlae 
with the aplatle to IheBebrews. 

*Oonway, R. Seymour, ed. Dialectorum 
Italicarum exempla selecta in usum aca- 
demicum Latine redita: brevi adnotatione 
illustrare studuit. N. Y., The Macmillan 
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dering of life. N. Y.,T:Y.Crowell&Co., 
[1899.] c. 3-31p. D. CWhatisKorthwhile 
eer.) leatherette, SS c. 

The writer dtscusses the queation whether art, even 
religious art, has ever exerclaed any eood: but while 
he IS willing to eee the point of view d( Ruakln, or even 
of those who are even more Iconoclastio than Ruakie, 
still be pleads for art a« a ll^lftenar of ^1, Q O Q I C 


eni.ed. Cin.,Tbe Robert Clarke Co., 1000 

[J899.] c. '88. 13+3.^6 p. lil.,fl.r" 

"A porcr&yal of tbe pare perrormrd by tbe children 

of IhH earl; ploDeers tn establlshlnc bomBS iQ tba 


kdvencures wltb wild beosu snd tarui kI sarogM." 

Ooloiidge, 8: Taylor Ancient mariaer; ed., 
with introd. and notes, by J; Phelps Fruit. 
Bost., h: H. Sanborn & Co., [1899.] 6+ 
88 p. por. S. (Cambridge literature ser., 
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QOtesaud an introd., by Tuley Francis Hun- 
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3T-f 109 p. 18°, (Macmillau'a packet English 
claBsica.)l«vanteen, net, 35 o. 

Ooleg, Bev. Vincent Stuckay Stratton. Ad- 
vent meditations ol laaiah i.-xu.; with out- 
lines o[ Christmas meditations on St. 
John I.. 1-12. N. Y., Longmaaa, Oreen A 
Co., 1899. 16+118 p. S. cl., 75 o. 

Coll, J. A. Tbe dust or dreams: [poems.] 
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100 p. sq. D. cl., fl. 

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and the national bankruptcy act of 1898: 
a treatise on the principles and practice of 
the law of bankruptcy as embodied in the 
new national bankruptcy act; with cita- 
tions to all applicable cases decided under 
the former U. S. bankruptcy acts, many 
Eng. decisions, and extended notes and 
comments upon the new statutory pro- 
visions, [etc.] Alb., Uatthew Bender, 1B99. 
c. a0 + 695p. O. shp., S5. 

•OoUler, W: Miller, ed. The official rules, 
forms, and general orders in bankruptcy 
prescribed by the supreme court of the U. S. 
and promulgated Nov. 38, 18B8; copiously 
annot,, cross-referenced and indexed, [etc.] 
Alb.,MatthewBender,1899. c. 498-tJ58p. 
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'98. 20-t-448 p. pars. il. O. cl.. $2.60. 
Hr. ft DodKBoa L'olltnj;wood Is n nephew of "LewlB 

Carroll " an<ri<new blis veil. la tbe twk wblcb be hu 

rnent ol ricbee. for Lenin Carroll kept a copy of 

eenulty of bis w 
tlonsof Eewgan 
The book coctal 

the : 


qiialDt rsHecUon 


■OoUlns, Jos., JU^D. Treatment of diseases 
of the nervous system: a handbook tor 
practitioners. N. Y., W: Wood A Co., 
1899. 610 p. il. 8*, cl., net, $5. 

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letters of travel. Cin. , The Robert Clarke 
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Oolman, Julia. The beautiesof temperance: 
a practical guide for young people's socie- 
ties. N. v., Eaton & Mains. [1899.] c. 2 
•■'■ -. S. (The league at work 


„ 25 c 

Intal abst! 

beer: What are distilled llquo 

.!..,.„,._ .1.-.. p],, Ueluamnoui inEurmi: 

alcohol warm the drinker 
tobacco: The TsJue of l< 

ough drink; Doei 
vefler's bottle; 
: Cigarettes aoi 

Oolmore, G., [p*eud. for Jtfrs. Qeorgina 
Dunn] The strange story of Hester Wvune, 
told by herselF; wilh a prologue. N. Y., 
Appleton, 1899. c, 8-1-831 p. D. (Apple- 
tons town and country lib., no. 270.) cl,, 
tl: pap., GO c. 

Id the prologue 1b described tbe death of a man of 
refiOpmeDt and education irbodlesfrom iDlemperence. 
His wife forces tholr little Hin to wltoeu the terrible 

pa death-bed, that It mar 

"e is Bboxn nKbiTngthi 

hero ot Heater 

Tbe boy g 

iDherltance. and reiiriD^"tt> marry ud per- 

petuate his race. Hester WynDL „_, 

character, peneouied by her guardlap's son, who cot- 
els her fortune. There fs ■ suoceisLoD of weird, thrill- 
ing seenss when Heiter Is puroued by tbe " dread,'" as 
she calls It. Tbe story. howsTcr, i:omea to a happy 

Oolonna, Ef^idio. Li livres du gouvernement 
desroisr a 13th century French version of 
Egidio Colonna's treatise, " De regimine 
principium," now first published from the 
Kerr ms.: with introd. and notes, by 8: 
Paul Molenaer. N. Y.. The Macmillan Co., 
1899. 43+461 p. 8°, (Columbia Universitv 
Press ser.) cl., net, ^8. 

■Oolorado. Ct. of appealt. Reports of the 

decisions, including pari of the Apr. term, 
1897. the Sept, term, 1897, and part of Jan. 
term, 1898; J; A. Gordon, rep. Vs. 10, 11. 
N. Y. and Alb., Banks & Bros., 18B8. c. 
30+686; 19+686 p. O. shp., net, ea., tS. 

'Colorado in color and song: color reproduc- 
tions from photographs, verse by J. W, 
Wright, of the Colorado Springu Qazette, 
Frank H. Mayer, of Denver Cycling We»t, 
J. U.Dillenback, and others; poems and pic- 
tures. Denver,Col.,FrankRThayer,l899. 
c. 52 p. sq. 4°, vellum, |2.50. 

■Oolorado school law: with the opinions of 
the superintendents of public instruction, 
and question.* f rom teachers' examinalions; 
com p. and arr. for the use of teachers and 
students, bv S. Arthur Johnson; ed. by 
F: Dick. Denver, The Ba4fley-Tully Priut. 
Co., 1899. c. 116+11 p. 10% pap., 60 c. 

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Jan., Apr., and Sept. terms, 1898; J: A. 
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schools and academies. K.Y., The Mac- 
millan Co., 1899. 28+607 p. B", cl., net, 

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Blackie books for young people.) ci., (1. 
Oomba, G: Hamilton. Some latter-day re- 
ligions. N. Y. and Chic, Fleming H. 
Revell Co., 1899. 261 p. 12°, cl., f 1.35. 
•Oomegys, Mrt. B: Bartis.^. A junior's ex- 

gerience in missionary lands. N. Y. and 
hie, Fleming H. RevelUCo., 1899. 121 p. 
il.I2',tI.,50c. _.,„X'OOgk 


Comfort, Wilt LevJDKtoD. Trooper t^es: a 
series of sketches ol the real American pri- 
vateeoldier. N. Y.,Street&Smith, [1899.] 
c. 348p. a. D. cl., (1. 

Theae ulcs, •ineen !□ number, aim to do Tor the 
Ainarlcftii •oldiar wbM KtpUog: baa done for the Eog- 
lUb -exhibit him aa he is rncsunpuddeld. Theyara 
DO fuicy alcetcbe* or berolam, but Juat plain tales ot 
our cav»lT7meD'a erery-dAj' life. 

Oompwetti, Domeaico. The traditional po- 
etry of the Pinna; tr. [from the Italian] bj 
Is&oella H. Andertoa ; with introd. by 
Andrew lAng-. N. Y., Longmans, Qreen 
dE Co., 18B8. 27+850 p. O. d., tS. 

The dm pan at the worli li eiplwutlory. kItId;; in- 
formation and deflnltioni regardlne ttala Ctsdltloaal 
poetry, with an aooouut of tbe contenta of the Kai»- 
Tala, and the method of Ita oompoaiUon, a tranaiati — 

prlDidpal aonn bainr added by way of ez- 
anoood part, theoreuoal, enlalu Iheorl- 


lie deTeL.,^ 

_ — ^ mythlo orealiona, both 

Inltaelf orln vbat [■ known aatheraae. AUnalcbap- 
t«r often the conclualona to be drawn from thia poetry 
with rexoird to tbe origlD of national epioa. Brief bib- 
Hogrmpblea follow tba ohapten. 
•Oompton, Alfred G., and De Groodt, Ja. H. 
Advanced metal- work; lessons on thespeed- 
lathe, engine- lathe, and planinK-machine, 
for the use of technical schools, manual 
training' schools, and amateurs. In 3 pis. 
Pt. 1, The speed-lathe. N. T., J: Wiley & 
Sons, 1898. 6-t-lM p, 13*, cl., tl.60. 
*<}ainpton, Rev. Berdmore. Edward Hayrick 
Ooulburo, D.D., Dean of Norwich: a me- 
moir. N. T., imported by C: Scribner'a 
Sons, 1899. 154 p. por. 12°, cl.. %2. 
Conaat, C: A. Securities as a means of pay- 
ment. Phil., American Acad, of Political 
and Social Science, [18B9.] 25-47 p. O. 
(Publications of the society, no. 359.) pap., 
35 c. 
Oongrave, Q: Christian lite : a response; 
with other retreat addressee and sermons. 
N. T., Lonipnans, Green & Co., 1899. 12-t- 
378 p. D. cl.,tl.50. 
Oonn, Herbert W: The story of the living 
machine: a review of the conclusions of 
modern biology in regard to the mechanism 
which controls the phenomena of living 
activity. N. Y., Appleton, 1899. c, 10+ 
191 p. il. S. (Library of useful stories.) cl., 
40 c. 

The autbor saya tbe worlc Ib dealeneil "wttb the 
hope that It may give a clear idea o( the trend of re- 
cent biological eclence and of the advancea made 
toward (he solution of thi; problem ot life." PI I ii 

idlEg of the 

•Conueotlcut. Blue laws of Ct.: taken from 
the public records of the colony of Con- 
necticut previous to 166G, as printed in a 
compilation of the earliest laws and orders 
of the General Court of Connecticut, from 
the orifcinal records remaining in the ofBce 
of the Secretary of State, and from Ur. 
Lewis's book on Sunday Legislation; also 
an extract from the constitution or civil 
compact entered into and adopted by the 
towns of Windsor, Hartford, and Wethers- 
fleld in 1688-9, as conQrmed by the General 
Court 0/ Connecticut, and showing the 
Biblical basis of colonial legislation. N. Y., 
The Truth Seeker Co., 1899. il. 16". pap., 
25 c. 

■Oonneotlcnt. Supreme et. of erroTB. R^ 
ports, .^uly, 1898-June, 1899, v. 71; by Jo. 


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Co., 1899. c. 10+837 p. O. shp., (8.50. 
Ooimell, G: Stanislaus. Theold patroon, and 
other plays. N, Y., W: H. Young ft Co., 
1899. c. 3+108 p. 8. cl., 40 c. 
Omlanli.- Tbe old patroon, comedy; Atrllc^T ID 

'-■-■ igater'aloTe affair, comedy ; The 

ilodrama; Tbe mild monomaniac. 

niolatnre; My youngater'a ! 

Connor, Ralph, (paend.) Block Rock: a tale 
of the Selkirks ; with an introd. by O: 
Adam Smith. N. Y. ond Chic, Fleming 
H. Revell Co., 1899. 7+817 p. D. cl., tl.35. 

The atory la virtually the blatory of a cruaade 
agalnat drtnk in northweat Canada. The chancten 
are nearly ali real peraoni, wbo are witb one or two 
except lona mloen Tbebsro, amlDlater named Cralc, 
la Qnt aeen Id a lumber camp at Black Rock, amonc 
tbeSelklrka. Ura. Mbtot, tbeheiolne.iaminlaterliiraS 
a (Ick man'i bedside wben Introduced. Althougrb tbe 
account of Craig'a mlaalooary work takes up moat of 
tbe story. locldeiiU of mining life are described and 
Mra. ilavor'a Intereatlng blatory Is told. 

Fleming H. Revell Co., 1899. 300 p. 18*, 

cl., |1.S$. 
Oonrad, L:, 3f.D. GrOsse an meine freunde 

in New York; zum besten des Deutsohen 

Hospitales. N. Y., Dyrsen & Pfeifter, 1890. 

8 + 14flp. D. cl.. tl. 

Verses on varioua subjects and occaaiona. by Dr. 
Coorad, at one time a famous physician practlolnR In 
Mew 7ork City but now settledatlUayeDae, Germany. 
The sale of the volmne Is Intended to benefit the Gor- 
man hoapital (Das Deutsche Hospital) of New York. 
■Converse, C. C. Mr. Isolate of Lonelyville; 

[humorous stories.] N, Y., R. H. Russell, 

1899. il. 16°, bds,, |1. 
■OonTene, Florence. Diana Victrix; a novel. 

Host., Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1899. 16', 

(Riverside pap. ser.) pap., 50 c. 
Convene, Ja. B. Uncle Sam's Bible ; or, 

Bible teachings about politics. Chic-, The 

Schulte Pub. Co., [1899.1 c. '98, '90. 8- 

280p. D. cl., 91. 

Takes up the problemB of the day and dlsniisaaa 
them from tbs Bible standpoint. Answers the ques- 
tions: What does tbe Bible say about truiits, moDOpo 
lias, the tariff, taxes, labor, socialism, prohibition, the 
railroads, money, land, eta. The narrative fonofaas 
beenadopted. There are four indexes: A llat of the 
prlnclptefl aifirmed; Analytical i ' —-■-.'> 
and Textual index. Mr. dooverst 
of 7*« CkrUtian Obterver. 

u formerly editor 

Conway, Moncure Dan. Solomon and Solo- 
monic literature. Chic, The Open Court 
Pub. Co., 1899. c. 8+348 p. D.Vckram, 

The author' a opinion that Solomon stands more for 
a school of philosophy than for one man he baaea on a 
study of the books of Kideb aod Chronicles and tbe 
Wisdom of BolomoQ from the Apocrypha. Hetben 
makea a literary study of the literature which baa 
been Influenced by tbe Holomonic traditions, b«KlDDlDK 
with the epistle to the Hebrews. 

■Conway, R. Seymour, ed. Dialectorum 
Italioarum exempla selecta in usum aca- 
demicum Latlae redita; brevi adnotatione 
illuetrare studuit. N. Y., The Macmillan 
Co., 1899. 4+82 p. 8°. (Cambridge Univer- 
sity Press ser.) cl.. net, 60 c. 

Cook, Albert Stanburrough. The artistic or- 
dering of life. N. Y.Tt: Y. Crowell &. Co., 
[1899J c. 3-81p. D. (Whatisworthwhile 
ser.) leatherette, 35 c. 

The writer dlscusaea the queatlon whether art, even 
religious art, has ever exercised any (rood; but while 
ha IS wllliuK to see tba point of view of Ruskln, or even 
of those who ore even more Iconoclastic than RuaUD, 
still he pleads tor art as a llghtontnr iif ^VO O QTC 


enf.ed. Cin.,The Robert aarkeCo., 1900 
ri899.1 c. '88. 18+356 p. lil.,91.S0. 

"a portrayal ol tbe part perrormnl by the chiLdrea 

of thfl early pioneers In e*t»bll«blii« hooieH In tbe 

wllderneBs— acts of unequalled brOiTery and patrlc 

adventure! wltb wild beasta and brut ul lavagea. 

Oolsrldga, S: Ta,ylor Ancient mariner; 
with latrod. and notes, by J: Phelps Fruit. 
Bost., B: H. Sanborn & Co,, [18B9.1 6+ 
85 p. por. 8. (Cambridge iiteratur" — 
no. 1.) cl., 25 c; pap., 12 c. 

■OolarldKB, S: Taylor. Ancient 
Kubla Khan, and Christabel; ed. 
notesand an in trod. .by TuleyFnmcis Hun- 
tington. N. Y., The Maomillan Co.. 18BB. 
37+109 p. 18°, (UacmillaD's pocket English 
classics.) levanteen, net, 26 c. 

Ool««, Bev. Vincent Stuckey Stratton. Ad- 
vent meditations of Isaiah I.-ZU.; without, 
lines of Christmas meditations on St. 
John I.. 1-12. N. Y., Longmans, Oreen ft 
Co., 189B. 10 + 118 p. S. ot., 75 o. 

OoU, J. A. The dust of dreams; [poems.] 
Cin., C, The Editor Pub. Co., IHW. 5 + 
100 p. sq. D. cL, $1. 

•Oolller, W: Miller, The law of bankruptcy 
and th>^ national bankruptcy act of 1808: 
a treatise on the principles and practice of 
the law of banliruptcy as embodied in the 
new national bankruptcy act; with cita- 
tions to all applicable cases decided under 
the former U, S. bankruptcy acts, many 
Eng. decisions, and extended notes ana 
comments upon the new statutory pro- 
visions, [etc.] Alb., Matthew Bender, 189Q, 
c. 80+695 p. O. ahp.,«5. 

•Oollior, W: Miller, ed. The official rules, 
forms, and general orders in bankruptcy 
prescribed by the supreme court of the U. S. 
and proraulgati-d Nov. 38, 1898; copiously 
annot., cross-referenced and indexed, [etc] 
Alb., Matthew Bender, 1899. r. 493-e58p. 
O.hf.Bhp., «1.50. 

OoIUngwood, Stuart Dodgson. The life and 
tetters of Lewis Carroll (Rev. C, L. Dodg- 
son). N. Y., The Century Co., 1B99. c. 
'08. 30+448 p. pors. il. O. cl- $3,50. 

e UM of food! uid di 

jToll kept I 

to hl'"'''« "' 
■ Id Kreat part of hit 
are mosc dBlIgbtCu: 

JH CaiToU'a diary of a 

It rellectionai 


> noted d< 


" A Hue 

the 1 

■Colllni, Jos., M.D, Treatment of diseases 
of the nervous syBt«m: a handbook (or 
practitioners. N. Y., W: Wood * Co., 
1899. 616 p. iL 8', cl., ne(,$5. 

*OoUin«, Laura G. Bygone tourist days; 
letters of travel. Cin., The Robert Clarke 
Co., 1899. ie+326p. il.8', cl..$3. 

Oolman, Julia. The beautiesof temperance; 
a practical guide for young people's socie- 
ties. N. Y., Eaton & Mains, [1899.] c. 3 
pts.. Ill; 113 p. S. (The league at work 
ser.) cl.. ea., 36 c. 

Facta and areumenH In favor nf total abBtlnencs 
from apliiluouiiliqiiors. la cbaptert headed: Tbe mod. 

le drlDk* CYlDW 

Oolmore, G., [paeud. for Mrs. Oeorgina 
Dunn] The strangestory of Hester Wvnne, 
told by herself; wilh a prologue. N. Y., 
Appleton, 1IJ9B. c. 6+381 p. D. (Apple- 
tons town and country lib., no. 370.) cl., 
|1: pap., 60 c. 
In Che proloeue U described tbp death of a man of 

□ nGhtlDgthete 

tlonotblitnberllanc«. and Fearing to marry and per- 
petuacs his race. Hester Wynne w aatranee, morbid 
character, persecuted by her euardlaD*s ion, who cor- 

eta her ftrtune. There is a ■ucceaaioD of wolrd, thriU- 
IbK scenes when Hester Is punned by the "dread." as 
sbe calls it. Tba sl«ry, bowcTer. comes to a happy 

Oolonna, Ej^idio. Li livres du gouvernement 
des rois: a 13th century French version of 
Egidio Colonna's treatise, " De regimine 
principium," now first published from the 
Kerr ms.; with introd. and notes, by S: 
Paul Molena«r. N. Y., The Macmillan Co., 
1899. 43+461 p. 8°, (Columbia Univeraiiv 
Press ser.) cl., net, 18. 

*Oolorado. CI, of appeals. Reports of the 
decisions, including part of the Apr. tenn, 
1897, the Sept. term, 1897, and part of Jan. 
term, 1898; J: A. Gordon, rep. Vs. 10, 11. 
N. Y. and Alb., Banks & Bros., 169% c. 
30+886; 19 + 888 p. 0. shp.. net, ea., f5. 

"Oolorado in color and song; color reproduc- 
tions from photographs, verse by J. W. 
Wright, of the Colorado Springs Gazette, 
Frank H. Mayer, of Denver Cycling Wett, 
J. D. Diilen back, and others; poems and pic- 
tures. Denver, Col., Frank 8. Thayer, IMS. 
c. 53 p. sq. 4', vellum, #3.60. 

*Oolorado school law: with the opinions of 
the superintendenls oI public instruction, 
and questions froni teachers' eicami nations; 
oomp. and arr. for the use of teachers and 
students, hv S. Arthur Johnson; ed. by 
F: Dick, ifenver. The Baftley-Tully Print. 
Co., 1899. c. 115 + 11 p. 16', pap., 50 c, 

"Colorado. Supreme ct. Reports at the 
Jan,, Apr., and Sept. terms, 1898; J: A. 
Gordon, rep. V.36. N.Y.. The Banks Iaw 
Pub. Co., 1890, c. 28+673p. O. shp.,n«f, 

■Coman, Katharine, and Kendall, Elizabeth 

raillan Co., 1899. 28+507 p. 8*, l 

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il. 13*, cl„ 50 c. .„nX-OOglc 

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series of sketches oi the real American pri- 
vateioldier. N. Y.,8treet&Smith, [18»9.] 
c. 248p. il. D. cl., tl. 

Tbeae Iftl«, ^iteen In number, mlm to do for tha 
Americvi Boldler what ElpllDsiiw done for tbs Ens- 
Itab -sxblbic him u he is in ounp and Hold. They are 
DO fancy iketcheB of harolttn, but JuBC plalu tain of 
our caTalrymcD'a STery-day life, 

Oompazattl, Domenico. The traditional po- 
etr; of the Finns; tr. [from the Italian] by 
Isanella H. Anderton ; with iatrod. by 
Andrew lAOg. N, Y., Longmans, Qreen 
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The flrat part of t be vork b eiplanatorr, glvli^ la- 
formallon and detlDltlona regaJiUnK tbi* traditional 
poetry, with an aooouut of the contenta of Che Kale- 
Tila, and tha method of llaooinpoBltloD, a tranilatiOQ 
of one of It* principal (ODnbalne added by way of ex- 
ample. Th« 1000110 part, UisoretCoal. explaioi the ori' 
Sna, the daTttlopmaiit and the life of thb poetry, flrct 
llB mrthlo creations, both dnmcnlc and Eterolc, then 
Inlcaelf orin what I* known aatberune. A flnal obi- 
ter olTera the concluiiona to be drawn from thta poetry 
with renrd to tbe origin of national eploa. Brief bib- 
llograpblea follow tbe ehapters. 

•Oomptoo, Airred G., and De Qroodt, Ja. H. 
Advanced metal-work: lessons od the sneed- 
lathe, engine-lathe, and planinK-macliine, 
for the use of technical schoohi, manual 
trainiUR schools, and amateurs. In 3 pU. 
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meet. Phil., American Acad, of Political 
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machiDe: a review of the conclusions of 
modem biology in regard to the mechanism 
which controls the phenomena of living 
activity. N. Y., Appleton, 1899. c. 10-(- 
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40 c. 
Tbe autbor aay* tbe work It di 


with the 


*Oonnecticut. Blue laws of Ct.: taken from 
the public records of the colony of Con- 
necticut previous to IBSO, as printed in a 
compilation of the earliest laws and orders 
of tbe General Court of Connecticut, from 
the oripnal records remainintr in the office 
of tbe Secretary of State, and from Ur. 
Lewis's book on Sunday Legislation; also 
an extract from the constitution or civil 
compact entered into and adopted by the 
towns of Windsor, Hartlord. and Wethers- 
fleld in 1638-9, as conQrmed by the General 
Court of Connecticut, and showing the 
Biblical basis of colonialJeifialation. N. Y., 
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26 c. 

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Cimtentt; The old patroOD, comedy; 
miniature; My young«ter'«lOTe alTalr, m 
euardlau asgel, melodrama; The mild 

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Adam Smith. N. Y. and Chic, Fleming 
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The story la virtually the history of a crusade 
against drlok In northwest Canada. The characters 

« described and 

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tale of the foothills. N. Y. and Cbic, 
Fleming H. ReveU Co., 1899. 800 p. IS*. 
cL. ilM 

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in New York; zum besten des Deutscbea 
Hospitales. N. Y., Dyrsen & Pfeiffer, 1899. 
8+146 p. D. cl.,tl. 

Vereesan various subjects and occasloDs, by Dr. 
Connul, at one time a famous physician pntctioIiiR In 
New York City but noweattiedatHayence.Oeniiany. 

I of the < 

ended ti 


man hospital (Daa Deutsche Bospilal) of New York. 
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[humorous stories.] N. Y., R. H. Russell, 
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Bible teachings about politics. Chic, The 
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230 p. D. cl.,91. 

Takea up Ibe problomi of the day and diacusau 
them from the Bible sCandpolnC. Aoswers tbe quea- 
tlons: What does the Bible say about trusts, moDopo 
Has, Che tariff, takes, labor, •oclallam, problbiclOD. the 
railroads, money, land, etc. The narraClTe form bas 
boen adopted. There are four ladekes; A list of tbe 
principles af&rmed; Analytical Index, Topical indei, 
and Textual index. Ur, Otmyerse was formerly editor 
if 77it Ckrlllian Obterver. 

Ooawar, Honcure Dan. Solomon and Solo- 
monic literature. Chic, The Open Court 
Pub. Co., 1899, c. 8+248 p. D. buckram, 

.. Hchool of pbllOHi^by than for one man be bases on a 
study of the books cf Kings and ChroQleles and the 
WLulDIii of Solomon from the Apocrypha. Hethen 
makes a literary study of the literature which baa 
been Influenced by the Solomonic traditions, beginning 
-■ thBeplatletolheHebrewa, 

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demicum Laline redita; brevi adnotatione 
illustrare atuduit. N, Y,, The Macmillan 
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dering of life, N. Y.,T:Y.CrowelI&Co., 
[18900 c. 2-31 p. D, CWhatisworthwhUo 
ser.) leatherette, 35 c. 

Tbe writer dtacusses tbe queslton whether art, even 
'ellglous art. baserer exercised any Eood: but while 
le IB willing to see the point of view of Ruskin, or oven 
it those who are even more Iconoclastic than Raskin, 
itli] he pleads for art as a llghteneroC toll. i lO lp 


Oook, C: C. A comparative study of the 
negro problem. Wash., D, C, The Ameri- 
caa Negro Academy, 1899. 11 p. 0.(Araen- 
caQ Negro Academy, Oc»:a8ioDal papers, no. 
4.) pap., 16 c. 

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D. ct., C1.60. 

The book claim ■ to give ft clear tcrlptural and com- 
quence lo tUt It alms to shon that tbe theory ol bto- 

manklDd and the commonly accepted doclrloe of he- 
nditAr; depravity, bath fall to gire a uclafactory ex- 
plaoatlonotthe problem con^ered. He belleTeam&D 
a free moral agent, and tbe doctrine of eodleea pun- 
ishment a neceulty. The book li aimed malnJy at the 
doctrlue of unlTeraaliBai. 

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scriptive: reminiBcencea of foreign travel. 
New rev. eorr. ed. Phil.,H:T.Coutes&Co., 
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t5; U ol: tlO. 
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JollD aulIiTan Dwisbt ia the man to whom ■' Tke 
Early Letters at 0«irge William Curtla" were writ- 
ten. Sh " Weekly Recoid." p. W .Aag. 10,1938. [1380.] 
This biography was unilertakea at the request of "— 

clally in Tie . 

membership In the Sator 

of Dwlghl'sllfeare 


kept spe- 


crapt iDto the Tolume of " Curtlii le' 

published for the drat lime. Nolnd 

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place in the social order and effect upon 
ludlviduaU; with some considerations on 
success, N.T., published for the American 
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Poems by tbe daugbter of the historian Krancls 

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enl. by C. H. Harne. [IVew isg»e.] N. Y., 
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Chic, H. 8. Stone &. Co., 1899. c. 2+ 
364 p. D. cl.,|1.25. 
Oeritld Franklin wae resolved to be rlfh. When be 

trades and people* He fell In with unscrupulout 
people who used his brains to work a i;reat flnancal 

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brief biographv and various ntite«. by W. 
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book: a ready reference book of facts and 
flgures, historical, geographical, and com- 
mercial, about Cuba, Puerto Rico, the 
Philippines, Hawaii, and Guam. N. Y., 
Funk&WagoallHCo.,18»9. c. ISOp.nar. 
S. flex, cl., 60 c. 

Beild™ (acts aod HguroerogardlnK the history, geog- 
raphy, population, agriculture, vegetable and mineral 
products, animals, fluaDclal condlcion, coDitnerM, 
■ hipping, inland transportation, exports. Imports, elc, 

numerous special reaturoa. Urciud lug lists with Spanish 
equivalents for Cuba. Puerto Rico, tbe Phlllpphies 
and Marianas, of the principal ve^tables. minerals, 
and animals of each country. These Utter embrace 

how much it costs 1o visit the different poeeeasloDS. 
and how to connect by rail and steamer. Weights and 
measures, currency, time variations, and a score uf 
other items are also Riven In their proper places. Tbe 
question and aoewer form adopted as a part of the 
plan Klvas the book special attractiveness. 

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Milroy lectures for 1898. N. Y., The 
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lessons of truth ai 

dam Book Co., 1899. II. 8', cl., J1.75. 

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vatigator, [1899.] c. 6+448 p. D. cl., (l. 

Tm DoeiDB irQcb ars coinplets vlthln tbemMlTea, 

• but whlcb oootlDue the blitory of America diuioff the 

period of dlBcoTerj KDdexplanitIoD,ikatoldlnChsw»B 

or "America end Oolumbus; or.ttaeBtory of tbe new 

world." Embracea tbe hLslory of tbe New World lor 

over att; Tcan. uid describes eyery royue troin tbe 

Old Worlif Co tbe Sew, with each eraat ofimpartuoe 

that happened in the New World wltbia that period. 

Oomwallia,Kiaahan. The war for the Union; 

or, the duel between North and South (U. 

8. A., 1861-1865): a poetical panorama, 

bistoncal and descriptire-, prefaced by The 

song of America and Columbus; or, the 

story of the now world. N. Y., published 

for the author at the Office of Tlie Wall 

Street Daily InvMtigator. nSi».] c. 13+ 

S4I p. D. cl., fl. 

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and poetical works of JohD Hilton. N. Y., 

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cl.. I1.3S. 

Conalstior: A general Introduction; all tbe autobl- 
€]graphical paBaageg from the proia aod poetical irorla, 
ooQitiiutlDg Id tbemHlrea quite a compleie life o( Ibe 
poeti the puema □( Comiu and Lycldaa; all paaaagea 
in the poetical and pro*e nwlu eiblbltlog Milton'* 
ideaa of Individual, domeatlc, civil, pollllcan, and re- 
ll^toui llbertv; a jtenern) lurvey of tbe proee work*; 

■onneta: a presencatlon and criticism of tbe ParadlH 
lost; a cntlolem of the Paradlee regained: Samson 
AgooiUea, with commentary on Its auloblotrraphloat 
character, aod ICa relation to the Greek drama; note* 
and general Index. The leading aim of the editor has 
been to bring the student into the mtntdlreet retatlon- 
«bip wltb the pereonallty ot the poet, 

•Oorwln, Arthur M,, JK.D. Essentials of 
physical diagnosis ot the thorax. Sd ed. 
rev. and ml. Phil., W. B. Saunders, 1899. 
c. 16', cl., net, tl.26. 

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weird tales. N. Y., Ralph S. Miffhill, 1899. 
c. 338 p. D. bds., |1.SD; pap., 50 c 
Sixteen (liort storlea, many oC tbem deailDe with 

the Indiana of Nexico and Arlxona. 

Ooryell, Eleanor Hooper. Out of the past. 
N.Y., Streets Smith, [1899.] c. 6-168 p. 
D. cl.,«l. 

Tbe Btory of a bov found by a Bliter of Charily nlCh 



of the I 

A Catholic print baa on important port In the plot. 

Oost«Uo, F:H. On fighting decks in 1812; il. 
by J. Steeple Davis. Bost., Dana Estes & 
Co., [1899.] c. 385p.D. cl.,tl.SO. 
Tbeitory of two boyaw^overe wrecked In a oall- 

boatolIthecoaatafHa^Da and picked up by (be f rleate 


country Id tbe tbrFS 
Guerrlirt. Java. etc. 

fomoui hiitorical Oghta with tt 

oati, Harie. The witch of Bramble Hollow: 
a drama in four acts. N. Y., W: H. Young 
& Co., 1899. c. 62 p. S. pap., 80 c. 

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Everard Cotes.] Hilda; a story of Cal- 
cutta. N. Y.. F: A. Stokes Co., [1899.] c. 
2 + 317 p., 11.35. 
The peculiar — ■■'•' ' "— - '-■ ■' ' — *— ' — 





Id Laura 


. a 8a 


a Army captain 




wbo, h 













BO th 

Iiathoa tha 

tmiMlo • 



11 Hono 



il. Ti 


a vrcll- 



Cotton, JIfri. Olive A. Chafing dish recipes: 
soups, sauces, oysters, clams, meats, tlsh, 
menus, etc. N. Y., A. Hackel & Co., 1B99. 
c. '98. 54p.nar.O. cl..75c. 

One bandred and tlxty-elEbt recipe*: with menua 
for breakfaata, luppers and tuncbeona, and practical 
■urgeitlon* for the eelectlon and use of the choflng 
dlih. Contains alio a liat ot materials neceaoory for 
tbe cooking of a hasty luncheon. Index. 
Oonch, Artbur T: Quiller, ["Q," pseud.] 

The ship o( stars. N. Y.. C: Scribner'a 

Sons, 1899. c. 8+873 p. il. D. cl., fl.SO. 

The poetic, dreamy child ol an iileal clergyman in 
the vest country of Eoglancl, and of a noble woman 
wbo ekes out her narrow- means by lacc-maktaK, ia 
deetlnvd fur tbe cbureb. After a year at OxfonTbls 
father dies; be leai-ns that he IsdependlngoD a woman 

for means to llDiBh bis education. — ' 

maaon and bulldi ■ ireat light ' 

practical man. Una, cleai^sigh 

with only one drsam In hi* heart_t ne nream or a great 

action. By ber great Injustice a woman bod made a 

man of him. The ship of star* always haunted hla 

boylih f anclea. 

Oonlter, Ja. W. The larger faith: a novel. 
Chic, C: H. Kerr & Co.. [1899.] c. '96. 
5-285 p. D. cl., «1. 
A man.^iellevlng be baa lost the woman be love*, 

denoe. flnolly settles on a ranch in New Uexico. Ac- 
cident brinn people from New Yorli and Connecticut 
to hla rancB. He bo* learned a larger faith of lore to 
atl maoklDd.and a clergyman who goes to the ranch 
tor his physical health comes from his influence anew 
man epirftually. A thin thread of Action conoecta 
thoughts on tbe essential* and non-essentials ot true 

Ooolter, J: Merle. Plant relatioas: a Brst 

book of botany. N. Y.. Appleton, 1899. 

c. 7+284 p. il. "D. (Twentieth century text- 

bookii.)cl.. net. {1.10. 

"Plant relatlons'Ms the ttrst part of the botanical 
section of biology, and, a* lis title indicates, treats 
what might be termed the human Interests of plant 
lite, Che conditions under whlcb plants grow, their 
means of adaptation to enTlronments. how they pro- 

thelr struggle for ectsteDce, their habits Individually 

forms of life, all of wtilch constitute the most Inter- 
cBtlug phages of plant study. It* purpose Is wholly- 
distinct from the analytical study of planU. their 
definition* and nomenclature. The *econd book will 
bedomlnated by morpboli^y. Tbe two booksare in- 
dependent ot each ot her, each representing work tor 

*Ooatts, Francis Burdett T: Money-. The Al- 
hambra, and otherpoems. N. ¥., J: Lane, 
1899. 13°, ci., tl.25. 

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paradise lost to paradise restored. Oak- 
land, Cal., Pacific Press Publishing Co., 
[1899.] c. '98. 338 p. il. O. cl., «tbs , $1; 


b story or the 

language, and 

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&:Co., 1899. 12*, (Illustrated English poems.) 
cl , tl.50. 

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(Cassell's Dationol lib., new ser., v. 7, no. 


., 10 c. 

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144p. il. Q. 

ThlalHthesidhTOlumeof Ibe a^i^nturous and dl- 



Tanlnc dolnKs ot tha "BtowdIm"; tber Tl*lt Great 
Britain, Ireland, Italy, and maKe tbemaelTei rtirj 
mucb at borne In tboee far-oil couutrlM. 
*Oraft, Habel Clare. Hawaii Nei. San Fran- 
cisco. Cal., W: Doxey, 1899. 197 p. il. l^, 
cl., fl.50. 
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how to collect, preBcrve, and study them. 
N. Y., G: P. Putnam's Sons, 18W. C. 19+ 
877p. a. D. ol., »1.75. 

Seiafortti tlte pleasure to be derlred rrom a*7a- 
temallc atud; of tba bablU ot Inaeeta, and JtlTSB ma — 
point* of practical value to Che beKlnier. So atCen 
baa been made to mention any except the commoa 
■pecle* of Inaacta, not all of Cbeae. Tbe habitat, 
moat caaea. la included in the deaerlptloD, bat. a 
rule, the apeclea are tboae found In tbe atataa eaat 
the Ilocky HouDtalna and north ol the Sulf Btatea. 

Oralg, A^a B. New common school question 
book; comprising questions and answers 
on all common school studies. T/eu) enl. 
ed. tar 1900. N.Y., Hinds & Noble, [1899.] 
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The period of Che drama la lOSg. 

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wood. Bost., Small, Maynant &. Co., 1899. 
c. 30+261 p. il. D. cl., 11.25. 

Alcbou«b practically all the obaerTAtlona referred 
to In thia book were made In New Hampshire, they 

itaaasoliuwcta, and In a more gHQBrai way to tbe whole 

of souther 


The I 

_.jb tbe autbor Instructively 

ingly writes are foiea, weaaela, aqulrrele, mink, otter, 

"Orandall, J: J.,fd. Leadin^cases, American 
and English, on the law of legal tender and 
money, wherein are contained the judicial 
decisions of the state and federal courtson 
the legal tender acts, [etc.;] with notes br 
J: J, Crandall. Camden, N. J., S. Chew 
& Sons, prs., 1899. c. 18 + 7-858 p. O. cl., 

Omndall, Lathan A., D.D. Som« facia con- 
cerniBK Christian science. Chtc, Memorial 
Press,[189B.] 47 p. S. pap., 10 c. 

"BelleTJag- thautbe theories of Christian acience are 

Memorial Baptist Church, Chlcaco, felt constrained to 
place before hia people certain facts coDcernlnir thla 
newfalth, together with the coc cluilo us which theae 
facu seeoi to warrant. . . . These addreasea are 
DOW put Into pamphlet form.'^— .A'^ace. 
•Orane, E: A., and Soderholtz, E. E. Ex- 
amples of colonial architecture in South 
Carolina and OeorgiaCCharleston.S.C, and 
Savannah, Qa.) ; 53 gelatine prints. New 
ed. N. T., Bruno Hessling, 1809. r,d., 
Orane, Frank. The religion of to-morrow. 
Chic, H. 8. Stone & Co., 189S. c. 7+ 
367 p. D. cl.. $1.50.' 


a by 

■■ The Tt 

Inatlons. Tbea'uthorU.aad iiopeato 

Ohriatlaa concepts fuller of Christ's own meaninR. 
^la is no attempt to create a new-fangled goapel. 
Thla volume pretenda not to tell men something the; 
do not know, but It aeeks to elve voice to what the 
c«nmaD people dO already IblDk and believe. It ainu 


tobe aolnterpretar of present-day avannUoalthotigtit, 
not the beraldinc of a oaw is\M.,''—PnfiK*. A.utbw la 
paatorofTrlultyM.Z. Church, of Chicago. 
Oruis, Stephen, Active service : a novel, 

N. Y., F: A , Stokes Co., [1899.1 c. 4+ 

345 p. D.d., tl.2S. 

B«lns with a aplrlted deaorlptlon of tbe aaDotom ctf 
tbe Buiidav editor Id a New York City oewepaper. To 
separate hla daughter from tbe editor, Profeaaer 
Wi^DwrlKht took Eer and her mother with hloi oD a 
Journey lo Greece, on which he was obliged to take 
•ome pupil* for studlea in archEsolon. Tha editor 
learned of this and begged the poaltloD of war cor- 
respondent for the Cretan-Turkish trouble, Juat tbeo 
begiDDlng;. Hla active service was resculiig tbe pro- 
feasoraDd bis party from the Turks. The deaorlptlima 
of ooDdlUona are accurate, and tbe romance, com- 
plicated by the I ' 
slag«r, are excic 
badge ot courage, 
Orane, Stephen. Tbe monster, and other 

stories. N. Y., Harper, 1899. 4+169 p. D. 

cl., $1.35. 

"The monster," a wrird, Pue-llke tale, fllla more 
than half the volume. Tlie others an "The bloe 
hotel " and ■' Hla new mittens." 

Orane, Stephen. War is kind; drawings by 
Will Bradley. N. Y., F: A. Stokes Co., 
1899. 7-96 p, O. bds.. f 3.60, 

Poema by the author of '■ The red badge of courage." 
Will Bradley bad entire charge of them • — ' -* 

By tbe author o 

tbe b. 

e 111 us 

d thedt 

If many yean 

rersofthoai ___. 

id with all the original II 

^ Printed on gray paper, with rou^ 
edges, wltb frequently only a abort verse on a page. 

Crane. Walter. The sirens three. Bost., B: 
G, Badger & Co., [1898.] unp. il. sq. O. 
cl., tl.^. 
For manj ;eaia this poem has been inaccessible to 

rations printed in 
Golden Now, and 

Dark To Be, and they alng tbe poem of life— love and 

hope and grief. 

"Crawford, Francis Harion. Adam John- 
stone's son and A rose of yesterday, Neui 
ed.,2v. inlv. N. Y., The MacmillanCo., 
18U9. il. \T, cl., %IM. 

'Crawford, Francis Marlon. The Ralatons. 
New ed., 3 v. in I v. N. Y., The Macmil- 
lanCo.,1899. 12*. cl., fl. 

*Orawford, Francis Marion. Saracinesca; iL 
by Orson Lowell. N. Y., The Macmillaa 
Co., 1899. 3 v„ 8+876; 7+846 p. 8°, cl., 

Orawford, Francis Marion. Via crucis: a 
romanoe of the Second Crusade; il. by L: 
Loeb. K. Y., The MacmillanCo., 1899. o. 
■98, '88, 4+896 p. D. cl., »1.50. 

Thisromance of tbe Second Crusade opens In the 
year 1146. The mother of the younc English linlght, 
who is the hent, marries a few months after bis fa- 
thar'sdeath. The young man goea to a monaatery and 
almost decides to leave the world when a monk Urea 
him with ambition to Join Bernard of Clairvaux and 
work in the world for the glory of ChrUl. Hla for- 
tunes become mixed wltb those of Eleanor, the gaj 
young queen of France, Tbe object of tbe hiehly 
romantic tale la to bring a primitive Christlanlnto 
■1th the splendor of the great French and 


a barons and the abject 

ery of tbe poor t^ 

*Orawfarii, Virginia M, Studies in foreig 
literature. Bost., L. C. Page &. Co., I81H 
5+808 p. IS', cl., »1.75. 

Cathedral durinpr Holy Week, 1898. N, Y„ 
T: Whittaker, 1898. 4+133 p. D. c!., 75 c. 
Orelghton, Mandell, {Bp.) Queen Elizabeth. 
NeiB ed. N. Y., Longmans, Oreen & Co., 
1899. 54+307 p. por. D. cl„ $1.50. 
First published by Bousaod, Taladon A COq In Jnljr 

DigmzsnnyCOO^IC ' 

„ ,— itln* thi 

[O (ketch the UfB ot ElLisbeth u pl^Ely w ^ 

ble. He tua endeOiToml to Uliutnce a ■[Dtalu-Jy oom- 
plax penoiuillty ratber thu to vrtla a hlBtory of k 
u». Ellzabetb'B lira wm *o cIomIt tnterworeD with 
the blitory of Eoglana ttut be did not ilmyi find It 
poolble to aeiMmtfl her ftotloD* from public slTalr*. 

*Oramar, J. H., and Bicknell, O. A. Chami- 
cal and metallurgical handbook for the um 
of chemists, raeUillurglste, and mining en- 

Eneers. 2d ed. Cleveland, O., published 
' the authoTB, J. E. Cremer and O. A. 
Sicknell, 18B». 887 p. 16°, leath, pocket- 
boob. |8. 

14+847 p. 12', cl., net, $1.10. 

*OrllB, G; W., 3f.D. An experimental re- 
search into Bureical ahock. Phil., J. B, 
Lippiacott Co., 1809. 11. 8*, (3.60. 

•Oripp*, Wilfred Jos. Old EneUah plate: ec- 
cleaiastical, decorative, ana domestic, its 
makers and marks, dtk ed. rev. and enl. 
N. Y., F. P. Harper, 1899. 16+477 p. 8% 

■a, »6. 

Orockett, Ingram. Beneath blae skies and 
gray: poems. ' N. T„ E, H. Russell [1899.] 
c.'98. a-lOSp. O. bds.. tl. 
Sonnets and abort poems, hSTlai; lor their lubjacta 

tbeTBiioua utpoctt ot lULture, tba birds Mid tkuren, 

Orockett, S: Rutherford. The Black Douglas. 
N. Y., Doubledaydt McClure Co., 1899. c. 
11+479 p., 11.50. 

Por the past tec jears the author ot " The raldara " 
tia> worked untbiB etlrriug romaace of the dara of 
WUUam Douelaa, tba unrortunate earl who conspired 
anlnat JaiDesII. or Scxitland. who stabbed him irltb 
hbom hand Id 1*M, atier haUng antlqad him to Btir- 
Hat by a safe coodult. The romantic Scottish sceaeB 
and the baautiful women who lored the warrior earl 
are depleted in the author's best manner. 
Orockott, 8: Rutherford. lone March; it, bv 
E. Pollak. N. Y., Dodd, Mead & Co., 1899. 
c. '97, '99. 7+864 p. D. cl.. (1.60. 
An American plrl, refined, beautiful, and well adu- 
oated. but of indepeodent spirit, la the heroine. The 
■caqe Li Switzerland and Eneland, thou^q'h the principal 
cbsracCers are American. Aa entertaining picture is 
gl'sa ot hotel Ufe In Bwltserland and of the Tarloua 
odd characters to be foand there. CbleS;. howeTer, 
the author alms to portray tba pecullarltlaa and 
-characteristics of American traTellers abroad. For- 
tlous of the story appeared In I** nonan at Ju/me 
DDder the title of ■' The woman of fortune." 
Crockett, S: Rutherford. KitKennedy, coun- 
try boy: with il. by A. I. Keller. N. Y., 
Harper, 1899. a. 6+408 p. D. cl., 11.50. 

A secret Bootcb marrEage witbou' > mtnluar Inai 

marriage lines and the dlaappearan 

deserted wife who cannot prove he: 

boy with seomlngly no leral rlfht to t 

Is the familiar plot, '^t Kennedy" if 

<luestlon, and it is his story that the book ban to do 

with. Many rlvld descriptions are Introduced of 

Scotch scenery and latense scenes of lore and hatred. 

Orokar, Mrt. Bertha M. lofatuation; or, 

Uaria's misfortunes. Phil., J. B. Lippin- 

cott Co.. 1899. c. '98. 3-307 p. D. (Lippin- 

cott's select novels, no. 214.) cl., $1; pap.. 


le bjh. 


a rich a 

m Maria Tal 

misfortunes. Her story openi 
-V, v.n Bwltaerluid, and has ita corji:LuumK n;vucB a 
Brighton and London. It la In Switzerland she meet 

ship onsets the neglect of her wortbless loyer. AIb< 

■peaks a most wonderful Jar^a. A false E'rencI 

las Maria of 1 
^fsenltade. la 


le after 



Oroker,Jlfrs. Bertha M. The real Lady Hilda; 
a sketch. N. Y., F. U.Buckles&Co., 1899. 
c. 8-368 p. D. cl., |1; pap., 85 c. 

The story ol Hrs. Hayes, the widow of an English 
pliyslolan who hod died in India, where he hwlQTed 
In 1UXUI7 at the court of a rajal). Mrs. Hayee la left 
in porerty by ids death, tlie raHah's promises of caring 
for his family not being Icept. Urs. Hayes returns to 
London, tokas her step.daii^ter from school jmd be. 
gins a light with fortune Lady Hilda Is an English- 
woman who I* hugely In debt to Mrs. Hayes for kind- 
ness recelred In India, but who cruelly cuts her In her 

Peru. N. Y., The Macraillan Co., 1B99. 

13+887 p, 8°, ol.,ta. 
*Oronlii, H. S. Codex purpureus petropoli- 

tanusfN'.) N. Y.,TheMacmi]lanCo., 1899. 

64+108 p. 16*, (Texts and studies, Dontribu< 

tions to oibiicai and patristic literature, v. 

*Orook, Ja. E., M.D. The mineral waters 

of the United States, and their therapeutic 

uses. Phil., Lea Bros. & Co., 1899. 580 p. 

8*, cl., ?tet, fS.50. 
Orooke, W., comp., and Rouse, W. H. D. 

The talking thrush and other tales from 

India; collected by W. Crooke and retold by 

W. H.D. Rouse! n. by W.H. Robinson. N. 

Y., E. P. Dutton & Co., 189B. 16+317 p.,|1.60. 

" The small part of a large collection of Indian folk- 
tales made by Ur. Crooke In tlie course of the ethnolog- 
ical BUnay of the Northtrest Prorincee ud Oudh. 
Some were recorded by the collector from the Up* of the 
lungle-folks of Hlz&pur. others by his uatlTe assistant 
Pandit RAmgbar lb Cbaub«: besides these alargenum- 
ber were received from all parUof theproTlncesin re- 
apoDse to a circular Isaued by Ur. J. □. Nesfleid, the di- 
rector of public Instruction to all teat- hers ot vlilago 
schools. ThepresentBetectionlsconflnedtotha baaat 
stories; moat ot them are new or iiavo bean published 
In the North Indian Notes and Queries."— ftn/oee. 

Orois, Jieu. R. T. Home duties. Chic, The 
Bible Institute Colportage Assoc., [1899.1 
c. '98, '90. 138 p. 8. {Colportsge lib., v. B, 
no. 74.) pap., 15 c. 
ContcrvU : Duties of bualiands, wires, and parents. 

children, sisters, etc.; Duty of getting a home; and 

Oross, S; Creed. The negro and the sunny 
south: a lecture. Mar tinsburg. West Va., 
8: Creed Cross, 1899. c. 8-186 p. por, D. 
cl., tl; pap., 60 c. 

"'"' '" pioturo of the negro and the 

outh, n 


so^y of SI 


solution he believes Isloro and liberty— treating him 

OrosH, Wilbur Lucius. The development of 
the English novel. N. Y., The Macmillan 
Co., 189B. e. 14+839 p. D. cl., fl.60. 
Traces In outlme the course of English fiction from 

Arthurian romance to Steven Bon. Indicating In the 

hlstori Pally treatec 
ters are oEfered on I 

Anthony Trollope Charlotte Bront*. George Bliotl 
Meredith, and Kipling. There are added In an appen- 
dix a list of twenty-flve prose Actions loirfcally or. 
ranged, showing In large outline the devaloptnent of 
IheEndiahnoTel, and Bomobtbllographlca] notes. The 
book Is 09 much for the general reader aa the student. 
Orowell. J: Franklin. Economic aspects of 
British agriculture. Phil., American Acad. 


of Political and Social Science, [18M.] 4S- 
68 p. O. (PubticatiODa or the society, no. 
280.) pap., 15 c. 
Crowell, Jos. E. The youni;: volunteer: a 
record of the experiences of a private sol- 
dier. N. Y.,F. TennyaonNeelj, [18M.] c. 
490 p. D. cl., (1; psp., 35 c. 
A «tory ot the War of tba Hcbolllon. While htatori- 
cjbllr occuraM BO far as It Eoes, bein^ b&A«<l on the 
■erTlce ot the Thirteenth RwLmenl of New Jeney 
Voluntee™, It 1b tnore intended 1o glie the raader an 
Idea of the every-ilay life aed ejiperiencei ot a private 
Boldter In the Tulunteerwrny. 

*Orow«*t, F: J. The life of Beethoven. N, 
Y.. E. P. Button & Co., 1899. ii. por. 12*, 
(The master musicians ser.) cl., tl.30. 

OrownlnBhlsld. JUra. Mary Bradford, [Mrs. 

Schuyler Crownin shield.] San Isidro. 

Chic, H. S. Stone & Co., 1899. c, 4+ 

3iap. D. cl.,(1.50. 

San Isldro la on the coast of Ueilco. a place often 
TiBll«d by audden etorma and SoadH, two of which are 
described In detail and furnlih the dramatic climax 
of the story The peoullar relations between master 
and servanU. the love aRtUra of two or three natlTe 
conplQB. and the manners and custom* of the country 
WW worked Into a tragic plot, 

Orociw, J: Beattie. My inner lite: being a 
chapter in personal evolution and auto- 
bioeraphy. N. Y., Longmans, Oreen & 
Co., 1898. 19+563 p. O. cl., »4.60. 

•Omttwell, C; T: A literary history of early 
Christianity, including the fathers and the 
chief heretical wrilers of the ante-Nicene 
period, for the use of students and general 
readers. N. Y., imported by C: Soribner's 
Sons, 1899. 3 v., 816; 869 p. 8*, cl., net, |6. 

•Omttwell, Maud. Luca Bignorelli. N, Y., 
The Macmillan Co., 1899. 18+144 p. 11. 8', 
(Oreat masters in painting and sculpture.) 
cl., $1.75. 

•Onmmlng, Kob. C, Qilbert. Frank B., and 
Woodward, H: L., eompt. and eds. The an- 
notated corporation lavs of all the states, 
generally applicable to stock corporations, 
including statutes and constitutional pro- 
visions relating to receivers, practice, tax- 
ation, trusts and combinations, labor, and 
crimes by corporations and their officers. 
Alb., J. B. Lyon Co., 1899. a. 8 v. O. 
shp., tl8. 

Tbe atates are taken Id ahthabetical order, and each 

indexed and pas"! ^y Itaelf. 

'Onmming, Bob. C, Cilbert, Frank B., and 
Woodward, H; L., compa. and eds. Anno- 
tated corporation laws of all the states, 
cont. all the legislation of 1899 generally' 
applicable to stock corporations, trusts, 
and combinations, receivers, taxation, 
labor, and crimes by corporations and their 
officers. First supplement, [y. 4.1 Alb., 
J. B, Lyon Co.. 1889. c. O. slip., f6. 

OnminlngB, St. James. Flamborough Head, 
and other poems. Charleston, 8. C, pub- 
lished hy the author, St. James Cummings, 
1899. c. 2-55 p. a. pap., 35 c. 

•Oonnlngton, Rev. E. B. How to plav chess. 
Hew rev. enl. ed. N. Y., G: Routledge & 
Sons. Ltd., 1899. 88 p. 16°, cl., 40 c. 

*Ounnington, Rev. E. E. The modern chess 
primer. N. Y., G: Routledffe & Sons, Ltd. 
1899. 856 p. 16', cl., 80 c; bds., BO o. 

•Ounnlngton. iiev. E. E.,ed. Half hourswith 
Morphv. N. Y., G : RoutledgeA Sons, Ltd. 
1899. 79 p. 16*, cl., 40 c. 


CtuuiTnghain, W. G. E. The foreign mis- 
slohary and his work; with an introd. by 
W. R. Lambulh. Nashville, Tenn., Pub- 
lishiog House oF the M. E. Church, South, 
(Barbae dt Smith, Agts.,) [1899.] c 3- 
183 p. cl., 50 o. 

tlDDB of the forBlgn mlBalonary. Vbo titles are: The 
reliKloua condition of the world; The foreign mlasloo- 
ary: The missionary at vorl[:Pmwlilogto the heathen: 
OrsanlzlnK a nalWe church; A native ministry: Self 
Buppert of Dative churchie: Jflssloii schoola; A native 
^..js ..._.. Medical missions; A short algn- 


'Onnynghune, H: On the art and practice of 
art-enameling upon metals; il. in col. and 
half-tone. N. Y. , The Uacmillan Co., 1899. 
18+135 p. 13', cl.,ne(, tl.80. 
■Onraw,L. O. Chicago,Sa1an'sBanctuni:an 
impartial review of the vices, crimes, and 
evil influences atTecting tbe city govern- 
ment of Chicago and tbe countv govern- 
ment of Cook Co., III. Chic, C. D. FhillipB 
& Co., 1899. 13%cl., tl. 
OniUn, Jeremiah. Creation myths of primi- 
tive America in relation to the reli^ons 
historv and mental development of man- 
kinrt. ■ Host., Little, Brown & Co., 1898. c. 
89+532 p. il. O. cl., $2.50. 

Thelauthor's methoda have already been (hownta 
"Uytba and folk-lore of Ireland"; "Myths and folk- 
tales o( the Buaslans," " Western Slavs and Uagyan," 
etc. This book Ig on the unwritten mental producticos 
of primitive America. It contains twenty Ions Bytha 
taken down word for word by tbe author from th« In- 
dians, who knew no lanf^iage or religion bnl their own. 
~ iterpleces of the prlmltli 

. . earliest forma of 
jrds of Egypt and As- 
plain man* tblDjcs taught In the^rel|f;ioD 

make the book 

thought T 

Onrtis, D: A. Queer luck: poker stories from 

the New York Sun. N. Y., Brentano's, 

1899. c. '9&-'9e. 4+2S4p. S. cl., Jl. 

Oxitenlt: Whv heqult the game: Freeze-out for a 
life: A Kambler* pistol plav: Queer runs of lock; 
Storm's straight flush; For a Senaleeeat; The bill went 
through; Policr for high staka; "Overland Jack"; 
His last Sunday gams; Fnss stopped the game; He 
played for his wife; The club's last game. 
•Ourtls, Q:W: Prue and I. N. Y.. A. L. 

Burt, 1899. 271 p. 13*, (Home lib.) cl., fl. 
Curtls.G: W: Prue and I; with an iutrod. 

byM. A. De Wolfe Howe. N. Y., T: Y. 

Crowell & Co.. [1899.] c. 21+334 p. il. D. 

(Copley ser.)c].,|l. 
Ourtls, G: W: Prue and I. [New cheaper 

ed.] N. Y . Harper, 1099. c. '68, W. iO+ 

228 p. il. D. cl.,50c. 
Ouuck, O: The red rag of ritual. N. Y., 

F: Warne & Co., 1899. 4-312 p. D. cL, 


A careful etudyof two ritualistic clergymen serving 
Drst Id the same parish. The older man gives up his 
place and becomes an anlst. Tbe author, with true 
tolerance, weighs the good and the harm of tbe vari- 
ous Catholic. Ritualistic, and Protestant practlcea. Hs 

ment, and that evervthmg is wrong that Interteres 
with Irue C)irl«tianity In which tbe element of sacri- 
ficing love must always outweigh all others. 

•OuBhing, H. C, jr. Standard wiring for 
electric light and power. N. Y., D. Van 
Ncstrand Co., 1899. 16*, flex, leath, $1. 

•Ouihnv, Arthur R., M.D. Pharmacology 
and therapeutics. Phil., L^a Bros, ft: Co., 
1899. 736 p. il. 8', cl., net, (S.TB. 

■Oust, LiOBel. Historj of Eton College. N. 

Y., Soribaer, [imported,] 1899. 16+318 p. 

il. 13*, (EngliBh public schools.) cl., Sl-60. 
Ontter, Stonewall, [pseud. For L: Levy.] 

Senator CaBbdoUar, of Washiagton. Chic, 

E. A. Weeks Co., [18&B.] c. 246 p. D. 

(Phoeaix eer, no. 13.) pap., 25 c. 

A stotT ot AmerlckD political life. 

Ott, Ellen U. Cyr'a flFth reader. Bost., 
Qinn&Co., ISBQ. c. 10+482 p. il. D. cl.. 

D., J. E. P., cotnp. Homents with art : 

short Helections in prose and verse for lovers 

ot art. Cnic, A. C. UoClurg & Co., 1899. 

G. 12+199 p. S. ct., tl. 
*D«ch»l, Paul, Eight years among the 

Ualays. Milwaukee, Wis., C. N. Caspar 

Co., 1899. 121 p. 8°, pap., 50 c. 
■Dally Hail map of the Bo?r republics; 

printed in colors, N. Y., imported by C: 

Scribner's Sons, 1899. folded, 40 c. 
■Dale, Alfred W: Winteralow. Thelite of R. 

W. Dale of Birmingham; by his son. N. 

Y., Dodd, Mead <t Co., 1899. 10+771 p. 

por. 8°, cl., net, ^. 
Dale, Rob. W: Essays and addresses. 3d «d. 

N. y„ A. C. Armstrong & Son, 1899. 8+ 

398 p. O. cl.,fl.TO. 

EMayB •elected, edltnd. and Mnotatad by A. ■ " 

i woTBhlii, and t 

CoDgTeKikt.lonall«a ; 

CoDpregBtlonallim (1 aodil; Hr. 


of the n&l presence and of the Lord's Supper. 

Dallmeyer, T: K. Telephotography, an ele- 
mentary treatise on the construction and 
application of the telephotographic lens. 
».Y., Longmans, Qreen & Co., 1899. 15+ 
147 p. sq. O. cl , net, t4. 

Dalton, Davie. How to swim; a practical 
treatise on the art of natation ; with in- 
struction as to the best methods of sav- 
ing persons imperilled in the water and of 
resuscitating those apparently drowned. 
N. Y., O. P. Putnam's Sons, 189B. c. 
10+133 p. por. il.D. cl., |1. 

The author !■ champton long-dlstar— — ' "' 


B UnlMd State* 

metleandgeuKraphy loChepubli _. _.. .. 

are^iTGn tor be^tonen Id the art, and for those further 
adraaced the varloua trick* of practical sir Immers are 

Daly, J: J. Window dressing. N. Y., The 
BookaeUer and Netesman, 1899. c. 6-6S p. 

0. pap., (1. 

, of making Bi 

windom attractive by an artistic arranEement nf 

nod*, light, decorallDiu, etc. Originally publtsbed in 

TV Booictaitr aid yactman. 

■Dana, E: Salisbury. FirstappeodixtoDana's 
new "System o! mineralogy": an account 
of the progress of this science front the 
Bth ed. in 1893-1899. N. Y., J; Wiley & 
Sons, 1899. 10+7B p. 8*. cl., fl. 

Dana, J: Cotton. A library primer. Chic, 
Library Bureau, 1899. c. 8-180+9 p. D. 
cl., «1. 

"The library primer" il what It* name Implie*. It 
doei not try to be exhauatlve in any part of the field. 

buyiii booki 


ip the aubjeet of library m 
rary, aod to ibov how large It >• luiu 
■lana have yet to learn and todo."~ 
are flfty.Qve chapters tonoblng upon 

irarlan in a small libwy." by Julia A.'. 
teea." oondeneed from a paper, by C. 
Bipaoslve claralHcatlon, by C: A. Cut- 
ooumenU," by A. R. Haase; "Public 
reatlon," by W: I. Fletcher^ "Library 
FVank C. Paltch; and " Row the llbra- 
-_>... I ., ^j, channing Folr — °~ 

— books, periodica 

V ra! 

ijfit of periodical* for a *c 

Dana, J: Monroe, ed. The wider view : a 
search for truth; collected and ed. by Ja 
Monroe Dana. N. Y., G; P. Putnara'sSona 
1899. c. 261 p. D. cl., |1.50. 

and extracts upon; T^uth ; (Juealloning: ProBTSsa: 
Reielallon; Creeds; Fallh and beresy: Sectarianism; 
Tbe eternal; Huinaultyi Brotberbood; Lore; Cbarac- 
!«-; Sellglon: The comlnir cburch; Death: Trust, A 
full Index of author*. Hr. Dana quotes on bl* title- 
page from " FararelBu* ": " "Tib time new hr^ieBShould 
anlinate the world, new light ibould dawn." 

■Da&B, Stephen W., D.D. Woman's possi- 
bilities and limitations. N, Y. and Chic, 
Fleming H. Revell Co., 1899. 110 p. 16*, 
cl.. (» c. 
■DBndliber, E: A abort history of Switzer- 
land ; tr. by E. Salisbury. N. Y., The 
MacmUlanCo., 1899. 16+ffii2 p. maps, 8*, 
cl., 13.50. 
Daniels, JUrs.CoraLinn. TbebronieBuddba; 
a mystery. Bost.. Little, Brown &, Co., 
1899. c. '96. S+395p. D. cl.,«1.00. 
A strange medley of the Iheorle* of theoaopby, oc- 
cultlam, telepathy, and the many other seeking* that 
reach Into the unknown. The scene Is chlerTy New 
York City, A bronze Buddha Is eeen In the Academy 
of Design bv the rlcb, Idle voung hero and tbe devoted 

thelrahmln* of India It fasnhiates them both; when 
they return it is gone. Tbs sl'-l's father m^ea her 
prcnilBe to devote her life and fortune to liodliiK the 
list god. This search brings tbein often together, and 
a most remarkable ramlly history la dlaoovered tor 
both of them. 

Daniels, Heber E. Digby Ravelyn: a novel. 
N.Y., The Home Pub. Co., [1899.] c. 3+ 
343 p. D. (Welcome ser.. no. 40.) pap., 50 c. 

penter's daughter who Is In turn loved by tbe dissi- 
pated son of the village undertakar. Tbi* undertaker 
IB the carpenter's landlord and makes him suffer many 
Indlgnltlea when tlmesare hard and rent come* slowly. 
The undertaker's family, consisting of two sons and 
two daughters named after marbles uaed In building 
cwnumonts, is deacrlbed with humor that remind* the 
reader of Didtens. 

Daniels, Wintbrop More. The elements of 
public finance; incl. the monetary xyatem 
of tbe United States. N. Y., H: Holt ft 
Co., 1899. c.,ne(, 11.50. 

" The present volume owea itBDrlBln to the want the 
author eipenouced In finding a suitable text for his 

Bnance was too narrow to Include certain subjeeta- 
lueh aaour currency ayatem— which I thought (It to 
dlocuss In a somewhat practical manoal."— Pre/'aee. 
The author la professor of political economy in Prince- 
ton University. 

■Dante Allghleri. The new life, (La vita 
nuova;}tr. by Dante Gabriel BflBBetti. Stdt 


daUed. N. T., Scribnar, [imported,] 18W. 
169 p. 16*, cl.,tl. 

•Santa AUgUarL II PandJsa; Italian text; 
ed. b7 H. Oelsner; tr. bj Rev. Philip H. 
Wicketeed. N. Y., The HacmiUan Co., 
1899. 16*,(TnmpIe clauic8.)cl., r«<, SOc; 
limpleath., 75 c. 

•Duite AllghlnL Purgatory. Pt. ». Tlie 
earthly paradise (Cantos 29-88): an experi- 
ment in literal verse translation, by G: 
Idjicelot Shadnell; with an introd. by J: 
Earle. N. T., The MacmiUan Co., 1809. 
188+100 p. 8*.cl„ $2. 

D'Argentanil, Paul. The trerabling of Bore- 
alis. N. Y. and Chic, F, Tennyson Neely, 
[ISW.] c. S-«16 p. 11. D. cl., tl; pap., 

Tbe 'itoiT tl Buppiaed to begin Anna Muodl. BOOO. 
Aqdo Hundj meBDlUK ye&r of the world, ia used Insteul 
of Anno DamLol (jro&r of our Lord J. The CTeaU relmtsd 
are believed to liaTe bappeaed durioE tbe dark »)[«■ of 
a prerloui period among preblstorlc rscae ot the 
Kortb American OonUnent tben known u BoraallH. 
ADioor otber lijcldoiiU that dlaturb tbe Inhabltante of 
the United ProrlnceB of Borealls Is a wu In wbicb 
there are cllmaies and political iltuatlona reaembling 

'OBTler, Q: H., D.D. Pioneering in the San 
Juan. N. T. and Chic, Fleming H. Revell 
Co., 1899. 228 p. il. 12°, cl., tl.50. 

OarUng, Mary Oreenteaf. We four girls: a 
summer story for girls. Boat., Lee A 
Shepard, 1899. c 7+847 p. il. D. cl., 

TKCktlon enjoyed br four 


The (torr of a ai 

and recr«atlon. There b b mlid romance. In . 

they are all intereated, and of wbicb tbelr teacher ts 

the principal person, 

"DarmaBteUr, Ars^ue. A historical French 
grammar; ed. by Ernest Huret and Leopold 
Sudre; authorued £nEfItshed., by Alphonse 
HartoK. N. Y. The Macmillan Co., 1899. 
48+986 p. 12°, cl., net, tS.76. 

Daudat, Alphonse. Fromont and Risler, 
(Fyomont jeune et RwUr Aini:i tr. by O: 
Burnhaailves. Bost., Little, Brown & Co., 
1899. c'98. 30+488 p., 11.80. 

*Dandet, Alphonse. The nabob; tr. by G. 
Bumham Ivea; with introd. bv Brander 
Matthews. Bost., Little, Brown &, Co., 1899. 
a v., 291; 806 p., 12*, cl., ea.,%l.SO. 

Oandat, Alphonse. Sappho. Special Olqa 
Nethertou ed. N. ¥., Street dc Smith, 
[1899.1 c 8-203 p. il. D. {Undine lib., no. 
i.) pap., 36 c. 

■DaTanport, C: Benedict. Experimental 
morphology. In 2 pts. Pt. 2, Effect ot 
chemical and physical aKent« upon growth. 
N. Y., The Macmillan Co., ISM. 18+281- 
609 p. 8*, cl., nef, |2. 

■Davenport, C: Benedict. Statistical meth. 
ods. with special reference to biolo);ical 
variation : intended especially for botanists, 
zodlo^ists, anthropologists, anatomists, 
physiologists, and psychologists, who are 

I mterested in the quantitative study ot spe- 
cies and of organic variation. N, Y., J: 
"Wiley * Sons, 1899. 7+148 p. 18°. mor., 

^avey, H: The student's musical history. 
3d ed. N. Y., imported by C: Scribner's 
Sons, 189B. 152 p. 12*, cl., 75 c; pap., 60 c. 

*David, Mri. T. W. Edgeworth. Funafuti; 
or, three months on a coral island: an un- 

scientiBc account of a scientiQc expedition. 

*Davldioa, Mrs. Hug^ Coleman. Dainties, 
English and foreign. N. Y., imported by 
C: Scribner's Sons, 1809. 186 p. 13*. cl.. 

1,1899. 86p. la*, cl.. 

i p. 12*, cl.. 

N. Y., J: Lane, 

■Davidson, J: Tbe last ballad, and other 
poems. N. Y., J: Lane, 1899. 12*, cl., 

■Davidson, Randall T., (Bp.) A chance de- 
livered to the clergy of the Diocese ofWin- 
Chester, September 28, 80; October 3, 8, 4, 
6, 1899. N. Y., Tbe Macmillan Co., 1899. 
8+206 p. 8*, pap., |1. 

■Davidson, S:, D.D. The autobiography and 
diary ot Samuir'l Davidson, D.D. ; with a se- 
lection of letters from English and German 
divines and an account of the Davidson 
controversy of 18B7, by J; Allanson Picton: 
ed, by his daughter. N. Y., imported by 
C: Scribner's Sons, 1899. 378 p. por. 8*, 
Cl., |3. 

Davidson, S:, D.D. The canon ot the Bible: 
its formation, history, and fluctuatioiu; 
from the 8d rev. andenl. ed. N. Y., P: 
Eckler, [1899.] 4-189 p. D. (Library of lib- 
eral classics, V, 4. no. 4B.) pap., 00 c. 

"Tbe lubatance of the present work ns written 
toirarda the close of the year ISTA ror tbe new edition 
of the < Eocycloptedla Brllannlca." HaTlng been 
abridged and mutilated contrary to ihe auihor's wlHbea 
before Its publloatloQ there, be reeolTed to print It en- 
tire. With that in Tietv It baa undergone repeated 
revl'loD, with eolargement in different ports, and been 
made as complete as the limits ot an e«ay appeared to 
allow."— PrtfocB. 

■Davidson, W; L. Christian ethics. N. T. 

and Chic, Fleming H. Revell Co., 1899. 

188 p. 12°. cl., 75 c. 
Davie, Oliver. Reveries and recollections ol 

a naturalist. Kdition de luxe. Columbua, 

O,, published by the author, Oliver Davie, 

1898. c. 7-106 p. por. il. O. cl., net, |2. 

[Ed. limited to 200 copies.] 

Theauthorof " Nests and eggs of North Amerioui 
birds " and "Hetbods In the arts ot taxldeniiy."etc. 

Elves here some chapters from bla early life, abowlng 
ow he Rrst became Interested In nature, and how he 
became a taxidermlat. 

Davlet, Edwin, D.D., cotnp. Gems from the 
fathers; or, clioice thoughts gathered from 
their numerous works and arranged in al- 
phabetical order. N. Y,, Ja. Pott & Co., 

[1899.] 12+473 p. D. cl.. $1.75. 
Prose selections from tbe literary remaloa ot mea 
who liTad in or near apoatolfc timee. 

Davis, C: H: Life ot Charles Henry Davis, 
Hear-Admiral, 1807-1877. Boot., Houghton, 
Mifflin &, Co., 1899. c 8+349 p. por. O. 

cl., II!. 

Admiral DaTla was born in Boston, JanaBi7 IB, 1807, 
and died at the Naval Observatory, in WaahlngtoD, 
February 18, 18W. Thla Intimate biography I* brought 
out especially for its historical value In covering tba 
perloefof the Civil War. He served through the whole 
fourycars In positions ot the highest reaponslbllllyln 
Iho field of actlonand In the oounoll, A tranaoripUon 
of the admiral's private letters bears upon this period 
of war. It was hla previous experience on the Coast 
Surrey and his lot imate acqualntaoca wlthtle tiy&ng- 


nwbj ot tlie coan enabJed blm to buoy out tbe ohan- 
»1 («' Du Font's Beet Bt Port Boyal. Incidentally 
cDinpBrea the proMNit metbodi of tbe navy with those 

Dwia, Sev. H. T. Perfect happiness. Cin., 
O., Curts & Jenaings, 1899. c. 324 p. B. 

Tbe (Ubject 1b con 

, nildered , , 

I^rfset happiaeai promised; ptvt 2 discusses Pei 
feet h^iplness oonditlanad; pin S treati of Perfect 
bsppiDcaa OKperieDced; pan 4 defines Perteat hmppi- 

Davls, Harry CasselliCOtnp. Commencement 
parts: valedictories, HalutatorieB. orations, 
essays, class poeois, ivy orations, toasts; 
also orlrinal speeches and addresses tor tbe 
national holidays and other occasions. N. 
T., Hinda & Noble, [1B99.] c. '98. 14+ 
836 p. O. cl., 11,60. 

Tbe ohlef object of this book i« to place before the 
student such models as irill prompt to spoclal elToit 
(n the preptu-atioD and dellrery of bla own speecbes. 
It will be found useful, bonTer, to IndlTlduHla m erery 
walk of life who bare oceasloa to " take tbe Ooor" for 
uy purpose. It Is an IntaresUnf oompllatiOD of tbe 

^, delirered brcolleg:e ■nenonminyoccasloiiB.auch 
•<■- >-kQqae(. tbe ola» leuulon, the InauKurKtIon of 

• iirmuent, etc.; also ■pecimen eaeaya and eoioposl. 

UonstbM have von prizes at school andaollego. 

Davis, J. Walter. The Gawktown revival 
club: a satire on hypocrites. Minneapolis, 
Minn., The Gleaner Publishiog Co., 1699. 
c. "98. 89 p. sq. S. pap., 50 c. 

A pervonal couceptlua of an ideal revlral club, writ- 
ten with the purpose'-ofatlmulaciDxreliKlousthought 
alor-^ unusual lines, and of bringing back the old- 
fasbioned re viral." 

Davis, Lucius Dan. Ornamental shrubs for 
garden, lawn, and park plantine': with an 
account of ihe origin, capabilities, and 
adaptations of tbe numerous species and 
varieties, native and foreign, and especial- 
ly of the new and rare sorts, suited to cul- 
tivation in the United States N, T., G: 
P. Putnam's Sons, 1899. c. 6-1-338 p. il. 
O. cl., $8 50. 

Aa this la not deilgned to be a scientific treatise, do 
attempt Is made at atricilr hotanlc^al clasHlflcatlon or 
deacrlptlOD, Wbat U written Is more especially for 
theiorj^e number of people who, thongh Interested In 
plants and Dowers, hare little or no knowledge of 
botany, and neither time nor lacllnatlon to acquire It. 
Tbe i^raseology Is plain and the desorlptlona are 
esslly comprehenatble; yet tbe book contains material, 
Beier before preiented, relating to Twletiea of plants 
developed under cultivation. 

Davis, Urg MoUie E. Moore. The wire-cut- 
ters. Boat., HoUKlitoD, Mifflin & Co., 1899. 
c. 4-(-373p. D. cL,$1.50. 
Tbo author of" Under Ibeman-n?" lets t 

scenes of ber story take place again chiefly 

fences around It, and the wlre-cuners destroyed thi 
to let the cattle get to the sprlnKS and ponds. T 
bero, through his unnccountftble resemblance to t 
man from ifhom bis mother had been two years 

r la Killed In tne uirii War. Tbe hero 

drltu to Texas, where be tneeta bis brother, the villain 

Davis, Oscar King. Our conquests in the 
PaciBc. N. Y., F: A. StoVes Co.. [1899.] 
c. '98. '99. 4-1-303 p. il. D. cl., $1.25. 
Hr. Davis was special correspondent of the New 
Tork Shu. with the army of occupation. Uay to De- 
cember, I8M. He tells tbe atory of the Spanish war In 
the events developed In the Facltlc. Beginning with 
tbe salUog of our trauaporta from 9an Francisco, he 
daaerlbea tbe voya^ to Honolulu, their reception 
there, the takine of Quam, the arrival at Uanlla. the 
ftxhtlng with tbe Filipino forces, etc., etc. 
"Davis, R: Eardint^. Novels and stories. 
Olive leath. ed. N. Y., C: Scribner'e Sons, 

tbe son 



u, where he 




1899. 6 v., 16*, limp leath., net, |6. [Sold 
only in »et».} 
Davis, R; Harding. Tbe lion and the uni< 
corn; il. by H. C. Christy. N. Y., CiScrib- 
ner's Sons, 1899. c. 6+804 p. D. cl., 11.96. 

Bhort sloriea of war and of peace, entitled: The lion 
and the unioom; On tbe fever ship; Tbe man with oh 
talent; The vagrant; Tbe last ride together. 

•Davis. R: Harding. Soldiers of fortune, 
N. Y., American News Co., 1899, c. 7+ 
364 p. il. 13', (People's lib., no, e.J pap., SO o. 

Dawe, W. Carlton. The voyage of the Ptdo 
Way: a record of some strange doings at 
sea; il. by J. Ambrose Walton. N. Y., R, 
F. Fenno & Co., 1899, o. 8-JI13 p. il, D, 
cl., (1.2A. 

The bero, wbo had been a clerk for several years 
In tbeoDce of a well-knoon flrm of mercb ants doing 
business In Hon^ Kon^, was appointed by his employer 
•"fill a posltionln Manila, He enraged pai ■-- 

.J- Tif_.. ...._^ — I ._ w_ _ . psteatoei" 

the Piio Way was i 

i; befvetbe 

IP wasapiral 

■Dawes, Mrs. S. E. Colonial Massachusetts: 
stories of tbe Old Bay State. Boet., Silver, 
BurdettACo., 1899. c. 188 p. il. 13', cl., 
76 c. 

*Dawson, W: Earbutt. German socialism 
and Ferdinand Laealle: a biographical his- 
tory of Oerman socialistic movements dur- 
ingthis century. New ed. rev. oTid enl. 
N.Y., importedbyCiScribner's Sons, 1899. 
800 p. 12°, (Social science ser.) cl., $1, 

'Day, L: Foreman. Alphabets old and new; 
containing over 160 complete alphabets, 80 
series of numerals, and numerous fac- 
similes of anciant date, etc., for the use of 
craftsmen; with an introductory essay on 
"Art in the alphabet." N. Y., imported 
by 0: Scribner's Sons, 1899. 178 p. 13*, 

S Text-books of ornamental design ser.) cl., 
•Day, Susan De Forest. Tbe cruise of the 
Scythian in the West Indies. N. Y. and 
Chic, F. Tennyson Neely, 1899. il. 8°, 
(Neely's log-booTc ser., no. 1.) cl, (3; idi- 
tion de luxe, (5. 
Dean, Teresa, Reveries of a widow. N. Y,, 
Toion ropicsPubliBhingCo,, 1699. c. 8-1- 
388 p. D. cl.. 11.50. 
Tbe love-story of a beautiful young woman wbo 

il. by the author, N. T., The Macmilla 
Co,, 1899. 94p. n. 4°. cl.. ^2. 
•Dearmor, Jlfr«. Percy. Round about rhymes; 
written and pictured by Mrs. Percv Dear- 
mer. N, Y,, imported by C; Scribner's 
Sons, 1899, il, 4°, cl., |1. 
Decle, Lionel. Trooper 3809: a private sol- 
dier or the Third Republic. N. ¥., C: Scrib- 
ner's Sons, 1899. c. 8+800 p. il. D. bds., 

Now that tbe attention of tbe world, owlnsrto the 
Dreyfus caae, la centred on the French armv, this 
booli giving a detailed account of llsmethoda f™m the 
An lncn^'*"lt" "d ' "ribM^^h"""'*'' " °' *'™' value. 
from highest ufflcers to loweBt%i"balU?n. their?^™^ 
duties, their rights and prlvileKes, In iBe narrative 
the names of persons and places are fictitious. The 

'aulty methods of army discipline more tbaa to fault 

„.,I™B.,«, ,„_C.OO'|rc 


Dmhu, C: Force, D.D. The gospel of spirlt- 
uftl insight: being studies in toe Qospel of 
St. John. [Neto ad.l N. Y., Wilbur B. 
Ketoham, 1890. c. '01. 12+865 p. D. cl., 

Dftfos. Dan. The life aad adventures of 
Robinson Crusoe of York, mariner. N. 
Y., T:Y.Crowell&Ck)., [1899.] c. 6-858p. 
il. S. (Children's favorite clasdcs.) cl., 60 c. 

■De Oanno, C: Tales of Troy. New ed 
Bloomington, Dl,, Publio School Publish- 
ing Co.7l898. 8. cL, 3S c. 

D*lanao3r, Burford. The garden court mys- 
tery. N. Y., Street & Smith, [1899.1 c. 
8-196 p. D. iMagnet detective lib., no. 112.) 
pap., 10 c. 

■Delaware. Ct. of ehaneery. Reports of 
cases, b; Ja. L. wolcott; published under 
authority of the general asBembly by Ja. 
L. Wolcott, jr. V. 7. N. Y., The Stonks 
Law Pub. Co., 1889. c. 8-1-495 p. O. ahp,, 

'Delaware. The laws of private compaoiee 
relating to business corporations organized 
under the general corporation law of the 
state; with notes, annots., and corporation 
forms by J. Ernest Smith, Phil., T. & J. 
W. Johnson & Co , 1899. c. 31+361 p. O. 
ot., «3. 

*De Leon, Edwin W., and Moon, Sidney N. 
The law of liability; a digest of the laws ot 
negligence, respecting personal Injuries, 
with the leading decisions of the highest 
federal and state courts of the U. S. direct- 

446 p. 
shp., tS. * 
De Leon, T: Cooper. Joseph Wheeler, the 
man, the statesman, the soldier, seen in 

semi -biographical sketches. Atlanta, Qa., 

Byrd PrinUng Co., 1899. c. 163 p. D. 

(Searchlight lib., no. 1.) pap., 35 c. 

bantalnm chaptm on: Tho mkn u he la ; Earilsr 
days; Wheeler In war; An the publlclal; The WbMler 
fkinily: The army nneeirHiu^beeler'H story): In re- 
conitrucUon dajra; Wheeler't leep m Duck Blverj The 
ride round ttfleecranc His record In Congreu; tater 
d«.ye: SuitlaeotoUontauk: The muilo-dey; Wheeler's 
ttvateHC TlcCory. 

"Delia Rocca, Count Enrico. The autobiog- 
raphy of a yeteran, 1807-1893; tr. from the 
Italian and ed. by Janet Rosa. N. Y., The 
Hacmillan Co., 1809. 13+390 p. por. 8°, 
cl., 13.50. 

•Deming, Edwin Witlard. Little Indian folk. 
N. Y., F: A. Stokes Co., 1899. il. 4°, bds., 

"Demlng, Edwin Willard, Little red people, 
N. Y., F: A. Stokes Co., 1899. il. 4°, bds., 

Demlng, Therese O. and Edwin Willard. 
Indian child life; with color plates after 
painticgsin water-colors: with il., in black- 
and-white, by Edwin Willard Deming; and 
with new stories by Therese O. Deming. 
N.Y.,F:A.Stokesdo., [1809,1 c. unp. obi. 
D. bds., fS. 

Scorle* about indlui children. 
Demoor, Jean, Hassart, Jean, and Vander- 
velde, Emile. Evolution by atrophy In bi- 
oloKy and sociology; tr. by Mrs. Chalmers 
Mitchell. N.Y.,Appletoo, 1809. 6+822 p. 

D. (International scientiBc ser. no. 79.) cl., 


The purpoie of this work la tiroroJd. Tho author 

jroosH of eToluUon ai 

jtber parte or org 
uu-ried Hi a blgl„. 
nod It] cations ot etri 

I, at the H 

the proceea or adbptatli 
upoD the IItIdb being by envlronine 
ondly, tbey point out tbM wbat & -. 
Bpecta In the field of llle or biology la al 

ot deTeloptneat, th( 
being lUteaded with c^.. 
of [uncUou. Tbe cbanses thM 
animi, be tbey upward or 
pnwTesslve, are a part of 
.bat u ererywbere (orced 
' — condltloiu. Seo 

De Morg'an, A: Elementary illuetrationB of 
tbe differential and integral calculus. New 
ed. Chic, The Open Court Pub. Co., 1899. 
6+144 p. D. cl.. |1. 

Tbe present work Is uBUally bound up with the 
author'* targe " Treatise on the dltTerontlal and tote- 
gral calculus," Qrst pabllsbed In IStE. It bat bera 
reprinted aubstanllally a* It ttood In it> original rorm, 
butthe typography has been ImproTed and tbe teit 
hai been repangnipbed under deacrlptlve lubhead- 
IngB. An Index baa been added and a bibliography of 
EnKllah, Frencb. and Oerman work* on tbe caiculuB. 
covering eight pagea. Thomas J. HcConnack ba* 
edited t^e book. 

'Demoolins, Edmond. Anglo-Saxon superi- 
ority: to what it is due; tr. by L. B. La- 
vigne, from the 10th French ed. Nete 
chiaper ed, N. Y., imported by C: Scrib- 
ner'B Sons. 1899, 436 p. 13*, cl., tl. 

*Deiich,E: Bradford, JIf.D. Diseases ot tbe 
ear: a text-book for practitioners and stu- 
dents of medicine. 3d ed. rev. N. Y., 
Appleton, 1899. 653 p, il. 8*, cl.. $5; shp.. 

•Denlker, J. The races of man: a sketch of 
ethnography and anthropology. N. Y., 
impotted by C: Scribner's Sons, 1800. il. 
8°, (Contemporary sci. ser.) cl., (1.00. 
*Denlo, Eliz. H. Nicolas Poussini bis life 
and work; with 8 photogravures from pic- 
tures by Poussin. N. Y., imported by C: 
Scribner's Sons, 1899. 8°, cl., 18.60. 
Dennis, Ja. S., D.D. Christian missions and 
social progress; a sociological study of for' 
eign mi<ii.iODS. In 8 v. V. a. NT Y. and 
Chic, Fleming H.Rev.llCo., 1809. c. 25+ 
486p. pors. il. O. cl , (3.50. 
The original plan oC Issuing this work In two toI- 
umes, made ItetotB the macnltude or the undertaking 
wa> realized, has now been changed, and It will appear 
lumee of oorreapondlag size, tho last of 
contain the Tour remalnlDK divisions or 
Kture VI ." The coutrlbuLIon of Christian 
social progress," which Is OODtinued in 
cnis Toiurae froai the prevloua one, and bJao extended 
statistical summaries giving a detailed survey of ml» 
H Ion arv operations throughout Che world. Lecture V., 
" The dawn of a HocioloElcal era In missions." also In 
this volume. Is followed by HblbllaKrapby{S p.). 

'Denton, Sherman F. Moths and butterflies 
of the United States, east of the Rocky 
Mountains. In 8 sections. Sec. 3-6. Bost., 
Bradlee Whidden, 1809. ea. 6 pis., 8*, 
pap., price raised to net, per pt., (6. 

■DeQuineey.T: The confessions of an Eng- 
lish opium eater; ed. by Walter Jerrold. 
N. Y.,TheMacmillanCo.,1809. 16*, (Tem- 
ple clasaicB.) cl., 50 c; limp leath.. 75 c. 

De Qulncey, T: Murder as a line art. [.disq] 
The English mail-coach. N. Y., Casoell & 
Co.. Ltd., 1809. 103 p. T.(Cassell's national 
lib., new ser., v, 7, no. aW^iMp^jlOc. 

which will 


D* Qalnc*7, T: Thomas De Quincej, [oelec- 
tioDs from.] N. Y., Doubledaj & MoClure 
Co., 1899. c. 5+107 p. por. 8. (Little 
lUKslerpieces, 4tb ser.) limp cl., SO c; 
leath., 60 c. 

Oantenti; The affection or cbUdhooiliTbeplaBaures 
ot opium: Ttia pains of opium; Oa the KaockloK at the 
gAte In Mocbalb; Oolog aowa with victory; The rlilon 
or sudden death; LeTanaud our Lkdleaal sorrow. 
DMto«rtM, Rea6, (RenatuB Cartesius.) Dts- 
cQurBe on the method of rightljr conduct- 
ing the reason and seeking truth in the 
acienceB; tr. from the French and collated 
with the Latin by J; VeitL-h; authorized 
reprint. Chic, The Open Court Pub. Co., 
1899. e-8T p. D. (Religion of science lib.) 
pap., 2S c. 

Ftnt publiahtd In Leyden la 1IB7. It wa> aoc«pt«d 
aa Deacute*' latolJeelual coDtM^onoC faith, hU alate- 
meot of biB own peculiar method of reachlne tbe 
truth. Deacortsa is the croaa-road« rrom which the 
modern paths ot thought dlrerge. He was the fore- 
runner of Newtou aud Lelhalti on the one band, and 
ot Hume and Kant on the other. The picture pre- 
sented in this booh of bis mental autobiography Is one 
ol the most pleaalOK chapters of the hlstoryot phDoa- 

*D«aoartaB, Rene, (Renatus CartesiuB.) The 
method, meditations, and selections from 
the principles of Descartes; tr. [rom the 
original texts, with a new introductory 
essay, historical and critical, by J: Yeitch. 
Neiorev. ed. N.Y., imported by C; Scrib- 
oer's Sons, ISOg. 262 p. 12*, ol., |3.60. 
Dealvs, C: Benjamine; ed,, with grammat- 
ical and explanatory notes and a compre- 
hensive vocabulary, by F. Julien. N. Y., 
Longmans, Green & Co., IBM. 0-f 110 p. 
D. oT,, net, SOc. 
OesnoBd, Humphrey S. Outlooks and in- 
sights; in behalf of lai^er and more hopeful 
views of lUe. N. Y. and Chic, Rand, 
HcNally & Co., 1806. c. 162 p. nar.D. ci., 
75 c. 

Sbort essays on ; Abore the sordid; Asa man Hves; 
Tba phlltnopby ot moderation: Spiritual torce; cou- 
rage of couTlctlOD; Tbe hnowledBe of erll ; American 

'Desty, Rob. A manual of practice in the 
coitrts of the United States; embracing the 
provisions of the constitution, the revised 
statutes and amendmenis thereto relating 
to federal courts, together with the rules 
promulgated by the supreme court of the 
U, S., with notes of decisions. 9th ed. 
Bevisedand brought to date [etc.] by M. 
A. Folsom, togetuer with a v. ol forms 
[etc.] byC. H. Tebbs. Ban Francisco, Cal., 
Bancroft-Whitney Co., 1808. c. 4 v., 29-*- 
696; 708-U70; UTS-2250; 41-i-H»9p. [forms] 
S, shp.. $12. 
•J>«tmold,M.andE. Pictures from birdland; 
with rhymes by E. B. S,; [34 fuH-p. il. of 
birds.] N. Y., E. P. Dutton & Co.. 1896. 
4", cl., $2. 
I>evMmoii, W: C, In re Shakespeare's legal 
acquirements: notes by an unbeliever there- 
in. N. Y., The Shakespeare Press, 1899. 
c. 4-f61 p. D. (Publications of the Shake- 
speare Society of New York, no. 12.) rox- 
burghe, net, fl.60. 

That Shakespeare was not necesiMU-IIy a lawyer 
becauM he uBcd leital termlnoloey Is Ur, Devecmou's 
tint proposition '. be la of opinloa that Bhakespeare 
Imbibed his kno«ledie of law from bis aurn>undlD». 
tbe aire being a ligal one, and alao inberlted his 

a perbape a clerk In a; 

Tor« la Icural termlDOlogy, and examlaes several ot 
le works oTalmlng- for him great legt.1 knowledge. 
Deverenx, Mary, From kingdom to colony; 
il. by H: Sjndham. Boat., Little, Brown 
& do., 1600 [1899.] c. 4-1-882 p. D. cl., 

A story of tbe uuaint old town of Marblehead In tbe 
early days of the Kevolu tion. Wilful Ulstresa Dorothy 
Deiereui. the brave llitle hErolne ot tbe romance, Is a 
dell«htrully Inconalalent charaolor. 
*DeTereux, Roy. Sidelights on South Africa. 
N. Y., Soribner, [imported,] 1699. 278 p. 
map, 12°, cl., tl.7B. 
Devoore, Ann. Oliver Iverson, bis adven- 
tures during tour d»ys and nighls in the 
City ot New York, in April ot the year 1890. 
Chic, H.S.Stone& Co., 1896. o. 6-H81p. 
il. B. (Blue cloth books.) cl., 7S c. 
A moat Ingenious plot keeps the reader's Imagina- 
tion, curiosity, and tbeories active until almost tbe 

ATenue, ftaoomiiiBly philanthropic old gentleman, and 
surprise*, and elcilements. " """ "' 

*D«w>r, G: A. B. Wild life in Hampshire 
Hiirblanda. N. Y., The Maciuilian Co., 
1899. 804 p. il. 8', (Eoddon Hall lib.}cl., 
■Dewey, Adelbert Milton, ed. Life of Ad* 
miral Qeorge Dewey, and Dewey family 
liistory. Rome, N. Y,, Dewey Publishing 
Co., 1899. 1117 p. il. 8% cl., 15; hf. leath., 
(6; full leath., tT.GO. 
Dawey, Byrd Spitman. Bruno. Boat., Lit- 
tle, Brown & Co., 1899. c. 8-M16 p. D. 
cl., 76 c. 

Thfi stAi-v or a pet dog simply and naturally told, 
'posed to bare b«Hn the property of a 
_j — .pj,^ ^^g recount tbe aafacluus 

■De Wolfa, Dan. Fowler. Character not 
creeds: reflections from hearth and plow 
beam. Cin., O., The Robert Clarke Co., 
1869. 266 p. 12°, buckram, 11,26. 

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size 6} X 4i in. (New century lib.) cl, ea., 

Ckmleatt.- V. I, The Pickwick paper*. V.S. Nicholas 
KIckleby. V. B, Oliver Twist and aketcbes by Boz. 

•Dlokens, C: Works, Oadsfiilled.; ed., with 
introds. and notes, by Andrew Lang; il. 
with the origins! sketches by Seymour, 
H. K. Browne, Cruikshank, Pinwell, F. 
Walker, Landseer, and others. In E14 v. 
V. 31-34. N. Y., imported by C: Scrib- 
ner'B Sons, 1869. 12°, cl,, per v., tl.60. 

Contetiti: Vs. 31. 32. Christmas atorles from Hovte- 
hold ITbrdiaad AO (he Fear Round. 11. by A. Jules 
Goodman, I8-I-M0; I*~-4TS p. V. SS, Ttie mystery of Ed- 
win Drood. and Master Humphrey's clock, wjth orig- 
inal II., 14-j-MB p. V. 34, Reprinted places— The lamp- 
lighter; Toborcadatdusk; -----' ■ 


■Dickens, O: Works. Temple ed. In 40 v. 
V. 4-27. N. Y., Doubleday & McCluro 
Co., 1866. col. 11., 16°, limp leath., per v.. 

IS, Samaby Rudge, IB-H^; ^-f-MK p 


oldcuriMitf ■hop. IS+SBI; t+8T» p. V. IMO, Uutln 
Chuzzlewlt. IHWTi 7+a«!; 7+400 p. V. Si-A, Darld 
Ooppernetd, Ig+Utt: T+4I»; 7-HlB p, V. U,HudUmH, 
lUslO p. V. »-»T, Lltllo Dorrit, T4»4; a+8«l ; 
IT-HM P The remslnlnR volDmas of tbl* edlUOD will 
not be published qdUI the copjiight explrsa la Enr- 


Diokans, C: The battle of life; a lore-story; 

prioted in the correspondine style of Pit- 

man's shorthand. N. Y., Sir I: Pitman & 

Sons, [18^-] 180p. S. bdB.,S6c. 
Dlcksu, C: A ChristniaB Carol; il. by Q: T. 

Tobin. N. Y., F: A. Stokea Co., n8W.] c. 

8 + 122 p. T. (Collection of masterpieces.) 

cl., 50 c. 
Siokeiu, C: A Christmas carol and The 

chimes. N. Y., Cassell & Co., Ltd., 18BS. 

2-102 p. T. (Cassell's national lib., new ser., 

V. 7, uo. 880.) pap., 10 c 
"Dlokens, C: Christmas Stories. Phil., J. B. 

Lippincott Co., 1899. S v., 968 p. 12*. cL, 

t8i lambskiD, $5. 
"Dickens, G: Christmas stories. N. Y., 

Scribner, [imported,] 1899. S v., 16', cl., 


CbKfatta.' A ChrUtmM carol; The cricket on the 
bearth; Tbe battle of ilfej The hauntetl man: The 

*IMokens^; David CopperSeld's childhood; 
from "David Copperfleld;" foryoucgread- 
ers. N. T., University Publishing Co., 
1899. 12*, (Standard lib. ser., no. 86, double 
no.)cl., SOc; pap., 20 c. 
Dickens, C: A tale of two cities ; ed. for 
school by Ella Bofce Kirk. N. Y., Ameri- 
can Book Co., [1899.] o. 304 p. D. (Eclec- 
tic school readings.) cl., 60 c. 
Dickens, C: A tale of two cities; " The only 
way" edition, with cast and scenes from 
the play of that name, founded on this 
novel. N. Y., R. H. Russell. 1899. 5+ 
358 p. il. S. cl., 90 c; pap., 2fi c. 
Dickens, G: Tales from Dickens; eiu:raved 
in the easy reporting- style of Pitman's 
shorthand. N. Y., Sir I: PItman& Sons. 
1899. 147 p. S. (Pitman's shorthand lib., 
no. S.)pap., 40 c. 
Dickinson, Martha Gilbert. Within the 
hedge. N. Y., Doubleday & UcClure Co. 
1899. c. 14-1-127 p. D. of., $1, 
Venal that hare appeared In Tlie AUanllc, Ctn- 
iuru. ScrlbTier'a, Harptr't^ Jlu Bookman^ — ' "'"" " 

'Dickinson, Harv Lowe. From girlhood to 
motherhood. N, Y. and Chic., Fleming H. 
Kevell Co., 1809. 04 p. 12*, bds., 80 c. 
Dickson, Harris. The black wolf's breed: a 
story of France In the old world and the 
new, happening in the reign of Louis XIV,; 
il. by C. M. Belyea. Indianapolis, Ind., 
The Bowen-Mernll Co., [1899.] c. 7-i- 
288 p. D. cl.. 11.60. 
' Efappenlng Id Fraoce in tbe period of Louis r^ ''^ ~ 
book HklrtaTiIr- — — ■ ■■ -. — -.- 



■A and U 

. rery elOBely, and ha 


a told by Cap 
(uardB, who Is sent t. 
irt t.hB king of the iru. 
rge that troops aui 

Dickion, Mr». S. O'H. The Orangers, and 
other stories. Richmond, Va., Presb. Com- 
mittee of Pub,, [188B,] c. 3-MOlp., 

50 c. 
Conlenli: The OranRorsi ToDnaie; Hoir Jim became 


f^"""}??*^: '^">^'» missionary soolety or one-what 
the; did; Nan's oup or cold water; Only an Enjtllsh 
spairow; Tbe snow bank. j •>-» -u 

DIokion, Mrg. S. O'H. Queasing at heroes. 
Richmond, Va., The Presb. Committee of 
Pub., [1899.] c. 112p. D. cl., CWc. 

Abooklor young people. Through a eaica Latl- 
tuted by "grandma, "'eaob or a group of children de- 
scribes Ills or her particular hero, tbe others guesslnv 
the name. The first part U oonBhsd to Amerlcao 
banes, tbe second to Bible beroas. 

"Dlehl, Jfrs. Alice Mangold. Musical mem- 
ories. N. Y., The Macmillan Co., 1899. 
12-J-819 p. 12*, d., 11.60. 

DieUer, Hans. The regulation and nation. 
alization o( the Swiss railways. PhiL 
American Acad, of Political and Social 
Science, [1899.] 62 p. O. (Publications of 
the society, no. 250.) pap., BO c. 

*Dletilch, Albert, and Widmann, J. V. Rec- 
ollections of Johannes Braiims; Dora 
E. Hecht. N. Y., Scribner, [imported,! 
1809. 8-H21Ip. por. 13*. cl.,tS. 

*Dilke,Z.adv Emilia FrancisStroog. French 
paintersof the xvnith century; IS photo- 

S'avurepls,ande4hair-tone 11. N.Y.,The 
acmillan Co., 1899. B-(-38I p. 8*, cL, $11. 
•Dill, S: Roman society in the last century 
ofthe WesternEmpire. 2ded.rev. NY 
TheHacmilIanCo.,1899. 2B-i-495d. S'.cI 
net, $3. f • ' 

Diltz, Hanson Penn. Hollow Bracken: a 
novel. N. T., G: W. Dillingham Co., 1809 
c. (W134p.,tl.50. 

This highly sensational romance baa for Its scene 
r>r''i,°<'''^" *1il J" ™;''-'«'="">t. Hollow Bracken, 
thebeirof one iU-Ialed bouse, becomes the cuanlUin 
of Saddle, the deseondaot ol inother doomej fiSllf 
A gypsy and a maolac are aiDoog tbe gruesome ele- 
ments of tbe tale. Tbe mysteries are flnally cleared 

■Dingwell, Eev. J. D. The closing century's 
heritage. N. Y. and Chic, naming H. 
Revell Co., 1899. 108 p. 13'. cl., 60 c. 

Dinwiddle, W: Puerto Rico : ita conditions 
and possibilities ; [1. from photographs by 
the author. N. Y., Harper, 1899. c. 7-i. 
a94p. O. cl.,$2,60. 

A presentation of the Industrial, eommorclal, poltt- 
loal, and social oonditlons existing In Puerto Blcq to. 
day, with a mass of facts. Bgures, and comparisons of 
past Institutions with present. Inlended p^.irlt?to 

ilve all who at« personally Interested In (be Cuturs 
evelopaient of tbe Island a comprebeoslve Erman nr 
tbe adminlstratlre problems which Mirfront^aS 
of tbe outlook for Amertoana in industrial enierprlses. 
Mr. Dinwiddle seta tortb in a clear and ser ilceablo way 
tbe present state of coffee, tobacco, sugar, and fruft 
culture, with valuable stalemeals ; — •- •' 

— - ; — -_, —,"' oondoctlng such plantations. 

- _S".^''." V"" '""""ton oi tbe opportuultleB 
offered to American capitalists Id rmllroada. tram. 
ways fee planla, oattleraisbig, dalry-farmlDg, and 


Didsy, Arthur. The new far East; with 18 
il. from special designs by Eubota Beisen; 
a reproduction of a cartoon designed by H, 
M. the German Emperor, and a specially 
drawn map. N. Y., G: P. Putnam's Sons, 

1899. 18-(-374p. 

* """■■' -Tly written .uu 

._, —.day. ConlenU 

East; Parting, pigtail, and 

Putnam s 
O. cl., $8.50. 

d apprseiatWe work on tbe 

,.. *t_ ,.,.t^ Q, the new far 

The men of new 

farKast: The almighty dollar; Fighting power; The 
S^riQilin^^Jtellje™''"'"'"' aenn-hTtntbi far 

Diplomat (nseiid.) The rise and fall of the 
United States : a leal from history, a.d. 


3060. N. Y., F. Tennyson Neelr, 1890. c 
•98. 20a p. D. buckriun, f 1. 

A prcphallc iketcb of ttw luture at tbo OnlMd Btat«a. 
Oh dovnfaJI li to come throurh Che ■oaiklUClc ala- 
nMDt. after It baa obtaliwd adiVuioi] ol tbe wealUi 
of tbe few: tblB drlree caplialina out of Che counUr, 
bringmall bualneM and great eacerprlce* to a ataud- 
■tUI f or tbe lack of eiperlenoed and iimful leaden, and 
rulu the country senerally. Ttie country dlTldea 
ttaall Into four Independent Datlonii, which warasainat 
eaoh other uotll Che race li extinct, 

*D^>loiii«a d'architecte en France : prize 
awarded deaigns at students of the Ecole 
NatiODale des Beaux Arts; competing for 
tbe architectural degree ; 176 erelatine 
prints. N. Y., Bruno Hessling, IBM. t*, 
cl., I1S.7U. 
•Diatiict of Oolnmbi*. Ct. of appeals. Re- 
porta of cases, from May 5, 18B8 to Jan. I, 
18M; C: Cowles Tucker, rep. Vs. IB, 14, (to 
be cited as "IB, U, app. D, C.) Wash., 
D. C, The Law Reporter Co., leaO. c. 16 
+640; 10+883 p. O. shp., ea., 15. 
DiXjBeulah Marie. Hugh Owyeth; a Round- 
head cavalier. N. Y., The HacmiUan Co., 
1899. c 4+S76 p. D. cl., fl.OO. 
The hero was tbe SOD of a roTallst father and tbe 
daughter of a atera PurltaD smuidbead. Ha was 
broogbtupln the hoiueholdot hlafcrandfatherand In 
hlaaarlr ;outb beard mao]i derogatory thlnfa apokea 
of hla father. When ilitesii yeara old be determlDod 
to aeek bla father. Alter Jolnlne the followera of 
Cbarlea i. be waa obliged — —■ - - •- ' 

parform ouDlal duties of all binda. When he Ocat m 

his father he was rejected by him. Th ' 

warenabled him to defend bla father's 

>y him. The f ortuDea o 

Boldler'a rank*. Prince Rupert, tbe 


Dix, Beulah Marie. Soldier RIgdale: how he 
sailed in th^ Mayfiower, and bo^ he served 
Miles Standish; il. by Reginald B. Birch. 
N. Y., The Macmillan Co., 1899. c. 5+ 
828 p. D. cl.,tl.50. 

Tbe story opens on the UavJUnetT oh Ita way over 

•- " — "' uth. John Aiden and Ullas Blandish an 

id tbe boy Hlles Rlsdale is discoTsred in 

Slay with gnnpowder wblch almost de- 
I. Tbe scene afterward Is In tbe new 
oolony; the troublea of tbe Puritans are deasrlbed 
both In making new homes and with the aggreaalTe 

Dlson, Mary A. The love affairs of Mar- 

Siret Dale: [a novel.] N. Y., F. Tennyson 
eely, p899.] c. M9 p. D. (Neely's ira- 
perial lib., bo. 81.) pap., 35 c. 

"Dobsou, H: Austin. OlivBrOoldaniith: ame- 
nioir. Nevj rev. ed. N, Y., Etodd, Mead & 
Co.. [1899.] c 10+370 p. por. 18°, cl., 

Dodd, Mrs. AnaaBowmai]. Cathedral days: 
a tour in southern England ; il. from 
sketches and photographs by E. Eldon 
Dean. [New ia$ue.] Bost., Little, Brown 
A Co., 1899. c. "87, '98. 880 p. il, D. cl., 
Originally published by Roberta Broa., Bont. See 

-Annua] Cataloguo," 1887. 

Dodd, JIfrs. Anna Bowman, In and out of 

three Normandy inns; il. by C, 9. Reinhart 
and other artists. [JVeio issue.] Boat., 
Little, Brown & Co., 1899. c. '93. T+B94p. 
D. cl., 13; pap., 60 c. 

Originally nuT)llshed by Ixivoll, Coryell A Co. act 
"Annual Catalogue," ISBS. 

Dodd, Ira Seymour. The song of the Rap^ 
hannock: sketches of the civil war. N. Y., 
Dodd, Mead & Co., 1898. c. '97, '98, 8+ 
354p. S. cl.,tl. 

While wbolly dllTereot from "The red bodge of 
courage," these sketches are in their own way quite 

1 IX)LE 

•I remarkable. "The song of tbe Rappahannock" la 
song by bullets and shot and shell, and the writer dis- 
oloaea bis emotions as he found himself for the Orat 
time under 1!re. In tbe other aketcbea he glree a vivid 
plalare of the proceaa by which raw recruits are 
mooided Into veterana, deaorlbes tbe life around the 
oamp-Bre, and pictures the devotion, herolsni, and 
saorlBoe wblch obaraeterlzed tbe youog men especial- 
ly who gave their Uvea for their country a generation 

Dodd, T: J., Z>.D. Miracles; were they, or 
where they not performed by Josub? A 
question of fact, notof science or theology. 
Uin., 0., Curts & Jennings, [1899.] o. 
307p. por. D. cl.,tl. 

The author's general proposition is that miraotea 
were wrongbt by Jesus, and that tbe proof of tbla af- 
forded by the gcapela is, in all regards, of the moat 
canvlncing nature, and able to endure the severest 
teste to whiob the moat orltioal Inveatigatlon can sub- 
ject It. Hta aivumttita are divided Into tix chapter* i. 
l.StatementoftbequHtlaoandtbeevldeuoe: if, Fur- 
ther consideration <Nt the evldenoe; 8, Aasaults upon 
tbeeTldencebyIUnan,MUl,Huiley,andHuDie; 4, Al- 
leged Inberentlncredlbillty of miraclea; G, Oeneral re- 

„i . ...- .. . . "ii„aes the only 

kbigdom in the 

Dodge, Qrace Eoadley, Hunter, T:, Lincoln, 
Mary J., [and others.] What women can 
earn: occupations of women and their com- 
pensation. N.Y., F: A.StokesCo., [1899.] 
c. '98, '99. 14+354 p. D. cl., |1. 

Essays on all leading trades and profeariono In 
America In whIob women have asseiMd their ability, 
with data as to the compensation aftorded in each one. 
Tlieae artloles were Brat published on tbe woman's 
page of the Xew York TWAutw. Some of the artlolea 
have also been published in book form by Che New 
York Tribune Association. 
Dodge, H: Nehemiah. Christus victor: a 

student's reverie. V. Y., O: Pi Putnam's 

Sons, 1899. c. 11+186 p. so. ^ flex, leath., 



IB love; tbe 

e poem Is .__ _ 
olory of Justice . 

B flnal ti 

mtl Really u 
Dodge, Phili 

my aapecti 

Hawaii fair, and other 
San Francisco, Cal., D. P. Elder & 
Morgan Shepard, 1699. c. unp. nar. Q. 
pap,, net, 35 c. 

Dodgson, Rev. C: Lutwidge, ["Lewis Car- 
roll," pseud.'] Alice's adventures in Won- 
derland; with 13 il. in cot. from drawings 
by Blanche McManus. N. Y., M. F. Maas- 
QeldA A. Weesele, [1699.1 c. T-131 p. O. 
cl., tl.50 

Dodgion, Rev, C: Lutwidge, ["Lewis Carroll," 
^«etid.] Through the lookiag-glaas; 13 iU 
in col. from drawin^sby Blanche McHsnuSi 
N. Y., H. F. Mansfield & A. Wesaels, [1899.] 
c. 7-139 p., $1.50. 

Dole, C: Fletcher. The theology of civiliKa- 
tion. N.Y.,T:Y. Crowell&Co., [1899.1 C 
34 + 3B8p. S. cl., $1. 

ftm[«v(»- The realm of doubt; Tbe moral strueluro 
I ; TbeworldotoppoBltes; Thorougb-go- 

ingthoL!.m; Tbe'irood OodiOreat , 

optimism; The beginnings of peraonalltyi 
.,._ ... ... _- ,[,y. ,p^. 

i; An 

inality is; Tne 

le religion of the man; The procea 

ty Ik; Tnr -" - -- -— ■"-- ■'-■-■P^ 

tbe oblld and tl 


Dole, C: Fletcher. The young citisen. Bost., 

D. C. Heath & Co., 1898. c. 18+191 p. 

por. il. D. cl., 45 a. 

Inteoded as a reader for school and home. The lu- 
__rmaCIon<B not divided into lewons, as tbe author be- 
lieves that method would defeat the purp<»e or the 
book, which II 


- 'd being citlie: 

performing the duties of cltizensbip. 




•DoniithorpegWordswortb. Downthestreom 
of ciTilizalion. N. Y,, imported by G; 
Scriboer's Sons, 1899. 330 p. il. 13°, cl., 

•Dooly, J. T. A concise Bummv; ot the 
principles and daciaioiia relating lo realty 
practice in PennsylTania and adjoiniog 
states. Pittsburg, [J. T. Oonly,] 1»99. c. 
16-^808 p. O. shp., fO. 

Dotiii«Uy, Eleanor Cecilia. Lot Leslie's folks 
I th« 

French and Indians. 1755-1783: [a story.] 
Phil.,H L. Kiiner&Co., 1899. u. a47^p, 
D.ol., net, BOc, 

Donnelly, Jos. Gordon. Jesus Delaoey: a 
novel. N. Y.,TheMacnai)lanCo.,1899. c. 
10+381 p. D. cl., fl.BO. 

The hem ot tho »tory Is m. young Uailiaui cooverted 
to ProtaaUjitlBm by the American mUaion KtAlmraada,. 
Hb> story Is told wlLh aquLat humor Cbat la quite at- 
tractive by a,a elderly American who visits Ueilco far 
bit health. Jesus De^&ney, Id spite at all tbe prayers 
andcarethatbuTe been bestowed upon him. falls back 
aialo and again IdId hlaorlElnal condition Thepower 
of heredity is strong upon blm, the story ahoiningCbat 
hla couTersion Is merely an outalde garment, hiding 
the orlglaal Adam uncbanged. 

•Donovan, Jos. W. Bkill in trials: cont. a 
variety of civil and criminal cases won by 
the art of advocates; wiih ^olne of the 
skill of Choate, Beach, Butler, Curtis, 
Davis, Fountain, and others, [etc.] Roch- 
ester, N. Y., WilliamBon Law Book Co., 
1899. c. 178p. D. cl.,|l. 
*I>onav«n, Job. W. Tact in court; etAen/. ed., 
cont. sketches of cases won by art, skill, 
courage, and eloauence, with examples of 
trial work by the best advocates, and hints 
on law speeches. Bochester, N. ¥., Will- 
iamson Law Book Co., 1898, c. 7+188 p. 
D. Bhp., $1. 
DiOoge, B: L. Helps to the study of classi- 
cal mytholoey; for the lower grades and 
secondarv scnools. Ann Arbor, Mich., Oi 
Wahr, 1899. c. 9+180 p. D. cl., 45 c. 

A bibliography ' '' '"" — ' ^ — ^-' """ 

Bchool. As th° n 

selres tint In religion, secondly In art. and third m 

literature, these reading reCereuceB are grouped In 

' mytholoey lathe grade*, and an Introductory chap- 

The books suggested in the Wiy of the work 
L Inone alpiiai>et at the end, wtlb publishers 

au.u yvxK^iim ; there are alao iilank pagea for additional 

references, and a good general Index. 

Dooley, Martin, fjiseud. for Finley Peter 
Uunne.] Mr. Dooley in the hearts of his 
count rvnien. Boat., Small, Maynard & 
Co.. 1899. o. '98, '89. 11+285 p. S. cl., 


In bis onu peculiar Trmacular "Mr. Dooley" dls- 
cUBKa the Leiow Committee, the trusts. granJopera, 
divided aklrti. keeping Lent. Lieutenant Hobson. 
..n J. D .. O..J, — ^ Kipling, — ■ — >• 

B Ulcblgan State Norn 

fairs, ei 


: Bereen 
id then ■ 

Rudy an 

uLeaflrtypimcg . 
9 posalblliCy ot i 


Doublttday, Russell. Cattle ranch to college: 
the true tale of a boy's adventures in the 
far west. N. Y., Doubleday&McClure Co., 

1899. o. 11 + 347 p. il. O.d., 11.50. 

ThHHtorir barmn about twentv-flve yoare ago, jUst 
ttlH Big He— 

before ti-._ 
Its opening 

iT this c 

a Dakota, whlnh 

>f BlB- 

• DOW 

Dongsll, Lily. The Mormon prophet. N. 
Y., Appleton, 1S99 S+427 p. D. cl., $1.50. 

A historical novel dovoted to the beginning! of 
perament of Joseph Smith, tbe "prophet" and 
the light given by modem psychological 

ly. which wag 

saia LO nave had ita origin. 

Dougherty, Jeannette M. Opportunities for 
culture. N:Y.T: Y. Orowell&Co.. [1899.] 
c. 8^7 p. D. (What is worth while ser.) 
leatherette, 35 c. 

remote places and witb limited means, may be neglect- 

Douglaa, Amanda Minnie. The heir of Sher- 
burne. N. Y., Dodd, Mead & Co., [1899.] 

c. 4+884 p. D. cl., fl.50. 
Tbe Blaurlc - ■■ - - -■-- -■- 

again intniduced with mucb addiUoul 
inlaresting family history and goasip. 

Songlas, Amanda Minnie. A little girl in 
old Philadelphia. N. Y., Dodd. Mead A 
Co., 1899. c. 6+371 p. D. cl., |1.60. 

. _ .. in irfd 

_ rl in old Boston "dale* 
years, giving a tellma picture 
Revolution, tbe RrlUab oocupa- 

•l lltlli 


New York " an 

back over one I 


tlon ofFblladelphla, i._. _ 

months ot a year on afarm with Quaker relatives, the 

other sli in OermantOHn partaking of the gaiety of 

tbe worldly people, 

*Donglai, Sir U; Brisbane. James Hogg; 
Willi notices of the poets Robert Tanna- 
hill, William Motherwell, and Williani 
Thorn. N. Y., imported by C: Siribner's 
Sons, 1899. 154 p. 18°, (Famous Scots ser.) 
cl., 75 c. 

DoagUa, O: W:, D.D. Sermon delivered at 
the ordination of Charles Augustus Briggs, 
D.D., and Cliarlps Henry Snedeker, at the 
pro-Calhedral, New York, Sunday, May 
the 14th, 1899; with a prefatory note by 
the Bishop at New York, H: C. Pott*r. 
N. Y„ The Macmillan Co., 1899. c. 83 p. 
a. pap. , 3S c. 

Doaglai, Bob. Kenna'wav. China. N. Y., 
Q: P. Putnam's Sons, 1899. 19+45Q p. D. 
(Story of the nations ser., no. 60.) cl., 
«1.50; bf. mor., tl.75. 
This volume covers the annals of China, from (he 

time of Marco Polo to tbe present day. The earlier 

bistory of the country will appear later as another 

volume in the series. 

Doumlc, R«n6. Contemporarv French nov- 
el! rIb ; authorized ir. by Marv D. Froat. 
N.Y.,T: Y. Crowpll&Co., [1899.] o. 8+ 
408 p. per. O. cl., J2. 

the Ooncourt Brothers; Emlle Zola; Al|>b0n» n,..,^ 
Paul BourEBt; Guy deMaupa«ant:PlerreL 
Bod; J. H Roany; Paul Bervleu; J. K. 

Dow, Arthur Wesley. Composition: a series 
of exerciaee selected from a new syntem of 
art education. Pt. 1. Host., J. M. Bowles, 

"- .. il. sq. 0. ol.,$1.50. 
-_ paragraph from Mr. Dow's Introductory tl 
llRht uy— "■'- " ""■ " 

this work. ] 


Lt the 1 

"Tbe main idea Id 


DOW ( 

nlousl; grouped togvllier— aad then proceed onwaid 
step by »top to KTOfcter apnreulatlon and fuller power 
of expnnfon. Durlug th[B course skill m drawlog will 

tiTa Knd mil other requTilIes will be riougVt u Che de- 
Teloplnic utUtlc faculty feel* ibe need uf them. In » 
word, iuitead of spendlne moat of the etTorl on draW' 
mK> and then Kddlug addttional Hork or CQmpoaitlon, 
we btQin with comuoftltlon, and And that It will lead to 
^1 the rest." Ur. Dow la InaCrnctor in compotlUoD at 
Fntt iDsLltute, Brooklyn, and at Art Studanti' Leacua 
of New York. 

*Z>ow, Neal. The retmniscenceBot Neal Dow 
(born 1804— died 1897): recoUectionii of 
eighty years. Portland, Me., Evening Ex- 
prea* Pub. Co., 1898. 781 p. il. 8°, cl., aubt., 
$3.50; lib. style, |3.M); hi. mor., (4. 

*IJow«e, T: Stretch, M.D. The treatment of 
disease bj physical methods. N. T., E. B. 
Treat A Co., 1896. c. 413 p. il. 8*, cl.. 


I, Ernest, and Hoore, Arthur. Adrian 
Rome: a contemporary portrait. N. Y,, H-. 
Holt & Co , 1899. 1+343 p. D. cl., tl.35. 

nolrenlty life at Oxford and tlie suclal Ufa of - - 

wealth, beauty, a 

'afaahionable "Bet," 

-e the bi 

d oft 

&& UDhappy marrUg«. 

Doyla, Arthur Conan. A duet, with an oc- 
casional chorus. N. Y., AppJpton, 1899. c. 
4+886 p. il. D. buckram, $1.50. 
The atory of one year In the married life of a mW- 

ille cISH young EogllBhrnan and a mlddle-clau Engliih 

titi. Theae two people, with their little every-day 

ThebookbegluH with their wrddltig, and enda with the 
birth of a son. Their evenlnf.-^ are often apeut tti read- 
ing and their dayi In algbi-Beelng. Plea-ant talks and 
deacrlpttonBarethui Introduced of Weatmlnater Abbey, 
Hr. Samuel Pepya. Carlyle'a London home at No. G 
Cheyne Row, etc. There la an amusing chapter on the 

I>07le, C. W., M.D, The shadow of Quong 
Luncr. Phil., J. B. Lippincott Co., 19(0 
2-267 p. D. c.\.. tl.25. 

"■"•—— -'--of the Ji— '-'■'■--'■ — 

tb« author 
LS Chine 

ntbe : 

iwful pictur 
s^at of the i 

life of the . 


(d prizes from the San Francisco Exannintr and 

Doyle, C. W., M.D. Thft taming of the jun- 
gle. Phil.. J, B. Lippincott Co , 1899. c. 
- 200 p. nar. S. cl., $1. 

A strong story of India, of the simple, prlmltli-e folk 
'le Teral— the great tract of " 









tbe Sepoy 




ing a regl 

nont of 


ich h 



ned to 


t or India 

Dr. Doyle 











with h 


Drake, S: Adams. Historic 

high waysaround Boston, hein^ a new and 
rev. ed. of "Old landmarks and histoi'ic 
fields or Middlesex." Host., Li Ule, Brown 
&C'>.,1899. c'TB-W. lS+440p., 
D. cl., $2.50. 

In order to bring this edition up tn date tbe author 

tloDS are added, notably th* headquarters of Waablng- 
tOD and Putnam. lawell's residence at fambrldae, 
the Old HaoH. Concord; Christ Churcb, Cambridge, 

Draper, Andrew Sloan. The rescue ot Cuba; 
an episode in the growth of fr^e govern- 
ment. Bost., Silver, Burdelt & Co., 1899. 
c. 2-186 p. il. D. cl., $1 

The president of the University of Illinois has wilt- 
ten tor young Americans iin Fublbit of tbe Spanish- 



' of ISSa as one more atep In the progress 

award* uulversal liberty. It begltiswlth 
the historic misgovernmenc of Spain 

the dlacoverles of Columbus. Pesoribea 
that led uplo the war. the details of war, 
equencaa of tbe expansion of territory 

J have forced on tfie United States. A 

f ull dsecrlptlOQ of the peace commloslon Is hicludsd, 

Drssiet, Horatio Willis. Methods and prob- 
lems ofspiritual healing. N.Y., 0:P. Put- 
nam's Sons, 1899. c. 3-101 p. D. cl., $1. 

The author states that he U not in the practice at 
mental beallDfrabd does not deem himself competent to 
give ad Ticaconoamtngspeciaa application or tbe men- 
tat eura. He la not a tollowar of any sect, and doe* 
not subscribe to the creed of those who adTocats 
- -^ remediealntlieaL"' ' "" rT_.._, — ■_ 

ippUcailou of the prloclplea he adTo. 
practical suggeations. 
, Julius A, The true history of men- 
tal science: the lacts concerning the dis- 
oovery ot mentxl healing; rev., with notes 
and additions, by Horatio W. Dresser. 
Bost., G: H. Ellis, 1699. c. 'ST. 3-63 p. D. 
pap., 20c. 

beliiered first as an address at Uie Church of the 
Divine Unity. Boston. Februarv 8, 1881. Portions of the 
lectures were contrlbuied originally to tbe UaOal 
Htaling lionVilji.oaiKT portions were published in th« 
Chrittian MrtaZhi/iician. Includes extracts also from 
tbe unpublished manusoripli of P. p. Quimby. 

Drew, Mrs. Louisa Lane, [Mrs. J: Drew.] Au- 
tobiographical sketch of Mrs. John Drew; 
with an introd. by her son, J: Drew; with 
biographical notes by DouKlas Taylor. N. 
Y., C: Scribner'fi Sons, 1899. c. 199 p. 
pors. il. O. cl., $1.50. 

The life of Mrs. John Drew cOTera 1 

years of American dramatic history, t 

almost eighty years old and went on I 

she was about flye, becoirlng a regula 

stock company when nine. The story o. 

relates It is most Tarled and iDteresCioi 

Ing eiperlanoe and rich in details of th< 

great actors and actresses of her daj 

adorned with many ponraJts. and is ] 

paper, with moat grnerous margins. 

Drexel, Darius D., M.D, Hypnotism made 
easy, N, T., Hypnotic Publishing Co., 
1899. c. 82 p. il. sq. S. pap., 10 c. 

:ow to select a subject: Modes of operat- 
raken asubject; Diseases; Qualiacalians 
.; Is tbe practice of hypnotism danger- 


a rich 


Dreyfus, Alfred. Letters d'un innocent: the 
letters of cnplain Dreyfus to bis wife; Ir. 
by L. G Moreau. N. Y., Harper, 1899. 
c. 18 + 334 p. D. cl., $1. 

Tbe letters cover tbe period from December G, ISM. 
to February 14. laes. They contain the only defence 
which Dreyfus has made. They refute the calumny 
that his married Ufa was not what it should have been. 
They are dated from the prison of Chercbe Midi, the 
prison of La 8ant*. from Saint Mar ' " " ' 
IlesduSault. There Is an Introdi: . . 

the Dreyfus case, by Walter Littlefleld. author o 
'■The truth about Dreyfus.'- 

•Driver, S: Rollea, D.D.. Oardner, E. A., and 
others. Authority and archseoiogy, sacred 
and profane : essayi on the relation of 
monnmPDts to biblical and classical litera- 
ture. N. Y.. imported by C: Scribner's 
Sons, 1899. 8', cl., tH. 
DTomgoole,^ias Will Allen. Harum-Bcarum 
Joe; il. by L: Meynelle. Boxt., Dona Estes 
■t Co., [1899.] c 7-77 p. O. (Young of 
heart ser., no. 17.) cl.. SO C. 
A story of a tiTely boy who continually geU Into 

funny jokes : sii 


mori nith many lauehable iUuBtratioDs, 
by Ooe of the cr&ft. N. T., Excelsior Pub- 
lishine Eoiue, [lS9e.| c. 113 p. il. so. 0. 
(Excelsior lib. , no. OS.) pap., 25 o. 
Dmmmond, E: The city without a church. 
N. Y., T: Y. Crowell k Co., [I999.] c. B- 
8S p. D. (What is worth while ser.} leath- 
erette, Sfi c. 

BeprlnMd br omjiniDaiit with Jamca Pott ft Co., 
wbo publimhed It [aim. Ac Kddroae bMBd od por- 
tion! qf vene* Irom KeTslatlan. 
Dmrnmond, H: The new evaDBelism. and 
Other addresses. N. Y., Dodd, Mead & Co., 
1899. c. 4+384p. D.cL, »1.50. 

COnlenli.' The new aTansellun. wid lUrelulon to 
OBTdlnftl doocrian; The method of the new tbealon', 
and eome ot It* application*; aarTlval of tha flttaat; 
The third ktuEdom: The problem of forelpi mlBiloD*; 
TtMoooU'lbutlonof •cteDoeaadCbrliUuiIti! Spiritual 

Dnimmoud, H: The proenunme of Chris- 
tianity. N.Y.,T:Y.Crowell&Co.,|:iBW.] 
c. a-sa p. D, (What is worth while ser.) 
leatherette, 30 o. 

FrlDtsd by arrftoremant with June* Pott A Co., 
who Bcvt published ^e book Id IWl. 

Dmnunond, E; Stones rolled away, aad other 
addresses to younir men delivered in Amer- 
ica. N. Y., Ja. Pott & Co., 1899. c. 6-^ 
184 p. D. cl.,(l. 

CmtenU.-Slooet rolled awly: The man who 1* 
down; One way to help boys; An appeal to the out- 
lidar, or, the cUlma ot ChrlsUaalty; Life on the top 
noor: The klagdom of Ood and jour part In It; The 
three elements of a oomp^ata life. 

Drnnunond, Ja. The epistles of Paul the 
Apostle to the TheBsaloniana. CorlnthiaoB, 
Gftlatians, Romans, and Philippians. N. Y., 
O: P. Putnam's Sona. 1899. c. sq. D. (In- 
ternational handbooks to the New Testa- 
ment, no. 2, ed. by Orello Cone, D.D.}ct., 

" TfaeAe handbook* ootutltute an exaKetlcal serla* 
covering the entire New Teetamant and oonstmctad 
on a plan whloh admit* of (creater freedom of traat- 
It than l*a*iiallnoai]imeolarie*proper. The*paoa 

noerally devoted I 

of minor 1—, — , -.-. 

if thoae of a special iDterest from 

of the grac 
T Impottani 

1 1* occupied with tb( 

._, d Introduc , , 

reliuert«d sluddatlDR matter* ot Krsver moment." 
—Qeiurai pnface to &e tritt. Although thialithe 
(trat TDlume iMuedof the series. It lithe second rol- 
Dme, There win be four volume* In all. 
Dmry, W. P. Bearers of the burden: being 
stories of land and sea. N. Y., O: P. Put- 
nam's Sods, 1899. 4+286 p. D. cl., $1. 

Umtanft.- '■PartedbraesraBS"; Torrence of Trinity, 
war corroepondent; Tha home. coming of the atraoRe 
chlldrenj Sbiony-begtrar. (econd -elBu stoker; Frln- 
gle's progre**; The man at the window, or. theitranire 
case of Worthy Whereat; Under the hurricane deck; 
Laohrrmie ChristI : The deadly nlghtahade ; Their 
lordships' binocular* ; Joopttar PIoovlus. prlvais; The 
cocoa valve; 7or the credit of the sblp; The shadow 
of death. 

*Dryd«ij J: Palamoa and Arcite; or, the 
knieht s tale from Chaucer; ed., with notes 
anaan introd., by Percival Chubb. N. Y., 
The Hacmillan Co., 1899. 89-hl66 p. 16*, 
(Hacmillan's pocket Eng^lisb classics.) cl., 
net, as c. 

Cuban waters; il. by H. Burgess. Bost., 
W. A. Wilde A Co., [1B99.] c. 3-354 p. D. 

cl., $1.50. 

Olvea a vivid picture of Bantlaaro and Southern Cuba 
vbile the war ws* In prorress. and t«11s the tbrllling 
itory of a young cadet ol the 3t. Louf*, who was de- 


tailed lor perilous work on shore. Toudk BlandlA Is 
atypical AnMrloanboy ot the right •ort,dolii|thl*duty 
always, whether as a boardlni-bouse keeper amon^ 
the Catskllls, as a cadet engineer on the St, Lvuis, 
dlTlugtor cables In Ouaotanaino Bay, or struggling 
with on Infuriated mob on the mole hi Santiago. Ad- 
miral Sampson and Captain Goodrich and Oeneral 
Wood are numbered among the cadet's Mends whCD 
the war draws towards tta eloae. 
Dryidale, W: Helps for ambitious boys. 

T:T.Crowell& Co., [1899.1 o. e-f 489 p. 

pora. D. cl.. 11.60. 

Talks to boys by a praoUcal b 
Ukes up one by — - ■■- • — '- 

b» th 

the oplnli 

.; the trades and profesalor 

and engineering, are among the subject* treated. 

On Bose, Bev. Eampden C. The dra^n, 

imase, and demon; or, the ttu'ee relipona 
ot China; Contuciani<im, Buddhism, and 
Taoism, g'iving an account of the myth* 
ology, idolatry, and demonaltry of the 
Cfainese. Richmond, Va., The Presb. Com. 
of Publication, [1899.] 4-468 p.,tl- 

During a visit to the United Statealn ISffi a lecture 
on tha -'Tliree rollglonB" was delivered In about one 
hundred and Qtty churches, and there wsre many re- 
quests for Its pubUcatioD. with further studv the 
lecture has grown to its present size. Many of the 
best thoughts In this lolume are obtained from the 
writings of Edkins, ElTel, Legge, and Beal; also from 
geoeral works on Chin a, mlssio nary Journals, and otiker 

Dn Ohailln, Paul Belloni. The land of the 
long night ; il. by M. J. Burns. N. T. , C: 
Scribner's tjons, 1899. c 18+286 p. D. 
cl., %2. 

An account for young people of Paul du Chaillu's 
travels In Ibe far north, where, during a pan ot the 

horizon, and In some parts of the country does not 
show Itself for slxtv-seven days, during which time 
the moon, stars, and the aurora borealls take Its place. 
Du Challlu'i narrative Is full of fun and adventure, 

Dudeney, Mrs. E: Tbe maternity of Har- 
riott Wicken. N. Y., The Macmillan Co., 
1899. c. 2-F820p. D. cl., tl.SO. ' 

Harriott Wicken comes into the world with a terri- 
ble In herltanco. SheU'eshBryoung life withher aunt 
and uncle, believing harselt to be their daughter. 
When a chance comes for ber to marry her sto>7 most 
be told. In spite of It Daniel Darnell, a young [dh- 
doner ot means, marries her. Their flrst child, a HCUe 

Harriott's unnatural hatrvd for It. aod ber desire to 
get rid of It, result* In many repulsive episodes. 


If the I 

In the year lETS. Parlsat tbe timi 

Bt. Bartholomew Is the scene. 

*Dn^ Sir Mountstuart Elphinatone Grant-. 
Notes fromadiary, chiefly kept in southern 
India, 1881-1S86. N. Y., imported by C: 
Scribner's Sons, 1699. 2 t., S73; 870 p. 12*. 
cl., fT.SO. 

"Duffiald, Howard, D.D. The linea^ ot an 
American patriot; an address to the Sons 
of American Revolution, N. Y., Bonnell, 
Silver dC Co., 1899. 48 p. 13*, pap., 25 c 

Dngan,CaroAthertou. The kiDg''sjester,and 
other short pi ay a for small stafres. Bost., 
Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1890. c. 4+ 
864 p. D. cl., tl.50. 
Canientt: The king's Jester; dinderella; The gypay 

eof Hungary; The quren'B coITer: The aleeping 
uty; Pandora; Tbe Rift of Ai^ndlteiNlDt'a revenge; 



TbB Kpple or discord: Undine; The DlBbt ot the sun 

Tliey ma.T tw g^•lBB In m hall of moderaM (li« nltbout 
U7 rsiMil UKfie orfootllgbu. 

Dimua, Alex. Count of Moote Crtsto. Pt. 1, 

EdmoDd Dantes ; tr. by H: L. Williams. 

N. Y.. Street & Smith, [1899.] 889 p. D. 

(Arrow lib., no, 92.) pap., 10 c. 
Domaa, Alex. The Count of Monte Cristo. 

Pt. a. The revt>nKe of Edmond Dantes; 

rrom the lateat French ed., by H: L. Will- 

iams. N. T., Street & Smith, [1899.1 c. 

334 p. D. (Arrow lib., do. 06.) pap , 10 c. 
Dnmaa, Alex. LadamedeMonsoreau. N.T., 

H. H. Caldwell Co.. [1999.] 8+467 p. por. 

il. O. (Berkeley lib.) cl., f 1. 
*DQinaa, Alex. The three muaketeera ; il. 

by Q. Abot. Edmund H. Qarrett, and others. 

Best., Little, Brown & Co., 1899. S v., 8% 

cl., 13.50. 
DnnutB, Alex. Lu tutipe noir^; abridg'ed and 

annot. by Eklg'ar Ewing Brandon. N. Y., 

American Book Co., [1899.] c. 1S6 p. 8. 

cl., 40 p. 

The text has been prepared Tar elementary clrtmon 
ID French. It hu been canaidersbly shortened by 
omitting the lonrer dascrlptlonB and all parenthetical 

puts of the plot bare bean summarized Id English. 
Dnnaa, Alex. La tulipe noire; abridged and 
•d., with notes, by C. Fontaine. Bost., D. 

C. Heath & Co., 1890. c. 0+910 p. par. 

D. (Heath'a modern language ser.) bde., 
40 c. 

Dnmont, Fr&nk. The case of Sniythe vs. 

Smith : a mock trial court scene in one act. 

Phil., The Penn Pub. Co., 1899. c. 22 p. 

8. (Dramatic lib., v. 1, no. 192.) pap., 15 c. 
Dmnont, Fmnk. The scout of the Philip- 
pines; a military drama in three acts. 

Phil.. The Penn Pub. Co., 1899. c. 40 p. 

8. (Dramatic lib., v. 1, no. 193.) pap., 15 c. 
Dunbar, Mrs. Alice, [Sfrs. Paul Laurence 

Dunbar.] The goodneni of St, Rocque, and 

othPF Btorie". N, Y,, Dodd, Mead & Co,, 

1899. c. 4 + 224 p, «1. 

Creole stories, entitled The goodness uf Bt. Roi'que; 
Tony^wire; Tiie HHUermaii of Pasa Cbrlstlan; M'slnn 
Fuitier's vlolm: By the Bayou SI. John; When the 
bsyou nrerOOHB; Mr. Bapliste: A carnival Jaogle: 
LiuLe )ll(*4 3<^hle ; SUter Jo^pha ; The praline 
woman-, Oi)a1l?: La Juaiiila: Titee. 
Dnnbar. Paul Laurence. Lyrica ot the 

hearth«ide. N, Y., Dodd, Head & Co., 

1899. c. 8+2a7p. por. S, cl„ «1.25. 

A pretty volume of vene. which Includes dialect 
Boems, UBlform with the author-s "Lyrics ot lowly 

Dunbar, Paul Laurence. Poems of cabin and 

Held; il. from photographs by the Hatipton 

Institute Campr.i Club, and decorations by 

Alice Morse. N. Y., Dodd, Mead iS; Co., 

1899. c, 95', "96, 7-125 p. O. cl., $1.50. 

Eliht short poems, entitled '^The deserted planta- 

MOD." •■ HuDtint: Bonjt." ■' Little brown bahy." "Chrl"'- 

mns l9 B-comln'." "SiiiDS of the times,'' ■■Time H> 

lloter^round,"" Lullaby," and "A banjueone." Each 

'erae uf each poem Is wt in a tinted emblematical 

taken from a photograph. The book la printed on rich 

Dons, Byron A. On Oeneral Thomas's staff. 
Chic. A. C. McClurg & Co., 1899. c. 4- 
3THp. il, D (Young Kenluckians ser., no. S.) 
cl., tl.25. 

(■arrlea forward thoatoryoftheatniMleinKontuoliv 
Jurtngthe (Irat yearof the war.beKUn In "(leneral Nel- 
ui'tscout": beicinnlnK with the slei;e of Ciirlnlh. the 
period cDTtred reaches to the memorable charge wblch 

swept ihe belgfata of M isslooarr RIdite. Oeaeral Tbrmaa 
wae one of the Rrundsat Hgurea of the war, uid la ao 
depicted. Qeneral John HT MorEBii. the ConTederala 
Mimmander, often pictured as Tittle better than a 
EueKlla, Is abown to bare been a chlTalrlo and gallant 

Dunn, Ja. B., D.D., ed. The natiooal temper- 
ance almanac and teetotaler's year-book 
(or 1900. N. Y.. The Natl. Temp. Soc. and 
Pub. House, [1899.] 60 p. S. pap., 10 c. 

Dnnroj, W: Reed. Corn tctssels: a book of 
corn rhymes. 2d ed. Linoola, Neb., Uni- 
versity Publishing Co., [1899.] c. 4-133 p. 
S. cl., 75 c; Atitograph td., 91. 

Bhj'mea about Nebraeka and her people. 

■Dorand, Alfrernon. Making of a frontier; 
Bve years' experiences and adventures 
in Oilgit, Eunza. Nagur, Ghitral. and the 
Eastern Hindu-Eush. N. Y., Scribner, 
[imported,] 1899, 298 p, 8*, cl,, $0.40, 

Dorand, E: Dana. Political and municipal 
legislation in 1898. Phil., American Acad, 
of Political and Social Science, 1869. TO- 
ST p. O. (Publications of the society, no. 
346.) pap., 15 c. 

'Durand. 'W. F. The resistance and propul- 
sion of shintc treating of the various sub- 
divisions of resistance, their computation, 
experimental determination, and their de- 
pendence upon special conditions of the 
case, the pronul.sive action of geometrical 
elements, and of screw propellers and pad- 
dle-wheels, the mutual reaction between 
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& cook-hook Cot ihoae who would adopt a diet with- 

I, pickles. 

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inner lite; sermon". N. Y.. Dodd, Mead dt 

Co.. 1899. c. 7+805 p, D. cl., Jl.60. 

CanUnlt: The unnamed diHclple: ElB,cb man s life a 

planofOod; Thou shalt know bereafler: What eood 

thli>K shall I dor: The heavenly vision: In nathlni.' 

benniioii*: The true life of man "■■* ■" >•'- — ■ 

The followlnf! of Chrl 

IP. ...... .„,._ ._.. ^^_ ,pjj^ 

and end 
. . The peai-e of Christ a rullnR 
it liberty; 'The pftsslns of life; The 
things that remain; The power of personal life: The 
5."!' 5r?. '■^"""^ "' ^^'' y**™- Author Is president of 
Yale College 

•DwyeriJiW. Cases on private International , 


DYKE 6l 

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bsadlnira : Babyhood: Chlldren'a dreai: Scbools and 
■chool rife: Wamen tf »hrn ud male acbolui; Horn- 
book and primer: Scboal book! ; Penmanablp and 
iBttrra; Diariea and commonplace books: Chlldlsb pre- 
cocity; Old-time discipline: Hanners and courte*y; 
BellKlous thoucht and training; Reli|ii''UB books: Story 
and picture books; Children's diligence: Needlecrart 
and decoratiie arU: Games and pastime*: Cblldren's 
toys; Flower lore of children. 

'Earle, Mrs, C W. More potpourri fi'oiu a 
Surrey Kardt-n; [sketches of country lire.] 
N. Y., The Macmillan Co.. 1869. 9-f-463 p. 
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!D of 

_ , i the 

luthoHzed and only English ed., Ir. from 
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c. 8 + 124 p. S. cl.,?l. 

Kliur Justus and his wife. Qiieen Athoowlt. relffned 
In Mollebuacb. Th" Queen, a rather neiUsh woman. 
cODslder«d berselt and her husband "indispensable" 
to the happinesH aQd prosper ity of Mollohusrh Oirn 

little girl to a cool and ■hady spot whei 
the Boor lived. The Queen Hnds th« 
■UDDy, and In her ancar pulls the lit 
Whereupon "The Spirit of the Moor" 

guided by i 

r plac 

eek they 

. child. 


!i Lhls 

._ _. In cbli world Is IndiHpenEable who Is 

loving and uaselBsb. 

Booe clerus; or, the Christian minister in 
roany tights, bv a student oF the limes. 
N. ¥., Baton & Mains, 1899. c. 3-.441p.O. 
cl., «1.M. 

■> This treatise la an attempt tndeal with some press- 
ing preseot-day problems h»»lnK their Incidents within 
the sphere of religion and holding peculiarly intimate 
relation to the mfiilsterial calling. Fidelity to Its aim 
in this rc^^rd makes it a more or less free and candid 
criticism of the spirit, status, functions, metboda. and 

achievements of the r"--— '-'- — -^-—j - .■-- 

light ot the "" 

ilstry, 1 

■Socles, A. Symonfl. Difficult digestion due 

"Boolaiiaatlons. The wisdom of Ben Sirs; 

girtioQB of the book Bcclesiasticua from 
ebrew manuscripts id the Cairo Oerrizah 
collection presented to the University of 

Cambridge by the edilors; ed. for the syn- 
dics of the UniverHity Preaa by 8. Schech- 
ter and C. Taylor, D.D. N. Y.,_The 

Macmillan Co., 1889. 87+68+34p 4',{Cam. 

bridge University Press aer.) c!., net, (3. 
Bddy, R:, D.D., ed. The Universaliet ref^ 

ter; givinfr statislic^s of the Universalist 

church, and other denominational iotor- 

maliOD, etc., for 1890. No. U. Host.. 

Universalist Pub. House, 1899. 2-132 p. 

S. pap., 20 c. 
Eddy, Sarah J., eomp. Frieodeand helpers. 

Bost., Qinn & Co., 1899. c. 10+231 p. il. 

D. cl..70c. 

stories and poems about animals, compiled from 
the writings of Lucy Idircom, Harriet Beeclier Htowr. 
Bayard Tayk^r, Mary E Wll kins. Emerson. Celia Thai- 
ter, E. a. Uillar. Longfellow, and others. The abject 

man's helpen'ln the animal world." 

Bdinger, L:, M,D. The anatomy of the ca- 
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brain! Vt. 3 Is devoted 10 the special anatomy of the 

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IS'.cl., ne(, *1. 
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■B p. 8' 


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CDn(«i'-- ■"- -•-'" '""" — ■•.— j-i- w— 

ne;_ Isam 

The Qum Swamp dt 

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Malory, bv E. Edwardson ; il. by Rob. 
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The story of a group of boys at a board log. scIkhA 
their plays, flghtn, examinations, etc. 

BKerton, Q:, [pseud, for Mrg. Marv Chare- 
TitaClairmonte.] The wheel of Ood. N. 
Y..a:P, Putnam'sSona,1898. 4+3«4p.D. 
(Hudson lib., U'l. 84 ) cl.. «1; pap,, 50 c. 

a precocious, poptle i-hlld In sordid surroundlngi: ad 

tcred one'hv our; a disillusioned womao who has be- 
come phlloA'iphical, whn Is sure shejs but the smallfrM 


in the I 

■ ot tl 

orld. The I 

.t only "unadulterated t 


iilDlty I 


"Bhrllch, A. Celebrated violiniats, past and 
present: from the OermEin ; ed., with 
notes, by Robin H. Legge. N. V., im- 
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50 c.; pap., 35 c. 
The hero. Bob, a green country lad, leave» homo at 

Kn eiu-ly age on kccount ol a stepmotber. Bnil, after 

>. '-'nK about at lariou* eniploj ' — ' 



a"Pioltey." OQ orphan, under pecuUa 

ces. Hia i.'enflraus ImpulBO to ta^e can u. uc. .. 

tumtag point In hi* lite. He Anally becotziBB a 


lot, C: W:, and Slorer, Francis Hum- 

NicholB. nth ed.; newly rev. bv W. B. 
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cl., perxet. $10 ; hr. cf.. fl6. 
' Cemlcnit : V. 1. Daniel Deronda, V. Z, Hlddli 

^ 3. Hill Ol 

lh« Flom 
lllaa Hi 

I. Ad an 

i, EsHiy* and poema, 

Bllot, George, \piieiid. for Mrs. J: W. Cross.] 
Hi ddli^ march: a, atudv in provincial life; il. 
by Alice Barber Stephens. N. Y„ T: Y. 
Crowfli &Co., [1899] c. 2 v., 4+386; 4+ 
887-753 por. D. cl.. (3.50. 

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Reginald Birch. N. Y., Dodd, Head &Co., 
1899. c. 6+284 p. D. cl., $2. 

BUot, O:, [pseud, for ilfrs. J: W. Cross.] 
SilttsMarn«r, the weaver of Ruveloe; wilh 
an inCrod. by G: Armstrone: Wauchope. 
Bost-, D, C. H-ath <t Co.. 1899. o. 28+ 
239 II. por. 9. (Heatlj's English classics.) cl., 
40 c. 

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Silus Murn«r ; ed.. with notps and introd., 
by Er I,. UuHck. N. Y., The Macmillan 
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25 c. 

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cL, $1.50. 

AddraiKS delivered by Dr. Elllnwood. Secretary of 
1 Board QfForelgo Mlailona qt tbe Presbyterian 



id their 



oburch: Thu foreign mlHalon board a 
Iceoce: The place of hliber oduei 
work: kodical mltaionH; The ralth<>.,,^c....„^.<~.i.^. 
Faith in ona'satar and faith InQod; \ Buddhist ductric 
ofsalratlon by faith; Ancient Hlududoctrlne of user 
... . ,.j. Napoieontiim ki Americi 

acquliTlInn of the 8pi 

if Mexico: The dawnof Han 

.n An^lo-Baxon alliance 



N. Y., Hwper, 1899. c. 9+378 p. D. cl.. 

ElKht abort alorlBX deallog •rlth BOUtbern life aince 
ewar. They areectltled: Anlncident; UlaaMarla'a 

redval: Faith and folthfulnesa; An exbrlgadler; 

Bqulre Kay'oya conoluaions; Without the oourla; Ura. 

Oollyhaw'a candy atew; Baldy, 

■Elliott, Rev. Walter.' Life of Father Becker, 
founder of the Paulists; introd. by Rev. J: 
Ireland. N. Y., Ciitholic Book Exchange, 
1899. 444 p. 12°, cl.. tl- 

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the American froctier ; il. by Gordon 
Browne; [and] The daughter of the chief- 
tain: the story of an Indian girl; il, by 
Gordon Browoe. N. Y., Cassell & Co., 
Ltd., [1899.] 3 +,f:. 

ElUa, B; S. Dorsey, the voung inventor. 
N. ¥., Fords, Howard & Hulbert, 1899. c. 
4+397 p. il. D. (True grit ser.) cl., |1.36. 

The story of a wlda-awake country boy, whoae 
father's occupation ot brlckmaklcg- Incites bia Dative 

trlTlng of labor-saving devlcea. 

Blli«, B: 8. Iron Heart, war chief of tha 
Iroquois. Phil., E: T. Coates & Co., 1899. 

c. 4 + S86p. D.('Warchiefaer,)cl.,|1.25. 

.win boys i 

n the froi 


r of Ne* York 

atal« In tbe early days oi Ita bistory, and Is rich In 

agbClnjcwlth Indiana, etc. 

BllU, B: 8. The land of wonders. N. Y., 
The Uershoa Co., [1899.] c. 4+361 p. il. 
D. ci., $1. 

Adieatures Id Ueileo; tor young readers. 

EUls, E: B. Lost in the Rockies : a story of 
adventure in the Rocky mountains. N. Y., 
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Ellis, E: S. The secret of Coffin Island. 
Phi].. H: T. Coates * Co., [1899] c. "97. 
3-276p. D. cl.,S1.25. 

A Htory for young people, with its acene along the 

Atlanilc coaat. 

Ellla. E: S. Tales told out of school, Syra- 
cuse. N. Y., C. W. Barde^n. 1899. c. 340p. 
S. (Stiindard teacher.-.' hb.) cl., |1. 

Ceachera. Be claims for them that " about ninety per 
□ent. Is altnple unramlshed truth. " 

EUii, E: S. Through jungle and wilderneaa. 
N. Y.. The MersTion Co.. [1899.] c. 4+ 
389 p. il. D. cl., SI. 

Adventures iD Mexico; Tor yuuDg readers. 

Ellii, E: S. The young gold seekers of the 
Klondike; il. by F. A. Carter. N. Y.. The 
Penn Pub. Co., 1899. c. '98. 811 p. D. cl., 


bOY* during a trip to the gold Deldaal Alaska. They 
auffer many hardsbipa and disappointments, but eren- 
tually their undertaking meeta with auoceaa. 
■Ellis, Griffith Ogden. Aids to the study of 
Blackstone's commentaries; being acoll.of 
what ma.y be called student annots., as dis- 
tinguished from the ordinary annots. of 
Blockstone, and especially translations ot 
all Latin and other foreign words and 
phrases that appear in the text and foot 
noti;sof the commentaries. Detroit, Hicb., 
The Collector PubUshiog Co., 18S9. c 
154 p. O. pap., 75 o. , - ■ 


1869. c. I 

Xlllia. I. BreckenridKe. Sbem : a Htoiy of the 

\ N. Y., F. Tennyson Neely, 

3+299 p. D. cl.,$l. 

_ . .y ot tbe Clme of (he prophet JemniKh, aitmil 
itO berora the Chrlitlan erk. 

*EUla, J. Gospt-t sped for busvaowera: fur- 
□iBhing iiiatt>riala for preacners, evanKcI- 
ists, S&b bath- school teachers, and lay 
workers. N. Y. anrt Chic, Fleming H. 
Revell Co., 1899. 125 p. 18°, cl., 50 c. 

Livingstonia mimion in BritJah Central 
Africa. N.T ftndChic.,FiemingH.Revell 
Co.. 1899. Sia p. il. 12', ol., 11.^. 

*Blaon, H: W. Sidelights on American hia- 
torv: national perioa bflore th** civil war. 
N. v., TheMacmillanCo., 1899. 14 + 898 p. 
16*, cl,. 75 c, 

*EUon, L:C: Theautional music of America 
and its sources. Boat., L. C. Poge & Co., 
1900 [1899.] c. Sae p. pora. 12°, d., *1.50. 

"Eltarlain, Ernst v. Beethoven's sympho- 
nies in their ideal signiBcance fxplainedj 
with an EtccouDt of th>- facts relaliug to tbe 
"Tenth symphony," bv L. Nohl; tr. by F; 
Weber. Aeui ed. N. Y.. imported by C: 
Scribner's Sous, 1899. 143 p. 12°, c!., Sl.SO. 

Elton, O. The Augustan ages. N, Y., C: 
Sen baer'B Sons, 1899. 13+437 p. D. (Peri- 
ods of European literature, no. 8.)cl., ttet, 

Eumw ilurtng il period that opens In lbs third quar- 

of the elglitfentb Conlrnti: fmae of tbe reiitn of 
Louis iiv.; Thought, learnliie. and eloquence; Trench 

HDd .TrillcLitm: Enellnh prow.'lMO-nOO; KndUh verte 
from ISW lo 1700. Bfid Enslinh drama: The EoKllsh 
Aueuelaii writerB; The decay ot Lalln, Uerroanla; 
Italy and the PeDinaula. Index, 

'Elwood, Ja. L. Blwood's grain tables. 
Rochester, N. ¥., E. Darrow & Co., 1899. 
aOO p. 12°, cl., •1.25. 

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wanderings in Gr<-ater Gotham, etc. Bost., 
R: a. Badger & Co., 1899, nar. 16°, bds., 

GmersOD. Irving. The hjgh-s hoo) hymnal: 
a co1l--ction of psalms and hymns for the 
use of hiuh schools and seminaries. Boat., 
D. C. H.-ath&Co., 1899. c 3+175 p. scj. 
O. lids . 85 c. 

thouKh eome of the old xtAndard tunee are ueed.a 

greaMr portion of the muBic Is iien. 

Emenou, Ralph Waldo. The aarlv pnems of 
Ralph Wald.. Emerson: with an introd. bv 
Nathan H(wl<ell Dole. N. Y., T; Y. Croweil 
& Co.. [1808.] c 41 + 230 p. por. S. (Fai- 
ence lib.) cl. ,75c. 

Bmeraon, Ralph Waldo. English traits; with 
an introil. liv Andrew J. George. N. Y., 
T: Y. Cowell & Co.. [1899.] c. 12+248 p. 
por. il. S. (Faience lib.) cl., 75 c. 

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Walilo Emerson to a friend. 1838-1853; ed. 
by Cr Eliot. Norton. N. Y., Houghton, 
Mifflin & Co., 1899. c. 81p.,$l. 
These letters Bnit rr»Kni«nti of lotlers we part of 

the enrlv recordu of a frieiiilship which be/rlnnini; 

when Emenwn was IblrtJ year* old lasled unbroken 

and eontial till his death. Who (he frleoil wa> the 

public li not to know at present. 


Ralph Waldo. Nature and com- 

ensatjon; fd. by E: W. Emerson Bohl, 
}ughton, MifBin & Co., 1899. 16°, (Biver- 

sideTiL aer., no. 131.) pap., net., 15 c. 
■BmeTBon, Ralph Waldo. The superlaiive, 

and other essays. Host.. Houghton, MiflSin 

£Co.,1899. 16', (Riverside lit. aer., no 130.) 

pap., net. 16 c. 
Bmerton, Ephralm. Eleaiderius Erasmus of 

B-'tterdam. N. Y., G: P. Putnam's Sons, 

1899, c. 37+489 p. il. por. facsimile D. 

(Heroes of the Reloimaiion, no. 3.) cl., 


The work dKtdee itself naturally loto iwo pirts: 
Flist, tbe development o! Era-Niu. up tu Ibe outbreak 

o the I 

oreiamlnes tbe tradllional story of Erasmus' earl; 
ucatloD, and llJuatratee by 'ejections thowloB a* 
irlj- as may be what proted to be the dominant 
ftlm of hl> mind and chiraeler. In the «cond pan 

Bndlcott, Mylex. Stories of the Bible. Host., 
Educational Pub. Co., [1899.] c. •97-'98. 
3 v., 343; 334 p. il. S. bds., en., SO c; d., 
40 c. 

Eugelhatdt, Alexander Platonovich. A Rus- 
sian province of the north: Irom the Rus- 
sian, bv H: Cooke. Phil., J. B. Lippincott 
Co., [1899.] 19+356 p. por. 11. map, O. cl.. 

.ially proitreseiYi 
aiige'l tn 

le ProTlrceof Archangel, of Idea 

burg, Thm . 

tance. AppendLoee cive acatlsties of crops hertf« oI 
einu trade.' fn.m 189a-lB97. ' " "^ 

•England, Howanl 8. Shots at random: 

poems. N. Y., J. S. Ogllvie Pub. C., 

1899. c. 160 p. 13", cl.. «1. 
•England's Helicon: a collection of lyrical 

and pastoral po>-ms published in 1600; with 

in rod. by Arthur H. BuMen, N. Y., im- 

Snned bv 0: Scribner's Sons, 1899. 3H+ 
»9p. IB", cl.. 11.75. 
" Rnaland'x Helicon." fin 
putilikhcd, with addldnns. In 

eel Ian y. published [r 

■t lyrical at 

1614, Slat 
n Englaii 
•g Ibe (In 
Id psnior 



Bneliah, Arthur. AdictionHry of woids and 

phrases nsed in ancient and moiiern law. 

Wash., D. C. WaKhin>!t.iD Law Book Co., 

1899. c. '98. 8+979 p. O. slip., net. »6,50. 

The elTort bus t>cen oiade lo malie t)ie dellnlliiuiB an 

dmotl™ ""' J' « "B ■■ '""*■ '" "I*" = '»" i"™- 
EnglUb ratnlogui' of books for 1898. giving 
titles claHMHt- d under author and su' ject in 
one strict alphabet, with particulars of the 
Hize, price, month of publication. »nd name 
of publisher of the books issued in Grt-iit 
Brilainand Ireland in 1898. and thp principal 
books published in Arnvrica; beint.' a con- 
tinuation of the '■ London " and '■ British " 
catalogu.-s 82d i/ear. N. Y. , Office <.f ITit 
Piih'ishem' H'eetlu, 1899. 356 p. O. pap., 


■English satires; with an i at rod. by Oliphaat 
Smeaton. N. Y., imported byC; Scribner's 

Epic (An) ol til- Boul. N. Y., T: Whittaker, 
1899. c. 3+eo p. O. cl.. nei. |1. 

A cyi^le of elg-hty short poeuiB recordlnK " thB ex- 
perience of one wbo has somided the dsptlu of doubt 
Uld ilnualr, and amsriteil lata light on the turther 
■Ids " Theaulhor.whoienume&t present la wltbheld, 
Isuid lo be already Iidohd In aiore thaa one depart- 

Eliz. Carter; ed. by W. H. D. Rouse. 
Y., The Macrailiao Co., 1S88. 2 v. W, 
(Temple clauic8.)ct., ea., SOc; Jinipleath., 
««., 75 c. 
Brb, J: Beauiy on ic» : a thrilling tale of & 
ruined realm. N. Y.. J. S. Ogilvie Pub. 
Co.. [1899.] c. 12S p. D. (feerlesB ser, 
no. !14,)pap., 25 c. 

Zlrckmann,£;niile,andCbatrian,AIex. CoDtes 
funtastiques: ed. wiUi brief notes and vo- 
cabulary. N. Y.,H: Holt & Co., 1899. c. 
12 + 172 p. S., SOc. 
CootalDB l.'«qulHe myit«rleiiK ; I« mootre du 

dOTen iTbe deans watcb>: Oretctaeni Lm flanc^de 

emit. Tb« introduction eivw a short sketcti of lb« 
Utccsry collaboration ot tbe authors. Tbe editor is 
professor in Soutb Carolina College. 
Bnat, F: H. Peter Hnblenberg, oder Bibel 

und Scliwert: hist. Schauspifl in tfiaf 

Acten. N. Y.,[E.8teiger*Co.,]18Be. c. 

2+100 p. 8. ol,, fl. 

Peter UUtalenberg took a conspicuous part In tbe 
siege of Yorktown. The play oovei-a from njB to 
18S]. It iJi to be translated Into Engllsb.and llsautbor 
tkopn to win for his historical hero some of the revo- 

'Erwln, Prank Alexaader. A Hummary of 
torts. [N. Y., F. A. Erwin,] 188B. c. 7 + 
lS9p. O. cl.. |2. 
Author Is protessor of law In K. Y. UniTersity. 

'Bnolld. The elempots of Euclid for the use 
of schools and colleges; with notes, an ap- 
pondix and (>xercises, by I. Todhunter. 
New ed. rev. and ent. by S. L. Loney. N. 
Y.,TheMacmiHanCo., 1809. 3v. Bits.1-3. 
6+130+32 p. net, 40 c. Bks. 8-*, 8 + 314 + 
77 p. cl., Ttet, 76 c. 

*Bnolld. The elements of Euclid; for the use 
of schools and collagen; with notes, an ap- 
pendix, and exprcises, bv I: Todhunter. 
New ed. rev. and enl., by 8. L. Looey. N. 
Y.. Tbe Uacmillan Co., 1899. 8+882 + 
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D. (College ler. of Oiet-k authors.) ol., 

preTlougedltloDBor the play ba 

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with introd. and notes, by Clinton E. S 


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Bvuu, G;H. Practiral notea on hyiiraulio 
mining. 2d ed. San Francisco, Cal., J: 
Taylor & Co., 1890. 3+475 p. S. leath., $1. 
This artlclo was written .diinally for The fining 

and ScitntiJIc Prat It contains Important iiifornia- 

tloti on hydraulic mining In whlob a mine manager or 

ties, and the dlTerent metWts of measuring t!ie aver- 
age amount of water available the season throuxh; 
the nature of country through »bii-h the dlt-hes, 
flumes, and pipe Hoe- have lo be cooHtructed; tbe 
Quantity of water different nlze piper aIH carry: the 
frlctlou caused by using of too smulldlameter; dilTer- 
ent moion used: the strength of maledalH, etc.. etc. 
BTani. O: W, Algebra for schools. N. Y., 

H: Holt & Co., 1890. c. 4+483 p. D, hf. 

leath., «1,13. 
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lerials. N. Y.. The Macmillan Co., 1899. 
12+346 p. 8*, (Ciimbridge University Press 
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nary professor. Intermediate course. Pt. 
2, Hor'il. Authorized English version. 
Phil,, J: Jos. McVev, 1899. c. 15+688 p. 
D. cl., net, #3.36. 

The second part of a course of religious Instruction 
given at the Institute of the Brothers of the ChrisUan 
Schools, of which the flrst part wan the "Exposition 
ot CbriHtian dogma." Tbls volume contains (he prin- 
ciples of human actn. tbe commandments of Ood and 
of Ibe church, the heatliudes, and tbe evangelical 

*Faerber, Rev. W. Commeaiar sum Kat«- 
Chismus fOr die Katholiachen pfarrxchulen 
in den Vereinigten s'aateo, bearbeitet vom 
verfasaer dea Katechismus, erster Theil: 
Olaubenslehre. St. Louis, Mo., B. Herder, 
1809. 8", net, ♦I. 

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• Dodd, Mead & Co., IMS. 

raphy. N. Y., 1 
il. 13*, cl., 13. 

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ciam, Koman and Anglican. N. Y., C: 
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si of rrllglnn: Catholic 


loua tbaurht; CKtholiclsm uid hUtorlc&l crlUclim; 
BaBBonandrallKlon: CardloKl Huinlngand tbeCatbo- 
lio revlTal; ADg\o CatholLclam—the i3t' ' ' 
Tha foundfttloM of bollet; " 
gUat: Oxford and Jawett. 


It Engl lib tbeolo- 


■ off* 

uidslc. M 
York City, May, 1618 Annnndale le one of Urn prepar- 

He atuineir this office In 1868, and rpnmlned uoill hia 
duth in AnnandBle, hBTlne retind from actlTe work 
oolj a abort lime before bis dentb In January, ISM. 
This biography Is by his son. 

p'alTbanlai, Harold W. Stories of our mother 
earth. San Francisco. Cal., The Wbitaker 
&Ray Co., 1899. c. 5-300 p. il. eq. B. 
(Western ser. of readers, v. 6.) hf, leath., 

Presants lo a simple manner elementary studies In 
geology, mineralogy, and physical geography. While 
the subjects are iTlustiated by ipeclmeDs from the 

to be applicable lo any aectlonor tha United States. 

FairchUd, Rev. Edwin Milton. Societj^'a 
need of elective ethical instruction in 
church and school and Ihesug'gestion of an 
available meihod; reprint from the Ameri- 
can Journal of Sociology, V. i, ni. 4. 
Chic, The University of Chicago Press. 
fAlbany, K. Y., Tor saleby the Educational 
Cburch Board,] 1899. 483-447 p. O. pap.. 

i alatement of the )HychoIogy and pedagoi 
ileal education, anil (he sugggation of tIi— 

'a?' In- 

•Falifield, C: Some account of George Will- 
iam Wilshere, Baron Bramnell of Hever, 
and bis opinions. N. Y.. The Macmillan 
Co., 1898. 4 + 383 p, por. 8°, cl., 94. 

Farmer, Ja. Eugene. The grand mademoi- 
selle; from the Memoirs ot Charles Alex- 
andre, Comte de Lannoy, premier ecuyer 
to the Kin? Louis ziv. N. Y., Dodd, Mead 
&Co., 1H09. 12-1-337 p. D. cl., |1.25, 

■ " ■ ■ ■ ------- -■ •-„ Louis HT. was 

._ notber, Anne of 
if Cardinal Hazarln. 

still u 


>r biB : 

Bourbons at the helnht of their jiower. 

FAtquhar, Anna. The professor's daughter. 

N. Y., Doubleday & McClure Co.. 1899. c. 

3-834 p. O. cl., $1.85. 

The scene Is a Rhode Island seacooat. An old pro- 

Farrw, F: W:, (Dean.) Texts explained; or, 
help** to understiind the New Testament. 
N. v., Dodd. Mead & Co.. 1899. c. 18+ 
373 p. D. cl., «1.50. 

Dean Fitrar says he has not attempted to write a 

a larKe number of verses or panages of whloh— Id 
mattersofrarylngininortaiico— the force, the beauty. 

special signlflcan ' ' 

vith I , 

Arthur Penrhvn Stanli 

MansQeld & A. Weasels, [1899.] 5-60 p. 1 il. 

S. cl., »1.25. 

Besides the two Interesting deacriptlre artioles on 
" WestmUter Abbey " and " Tlie poet'scomer " therein, 
a chronology Is included of the poets and men of let- 

been placed Id WeatmlnatcT 


*FuTOw, O. E. The Utile Panjandrum's 
Dodo. N. y., F: A. Stokes Co., 1899. 
836p. 11, 4', bda.,$1.60. 

F*Mett,Ja. H. Colonial life in New Hamp- 
shire. Bost., Oinn & Co., 1809. c. 0-1- 
145 p. il. sq. D. cl.,TOc. 
"'-'--■' Lied topically rather than chronolofl- 

Ally. iDsc 
ated m » 



. Aimi 

o the 

■, Indden 

Fay, E: Allen. Marriages of the deaf in 
America: an inquiry concerning tbe results 
of marriages of the deot in America. 
Wash., D. C, Volta Bureau, 1898. 7-t- 
B27p. O. cl.,|5. 

■Feaiey, H: J: Westminster Abbey: hia- 
torically deacribed; with an account of the 
Abbey bulldm^, by J. T. Mickletbwaite; 
and an appendix on the medieval monu- 
ments, by E: Bell; with 75 collotype rfa. 
from photographs apeciallv made N. Y., 
The Macmillan Co., 1899. 4°, tuba., hf. 
v^lum. net, |80. [Ed. limited to 100 

Felker, Allie M., comp. Toyon: a book of 
holiday recitations lor the children of the 
school, the home, and the cburnh. San 
Francisco, Cal, The Whilaker & Ray Co., 
1899. c. 208 p. D. cl., $l;bds., SOc; pap., 
35 c. 

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Emotional poems and Oriiwtal Tersea. 

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Christ. N. Y., The Macmillan Co., 1899. 
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public. N. Y., Funk & Wagnalls Co., 
[18i)9.] c. '98. 193 p. mapa. D. cl., 75 c 

Id and ardent believer °n exraosion. ^e 
thoughtful men believe, ami at the same 

1 have 
1 every 


civil and religious liberty. Industrial advsucement; 
popular oducatlon-the church, the school, the home, 
in the ilqtit of freeiloni, under Iho shield of law," 

Foruald, Ja. Chaplain, ed. The standard Jn- 
termediate school dictionary ot thi* English 
language; designed to give the orthography. 
pronunciation, meaning, and eiymology of 
about 38,000 words and plirasen in Ibe 
speech and literature of the English-speak- 
ing peoples; abridged from Funk & Wag- 
nalla' " Standard dictionary of the English 
languaRe." N. Y., Funk & Wagnalls Co.. 
18S9. c. G + 63Bp. il. D. c]..$l. 
■' Siiedally designed for une In public achoola below 

Che academic ),THde. The aim has been lo prepare a 

EngllNb-speaklng peoples and nbicfa should at the 
., — adequat-' ■"■- '-■—■—■ • 

lexicographic I 
Ing language." 

L'present the latestadvanc 

-Intralaclory prefact. 

*r«rriM-, Susan Edmunstone. Memoir and 
correspondence of Susan Perrier. 17S2-1804: 
based on her private correspondence in the 
possession of and collected by her grand- 

349 p. pora, 8*, cl., t7.20. 

*PerrU, Alfred J, Pauperizing- the rich; an 
inquirj into the value and significance of 
uoeamed wealth to its owners and to so- 
ciety. Phil., T. S. Leach & Co.. 1899. c. 
16+483 p. 12*, cl., 11.35. 

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Africa. N. Y., New Amsterdam Book Co., 
18W. ii. maps, 8% cl., net. <4.00. 

■Fsaillet, Octave. Charybde et Scylla; with 
Eo^liah DDten, by A. N. Van Daell. Bost., 
L'Echo de la Semaine, 1899. 13', (Simples 
bistoires, no. B.) bds., net, 25 c. 

Fiege, Jtev. Harianus. The paraclete : a 
manual of inairuction and devotioo. N. 
Y., Benziger Bros., 1899. c. S~S49 p. il. 

Field, Jfra. Caroline Leatie. Nannie's happy 
childhood. Bost., Houghtoii, Mifflin & 
Co., 1899. c. 4+195 p. il. D. cl., |1. 

A Morr for little cblldren; t«11a of a litcle rIfI-i 
ehildhcKHf, bar quaint BaylDH and doing*, and brlrtit 
iDiaclnliigB. the latter brlDnlog in an element of rafry- 

*Fleld, E; Esek Hopkina, commander-in- 
chief of the Continental Navy, 1775 to 1778. 
master mariner, politician, Brigadier-Qea- 
eral, naval officer and philanthropiat. 
Providence, R. I., Preston & Bounds Co., 

1898. 380 p. pis. map, 8°, cl., net, (8. 
'Field, Eugene, Songs ot childhoodi with 

music by Reginald De Koven and others. 
New cheaper ed. N, T.,C:Scribner'8Sons, 

1899. 8', pap., tl. 

•Field, F: Notes on the translation ot the 
New Testament ; being the otium nor- 
vi/XTise lPar» tertia;) reprinted with addi- 
tions. N. Y., The Macmillan Co., 1899. 
17+267 p. 8', cl., net, $2.25. 

Tteldlng, H: Works; with introductions 
byEdmundOosae. New library ed. N. Y., 
imported by C: Scribner's Sons, 1898. 12 v., 
il. 8", cl„ pern., net, 83.50. 

Oantentt: V«, 1, 8, The adBenturca or JoBeph Andrew 
■Bd lil« friend Mr. Abrabam Adams, (IH^T,<^ IH-^I p. 
V. g-fl, TheblBtoryof Tom Jonea, a foundliuK: l»+3st; 
IE+30!: s+31£: 11+107 p. T. 7-9, AmeliOv l!+2m; 0+ 
TX: Sfaos p. V. 10. The life 0( Mr. Jonathan Wild 
■ - ■- '•- 11,12. HlscellanlM.B, OW;S(- 


Fields, Mr*. Annie Adams. Nathaniel Haw- 
thorne. Bost., Small, Maynard & Co., 
1899. 14-1-136 p. por. T. (Beacon biogra- 
phies, no. 6.) limp ol., 75 c. 

"Fiero, J. Newton. Practice in special pro- 
ceedings in the courts of record of the 
state of New York, under the code of civil 
procedure and statutes, with forms. 3d 
ed. Alb., Matthew Bender, 1899. c. 3 v., 
44+730; 781-1586 p. O. shp., |12.50. 

•Plnoh, J: A. Digcat ot 
embracing all decisions 
affecting insurance companies or their con- 
tracts, [etc.] V. 11, for the year ending Oct. 
31, 1898. Indianapolis, The Rough Notes 
Co., 1899. c. 48+456 p. O. hf. shp., 13. 

Flnok, H: Theophilus. Primitive love and 
love-etories. 14. Y., C: Scribner's Sons, 1899. 
c. lS+851 p. O. cl., $8. 

la lesr ibe author publlibad a book on " Ramactlc 

the lore asa'lr. 

of «1.Y 






n, ^hool- 

America. Tbe 
Bibliography (1 



» thx 




Findlatar, Jane Helen. Rachel. N. Y.. Dou- 
bleday&McClureCo.,1899. c. 2-397p. D. 
cl., 11.35. 
ThLeetorytraoeBthedoTelopn -. . . 

er, a modern prophet, whoeo 

■ptritual Klf ta and power over 

him into da Tioiu paths. Tbe ■• 

burgh and in London, and tbe 

whose leader Michael t> 

erfu] mental and 
ludltors nnaily led 

Co., [1899.] c. 2 + 824 p. 8. {Elsie books.) 
cl., tl.35. 

There la a gathering of tbe alan* In Florida in thla 
new Tolumeof the £l<{iSer{a, and agreat deal of In- 
formation La brought out in informal lallia about the 
bletory or Florida: there are Tlalta t« Jacluonville, St. 
Auguetine, stc .and to Qrandma Elale and other mem- 
hereof the family llTingeouth; there la alao a wedding, 
■hopping in New OrleaiK. and two engaeementa. 

•Finn, Rev. Francis J, New faces and old; 

short stories. 4(h ed. St. Lnuis, Mo., B. 

Herder, 1896. 137 p. 12°, cl., 60 c. 
Fish, a. WUliston. Short rations; il. by C. 

J. Taylor. N. Y., Harper, 1899. o. 30+ 

189 p. D. cl., *1.3' 

MOf A 

It West 

twecn Lieutenant McTey and Ruth Lancaster, that 
begins whan MoVey la a cadet at Weat Point. The 
flret half-dozon aketcboB describe the social lite of the 
national military academy, and then the scene shifts 
to Fort Bnelllng in Minnesota. 

Fiahbough, W: The end of the ages; with 
forecasts of the approaching political, so- 
cial, and religious construction of America 
and the world. N. Y., Continental Pub. 
Co., [1899.] c. '98. 16+892p,,»1.60. 

Uie world when polltlcalcondltlons are changing hour- 
ly and many now theories come and go, looking to an 
explanation of the mysteries of life. The tone Is 

Fiaher, JIfrs. Arabella Burton Buckley. The 

fairyland of science. [New rev. ed.] N. 
Y.,Appleton, 1899. c. 8+252 p. il. D, cl., 


»lth fi 



^of theli 

o be easily understood b 

u In' the Unlt^' States; A me'rlcaii' instead ok 
nera) scientific truths.' The work bas been 

In England 

*FiBher, Jtfrs. Arabella Burton Buckley. The 
fairyland of science. N. Y., A. L. Burt, 
1899. 8+398 p. 13', (Fireside ser.) cl., tl. 

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N. Y.. The Macmillan Co., 1899. 3 v„ 9+ 
350; 7 + 308 p. 8", cl., nef, 1f7.^ (Jqqo|^; 


FiMhnr, Mary. A general survey of Ameri- 
can literature. Chic, A. C. McClurg & 
Cu, 1898. c. 2-391 p.D. cL.»1.50. 

Blogmphloftl aketcbaa aocompMiei] nitb a critical 
esumata of the auUior'« worliB, founded upon an bd- 
pIloMloD of the reoogniaed oinon. of MunflcriuSl™ 

T^-^inJlTf ?*• "" Tr.t„c"degti5;l"^a''^7^ire 
Truneendental moreniBnt Id New EnRland, inoludine 
[.ketche. of Oeorife Blpley, A IcotC, an^ Mai^aret Fi.1. 
n^"i,r- S°.f- Hawthorne. LoDgtellow. WhLtllnr, Poe, 
Holmea, Motlov, Tlntroau. Lowell, l-arliinftn, and later 
writers -Stoddard, Whitman, HowbIIb, James, etc 

Fiaher, Sydney G; The Irue William Penn 
Phil., J. B. Lippincotl. Co., 1»00 (1899.1 c. 
3-393 p. pors. ,1. O. d.. «2; hf. iBsr-nt, tS. 


tion and a man of the world; that he frequented eourie 

anddredHed richly and bocoininirlv- that while ha kpot 

hl» word witb the Indiana and Sad no Indian warfafe 

aa a blot upon hie llrat ■etlleniBnis, that Penn»ylTaria 

™„.'™r.!'??'"'"' ""l^" "'P*-" ^<' *■!". 'hat ht 

spent much time away from It. was carelen In money 

matters, and not altogether perfect Thla Is told In a 

auco^ion of ohaptera liberally llluatraied, which also 

g ve deta 18 of hi. youth, edueallon, hUlwo marria«« 

6lae»perlmentaofsi>TenUnBPenn;jlTania.eto, ^ ' 

•Fi.k J H. Asaay^rB' and miners- text- 

book, adapted to the laboratory and school: 

praftical instructions to assayera, miners, 

and prospectors; tests and acsays of all 

the principal metal-bearing rocks, includiou 

gold and sUver bullion. Portland, Ore., 

The J. K. Gill Co., 1899. sq. S. cl.,|3 50. 

•rUko, Amoa Kidder. The slory of the 

Philippines: a popular accountof the islands 

from their dUcovery by Ha^llan to the 

capture by Dewey. N. Y., for sale bvF: A. 

SiokfsCo., 1898. 158 p. jl. map»,8°,cl.,$l. 

Flske, Amos Kidder. The West Indies. N 

Y.. G^ P. Putnam's Son-, 1899. c 18+ 

414 p. il. map, (Storv of thf nations fer 

no. 58.) cl., JI.50; hf. mor., gl.76 

Ablator)- of tbe Islands of the West Indian Arebi- 

pelago. together with an account of thelr%b,^cal 

dit?™^ ""ttural resources, and preaentcon. 

FUke, J: A century of science, and other 

essays. Bost,, HouRhton, Mifflin & Co., 

1899. c. 8-t-477 p. D, cl., |3. 

Contentt: A century of science; The doctrine of 

eroluUon, lu acope and purport; Edward Livlncston 

^oumaoa: The part played by infancy in the evomtlon 

of man; The orfclns of llbe™! thoufthi In America- S™ 

HMTy Vat)e;The arblttatioo Ireaty: Fraucii P^ti- 

andJhoircrotchela, = t.™niia 

Pi«ke,J: The Dutch and Quaker colonies in 
America. Host., Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 
1899, c. 3 v., ie-f388; 16+400p. D. cl., $4. 
o. SCEn".*i;U^?'Vb^e'Tr,r=?a^,^r";.' a 'c^S^ l^ 
J-ey of the political and social condition of the Nether- 
Iwida n tbe Middle Aces. After follow chanters on 

a Coi 

"■P^-" i "Prl'ilceea and ( 

tlona"; Kinp Lojt and King Stork; Asoldier's oaten 

meodoua myaterj of eTil K> aa to give man a [uIIh- 
aeose of bis hiKh calling and a flnoBr aaaurance ut tin 

inflnite wladom and bonipiity " It ehor-- -"■ 

and power of love and aeir-aaeriflce, am 
tbe religious leaaon wblcb nature teaches. 
Pltohett, W. H. How England saved Eu- 
rope: tbe story of the great war, 1793- 
1816. In 4 V. V. J, From the low <-oun. 
tries to Egypt. N. Y., C; Scribnt-r'a Sons, 
1898. c. 7-f-B81 p. pors. facsimiles, plana, 
O. cl., 13. 

The atupj- of tbe twenty yean' war of Great Biltaio 
witb Kevofutionarv and Napoleonic- France. The po- 
litical blatoryof Enjcland during thla period aod the 
contiaental wara ofVapoleon d% not ^ter mio the 
scope of the work. Theehlef actiona by M-a and land 

periods and making each period a complete *lon-. 
Three jieriodi are co.ered In thl.Toiunie, The lint 
ejtends from tbe deciaratlcn of war by France on Feb, 

Se, 1^. The second period. -'The hour of £i«latid's 

ntz Oarald, E: Arthur. The highest Andts : 
a record of tbe first aacent of Aconcagua 
andTupiingatoin Argentina, and the ex- 
ploration of the surrounding valleys ; wiih 
chapters by Stuart ViDe.*, and lontribuliona 
by Professor Bonney and others. N. Y., 
C; SrribueKs Sons, 1899, 3-390 p. maps. il. 
O. cl., net. »6. 

"TtalB book la the ouLcnmeoraeTen months- wort 
by myself and my col!eaiiue*-Mr. Blnan Vines, Mr. 
Arthur I.ightbody, and Mr, Philip OoMe— In the Andes 
of Argentina My expedlUcn had for Its object pri. 
marily the triangiilallon of tho country Immediately 
surronndlng Ihepeak of Aconcagua, America'ahlgheM 
mountain; and aec.indlylheBcallng of the Brest peak 



ce Four appe 


"Fltzpatrfck, J. F. The Transvaal from 
within: a privatp record of public alTairs. 
N. Y., F: A. Stokea Co., 18B9. 4B2 p. 13*, 
cl., |3. 

•Ploay, Rev. F: Gard. Egyptian chronology: 
an attempt toconciliatethe ancient schemes 
and to educe a rational system. N, Y.. im- 

Krted by C: Scribner's Sons, 1899. 167 p. 
. cl., tS. 

Flooson, Katherine Neville. Laos folk-lore 
of Farther India. N. Y. and Chic, Flem- 
ing H. Revell Co,. 1899. 158 p. il. 16°. cl., 
75 c. 

Fleming, Lucy Randolph. Alice Wiibrowj 
or, the surnmer at home. Rrchmond, Vs., 
Presb. Committee of Publication. [1899.] 
c, 341p. il. D. cl..»!. 

The enf-rced residence In the cily of a family ol 

of the ( 

..-. I,- . i.E '"c'twl"?' *;>"''''""'' '■ ^y"}'?-" ,0' the 

— ;lety;'The Qu-'- '^■^"' 

charter for the !,„,,„„ „, rnjmsyivaoia, loui. 
FJske, J: Through nature to God. Bost 

Houghton, Mifl"" -* '^- 'o"" - "^ - 

mp. s, C1..S1, 

.„_.. — th': ThenilgrBtioc 
jof Pennsyln '" « an 

t Co., 1888. 

works of Ur, Flake 

Ise," and "The destlny'ofr- a "viewed 
is oriein." It seeks ■■ to solve the tre- 

Flemlng, Jlfrs. May Agnes. The unseen 

bridegroom; or, wedded for a week. N. 

Y.,8treet A Smith. [1898.] c. W. 8-239 p. 

D. (Eagle lib., no. 138.) pap., 10 c. 
Flaming, W; H. How to study Shakespeare; 

with an introd. by W. J. RoTfe, Series 11. 

N. Y.. Doubleday & McClure Co., 18». c. 

7-i-8«8 p. D. cl., net, $1. 

The aucoFsaof Mr, Fiemtng-a manual has tesulied in 
a widespread demand for another volume containing 
the most ImporlantplaysnotlncludedlQtheBrstbook. 
' Hamlet." ■■ Lear," " Romeo and Juliet," "Henry*.," 
and "As You Uke It." are hereaoalyzed and prapaiwl 
for study In the aame ■i'gE«it\ve,f;^ ^W^ ■»" "" 

Author'a former work unlijue value. An InMTWIiDg 
re&tunt lathe key giving tbe correct pronunclatloaot 

Flatcher, J. S. The palhs of the prudent: a 
comedy; il. by J. W. Kennedy. Boat., L. 
C. Pagre&Co.,1809. 6+809 p. D. H., $1.50. 

DorlntKla Evudne ClemenllDe An u veil, t be beautl- 

dena." a chkrlty Gi- 
ld y with tbe object 

e learDHl DorlDihla p 

tablished by 

D( makJDg girl* seirrellaot 

InterHli. The Irsaoni here 

pracOce In a public house In Torkahlre, EuKlani 
where ihe occupies the position of bannHd. Whll= 
tier courae Is quite aelfleh and heartleaa. It la not witb- 
ouc Its amuaii.g aide. She playa wltli aevenl men irho 
fall in loie with her. prudently carrylUK ber acbeniea 
for her own beuent lo ft auccesaful con'clualao, lire. 

matcher, W: I:, and Bowker, R: Eoffers, edt. 
The annual lilerary index. 18B8; including 

Eeriodicals. American aud EDj^liah; e-ea&ye, 
ook-chapters, etc.: witb author index, 
bibliographiea, necrology, Hnd index to 
dates ot principal events; ed. with the co- 
operation of members ot the American Li- 
brary Association and of Ihe Library Jour- 
nal suff. N. Y., Offlce of The Publitkers' 
IVeeklji. 1899. c. 7+384 p. O. cl., »3.60, 
Thelndei to general literature and the author Index 
contalu tuie cntrioe lo the thirty volum™ of "The 
library □[ the world'a ereat literature," edited by 
CbarleH Dudley Wamer, which have been publlabed at 
iDtervala, l!W«-fl8. 

*Fliiit, Rob., D.D. Sermons ao'I addresses. 
N. T., imported bv C: Scriboer's Sons, 1899. 
383p. 8*. cl.,i3.S0. 
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Chic. C: H.Kerr 4 Co.. [1899.] c. '98. 8- 
30 p. sq. S (Unity lib., no. 83.) pap., 10 c. 

Explains how the mind during natural alecp may 
be made to receive auggeaClons 

Flo'wer, Sydney. How to hypnotize. Chic, 
C:H. Kerr & Co., [1899.1 c '98. 39 p. tq. 
8. (Unity lib., no. TS.) pap., 10 c. 

This little bi>ok enplains how the hypnotic state 
may be Induced In any one who is willing to try the 
flaperlment. It also eiplalna how pain may be relieved 
by BuggeeUoDs made during the bypnotic sleep. 

Fluegal. Maurice. Israel, the biblical peo- 
ple. Bait.. H. Flue^el & Co., 1899. a. 
850 p. O. cl., 12.50, 

""-•—-■ ' — lel. the biblical people, battling for 

and In present America; his aeiwal 
'oepecta ^ his historical posl- 

inklnd and c 

oclal • 

arian n 

et blear, racial. 

nti Semitlam. its 

am, etnlgrallon. 

leligiDUB rltaa 

etbnlca], and economical phanes. A 

Import, causea, and remedies— ZIon 

colonization. rtc.. by the author or 

•nd view-," "Spirit ot the biblical leglslatiuu. ^vu. 

rlvnt, Josiab, [pseud, for Josiah Flynt Wil- 
rnrd.] Trampmg with tramps: studies and 
sketches of vagabond life: with prefatory 
note by Andrew D. White. N. Y., The 
Century Co., 1899. c '98-99. 14+898 p. D. 
cl . «1.50. 
The author, who la nephew of HlaaFrani^es Wlllard, 

baa studied the peculiar oondltioDs and environmeDt 

frengraphlcally; The city Iramp; What the trama eats 
and weara: and many descriptions of 




'Foa, Edouard. After big' game in Central 
Africa: records of a sportsman from Au- 
f;iiBt. 1894, to November, 1897, when cross- 
iag the dark cootiuent from the mouth of 

the Zambe.-i to the French Coof^o; tr. from 
the French, witb an introd. by F: Lees. 
N. T.,TheMacmillBnCo., 1699. 37+880 p. 
il. map, 8°, cl., |6.60. 

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Y.,W:R. Jenkins, [1B99.] c. 4 + lI8p.D. 
pap., 50 c. 

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mann's advance Qerman ser.) cl., net, 75 c 

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163 p. D. cl., 91.60. 

Nlneatorlea originally published In the St. JVicAoIa* 
iftilfaiine; tbeyare reprinted here by permission of 
the Century Co. The proOts of the volume are lo be 
contributed to the Children's Hospital, San irranclsco. 

die: The lamb that couldn't "keep up"; Dream 
horses; An Idaho picnic: A vl^dt to John's camp: No- 

The itarret at irrand father's; The spare twdroum at 


Forbes, J: Hurray. Letlersand recollections 
of John Murray Forbes; ed. by his daugh- 
ter, Sarah Forbes Huehes. Bost., Hough- 
ton, Mifflin & Co., 1899. c 3 v., 11+ 
853; 8+SS4 p. pors. facaimiip. O. cl.. tO. 
John Murray Forbes was bom in I81:!.and died In 

IMU He was a. Nem Enxlander. and a man ot almost 

1 public _,...._. _. 

nthehlKhest pollllcfl 

f hiss 

ought Lim 

Force, Manning Ferguson. General Sher- 
man. N. Y., Appleton, 1899. c. 7+363 p. 
rr>r. il. D. (Qreat commanders ser.) cl., 
Omrents: Ante-bellum; The beginning ot the war; 
The battle of Uhlloh; From Corinth to Memphis: Th« 
Ulsaisslppl moremeiit: Vicksburt: campaign: Chat- 
tanooga and Mcrldan; Hililary dlviaion of the Mlsala- 
Blppl; Camjiftlgu of Atlanta; ratnpaJgn of October— 


Ford, Q: 'Poslle farm. N. Y., Dodd, Head 
& Co., 1899. c 8+359 p. D. cl.. #1.35. 

It is in picturesque Deiomdilre. a loeallty made 
ramlllar hy many Enxllsh •rlters ot Hctlon. that the 


of bis c 

rougbt u| 

tutlful girl 

Ford, Mrg. Gerard. King Pippin: a story 
for children; i). bv Florence H. Cooper and 
C. F. M, Cleverly. Host., L. C. Page 4 
Co., 1899. 277 p. il. 8°, cl., |1. 

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(Heath's modern language ser.) cl. 



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^^o;^""? '■'^ ^"'^''- N. Y., F: A. Stokes Co., 

118HB.J e. unp, O. leatherette, 11.50, 


■■ Tbo i 

*d« are pi 

iTi paper 

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Ford, Paul Leicester. Janice Meredith : a 
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Howw-d Py^ and his nupit,. 11. hotida), 
ed. N. Y.,Dodd, Mead & Co., 1898. c, 2 
v., 10+364; 8+272 p. D. cl., $5. 

^^^ «■■ l*tf ■ *' r* '*"■ ""•■ ""'twrl.-g. o7 Ehe 

t.ppo.iT« .j^psthr^,,'^ re 'oT^i;^^^?„^^y^ 

oin <^^ H--^ ''^ ' l™"'°5 to**''', the Aineri- 
Iklil ovTSrio^rs ^li'd ""'*' *^™'™™- 


Ford, Paul Leicealer. The many-sided 

'^^iS.- S.- ^- ''■*'« Century Co!^ 1899. 


Ford, Paul Leicester, ed. The New Bnsland 

primer: a reprint of Ihe earliest known 
editions; with many facsimUea and repro- 
ducliona, and an historical i n trod uc lion. 
W. Y., Dodd, Mead & Co., 1899. c. "87. H 
+ 118+78 p. il. D. cl., $1.60. 



teiledltioaofthe New England 


■Foreman, J: The Philippine Islands: a 
political, geographical, etlinographical. so- 
cial, and commercial history of the Phil- 
ippine Archipelago and its political de- 
pendencies, embracing the whole period of 
Spanish rule, 2d. ed. (18U9) rev. and enl. 
and brought down to the presenttime, N. 
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il. aq. 0. cl.. $2. ^ ^ 

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rllh tbe lupvlniHiidBD 

152 p. nar. D. (Little books on religioD.> 
cl., 00 c. 

Four rellitioul »r1Jcl«. entitled: The sir of thei»- 
^Der&t«; Sanctity aod rKitb; Qn>*thalid oerfectloD' 
Practical r«ium(. "^ 

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Sunday-school methods. Phil., American 
Sunday-School Union, [1899.7 c. 344 p. 
D. (Green fund book, no. 13.) cl., 75 c. 
Ainu to furelih In compact torm a comprehen- 
:>■ method B. BulnnlnK 
s duties, the autbor dls- 

otber queatlDtu o( Sunday. icUool 'manaiemenl. A 
claued bibliography |B p.) of one huDdrerf books eug- 
g»ted for reference and readlnifby Kdwln W. Rice, 

Foster, Frank Hugh. The fundamental ideas 
of the Roman Catholic chureb explained 
and discussed for Protestants and Catholics. 
Phil., Presb. Board of Pub, and Sabbath 
School Work, 1899. c. '98. 12+366 p. D. 
ol.,«I.76. "^ 

The object la to set forth the system of the Roman 

■taot ourpoee has been to explain tha Catholic doc- 
trine fully and fairly from Ibe autborltativo sources, 
to preaent Its Ideal form, and to state Ibc ftrgumonU 
for it in their full force and at as ereat lensth aa the 
limit* of the work permit. The writer Is profesaor of 

i[ris;f^iiEi^''d''.'c"ai^'"""*''^' """'""-^ """"""^ 

Foster, Michael, if.D. Claude Bernard. N. 
Y., Longmans, Green & Co., 1899. 7+ 
245 p. por. D. (Masters of medicine, no. 6.> 

cl., 11.25. 

The life of a diptlneuiahad French 
born In Franco laiS.diea In 1878. A crea 
le given to ao exposition of bis seiantltldworii,"' 
Foster, Rob. Verrell. D.D. Systematic the- 
ology. Nasbvdle, Tenn., Cumberland Prea- 
■■"-'--'-- Pub. House, 1898. c. 22+868 p. 

O. t 

, 13.50. 

■B than I 

theautborof this t 
heoJoftlcal Depart m 

! author thinb 

a logics 

h of »bl< 

u all its 

Fotheringham, Ja. Studies of the mind and 

art of Robert Browning. 8d ed. rev. and 
era. [N. Y,, M. F. Mansfield & Co.,1 1898. 
22+578 p. D. cl., net, $2.25. 
1 „_[.i™i„.i ...._„, J literary la' 

Robert Bro' 


This Denr » 

, Tbe irork 

poema. The parts oflhe booli affected bylfiepubll- 
CBtlon of Mr. Orr'e "Life aud letters of ifcbert 
Browning," and "Letters of Eliza Barrett BrowninK," 
edited by F. 0. Keoyon, have also been rewritten. 
"Foulke, W: Dudley. The life of Oliver P. 
Morton; incl. his important speeches. In- 
dianapolis, Ind., The Bowen-Merrill Co., 
1889. 2 v., about 1000 p. 8',cl., *6; shp., 


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of the growth und teodencies of Russian 
Civilization. 2d ed. rev. N. Y., G: P.Put- 
nam'B Sons. ISkS. c. '97. 5 + 141 p. D. 
(QuestioDB of the day aer., no. 43.) cl., $1. 

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of drawing for infants; with an introd. 
note by Rev. T. W. Sharpc N. Y., The 
Macmillan Co., 1690. 7 p.+31 ^s. 4'^ bds., 
n«f, $1. 

Fowler. Edith Henrietta. A corner of the 
west. N, Y., Appletoo, 1899. o. 4+S47 p. 
D. (Appleton's town and country lib., no. 
276)cl,tl;pap., 50 o. 


Brn ^DBliah Boolety U 

ought 01 

:LiiK artlUclaJlty of 

> uiil Cheorlei 

■oulsd girl 

Powlar, Ellen Thomey croft. A double 

thread. N. Y.. Appleton, 1899. c. S + 

418 p. D. cl., ll.SO. 

To test the street Ion of a fsTorsd au t tor tbo heroine, 
who i* both rich knd beautiful. reurU to ku Ineenloui 
deception, which It nould spoil the itory to betmy. 
The Ksnes take place In Londoo and In an EogllBh 
eoantry-bome. Xlie obaraoterB are all sharply draicn, 
mad the dlatoioie throughout 1> embued with the ume 
vlt tuid humor lo notable In " CoacerolOE Isabel Car- 
*Powler, J. B. A manual of essay-writing. 

N. Y., ThRMacmillanCo., 1899. 10+164 p. 

16', cl., 80 c, 
"Fowlcr.W: Warde, The Roman festivals of 

the period ol the Republic: an introd. to the 

studv of the fpliKion of the Romans. N. 

Y., the Macmillan Co., 18SJ9. 9+373 p. 13*. 

(BaadbookB of archeeology and antiquities.) 

cl., tie(, fl.35. 
Fox, Beu. Ja. J. Religion and morality: 

their nature and mulual relations hiatori- 

c&tly and doctrinally considered. N. Y., 

W: H. YouDK & Co., 1899. c. 13+832 p. 

D. cl., »2. 

A diseertatloD for the doctorate In theoloey at the 
Catholic Umvf ' ' '-•-■-. — ■-- " -> 

C Waahin 

r^Blibj, LllL, and Mai 

^° ^as'tud^ofA 

in.D, C. 

China, Q] 
raphy (« p |. 

Fox, J:, jr. A mountain Europa. N. Y., 
Harper, 1899, c 4+193 p, per. D. cl.. 

Theaiichor of '-The Keotucklans " and "Hellfer 

redone of Kentucky. The hero, recalled fromaner^ 

to Kentucky a> mining enKlneer. He first wes^lbe 
heroine rldlns upon a bull leden with mea). aocordlne 
to the old mythological pl.:tures. Her father Is a sus- 

conrertedand a'clrcullrrider. Tbe hero teaches the 
wild moontAln leirl to speak good English and to love 
him. He marries her, but fate, In tbo form of her 
rather, aares tbeoi both from the couaequeocea of 

Fox, W;, and Thomas, C: W, A practical 
course in mechanical drawing'. ^. Y., U. 
VanNostrandCo., 1899. c. 8+B8p. il. D. 
cl., 11.25. 

leaaona In meohanical drawing. The course Isparticu- 
larly adapted to the needs ofliigh schools, schools tor 
apprentices, and young mechanics. 

France, Anatole, [pseud, for Anatole France 
Thibaull.] Le crime deSylvpatreBonnard; 
with introd. and noiei by C. H.C. Wright. 


N. Y.,H: Holt & Co., 1899. c. 18+5)79,. 
S. cl., net, 80c. 

Franoa. The Conslitution of France; rear- 
ranged for clasB study, by F: A. Cleveland. 
Host., B: H. Sanborn & Co., [1899.] c. 
29 p. D. pap., 15 c. 

Fr«n9oia, Victor E. Introductory French 
prose composition. N Y., American Book 
Co.. [1898.] c. 94p. U. bds..;" 

For sCudenU who hate already galD< 
edge of Frenob grammar 
Franklin, B: The autobiography of Benjamin 

Franklin. N. Y.,Ca3BeTl & Co., Ltd., 1899. 

19S p. T. {Cassell's DatioDalUb.newser., v. 

e, no. 812.) pap., 10 c. 
Franklin, Sidney. A que<>tion of honor: a 

dramatic sketch in one act. Phil., The 

PennPub. Co.,1899. c. 19 p. 3. (Dramatic 

lib., r. 1, DO. 168.) pap., 15 c. 
■Franklin, W. S., and Williamson, R. B, 

The elements of the alternating currents. 

N. Y., The Macmillan Co., 1899. c. 3I2p 

8°, cl., net, *1.75. 
FraiBT, JUra. C. F. Strawberry Hill. N. Y 

T:Y.Crowell&Co.,[1899.] c. 8+64p.lii. 

Bq. D. (Bunahine lib.[ cl., 5" 


Jane, and especially the liappy Frank Black. 

*Fraier, ifrs. Hugh, [JIfr«. Mary Crawford 
Fraser.] The cuslom of thecountry: tales 
of New Japan. N. Y., The Macmillan Co., 
1889. 7+305 p. 1S°, cl., $1,50. 

•Fraser, Jfr«. Hugh, [Mre. Mary Crawford- 
Eraser.] Letlera from Japan: a record of 
modern life In the Island Empire. N. Y., 
The Macmillan Co., 18B9. 2 v., 22+394;. 
18 + 387 p. ii.8°, cl., $7.50. 

Fraier, JIfrs. Hugh, [ifrs. Mary Crawford 
Fraser.] The splendid Porseuna; il. bv J. 
H. Valda. Phil., J. B. Lippincott Co., 
1900 [1898.] c. '89. 3-394 p. D. cl„ $1.25. 
F. Marlon Crmwf onl'sBlstBrhas writ ten a lurid story 


K fattblul cousin and an old family 
rriena wno marries tbe mother togain authority to 
rescue the daui;bter Anally remove the half.dead 
woman from tbe cruelty of " Ihe splendid Porsenoa." 

Fiaser, W. A. The eye of a god. and other 
talen or east and west. N. Y., Double- 
day & McCltire Co., 1899. c. 5+260 p. il. 

S. cl., $1.25. 

Idol/: "King for a day^': DJalEDa, and Ood and Che 

The conversion of Sweet-grasn deal with American 

Indians In the Far Wnt and Canada. 

P'lmaer, W. J. A living skeleton; a novel. 

N. Y., F. Tennyson Neely, [1899.] c. 3- 

347 p. D. cl., $1; pap., 25 c. 

A story founded on the dramatic and sensational 
•--■'----•- -■-- life of a young southern girl whose 


d conQdenc 

tually ol 

usual blstuD' If 

•Fraser, Sir W: Words on Wellington, the 
Duiie, Waterloo, the ball; with photogra- 
vure pors. and other il. from contemporary 

aources. N. Y., imported by C: Scrlbner's 
Sons, 1899. 830 p. 6', cl., |4. 
•Frechette, L: Christmas in French Canada; 
il. by F: Simpson Coburn. N. Y.,C: Scrlb- 
ner's Sons, 1899. 15+203 p. il. 8', cl., $2.50. 

•Proderlc, Harold. Gloria mundi. N. Y., 
TheH. B. Claflin Co., 1899. 13% (Intema- 
tiooal paper Dovels, no. 8.) pap. SO c. 

+401 p. D. cl., »1.50. 

Hli Bchen 

Uodinga with false 

>r hia relattoDsl 

-drawn cbumctei 

"FrseboTonirh, E., ed. SvKct cheas end 

games. H. Y., New Amsterdam Book 

Co., 1899. Sep, 8-, net. 75c. 
■FrelUg, J. K. The flreprooAoir of steel 

build.i.^ N. T., J: Wiley & Sons, 1889. 

8+S19 |). 8*, cl , 13.50. 
ProBch, Alice, ["Octave Thanet," pseud.) 

The captured drfam, and other atories. Is. 

Y., Harper, 1899. o. '97, '99. 138 p. 1 il. 

nar. S. (Little books by famous authors.} 


■ecoiid storj, " HI* duty." is tftken Iran UlH Tbaiiei'B 
••Thp-niMionarv sheriff." TBo third Btory U -Tho 
•tout UIss Hopkini s bicycle." 
*FreDcb, Jos. L: Christ in art. Boat., L. 0. 

Page & Co., 1900 [1899.1 c. 367 p. pi. IS', 

cl., %S. 
Fr«n«au, P; Some account of I he capture of 

the ship AuT^ra, N. T., M. F. Mansfield & 

A. Wessels, 1899. c. 49 p. O. bds., net, 


This account wa> wrilt«n by the American poet Id 
lJt», when he waj twenty eight yo»n old. The inanu. 
script iraa bequeB,tbed to his Krandduie-fater, Jane 

publication. Freaeau was on board the ship Aurora 
bound for the Weet tndlei whan she was captured by 
theEoglisli. Prinled on one aide or thick paper. Uev. 
eralfacHliniiesof manuscript. 

•Friibia, Frank Dunlap. Sir Tommy r a 
chronicle of six events in his life. Bost., 
De Wolfe, Fiske & Co., 1899. about 350 p. 
18'. fl., $1.25. 

Frith, H: Practical paJmistry; il. by Nina 
G. Barlow. Phil., ThePenn Pub. Co.. 1898. 
c. 8-328p. il. sq. T. cl.,50c. 

Treatlae on the art of oharacMr reading through an 
-examination of the hand. Based on actual expen- 

Fro«bel,F: Friedrich Froebel'seducationby 
development: the second part of "The 
pedaf^ogics of the kinderfiarten" ; tr. by 
Josephine Davis. N. Y., Appleton, 18B9. 
c. 28 + 347 p. D. (International education 44.)cl.,$l.G0. 

In a former Tolume (do »0 oI this series) nearly one- 
hair of theassays brought tojrother by Wlc hard Lanse 
In a Tolume endtled "The pedo^OKlcs of the kinder 
cn-rten" hare already been prlnlsd, Thuae euays re- 
late more especially to the plays and irames. Iii the 

d IUti 


'FroUsazt, Sir J; Storiei from Froieiart, by 
H: Newbolt. N. Y., The MscuiiUan Co., 
18B9. 39+368 p. 13% cl., $1.50- 

FTOmmsl, E nil. BinReschD>'it:einestudent- 
enKesdiichtr; with introd.. notfs, and vo- 
cabulary, hvW: Bernhardt. Boat.. D. C. 
Healh&Co., 189B. c. 8+114 p. pors. S. 
(Heath's modern langua^ ser.) cl., 80 c. 

*FTOntliins,Sextue Julius. The two boohn on 
the water supply of the dW of Rome, of 
Septus Julius Frontious, water Comniis- 
of thecityorRomi?, a.u. 97:ai)lioto- 


^B & Co., 1899. il. 4*. cl., 16-50. 

Frost, S, A- Aladdin : or, the wonderful 
lamp; a faiiytiile drama for the little folks. 
Dick's American ed. N. Y-. Dick &. Fitz- 
gerald, [18S9.] 16 p. D. pap., 15 c. 

Pnilt, J: Phpips. The mind and art of Pi>es 
poe'ry. N. Y., A. S. Barnes & Co., 1899. 
c. 8+140 + 8 p. O- cl., 11.35- 

tlat^ His method: ft^uni^. Thescund part is devoted 
to Poe In the workshop, eipenmeot In rhythm and 
rime: Allecory; A mantorplBC*, Ihe Raven; Haaler- 
BLmkea, Eulalie, Ulaluine, Annabel Lee. For Annie; 
Thecllmai, The bells. Inilei. Autbor Is proreaaor 

College, Liberty, Ho. 

*Ft7, Herbert, ed. London in 1899. Rev. 

and coTT. to date, 1899. N. Y., imported 

by C: Scribntr'a Sons, 1899. 18+3S8 p. il. 

folding map, 13*, pap., 40 c. 

book of onh 

. . e7th 

enl. and improved German ed.. by A. 

Duane, M.D. N. Y., Appleton, 1899. 8', 

cl., tubs., %5; shp., (6. 
Fuller, Caroline H. Across the campus: a 

story of college life. N. Y., C: Scrlbner's 

Sons. 1899. c. 5+441 p. D. cL. «1 50. 

Tells the story oCthBcolleKGlireofaRroupaf pretty, 
clarer rlrls, with muub humor and trutbrulneaa. Tfac 

emdual development oC their characters la that 
period, as alTecled by the siH^al side or epilog IKes-' 

d bytl 

with e 

cellentlj delineated. 
Pullar, H: H. The art of memory: bein^ a 
comprehensive and practical system of 
memoryculture. St. Paul, Minn., National 
Publishing Co., 1898. c. 7+481 p. O. % 
leatli , $3. 

The subject Is popularly treated, and with many 
anecdotefl. In chapters entitled: The bteaalnj^sof mem- 
ory: What memory k: Marvels of memory: Hoe- 
monlcs. past and present; Attention; Asaoclatlon; 
C)as8lflcatlon of memory: Locality: Form color; Fig- 
ures; Historical dates: Evente-tStcIs: Llioralure— 

Music; Vagartosof memory, ' 

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VonltnU: A i:entleman of Klne James's day rDr- 

John Donne); * medlKV«l love-Btory: Chaucer's Tale 

of ari»rlda; The miraculous voyaae of St. Bnndan; 

An Aniilo Baioii salnl— Aldhel^i.Tbe old^t EDglisb 

r.Tbe oldut E 

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., „.lihihBe_, 

brated crcntlOD, " Uonsleur Lecoq. 
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A^^Btor; of Eniclimb couatry Itfe. Ralph Andenon 

o Falci 

fill Is ii 

laieaboutlwi hundreil nifloB'from''(^» 

The principal charaoiers are two brotho™, Rex and 
NKtlianiel6rHll.IbelrBlaterNatalie, and her betrothed, 
William HattUBwB, a .Van York lawyer. While 

■ad Incldeiit b> Natalie-a imurlaice. Evenu that follaw 
thirteen years later are given, evidently to prove oer 


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cl., #1: pap.. 00 c. 

■""- "— ^- -— -I EnnK-" ■ - — - 

ir the I 


uacheB tilm rirtue ami true manlineas He la made 
thR dupe af biH nude aiiil cou.ln, and far lava of a 

to Hcure her happinesn with a rlnkl. The author ol 
"Tatwrly ■' baa written another BtrongBCudy of cbar- 

Oallon, Ton;. The kiogdom of hate : a ro- 
mance, N. y.. Appleion, 1899. c. 4+ 
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ThR kmifilom of hate 1b a little German principality. 

tended. The InsenlouB Hcherpe? of the man to make 

moner furiiinh Ihe action of a filuhly >RnBational plot. 
A rounk' Entcllshman by accident beeunies Involved. 
and In the end the prmi^ess Is nailHlled to exchange the 
klnirtoni of hate tor the kingdom of love. 

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cl.. |1. 

ShortitorleBby the author of "AdrummerV parlor 

i; Ned'B 


tour; O'Reilly at Ihe cake-walk; The Larchmontcom- 

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hold foreign territory: an address delivered 
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i^ W« I* 1M7 T-,...^! *^ Vt TT FT.. »t 

il. by E. W. Deming. N. Y., The Mac 


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D. (Dilliogham's American authors lib., 

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... * 'H'^" °' f enfoliy »""1 of Waahington politlt:al 
life. There la a loie-story and a mystery about a 

Ke"feto la % your.V'Kentuckian who drelms Sf'b'elne 
President of t^e United Statea. ^ 

Gamett, R: Efsaya in librarian*hip and bibH- 
ography. N, Y,, Francis P. Harper, 1899, 
14+848 p. D. (Library ser., no. 6.) cl., net, 

plIancH with appealu from bibllnjtraphleal Journals or 
looked for information lo the lata keeper of printed 

taut are: Public libraries and theircMalc^i 

;uea; Print- 



ilns of thh BrItUh UuHum uULo'.'i 

MuMUmcMalopueastliobMlsiifaunh „ — 

iQtroductlon ot Europeu prlatine Into tbe east: Par«- 
guiiyui and ArgeatlDe blOnogTBpbj'; The earlf IuJIm 
book trails; Pbatocrftphy In public librarlea: On tbt 
protectlnD of libraries rrom Are; SubJect-lDdeuH U 

<traDsAi^tionBofleM-Ded»oc1etleB,et«. Obituary notlca 
are Incluiled on : tjlr Anthony Panlizl, Jobo — 
Jone*. Henry Slflreo*. and Blr Ed Hard A. Bond 

aarreUon, Bpulah C. Fireside fancies. Phil., 
J. B.LippincoitCo.,1899. c. '98. 2-2~" 
D. cl.. 

Euaya on mlioellaoeous subjects, en lit led: FLi 

fancies: Cobiieba: The time la now; Stability of char- 
-KCter; Adapcabllity; iDdlTldual influence; True lo 
one's self; Friendship; Ambition; Tbe first uioit; 
Bouka; Books and peopie; Autborablp: Novels; Imttgt- 
nation Hrnu facta; Casting; Hen and Romeii; Women 
heir intereela; FemaJes_ui 

): Chur 

and rellitlon; .. 
' 1 Spain ; Educ 



Oarrett, Phioea*, ed. One hundred choice 

seteclions lor rciidings and recitatioriB, no. 

87. Phd., The Penn Piih. Co., 1899. c. 

300 p. D. cl., GOc; pap., 30 c. 
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fairy tale: il. by C. Rubinson, N. Y., J: 

Lane. 1900 L18W.] 18% cl., $1.50. 
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critical and cuii'>tructive ; an exposition 

and an estimate. N. T., impurted by C; 

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'Oaah, A. D. The false star: a tale of the 

Occident. Chic, W. B. Conkey Co., 1809. 

C. 578 p. il. D. cl., *1.25. 

TheplC - "- — " - ■ - 


e befon 

the Monoon c 

the doceptioris practised by It t 

he purpoie of 

herentslii obtaLnln^ sUtebood fo 

Utah, and the 


log the wrong 
EH of the ar 

mls'loDsrles of that church, sea 

tered throuRb 

world, by nbo-tng that they lea 

eh one thing It 

and another In Iho BiiSEJon Held. 


inford 1 

OMkell, Mr». Eliz. Cle^Hc 

with a preface by Anne Thiickerav Ritchie. 
N. Y., T: Y. Crowell &, Co., [1890.] c. 24 
+290 Ti. il. D. (Copley ser.) cl., fl. 
iCUiquet, Francis Aid.iu, D.D. The eve ot 
the Reformation: studies in the religious 
life and thous^htof the English people in the 
period preceding' the rejectloD of the Roman 

Jurisdiction bv Heury vi]i. N. Y., G: P. 
■utnam's Sons, 1809. c. 3+400 p. O. cl., 


ConlenU: The revlia] of letters in EnRland; The 
two Jurlsdlctlona; England und tbe Pope; Olrivy and 
ialty; Krasniua; The Lutheran invasion; The priutad 
Enrllsh Bible: Teachlnjr and prBsohinff; Parish life In 
CaOiollc England; Pre reformation guild tile: llediieval 
wills, chantries, and obits; Pllgrloiagei and relics 
•Qatas, Jasper C, conip. Cases on the law 

of real property; selected by Jasper C. 

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Y., New Amsterdam Book Co., 1800. 8°, 

cl.. «1.50. 
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nights, and other fantastic romances; tr. 

by Lafcadio Hearn. [New isgue.l N. Y.. 

Brentano'B, 1000, [1899.1 c. "90, m. 

888 p. D. cl., $1.60. 

Formnrlj' published by Worthlngton Co. 

12 + 


'Ctawlhotp, — • A manual of practical in- 
struction in the art of brass repotiss^ f or 
aiUHteurs. 2d ed. rev, with additional it. 
N. Y.. imported by C: Si' rib net's Sods. IBOS. 
12+71 p. il. 12*, pap., SO c. 

'Oay. Albert, and Yeaman, C. H. lotrod. 
to the study of central station electricity 
supply. N. Y., The Macmiilan Co., I89». 
13+467 p. ia-,cl., K. 

'Qaye, Selina. The great world's farm : some 
account of nature's crops and how they are 
grown; with a preface by G. S. Boulper. 
New ed. N. Y.. The Haumillan Co., 1809. 
10+888 p. il. 13°, cl., net, price reduced to 

aaylDf, C: Mills, andScolt, F: Newton. An 
introduction to the methods and materials 
of literary critici-ms. In 2 v. V. 1. The 
bai-es in aesthetics and poetics. B<v>t., 
Uitin & Co., 1899. c. 13+587 p. D. cl., 
The plan of each chapter embracBs IIJ a discussion 

of si.._ ,. ,._ 

□onslderatlOD. (ii a comprehensli 

auggestlODS for apeclal Investigation. While the work 

quaint the Bluctent with any or sll systems, jet some 
pains bas been taken to if latin gulah. In the trommen- 
tary. those theories which are thought to rest upon a 

is preparing under title ot '■ Literary types " 

'Qaynor, Mrs. Jessie L. Songs of the child- 
world for the kind ergurten. Cio., 0., The 
John Church Co.. 1890. 16*, cl.. II; $1.26. 

'Oeneral digeal, American and English 
annots ; refers to all reports, offlciul and 
unofficial. V. 6-7, new ser. Roche>ter, N. 
Y., The Lawyers' Co-op. Pub. Co., ISM. 
c. O. shp., eo., $6. 

OvDUDg, J: Franklin. The passing ot s*^lf: 
two practical chapters drawn Irom tbe 
words of Christ. N. Y.. T: Y. Crowell & 
Co.. [1899.1 c. 46 p. D. (What is worth 
while ser.) leatherette, 85 c, 

•- '----'- -lOolden Rule really 

Professor Oenu 

A that. 

it Christ d 
applies ■ 



truth bi 

'George, Hereford B. Napoleon's invasion 
of Russia. N. Y., New Amsterdam Boob 
Co., 1890. 463 p. maps, plana, 8% cl., $4. 

Qeorge, Lyman F. Tht? involuntary idleness 
of Tabor: tiro open letters: one to the 
clergy, the other to the Chief Commia- 
Bioner of the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 
Bost., George Book Publishing Co., 189S. 
c. 81 p. D. pap., 10 c. 

a«otge. Marian M., Coonley, Lydia Avery, 
Conrade, Hiiry S,, and olheri. Soogs in 
season f o r primar v and i ntermediate grades. 
Chic, A. Flanagan, [1809] c. 6 + 144 p. 
O. cl., 75 c.; pap., 50 o. 
The wngs In thia book have beer written or planned 

e plsn b 

imes, one for 

irovlded f< 
the Ma 

ng suitable songs torapeclftl days, pnigrami 
'thday celebrations. Aim is made to Bl] 
Every birthday, holiday, and special dayceio- 
bbserved in tbe lower grades, bas been 

Supreme cl. Reports of cases at 
and Oct. terms, «97-'Mj V. 108- 


106; Stevens and Oraham, reps. Atlanta, 
The State Library, 1806, '99. c. O. ahp., 
ea., |S. 
0«rard, Frances A. The romance ol Ludwig 
II. of Bavaria. N. Y., Dodd, Mead & Co., 
1899. 50 + 803 p. pors. i!. O. cl., 13.50. 
The itory uf the tr.<Klc life of the mad King of 
BkTuHa. LudwiK wu the pMroD of Wa«ii«r, and It 
wa> tbrouich hlaaiduii] BuoauraKemeDt that the pro- 
duction of the KToat mualc dnoiaa fti>d the eraction of 
the theatre at Bayreutb, when thef were orlglnaUy 
prtxluced, were made possible, KIhk Ludwlir was also 
• great builder of palaces, deicrlptlona belnz tUvea of 
Ills wouderrut creatlODS Is architecture and landscape 

•OerriBh, F: H:, M.D., ed. Textbook of 

anutoi»y; by Araerioia authors. Phil., Lea 

Bros. 8c Co., 1899. 8°, cl.,net, 16.50; flex. 

waterproof, net, fT; leath., net, $7.00. 
-•CNtman, F: Button. Elements of blowpipe 

anulvsis. N. Y., The Macmillan Cti., 1899. 

9-(-77p. 16°, cl.,ne(. 60o. 
•aibbs, G. Pike and cutlaBx: hero tuli^B of 

oiir navy; il. bv the author. Phil., J. B. 

Lippincolt Co., 1899. 19°, cl., $1.S0. 
Oibler, Paul. M.D. Paychiam; analyaia of 

things existing: essays, 8d ed. N. Y., 

Bulletin Publishing Co., [1899.1 c. 387 p. 

D. cl., SI. SO. 

The author hsa for flfteen years been obsarvlnf 
paychlo "facts'^ tnrougb hypnotic so bjectn and medl- 

InTestiKationH.Badwrltesbnthat which, la his opinion, 
may be the ralianolt at these phenomena. He aeeH In 
the latter the poeelblr ' ' ' ■' ' -■ 

the life wbleb a 

Dr. Qibler la dln^ 


«lety for FByeblcal BCBearch of London, etc. 
'OibiOD, C;Dana. The education of Mr. Pipp. 

N. Y., R. H. RusKcll, 1899. il. size 13 x 18 

in., vellum, $6; idition deluxe, net, flO, 
Olbion, C: Dana. Sketchea in Egypt; nrit- 

ten and il. by C: Dana Gibson. N. Y. 

Doubledav & McCIureCo., 1899. c. 1S + 

114 p. O. c1.,net, $3. 

In licdure'i iljgatint. 

aibaon, C: Donnell. My lady and ADan 

Darke. N. Y., The Macmillan Co., 1899. 

c. 8 + 371 p. D, cL.Jl.BO. 

Allan Darlte, twenty flve years of age, Is spendlns 
happy days wilh a young cousin when he is called to 
his place as lieuMnant of a reirlment of riflemen to 
quell an Indian Iniurrecllon in Virginia. His ship is 
wreckod and he Is stranded on astranpe shore, where 
he la imprisoned and cruelly treateiT by mysterious 
people who seem madmen to bim. A family secret la 
revealed bj hia worst enemy, and "My Lady," hia ene- 
my's daughter, saves his life and makes lilm forget 
one pretty cousin for another, 

•aibion, Edgar C: Sumner, D.D., ed. The 
Book of Job; with introd. and notes by 
EdgarC:8. OibsoD. N.Y., The Macmillan 
Co,, 1899. 304-386 p. 8°, (Oxford commen- 
taries, ed. by Walter Lock, D.D.)ol.. |1.85. 

*(Vbaon, J: Munro, D.D. From fact to faith. 
N. Y. and Chic, Fleming H. Revell Co., 
1899. 150 p. 16*, cl.,75 c. 

Oibson, J: W. A school history of the 
United States of America; including nu- 
merous sketcli-mapa showing territorial 
growth and progrpss of the American 
armies in different wiira and campaigns, 
and also including augp-estions for parallel 
readings, 1492M897. Chic, A. Flanagan, 
1999. c. 18+609 p. por. il map,D cl., tl. 

Qlelow, Mrs. Martha S. Mammy's reminis- 
cences, and other sketches. N. Y., A. S. 

Barnes & Co., 1808. c. 7-H09 p. il. D. cl.. 

Ante-bellum southern stories and rhymes, told in 
M 'S^'V^ musical dialect of the plantation negro. 

■re also recalled. 

Ol&brd, Mm. Augusta Hale. Qermany, hen 
people and their story; a popular h'istory 
of tlie beginnings, rise, deveJopment, and 
pi-ogrepsor the German empire from Ar- 
menius to William ji.; told for Americana. 
Boat-, Lothrop Puh. Co,, [1899.1 c. 8-1- 
004 p. i). D. cl., »1.76. 

" Gifford has prepared barseK for this boolt by 

'altbful atcdy of all phases of German life and history 

rrom the earliest times to the present day. It Is the 

■ Vmaricftn'f^lSera aSrytSdV**' P"P^"^ 

iseaTsueb eras as that o( the Re^m "ion, ''Sie 
irty Years- War. rrederiok the Great's martial ca- 
ir.thB lime of Prasala's oppression ending in the 

war of litieratlon. and the Franco-Prueeisa War with 

its galaKv of illustrious cbatacters. have tweu treated 

with satisfactory fulness. 

Oilbert, Frances Feriot. The annaLi of my 
college life; designed and il- by Fraocea 
Feriot Oilbert. Boat., ]>e & Shepard, 1899. 

aUbert, G: Holley, The revelation of Jesua: 
a study of the primary sourcea of Chris- 
tianity. N. Y., The Macmillan Co., 1399. 
c. 8+375 p., 11.35. 

Dr. Bilbert 1m Iowa professor oT New Testament 
literature and Interpretation in Chtcajro Theological 
geminary. Ah the title shows, this is a critical hi*- 
tnrlcal study of the teachings of Jesus It seeks to 

cepts ( 

It is not 

Inde< of pasxagea from the gospels- 

•Ollbort, Q: Holley. The student's life of 

Paul. N. Y.. The Macmillan Co., 1B09. 

10+879 p. 13% cl., net, $1.26. 
CHlbBrt,H.M. Ofnecessity. NT.,J:Lane 

1899. c- 8 + a76 p. D. cl., $1.35. 

abort stories, entitled : Fruitra; A simple aonal' A 
daughter of the gods; Sea Augusta; Ad elemental 
passion; Without school. 

Oilbert, W: Schwenok. Fifty "Bab" bal- 
lads; much sound and little c^en^e; il. by 
Moore Smith. N. Y., F: A. Stokes Co.. 
[1899.] c. 8-185 p. T. (Collection of mas- 
terpieces.) cl., 50 c. 

aUbert, W: Schwenck. Fifty -Bab" bal- 
hids; much sound and little sense; il by 
the author. N. Y., Street 4 Smith, [1899.1 
6-S34p. D. cl.. *1. ■■ 

'Oilbert, W: Schwenck. SonRs of two Savoy- 
ards; worda and il. by W. S. Gilbert; muaic 
by Sir Arthur Sullivan. 2d ed. N. Y., G- 
Routledge & Sons, Ltd., 1899. 268 n. 9°. cl 

am. W: Hugh. D.D. Esthpr: a drama of 
Jewish history. Phil., G; W. Jacobs & Co 
[1899.] c. Mp. 8. flexcl.,80c. 


1 story of the Booli of B 

ei plains the tuti- 



Jucobs <fc Co., [1669.1 c. '91. 3-^71 p. D. 

ci., »1.25. 
*aUIespl«, A. Lockhart, M.D. Maoual of 

modern K&strii' methods: chemical, physical, 

and tlieiapeutical. N. Y., W: Wood &, Co., 

I6&0. il. n',, $1.50. 
aUl«tt«, Mr a. F. L. Gillette's cook-book : flfty 

Si'ars ot practical housekeeping. Akron, 
, The Werner Co., [1899.] c. 6-fl05 p. 
pur. il. O. cl., $2.S0. 


Oivea, Welkt-r. A further >tudy .>r tlie 
Othrllo: Have we misuDderslood Shake- 
speare'H Moor? N. Y., The Shakespeare 
Press, [For sate bj Brentaoo's,] 1899. c. 
8+8S7 p. D. (Papers of the Stiaheopeare 
Society of New York, no. 11.) cl., net, (8. 

A member ot tbe Sbake*p«iire Society bere cl>liii( 
tbkttbe^aaralleaMin or Othello cenCm ^haufih* 
nut erlt mfBtefy or MX." Roderlgo la b c< 

'Wbite House Cl 
urk wu puniiBhed, tan yeu-n U(i 
mflhe h&s frreiktJy simplified &Dd 
rorts. Tbe Ida* la preaentiDg tt 
I teftchlngs itrlctlT ta the 
rejecting for 

only thing 


BD hundred reclpei, 

lnvB.Tida,'etc^' iTlustrated with 

ailman, Dan. Coit. The lite of James Dwight 

Dana, sdeutiHc explorer, mineriilo^ist, iik- 

ologist, prufessor m Yale XTniveraity. N. 

Y., Harper, 1899. o. 13+409 p. por, O. cl., 


hlEb Hiu-on thelrshoreSBQd iiiandsi 
primltire InhnblUiits-io that he mlg 
oceangrftplior or ocean hi nlonr: bia i 

nSitur&llBt w»K g»lne- — „ ... 

career, from tMKlnnliK to end. wu Ideotiaed with Ysl 
Oolleite In preparing the blugrapby, wbich la penoot 

:e could be Inlrt 

le aalled 

s gnmc Qelds; a 



it his c 

(8 p. 

Oilman, N: Painr. A dividend to labor: a 

Study of employers' welTare institutione. 

Bost, Houehton, MiOiin & Co.. 189S. c. 

8+400 p. D cl.,$l,BO. 

_ -. The Indir 

iecl ot the larger part of the i 

I. Aftei 

man,T ._ . „ ._ _ 

.St., Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1899. 18°, 

cl.,iie(, |1. 
•Girl's own aunttal, [1900:] the annual volume 

of ihe girl's own pappr. N, Y. and Chic, 

Fleminir H. Revell Co.. 1899. 800 p. il. 8°, 

cl , J3.60. 
Olsilng, G: Rob. The crown of life. N. Y., 

F; A. Stokes <fe Co., 1899. c. 3+860 p. D. 

cl., (l.fiO. 

cl«il aeri 

proved by time and adversity, 
Jn« Plera Otway, studvlnir U 

■.a him with ambition 


For eight vcan family skelelonx. political IntriRues, 
bu^newadvemtrles.eic .etc ^threatened their happi- 
ness Theauthorof "The whirlpool" and "The un- 
class?d " works In bis views on the polliicai and social 
poiloy or England. 

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Stonewall Jackson. r^/«o] sketches and 
stories. Cin., O., The Eilitor Pub. Co., 
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Conlenti.- Reminiocences nC SionewallJoclnon. and 
four short stn'lFs.enlltied: Rose TreTlllian: Tbe light 
that failed; On the trail; Trelawney, 

larefuliy worl 
Ltndy of the El 

Elizabethau t 

aiadden, Washington. How much is left of 
the old doctrines?: a book for the people. 
Bost., HouKhtoo, Mifflin ft Co., 1890. 5+ 
831 p. D. cl., $1.35. 
"- ■ ■- Belief In Oodi Hnw the worlds were 

Bible f 

: What 

■ tbe 

inherits The 

ConT_ _ 

thought of I 

i; The I 

turalT; What 

a: ThesiEm 

lopeof ItnmortalitT; The 
lumbus, Ohio. 

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dpveJopnieiit ot architecture and other ap- 
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hr. iMvantmor., $10. 

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c. 17 + 288 p. por. D (Heath's modern lan- 
guage ser.) C.I , 90 c 

In the preparation ot this selection of the poems of 
Ooethe, arranged in chronoloBioal oider. says the 
editor, my desire has been to fiirnlsh ■ commentary 
which should give th* necessary explanation of wnrds 



is that of the 

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thea; with introd.. fooiDotes, and vnoab- 
iiUry. bv W: Ad.lisoD Herv^v. N. Y„ 
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chapters on grasses, sedges, and TerDs; un- 

technical studies for unlearned lovers of 

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ComtenCi.- CroeuMa; DuidellonB; In April weatber; 

Hie flowerlDK ut the Furen treea; Oreen leaves U 

wiH^; Uly-kfri knd mse-kln: Onnea; Rustaa and 

■edBea; Klgbt Boirtir*; Climbing pUnta: The eportoK 

or the fern: The aenlun □( the foreat; Dogtnne ud 

TDllkweed; Tblelles and nettle*; A haodrul of weedsi 

Oolden picture-book : pleasant atoriea wise 
and witty, padres bright with pictures 
pretty. N, Y., T: Nelson & Sons, [1899.] 
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rair; slorlee, with prgse Hketches ud venei far 

Tery yoang readers, tastefully lllufltmted in colon. 

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amtailt: A littl« (treat boy: AtaleortKomoDkeye; 

LlUle muddy roada: Bunny run-a-way: Pol ly'a ticket; 

A little OODK- 

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tary ser.)cl.. 

Wolseiey mill' 

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tional games of England, Scotland, and 
Ireland; with tunes, singing rhymes, and 
methods of playing a^cordiog to the vari- 
antsextant and recorded in different parts 
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and beans — would you know. N. Y.. im- 

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book: being historical stories collected out 
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from the conquest to Victoria; ed., with 

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can war of 1898; with contributed chapters 
by R^ar- Admiral Sampson, Captain Riibley 
D. Evans, and Commander C. C. Todd. 
N. Y., Doubleday &McCIure Co., 1899. c 
5 -I- SOT p. por. map, O. cl., f2.00. 
The author, correapondeutof the AasocLaled Pre**, 

wuonthe JVeio York all through tbe late Bpanlah. 

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ing. N. Y., Longmans, Qreen & Co., 1899. 
6-1-605 p. il. D. cl.,|2. 

Written eipriaaly for engineer* and atudenta who 
han a fair knowledge ot theoretical mechaulcs and 
elementary math a mat I CB, lo amlsl thpm In apptylng 
their knowledge to eaglDeerioic prublema. 

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(The plan bixik, no. 10.) pap., 25 c. 
In Bubmlttlngtbeae modal* Tor cutting to tbe teach- 
it Rrade work, tbe author wlahes to aay 

should follow, then photograph' 

photograplied-tbiB aet, of tifty 

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ful information. Atlanta, Ind., Jasper 
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leatherette, 50 c; leath., TSc; rus., %\. 

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noles. N. Y., E. P. Dutton & Co., 1899. 4.f- tl.50. 
The atory begins In tbe y^ar 1SS, and relates to the 

Btrunleol tba Semmole IndlBusaesInsl tbolrtnii» 

'—'™ (pom their IsodB in yionfl* to the Indian 

■y bv tbe United 3tal«, 

portatlon fpom their li 

Territory bv tbe United , 

••,helrohiehhsdr«tm8d. The i 

Indlu chief, led £ 

QordoD, 8: Lesser destioies. Chic, H. S. 
Stone a Co.. 1898. c. 2+310 p. D. cl., 

A tale ot London ilunu Sewing giHi, Turlety so 
tresses, and many women inured to toll and drudVet? 

Oor«, C:. (Cat 

on.) St Paul's Epistle 

to the 

Romans : a 


V. 1, 

Chaptprs I.- 

vm. H.Y 



1B99. 8 + aMp. D. cl., 


he game 

wor on the Eplatle to tbe 

troduotlon each sect Ion 


■ectlona are takei 

a together, and prefaced by an analy- 



Dst useful, and 
mUB Ideas or 


Qorham, Q: C. LiTe and public sprvicBS of 
B^win M. Stanton. Boat.. HouKhtoo, 
Mifflfa & Co., 1899. c, 2 v., 16+4G6; 15+ 
502 p, pors. (acaimiles, i1. O. cl., $6. 

■r contains a sketob of Stanton's 


a. lum 

on] or bis relal 

imi-tB. and three yea 

Mr, Oorb 

it the Civil War- 
is Pres 

friend and great admirer of Mr. Stanton. He has 

Btanton's family, and bas had tbe priTiieKe of exam- 
ining Stanton's personal correspondeace. 

"Oon, C: F: Hits and mlsnes. N. Y. and 
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il. by a Eeries of views and details from 
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1685; with historical and critical text. N. 
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S. (Van Nostraod's science ser., no. 113.) 
bds., 50 c. 

Inthepresent editlonanuDiberot corrections have 
bean made of typographical and other errors, as well 
aa ot Inaccuracies and crudities ot eipresalon. Its 

ably be found In tbe practical applications ot elemen- 
tary calculus contained in the additianal chapter. 
•Oould, Q: Milbry, M.D.. ed. American year- 
book of medicine and surgery: being a 
yearly digest of scientific progress and 
authoritative opinion in all branches of 
medicine and surgery, drawn from jour- 
Dols, monographs, and text>books of ihe 
leading American and foreign authors and 
investigators ; collected and arr.. with 
critical editorial comments, hy 8: W. Ab- 
bott, .1: J. Abel, M.D., J. M. Baldy, M.D., 
and others, under the genf ral editorship of 
G: M. Gould, M.D. Phil, W. B. Saunders, 

. additions to text 

r Adelbert Hamilton. 


189S. c. 1103 p. 6°, nib$., cl., 16.50; hf- 
mor., |7.50. 

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the ad ed. , with -■'''■•" 

and authorititt 

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English text, |15. Holland ed., Fiench 
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F: A. Davis Co., 18B8. c. 14+461 p. il. O. 
cl.. net, $i; sbp., net, $4.75. 

This revision, carefully tnsde by Dr, Grandln, neces- 
sarily pertains chiefly to obstetric surgery and Ibe 



k. thai of teachlDf 
o acquire bis knowl- 

*Orane, W: Leighton. Hard sayings of Jesus 

Christ : a study in the miad and method of 

theMaster. N,Y.,TheMacmillanCo., 1898. 

14 + 212 p. 12', cl., $1.50. 
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N. Y., C: Scribner's Sons, 1899. c. '95, '99, 

5+318 p. D. cl., $1.50. 
Set ■• Annual Catalogue." 18*8, 
Orant, Rob, Search-light letters. N. T.,C: 

Scribner's Sons, 189B. c. 4+334 p. D. cl., 


vilh St 


rhot tbe Ideal: (o amodemwonil 
political optimist. They <ti 

and philosophy 

Oras, Felix. The white terror: a romance 
of_ the French Revolution and after; from 
the Provencal, by Catharine A. Janvier, 
N.Y,,Appleton, '1900 [1899. c] 4+487 p. 
S. cl., «1,5U. 
H. a raa paints with lingular Tlrldness tba stranR 

conditions ollf red in the Midi after It 

the alter 

mpbs and reverses of Whites an! 

_ _^ -.ougboiit all these stormy and si 

Adet"n'i',"dVuKh"rof™i£S?d™redHSyallBl!"^ '^" 
Qray, Ja, Comper. The Biblic:al museum: 
a collection of notes explanatory, homi- 
letic, and illustrative, forming a complete 
commentary on the Holy Scriptures ; es- 
pecially designed for the use of ministen, 
Bible studeqt". Bad Supd^ytsobwl teachers: 


rev., with additions From the later Biblical 
literature, bj O; M. Adams, D.D. TheOld 
Testament. T. 1, Genesis toI^pcoDdKiiiKS- 
N. Y., E. R. Berrick &. Co., [1898.1 o. '88. 
1006 p. O. cl., |2. 

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yard; il. bv R. W. A. Eouae N. Y., E. P. 
Button &, Co., 1698. 12*, (Illustrated Eng- 
lish poems.) cl., tl.50. 

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and Ode on a distant prospect of Eton Col- 
lege; il. by J. T. FriedenBon. N. Y., J: 
Lane, 1900 [1899.] 5-48 p. sq. 8. cl., 50 c. 

*Or«^eT, Arthur P. Foreign patent and 
trade-mnrk laws;* comparative study with 
tabular statements of essential ti'atures ot 
such laws, together wiih the text ot the 
international convention for the protection 
of industrial properly concluded at Paris, 
Mar. 20. 188H, us amended, with notes 
thereon, uad other conventions and treaties 
of the U. S. relating to patents and trade- 
marks. Wash., D. C, J: Byrne & Co., 
189U. c. 3ie p. O. Bhp., is. 

ar«eti, Elsa Qoodwin. Raiders and rebels in 
South Afriiai il. by the author IN. Y., 
M. F. MansHeld &. A.Wessels,] 1899. 8-1- 
209 p. il. D. cl.. tl.GO. 
Tbe story of an Eaijllsb woman's eiperlence, wbo 

went tn a >uth AFrlca m% an haspltaL nurse In ISBS. 

Bealdesher lire In theliospItals,sbeteilaottb« stirring 

•vanta in South Africa In that rear, de»crlbeB the daily 

point* out the brave deeds done by men who fouglit and 

■Oreen, Evelyn Everett. Esther's charge: a 
story tor girls. N. Y., A. L. Burt, l8»9. 
310 p. 13°, (Fireside ser.) c)., |1. 
Oreen, Evelyn Everett. The heir of Has- 
combp Bali: a tale ot the days of the earlv 
Tudors. N. Y., T: Nelson & Sons, 1900 
[1899.] D. cl., $1.50. 
Green, Evelyn Everett. A pair of pickles. 
Bost., A. I. Bradley & Co., 1899. S-19I p. 
il. D. cl„73c. 

Ttie"pntr of plcklw" were little Lord Lionel Wy- 
vern ud Ben J Is Strong. BenJIe had been brouRbt to 
Wy vrrn Hall, little air Lionel bellered. in answer to 
bla requeit for a brother Benjle'a history vaa at this 

in the lives of both Lord Oonel and Benjle, are told. 

Oreen, Evelyn Everett, and Bedford. H, 
Louise. Priecilla ; a story for girls. N. Y., 
T: Nelson & Sons, 1900 [1899.1 6-1-352 p. il. 
D. cl.,«1.25. 

Tbe heroines are two youns girls just relieved from 
a goTerness'Bcare. Their mother \a dead, and the Ir 
father, astern, bookish man, Is the rector ot atypical 
EiiglLsh cbiirch and parish. The elrle' home boa Inni- 
been ruled by a ooubIq Barbara, whomthe irirls 


t with ■ 

h lady a 


BORflged to a nelghlMirlnB i 

'Oreen, J: R: A short history of the Eng- 
lish pi-ople. NeiB ed. tkirroughly rev. N. 
Y.. A. L. Bui-t. 1899. 55-1-1121 p. il. maps, 
12°, cl.,*1.50; hf. mor , 83, 

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and fernientalion. N. Y., The Mcmillan 
Co., 1899. I4-H4a0 p, 8°, (CambridKe nat- 
ural science manuals, biological ser.) cl., 
net, |S, 

•Oreen, S: (Josnell, D.D. The Christian 
creed and creeds oF Christ pndom: Heven 
lectures delivered in 18S8 at Regent's Park, 
London. N. Y., The Macmillan Co., 1899, 


18-f847 p. 8*. (Angus lectures, 1898.) cl., 

Green, Rev. T: E: Tbe hill called Calvary: 

addresses for Good Friday. Milwaukee, 

■Wis,, The Young Churchman Co., [1899.] 

c. 8-135 p, D. cl., net, 50 c. 
Oreen, W: H:, D.D. General introduction 

to the Old Testament; the text. N. Y., C: 

Scribner's Sons, 1899. c. 13-t-190 p. O. 

cl., (I. GO. 

■ ' '-ino by the professor of "-' — ■-' ""■■ 

literature in PrlncetDI 
'ith the I 

Old Testam 

Bemlnary deall with the principle of cuiie< 
books Df^the Old Testament. Thie treatn ( 
idillon of tbe text.ot Hebroi 

.ion of the 


ind uplands ot 
i and prose. 
898. c. 6-I- 

tbevowe ,- , „ -. 

Is Intended to ruruish authoritative inalerial for 

textual criticism, 

■Oreene, H: Copley. The ophile: a miracle 

play; roundeu on the thirteenth century 

miracle play of Rutebeouf, Host., Small, 

Mavnard & Co.. 1898. 12', bds., net, fl. 

[Ed. limited to 250 copies,] 
Greene, U: Coplev. Plains o 

old France: a book of vert 

Bost., Small, Haynard&Co., 

189 p. 8. d., 11.50. 

Descnlws IncldcDls of a modern pllKTimaRe in Medl- 
«Tal Frsocf. The titles are: The Yonne and tbe 
aereln^aerarddeRouslllon: Chateau- Cli I nan; InUor- 
van; Pedjrem; Where the EnKllfih ruled; The miracle 
of Our Lady's bell; The desert and a shrine ; The 

of Bizarre: Pierre of Prmence to Maiueione the fair; 
Maguelone; The holy peak; A pilsrimage to the past. 

Oreene, R; Arnold. Songs trom the Psalter. 
N, Y., O: P. Putnam's Sons, 1889, c. 6-1- 
111 p. D, d.. S1.25. 
poetical renditions of anumberaf the Psalms. 

*Oreene, W, T,, M.D. British birds for ca^es 
and aviaries: a handbook to all British 
birds which may be kept in confinement. 
N. Y., imported by C: Scribner's Sons, 1899. 
282 p. il. 12', tl.40. 

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evidence. In 3 v, V. 1. 16tft ed., rev., 
enl., and annot., bvJ:H:'Wigmore. Bost., 
Little, Brown A Co., 1899. c. 1S4-I-998 p. 
O. Eh p., <6. 

*Oreenleaf, Simon. A treatise ou the law ot 
evidence. In 3 v. V 2. 16(A ed., rev., 
eol., and annot., by E: Avery Harrimaa, 
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638 p. O. ahp., |5. 

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and Daniell, M. Grant, eds. Second-year 
Latin. Bost., Ginn & Co., 1889. c. 14-|- 
497-1-188 p, 1 il. D. hf. leath., |1.40. 

Intended to follow any Hmt Latin book. Adapted to 
tbe wantH or those pupils who have some little knowl- 
edge of InHciinnR and ofthe easiest const ructions, and 
embraces some ninety pa^cs of easy lAtin, fallowed 
by selections from CKsar'a" Gallic war" (about cqulT- 
ifent in amount to the Urst tour books), making:, along 


s'book, I 

in tbe I 

•ages of easy poetry hi 

D.D. New epistles from old 

Co., 1899. 

360 p. il. 13°. cl , |1 50; PreMR- 

*Oregoro<riui, Ferdinand. Hislory of the 

city of Rome in the middle ^s; tr. from 

I the 4th German ed., by Ani^ Ham^lra, 


V. 6. InaptH. N. Y.,TheMacmiIlaiiCo., 
1B99. 10+876; 12+877-750 p. IS*, cl., net, $3. 

•Qrtgory, R. A,, and Simmons, A. T. Ele- 
mentary phjsics andchemiBtrv: first 9tag«. 
N. T.. The Macmillao Co., 1889. 8+lSO p. 
13°, cl.,n«(, BOc. 

"Gregory of Nazianzfn. Five theoloeical 
orations a\ Gregory of Nazianzen; ed. bv 
Arthur Ja, Mason. D.D. N. Y., The Mac- 
millan Co . 1899. 24+212 p. 12*, (Camhridffe 
patriai ie texts; Cambridg-e Univ. Preaa aer.) 
cl., net, tl. 

'Qregory, R. A., and Simmons, A. T. Experi- 
mental science; Pt, 1, Phy.>iLOKraphy : an 
elementary course of physics and chemistry 
adapted to the syllabus of the Science and 
Art departniPDt. Pt. 3, Exercises in prac- 
tical physics for schools of scieace. N. Y., 
Thi' Macmiilan Co., 18B9. Pt. 1. 8+332 p. 
12% cl.. net, 60 c; Pt. 3, 6+174 p. 13°, of, 
net, 50 c. 

*QTeiiler, Edouard. Literary reminiscences; 
from the French, by Mrs, Abel Ram. N. Y., 
The Macmiilan Co., 1690. 9+297 p. 8°, cl., 

•Oroy, Sir E: Fly fishing; il., with 4 photo- 
(rrttvur>'8 from drawiug*. by W: Hyde and 
Jpssle Macgreg-or. N. Y., The Macmiilan 
Co., 1899. 1.1+376 p. 3 col. pi. 8", (Haddon 
Hall lib., ed. by the Marquess oF Qranby 
and O: A. B. Dewar.) i-l., |8. 

GrieL Eatherine A. Glimpses of nature for 
little rolks. Best.. D. C. Heath A Co., 

Qriffis, W: Elliot, D.D. America in the east: 
aglanceat oi I r history, prospect f, problems, 
and duties in ihe Pacific Ocean. N. Y., A. 
S. B«rn-s & Co,, 1809. c. 8 + 238 p, il. D. 
cl . 11.50. 

n this ' 


o the ' 

of r 

latloiiH. He ttwnVhowB wliaC AmlrLc&n ^^v/a^ha 
Bireulyilon* totraniirorni themmuand tobriniiln tli. 

Oriffis.W: Elliot, D. D. The American in Hol- 
land : sentimental rambles in the eleven 
provincpsof the Netherlands. Bost.. Hough- 
Ion, Mifflin & Co., 1899. c. 8+403 p. O. 
cl.. «l.50 
Plve ]"ur..eyi> made to Queen Wilhelnilna'B realm 

la IMS. SI. -a. '05. nail 'BS are here desci-tbed, with 

moRt travellers, to the two Hollands, north and south, 

Dreulh''. Oierijuel. Oeldcrland. Utrecht.' North Bra^ 
baub. Limburc, and Zealand. There are IntereatlDg 
chapters on the in augu ration of Queen Wllhelmlna. 
ariffis, Wi Elliot, D.B. The romance of con- 

auest : the .story of American expansion 
irough arms and diplomacy; il. by Frank 
T. Merrill. Bost., W. A. Wilde Co., [1899.] 
c. 4-313 p. sq. O. cl., $1.50. 

' an/ 8c 

Ie;, and of UUes, Karrltt, Slwrter, > 


Griffith, Helen Sherman. The burglar aiarm : 
a comedietta in one act. Phil., The Penn 
Pub. Co., 1899. c. 17 p. 8. (Dramatic lib,. 
V. 1, no. 180.) pap.. IS c. 

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ise. Richmond, Va., The Preah, Com, o( 
Publication, [1699.] c. 837 p. D. cl., •1.35. 

Griffiths, Arthur. A iiirl of Rrit; a story of 
the intelligence dfpartment. N. Y.. K. F. 
Fenno & Co., 1899. c. 2-30a p. D. cl.. 

lyouae EnKtiahman wb( 

from a distant relath 

jomea the auhjett or a 

n blsIiBHly EOtCeli forti 

75 c, 


flfteen mllllona 1 

■■ ■ .... oonspIrnTr l« 

inc. BeUcoo- 

Lotlv nhadoweil by adetectlre for protectioii, aod la 
helped in hl> worst strait by the gSr\ heloipa. The 

Griffiths, Arthur. HystPries ot police a^d 
crime; a general survey of wrong-doioK 
and its pursuit. N. Y., G: P. Putnam's 
Sons, 1899. 2 v„ 8+495; 8+488 p. O, c!.. 
amteKts.' Police, past and preteDt: Judicial erron: 

Oaptalna of crime : Crimes of the hiRhwav; Munler 

mygteries; The poisoners; Crimes of greed and ftc- 

qutsltlvenecs; AasoclatlonH uf criminals, 

'Griggi, N. K. Hell'H Canyon: a poem of the 
camps; il. by W. S, Phillips. Chic, The 
Schulte Pub. Co., [1898.] o. unp. obi. S. 
cl., $1. 
Grigga, Sutton E. Imperium in imperio. 
Gin, O., The Editor Publishing Co., 1889. 
c. 5+S6B p. D, cl.,|l. 

Imperium In Imperio is the oame of a secret gov. 

eniment supposed to bave bean organlied among the 

better-informed colnred people after Ihi- Civil W»r,b» 

which the unruly, iKJioraiit Clacks were kept from de- 

strovlnR the whites whom they so daneerouMv oul- 

EUmbered, Twoyounit negroea-onepure-bloode^ tba 

other with a white father-ara the heroes. Th» bolb 

receive a Hue edugation and labor Id totally dbtioet 

ways to improve Liieir down-trodden race. 

Grillparzar, Franz. Sappho: trnuerspiel filnf 

AufzQgen; ed.. with introd. and notes, bv 

Chiles Clifton Ferrell. Bosl.. Ginn & Cot, 

1899. c. 33+143 p. D. (IntiTnatioDal 

modern language aer.) cl.. 65 c. 

Qrinnell, Eliz. and Jos, Our feathered 

friends. Bost., D. C. Heath & Co., 1899. 

■"" "' 144 p. il, D. bd9.,S0c, 

A little boo 


> theli 

. The 

prettily 11 lustra led. 

•GrinnaU. O: Bird. The of to-dav. 
Chic, H. S. Stone & Co., 1899. il. pora. 
4°, buckram, t5 ; Special limited ed., net, 

Grinnell. G: Bird, Jack, the yonn^ ranch- 
man; or, a boy's adventures in Ihe Rockies. 
N, Y., F: A Stokes Co., [1899.] c. 4 + 
S04p. II, D. cl., 11.50, 

the Rockv Mov 

Grinnell, Morton. ^.D. Aoeclipseot metnorv: 
a novel. N. Y., F: A. Stokes Co., [18W.i 
- 3+254 p, D. bris..50c. 

A gin-brlde of nine 


iDmadi on tbe 

II [es. Tb^ 

k City. 

*aronaw, R<^e9 Howell. Reminiscencea 
and recol lectio OS: being anecdotea oF the 
camp, court, clubs, and society, 1S10~1S60; 
with por. and iMrum contemporary sources, 
by Jos. Ureco. iVeio cheaper eii. N. Y., 
imported by G: Scriljner's Sons, 1899. 8 v., 
por. il. B% cl., 14. 

313 p. 8°, cl., |4. 

Oros«, S: Eberiy. Tlie merchant prince of 
Coraville: a comedy; r^preaenteil in Lon- 
don, England, at the Novelty Theatre, on 
November II, 18»fl. ith td. N. Y. and 
Chic, Rtind, McNallv & Co., [1899.] c. '96. 
3-168 |>. pur. D. cl.,f5c. 
Tliil Is tbe play from vblcb iU author clalois Roa- 

Und plaKlariied Mre»l of the ■Ituatloiu lb bU " Cy- 


Oroarenor, Edwin A: Contemporary history 
of the world. N. Y., T: Y. Cro«ell & Ck)., 
fl8««.J 1-. "gs, W. 9+173 p. maps, D. ol.. 

Outlme* the nuMt proininetit political sTonta In 

Europe and North America during the last erty yeua. 

'Qrov«r, T; A pruulical ti'eatise on modern 
>nis an<< oil ttngines. Sded. N.Y., D.Van 
Nosirand Co., 1899. 256 p. 13°, il. diagrams, 
cl., $S. 

OrowoU, Adoir. II<:nry Harrisae : biograpb. 
ical and bibUoeraphicul8-.eich. N. Y., The 
DibdioClub, 1899. c. 16 p. par. S. pap., 
SO c. [Ed. timiled tn 100 copies.] 
Contains an autborilatlTe sketch of th« author ol 

the " Blbliotheca Americana Vetuatlnliiia.' and ut a 

. A scarce |>or 


Hacmillan Co., 1699. 10+480 p. 8*. cl., 

•aoinns, Lucy E. Across India at the dawn 
of the twentieth century. N. Y. and Chic, 
Fleming H. Revel! Co., 1899. 260 p. maps, 
il. diagrams, 4*, cl., net, fl.&O. 

Oulney, Louise Imoj;en. The martyr's id^l, 
and shorter poems. Bost., Houghton, Mif- 
flin & Co.. 1899. c. 6+eip. 1). ci.,|i. 

The flrsl book of Teree Ulu Oulney haa written 
LDce "A roadside harp," la II»B. The title poem ia 



Qraitdtvig, 1 

Ei'U'ensen, E. T.. Bon 

. _ _ . Mtd Biidde, L. Danish 

fairy and loin tales; a colleutioo ol popu- 
lar stories and (airy tales; troTa the Danish 
by J. Christian Bay. N. Y., Harper, 1899. 
c. 11+293 p. il.D. cl., $1.60. 
A collection of forty-elBht fairy and folk lalea from 
(he Dani^ They are told In tbe quaint etyleof An- 
dersen and the ariioma Here and there io tbe »oi- 
umeonerecogulioaanoidfriend.lhouBh the language 

OaBrboT, Belene Adeline. The story of the 
Grfat Republic. N. Y., Ameri&in Book 
Co., [1899.] c. 8-849 p. il. D. (Ecl-ctio 
school reartinKs.) cl.. 63 c. 

A bltloriciit reader vhicb covers the time from the 
IraminKor tbe United Btatea Coostimtion lo the prea- 
entdate. The book can be u»ed alto a* an introduc- 
tory or supple men tary text-book In United Btatea bi«- 

*aagge>iberg«r. A: A general history of the 
Christian era; for Catholic collegei and 
readinj; circles, and for self- ins I ruction. 
In 3 V. V. 8, The sucial revolution. St, 
Loui». Mo., B. Herder, 1899. 432 p. maps. 
13°, il., tl.50. 

■auillemin, Am^Iee. The heavens: an illue- 
tnited handbook of popular astronomy; ed. 
bv J. Ni>rman Lockyer, and rev. by R: A. 
r.-'- f..u — ed, N. Y., 

ory of th 



, _. _i del Sarto. N. Y., 

The MacmiUan Co., 1899. 16+111 p. 8*. 

(Great masters in jiainting and sculpture.) 

c).. I1.7G. 
■Qulzot, Francit Pierre OuJllaume. Life of 

Oliver Crtimwell. N. Y., The Macmillan 

Co., 1899. 452p. il. 8', c!., t8. 
Oumplowl^ L: The outlines of sociology; 

ir. by Fr W. Moore. Phil., American At-ad. 

of Political and Social Science, 1899. c. 

339 p. O. (Publications of the society, no. 

263.) pap., tl. 

OumpioffTcz-* " Outlinen of i 
Bulabed," ™ye the tranalalor, '■ . 1^1 

unit upon "hiehit U baaed, which n the group. Tbe 

eapecially to the study of the action of s;ruupH on each 
other acd the action of the group on the individuai." 
Tbe work i* divided io G pana. Pt. 1 di-fino» the hla- 
tory of ajciolOKy; pt. S gltea fuDdamenlal concep- 

and the individual; pt. Gdiscuaaea the hiatury of mao- 
k>nd aa life of the apeolea. IticluJes a review of he 
Bnn'awork onaocioiogy, Bod an article un ■' Might and 

Qunniion, Binney. Hinds & Noble's new 
diAlogueeandpUys: primary, intermediate, 
a<lv;mced; adapted from the popular W'irks 
of well-known aulliors. N. Y., Hinds Sc 
Noble, [1899.1 c.'98., tl.50. 

•Ounter, Archibald Claverinp. The finhting 
troubadour. N. Y., The Home Publishing 
Co., 1899. 13', pap.. .10 c; cl., |1.23. 

Quntor, Archibald Claver in g. Jack Curzun: 
(being a portion of the records of the 
managinK clerk or Martin Thompson Sl 
Co., Ensfish merchants, doing business in 
Hong Kong, Manila, Cebu, and the Straits 
Settlements.) N. Y., The Home Publishing 
Co., [1899.] c. "98. 4+830+9 p. D. cl., 
%\.2.^: pap., BOc. 
Ther' ..-■"^- 

and tb» .. . ... 

KouQd for hia exciting alory 
h trading hooae. 
•Oimter, Archibald Clavering. A Amer- 
ican: a tale of Cuba. H. Y.. The Home 
Pub. Co., 1898. 3SI p. 13°, (Welcome set., 
no. 85.}cl..|1.2S; pap., 50 C. 
Qnthrie, T: Anstey, ["F. Anstey," iweud.] 
Love among the lions; a matrimonial ex- 

Srience. N. Y.. Appleton, 1899. 5+116p. 
A bachelor of twenty-eight, who bad made a^rfpu- 

nected with clrcuws and ataEO affai™, Thie young 
woman inaliiH that tbe younic man ahall marry her In- 

« tbe 

Proctor. 9(A » 

., |The 

^rucK hlaold tone, pure full 



'Onthrle, W: Dameron. Lectures on the 
fourteenth article or amendment law. 
Boat., Little, Brown A Co., 1899. 28+360 p. 
8°,cJ., net, 13.00. 
*OathTie, W: Norman. Modern poet proph- 
ets : essays critiL-al and interpretative. 
CLn., O., The Robert Clarke Co., 1899. 8°, 
cl., $1.00. 
anthrje, W: Norman. Bongs of American 
destinv. a vision of New Eellun; decorated 
bv L. n. Meakin. CiD.,The Robert Clarke 
Co., 1900 [1899.] c an p. 0. cl,. $2.60. 
Th- author ii mbIsi act rector iD 111 B P E Cburch i 
Ihe AdTsnt, ClnclnnaCI, Ohio In the atyle of h 
former vol u me on "I'oet prophet*" the author dreaa 
of the future deatlniei or Anierlu&. Haadganiely priu 
ed on thick pa|>er with red inarKinnl ■ubjecclndeie 
Qlouary to mylholoelcal refereucea. 

Qwathmey. Emmy Hend ren. Unlo two 
fla^s true: glimpseHof a cliild's experience 
during the civil war. Norrolk, Va., The 
Nusbaum Book and News Co., [1609.] 
33 p. por. D. pap., 10 r. 

The aenae or humour: Uachelor iromen; A. plea for 
&pple dumplings: Nature In London; The iportlng In- 
itlDCt; UlUdlesex In September: A Buoday ■tudy la 
Hyde Park. 

■Qwpui, Stephen. Highways and byways 
in Donegal and Antrim; il. by Hugh Thom- 
son. N. Y., The Macmillan Co., 1899. 16 
-1-819 p. 8',cl.,$2. 

Qwymt, Stephen. The repentance of a pri- 
vate sec ret ar v. N. Y., Jr Lane. 1899. S+ 
m p. D, cl., $1.25. 

of private secretary to a prospecli.eM.- ■-- •-"- '- 
Jove fflth his employer's wfre. lils love be 
The events leading; up to this point, and 
tlon OF the chief cbaracters, lathe story. 

Hagarty, J: J. 
' ' or, a»r 

1 uf Irish liberty. N. Y., F. Tennyson 
Neely, [1899.1 c. 8-345 p. D. cl., |1. 
A Itory of Ireland In IBST. Maurice DeamoDd.Uw 
ittierof Cheliero. Is hung as a traitor by the EoeUeIi 

the EDEllab army, noes nith it to South Africa,' when 
..._. ....._.. ---bH French tYincelmperlaL 

li family b< 


. He I 

e blx 

try and his father' 

and plots with othen lor iroiana a ireeaum. 

Haga, Rev. Hyacinth. The life of Yen. Ga- 
briel ot Our Lady of SoirowH, (Gabriel Pos- 
senti;} withan introd. by (Jardinal Gibbons. 
Phil., H. L. Kilner & Co., [1899 ] c. 2- 
375 p. p..r. ii. D. cl., net, » c. 
To quote from the Introduction: "In Ihe life of the 

youthful Passioaist now precented for the flr»t time to 

* ''.P'*'"'? "-' 


1, whose days Inrsiy 

id die of thi«expiriiiE 

_. .__ _... Gabriel Possentl has 

a by the wonders wroueht at his 

Baggurd, H: Rider. Eric Brierliteyes ; il. 
by Lancelot Speed. [Sew itaue.] N. Y., 
Longmans. Grren & Co., 1898. 14-1-8 17 p. 
D cl.. $1.25. 

Haggard, H;Bider. A farmer's year : being 
hia cnmmonplace book for 1898; il. by G. 
Leon Little. N.Y., LoDgmuiis, Gi-een&Co., 
1899. 20-h48B p. maps, D. cl., tS.M. 

Mr. HMrgardaaya; "1 .v.. .i.,.-i..ii t- .v. 

Journal of a farmer's ye. 


s da.y by day i r 

I. of th^ ways 
r Oavera and te 

It hem 

'Haggard, H; Rider. A history of the Trans- 
vaal. N. Y., New Amsterdam Book Co., 
1699. 12', cl., |1. 

Haggard, E: Rider. Swallow; a tale of the 

Great Trek. N. Y., Longnians, Green « 
'" 1899. c. -ge. 7+848 p. il. $1.60. 


•Haab, O.. Jtf.D. Atlas of the external dis- 'SS*. 
eases ul the eye, including a brief treatise 
on the pathology and treatmtfnt; author- 
ized tr., from the German; ed. bv O: E. de 
ScliweinitE, M.D Phil., W. B. 'Saunders, 
ie»9. c. 328 p. il. col. pis. 8', cl., net, $3. 

Habbartou, J: Helen's babies; some account 
of their ways, innocent, crafty, angelic, 
impish, witching, and rppulsive: a partinl 
record of their actions during ten days of 
their existence; il. by Sara Crosby. Chic, 
Alexander Belford & Co., 1899. c. '70, '81. 
6-170 p. sq. O. cl.. $1.35. 

■Baddan. J. Cuthbort. Thomas Campbell. 
N. Y., Scribner, [imported,] 1899. 158 p. 
13°, (Famous Scoia ser.) cl., '75 c. 

*Hadley, H. E. Hagnettsra and electricity 
tor beginnerB. N. Y.. The Ma- millan Co.. 
1899. 8-1-327 p. 16°. cl., net, 60 c. 

■Haeckel, Ernst H: The lust link; Our pres- 
ent knowledife of the d>>scent of man; with 
notes and biographical sketches by Hans 
Gadow. N. Y.. 'The Macmillan Co., 1899. 
156 p. 8°, cl.. $1. 8hp.,|6. 

3t the I 

Id KaOlrs 

juth Afrit 

Hagy, C. Keely. Handy book o' trigono- 
metric tallies; arranged hv H. C. Whitaker. 
N. Y.. J: Jus. McVey,1899. c. 2-i-57+3p. 
Ti.fleit. cl.. ne(, 20 c. 

Sahn, C: Curtz, In cloisters dim. 2(j ed. 
Omaha. Neb., Burkley Printing Co., 1886. 
unp. S. cl., 75c.; pap.,.Wc. 
Religious poems, 

Hahn, C: Ciirtz. The wreck of the South 
Pole; or, the gr^nt dissembler, and other 
strange tales. N. Y.. Street * Smith, 
[1899] c. 3-332 p. D. (Columbia lib., v. 
1, no. 33.) pap., 10 c. 

•Haight, C; S., and Marsh. Arthur M. Ques- 
tions and answers for bar-exuniination 
review. N. Y,. Baker. Voorhii & Co., 
1899. c. 48-f&00p. O. cl.,$8.7.>. 

•Hainer, HayardT. A treatiseon tbeniodem 
law of municipal securities, including 
rights and remedies as determined by the 
courts and statutes of the U. S., with 
forms and directions. Indianapolis, The 
° -Merrill Co., 1898. c 61-i-7a5 p. Q. 




Halm. T. Jenkins. Tne wiod-jammerB. Phil. 

J. B. Lipi-JDCott Co., 1899. o. 'e4-'»9, < 

373 p. D. (Lotos lib.) ol., $1.25. 

Sixteen Elorlemof the kk. 
BaIiui, T. JenkiDB. The wr«ck of The Cone- 

mavgh: being a record of some events 

down from the notes of an English b&ronet 

during the American war with Spain. 

Phil., J. B. Lippincott Co., 1900 [1899] c. 

252 p. D. cl..lil.3Q. 

"The wlndjftjnaio™"gft»o oTldenceof ihe »uthor'» 
parrect rkmlllaricy with iJl that nlatss to ulllDg the 
ocean. Mid ibli storj olerenta Mklag place during the 
flpulBb-Americkn war ibowi the ume knowledf^ oI 
detail and betrmys b keen Bense of humor. ItU aup- 
poeed to be B loat: manuicrlpt In which an BnRliahmui 
Jotted dowB the dslly h^ppenlngB. A. loTe-atory runs 
throagh the plot. 

*H*ldu>e, £. S. Jamea Frederick Ferrier. 
N. Y., imported by C:Scribner'BSons, 1899. 
158 p. 12%{FamousBcoUBer.)c).,75c. 

*Bttle, E: Everett. Works. Library ed. In 
10 V. V. :^. BoBt., Little, Brown & Co., 
1890. 12°, cl., ea., |1.60. 

Otmtentt : V. «, Id HI* DKme, ajid Chriitmu atorles. 

The brick moon, and citfaer itorlea. V. B, Mr. Tangier'* 
TkOKtlons. V. 6, Philip Nol»n'B friend*. 

B»le, ErEverett. James Russell Lowell and 
his friends. Boat., Houghton, Mifflin &Ca., 
1899. c. '96. S+301 p. pors. facsimiles, il. 
U. cl., 18. 

Dr. Hale was In college with Lowell, and they were 
iDtlmate friend*. Their Uvdi were lery dllTerent, but 
Dr. Hale lived In Che lame ■urrauDdlngH In which 
Lowell spent most of his life, so that he hai persoDal 
recollection* of the people, the places, and the affairs 

Is, of course, the hero of the book, whToh contains a 
brief iwTlew of the last fifty years In Eaetem Now 

Lowell himself would have taken. 

Hal*. E: Everett, jr. James Russell Lowell. 

Bost.. Small, Maynard & Co., 1H99. c. 

18+12" p. por, T. (Beacon biographies.) 

cl., 75 c. 
'Bale, Rev. E: B: Papias and his contempo- 

rarieB: a. study of religious thought in the 

second century. Bost., Houghton, Mifflin 

&Co., 18W. 12°, cl., $1.25. 
Hale. R: W. The DreyfuH story. Boat., 

Small, Mayoard & Co, 1899. c. 1+68 p. 

S. bds..60c. 

A member of the Boston bar tells la this little book 
tbestorvof the Dreyfus trial, etc. He says "a lawyer 
has tried («Mata with some lefial accuracy, bat wlth- 

Dreyfus: The legal si' 

i: Theloakaecof 
tela trial*: The i 

Hale, Will T. An autumn lane, and other 
poems. Nashville, Tenn., Publishing House 
M. E. Church, South. (Barbee ft Smith, 
Agta.,) 1899. c. 6-180 p. per. D. cl., |I. 

Bale, Wilt T. The backward trail: stories 
of the ladians and Tennessee pioneers. 
Nashville, Tenn., The Cumbprland Pr^aa, 
1899. c. 5+181p. D. cl.,7Bc. 

HalWy, Ludovic. Abbe Constantin. N. Y., 

T:T.Crowell ft Co.. [1899]. c. 166 p. il. 

D. (Copley 8pr.)cl., (1. 
'Hale vy, Ludovic. Catherine Duval: aketches 

of Paris life; from the French, by Mary K. 

Ford. Bost., L. C. Paere & Co., 1899. c. 

34-303 p. por. 12*.cl., 75 c. 


'Haifa hundred stories for the little people. 

Springfield, Mub"., Milton Bradley Co., 1899. 

214 p. 16°, cl..7Bc. 
•Hall, Mrt. A. W., ed. and tr. Icelandic 

fairy tales; il. by E. A. Mason. N. Y., A, 

L. Burt, 1899. 6+823 p. 12°, (Fairy lib.) 

cl., tl. 
Hall, Arthur D, Cuba : its past, present, 

and future. N. Y., Street ft Smith, [1899.1 

c. '98. 4-171 p. map. D. cl., |1. 

OanUnlt.- Discovery and early hlBlory; The British 
occupation -Spain's gratitude: Cuba's early struggle* 
for liberty; The ten yeitoi' war; The Virglniiu em- 
brogllo; Again Spain's perHriy; Pome Cuban heroe*: 
Cuban tactic*; Woyler the butrher; Tho crime of the 
oentury; Two method* of warfare-the Spanlah and 
the Cubao; The butcber'iciuDpaIgn; America's charity 
and Spain's diplomacy; The last day* of peace; The 
topography and resource* of Cuba; What will the 

Hall, Arthur D. The Philippines, [aUo} 
Hawaii. N. Y., Street ft Smith, [1899.] c. 
'98. 4-174+ 177 p. map, D. cl.. |!. 
AccounUot '■ The Phlilppine* " and '■ Hawaii," orlgt- 

natly two separate books, are here bound together. 

In the first are embraced chapters on Inbabitaota and 

oilmate: Commerce and resources; The city of ManUa; 

Hatiners and customs : Somathing about the natives; 

The Ladrones and other Islands; Dewey's gre 
'y; Agulnaldo and the insurgents; whatsli 
_..,...._,.,..„__, ..„_. _,... begin* wlthtbe 

with the Philippines r 
" ituryiujcfi 

It of the climate ai 


Hawaii, etc. 

Hall, Arthur D. Victoria Queen and Empress. 
N. Y., Street ft Smith, 11899.] c. 4-198 p. 
D. (Historical ser., no. 9.) pap., 10 c. 

Hall, Arthur D., comp. A life of the Pope, 
(Leo the thirteenth;} oomp. and tr. from 
the moat authentic sources. N. Y., Street 
ft Smith, 1899. c. 4-197 p. por. D. cl., tl. 

Omfenii,' Parenlaje and early year*; Higher edu- 
cation and priesthood; 71r«t dlplomatlo mlHslons; 
Bishop and Cardinal: The Pontlflcal election and con». 
nation: Personality of the Pope; The Pope's first en- 
cyclical: The Pope and Europe; 'The OQeycllcai of tbe 
rosary; The Kultur-Kampf ; The Pope atid the Dnltad 
States; Social problems; The working classes. 
Hall. BoltoD. Things as they are; with an 

introd. bvO;D. Heron. Boat., Small, Hay- 

n«rd ft Co., 1899. c. 13+287 p. S. cL, 


The nine chapte[S which compose the first part ot 
this volume are designed to ehow Id a logical manner, 
thepurposeand tbe onJerot the development of man. 
They are entitled: A counsel of perfection; A search 
forcontenlmeot: Our triple » nature; The law in our- 
selves: The world'* pain; T'he deliverance frotn bond, 
■tee; Tbe land question: Making for righteousness; 
The end of desire Following are fifty fables or para- 
ble* written to Illustrate theie principles. By the 

Hall, Gerlrude. Age of fairygold. Boat., 
■•.ittle, Brown ft Co., 1899. c. 11+79 p. 
;. cl.. «1.25. 

lost of the poems in Ml*s Hall'* new Tolume have 
hitherto been nubliabed. but the author bos re- 
her first pub- 

shed b. 


1, although frequently asked for. 

•Hall, H. S., and Stevens, F. H. An elemen- 
tary course of mathematics; compriaing 
arithmetic, algebra, and Euclid. N. Y., 
TbeMacmillanCo., 18B9. 9+ 110 p. 16°, cl. 
net, 60 c. 

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The translator of "Beowulf" *ays In his preface ; 
mto view of the Teutonic oonqurat of Knglaod and 

Henglat andAmva," "The 


'-Augustine," ■•Airred," and " Edgar the 

HaU, Ruth. The bove of Sorooby. Bost., 
Houshton,Mifflin&Co.,18»9. c. 7+816p. 
il. D. cl , »1.50. 

The boya were three brotbera, sons nf » leullng Bep- 
. ,_...... .... . cfoOj, England, 

Id IKOS, tu f 

napped by 

Jac-k, u bT 
In tbe Hmt 
Fort Orang 

rellglou. f 
Hugh, II 

ID the Sra-VntuT 

the Thirl 



Id the 

obapters relatliic to his II Fi 
true atarles of Plymouch. 
the brave days of old." 

Hall, Tom The fun and fighling of the 
"Rough Riders." N. Y., F: A. Siokes Co., 
1899. c. 8 + 342 p. D. biia., 60 c. 

. ., ....... ^, ^ of the FirMUnlTpd States 

■-- - -■ ■ R.iuiihRid- 

Volunteer CavaJrj- 

' Tom 

L9 Hret lir 

□ as tbe ' 

wlthLl' W™e s-me of the pathetrcTneWntsVlh; 
regiment's hlilory are noled, it is tbe brighter sIDe □ 
the shield that Is mostly presented 

HaU, Tom. Tales. N. Y., F: A. Stokes Co, 
[1899.] c. a+810p. D. oI.,Jl.a5. 

TweDtyseren short stories that have upeared li 
JAniMV'i Magazine, Frank Ledie-* Wetldy, Harper: 
Wttkly, and other periodicals. 

Hall, Tom. When Cupid calls; with decora- 
tioDfi by Blanche McManua. N.Y., E. R. 
Herrick & Co., [1899.1 c, 'B8. 11+119 p. 
U. cl.. $1.60. 

„__, ..._.. — -■8 Hrst prinlad in JVufh, by 

Boll, Tom. When toi 
Stokes Co., [1899.1 

Foems that flnt snuea. 
Truth. The O 


I. N. Y.. F:A. 

08p._S, cl., tl 

"a™ I-wTlU^b?. "'"""''■ 

•BalLWinfleld B..M.D. Text-bookof phjsi- 
ology. I'hil., I#n Bros. & Co., 1899, c. 
673 p. 8°. cl., nW, ti; shp.,- %5. 

■Halle, Sir C: Life and letters of Sir CharleR 
Hall^: beiatf ao autobiography, (1819-1860;) 
with correspondpcce and diarias; ed. by his 
HOD, C, £. Halle, and his daiightpr. lilarit- 
Halle. N. Y., imported by C: Scribner's 
Sons, '1899, 4S2 p. pore. 8*, cl., |6.40, 

Hallock, Mt». EUa B. Susg^stions for prim- 
ary and inlerniediate Iea>ioDB on t he humac 
body: a study of its structure and needs 
correlated with nature study: drawings by 
Dr C. Lithpow. N. Y. and Chic, E. L. 
Kellogg & Co., [1899.1 194 p. D. cl., TS c. 
Mrs. HalTock Is a lecturer on physiolosry and hygiene 


will pro 

of y. 

a the KradeH beloa 

all who 
e hieh 8< 

It alma 

neat of the i 

•Halphide, A. C. Hind and body, hypnotism 
aad suggestion applied in tberapeutics and 
education. Chic, Chicaso Medical Book 
Co., 1898. 281 p. il. IS', cl,, net, %\. 

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Y., Robert Lewis Weed Co., 1899. 273 p. 
il. 13°, cl, »1.50. 

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la novel.] N. Y., F. Tennyson Neelv, 1899, 
c. 311 p. D. (Neely'B univerxal lib,, no, 48,) 

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shire pottery. N, Y., Dodd, Mead &Co., 


1899. il. 8°, on hand-made pap., ftSO; on 
Japan vellum, $100. 

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expansion and our four new possessions 
N. Y.. Western W. Wilson, l8W, 700 p. 
il, pora. 8', cl., mibt., f 1.90; full mor., ^.»0. 

•HalsUad, Murat. History of Ihe war with 
Spain. N. Y„ W^'stem W. Wilson, 1899 
750 p. il. map?, plans, 4', c)., sufce., 13; mor,. 
f4.50: cf„ %z. 

Hamblen, Herbert Elliott, ["F: Benton Will- 
iams," paevd.l We win: the life and ad- 
ventures of a voung railroadtr. N. Y., 
Doubleiluy & McClure Co., 1899. v. 8+ 
378 p. il. O. buckrum, |1.50. 
Vouiyr Prank Odell-H (alh.r wisa locomotlTeengl. 

neer, Frank conaequantly learned tbe busioeu rf^a 

railroad man undereiceptioiial clrcumscancea. Heis 

HamblBD. Herbert Elliott, ["F: Benton Will, 
iama, "pseud.] The yarn of abucko mate: 
his advenlnres in two oceans. N. Y C- 
Scribner'a Sons, 1899. c. 9+396 p. D. cl , 


>n which 

lade " On i 

B bl>U 


•f about 

life of a . ,„ . 

Id treat their crew aa all 
" CMiIalnKidd 

passion for the sea. He ioHe' railroad ridea 
— . 'reached New Tnrk. He shipped ic 


captain of a ship: then left'tbe" 
tnaaure. Finally returned to Ai 

H a m ilton, E: J:, D.D. The p-rceptionalist; 
or, mental science: a unlverRJly text-book. 
[JVero ts^e,] N. Y,. Hind- & tfoble, [1899.1 
c. 'S.!, "99. .1B-i-416p. O, cl,,$2. 
Hamilton, Lord 'Era- st W: The perils of .lose- 
phine. Chic, H. S. Stone & Co., 1899. c, 
817 p D. cl.,$1.50. 

Josephine Pollard bad llveil 1 hrough ten unereDtlat 
yeara with two old aunlsin Chelmsford, England, when 
abe receives an Inrllatlon toaoend awluterwftha rich 
of England. Deacriba 
_..„ _h estate tor tbe simple 
line comes upon a family mvEiery. 
Its In Btery way by her delightful 

Hamilton, Louise F. P. Romance of Gray- 
lock Mftnor. N. Y. and Chic, Rand. 
McNally & Co., 1899. c. 243 p, D,. el., 


a noble American Judge. Just after their happy union 

begins at fjraylock Manor the Civil War calls hini to 

arms 'The sufferlnKs at Libby Prison undermine hi* 

hlsboyawoi-rhyAmericM*"'*' '" e to bring up 

■Hamilton, Stanislaus Murray, ed. Letters 

to Washinp-ton. V. 2. 1756-1758. Bost 

Houghton, MilHin & Co., 1899. 8*. cl., net, 


Hamilton, T. F., ed. American negligence 
cases, [cited Am.n>'g.cas.;]acompIete coll. 
of all reported negligence casex decided in 
tbe Unilecl States aupreme court, the 
TJnited SiittPS circuit courts of appeals, all 
the United Slates circuit and district courts, 
and the courts of last re.>:ort of all the slates 
and territories, from tbe earliest times. 



[etc.] V. 9. N. Y.. Reniick, Schilling & 

Co.. 1899. c. 48+790 p. O. slip., »a.50. 
Hamilton, Sir V/: Rowan. Elements of qua- 

teraionv. 3d ed.; ed. I>y C; Janper 8oly. 

V.!. N. Y..L-mgman>i. Green & Co., 18»». 

33+583 p. Q. cL.nef, |7. 
Hamilton College, Clinton, N. Y. The class 

of 1890; cunip. by M-lvin Gilliert Dodge. 

OliuCou, N. ¥., The Kirklnnd Press, 1S98. 

12+180 p., Regalar ed., limited to 100 

copies, f3; Editiim de luxe, limic>-d to 5 

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nibal Hamlin. Cambridi^f, Mass., printed 
at thH Rivereide Preas, 1899. 19+627 p. 8", 
cl., siibfl., %i; hf. tky. mor., |5. 

H»mm, Marg-herila Arlina. Porto Rico and 
the West Indies. N. Y., F, Tennjson 
Neely. ia99. c. 3-280 p.- por. ii. O. cl., 

■urbts to be M 

; Thf 

ilal lite: cSty'bf6;""Tini "woman'i 
no RluD cookery; Tbe toTeito commerce of 
Island; Cu(r«e aa<I coffee grawiag: Tbesugsrln 
ilry: Tobacco and tabsccoralBlns: Tbemlnur ai^i- 
Cural tDdualrle*; Ijudneu opportuiiitlei In Porto 
"' ' ■"— We«t Indles-Porto Rlcan pirates : Tba 
of tbe Weat Indies; aoiernmeiiUl prob- 

l The 


Hammeafahr, F. The corn trade and options: 
markets considered in relation to social 
economic problems. N. Y., G. E. Stecbert, 
1899. c. 2-106 p. O. pap., SO c. 

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room Rock; a storj ot provpectinfr in the 
Rocky Mountains. N. V.. G: P. Putnam's 
Sons, 1809. 4+317 p. il. D. cl.. «1.50. 




ratbsr o[ tbe otbt 
ing them.«lve« (ugfUveB 

nrio npi>iii,>< Vwini- lute — 
ICL th> 

tbip ty 

a In tbe 

.d for Nei 

>tful Toyaee to America, the talltory of t 
Xountains are also elren. 

Hancock, Albert Elmer. The French Revo- 
lution and the Bng'Iisb poets: a study 
hirtoricalcriiicism. N.Y..H:"-'- -^ " 
16+187 p. D. cl.,$l, 

I: Holt & Co., 



a. WordiiTortb. and Coleridge, 


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tral Office problem. N. Y., Street & Smith, 
[1899.] c. 3-344 p. D. (Magnet detective 
lib., no. 109.) pap.. 10 c. 

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says by various authors on so(?ial. pTsonal, 

N. Y..'Frai 
cl., tl.SO. 

Handford. T: W. Admiral Dewey, the htro 
of Manila: a rfcord of his lire and aohipve- 
nients; with bri^f sketches of our early 
naval hfrops. Chic, Donohue. Henneberry 
*Co., [18»B.] 3-348 p. iL S. cl., |1. 


Handford. T: W. Theodora BooFeve)*, the 
pride of the Rough Riders; an ideal Aint>ri- 
can. Chic, Donohue, Henneberry ft Co., 
[1899.] por., »1. 

A biograpby ot Roosevelt, with eitracu from bis 

Brinks, Beukh Downey. For the honor of a 
child. H. Y., The Cfontinental Publishing 
Co., [1899.] c. '98. 3-B19 p. nar. S. cL. 
75 c. 

Tbe hlslorf of a. mlsmated coupl« and of the do- 
meeitc tragvdy wtaicb endnthsrad story istuld forlbe 
evident purpose ot warning youig peoplB of both 
wxe-aKBlnsl man-lazes that are made for social or 

flri vtbolearns after marriage that' ■■"■"' 

of hi 

biid, bo<re> 

Hansoomb, E: W. The birthday-book of 
beauty. N. Y., F: Warna & Co.. [1899.1 
256 p. Ti. hfcl.. 50 c; leath., «1. 
Beiectlona frooi Tarious authors retatbig Eo^beauty 

lo art aod nature, with blanks far aulographs. 

HanseU, Lizzie P. Evans. Aunt Nabby: her 
rambles. Iter adventures, and her notiont<. 
N. Y., J. 8. Ogllvie Pub. Co , [1899]. c. '98. 
82-263 p. D. (Peerless eer., no. 111.) pap., 

50 c. 

Mew Ensland life, rewmbUor In ber peculiarliles tbe 
far-famed " Joslah Allen's wife," eipressea in a series 
of misspelt }etterg her views on current topics. The 
subjects satirically discussed are: Woman's suSrsge, 
marriage, divorce, the mind cure, art, an editor's 

Hanahew, T. W. A wedded widow; or, the 
love that lived. N. Y., Street & Smith, 
[1899.] c. '87. 824 p. D. (Eagle lib., no. 
137.) pap., 10 c. 

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prevailing.' doctrine of the Christian church 
during the first five hundred years; with 
authorities and extrdcls. Host, and Chic., 
Universalist Publishing Bouse, 1890. 323 
+10 p. 13', cl., net, |1. 

Hansson, Mri. Laura Morholra. Studies in 
the psychology or woman; tr. by Georgia 
A. EtcbieoD. Chic, H. S. Stone & Co., 
1899. c. 4-348 p., 11.60, 
The nnt attempt of a psycholoelcal stud v of womap 

by a woman. The writer deals with ber subject from 

clal poHlIilon of women in the present and most recent 
past. She points out bow wholly unsaClsFactury for 

*Hanns, Paul H, Educational aims and ed- 
ucatinnal values. N. Y., The Macmillan 
Co., 1899, 7+211p. 12°, cl.,»I. 

Hapgood, Norman. Abraham Lincoln; tbe 
man of the people. N. Y. The Macmillan 
Co.. 1899. c. 9+483 p. por. D. hf. leath.. 


'.nl biography la not a history of the Civil 

n. It is solely the personal hStory of 
coin as It appearmooiieorhlsoountry- 
,1 panlcular rrader an anecdote ura pic- 


Hapgood, NormaD. Daniel Webster. Boat. 
Small. Mayauid &Co.. 1899. c. 16+llBp 
por. T. (Beacon bioKrapbies.) cl., TS c. 

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affair: [a novfl.l N. Y..F, TennvBon Neelv, 
[1899.] c. 3-3i4 p. D. (Neely's universal 
lib,, no. 42.) pap., 26 c. 

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Vernon. Lawlessness in the national 
church ; reprinted from the (LondoD) 
Times. N. V., Tlie Mftcmtllan Co., 1899. 
7+156 p. 8', ci., net. 30 c. 

Bardenbrook, W: Ten Eyck. Financial New 
York: a history of the banking and floan- 
ciat invtitutions of the metropolis. In 10 
B'^ctiouB. Sections 3, 4. N. T., "W: Ten 
Eyok Hardenhrook, 189B. c. 217-883 
il. and pors. f°, in portfolio, ea,. $12.60. 
■>—•■■ 'Catalogue," 1S91. Formerly puh"- 


bytheauthorinaectloni. Tbe flrat four BCcUoni com- 
plete tbe flnt volume. Three Tolumes will probably 

•Hardin, Willett Lepley. The rise and de- 
velopment of the liquefaction nf g-ases. 

N. Y.,TheMacmilIaDCo.,1899. 8+360 p. 
13", cl., $1.60. 

about 60C p. il. 13% cl , subs., $1.60; hf. 
rua., 93.35. 
Hardy, C: R. Out of Nazareth. N. Y., F. 
T^'Hoyson Neely. [I8B9.] c. 8-»7 p. D. 
(Neely's booklet lib., no. 10.)cl.,3S c; pap., 
10 e. 

The acens is in Oeorgia. Tba hero 1b a young so- 
ciety mao, anil Ihe heroine belonsB to tbe clan* famil- 
iarly called " Crackers " in the aouth. The p&lr fall In 
tove with each other, but the girl mlBuoderstanda her 
lover's motives, ant) runs Into a needlcBe danger whiob 
(r««ldally ciid« her lore-story. 
Hardy, T: Weasex poems, and other verses; 

30 il. by the author. N. Y., Harper, 189B. 

c. '98. 6+208 p. O. cl., $1.75. 

re afldFd for local and perianal 
1 into prose anil the chouehls 

*Hare, Hobart Amory, H.D. Hare on typhoid 
fever: the meilical (.'omplicationa, accidt-Dts, 
and aequeliiu oF typhoiU fever. Phil., Lea 
Bros. & Co,, 1899. 367 p. pis. 8°, cl., net, 

■Hare, Hobart Amory, Jkf.D. Practical A\afc 
nosis; the uae of nymptoms in the diajrno 
sis of disease. New 4th ed. Phil., L?a 
Bros. & Co., 1898. 623 p. il. pis. 8*, cl., 
net, $6, 

•Harford, C: F, Battersby, Jtf.D. Pilliia^lon 
of Ug-aada; with introd, chapters, by A. T. 
Pierson, D,D,, and J, H. Shrine. N. Y, 
and Chic, Fleming H. Revell Co., 189B, 
346 p. il. map, 8°, cT., $1,60. 

•Harley, L: R. Francis Lieber: his life and 
political philosophy. N.Y.,Tbe Macmillan 
Co., 189B. 10+313 p- 8°, (Columbia Uni- 
versity Press ser.) cl., net, $1,75, 

•Banner, Sidney F:, ed. The Cambridge 
natural history. V. 9, Birds, by A, H. 
Evans. N, Y , The Macmillan Co., 1899. 
18+635 p. 8°, cl.,?ie(, $3,50. 

Bamack, Adolph, D.D. History of dogma: 
from tlie 3d Qerman ed., by Neil Buchanan, 


Vs. 6. 6. Bo,Ht-, Little, Brown & Co.. 1899. 
30+331; 14+317 p. O. (Theological transla- 
tion lib., vs. 10, 11.) cl., en., $3.50. 

Volume B is the Qrst of three that will cover Vol 
in. of tha original work. II deals vltb the epogh- 
nuklDK servluB of SI AugusUne ai a reformer of 
Christian piety sod as a theological teacher, and with 
the iDflueace lie eiercleed down to the Carlorinsian 
Renaissahce, Vol- n. will complete the history of Ihe 
development of dogma, by telllnir the story of Ifadiv- 
Ta] theology, and tlie conoludini; volume will treat of 
the Issues of dogma sluce the Keformallon. and will 

la the second of the three volumes that are to cover 
Vol, III. of the orlelna] work. This tolume brlnn Ibe 
history down to the beginning of the sl.tteenth oen- 
tury. The next volume will begin with issues fellow. 
Ing the Reformation, and will contain an index to the 

•Hamack, Adolph. Thoughts on the pi-eaent 

position of Protestantism; tr., with the 

author's sanction, by T: Bailey Saunders. 

N. Y., The Macmillan Co., 1898. 64 p. 8°. 

cl., $1. 
•Harpor, C: G. The Bath road : history, 

fashion, and frivolity on an old highway; 

il. by the author and from old prims. N. 

Y., imported by C: Scribner's Sons, 1889. 

278 p. 8°, cl., $6.40. 

•Harper, C:G. The Exeter road: the story 
of the West of England highway; il. by 
the author and from old-time prints and 
pictures. N. Y., imported by C: Scribner's 
Sons, 1899. 818 p. 8°, cl., $6.40. 
•Harper's pictorial history of the war with 
Spain; with introd. by Nelson A. Miles. 
3i pts,, pta. 1-16. N. Y., Harper. 1899. 
ea. 16 p. il. pors. f°, pap., tubs., per pt., 
23 c. 
Barradeo, Beatrice. The fowler- N- T„ 
Dodd. Mead & Co., 1899, c. 4 + 345 p, D. 
cl.. $1.50, 

Thetltleis tB>ionrromtbeuauaee"Oursou1 Is w- 
caped even as a bird out of the snare of the fowler." 
Nora Pcnhurst, a charming young Kirl, healthy In 
body and mlnii and In love, althouch still uncon- 
sclouslv, with a man every way worthy of her. comai 
under the Influence of Thfodore Bevaii, an intollectus I 

he fan- 

a quaint English 
HanhutOD, Mark Wal rod. About the weath- 
er. N-Y.,AppIeton, 18B9. c. 30+348 p. por. 
■' " (Appfeton'a home- reading books, 
1 1, natural history.) cl., net, 65 c. 

soQtenla; Contest of mankind with Ihe 

r the air: The winds, humidity, dew. fog. raiu 
'b ro'tatlon; tornadoes, fighLning and thunder, 

•Harrington, Vprnon C. The problem of 
human sufferiiig looked at from the stand- 
point of a Christian- N. Y. and Chic, 
Fleming H. Kevell Co., 189B. 157 p. IT, 
cl-, $1. 

Harris, Joel Chandler, [" Uncle Remus," 
ptend.] The chronicles of Aunt Minervy 
Ann; it. by A, B. Fro^t. N, Y-, C: Scrib- 
ner"s Sons. 1889. c- 6+210 p, D. cl., $1.50. 
Aunt HInervy Ann was one of the faithful houae- 

servantt In a rich southern planter's family. Tbe t»a 

friend of t^e famfly after the wa^ when he w sent 
south to study the new order of tblDBS with fi 



Harria, Joel Chaodler, [" Unclt; R«iuub," 
pseud.] PluntatioD pu^eiknts; il. bv E. 
Uofd Smith. Host., Uuughtou, MiffliD & 
Co, 1899. c. 4+247 p. il. O. cl., ta. 

The old Abercromble plantstlou Is u&ln tbe ■cene; 
the tliDs la kllcr the war, when the neEmee h^re dis- 
covered they are fr». Their exodus from theLrold 
home In (aarch of that trMdom and their Joy rul return 
to It kCter much aulTeriDK la one ol the realistic chap- 
Sweetest BusanT^usler John, and Druslilatakc part. 
There are also some more '■ Unr Babbit " stories, In 
which the birds and animals talk. 
Harria, Theodonr, com r>. Book BayiogB. San 

Antonio, Tex., NicTtnnrg, [1899.] c. "SS. 

8 p. S. pap., 10 c. 

£xir«cU about hooks from ratnous writers. 
Harris, W: Torr*y, RicbotT, Andrew J., and 
Bail'-y, MaTk. Libra primpro de lectura de 
Appleion Ingl§H - Espafiol, [■' Appleton's 
first reader."] [Neic imue.] N.Y., Ameri- 
can Book Co , ISW. c. '77, '78. '99. 167 p. 
aq. s. bds., ;jOc. 
Harrlaon, C, and Earner, S. H. Master 
Charlie, painter, poet, novelist and teacher; 
with nuiuerous examplee of his work; coi- 
Itttted by C. Harrison and 8. H. Hamer. 
N. Y., Cassell ft; Co., Ltd., 1899. B-67 p. O. 

Oomical pictures and text, the latter luppoHd to be 
•Mracts from a boy's diary: the humor codbIsib in the 
badspsllinK and the effects obtained Id the pictures 
by one entirely unacquainted with drawing or pertpec- 

'Barrlaon, Clifford. Beadiq^ and readers. 

N. Y., New Amsterdani Book Co., 1699., (1. 
Harriaon, Mrt. Constance Cary, [JIfrc. Burton 

Harrison.] The Anglomaoitics. N. Y., 

The Century Co., [1899.1 c. 'flO, '99. 4+ 

316 p. il. S. d., *1.35. 

e by Char 

e plrti 

Harrison.] The Carcelliui emerald: with 
other tales. Chic, H. 8. Stone & Co., 
[1899.] c. 2-1-314 p. il. D. cl.. $1,50. 

a Je. 



s: Leander or Betav'a pride; Thi^ three Mlaaea 
: at Yale; A Klrl or the peiiod; The stoleu 
rlui; Wanted: a chaperon. 
Hairiaon, Mn. Constance Gary, [Mrs. Burton 

Uarriroo.] Thecircleot a century. N. Y., 

The Century Co., 1899. o. C-J-225 p. il. D. 

cl., $1.25. 

New York Is the scene of a aequence of ioie-Btories. 

Buwllng Green nelithborl^^dnrlnir the foslivltiM for 
CheioauBuratlnnor WasbiDgton. The heruia a soldier 
and the scion ot an oM cotoi^lal family. The heroine 
Is the daughter of a Scotch Immlerani mecbatiic. 
Many iilatoric evenle of the picturesiiue period are 
hitroduced. The second epleodedealsttlththepreseiit. 
day plutocrat. Its hero ih tUedescendant of the hero- 
IneoT the nrat atory The altualtona are dramatic. 
Baniaon, Mrt. Constance Cary, [Mrs. Burton 

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ThecharacCeraarc Ura Wallia and her aon Stuart 

thed army olBcer.'and hia granddau^'hter Enid, study- 
IQIT art, and Mrs. Sutton, a rich EDgliah widow whoae 
ODabaod badbeealn trade, and her adopted son Atger- 
Doo, an American born, with great personal beauty and 
arreat lack of principle. ThesepWip'eare travelllngln 
Europe, where thev all meet by accident; love is the 
motive power which drawa the young people together. 


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Hlsa Harrlaon Illustrates In ttala book. In a practical 
way, the principle, set forth In ''A study of ch^M 
nature," Vhlle - A study of child nature" la the one 
Incident of many ch lidreu, " Two children of the foou 
hUla IS the many inoidenis of two little California 
urchtna, following them through a year of their Htm 
and ahowlog how they were led from seemingly 

and tho'ug'h" "ih^diaon t^''lbrs^rj^r!hB''b^fc^iJ: 

, F: Anaals of an old manor house. 

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"It Is not the purpose of thia volume Xo itivr- ^ at,. 

tailed account of "Sr Chase's private "fe.nSio.en to 

describe fully his long, eventful, and Tiried public 

™<"ha il" een l^r^ hlh t^ I 'f" *''™* 

leader, the niiancier, and the Jurlat."— Pr^c/Jce." ""^ 

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Cnnren(«;Mr.Jack Hamlin> meditation: The man 

S,< 1 S rni'^P,'"'!*' :f " Hameralda of Rocky CaBon; 

Dick Splndler'a family Christmaa; When the waters 

were up at "Jules"; The boom In the (Waiwra. rinWii. . 

The secret of Sobrientea well ; UherTy Wa^" 


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Eoems of love ; selected by Grace Harts- 
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A selectloi^ of the beat poems of love In the Engliab 

anguage. Including many translated from foreign 

languages. Illustrated with sixteen fall-page haU- 

t«nn from famoua palDtlnga ot lovers^ -Boundin Mhl te 



•Baiv»rd lyrics and other verst^: beiap ae- 
leclioDB of the best verse written by Har- 
viird undergraduates nithia the last tea 
years. Bust.. Brown & Co., 1899. I il. 
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The wrllar la agalMant mlslress In ■ Irfmdoti hleb 
wtboul. Sbe ia a meoiber of tbe UouKregntlunalkl 
Uburcb. Her bemih broke aowii cob suminor and sbe 
c&me tnto tbe hands at Cbrjatian Hc.eDtlsU She ei- 
plalna Ibelr melfiods and Mr*. Eddy'» aootrinai en- 

KcWIV. Her Eblof arrjilenTuent !■ ba<ed upon the 
ct of tbl8 wot MlllQg Cbrlstiane wblle 
they deny tbe sBcacy or noed ot baptism and tbe 
Lord's supper, Che toundfttlon of Ubristisn ehureb 

■■Hukell, W: B. Two years in the Klondike 
and A1a->han gold tli-lds: a narrative ol per- 
sonal experiences and adventures, with 
information of the cuuntiies described, 
Hartford, Ct., Hartford Publishiog Co , 
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silk cl., (a. 

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From Whlbley'B ■■*book of soourdrels" and Vin- 
cbar&ctera Jock Stieppord, Job >than Wlld.nud mkny 
other " olMsle - ro«u« llB"re'n this roma^ ..e Ib which 
the herolrea arB al moot as had fta tbe men. Howth 
the painter and Thomas Oay the poet play Important 
porU la thi' story o( tbe days of gueen Anr e. 
Hatton, Jos. The white King of Hanoa. 

N. Y., K. F. Fenno & Co., 1899. c. 8+ 

338 p. D. cl.,*1.35. 


tudy ot the time of Que 
tnqutalHon ■ " >-' 

abetband the SpL.... . 

I Sir v^lter Ualpi^-h <ii searuh of the El [XinLda. 

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H Ru-Bell. 1899. 

c 12 + 13S p. por. D. 

lif. buckram, $1. 

Tbui Is the ninth of 

he author's strange plays. 

«) many opposiM (nlerprcta- 

ons. The most k.arned 

parable sbowiiiethe b 
tstn their .^hiEeilc i. 

lle •illage beluw. Tbe eitramely dittlcult translation 

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oi siuilenis III materia medii-a and thera- 
peuiicH. ith ed. rev. and ml. Phil., 
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Hawklsi, Anthonv Hop>-. ["Anthony Hope," 
pseud.] The adventure of the Lady Ur- 
sula: a comedy in four acts. N. Y., " " 

andpiayedmNewYorkdurinKhlsr _... _ ._ . 

" Lddy Ur«Dla," tbe obief character, was taken hj 
Mr*. Sotbern. The comedy turns upon the ra>uliaoI ' 
pimctloal lolie played by Lady U — '- "■ 

time ll the eighteenth 

"Hawklna, Anthony Hope, [ "Anthony 

Hope," pseud.] Frivolous Cupid. N. Y., 

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PMtid.] The kinit'a mirror: a novel. V. 

Y.. Appleton, 1899. c. '98, '99. 5+368 p. 

il. D. ol., $1.60. 

A shrewd, seriocomic study of tbe Inner life ots 

between Austria and Russia. The aspirations at tbe 

people are w^.. 

ern.but IhesloryzlvesthereBllaKB of kings tbroufib- 
outbistory. loelJent and adFenturearo neverwaot- 
lUKln books by Ihe author ot" The priwiner of Zend*." 
•Hawkins. Anthony Hope, [ " Anthony 

Hope," pxeud.l Pliroso : a romance. N. 

Y.. American News Co., 1809. 

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chiselling; or, some hour» with the Oregon 
quartetle. Richmond, Va., Preahyterian 
Cora, ot Publication, [1899.] c. 2-158 p. 
1). cl., 75 c. 


eieryday happening a 

Hawthorne, Julian. Ari-hlbald Halmaison; 
il. by Freeland A, Carter. JVeto H. ed. N. 
Y.,Funk& WagnallsCo., 1899. c. '84. '99. 
8-305 p. il. D. cl., $1.35. 

■■ife " Annual Catalogue," IHM, The author lakes 
public Inio bla oonflilenceln tbe InterestiDK" Cbap 

-■-•'--" ■--," which he has added to tbM 

:slheraclaand conceptlong uinn 

J — J ^l,g of t|,g wUle Intel* 

ch bu grown up sloce 



sinimif of tbf^ peace protocol with Spain. 
N. Y., Peter Fenelon Collier, 189B. 3v.. pi. 
por. 8', cl., Biibs., per tet, f5; hL teatli., fU. 
Hawthorne, Julian, Tolstoi, Count Lyof Ni- 
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other atiiries. N. Y., Funk & Wagtmlts 
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Ctmlnttt: One of tboH colncldsnces, by Jullui 
Hawthurae; FVaoctoco. by Waoion LeClear Besinl; 
The taper, l>v Count Lyof Tolstoi^ Hoo Vlsrde&u 
obeyed tba Black Abto«. by C; O: D. Robaria; John 

Klonlny; atid Ac the end or bis rope; The strange cam 
of &Iher AtkloB, by Hn L.E. I. Hardenbrook; Jacob 
atf. by A. Btflwart Clarke; Relma. the lapranii. by 

Hmwthome, Nathaniel. The Blithedale ro- 
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(Copley aer.) cl., |1. 

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Boat.. Houghton, Uifflto & Co., IS99. c. 
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jtfay^Qicer contract. Pts. 3, S. N, Y., The 
Hail and Express, 1898, 189S. c. 38; 43 p. 
4*, pap., ea., 3.^ c, 


deal with Chlll'aattcmpt U> 

Ibrow dff her SpanlBh yoke. A young Eiiellshman In 


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omy. N. Y., J: Wiley & Sons, 18B8, 8°, 
cl., 9S. 

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New eal. ed. N. Y., imported by C: Scrib- 
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1, Caroline. The Narragansetts Friends' 
meeting in the xvill century; with a chap- 
ter on Quaker beginnings in Rhode Island. 
Bost., Houghton. Hifflin & Co., 189S. c. 
5+197 p. O. cl., tl.50. 

The tint mention of the Quakera In Rhode lolatul 
occur* In a letter addreued to the ^vernnr In 1A37. 
Tbe author has made a Iod^ study of the blitory of 
Khode bland, and bu had aci^ew to many very valu- 

estiiw at 


A and religion 

'Haaell's annual, 1900; a cyclopaedic record 


of men and topics of the day, rev. to No- 
vember 30. 1899; ed. by W: Palmer. N. Y,, 

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Hazen,MBrshman Williiims. Theflrst bookof 
word and sentence work: or, easy steps in 
spelling. Bost., Oinn&Co., 1899. c. 98 p. 
il. D. (Hazen's grade speUers.) cl., 30 c. 

Ind Of the : 

ipllBbed tbe correct let, 
I'lll he Impreaeetl on the 
■a copying and reading 

'Headlam, Cecil. Medieval towns: thestory 

of Nuremberg; il. by Miss H. M. James. 

N. Y..TheMw:raillanCo.,1899. 12+803 p. 

16°, cl., S1.60. 
*Healy,Jief. — . Memories ofFather Heal v of 

IdttlK Brav. N. Y., The Macmillan Co., 

1899. 8+848 p. 8°. cl.,»l. 
Heam, Lafcadio. In ghostly Japan. Bost. 

Little, Brown & Co., 1899. c. G+341 p. 

il. D. cl.. $2. 

An mttrely nen collection of storleB and artlclen on 
Japan by the author of " E»otlc« and retroapectiTe*," 
etc Contentt : Fiat^meDt: Furlaode: Inc«i>se: A itiH-y 

-' dlvln_atlonj 8llkm>_rro«; A paulonal KajmaiFoot- 


•Hebrew yarns and dialect humor. N. Y., 
ChiswickPub. Co.,1899. c. W, (Chiawlck 
lib , no. 8.) pap., 25 1?. 

Hector. JMrs. Annie French, ["jifrg. Alexan- 
der."] Brown. V. C. N. V., R. F. Fenno 
£ Co., 1899. c. '98. 3-898 p. D. cl., tl.35. 
The hero Is deoectcd by hla mother, whenonly three 

ireeksold.ln a London lodKlni; house. Helsadopted 

^a^\\™%"u,ie th"'^rmy and'"'ln»™hrvi'eKlS 
CHW* Tbe mystery at his real mother's life ii annllr 
revealr-d. and her reasons For desrrtInK bim, Htdflle- 
class EnKllsh life and rasblonablelife, with ■ceneitrnm 
a anldier's life, are described, and form the background 

Hector, Jlfrs. Annie French, [" JIfrs. Alex- 
ander." pseuif.l The stBp-mother. Phi)., 
J. B Lippincott Co., 1900 [1899.] c. "99. 
300 p., il.25. 

Inded, cultured 
woman, wtth a fund of common sense: he a nealthy 
banker, aiming to tate a blub place soclallj. attrac 

vain. The London and auhiirban home* of thle couple 
are the scenes of many matrimonia] conflicts about 
theaiep-son. thebrencli being Eradually widened by a 

unscrupulous woman who is his tool. 

•Hodloy,W.S..M.Z). Therapeutic electricity 
and practical muscle testing. Phil., P. 
Blakiston'sSon & Co., 1899. il. 8% cl., vet, 

Heermana, Forbes. Between two foes : an 
original war drama in four acts. Phil., 
Tiie Penn Pub. Co., 1899. 2-79 p. D. pap., 
25 c. 

Heilprln, Angelo. Alaska and the Klondike: 
a JDurney to the new Eldorado, with hints 
to the traveller and observations on the 
physical history and geology of the gold 
regions, the condition of and methods of 
working the Klondike placers, and laws 
governing and regulating mining in the 
northwest territory of Canada; il. from 
photographs, with a new map of the gold 


regions. N. Y.. Appleton. 1899. o. 7+ 
SlSp., 11.75. 

Tbs title aorgrt (be conumu or ths Tolume. Tba 

region o( ivhloU many aiaggorated and distortod ao- 

Ibflaummar of ISM, coierW the period from the ead 
or July to tba middle sr October, 

•Hein«, H: Heine's prose; with introd. and 
notes by Albert B. Fuust. N. Y,. Tne 
Macmillan Co., 1899. 6+341 p. 16% (Mac 
miJIan'H Oerman elastics.) cL, net, 60 c. 

'Heine. H: Poems and ballads; done into 
Eng-lish verne hj Sir Theodore Martin. 8d 
ed.. with addition-.. N. Y., imported by C: 
Scribner'a Sods, 1899. lS + 363 p. 16% cl., 

Heinzen, E: The rights oC women and Ihe 
sexual relations, ft. 1, An address to an 
unknown lady reader; Pt. 3, Luise Meyen 
On men and women; The Convention of 
Oerman women in Frauenstadt conct-rning 
womanhood and manhood. Ch 

; J: Clement, M.D. A text-book of 
embryology for students of medicine. 
Phil., W. B. Saunders, 1899. c. il. 8% cl., 
net, $3.50. 

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271 p. il. 8% net, |S. 

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and dislocations; tr. from the 3d rev. Oer- 
man ed., by Jonathan Hutchinson. N. Y., 
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net, «3. 

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and priests unto Ood. Bost., L. C. PagedE 
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cl., 50 c. 

'Hemming, Q: WirEman. Billiards mathe- 
matically treatedT N. Y., The Macmillan 
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Hematreet. C: Nooks and corners of old New 
York; il. by E. C. Peixotto. N. Y., C: 
Scribner's Sons, 1899. c. 7-I-338 p. O. cl., 

Suee la. churches, theatres. moaumentB.publlcbultd. 
IngH, historical housea. now ptused or pawlnK away, 
find a plac^ Ln this handBome book In pen plcturea, and 
frequeatly m iicncll aketchea. The points of Interest 

of tbe city. The abort paragraphaol which the book Is 
tnade up are well Indexed and marginally annotated. 

Henderson, C; Richardson. Social settle- 

t or this book tbe characterlatic 
n, tbe Httlemeats are resardeS as 

In tbe second part the hlsti 

Henderson, W: Ja. How musicd^veloped: a 
critical and explanatory account <if th< 
ftrowtb at modern music. N. Y.. F: A 
StokesCo., [1897.] c.'98. 8 + 4l3p. D. cl. 

of the OrreiiH. The aiibjcct is continued In cliapierii 
entitled: Harmou.v. Dolalion, and measure: Tbe birth 
□r oounterpoint; The evolution of the plaoo aDd of 
piDDK play ins: Thesonata; Erolutlonuf tbeorcheatrs: 
ulaaslc and romantic orchestral compoaers: Tbede- 
vidDumentof tliambcr music: Tbe birth of oratorio: 
Work of Handel and Bach; Kaydn and Hebdeleshon; 

Handeraon, W: Ja. The orchestra and or- 
hestral music. N. Y., C: Scribner's Sons, 
899. c. 8 •-238 p. por. D. (The music 
overs' lib.) cl., net. 11.35, 

u »ill help tbem In assuming ar 

._ _.. , IS ltiatnim«itBi budyaod 

Its perfoi-mancea. 

Hetmassey, J. D. A lost identity. N. Y., 
F: Warne & Co., [1899.1 8-|-aOS p. D. cl., 
Occultism, meemerlsai. hypnoUam, abd tbe special 

i chiefly In Auatralla. 

Henry, Mrs. Mary H., ["Howe Benning." 
pseud,] At opening doors. N. Y., Ameri' 
can Tract Soc, [1899.] c. 2-3S1 p. il. D. 
cl., 11.35. 

Doris Hart had Just graduated wbanthsHtoByopou. 

elpfulness making ner gv 

eatly belored b; all tbe 

Henry, Mrs. Mary H., ["Howe Bennii^," 
pseud.] Jean's opportunity. Phil.. 'Hie 
Union Press, [189B.] c. 3-339 p. il. D. cL, 

after educating they outli of a 

. the "old aeadem; 

1 other 

e need of 
o do 111 

Lunlty." She 
nK-pface for 

■Henry, W. A. Feeds and feeding: a hand- 
book for the student and stockman. Mil- 
waukee, Wis., published by the author, 
[forsaleby C.N. Caspar Co.,] 1899. c. "98. 
657 p. 8*, vellum, |3. 

Henry, W. H. F. New bigh-school Question 
book, embracing the studies usually pur- 
sued in hi^h whools. academies, and semi- 
naries; designed lo aid students inpreparine 
for college. [JVeioiMue.] Newrev. td. N. 
Y., Hinds* Noble, 1899. e,'85,'99. 421 p. 
D. cl., $1.50. 

*Henslow, G:, (Dean.) Medical workp of the 
fourteenth century; with a li*t of plants 
recorded in contemporary writings, with 
their identifications. N. Y., imported by 
C: Scribner's Sons, 1899. 278 p. 4% vellum, 

■Henson, H. H. Apostolic Christianity a<« il- 
lustrated by St. Paul's Epistles to the Co- 
rinthians. N. Y., Nt*w Amsterdam Boob 
Co., 1899. 8% cl., $2.3S. 

■Benty, G: Alfred, Among Malay pirates: a 
story of adventure and peril. N. Y., A. L. 
Burt, 1899. 4-1-395 p. 13% (Heniy »er.) cl., 



Henty, G: Alfred. The Brahmio's treasure. 
Phil., J. B. Lippincott Co., 1899. il. 12°, cl., 

ThBstor; of Bjewel stolen from ui ladlBn Idolb^r 
■II EDglUh soldier. Elacb poMroor of It In turn rneau 

Europe by I>o natlrm'. KMumlly the book is rlchln 

Henty, O: AHred. The curse of Carnea' 
Hold : a tule of adventure. N. Y., Street 
& Smith, [1899.] 386 p. D. (Medal lib , do. 
38.) pap., 10 c, 

1899. S + 3S3 p. il. 13', (Henty aer.) cl„ %X. 
*Beiity,0: Alfred. Jack Archer: a tateofthe 

Crimea. N. Y., A. L. Burt, 1899. 4+382 p. 

il. 12*, (Heutyser.jcl., |1. 
Henty, G: Alfred. No aurrender: a tale of 

the rising i>I La Vendue; il. by Stanley L, 

Wood. N. T., C: Scribner'a Sona, 1899. c. 

5-1-345 p. D. cl.. 11.50. 

The rerolt of La Vead«a agaliut Che French repuh. 

.>,:'u,x. ■■■'■- 

r Enirlial 
the Vend 


1 the ; 

from the 

truUlotine, and hu other thrilling adTontures. 
'^enty, G: Alfred. One of the 28th : a tale 
ofWaierloo, N. Y., A. L. Burt, 1899. + 
B84 p. il. 13°, {Henty aer.) cl., $1. 
Hanty, Q: Alfred. A roving cotiimiBBioQ; or, 
through the black inaurrection of Hayti; 
il. bvW:Rainey. N. Y,,C:ScrLbaer'B8on3, 
1899. c. 6+373p. D. cl., tl.- 


J or the preat revo 

tbeblnc'- ■--->-—-"- — ■•- •--■ ---■ - 

ulDt I'C 


NaCOlDTEr. amldnhlpmsn la the Britleh ni 

«wulantly In troable and difflculty, but la lo reeource- 

tulaDd etierKellc that he ecneralTv extricate* hlnuelf 


"Henty, G: Alfred. Sturdy and strong; or, 

how OeorKe Andrews made his way. N. 

Y., A. L. Burt, 1899. 6-t-801 p. 12°, cl., *1. 
Hanty, G: Alfred. Won by the svrord: a tale 

ofthe Thirty Years'War; ii. byCiM.Shel- 

don. and four plann. N. Y., Cr Scribner'a 

Sons, 1899. c. 6-t-S84 p. D. cl., $1.50. 

The story la [aid In France during the Utter part of 
the Thirty Yeare' War-lhe time of Richelieu, of 
Uazarln. and Anne of Aualrla. The atphaned aon of 
a Scotch olOcer in the French army is the hero. Hei-.- 
torCanipbet],uhei(called,riaeaalaiosCtolhe highest 
rank in the French army through hla hrarery and 

•Henty, G; Alfred, TheyouosrFranc-tireura: 

their adventurea in the Fraiico-Pru!i.tian 

war. N. Y., A. L. Burt, 18B9. 6-(-835 p. 

12-, cl.. $1. 
•Henty, G: Alfred. The young midshipman: 

a story of the Bombardment of Alexaodria. 

N. Y.. A. L. Burt, 1899. 4H-309 p. 13°, 

(Henty ser.)cl., |1. 
Henty, G: Alfred, ed. Yule-tide yarns. N. 

Y., LoDgmans, Green & Co., 1899. ll-i- 

870 p. il. BQ. D. cl., net. 11.50. 

Conttnti: Chaieau and ship, by Q: A. Henty: Ad- 

l5"*> ?■?: 

by Fred Wblnbav: 
-■- ■■"-,! Rani, 

, bvDav 
■'9ainf — 


.,. .u.,_u, I. ju..,t,D>,ia.:,a, by a:lilanville FeDii. 

•Henty, O: Alfred, [and others.] In the 
chimney corner; oneinal pictures, stories, 
and verses. N. Y., E. P. Dutton & Co., 
1899. 144 p. 4°, cl., (3. 


■Hepburn, Ci M. A selection of oases and 
statutes on the piinciples of code pleadinir, 
with notes; prepar*-d for uae as a text- 
book in law schools. Gin., O., W. H. 
Anderson & Co., 1899. c. 160 p. O. (Last 
case unflnished.) cl., |2 50. 

"Hepwortii, W; Information for players, 
owners, dealers, end makers of bow instru- 
ments; also for string manufacturers; 
taken from pe'sonal sKperience, studies, 
and observations, with il. of a Slaiuer and 
a Quarnerius violin. N. Y., imported by 
C: Scribner'a Sons, 1899. 86 p. 16°, cl., net, 
80 c. 

Herbart, J: F; Letters and lectures on edu- 
cation; tr. from the German and ed., with 
an introd., by H: M. and Emmie Felhln; 
preface by Oscar BrowoinK'. Syracuse, N. 
Y.. C; W. Bardeen, 1898. 18-H385 p. D. cL, 

pacity. It Is iDlerestlng to see how the problems of 
education Kradually force themselTes upon him, and 

If the eeneri 

: The basis of educa- 
nce of education, and 
on. List of the Oer- 

Hfirbert, ^bb^ Marcel. Plata and Darwin: a 
philosophic dialoe:ue; Ir., with introd.,by 
W: Gibson. N. Y., Longmans, Green & 
Co., 1899. 2-73 p. S. cl.. 76 c. 
•Hetbert, Lady Mary Eliz., comp. Wives 
and mothers in the olden time; from 
French, Italian, and Latin authors, by Lady 
Herbert. N. Y., The Macmillan Co.. 1899. 
12-1-444 p. 13°, cl., $1.75. 
•Herbertaon, A. J. and F. D. Man and his 
work; an introduciion to human geog- 
raphy. N. Y., The Mactnillan Co., 18W. 
8-1-118 p. 13°, (Black's school geography.) 
cl., 60 c. 
•Herder's Deutsch - Amerikanische lese- 
bDcher: zweites lesebuch fQr die Deutsch- 
Katholischen schulen in Nord Amerika, 
Sth ed. St. Louis, Mo., B. Herder, 1899. 
144 p. 8°, pap., 26 c. 
Herfoid, Oliver. An alphabet of celebrities. 
Best., Small, Mayaard & Co., 1899. c. 
unp. il. sq, O. bds., $1,60. 

Twenty-nil deslena Illustrating as many facing paxea 
of comic Terse* illuHtratinjc the twenty-*li letters of 
the alphabet. They are prlnteil with borders in red 
and black and red Initial letters by Bertram Qrosvenor 
Ooodhue. with end papers and eoTer design by E. B. 

Harford, Oliver- A child's primer of natural 
history; with pictures by the author- N. 
Y., C: Scribner'e Sons, 1899. c. 6-(-9B p. 
obl.D. bds., itl.25. 

I panylng grotesque 

•Hero tales of the American soldi 
sailor in our four great ware. N. Y , West- 
ern W. Wilson, 1899- 600 p. il. pors. 8°, 
cl., subs., $2: Eo^lish drawiog-room ed., 
|2-75; parlor ed., mor., (8.00. 

•Herrlck, Clinton B., M.D. Railway sur- 
gery: a handbook on the management of in- 
juries. N. Y., W: Wood & Co., 1899. 
260 p. il. 8°, cl.,net,{3. 

•Herrlck, Rob. Ueaperides: or, the works 
both human and divine of Robert Herrick; 
ed. by L. Hairnun. N. Y., The Macmillan 
Co.. 1899. 2 v., 16*, (The temple olaaaics.) 
cl.,ea-,50c.; lirapleath-, ea., 75c. 


Herriok, Rob. Love's dilemmiu. Chic, H. 8. 
Stone & Co., 1898. a. S+1S8 p. D. cU, 

liahed befure. Coaienltr MuCa ; A temponu'ir [ntt- 
A marrioite by proiy: Tbe psycboloKlckl moment. 
Herrlck, Rob., and Damon, Lindflay, Todd. 

Composition and rhetoric for nchools. 

Chiu., Scott, Foresm'an & Co., 1898. c. 

6+4eep. D. c!., ti. 

Thoauthon*™ pro 

ah In tbe Onl- 

vereliyof Chtoagw. Th 

pupU should be 

'BDcouragRt to write froely and even u 


Jiof tbouKbta 

dof ln.entlon 

before bla eipreuton 

minutely on 

cl«ed. Parti, 

therefore, provide! a pn 

llmlnary couru of conitruct- 

[rework. Part a d,*]B 

Bllb usaee; part 8 wttb die. 

lloo; part (with the rh 

torlcat lawB o 

f the sentence 

and lbs paracrapb : and 
BllioD. Tbe booE la In 

part 5 with tb 
ended as a te 


years' courw. 


gWeo are selected from 

a wide range 

English liters- 

Hwrick, 8. M. Thoughtful hours: a book of 
poeniA. Cia., O., The Litt^rarr Shop, 1899. 

c. lB4p. D. cl., II.7B. 
Bamnaim, K: Stephen. From Yaucoa to Las 
Harlos. Bost, R: G. Badgrer & Co., 1900 

[1899.J c I09p. il. por. H. cl., |1. 

A atory or tbe recent campalKn In Weatern Puerto 
Rlcobyt^elndepeodeot RflEUlar Brigade under com- 
maod of BrlKadler-Qeneral Behwan ^he author waa 
priTate In Light Battery ■• D," Btb U. 8. Artillery. 

Rarron, O: Davis. Between Ctesarand Jesus. 
N. Y., T; Y. Crowell & Co., [1999.1 c. 8- 
278 p. D. cl., 75 c; pai>., 40 c. 
KIght lectures are comprised under tbe abore title. 

Henhlar, N., eomp. The soldier's pocket 
compaQJon; comp. and arranged t^r the in- 
struction and informittioQ ot the volunteer 
soldier, the national Kuardsman, and for 
cadels a.t sirhools. Wash., D. C, Ja. J. 
Chapman, 1899. e-t-05 p. il. T. pap.. 30 c. 

not ready access to bleh-prlced works on the subject. 
or tor those who wish toaaTetlme. Complied From 
t he United States army regulations, drill reKulallona, 

Bershman, W. H. Manual of nature study 
by grades to accompany the course of study 
for the. city aud town schooln of Indiana. 
Chic.,A. FiAnagaD.[1899.] c. '98. 4-(-I68p. 
D. cl., 30 c.: pap., 25 c. 

'Hertwlg, Oscar, Text-book of the embry- 
oloj^y or man and mammals; from tlie 8d 
Oermaaed., by E: L.Mark. Med. N. Y., 
The Uacmillan Co., 1899. 16-1-670 p. il. pis. 
8°. cl., net, »5.35. 

. Buffalo, 

N. Y.. H. H. Otis & Sons. 1899, c. '96. 
91 p. 8. (New education in Ihe church ser., 
no. 8.) pap., 80 c. 

The president of the Teaihe™' College, New York 
C ly, arralirna the method of modern Sunday-schools, 

now Introduced In se^culaT sThoolB^should be'used un 
Sundays also. A llat of bookiof suinieiitions for teach- 
ers and of material to be used In lliuetratlng occuplex 


*H«MUDg, E. The moat original and inter- 
estiag villas and counlry bouses in the 
Orunewald near Berlin; 100 photo-engrav- 
ings and lithogt^phs giving full views in- 
teriors, details, and ground plans: series 
1. N. Y., Bruno Hessling, 1899. 4*, cl., 

*Hawatt, Waterman T:, ed. A German 
readT; ed., nith notes and a vocabulary. 
N. Y.. The Macmillan Co., 1899. 9-1-422 p. 
12'. cl., net, fl. 

Hewlett, Maurice. Earthwork out of Tus- 

cany: beinR' impressions and ti anxlatioDS 
of Maurice Hewlett ; il. by Ja. Ktrr-Lawson. 
2ii reu. dd. N. Y., G: P. Putnam's Son?, 
1899, I9-i-182p. il. D cl.,$2. 

In his travels through Tusoany.tbahome of Boccac- 
cio. Dante, Botticelli, ^Ua Robbla. and the Hedici*. 
tbe poetic, romantic suut of tbe author strolled to 
And an outlet for hia emollons. He has tried to make 

poems, to bring home to others ihe great thoughts 
which produced the treasures of Florence. He says: 
" You may call It crlttolsm. you may call it art, 1 call 
It rctJElan. It Is making tbe beet thing I<wi out of the 
best tllDgs I feel." Tbe author of ^^ Forest lorera" 
combines accurate learning of many kinds with bis 
rare gifts of Insight and Imagination. 

"Hewlett, Maurice. The forest lovers: a ro- 
mance. N. Y.. The H. B. Claflin Co., 
1898. 7-f 884 p. 13", pap., 50 c. 

*Bawlatt, Maurice. Little novels of Ilalv. 
N. Y., The Macmillan Co., [1899.1 848 p. 

Ccitttenla': Madonna of the peach tree : Ippolita In 
(hehlUh: TheDucbesaof Nona: HeaserClao, and the 
life coal and the ludgmeni of Borae. 

Bewlatt, Maurice. Pan and the young shep- 
herd: a pastoral in two act^. N. Y., J: 

Lane, 1899. c. 8+140 p. D. cl.. $1.35. 

The love-story of tbe young shepherd Neanlae. who 
Hndahlsmataln Agla«,onBor the dauffhters oTeanb. 
The pastoral Is in dramatic form, the actors being 
shapherda, rustic, daughters of earth, and (he god 

by Max Lentz. N. Y.. American Book Co., 
[1899.] o. 87 p. S. Ilex. cl.. 30 c. 

This Cent is baaed upon the seTenih eilition of a 

tlon are written In simple language, ho that they may 
be used aa an Introduction to German prone coiuposi. 

Redwood, T , and Rowley, W: Fortunes by 
land and sea: a tragi-comedy; acting ver- 
sion Hrrxn^ed for the annual theiUricals of 
the Harvard Chapter ot Delta Upsilon for 
1899. by Janet Edmondson Walker; with 
briHf sketches of Thomas Heywood, Philip 
Henslow, and other notes of interest; also, 
a reprint of the full text of the play. 
Bost..W. B.Clarke Co., 1899. c. 2-122 p. 
O. bd*., net, 81. 

■Hiatt, C: Ellen Terry and her impersona- 
tiona: an appreciation. N. Y., 'The Mac- 
millan Co.. 1899. 10-1-274 p. 8*, cl..«3. 

*Hi«tt, C: Henry Irving: a record and re- 
view; il.. with pors, and sketches. N. Y., 
The Macmillan Co., 1899. 14-I-S82 p. 8°. cl. 

'Hioks, Seymour. One of the best: a novel 
founded on the drama ot the same name by 
Seymour Hicks and George Edwardes. K. 
Y.,G: Kouttedee& Sons, 1899. SS7 p. 13* 
cl., $1.25. ^- I 

DigmzsabyLiOO^ C 


Hlffginaon, T: Weotwortb. Contemporaries. 
BosL, Houghton, Mifflin &. Co., t89H. c. 
4+879 p. D. cl., %2. 

BiDgmpblol slcrccbcw of Emeraon, A.lcott, Tbeodore 
Parker. WbittLer, Walt Whitman. Sidney Lauler. 
Hra Hawtborae. Lvdla Maria Child, Helen JackKin. 

Lloyd auTlwHi, Wendell PhlUlpa.C: a 

or, Uly«« 

Bruwu'a houeeboJd Id IKS, Dr Howe'a anti-alavery 
career. The Bcceotrleltles of retorinBrB, and The road 
toEogJaad. Indei. 

■BiSSliuoa, T; Wentworth. Old Cambridge. 

N. Y., The Macmillan Co., IB89. 5+203 p. 

•Hlgham, T: Hydraulic labks for fladiog- 

the mean velot^ity and diecbarKe Id open 

channels. 2d ed. enl. N. x., Spon & 

ChatDberlain, 1899. SO p. S', ct., $3. 
BUey, R; W: Memories of halt a oeotury. 

K. Y., Longmans, Qreen & Co., 1899. 20 + 

411 p. por. O. cl., $5. 
Hill, CoDstaoce. Story of the Priaoeas des 

UrsiuB in Spain (Camarera-Mayor). N. Y., 

R. H. KussHll, 1899. 19+S5S p. il. pors. O. 

ct., 11.76. 

In 17IM, after thedeatb of Cbarles ii. of Spain, the 

BpanlBhlhrmieunder tiietltleuf Philip r. Hewaabut 
SaTOf, but thirteen.' The youth uf cbecouple rendered 


ominaily the Can 

t, Ll.t 

of works 

HUL, D: Lone Tree mioe: a Rocky Mountain 
drama id Ave acts. Phil., The Puna Pub. 
Co., J899. c. aSp. D. pap.,25c. 
■Hill, a. F. A handbook of Ureek and Ro- 
man coins. N. T., The Macroillao Co., 
1899. 15+29S p. 13°, (Handbooks of arche- 
ology und antiquitieB.) cl., net, %%.25. 
'HUl, Q: Birkbeck, ed. Gordon in Central 
Africa, 1874-1879; from original letters and 
documents. N. T., The Macmillan Co., 
1899. 10+4S6 p. por. map, S°. cl., 
*HiU, Janet Mackenzie. Salads.sandwiches, 
add chaflQK-diah daintiBs. Boat., Little, 
Brown & Co., 1899. 350 p. 13°, cl., tl.50. 
HIU, J: Alexander, Stories of the railroad. 
S. Y., Douhledav Sc McClure Co., 18B9. 
c. -98, '99. 297 p.Ll. D. cl., 81.50. 
OntenU: Anenglncer-g CLriBtraaaatory; The clean 
man and '.be d^rty angelH ; Jim Walnwrighfa kid ; A 
peitiegged romaiica; Sfy lady of the eyes; Some freaks 
or fate; Hormon Joe. tberabbor; A midsummer nlehl'a 
trip ; The polar zone. The author is a former Tooo- 
mocite engineer on the Bio Qraude Railroad. 

- . . Bople 

narrative of the Britisli-Boer troublea 
South Africa, with a history of the Boe 
the country and its institutions. N. '^ 
Appleton, 1899. c. 9+808 p. por. il. 
cl., 11.50. 

• York 

ottierBoerofflclalHasireilu from Bir Alfred Milueroud 
ollw British representatives at Cape Coloay. The 

imea stoc k-tobberei 
iweentbo Boera an 
vt I* the probable 

Africa, >lio»luB that, while BrItUb capital ovns the 

Hlllu, Newell Dwlght. Great books as life- 
teachers: studies of character, real and 
ideal. N. Y. and Chic, Fleming H. Revell 
Co., 1899. c. '98. B-a89p. D. cl.,|1.50. 

new times, and the poets and esaayiHtB of a new era "j 
the otbera are studies "from the viewpoint of a poa- 
u>r" of Buskin's -Seven lamiw t,r architecture," 
QeorKeEllot'a"Roniola," Hawthorne's --Scarlet let- 

d, "■• Lite of Lord Sbafltmbury. 

as an outline of the ideal life and charac- 
ter. N.Y. and Chic, Fl<!minp H. Revell 
Co., 1899. c. '98, '99. 3-^3 p. D. bda., 
50 c. 
*Hlllyer,H. W. Laboratory manual: experi- 
ments to illustrate the i-lementary prin- 
ciples of ohemiatry. N. Y,, The Macmillan 
Co., 1899. 8+200 p. 8", cl., net, 90 c. 

HUton, G: 8. The funny aideot politics. N. 

" " ., 1899. 0. " 

. d,, ti.av 



Y.,G-. W. Dillinghai 

3ISp. D. d,,«1.35. 

'"""■■'" bavebeenaald upoti 

. ta. The material Is 
proujieduncier ten headings, namely: The constitution; 
PollUcal parties; The tarfll .luestlaii ; The sliver qnes- 

Offlce seekers and oAlce huldors ; Miscellaneous mat^ 
ters; Additional anecdotei about public persons and 
politics; Illuatratire anecdotes and political rhymes. 

Hind, C L: The enchanted stone. N, Y., 
Dodd, Mead & Co., 1809. c. '98. 3 + 381 p. 
D. bd8.,tl.36. 

A romance, told in the Qrst person by a newspaper 
reporter, who states in the beginning that be Is "con- 
BcieatioUB." Thisleadsatoncetolheexpectatlonola 
remarkable narrative. And. truly, be Introduces us to 
some ourluus people and weird things— the "Enebaoted 

Man, 'tbo_Triple flame Symbol, the"ec(»nlrfc Wt* 

ileht. ai 

:af n: 

Mr. Ulnd Is editor o( 

lale wbl< 

presentoay forab 

the London ^coilei 

•Hind, K. D. Archer, and Hicks, R. D., ed». 
Cambridge compositions: Greek and Latin. 
N. Y., The Macmillan Co., 1899. 13+496 p. 
8°, (Cambridge University Press aer.) cf, 
net, (2.50. 

Hindi & Noble's New speller : 6000 com- 
mon words. N. Y.. Hinda & Noble, [1899.1 
c. "98. 8+310 p. 8. bd3.,35c. 

Hlngston, Ja., [" Gabriel, ''lueud.] Gospel of 
the stars; or, wonders of astrology; with 
iutrod. by G: H. Hepworth, D.U. N. Y., 
The Continental Pub, Co., [1899.1 c. 2- 
194p. D. cl.,|l. 

.J'^S ^1'-'°°' ^ ^ believer In astrology. He wrote 
this book to popularlie "^Ihla once famous but tong 

trol'ogj' aa It waaln the past, dwelling on the glories of 
its career, and showing why It Is as worthy of esteem 
la our dajs as It waa In the days of Ptolemy." 

HinUey, Wtllard H. Modern theosophy. 
Christian science, and spiritism. Host., 
Massachusetts New-Church Union, 1899, 
89 p. O. pap.. 10 c. 

Beprlnted from the fUeis Chiirek Reviea. Compare* 
the teaching of theoaopby. Christian science, and 
spiritlam with the teneUof Swedenbor^Eu^ . JlT. 


*Bliudala, Rev. Burke A&ron. The old norlh- 
wcBt, the beginninge of our colonial ays- 
tern, BoBt.. Bilver, Burdett & Co., 1899. 
c. 4S0p. S*, ol., t2.50. 

*BliiBdals, Ouy, M.D, Acromegaly : an ea- 
aay to which was awarded the Boylaton 
Prize of Harvard University for the year 
1898. Detroit, Mich,, W: M. Warren, 1898. 
88 p. 12°, cl..|1.50. 

Hliraoh, Adolph. Democracy against trusts 
and free silver. N. Y., published by the 
author, Adotph Hirsch, [1896.] c. 16 p. 

" O. pap.. Be. 

Hlnoh, S: Bapbael. (Aabbt.) The oineteeu 
letters of Ben Uziel: beinga spiritual pres- 

, entation of the principles of Juduiam; tr. 
by Bernard Drachman; with a preface and 
biographical sketch of the author by the 
traaslator. N. Y., Funk & Wagoalls Co., 
189B. c. 13+223p. por. D. cl ,81. 
The aiitbar. Rabbi SitDiian Rapbaet Hirmch. iru for 

Jewish clargy in Fnakfort-on-tliB-lIian, HlB work :■& 
complEte treaclM du ttas pblloaophy at Jud&lBm. Its 
doctrlnealnregKnlto Ood. tiie vorfd. the mlwiDa of 
mktiJclDd, and at laroel. ttae aims and jmrpoan of the 
HoaatD legialation. and the reli|;lo"< and Hocini prob- 
lemi wbicb affect Ihe Jo«iflh people in the modern 

letten between a young laraellte of inquiring dlapoii- 
tlon, rather Inciioed to eceptlclBm. and his Irlead, a 
learned and zealous rabbi aaxDetl NaphtalKBeu Uzlel), 

Hlaoox, Gardner D. Mechanical movements, 
powers, devices, and appliances used in 
constructive and operative machinery and 
the mechanical arts, for the use of inven- 
tors, mechanics, engtneera, draughtsmen, 
and all others internsted in any nay in 
mechanics. N. Y., Norman W. Henley * 
Co.. 1899. c. 4+103 p. O. cl., (8. 

An Illustrated and condensed worli of reference. 
The author conveys to the mind by dlagmms or IIIuh- 

In'rt'fOTtJ-nl'n"e* ™ust™tlons, each of which is acoom- 

panted by brief descriptive teit. 

'Hiuey, Ja. J: Over fen and wold, [descrip- 
tions ol Lincolnshire, Eng.] N. Y., The 
Macmillan Co., 1898. 17+447 p. II. pi. 8", 
cl., $4.50. 

'History of a pool; reprinted from The Iron 
Age. N.Y..D: Williams Co., 1899. 109 p. 
16°, pap., 35 c. 

Hltobcock, ilfr*. Caroline Hanks. Nancv 
Hanks : the storv of Abraham Lincoln a 
mother. N. Y.. Doubleday &McClureCo., 
1898. c. 17+lOSp. il. S. ol.,ni;(, 50c. 

Kri. Hitchcock hero oHtablishes [or the flrst time, 
le true story of the life of Yresl- 

logical researc 
dent Up coin's 
this brief Bke 
value of which 

KealOEV of t: 
D working. 

9 histi 

■alghtforward account will wipe 

Hltchcook, F: H. Book-builder's handbook 
lies, bulks, equival 
g & Cararick, 1899. 

of types, scales, bulks, equivalents, etc. 

N.Y., Fleming " " ■ 

T. flex.mor., |1 

41 p. 

e uaeful tables for printers, dealers, and 

book manufacturers, such aa samples of type races, 
cipher code tor telegraphic correspondence between 
paper buyer and seller, a complete table of equlvalaut 
■izesof ^per. bints on proof-readlni;, make-up, etc. 

facturln^ department of D. Appietoo A Co, 
BitchcDck, Mary E., [lira. RoswellD. Hitch- 
cock.] Two women in the Klondike: the 
story of a journey to the gold fields of 


Alaska. N. Y., G: P. Putnam's 3ona, I8W. 
c 14+485 p. pors. il. map,,«3. 

Hn. Boawell D. Hitchcock, widow of the late Oom- 
nander Hllchcuck, U. 8, N.. dmcribea the advai- 
.urea of herself and Ulss Edith Van Buren. aErand- 
ilece of ei-Prealdeot Tan Buree, during a perilous 
ind OTentful Journr- — ■— ■ '- ■•■ • '■" 

nwero delayed for s 

e Yukon being 
ome timeatDa' 
>□'] lived a 

r of ion. 

1, where 

the adventure in the harbor of Santiago 
de Cuba, June 3, 1898, and of the subse- 
quent imprisonment of the survivors. N. 
Y., The Century Co., 1899. c. "OS. "SB. 
14+30e p. pors. li. maps, O. cl., •1.50. 
ratlvB, • 

Lo readers thrimgh 

the (len turn. The book in Ita entirety is the 

one of the most nnaantle and bravest deeds blstcv? 

has ever recorded. 

*Bochheimer, L; The law relating to the 
custody of inrants, including forms and 
precedeota, Sded. Bait,, Harold B.Scrim- 
ger, 1899. c. 8+148 p. 0. cl., |3.60. 

Hocking, Jos. The scarlet woman: a novel. 
N. Y.. G: Routledge & Sous. Ltd., [1899.] 
c. 3+398 p. il. D. cl , tl.25. 

friend of his has entered a monastery to become a 

Srieet because he thought the girl he loved did not re- 
iirn his devotion The girl also had entered a coDTent 

touhk man decides to bring them together before they 
have taken vows. The relleiom institutions are Id 
Ireland, side bv side, controlled by Jeauils. The ef- 
forts he makes bring out a study of the methods of the 
Society of Jesuits. 

HodgsB, G: The battles of peace. N. T., T; 
Whittflker, 1899. c. 5+278 p. D. c\., $\. 

These sermons follow the Christlsji year from Ad- 
vent to Trinity; there are twenly.fuur In all. and tbey 
have all been preached in St. John's Memorial Chape] 
of the Episcopal TbeolotHcal Sohool- 
*Bodgson,F: T. Estlmatincrframeand brick 
houses: a practical anil comprehensive 
treatise, showing in a progressive manner 
the method of estimating the cost of labor 
aod the quantities required of the various 
materials which enter into the construc- 
tion of frame and brick buildings. N. Y., 
D: Williams Co., 1899. 147 p. il. 18°, cl., 

F: T. 
and mason's asi 
trial Pub. Co., 
75 c. 

51 I 

O. pap.. 

., - -very-dayeiample»,showIngarche^ 

retaining valls.butcreeses, skew arches, vaalts, domes 
and semi-domes, quoins, fn'olzu. etc.. with aipianatlons 
of the most approved and ecoDomica] methods of 
working tbem out; with deacriplloD of tba tools used 
by stonecutters, showing methods of use, etc. 
'Hosber, Arthur. Treasures of the Hetro- 

Eolitan Museum of Art; described by Arthur 
[oeber. N. T, R.H.Russell, 1899. il. IS*, 
cl., 11.50. 
Hosnig, Fi Inquiries concerning the tactics 
of the future, (4th ed., 1894, of "The two 
brigades,") with one sketch in the text and 
three sketch maps; tr. by H. M. Bower. 
N. Y., LonguiauB, Green * Co., 1899. 19+ 
868p. O. cl.,$5. 
■Ho«nig, F: Inquiries into the tactics of 
the future: developed from modern military 



Klmberly Pub. Co., 18S8. 490 p. 8*, cl., 12. 

•HoAnum, Adolph. Wood - carving and 
furaiture ia the style Louis zv.: chain, fiiu- 
teuils, tables, coDsoleB, lookinp-glaaB and 
picture Irames, with man j practical details. 
Pt. 3, coQtainiDK 40 heliotype pis. N. Y., 
Bruno Heaalin)^, 1899. 4°, (6.70. 

•Hofibnann, Adolph. Wood sculpture and 
furniture in Barock stvle. Bruno Eeaaling, 
1899. 40 pi. 4°, $8. 

•Hoffinann, Adolph. Wood sculpture and 
furniture in rococo. 8d ser. N. Y., Bruno 
Hessling, 1899. 40 p. portfolio, |S.TO. 

■Hofbnantt, L: The Supreme court building 
at Leii)zig;containing' full views and details, 
exterior and interior, reproduced from the 
-architect's orig-inal dasig-ns. giving all the 
measurements, also photographic views of 
the entire building and its most prominent 
parts. N. Y., Bruno Hessling, 1B99. 100 
plB. F.. 130. 

*Ho£ai«n, H. O. The inetallurey of lead and 
the deailverization of base bullion, 5th ed. 
reioritten and etd. N. Y., The Scientiflc 
Publishing Co., 1899. 559 p. il. 8°, cl., fS. 

Hc^an, J, B., D.D. Daily thoughts for 

friests. Bost., Marlier, Callaaan & Co., 
899. c. 10 + 197 p. D. cl., net, tl. 
Tbe suUiar lipnaideut of Bt. John's Seminary. 
SrlK-hton, Mara. Herecommenda hlitbougbutobuiy 
puiab priest* vhoae preaalnK duCle* Interrere with the 
•euoDS of meditation r«eommeaded by the church. 
Just M overworked bUBinen men match aundwich. 
to utay tbelr huDger, the prieat should talie one of 
theas holy tbooebta tostAyhlaaplrltual hnnECr, Each 
ebapter (■ h«&d with a Isit. but there la no special 
plan followed In tbe MiecLlon of tbouRhU. 


to the Diviria Contmtdia. N. Y,, Long. 
mans. Qreen & Co., 1899, 10+352 p. por. 
O. cL, net, $4. 

'Hearth, D: Q:, ed. Authority and archsa- 
olot;y: sacred and profane. S. Y., C: Scrib- 
ner'sSons, 1699. 8°, cl., 95. 

'Hogg, Jab^z. The microscope, its history, 
construction, and application: being a fa- 
miliar introduction to the use of the instru- 
ment aad the study of microscopical sci- 
eoce. ISth ed. reu. and enl,; it. byTuffen 
West and other artists. N. Y.. O: Bout- 
ledge & Sons. 1899. 704 p, 8°, cl., |4. 

•Hohlar, JIfra. Edwin. The bravest of them 

314 p. 12*, cl., tl 
Holalnd, Reu6 I. Natural la^v and legal 
practice: lectures delivered at the Uiw 
school or Georgetown University. N. Y,, 
Benzlger Btos., 18S9. c. 3-844 p. O. cl., 
net, «1.7C. 

Tbe purpoee ot the lecture! Ig to ■trcugtbeii moral 
couTloUoiu and to promote le^al Interest* The titles 
■re; Teleojo^. or moral causation; Eiiiience,.concn:U< 
aalatoias. aad attributes ot natural law: Human acta 
and animal motions. Freedom of the will; UtlUtarlaa- 
Ism: Justice; The IndlTldualj The family; Tbe state; 
Property; On taxation: Conflict of rights: Oomblna- 
tloaa of capital and labor orgaaliatlona; Lejial etblcs. 
CoDCalm also rales tor guidance of a lawyer. 

*Holbroo1c, Florence. Deutscher Hiawatha 
primer. Bost., Houghton, Hiffljn & Co., 
1899. 18*. cl., iiet, 50 o. 


Holbrook, Hartin Luther. Homoculture; or, 
the Improvement of offspring through wiser 
generation. New enl. ed. of "Stirpicul- 
ture." N. Y., M. L. Holbrook & Co., 1899. 
c. '97. D. cl., 70 c. 
Holden, E: Sitigletoii. Elementaiy astron- 
omy: a beginner's text-book. N. Y., H: 
Holt Sc Co., 1899. c. lE+446 p. il. D. 
(American science ser.) ol., |1.36. 
Holden, E: Singleton. The family ol the sun; 
conversations with a child. N. Y., Apple- 
ton, 1899. c. 34+253 p. iL D. (Appleton's 
home-reading books, division 1, Natural 
history.)ol., 50 c. 

A con tlnnatlon of " Earth and sky," a former volume 
In tbe aeries. It deals desoriptlTely witb the planets 
that (orm " tbe family of the sun.*" All tbe planets 
■re described In turn, tbelr reaemblances and differ- 
ences are brought oat, and their appearances In the 
telescope eiplahMd. TDelUastratlODBharebeen taken 
from tbe celestial photofraphs made at the Uck Ob- 
serTatory. The child la enoouraced to obaerre phe- 
Qomeca tor blmsslf and reason on data so acquired. 

Holdan, E: Singleton. Our country's flagand 
the flags of foreign countries. N. Y,, Ap- 
pleton, 1898. c. 84+166 p. il. D. (Apple- 
ton's home-reading books, division 3, His- 
tory.) cl., net. 80 c. 

Divided Into two parts. Ft. I contalnB the history 
of the American dag; Ft. Z, some aocount of flags In 

Balder, C; F: Stories of animal life. N. Y., 
American Book Co., [1699.] c. 261 p. D, 
(Eclectic school readings.) cl., 60 o. 
DerlTed mainly from 
._, , 1 f -"TscriD 

Anlmaf m ._. 

Qeld or through the textbook. 

Bolderby, A. U., D.D. The pastor and his 
elders. Riohmond, Va., The I^«sb. Com- 
mittee of Publication, 1890. c. 18 p. S. 

*Rola, S: Reynolds, (Dean,) ("Oxonian," 
pseud."] A book about roses: bow to grow 
and show them, 16th ed. rev. N. Y., im. 
ported by C: Scribner's Sons, 1899. 398 p. 
12*, cl.. 11.40. , 

[ole, 8; Beyn< 
pseud.] Our gai^en 
millan Co., 1899. 11 + 304 p. 8*. (Haddon 
Hall lib., no. 2.) cl., (3. 

Holland, AnnaH. Clay modelling for schools: 
a progressive course for primary schools 
and grammar grades. Bost., Gin n & Co., 
1899. c. 21p.+I0pls.,7flc. 

tlon.wlthil_ ._ 
beauty." Conal 
ling, oritfinal ■- 

of for: 

I. The. 


, witb suggHtion 

tudles. Conti 

rv, and 


Holland, Olive. The seed of the poppy. N. 
Y., M. F. Manafleld & Co., [1899.1 S-800 p. 
D. cl.,|l.SO. 

The hero aod heroine, living at Owlacroft. In namer- 
plan a literary career In London 


did he is col la 

untha tbe 
ed; biB Hrst novel has Dee 
rating on a second book. 

His col la 

le story i* lorprlslng. 

bo revelation that 
the tnorphine habit. 


11 + 357 p., $1.25 
This book iBAresulC or havliiR atudied the deirelop- 
ment of polltliiftl and rellgtaua liberty for forty yean. 

Fruits ofpeace; DemocratHBad QtuTlBoniwiB; Eman- 
idnaCtnn! V.mnnni snrlnt.hpi- TnLnimndentallBta: Plat- 

HolUndsr, J. E. The financial historv of 
Baltimore. Bait.. Md., The Johns Hopkins 
Press, 1899. c. 16+397 p. O. cl., net. $2. 
While primwlly of locftl lotereat.lhe boolt appeals to 

dsielopmeat of municipal eipondlEure. t«Tenue. !□- 
debtedneH and flnancial admlulatratlon through the 
Mieral perlodB of pre.corporaie and oorporate his- 
tory. It has been found desirable to make u» almost 
HCluaivel; of orlsltial aonrces. and to emphMlze the 

The oarratlve proper Is HUppIemented bf u ritical com- 
ment and construetlreeugaedtlon. The work ia fully 
equipped wiCh the reqalilte Btatlstlcal appeodlctts. 
Bnjlioi$raphli:al note |2 p.|. 

Holley, Sallie. A life for liberty: anti-slav- 
ery and other letters ol Sallie Holley; ed.i 
with introd, chapters, by J: White Chad- 
wick. N. Y., G: P. Putnam's Sons. 1809. 
c. 7+281 p. por. il. O. cl., |1.50. 
The sub jec I of thlsbiorrapbybBlouBwl to the little 

own letiera, and again throuch Mr, Chadwlck. The 

cestfyand parpntage: Childhood and youib at Ober. 
lin; frlndlng her place; The anti-slavery idyll; In 
Jouroeyings ofteu, elc, etc. 

'HoUoivay, Bev. H. The singiuK' voice of 
boya: biota fortlerf;^man, school teachers, 
and amateur orfiaiiiats. N. Y., imported 
by C; Scribner's Sons. 1899. 59 p. 16°, cl., 
60 c. 

"Holttuui, Silas W, The telescope- mirror- 
scale method, adjustmeats and lestK; re- 
printed from The Technology Quarterly, 
September, 1898. N. Y., J: Wiley & Sons, 
1899. B%cl.,76c. 

•Holme, L. R. The extinction of the Chris- 
tian churches in North Africa : Hulsean 
prize essay, 1895. N. Y., The Macmillan 
Co., 1899. 6+363 p. map, 8°, cl., #1.25. 

•Holmes, Edmond. The silence of love : 
[flfty sonnets.] 2d ed. N. Y., J: Lane, 
1899. 8+48 p. i°, cl., <1,50. 

•Holmes, Mrs. Marv Jane. The Engl[sh or- 

6 bans: a novel. 'N. Y.. J. S. Ogilvie Pub. 
o., 1899. 295 p. 12°, cl., 50 c; pap., 25 c. 
•Bolmea, Mrs, Mary Jane. Homestead on 

the hillside: a novel. N. Y., J. S. O^lvie 

Pub. Co., 1899. 800 p. 12', cl., 50 c; pap., 

35 c. 
•Holmes, Mrs. Mary Jane, Lena Hivers . N. 

Y., A. L. Burt, 1899. 436 p. 12°, (Home 

•Holmes, Mrs. Mary Jane. Lena Rivers. N. 

Y., J. S. Ogilvie Pub. Co,, 1899. 810 p. 13-, 

cL, 50 c.; pap., 36 c. 
•Holmes. Jlfrs. Mary Jane. Tempest and 

sunshine: a novel N. Y., J. 8. Ogih ' 

Pub. Co., 1899. 295 p. 13", cl., 50 c: pap., 

35 c. 
Holmsi, Mr». Mary Jane. The Tracy dia- 
monds. N.Y.,G:W.DilliQghamCo., 1890. 

c. ■98. "99. 8-390 p. D. cl., tl.60. 

Mm Tracy, a world-worn woman, cornea with her 
dauebler to a summer boardlog- bouse in a. beautiful 

epot on the Boaton add Albany road. Ber wonderTuI 
Indlau dian onds are placed In tbe hotel safe, of which 
three people know th? combination. They dusppeftr, 
and tracing them makes tbe story. 
•Holmes. Oliver Wendell Autocrat of tbe 
breakfasi-labie ; repiinted from the At- 
lantic Monthly as it, appeared from Nov., 
18S7, to Oct.. 1858. N.Y., A. L. Burt. 189B. 
310 p. 12°, (Home lib.) cl., *1. 
Holmes, Oliver Wendell. The early poenos 
of Oliver Wendell Holmes; with aa introd. 
by Nathan Haskell Dole. N. Y., T: Y. 
Crowell & Co., [1899.] c. 25+357 p. por. 
S. (Faience lib.) cl., 75 c. 
•Holmes, Oliver Wendell. Poetical norhs- 
Nete Cabinet ed. Host., Houghton, Mifflin 
& Co.. 1889. 10°, cl., 11; hi. cf., J2: tree 
cf. or flex, levant, t3. 

Holmes, Oliver Wendell. The professorat the 
breakfast-table; reprinted from the original 
text as published in the Atlantic Monthty. 
N. Y., Hurst & Co., [1899.] 4-813 p.por.S. 
cl., 36 c.; 50 c.; 75 c. 

Holmes, T: Rice Edward. Csesar's conquest 
of Gaul: [a historical aludy.] N. Y., The 
Macmillan Co., 1889 43+846 p. il. maps, 
plans, 8°. cl., net. |6.50. 

•Bolt, Ardern. Gentlemen's fancydress: bow 
to choose it. A'fu) ed., with numerous iL 
and appendix, giving fancy dressps suitable 
for bovs. N. Y., imported by C: Scribner's 
Sons, 1899. 73 p. 13*, cl., tl. 

•Holt, L. Emmett, M.D. The care and feed- 
ing of children: a catechism for the use of 
mothers and children's nurses. Kete ed. 
rev. and enl. N. Y., Appl«ton, 1899. 
13', cl., 50 c. 

Holt, Mina. The satyr: a novel of love and 
passion, reflecting modem social organiEa- 
tion. N. Y., F. Tennyson Neely, [1899.) 
o. 2-474 p. il. D. cl., $1. 

•Homans, Ja. E. Our three admirals: Farra- 
gut. Porter, and Dewey. N. Y., Ja. T. 
White & Co,, 1899. 100 p. il. pors. maps, 
cl., tl. 

Home, Andrew. The fellow who won : a tale 
of school life N. Y., T: Nelson & Sons, 
1900 £1899.] 3-846p. il.D. cl.,«l.a6. 

Home, Andrew. The spy in the school; a 
tale of two chums; il. by W, J. Urquhart. 
Phil., J. B. Lippincott Co., 1899. 4+293 p. 
D. cl. tl.25. 
An EngUsb school with Itsboyllts lathe scene. The 

spy la tbe tool of a sharplawyer; he obtains eiitr«aee 

iDto tbe school OS a master witb the object of stealing 

eooie raluable papers from the head master, against 


ff the boys by ir 

the end. and the false masl«r meets a tragical fate. 

Homer, [Ok. Homeros.] The Iliad, books 
19-34; ed., on Ihebasisof the Ameia-Hentze 
edition, by E: Bull Clapp. Bost., Ginn & 
Co.. [1889.] c. 8+441 p. il. D. (College 
ser. of Grefk authors.) cl., tl.BO. 

•Homer \_Gk. HomeroK.] The Iliad: Bks. 1, 
e, 32, 24: ed., with notes and an introd., by 
Albert H. Smyth. N. Y., The Macroillao 
Co.. 1899. 55+169 p. 18", (Macmillan"* 
pocket English classics.) levanteen, 35 c. 

Homer, [Gk. Homeros.] Pope's [tr. of] The 
Iliad ol Homer, Bks. 1, 6, 22, 34; ed., witb 
introd. and noteK, by PhilipOeatner. Boat., 
B:H.Sanborn&Co..[t899.J. c. 7+180p.»q. 
S. (Cambridge literature ^if^^ Aid., 40 c. 


Homer, [Ok. Hoiaeroa.1 The seventh book of 
Homer's Odyeae; ; ea, tor the use of schooli 
byC:W. BaiD. Boat., Qinn & Co., 1899. 
c. 11+138 p. S. (School classics.) c1.,4Sc. 

Homsr, [Ok. Homeroa.J The tvreltth book 
ot Homer's Odyssey; ed. for the use of 
schools by R: A. ITinckwitz. Boat., Oiun 
&Co.,[im] c. 184-89 p. S. (School clas- 
sics.) cl., 40 c. 
With the eicsptloD Ota. few unlmporUnt change* 

Cbe uxc li chM of Amel>-Haatze, publlabed b; T?ub. 

uer, Lelpilg. The Oamun puDatuntlanhubeaninwle 

to con[ariii to American luage. Beildea the Qreek 

text, the Btor; of the OdysMif !■ glrea, with b, voub- 

ulAry. introduction, etc. 

Hooker, J: Some reminisceDces of a lon^ 
lifa; with a few articles on moral anil so- 
cial subjects of present iaterest. Hartford, 
Ct., Belknap & WarQeld, 1899. c. 7-t- 
851 p. por. D. 

Hr. Hooker wu bom la Connecticut in tlia earl/ 

Hooker, Le Rov. Baldooa. N. Y. and Chic, 
Band, McNally & Co., 1899. c. 878 p. D. 
cl.. <1.33. 

Plcturei the bumor, ukthos. nnd occulonsl tragedy 

il unplct 



storiM ruunlnK tbrougb th( 

*Hoop«r, F;. aniiOraham, Ja. Modem busi- 
ness methods; being' a g'uide to the Dpera- 
tions incideotal to the trade of the United 
Kingdom, with the customary documents 
and correspondence; a reference book for 
business men, and a text-book for commer- 
cial students; iraport and export trade. N. 
Y.. The Macmillan Co., 1899. 9-1-273 p. 8°, 

CiScribner'sSons, 1899. 8+189p.8°,cl.,|3. 

•Hopkliu, Alphonao Alva. Oeraldine: asou- 
venirofthe St. Lawrence. New ed. Boat., 
Houghton, HifHin&Co., 1899. 11. 13°, $1.50. 

*HopUiu, Ttghe. An idler in old France; in- 
cluding a new picture of old Paris, the 
toilet, old Paris at table, the French medieo- 
ni inn, the Burgeons, barbers, and faculty of 
medicine, the chase, etc., etc. N.Y. import- 
ed by C: Scribner's Sons, 1899. 8°,cl., %2. 

'Hop wood, Aubrey, and Hicks, Seymour. 

.. jy, (Little women sor.)cI. ,75c. 

•Hordor, W. Garrett. The hymn lover; an 
Recount of Ibe rise and growth of English 
hyninorty. 2d ed. rev. and broua-ht down 
to date. N. Y., imported by G: Scribner's 
SoDB, 1699. S25 p, 12°, cl., $'l.7S. 

•Hore, Rev. Alexander Hugh. Eighteen cen- 
turies of the orthodox Greek church. N. 
Y.. E. & J. B. Young & Co., 1899. 714 p. 

8", cl., $e. 

*Hottibook monographs. St. Paul, West Pub. 
Co.. 1899. c. O. shp., |4. 

OontenU: Conillcl of law«, K p.: Principles ot the 
lawof brokem. n^ p.: Principles at (he law of condi- 


the law of damBsee, tip.; Prindpleaof tbe law of 
iDleren and usury, t1 p. : nlaclple* ol the law of ■urety- 
sbip and guaruity; Statute ot limltktlooB, Up.; Fac- 
tor*, tto.; ArbHratioaaDdamanl. tSp.i Atturasy and 
client, U p. 

*Honia, C: P., ed. Great men and famotis 
women^ a series ot pen and pencil sketches 
of the lives of more than 200 of the most 
prominent personages in history. N. Y., 
Selmar Hess, 1899. c. '94. B v., 1666 p. 
8*, cl., «(b«„ $31. 
Homong, Ernest W: The amateur cracks- 
man. N. Y., C: Scribner's Sons, 1899. c. 
Q-l-290p. D. oL, tl.39. 

RatOes, tbe hero, la a young- Engliehmao, born a 
gentleman, who become* a burglar. He Induce* a 
jounffer man. hlH oJd college fae, to Join him, and they 
lead a lite of alternate rlak Id obtaining money for 
their many nesd* and reoklea* pleaiure. There are 
•Igbt eplBodea included in the book, In which they 

Bomnng, Ernest W: A bride from the bush. 
N. Y., Street &. Smith, [1899.] c. 194 p. 

U. (Arrow lib., no. 98.) pap., 10 C. 
Homung, Ernest W: Dead men tell no tales. 

N. Y., C: Scribner's Sons, 1899. c 6 + 

378 p. D. cl., 11.35. 

Tbe story relates ut piracy on the bigb tea* In ISSS. 
A Bhip gofng to England trom Melbourne, beailly 
laden iltb gold, i* selxcd and burned after the gold 
ha* been traii*(erred to a sate plaoe by the consfSra- 
ton, and the passenger*, with a few exoepUon*. 
drowned. One young Engltahmau who escape* tell* 
the Btory. He Is a rival of young Rattray, a York, 
ahlre farmer turned unuggler and pirate, (or the hand 
of tbe chief pirate's daughter. The story is developed 

tempted murder. The chief pirate la on uuuBUally 

cold-blooded raacal. 

Horsley, Rev. J: W: Prisons and prisoners. 

N. Y., U. F. Mansfield & Co., [1899.] 4+ 

333 p. facsiraile, D. cl.. $i.25. 

A study ot the Ensllsb prison system, and ot the 
menial, moral, and piiyslcal status ot prisoner* (par- 
ticularly Df'juTeDlle otTenders). Biime causes of crime 

considered. EfTects ol education and religion on 

. Tbe period catered I* from the mid- 
ui« Ol ■.-<• cwuLeenth century to I8W. 

*HoraniandetL, Dan. Trial ot John XJry, for 
being an ecclesiastical person, made by 
authority pretended from the See of Rome 
and coming and abiding in the province of 
New York, and with being one of the con- 
spirators in the rif gro piot to burn the city 
of Npw York 1741; abridged from "The 
New York conspiracy; or, a history of the 
negro plot with the journal of proceedings 
against the conspirator at New York in 
the years 1741-3, by Dan. Horamandeu, 
New York, 2d ed.. 1810. Phil., MarUn 
I. J. Griffin, 1899. 58 p. 12°, cl., $1. 

Horton, G; A fair brigand. Chic, H. S. 
Stone & Co., 1899. c. 3-(-B80 p. il. S. cl., 
A HaTTard graduate of the class ot 1890 won tbe 

fellowship which allows ilt -tudent tn study one year 

for a^^ku^n^he" sublet led hini Into most out ot 

with a llair bri;..and, a Toiing Greek woman, whote 
*tory Is exciting and Htartllng, tncidencally, Oreek 

"Hoikins, L. M. The elements of graphic 
statics: a text-book for students ot engi- 
neering. Rev, ed. N. Y., The Macmillan 
Co., 1899. 8-1-199 p. B", cl.. net, #3.3.1. 

Hottrnt, i,teuf. — . French enterprise in Af- 
rica: the personal narr^(V<C n^lJeut. 


Hourst of hia eiploration of the Niger; tr. 
by Mrs. Arthur Bell, (N. D'Anvera.) N. Y., 
B. P. Dutton & Co., 1899. 16+520 p. por. 
il. map, O. cl., |S. 

A record of an adTeuturoua vojtge down the Nlnr, 
fromTlmbuckui to the ■«&, such mm haa qoi^w before 
been acoompllabed . It adds larsalr tothe knowladfce 
ot the Niger itMlf, lU buin, and the Tarlooa trlboa oo 
oupflniihailTetaldedlatricU. Itis rera»rk»ble that, 
ID^IW ul much oppoaltlon, Lieutenant Hount man- 
aged to keep the peaoe irltb the natlTea from the Ont 
■tart from Tlmbucktu to the arrival at Buaaa. He 
brought hla part^ thrausb without the loH of a Bingle 
lUe Tbe ezpedlUou (tarted od October ID, 1W6, from 
Ka7ea.aDdgot back to france on Deoembsrli, 18M). 

"Hotumui, Laurence. The story of the Reven 

TOUD^ Koslin^; il. in col. by Habel Dear- 

mer. nTy., imported by CiScribner'a Sons, 

lew. 4°, cL, «1. 
BoTsy, R: AIodk tbe trail: a book of lyrics. 

Boat., Small, Uaynard & Co., 1898. 10+ 

116p. S. cl.,|1.50. 
*How togaio admission to ADnapolis, West 

Point, or tlie school-ship St. Mary'g. N. 

T., a A. Nelson, 1898. 13°, cl., 50c; 75 c, 
Howard, Blanche Willis, [Urt. Teuffel.] Dio- 

oysius the weavpr's Heart's Dearest. N. 

¥., C: Scribner's Sons, 1809. c. 3+875 p. 

D. cl., 11.50. 

■' Heart'* Deareit" Is the daufrbler of tbe old s^ 
of aeoOBUmpClTeneaTerin the high AlpsoIOennan 

rich and Idle famillce "which serve the i.uthoT fora 

human beiu^; alao for a rather couraceoue study of 
conventional and true morality. The deacriptlona of 
Bcenery and of tbe details ot flue oooklnK have all the 
oldeklll of the autbor of "BueDD" and "One lum- 

Boward, H: C:,{Earl of Suffolk and Berk- 
shire,] Peek, Hedley, and Aflalo, F. Q: 
Tbe encvclopsdia of^ sport. In 3 v. V. 3, 

Boivard, J: Bayinond, eomp. Educ&tionftl 
nug'gets: Plato, Aristotle, Rousseau, Her- 
bart, Speneer, Harris, Butler, Eliot; gath- 
ered by J: R. Howard. N, Y., Fords, 
Howard & Hulberl, [1899.] c. 8 + 316 p. 
por. T. {The nugeet ser.) flei. cl., 40 c. 

"The aim of tbl» little group of dliooc 

cloaeJT related paracrapbs on education Is i 

aeM. uiiplratlon, aad eucourafement— and taat espe- 

aa cIUzeDa of our Aowrtcan republic."— Tfofe. The 
authors are quoted obranologicolly, beglnnlnr with 
Wato . 

Howard, J: Raymond, comp. Patriotic nug- 
gets : Franklin, Washington, Jefferson, 
Webster, Lincoln, Beec her; gathered by J: 
R. Howard. N. Y., Fords, Howard & Hul- 
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Howard, Oliver Otis. Henry ii 
the model volunteer; il. by A. I 

Boat., Lee & Uhepard, 1899. c. 8+245 p 

7 A. B. Shute. 

D. cl., 11.36. 

Dealing with the ClvilWar, la which Oeneral How- 
ard look such a prominent part, this story begins 
with life at Weal Point before Che war. following up 
with recrultlngCor the regiments and the advance to 
tbe front. The SghtlngaiBull RuD.tbe campalgaaon 
the Penlnaula, Antlelam, Qettysbunr, aod Id tbe East, 
Lookout HoDDtaln, Utaloaary Ridge, the Atlanta 
campaign, and the march to the sea, bv the Western 
armr, are all graphically described, Henry as a prl. 
vato, gradually rising rank by rank until bebecorneaa 
eotgnel and brevet bniadier.general. Is. of coune, the 
laadlne character, and a good example of tbe Amerl- 

F. b 

)., S5. 

Funnr pictures, wltb the Kb 
pearedln piiek. 

••Howe, Dan Wait. Tbe Puritan Republic: a 
history of the Puritan commonwealtli of 
Massachusetts Bay. Indianapolis, Init., 
The Bowen-Heriill Co., IB99. ^, cl., tS.SO. 

Howe, F: Clemson. Taxation of quasi-public 
corporations in the state ot Ohio and the 
franchise tax. Phi)., American Acad, of 
PoliUcal and Social Science, 18W. 24 p. 
O. (Publications ot the society, no. 358.) 
pap., 35c. 

Bowe, Mrs. Julia Ward. Is polite society 

Kllte? and other essays. fNtw igwut.] 
>st., Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1899. c 
•95. 4+303 p. por. sq. O. bds., $1.00. 

Formerly published by Lamson. Wolffe £ Co.. IM. 
Howe. JIfrs. Julia Ward, Reminiscences, 
1819-1899. Bost., Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 
1899. c. 4+469 p. il. pors. facsimile, O. 
cl., $3.60. 

— ■— -- Birth, parentage, childhood; Literary 

Uy studies; Sami 


il Ward and the i 

le life, oi 

In Europe; First yeara Ii , .. 

Europe; Actaapter about myaelf; Aoti-slavery atti- 
tude; Literary work; Trip to Cuba; Tbe Church of tbe 
Disciples: In wartime; TheBoatoa Radical Club; Dr. 
F, H, Hedge; Hen and movemeoU In the sixties; A 
woman's peace crusade; The woman suITrage more- 
ment; Certain cluba; Another European trip; Friends 

HowB, Mark Anthony De Wolfe. Phillips 
Brooks. Bost., Small, Uaynard & Co., 
1899. c. 18+120 p. T. (Beacon biogra- 
phies.) cl„ 75 c. 
Howe, Hark Anthony De Wolfe, comp. Tbe 
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an introd., byM. A. De Wolfe Hone. Host., 
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S. cl., |1. 

Eighteen poems on Llneoln, by John J. Piatt. LowelU 
Wblcmao, Stoddard, Tom Taylor. Boker, Whlttler, 
Rlcbord Wateon Ollder. and others with an uitroduo- 
tory essay on "Tbe poetic memory of Lincoln,'* bj 
the editor. 

Fuertes. Bost., Small, Maynard & Co., 
1899. c. lS+175p. il. D. cl..$2. 

irican birds. Containing an ap- 

I the Boston ComnuxufaUh and the Boston JViut- 

•^owell, E; B. Howell's miners' code for the 
use of miners in Montana and Idaho, with 
forms. Butte, Mont., Miner Pub. Co., 1899. 
c. 96 p. D. pap,, 60 c. 

Bowell, WbitQeld O. Twin oaks. N. Y., F. 
Tennyson Neely, [1899.] c. 350 p. D. cl., 

A novel of Americao life. 

Howelli, W: Dean. R^ged lady; a novel; 
il, by A. I. Keller. K Y., Harper, 1899. 

'*+857 p. il, D, cl., $1.75. 

The : 

iry opens 

family In tbe neigbborhuuu. m i.iic uaumtv. cud m «»- 

Sloyed In tbe botel In a general capacity, and here 
regory. the head w^ter and a college student, falls 
In love with her. Mr, and Mrs, Lander, a wealthr. 
qualot, old -fashioned New England oouple, are capti- 
vated by Clementina's pretty face and pretty war*. 
and when Ur, Lander dies, two rears later, Mrs. Lan- 
der praeticailv ■rionti demen-'— "" " "" 

get her thro 


BowbUb, W: Dean. Tlieir silver weddiog 

iouraev. N. Y., Harper, 1898. o. 3 v., 

5-(-40l; B+4M p. il. D. cl., $5. 

A iiorr, In tha kuthw'! (^miliar vein, of Xurope. re- 

iriuted after twenty-llTe ;aan. Hr ftaCIMn. Mnrcb, 

iwo of Kr. Howell* > beit ohKWOWr*, redlMOTor the 

CoDllDantdnrinskBabbaitlcal auinmar The romaDtlc 

eouruhlp of two young '' 

. ConUiDB elKlity-ali full-pue 
UliutrkUoDS bjr W, T. Bmeiller and from pbou^rsipha 
kod many TignetteH in text. Bound iagrmy and BLlver, 

Howio, Hellen Horriaon. Altet the matinee: 
a comedy ia one act. Pbil., The Peon Pub. 
Co., law. c 19 p. B. (Dramatic lib., t. 1, 
no. 185.) pap., IS c. 

Howla, Hellen Morrison. The reformer re- 
formed: a coiusdj sketch. Phil., The Pean 
Pub. Co., 1899. 3-11 p. 8. (Dramatic lib., 
V. 1. no. 187.) pap., 16 c. 

Hojt, Deriethe L. Barbara's heritage; or, 
young AmencaDB amoni; the old Ttaliaa 
masters. Boat., W. A. Wilde Co., [1899.] 
c. 0-858 p. il. D. cl., «1.50. 

with » desln to broaden the education of her son 
and daughter by the opportunltlea afforded In foreiffu 
trarel, au American motber takes tbemto Italy; their 

ana they iiludy together, vllb ibe lIlustratlooB, make 

Boyt, Deristhe L. The world's painters and 
their pictures. Boat., Oinn & Co., 1899. 
o. "98. 16+273 p. D. buckram, $1.40. 

A haadbook for young atudecti and general readers. 
which dellnea the art of painting and other quegtlona 
In historlo art Home of the aubjecta dlacuieed 
trt: Ancient painting— Egyptian, Oreek, Roman; Be- 
gjDDlng of modera Cfariatliui palntloR; Italiaa paint- 
fng -Florentine, or Tiucan achoolB. Ootbic early 
Renalaaance. and high Beoaigeanceperlods; with other 
iiHwtof Italian, Dutcb, Qsrmau, Flemish, Eaglleh. and 
Am«1canart, etc. Incladan index, TOOabulary, bibilog- 

Hubbard, Elbert. Little journeys to the 
homes of eminent painters. N. Y., Q: P. 
Putnam's Sons, 1899. c. [V. 5.] 6+497 p. 
il. S. cl., tl.TG. 

Thefollowlngtwelve numbereof the Beriea of "Little 
Journeys to the homes of eminent palnMrs," bound 
t(«etber: I.UIchael Angelo; 2,Kembrandt:3,Rubens; 
*. Metssoaier; B, Tiilan: 6, Van Dyck; T, Fortuny : B. 

Beynnlda; ll.La'ndeser: It, OustaT Dori. Each part 
Is sold separately Id papercovers at 10 cents each. 
■Hubbell, J. U., ed. Hubbell's legal direc- 
tory for lawyers and business men, cont. 
the names of one or more of the leading 
and most reliable attorneys in over 4000 
cities and towns in tlie U. S. and Canada, 
' ■ " " " ■"" N. Y., TheF " 

1886+SS4 p. 
shp., |5. 

Hnbbert. Ja. Monroe. The theater: shall we 
go? A calm and rational discussion of the 
theater question: a discourse. 3d ed. rtv. 
Nashville, Tenn., Cumberland Preeb. Pub. 
House. 1B99. 77 p, 8. cl.,80c.; pap, 15 c. 
*HnddiIstoti, J : Homer. Key to essentials ol 
New Testament Greek. N. Y., The Mac- 
mitlan Co., 1899. 6+30 p. 16°, pap., net, 
35 c 
Bnghes, Rupert. The dozen from Lakerim; 
il. by C. M. Relye.i. N. Y., The Century 
Co., 1899. c. 8+333p.D. cl., 11.60. 
The members of " The Lakerim Athletic Club 

-'-aDKethescBoeof tbelradventurea ' 

e Kingston " ' 
lege LilUe I 

there are spirited desoriptlim 
country runs by Dighl. loeboai 


[ugo,Victor. ThehunchbackofNotreDame. 

N.Y., Street* Smith, [189B.J c. 8-8Mp. 

(Arrow lib., no. 90.) pap., 10 c, 
Hugo, Victor. Scenes de voyages; ed., with 

introd. and notes, by T: Bertrand Bronson. 

1, Paris i Aix-la-Chapelle. N. Y.,H:Holt 

& Co., 1899. o. 6-377 p. map, S. cl., 85 c. 
'Hnlsh, Harcus B, Qreek terra-cotta statu- 
ettes; their origin, evolution, and uses. 

N. Y., Scribner, [imported,] 1899. 16+ 

351 p. 4°, cl., t6.40. 

Inme, Fergus W. Hagar of the pawn-sbop. 

N. Y., F. M. Buckles & Co., 189«. c. 8- 

390 p. D. cl., $1. 

TveWe detective storlee, entitled The ooming of 
sgar^ The first customer and the Florentine Dante; 
le aecood customer and the amber beads; The third 
islomer and the Jade idol: The fourth oustomer and 
,e omoiaji; The Uftb customer aod the copper key; 
ie Blith customer and the eiWer teapot; TheseTenth 
.jatomer and the mandarin; The eighth customer and 
the pair of boots; The ninth customer and the casket; 
The tenth oustomer and tbo Persian ring; The passing 

■Hume, Frances. The experience of Dorothy 
Leigh. N. Y., G: Koutledge & Sons, Ltd., 
im. 261 p. 13% cl., 81.36. 

*Hume, Martin Andrew Sharp. Spain; its 
greatness and decay, (1479-1788;) with an 
introd. by E: Armstrong. N, Y., The Mac- 
millan Co., 1899. 10+460 p. maps, IS*, 
(Cambridge historical ser.) cl., net, $1.60. 

Humphrey, Maud. The golf eirl; il. by Maud 
Humphrey; verses by 8: Minturn Peck. 
N. Y., F: A. Stokes CJo., 1899. c. 16 p. Q. 
bds., tl.35. 
Four large colored pictures of golf girls, with Tersss 

relating to the sport printed in green. The coTer is of 

rough green paper, with showy red lettering, and a 

girTs head In centre Is resting against gotf-sticks. 

Homphrey, Haud and Mabel. Gallant little 
patriots; with col. pis. after painting in 
water-color, by Haud Humphrey; and with 
il., in black and white ; with new stories 
and verses, bv Mabel Humphrey. N. Y., 
F: A. Stokes bo., [1809.] c. unp. Q. bds., 

There are twelve pictures of little boys nod girls, Id 
1 Kesarve girl," 

ly "The relurnlnB hero," "Na? 
''^Rooseyelt's Hough Hldors," etc. 

•Humphrey, Maud and Mabel. Little heroes 
and heroines; il. by Maud Humphrey; text 
by Mabel Humphrey. N. Y., F: A. Stokes 
Co., 1899. 4*, bds., $1.36. 
'Humphrey, Maud qtuI Mabel. Little soldiers 
and sailors; il. by Maud Humphrey;textby 
Mabel Humphrey. N. Y., F: A. Stokes 
Co., 1890. 4°, bcfs., 11.36. 
Humphry, Jfr«. C. E,, ["Madge," meud.] 
How to be pretU" though plain. H. Y.i 
Doubleday & McClure Co., [1890.] e, 2+ 
169 p. S. (LatUet' Home Journal girls' lib., 
no. 4.) limpol., 60 c. 

The author of "Manners for men " presenU soma 
common sense advice on the quBBiion of woman's per- 
sonal beauty In the folloHlng chapters: A friendly 
word to the girl whD Is plain; What fresh air will do; 
About the eomplcilon; Some practical suggestions; 
What to do for the mnuth; Proper care of the hair; 
The bands, sf mx, and ferl: How the figure may be Im- 
proved; The InllueDCeoI becoming dress. 
Hnneker, Ja. Gibbons. Mezzotints in modern 
muaic: Brahma, Tschaikowsky, Chopin, 
Richard Strauss, Liszt, and Wagner. N, Y., 
C: Scribner's Sons, 1890. c 6+818 p. D. 
I ol., $1.60. , . , 

I Biographical itudiesor the modeni roUwa^^^fthu. 


al mutic, Including 

The I 

Bung-erford, Jtfrs, Mars', Hamilton, ["'The 
DiicliesH," pstud.] The coming of Chloe. 
Phil.,J, B. LippiDCOtt Co., 1897, c, 'Bfl, 8- 
290 p. D. (LippinCMitt'B select novels, no. 
217. el., $1: pap., 60 c. 

3ee " Anauftl (.'alatogue," ism. 

Includlne Ibe lyrics ut Kduiund BpeDur. ShakerpeHe. 
John triltun. Wordawonli, Byron. KeaU, Robert 
Browning. Mrs. Browulne. Matlliew Arnold. TenDy-on; 
tiao chspleri on; £uellsb memorial lyrics -eleEies; 
EngH»hdeToUon»ll)rl«— ii)-miii;and The large IjtIc 

Htmt, Violet. The huinaa intereat: a titudy 
in inciimpatibilities. Chic, U. S. Stone & 
Co., 1899. c. 3+27Sp. D. ct., tl.SS. 

from much uuillgesied resiling or Uie new SL-hooI oi 
problem*, highen-utcure, Ibcen,TolUol.etc ,feel>lier- 
Mlf thrown bway on hr commonplace bUbbsnd and 

iber calibre ItthebanerulinQuence 
roipe to pUjr ' Nora." The story 


Hunter, Sir W; Wilson. A history of British 
India. V. 1, To the overLhiow of the Eng- 
lish in the 8 pi cf^ archipelago. N. Y,, Long- 
mima, Green & Co., 1899. 5+475 p. maps, 
O. cl., «5. 

Cunlrntt: The closing of the old trade paths to 
ISlSA.n.; Tbe quest for^udia by sea, 1418-l49e; Tbo 
strUEgle betweeo Chrlscendom aud iBlam for the Indian 
seas, IMO-INO; The Portuguesepollcy Intheeost. Ifi(l>- 
tflOO: EnelaDd's attempts 10 reach India in the bIi. 
tMOthcenlurv, H9T-15W; The oiinstltullon of tbs flrst 
Engllsb East India Company. \tOn: Tbe separate loy- 
agm of the company, itowmS; Tbe struKgte with ibe 
FDrtnicueK, 161^18^; The struggle between the Eng- 
llah and tbe Dutch fur the EasteruArchlj>ela«eo. 1WI- 
ISES: The end of the struggle, the tragedy of Amboyna, 

Huntington, W: Reed, D.D. Four key- 
words of religion. N. Y.. Tr Whittaker, 

1899. c. 5-109 p. D. pap., 25 c. 

Tour short addresses on " u)e." "LlBht,- "Law." 

and "Love,- by the rector of Grace Church, S. Y. 


Huntley, Mrs. Florence. Harmonics of evo- 
lution: the philosophy of individual life, 
based upon natural science, as taught by 
modern masters of the law. Chic, pub- 
lished by the author, Florence Huntley, 
[for sale by Hayes, Cooke & Co., Cliic.,] 
£1899.] 493 p. por. D cl.. |;2. 
This Is tbe iDltiat volume of a B.vscem of philosophy 

the entii-e worl[,"sayB the author, "la torationafiy 

splrllual taws. prtaclule>, forces. ■ 
eDablchlni to peri-onailv iletnonstral 
others The<-t of thlB 


e. The ludivK 
■B the b ■ ■ 


>-ersal spiritual 

al. bar 

iutelllK^uTe* "'" 

Huret, Jules. Sarah Bernhardt: with a pref- 
ace by Edmond Rostand: from the French. 
byO. A.Raper. Phil., J. B. LippincottCo., 

1H99. 16 + 102 p. pors. O. cl.. *3..'i'>. 


raphy U 


lb lo operation in Februii 
arts, the ele "• -•-"■• 


. . — .__ _„ , u baptized as a 

Christian, at seventeen she begsn to act. Her mar- 
vel lous energy and her startling ecoentriciUe* are 

wbli'h she baa surrounded berselt with a degree at 

luxury anil with a variety of treaBurcB f rom all paru 

of tbe world, ibatBavorof a (airy tale of the Anbioo 

nights. Specially describHjlEne.Beruhardt'stbeurin 

of "Hainlet,"whlcbsbels now acting. 

Burlbut, Jesse Lyman, and Doherly, Sob. 

Remington. Illustrative notes: a guide to 

the study of thr- International Sundav- 

sthool lessons, 1900. N. Y., Eaton '& 

Mains, [1899.] c. 388 p. il. maps, O. cl., 


^tbods of teacb- 

I applici 

Hotll, Est«lle M., ed. Raphael: a collection 
of Qfteen pictures and a portrait of Itie 
painter; with introd. and interpret al ion. 
Host., HouiihIoD, Wifflin & Co., 1899. c. 
17+94 p. D. (Riverside artser.) cl., 75 c. 
The object of this little collection of prlnU Is lo in- 

■ucb pictures must appeal directly to the ImagiiiaCloB 
with snme Btory Inlercst; Ibelr meaning must be easy 

la for t 

telilglblB. Thelnt; 

*HarU, Estelle M., ed. Rembrandt: a co]l. 
of 15 pittiires and a por. of painter, with 
introd. and interpretation. Librarj/ ed. 
Host., Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1899, 13", 
(Riverside art ser., no, 3.) cl., 75 c. School 
ed. cl., nef, 40 c; pap., tief, 30 c, 

'Hurst, J: T: Handbook of formulas, tables, 
and memoraniia tor architectural survey- 
ors, and others engaged in building. I5(h 
ed. N. Y., Spon &, Chamberlain, 1899. 
518 p. 83°, lealh.,S3. 

Hums;, Eyre. On account of Sarah. Phi)., 
J. B. LippincottCo., 1900 [1899.] 4 + 843 p. 
D. cl., 11.26. 

A bright atorv Of Eng-lbh country life with 1(9 oi 
doorsiwrlBandliomelire. tbe family skeleton ' 
little walksabroadrromtl 
and hf-ad of the third h'eneraiion oi ratne: 
scendanta. Sarah, a girl of twenty, who ha 
this ramily aa st<;(> daughter to a son, I 

grandsons and family frii-nris, and depen 

the Ktory and who had n 

*Huited, Mrs. Mary Hall. Storips of Indian 

chieftains. Bloomingion,l)l.,Public3chool 
Publishing Co., 1899. c. 3 pts., 13*, cl., 
ea..50c.; lids., eo,, 40 c, 

•Hiuted, Jl/r«. Mary Hall. Stories of Indian 
children. JV.'tcorf. Blo'jiiinpton, III.. Pub- 
lic School Publishing Co., 1898. 12", cl., 
50 c. 

Hutohinaon, Horatio Gordon, Pascoe, Amy B,, 
Hilton, H. H., and others. The book of golf 
and golfers. N. Y., Longmans, Green & 
Co.. 1B99. 16+316 p. il. O, cl.. nel, $fl. 

Oinlcnfs.- Histi>Hcal. byH G. Hulehlnson: Golf a» 
a game, by H. H. Hill..n; Approaoblng, by J. H. Tsy- 
li-r: How 111 practice, a porlrall gallery, methods of 
piav and rlubn and balls, bv B. Q. Hulchlnaon: OoKia 
the Unilol Slates, bv II. J. Whigham: Ladles, bv Anv 
B. I'uscoe: Prai'ticaf club-malcmg. by J. H. Taylor; and 
I.nviiii;out and up keep of greeiis, by Merars. Sullen 

'^"'' D,,,..ab,C00QTc 

iny happenli 


*Biitchittaoii, W. B., and Creswell, J. A. E. 

Pateotv and how to make monev out of 

them. N, Y., D. Van Noiitpand Co., 1899. 

333 p. 12% cl., *1.25. 
*HntchI*on, R. A. Memorj talbs on spiritual 

pow>>r: or. the Holv Spirit and Iho church. 

N. Y. i.nd Chic, Fleming H. Bevell Co., 

1699. 304 p. 13%cl., |1. 
HattAii, Baroneta v. Hiss Camiichaers con- 

Bcience: a study in fluctuatioDS. Phil., J. 

B. LippincoU Co., IBOO [1899.1 c. 3^183 p. 

1 il. S. cl.. |1. 

with ilisKppntntnient, m< 
froin Brazil. Diacoverln, 
to make others suflror 
a wakes and a lie Is cbuie 



*Hutton, C. A. Greekterra-coltaatatuettes; 
with a preface by A. S, Hurray. N. Y., 
TheMacmUlanCo., 1899. 16+78 p.+Wpls. 
8', cl., net, $3.00. 

'Button, F:Remaen. Heat and heaten^nes: 
a study o( the principles which underlie 
the mechanical engineering of a power 
plant. N. Y., J: Wiley & &.ns. 1899. 31- 
653 p. ii, 8% cl., 16. 

Y., O: P. Putnam's Sons, 1899. 9+336 p. 
por. D. cl., »1. 

''Hreiicuu," thenuthor gays, "for adding to tbe 
mlnadr volumlnouB Inerature an D&rwInlBm. la chat 
lh« aubject IB always advancing, and Ihat the Interest 
attached to It Is doC conflned to naCurallsU.but enters 
Into ei-oi7-d»y life. It la, indeed, int I m ale ly conn ecl«d 
with our ayatems of theolog-y, (or It form* ODe of the 

religloo; by which /mean the religious Ideas and he- 

"Bntton^ R: Holt. Aspects of religious and 
scientific thought; selected from the Spec- 
tator, and ed. by Elizabeth M. Roscoe. 
N. Y., The MacmillanCo., 1899. ll+415p. 
por, 8°, {Eversley ser.) cl., $1.50. 

Hyde, Douglas. A literary history of Ire- 
land, from earliesttimea to the present day. 
M. Y.. C: ScrLhner's Sons, 1899. 18+654 p. 
il. O. [Lib. of literary hist , no. 3.) cl., $4. 
*'Tbe pr^ent volume has been styled— In order to 

a ' Literary 

9 of AnffUcized Iris 

qubiu-.uf Swift, of Goldsmith, of Rurke, Find, nod bate 
always found. IhBlr true and natural place in eyery 

wbEther br Enellshmen tbemaelves or by forelftners. 
My object In this volume has been to irive a i^neral 
*Iew of the literature produced by the Irish- speak lni( 
Irish, and to reproduce, hy coplousi examples, some 

f eat uree. "—Prtfaee 

"Hyde, Rev. T. D, Hymnol sernion pictures: 

being 50 plainly planned and full-dra«n 

sketches of sermons nn well-known hymns. 

N. Y., imported bv C: Scribner's Sons, 1899. 

351 p. 12', cl., $1.80. 
Hyde, W: De Witt. God's education of man. 

BOBl., Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1899. c. 


Dr. Hvde Is dislinctly modern in the activity and pro- 
erenlveuess of hissplrll, yet beholds In bleheBt rever- 
ence the great legacies of thought and faitli which we 
Inherit from the past Ha seeks to state the command- 
ing doctrines of the rell^'lous life and thought in fonni' 

Byne, C: J: CutclifTe Wright. Honor ot 
ihieves: a novel. N. Y., R. F. Fenno & Co., 
1899. o. '95-'99. 6-803 p. D. cl., 11.36. 

The bead of a great Eng-lish shipping company, find- 
ing himself ruined hy his wife's extravuance. forms a 
plan to Binli a ship carrying half a million of English 

dare devil shin capt«ln to t^arry out a plan to wreck 
the vessel In a secivt chaanefln Florida. Uutlnlea 
and slormaand fearful sulTenneB are described, then 
life In the Everglades of Florida. Finally a woman 
refuses to accept ill-gotten gold, and ber lover is 

Hyslop, Ja. Hervey. Democracy: a study o( 
government. N. Y., C: Scribner's Sons, 
1899. c. 10+300 p. O, cl.. $1.50, 
The author Is Proramor of Lo^lc and Ethics In Co- 
lumbia University, Tbe theories of Lecky's ■' Liberty 
und democracy," and of Godkln's "Unforeseen ten- 

ref"uwd."The'9Hutlon'ot the problemaof cKnocratlo 
government, theauthor n-asons, must rest In the char- 

un«elflgh public spirit he' propoaes the following meaa. 
ures: 1, The universal adoption of civ 1 1 -service reform: 
a. The appointment of leEHatlve eommisaloas with 
povrrt of IcveFtlEBtlon and report: 3, Tbe establish' 

nicipalHiei', with an Increase In tiie mayor's poweraof 
appolnlmeiit: 4, The limitatlcm of the tranchlBe for 
the election of municipal offlcera 

116 p, 8°, (Columbia University contribu- 
tions to philosophy, psychology, and edu- 
cation, V, a, no, 2.) pap., net, $1. 

._j 1st and 2d Idaho reports, and 

3lst to 5eth PaciOc reporters, inclusive; 
also brief annots. to the constitution of 
the state of Id.; hy Q: H. Stewart. Boise, 
Statesman Print. Co., 1899. c. 154 p. 
(blank interleaved.} O. shp., $5, 

'□liiiolB. All the lans of the state paaned by 
the 41st general HBsembtv. convened Jan. 
4, 1899. adjourned tine die Apr. 14, 1899; 
with headnotes and referpnces to Hurd's 
revised statutes of 1898, by Ja. B. Brad- 
well. [Chir,.] Chicogo Lepal News Co., 
1899 c. 307 p. O. shp., net, $3; pap., 

*IlUnaiB. Appellate eta. Reports of cases at 
the Oct. term, 1897, and the Mar. and Oct. 
term". 1H98, of the lat district; the May 
and Dec, terms, 1898, of the 3d district; tbe 
May and Nov. terms. 1898, of the 3d district; 
aniilheFeb.flnd Auir. terms ot the 4th dis- 
trict; with table of the cases reported in 
v. 1 to 75 ind.. of the appellate courts re- 
ports, whiih have been reviewed by the 
supienie court on appeals cr writ of error, 
and directory of the judiciary department 
of Illinois, correeted to Aufc. 15, 1899. V. 
7B-83; rep. hy Martin L, Newell, Chic, 
Callnehan & Co., It98, '99, c. O. shp , 
ia., ^.75. 

■'IlllnolB citatioriB and overruled cases, cont. 
a complete table ot all ca-ies in the 111. su- 
preme court which have been distinguished. 
modified or overruled, [etc.,] and tables of 
HI. supreme court reversed in the U. S. 
supreme court, and 111. appellate court 
coses reversed by the 111, supreme court ; 
al^^o. a list of foreign cases ciled hy the III. 

_ . _. 731 p. 8*, 

sbp., $6. 

*I111iio1b. a compilation of the laws relating 
to township org'anization and managemeiit 
of couDtjr affaira, wiili nuinerouB forme and 
notes of instructioD, [etc;] with an appen- 
dix; by Elijah M. Hwnes. 22d ed. rev. by 
Andre Hatteson. Chic, The LeKalAdviBer 
Pub, Co., I899-I900. c '99. 678 p. O. cl., 
tl; shp., (4.50. 

"Ulinola. An index to form precedents in the 
reports of the Bupreme and appellate 
courts, ctasaiBed citations and statement; 
by J: A. HacNeil and Orman Ridgely. 
Chic. CaUaghan&Co.,18B9. c. 50+®l p. 
0.ahp.,n«(, 18,50. 

llUnafa. Supreme et. Beports, "Co-op." 
annotations supplementiiig' the supreme 
court decisions bj parsllei cases and points 
from the U. S. supreme court reports, the 
federal reporter, the Mich, reports, the 
(Wis., Ind., Iowa, O,, Mass., N. Y.) reports, 
the lawyers' reports annot., and the oom 
plete text work of the latter ser, Roches- 
ter, N. Y., The Lawyers* Co-op. Pub. Co., 
[1899.] c. {unpasred, pr. on one side of 
leaf; reports I to 168.) D. skiver, on gummed 
paper, in portfolio, or in pocket-book form, 

Supreme cl. Beports of cases, 
V. 174-180; cent, cases in which opinions 
were filed in June to Dec, 1898, and Feb. 
to June, 1899, and cases in which rehear- 
ings were denied at the Oct. and Dec. 
terms, 1898, and at the Feb. to Oct. terms, 
1899; l:NewtooPhiUtps,rep. SpringBeld, 
I: Newton Phillips, 1899. c '98, '99. O. 
shp., ea., 13.96. 

Illliiois. A table of cases and citations in 
the supreme sjid appellate court reports, 
embracinz 111. supreme, v. 167 to p. 838 of 
V. 174 inclusive ; appellate, v. 70 to 76, in- 
clusive; and such cases as have been ap- 
pealed to the supreme court of the U. 3., 
reported in vs. 168, 169, and 170; also cases 
appealed from the acipellEite court to the 
s^reme court of III., showing whether 
amrmed, reversed, modified, dismissed, etc.; 
oomp. by Ralph Waldo Bowman. Chic, R. 
W. Bowman, 1898. c. 84p. O. shp., $6.50, 

ninstrated ditties of the olden time. Bost., 
R: G. Badger* Co., 1900 [1899.] unp. il. 
sq. D. bds., 75 c 

Llttls poenu of the If other Go«e r»mll; [lliutnUd 
with old-faahlonad woodcut*. Sausre ptifOi encloeed 
In runlo borderltifa aoil bound In holtdk; aCrle with 
r«<« and forget-me- doUl A reprint of a book pub- 
liibed muiy year* >^. 

ImbartdaSsliit-Ainand,ArthurLeon. France 
and Italy; tr. by EliE. Gilbert Martin. N. 
Y., C: Scribner^B Sons, 1899. c. 0-hS62p. 
pors. D. cl., $1.50. 

A (tudy of Che year ISW, which played ao Importut 
apart In the dertlmoa of Tranca and Italy. OLT«a 
bnef acoouDt of the battlee of HagentA and Salfeiino. 
The writer waa attached to the politick] departniSDt 
of the mlDlatry of foreign alToiln, and haa had&cceaa 
to the deapatchea written before, durlne, and after 
the war. He ahowi that thu war with Italr produced 
profoand modlBoatloaa la Internationa] Uw. He coQ- 
tenda with Julea Farre that llaliana and French 
are united by commoD origin and leritable Intereata, 
and can now only become anemias through the crim- 
inal folly of their gOTernpientB. 
India, Ceylon, Straits Settlement, British 

North Borneo, Hong Kong. N. Y., Funk 


& Wagnalls Co., 1899. 36-1-686 p. O. maps, 
(The British Empireser., no. 1.}(-1., $S.D0. 
The tiClea of aome of the upera: Uadraa, Dy Loid 
Wenlocic; Bombay, by Lord Harris: Sind, by Alexan- 
der F, BaJllle; Bengal, by Romeah DutC; E. 
Luttman Jobnaoo: The northwest ravrhicea of India, 
by Jtt, Kennedy; The Punjab, by BIr Ja. Broadwood 
I^all; Central prollocea of India, by Sir C; Graot; 
Burma paat and preaent, by Ura. Knieat Hart; An- 
cient India; Hindu women; iDdlaD Hleratare, hy Hka* 

*Iadlan Tatrltory. Annotated statutes, em- 
bracing all laws of a general and perma- 
nent character, in force at the close of the 
!M session of the SGth Congress, by Dorset 
Carter. St. Paul, Minn., West Pub. Co., 
1899. c 84-1-1149 p. 8", shp., no. 
'Indiana. Appellate et. Reports, with ta- 
bles of cases reported and cited, and 
statute cited and construed, and an index. 
C; F. Remy, off. r«p., J: W. Donaker, asa't 
rep. V. 18, cont. cases decided at the Hay 
term, 1897, and not reported in v. 17, and 
cases decided at the Nov. term, 1897; v. 
19. cont. coses decided at the Nov. term, 
1897, and not reported in v. 18 ; v. SO, cont. 
cases decided at the Nov. term, 1897, and 
not reported in v. 19, and cases decided at 
the May term, 1808. Indianapolis, Levey 
Bros. & Co., 1898. O. shp., ea., ti. 
•Indiana. A complete guide for township 
officers, with forms ; by W. W. Tliomton. 
Cin., O., W. H, Anderson & Co., 1890. c 
81+009 p. O. shp., (4. 
•Indiana. Index-digt^st to the supreme and 
appellate court reports; being a digeet of 
the decisions contained in vs. 127 to 150 
Ind. reports, and in vs. 1 to 20 Ind. appel- 
late court reports, both inclusive, by Har- 
— — Burns. Indianapolis, The Bowen- 

1C0..1899. c '-■ - " " -■ -" 
ThU U a supplement to I 
llahed in ISgi, the two t( 
digest to all the supreme i 

municipal law; the law applicable 
10 cities and towns in Indiana, controlling 
their incorporation, organization, and gov* 
ernment as contained in the constitutional 

•Indiana. ,5upreme et. of judicature. Re- 
ports of coses; with tables of the cases re- 
ported and cited, and statutes cited and 
construed, and an index. C: F. Ramy, oS. 
rep. J: W. Donaker, asst. rep. V. 146, 
cont. cases decided at the May term, 189S, 
and not reported in v. 145, and cases de- 
cided at Nov. term; 1806; v. 147, cont cases 
decided at the Nov. term, 1896, not re- 
ported in V. 146; v. 148, cont. cases decided 
at the May term, 1897, and not ri>ported 
in V. 147; v. 149, cont. cases decided at the 
May term, 1897, and not reported in v, 148, 
and oases decided at the Nov. term. 1BS7; 
V, 150, cont. ca^es decided at the Nov. term, 
1897, and not reported in v. 149, and cases 
decided at the May term. 1898: v. 161, 
cont. cases finally disposed of to Dec. 26, 
1898; V. 1S2, cont. cases decided at the 
Nov. term, 1898, and not reported in v. ISl, 
and cases decided at the May term, 1899. 
Indianapolis, Levey Bros. & Co., 1899. c, 
O, shp,, ea., $3.50. / ' i 


'Indlostor'a (The) digest of Inaurance decis- 
iODB: Sre, life, assessment life, accident, ma- 
rine, aDdmiECellaneoua; contain" a dig'est of 
over 3S00 cases, classified by topics and cod- 
veaiently iadesed for read; reference. De- 
troit, Hich., F. H. Leavenworth Fub. Co., 
1899. c. 661 p. O. ahp., 16. 

Inge, W: Ralph. Christian mysticism; con- 
sidered in eight iectures delivered before 
the University of Oxford. N, Y., C: Scrib- 
□er'B Sons, 1899. lS+879 p. O. (The Bemp- 
toD lectures. 1899.) cl., net, $2.50. 

ContenU: OeaerBlchiir&cteriatlcBof mygtlclBm; Tbe 
myitk!Kl eLemeou [a the Bible: Christina platonlmm 

mat: Fractlcal and devoclonal myiclclsm; Mature- 
myBUclam uiil ayinballBm. Appendix A. Deanltloni of 
" myMlciBai " wid " myatioiJ theology"; B, The 
Qtvek myBterles knd Chrlnlan myBticIsm; C, The doo 
tiiiMOfdeincBUon; D, Themystlcallnt 
the BoBfc at Soloi 

I ; D, The mystical lnt«Tpret«Uoti ol 

Q of V 

Y., C. P. Farrell, 

InganoU, Bob. Green. 
bvH. A. OgdeB. " 

One of Colo , , 

trmted with Imrge colored plataa. 

lageTBOll, Kob. Oreen, Ingersollia ; gems of 
thought from the lectures, speeches, and 
conversation of the late Col. R. O. In ser - 
Boll; with biographical sketch by T/w. 
Handford. Meiiurt-ialed, Chic.,Donohue, 
Henneberry & Co., 1699. c. 38+333+18p. 
por. D. cl., %1\ pap.i 35 c. 

"Inman, H: The Delaboydes: a story of boy 
life OD tbe old Santa Th tnul. Topeka, 
Kan., Crane & Co., 1899. 810 p. il. 17, ol., 

Ininan, H: A pioneer from KentucW: an 
idyl of the Raton range. Topeka, Kan., 
Crane & Co., 1899. 12*, cl.,75o. 

Insea, Alex. Taylor, The trial ol Jesus 
Christ: a legal monograph. N. Y., im- 

Krted bv C: Scrlbner'a Sons, 1899. 128 p. 
. cl., $1. 

laatmotio sponsorum lingua Anglioa con- 
acripta ad usum parochorum: auctore sacer- 
dote misaionario. 6th ed, St. Louis, Uo., 
B. Herder, 1899. Sip. 24*,cl., nst, 80 c. 

•International medical annual, 1899; a work 
of reference for medical practitioners. 11th 
year. N. Y.,B.B. Treat&Co., 1999. 700p, 
§*, cl., net, tS. 

*I)itaiiULtionaI year-boob: a compendium of 
the world'a progress in every department 
of human knowledge for the year 1808. 
N. Y., Dodd, Mead & Co.. 1899. 1000 p. 8% 
cl., (8; ahp., $4; hf. mor., $0. 

*Ioiv«. Supreme et. Reports of cases, Jan. 
27, 1897-Apr. 6, 1899 ; by B: I. Salinger. 
V. 12-18, twlQg 101-107 of the ser. Des 
Hoines, O: H. Ragsdale, 1899. c. 8*, shp., 
CO., |3. 

Ireland, Alleyne. Tropical colonization: an 
iatrod. to the study of the subject. N. Y., 
The Hacmillan Co., 1899. c. 13+383 p. O. 
cL, <3. 

TwelTeyeanweraepeol hy tht '' " '" 


atudjfng his aubjeg 


3ny: (31 Whatdoei the p 

ft tTDplcal 

eullerupecti of tbe labor problen 

Tbe iDdenlured labo 

r In the troploa; 

.™ , In tbe British coloDles; 

>lutLcHi of tbe labor problem by the Dutch: Tbe 
oIodUI problem or the Uolted Btate*. There ia a 
laued blbllograpb; of about COO works on British, 
rreoch. Dutch, Amerl. - " — ' 

B (BSp 

names ol authc 

I of adeep-sea voyage; il. by 
F. R. Grugerand J. XRay. Phil., J^._B. 


bv his physician 
uDcu-BVB suJlnff Tessel. He cu.uad.,v>. 
for New South Wale*, and ostensibly d 
voyage, he manages to give Icformath 
manacement of mercbaot 'eaaels, the ch 
of sailors, 1 holr superstl lions, hard work a 
and also of the uatural fealurHi of the 
d birds I 


>lcB. tbe 
iUllardanjte™ and delights of long ocean travei 
Irish, Cyrus W. Qualitative analysis tor 

secondary schools. N. Y., American Book 

Co., [1899.] c. flop., 60c. 
Irish yarna and witly sayings. N. Y., The 

Chiswick Publishing Co.. 1899. c. 

sq. D, (Chiswick lib. of popular books, no. 

6.) pap,, 25 c. 

Comic stories and pictures , 
■Ironside, C. N. A handy law dictionary for 

the convenient use of students and business 

men. N, Y., [C. N. Ironside,] 1899. c. 

206+44 p. 16", cL, fl. 

Williams Co., 1899. 70 p. 

Irrine, D: Parsifal and Wagner's Christi- 
anity. N, Y., imported by C: Scribner's 
Bona, 1899. 416 p. 13*, cl., f2.40. 

'Irvine, D: A Wagnerian's midsummer 
madness. N. Y., imported by C: 8crihner'a 
Sons, 1899. 848 p, 12* bds., net, «1.60. 

Irvinr, Washington. The legend of Sleepy 
Hollow; [il. by F: Simpson and Margaret 
Armstrong.] N. Y., O: P. Putnam's Sons, 
1899. o. 5+J91p. D. cl.,tl.75. 

Irving, Washington. Kp Van Winkle and 
The legend of Sleep Hollow. N. Y., The 
Century Co., 1899. 18+149 p. ii. nar, T, 
(Thumb-nail ser.) leath., |1. 
Mr. JelTerson writes of the legand of the sleeper, 

and tells what cbaage« it waA " "' '" 

preparing the f — ■- '"-'~ — 

Irrlng, Washington. Rip Van Winkle; [il. 
byP: Simpson and Margaret Armstrong.] 
N. Y., G: P. Putnam's Sons, 1899. C. 4 + 
nop, D. cl„»1.76. 

Irwin, D. Hastings. War medals and deco* 
rations issued to the British military and 
naval forces from 1588 to 1898. Neu) ed., 
enl. and eorr., with 18 pis.; containing S6 
facsimile illustrations of medals, bars, and 
crosses. N. Y., imported by C: Scribner's 
Sons, 1899. 8S0 p. 12*, cL, tS. 

Irwin, H. 8. Helena. N. Y., G; W. Dilling- 
ham Co., 1899. c. fy-278 p. D. cl., |I.8f 

ithor is a lawyer of Kentucky, and says the 
oomphoaled plot of his atory is founded on facts. Ha 
iDtruducea foigers aod fortune- tellers and two man 
who lead dual llTesaiidDi;Btlfj people for many years. 
The acene of the story would Mem to be TeaoesMa 
and ULsslBslppl. Sereial law oasealeadto anQDrarel- 
llng of tbe mysteries. 

■Isobel, (pteud.,) ed. The art ot beauty: a 
book for women and girls, " " '"" 


1,1899. loop. 

■Iara«li, Jozef. Spain; tbe story of a jouruej'; 
with photogravure pors. and 80 reproduc- 
tions of sketches by the author; from the 
Dutch, bjr Alex. Teixeira de Hattos. N. 
Y.. imported bj C: Scribner'a Sodb, 1899. 
B% cl., J5. 

larafel, (pseud.) Ivory, apea, and peacocks. 
N. Y., M. F. Mansfield & A. WeaselB, [1899.] 
5-274 p, sq. D. cl., net, 11.75, 

Ths flrat twelve eagavK de»l with India, the land of 
iTory. &prB, andpe&cocka. TheremalnlDgpapenbear 
tbe rollowlDg tItW: Vealce and Budapot; A Hun- 
KorlSD rhapsody: The plano-rorte recital, Chestuuta; 
In a Curnlp-fleJd; The musk-al critic; Rud;artl Klpllnsi 
■ad *' Ima^luary portraits." The laat two eaaaya com- 
pare KlpUDgand Waller Pater on tbe qUBstion of style, 
thetlisllneulabiiigcharacterLBllcof both Many orurt- 
□al oplnlona are expreised In Btlll more orlelnal lau- 

'Jvea, Sarah Noble. Songs of thi- ehinine 
way : a book of child vi>r((e. N. Y., R. B. 
Russell, 1899. 11. 16*, bd8..$1.35. 

*Jaokman, Wilbur S. Nature study for 
grammar grades: a maouBl for teachers 
and pupils below the high school in the 
study of nature. N. Y., The Macmillan 
Co., 1899. 407p. 13°, cl.,net, tl. 

*Jacks, W: The life of Priuoe Bismarcfc. 
N. Y., The Macmillan Co., 1899. 16+513 p. 

r, cl., $4. 

'Jackion, Abraham Valentine Williams. Zo- 
roaster, the prophet of ancient Iran. N, 
Y., TheMacmUlan Co., 1899. c. '98. 2S-I- 
814 p. pis. map, 8°, ol., net, (S. 

Jackson, Ambrose Lester. When Shiloh 
came; il. by theauthor. N. Y., J. S. Ogil- 
viePab. Co., [1899.1 c. 3-1-295 p. D. cl., 

a the 

or Pal. 

In I 

:e is told the 

the flood, who apaln worshipped Talse ^^saod 
■d lu before To them oomea a iireat preacher 
probably stands for John the Baptist, and peace 

JaokBon, F: G: A. thousand days In the 
Arctic; with preface by Sir F. Leopold 
McClintock; il. from photographs by the 
author, and drawings by R. W. Macbtrth, 
A.R.A., Clifford Carleton, Harry C. Ed- 
wards, and F. W. Frohawk, from data fur- 
nished by the author, N. Y,, Harper, 
1899. c. 23 + 940 p. pors. maps, O. cl., Jfl. 

1 oC the . 

KBIbyUr Alfre^l Harms- 
wortn coaacertaLd cue Importance of Krana-Joseph 
Idnd as a way to the Pole. This land, thought to be 
the southern prolectlon of a (treat ArcllccouUnent, In 
sliown by .-dr. Jackson to be a group of small Islaniis. 
and of practically no value as a "ay to the Pole. He 
devoteif himself entirely to exploring these Islands, 
ascertaining their ceoxraphlral limits and maklnir a 


'JTacfcaon, G: T:, M.D. Diseases of the skin. 

Bded. Phil., Lea Bros.&Co., 1899. 688 p. 

il, lS'.cl.,neI, ta,50. 
'Jaokion, Holbrook. Edward Pit^erald aod 

Omar Khayyum: an essay and a bibliofr- 

raphy. N."Y., imported by C: Scribners 

sons, 1S99. 41 p. 16*, pap., net, 25 c. 
Jackson, Lucie E. The abbey on tbe moor. 

N. Y., T: Nelson & Sons, 1900 [1899.] 4- 

332 p. il.D. cl.,80c. 

A story of a Utile ^Irl oho la left pennllees by her 
father's death and passes to the guardianship of tier 
father's Intimate trieod Her guardian's wife and 
daughter are not very kind to her. and sbe again 
changes her home, becoming the adopted daughter ai 

■Jacobs, H; Eyster, D.D. The German emi- 
gration to America, 1709-1740. Pi. S of a 
narrative and critical history prepared at 
the request of the PonnSTlvania German So- 
ciety. Phil , W: J. Campbell, 1898. 6+ 
133 p. il. pi. 8% cl., aubs., $S. [Ed. hmiied 
to 100 copies.] 
Jacobs, Jos. The story of geographical dis- 
covery; how the world became knonn- 
N. Y., Applfton. 1899. c. 200 p. 8. (Li. 
braryol useful stories.) cl., 40 c. 
" In the appendix," tbe author says. " I have given 
Id chronological order, aud for the tlrst time on such a 
Bcalein English, the chief voyages and eiploratioB* 
by which our knowledge of the world baa been in- 
ereaaed, and tbe chief works In which that knowledsc 

ported by C: Scribner'a Sons, 1899. 860 p 
pors. 12°. cl., jl.40. 

Jaooby, J: The object of the labor move- 
ment: being a speech delivered before his 
constituency, Januarv 10, 1870; tr, by Flor- 
ence Kelley-Wischnewetzky. N. Y., Inter- 
national Pub. Co., 1898. 36 p. S. (Inter- 
national lib., v. I, no. 3.) pap., 5 c. 

'*JakBch, Rudolf v., M.D. Clinical diagnoeis: 
the bacterioiogical, chemical, and micro- 
scopical evidence of disease; specially r^ 
vised atid enlarged by the author from the 

" " . of tb - 
M.D. 'ith ed. Phil.. 
1899. 35+S35 p. il. 8°, cl.. |6.60. 

James. Bartlett B. The Labadist Colony in 
Maryland. Biilt,, Md,, The Johns Hopkins 
Press, 1899. c. 5-45 p. O. {Johns Hopkins 
University studies, ITth ser., no. 6.) pap. 
50 c, 
Tbe history of a peculiar religious sect called Ls- 

harft.ts. after ita founder. Jean de Labadie, which SPl- 
ury. Tnereareefa^ 

tied in Marylaod 

-rn men tot If 
and the 

og-raphy (3 p.). 

Jamei, C: C, Practical apiculture. Ameri- 
can ed.; ed. bv J: Craig. N, Y., Appletoo, 
1899. c. 7+208 p, il.D ol., 80 c. 

and student Id sc- 

The purpose Is tn aid the reader and student Id s> 

auiring a knowledge of the science of agricullure ■ 
IsTlnct from the art of ajrrlculiure; that is. of tb 
knowledge of the why, rather than a knowleiJg 
how. TbOHO'enceof av-rlculture may be said 
siBt of a mirii;lin>: of cbcmittry.geolony, boian 
nluloiry. plivsioliigy. bacteriology, and other » 
laasfaras they have a bearing upon anlculti: 



)e the flnt prlnciplee ol Ch«se 
to ibow their KpplicatloD to the 
wtof agriculture. 

JunOB, Croake. Curicmities of l&w and law- 

yera. New ed. enl. N. Y., Funk & Wag- 

niills Co.. 1899. 8+790 p. O. cl., 93. 

Fkioiile ■aylDKi. atwidsnl lUuBtnitloDB, golden MU- 

teaciss, exploits of legal berorB. Jeila. eiplftaatloni of 

make u|> the "natural bliCorj'" ol the lawyer tribe. 
lamu, Edmund Janes. The chaners of the 

__. , The University of Chi 

cago Press, 1899. T7+191 p. O. (University 
ol Chicago atndies in politicitl science.) 
pap., 71. p. 

Thl« monojrraph contalni three chapton. The flrtt 

. The third li a 
cc of lUl, a 

IS then 


eatlatr hUtory of thr „ — 

irtthioiboclty of Chicago, a measure (rauKbe with In- 

Jnry to tba bast loterents of the city. 

Junra, Edmund Janes. The growth or ^reat 

cities in area and popuIatiOD : a study in 

municipal staiistica. Phil.. American 

Acad, of Poiitical and Social Science, 1890. 

80 p. O. (Publications of the aociely, no. 

3430 pap., S'^o- 
Jmmm, Jtfrg. Florence Alice Price, ["Florence 
- '- the hilla. 
3-197 p. 

D. cl., »1. 

Tbe hoi»e Is placeil high amaoc the hills of Wales. 
A young clergymaa In search of health dlxappeare la 
Iheae rcglona. His brother, a ptiysiclan. goen to flD<1 a 

Jamei, Mrs. Florence Alice Price, [" Florence 

Warden," pseud,] J04D, the curate. .N. 

Y.,F. M. Buckles it Co., 1899. c. 8-308p. 

D. (Century acr.. no. I.) cl., *!; pap., 8S c. 

The time of the story Is 1748. lU scene being along 
the seacoast of Sueiei, EQ;,'l.ind. The doingsliere ol 
the '■ treo-tr«ders."as Ihey callccl Ihemaelves, ursmug- 

Joan Is the panoa 
tul la the piirlah t> 

work t<^cether 


JuD«a. Jtfra, Florence Alice Price. ["Flor- 
ence Warden," pseud.] The love that 
lasts. N. Y., Street & Smith, [1899.] c. 
4-299 p. D. c].,Cl. 

The scene of the story Is laid In Scotland. The 
heroine has married a wicked man under the belief 
lugooil and nobie. She Is loTed by 

y trial 

The husband Is finally a 

id ihrougt 
lared by f 


A dramatic wiUre of ] 

Ur.Jsmes baa taken a : 

Eag. pretty, and ambltioi 
drawlng-ro'ira change wl 
the protecQon of Nanda's In 

until the 

m'^rr, Th. 

T», The mother 

■ ■ ad rent. Ti 
'y thing Is e 

urgatfld. Altered, goQorallyin 


1: William t! 

lorted. The deTeiopmeDt of Naoda'B 
iheae conditions Is portrayed with thiu wcuiiu ui uu- 
lerratlou and keec Insight that Hr James can bring 
to be V OD such a subject. 

*jMne«, H: Partial portraits. N. T., Tbe 
Macmilian Co., !8B9. 408 p. 8°, (Everaley 

Jamai, H:, Trent, W. T., and others. Nov- 
elists. N. Y., Doubleday & McClure Co., 
1899. c. 5-173 p. 8. (Warner clawicB, 
no. 3.)cl., 60 c. 

ConteRli.- Nathaniel Hawthorne, by H: Jam ee, Jr.: 
' ■ " — T. Trent; George Eliot, by C: 
speace Thackeray, by W. C, 
_. ., _ >ra Cooper, by Julian Haw- 

•jamsB, J: Angell. The attraction of the 
croas. N. Y. and Chic, Fleming H. Revell 
Co., 1889. 54 p. 18°, cl., 30 c. 
■Jamei, W-. The naval history of Oreat 
Britain, from tbe declaration of war by 
France in IT08 to the accession oJ George 
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13-1-301 p. O. cl.. $1.B0. 

It] lees Frofeuor James was asked by the Harvard 
Corporation toglve a few public lectures on psychol- 
ogy to the Cambridge teachen. The talks Included la 
this Tolume form the substance of that course. They 
practical BJKl popular, and enlireljr fre^ ' 



d the 

each lug art; 



sm; Et 

on and behaTior; The 


What the na 

The laws of habit: 

The aaooclatl 

n of 



of Ideal 

; Appercapl Ion ; Th 


of three addr 

atlon; On a 

certain blloda 

human beings 


t makes 



*jBinL Salaman and Absal: an allegory; tr. 
from the Persian; with a bird's-eye view of 
Fand-Uddin Attar's Btrd-parliament, by 
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of an address by the author of "Evolution of morals" 
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SItetohea reprinted bv prrmlssloD of the Nra York 
Sunday Sun, i>jlt>'i tCeeWp etc. Though mostly 

s. Finn's loquoclt J 

D,„1,„0 0,C.OO^|C 

JAYNE 1^10 

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Ktter tirelTe cbkpMrs dB*i)l«il to Lhe flaners »nd 

■bruba of the Engliatl ye&r Chen ars chapters on; 

Large and gmall RariieiiB: The flower-border add per- 

gvla; The prlmro^ Barden; Colors of flowers; Tho 

•oetita of the pardon ; The worvblp of talne gods; 

Weeds and pestai The bedding fashion and Its Tnflu- 

Jennlngi, N. A. A Texas ranger. N! Y.. C: 
Soribner*8 Sons, 1899. 8-1-831 p, D. cl.. 

Tbe real adTeutures of a PbUadelptila bor irtaD left 
bis father'! blessing and CrkT el led tuTeiw with the In- 
tentiOD ot bacomlDg » cowboy. This was In the roar 
IST4, and though the hero did nut become a cowbuy he 
did become a member of the Texas Raneers. and 
worked with Ihem In bunltaK down deeperadoeB until 
1BTS. He tells «ODW remarkable stories of murderers 

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'Jasolt (The) relations and allied docuxnenta: 
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maps, 8*, cl., ea., net, C8.S0. (Limited to 
7E>0 sets.) 

V. 33, Lower Canada, Algooklos, Bureau, IH0-1M«. 
Omtmtt: Preface. Documents: IJCVI. Belatlon dece 
qvl s'est paosA . . . sa laHovrelle Fraoee. A* aMinfta 
IMT A1»U. (Chaps, i>., I. of Parti. and allofPMtn.. 
campielinKthedocumeDt.) (HieroemeLaleniaiit, Qne- 
bec.October lS,iei8,Paul RapHoeau, Dea Hurooa, April 
IS, ISM. L.XVII.E|>lalolaadn.P.TlnceDtluaiCarKS>ML 
Praepoillam OeDeralem Sooietatla Jsau. Romae. 
Faulus Kacuennu; Sanctae Harlae apud Huntoca. 
Uarch lilMg. BIbliocnphlcal data. Notea. ST* p. 

V. M, Lower Canada, Burona, 1X9. OoiUenlt: Preface. 
DoeumenU: LXVIII. ^UtolaadB. P.ViaeenUum Car- 
afFam, Praepmltum OeDeralem Socletatiajeau, Bomae. 

LXIX. Eecit vertCable di -, 

reuse mort. da Far« Jean de Breboent rt du IVre 
Gabriel L'Alemaoi en la NourelleFraDoe. tairlatcwbe 
Ite]Fnaut:n,p..(lMBr) LXX Journal deaPP, Jtauli« 
"' — imeLaleir '-- — ■- ■ ..— — . 

LXXI Relation da e 

l; QueOek. January-December ISA 

a, Ma; 1.1 

sphlcaldala. Notea. ffi7 p. 

0, HuroQB, Lower Canada. Algonklna 

V. a, uuroos, LiDwi 
(«n(«,' Preface. Docun. 

Vln««ntlum Caraffam, ,. 

tatlsJesu.Komae, PaulusKagucDciiu^oaau 

in Insula SancU Joseph) apud Hurones. Haj 

LXXm. JoumaldasPP.J&ultes. Hterasme I.aleliiant 
aitd Paul Ragueiwau; Quebek, January- Decembo-. 
laSO. LXXH', Relation de ce qii s'est pasatea . . . 
la Nouuelle rtaoce. depuls l'£>te de raonta 1MB. jns- 
ques il r)>tfideranntellKa{Chapa. l.-iU.. first Instal- 

ls. March ISiIKO. 

Tl, ISM. Blbhogra 
a,LQW -■- " 


lata. KMes. 


rauaila. Afien aids. i«0- I~<BI .' CXmtmtt : 
LXXIV, RelaUon de ee qrl s'esi 

paaaf en ... la Nouuelle France, depuls I'Est^de I 
1H8, Jusques & l'Eat« de Tannfie lOfl |Cbap xlll. to ctose 
of document. I Paul Ha*rueneau. Kebeo, Septenijer 1, 
lOSO; Hlerosme Lalemaot, n, p. (ini): Marie de S. 
Bonaienture, Keboc, aeplembcr ». ISM LXXV. Let- 
tre au T. R. P. 0«n^ral de la Compavnie de Jjaus. t 
Rome. Measleursles AsuoclAs de la Compagniede la 
NDUTelle Tranoe; Parli.Jiine. IS;]. LXxVr EpHtoIa 
ad Joannem WInthrop. Scutarlum. Oabrlel DruUlei- 
tei; n. p. (lesi). 1.SZVI1. Nsit« du Voya«n ... el 
dex connalsaances tlr^z de la Nourellr AiiKleterre. 
Oabrlel DreullletlA; u. p. (ISSl). LXXVIII. Journal de* 
PP. Jjvultes. Paul RatcDeneau : Quebec. Januarr- 
December. 18S1. LXXIX. Relation de ce qTl e'est 
passe ... en la Norvelle Prance. e« anneea IBM t 
1SG1, (Chaps. I '111.1 Paul Rai^uenoau: (Quebec, Octo- 
ber 88, IflSl. BlbliographlCRl data. Notes. Slip. 

V. itr. Lower Canada, Abenakis. ISBI-IHI, Ctoo- 
fanli.* Preface. Documenta: LXXIX. Relation de oe 
qvl a'eHtpasB* . . . en la NoTTelle France, *« 

« Tekwerlmat, (Siller 

m Three Ri»en 


Martin Lvonne. La 
1. LXXX. Journal 
Quebec, ITelH-uaiy- 

des PP. Jisuites. Paul Raeueneau 

December, IBSS. LXXXI. Relatli 

pass^ . . . av pays de la Norvelle France, depuls 

f'Ete de I'annAe ibl.jusques k TEtfi de I'anate fan. 

(Chaps. l.-vil..<1rHtlnsialmcntar the document.) Paul 

" ---"-.--- «--.---. ig53 Bibllograpbical 




'aun«e ISl 

38, Abenakis. Lower Canada, Hurons, I«&!i-1SSa. 

— ''- Preface. Dneuments: LXXXI. Belatlondeee 

I de la Novrelle France: de- 


— ,-- „- ibo document.) Paul Ra- 

lencau.Kebec.OctoberMSSl; Marie del'IneamaUoo. 
ebee.lS&li IJ:XXII.JoumaldesPP.J*suitea. PaulRa- 
leneau, Hierosme Lalsmant, and Francois le Merder: 
UBbco, January -December, 1SS3 LXXXIII. BrsTe 
elatlone d'alcvne mlsslonl de' PP. della Compaenla 
aiesilnella Nuoua l^'rancla. (Part I., Chan. 1.-1*., 
-Htlnstalmeutof the document.! Francesco Qloaeppe 
ressanl: HacerBta. Italy, JubrJS, 1SS8. IUbllogia|>bi- 
ildaU- Notes. «»f-,, „X-OOglC 

T.3II, Huron*, 1IU3. ContanU: Frefuie. Document 
UrXXtll. BnTeBelAtlDns d'olCTQ* miMlonI d«' FF 
deJUCompunlkdl OlesU nella Nuouk Francia. IB< 
malnder ot Fut I., kII of Fart n , and Cbac 

wppe BrewanI: Macarsta, Ilaly, 

ma. Lower Canada, Iroquoti. IBBS. Con- 
, DoaumenU: LXXXIIl. Breve Ralatlone 

Prefaca. DocnmenufLxizv. Jounal i!nPF.J6«u- 
Itaa. Frmncola Le Iturcler: Quebacq. JuiuarT 30~Ceb- 
niarr B. ISSi. LXZXVI BelatlOD de oe qvl ■'eal patat 
. . . an la NoTTelle France, em anneea, lOUAlSM. 
FnaoolBlelIercler,gu«bec,ScpMDltMrlI,ieM; Simon 
be MoiD«, Jajy-fleptember, IBM. LXXXVU Cople de 
derx Lsltrea eovo^^n de la Novvelle Prmnce. au Pere 
FronuraurdeaMiHlonidB JaCorapn^uledeleanenoea 
cantrtea. Fraacol* le Mercler; Kpbec. Oclober 13 aod 
IT, 1«U. I.ZXXV111. Lettre i 1& R. H. de Solat BODO- 
Tsntura, k Kebec. Paul le Jeune; La Roctaelle. Harcb 
10, l«5C LXXXIX. CuDcsuton dea Terrs danB la pals 
deeOnonduaoTODonii. Jean de Lau»on: Quebeq.&prll 
1«, 1«M. BlbllDKrapblCBl dBiA Note*. $8 p. 

T. tZ, lAwer Cauada, [roquolt. ilOS-lKT. Contentt: 
Preface. DociunenU' XC. RelBtlog de ce ail s'ett 
paM< en la HlHlon deaPeree de la Cumpagnle ^eleaTa, 
aT payi da Ja NoTVelle FVance. ^b Annies ]«SA A ISU. 
Jean de Quens; Kebec. September T. 196(1. XCI. Jour- 
nal dee P>. Jtaultas. JeandeUuea; Quebec, October 
a to December 77, IflH. XCII Mort duFrereLleBOoit. 
Anonjmoua; □. p., ii.d. XCllI.Cat&logre de'-Blenfalc- 
Xevn de N. Dame d« Recouurance de Kebec. Jerome 
Lalemant. Jean de Bn«beuf. Paul RsKueneau. Jean de 
Queu, and oCben; Kebec, 1«32-1«7. Bibliographical 

.' 43. Lower Canada, Iroquola, 1«!S-1«ST. Oan- 

(«k(i.- Preface. 
D. p., Harab, 1< 

Hotel Diei 

it. xcv. 

i: XCIV. Leltr« A la B, » 



PP. J 

I de Jauoe; 

mber, 1967. XCTI. Relation 
. . en la Novrelle France, 6 

il data. Not' 


,T Canada. ItM-li 
i: XCVI. " • -■ 

Ml p. 



'a Annin n 

concluding I 
1 Collefre d' 

__ nt, Decemb«r 1, 1857. 

B PP. J^aultea Jean de Quen. 

e uruLIJettee. Pierre Jueeph-Harle Cbaumonot, 

ion le Moyne^ Kebec. January -December. ISSe. 

Relatlon de ce qvi s'ent paAoA , - . ea la 

- " J, #B Onn^ iee7iiss8. ■ 

ITuim). n. d. (Incli 
Gabriel Drulllettes. 
grapblcal data. Nol 
^. «. Lower Cai 
IKS-ISaO. ConlenU: 
Lettre au T- R. P. Onsi 

loda. A cod la. Iroquol 

ick'fll. (»n«ral 

Lettres euvnl^ea de I 
■ la R. P. HIer, Uille 
Anonvmous; Kebec. 
' "I Jour 

'aul Roguen 


. Otlai 

, 1<««; Hieroeuii 


o Cbrlitmaa 1M>. CII. Relat 
- . . en la NoTvelle Fran 

d. Blbllograpblcal 

Lettre au R. P. Hleroame Id 
D.d debonSecoundIt Cbasi 
CIV. Deuxlettrea,a^' 

Quebec, October It, I MI : Du Boll 

'AraOBour, QneWc, October 13, IMl. CV. LeUre 
' "^mjaln Wppaull. a DIJon. Jose ■ -- 
It. K»bao, OctoberSD. 1961, CVI. 

P. OemialD Rlppaull. a DIJon. Joseph Hi 

- ■ — ■ao,October».1961, C'"' ' 

-. ..leroBDH Lalemanl: Qi 
', leei. CVII. RalatloQ de 

Jtniltei. HleroBDH Lalen 

. . . an la Horrelle France t» anutes lU* A Ittt. 
(Chan, I- -ill, flnt Inxallmeut of the docjiment.) 
(Paul le Jeune. editor; ParlaJ u. d. Blbllograpblcal data. 
Note*. 8Mp. 

V. 17, Iroqnola, Lower Canada. 1991-]8n. Content t 
Preface. Documecta; CVII. Relation de at qvl I'm 
paH«--. enlaNoTTelleFraace.eiann»ealMOftlMl. 
(Second and final iDstallmeotof tbe documeut.) (Paul 
lejeone, editor; Parli>.n.d. CVIIl.BelaUondeceqiil 
s'eBtpawe . . . eiilal4oTTelleFraDee,«>anneeslMirA' 
lats. Hleroame lAlemant; Rebec, September 18. MIB. 
CIX Epl>tolaadB.F. JoannemPaulam01lTam,Prae> 
poaltum (}enetalam Socletatia Jaau, Bomoa. Bleronj- 
mus I^emenc; Qnabacl in nora franola, Aunut IS, 
less. OX. Dtelwatlon Dea Terrea Que Las Paraa 
JeBQltes Poaaedant dana Le paU De La NouTBlle Prance. 
lIMa. (QuebMiJ, October, IMa. CXI. Joaraal daa PP. 
Jhultea. Bleroame Lalemant; Quebek, January. Ittt, 
to December, IfltS, Bibliographical data, Notea- SXOp. 

" «, Lower Canada, OttawaB,lMfcl99*. "—'—■-- 

FreCace, Documenu; CXII. Relai 
paaoA , . , en la NoTvelle France, ft ai 
1963 Uleniame Lalemant; Kebec, Septer 
CXIII, Relatlo Terraemr-- '- •■— - "- 

eranhical aata, nuMs, xir p. 
«. Lower CaJiada, Iroquc 

I, ISO, 

KB 1991 A 

Prefat_ _. 

pa»« ... en la Novvelle Fri 
1904. (Second and final Inatallr 
Hleroame Lalemant; Quebec. AugUBt BO. 1994. CXVI. 
Journal dea FP JtauTtea, Hleroame I&Iemant; Qua- 
bak. January-July, lB«t; Francolale Herder, QuebecQ, 
AUKUat-Deceicber, 189$ CXVIl, Relation de ce qvl 
■'eat paB>« en la Hoivelle France, Sa auctes 1994 A 
I99G. (ChapB l.-v , drat InatatlmentoC the documeDt.) 
rrancoia la Herder; Kebec Norember 3. 19ffl, Blbllo- 
gmpblcaldata. Noten. ingp. 

V, ^0. Lower Canada. Iroquois. Ottawas. 19M-1997. 
Oontent..' Preface, Documonta: CXVIl, Relation de 

& MXa. IC^bap. vl. to end of document'! Francois le 
HercKr: Kebec. Novembers. IBfiS. CXVIIl. Relation 

ante ell, Franeola le Hereler: Kebec, November 12. 
IWie, CXIX, Trola Lettrw, 1999-97. Thierry Beschefer; 
Du*hec, October 1 and 4, 1B9S, and Auguat 8B. 1907, 
CXX, Journal dra PP, J«BUliea, Fntni^orB le Herder: 
Quebec. January, 1999 to December, 1867. rxXI. Re- 

lesept. (CbapB i.-Tll.. firat installment of the 
ent.l FraneolB le Mercter; Kebec, Noiamber 
. Bibliographical data. Notes. SSS p. 
I. Ottawa*. Lower Canada, Iroquois. 1990-1988, 
tt,' Preface, Documents: C.XXI. Relation dece 
itpaBB« . , . en laNovvelle France lea aun^eamll 
IS aoliantesix&mll six censaolxanCe sept. Sec- 
ilallmeiit concluding thedocnment.) Fraccola 
cler, Kebec, November 10. 1667; Claude Jean 
En.p„n.d.; Thomas Morel, o. p., n d.; Marie 
lonaventure, Kebec, October 20. 16BT. CXXIl. 

a , Jacques Brujas; Hlsalon de St, Fran- 

- 1.I688. cxxin. 

V, M, Loi 

1. Iroquola. 19in-I9T0, OontenU: 
CXXVI. Relation de ce qvl 
ia«se , , . en lawoTveUe France. lasann«eBlB«a« 
Chapa.i.-vl.andpartofChap.vil. being theflrat 

n.d.; JeanPlerron lAEUlA), n. d ; Jacques Bruytu (On- 
nelout). Auguat 14, 1899, to June 17, IBfth Pierre Millet. 
Ounontaruf. Juno IS. 1970. Blbllosraphlcal data. 

Notes, an p. 

V. 64, Iroquois, Ottawa*, Lower Canada, ]9«»-lBTI. 



Omtenli.' PrefBCe. DocumBnta : CXXVI. RslMion 

de <w qv] a'siL pitud ... en la Nortalls rrao«. Im 
aoDtes IWB & 10TO. (Second and flnol iDBlmllment.) 
Pierre UUIet, Oanoatagut, Juoa 19, ITTO; EiCtetina do 
CarbKll COoii^ouenl, Juoe, ISIO ; JiLCqus. Framin 
nvunnanlouui). n d.; Clau<Ie Dnblon (Hte Uvle du 
Bnultj, u- d. ; Jacquei Mart,uette, Sle, UArle du 
Sault, n. d ; Claude Allouez <Bt«. Marls Uu Sault), 
June, 1870. CXXVll Relatloo da on n<ri fest pa«« 
... en la Kouvelle France, ks auD«es 1B10 £ 1871. 

Uie^-ulnrnc") Claude d'Abrori (Quebec), n. d.; JoBepb 
Uarie UuauiDauot |:<. D. ds Foya), n.d, Bibliograpti- 
Ical d^ta. Notes. SUS p. 

V 55, Lower Canada, Iroquoli, Octawaa, 1B70-1B7S. 
Oonlenii; Prelace, Documents : CXXVil. Relation do 
ce qui a'eat pasiiA ... so la Nourelle France, les 
ann«>8 18T0 A IBTI, (Second InslalnienE, oncludliie 
the doeument ) Claude Datalon. (Ouebec, ISTl : Eiti- 
enae de Carhsl] IGolofrouen), n d.; Louya Andre, d p., 
Q.d, CXXVIII. Relation de oe qui fest pu^ . . . 
en la Nouvelle Frwiw, les aiinte>lS71 A 16^2 ((Chapter 
l.of Part I, being the Hrst InBtalmsnt of tbeducu- 
mont.) Claude Dablon (Quebec, October, 1872), BIDlio 
grapbical data. Hotoa. 3ii p. 

V. sa, Lower Canada, Iroquois, Ottawai, Hudson Bay. 
1871-187!. Contenli.- Preface. Doounreni : CXXVlft. 
Relation de ce qui s'est paos^ ... en la Nouvelle 
--yiAlBTS. ISocond and Hnalln- 

I, ]87i; 

ir i. JV!3. CXXX. Rela- 

stftlment.) Claude Dab 
JaoQjesrromfn, St. Kit 

Jacques BruyBa,OnDelout (1S7dj: Pierre RatTelx,(}oli 
gDuen, June, 167i; Jullen Gamier, Taonoonlouan. July. 
1872; Vrancoli de Crepleul, Tadouuac. June S, 1872; 
Beiiry Nouvel, Ste. Marie du Sault (ieT«| ; cnarles 
Albauel, n.p.. n.d; Marie de I'lncaruatton. n.p., u.d. 
Notes 904 p. 

V. ST. IIurons,Iroquala,OtU<ra*,I87S'Ta. Content!.' 
Preface. Documente: CX-XIX.. Lettrss de quelquea 
Uiialonalrei du Canada k X. le Comle de Froiiteuac. 
Henri Nouvel, Ste. Uarle du Sault, May I8, 1873; 
Jacquea Bruyaa, Tloonootoguen, June 1!. 18;3; Jullen 

Qamler.TionQootouanao. •■■•'" "^- ' -i-' — ' — 

iHlo, Techiroguon, Septei 

Lbs ann«es laTSet ie7J. (LettelS fromTh™' follow!^ ^ 
tn Union arles, edited or nvnopslzed by Jean de Lamber 
vllle. and Hubsequeutly i "' • - • ■ 

Carhell, JuIIph Oarnler. Uabriel DrulUetles. Pierre 
Ballloquet, JacDuei Uarquette Louis Andr^. and 
Claude Jean Allouei. (F^rst InBtaltment.) Biblio- 
erapblea] data. Notes. 819 p 

7. GS, Ottawaa, Ln»er Canada. Iroquois, I873-18T4. 
Conlenlt: Preface: Documanta: CXXSt. Relation de 
CB qui a'eat paos^ ... en la nouuelle France, lea 
ann&alSTaet IBTd. Jean de Idmberrllle. Claude Da. 
blon, and otberf. IFIaal Inatallment ) CXXXl. Rela- 

mldl de la nouuelle Frvnce, faite en 1878. iClaude Da- 
blon: Quabee. AuRuat 1, leTt.l CXXXIL Voyage 
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annteainrietW*. (Lat'terafromthefollowlnemlaaion- 
arles, edited or aynopsi^ed by Claude Dablon:) Claude 
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■' Betty Lelceater."wbagave bar name tea book by 

MIsa Jewett, baa her (urtber »tory told in thla v' 

",he goes to London -■ ■ ^' 

lellgEtful Cbristmas 

>r ttory told in thla volume. 
her father and enjoys s 
typical English • — 

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Washington Irvlcig said "the atranger Kho would 
rin a correct opinion of the Eugllab character must 

nder through parkc 


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wnre not written by Shalieapeare, but It is very prob- 

ille InaiatlnR t 

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■ponilEnce nf a period celebrated tor letter-writing. 
Tbis ineibauBtlble material la prSHentsd In groups. 
Tbe obolce bu beea eoTsrned by lltararv rntber tbiiii 
hiaunicail or eTen bk^nphlckl t 


lllCluUitSl) I 

«1> UTsiiEedaccordliiK todate, nlthouaib 
. illahed acrordltiK lu tbe; are QnlBhsd. 
Eacb volume b canTully iudeied, and eacb coire- 
■pondeot baa bla blojT^aphy told la a table of dataa. 

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Thestory of Deirey'B aavalaerTice under Farrarut 
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count or bla boyhood and school lite in Vermont, lllut 
tratiDg bis inborn lore of (iKhtliig Life at Aonapolls 
li rlescribod in detail, an account being irlTsn of the 
•tadles, discipline, rules and regulatloDH, etc. 

of the World'sColumbian Exposition; pub- 
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A sequel to tbe author's romance of the time ot 

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W...L _..._. _. leperaonalityottbe fa- 

ts Qabrielle d'EBli^ee ai 

I the ' 

" are Introduced. 


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The mdcr meets Tom Orabam tint asaoupil of the 
dHvi.uin Orammar acbool. Northumbgrlaud. He la 
various adventures; tighu a rellon-pupil. 

thinks be 
:n with K 



This Is 

-. India, b 

of tbe Afghan nar follows. In which Tom xina tbe 

Victoria cross. 

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This story of the wild life of the Ktt^Kt noblea la 

atlonal c! 



ideals with a feU' 

r DBorly fifty 


and An equally dissolute and wbolly Tlclous nephew, 

recoTerlng' f rom a stroke of apoplexy. Out of splt« 
tbe old man marrleaaDd shortly dies, leaving a son to 
keep the estate from L'oloc uj the batfid nephew. LIka 
all Jolial'a books this gives a realistic picture of Hun- 
garian llfeamong many classes of the pei^le, 

Jdkal, HauruR. Thti poor plutocrats; from 
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The Urst English rendering of a novel originally 
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the title of "Szegeny Oaidagok." A tale of adven- 
ture which deals with tbe aristocracy ot Hungary, 

wreatling match between Juan tbe goatherd and tLe 
supple bandit Falla Negra, princo of the robber chief- 
tains. Other Interesting characters are Demetrius 
tbe olber and the frivolous Countess Kengyeksy. 

Jdkal, HauruB, Lermontov. M., and othera. 
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bv celebrated authors; il. by H. R. Millar. 
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Phil., [published bv Mrs, Julia L. Walker,] 
for sale by H: T. Coates&Co., 1899. c. '98. 
184 p. S. cl.. 70 c. 
l\wnis written abnoaC halfa century ago. Intended, 

who hold iu crateful remerabranoa those who f ought 

the hattlea.framedttae Constitution. and administered 

tbe i^ovcrnment In tho early days of the history otour 

'Jones, Forrest R. Machine design, Pt. 3, 
Form, ntreni;th, and proportions of parts. 
N. Y., J: Wiley & Boas, 1899. 0-(-358 p. il. 
8*. ct., f3. 

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net, »1.00. . I 



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NeurWi ed. N. Y., imported by C: Scrib- 
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the morals of Market Pewbury under very 
trying ciroumxtaQceB: a comedy la three 
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+ 133 p. 16', cl.,75c. 
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Kospel. N. Y., The MacmUlan Co., 1899. 
9+812 p. 13', cl.,$1.50. 
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dents for ordinary use and clauses adapted 
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shp., $e. 
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and CuthbertsOD, W: PansieH, violas, and 
violets. N. Y.. The Hacnjillan Co., 18S9. 
103 p. il. 18°, (Dobbie'e horlicultural hand- 
Jordan, Charlotte Brewster, ed. Mother- 
song and child-song. Vignette ed.; with 
nimierous new il, by T: ,McIlvaine. N. Y., 
F: A. Stokes Co., 1898. c. '98. 38+306 p, 
D. cl., «1. 
Jordan, D: Starr. The book of Knight and 
Barbara: being a sc>i>'3 of stories told to 
children; corrected and il. by the children. 
N. Y., Appleton, 18M9. c, 8+365 0. D.cL, 

Tbua atarles were tint lold by the author— Pra^- 
dent of LeiKDd StanroM Junior Univfirtity-tobUown 
cbllilreD, Knight and Barbara. Bewuoaked by two 
■tudeoU of Che Department or Education In tlis Btan- 
ford University to repeal them before other chlldreo. 
'A itenocrsphertoafe them down for future reference, 
tbua ronnliig tbe main text of Ilila boiili. Coptee of 
the atorte* were placed in the bands of hundreda of 
Ohlldreii,ino.tly In California. Thesadraw lllu.trfttlto 
picture* after tbelr raaliloii. and also annotated Iba 

text. The plcturea and notsa are repnduoed and ate 
moat IntereetlnR and amuiins. At tbe end of tbe 
volume are a few true atorlae, maaUy of blrda and 

Jordan, D: Starr. Imperial democracy: a 
study of the relation of govemiuent by the 
people, equality before the law and otber 
tenets of democracy, to tbe demandE of 
. a vigorous foreign policy and other de- 
mands of imperial dominion. N.Y., Apple- 
ton, 1899. c. 7+393 p. D. cl., tl-50. 
UghtaddresseabearlnKon the policy of IbeTlDlted 
States, especially concernlDF the war with Spain and 
Ita reaulta. The autbor, wEo la prealdent of Iceland 
Stanford, Jr . UDlrenlty, is an opponent of colonial 
expansion. The addreaaea are enlUled: Leat we for- 
ESt; Colonial eipaiiBlon; A blind man'a bolld*T: Tbe 
colonial le>aoni> of Alaaka; Tbe lesaonl of tbs Pari* 
Tribunal of Arbitration; A contlnulDg- olty; Tbe cap- 
tain aleepc; Tbelaat ot thePurltana, 

Jordan, D; Starr, and Slallard, J. H. The 
true basis of economics; or, the law of in- 
deprndent and collective human life: being 
a correspondence between David Starr Jor- 
dan and J. H. Stallard on the merits of the 
doctrine of Benry Qeorge. N. Y., Double- 
day & McClure Co., [1899.] c. 139 p. O. 
pap., 50 c. 

Jordan, Kate, [ilfrs.F. M. Verroilye.l Acircle 
in tbe sand. Boat., Lamson. Wolffe & 
Co., 1898. c. 4+808 p. D. cl., $1.50. 

Thp tltlB Hlgnlfle* a rouBded eplaode In a wom«B"a 
life; tbe atory l£ metropolitan, tbe acrnee ibiriiDi: 

I. She palms bar 

iclaffy HO 

laoly. with none 

_. . . )f the ao-cBlled 

"new woman" A love-atory of rare cbana Is iDter- 
woten witb deacrlptluD* of a miners' strike and Mbrr 

'Jordan, W: Q: Thekingshipof self-control: 
individual problems and possibilities. N. 
Y. and Chic, Fleming B. Revell Co., 1899. 
69 p. 13*, (Looking upward booklets.) bds., 
30 c. 

Jorrocks, [pseud, for James Albert Garland, 
Jr.] Tlie private stable: its establishment, 
managvment, and appointments. Bost., 
Litlle, Brown & Co., 1990. il.4*, cl.,n«r, (H. 

Jonbert, Jos. Joubert: a selection from his 
thoughts; tr. by Katharine Lytteltoa; witb 
a preface by Mrs. Humphry Ward. N.T., 
Dodd, Mead & Co., 18M. 53+377 p. D. cl., 

JOKepb JoulMrt. tbe French morallat, voa ttom Har 
1, ITH. anddled tUy4, 1S24. He cams to Paria in ITTS. 
and there come under tbe InllueDce of Karmontel La 

and critic, but lacked almplloitv. and putillabed very 

hougbta) was publish 

Kssays In criticism." on wbleb 

. ••'— laketeb. Tbetrant- 

under subject*, and 

Hra. Ward foundaher blo^^rapblcalal 

lator baa grouped the tlioughts un ., 

they coTer all tbe atlrrlne questions o( life, and 
and literature. 

'Jowett, Rev. B: Letters of Benjamin Jow- 
ett, M.A., Master of Balfol College, Oxford; 
arr. and ed. bv Evelyn Abbott and L: 
Campbell. N. Y., imported by C: Scrib- 
ner'B Sons, 1899. 362 p. 8*, cl., f S.40. 

Jowett, Rev. B: Sermons: bioeraphical aad 
miscelinneouR ; ed. by W. E. Fremsnile. 
N. Y., E.P. Dutton&Co, 1899. 9+870 p. 
D. cl.. f2.60. 

Ctmfanfs.' Tbe bloffrapblcol sermooB have for sub- 
jects; John Wyeliffe. U-natlua Loyola, John Bunyan 
and Benedict 6plno7a. Richard Baxter, Blolae Pascml, 
Jobii Wesley. Arthur Penrbya . Slanley, Cuon Buj«b 



feanou, Lwn OuiihetUi and Arcbtdabop Tail, Pro- 
feuorBanry Smltl) ftnd ProrsaorT. H. Uraa->. MiB- 
oelLaaeoui aarmoii* on: Slattsiics uid fsiib; Cbui'Cl] 
wrttos; Tbe church, past. pr««nc, aod future; War; 
Cgnngs: Bcce. quam bonum: SerranU; Christmaa 
and New Tear. 

*Jow«tt, Rev. B: Sermoas : biographical 
and miBC«llftneous ; «d. by W. H. Fre- 
mantle, N. Y., imported bv C: Scribner's 
Sons, 1899. 970 p. 13°. cl., S8. 

JodioD, E: Theinatituiioiial church: ft primer 
in pastoral theology; with an introductoir 
word bv Bp. Potter. N. Y., Lentilhon & 
Co., [1899.] an p. S. (Handbooks lor prac- 
tical workers Id cburch and philanthropy; 
edited by S. Maoanley Jackson.) ol,, 50 o. 

r deflniu a 

cutloual cburcl 
who, fl 

aa preaching 

■od paatorml 

i;oaiaJ social onrlron- 

illnn, Bunday-scbool, 

~ if organized Bo-' 

le ordinary 
prayer ms 

ana. iDspurpiMe of such churchci Ia°to dinet hu- 
maolty to tha crom. Tbla irori tea itudy of method*. 

■JadlMD, Harry Pratt. The erowth of tlie 
American nation. NeuJ ed. N. Y., The 
Hacmillan Co. 


) p. 12% ci , net. 

"JnkM, £eii. Andrew. The characteristic dif- 
ferenoes of the Four Oospels: considered 
as revealing' various relations of the Lord 
Jesus Christ N. Y. and Chic. Fleming 
H. Revell Co., 1899. 168 p, ]2*, cl., 75 c. 

■Jukes, Rev. Andrew. The law of the ofter- 
iugs: considered a^ the appointed Dgure of 
the various aspects of the offering of the 
body of Jesus Christ. N. Y. and Chic, 
Fleming H. Revell Co., 1889. 311 p. 13°, 
cl., 75 c. 

Jnng-StUUng, J: E: Johann Heinrich Jung's, 
genannt Stilliug, Lebensgeschichte: eine 
wahrhafte Geachichte von ihm selbst er- 
zOhlt. Zum 150. Qeburtstage Gloethe's, im 
Auazuge hrsg. m<t Wdrterbuch, von Sigmon 
M. Stern. N. Y., H: Holt & Co., 1899. a. 
36+385 p. D. (A new modern UiDguageser.) 
cl., tl.30. 

*JiusaTand, Jean Adrian Antoine Jules. 
Shakespeare in France. N. Y., O: P. Put- 
nam's Sons, 1899. il. 8°, cl., tS. 

'Juvenal [Juvenolis], Decimus Junius. Four- 
teen satires of Juvenal; ed., with introd. 
notes and index, bv J. D. Duff. N. Y., The 
UacmiUan Co., 1899. 58-t-471 p. 16*, (Pitt 
Press ser.jcl„nef, |1.6D. 

Kaiiu, Maurice O. Ginseng, its cultivation, 
harvesting, and market value; with a 
short account of its history and botany, 
N. Y., Orange Judd Co., 1899. c. 6-i-68 p. 

OliiKBK I* a root fa [(■ hi; prized a*aniedlclaa] asimt 
bjrtheChineee. They need more than they can pni. 
dace, and It la nam found profltable t« cuRITate It for 
nport in the United State*. Uinaeng.whichbelonn w 
tbe panley famlly.EroiTB wild from Canada to the Oulf 
ot lleiico, and an far weat aa ihe first stales west of 
tbe MLsslHlppl. It lather 

*llh tablea ihowlne the ai 

and ths market ralue ot the drug wblch Id 1898 ai 

acedH.Ma pound. 

Kiler, Ja. Otis, [" James Otis," pseud.] At 
the siege of Havana: the experience of 
three boys serving under Israel Putnam 


in 1763; U, by J. Wu,t8on Davis. N. Y.. A. 
L. Burt, 1899. 10-(-358 p. IS", cl., |1.60. 

Eater, Ja. Otis, ["James Otia,''paeud.] Cap- 
tain Tom, the privateersroan of tbe armed 
brig Chaaaeur, as set down by Stephen 
Burton of Baltimore; ed. by Ja. Otis; il. 
by J. W. Kennedy. Boat., Dona Bstes & 
do., 1899. c. 5-168 p. sq.O. cl., $1.36. 
The further adrentures of CaptalQ Ton Boyle, who 

orlglaally appaared In " Tbe crulie of the Oomct." 

Kaler, Ja. Otis, ["James Otis, "pseud.] Christ- 
mas atDeacon Hackett's: asequet to " How 
Tommy saved the bom." N. Y., T: Y. 
CroweU & Co., [1899.] c, 8-105 p. 1 il. D. 

(Sunshine hb.) cl., 50 c. 

Qlrea furtber news ot crippled Luke, the mothertr 
little Qarry, the lively Thomaa, and the ml»:blevou* 
and boaschil Joey RamBdell. wbom tbe young people 
made acquaintance with in "How Tommy aared tbe 

Kaler, Ja, Otis, ["James Otis, ''pseud.] The 
life savers: a story of the United States 
life-saving service. N. Y., E. P. Dutton Si 
Co.. 1899. 3-1-837 p. il. O. cl., tl.BO. 

A little boy and a dog are the only survlTon ot a 
^k on tbe eaatam coaot of the United States. 


ately adopted bj the o 
that point. Tbe boy b 
work of hia llfe-aaving 
Dilty and deaire t< ' 

Bw ot the llfe-aavlns atatlon at 

deeply Interested In . 

-lenda, and through hie curl* 
youoe readers are made ac- 

ind noble work ot thi* branch 

, __. .--. ..i or^aiilzatloji. Its various a[> 

pllancet, etc., being fully explained ana described. 

Zaier, Ja. Otis, ["JameaOtis. "pseud.] Mes- 
senger no. 48. Akron, O, The Werner Co., 
1899. c. 3-241 p. U. (Telegraph ser., no. 

ing a call waa the awana of ^retlog out a band of 

cilDitiiaL* In New York City who for yeara had baffled 

tbe police and detectlvea. 

Kaler. Ja. Otis, T" Jamea Otis." pseud, ]^ OS 
Santiago withSampeon. Bost., DanaElstes 
& Co., 1899. 7-109 p. il. D. (Stories ot 
American history ser., no. ll.}cl., 75 c. 

Kaler, Ja. Otis, ["James Otis, "ps^ud.] Tele- 
graph Tom's venture. Akron, O., Tbe 
Werner Co., 1899. c. 338 p. il. D. ol., 7Sc. 

■ oy called 

Id move- 

' Telegraph Tom ' t 

I account ot bis rapid 

Kaler, Ja. Otis. ["James Otis," pseud.] 
When Dewey came to Manila; or, among 
the Filipinos. Bost.. Dana Bates & Co., 
1899. c. 0-107 p. D. (Stories ot American 
history ser., no. 10.) cl., 75 c. 

Kaler, ja. Otis, P'James Otis." pseud.] 
With Perry on Lake Erie: ataleot 1813; 
il. by W. F. Siecher. Bost., W. A. Wilde 
Co., [1899.] c. 4-307p. D. cl.. »1.50. 

The story carries the reader from March until Oc- 
tobtn of IBIS, being laid on lake Ene. detailing tbe 

a^. Fro 

ralrlolory » 

I Che 

e the k . . . 
re laid until tl 



hicb made Pern ^ 

ept in close touch with all that ooneerned Perry, and 
ot only tbe main tacU but the minor details of the 
;ory are historically correct. 
Kaler, Ja. Otis. ["James Otis," pseud.] 

With the swamp fox: a atory of General 

Marion's young srics; 11. by J. Watson 

Davis. NT Y., a. L. Burt. 1899. 6+259 p. 

12°, (Young patriot ser.) cl., {!> 
Kansas. Supreme et. Reports of cases, Jan. 

8, 18a8-Nov. 5, 1898: U. C. Clemens, rep. 

V. 59. Topeka, J. S. Parks, s(. pr., 1899. 

c. 16+813 p. O. shp., *8-™;„ CoOqIc 

Supreme ct. Reports of caaea; T: 
Emmet Dewey, rep. V. 60, Dec. 10, 180^ 
Oct, 7, 1896. Topelia, W. Y. Morgan, 1 
c. 33+672 p. 0.8hp.,«3.M. 

e et. and ct», of appeals. 
A digreat of the decisions, from 1864 to the 
Deo. term, 1897, covering the supreme 
court reports, comprising McCahou's re- 

Borts 1 v., VB. 1 to S8, and a portion of v. 
i; and the court!) of appeals reports, 1 to 
6, by Daniel M. Valentine. Indianapolis, 
The Bowen-Merrill Co., 1869. c. 2 v., 
1011; lOlS-SOOSp. O. Bhp., J18, {for com- 
plete work.) 
EarageorgBVlteb, Prtncti Bojidar. Enchanted 
India. N.T., Harper, 1869. 5+B05p.por. 
Del., $1.75. 

Describe* the autlior'a vialu to thlrty-elgbt oltlca 
in the Indian Empire, k'vIdK kCCOuDU of tbe people 
and their ciutoms, thalr rellglnus rlteaund other cere- 
_ — I... -_.! j_.inng apoa the penodleml mTBcea of 
e The author b a prlace of Servla, 
111 of oriental life and color. 

plague and Fa 

plague ( 

Israelites and other aids totheesplanation 
of the Old Testament; reprinted from the 
"Supplements" to the translation of the 
Old TestainpQt; ed. by the author; tr. by J: 
Taylor. N. Y., 0: P. Putnam's Sons, l'8»». 
12+261 p. O. cl.,f3. 

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(Cambridge geographical ser.) cl., net, $8. 

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sketch of the rise and progress of ideo- 
graphical knowledge from the earliest 
times to the circumnavigation of the 
globe. N. Y., Scribner, [imported,] 1899. 
109 p. maps, il..l2*, cl., |3.40. 

Keaiton, R: Wild life at homer how to study 
and photograph It; il. by photographs 

I. D. cl., 11.50. 
By the authon of "With nature and a, camera." 
The Interest that book excited In DaluralliiU and 
photo; raphara resulted In the malting- of Ihla Mr, 
Eearton and hli brother rdcaiTed numerous letters 
aeeking Informatioa and'aulatance on all aorta of huI>- 
Jecto oonnaeted with tho art of portraying wild crea^ 
turea iu their native haunts. This manual laanansoer 
to theae Inqulrlaa, and Is simply deaigned to help the 
nulling, BtudylDg, and photoaraphlng of vlld thlujia at 
home going about the Every-doy buslneu of their Utu 

Eeary, C: Francis. Herbert Vanlennert. 
Phil., J. B. Lippincott Co., 1896. c. '95, 
515 p. D. (Lippincott'a select novels, no. 
213.)ol.,|l; pnp.,50c. 
Set "Annual Catalogue," ISBb. 

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tenor of the Clayton-Bulwer Treaty. Phil., 
Amer. Acad, of Polit. and See. Sci., 1869. c. 
2i5 p. O. (Publications of the society, no. 
361.) pap., 25 c. 

Eeata, J: Complete poetical works and let- 
ters. Cambndgeea. Bosl., Houghton, Mif- 
flin & Co., 1896. c. 34-473 p. O. cl., $2. 

luued uniform with othenrolumes of the Oambridgr 
and first Tinea, "xhe'letteri of Keat", iH-sid'e^th^rap^ 

of Keate'B poem* {2 p.). 

49S p. ie°, cl., ea., {ISO. 

'Keats, J: Endymion and the longer poems; 
ed, by H. Burton Forman. N.YT.TheMac- 
millan Co., 1896. por. 16*, (Temple clas- 
sics.) cl., 50 c; limp leath., 75 c 

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by Keats and Shelley; il. by Edmund B- 
Cfarrett. Bost., Little, Brown & Co., 1899. 
c. 4-106 p. 8. cl., 11.50. 
A pretty Totume in white and gold, Inolndlngtbe 

following poem ■: Id, Belle Dame mhb mercl; bahella: 

The en of St. Agnes: Lamia: The cloud; Toaakylart^ 

Odetothewfat wind; TheMMltlfe plant; The wllcb 

of Atlas. 

Keeler, C; A. A first glance at the birds: 
being an introductory part to " Bird notes 
afield." San Francisco, Cal., D. P. EIder& 
Morgan Shepard, 1899. c. 52 p. sq. D. 
pap., 50c. 

A brief descrlptiie rerlew of the birdiof CaUtornU. 
Keeler, C: A. A season's sowing; written by 
C; A. Keeler and decorated by Louise 
Keeler. San Francisco, Cal., A.M. Bober^ 
son. 1899. c. 3^3 p. O. bds., 

"Fame," "Pain," ' 

ipiritj'^^ "L 
of man," etc. 

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truths. Nashville, Tenn., Publishing House 
M. E. Church, South, (Barbee & Smith, 
Agts.,)1899. c. 15 + 239 p. 

e oreatlie elory In 
■iral.then- — ' • ■■ 
tpired epl< 

t. The Qrsl 

. S, The ai 

of the eaat, a 
of JesuB ChHi 

'Eeener, W: Albert. A selection of casts 
on the law of private corporations. N. Y., 
Baker, Voorhis & Co., 1899. c. 3 v., 21 
+ 866; 4+897-1675 p. O. cl., $11. 

Keeping cows for profit: a treatise on up-to- 
date dairying; with statistical information, 
practical hints and suggestions, and some 
advice a« to home butter-making and fac- 
tory patronage. N. Y., The De Laval 
Separator Co., [1896.] c. 33 p. S. pap., 

Eelghtley, S. R. Heronford. N. Y., Dodd, 
Mead & Co., 1896. c. 6 + 344 p. D. cl., 


Heronford waa an old Ensllah country seat In tb* 
tter port of the eighlscnth century. Family tradU 
•■■' "—• ^- fatherand 

e old TT 


■t Of hlH I 

*Eeiin, De Beuneville Randolph. Our Ala.skan 
wonderland and Klondike neighbor; a per- 
sonal reminiscence and thirty years after. 
Harrisburg, Pa., The Harrisburg Pub. Co., 
1899. 352 p. O. (American destiny ser.) cL, 
75 c.: pap., 50 c. 

>Keim, J, Lobet den Herrn: gebet und ge> 
sangbuch fOr Katholische Christen. St 
Louis, Mo., B. Herder, 1666. 16+456p. 48*, 
in various bindings, from4fic. tOi|1.w. 



sketch of the poet bj Anna F'uller. N. Y. 
Q: P. Puinara'a 8ono, 1899. o. 6+97 p. 
por. S. cl,, 75 c. 

ffhoD UIu Frothlnghun, who 1b known by ber Una 
inuulacion of " NMbui tbe wIh," flntdtwDTend chs 
uitborof these poADU she waa iivlng a secluded life 
e UttJe town of Bawe tn the 

Bluk Fonuc 


.t or bis tl 

IT life 1 

)wn clrcu 

Kallar, Rev. Jos. The blessed aacr&ment* 
anecdotes and examples to illustrate the 
honor and glory due to the most Holy Sac- 
rament of the Altar. N. Y., Benziger 
Bros., 189«. c. 851 p. 8. cl,. 75 c. 

Tbeobji ------- - ' -- -- — - 

c. asi p. I 


r In prepaJing chiidrei 

Eallsr, Rev. Jos. The Blessed Tirgio; anec- 
dotes aad examples to illustrate tbe honor 
due to the blessed mother of Ood ; from 
tbe oiijriaalor Rev. Jos Keller. N, Y., 
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doies and examples to assist in promoting 
the devotion to the sacred heart. N. Y., 
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proving the miraculous power of St. An- 
thony. N. Y., Benziger Bros., 1898. c. 
254 p. S. cl., TO c. 

Kellogg, Margaret Autfusta. Leo Dayne: a 
novel. Bosi.., Ja. H. West Co., 1B90. c. 
a-508 p. il. D. cl., tl.50. 
Id s New En^Jand vmage a. unbiuet- maker, who has 

bean Ul until bis family are peaullass, takes An over- 

lo» n( njotiiliine. Itnowlog hia wife, two sons and a 

daughter iLso Dayne). can prosper If they are tree to 


« and the methods of the 

KaUogg, S-. H:, D.D. A handbook oF com- 
parative religion. Phil., The WeHtniinster 
Press, 1899. c. B+179p. D. <W^tmin9ter 
handbook.) cl., TOc. 

Contenlt: The claxaincatlon of reiiKlons ; Funda- 
mental agreements; ThedoctrlDooftheworld-rellglona 
conoemlne Qod. cOQCerning Hia. reKa'^i^e salvation, 
utdcunceralOK the future; Practical morals; The re- 
lation of the world- religions to Cfarlatlanity. 

<K«me, J: Scott, and Renwick. I. P. A., ed». 

for 1899. Mth year; Anterican ed.; ed. by 
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turns. N. Y., Tbe Macmillan Co., 1889. 
282+1196 p. maps, 12*, cl., net, (8. 

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Y., R. H. Russell, 1899. 12°, canvas, |1.25. 

•Kempa, J: E:, contp. The holy week: devo- 
tional readings from Bishop Jerenr.y Tay- 
lor's " Life o[ Christ;" selected and adapted 
for the closet, or the family, or the congre- 
RatioD. N. Y., E. & J. B. Young* Co., 
1899. 119p. 18", cl..40o. 

"Kendall, Ezra. Spots of nit and humor; 
from the original sayings of Ezra Kendall. 


Cleveland, O., The Helman.Taylor Co., 
1899. 12°, cl., 7B c; pap., 25 c. 

'Kenealy, Ahmed J: Yachting nrinkles; a 
historical and practical handbook tor cruis- 
ing and racing yachtsmen. N. Y., The 
OuUng Publishing Co., 1899. 83U p. 12*, 
cl., $1. 

Kennan, G: Campaigning in Cuba. N. Y., 
The Century Co., 1899. c, S+289p., 

Ur. Kennan was the correspondent of Tht Oudoofc 
during Che late flpanlsh- American war Tbe material 
sent to that paper appeu« here revtsad and enlarged. 
ThecbaptersaneatitW: Startlngfortho field; Under 
the Bed Cro«; On the edgo of war; War corteapimd- 
ecU and despatch boats: Oftfor Santiago: The Cuban 
cooat; Tbeflgbtat Ouaatanamo; Tbe landing and ad- 
vance of tbe army ; A walk to tbe front; Hlhoney on 
the eve of battle; Tbe battle* of Cauey and San Juan: 
The field hospital: glboiiey d urlng the armistice: En- 
CeririR Sautiago Harbor: The feeding- of llie hungry; 
Tbe Santiago campaign. 
Kennedy, Arnold. Tbe story of the West 

Indies. N. Y., H. F. MansBeld & A. Wes- 

sels, [1899.] 8+164 p. map, nar. B. (Story 

of the empire ser.) cl., SO □. 

TellB briefly the story of tbe West Indies from their 
discovery In IlW-ISSS to the present crisis. Tbe vari- 
ous settletnenta are nansted, a chapter Is given to tbe 
buccaneers of the seventeenth oeotury, and another 
to the political constitutions of the Islands in tbe past 
and present. 
•Kennedy, Wardlaw. Beasts : thumb-nail 

studies in pets. N, Y., The Macmillan Co., 

1899. lB+162 p. IS". cJ., $1.50. 
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Truxton, N. Y., published by the author, 

Eudorus C. Kenney, 1899. c. 6+130 p. S. 

pap., 20 c. 

Green & Co., 1899. 9+461 p. D. cl.,* 

"My object has been, to state It briefly, this: to 
trace genealogically the descent of the presenvday 
Radicals, and to abow the cbangea which tbe party 

of books upon books, and of conduct upon conduct "— 


Kent, C: Faster. A history of the Jeiviah 
people duringthe Babylonian, Persian, and 
Greek periods. N. Y., C; Scribner's Sons, 
1899. c. 20+880 p. D. (Historical ser. for 
Bible students, v. 3.) cl.. net, 91.2S. 

ature in Brown Onlverslty. Tbe four centuries which 

principles e 


ceptance of tbe 

ed, which, wfth 

of books of reference (S pages) given in Appendix iii. 

'Kentucky. Annot. supp. to the Kentucky 
statutes, ed. of 1894 ; being a compilation 
of all acts of a general and permanent 
nature passed by the general assembly at 
tbe sessions of 1896. 1897, and 1898, fete.;] 
prepared by F. P. Caldwell. Louisville, pr. 
by J: P. Morton & Co., 1899. c. 4 leaves, 
138 p. O. shp., net, |S. 

'Kentucky criminal law and procedure, both 
statute and common law, by Ja. M. Uober- 
son. Cin., W. H. Anderson & Co., 1899. 
c. 2 v., 48+656; 607-1307 p. O. sbp., |12. 

*Kentnoky statutes; cont. all general lavs, 
including those passed at session of 1898; 
with notes of decisions of the court of ap- 
peals; prefixed by the Magna Charta, the 


Courier-JouraalJob Pr. Co., 18B9. 

KeoD, Miles Qerald. Dion and the sibyls: a 
elasaicnovel. N. Y.,BeQzigerBro8.,[18»9.] 

;. '71, ' 

Copyrtgbt tnwBferred to CstboJlc School Bk, Co,,18eG; 
truuferrfld to Benzi^r Bnu.. 1Q08, A itory of Rome 
kDd Jemtolem in Cbe Brat iwatur;. 
'Eemahan, Coulson. ScouodrelH A Co., Lim- 
ited: a novel. Chic, B. S. Stooe & Co., 

1699, 16*, bds., $1.29. 
Eatcbun, W: Ezra, D.D., eomv. and ed. 

Funeral sermons and outline aadressea: an 

aid for pastors. N. Y., Wilbur B. Ketcham, 

1899. c. S7Sp. D. cl.,|1.60. 
•EUp*tilck,T: B.,D.i>. Christiancharacter: 

a study in New Testament morality. N. 

Y.. imported by C: Scnbner'a Sons, 1899. 

10+29ep. 13°, cl., H. 
'Kinealy, J. H. Formulas and tables for 

heatme:: beiag: German formulas aad tables 

tor heating' and ventilating irork for those 

who plan or ereot beating apparatus. N. 

Y., D. Williams Co., 1899. 56 p. 16', loath., 

'Ung, BoltOD. A history of Italy; beicg a 

political history of Italy from 1814-1871. 

N. Y., imported by C:Scribaer's Sous, 1B99. 

3 v., mapa, plans, 8'. cl., t7.G0. 
King, C: A trooper Gatabad. Phil., J. B. 

Lippinoott Co., 1899. c. '98. 237 p. U. D. 

cl., «1. 

Tlie Kcene !■ laid at Fort Worth. Teiaa. tbe time 
being Che wintor of 10 and 71, "a* black and dreary 

■oaped forty-Qve r^oieota Into half the number, and 
blaslBdall nopea of promotion— about the only thing 
tbeaoldlerhaatollveror." The novel deals vltb army 
life anil army men, and bas the uiual amount of love. 
•King, Franklin Eiram. Irri^tion and drain- 
age, principles and practice of their cul- 
tural phaseR. N. Y.. The Macmillan Co., 
1899. c. 31+S03 p. jl. 13*, (Royal science 
King, H: Melville. Uemorlal discourse on 
Reuben Aldridge Guild, A.M., LL.D., Li- 
brarian of Brown University, delivered in 
the First Baptist Meeting House, Sunday, 
June 18. 1899, by H; Melville King. Provi- 
dence, R. I., published for the author, E: 
H^lville King, bv Press of F. H. Towaseod, 
[1899.] 33 p. O. pap., n. p. 
•King, Ja. M. Facingthetwentiethcentury; 
a timely and interestinK survey of our 
institutions and civilization, of the perils 
which menace them, and of the forces 
which may be depended upon to protect 
them. N. Y., American Union League 
Society, 1899. 640 p. il. maps. 8*, buckram, 
svbB., $2.75; hf. rus.. wub:, (8.25. 

8*, cl., $1,50, 

'King, W. N,, jr. The storv of the war of 

1898; with introds. by O. O. Howard and 

Robley D. Evans. N. Y., P: Fenelon Col- 

rho tfllla the atory k on hla * 

nercbanta. learned doctor*, a philoupher, 
' minor amelten. The writer has leaned 
It irlulom from a. book of etiquette wltb lOD 

'Elngslsy, C: Beautiful thoughts from 
Charles Kingsley. N. Y., Ja. Polt & Co., 
1899. 2O0 p. 16*, cl., 75 c. 

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my children. N. Y., A. L. Burt, 1899. SO 
+ 808 p. 13°, (Home lib.) cl., *1. 

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tales for my children; il. by T. H. Robin- 
son. N. Y.,TheMacmillaDCo..l8e9. 16*. 
(Temple claasics,)limp teatb., 80 C. 

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Longmans, Green & Co., 1899. 12 v., iL 
12°, cl., |1,35. 
OontenUi 1. Hecollectiona of OeofTrj Hamlyn; ^ 

RaTeuahoe; >. The Hlllyan aDdtheBurtoni: i.Hiloote 

of Bllcolea: S. Stntton; 0. AuitlD Elliot, and TbeHar- 

--- - "'■ "Lthllde;_8. Old Xargarel. a ' ■ 

urt; 1:!. TheBoy Ingtcgr, 

Kliigsley, J: Stirling. Text-book of verte- 
brate zoolo^. N. Y., H: Holt &Ca., 1899. 
c. 6-i-488p. O. cl.,ne(, ?3. 

Tbe present volume liiolended lo (uppIeineatboUl 


Is alKi hoped that it 

ture of moD wbiS 
us uuleiii Tieired In the Ilcht of com- 
□logy. The flrst part of the work K 
J tline of the morphology of vertebram 
>ryo]0|[y. Tbe remainder ol the book 
9 at the claaalflcatloii of renebrataL 
B that on some omitholof^cal poluu 

'Singiley, Mary H. African studien, N. Y., 

The Macmillan Co. , 1899. 24-1-089 p. 8°, cl., 

■Kingsley, Mary H. Travels in West Africa, 

Congo Francis, Corlsco, and Cameroons. 

2ij ed. abridgeA. N. Y., The Macmillan 

Co., 1899. 20 + B41 p. il. 8°, c)., price n- 

dueed to $3. 
Kingsley, Rose G. A history of French art, 

1100-1899. N. T.. Longmans, Green &Co., 

1899. W-i-517p. O. cl., " 

cneh r 
1; The re 

and Louli 


; nineteen lb o 



and Mil— an outline i< 
culptuie before th«(«- 
*ance In France, Itn- 
— — -rBorthereniu* 

and' anh^cta 

'" are chaplen 

^ ...u.,^,...^ ....u^ape and ptaa- 
ary. genre, portrait, deooratin 

' Index. Oae p^ or'authorltiea 

Edgar B. The law of pleadingin 
civil actions and defenses under the code, 
also practice in appeal and error, with nu- 
merous forms and precedents, (with special 
reference to the Ohio code.) (2d ed.) Cin., 
W. H. Anderson & Co., 1898. c. 3 v., 
11-1-836; 4-1-827-1635 p. O. shp., |12. 
Kinney, Coates. Mists of fire: a trilogy and 
some ecloge, N. Y. and Chic, Rand, Mc- 
Nally & Co.. 1899. c, 288 p. D. si., $1.35. 


Ktnaalla, Frank, The degeite ration ol Doro- 
thy: ft novel. N, Y., O: W. Dilliarham 
Co., lS9g. c. S-320 p. D. d., |].60, 

A bigbW Improbable utopy about tho dlBoovery of 
tha Cnuiafusion of blood, full or det^ls totally uoiult- 
able tor notion. 

■Kipling, Rudyard. Works. Svxtatifca ed. 
N. Y.,TheH.B. ClafliiiCo.,1899. In 15 v., 
12°, J15; in 6 v., 16', $1.73; in 6 v., $8.50. 

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and verse of Rudyard Kipling, "Outward 
bound" ed. In 18 v. V. 13-16. N. Y., 
C: Sciibner's Sons, 1899. c. '98-'99. il. 8°, 
cl., gubt., per v., 13; hf. levant, |4. 

OmtenU: V. IS, GapCKlns courageoua: v. IS. The 
day'i work, pt. 1, Locludlag "The (on ot IiLb tsthor." 
Six Toluma. beBlniiiiiB with v. 13. will be ulded i" ihn 
twelra »lre»dy p-'--'— ■ -" 

I, Tha 

Kipling, Rudyard. Aitierican notes ; with 
introd. Boat,, Brown dE Co., 1899. c. 3- 
137 p. per. 8. cl., $1. 

•Kipling, Rudyard. Barrack- room ballads; 
[aUo] Story of the Oadabys. N. Y., A. L. 
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Kipling, Kudyard. Barrack -room ballads, 
and other poems ; with an introd. hy Na- 
than Haskell Dole. N, Y.,T: Y. Crowell 
ft Co., [1899.] c. 19+3G8 p. por. il. S 
(Faience lib.Jcl., 75 c. 

Kipling, Rudyard. Barrack-room ballada and 
other verses. [AUo] Di^artmpntal dittips 
and other verst^s, N. Y., M, F. MansBeld 
4 A. Weasels, [1889.] o. 3+96+3+B3p. it. 
D. cl., $1.50. 

CoBtsiQs In one volume the "Barrack-room bal- 
Departineatal ditties." with twelve lllua- 


Kipling, Rudyard. Tne betrothed. [N, Y., 

Alex. GrossetA: Co., 1899.] unp. por. nar. 

D. pap., 15 c. 
Kipling, Rudyard. Thebetrothed; wiihdraw- 

ioga by Blanche IfcManus. N. Y., M. F. 

Mansfield & A. Weasels, [1899,] unp. sq. S. 

bds., $1. 
KipUng, Rudyard. The brushwood boy; il. 

by Oraon Lowell. N. Y., Boubleday & 

McCiure Co., 1899. c. '95-'99. 6-119 p. D. 

cl.. $1.50. 

TblR dream-romance appeared flnt lo The Oenhtr]/ 
In 18a&, and was later collected In the volume "Tha 
day'i wiirk." II » now broUM-ht out Id od artistic 
■hape, with many iltiutratlonB. marginal decorations. 

in the city of Calcutta, and of Its many ptaaBca iif vice 
aod misery. In chapters entitled: A real live city: The 
nflactlons of a city; The councils of the goJn: On 
(hebanksof theHuKll; With the Calcutta police; The 
etty of dreadful Dlght; Deeper and deeperitlll; CoD- 
cornlnK Lucia. 
•Kipling, Rudyard. The city of dreadful 

night, and other stories. N. Y., J. 8. 

Ogilvie Pub. Co., 1899. SCO p. 13°, pap., 

N. Y., Street & Smith, 

238 p. D. (Arrow lib., no. 97.) pap., 10 c. 
Kipling:, Rudyard. Dannv Deever, [N. Y., 
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D. pap., 15 c. 


KipUug, Rudyard. Departmental dittiei; 

Kpographical facaimili-, bv the De Vinno 
■esa, o( the first (Lahore, 1886)ed. N. Y., 
M, F. Maoslleld & A. Weasels, 1899. unp. 
Q. pap,, net, $2.50. [Limited to 250copiea.] 

Kipling, Rudyard. [Departmental ditties,] 
Olosaarv lo accompany " Departmental 
ditties, OS written oy Rudyard Kipliofc. 
N. Y., M. F. Hanafleld <t A. 'WesaeU, 1899. 
c. 4-fl3p. D., 75 c. 

Words from Oriental laOEUaces. with thalr Enellsb 
equWalenta, that appear In "Departmental ditties." 
Every other pare only la printed on, leavlogipace for 

Kipling, Rudyard. From i^ea to sea: letters 
of travel. N. Y., Doubleday & McClure 
Co., 1896. L-. 3 v.. 18+460; 7+400 p. D. 
cl„ $3. 

An authorized edition of the collected letten ol 
travel In India. Buraiab. Japan, and the United atatea 
that Kr. Kipling has wrliKn during the iMtten vaa» 
and baa just edited and revised. It includss hitherto 

tha Qrst time, orthe " 

Bm Ithadml'n letratloa . 

KipUng, Rudyard. Ounga Din. [N. Y.,Alex. 
OrossFt & Co.. 1699.} uop. por. nar. D, 

KipUng. Rudyard. His majesty the king ; 
(also] Wee Willie Wiokie; il. by J. W. Ken- 
nedy. Host., Dana Batea & Co., [1899.] 
c. 8-57p.D. (Young of heart aer.. no. 18.) 

Kipling, Rudyard. Indian tales ; with orig- 
inal il., by L. J. Bridgman and others. 
Oriental ed. N. Y., H. M. Caldwell Co., 
[1899.] c. 6 + 750 p. por. O. cl., $2. 

Kipling, Rudyard. The Kipling birthday 
book ; comp. by Jos. Finn ; authorized by 
Rudyard Kipling; [11. by J. Lockwood Kip- 
linK.] N. Y., Doubleday & McClure Co., 
1899. c. 3+278 p. S. cf., $1. 

The left-hand pages of this little book contain se- 
lection* from Kipling's writings, there being two 
quoiatlons for each day of the year, in many caeea 

blank spacex, one (or each day, In which names and 
birthday sentiments may be Inscribed, The volume is 
compiled by Joseph Finn, and Is autborlzed by Ur. 

CoattnU: V. l.Wltbout benefit ot clergy, ES p.; r. B, 
The man who would be king, H p.; v. S.The Incarna- 
tion of Krishna Hulvaney. ST p.; V 1. The siraDge ride 
oTUorrowblaJukea.SOp.: v.B.Tha courtlOK of Dinah 

Kipling, Rudyard. A Kipling primer; includ- 
ing biographical and criticu,! chapters, an 
indextoMr. Kipling's principal writingB and 
bibliographita, by F. Lawrence Knowles, 
Boat.. Brown & Co., 1899. c. 8-319 p. 
1 il.$1.26. 
The title covers the contents; the bibliographies are 

a blhlloKraphy of lint editions (I p.), and abibliography 

of reference articles (B p.l. 

Kipling, Rudyard. Kiplingiana: biographical 

iind bibliographical notes auent Budyard 

Kiplintr. N. Y., M. F. Manalleld & A. Wes- 

sels, [1899.] c. 4 + 188 p. por. 8. cl., $1.25. 

A. selection or the many anecdotes and paragraphs 

nurrcnt relative to Kipling, preceiled by a brief b log. 

raphy to date, and ooinpleied by " some oontrtbutlona 

to a blbllDgrapby of and about Rudyard Elpllng," 

(!» p.l, A binding togelherot the numbe™ ot the Kip. 

ling note-book. ( ^ > > iT . 

ElpUng, Rudvard. HaDdalaj. Larle ed., 
with il. by Kob. Bdgren. S&n Francisco, 
Cal., Doxey Book Co., 1899, obi, 12°, bde. 

Kipling, Rudyard, Mine own people : The 

courtiDf: of Dinah Shadd, N. Y., A. L. 

Burt, 1899, 4+388 p. 12°, (Home lib.) el., 

•Klpl „ 

N. Y., A. L. Burt, 1899. 

Kipling, Rudyard. Recessional.' a Victorian 

ode. [N. Y., Alex. Grosset & Co., 1899.] 

unp. por. nar. D, pap., IB c. 
•Etpliiu;, Rudvard. Soldier storips. Btv. td. 

H^ Y..TheS. B. Claflin Co., 1SB9. il. 12°, 

pap., 50 c. 
Kipling, Rudyard. SUIky & Co. N. Y., 

Doubleday &. McClure Co., 189S. c. '97- 

'99. 8+310 p. il. O. cJ., $1.50. 

These nine connected aCorle. al Bchoal-boT life are 
evidently ba«Bd upon tbe writer'* own eiperlencea at 
t>.B, nndort Haniiwi rniinit. at WeBtwaM Ho. North 
the book la dedicated, 
iree chu mi-" Stalky " 
rjihem throuKb dwli 

"Stalky £ Co." i 


a? tbe tk 

Kiplingi Rudyard. Ten gems frnm Kipling. 
N. Y., F M. Buckles & Co., [1899.] 69+ 
4 blank p. por. 1 il. D. bds., 75 c. 

'; Belts; DannjfDBever;Tfi«lj 

ling: beiOK' & year-book ol Bekctd 
the earlier works of Mr. Rudyard Kipling; 
with introd. and bibliography. Bost., 
Brown & Co., [1899.] c. '98. 5+144p.por. 
D. cl., II. 

TblH little book turnlshea a ouotatlon rroia Klplltig 
loreaebilay of tbeyear. The introducKan embraoos 
• ■ketcb of hla life and wrItlnKB. Biblloerapby of Urat 
edlUana(4 p.). Contents of Klplln^'a early protevorka 
a p.). Index to verne and prose leleetloQ.. Subject 

KlpUng, Rud\ard. The vampirp. N, T., 
Alex. Orosaet & Co., 1899. c. il. 4', pap,, 
folded. 60 c. 

yl«n''arep'Xl'uctlSQ VuS^fo^eT^c) of tbe well"n™" 

painting of that name by Burne. Jones. 

Kipling, Rudyard. The vampire. [N. Y., 

Alex. Grosset S; Co., 1899,] unp. por, nar, 

D. pap., 15 c. 
Kipling note-book (A), No, 1 : illuat rations, 

anecdotes, hibliographical and biographical 

facts anent this foremost writer of Action. 

N. T., M. F. Mansfleld &. A. Weasels, 1899. 

IS p. nar. D. pap., 16 c. 

Contentt: Apologia: A brief biography to date; A 
blogmph teal note; A Kipling romance: Klpllnn'i flrsl 
book; The nrat Indian editions; An Indian newspaper 
office; Departmeatal ditties; Out of India; KlpUng an 

"Kitcbway, O; W. A partial collection of 
cases and otlier authorities on the law of 
mortgage. N. Y., Prof, G: W. Kirchwey, 
1899, c. 0+333 p. 8°, cl. 


'^Eizk, E: The cupola furnace: a practical 
treatise on the construction and maaage- 
mebtor foundry cunolas. Phil., H: Carey 
Baird, 1899. 18+361 p. it. 12*, d., $3.50. 

Kirk, Mra. Ellen "Warner Olney, ["Henry 
Hayes," useud.] Dorothy and her friends. 
Bost., Houghton, MitHia & Co., 1899. e. 
4+4S1 p. D. cl., $1.35. 
Tbe further ttory of "Dorothy Deane" after ibe 

went to liTB iifar New York. 

Kirk, May. Tbe Baldwin primer. N. Y., 

American Book Co., [I89S.] 8-138 p. sq. 8. 

c]., 80 c. 
Kirk, Rob. C. Twelve months in Klondike. 

Phil., J. B. Lippiacott Co., 1899. 13+273 p. 

il. map, D. c\.,jikt, $2, 

DesiTlbes how the little rasMl Kxaitior (teamed 
tbtvuicb tbeQolden Oate, San rraacticD, on July It. 
■ " ' ' ' ot Ibe diaooTery of gold Id 



laereated In the cl 

of tb 

... . __ __ jgeeDdured, 

are all graphically lold, and one ^Mclal encaiopDient I* 
described In tbe winter of IKi-96. where the tempera- 
ture for weeks averaged TC* belo* zero Tbefloraaud 
fauna, tbe glaciers, northern li^ta. and Inbabituu 
ara studied bc lent! deal I y 

Kirkland, Eliz. Stansbury, eomp. One thou- 
sand composition subjects for the use of 
teachers and pupils. [iVetc is»u«.] N. T., 
Hinds & Noble, [1809.] c. '88. 1+62 p. 8. 
pap., 35 c. 
'Kitchen boiler connection*: a selection of 
practical letters and articles relating to 
water backn and range boilers. Sin ed. 
enl., comp. from the Metal Worker. N. 
Y., D: Williams Co., 1899. c. 195 p. 12*, 
cl., »1. 
•Kttton, F: Q. Dickens and his illustrators 
N. Y., New Amsterdam Book Co., 18»>, 
pore. il. 8°, cl., net, $13. 
•Klaber, J: C. Void judicial and execution 
sales, and the rights, remedies, and liabili- 
ties of purchasers thereat, [etc.] N. Y., 
The Banks Law Pub, Co., 1899. c. 480 p. 
U. shp., $4.60. 
Kleist, H: v. Prina Friedrich von Hombu^ 
ein Schauspiel; ed., with an introd. and 
notes, by J: SchoUe Nollen, Boat., Olon 4 
Co.. 1699. c. 73+173 p. D. (Inter national 
niodern language ser,) 90 c, 
Knackfuas, Herrmann. Holbein; tr. by Camp- 
bell Dodgson. N. Y., Lemcke & Buechner, 
1899. 3+ ISO p. pors. il. O. (Monographs on 
artists, no, a.) flex, cl., $1.50. 
Knackfuas, Herrmann. Raphael ; tr. by 
Campbell Dodgson, N. Y., Lemcke Jz 
Buechner, 1899. 4+132 p. par. il. O (HoDo- 
iphs on artists: ed. and written jointly 
H. KnackfusH and other artists, no. I.) 



if Baphael's life and 

works. Theptcturesreprewnttbearilat'sL 

works, and are lariely full-paee picture* taken from 

tbe tFit. Tills IB Che flrst wnrk of a aerlas which win 

tory of the great periods ol 

Knackfuii, Herrmann. 

graphs I 

160 p. por, il. O. (Mono. 

la, DO. 8.) $1.50. 
ch this II the third volume, waa 
lecord." P. W., Kax. 18. ■9S. [IJIff]. 
last of tbe palntera whocasM 

. The reproductkms of hii woib, 

locluded. ibow almost all of bli celebrated picture*. 

The series, of w 

called really great. 


N. Y., Lcmcke & 
Buechner, 18»9. 6+83 p. il. O. (Hono- 
grapbB on artiata, no. 4.) cl., (l.EH). 
A brief aketoh or the life and worka of thegraat 

picture* •nddrnrlnge. Freceded In the lerLsB by toI- 

nicea oa R&phsel, HolbelD, and Rembraodl. 

EsappgW:!. Lite, writmga.and oarreapond- 
once of George Borrow, 1803-1881: based 
on official and authentic aources. N. Y., 
G: P. PutDEim's Sooa, 189S. c. 2 v., 1G+ 
»7C; 8 + 8B3P. pora, il. O. cL. |6. 
The Author of "The Btble In Bpalii"snd "L&vsD- 

KR)"buforthellntlimea full and kutbeutlc blDg- 

rmpby. After hia death In IBSl " * 

of Yale, made - -■-- ■ -^ 

manzlQee tba 

ADd the artlcif 

ErentuKllv be ubo securea bu papers, cne 

>nce of half a century and more, tlamanui 

the scattered remains of his library. Fror 


. glTe a full 
rly struggle. . 
withdrawal fro 


lulble for the 
■, hla la 

Bi plain 

rurolsb correct data for bis personal history. Cbrc 
logical bibliography of the writings of George I 
row, laat-ISHiSSp.). Index. 

■Knight, Arthur Lee. The young Rajah. N. 

v., E. P. Button & Co., 1898. il. 13*. bda., 

50 o. 
'Knight, H. B. Finlay. A ^ntleman Trom the 

ranks. N. Y., TD« MacmilUa Co., 189S. 

434 p. 8%cl.,|2. 
Knobel, E: Field key to the land birds. 

Boat., Bradlee Whidden, 1899. c. & col. 

pl.+3+55 p. il. D. cl., net, tl.75. 

There are ISO QEurea of the birds of the United 
States In color dlstribulEd on nine plate*, tbe arrange- 
tneut being according to size, aa that ts the flrgt thiag 
that strikes the eye of tbe novice. Each bird li num- 
' a full deecrlptlon of tta size, coloring, bill, 
■--- 1, together-"'- 

it* common ana 
of the birds tor 

clentlflc nai 

pbabetlcal list 

Enobel, E: The grasaea, aedgea, and ruahesof 
the northerii United Stateaianeaay method 
ot identification. Boat., Bradlee WhidOeu, 
1899. c. 78 p. il. O. cl., net, $1. 

The system of ideut in cation folloired leads grad- 
ualiv rrom the stmpleit form to themostcompllcateii. 
Technical expression* are aroldad In explaining, but 
tbe Latin name* ot grauee are given. There are 
taenty-eigtat full'page plates. Facing each are the 
name* of tbe gTBUes Qgured In the plaleavlth a single 
■pikelet of the ^ra** preceding each name so it may at 
once be recoeolzed, Tbe eraasea on the plates are 
almost life-size. 

*Kaopf, S. A., X.D. Pulmonarv tubercu- 
loaia: ita modern prophylaxis ana the treat- 
ment in iipecial inatitutiona and at home i 
AlTer«nga prize eeaay ot the College of 
PhTsiciaas ot Phila., 1898. rev. and enl. 
Phil., P. Blakiaton'a Sod &. Co., 1899. c. 
848 p. il. 8*, ol,.ne(, $8. 

"ZnowlM.Atherton. Text-bookof Anglican 
aervice-muaic : tracing iU ditvelopment 
from Thomas Tallis to S: Sobaati»n Wea- 
tev. N. Y., imported by C: Scribner'a 
Sons. 1899. BB p. Ifl', ci., net, 80 c. 

■KnowlM, Mm. B.J. Spirit and life. Boat., 
Silver, Burdett & Co., 1890. c. 320 p. 
16*, cL, %\. 

Knowlaon, T. Sharper. The art of thiokirig. 
N. Y., F: Warne ft Co., 1899. 5-(-139 p. D. 
cl., t^■ 

'• Life is so complex," the author says. " tbe stmt- 

tie tor existence an keen, and pleasure* of various 
Ibdsare to cheap and abundant, that men and wotaen 

tl KRAUSfi 

■■em to live entirely on the snrface ot tblng*. What 
we need l*a call to independent thought.''^ It is In 
pursuance of this idea that ha ha* written this little 
book to enoouragepeopleto think, sugvestlng methods 
fordoing so. The chapter* are called: The thinking 
faculty; Thoughts and bow to gather them; Studies In 
prejui^ce; Thoughts as Innueuced by emotion; Oen- 
eral rules for clear thlnklngi ConstmctlTe (hInklnBi 
Thought in lu moral aspects. 

Knowlton, Helen Mary. Art life of WilUatt 

Morria Bunt; with it. from hia works. 

Bost., Little, Brown ft Co., 1899. a. 8+ 

219 p. por. O. cl., |d. 

The subject of thla memoir wss bom in IBM and died 
In 1S19. Hiss KQowltofl was a pupil of Mr. Hunt's and 
is tbe editor of his well known '' Talks on art." She 
write* of him from a long association both as pupil and 

articles in current Journals, eve , etc. The prominent 
place he held In Amarloan art Is deBnltely stated, 
also thi? Influence he exerted Tor all tbac was best and 
truest in art. Ur. Hunt studied in France fora number 
of year* and was tbe intimate of Corot and Hillet, and 

people. He excelled as a tlgure painter and In por- 
traiture; also painted landscape*. 

Kobbs, Ouatave. Uiriam; il. by U.J. Bums. 
N. Y-,T:Y. Crowell&Co., (1899.] c. '98. 
!t-M p. 1 il. D. (What ia worth while ser.) 
leatherette, SC c. 

A story of the Nantucket New Boutb Shoal Light- 
ship, no. 1, told in native dialect, published In IWe by 
the same publishers In a different style. 
*2onlg, Ed., D.D. The exiles' book of conso- 
lation, contained in Isaiah ZL. toixvi.: a 
critical and exegeticat ntudy ; from the 
German, by Rev. J. A. Selbie. N. Y., im- 
' C: Scrtbner's Sona, 1899. 218 p. 


irted by 
!% cl., f 1, 


Korea, J: Economic aspects of the liquor 

groblem; an investigation made for The 
ommiltee of Fifty under the direction of 
H:W. Farnam. Boat., Houghton, Mifflin & 
Co., 1899. c. 10-1-827 p. D.ol.,tl.50. 

The Investigation cover* ll> Poverty and liquor; (81 
Pauperlamandllquor: (SIDestltullon of children and 
Kquor; ») Crime and liquor; (G> The nogroe* and tbe 
liquor problem; ((DThelndiansand Iheljouarproblem; 
in Social aspecU of the saloon in Great britaln. Tbe 

waste and loss entailed by the "drink bablt." Uany 

ot various InvestlgHtlon*. Ihere 1* a blbliognphy 
(10 p.). 

■KoTsohalt, E,, and Heider, K. Text-book ot 
embryology of invertebratea; tr, from the 
German by Matilda Bernard, with addi- 
tional notes by Martin F. Woodvvard. V. 
2, Phoronidea, bryozoa, ectoprocta, brachi- 
opoda, entoprocta, Crustacea, paloioatraca; 
V. 8, Arochnida, pentaatoinidae, pantopoda, 
tardlgrada onychophora, mynopoda in- 
sfcta, N. Y., The Macmillan Co.. 1899. 
16-)-37B; 12+441 p. 8*, cl., net, ea.. |3.25. 

■Eoachwitz, E: The study of col1oc(uial 
and literary French: a manual tor stu- 
denla and teachers; adapted from the Ger- 
man, by P. ShawJeffrev; with nolea on 
the prespnt atage of modern languatre. by 
K: Brpul, M. B^nhon, Prof. Weetley. Mias 
Stephen, Miss Pope, and Miss flpale. N. Y., 
The Macmillan Co., 1899. 26 + 392 p. 12*, 
cl., net, 11.10. 

Kraui6, Lyda Farrington, ["Barbara Tech- 
ton," psewd.l A cycle of stories. N. Y., 
T: Whittaker. (1899.] c. 2+137 p. il. D. 

Twenty-one short Btories. -n ny ^iOOQIC 

KRAUSfe l; 

Eratui, Lyda FarringtoD, ["Barbara Yech- 
toQ," pseud,] A young savage. Bost., 
Uoughtoa, Miaim&Co.,18Se. c. 4+311 p. 
D. cl.. $1.!>Q. 

JuanluKyle !■ the "youDg »*■«•." wboMtaUiir 
lud rapidly made a fortun' !□ CoJorado. Hhe had led 
ttlsCrec. uocODTsutlonal life oC Ibetu wsst— rldlns, 

New York (amlly, once rKh but reduood iDfortuno, 
reBned uid judiciously kind. HDWIbent Bnt ebocked 
the lACimen; bawsha vugr*duallT "Uunal"by tbe 
pMlcnt inTKlldlim of the mother, the KJuTnln^ iSintmrn 
oF a daughter, and yst mora by tfaepreaebceora toa — 
all tbli 1> told In an attractive Btyle, and maliea a 
tborooghlj wholeeotna atory. 

'Krauiie, Alexis. Russia in Asia, & i-ecord 
and a study. 1598-1899. N. Y., H: Holt dE 
Co., 1899. IS+411 p. maps, 8°, cl.,t4. 
Erabblal, H. P, The history; ot the geoerat 
confereuce ol the MeQnoaiCeB at Nartti 
America. Cauton, O., published by the 
author, U. P. Krehbiel, 18S8 c. 30+SO4p. 


•Kroah, C: P. A three-year praparatory 
course in Freacb, covering all the require- 
ments for admission to universities, col- 
leges, and schools ol science. N. Y., The 
MacmillaDCo., 1899. 9-<-386p. 12',cl., n«t, 
•Kropotkln, Prince F: Alexeivitch. Fields, 
tac^ries, and workshops ; or, two sister 
arts, industry and agriculture. Host., 
Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 18SS. 8*, cl., IS. 
Sropotklo, Prince P; Alexeivitch, Memoirs 
ot a revolutionist. Bost., Houghton, Mifflin 
&fo., 1899. o. 14-H519 p. por. D. cl., «2. 
Hardly auy man ot thin K^iTatloa baa bad a tnora 
varied and ftdventuroua career than that of Prinea 
KropotklD, the famous RuuUui revolutlonlBt, He be- 
loDBi to the oldest RuMlan nobility, wai for some yean 

Kaonedlntherortrauorst. PeMrandSt. PauUn Bt. 
tettbuTg. After an ImprlH ■"■ ' - 

escaped under moat (hrllllDs ' 

turned te preaAbravoLutloD lii QwibtvriHju »iiu jt^icr 
Id France wbere be wa* again Imprtaoued, Latterly 
b* ha* redded la KoKland, where he baa wrltteu mucb 
In favor ot hia Bocial and political tbeorlea. Fub- 
Uahed la the AUanlie UonlUy und»r the title "Tbe 
autobiography of a revolutlonut," and now much an- 

*Kroiut,J: Michael. Outlines ot meditations 
extracted from the meditations of J: 

cl.,net, 40 c. 
Erout, Mary E. A looker on in I 

N. Y., Dodd, Mead & Co., 18B9. 

353 p. D. cl., $1.50. 

Ml«a Krout, In her capacity of loumalHI 
, _.._ . .V '-g Qf Parlfament Ir 

5, till tl 

of the 

period wa» a peculiarly Interesting- epoch 

in Eneilsb filBt^ry. The ConwrvallTe parly was re- 

of "^Prince Henry of Batlenberg aacrlMeed; theTranB- 
yaal waa Invaded by Dr. Jameaon, and he^nnd his fol- 


.k place 


; the 

U (he si^phicully d< 

Id Carlyle-i 


Krilgar, F. C. Theo. A step forward: a trea- 
tise on possible social reform, N Y., J^ H, 
BlanchardCo., 1899. c. 30 p. O. pap., n.p. 

■Enemmel, Konrud. In the Turkish camp, 
and oth>;r stories; from the German, by 

Euhns, Oscar, comp. French reading for 
beginners; mith notes and vocabulary. N. 
Y., H;Holt&Co., 189». c. 5+810 p. D. 
cl., net, 70 c. 

*SuTper, Abraham, D.D. Calvinism: the 
L. P. Stone lei'tures for 1808-1899, N. Y, 
and Chic, Fleming H. Bevell Co., 1899. 
275p. 8°, cl.,nei, $1,25. 

•Kyle, D. Braden, M.D. Text-book of dis- 
eases of the nose and throat. Phil., W. 
B. Saunders, 1899. c. 480 p. il. 8*, cl., $4; 
sbp. orht. mor.,$6. 

Iiabioh*,, Eugtne Marie. La grammaire: 
comedie en un acte; ed., with iiitrod. and 
notes, bv Herman H. PiatL Boat.,Oinn& 
Co., 1899. 5 +62 p. D. (International modem 
language ser.) cl., 40 c. 

Iia BtSta, Jean de. My uncle and my cure; 
tr. by Ja. W. Clarkson. N. Y„ T: Y. 
Cronell & Co., [1899.1 c 8+373 p. por. 
il. 8. (Faience lib.) cl., 7G c. 

■Iiaohman, Arthur. The spirit of organic 
chemistry: an introductioD to the current 
literature of the subject; with an introd. 
by Paul C. Freer, M.D. N. Y., The Mac- 

Ulan Co., 
Ladd, O: Trumbull, 

. 12', cl., net. 

Essays on the higher 
. . _ . _ . C:Scribner'sSon8,189S. 
c. 7 + I42p. D. cl.,ne(, $1. 

The louraaaaya relata to: The darelapmenlot the 
American Onlveralty: The place of the flttlns school 
in American education; Bducallon, new and old; & 
modern liberal education. 
Iiadd, O: Trumbull. A theory of reality: an 

essay in metaphysical systemi upon the 

basis of human cognitive experience. N. 

Y.,C:8oribner's Sons, 1899. c. 15+366p. 

0. cl., (4. 

This new Tolume by Profeasor Ladd brings to Its 
clone the serial ot books in which tha author has 
dealt with the general problem of reality — Ihlon and 
mlnds-aqd tha possibility and the validity of Snowl- 
edRa. TheformerTolumeswere "Fbilosapby of knowl- 
edge " and ■' Philosophy of mind." 

Iiaflaur, Paul T, Illustrations of logic. Bost., 
Qinn&Co., 1S99. c. 6+97 p. D, cl., 45 c. 

In the present collecllon, ULustratl^ic fundamaotal 
processes of deductive logic, with eaamples taken 

primarily, tlie needs of teachers of tbeaubject. 

*Iia Fontaine, J: de. One hundred fablea oi 
La Fontaine; il. by P. J. BQlinghurst. N. 
Y., J: Lane, 1899. 4°. cl., »1.60. 

IiagerlBf, Selma. Invisible links; from the 
Swedish by Pauline Bancroft Plach. Bost., 
Little, Brown & Co., 1890. c. 4+286 p. 
D. cl., |1.5" 

The legend of" 
outlaws; The 
Maiiih - ■ 

■Ik.; The r 

A fallen 

' a Bsbennan's 


Cbe climbinE n 

*Lag;arI&f, Selnia. The miracles of antichrist: 
from' the Swedish, by Pauline Bancroft 
Flach. N. Y., American News Co., 16W. 
c. 5 + 378 p. 12", pap., SB c. 
Published by arrangement with Little, Brown A Oo- 

Ii^erlfif, Selma. The miracles of AqU- 
clirrst: a novel; from theSwedish bv Pauline 


edish bj F 


Baocroft Flach. Boat.. Little, BrowD & 
Co., 1898. c. S4-378p.,$l.M; ft>pit- 
lar ed.,c\., 75 o. 

Under the oarne at Antichrist the &utbor deioribefl 
the mkny minkclet ol pragreii* and InvenCton tbat&ll 
make for the msteria[ bapplaess ol thl> world. The 
D«ir uicialUm eipecially, of which the chief propheU 
ore atheists, aRnaatlcn, or psKuis. Is ahovD lo be a 
failure, becaiue it la of itals world only, bestowlujc upon 
people only that of which chaase ol cfroumstancBa 
andotber rloinituda may rob tbera- The sQiil. the 
hope, the courage of the world Is ■acrlBced to greed 
wkI tlnglWe rlcBes. The form of BotloD lavs the seena 
InSiclly, and all the legends and super Btltlons of the 
popDlace are used »"*--■-■* "■■-'' 

the world a boiler iilace. 

■LahM, H: C. Famous violinists of to-day 
and yeBterctay. Host., L. C. Page A Co., 
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Lalat, Al«x.. eomp. Handbook of the Philip- 
pine iBlajids; tr. from the Compendia ae 
Oeografta of P. Francisco X. Baraneraj 
with a historical sketch by Alex. Laist. 
Manila, W: Partier, I89B. c. [Butte City, 
Montana, J: F, Daviea, Butte Free Pubfic 
Librarv.i 5-152 p. T. cl., 75 c. 
Contains In coDdansed form the Information that 

tbs BTeraee perwin deshes about the Philippines. 

Mr. Lalst compiled Che book when a private In the 1st 

MonUaa Volunteers on duty In the Wands. Mr. J: F. 

Daiin, formerly librarian of the Butte Free Public 

Library, Montana, has agreed to sell the wurk for 

Lala, Ramon Reyes. The Philippine Islandx. 
N. Y., Continental Pub. Co., [1899.] c. '98. 
18-S43 p. poFH. il. maps, Q. cl., $2.50. 
ConfenCs' Sirly history of the iilands; The British 
occupation; The apaolah colonial Bovernment; The 
church In the colony; The rarious tribes In the Philip- 
pines; The Uohammedaas of Sulu; Manila: Other 
important cities and towns; Natural beauty of the 
archipelago: History of commerte hi the Philippines; 
Commnrce during the present centuiy; A^cultnre- 
Ihe sugar and rice crops: The bempplant and Its usee; 
Culture and use of tobacco: The cultivation of coSm; 
Betel-Qut. grain, and fruit growing; Useful woods and 
plaols; HiDeral wealth of the Isrands: Animal life In 
thecolooy: Struggleoftbenilplnosfor liberty: Dewey 
MMuila: The American occupation. 
"Lamb, C: Complete works in prose and verse, 
incl. "Poetry for children" and "Prince 
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and a facsimile: ed., with notes and iatrod., 
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(675 copies.) 

Contents: V. 1, Eways of Ella «8+83? - ' " •■ 

Un iWHaTi of Ella (It-rSaa p). Vs S, (. Pc 

andmlscellaneous. v8.1,!(a-fi9fl;8+aT0i . 

Brs. LBlcesler'sschoolandother writings in prose and 

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"0., 1899. 14+869 { -. , — 

leHrat section of tbea 

DOW Lady flravefrSan _. ^ 

low the gentler side of Landor, Kose Paynt«r 
aoleceof Rose Aylmer. forwbom he had a yuuth. 

.ttacbment and whom he has Immortalized In aa 

II qulslte little lyric. With the second Rose he kepi 


.o the • 


verses every birthday 
letters, with the Inters 
thelady ■ ■-- 

of his lite [18U]; sent her 

I other 

a, Mr. Wbee 

. ThcB 


i9 + 166 p. 8. 
rery of 


. gives tL 

. .jtion consists of political 

and public letters written during iSS-1S40. 

Landor, Walter Savage. Selections from the 
" Imaginary conversations " of Walter 
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ik Mr. Lang has brought it 

eqondpart^of bis "Making the book drat appeared.* 
■Ith Its main thesis In some cases 

iBKCsarePBtainedin noles, COBhow tt_ 

levelopment oftheftuthor'soplnions, A fragment or 



Lang, Andrew, ed. The red book of animal 
stories; selected and ed. bvAndren Lang; 
il. by H. J. Ford. N. T., Longmans. 
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aa English poem ot the fourteenth century 
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04+3 p. O. bds., tl-00. 
A littla Btory Srst published Id TAg Indepetulaitt 

18S8, telllQK or the aimple life of a pel mcwklaK-bird. 

Iiouier, Sidney. Letters of Sidney Lanie 
selections from hia correspondence, I860- 
1881. N. Y., C: Scribner's Sons, """ 
8+346 p. pors. O. cl., (2. 

Slilnoj lAoIor wu born at Maeon, Q». , 

died in 1S8I. Aa Introduotion by Wiliiaia R. Tbayer 

were vrlttan. The; are divided: Letters to Mr 0°" 
(on Peacock; A puet'i musical reailnlBceDCHH, which 
tells or a happy sooBoa In Nan York in IS73, during 
irhich Lanier wrote ro his wife or hla ImprssiiioDs or 
Theodore Thomas, Christine MIsbod. Che WaEoer 
operas, etc.: Letteni betwfsa Bayard Taylor and La- 
nier; Letter* to Paul Hamilton Hayne. Coiiialas too 
portralU and a letter to Bayard Taylor in facsimile. 

Lanier, Sidney. Retrospects and prospects: 

descriptive and historical essays. N. Y., 

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cl., tl.SO. 

ContenU: Retrospects and prosperl«; San Antonio 
de Bexar: Confederate memorial oddreas; The new 
south: Sketches of India. 
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man. by E: Holt Button: Aristotle, byT: Davidson: 
Herbert Spencer, by F. Howard Collins: Plato, by Paul 
Ii« Runs, Louise de, [" Ouida."] La atregf 

nnd other stories; with a frontispiece n 

J. H. Betts. Phil., Drexel Biddle, I89( 

c. 288 p^D. ci„t].6_0 
RulT; ElB 
Ztuned, Linda Hull. The bosteHS of to-day 

il. bv Mary Oowles Clarke. N. Y., C: Scrib- 
ner's Sons, 1899. c. 14+308 p. D. cl 


imp. nar. S. cL, |1.B0; leatfa., 12; id. de 
Ittxe, $B. 

Praiera for Intorralsor pauses In the sarrice of the 
uus tor which the BoiA of Common Prayer proridM 
> ^e«laipr»yors._ The little book la Jlluatmiad with 

prayers ___ 

page conTentlonal deelRns of the ritaal acu of 
—* during mass, is printed in hearr Eucllsh 

•I.arwood, Jacob, [pseud, for L. R. Sadler,] 
and Hotten, J: Camden. The history of 
signboards; incl. anecdotes of famons 
taverns and remarkable cbaractera. A'ew 
cheaper ed., with col. frontispiece and 9* 
il. N. Y., imported by C: Sonbner's Sona, 
1899. 550 p. 13°, cl., H.35. 

Iia*ance,£ev.FrancisXavier,conip. Apioua 
preparation for firstholy communion; with 
a retreat of three days; comp. and adapted 
by Rev. F. X. Lasance. N. Y., Benzimr 
Bros.,. 1899. c. '98. 440 p. il, T. cl., 76 c! 
A manual of speclBl devotions, which oontalos tbe 
rule of life," especially Htted to the needs of the Bni 

oommunleant. The book may be used at mass, or for 

daily prayera at home and in church after tbe OiM 

communion haa been made. 

Idthbory, Mev. Clarence. Gkid winning us; 

with a prefatory verse by Mrs. Hary A. 

Lathbury. Oermantown, Pa., The Swe- 

denborg Publishing Aasociation. 1898. c. 

5+159 p. 8. cl.,40c. 

WUh an Introductory ohopter on Emanuel Sweden- 
borg are ohaptera on Bwedenbonrion doctrin™ under 
the lltlHi: Ood; Man; The Bible; This world; The other 
world; God aecammodatlng himself to us (Incama- 
tlan); Ood winning ua (Atodementl; Bod openinegnr 
eyes (Faith); Ood growing in us (Regeneration); "-■■ 
acting through ualReligton--""' — -■ 

id caring for us (PtdtI- 

Iiatlmsr, lUra. Mary Elizabeth "Wormeley. 
Judea from Cyrus to Titus, 537 B.c.-TO a.d. 
Chic. A. C. Mcaurg&Co.. 1899. c. S83p. 
il. pors. O. cl., $2.50, *^ 

81i hundred years of Jewish htstOTj, from Cyrus to 
tus.are ODTeredbythls work which Is written for Ihe 
tsnoroi reader" like the author's "Spain intbenine- 

CyruB the Great, Z 

I, and othera 
Laughton, J: Knox, ed. From Howard to 
sailors, Phil., J. B. Lip- 

Nelson; twelvf __ _ _ _ 

pincottCo., 1899. 8+470 p. pors. mans. '6 
cl., «3,B0. ^ 

Contcntt- Howard, by J. Knoi Laughton; Drake. 
by Sir F: O. D. Bedford; Biaks, by Mon^uBunSS- 
Hooke.byCC Penroae Fltigaraid: Anson, by Aibett 
"" ■ ■ ■ " " twko and Boseawen, by Sir Ed- 

Rodney, by Sir H. Veyaey Ham. 

— ,, ,., .ees Jackson; Hood, by Sir R 

Veywy Hamilton; St. Vincent and Kelson by Philip 



market price 

o eatimi 

Idvlgaao, Albert, Music and nmsiciane; with 
B4il. and 510 examples in musical notation; 
tr. by W: Marcfaant; ed., with additions 
._ ,. • America, by H. E. Krehbiel. 

-" "■"- '"" 7+504 p. 

of dishes In daiiy ui 
Besides the hint- -- 


o the a< 

e dinn 


yof . 

d lunc 

recipes for every sort ot choice disk. Fully illustrated. 

Iiartabee, E: A,, comp. Prayers at mass; 
with the order of benediction of the most 
holy sacrament, and other euchanstic de- 
votions for American Catholics; corap. by 
Rev. E; A. Larrahee; pictured bv Rob, W, 
Hyde. Chic, Rob. W. Hyde, |;1899.] 

ciudlnc biographic* 

e flnt chapter, dls- 

" deals with bar- 

Idwford, L. E. Mrs. Baxter's b&bv: a farce 
in one act. ZHck't American ed. N. V., 
Dick & Fitzgerald, [1899.] 18 p. D. pap., 

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seventeenth century, (ISTO-lTOOj) nith a 
chroaoIofEical list of the book auctions of 
the period. N. Y., A. C. ArmatronK & Son, 
[1897.] 44+341 p. S. (Book-lover's lib.) cl., 

Tha Qto ch»pt»ri »re devotfld to; Wlilldm Cooper'l 
Hka, tflr«-S8; ^wanl UllllnBtoa'abookaucUona.lBW- 
]<m : Other EagLlali bcwli kuctioneen ol tbe aevBii- 
laenth ceDCury: Dr. Bernard'! llbruy, IBM; uid John 
DuntoD*! IrUh boot KuctloDB. 

■Lawrence, Arthur. Sir Arthur Sullivan: 
hia life story, with letters aud reminis- 
cences. Chic, H. S. Stone & Co., 189V. 
r. cl., 18.50. 
Lawrence, F. W. Local varlationa in wages. 
N. Y., Longmans, Green & Co., 18S9. 1+ 
90 p. Q. (Studies in economics and political 
science, ed. by W. A. 8. Hewins.) ol., net, 

Ida Eckert. Day 

[. por. 12*, cl., $1.3 
*Irfiwson, J: D. The law of presumptive evi- 
dence (including presumptions both of law 
and of fact, and the burden of proof both in 
civil and criminal cases,) reduced to rules, 
2d ed., rev. and etd. St. Louis, Central 
Law Journal Co., 189S. c. 02-1-710 p. 8*, 
shp,, $6. 
*Iia«ryen' reports annot. Book41-44;aU cur- 
rent cases of general value and importance, 
with full anoots.; Burdett A. Rich, ed., 
and H: P. Famham, aaa't. Rochester, N. 
Y., The Lawyers' Co-op. Pub. Co., 1B9B. 
c. O. shp., ea., fS. 
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A." Digest of the cases, v, 21-40, with 
full table of cases and index to annotation 
and briefa, v. 1-40. Rochester, N. Y.. The 
Lawyers' Co-op. Pub. Co., 1899. c. 798-*- 
174p. O. shp., $6. 
"Lawyers' reports annotated. Index to notes 
and briefs, vs. 1 to 40. Rochester, N. Y., 
The Lanyers' Co-op. Pub. Co., 1899, o. 
174 p. O. ol., free to subecriberg. 
Lsxdala Saica: tr. from the Icelandic, by 
Muriel A. C. PresR. N. Y., The Macmillan 
Co., IB9B. IS°, (Temple classics.) cl., 50 c.; 
limp leath., 75 c. 
■Leaoh, Arthur E. Winchester: a history of 
Winchester College. N. Y., imported by 
C: Scribner'a Sons, 1899. 14-t-564 p. il. 13*, 
(English public achoola.)cl., $1.G0. 

[English ch urcb 
... Kia., The Y 
Churchman Co., [180B.] c. 2-281 i 
buckram, net, $1. 
Lectures deliTered la Christ Church. St. Paul, and 
ID Oethsemuie Cburch, UlDDeapolis. HLnnenota. The 
titlei are; Wycllf ud the pre-Keformiitioii period, by 
Blatiao DaTllSeuuma: Cranmerand the Rerormatloti 
peiod. byBlihop Q: F. Seymour; Hooker and Che 
post-Retarmatioa period, by Biahop D. B. Tuttle; Fusey 
and the Cathollo revival period, by Btibop C. C. Graf- 
ton: Seaburj and the American period, by Bishop W: 
MODCgaiiierjr Brom. 

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ings. Phil., J. B. Lippincott Co., 1899. U. 

!5 LEE 

*Leaf, H. M. The internal wiring of build- 
ings. N. Y., Imponed by C: Scribner'a 
Sons, 1890 108 p. 12°, cl., $1.40. 

Le Baron, Orace, [Mrs. Qrace Le Baron Up- 
ham.] Told under the cherry trees: a book 
for the young: U. by Amy Brooks. Bost., 
Lee & Shepard, 1899. c. S-<-235 p. D. cl., 

The pretty village o[ Cherryvale la the soeDe of the 
■tory, the b^> aodRirle who attend the diatrlct school, 
with their youaK teacher, being Che acton. ThesConr 
la a simple one, telliD; hov the Khool-houw was built 
near the cherry orohftrd, with some events Id Its pnpila' 

*Le Bon, Ouatave. The psychology of so- 
cialism. N. Y., The Macmillan Co., 1899. 
15-i-41Bp. 8*. cl., net, $3. 

Lecciooes de lenguaje Eapafiol-Ingl^. N. 
Y., American Book Co., [1899.] c. 160 p. 
D. (Sene moderna.) bda., 40 c. 
Spanlah-EuglUh lauKuam lesion a. 

•Lecky, Walter, [pietid. for W: A. McDer- 
mott.j Impressions and opmions. Bost, 
Angel Guardian Press, 1898. 180 p. 16*, 
pap., GO c. 

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&; Co., 1899. c. '96. 2v., 78-f-068;10-i-001p. 
D. cl.. $S. 

Lecky. W: E: Hartpole. Tbe map ot life : 
conduct and character. N. Y., Longnians, 
Green & Co., 1899. o. 11-H853 p. D. cl.. • 

To teach bow to obtain basplnesa In this life and 
to meet death calinly and philoaophlOBlly leetns M be 
tbeauthor'aaiiD. Happiness be consldera a condition 
ot mind and often contused with the means of obtalo- 
ioE It: BomaKeoeral rules ol bappinesaarafdvui; tbe 
relatloa of morals to happlrwst Is discuaaed and the 
Intluence of life action Is shown as more Important 
tbati pure reaaonlng. Morals Id war. law, politics, and 

Lecky, W: E: Hartpole, Stephen, Leslie, and 
othert. Historians and essayists. N. Y., 
Doubleday & McCliire Co., 1899. c. 5- 
180 p. S. (Warner classics, no. 4.) cl., 60 c. 

Confenfs,' Edward Olbbon. by W: E; Baitpols 
Leclty; Tbomaa Carlyla. by Leslie Stephen; Ralph 

iky; ■ 

Ido E 
Woodbarry; Thomas Bi 

Lee, Agnes. Tbe round rabbit. Bost., 

Copeland & Day, 1898. c. 8-t-S2 p. il. S. 

cl., $1.50. 

Verae« for children reprinted frnm SI. XichUa*,Lit- 
Oe fhU». Little Urn and R'omen.etc. 
Lee, Albert. He. she, and they: being a 

faithful record of the woful enjoyments 

andjoyful woes of him and her; il, by H. 

B. Eddy. N. Y., Harper, [1899.] c. 6-^ 

141 p. D. cl., tl. 

Amuaing converaatlonB at the dlaner-table by a 
young married couple about wedding presents, Christ- 
mas presentu, receptions, living In tbe couotrj. ser^ 

Lee, Albert. The key of the holy bouse: a 
romance of old Antwerp. N. Y., Appleton, 

1899. c. '98. 5-i-315p.D. (Appleton'stown 
and country lib., no. 255.) cl., $1; pap., 
60 c. 

A romance depleting Holland's struggle tor liberty 
BgalniitCho Spaniards In Che latter part ot the six- 
teenth century, when Don LuIh de Requeseus soe- 
ceedetlthe Duke of Alvaas Viceroy ot the SetherUnds. 
Thestory pictures the terrors ot the Inquisition, and 
a dcBtructloQ of a Spanish Beet. / ~ I 


L»», C: Paul Carah, Coroishmaii. N. Y,, 
ApptetoD, 1869. S-30S p. D. (Appleton's 
town and country lib., no. a68,)cl., (1; pap., 

A. platora at life In tbe Caralih tIIIud of Porthma, 
told Inively In dl&lpct. Paul Carab Is t. ComUbatta 
rcturnod from a residence ol acTen yean in Amerloa 

aent than the little p lac 


E, ■chemlDg Ounlahmi 

lies, Mrs. Frank. Frofesaor Pin. Boat., 
The Pilgrim Preas, [1899.] c. 239 p. il. D. 
cl., tl. 

A imatl, awknanl. but manly profeaaor named 
Pinley li called Id dcrlston "FntHMor Pin" by bis 
•tudents. The story ahowa how, in the end, he wl as the 
boys' love ttarouih his kindness and genenwity. 
Iia«, Qay CurletoD. Principles of public 
speaking. N. Y., O: P. Puinam'a " -- 
1699. c. 11+465 p.,«1.7G. 

Tbof ■ ■ • 

tlDQ, Pl 

the eie 

ienienU of gastura; i 

lUunenMry law, toMtber with many eierelaes. rorms, 
uid praotlce selealiona. There la a leoeral lodet and 
an Index to tbe Rules of Order compiled by a pupil ot 
Johns Hopkina Unlrerelty, irbore the aathor la pro- 

■IfM, Ja. Wideman. The making ot a roan. 
Nete rev. and enl. ed. N. Y. and Chic., 
Fleming H. Revell Co., 1899. SH p. 13*, 
cl., $1.:^. 

book of common parliamentarv l&w, N. 
Y. and Chic, Rand, McNally & Co., [1899.1 
c. 59 p. D. cl.,$l. 

Id arranitaetheee lesson* tor general use the pur- 
poae bas been todemoDitrata the uh of parliameucary 
point*, thoroaghly nstabllshed by practice— not to 
show tbe oonaaautlTe troniaetlons of a maettue or 
meetlnfi. Many requests bare come to Un. Lee for a 
•ystemof damonatratjona and rorms. To keep tbaui 
form* Boslmple and concise as to be grasped by the 
novice, and »o logical as to violate no parliamentary 
principle, has been her endeavor. Ur. T. B. Baed 

'Ii«e, Sidney. Dictionary of national biog- 
raphy, V. B7-60, Tom-Whewel. N. Y, 
The ifacmillan Co., 1899. 8*, cl., ea., net, 

Jjeea, Ja. Arthur. Peaks and pines: another 
Norway book: il. and photographs by the 
author. N. Y., Loogmans, Qre«n dE Co., 
1899. 13+878 p. D. cl., #1.50. 

I^ate, C. H. Exercises in geography. 1st 
fntary exercises in general 

geography, special application to North 

and South America. N. Y., Longr 

Green & Co., 1899. c. 6 + 60 p. D. cl. 

\^ the early years of geography study i 


. The 

ace of nine to tiiclve Professor Leete is fellowof the 

Dr. J.Sach'Bs^oolforglrls.N. Y. 

*L«fdbnra, Ernest. Embroidery and lace: 
manufacture and history; tr. and enl., wilh 
notes, by Alan S. Cole. N. Y., G; P. Put- 
oam'B Sons, 1899. il. 13*, net, |a.25. 

Xie PenvTB, Amy. The carved cupboard. 
N. Y., Dodd. Mead & Co., 1899 c. 4+ 
aaOo. D. cl., »t. 

■ .r their home at Dane 

jnt. & couain. James, 

h of the elrl* receiving amodeat 

Inherluthe pl 

> krep them 

longlDK™ t^e owner ™h6 " ^ 
Tblamysteryis slowly evolved antftba 
diaappolntmeiltB of the Kirls iDterestmgly ioia. 

lie F«avTa, Amy. Legend-led. N. Y., I>odd, 
Head & Co., 1699. c. S+240 p. D. cl.. (I. 
It la the l^nd of the Holy Orail that sarvrs mm an 

InaplratloD to a group of unruly children and I(^KdE 

them DD U) better tblngs. 

X<a Feuvte, Amy. Roaes ; 

Cowell. N. Y., Wilbur 
c. 4-S66p. il. D. cl,,75c. 

Allttleglrlofaliyearalsoiie of the "rasea" tha* 
live with a^eautiful and kind old lady. The cblldno 
are full of odd raocles and quaint saylnKs. By tbe 

author of " Probahle sons," 

LefroT, EUa Napier, ["E: N. Leigh Kry," 
pteud.] The man's cause. N. Y., J; Lane 
& Co., 1899. 4+848 p. D. cl., tl.60. 

A plea forthesamestaDdarduI morality for men ajid 

clergy ^or not doing tbeir duty and using tbeir prlTil«gv« 

to bring about this atandard, A novel. 

*I^gal directory and bank list of the Credit 
Association tor 1699; cont. a complete list 
of the leading and most reliable caminer- 
ciol lawyers in the U. S. and Canada, & list 
of corporation and bank lawyers, aitd one 
or more national banks, state banks or 
bankers in every banking town, [etc.] N. 
Y., The Credit Co., [1899.] 755+T7 p. O. 
ahp., $10. 

Z^e OalUenoe. R: The ■vorahipper of the 
imaee: [a novel.] N. Y., J: Lane, 1900 
[18B9.] c. 4-148 p. 11.25, 

t« OalUenna, R: Young lives. N. Y., J: 
Lane, 1899. 8+S86 p. D. cl., |1.50. 
The revolt of the young people or aNoBcoti 

family uaimC thetyra 


relderslsthe tbem 

,, Certain forms of art and cer- 

soD, Who poeseened some literary talent, leavee tbe 

vlduality Soda play. This hoy's love-story aad that nt 
hlaalslerare told with much literary skill and aeati- 

Ziegge, Arthur E. J. Both great aad small. 

N. Y., J: Lane, 1899. c. 5+409 p. D. cl.. 


A atory of English country life. In which arnre 
the daughter of a country parson, aa ofBeer or tbe 
guards, a dasblng widow, and a wealthy but rather 
unlntereating young earl. The captain, imairtnlnr 
himself Id love with tbe widow, marrlea her; owing to 
bla miaundentandlng of both wife and self, and the 
erratic course of the wlfs, tbe lives of both end tragi- 
"Legonli, Emile. The early life of W: 

Wordsworth, 1779-1798: a study of " The 

prelude " : tr. by J. W. Matthews; with a 

prefatory note by Leslie Stephen. N. Y.. 

imported by C: Scribner's Bons, 1S99. 

477 p. 8", cl., t8. 
ZiSgoQve, Ernest, and Labiche, Engine. La 

cigale chez les Tourmis: com6die en ua scte: 

ed., with notes and vocabulary, by T: J. 

Farrar. N. Y., American BookCo., [1899.] 

c. '96. 2+56 p. D. bds.,35c. 
■Lehmann, G: True principles of the art of 

violin playing. N. Y., imported by C: 

Scribner'B Sons, 1899. 74 p. 8°, cl., fl. 
*Z>el>h,Leati. Nonie: [aatory for the young.] 

Cin., 0.,The Editor Publishiog Co., 18SM. 

c. 810p. 6°,c1., |1. 
Leigh. Walter. Madrine Doucet : a romance. 

c. 8-387 p. D. cl.. 

hi* youDK manliood he 

>uth ImmedlUely aftnr 

t WW the duug-hler of ■ 

Dngribes uondttloiu 

PublishJDfr Co., 189S. 

The hero who Islli Che itor; 
kurJum Id HanacbuKltii. In 
wetiIta«eLhlallTinKinlhe t 
the ClTll Wu-. Hwlrlne Dnuc 

"the wuth and Ibe bearCI 
' Yankees " with their pennllt 

7+423 p. il. D. cL, net, $1.60. 

ye reap." The story hiw Its icene motUy la London. 

thniuRb the father's death uid Che diuppeaniDce of 
Ibe elder Hon u.idera cloud. The girl oTtha family 
(iDda tui opportunity to ^ on the stige In a small pari, 
and her ojiperiente Is used to prove the writer's tb»- 

men want to marry the Rlrl, One la an actor and »ery 
poor, the other an immenwly rteb mao rrom South 
Alrlca. The girl, persuaded by her mother, yields to 

'a life. 

wblcb has a tra^lca 

Iisightan, Marie Coiiiior and Rob. Michael 
Dred, detective; the uaravellinir or a mys- 
tery of twenty years. N. Y., Brentano's, 
18Si). 8+B38 p. il. D. cl., 11.35. 
Hlebael I>n>d, a detsctlTe almoat as ubiquitous and 



s lai 

r.Qryoe._ ,__ 
death ot Lord 

Irom the dissipated 
keeper. The jury find death by arsenic pDlsoninir, 
lllitidliiBgiiiii upon the guilty person Five years after 
the murderer makes coDreseion-a surprise to the 

*LaIiiira hour aanual volume, [1900.] N. Y. 
and Chic, Fleming H. Revell Co., 1899. 8*, cl., %3. 
'Loland, C: Godfrey, ["Hans Breitraann," 
pwud.] Aradia; or, the gospel of the 
witches. N. Y., imported by C: Scribner'a 
Sods, 1899. 13S p. 12% cl., (1.40. 

>, Mra. Oei^ine. PreseryiDgand pick- 
"""" 116 p. 

ling. N. y., Appleton, 
8^, cl..76c. 

2-S80 p. pors. O. cl., (l.GO. 
A study of the mental, moral, and physical at- 
tributes at cbaracter- building, with suggestions for a 
Cut plan ol life and the developing of true man- 
l. Tbevlcaa and virtue* of mankind are compared, 
and flttinRillunratlons are given from the lives ot men 
■ho have been prominent in literature, art.ondncl- 
ence. or well-known Bgures In social reform, for the 
purpose of showing the effects of good and evil Influ- 

, J: Bunyan. Elijah the prophet: a 
dream of the CbHat. N. Y. and Chic, 
Fleming H, Eeyell Co., 1899. 883 p. 13°, 
cl., I1.2S. 

*L«DgMd, Felix. Inorganic chemical prep- 
arations. N. Y.. The MacmlllaQ Co., 1899. 
9-1-57 p, 16°, cl., nel, 60 c, 

Lent, W: Bement. Holy Land from landau, 
saddle, and palanquin. N. Y,, Bonnell, 
Silver A: Co.. 1899. c. 3-263 p. il. D. cl., 

Travels \a the Holy the author of " Halcyon 
days In Norway." etc. 

Iians, W. v. The g^reat piano virtuosos of 
our lime, from personal acquaintance: 
Liszt, Chopin, Tauaig. Henselt; from the 
German, by Madeline R. Baker. N, Y., 


JroportedbvC:&cribaer'sSoa8,1899. 168p. 
12°,cl..nef, tl.2B. 

■I>«o. {Brother.) The mirror of perfection, 
being ihe oldest life of the blessed Francis 
of Asaisi, by hia beloved disciple. Brother 
Leo; tr. by Sebastian Eyans from the Latin 
original recently discovered by Paul Saba- 
tier, and now published in English for the 
first time. Boat., L. C. Page Sc Co., 1899. 
ie-i-281 p. il. 16°,cl.,76c. 

*Iieonard, H: C., eomp. and tr. Sacred sontcs 
of the world; tr. from 170 languages. N. 
Y., imporled by C: Bcribner'a Sons, 1899. 
228 p. 13*, cl.,«3. 

Leonard, J: W:, ed. Who's who in America: 
a biographical dictionary of living men and 
women ot the United States, 1899-1900. 
Chic, A. N. Marquis & Co., [1899.] c. 
83-1-822 p. O. <il., »2.75. 
The usefulneas of the Enijllsh "Who's who" has 

bepn ackoowledged for fifty years, and now the same 

■ortant work In literature. 

\ polltica 


ned. The accurate 

ble. The book Is conflned strictly wlthlu American 
llDiits. Only foreigners wbo have been IdentlHed with 
theUnlled States are admitted. 

iM Queux, W: The bond of black. N. Y., 

G. W. Dillingham Co., 1899. c 3-283 p. 
D. cl., $1,60. 

The bond of black was the symbol of an order call- 
IniF theinuilves Idabollsts. who praetiied harrlble rllefl 
villlfy Christianity The 

Le Quenx, W: If iiiDneraeDtice thee. N. T., 
G: W, Dillingham Co,, 1899. c. "98, -99. *- 
396 p. D. cl., $1.25. 

Aa English ex-army officer who has lived msny 
years through gambling turns respectable and 
uj a London suburb with his dauRhter, hopin- 
fur her some social standing But his past to 
here. An old partnerlo vtceflnds him out. an< 
a threat of betraying a damafflug secret endcavo 
win the daughter for hla wife. Though the mai 
Inherited a title and a fortune the girl rememben 
well In the piut and detesU him. A. long and Invi 
plot follows. In wblch murders. dBlBclives.adventn 
and gamblers pi a 

Le Sage, Alain-Ren6. Histoire de Gil Bias de 
Santillane; abbreviated and ed., with in- 
trod. and notes, by Adolphe Cohn and 
Rob. Sanderson. Boat,, D. C. Heath ft 
Co.. 1S99, c 12+213 p. S. (Heath's mod- 
ern language ser.) cl., W c. 

*Lealsy, Mrs. Buaan Inches (Lyman). K«col- 
lectian<> ot my mother [Mrs. Anne iTeaD 
LynnanJ ; being a picture oF domestic and 
social life in New England in the flrst half 
of the nineteenth century, by Susan I. Les- 
ley. Bo«t.. Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1899. 
il. pors, 8°, »2,50. 

*LeilIa, Amy, [pitud. for Lillie West Brown. 
Some plavers: [criticism.] Chic, H. S 
Btone Sc Co., 1899. 4*, cl., |n. 

*Lailie'B [Frank] history of the Greater New 
York. N. Y.. Arkell Publishing Co., 1896. 
ISOO p. il. 4°, % lealb., «ub«., $2S. 

„, Gottbold Ephraim. EmiliaGalotti: 
Itb footnotes and vocabulary: introd. by 

E. M. Granger. N. Y., Hinds-* Noble, 


[1898.] c. -flS. 9+iai p. por. «. (Hinds 
& Nouie's Qerman claHaii.s.) cl., 50 c. 
IiaMing, Gotthold Ephraim. Hinna von 
Birnhelm; with footnotes and vocabularvj 
introd. by E. M, Qranger. N. Y., Hinds 
& Noble, [ISW.l c m 10+142 p. por. 
S. (Hinds &, Noble's German olaasics.) cl., 

_. Gotthold Ephraim. Hinna von 
Barnhelm, Oder, das aoldatenglOck; with 
introd. and notes by Starr Willard Cutting. 
N. Y., The Macmillan Co., 1898. 08+834 p. 
16*, cl., net, 60 c. 

I*Ming, Gotthold Ephraim. Nathan der 
Weise ; with footnotes and vocabulary; 
introd. by E. M. Oran^r. N. Y,, Hinds &. 
Noble, [1898.1 c. '88. B+160 p. por. 8. 
(Hinds & Noble's German classics.) <^., 60 c. 

IiMilnK, (Gotthold Ephraim. Nathan the wise: 
a dramatic poem in five acts; tr. by W: 
Taylor from the German. N. Y., Cas«ll 
& Co.. Ltd., 1899. 3-192 p. T. (Cassell's 
national lib., v. 7, no. 820.) pap., 10 c. 

Lester, F: V. Nine ninety-nine graded Drob- 
lems In arithmetic for review work. Syra- 
cuse, N. Y.,C. W. Bardeen, 1889. c. 94 p. 
D. cl., 50 c. 

Iienpp, Francis Ellington, How to prepare 
foracivil service examination; with recent 

Saestiona and answers, N. Y., Hinds & 
table, [1899.] c. '08. 8+5B8 p. O. cl., $3. 

A guide to tbe Federal oivll Berries Wbaterer 
bcsnob or dlrlBloD the kpplicitDt may desire to enter 
thedoorbpoliiiedotit; the probable a ueationt—thoae 
reoently Mked-wwelTen, and the ehancea of promo- 
UoukDdpBV Kt forth. The plan of ihe book core™ 

The plan of 

•Lewsr, C: Gerald Fitzgerald. N. Y., New 
Amsterdam Book Co., 1899. 408 p. 1 il, 8*. 

cl., tl.OO. 
•Lever, C: Novels of Irish life, 8 v. Bost , 

Little. Brown & Co., 1899. il. 8", cl.. »I8; 

hr. cf.. (30; hf. crushed levant mor., $64. 

OmtmU : Knight ot Qwynne, S v. ; The O'Doniwhuo 
■ndSt. Patrick's eve It,; Lnttrell of Arran. 1 v.iTbo 
Hartllu or era' Uartln and Paul Ooslett'a confeulona 
2 r.; BaiTtngton, and uther storlei, 1 t.; Sir Brook 
Fombrooke, i t.; Lord Klljrobbin, 1 v. 
•Levy, Florence N.. ed. American art 

annual. 1898. N. Y., The Macmillan Co., 

1899. 640p. 8°, cl.,?8. 
•Lsvy, J. H,, ed. The necesiity for criminal 

appeal, as illustrated by the Maybrick case 

and thejurisprudence of various countries. 

N. Y., Gf: P. Putnam's Sons, 1889. 8*, cl . 

net, $4.20, 
•Lewes, G; H: The life of Maximilien Robe- 
spierre; with extracts from his unpublished 

ipondence. N. Y,, G: Routlpdt 
Ltd,, 1898. 371 p, 13-. pap., 40 c. 

•Lowes, G:H: Theliraof MaximilienRobes- 
pierre, with extracts from his unpublished 
corr<'»pon deuce. Newed. N. Y.. imported 
by C: Scribner's Sons, 1899. 35+397 n. por. 
1 il. 13', cl., $1.50. 

•Lewis, Anirelo J:, ["Professor Hoffmann," 
pseud.] Dominoes. N. Y., G: Eoutledge 
& Sons, 1899. 188 p. 16% cl., SO c. 

Lewis, Arthur M. "The Rag Tags" and 
their aiventures: a collection of these fes- 1 
tive juveniles in various moods. Ban ' 


Francisco, Cal., A. M. Robertson, 1890. c. 

76 p. obi. 4°, bds,, $1.35. 

A Mries of comic colored picture* of child life 

orlEinally publtohed In the Sao FnuiclKn Chnmitle. 

•Lewis, Edwin Herbert. A first manual of 
compositionjdesignedforusein the highest 
grammar grade and the lower hig-h-achool 
grades. N. Y., The Uacmillan Co., 18M. 
38+386 p. 12-., 60 c, 

•Lewis, Edwin Herbert, ed. An introduc- 
tion to the study of literature for the use of 
secondary and graded schools. N. Y., Tbe 
Macmillan Co., 1809. 19+410 p. 12-, cL, 
net, $1. 

Lewis, O. Pitt-. The history of tbe Temple, 
with special reference to the Middle Tem- 
ple; being tbe Bubslaoce of a lecture del. 
on Jan. 34, 1898. N. Y., M. F. UaasBeld 
& A. Wessels, [1899.J 95p. D. ol.,7S c. 

The Temple Is tbe coIIbciIte name of the crsat litir 
oourliot London. Gives the history datlOB_b« " * 

Hesal uni 



tbe Middle Temi 

Lewis, Leon. Andree at the North Pole; 
with details of his fate. N. Y.. G: W, Dil- 
lingham Co., 1898. c '98, '90. 5-279 p. 
por. D. (Dillingham's Metropolitan lib., no. 

48.) cl.. $1.35; pap.. 50 c. 

Be»;lnnlng with the departure of Andree >nd hia 
coDipanloaH from Danes' Islaud, July II, lan. iD sraxBb 
of the .Vorth Pole, the writer tracea his tuUloon 
I h rousrh ■ series of lniai{l nary and highly aana&tional 
adventure*. He la shown to liava arrived at the Korth 
Pole after many dangerous episodes, and to h«ve 
found a beir world and a new race. Tbls narratJTe 
originally appeared In Che New York Keening fforid. 
Lewis, Reese Jones. Four centuries, and 
other poems. Kansas City, Mo,, H. T. 
Wright, 1898, c. 130 p. sq. S. cl., $1. 
•Lewis, W; Ja. A treatise on crystallogra- 
phy. N, Y., The Macmillan Co., 1899. 
12+612 p, 8°, (Cambridge natural science 
manuals, geological ser.) cl., net, ^.50. 
Ley, J: C, Fifty-two years in Florida. 
Nashville, Tenn. , Pub. House M, E, Chureh, 
South. (Barbee & Smith, Agt3.,)1899. c 
" '" "1. cl.,$l. 

rty nagea are devoted tw ■ bistory ot 
Its discovery by Ponea de Leon in isit 
iiic wiiuii i> a Methodist E|il*copal minister ot tbe 
Florida Conference. He was bom in Oeoi^lftlc I8a 
and V,- as admitted Into the OeorKta Conference In 164&, 
ajidsbortlylranarerred to Florida. His book Is a bbb 
tory of the Uethodiat Episcopal church In Florida. 

•Lhamon, W. J. Missionaryfields and forces 
oC the disciplps of Christ. N, Y. and 
Ciiic,, Fleming H. Revell Co.. 1899, l«4p. 
16°, (Betliany C. E. reading courses, 2d 
ser., V. lll.)cl.,ne(, 3Sc. 

Libbey, Laura Jean. A fatal wooing. S. T., 
Street & Smith, [1890.] c. '83. 3-337 p. D 
(Eagle lib., no. 138.)pap., 10 c. 

Library Jotimal. General index to the Li- 
brary JoTtmal: official organ of the Anaeri- 
can Library Association, chieSy devoted to 
library economy and bibliography. V. 1- 
23(Scptember, lB76^December,I897). N.Y., 
OEBce of The Pablisheri IVeekly, 1898. c 
4+130 p, O, pap., |2 50; hf. leath, |3 

3-158 p 

The Br 

Florida fi 

mat. lth( 

r hlsprlVB 

r. F. J. Teg-gat 

latest volume by Mim H. E, 
topi c all ndex, with author 


lescrlptlve artlolea. c 

a durlnc (he flivt tweutj-teo f 

,0, L.oot^li. 

tuaem ol the Lihrary Jownal. Inprintliii, thametbod 
■doptad for tbo "A. L. A. liat of ■ubleoi'tiBadliin " 
bastosen folloved, rlTlnr on tfav rlght-Ekod ilde oriha 
PKKe opportuDltj' tor laoexliui on the aftma uale the 
ut«r Tolumei of Cha Jmimat. Kod tor mkkliis refer- 
anooB to other Bourcee of library Inrornuriloi), or tor 
Itwartinf oorrActLonAkadomLntooB. 
*Ubro primero de lectura m^todo practico~- 
aint^tico j analitico para enseflar & le«r 
eomenzado desde el a b c, 7 deletreo de las 
palabras, hasta el modo de farmar las ora- 
cioncB. N. Y., American Book Co., [18B9.] 
c. 88 p. D. bdH., 32 c. 
A Sfiubb drat reader. 
Xiibro se^ndo de lectura. N. T., American 
Book 63., [1899.] c. 160 p. i1. D. (Serie 
modema.) bds., ^ c. 
SpBntab aecond reader. 
Xaibro tercero de lectura. N. T., American 
Book Co., [1899.] o. 2C6 p. S. (Serie mo- 
<leraa.)bds., SO c. 
Uf* of David for children. Chic., The Bible 
iDstitute Colportage Aasoc, [1899.] 3- 
123 p, 8. (Colporlage lib., y.6, no. 70.)pap., 
Ughton, W: R. Sons ol streogtb: a ro- 
mance of the Kansas border wara. N. Y., 
Doubledav & HcClure Co., 1609. c. 4+ 
342 p. T>:1\.,91.25. 

A cblld ftbandoned M the »f[e of tour at Ibegstaaot 
a touDdllng aaylum waa educated by tbe maa aod 
Koman In cbarce of tho Itutltute In truth, manllnen. 
and ualriotUm, An old Quaker In IlllDoia completed 
bla aoul tninins. and In im be oaa ready to take part 
in the atlrrlDg eventa nhich marked tbs opeDinK of 
Ifanaai aa ■ free state and the border ir&ra reeultlne 
froDi tbeatruKslea between tbe pro. alavery and anil- 
elarery ractlona. John Brown la dramatically In- 

•Xdgns, C: Jos. (Prince de.) The Prince de 
Ligne: his memoirs, letters, and miscel- 
lanpous papers; sel. and tr. by Katharine 
P. Wormeley; with iotrod. and preface by 
C. A. Sainte Beuve and Madame de StaSU 
HoUteio. VerKaillr» ed. Boet., Hardy, 
Pratt & Co., 1899. 3 v., pore. 8*. buckram 
or % leatb., tubs. 

•IJlliB, Jfra.Lucy Cecil White. Margaret 
Thorpe's trial. N. Y., Dodd. Mend & Co., 
1690. c. *98. 2+876 p. il. D. cl., |1.25. 
Tbe loyal derollon of a younr Elrl, through good 

uid 111, to her frUoloui and MlOah alsler. who accepts 

without proteat the aacriacea made In ber behalf, lathe 



•UUy, W:S: First principles in politics 
Y., imported by C: Scribner's Sons, 1809. 
3S0p. 8-, ci.,^.eo. 

lUincoIn, Mrs. Jeanie Oould. A pretty Tory: 
beint; a romance of partisan warfare dur- 
ing: the War of Independence in the prov- 
inces of Georgia and South Carolina, relat- 
ing to Mistress Qeraldine HoncritTe. Boat. , 
H'luifhton, Mifflin & Co., 1890. c. 5-1- 
268 p. il. D. d.,*l.GO. 

Tbeaeene la laid In and around SaraoTiab, Oaori^a: 
tbe time la tbe oloainE period of tbe American Bevolu- 
tloo, ITSOaiid'BI: and the book ends with the battle of 
Cowpaos. One of Ita leadinR characten la Colonel 
Tarletoo, a Brltlab olBcer, then but twenty-all years 
old. Tbe hero laRoy Telfair, a patrlot.oneotMailona 
■neo. Both Tarleton and Telfair are In love with tbe 
" oretty Tory." 

'XJiMliam, W. J. A text-book of mechanical 
engineering. 8d rev. en', ed. Phil., J. B. 
Lippinoott Co., 1809. 8°. cl.. %5. 
t^nh, S: Albert. Pioneers of southern lite- 
rature. V. 1. Nashville, Tenn., Pub, House 
M. E. Church, South. (Barbee &. Smith, 
AgtB.,)18B9. c. 3-(-284p. 9. cl,,76c. 
A preliminary obapler. entitled "A glance at tho 

fleld," civei a review of literature publiabed on aontb- 
ern aoll frrim John Smltb to the present generation. 
Sepaiate cbaotera deal with Paul Hamilton HaTOe, 
Dr. frank O. Tlcbnor, Henry TImrod, William Ollmora 
Simou.Jobn Peodlalon Kennedy, John Eaten Cooke. 

zanklatar, Rob., D.D., ed. True limits of 

ritual in the church. K, Y., Longmans, 

Green & Co., 1809. 16-I-2S0 p. D. cl., $1.50. 

Conlvntt: Preface and Introductory eaaay, by tbe 

Rot. Robert Linklater; Tbe ornamenU rubric, by J. 

T.Hlcklethwalie; Tbe Catholicprlnciple of conformity 

In divine worahlp, by tbe Hst. C F.Q. Turner; A plea 

for reasniableneu. by tbe Rev. J. Wylde: Intelllfrll>le 

ritual, by the BPV.H:Amott; TheEnillsh liturgy, by 

tbe Rev. T. A. Lacay; Eucharlatic ritual, by Lbe Rev. 

W, F. Obb; SuKgeatlona for a baaiaoF aTreementln 

mattera liturgical and ceremonial, by the Rev. H, B. 

hand, (dabelsberger;) prepared for the 
American public by C. R. Lippmann. Phil., 
J. B. Lippincott Co., 1899. c. 3-lSS p. 
Q. cl., net, (1. 

C. B. Lippmann la profeaaor In the Graphic Short- 
band Inatltule of Philadelphia. Oraphicsbortband, aa 
Itnowletaugbt la America, Is an adaptation of the 
syatsm Invented In IBIT by Francia Xavlei 
ger, of Muniob, and laauBd Ir ' — ■■ • 

uHodln twenty iHatruagesiind t 

that this sysMm could readily he adopted aa I'. 

n under tbe 
•\ It la now 
(forty par- 

orthand. 11 a 


the reaaonlng powi 

*I>ls«t, Franz. Life of Chopin; tr. in full by 
JrBroadhouse. N. T.,Scribner, [imported,] 
1800. 240 p. por. 12*, cl., tS.SO, 

Literature: 1, Robert Bums; 2, Sir Walter 
Scott; S, Lord Byron; from The Chicago 
Record. N. Y., Doubledaydt McClureCo., 
1800. c. '07, '00. 18-1-2(16 p. O. (Home 
studv circle; ed. by Seymour Eaton,) cl., 

Theae three studies of Burns, Scott, and Byron, 

extend their literary InforDiatloolnaoot TerydllDculC 
manner. Kacb poet Is treated in the name way. There 
la firat a biographical study, followed by selected criti- 
cal studies and remlniacences ; a deacrlptlon of tbe 
poet's home; reading* from him; atudenla' notes and 
queries; and a study outline for club* and circlea. 

Chicago Rrconi: the aeries will Include some twenty or 

thirty volumea on various subJecU. 

Utiey, E. C: The Princess of Oramfalon. 

Gin.. O.. The Editor Publishing Co-, 1808. 

c, G-I-82SP. Il-D. cl., |1. 

An American gentleman, with an inherited fortune 
which he was spending aa faat aa poulble, fell upon 
adventures In a reglnn which seems to be Spain. He 
reecueaapflticesafrom inacTdaneer*. and waa Anally 
rewarded with her heart ancfbaniT 

pap., 25 c, 
Iiittla, Jfra. Archibald J: Intimate China: 
the Chinese as I have seen them. Phil., 
J. B. Lippincott Co,, 1809, 15-»-615 p. il. 
O. cl„ »5, 

loHay.iSer. the author landed In China. A careful 

IBSO Bbe thinks the Eagllsh should help maintain tbe 
"■- — '- ->-— 'S '--ite It into paths of re- 

should give 


does not think England 

which would aid China anu uanHiii. 

Little, Pauline Du Bose. __ 

Pauline Du Bose Little, bom January 9, 
1876; died Julv 86, 1897. Bichmond, Va., 
The Presb. Committee of Publication, 
[18980 0. 2-66 p. por. D. pap , 25 c. 



broueht to America In her Sfteflnth Tear, Oinil placed 
ataciuni Id BtauDlOQ, Ta,; altar her achool dajsabc 
accepted k poaitloD to Cbjoa as mlulooarf ; there she 
married and died vhSD little more than tweotyone. 
Iitttl«, W: J: Kdox, (Canon.) Sketches and 
studies in South Africa. Phil., J. B. Lip- 
pincott Co., 189S. 9-338 p. O. cl., tS. 

Tbs auCbor reacbed Soutb Africa Id tbe lace uim. 
mor of 1898. He travelled abouicDn.ldorably In search 

Incereit MCachlDE to tbia part of the Eogllsb empire, 
for which there Bpemato be a great future, Hecoo- 
feaeea Cliateoine of Eneialjd'B Kreatest ml&taken hare 
been made In South Africa. The Bopr quwilon and 
the poller "' Kruger are CHrelully dlscuued. 

UtU* Folks: a magaziDe lor voudk people. 
N. Y., Cawell & Co., Ltd.^ 1899. 4+475 p. 

nany full-pae* plo- 

*IjitUe Folks' illustraied annual, 1899. Bost., 
Dana Estes & Co.. 1889. il. 8", bds., $1.26. 

'Uvach*, Achille Tl)e manulacture of var- 
nishes, oil crushing, reSning' and boiling, 
and kindred indusiries; from the French; 
greatly extended und adapted to English 
practice; with numerous original recipes, 
by J; Geddes Mcintosh. N. Y., D. Van 
NoHtrand Co., 189B. 403 p. 8', cl., net, $6. 

XJversidge, J: Q. Engine-room practice: a 
handbook for young marine engineers; 
treating of the manBgement of the main 
and auxiliary engineaon board ship. Phil., 
J. B. Lippincott Co,, 1890. n+3»a p. plao, 
D. cl., (3.50. 
ThemettaodB of macine enslQcerliiE dsBcribsd are, 

□eoafullj used Id certain lantances. HIa purpose has 
been to aiold, as far ai possible, tbe subjecis fully 
treated by A. E. Beaton In "A manual uf marine en- 
glDeerlDg. In tbe present work considcrableatlen. 

uaeful aupplament to Hr. Seatoi 
ts Inatructor la applied meclK 
Bo/al Naval College, Qreenirl 

engine design. 

'LlvlnBiton, Luther S., comp. American 
book-prices current: a record of books, 
manuscripls, and autographs soldat auction 
in New York, Boston, and Philadelphia, 
from September 1, 1898, to September 
1. 1899, with the prices realized, compiled 
from the auctioneers' catalogues, [v. 5.] 
N. Y., Dodd, Mead & Co., 1899. c. U+ 
566 p. O. cl., net, $8. (500 copies.) 

*Iiiviiu Palavinua, Titus, Bk. 9; chapters 
1~19; withintrod,, notes, and grammatical 
appendix and vocabulary, by W. C. Flam- 
stead Walters. N. Y,. Tbe Macmillan Co.. 
1899. 8-I-113-H33 p, 18', (Bell's illustrated 
classical ser,) cl., net, 40 c. 

'Iiloyd, A. B. In dwarf lajid and cannibal 
country; a record of travel and discovery 
in Central Africa; with introd. by Sir J: 
H. Kennaway. N. Y„ imported by C; 
Scribner's Sons, 1899. 385 p. il. maps, 8*, 
Cl., $5. 

Iiloyd, Alfred H. Philosophy of history: an 
introductioD to tbe philosophical study of 
politics, Ann Arbor, Mich.,G; Wahr, 1899. 
c. 260p. B, cl., tl. 
In •' Citizenship and saKatlon " tbo authnr showed 

bis Idealistic tendencies. He claims that all students 

of history must grasp the future as well as the past, 

and make all facts of hlstorj vital to themselTes In 

*Uoyd, C: E: State trials or Mary, Queen 
at Scots, Sir Walter Raleigh, and Captain 
W. Eddd, condensed and copied from the 
atate trials oi Francis tJargrave. esq., Lon- 

don, 1TT6, and of T. B. Howell, e$q.. Loo- 
don, 1816, with explanatory notes. Cfaic, 
Callaghan & Co., 1899, c. 8-1-260 p. O. 
cl., $S. 

Ub, Walter. Electrolysis and electrosjn- 
tbesis of organic compounds; authorized 
Ir. from tlje author's rfv. and enl. ed., by 
H. W. F. Lorenz. N. Y., J; Wiley & Sons, 
1898. 12',cl., $1. 

Locke, Rena A. Love multiplied : [a novel.] 
N. Y., F. TennvBon Neely, [1899.1 c. 8- 
398 p. D. (NeeV's popular lib., no. 130.) 
pap., 35 c. 

Locke, W: J:, (pseud.) Idols. N. Y., J: 
Lane, 1899. c. 5 + 366 p. D. cl., $1.54 

the study of men and women under abnormaJ ooodl- 
tlonn. This book gors a step ahead of "Derelicta" 
aud " At the gate of Samaria " It Is a sludy of two 
men who loved the same woman. Tinder almost lin- 

testlinony, tbinkluf 

bis friend. 

*Lodge, O: Cabot. The song of the wave, 

and other poems. N, Y., C: Scribner's 

Sons, 1898. c. 9-1-185 p. tS°, cl., 11.50. 
Lodge, H: Cabot. The war vrith Spain. S. 

Y.. Harper, 189B. c. 8-f27a p. il. O. cl., 


This story of the war of tbe United States with 
Spain is baaed on the official reports of the milltarj 
and naval operattous. everything accessible bating 
be^ carefully eiamlned. The otflclal reports bafc 
been supplemented by an eiamlnailon, so far as p«- 
slblo. of alt the accounts of eye-witnesses which bad 
either Interest or authijrity. The political portion* of 
tbe story and tbe account of events In Washlngtm 

knowledge of all that happened at the capltaldu ring 
the war period. Mr. Lodge was a member of tbe Con- 
mlttee on Foreign Relations at that lime. 
■Lafta*,Cis8ie,[lfrs. Marie CeciliaMcCartby,] 

Clssie Loftus: a short sketch of the well- 

known mimic and imitator. N. Y., R. E. 

Russell, 1899. il. 12°, ct., 50 c. 
Logan, AlgercoQ Sydney. Not on the chart: 

a, novel of to-day; il. by Gordon H. Grant. 

N. Y., G; W. Dillingham, 1899, c. W. 

3-377 p. D. cl., »1.26. 

le with an Ignori 

mco quickly ei 
makes a subtile c 


UDsatisflad lite, 
itfllleet, and tbr 
tragical outoomB, 

Long, J; Luther, The Fox-woman; with a 
frontispiece by Virginia H. DavJseon. Phil., 
J. B. Lippincott Co., 1900 [1899.1 c. '96. 
12-808 p. D. ci,, $1.25. 
There U a leRend of Japan, of the beautiful "Foi- 

reacb Nirv 
Hr. Long H 

■ this ] 

comes an outcast. The story is exceptionally poetical 
and toucbing.and shows the same kuowledEe of mod BB 
Japan aa did his " Miss Cherry -Blossom or Tokyo." 

'Long, W. H., ed. Naval yamsof sea fights 
and wrecks, pirates and privateers, from 
1616-1881, as told by man-of-wars men; 
many now for tbe first time printed, col- 
lected, and ed,, by W. H. Long; 9 il. from 
contemporary prints. N. Y., F. P. Harper, 
1899. 12-f827 p. 12*," 



*Ijong, W; J, The making of Zitnri Bunker: 
a story of Nantucket in the earlv dajB; il. 
by B. SoHenmeyer. Boat , L. C. Pare & 
Co., 1899. c. '98-'W. 0+126 p. 13°, (Cosy 
corDerBer.}cJ., QOc. 

Iiong, W: J. Ways of wood folk: first series. 
Boat., Ginn* Co,, 1898. c. 7+300 p. il. D. 

ZiODgcope, E. H., comp. Tbiogs taxable; 
stamp taxes under schedule A; arr. and 
comp., alphabetically, with exemptions 
uuder each subject: being also a dij^at of 
the decisions of the Commissioner of In- 
ternal Bevenue. 3d ed. Houston, Texas, 
published by the author, E. M. Longcope, 
[N. Y., (or sale by New York News Co.,] 
1898. c. 3+79 p. S. pap., 60 c. 

CoduJdIiu; also a Hparata lut ot otber eiemptioni, 
the ruJlD^ □[ the commleafoner, and tbs hcUods o[ 
tbe IKW aptillcabis to baDklugand commercUl paper, 
a,iid bankera and brokan. 

tavoed. Boat., Houghton, Hifflin &, Co., 
1899. il. por. 8%cl.,i3.50. 

*IiOn^elloir,E:Wadaworth. Poems; il. from 
oriifinal paintings by W. L. Dodge, Edwin 
DouKlas, H. Moore, and others. N. Y., A. 
L. Burt. 1899. 8+BM p. 13*, cJ., $3.50; 
hf. cf., $3.50; ) levant, (3.50. 

'*Iiongf«IIow, H: Wadsworth. Poetic and 
dramatic works. New Cabinet ed. Boat., 
Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1899. 16°, cl., $1. 

liongfallow, H: Wadsworth. EvanKeliae: a 
tale of Acadie; with notes. N. Y., T: Y. 
Crowell & Co., [1809.] c. '98, '99. 44+ D. (Copley aer.)cl.,tl. 

Iiongfellow, H: Wadsworth. Evangeline: a 
tale of Acadie; ed. with iatrod,, notes, and 
a plan of study, by W. F. Conover. Chic, 
A. Flanagan, [1899.] c. 3-149 p. il. D. c]., 
25 c.; pap., 15 c. 
Ttae dlatlnctJTe feature of tbig edfUou Is a plan ot 

study which U the outgrawth of the editor'i experi- 
ence aa a teacher. Inl«ndsd ai an elemenlarjr study 

in Utencure. 

Iioni^ellow, H: Wadsworth. Evangeline: a 
tale ot Acadie; ed., with introd. and notes. 
by Agnes I^the. Boat., B: H. Sanborn & 
Co., 1899. c. 33 + 14 p. por. S. (Cambridge 
literature ser., no. 5.) cl., 30 c; pap., 16 c. 

iKingfellow, B: Wadsworth. The son^ at 
Hiawatha; with an introd. by Nathan 
Haskell Dole. N. Y., T: Y. Crowell &Co.. 
[1899.] c '98, "99. 18+397 p. il. D. (Copley 
W.)c1., »1. 

■Ijongfellow, H: Wadsworth. Song ot Hia- 
watha. N, Y., University Publishing Co., 
1899. la*, (Standard lit. ser., no. 37, 
double DO.) cl., 30 c; pap., 20 c. 

•Xiongbina, Dionysius Cassius. On the sub- 
lime: the Greek text ed. after the Paris 
manuscript; with introd. translation, rac- 
similes, and appendices, by W. Rhys Bob- 
erts. N. Y., The Macmillan Co., 1899. 
10+388 p. 8*, (Cambridge University Press 

■ZfOomis, Alfred Lebbeus, M.D. Lessons in 
phvaical diagnosis. 11th ed. rev. and enl. 
N.'Y., W: Wood Sc Co.. 1899. 353 p. il. 8*, 
cl., net, «2.50. 


Iioomla, C: Battell. The four-roasted cat- 
boat, and other truthful tales; U. by Flor- 
ence Scovel Shinn. N. Y,, The Century 
Co., 1890. c. 8+341 p. D. bds.. $1.26. 

Tber* srs forty places in all, rrouped under auch 
headinga a> "A few IdloClamL'* "Al tbe literary 
oouDter," "Uaretaled storlei related," and "Euaya 
at eaaaya." " Uy Spanlab parrot " Is a I/plcal " Idiot- 












by the pictured cover aod a<»aQd-forty tbumn-nau 
and full-page drawing by Floreoce Scovel Bblnn, 

Zioomli, C: Battell. Juat rhymes; il. by F. 
Y. Cory. N. Y., R. H. RusseU, 1899. c. 

H-70p. O. bds., »1. 

Comic pictures and rliymBS. 
Ziord, Grace Virginia, [" Virginia Oh am pi i 
pteud.] Shadowed oy a detectii 

, .^^ 

.] N. Y., 

Street & Smith, [1899.] o. '86. •99. 383 p. D. 

(Magnet dettctive lib., no. 106.) pap., 10 c. 
'Irfird, W: 8. Jingle and jangle, and other 

verses for and about children. N. Y. and 

Chic, Fleming H. Revell Co., 1899. S8 p. 

IS", cl.,7Sc 
*Lord, W: S., ed. The best short poems of 

the nineteenth century. N. Y. and Chic, 

Fleming H. Revell Co., 1899. 40 p. 13°,cl., 

50 c. 
Xioreazen, A. F. Primary arithmelic : a 

standard method taught 'by the help of a 

new apparatus. Dftroit, Mich., published 

by the author, A. F. Lorenzen, 1899, c 

70 p. 1 il. aq. S. pap., net. 15 c. 

Tbe apparatus canalsiB of a ptece ofibeeClnin thir- 
ty by thirty-tour Inches; Its conatructlon laaadthe 
method! (or ualng It are explained Id Che text, and 
Illustrated by a dlaeram. 

*Z«rla, Achille. The economicfoundationot 
society; tr. from the 3d French ed. by L. 
M. Eaaabev, with a new preface by the au- 
thor. N. Y,, imported by C: Scribner's 
Sons, 1899. 385 p. 13', (Social science ser.) 
cl., »1.25. 

Ziorlmer, G: Claude, D.D. Christianity as a ' 
world-power: annual sermon preached be- 
fore the Baptist missionary and publicalion 
societies at San Francisco, May 38, 1899. 
Phil., American Baptist Pub. Soc, 1890. 
c. 3-44 p. O. pap., 10 c. 

Lothrop, Ifrs. Harriet Mulford, ["Margaret 
Sidney," jweud.] The stories Polly Pepper 
told to the Bve little Peppers in the little 
brown house; il. by Jessie McDermott and 
Etheldred B. Barry. Boat., Lothrop Pub. 
Co. [1899.] c 3+«0 p. D. cl., »].5" 

Iioud, Emily S. Taurus; or, written in the 
book of fate. Cin., O., The Editor Pub- 
lishing Co , 1899. c *+3fl0 p. D. cl.,tl, 

Aatorynr tbeislandaof theSuuth PaclOc; It relates 
toabeauttful white captlre, who nearly became the 
bride of a Boutb-Sea chief. 
*I>oiilsiana. Annual reports for 1898. St. 

Paul, West Pub. Co., 1800. c. 86+883 p. 

sm. Q. {National reporter system ed.) shp., 


Casea argued and deterEOlned in the aupreme court 
of La . reported in the La. annual reports, v. ao, and 
the ■KWthem reporter, rs.», E3. and iL With crws. 
refereooe Mblea, tables of case* clted.^tablea of a 

ot case* clted.^tablea of iMde 



The revised civil code of Louisi- 
ana, with referenoes to the acts of the leg'- 
islature. up to &ad including the session of 
1898; with the notes of the late Edwin T: 
Herrick; also annot. with references to the 
decisions of the aupreme court to the SOth 
annual inclusive; by Edwin T. Herrick. 
N. O., F. F. HanHell & Bro., Ltd., IBOO. 
c '00. 11+484 p. O. shp., tlO. 
IiODnsbarry, Alice. A guide to the wild 
flowers; with 64 col. and 100 black and 
white pis. and 64 diagrams by Mrs. Ellis 
Rowan; vrith an introd. by Dr. N. L. Brit- 
ton. N. y., F: A. Stokes Co., [1890.] c. 
17+847 p. il. O. cl., net, $3.50. 

Contains deacrlptloot of nearly Ave buodred pKnti, 
srransed »ccord1iiftto the Idod of lotl Id which ptuiti 
gTO-w: laaxUj, color, odor, rnniire, and time of bloom, 
ueall Kivan In each case. Indexes of common names. 
ulentiOc nwncs and colon aid In making Ideutiflcation 

LouBsberry, Lionel Centre-board Jim; or, 
the Recret of the SargasBO aea: a yachting 
Btory. N. Y., Street & Smith, 1890. o, 
'96, '90. 8-210 p. D. (Hedal lib., no. 27.) 
pap., 10 c. 

Iiova, Ji L. The disfranchisement of the 
negro. Wash., D. C, The American Negro 
Academy, 1899. 37 p. O. (Occasional papers, 
no. 6.) pap., ISc. 

A nmteat aralnit the erIdenC Intent oF a number of 
the stateg to enact qualincatlan which will b< the 
meatia o! depriving tbe negro of bis vote. 

Love, R. J. Tom Huston's transformation. 
N. T., F. Tennyson Neely, 1800. o. 02 p. 
D. e!., 36 c. 

Tom Huston had been deceived by a woman and 
distrusted tbe wbole sex. Hia "iranirormatlon" is 
brouKbt about by a noble woman, who wins blsreapect 
and lore and beoomes hk* wife. 

*IiOV«land, PVank O. A treatise on the law 

and proceedings in bankruptcy. Cin., O., 

W.H. Andereon&Co.,1800. c. lB+108Sp. 

8*, sbp., «6. 

Ziow, Beth. The trend of the c«utury. 

Y., T: T. Croi— " °- "" ■■•""•■■ - 

81 p. D. {What 

erette, 86 c. 

A reprint of the oration that President I.ow dellv. 

ered In itOe before tbs Harvard Cbapter of tbe Phi 

Beta Kappa Soclely. He ihows that the Iwo tnnn. 

•nces that have made tbls century what It is are the 

■clentlHc spirit and the democratic spirit, and bF 

traces what in the domain of thourbt.ot society, of 

commerce, of Industry, aod of politics, baa been tbe 

dominant tendency of growth. 

*IiOW«ll, Jb. Russell. Complete poetical 
works. Neio Cabinet ed. Bnst., Hough- 
ton, MifHin & Co., 1890. por. 18% cl., |1. 
*I.oweIl, Ja. Russell. Impreasiona of Spain; 
comp. by Jos. B. Oilder; with an introd. 
by A. A. Adee. Bost., Houghton, Mifflin & 
Co., 1809. c. 8+107 p. por. r.bds., $1.00. 
I^well, Ja. Russell. The vision of Sir Laun- 
fal, and other poema ; ed., with an introd. 
and notes, by Ellen A. Vinton. Bnst., B; 
H. Sanborn & Co., [1800.] c. 29+63 p. 8. 
(Cambridge literature ser.. no. 4.) cl., 80c.; 

'Lowell, J: and Ja. Arnold. A treatise on 
bankruptcy. Boat., Little, Brown & Co., 
1890. c. 181+786 p. O. shp., tS. 

Lowrle, Walter. The doctrine of Saint John: 
an essay in biblical theology. N. Y.,Long«- 


mans. Green A Co., 1809. c. 20+216 p. 
D. cl., «1,60. 

Hr. Lowrie is mission priest in tbe City Mlsalon, 
Philadelphia, Pa. Tbe eeaaj' alms at Interpret lug- Ibe 
theology of 8t, John as a whole, aa a syaiein. 

'Ziubbock, Alfred. Memories of Eton and 
Etonians, including my life at Eton, 1854- 
1868, and somereminiscences of subsequent 
cricket, 1864-1874; with a chapter on 
" Boy's chances at Eton," by Robin Lub- 
bock. N. Y.. imparted by C: Scribner's 
Sons, 1800. 820 p. por. 0. 1S% cl., $3.60. 

"Lubbock, Sir J: On buds aod stipuUs. N. 
Y.,New Amsterdam BookCo., 1800. 24<p. 
il. 12*, cl., $2. 

'Lnbbook, Str J: On buds and stipules. 
N. Y., imported by C: Scribner's Sons, 1809. 
280 p. U. col. pis. 12', cl., (2. 

*IiUCBs, Herbert. FraOirolamo Savonarola: 
a biographical study based on contempo- 
rary documents. St. Louis, Mo., B. Herder. 
1890. 88+474 p. 8', cl., net, 12. 

*LnchB^ AbM. The catechism of Rodet, 
explained in form of sermons; tr., and 
adaoted to the wants of the American pub- 
tic, by Rev. J: Thein; with a recommenda- 
tion of Bp. Ign. F. Horstmann. St. Louis, 
Ho., B. Herder, 1800. 628 p. r, cl.. net, 

Lucy, Anna M., coinp. Whittier; arranged 
by Anna M. Lucy. Bost., Brown & Co., 
fl80e.] c. '08. unp. il. obi. D. Cl.. «2; 
limited ed. of 600 copies, 96; de luxe ed. of 
50 copies. $10. 

Asouveulrvolumeof Whittier, consLstlngofanuni- 
berof full-page pictures taken from pbotosraphs oT 
places mentioned by the poet, having on the opposlta 
page the lines or verses dncrlblng them. 

Ludlom, Jean Kate. That girl of Johnson's. 

N. Y, Street* Smith, 1800. c. '90. 204 p. 

D. (Eagle lib., no. 140.) pap., 10 c. 
Ludovlci, Julius. Knight Conrad of Rhcin- 

steiu: a romance of the days of chivalrr; 

il. by the author, N, Y. and Cbic.,RancJ, 

McNally & Co., 1899. c. 208p. por.D. cl., 


A story of tbe old feudal Itamns of Germany. Tbe 


*Lnff, Arthur Pearson. Gout: its pathology 
and treatment. N. Y.. W: Wood & Co.. 
1800. 266 p. 8°, cl., net, $1.75. 

•Lumsden, Sir F: Stark, and Elsmie, Q:Bob. 
Lumi-den of the Guards: a sketch of the 
life of Lieut. -Oen. Sir Harry Burnett Lums- 
den, K.C.B.; with selections from hiscor- 
respondence and occasional papers. N. T., 
imported by C: Scribner's Sons, 1800. 168 p, 
pors. map<>, il. 12*, cl., $6.40. 

Luqaer, Lea Mcllvaine. Minerain In rock 
sections: the practical methods of identify- 
ing minerals in rock sections wi^ tb* 
microscope, especially arranged for stu- 
dents in technical and ocientinc schools. 
N. Y., D. Van Notrand Co,, 1898. c. 7+ 
An elementar]' textbook, prepared with tbe view or 

abwjlutely neceasary Co enable blm to Identify Iba 


given details 

todard publications, in which aj 
melhodsof InvesUgatioa c ■"— 
croecople and optical oba 
r In wbleh-tbsT wosld K 


«umluwl bya petrogntphlqftl mlcroKOiie. Tbeordar 

(oUowed tor mlnemU la egHntlall j that of RoMnblM^ 

<Mk<1 on tbe symoMtrT oruryitalllue lormr. Mlnemli 

are groupad Bcconllnj; [o thalr common optical ahai- 


Iiiuli, Ethel R. Lessons in domesticticieiiCF. 

Pt. 8. N. T., The MacmiUan Co., 189B. 8 

-t-8S p. 16*, pap., net, 20 o. 
Xiiuk, Hush H. Our toes at home. N. Y., 

Doubleday & HcClura Co., 1699. o. S+ 

297 p. D. cl.,«. 

A (onner mKDbsr al the Haw Zaalaad Parllwneot, 
who bfta apent aereral yaan In tha United Btataa, dla- 
euaaaaome Amarloui problem* tb»t be baa itndlad. 
He AowB what taaa been done In Nev Zealand, and 
eentraata thla Mrlklnglr with Aiii*t1uti eoadltlons. 
Someortbeohaptanare headed: The people'a bank; 
i. spendthrift polic;; Tho deeradatlou or the land; 
The redemptloD oT the people's estate; The tanatlou 
ottba people; Profltable taxatloD; UoDopollea accord- 
ing to lav; MoQopoUei In the people's bands; HoDopo- 
Ilea Id deOaDce of law. etc. 

Lnit, Adeliaa Cobnfeldt. A tent of rraca. 
Boat., Houshton, Mifflin & Co., 1899. c. 
3+898 p. D. cl., $1.60. 

The acene Is laid In Oormaoy. and the time la about 
the middle of thU centurr. The 7<%otif of the BC017 la 
the deep gait of racial dlatlnatlons. the Impaaaable 

eilf between the Cbiiitlan and the Jew. The heroine 
a beautiful Jeweie, rescued when a child from a 
bob of children, and attaining a noble womanhood 
under the foaterlnir uare of the pastor of the Oerman 
Tillage and his wife. She la loTad by Christian and 
Jew, and the ■tnicgle In her mind between the com- 
mandlne force of ber rellflouB tradition and the bi- 
tCDSc force of ber adectTon la deacrlbed with under- 
standing and power. 

Lathsr, Hark Lee. The favor oF princes. 

N. ?., The MacmillanCo., 1899. c. B+ 

3fi9 p. D. cl., tl GO. 

A romance of the court of Louis xT. Begins with a 
4esenptlon of thi 
B 17BT attemptei 

hntorlcal ciianwten figure In the plot. Gliea a fear- 
ful picture of the low state of morals In France at that 

IiqUmt, Martin. Auavrabl aua Luthera 
Dentschen schritten ; ed., with introd and 
notes, bv W. H. Carruth. Bost , Qinn & 
Co., 1899. c. 83+Sfl2 p. D. {International 
modern laaguftKe ser.) cl., |1.10. 
" Bearing in mind that the American oolleee student 
may not re^ mom than one volume of Luther's wril- 
1^*, the editor bas taken his selections from the 
whole eoune of Luther's life, and chosen as far aa pos- 
sible those wrltlnga which have Intrinsic literary or 
historical nrorlb. Of each of the reformer's greatest 

Lnther, M&rtin. Lutber'a explanatory notes 
on the gospels; comp. from his works bv 
Rev. E. Mueller ; tr. by Rev. P. Anstadt. 
Tork, Pa., P. Anstadt & Sons, 1B99. c. 
424 p. par. O. cl.,tl.50. 

Lnthar, Martin. Selections from the table- 
talk of Martin Luther; tr, by H: Bell. N. 
Y., CaRseli & Co., Ltd., 1W8. 173 p. T. 
(CMSell'a national lib., new ser., v. 7, no. 
828.) pap., 10 c. 

*Lnti, E. Q. Handbook to natural history 
charts; tr. bjM. Michaelis; accompanied by 
80 plates in colors. N. Y., Raphael TuckdE 
Sons Co., Ltd., 1899. book, IS', 50 c; SO 
plates in portfolio on paper, net, tlO ; 
mounted on linen in portfolio, net, $15. 

3 LYS 

Zi&taow, Francis (Oounf-) A history of Bo- 

h"ini«n literalure. N. Y.. Appleton, 1899. 

12+426 p, D. (LiteraturuH of the norld 

Her.}cl., tl.SO. 

BeglnnlDgwIth the"QuaBtloD of Che manuscrlota," 
the author takea up tbe bymna, datlni probably from 
the teeth century, which an the earlleat uncontested 
Bobemlan wrltlDga. In dereloplng tbe theme of early 
Bohemian poetrr several valuable translatlonaare fur- 
Dished as illustrations. A discussion of the early 

Cie wrilen preoede* an Important portion of tbe 
k which treats of the epoch that wltneased tbe seri- 
ous attempts to revive the vernacular In tbe piaoe of 
Latbi.and to Institute llngulstlosa well aa rellglooa re- 
forms, an epoch ending witb the buniltiK of John Ho* 
and reli«lous persecutkina. Another faree phase of 
the subject— the development of Bohemuui proae in 
tbeslxtsentbceatury-^Ie fully treated, together with 
tbe varlDus new impulsea of the last bundred year*. 
The author's treatment of the subject Is happily i* 
enforced by translations of characteristic examples 
of Bohemian literature. Blbliograptiy (S p.|. Index. 
Iiyall, SiT Alfred Comyns. Asiatic studies, 
religious and social. 2d ter. N. Y., im- 
port by C; Scribner'a Sons, 1899. 894 p. 
§•, cl., W.60. 
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(Beu- dog readers, ed, by L. W. Lyde.) cl., 


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N. Y., The Macmillan Co., ISM. 192p. ir. 
(Sea dog readers.) cl., 60 c. 

LydatoD, G: Frank, M.D. Tbe surgical dis- 
eases of the genitourinary tract: venereal 
and Bcutual diseaseB ; a text-book for stu- 
dents and practitioners. Phil,, The F, A. 
Davis Co., 1899. c. 12+1011 p. il. O. cU, 
net. 10; shp. or hf. rus., net, tO.TO. 

"■ ■■ ... fj.Qjjj (jip Colted States to 

II, etc., laOB Be is profeasor In the 

IlUnob, rellow of the American Ac 
and Social Hclence. etc. In this 
practical surrey of bla Held, but d 

ilty of 


lubjeot* eomprUed 

Dodd, Mead & Co., 
4-i'3T0 p. D. cl., $1.30. 

The mother of tbe child w bo deacrlbe* twelve yean 
•f her unhappy little 11'ewaaa very baodsoma woman 
narried lo her eecund husband who had absolDtely m 
ove [or h«r children and dellgh'«d to make then 
inffer physical and mental torturvs. The child 1 


llslU M 

seem pcasible to fall to a baby girl. 

•Lynoh, Hannah, Toledo, the story of an 

old Bpaniah capital; il. by Helen M. James. 

N. Y., The Maomillan Co., 1899. 8+811 p. 

16', (MediEBVal towns.) cl., $1.00. 
Z.yiide, Francis. The helpers. Bost.,Hovigh- 

ton, Mifflin & Co.. 1890. c. 4+420 p. D. 

cl.. tl.50. 

evwy rrade of Intellect, morals, s 
The dauichter of a ooble-bearted m 

>r irood Intention 

liys, Christian. The fortress of Yadasara: a 
narrative prepared from the manuscript of 
Clinton VerraJl, Esq.; il. by Lancelot Speed. 
N. Y., F; Warne & Co., 1899. , "» - " 
cL, $1.25. 

J., 1899. ,488 p. 8*. 



*Zijr»aKlit, Sidney BoTw. One or the Oren- 

Tlllea. N. Y, The MacmillciD Co., 1899. 

8+490 p. er, ol., ♦l.BO. 
Xiyte, EL Oram. Advaoced grammar nod 

compositEon, N. Y., American Book Co., 

[1896.1 c. 868p. D. cl.,76c. 

Tbe tbird of a tbree book Hrlea of Mit-booki on 
the fin^llih Ean^a^, daftl^ed Tor use In all gradea of 
city acbooU aad adianced oountry tcbools. As Ita 
title IndlcaleB, II ia a highar Engllab grammar for 
•ohoola. It ts lotoDded to meet tEerequlremsota of 
high acboola, DoriDal schoola, and ackdemlea. 

•Lyto, Sir H: Churchill Maxwell. A history 
of Eton ColleKe, (1440-1898.) 8d ed. rev. 
and enl. N. Y., The Hacmillan Co., 1899. 
35+640p. 8°, cl.,ne(, |7. 

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spirit. N. Y., DodiT Mead & Co., 1899. 
c. '98, '99. 4+861 p. 8. cl., tl.25. 

Forty-four short papen onT Sunday morning; The 

The man Christ Jihub; Repose Id mrk and strife; la 
troubled Ilmu: The way of work; Intlmatlona of tbe 
utuaeu; The Hirrox orkuowledee: Beauty and Immor- 
tality; The Incident of deatb, eto , etc. 

Habia, Hamilton Wright. My study Are. 
JVeto il. ed., with 66 il. by Maude Alice and 
Genevieve Covrles. N. Y.. Dodd, Mead & 
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boro township, Cumberland Co., Pa., 1730- 
1898. Fort Hunter, Fa. . published by Mary 
C. McAllister, 1898. 200 p. 8', hf. cf. and 
tartan, $7; hf. cl.and cl.,Se. 

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I92p, T-(Cas<>eirB national lib., new ser., 
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ancient Rome; ed., with introd. and notes, 
by Moses Grant Daniell. Boat., Oinn&Co., 
1899. 16+145 p. por. D- (Standard English 
classics.) cl., w c. 

Blaoaolay, T: fiabington {Lord.) Lays of 
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Armada." Ooasell &. Co., 1899. 3-192 p. 
T. (Cassell's national hb., new ser., v. 7, 
314.) pap., 10 c. 

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witb notes, abstract, chronological sum- 
maries, etc . by H. B. Kotterill. N. Y.. The 
Macmillan Co., 1899. 36+179 p. 8°, (Mac- 
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4 McCarthy 

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V. 6, no. SOS.) pap., 10 c. 
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myxomycestes hitherto described from 

North America, includin); Central AmericA. 

N.Y., The Macmillan Co., 1899. 17+269 p. 

8*. cl., net, t3.35. 
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4+151 p- D. cl., $1-35. 

Theargumebta foraod aniDit a general dlsarma- 
ment are given, vllb aposdbleplan that might pleaae 
alUhe power*. Set forth lo ohaptora entftled; The 
true basil of militarism: PoUtlcaf obstacles lo dis- 

'my In France; A possible solut 

i; Some forc<« a 

Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1899. 

869 p. D. (American statesmen ser.) ct., 

»1.35; hf. mor., »3.B0. 

Tbe early life of Thaddsus Stevena Is descrlbeit and 

in was won in the Bouse ot Reprei 

Insopposllion U 

.betide of '-The great commoner." The larger part 
If tbe Tolume is derotcd to tbe period of tbe ClvU 

e legal I 

!rbill. m 

chapter la dero'tcd to his nit and other oharacieiistics- 
MoOardell, Roy Ii. The wage slaves of New 
York; ii. by H. T- Smith. N. Y., G: W. 
Dillingham Co., 1899. c 4-196 p. D. (Dil- 
lingham's American authors lib., no. 56.) 


ry of tbe crusblo^ 

a, and DorellaU of the i 

ce Napoic 
1. C^uJlna 

Dqualntances be 

irorld of llondon." and " The princes of jltflratur 
*UcCaxthy, Justin. Thestory of Gladstone's 
life. A'ew cheaper ed. of tne 2d ed. rev, 
and enl. N. Y.. The Macmillan Co.. 1899. 
por. 11. 8°, cl., ;>rtce reduced lo (3.50- 
McOarthy, Justin. The story of the people 
of England in the nineteenth centurv. 
Pt. 1, 1800-1833. Pt- 2. 1882-1898. N. V.. 
G: P. Putnam's Sons. 1899. c. '98. 9+ 
380; 7 + 361 p. pors. il. D. (Story of the na^ 
tions ser., nos. 67. G9.) cl., ea., fl.SO; hf. 
leath., ^1.7.-). 

An account of the social and poUtlcai development 
of England since tbe opening of the centurr, No at- 
tempt Is made at anvthlng llbe a minute aiid detailed 
hlHtoryof the events that followed each otber during 
tbattime, the Intent being rather to draw sometblnr 
like a picture than to give tbe reader a chronicle and 
a record. The writer boji dsxcrlbed each remarkable 
political and Bociftl development, and, along with them, 
the statesmen and pbllanChropistB of every order by 
whom such development waa assisted in its ptognss. 
Tbe oontenta of tbe second volume are: The convlet 


■bip; Tithes am] 

■Dip; Tithe 

torta: Tbo foundatlQo of tbo C. 

"iccollniHa: Stekm.f ' 

l>Le Daw; The opii 

□utTement: Poef-a 

1 rreluili ( 

__, QunenVlc 
Domlalon: Tbe 
dpMtaee; The 
Tbe Irbb □>- 
I fall: Crime* 
i; ino waolnB eertury; Mr. OladBlono: 
a great oareer ; Litenitiire, art, and 

BScOartby, Justin Huntly. A abort history 
of the TJaited States. Chic, H. S. Stone 
&. Co., 1899. c. '98. 10+870 p. D. c]., 

An outline hlitorr of tbe United Stale*, Uild with 
the litermiy skill ihom by the Ench^autbor Lu '■ Tbe 
Frenoh reTolutloD." " SoKland under Qladstoae." etc. 
A.a ImparUal hlalory, although fram an EngllihmaD'a 

'McObamey, Dora Oreenwell. Rupert, by 
the ^ac« o( God: the atory ot an un- 
recorded plot set forth by Will Forteacue; 
ed. and rev. b^ Dora Oreenwell MoChesoey; 
with a frontispiece by Marv E. Swan. N. 
Y., The Macmiilan Co., 1899. 18+855 p. 
8°. ol., *1.50. 

BCoOInre.Ja. Gore King, D.D. EnviroDineat. 
N.Y. and Chic, Fleming E. Revell Co., 1899. 
c. a-39p.8.tQiiiet hoarser.) ol.,a5c 

in. ,. J .. "--w thaiwearobot 

ID illu. 

I or our e 


*Mc01aTB, Ja. Gore King, D.D. The great 
appeal N. Y. and Chic, FleminK B. Revell 
Co., 1899. 131 p. ia°, cl., 7S c. 

MacOoU, Halcolm, D.D. The Re form ati an 
settlement i-xaminedinthe light of history 
and law; with an introductory letter to Sir 
W: Vernon Haroourt. N. Y., Longmans, 
Grepn & Co., 1B99. 78 + 565 p. D. cl.. t2.50. 


r.- Tbe ■ 

_ b; Tbe Reformation: ItscauKa 

>»d reaulti; Theleatimoay of Anglican divines; Pro- 

plnqulty or tbe spiritual irorld; Sacerdotalism: Aurle- 

ular confeaalon; TheBelormatlonandcooreaslon: Tba 

intermediate state; EoclesliMtioal courts and tbe oma- 

ments rubric ; AnElican and Rooian orders ; Tbe 

prisoner of tbe Vatican, a chapter ot aacret hUiorr. 

MoOook, H: Christopher, D.D. The martial 

graves of our fallen heroes in Santiigode 

Cuba. Phil., Q: W. Jacobs & Co., 1899. 

c. 4-448 p. O. cl., tS. 

The chaplain of the id ReilnieDt Pennsylisnla 
Volunteers w« sent to Santiago by the United States 
EoTtrDmeot tn locale and deslKnate tbe »:raTeBaf tbe 

Amencan war of 1Se8. Hlncc he made the notes and 
, The author pubiisbca 

opy will I 

died In 18B8 In Cub 

*McOonnick, H: Sugg-eslions on teaching' 
geography. Blooraington, 111., Public 
School Publishing Co., 1899. c. IS', cl., 
50 c. 

BSoOonniok, Julian. The child's name: a 
collection of nearly Ave hundred uncom- 
mon and beautiful names for children; with 
an introd. on the tosteftil use ol Christinn 
names. N. Y.. W: H. Young & Co., 1899. 
c. 187p. D. cl.,50c. 

"HoOradr. E: The history of South Caro- 
lina under the Royal government, 1719- 
177tl. N. Y., The Macmiilan Co.. 1899. 
28+847 p. 8°. cl., net, $3.50. 

*BIcOnUocb, Catherine Waugh. Mr. Lex; 
or. the legal status of motner and child. 
N. Y. and Chic, Fleming H. Revell Co., 

1899. 86 p. 18°, d., lut, 85 c; pap., net, 

16 c 
•aioOnllooh, Rob. DraughU. N. Y., Q: 

Routledge & Sons. 1899. 188 p. diagrams, 

16', bds., 80 c 
•MoOurdy, Stewart L. Manual of ortho- 

Stdic surgery: a treatise on deformities and 
iseoses or the joints and bones. Chic, 
Chicago Medical Book Co., 1898. 886 p. 
13°, cl., net, tl.25. 
MacDonagh, Michael. Irish life and char- 
acter. 3d ed. N. Y., T: Whittaker, 1899. 
7+882 p. D. cl., $1.75. 
Theobjec--"" "■ — 

„ -o give a clear, full, a , 

Irish life aniTcbaracter Illustrated by anecdotes and 

GrBOnal recollection!. The sltetcbea are founded on 
elve years' eiperlence In Irish Jonrnalisin. Some of 
tbe titles are : Tbe old Irlsb squire: Duelling; Faction 
flghtlng In Ireland; Some delusions about Irerand; 
"^ulls" from Irish paaturvs; Id tbe Irlab law courts, 

■Hacdonald. O: Princess and the goblin. 

N. Y.. A. L. Burt, 1899. 845 p. 13°, (Little 

women Ber.)cl., 75 c. 
Mncdonald, H. P. Trefoil : the story of a 

aMp. D. cl.,»1.26. 
Throe girls on their last u»j »l 
elrea Into a society with tbe can 

through much aarrow aa veil aa joy. Tbe scene la 

"McDonald, Rob. Her ladyship: [a story,] 

N. Y., Frank A. Munsey, ia99. 12*, cl., 

25 c 
'McDonald, Rob. In the reign of Boris : [a 

novel;] [a sequel to "Aprince.«s and a wom- 

an."] N. Y., Frank A. Munsey. 1896. 13°, 

cl., 25 c 
McDonald, Rev. W: The people's Wesley; 

with an introd. by Bp. W. F. Mallalieu. 

N.Y., Eaton & Mains, 1899. c. 3 + 62 p. S. 

A brief life of John Wesley, including all tbe essen- 
tial facta In hU career. 

'Macdonald, W:, ed. Select charters and 

other documentH illustrative ot American 

history. 1608-1775; ed., with notes, by W. 

Mncdonald. N. Y., The Macmiilan Co., 

1899. 9 + 401 p. 13°. cl.. net, $3. 
HacDongall, Rev, Donald. The conversion 

ot the Maoris. Phil., Presb. Bd. ot Pub. 

and Sabbath School Work, 1899. c. 9+ 

216 p. por. il. D. cl., tl.25. 

The origin ot the Maori. Hayi the autbor, la loat In 
obscurity. He, however, traces the history ot tbe bar- 
baric race from 1400 to 1893, dwelling upon native cns- 

nnally the part of the modern missions in the conaer- 
Blonofthe Maori from cannibalism to Christianity. 

■Mace, R: The first families: [a novel.] N. 
Y., Frank A. Munsey, 1899. 13°, cl., 25 o. 

BlacFall.Haldane. The house of the sorcerer; 
being an account ot certain things that 
chanced therein. Bost., R: G. Badger dt 
Co., 1900 [1899.1 c '99. 233 p. il. D. cl., 

A story of West Indian negro life, describing negro 
religious feeling" and negro superstitions. The heroine 

U seemed to be ^to Inx as many souls as poslbleto 
pordttion. Msny c' ' •■■- 


enea are.more dranuitk 


MaofulMM, C: W: Value and aiBtribution: 
an hiBtorical, critical, aod conatmctiTe 
siud; in economic; theory; Hdapted for ad- 
vanced and post-Krainiati; work. Phil., J. 
B. Lippincott Co., 1898. c. '88. 8+817 p. 
O. cl.,^.50. 
COnfenlt.' Pt.l. Value and prlo. Pt, 2, Dlatrlbutlon, 

Bk. 1. Uaat: I. Proat; 3, lnt«re*L; 1. WacM. 


Library ad mi nisi ration. 
N. Y., Francis P. Harper, 1898. 11 + 244 p. 
D. (library 8er.)cl., net, tl.75. 

HoQovera, T: The pronouncing dictionary 
of mytbology and antiquitifs: givinfi; a 
coDcise account of the gods, heroes, states- 
men, poets, philoBophers, painters, sculp- 
tors, places and wonders of antiquity. 
N. Y., The Cbiswick Publiflhing Co., [1899.1 
C. 163 p. S. (Ocular lib.) leath., 50 c. 

*MoOowan, ilev. Francis Xavier. Theslorv 
of St. OdilB. Phil., J: Jos. McVey, 189tf. 
C. ISOp. ir, cl.,80c. 

BlaoOrath, Harold. Arms and the woman : 
uromnnce. N. Y., Doiibleday & McClure 
Co., 1899. c. 5+329 p. D. cl., $1.26. 

Tort noimpiper maD Is aeDt lo London to 
tbe Eiif[h(b uorre«pondenC vbo b>d tm,\}ea m 

rluk. Tlei 

it, rewmblanc 


ot < 


MoOratli, T: Francis. History of the An- 
cient Urderof Hibernians, from tbe earliest 
period to the joint national ciiDvention at 
Trenton. New Jersey, June 27, 1898: with 
biography ot Bp, Ja. A, McFaul. Cleve- 
land, O., [T: Francis HcQratb. 1899,] 8- 
IGO p. pors. il. sq. S. flex. cl.,8Cc.; pap.,3JJc. 
1-he loclent Order oC HlbemlsnB.u Its naUM indl- 

oatea. U k Kwlety composed eicluilT^ly of IrlHbraea 

br birth or daacmt. and nroctlcKl Ramnn Calbollca, 
■ ■lOCath- 

*Haogr^or, Bev. U. H. C. Into his likeness: 

gospel glimpses of Ihelifeof Jesus. N. Y. 

and Chic, Fleming H Revell Co., 1899. 

158 p. 16*. (Little books for life's guidance 

serOcl,, 50 0. 
"MacgrsgoT, Rev. Q, H. C. The things ol the 

spirit: the teaching of the word of God 

about tbe spirit of God. N, Y. and Chic, 

Fleming H, Bevi-ll Co.. 18B9. 76 p, 12'. cl., 

net, SB c; pap., net, 20 c. 
"Molan, R. R. The clans of the Scottish 

Highlands. Nem cheaper ed. N. Y., F: A. 

Stokes Co,, 1899. 13°, cl,, net, |2.&0j Stuart 

tartan silk, net, |8.nO. 
MoDwalne, Herbert C. Martyrs of empire; 

or, Dinkinbar, N. Y., K, F. Fenno A Co., 

1899. a. 7+310 p. D. cl.. tl.25. 

Althourb tbe ilorv oaias tn London, most of the 

pretty English girl, who conseiiU lo visit relatlies 
log □/ a novel dealing with life in tbe bush. 

*McnwraIth, J. N. History of Canada. N. 

Y., Appleton, 1899. IB", (History for 
young readers.) cl., 6S c. 

Mcintosh, Burr W: The little I saw of Cuba: 

il. by the author. N. Y., F. Tennvai-n 

Neely, 1899. c. 4 + 178 p. II. O. cl., $2. 

Burr Uclatoih represented LttUfi WttHu in Cnba. 

He glTu a graphic account ot all be *»» In nt« cuMtcl- 

yrolwar -— 


iSet WetUu in < 

,, „.l be *»» In nt« Cl 

.-r 1 of the Santlatro campaica. 

rkatlon ot troope AtT(inp».llliutratlDK 


«MoInto«h, W: C^rmichael, M.D. The re- 
sources of the sea: as shown in the scien- 
tific experiments to test the effects of 
trawling and of the closure of certain 
areas off the Scoitish shores. N. Y.. Tbe 
Macmillan Co , 1899. 16+248 p. 8*. (Cam- 
bridge Press Ber.)nel, t4.S5. 
MoIntyTB, J: T. Hearts of men: a drama in 
tour acts. Phil., The Penn Pub. Co., 1899. 
c. 47 p. S. (Dramatic lib., v. 1, no. 186.) 
pap., 15 c, 
Mackall, J: W: The life of William Morris. 
N, Y.. Longmans, Qreen ftCo., 1899. 2 v., 
16+87S; 8+864 p. pors. il. O. cl. . net, $7.50. 
Thli bloctr&phy iraa undertaken at the apeclal re- 
quest or the late BurneJonee. The author had un- 

the family ot William Morris, arch I' 
decorator, iraaver, printer, craftstuw „> ui>u> u .>, 
socialist and revel utTouary. His crowded. brsTa, and 
useful life Is put on reconiwltb excellent juttgiDeDt of 
eraent lain and non-naentlals. The artistic and literary 

MoKendrick, J: Gray, M.D. Hermann Lud- 
wiK Ferdinand von Helmholtz. N. Y., 
Longmans. Green &, Co., 1899. 15+S98 p. 

rar, D, (Masters of medicine, no. 7.) ci., 
MoENuie. Alex. Tbe divine force in tbe life 
of the world. {Newintue.} Bost., Bougb- 
ton, Hifflin & Co., 1899. c. '98. 5+884 p. 
por. O. (Lowell Institute lectures.) cl., 

Contents.' The creation and man: Tbe course ot 
of man In e«rly 

.ture: The 
I ot Christ 

irDoae and method of C 

L the banda ot men; th« Christiu 
OriglDal]]' published by Lainsoo, 

WoIITb « Co. 

BCcKsnzia, Donald J. Tbe workiogman de- 
tective; or, a crime against the poor. N. 
Y.. Street* Smith, [1899.1 c. '89. W. 2+ 
321 p. D. (Magnet detective lib., no. 110.) 

■BSackenale, 'H.:, (Canon.) Scotland's share 
in civilizing the world. N. Y. and Cbic^, 
Fleming H. Revell Co., 1899. 190 p. 18*, 
cl., |1. 

•Blackenzie, Marion. The little artist: a 
handbook ot water-colors tor teachers. 
SpringHeld, Mass., Hilton Bradley Co., 
1898. 33p. 4°, bds., 76 c. 

•Mackenzie, T:, (Lord.) Studies in Roman 
law; with comparative views ot tbe laws of 
France, England, and Scotland; ed. by J: 
Kirkpatrick, 7th ed. rev. N. Y., imported 
by C: Scribner's Sons, 1899. 47+478 p. 8*. 
cf., 18.40. 

PhiL, J. b' Lippincott Co., 1899. 18*. cl., 
•Mackle, Rev. G, M, Bible manners ai 
customs. N. Y. and Chic, Fleming I 
Revell Co., 1899. "^ ^ ^^^^Plt^- 

•MoElnnay, W: M., ed. EDCvclopmlU of 
pleading and practicH undtrr the codes and 
practice acti, at coramoD law, in equity 
and Jn criminal cases. V. 18-17, [Letca tees 

IntoaK Bob., D.D. From Corate to 
Benjamin Kidd: the appeal to biologj or 
«voIuiioa for human guidaore. N. Y., The 
Uacmillan Co., 1609. 28+312 p. IS*, cl., 
*«n, Alex., Spureeon, C: E., Moody, 
D, L., ^and other»,] The resurrection: a 

gmposium. N. Y. and Chic, Fleminfr H. 
ivell Co., 1889. 137 p. 13", cl., net, 80 c; 

Co.. 1899. c. 3-176 p. D. cl., net, SI. 

Tbe iDDer Jlfe of a bolii prient Is portrayed In chap- 
tenon the nature, duty, i^nce, irlali, kiid helpiof 

XCcIiaagfalin, Andrenr Cunninghani. A his- 
tory of the American nation. N. Y., Ap- 
pleton, 1899. c. 14+367 p. pore, maps, U. 
D. (Twentieth century aer.) cl., net, $1.40. 
The purpoAA is to trace the main outLinee of oa- 

tlooal deTslopmeat. toahow bow the Atnerlcaa peofde 

I; theeffortto malDtaia national indepeiiE . . . 

and the ■ubaequent ■trusRles and evenli that flnall; 
bniucht atl saotioiu of ttia naiiuu Into a bond of 
perpetual union. These erentft hare been ao narrated 
tbat the reader will come to an appreclaUon of hU po- 
litical surrounding* and ot the polUlcaJ duties that de 

baa been paid to political racin, to the tIh of parties, 
or gQrernmental machlnerf, and. ID general, to ques- 
ence Il8t4 are appended to a number of cbapten. 
Haolay, Edfi^ar Stanton. A hiatory of Ameri- 
can privateers. N, T., Appleton, 1699. c. 
40+S19 p. il. O cl., tS.60. 

After eeveral j'ean of research the dtstlnEuiahed 
historian ol American sea power presents the flrat 
eomprehenslTe account of one of the moat picturesque 
and abaorbluK phase* of our maritime warrare. He 
divided his subject Into two parts: "The war of the 
Be*alutl(^"aiid"Tbe warori8l3." ~ 

mooocraphs, (he records of hi 

unpubllsfaed loe-bouks, and fro 

-. a obtained Intimate i.__ 

.jeflttlnroutor the TesBe:B, the Incidents 

of ihelr Tovues. and the tbrllll ok adventures of the 
brave sailors who manned them. His wwk is accom- 
paoled bf repmductions of coatemporary pictures, 
portraits, and documenU, and also by illustrations by 
Georpe Oibbt. 

*McZ.alLui,J. A., and Ames, A.F. Thepublic 
Rchool mental arithmetic; baaed on Mc- 
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ber." N. Y.,TheMftcmillanCo., 1899. 11 
+188 p. 16% cl., wet, 25 c. 

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Y., Harper. 1899. c. 28+820 p. il. D. cl.. 

n short stories, c^omprlsed ' 


BerolL . .. 

French'Canad lai 

collection of ktlrrlng 
wblle the secand givf 

:■ of tbe rrei 


lo tbe pi 

>, W:, and Mcllwraith, J. N. The 

span o' life: a tale of Louisbourg- and Que- 
bec; il. by F. de Myrbach. N. Y., Harper, 
1899, c. 9+808 p. D. cl.. |1.7r). 
A romance of tbe French and Indian war. The 

story opens In Engtai ' ' ' ■--■-- 

Id the fall of U 

. The 


in the Bcattlsh army, and Is forced to flee t< 

;o the new world 



dreams. N. Y., F: A. Stokes Co., 1900 

[1699 1 8 + 8S7 p. D. cl.. «1.B0. 

Short storiss of Irish life and folk-lore. Dahia; By 
the yellow moonrock: Th^ house of rand and foam; 
Lost; The white heron; Children of the dark star: 
Alasdalr, tbe proud: Tbe Amadan: The Herdsman; 
The book ofthe opal; Tbe wells of peace; " 

of the hills; The dlati 


appeared and 


Eniari Dla^ of the breams; The arylne of 

of the soul. A biblio- 

□vof tbeee stories have 
1 beenohanged for tbi* 

McLeod, Rob. R: Id the Acadian land: na- 
ture studies. Boat., Bradlee Wbidden, 
1899. c. 186 p. por. il. D. cl., net, 7S c. 

The material for tbewi studies was fouod In Queens 
County. Hofa Scotia, Their suhjecls sre: The woods: 
A butterfly: Dak apples; Hares: Weasels: Spiders; A 

KdBCT. _„ 

Birds; Ulcmac Indians; Putf.balls, toadsu 

': The red squirrel; 

: Bats: By the : 
llcmac Indians; 
t of thing. 

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The Quaker colony peui 
by Blanche McHanus. N. Y., E, R. Herrick 
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cl., SI. 

dialect poems, and 

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chimney corners : merry tales oi Irish folk- 
lore; il. by Pamela Colman Smith. N. Y., 
Doubledayi& McClure Co., 1899. c. 12+ 

wit and 

d entirely to tales ot 

... .... Invincible "Jacks," 

etc. Mis* Smith bas drawn a sarfn oT ocdored illuatra- 

UaoBSanuB, Seumas, [ " Hac," pseud. ] 
Through the turf smoke; the lovt>, lore, 
and laughter of old Ireland. N. Y., 
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394 p. S. cl.,75c. 

COnlenU: The leadln' road to Donegal; The Boyue 
watber: The quad-dhroop-eds: The Prince of Wales' 
own Donegal militia; Barney Roddy's penance; Dlnny 
Honaghafa last keg; Billy Baxter; The counsellor; 
The mauler and thr bocca fadb; Father Dan and fld- 
dlers four; Jack who was the ashypet; Jack and the 
Lord High Mayor; Stories of Irish peasODt life, witb 
folk-lore legends. 
UoUlllan, Elva Irene. Lyrics ot the west. 

N. Y , G:P. Putnam's Sons, 1899. c. 7+ 

226 p. por.S. cl., $1.36. 

One hundred and thirty-seven poems OD various 
subjects, many of arellKlous character. 

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8+382 p. 13-, cl., $1.50. , ^^ CiOOQIc 

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meadow. Bloomington, 111., PublicSchooI 
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malrled when i 

tination she hearnor tbe deatb ot De L&rat and Btsru 

ot the joung couotem La thEreafter lnlerwoTen vtitb 
polttlcfti Intrigue and ram antic knd trftgjc incideDU. 

Haddau, J:, JH.D. Shall we drink wine? a 
physician's study of the alcohol question. 
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Assoc, 1699. c. 3+64 p. nar. D. (Peda* 

fogical truth lib., no. 2.) pap.. 10 c. 
be pubLlaben i&y *' you aboufd read this eoBKy to 

tbe educ&tlonal world, md lo Appreciate thfi vcarh t/t 
their edLicatEon&l aystero " In amftll comuoB and 
without entmerfttlon Father HaBHVnev set* torth tbe 
hlHtorv and character of the lyalem of education ecu- 
bodied in the Jesuit Satio 3tuai<irtm. 
Blaghes, Frances C Young people's manual : 
history, doctrines, and government of the 
Cumberland Presbyterian Church. Nash- 
ville, Tenn., Cumberland Presbyterian Pub- 
lishing House, 1699. 3-16 p. S. cl., 2S c; 

The hiatoni' is A cODdem&tiDD of the principal facta 

>r the o 


land PreBbyterian Cburch. Tbe author Is Held Seen 

Magnay, Sir W:, (Barf.) The heiress of the 
season. N. Y.. Appleton, 1899. c. 4+ 
330 p. D. (Appleions town and country 
lib., no. 373.) cl., $1: pap,, 60 c. 
A narel ot Englliih political fife, ithowa how lo Im- 
portaat a matter aa the rarelitn pollcjr ot CnKlaod i* 
,...._.. J „_ loclety pi ' — " '--• 


petty porsf 

)r theli 

e ends and tni-oujfti 

d dlBliltea. Tbe Eii-lo? 

Magmder, Julia. A beautiful alien. 

R: G. Badger & Co., 1900, [1899.1 

3-223 p. I if. D. cl., $1.25. 

The Btory a! an unhappy marrla^. The de 
ooeon Bleamer homeward bound from Europ 

are UrTaail Urs. Rnbert Dallas, newly marrl 

by iQcllnation. Mri. Dallas, of Swed"ish lUliitl 

„ Albert NoeTrBlirouKh't ii _. 

saTcs her rrooi utter despair. 

Magnidar, Julia. A heaven-kissing hill. 

Chic, H. 8. Stone &Cc, 1899. 2+159 p. 

lil. nar. S. cl.,75c. 

equally poor deal«r to sell at any price. After long 
waitlue It is boutrht by a woman who gipea him. 

His first cua- 

Boclety Klri w 

bis work. A . 


on the d^nouemcnl. 

MahaS;, J: Pentland, D.D. Rambles and 
studies in Greece. Phil., H: T. Coates & 
Co., 1900 [1899.1 18+635 p. il. map, 0. 
cl., »3; ct.. 17. 

MahatTy^s popular work on Greece, 
whieh are tn Thehes, Delphi. Olympla. 
Oorlnth and other acenee of the pfctui 


Delphi. Olym 

-' -'le picture^ue and ruf. 

author endeaTora to 


HacmillaD Co.. 1899. 887 p. ]8°, cL, net. 
Mabku, Alfred Thayer. LesBoni ot th« war 
with Spain, and other articles. Boat., 
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+820p. D. cl., |3. 

ConaiBtsor fl*o nrtlcla which kppaarad la Ifcdurii'i 
MagoMiati Trom December, t«B8, to April, leW, dealiDg 
eapecUlly with Ibe nar; and coast dcrence ; Thepe&ce 
oonfereneeand the moral Mpoocnfwar.iii A'orlk.lmcrj. 
can JJCTivu: Relations of United Blate* ta their new 
dependenciei. In Engt-nttring Uagatine; DistlnKukih- 
Ing qnallties of ahips of war, In Bcrlppe Bae Newi- 
pKper LeaKUe ; Current rallaclss upon DaTal anbjects. 
In HaTper'i Migatine. The chief lemon roade. "In 
time of peace prepare for war." 
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shp., 12.75; bda.. $3. 
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8*, cl., #3. 
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pilgrimage: a study in artistic develop- 
aported by " " " 
. 12*, cl., fS 
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defender. N. Y. and Chic„ F. Tennyson 

Neely, [1899.1 unp. por. nar. D. pap., 10 c. 

A brief Aetch of Admiral I>ewey'a life; introduoea 
a poem of which he la the aubjeat. 
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Britain and their stories. N. Y., G: P. 

Putnam's Sons. 1699. il. 8% cl., (7.50; 

roor., net, $15. 
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shepherding: a handbook of sheep farming. 

N. Y.. imported bv C:Sonbner*sSon8, 18W. 

7+160 p. 13*, cl., $1.40. 
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N.T.,8treet& Smith, [1899,1 c. 2+618p. 

D. cl., %\. 

See "Annual Catalogue," 188fl. 
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cl., 40 c. 
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the military, political, and social life of the 

Right Hon. John Manners, Marquis of 
Granby; with por. after the painting by 
Sir JoshuaReynolds. N. Y., TheHacmillan 
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'Hatmia^, 3fra. Anne, [Afrs. Rathbone.] The 
colloquies of Edwara Osborne, citizen and 
clothworker of London; il. by J: Jellicoe. 
N. Y., imported by 0:Soribner'B Sons, 1899. 
9+280 p. il. 12*. cf., $3. 

d & A. Wessels, 

SaglMi a< 

_ jxpectadlf meets a former lore. T£e compll- 

oaUona which follow afford opportunity tor cbaracter 

study. The acenea are In the Orient, 

Maples. Chauncy, (Bp.) Journals and papers 
of Chauncy Maples, D.D., F.R.G.S., late 
Bishop of Likoma, Lake Nyasa, Africa; ed. 
by Ellen Maples. N. Y., Longmans, Green 
& Co.. 1899. 4+278 p. por. map. D. cl., 

Martile, Annie Russell, ed. Nature pictures, 
by American poetsi selected and ed. by 
Annie Russell Marble. N. Y., The Mac- 
millau Co., 1899. c. '98, '99. 43+205 p. 
D. cl., $1.25. 
SelectioDS, fmni authors of hl^h literary rank, of 

plcturea of nature, di Tided under lbs following; bead- 

\Dg»: I.andaaape vlataa: Uusio of winds and atorma; 

Flower eonn: Calendar uf the aeaaone. 'The poema 
are CTOuped under alphabeled authors, glvinjf birth 

d ther 
o thia then 

a of the . 

'March, Alden. The history and conquest of 
the Philippines and ourother island posses- 
sions, incl. Cuba, Porto Rico, the Hawaiiaa 
and Ladrone islands. N, Y., Western W. 
Wilson. 1899. 450 p. il. sq. 8*. cl., tube., 
$I.GO; inor., $3.36. 

■Mazohant, Bessie. The bonded three; il. by 
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Blacfcje books for young people.) cl., $1. 

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story of the Indian frontier. N, Y., im- 
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13*, ( Sen hner- Black ie ser. of books for 
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a story of adventure. N. Y., The H. B. 
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50 c. 

Marobmont, Arthur W. A dash tora throne; 
il. by D. Murrav Smith. N. Y.. New Am- 
sterdam Book Co.. 1899. c. 4-352 p. il. 0. 
A romantic atory of Prussia, with Ita scene laid In 

recent fears. The young berolshalf EDKllabbj birth 

and a lieutenant In the Pruaalan navy. Having drank 

too freely on the imperial yacht, bo fcsulu tbe future 

the lieutenant is adVlsed to end his life in some way 
It is irUen out that he has ,iiKd of ■ ■ - ■ ■> 

funeral he dli^-ulaea himself and 

undera new name. For Ave years he llveaa life of ad. 

for another man and Is forced into a llEht for a throne. 
A beautiful woman is mixed up In this Intrlgrue.and 


o. '93. 3-346p. D. (SonDyiIdeeer.,110. loe.) 
E?P: J"' " 

._ ._ii Kayflo 

CfttKlogua." IME. 

Hardan, Orison 9wett. Character, the araud- 
est thing in the world. N. Y., T: T. Crowell 
&Co..[18M.] c. a-85p.D,(WhatIaworth 
whila oer.) leatherette. 85 c. 

Ur. iKRlea UliHDrunimoDdblinKlCUkD llluiitra- 
tlOD 0[ lofty chuscter, kod, Ihenfore, "lazgrmoAer 
than knything lie ever orote." 

KwrdMi, Orison Swett. Cheerfulness asa life 
power. N. T.,T:Y. Crowell *Co.,[18W.] 
- 79 p. D. (What is worth while ser.) 

tUrdsD b 

ected 1( 

nultlludesor dia 
womea aa to tbe vlrtuH ol ctwerfu 
peutia powers of mirth. 

"XIarUUer, H. C. Daate Gabriel Rossetti: 
an illustrated memorial of bis life and art. 
N. Y., The Macmillan Co., 1899. 38+270 p. 
8°, cl., net, tSO. 

Markham, Edwin. The man with the hoe 
and other poems. N. Y., Doubledav & 
McOure Co.. 1899. c. 7-184 p. il. D. cl., 
net, (1. 

The •^MDing poem, fospired by Klllet'e oorld famoua 
palatiDK, attracted wide attention Irani reTlewln^and 
literary men, on Its lint appsampce, and mads tbe 
author famouj. With it are now included other poems 
Of the author ttaac app«ared In Scrifrwr'i, The Cm- 
tUTv.Tlie Atlanta, tbe Ot^ FranciKo EnmiMr, eta. 
Mr. Harkham !■ IdeutiQed with Calirorala, and this ia 
hH fint boot. 

HarUuun, Edwin, The man with a hoe; 
written after seeing Millet's world-famous 
painting. San Francisco, Cal., A. H. Bob- 
erlsoa, 1899. c. unp. sq. S. pap., 25 c. 

"Harki, Montagu, ed. and comp, Thec7clo- 
pa»dia ot home arts. Phil., J. B. Lippincott 
Co., 1899, il. 4°, cl.. t8. 

*M«rlowe, Christopher. Works; including 
his translations; ed., with introd. and notes, 
by Francis Cunningham. N, Y., imported 
bvC:8cribaer's Sous, 1899. 23+370 p. 13*, 

by 0:1 

cl., »1, 


Marot, Helen, oomp. A handbook of labor 
' literature: being a clasaifled and annotated 
list of the more imporlact books and 
pamphlets in the English language. Phil., 
Free Librarv of Economics and Political 
Science, [1898.] c, 6+9fl p. D. fleic. cl„ |1. 
Offers the more important literature of tbe labor 
question, under epeclQc beading, with author, pub- 
lisher, price, etc . Particular attention bubeeOElTen 

In the annotatloaa valuation ot the book* has been 

Boerallr avoided, the notes simply eiplaiaiog more 
My than the titles the conlenta of tbe books. The 
periodical literature, which Is very ImportaDt, baabeeu 
omKted, aa it Is already colored by Poole's iDdei, be- 
(dunlnK with IWtaod brought down to the present by 
the '- Aunual literary Index," the "Cumulative indei,'' 
etc. List of labor perlodlcnla. Index to authors. 

and Political Bclence. 

*MaiT, J; E: Principles of stratigraphical 

geology. N. Y., The Hacmillan Co., 1899. 

304 p. 13*, (Cambridge natural science 

manuals, geological ser.) cl., net, tl.60. 
Muryat, F: Peter Simple. N. Y., Street & 

Smith, [1899.] 4-828 p. D. (Medal lib., no. 

30.) pap., 10 c. 
Manh, Gi L. A gentlfmaQ juror. N. Y. 

and Chic, Rand, McNally & Co., 1899. c. 

8+819 p. D. cl., (1.35. 

Tba place of action, named the City of Compos, may 


stand lor any laiin Amolcan city. Mr. Horlls. » man 
ot middle a^e, lonsinR to be an artist, Is farced to worll 
as a clerk with wboleBaie grocen and commlaakiD 
merohanca. Hla dreaminess loses him hla poaiiina 
The night he leavta the vault Is robbed of (10,000. Tbe 
Jury And him euUty, tbe ''»ntlemaii Juror " voftlag 
with the majurity against hfi conilctlons. Thta acUon 
be makes good by devutlni bis time and monVT to 
proving tbe man'B Inooceoce Tbe artlst'a dauff fat«r 
and tbe Juror's rival are the charaolera that lend 
originality to the atory. 

■Mush, R: The crime and the criminal. 
N. Y., New Amsterdam Book Co., 1899. 
34ap. 8*, cl., (1.60. 
'Marsh, R; Curios ; some strange adven- 
tures ot two bachelors: [stories.] N.T., F: 
A. Stokes Co., 1899. l2*,cl.,Cl-S0. 
Manluai, Mrg. Carrie L, Two WTomin^ 
girls and their homestead claims: a story 
for girls; it. by Ida Wau^h. Phil., The 
PennPub. Co., 1899. c. 839 p. pis. D. cl.. 

The >t«ry ot two girls thrown oo their own re* 
sources, who ar« otillced to "prove up" their hmDO- 
at«Bd claim. 

Uarshall, E: Thestoryot the Rough Riders, 
Ist U. S. volunteer cavalry: the regimeot 
in camp and on the battleSeld ; il. from 
photographs taken on the field, and with 
drawings made by R: F. Oulcault, N. Y., 
G: W. Dillineham Co., 1899. c. B-330 p. 
pors. D. cl., fl.50. 

The author, correspondent ot the ffeu Fort Jounuit, 
was a participant with tbe "Bougli Riders," and was 
severely wounded Qy a Uauser hullBt while at the ex- 
treme from of the flriiiE Hue M Las Quasiraas. Uls 
book !• entirely devoted to the Rough RIdsn, telling 
with many anecdotes and details ot tbe penoDalltlea 

Marshall, Afra. Emma Martin. Master Mai^ 
tin. Phil..Q:W. Jacobs* Co., ri89».] c 
3 + 148 p. il. D. cl.,Mc. 
8lr Theodore lives alone with his Invslld grand- 

K of h 

make a pretty story for very young people. 

'Marshall, P. Small accumulators: how 
made and how used. N. Y.,Spon & Cham- 
berlain, 1899. c. 80 p. la*, cl., 50 c. 

'Martens, Adolf. Handbook of testing ma- 
terials, for the constructor; authorised 
tranaiatioii and additions by Qua C. Beo- 
ning. N. Y., J:Wiley&Sons, 1899. Sv., 
V. 1, 51+832 p.; v. 3. illustrations, 8°, cl., 

Martin, B: Ellis and Charlotte M. Tbestonea 
ot Paris, in history and letters. N, Y,, C: 
Scribner's Sons, 1899. c. ". v., 10+369; 8 
+392 p. il. pors. D. cl., $4. 
Mr and Mrs. MsrtiD have put on record a wealth ot 

streets and buildings of Paris, which Is iliuatntedby 
fortv pictures by Fulleylove, DeiatontalDe, and from 
pbolographa. U olI«re. La Fontaine. Oornellle, aaclne. 
raIxaj.. And Huffo are brouc^bt before tbe reader bj 
- " '"-v Inhabited. Good index to 

a tbey 1 
>t varied 

Bflartln, O: E: Sunday songs for tittle chil- 
dren. Phil., Westniinster Press, 1899. c. 
■98. 105 p. sq. O. bds., $1. 

Martin, H: Newell. Tne human body: a text- 
book of anatomy, physiology, and hygiene; 
with practical exerciaex. 5th ed. rev., bj 
G: Weill Fitz. N. Y..H: Holt & Co., 1899. 
c. '88, '98. 14+408 p D. (American science 
ser., brieter course.) cl , (1.30. 

idea of brliigmg It Into accord wlUi^^bf^l)^^eVBlop- 

meDUor phyilology, ol BlmpliryliiK the trMitment of 
■ome piina.oIeipiuidlasth&CorotHen, wid of enrlch- 
\ng Che tent with adcllllanal Illustrations. Eyery^effort 

Martin'" work ' 

Kaowu. The o „ , 

largely verbal; In the tenth, and In loiiio •ucceedlng 
cbaptera. however, considerable klteraliona and ad^ 
j^„ — .. — .. j^ "bapter IX. ha« been entirely 

ive made the book so favorably 
□ the Qnt nine obaptscs are 

cot lea 

in added .''_Pr(/a«. Tbechap- 

nsferred to 

1 naviga- 

id tbe DTiclnal edli 

BOartiii, W. R., comp. A treatise 

liOD and uautica.1 astronotuy: ^'uncuuucu 
for use in the Royal Navy by the Lords 
Com miHsio Hers ol the Admiralty. Sd ed. 
rev. N. Y., Longmana, Green & Co., 1809. 
18+429 p. il. pis. O. cl., tfl. 

*M«rtinilal*, J. B. Hartindale's AmericftD 
law directory (annual), Jan., 1899. (3Ut 
Tear;) Part 1, cant, all the lawyers in the 
U. 8. and Canada, [etc.,] foreign attorneya 
in eTery civilized country in the world, 
[etc.] Part. 3, cont. law digests of aU the 
states and provinces, [etc.] N. T. and 
Chic, J. B. Horttndale, [1699.] c. 1190+ 
106ep. O. shp.,neM10. 

•BCartinaan, Harriet. Feats on the Fjord: a 
tale. N. Y., Tbe Macmillan Co., 18B9. il. 
16°, (Temple clafsica.) limp leatb., 60 c. 

Mnitjrrdoin ot an empress [EUizabeth of Aus- 
tria.] N. Y., Harper, [18B9.J c. 4+287 p. 
pors. O. cl., $3.60. 
A bloKTsphy ol tbe lai 

by a My oF the Aui ' 


.-0 life. 

nt of tl 

Id beautifuTti 


good picture 1b glren ot %in 
the persona V"""'' -<"".-=• 
bis relatlooi 

perionallty and domestic life of Franx-Joseph am 

ti effects on tbe 

'Marvlit, Walter T. A sytlabua of an intro. 
duction to philosophy. N. Y., The Mac- 
millan Co., 1899. 10 + 127-379 p. 8', (Co- 
lumbia University contributions to philoso- 
phy, psychology, and education, v. 3, nos. 
3 and 4) pap., net, (1.3S. 

'Maryland. Ct. of appeaix. Reports of 
cases, by J. rep. V.38- 
40, cont. cases in Apr. and Oct. terms 1878 
and 1874; rev. and annot. by W: H. Per- 
kins, jr. Bait., M. Curlander, 1899. o. O. 
shp., »ttba,, ea,, $4. 

*Maiyla&d. Cl. of appeal*. Reports of 
cases, by W: T. Brantley, st. rep, V. 87, 
cont. cases in Oct term, 1897, Jan. and 
Apr. terms, 1808. Frederick, Md., pr. by 
BaughmanBro'., 1898. c. SO+888 p. O. 
shp., «IS. 

*MBTyluid. Ct. of appeals. Reports of cases, 
by W: T. Brantley, st, rep, V. 88, cont, 
ca!>eBin Apr. and Oct. terms. 1898. Bait., 
press of The Friedenwald Co., 1899, c. 
31+800 p. O. shp., |5, 

Mason, Alfred E: Woodley. Miranda of the 
balcony: a story. N, Y., The Macmillan 

Co., 1899. c. 8 + 818 p., $1.50. 

..... -"-'-- '--'cony''lB the 8uppo»od ' 

war muDttloni, and wife desertar. 

[irauda of tbe balcony^' Is the suppOHd widow 
to his queen and country, dealer Inconl 

.._. muDltlons, ■— ' -■•- * ■- - "- ' 

telgsed death when dli 

Byeii To Ml^ 


toriod blackmail from her for shleldlnB; tbe scouDdrel 
from dlscoTery. Ayouag EhiiUb enElaeer saw a re- 
flection of Ulranda in tbe baJcony In dIb mirror, fifl 

later thouKht ber free: than acain knew her bound by 

law and deeertcd. He tracked the husband and 

brourbtblm back. Tbe end IssurprlslUE, Told lb the 

tItIiT style of tbe author's "Courtship of Horrlce 


Mason, Alfred E: Woodley. Tbe watchers: a 

novel. N. Y..F: A. BtokesCo., [1899.] c. 

4+388 p. D. cl., «1.2Q. 

A story of the year i;M, of wblch tbe scene Is the 
Scllly Islands. It Is full of adventure and halrbreadlh 
escapes, written with tbe xame spirit as the author's 
first succew, " The courtship of jforrloB Buckler." 

Mason, Alfred E: Woodlev, and Lang, An- 
drew. Parson Kelly. N. Y., Longmans, 
Green & Co., 1899. c. 6+417 p. il. D. cl., 
SI. GO. 
A historical novel, dealintr with tbe fortunes of an 

Irish panon, without benefice, and a secret agent of 

the Pretender In the early days of Qeorge i. 

Mason, Caroline Atwater. The minister ot 
Carthage. N. Y., Doubleday & McClure 
Co., 1899. c. '98, '89. 3+lW p. 1 il, 8. 
{Ladiet' Home Journal lib. of fiction.) cl., 

Under cover of a pretty love-story there Is ui ar- 
raignment of the clergy who still seek place, repuia- 

oentrea ot prosperity and cultivation, cbanging from 
parish to parish for wholly selfish reasons, totally I ot^ 
Betful u[ -'Che cumulative effect ot a inng pastorate, 
where there Is undivided sympathy between pastor 
and people." The methods of the churcbes for secur. 
iOK pew-fllUng preachers are also frankly stated. 

Mason, Caroline Atwater. A wind flower; a 
novel. PhiL, A. J. Rowland, [Americsn 
Baptist Pub. 8oc.,] 1899. c. 7+883 p. il. 
D. cl., |1. 

This story, like tbe aothor's former stories, " The 
mmlster of the world" and "The minister ot Car- 
tha«e," deals with the changing views of clergy and 
laity regarding orthodox doctrinal religion. Two ab- 
BOluteiy sincere men— one an eiperlenced, spiritually- 
minded old Quaker, tbe other a poetic, visionary 

Cnt m a moat advanced ritualistic churcb-alford 
9 studies ot character, aod enable the author to 

bdog out her views on tbe essentials of religious b«- 

llef. Tbescenels'NewEngland, 

*Haion, W: Pitt. Examination of water 
(chemical and bacteriological). N. T., J: 
Wiley &. Sons, 1899. 5+186 p. 13*, cl., 

■Massachusetts. The taw of landlord and 
tenant; including the cases in v. 170 of tbe 
reports and the lef^slation of 1898, by 
PreRCOtt F, Hall. Bost., Qi B. Reed, 1890. 
c, 40+G84p. O, shp., «&. 

"Maisachusetta. Laws of the commonwealth 
relatinglo political committees, caucuses, 
conveniions, and tbe nomination of candi- 
dates; with an appendix cant, relations to 
corrupt practices, information as to qualifi- 
cation of voters and naturalization, elect ion 
districts, and a political calendar fnr 1899. 
Boat., R: L. Gay, 1899. c. 77 p. T. pap.. 

16 c. 
*Maasaohiuetts. Supreme Judicial ct. 


ports. V. 101-108, Jan., 1Be9->Jan., 1870; 
Albert G. Browce, jr., rep. BoHt., Hous- 
ton. Mifflin & Co., [1899.T c. O, Bhp.,ea., 

'Masaachusetts. Supreme judicial ct. Re- 
ports. Vs. 171, 173, Apr., 1898-Mar., 1899; 
<3t: F. Tucker, rep. Bost., Little, Brown ft 
Co., 1S99. c. O. Bhp., net, ea., fS. 

'MasBachnaettB. Supreme judicial et. Sup- 
plement to an index-digest of the reports 

-' 1, from V. 151-170 Masn. roporU la. 

7- , ,fj. 


MASS£ 1- 

elusive, by W: Vail Eellea and Ja. Parker 
Parmenter. Bust., LLttle, Brown & Co., 
1899. c. 841p.0.8hp., t4.B0. 

*BIbw£, H. J. L. J. The cathedral church of 
QIoLicester: adescription of its fabric anda 
brief history of the Episcopal See. N. Y., 
The Macmiflan Co.. 1899. 183 p. 8°, (Bell's 
cathedral aer.) cl., 80 e. 

•MauM, O: Text-book of plant diseases 
caused by cryptogamic parasiies. N. Y., 
TheMacmillau Co., 1899. 12+458 p. 13°, 
c!., net, $1.60. 

*Hbssoii,F: Josephine, empress and queeni 
from the Frenca, by Mrs. Cashel Hoey. 
N. Y., Jean Bousaod, Manzi, Joyaut & Co., 
1809. il. 4°, pap., net, (20; bound Id taot., 
net, $35. 

Blattieinatici I for mechanics and engineers:] 
from The Chicago Recird. N. Y., Double- 
day & McClure Co., 1890. c. 'VJ-'W. 6+ 
840 p. D. (Home study circle, no. 2.) cl., 
net, f 1. 

Tbia terle* I* dealgned eapeclally for tboae dsalriiui 
to complel« their educatLon but tfbo Are uaablfl to 
taka m college coane. This volume Is iDtended for 
youns' men to obtKln such knowledge of mathematics 

UBhkUbc- ---.---.- .■.-._■-..-, 

chanica an 


for bejtiDDen; Baaj it 
Elemeotary aljftbra: F<-~> 
verv best koova speclalid 
contrtbutontotbe wriee. 

Mather, A. Eatelle. In the maelstrom: [cl 

novel.] N. Y., F. Tennyson Neely, [1899.] 

c. B-ilO p. por. D. (Neely's author's lib., 

no. 3.) pap., 10 c. 
*Matbeioii, G:. D.D. The Bible definition ot 

religion. N. T. and Chic., Fleming H. 

RevellCo., 1809. 53 p. IB', cl., 30 c. 
Mathauin, O:, D.D. Studies of the portrait 

of Christ. Zded. N. Y., A.G. Armatrong 

& Son, 1800 [1899.] 8+328 p. D. cl., f 1.7B. 

"Mydesirn Id Cbie book la to study nuC the por- 
traICa, but the pnrtroilt of l^hri»t. 1 am not conceroed 
with the producU or Italian art. lam aocuccupled 

taken of Christ In literature. I am not even engsged 
in a comparison of the four aspects of Christ lu the 
New T.wtanient. Tbe portrait which I study Is one 

dllTerent aspects which the goapela reveal."— Pny'oce, 
*MatheBOii, Percy Ewing. Aid book to en- 
gineering enterprise. N.Y.,8pon& Cham- 
berlain, 1899. 9!8 p. 8°, cl., flO. 
Mathew, Frank. Defender of the faith: a 
romance; with 3 pors. after Holbein. N.Y., 
J: Lane, 1899. 8+398 p. D. cl.. tl.'" 

n the li 

1 Pare 

of Nor 

eved t( 

if Henry 

parev, alKt: 

all of Cardinal WoolsBy's and a 
lll-(ftt*d Anna Bullen. The ohtef charaotera, with the 
exception at Lady Northumberland, a-e real persoe- 
Htes. and many of the words ascribed to them are 
quoted from historical documeatH. The scenes are fur 
the moat part flctltlous. 

Mathvwi, Frances Aymar. A married man: 
a novel. N. Y. and Chic, Rand. McNally 
« Co., 1899. c. 3+831p. D. cl.,»l.S5. 

It trenches on the Improbable that a United States 

wedding day. 

a foil t< 


: death 


N.Y.,TheMacmillaaCo., 1890. ll-t-218p. 
12*, (New Testament handbooks.) el., 75 c. 
BCathewi,W:Smythe Babcock, comp. Songs 
of all lands. N. Y., American Book Co., 
[1809.] c. 1S7 p. O. bda., 50 c. 

A collectloD of patriotic and national soon of 
many countrlea. together with choice folk soo^:* from 
a Tuietj of sourcea, aad part-songs for three aod 
four voices, for the use of schools and social ga-tbo^ 

•Matthewi, A. Manual of internal n 
lasvB, decisions, and instructions, for use 
of retail liquor dealers, druggists, and pro- 

Srietors of pool-h. 
[atthewH,] 1899. 
Matthaw*. Franklin. 
N,Y., Harper, 189! 
0. cl.. 13.60. 
Most of the chapter- 

Omaha, Neb., [A. 
oO p. O. pap., &0 c. 
The new-born Cuba. 
c. 12+388 p. por. il. 

I8W. b< 

articles printed In Harpa-'i Werktn e«rl]r In 

id control. Thet 

. sixty daya of Am< 

Public wo lis 


a Cubis: On- 

JL (Mara. San- 

The arnx 

-the political anr 
Havana crave and gay-. 
Sanitation in Havana; An 

terso't finance in Havana; Ai 

ditlona in Plnar del Rio, Mata 

tiago: American soldiers in Cu 

In Cuba; Tobacco in Cuba; Havanas new pojicf- force. 

Matthews, Franklin. Our navv in time of 

war, 1861-1898. N. Y., Appleton, 1899. c. 

21 + 275 p. il. 8. (Appleton's iiome reading 

books, division 3, historj.) cl., 75 c. 

{^esorlaes the work done by the oavy in the Civil 
War and in the Spanish. American war, T" 
the turreted batllesbip. the swift cruiser, 
BUQBof Ui day. were the direct outgrowth of i 
War. Tbe battleship of IS88 is the turreted •uuniujv 
and armored battleship of ISOS combined and Im- 

the two latest wars interesting for young people. 
Matthews, Ja. Brauder. A confident to- 
morrow; a novel of New York; il, bv W: 

L. Jacobs. N.Y., Harper, 1900 [1899.'] c- 

4+300 p.,, 11.50. 

Tbe hero la a youn^ wesUrn man who bad worked 
bia way thW>ugh college and served his literary ap. 
prenticoship on a Kanaas oewapaper. Looking tor a 

e rilled 

o the 

k CitT. 

iw York ilfo 

une and fan 
y of New Tor 
charmingly described 

r, comw. 
' iMue.] N. Y., Dodd, Mead 
c. '86. 174 p. ii. D. cl., tl.25. 

bedbyO: J..Coatnbes, See-' ADnual 


& Co., 11^99. 

Formerly publii 

Mau, August. Pompeii: its life and art; tr. 

into English by Francis W. Kelsey. N. Y., 

The Macmillan Co., 1899. 24+509 p. il. O, 

cl., net, t6. 

An entirely new book by Professor If au, of theUer- 
pian of the book falls naturariy into several di 
the first uf which recounts the early history 

Unta as exhibited in their surroundings. 

Maupassant. Guy de. Pierre and Jean; with 
a preface by the author; tr. by Hugh Craig; 
il. by Ernest Duez and Albert Lynch. N, 
T., Brentano's, 1899. c. 37+»Mi p. il. D. 

"■•*'■"■ o„„„., Google 


Hanpauant, Guy de. Strong ea death: a 
Qovel; tr. by Teofilo E. Coniba. Phil., 
Dresel Biddle, 1809. c. 340 p. D. cl., 11.50. 

Ad excflllent IranalBtlon oT F\irt cammr la morf, one 
«f the Mithor's moM calabnUd norels. A siud; ol 
the diSentncD betwesn the lore ot loan anil wudi&d. 
The (ceDe i* Pari*. An artist of Dfty, who ha« been 
qoletly Id Ioto with a womm who worships him for 
tweotj years. lalU passionately Jn lore with her 
daugbtw. The result la a piycholocical dLssectlon of 
taelfngeand motlTes of decidedly PreDch chwaoter- 

Maniry, Max., eomv. Laird & Lee'a vest- 
pocket Littre- Webster Euglish-FrenchaDd 

a traatlae on French pronunciation, a summary of 
French grmmmar, the Irregular Terbs, pluraJa and 
compftrmtiTes In both lan^uo^es, vocabularies or geo- 
graphical and proper oarnes, tables of welehta, meaa- 
ui«B, and moneys, and comparallve scalea of ther- 

IflaiiTy, Max, comp. Lee's American tourist's 
map of Paris, Cbic. Laird & Lee, [1899.] 
c. 7B p. folding- map, S. cl,, 60 c. 
Complete alphabetical list of thoroughfares, parka, 
bridges, churc^eii, public buildings, monunienta, mu- 
seums aod theatres, pronunciation given In full uoder 

separate map ot suburhau Paris. 
Manrr, Max, comp. Lee's guide to gay 
" Paree " and every-day French conversa- 
tion ; especially compiled for American 
tourists. Chic, Laird & Lee, [1890.] c. 
TTp. il. maps, plans, S. cl., SOc.;leatli..»l, 
- — "" - boot of phrases In "- -'"■ 

Primarily ■ book ( 

Lb pronun- 

1 the suburbs, with 
the pfaces oF Inter- 
ilan in colom of the 

le railroad diatance 


s from forty-eight 1 
is a telegraph code, 

s for addresses, cash 




.'96. 8°, 

Maxwall, Mr». Marv Eliz. Braddon. Lady 
Audley's secret. N. Y., Street & Smith, 
[1899.1 c. 8-1-286 p. D. (Arrow lib., no. 
94.) pap., 10 c. 

*HBy, Hcber J. A treatise on the practice 
and procedure of the United States su- 
preme court; common law, equity, ad- 
miralty, criminal law, court of claims, 
interstate commerce commission, with 
rules and forms. Wash., D. C., J: Byrne 
& Co., 1699. c. 6S+9S3p. O. 9hp.,$e. 

'Maycock, W. Perren. Electric wiring, Bt- 
tin^s, switches, and lamps : a practical 
book for electric light engineers, wiring 
an<l fitting con tract or>i, consulting en- 
gtneers, architects, builders, wiremeu. and 
students; with 86011,, exercises index and 
ruled paees for notes. N, Y.. The Mac- 
millanCo., 1899. 15+446 p. 12', cl., tl.7.'i, 

*BIay«r, H; In Laughland: [drawings and 
text.] N, Y., R. H. Russell, 1899. size 11 
xl4m..bdH., 11.75. 

*Mayn«rd, S: Taylor, Landscape gardening 
as applied to home decoration. N. Y., J: 
Wiley Sc Sodb. 1899. 16-1-338 p. 13% cl,, 


Mead, Leon O. The bow-legged ghost, and 
other stories: a book of humorous sketches, 
verses, dialoguen, and facetious paragraphs- 
Akron, O., The Werner Co., 1899. c. 8- 
eSlp.por. D, cl., $1.S5, 

Mead, Mra. Lucia Ames, [Lucia True AmesJ 
To whom much is given. N. Y., T: Y. 
Crowell & Co., [18B9.J c. 3-45 p. D. (What 
is worth while ser.j leatherette, 35 c. 

-.._ _.., .. _ .. . -'-ipiB, praotloal 

It 1* that tbe 
the heneQt ot 

Meade, E: Sherwood. The recent production 
of ailvtr and its probable future. Phil., 
Amer. Acad, of Polit. and 8oc. Sci., 1899. c. 
17 p. O. (Publications of the society, no. 
268.) pap,, 16 c. 

Meade, E: Sherwood. The relative stability 
of gold and silver. Phil., American Acad, 
of Political and Social Science, [1899.] 37- 
73 p, O. (Publications ot the society, no. 

than silver!" '' 

•Meakin, Budgett. The Moorish empire: a 

historical epitome. N. Y., The Macmillan 

Co., 1899. 8°, cl., »5. 
•Mechem, Floyd R., comu. Cases on the law 

of damages, M ed. St. Paul, West Pub. 

Co., 1898. c. 8+487p. 0. cl.,|2, 
■Medical News pocket formulary for 1899, by 

E. Quin Thornton, M.D, Phil , Lea Bros. & 

Co., 1899. 273 p, 12% ol., tI-60, 
•Medical Record visiting list far 1900. N. 

Y„ W: Wood & Co., 1899. 12°, mor., for 

60 patients a week, $1.50; for 30 patients a 

week, tl.35. 
■Meegan, Ja. F. The cotton buyers' ready 

reckoner, cotton pickers and cotton seed 

table, Atlanta, Oa., Ja. F. Heegan, 1899. 

800 p. 8°, hf. rua., net. $2. 
'Melfusi, Rev. I. F. Graded arithmetical 

Eroblems for elementary schools: based on 
. Hentschel's works. Pupils rev. ed, 
Pts. 1, 2, 4. St. Louis, Mo., B, Herder, 
1899. ea., 33 p. 16', pap,, 5 c. , 
Contents.' Pt. I. Numbpn l-ai.Sded. Pt. Z. Denomi- 

■, froi 


\ M td. Ft. 4, Denon 

1787: ac effort to trace the origin nnd de- 
velopment of each separate clause from its 
first suggestion in that body to the form 
finally approved ; containing also a fac- 
simile of a heretofore unpublished manu- 
script of the first draft of the instrument 
maoe for use in the committee of detail. 
Phil., J. B. Lippincott Co.. 1900 [1899.1 
c. '99. 3-1-374 p. O. cl., f3.60. 
The compiler, who la a lawyer of Philadelphia, en- 

tbe mlnda of the various membrra of the convention 
by wblch the various clausts of the Consiltutlon were 
formed Many of the prnposlllons maj)B which were 
defeated have necesurily been omitted, but some have 

■ to dlften 

: subjBc 

Meldrum, D: Storrar. Holland and the Eol- 
landers. N. Y., Dodd, Mead & Co., 1898. 
c. 8-1-40B p. il, O. cl., «2. 

The nuthr^ ut "Tbe story of Hargredel" writes an 
interestine teit detcrlblni.- the nBtural,.polltleal.,SDd 


.urdr iobabitaDta. 

— —'•■BplCtllMW, 

d Flemish 

•ocial tealurcBot HollHid ud 
IMt tbe ImporUmce ol tba book _. .. 
o( whLeb tbere Kra eigbty, mmy ot 
tlona of well kaovD ■peolnwiuof Out 

Mallen, G: K New poioters (or amateiirs: a 
vest-pocket reference booklet and exposure 
record. Gbic, G: E. Mellen, 1899. c. 46 p. 
il. 8. pap., IS o. 

A JlttLo book on phologrmpby for amateun. The 
fdUowioB !■ a DUtlkl im ot BUbJecM: How to bay a 
■u* camera; Bow lo UiTe muney on ■upplles; How to 
aToM mlatakea on eiposum: How to maVc money out 
of picture-making fun; Wbere to And im€>d lubjecti; 
Howtoaeethe most plcturoquc part of b landH»po; 
How to get cloudi in landacape nenclve: How to 
"cMch" moTintc nsure>>t&n? rstBofipeed wltb auy 

How to dry nee&tlTes io flia mlnatca; Flub-llEbt ei- 
poaurea in tbe Bay time; Panoramlo picture* with any 
camera; Krpoaure tablea for atill aubjecta; Expoaura 
lablea abd dlstaace lablea for moving flgures. etc, 

*MelToiB, C. J. Solo nhist, ita whys and 
wbererorea: aproeTeSBiveandclearmethod 
of explanation and illustration of the ^me 
BDd how to play it succesafully; with illus- 
trated haadi printed in colors. N. Y., im- 
ported by C: ijcribner's Sons, 1809. 324 p. 
IS*, cl., la. 

•MolviUe, G; J: Whyte. Works. New lib. 
ed. N. ¥., Longmans, Green & Co., 1899. 
11 v.. il. 18', ea., tl.SS. 

CbnCanli.' l.Eftterfelto. aatoryof Eimoor; f.Cerli 

. . .. .. .L_ . mj^. g aarehedon, a leni ' 

acn and veraea, and Tne » ..d 

orouKh, and iDslde the bar; «. 

jmely: T. RanltieaQd Slater LouIm; 8. Roy'e 
gladlatora; 10. Kate Covenur; II.Bolmby 

MelvUle, G: J; Whyte. The Brookes or 
Bridlemerej il. by 6. E. Waller. N. Y.. 
Lonemans. Green & Co., 1899. 480 p. 1 il. 

D. ct.,ti-a6. 

MelTille, G: J: Whyte. Ridine recollections: 
il. by J: Charlton. N. Y., LonKmans, 
Green & Co., 1809. S-S48 p. D. cl.. 91.2S. 
Theanthor'a Tlowa upon the purehaae and treal- 
meotofaborae. The obaptenare entitled; Klndoeie, 
Coercion, The use of the bridle, The abuae of the apur. 
Hand, Seat, Talour. Discretion, Irieb hunterH. Thor- 
oughbred taoraes. RliMng to foi-bounda. Riding at atag- 
hounda, Tbe proTlncea and tbe ahirea. 
Melville, G: J: Whyle. Satanella: a Ktory 
of Puncbestown; il. by Lucy E, Kemp- 
Welch. N. Y.. Longmans, Green & Co., 
1899. 3-310 p. D. cl., tl.2A. 
•MelvUle, Lewis. Life of William Hake- 
peace Thackeray. Chic, H. S. Stone & 
Co., 1899. 2 v., lO-i-BOI; 6-^84B p. il. pors. 
facsimiles, B°,c1.,«I0. 

lend oi 

The I 

> of that 


rapbic material to be found In Thackeray 'a c 
liiEe. as well aa tho biographic material icath 

Brfnted hy W: Hunter. C. P. Jobnaob, Eyp 
odder. Mr» Brookfleld, Mrs. Ritchie. Hollli 

Viiet^lly. and othera. In hia wt-'- ■- 

HIaa Savllle. W. T. Btevena, i 

Mendas, Catulle. The fairy spinning-wheel 
and the tales it spun; Englished by T: J. 
Vivian from the French; withpictures by 
Marion L. Pi^abodj. Bost., R: G. Badeer & 

" ■"" 148 p. Bq. O. cl., fl SO. 

ror: Snowheart: The fatal w 
9 two daidaaiTbe dearil 

in : Tbe 


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Tbethird Tolume Id the Hrlaa lainlended forMD- 
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" QramRiaire FTan^ alae " in Ta. 1 and i In Ute-lke and 
Stern's modem lanimaee aeriri. or alntllar txtoks. 
Teacherm who do not follow a apeclal method are re. the author's mode of teaching, (seo p. 110- 

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Hra, Herrlman la well and favorably known thnngh 

a prerlous book, " What ahall moke ua whole t " Sti« 

laalBokDDwnatanartietof hishgifta. Inhi 

volume, from the htandpoint of ai "" — 

her appeal to ' " 

unity which exiais between tbibKa matt . . , 

ual. srcutar and rellKioua 8be aeek* to show that in 
the relation and InteroctloQ of the two the aecret of 

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ndpolnt ot an artist, sad making 
etboda and prlnclpln which are 
d of art, witb much lualghl and 


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_ ...jdl 
Uklus cbspten oi 

tlons: The wllLi^he band: Ctaalromuicy, etc. 

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psetta."] Heliocentric a.stroloKy ; or, es- 
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The Kutbor ib lawyer and lecturer at BOHtOD Tlnl- 
Tpnlty Law BchooL He belleras tbat Burr deceived 
hlmeelr and was not consclouily and Intentionally a 

robably I 


' BiblioeTapby (3 p ). 

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poiltlon of thirty seven teiU chosen from the remain- 
ing chapters of the Qospel. The closing chapters of 
Cbls book weave loRetber the narrative of the four 
eriiiifellBte so as to glio i> auoolnct and connected ac- 
count of the loii hours of the life of Jesus and of his 

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The account here given of tbe recent purcbaseof 

the railways of Swltaeriand by ten states was pre- 

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19ep. O. cl.,|l. 

The facta on which the question arises. OnCheiath 
davof Dec., iW. the complainant. Stepben Baldwin, 
tendered to the defendant, F: A.Baker.SM U, S. sliver 
dollars, coined since 1818, in payment of a mortjiago 
debt for that amount contracted Jan. It IBM. The 
bullion value of theculnt BO tendered wastiaa.BO. Tbe 

provision ot tbe Bland-Allison act is uncoostltutlonaL 

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The spiritual eiperience of the "— "- "■-' — 

many years pa»tor of tbe Epiacop 

Saviour, West Philadelphia. Pa., i> 

with great earnestness. He was be 
eighty years aso. When quite youi 

Catholic oburch. He afterwarde i 

and friends 

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'- Dr. Uiel, for 

chua, and Bacchyiidea- »r. HllDIi 
ot ''The slopes of Helicon" ant 

derlog. but to preserve Ihe snirlt o 
English form mora poetical. 

c poets— Blon. Moa- 

D,„l,„no, Cookie 

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witch, [NicholasHichelH,]lt)99. c. 5-lSOp. 
D pap., 36 c. 


Romfta Catholic cburcli f 
muij polJtickl phases. 1 


;1D([ clu 



Mlkalowltch, Nicolai, [pseud, tor Nicholas 

Michela.] Numa's viaion : an allegory; "sic 

semper tyraoniH-" Chic. Nicholas Hichels, 

1899. 173 p. 12', pap , 50 c. 

A pollClual aktlra at tbe preaeat coadttloiK of oar 

eoieniiDent. Throujch ■ slory of Bom»D ■cenesand 

ohuaotf ra a prophetic Tislon a paintwl of tbe eod that 

the writer Braily bellevcB will overtalte our prewDt 

poLttlcal corruption. 

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"IntblaTolume tt la my object to put berore my 
ruden a clear and Intelligent oarratlTe 0[ the SanU- 

So campaign, ahowini the orderi rocalTed and how 
sy were executed: the plans termed and how they 
were carried out; the obstacles met and bow they 
ware overcome. The work la not. In any wnie a crlti' 
clam ol persona or military moTamente. but a plain 

Pi-efnce. Lieutei 
uid baa remain e 

H of the St 


or his aides-de-camp till 
tne preaeDi. 

MlliUry Order oT the Loyal L'gion of the 
United Btates. Iowa Commandery. War 
sketches and incidents as related by Com- 
panions of the Iowa Commandery, Mili- 
tary Order Loyal Legion. De» Moines, la., 
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United States, Minnesota Commandery. 
Glimpses of the nation's struggle, ith ter.; 
papers read before the Minnesota Coro- 
mandery. 1893-1897. St. Paul, Minn., [for 
sale by St. Paul Book and Sta'y Co.,] 1898. 
c. '99. 622p. O. cl..$2. 

Same ot tbe papers are: War's flrst rude alarm Id 
IMl. byCaptaln Ja P.Moore; My Mperl-noe In rebel 
prlsDOB,hy Brlffftdlsrand Breret Major-fleneral C. C. 
*ndrew8; Relation o( the reifular army to the country 
In time ot peace, by Brevet Major rf. C. Wilkinson; 
Tbe battle and capture of Atlanta, by Breiet Briga- 
dier R N. Adams; Wllh General OrlKi; at Oett.vBburj;. 
by OapUln D. M rjllmoro: with other contributloiia 


BlilUls, J: Ouille. The life and lettersof Sir 
John Everett Millais, president of theRoyal 
Academy; by his son. N. Y., F: A. t^tobtrs 
Co., 1899. c. 2 v.. 16+446; 10-H51I p. il. 

Kn>. 0. cl., $10 ; limited ed., $15. 
g authorltatlTeblOKra.pby. Conlalastfae storyof 
Hlllals' etLtraordlnary boyhood, and gives au exhaiu- 
tiie account of tbe founding of the pre-BapluwIitc 
brotherhood. Letter* to hu wife deaerlbe how MUlalt' 
most famous pictures were painted. There are letters 
from tbe queen, Beaconkfleld. Oladatone. Du Haurier, 
Lord Leif^hlton, etc. Over 90O pictures aiid aketcfaea, 
never before reproduced, appear in tbeM volatncH. 
Theownersof Hillals' pictures have cousenled to their 
reproduction. There are ten portialta of Hlllals. >jid 


MiUard, Bailey. She ot the west. N. Y., 

Continental Pub. Co., [1699.] c. '98, 2- 

364 p. D. cl., $1. 

Btorles dealing with tbe prowess of western Kirls. 
Tbe titles are: A pretty bandit; The girl reporter; All 
for a Mormon girl; A notch in a pribrlpallty: A Hmr- 
»le with Insomnia; The "Bar L.'' branrf; -Lish of Al- 
kali flat: Horse- in -the- Water: Fefectly legal; Rale of 
the desett; Athletic Mlsa Brown; Vhe bralubeao) 
rider; On Che Callente trail; Lollt»; The maJitiis of 
her: Moll the cowgirl. 
MlUer, O: McA. Uncle Ike's idees. Chic, 

C:H. KeiT&Co.,[1899-] c. -98. M p. Tt. 

(Unity lib., no. 87.) pap., 35 c. 

" Uncle Ike" eipresaesbls "Idres" In rhvme. Tbey 
relate to socialistic and economic and other ■ub]«cta, 
Bueb as: Injunctions: Labor Day sermooa; EuTowed 
colleeefl cornered, or. the new education ; Debts Mkd 
morlgaeei, or. tbe anarchy of Nehemiah; National 
honor; The war bonds; The war policy; Imperialiun; 
Tbe aick soldier; Delusions of Benry QeorEe. etc. 
BUUor, Mrs. Harriet Mann, [-' Olive Thome," 

pseud.] Tbe first book ot birds; 8 col. and 

12 plain pis., and 30 Bgures in the text. 

Bnst-, Houghton. Mifflin & Co., 1899. c. 

H+149p. D. cl.. $1. 

Itdaacrlbes birds' neats. tbe young birds, their [rowlh 
and how they are fed. huw they get their feathers, and 
aretaugbl toD.T and to do vartous otberlblngs. It 
tells ot the lanKuage of birds, tbelr food, their n>Igt«. 
tlona. their mental aod moral development, their slriw- 
ture. their economic value to mankind It insuucu 

ness. Illustrated ed. N. Y., T: Y.Crowpll 
& Co., [1899.] c. '98, '99. 4-31 p. 11. sq. D. 
cl., 60 c. 

MUI«r, Ja. Russell, D.D. Unto the bills: a 
meditation on the one hundred and twenty- 
first Psalm. N. Y., T: Y. Crowell &. Co., 
[ISBfl.] c. 8-88 p. D. (What is worth 
while ser.) leatherette, 3S c. 

•Millar, Maurice N., M.D. Students' his- 
tology: a course ot normal hislolog; for 
students and practitioners of medicine. 
8ded ret;., by Herbert U. Williams, U.D. 
N. Y., W: Wood & Co., 1899. 378 p. ii. 8°, 
cl., net, »2. 

*MlIler, W; Travels and politics in the near 
east. N. Y.,F: A.8loke8Co.,1899. il. 8", 
cl., %li. 

MlllBt, Francis Davi<>. The expedition to the 
Philippines. N. Y.. Harper, 1899. c. 8+ 
375 p. il. O. cl.. $2.50. 

A graphic accowntoTHoldlerllfe on a troopship be- 
tween San Francisco and the Philippines, and of the 
taking of Manila. Mr. Millet la both an artist arid 
author, and acciimnanicd General Merritt as spetial 
correspondent of Harjtfr'i Wrtkly and of tbe London 

Hebrews, with a critical intmd. 
N. Y.. imported byC: Scribner's Sons, 189B. 
S33 p. 8°, cl., I2.S5. , - I 



h C. T. Hetal plate trork; ita patterns 
and their freometr;. 3d ed. rev., rewritten, 
andenL N. Y., Spon &Chamberlain,1889. 
456p. 12', ol.,$8.50. 

•Hiln, Jtfrs, Louise Jordao. Little folks of 
many lands. N, Y., imported by 0: Scrib- 
ner's Sons. 1899. B88 p. il. 1S*>, cl., $4. 

BUlna, W: Ja. Orammar school algebra: a 
course for Krammar BohoolB, and beginners 
in public and private schools. N. Y., Ameri- 
can Book Co., [1899.1 e. 154 p. D. hf. 
leath., 50 c. 

DflUeued CO prewDt the elBmentuy facta of the 
■oleace of alKab» In A way that Intsmt will be airak- 
flned Intbe proceateB. 
BCiln*. W: Ja. Key to Milne's Plane and 

solid geometry. N. Y., American Biwk 

Co., [1899.] c. 818 p. D. hf. leath., 
Bnins, W: Ja. Plane and solid i^ometry. 

N. Y., American Book Co., [1899.1 c. 

384 p. D. cl, 11.36. 

Effortiamadetolacroducatbeatudaiit to Eeometry 
by lauDB of inTeatioDal steps; but the Bomswliat ftag- 
meDtarv and unaatisractorr result of such tsacbiDK 
ta HUpplamonted by demonitrations. In oonseeutlvo 
order, of the fuDilamental propoeltlansof Iheicleace. 
JCiery theorem baa beeB Introduced by question" de- 
signed to lead the student to dlscorer the gaometrlnal 
concept olearlT and fully before a dauionslratloo is 
BCiln*, W: Ja. Solid geometry; being hooks 

7-10 of " Plane and solid gnonietry." N. 

Y,, American Book Co., [1898.1 c. 24+ 

884 p. D. hi. leath.,76c. 
Mllna, Wi Ja. Plane eeometry. N. Y., 

American Book Co., [1^.1 c. 243 p. D. 

hf. leath., 75 c. 

" Bffort is made to latroduce Che atudenta to geom- 
etry through the employment of InTeatlonal steps, but 
thesomewbat fragmeEiary and unsatisfactory result 
of such teachini; rsHupplementod by demonstrations, 
ta eon«ecuU»e order, of the tundamental propositions 
at the science."— fWo". 
Milton, J: Complete poetical works, Catn- 

bridge ed. Bost., Houghton, HifQia & Co., 

[1899.] c. 34+417 p. por. O. cl., |3i hf. 

cf., ^.60. 

Prepared on Che same plan pursued in previous vol- 
nmea of (he Cambridge edition. - Longfellow, Wtalttlar, 
Holmes, Lowell, ete. The volume has hoBn editecl 

conditions under which' the more Important poema 
were written, gives In an adequate translation Milton's 
Latin poenu. and prafliesafuUandcarerully prepared 
blognpblcal skeCch bv W: VauEbn Moody. Has In- 
dexes to Utlet and first lines of ^1 the poems. 
*>IUtou, J: ComuB and Lycidas; ed., with 
an iotrod., notes, glossary, and appendix, 
by A. W. Verity. N. Y., The Macmillan 
Co., 1899. 55+308 p 16°, (Cambridge aer. 
for schools and training colleger.) cl., net, 
50 c. 
Milton, J; Earlier poems; including the tranS' 
lationa by W: Cowper of Ihose written in 
lAtin. N. Y..Casaell&;Co.. 1899. 8-192p. 
T. (Cassell's national lib., new ser., v. 7, no. 
837.) pap., 10 c. 
•MUton, J. The Milton anthology. 1688-1647; 
tA. by Er Arber. N. Y., Oxford University 
Press (American Branch), 1899. 8+313 p. 
13*, (British anthologies, v. B.) cl., 7S c. 
'Hilton, J: Milton's Comus, Lycidas, and 
Other po*mB, and Matthew Arnold'saddress 
on Milton; ed., with inCrod. and notes, by 
Andrew J. Qeor^e. N. Y., The Macmillan 
Co., 1899. 88+178 p. 10°, (Macmillan's pock- 
et English dasntcB.) levanteen, net, 25 c. 


Milton, J: Milton's shorter poems and son- 
nets; arranged in chronological order and 
ed., with introd. and notes, by F; Day 
Nichols. N. Y., Appleton, 1899. c. 10+ 
153 p. D. (Twentieth century text-books.) 

A biographical and biblloKraphlcal introduction 
covers t? pagaB, followed by a chronological table 
(Sp)lavrhlclithe events of Milton's lite are listed In 
parallel columns with tbe historical and literary 
eveaw of his clay. Short footnotes accompaov tbe 
poems, and at the end are twenty pages of more Intri- 
cate notes for scholarly students. Tbe editor Is As- 
sociate in English In the Uulvtiralty of Chicago. 
Milton, J: Paradise lost. N. Y., Casaell & 
Co., Ltd., 1899. 193 p. T.(CaBsell's national 
lib., new ser., v. 7. no. B33.) pap., 10 c. 
HUton, J: Paradise lost; bks. 1 and 3; ed. for 
school use by Frank Edgar Farley. Chic, 
Scott, Foresmanifc Co., 1898, c. 5-160 p. 8. 
(Lake English classicit.) flex, cl., 35 c. 
■Miner, I: N, Qeographical outlinesand his- 
tory: a practical vrork tor teacher and pupil. 
Logansport, Ind,, Wilson, Humphreys Sc 
Co., 1898. c. 406 p. 13°, cl., $1.60. 
■Minnesota. Supreme c*. EeporU. V. 70-73. 
Nov. 5. 1897-June 14, 1898; H: B. Wenaell, 
St. Paul, Frank P. Dufresne, 1899. c 

O. ( 


■MisBiiuppi. High ct. of errort and appeala. 
Reports of cases, v. 43, by R. O. Reynolds, 
rep. ; cont. cases determined at Oct. term, 
1868, Apr. terra, 1869, and Oct. term. 1869. 
N. Y. and Alb., Banks &Bros., 1898. C. '69. 
7+886 p. O. shp., $7.50. 
■MtBsonri, Pattison'a complete digest of 
Missouri reports, embracing v. 1 to 187 of 
the supreme court reports, and v. 1 to 69 
of the rpports oT the court of appeals. In 
4 vs. V. B, 4, [K-Z,l by Everett w. Patt ison. 
St. Louis, The Gilbert Book Co., 1899. c. 
2097-8206; 8309-4184 p. O. shp. , $35; to subs., 
$30, {for complete work.) 

The BouthwesCern reporters are not cited In f. 1, 

Pattlson-s complete digest, as in the caM In vs. i,B, 

and 1, but to remedy this we have added 20 p. showing 

where each case cited therein is to be found In the 

southwestern reporter, all arrauEed alphabetically 

under each v. heading. Bee end of v. 

■Mlsaouil. St. Louit and KaiuasCitj/ cts. of 

appeals. Cases determined from Apr. 29, 

1898, to Feb. 20, 1899; rep. by J: W. North 

and Ben Eli Guthrie, off. reps. V. 74-78, 

Columbia. E. W. Stephens, 1899. c O. 

'MlHonrl. Supreme and appellate cts. Over- 
ruled, reversed, and criticised oases, pre- 
pared by W. C. Key. Nevada, Mo., South- 
west Mail Printing Co., [1899.] c. "98. 
210 p. D. pap., $1. 

*Hiiioail. Supreme cl. Reports of cases; 
Perry S. Rader, rpp. V. 143-148, [1896, 
1899.J Columbia, E. W. Stephens, 1899. o. 
O. shp., ea., $4. 

*Hltchell,Clifford. jlf.!). Renal therapeutics; 
including also a study of the etiology, pa- 
thology, diagnosis, and medical treatment 
of diseases of the urinary tract. Phil., 
Boericke&Tarel,1898. 366 p. 8°, cl., $2. 

MitcheU, Donald Grant, ["Ik Marvel," 
p»eud.] American lands and letters : 
"Leather-stockinB-" to Poe's" Raven.'' N. 
Y., C: Scribner's Sons, 1899. c. 35+412 p. 
pors. il. O. buckram, $3.50. 
lactuded In tbe period ber ' 

erlod berelD recorded were sod 
it men and woi^o^iArat^ 


letter*. Of the nunj InclalTa ahkraster sketchei are 
thoae ot Bancroft, Horace Buabnell, EmeruiD. Oaorge 
Rlplar, Hme. FuUer-Oasoli. AlooCt. HawthorDe, Tbo- 
reau Lon^l^lloir. Whittier, HoJmes, Poe, uld liorace 

•■ well ks their persoDalItT, aQii their Influence udod 
literature sfitlmated, Tlie whole narratLye ii rieliLy 
Illustrated with old portraits, pictures of celebrated 
bulldloga. views, famlmlleB. etc., etc. 
*UitcheIl, Silas Weir, M.D. The tidveDtures 
dI Francois: foundling, thief, juggler, and 
fencing master during- the French Revolu- 
tion. N. Y., The H. B. Claflin Co., 1899. 
c. 'VJ. 9+831 p. il. 12*, pap., CHi o. 
Mitchell, Silas Weir, M.D. Hufh Wynne, 
fre« Quaker: BOmeti me Brevet Lieutenant- 
Colonel on the stair of his excellency Gen- 
eral Washiugton, Continental ed,, il- 
luatraUd. N. Y., The Century Co., 1899. 
c. '»e, '99. 3 V, 7+306; 7+281 p,,»G. 
Apmfuaely illustrated edition of this popular navel 
of the A.iDariciuiRsvoluIioii.(HiatalnlnspDotograTures 
from drawings by Howard Pyle. and reproductions of 

•cenes, etc. 8» " Annual OaMlocue," 180T. 

'Mitchell, ifeti. Walter. Two strings to hia 
how. Bost., Houghton, MifQin &Co., 1899. 
16*, (Riverside pap. ser.) pap., 60 c. 

*HodenL English interiors; illustrating the 
acknowledged style in furniture and deco- 
ration in the English home of the present 
time; 50 gelatine prints. N. Y., Bruno 
Hessiing, 1699. r, cl., (20. 

*Moehl, E. G, Ready reckoner in German 
and English: universal manual with 278 
price tables, for the practical use of archi- 
tects, bankers, merchauts, etc., and all 
other business people. Milwaukee, Wis., 
E. O. Moehl Publishing Co., ffor sale by C. 
N. Caspar Co.,] 1899. o. '97. US p. 13*, 
cl., 8e c. 

'Moleiworth, Sir Guilford Lindsay. Metri- 
cal tables. 3d ed. enl. N. Y., Spon Sc 
Chamberlain, 1899. 86 p., 33°, roan, 80 c. 

•Moloiworth, Sir Guilford Lindsay. Pocket- 
book of useful rormulcG and memoranda for 
civil and mechanical engineers. 2ith ed. 
rev. and enl., with an electrical section. 
N. Y., Spon & Chamberlain, 1899. 794 p. 
33°, leath.,»2. 

'Molesworth, Sir Guilford Lindsay, and 
Hurst, J: Tr The pocketbook of pocket- 
books: being Molesworth's '"Engineers" 
and Hurst's "Architects" pocketbooks 
bound together. N. Y., Spon & Chamber- 
lain, 189S. 1S16 p. 82°, limp rus., Pi. 

*Uol««wortb, Mri. Mary Louise, ["Ennis 
Graham," pteud.] Carrots, Just a little boy, 
and other stories; JI. by Walter Crane. N. 
Y.,The MacmiUan Co.. 1899. 12", cl., $1.50. 

"MalMWOrtk, Mrs. Mary Louise, ["Ennis 
Graham," pseud.] Miss Mouse and her 
boys: a story for girts ; il. by L. Leslie 
Brooke. N. Y., A. L. Burt, 1899. 292 p. 
13°, (Little women ser.) cl., 75 c. 

*MoIesworth, Mri. Mary Louise, ["Ennis 
Graham." pseud.} Rosy, and other stories; 
il. by Walter Crane and Leslie Brooke. 
Nemed., inl v. N. Y.,TheMacmillan Co., 
1899. 13', cl., »1.60. 

*Molesworth, Mrs. Marr Loui&e, [" Ennia 
Graham," pseud.] Tell me a story, and 
other stories; il. by Walter Crane and Les- 
lie Brooke. New ed., in I v. N. Y., The 
Macmillan Co., 1899. 12°, cl., (LSO. 


MoIcBwortli, Jfra. Mary Louise, [" Ennis 
Graham,"p«eud.J This and That: a tale ot 
two tinies; il. by Hugh Thomson. N. Y., 
The Macmillan Co., 1899. 6+213 p. D. cL, 
"This" and "That" were the nicknames of two 

little EnKlisb children of aii and Btb. The story fau 

to do with their plays, advanturea. etc. 

Moliftre, Jean Baptiste Poquelin de. Les 
precieusps ridicules; ed., with introd. and 
notes, by Waiter Uallam Toy. Bost., D. 
C. Heath & Co., 1899. c. 15+62 p. por. 
(Heath's modern language ser.) S. cL, 

"Molloy, Jos. Fit^erald. Court life below 
stalls; or. London under the Qret Gleorges, 
1714-1718. New cheaper ed. N. Y., im- 
porteii by C; Scrlbner's Sons, 1899. 380 p. 
pors. 13*. el., fl.75. 

*MoUo7, Jos. Fitzgerald. Court life below 
stairs; or, London under the last Georees, 
1780-1830. New cheaper ed. N. Y., im- 
ported by C: Scribner's Sons, 1899. 437 p. 
pors. 12", cl., J1.75. 

*MoUoy, Jos. Fitzgerald. Life and adven' 
tures of Edmund Kean. tragedian, 1787- 
188S. N. Y., imported by C: Scrlbner's 
Sons, 1899. 480 p. por. 12", cl., tl.76. 

■M0II07, Jos. Fitzgerald. Life and advent ureit 
of Peg Woffington, with pictures of the 
period in which she lived, JVeic cheaper 
ed. N. Y., iKiported bv C: Scribner's Sons, 
1899. 340 p. por. 12", cl., tl.76. 

imported by C: Scribner's Sons, 1899. 488 p. 
por. 13°, cl., $1.75. 

■Molloy, Jos. Fitzgerald. Royalty restored ; 
or, London under Charles 11, Neui cheaper 
ed. N. Y.. imported by C: Scribner's Sons, 
1899. BB9 p. por. 12°, ci., fl.75. 

■Moncrleff, Ascott Rob. Hope, ["Ascott 
Robert Hope," pseud.] Ready-made ro- 
mance: reminiscences of voutbful adven- 
ture. N. Y., The Macmi'llan Co., 1899. 
858 p. 8°, cl., 11.75. 

Monday Club (The). Sermons on the Inter- 
national Sunday-school lessons for 1900. 
mth ser. Bost., The Pilgrim Press, {1899.1 
c., 11.26. 

Monk, Maria. Awfui disclosures of Maria 
Monk, of the Hotel Dieu Convent of Mon- 
treal; or, the secrets of the black nunnery 
revealed; rev., with an appendix, also a 
supplement giving every particular. Ne» 
ed. San Francisco, Cal., W. E. Price, 
[1899.] 340 p. D. ISelfast ser., do. 3.) hf. 
mor., $1.25 ; pap., 36 c. 

Monkhonte, Allan. A deliverance. N. Y., 
J:Lane,1899. 2+373 p. D. cl., $1.36 

is. occordlni,- to the verdict of his phy^clan, doomed to 
death. Fearlnir approachinft madne». he proridea 
>werful drup, which he Intends to ua« 

.t the e 

h of tl 


rap, whici 

railed crlsl 


lis. The dive 

Hreraaceof all 

'Monkhoiue, W: Cosmo. British contem- 
porary artists. N. Y., C; Scribner's Sons, 
1899. il. 8°, cl., $5. 

*Monkshood,G.F., [pseud. /or W.J. Clarke.] 
Rudyard Kipling: an attempt at apprecia- 
tion. N. Y., imported by C: Sonbnar^ 
Sons, 1899. 8+386 p. 12°, cl., tw(,^i3. 


», Ja. Writings; tocl. a collection of 
his public wid priv&te papers and corre- 
apondenoe, non [or the nrat time printed; 
ed. by StEUUslaus Murray Hamilton. In Q 
or 7 V. V. 2. N. Y., G: P. Putaam's Sona, 
18W. 8*, hf. leath,, tubt., |G. 
*Hontagn, Basil, comp. Thoughtsof divines 
and pbilosophera; selected b; Basil Unn- 
tagii; ed. by Israel Oollancz. N. Y., Tbe 
Maomillan Co., 1899. 1 il. 16*, (Temple 
classics.) cl., 00 c.; limp leath., 75 c. 
ASontaigno, Michael Eyquem de. The educa- 
tion of children; ael., tr., and anaot. by L. 
E. Rector. N. Y., Appletoa, 1899, c. 
384-191 p. D. (International education ser., 
DO. 46.) cl.. (1. 

OoHttnti: Editor'* preffto: Author'! praf ace : Topi- 
«tit Bunlyala; a blosmphloal uid critical iDtroductlon; 
trmulaUons ot tbe [olJairlDE cbapten; of the eduok- 
tlon of cbtldren: pedantry; the affection of falbeia 
for their abtldran; of Han. habit, presumptiun, phyal- 

exparieQcaralitorj, eto. Index of namee. Qeueral 


*BSontana. Supreme ct. Reports of caseai 
from Mar. 21, 1898, to Dec. 5. 1898; by T: C- 
Bach, rep. Vs. 20, 31. San Francisco, Ban- 
.:roft-Whitney Co., 1899. c. O. shp., eo.. 

*MoiitbI«nc, Ramiro. True to her oath: a 
tale of love and misfortune. N. Y., J. S. 
OgilviePub.Co..l899. c. 192 p. 12-. pap., 
36 c. 

•Montvfiore, Claude Qoldschmid, ed. The 
Bible for home reading; ed. with com- 
nients and reflections for the use of Jeniah 
parents and children. PC. 1, To the second 
visit of Nehemiah to Jerusalem. Pt, 2, 
Selections from tbe wisdom literature, the 

frophets, and the Psalter, with extracts 
■om the Apocrypha. N. Y., The Mao- 
millan Co.. 1B99. 18+624; 27+798 p. 8*, 

Monumental gAiide to the Oettysburg battle- 
field; with mdex showing the location of 
every monument marker and tablet with 
approaching roads and avenues. Oettys- 
burg, Pa., S. A. Hammond &: K. M. Hewitt, 
1899. 18 p. folded map, S. pap., 35 o, 

'Moody, Dnight Lyman. Anecdotes, iltus 
trations, and incidents. N. Y. and Chic. 
Fleming H. Revell Co , 1899. 136 p. il. 16*, 
cl., net, 30 c; pap., tiet, 13 c, 

Moody, Dwight Lyman. Men of tbe Bible. 
Chic, The Bible Institute Colportage As- 
soc., [1899.1 c. 4^136 p. 3. (Colportage 
lib., V. 4, no. 71.) pap., 15 c. 

•Moody, Dwight Lyman. Men of tbe Bible. 
N, T. and Chic, Fleming H. Revell Co., 
1899. 186 p. 18°, el., net, 30 c; pap., 15 c. 

AddreaDeaouUlnlDg the careers of eelebratod Bible 

ISoody, Dwight Lyman, Moody's stories; 
being a second volume of anecdotes, inci- 
dents, and illustrations. Chic. The Bible 
Institute Cotportage Assoc, [1H99.] c. 8- 
132 p. D. (Colportage lib., v. 5, no. 76.) 

*Moody, Dwight Lyman. Moody's stories: 
l>eing a second volume of anecdotes, inci- 
dents, and illustrations. N. Y. and Chic, 
Fleming H. Revell Co., 1899, 123 p. 12°, 
(Red lib.) cl., 80 c; pap., 16 c. 

■f tbe Btructuro of tbe 

Cbic,FleminKH.RevellCo.,[lS99.1 c'98. 
6-R96p. D. cl.,S1. 

Qaotatloiu of noted theological wrttcra flttod to 
■criptural t«iU, Tbe authon repnseated are PhliUpe 
Brooke, Bpurfcean, Talmage. Mark Quy Faarw, McCogb, 
Kac<turrt Arnot, Haclareu, and many others. 
*Moody, Dwight Lyman. Weighed and 
wanting. New ed. N. Y.and Chic, Flem- 
ing H. Revell Co., 1899. 186 p, 13°,cl.,ne(, 
80 c; pap., 15 c. 
•Moon, Rob. C, M.D. The Morris family 
of Philadelphia; descendants of Anthony 
Morris, born at Stepney, London. Eog., 
Aug. 23. 1654; died at PhUa., Oct. 23, 1721. 
Phil., Robert C. Moon, M.D., 1888. 8 v., 8', cl., 130. 
Moore, B: Elementary physiology. N. Y., 
Longmans, Qrsen & Co., 1899. 6+S96 p. 
il. D. ci.,nef, fl.aO. 
Intended to glre an ld( 
body, and of tbechansea IT . 

Clace In It durlne life, to those who have no prefloua 
nonledge of tEe subject. Written In aa elementar]' 
a faablon aad with the lue of as (eir technical ternu 
aa poulble. 

•Moora, C:Herbert. Development and char- 
acter of Gothic architecture. 2d ed., re- 
written and enl. N. Y., The Hacmillan 
Co., 1899. 28+454 p. 11. pi. 8', cl., net, 
Moors, E. C. S. Sanitary engineering : a 
practical treatise on the collection, re- 
moval, and final disposal of sewage, and 
the design and construction of works of 
drainage and sewerage ; with a special 
chapter on the disposal of house refuse 
and sewage sludge, and numerous hydraulic 
tables, formulfe, and memoranda, etc. N. 
Y„ Longmans, Green & Co., 1898. 30+ 
631 p. il. folding pi. O. cl., net. $10. 
•Moore, E. C. S. Sanitary engineering: a 
practical treatise on the collection, removal, 
and Bnal disposal of sewage, and the design 
and construction of works of drainage 
and sewerage, etc N.Y.,D.Van Nostrand 
Co., 1399. 621 p. 11. 8*, cl., net, (10. 
Moor*, Frank Frankfort. Well, after alt. 
N. Y., Dodd, Mead & Co., 1899. c 2- 
347 p. D. cl., $1.60. 

A little English town is tbe scene of the oft-told tale 
of woman', constancy and man's infatuation for what- 
ever il new and near. A run on a country bank, a 
young girl's niisfortunes. an lonoceot mas^s morder 
and suspicion following tbe wroug dues unUl It settles 
flnaiiy In most uoeipected quarter, are a few of the In- 
cidenU tbe author of "The Jesaamj bride" weaves 
Into a romance showing once more bit keen knowledge 

Moore, Q: Esther Waters; a novel. Sev. 
and enl. ed., with a preface. Chic, H. 3. 
Stone A Co., 1899. 10+508 p. D. cl., $1.60. 

•Moore, J. Howard. Better-world philoso- 
phy: a sociological synthesis. Chic, liie 
Ward WaughCo., 1B99. 278 p. 12°, cl., $1. 

Moore, T: Lalla Rookh: an oriental ro- 
mance. New il. ed. Boat., Dana Estes ft 
Co.. 1899. 0. '64, '99. 9+296 p. O. cl., 

MoraUn, Leandro Fern&ndez de. El st de 
las nifias; comedia en tres actoe y en prosa; 
ed., with introd. and notes, by J. D. H. 
Ford. Bost., Qinn & Co., 1899. c. 14+ 
95 p. D. cl.,66c 
The text Is tbat of the edition of Ifoe. For cla»- 

InAct 1,Bcsnef and ActS.SceneS. Endeavor is made 
to carry out uoaslstantly academj' luiea for aocentua- 

""■ . o.XiOO'^li. 

MORE li 

Mora, &'!> T: Utopia. N. Y-.Cassell &. Co., 
Ltd., 1899. 8-192 p. T. (Casseirs nutional 
lib,, new aer., v. 7, no. 318.)pap., 10 c 
Morahotue, O: W. The wildernessof worlds: 
a. popular sketch ot the evolution of mat- 
ter, from nebula to man and return; and 
the life-orbit of a atar. N. Y., P: Efckler, 
[1896.] c. '08. 248 p. O. cl., *1. 
A. crttLcal uid Bcientme (tudr or tbe natural fonwa 
ot th« utitTeTHB, The aubjaetB comldHfofl arn; gtnioe: 
Time; Mitller; Distrlbutton ar matters Force anil mo- 
tlOD; Sebul»: Stars and theaCellar eyaosm; Tbe solar 

The grditth <>( oreanlHina; The eiolutloa □! tbe mind': 
work Ih based on fonfysors of BCieaUDcmTeeCigaMon. 
Morette, Edgar. The Slurgis wag-er: a de- 
tective Btory. N. Y., F: A. Stokes Co., 
ri89B.] c. 3+360p. D. cl.,$l;bda.,Mc. 

wblch humaD 
B, regl«tfir« 

Tbe Ta._ 
bodies ai _ 
tbrougb wt 

are diEaolved n 

era and detectlT«, i 

turood OD to aaphyjli 

ork City on tbe 

leadB to TSry rema 

orlma to a rlcb, re*]»Gtab1e, learned saieutlat. 

Morgan, Alex. Eletnentarj' phj'siography 
treated experimentally. New ed. N. Y., 
LoDgmaas, Oreen A Co., 1898. G-H820p. 
il. D. (Lon^mana' practical elementary 
science serOcl., 90 c. 

Morgan, (Ja.)Appleton. Astudy in the War- 
wickshire dialect; with a g-losaary and 
notes touching' the Edward the Sixth gram- 
mar schools and the Elizabethan pronunci- 
ation as deduced from the puns in Shake- 
speare's plays. 3d ed. N. ¥., The Shake- 
speare Prtss, 1899. c. 13+483 p. D. 
(Publications ot the Shakespearan society 
of New York, no. 10.) bris. net, fS. 
& work devoUid Co ■□ examlnacioa of tbe queatlon 

whether tbe " Venus a»d Adonis," credited to Sbake. 

Kr« «ss really the work of tbe laDie man who wrote 
plays ot Shakeapeare. The auttaor argues that 

no Warwleksblre man wrote tbe poet- ' *' — 

and he fumlsbea a Kloasary sbowlae -— 

Is, modea and tiabits. The book first appeared 
Only two words hi tbe enUre poem can be 
uauou to Warwlckibire. 

•MorBan, Bev. G. Campbell. Life problems. 
N. Y. and Chic, Fleming H. EevellCo., 
18B9. 145 p. 18°, (Little books for Ufe'a 
guidance.) cl., 50 c. 

Morgan, Rev. G. Campbell. Tlie true esti- 
mate or life and how to live: addresses de- 
livered at Northfleld. Chic, The Biblt 
iDstituteCoiportage Assoc., [1899,] c '97- 
'99. 187 p. D. {Colportage lib., v. 5, no. 77.) 
pap,, ISo. 

"Morgan, Rev. O. Campbell. The true 
tlmate of life and bow to live. N. Y. and 
Chic, Fleming H. Revell Co., 1899. 127 p. 
13% cl., net, 30 c; pap., 15 c. 

Morgan, Harriet. The Island Impossible; il. 
by Katharine Pyle. Bost., Little, Brown 
&; Co., 1899. c 7+306 p. $1.00. 

Alice in Wond 


Phil., J. B. Lippiacott Co., 1899. 70 p. 8°. 
cl., $1.75. 
*Morg«t>, J. Livingstone R. The elements of 

physical chemistry. N. Y., J: Wiley & 
Sons, 1899. 8+399 p. 13'. cl., f2. 

•Moriion,W; Andrew Melville. N. Y., im- 
ported by C: Scribner'a Sons, 1899. 156 p. 
12*. (Famous Scots ser.) cl., 75 c. 

Moritz, Moses, eomp. One thousaud qaes- 
lioDS in arithmetic, algebra, grammar, 
geographv.geomeiry, history, spelling, and 
drawing. [liewittue.} N.Y., Hinds&Noble, 
[1899.] c. '94. 98 p. D. paper, 30 c. An- 
BMers to same, 96 p. D. pap., SO c. 

Morley, Margaret Warner. The bee people; 
il. by the author. Gbic, A. C. HcQurg & 
Co., 189B. a. 4-177 p. il, D. cl., fl.25. 
Ad elementary study ot rarloua typn of bee life. 


bee are especially considered. 

Morley, Margaret Warner. Tbe honey- 
makers; il. hy the author. Chic, A. C. 
McCiurg & Co., 1899. c. 8-424 p. D. cl., 
Parti, " The honey-makers," coDtalDB chapters on : 

Structure, babita, and products of the honey-bee; The 

bee's toDEue; Eyes, antenuie, and bniin: The wlnrs; 

ThBlegm; Honey. tac and wax- pookeU; Tbeetlnr; "At 

family: Tbe drone; The worker; Tbe awann; Bonej: 

Head. 1^. i. ■■ The litnracure and blatorrof tbe bee," 
liodu literature; In Efypt and 
Italy: In Cbrlatlan and ir~" 

la and helleta la modern 

the east: In Qreece a 

Morley, Margaret Warner. Little wander- 
ers. Bost., Ginn& Co., 1899. 4+107 p. D. 

cl., 46 c 

A book about plants, dealjnied tor tbe Instruction 
of Tery small children. OmtentM: Why plants trarel: 
Those that fly with plnmee or down; Seeds that fly 
with winjcB; Seeds that fly without wloes or plumes; 
Other seeds that are moTed by the wind: Waodererm 
that cling: Wanderers that float ; Seeds that anlinals 
like to eat; Seeda that are shot away. 
Momingside stories. N. Y., Eaton & Mains, 

1899. c 6v.,ea. 64p. il. S. ner«e(, $1.50. 

Conttmti: V. 1. Clrcumatances afur esses: t, t, 

The little black and tan ; v. I, A little colored boy; 

». 4, Alma's roses; v. ^ Jocko and 1; t. d. Old Mr, Wl. 

"Mortis, C: The greater republic: a history 
of tbe United States from the earliest days 
to the preitent time. N. Y., Western W. 
Wilson. 1899. 700 p. il. 8°, »ubs.. cl., $3.75; 
hf. mor.,f3.7B; full mor.. $4.75. 

Monls, C; Our Island Empire; a handbook 
of Cuba, Porto Rico, Hawaii, and tlie Phil- 
ippine Islands. Phil., J, B. Lippincott Co., 
,ooo _ mr. ia+488p. D. cl.,»l.BO. 

— .. — . hiehthe booh is di. 

rided la opened with a historic 

ulatlon; 1 

_ ...nere and c 
nuraoluretaii ' 

f. ABrlculli 

Mortis, Clara, [Mra. Clara Morris Harriott.} 
Little Jim Crow, and other stories of chil- 
dren. N. Y., The Century Co., 1899. c. 
'98, '98. B+226p. D. cl., $1.26. 
ConUnlM! Little "Jim Crow"; Hy pirate; "ShlDs"; 
"Uy Mr. Edwards"; The gallant Theopblliu; Apreltj 
plan : Ad amateur Banta Clans; '• Marty faanr- 
Tblnfia" ; A little royal princess; The Princes* Poro- 

Moitia, Clara. [Jlfrg. Clara Morris Harriott.] 
A silent singer. N. Y., Brentano's, 1899. 
c. 6+808 p. D. cl., fl.86. 

The first story, entitled A silent alnger, la a pathetic 
atoryof love and Beli.saorlfloe. Tbe other atorleaare 
entitled: An old bulk; Tbe gentleman who was eolug 
to die ; Old Myra's waltloB ; In Paris, auddenlj; Two 
buds ; Tbe ambition ot Macllhenny ; John Blckey. 
-"•"■•""■n; Black watch; Dinah; Life's atteraaUi. 



*Horris, H:, ed. Human anatomy: a com- 
plete sjaLematic treatise, including a spe- 
ciaJ section on surgical and topographical 
an<itom;. 2d ed. rev. and enl. Phil., P. 
Blukistoa's Son & Cki., 1668. 29+1374 p. 

8-, ci., le. 

MottIb, R. Anna, comp. Woshin^on, Lin- 
coln, and the American Qag: patriotic birth- 
day exercixes for scnools and clubs. CQeve- 
land, O., The Helman-Taylor Co., [1899.1 
c. '99. 8-93 p. so. D. bde., AO c. 

Blogntpbls*. rtvitkuoiw, •ongiwlth mualc. mottoes, 
quotations, tabLe&iu, Dae plays and driUi. ContiiiDi 
■IsosugSMtlonator taocblDB patrlotlam. Tbeauthor 
ia teacber ot readiof; in the Normal School, and Buper- 
Tlaoror physical trainioe 1° tlia Primary and Normal 


•choola of C 

id. O, 

MozriB, W: Art and the beauty of the earth: 

a lecture delivered by W: Morris at Burs- 

lem Town Hall on October 18, 1881, N. 

Y., Longmans, Qreen & Co., [1899.] 81 p. 

O. bdB., net, $1. 
Morris, W: Some hints on pattern design- 

ing. N.T., LoDgraans, Oreea & Co., [1899.1 

45 p. O. bds.,nd, »t. 
Moiriaon, Arthur. To London town. Cnic, 

H. 8. Stone & Co., 1889. c 8-1-298 p. D. 

cl., (1.50. 

Tbs author bwaii to write this itory between the 
"Taleaotmn>nstreeU"and"A. child of the JaKO." 
All threo must be raad to obtain a ooniplet« picture 
of life In the eutern porU or London The 

the R.achlne sbopa ot a h'reat steamship 

tba itepracber 


Morrow, W. C. Bohemian Paris oT to-day; 

written by W. C. Morrow, Irom notes by 

E: Cucuel; 11. by E: Cucuel. Phil., J. B. 

Lippincott Co., 1900 [189S.] c. 2-321 p. O. 

cl., IS.60. 

Written to show the life ot the students Id the Paris 
of to-<lay. The work baa an additional Interest la 
opening to iospeotlon certaJo phases of Bohemian life 
In Paris tbat an shared both by the >cudem« aad the 
public, but tbataregenerally unfamillarto rial tors to 
tbat eity and eren to a Tery larpa part of the city's 
population ItHlf. It depicts the underside of such life 
a* the studenU Snd-the loose. uncoQTentional life of 

pIcturesqueDBss and Its lock oF adherence tOBoaerally 
accepted Htaodanls ot morals and conduct. 

Morrow, W. G. A man and his mark: a ro- 
mance; with a frontispiece by Elenore Plais- 
ted Abbott. Phil., J. B. Lippincott Co,, 
1900, [1899.] c. 3-249 p. il.S.d., $1,35. 

le they are burled in 

y. crush^K tbi 

being the keynote o 

Morton, Mrg. J. H. Filled hands: a story 
of Mrs. A. H. Drennan'E life and work 
in Japan. Nashville, Tenn., Cumberland 
Presb. Publishing House, 1898. 7-1-115 p 
por, il. S. cl., 60c. 
Mosohfllai, Felix Stone. Fragments ol an 
autobiography. N. Y., Harper, 1899. 8-»- 
.<t64p. pors, O. cl.,t3,a0. 

The author's special [If t SJi a writer of remlnlBceD- 
cea was nbown Id hla " lu Bohemia with Du Uaurier." 
The godaoDof Fell! MendelKohn associated all Ills life 
with artists of all Wnds— musicians, paiuteni, authors, 
actors. The oelebrated portrait painter tells of his 
student lite Id Paris, of his lore affairs, of ■ketcblOK 
tours with Claude Raoul Dupont. ocean travel with 

Chlcagxj, I 

few York anil 

Sand Elleo Terry, Ufa la N 
meetings with Mazzinl, nuBami, luju 
Robert BrowDlng The Tolume is Illustrated with por- 
trj^ts of the author's mother, ot HuzIdI, and Brown- 
ing, reproduced froin the author's palDtlDgs. 
MoBBs, Alfred J. The oharactera of crystals; 
an introduction to o ry stall or raphy. N. Y., 
D. Van Nostrand Co., 1899. o, 8-<-211 p. 
O. cl.,ne^ (3- 

Desorlbes, simply and concisely, the methods anf 
Apparatus used In studying the physioal characters of 
crystal^ and records and sxplMos the obserred pbe- 
nomeoa without Domplei mathematical discussions. 
In the last chapter the graduate course in physical 
crystallography kIted Id Columbia ntilTcrslty baa 
been ootiiDed. 
Mother Goose's nursery rhymes; with 350 

pictures by F. Opper, Phil,. J. B. Llppin- 

cottCo., 1900 [1898.] c. 3-820 p O, cl.,fl.7B. 

Mr Opper says o7 these classic rhymes and JidkIsb 
that they " hare been illustratad with pictures from 

trooi the early £ngllBh plan of our graadfatber's day, 
decorative and poster-like plan of our own." 
■Monlton. Louise Chandler. At the wind's 
will: [sonnets and lyrics.] Bost., Little, 
Brown & Co., 1899, 16*, cl., 11.35, 
Mottlton, R: Green. The literary study of 
the Bible: an account ot the leading forms 
of literature represented in the sacred 
writings; intended Tor English readers;ret;. 
and partly rewritten. Bost,. D. C. 
Heath & Co., 1899. c. '96, '99. ie-h668 p. 
O. cl., (3. 

Tbe present edition has been revised and partly n 

written. The author save ^' the struct ural r-'-*' 

Scripture, for whli 

I ot my lengthier illusti 

' of the si 

imatlzatlon In ; 


*MonIton, R: Green, ed. The modern read- 
er's Bible: Bible stories, Old Testament; ed„ 
with an introd. and notes. N.Y.,TheMac- 
millan Co., 1889. 5 pts . 18°, (Children's 
ser.,) pap., ea,, IS c, 

ConfcnW.' 1, Gecesis 3, The Eiodus. 3, The Judges, 
4. The Kings and Prophets. S, Iheeiile and return. 
•Monlton, R: Green, ed. The modern read- 
er's Bible: Bible stories. Old Testament; ed., 
with an introd, and notes. N. Y, , The Mac- 
millan Co., 1899. 13-H310 p. 18*, (Children's 
ser.) ol., 60 c. 

Contains la one loluDts the Btc parts recorded abore. 
*HoultOD, R: Green. The modem reader's 
Bible: Bible stories. New Testament; ed., 
with an introd. and notes. N. Y.,TheMac- 
raillan Co., 1899. 13+130 p. 18*, (Children's 
ser.) cl.. 50 c. 
CoDtalDs in one volume the two parts recorded 

"Monlton, R: Green, ed. Modern reader's 
Bible: Bible stories, New Testament; ed., 
with introds. and notes. N. Y., The Mac- 
millan Co,, 1899. 18°, (Children's ser.)pap.. 


ot tbe Apoatles. S, The lite 

*Mracek, Franz, M.D. Atlas of diseases ot 
the skin; including an epitome of pathology 
and treatment; authorized tr. from the 
German; ed. by H: W. Stelwagon, M.D. 
Phil., W. B. Saunders, 1899. c, 189 p. IS*, 
o).,n,l,«a.5«. o,„„„..,CoOglc 


UnellM', Hermann, eomp, and ed, Deutsche 
fj^ediohte tor high schools: selected and arr. 
Dv Hermann Mueller. Boat., Qinn A: Co., 
189S. o. 12+71 p. D. (International modern 
lans:uaKe ser.) ct,, 4S c. 
A ■Sectlan at popular Oermui poema, arrKQCBd 'or 

■Igbt mdlng and memnriilDe. 

MuflUe^ Joachim C. Idioraatalinguie Lati- 
. nee. Pts. 1 and 3, (Cmsar's and Cicero's 
idioms.) 2drev.ed. N. Y., Hinds & Noble, 
' — 9.] c. 'M. '99. 2 pts., 4+32; 4+89 p. 

». pap., 

a., m c 

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Mutlany, Patrick Francis, ["Brother Aza- 
Has," p»eud.\ An essay contributing' to a 
philosophy of literature. 1th ed. rev. and 
enl. Phil., J:Jo8. McVey, 1899. c. 289 p. 
D. cl., net, %1. 

"TUh aim 1. to embody In a unltfd whole the laws 

aonnr-Pftfact. Although the pr. 
the ume line of thought aa the or 
llihed sixteen Jean ago. parts ot t) 
rerlaed. other parta nave been en 
portloDS hare besu ranrltcen. 

The flnt aerie: 
February, 1808. oonui 

had met In big ions llf 
Is devoted to certain I 
to India Although h