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.Rush Medical College 

Corner of Wood and West Harrison Streets, 



Session of 1884-85 




Ho*. L. C. P. FREER, President. 

JOSEPH P. ROSS, m.d., Vice-President. 

Hon. GRANT GOODRICH, ll.d., Secretary. 

MOSES GUNN, m.d., Treasurer. 

HENRY M. LYMAN, m.d., Assistant Secretary. 

J. Adams Allen, m.d. Edward L. Holmes, m.d. 

DeLaskie Miller, m.d. James H. Etheridge, m.d. 

Charles T. Parkes, m.d. R. C. Hamill, m.d. 

Hon. John C. Haines. 

His Excellency JNO. M. HAMILTON. Governor 
Hon. L. C. COLLINS, Speaker House of Repre- 
sentatives. ) Ex-Officio. 
J. ADAMS ALLEN, m.d., ll.d., President of 
the College. 


J. Adams Allen, m.d., ll.d., President, 

Professor of the Principles and Practice of Medicine. 
125 State Street. 

DeLaskie Miller, ph.d., m.d., 

Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of Children. 
2139 Wabash Avenue. 

Moses Gunn, m.d., ll.d., 

Professor of the Principles and Practice of Surgery and Clinical Surgery. 
2101 Calumet Avenue. 

Joseph P. Ross, a.m., m.d., 

Professor of Clinical Medicine and Diseases of the Chest. 
428 Washington Boulevard. 

William H. Byford, a.m., m.d., 

Professor of Gynaecology. 
125 State Street. 

Edward L. Holmes, a.m., m.d., 

Professor of Diseases of the Eye and Ear. 
207 Clark Street. 

Henry M. Lyman, a.m., m.d., 

Professor of Physiology and of Diseases of the Nervous System. 
71 Dearborn Street. 

James H. Etheridge, a.m., m.d., Secretary, 

Professor of Materia Medica and Medical Jurisprudence. 
1634 Michigan Avenue. 

Charles T. Parkes, m.d., 

Professor of Anatomy, Descriptive and Surgical. 
125 State Street. 

Walter S. Haines, a.m., m.d., 

Professor of Chemistry, Pharmacy and Toxicology. 
Laboratory in College Building. 

James Nevins Hyde, a.m., m.d., 

Professor of Skin and Venereal Diseases. 
240 Wabash Avenue. 

Norman Bridge, m.d., 

Professor of Hygiene and Adjunct Professor of the Principles and Practice of Medicine. 
550 West Jackson Street. 


W. W. ALLPORT, M.D., D.D.S., 

Emeritus Professor of Dental Pathology and Surgery. 

Truman W. Brophy, m.d., d.d.s., 

Professor of Dental Pathology and Surgery. 125 State Street. 

E. Fletcher Ingals, a.m., m d., 

Professor of Laryngology. 65 Randolph Street. 


J. Suydam Knox, a.m., m.d., 

Adjunct Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of Children. 16 Loomis Street. 

Daniel T. Nelson, a.m., m.d., 

Adjunct Professor of Gynaecology. 125 State Street. 

Philip Adolphus, m.d., 

Clinical Adjunct to the Chair of Gynaecology. 638 Washington Boulevard. 

Albert B. Strong, a.m., m.d., 

Demonstrator and Lecturer on Anatomy. 533 West Monroe Street. 

Lafayette W. Case, m.d., 

Lecturer on Dermatology. 374 N. Market Street. 

Eugene W. Whitney, a. b., m.d., 

Lecturer on Surgery. 174 Warren Ave. 

Alfred C. Cotton, m.d., 

Lecturer on Therapeutics. Evanston, 111. 

Eugene S. Talbot, m.d., d.d.s., 

Lecturer on Dental Anatomy and Physiology. 125 State Street. 

Samuel J. Holmes, m.d., 

Lecturer on Pathological Anatomy and Path. Histology. 315 Fulton Street 

Daniel R. Brower, m.d., 

Lecturer on the Practice of Medicine. 65 Randolph Street. 

Henry P. Merriman, a.m., m.d., 

Lecturer on Gynaecology. 1350 Michigan Avenue. 

John A. Robison, a.m., m.d., 

Lecturer on Materia Medica. 428 Washington Boulevard. 

Edward P. Davis, a.m., m.d., 

Lecturer on Physiology and Histology. Presbyterian Hospital. 

Frederick E. Sherman, m.d., 

Assistant Demonstrator of Anatomy. 

Wm. H. Morgan, m.d., 

Clinical Assistant to the Chair of Diseases of Children. 

Thomas J. Shaw, m.d., 

Clinical Assistant to the Chair of Gynaecology. 

Mr. Frank Jordan Gould, College Clerk. 

Annual Announcement 

For the Session of 1884-85. 

The Forty-Second Annual Session of Rush Medical 
College will commence Tuesday evening, September 23, 1884, 
and will continue twenty-one weeks. The introductory address 
will be delivered by Professor Henry M. Lyman. 

Instruction in this institution is given by clinical and 
didactic lectures, practical work in the dissecting room and 
laboratories, and by repeated oral examinations. 


The Faculty desire that as many as possible of the matric- 
ulates of this institution shall pursue their studies in the Col- 
lege during three winter and three spring terms. To encour- 
age this more extended curriculum of College study, final exam- 
inations in descriptive anatomy, physiology, chemistry, materia 
medica, and therapeutics, are open to three years 1 students at 
the end of the second winter session. 

To each graduate who has studied, as above recommended, 
three full winter terms and at least one spring term, will be 
awarded, in addition to the diploma, a certificate of honor, 
signed by the Faculty of the College. All who intend to pur- 
sue this course are requested to signify such intention at the 
time of matriculation. 


Students of the College and those who are pursuing their 
studies elsewhere with the intention of completing their colle- 
giate course at this institution, are urged to follow the schedule 
of lectures and studies presented below. 

The daily order of lectures and clinics at the hospitals and 
dispensaries will be arranged, as far as possible, in accordance 


with this schedule, not only to accommodate junior students, 
but also advanced students and practitioners who desire to 
review their studies. 

As the Spring Course has become a most important addition 
to the College work, the period of study required for graduation 
is divided into six terms. The following schedule of studies 
has been adapted to the wants and convenience of students dur- 
ing each period of their progress, whether they are in the Col- 
lege or preparing to enter. 

There is reason to believe that it is of far greater advantage 
to the student, during his collegiate course, to study and care- 
fully review a single text-book in each department of medicine, 
than cursorily to read several. Students are, therefore, recom- 
mended to confine their readiug to those text-books, and those 
portions of the same, designated in this schedule as suitable for 
each term respectively. 


Wilson's (1880) or Gray's Anatomy. Heath's Dissector. 
Foster's Physiology. Attfield's Chemistry. Bristowe's Prac- 
tice of Medicine. Druitt's Surgery, for beginners ; Gross' or 
Erichsen's, for advanced students. Byford's Obstetrics. Byford's 
Diseases of Women. The National Dispensatory. Green's 
Pathology. Williams' or Carter's Diseases of the Eye. Satter- 
thwaite on Histology. Day on Diseases of Children. Flint's 
Clinical Medicine. Hyde's Dermatology. Wilson's Hygiene. 

Practitioners who receive students are recommended to 
direct their studies in accordance with the following schedule 
and to use the above-named text-books. 

First Term— Spring:. 

Lectures: — Anatomy — Cells, Fibers, Membranes, Viscera, 
and Long Bones. Physiology — Blood, Circulation, Respiration. 
Inorganic Chemistry. 

Dissection of the Viscera ; study of the Long Bones. Sur- 
gical Clinics at the College, Hospital and Dispensary. 


Second Term— Winter. 

Lectures : — General Anatomy — Materia Medica — Physi- 
ology — Alimentation, Digestion, Absorption. Inorganic Chem- 
istry, with Laboratory work. Surgery — Ulceration and Sup- 
puration, and their results. 

Surgical Clinics. Dissection of the external soft parts. 
Study of the Bones. Practice of Auscultation and Percussion 
of the Normal Chest and Abdomen. 

Third Term— Spring. 

Lectures: — General Anatomy — Bones — External soft parts. 
Chemistry — Laboratory work — Analysis. Urinalysis. Physiol- 
ogy — Secretion, Nutrition, Movements. Surgery — Surgical 
Dressings and Appliances. Principles and Practice of Medicine 
— Congestion, Inflammation and its Results, Fever — Materia 
Medica, Diseases of Children. 

Exercises in Auscultation and Percussion. Dissection of 
the external soft parts. Special Dissection of the Pelvis, and of 
its organs, and of the Foetus. Medical and Surgical Clinics. 

Fourth Term— Winter. 

Lectures: — General Anatomy — Regional Dissections, Brain 
and Spinal Column, Histology. Physiology — Nervous System, 
Reproduction. Organic Chemistry — Laboratory. Materia Med- 
ica, Surgery, Principles and Practice of Medicine, Obstetrics — 
Generation, Fcetal Development, Normal Parturition, Derma- 
tology and Venereal Diseases. 

Exercises in bandaging and application of splints. Opera- 
tions on the Cadaver. Anatomy and Physiology of the Eye and 
Ear, Laryngology. Exercises in Auscultation and Percussion. 
Medical and Surgical Clinics. Pathology and Post mortem 
Examinations, Dental Pathology, Medical Jurisprudence. 

Fifth Term— Spring. 

Lectures : — Anatomy, Physiology, Chemistry, Materia Med- 
ica, Surgery, Principles and Practice of Medicine, Obstetrics, 
Hygiene, Medical Jurisprudence, Genito-Urinary Diseases. 

Regional Dissections, Chemical Laboratory Work, Toxicol- 
ogy and Special Researches. 


Clinics, general and special ; Diseases of Women and Chil- 
dren. Pathology and Post mortem Examinations. 

Sixth Term— Winter. 

All Lectures and Clinics ; Regional Dissections ; Post- 
mortem Examinations. General Review. 

Students who have passed the final examination in the ele- 
mentary branches at the end of the fourth term, may devote 
their third year especially to the practical branches and to 


The College is provided with a thoroughly furnished stu- 
dents' laboratory for practical chemistry. 

Professor Haines will give a special course in practical 
chemistry, devoting to the work three afternoons of each week. 
The course will include a series of experiments in qualitative 
analysis, urinalysis and toxicology. The student will make the 
analyses and examinations himself, under the supervision of the 

Since a course in practical chemistry has been made one of 
the requirements for graduation in this College, students will 
find the spring term a most convenient time for the pursuit of 
this study. 


The best advantages are afforded for the practical study of 
anatomy, including osteology. Material in abundance is pro- 
vided. The most recent and approved means of illustration by 
the calcium light will be used. 


The Physiological Laboratory is abundantly supplied^with 
microscopes and other apparatus for study, and will be open for 
work during the winter and spring courses. 


The Faculty has introduced into this institution a course 
of instruction in Dental Surgery. It must be distinctly under- 
stood that instruction will only be given in the theoretical prin- 


ciples necessary for comprehension of the diseases of the teeth 
and their treatment. Clinical instruction in dental diseases will 
be taught in the dental department of the Central Dispensary, 
in the College building. The art of dental manipulation find 
the clinical treatment of diseases of the teeth are taught by 
actual demonstration at the Chicago Dental Infirmary, which 
is a dental college and gives a complete course in dentistry and 
confers the degree of D. D. S. 

Medicine and Surgery. 

Two Surgical clinics will be given by Professor Gunn 
each week, one on Tuesday and one on Saturday ; a clinic on 
Diseases of the Chest by Professor Ross, every Wednesday ; 
one on the Diseases of the Nervous System, by Professor 
Lyman, every Thursday ; a Medical clinic by Professor 
Bridge, every Monday ; and one on Diseases of the Throat 
and Nares, by Professor Ingals — all continuing throughout 
the year. 

Diseases of Children. 

Professor Miller, aided by Adjunct Professor Knox, will 
also give before the entire class in the amphitheater, one special 
clinic, each week throughout the year, on Diseases of Chil- 


Professors Etheridge and Nelson and Dr. Adolphus. wil 
hold a daily clinic in the College building, for the special 
instruction of the graduating class in Clinical Gynaecology. 

The class will be so subdivided into small sections that each 
student will have extensive opportunities for the practical study 
of this important subject. 

In addition to these daily clinics, before small sections of 
the graduating class, Professor Nelson will give each Wednes- 
day a public clinic, when the most interesting cases will be pre- 


Skin and Venereal Diseases. 

Professor Hyde will give a clinic on Skin - a"N"d Vekekeal 
Diseases at 3 p. m. of every Monday throughout the year, in 
the upper amphitheater of the building. The extensive collec- 
tion of plates and photographs, lately purchased by the College, 
has been arranged in cabinets, on the same floor and adjacent to 
the amphitheater, with special view to the illustration of this 

Diseases of the Eye and Ear. 

Professor Holmes, with the assistance of Dr. W. T. Mont- 
gomery, will give at 3 p. M. every Wednesday throughout the 
year, a clinic, in the amphitheater, on Diseases of the Eye 
and Ear. 


(Adjoining- the College.) 

The hospital, contiguous to the college, was completed this 
year. It has beds for eighty patients, and is one of the most 
perfectly equipped hospitals in existence. 

The following named gentle men compose its staff: 


Consulting Physicians. — J. Adams Allen, M.D., R. C. Hamill, M.D. 

Attending Physicians. — Joseph P. Eoss, M.D., H. M. Lyman, M.D., 
Norman Bridge, M.D. 

Consulting Surgeons. — R. N. Isham, M.D., R. G. Bogue, M.D. 

Attending Surgeons.— Moses Gunn, M.D., C. T. Parkes, M.D., D. W 
Graham, M.D., E. W. Whitney, M.D. 

Consulting Gynaecologist. — W. H. Byford, M.D. 

Attending Gynaecologists.— J. H. Ethericlge, M.D., H. P. Merriman. M.D. 

Physicians for Diseases of Children and Accoucheurs. — DeLaskie Miller, 
M.D., J. S. Knox, M.D. 

Attending Physicians for Skin Diseases.— J. N. Hyde, M.D., R. D. Mac- 
Arthur, M.D. 

Attending Ophthalmic and Aural Surgeons. — E. L. Holmes, M.D., Lyman 
Ware, M.D. 

Attending Physician for Diseases of the Throat. — John A. Robison, M.D. 
Resident Physician. — E. P. Davis, M.D. 


(Opposite the College Building-.) 

The hospital, standing on a block of twelve acres of land, 
was erected at a cost of nearly a million dollars. 

Two new Pavilions have been erected, which have greatly 
increased the capacity of this commodious structure. 

The amphitheater of the hospital, with a seating capacity 
for six hundred persons, is the room in which all the surgical, 
medical, and special clinics are held. More than two thousand 
patients were treated at the hospital during the past year, and 
hundreds of important surgical operations were performed, of 
which many were capital amputations. 

In the rear of the amphitheatre is the Necropsy Theater, in 
which are held all the post-mortem examinations of the hos- 
pital. Ample opportunities are given for the complete study of 
the gross as well as of the microscopical appearances produced 
by disease. 


This institution affords the largest facilities for the clinical 
study of Diseases of the Eye and Ear. 

During the past year more than 2,000 patients received 
treatment at the Infirmary, and nearly 300 operations were 

Regular clinics will be given during each week of the ses- 
sion by Drs. Holmes, Hotz, Ware, Montgomery, Schaefer and 


Excellent opportunities are offered to students and practi- 
tioners, for clinical instruction at the Central Free Dispensary, 
which occupies the first floor of the College building. Nearly 
20,000 patients received treatment in this Dispensary during the 
past year. Patients are classified according to their diseases. 
A wide field is here afforded for the study of specialties. 

The prescribing hours are from 2 to 5 p. m., of each day, 
and by a system of admission cards students are assured of the 


opportunity of attending in regular order and witnessing the 
examination and treatment of cases in every department of the 


Professor Brophy and Dr. Talbot will give weekly clinics 
in this department of the Dispensary. 

A large number of cases are treated at these clinics, which 
are of no less interest and practical importance to the student 
of medicine and surgery than to the dentist. 


Positions of Interne in the Cook County, the Michael 
Reese, and the St. Luke's Hospitals, and the Illinois Charitable 
Eye and Ear Infirmary, are open each spring to students who 
have graduated and pass a competitive examination held by the 
respective hospital staffs. 

The occupants of these positions receive their board and 
lodging, and acquire an extensive experience in every depart- 
ment of practical medicine and surgery. 


The Faculty direct special attention to the great advan- 
tages offered by the Spring Course. This begins the 24th day of 
February, at 8 A. m., and continues sixteen weeks. It con- 
sists of lectures and recitations at the College, practical work in 
the laboratories and dissecting-room, and clinical instruction in 
the hospitals and dispensaries. 

During the last week of each term the students will be ex- 
amined, and will receive certificates of attendance and grade of 
examination. The grade will indicate the average standing in 
all the departments attended. Students who prefer it, may in- 
clude only a part of the branches taught, according to the 
schedule of studies above presented, and be relieved from exam- 
inations in other departments. In the studies taken, a corres- 
pondingly higher standing will be demanded for a given grade. 


This course cannot be considered as a u course of lectures" 
in the requirements for graduation. 

It is a source of satisfaction to the Faculty, as it must be 
to all friends of the College, that so many young men are im- 
pressed with the importance of spending two terms each year 
in their professional study. Nearly 300 students matriculated 
during the spring session of 1884. 


Examinations for the degree of Doctor of Medicine are held 
only once annually, during the last week of the winter session. 

Students, however, who will enter the college for at least 
three full winter terms of study may receive their final exami- 
nations in Descriptive Anatomy, Physiology, Chemistry, Ma- 
teria Medica, and Therapeutics at the close of the second winter 
term. This will enable them to devote special attention to 
clinics and the practical branches during the third winter ses- 
sion. Students who take the three winter courses and desire to 
be examined in the elementary branches, as above indicated, will 
be required to advance one-half of the examination fee. (See 

Fees, page 14.) 


The following are the requirements for the degree of Doc- 
tor of Medicine: 

1st. The candidate must be twenty-one years of age, and 
must give satisfactory evidence of possessing a good moral 
character, with such primary education as is clearly requisite 
for a proper standing with the public and the profession. 

2d. He must have pursued the study of medicine three 
years, and have attended at least two full courses of lectures, 
not delivered in one twelve month, of which the first one may 
have been in some other recognized medical college, but the 
last must have been in this institution. The lectures of the 
spring term cannot be considered as a "course of lectures" 
in this requirement. 

3d. He must have received clinical instruction during at 
least two college terms. 

4th. He must have pursued the study of Practical Anat- 
omy, under the direction of the Demonstrator, and to the ex- 
tent of having dissected each region of the body. 


5th. He must have taken one course in Practical Chemis- 
try, under the direction of the Professor of Chemistry. 

6th„ He must notify the Secretary of the Faculty of his 
intention to become a candidate, depositing the amount of the 
examination fee with the Treasurer, on or before the 20th day 
of January. 

7th. Every candidate must undergo a full and satisfactory 
written or oral examination on each branch taught in the 


Matriculation Fee (good till the Following March) $5.00 

Lecture Fees for the Course 75.00 

Admission to the Dissecting-Room till the Follow- 
ing March — Material at Cost Price 5.00 

Admission Tickets are issued only to holders oe the 
General Ticket. 

Practical Chemistry — Chemicals at Cost Price 5.00 

Final Examination — Fee not returnable 30.00 

Three years students, examined at the end of their second 
winter, must advance one-half of this fee. 

There is no fee for graduation. When fully qualified, the 
candidate is entitled to the degree and the diploma in testimony 

From Alumni of this college, and from its students who have 
taken and paid for two full courses of lectures, the Matricula- 
tion Fee only ($5.00) will be required. From alumni of other 
recognized medical colleges, the Matriculation Fee and one-half 
Lecture Fee will be required. 


Matriculation Fee (good till the following March) $5.00 

Lecture Tickets 20.00 

This amount will be deducted from the fees of the 
next following winter session. 


Graduates of the College are admitted on payment 
oe the Matriculation Fee only ; graduates of 
other regular medical colleges on payment of 
Matriculation Fee and ten dollars. 

Fee for Practical Chemistry (Students will also 

Pay Cost Price for Chemicals used) 5.00 

Admission to the Dissecting-Room — Material at Cost 

Price 5.00 

Tickets for the Cook County Hospital, and for the 
Eye and Ear Infirmary, good for One Year, 
each 5.00 


Students will matriculate, and obtain their tickets at the 
College, from the Treasurer, Professor Gunn, or from Mr. Frank 
J. Gould, College Clerk. 

Students may select their seats in the lecture rooms when 
they take their tickets, or the Treasurer will select seats for 
them, on receipt of the matriculation fee, previous to the open- 
ing of the session ; but seats thus pre-empted, if not occupied 
before the end of the second week of the winter term, will be 
forfeited and assigned to students who are present to occupy 

The College Clerk may be seen in the College building, and 
will aid in obtaining boarding-places, rooms, etc. 

Students receive their mail at the College building twice 

For further information address the Secretary, Professor J. 
H. Etheridge, No. 1634 Michigan avenue. 


Good board, with rooms, and all the usual accommodations, 
can be obtained at rates varying from $3.00 to 85.00 per week. 
By associating in clubs, students may supply themselves with 
good accommodations at a material reduction from ordinary 
rates. Day board, $2.50 to $4.00 weekly. 



Students will find a good assortment of medical books and 
surgical instruments in this city. The following books of refer- 
ence, among others, are recommended : 

Chemistry. — Attfield. 

Anatomy. — Quain, Wilson (1880), Gray, Heath's Dissector. 

Physiology. — Foster, Carpenter. 

Materia Medica and Therapeutics. — The National Dispen- 
satory, Ringer, Binz. 

Medical Jurisprudence. — El well, Taylor, Beck, Casper. 

Obstetrics. — Playfair, Cazeaux. 

Diseases of Women. — By ford, Barnes. 

Diseases of Children. — Smith, Day. 

Surgery and Surgical Pathology. — For first course students, 
Druitt. — For advanced students, Gross, Erichsen, Holmes, Paget. 

Practice of Medicine. — Flint, Bristowe, Watson. 

Nervous Diseases. — Rosenthal, Bramwell, Ross. 

Pathology. — Rindfleisch, Billroth. 

Clinical Medicine. — Bennett, Trousseau. 

Diseases of the Heart. — Flint, Walsh. 

Diseases of the Lungs. — Walsh, Fuller. 

Physical Diagnosis. — Ingals. 

Surgical Anatomy.— Maclise, Godlee. 

Microscopical Anatomy. — Strieker, Satterthwaite, Schaefer. 

Ophthalmology. — Williams, Wells, Stellwag, Carter. 

Otology. — Roosa, Burnett, Buck. 

Dermatology. — Hyde. 

Hygiene. — Buck, Parkes, Wilson. 


In accordance with the announcement heretofore made, a 
preliminary examination will be required hereafter as a condi- 
tion of admission to the regular winter course of lectures. 

Gentlemen who are graduates of a literary or scientific 
college, academy, or high school, or who have passed the^entrance 
examination to a literary college in good standing ; who have a 
county or State teacher's certificate ; graduates in medicine ; 
previous matriculates of this college ; and students who desire 


to pursue a special course of study — other than for the purpose 
of securing the degree — will be exempt from this examination. 

The examination will include the writing f a brief papei 
on a subject to be given ; and an examination in the elementary 
principles of physics* and mathematics as taught in the public 
schools of the country. The written paper will be a sufficient 
indication of the student's knowledge of orthography and 
grammar, as well as of the subject given. 

Students may take this examination either at the beginning: 
or end of the spring term, or at the beginning of the regular 
winter session. 

Gentlemen are advised, before coming to the College, to 
acquire the documentary evidence of their preliminary educa- 
tion, as indicated above, and thus save themselves the necessity 
of an examination. 

Arrangements will be made for holding this examination 
in parts of the country at a distance from Chicago. 

Students who have completed a full course of study equiva- 
lent to that required for admission to this College, may, by 
special arrangement, be admitted on the certificates of their 

It is important to notice that the diplomas of such schools as 
do not require an examination preliminary to entrance, are not 
accepted as qualifying for practice in Illinois. 


The course of instruction for Practitioners will, as usual, 
occur during the month of April. It will be made up chiefly, 
as heretofore, of practical and clinical work in the College, Dis- 
pensary, Hospital, and Laboratories. 

For details see the Announcement for the Practitioner's 
Course, to be issued by or before Jan. 1st. The Secretary of the 
College will furnish it on application. 

* Or Physics as taught in Fowne's "Chemistry," Steele's "Fourteen Weeks in 
Natural Philosophy," or any other similar text-book. 


The following list of Officers, Professors, and Instructors includes the 
names of all gentlemen who have been connected with Rush Medical Col- 
lege from its organization to the present day. 

The changes in the fees from 1843 to 1884 are also given, as an item 
of interest. 


Allen, J. Adams, m.d., 1871 — still holds the position. 

Bishop, A E., 1876-1881. 

Blaney, James Van Zandt, m.d., 1843-1871. 

Brainard, Daniel, m.d., 1843-1866. 

Butterfield, Hon. Justin, 1843-1857. 

Collins, James H. Esq., 1843-1854. 

Caton, Hon. John D., 1843-1844. 

Dickey, Hon. Hugh T., 1843-1876. 

Evans, John, m.d , 1857-1863. 

Etheridge, James H., m.d , 1876 —still holds the position. 

Freer, Joseph W., m.d., 1863-1877. Treasurer of the Board 1872-1877. 

Freer, Hon. L. C. Payne, 1865 — still holds the position. President of the 

Goodrich, Hon. Grant, 1843 — still holds the position. Secretary of the 
Board, 1843 — still holds the position. 

Gage, John, 1843-1844. 

Gunn, Moses, m.d., 1871— still holds the position. Treasurer of the 
Board, 1877 — still holds the position. 

Holmes, Edward L., m.d., 1871 — still holds the position. 

Hamill, Robert C, m.d., 1876— still holds the position. 

Haines, Hon. John C., 1877 — still holds the position. 

Ingals, Ephraim, m.d , 1863-1873. 

Judd, Hon. Norman B., 1843-1876. 

Kinzie, Hon. John H., 1843-1865. 

Kimberly, E. S., m.d., 1845-1871. 

Lyman, Henry M., m.d., 1871— still holds the position. Assistant Secre- 
tary of 'the Board, 1876— still holds the position. 

Miller, DeLaskie, m.d., 1871— still holds the position. 

Newberry, Walter L. Esq., 1843-1869. 


Ogden, Hon. Wm. B., 1843-1876. President of the Board, 1843-1872. 

Parkes, Charles T., M.D., 1881 — still holds the position. 

Rea, Robert L., m.d , 1871-1875. 

Ross, Joseph P., m.d , 1871 — still holds the position. Vice-President of 

the Board, 1882— still holds the position. 
Rumsey, Hon. Geo. M., 1872-1880. 
Smith, Thos. W. Esq., 1843-1844. 

Skinner, Hon. Mark, 1843-1872. Treasurer of the Board, 1843-1872. 
Snow, George W. Esq., 1843-1871. 
Taylor, E. D. Esq., 1843-1844. 
Whitman, Rev. S. S., 1843-1844. 
Wadsworth, Julius, 1843-1847. 


Daniel Brainard, m.d., 1843-1866. 

James Van Zandt Blaney, a.m., m.d., 1866-1871. 

J. Adams Allen, a.m., ll.d., md., 1877 — still holds the position. 


Adams, Orion J. H., m.d., 

Lecturer on Therapeutics, Spring Course, 1873-1874. 
Adolphus, Philip, M D., 

Lecturer on Obstetrics, Spring Course, 1873. Lecturer on Clin- 
ical Gynaecology, Spring Course, 1875. Clinical Adjunct to 
the Chair of Gynaecology, 1875 — still holds the position. 
Allen, J. Adams, A.M., ll.d., m.d., 

Professor of Theory and Practice of Medicine, 1859 — still 
holds the position. President 1877 — still holds the position. 
Airport, W. W., d.ds., m.d., 

Emeritus Prof essor of Dental Pathology and Surgery, 1883— 
still holds the position. 
Amerman, George K.,m.d., 

Lecturer on Clinical Surgery, Spring Course, 1860. Quiz Mas- 
ter on Surgery, Winter Sessions, 1860-1863. 
Andrews, Edmund, a.m., m.d., 

Demonstrator of Anatomy, 1855-1856. 


Belfield, William Thomas, m.d., 

Assistant to the Chair of Physiology, 1878. Demonstrator 
of Physiology, 1879-1882. Lecturer on Physiology, Spring 
Course, 1882. Lecturer on Physiology and- Pathology, Spring 
Course, 1883. Lecturer ou Surgery Spring Course, 1884. 
Blaney, James Van Zandt, a.m., m.d,, 

Professor of Chemistry and Pharmacy, 1843-1845. Professor 
of Chemistry, 1845-1871. Emeritus Professor of Chemistry, 
1871-1873. Lecturer on Animal Chemistry and Physiology, 
Spring Course, 1847. President 1866-1871. 
Bogue, Roswell G., m.d., 

Professor of Clinical Surgery, 1877-1879. 
Boone, Levi D., m d . 

Curator, 1846-1849. 
Brainard, Daniel, m.d. 

Professor of Anatomy and Surgery, 1843-1846. Professor of 
Surgery, 1846-1866. Lecturer on Surgery, Auscultation and 
Percussion, Spring Course, 1847. President of the Faculty, 
Bridge, Norman, a.m., m.d., 

Lecturer on Theory and Practice of Medicine, Spring Course, 
1873-1882. Professor of Hygiene, and Adjunct Professor of 
the Principles and Practice of Medicine, 1882 — still holds the 
Brinckerhoff, J., m.d., 

Curator, 1846-1849. 
Brophy, Truman William, d.d.s, md., 

Professor of Dental Surgery and Pathology, 1882 — still holds 
the position. 
Brower, Daniel Roberts, M.D., 

Lecturer on Theory and Practice of Medicine, Spring Course, 
1883 — still holds the position. 
Byford, Wm. Heath, a.m., m.d., 

Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Chil- 
dren, 1857-1859. Lecturer on Gynaecology and Diseases of Chil- 
dren, Spring Course, 1859. Professor of Gynaecology, 1879 — 
still holds the position. 
Carr, E. S., m.d , 

Acting Professor of Chemistry and Pharmacy, 1863-1865. 
Carr, L. W., m.d., 

Assistant to the Professor of Chemistry, 1871-1872. 
Case, Lafayette Wallace, m.d., 

Lecturer on Chemistry, Spring Course, 1875-1876. Lecturer 
on Dermatology and Syphilis, Spring Course, 1877-1881. Lectur- 
er on Dermatology, Spring Course, 1882— still holds the position. 


Chesbrough, H. F., m.d. 

Lecturer on Clinical Medicine, Spring Course, 1868-1871. 
Clark, D. G., m.d., 

Curator, 1846-1849. 
Cotton, Alfred Cleveland, M.D., 

Demonstrator of Materia Medica, Spring Course, 1881-1882. 
Lecturer on Therapeutics, Spring Course, 1883 — still holds the 
Danforth, Isaac Newton, a.m., m.d., 

Instructor in Chemistry, Spring Course, 1868. Instructor in 
Toxicology and Medical Jurisprudence, Spring Course, 1869. 
Lecturer on General Pathology, Spring Course, 1870-1881. Cur- 
ator of the Museum, 1873. Professor of Pathological Histology 
and Lecturer on Renal Diseases, 1881-1882. 
Davis, Edward Parker, a.b , m.d., 

Demonstrator of Physiology, and Prosector to the Chair of 
Surgery, 1883. Lecturer on Physiology and Histology, Spring 
Course 1884— still holds the position. 
Davis, Nathan S„ m.d., 

Professor of Physiology and Pathology, 1849-1850. Professor 
of Pathology and Clinical Medicine, 1850-1851. Professor of 
Theory and Practice of Medicine, 1851-1859. Lecturer on Clin- 
ical Medicine, Spring Course, 1859. 
Dyer, C. V., m.d , 

Curator, 1846-1849. 
Etheridge, James Henry, a.m., m.d., 

Lecturer on Materia Medica and Therapeutics, Spring Course, 
1869-1870. Lecturer on Theory and Practice of Medicine, Spring 
Course, 1871-1872. Lecturer on Obstetrics, Spring Course, 1874. 
Lecturer on Gynaecology, Spring Course, 1879, 1882, 1883. 
Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics, and Medical 
Jurisprudence, 1871 — still holds the position. Assistant Secre- 
tary, 1872-1877. Secretary, 1877— still holds the position. 
Evans, John, m.d.. 

Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Chil- 
dren, 1845-1857. 
Everett, Oliver, m.d., 

Curator, 1846-1849. 
Fenger, Christian, M D ,' 

Lecturer on Pathological Anatomy, 1879. 
Fenn, Curtis Treat, M D. . 

Lecturer on Obstetrics, Spring Course, 1868-1874. 
Fitch, G. N., m.d., 

Prefessor of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children, 
1844-1845. Professor of Theory and Practice of Medicine, 1845- 


Fitch, Thomas Davis, m.d., 

Professor of Clinical Obstetrics and Gynaecology, 1877-1879. 
Flint, Austin, m.d., 

Professor of Theory and Practice of Medicine, 1844-1845. 
Freer, Joseph Warren, m.d., 

Demonstrator of Anatomy, 1850-1855. Professor of Anat- 
omy, 1855-1859. Professor of Microscopical Anatomy and Sur- 
gical Anatomy, 1859-1860. Professor of Military Surgery and 
Surgical Anatomy, 1860-1 861. Prof essor of Physiology and Sur- 
gical Pathology, 1861-1864. Professor of Physiology and His- 
tology, 1864-1877. Lecturer on Anatomy, Spring Course, 1859. 
President of the Faculty, 1871-1877. 
Goodhue, J. C, m.d , 

Curator, 1846-1847. 
Graham, David Wilson, a.m.' m.d., 

Assistant in Clinical Surgery, 1878-1883. 
Gunn, Moses, a.m , ll.d., m.d., 

Professor of the Principles and Practice of Surgery and Clin- 
ical Surgery, 1866 — still holds the position. 
Haines, Walter S., a.m., m.d., 

Professor of Chemistry and Toxicology, 1876— still holds the 
Harroun, William S., m.d., 

Assistant to the Chair of Clinical Medicine, 1877-1882. 
Haskill, Geo., m.d., 

Curator, 1846-1849. 
Hay, Walter, m.d., 

Lecturer on Diseases of the Brain and Nervous System. 
Spring Course, 1873-1876. 
Hayes, Plymmon Sandford, m.d., 

Lecturer on Chemical Physics, Spring Course, 1873-1877. 
Herrick, J B., m.d., 

Demonstrator of Anatomy, 1846-1850. 
Herrick, Wm. B.. m.d., 

Lecturer on Anatomy, 1844-1845. Professor of Anatomy, 
1845-1855. Professor of Physiology and Histology, 1855-1857. 
Hollister, John H., MD., 

Demonstrator of Anatomy, 1856-1857. 
Holmes, Edward Lorenzo, m.d., 

Lecturer on Ophthalmology. Spring Course, 1859-1863. Lec- 
turer on Ophthalmology and Otology, Winter Course 1863-1869. 
Professor of Ophthalmology and Otology, 1869— still holds the 


Holmes, Samuel Judd, M.D., 

Lecturer on Morbid Anatomy, Spring Course, 1883. Lecturer 
on Pathological Anatomy and Pathological Histology, Spring 
Course, 1884 — still holds the position. 
Hooper, Henry H., M.D., 

Assistant Demonstrator of Anatomy, 1877. 
Hudson, A. S., m.d., 

Professor of Physiology and Histology, 1859-1861. 
Hulett, George, m.d , 

Curator, 1846-1849. 

Hunt, William Carlton, m.d., 

Lecturer on Genito-ITrinary Organs, Spring Course, 1860-1863. 
Demonstrator of Histology and Instructor in the use of the 
Microscope, 1861-1868. 
Hyde, James Nevins, a.m., m.d., 

Lecturer on Syphilis and Dermatology. Spring Course, 1873- 
1876. Lecturer on Dermatology and Syphilis, Winter Session, 
1878-1879. Professor of Skin and Venereal Diseases, 1879— 
still holds the position. 
Ingals, Ephraim, m.d., 

Professor of Materia Medica and Medical Jurisprudence, 
Ingals, E. Fletcher, a.m., m.d., 

Assistant to the Professor of Materia Medica, 1872-1873. Lec- 
turer on Diseases of the Chest and Physical Diagnosis, Spring 
Course, 1874-1883. Professor of Laryngology, 1883— still holds 
the position. 
Jackson, Abraham Reeves, a.m.. m.d., 

Lecturer on Gynaecology and Diseases of Children, Spiing 
Course, 1873-1879. 
Johnson, Hosmer A., a.m., m.d., 

Professor of Materia Medica and Medical Jurisprudence, 
1855-1857. Professor of Physiology and Histology, 1857-1859. 
Jones, H. Webster, a.m., m.d. , 

Lecturer on Obstetrics, Spring Course, 1860. 
Kimberly, E.S., m.d., 

Curator, 1846-1849. 

Knox, J. Suydam, a.m., m.d. , 

Lecturer on Materia Medica, Spring Course, 1876-1881. Ad- 
junct Professor of Diseases of Children and Lecturer on Thera- 
peutics, Spring Course, 1882. Adjunct Professor of Diseases 
of Children and Lecturer on Obstetrics, Spring Course, 1883 — 
still holds the position. 


Lackey, Robert M., m.d , 

Demonstrator of Anatomy, 1866-1867. 
Lewitt, William, m.d., 

Demonstrator of Anatomy, 1866-1868. 
Little, "William, m.d., 

Curator of the Museum and Prosector to the Chair of Surgery, 
Lyman, Henry Munson, a.m., m.d., 

Quiz Master, Winter Session, 1865-1866. Lecturer on Physi- 
ology, Spring Course, 1866-1869. Professor of Chemistry and 
Pharmacy, 1871-1877. Professor of Physiology and Diseases of 
the Nervous System, 1877 — still holds the position. 
Lyman, William C, m.d , 

Lecturer on Diseases of Chest and Surgery, Spring Course, 
Lynn, I. P., m.d., 

Demonstrator of Anatomy, 1863-1866. 
Marsh, W. R., m.d., 

Lecturer on the Principles and Practice of Medicine. Spring 
Course 1868-1870. 
McArthur, Lewis Linn, M.D., 

Demonstrator of Chemistry, 1880. 
McLean, Johu, m.d., 

Professor of Theory and Practice of Medicine, 1843-1844. 
Professor of Materia Medica and Medical Jurisprudence, 1844- 
Mariner, Gr. A , m.d., 

Lecturer on Chemistry, Spring Course, 1860. 
Maxwell, P., m.d , 

Curator, 1846-1849. 
Mercer, Frederick W., m.d., 

Lecturer on Insauity, Spring Course, 1883. 
Merriman, Henry P., a.m.,m d., 

Lecturer on Gynaecology, Spring Course, 1884— still holds the 
Miller, DeLaskie, m.d., PH.D., 

Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Chil- 
dren, 1859-1879. Professor of Obstetrics aod Diseases of Chil- 
dren, 1879 — still holds the position. 
Molony, R. S., m.d., 

Prosector to the Chair of Surgery, 1856-1857. 
Morgan, William Harrison, m.d., 

Clinical Assistant to the Chair of Diseases of Children, 1882 — 
still holds the position. 


Morse, D. A., m.d., 

Lecturer on Legal Medicine unci Insanity, ISK) is; | . 
Murdock, Ezekiel P., A.M., M.D., 

Curator of the Museum, 1880-1882. 
Nelson, Daniel Thurber, a.m., m.d., 

Clinical Adjunct to the Chair of Gynaecology, 1880. Adjunct 
Professor of Gynaecology, 1881 — still holds the position. 
Oliver, Oliver Cromwell, m.d., 

Curator of the Museum and Director of the Histological 
Laboratory, 1877-1880. 
Owens, John Edwin, m.d., 

Lecturer on the Surgical Diseases of the Urinary Organs, 
1867-1871. Lecturer of Surgery, Spring Course. 1871-1882. 
Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, 1879-1882. 
Park, Roswell, a.m., m.d., 

Lecturer on Surgery, Spring Course, 1883. 
Parkes, Charles Theodore, m.d-, 

Demonstrator of Anatomy, 1868-1875. Lecturer on Clinica- 
Medicine, Spring Course, 1868. Lecturer on Anatomy, Spring 
Course, 1868-1875. Professor of Anatomy, 1875— still holds the 
Powell, Edwin, a.m., m.d., 

Demonstrator of Anatomy, 1858-1863. Professor of Military 
Surgery and Surgical Anatomy, 1863-1877. Lecturer on Sur- 
gical Anatomy, Spring Course, 1860. 
Rauch, John H., 

Professor Materia Medica and Medical Jurisprudence, 1857- 
1859. Lecturer on Physiology and Botany, Spring Course, 1859. 
Rea, R. L., m.d., 

Professor of Anatomy, 1859-1875. 
Robison, John A., am, m.d., 

Assistant to the Chair of Hinical Medicine, 1881. Demon- 
strator of Materia Medica, Spring Course, 1882-1883. Lecturer 
on Materia Medica, 1883 — still holds the position. 
Roler, Edward O. F., a.m., m.d.. 

Lecturer on Gynaecology and Diseases of Children, Spring 
Course, 1860. Assistant Demonstrator of Anatomy, 1860-1861 . 
Lecturer on Anatomy, Spring Course, 1861. 
Ross, Joseph Presley, a.m., m.d., 

Lecturer on Clinical Medicine, Spring Course, 1860. Lecturer 
on Clinical Medicine,18ti2-1864. Professor of Clinical Medicine 
and Diseases of the Chest, 1868 — st 11 holds the position. 
Salisbury, Jerome Henry, A.M., m.d., 

Demonstrator of Chemistry, 1879. 


Sawyer, Edward Warren, a.m., md, 

Lecturer on Obstetrics, SpringCourse, 1875-1883. 
Shaw, Thomas Jefferson, m d , 

Assistant Demonstrator of Anatomy, 1882 — still holds the 
position. Clinical Assistsnt to the Chair of Gynaecology, 1884 
— still holds the positien. 
Sherman, Frederick Emerson, M.D , 

Assistant Demonstrator of Anatomy, 1878— still holds the 

Sp< ncer, Thomas*, m d , 

Professor of Theory and Practice of Medicine, 1849-1850. 
Emeritus Professor of Theory and Practice of Medicine, 1850- 


Strong, Albert Bliss, am., m.d., 

Lecturer on Therapeutics, Spring Course, 1875. Demonstrator 
of Anatomy, 1875, 1874— still holds the position. Lecturer on 
Anatomy, Spring Course, 1876 — still holds the position. Assist- 
ant to the Chair of Clinical Surgery, 1879 — still holds the 

Sutton, R. Stansbury, m.a., m.d., 

Lecturer on Gynaecology, Spring Course, 1880-1881. 

Talbott, Eugene Solomon, d.d.s., m.d., 

Lecturer on Dental Anatomy and Physiology, Spring Course, 
1883 — still holds the position. 

Taylor, William Henry, a.b., m.d., 

Demonstrator of Chemistry, 1881-1884. 

Thayer, S. B., m.d , 

Curator, 1846-1849. 

Venn, Charles Henry, m.d., 

Assistant Demonstrator of Anatomy, 1877-1880. 

Wads worth, Francis Libby, m.d., 

Lecturer on Physiology and Histology, Spring Course, 1870- 
1880. Adjunct Professor of Physiology, 1880-1881. 

Wescott, Cassius Douglas, m.d., 

Demonstrator of Chemistry, 1883-1884. 

Whitney, Eugene Walter, a.m., m.d., 

Assistant Demonstrator of Anatomy, 1878-1882. Demon- 
strator of Surgery, Spring Course, 1882-1883. Lecturer on 
Surgery, Spring Course, 1884 — still holds the position, 



Nelson, Andrew, 1843-1848. 

Ell6ckson, N., 1848-1853. 

Anderson, Hans, 1853-1859. 

Keil, Charles, 1859-1872. 

Payne, Frank Howard, 1872-1873. 

Scott, Charles, 1873-1875. 

Tillotson, George King, 1875-1876. 

Gould, Frank Jordan, 1876 — still holds the position. 

FEES — Changes in— Since the Organization of 
the College. 

(Extracts made from the different announcements wherein changes from 
existing fees were made.) 


Anatomy and Surgery $20 Obstetrics and Diseases of Wo- 

Chemistry and Materia Medica 20 men and Children $10 

Theory and Practice of Medi- Dissecting Ticket 5 

cine 10 Graduation Fee 20 


Anatomy $10 Matriculation $5 

Surgery 10 Dissecting Ticket 5 

Institutes and Practice of Med- This is optional with the student 

m to take or decline, but it is 

lcine 10 ' 

Obstetrics, Etc 10 

strongly recommended that 

each student practice dissec- 
Chemistry and Pharmacy 10 Uon at least once during hig 

Materia Medica and Therapeu- course of studies. (!!) 

tics 10 Graduation Fee 20 


Tickets of each Professor $10 

Matriculation Fee 5 

Fee for the entire Course 65 

Dissecting Ticket 5 

Hospital Ticket, (both of which are optional) 5 

Graduation Fee 20 

A credit of one year will be given on Professors' Tickets if secured by 
endorsed notes. 


Ticket of Physiology and Pathology $ 5 

Ticket of each other branch 10 

Ticket of Matriculation 5— $70 

Dissecting Ticket 5 

Hospital Ticket 5 

Graduation Fee 20 

A credit of twelve months will be given for half the Professors' Tickets 
only, if securad by a joint note, bearing interest. 

FEES. 21> 


Tickets of seven chairs, each $10 $ 70 

Matriculation, (paid once only) 5 

Dissecting Ticket 5 

Graduation Fee 20 

A twelve-month credit given on a secured note hearing interest. A re 
(taction of one dollar on each ticket will be made to those who pay in 


Tickets of seven chairs, each $5 $35 

Dissecting Ticket 5 

Graduation Fee 20 

The Matriculation Ticket and the tickets for Clinical and Hospital In- 
struction are free. 


Fees for the full College Course $35 

Dissecting Ticket 5 

Graduation Fee 20 

Hospital Ticket 5— $65 

The Hospital Fee is regulated by the Trustees of that institution. 


Fees for the full College Course $25 

Dissecting Ticket 5 

Graduation Fee 20 

Hospital Ticket 6— $5G 

Matriculation Ticket free. 

The twenty-five dollars for admission to the College Course must be paid 
invariably in advance by all except those who have previously attended two 
full courses of lectures in this institution. 


Lecture Fees $5 per Ticket $35 

Dissecting Ticket 5 

Hospital Ticket 6 

Admission to the Marine Hospital 5 

Graduation Fee 20 

The lecture fees must be paid in advance by all except those who have 
previously attended two full courses of lectures, one of which has been in 
this institution. 



Lecture Fees $5 each ... $40 

Dissecting and Hospital Tickets each $5 10 

Matriculation Fee . 5 

Graduation Fee 20 

1867. 1870. 

Lecture Fees for the Course. . . $50 Lecture Fees for the Course. . . $55 

Matriculation, Dissecting and Matriculation, Dissecting and 

Hospital Tickets each $5 15 Hospital Fees each $5 15 

Graduation Fee 25 Graduation Fee 25 

$90 $95 


Lecture Fee for the Course including Matriculation Fee $65 

Admission to the Dissecting Room, (materiel free) tickets to 

he issued to holders of the general ticket only 10 

Fee for Practical Chemistry 5 

Graduation Fee 25— $105 

From Alumni of other respectable medical colleges the matriculation fee 
and one-half lecture fee will be required. 


Matriculation Fee $ 5 

Lecture Fees for the Course 75 

Admission to the Dissection Room (materiel free) 5 

Fee for Practical Chemistry (chemicals used at cost price) 5 

Graduation Fee 30— $120 


Matriculation Fee $ 5 

Lecture Fees for the Course 75 

Admission to the Dissecting Room till the following March, 

(materiel at cost price) 5 

Practical Chemistry, (chemicals at cost price) 5 

Examination for Degree, (fee not returnable) 30 — $120 

There is no graduation fee. 

Tickets for Cook County Hospital and for the Eye and Ear Infirmary — 
good for one year — each $5. 

gfcatvicnXaics of 1883-84. 


Abrams, Daniel Orville, m.d Practitioner Illinois. 

Acker, Calvin S J. B. Snyder Illinois. 

Albright, Robert Samuel J. B. Snyder Illinois. 

Aley, Hector Sinclare Practitioner Nebraska. 

Allen, Abram Orlenzer J. B. Whiting Wisconsin. 

Allen, Arthur West J. B. Whiting Wisconsin. 

Anderson, Allen B., M D Practitioner Nebraska. 

Anderson, Elmer Ellsworth Thos. Barnett Kansas. 

Anderson, John Victor P. S. McArthur Wisconsin. 

Anthony, Henry Giles Faculty Illinois. 

Arbuckle, Alphonso Tafft W. H. Tenbrook Illinois. 

Atkinson, Foster Lincoln Faculty Illinois. 

Avery, Milo G. O. Morgridge Iowa. 

Bacon, Russell Stewart A. H. Steene Minnesota. 

Bailey, Edward, a.m . ..A. Sharpless. ... Oregon. 

Bancroft, Henry Valentine Faculty Wisconsin. 

Barnett, George Gilbert . H L. Barnes Wisconsin. 

Bartells, Henry William Frank Faculty Illinois. 

Bartlett, Florian Orange E. Garrett Iowa. 

Battin, William Henry, M.D Practitioner Iowa. 

Beabers, Seth Douglas Faculty Indiana. 

Bean, Daniel Hurd F. H. Lord Illinois. 

Beatty, Theodore Bruce Faculty Illinois. 

Bendle, Joseph Henry Wm. Twigg. Illinois. 

Bentley, Fred M. W. Mullowney . . . .Wisconsin. 

Billingsley, James Strong Faculty Iowa. 

Bishop, Calvin S., M.D Practitioner Illinois. 

Blair, John M „ . . . .Faculty . Illinois 

Blakesley, George Arthur '. J. M. Evans Wisconsin. 

Blank, Henry H. A. Albers Wisconsin 

Bliss, Edwin Clarence, A.B . . A B. Strong Iowa. 

Bloomheld, Robert Goodman J. H. Eskridge Illinois. 

Boas, Edmund Aaron J. G. Kiernan Illinois. 

Bogue, Charles Virgil. Practitioner Illinois. 

Bolles, David William Pratt & Clark Minnesota. 

Bolles, Edgar, m.d. Practitioner Illinois. 

Bond, Joseph Franklin J. Bond Illinois. 

Booth, Frank Hulburt Faculty Illinois. 

Borden, William H., M.D Practitioner Wisconsin. 

Borrmann, Mews William Christian Faculty Illinois. 

Bowen, Maurice M Faculty Indiana. 

Bower, W 7 illiam Clinton Faculty Colorado. 

Bowles, Thomas Jefferson, M.D Practitioner Indiana. 

Bradley, James Bray Amos Knight . . . . Michigan. 

Bricker, Boyd Nelson A. S. Sensenich Indiana. 

Brink, Milber Sanson & Coats Iowa 

Brittin, Albert Leslie J. B. Sprague Illinois. 

Bronson, George Washington, m.d Practitioner Illinois. 



Broughton, Frank, m.a N. Teal Indiana. 

Buland, George Leonard Faculty Illinois. 

Bullard, Ernest Luther, m.d Practitioner Wisconsin. 

Bunker, William Burton. L C. Bunker Indiana. 

Burket, Calvin Wilson, M.D. . Practitioner .Illinois. 

Burton, William Moffatt, m.d ... Practitioner. Iowa. 

Butter-field, Everett Henry. R M Mc Arthur Illinois. 

Byall, Howard Malcolm.. T. F. Wood Indiana. 

Cain, John William, m.d Practitioner Iowa. 

Campbell, William Scott J. F. Simison Indiana. 

Canright, Orlo Solomon J. B. Bacon Wisconsin. 

Capwell, Daniel Howard Faculty Iowa. 

Cargen, William J. B. Cargen Wisconsin. 

Carr, Frank Langworthy B F. Crummer Illinois. 

Carson, Clayton Wilfred E. S. Talbott Illinois. 

Cessna, Charles Edgar .John O'Farrell Illinois. 

Chandler, Ralph Marks & Ladd Wisconsin. 

Chapin, Staley Nichols J. B. Chaffee Illinois. 

Chase, Henry A., M D . Practitioner Wisconsin. 

Chenoweth, Charlie Bartlette Meredith & Fellows . . . .Iowa. 

Churchill, Charles Hiram H. G. Ristine Iowa. 

Clark, Charles Ernest S. W. Clark Iowa. 

Clark, Charles Leslie E. E. Loomis , . . .Wisconsin. 

Clark, Eugene Sylvester F. H. Woodhead Minnesota. 

Clark, James Thomas .Faculty Michigan. 

Clark, Leman Gibbs L. J. Adair Iowa. 

Clark, Walter Almon Faculty Massachusetts,. 

Clarke, James Newton L. H. Wetherby Missouri. 

Clifton, Arthur Leopold A C. Cotton Illinois 

Cochran, Charles John Cochran Nebraska. 

Cook, George Manfred ...Flemming & Moore. . .Wisconsin. 

Coombs, Malachi Richardson G. Dallis Lind Indiana. 

Coomes, Asa D. L. Woods Illinois. 

Colby, Benjamin Dorr F. E. Coulton . . .... Nebraska. 

Coleman, James Edmund T. F. Barnard Illinois. 

Coleman, Joseph Furniss. J. M. Mathis Indiana. 

Coller, Granville James, m.d Practitioner Dakota. 

Colton, William Walter Faculty Illinois. 

Comstock, Payne J. Comstock Illinois. 

Conley, Thomas Joseph H. J. Wall Wisconsin.. 

Conyers, Benjamin Lafayette, m.d Practitioner) Mexico. 

Crafton, Frank Everette J. N. Dixon Illinois. 

Crampton, Charles Albert ...J. B. Davison. Illinois. 

Crosswhite, James Henry J. F. Keith Missouri. 

Cullimore, Grant Faculty Illinois. 

^Daniels, Sylvester M F. E. Wadhams Illinois. 

Darrow, Daniel Cady E. M. Darrow Dakota. 

Davies, William John Crabbs & Smith Nebraska. 

Davis, Joseph Jobe .R. W. Jones-. Wisconsin.. 

Davisson, William Thomas J. X. Willis-. . ..Illinois. 

Daugherty, William Watson, M.D Practitioner Missouri 

Day, Willis W . . ..H. L. Day Wisconsim. 

De Bey, Albert Faculty Illinois. 

De Bey, Gerhardus Bernardus.. J. P. Ross Illinois. 

Deacon, George .G. P. Carpenter Iowa. 

* Deceased. 


NAME, preceptor. state. 

Deegan, William J. G. Berry Illinois. 

Dewey, Alvin Piatt B. H. Bean. Illinois. 

Dewey, Frank Jones Faculty Kansas. 

Dinsmore, Frank Solyman Z. P. Hanson Illinois. 

Dodds, William Ezekiel W. R. Nugent Iowa. 

Donaldson, Earl Serena H. C. Donaldson Illinois. 

Dooley, Rufus Lerton J J. Goldsberry Indiana. 

Downer Charles Lodwick W. A. Hawley Iowa. 

Dryer, Dwight Welcome D. A. Walden Nebraska. 

Dunn, Eli Hamlin W. D. Craig Illinois. 

Dunn, Frederick Harvey Dunn Illinois. 

Dwinnell, George W E. H. Irwin Wisconsin. 

Egbert, James King S. L Kilmer Indiana. 

Ellis, William Henry, M.D Practitioner Wisconsin. 

Esch, Sam. Henry W. H. Taylor Illinois. 

Esky, Frank Watson J. V. Harris Illinois. 

Emanuel, Gerry Eldridge Emanuel & Wheelock. . .Indiana. 

Evans, Charles Willis J. P. Ross Illinois. 

Ewing, William Brown J. B. Donaldson Pennsylvania. 

Farley, Isaac Perry ... J. P. Ross Illinois. 

Farley, William Kendoll B. F. Farley Illinois. 

Feller, Charles Edward Edwin Snyder Minnesota. 

Fiegenbaum, Julius Henry E. W. Fiegenbaum Illinois. 

Fisher, Edgar A Practititioner Minnesota. 

Fisher, George Gwyn Faculty Indiana. 

Fitch, Walter May CM. Fitch Illinois. 

Fleming, Charles Edwin Faculty Illinois. 

Freeman, Arthur Bigelow Faculty Illinois. 

Freer, Paul Caspar O. T. Freer Illinois. 

Gaines, Edward H. A. Chase Wisconsin. 

Geer, George Henry Faculty Minnesota. 

Gilchrist, William Thomas M. W. Nesmith Iowa. 

Giljohan, Emil F. E. Sherman Illinois. 

Gill, Charles Albert C. Gapen Wisconsin. 

Gill, Joseph Francis Faculty Wisconsin. 

Gill, William Wesley, M.D Practitioner . . '. Wisconsin. 

Gobar, Frank Joseph. ... Hutchinson & Rounds. . .Wisconsin. 

Goodale, Charles W., M.D, Practitioner Indiana. 

Graves, Arthur Edgar J C. Cain Indiana. 

Gray, Francis C, M.D Practitioner Illinois. 

Green, John B., M.D. ... Practitioner. Illinois. 

*Grubb, William Edward C. A. Rood Wisconsin . 

Gunn, Thomas Nicholas H. M. Conkhite U. S. A. 

Hall, Thomas Henry, E. F. Corgan Illinois. 

Hamil, Charles S. T. Hurst Illinois. 

Hamilton, William Wilson B. R, Hamilton Illinois. 

Hammond, Jabez Dean C. H. Hammond Illinois. 

^Hammond, Walter Ensign Faculty Illinois. 

Haner, True DeLos Wm. Boys Iowa. 

Hanscom, Walter Clarence H. H. Kimball Minnesota. 

Hanson, Wilber Fisk T. R. Woodard Minnesota. 

Hardy, Samuel Nelson G. H. Littlefield Nebraska. 

Harris, John Wesley John Burton Missouri. 

Hartmann, Frederick Steele Faculty Illinois. 

Hawk, William Calvin, M.D Practitioner Illinois. 




Hawkins, Robert . . . .G. C. Sampson Kansas. 

Hawley, Burdett Sydney CM. Fitch Illinois. 

Hawley, Clark Wilder.' CM. Fitch Illinois. 

Hatterman, Charles Frederick, PH G Faculty Illinois. 

Hayman, William Henry J. H. Flecker Illinois. 

Head, Gustavus P R. M. Wilson Illinois. 

Head, Louis Rollin, A.B C R. Head Wisconsin. 

Hendrix, Mathew Quitman, A.M Faculty S. Carolina. 

Henry, Charles Wilber . H. L. Pratt Illinois. 

Henry, Charles Willis J. K. Wagner Iowa. 

Hensley, Horman Justice J. M. Hensley .Illinois. 

Higgins, Arthur Eugene , G. M. Fox Illinois. 

Hitchings, Joseph Josiah Faculty .Illinois. 

Hoag, Edward John W S. Caldwell Illinois. 

Hoftoe, Ole Tolefson Faculty Wisconsin 

Holland, Edward Alexander M. Hurst Iowa 

Holt, John Franklin T. J. Whitten Pennsylvania. 

Hood, William Henry, B.S F. D Marshall. . . Illinois. 

Hooker, Charles Ira E. G. Bennett Wisconsin. 

Hoover, Edwin Kuhn H. S. Hard Illinois. 

Hopkins, Hiram Myron Hopkins Illinois. 

Horel, Frank R . . W. W. Potter. Wisconsin. 

Horn, Joseph Evans, m.d Practitioner Ohio. 

Howland, Edward Demont . . R M. Mc Arthur . . . Illinois 

Howland, Benton M M. A. McNaughton. . . .Iowa. 

Hulbert, Frank David C A. Rood Wisconsin. 

Hull, Madison Darwin, M.p . . Practitioner Illinois. 

Hull Solomon L A Hawkins Colorado. 

Hunt, George Cuyler W. C. Hunt Illinois. 

Hutchins, William I. L. Cutler Illinois. 

Hutton, Ernest Le Roy Faculty . Illinois. 

Ide, Spencer S. J. Coyne Wisconsin. 

Inglis, George Faculty Iowa. 

Jamison, Jesse Mitchell, Jr J. H. W'allace Illinois. 

Jones, Edgar Hazlewood S. H. Sawyers Iowa. 

Jones, Fred Aeller J. R. Ripley Wisconsin. 

Juell, Nils Roth Heyerdahl W. F. Nichols Norway. 

Jurss, George Joachim ..Faculty .Wisconsin. 

Karn, Jacob W. T. Parke Ontario. 

Kauffman, Adam Emory J. S. Kauffman Illinois. 

Keener, William Noah . .J. L. Shipley Missouri. 

Kemp, Jesse Abraham, B.S Cox & Adams Indiana. 

Kemp, Nerens Cooke N. M. Wilson . Iowa. 

Kennedy, William, Jr William Kennedy Illinois. 

Kennicott, Guy William Justin Hays Illinois. 

Kent, Thaddeus Burritt Practitioner Iowa. 

Kerlin, William W., M.D Practitioner Illinois. 

Keyes, Edward Danforth ..F. Staples Minnnesota. 

Kleiser, Arthur John A. T. & W. W. Steele . . Indiana. 

Knight, Henry Lombart Faculty Iowa. 

Kinnaman, Chauncey Howard. W. W. Grant Iowa. 

Kitto, Robert Andrew Faculty Michigan. 

Kopp, Edward G. P. Cunningham Illinois. 

Kossell, Claus Ferdinand Peterson C W. Johnson Illinois. 

Kratzsch, Arno Weigand H. A. Albers Wisconsin. 

Krebs, Lines Practitioner Wisconsin. 

Krumme, Simon Alexander Faculty Wisconsin. 



La Due, Burdet Elmerin. A. C. Smith Illinois. 

Lakin, Aldin Marion. ... T. J. Shreves Iowa. 

Lange, Theodore George Faculty Illinois. 

Latla, Samuel Eikenbary W. S. Latta Nebraska. 

Leahy, John Faculty Illinois. 

Leason, Park Benjamin J. L Shepard Wisconsin. 

Leigh, Ebberley, J . . . . J. Leigh Kansas. 

Lewis, William Francis C. A. Rockwood Missouri. 

Littlefield, Samuel Milton W. A. Quigley Iowa. 

Looney, John Tullis. ... W. A. Looney Illinois. 

Lovins, Samuel H Faculty Illinois. 

Lontzenhiser, Lot Alonzo Oscar Lesure Illinois. 

Lowell, Inmon S , M.d. Practitioner Illinois. 

Lucke, Robert, Sidney E . F. Mayhem Wisconsin. 

Lufkin, Hairy Macurdy G. R. Woolsey . . Illinois. 

Lusk, Charles Francis Buckner & Wackerle.. . Illinois. 

L-ydston, James Allen, Ph. G J. F. Lydston Illinois. 

Lyford, William Haines, M.D Practitioner Illinois. 

Lynch, Patrick Henry Sullivan W. H. Earles Wisconsin. 

Lynde, A Blanchard, m.d . . Practitioner Wisconsin. 

Lyon, Thomas Brownell E. F. Cleveland Illinois. 

Lytle, James Reed Thos. McMullen. . .' . . Pennsylvania. 

MacNamara, John G Practitioner ... Wisconsin. 

Mammen, Ernest Faculty Illinois. 

Manson, Dwight J. K. Blank Iowa. 

Marcussohn, William Berrenger Faculty Illinois. 

Marion, George Louis Faculty Illinois. 

Marshall, Edward Richard, M.D. Practitioner Minnesota. 

Martin, Ancil Evelin, ]r L. J. Adair Iowa. 

Martin, John Vannius " LB. Martin Illinois. 

Mathews, David W ; S. Taylor Illinois. 

Mathis, Elbert Nelson J. F. Dicus Illinois. 

Mathis, Eugene J. F. Dicus Illinois. 

McArthur, Dan Seymour P. S Mc Arthur. . . . . .Wisconsin. 

McCabe, Michael Frank T. F. Mayham Wisconsin. 

McClelland, Silas Edward J. Brown Illinois. 

McClintock, William Alexander W. C. Carver Illinois. 

McCreight, Samuel Luther S. R. Seawright Indiana. 

McClure, Lester John Faculty Ohio. 

McCutcheon, William Robert Bothwell Bros Colorado. 

McDill, John Rich Win. Fox Wisconsin. 

McGinley, James Benjamin Faculty Illinois. 

McGuire, Clarence Alonzo J H. Mannon Illinois. 

McKean, Alexander am. Practitioner Iowa. 

McKitterick, Nat. M., m.d Practitioner Iowa. 

McLachlan, Charles, M.D Practitioner Michigan. 

McPhail, Morris Faculty Wisconsin. 

McTaggert, Thomas Alexander W C. Johnson Illinois. 

McWharf, J. Morton, m.d ... ... .Practitioner New York. 

Mease, Dupuytren Chauliac Lusardi B. T. Buckley Illinois. 

Meredith, Jesse Thomas, M.D Practitioner Illinois. 

Median, Martin Grace J.'T. Gregory Connecticut. 

Meengs, Dick R R .B. Best- Michigan. 

Mellish, Ernest Johnson C. A. Bucher Illinois. 

Melvin, Ransom Dunn Ci. E. Dusenberry Wisconsin. 

Merryman, George F. D. Rathbun Illinois. 

Mighell. Norman Edward . .G. M. Macklin Illinois. 



Miller, Benjamin Canon A. E. Miller Illinois. 

Miller, James Theodore G. D. Lynd Illinois. 

Miller, James Weston S. Hall Wisconsin. 

Miller, John Knox, m.d Practitioner Illinois. 

Miller, William Markle R. F. Dyer Illinois. 

Milnes, George Stott Taylor & Seeger Illinois 

Minaghan, Robert E W. P. McGovern Wisconsin. 

Monroe, Wilbert Henry Faculty Illinois. 

Moore, Landon Clay James Cozad Illinois. 

Montrose, John William Faculty Illinois. 

Moran, Dennis M C. Moran Wisconsin. 

Morris, Ewing Van Darian Webster & Kilgore Illinois. 

Morton, Fred Howard A. Hawkins Colorado. 

Moss, Thomas Henderson Practitioner Missouri. 

Mueller, Otto Truman Miller Ohio. 

Murfin, Warren Wesley J. W. Murfin Illinois. 

Murphy, James Harrison L. A. Golden Kansas. 

Murray, Cornelius Halpin Faculty Illinois. 

Nelson, William Deaderick, Jr .W. D. Nelson Illinois. 

Nesbitt, William Henry Faculty Indiana. 

Newnam, Harmer Marcelon John Dancer Indiana. 

Niblack, James Wesley Practitioner Illinois. 

Nichols, George Bradford A. H Foster Illinois. 

Noble, Joseph Boardman, B.s Faculty New York. 

Novak, Frank Joseph F. J. Mashek Illinois. 

Norton, Garrett Amos O. L Pelton Illinois. 

Nuzum, Thomas W. A. Gott Wisconsin. 

O'Brien, James Smith, b.s Wm. Cody Wisconsin. 

O'Farrell, Robert Lackey Faculty Illinois. 

Olson, John Even W. H. Young Wisconsin. 

Olson, Ole Hansteen : N. T. Quailes Illinois. 

Orr, Smith, m.d Practitioner Illinois. 

Oviatt, Albert Earle J. Nevins Hyde Illinois. 

Oughton, Charles Martin Faculty Illinois. 

Palmer, Albert E Faculty .Illinois. 

Palmer, Philip Coffman D. L. Woods Illinois. 

Parker, William Edward D. W. Day Wisconsin. 

Parkinson, William Brigham Practitioner Utah. 

Patterson, William Turner Faculty Illinois. 

Paul, Edward William, B.s J. B. Paul Illinois. 

Peabody, Horace Albert Faculty Minnesota. 

Pearman, James Ora, b.s J. T. Pearman Illinois. 

Peirce, Arthur Clarence T. A. Haley Massachusetts. 

Penny, Lincoln Egbert W. S. Briggs Minnesota. 

Perkins, Charles Forrest G. B. Little Iowa. 

Peters, Richard Alexander E. W. Gawley Iowa. 

Pettit, James Wiley, m.d Practitioner Illinois. 

Pfeifer, Charles William G. E. Dusenberry Wisconsin. 

Phelps, Robert McEwan J. Rogers Wisconsin. 

Pickens, Francis Marion, m.d Practitioner Indiana. 

Piggins, Harry S ; A. H. Hoy Wisconsin. 

Pittman, William E M. R. Hackedorn Missouri. 

Pitts, Emory Franklin - J. M. Long- - - . . Iowa. 

Plumer, I. Nutt, M.D Practitioner Indiana.. 

Port, Frank Wellington L. J. Adair. . Iowa. 

Porter, Heniy Clay J. W. Porter Iowa. 

Potter, Mora Thompson ,,.,., J. J. Reed ..,...,,..,, Iowa, 



Prince, Lawrence llort F. I). Marshall Illinois. 

rroclui/ka, Emil J. 1*'. Pritchard \\ isconsin. 

Purslow, Thomas Emmet Faculty Illinois. 

Putnam, Wilfred Lynn J V. Harris Illinois. 

Quiver, William Leander D. C. Griswold Wisconsin. 

Ramsay, Austin Charles H. D. Bolin Minnesota. 

Reeves, Will Clarence D. E. Burlingame Illinois. 

Reynolds. Frank Robert Faculty Wisconsin. 

Rhodes, John Edwin, A.M Faculty California. 

Rixa, Alexander Practitioner Colorado. 

Robey, Marion LaFayette M. C. Woodworth Wisconsin. 

Rollins, George Edward Faculty Illinois. 

Ryan, Edward Patrick Faculty Illim >is. 

Salisbury, Francis Robert Phil. Pox Wisconsin. 

Sanders, Charles Willard. C. C. Griffin Iowa. 

Sargent, Theodore C, m.d Practitioner Illinois. 

Sayle, Robert George Geo. Stockman . Wisconsin. 

Scaife, Henry Wilkinson . . Faculty England. 

Schaper, Charles H. Reineking Wisconsin. 

Schiff bauer, Robert J. O. Hobbs Illinois. 

Schifferle, Edward Faculty Illinois. 

Schlamer, Newton Henry G. T. Hunt Wisconsin. 

Schnetz, Thomas Nelson A. H. Hoy Wisconsin. 

Schreiner, John Christian, m.d Practitioner Wisconsin. 

Senier, Frederick Sutherland Wm. Fox Wisconsin. 

Shaley, Frederick William W. P. Armstrong Indiana. 

Sharp, Charles A J.N. Sharp Illinois. 

Sheldon, Horace Ward R. Williams Dakota. 

Sherry, John Francis Edgar Snyder Minnesota. 

Shinkel, John Newton Dexter B.s Practitioner Illinois. 

Sikes, Horace B., m.d Practitioner Illinois. 

Sims, Stephen Beecher Cox & Adams Indiana. 

Slack, John W '. A. T. Steele Illinois. 

Slemmons, William Thomas Practitioner Iowa. 

Smith, Ambrose Everett, B.s F. F. Sovereign Michigan. 

Smith, Charles Newton R. L. Walston Illinois. 

Smith, Charles Spencer Gage, Bebee & Sarles . . .Wisconsin. 

Smith, Calvin W., M.D Practitioner Iowa. 

Smith, Edwin Lorenzo Practitioner Illinois. 

Smith, Webster Coleman Practitioner Illinois. 

Smith, William Henry Francis T. F. Maham Wisconsin. 

Snelson, William, M.D Practitioner Iowa. 

Snow, Melvin Cox S. S. Weidner Iowa. 

Snyder, Alfred Fuller ' . . S. W. Lacy Wisconsin. 

Spencer, George Franklin, Jr CM. Smith Wisconsin. 

Stabeck, Kittel T., m.d Practitioner Wisconsin. 

Stallard, John Strange S. T. Yount Indiana. 

Starkel, Charles Henry F. Rubach Illinois. 

Stauffer, Horace Raymond, m.d . .' Practitioner Illinois. 

Stauffer, Joseph Edwin, m.d Practitioner Indiana. 

Steele, Joseph Turner, m.d Practitioner Illinois. 

Stephani, Alfred Faculty [llinois. 

Stephenson, Starrett Lester B. F. Masteman Kansas. 

Stewart, John Cohade Practitioner Indiana. 

Stockwell, John S James Howland Indiana. 

Stoll, John Jacob Practitioner Wisconsin. 

Stone, Willis Claude Samuel Hall Wisconsin. 



Strode, William Smith J. W. Bacon Illinois. 

Swank, LeRoy T. B. Campbell Indiana. 

Sweet, Charles A J. Tennant Michigan. 

Swett, Leonard Herbert Faculty Illinois. 

Tasker, Charles Henry Practitioner Minnesota. 

Terrill, Homer Atwood E.J. Beck Iowa'. 

Thayer, Edward J Faculty Illinois. 

Thiele, Henry Charles F. S. Luhman Wisconsin. 

Thomas, Lucius M R. F. Campbell Dakota. 

Thomas, William Burton A. Henley Indiana. 

Thompson, Thomas Willard. W. H. Smith Indiana. 

Thorne, John Charles Fremont J. C. Johnson Indiana. 

Tracey, John Smith A. W. Stinchtield Minnesota. 

Troupe, Amos, B.S Tyler Hall Michigan. 

Turney, John Parish Practitioner Wash. Ter. 

Tuthill, Daniel Harmon Strong Faculty Illinois. 

Tuthill, Jerome Jackson Faculty Illinois. 

Tyler, Franklin Pierce Jucld & Hopper Illinois. 

Uhls, Lyman L W. S. Marshall Illinois. 

Umberhine, Charles Dexter J. S. Ragan Indiana. 

Van Metre, Edward Joseph Faculty Iowa. 

Van Stavern, DeWitt Clinton T. C. Thomas Illinois. 

Van Werden, Will C. T. Parkes Illinois. 

Waldschmidt, Charles Faculty Illinois. 

Walker, Charles Edward J. B. Walker Illinois. 

Walker, Charles Ira T. P. Russell Wisconsin. 

Walker, John Warren E. Abbott Maine. 

Walker, Sydney . . . J. B. Walker Illinois. 

Wallace, James Dick E. G. Bennett Wisconsin. 

Wardner, Martin Smith H. Wardner Illinois. 

Warner, Abraham Lincoln H. C. Donaldson Illinois. 

Warrington, Levi Pitner M. P. Goodwin Illinois. 

Was, Edward F. G. Was Michigan. 

Waterman, Walace Marsh G. W. Nesbitt Illinois. 

Watson, Edward B. F. Crummer Illinois. 

Watt, Benjamin Nicholas J. L. Lowrey Illinois. 

Webb, Wilbur S McCormick & Smith. . . . Iowa. 

Weber, Samuel Lewis R. H. Bartlett Illinois. 

Weiper, Henry Barnhart C. E. Hageboom Wisconsin. 

Welcome, Florado Houser, M.D Practitioner Minnesota. 

Weld, Frederick Jesse Faculty Illinois. 

Weld, Will Homer G. C. Stockman Wisconsin. 

West, Paul Ames & Moore Minnesota. 

Wetherby, Benedict J M. H. Everett Illinois 

Wetherstein, Llorace A. W. Stinchtield Minnesota 

Wetterer, Albert Charles Herman Wetterer Illinois. 

Wheelwright, Daniel Winfield W. S. Wheelwright Wisconsin. 

Whitefield, George W M. W. Robins Illinois. 

Whiteside, John Wyman Faculty Illinois 

Wilkinson, Daniel Leachman Faculty Illinois. 

Wilson, Horace Lyman William Wilson Illinois. 

Willey, Ansel Fayette J. A Ballard Wisconsin. 

Williams, Harry Percy Henry Utley Illinois. 

Wimermark, Arvid Hjalmar W. S. Bryan Illinois. 

Winer, John King Faculty Ontario. 

Worth, Charles, M.D Practitioner Pennsylvania. 

Wright, Frank Romain M. R. Hewitt Wisconsin. 




Yaeger, George Augustus D. W. Day Wisconsin 

York, William Lewis, m.D Practitioner Texas. 

Young, Douglas Brutis ( ). Y. Young Illinois. 

Youngquist, ( >rren Godfrey C. E. Coon Michigan. 

Zeien, Thomas S. S. Troy [owa. 

Zitt, Albert Valentine Faculty Illinois. 

^vactitiotxcvs jof X883*4. 

Abrams, Daniel Orville, M.D Practit 

Aley, Hector Sinclare " 

Anderson. Allen P., M.D " 

Pattin, William Henry, M.D " 

Pishop, Calvin S., M.D " 

Pogue, Charles Virgil " 

Polles, Edgar, m.d " 

Porden, William H , m.d •' 

Powles, Thomas Jefferson, M.D " 

Pronson, George Washington, m.d " 

Bullard, Ernest Luther, m.d " 

Purkett. Calvin Wilson, m.d " 

Burton, William Moffatt. M.D " 

Cain, John William, m.d " 

Chase, Henry A., m.d " 

Coller, Granville James, m.d " 

Conyers, Benjamin LaFayette, M.D " 

Daugherty, William Watson, M.D " 

Ellis, William Henry, m d " 

Fisher, Edgar A " 

Gill, William W r esley, m.d " 

Goodale, Charles W , M.D " 

Gray, Francis C, M.D " 

Green, John B , m.d " 

Hawk, William Calvin, M.D " 

Horn, Joseph Evans, m.d " 

Hull, Madison Darwin, M.D. " 

Kent, Thaddeus Burrett " 

Kerlin, William W , M D " 

Krebs, Lines " 

Lowell, Inman S., M.D " 

Lyford, William Haines. M.D " 

Lynde, A. Blanchard, M.D " 

MacNamara, John G " 

Marshall, Edward Richard, MD " 

McKean, Alexander, A.M •' 

oner Illinois. 


. . . .• Nebraska. 













....Dak Ter. 























McKitterick, Nat. M., m.d Practit 

McLachlan, Charles, m.d 

McWharf, J. Morton, m.d 

Meredith, Jesse Thomas, M.D 

Miller, John Knox, M.D 

Moss, Thomas Henderson 

Niblack, James Wesley 

Orr, Smith, M.D 

Parkinson, William Brigham 

Pettit, James Wiley, M.D 

Pickens, Francis Marion, M.D 

Plumer, I, Nutt, M.D 

Rixa, Alexander 

Sargent, Theodore C, M.D 

Schreiner, John Christian, M.D 

Sikes, Horace R., m.d 

Slemmons, William Thomas 

Smith, Calvin W., M.D 

Smith, Edwin Lorenzo 

Smith, Webster Coleman 

Snelson, William, m.d 

Stabeck, Kittel T., m.d 

Stauffer, Horace Raymond, m.d 

Stauffer, Joseph Edwin, m.d 

Steele, Joseph Turner, m.d 

Stewart, John Cohade 

Stoll, John Jacob 

Tasker, Charles Henry 

Turney, John Parish 

Welcome, Florado Houser, m.d 

Wirth, Charles, M.D 

York, William Lewis, m.d 

oner Iowa. 


New York. 


























Wash. Ter. 







William Butterfield, 

Alfred E. Ames, 
William Fosdick, 
Isaac Watts Garvin, 
Josiah B. Herrick, 

Elwood Andrew, 
J. Herman Bird, 
Daniel H. Hays, 
James M. Higby, 

H. I. E. Balch, 
S. A. Barry, 
I. R. Bradway, 
Joseph Blount, 
M. B. Elgin, 
A. V. T. Gilbert, 
E. A. Gilbert, 

Daniel M. Camerer, 
\V. Chamberlain, 
J. A. Clark, 
A. B. Crawford, 
Milton D. Darnell, 
Uri P. Golliday, 
R. S. Hawley, 
I. C. H. Hobbs, 
E. G. Hough, 
G. J. Huey, 

Alfred W. Armstrong, 
William W. Cavarly, 
Asa Clark, 
Harvey Cutler, 
Joseph W. Freer, 
Charles C. Garrett, 

SESSION 1843-44. 

Thomas P. Whipple 
John McLean, 


Almon W. King, 
Edwin R. Long, 
Stephen Monroe, Jr., 
Arnold H. Neadham, 


Newton P. Holden, 
Alexander B. Malcomb, 
Cicero Robbe, 

j Honorary I ' ' 

Ira E. Oatman, 
Samuel W. Ritchey, 
Nehemiah Sherman. 

Halsey Rosenkrans, 
Robert Scott, 
William W. Welch. 

W. G. Montgomery, M. D., Honorary. 


Fred E. Hagemann, 
H. P. Hemes, 
Ephraim Ingals, 
Philip Kirwin, 
Leonard L. Lake. 
Lafayette W. Lovell, 

Wesley Pierce, 
Isaac Snyder, 
James F. Saunders, 
J. C. Leary, 
David J. Peck, 
J. E. McGirr. 

Samuel Grimes, M. D. , Honorary. 


Ambrose Jones, 
C. W. Knott, 
J. C. Lovejoy, 
Sample Loftin, 
William Matthews, 
Thomas C. Moor, 
I. H. McNutt, 
John Newton, 
John Nutt, 
O. C. Otis, 
E. S. Kimberly, Honorary. 


Israel G. Harlan, 
George M. Huggans, 
Calvin B. Lake, 
Robert Pennell Lamb, 
Orrin T. Maxson, 
Peter B. McKay, 
Thomas Hall, Dr. James H. Buell, 

I. G. Osborn, 

J. Pearson, 

A. Reynolds, 

W. W. Sedgewick, 

Warren M. Sweetland, 

R. R. Stone, 

James P. Tucker, 

C. C. Warner, 

L. W. Warren, 

Charles Ware. 

'Edwin G. Meek, 
Gideon C. Paramore, 
James C. Patterson, 
Charles H. Richings, 
John H. Warren, 
Jerome F. Weeks. 




Joseph L. Anderson, 
Clay Brown, 
Thomas D. Brown, 
Cyrus G. Blood, 
Henry F. Brown, 
William F. Coleman, 
Kimball Favor, 
Edward J. French, 
John Gregory, 
Isaiah P. Hamilton, 
Samuel Rush Haven, 
George Higgins, 
Orson C. Hoyt, 
Alexander Hull, 
Franklin B. Ives, 

James S. 


M. Tevis Klepper, 
Thomas G. Klepper, 
Charles J. Macon, 
Alonzo L. McArthur, 
Manly Miles, Jr., 
Risdon C. Moore, 
William C. Oatman, 
Silas S. Parkhurst, 
William J. Paugh, 
John M. Phipps, 
William W. Perry 
Giles P. Ransom, 
David Rogers, 
John R. Snelling, 

John W. Spaulding, 
Benjamin G. Stephens, 
Benjamin F. Stephenson, 
Edwin Stewart, 
Isaac E. Thayer, 
John M. Todd, 
Henry D. C. Tuttle,' 
Harmon Wasson, 
James P. Walker, 
George S. Wheeler, 
Zachariah H. Whitmire, 
Thomas Wilkins, 
Wm. W. R. Woodbury, 
James R. Zearing. 

Gordon Chittock, 
S. L. Craig, 

F. W. Coolidge, 
J. H. Constant, 

G. S. Crawford, 
William M. Crowder, 
O. D. Coleman, 
H. C. Donaldson, 
C.J. Hull, 
J. C. Hinsey, 

Whitmire, M. D., ad enndem. Dr. E. S. Cooper, Honorary. 


A. M. Johnson, 
V. P. Kennedy, 
T. S. Loomis, 
H. E. Luther, 
L. D. Latimer, 
R. Morris, 
J. H. Murphy, 
L. A. Mease, 
S. R. Mason, 
G. C. Merrick, 
James S. Russell, M. T).,ad eundem. 
Dr. James McMechan, Dr. Thompson Mead, Honorary, 

J. P. Porter, 
L. C. Pomeroy, 

B. O. Reynolds, 
William W. Sweeney, 
E. T. Spottswood, 
S. T. Trowbridge, 
A. M. Thorn, 

C. Van Doren, 
Edwin Wright, 
John Walker. 

Henry D. Adams, 
George W. Albin, 
Franklin Blades, 
Benjamin T. Buckley, 
George A. Bodenstab, 
G. Judson Bentley, 
William D. Craig, 
F. Marion Crouse, 
Alexander B. Chadwick, 
Theodore G. Cole, 
James A. Collins, 
Alexander De Armand, 
William H. Davis, 

Robert F. Bennett, 
J. A. Breneman, 
D. Alphonn Colton, 
P. G. Corkins, 
William Curless, 
O. D. Chapman, 
J. P. Cunningham, 
Elijah H. Drake, 
Hosea Davis, 
A. D. Dwight, 
Robert W. Earll, 

Wm. M. Avery, 
Albert Boomer, 
Washington Brenton, 
John W. Collver, 
Charles C. Cornett, 
Charles W. Davis, 
Isaac N. Davis, 
Joseph W. Edwards, 
Joseph N. B. Elliott, 
Hezekiah Fisk, 
Melancthon W. Fish, 
Thomas D. Fitch, 
William A. Hillis, 


John Gairison, 
Walter R. Godfrey, 
Stephen C. Gillett, 
William C. Hunt, 
Vincent L. Hurlbut, 
Marsena M. Hoozen, 
William H. Hobbie, 
Orvis S. Johnson, 
Hosmer A. Johnson, 
Hiram C. Jones, 
Abram H. Knapp, 
Isaiah P. Lynn, 


James Gregory, 
M. F. Gerard, 
Robert F. Henry, 
S. B. Harriman, 
Oliver S. Jenks, 
J. A. James, 
Warren Millar, 
Solon Marks, 
James B. Moffett, 
Henry Parker, 
John Philips, 


Roscoe L. Hale, 
John F. Hamilton, 
Richard S. Hallock, 
Edward Hopkins, 
Anderson W. King, 
John W. Lynch, 
William Manson, 
Harvey C. Morey, 
Henry W. Mann, 
J. B. Morrison, 
R. M. McArthur, 
John T. Mayfield, 

Ezra M. Light, 
Hugh Marshall, 
Lewis D. Martin, 
M. G. Parker, 
J. Harrison Reeder, 
Dudley Rogers, 
A. F. St. Sure Lindsfelt, 
Leander D. Tompkins, 
Ezra Van Fossen, 
Edwin R. Willard, 
John D. Woodworth, 
Jeremiah Youmans. 

James M . Proctor, 
H. W. Ross, 
John F. Starr, 
Henry S. Steele, 
Josiah Stanley, 
Hiram Smith, 
J. B. Wheaton, 
S. H. Whittlsy, 
R. Q. Wilson, 
Daniel Whitinger, 
Arthur M. Young. 

John N. Niglas, 
Myron W. Robbins, 
Simeon P. Root, 
Reuben Sears, 
William B. Swisher, 
George W. Slack, 
Thomas P. Seller, 
Charles D. Watson, 
William Watson, 
Enos P. Wood, 
David Whitmire, 
Stephen P. Yoemans. 

j:l'sh medical college. 


George e*.. Byrns, 
Jesse Barbee, 
Lewis C. Bicknell, 
Horace C. Clapp, 
Michael R. Chadwick, 
Thaddeus M Crombie, 
Berry \\ r . Cooper, 
Hiram L. Coon, 
Solomon S. Clark, 
Jason N. Conley, 
Mordecai Davis, 
Darwin Du Bois, 
James Evans, 
James Ford, 


Charles Gorham, 
George T. Goldsbury, 
James F. Grove, 
Vernon Gould, 
Christopher Goodbrake, 
Thomas R. Hanna, 
Freeborn F. Hoyt, 
Alonzo L. Hutchinson, 
Flisha G. Horton, 
William H. Heller, 
Charles W. Jenks, 
Leroy H. Kennedy, 
John McHugh, 
John F. McCarthy, 

James C McMurtry, 
Ross W. Pierce, 
Isaac Rice, 
Hugh Russell, 
Homer C. Rawson, 
Allen A. Rawson, 
James M. Sudduth, 
John W. Trahue, 
Henry Van Meter. 
William Van Nuys, 
Hiram J. Van Winkle 
Martin Wiley, 
Elias Wenger. 

Meredith C. Archer, 
J. Milton Barlow, 
Daniel Bowers, 
Almon C. Buffam, 
Edward W T . Boothe, 
David W. Carley, 
John W. F. Clawges, 
Amzi B. Carey, 
A. Jackson Crain, 
James L. Crain, 
Francis M. Constant, 
John E. Deming, 
Hamilton C. Daniels, 
Boswell Eaton, 
John . Everhard, 



Edwin Gaylord, 
James P. Graham, 
William F. Green, 
James W. Green, 
William A. Gordon, 
Samuel Griffith, 
I N. Higgins, 
Robert Hitt, 
George W. KitteH, 
Henry W. Kreider, 
David T. Kyner, 
Lucien L. Leeds, 
Benjamin S. Lewis, 
David La Count, 

Alexander A. Lodge, 
D. M. Marshall, 
Thomas C. McGee, 
Zephaniah H. Madden, 
Benjamin G. Neal, 
William H. Phillips, 
John R. Robson, 
Bailey Rodgers 
Bailey Ragor 
F. Ronolds, 
Lee Smith, 

Joseph M. Williamson, 
Horace Wardner, 
Robert Winton. 

M. D ad eundem. Dr. M. M. Latta, Honorary 

A. W. ^da.i, 
J. Sumner Bowen, 
M. H. Bounel, 
D. C. Bennett, 
Jas. Franklin Cravens, 
L. D. Dunn, 
T, omas B. Dever, 
T h D. Fisher, 
. • A. Graham, 
Lafayette H. Gray, 
Samuel Higinbotham, 
W. M. Hall, 
Charles Hill.. 
Charles Hammel, 


E. F. Hubbard, 
A. M. D. Hughes, 
A. L. Kimber, 
John C. Lowrie, 
John Jaspar Lake, 
Joseph Thomas Miller, 
James Francis March, 
Ethan McAfterty, 
James McCleary, 
J B. Paul, 
Edwin Powell, 
Josiah L. Philips, 
N. O. Pearson, 
Thomas J. Shreves, 
J. W. York, M. D., ad eundem. 
Dr. William Long, Dr. H. Noble, Honorary 

Lafayette H. Smith, 
David Hewitt Spickler, 
John H. Tyler, 
J. P. Terred, 
Stephen L. Urmston, 
William F. Vermillion, 
Benjamin W lson, 
Benjamin F. White, 
P. J. Wardner, 
George W. Wilkinson 
Edward A. Wilcox, 
Benjamin Woodward, 
Francis W. White. 


A. J. Miller 
D. B 

L. B. Brown, 

L. Brookhart, 

R. C. Black, 

Freeman Clark, 

P. Corcoran, 

S. B. Davis, 

Benjamin Durham, 

J. B. Earl, 

J. C. Ellinwood, 

J. N. Green, 

N. Gray, 

W. D. Harlnid, 

B. Allen Hearvege, 

Solomon Davis, M.D., Waldow W. Lake, 

T. C. Jennings, 
B. F. Keith, 
Charles J. Keegan, 
Willis T. May, 
Willis L. May, 


John O'Connors, 
O. B. Ormsby, 
J. T. Pearman, 
J. L. Potter, 
J. S. Pashley, 

B. F. Ross, 
William M Rockwell, 
J. Slack, 

Winston Somers, 

C. V. Snow, 

L. D. Smedley, 
Benjamin F. Swafford, 
Owen Wright, 
. R. Webster, 
J. B. Wilson, 
Thomas Winston, 
Eli York. 

M. D. , Honorary. 




L. Grant Armstrong, 
E. H. Ayres, 
Benjamin VV. Bristow, 
A. M Blackman, 
John A. Cook, 
George W. Corey, 
J. R. Conklin, 
N. M, Douthett, 
E. C. Dickenson, 
John H, Frizell, 
Richard Hull, 

J. Drake Harper, M.D., ad eundem. S. M. Mitchell Honorary. 

William C. Hopwood, 
Blexton Harris, 
Willian L Kreider 
John W. Lawrence 
W. H. Lyford, 
Lafayette Lake, 
Richard McGee, 
F. Mason, 
Samuel McNair. 
J. R. Pierce, 

William E. Peters 
E. O F. Rollet. 
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A. B i'aylor 
Myron Underwood, • 
E Livingston Welling, 
R. F. Williams, 
J. H. Wiley, 
J F. Williams. 

D Orson B. Adams, 
John J. M Angear. 
John Bellington, 
Frederick K. Bartells, 
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Hiram Carnahan, 
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George Egbert, 

Dr. Robert C, 


John B. Felker, 

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Jethro N. Hatch, 

Daniel Kirkpatrick, 

Thomas I. Fritts, 

Leigh R. Holmhead, 

Milton A. Isaac, 

William Irwin, 

Hiram C. Luce, 

John McDamron, 

Percy McAlpin. 

Phillip Matthei, 

Dr Calvin Wheeler, Honorary, 


Wm. F Osborn, 
Robert B. Ray, 
George W. Richards, 
Samuel A. Sheldon, 
C. M. Smith, 
James F Spain. 
Edward Thomas, 
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Vincent S. Thompson, 
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Hamill, Dr Theodore Hoffman, Honorary, 


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C J. Taggart, M D., Honorary 


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Fran ; C. Mehler 


James W. McNeel, 
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San n I L. Marston, 
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Elmer Nichols, 
( '. ( opp Noyes, 
Cornelius O' linen, 
Jacob W. Ogle, 

Wesley Phillips, 
Ryron ( i Pierce, 
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! li 11 M Rankin, 
fames S Ransom, 
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Fernando C. Robinson, 
Lewis H. Skaggs, 
John W Saucerman, 


Abram L. S», a ll 
W. II Smith. 
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Chas. White, 

Lev\-is H. Goodwin, 
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.D., Fredericks. C. Grayston, 

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Titus P Yerkes. 
M.D., ad eundem. 


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Z opher Ball 
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D. W. 

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W H. H. Smith. 



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Charles Young, 

id eundem 


Ethan P Allen, 
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fohn G Munsell, 

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Albert H, Hay, M.D., J J. Brown, M 


Louis Rabe, M.D. , W T. Leonard 
Gerhard Christian Paoli. M.D. 

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M D \ ad ei(nde77i. 


Curtis B. Ames, 
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Samuel Hawley, 

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nee, M. D., Ezra S. Carr, M. 

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Joseph Van Cowan. 

, M. D. , ad eundem. 
D., honorary. 




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fames Barr, 
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Hani " 

William Little, William N. Bailey, Abram Hard, 
Joseph Van Dyke, Orpheus Evarts, John Ten Broek, 
J. J. Woodward, J. S. Bobbs, 

ad enndcm. 



William H. Austin, 
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"William Monroe. 
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Lorenzo Northrup, 



Almon Patterson, 
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John S. Clark, M. D., Frederick L. Matthews, M. D., , 
Thomas R. Mclnness, M. D., Robert Tobey, M. D. , j aa eunaem - 
Oliver Everett, M. D., Honorary. 


Lyman G. Adair, 
William R. Aydelott, 
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Richard H. 

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Albert B. Modesitt, 
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T. Fletcher McFarland 
George B. Noyes, 
Oliver C. Ormsby, 
Milo Place, 
Lewis C. Page, 
William H. Palmer, 
Francis M. Pickens, 
Benjamin T. Phillips, 
Robert O. Purviance, 
Judson C. Panter, 
William B. Porter, 
Charles E. Quire, 
Walter F. Randolph, 
James W. Reeder, 
James C. Reynolds. 
Charles W. Russell, 
John Wiley Snider, 
William H. Stewart, 
Zachary T. Stanley, 
WilliamM. Smith, 
Theophilus Sprague, 
James B. Stetson, 
Henry C. Soule, 
Conrad Secrist, 
H. Watson Smith, 
Sylvester S. Smith, 
John H. Stewart, 
Lewis A. Snyder, 
John T. Scott, 
Jacob D. Smith, 
Samuel L. Tyner, 
John W. Lope, 
William Todd, 
J. Austin Thompson. 
Delinso A. Walden, 
John C. Webster, 
John C. Waite, 
Leonard P. Woodworth, 
Charles A. Wilcox, 
Albert Wilgus, 
Gideon A. Weed. 

Plummer, M.D., David Dodge, M.D. 1 , , 

J. F. Grimes, M.D., \ ad eu * du ™- 

'Andrew McFarland, Honorary. 

Edward V. Anderson, 
William W. Baxter, 
William E. Blackman, 
Income G. O. Bailey, 
Henry S. Bachman, 
Thomas H. Bragg, 
Alfred L. Buchan, 


George W. Brandon, 
James M. Barlow, 
Elbert W. Clarke, 
Edward J. Chapman, 
Frank E. Conan, 
Norman S. Craig, 
Corwin W, Cornell 

Daniel B. Collins, 
Benjamin D. Copp, 
Hezekiah J. Crumpton, 
Jesse W. Dawson, 
R. Ralph Dewitt, 
Andrew C. Donovan, 
Albert A. Dye, 



David T. Douglass, 

Rinaldo E. Egbert, 

William Eastman, 

William L. Everett, 

(ieorge W. Frost, 

John M. Furnas, 

Marsena H. Fren< h, 

Thomas I). Ford, 

Melchert H. ( iarten, 

Charles H. Guibor, 

Henry A. Given, 

Jared V. Gayler, 

Robert C. Grigg, 

Samuel A. Greenwell, 

Gustav G. Goll, 

William R. Geiger, 

Thomas Gilluly, 

Seth T. Hurst, 

William L. H-rcourt, 

Jos M. Hannaford, 

John L. Hayes, 

Benjamin R. Hall, 

William S. Baker, M.D., 111.; Amos Knight, M.D., M 

Mahlon H. L. Schooley, M.D., Mo.; Dan. L. Jewett, 

Thomas M. Hess, M.D., 111.; Zacheus Bass, M.D. 

Joseph i .. i Eagerly, 
Charles A. Hudson, 
James H. Hutchins, 
Joseph V. Harris, 
Ephraim F. Ingals, 
Henry Jones, 
Joseph Evans Jones, 
Thomas Kellcy, 
Charles D. Knapp, 
Joseph C. Lincoln, 
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Philander H. Leavitt, 
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Erasmus G. Minnick, 
Wm. T. Montgomery 
Ennis N. McGarry, 
James N. Miler, 
Robert J. Mitchell, 
Patrick Henry McElroy, 

John A. Masterson, 

Robert McPherson, 
I >a\ id ( '. Nil ol ;on, 
George E. Newall, 
\. Palmer Perk, 
fohn I'. Rritchard, 
Lewis L Ratlin, 
Charles I >. Roome, 
Albert J. Roe, 
J. Wilson Sparks, 
Alfred G. R. Schl ,. 
Preston Stebbin, 
J. Oliver Stanton, 
E. Leroy Turner, 
Leverett W. Thomas, 
Isaac H. Taylor, 
W. W. Williams, 
Charles A. White, 
John A. White, 
Fred. B. Wood, 
Ephraim B. Young, 


M.D., 111., 

, Vt. , Honorary. 

■ ad eundem. 


Orion J. Hall Adams, 
William Franklin Artz, 
Emery Cooke Bartolow, 
Charles Irwin Booth, 
Charles Henry Burbank, 
F. Antes Canfield, 
Hiram Stillman Chapin, 
Albert Chenowith, 
Sylvester Clayberg, 
Chas. Theodore Corey, 
Oliver Philip Crane, 
Thos. N. Cunningham, 
David Byron Darr, 
Thos. Byron DeWitt, 
John Chas. Dorchester, 
John William Dunn, 
Lehman H. Dunning, 
Cyrus Monroe Easton, 
W. Wilberforce Edgerton, 
Eli Wesley Fairman, 
J. McLean Flemming, 
S. Cuthbertson Freeland, 
(ieorge Blake Galer, 
John Hurley Gardiner, 
John Gardner, 
Eugene S. Garvin, 
John Hall Fernon, 

Robert Samuel Hall, 
Plymmon S. Hayes, 
William Henry Hill, 
William F. Hilsabeck, 
R. Harrison Huddleson, 
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George Lasher, 
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Wm. L. McCandles, 
Andrew McFarland, 
P. Leonard McKennie, 
James McMoiris, 
Mason C. McPherson, 
Horatio N. Mackey, 
Darwin Earll Magoon, 
A. Siedschlag v. Mansfelde, 
Wm. Briscoe Mead, 
Geo. Frederick Merritt, 
Lewis Curtis Messner, 
Perry Henry Millard 
Wm. Kellar Miller, 
Otis Moor, 
Amos Lorin Norris, 
John William Norris, 

Abram Owen, 

Zora Elon Patrick, 

Chas. William Phillips, 

Richard Plackett, 

Homer Hamilton Pratt, 

Horace James Pratt, 

Albert Nelson Richardson, 

George Frank Roberts, 

David Lancaster Ross, 

Dennis Lincoln Russell, 

Cyrus Smith, 

Eugene Jackson Smith, 

John Isaac Smith, 

John Alexander Smith, 

Oliver Perry Smith, 

Wm. Francis Standiford, 

James Wallace Standley, 

Albert Bliss Strong, 

Ewing King McAdow Taylor, 

George Haynes Tebo, 

Smith C. Thompson, 

John Gilbert Truax 

T. Louis Arch'd Valiquet, 

Spencer Joseph Wax, 

Robert Williamson Wells. 

Orville Briggs Wiggins. 

Ernst Schmidt, M.D., ad eundem. 

Sanford Orville Alford, 
John Isaac Ashbaugh, 
Franklin Bedford 
William Henry Battin, 
John Marshall Barclay, 
Henry Clay Bostwiek, 
J. Boardman Browning, 
Clavius C. Birney, 
John Henry Crissler, 
Cha'les Hart Carey, 
Erie Benton Crommett, 
Francis Bowers Corbett, 
C;>^s Mason Dodge, 
William Lorelle Duffin, 
David W. Edmiston, 


Marshall Enfield, 
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John Grass, 

Charles Von Hiddessen, 
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Ernst Albert Kittell, 
Joshua Adams Kittring, 
Martin Henry Luken, 
Frank Edward Lewis, 
Nathan 'A. Loofbourow, 

George Bailey Little, 
Columbus M>ers, 
Pleasant Winstom Mendenhall, 
George McCulloch, 
Morris Galusha McLean, 
James Harvey Orear, 
Oliver Cromwell Oliver, 
Dolphin W. Pearson, 
Willard Walter Rusk, 
Geo. Warren Reynolds, 
Hamilton Rush Riddle, 
Milton Granville Sloan, 
Fred. Emer'n Sherman, 
Frederick Shimonek. 
lohn Fred'k Schaefer, 



Carter Hntch'n Smith, 
John Jerome Stone, 
George Daniel Swaine, 
Everett Russell Smith, 
John Newland Starr, 
Daniel M. Slemmons, 

Kittle T. Stabeck, 
Milton Shoemaker, 
John Schnee Thompson, 
Reuben Notley Turner, 
Henry John Thomas, 
John Godfrey Walker, 

John Tilgham Walker, 
George Christian Wellner, 
Edward Burbank Weston, 
Henry Abbott Winter, 
Marshall William Wood, 

A. Reeves Jackson, Chicago, 111 ; Philip Adolphus, M. D., Chicago, 111.; Thos. G. Catlin, 
M. D., New York; Chas. L. Allen, M. D., Rutland, Vt.; Honorarv. • 

William Andrew Allen, 
Stanford E. Bennett, 
Victor Arthur Bertram, 
Chas. Leroy Burroughs, 
John Henry Byrne, 
Oscar Nathan Carr, 
Theo. Jefferson Catlin, 
Geo. Henry Chapman, 
Frank Wilbur Chase, 
Ira Bradwell Connett, 
James Wells Cook, 
James Edwin Cowan, 
Henry Crowder, 
Fred'k William Denke, 
Robert Ford Dundas, 
Leonidas Hamlin Eaton, 
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Wm. Henry Franks, 
Wm. Harrison French, 
Ira Hamilton Gillum, 
Ezra T. Goble, 
Zenas Harmon Going, 
Geo. Wash'n Greaves, 
William Sam'l Grimes, 

P. P. Rogers, Bloomi 


John Edgar Hawthorn, 
Truman A. Herrington, 
Wilbur Anson Hendryx, 
Gershom Hyde Hill, 
Lewis Cass Hormel, 
John Wesley Lane, 
Abraham Leigh, 
Wil iam Russell Lewis, 
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Jas. Gallagher McElroy, 
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Samuel Warren Mercer, 
George Henry Miller, 
Frank Lawrence Miles, 
Theoph. Wells Mitchell, 
Ellis Crosby Moore, 
Will Harrison Morgan, 
Lea Murphy, 

on ; E. A. Wilcox, Chicago ; 
E. B. Collins, Honorary. 

Ralph Parkin, 
George Weston Parsons, 
William Parsons, 
Frank Howard Payne, 
Weston Theodore Plumb, 
Kossuth Fillmore Purdy, 
Frank Allen Reed, 
Addison Winfield Rickey, 
Laurel Elmer Robison, 
William Scott Rofe, 
Frank Lafayette Rownd, 
Joseph August Scroggs, 
Edgar Barber Shumway, 
Archie Robertson Small, 
Arthur Henry Steen, Jr., 
Daniel Morrrison Benonia 

Edson Reuben Wait, 
Lewis Franklin Walker, 
Spencer Cone Wernham, 
James Delaforet Whitley, 
Constantine Wiley, 
Thomas Royston Wiley, 
Arthur Lee Wright, 
Byrd Sidney Young. 
T. J. Bluthardt, Chicago; 

William Thomas Adams 
Theoph. L. Ashbaugh, 
Samuel Leonard Baugh, 
Samuel Henry Bell, 
James Gordon Berry, 
Albert Henry Bill, ' 
John Binnie, 
John Blackford Blue, 
Isaac H. Cadwallader, 
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Marshall Cassingham, 
George Chapman, 
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Henry Aug. Clarke, 
Thos. Henry Cornwall, 
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David Alex. Drennan, 
Edward H. Dudley, 
Charles Egan, 
William Clar. Egan, 
George Wyatt Farrow, 
Luther Melan. Focht, 
Louis H. A. Fredericks 
Henry Fritcher, 

Wells Andrews, Jr. , 
Benson Banton, 
ra Bishop, 


M. L. Fullenwider, A. B. 
Luther Moody Griffin, 
Thomas Edmund Hall, 
Flenry L. Harrington, 
Harvey Lindsey Harris, 
Ryerson George Healey, 
Robert Willis Hoyt, 
William Hutchinson, 
Jacob S. Kauffman, 
George Dutton Ladd, 
Edmund Mat. Landis, 
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Henry Baldwin Losey, 
Thomas C. McCleery, 
Charles A. McDonell, 
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Childs Mantor, 
Delos Danforth Marr, 
Thomas M. Michaels, 
Frank Helton Morrical, 
William W. Mulhken, 
James Albert Nowlen, 
John Cain Johnston, M. D. , a 
Professor Albert Smith, M. D., LL. 


David H. Bowen, 
Louis Braun, 
Charles H. Buchanan 

, John Phineas Parkes, 

John Pehrsoon, 
Frank John Pope, 
William Gard. Putney, 
Franklin Reyner, 
Walter F. Reynolds, 
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Amnon J;imes Ryan, 
Gustavus F. Schreiber, 
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Alexander D. Taylor, 
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John William Trimmer, 
Frederick Turner, 
William H. Watson, 
SamuelS. Weidner, 
Grier W. Wheeland, 
Arthur Leroy Wheeler, 
Frederick John Wilkie, 
Lucas Richard Williams, 

d enudem. 

D. , Honorary. 

Frank W. Bullock, 
Robert W. Butler, 
William Harris Cook, 



William If. Conibear, 
Win. Herbert Doolittle 
lames 1 hum, 
Frank W. Edwards, 
Joseph H. Eskridge, 
Frank B. Florentin, 
Cyrus W. France, 
George W. Gammon, 
John R. Gardiner, 
Byron Wilson Griffin, 
Allen W. Hagenbuch, 
Royal Gray Hamilton, 
James Monr> e Harman, 
Gustavus F. Harvey, 
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Noah Reynolds Hobbs, 
Samuel Judd Holmes, 
Robert Hutchinson, 
JohanC. Hvoslef, 
Oriver P. H. Jeffries, 
Frank Sebra Jones, 
Henry Walbank Jones, 
Joseph P. Johnson, 

Alphonse F.. KalckhofF, 

Andrew Kershaw, 
Alfred M. Lancaster, 
Wm. Marcellus Larabee 
Frank Lightlbot, 
Win. M. McFarlane, 
Finla McClure, 
James D. Mclntyre, 
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James Allen Meade, 
Johann H. W. Meyer, 
William Walker Meyer, 
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Hiram Irving Nance, 
Floyd O'Brien, 
Michael T. O'Clery, 
Smith Orr, 

Brodie Watson Parks, 
Campbelll W. Patrick, 
Augustine Perkins, 
Henry Pettibone, 

Dayton Painter, 
Willis P. Pierce, 
( rei ii ' Franklin Plew, 
( ',. Washington Ramsey, 
William Henry Reedy, 
Frank S. Reynolds, 
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John Stewart Ryburn, 
Chauncey M. Skinner, 
Calvin Knox Smith, 
Eugene Smith, 
Eugene Riley Smith, 
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Clark Rienzi Warren, 
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John Brand Young, 


Eugene S. Atwood, 
Silas Addison Austin, 
Chalres Rucker Aiken, 
Abraham Ashbaugh, 
Macaulay Arthur, 
John Wesley Andrews, 
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Vernon Row Bi dges, 
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William Harden Boals, 
George Henry Barney. 
William A. B r.if am, 
Herbert Roderick Bird, 
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Benjamin Hirst Dean, 
John W. Gltnden:rg, 
J as. St. Clair C. Cussins, 
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Charles E. Caldwell, 
Irving Le Roy Cutler, 
Charles P. Caldwell, 
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Frederick S. Luhmnn, 
Edwin J. Lewis, 
Leslie Coulter Lane, 
John W. LaGrange, 
James Lawless, 

hn Hinton Lowra, 
Elmer Freemont Latta, 
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Ottul E. Lindboe, 
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John R. McCluggage, 
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James Degnan Reynolds, M.D. , Julius Otto, 
Charles Peter Caldwell, M.D., 

Hosea F. C. Miller, 
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Charles Myron Willis, 
Clarence Scott Wells, 
Winferd Wylie, 
William H. Washburne, 
Joel Wallace Whitmire, 
Robert H. Williamson, 
Charles Zuppan. 


ad cundem. 


Edward Dudley Arnold, 
James Simpson illord, 
Jeremiah A Anderson, 
James He uy .A b rams, 
Benjamin F Brattain, 
Aristides E. Bai Iwin, 
Andrew W Bowman, 
Alonzo Fe>tu- B irnham, 
John H. B rli< i 

Robert Dempsey Boyd, 
Alfred M. Browne, 
Commodore P. Brown, 
Geo. M. Bergen, A B., 
Daniel F. Burton, B.S., 
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John Edmund P Butz, 
Edwin George Bennett, 
Henry Green Bramerd 

Orvis Mann Burhans. 
Edwin O. Boardman, 
Sau Boganau, A.B., 
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Francis Bascom Bullard. 
Bond Arthur Grant, 
John Randolph Currens. 
Lewis W T illiam Carleion 



Alfred Cleveland Cotton, 
Jacob Culver, 
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Dawley George, 
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Lawrance B. Hathaway, 
Charles Hardman, 
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Henry Miller Hewitt, 
Judson LeForrest Irwin, 
John E. Owens, 
Hyde. M 

Hortensus L. Isherwood 
Austin H. Johnson, 
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William Henry K. King, 
Phillip Amos Kemper, 
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Charles Melville Long, 
John Redfield Murphy, 
William T. Murphy, 
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Samuel Ross Miller, 
Samuel B. 1YI iller, 
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Hiram Foster McCoy, 
Hans V n Metzradt, 
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Aaron Mills, 
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Epaphroditus J. Porter, 
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Abra C. Pettijohn, 
Dennis W. Porter, 
Walter H. Porter, 
Edward Quinn, 
Isaac H. Rathbun, 
Addison M. Rathbun, 
Herman Rakenius, 
M.D., Norman Bridge M.D., 
.D., D. J. Loring, M.D., 
John Burgess Walker, M.D., 

, Charles C. Reed. 

Duncan Reid, Ph., B.,, 
Andrew J. Robinson, 
Talc tt A. Rogers, 
Emery E. Reynolds, 
George Ryon, 
Albert P. Rounsevell 
Joseph E. Sanson, ' 
John B. Sage, 
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Elwood Weems, 
Windsor P. Wooclbridge, 
Frederick E. Wadh&ms, 
Eugene W. Whitney, 
Albert P. Wolf. 
Vincent P. Young, 

Tames Nevins } , , 

J \ad eundevt 



Chauncey Willard Amy, 
Marion J. Anderson, 
Erastus Y. Arnold, 
Samuel Bailey, 
Clarence Perley Battles, 
Rufus Henry Bartiett, 
Edwin J. Bartiett, A.M., 
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Osrow Dorcelia Benson, 
Stillman M. Benner, 
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Adelbert H. Bowman, 
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James Cavency, 
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George nimrrite Dosh, 
Cyrus Donaldson, 

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Hem an E. Farns worth, 
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Otto Tiger Freer, 
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Allan Aleyne Matthews, 
Edgar Jehial Meacham, 

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Courtney Smith, 
George Lewis Smith, 
Wm. T. F. Smith, 



William Peter Smith, 
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James Harrison Stipp, 

Charles Stuart, M.D., 

John H. Thornton, 

William Porter Verity, 

William P. Walker, 

Solomon R. Wakefield, 

James Wallace, 

Francis Alvin Weir, 

Dr T. H. Gardiner, Honorary 

Floraao H. Welcome, 
Fred. C. Werner, Ph. V,., 
Herman L. Wilson, M.D. 
David H. Worthington, 
Frank Rabid Woodard, 
Mangus Youngstedt, 

johnson Armstrong, 
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"William G. Dwyer, 
Joseph F. Dicus, 
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Charles W. Gordon, M.D., 
Joseph Godtrey, 
Myron Page Goodwin, 


William Greig, 

Wm. F. Graham, B.S., 

Levi A. Golden, 

William T. Green, 

William E. Harwood, 

William A. Hawley, 

Mortimore L. Hildreth, 

Herbert D. Hill, 

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Warner M. L. Holt, 

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William C. Hill, 

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Joseph Haven, 

J. N. H. Huggins, 

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Claes W. Johnson, 

Frank J. Jirka, 

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George E. Jackson, 

George Kernahan, 

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William B. Lyman, 

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Julian E. Murray, 

Robert E. Miller, 

John H. Mannon, A.M 

French Moore, 

Byron C. Meacher, 

E. P. Murdock, A.M., 

Lucien E. Murray, 

Willis F. Moore, 

Lewis L McArthur, 

John L. Mulfinger, Ph. G., 

Marshall T. Martin, 

T. P. Russell, M.D. , Honorary 

J. C. McCormick, M.D. 
John C. Nichols, 
John W. Neill, 
Charles F. Nitz, 
Admanson B. Newkirk, 
Nelson E. Oliver, 
DanielS. O'Brien, 
Daniel O'Doherty, 
Harry Pritchard, 
Charles N. Palmer, 
Charles D. Parks, 
Albert D.Pyke, 
Francis I. Pinch, 
Eugene B. Perry, 
James F. Paul, M.D., 
John H. Phelps, 
Will A. Quigley, 
John H. Quinn, 
Herman Reineking, 
George J. Rulielmann, 
Monroe G. Reynolds, 
John A. Robison, A.B., 
Emery W. Roe, 
John Ritter, 
Charles L. Stadler, 
Frank B. Smith, 
Philip D. Shunk, 
Ellen V. Smith, 
John F. Sugg, 
George C. Synon, B.S., 
E. Hudson Sammons, 
Thomas J. Shaw, 
George C. Somers, 
Walter H. Scott, 
Eugene C. Southard, 
Albert J. Schroll, 
Carroll C. Smead, 
E. S. Talbot, D.D.S., 
George L. Turner, 
William W. Torrence, 
Ely J. Tanner, 
Milton VanDyke, 
Walter N. Vilas, 
Charles D. Wright, 
Albert J. Woodcock, 
Henry V. Worely, 
Peter N. Woods, M.D., 
Lisle C. Waters, 
Harmon T. Wall. 


James William Adams, 
*Henry Arthur Albers, B. S. 
Samuel T. Anderson, 
Eber Lander Annis, 
Frank Anthony, 
Joel Hume Arburn, 
John Robert Barnett, 
Franklin Pitman Batchelder, 
Charles Wright Bates, 
Richard C. Beckwith, 

James Rosser Bedford, 
Albert Venese Benedict, 
Josiah Jacob Bennet, 
Thomas Coke Biddle, 
*David Birkhoff, 
Edwin Thorn Black, 
Alfred Blood, 
Charles Bloodgood, B.S., 
Isaac Stover Bigelow, 
*John Charles Bodenschat- 

Lorenzo Boorse, 
Charles Albert Boyd, 
James Neeley Boyd, 
George Washington Bronson, 
William Henry Brown, 
William Moultrie Brown, 
Robert Burns, 
Lawrence Wilbur Campbell 
Thomas Chalmers Clark, 
Robert Wilson Claypool, 



Michael Edward Connell, 
Wm. Alfred Henderson Coop, 
James Valentine Cornish, 
Cyrus Henry Cutter, 
Alfred Dahlberg, Ph.G. 
George Taylor Dawley, 
Frank W. Dimmiett, 
Charles Willis Duffin, 
*William Edward Duncan, 
Thomas Jefferson Dunn, 
Daniel Eagan, 
John Thaddeus Eggers, 
Edward Linsley Emerson, 
Michael Enright, 
Joseph J. Finley, 
John Fishel, 

"Edward Southworth Fitz, A.M. 
James Henry Fountain, 
Charles Henry Frost, 
Charles H. Frissell, 
John Rushton Fusselman, 
Alonzo Garwood, 
Alery Roger Graham, 
Willis Newland Greene, 
Adam Grim, 
John Franklin Grimm, 
William Elton Guthrie, 
Samuel Jennings Guy, 
Arthur L. Haas, 
Glenn Milton Hammon, 
*Henry Hannum, M.A., 
George Wood Harrison, 
Bushrod Williams Hart, 
Albert Hathaway, 
Vincent John Hawkins, 
Frank Louis Hinsdale, 
Samuel Asbury Holmes, 

Thomas Franklin Keller, B.S. 
*William Kennedy, 
Robert Andrew Kerr, 
Clifford Henry King, 
Valentine R. King, 
Thades Kirk, 
Henry Knappenberger, B.S., 

William James Pearce, 
*Wm. Herries Madden Philip, 
Reuben Allen Pickering, 
Lorin North Pontius, 
Joseph Lawson Porter, 
Walton Henry Preston, 
Robert Alexander Randall, 

Gilfred LaFayette Knowles, B.S. Jesse Thomas Riggs. 

Frank Joseph Kriebs, 
Joseph Krost, 

Frederick John Kruell, Ph.G. 
Paul Eug< ne La Barriere, 
Jonathan Erskine Lamb, 
*Phillip Leach, 
Walker Litster Leforgee, 
William Arthur Lester, 
.George Danna Lezott, 
Thomas Henry Line, 
Charles Sumner Lormbard, 
John Michael Long, 
Ephraim Waldo Love, 
*J. Lester Martin, S.B., 
Charles Pope Marshall, 
Alexander Matthei, 
Albert A. Maurer, 
Leonard Charles Mead, 
John Washington Meek, 
Cornelius Miller M' Bride, 
Horace M'Cleary, 
Henry Robert M'Comb, 
Samuel Wilson M'Ewan, 

Walter Clarence Roberts, 
*Alonzo Ezekiel Rodgers 
Louis Altred Roller, 
Charles Fremont Ross, 
*Tuthill King Ross, 
Samuel Russell, 
Philip Sattler, 
Martin Saucerman, 
*GeorgeJohn Schaller, 
Edwin Schwartz, 
Frank L. Searles, 
William Finley Semple, 
Aaron S. Sensenich, 
Alfred Jackson Shaw, 
Carleton Sprague Shephard, 
John Jethrew Sherman, 
*Charles Goodrich Shipman, 
John Franklin Simison, A.B.. 
William Henry Smethers, 
Elmore Oscar Smith, 
William Wakefield Steel, 
David Stewart, T.M.S., 
Charles William Stoelting, 

Thos. M'GiffinM'Ilvaine, A. A., Clarence Frank Sweney, B.S., 

William T. M'Kay, 

William Thomas M'Lean, 

Frank Havenstrite M'Neel, 

Charles Monroe Miller, 

Arthur -Imlay Mitchell, 
Nath'l Bruyn Hornbeek, A.M. J. Henry Morrison, 
John William Huff, Charles Albert Milton, 

Fred Steele Hunt, 
Stephen Hunt, A.B., 
Stephen Wesley Jacobs, 
Palmer C. Jay, 
Hugh Jenkins, 
Bernard Walter Jones, 
John Clark Jones, 
Samuel S. Jones, 
John Penny Raster, 
John Franklin Keefe, A.B., 

Dr. W. W. Allport, and Dr. S. D. Jacobson, Honoraries. 
*Students who receive the Certificate of Honor for attendance upon two or more mu winter 
and two or more full summer courses at this institution. 

: Fred S. Tabor, 
Floriman James Taylor, 
William Henry Taylor, A.B., 
George Walter Tucker, 
De Witt Clinton Tyler, 
Franklin Cady Vandervort, 
William Alonzo Vincent, 
Franklin Van Dyke Moslander,*Don Morrison Waggoner, 
*Matthew Walter Mullowney, Theron Ellis Webb, 
Horace Greeley Murdock, Benjamin Franklin West, 

Walter Hopper Neilson, William George Wheeler, 

George Washington Nuckolls, Frank Edmund Whitley, B.S., 
James Morgan O'Connell, Walter Eugene Whitney, 

Henry Ogden, Harrison Allison Winters, 

Benjamin Benselaer, Olds, Herman Alvin Wolter, 

William Painter Ward Woodridge, 

Alfred Joseph Abbot, 
Ellis Acker, 

Charles Freemont Adams, 
John Milton Adams, 
Andrew Raymond Amos, 
Albert A. Anderson, 
Thomas Jefferson Andre, 
Marcellus Orlando Arnold, 
William Allen Baker, 
Henry Francis Ballard, 
Frank Sanborn Bascom, 
Andrew B. Bailsman, 
Edwin Richardson Bennett, 
John H. Besharian, 
John Frost Bigelow, 
Homer James Clark Birney, 
Walter Crooks Bowers, 
William Stewart Branson, 
James B. Bridges, 


William J. Brownrigg, 
Albert Terry Bryan, 
William Stranton Bryan, 
Richard R. Burns, 
William Franklin Burres, 
Orrin Frank Burroughs, Jr.. 
Julian Hale Calkins, B.S. 
John Campbell, M.D. 
Charles R. Carpenter, B.S. 
Marcellus C. Carpenter, Ph 
Joseph Beggs Carver > 
Frank Carey, 

Thomas Lowry Catherwood, 
Jehiel Weston Chamberlain, 
William Arthur Chamberlain 
Charles Sumner Chase, B.S. 
Geoige Ralph Christie, 
Charles Erich Clacius, Ph.G. 
Lemon Willard Clark, 

(Ward Green Clarke, 
Francis Marion Confer, 
Charles DeWitt Conkey, 
Albert Cory, 
Frank Edwin Coulter, 
Frederick Lowell Crannell, 
James Crosier, B.A. 
Charles Edwin Currie, 
Edwin Walter Cushman, 
G.Robert Damerell, 

John Bowman Darling, 
Charles Fremont Darnall, 
Edward Parker Davis, A.B. 
Maze Smith Davis, 
John Milton Dodson, A.B. 
Joseph Henry Downing, 
David Gardner Earl, M.S. 
Ira Leslie Edmunds, 
George Potter Edwards, 



William Henry Eldred, 
John M. Evans, Jr., 
Frank Haywood Farnum, 
Robert Hubert Fegers, 
Albert Fehrenbach, 
Waldo Fisher, B.L. 
Thomas Fitzgibbon, 
Abraham Lincoln Fox, 
Fred R. Frost, 
Albert Felix Fuchs, 
Zalman Edgar Funk, 
Charts A. Gallagher, 
Thomas Richard Gandey, 
Ben Barrett Griffith, 
Edward I. Hall, 
Randolph Nathaniel Hall, 
William Emmet Ham. 
Earnest Wolfgang Hammes, 
Harry Hapeman, 
Malcolm LaSelle Harris, 

John Prentiss Lord, 
John Edward Love, 
George Jesse Lund, 
Jeremiah Maher, 
Jefferson Eugene Marsh, 
David Theodore Martin, 
Miltsy Cephas Martin, 
Frank Joseph Maschek, 
Edwin Louis McAuliffc 
Howard M. McFall, 
William P. McGovern, 
Mich el Joseph McKenna, 
John James McKibbon, 
Charles Walter McPherson, 
Samuel 'Rutherford Millen, 
Edward Levi Mitchell, 
Robert Mitter, 
Fred Wilbur Moffitt, 
Michael Connor Moran, 
Arthur Hall Mosher, 

Julian Erastus Hequembourg, Herman William Mueller, 

George Hofstetter, A.B. 
Ross Montgomery Houck, 
William Alclrich Howard, 
Gustave Charles Hoyer, 
Albert Frederick" Hyde, 
Luther Martin Irwin, 
Samuel Catlett James, 
Frank Moises Johnson, 
William Sidney Johnson, 
Adna Balche Jones, 
Norman L. Jones, 
George MeaSe Keller, 
George Max Kfllmer, Ph.G. 
William George Kemper, 
George Elmer Knickerbocker, 
Charles Russell Knox, 
John Knox Kutnewsky, 
Monrye S. Leech, 
Ralph Leonard, 
William Henry Lincoln, 
Jesse Long, 

Honorary Degree. — Dr. J. 

Wiiliam Henry Myers, 
William Kendall Newcomb, 
Albert Goodsell Noble, 
Edward Pay son North, 
William Crawford Peaslee, 
Elmore Sloan Pettyjohn, 
Joen Walrath Powell, 
Clark Breading Provins, 
Edward Puchner, 
William Allen Reed, 
David Hobart Richardson, 
Fred Byron Robinson, B.S. 
Thomas Corwin Robinson, 
Oliver James Roskoten, 
Victor Fremont Rounds, 
William Henry Rowe, 
Wilber Thompson Sarles, 
John Schmitz, M.A., 
William Edward Scollard, 
Harry B. Sears, 
Frank Dockstader Seeber, 
Milner Fothergill, M.R.C.P.L. 

Prof. Giovanni Paladino, University of Naples, Italy r . 
Ad Eundem Degree. — Adjunct Prof. J. S. Knox. 

Siremba Shaw, A.B., 
Charles Rollin Sheets, 
John Lowry Shipley, 
Adolph Slayman, 
Charles Adna Smith, 
Francis Sahneron Smith, M.S. 
John Franklin Snyder, 
Frederick George Stever, 
William Clark Stillians, 
Albert George Stoddard, 
Louis Thomson Smrgis, 
Samuel Aughey Suloff, 
James Lue Sutherland, 
William Arthur Synon, 
John George Tapper, 
Harvey Scott Taylor, 
George Abraham leal, 
Homer Merrick Thomas, 
John James Thometz, .\. li. . 
George W. Thompson, M.D. 
Wilbert Amasa Todd, 
John B. Trowbridge, B.C. E. 
William Daniel Turvill, A. B. 
Charles Von Schrader, 
Charles Harrah Voorhies, 
George Franklin Wahl, 
William Abel Walker, B.A. 
Thomas Waugh, 
Monroe Winfred Webster, B.S. 
Reinhard Wernigk, 
Lewis Llewellyn Wickersham, 
George Gordon Wilcox, 
Peter Elmore Williamson, 
James Meredith Wilson, Ph.B. 
John Wilson, 
Charles Edward Winslow, 
Francis Dirvage Wright, 
John Calvin Wright, 
Orson Vanness Young, 
Frank Ward Younglove, 
Edward John Ziegler. 

, etc., etc., London England; 


Francis Eddy Abbott, 
John Hunter Adair, 
John Quincy Adams, 
Wilson Wesley Adams, 
Christoph Andreas Alex, Ph.G. 
Aleri Downy Allen, 
Josiah Little Ambrose, 
Atchie Almond Ashby, 
James Auld, M.D. , 
Charles Theodore Bacon, 
Calvin C. Barnes, Jr , 
Crittenden Edgar Barnes, A.M. 
Hans Max Beck, 
Arthur Dean Bevan, 
James Strong Billingsley, 
Frank Lansing Birney, 
Joseph Nance Black, 
Charles Edward Bowers, 
Alfred Leroy Brooks, 
Frampion Core Brosius, 
Allen Douglas Brown, 
Moses Simmens Brundage, 
Robert Elgon Buchanan, 
Richard Henry Burke, 
Lyman Rufus Burlingame, 
Ernest Luther Bullard, 

Irvin Trail Burnside, 

John Cain, 

George Victor Camerer, 

Warren Carey, 

Charles David Carter, 

Edard Newell Case, 

Charles Lord Chambers, A.B., 

Alonzo Russell Chapin, 

Albert H. Coble, 

George Morton Coon, A.B., 

Adelbert Jerome Cole, 

Lyman Tanner Coller, 

John Maurice Collins, 

Henry John Connor, M.A. , 

Isaac McCormic Comstock, 

Wm. Connolly, 

Cornelius Laily Clancy, 

James Henry Clark, 

Julius Edw. Heinrich Claussen 

Joseph Parfit Claybaugh, 

Wm. Wilberforce Claybaugh, 


George B. Clow, M.D., 

Alexander Crawford, 

Orlando W. Cummings, 

John Jacob Daum, 

james Edward Davidson, 
Alonzo Gustin Dennett, B.S., 
Charles Warren Dennis, 
Charles L. Dixon, 
Henry Wm. Dornbusch, 
Robert Thomas Dott, 
John Benjamin Dunn, 
Jonn Weston Emmons, 
John Eugene English, 
Henry Baird Favill, A.B., 
Horace W T ilcox Felton, 
Henry Seward Flett, 
Benjamin Franklin ForresL, 
John Lincoln Gardner, 
Alexander Porter Giles, 
Henry Balis Gifford, 
Wm. Wesley Gill, 
Charles Hamlin Good, 
Wm Perley Goodsmith, 
Lyman Trumbull Gregory, 
Hugh Francis Gunn, 
Wm. Henry Gunther, 
Wm. Douglass Haight, 
Philip Louis Hall, 
Wm. Wesley Hall, 
Cornelius L. Hatfield. Ph.M.. 



Otis Erastus Haven, A.M., 
Wm. Walker Haworth, 
Scott Helm, 
John Bull Hench, 
Willie Waldo Henderschott, 
Leslie Mason Hoyt, 
Geo. Clinton Humbert, 
Thos. Green Isherwood, B.S. , 
Edward Howard Jones, 
Robert Wm. Jones, A. B., 
Geo. Keenan, Jr., 
Charles Andrew Kenner, 
Alexander Kinderman, 
Frank Wesley hnowles, 
Clark Spencer Knox, 
Orian Demond Lagrange, 
Bion Willis Lashier, 
Dolenna Carlos Leavens, 
Clarence Wilbur Leigh, 
James Monroe Lewis, 
Richard Holmes Lull, 
A. Blanchard Lynde, Ph.B., 
Adelmorn Brookins Manley, 
Neal Cameron Matson, 
Charles Herbert Maxwell. 
Ruben Newton Mayfield,M.D. 
Wm. Steele McClanahan, 
David Andrew McCleary, 
George Henry McClure, 
George Hunt McConnell, 
Edward Martin McDonald, 
James W. McGinnil, 
Wm, Rice McGuffin, 
Thomas Beatti^ Mclndoe, 
John Page McMahon. A.M . 

John James McWilliams, 
James Franklin Myers, 
Gerhaid Thorp Nelson, 
Wm. Melvin Newhall, 
George Bradford Nichols, A.M 
Geo. Washington Nihart, 
Edward Dearth Orr, B.S., 
David O'Shea, 
Augustus Vitelius Park, 
Wm. Edward Parker, 
Frank Joseph Patera, 
Andrew Pearson, 
Walter Wm. Peck, 
Frederic Milfard Pendleton, 
Oscar Warren Phelps, 
Benjamin Monroe Randall, 
Hiram Martin Read, 
*Henry Redlich, Ph.G.. 
William Wilson Reynolds. 
Edson Rhodes, 

Abraham Bertolet Rosenberry, 
William Lytle Ross, 
John Alonzo Rowles, A.B., 
Edward Sawbridge, 
Max Srhmeling, 
(August Ferdinand Schoen, 
Charles Montgomery Scott, 
Joseph Allen Meek;, A.B., 
Harry Weston Merrill, 
John Knox Miller, 
George Mortimore Mdls, 
Edward Moliter, 
George Earle Moore, 
Tohn Wm. Mott, 
Edward Wright Mulligan, 

DeWitt Clinton Scott, 
Thomas Anderson Scott, 
Rolla Watson Selby, 
George David Shaver, 
,Myron Alexander Shaw, 
Charles Benjamin Shotwell, 
Francis Adam Paul Sieber, 
Lester Cameron Smith, 
Mark Barton Smith, 
Stephen Sylvester Stack, 
Edward Lee Stahl, 
Horace Raymond Stauffer, 
Joseph Edwin Stauffer, M.D., 
Frank W. Stewast, 
Charles Worth Talbott, 
James Hickman Taylor, 
Austin Hulbert Thomas, 
Perry Commodore Thompson, 
Edwin Hugh VanPatten, Ph.M. 
Edw. P. Van Valkenburg, Jr., 
Garrett Van Zandt, B.S., 
John Duke Walker, 
Ira Watt Waynick, 
Dyer Drayon Webb. 
Cassius Douglas Westcott, 
James Edgar White, 
Marcus Whiting, 
JayPhilon Whitney, 
Frank Sabin Wiley, 
Geo. Stevens Williams, 
John Williams, 
James Stinson Wintermute, 
John Borden Wood, 
Harry Eugene Woods, A.B. 



(&XK&UKtzs of 1883*84. 





lytle, james reed 
macnamara, john g. 
mammen, ernest 
mathews, david w. 
mathis, caleb eugene 
mathis, elbert nelson 
mcarthur, daniel seymour, b.l. 
McClelland, silas edward 
mcclintock, william alexand'r 
mcclure, lester john 
mccutcheon, william robert 
mcguire, clarence alonzo 
mckean, alexander, a.m. 
mease, dupuytren chauliac l. 
melvin, ransom dunn 








Honorary:— A. L. JUSTICE. 

* Students who received the Certificate of Honor for attendance upon three or 
more full winter and two or more full spring courses at this institution.