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l)g.,zedb,G00gle I 






Annual Library Index 


Including Periodicals, American and English; Essays, Book-Chapters, etc.; 

Bibliographies, Necrology, and Index to Dates of 

Principal Events 










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Index to Pbmodious 1-336 

Index to Gbnebal (i^rERATDSE 337-343 


NECROixxnr 357-36* 

Index to Dates op PxtNOPAL EVEKIS 363-380 

The ImdiX to Dates practically terns as an index to the files of an; newspaper. 




Nome of Ferlodicil. Abbnvtetion. VsltnPM. 

Ahebican Architect. Boston, Mass Am. Arch 91-94 

AuERicAN Catholic Quabtefly, Phila., Pa Am. Cath. Q 31 

American Geookaphical Soc Bulletin, New York .... Am. Geog. Soc. Bull. . . 38 

American Historical Review, New York Am. Hist. R ♦11,1a 

.'^]CERICAN JouEMAL OP AbcH'Solooy, Baltimore, Md Am. J. Archsol. ... a.s. 10 

AitEEicAN Journal OF Sociology, Chicago Am. J. Socbl *ii,i» 

American Law Review, St. Louis, Mo Am. Law R 40 

American Statistical Assoc. Pubs., Boston, Mass Am. Slalts. Assoc. . . . ♦lo 

Annals of the Am. Acac. Pol. Science, Phila., Pa Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 97,a8 

Ai-PtETON's Magazine, New York Appleton'a M 8 

AacHiTEcnntAi. Record, New York .......... Archit Rec 19,30 

Arena, Boston, Mass Arena 3S.3* 

Art Journal, London, Eng Ait J S^ 

Athenaum, London, Eng Ath '06, i, a 

Atlantic Monthly, Boston, Mass. Atlan 97.98 

Blackwood's Magazine, Edinburgh Blackw ijg, j8o 

Bookloveb's Magazine, New York Booklover's M 7 

Bookman, New York Bookman *aa-^4 

Brush and Pencil, Chicago Bnish & P 17,18 

Canadian Magazine, Toronto, Oat Cauad. M *i6-38 

Cassiek's Magazine, New York Gassier •"9-31 

Catholic World, New York Cath. World •89-84 

Century, New York Cent *49-5' 

Chambers's Journal, Edinburgh Chamb. J 83 

Chautauquah, Meadville, Pa Cbaut *4a-44 

Contemporarv Review, London, Eng. Contcmp 89, 90 

Cosmopolitan, New York Cosmopol *40-4a 

Country Lipe in America, New York Ctry Life Am *g-ix 

Craftsman, Syracuse, N. Y Craftsman •9-11 

Critic, New York Critic 48,49 

Dial, Chicago, 111 Dial (Ch.) 40,41 

Eclectic Maoazine, New York Ed. M. 146, 147 

Economic Journal, London, Eng Econ. J 16 

Economic Review, London Ecod. R 16 

Edinburgh Review, Edinburgh Ed. R 303,104 

. Education, Boston, Mass Educa *a6,a7 

Educational Review, New York Educ*. R 31, 3a . 

Engineering Magaedie, New York Engin. M *30-3a 

English Historical Review, London, Eng Eng. Hist. R ai 

Everybody's Magazine, New York Everybody's '4. 15 

Fortnightly Review, London, Eng Forln. (n. 8. 79, 80) . . 85,86 

Forum, New York ■ Forum "37,38 

Gentleman's Magazine, new series, London, Eng Gent. M. n. s 76, 77 

Geographical Journal, London, Eng Geog. J 37, a8 

Harper's Bazar, New York Harp. B 40 

Harper's Magazine, New York. Harper •iia-114 



Nuns cf PoiodlcaL Abbnrlation. 

Habpsk's Weekly, New York Harp. W 50 

HiBBEST JoTTBMiU^ London, Eng. Hibbert J *4> S 

Independent, New York Indep 6o,6i 

Thdependent Review, London, Eng Indep. R *7-io 

[NTERNATiONAi, JoawAL OF ETHICS, Phila,, Pa. Int. J. Ethics *i6, 17 

: Hopkins Univ. Sihdies in Hist., etc., Baltimore, Md. . J. H. Univ. Studies. . . 94 

fAL or Hellenic Stodies, London, Eng. J. Hel. Stud. ..... 36 

fAL OP Political Economy, Chicago, lU. J. Pol. Econ 'H. '5 

Ladies' Home Journal, Pbila., Pa Ladies' H. J *'3>'* 

Library Journal, New Yoric . . .' Lib. J 31 

Lippincott's Maoazihe, Phila., Pa Lippinc 77i 78 

Littell's Livino Age, Boston, Mass Liv, Age . ..... a49^S» 

McCldhe's Magazine, New York McClure •i6-a8 

Macmillan's Magazine, London, Eng. MacmiL n. s. *i-3 

Masters in Aht, Boston, Mass Mast, in Art 7 

Missionary Review ' Miss. R. 19 

Monthly Review, London, Eng Monthly R 22-45 

Munsey's Magazine, New York Munsejr '34-3"* 

Nation, New York Nation 811, 83 

National Geographic Magazine, Washington, D. C. ... Nat Geog. M 17 

National Review, London, Eng. National •46-48 

Nature, London, Eng Nature *73-7S 

New England Magazine, Boston, Mass, New Eng. M. n. s. . . . '33-35 

NiNETBENTH CENT0BY, London, Eng iptb Cent '. . 59'*° 

North America;} Review, New York No. Am. ...... 182,183 

Out West, San Frandsco. -■ ; Out West a4»as 

OuTDTO, New York Outing '47-49 

Outlook, New York OutL 8j-«4 

Overland Monthly, San Francisco, CaL Overland, n. a. . . . , 47> 48 

Pedaoooical Seminary, Worcester, Mass Pedagog. Son - 13 

Political Science Quarterly, Boston, Mass Pol. Sci. Q. 3i 

Popular Astronomy, Northfield, Minn Pop. Astron 14 

Popular SaENCE Monthly, New York Pop. Sd. Mo 68,69 

Public Libraries, Chicago, III Pub. Lib 11 

Putnam's Magazine, New York Putnam 'i 

Quarterly Journal op Economics, Cambridge, Mass. . . . Q. J. Econ 'ao, 31 

Quarterly Review, London, Eng Quar 204, 305 

Review op Reviews, New Yorfc B, of Bs. (N. Y.) . . . 33, 34 

St. Nicholas, New York St, Nich »33, 34 

Saturday Review, London, Eng Sat R roi, loa 

School Review, Chicago, lU .' School R. 14 

Science, New York . Science, a. s. aj, a* 

Scientific American, New York Sci Am 94-95 

SdEHTiFic American Sitpplement, New York ScL Am. Supp 61, 6> 

Scribner's Magazine, New York Scrib. M ^40 

Spectator, London, Eng. Spec 96,97 

Studio, International, New York** Studio (Intemat.) . . . •17-30 

Westminster Review, London, Eng Westm 165, 166 

World's Work, New York World's Work. .... 'ii-ia 

Yale Review, New Haven, Conn Yale R, •14, 15 

• ThcK volDinei are not entirely included, u thtT cone mon'thu Ibe fear 1906. In * few elhar taatt Ibe ml. 

Tbe number ol volumet iadeud foe i^siS u i£6, tepTCKsiinE 96 publicmdoni. 
•• The Studio, London, voU. 37-19, coireipoodi almott enetly "itb Ibii tet. 




Wm. I. Fleicheb, Editor LibtarUn Amherst College, Amherst, Masa. 

GxACZ ASHUT Assistant Public Library, Newark, N. J. 

Mat Asm.BY Librarian Public Library, Greenfield, Mass. 

WlLLAiD A17STEN Assistant Librarian Comell llDiveraity, Ithaca, N.Y, 

Jakes Bain, Jr. Librarian Public Library, Toronto, Ont. 

Waltkr S. Biscoe Librarian [Catalog Dept.J State Library, Albany, N.Y. 

Caboline a. Blakcoard Librarian Tufts Library, Weymouth, Mass. 

Arthur N. Brown LibramnU.S- Naval Atademy, Annapolis, Md. 

Ladsancb C. Buree Assistant University of Wisconsin Library, Madison, Wis. 

Charles H. Burr Librarian Williams College, Wiiliamstown, Mass. 

Elizabeth Cranston Assistant Public Library, Providence, R. 1. 

T. Franklin Cvrrigb Assistant Harvard College Library, Cambridge, Mass. 

John F. Davies Butte, Montana. 

Cahrie L. Elliott Reference Librarian Public Library, Chicago, 111. 

Mabel A. Farr. Librarian Adelphi College, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Ida F. Farrar Assistant City Library, Springfield, Mass, 

Frxdesick W. Faxon • Boston Book Co., Boston, Mas^. 

George L. Fox Principal University School, New Haven, Conn. 

WiLUAH D. GoDDARD , . Assistant Library of Congress, Washington, D. C. 

David HF.i^ i.ri Assistant Harvard College Library, Cambridge, Mass. 

WiLLiAif J. Jahzs Librarian WesIeyanUnivcrsity,Midd]etown,C(mn. 

Ellen F. Enowles Assistant Boston Athensum, BostoD, Mass. 

Joseph D. Layuan Assbtant Librarian University of California, Berkeley, Cal. 

Geo. T. Little Librarian Bowdoin College, Brunswick,' Me. 

LiDiA W. Masters AsaistantPublicLibrary, Watertown, Mass. 

Mary Medlioott Reference Librarian City Library, Springfield, Mass. 

Antoinette P. Metcalf Reference Librarian Oberlin College Library, Oberiin, O. 

A, Louise Morton Assistant City Library, Springfield, Maas. 

C. Alex. Nelson Reference Librarian Columbia University Library, N. Y. Cily. 

Georgb M. Ferry Ashland, Massl 

Flora R. Petriz Assistant Y. M. C. A. Library, N. Y. City, 

Franxuk O. Poole Librarian Bar Assoc. Library, N. Y. City. 

Edith M. Pratt Assistant Libra rian_Pubtic Library, Westfield, Mass. 

Public Library Worcester, Mass. 

Abbv L. Sargent Assistant Public Library, Medford, Mass. 

Mary E. Saroent Librarian Public Library, Medford, Mass. 

Alice Skefard Assistant Librarian City Library, Springfield, Mass. 

Thomas H. Shith. , , . Chief Cataloguer Public Library, New Haven, Conn. 

Ida M. Taylob Assistant City Library, Springfield, Mass. 

Peecv H. Tuets Assistant Harvard College Library, Cambridge, Mass. 

Agnes Van Vaucehbcrgh Assistant Public Library, Milwaukee, Wis. 

JtTLiA Wheelock Assistant Pratt Institute I ibrary, Brooklyn, N. Y, 

Carrie W. Whitney Librarian Public Library, Kansas City, Mo. 

Harriet B. Wimsor Assistant City Library, Springfield, Mass. 

Eleanor B. Woodhut? Assistant Pratt Institute Library, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

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OF 1906 





A. B., The indefinile. (F. J. Mather, jr.) Nation, 

8a; 464-5(71=06). 
A ta GratuU ChaumUre. (C: Oliver) [Blackw.] 

Liv. Akc, 349; 36a-5{i3Myo6). 
Aaron, "S. Frank. 
A little friend of the rose. Sci. Am. 04: 13 
Ababrelton. Robert. 
Colonial lands of Natal. Ecod. J. 16: 455-61 
"Abandoned faim" Club. {M. Roberts) Ctry 

Ufe Am. 10: i76-9(Jeo6). 
Abattoir, Municipal, of Berlin. (W: Mnynei) 

Sci. Am. 05: 68-g(aSJIo6). 
Abb^ Clneland. 
Inauenoe of light and heat on geimination. Sd. 

Am. Supp. 61: 35494-5 (3oJeo6). 
Relalions between climates and crops. Sci. Am. 

Supp. 6t: i53S3-4(iiMyo6). 
U. S. government publications. Science, d. s. 
13: 66<j-7o(37Apo6). 
Abbia Ann, (George M. Martin) SL NJcb. 34: 55- 

9(No6), i36-.3i{Do6). 
Abbot, H;L. 
The field of electric direct-current service. Cas 

9»''. »9- 457(Apo6). 
Projects of the board of consulting engineers of 
the Panama Canal. Engin. M. 31: 481-91 
Abbot, J: H. 
Buned dty of Ceybn. Nat. Ceog. M. 17 
Abbott, C : C. 

An egoist on weeds, Lippinc. 78; 371-4(306). 
Abbott, Edith. 

Harriet Mariineau and the employment of 
women in 1836. J. Pol. Ecan. ly. 614-26 
History of industrial employment of women in 
the United States. J. Pol. Eton. 141 461-501 
Woman suffrage; new movement in England. 
Indep. 6t: tz76-S(z9No6). 
— an I Breckinridge, Sophonisba P. 
Employment of women in industries— twelfth - 
census statistics. J. Pol. Econ. 14: 14-40 
Abbott, Eleanor Hallowcll. 

Thi runawiy road. Everybody's, 15: 593-.602 

Abbott, Ernest HaniliD. 
A modem lay order. Outl. 8a; as8-63(3Fo6). 

Abbott, Herbert Vanghan. 
The primitive " tripper " [Thomas Coryat J. 

Atlan. 97: 694-g{liyo6). 
Abbott, LTman. 

The agnoaticiim of Abraham Lincoln. Outl. 

84; 6s4-5('7No6). 
Christ's secret of happiness. Cull. 83: 647-8 

(aiJlo6), 69i-2(38Jlo6), 787-8, 837-S, 885-6, 

93i~a{4-2sAgo6). 84: 15-6, 73-4. »3»-3. '35 

-7, a68~7o(i-.a9So6). 
The coming age; Harvard baccalaureate. 

Outl. 83: 6os-ii(r4jlo6). 
Impressions of a careless traveller. Outl. 83: 

3'3-5(9J«'6), 373-5('6Jeo6), 5ir-3(3ojeo6), 

56a-7o(7jlo6), 63D-3(i4jlo6), 665-7(11)106). 

»°i-4, 853-7(4, " Ago6). 
A vision of peace. Outl. 83: 507-11 ( 30 Jco6). 
Williami Jennings Bryanj a chaiacter Mudy. 

OutL 84: 66-8(8806). 
Abbott, WUbur C. 

The Long Parliamenl of Charles II. Pi, I, II. 

Eng. Hist. R. 21: 2i-56(Jao6), i54-85(Apo6). 

Abduction 0} Red KeUy, The. (H. R. Duranl} 

Munsey, 35: 3JO-s(Myo6). 
Abikul-Hamid, Sultan. (C. Mijatovich) Forln 
86: 57^-84(006). 

— and the FaU'Islanuc movement. Blackw. i8e : 

Aberdeen mnvEiisiTy celebrates 400th anniver- 
sary. (A. T. Smith) Educa. 27; j84-6(No6). 

— Degrees conferred by. Sdence, a. i. 34: £03-1 


— Quatercenlenary of. Ath. '06, a; 407(6006). 

—Nation, 83; 334-6(18006).— Nature, 74: 

Abiutv, Heredity of. Nature, 74: 97(3iMyo6) 
ABOLinONiSTS, Hume on the, (W, P. Garrison) 

Nation, 81: i43-4(i5Fo6). 
Abraham, G : D. 

Climbing the Chamonix Aiguilles. Canad. M. 

27: i95-»o3(Jlo6), 
"Abroau," fKcnds with. (F. J. Mather, 

jr.) Nation, 83: 156-7(13.^506). 
Abhuzzi, Legends of the. (Anionic de Nino) 

Monthly R, 15. no. i: 113-9(006). 
Absent, Criticism of the. Spec. 96; 413-4(17 

Mro6).-Liv. Age, 249: 185-8(3 iAp<i6). 
Abvssinia, Exploration in the Abai Basin. (H. 

Weld Blundell) Geog. J, 27: 539-S3(Jeo6). 
^ Justice and crime in. (M. Shipley) Am. Law R. 

40: i3i-8(So6). 

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AcADEiac CABEER as affected hy administration. 

(J. Jastraw) Science, n. s. ty. s6t-74<i3Apo6), 
AcADXMtc couRAOB. (W: C. Lawtoo) Educa. R, 

3a: 39S-404(No6). 
ACADEUic SYLLABUS, Rcviscd, o( N. Y. itete. (E: 

J. Goodwia) Educa. R. 31: i9i'7(Fo6}. 
Academic WELFARE. Dial(Ch.)4o; 3i-4(i6Jao6). 
ACADIAM , WEAVZKS of , Louisiana. (Campbell 

Madeod) Craftsman, 11: 333-43(006). 
ACADIANS and Governor LawrEnce. (A. W. 

Savaiy) Canad. M. 37: 356-8(Jlo6). 
AccESSiBiuiy, The chann oi. Spec. 97: 357(15 

So6). — Liv, Age, 251: 187-90(30006). 
Accident inscramce by coupon. (R. S. Smyth) 

Chamb. J. 83: 798-800(006). 
According 10 grandma; pictures. (B. C. Kilveii) 

Cosmopol. 43; 39-36(No6). 
According to Meredith. (M. B. Lowndes) Fortn. 
86: i49-7o(Jlo6). — Liv. Age, »so; 268-85 

AccotJNTANCY, The profession of. (J. E. Stetelt) 

Ann. Am. Acad. PoL Sd. 16: 37(]lo6). 
Accursed ttACES. (F: Boyle) Monthly R. 33, no. 3; 

AcBTVL£ME GAS, Atlcilis dif process of generating. 

Sci. Am. Supp. 6j: 35751-3(30006). 
AehiUts gpts to Ckieago. (J. Lee) Harper, 114! 

Acton, Lard. (Herbert Thurston) Cath. World, 

84: 3S7-7"{Do6). 

— A great leader. (Ethelred L, Taunton) Cath. 

World, 84: 344-56(Do6). 

— Letters of. to Mary Gladstone. (A. Lytlellon) 

19th Cent. 60: io7-i3(Jlo6). 
AcToa. The, art and the stage. (Amiiger Barclay) 
Monthly R. as, no. 3: 107-1 i8(Do6). 

— Man and the. (R. Mansfield) Atlan. 97: 577- 


— Who is our worst J (Alan Dale) Cosmopol. 40; 

AcUfT in llu French farce. The. (Hi M. Hyde) 

Ladies' H. J. 33, no. 11: i6(Oo6). 
Actors brought too much into public notice. (M, 

Beerbohm) Sat. R. 102: 74-5(3iJlo6). 

— of the rgth century. Famous. (W: Winter) 


— Recipes for making "stars". (Alan Dale) 

CosmopoL4i: 189-96(006), 

— The statue of snow. (B. Mallhewi) UuDsey) 

36: tof-i3(Oo6). 

— Why women are greater, than men. (Alan 

Dale) Cosmopol. 41: 517-34(806). 
Actors aU. (J. B. Cabell) Booklover's M. 7 : 586- 

ACTKBS3, Reminiscences of an. (Clara Morris) 

McCIure, a6: 636-4s(Apo6). 37: 98-103 

Actresses. Six effulgent stars, with portraits. 

(Alan Dale) Cosmopol. 40: 4i9'34(Fo6). 
Acwortli, W. H. 
Railroad professional education. Ann. Am. 

Acad. Pol. Sci. 28: i3o-42(Jlo6). 
AdAU, Jaues Noble. (T: P. Hamilton) World 

To-day, 11: 7oi-2{Jlo6). 

— A mayor of all the people. (I. F. Marco.sson) 

World's Work. 11: 765S-6o(Jco6). 

— a municipal leader of the new time. (B: O, 

Flower) Arena, 35 : s76-8a(Jeoe). 

Adam, Paul. 
Tall office buildings. Indep. 60; 1200-3(2^ 
Adams, Alton D. 
Proposed dam for outlet of Lake Erie. Sci. Am. 
94: i37(ioFo6). 
Adams, Arthur H. 

Insularity of the English. I9lh Cent. 59: 667- 
77(Apo6).= LLv. Age. 249: 323-30(1 iMyo6). 
Adsms, C: Francis. 

Some present collegiate tendencies. Kduca. R. 

32: is7-64(So6). 
Reflex light from Africa. Cent. 50: loi— 11 
Adams, Cyraa C. 
Making the northwest passage. R. of Rs- 

(N. Y.) 33: 8i^aao6). 
Terrestrial magnetism. Harper, 113; 63—7 

Three unarmed men cross the Sahara. R. of 
Rs. (N. Y.) 33: 337-9{Mro6). 
Adams, Ephraim D. 

Europe at the dose of the 19th century. Dial 
(Chic.) 41; 63-s(i6Ago6). 
Adams, Frank D. 

Geological survey of Canada: Mr. t.ow 
director. Nature, 75: 149(13006). 
Adams, Franklin. 

The United Stales of Brazil. R. of Rs. (N. Y.) 
34: i84-96(Ago6). 
Adams, F: Upham. 

Cule, ils condition and outlook. World's 
Work, 13: 8237-43(No6). 
— and othert. 
Are great fortunes great dangers? With portraits. 
Cosmopol. 40: 39i-40o(Fo6). 
Adams, J; Quincv, Letters to Alex. H. Everett, 

Cent 51: 3io-i(Do6). 
Adams, Hjrron E. 
The causes of juvenile crime. Gull. 83: 796- 
Adams, Robert W. 

Bookbinding, historic and artistic. Pub. Lib. 
11: »87-93(Jeo6). 
Adams, S: Hopkins. 

B. Jones, Butcher. McCluie. 27: 5io-ao(So6). 
A matter 0} principle. McCIure, 26: 485-95 

Veliow fever; a problem solved. McCIure, 27 : 
Adams, J : Sewall. 
Trades unions in politics. World To-day, 11: 
Adaics, W. Dacres, painter. Studio (Inlernat.) 

30: 137-34(I><'6). 
Adams, WiU. 

Military value of color. Harp. W. 50: 1102(4 
Addams, Jane. 
Fifteen yeara at Hull House. Ladies' H. J. 4: 

Work of Hull House. Chicago. Ladies' H. J. 
33, no. 5 : ii-3(Apo6), no. 6: 1 1-12. 48(Myo6). 
Operation of the Illinois law on child labor. 
Ann. Am. Acad. Pol, Sci. 37: 327-3o(Mro6), 
Addahrala'i interventum. (H; B. FtiUer) Scrib. 
M. 40; 715-39(006). 



Adxb "Aviok," Sci. Am. Supp. 6a: 25837-8 

Adikondack Mountains, Camping in. (A. C. 

Robinson) Ouling, 49; i46-7(No6). 
AsiKONDACKS, Physiography of the. (W. W. 

Davis) Science, a. 3. 23: 630-i(2oApo6).— {J- 

F. Kemp) Pop. Sci. Mo. 68: 195-2 io(Mro6). 
Adler, Felix, with portrait. Craftsman, 9; 774- 

Administhative tribunals, American. (H. M. 

Bowman) Pol. Sci. Q. 21: 6o9-2s(Do6). 
Admirable oatlav. The. (M'Cready Sykes) Scrib. 

M. 40: 627-34(No6). 
Admiral, The, and the Colontl. (Mary S. Boyd) 

[Temple Bar] Liv. Age, 250: 414-7(1 8 Ago6). 
Adolescence, Facta and problems ol. (James 

R. AngeU) Worid To-day. 10: 374-9(Apo6). 
Adonis, Atiis, Osiris. Spec 97; 613-3(37006). 
Adopted, The. (A. H. Uonnell} Harper, 113: 927- 

"Ai>os" automatic recorder for boiler furnaces. 

Sci. Am. Supp. 62: 896-7(22006). 
ADULTeRA.\Ta of food, Simple tests for. 1. Sci. 

Am. Supp. 61: 2S407(a6Myo6), 25430-2(2 Je 

Adulterated toodb, How to tell. (A. 0. Wood- 
man) Ladies' H. J. 23, no, a: 22yao6). 
AdvfiUure in Arcaiy, An. (R. H. Barbour) 

Lippinc. 78: ii9-39(Ago6). 
Adventure af Ike wikiU cantalim. The. (F. J. 

Burnett) Lippinc. 77; 599-60 7 (Myo6), 
Adventure on the Orinoco, Aii. Chamb. J. 83: 

S33-4. 5S3-5(Ago6). 
Adventures of Captain De Longpri. Chamb. J, 

83; 145-9- i68-73(Mro6). 
Advertiseuehts, Regulation of. (A. Fellows) 

Macmil. n. s. i: 462-7o(Apo6). 
Advbrtisino by an electric central station. (C. H. 

B. Cbapin) Gassier, 29: 46i(Apo6). 

— of boots, The principles of. (G. French) Dial 

(Ch.) 4or S-6(iJao6). 
Adwfcate, The (A. Brown) Harper, 112; 845-53 

(My 06). 
Aero club of America, First show of. (Carl E. 

Mj'eis)Sca. Am. Supp. 61: »si93-4(i7Fo6). 

— 2d annual exhibition of. Sci. Am. 95; 44-79 

Aeronauiic sports, Popular. (G: E. Walsh) 

Indcp. 60: i35B-62(7Jco6). 
Aebo-sautical apparatus. Aero Club's exhibit. 

Sci.Am.94: 93-4(37jao6). 
Aeronautics. Mechanical llight. Science, n, s. 

"3- SS7-8(6Apo6). 
Aeroplane, Methodical ciperimcntal study of the. 

(Victor Ta(in) Sci. Am. Supp. 61: 35560-2 

(j8 JI06). 

— Wright. Sci. Am. 94; j9:-3(7Apo6). 

Perfecting of. (Livingston Wright) Sci. Am. 

Supp. 61; 2S3C.3-4(7Apo6). 

What it has accomplished. Sci. Am. Supp 

61: 2S303(7Apo6). 

Aeroplanes and airships. Recent, in France. 
Sci. Am. 95: I i6-7(i8Ago6). 

iCscHiiLUS. Eumenides, Last scene of. (W. Head- 
lam) J. Hel. Stud j6: 268-77(N'o6). 

^TBENDDH, Baltic of. (W. H. Stevenson) Alh 
'06, 2; 303-4(isSo6>. 

ASair o) honor. An. (Calberine Thayer) Apple- 
ton's M. 8: 463-71(006). 

Apion-Kaka-Hissak; a missioD ttation. (Lyman 

Bartlelt) Miss. R. 19: 4S-5i(Jao6). 
Aflalo, F:G: 

The ruin of the sardine trade in Brittany. 

Chamb, J. 83: 48i-3(Jlo6). 
The sportsman's library: some ^Kirting books 

of 1905. Fortn, 85; 164-75 (J aoi5}. 
Africa, Ccniral. The white man's zone in Africa. 

(S: P, Verner) World's Wort, 13: 8227-36 


— The Dark Continent and its people. (Arthur 

T. Pierson) Miss, R. 19: 407-ia(Jeo6). 

— East; the dominion of palm and pine. (M. 

Frewen) [Monthly R.] Eel. M. 147: 317-32 

British. (A. C. Coolidge) Nation, 82 444-6 

Notes 00. (Moreton Frewen) Monthly R. 

23, no, 3: 43-73(Jeo6). 
Plateau land and its economic conditions. 

(A. St. H. Gibbons) Geog. J. aj: 342-59 


— Equaloria. (A. Balfour) Blackw. 1701 109-21 


— Forward. Nation, 82: 294(i3Apo6). 

— Industrial education in. (Booker T. Washing- 

ton) Indep. 60: 616-9(1 5Mro6). 

— Joys of hunting in. (E. G. J. Moyna) MacraiL 

n. s. t: s2i-3i(Myo6). 

— mission lields in, Unoccupied. (Wilson S. Nay- 

lor) Miss. R. 19: i77-84(Mro6). 

— Moral darkness in. (Arthur T. Pierson) Miss. 

R.19: 567-7o(Ago6). 

— Mountains of southernmost, (W, M. Davis) 

Am. Geog, Soc. Bull. 3S: 593-623(006). 

— The railways of. (Sir P. Gitouard) Scrib. M. 

39= 553-68(Myo6). 

— South, as an imperial recruiting ground. Mac- 

mil, n, s. i; 8i6-22(So6). 

Black peril in, (S, P. Hyatt) Macmil. n. s. 

1: 392-40o(Mro6). 

Chinese labor in. (I. Dobbie) MacmU. 

n. s. i: 787-8oo(Ago6). 

Chinese labor and the governmi-nt. (J. S. 

Mills) Form. 85: 648-59(Apo6). 

Colour question in. (W. M. Lightbody) 

Westm. 165: 4i-6(Jao6). 

Constitution for. (H: W: Massinghan) 

World's Work, 13: 8297-8300(006). 

Educational problems in. (Francis W. 

Bales) Miss. R, 19: 438-45(Jeo6). 

Fighting tribes of. Sci. Am, 95: so-i(2i]k>6). 

The government and. (A*. Lyttleton) Na- 
tional. 47; 2i9-27(Apo6). 

Cireal Britain and. (Viscount Milner) Na- 

lional,47: 209-i8(Apo6), = Liv. Age, 249: 303 
-10(28 \po6).-Quar. 204: 37s-89(Aii>6).— 
(A. R. Colquhoun) OuU. 83: 513-8(30/606). 

How keep British supremacy? Sal, R. loj: 

160-1(1 1 Abo6). 

— — Impressions of, (W. Cunningham) National, 

47: 228-4i(Apo6), 

The labor problem in, (A member of 

Winchester College) National, 47: 8«3-6o 




Africa, South. Lord Milner and the struggle for 

the union; a retrospect, 1897-1905. National, 

46; llo3-35(Fo6). 
The native and the white in, (W. F, Bailey) 

igth Cent. 59= 3i4-3o(F<*)- 

Native peni in. Spec. 96: »46-8 (17F06). 

Problem of home Ufe in. (E. P. Rathbone) 

igth Cent. 60; 24s-s3(AfroG). 
A trek in the Ealahan. (R. H. Biaod) 

Blackw. 180: 389^03(806). 
Where there's smoke. (J. Knowles Ben, 

son) Monthly R. 34, no. i: i7-34(Jlo6). 
While labor for, Chamb. T. 83: 749-sa 

With the British Association in.. (E. W. 

Brown) Pop. Sd. Mo. 68: s-ionao6), 145-60 


— wilderness of, Through the. (H. W. Nevinson) 

Harper, ,13: i6-36(Jeo6). 
African lansuages. (A. C. Madan) Nation, 83: 

African souls. Glimpses of. (Jean K. Mackenzie) 

Miss. R. 19: 4t~3(Jao6). 
After pons* vilk Hiram. (M. Foster) Outing, 491 

After the bait, a foot-ball parody on a ome papular 

song. St. Nich. 34: 6i-3{No6). 
A}ler weary years. (M. Evans) Canad. M. 36: 

177-81 (Jao6). 
After the wedding; drama. (W. D. Howells) 

Harper, 114: 64-9(006). 
Afternoon calls. (Mrs. J. Lane) Fortn. 85: 

696-7o6(Apo6). = Critic, 48: 437-44(Myo6). 
Against ordtTs. (F. H. Smith) Scrib. M. 40: 583- 

Aoathocles, Position of, during the eclipse of 

B. c. 310. (P. H. Cowell) Nature, 75: lO-ii 

Agnosticism. An agnostic's progress. (W: S. 

Palmer) Contemp. 89: 3i-4o(Jao6), i66-8t 

Agra, India; Taj Mahal, the most exquisite build- 
ing in the world. (F: C. Penfield) Book- 

bver's M. 7: 34i-6(Mro6). 
AoRicoLA, RtTDOLFH, Letters of. (P. S. Allen) 

Eng. Hist. R. ai: 30j-i7(Apo6), 
AORiCiTLTnRAL CHEiasTS, Somc problems for. 

(E. B. Voorbees) Science, n. s. 14: 385-90 

AoKlCDLTintAL COLLEGE and the farm -youth. 

(L. H. Bailey) Cent. 50: 733-8CS06). 
AoiucotnraAL coijrse, A standwd. Science, n. s. 

'y- Sl4-5(3oMro6). 
Aghicoltchal education in the U. S. (J. C. 

Mcdd) iQlh Cent. 60; 299--3o6(Ago6). 
Agrichlthsai, science. (H: P. Armsbj) Sdenca, 

n. s. m- 673-8i{3oNo6). 
Agriculture and the British empire. (W. T. 

Thiselton-Dyer) Nature. 73: 48S-9o(3aMro6). 

— Altitude of reformers toward. (R. Higgs) 

Westm. 166; 3i-4o(Jlo6). 

— Chimislry in. (M. Foster) [Sat. R.J Liv. Age, 

149: i8S-9i(3iApo6). 

— Clergy and. (L. Phillips) Econ. R. 16: 3\$-^^ 

-~ The International Institute of. (L. Suzzatti) 
No. Am. i8a: 6si-9(Myo6), 

— Revolution in. (Seaman A. Knapp) World's 

Work, i»; 7733-38(Jl«S)- 

AcRictTLTUsE, Scientific. (Frances E., 

Warwick) No. Am. i8a: 4o8-i3(Mro6). — 

Science, n. s. 34: 9i-3(3oJlo6). 
Aguirre, C; H. 
Cuba; the revolutionist's side. Indep. 61: 664 

Ahead of the season. (Florence Peltier) St. Nich. 

33: 464-6(Mro6). 
Aimcs, Hubert H. S. 
Transition from slave to free labor in Cuba. 

YaieR. 15: 68-84(Myo6). 
AiMCER, Alfred. Lectures and essays. Alh. '06, 

i; a89-9o(ioMro6). 

— Life and letters of. (H. A. Bruce) Outl. 84: 

83S-8(iDo6).— (H; C: Bccching) [Speaker] 
Liv.Age.3so: i43-6(28]lo6).— (Percy F. Bick- 
nell) Dial (Chic.) 41: 83-4(i6Ago6). 
Aiken, Ednah. 

Tht cross and the drafon. Coamopol. 41; 613- 


Ant, compressed. Illness caused by. (T: Oliver) 

Am. Arch. 89; 2i8-9(3ojeo6). 
Greater economy needed inproduction of. 

Sci. Am. Supp. 63: 890-i(33Do6). 

— — Recent advances in use of. (W. L. Saun- 

ders) Gassier, 31: 135-30(1)06). 
Ab-pump, A valvcless. Sci. Am. Supp. 63: 35544 

Airship, Parseval dirigible. (Alfred Gradeniritz) 

Sci, Am. 95: 34i(ioNo6). 

— The polar. (Walter Welhnan) Nal. Gtog. M. 17: 

^Zeppelin'sdirigible. Sci. Am.94: i95-6(3Mro6). 
—(Walter M. Wythe) Harp. W. 50: soofjMrod). 
AmsHip and aeroplane experiments in Europe, 

Recent. Sti. Am. 95: 470-3(32006). 
Airships. The conquest of the air. (B. Meikle- 

john)World'sWork, 13: 8283-96(006).— Spec. 

97: 8iS-9(34No6). 

— Dirigible. (Count von Zeppelin) Sci. Am. Supp. 

63: 886-8(33Do6). 
Aitken, Robett. 

Days errant. Appleton's M. 8: 537-36(No6). 
Akerlind G. A. 

Malleable cast iron, Sci. Am. Supp 6z: 3569a 

Hopi Indians. Craftsman, 10: 3i4-39(}co6). 
Akin, I,ouis, painter of Indians, (G. Macdonald) 

Brush & P. 18: ii3-6(So6). 
Alabama, Civil war and reconstruction in, Fleming 
on. (J. W. Gamer) Dial (Ch.) 40: 150-1 

— Library Association, 3d annual meeting. Pub. 

Lib. ji: 8i-a(Fo6). 
Alapvin. Russia's first "walking delegate." 

(Kellogg Ourland) R. of Rs. (N. Y.) 34: 

Alaska, Culture conditions in. (D. M. Strom- 

feladt) Educa. 27: ^8-24(806). 

— Eskimos of. (J. Taylor Hamilton) Miss. R. 

19: 487-g3(JIo6). 
Geological survey of. (A. H, Brooks) Pop. 

Sd. Mo. 68: 43-54(Jao6). 
Glaciers of Yakutat Bay. (Ralph S. Tarr and 

Lawrence Martin) Am. Geog. Soc. Bull. 38: 


— Looting of. (Rex E. Beach) Booklover's M. .7: 

l-t»(Jao6), i3i-4o(Fo6), 294-301 (Mro6), 540 
-7CAP06), 6o6-i3(Myo6). 

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Alaska, Mining developmenl in southern. (W: 
M. Brewer) Engin.M. 30; 683-704(Fo6). 

— Xonhem, to-day, (A. G. Kingsbury) New 

Eng. M.n.s.3s: 3-i6(So6). 

— RccenI change of level in. (Ralph S. Tarr and 

I-awrencc Marlin) Geog. J. 28: 30-43(J!o6). 

— Rus^ans in. Sea-voyageis of the northern ocean. 

(A. C. Laut) Harper, iii: a5i-8(Jao6). 

— TransporUtion methods in. (0: S. Gihbs) 

Nat. Geog. M. 17: 69-8i{Fo6). 
Alaskan-Sisebian railroad. From New York 10 

Paris by rail. (Herman Rosenthal) R. of Rs. 

(N. Y.) 33: s9»-3(Myo6). 
Albany, N. V: AIL Saints' Cathedral. (M. Par- 
kinson) Oull. 84: ioo5-ii(»aDo6). 
Albert, Allen D., jr. 

Speaker Cannon, portr. Munsey, 35: 4">-4 

The Roosevelt of the amiT. Munsev, 36: 53-7 

AtCHEnnSTS. RenaU-sance of the. (J. H. Coates) 

No. Am. 183: 8i-97(Jlo6). 
Alcohol and gasolene locomotives. (G : L. Clark) 

Cassier, 30; 391-4(506). 

— and tobacco. (R B. Carter) [Comb.l Liv. Age, 

330; 479-93(isAeo6). = F,tl. M. 147: 236-38 

— as a fuel. (F.lihu Thomson) Cassier, 30: 310-a 


— as a fuel for gas-engines. (D. Diderichs) 

Sci. .Am. Supp. 61: 25s68~7o(4Ago6). 

— Denatured, in France. Sci. Am. Supp. 6»; 


— denaturing, Regulations concerning. Sci. Am. 

Supp. 61: 35758-9(37006}. 

— Formula for miiing. (F,. W. Bcrger) Science, n. 

s. 33: 787-8(i8Myo6>. 

— Fn-c, in the arts (C: Raskerville) R. of Rs. 

(N, V.)34-»'t-4(Ago6). 

— fm^n sawdjst. Sci. Am. Supp. 61: 35508-9 

^ Illumination by, (P. Wiltelshofer) Sci. Am. 
Supp. 62: 258ss(8Do6). 

— Industrial; how made and used. Sci. Am. 95: 

43. 6( = ijb6). 

— - Production of. Sci. Am Supp. 61: 25338 


— —'Sources of. (H. W. Wiley) Sd. Am. Supp. 

63: 35814-5(1 7N06), 35834-5(34^06). 

Uses of. (H, W. Wiley) Sci, Am, Supp. 62: 


— Industrial uses and value of, (H; Hale) Sd. 

Am. 94: 5ii(23jco6), 535(3oJeo6). 

— The modern manuiiclurc of. .Sci. Am. Supp. 

63: 25680(22506), 35696-7(39506), 35716-8 

— Taj-ttee. (J. H. Long) Science, n. s. 33: 834- 

.Alcohol smugglers of Paris. Sci. Am. 95: 208- 

Alcoholism. (E. Powell) Kron. R 16: 305-14 

Alcohols, Tertiary and unsaturated. (J. B. 

Tingle) Scieno-.n, 3,24: 5i-^(l3jlo61. 
Alcott, l.omsA M. (F. B. Sanborn) Critic, 48: 

Alcott, Winfield S. 

Modem problems of immigration. New Eng. 

M. n. I, 34: sS3-*»(Jlo'S)- 

Aldania, H. CsiriUo. 

Cuba; the goverament's aide. Indep. 61: 663 

Aldebaran, The occultation of. Pop. Astron. 14: 

Alden, H: Mills. Out]. 84: 599--6oo(ioNo6). 

— 7olh birthday of; souvenir, with portraits of 

guests. Harp. W. 50: 1809-40(15006). 
Alden, W: Llringstoa. 

Passing. Scrib. M. 40: 703-12(006), 
Tkt aUs of Piatenta. Harper, 113: 398-40S 
Aldis, H. G. 

Flmi-er 0' Iht May. Gent. M. n. s. 76: 43-55 

Following the hounds. WorldTo-day, 11 : 1037- 
Aldrich, T: Bailiv; an appredatiou. (H. W. 

Mabie)Outl. 84: 735-4o{34No6). 
Alexander, Archibald. 

Changes in foreign missions. Nation, 83: 333- 

Codes of professiond ethica. Nation, 83: 38S 

An S. P. C. P. [Soc. for Prev. of Cruelly to 
Parents]. Nation, 83; 344-5(35006). 
Alezaoder, Hartler B. 

Evolution of ideals. Internat. J. Ethics, 16: 
Alexander, J: W. (P. T. Famsworth) Craftsman, 
10: 4fr-s3(Apo6). 

— "A mother," from paintings by. Cent. 49; 033 


— A painting by. (W. S. Howard) Harper, 113: 

Alexander, Lucien Hugh. 

lames Wilson, patriot, and the Wilson doctrine. 
No. Am. 183: 971-89(1 6N06). 
Alexander, S; 

The mind of a dog. [Comh.] Lit. Age, 350: 
Alexander, W:, Bp. of Armagh. 

Edmund Burke. [National R.] LIv. Age, 349; 
48-s6(7Apo6).-Erl. M. 146: 400-6(M)-o6). 
Alexander, W. F. 

Revivalism and mysticism. Contemp. 89: 350- 
69(Mro6). = Rd, M, 146: 4i2-37(Myo6), 

7: 6s-72(Oo6), 
Alfonso XIII., king of Spain, (V. Thompson) 
Everybody's, 14: 147-55(^06), 

— Marriage of. (Jos£ Gava y Busquels) Indep. 

60: i2s6-62(3iMyo6).— (C. N. and A. M. 
Williamson) McClure, 27: 531-31(506). 

— Most modem of kings, with portraits. (Y. del 

Blanco) Cosmopol. 41; i95-S(Jco6). 
.\lcebra and geometry, F.duC8tionai significance of. 
(B. C. F.wer) Educa. 27: 223-6(006). 

— Class of content -problems for highschool. (G. 

W. Myers) School R. 14: 563-77(006.) 
.Algeciras conference Jesuits. -Sal. R. 101: 

Alger, G: W. 

Criminal-law reform. Allan. 97: so»-«(Apo6). 
Some equivocal rights of labor. AUan. 97; 364- 

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Ugti, M. 

A new syfltem of irrigalion. Sci. Am. Supp. 6i: 

Arlilicia] production of ni(ralc:i from the atmos- 
phere. Sri. A-.n. 93: 250-1(6006). 
Algeria and Tunis. Nesbin's. (Mabel Loomis 
Todd) Nation, 83: l8i)(40o6). 

— French cnnquesl of. (R. F. O'Connor) Am. 

Cath. Q. .„: 4S7-85(J]o6). 

— Studies and impressions, Belloc's. (R. B. C. 

Graham) Sat. R. 101: 8 [3-4(30)606). 
Algerian su-or,hmon. The. (F. G. Blakcslce) 

Lippinr. 78: 9S-ioi(JId6). 
Algol variables, Prof. Wilson's list of. (F. H 

Scares) Pop. Astron. 14: 238-4i(Apo6). 
Aloaubra, The; shall it he saved? (Joseph May) 

Nation, 83: 39i(8No6). 
ML Ameer. 
DawD of a new policy iit lodia. loth Cent. 60; 

India and the new parliament, igth Cent. 60; 

Moslem view of Christianity. Hibbert J, 

Spain under (he Saracens. 19th Cent. 59; 933- 
Alie» coiintrv, The. (H. J. Smith) Atlan. 08: 617- 

Aliens ACT, The Htlack on the. (\V: E. Gordon) 
National, 48; 460-71(^06). 

— The Lords and the. (J: Ward) Indcp. R. 10: 

Alidarh, Study at. (G. L. Bell) 19th Cent. 900-8 

Aline and the enemy. (M. L. Girauh) Lippinc. 

77: isi-4(Fo6). 
Alingtoii,C: W. 
Aspects of unemplovrr.ent in Wcsl Ham. Eion. 

R. 16: s6-fi7(Jao61, 
Alix, Ctnrina. (Isabel F. Hapgood) Harp. Baz. 

40: i03-9(Fo6l. 
AU because of Suite. (Ellis P. Butler) Ladies' 

H.J. 34,no. i: ii-i»(Do6). 
All for the love of a lady. (Elinot M. Lane) Book- 
lover's M. 7: i3-i3(Jao6), 3ii-8(Ko6). 
All in a voyage. (T, Roberts) Canad. M. j6: 

AUartt burglars. The. (0. Hibbard) Munsev, 34: 

Allerbenv county (Pa.) court house. (J: T. 

Comes) Studio (Intemat.) »8: iii-vii(Mro6). 
AUea, A. M. 
The knighting of children. Eng. Hist. R. 21: 

Allen, Alexander V. G. 

Palmer's Herbert. Allan. 97: 90-ioo(Jao6). 
Allen, Anne Story. 

Pell Mildred. Evcrvbody's. 14: igT-ofFo6). 
The piper hifshlger. Everybody's [4: 683-9 

Allen, C:V. 

F.lrrrrir machinen- for mminR and .milling. En- 

Wn. M. 3r: ft6a-tio( Abo6) , 
Electric machinery for opening Mexican mines. 

EnKin. M. 31: 848-7»(So6), 31: 33-44(006). 
AUea, E ; E. 
Library work for the blind. Lib. J. 31: 8-rl(Ja 


Allen, 0«rtru4e E. 
Shifting the cross. Harp. Baz. 40: 4SS-94 

Allen, Irving. 

Reruiniscences of Daniel Webster and C: Sumner. 

Indep. 60: 334-7{8Fo6). 
AUen, J. A. 

Heredity and subspecies. Science, n.s. 33; 14a- 

Isolation and non-IsolatioD as bionomic factors. 

Science, n. s. 23: 310-3(23706). 
Species. Science, n.s. 24: 773-9(i4Do6). 
AUen, J. E. 

Liberalism and the local veto. Indep. R. m 

AUea, P. S. 

Letters of Rudolph Agricola. Eng. Hist. R. 11 : 

303-1 7(Apo6). 
Alien, Paul L. 

The balance-sheet of conscience. Nation, Sa: 

Crop estimates in the making. Nation, 81: 

483-4(1 4 Jeo6). 
Darius Green's progeny. Nation. 8a: 48(iSJao6). 
New fields for federal power. Nation, 83: 131- 

New phases oi pnmary reform. Nation, 83: 98-9 

The Philippine railways. Nation, Sa: 5-^(4 

Prunary laws and party tactics. Nation, S3: 

Spread of the referendum. Nation, 82: 463 

The j-esr of food laws. Nation, 83: 523-3(38 

Allen, Percy R. 

Locomotive cranes. Cassier, 30: 417-31(506). 
Allen, Philip Loring. 

Ballot laws and their workings. Pol. Sci. Q. «i : 

Till- moral w !■ e and the a\crage man. Quit. 

83: 839-42(nAgo6). 
Passing rich school -teachers. Nation, 82: 236 

Sky-scraping tariff laMS. Nation, 83: 375(5 

Sli-iiii' d.iyi rciiirning. Nation,a3: 277(4'''o61. 
The trend toward a pure democracy. Ourl. 84: 

Voting for I arty. Nation, 83: 3e6(j7So6). 
Au.EN, R: HiNCKl-EY. (I.ucy Noble Morris) 

Pop. Aslron. 14: 592-4(006). 
Alien, Robert HcD. 

Ptitp-food legislation. Pop. Sci. Mo. 69: 5i-fi4 

(JI06). ■ 
Albr, Stephen H. 
Stoi k gamhlcrs as railroad manager s. Arena, 

36- 372-7(So6), 
Alhn, T. 

Al»jli^h dutvim the tine arls. Brcsh & P. 17: 

Allen, W:H. 

Demand for better school reports. K. of- Rs. 

(N. V.) 33: s7s-9(Myo6). 
The "gooiiness" fallacy. World's Work. 13: 

Hospital efficienc]!. Am. J. SocioL il: aoS-'3i8 




Allen, Walter S. 

S I rpct -railway franchises in Massachusetts. Ann. 
Am. Mad. Pol. Sd. ly: 9i-iioaao6). 
Alloy, W. 
Retrospective review ot his " Poormao's library." 
Gem. M. n. s. 77; 391-9(006). 
.-Vluances, special and general. (F-. J. Mather, 

jr.) Xaiion, Si; 4oo{i7Myo6). 
AUingham, W: -• w j / 

The igj- oceans. Chamb. J. 83: 4i)-s2(Jao6). 
AUinson, A. C. E. 
The curriculum for girls. Nation, 83; 189-90 

AIUdsoq, Francis G. 

The honor S)Stqm in college and out. Nation, 

Sj: 438-9(29X06). 
Allovs, Valuable. Sci. -Am. Supp. 61 : 25246-7(17 

.Mro6). 3S3i8-9(i4Apo6), 15378-9(1 2Myo6). 
, .62: 25574-5, 90-3(4-"Ago6). 
Allston, Washington. Portrait o( Coleridge. 

(.\. N. Meyer) Crilic, 48: i38-4i(Fo6). 
Allusio-v, Lilerarv. (RoUo Ogden) Nation, 83: 

ALUA Tadema, Lawrence. Am. Arch. 90; 21-4 

Almar aad Jayar;, J. 
The revolutionary tnovement in Russia. Fortn. 

83; 3Og-20(Ko6). 
Almirxl, Raymond F. 

Br.inth library buildings. Lib. J. 31: C46-9 

Al.MOND, HurCHINSON, oE Ixirctto. Spec. 96: 181 

Moagihe stubbles. (M. KrBt.-r) Outing,48: 665- 

■Vpin- lights and shaiows. (Anne Warner) Apple- 
ton's M. 8: 305-8(806). 

\: PINK RACKS in Europe. (J: L. Mvres) Gcog. J. 

ALPS. Cha'icm.iitc's Pai-agc of, in 773. {W. A. B. 
(•™.lidgc) Eng. 21: 4<H-Sosaio6). 

- t liiibing the Chamonix Ai:;uilles. (G. 1>. 

.Abraham) Canad. M. 17: 1 95-2011 JI06I. 

- Physi..lfiRi al cffcil of life in" the. S.j. Am. 

Supp. 61: 25443(c);oo6). 
.\r.SACK-tjjHBAlNE and the German empire. (Burt 

K, Hoivard) Pol. Sci. Q. 31; 447-74(506). 
Altftmira, Rafael. 
Sjianish literature, 1905-6. Alh. '06, a: 397-8 

A;.TAR.The Christian. (E. Schreibcr) Am. Caih. Q. 

31: 658-70(006)- 
.Ar.TAjts, marble. Duty on. Am. Arch. 90; 95 

Allhfa-s lovers. (J: Finnemore) Chamb. J. 83: 

8-12. 26-8. 4J-6, 6o-3(Jao6). 
ALTiitJisu, Monslmus, (Mrs. L. H. Harris) Indep. 

6i: 7()2-H(40o6l 
AnATONCA, Among the. (Lewis E. Hertslet) Miss. 

R. 19: 42<)-3,l(J<-"oi*)- 
Amaii's courtinR. (Wrse.] (Dora Read Goodale) 

New Eng. M., n. s. 34: 3o6-7(Myo6). 
Ambrow, Lodilla. 
Uv: of Libraiy of Congress cards in Northwestern 

I'niveraitv librarv. Lib. t- 31 : 257-9(1^06). 
AiiBDLANCC. Motor, for the U. S. Army. (Wnldon 

F&wcctt) Sci. Am. 95: i7a(SSo6). 
Amrlia and Ike DoOor. (H. G. Hutchinson) 

Liv.TAge.Jisi: 598-604(8006), 726-32(22 

Dc6), 79o-4(99Do(i). 

America and Americans, Notes on, 1865-75. (G: 
Clemenceau) Indep. 61: 1537-40(17606). 

— at the cross-roads. [Lond. Outlook] Liv. Age, 

250: 6i-4(7jlo6). 

— Catholic, Some impresaons of. (F. A. Gaaquel) 

Dub. R. 138: 79-98(Jao6). 

— Comparative impressions of. (Sara Bernhardt) 

Booklovcr's M. 7: 833-7(1006). 

— The future n. (Herbert G. WelU) Harp. W. 

50: 982-5(4jlo6), ioi8-ii(aijlo6), 1058-6.5 
(28JI06), io9io-2. 1130-3, U62-S, i2o*-s(4-a 
Ago6), 1239-41, 1279-84, 13x7-9. '3S4. 1384 

(1-29506), 1420-2(60o6). 

— Impressions of. (Maxim Gorky) Appleton's, 

M- 8: i77-82(Ago6). 

— Prosperity and commercial activity ot. (H. 

Botce) Booklover's M. 7: 353-7(Mro6). 

— See America first. (H. Lamoat) Nation, 8*; 

American, Sadie. 

Vacation schools. Educa. 26; so9-i8(Myo6), 

American, and German, "periL" (Louis J. 

Magee) Eng. M. 30: 48i-9o(Jao6), 641-53 



Sctence, New Orleans meeting, 1905. (C. A, 

Waldo) Science, n. s. 23: 4i-9(i2jao6).— 

Nature, 73: 4a2-6(22Fo6). 
Botany section. Science, n. •. 23; 201-5 

Geology and geography section. (E, O, 

Hovey) Science, n, s. 23: 286-9i(23Fo6). 

Phj-sics ai. Science, 33: 415-2 i(:6Mro6). 

Mathematics and astronomy at. (L. G, 

Weld) Science, n. s. 23: 46o-3(23MrQ6). 

— — Mechaniiial science and engineering. (W. 

T. Magruder) Science, n. s. 23: 764-9(18 

Social and economic section. (J : F. Crowell) 

Science, n. s. 23: 6oi-i9(2oApo6). 
Zoology section. Science, n. s. 23: (57-60 


— Summer mcetinfi, 1906. (W. H. Hale) Sci. Am. 

95- 23' 14 Jlo6)-— Science, n. s. 23: 956-8(22 

— ^- Addresses rf wt^lcomi', cic. Science, n. s. 24 : 


Economic and socUl science. (J. F. CroweU) 

Science, n. s, 24: 519-29(26006). 

Geology and geography at. (E. O, Hovey) 

Sci. Am. 95: 26(i4jb6):~(E. O. Hovey) Sci- 
ence, n. %. 24: 365-71(21506) 

-Physics at. Science, n. s. 14: 6o9-i3(i6No6). 

Zoology section. (C. Judson Herrict) Si ienre, 

n s. 24: 293-0(7=06)- 

— N. Y. meeting, Dec. '06. Science, n. s. 14: 753- 

8(l4Do6), 826-9(211*06). 
American beavtv. Racial trails in. (B. Branden- 

butg) Cosmopol. 41: 57-64(Myo6). 
American Chemical Society, 1906 meeting. (C, 

E. Waters) Science, n. s. 23: 32i-4o(2Mro6). 

— meeting at Ilhara. 1906. (O. R. While) Science, 

n. s. 24: i93-lo6(i7Ago6), 238-4s(i4Ago6). 
AuF.KiCAil democracy. Can it be regenerated? 
(O. E. McGillicuddy) Westm. 166; 657-61 

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AiiERiCAH DiFLOHACV. (F. C. Lowell) Allan. 
97: i-7CJao6). 

— Moore on. (F. A. Ogg) Di«l (Ch.) 40: 10-19 

Akerican Economic Association at Baltimore. 

(J.H. Hollander) Nation, 8a: si-i(i8Jao6). 
Ahekicam PAUtLY, Ad. (Rebecca H. Davis) 

Indep. 60: 6o2-4(isMro6). 
AuEKicA-v Fine Abt T.eacue, Work of. (Pauline 

Periwinkle) Brush & P. 17: ro3-6(Mro6). 
Auerican foieign policy. The growth of. [Edinb. 

R.] Liv. Age, 348: 5i5-34(3Mro6). 
American Forestry Association, The. Oull. 

83:- i6o-i(i7jao6), 
American girl at England's court. (Harriet Pea- 
body) Harp. Baz. 40: 50-4(Jao6). 
American Grub Street. (J. H. Collins) Atlan. 

98: 634-43(No6). 
Auerican Historical Association, The. (\V. 

MacDonald) Nation, 8a: 7-S{4jao6). 

— meeting at Baltimore, 1905. Aid. Hist. R. 11: 

American hisioev, Myths of. (H. J. HaskiU) 

Indep. 6.: 31-5(5)106). 
American Institute of Architects, .jgih con^ 

vention. Am. Arch. 89: 38-9(,5Fo6), 
American Institute of Social Service. A social 

clearing-house, (M. R. Cranston) Harper, 

113: i4a-7(Jeo6). 
American i.ANnuAr.E, The. (Enid C. Daunrcv) 

Monthly R. 25, no. 1: 25-31(006). = Liv. Ag'e, 

351: 654-8(15006). 
Auerican Libr.\rv Association, meeting at 

Narriganstlt Pier, 1906, Lib. J. 31; 314-7 

CJI06I. Ct-304(Ago6).— Pub. Lih. 11: 443-58 

Press notices of, (Herbert O. Brigham) Lib. 

J-.1': 7iS-7(Oo6). 

— Headquarters for. Lib. J. 31: 66s-6(So6). 
American Librarv lusriitiTE; constitution, etc. 

Lib. J. 31: 7i-i(Fo6). 
American UTEEATiraE, Influence of Ihc classics 
on. (P. Shorey) Ghaut. 43: i3i-32(Apo6). 

— Spirit of. (Winifred Webb) Arena, 36: 121-5 


— What our universities are doing for. (Edwin 

D. Schoonmaker) Arena, 35; 498-5 03 (Myo6). 
American manners, (Clarence Rook) [Temple 

Bar] Liv, Age, 349: 86-90(1 4 Apo6). 
American manufacturing methods; an estimate 

of Iheir soundness. (W; O. Webber) Engin. 

M. 31: 357-66(No6). 
American Mathematical Society. (F. N. 

Cole) Science, n. 3. 24: 420-2(5006). 
American morality on its trial. Blackw. 179: 

American Oriental Society at New Haven. 1906 

(Washburn Hopkins) Nalion, 82: 339-41(26 

American peril. The. (V. Thompsonl Munsey. 
If T7T-Sr(\fvo61. 

American poets, Three, of to-day. (M. Sinrlaii) 
FortD. 86: 4»i-37(So6). 

American Political Science Association, The 
(W. W, Willoughby) Naiion, 83: 33(iiJao6). 

AuERtcAN political WORKERS abroad. IL The 
diplomatic sen'ice. (G: B. Baker) Bookman, 
=.J" S05-^9(J'''6). 

American Revolution, The new. [Lond. Out- 
look] Liv. Age, aji: 816-8(29006). 


73: sa"-9(6Apo6). 
American SoaoLocicAL Society. (C. W, A. 

Vedilz) Q. J. Econ. 30: 30i-3(Fo6). 
Organization of. Am. J. Sodol. 11: S5S~69 

American students in France. (R. C. Super) 

Educa. 26: 584-6(Jeo6). 
American Water Color SoaETY, 39ih exhi- 
bition of. Studio (Intemat.) 29: iv-xi(Jlo6)- 
American woken; are their maimers deteriorating? 

(Florence H, Hall) Harp. Baz. 40: 19-21 

— Speech of. (H: James) Harp. Bai. 40: 1103-6 

Americanisms, Brilidsmt veraui. (E. W. Bvwen) 

Pop. Sd. Mo. 69: 334-37(006). 
Americanists, 15th International Congress of. 

Science, n. s. 34: 417-30(5006).— (A. ,C. 

Haddonl Nature, 74: S95-6(iiOo6).— {Natalie 

Curtis) Nalion, 83: asS(=7Se*).— (G : G. 

MacCurdy)Am. Anthropol. 8: 691-700(006). 
Americans of the future. (Daniel T. Pierce) 

. Worid To-day, 11: 735-«(Jlo6). 

Some phases of the issues between the Unitrd 

States and Turkey. No. Am. 18a: 689-700 

Ames, C. H. 

American flyiiig-machines. Nation, 83: 436-7 

Amee, Joseph B. 

Some lileraiy autographs. Critic, 49: 33»-4i 

Ames, Minnie B. 

Dvclor Wenl^iiorlh's patient. New Eng, M. n. s. 

34: 663-7i(Ago6). 
Ami, H. H. 

The Royal Society of Canada. Science, n. s. 33: 

AmidoQ, A. E. 

The quest for error and the doing of justice. 

Am, IJW R. 40: 68t-93(S-OD6).— Ouil. 83: 

Ammonia and sal-ammonia from wnsle products. 

Sci, Am. Supp, 6ir 253i4-s(i4Apo6), 
Ah<Iba blatt« and airoeboid motion, (J: H, 

Gerould) Science, n. s, 13: 707-io(4M)'o6). 
Among the inscrutable inevitabUitirs. (E, Mc- 

Cracken) Outl. 82; 2 26-30(37 Jao6). 
Amusements, "Worldly"; by a Methodist woman 

Indep. 60: 673-s(33Mro6). 
AN<K!THETics,Sensalionsundcr. [Outlook (Lond,.)] 

Liv. Age, 349: 82 7-3(30 Jeo6). 
Anarekisl, An. (J. Conrad) Harper, 113: 406-16 

Anarchists, For control of, (R. Ogden) Nation, 

83; 463-4(7jeo6). 
,Anarchists as pests, Sni. R. loi: 7i2-3(olco6). 
Anatomic nomenclature. (B. G. Wilder) Science, 

Ancestral memory; a suggestion, (Forbes I b.I- 

lips) (igth Cent,] Liv. Age 250: 307-12(4 

Anchoresses, Four mediieval. Spec, 96: 823-4 

Ancoats brotherhood. The. (K. Coman) Cbaut. 

44: 369-79(No6). 
"And so they n-ere married." (C. Bryson Taylor) 

Everybody's, 15: i4~24{J!o6). 

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AsdeiTCn, Ada W. 
Tht pTKt of sixteen belom. Booklover's M. 7: 

Andenoo, Captain E. 

Paj of our soldiers as aSccling desertion and 
reinlistmenl. R. of Rs. (N. Y.) 33: 330-^4 
Aaderaon, : B. 

Irrigation in S. W. U. S. and Mexico. Out West, 

5: i09-a3(Ago6). 
The Land of Shalam. Out West, 15: 414-34 
Andenoii, Lewis F. 

Function of Ihe non-professional sthool. Educa. 
36: si9-as(Myo6). 
Aadaraon, T; F. 
Old Home Week in New F.ngland. New Eng 
M. n. a. 34: 673-8s(Ago6). 
Anderaoo, T. 0. 

Meced County, Cal. OQtWest,24; 159-65(^06). 
Anderson Citv. The founding of a city. (A. 

Lattimore) Oull. 84: 875-8(8006). 
Andes, A woman in the. (A. S. Peck) Harper, 

114: 3-MCD06) 
ANDoeRA, The medieval republic of. (Oliver 
Grev) Chamb. J. 83: 647-50(006).- Kcl. M. 
■47: S43-8(l'o6).— Sat. R."io2- 4J5H5(60o6). 
Aodrtedta, A. 
Current crisis in Greece. Kcon J. 16: 41-51 
AjiDREiErr, Leonibas (Simeon Linden) Indep, R. 

8: 2i5-27(Fo6). 
Aaanm, A. Pntt. 

Influence of the crops upon business in America. 
Q.J.Econ. 20; ,iJJ-S»(M>''>fi)- 
Andmri, Clement W. 

Books us merchandise. Pub. Lib. 11; »4i-4 
Andiinn, E. A. 
Cray fidi industry. Science, n s 13: 983-6(2 gJeo6). 

University administration. Educa. R. 31: 217- 

W:R. Harper. World To-day, 10; i3S-6(Fo6). 
Andrews, E : L. 

Are railroad monopolies aulhoriKi-d bv the laws 
of New York? Am. Law R. 40: q58~65(JI- 
Why the V. S. obstructs inlermiional arbitration. 
No. Am. iSi: S62-9{iNo6). , 
Aadrcwa, Edith fi. 
The siren's island. World To-day, 10: 361-j 
Andrewi, Mary Rarmood Shipmon. 
TluLakt of Devils. Scrib.M. 39: i89-95(Fo6) 
Tkt loit caravel. Scrib. M. 39: 327-44(Mro6). 
A mtutHgtr. Scrib. M. 40: 417-15(0061. 
The pe ftC Iribu-e .Scrib. M. 40: i7-*i(Ilo61. 
What tlie donkey did. Harper, 114: 43 56(006). 
Andrew*, W: P. 

Vesuvius in tun-. Ccni. 50: 5«)-78(Aeo6y 
Angel unaware. 'An. (Eleanor' Hoyt Brainerd) 

Everybody's, 14: 737-42(7606). 
Jinj^U, James R. 
Facts and problems of adolescence. World To- 
day, 10: 374-9(Apo6). 
The subconscious. Di^l (Ch.) ,11: io6-9(iSo6). 
Anoels, Thomas Aquinas on. (E. Avcling) Am. 
Cath.Q.3': 3S9-78(Apo6). 

Angela visits. (W: W. Jacobs) Cosmopol. 41; 

Angevin administralion of Normandy. (F. M. 

Powicke) Eng. Hist. R. Ji : 635-49(006). 
Angkor, The ruins of. (A. C. Coolidgc) Nation, 

a»: i36-8(isFo6). 
Angler, The impatient. (G: A. B. Dewar) 

Sat, R. 101: 687(aJeo6). — Liv. Age,25o: 445-7 


— The practical. (A. G. Bradley) [Macmil.] Liv. 

Age, »49: S53-9(aJ™6)- 
.^MGLtCANiSM, old and new. (W; S: Lilly) Dub. 

R. 138: i58-;5(Jao-0. 
Anclin, Margaret. (M. While, Jr.) Munsey. 

3S: 5<'4-8(Jlo6). 
Angijnc; season of the dry-fly. Spec 96: 1033-3 


— Stewart's Practical angler. (A. G. Bradley) 

Macmil. n. s. 1: 445-54(Apo6). 
Anglo-Indian, pse^l. 

Lord Curzon in India. Monthly R. 33, no. 3: 

73-89(Mro6).-Ecl. M. 146: 38s-94(Myo6). 
ANGI.0-SAXON FRCENDSHlPaiuylh. Criiic,49: 113- 

Anglo-Saxon laws and inslilutions. Growth, 

aggressiveness, and permanent character of. 

(.A. W. Gaines) Am. Law R. 40: 694-710 

Anglo-Saxohdou, Reunited. (T: W. Higginson) 

Critic, 48: 373-4{Apo6). 
Ancouleue, duehrssi d'. Escape of, during the 

hundred days. (S. Beazley) i9lh Cent. 60: 

Aniline. (J, B. Tingle) Science, n. s. 14: 821-i 

Aniline dve, Oiscovery of the first. (W; H: 

Perkin) Sci. Am. 95: 343-3(ioNo6). 
Animal uf.hofs. Spei-. 97: T^S-9(4Ago6). 
''NUtAL UACNETISU, Revival of. sd. Am. 95; 

Animai psvcHOTOGv.Faciandfablein. (J.Jasirow) 

Pop Sri. Mo 60: T.iR-46f Aflo61 
Aniuai. nsALTB of the U. S. (Francis E. Warren) 

Nat, Geog. M. 17: sii-a4(Ko6). 
.■\NiMAi.s, The coming of the. Chamb. J. 83: 

Domestic life of. (Th. Zell) Sci. Am. Supp. 

61; 3538o-3(:jMyo6). 

— Human traits in. (J. Burroughs) Outing, 49; 


— The intelligence of. (Lord Avebury) [Nature] 

Liv. Age, 348: 83i-3(3iMro6). 

— Intelligence of, Wassman on. (Lord Avebury) 

Nature, 73: 3i5-6(iFo6). - 

— Jewish sympathy for. (L: Ginzberg) Nation, 83: 


— Lecal p-oie. tion (o. (G P. Gcrdon) Westm. 

166; 2tF-2,i(.Ago6V 

— Limitations of the bruic. (M. D. Foliin) 

Outing. 48: 355-8IJeo6^. 

— -Man and beast. (S. H. Drurv) Allan. 97: 420- 


— Sense of locality in. Spec. 97: 431-3(39806). 

— SvmjKithy for. (Paul Shorey) Nation, 83: 139 


— wild. The habi.'; of, (J. H. Baldwin) Chamb. 

J. 83: i03-i(Ko6). 

Securing, for lOftlogital parks. (W. T. Horn- 

aday) BoolUover's M. 7: 327-33(Mro6), 

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Aim Bliia. (Elizabeth Everelt) Harp. Bu. 40: 

990-7 (N06). 
Annapolis, Naval Academy, The trouble al. {Park 

Benjamin) Indep. 60: l54-8(l8Jao6). 
Amnapolis and Wtsi Point codos of honor. Book- 
lover's M. 7; 6i4-0(Mvo6*. 
Annealing of metals, (W. J, May) Sci. Am. 

Supp. 61; 35463-4 { 1 6Jeo6). 
AsNiE Laubie. The real. (H. E. Thomas) Mun- 

scy. .«: »,i7-4.t(Myo6). 
AMsuiTrEs. Sat. R. ioj: ;.;-4(2iJ1o6). 
Annunciation, P'eslival of, at Tenos. (M. 

Hamilton) Blackw. iSo: 8io-io(no6). 
Anodyne, The, of the kitchen garden. [Sat. R.] 

Liv. Age, 148: 8i7-8(3iMro6). 
Anrooy, A. van. 

The cradle of ihe yacht. Oiitl 83: 446-53 

AnsoQ, 5ir W: R. 

Provision of food for .'rhool children in publir 

eiemcnlary schools, Econ.J.l6: i8i-R(Jeo6). 
Asr, QJeen, as a yavcholojical study. (W; Morton 

Wheeler) .Sci. Am. Sui>|>. 62: »5Ms-6(i2-;o61. 
Antarctic expedition, (W: H. Dall) 

Science, n. s, 43: ()77-8(ioJeo6), 
— British national, (Angelo Hcilprin) Am, Oeog, 

-Sor. Bull, ifl: i7J-SifMro6). 
Workof. (J.\V.(;r.-gory).\aiurc,;3: ^J- 

Antarctic expkditions, Reicnt; their results 

(C, von Neumayr) (ic.R- J. 27: 259-65 

Antarctic exploration. New eta in. (O. Norden- 

skjjld) No Am. 183: 758-7o(igOo6), 

- Rcccn 


— Rirhthofen on. Cl-ob, J, 27; i5-Srjao6>, 
Antarctic lands; fascination of the uittrmost 

South. (O. R, Ford) Canad. M. 27; 221-4 

Antarctic vovAr;r, of the " Discoverv." Sd, Am. 

94: ■o7(.!Fo61. 
.Antarctica, Conlinent of. (A. W, Crrcly) Indep. 

6o: 33-7(4jao6). 
Antelope, How il protects ils voung. (II. H. 

Cross) Cenl. 49: 7S3-S(Nfro6). 

— The prong-homed. (F, T. Scion) Scrib. M, 

40t 3,?-4')(J!o6). 
Ai«thonv, Sijsan H.; with portrait. (Ida H. 
Harper) Indep. 60: 676-7i(aiMro6),~R. of 
Rs. (N. Y.) 33: 4i6-9(Apo6).— Wcslm, i6^: 

— The woman and her work. (I, H. Harper) 

No. Am. 182: 6o4-i6(Apo6), 
ANTHRonoi.oninAL FtsEAficH, Philological aspecl-^ 

of. fF. Boas) Sci 

Antkropolocv, (A, C, Haddon) Science 

Antiquitiks. English, pciiuine anci spurii 

Clinch) Chaml., J, 83: 3;.:;-7(Mvo()). 
Antrita, Minna Thomas. 


Ants and iheir ways. Sci, Am. 94: a89{7Apo6). 

— carpenter, A guild of, (H. C. McCook) Harper, 

I '3: 293-30o(Jlo61. 

— Honcv, of the Gard.-n of the Gods, (H. C. 

M.tViok) Harper, 113: :36-33(Jco6). 

— in capiiviiy. SiJCC. 96: 531-3I7AP06). 

— The queen am as a psychological study. (W: M, 

Wheeler) Pop, Sa. Mo. 68: a9i-9(Apo6). 

— Ways of, (K. Knauer) S'i, Am. Supp. 61: 

.^NnvKRP, the Huh of Europe. (H. Orcgmore) 

New, M. n. s. 35: 6;-73{So6]. 
AoKi, Siuio, Japan's first ambassador to the V. S. 
(W: E. Critfis) Outl. 8j: i64-6(27jao6).— 

R. of Rs. (N. Y.)33: i66(Fo6). 
.^PES, H I ood -relationship of man and. (Paul 

i'hlcnhuth) Monthly R. 23, no, 1 : 89-103 

Apex of Ih^ iirortd, Tht. (A. M. Roach) Harper, 

1"^ 74S-S3(Apo6j- 
Apgar, Genevieve. 

A definite aim in composition. School R. 14: 34 

.Apuis, rose. Parasite of. (S. Frank Aaron) Sci, 

Am. 54: i2(sJao6). 
Apoi.ocF.llcs, A sludv in early Christian. (Patrick 

J. Healy) Calh World. 83: 433-46(1106). 
Apofl.i'.i-.i, The. (M. Manning) Harper, 113: 600- 

Apostasy oj Moung Pyu. (W. A, Fraser) Canad. 

M. 26: S23-8(.Apo6). 
Apothfpsis of CoL.nel Ardm, The. (F. Harding) 

■■ WorllsWor;-. 12: 7gs4-64(So6). 
.ip 111:- of light, ,\it. (.\. i", Murphv) Gent, M. 

n. s,'7Ci: i-7(Jao6). 
.Appk,m, '['he i|i,tst for error and ihc doing of 

}d,sfi(e, (t:, V. Amidon) Am. l^w R. 40: 

Appe-il :o Cicsar, An. (Annie H. Donnell) Crafts- 

man, 11; 357-62(006). 
Appfil to Ihe past. (H. J. O'Higgins) Cent. 50: 

.Apple industhy in Canada, Co-operation in. (R. 

H. Coats) Q. J. Econ. ji: i36-5o(No6). 
Apples, SoiU tor. (K. W. Hilgard) Science, n. B. 

23; 70-i(i2jao6). 
Apprenticeship system in America. Cassier, 31: 

— Modern adaptation of. (O. M. Becker) Engin. 

M. 32: 32i-8{Do6). 
-\\ .should replace it? Sal. R. loi : 237-8 

.ifirU fool's para-Use. An. (Edith M. Willett) 

I-ippinc. 77: 497-502(Apo6). 
.\RAH BANDITS, .A nighfs ride with. (C. W. Fur- 

lonj-l Harper, 112: 489-07(Mro6). 
Arabia, Across the eastern thretb-tld of. (S. M. 

Zwemer) Miss, R. 19: 727-33(006). 

"inaa. Blatkw. 179; ^<}^~b^^ 

The ,11 

— The revolt in. 



M. : 

■irn of, .. 


ryl [Con.>-m|.,] Eel 
(Mrs. S. M,Z*cnicr 

: cii3-4(Ako61, eupihe, .\n. (A, J. Dunn) .Nalbnal, 47: 

Amahs. Among ihv wild Ma'dan. (J: Van Ess) 
( Miss. R. 19; 6o7-i3(Ago6). 

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AnamATiON. Growth of Hague [deals. (H. 
Taylor) Am. Law Rev. 40: i-8(Ja-Ko6). 

— Hague con/ercnces and the future of. (B. F. 

Tnicblood) Atlan. 97: 7ii-7(Jco6). 

— WTivthe U. S. obstrucla it. (t; I.. Andrews) 

No. Am, 183: 86i-9(2No6). 
Arblay, Madame F. d'. (J. C. Bailev) Quar. J04: 
S<»-"io<jK*).-Liv. Age. 149: i68-8i(sMyi)6). 

— her diaiy and her days. Ed. R. aoy. 85-116 

AsBOB Lodge; the Morton family estate. Archit. 

Rec. 19: 37-47(Jao6). 
.^KC-METHOD for dcscriplivc astroimmy. (Kurt 
,, Laves) Pop. Astron. 14; ai7-3i(Apo6). 
AicasOLOOiCAL BILLS passed by Congress. (F. 

W. Kebey) Nation, Sy. 358-9(17^06) 
.\fcha»logical weddbg journey, An. (Theresa 
Russ«ll) Out West, 14; 3Q-49(Jao6), 159-47 
{F06), ioi-7(Mro6), 2 78--89{Apo6), 405-14 
,{Myo6), 544-8(Jeoe). 25: 27-3G(Jlo6), 132- 
38(.\go6). 247-S7(S*6>, 34i-7(Oo6), 425-31 
Akcbhshop, a French. (C. E. Maud) Fortn. 85: 

ArchdeAcon, Ernest 
SUty miles an hour with motor-boats. Sci. Am. 
94: i87(3Mto6). 
.ArchitacoH, The. (T. Roberts) Munscy, 35 : 

ArdidetKon't Iriampk, The. (E. C.) [Macm.] Liv. 

Age, 148: 40-s(6Jao6). 
Archer, E- 
TaU of a turnip. [Idler] ErI. M. 147: 159-62 
Archer, W : 

Hennklbsr^n. Crilir, 49: 3i-2(Jlo6). 
Il«en as I knew him. Monthly R. 23, n... 31 
, i-i9(Jeo6). 

Ills n'srriif ■iDianshi., l-onii. S'l' ioi-[i(Tb61 
-liY. Age. 95°: S.-iS-Mf'Sofil 


(()o6V — Liv. Age, 351; iS9-7o(3No6). 
Ahche-s, Three-renicrtil. (R. vim l-^huf) Ain. 

Arrh. 90: 35-6<4.\go()). 
AnhieS liaby. (V.' 1 \li CI in-, 1;: 41L- 

.■Architect and engineer. ,\m. Anh, 00: 142 

.^RCUiTECT's ricF.MSE. Am. .Arih. S9: 122(7.^110'!). 
.\iiCHlTECTS, Registration of. .'ini. Anli. K9: 137 

— Faults of. (F. W. Filzpattii It) Aiii. .Arch. Sq: 

.^BCHlTECTOBAl, COMPETITION, .Am. Arch. 90: K6- 

7(iSSo6).— A. 1. A. Am. -Vih. 89: 3S-S(3 


Nation. 83; ir7-S(io,\sc61. 
.■\rchiiectubai, DBAWl.'ic;s. Ownership 1 

.\rrh. 8i): i<;3-;(^MvqIi). 


Arch. Rq: 103-5) 24Mroftl. 


.Am. Arch. 89: S9-6H(i7Fo(i). 
- Story of the. (S. Howe) Craftsman, 


Wood) [Burlington M.l Eel. M. 146: 
. <Fo6). 

A»CHtTECnr«E, Americ«n style of. Tendency 
toward an. (R. Sturgis) Craftaman, 10; 3-17 


— and painting: a tradition. (H, C. Corlclle) Art 

J. 58: 20,-7(Jl06). 

— Blomfield'a Studies in. (R. Sturgis) Nation, Sa: 

307-8(1 2 Apo6). 

— Colonial, in ihe West. Archil. Rec. so: 341- 


— Design and materials. (F. W. Hovtl Am. 

Arch. 90: 83-4(8806). 
^domestic. Recent, Studio (Internal.) 27: 333- 
40(Jao6). 39: 4T-':o'Ilo6), i3i;-io(Ago6>,333- 
8 S06I, 30: 50-7! N- .', i4i-3(Do6). 

— Knt-lish house. Artln, Rec. 20: Si-Qi(Ago6). 

— i:.irlv>K'an, (j, ! , Etly) MacmU. n. s. 1: 


— Greek, The message of. {A. D. F. Hamlin) 

Chaut. 43; io7-2o(Apo6). 

— in America, Anarchy in. Archit. Rec. 19: 207- 


— Otlkial. (P. E. Nobbs) Am. Arch. 89: 201-a 


— Public; adapted to American needs. Crafts- 

man, 10: 3»-45(Apo6). 

— Spanish, in Me.vit<i. (T. C. Am. 

Arch. Hq: i()o-7HJoMvo(.)- 

— suburban. Recent, near Philadelphia. (T: 

Nolan) Archil. Rec. 19: i67-93(Mro61. 

— Thought in. VA. R. 103: iSo-209(Jao6). 

— True. (1,. II, <;ibs..n) Am, Arch, 8<j: 1 ri-4 


— \ if? (1,, H. Sullivan) Craftsman, to: 

i43-9'^Iy^'^\ 35^-8' Jfof)- 

— What is?, (I,. H. Sullivan) Craftsman. 10: 

Arctic coNTiNt^NT, In «earrh of a new. (C. R- 
Patterson) World To-day, 11: 73i-4(Jlo6). 

Danish. Sricn 

n. s. 33: 

(K.J. Malher.jr.) 

Arctic exploration. (A. Fiala) McClure, 36; 

.Arctic regions. Commander Peary's triumph. 
(Albert W. VoTse) Indep. 61: io82-836(8No6) 
.\i-sl K e;il (lisioveiv in; Beaulorl si>a. (Clem- 
ents R. Miirkhanil tie..)!. J. 27: i-islJao6). 
Two\-earsin. (A. Fiala) MrClure, 36: 471-84 
Arclowsk), Henrrk. 

I'lilar pn.lilems and Ihe inlernalional organisation 
f..r their solution. Monthly R. 25. no. ■ : 33- 
53(Oofi), = Liv. Age, 351 : 45i-63(24No6). 
Am:t:s.-TI\V Hi: S;iiilh) .\Iis5. R. 19: «3;-4i 
Fertile pampas of. (F: J Catull) Nat. Geog. 
M, 17: 453-6(Ai!c6). 
- Progress in. (A. Murray Milne) Miss. R. 19; 
- Vast iin'Ieveloped regions of. (F. A. Opg) 
World's Wnrk, 12: S078 SlfOortl, 
Ak".vi,i., George Douglas Campbell, 8th Duke of. 
Auloliii^rnpby and memoirs. Blackw. 180: 
343-5o(So6).-S,ii, k. Toi: 7.1^1 (23j<-o(.)-- 

Ar^rll, John DovglaB Suthf rland Campbell, p.'A 

Wild tin-es in the Highlands. Chamb. J. 83: 



Arid climate, The geographic cycle in. (W: M. 

Davis) Gcog. J. 2T. 7o-3(Jao6). 
Ariosto, L. (W. J. Courthope) [Nal. R.] Uv. Age, 

148: 9 1-104(1 3jao6). 
A«[STOCRACY [D America, Scions of. (H. D. 

Richardson) No. Am. 182: 76i-9(Myo6). 

— The new, (Gertrude Alherton) Cosmopol. 40; 

Aristotle, Elhical doctrine of. (J: MacCoun) 
Internat. J. Elhics, 16: 288-jio{Apo6). 

— Ethics ot. (Paul Shorey) Dial (Chit.j 41 : S8-q 

Arisiotlk's Theory of conduct, Marshall's. (C, S. 

Peirce) Nation, 83: ai6-7{i3So6). 
Arithmetic, Spelling and, in 1846 and lo-dav. 

(V. W. B, Hcdgepeth) School R. 14; 352-6 


— Solving problems in. (J. V. Collins) Educa. 26: 


— teaching, Methods of. (Simon Newcomb) 

Educa. R. 31: 339-5o(Apo6). 
.'\hi«wa. (Sharlok M.Hall) Out VWst, 24: 71- 

— and New Mexico. (B. S. Rodcy) Nat. Geog. 

M. 17: ioi-2(Fo6). 
Statehood rights of. (J. W. Babcock) Indcp. 

23: 72i-3o(iiMyo6). 

— last of the territories, (^r. G. Cunlill) World's 

Work, 11: 7io8-ro(Jao6), 

— Munk's sketches. (J. Douglas) Nation, 82: 

-— whyitopposesunionwithnewMMico. (Dwight 

B. Heard) World To-day, 10: 405-t8(Apo6>. 
^riama nii>hti. (S. E. While) McClure, 26: 202-6 

(Jao6), 4i2-9(Fo6\ 5i5-22(Mro6), 647-54 

(Apo«). 27: 63-9(.VIyo6). 
Amugti, W : 

Edmund Burke. National, 47: 77-«6|Mro6), 
.\rmameots and peace. [Kconomisl] Liv. -Age, 

248: 439-42(i7Fo6), 
.\rhenians, Tartars and. (J. G. Browne) Con- 
temp. 89: 7i-8s(Jao6). 
Armies, Changing views of. (O. G. Villard) 

Nation, '83: 67-8(a5jao6). 
Amior, S : 


inge . 



Armories, Two new, in New York City, (Mont- 
gomery Schuyler) Archit. Rec. ig: 250-64 
Anusbr, H. PreatisB. 
Agricultural science. Science, n. a. 24: 671-81 

Respiration calorimeter. Science, n. s. 23: 74: 
ArtUBtrong, Prances C. 

A rrju/ic in Ihf wesl. Chamh. J. 83: snpp, 

Twolfllers. Chamb. J. 83; 295-7, 3i4-7. 3»7-Ji 

The valley of Briefnv and its romance. Chamb. 
J.83: 57(-4(So6V. = Ecl.M. 147; 3si-6(Oo6). 
Armstrong, J. E. 

Limited segregation. School R. 14; 726-38 
Armstrong, W. C. 

The New York Club. Nation, 83: 4ia'^3(is 

Aemv. The, (U. S.] as a career. (Lloyd Buchanan) 
World's Work, 11: 7236-4i(Fo6),— ^^'t H, 
Carter) No. .Am [83: 87o-(niNo6). 

— in times of peace. (R. L. Ballard) Overland. 

n.s.47: ioi-i3(Fo6). 

— Regeneration of the enlisted soldier. (C: W. 

Lamed) Internat. Q. 12: 189-207(7306). 
Akuv 11EDICAL DEFARTMENT, An adequate. (A. 

■ A, Woodbull) Nation, 81: 337-8{36Apo6). 
ARltY OFFICERS. Eliminating. <0. G, ViUard) 

Nation 81: iio-i(8Fo6), 
A .uy TBAiHiMo SCBOOI. al Fort Riley. (C- S. 

West) World To-day, 11: 1052-8(006). 
Arndt, W. t. government by commission. Nation, 
83: 322(18006). 
Amett, Frank S. 

The college and the drama. Appletnn's M. 8: 
Arnold, Andrew W. 

Hate Laliivoine laon Ike cross. Chamb. J. 83: 
705-8, 7^7-3°. 74i-3(No6). 
Arnold, Felii. 
The so-called Hedonist paradoj. Internal. J. 
Ethics, 16: 228-34(j306). 
Arnold, H. P. 

Park Street church, Boston. Am. Arch. 89: 211)- 

Arnold, J. 0. 

Internal architecture of metals. Nature, 75; 
Aknold. M.atthf.w. (E. S, 1', Havne) Putnam, it 

— on the "powers of life." (Dickinson S. MillerS 

In'ern^t, ]. ICthics, 16: 352-7(Apo6). 
Arnold, Sarah Louise. 

Concerning home and school. New Eng. M. 

1- s. 35= 33'-7(No6), 4S9-64(Do6). 
AiiNOLD, \\, T. Spec. 97: 264-6( 25Ago6). 
.Arouei, Armamd. Critic, 49: iS-^o(J)o6). 
Atresled sirake. The. (H. Scheffauer) IMaimil-1 

Liv. Age. 249; 305-ii(5Myo6). 
.Art, .American, as seen in the streel.s and statuR, 

of New York. (L. Karr) Eel. M. 146; 167-9 

Di^limtivenrsti of. (Marv H. Ford) Brush 

& 1". [H: 6i-t(.\go6). 
How to aid. Cent. 50: 9s8-q'0'^6)- 
I. P. Morgan falsc.fricnd of A"-.erii-an. Bruih 

&- V. 18: 2i9-2|;(Do6), 
^ The national note in, Craftsman,9: 753-73 


— — Trend of. {Leila Mechlin) Cosmopol. 41: 


— and the detective. {C. Chesterton) [Temp. 

Bar]Liv. Age, 251: sos-io(24No6). 

— and the U. S. government, (Glenn Brown) 

Booklovcr's M, 7: 240-7(Fo6). 

— Appreciation of. (Okaftura Kakuzo) Critic, 

48: 4o6-o(Myofi). 

— British, r-aris the cradle of modem, (J. M- 

Price) Kortn. 85: 93o-9(Myo6), 

— The collecting of works of. (Russell Slurgis) 

Applelon'sM.8: ioo-8(Jlo6). 

— Decorative, at (llasgow. (J. Taylor) Studio 

(Inle-nat.) 30: 3i-6(No6). 

— Federal, Need of advisorv board on. |H. 

Grannis) Brush & P. 17: 2r7-27(Jlo'>)- 

— fin", in Pi.risandlxjndonejdiibitions. Brush & 

P. 17: i86-94{Myo6), 

d by Google 


Asi, Forgeries of works of. (Alfred Maskell) Art 

J. 58: 289-95(006). 
-Gciraan. (D. S. MacCoU) Sal. R. loi: 686-7 


— HuoRftrian, M Milan cihibitton. (Alfredo 

Mdani) Studio (lotetnat.), 99: 300-9(006). 

— in the strept. (Sylvester Ba.'iter) {!enl. 49: 697- 


— in the village. Spec. 97: 258-9(15.^506). 

— tnlepfndent Brilish, at Agacw's Galleries. 

(E. G. Hallon) Sludlo (Intemat.) 3S: iS-30 

— lBteniaMonal.^-(F. P. Seelev) lolh Cm 60: 

iS3-7(Jlo6).-l4T. Age,a5o: 6a3-7{8So6). 

— Modern British. Quar. 105: i}6-4i(Jlo6). 

-Liv, Age, aso: 771-81(19506). 

— The pictorial or the creative? (Leonora B. 

Ellis) New Eog. M. n, s. 34: i70-86(Apo6). 

— Public opinion in. (J. Rivers) Weslm. 166: 


— SchooUof, natioiuJ competition, 1900. (Aymer 

VallaDce) Studio (iQtemat.) ag: 309-19(006). 

— Sixth exhibition of the International Society. 

Studio (Internal.) 18: i03'i5(Apo6). 

— under the Roman Empire. (H. S> Jones; 

Quar.304: iii-37(Jao6). 
Art of love. The. (G: Hibbard) Cosmopol. 40: 

Art or natuiti (I.ucy Copinger) Lippinc. 77: 

Art books, Significanl. (R. Cortissoz) Allan. 

97: »69-8»(Fo6). 
.\ht collections, private, Official registration of. 

(Mrs. S. K. Strong) iglh Cent, 59: 239-54 

Art DECAOEKCE, Gore on. Art J. 58: 230-i(Jlo6). 
.\HT EDUCATION. Praciital trend of. Brush 81 P. 

18: 141-7(006). 
.Ut guaba.sties and gall. Brush & P. 171 163- 

.\KT HANDIWORK. Art J. 58: 49-56(Fo6). 

— and manufacture. Art J. 58: io-5(Joo61, 

.39-44(Myo6), i73-8o(Jeo6), iio-6(Jlo6). 

Asi LiBEAKiBB. (F. J. Mather, jr.) Nation, 83 

Ait SALES and signatures. Brush Sc P, 17: 113- 


— of 1900. Art J. 58: 300-5(006). 

Aht TARirF, Beauties o( the. (F, J. Mather, jr.) 
Nation, 83: 321-3(18006). 

Art TEACHING. (W. M. R. French) World To- 
day, 11: 96i-6(So6), 

.^T TRAINING methods. (B. F„ Ward) Art J, 58- 

■Ajt works, Freedom from importation lax rlc- 
sirable. (Henry C. l.odgi) Brush & P. 
18; 2i6-;(i)o6). 

Aktehia, a new. (V L. Kellogg) Science, n. s. 

Arthur, Sir G: 
The British army; Mr. Forlescue's new volume. 
Fortn. 86: 799-8os(No6). 
Arthur, George. 

The report on church discipline, iijlh Cent, 

60: i88-94(Aro6). 
ARTtLLERV and explosWes, Development of modern. 

Nature, 75: i74-«(2oDo6). 
Artist in our world. The. (F. I, Mather, jr.) 

Nation, 83: s-*<sJlo«)- 

Abtisi'S way of working, Sturgis's Study o( the. 

(J. LaFarge) Nation, 8j: i2i-3(3Fo6). 
Artists, Scandinavian, Homes of. (G. Brjichner) 
Studio (Inlemal.) 29: 219-24(506), 

— with theories, conviction* and principles. (R. 

Slurgis) Scrib. M, 40: i25-8(Jlo6). 
Artmeter, fseud. 
ji_l';ighleenlh -century French furniture and its 

imitators. Chaml). J, 83: 726-7(No6). 
t>ld art bronzes and iheir imitation. Chamb. J. 

83: 586-a,6o2-s(So6). 
Arts a;*d crafts; defence of the movement. 

(Madge C. Jenisenl Indep. 60: 32s-9(8Fo6). 
Exhibition at Grafton Gallery, 1906, Studio 

(Internal.) t8: 4S-64(Mto6).— Art J. 58: 88- 

94(Mto6), i2.-Sl.\po6), 
in civic improvement. (Mrs, M. F. John- 
ston) Chaut. 43: 375-82{Jeo6). 
in London, The. (E. R. Pennell) Nation, 

83: i74-5(iMro6).— Studio (iDtemat.) 18: 

i»9-44(Apo6), »i3-J9(Myo6). 

— — biudem's work. Art J. 58: J76-84{So6). 
Arvers, Felix. The romance of a sonnet, (H. 

A. Spurr) Gem. M. n. s. ;6: 70-7(Jao6). 
At a man sows. (G. D. Litchfield) Harper, tii: 

At a thief in Ihe night, (Porter Emersoa Biownc) 

Appleton'»M.8: 397-4os(Oo6). 
AsBUKV Pare. N. J., C'amiv:.! at. (C. B. DavU) 

Outing, 48; 689-7O0(So6). 
AsaDiAM ECG, Conltlin on. (C. M, ChQd) Science,. 

n.s. 23: 340-4(2Mro6). 
Ashb7, Stanley Rojal. 

An American Khodes^s scholar at Onford 
Macmil. n. s. 1; i8i-90(JaQ6). 
mil.] Liv. Age, 14S: 6o3-9(ioMro6). 
Asher, Jamei. 
Time signals from electric lights. Sd. Am. 94: 
Aihley, Clifford Warren. 
The blubber-hunteis. Harper, 112: 670-82 
(Apo6), 832^(Myo6). 
Ashley, G:H. 

The geological prelude to the San Francisco 
earfliqulJte. Pop. Sci, Mo. 69: 69-7s{Jb6). 
Aahley, Percy. 

Water, gas, and electric-light supply of London. 
Ann. Am, Acad. Pol. .Sci. 27: 20-36(Jao6). 
Ashley, W. J. 
Trades unions and the law. National, 47: $6- 
Ashmuii, Margaret. 

Unexpectedness 0) lltt wilaiii Phrlps. New Eng. 
M. n. s. 34: 79-86(Mro6). 
Aahton, Howard. 

Vanessa SIriala. Chamb. J. 83: 462-4(Jlo6). 

Ashton, J. P. 

Saving lite children in India. Miss. R. 19: 
Ashwonh, J. H. 
Zoology at Brit. ,\ssoc. '06. Nature, 74: 551- 
Asia, Central. Sven Hcdin's journey in; scientific 
results. (W. Broadfool) Geog. J. 27: 606-13 

— Political situation in,'i9o6. Ed. R. 204: 239-62 





Asia Minos, The war of Moslem and Chrislian 

for the possrssion of. (W, M. Ramsay} 

Conlemp. 90: i-i5(Jlo6). = Ecl. M. 147: 215- 

ABk«w, SaralL B. 

Problems of the small town library.' Lib. 1. 31: 

AsuLO, Browning lace school at. (Esther Mjlson) 

Craftsman, 10: 713(506). 
Asphalt, natural, Use of, in the arts. (Felix 

Lindenberg) Sci, Am. 61: 25 358-60(5 My 06). 
AsPaoDBL, The. (A. Lee) No. Am. i8j; 770-6 

Aspinwall, W : B. 

Direct method of leaching modern languages. 

Educa. 37; 45-S(So6). 
Ass, Apotheosis of the. (J: L, Cc^rn) Omland 

n.s.481 85-90(Ago6). 
Associated PBESS and Geimany, 1 he. (E. Sihiadt-r) 

Nation, 8»: 5og(3iJeo6). 
Association of American Geocbaphees, 1906 

meeting. Am. Gcog. Soc. Bull. 38: 65-134 

AsiEROlDcamera, New, at the U. S. Naval Observa- 
tory, (C. H. Claudy) Sd. Am. 95: 133-3 

Asteroids, Differential compulation of daily 

motion in geocentric right ascension. {Herbert 

L. Rice) Pop. Astron. 14: 28j-94(Myo6). 
Astronomer, Aims of an. (E. L. i'ic^Lfing) 

Science, n.s. 24; 65-71 (30] I06), 
Astronomic iDEAT.s. (E: C. Picfeering) Pop. Astron, 

14: i88-92(Do6). 
Astronomical and Astrophysical Soc. of 

America, 1905 meeting. (H. Jacoby) Science, 

n, a. 23: 44i-6o(23Mro6). 
Astronomical Society of the Atlantic at the Cape. 

(A. R. H.) Pop. Astron. 14: 104-9(^06). 
Astronomical work of 1905. (A. C. D. Crom- 

melin) Pop. Astron. 14: ii-7(Jao6).— (E. 
W. Matander) Pop. Astron. 14; i53-6o(Mro6). 
Astronomy, AJicient. (Kurt lUves) Pop. Astron. 

14: 276-87(Myo6). 

— and history. Spec. 97: 6t-2(i4JIo6]. 

— elementary. Outline of a laboratory courre in. 

(M. E. Byrd) Pop. Astron. 14: 2q4-8(Mj-o6), 

— in the Old Testament, Schiaparetli's, (L. N. 

Dembitz) Nation, Sa: S46(*jMro6). 

— instruction in. Decline of interest. (Jona T. 

Rorcr) Pop. Astron. 14: 340-7 (Je-Jlo6). 

— New conceptions in. (Edgar L. Larkin) Sci. 

Am. 94: i07(3Fc6). 

— Scottish. {Hecior Matphcrson, jr.) Pop. Astron. 

14: 2o6-ii(Apo6). 
At tht lap oj the kiU. (C. D. Stuart) Overland 

n.s. 47: 3oo-s(Apo6). 
Al the turn of the year. ()■'. Madcodl Kortn. 86: 

4S-s» JI06). 
Atalanta, The, 0/ Tegca. (E. A. Gardner) J. 

Hel. Stud, 26: i6g-75(Myo6). 
ATHANASIA.V CREED and the Dean's memorial. 

(H. M. Luckock) 19th Cent. 59: 27i-7(fo6), 
Atharva-Veda Saudita, Whitney's. (K. W, 

Hopkins) Nation, 82: 217-8(1 5 Mro6). 
Athens, An, icnt iiiid Modem, (K. L. Hnwc) 

Canad. M. 28: 3-10 (N"q6). 
Atliede7-Jones, Llewellyn Arcber. 
Trade disputes. Contemp. 89; 628-37(Myo6). 

Atherton, Gertrude. 

Earthquake at San Francisco. Harp. W. 50 

656-60(1 1 Myo6). 
The new siistocracy. Cosmopol. 40: 611-7 
AthertoD, W. 

Rtlum 0} NUa. Harp. W. 30: i388(!i9S«S). 
Athletes, Colonial. Spec. 97: 978-80(1300*) 
Athletic contests, Intercollegiate. (J: J. Stevtc- 

son) Pop. Sci. Mo. 68: 84-7(Jao6). 
Athletics, College. (VV. T. Reid, jr.) WorH 

Tt^day, 10: 482H5(Myo6). 
- Commerdalizing amateur. (C: J. P- Lucas! 
World To-day, 10: 28i-s{Mro6), 

— Competitive, are injurious. (C: T. Heaslipi 

Educa. 17: i87-9(No6). 

— for the aged. (F. J. Mather, jr.) Nation, S 


— in New York city schools. (C: T. Heaslip,. 

Educa. 26: 298-303{Jao6). 

— tntercollcgiate, and scholarship. (W: T. Foslerl 

Science, n. s, 34: 2i-3(6Jb6). 

— Moral effects of. (W, R. C. Latsoo) OutinB, 

49: 3S9-40o(Do6). 

— Secret of endurance. (W. R. C. Ltttson) Oulipg, 

AT- 633-4i(Fo6). 

— Secret of success in feats of skill. (W. R. C, 

Latson) Outing, 48: 384-7(Jeo6). 

— What England can teacn us in. (G. Uptoi 

Harvey) R. of Rs. (N. Y.) 33: 302-4(Mro6l 

Atkinson, A. E. 

Building the new campanile. Archit. Rec 19; 

Atkinson, E: (H: R. Seager) Econ. J. 16: 308-^ 

Atkinson, J. H. 

Pteparator}' school and the boy. Educa. 2; 
22 7-3o{Do6). 

Atkinson, W: 
Orientation of buildings and of streets in relaliof 
lu sunlight. Am. Arch. 89; 79-84(3Mro6). 

.\tkvns, Mrs. Charlotte, and the Dauphin. (R 
Nevill) 19th Cent. 60: 97-io6(Jlo6). 

Atlanta, Anti-negro riots in. (T: GibsoB) 
Harp. W. 50: 1457-9(13006). — -Jndep. 61 
799-800(4006).— (W: E. Burghardt Du Bois; 
Indep. 61: 8<;6-8(iiOa6).— (J: T. Graves, 
\V: E. B. Du Bois) World To-day. 11: rifo- 
7:;(No61.— (A. J. McKdway, C. W. CUfford, 
E:T.\Vare)Outl.84: ss7-.66(3No6). 

— The golden rule in. (B. T. Washington) Ouli. 

84: oi3-6[ist>o6). 

— Racial self-restraint. Outl. 84: SS'~3(3f^o6)- 
AtLA'JTlc ClTV, Library meeting at, March igo6. 

(W: W. Bishop) Lib. J. m: i73-3(Myo6).- 

Pub. Lib. 11: 2ii-3{Apo6). 
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Atmosphere, The primeval. (Ralph H. McKet) 

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ATMOSPHERiC HUMIDITY and tcmperatufi;, Arti- 
ficial regulation of. Sil. Am. 04: 512-1 ■ 

Atmosi'uekic pressure changes of long duration. 

(W: J. S. Lockyer) Nature, 74: 353--4(9 


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Atohs, Fomt of, in relation to tb«ir spectra. 
Nature, 73: 3Qa-4(39Fo6). 

— Cassendi and (he. (J: Masson) Hibbert J. 5: 

Alaiumenl, The. (Luellen C. Teters) Lippinc. 77: 

8S-98(Jao6). . 
Atsuko, Saisho, Ltavcs from tho srrrtpi>ooli of. 

(A. Lloydj Calh. World, 84; i76-84(No6). 
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AtterbtUT, Eleanor. 
League of the Little Uats. Cosmopol. 41: 643- 

Atwater, G. C. 
G]ke-oven gas: Sci. Am. Supp. 61: 25587(1! 

Smokeless fui-1 Cor cities. Cassicr, 30: 313-21 

"Augusta says," (Rosaline Masson) Chamb. J. 

83: 109-13, 135-7. ijO-Sl'^po^)- 
AuLD Lang S-¥Ne Sketching Club, The, 1865-67. 

(Martin Hardie) Chamb. J. 83: i2-e(Jao6). 
AunI Glory-s nuvriage cerlificale. (M. F. Childs) 

Cent. 49: 498-9(Jai>6). 
Aaspiciotu btginning. An. (K. Harris) Mun^y, 

34: 743-8(Mro6). 
AtJSPiTZ, Rudolph. (J. Schum peter) Econ. J. 

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Austin, Alfred. 
Missing chapters in "The garden thai I love." 

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The sheep-dog. Harper, 113; 757-61(006). 
AuSTKAiAsiA, What people read in. (H: Stead) 

R. of Rs. (N. Y.) 33: 469-7'(Apo6). 
Australasian finances. (G. Black) National, 46: 

AuBTBAWA. The genius of the Never-Never 

Land. Gent. M. n. s. 77; 171-4(806). 

— Economic get^aphy and development of. (J. 

W, Gregory) Geog. J. a8: i30-45{Ago6), 129- 

— governed by laborers. (Charles E. Russell) 

Everybody's, 15: 3l8-2S(So6). 

— Government of. (Cr E: Rtissell) Everybody's, 

ij: 490-501(006). 

— Labor movement in. (A. Henry) Gull. 84: 566- 

■- Land scandals in. (J. Collier) Nation, 82: 404- 

— Western; Vast undeveloped regions. (F. A. 

Ogg) World's Work, 11: 8078-83(006). 

.AdsthaliaN corroborce. (E. V. Palmer) iglh 
Cent. 60: 315-2o(.Aro6). 

AustHALiAN POETRY, Stevens' .^nthobgy of. (J. 
Collier) Nation, 83: 552-4(27006). 

83; 68i-i(Oo6). 

Australians, Notable. Chamb. J. 8j: 746-9 

Austria, R6le of, in European diplomacy. (Deme- 
trius C. Boulgei) No. Am. 183: 1329-38(11 

AusTKLAN PEASANT, Persooal omameDts of the. 
(A. S. Levelus) Studio (Inlernat.) tg: 332-8 

Author and his earnings, The. (A. B. Maurice) 
Munsey, 35: 382-5(Jeo6). 

Authority and theology. {P. T. Forsyth) [Hib- 
bert J.] Liv. Age, 946: i8-37(6Jao6)- 

— Decadence of positive. (C. H. Paikhurst) 

Munsey, 35: 47-S3CApo6). 
,\UTHOBS, Right o[ piivaty of. (K. A. Graham) 
Putnam, 1: 124-5(006). 

— Self-hypnosis of. (Morgan Robertson) Critic, 

48: 2i5-3i(Mro6). 
AutohiogTaphy oj a country spinster. Indep. 61: 

Autobiography o) an elderly woman. Everybody's, 

14: 62S-3o(Myo6). 
Aulabiogia[)hy of an only thild, The. Everybody's, 

15: 692-7(No6). 
Aulo-car, The. Bookman, 23; S44-8(Jlo6). 
Autocracy and bossism, Doom of. Outl. 81: 

66-8(1 3 Jao6). 

— Dying words ut; Delusions of democracy, with 

portrait. (C. P. Pobiedonostsefl) Cosmopol. 

40: 4io-3(Fo6). 
AuTuuRAPHS, Some Hicrarj'. (J. B. Ames) Critic, 

49: 232-41(806). 
Automobile, Advance of the. (A: Post) Indep. 

60: »333-7(7Jeo6). 

— Biiih oi an. (Sigmund Krausz) World To-day, 

10: 386-92(Apo6), 

— certain stvles described. Sci. Am. 94: 37-34 

— The conquering. (Georges Dupuy) Indep.'te: 

— Crossing the continent by. Sci. Am. 94: 24-6 


— for rural free delivery. (Waldon Fawcctt) 

Sci. .Am. 95: 84(4Ago6). 

— Forerunners of the. (F. M. Feldhaus) Sci. Am. 

Supp, 61; 35284-5(3 1 Mro6). 

— Future of the. (Wiuthrop E. Scarriu) Cassier, 

29: 427-3o(Mro6), 
n America, The. (F. A. Munsey) Munsey, 34; 


1 electioneering in England. Spec. g6: 90-1 


> 1906. Sci. Am. 94: i3(i3jao6). 

— Novelties at Ihe Paris show, 1906. Sci, Am. Supp. 

d'- 25",13-4("7Jb<'6)- 

— The poor man and the motor-car. (Allen 

Sangree) Harp. W. 50: 50-i(i3jao6). 

— Rise of the moior-car. (H: Jay Case) Haqi. 

W.50^ 48-so(i.?Jao6). 
-■ The triumph of the, (A.M. Button) Overland, 

n. s. 48: i4s-54<So6). 
Automobile an<l molor-boal engines. Specifica- 
tions 6f materials tor. (T: J. Fay) Sci. Am. 

Supp, 61: 35223C3Mro6). 
Automobile engines, from the operaljve point of 

view, (Rodolphe Malhoi) Enein, M. to; «; 

Automobile journey of 1300 miles, (H. Norman) 

Scrib, M. 39: i5;-83(Mro6), 
AtrrouoBiLE ouNiBiTSES, Public. (R, C. L. 

Markhain) Cassier, 30: i-i6(Myo6'l, 
Automobile race, Vanderbilt, and its results 

(Arthur N.Jervis) Everybody's, 14: 3-i3(Jao6) 

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Automobile backs, Ormoad, The final. Sci. Am 
94: i33(ioFo6). 

new records in. Sci. Am. 94: ii5{3Fo6). 

Adtomobile school, An. Sci. Am. 94: 435-6(26 

Automobile snow, Paris, 1905, Novehies at. 

Am. Supp. 61: 35 150-1 (3F06). 
Automobiles; anual show of ihc Automobile 

Club of America. Sci. Am. 95: 44a-3{i5Do6). 
' — Armored war. Sci, Am. 94: 238(i7Mro6). 
— ■ ChiTslie races, reconstructed. Sci. Am. 94: 


— Collision forces in. (W: F. Duraod) Sd. Am. 

Supp. 62: 25775-6{3No6). 

— Commercial, in Great Britain. (Ernest F. 

Mills) Gassier, 30; 3ai-3i(Jlo6). 

— fo^ everybody. (Harry B. Haines) World's 

Worlt, 11: 7346-9{Mro6). 

— tor every use. (M. C. Krarup) World's Wo; It, 

13: 8i63-78(No6). 

— Grand Prix cars. Details of. Sci. Am. Supp. 

62: 25549-50(»8Jlo6). 

— The heavy motor vehicle industrially considered. 

(J: McGeorge) F^ngin. M. 31: 378-96(Jco6). 

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— Improvements in. (G: E. Walsh) Cassier, 30; 


— in war, Sci. Am. Supp. 61: *53a7-8(9iApo6). 

— Metals used in eonstruttion of. Sci. Am. Supp. 

61: 25285 (^3rMro6). 

— Motor-cars m the present and future. (Gygnus) 

Fortn. 86: 448-60S06). 

— The motor tyranny, (G, Lowes Dickinson) 

Indep. R. 11: rs--22{Oo6). 

— New transcontinental record. Sci. Ant. Supp. 

62: 35646(8306). 

— Novel commercial. Sci. Am. 95: 97-S( 1 1 .\go6) . 

— The public, the motorist, and the Royal Com- 

mission. (H. Norman) Fortn. 85; 683-95 

— The regulation of motor-cars Quar. 105: 5it- 


— A source of sensible pleasure. (W: F: Dix) 

Outl.83: i73-7(26Myo6). 
■— Speeding of, in F.ngland. (W. Verner) Sat. 
R. 1031 7c)-8o(iiJlo6). 

— Taking one abroad. (W. Hale) Outing, 48: 


— two-gallo 1 fuel contest. Winning cars in. Sci. 

Aiji. Sjpp. 61: 26396-8(i9Myc6), 

— Utilization of power in. (C. N. Edge) Sci. 

Am. Supp. 61: i533i-2(i4Apo6). 
^ Vanderbilt cup race, igoti Ouling, 49: 259-72 

— — Machines in the elimina(ic)n race. Sci. 

Am. 95: 232(29506). 
^ ^ Retrospect of. Sci. .^m. 91;; 28i-l(ioOo6) 

Winning foreign machines in. Sti. Am. 95: 

. 263-5(13006), 

— What it costs to run. (F. Overton) Clry Life 

Am. 10: s8-g(Myo6). 

— Winning (Renault) car of the (Jrand Prix, 1906 

Sci.;: ft^d^UaH^. 
-Women and. (M, Mullelt) Outing. 48; 500-2 

AOTOMOBILING, Lu\ur>- in. (H. B. Haines) Ctry 

LifeAm. 10: 516^(806). 

Autouobujst, The, aod the law. (D»ve 1 

Geer) Harp. W. 50= 46-8('3J«*)- 
— Rights of the, (J: Parson) World To-d»y, i 


mtN LEAVES. I _ 

for Christmas decoration. 
Ctry Life Am. II : 169-76(006). 
AutumHltavet. (L. G. Giliner) Munser, 36: 137- 

Avebury, J: Lubbock, Lord. 
The future of Europe. 19th Cent. 59= 4»fr-'8 

(Mro6). = F.cL M. 146: 443-5i(Myo6). 
Wassmao on intelligence of animals. Nature, 
73; 3i5-6(iFo6).-Liv. Age, 248: 831-3(31 
Avellne, E. 
The angelic doctor on angels. Am. Oath. Q. 
31: 3i9-j8(Apo6). 
Aveling, F. 
The Neo-scholaitic movement. Am. Cath. Q. 
31: i9-33(Jiio6)- 
Averted stepmother. The. (M. Mannmg) Harper, 

113; 377-84(Mro6), 
Awakening of Helena Richie The. (M. Deland) 
Harper. 112: !65-8i(Jao6), 347-6i(Fo6), 553- 
69(Mro6),683-7o3(Apo6),856-78(Myo6), 113: 
75-^8(Jeo6), 239-S4(Jlo6). 
Awkward question. The. (M. H. Vorse) Harper, 

113: 68-75(Jeo6). 
AioD, W;E. A. 
Cobden, civilization and commerce. Wcstin. 
166: 265-71(506). 
AzBon, Stoclcton. 
Study of the history of English literature. School 
R. 14: ie4-77(Mro6). 
.\vACUCHO; the Spanish Waterloo of South 
America. (F: M. Noa) Arena, 36: 255-61 
Ayers, W: 

Humboldt County, Cal,, and Eureka City. Out 
Wust, 24: 559-68(Jeo6). 
Ay res, Philip W. 

The forest primeval. Oul1.8ii 68i-<)3(a4Mro6). 
AVTON, R: Review of his "Essays and sketches 
of character," 1815. Gent. M. n. s. 76: 6xa- 
66a(Fo6). . 

B., C. 

Snobbery in art and literature. [Acad.] Liv. 
Age, 350: 303-6(4Ago6). 
B. Jones, Butcher. (Samuel H. Adams) McCIure, 

27: 5io-3o(So6). 
Babbitt, Irving. 

Literature and the doctor^ degree. Nation, 83: 
Babcock, Bertrand W. 

,.1 syndicated prince. Eel. M. 146: 377-S4, 
544-5°- '4;: 7,)-8o, 171-84, 248-60, 369-75, 
466-7.1, 54Q-S5(My-Do6). 
Babcock, Edwina Stanton. 

In lite Shadmi) Valley. Outing,48: 34i-7(Jeo6) 
The tov-shnp. Ouling, 48: S42-s(Ago6). 
Babcock, H. S. 
Poultry show as an educator. Outing, 47: 715- 
Babcock, J. W. 
Statehood rights of Arizona and New Mexico. 
Indep. 60: so5-8(iMro6). 
Babcock, W: H. 

raw tn a fog. Lippinc. 77; 64i-7oi(Jeo6). 




Baby and Biddy. (Helen H. Geer) St. Nich. 33: 

BiAy Olney's "cure.". (A. M. Sbftw) Outing, 48: 

Babvionian expedition" of the UnEversity ol 
Pennsylvania. V.. 14 and 15. (J. P. Peters) 
Nation, 83: i49-5o(i6Ago6). 
Bacchylidbs, Jebb's edition. Ath. '06, i: 30-40 

Bach, Sebastian. Celebrations. (J: F. Runci- 

inan)Sat. R. loi: 391-2(31 Mro6). 
SmoKy locches in Franklin's honor. Critic, 48: 

Motor boat of the future. Outing, 47; 446-^ 

What an average day's horse-racing costs. Outing, 
48: 4ii-8(Jlo6). 
BacbeUer, Irring. 

UncU Eb's lait day a-fiihing. Cent 51: ai*- 
Batktiar of tkmmis, A. (Nelson Lloyd) Scrib. 

M. 3g: 46Q-77(Apo61. , 
BccbH, Otto H. 

With Whistler in Venice, 1S80-6. Cent 51: 
Back to Mother Earth. (L. W. C. Tuthill) Indep. 

60: 853-9(1 jApo6).- 
Bacon, A: 0. 
The president and Congress. Indep. 60: 546- 

The .treaty-making power of the Preadent and 
the Senate. No. Am. 189: 503-ii(Apo6). 
Bacon, B: W. 
Christmas in Bethlehem. Indep. 61: 1459-63) 
Bacon, F.<avcis, as a poet. (G. O'Neill} Api. 
Cath. Q.31: Qi-io6(jaa6). 

— and the modem limvenitjr. (E. O. Sisson) 

Pop. Sci. Mo. 69: 330-3(Cn»iS). 

— Mo al leacbing of. (tOchae Maanillan) In- 

temat. J. E^ica, 17: sS-69(Oo6). 

— Philosopher, law reformer, Lord Chanrellor. 

(E. M.) Am. Law Rev. 40; 38-4i(Ja-Fo6). 
Baco3, Joseplune Daakam. 

Th*lUlUtihtrk*arL Harper, 113: 763-g(Oo6). 
Bacteria, ESect of drying upon. (K. F. Kelier- 

man and T. D. Beckwith) Science, n. s. ay. 


— Shipping, in cotton. (H. A. Harding) Science, 

n.s.a4: iJi-4(2;Jlo6). 
Bacterial floka. " (C. A. Herter) Science, n. s, 

14: 859-61 (a8Do6). 
Bactekiologists, Society of Ahebicam. 71b 
annual meeting. Science, n. t. 33; 205-31 
Bode, W:F. 
The water-ouiel at home. Indcp. 61: 135-8 
Baden-Powell, A. 
The advent of the flying-machine. National, 47 : 
463-7(^706). -Uv. Age, 349: 6a3-3i(9jeo6). 
Badger, Ellsa H. 
I A craf tswoman . in agriculture. Craftsman, 10: 
I li3'>-7<Ago6). 

Baedekeb, House of. (J. F. Muirhead) Oull. 83: 

Baedeker in the making. (J, F. Muirhead) Allan 
97: 648-6o(Mjo6). 

Base, G: F., master-spirit of the anthracite id- 
du*try. (F; William Unger) R. of Rs. (N. .\.) 
33: S4S-8(Myo6). 
lAERTSOEN, ALBERT, Recent etchings of. H. 

Frantz) Studio (Internat.) 30: 3q-44(No6). 
Baghdad sailwav, The, and the Turkish custom*. 

(A. G. Bell) CoDtemp. 90: 359Hi8(Soe). 
Reviewing of fiction. loth Cent. 59: 388-97 
(Fo6}.-Liv. Age, 248: 673-81(1 7Mro6). 
3aile7, H : Christopher. 
Beaujeu. [Month. R.] Liv. Age, 348: 405-10 
(17F06), 546-53. 6*6-73, 7M-8(3-3iMro6). 
349:9i-8(i4Apo6), a32-5(28Apo6), 357-61, 
477-84(l»-i6Myo6), 603-11 (9 Jeofi), 738-37 
(33jeo6). 250: 36-41, 154-60(7, 21JI06), 
286-94. 4"-9(4-i8Ago6). 538-33. 658-69, 
78j-7(i-99So6). 251: 87-93, 211-6(13-27 
O06), 346-50, 467-7 j(io-04No6). 
The galden lukistU. Cent. 50: i8o-6(Jco6). 
A skeptic oj the stont agt. [Comh.J Eel. M. 147: 
BallcT, J. C. 
Fanny Burner. Quar. 304: 89-iiolJao6).— 
Liv. Age, 349; 268-81(5 My 06). 
Bailey, Joseph. (Editorial.) Cosmopol. 41: no 

The agricultural college and the farm-youth. 

Cent. 50: 733-8(So6). 
The making of a modern farm. Outl. 83: 

Why do the boys leave tlie farm? Cent. 50: 

Why some boys take to farming. Cent. 50: 
Bailer, Solon L 
New Peruvian route to the plain of the Amazon. 

Nat. Geog. M. 17: 43a-48(Ago6). 
Potsdam photometric durchmusterung. Science, 

o. s. 24: 569-7i(3No6). 
The study oi the variable stars. Pop. Sd. Mo. 
69: i7S-85(Ago6). 
Buleyj T. A. 

The lepers of Asia. Miss. R. 29; 3i8-34(No6). 
Bailer, V- F- 
The native and the while in South Africa. I9tb 
Cent. 59; 3i4-3o(Fo6). 
The negro problem stated. Forln. 85: 909719 
BiiUot, E. P. 

French educational system. Educa. 36: 385-93 
Bain, H. Foster. 

New theories of the earth's history, Chamberlln 
and Salisbuty on. Dial (Ch.) 40: 384-5(16 
Balnea, Talbot. 
The norihern university movement — Liverpool, 
Leeds, Sheffield. National, 46:' 1084-1101 
Bair, Joseph Hertihej. 

Individual adapalion to environment. Pop. Sd. 
Mo. 68: 440-5(Myo6). 
Baird, G:D. 

Mountain camping in California. Ctry Ijfe 
Am. to: i93-4(Jeo6). 
BxViRD, Spencer F. (T. D. A. Cockerell) Pop. 
Sci. Mo. 68: 63-83(Jao6). 





Bairasfather, U.-Col. Pater Robert. 

Persian imgatioii channels. Chamb. J. 83: 199 
Baker, C. C<dluig. 

The art of G: S. Elgood. Art J. 58: 307-11 
Baker, C. F. 
Plant forms and botanical research. Sdence, 
n. a. ay. 804-11 (15 Myo6). 
Baker, Emeat A. 

Direction for popular readers. Contemp. 89: 
498-5'M(Apci). _ 

Baker, Fisher A. 

C: A, Peabody, ladep. 59: i4sa-3(aiDo5). 
Baker, G:B. 

American political workeis abroad. II. Book- 
man, 33: 3os-a9(Jlo6), 
Baker, G : Pierce, ed. 

Some unpublished correspondence o( David 
Garrick. I, II. Allan. 98: s98H5i7(Ne6), 
Baker, H. G. A. 

American railway rates. Econ. R. 16: iSo-o ' 
Baxkb, LiOrxnzo D., and Jamaica. (Eugene F. 
Lyle, jr.) World's Work, 11: 7393-7308 

Baker, Ra; Stannard. 

Nen music for an old world; Dr. Thaddeus 
Cahill's dynamophone. McClure, »?: 291- 
Railroads on trial. McClure, 36: 3iS-3i(Jao6), 
398-4il(Fo6), S35-4g(Mro6). 27; 131-45 
Baker, Robert. I 

Human liberty or human greed? Arena, 35: 


Value of an immigrant. Arena, 35: 304-6 
Balatok, Lake. Nature, 75: 79-8i(33No6). 
- Balch, Edwin S. 

Wilkes Land. Am. Geog. Soc. Bull. 38: 30-3 
BaUrj, A. Lys. 

Alfred DniiT, sculptor. Studio (Inteniat.) 28: 



The art of W: ^Lee Hankey. Studio (Iniernat.) 

37: 39r-3oo(Fo6). 
Forest scenery. Art J. 58; 365-9(806). 
J. L. Pickering, Romanticist painter. Studio 
(Intemat.). 29: 97-io3{Ago6). 
Baldwin, C: Sean. 
FieshmaoEDglitb. Educe. R. 33: 385-94(Nd6), 
Baldwin, CUra F. 
State examinatioDs for librarians. Lib. J. 31; 
BaUirin, Emma V. 

Order department of a branch library system. 
Pub. Ub. 11; 509-ii(No6), s6o-i(Do6). 
Baldwin, F. Spencer. 
Early evolution of the public school in Massa- 
chusetts. NewEng M. n. s. 34: 4a -ji(Jeo6), 
Baldwin, H: 

Advel. NewEng- M- n-3-3S: 86-91(806). 
Baldwin, Capt. J. H. 
The habils of wild animals. Chamb.J.83: 103- 

The sand-grouse. Chamb.J.83: S27-8(Ago6). 

Baldwin, ^ame> F. 

The antiquities of the King's Council. Eng. Hiat. 

R. at: i-3o(Jao6). 
Privy Council of the time 0/ Richard II. Am. 

Hist. R. ra: 1-14(006). 
Baldwin, James Hark. 

Further notes on Meiico. Nation, 83: I73~4 

Notes on education in Meiico. Nation, 81: 


Baldwin^ Simeon E. 
Taxation by one state of goods in another. 
Yale R. 15: 25i-8(No6). 
Baldwin, W. A. 

School garden. Educa. 36: 447-6r(Apo6). 
Balfinir, Andrew. 
To Equatoria. Blackw. J79: 309-3i(Fo6). 
A peep at Corsica. Blackw. t8o: 6s6-67(No6),-^ 
Liv. Age, 351; 663-7a(isDo6). 
Balfoux, A. J., and the Unionist party. (X.J 
Form. 85: 409-36(Mro6). 

— Fall of the government of. Ed. R. 903: 363- 


— Fiscal leadership of. (W. P. Groser) Foiln. 

85- 83t-43(Myo6). 
BaUour, Edith. 
Shaw and super-Shaw. [Shaw's Major Barbara} 
National, 46: i040-s(ro6). 
Balfour, Lady Frances. 

Woman siiflrage. Westm. 166: 623-s(Do6). 
Ballun preposai, A. (Felix J, Koch) OverUnd, 

n.a.47: i65-76(Fo6). 
Balkans, The ever-testless. (F: Moore) Harp, 
W. 50; i497-9(aoOo6). 

— Question of the. (J. Westlakc) 19th Cent. 60: 

Balkwill, F. H. 

Sacred fire of Israel, iglh Cent. 60: 377-88 

Ball, C:B. 
Lighting of toilet rooms. Am. Arch. 89: 160-1 

Ball, Wilfrid. Lincoln: an etching. Art J. 

58: i38(Myo6). 
Ball and roller bearings. (H: Hess) Sci. Am. 

Supp. 62: 35760-2(37006). 
Ballad, The saga and the. (H. Ibsen) Contemp. 

90: 3i8-3i(So6). 
Ballad of Bruce's bowl. The. (Paul R. Heyl) St 

Nich. 33: i95-8(Jao6). 
Ballad of messengers, A. (Louise I. Guiney) 

Scrib. M. 40: 73o-3(Do6).' 
Ballads, Border. Ed. R. 204: 306-26(006). | 

Ballard, Adolphus. 
The Burgesses of Domesday. Eng. Hist. R. I 

31: 699-708(006). I 

The walls of Mahnesbury. Eng. HUt. R, 31: 

Ballard, R. L. 

The army in times of peace. Overland, n. a. 47: 

Baitard of broken heart. (Grace M. Cooke) Lip- 

pinc. 78: 498-505(006). 
Ballet, The. (M. Beerbohn-.) Sat. R. 101: 614- 


— in England, Decline of. (S. L. Bensusan) Mac- 

mil. n.s. 1: s9S-«o6(Jeo6). 
Balloon "Atlantic," Voyage of, in 1859. (E; 
Hungcrford) Harp. W, 50: 1033-4(31/106). 


Balloon race. International. Sci. Am. g<: loo-i 


Kesultsof. Sci.A1n.9s: aS9('30°*)- 

BALLOOtnHO, as a sport. (Julian P. Thomas) 

Applcton's M. S: sis-i5(No6). 

— Hot-air. ScL Am. Supp, 6»: a58oo(ioNo6). 

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Letters and diaries; edited by M. A. DeWolfe 

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Nation, 83: 4i6<i5No6). 
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nat.)3o; i44-5o<Lo6). 
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Bannerman, Sir H: 
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Not peace but a swotd in Ceylon. Miss. R. 19: 
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Rhinoceros skull discovered in Nebraska. 
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Betping Tommy out. Lippinc. 78: 473-80(006). 
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The actor, art and the stage. Monthly R. 25, 
no. 3: i07-i8(Do6}. 
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Malthusianiam and the declining birth>rate. 
19th Cent. 59: 8o-9{Jao6). — Eel. M. 146: 236- 
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Buda;, T. 

France and Gennany in England's foreign policy. 
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Phytiology at Brit. Assoc, Meeting, tgo^. 
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I 43(Jeo6)- 




Barker. J. Ellis. 
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The fall of woman, Contemp. go: 05-106 
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Peimanent prosperity of American railroads. 
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Commeidal value of the wild. Craftsman, 10: 

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33: 1039-30(806). . J 

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On the vacant regions of the sky. Pop. Astron. 
J4: S79-83(Do6)- 
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Ths tamtiaU. Appleton'a M. 8: 433-8(006). 
[Ud Wolf't last quarry. Booldover's M. 7: 815- 

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10: 3ii^Jlo6). 
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man) Craftsman, q: 46i-75(Jao6), 
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ChauL 43: 36-^4a{Mro6). 
Reti^ous educalion in England. Oull. S3; 
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The c^nn of the lower Thames. Macmii. 
n. s. i: 7so-6{Ago6). 
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The religious difficulty. Indep. R. 8: 151-60 
Barney 0} Bruges. (Edith Rickert) Booklover's M. 

7: »o5-io(Fo6). 
Bamicoat, Constance A. 
Mr. Beniard Shaw's counterfeit presentment of 
women. Fortn.85: si6-a7(Mro6).— Liv. Age, 
249: 67-7s(i4Apo6). 
Reading of the colonial girl. 19th Cent. 60: 
Bamum, Gertrude. 

Like £oals of fire. Munsey, 35; S36-8(Ago6). 
Babquetxic pressure, Influence of increased, on 
the human body. Sd.Am,94: 5 10-1(23 Jeo6). 
Barr, W:M. 

Mechanical uses uf water under pressure. En^. 

Barrett, J: 
Latin America'and _Colombia. Nat Geog. M. 

17: 693-709(006)"-. 
Rio Janeiro; scene of the Pan-American con- 
ference. R.ofRs. (N. Y.)34: i77-83(Ago6)- 
Barr, Walter. 

TkemeOleof Mr. Matthews. Lippinc. 77: 481- 
flAWtES, Maukicb, the new French Academidan. 

(P. E. More) Nation, Ba: i7»-3i(Mro6). 
Barrett, J: 
United States and Latin America. No. Am. 183: 
Barrett, R. C. 
WasUngton's proposals for education. Nation, 
Barrickman, James H. 

The snow plant. Overland, n.s. 47: 43-7(Jao6). 
Baekie, James Matthew. (E. M, D.) Critic, 48: 

— Dramatic and social outlook of. (E. A. Browne) 

Fortn. 85 : 9io-9(Myo6). " Liv, Age, 349: 

— His benefactions to the stage. (W : D. Howells) 

Harp. W. 50; »7», 8i(a4Fo6). 

— Personality of. (J. L. Williams) Booklover's 

M. 7: i9o-3(Mro6). 

— "Peter Pan." (H. St. Gaudens) Critic, 48: 

78-8i(Jao6),— (C:Frohman)Harp,W,5o: aoo 
Barrie, H. HalUman. 
Secular education in the interest of ,rellpou9 
truth. 19th Cent. 59: i04S-S3(Jeo6). 
Barron, F. H. 
Church and poor-law refonn. Westm. 165: 
Barron, Leonard. 
How to make a lawn. Ctty Life Am. 9: 531-7 
Barrows, Isabel C. 
A new phase ot industrial educalion: the school. 
Oull, 83: 896-8(i8Ago6). 
Bairows, J: Stuart. 
The national lancers. New Eng, M. n. s. 34; 
Barrowt, S: }. 
Safeguarding the indeterminate sentence. Oull. 
8a: 36-9(6Jao6). 

875-84(Jao6). _ 
Bany, C: 

Eidargement of the House of Commons, iglh 
Cent. S9: s6S-7o(Apo6). 
Barry, D. 
The witness of conscience to the existence of 
Cod. Am. Cath, Q, 31: 33i-4=(Apo6). 
Barry, D : S. 
Loyalty of the Senate. New Eng. M. n. s. 3; : 
137-48(006), a6s-76(No6). ' 
liARRY, James. (R. F, O'Connor) Am, Cath. 

Q. 31: 637-58(006). 
Harry, T; H., Gtn. Harp. W. 50: 1493(30006). 

d by Google 

B«ny, W: 

Dante wid the spirit of poetry- Csth. World, 83: 

The^ducalional crisis in England. Catfa. World. 

83: 642-si(Ago6). 
The holy Latin tongue. Dub. R. 138: 381-304 

Liberals or Jacobins? NatEonal, 47: 778-87 
Bafrrmon, EtbeL 
The young di') aod the Mage. Hup. Bu. 40: 
Barrvhohe, Ethel. (M. While, jr.) Munsey, 36: 

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The American proposition for peace. Indep. 
61: 9-n(5jloo). 
Butlett, F; Orin. 

Garpard the bravt. St. Nich. 33: ^^-^ApoS). 
Bakitett, J: (TiW.HigeinBon) Nation, 83: 31-a 

(iiJao6). ■ 
Bartiett, Lower. 

Between Iht miUttoHet. Applelon's M. 8: 304-11 

Talkativt Tommy. Appleton's M. 8: iiS-ai 
Bartiett, Lyman. 

A miasion station; Afion-Kara-Hissar. Miss. R. 
ig: 48-Sia«o6)- 
BartleU Carters awakening. (W. F. Brown) 

Munsey, 35; 655-6o{Ago6). 
Barton, James L. 

One hundred years of American foreign missions; 
an interpretation. No. Am. 183; 74S-S7('g 
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The dream of Dowie. Indep. 60; 915-7(19 

Murder in the mountains and the metropolis. 
lndep.6i: i87-()o(96Jlo6). 
Barua, Carl. 

Eye anomalies. Sdence, n. s. 13: 390-1 (gMro^). 
Radiation fnom cosmical sources. Science, n. s. 

'$-■ 9S»-4("J«'6)- 
Vulcanism.. Science, n. 3. 14: 400-3(j8So6). 

The three amendments. Ann. Am. Acad. 

Pol. Sci, S7: S9 7-609 (Myo6). 
Whose business is it? Indep.fii; 614-5(13806). 
Baseball; our great game. {J. B. Casey) Indep, 

61; 37s-8o(i6Ago6). 
— The strategy of. (Allen Sangree) Everybody's, 

15: so9-i6<Oo6). 
Batford, G. M. 

Motive-power officers of a great railroad. Sci. 
Am. Supp. 63: 15901-3(19006). 
Baes Voitrmae, The; or. The striking of the 
head. (F, Cowley Whitehouse) Chamb. J. 
83: iie-«(Fo6). 
Bashford, H. H. 

Janua vit«. [Temple Bar] Li». Age, 349= 6»4- 

Economic siplficance of evangelization of 
China. Miss. 'R. 19: 3S»-9(M)'o6). 
BatkerviUe, B. C. 

The present 'Icondi lion of Poland. Fortn. 86: 
64<^^7(Oo6). I 

Baskerrllle, C: 

Coal-tar industry and its jubilee. R. of Ra. (N. 

Free alcohol in the arta. R. of Ra. (N. Y.) 34: 
Bass, How to know and catch black. (J. A. 

Basaett, Wilbur. 
White winra of the Great Lakes. Outbig, 48: 
BastUn, H. Charlton. 
The riddle of life. World To-day, lo: 171-5 
Bactin, 8. Leonard. 
The effects of civilization upon climate. Monthly 
R. 24, no. 3: 90-iis(So6).-Liv. Age, 951: 
Plant-growing with artificial light. Monthly R. 

23, no. i: i33-4o{Apo6). 
The possibility of an mleUigent* in the plant. 
Monthly R, 15, no. t: 103-11(006). — Liv. Age, 
aS»: S3fr-43(rDo6). 
Batchelder, W: J. 

An experiment in fairy tale. [Temp. Bar] Li». 

Relative property rights of women in Uohamnte> 
dan countries. No. Am. 183; 34-o(JIo6). 
Bateuan, Stephen. Reirospective review of bis 
"Golden Bo<Ae of the Leaden Goddes." 
Gent, M, n. s. 77: 58-64. 
Batei, Ado. 
An interrupted proposal; a little parlor play. 
Ladies'. H.J. 33, no. 3: io(Fo6). 
Bates, Blanche, with portrait. (M. White, jr.) 

Munscv, 31;: 6oo-4(Ago6). 
Bates, Fnuicis W. 

Etlucational problems in South Africa. Miss, 
R. 438: 45(Je<'6). 
Bates, Katharine Lee. 
A reading journey in English counties. Chaut. 
45: i7-6s(Do6). 
Bates, Lindok W., an engineer of world-wide 
successes. (F. Strother) World's Woii, is; 
Bates, Lin don W., jr. 

Galveston, Texas; a city built on the sand. 

Sci. Am. 9s; 64, 6{a8Jlo6), 
The Panama railroad. World To-day, 11: 714- 
Bates, W:W. 

Cause and cure of 
36: 165-73(506). 
Excavations al Sparta. Nation, 83: 381-3(4 

Olympic games of 1906. Indep. 60: 1304-11 

Palace at Cnossus. Am. Arch. 89: 87-9(10 
Bateson, Mary. 

Burgesses of Domesday, and the Malmesbury 
wall. Eng. Hist, R. 31: 709-33(006). 
Bather, F. A. 
Elimmation in fixing genotypes. Science, n. a. 
34; 809-10(31 Do6j. 

Physique of girls. loth Cent. 50: 835-11 
, h(M!.6). 

r marine decay. Arena, 



Battenbero, house of, Rise of the. (G. M. 

Jacobs) Harp. W. 50: 986-8(14)106). 
Bkttenbj, H. F. P. 

SatL Sat. R. 107: 76-7(aiJlo6). 
Battle, How men feel in. (S. H. M. Byers) 

Harper, iia: 93i-6{Myo6), 
Battle of ^thandune. (W: Grcswell) Ath. '06, 

3: i86<iSAgo6). 
Batlh a} the fooli. The. (Samuel Merwin) Lippinc. 

77: 3eS-44i(Apo6). 
BamStrtetoMdSt.Janut'i. (A. CoUod) OutL 84: 


BATTt-ESHiFS "Dreadnought" and "South Caro- 
lina." Sci. Am. 95; 303-4(37006). 

— "Nebraska." "South Carolina," and "Michi- 

gan." Sd. Am. 95; 83 (4AS06). 

— Latest development in. (J; R. Spears) Outl. 

84: 513-6(27006). 

— New Japanese. (J. B. Van Brusse)) Sci. "Am. 

95: 47-8(iiJlt>6)- 
BatT, T: 
Tht Catholic socialist. MacmiJ. n. s. 3; 47-53 

Baaer, L. A. 

Magnetic survej of the Pad&c ocean. Sdence, 

n. s. 83: 47s("3Mtt>6). 
Seismograph and magneiograph records of the 

San Francisco earthquake, April 18, 1906, 

Pop. Sd. Mo. 6q: ii6-37(Ago6). 
Baugh, Jamea. 
Lite and consdousness. Wcstm. 166: 169-73 

Lux mundi antiqua et nova. Westm. 166: 531- 

Origin of human mind. Westm. 165: 453-4 

Bauf ban, E. A. 
Tr^ apostasy of a Wa);nerian. Fortn. 86: 144- 

8(.Tlo61.— Lit. Age, 350: 696-700(15 S06). 
Batunann, A. A. 
Cok>uel Newcome. adapted by Morton. Sat. R. 

Rosebery's Life of Lord R, Churchill. Sat. R. 

103: 433-3<60o6). 
Baumfeld, Dr. Haurice. 

Turkey iwrnii Europe in the Balkans. R. of Rs. 

(N. Y.) iv 77-<>(J«o6). 
Bavabian and TjnTDlean types as painted. (A. G, 

Byrns) Brush & P. 18: 3-g(Jlo61. 
Baxter, C. J. 
Legal status of education in New Jersey. Educa. 

26: 496-9(Apo6). 
Baxter, Sjlveater. 
Art in the street. Cent. 49: 69 7-705 (Mro6>. 
A continent of republics. Outl. S4: 869-75(8 


Brazil. Outl. 84: 917-21(15006). 

Theraotorman. Outl 81: 33-8(6jao6). 

The new New York. OulL. 83: 4oo-24(33jeo6). 

The Pan-American railway. Outl. 84; 833-5 

TNiblic squares in dty and village. Cent. 49: 

The redevelopment of an old state. R. of Rs 

(N.Y.)33: s.'i-CidaoS^ 
The telephone girl. Outl. 83: i3i-9(26Myo6). 
The western world in ronfen-nr-f. Oull. Sy. 

640-54(211106). 84: 69-73(8806), ir5-8o(iS 

S06), i73-88(88So«). 


Nature study and the small libraries. Pub- 
Lib. 11: 3.5-6(Jeo6). 
Baynn, Ernest H. 

Plea for preservation of tbe buffalo. Harp. W. 

50; 404-6(34Mro6). 
The story of "Aclson," a Virginia deer. St. 
Nich. 33: 387-96(Mro6). 
Beach, C: P. 

Educational reciprocity. No. Am, 183; 611-9 
Beach, Harlan Page. 

In China's andent holy land. Chaut.4): 401-18 

Beach, Rex E. 
Tbe looting of Alaska. Booklover's M. 7: 1-12 

(Jao6), i3i-4o(Fo6), 394-301 (Mro6). 540-7 
(Apo6). 6o6-i3(Myo6). 
The spoilers. EveryDody's,^i4: qS-i 171 Jao6), 
3»i-39(Fo6), 363-8i(Mroe), SiS-34(Apo6), 
Wounded Knee. Booklover's M. 7: 731-7 
Beachcomber, The word. (J. R. Wilson) Nation, 

83; 343-4(3'5Apo6). 
Bean, Robert Bennett. 
The negro brain. Cent. 50: 778-84(506). 
The training of the nwro- Cent. 50: 947-53 
Beard, A. F. 

SpeUing by syllables. Nation, 83: 435(z8No6). 
Beard, Annie E. S. 
Suiwneroutingcamps. World To-day, 11 : 714- 

Beard, C: A. 

A sodalist history of France. Pol. Sd. Q. 31: 

Beard, Dan. 
How to build a bob. Ouiing, 47: 513-5 

How to build and furnish a surprise den in a 

modem house. Outing, 48: ii2-4(Apc6). 
How to make lotem poll s tor log houses und 

shacks. Outing, 48: 628-3o(Ago6). 
How to pack a pack-horw. Outing, 48: 3S0-3 

How to steer a, bob-sled. Outing, 47; 656-S 

Two new tailless kites, and how to make^them. 

Outing, 48: a54-5(Myo6). 
Beard, Emma E. 
The Minnesota State Art Society exhibit. Studio 

(Inlemat.) 28: ciiii-cxviii(Jeo6). 
Beard, J. R. 

Notes on heat insulation. Sci. Am. Supp. 61 : 

Beard, Stuart Menteth. 

A tragedy of the clover. Overland, n. s. 47: 48- 

Beardslbv, Henbv M., mayor of Kansas City. 

(Hugh O'Neill) World To-day, ti: 6q6-S 

Beaaley, H. R. 
The stale and secondary education. Westm. 

166: 66i-5(Do6). 



sj, Walter L. 
Ad animal giant of bng ^o. St. Nich. 33: 

Big guns of battle-ship "Connecticut" Harp. 

W. so: 59s(j8Apo6). 
New turbine torpedo adopled by the U. S. tiivy. 
Harp. W. so; lo-3{6Jao6). 
Beatitudes, The. (L. Abbott) Outl. 83: 647-8, 
6gt-i(i4, aiJlo6), 787-8, 837-8, 885-6, gji-i 
(4-a5AKo6). 84: 15-6, 73-4, I3»-3. "35-7. 
Beaton, Cardinal, and the will of James V. (U. 
F. Morland Simpaon) Ens. Hist. R. 11: 
B««tty, J. W. 

F. S. ChalleneT, Canadian artist. Canad. 
36: S46-5i(Apo6). 
Btau, Tht. (Id. C. Dyar) Harper, iia: 31 

Beaufort scale, The. (W: E. Plumraer) Nature, 

74; io6(3iMyo6). 

Beaufort Sea. Next great discovery in Arctic 

regions. (Clements R. Markham) Geog. J. 

»T. /-is(Jao6). 

Beaujeu. (H. C. Bailey) [Monthly R.] Liv. Age,. 

948: 4os-io<i7Fo6), 546-33/^6*^3. 793-8 

(3-3iMro6). 349; 9i-8(i4Apo6), 313-5(28 

Apo6), 357-62, 477-84(i2-a6Myo6), 603-11 

(9jeo6), 728-37(i3jeo6). 350: 36-41, IS4-60 

(7, 31TI06), 38fr-94,4i2-q(4-"8.^go6), 5*8-33, 

658-6J, 782-7(1-39506). m: 87-03, 211-6 

(13-37O06), 346-50, 467-73(io-34No6). 

Beautiful burden, The. (£. Pottle) Craftaman, 10: 

BEAtmf as a municipal asset. (C. R. Woodruff), 

Craftsman, 9: S39-44(Jao6). 
Btauty and th« btast. (R. Pocock) Munsey, 34: 

Beazlej, S: 

Escape of theduchesse d'Angoulfnie. igth Cenl. 
60: Qog-a7(Do6). 
Beck, Eg«rton. 

Lav canons in France. Macmil. n. s. 1 : 305-10 
Bbbel, A: (G. Egremont) Spec. 96: 33»-3(3Mr 

Beck«, L: 

Tht story of ToMmi. Chamb. J. 81: 667-70 
Becker, O. H. 

High-speed steel in the factory. Engin, M. 31; 

23l-46(Myo6), 397-405(7606), 7i3-ii[Ago6l, 
Modem adaptation of the apprentice system. 

Engin. M. 32: 33i-8(Do6). 
The square deal in works management. Engin. 
M. 3=: 5j6-S4{Jao6), 66o-87(Fo6). 31: 38- 
Beceek, Sberburn M., mayor of Milwaukee. 
(W: Hard) World To-ddy, 10: 588-9i(Jeo6). 
Backwitb, T. D. 

Effect of drying upon bacleria. Science, n. a. 33; 
Bedford, Randolph. 

Germany in the Pacific. Macmil. n. 3. i: 
499-5°4(Myo6). I 

Bedford, Wimer. 

Memoirs of some generals of the Civil War. 
n. LippinC77: i34-8Qao6). I 

BedquiU, Tht. (D. Canfirfd) Harper, ri3: 885-91 

BsDsoou, The, and itt Individually. Craftman, 

9: 65i4-704(F«S). 
Beebe, C. William. 

Curiosities in bird itructure. Outing, 47; 486- 

Eye camera of birds. Outing,47: 559-6i(Fo6). 
Names of birds. Outing, 4S: 717-8(806). 
Beecber, F. A. 

How to remedy existing economic evils. Am. 

Law R. 40; 384-9o(My-Jeo6). 
The privilege of silence. Am. Law R. 40: 86g- 
Beechzr, T; K., a remarkable peisonalitv. (W. 

S. B. Mathews) Outl. 8»:sS5-6i(ioMto6). 
Beeching, Canon H; C: 
An examination in Ei^Uah literature, with acme 
■elect blunders. [Comb.] Liv. Age, 148: 79- 

250! 342-6(i6Jlo6). 
Beede, ^ocent Van Harter. 

Greek games, old and new. Chaut. 43: >43-^a 

The influence of the classics in the lives of well- 
known modems. Chaut. 43: i4i-3(Apo6). 
Beef trust. The, and the U. S. govt, (Francis 

Walker) Econ. J. 16: 491-514(006). 
Beer, Grlotda. 

James Anthony Froude. Critic, 49: i8o-a(Ago6). 
A notable biography. Critic, 49: 83-6(7106). 
Beebbobu, Julius. Atb. 06, i: ST6(2SApa6). 
Beerbohm, Hax. 
Alfred Sutro. Fascinating Mr. Vanderweldt. 

Sat. R. 101: 5S2-3(sMyo^). 
Arthur Bourchieras self-advertiser. Sal. R. loa; 

166-7(1 1 Agot.). 
Arthur Symons. Fool of the world. Sat. R. 

roi: 4S5-6(i4Apo6). 
Arthur Wing Pinero. His bouse in order. Sat. 

R. 101: 167-8C10F06). 
At Ihe Shaftesbury theatre. 3at. R. loi: 12-3 

Ballet. Sat. R. loi: 614-5 ( 19 Myo6). 
Courage of one's opinions. Sat. R. 101: 7s(»o 

Dejection; a study. Sat. R. toi: 39»-3(3i 

George Bernard Shaw. Captain Brassbound's 

conversion. Sat. R. loi: 36o(a4Mro6). 
Guilbert, Yvette, and Albert Chevalier. Sat. R, 

loi; 78i-3(23jeo6). 
Hcnrik Ibsen. Sat. R. 101: 650-1 (26Myo6). 
Hodge on Brulus as a villain. Sal. R. loi; 

199-201 (17F06). 
Idolum aularum. Sat. R. 101; 44-s(i3jao6). 
John Lawrence Toole as a comedian. Sal. R. 

J03: i33-9(4Ago6). 
Maurice Hewlett at the court theatre. Sat. R. 

loi: 394-5 (ioMro6). 
Paul Kesler and Charles Major. Dorothy o' the 

hall. Sat, R. loi: 488-9(1 iApo6). 
Pit of Iheatrc. Sat.R.ioi: 58i-3(i3Myo6). 
A plea for a short act of Parliament. Sat. R. 

103: 74-s(2iJb6). 
Seeing people off. Sal. R. 102: 673-4(1006). 
Thomas Brandon. Judge's memory. Sat. R. 

toi: 326-7(i7Mro6). ' ' 

Tristan and Iseult. Sat. R. 103; 338-9(15806). 




Been, H: Auguitln. 

A Iranced life. Allan. 97: i39-4sCFo6), 
Bees, Hunting wild. (H.C.McCook) Harper, 113: 

— of Australia. (T. D. A. Cockerel!) Nature, 
13- 43!>-4o(8Mro6). 
. Beeson, Sterling. 

Prosecuting the ice men. World To-day, 1 1 ; 

AmerkaDpTiTBte detective agendes. Appleton's 
M. 8; 43>-45(Oo«). 
Before Adam. (Jack London) Everybody's, 15: 

44S-SS(Oo<5). 6i4-^3(No6), 844-s'2<Do6). 
Beooaks, London. (H. B. Philpott) Macmil. n. s 

i: 6r7-a6(Jeol5). 
Behind ike gray mask. (Paschal H. Coggins) 

Booklover's M. 7: 756-64^606), 
Behnas, T. T. 
Snow peaks of Ruwenzori. Geog. J. *S: 43-50 

Bellby, O. T. 
Gold and itt chemisliy. Sd. Am. Supp. 61: 

Gold molecules in the solid State. Sd. Am. 

Supp. 61: a5ai5(3Mro6). 
Gold molecules in solution. Sd. Am. Supp. 6t: 
Beit, Alfred, a co-worker with Cecil Rhodes. 
Sat. R. 103: 68-9(2 1 JI06). 

— diamond king, empire builder. (W. T. Stead) 

R. of Rb, 34; 3oo-3(So6.) 

— Will of. Science, n. s. 34: ias(»7jlo6). 
BeU«ld, Jane. 

The heart of Paprika. Lippinc. 78; i-*i(Jlo6). 
The hotae on Payette Street. Lippinc. 77: 103- 

BBLGitni, England, and Holland. (Y) Fortn. 

86: 26s'75{Ago6). 

— The future of. (E. Vandervelde) National, 47 : 

S94-6o7(Jeo6), = Ecl. M. 147: i50-8(Ap)6). 

— Home-indusUy and peasant-fanning in. (Erik 

Givkov) Contemp. 90: 38&-407(So6), 534- 

Beljame, Alexandre. Prof. (A. W. Ward) Ath. 

'06. 2: 368(29506). 
Bell, Alexander Graham. 

Our heterogeneous system of weights and 
measures. Nat. Gcog. M. 17: is8-69(Mro6). 
Bell, Alured Gray. 
The Baghdad r^way and the Turkish customs. 
Cantemp.9D: 35{r68CSo6). 
Bell, Mrs. Arthur. 

Eugene Carrifere, 1849-1906. Art J. 58: 325- 
BelL Chailotte. 

Maurovia, Gal. Out West, 24: 47i-4(Myo6). 
BelL Lady Florence. 

what people read. [Indep. R.] Liv. Age, 248; 
BelL Gertrude Lowthian. 

Islam in India. i9ih Cent. 60: 9oo-8(Do6). 
BeU, Hamilton. 
The modem public library. Booklover's M. 7: 

Recent mural decorations in some slate capitoU. 
Booklover's M. 7 : 715-25(7^061. 
Bell. Mrs. Isabelti Bird. Stoddan's Life of. 
Blackw. 180: 821-30(006). 

Bell, Jakes Frahklih, BHjr.-Gw., the Roosevelt 
of the aimy. (A. D. Albert, ji.) Munsey, 36- 

Bell, James H. 

Keeping of tobacco. Sdence, n. s. 23: 904-12 

Physiographic section through New Zealand. 

Am. Geog. Soe. Bull. 38: 273-8i(Myo6). 
Tarawera volcanic rift in New Zealand. Geog. 
. J. 17: 36c»-82(Apo6). 

BeU-l- . „ 

American manufacturing methods. Engin. M. 

31: 8»-«{So6). . 

Electric traction by alternating currents. Engm. 

M. 30: 63s-9(Fo6). _ . 

The utilization of natural energy. Caster, 39: 
Bell, Makk Seaver, Colonel. Geog. J- 28: 

Bell, Spurgeon. 

Prices, credit, and the quantity theory again 
J. Pol. Econ, 14: 443-50(1'°'*) ■ 
Bell, W. T. 
Should the death duties be increased ? Westm. 
165: 38o-6(Apo6). 
Belloc, Hiloire. 
The desert. Indep. R. 9: 2oo-s(Myo6). 
The fiscal question. . Dub. R. 139: 277-99(006). 
Ten pages of Taine. Internal. Q. la: aS57* 
Belloc, Hilaire. (Cecil Chesterton) [Temp. Bar) 

Liv. Age, 251: 689-94(i5l>o6)- 
BetlowB, Isabel Frances. 
Canine idyll, A. New Eng. M. n. a. 35: 47»-7 
Bells, Modem casting of. (Alfred Gradenwiti) 

Sd. Am. 95: iQj-3(isSo6). 
Bemis, Alfred V. ' 

Boiler-house economy. Gassier, ag: 373~88 
(Mro6). i 

3;mis, E:W. I 

Investigating municipal ownership at hon.e 
and abroad. R. of Rs. 34; 342-4(So6). 
BemlB, Elizabeth Granger. I 

The collage of Shorty. Munsey, 35: 274-8 I 
(Jeo6). I 

Ben Nevis, Glacial aspect of. (Victor H. Galty) 

Geog. J. 27: 487-9a(M)o6). 
Bench, Duty of the, to the bar. Am. Law R. 

40: 855-63(N-Do6). 
Benda, WUdysIaw T. 

A mountain region between Galicia and Hungary. 
Cent, so: i69-79(Jeo6). 
Benedict, Clare. 
Bit comrade. Atlan. 98: 551-60(006). 
Lave in the mist. Harper, 113: 730^40(006). 
Benedict, G : W. 

Preparation in English. Educa. »6: 534-40 
Be-MEDICTINES, Two passings of. (C. Oliver) 

Macmil. n. s. 1: ioi-io(Jao6). 
BeDJamtD, C. H. 
Power in tall office buildings. Gassier, 39: 234 

Small steam-engines. Gassier, 30: 441-54(806). 
Beniamin. JtJDAH P. (Burton Hanson) Am. Law 

R. 40: 33i-9fMy-Jeo6). 
Benjamin, Lewis S. See HelviUe, Lewis, pseud. 

d by Google 


Banjamin, Marcus. 

National Academy of Sciences; annual mceling. 

1906. Sci. Am. 94: 363, 66(5 M)'o6). 
W: H: Welch, with portrait. Sci. Am. 95: 483 


B^jamin, Park. 
The "Drcadnoug 

"Dreadnought" scare. Indep. 60: 898-901 
Is the U. S. Navy getting a "square deal"? 

60: i54-SCi8Jao6J 
Bennett, Ella C 

The overrated. Oreriand, n, a, 47: 147-56 
Bsdnett, J: 

A revival sermon at Little St. John's. Atlaa. 
98: a56-68(Ago6). 
Bennett, J: W. 

Conunon ground for socialist and individual. 
Avena, 36: iS7-6a(Ago6). 
Bennett, Lawrence E. 
Transportation in the Philippines. Engin. M. 
31: i79-98(Myo6). 3i9-48(Jeo6). 
Bennett, W. H. 
Archmilogy and criticism. Cootemp. 89: 518- 
"BDnnKGTON," Courts-martial on the. (O. G 

Viilard) Nation, 8a: 89-9o(rFo6). 
Benson, Allan L. 

Michigan's waste lands. Applelon's M. 8: 

Monopolies; reply to John Moody. Arena, 35: 

Popular fallat^ regarding public ownership. 

Ai^Ieton's M. 8: 473-9(006). 

Public ownership from a business slandpoinl 

Applelon's M. 8: 6or-5(No6). 
Benaon, Arthur C. 

Ethics of reviewing. Putnam, i: ii6-ai(Oo6), 
From a college window. [Cornh.] Liv. Age, 249: 

i6t-6(aiApo6), 5i8-34(aJeo(5). 
In the fens. Atlaji. 98: Sji^sCDo^). 
Religious education in public schools. National 

47: 86i-7i{Jlo6). = Liv. Age, i$o: 366-73(11 

Sermons; with a comment by the Bishop ol 

Bristol. Natbnal, 48; 49i-7{No6). Liv. Age, 

aSt: 68s-9{isD««). 
Vulgariu. Atlan.98: »39-33(Ago6). 
BeniMi, E: F; 

Th€ shooUngs ej Achnaieisk. Lippinc. 78: 616- 

Benson, Robert Hneh. 
An historical meditation. Dub. R. 13S: 171-.S0 

Report of the Ritual Commission. Dub. R. 

139: 352-66(006). 
"The truth about the monasteries": a reply. 

Contemp. 8g: 89a-9(Jeo6). 
Benson, R. H., "The king's achievement." The 

truthabout the monasteries, (r., G. Coulion) 

Contemp. 89: 5 i8-38(Apo6) . 90: io7-ia(Jlo6). 
Beannui, S. L. 
Decline of ballet in England. Macmil. n. s. i : 

Ben^ Hajor Horria. 
P»4btf. Bladcw. 180: 3Si-6o{So6).=Liv- Agf, 

351: 50-7(6006). 

Bentwich, Rormao. 

Euripides in I..ondon. 19th Cent. 59: 96S-76 


^Tbe novel as a political force. 19th Cent. 60: 

^ 785-94CNo6).-Liv. Age,asi: 771-8(391)06). 

Beatrix and the rose. (H. Willsie) Munsey, 35: 

BEOWtnp, the epic of the Saxons. (R. McCain). 

Educa. 37: i36-43{No6). 
Berard, M., and the Lestrygones. Atb. '06, 3! 

Berens, Lewis H. 
Shall we tar land-values? Westm. 166: 375-8* 

Sweating and race suidde. Westm. 165: 595- 
Beresford, C. E. de la Poer. 

The Russian army. National, 47: 3i5-a3(Apo6). 
Bergen, J. G. 
College entrance examinations. Sdence, r ~ 

33: 98i-3(2ojeo6). 

engren, Ralph. 

e far-flung " ' 

far-flung telephone. World To-day, 

The humor of the colored supplement. Allan. 

g8: 369-7j(Ago6). 
John B. Moran. World To-day, 11: 1001-3 
Berger, E. W. 

Formula for mixing alcohol. Science, n. s. 33: 
Beringer, Kerre H., and ethers. 
Greater Oakland. Overland, n. s. 48: 37S-309 
Berkeley, G : F. H. 
The leakage of population and money in Ireland. 
Fortn. 86: 734-48(006). 
Berkshire, Bng., The heart of. (A. CoUett) 

Macmil. n. s. i: iri-9(Jao6). 
Berlin, Municipal gas works of. (R. C. Brooks) 
Yale R. 14; 36r-73(Fo6), rj: 34-39(Myo6). 

— Municipal slaughtering plant of. (W: Mayner) 

Sd. Am. 95: 68-9(38Jlo6). ■ 

— University of, and the proposed change in the 

German system of rialional educatbn. (May- 

nard Butler) Arena, 36: 345-51(006). 
fiSRUOZ, Hbctok, and realism in music. (D. G. 

Mason) OutL 84: 63i-5(ioNo6). 
Beruuda. England's "half-way house" to Panama. 

(C; T. Whitefield) World's Work. 13: 7939-49 

Benuud, Helen. 

Last royal funeral at Mandalay. Cenad. M. 

37: 4.i-8(Myo6). 
Bernard, Jr. H. 
Dean ^wift in Dublin. Blackw. i8a: 676-93 

(N06). PI 

Berne, Educational conference at, 1905. (S: T. 

Dutton) Educa. R. 31: 3o6-i4(Mro6). 
Bernhardt, San. 

Comparaiive 'impressions of America. Book- 
lover's M. 7: 83,^-7(Teo6). 
Bernhardt, Sarah. The logical death of. (Alan 

Dale) Cosmopol. 40: 5s6-6i(Mro6). 
Bernini, Lorbnzo, and the baroque style. (E. 

M. Phillipps) Fortn. 86: 833-^9(No6). 
Beny, E : W. 

Isolation*and evolution. Sdence, □. s. 33: 34 




B«sse7, C: E. 

Botanical laboratory on Pike's Peak. Science, 

n. s. aj: 8s3-4(iJeo6) 
Missouri botanical garden. Science, n. i. 7$: 

■paptti on fungi. Science, n. s. 34: 6oi-a{iNo6). 
Bethel coimunity, German/. (W: D, P. BIis») 

Indep. 61: 667-90(10806). 
Betrothal o) Juanita Casas, The. (W: Bulfin) 

Everybody's, 15: 2i5--34(Ago6). 
Better part. The. (Van T. Sutphen) Harper, 113: 

Betting, Absurdity of. (W: Dalton) Sat. R. loi; 

— Modem betting ring. (W, P. Pond) Outing, 

48: 75i-j(So6). 
Betty, alias NtllU NevUlt. (Sarah C. Page) 

Lippinc, 77: 7o7-io(Teo6). 
Betty Bardeen; her spMing. (Grace E. Cody) 

St. Nich. 33: j35-7(Jao5), 
Between the c&taracts; notes from an Egyptian 

diaiy. (H. Spender) pilacm.] Liv. Age, 151: 

Between Ike millsUmes. (Lanier Bartlelt) Apple- 
ton's M. 8; 304-ii(Ano6) 
Between taps and reveille. (Hurii S. Johnson) 

Appl Eton's M. 8: 567-72(No6). 
Bereiidge, Ed^th C. 

Confederate museum at Richmond, Va. Ladies' 

H. J. 13. no. 10: 34-5(So6). 
Bneridge, W. H. 

Labor bureau. Econ. J. 16: 436-9(506). 
Bamer, W: (Elmore. 

The fetukher af sand. Cosmopol, ti: 151-6 

BhimlM, A. M. 
India's industrial crisis. Eel. M. 147: 100-6 

Ttalian literature io tQoj. Ath. 'oO, i: 97-g 


iQOs-e. Ath. '06 2: 39^-7(6006). 

BUNCA, Anqelo Dall' Oca, artist. (A. Melani) 

Studio (Internat.) 98r a30-6(Mvo6). ' 
Bible. The, and the Church of England. Spec. 

q6; 488-9(3 iMro6). 

— Churchmen and the. Spec. q6: 6s7-8(i8Apo6), 

— Gospels and the Greek mysteries. (S. Butler) 

i9lh Cent. 60: 8oa-i5(No6). 

— — Common sense in. Spec. 97: 777-8{i7No6). 

— Job a problem pUy. (F. Phillips) 19th Cent. 

60: 414-46(806). 

— My fetish. (J, Parker) Outl 84: 666-9(17 


— Old Testament, Translating Ihc. (D. B. Mar- 

donald) Nation, 83: i6o-i(23Ago6). 

— Political wisdom in the. Spec. 96: 389-90(24 

Fo6). = Liv. Age, 140: 58-6i(7Apo61. 

— Social teaching of the. (W. Sanday) Econ. R. 

:6: 385-95(006). 

— TbeTissot pictures. Chaul. ty. 397-403(1106). 
Bible poetsy. Power of. (J. H. Gardiner) Atlan. 

98: 384-94(806). 
Biblical critictsm, "Higher", and archsoloBV. 

(W.H.Bennett) Contemp. 89: ?i8-37(Apo6>. 
The bankruptcy of. III. (Emil Reich) 

Contemp. 89: 45-58(Jao6).-Liv. Age, 248: 

387-97(1 7F06). 

— Modern, and missions. (Arthur T. Picrson) Miss. 

R. 19: 8ii-7(No6). 

Bibliooraphic needs and posdbiljties, Some. (E. 

F. McPike) Dial (Ch.) 40: 78-9(iFo6>. 

1906. Lib. J, 31: 667-9(806). 
BiBLiOGBAFHiCAL WORK, OppartUDittes for. (W: 

C. Lane) Lib. J. 31: ii8-9(Mro6). 
BiBLiOGRAPH\, Practical. (Augusta H. Leypolclt) 

Lib.J. 3i:303-7(Jlo6). 
Blckerdlke, C. F, 

Theory of incipient taxes. Econ. J. 16: S^9~3S 

Bicknell, G: 

Photography. Craftsman, 9: 495-3 io(Jao6}. 
BlckneU, Ptnj V. 

Alfred Ainger. Dial (Chic.) 41 : 83-4(i6Ago6). 
An actor's memories of a fellow actor, Wilson 

on Jefferson. Dial (Ch.) 40: 316-7(1 6Myo6). 
An apostle of dear thinking, J. S. Mill. Dial 

(Ch.) 40: i8s-7(iMyo6). 
A biography of Carlylc's biographer. Dial (Ch.) 

40: 80-1(1 F06). 
Charies Lamb's latest biographer. Dial (Ch.) 

40: 6-9(1 Jao6). 
Chesterton's Study of Dickens. Dial (Ch.) 41: 

The delights of indiscriminate reading. Dial 

(Ch.)4o: lii-3('i6Fo6). 
John Stuart Mill. Pop. Sci. Mo. 69: 45t-7 

A pafje from Pascal. Dial (Ch.) 41: 153-5(16 

Poetry and arboriculture. Dial (Chic.) 41: 1—6 

The real and the ideal Whitman, Traubel and 

Binns on. Dial (Ch.) 40: t44-6(iMro6). 
A rollicking Irish story-teller, C. Lever. Dial 

(Ch.) 40: 383-4(i6Jeo6). 
Biddulpb, Mrs. D. Wrieht. 

History, use, and abuse of trade unions. Wesfm. 

165: 40i-i4(Apo6). 
BlEQAS, B3LESLA9, Work of; frozen nightmares. 

(J. Howley) Cosmopol. 41: t3-2o(Myo6). 
Bielefeld. Germany, Bethel community at. (W: 

D. P. Bliss) lodep. 61: 687-90(30806), 
BiTce, Ambrose. 

The eanSagralion in Ghargaroo. Cosmopol. 40: 

Insurance in ancient America. Cosmopol. 41: 


Thepassingshow. Cosmopol. 40: 3;9-6i(Jao6), 

473HS(Fo6), s95-.7(Mro6), 736-8(Apo6). 41: 

1 t6-ao(Myo6), 233-6(Jeo6). 

SoMitrs and ghosts. Cosmopol. 42: 37-40(^06). 

Some uncanny tales. Cosmopol. 40: 543-7 

What may happen along a road. CosmopoL 43; 
Big Thursday. (Elsie Singmastei) Cent. 49: 364- 

Big tree, The. (B. Lessing) Cosmopol. 41 : 545- 

Bigelow, Frank H. 
The sun as a magnetized sphere. Pop. Astron. 
14: 37-4'<Ja'>6). 463-8(006). 
Bigelow, J : 

Franklin as iheman. Indep. 60: 69-73(1 tJao6). 
BiGEtow, J;, at eighty-eight, with ptutrait. (C. 
Smyth) Munsey, 35: i7i-6(Myo6). 



New national forces and the old law. Atlan. 

98: 736-33(006). 
Binlow, Poultnn. 
An American Panama. Am. Geog. Soc. Bull. 

38: 489-94{Ako6), 
Xbe last ot a ereat sultan. Hanwr, nt; 716- 

Our mismanagement at Panama. Indep. 60: 

Panama — the human side. Cosmopol. 41 : 455 
-6i(So6), 6o6-ii(Oo6). 43: s3-6o(No6). 
Bigelow, S. Lawrence. 
Are the elements transmutable, the atoms 
divisible, and forms of matter but modes of 
motion? Pop. Sci. Mo. 69; 38-si{J1o6). 
Bkcs aiy, Cai. (J. M. Coffman) Out West, 14: 

Bignani, Enrico. 
A modern Swiss hydro-elertric power plant. 
Eogin. M. 31: i96-3e9(No6). 
Bigot, itadamt C: 
Reminiscences of a Franco-American. I. Jules 
Lemaitre. Critic, 48: as8-63{Mro6). 11. Ar- 
vMe Barine. Critic, 49 : a 1 3-7CS06). 
Bieonrdaii, G. 
Observations of the solar eclipse of Aug. 30, 1905, 
at Sfai, Tunis, Africa. Pop. Astron. 14: 
Bia }or the cUy beaulifia. The. (J. G. Sanderson) 

Booklover'a M. 7: 367-73(Mro6). 
BiUinci, G«orge. 
Five thousand miles for a farm. New Eng. M. 
n. *. 34; io6-io(Mro6). 
BUPs ride. (C: A. Selden) Harp. W. 50; 83-5 

BOiy; a true yam. (JamesH. Williams) Indep. 60: 

Billy CampbelPs jungle Hary. (Hugh Pendexter) 
Harp. W. 50: 373-<!(i7Mro6). 

The reformaXion of "Kicker". Appleton's M, 
8: 760-70(006). 
Bisiig, C ; E. 
The craft of the potter. Craftsman, g: 854-6 
Binon, Laurence. 
TTie teaching ot Sir J. Reynolds. Indep. R. 

8: io3-7(Iao6). 
A Winter's Tale. Sal. H. ioj; i)^-6(8S?6). 
Biology and medicine, Experimental. Science, 
n. 9. 33: 84&-8(iJeo6). 

— Discontinuous variation in pedigree -cultures. 

(D. T. MacDougal) Pop. Sci. Mo. 69: 307- 

— Testimony of, to religion. (C. W. Saleeby) 

Atlan. 97: si4-g(Apo6). 
Biometry and biology, (Karl Pearson) Nature. 

74: 608-10(18006). 
BoD^iAZER at the Grand Caflon. (B. Torrev) 

Atlan. 97: 739-47(Jeoe)- 
Bimo-UFE at. the South Orkney Islands. (W: 

Eagle-Clarke) Nature, 73: 570-1(1 »Apo6), 

— English, An American's impressions ot. (Frank 

M. Chapman) Scrib. M. 3g: 705-2o(Jco61. 

— in a western valley. (A. \V. Rees) Chamb. 
J. 8j: 36i-s(J««) 

BiMD-LiFB on the Polders. (Edmund Selous) 
[Sat. R.] Liv. Age, 149; 633-4(97606). 

Birds and the gift of flight. Spec. 97: 337-8(18 
Ago6).-Uv. Age, 251: 6o-a{60o6). 

— bills ot. Wonders ot. (B. S. Bowdish) Sci. 

Am.Supp.6i: 3SS40-j(»iJlo6). 

— Caged. Spec 97: 571-3(30006). 

— A chance for the. (H. T. Finck) Nation, 83: 


— Curiosities in structure ot. (C. W. Beebe) 

Outing, 47: 486-96(Jao6). 

— Everyday. (H:M.Chadwick)Educa.96: 4<»-3 


— Eye camera of. (C. W. Beebe) Outing, 47: 


— Feeding. (W: B. Thomas) [Outlook (Lond.)] 

Liv. Age, 348: 3i7-v(3F'*)- 

— How to leach a pet bird prelly tricks. (Mary 

Dawson) St. Nich. 34: 64-8(No6). 

— In the haunts of ihc rail. (B. Dale) Canad. 

M. a8: ii-3(No6). 

— Insect-eating, Spec, 97: ji-3(7jlo6). 
-Library woii for the. (E: E. Allen) Lib; J. 

31: 8-ii(Jao6). 

— migrating, Method of detennining the heists of. 

(Joel Slebbins) Pop. Astron. 14; 6s-70(Fo6). 

— more human than moths. (0: A. B. Dewar) 

Sat. R. loi: 44-5(147106). 

— Names, ot. (C. W. Beebe) Outing, 48: 7:7-8 


— of an ocean island. (B. S. Bowdish) Sci. Am. 

95: 43'-j(8Do6). 

— of the sea; photographs of bird life. Outl. 

81: g39-4s(38Apo6). 

— Photography of, in Norway. (R. W. Shuteldt) 

Pt^. Sci. Mo. '68: 464-73(Myo6). 

— The rapid growth of. (B. S. Bowdish) Sd. 

Am.Supp. 61: 3S373-4(i2Myo6). 

— Shore-birds of the Northwest. (H. K. Job) 

Outing. 48: 671-7(506). 

Our vanishine, (H. K. Job) Ctry Life Am. 

10: siq-t^(Se6X 

— soogB of. The mu^c of. (H. Oldys) Harper, 

113: 7a3-9CO«*)' 

— Speed of migrating. (J. Stebbins and E. A. 

Faith) Science, n. s. 34: 49-Si(i3Jlo6), 

— Chat nest in colonies. (W: L. Finley) World " 

To-day, 10: 349-57(Mro6). 

— A tragedy in the iree-top. (J. Brooks) Harper, 


— What do tbey eat? (Helen L. Grant) Sci. Am. 

95= 3T9(»4No6). 

— What I have done with. (Gene Slratlon- 

Poner) Ladies' H. J. 33, no. 5: i9(Apo6), no. 
6: i5(Myo6),no. 7: 350eo6),no. 8: i9{Jlo6), 
no. 9: i9(Ago6). 
Birdseye, Clarence F. 

The Greek-It Iter fraternity as an edutational 
influence, Outl. 83: 757-61 (28 JI06). 
Birdwood, 6 : 

The verb "to quail." Ath.'o6,9: io3-4(i8Jlo6). 
Birge, EiAsahel. 

Books and life. Lib. J. 31: io3-ii(Myo6). 
Blrge, W:S. 

The whale and the whalemen. New Eng. M, 
n. s. 34: 265-9a(Myo6). 
Birldnbine, J : 
Engineering in the Pike's Peak re^n. Caarier, 
30: 483-501(006). 



Bbuonohah, Eng., Musical festival, i^6. Alh. 

•06. 2:' 4i3-3(60o6), 450-1(13006). 
BirrelL Angnsttne. 
Lord GranviDe'B Life. [Contemp.] Liv. Age, 
348: it)S-aosCa7j«>6). 
BiRRELL. AoonSTiNE. (E: Porritt) Outl. 83: 70a- 

— Mr. BirreU's IChoEce. (J. W. Diggle) Hibben 

J. 4: S40-9(Apo6). 
BrntH KATE, Bishop of London on the dedininc. 
CJ. W. Taybr) 19th Cent. 59: ii9-ai)(Fo6). 
Birthright of Iht wa*d«ftr. The. (G. Schock) 
™ ^Harper, 113: 30i-g(Jlo6). 
Bishop, JoMpl) Bucldin. 
Friendship with John Hay. Cent. 4g: 773-80 
Bishop Julia Truitt 

The hiue necklace. Munsey, 35; 595-9(Ago6). 
Bishop, W: W, 
Brown's library dasuCcation. lib. J. 31: 836-8 
. _(Do6). 

Libraiy meeting at Atlantic City, March, 1906. 

Lib. J. 31: i7a-3(Myo6). 
Number of catidog cards to a book. Lib. J. 31 : 

Koaan church mosaics, ist to 9lh centuries. 

Am. J. Archaml. n. s, 10: 35i(Jlo6). 
Subject-headings in dictionary calaloguea. Lib 
J. 31: Cix3^3(Abo6). 
Bishop's ordiTtalion, The. (Gisela D. Brilt) Arena 

36: 633-8(Do6). 
BiSHOI>S as legislators. (W. V. Rolierts) Chamb, 

J. 83: i79-8a(Mro6). 
Bialand, Eliiabeth. 

The harmless necessary truth. No. Am. 183: 
BisifARCR, Retirement of. (O. G. Villard) Nation, 

83: 3J4fi80o6). 
BiSKASCK DYHASTY, Th« end of the. Contemp. 
90: 6o9-93(No6). 
Liv. Age, 1^1: 643-54(15006). 
Btsov. See Buffalo. 
BjSrkman, Edwla. 
The lale king of Denmark. R. of Rs. (N. Y,) 
33: 989-9i(Mro6). 
BjSrknun, Frances Haule. 

■ Children's court in American city life. R. of 
Rs. (N. Y.) 33: 305-1 1 (Mro6). 
Visiting nurse as a social force. R. of Rs. (N. Y.) 
33: 446-S'(Apo6). 
Black, ClemeDtina. 
Trade schools for girls in London. Econ. J. 
16: 449-S4(So6). 
Black, 6: 
On Australasian finances. National, 46: 941- 
Black, Horace E. 
Spani^-American diplomatic relations preceding 
the war of 1898. J. H. Univ. Studies, 24: 

Black, Huj^. 
The paralysis of criticism. Outl. 81: 606-S 

Black, Huoa. (F. Brown) Oiltl. 84: 743-4- 
Black and white, A sketch in. i, (F. Clayton) 

Allan. 97: 6oo-ie(Myo6). 
Black jadOT. (H. Whitakcr) Canad. M. it: 458- 

Black JosS. Chamh. J. 83: 264-9(Apo6). = Ecl. M. 

146; 5!'4-3'CJk«5). 

Black labor vertut Italian labor. (W. G. 

Ldand) Nation, 89: 97(iFo6). 
Black Sea, The. (Sven Hedin) Monthly R. IJ, 
no. i: 89-io8(Jao6).-Liv. Age, 349^ 3^9-*° 
Blackbirds. Spec 96; 33i-i(3Mro6). 
Blackburn, Douglas. 
Transvaal Ireasure-hunls. Cbamb. J. 83: 661- 
Blackouaboisw, Election. Sat. R. 101: 98-9 

BlackmaiUr, The. (E: Boltwood) Munsey, 35: 

Blackmar, F. W. 

Economics and politics of the reclamation Krvice 

Forum, 38: i^t^Jlod). 
Main curreots m sociological theory, Small on. 

Dial (Ch.) 40: i46-8(iMro6). 
The mastery of the desert. No. Am. 183: 676-88 
Blackahaw, Ranald. 

Mrs. Jeffetson Davis. Putnam, i: 36a-4(I>oo)- 
Blackaaler tantrums. The. (Sarah N. Cl^om) 

Everybody's, 15: 50a-8{Oo(i). 
Blackwelder, Eliot. 
A country that has used up its trees. Oull. 8a: 
Blackvell, AUce Stone. 

Woman suffrage in Oregon. Indep. 61 r 198-9 
Blackwood, Isabella C. 
"Spiritualism." Monthly R. 13, no, a: 47-56 
Blaine, Jaues G., Slanwood's. (W. H. Johnson) 

Nation, 8a: i4i-3(isFo6). 
Blair Evrie, The beautiful garden at. (I. W. 

Jones) Ctry Life Am. to: 35-8(Myo6>. 
Blake, E. Vinton. 

A cousin hunt. St. Nich. 34: ng-5S(P'>(')- 
Blake, Thalen. 

Profitable mechanical Inventions. II. Sd. Am. 
95: 36a-3(i7No6). 
Blake, W: Spec. 97: 826(24No6). 

— Carfax gallery exhibition. (F. Binder) Art J. 

58: 340-i(Ago6). 
--- Family of. (Arthur Syraons) Ath. '06, i: 515- 

— Poetry ot. (G. L. Strachey) Indcp. R. 9: sij- 

i6(Myo6).— (A. Glutton Brock) [Acad.] Liv. 
Age, 251: 809-13(39006). 

— Swinburne's. (_.\. Symons) Sat. R. loa; 

331-2(35 Ag;i6). 

— Text of. Spec. 96: 259-6o(i7Fo6). 

— Visionary art of. Ed. R. 303; i6i-79(Jao6). 
Blake, W:P, 

Montezuma's well, Arizona. Sdence, a. s. 
24; s68(aNo6). 
Blakely, Bertha E. 

Library building of Mt. Holyoke College. Lib. 
J. 31: C62-4rAgo6). 
Blake r Hugh. 

Mr. Wilson Steer. Art ]. 58: 23i-6(Ago6), 
BUkeslee, A. F. 

Zygospores. Sdence, n. s, 24: ii8-3a(J7jlo6). 
BUkeslee, Fred G. 

The Algerian swordsman. LIppinc. 78: 98-103 

The joU oj Laertes. Lippinc. 77:"595-8(Myo6). 



», G. H. 

Polaod'a pitiable condition. Outl.J^: 931-5 
Blanc, Mi., Scientific work on. Nature, ;s- 

BUnchud, C. J. 
Delia of the Colorado Rirer and its problems. 

R. ot R*. (N. Y.) 33: 4ia-3i(Apo6), 
National redamBlion of arid lands. Am. Geog. 

Soc. Bull. 38; »9-a3(Apo6). 
Redamatioii of arid lands in the West. Nat. 
Geog. M. 17: 8a-99{Fo6). 
BUnchanl, E. P. 

Child-study. Educa. 37: 109-15(006). 
Blanchard, F. J. 

Coonhunl. Canad. M. 17: 3io-4(Ago6). 
Blmicluid, Grace. 
A Thattkigiving opfvrtwnUy. New Eng. M. 
Q-a. 3S' 3'3-9(No6). 
Blanche, Jacques Emile. (F. Lawton) Fortn. 

85: iio6-i4(Jeo6), 
Blanekemains. {J. M. Foiman) Harper, II3: 

BUnco, iddio dal. 

Most modem of kings [Alfonso XIII.], with 
portraits. Cosmopol. 41:5 l9-8(Jeo6), 
Blmnd, H. Heads. 
B: Ide Wheeler. Overland, n. s, 48: 311-8 

C: Warren Stoddard. Overland, n. s. 47= 37S- 

Dr. Jordan and the future of Stanford. Over- 
land, n. s. 48: 59-66(Ago6). 
lack London. Craftamaii, 9: 6tyj-v){To6). 
To make the gift divine. Overland, n. 3. 48: 

A memorable commencement at State Normal 
School at San Josi. Overland, n. 9. 48: 157- 
B LANKEfiB0KO, RimoLPHi an uncompiomising 
fighter. (G; E. Mapes) Outl. 83: 3»o-3{j6 
Blatphemer. The. {J. B. Connolly) Scrib. M. 39: 

BlekBlejr, A. H. 

The problem of the Zulus. Harp. W. jo: 1143- 
Blennerhasaett, Rowland. 

The genesis of Italian unity. National, 47: 418- 

36CMyo6).-Eci. M. 147: 6i-7(Jlo6). 
Mr. Walter Long in Ireland. National, 46: 
Blethen, Joseph. 

"Coti afpassionola." Lippinc. 78: 76-87(Jlo6), 
Blight, Robert. 

JJeveloping columbine. Outing, 48; 158-60 
Blind, Kari. 

An unexpected French war-ciT against Germany. 

No. Am. 183: 1019-19(1 6N06). 
Homeric knowledge of the high North. Monthly 

R. 34. no. 2: i2i-37(Ago6). 
Paris national workshops of 1848. i9lh Cent 
60: 307-i4(Ago6). 
Bund, A new world for the. (G: M. Gould) 
Science, n. a. as: a68-7o(i6Fo6). 

— How to be. (H. KeUer) Outt. 8a: 9^S-^^ 


— Library books for the. (Emm^ R. Neisscr) 

Lib. J.31! C78-8a{Ago6). 

Bund, National Library'for'the. Lib. J.I31 ; ai8 
(Myo6).— (Asa D. Dickinson) Pub. Lib. 11: 
— New hope for the. ' (Elizabeth of Rumaitia) 

OutL 84: 75S-6o(i4No6). 
lUiM, Arthur J. 
Hybridization and plant-breeding. Monthly R. 
a4. no. t: 84-ioa(Jlo6). 
Mat, Edwin If . 
tyl annua] conference International Missionary 
Union, 1906. Miss. R. 19: 595-60 i(Ago6). 
i]liss,H; E. 

Better bookbinding for libraries. Pub. Lib. ti: 

Bookbinding for libraries. Lib. J. 31: 737-0 
BUbs, Robert P. 

Keystone State Library Association. Lib. J. 
31: 778-9(No6). 
BUBa,W:D. P. 

Bethd community, Germany. Indep. fii: 687- 

The church and social-reEorm fforketa. Outl. St: 

The church in social service in N. Y. City. 
Indep. 60: i35-42(i8Jao6), 3i4-2i(8Fo6), 737 
The growth of political socialism. R, of Rs. 

34: 82-4(Jlo6). 
Nuremberg, the city of the closed shop. OutL 
8a: 6o8~i3(i7Mn>6). 
Blis^ W : T. 

Damascus-Mecca railroad. Harp. W. 50: 733- 
6, siCa6Myo6). 
Bliuett, ITellJe K. 

The man who blundered, [Temp. Bar] Liv. 

Age, 249: 365-9(iiMyo6). 
The zhadms of goad forltait. [Temp. Bar] Llv. 
Age, 250; 6o9-i2(8So6) =.Ecl. M. 147: 363 
Blood, Circulation of the. (Virginia Garland) 

Ovei^land, n. a, 48; iss-6(So6). 
Blood-prxssobx, Estimation of. Nature, 74 

Cloomfield, Hauiice. 
The long-lost Mani Bible. Harper, 113: 517- 
Jloor, A. J. 
Befpnoings ot James McNeill Whistler. Critic, 

48: i23-35(Fo6). 
lount, Godfrey. 
Town or country. Craftsman, 9: 810-33 

lount, James. 

An English mechanic in America. World's 
Work, 13: 8074-8(006). 
Blow, Ben. 
Lay of the Jack Hall hen. Outing, 47: 550-4 
BtXiWEB, fan. Realm of the. (W. B. Snow) Cassier, 

31: 63-7i(No6). 
. Blowers, Fan-, The conditions of the design of. 

(W. B. Snow) Cassier, 19: ai9(Jao6). 
.■■luegirdle. (L.Griswold) Atlan.97: joa-i2(Fo6). 
:lue necklace. The. (J. T. Bishop) Munsey, 35: 

ItLUEBtRDS, Love and war among the. (J. Bur- 
roughs) Ctry Life Am. :o: 45-6{Myo6). 




BLxrnnsH, Supplying N. Y. with. Sd, Am, 94: 

Blue-stockings. (J. H. Lobban) Blackw. 180: 

Bliutwafeld, Ralph D. 

The En^iah auchesses; portra. Mumey, 34: 
Blimdell, Haiy E. SwMtmon [Mn. Francis]. 

Sick-room fiction. [Acad.] Liv. Age, 250: 58-61 

Wiid v/heai. [Longm.] Liv. Age, 148: 335-41 
(10F06), 46S-76fi4Fo6), S90-6o3(toMro6). 
740-6(l4Mro6). 349; 43-8, i4fr-5o(7-aiApo6), 
282-s, 403-io(s-i9Myo6), 53S-8(9jeo6), 6*9- 
73(i9jeo6), 754-60(2 3 Jeo6), 787-91(301606). 
350: 88-92, »ii-s(l4-*8Jlo6). 343-6.475- 
gCii-2sAgo6), 594HS00, 73i-7;So6). 251: 
»4-30. l46-g(6-loOo6), 176-83, 4»i-S{3-'7 
NoO), sa9-9(iDo6). 
Blunt, Herbert W. 

Community as founder. Econ, R. 16: 2S7-73 
Blunt, Wilfrid Scawen. 

Genealogy of the thoroughbred horse. iQih 
Cent. 59: s8-7iCJ»o6). 

Michael Davitl; a personal recollection. [Speak- 
er] Liv, Age, 250: 1 io-4(i4jlo6). 

The new nation^ism In Egypt. Indep. R. 1 1 : 

Possibilities of peasant ownership in Sussex. 

Boalt, Fred L. 

Tkesnitcker. McQure, 36; 633-s(Apo6). 

Philological aspects of anthropological research. 
Science, n. s. 3j: 641-5(2 7Apo6). 
Boas, Harriet Bettjr, 

Gusti " 

R. 94, no. t: i-i8(Ako6). [Month. R.] Liv. 

Age, ajo: 674-84(1 5 S06). 
Boardman, Habet T. 
A woman's impressions of the Philippines. Out). 

8»: 435-46(24Fo6). 
Boat kace. Cambridge-Harvard. (R. A. Derin 

and W.B.Woodgate) Outing. 49; aii-22(No6' 

Photographs. Ouling. 49: 2ir-23(No6), 

Boats, and boat handlers. (H. C. Konlnnd) 

Outing, 48; 496-9(Jlo6). 
Bodkin, K. McD. 

Justin McCarthy at home, Indep. 6r; 1101-6 

Bodkin, Hatthioa HcDonneU. 

The position of the Irish party. Fortn. 85. 

(R. DeU) FortD. 86: 496-508(806). 

Body, Salvation of the, by faith. Hihberl J. 4: 

606-2 3 (Apo6). 
BoECKLiN. Arnold, with port'ail and bibliog-aphv. 

Mast, in An, 7; 87-i26{Mro6). 
Boehm, Otto. 

Modem manufacture of illuminating gas, Sci. 

Am. Supp, 62: 25779(3No6). 
Boelun, H. R: 
The girl of the Middle West; drawings. Cos- 

mopol. 40; 5i6-2s(Mrci61. 

Boehmt-Bawerk, B. 

Capital vs. capital goods. Q. J, Etxin. i 
Boer was. 5«* Transraal. 

electric railway in Ohio. J, Pol. Econ. 14 

BocosLOFS, The. (D. S, Jordan and G. A, Clart) 
Pop. Sd. Mo. 69: 481-9^)06). 

BoaEuiA, In quest of. (E. P. Irwin) 0\'erUnd' 
n. s. 48: 9i-3(Ago6). 

— Midsummer in. (Christian Brinlon) Apple- 
ton's M. 8: I3I-8(Aro6). 

Boiler manufacturing works, Coit-atOTca ■Ttfcn 
of a modem. (H. S. Knawkon) Engin. M. 
32: 45-S8(Oo6). 

Boiles-house economy. (Alfred W. B 
Cassier, ag: 373-88(Mro6). 

Boito, Abejoo, poet and composer. (E. Fondi) 
Outl.82: 447-so(24Fo6). 

BoKBAEA, New Year's festival at. (J. Locke] 
Outing, 47: 387-98(Jao6), 

Bolce, Harold. 

Ameiica, one hundred times a billionaire. Book- 
lover's M. 7: 353-7(Mro6), 
The cnmmerdal side of the Monroe doctrine- 

Appleton's M. 8: 5a-7(Jlo6). 
Japan i our new rival in the East. Booklover'i 

M. 7: ii9-33(J>"6). a54-8(Fo6), 
The remoteness of real consular reform. Book- 
lover's M. 7: 845-52(Jeo6). 

Bolin, G. 

Perturbations in locomotion. Sci. Am. Supp. 
62: 25912-3(29006). 

Bolivar, Simon. (F: M. Noa) Arena, 35: 491-B 

Bolivia and Pern, Travels on the boundaries of. 
(Eriand Nordenskiold) Geog, J, 28: 105-30 
Joll s, G: E. 
Possible causes of chemical affinity. Set. Am. 
Supp, 6a: 15671(15506). 
BoLLEV, Proj. H. L.| Work of, on plant diseases, 
(Jaires L. Nash) World To-day, ir: 1313-6 
Bolton, F; E. 
Special state aid to high schools. Educa. R. 31: 
Bolton, H: Carriuglon. 
The jewsharp. Pop. Sci. Mo. 68: 139-43 
Bolton, Reginald P. 

Prevention of elevator acddents. Engin. M. 
3a: 40i-6(Do6). 
Bolt^vood, E: 

A daughler of storms. Munsey, 35: 4*8-35 

The bhckm.iiler. Munsey, 35; 628-32(Ago6). 
Decmnial oj tht black shetf. Munsey, 35: 13- 

Fotlansbet's play. Munsey, 34: 56o-4(Fo6). 
rJ« inltlUa oj Whittling Wtlson. Munsey, 34: 

Tkt old neighborhood. Munsey, 36: 357-6a 

An oiil-patient. Cent. 49: 6oo-8(Fo6), 
W-iillal-er's wheel. Munsey, 35; 737-9(8061. 
BouPAfi, Bishop of Selkirk. (F. Ebbs-Canavan) 
Canad. M". a;: 531-5(006). 



B<md of cemndtship, Tke. (M. F. £g<m) Scrib. 

M.40: 8(H>7Cno6). 
Bonds. About buying bonds — are they cheap? 

World's Work, 13; 8170-4(1106). 
"Bone Cabin QuAiiv," Wyoming, and its fossils. 

(Day Allen Willey) 8: ss4-9(_No6). ■ 
Bmnu Sle. Antu. (M. Butkholder} Canad. M. 

»T- Si3-ao(Oo6). 
Booner, Gtt^dino. 
Women and the unpleasant novel. Critic, 48: 

Book, The most valuable American -printed. (L, 

S.Lii-ingston) Nation, 83; 7-^(7)106). 
Book decoration. (Edith A. Ibba) Studio (Inier- 

nat.) 28: aji)-4i(Myo6). 
Book publishing. (J. B. Lippincolt) Ann. Am. 

Acad. Pol. Sci. 38: 1-1SUI06). 
Book puffesy, Notes for a history of. (James 

H. Collins) Bookman, 34: 63-S(Sa6). 
Book reviews, Humor of. (Elliott Flower) Worid 

To-day, 11: 931-3(So6), 
Book sales of 1905. (J. Herbert Slater) Alh. '06, 

r; t6-7(6Jao6). 78-9(3oJao6). 
Book trade, Dignifying the. (F. J. Mather, jr.) 

Nation, 83: 433(3iNo6). 
BOOKBINDIKC for libraries. (J: C, Dana) Pub. 

Lib. 11: 387-9(Jeo6).— (H; E. Blisi) Lib. J. 

31! 737-9CO06). 
Belter, (H: E. Bliss) Pub. Lib. 11: 194-0 

~ from the librarian's standpoint. (Willis E. Stet- 
son) Pub. Lib. 11; 3oo-i(Jeo6). 

— historic and artistic." (Robert W. Adams) Pub. 

Lib. 11: a87-93(Jeo6). 

— An old craft in the school-room. (C. M. 

Coburn) Oull. 83: 7ji-4(28Jlo6). 

— Preparing books for. (Mary R. Caldwell) 

Pub. Lib. 11: 3oa-3(]eo6). 

— Rqjort on. (G: F. Bowerman) Lib. J. 31; 


— Styles and terms. Pub. Lib. 11: 433(006). 

— What constitutes a well-bound book. Pub. Lib. 

11: 43'-»<Oo6). 
Baoke of martyrt, A. (Dora G. McCheiney) 

(Comb.] Liv. Age, 148: 50-«(6Jao6). 
Bookplates, Some Italian. (H. M. Vaughan) 

Art J. 58: i43-5(Ago6). 
Books and life. (E; A. Birge) Lib. J. 31: 103-11 


— as merchandise. (Clement W. Andrews) Pub, 

Lib. 11: 34i-4(Myo6). 

— buying of, for libraries, Methods of, (The- 

odosia Macurdy and others) Lib. J. 31: r4'-7 
(Jao6). . 

— The choice of. (Agnes Repplier) Cath. World, 

84: 48-56(006). 

— for bovs. (j. E. R<^ers) Educa. j6: 601-5 


— Importation of, for libraries; the proposed 

restriction. (W. P. Cutter) Pub. Lib. 1 1 : 306- 

— Increased production of. (H. Simpson) Book- 

man, 33: 436-4o(Jeo6). 

— new and old. (H: W. Bovntonf Atlan. 98: 


— of machine-made ideas. (J. Hawthorne) Book- 

lover's M. 7; 8i3-4(Jeo6). 
-Outdoor. (L. C. WUIcoK) No. Am. 183: 116- 

Books, Selection and purchase of,' for snail 

libraries. (Mabel E. Prentiss) Pub. Lib. 11: 

— Survival of. (F. Grierson) Critic, 48: 116-31 


— TesU of. Harp. W. 50: 9o&-9(3oJeo6). 

— that stay by. Atlan. 97: 383-s(Fo6). 
Booth, Edwin, and Ole Bull. (K. Ogden Dore- 

mus) Critic, 48: a34-44(Mlo6). 
Booth, W. H. 

Manufacture, of high explosives. Cassier, 30; 

Renewable nul-hea< 

-heads. Ca»ier,3o: S34-7{Oo6). 
Small British steam engines. Cassier, 31: 113- 

Suction gas-producer. Cassier, 99: 415-46 

(Mro6), 477(Apo6). 
Border [of England], The. (K, L. Bales) Chaut. 

45: 17-36(006). 
Boredou, I'he dread of. Spec. 96: 938(i6Jeo6X 

-Liv. Age, 250: 38i-3liiA^), 
BoBCLtni, GtrrzoN, painter and sculptor. (Leila 

Mechlin) Studio (Internal.) 18: xzxv-xlii] 

(Apo6).— (Rupert Hughes) Applelon's M. 8: 

Born to be luiHged. (Caroline Lockhart) Lippinc. 

78: 3i4-;.o(Ago6), 
BoRHBO, Head-hunters of. (H. L. E. Luering) 

Miss, R. 19: 908-13(006). 
BomraKT!. Tht. (J. k. Perrv) Cent. 51: sftHSo 

BOSCHKK, Or W., with portrait. (C. M. HyskcU) 

Worid To-day, 10: I9i-m(Fo6). 
BoscoREALE, The villas of. (F. W. Kelsey} Chaut. 

Bosher, Kate Langlej. 
The Jamestown commen-, oration. Oull. 84: 

A sculptor of the South. Outl. 83: 961-6(35 

Bosdn, S : Leonard. 
Maivds of retardation of plants. Sd. Am. 95: 

Boston, (H: James) No, Am. 182; 333-55 

(Mro6). = Form. 85: 439-59(Mro6), — (C: 

Whibley) Blackw. 180: 850-8(006). 

— Fleeting impressions of. (Sam Davis) Harp. 

W. 50: 91, 97{aoJao6). 

— North Church, ?eM\ Rcvere's old (Willard 

French) Archil. Rec, 19: ii5-aa(Mro6). 

— Park Street church. (H. P. Arnold) Am. Arch. 


— Post road to New York, Reminiscences of the. 

(E. W. Kemble and Walter Hale) Booklover's 
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— School administration in. Educa. R. 31: 395 


— Street-franchise contest in. (R, A, Woods and 

J. B. Eastman) Outl. 83; 83S-<i(i4Apo6). 
Boston terrier. (S. Hawley) Ctry Liie Am. 9: 

Boston Town. (C. H. White) Harper, 113: 666- 

Bostwick, Arthur E. 

Boiks for the foreign population. Lib. J. 31: 

Whole duty of l.brary truslccs. Lib. J. 31; 

Bos WELL, James, Li, ve story of. (A. Fifam) ForlD, 
86: 487-95(506). 

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Botanical LABORATOXY on Pike's Peak. (C: E. 

Bessey) Science, d. b. 33: 853-4(iJeo6). 
Botanical Socxeiv of Amekica, latb annuiil 

meeting, New Orleans, 1906. Sdence, d. s. 

33: a3i--3([)Fo6). 
Botanist, A. (R. B. C. Graham) Sat, R. 101: 

Botany. Annual report at Central botanists, 

Ann. Arbor, Dec. '05. Science, n. s. xy. 131- 

4C«6Ja«S). ■ 

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Robinson) Science, n. s. ay. 81-91(19/306). 

— Discontinuous variation' b pedigree- cultures. 

(D. T. MacDougai) Pop. Sci. Mo. 69: 107- 

— in England. (F. W. Oliver) Science, n. s. 24: 
, 3ai-7{i4So6). — CJ- Britten) Science, n. a. 24: 

S97"*°°t9No6)-— (F. W. Oliver) Science, n. 
s. 34: 78a-T4( 14006). 

— of the I desert, Carnegie Institution tabora 

tory, "(W. A. Cannon) Out West, 34: 25-38 
Botsford, G. W. 
Social composition of the Roman populus. Pol 
Sci. Q. jiL 498-5a6(So6). 
BODCBOT, Henri. (W. Roberts) Aih. '06, 2 

BODOH, S: (W. Reeve) Chamb. J. 83; 736-41 

BoooinjtEAU, Adolphe Williau, with port.aii anci 
bibliography. Mast, in Art, 7: 381-420(006), 
Boulder, Demetriui C. 
Tl« Franco-German frontier. Conlenip, Sg: 

Rdle of Austria in European policy. No. Am. 
■183: 1339-38(1 1D06). 
Boult, EUaH. 
Illustration of books by artistic photographs, 
Indep. 61; 1414-30(13006). 
Boultm, A. C. Former. 
Winning a seat in the Imperial House. Canad. 
M. 37: i7-8(Myo6). 
Boulton, W : B. 

Sir Frand* Seymour Haden. Scrib. M. 39: 
BOUNDASIES, National. (Hannis Taylor) Am. 

I^wR. 40: 750-61 (S-O06), 
BotJQtJET, A winter. (Frank French) Cent, 49: 

BonBCHIER, AaiHDB,assclt-arfvcrliser. (M, Bter- 

bohm) Sal. R. 10a: i66-j(i i,Ago6), 
Bourdillon, Frsncb W: 
Mountain love. Monlhiy R. 33, no. 3: 94-109 
(Jeo6).-Ecl.M. 147: iis-33(Ago6). 
Bourne, E : G. 

Traveb of Jonathan Carver. Am. Hist. R. 11: 
Bourne, Francis, archbishop of Westminster. 
Education bill. Weslm. 59: 7i9-33(Myo6). — 

6o:835-4o(No6). = Liv.Age,3si:535-<)(iDo6) 
Bourne, (i: 

Rhythm and rhyme. Macmil. n. s. i: 541-9 
(Myo6)— Liv. Age, 250: 20s-io(i8Jlo6)". 
Botune, H : E. 
Municipal politics in Paris in 17S9. Pun. Hist. 
R. 11: i63-86(Jao6). 

Boor<, Pauline C. 
FnttPugeftinnible. NewEQg.M.n.s.34: 196 

Story of the cradle. New Eng. M. n. ft. 33 : 709- 


Story of the cup and saucer. New Eng. M. n. s. 

33- s67-7StJ«)6). 
Story of the goblet. New Eng. M. n. a. 54: 

Story of the ring. New Eng. M. n. a. 35: 310- 
I 3'(No6). 

Story of the rug. New Eng. M. n. s. 34: 6S-7S 
Bow arm, The. (Annie H. Donnell) Craftsnan, 

10: s85-9iCAgo6). 
dowdish, B. S. 
Birds of an ocean island. Sd. Am. oj : 431-2(8 

Modem taxidermy. Sci, Am. 95: 103-3(11 

The rapid growth of birds. Sci. Am. Supp. 61: 

The weed-fields. Sd. Am. Supp. 63: 803-4 

Wonders of a bird's bill, Sd, Am. Supp. 61: 
35540-8(3 iJbS). 
Bow«n, Edwin W. 
Britidtms versus Amerjcaniamt. Pop. Set Mo. 

69: 3a4-37{Oo*i)- 
Whatisslang? Pop. Sd. Mo. 68: ii7-3eCFo6). 
Bowen, H. H. 
A new departure in American politics. Con> 
lemp. 89: ii8-3a(Fo6), 
Bowen, Herbert W. 
T. Roosevelt and the Hague Court. Indep. 61: 

Venezuela and the Hague. Indep. 61: 1472-5 
Jowerman, G : F. 

Report on bookbinding, tib. J. 31: C130-9 
Bowie, Sydnef J. 
Representation of the South in Congress. Indep. 
60: 15 1-4(1 81 ao6). 
Bowlby, H: 
J. H. Shorthouse and John IngUsanl. National, 
48: i33-4S<So6). 
Bowles, I. H. 

' new New YoA, World's Work, 13; 8301-6 
Bowles, S: 
The independent press; its opportunities and 
duties. No.Am. 183: 40-6(Jlo6). 
Bowling greeh. Gent. M. n. 3. 77: 630-6(006). 
The old. (Alex. I. Shand) Sat, R. 102; 336-7 
Bowman, Harold H. 
American administrative tribunals. Pol, Sci. Q. 
21: 609-25(006). 
Bowman, Larr^, 

Nobody's Ankur. Outl. 63: 475-8(23jeo6). 
Boxer's daughler. The. (A. Colbeck) Chamb, 

J. 83: 81-3, 105-7, "0-3, i36-9(Fo6). 
BoxLVG, Greek. (K. T. Frost) J. Hel. Stud. 26: 

Boy, The. {Chester B. Femold) Everybody's, 14: 

164-7 i(Fo6). 
Boy, The, of to-day. (V. Burnett) Craftsman, 9; 

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BOT, tnuU, Flea Car the. (Anuls H. Doanell) 
Hup. Bu. 40: 983-8(No6). 

Bay ••mi a girl, A. (J. Hopper) Harper, 113: 514- 

Bov-UFE in a Mass. country town forty years ago. 
(U. Stanley Hall) Pet^gog. Sem. 13: 191- 
Boycott in Germany, Legality ot a. (J: Cum- 

mings) J. Pol. Econ. 14: 573-7(^06). 
Bofce, Heith. 
At the baihs 0} Lticca. Scrib. M. 39: 614-3C 

"Prigs" and "cads" in fiction. Bookman 
490-1 (JI06). 
BoTd, Hary Stuart. 

Tht Admiral and the CoIotkI. [Temple Bar] 
Liv. Age, 350; 4i4-7{i8Ago6). 
Boyd, Robekt, Seizure and putting to death of. 
(H.McIlquham)We3tm. 1651 iS&-3f)6{Uio6). 
BtnreT, Harriet 
Tht candy boy and his lililt love. Lippinc. 77: 
Buyer, Jacqttes. 
Culture of truffles in France. Sci. Am. Supp. 

61; iso87-^(6Jao6). 
Fattening of fowls in France. Sci. Am. Supp 

61: JSi»i-.j(i3Ja«5). 
New determinations of Quito arc of the 

meridian. Sci. Am. 94: 6(6Jaoi3). 
Pharmaceutical industry of France. Sci. Aro 

95 : 4»o-i(8I>o6). 
Snail culture in Burgundy. Sd. Am. Supp. 61 : 
Accursed races. Monthly R. »$, no. 3: 89-10.1 

The fascination of orchids. [Cornh.] Eel. M. 
146: iia-9(Fo6). 
Boyle, H. R. 

Serual morality. WeMrn. 166: 334-40<SoS). 
BOTle, ^ames E. 
American drift toward educational unity. Ladies 
H.J. 23, no. 8: 830-43(Myo6). 
Borte, W. 
Transplanted denominationalism. Outl. 83: 3a % 
Boynton, H: Cook. 
The anatomy of a steel rail. Harper, ir»; 385- 
BoyntoD, H; W. 
Books new and old. Allan. 98; i76-83(Ako6). 
[George] Crabbe. Bookman, 33: 49-54(Mro6). 
The Lambs. Critic. 48: 37-3^(Jao(S). 
Teaching; the noblest of professions. Bookman, 

ij: 637-4o(Fo6). 
Thomas Love Peacock. Atlan.98: 765-74(1)06). 
Walpolc letters, old and new, Mrs. PaRcl Toyn- 
bee's ed. Dial (Ch.) 40: 330-3 (i6Myo6), 
BoTnton, Louiw, 
Maude Adams in "Peter Fan". Cent. 51: 330- 
Bovs and their management in school, Smith's 
(W; B. Owen) School R. 14: iii-a(Apo6) 

— DifficuU. (J. M. Taylor) Pop. Sd. Mo. 69: 

— The idle boy. (W: Noyes) Indep. 61: 330-3(0 


— Kind of education best adapted to. (Reuben P. 

Halleck) School R. 14: si3-si<So6). 

Boys. Why they go wiwig. (Ti L. Whttnaa) 

Ladle*- H. J. aj, no. ta: 149*06). 
Boys' ton in the old town. (J. A. Riis) OuU. 83: 

Boys' Good Govzbmuemt club, New Hitw. 
(Albert M. Mathewsoo) Indep. 60: 665-6. 
Brabazom, Hercules. Ait J. 58: 309-io{Jlo6). 
Brabrook, Sir E : 
Friendly societies. r9th Cent. 60: pgfr-iooa 
Brachiofod nomendalure. (S. S. Buckman) 

Science, n. 3. 34: 743-3(7006). 
BRAcmOPODA. (S. S. Buckman) Sdence, n. >. 

33: 9Jo-i(isJeo6). 
Braddon, Mary Ellzabetli (Mrs. J: Maxwell). 

The lite beautiful. Chamb. J. 83: 785-7(006). 
Bradford, Amory H. 

The study ot the Hebrew language. Jndep. 60: 
Bradford, C : 

Fly-fishing for brook trout. Ctry Life Am. 9: 
Bradford, Gamaliel, jr. 
The letters of Horace Walpok. Atlan. 97 : 330- 
Bradford, \V:. Gov. Bradford's Journal. GenL 

M. n, s, 77: 586-6o3(Do6). 
Bradley, Andrew Cedl. 
Antony and Cleopatra. Quar. 304: 339-51 
(Apo6).-Liv. Age, 350: 140-54(311106). 
Bradley, Arthur Granville. 
The practical angler. Macmil, n. s. i: 44S-S4 
(Apo6>.-Liv. Age, 349: SSS-oC'JeoS). 
Bradley, H : 

The misplaced leaf of Piers Plowman. Ath. '06, 

i: 481-3(1 1 Apo6). 
Where was the Ormulum written? Ath. '06, 
i: 6oQ(i9jlr°6)i »■■ 73-4(aiJio6). 
Bradley, Rose H. 
Children of Florence 19th Cent. 60: 6ift-3i 

(Oo6>. — Liv. Age, 351: 4io-ai(i7No6). 
"Soft Siena" and her children. 19th Cent. 60; 
57-69(1106). -Liv. Age, 150: 333-41 (11 Ago6). 
-Eel, M. 147: io5-i4(So6). 
Bradley, W. A. 

Revival of Michael Drayton. Dial (Chic) 41: 
Brady, Ausbn C. 

Mexico's fighting equipment. R. of Ra. (N. Y.) 
34: 57S-8afNo6). 
Brady, Huriel A. 
Over the spiU fence. New Eng. M. n. s. 34: 
313-11 (Myo6). 
Braekstad, H. L. 
Niels C. Frederikaen. Econ. J. 16: i6o-t 
Brag. (W. Larremore) Atlan. 98: 405-410(806). 
Brailsford, H. H. 
Coercing the sultan. Indep. R. 8: 64-S(Jao6). 
The foreign policy of Sir E: Grcv, Indep. R. 
10: 356-71(506). 11: 58-68(006), 
Brain and personal it v, W. H. Thompson on. 
Outl. 84; 9og-i3(i5Do6). 
The use of a. (B, Hollander) Westm. 165 = 
63-7o(Jao6). - Ed. M. 146: 3t3-8(Mro6). 
Brain investigation. Commission for. Science, 
n. ».34: s6-7(6Jlo6). 

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Bninerd, Eleanor Hoyt. 

An angel unaivare. Everybody's, 14: 737-42 
Bkakes, tram-cu, Actton of . Nature, 75: (9iNo6) 
Bkahantino, Portrait panels aaid to be by. Chaut. 

43: i6o-i(Myo6), 
Branch, Anna. 

Uort than ont to mate a pancake. St. Nlch. 

33- 5S9(Apo6). 

Brand, R. H. 

Trek in the Kalahari Blackw. tSo: 389-403 

CS06). ■'^' 

Brand 0) (he wild. The. (G. B. Lancaster) Harper, 

113: 864-7s(No6). 
Brandenburg, Broughton. 

Cabals of the exiles. Booklover's M. 7: 806-12 

Caliing Ribs Mock to mind. Everybody's, 14: 

The mysterjr of ancient America. Booklover's 

M.7; 4+3~55(Apo6). 
Raoal tmits in American beauty. Coamopol. 

41: s7-64{Myo6). 
The laccular leaserpenl. Everybody's, 15: 53- 

Tar-skin Simcoe and Ike green barrel. Cosmopol. 

41: »J4-so(Jeo6). 
The tragedy of the rejected immigrant. Outl 

84: 3'»-5('30o6). 
War peril on the border of Mexico. Harp. W. 
50: iigS-lioo, i7{asAgo6). 
Brandeit Geo^. 

Henrik Ibsen. Indep. 60: 1249-52(31 My 06). 

"On reading," Ititemat. Q. la: 373-93^806) 

Bhandes, G:, and his counliy. (P. Harboc) 

Crijic, 4g: ias-8fApo6). 
— Reminiscences. (W: M.Payne) Dial (Ch.) 41: 

BrandeiB, L: D. 
Life insurance. Industrial insurance. Indep? 
61: i47s-8o(ioDo6). 
Brandia, Ad. von. 
The transparent cosmic masses overwcigh th( 
stars themselves. Pop. Astron. 14: 163-3 
Brandt^ Albert 

Criminal veal lb versus common honesty 
Arena, 35: 449-67(Myo6). 
Branford, Wctor V. 

Sdenceand citizenship. Am. J. Sodol. ri; 711- 
Bniuer, J : C. 

Geology and the earthquake. Out West, 24: 
Braahear, J : A. 
S: Pierpont I^ngley. Pop. Astron. 14: 257-64 

The university and the world's great workshop. 
Science, n. 9. 34: 641-52(231^06). 
Brasses, Costume on. Dniitt's. Sat. R. 101: 

Braun-Gizychi, Lucy. 

German editors in England. Indcp. R. 10: 
Bray, Vicar of, pseud. 
Su- Henry Campbell-Bannerman's opportunities. 
Fortn. 85: i28-37(Fo6). 
Braybridge's offer. (W. D. Howells) Harper, iia 

Brazier, S : 

Primary causes of alternate activity and de- 
pression in business. Arena, 36: 292-5(506). 

85: ii9-38(Jao6). = Eel. M. 146: 205-12- 
Portuguese colonization in. (A. G. Keller) 

Vale E. 14; ■374-4 io(Fo6). 
A religious awakening in. (G: C. Lexington) 

Miss. R. 19: 199-203 (Mro6). 
to-day. (Llao Velloso) Applelon's M. S: 777- 

The United States of. (G. M. L. Brown and 
Franklin Adams) R. of Rs. (N. Y.) 34: 184- 
Bread, Some more words about, (F. Fox) Mac- 
mil, n. s. i: 424-3o(Apo6). 
Breath upon the spark. The. (Hugh Clifford) 

[Cornh-I Liv. Age, 948: aa9-4o{*7jao6). 
Breck, Katharine H. 
Staanne it gralelid. Appleton's M. 8: 480-3 
Breckinridge, Sophonisba P. 

Legislative control ol women's work. J. Pol. 
Icon. ,4: io7-9(Fo6). 
— and Abbott, Edith. 

Emploj-ment of women in industries— twelfth 
census statistics. J. Pot. Econ. 14: 14-40 
Brtgy, Katberine. 
Ijonel Johnson. Cath. World,83r 466-82(J]o6). 
W: Habington and his "Castara." Cath. 
World, 82: s87-6oo(Fo6). 
Breitenbach, Louise M. 

Pompeian wall-scribbhngs, 5c(iool R. 14: 
3reniian, Elizabeth. 

King of Ike Fairy Isles. Appleton's M. io<)-i5 
3rent, C : H. 
Tyranny or democracy — which? Outl. 83: 599- 
Breton, Jules. Ath. '06, a: 49(i4jlo6). 

Library architecture from the librarian's point 
of view. Lib. J. 31: C49-52(Ago6), 
Brewer, D : Jouah. 

The ideal lawyer. Allan. 98: 587-98(No6). 
Brewer, Win. 

Mining development in southern Alaska. Engin. 
M.30: 688-704(Fo6). 
Brewster, E. T. 

Recent books of science. Atlan. 98: 418-26 
Brewster, Margaret. 

1 sleep out o' doors. Cosmopol. 42: 94-7(No61. 

"Bwartown" nature sketches; the rubythroat's 

ncsls— a drawn fight. (H. S. Deming) 

Harper, ti2; 9i9-a3(Myo6). 

Bribe thai ■uvnl astray. (Elliott Flower) Cent. 49: 

Bribery, municipal, A cure for. (G: Crane) 

Arena, 36: 289-92(506). 
Bkice and tile making in the Trcniica. (C. C. 

Fuller) Sci. Am, 95 : 157-8(1806). 
Brides of Essen. The. (V. Thompson) Munsey, 36: 



Bridge, Cjpiian A. G. 

Amateur estimates of naval policy, lolh Cfnt 

60: S83-8(Do6). 
A great moral upheaval in America, igtb Ctrsl. 

Sg: jo5-i8{Fo6).''Liv. Age, 148: 707-17(34 

Bjtii>CE, Brainsand. (BasilTozer)Monthly R. 17, 
no.i: 5-.,(Jao6). 

— Evolution ol. Sat. R. loi: 618, 654-5(19,26 

Mto6). 68q, 723(3, 9jeo6). 

— Three-handed Kame. Sal. R. 103: 46(i4jlo6). 
Bkidgb, bascule, New type of. (Enos Brown) Sci. 

Am. Supp. 61: 9533 6-7(3 1 Apo6). 
Bridge across the night. The. (Katharine H. 

Brown) Scrib. M. 39: s69-8i(Myo6). 
Bridge of fancies, A. (C. J. Lloyd-Carson) Chamb. 

J 83 

Brinton, .Cbristian. 
Idols of the Russian masses. CoamopoL 40; 

Midsummer in Bohemia. Appleton's M. S: 

A painter of fair women. Munsey, 35; 133-43 

Recent college architecture. Booklover's M.'7r 

Russia uirough Russian painttng. Booklover's 

M.7: IS6-74CF06). 
Russia's greatest painter — Ilia R^in. Scnb. 

M. 40: si3-33(No6). 
SargcDt aDd his art. Muus^, 36: 365-84CD0Q. 
A sculptor of the laborer; ConstaniiD Meunier. 


■■■ 3i3-8(Myo6). 
In warden, Tht. 
8: 4ii-8(Oo6). 

Cent. 49: 845-5s(Apo6J. 
vVhistler from witliiu. Mtu 
Brinton, G: 

ftuuey, 36: 3-3o(OoQ. 

Tkt. (Owen Oliver) Appleton's M, 

Brioger, Jim, Master trapper and trail-maker. 
(A. Chapman) Outing, 47: 43i-4(Jao6). 

Bbtoges, American railvi-ay. (J. G. Walton) Gas- 
sier, 29: 202(Jao6). 

— Picturesque Chinese. Craflsman, o: 551-7 

Biidgman, Herbert L. 
Nrn- British empire of the Sudan. Nai. Geog. 
M. 17: 24i-67(Myo6). 
Bridgman, Hovord A. 

Hiystack Centennial. Miss. R. 19: 889-94(006) 
Britenan, Kaymond L. 
Who runs Massachusetts? New Eng. M. □. s. 
35= a8s-9o(No6). 
Bii«, Frlediich W. D. 
Wat Tyler and Jack Straw. Eng. Hist. R. 21: 
BuiEFNY, The valley of, and its romance. (F. C. 
Armstrong) Chamb. J. 83: 5Ji-4(So6). — Eel. 
M. ,47: ■35'-6(Oo6). 
Brings, C : A : 
Criticism and dogma. No. Am. 182; 861^74 
Missionary opportunity in Visayan Islands. 
Miss. R. 19: i85-93{Mro6). 
Brigham, Albert P. 
Fiords o( Norway. Am. Geog. Soc. Bull. 38: 
Bngham, Herbert O. 
A L. A. meeting, 1906, and the press. Lib. J. 31: 
Br^haiQ. Johnson. 
"nie governor of Iowa, a sketch of Albert Baird 
Cummins. R. of Rs. 34: 291-5(506). 
Bright, C: 
Pn^wr sphere for sport. Westm. t66: 177-83 

W irfless lelegraphv and the conference. Monthly 
R. 3: 20^(1)06). 
Briodle, Ernest 
The future of Manchuria. World's Work, 13: 
Biinkmann, C. 
Charles II and the Bishop of Munster. Eng. 
Hist. R. 21: 686-98(006}. 
Brinton, Christian. 
F: MacMonnies. Munsey, 34: 4i5-2a(Jao6). 
Franz von Lenbach. Munsey, 35; 663-80(506). 

The limit. New Eng. M. n. s. 33: 688-q4(Fo6). 
Brisbane, Arthur. 

William Randolph Hearst. No. Am. t83; 519- 

25(2iSo6}.— Indep. 61: 785-7(4006). 
Bristol, W:H. 
Low.rcsistance thermoelectric pyrometer and 

compensalor. Sci. Am. Supp. 61: 35400-a 

Brlstowe, Hedley. 
C: Fox at Brooks's. [Macm.jLiv. Age, 148: 109- 

BuriasHSiwftMAmericaDlsma. (E. W. Bowen) 

Pop. Sd. Mo. 69: 334-37(006). 

nSH Academy, Proceedings, 1903-4. Adi. 

'06, r; 393-3(3 iMre6). 
6 it Lsh and American legislative practices compsied. 

(A. M. Liw) Appleton's M. 8: 737-48(1)06). 
3RtT. Assoc. Adv. Science, York meeting, jqo6j 

preparations. N.iture, 74: 275-7(i9.Jlo6). 

(Gary N Calkins) Science, n. s. 34: 389-93 

Anthropology at. Nature, 74; 456-9(30 


— Botany at. Nature, 74: S7S-7(40o6). 

Botany section, opening address. (F. O. 

Oliver) Nature, 74; 439-35 (33Ago6). 

Chemistry U. Nature, 74; 535-6(30806). 

Chemistry section. Opening address. (Wynd- 

ham Dunstan) Nature, 74: 36i-6{9Ago6). 
Education at. (Hugh Richardson) Nature, 

74: 501-3C13S06). 
— Engineering section; opening address. (J. 

A. Kwing) Nature. 74: 4i8-33(3 3Ako6). 
Geography at. Nature, 74: 478-9(680^. 

— Geology at. Nature. 74: 549-50(27806). 

— Geology section. Opening address. (G. 
W. Lamplugh) Nature, 74; 387-4oo(i6Agoi5). 

— Inaugural address. (E. ^ay Lankester) 
Nature, 74: 33r-35{3Ago6).— Sci. Am. Supp. 
62: 256i4-6(35Ago6). "Science, n. s. 24: 335- 

— Mathematics and phvsics section. Opening 
address. (E. H. Gnffiths) Nature, 74: 356-61- 
(9Ago6). = Science, n. s, 24 : 353-65(3 1S06). 

Physics al. Nature, 74: ^3-6(3oAgo6). 

— Physiology at. (Joseph Barcroft) Nature, 
74: 479-Sr(6So6). 

— Physiology section, opening address. (Fran- 
cis Gotrh) Nature, 74: 423-9(2 3 Ago6). 

— President's address, (E. Ray Lankester) Sci 
Am.Supp.6aT 25 634-S( I So«, »5 654-3(880(9, 




Bkit. Assoc. Adv. SaENCE, York meeting, 1906; 

Proceedings. Nature, 74: 321-35, 355-66, 387- 

Zoology at. (J. H. Ashwonh) Nature, 74: 

Zoology section. Opening address. (J. J. 

Lister) Nature, 74; 400-6(1 6 Ago6). 
Bsmsa Association in South Africa, With the, 

(E. W. Brown) Pop. Sci. Mo. 6S: 5-2o(JaQ6i, 
BsniSH Columbia, One hundred years in. (II. 
Sands) Canad. M. 17: 33-42(MyoO). 

— Work and (vagea in. Macmil. n. s. i: 440-4 

Britise MnsEUM, The catalogues of the Library cf. 
(R. de Cordova) FMacm.] Liv. Age, 348; asi- 
9(27jao6).— Ed. b. 803: ii7-36{Jao6). 

— Natural history. Quar. 105: 491-510(006). 
Britt, Gisela D. 

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Sotanv in I 


: 3S«-y 

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Logical basis of physical laws. Am. Cath. Q. 
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29: ixjdii-xliv(Ago6). 

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Critic, 48: 84-6(Jao6). 
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Electric cable troubles. Cassier, 31: 131-7 


Brooklyn Library, Architectural program for 

Central building. (A. D. F. Hamlin) Lib. 

J. Ill 77i-:'(No6). 

— Order routine in. (Emma V. Baldwin) Pub. 

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Past and present arguments against child labor. 

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.The trade union and democracy. Outl. 84: 


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Brooks, R. 0. 
Food sdence and the pure-food question. R. of 
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13: 3Si-3(Myo6). 
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36i-73(Fo6). 15: 34-39(Myo6). 
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Dangers of school reform. Educa. R. 31: 3*6- 


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Devonahue, in Amencao annex. Harp. W. 50: 
Election manners in England. Harp. W. 50; 

194-5! 1 0F06). 
Eagland'a atride towards democracy. Outl. 8z : 
, 797-*»(7Apo6). 
An English view of Congress. Harp. W. 50: 

, W. 50; 1098(4 
Labor party in England. Harp. W. Jo: 336, 51 

Mr. H. G. Wells and the American Sphinx. 

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New govemtnent in Great Britain. Harp. W. 

so: t6, 29(6Jao6). 
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The praqMroua side of Ireland. Harp. W. 50: 

Provinaalism of New Yort. Indep. 60: 1099 

The radical view. Harp. W. 50: 981(14)106'. 
Regeneration of Ireland. Harp. W. 50: 1711 

Solving the problem of the poor in Ireland. 

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Theodore Roosevelt through English eyes. 

Harp. W. so: S98(i8Apo6). 
Touring through Ireland. Harp. W. 50 
3(60o6), I46fr7{i30o6), 1503-4(20906), IS7S 
Th« unemployed in England. Harp. W. 50: 

The U. S. in the conference at Algedras. Harp. 
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The painlingi of Ettore Tito. Studio (Internat.) 
"T- 307-16(^06). 
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(Temp. Bar] Liv. Age, 349: 798- 

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Th« man laho v>as obslinatt. Allan. 98: 836-7 

Missy. Harp. Bai. 40: 1094-1103(1)05). 
I'he playhouse. Harper, in; 663-9(Api36). 
rht tUvtr taa-sal, Haipcr, 113: 707-13(006). 
Tkt torch ojUje. Harper, 113: 33i-8(Jlo6). 
7fM voman wkoM God hvtd. OuU. 84: 7&-9 
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Thompson) Allan. 98: SS-*s(Jli>6)- 
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ht votaries 0} Hermes. Appleton's M. 8: 
. i9i-303(Ago6). 
Drown, Annie G. 
Tha Irmibk in 
n. ». 33: 697-7o8(Fo6). 
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Massacre of missionaries 
R.19: 87-94(Fo6)- 
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t Lien-Cbou. Miss. 

39: a9o-9(Mro6). 

Brotherhood of man; a social satire. (J. Hopp) 
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Brolkers of ika trou, (Burton Richards) Crafts- 
man, 11: 97-g(Oo6). 

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Tht memory a) Deacon PooU. ■ New Eng. M. n. s. 
34: s8-67(Mro6), 
Bkouakdel. Pro/. (Paol. Nature, 74: 41^-3(^3 

Broun, W. H. 
A journey to Lorian swamp. British East Africa, 
Geog. J. i7:36-si(Jao6). 
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HisfirslTvife. Harper, 113: 43S-33(Aeo6). 
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The hands of the faithful. Harper, 112: 533- 

The interpreter. Everybody's, 15: 643-8(No6; 
The man and his rose-garden. Harpei, 114 
a7-#(D«S). _ 

ilectric central stations. 
Gassier, 30: i7S-9(Jeo6). 

Brown, Demetra V&ka. 

My friends of the harem. Appleton's M. 8: 

itsoWN, Elmeh E. R. of Rs. (N. Y.) 34: 167 

irown, Enoa. 
.Vew type of bascule bridge. Sd. Am. Supp. 61; 
Jrown, Ernest W: 
With the British Association in South Africa. 
Pop. Sci. Mo. 68: s-3o(Jao6), i4SHSo(ro6). 
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.in editorial rainbow. Canad.M,38: i^3i(No6). 
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Orinoco, a wasted waterway. Canad. M. a6: 

499-505 (Apo6). . 
Three old ports on the Spanish Main. Nat. 

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The United States of Braail. R. of Rs. (N. Y.) 

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Art and the U. S. Government. Booklover's M. 

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The future development of Washington, D. C. 

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Tte new inter-stale commerce commissioners. 
OmI. 84: 465-9(37006}. 
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A Pima-Maricojta ceremony. Am. Anlhropol. 
8: 683-90(006). 



, . . er, 113: 364-79 

— Bttr jeus after O&uwatomie. (O. G. VUUtd) 

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Brown, Dr. ];, Reminiscences ol. Cbamb. J. 
83: 7i7-8(No6). 

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Tht face BJ the shadow. Everybody's, 15: 353- 

"Through a glass, darkly." Cent. 40; 397-401 

Polities and aniseed, BooVlover'a M. 7: 347-53 
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Mississippi River as a tr&de route. Am. Geog. 

Soc. BuU. 38: 349-S4(Jeo6). 
The protection of the alluvial ba^n of the Mis- 
sissippi. Pop. Sci. Mo. 69: 348-56(506). 
Brawn, TiC. 
Columbia field-work in geology. Science, n. a. 
aj! 587-1>o(>3Apo6). 
Brown, T: 1,, Retirement of, from the Supremi 
Court of the U. S, Am. Law R. 40: 548-57 
Brown, W: Fonter. 

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Persistence of personal force in American history', 

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Tenth decade of the United Slates. VI. Atlan. 
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Public ownership and political science. Am. J. 
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Mr. J. M. Barrie's dramatic and social outlook. 
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Training of the negro laborer in the North. 
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At a IhUf J» tht night. Appleton'a M. 8: 397- 

Compensation. Munsey, 36: 374-80(1)06). 
Th« diplomacy of McGlinchy, fits. Applelon's 

M. 8: 6i4'-35(No6). 
The Hon. Btll Hicks' marriage competition. 
Munsey, 35: 767-71(506). 
Bbowne, Sir T: (G. L. Strathey) Indep. R. 8: 

Browne, W : Hud, jr. 

The telhannonium. Harp. W. 50: 477-Si 93 
Brownell, Atherton. 

ThecommerdalaimezationofCuba. ^.ppleton'* 

SM. 8: 406-11(006). 
iban republic on trial. R. of Rs. (N. Y.) 
34; 434-30(006). 
Impressions of Manila. Munsey, 35: 53-^ 

Brownell, Edith. 
Hi» bnritH of haired. Lippinc 78: 5°*^" 
Brownell, W : Crai;. 

Cooper. Scrib. M. 39: 455-68(Apo6). 
Bbowhino, Elizabeth BAfutBTT. (G: Perry Mor- 
ris) Indep.6o: 5oi-4(iMro6). — [Lond. Times] 
Liv, Age, 349: 1 73-9(3 iApo6). 
Bruce, A. H. 
The jury system. Am. Law R. 40: 3a»— 39 
Bruce, H. Addington. 

Bluff King HaL Outl. Sa: i35~S(3oJao6). 
An Enghsh man of letters. Out). 84: 835-8(1 

"The grand young man." Outl. 83; 905-9(18 

The Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence. 

Harp. W. so: 946-8(7)106). 
~ New light on. No. Am. 183: 47-6i{Jio6). 
A queen of teare; book review. OutL 84; 379- 

606-1 3(No6), 77i-6(Do^, 
H: Sidgwick, philosopher. Outl. 84: 333-5(6 
Bruce, J. D. 
Lee s facsimiles of Shakespeare's Poems and 
Pericles. Nation, 8a: s64-6(3gMro6). 
Bruce, Robebt. BaUad of Bruce's bowl. (Paul 

R. Heyl) SI. Nich. 33: i95-8(Jao6). 
Bruftre, Robert W. 
A newsboys' labor union. Outl. 84: 878-81 
Brule, Etjennk. (Walter Dwight) Am. Cath. Q 

31: 485-93'JIo6). 
Brumbaugh, Martin Grove. 
Moral and religious education. Educa. 36: 

Harper, 113: 7i6-aa(Oo6). 

3HUNETIERE, FERDINA-VD, Outl. 84: 912-3(15 

Do6).--Ath. '06, 3: 77i-2(isDo6).— (P. E. 
More) Nation, 83: 502-3(13006). 
Brunnen-Morshach Alpine railway. Sd. Supp. 

61: 35433(3jeo6). 

Bruali, E: Hole. 

American history and mural painting. R. of 

Rs, (N. Y.) 34: 689-97(Do6). 
iiHVsewoRK drawing. (E. E. Ward) Art. J. 58: 

148-5 i(My66). 
BRiresEis, Royal Museum of Natural History. (L. 

Ramakers) Sci. Am. 94: 334-5 (i7Mro6). 
Brjan, Arthur J. 
San Francisco as a cynosure of all eyes. Ovei- 

Und, n. s. 48: 4i3-36(Do6). 
Bryan, F. C. 
Origin of land tenure. Am. Law Rev. 40: 9-37 


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Brrui, G.H. 
G. R. Osien Sacken, baron. Nature, 74: 180-1 

Lodge's Imegral calculus. Nature, 73 ; 337 

Ludwig HolUmana. Nature, 74: 569-71(4 

Place of the modem ' university in Uie state. 
Nature, 74: 587-9(11006). 
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The abatement of smoke. Sci. Am. Supp. 6a: 
25582-4(1 1 Ago6). 

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Individuafism iwrjiu socialism. CmiL 49: S56- 

The path lo peace. Indep. 61: 483-9(3oAgoo). 
BKTAii,W:TtMNiiios; ft character study. (L.Ab- 
bott) OutL 84: 66-8(SSo6). 

— and our complei social order. (F. H. Giddings) 

Cent. 51: is4-7(Na6). 

— Horae-comingof, anditssignificance. Harp.W. 

50: iig6-7(3SABo6). 

— Letter? to a Chinese official, A reply to. (G. 

I.Dickiuaon)CeDt. 51: 3i3-6(Do6). 

— When he left us. ' (Day A. Willey) Indcp. 61 ; 


Ertiiime expanmon of the course of study in 

American uniTersities. Educa. R. 31: 135- 

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Mrs. Brookfield and her circle. Nation, 3:: 

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diplomacy. (Rollo Ogden) Nation, 83: 550 

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-7(Ago6), 74J-6(So6>. 49: 57-64(0061. 

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Outing, 47: 689-93(Mro6). 

— I have linown. (Lloyd Buchanao) Lippinc. 77: 

34a-6(Mro6) . 

— Voyage o( the "Cygnet." Gent. M. n. s. 76: 

Buchanan, Agnes F. 

Some early business buildings of San Francisco. 
(Archil. if-jifjloei. 
BccHANAN, O: (C: Whilby) Blackw. 180: 1-16 

-^ Quaterccnienary at Glasgow. Ath. '06, a : 656- 

Buchanan, Lloyd, fsaud. 

Buccaoeers I have known. Lippinc. 77: 34J- 

The nature of the Moroa. World's Work, 12 

Tht learn; a West Point joel-batl slery. Lippin( 

78: 6io-8(No6). 
The [U. S.] army as a career. World's Work, u 

Buchanan's vri}«. (Justus M. Forman) Harp. W. 
50: 20-3, s8, S3-6, 8S-91, i34-7(fr-a7jao6), 
160-3, '96-9. =35-7. 369-71(3-34^06), 30S-8. 
340-3, 378-80, 4IJ-5, 33, 448-50, 60(3-31 
Mroo), 484-5. 96t7Apo6). 
jjcbsrer, A. B. 
The shape of elJctrons. Ath. '06, i: 365-6(34 
iJuchner, E: F. 

Relation of the high school 10 the college. Educa. 
26: 57'-«3a~6)- 
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Canal irrigation in the Punjab, Geog. J. a?; 

Caitle-thieves in India. Chamb. J. 83: 518-91 

Buck, H. W. 

Niagara Falls from the economic standpoint. 
Outl. 83: i33H5(i9Myo6). 
BuckelL G. T. Teaadale. 
The Scotch deer forests. 19th Cent. 60: 745- 

UCKET-SHOP VS. Board of Trade. (C. C. Christie) 
Everybody's, 15: 707-i3(No6). 
Jacket-shop sharks. (Merrill A. Teague) Every. 
■ body's, 14: 723-3S(Jeo6). 15: 33-43(Jlo6ff 
a4S-S4CAgo6), 398-408(806). 
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Literary treatment of lovers. Critic, 49; 113-4 
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The French method of controlling railway rates. 
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duckman, Williamson. 
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Japanese bouses. Archil. Rec. 19: t-36 

Model kitchens. Outl. 83: 95i-6o(i5Ago6). 
Saragossa. Archit. Rec. 19: 3i7-43(Myo6). 
iUDDHA, Kant and the. (W. S. Lilly) Fortn. 86: 

'JUDDUlsu, Japanese; how it appeals to a Christian 
theisl. (J. Ksllin Carpenter) Hibbert J. 4: 
503-i6(.\po6).— Eel. M. 146: so4-i5(Jeo6). 
BtmoHisT MONK, Cremation of a. (C. R. Callen- 

der) Indep. 60: 498-501 (iMrofi). 
Buddhist sect, Japanese, which leaches salvation 
by faiUi. (J. Troup) Hibbert J. 4; 281-93 
BuELOW, Prince von, chancellor of Germany 
(Adalbert von Dflrnstein) World's Work, 11 
iiuenas nockes. (Eleanor Gates) Scrib. M. 39; 

.tUFFALO; Albright Gallery. (Frank Fowler) 
Scrib. M. 39: 38i-4(Mro6). 
Houses in [views only]. (G: Gary) Archit. 
Rec. 19: 4i;9-66(Jeo6). 
nuiPALO, The American. (E. T. Seton) Scrib. U. 
40: 385-405(006). 
- Plea for preservation of the. (Ernest H. Bayncs) 
Harp. W. 50: 404-6(34Mro6). 
Buffalo herd, The Spectator visits a. Outl. 81: 



BcTFALO riveb; an interesting meanderiiiEStTeani. 

(Robert F. Griggs) Am. Gcog. Eoc. BuU. 38: 

Bttitaloes, Expeiiments with. (C. J. Junes) 

Indep. 60: i3Si-5(7jeo6). 
BnGATTi, Reuboandt, Italian u:ulptor. (M. Hortc> 

loup) Studio (Internal,) 39: 33-£(JtoG). 
Bugf , L«lia H. 

Faning 0} the goddess. Cath. World, 83: 366- 

BinLDEBs, The. (R. D. Paioe) Outing, 48: 45-61 

(Apo6), ai3-33(Myo6), i5g-7s(Jeo6), 419-41 

(Jlo<5).S»8-4i(Ag<i6), 719-30(806). 49: 34»- 

fitnu>U)0 6ia feet bigb, in New York. Sci. Ann 

95: i74(8So6). ^ 

BuiLDiHO COST'S, Comparative. (W. A. Dyei) Ctry 

Life Am. 10: 635-6(006). 
Bthlding laws, English and American. (Horace 

Cubilt) Am. Arch. 89: 161-3(1 »Myo6), 178-80 

BinuJiNC-STONE, Resistance to frost. Am. Arch. 

90: iii(60o6). 
BuiLrnNOS, Tall otGce. (Paul Adam) Indep. 60: 

Bulbs for every place and purpose. (W. Miller) 

CtryLifeAm. 10: 507-15(806). 
Bulfln, W: 

Tht betrothal of Juanita Cants. Everybody'^ 

15: ais-34(Ago6). 
BuuiABiA. Serbo-Bulearian convention and its 

retults. (A. Stead) Form. 8s : 537-4S{Mro6). 
— to-day. (Eliinor F. B. Thompson) Monlbly R. 

aa, no. i: i3-i9(Jao6).-Uv. Age, 849^ 3'" 


Industrial condition of negroes in N. Y. city. 

Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. Sd. 17; s9o-6(Myo6). 
Boll, Ole, and Edwin Booth. (R. Ogden Dorr- 

mus) Critic, 48: a34-44(Mro6). 
Bull and Moitth inn. Gent. M. n. s. 77: 317 9 

Bull in the (library) chinashop. {W: I. Fletcher) 

Pub. lib. 11: 549-50(006). 
BuU-terrUr and the baby, 2'ht. (Helen M. Givens) 

Ladies' H. J. 33, no, 11: is(Oo6). 
BuUaid, Robert L. 

Prepairing our Moros (or government Atlan. 

97: 385-94(Mro6). 
Bullen, Prank T : 
The tides. [Comb.] Liv. Age, 351; 393-400 

The wEndi of the ocean. [Comh.] Liv. Age, 

»$<•• T37-4'i(aaSoi9. 
Bullock, C : Jesse. 
Dawson's German workman. Nation, 83: 297 

Life insurance and speculation. Atlan. 97: 

Bnllock, Harry A. 

TmfEcking in trusts. Arena,3s: 337-45(Apo6). 
Bullock, Shan P. 
The t>uiden of the middle classes. Forln. 86: 


An Irisb, experiment. Monthly R. 23, no. i: 
Bullock, Starr. 

Cobalt, the new silver city. Harp. W. 50: 806- 

Bulstrode in loco parenlii. (Marie Van Vorst) Scrib. 

M. 40: 596-607(^06). 
BidstTode's portrait. (Marie van Vorst) Scrib, M. 

39: 4io-36(Apo6). 
Bumpus, Hennon C. 
The museum as a factor in education. Indep. 61 : 

Bungalow, The, at its best. Archit. Rec. xa: 

a97-305(Oo^)- , ... 

— Possibilities of the, as a permanent dweUing. 

(Harlan Thomas) Craftsman, 9: 859-63 

— Why not a? Q. M. A. Darrach) Ctiy Ufe Am. 

10: 637-40(006). 
BtTNOALOws, Craftsman, 10: ios-i3(Apo6). 

— Designs for. Studio (Internal.) 38: 336-4i(Jeo6). 

— in California, An archJteci of. (AnLui C-L'a''''d) 

Archit. Rec. so; 307-15(006). 
BuNBiLL Fields. The Nonconformist "Campo 

Santo." Chamb. J. 83: 46-8(Jao6). 
BuTbukk, Luther. 

The training of the human plant. Cent. 50: 
■ i37-38(Myo6). 
BunBANE, LuiBEit, and child culture. (E: P. 
Irwin) Overland, n. s. 47: 365-7o(Mro6). 

— New creations in plant life. (T. H. Maebride) 

Dial (Ch.) 40: 47-S(i6Jao6). 
^r- Pcrsonalimpressionsof, (Hiigo DeVrics) Indep. 
60: ii34-4o(i7Myo6), 

— Scientific an>»cta of work of. (V. L. Kellogg) 

Pop. Sd. Mo, 69: 363-74(006). 
BuRBANKWC the flea. (Jane M. Parker) Harp. 

W.50: i753-3(8Do6). 
Burdett, Everett W. 
Municipal ownership in Great Britain. J. Pol. 
Econ. 14: 3S7-3i4(Myo6). 
BuRPOttO Papeks. Ath. '06, i: 443-4(i4Apo6>. 
Burges*, Gelett. 
T&keepsake. AtUn.98: 837-40(006), 
Not to speak of Cicely. Ladies' 11. j. 33, no. 3: 

Smiih and the May Lee Association. Every- 
body's, 15: ro5-i3(Jlo6). 
Topography of San Francisco. Am. Arch. 89: 
Butghdere, Lady. . f ' 

Strafford as a letter-writer. 19th Cent. 59: 90- 
Bdkclakk, Contrivances used in. Sci. Am, 04: 

— Thchigher. Sal. R. 103: 337-8(i5So6). 
Buried treasure. (Stewart E. While) McClure. 37: 

Burke, Edmund, (W. Alexander) National, 47: 
7;-86{Mro6). = Ecl. M. 146: 400-6(Myo6). 
= Liv. Age, 349: 48-56(7Apo6). 
in religion and the church, (W. F, P. Stockley) 
Am. Cath. Q, 31: 6i-So(Jao6). 
Burke, Emma Maxwell. 

woman's eitperience of earthquake and fire. 
Ouil. 83: 373-7(3jM6)- 
Burke, J; Butler. 

Herbert Snencer and the master key. Contemp. 
8g; 783-94(Jeo6). = EtL M. 147: i34-33(Ago6). 
Burke, Margaret Sullivan. 

Fetir O-Forus. Lippinc. 77: 745-56(Jeo6). 



Burtet^ C : W., and Poe, Clarence H. 

I» our cotto^ monopoly secure ? World's Work, 
'»: 7744-60106). 
Bnrkbolder, MabeL 
ia Bonne Si*. Atme. Canad. M. 37: 499-501 
{O06). '^^ 

BurlcMui, W. D. 
(Jridlej-, Bulle County, Cal. Out Wcsl, 34: 583 
BoRLESQUE in French literature. Maonil. n. s- 

»: i45-S''(Do6). 
BosLwoTON Hoosz, Old roeslers ai. A(h. '06, 1 

Boniaud, Sir Pranda Cowley. 
Thackeray's Mahogany tree. Putnam, 1: 338- 
Bunie, E. Lancasttr. 

Wind power. Cas^r, 30; 3is-36(Ago6). 
ButNE-JoNES, E: (W. Knight) Fottn. 86: 67c 

Bumelt, Frances Hodgson. 
An American author's English Ha-ha. Ctn 

Ufe Am. lor 399-30 i<Jloi^. 
Tkt doom of a lo-momno. II. Scrib. M. 39 
BaekMr-Potktay houit. St. Nich. 34: 97-106 

Tk» IreiiNu of Q-**» SOvtr-beli. St. Nich. 33 

HmB Winnie hatched the liult rooks. St. NkV, 

34: 3-"(No6). 
The shuttle. Cent. 51: 39-45(No6), 189-304 
Burnett, F: J. 
The adventure of the white carnation. Uppinc 
77T S9<H5o7(Myo6). 
Btiraett, F. Handen. 

TariiT reform. Econ. R. 16: 396-416(006). 

Burnett, ^vlan. 

The boy of to-day. Craftsman,9: 488-94{Jao6) 

Four in the afien. Craftsman, 10: 775-8(806 . 

BosNZK PAUUV, Chroniclea of the. Alb. '06, 

a: 647-8{94No6).— Spec. 97: 8a8(a4No6). 
BtTwray, Fanny. Set Arblay, Madame d'. 
Buraham, S. W. 
Recent double star work. Pop. Astron. 14: 70 
Bumham, W: H. 
Hygiene of the teeth, Pedagotr. Sem. 13; 201- 

School hygiene; report of committee. Pedagof. 
Sem. 13: J3o-44(Jeo6). 
Buniite, Caroline. 
Beginnings of literature for children. Lil,. ' 

31: Ci07-i3(Ago6). 
Good and bad books for boys and girls. Pul' 
Lib. 11: 369-^(JIo6). 
Btinu, J: 
Municipal ownership a blessing. Indep. 6c 

7<»3-6{7Apo6).— (R. Donald) [iglh Cent.] !■ 
M. 146: 3839-a{Apo6). = Liv. Age, 340: 'i: 
Bums, W. 
New shop methods from (he macluoisl's poini nl 
view. Engin. M. 31: 93-6(Apo6), 

leMille. Nation, 83: i38(i6Ago61, 303 
Original records of Canadian history. Natkm, 
83; 434-s{aaNo6). 
^Stoker's Reminiscences of H: Irving. Dial (Ch.) 

41: i76-9(iNo6). 
JuRR, Aaron. Decisive battles of Ihe law. (F. 

T. Hill) Harper. 113: 3-'6(Jeo6). 
lurr, W:H. 
Panama Canal. Science, n.s. 34: 7i-«{jo]lo6). 
The technical school and the university. Science, 
n.s. 34: .si3-9(j60o6). 
Bnnes, W. T. 
On the road to quaint La Paz. Outing, 48: 
3unill, Katharine. 
The servant question again. Chamb. J, 83: 
Burrou^lu, J: 
Campmg with President Roosevelt. Atlan. 97: 

Human traits in the animals. Outing, 49: 

Love and war among the bluebirds. Ctry Life 

Am. ro: 4s-6(Myo6). 
The vanity of big houses. Cosmopol. 41: 89 

Weasel and his victims again. Outing, 48: 343- 

What life means to me. Cosmopol. 40: 6S4-B 
ItraROUCHS.J: Bird and bough. (E.M. Thomas) 

Critic, 49: r39-4t(AKo6). 
— Celery-growing of. (Julian Burroughs) Ctry 

Life An. 9: 3ii-3(Jao6). 
-Ways of nature. (H. M. Judd) Nation, 8j: 

59-60(1 8Jao6). 
-Weasel and rabbit question. Outing, 47: 663 

lurroughs, Julian. 
How I built my own country house. Ctry Life 

Am. 9: 4is-7(Fo6). 
How J: Burroughs makes celery-growmg profit- 
able. Ctry Life Am. 9; 3ii-3(Jao6). 
iurrowt, C : W : 
Postal rates and literature. Yale R. 14: 343-60 
lurrows, Jnliua C. 
The case of Reed Smoot. Indep. 60; 735-6 
JuRSLXU ABT ECHOOL, Ceramic work of the. 
(E. N. Scott) Studio (Intemat.) 17: 333-40 
Old-age pensions, igth Cent. 60: 373-8(806). 
Parliamentary procedure. 19th Cent. 59: 546- 
lurtOD, Sir R: 

Ouida. Fortn. 85; io39-4s{Jeo6). 
ittBTOM, Sir R:, Wright's Life of. Dial fChic.) 
41: 29-3i(i6rioftl— (D. B. Macdonald) Na- 
tion, 83: 305-G(6So6).— (H. S. Erans) Outl. 
84: S4-7(8So6). 


Bush, E^tMTt T. 

Exhibition al Penosylvania Academy. Brush 

ScP.ij: 93-9{Mto6). 
A rural view of rural iree delivery. No. Am. 
iSa: 38i-9o(Mro6). 
Biuhb7, W: R. 
Uiiaculous coaceptioii at Jesui Christ and the 
ZeitgdsL Aieua, 36: 48o-7(No6). 

Am. Anthropol. 8: 671-85(006). 
Budmell, S. Hoi^an. 

Electric elevators. Gassier, 30: 25i-5(J]o6). 
Btoinkss and Bdence. (James T. Young) Ann. 

Am. Acad. Pol, Sd. a8: 38-37(Jo6). 

— The literature of. (F. G. Mather, jr.) Nation, 

83: 409-'o('SNo6). 

— The new science of. Making an office effident. 

(E; D. Page) World's Work, 12: 7682-4 
■ - Our business outlook (Scrutator) No. Am. 183: 

— Publid^ and reform in. (H: Clews) Ann. An^ 

Acad. Pol. Sd. j8: i43-54(J1o6). 

— "regenerating," Ways at. (R. Ogden) Nation. 

82: 46a-3(7Jeo6). 

— Training for. (O. G. Villard) Nation, 83: igl- 

BosiHBSS COsXESF0m>EHCE, Systematizing a 
{E:D. Page) World's Work, t»: 757i-4{Mjo6j. 
Bdsiness doctor, The. (J: F. Gaims) Gassier, 

30! 79-84(Myo6). 
Business education. (Harlow 5. Person) Ann. 

Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 34: ioi-i4(Jlo6). 
Business entekprise, Veblen's Theory of. (J. 

St. G. Heath) Econ. R. 16: 492-7(006). 
Business hints to fellow-workeis by a business 

woman. Ooti. 83: 8st-3(iiAgo6). 
BirsoNi, a master of Ihe piano. (Harold E. Gorsi 

Sat. R. 101: 766-7(12006). 
BuMer, S. E. 

Santa Fi reading-rooms for employees. Ou 
West, 25: 125-31 (Ago6). 
Busy day. A; a poem. (Carolyn Wells) St. Nich 

39: 397(Mro6). 
Butler, AmoB W. 

A decade of public poor-relief in Indiana. Am. 
J. Sodol. 11: 763-83(Myo6); 
Butler, Arthur J : 

G: Canning and the Tilsit articles. Ath. '06, s: 
Butler, Clementiiia. 

Founding of Methodist missions in India. Miss 
R, 10; 4i9-26(Jeo6). 
Butler, Dom Cuthbert. 
Thq religion of the spirit; is it a working religion 
for mankind? Hibbert J. 4: 48i-^02(Apo6). 
Butter, BJUs P. 
All btcausi oj Susan. Ladies' H. J. 24, no- i: 

The dog thai ntitrntd to Mexka. St. Nich. 33: 

Tlu laay aCTcis the aisU. McClure, 26: 309-17 

A matter oj eamomy. Cent. 49: 92o-4(Apo6). 
The Rcnvena O'Toole company. Si. Nich. 33; 

Yam of Captain Btll. Cent. 49: 975-8(Apo6). 


Butler, Haynard. 

Concerning those who work. Arena, 36: 487- 

University df Berlin. Arena, 36: 345-51(006), 
Butler, Sathanld. 
Aim in the high school — the development of the 
many-sided interest, or spedal preparation for 
life? School R. 14: i3s-4i{Fo6). 
Butler, Nicholas Hurray. 

Endowment of research. Science, n. s. 14: 

Progress of educational admutislralion. Educa. 
R. ji: 515-24(006). 

British teachers. R. of Bs. (N. V.) 

(N. Y.) 33: 7i-6{Jao6). 

Butler, Nicholas Murkay. (C: Johnston) 
Harp. W. so: 781, 87(3jeo6). 

ButLKK, S:, Hogarth of English poetry, freitm. 
166: 309-15. 

Butler, Slade. 
Greek mysteries and (he Gospels. 19th Cent. 
60: 8o2-is(No6). 

Butler, if rj.W: 
Methodist jubilee in India. Miss. R. 19: 343- 

Butlin, W. H. 

Castings direct from the blast-furnace. Caswer, 
3»: *39-4S(Jlofi)« 

Butte, Montana. (Helen F; Sanders) Overland, 
n. s. 48T 367-84CN06). 

Bltteh, AduUeralion of. (H. L. Pu^iey) Macmil. 
n. 5. 1: 6o7-i2(Jeo6). — (G. Simmoods) 
Nature, 73: 466-8(1 sMro6). 

— Country. Spec. 97; i59-6o(4Ago6). 
lUTTEKFLlES and moths. Propagation of. under 
artificial temperature conditions. (M. Stand- 
fuss) Sci. Am. Supp. 62: 25734-6(13006). 

BOTTEHFLIES at the Zoological gardens in London- 
Sal. R. 102: i68-g(iiAgo6).—(5elwyn Image) 
Sal. R. 102: j67-8(iSo6). 

Butteswortb, Hezekiah. (Ralph Daval) Nck 
Eng. M. n. s. 33: 507-17(7306). 

Buying a ndeboaid. (W. S. Moody) Scrib, M. 39: 

By hook or cropk. (M. Foster) Outing, 48; 348- 

By stages, (Gouverneur Morris) Cent. 50: 3C9- 

By strength of arms and Artie. (M. Foster) 

Outing, 48: 33-S(Apo6). 
By the geniie instslence of Zubi. (E. H. Neff) 

Cent. 51; 98-i05{No6). 
By the light of the souL (Mary E. W. Freeman) 

Harp. W. 50: 850-3(1 6Jeo6), 885-8(237606), 

923-6(30 Jeo6), 959--62(7jio6), 994-8(141106!, 

■030-3(2 1 JI06), 1 067-70(28 JI06), 1103-6. 

1139-42. 1175-8, iaii-i4(4-'5Ago6). 1346-9, 

t28s-«, 1320-3(1-15306). 
By the monk's well. Chamb. J. 83: 812-4(006). 
By way of the aUic. (Walt Makee) Lippinc. 78: 

Byrs, C. A. 

Railroad bridge at Thebes, Ills. Sd. Am. Supp. 

62: 25629-30(1806). 



How men feel in battle. Harper, iii: 931-6 

Tbelutalave-ahip. Harper, 113: 741-6(006}. 
Byles, A. Holden. 
The Elbcrfeld system in England. Indep. R, 
9: i59-73(Myo6). 
Bjid, M . E. 
Outline of a laboratory course in clementan 
astronomy. Pop. Asiron. 14: i94-8(Myo6). 
Bym, E : W. 
Museum of models, U. S. Patent Office. Sc'. 
Am. 95: ioo-i{iiAgo6). 
Bymei, Clara. 

rht star trap. Harp. W. 50: 67J-4{iiMyo6). 
Byrai, A. G. 
Bavarian ;nd Tyrolean lypes. Brush 8r P. 18: ;- 

The hand in art. Brush & P. 18: m7-3j(So6). 
Byron, Lard, a study in heredity. (C: Kasscl 
Arena, 36: i75-8(Ago6). 

— I-ord Lovelace and. (J: Murray) ' Monthly R, 

«, QO. i: i9-46(Fo6). 

— and Lady, Lord Lovelace on ibe separation of, 

(Rowland E. Prothero) Monthly R. »», no. 3, 
By«m, May. 
The English fairies. [Speaker] Liv. Age, 151: 


My district. [Macmil.] Liv, Age, 349: 15-11 
C, B. A. 
Garden slopes and banks. [Speaker] Liv. Age, 
249; 31 r-3(sMyo6). 
Til* arckdtaam'i triumph; a eolonitil tkttch 
[Maon..] Uv. Age, 948: 40-sC6Jao6.) 
Cabals or exiles in the U. S. (B. Brandenburg) 

Booklover'sM. 7: 8o6-i3(Jeo6). 
Cabbr, The, of London. (Sydney Brooks) Harri. 

W. so: ia7s-<(8So6). 
Cabdl, JamM Biancb. 
Aaors all. Booklover's M. 7: 586-92(Myo6). 
Tlu hmuForijt ; a story retold from the FrencI 
of Nicholas de Caen. Harper, 113: 355-6' 
Tfu scaptgoals. Appleton's M. 8: 169-77(506) 
The aeaina. Harper, iia: r9i-9{Jao6). 
Tketenson. Harper, 114: 147-54(1)06). 
CahsK OK the ihoalder, The. (V. E. Roe) Munsej 

36: io6-ir(No6). 
("AsraET, English, Queer side of the. (H: l^arh' 
Chamb. J. 83: ij8.-3j(.Vo6). 

— I*reMdent'a, Oriein and creation of the. (H 

B. Learned) Vale R. 15: iQo-94(Ago6). 

— new, Personal impressions of. Outl. 84: 745-57 

Cabdht work. Home training In. Craftsman, q: 
864-9(Mro6), 10: 658-30(A(to6), 794-g(Scrf>). 
11: iio-7(Oo6), 376-81(006). 

Cable, Lucy L. 

The story of Peter Pan. Ladies' H. J. 13, no. 10: 

Story a) Peter Pan. Ladies' H. J. 23, no. 11: 
'3-4(0'*6)- lo- la: i3(No6). 
Cabugn. New York cab driver and bis cab. (V. 

Thonipson) Ouiing, 49: i»9-38(No6). 
Cabot, R: C. 

Ethical forces in medical practice. Inlernat. 
J. Ethics, 16: i98-203(Jao6). 
Cabs and omnibuses. Spec. 97: r9i-3(iiAgo6). 
Cacti of the U. S. deserts. (W. A. Cannon) Out 

• Wesl, 34: 35-38{Jao6). 
Caddis-wohh, The nel-making. (H. C- McCook) 

Harper, iii: 276-8i(Jao6). 
Cadoux, H. W. 

Recent changes in the course of the lower 
Euphrates. Geog, J. 28: !66-;7(So6). 
Cadwallader, Starr. 

Cleveland Home Gardening Association. Chaut. 
43: 32o-3i(Jeo6). 
:ftdy, W. G. 
Machine for compounding sine curves. Sdence, 
n. s. 13: 877-8i{8Jeo6). 
Cate, The, a substitute for the saloon. (Louu H. 

Pink) Indep. 60: 508-1 o(iMr06). 
Cafi Piocopc, The. (A. M. Rothrock) Lippinc. 77: 

Cafflu, C : H. 

The new capitol of Pennsylvania. World's 
Work, 13: 8195-3 ie(No6), 
Csillard, Bimna Marie. 

The world of personal spirits. Contcmp. 90: 
Cain, J. C. 
Jubilee of the coal-tar industry. Nature, 74: 
3 18-0(2 Ago6). 
'ain and the moon. (O. F. Emerson) Alh. '06, 

3: i86-7(i8Ago6). 
Caird, Hona. 

A ridiculous God. Monthly R. 25, no. 1 : 77-90 
(Oo6):no. 2: 35-4j(No6). 
^AIRO, Misssionary conference at, r9o6. (S. M. 
Zwemer)Mii«.R. 19: 4sr-2(Jeo6). 
miunents at, Preservation of. Alh. '06, 1 ; 


Prof. George M. Wrong, Canad. ] 

Calcium, Metallic, in chemical reactions. (J. B. 
Tingle) Sdence, n. s. ay. 7ia-4(4Myo6), 

Lodge's Integral. (G. H. Bryan) 

Lib. 1 

Preparing books for the binder. Pub. Lib, ti: 
:aUb Jonet. (R. W. Child) Allan. 97: 494-501 

Ialkdonia mine; a sociological experiment. (A. 

Cook) Outl. 83; 73-7(i3Myo6). 
Calendar, Excursion in a. Spec. 86: i39-4o(»7 

JALiKiRMtA. Building up a slate by organized 
effort. (Hamilton Wright) R. of Rs. 33: ii3- 
— Fruit crop of. Saving. (W. S. Harwood) Cent. 
49: 57i-85(Fo6). 

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Caufornia, The golden story of. (N. Dent' 
Munsey, 36: ijshS3(No6). 

— jouma^iam in, Pioneer. (J. M, Scanland) 

8oolunan,a3: 4o-8(Mro6). 

— mail route in, First. (W. J. Handy) Out West, 
JS; i74-7(Ago6). 

— Missions in. (C: F: Holder) Sd. Am. Supp. 

6»: as823-3(i4No6). 

— New inland sea of. (F. G. Martin)' Book- 

lover's M. 7: 675i-84{Myo6). 

— newspaper in. First. (W. J. Handy) Out West, 

24: 234-7 (Mro6). 

— Universily of, its financial condition and needs. 

(B. I. Wheeler) Out West, 14: 3ii-5(Apo6) 

— VintM;e of. (C. F. Holder) Ouring. 47: 568- 

California Academy or Sciences. Science, n. 

»- 33: 834-6(15 Myo6). 

23: 887-8(8Jeo6). 
Calipoknia Libsaby Assocution, Mceling, Dei. 
lJ >!M>S- Lib. J. 31: 77-9(Fo6).— Pub. Lib. ii: 

UAUrOKNiA Statb NoKiuL SCBOOL at San Jos^. 

A memorable commencement. (H. M. Bland) 

OvetUnd, a. a. 48; 157-65(806). 
Calkins, Gary M. 

Fritz Schandinn. Science, n. s. 34: 154-5(3 

Pathogenic protozoa. Pop. Sci. Mo. 60. 

i6(No6). "■ '' "^ 

Yorkmeelingof the British Association. Science, 

n. s. 24: 289-93(7806). 
Calisch, Lionel. 

Single-phase alternating current for electrii 

railways. Sci. Am. Supp. 61: asaoo-i(24Fo6). 
Calt, A. (G. M. Cooke) Harper, 113: 36g-8i(.\eoe, 
CaU of Ike blood. The. (Robert Hirhcns) Harp. 

Baz. 40: 2a-33(Jao6), ii2-2i(Fd6), 339-17 

(Mro6), 359-6a(Apo6), 4o8-i7(Myo6), 511-3. 

(Jeo6), 6o8-i7(Jlo6), 1183-93(1)06). 
Call of the subtle. (L. Simmons) New Eng. V. 

n, 3. 35: ii8-2o(So6). 
Cailaway's code. (O. Henry) Munsey, 35: 687- 

Calling Ribi Mock to mind. (B. Brandenburg) 

Everybody's, 14: 3»i-8(Mro6). 
CAtORic engine, a miniature. Sci. Am. Supp. 

The unsolved problem of mechanical flighi. 

Booklover'sM. 7: 738-46(1*06). 
Cahert, J: B. 

The Baptists and J: D. Rockefeller. Indep. 60: 

CalTia, Emily R. 

Tht binding lie. Ladies' H. J. at, no. 13: 11-3 

Ca[,vin, J:, and Macchiavelli. (J. J. O'Shca) 

Am. Calh. Q. 31: 680-94(006). 
Caubridge, £11^,, Sir Leslie Stephen's Sketches of. 

(E. S. P. Hayne) Putnam, i: i87-9i(No6). 
— Stubbs's. Sat. R. 101: i36-7(3Fo6). 
Cambridge, G; W: F: C:, 2d rfiiieo/, Mililarv life 

of , bv W. Vemer. (Militarist) Fortn. 85; aSi- 

Cambridgb modern histobv. V. q, (James 

Bryce) Nation. 83: 33>:-6(i3So6'l. 
Caubeidgb UmvERSlTV, Mathematical tripos at. 

(L. T. More) Nation, 83: 424(i5No6), 
- — Plea for. Quar. 204: 499-525(Apo6), 

Camel, My baggage. (0. Watson) Hatp. W. 50: 

Cameron, C. A. 

The' need for social reform in Rus^. Monthly 

R. 24, no. i: io3-i9(Jeo6). 
Cameron, Kaigaitt See Lewis, Mrs. Hargant 

lomeron, Susan B. 

Passing of the poet. Canad.M.i?: 505-7(006). 

CAH0EH3, L.VJZ DE. Chaut. 4s: 533-s(Fo6). 

— In the footprints of. Macmil. n. s. 1: 765-71 

(Ago6).= Liv. Age, a$o: 665^-74(1 5806), 

[p, The making of a mountain. (Marlon 

Randall) Out West, 34: 396-404 (My 06). 

Camp of instruction. Blackw. 179: i25-3a(Mro6). 

Campaion punds, Raising. World's Work, i*: 

Campbell, Lady Colin. 

Cossaar. Art J. 58; 4S-8(Fo6). 
Le Sidaner's Venice. Art J. 58; i45-6(Myo6). 
Campbell, J. Maud. 

Books lor the foreign population. Lib. J. 31: 
Campbell, Umij Talbot. 

A tmail person, McClure, 26: 559-6o(Mro6)- 
Campbell, fl'onnaii R. 
LeBon's theories of matter. Ath. '06. 11 903-3 

{1JF06), 369-7o(3Mio6),333(i7Mro6). 
Osmotic pressure. Nature, 73: 79-So(24Myc6). 
Sensationalism and science. National, 48: S9- 
99(So6).-Liv. Age, 251: iji-8(2oO;6). 
Campbell, Rhodei. 

The home outing o) Mrs. HerrUk. St. Nich. 

Campbell Sally. 
Courage. St. N 

On the method 
satellite dist 
Campbell-Bannermau, Sir H: 
What is the liberal policy? World To-day, 10; 
157-61 (Mro6). 
Campbell-Banherman, 5i> H., Opportunities of. 
(Vicar of Bray, fseud.) Fortn. 85; 238-37 

— The pattern Englishman and his record. 
(ScniUtor) National. 46: 823-34(Jao6). 

— Success of. (O. J. Villaid) Nation, 83: 196 

Camping. Camp equipment. (S. E. White) Outing, 

49: 401-5(1)06). 
Camps, Summer outing. (Annie E, S. Beard) 

World To-day, 11: 724-30(5106). 
Can men now rise from the ranks? World's Work, 

12; 7964-8(506). 
Canada and the crown. (E. B. O.) National. 47: 


— and the United States. [Spec] Liv. Age, 249: 
347-5o(28Apo6).— (E. B. O.) National. 47: 
5ii-9(Myo6).— (E: Farrer) Contemp. 90: 550- 

— and imperial defence. National, 48: 716-31 

— Degree-granting institutions in. (W. F. Lord) 
19th Cent. 6j: 76s-7o(No6). 

— The Do.niiiion's 40th birthday. [Outltnik 
(;,ond.)l Liv, Age. 250: 37^-7(iiAgo6). 

— Dominion of. (C. F. Lavell) Chaut. 44:289- 
302(No6) . 

d by Google 



Canada, Expansion of. C&nad. M. ij: 4ig-,;o 

— ForesUof. (Wilfrid Laurier) Nat. Geog. M. 17: 


— French, Clerical feeling in. Monthly R . 34, 

BO. y. 63-77(So6). 

— Future of. and Sir Wilfrid Lauricr. (W: R 

Stewart) Applelon's M. 8 57j-9(No6). 

— Geological survey of: Mr. hovi as direclo . 

(Frank D. Adams) Nature, 75 ; 149(13006). 

— The great dud with Frwice. (C- F. Lavell) 

Chant. 44: 63-79(806). 

— hiito^. Original records of. (L. J. Burpee) 

Nation, 83: 434-s(iaNo6). 

— The key-note of. (H. C. Thomson) Marmil. 

n. s. a; 151-60(006). 

— The new. [Outlook (Lond.)] LJv. Age, 25°: ' '5- 


— New wheat center of the world. (W.Fran!; 

McClure)Indep. 61: 191-8(36} I06). 

— Northwest, Growth of. (Herbert Vanderhoo') 

World To-day, 11: 1303-9(006). 

settleinent by U. S. farmers. (J. Obid 

Scnith) Buoklorer's M. 7: 3t4-4i(Mro6^. 

— Offsetting the lures of. (J. Oskison) Nation, 

«a: sa3-4(a8Jeo6). 

— Openuig up of the great Northwest. (Cy, 

Wannan) Indep. 61: 545-51(6806). 

— Problems in. (F. W. Grev) Am. Cath, Q. 3 ; 


— progress in, A year of. (J. P. Gerrie) K. of Ri. 

(trY.)33: 47-6(Jio6). 

— Tariff. (A. Shorn) Q. J. Econ. ao: iso-8(Fo61. 

— Tariff mood towards the United States. No. 

Am. i8j: s6s-78(Apo6). 

— Trade combinations in. (W: W. Edger) J. 

Pol. Econ. 14: 427-34(Jlo6). 

— Trade policy of. (J, A. Hobson) Canad. M. 

a6: 433-s(Mro6). 

— Western, Vast undeveloped regions of. (F. A, 

Ogg) World's Work, la: 8078-83(006). 
-What people read in. R. of Rs. (N. Y.) 3;; 

— When the Dominion was young. (J. E. H. 

McCready) Canad. M. 97; 66-7o(Myo6), 152- 
SOloS). 4S3-5(So6). 
Canadian archives, Building up. (L. J. Burpet) 

Nation, 83: sa-3(i9jlo6). 
Canadian CL11SS. Canad. M. 37: 571-3(006). 
Canadian hasvest. (M. J. Willsonj Canad. M. 

»8: 67-7o(No6). 
Canadian loyalist ot ihe old school. A. (R. F. 

OiTOn)Chainb.J.83: 826-9(006). 
Canadian UAHtrrACrusEB's tariff campaign, Th'-. 

(W. Griffin) No. Am. 183: ig5-3o6(Ag-6). 
Canadian Nobiswcst houhted police. (H. A. 

Cody) Canad. M. »6: 403-7(Mro6). 
Canadian Paofic Railway, Irrigation pnijet". 

(Kittredge Wheeler) Sci. Am. 95: 284-5(2^ 

— Scandal of. (J. E. B. McCready) Canad. ^^. 

17: 556-9(006). 
Canadians in the United Stales. (H. N. Casson) 

Munsey, 35: 473-S7{Jl«6)- — (S. Mori, 

Wickett) Pol. Sd. Q. si: 190-205 {Jeo6). 
Canal and the railroad, 1S61-65. (E. D. Fite) 

YaleR. 15: i9s-Ji3(Ago6). 
Canal-boat vacation. (I. G. Tabor) Ctry Li 

Am. lo: i7t(Jea6). 

Canai^, Andenl and modern. I-III. 8ci. Am. 
Supp. 61: a54S3-4(i6Jw6). 'S*73-4(»3jtoS), 

— Our neglected. Chamb. J. 83: 3i7-8(Myo6). 
Canals couhission. The. (Urqubait A. Forbes) 

Monthly R. 23. no. i: 66-74{Apo6). 
Canbjt, Ruth B. 

Thartltim. NewEog.M.n.s-ss: 335-30CO06), 
Cancer, Coming conquest of. (C. W. 8aleeby) 

Harp. W. so: 301, ii(3Mro6). 

ITie cure of. (C. W. Saleeby) McClure, 37: 


— Has science conquered ? {C. W. Saleeby) Harp. 
W. 5°: i23?-«(iSo6). 

— in mice, Ehrlich's Studies of. Sci. Am. 94: 

— Progress in the study of. [Sat. R.] LIt. Age, 
350: 694-6(15806). 

— Research in. (Hammond Lament) Nation, 83: 
94-5(3 Ago6). 

— Progress in the study of. Sat. R, 102: T03-4 

— Violet leaf treatment of. (M. L. Johnson) 
Westm. 165: 3i6-q(Mto6). 

Candler, Edmund. 

Gunga Wattr. Blackw. 180: 534-47(006). 
Candler, Warren A. . 

Religious conditions in Cuba. Indep. 61: 37-S 
Candles, Feast of. Gent. M. n. s. 77; 574-81 

Candush, Robekt, and the disruption of 1S43. 

Quar. J04: 4i8-37(Apo6). 
Canfleld, Arthur G. 
Studies in French literature, Goase on. Dial 
(Ch.)4o: i3-5('J*o<S). 
Canfield, Dorothy. 

ThebedquiU. Harper, 113: 88s-9i(No6). 
Goblin gold. Everybody's, 14: 766-73{Jeo6). 
The ideal. Hrfrp. Ba*. 40: 48g-93(So6). 
The List of Ihe garrison. Everybody's, 13 : 61-7 

Moonihine. Munsey, 35: 56i-8(Ago6), 703-9 

The matchmaier. Harp. Baz.40: 506-60 i{Jlo6). 
A philanthropic honeymoon. Munsey, 35: 

The fhilanthropist and Ihe ptaeefvl life. 


Self-abnegation. Oiitl. 83: 3,i9-42(26Myo6). 

The story of Ralph MUler. Munsey, 36: 314-9 

The woman who never jeti any sympathy. 

Harp, Baz. 40: ioo3-s(No6). 
Canfield, H. S. 

Days with the southern quai). Outing, 47; 467^ 
Canfield, Tames H. 
Basis of taxation tor public libraries. Lib. J. 

31: C3^-4o(Ago6), 
Bi>oli« for the foreign poinilation. Ijb. J. 31; 

Library methods in the business world. Pub. 

•■■ - -6{Myo6). 

Modern college library. Educa. 

The need for specialised libraries. Indep, 



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Canfield, James H. 

Reli^D andpublic educatioa, Educa. R. la 

W: T. Harris. R. o! Rs. (N. Y.) 34: 164-6 

Candy Jo^ and his UuU lovt. The. (Harriet Boycr) 

Lippine. 77: 4g3-6<Apo(S). 
CattnibaU, The, and Mr. Buffum. (C: B. Loomis) 

Cosmopol. 40: 3ai-3(Jao6). 
Canine idyll, A. (I. F. Bellows) New Eng. M. 

n. s.3S: 47a-7(D<«5). 
Canning, G:, and the Spatiish patriots in 1808 

(J. Holland Rose) Am. Hist. R. 13: 30-52 


— and the Tibit articles. (Arthur J; Butler) Ath, 

■06,2: 407-8(6006). 

— and the treaty of Tilsit. Ed. R. aoy. 345-61 

Cannon, Joseph G,, Speaker of the House, with 

portrait. (Richard Weigh(man) Appletoa's 

M. 8; 49-Si<J'°6).— (A. D. Albert, jr.) 

Munsey, 35; 410- -'■'-^> 
Flat-footed Mr. C 

83: i56(23Ago6). 
Cannon, W. A. 

The desert botanical laboratory of the Carnegie 

Institution. Out West, 24: 35-38(Jao6). 
Camo, Alonzo, "St. Agnes," picture by. Cent. 

49: e*3(Fo6). 
Canoe-makers, Montagnais Indians as. (K 

Wilson) Canad. M. 37: 93-4(Myo6). 
Canonbury House, Islington. Gent. M. n. s. 

77: 381-91(806). 
Canossa, A pilgrimage lo. (R. Hughes) Monthh 

R. j3, no. 2: io7-i8(Fo6). 
Cantines scolaires of Paris, The. (C. A. £llioli; 

19th Cent. 59: 834-4i(Myo6). 
Canton, Mass. (M. S. Stirapson) New Eng 

M. n. a. 34: iii-a8(Mro6)j 
Cap, gown, and hood; their origin and significance. 

(A. H. Chittenden) Cbaut. 43; 563-7(Ago6). 
Capara, H. A. 

Parallelogram Park. Craftsman, 10: 767-74 

Cape Cod canal. (F. Crane) Eel. M. 146: 277- 

Cape Colony, Rivers of. (E. H. L. Schwarz) 

Geog. J. 17: 265-79(Mro6). 
Cape op Good Hope; Tavern of the Indian ocean. 

[Chamb. J,]Ecl, M. 147: i69-;o(Ago6). 
Cape-to-Caibo, by r«l, river, and lake. Sci. 

Am. 95; «»■ 

fiTAL and labc 


— Expatriation of. (W. H. Mallock) 19th Cent. 

59: 43S-46fMfo6)- 

— vs. capital goods. (E. Boehm-Bawerk) Q. J. 

Econ. 11: i-ai(No6). 
Capitai, punishment. Abolition of, in Italy and 
San Marino. (M. Shipley) Am. Law R. 40: 
340-9 ( Mr-Apo6) . 

— Is it defensible? (C. Warren) Westm, 165; 

Capitalism. After. (Ernest E. Williams) Monthlv 

R. 14, no. 2; idf^g(Ago6). 
CAPirnLATiONS, Story of the. (E. Dicey) 19th 

Cent. 60: T7-24(Jlo6). 
Cap'n Heiekiah's tittle Evy. (F. G. Fasselt) 

New Eng. M. n. s. 35: 113-7(806). 

Capodonico, Caterina. (L. L. Pepper) Cbaul. 

43: 4S3(Jlo6). 
Capki, the »ren's island. (Edith U. Andrews! 

World To-day, 10: 36i-7(Apo6). 
Capsules, Filled, how made. (F. P. Robin) Sd. 

Am. Supp. '6t: i5399(7Apo6). 
Captain Chriay. (H. M. Rideout) Attan. 98: 4S»- 

73(Oo6). . 
Captain 0} Company 0, The. (R. Shackleton) 

Harper, 113: 8ao-6(No6). 
Captain June. (Alice H. Rice) St. Nich. 34: 116- 

Captain Kent's commission. (W: V. Cook; 

Chamb. J. 83: 625-7, 651-3, 663-5(006). 
Caracas, Cbanning. (G. M. L. Brown) St. Nick 

33: 304-io(Eo6)- 
— on the day of the Independencia. (A. Heil- 

prin) Nation, 82: 38i-3(ioMyo6). 
Caraa d'Ache. 
An icy reception; a pictorial drama. Bookmio. 
32; 63i-s(Fo6). 
Caiden, Rob«rt W. 

International exhibition at Milan. Archit. Rec 
'°- 3S3-68(No6). 
Cardinal, Kentucky, Ways of the. (J. Brooks) 

Harper, in: 633-9(Mro6). 
Cabducci, GiosuE. (A. Vivanti) Fortn. 86; 658- 

70(006).'- Liv. Age, aji: 337-46(1 0N06).' 
Cabfax Gallery, At^emicians at. Ath. 06, i; 

Cargill. Alexander. 

*.n old-time Irish secretary. Westm. 165 : 34^ 


Carbahpton, Church of the Hundred of. (J. C: 

Cox) Ath. '06, a: 3oa-9(i5So6), 373-4(39506). 

Caribbean regions, Volcanoes and earthquake 

in the. (Francis C. Nicholas) R. of Rs. (N. Y.) 

33: 440-5(Apo6). 

CARiBorr, The, and his kindred. (E. T, Seton) 

Scrib. M. 39: 426-41(1 Apo6). 
Caribou herds of Newfoundland. (A. P. Silver" 

[Empire R.] Ed. M. 146: 407-ii(Myo6). 
Caricatuse, Political. Spec. 96: so-i(i3jao6;. 
Carleton, Frank T. 

Broad aspects of race suicide. Arena, 36: 607- 

Relation of marginal rents to price. Q. J. Ecoo. 
20: S9(i-6o7(.'\go6). 
Caravan, Days and nights with a. (C. W. 

Furlong) Harper, ii^: iS4-<)4(Jlo6). 
Card index. Manifold uses of. World's Work. 

la: 7907-9(Ago6). 
Carleton, S. 

Thevihale. Atlan.98: li8-35(Jlo6). 
Carmelina's carabiniere. (Julian Street) Scrib. M. 

40: i40-So(Ago6). 
Carieton, W: 

' neni Pyramtis and Tkisbe {the battle of Aughrim). 
Blackw. 179: a71-7(Fo6). 
Cailile, W: Warrand. 

Railway economics and the free trade principle. 
Econ. R. 16: i73-^s(Jlo6). 
Carling, : 

The Fullerlon salvage case. Lippine. 78; 641-6 
Caklino, Sir J:, Canadian senator, (F. T. Yeal- 

land) Canad. M. 16: a34-6(Jao6). 
Carlotta, Empress. (H. T. Peck) Munsey, u- 

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Culton, Fnuk J. 
Humaailariani^n, past and presenl. Internal. 
J. Ethics, 17; 48-54(006). 
Ctdton, Fnnk T. 
Urban and nira] life. Pop. Sci. Mo. 68: as;- 
Cartton, V. H. C. 
'0>Uege libiBiies and librarians. Lib. J. 31: 
Carole, E. I. 
Commitiees of Council under the earlier Stuarts. 
Eng. Hisl, R. 11: 6;3-8;(Oo6). 
Cunun, A11>orl R. 
Ituwabltl Arena, 3s:409-i5{Apo6). 
Nudelifs. Arena, 36: 638-44(006). 
Wall paintings in Europe. Canad. M. 16: 307- 
Ctrman, Bllas* 
Ghost bouse; a quiet day in the Catskills 
Craftsman, 10: »79-85(Jeo6). 
"Cauunia," Tbe, of the Cunard line. (A. S. 

Hurd) Gassier, 19: i79(Jao6). 
Carmen Sylva, pseud. Set Elizabeth, Quten <•/ 

Cmnichael, Hoatgomery. 
Catholicism of St. Francis of Assisi. Cath 
World, 83: 389-98(Jeo6). 
Camtgie, Andrew. 
Theoyof "wolf." 19th Cent. 60: 3i4-33{Ago6), 

-Lit. Age, 150! 533-40(1506). 
The gospel of wealth. No. Am. 1S3: 536-37 

(11S06). 1096-1106(7006), 
A league of peace. Pop. Sd. Mo. 6S: 398-41^ 

Modern needs In univem'ies. Nature, 74: £48- 
Cakmbgic, Andrew, Library gifts of, 1905. Lib 

J. 31: 7»-3(Fo6). iJ3(Mro6). 
CAftXECIE Foundation for the Advancement o 
Teaching. Science, n.s. 33: 76i-4(i8Myo6) 
14: s9-6o(i3Jb6).— (H: S. Priichell) Outl 
83: i»o-s(iQMyo6). 
— Policy of. {H: S. Pritchett) Educa. R. 32 

CAJureon iNsmtjnoN, Report of the president of. 
(R. S. Woodward) Science, n. s. 13: 121-31 
CABmciE libraries. (Thco. W. Koch) Chaut. 43 

Carnival, Modem, in Thrace. (R. M. Dawkins^ 

J. Hel. Stud. 16: r9i-2o6(No6). 
CAXPBfTKS, E:, andbb goapel of friendship. (]. 

Sp«rgo)X;raftsman, 11: 44-56(006). 
CtXMntBT, E : Child*. 
Tht miracle at Btndtd Spur. Lippinc. 78: 783- 
Cafpcnter, J. EttUn. 
Japanese Buddhism. Hibbert J. 4; s°3-'f 
(Apo6).-Ecl. M. 146: so4-is(Jeo6). 
CarpoitBr, W: Boyd, bf. af Ripan. 
TTie education question. Fortn. 85: looi-i 
Carpenter, W : H. 
Reaction of graduate woA on tbe other work ol 
the university. Educa. R. 31: 333-8(Apo6) 
Carh, ComvnS. Tristan and Iscull. (Max Beer- 
bohm) Sat. S;. 102: 328-9(15506). 

Carr, J; Poiter. 

The coming of the Italian. Outl. 8a: 4i9-3> 

The Panama canal; history, condtUons, pros- 
pects. Outl. 82: 947-63(28Apo6). 83: 21-4 
(5Myo6), 69-7j(nMyo6), ii7-»o(i9Myo6). 
83: 265-70(iJeo6). 43S-4S(*3Jeo6)- ^' '*3- 
Carrel, Fnuk. 

Experience in Tangiers. Canad. M. »7: 129- 

The gaming at Monte Carlo. Monthly K. 33, 

no. 3- 74-8°(Jeo6). 
The human state. Monthly R. 24. no. 3: 135-34 

The moral crisis. Monthly R. 23, no. i; 31-40 

(Apo6).= Liv. Age, 249: 359-67(5 Myo6). 
Moral educalion. Monthly R. 25, no. 3: 30-^44 
Cabsiere, Euqenk. Ath. '06, 1: 40a(3iMro6).— 

(.W«. Arlhur Bell) Art J- 58; 3i3-3i(No6), 
Caiiinger, H. A. 

Preparation for history teaching. Educa. a6; 
Carrlngton. June! B. 

A woodland hillside. Craftsman, 10: 246-9 
CarroU, Lewis, ^wuiJ. 

Ste Dodgson, Charles Lutwidge. 
Carruth, Harden. 

Otd-Man-Wilh His-Htad-On. Costnopol. 40: 
Cabs, freight, Shortage of. (J. W. Midgely) 

World To-day, 11: 1284-7(606). 
Carter, C. E. 
Santa Gertrude's ranch, Texas. Harp. W. 50: 
1170-1, 9(i8Ago6). 
Carter, C: F. 

Footnote on Whittier. New Eng. M. d. 8. 34: 
Carter, O: R. 

Hawaii. Indep. 61: ia79-84(a9No6). 
Castes, itrt. Leslie. (M. White, jr.) Munsey, 

35: 2a6-3i(Myo6). 
Carter, Robert Brudenell. 

Alcohol and tobacco, [Comh.] Liv. Age, 350: 

479-«3(3SAgo6).-Ecl.M. 147; »*6-38(So6). 

Carter, W : H. 

The army as a career. No. Am. 183: 870-6(3 


Cartoons in newspapers. (J. A, Ewan) Canad. 

M. 27: i7i-4(Jeo6). 
Modem telephone switchboard. Sd. Am. Supp. 
61: 253i6-7(i4Apo6). 
Caruso, Enrico, tbe greatest living tenor. (E. 

B. Kaufman) Munsey. 34: 7Q*-i3(Mro6). 
Cabveh, Jonathan, Travcb of. (E. G. Bourne) 

Am. Hist. R. 11: aS 7-302 {Jao6). 
Carver, T : Nixon. 

How ought wealth to be distributed? Atlan. 97; 
Cab-wheels, Energy expended on acceleration of. 

Sd. Am. Supp. 61: 35423(2 Jeoti). 
Carj, Eliiabatb Lutber. 
Holraan Hunt's Pre-Raphaelitism. Critic, 48: 

Young Goethe. Critic, 48: 364-9(Apo6). 




I Buffalo [views only]. Archit. Rec. 
19 r 4S9-66(.}eo6). 
Casabianca. (Montague Glass) McClure, 37; 445- 

Caw, H : Jay. 

MouDt^ patrol for coal-mining fields. Harp. 

W.sor s8&-90(a8Apo6). 
Rise of the motor-car. Harp. W. 50: 48-50(15 
Caw, Wlllard L. 

Power from gas. Sci. Am. Supp. 61; 878-0 
Case for the Psychical SocUly. (G. Makgill) Mac- 
rail, n. s. i: 47i-So(Apo6). 
Case of cotueitnca, A. (Elliott Fbwer) Overland, 

n. a. 47: i34--6(Fo6). 
Casey, J. B. 

Our great game. Indep. 61; 375-So(i6Ago6). 

Science, n. a. 13: 613 

Cashier at Deacons', The. (Gelett Burgess) Ladies' 

H. J. 23, no. a: 15-6, 47(Ja«i). 
CaSsel, Germany; "Where princes plaj^. (Grace 

S. H. Tytus) St. Nich. 33: 436-4o(Mro6). 
Cassidy at Cactus. (C. E. Mulford) Outing, 49: 

CBBSon, Herbert IT. 

The Canadians in the United States, portrs. 

Munsey, 35: 473-S7(J'o*)- 
The Dutch m America. Munsey, 36; 238-4. 

Ttie English in America. Munsey, 35: 201-111 

The French in America. Munsey, 35: 360-7; 

The Gennans in America. Munsey, 34: 694- 

Tlie Irish in America. Munsey, 35: 86-104 

The Italians m Amenca. Munsey, 36: isa-fi 

The Jew in America. Munsey, 34: 381-96 

The romance* of steel and iron m America. 

Munsey, 35: 3-aa(Apo6). i48-67(Myo6), 312- 

32(Jeo6), 438-<WJlo6). J74-9*(Ago6), 7i8-3C 

(S06). 36: 78-94(006), 2I2-30(No6), r07- 

The Scandinavians in America. Munsey, 35 

The Spanish in America. Munsey, 36: 3(14-7 

"■ 13 of old Scotland in America. Munsev. 

34: St)»-ti(Fo6). 
The WeUh in Ame; 

I America. Munsey, 35: 745-5.' 

Cast away on Feather's Folly, (N. Duncan) Cos 

mopol. 4": 353-6o(Ago6)- 
CASTB^the curse of India. (C. E. Ruasell) Cos- 

mopol. 4a: ia4-35CI^°6)- 
Casting vale, The. (Mary H. Vorse) Everybody's, 

■4; sa-j-aacS)- 
Castihqb direct from the blast-furnace. (W. H. 

Butlin) Gassier, 30: aig-^sO^- 


Delecti" in U. S- postal system. Harp. W. 50: 
"9. 37(»7jao6), IS7. i7'i '9°. »o7. «38, 143. 

Dissatisf action m the country poM-omces. 

Lippinc. 78: 328-33(306). 
Cat and the canary. The. (M. Cameron) Harpet, 

113: 4S4-67(Ago6). 
Catalan solidarity. (S. G. Moriey) Nation, 81: 

S 25-7(18 Jco6). 
Cataloo cards, number to a book. (W: \\. 

Bishop) Lib. J. 31: »70-i(Jeo6). 
Printed, ot tlie Libranr crt Cong 
ojmpariaons o£ use. Lib. J. 31; 36o-7o(Jeo6;. 

r ™ Congress; furthri 

Use of, in the Northwestern Universiij 
libraiy. (Lodilla Ambrose) Lib. J. 31: 357- 
CATALCtGS; subject-headings for State documents, 
(Adelaide R. Hasse) Lib. J. 31 : 113-6(^^06). 

— Subject-headings in dictionary. (W: W. 
Bishop) Lib. J. 31 : i r3-J3(Ago6). 

Catalogvihg for small libraries. (W: R. East- : 
man) Pub. Lib. 11; 3i4(Jeo6). | 

Common sense in. (.Agnes Van Valken- ' 

burgh) Lib. J. 3f i27-9(Ago6). 

— Some points in. (T- G. M. Hanson) Pub. Lib. 

11: 62-3(Fo6). 
Catalytic processes; the chemistry of comtnerce 
(R. K. Duncan) Harper, 112: i84-9o(Jao6). 
Cataplexy; feigning death in animaJs. (Walter 
Schoenichen) 5ci. Am. Supp. 61: 35130-4(10 
Jao6), I 

Catb£Dral builders in England, Prior's. (Rus- , 

sell Sturgis) Nation, 82: 434-s(34Myo6). 
Cathedrals, French. (E. R. Pennell) Cent 50: 

Catberihe of Siena, SI. (E. G. Gardner) Hibbeii 
J. 4: s7o-89(Apo6). 
Letters of. Dub. R. 138: 134-57(7206). 
Catholic. See Roman Catholic. 
Catholic socialist, The. (T; Baty) Macmil. 

n. s. 2: 47-s3(No6). 
Gatnach, James, London's first " yellow journal 

ise." New Eng. M. n, s. 34: 488-^3(Jeo6). 
Cats asplant investigators. (D. Fairchild) Science, 
n. s. 24: 4g8-(»( igOo6). 
Fear of, (S. Weir MitcheU) Ladies' H. T. ti, 
no. 4: ti(Mro6]. 
Cats of Placenta, The. (W.L.AIden) Harper, 113: 

Gatskills: The ghost house. (B. Carman) 

Craftsman, 10: 270-8s(Jeo6). 
Fertile pampas of Argentina, Nat. Geog. M. 
17: 45.1-^Ago6). 
Cattell, J, HcKeen, 
American men of science. Science, n. s. 24: 

732-43(7006): ■ 
Mass. Inst, of Technology and Prof. West. 

Science, n. s. 24: 537-8(36006). 
Slatistics of American men of science. Science, 

n. a. 24: 6s8-6s(33No6), 699-70 7 (30N06). 
University control. Science, n. s. 13: 475-7(33 
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83: 3S7-^(Fo6). 
Cavendish, Arltaur. 
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I Boppei) McCluie, 37: 316- 

Caybigan. (Ji 

Cecil, Alcemon. 
Mr.Morley. Monthly R. 33, no. i: 5-i7(Apo6). 

— Liv. Age, 149: 45i-8{26Myo6). 
C*di,Lerd Hueb. 
Life of Gladalone, by J: Morley. igth Cent. 

ig: 36o-7o(Mro<S). 
Cecil, Violet. 
The JohanDMburg voter. National, 47: 100-4 

Cecn, W : Gucojne. 

The unemployable. National, 47: 307-i4(Apo61. 
Cell, The, ia biology, Hertwig on. (J. B. Farmt r) 

Nature, 74: a5-6(ioMyo6). 
Celluloid in chromatic polarization. (L. B. Ji 

lin) Science, n. s. ay. 706-7(4 MyoJS). 
Cexlvlose, The wondeis of. (R. K. Duncan) 

H«Tper,ii3: S73-8»(So6). 
Cbleky-obowino; how J: Burroughs makes 

profitable. (Julian Burroughs) Ctiy Life 

Am. 9: 3ii-3(Jso6). 
Celtic tmmATUBE. (C. L. Moore) Dial. (Ch.) 

40: i85-7(i6Mro6), 
Celtic PomtY and legend. [Lond. TEmei] LIv. 

Age, 350: 816-8(39806). 
Ceitic REViVAi.. U ii really Irish ? (M.K.Ford) 

No. Am. 183; 771-5(19006). 
Celtic SPmrr in literature. (H. Ellis) Contemp. 

89: 303-i7(Fo6).-LiT. Age, 348: s79-9o('o 

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— mortar, and concrete for farm purposes. 

(Philip L. Wonnley, jr.) Sci. Am. Supp. 61; 
»S*34-7. asa+S-so, 35364-5(10-3411106). 

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Lewis) Engin. M. 31: 884-96(506). 33:210- 

— Production and manufacture of, in the U. S. 

(Edwin C. Eckel) Engin. M. 30: 7is-»3(Fo6). 
Cekbnt block architecture. (L. H. Gibson) Am. 

Arch. 89: 7i-2{34Fo6). 
Cement materials and industry of the U. S. 

(Edwin C. Eckel) Sci. Am. Supp. 6r: 35416- 

8(3jeo6), 3S438-4o(9jeo6). 
Cement tests. (J. E. Howard) Am. Arch. 89: 

95-6(1 7 Mro6). 
Cemehts, hydraulic. Manufacture of. (L. L. 

Stone) Sci. Am. Supp. 61: 35333-4(ioMro6) 

— White. Sd. Am. Supp. 6t: 154 79-80(3 3 Jeo6). 
Census of the U. S., First. (W: S. Rossiier) 

Outl. 84: 1071-3(39006). 

Censuses, Interdecennial state. (H: Gannclt) 
Am, Geog. Soc. Bull. 38: 3i3-7(Apo6). 

Centenasianisii. Spec. 97; 487-8(6006). 

Central America, Characterislics of. (C: M. 
Pepper) Indep. 61: aio-3(36Jlo6). 

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Scott) Studio (Tntemat.) 37: 333-4o(Fo6). 

Ceraiucs, Ameriaui. (Clara Kuge) Studio (Inter- 
nal.) 18: xid-zxviii(Mro6). 

Photometric delCTmination of the stellar magni- 
tude of thesun. Pop. Astron. 14: 326--S(Apo6}. : 

Cbskal bkiattast rooDS, Nulrittve value of. 
Sd. Am. Supp. 6a: S563&-9(iSo6) I 

Cerrln, OUI Z. 

Quaint timbcT churches in Norway. Archil. Rec. 

30: 93-io3(Aao6). 
Sweden. Am. Arch. 90: 9i-3(3*So6), 99-101 
(39S06), 109-10(6006). 
Cessna, J. B. 

Congressional rate-making by commissioD. No- 
Am. 183; Sf-gdiJaoS). 
Cedta, The African Gibraltar. (Archibald R. 

Colquhoun) Harp- W. 50: 8ia-4(9jeo6). 
Ceylon, Buried dty of. (J: M. Abbot) Nat. 
Geog. M. 17: 6i3-33(No6). 

— Not peace but a sword in. (B. B. Batter) 

Miss. R. 19: 84J-3(No6). 

— Twenty years' captivity in. (Robert ' Knox) 

Gent. M. n. s. 76: 356-63(Myo6). 
Chaihrick, French E. 
The mastery of the sea. Munsey, 34: 740-53 


Everyday birds, Educa. 36: 4oo-3(Mro6). 
CluilM-Loag, C: 
The Chinese boycott. World To-day, 10: 309- 

Cbain.«anc, Georgia and the. (G: H. Clarke) 

Outl. 83: 73-9(i3jao6).— World To-day, 10: 

Chaim-HAkino machinery. (Emile Lekiiiig) ScL 

Am. Supp. 63: 35640-1(1806). 
Cbaleur. Bay, Fire ship of. Science, n, s. 34: 

Ctuith AoriM. (W. A. Fntser) Cuud.M.a7: 548- 

Challenie, F. S., Canadian artist. (J. W. 

Beatty) Canad. M. 16: 546-6t(Apo6). ■ 
Chamberiain, Alezuider F. 
The human side of the Indian. Pop. Sci. Mo. 

68: so3-i4(Jeo6). 
ChamberUIn, Arthur B. 

Historical poruails at Oxford. Art, J. 58: 196- 


Chamberlain, C: J. 

Megaspore or macrospore. Science, n. s. 13: 
Chamberlain, G : A. 
Diplomatic triumph of Ellhu Root in South 

America. Harp. W. 50: 1173-4(8806). 
The Fan-American conference, Indep. 61; 730- 

Visit of Elihu Root to South America, 1906. 
Indep. 61: 665-8(30806). 
Chamberlain, G: W, 

Weymouth, Mass. New Eng. M. n. s. 34: 705- 
Cbambkblaim, itft. Hebbirt. (M. E. Heodenon) 

Cauad. M. 17: (oi-i(Ooft. 
Cbambertain, Jacob. 
Four Hindu cotton merchants and Iheir eat. 

Indep. 60: 395-.6(i5Fo6). 
The unoaptited volunteer mis«onary. Miss. R. 
19: as4-9(Apo6). 
Ghaubeblain, fosEFB (Sydney Brooks) Harp. 
W. 50: i098(4Ago6). 
and Birmingham — the political riddle. (G. B. 

Harris) Fonn. 86: i8-33{Jlo6). 
Parallels of. (F. 0. Stevens) Westm. 165: L-9 

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CbJUnberlain. Lucia. 

rke Irembiing brave. Everybod/s, 14: 76-84 

The way out. Scrib. M. 40: 50-61(7106}. 
ChamberliD, T : C. 

The ite age. Science, n, s. 24; 531-2(26006). 
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An involtHUary plunge. Chamb. J. 83: 445-7 
Cbahpagni Industry, The. (J. Martin Miller) 

Sci. Am. Supp. 61: 3S394-s(iijMyo6). 
Cluunploa, Haj Keliey. 
An unskilled laborer. Harper, 113: 407-14 
(F06). , 
Ctaampaess, E. I. 

Women «nd purity. Weitm. t66: 316-33(806), 
Champney, liluabeth W. 

The real thing. Pulnam, i : i9i-ao2(i-Jo6). 
Champion lobiler company. The. (M. M, Fos) 

St. Nich. 33: 6i9-is(Myo6). 
Chance, H. M. 

Mining methods for Che Culebra cut. Elngin. 
M. 31:565-73(1106). 
Chance, J. F. 

Mission of Fabrice to Sweden, 1717-17:8. 

Eng. HisLR. 3i: 57-77CJ»o*)- 
Northera question in 1718. Eng. Hist. R. 31: 
Chancellob's KOBE, The; a bygone inddeot. (S. 

Childers) iglh Cent. 59: isi-4(Jao6). 
Chandler, C. F. 

Early lUurainating oils. Sci. Am. Supp. 61: 

Robot Ogden Doremus. Science, o. s. 23: 
Cbahev, H: James. Nature, 73: 4i9(iMro6). 
Chang, T. Y. 

A Chinaman on the Cbioeee situation. R. of 
Ra. (N. Y.) 33: 4i3-4(Apo6). 
Changeling, The. (U : VV. Jacobs) Cosmopol. 42 

Channel Isijvnds, Education in ttie. Ath. '06, 

Channiug, Frauds Alliton. 

An object lesson in protectionbt politics [Massa- 
chusetts]. Form. 85: 3Q4-7(Fo6). 

Land policy of the [Dritiah] government. Indcp. 
R. 11: 76-82(006). 
Channing, Urace EUery, 

The "lesia del fiori" at Rome. Out West, 25: 

A peivene gaeratioD. Cent. 50: 878-84(006). 

,4 persaaal offering. Harper, 113:531-8(506). 

The road to Europe. Harper, 113: 166-7 i;(Jao6), 

Chanlemerle. (Edith Barnard) Appleton's M. S; 

Chanihy BEQiTESi, Committee work on. (D. S. 

Maccoll) Sal. R. 101: 6i6-8(i9Myo6). 
Chapln, Charles H. B. 

Electric central-siation advertising. Gassier, 19: 
Chudn, a. Gerald. 

Women first. Everybody's, 14: 76i-5(Jeo6). 
Chapman, Arthur. 

Denver. World To-day, 1 1 : 982-8(806). 
Jim Bridgcr, master trapper and trail-maker. 
Outing, 47; 43i-s(Jao6). 
Chapman, E. F. 

Moving towards a tenitoria! army. Blackw. 
180: i37-4i{Jlo6)- 

nhapnao, Frank Hichlei. 

An American's impressions of English bird Hit. 
Scrib. M. 39; 705-3o(Jeo6). 
Chapman, J: Eliphaz. 

B; Kand. Canad. M. 38: i6-8(No6)- 
Chapman, Robert U. 

DeserU of Nevada and the Death Valley. Nu. 
Geog. U. 17: 483-97(806). 
Chapman, S. J. 

Remuneration of employers. Econ. J. 16: jij- 
Chappell, G : S. 

One of Ihem. Cent, 50: 4i9-28(Jlo6). 
Chard, Cecil. 
The long day in San Frandsco (April iS, 1906). 
Harp. W. 50: 700-4 (igMy 06). 
Chardin, O. 

Reminiscences of Coiot Putnam, i: 271-J3 
Charioteeb of Delphi, The. (O. M. A\'asbbum; 

Am. J. Archceol. n, s. 10: i5i(Apo6). 
Charily of Widow Ogden, The. (K. M. Gilchrial 

[Temp. Bar] Uv. Age, 350: 49-S3(7jl<'6). 
Chabitable Ftn^DS, The press and. (S: A. Bar- 

nett) Indep. R. 10: 64-9(Jlo6). 
Cbablekaghe's Passage of the Alps in 773. (W, 
A. B. Coolidge) Eng. Hist. R. 31 : 493-505 
Charles 1., King of Roumania. (A. Stead) Fortn. 

86: i-i7(Jlo6).-Ecl. M. 147: 261-73(506), 
Chables U and Ibe Bishop ol Munsier in Ibc 
Anglo-Uulch war of 1665-6. (C. Brinkmani 
Eng. Hist. R, 31: 686-98(006). 
Chabus, James, painter. Atb. '06, 1 : 97S(SSui). 
Chartres, Mrs. J :, see \'ivanli, Annie. 
"Iiaae, H : Lererett 

Our slovenly speech. Nation, 83: ii6(8Fo6). 
Cbaae, Uargaret H. 
51. JPeier of the Latin Quarter. CoamopoL 41: 
Chase, Theodora A. 

Shadmta. New Eng. M. n. s. 33: 667-72(Fo6), 
Chase, W: M. (H. St. Gaudens) Critic, 84! 51! 

— A portrait by. fW. S. Howard) Raip«r, 113: 

Chasing a rainbow. (J, Fulrellc) Cosmopol. 41: 

Chasse-GaUrit, La. (M. B. Parent) Canad. M. 

'7- 397-9(So6). 
Chateau at. Madrid in Bois de Boulogne. Am. 

Arch. 90: 124-6(20006). 
Chateaux, French, Rehabilitalbn of. Am. ArcL 

59: 3io-i(33jeo6). 
CBAiaAM CHEST, The. (R. M. Holden) Chamb. 

J. 83: 6o9-ii(So6). 
Chavebo, Alfredo. (Marshall H. Saville) Am, 

Anlhropol. 8: 701-^(006). 
Chaucer's roundel. Scrib. M. 40: i5o(So6). 
Chauffeur and tlie jewels. The. (Edith M. Willetll 

Lippinc.78: 257-327(So6}. 
Cbactacqua uterature, Recent makers of, 

Cbaut. 43: 42i-47(Jlo6). 
Chautauqua movement, The. (Julia G. Under- 
wood) Indep. 61: 346-50(2 Ago6). — (P. M. 
Pearson) Lippinc.78: 190-5(.\bo6). 
Chadteelle, EnoENE Mabie, "Trial of, Spte. 

97; 297-9(iSo6). 
Cheerful giver, A. (Lucy Copinger) Lippinc. 77; 



CbeUior, Anton. 

Siapy-eyt. Cosraopol. 41; i5l-6(Jeo6). 
Cbzhkai. AniNtry, Possible causes ot. (G: E 

BdUcs) Sd. Am. Supp. 6): 15671(15506). 
CseiOiTity, applied, Sixth Intematioaai Congees^ 

of. Nature, 74: 6s-7(i7Myo6). 
— 13 uii sucu.iii.y jchjjij, leacdiag oi. (W: C. 

GcBcJ 6choo\ R. 14: a7S-95(Apo6>. 
— leachiag. Modem trend of. (J. F, WoodhuU) 

Educa. R. 31; »36-47CMro6). 
CaEiusiBV requirements. (J. F. Sellers) Scienci , 

n. s. 23; 730-6(1 1 Myo6). 
Cheney, Dnid MacOregor. 
Haw EUtn tame to sital the Indian baby. St. 

Nich.33: 44i-3(Mro6). 
CHEamvAHA, the black pit. (C. Tower) Macmil. 

n. 3. 1; i9i-»oi(Jao6). 
Cbe.Ty, S. Rlcjardtan. 

Ger.nanart- Brush* P. 18: 244-8(006). 
CsESSON, Nora, The pOetry of. (S. Gertrude 

Ford) Monthly R. 34, no. a: 93-S(AgQ6). 
Clutter, Collir H. 
Eciipie of Lbe Sun, 1905, Americao expeditioii. 

Nat. Oeog. M. 17: 58(H>ii(No6). 
Cfaiiter, O: Jtnndolpb. 

QuaratitititeLrivait. McClure, 36: 961-73 CJao6) 
CHESTER. Enpand. Our nearest point in antiquity. 

(W. D.Howells) Harper, 113: 9g-io9(Jeo6). 


in fact and fiction. Gent. M. a. s. 77: tii- 
CfaeMerton, Cecil. 
Art and the detective. [Temp. Bar] Liv. Age, 

ajt: so5-io(34No6). 
Hilaire Belloc. [Temp. Bar] Liv. Age, Z51: 
Cbuterton, Gilbert Keith. 

w humility. Indep. R. 9 : i9i-7( Jeo6) . = 

Chkstnut trees, a disease which threatens. (G, 

G. Copp) Sci. Am. 95: 451(15006). 
Cbevauer, Albert, and Guilberl, Yveite. ' (M. 

Beerb3hii)Sat. R. 101: 78a-3(33jeo6). 

Frenth) Scrib. M. 40: 380-4(506). 

— BrevooTt Hotel, foundations. Am. Arch. 

-CjoU Co. court-hojse. New. (W; C. Gri 
WoT.d To-diy, 10: 6o4-8(Jeo6). 

— Election of 1906. (R. Ugden) Nation, Si: 295 


— faces in, Impressions from. (L. H. B. Knox) 

Atlan. 97; i8-34(Jao6). 

— 1st natisnol banlt. (A. C. David) Archit. Rec. 

19; 49-58(Jao6). 

— " Im.neJiate municipal ownetihip" in, a year 

after. R. of Rs. (N. Y.) 33: 549-54 (My 

— Literary interests of. {Herbert E. Fleming' 

Am. J. Sociol. 11: 499-53i(Jao6), 784-81(1 
(Myo6). 12; 68-u8{Jlo6). 

— raanicipal ownership in. The movement foi 

(Hugo S. Grosser) Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci 
27: 7i-9o(Jao6). 

Our fi.^ht for. (E; F. Dunne) Indcp. 61 


Cbicaoo, The "new theatre" of. (Wallace Ricc) 
World To-day, 11: 844-So(Ago6). 

~ Pdciungtown, LJahealllUulness of. (Caroline 
riedger) World's Work, 12: 7so7-io(Myo6). 

— slock-yafds, A visit to. (A. Smith) National, 

47: 9»l-34(Ago6). 
Teamsters Union, Reforming the. (Victor E. 

Soares) World To-day, 10: 92-7(Jao6). 
Traction question in. (Edgar S. Tolman) 

World To-day, to: 637-43(Jeo6).— (Willard 

E. Hotchkiss) Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 28: 


— Traction struggle in. (G: C- Sikes) Outl. 8*; 

Water-color exhibition. (Maude I. G. Oliver) 
Studio (Internal.) 29: xiiii-ixvi(Jlo6). 

— What kind of Boston is it? (James W. Linn) 

World's Work, 13: 7766-7i(Jlo6). 
CaiCAOO Art Instithtb, Recent work at. (Maude 

I. G. Oliver) Studio (Intemat.) 391 cv-di 

Chicago Library CLUB, Meeting of , Oct. 1 1, 1906. 

(Ellen G.Smitb)Fjb. Lib. 11: 568-70(006). 

=AOO Palette and Chisel Club permanent 

exhibition. (T. E. MacPherson) Brush & P. 

17: .s-7(jao6). 
Chick 0} the Easltr egg. The. ■ (W: D. Howells) 

Harp. W. 50: 509-i3(i4Apo6). 
Chickadee, The. (Dallas L. Sharp) Ctry Life 

Am. 9: 302-3{Jao6). 

— at home. (W. Lovell Finley) Ctry Life Am. 9: 

Chico, Co(. (W.J. Coslar) Out West, 24: 569-76 

Child, C. M. 

Dnidia's 'Asddian egg.' Science, n. t. 331 
Child, Clarence G. 
" the present position of Ijttin and Greek." 
Nation, 83: 347(isOo6). 
CbiM, Edwin B. 
Uncle Ira's sugar season. Booklover's M. 7: 
ChUd,R: Washburn. 
Caltb Jones, Atlan. 97: 494-501 (Apo6). 
The critic and the law. Atlan. 97; 630-0 


A lesson in labor. McClure, 37; 25-33{Myo6). 

The man inihe shadow. Harper, 1 13: iio--6(Jro6) 

Marcia Way. Everybody's, 15: g7-i04(Jlo6). 

Child, The. (A. H. Donncll) Harper, 113: 693-7 

Child, The, and the home. (M. D. O'Brien) 
Westm. 165: 668-75(Jeo6). 

— The eternal. (May Sinclair) Bookman, 33: 


— The mind of a. (E. 5. Martin) Harper, 

Childhood in English i7tli-century poetiy. 

(Louiic L Guiney) Cath. World, 83; 447-55 

Child-labor. (Elinor H. Story) Arena. 36: 


— and lamily disintegration. (Owen R. Love- 

joy) Indep. 61 : 748-50(37806). 

— A business man's view of. (S. W. Woodward) 

Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 37: 36i-3(Mro6). 

— The lioe-man in the making. (E- Markham) 

Cosmoin)!. 41; 480-7 (S06), 567-74(006). 41; 
2o-8(No6), i43-so(Do6). 

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CuuD-LABOK compulioij educatioD, and net 
suicide. (W; French) Arena, 36: 3S-7(J1=*)- 

— in coal mine*. (Owen R- Lcntjoy) Ann. Am. 

Acad. Pol. 5d. 37: Z93-9(Mio6). 

— in the dass induao?. (Owen Lovejoy) Ann. 

Am. Acad. PoL Sd. aj: 300-11 

— in Washington, D. C. (A: R. NeiU) Ann. Am. 

Acad. PoL Sd. a?: 3jo-Si){_Mio6). 

— A law on, for the D. C. (H: J. Harris) Ann. 

Am. Acad. Pol. Sd, 37: 3(i4-7o(Mro6). 

— Tbe uatioiial disgrace. (Austin Lewb) Over- 

land, a. s. 48: i66-7o(So6).— Ann, Am. Acad. 
Pol.Sd.a8: 301-11(806). 

— a national problem. (S; McCune Lindsay) 

Ami. Am. Acad. Pol, Sd, 37: 33HS(Mro6). 

— operation of the Illinois law on, fjane Addama) 

Ann, Am. Acad. PoL Sd. nj: 3a7-3o(Mro6). 

— Operation of the WiaainBin Uw on. (E: W. 

Frost) Ami. Am. Acad. Pol. Sd. 17: 357-60 

— Organized labor's attitude towards. (G: Gom- 
. pera) Ann. Am. Acad. PoL Sd, 37: 337-41 


— Overwoik, idleness, or industrial education ? 

(W; Noyes) Ann. Am. Acad. PoL Sd. 97: 343- 

— Parental reiponsibilitj for. (Graham Taybr) 

Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. Sd. 37: 354-6(Mro6). 

— Put and present arguments against (jiGiabam 

Brooks) Ann. Am. Acad, Pol. Sd. 37: 3S1-4 

— Ptarscal and physiological eSecu of, (G: M. 

Sober) Aim. Am. Acad. PoL Sd. aj: aSj-93 
(Mro6). ' ^^ 

— Praceedinp of id annual meeting of National 

Child Labor Committee. Ami. Am. Acad. Pol. 
Sd. 3;: 37i-99(Mro6). 

— to Southern cotton mills. (A. J. McKdway) 

Ann. Am. Acad. PoJ. Sd. 37; 359-69(1*1106). 

— A study in d»encracy. (A, J. McKelway) Ann. 

Am. Acad. PoL Sd. 37; 3ia-36(Mra6). 
Chiu>-labox Fxdkration. To free the child- 

■ISKt. Cosmopol. 41: 679-80(006). 43; 

CmLD-STiTDY. (E. F. Blanchard) Educa. 27: 


— Bibliography of, for 1905, (L: N. Wilson) 

Pedagog. Sen). 13: 374-97(So6). 1 

— Contributions from Wilson CoUege. (Amy E. 

Tanner) Pedagog. Sem. 13; 509-13(006). 

— in Great Britain. (Kate Stevens) Pedagog. 

Sem. 13: a4S-9(Jeo6). 
CKiLD-TaAiMiNG by book-keeping. (J- M. Parker) 

OutL83: 843-4(iiAgo6). 
dilUwi, Hugh R. E. H 
Convocation and the Letters of bunness. i9tb 

Cent 60: 84i-so(No6}. 
ChlMeri, Spencer. 
The chancellor's robe; a bygone incident. I9tb 

Cent 59: i5i-4(Jao6). 
Children and their educators. (Agnes Repplier) 

Appleton's M. 8: ai3-7(Ago6). 

— at piay. (N. Hudson Moore) St. Nich. 33: 


— books for, A century of. (Eveline C. Godley) 

National 47: 437-49(Myo6). — Liv. Age, 349: 

I Ch[LDB£h, Euentials ot good. (EUzabedi L. 

A&miiaey) Pub. Lib< 11: 548-9(Do6). 
I Good and bad. (Caioliiie Buroite) Pub. 

Lib. 11: 36o-i01o6). 

— Citiieos of to-moirow ; medical inspectioD in 

schools. (Mar^ret McMillan) Indep. R. 10; 

— Crippled. The children's plea. (J.A. Riis) 

OutL 8a: 75375 (31 Mro6). 

-Craftsmanship for. Crafttman, 9: 663-74 


— Cry of the. Quar. 305: 39-530106). = Ed. M, 

147: 443-56(No6). 

— Christianiiy and the child. (Florence Hayllar) 

Indep. R. 11: 83-94(006). 

— Bow lead them to love good books? (Isabel 

I.awFence) Pub. Lib. 11: i79-83(Apo6). 

— Library far, a moral force. (Cira W. Hunt) 

Lib. J. 31: 97-i03(Ago6). 
— Libraiywork with. (A. B. Maltby) OutL Sa: 

36o-4(i7Fo6). — (Arabelle H. Jackson) Ub. 

J. 31: 89-97(Ago6). 
in a few leading libraries. Pub. lib. 11: 

Personal. (Rose C. Gymer) Pub. Lib. n: 


— literature for, Beginnings of. (Caroline Bur- 

mte)Lib. J. 31: io7-i3(Ago6). 

— of the poor, as cared for in Germany. Crafts- 

man, 11: aa3-3i(No6). 

— Physical deteriotation. (Countess of Warwick) 

Fortn. 85: 504-i5(Mro6). 

— Reading of. (AdUe M. Shaw) Critic, 48: 177- 

Sa(Fo6). (Hammond Lamont} Nation, 83; 

What children tead. (Lik Van) Pub. Lib. 

11: i83-s(Apo6), , 
school. Feeding of. (C. H. Loch) Yale R. (5: 

at public expense; summary of official 

reports. (C. H. Denyer) Eoon. J. 16: 617-11 

— Imaginative elements in written work <rf. 

(S. S. Colvin and I. F. Meyer) Pedagog. Sem. 

"3: 84-93(Mro6). 

— underfed, Social significance of. (Robert Hunter) 

Internal. Q. la: 33o-49(Jao6). 

layward. Fair play for. (A. E. Fallows) 

Cent, sr: 153-63(006). 
Childrtn a} Ik* itm. (Earl Edwin Harrlman) 

Appleton's M. 8: 446-57(006). 
Child&en's coukt in American dty life. (Frances 

M. BjSrkman) R. of Rs. (N. Y.) 33: 305-11 

Children's happy evenings, (Margaret E.[Lei^l 

Countess of Jeney) [19th Cent] Uv. Age, 34S: 

Chilsben S UBKAKIAHS, Tiaimng school for, at 

Carnegie library, Pittsburg. Pub. Lib. ti: 

Cbilpbxn's ptTKOATORY, The. [Fortn.J Liv. Age, 

149: 7'9-»8(»3Jeo6). 
CltUds, Hary Fairfax. 

AuHt Glory' I marriage certificait. Cent 49: 49B- 

Chile and Peru: the rival republics of the south. 

(G. M. L. Brown and Franklin Adams) R. ol 

Rs. (N. Y.) 34: 433-48(006). 

fater-plants in, Geographical functions of. (G. 

F. Scott Elliott) Geog. J. 37: 451-65(61706). . 

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CUb. (AkUdn Evdni} Uppiiie. 78: 798-800 

CUltOD, CunU B. 
Shaw coatra mundiim. Indep. 6a: 550-4(10 
Chuineys and flues. Am. Arch, 90; i4i-3(3No6). 

— Draft in. (W. M. F. PuUen) Sci. Am. Supp. 

61: is6oi-*(i8Ago6). 

— Factoty; recent Ameriun chimney practice. 

(W. W. Chriide) CMder, 39: a6749fro6). 
ChimpaafH. (R. A. Duraod) Macmil. n. •. i: 

3ii-3o(Fo6).-Ed. M. 146: 304-9(Apo6). 
CmitA, Ameticu iateretti to. (G. M. Walker) 

'Chaut.4>: 5a8-j3(Fo6). 

— The American maDufactuier tn. ' f Arthur D. 

Coulter) World To^y, 10: 379-8s(Apo6). 

— America's attitude toward. A fool's paiadlte. 

(A. H. Smith) Outt. 83: Tot-(3(i4Mro6}. 

— Among the mountains of Shen-si. (Bailey 

Willis) Am. Gfog. Soc. Bull. 38: 4ia-a4(Jlo6). 

— An andeot empire in quest of a modem govem- 

mcnt. (Arthur H. Smith) Indep. 61 : 38S-91 

— ancient system of literary exammatrans, Pawing 

of. (C: K. Edmunds) Pop. ScL Mo. 68: 100- 

— and America. What can be done. Out). 89: 


— and religion, Parker's. Sat. R. loi: 53-4(13 


— and the West. [Outlook (Load.)] Liv. Age, 348: 

636-8(ioMro6).— (T. Richard) Coniemp. 89: 
— Army. (E, J. Hardy) iqth Cent, jgr 595-600 
(Apo6).-Li». Age, 249: 4a7-3i(i<lMvo6). 

The new. Spec. 96: 7-S(4jao6) - Liv. Age, 

>48; 435-7(17^06). 

— Attitude to foreigners. Sat. R. loi : 6-7(6 


— Awakening of. (W. A. P. Martin) Worid's 

Work, 11: 7iJ4-8(Jao6). — (Shanghai) National, 
47: 35-SS(Mro6).-Liv. Age, 149: «3«-4S(»' 
Apo6).— (K. K. Eawakami) No. Am. 1S3: 647- 
c,9(Oo6).— ;L. Giles) :9th Cent. 60: 541-31 

— The boycott in. (J. W. Foster) Atlan. 97: 118- 

i7(Jao6).— (O. G. Villard) Nation, 82: 27- 

A Chinaman on tlie utuation. (T. Y. 

Chang) R. of Rs. (N. Y.) 33: 4i'3-4(Apo6). 
Reason for the. (C: ChaHW-Long) World 

To-day, 10: 309-i4(Mro6). 

— Christianity and. (A. R. Colquhoun) Fortn. 

85: I046-5s(jeo6). 

— The coast pronnces. (G. M.^Walker) Chaut. 

43; ji4-a7(Fo6). 

— The day of opportunity in. (H. G. C. Hal- 

lock) Miss. R. 19: 66o-i{So6), f 

— evangelization of, Economic significance of. 

(J. W. Bashford) Miss. R. 19: 3i;a-9{Myo6). 

— Football and polo in. (H. A. Giles) i9lh Cent. 

59: 5o8-i3(Mro6). 

— Fool-binding in; waning of the practice. 

(Emma In»een) Miss. R. 19: ios-ta(Fo6). 

— Foreign privilege in. (H. B. Morse) Allan. 98: 


— HortOily of. (Kang Yu Wef) Worid's Work, 

lai 7487-9(M7o6). 

— House-boat trip in. (G: Kennan) Outl. Sa: 


China: — Idesli,EaMnaaodwcatenL A reifoliMlertt 
W: I. Brno'* " L«tteta to a Chinese <Ada] ■>. 
(G. L. Dickinion) Cent. 51: 313-6(006). 

— In China's ancient holy land. (H. P. Beach) 

Chaut. 4a: 403-i8(Jao6), 

— in transition : tfaeanii-foreignriotinfriDShanghai 

fG:Kemjan) OuU. 82: 3Si-7(>7Fo6). 
Coochow, Hangchow, and the Grand canal. 

(G: Kennan) Outl. 8a: 73?-4S(3» **»*)■ 
The causes of anti-foreign feeling; the 

mixed court. (G: Kennan) Outl. 8a: 466-74 


— insane in, Mission work amoi^. (C: C. Selden) 

Miss. R. 19: ao5-io(Mro6). 

— Military awakemng of. (Constant Cordier) 

Overland, n. s. 4T: i7i-5(Mro6). 

— Missionary enterprise in. (C. Holcombe) Atlan. 

98: 348-54(506). -Miss. R. 19: 849-5a(No6). 

— The new. (Adadii Kinsosuke) Fonun, 37: 

4i6-a9(Jao6).^T; F. Millard) Scrib. M. 

50: 524-5, 9(i4Apo6). 

— Out future relations with. (F. Greenwood) 

For^L 80: io33-^(Do6). 

— Our threat to. (O. G. Villard) Nation, 8a: 


— Present conditions in. (J: W. Foster) Nat, 

Geog. M. 17: 651-72(006). 

— Progress in. [Economisl] Liv. Age, a$i: 839- 


— raUway in, The new. Chamb. J. 83: 633-3 

ioumey in. Chaut. 4a 

ictton without revoluti 

E. Lewis) Misi. R. 99: 750-3(006). 

— Revolutioiiary changes m. (Dr. W. A. P. 

Martin) World's Work, ii: 8.15-35(006). 

— The single track in. (Courtney H. Fenn) Indep. 

61: 326-9(9Ago6). 

— Sir Robert Hart and. (O. 0. Villard) Nation, 

83: 93-4(2Ago6)— Sat. R, loa: 161-2(11 Agaft). 

— Situation in. Outl. 83: 634-6(34Mro6). 

— Sovthem ports— Canton, Hong Kong, Macao. 

(E: Wndman) Chaut. 42: 495-5 '3(^06). 

— iransfonncd. (A. W, P. Martin) WorW's Work, 

12: 7844-8 (Ago6). 

— A United States court in. *R. Ogden) Nation, 

83: a6-7(i3jlo6).— Outl, 84: 501(37006). 

— Up the Yangtse to "Hbet. (M. P. Gsmewell) 

Chaut. 4a: 4i9-38(Jao6). 

— weakness of, Reasons for. (G: Kennan) Outl. 

8a: 787-93C7AP06). 
China <tmak»n4d. (J. F. Giigp) Cent: 50: 393-6 

China. Old blue colonial tableware. (W. A. 

Dyer) Ctry Lite Am. loi 4a3-6(Ago6). 
CHnAMXii. Educated, shall th^ be welcomed? 

(Helen M. Gougar) Arena, 35! 5o6-8(No6). 
CeiNesB, exclusion of. Reasons for continued. 

(Geo --•■■-'■ - - " 


fConlemp.] Eel. M. 146: i3o-7(Fo6). 

■hi) k)ok like Enalishmen. (T. Wri^t) 

Chamb. J. 83; 203-4(Mro6). 
Chinxse oties. (E: J: Hardy) Chamb. J. 83: 

149-51 (Mro6). 
Chin£SB ECtJCATioN, The content of. (C: K. 

Edmunds) Pop. Sd. Mo. 68: a9-4t(Ja«i6). 





Chinese oentlbman, Lett crs to a. (L. Tolstoy} I 
-Sal. R, loa: 67o-i(iDo6). | 

Chinese labor. {Barrett Smith) Engin. M. 31: 

— and impenal respon^bility. (H C. Thomson) 

Contemp. 8^: 43o-7(Mro6). 

— and the Panama Canal. (Eugene S. Watson) 

Indep. 61; iaoi-5(ajNo6). 

— in South Africa. (I. Dobbie) Macmii. n- s. i: 

Chinese i.nEiiArtniE, Selections from. Ghaut. 43 : 

Chinese PRESS of to-day. (A. R. Colquhoun) No. 

Am. 183: 97-io4(Jao6). 
Chinese spfcial mission, Imperial. {Jeremiah 
W. Jenks) R. of Rs. (N. Y.) 33: m-i°' 
(Mro6).— (A. H. Smith) Indep. 60: jig-ai 
Chippendale. T: , Furniture of. (E. A. Keddell) 

A«J.58; 75-Sj{Mro6). ■ 
Chiriguanos of Bolivia, The. {J. D. Hercus) 

Miss. R. 19: 852-4(No6). 
Chirol, Til«ntine. 

Pan-Isiamism. National. 48: 633-49(006). 
Chiswick. Drawings of. (E; C. Clifford) Art J. 

S8: 270-4(806). 
Chittenden, AUce Hill. 

The academic cap, gown, and hood; their origin 
and significance. Chaut. 43; 56i-7(Ago6). 
Choate, Jogeph H. 

Benjamin Franlclin. Critic, 48: 5i-67{Jao5). 
Chocolates, Making of. (N. Patterson) Canad. 

M. a8: i6i-7e(Do6). 
Chomei, Kamono. (Mihalcalo Kumagusu and F. 

V. Dickens) Critic, 49: log-i 2(So6). 
Chopin, F: Francois, (A. E. Kcelon) Conlemp. 
89:86-93(Jao6).=Ed. M, 146: i43-8(Mro6), 
= Liv. Age. 149; 106-1 3(i4Apo6>. 

— and his music. (D. G. Mason) Out). 84: 517- 

Chorus girl, Experiences of a. Indep. 61 : 80^-5 


' Christ, The, of English poelrv. Spec. ()6^ 440-30 

Ckrislening. Thr. {Zona Gale) Applelon's M. 8; 

CHRlSTfAN IX., king of Denmark. (Edwin 

Bjiirkman) R. of Rs. (N. Y.) iv 28g-02 

(Mro6).~(E. Schrader) Nation, 82: 156-7 

f22Fo6). — (Julius Moritzen) Forum, 38: 116- 

Christian doctrine in an Earlv Eastern Church 

Dub. R. 138: 386-405(Apo6). 

— Laws and limits of development in. (W. Jones 

Davies) Hibhert J. 146: 5(jo-6o5( .Apoev 
Christian Endeavor movemeni, The. (H. B. 

McFarland) No. Am. i8j: 194-303(Fo6). — 

{James H. Ross) New Eng. M. n. s. 33: 653-66 

Christian Endeavor Society in mi.-ision fields, 

{Francis E. Clark). Miss. R. 10: 523-6fno61. 

— A quarter-century of. (F. E, Clark) OtitI, 8j: 

Christian origins, rflciclerer on. (T. D. A, 

Cockerell) Dial (Ch-) 40: 123-4(1 6Myo6), 
Christian Science, Truth and error in. Outl. 

83: 404-6(1 3 Jeo61. 
Christian soence nuackerv. Sat. R. roa; 7-S 


Chmstian ntADmON and popular speech, (R- 
L. Gales) National, 47: ii7-is(Mro6),-Liv. 
Age, 249: 4i6-23{i9Myo6). 
Christian union. (Dugald Macfadyen) Hibbeit 

J, 5: 43-S3(Oo6). 
Chrijtianitv, and science. I. The materia) ele- 
ment in Christianity. (Oliver Lodge) Hib- 
bertj.4: 3i4--38(Jao6).-Liv,Age,249: 33'"^ 

— II. Divine element in Chriitianiiy. {Oliver 
Lodge) Hibbert J. 4: 643-5Q(Apo6)-Li». 
Age, 250: i7i-8i(2iJIo6). 

and revival. Spec. 96: 74l-3(nMyo6). 

and the working clasaes. Spec. 9O: 66a-3(96 

Do we need a substitute tor? (H: Stun) 
Hibbert J. 5: 105-11(006), 

End of the age. (L. Tolstoi) Fortn. 85: 

— Mallock on the naturalness of. (W: L. Sullivan) 

Cath. World, 82: Si7-36(Jao6). 

— Message of, R. E. Speer on. Outl, 8j: 591-3 


— Moslem view of. (Ameer Ali) Hibbert J. 4: 


— Spiritual value of. (T: J. Gerrard) Cath. 

World, 83: 6is-4i(Ago6). 

— The trial of. (P. S. Moxom) No. Am. 183: 

Christie, C. C. 
Bucket-shop vs. Board of Trade. Everybody's, 
15: 7o7-i3(No6). ■■ 
Christie, R. 

Humanism as a religion. [Contemp.] Eel. M. 
146: 49-62{Jao6). 
Christie, W. W. 

Recent American chimney prartice. Gassier, ag: 
Christina, Queen of Sweden. Ed. R. 204: 327- 

Christmas among the bhnd. (Helen Keller) 
Ladies' H. J. 24, ilo. l: i3(Do6). 

— An old-fashioned boy's. (J. C. Lincoln) Ctry 

Life Am, 11: i77-83(Do6), 

— and the literature of disillusion. (S. M. Crolhers) 

Allan, 98: 72i-5(Do6). 

— Customs and dishes of. (B- Ostertag) Ctiy 

Life Am. is8{De6). 

— Easter, and Whitsuntide. {A. E. Garvie) Con- 

temp. 89; 8i4-2i(Teo6). 

— First, in America. Ladies' H. J. 34, no. i : 19- 


— How the actors spend Ladies' H. J. 34, no. i: 

ii, 7o(I>o6). 

— in Bethlehem. (B; W.Bacon) Indep. 61: 1459- 


— in the bills, (Virginia Garland) Overland, n, s. 

48: 464-9(006)- 

— Thenew, Cent. 51: 3i7-8{Do6). 

— The one unselfish day. (E. Crosby) Cosnopol. 

43: ii3(Do6). 

— Thoughts on, (Eugene Wood) Everybody"!, 

15: 803-8{I>e6). 

— What .has become of the old? (Francis Hop- 

kioson Smith) Ladies' H. J, 34, no. i: 8(Do6). 

— Yule-tide in merrie England. (Kalherine E. 

Thomas) Overland, n, s, 48: 47o-9(Do6), 

Cbristuas carols and Christmas superstitions. 

(H. K. Ransford) Chaut. 45: 89-96(006). 

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CMttmai chad, Th». (G. Schock) Harper, ii»: 

Chmstmas custoue, Old, in England. (S. A. 

Tooley) Canad. M. a8: ia4-34{Do6). 
Christmas oabiand, A. Sat. R. 102: 703-4(8 

D06). 73fi-a(i5Do6), 768-g(»aDo6). 
Christmas roses. (Anne O'Hagan) Uunsey, 36: 

Christuas SHOPPura. (Anne O'Hagen) Harp. 

Bar. 4*: i07s-83(Do6). 
Camsriwa sports in California. (Arthur Inkera- 

ley) Overland, d. s. 48: 433-42(006). 
Christmas surprise party, A. (Francis LaPlai*) 

O-orland, n. s. 48: 447-53(006), 
Ckrislmas valatline, Tkt. (Alice MacGowao) 

Harp. W. so; 1754-6(8006). 
CsKOMATiC JOURNALISM. (Joho A. Mscy) Book- 
man, 34: 137-33(006). 
Chsohosokes. (T. H. Montgomery) Science, 

n. s. ,3: 36-8(5 Jao6). 
ChromcUs of Ihe imp. I-m. (Jeffeiy Farnol) 

Bookman, 14: 163-9(006). ii9-i6(No6), 390- 

Chkysochlorida. Foaail, in North America. (W 

D. Matthew) Science, n. s. 34: 786-8(141106)- 
Chdkcr, F: S., -ind the European museums- 

Brush & P. 18: ji8-37(Do6). 
Chotch and the individual. The. (C. H. Toy) 

Intemat. Q. 12: w)j-3ii(Jao6), 

— and locial service. (C:M.Shcldon; W: l> P. 

Bliss) Indep. 60: 737-9(3 iMro6). 

— and the world. (L. P. Jacks) Hibbert J.<i; 1- 

-in social service in N. Y. City. C^V: I). P- 
Bliss) Indep. 60: i35-4i(i8Jao6). 61; JM'^' 

— modern, Supreme need of the. Outl. Si; 879-81 


— [he University, and the labor union. (Alex. 

F.Irvine) Indep. 60; 38-40(4jao6). 
CaintCB OF ENOLAND.The. Quar.105: a4i-6i(Jlo6) 

— The rleriral conspiracv. (H. Paul) 19th Oni. 

60; 668-78(006). 

— The clergy and the church. (E. V. Hall) Con- 

temp. 80: 8p~s(Jea6). 

— Letters of business. (H. H. Henson) Conlcmp. 

?j: 703-ja(No6). 
the Georges, The. (C: W. Stubbs) [Speaker] 
Llv. Age, »so: 811-3(39806). 

— The parson and his flock. (D. C. Ptdilcr) 

Contemp. 8^: 7i4-3j(Myo6). 

— Report of the Ritual Commission. (R. B. 

Benson) Dub. R. 139: 3S3-66(Oo6).— Miitmil. 
n. s. 1 : 949-6o(Oo6). 

— Ritualists and the Royal Commission. (HP. 

Russcl!) Fortn. 86: a76-86(.A?o6), 

— the schools, and the Lords. Blackw. iSo; iSa- 

Church ARCmrEcnmE, California. Craftsman, 

10: 33o-4(Jeo6). 
Church discipltne. The report on. (C. Wim- 

bome and others) 19th Cent. 60; 169-aot 

Church federation and cooperation in missions. 

Miss. R. 19: ii3-is(Fo6). 
Church-goujg. A mcssajfe from non-church. goers. 

Outl. 83: 64-6(i3Myo6). 
Chiirch iniBTC, Tje reform in. (J. B. Ward) 

Atlan. 97: 4S5-63(Apo6). 

, Restoration of. (T. Hardy) [Comb.I 

Ed. M. 147: 333-40(006). -Ii¥. Ag^ aso; 

Cburches, Unity of the. (Eugene Wood) Eveiy- 

body-s, 14; 46i-8(Apo6). 
Cburch's one foundation, The. (P. T. For«yth) 

(Lond. QU. R.] Liv. Age, 351: 3si-6(ioNo6). 
Churchill, Randolph. (W. S. Blunt) 19th 

Cent, jg: 4oi-is(Mro6).— (W. S. Churchill) 

Monthly R. 32, no. j: 4i-6(Fo6). — [Lend. 

Times] Liv. Age, 148: 367-7 3(ioFo6). — Ed. 

R. 104: j-34(Jlo6).— (A. L. Lowell) Allan. 

98: a47-';';(Ago6).— (H. Viiian) Fortn. 86: 

Churchill's Life of. Ath. '06,1: 7-9(6Jao6).— 

49: 83-6(;io6). 

— "The grand young man." (H. A. Bruce) Outl. 

83: 905-9(i8Ago6). 

— The making of a statesman. (J. S. Mann) 

ChurchiU, W. W. 
Preservation of condenser tubes. Science, n. e. 
34: 405-Q(a8So6). 
Churchill, Wt^sroit, and his campaign. (J. W. 

Remick) Outl. 84: 17-33(1806). 
Churahill, Vnnstoa Speocer. 
Lord Randolph Churchill. Monthly R, a: 
Churchill, Winston Spencer, and democracy. 

Westm. 165: i5-3i(Jao6). 
Cigars. Frcan leaf to cigar. Sci. Am. 95: 10-3 

— A machine that smokes. (C. H. Claudy) Sci. 

Am. 95: 34(i4Tlo6). 
CiNCiNNATL I ngalls building, Sci. Am, 94: 394- 

— Music festival, 1906. Outl. 83: 66-8(ijMyo6). 
riBCi.ES in Cornwall. (Norman Lockyer) Nature, 

73:-366-8(i5Fo6), 56 1-3(1 iApo6). 74: 136-7 

Circus, The; a poem. (Cornelia N. McCleaiy) 

St. Ntch. 33: 1094-5(006). 
— Sidfi'Show studies.' (F. Metcalfe) Outing, 47: 


— Social side of the. (K: E. Hammao) Cos 

raopol. 41: 309-18(11061. 
Cities, Remaking of. (C. M. Roblnaon) World's 
Work. i>: 8046-50(006). 

— The urban sentiment. Spec. 97; 394-5(49806). 
Citizens of to-morrow. (Margaret McMillan) 

[Indep. R.] Liv. Age. 350: 600-9(8806). 
CmzENSHiP, Science and. (Victor V. Branford) 

Am. J. Sodol. 11: 73i-63(Myo6). 
Citrus plants; another of our hrst families. (E. 

P. Powell) Indep. 60; lo86-9(loMyo6). 
CiTV, The soo-mile. (F: W. Coburn) Worid 

To-day, 11: ia5i-6o(Do6). 
CiTY-couMTRy club plan, The. (Walter S.Newell) 

New Eng.M.n. 8.35: 169-75(006). 
Cttv school. Social service of a. (J; Spargo) 

Craftsman, to: 6os-i3(Ago6). 
City iuproveuent. Spirit of. Brysh & P. 18; 

City water and city waste. (H. Godfrey) Allan, 
98: 37S-83(S 06). 

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Civic BBTTEBUENT, Survey of . Cbftut.43: 47S-*i 
(Jao6), s6s-75Cft>6). 43: i8a-9o(Apoti). 

Civic education; ideas from the Juvenile Citv 
League. (W: C. Langdon) Chaut. 43: 37c- 

Civic hipbovbiient from an artistic standpoint. 

— A year's work for. (Clinton R. Woodruff) 

Chaut, 43: 3oi-ii(Jeo6). 
Civic LKAOOK of Maaa., Town dnhii of. Crafts 

man, 9: 675-«i(Fo6). 
"Civics," A test of. (R. Ogden) Nation, 8»: 

Civil sebvice, British. (H. L. Ecdes) Canad. 
M. a8: wo-3(Do6).— Sat. R. loi; 195-6(18 
Civil Service lEform In Wiaconsin. (E.N. Warner} 

Caoad. U. »j: soS-i3(Oo6). 
Clabei,, Leon. (Arthur Symons) Sat. R. 102: 

Claiibake, The. (H: J. Peck) Harp. W. 50; 1136 

CloMcy of the jacket. (C: F. Holder) McClure, 

a8: i50-8(Do6). 
CUphBin, J. H. 

InduslHiI organization in the woolen industry 

of Yorkshire. Ecoo. J. t6: 515-22(006): 

Cutrr, Eluer E., Suburban home of, Dedham, 

Mass. Archit. Rec. 30: 4i9-36(Noti). 
CUpp, F:G. 
Gladal stages in New England. Science, n. s. 
24; 4<»-5°"('90o6). 
CliqV, H: Uncoln. 

L^ssez-faire plan of conducting a school. 
Educa. 26: 34^56(Fo6). 
Claxgndon, E: Hyde, Lord. (E. M.) Am. Law R. 

40: 883-9s(N-Do6). 
Clabendon House, Ghosts of Piccadilly. (G. S. 

Street) Monthly R. 15. "O- '• S7-7o(No6). 
Clarttie, Jules. 

The Comfdie Fran;aise. and what it lias done 
for the French people. Fortn, 85; "53-9 
" (Jeo6). 
CUck, A. F. B. 

Some phases of i.udent life. Canad, M 28: 
Claik, Francia E. 
Christian Endeavor Sodely in misdon fields. 

Miss. R. 19: 533-6(1106). 
A quarter-century of Christian endeavor. Outl. 

83: 8o-6(i3jao6). 
What Engliah poetir owes to young people. No. 
Am. 18a: *S5-6s(Fo6), 
Clark, G:L. 
Alcohol and gasolene locomotives. Gassier, 30; 
CUA, 0:T: 

Methods of sctiool circulation of public libraries 
Lib. J. ji: I35-7(M)F06). 
ClJtxK, T; Bates, od distnbutlon of wealth. (E. 
Biehm-Bawerk) Q. J. Econ. ai: i-ai(No6). 
CUrk,J. J. 

The corresp-mdence school and technical educa- 
tion. Science, n. s. 34: ,1*7-14' '4S06) 
OaA, J. S. 
Real Amplified spelling. Nation, 83: 390^1 
CUrk, Jean Wilde. 
ThefoMofuiOaa, Upplnc.78: 454-<(4COo6). 

CUrk, Kate TTpwo. 

Ideals of New En^and. New Eng, M. n. i 
34: 6t8-3o(J1o6). 
Clark, lindley D. 
What the lawmakers did for the workingman in 
1905. J. Pol. Econ. 14: 3is-j8(Myo6). 
CUrk, T. M. 

Archilectural fashion. Am. Arch. 89; 103-5 

(24Mro6), 90: 3-6(7JI«S)- 
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Orientation of churches. Am. Arch. 89: 191-3 

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19: a9-3o(Jao6), 
Clark, Walter. 

Defects in the U. S. Constitution. Indep. 61: 
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U.S.Public documents. Lib, J.31: 3i7-8(Jlo"5)- 
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A speeial nuuatgtr. Harp. Baz. 4": 918-34 
Clarke, Ernest. 
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Clarke, G: Herbert. 

Geoi^a and the chain-gang. Outl. 83; 73-9 

Must the chain-gang go? World To-day, 10: 

302-7 (Mro6). 
Reminiscettces oF Sidney Lanier. Indep, 61: 
Clarke, Isabel. 

Some women poets of the present reign. 19th 
Cent, 59: ioii-3i(Jeo6).-Liv.Age, 349: 79'" 

A true story. St. NJch. 33: 704-7(Jeo6). 
Clarke, Lilian Freeman. 

The story of an invisible institution. Outl. 84: 
Clarke, WtBagle. 

Bird-life at the South Orkney IsUmds. Nature, 

73- 57°-r('aApo6). 

Classic tHfLUENCES in modem life. Chaut. 43: 

!i-42(M:ro«), io7-32(Apo6), 303-33 (Myo6).— 

(A, D, F. Hamlin) Chaut. 43: I07-ao(Apo6). 

— in the lives of wdl-known modems. (V. V, 

M. Beede) Chaut. 43: i4i-3(Apo6). 

— on American literature, (P. Shorey) Cbaut. 

43: i3i-33(Apo6). 
Classic kvths in modem art. Chaut. 43: 549-53 

Classical education; Grammar to the wolves. 

(P. A. W. Henderson) Blackw. 179: 667-75 

Classical UTERATintE throu^ English transla- 
tions. (E.O.Sisson) School R. r4; 66o-3(No6). 
Classical studies. Schools of, in Athens and 

Rome. (Rufus B. RichavJson) Chaut. 43; 



Classics, Ancient and modem, 

educaibn. (T. H. Warren) Monthly R. 
' no. i: 47-6i(Fo6). 

— The practical side at the, (F. J. Mather, jr.) 

Nation, 83: 6(sJlo6). 

— Sie abo Latin and Greek. 
Classification, library, James Duff Brown' 

(W: W. Bishop) Lib. J. 31: 836-8(006). 
Clttwortlij, Unda H. 
Coune on library methods given to city normal 
school. Lib. J. 31: i6o-3CMyo6). 
Claude, Oeoma. 
CommerdEd production of oicygen by the liquid- 
air process. Sd. Am. Supp. 61: 15448-9 
Clindr, C. H. 
A machine that smokes cigars. Sci. Am. 95 

New asteroid camera at the U. S. Naval Observa- 
tory. Sci. Ara.iis: 133-3(35 Ago6). 
ClAV, Ben, pocket-knife artist. (Day A. Willey) 

Sd. Am. 95: 4is(8Do6). 
Clar, H. A. 
The inner history of "Tristan und Isolde." 
Fortn. 86: 631-41(006). 
Clav, Burned, for fiieproofing. (P. B. Wight) 
Am. Ardi. 00: 67-9(1806), 75-8(8506), 84-6 
Cui-SEALINOS from the Fayum. (J, G. Milni-) 

J. Hel. Slud. 16: 3i^s(Myo6). 
CUyton, Frank, pseuds 
A sketch in black and white. Allan. 97: 600-10 
CMyo6), 783^)i{Jeo6). 
Cleakino new laod. (Franklin Williams) Sd. Am. 

Supp. 6j: 15664-6(15806), »5686-7(»aSo6). 
Cbarhtftheioay. (W, C Morrow) Cosmopol. 41: 

C!*(honi, Sarah H. 
Tin Blaeknaltr Utntnims. Everybody's, 1 5 : 
Clemsncmn, G ; 
Notes on America and Americans. Indep. 61: 
Cleuchceait, G: (Laurence Jerrold) Contemp. 
90: 679-86<No6). Liv. Age, 151; 579-84 

— The Warwick of French politics. (W.. T, 

Stead) R. ot Ra. (N. Y.) 33; 677-8{Jeo6). 
Clemeiu, S; Langhorne. 
Cari Schurz, pilot. Harp. W. 50: 7a7(a6Myo6). 
The Carnegie spelling reform. Harp. W. 50: 

Chapters from my autobiography. No. Am. 

183: 311-30(7806), 449-6o(aiSo6\ tjj-iot^O 

06), 705-16(19006), 833-44(iNo6), 961-70 

(iflNo6>, io89-9s(7Do6), 1117-34(31006). 
Aheru'stale. Harper. 113: 337-43(Ago6), 539- 

Hunting the deceitful turkey. Harper, 114: 57- 
■- 8{po6). 
William Dean Howells. Harper, 113: 111-5 

CLEinMS,S:L. WhenMarkTwainlectured, fW. 

H. Merrill) Harp. W. Jo: 199, io9(ioFo6). 
i(»th-century Boston Journalism. New Eng. M, 

n s. 35: a77-8i(No6), 4i!;-3i{Do6). 
A][WaTTen''ol the West. New Eng. U. n. s. 

JS! i8s-9COo^. 

Cl'insDta, F: E. 

The story of a forest. St, Nich. 33: 896-903 


Clerical veracity. (R: Ogden) Nation, 81: 359- 

CtBBGV, The, and the church. (E. V. Hall) 

Contemp. 89: 8s»-s(Jeo6).— Liv. Age, 349: 

784-7(30 Jeo6). 

— Are they honest? (W. Manning) Hibbert J. 

4; 4°6-is(Jao6). 

— Children of the. (J. E. C. Welldon) 19th 

Cent. 59: i3o-8(Fo6). 
CLERUYitAH.Temptationsof ayoung. (R.Madten- 

zit) Cosmopol. 40: 4i7-io(Fo6). 
Clerk, Dugald. 
lutemal-combustion motors. Sd. Am. Supp. 
61: as488-9o(3ojeo6). 61: 35504-6(71106), 
I5sa8-3o(i4jlo6), 35536-9(311106). 
Problem of the gas turbine. Sd. Am. Supp. 
61: 3Si34-6{3Fo6). 
Clerdand, F. A. 

Munici)^ ownership as a form of fgovemment 
control. Ann. Am. Acad. Pol, Sa, a8: i-ii 


Cleveland, Grorer. 

Quail shooting. Indep. 60: i337-3a(7jeo6). 
CiEVELAND, Ckover. (F, A. Muuscy) Munaey 

34: 7SS-8(Mro6). 
:i.EVELAND, Ohio, Education of, through its 

Chamber of Commerce. (F: C.Howe) Outl. 

83: 739-49(»8Jlo6). _ 

— Home Gardening Association. (Starr Cad- 

wailader) Chaut. 43: 330-3i(Jeo6). 

— Traction struggle in. (G: C. Sikes) Outl. 84: 

657-61(1 7N^. 
'Iceland, W. F. 
A new type of 60-ft. summit-level canal for Pana- 
ma. Sd.Am.95: i6o(iSo6). 
Clever nrtromanerr. (M. Sherwood) Atlan. 97: 

Clews, H: 

Pubtidty and reform in business. Aim. Am> 
Acad. Pol. Sd. 38: 143-S4(jli96)- 
Clifford, Cairi* W. 
The Atlanta riots; a Northern black pcdnt of 

view. Outl. 84: s6»-4(3No6). 
li fiord, Cornelius. 

Mrs. Cral^e. Cath. World, 85: 73-83(006).' ^ 
Clifford, E: C. 

Some drawings of Chiswick. Art J. 58: 370-4- 

■Sussex garden; painting. Art J. 58: 83-3 
Clifford, Hnfb. 

America's problem in the Philippines. Macmi). 
n, s. 3: 66-86(No6).- Liv. Age, 351: 515-35 
Clifford, Ian. 
The last of the great forty-niners; portr. Mun- 
sey. 34: 567-9(Fo6). 
Clift, Deniwn H. 

In the while city. Overland, n. s. 48: 353-61 
Climate, Changes of. (R. DeC, Ward) Pop. 

Sci. Mo. 69: 4^8-7o(No6). 
— The effects of cEvilization upon. (S. Leonard 
Baslin) Monthly R. 14, no. 3: 90-115(806).— 
Liv. Age, a5rr 7ii-6(aiDo6), 





Cliuates and crops, Relations between. (Cleve- 
land Abbe) Sd. Am. Supp. 61: 25382—4(12 

— Classification of. (Robert De C. Ward) Am. 

Geog. Soc. Bull. 38: 40i-i2(Jlo6), 465-77 

CUMATIC PEATTBES of the pleistocene ice age. 

(Albrecht Penck) Geog. J. 37: i82~7(Fo6). 
Climatolocy, Teaching of, in the U. S. (R, D. 

Ward) Science, n, s. 13: 832(26Myo6). 
CUncb, Bryan J. 
Irish names and their cbftDges. Am. Cath. Q. 

3': 8i-^(jK>e). 
Our Lady of Guadajupe. Ajn. Cath. Q. 31: 
„.. a40-57(Apw5). 
Clutch, G: 
English antiquities, genuine and spurious. 

Chamb. J. 83: 3is-7(Myo6). 
Cli\'e, Robebt. (C. F. Lavell) Chaul, 44: 153- 

CWCBS; wonder* of complicated horologicat 

mechanism. Sd, Am. Supp. 61: 25337-8(21 

Cloisonne GLASS. Am. Arch. 89: 202-3(1 6Jeo6). 
Clossd shop, Fallacy of the. (G: H. Ellis) Ann. 

Am. Acad. Pol, Sd. 27: si7-ao(Myo6). 
Clothes. Psychobgy of. (L: W. Flaccus) Peda- 

gog. Scm. 13: 6i-83(Mro6). 
Clothinc, iNDtTSTBY in New York, Pope on* 

(Edilh Abbott) J. Pol. Econ. 14: iS2-4(Apo6). 
Clouds, Clayden's Studies of. (Mabel Loomii 

Todd) Nation, 82: 328-9(i9Apo(5)— 5at. R. 

loi: 4s6-7(r4Apo6). 

— Health and. Science, n. s. 23; sii-*(3oMro6). 
Clouston, J. Storer. 

Count Bunker. Blackw. 179: 3a-St{Jtto6). 4P7- 
Si6(Apo6),677-g2(Myo6). 78o-94(Jeo6). 180: 
90-103 (JI06). 
ThtfarlmiahLordFjiMgas. Harper.iij: 747- 
Clitbland, Literary. VII. University club of 
Indianapolis. (Hewitt H. Rowland) Book- 
man. 22: 46,1-8{Jao6). 
Clute, EUubetb V. 

Minnesota State Library Association. Lib. T. 

31: 77g-8i(No6).— Pub. Lib. 11: 576-8(1)06). 

Chitton-Bnick, A. 

The poetry of W; Blake. [Acad.] Liv. Age, 251 : 


Cnossijs, Crrrfe, Palace at. (W: N. Bates) Am. 

Arch. 89: 87-9(ioMro6). 
Coal; anthradte-mine workers and their demands. 
(Peter Boberts) Internal. Q. 12: 2oe-36(Jao6). 

— Cost of. A ton of anthracite. (F. J. Watne) 

Outl. 82: 888-qi{2tApo6). 

— The drama of. (H: Wadworth) World's Work, 

I*: 7894-7901 (A(!p6). 

— In the anthradte region. Pictures. (Thornton 

Oakley) Cent. 50: 724-7(506). 

— Testingof. (H. S. Knowlton) Gassier, 29 : i8<j- 


— Welsh; an industrial romance. Chamb. J. Sy. 

Coal bamthe and the railroads, (A, D. Noyesl 

Nation, 83: 527(20006). 
CoAL-Fiei.Bs of Arkansas. Science, n. s. 7.\' 

COAL-MIHE EXn.OStONS; causes, prevention and 

methods of rescue. Sd. Am. Supp. 63: 26816- 


Coal uihbbb and openUors. (F. J. Wune) Outl. 

8a: 643-S<5(»4Mro6). 
COAL-iUNnra FIELDS, Mounted patrol for. (H: 

Jay Case) Harp. W. 50: 58»-9o(28Apo6). 
Coal-tab color industry. (H, Schweitier) Science, 

n. s. 14: 481-8(19006). ' 

Coal-tab industry, Jubilee of the. (J. C. Cain) 

Nature, 74: 3i8-9(2Ago6). 

— and its jubilee. (Cr BaskerviUe) R. of Rs. (N. 

Y.) 341 4.V-3(Oo6). 
Coal trade, British, Wages and profits in. (T: 
Good) Caasier, 39: 370-3(Mio6). 

— South Wales, (T. I. Jones) Econ. R. 16: 15-3) 

Coal tkost, labor trust and people. (Hartley 
Davis) Everybody's, 14: 435^44(Apo6), 640-9 
CoALDio WABSHiPS, Floating depot for. (Day A. 

WUley) Sci. Am. 94: 68(30jao6). 
■■— New apparatus for. Sd. Am. 95; 38t(i4Na6). 
Coals 0} fre. (K. W. Yei^) Canad. M. 37: 463- 

Coar, C:H. 
An improved ozone generator. Sd. Am. 9^: 
, 239(39506), 
Coast ekosion, (Clement Reed; E. R. Mathews) 

Geog. J. 38: 487-95(No6). 
Coates, Joseph Homor. 

The renaissance of the alchemist. No. Am. 183: 
83 >-97(Jlo6). 

Co-operation in the apple industry in Canada. 

Q, J. Econ. ai: i36-so(No6). 

Cobalt, The new silver dty. (Starr Bullock) 

Haip. W. 50: 8o6-8(9jeo6),— (G: L. Stryker) 

World To-day. 11: 832-8(ARa6). 

Cobalt ore deposits, (J. A. Macdonald) Engin. 

M. 31: 4o6-i6(Jeo6), 
Cobb, Collier. 

Work of the wind on the coast of North Carolina, 
Nal. Geog. M. 17: 3io-7{Jeo6). 
Cobb, J: H. 
Fish-ponds of Hawaii. Overland, n. s. 47: 197- 
Cobb, Lur« H. 

Wmni»'s'nin(h birlluiay anniixrsary. St. Nich. 
33: ,o.i-4(So6), 
COBDEM, R:. dviliaation, and cnnmercc. (W. E. 

A. Axon) Westm. 166; i6s-7i(So6). 
CoBBA, The, and the mongoose. (Lt.-Col. J: 

Macgregor) Chamb. J. 83; i93-6(Mro6). 
Cobum, Claire Martha. 

An old craft in the school-room. Outl, 83: 
Cobum, F: W. 

Designs in picture frames. Studio (Internil,) 

30: jtii-xvi(No6), 
Fake masterpieces. New Eng. M. n. s 34: 

The ;oo-mile dly. World To-day, 11: 1251-60 

PaulNeSBen. Brush & P. 17: 328-38(Jeo6), 
H:S. Pritchett, World To-day, 10: i97-9(Fo6). 
Madonnas in New England museums. New 

Eng, M, n. s. 35: 387-99(006). 
A night in an exchange. Harp. W. 50: 879- 

81, 95(23jeo6). 
Worcester's great opportumty. New Eng. M. 
n. s. 34; 3S-4»(Mro6). 

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CoaojM, Joseph PLtna, misrioaary phy^dan ia 
Pema. (B: Labaree) Miss. R. 19: OO-104 
focBEANE, Sir Alexandeb Ingus, a great 
British admiral. (N. B. Martin) Genl. M. 
n. %. J6: 85-ioiaao6). 
CockucU, T:D. A. 
The anatomy □{ dogma. Dial (Chic.) 41: 60-2 

The basis .of Christianity, Pfleiderer and Foster 

on. Dial (Ch.) 40: 3J3-4{i6Myo6). 
Bees of Australia. Nature, 73: 439-40<8Mro6). 
The doyen o( English naturalists. Dial (Ch.) 

40; ii-i3(ijw.6). 
Evolution of spedes through climatic conditions. 

Science, n. 3. 33 r 145-6(36 J«o6). 
Municipal activity in Great Britain. Am. J 

Sodol. 11: 8i7-39<Mya6). 
Spencer F. Baird. Pop. Sci. Mo. 68: 63-83 
CockmD, wnmatte P. 
Tried h fire. Arena, 36: i7ft-8i(Ago6). 
When Cochran quU. Arena, 35: J79-84(Mro6). 
CodXOACHES, Geolo^cal history of. (E. H. 

Sellards) Pop. Sci. Mo. 68: 344-5o(Mro6). 
Coco DB mx, The. (tncholu Pike) Sd. Am. 

Supp. 61: >5663-4(isSoin. 
Cob, Cape, Decay of. New Eng. M. n. i. 34; 

— Hunting on the sand-dunes of. (A. E. Man-) 

Outing, 49: 373-8i{Do6). 
Code Napoleon. The; how it was made and lis 
place in the world's jurisprudence. (U. M, 
Rose) Am. Law R. 40: 833-5 4(N-Do6). 
CoDrna, Catching of. {W: J. Henderson) C^n;. 

so: 485-96(Ago6). 
Cfldj, Gnce Ethdwyn. 
Stay Bardetn; her sptUing. St.Nich.33: 3*6-7 
Cody, H. A. 
Guardians of the North; Canadian mounted 
police. Canad. M. 36: 403-7(Mro6). 
CoEDtrCATiON. Limited segregation. (J. E. Arn-- 

strong) School R. 14: 716-38(006). 
~The question of, (G, S. Hall) Munsey, 34: 
S88-9t(Fo6),— (D, S. Jordan) Munsey, 3.1: 
Catbaan, J. H. 
Bi({gsdly, Butte county JCal. Out West. 14: 577- 


Coggini, Paachal H. 

Bthind the gray mask. Booklovcr's M. 7: 75(- 

The arnvtrtion 0) Jabet TrimbU. Harper, 112: 


L funds. Fortn. 
-,. ,.j ,ifNo61. 
Coho, GnttsT. 
Some unsettled questions of public credit 
Econ. J. 16: ii3-2i(Jeo6). 
Cohn, Harry L, 

Thtlaautugh. Cosmopol. 41: 56t-4(So6). 
Cora-cooNTiNO and wrapping machine, Electro 
mechanical. (A. F: Collins) Sci. Am. 9- 
Coins, Greek. (O- S. Tooks) Chaut, 43: aoj-' ( 

Coit, Stanton. 

Humanity and God. Intemat. J. Ethics, 16: 
CoiT, Stantom, Positivista and. (F: Hanison) 

Intemat. J. Ethics, 17: t3-s(Oo6). 
COKE-drawing machine, Electrically operated. 
(Frank C. Perkins) Sd. Am. Supp. 62: 35565- 
Coke-oven oas. (G. C. Atwater) Sd. Am. Supp. 

62: 35587(1 1 Ago6). 
CoUwck, Alfred. 

The Boxer's daughter. Chamb. J. 83; 81-3, 

105-7, I30-2, i36-9(Fo6). 
The Dystrlh diamond. Chamb. J. 83: 769-74, 
787-^, 8o3-s(Do6). 
Colbum, F. W. 
Edmund C Tarbell, painter. World To-day, i: 
ColbroQ, Grace InbeL 

Henrik Ibsen and the stage system. Critic, 49= 
Colbum, J: E. 
Studyof English literature. SchoolR.T4: 178-90 
Cdby, C. W. 

The French in Canada. Nation, 83: 57-9 

Lang^ and Cowan's J: Knox. Nattoo, Ss: 

38 7-8(5 Apo6). 
Lang's Portraits and jewels of Mary, Queen of 

Scots. Nation, 83: 4i8-9(i5No6). 
Mathleaon's Scotland and the Union. Natktn, 

83: »*S-«<»oSofi). 
Monod's Jules Michdet. Nation, 8»: S45-* 
Colby, Evehett, the man who "got mad." (J. 

L. Williams) Outl. 83: 407-1 3(34Fo6). 
— in politics. (L. SteSens) McCluie, 36: 4»o-33 

Cole, A. H. P. 

Enpectation of the convert. Cath. World, 83: 
Cole, F. n. 

American Mathematical Society, Sdence, n. s. 
24: 4jo-2(50o6). 
Cole, Timothy. 

Goya's Dofia Isabel Corbo de Porcel. Cent, 

50; aoo-3i8(Jeo6). Cor*' Cent, 50: 911,961-9 

Murillo's St. Anna teaching the Virgin. Cent. 

Sr: 133, is()(No61. 
St, Agnes, by Alonzo Cano. Cent. 49: 623 

A Spanish flower-girl, by Murillo. Cent. 50: 

The spinners, by Velasquez. Cent. 50: 771. 

Cole, W:M. 

The vital in teaching secondary English. School 

R. 14: 460-83(806). 
Colemui, A, P. 

Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, Canad. M. 

27: I40-4(jeo6). 




Coleman Gilbert PaysoD. 
King kdoman't appoU 

Tboreau and his 

iffeUle. St. Nicfa. 33; 1080-6 
Dial (Chic.) 40: 352-6 

A British 4-C7linder compound "Atlantic " loco- 
motive. Sci. Am. Supp. 61: 35437(9jeo6). 
Coler, Bird Sim. 
New York's transit merger. EeL M. 146: 
Caieriige, L4>ni. 
S^The story of a Devonshire house. Monthly R. 

3», no. i: i33-32CJao6). 
CoLEBUJOE, S: Taylor, Waahington Allaton'a 
portrait of. (A. N. Meyer) Critic, 48: 138-41 
CoIm, F: R. 
lAgbta of other days. Sd. Am. Supp. 61: 
Colestock, H:T: 
The religious beliefs of studeDts. Outl. 
COLiw Clodt, Speiuer's dating of. (Ttrcy W. 

Long) Nation. 83: 368-<i(iNo6). 
Collcntt. T. E. 
Peace-palace competitbn. Am. Arch. 00: i 
College, Adipission to; are the requirements 
great? (Wilson Farrand) Educa. R, 31: 1-17 

— American, Independence of. World's Work, 

ji: 79i7-t)(So6). 

— and community. Outl. 83: 926-8(2 5 Ago6). 

— Conditions of admission lo. (G: E. MacLean) 

Science, n. s. J3: 645-50(2 7 A po6). 

— and the drama. (Frank S. Araett) Appleton' 

M. 8: 37»-6(So6). 

— Small, The daogeraof. (Wr T. Foster) Nation, 

83; 367-8(iNo6). 
— --wUrge. (W: J. Tucker) School R. 

— and university, American. (W. O. Thompson) 

Educa. 26: 3is-23(Fo6). 

COLLEOE and university students, Geographical 
distribution of, in the U. S. (Rudolf Tom bo, jr.) 
Science, n. s. 24: 1 66-73 (ioAgo6). 

College ARCHtrEcruRE, Recent, II. Harvard- 
Yale. (Christian Brinton) Booklover's M. 7: 

College cooperative stores in America. (Ira 
Cro») Arena, 35: 379-83(Apo6). 

College coubse in the principles of education. 
(J: A. MacVannel) School R. 14: 69-i2a(Fo6). 

College education; a question. (J;Smith) Outl. 
83: 9oo-j(i8Ago6). 

— Desirability of, tor railroad work, (A. J. County) 

Ann. Am. Acad. Pol, Sd. 28: i24-g(JIo6). 

— Some present tendencies in, (C: K, Adams) 

Educa, R.3j: .32-56(505) 
College Entrance Examination Board, Future 
of. (ErI.. Thomdike) Educa. R. 31: 470-83 

— Sixth annual report, (T; S, Fiske) Educa, F. 

32: 275-314(006). 
dike) Science, n. a. 23: 839-45 (iJeo6), — 
(J. Y. Bergen) Sdence, n. '». 33: 981-3(19 

College pratbrhttibs. The. OutL 83: 68*^ 

— as an educational influence. (C. F. Birdseit^ 
Outl.83; 757-6i(a8Tlo6). 

— Distractions of. Indep. 60: 39i-4(isFo6). I 
College girl. The, in the country town. (G. 

Hodges) Ladies' H. J. 23, no. 7: i8(Jeo6). ■ 
College libraries and librarians. (W. N. r 

Carlton) Lib. J. 31: 7sr-7(No6). 
College libkary. Stimulation of general readi» 

in, (Isadore 0. Mudge) Lib. J. 31: 764-S 

College hen in business. (H. J. Hapgood) 

World To-day, 11: 827-3r(Ago6). — (H. J 

Hapgood) Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. Sd. iS: 58 

College methods and administration. 1. (G.E. 
Fellows) Educa. 27: 1-9(806). 

2, vtrtus high school methods. (R. J .Aley) 
Educa. 37; 65-72(006). 

3. The library. (J. H. Canfield) Educ*. 27: 

— 4. Laboratory. (C.R.Mann)Educa. 37: aoo-8 

College property. Taxation of. Harp. W. 50: 

College eettleuehts. Country. (Winthrm 

Packard) New Eng, M. n. s. 33: s6a-6<Jao6). 
CoiiLEGE SPORTS. Pftsdng of the profeurional. 

Ojtlng, 49: tD9-ii(Oo6). 
School and college outdoor world. (R. D. 

Paine) Outing, 47: ' 497-5090806), 789-92 

(Mro6). 48: io6-8(Apo6), 362-4(Jeo6). 618- 

College students as thinkers. (Chas. F. 

Thwing) No. Am. 183: 62-9(JIo6). 
College woman's code of honor. (Amy E. Tan- 

) Pedagog. Sem. 13: i04-i7(Mro6). 
College women, Marriage among. (C. Claik 

Seelye) Indep. 60; 624-5(1 5 Mroo). 
Colleges, American, Distribution of distinctioD 

in. (Joseph Jastrow) Educa. R. 31: 34-54 


— Religious life in. (G: Hodges) Outl. 83: 

— Wealth and democracy in. (A. T. Hadley) 
Harper, 113; 45o-j{Ago6), 

— A comprehensive view of. (Walter H. Page) 

Worid's Work. 12: 7;;89-94(Ilo6). 
Honor system in American. (W. LeC. Stereos) 
Pop. Sd. Mo. 68; i76-«s(Fo6). 

— Rowdyism in American. (J. P. Worden) Nation, 
■83: 303(ttOo6). 

Teaching literature in. (E. K. Graham) Book- 
man, 24: 68-7i(So6). 
Collegiate education, Current view of, formu- 
lated in propositions. (J. B, Davis) School R. 
14: 4>4a~6)- 
CoUes, G: Wetmore. 

Exploiting an invention. Cassier, 30: 17-3* 
(Myo6), io6-i2(Jeo6). 
CoUett, Anthony. 

The heart of Berkshire. Macmil, n. s. i: 111-9 
Collie, J. Hoiman. 
Stereo-isomerism. Ath, 'o4S, i: 5i9(i8Apo6). 




AusEr&Uau Uad scandals. Nation, 82: 404-6 

Old-age pcDsions in Austndasia. Nation, Ba: 

96-7(1 F06). 
StevEDs' Anthology of Australian poetry. Na. 

•ion, 83: 552-4(27006). 
K: J. Seddon. Nation, 83: ii6(c»Ago6). 
Collier, Junes. 
Reli^us reconstruction in France and Ger- 
many. HibbertJ. 5: 166-83(006). 
Collier, Robert, id baron Uankaneti. S*t Monks- 
well, Lord. 
Collin, Grue L. 
The dtr within the dty. OutL 84: >74-7(>9 

JmtUHa's flaymaU, Cent. 50: 914-^0(006). 
Breun's nen method of directing messages. 

Sd. Am.94: iio-i(3Fo6). 
Coin-counting and wrapping machine. Sci. 

Am. 95: 6(7jlo6). . 

DeForest syntonic system of wireless telegraphy, 

Sd. Am. Supp. 61 ; 25 i69-7i(ioFo6). 
Design and construction of a loo-milc wjitlcss 

telegraph set. Sci. Am. Supp, 62: 25713-3 

Electiidty; high-potential disdiarges. Sd. Am. 

94: 9*^3(»7J»°6). 
The darning arc light. Sci. Am. 95: 7i(*8Jlo6). 
How to construct an independnil interrupts 

Sci. Am. Supp. 6j: a587a-3(i5Do6). 
Machine for engraving steel plates. Sci. Am. 

94- 4". isii^iAyot,). 
Mercury arc rectifier for charging storage bat- 
teries. Sd. Am. 94: i4S-^(i7Fo6). 
New sensitive micro-electroscope. Sci. Am. 95 

Poulsen selective system of wireless telegraphy. 

Sd. Am. 95: 4so(isr>o6). 
Comas, lEn.C:T. 
A Itap-ytar farUk. Ladies' H. ]. 13, no. 13 

CoUina, Francis Arnold. 
On the brieve of an ocean liner. St. Nich. 3J 

Toy railroading. St. Nich 33: 36i-3(Jao6). 
ColUu, Jamea H. 
The American Grub Street. Atlan. 98: 634-43 

Uteraiy methods. Bookman, 23; 443-7(Jeo6). 
CoUiu, J : Churton. 
An apoloCT for Judge Jeffreys. Natiotial,48: 63- 

The Merslbam and Crick tunnel mystenes; a 

comparative study. National, 47 : 145-59 

CaUina, Jamea H. 
Notes for a history of book puffery. Bookman, 

24: 62-8(So6). 
CoUtiia, Joseph V. 
Fonn of solving problems in arithmetic. Educa. 

26: 345-8(Fo6). 
Uithematics and the doctrine of formal disciplioe. 

School R. 14: 6o4-8(Oo6). 
CfdUns, Percy. 
Eyc-Kiotttng in nature. Sd, Am. 95: 490-* 


CoiliiU,W. L. 

Princeton University; the preceptorial system 

and the library. Lib. J. 31: i63-5(Myo6). 
Collins, Wilkis, Recollections of. (\Vyhert 

Reeve) Chamb. J. 83: 458-6i(Jlo6). 
CoLUSiON, Should the proposed treaty on, be 

made the law of the United States? (F. 

Cunningham) Am. Law R. 40; 671-80 

Colloquies in a suburban .garden. National, 46: 

907-i9(Jao6). 47: 488-98(Myo6). 
Colomb, Sir J ; C. R. 

Whicti way lo an imperial navy? National, 47: 

CoLOUBiA, The new era in. (Francb F. Savioien) 

R. of Rs. (N, Y.) 33: 567-7i(Myo6). 

— Re-making of. (E: H. Mason) World To-day, 

' = : 33-7(Jfw6). 
Colonel AriUn's tntriisvm. (Freeman Harding) 

World's Work, 11: 7 289-95 (Mro6). 
Colonel's Arab, The. (C, De Crespigny) Outing, 

49: 306-8lNo6). 
Colimel's collection, Tlie. (A. E, McFarlane) Cent. 

50: i9S-2o8(Jco6). 
Colonial maritime defence. (C, C. P. Fitzgerald) 

National, 47: 336-45(Apo6). 
Colonial uaskets. Our position in, (J. H. 

Schooling) National, 47: 649-68(Jeo6), 
CoLOtdKS, Value of study of, for sociology. (Albert 

G. Keller) Am. J. SodoL 12: 4t7-ao(No6). 
Colonization. Is it a crime? (H. 'Jaylorj No. 

Am. 183: 737-44(19006). 
Color, Military value of. (Will Adams) Harp. 

W, so: it02(4Ago6). 
COLOR-PRWiiNfi by three-color process. (F. W. 

Morton) Brush& P. 17: Supp. 27-34(Fo6). 
COLOK PBiNTS, More. (R. Sturgis) Scrib. M. 39: 


— of S. Arlent Edwards. (R. Sturgis) Scrib. M. 

39: H5-8Uao6). 
CoLOEADO, Desen of. Science, n, 9. 33; 894(8 

^ Economic struggle in. (J. Warner Mills) Arena, 

35: i50-8(Fo6), 243-s2(Mro6). 467-76(My 

06). 3O: 37s-yo(Oo6). 

— LiBRAKY AssocLiTiON, Meeting, Dec. 1905. 

Lib. J. 31: 79-8o(Fo6).— Pub. Lib. 11: 82-1 

- Territory of^ (F: L. Paosson) Am, Hist. R. 12: 

53-63 (O06). 
Colorado I-uei. and Ikon Co , Minncqua works 

o[. (Lawrence Lewis) Sci. Am, 95: 214-6(22 

Colorado CLACiEit, A. (J. Henderson) Harper, 

112; 6o9-i4(Mro6). 
Colorado River. The American Nile. (G. G. 

Copp) Harper, 112: 7^6-92 (Apo6). 

— and Salton sea, Controlling the. Sci, Am. 95: 


— Delia of. (Daniel T. Macdougal) Am. Geog. 

Soc. Bull. 38: ii-6(Jao6), 

and its problems. (C. J. Blanchard) R. of 

Rs, (N. Y.) 33: 428-3i(Apo6). 

— Grand Callon ol, Making of the. (A. R. Crodt) 

Pop. Sci. Mo. 69: 4i7-24(No6), 

— The problem of the. (Sharlot M. Hall) Out 

West, 25: 306-32(006). 
Colored supplement. The humor of the. (R. 
Bergengren) Atlan. 98; 269-73(Ago6), 




CoLOBS, artists', Cbemisuy of, (J: M. Thomson) 
Sci. Am. Supp. 62: as5a6-7(i4jlo6), asS3S 


The Chinese press of to-day. No. Am. 183: 97- 

Cbristiaiuty and China. Fortn. S5: 1046-55 

Great Britain and South Africa. OutL 83: 

Pan-Islam. No. Am. 183: 9o6-i8(Jco6). 
Pan-mania. No. Am. 183: 853-6i(!.No6). 
ColtoD. Artbur. 
BaaU sbrttt and Si. Jamn't. OutL 84: aja-j 

(**S66). - 
In a sandy garden. Allan. 98: 342-8(806), 
Jerry and Judak. Harp. W. 50: 1609-13(10 

The kings of MaUta. Cosmopol. 40: 548-55 

Cohrin, 8tepli«a Sheldon. 

Imaginative elements in the written ncrk ol 

school children, Pedagog. Sem. 13; 84-93 


University of Illinoisi its history, present 
complishments and ideals, ^le " ~ 
'• 34- 43-57(Mro6). 

Eng. M. 

CoLiniBiA Pakk flovs' Club, Cat. (S. S. Peixoiio 

Out West, 34: 353-;7(Apo6), 
COLDUBIA RiVEK, When Ihe June rise is on 

(E. Hough) Outing, 49-' 373-88(006). 
COLDMBIA llNtVBRStTV, Athletic detd for. Hs'ii 

W. 50: 486(7Apo6). 
COLOUBIHE, Developing the. (R. Blight) Outing, 

48: i53-6o(Myo6). 
CoLUHBUS, C, jooth anniversary ot death ol. 

(A. T. Pierson) Miss, R. 19: 337-3o(Myo6). 
ColweU, J. V. V. 

Modern foundry management, Engin. M. 33 

Coman, Katluuine. 
The Ancoats brotherhood, Chaut. 44: 369-7ri 

COUEDIE Fbancaise. and what it has done for thi 

Frenchpeople. (J. Clatitit) Forln.8s: 1153 

Comedy. (Brander Matthews) Booklover's M. 7 


— The nature of. [Speaker] Liv. Age, 348: 378- 

Comet, J: Theodore. 

Allegheny county (Pa.) court-house. Studio 

(lotemat.) 38: iii-vii(Mro6), 
Comet, What is a? (W: H; Pickering) Ha-i <i 

CoiucTS, H>Uey*s and ^het. (E. Ledger) igili 

Cent. 65: 379-9s(So6) 

— Jupilei's family of. (W. W. Payne) Pop. Asl on. 

14: 33i-6(Xpo6), 
Comfort. Will Levington. 

The sheriff of conlenlion. Lippinc. 77: 314-3' 

When the girls came to Crow's Nest. IJ|)pini 

77: 56i-9(Myo6). 
Comic joornalisu, Aspects of. (F. J. Mather, jr.) 

Nation, 83: iS3-4(32Fo6). 
Coming age, The; Harvard baccalaureate, (L, 

Abbott) Outl. 83: 6o5-ii(i4jio6). 

Commander, Lyditt K. 

Ethics of OUT village- ladep. 60: 101-3(35 J ao6), 
'^OHMEKcx a> a Klencc Canad. M. 37: 560-4 

— foreign, of the U, S,, Growth of, 1896-19C6. 

Sci. Am. Supp. 61: 356o3-3(i8Ago6). 

— Our missionaries and our. (R. Weightman) 

No. Am. 183: 886-95(Jeo6). 
CoyuERUAL COUBSES in high schools. Educational 
value of, (C. A. Herrick) School R- 14: 
CoiuiERCiAL KELATIONS, American. (Maurice A. 

Oudin) EngiD. M. 311 i6i-73{Myo6). 
CoKMEBCiALiSATiON of literature," and the 
literary agent. Form. 86; 3SS-63(-^go6). 
Committee of Ten, Ten years' influence ol the 
report of. (E. G. Dexter) School R. 14: a54- 
JoautTrEES OF Council under the earlier Stuaris 
(E. 1. Carlyle) Eng. HUt. R. i: : 673-85(006) 
Common, T : 
Nietzsche's works in English Nation, Sa: 350 
Common sense. An age of. (E. Hubbard) Cos- 

raopol. 41: 558(806), 
Commons, J : R. 

Labor papers, 1837-37. Lib. J. 31: £71-3(506). 
Restrit'tions by trade unions. Outl. 84; 470-(i 

Types of American labor unions. Musicians ti 
St. Louis and New York. Q. J. Econ. 20, 
419-4 3(MyQ6). 
CoMMtnjiTY as founder. (H. W. Blunt) Ecod. R. 

16: 257-72(Jlo6). 
Company law amendments needed m England. 
Sal, R. los: 38-40(141106). 
Comparative UTEHAitjBS" and "philology." 

Compayr^, Gabriel. 

Reform of elementary normal schools in France. 

Eduea. R. 33; 357-7o(No6). 
Compensation. (P. E. Browne) Munsey, 36: 374- 

Competition. Markets and nursery. (U. Sinclair) 

No. Am. 183; 59i-6o3(Apo6). 
Paradoxes of. (W. Z. Ripley) Q. J. Econ. 

20: 3ii-3o(Fo6). 
Composers, Eminent foreign, as guests of America. 

(l^awreace GiUnan) R. of Ra. (N. Y.) 34: 

698-701 (D06). 
Composition, The act of, (W. L. Cross) Allan. 97; 

704-1 o( My d6). 

L definite aim b. (Genevieve Apgar) School 

R. 14: 34-4i(Jao6). 
— Experiment in teaching ist-year. (Marnry 

Gordon) School R. 14: 67i-5(No6>. 
Compromise, Christianity and. Spec. 96: 373-4 

Compulsory Christmas, A. (Mary A. Fanton) 

Craftsman, 11: 3ii-8(Do6). 
"Comrade!" (Maxim Gorky) Craftsman, 11: 288- 

Com stock, Anna Botsford. 

The Naiurt- Club of .America. Clry Life Am. 

10: 439-4c(Akp6), 538(806). 
COMSTOCK, Anthosv. and the Art S'.udenlfi' Leagi e, 

N. V. Brush& P. 18: 167-73(006). 




Comitock, Sarali. 

FaddisU 0} th* road. Lippinc 78: 116-970106). 
"Cim appattionata." OoKph Bletben) Lippinc. 

78: 76-870106). 
Conut, C:Artboi. 
ladustrial sectiribes as investments. Atlan. 97: 

Selling American securities abroad. No. Am. i8j: 
508-1 8[3iSo6). 
Coiunt, Lucy Scaiboraugh. 

Tide-iiveii. Atlan. 97: 565-7o{Apo6). 
Cmtteniing hue trout. (Ward Muir) Chamb. J, 

83: 38i-40«MS)- 
CONCOKD, Mais., Women of. (F. B. Sanborn) 

Critic. 4«: is4-6o(Fo6), 338-50(Apo6). 
and the anti-slavery movement. (F. B. San- 
born) Critic, 48; 409-i3(Myo6). 

— Nole-boolt in. (F. B. Sanborn) Critic, 48: 154- 

6o(Fo6),asi-7(Mro6). 49: 273-8US06). 
CoNCSETE. (T: Potter) Am. Arch. 89: 208-10 

— Action of sea-water upon. (J. Watt Sande- 

man) ScL Am. Supp. fii: 15486-7 (30 Jeo6). 

— Armored. (H:J. Jones) Sci. Am. Supp. 61; 

aSios-6(t3jao6), 35118-9(20)406), tS'i6-j{ii 
Jao6), 3sis3-4(3Fo6), asi68-9(ioFo6). 

— Dawn ol ine age o(. (E. S. Hanson) World 

To-day, 11; ii62-9(No6). 

— The minng of. (Ernest McCuUough) Sci. Am 

Supp- 6t: i33i6-8(i4Apo6). 

— Proportioning. (S. E. Thompson) Atn. Arcl. 

90: 59-61 ( 25 Ago6). Sci. Am. Supp. 62 

— reinforced. Advantages and limitations of. 

Sd. Am. 94: 383, 87(i2Myo6). 
at the London Congress. Am. Arch. 90; 

43-7(1 lAgoU). 
Building code for. Am. Arch. 89: 193-4 

Fire resistance of. (J; Sheppard) .Am. Arch, 

90: 37-8{4Ago6). 
in Germany. (O. Kohlmorgcn) Am. Arch. 

90; i8S-9o(isDo6). 
The inventor of. Am. Arch. 00: 14-5(14 

Literalure of. Am. Arch. 89: 159-60 

on the Pacific coast. (H. A. Craft) Sd. Am. 

94: i68(24Fo6). 
Progress and logical design of. (Ross J. 

Tucker) Sci. Am. Supp. 63: 25764-5(17006.) 
Steel tor. (A, L. Johnson) Sci. Am. Supp. 

61T »sa2a-3(3Mro6). 
Typical systems o£ construction with. Sci. 

Am. 94; 334-6(i2Myo6). 
COHOETB-BLOCE business. Causes of failure in. 

(O. U. Miracle) Sci. Am, Supp. 61; 95282-3 

CoHCBCTE-BLOCK machines, Sd. Am, 94: 390-1 

Concrete biiilding-bloclcs. (S. B.Newberry) Sci 

Am. Supp. 61: a5ia6-S(ao]ao6), 25138-40 


— and walls, Waterproofing of. Sci. .\m, 95: 


— in architecture. Am. Arch. 89; 39-40(3Fo6). 

— Sdection of Portland cemenl for. (R: K. 

Supp. 61: i5aog(a4Fo6). 

'., Gibson) Sci. Am. 

Concrete buildings, Centering for. (E. P. 

Goodrich) Am. Arch. 90: i7i-a(iDo6). 
Concrete column tests. (J: E. Howard) Am. 

Arch. 90: ii-4(i4jlo6). 
Conckete consthuction, Possibilities of. (Wm. 

T.Price) Am. Arch. 89: ii9-3o(7Apo6). 
Concrete mixing machinery. Sd. Am. 94: 388- 

9(i3Myo6).— (W: L. Lartin) Sci. Am. Supp. 

61: a54i3-5(26Myo6). 
Concrete piles, Manufacture and use of. (M; 

Longcope)Sci.Am.Supp. 61; 3S375(iiMyc6). 
Concrete retaining wall, Giant, at Niagara (alls. 

(Orrin E. Dunlap) Sd. Am. 94: 395-6(12 

Concrete railroad bridge at Danville, Illinois. 

Sci. Am. Supp. 6a: 2S58j{iiAgo6). 
Condensation of steam, Air in relation to. (James 

A. Smith) Sd. Am, Supp. 6a : 25825-7(24^06). . 

Condensation nuclei, Barus on. (C: T. R. 

Uilson) Nature, 74: 6i9-al(lSOc6). 
Condenser tubes, Preservation of, from con- 
taminated water. (VV. W. Churchill) Sdence, 

n. a. 94: 405-9(a8So6). 
Conder, C. R. 

The Zionists. Blackw. 180: 7So-S(Do6). 
CONDEB, C:, as decorator. An J. 58; 4a-4(Fo6). 
Conducting, musical, The art of. (H. E. GorsI) 

Sat, R. loa: 640-i(24No6). 
Cone, J : A. 

VnckJolham'iiprte. Munsey, 36: 68-71(006). 
Coney Island, (Robert W. Ncal) World To-day, 

It: 8i8-a6(Ago6J. 

— Renaissance of, (C. B. Davis) Outing, 48: 

Confessions of a drone. (Joseph M. Patterson) 

Indep. 61: 493-S(3°Ago6). 
Conjeisiom of a New York dtitaivt. 7-8 [end], 

("An ex^aptain of police") Cosmopof. ao: 

Confessions of an obscure teacher. Atlan. 98: 368- 

Confiagralion in Ghargaroo, The. (A, Bierce) 

Cosmopol.40: 457^(Fo6). 
ConHmtu*, Th*. (J. Hopper) McClure, 17: 596- 

Covjounding a) EtHtna LouUr. The. (H. C. N, 

Wilson) New Eng. M. n. s. 34: 477-48o(Jco6). 
Congo Conference, 1884-85, Reminiscences of the, 

(.Sir A. VI. L. Hemming) Chamb, J. 83: 401-4 

CoNGO Free State, Catholic missions in the. (J. 

deC.MacDonncll)Dub. R, 139: 362-8a(Oo6). 

— Exposures as to. [Speaker] Liv. Age, 149: 

125-6(14 Apo6), 

— The gnat iniquity in the. (Harold Spender) 

CoDtemp. 90; 43-S5(Jlo6).— Liv. Age a5o: 

— King Leopold and at the bar of Belgian opinion. 

(Scrutator) National, 48: 325-42(006). 

— King Leopold's trusteeship in. Sat. R. loj; 

— 'Moketo, Gurth and Bill Brown. (E: Jenks) 
Indep. R, 8: a7o-92(Mro6). 

— Problem of, (E, D. M'.el) Indep. R. 8: 


— Question of. Quar, 304: 45-6i(Iao6). 

— Sniy of. (Robert E, Park) Everybody's, 15: 






Congo Fsee State, The tme 

Wahia) National, 48: 4is-a6(No6). 

— The truth about. OuU. 8a: i5s-8(a7jao6). 
COMCO Museum, The. (F: Stair) World To-day, 

10; 487-^3CMyo6). 
CoNGKESS and public opinion. Outl. 83: 501-3 

— A defence of. (J. Osluson) Nation, 83: 130-1 

— The election of members of. (C. R. Fiah) 

Nation, 81: 73(»5Jao6). 

— English view of. (.Sydney Brooks) Harp. W. 

so; 9so-2(7jlo6). 

— The muck-rake. (R. Ogden) Nation, 83: 4 


— 39th. (W. G. Brown) Allan. 97: 465-88 


— sgth, (S. W. McCflll) Allan. 98: 577-86 

" — 60th; will it be Republican? Harp. W. 50: 


Nation, 8a: 503-4(3 iJeo6). 
i;onley, E. M. 
Antl-foreigD upristng in Mexico. World To- 
day, ir: >o59-6i(Oo6). 

A new isthmian railroad. World's Work, ij. 

Mexico on a gold basis. Appleton's M. 8: 152- 

Our Mexican investment. Booklover's M. y. 

Mexico's next president. Booklover's M. 7: 180- 
Conn, Herbert W. 
The individual and the race. Indep. 60: 3S5- 
6(15 F06). 
CoKNECTICUT, Land system ot. (N. P. Mead) 

Pol. Sci. Q. 31: 59-76(Mro6). 
"Connecticut", baiile-atup, Big guns of. (Waliei 

^i.. Keasley) Harp. W. 50: 5yst3SApoO). 
Connell, F. NorryB. 

The hero of romance. Putna:n, i: 399-309(006). 
Connolly, C. P. 

The story 0/ Montana. McClure. 97: 346-0 
{Ago6),45'-65(So6),6»9-39(Oo6). iS: 1, 
47(No6), 198-310CD06). 
ConnoUf, Junes B. 
Tht blasphemer. Scrib. M. 39: 7oi-4(Jio6) 
Tht drawn shulUrt. Scrib.M.40: 460-7(006) 
Back to hU lights. Harpv, iii: 953-7iAlyi.>u,. 
Tht magnetic hearth. Harper, 114: 9g-io(, 

The navy in review. Scrib.M.40: 659-67(006!. 
Spirit ot the Olympian games. Outing, 4H: 101- 
Connolly, Louise.. 

The art of using a library. Lib. J. 31: 338-1 
Conquered, The. (E. Moorhead) Harper, iii: 

COHQDEBBD, Absorbing the. (O. J. ViUard) 

NaUon, 83: 4o8-9(isNo6). 
Conrad, Joseph. 

An anarchist. Harper, 113: 4o6-i6(Ago6V 
The informer. Harper, 114: 131-42(006). 
Initiation; a discourse concerning Ihe names o[ 
ships and the character of (he sea. Blackw. 
170: i-i4(Tao6). — Booklover's M. 7: 28-33 

CoNftAD, Joseph. (J. A. Macy) Atlan. 98: 697- 

CoNRiED, H: , and the repertory theatre. (John 

Corbin)Booklover'sM. 7; 358-66(Mro6). 
Conscience. (C: F. Dole) Iniemat. J. Ethics, 16: 


— The balance-sheet of. (P. L. Allen) Nation, 

81: iii-3(8Fo6). 

— Witness of, to the existence of God. (D. Barry) 

Am, Oath. Q. 31: 33i-4i(Apo6). 
Conscript, Tht; a story of flie siege of Port Arthur. 

(C: Lorrimer) Overland, n. s. 47: 33S-34 

Conservative faktv. The organizers of disaster. 

National, 47: 93S-4i(Ago6). 

— Organization needed. Sat. R. 101: 195-6(17 
. F06). 

Constable, J:, with portrait, life, bibliography. 

.Mast, in Art, 7: t7i-2io(Myo6). 
Constant, Benjamin, Mine, de Staiil'* letters to. 

Critic 48: 357-64(Apo6), 444-5o(Myo6). 
Constantine, crmm prince oj Greece. 

The Olympic games. Indep. 60: 434-s(3aFo6). 
C0NSTANTINOPI.E, Harem life in. Blackw. 180: 


— A,eii,inisi.ente. Blackw. 180: 485-501(006).- 

Liv. Age, 351 ; 473-85(a4No6). 
Constitution-making and the initiative. {F. Fo»- 

croft) Allan. 97: 793-6(Jeo6). 
CONSTiTtTTiONS, Written, Elasticity of. (H. Taylor) 

No. Am. 183: 304-l4(Fo6). 
Consular KEFORM. Outl. 83; ir-3(6Jao6). — (C. 

Arthur Williams) World To-day, 10: (393-7 


— Remoteness of. (H. Bolce) Booklover's M. 

7: 845-5j(Jco6). 
Co.vsuLAB BEPOBTs, Editing. (W. S. Ncvins) 

Nation, 83: 282-3(4006). 
JjN:iOLAtt SEKVicE, The American. (H. G. 

Dwight) Bojkman, 33: 363-8o(Myo6), 

— a.ia congress. (J. Sloat Fassett) R. of Rs. (N. 

V.) 33- SS5-6o(Myo*)' 

- Bettering our. (Nicholas Longworlh) Indep. 

6(: i9-23(5jlo6). 
- Jefferson and the. (B. E. Powell) Pol. Sci. Q. 
21: 626-38(006). 

- Our disgraceful. (O. G. Villatd) Nation 82: 

— Reorganization of. (Francis B. Loomis) No, 

Am. 183: 356-73lMro6). 
Consuls and the Senate. Nation, 83: 3 79 -So 

Co.ssuuPTiON, The campaign against. (Eugene 

Wood) Everybody's, 14: 79a-7(Jeo6). 
Consumptives, Boycott of. (W. K. McCiure) ' 

Indep. R. 11: i83-9i(No6).= Liv. Age, 251; 


TEMPT OF COURT, the Anglo-Saion crime. (T: 

Speed Mosby) Arena, 36; 373-5(006). 
Convalescence. Sat. R. 103; io7(28Jlo6). 

vent's nirrow room, The. (Katharine Tynan) 

Monthly R. 14, no. 2: ii2-2o(Ago6). 
Conversation, The vanished salon; or. The lost 

art of. (M. Belham -Edwards) Chamb. J. 83: 

rerK, Florence. 

Moorland music. Atlan. 97: 6ii-2o(Myo6), 
Converw, J ; H. 
Highereducation for business and manufacturing. 

Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. Sd. 38: iis-i3(Jlo6). 





Convtrtion of Jabtt TrimbU, The. (P. H. Coggins) 

Harper, ua: 6ts-33(Mro6). 
Convocation and the Letters o£ business. (H. 

R. E. ChUdere) iglh Cent. 6d: 84I-so(No6). 
— ITie government and. (P. Herbert) igih CenI 

63: 8si-6o<No6). 
CoDway, C. Hovard. 
The artist of the camera. Mansey, 35: 695-703 
Coawi^, Sir Hutin. 
Hie individual vs. the crowd, iglh Cent. 59; 
859-65 (Myo6). 
Cony High School assembly, The. (Arthur H. 

Nason) School R. 14: 5os-ii{So6). 
Cook, Arthur. 
The Caledonia mine; a sociological experiment. 
Outl.83: 73-7("Myo6)- 
Cook, C : B. 
How field trials influence the breeding ol setters 
and painters. Outing, 47: 5i6(Jao6). 
Cook, Frank Gaylord. 
Lawyers and the trusts. No. Am. 183: 110-15 
Cook, GTau HacGowan. 
Planlalian storks. SI. Nich. 33: 3S8-9CF07). 

Thtsi •■ 

Cook, J 

Cook, 0. F. 
Habits of the Icelep. Science, n. s. ay. 187-0 

Nature of evolution. Science, □. 9. 34: 303-7 

Spedes fonnation. Science, n. s. 23: 506-7(30 

Cook, nieodore Andrea. 
English and American rowing, Fortn. 86: 114- 

A servant of the crown. Monthly R, a», no, 3: 
Cook, Wtldo L. 
Ten years of war, and the Hague treaty. Internat. 
J. Ethics, i6: i58-7o(Jao6). 
Cook, W: Victor. 
Captain Kimfscommissiott. Chamb.J.83: 625- 

Tkt salvage of the "Peanut." Applcton's M, 
8: 335-63(So6). 
CooKsrovES, Fireless. Sci.Am 95: 2o8(iaSo6). 
Cooke, Grace HacGowan. 
Bamrd of broim heart. Lippinc. 76: 49S-505 

A call. Harper. 113: 360-81 (Ago6). 
Uaehinaliims of Ocoee Caiiantine. Cent. 49: 

PiatUalimi stories. St. Nich. 33: 6i6-9(MyoiS), 

7)»-4(JeoS), ii»s-4(Oo6). 
The west ■mad and the bear. St. Nich. 33: 556- 
Cooke, Jay. and the Bnanring of the Civil War. 
(F. P. Oberholtrcr) Cent, 5J: ii6-32(No6], 
i82-3oo{Do6). « 

Cookery, Teaching of. (K. Herbert) 19th Cent. 

59; 81 i-a4(Myei6). 
Co<dey, EUen J. 

Vp top. New Eng. M. n. s. 34: 749-5S(Ago6). 
Coolidge, Dane. 
Trts patmas. Harp. W. 50: s92-4(i8Apo6). 

CooUdge, W. A. B. 

Charlemagne's Passage of the Alps in 773. Eng. 

Hist. R. 917 493-SosCJI»6). 
In British East Africa. Nation, 82: 444-6(31 

The ruins of Angkor. Nation, 8a: 136-8(15 

Siam to-day. Nation, 82: 2i9-2i(i5Mn>6). 
CoouNS, In the heart of the. ' Blackw. 179: 754- 

Coon hunt. (F. J. Blanchard) Canad. M. 27: 

Cooper, Arthur Bevile. 

A tramp's lesson-book. Chamb. J. 83: 470-3 

The wayside in Sweden. Monthly R. 25, no. ai 
9i-i05(No6). — Liv. Age, 251: Sot'9(29Do6). 
Cooper, C : H. 

Abraham Lincoln as a writer. Dial (Chic.) 41 : 
Cooper, Colin C, with portrait. (W. E. Howe) 

■ Brush&P. 18: 72-8(Ago6). 
CoopM, Fnuik B. 
Is instruction in library methods needed in 
normal schools and universities? Lib. J. 
31: is7HSo(Myo6). 
Cocker, F: Tabef. 
Tlie creatioa of types and some recent novels. 

Bookman, 24: 115-20(006). 
Cross-sections of life. Bookman, 23; 1S7-91 

The focus of interest and some recent novels. 

Bookman, 23: s37-4j(Jlo6). 
The happy ending and some recent novels. 

Bookman, 23: 63ft-44(Ago6). 
The "just-so" story and some recent fiction. 

Boolunan, 92: 49i-s{]ao6). 
The literary carpenter. Bookman, 14: 50-3 

The longevity of fiction. Bookman, ay 413-7 

The note of untruth, and some recent books. 

Bookman, 24: 244-9(No6). 
The sustained interest and some recent i>ooks. 

Bookman, 23: 37-3i(Mro6). 
The taint of melodrama, and some recent books. 
Bookman, 32; 630-5(F'o6). 
Cooper, J. A. 

Breaking of the paper combine in Canada. 
Canad. M. 36: 338-4o(Jro6). 
Cooper, Jaues Fehiuobe. (W: C. Brownell) 

Scrib. M. 39: 455-68(Apo6). 
Cooper, Jeannette. 

Identifying Anne. McClure, 36; 594-6oo(Apo6). 
A retrtbuttve trip. McClure, 26: s6i-4(Mro6). 
Cooper, La^. 

"Comparative literature" and " philology." 

Nation, 82: 3ii(i9Apo6). 
Lucas's Life of C: Lamb. Nation, 83; 304-c 
Co-operation in the apple industry in Canada. 
(R. H. Coals) Q.J. Econ. 11: 136t5o{No6). 

— in Ireland, Growth of. (D. A. McCabe) 

Q. J. Econ. 20: S47-74<Ago6). 

— Neglected opportunities of. (H: W. Wolff) 

Econ. R. 16: i90-2o6(Apo6). 
Co-opesative village for working people. (M. 
T. Priestman) Craftsman, 10: 494-5o6(Jlo6). 




Cope, H: F. 

IrngatioD raakmg gardens out of lava dust. 
World To-day, to; 6ji-8(Jeo6). 
COFELAND, Ralph, (Hector Maq>tieT30D, jr.) 

Fortr. Pop. Astron. 14: i-3(Jao6). 
COFERHiccs, The earliest predecessors of. (C: 
R, Eastman) Pop. Sci. Mo. 681 3i3-27{Apo6). 
Coplnger, Lucy. 
Attornaturef Lippbc. 77: 7jt-5(Jco6). 
A ehterful giver. Lippinc. 77: 57a-4(Myo6). 
Miss Lucy and the simple tije. Lippinc. 78: 

A woman scorntd, Lippinc. 77: 4s8-6i(Apo6). 
When class "A" gave thanks. Lippinc. 78: 
Copley, Frank Barklej. 

Give the baby a chance. Ouling, 48: 279-83 
Qom, O- Gordon. 
The American Nile.* Harper, ii»:786-9a(Apo6). 
A disease which threatens chestnut trees. Sci. 

Am. 95: 45i('S'^o&)' 
New results in heredity. Sci. Am. Supp. 62: 
CoppCie, Pranfois. 

Three roses; a poem. Critic, 48: 436(Myo6). 
CoPPEH, The siory of. (Charles F. Speare) R. ot 

Rs. (N. Y.) 34- s6i-74(No6). 
— The world's output of, for 15 years. (J: B. C. 

Kershaw) Gassier, 30; 459-66(506). 
Copper-ship, The. (J, O. Curwood) Munsey, 35; 

leaching English, Pedagog. 

Sem. 13: 461-73(006). 
COPVKIGBT. The legal aspect of the book it 
(Alfred Fellows) Monthly R. 25, no. y. 5. 
Copyright bill, new, 1906, Hearing orf. I 
J. 31: 3'<^3aio6)- 

a discussion by the A. L. A. Eiec. Board. 

Pub. Lib. It: io9-ii(Mro6), 
CoPYKiOHT BOOKS, Pfoposed prohibition of 

portation of. Lib. J. 31: 6o-7o(Fo6). 
CoquUlet, D. W. 

Breabing-up of the old genus Culex. Science, 
n. s. 33: 3ia-4(a3Fo6). 
Corbet, W. J. 

Founding an Irish univer^ty. Westm. 166: 

Progress of itisanity in our own time. Westm. 
165: a69-83{Mro6). 
Corbin, J : 

The jorbidden gutsts. Cent. 51: 3ii-7(Do6). 
Repertory theatres and Herr Conried. Book- 
lover's M. 7: 3s8-66(Mto6). 
Shakespeare and the plastic stage. Allan. 07: 
CorbiD, Marie Overton. 

A Gentile child among the Mormons. Outl. 
84; 3!.4-7(60o6). 
Cordier, Constant. 

Military awakening of China. Overland, n. s. 
47: 37i-sCMro6). 
Cordova, Rudolph de. 
The catalogues of the Library of the British 
Museum. [Macm.] Liv. Age, 248: 221-9(27 
The Virginius incident and Cuba, rgth Cent. 
60: 976-8s(Do6). 

CoREIu, Mame, Note upon. Wcslm. 166: 68c^ 

Corinth, E»cavations in, in 1905. (O. M. Wash- 
burn) Am. J. Archseol. n. s. 10: i7(Jao6). 

— Terra-cottas from. (D. M. Robinson) Am. J. 

Arcbxol. n. s. 10: i59(Apo6). 
Corlette, Hubert C. 

Architecture and painting. Art J. 58; 201-7 

(JI06). _ 

J; Dibble Crace as artistic architect. Art J, 

S8; 2oi-7(Jlo6). 
Corn, What is an ear of? (T. G. Monlgomcry) 

Pop. Sd. Mo. 68: ss-6»(Jao6)- 
Corn gospel train, A. (E. P. Lyle, Jr.) World's 

Work, 13: 75is-ao{Myo6). 
Corn lore, A sheaf of. Genl. M, n. s. 77: 607- 


CoRNEiLLE, PlERBE. (Francis Gribble) Bookman, 

33: 44i-i(Jeo6).— (H. C. Macdowall) Macmil. 

n. s. 1: 637~4o(Jeo6). 
^ a domestic enigma. (M. A. Cerothwohl) Forin. 

86; 3oi-i4(iAgo6). 
Comer in fiancii, (G. G. Lincoln) Munsey, 33: 

"Cobnpield" law. The perils of, (RoUoOgden) 

Nation, 83; a74(sApo6). 
Cornish, C; J: Ath. '06, 1; i73-4(ioFo6). — Spec. 

96: 3S»-3(i7F<^>. 
Coifdab, Walter. 

The defol-gianli. Canad. M. 37; 3lo-4(Jlo6). 
Cornish, N. H., Gardens o(. (Frances Duncan) 

Cent. 50: i-r9(Myo6). 
Cornwall, Circles in. (Norman Lockyer). 

Nature, 73: 366-8(i5Fo6). 

— Duchy of, and estates. (W. M. J, Williams) 

Chamb. J. 83; 269-73(Apo6). 
CoROT, Jean B. C, Reminiscences of. (0. 

Chardin) Putnam, I ; 371-83(006). 
COROT PiCTUHES in Alenander Young's collection. 

(E, G. Halton) Stodio (Inlemat.) 30: 3-11 . 

Corpe, A. W, 

Hamlet the Dane. Calh. World, 83: 652-63 

Macbeth. Cath. World, 84: 84-98(006). 
Richard the III. Calh. World, 83; 778-91(506). 
Corporate wealth, President Roosevelt and. 

(AithurW.Dunn)R.ofR9.(N. Y.)34: 687-8 

"Corporation lawyehs." (F. J.' Mather, jr.) 

.Jation, 83: 276-7(4006). 
Cobpobaiions and the Supreme Court. Gull. 82: 

636-7 (34Mro6). 

— How the laws are defied by. (T: W. Lawson) 

Everybody's, 14: 828-32(Jeo6). 
Corpse-candle, The. Gent. M. n. s. 77: 314-; 

. (S06). 
Corpulence. Dieting vs. exercise to reduce flesh. 

(G. E. Flint) Outing, 48; 408-1 i(Jlo(i). 
Corral, Rauoh, vice-president of Mexico, widi 

portrait. (E. M. Conley) Booklover's M. 

7: i8o-3(Fo6). 
Correspondence school. The, and technical 

education. «(J. J. Clark) Science, n. s. 14; 

Corrosion, Rclaiive, of wioughl iron and sieel. 

(H. M- Howe) Sci. Am. Supp. 63: 35575-6 

Corrupt practices. Rural. (Rollo Ogden) 

Nation, 82: 3(5-6Ci9Apo6). 




CoftBi/priON in America. (H. G. WcIU) Harp. 

W. 50: ii6i-s(,8Ago6). 
CorrupiioHist, The. (W. A. Frascr) Appleton's M 

8: 337-44CAgo6). 
Cone, Henry J. 
Inadcquale seacoasl defence of New York City. 
Harp. W. so: 1462-5(13006). 
Corsica. (A. Balfour) Blackw. i8o:]656-67(No6). 

= Liv. Age, 351: 663-71(15006). 
Corteljou, G : B. 
The niral-deliveiy service. Indep. 61: 303-7 
Cofted, Satratoie. 
From Portsmouth to Algeciras. Indcp. 60: 

Risiori; the last Italian tragedian. Indep. 61: 

Side-lights on Sergius Witle. Indep. 60: 10B9- 

Vesuvius in eruption. Indep. 60: 1009-14(3 


Cortissoz, Royal. 
A: Saint-Gaudens. Outl. 84: 199108(99806). 
Famous Qnezzatints. Munsey, 34: s3J-43(Fo6). 
In foreign streets. Scrib.M.40: 193-701 (Ago6). 
J:LaPargc. OuU. 84: 479-88(27006). 
The present state of European painting. Atlan. 

98: 684-93(No6). 
Significant art books. Atfan. 97: a69-83(Fo6). 
The tercentenary of Rembrandt. Munsej, 35: 
Cory, J. Cawbell, cartoonist. (B: O. Flower) 

Arena, 35: 48-saa«>6). 
CoRV, W: JoBNSON. (Herbert Paul) Indep. R. 8; 

Cos¥AT. T: , the primitive "tripper." (H. V. 

Abbott) Atlan. 07: 694-o(Myo6). 
CoAy, Dudley S. A. ^^^\ ' 
The conservative disaster and what it signifies. 

Westm. 163: a35-9(Mro6). 
The education bill. Westm. 165; 6oa-4(Teo6). 
COSSAAR, J. C. W. (Lady C. Campbell) Art J. (8: 

Owt-STOBEs system of the Robb-Mumford Co. 
(H. S. Knowlton) Engia. M. 3s: 4s-7»{Oo6), 
Cottar, W. J. 
Chico, Butte County. Cal. Out West, 24; 560- 
CotteUo, F. H. 
Improvised means ot naval warfare. Dial (Ch.) 

40: 387-8(iMyo6). 
Late discussions of the war of 181J. Dial (Ch.) 
40: i43(»Mr«S). 
CosTEBs, at work and at play. (M. Doney) 

Outing, 48: i76-B6(Myo6). 
Cotes, Een«lm Digby. 
Back to the land. Macmil. n. s, i : 359-66(Mro6). 

-Liv. Age, 249: 179-82(1 1 Apod). 
The educational fiasco. Forln. 85: 871-82 
Cosulich, Anna. 
W&aid's tatliet, for the tisi 0} the navy. Cent, 
so: 963-5(006). 
CoTTAiiE, The cheap. Quar. 1050; 468-0(006). 
CoTlACES, ouling, Rkttch plans fur. (Hlillinan and 
Freedlander) Cent. 50: 6i8-J4(.'\go6). 

Cotton, 5>>H: 

New spirit in India. No. Am. 183: 990-4(16 

Cotton, Is our monopoly in, secure? (Clarence 
H. Poe and C: W. Burkett) World's Work, is: 

CorroN-OSOWERS, The. (Arthur W. Page) 

World's Work, 11: 7 049-39(1 ao6). 
Cotton industky in England, Beginning of. 

(W: H, Price) Q. J. Econ. ao: 6o8-i3(Ago6). 
CotTON-PiCKLNO madiine, A. (W; Dale) Sd. Am. 

94: 37i-i(sMyo6). 
Conaert, Amalia KUuner. 

Human side of the Czar. Cent. 50: 845-55 

Coulter, Arthur D. 
The American manufacturer in Chitia. World 

To-day, lo: 379-8s{Apo6). 
Coulter, J. Lm. 

Marriage and divorce in North Dakota^ Am. J. 

Socio! la: 398-^i6(No6). 
Coulter, J: H. 

EngUsh men of fame. Chaut. 45: 66-74(Do6). 
CouItoD, 0. 0. 

A liberal's plea for compulsory service. 19th 

Cent. 60: 7tg-37(No6). 
Religious education before the Reformation. 

Contemp. 90; 505-15(006). 
The triith about the monasteries. Contemp. 

89: s38-38(Apo6J. 
— a rejoinder. Contemp. 90: io7-ia(Ilo6). 
CotiNCTL, the king's. Antiquities of. (J. F. Bald- 
win) Eng. Hist. R. si: i-so(Jao6). 
Counsel far the prisoner. (J. K. Leys) Munsey, 35: 

Counsels, The. (A. de Trueba; translated by 

Andrew Marshall) ■ Chamb. J. 83s: i9-a3 

Count Bunker. (J. S. Clouslon) Blackw. 179: 31- 

Si(Jao6),222-43(Fo6),369-9i(Mro6), 497-516 

(Apo6), 6;6-92(Myo6), 7So-94(Jeo6). 180: 

Country, An undertow to the. (Florence F. 

Kelly) Craftsman, 11 : 294-310(006). 
Country, The. Back to the land. (H. Rider 

Haggard) World To-day, 11; i36i-8(Do6). 

— The coming exodus to the, [Arthur S. Phelps) 

Arena, 35: 39o-i(Apo6). 

— The decrease in rural population. (W: S. 

Rossiter) R. ot Rs. 34: 74-8o(Jlo6). 

— Must we apologize for the? (E. R. Powell) 

Indep. 60: 445-7(i3Fo6). 

— Sanitary needs m. (K. D. Cotes) Macmil. n. s. 

'- 3S9-66(MTo6),= Liv. Age, 349: 179-84(11 

— Townor. (Godfrey Blount) Craftsman, 9: B19- 

Country of Elusion, Tht. (O.Henry) Everybody's 

15: 46S-7'(Oo6). . 

Country church and its social problem. (O: 

K: WelU)Outl. 83: 893-5(1 8Ago6). 
Country club in England, Possibilities of the. 

(Horace G. Hutchinson) Spec. 96; 575-6 

CoiTNTRV CLUBS, ^ome Canadian. Canad. M. s8: 

Country HOUE of a city architect. (H: Atterbury 

Smith) Craftsman, 10: 58i-4(Ago6). 
Country boues. Making. (E. E. Rexford) 

Outing, 47: 645-8(Fo6), 798-8oo(Mro6). 48: 

{N06), 409-io(Do6). 




— Plumbing lor. (E. ,C. Holtioper) Ctry Life 

Am. lo: 6&>^(Oa6}. 

— Uobumablc (C: de Kay) Ctry Lile Am. lo: 

CouNTltY LIFE, Urban and. (F, T. Carlton) 

Pop. Sci. Mo. 68: ass-6o<Mro6). 
Cotint^nuD, Oratic. 

Public library as a social center. Pub. Lib, ii: 
CotJNTRYMAN, The real. (Lond. Outlook] Liv. 

Age, 351; i84-7(joOo6). 
Coun^, A. J. 

Desirability of college education for railroad 
work. Ann, Am. Acad. Pol, Sci, 38; H4-9 
County couitT, Future al the, (E: A, Parry) Fortn. 

86: a87-3oolAgo6), 
County FAMILIES. Quar. 205: 53-60(006), 
Coupe, C : 

Are the other planets inhabiled? Am. Caih, 

Q, 31: 699-720(006). . 
The good faith of unfaitbP Am. Cath. Q. 31: 

Courage af Shorly, The. (E. G. Bemis) Munsey, 

35: i74-8(Jeo6). 
Courier from the North, A. (E. Russell) Outing, 


— iMTjui the mob. (A. E, Maxey) Am, Law R. 

40: 864-8(N-Do6). 

Courthope, W : J : 
Ariosto. [Nat. R.] Liv, Age, 348: 91-104(13 

CouHMERES COUNTRY, In the. (L. Jerrold) Con- 
temp, 89; 633-7(Myo6). — Eel. M. 14?; '0-3 

COOTTBSY, Alt of. (H. T. Peck) Munsey, 35: 

Courts in Engjand. Some legal scandals. (Prac- 
tising barrister) National, 47: 87-99(Mro6). 

— l.Bughter in. (F, Payler) Marmil. n. s. 1 : 2QI- 

CouKTYABiiS of New Orleans. (C, Macleod) 

Craftsman, 10: 3oo-7{Jeo6), 
Coury; a village of healing, (F. C. Whitehouse) 

Charab. J.83: 398-40o(Jeo6). 
CoHtiH-hinl, A. (E. V. Blake) SI. Nich. 34: 149- 

CovENtitY, Changes in. Chamb. J, 83; 763-4 

Corey, Arthur Sinclair, 

Ludwig Hcrterich, German painter. Studio 

(Internal.) aS: 4i-8CMro6). 
Coward of the eleven. The. (R. D. Paine) St. 

Nich- 33:398-404(Mro6). 
Cowan, John L, 

Apotheosis of the ass. Overland, n, s. 48: S3-90 


Cowan, John L. 

Dry farming— the hope of the West. Cent. 50: 

Knignis and barons of our Western empire. 

Overland, n. .■!. 48: 351-6(006). 
The lord of the feast. Overland, n. 3. 48: 363-6 
Cowboy and Ike mermaid. The. (Gay B. Wuerpel) 

Lippinc.77: 45t>-7(Apo6). 
CoweU,P. H. 

Ancient eclipses. Nature, 74: ii-3(3Myo6). = Sci. 

Am. Supp. 61: 15466-7(1 6 Jco6). 
Position of Agalbocles during the eclipse of B. C. 
310, Nature, 75: io-ii(tNo6). 
Cowdrick. Sheffield. 
Kansas land-fraud investigation. World To-day, 
10: 30o-4{Fo6), 
CowgiU. T. w. 

Teaching literature. Nation,83: 326-7(18006). 
Cowie, I: 

Loti in Arctic night. Outing, 47: 4i9-a3(Jao6). 
Cowler, Paul. 

San Francisco's earthquake and fire. Out West, 
24; 477-97(J>o6), 
Cowley, Abraham, and the metaphysical poets. 

Spec.96: 95-6(20jao6). 
COWFEB, W: [Lond. Times] Liv. Age, 248: 

— and Lady Austen. Gent, M. n. s, 77: 345-58. 

— Bailey's and Milford's editions. Ath, '06, 1: 


— Satire and poetry at Olney. (Sidney T. Irwin) 

Indep. R, 8: 193-305 (Mro6). 
Coz, Florence Tfnaley, 

LUy-Ann. McClure, j8: ji8-i6(Do6). 
Co«, J. C. 

churches of the Hundred of CaihunplOD. Ath, 

■06, a: 308-9(15806), 373-4(29So6). 
A day's cross-hunting in the Peak of Derbyshire. 
Ath. '06, 1: 379~8o(8So6) 
Cox, Kenyon. 

National Academy of Design; winter exhibition. 
Nation, 83: 564-8(27Do6). 
Cox, Kenyon. (Homer St. Gaudens) Critic, 48: 

Coz, Uabel Harlan. 

Propagation of laughter. Cosmopol, 41 : 22^-3 
CoxoN, J :, pirate. Gent, M, d, s. 77: i-io(Jlo6). 
Crabbe, G: (H: W. Boynton) Bookman, 23: 40- 

Crabbing on the N. E. coast of England. Spec. 

96: 9i-2(2oJao6). 
Crabs and their habits, (Margaret W. Leigblon) 

St. Nich. 33; 9ii-4(Ago6). 
Ceace, J: Dibble, as anistit architect. (H. C. 

Corlclte)Art J. 58: *0l-7(Jlo6). 
Crackantfaorpe, Montague. 

Population and progress. Fortn. 86: 1001-16 
Cradle, Story of the. (Pauline C. BouvQ New 

Eng. M. n. s. 33: 7oo-J3(Fo6). 
Crafts, H. a. 

Reinforced concrete on the Pacific coast. Sci. 

Am. 94: i63(24Fo6), 
A setc)nd wooden San f'rancisco. Am. Arch. 
90: S3^i8Ago6). 
I Craftswoman, a, in agriculture. (Elisa H. 
I Badger) Craftsman, 10: 63o-7(Ago6). 



Cnick, W. Arnot. 
Linking of Montreal and Canada. Canad. M. 
a8: 40-4(No6). 

Crjig, Gjrdon. 

Mr. Fnjhman and his theaire ot the future. Sat. 

R. Toi: s48-9(3No6). 

CuiotE, Uri, Peaxl. (CoiDeUu* CUSord) Cath. 

World, 84: 73-S3C&»6).— Ath. '06, «: i8j 

{i8Ago6).— Genl. M. n. s. 77; 326-7. 

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Craicer, J. iiiDNEY, an Iowa cartoonist. Arena, 

35: a90-4(Mro6). 
CrunbUtt, F. A. 
Anuteur experience in orchid culture. Over- 
land, n. s. 47: i!i-3i{Mto6). 
Cramer, W : R. 
Eiperieaces in the Interparliamentary Union. 
Indep. 61: sc*-i3{3='Ago6). 
ClANBEMUES. Three hundred dollars an acre 
from. (F. Overton) Ctry Lite Am. 11: 71-3 
Citne, ttrgut. 
The Cape Cod canal. Kci. M, 146: 277-81 

The North and the negro. Kcl. M. 147: 530-3 

The Rembrandt legend of old Amsterdam. Ed. 

M. 146: i77-9{l-'°6)- 
Roosevell, Root and Rio. Eel: M. 147: i-o 
■K cure tor municipal bribery. Arena, 36: 2B0- 

Craoe, Joahua. 

Strategy of tennis. Outing, 48: ii5-9(Apo6). 
Crane, L«o. 
A little comiiy at Gordann's. Appleton's M. 
8: 786-94(Do6). 
CilAKE, loo-ton elertric derrick at Greenock, Eng. 

Sd. Am. 94: sisCijJi^l- 
Cranes, Loco-iiotivc. (Perey R. Allen) Gassier, 

,W 4'7-l>(So6). 
Cranston, Har; R. 
The girl behind the counlcr. World To-day, 
. lo- i7o-4(Mro6). 
The 9er\'anl problem. Craftsman, 10: 335-9 

A social clearing-housi^. Harper, 113: 141-7 

Soaal pro<(ress in Sweden. Craftsman, 10: 569- 

Social work in British factories. Craftsman, 
9: 793-801 (Mro6). 
CrapMf , AlgemoD P. 
'nicoloKical as[>ecl of mv trial. Indep. 61; 
154. -3(27 I>o6). 
Crapsev, Rev. Algernon S., Trial for heresy 
(H. Lamont) Nation, 83: 35s-6(99Mro6).— 
Gull. 83: iii-s(i9Myo6). 
Crwer, HarriMD W. 
Supply and use of te.hnological books. Lib. 
J. 31: 7»-.<;<Ago6). 
Crawford, CaroUne. 
Franklin and the French insurgents. Book- 
lover's M. 7; iai-ji(Fo6). | 

Crawford, Francis Utuloa. 

Fair Margarel. Munsev, 34 ; 50i-i4(Jao6), 6tS- 
»S{Fo6). ' I 

Ckawford, F. Marion, Novels of. E^. R. 304: 

6i-8o{Jlo6).-LiT, Age, 250: 45i-6s(3sAgo6). 
Crawford, Haiy C. 
The etchinea of Rembrandt, Bookman, »y. 

Harvard's botanic gardens. Sd. Am. Supp. 61: 

An important Franklin discovery. Outl. Sa: 

■ 1J-.,(20J.O«). 

The lipiers and their autographs. St. Nich. 
33: 8o4-l3(Jlo6). 
Crawford, Robert. 

Municipal ownership in Glasgow. Ann. Am. 
Acad. Pol. Sci. 37: i-rgQaoS). 

Crawford, Russell Tracy. 

A convenient method for computing, from ele- 
ments, the daily motion in geocentric right 
ascension and declination. Pop, Astron. 14: 

Crawford, Virdnia H. 
A saint in fiction. Forin. 85; 66o-7(Apo6).-* 
Liv. Age, 349: 386-91 (sMyo6). 

CRAYnsa indiasUT". (K- A. Andrews) Science, n. a. 
33: 983-6(3qJeo6). 

Creative spirit in literature, The. Outl. 84: 
694-6, 7i9-39{34No6). 

Credit, InHuence of, on prices. (W. 0. L. 
Taylor) Vale R., .5: 1 13-33 (Ago6). 

— public, Some unsettled questions of. (G. Cohn) 

Econ. J. 16: iii-3i(Jeo6). 
Credit currency. (A. B, Hepburn) No. Am. 

183: .171-8(7006), 
Cremation of a Buddhist monk. (C. R. Callender) 

Indep. 60; 498-50l(iMro6). 
Crete, Recent discoveries in. (C. H. H.) Chaut. 

43: 32o-33(Myo6). 
Cribs in the study of \W classics. Spec. 97: lo-i 

Crichton-Browne, Sir Jamas. 

See Browne, Sir James Crichlon-, 
Crick tunmel mvstery, (J: C. Collins) National, 

47- i45-59(Mro6). 

Cricket, Dynamics of bowling. Natttre, 75; 

— The farce of. {¥.. H. !>. Scwell) Chamb. J. 83: 


— First-class. (H. Gordon) National, 48: 658-64 


— Futura ot. (P. Trewr) Fortn 86: s*«-35{So6). 

—Spec. 97: 3S3-3<8So6). 

— Sharping at. (" Varsity") Monthlv R. 24, no, 1; 


— The traditions of. Spec. 96: 783-4(i9Myo6). 

— university, The importance of. (H. Gordon) 

National, 47: 8r3-8(Jlo6), 
Chiue and detection. Spec. 96: i74-s(3Fo6). 

nd the slate, (G. J. F, Grant) Wesim, 165: 

Crimes. The minor. (A. E. Lancl FoHn. 83: 1143- 

CitniiNAL ArPEAL, Abuscs of. (R. Ogden) Nation, 

82: 395-6(i3Apo6). 
Proposed court o(, {F: Paylcr) Macmil. n. s 

i: 5i3-2o(Myo6), 
Crimiaai cab. The. Overland, n. s. 47: 306-9 

Crimtnai. cases in Scotland. Verdict " not proven." 

(Lord Moncrieff) Blackw. 179: 763-77(Jeo6). 
CBtiaNAi:.-i.AW reform, (G. W. Alger) Atlan. 07: 

502-8(Apo6). ■ ' 



Chiuinal trials and public opinion. Outt. 83; 

CRIMINALS; How they are taught. (E: J: Prior) 

Chamb. J. 83: 35i3-5(Myo6). 
Crimson rambUr, The. (Helen Haines) Scrib. M. 

39: 72-8o(Jao6). 
Crimson sweater. The. (R, H- Barbour) Si, Nich. 

33: J04-ti(jao6), ai)li-303(Fo6), 4l9-26(Mr 

o6),507-i4(Apo6), 597-604(11706), 690-7(16 

06), 78i-8(Jlo6), 886-I)4(Abo6), 979-86(506), 

1069-77(006). 34:.4- = >(No6). 

Cripples childileh. Craftsmanship for. Crafts- 

CrisMj, ForrMtt 

Re-naming the Indians. World To-day, 10: 

"Cimc." The. Putnam, 1: 8j-4(Oo6). 
Critic, The. and the law. (R. W. Child) Allan. 

97: 620-g(Myo6). 
Critictsm and dogma. (C. k, Briggs) No. Am. 

1B2: 86i-74(;eo6). 

— The disease ol second-hand. Spec. 57: 530-1 


— literary, Esthetic and psychological, Ed, R. 204: 


— Paralyas of, (H. Black) Outl. 8a: 606-8 

Crocker, Francis B. 

ITie Deiker primary battery. Sci. Am, Supp. 
63: 35736-7('30o'^)- 
Ckoftkrs, past and present. Blackw. 180: 264- 

Crofton, F. Blake. 
Nova Scotia and imperialism. Canad. M. 27: 
Croly, Herbert D. 

The Harraonie Club-house. Archil. Rec. 19: 

New Harvard Club-house, N. Y. city. Archil. 

Rec. 19: i9S-8(Mro6). 
The promised cily of San Francisco. Archil. 

Rec. 19: 4Z5-36(Jeo6). 
Proper use of terra cotta. Archil. Rec. 19: 73- 

Some houses bv Myron Hunt and Elmer Gtey 
Archil. Rec. 20: 281-95(006). 
Croker, E:F. 

Fire hazard of New York City. Haip. W. 50: 
Crome, J: Grove scene, Marlingford: jminling. 

An J. 58: i8-q(Jao6). 
Crommeliii, A. C. D. 
The new planet TG. Pop. Aslron. 14: 472-5 

Some of the astronomical work of 1905, Pop, 
Aslron, 14: ii-i7(Jao61, 
Cronan, J: F. 

Ci03k, A. R. 

The making of Ihe Grand Canon of the Colorado, 

Pop. Sci. Mo. 69: 4i7-24(No6). 
Misrepresenlations of nature in magazines. 

Science, n, s. 23: 748-9("Myo6)- 
Crook, W: H. 

Lincoln as I knew him. Harper, 114; 107-14 

Crooke, R: E, 
The scream in literature, ■» [20th Cent. Q,] Liv. 

Age'sS'- 795-7C*9l>o6). 

Crooked buildings. Glamor of. Am. Arch. 89: 

Ckop-estiuaibs in the making. (P. L. AUen) 

Nation, 82: 483-4(t4jeo6). 

Caops, Exploring tor new American. (T. F: 

MarcoBSon) World's Work, 12: 7951-8(506). 

Crops, Influence of, upon business in America. 

(A. P, Andrews) Q. J. Econ. 20; 323-s2(Myo6). 

CroBbjr, Ernest. 

Biilisb Egypt. ■ Arena, 35 : 58a-7(Jeo6). 36:41- 

s(;lo6), i62-8(Ago6). 
The House of Dollars [U. S. Senate]. Cosinopol, 

40: no p. (Mro6), 
Let us take charge of our own property. Cos- 

mopol. 40; no p. (Jao6). 
The man with the hose, Cosmopol. 41; 341 

The money power and our next great president. 

Cosmopol. 40: no p. (F06). 
The one unselfish day; Christmas, CosmopioL 

4*: U3(Do6). 
Our senatorial grand-dukes. Cosmopol. 41: 

Precedent for disarmament; a suggesiion to (he 
Peace conference, No. Am. 183: 776-9(19 
Wall Street and the Houseof Dollars, Cosmopd. 
40: no. p. (Apo6). 
Crosby, Herbert. 
An architect of residences in Sao Francisco. 
Archil. Rec. 20: 47hSj(JIo6). 
CrosB, H. H. 

How the antelope protects its young. Cent. 49: 
Cross, Ira. , 

College cooperative stores in America. Arena, 

35; 379-83(ApD6). 
Direct primaries, .\rena, 35: 587-92(Jeo6). 
Cross, J, W. 

Malaise of the money market. I9lh Cent, lio: 
234-44' ,'^go6), 
Crois and the dragon. The. (Ednah Aiken) Cos- 
mopol, 41: 613-20(006). 
Cross-section paper as a mathematical instru- 
ment, (E. H. Moore) School R. 14: 317-38 
Cross-sections of life, and some recent book^ 
(F: Taber Cooper) Bookman, ay. 187-91 
Cross, Wilbur Lucius. 
The act of composition. Allan. 97: 704-10 
Crothers, S: HcChord. 

Christmas and the lilerafure of disillu^on. 

Alan. 98: 7Ji-s(Do6). 
Theisnominyof beinggrown-up. Allan. 98: 44- 
Croton reseb\'oii», The new. Sci. Am. 95: 133-4 ■ 

Crowds, Character in. Sat, R, loi: 652-3(26 

Croweii, J:P. 

American Assoc, tor Advancement of Science, 
Social and economic section. ' Science, n. a. 23: 
6oi-i9(aoApo6). 24: 515-29(26006), 
Crowley, Maty C. 

The shadow portrait. Calh. World, 83: 769-77 


Crows, Character in. Sal. R. ror: 6»4--3(36My 




CittWlhar, S:, jr. 
The charm at the house-boat. Munaey, 35: 

Cmiit of Ike CadU, The. (R. S. Spears) Munsey, 

34-- S93-8(Fo6)- 
Cnmdea, F : H. 

The public library and civic improvemnl. 

Cbaul. 43: 33S-44(Jeo6). 
CtT«n, R. W. W. 
ThesMtian rambles. Westra. 1S5: 443-51 

Ckvstalune bocks in southwestern New England. 

(W: H. Hobbs) Science, n. s. 34: 655-8(131^06). 
CRYSTALLOCBAPav. Teaching of. (A. F. Rogers) 

Science, n. s. 14: 62o-i(i6No6). 
CiYSTALS, Soft, showing apparent lite. (Alfred 

GradeDwitz) Sci. Am. 95: 3S7(i4No6). 
Cuba, Agricultural. (F, S. Karle) IVorld To-day, 

m: ii7S-84(No6), 

— and Porto Rico, Causes of unrest in. (Albert 

G. Robinson) Indep. 60: 6i3-s(isMro6). 

— The armed struggle for control m. (W: Inglis) 

Harp. W. so: i344-7("So6). 

— Colbp;e uf (jovcrnment of. (VV: Injlis) Ha-p. 

W. 50: 1488-01(30006). 

— The t ommeicial annexation of. (Atherton 

BrowneU)AppIeton'sM.8: 406-11CO06) 

— Condition and outlook of. (F: V. Adams) 

World's Work, 13: 8337-43(No6). 

— Disappointed rebels in wail about Havana, (\V: 

Inglis) Harp. W. 50: 14^4-6(11006). 

— free labor in, Transition from slave to. (H. H, 

S. Almcs) Yale R. 15: 68-84(Myo6). 

— Future in. (W. Inglis) No. Am. 183: 1037-40 


— Hi",h comedy of slialefty and warfare in. (W: 

IdbHs) Harp. W. so: 1416-8(6006). 

— iuurrection in, Causes of. (T. WiUiama) OutI 

84: rii-4(isSo6).— (F- G. Puente) No. Am. 

i&V. 538-40(3 1 S06I. 
the government's side. (M. CanilloAIdama) 

Indep. 61: 663(10306). 
-how the "warlike" Cubans gave up their 

arms. (W. Inglis) Harp. W. 50: 1564-6(3 

The Inst act, (W ; Inglis) Harp. W. 50: 1534- 

The revolutionist's side. (C: M. Agulrre) 

Indep. fit: 664(10806). 

— tibrt, or annexation. (W, R. Stewart) Eel. M. 

147: 393-7<Oo6). 

— Our intervention in. Harp W. 50: 1450 


— Fearl of the Antilles. Nal. Geog. M. 17: 535- 


— ReliRious conditions in. (Warren A. Candler) 

Indep, 61 :37-8(sjlo6), 

— Renublic of. on tnai. {Atherton Brownell) R 

ofRs. (N.-Y.)34: 414-30(006). 

— Rescuing it from Europe. (Francis W. 

Shepardsonl World To-day, 11: ii97-g(No6). 

from the Cubans, (J : G. Rockwood) World 

To-day, 11: H90-i3O3(No6). 

— Revolution and intervention in. Chaut. 44: 


— Shall we meddle with ? (Rupert Hughes) Harp, 

W. so: i377-8(8So6). 

— Transportation i)i. (Edgar W. Dennison) 

World To-day, it: 1071-6(006). 

Cuba under American intervention. Saving a 

people from themselves. (H. J. Howland) 
OutI. 84: 45,5-64(37006). 
— With the rebel leader in the hill*. (W. IngUs) 

Harp. W. 50: i38o-3{a<)So6). 
Cubitt, Horace. 

Comparison of English and American building 
- lavfs. Am, Arch. 89: i6r-3(i3Myo6), 178- 
CuBBNAvACA, Mexico. (Clara Driscoll) Book- 
lover's M. 7; 376-9(Mro6). 
CtitbertOD, C:A. 

General Sam Houston and aecesaion. Serib. 
M. 39: 584-9(Myo6). 
Cule, W. E. 

Dr. Worlhinglon's nightmare. Chamb. J. 83; 

supp. i-i8(Do6). 
The Duke. fays. [Chomb. J.] Liv. Age, 348: 
13-18, 105-9, i44-9> 9iS-a». a74-8^6Ja-3F 
CULZBEA CUT, Mining methods for. (H. M. . 

Chance) Engin. M. 31: 56s-73(Jlo6). 
CuLKX; Breaking-up of the old genus. (D, W. 
Coquillet) Science, n. s. 33: 3i3-4(33Fo6). 
Cullom, Sbelby M. 

Meaning (^ Monnooism. Indep. 60: 079-81 
CtiLTUKX among the poor. (M. Loane) [Con- 
temp.] Liv. Age, 150: 788-96(19806). 
Culver, F.C.Houseand garden of. (Archil. Rec. 

Jo: 3is-4o(Oo6). 
Culverwell, E : P. 
Japinese education and character. [National] 
Ecl.M. 146: 64-ji(Jao6). . 
Cumniinga, J: 

Legalilv of a bovcoll in Germany. J. Pol. Econ. 
H: 5'?3-;(No'6), 
CvuMI.MS, Gov. Albert B. (Lewis W, Smith) 
Arena. 36: i8-4i(]lo6),-(|ohnson Brighaml 
R, of Rs, .14; aqi-;(So6)— fH. G. Moorhead) 
World ToJay, 11: 1089-91(006). 
Cundall, H. 

Old panelled rooms. Art J. 58: io-7(Jao6), 
Cuneo, Cjnis. 

Whisller'sacademyof painting. Cent, 51: 19-18 
Cutiniff, H. G. 

Labor in politica. World's Work, la: 8110-; 


Last ot the territories. World's Work, ti; 

The masier of the diamond mines. World's 

Work, 13; 83>i-s(No6). 
The new state of Oklahoma. World's Work, 

is: 76o3-i9(Jeo6). 
The 101 ranch. World's Work, 11: 7310-28 

Texas and the Tesans, World's Work, 1 1 : 7367 

Cunningbim, F. 

Should tie pro[K)scd treaty on collision be made 

the law ot the United States? Am. Law R. 

40: 67i-8o(S-Oo6), 
Cunningtuun, W : 

Impressionsof South Africa, National, 47: 218- 

CuiuiiD|[hame-6rabam, Robert BontiDe. 
On the spur. [Sat. R,] Liv. Age, itS: 560-5 

(3Mre6). ... o ■, i i 

d by Google 

Cup 01 JUDGMENT, A; A play in one arl. (C. 

Graves) Naiional, 47: supp. T-a8(Mro6}. 
Cup and Sacceb, Stoiy of the. (Pauline C. 

Bouvi) New Eng. M, n. 3. 33: 567-7s(Jao6). 
Cufid. (Robert A, Wason) Everybody's, ij: 

Cure af Joe's bee-siing, Tlir. (H. M. Graves) 

St. Nich, 33: 73i-6(}eo6). 
Come, Piehrb. Alh. '06, ir 5i9-io{*8Apo6). — 

Nature, 73: 6;i-i3{»6Apo6). 
CuRHAN, C. CouHTNEV. (H. Si. Gauderis) Crilic, 

48: 39(1=06) ■ 
Cuiran, J. J. 

Reminiscences of Sir John Thompson. Canad. 

M. ,6: 2i8-J3{J«o6)- ■ 
CtiBRENCY, Ovir unclasCic (G. von L, Meyer) 

Allan. g8: i36-3i(Jlo6). 
— Refonn of, in the U. S. [Economist] Liv. Age, 

Curse, The, in the bUsiing. (G: H. Westley) 

New Eng. M. n. s. 34: 74S-8(Ako6). . 
Curie of if una. The, (A. Sassenach) Chamb. J. 

8j: 753-6(No6). 
Curtia, A. H. 

Three gardens and a garret. Monthly R. 13, 
no. 3: iio-22(Jco6). 
CurtiB, B : S. 

Wa^ington, D. C, a representative city. Indcp. 
61: 4i8-4i(i3Ago6). 
Curtis, G. S. 

Vaniahing Indian types; the tribes of the 

southwest. Scrib. M. 35; 5i3-a9(Myo6). 
— the tribes of the northwest plains. Scrib. 
M.jg: 6s7-7'afo6)- 
Curtis, Helsn C. B. 

The romance a) thin TiUy Weslover. Arena, 35: 
Curtis, Kat^i^. 
COngieaa of Americanists. Nattoo, 83: 158(37 
Curlis, Wordon A. 

The reforming of Aidin. Bootlovcr's M. 7: 
Curves in pattern work, ,Sci. Ani.Supp.6i: 15096 

Curwood, J. Oliver. 

The topper-ship . Munsev, 35; 6o5-io(Ago6). 

The hike bree'i. Munsey, 36: t74-83(No6). 

CuimoN, Lord, oi KeJleston. (R. H. Tilherington) 

Munsey, 34: 449-530306)— Sal. R. loa: io6- 

j( iSAgoG). 

— ■ Indo-Afghan relations under. (A. Hamilton) 

Fortn. 86: 984-1000(006). 
— in India. (Anglo-Indian) Monthly R. 73. no. 3: 

73-89(M-o6). = Fcl. M. 146: 395-94(Myo6). 
Cushman, Francis W. 

Northwest gateway of our commerce. Outing, 
47: S3'-4(Fo6)- 
Custom-house, New York. (C: DeKay) Cent. 

*0' 731-43(Mro61. 
Cuthbeit, Father. 

St. Francis ot Assisi and modern society. Cath. 
World, 83: 299-3. 4(Jeo6). 
Cutler, Hortha. 

Artistic homes at small expense. Harp. Baz. 40: 

Girls' rooms. Harp. Bai. 40: 935-40(006). 
^fea's rooms- Harp. Baz. 40: too(i-to(Mo6>. 

Cutler, Martha. 

Periods of household decoration. 4. Harp. Bat 

40: 369-73(Apo6). 
The up-to-date nursery. Harp. Baz. 40: 443-6 
Cutler, U. W. 
Tendencies in public school ■ adminislraliiMi. 
Pedagog. Scm. 13: i85-^i(Jeo6). 
Cutter, W. P. * 

The proposed restriction on the importatiiw ot 
books tor libraries. Pub. Lib. 11; »o6-7 
Cutting, Maiy Stewart. 
Ok the ridge. McClure, s8: :77-87(Do6). 
A symphony in coal. McClure, a6: 567-78 
Cutting, Starr WilUrd. 

Re-valuation of Schiller, Von KUhnemann on. 
Dial (Ch.) 40: 4i-5(i6Jao6). 
Cyclones and anticyclones. Science, n. s. 23: 

CVCLOJJK TBEOHv. (R. D. Ward) Scicntc, n. s. 

24: 743-4(7l'o6). 
Cygnus, pseud. 

Motor-cars in the present and future. Fortn. 
86; 448-60(806).- Liv. Age, 251: 149-5(1 
CVMA RECTA and cyma rcversa. (A. Marquand) 

Am. J. Archsol. n. s. lo; 38i(Jlo6). 
CvNEWULF. Christ. Spec. 96; 449-5 0(24 Mro6). 

D., A. D. 

Heredity. Nature, 73: aa3-4(4jao6). , 
Dabney. (Gertrude Roscoe) Cosmopol. 42: »IS- 


Dabo. Leon, and Dabo, Theoikire Scott, arlisis, 

(Amelia von Endi;) Brush &F. 17: 3-i4{Jao6|. 

Oofl days,Tkt. (Ne il Munrol Blickw 180:17-33 

(JI06), i8r-96(Ago6>. 36i-8o($o6). 503-19 

(O06), 639-55(No6,'i, 797-809(1)06). 

Daggett, Mary Stewart 

The lion and the lamb Oull-83: 76i-s{28Jlo6). 
Dablgr«D, Uric. 

Electric organ in an American fish. Science, 
n. s. 23: 469-70(23Mro6). 
Dairvinc opportunity in Maryland. (W. Miller); 43"-s(Aga6). 
Date, Alan. 

Can adramatic crilic be quite honest 7 Cosmopol. 

41; 397-404(Aro6). 
The l<wical death of Sara Bernhardt. Cos- 
mopol. 40: S56-62(Mro6). 
Our pampered actors. CosroopoL 41: 65-7* 

Recipes for making "stars". Cosmopol. 42: 

A sinister theatrical situation. Cosmopol. 41: 

Six effulgent stars, with portraits. Cosmopoi- 

40: 429-34(Fo6). 
^Vho is our wsrst actor? Cosmopol. 40; 683- 

Why ivortien are greater actors than men. Cos- 
mopol. 41: 517-24(806). 
Dale, Botuiycastle. 

Camera study of the M.iskinonge. Canad. M. 

27: 39'-7(^<'6). 
In the haunts of the rail. Canad. M. JO: 



The search for the loon. Canad. M. a6: 438- 
. 4»(Mro6). 
Tteot Valley, Ontario, aliooting and fishing 
grounds. Canftd. M. 37: i-S(M<ro6). 
Dale, Mrs. Hylton. 
The Frenchwomen of the salons. 19th C^nl. 
60; 77i-84(No6). 
Dale, T. F. 
Eo^ish (oi-hound. Outing, 
Staghound, past and present. 
k colton-picking machine. Sci. Am. 94; 171- 
Daloettv, Ditgald, The real [Gent. Mag.] Liv. 

Age, »5i: 376-g(!oNo6). 
D(U,W: Healer- 
Belgian Antarctic expedition. Science, n. s. 33: 
■ Reminiscences of Yukon exploration, 1865- 

1868. Pop. Sd. Mo. 69: ia8-37(Ago6). 
Daihatia, Impressions of. (E. C. Pcixolto) Srrib, 

M. 40: t-i7(Jlo6). 
Dalton, W : 
.Absurdilv of betting. Sat. R. 101: 364-5 
Dallons, The, and the legacy. (Eleanor H. Porter) 

New Eng. M. n. s. 34: 584-9(1106). 
Dalj, Reginald A. 
Machine-made line drawings for illustrating 
sdenlific papers. Sd. Am. Supp, 6t: »S956 
Nnmcnclaturc of North American eordillera 
between 47th and 53d parallels. Geog. J. 
17: 386-6o6(Jco6). 
Damascus-Mecca RAILROAD, (W:T. Bliss) Harr. 

^V- 50: 733-6. 5i{36Myo6). 
DAUASKfBrmio in Japan. ( F. O. Janes) Craftsman, 

9: S4S-SoCJao6). 
Dames ai Eton. Gcnl. M. n.s. 76: 493-5 ia(Fo6). 
1Jaiii>phon of Mcssenc, Dale of. (Ida C. Thal- 

lon) Am. J. Archa^ol. n. s. 10: 302III06)- 
Dahkoscb, Frank, and a great school of music. 
(E. N. Vallandigham) World's Work, :i:*7i74 
Dtua, J: Cotton. 
Bookbinding for libraries. Pub. Lib. 11: 287-9 

How a town can get a library. Indep. 60: 
Dana, Uairin. 
The method of crosi-tycd Moses. Lippinc.'77: 
367-7 t(Mro6). 
Dance in ancient Greece. (M. A. Hincks) 19th 

Cent. 59; 447-57(Mrofi). 
D.wciNG, The an of. in Japan. (M. A. Hincks) 

Form. 86: 8^-ioo(jro6). 
D.WMES. 5«Eyqu;sites. • 

DinielB, E. Bradford. 
Problems in the Philippmes. Catiad. M. a6; 
Daniels, R. McD. 
A rose-garden story. New Eng. M. n. s. 34: 606- 
IltnielMn, Frances Weld. 
Seeiert a/ltr IrulH. New Eng. M. n. s. 35 : 445- 

Dante and the spirit of poetry. (W: Barry) Cat. 
World, 83: i4S-58(Myo6). 

— Portraits of. (-A.ddison McLeod) Art J. 58: 

Darlint. (A. Tchekhdf) FoHn. 86: 560-6(506). 
Darling, Sir C : 

To General Picquart on his appointment as 
secretary of stale for war in France; a sonnet. 
National, 48: 632(006}. 
Darling, Isabel. 

That forty. Overland, n. s. 47: 63-s(Jao6). 
Darlington, T : 

The immigration problem. No, Am. 183: 1261- 
Darrach, Jas. H. A. 

Why not a bungalow? Ctty Lite Am. 10: 637- 
Carton, n. H. 

Opening of the Shoshone reservation. R. of Rs. 

(N. Y.) 34: i97-8(Ago6). 
Our unstable "terra firma." R. of Rs. (N. Y.) 
33- 707-8(Jeo6). 
Dartmouth college paralogism, The. (A. W. 
Trickelt) Am. Law R. 40: i75-87(Mr-Apo6). 
Darwin, C: (J: M. Coulter) Chaut. 45: 66-74 

— Evolutional wntings of. (B. Dean) Science, 

n.s. 13: g86-7(29jeo6). 
.— and Mendel. (L. Doncasler) Indep. R. 9: 

Darwin, G:H. 

Bi-cenlcnary of birth of B: Franklin. Nature, 

74: 36-7(joM);o6). 
Figure and slabilily of a liquid satellite. Nature, 

74: iis-6(3iMyo6). 
International Geodetic Conference at Buda- 

Peslh, 1906. Nature, 75: 33-5(8No6). 
Darwi.v, G: H., with portrait. Sd. Am. 94; 363 

Danvin, Leonard. 

Munidpal trade. Indep. R. 8: 34-4i(Jao6). 
Dabwinism, The true. (G. Henslow) i9lh Cent. 

60: 795-8oi(No6>. 
Davbicnv, C. F., Paintings of, in Alexander 

Young's collection. (E. G. Halton) Studio 

(Inlemat.) 30: 99-ii8(Do6). 
Daudki, AlPUonSe. (M. F. Sandarsl [Temp. 

Bar] Ed. M. 147: 39^-40o(No6). 
Daughter of Cosmopalis,' A. (Prince Vladimir 

Vaniatdcy) Lippinr. 77; 33o-4i(Mro6). 
Datighttr of storms, A. (E. Boltwood) Munsev 

iy- 4'S-3S(Jlo6). 
Daughters op the Empire. Imperial Order of. 

(J. Graham) Canad. M. 26: s9o-3(Apo6). 
Daughters of toil; a poem. (J. A. H. Simpson) 

Wcstm. 166: 6g3-7o6(Do6). 
Daughters of Zion. "(Kale D. Wiggin) Scrib. M. 

40: 4ofr-is(Oo6). 
Dautton, Agnes McClelland. 
From Sioiix to Susan. St. Nich. 33: 2^6-42 

(Jacfi\ i32-o(Fo6), 4r8-i5(M}o6\ ■;4»-7(Ap 

06), 638-34(Myo6). 7JS.-3i(Jeo6\ 8i.i-aofJl 

06I, go3-9(Ago6), 994-1000(^06). 1103-9(0 

Dauncn, Enid Campbell. 
The Ameriian language. Monlhlv R. !■;, no. 1 : 

25-32(006).-' Liv. .\go, 3$i: 654-8(i5Do6). 
Daraiport, C: B. 

Evolution in anirnats. Science, n. s. 24: S56S 




New lejrti Scligman: "social value." J. Pol. 
Econ. 14: i43-69(Mro6). 
Davenport, Homer. 

The Arabian horse, its preseol place and mission. 
CtryLifeAm. 10: 4i8-3o(Ago6). 
Davey, R: 
A(lel3!de Ristori. Sal. R. loi: 455-6(13006).= 
Liv. Age, 251; 379-81 CJC.N06): 
David, Arthur C. 

An architect of bungalows in California. Archil. 

Rec. 30: 307-15(006), 
First national banit of Chicago. Archit. Rec. 

15: 49-s8{Jao6). 
Naugatuck, Conn., an architectural oasis. 

Archit. Rec. 19; i35-44(Fo6}. 
Some houses by Howard Shaw. Archit. Rec. 
19: i95-2a(Fo6). 
David, Jacquks-Loui.s, with portrait and bibli- 
ography. Mast, in .\rt. 7: 45-a4(Ko6>. 
David and Goliath. (Clarence Hawkei) Overland, 

n. 8. 47: *48-50{Mro6). 
Dari JROn, Anna. 

Alfred James McClalchil. Out Wcsl,!^: 190-^ 
Davies, Acton. 

JohnDrew. Munsev,34: 630-6(Fo6). 
Davies, Arthur Llewellyn. 

Defence of the labor disputes bill. Indcp, R. 1 1 ; 
Davies. D. Ffhasodon-. Christ in education. 

Hibbcrt J. 5: 54-63(006), 
Davies, Scropk; a learned dandy. (J. A, 
Lovat-Fraser) GcnI. M. n. s. 76; !4-9(Jao6). 
Davies, W. Jones . 

LiW5 and limits of development in Chria'jan 
doctrine. Hibbeit J. 4: 590-605 (Apof)). 
Davis, Andrew HcFarland. 

Investments of Hanard College, 1776-1790. 
Q. J. Econ. 20: 399-4i8(Myo6). 
Davis, C: BelmonL 

Queen Titania and Prince Charming of Asbury 

Park. Ouling, 48: 689-700(806). 
Renaissance of Coney. Outing, 48: 513-ai 

The Rialto, Outing, 49: ir-97(Oo6). 
Davis, C. G. 

Covering a vacht for the winter. Outing, 41): 

Hauling out the boat. OutIng,49: ii*-7(Oo6) 
Davis, H. O. 

The Pan-American railway: its business »<le. 
No. Am. 189: io9-3o(Myo6). 
Davis, Hartley. 
The coal trust, the labor trust, and the people. 
Everybody's. 14; 43s-44(Apo6), 640-9(My<MS). 
Reporters of lo-day. Everybody's, 14: 64-7J 
(Jao6>, joo-ij(FQ6). 
Davis, Hayne. 

Baron D'Estournelles de Constant. Indep. 60; 
' 4»5-3o(iaro61. ■ 
The Baroness von Suttner. Outl. S3: 312-4 

nisarmamcnt to follow international organization. 

Spec. 97: ,6,-3a.\Bo6). 
Tile Inlrrparliamcntarv Union. Indep. 61: 

i36-3i(i9jlo6>. 387-00 (i6.Ago6). 
Present prospects for peace. Indep. 61: 14-5 

Davis, Hajrne. 

Victory for the American plan in the Inttr- 
parliamentary UniiHi. Indep. 61: yig-i:'.-; 
Davis, Mrs. Jefferson. R. of Rs. (N. Y.) ,14: 
56o(No6}. — (R. Blackshaw) Putnam, i: 361- 
Davis, Josiph B. 

Current view oE collegiate education fomiulslcd 
in propositjons. SctKioI R. 14: 4i4(Jeo6). 
Davis, HcLain W. 

Mormonism: some of its realities. Outl. St 
Davis, Haiy Evelyn Uoore. 

The forerunner. Allan. 98: 273-6(Ago6). 

Davis, Oscar King. 

The Lucin cut-off; a remarkable feat of en^neei- 
ing across the Great Salt Lake. Cent. 49: 
Yamato Damatkii. Cent. 51: i77-8i(I>o6). 
Davis, Rebecca H. 

An Americ'an family. Indep. 60; 602— 4(15 M106). 
The everyday Franklin. St. Nich. 34: 158-* 

Undistinguished Americans. Indep. 60: g6*-^ 
Davis, R: Hahdiho, with portrait. (Arthur B 

Maurice) Bookman), 33; i37-45(Apo6). 
Davis, Robert Oiinn. 

Slum environmeni and socla] causation. Westm. 

166: a4i)-S7(So6) 
The social question. Weslm. 165: :i65-3(Mit>&) 
Davis, Sam. 

Fleeting impressions of Boston. Harp. W. 50; 
Davis, W:H. 

Content of geography. Am. Geog. Soc. Bull 

38: 67-84(Fo6), 
The geographic cvcle in arid climate. Gcog, J. 

27: 70-3(Jao6J. 
Mountains of southernmost Africa. Am. Geog. 

Soc. Bull. 38: 593-633(006). 
Physiography of the Adirondacks. Science, n. i. 
23: 63o-i(2oApo6). 
Davis, W. Watson. 

How Galveston secured protection affainsT ibr 
sea. R. of Rs. (N. Y.) 33: 3oo-s(Fo6). 
Davison, C. 

Earthquake at San Francisco. Nature, 73: 
6o8-io{36Apo6). = Sti. Am. Supp. 61: 354111- 
EarthquAes in Great Britain. 19th Cent. 59: 
Davitx, Michael, the Irish patriot. R. of Rs. 34: 

— * personal recollection. (W. S. Blunt) [Speaker] 

Liv, Arc, 350: iio-4(i4jlo6). 

— Unfinished campaign of. (F. Sheehv-Sketfins- 

ton) Indcp. R. 10: 398-3 1 2(So6); 
Davol, Ralph. 
Coiiemporary humorists New Eng. M. n. s. 

3.V 673-87(Fo6). 
Hezekiah Buiterworth. New Eng. M. n. s. 33: 
Datbam, C: 

F.-ministne in France. 19th Cent. 60: 816-3J 
Dawes, C : 6. 

The Sherman anli-trusl law. No. Am. i8j: 

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Dawkiaa, R. H. 

The modern carnival in iTirace. ]. Hel. Stud. 
i6: i9i-jo6(No6), 
Dfli™ oj a to-moTTirm, The. II. {Frances H. 

Bumelt) Smb. M. 39: 34-5i(Jao6). 
Damon, Coningaby W. 
Stray religions in the Northwest. Indep, R. 
11: 383-96(Do6). 
Diwton, MB17. 
How to teaih a pet bird pretty tricks. St. Nich. 
ii: 64-8{No6). 
Dainaii, W. Harbutt. 
Legal position o( German workmen. Pol. Sd. 
Q. 21: i64-^7(Jlo6). 
DB^t Allen. 

Inundation of Salton basin by the Colorado 
river. Sei. Am. 94: 3io-i{i+Apo6), 338-9 
Day, Arthur A. 
-Advertising in conretiion with electrical supply. 
Gassier, 30: 467-8(506). 

Dav,,Artliiir L. ' 

tjuirtz glass. Science, n. s. ay 670-j(37Apoti;. 
D«y, C:H. 

Producer-gas and gas-producers. Sci. Am. Supp. 
61: 2sa5o-i(i7Mro6), 
Day, Holmui. 

'Long Covmilis crick. Outing,48r 385-940106). 
Dsy, Lewie Foreman. 

English poster design. Art J, 58: 97-1 i8(Apo6>. 

New thing in metal inlay. Art J. 58: 40-i(Fo6). 
Day and the hour. (R. W. Gilder) Critic, 48; 73-7 

Day of precious ptnaUies. The. (Marion Hill) 

McClure,36: 3-i8-66(ro6). 
Day of reckoning. A. (Guy C- VachelDMonthlv 

R. 24, no. 1: :«)-34(Jlo6)- 
Day's doings of a nobody. Gent. M. n. s. 76: 

i7a-3ia(Fo6), iso-55(Mro6), J54-9(Apa6), 

374-9(Myo6). 77: 356-61(506). 
Day'i work in the mounUd police. <L. Molt) 

Outing, 48: 96-ioo{Apo6t. 
Days erranl. (Robert' Aitken) Appleton's M. 8: 

Di pra/undit. (Van T. Sutphen) Harper, ir2: 

Dead hand in wealth. Eil. M. 147; 11J6-20+ 

DeaUo, Dorothea. 
The giadia'ors. Cent. 50: 683-go(So6), 
The hamarist. Cent, go: 595-6oal.Ago6). 
Dearie, H. B. 
Poor law and unemployed. Kcon. J. 15; 141-6 

Dean, Bs«tiford. 
Darwin's evoluiional writings. Science, n. s. 33: 

Dmq, P: 
Precursors ol the pianoforte. Harp. W. 50: 

Dean. Forest of, History of. (J: Nisbci) Tng. 

Hist. R. 2r: 44S-S9f JId6). 
Death, Feigning, in animals. (Walter Schocnichen) 

Sci. Am. Supp. 61; asiao-4(2oJao61. 
Death DtjrrES, Should they be increased? (W. T 

Ben) Westra. r6s: 38o-6(Apo6). 
DEAie-RATE of large Ameritiin dlies. (Fi L. 

Hoffman) Am. Stalis. Assoc. 10; T-75(.\tro6). 
- of the U. S, in 1900- (Waller F- Willto.t) Am. 

SUtis. A»»oc. 10; i37-S.S(So6), 


Death Vaixev, Deserto oI Nevada and the. 

(Robert H. Chapman) Nat.Geog.M.17: 483- 

Deathlesi}i>resl,Th«. (S.F,Whitinan)H8rp«,ii3: 

De Blois, E : A. 

Tulare country and the city. Out West, 15 : 81- 

Debts of Aniaine, The. (W. B. MacHarg) McClure, 

^28: 188-97CD06). 
DEBt;ssY. Claude, poet and dreamer. (Lawrence 

Oilman) No. .A 1, 183: 877-86(iNo6). 
Decennial of the black sheep. (£. Boltwood) 

Munsey, 35: 33-6(Apo6). 
Declaration of Independence; the signers and 

their autographs. (Mary C. Cramord) Si. 

Decoration. Exterior colored. Am. Arch. 90: 


— household, Periods of. 4. The French period. 

(Martha Cutler) Harp. Bax. 40: 36M3(Ap 
Decorative arts in America. (F: J. Mather, jr.) 

Nation, 82: 3i7-S(i9Apo6). 
Decohative art-spirit of Japan. (Mrs. F. Edwin 

Elwell) Arena, 35: i7-22(Jao6). 
Decker, Karl. 

The insurrtclian at La Boca. Munsey, 35; 740- 
Decker, Sarah S. P. 

Meaning of (he women's club movenient. Ann. 
Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. a8: 199-304(306). 
Deckf.h priuarv BATTEB1-. Ihc, (Francis B. 
Crocker) Sti, Am. Sypp. 6j; 15736-7(13006), 
De Crespigny, C. 

ColontVs Arab. The. Oulins, 49: 2o6-8(No6). 
Deeping, Warwick. 

Tiphaine la Fte. Harper. 112: 76o-7(Apo6), ■ 
Deer. Story o£ "Actseon," a Virginia deer. (E. 
H, Baynes) St. Nich. y; 387-o6(Mro6). 

— The white-tailed (Virginia), and its kin. (E. 

T. Seton) Scrib. M. 40: ■^3i-4i(So6). . 

Deeh-fohest, The vear in a. (C. H. Sharp) 
Chamb. J. 83: 689-91(006). 

Deer forests in the Highlands. (W; C. Mac- 
kenzie) Indep. R. 8: i98-zo6(Fo6). 

— Scotch. (C. T. Buckell) 19th Cent. 60: 745-50 

Deer stalking in Scotland. (H.A.Vachell) Oat' 

ing, 49: 83-^1(006). 
Deering, Habel Croft. 

San Francisco's famous Boh.mian restaurant. 
Critic, 48: 5i3-8(Jco6). 
De Fabry, S. L. 

Reasimini{ power of the dog. Ouling, 48; 505- 
Default in practice, A. (E. Walker) Munsev, 35: 

Defectives, Sch<K>ls (or. (A. T, Smith) Educa 

7r. ir6-<,(Oo6). 
Deforest, J. H. 

Difference lielween U. S. and Japan. Indep. 60: 

I H)6-o( 24Myo6) . 

Famine in Japan. Indep. 60: 6o9-ii(nMro6). 

The Japan of ipot;. Indep. 60: 5 67-70(8 Mro6). 

Degas, Hilairb-Geruain-Edoar; the artist and 

his work. (Marie Van Vorst) Lippinc. 77: 


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. Deceneeates, moral. Proposed sterilUation of 
certab. (Robert R. Renlout) Am, J, Sodol. 
ii: 3i9-i7(No6). 
DeGreaf, G. 
Introduction to sociology. XVIII. Am. J. SodoL 
ii: 663-8o(Mro6). 
Decrees, academic, Abolition of. (E: E. Hale, jr.) 

. i. 24: 693-4(3oNo6), 
De Oujither, L. 

Elephant hunting in Upper India. Sci. Am. 

Supp. 62: 25S72-4(4Ago6). 

De Haven. Fbask, artist, with portrait. (W. 

MontgomeiT) Brush & P. 17: i79-8s(Mvo6). 

DejECTIojt; a study. (M. Beerbohm) Sat. R.'ioi : 

DeKalb, Court^nay. 
The commercial conquest of Sinaloa. Nation, 

82: 4i3-S(!4Myo6), 
Topolobampo and the Fuerte valley. Nation, 

8j: 446-7(3iMyo6). 
The valtev of the Sinaloa. Nation, 81: 487-9 
DeKajr, C : 
French's groups of the continents.' Cent. 49: 

Clargoylps, old and new.. Archil. Rec, 19: 

New York custom-house. Cent. 49: 733-43 

Old houses in Jefferson co., N. V. Archit. Rec. 

20: i03-isf.Ago43). 
The unbumable country houae. Qij Life Am. 
10: 647-50(006). 
Deke, F. M. 

Anatolc Irance Bookman, 24: 28i-9(No6V 
De Koven, .Un. Reginald. 

A new page in flje history of J; Paul Jones. 
Harp. W. 50: 482, 95(7Apo6). 
De Laucey, Lady. 

A week at Waterloo. Cent. 49; 83i-45(Apo61. 
De Und, F : 

Notes on the development of lelc|ihonc servirc 

Poll. Rri.Mo 69: 42"; -4o(No61. 490-501(006). 

DeUnd, Mrs. Margaret Wade (CampbeU). 

The avaktningoj Helena Richie. Harper, 112- 

i65-8ifJao6). 347-6i(Fo6), 5«-69(Mro6), 

683-70 2 (Apo6). 856-78(Myo6). 113: 76-98 

{Jeo6), 239-54(Jlf>6). 

Delano, Margaret; a study in inSuences. <M. 

A. UeW. Howe) Oull. 84: 73i-4(34No6). 
D« La Pasture, Mrs H: 

The lonely laiv ofCrosvenar Square. Monthly 

R. 2^. no. 3; I3i-68(J«>6). 24, no. i: .57- 

74(Ilo6); no. 2: i3ft-74(No6): no- 3: 138- 


Delaware, Skimming down the, (H. Williams) 

Outing, 48; 47i-7(]lo61. 
Delcasse and Rouvieb. MM. (W: G. Fin- 

Gerald) World's Work. :i: 7i85-9o(Fo6). 
Pell, Robert. 

France, England and Mr. Bodley. Fortn. 86: 

French politics and the coming elections. Fortn. 

85: 6*-7i(Jao6). 
The papnl agerfijsinn in Franre. Form. 86: 

6o2-i6(Oo6).= Ecl. M, 147:497-507(006). 
The papal attack on France. 19th Cent. 59: 

Oeuand and soPPt^l concepts; an introduction 

to the stodv of market price. (R. H. Hoxie' 

J, Pol. Econ. 14: iSy-fiiC™^), 40i->6(Jloe 

De Matios, HE.NRI Teixeira, Art of. (Haldane. 

McFalt) Studio (Internat.) 30: 45-so(No6). 
Dembitz, L. 11. 
Schiaparelli's Astronomy in the Old Teatamnrt. 
Nation, Sv: 346<3iMro6). 
De Mille, James. (L. J. Burpee) Nation, 85 
i38(l6Apj6), 303(11006)-— <.A. MacMechani 
Canad. M. 27: 404-16(806). 
Dsmi-ima. The. (E. Ayrton-Zangwjtl) Lipfnlic- 

78: 6^4-6(No6). 
Deming, Oarenca. 

Hints on terminal tackle. Outing, 48: 351-4 

How to buy a good rod. Outing, 47: Soj-j 

How to fish on the ice. Outing, 47: 510-1 

The summer trout. Outing, 48: 639-40(Ago6l 
Trouting in the bushes. Outing, 48: l6;-8 

Winter fishing in the subtropics. Outing, 47: 
Deming, Edwin 'Willard. 

Twenty thousand miles in a motor boat. Ctrj 
Life'Am. 10: i8o-2(Jeo6). 
OEiima, Edwin Wcllakd, artist-historian of 
the American Indians. Craftsman, 10: 150-67 
Deming, Harold S. 

"Bnartown" nature sketches. The nibythroal's 
ncsis — a drawn fight. Harper, in; 9i9-«3 
Democracy and reaction, Hobhouse's. (J. Cum- 

minss) J. Pol. Econ. 14: i8i-5(Mro6>. 
- The awakening of. (W. M. Lighibody) Weslm. 
'65; 370-9<Apo6). 

— Delusions of, with portrul. (C. P. Pobiedfr 

nostseff) Cosmopol. 48: 4io-3(Fo6). 

The czar's man answered, with portrait 

(C: Ferguson) Cosmopol. 40: 4i4-6(Fo6). 

— Dans-crs of. (J. S. Mackenzie) Internat. J. 

Ethics. t6: i29-44(Jao6), 

— Trend toward a pure. (P. L. Allen) Gull. 84: 

Deuocratic INTERESTS and rights. (R. H. Smithl 

Weslm. 165: 6i6-23(Jeo6)- 
Deuocratic party and the railroad question. (J: 

Sharp Williams) Indep. 60: 48s-«(iMro6). 
Democrats, Conservative western. (J. Oskison) 

Nation, S2: 358-9(3Myo6). 
Denison, J:H: 

The white death of the soul, Atlan. 97; 7';4-6,i 

Deniion, Llnd«w. 

Progress on the Panama Canal. Everybody's, 

14: S79-9o(Myo6), 
OSSMAHK. Christian IX. and the European 

polity. Sal. R- lot: i29-3o(3Fo6). 

— The new king and queen of. (F. A. Ojg) 

Miin«ei'. 3^: »42-6(M\'o6> 
Dennehy, W : P. 

Ireland under Charles II. Cath. World, 83: 

The Irish situation. Cath. World, 84: 19^313 

PaiQlii Hibemia- Am- Cath. Q. 31: 257-77 




Dennefay, W:P. 
Philip, duke of Wharton. Caih. World, 83; 
DeniMtt, Harr W. 
Missouri Library Association, 1006. Lib. J. ii; 
DcDoing, W. F. 
The red spot and south tropical spot of Jupiler, 
Pop. Astron. 14: 34-6(Jao6). 
Dennia, J;,yr. 
Marthall Field. Everybody'*, 14: 191-30} 
Denniaon, Edgoi W. 
TrausportMion in Cul». World Toslmy, 11: 
Denny, HelMoa Burnt. 
Orleans Indian legends. Out West, 25: 37- 
40<Jlo6), i6i-6(Ago6), 373-5(Oo6). 451-4 
Denoiunationaush, Tranaplanled. (W: Boyle) 

Dens. How u> build and furnish a surprise den 
in a modem bouse. (D. Beard) Outing, 48: 
otataoTt, Prancet. 

Musicof the Filipinos. Am. Anthropol. 8: 611- 

Sand-lime bricli. Sci. Am. Supp. 62: 256JI-J 
Dent, HewtOD. 

The American public school. Munsey, 35: 

The golden story of California. Munsey, 36: 
DENVEit, Colo., a typical American city. (Arthur 

Chapman) World To-day, ii:- 98i-8(So6). 
— Openng the cenler U. ArchlE. K«c. 10: 365- 

Denyer, C. H. , 

Feeding of school children Eion. J. 16; 617- 
Departmental teachqio in elemeniary schoob. 
(E. L. C. Morse) Educa. R. 31: 93-^)(Jao6). 
Department Stores. Evolution of. (N, Pat- 
terson) Canad. M. 27: 425-38(806). 
Depehdeni peoples of America: the Mohonk 
Conference, 1906. Miss. R. 19: 895-901 
Dtpat-gtantt, The. (W, Cornish) Canad. M. 27: 

De Quince¥,T:. Grammar of. (H. C. Kidd) Sal. 

R.,02: 237(j5Ago6). 
Derby, Roger A. 

Why Cambridge rowed to victory. Outing, 49; 
"Dere tts no CodI" (E. Poole) .\tlan. 98; 413- 

Dehhv, Westward from. (Alfred yockney) Art J. 

The Gaelic League. [19th Cent.] Eel. M. 146: 

Descartes, Haldane's. (C. S. feirce) Nation, 

83: 34a-3(a»Mro6), 
Descartes, Rene, a representative philosopher. 

Ed. R. 204: iS7-78(Jlo6). 
Dtscint of Blanche. (M. F. Fgan) Cent. 50; 

Desert. The. (Hilaire Belloc) Indep. R. 9: 



Desert botanical laboratorv, near Tucson, 

Arizona. (W. A. Cannon) Out West, 24: 

Desert faruino without irrigation. (H. Quick) 

World's Work, 12: 7886-9 3 (Ago6), 
D»ttrl haf, A. (L: J. StcUman) Overland, Q. a. 

47: I43-^S(Fo6). 
DXSKBTS ofNevada and the Death Valley. (Robert 

H. Chapman) Nat. Geog. M. 17: 483-97(506). 
Design, Nature's aid to. (E. S. D, Owen and 

Louise M. Bunce) Studio (Inteniat.) 37: Izix- 

Designing, School and practice. (Russell Sturgis) 

Archit. Rec. 19: 4i3-i8(Jeo6). 
Desuond Rebellion, 1580. Cent. M. n. s. 76; 

1 36-42 (Mro6). 

A U)t jar a Uah. LIppInc. 78: 465-71(006). 
Distiny decides. (W. Smade) [Pall Mall M.J Liv. 

Age, 249: 496-503 (26My 06). 
Dm Voeux, Sir W : 
Chinese labour in the TraosvaaL t^th Cent. 

59: s8i-94(Apo6). 
Detective, The passing of the. [Acad.] Liv. 

Age, 348: 437-9(i7Fo6). 
Detective acencies, AmeriCBn private. (Thomaa 

Beet)Appleton'sM.8: 439-4S(Oo6), 
DxTBCnvES of Paris. (Vance Twnnpson) Every* 

body's. ISJ 4S6-<S4(Oo6). 
DtUrmined celibaU, A. (J. Drake) Calh. World, 

83: 3»-4a(Apo6). 
Detroit, Tne ne*. (Hugo Erichsen) World To- 
day, 11; 703-9(Jlo6). 

— Thomas normal training sihool. Educa. 36: 

Oevas, C. S. 

Socialism— is il right after all? Dub. R. 139; 

Dererciu, Washington. 

Fire hazards and how to avoid_(hem. Casster, 

19: ao9(Jao6). 
Devil, The, in Christian tradition and legend. 

(R. L. Gales) National, 48: 123-31(506). 
Devil fish, Photographing a. (Ci t': Holder) 

Sd. Am. 95: 386-8(3oOo6). 
DeviPs carbuncle. (J.W. Harding) Eel. M. 147: 

Devtfi muskeg. The. (H. Whitaker) Canad. M. 

a6: 56i-7(Apo6). 
Devil's sliii. The. (Herman Whitaker) Every- 
body's, 15; 6o3-i3(No6). 
Define, E: T: 

Housing problem in San Francisco. Pol. Sci. 

Q. 21; 596-6o8(Do6). 
The relief of the stricken city (San Francisco). 

R. of Rs, (N. Y.) 33: 683-8(jco6). 
DBVOHSHiBE,aiiAmerlcanaiinei. (Sydney Brooks) 

Harp. W. so: 1313-3(15806). 

— Day with a farmer in. (A. Goodrich) Outing 

48: G78-a8(SQ6). 
Devonshihe House, Ghosis of Piccadilly. 
((;. S, Street) Monthly R. 13. no. 2; 57-70 

— Story of. (Lord Coleridge) Monthly R. 22. 

no. i: <23-32(Jao6). 
Deroore, Ann. 

Hit sporting aimt. Scrib. M. 39; aa9-39(Fo6). 
De Vrtes, Hugo. 

Personal imprcssionsofl.ulherBurbank, Indep. 
60: ii34-40(i7Myo6). 


De Vries, H., and his critics. (G. S. Gager) 

Science, n. s. 34: 8i-9(»o]lo6). 
DewoT, G:A. B. 

The human bird. Sat. R. 102: 44-s(i4jlo6). 
The humbling night. Sat. R. loi; 771-1(22 

Impalienl angler. Sal. R. loi: 687(3jeo6>. 

= Liv. Age, 350: 445-7Ci8Ago6). 
Old Norfolk inns. Macmil. n. s.' 1 : 383-91 
Dewar, Sir James. 

New low-temperature phenomena. Sci. Am. 
Supp. 61: 35738-30(13006). 
Dewey, Melvil. 
Broadening of state libraries. Pub. Lib. ti: 

Field libraries. Dial (Ch) 40; 75-7(iFo6), 
DewB7,. Stoddard. 

The year in France. Atlan. 98: i82-93(Ago6). 
Dewtno, Thomas W. (U. St. Gaudens; Critic, 

48: 4i9(Myo6). 
Dexter, Edwin G. 
Newspaper football. Pop. Sci. Mo. 68: a6i- 

Ten jean' iaflueace of the report of tlie Com 
mittee of Tea. School R. 14: a54-6()(ApD6). 
Diack, W: 
Tlie British labor party. Arena, 35: 476-So 
DlAGKAPH, Projection and circle motion. (Alfred 
Gradenwitz) Sci. Am. Supp. 63: 15731(6006). 
Dialect; the jargon of low literature. (Owen 

Supp. 61: 35i73(ioFo6). 
Diamond-drill hods, Magnetism of. (D. W. 

Johnson) Science, n. a. 33: 789(i8Myo6). 
DiAHOHD formation in electric furnace. (H: 

Molssan) Sd. Am. Supp. 63: 35646-7 

Diamond udkes, The master of. (M. G. Cunniff) 

World's Work, 13: 82ti-5(No6). 

— of Soulh Africa. (Gardiner E. Williams) Na'. 

Geog. M. 17; 344-s6(Jeo6). 
Diamond Shoals lighthouse. Sci. Am. 94: 351 

Diamonds and carbons in Rrazil. (H, W. Fumiss) 

Pop. Sci. Mo. 69: 373-8o{So6). 

— Mining, in South Africa. (J. S. Hamilton) 

World's Work, 12; 7904-7(Ago6). 
Diaper, F: Am. Arch. 90: 94-5(32806). 
Dib'ilee, G. B. 

Treasures From the Artemisium at Ephesus. 
Nation, 83: 400-i(8Nc6). 
Dicey, A. V. 

Can Unionists support a Home Rule govern- 
ment? Contemp. 89: 347-66(Fo6). 
Decision of contested elections by Judges. Na- 
tion, 83; i;!6(2.Ago6). 
Education in England and Ihc religious question. 

Gray's History of English philanthropy. Nation, 

8a: i43-4( 15^06). 
How oughl historv lo be laught al a university? 

Nation, S2: 388-9(1 oMyo6). 
Lord Holland's Further mcmc)irs of Whig party. 

Nation, 83: 432-3(i4Myo6). 
Maurice and the workingmen's college. Nation, 

83: iS4-s(»aFo6). 

Dicey, A. V. 

The political situation in Great Britain, 1906. 

Nation, S7i t94-s(SMroti). 
A protest against privilege. [On the Trade dis- 
putes bill.] National, 48: 309-34(006). 
The surrender to socialism. Nation, 83: 357- 

Taileoiyre's Life of Voltaire. Nation, 83: 80-1 

Thomas Hodgskin. Nation, 83: i87-8(3oAf5o6). 
A triumph of free trade oi of locialiim. NUion, 
8a: 397(1 a Apo6). 
Dicey, E: 

The Morocco conference. (Empire R.] Eel. M. 

146: 325-33(Apo6). 
Story of the capitulations. t9th Cent. 60: 17-34 
Dick, Siri J: and Alexandeb, Scotch cousins. 

Blackn. 179: 3i3-34(Mro6}. 
DiCKEt«s, C: , aa a husband. (Lyndon Orr) Book- 
man,' 33: i4-7(Mro6). 
^ and the popular novel. jLond, Outlook] Liv. 
Age, 350: 819-33(39506). 

— Certain lovera m. (W. Matchett) [Dickensian] 

Liv. Age, 349: i67-70(Apo6). 

— Chesterton's Life of. Spec. 97; 364-6(15506). 

— Ath. '06, 3 : 394-5(15506). — (Percy F. Bick- 
nell) Dial (Ch.) 41; a72-4(iNo6). 

— in Switzerland. (D. Welch) Harper, lia: 714-9 


— Praise of. (P. E. More) Nation, S3: 504-6 

Dickerion, James S. 

The Society of Western Artists. World To-day, 
10: 395-301 (Mro6). 
Dickie, G. W. 

Better methods of compensation for workmen. 
Gassier, ag: i93(Jao6), 
Dickinson, Asa Don. 

A national library for the bhnd. Pub. Lib. 11: 
Diiki]]St»ii, O. Lowes. 

Eastern and western ideals: being a rejoinder 
to W: Jennings Bryan. Cent. 51; 313-6 
Euthanasia; from the notc-l>ook of an Alpinist. 

findep. R.] Liv. Age, 348: 445-7(i7Fo6). 
The motor tyranny. Indcp. R. 11: 15-33(006) 
Quo vadis? Indep. R. 8: i48-s7(Fo6). 
Shakespeare, Ibsen, and Shaw, Indep. R. 10: 
83-8(Jlo6). = Uv. Age, 250: 437-4o(i8Ago6). 
DickioBoo, T: 
W: Morris and" .fsthctic socialism. Arena. 36: 
Diederichs, H. 

Alcohol a.s a fuel for gas-engines. Sci. Am. Supp. 
62: 25568-70(4 Ago6). 
Dieuaide, T:H. 

"Louisiana," Baitlesbip. Harp. \V. 50: 1670-1 
Diet delusions, Some. (Woods Hulchinson) 

McClure, 36; 6ii-i3(Apo6). 
DlFFRAcnoN, History of. Sci, Am. Supp. 61: 

DlFFHACTlON CHATIVG rcplicas, A noleon. (T: 
Thorp) Pop. Astrnn. 14: 93-6(Fo6). 

D^by, W. P. 

Industrial depression and engineering export 
and import trade. F.ngin. M. 30: 705—14 





Diggle, J.^W. 

Mr. Birrell's choice. Hibbert J. 4: 540-9 


Dicrrs. Extra digils and digital reductions. (C: 

W. Prentiss) Fop. So- Mo. 68: 33(S-48(Apo6). 

DtLKE, Lady, Art-work of. Quar. 105 : 43Q-67 

DUlan, EU«o L. 

The first gentleman of Europe [George IV.] as 

■ paterfamilias. igthCent. 59: 5t4-7(Mio6). 

DUIoD, Emile JoHph. 

Fore^ affairs. Contemp. S9: i3i-44(Jao6), 

374-1>s(Fo6). 43S-48(Mro6), s76-6oo(Apo6J, 

733-48(Myo6), 876-980^06), 90: 110-4JIJI 

00;, 4a&-46(So6), 578-98(006), 7a3-46(No6). 

Reaction, Ubert)', or liceose in Russia. Outl. S3 ; 

The Russian problem. Is govemmenl by Duma 
possible? Fortn. 86: 767-8o(No6), 
Dillon, J. 

Early Iowa lawyers and judges. Am. Law R, 
40: 377-83(My-Jeo6). 
Dinmet, Emeat. 

The Church in France; its present position. 

Dub. R. 138: i76-S5(Jao6). 
Presidential election in Prance. Harp. W. 50: 
Dimock, A. W. 
New Mexico. Territorial fair. Harp. W. 50: 

Tarpon -fishing from a canoe. Harp. W. 50: 
Dimock, Juiun A. 

After tarpon with a camera. Ctry Life Am. 9; 
d'lndy, Vincent. 

Music in America. Indep. 61: 847-55(1 lO^), 

Dine*, W. H. 

Balloons and kites in meteorology. Natun 
Dicing in public. (R. Turner) Macmil. n. 

— with Duke Humphrey. Gtnt. M n. s 

DtNOSAUB; an animal giant of long ago. (W. L. 

Beasley) St. Nich. 33: 45»-4(Mro6). 

Science, n. s. 23: 819-3 1(15 My 06). 
Dinmore, Alice. 

Handicrafts back in English peasant homes. 

Craftsman, 10: 336-45(Myo6). 
Helen Hyde of Japan. Harp. Bai. 40: 19-8 

Dionysus, The cult of. (R. M. Dawkins) J. He). 

Stud. 36: 307-i3(No6). 
Diplomacy, American. (F. C. Lowell) Adan. 97; 


— An incursion into. (A. C. Doyle) [Cornh.] 

Liv. Age, 350; 43-<)(7jlo61. 

— Position of. Spec. 96; 87-8(ioJao6). 
Diplomacy 0} idcClinchy, fill. The. (Porter Ivmcr- 

son Browne) Appleton's M. 8: 614-3 sfNoO). 
Diplomatic .idveiUure. (S, W. Mitchelli Cent. 49: 
6lJ-33(Fo6),6S4-94(Mro6), 875-85(Apo6). 


(N. Longworth) Indep. 61: 19-33(51106). 
DiTLOiUTic KASTEis o£ EuTopc. Wotld's Work, 
11: 7i77-9o(Fo6). 

Diplomatist, Reminiscences of a. [Cornh.] Eel, 

M, 146: 39-48(Jao6), i73-6(Fo6). 
Dircks, Rudolf. 

Royal Academy. Art ). 58: i6i-7i(Jeo6). 
Direct legislation. (Eltweed Pomeroy) Arena, 
35: so7-ii(Myo6). 36: 4S-S4(JIo6). 

— \a cartoon. (Eltweed Pomeroy) Arena, 35; ga- 


— The march of. (Eltweed Pomeroy) Arena, 35: 

^Oregon, experiment with, (A. G: Thacher) 
Outl.83: 6ia-4(i4jlo6), 

— Primer of. Arena, 35: 6oo-3(Jeo6). 
DiBECT PRiMAHV nominations, (W. Hemstreet^ 

Ed, M. 146; 79-83{Jao6), 
Disappearance, The art of. Spec. 96: 1031-a 

DuappMnling magic, A. (Alice C. Haines) New 

Eng. M. n. b. 34; S49-5'0''^)- 
DiSABMAiiENT. (Earl ot ErroU) 19th Cent. 60: 


— Blind leaders of the blind; the government 

and disarmament, (H, W. Wilson) National, 
48: 343-55(006). 

— Precedent lor. (E. Crosby) No. Am, 183: 776- 
. 9(19006), 

— to follow international organization, (Hayne 

Davis) Spec. 97: i6i-3(4.'\go6). 
Discipline, Mathematics and the doctrine of 
. formal. (J. V, Collins) School R. 14: 604-S 

— School, When mercy Seasons justice, (Mrs. 

t. Milner) Kduca. 27: J!6-3Hl)o6), 
DisdONTENT, The day o(. (A. H ; Lewis and others) 

Cosmopol. 40: 6o3-io(Mto6). 
"DlSCoVKBY," Voyage of the. (A. W. Grtely) 

Indep, 60: 33-7(7(4jao6). 
Disease, The elimination of. (Outlook (Lond,)] 

Liv. Age, 349: 3i8-9{5Myo6). 

— Lifdit-trealmeni of. (G: Pemet) Quai. 104: 


— Real prevention of. (N, B. Foster) Nation, 

83: 4io-i(isNo6). 

— The, and the remedy. (A. E, P. RockweU) 

Pop. Sci, Mo. 68: 446-5s(Myo6). 
l>lsv,, infctlivc, Immunilv in, Menhnikoff's, 

Sal, R- 10:1: i;3-5(ii,\Kofil, 
DiSESTABLisKMENT In France. [Economist] Llv, Age, 

34fi: 353-5(a7Jao6). 
Disitluiion, The. (Annie H. Donnell) Everybody's, 

15: 833<^«33A(Do6). 
Dispensalion, A. (Georgia W. Pangbom) Every- 
body's, 15: 3o3-io(Sc6). 
Dislant relation, A. (\V: W. Jacobs) Cosmopol. 

40: 646-53(Apo6). 
District of Coluubia Libhaby Association 

Meeting, Jan. 1906, Lib. J. 31; 8o-i{Fo6), 
District visiting. Macmil, n. s. r: 348-58 

Ditmars, Raymond L. 
Poisonous reptiles of the U. S. World To-daj, 

11; 4044-5(006). 
DlvEMS, Submarine, and their work. (A. W 

Rolkcr) Appleton's M. 8; 33i-4o(So6). 
Divine and the human. I. (L. Tolstoi) Fortn. 

85: QAo-;6(Mvo61. = I.iv. Age, 349: 515-38(3 

Jeo6). 350: i3-3i{7jlo6). 
Divine benediction. The. (H. S. Symmes) Putnam 

i: ii3-5(Oo6). 

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DtviNc DRESS, De Pluvy. Sd. Am. 9$: 4*3(8 

DiviNIMG-RODS, Unscientific and scientific (G: 

M. Hopkins) Sd. Am. Supp. 61: 15194-6(30 

DivoBCE and remarriage. (H: F. Harris) Arena, 
35: 39»-4(Ap<«). 

— decisionollhe^upreineCourt. Outl. 83: 919-10 


— too difficult. (F. J. Mather, jr.) Nation, 8a: 

DivoECE T.AW, American. (Wilbur Lairemore) 
No. Am. 183: 7o-8i{Jlo6). 

— English, Anomalies of. (E. S. P. Haynes) 

Fortn. 86: iiis-ii(Do6). 
Divorce laws, National congress on uniform. 
(Eraest W. Hufcutt) Indep. 61: i»65-6{ag 
Diz, BeulAh Marie. 

Edgf a' the viarid, Lippinc. 77; 72i-3o(Jeo6). 
Diz, Edwin Aaa. 

turopeaj) travel-hints for economical tounsls. 
Ouil. 83:57i-6(7j)o6). 
Dix, W:F: 

A source of sensible pleasure. Outl. 83: 173-7 
Dize;, A. Duncan. 

Mohammedans of Baluchistan. Miii, R, to; 
Dixie Industrial Coupanv. (C. H. Kelsey) 

Oull. 83: 898-9oo(i8Ago6). 
Dixon, A. C. 

Designing of power-plants. Engin. M. 31 ; 
Dixon, A. E. 

Planning and construction of a power plant. 
En^.M.31: 909-34(506). 3j: 58-86(006). 
227-47(No01, 370-90(006). 
Dixon, Frank Haigh. 

Interstate commerce act as amended. Q. J. 
Econ. ai: 2i-st{No6). 
Dixon, Rtv. R: Ferguson. 

A Canadian loyalist of the old school. Chamb. 

J. 83: 8j6-9(Do6), 
Some sidelights on the life and character of 
B: Franklin. Canad, M. a8: 7i-3(No6). 
Dixon, W. W. 

A king of horsemen. Chamb. J. 83 : 670-1(006). 

Richardson's Show. Chamb, J. 83: 574-6(806). 

Two masters of fence, by "Thormanby." 

Chamb. J. 83: 3i9-2o(Myo6). 

Dixans, The. (Grace S. Richmond) Ladies' H. J. 

23; no.o: Ts-0(Ago6). 

— are enUrtaitei by a brile. (Grace S, Richmond) 

Ladies' H. J. 33, no, 10; 10, 5s(So6). 

— havt Aimt Sophrania vitit them. (Grace S. 

Richmond) Ladies' H. ]. 23, no. 8: ii-a 


— make ready for some very rich guesls. (Grarc S. 

Richmond) Ladies' H. J, 23, no. 6: 5-6, fii 
(Myo6};no. 7^ .3-i4lJeo6). 

Do I want an automebiief (E. Wood) Every- 
body's, 14: 35-4i(Jao6). 

Dobbie, I. 
Chinrac labor in South Africa, Matmil, n, s, i : 

Dobell, Bertram. 

Somt unpublished letters of C: Lamb. Alh. '06, 
i: 54S-^SMyo6), 

Does, Electrically operated floating, at Rotterdsin, 

Sci. Am. Supp, 6»: 35709-10(6006). 
Doctor Wentworlk's patient. (Minnie B, Amrt) 

New Eng. M. n. s. 34: 663-7i(Ago6). 
Doctor Worlhington'% nightmare. (W. E. Cult' 

Chamb. J. 835: i-i8(Do6). 
Doctorates conferred by American univendtits 

Sdence, n. s, 24: ao6-ll(i7Ago6). 
Doctors, Charges of. (H. Lamont) Nation, 8); 

Dodd, Anna Bowmas. 

The royal school of embroideriea in Athene 
Cent. 50: iao-6(Myo6). 
Dodge, C:R. 
Broroelia fiber. Sd.Am.94: i7i(aoJao6). 
Instruments of the weatlier service. Woikl 

To-day, It: i=04-io(No6). 
Pursuit of happiness. Craftsman, ti: 3317- 
. (N06). 
Dodgson, C ; Lutwldge (Lewis CaiToll, pseud.). 

Feeding the mind Harper, ii3r 937-9(Myo6), 
Dodslej, C : E. 

The utilization of waste. Chamb. J. 83: 1199- 
DoDONA, The grove of. (Andre Saglio) Cent. 50: 

Doc, bird, The American, (J. E. Isgrigg) WorlJ 
To-day, 11: i27s-9(Do6). 

— The mind of a, (Outlook (Lond.)| Liv. Ap, 

349: 443-s(i9Myo6),— (S. Alexander) tComtl 

Liv.Age, 350: 6i3-a3(8So6). 
Doo-KiLiCB of European cities. (W: G. FiU- 

Geiald) Cent. 50: 833-31(006). 
Dog and the under dog, The. (E. H. Pepic! 

Munsey, 34: 4S4-90ao6), 
Dog lliol relumed to Mextco, The. (E. P. Butlw) 

St. Nich. 33: 876-8o(Ago6). 
Docua, The anatomy of. (T: D, A, Cockerelli 

Dial (Chic.) 41; 0o-3(iAgo6). 

— Cnlicism and. (C. A. Briggs) No. Am. i8j: 

Doos. Choosing the field trial dog. (J. A. Graham] 
Outing. 48: 637-8(Ago6). 

— How field trials influence the breeding of. 

(C. B. Cook) Outing, 47: 5i6(Jao6). 

— Reasoning power of. (S. L. De Fabry) Out- 

ing, 48; sosHS(J1o6). 

— Red wild. Sal. R, ion ij-4(7jlo6), 

— Sheep, (M. Austin) Harper, lit: 757-61 


— Starting an exhibition kennel. (J. A. Graham) 

Outing, 48: ti9-3i(Apo6). 

— Starting a kennel (J, A. Graham) Outing, 47; 


— Timid. Dealing with. (J. A, Graham) Outing. 

48: .760-3(806). 

Conscience. Inlernat, J. Ethics. 16: 4'8-;! 
Doli, A. (A. MacGowan) Harper, ira: 383-90 

Doll lady. The. (E. Kenton) Cent. 50: S59-A5 

Doit Mildred. (Anne Story Allen) Evcrj-body's. 

14: i9i-9(Fo6). 
Dolllver, Jonathan P. 

Railway rate legislation. Indep. (So: 83j-i 

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Dolman, Frederick. 
Slory of painting of Millais's Huguenol. Canad. 
M. 27; 99-io8(Jeo6). 
Dcdlnuui, H. 
ijummeT kpidopiei'*. ScL Am. Supp. 63: 95556 
D0LOKZ3 losEioN, The graTeyard of. (Stella 
Manmo) OverUnd, n. a. 47: 340-7(Mro6}. 
Dolaon, Eugene C. 
A foot-noie on Poe. New Eng. M. n. a. 35; 79- 
DMy dialogm, A. (Carolyn Wells) SL Nich. 34: 

DoussDAY, Buigesaea of. (A. BalUrd) Eng. Hilt 
R. ai: 699-708(006). 

and the Malmesbuiy wall. (Maiy Bateson) 

Eng, Hist. R. ai: 709-i3(Oi>6). 
DouBSTic ANIMALS in the U. S. (Frandi E 

Warren) Nat. Geog. M. 17: 511-94(806). 
DOHESTic PKODOCTS, Puiitj in the manufacture of. 

(A. Morrii) Canad. M. 17: 516-36(006}. 
DoMEsric SEHViCK. Chainb.J.83: i66-8(Mro6). 
— Problem of. (I. M. Rubinow) J. Pol. Econ. 14: 

Doaahue, J. L. 

Farming without water. World To-day, 11: 
Donald, Robert. 

BritUh democracy in power. Outl. 83; 104-10 

Th« British government and social le^slation. 

Outl. 83: 326-9(9jeo6). 
Mr. John Bums, the working-minister. 19th 
Cent. 59: i9i-i04(Fo6). = Liv. Age, 249; 75- 
86(l4Apo6) = ,Etl. M. 146: 383-9 !(Ai)q6). 
The principles of municipal ownerahip. Oull. 
8»: S04-ii(3Mro6). 

Doncaater, L. 

Darwin and Mendel. Indcp. R. 9: 174- 
Donej, May. 

King of tlie kerb. Outing, 48: i76-86(Myo6). 
DOMM, Rob. (A, M. MaLkay) Westm. \6%: 431- 

Donnell, Annii HamUtan. 

The adopted. Haiper, 113: 937-33(No6). 

An appeal to Caiar. Craftsman, 11: 357-61 

The bow arm. Craftsman. 10: !;^~Q^(<^g^)- 
Th« child. Harper, 113: 693-7(606). 
The diiiiluiim. Everybody's, 15: 833J-S33A 

The inlrodvctioH. Harp. Baz. 40: 353-S{Apo6}. 
Libby and ^ dark. Harp. Bu. 40: i34-8(h'o6). 
Plea for the amall boy. Harp. Baz. 40: 983-8 

The fromite. Harper, it*: 9»4-3o(.VIyo6). 
The gueer feeling. Cosmopol. 40: 53i-8(Mr36). 
Domielly, S: R. . 
The trade aEieemeni in the buildlni; trades. 
Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. Sd. 37; 5io-6(Myo6). 

oniier,'H. Montague. 

The present danger of Finland. OutL 8a: 90^ 

Svealiorg and the Ked Guard. Indep, 61: 37a- 

- S(i6Ago6). 

D>Ooge, Martin L., o»d Lombard, W. P. 
lirael Ruatell Cook. Sciencw. n. *. 14= 4^^' 
Doolittle, G : 
The Druses of Mt. Lebanon. Miss.R.19.' 585- 

15: 3=8-36(S«*). 
Door ef the eap. The. (Mair Heaton Vorae) 

Appleton'i M. S: 56i-6(No6). 
Door (o 1*4 Htht, The. (Benina ran Hutleu) 

LippiDc. 77: 7i-7(Jao6). 
DooBWAYS, Parisian, of the i8th century. (Ruiaell 

Sturgis) Aichit. Rec 19: ii3-34(Fo6}. 
DoppLEK mjci. (H. C Kichudi) Sdotce, n. i. 

94: 4«i-;(l»Oo6). 
Poremus, Robert Ogdan. 
Edwin Booth and Ole BuU. Critic, 48: 334-44 

DoBKHUs, RoBSST OODEN. (C: F. Chandler) 

Science, n. ■. aj: si3-4(3oMro6}. 
Donnan, Harcu* R. P. 

Keorgaoizalitin of the Unionist party. Monthly 

SL Nich. 34: 6o(No6). 
Dorr, Rheta C. 

Crowning of Haakon VII. Harp. W. 50: 1054- 

Women wage-camera. Nation, 83: 153-3(11 
F06). • 

DoRVPUOBUS on a red-bgured lecythui. (Robert 
C. McMahon) Am. J. Aithgol. ad s. to: 405- 
Uossj, Uosso, An unknown picture by. (Claude 

Phillips) Art J. 58: 353-6(Do6). 
Dot pictures. The. (Mlmret Tohnaon) St. Nich. 

33: .078-9<0q6). 34: a6-7(No6). 
DotSD, CanoU W. 

Methods of dealing with birth-rate statistics. 
Am. Statis. Assoc. 10: 156-97(806). 
Do^, AlTa^ 
Modem quarantliw. Booklover't M. 7; 6aa- 
Doubtful age. The. (A. C Muirhead) Cent. 50: 

365-79(Jlo6), 496-sio(Ago6). 
. DotMing eaitie. (Georgia W. Pangbom) Book- 
man, ay. 49i-5(Jlo6). 
DoiraALL, Lily, novelist. (K. L. Macpheison) 

Canad. M. 17: 47S-io(So6). 
Donglaa, J. 
Munk's Ariiona iketchet. Nation, 8a£o-i(is 

Shalu'i Man and the earth. Nadoo, 8>: 185- 
Douglas, Robert B. 

Tlie folk-lore of Paris. Monthly R. 14, no. 3: 

Stevenson at Fontainebleau. Macmil. n. s. t: 
340-7 (Mro6). 
Douglas, Stuart L. 

Westward hot Outing, 48; 6i4-7(Ago6). 





Douglas, 5»f W : Feites. Arl J. 58: ii8-ao 

I>oiigUBs, Ead S. 

Generic lumea of meiycoidodonts. Science, 

DovKHABOOKS of Manitotw. Canod. M. 36: 181-4 


How to protect Niagara Falls. Out). 83: 170- 
Dow, Joy Whealer. 
A boiue that can really be built for $7,500. 
Ctiy Life Am. 9: 3t7-8(Jao6). 

Henrik Ibsen. Contemp. 90: 65a--7s(NoQ. 
DowiB, J: Alex. The downfall of a prophel. 
(H: Underwood} Harp. W. 50: ie57(t3Do6). 

— Ttw dieam of. (W: E. Barton) Indep. 60: 

DOWLAND, J:, New facta about. (Wm. H. G. 

Flood) Gent. M. n. s. 77: 387-91(806). 
D(»le, A^es C. 

The bibliography of the navr. Nation, 83: 

Doyk, ^ir Arthar Conan. 

An incursion into diplomacy. [Comh.] Liv. Age, 

350; 43-9(7jlo6). 
Dcvla, F: 
The fascination of orchids. [Conih.] Lir. Age, 

•♦8: 37-3s(6Jao6). 
Dkatt, mechanical. Conditions of pioduction of. 

(WalterB.Snow) Gassier, 39: 398-406(11106}. 
DRAriiNG-KOOU, Economic equipment and man- 
agement of. (T: Doane Perry) Engin. M. 31: 

Draoa, Qu^ oj Servia, Truth concerning, by her 

sister. (C. P. Luuyevitza} Form. 86: 1065- 

74(Do6). • 

Dnge, 0«oSrey. 
The progress of British imperialism. Fortn. 

86: 6S-73(Jlo6)- 
Dkaoo doctrine of non-enforce.nent of claims. 

Sat. R. 102: 324-5 (a8Ago6). 

— International law and. (G. W. Scott) No. Am. 

183: 6o2*io(sOo6). 
Drake, Sir Fkancis, and the " Golden Hind." 

(J; R. Spears) Outing, 48: 743-6(506). 
Drake, Jeame. 
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NarBisiui. Cath. World, 83; 303-i9(Myo<S), 
■ 3'5-3'(Jeo6), 483-96(1106), 598-61 i(Ago6), 
733-4S(So6) 84: »i-3s(Oo6), i6i-7s(No6), 
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179: 389-30 1 (Mro6}, 46o-79(Apo6}, 648-66 
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419— 29(Mro6}. 

— in New York. (J. E. Webber) Canad. M. 17; 


— Literature and the modern. (H. A Jones) 

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86: io84-94(Do6). 

— Flaw of the season in New York, (J. E. 

Webber) Canad. U. 18: iJi-9(bo6). 

Draua, Religious. (R. Lawson) Macmil. n. s. i : 
S05-i2CMj'o6).— Liv. Age, 349; 6ii-6(9Jeo6) 

— The social, and its purpose. (J. Hopp) EcL 

M. 146: 4-ii(j8o6}. 

— Some great old plays. 111. "Rip Van Winkle." 

(J. L. Ford) Munsey, 35: 7a-s(Apo6). 
Drama of Devon, A. (H. Hutchinson) [Conih.] 

Liv.Age,348: 356-66(1 0F06}. 
Dramatic CRlrtc; Can he be quite honest ? (Also 

Dak]Coamopol. 41; 397-404(Ago6). 

— Confesdons of a. Indep. 60: 49i;^(iMro6). 

Dramatic iobh and substance. (P. LittcU) Con- 
temp. 89: 568-75(Apo6).-Liv.Age,349: 546- 

Dramatic season in New York, 1906. (J. E. 

Webber) Canad. M. 17: o-iC^Uyttd). 
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Indep. 61: 73S-43Ca7So6}. 
Draper, Andrew Hi. 

The trend of American education. Appleton's 

M. 8; i46-si(Ago6). 
The university presidency. Allan. 97: 34-^3 

Dbawing, English; the Leigbton House exhi- 
bition. (T, Martin Wood) Studio (Tntemat) 

39: 5;-<i(J'°^- 

Landscape and figure sketdies of olds 

masters. (T.M.Wojd) Studio (Intemat.) 30: 
• ii9-37(Do6}. 

— Pendl, from nature. (Alfred East) Studio 

(IntemaL) 30: a3-3i(No6). 
Drawings, Machine-made line, foe illustratiog 

scienti£c papers. (R. A. Daly) Sci. Am. Supp. 

61: 25156(1 7Mro6). 
Draum ihMtrt, Tkt. (J. B. Connolly) Scrib. M. 

40; 46»-7(Oo6). 
Drayton, Michael, Revival of. (W. A. Bradley) 

Dial (Chic.) 41: 10-11(1 JI06). 
"DREADNOtTOHT," British battleship. (Pompeius) 

Fortn. 85: 8S3-94(Myo6).-Sd. Am. 94: 

io8-9(ioMro6), 95 : i38(25Ago6). — Cossier, 

30: i34-43{Teo6): 

— and "South CatoUDa," Battleships. ScL Am. 

95= 3«3-4Ca70o6)- 
—, The scare about. (Park Benjamin) Indep. 60: 

"Dheadnooght" naval policy. A, (A. Kurd) 

FMtn. 86; ioi7-33{Do6). 
DBEAUS.odd, and old houses. Genl. M. n. s. 76: 

348-5 6(Myo6), 
Dredd, RimJn. 
The Grubb street legend. Bookman, ay. 313- 

DREDOtNG PLANT, A huge, for use in India. Sci. 

Am. Supp, 6a: 3S774(3No6). 
Dreher, W:C. 

The year in Germany. Atlan. 98: d63-74(No6). 
Dresden exhibition of craftsmanship. (.Heintidi 

Pudor) Craftsman, ir: ioo-6(Oo6). 
Drew, J: (A. Davies) Munsey, 34; 630-6(Fo6). 
Drew, Hary I, 

Mr. Gladstone's library at 'St. Deiniol's, Hawar- 

den.' 19th Cent. 59:944-54(5606). — Liv. Age, 

350: 403-ia(i8Ago6). 
DBEvrus, Alfred, The end of the "Affaire." 

(Outlook (Lond.)] Liv. Age, 350: 441-3(18 


— A modem tragedy. Outl.83: 640-i(ujlo6}, 

— Some notes on the case. (James J. Fox) Calh. 

World, 83: 664-79(Ago6). 

d by Google 


Duvros, Alfkbd, Spiritual TCffenentioii of. (J: 
Spargo) Craflsman, 10: 6]^(Ago6). 

Drink from the Haisayampa, A. (G. B. Rodney) 
Lippinc.78: 366-71(506). 

DklKKIMa. Alcoholism. (E. Powell) Econ. R. 
16: 30S-M(Jlo6)- 

Dunking -VESSELS, Leather. Pt. I. The 


bouse. Gent. M. n. 9. 76: 363-74(^/06). 
II. The Blac' ''--'- " -' " - ' "'■ 

484-97 (Jeo6). 

: Black Jack. Gent. 

». 76: 

— III. The leather bottle. Gent. M. n. s. 77: 


- IV. 1 heir makers. Gent. M.n, s. 77: 367-76 

OrtecoD, Clank 
Cuemavaca, Mexico. Booklover's M. 7: 376-g 
DBtvnJC in the hai country. (R. M. McBride) 

Ctry Life Am, 10; i73-s(Jeo6). 
Dbostdy Mission Inbtitote, Worcester, So. 

Africa. Miss. R. 19: 446-S(Jeo6). ■ "* 
DxcmoT, Antodtx, Napoleon's gunner. (Wilfrid 
C. Robinaon) Am. Cath. Q. 31: 33-47G«o6). 
DtowHi £• S* 

Does Christian J>elief require metaphysics? 
HibbertJ. 4: sa7-39{Apo6). 
Dxnos, Need and testing of pure. (Hugo Erichsen) 

ScL Am. 95: a8o-i(ioOo6). 
Dkumlinoids of the CaUtonk folio. (G. D. Hub- 
bard) Am. Geog.Soc. Bull. 38: 355-6s(Jeo6). 
Dkitsy, Alfred, sculptor. (A. L. Baldry) Studio 

(Inteniat.) a8: 3-i8(Mro6). 
J>nrj, E. C. 
The farmers and the tariff. Canad. M. 36: 556- 
Dnur, S: H. 

Man and beast. Atlan. 97: 4ao-3(Mio6). 
Drdsbs of Mt. Lebanon, The. (G: DooUtlle) 

Miss. R. 19: 535-93(Ago6), 677-84(506). 
DiTdeii, J:F. 

AlockcanaL Indep. 60: i5i3-8(j8Jeo6). 
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Dry dock. The CaviK. (Day A. Willey) Sci. Am. 

04: io~i(6Jao6). 
Ihiane, W; 

Eleciricily from the radium products. Science, 
n.s.a4: 48-g(i3Jlo6)- 
DuBLiM, Trinity College, RojftI commission on. 

Alh. '06, 9: 479(aaOo6). 
DllBLDi Universitv in relation tb Irdand. (U. 

A. Hinkaon) CaCh. World, 84: 36-47(006). 
Dn Boia, W. E. Burghardt. 
Anti-negro riots; a. litany of Atlanta. Indep. 

61: 8s6-8(tiOo6). 
Slavery and its alti:rmath, Merriam and Sinclair 
on. Dial (Ch.) 40: 394-5(iMyo6). 
Dock decoys. How to make. (L. B. Hunt) Out- 
ing) 49: 4ii-j(Do6). 
Ducks. Spec- g6; i7s(3Ko6). 
— Punt and battery duLk-shooling, (V/. H. Sage) 

Outing, 47: 54s-9(Fo6). 
Dbdev ant-Sand, Solange, Mme. Clesinger 

Macmil. n. s. i: 862-71(506). 
Due, C. L. 

Ibsen's early youth. Critic, 49: 33-4o{]lo6>. 
Duel, The passing of the. (Alfred Fellows) 

0!^. «(3-9i(Ago6), 309-»a(So6), 497-509 

Doerden, j. E. 

Defects in ostrich feathers in South Africa. 
Nature, 74: ss-6(i7Myo6). 
Diut, A. (H. Baldwin) New Eng. M. n. a. 35! 

Dxrrr, Auxandek. J (Arthur T. Pienon) Mlafc R. 

19: a47-S3(Apo6). 
Duff, Sir Hountstoait B. Giamt. 

Notes and stories from a diary. Chamb. J. 8j: 

Duff, Sir Mountstuakt Grant, with portiut. 
(G; T. Goldie) Geog. J. 3j: 3o6-8{Mro6). 
DuS, A. Wilmsr. 

Uniform acc«leratioQ. Sdenct^ n. a. u: SS* 
Duffield, W. B. 
Political paitiea and the new miniitry. Fortn. 

85; a38-40(Fo6). 
Toryism and tariffs. Fort n. 83: 4a7-38(Mro6). 
Dugmora, A. Raddyfle. 

Autumn leaves for Christmas decorations. 

Ctry Life Am. 11: i69-76(Do6). 
Fishing for the golden trout. Ctry Life Am. 10: 

Sania Glaus and his reindea:. Ctry Life Am. 

11: ..i!3-6<Do6). 
A wilderness club that pays ita own way. Ctry 
Life Am- 9: a8ch93(Jao6). 
Dulu payi, Tht. (W. E. Cule) [Chamb. J.] Uv. 
Age, 948: 13-18. ioS-9. i44-9t «>S-»^ a74-*> 
(6-a7ja, 3F06). 
DuLttTB. (Dwight E. Woodbridge) New Eng. 
M. n. ». 3S: 331-43(006). "> . 

DUKAS, Alex. - A Dumaa portfolio. (Harry A. 
Spurr) Bookman, aa: 45o-6o(Jao6), t,6i-S 
(F06). ay. ss-6a(Mro6), 
DtntAS fiU, A monument to. (F. J. Mather, ]r.) 

Nation, 81: 5a4-s<a8Jeo6). 
Dunfttib,Th: (Margaret Hughea) Overland, n.i. 

Bookman,i3: iS5-6(Apo6). 
Duncan, Frances. 

Gardens of Cornish. Cent 50; i-i9(MyioQ. 

LifeofGeorgeHerbert. Critic, 49: i83-5(Ato6). 

■"" -plact." " ■ ■^^• 

Duncan, Rorman. 
Caslajoay on Feather' i Folly. CoamopoL 41: 

Every man for ktmtuf. Harper, 113! 955-63 

They vdu lou at love. Harper, ita: 33S-46 

The wayfarer. Allan. 98: l4S-56(Ago6). 
Dnncan, Robert Kenne^. 
The chemistry of commerce. Harper,ii3: 184- 

Chemistry and the world's food ; the fixation of 

nitro^n. Harper, iia: 73Mi(Apo6). 
Harvesting floral perfumes. lArper, ir3: 934- 



Duncan, Robert Kennedjr. 
Higb temperatures and modem industr;. Harper, 
"3: 683-9»COo6). 

Some raic elemcDts and their application. 

Harper, iijr 4i7-i4(Ago6). 
The wonders of cellulose. [Chemistry ot com- 
merce, IV.] Harper, 113: S73-33(So6). 
IHuwlI,0. R. 

Speed and atabilitr in railroad traveluig. Nature, 
74: 636-8(35006). 
Dunham, CftrrolL 

Anatole Le Braz, a representative Celt of France 
R. of Ra. (N. V.) 33: i97^(Mro6). 

Fish trade of Boston. World To-day, 10; 581- 
DunUip, Orrin E. 

Aluminum transmission line across Niagara 

river. Sd. Am. 94: 3a9(i7Mro6). 
The crime against Niagara Falls. Harp. W, 

SO- 474-6(7Apo6}. 
Giant concrete retaining-walJ at Niagara Falls. 

Sci. Am. 94: 395-6(1 3 My 06). 
New 130,000 horse-power pluit at Niagara Fallc. 
ScLAm. 95: 344-.5(60o6). 
Dunn, Archibald J. 

An Arabian empire. National, 47: 708-801 
' Dunn, Arthur Wallace. 

President Roosevelt and corporate wealth. R. 

of Ra. (N, y.) 34: 687-8(Do6). 
Secretary Root and South America. R. of Ri. 
(N. Y.) 34: 583-9a(No6). 
Dunn, Martha Baker. 
My Shakespeare progresi. Atlan. 98: 518-33 

Philosophyandtramps. Atlan.97: 776-83(Jeo6). 
Dunn, Robert 

Hidden tragedies ot the Arctic whaling fleet. 

Harp. W. 50: i668-9{24No6). 
Japanese atu raiden In Alaska. Harp. W. 50: 
Dunne, E: F. 
Our fight for municipal ownership. Indep. 
61: 937-30(18006). 
Dunning, James E. 
Tht wood «f Breteia. Harp. W. 50: 530-3 
Dunning, W: A. 

More light on Andrew Johnson. Am. Hist. 
R.11: 574-94(Apo6). 
Dunraven, Eart of. 
Moderate reform in Ireland. 19th Cent. 51^; 
25-9 (Jao6). 
Dunstan, Wyndbam. 

Chemistry section British Assoc. Opening ad- 
dress, 1906. Nature, 74: 36i-6(9Ago6). 
Dunton, Edith Kellogg. 

More of the Pre-Rapha elites. Dial (Ch.) 41: 

Fre-Raphaelitism from a new angle. Hunt on. 
Dial (Ch.) 40: ii3-6(i6Fo6). 
Dupuj, Georges. 
The conquering automobile. Indep. 6o: 844- 
DuitAND, Sir MoRTDiEB, with portrait. (C: 
Johnston) Harp. W. 50: 334, 45(»7Fo6)- 

Durand, Ralph A. 

Ckimpaapu. Macmil. n. s. i; 3ii-3o(Fo6). 

— Eel. M. 146; 304-9{Apo6). 
Indentured labor -under British rule. Monthly 

R. 33, no. 1: 39-46(Myo6). 
Mtutu and her husbands. Maonil. n. s. i: 937— 
Durand, W: E. 

Collision forces in automobiles. Sci. Am. Supp. 
Durant, H. R. 

Tki abduOum oj Red Kdiy. Munsey, 35: 330-5 

Hurricane Harry. Munsey, 34: 397-4oa(Jao6). 
What the tiroH faiitd. sluniey, 36: 113-ai 
DureU,J. C. V. 
' Religbnii revival of the Renaissance. 19th 

Cent 60: 443-53(806). 
DoBBAM, Lord, and the cobues. (V. R. Mark- 

kara) 19th Cent 59: 9'4-S3(Jee*)- 
Durland, Kellogg. 

Aladyin, Russia's first "walking delegate," R. 

ofRs. (N.Y.)34; i68-7i(Ago6). 
1 he fiasco of insurrection at Kronstadt Indep. 

61: 864-7(11006). 
Steerage impositions. Indep. 61: 499-504(30 
Durley, R. J. 

High-lift turbine pumps. Engin. M. 31: 503-35 
Dumstein, Adalbert von. 

Prince von Billow, chancellor of Germany. 
World'sWork, 11: 7iSi-5(Foa). 
Duryea, Edvia, jr. 

A better dty; the great opportunity now before 
San Francisco. Overland, n. s. 48: t09-a» 
Fire protection the great need of San Francisco. 

Overland, n. s. 48: 385-8(No6). 
The Sallon Sink, Cat., and irrigation floods. 
Out West. 24: 3-i4(Jao6). 
Dust, atmospheric, New methods of delennining 
the amount of. (Alfred Gradenwitz) Sd. Am. 
94: io8{3Fo61. 
Dutch in America, The. (H. N. Casson) Uunsey, 

36: 338-43(No6). , 
DuTCHwoiuN outdoors. The. Craftsman, 10; 

Duttoa, Arthur H., Capl. 
Mystery of the Mary Ctteste. Overland, n. s. 48: 

Taitsoflhetea. Overland, n.s.48: 179-81(806). 
The triumph of the automobile. Overland, n. a. 
48: i45-S4(So6). 
Dutton, C. E. 

Volcanos and radioactivity. Pop. Sci. Mo. 68: 
Dutton, Haude Barrows. 

Prayer-book of Cardinal Crimani. Critic, 48: 
Dutton, S:T. 

International conferences of education and the 
Bern Conference. Educa. R. 31: 307-14 
Duty, The sacrament of. (Joseph McSorley) 

Cath. World, 84; 389-97(006). 
Duval, W; P., Gen. (C: Johnsloo) Harp. W. 50: 




Tbe Ame 


meiican consular service. Bookraui, >3 : 
The house of glass. Haip. W. 50: 554-7, 63 

SIbouettes of lite. Worid To-day, to: 397-400 
Tne missionaiy cDteipTise in 1905. Miss. R. 

Dwiefat, Walter. 

EUennc Bnili Am. Cath. Q. 31: 48s-93(Jlo6). 
Djar, Muriel CampbelL 

Tlu beau. Harper, iii: 39*-9(Fo6). 
Dym, J.-Marou, Work of. Archil. Rec. 10; 385- 

Dyer, L: 

Details of Ihe Olympian treasuries. J. Hel. Stud. 
»6: 46-83(Myo6). 
Dyer, Walter A. 
The collecting of old sitverwaie. Ctry Life Am. 

11: 63-6<rfo6). 
Comparative building costs. Ctiy Life Ar*. 

10: 633-6{Oo6). 
Furnishing a house for $1500. Ctry Life Ara. 

9: 4i&-ai(Fo6). 
Old blue colonial tabteware. Ctry Life Am, 

10: 4i3-6(Ago6). 
Old glassware. Ctiy Life Am. 11: i6s-8(Do6). 
Sun-dials in modern gardens. Ctry Life Am. 

9: 537-4i(Mro6). 
The truth about antique furniture. Ctry Life 
Am 9: 7o6-io(Apo<S). 
Dyer, W. T. Thiselton. 
Agricultdre and the British empire. Nature, 73: 
Dyes, Artificial, titrstu natural. (O N. Witt) Sci. 

Am.Supp.6i: as 141(37 Jao6). 
DiMAincs of living matter, Loeb's. {C. fi Pcir^) 

Nation, 83: i7-8(5jlo6). 
Dynamo, A simple experimental. (Paul H. 

Woodruff) Sci. Am. 95: 485(19006). 
DvNAHOMETEK. Simple, for school gymnasium 
testing. (T: R. Baker) Sci. Am. 94: 155(17 
DvNAKOFHONE, Dr. Thaddeus Cahill's. (R S. 

Baker) McClure, tj: ai)i-30i(Jlo6). 
Dysertk diamond, Tlu. (A. Colberk) Chamb. J. 
83: 769-74, 787-9, 803-5(1)06). 

E. Holbrook'i patience, (Georgia W. Pangborn) 

Appleton'sM. 8: i39-4s(Ago6). 
Each to hit ligkit. (J. B. Connolly) Harper, iia: 
_ 953-7(My°*)- 
Nelaon, N. Q., and bis great work. Arena, 36: 
Eaolz, Bald, of the United States. Sd. Am. Supp. 

6a: »S77o-i (37006). 
BardlCT-Wilmot, 9. 
A plea for seamanship in the Navy. No. Am. 
i8i; 875-as(Jeo6). 
Earle, F. S. 
Agricultural Cuba. World To-day, ji: 1175-84 
Early Victorians and ourselves. (G. S. Street) 
Fortn. 86: 87i-8o(No6) 

Earp, F. R. 

George Marlowe. Indep. R. 9: 9l-lo8(Apo6). 
Eabth, Age of our. (Charles R. Keyes) R. of Ra. 
(N.'^)}3r 4<56-8(Apo6). 

— Internal heat of, and thickness ot cnist. 

Sci. Am. Supp, 6a: 85650-1(8506). 

— Rigidity of the, (T, J. J. See) Science, n. s. 

14: 558-9(jNo6). 

— Measunng the. (E: Marshall) World To-day, 

10: a63-9(Mro6), 

— Origin of the, (F. H, Moullon) Pop. Astron. 

14: 3a7-3a(Je-JlQ6), 

— surface of. Corrosion of. Am. Arch, 90: 181 

Eahtb-eatebs in India. Nature, 74: S43-4Ci'7 

Earthquake at Rangra, 1905. Nature, 73: 41S- 


— at Stanford university. Science, n. s. 13: 716-7 


— San Francisco, Cause of. (D: S.Jordan) 

Cosmopol. 41: 343-S'{Ago6). 
Geology of, (J. C, Branncr) Out West, 24: 

Investigation of. (G. K. Gflbert) Pop. Sd- 

Mo. 69: 97-iis(Ago6). 
Seismograph ana magnetograph records of. 

(L. A, Bauer) Pop. Sd, Mo. 69: ii*-a7(Ago6). 
See aho SaN FraNCISCO. 
Earthquake countries, Building in. (Monies* 

su3deBallore)Am. Arch.oo: i49-so(ioNo6), 

i5S-6(i7No6), i63-4(hNo6). 
EarthquakE'Recordzrs, European. Sd.Am. 94: 

Earthquakes. (J. Milne) National, 47: 6o(t-ai 

(Jeo6).—(Cami]lenammarion) Sd.Am. Supp. 

6a: 25861-2(8006). 

— and their causes. (J. F. Kemp) Outl. 81: 


— and volcanic eruptions. (A. P. Cloleman) 

Canad, M, 27: l40-4(Jeo6). 

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day, 10: 6i4-6(J«>6), 

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d by Google 



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ni. (L 

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26j;-7* CJI06). 

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S: T. Stead) R. of Ra. {N. Y.) 34: 733-7 
>6)— (James Moorhouse) Nalional, 47 : 575- 

1906. Bishop llsley %nd. (J. H. Muir- 

head) Hibberl J. 5: 64-73(006). 

A forecast. (Beriah G. ffvans) Monthly 

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[19th Cent.] Liv. Age, t^i: 525-:9(iDo6).^ 
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A lost opportunity. (James M. Wilson) 

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Prospects of the bUl. (H. Paul) iglh 

Cent. 60: i4S-Si(J''>6). 

— — — The religious difficulty. (S: A. Barnctt) 

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The secular solution. (.1 : M. Robertson) 

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Schoolmaster* and their maslers. (D. C, 

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The Catholic threat of passive resistance. 

(P. T, Forsyth) Contemp, 89: 56»-7(Apo6). 
- Conflict or compromise? {D. C. Lathbury) 


Rogers) I9lh Cent. 

I9lh Cent. 60: 136-44(1106). 
— Controversy on. (J. G. "" 
60: 337~44(Ago6). 

~ The crisis in, (W; Barry) Calh. World, 83: 

Elementary, and the reliiious question. (A, 

V. Dicey) ^fation, 8a: so6-7(3iJeo6). 

future of denominational schools. (M. E. 

Sadler) Indep. R. 9: iS3-63(Jeo6), 

— in France. (E. P. Baillot) Educa. j6: 385-93 


— in Germany. (M. D. Earned) Educa. 27; 25- 


and mis-education. (J. EJlis Barker) Con- 
temp. 90: 516-33(006). 

System of. (Wolf von Schierbrand) No. 

Am, J83: 376-ai(So6). 

— in Mexico. (A. T. Smith) Educa. 16: 563-5 


— "in New Jersey, Legal status of. (C. J. Battler) 

Educa. a6: ^gfr^Appfi). 

Education in Scotland; how ought it to be 
organized? (Jas. Donaldson) Contemp. 89: 

— In the South. (L. Hulley) Educa. 36; 486-8 


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The value of; a rejoinder. (C. Lester) 

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14: 833-45{23Do6). 

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R. 32: 56-83(Jeo6). 

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-4(Apo6). • 

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(R. B, Lattimer) Monthly R, 35, no. i: Qi- 


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(A, T. Smith) Educa, 27: 343-4(006). 

— U. S, commissionership of. (Osisian Lang; 

C:M.Gayley) Nation, 83: 8-io(sJlo6)- 
EDUCATiONU,ADUDnsTRATiON, Pni^ressof. (Nich- 

olasM. Butler) Educa. R. 33: 515-34(006). 
Educational bibliography. Recent. (J. I. Wyeri 

School R. 14: S94-6oo(Oo6). 
Educational concohdat not compromise; a 

reply. {J. G. Rogers) Fortn. 85: 333-46 

Educational cotniSEs in German universiti^. 

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Educational octlooe, 1906. (Oasian H. Ixmg] 

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Educational untty. American drift toward. 

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Edward III., Iht Confessor, Shrine of. (Louise 

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Edward VII., Early days of, (JWri. B. Lowndes) 

Munsey, 36: 350-6(006). 

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Zdwardes, C : 

In the bishop's palace. Chamb. J. 83: 353-6, 

376-fio, 394-8, 4io-3(Jeo6). 
The Jerusalem of the West [Santiago]. CcnI. 

M. n, s. 76: 3o-4i(Jao6). 



EdWKTibB, C: 
The laird and his tenaots. Macmil. 
8}8-so(So6).-Ecl. M. 147: 435-4=(No6)- 
■-"■ Ab«i 'S^' a03-ii(a70o6), 
Edw«rd^ Albert. 
Eye-witness's story of the revolution in Russia. 
Haip. W. sor 138-30(1 7F06), »58-6i{a4Fo6). 
Openingof the Duma in Russia. Indep. 6a: 

The Peasants' Union of Russia. Indep. 61: i47'- 

Edwards, C. B. 

Incident of Lincoln's first White House reception. 
„.. Ce"t-S?;63fr-7CAgo6). 
Edwards, Clement. 

The goTcrnment trade-disputes bilL igth Cent. 
6o- S87-93CO06). 
Edwardt, ElUu Jay. 

Sturgis) Scrib. M. 3g: iJS-8{Jao6}. 
Edwards, HaiTj StiUweU. 
Fimeral of Rat Brooks. .Cent. 50: 447-39(1106) 
The negro and the South. Cent. 50: aia-S 

"Shadow"; a Chrislmat slory. Cent, si: S78- 
Edwards, Jonathan, The descendants of. (D. 

O. S. Lowell) MuHsey. 35: 363-73(1606). 
Edwards, Louise Betts. 

That Russian. Scrib. M. 40; »04-l4(Ago6). 
Edwards, MatUda B. Betham. 

The vanished salon. Chamb. J. 83: ii3-4(Fo6). 

Effect abroad, The. (R. Ogden) Nation, 83: 483 


Effemmization " of the United States. (J. Conger- 

Kaneko) World's Work, 13: 7S3i-4(M)ro6). 

KETiaENClKS. (James Swinburne) Sci. Am. Supp. 

61: 35 i99-i53oo{34Fo6), 
EmOENCY. The "goodness" fallacy. (W: H, 

Allen) World's Work, 13: 8i86-9{No6). 
— Industrial. Spec 97: 493-4(6006). 
Egaa, Maurice Frauds. 
The bond of comradeship. .Scrib. M. 40: 88-97 


Tkt descent of Blanche. Cent. 50: 7i3-23(So6). 

F.CGS of mollusks. Chemical methods of making 

them mature. (Jacques Loeb) Sci. Am. Supp. 

61: asii4{i3Jao6)- 

Econsii, The literature of. Quar. joi;: 315-41 

(JIo6). = Liv. Age, 350: 707-94(33806). 

August Bebel. Spec. 96: 3sa-3(3Mro6) 
ECYPT, British. (Emesl Crosby) Arena, 35: jSa- , 

R- ig: 665-74(So6V 

- England, and Turkey. (H. Spender) Con- 

temp. 90; 457-71(006). 

- England in. (O. G." Villard) Nation, 83: 17-8 


- Fellah's yoke-male. (Sir W. F. MWville) Fortn. 

85: io93-"o,';(Je«5). 

— Islamic influence a^inst British rule. Sat. 

R. I03:69-7o:3ijlo6). 

— The new nationalism in. (Wilfrid S. Blunt) 

Indep.R.ii: 33-15(006). . 

— The road to the East. (C. F. Lavell) Chaut. 

44: 303-3SCN06). 

Egypt, A tour In, (J. Kendal) Am. Calh. Q. 31 : 

Egyptian hbeearch accotjnt, The. (W. C. 

Winslow) Nation, 8»: ii7(8Fo6) 
Egyptians in Sinai, The; an account of recent dis- 
coveries. (W; M. Flinders-Petrie) Harpier, 

113 : 440-7(Fo6). 
EIchmapD, Andrew E. 

Difficulties in thedefinilion of education. E^u-> 

ca. a6: 393-9(Mro6). 
Eidolons of Brooks Atford, The. (W. D. Howells) 

Harper, 113: 387-97(Ago6). 
Bi|iniiiiaim, Cari H. 
The fresh- water fishes of South and middle 

America. Pop. Sci. Mo. 68: Si5-3o(Jeo6). 
• Other side of evoIutiDn. Science, n. s. 33: 576- 

Smithsonian Institution and research. Science, 

n. s. 34: sS3-6(aNo6). 
EiGHT-HOUK movement in New York. (G. G. 

Groat) Pol-Sci. Q. ai: 414-33(806). 
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A West Indian Ireland. Indep. R. 9: 398-309 

EiTEL Fkitz, Prince, and his bride. (F. Cunliffe- 

Owen) Munsey, 34: 4i3-4(j8o6). 
El ingiesito. Btackw. 179: i8o-303(Fo6). 
Eldred, C. B. 

Rothenburg, the fantastic. Studio (Internal.) 

>8: 3'3-7(Jeo6). 
Elbekveld systeu, The, in England. (A. Holden 

Byles) Indep. R. ^: 159-73(11706). 
Eleanor of Aquitaine, Queen. Letters lo Pope 

Celestine IIL (B. A. Lees) Eng. Hist. R. 

31 : 78-9a(Jao6). 
Election pbaud petitions. Sat. R. 101; 779 

ELEcnON MANNERS in England. (Sydney Brooks) 

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Election reforms; the trend towards democracy. 

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— Contested; decision by judges. (A. T. Dicey) 

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— of 1906, National aspect ot the. (O. G. Villard) 

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Electoral aboses in England. (W. J. Fisher) 

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Electoral corruption in England, in the odi 

days (A. Potlow) No Am. i8a: 375-84(Fo6). 
Electric alternator, A 130,000 period. (Emilc 

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Electric batteries. Arrangement of cells in. 

(G; M. Hopkins) Sci. Am. Sup). 61: 35464 

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Electric carbons a source of light. (W. F. 

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Electric central stations, Getting new business for. 

(F: M. Kimball> Casder, 30: sS-^7(Myo6), 

»7S-9(J«'6)' — J- C- Himmond) Gassier, 30: 

a?6-6o(Jlo6).^{R. L. Goodalei Gassier, 31; 

Elictric ^ata. (G : M. Hopkins) Sci. Am. Supp 

61: a509^4(6Jso6). 




Elkctuc cinuiKNTS of big^ teodtm, Simple experi- 

mema. (T: R. Hopper) Scl. Am. Supp. 61: 

Electuc DiKXCT-cnKftENT service. The field of. 

(H. L. Abbot) easier, 19: 457(Apo6). 
Elzctbic discharge through gases applied to 

spectroscop)'. (J. J. Thomson) Nature, 73: 

^LECiuc DRivx, Some ecoaomical aspects of the. 

(F. U. Feiker) Gassier, 30: 543-53(006). 
Electric OENekatox, consunl-pressure. Experi- 
ments on a. (C. M. Garland) Engin. M. 31 : 

707-1 r(Ago6). 
EtECTKic LiCHTi the flaming arc light. (A. F: 

Collins) Sd. Am. 95: 7o-i(i8Jlo6). 
EtECTKic LOCOMOTIVES, Singlc-phasc, in Bavaria* 

and Sweden. (Frank C. Perkins) Sd. Am. 

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Electkic machinery for mines. (G: Farmer) 

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— for mining and milling. (Gr V. Allen) Engin, 

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— in Mexican mkiea. (C: V. Allen) Engjn. M. 

31: a48-7j(SoC). 3:1: 3S-44(Oo6). 
Electric motors in agriculture. (Franz Kocster) 
Engin. M. 31: 6^7-67(.\gD6). 

— Speed characlerutiCB and control of. (C; F. 

Scott) Enpn. M. 31T 6o-gj(Apo6;, 199-314 

Electric oroan in an American fish. (U. 

Dahlgren) Science, n. s. 13: 469-7o(93Mro6) 
Electric power, purchased. Advantages of. (H. 

B, Gear) Gassier, 30: saiHS(Oo6), 
Electric power-house economies. (W.. P. Han- 
cock) Gassier, 30: 8s-9{Myo6). 
Electric power plant. An, in the West Indies. 

(Perrival R. Motes) Engin. M. 30: 569-78 


— Planning and construction of. (A. E. Dixon) 

Engin. M. 31: 909-34(306). 3a: 58-86(006), 
337-47CN06), 37o-go(Do6).- 

— Boftalora-Ticino hydro-. (Alfred Gradenwilz) 

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— Hydro-, at Engelberg and Obermatt, Switzer- 

land. (Enrico Bignani) Engin. M. 3a: 196- 

ELErxRic RAItWAV HS 8 social factor. (Karl E. 

Haxiiman) World To-day, 10; i37-44(Fo6). 
Electric railways inlenirban, in Ohio, Economic 

and social effectsof the. (Ernest L.Bogart) 

J. Pol. Econ. 14: s8s-6oi(Do6). 

— Operating cost and revenue of. (H. S.Knowltonl 

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— Single-phase alternating current for, ILionel 

Calisch) Sd. Am. Supo. 61: 15200-1(14^06) 
Electric sfask, The. (G. A. Hemsalech) Sci. 

Am. Supp. 61: a? 144-7(3 7jao6). 
Electric stations. Rotary converter sub-stations 

of the Long Island railroad. Sd. Am. Supp. 

61: 3S47o-i(j3jeo6). 
Electric traction bv attematine currents. (L; 

Bell) Engin. M. 30: 6q3-^fFo6>. 

— In the Simplon tunnel, . (A. Gradenwitz) Sd. 

Am. 94,; 99o(7Apo6). 

— single-phase, Advent of. (C. F. Jenkin) Sci. 

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Electric waves, Gonlrol of the direction of. (W: 

Marconi) Sci. Am. Supp. 61: 25478-9(33 

Electrical MUSIC. Sd. Am. 94: 268-9(3iMro6). 
Electricity; advertising in connection with 

electrical supply. (Arthur A. Day) Gassier, 

30: 467-8(506), 

— Atmospheric, and trees. Sd. Am. Supp. 61: 


— and magnetism. Half a decade of progreia in. 

(Edwin J. Houston) Gsader, 29: aSo-9(Fa6). 

— and matter in a gaseous state. (Edgar L. 

■Lafkin)Sci. Am.95: iii(j8Ago6). 

— from the radium products. (W. Duanc)Sdence, 

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— in domestic uses. (H. S. Knowltoti) Gassier, 

30: 99-ios(Jeo6), 

— in the foundry. (H. S. Knowllon) Caasier, 29: 

Electricity in the home. (Harold Stannard) 
Sci. Am. Supp, 61; 35428-3o(aJeo6).— (H. W. 
Hiliman) Gassier, 31: 25-35(No6). 

— in hospitals. (Emile Guarini) Sd. Am. 94: 


— Storage of higb-teuion, by means irf valvei. 

(Oliver Lodge) Sd. Am. Supp. 61: 15106-7 

— What is? (W: Ramsay) Indep. 60: 1416-30 

Electricity's farthest north. {G: H. Guy) 

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Electrification of steam railways. (W: Maver, 

• jr.) R. of Rs. (N. Y.) 34: 7i2-3i(Do6). 
Electro-chemical and elector-metallur^caJ indus- 
tries in 1906. (J: B. G- Kershaw) Gassier, 30: 

ELEClROcHEUiSTRy, Hcpkins's ' Experimental. ' (E. 

F. Smith) Science, n. s. 33: 8i2-3(25Myo6). 
Electrolysis, Remedies for. (A. A. Knudson) 

Gassier, 30: 337-4a(Ago6). 
ELECTKO-METALLUROy of iron and steel. Recent 

advances in. (R. S. Hutlon) Sd. Am. Supp. 

62: 2s8o9-ii(i7No6). 
Electro-technical industries. (G: F. Welsh) 

Sd. Am. 04: 66-7(2oJao6). 
Electrons, The shape of. (A. R. Bucherer) Ath. 

'06, i; 365-6(»4Mro6). 

— Thfory of, and its difficulties. Ath. '06, i: 

769-7o(3.lJeo6), 8oi-3(3ojeo6). 
Elements. Are Ihev transmu table ? (S. L. Bigc 
low) Pop. Sd. Mo. 69: 38-51(1106), 

— Modem transmutation ^ the. (W: Ramsay) 

Nat. Geog. M. 17: 20i-3(Apo6). 

— Some rare, and their application. (R. K. 

Duncan) Harper, 113: 4i7-94(Ago6). 

— Transmutation of, and Helium. (W: Ramsay) 

Ath. '06, i: 30i~9(ioMra6). 
Elementary course of study (Jamea M. Green- 
wood) Educa. R. 3a: 33i-j6(No6). 
Elephant, Ancestors of the. Sci. Am. 95: 406-7 

-The Blat. (G: MaxweU) [Temple Bar] Liv. 

Age, 251; 93-9(13006). = EcI. M. 147: ';'i-6 

Elephant hunt of the King of Siam. (Eliza R. 

Scidmore) Nat. Geog. M. 17: 673-9afDc6). 
Elephant huntinc. in Upper India. (L. De 

Guylher) Sci. Am. Supp. 62: 35573-4(4Ago6). 




EuTHAMTS, Tniniw. (A. W. Rolker) Appkton's 

M. 8: 387-96(006). 
Elevators, acddentt in, Preventioa of. (Reginald 

P. Bolton) Engin. M. 31: 40iHS(I>o6). 

— Electricity applied to. (S. Morgan Biishnell) 

Casiier, 30: 9Si-s(Jlo6). 

— Novel. Am. Arch. 89: ioa(i6Jeo6). 
EintrUh how, Tht. (M. H. Foote) Cent. 49: 

EUAK, Sir E; Outl. 84: 3>o-a(HSo6). 
Elnr, Fnndi. 

SirE. J. Reed. Nature, 75: 153-3(1 3D06). 
Elcood, G: S., The art of. (C. Collins Baker) 

Art J. 58: 307-11(006). 
Eii Ik" fddUr. (C. L. ADbx>bu*) [Temp. Bar] Lit. 
Age. 348: 8s-^i(i3j4o6).-EcI. M. 146: 138- 
Eliana; the latest windfall. (W. C. Haxlitt) 

Atlaii.97: »S»-63(3Fo6). 
Qiot,C: W: 
Ameriou) imlTenitles; their resemblances and 

differences. Ednca. R. 31: ia9-34{Fo6>. 
Benjamin FranUin. Science, n. i. ay. 833-9 

Character of the scientific investigator. Educa. 

R.-32: 157-64(506). 
The durable satisfactions of life. McClure, a6 

Endowment of research. Science, n. s. 34: 

Futttre of medicine. Science, n. i. 14: 44^54 

Great riches. World's Work, 11: 7451-60 
Eliot, George, and George Combe. (M. L. 
Jooson) Weatra. 166: ss7-69(No6). 

— Should she have married Herbert Spencer 1 (K. 

A. Graham) Critic, 49: ai'4{Jio6). 
World weathers. Sci. Am. Supp. 61: 25863-3 
Elizabeth. Princeu; a forgotten princess, (R. 
Lucas) Monthly R. 21, no. i: 9i-io6(Fo61. 
Elizabeth, Queen; the story of her d)ing, (J: 

T. O'Shea) Am. Cath. Q. 31: 531-43(1106). 
Elizabeth, Queen of Roumania. 
Jews in Roumania. Cent. 49: 78o-3(Mroo6). 
A new hope for the blind Outl. 84: 758-60 

Sparks from the anvil; or, The thoughts of a 
queen. National, 46; S5o-8(Jao6). 
EuzABETH, Queen of Rumania and the Jews, (A. 

A Landesco) Cent. 50: i6o-i(Myo6). 
Elk, The; greatest game-beast in Europe. (H, 
Prichard) [Biackw.] Liv. Age, 250: 294-303 

— Norway (H Prichard) Biackw. iSo: 104-15 

Commercial relations of Germany. Fortti. 86: 

The law of heredity. No. Am. i8j; 272-80 
EtUngton, E. Way. 
Adrift in New Zealand. Monthly R. 25, n 
Socialism in Germany. Monthly ft. at, n 

ElUi, H«T«lack. 

The spirit of present-day SpAin. Allan, 98: 
EUiot, Arthur. 
;iome inn (igos at Lucerne. Studio (Internal.) 
•9! »97-^Oo6). 
Elliot, Henry R. 
"he "Haystack prayer-meeting," and what 
followed. Cent. 50: 728-30(806). 
ElUot, J: C. 

Our next ice-age. Aicoa, 3«: i48-^j(Ago6) 

The Cantines scolaires of Paris. 19th Cent. 59: 
Elliott, Ebemxzbb, the poet of free trade. (H. C. 

Shelley) Fortn. 85: »98-3o8(Fo6). 
BUiott, O. F. Scott. 

Geographical functioiis of water-plants in Chile. 
Geog, J. 27: 4si-6s(Myo6), 
Elliott, Maxwe. (M. While, jr.) Munsey, 35: 

ElUott, Strata Barnwell. 

Hybrid rose;. Harper, 113: 434-49(Ago6) 
Elliott, W: Arthur. 

The modem Greek. Chaut 43: l44-so(Apo6). 
Our record in Porto Rico. Harp. W. 50: 264-7 
Ellipse, How to draw an. Rci. Am. 95: 135(25 

BIUl G: H. 
Fallacy of the closed shop. Ann. Am. Acad 
Pol. Sci. ST. si7-2o(Myo6). 
Ellis, Harelock. 
The Celtic soirit in literature. Conlcmp. 89: 
203-1 7(Fo6).-IJv. Age, 248: 579-9o(ioMro6). 
Eugenics and St, Valentine. iQlh Cent. 59: 
779-87(Myo6\-Ecl. M. 147: i4-2o(Jlo6).= 
Liv. Age, 250: 8i-8(i4jlo6), 
In the footsteps of Ramon Lull, Contemp, 89: 

The psychology of yellow. Pop. Sci. Mo. 68; 

The woman question. The awakenir-gnf women 
in Germanv. Fortn, 86: 1 13-34( J'^S). 
Ellla, Leonora B. 
The pictorial or the creati 
n. », .14: t7o-86(Apo6). 
Ellii, Hiriam A. 

Variations in the editions of J, S, Mill's " Prin- 
ciples of Political Economy." Econ. J, 16: 
EUit Johnson's boat. (M. W. Garrell) McClure, 

26: 274-8(Iao61. 
Else tears must come. (Louise Satterthwaite) 

Lippinc 78: 647-S(No61. 
Ssie's first aid to the iniured. (H. M. Neely) 

St. Nich, 13; iooi-3(So6). 
Ellsworth, Otivm, Brown's Life of. (W. Mac 

Donald) Nation, 82: 399-3ofi9Apo6). 
Eliiah, Mischa, as violinist. (H. E. Gorst) Sat. 

R. loi: 7i8-9(9jeo6). 
■^LMY, Be». Pioneers I 0, pioneers I Westm 

165: 4iS-7(Apo6). ■ 
Elocdtiom, Forensic. (F. Payler) Macmil. n. s. 

i: 919-26(006). 
Elstow, The Dame. (W. W. Skeat) Ath. '06, i: 
I 2g8(toli(ro6). 

New Eng, M. 




raweU, Urt. F. Edwin. 
The decorative-art ipirit of Japan. Arena, 35 : 

ElweU, R. F. 

Story of the "Overland mail." Oudng, 4S: 63- 

Ely, Lewis B. 

Young loin and old hate. Lippinc. 78: 513-90 

Ely cathedral. Am. Arch. 90: i58(t7No6). 
Elysee palaci. (Camille Gronkowski) Cent. 50: 

Bmbarrajtmmit of expansion; a Porto Rico story. 

{C; B. Howard) Cent. 49: s67-7i(Fo6). 
Embree, C : Fleming. 

Uncle SammU. McClure, 37: i7i-7<Jeo6). 
When Jonathan Hatch harks back. McCIure. aS : 

EuBROiDEities, The royal school of, in Athens 

(A. B. Dodd) Cent. 50: i30-6(Myo6). 
EiiBRoiDBity; a neglectnl branch 01 noman's 

wort. (May Martin) CBamb. J. 83: 506-8 

— Austrian p'.asant. (A. S. Lcvctus) Studio {In- 

temat.) ag: iii-8(Ago6). 
EuBKVOLOOY, RelatJons of, to medical progress 

(C; S. MLnot) Pop. Sd. Mo. 69: ■;-2o<Jlo6). 
EuBJtsoN, Mahy. (F. B. Sanboml Critic, i&: 155- 

Gmenon, O. E. 

Cain and the moon Ath. '06: a, 186-7(18 

Emerson, Ralph W«ldo. 

Father Taylor. Allan. 98: r77-8r(Afio6). 
EUEKSOH, Ralph W. .Spec. 96: »i9-ao(ioFo6)-= 

Liv. Age, 948: 70i-3(r7Mro6).— (F. B. San- 
bom) Critic, 49: 373-8i(So6). 
E M I B Lowtstoft. The. (W. S. Moody) Scrib 

M- 39: 733-4iU«o6). 
EldloRANT SHIP, To Amenca in an. (Count Vay 

de Vaya and Luskod) Monthly R. 2$, n 

EuiGRATloN. Alien trans-nigranls. {M. J. Landa) 

Econ. J. r6: 353H54{So6). 


EHiCRAnoK LAW, The Hungarian. (L. de Lcvav) 

EMOTIONAL EXPRESSION. The riddle of. (J. JJono- 

van) Weslm. 166; 648-58(006). 
Empire, The arts of. [Sir Walter Ralegh, pseud.) 

National, 48: r46-5o(So6). 
Empi.overs' liability. (J. T. Newcotnb) Nation 

81: 440-1 (31 Myo61, 

— The death claims, (Andrew Hellihaler) Indep. 

61: i56.-4(i;Do6). . 

— Was it worth while? (J. Lenis) Outl. 83; 

Employers, Remuneration of. (S. J. Chapman) 

Econ. J. 16: 513-8(006). 
Emperor of Germany; the passing of a great li Ic, 
r8o6. (Sophia H. Matlchosc) Chamb. J. 831 
Enchanted valleys. The. (Atthur T. Lawrence) 

Harp. W. 50: 513, 33(i4Apo6). 
Kndoftheage. (L.TolsloH rortn.85: i-i7(Jao6), 
, 3o.i-i7(Fc6).-Liv. Age, 148: 3»3-3S{'oFo6), 

Ensowmeht of reae«rch. Some aapect* of. <B: 
H.DonaIdaon)ScieDccii.a.i3: 3Sa-4(>3FoO. 

Ekdurance, Secret of. (W. R. C. Lataon) Outiii|. 

47: 633-4i(Fo6)- 
Endurance limit. The. (W. B. Foater) HnHe;. 

35: 468-7a(Jlo6). 

Emmy's camp, The. Macmil. n. s. i: i6i-8r5(J»- 

Enercy, natUTkl, Utiliiing of. (Louis BeU) Caswt, 

19: 466(Apo6). 

— The partition of. (W. F. Magie) Science, n. l 

13: i6i-78(»Fo6). 
Engineer as a citizen. (A. C. Huinphrejsl 
Science, n. s, 34: 583-g(9No6). — Sci- Am 
Siipp, 6?; a58os-6{i7No6). 

— Mucalion and training of the. (A. T. S.) Na- 

ture, 74; 33-5(ioMyo6). 

— Life as an. Chamb. J, 83: 30l-4(Myo6). 
Engineehino, American goverrunent. Army vit« 

of, (W. I. SibertjEngin. M.31: 36l-s(Jeot'. 
-- Honor in, (Schuyler S. Wheeler) Sci. Am 
Supp. 61: as534-s(3iJlo6). 

— Paradoxes in. (A. H. GibMo) Cuner, 30 , 


— Some old-time. (T, C. Mendenball) Sd. An 

Supp. 6a: »s5ja-3{i4jlo6). 

— Seme princtp^ of mund. (Thorburo Roll 

Caasier, 30: Sti-ni.Oofi). 

— Value of the humanistic studies as a preparatiu 

for the study of. (H. C. Sadler) Sdwjol R. »: 

Enoinberino exports and importi. Industrial d^ 

preasitHt and. (W. P. Digby) Eiigin. M jci 

Enoinberino college, Worli of. (O. S. Jacobus) 

Science, n. s. 33: 93-7(191*06). 
Engineers, Education and training of. (W. EI 

Wlute) 19th Cent. 59: io3a-4o{Jeo6). 

Lost ^ an echo. McCIure, I17; 2i4'7(Jeo6). 
The SBTTOws o) Giuseppe. McCIure, 38: 159-61 
England and Athens, (T. E. Kebbel) Black*. 
179: 856-6o(Jeo6). 

— and Germany, Future of Anglo-German rdi- 

tions. (J. E. Barker) [19th Cent.) Eel. M 

146: S32-43(Jeo6)- _ 
in Turkey. (A traveller in the Eaat) Con 

terop. 90: 305-17(506). 
relations between, Future of. (J. E. Baito) 

19th Cent. 59: 5i5-4a(Apo6). 

— and Japan. Would England side with Japi^ 

against the U. S, ? (Mayo W. Hazeltine) S'a 
Am. 183: ij8o-4(3iI>o6). 

— Belgium, and Holland. (Y) Fortn. 86: 365-7^ 


— By way of Southampton to London. (W: D. 

Howells) Harper, 113: 893~903(No6). 

- Cumberland and Westmoreland. (K. L. Baii^i 

Chaut. 45: 17-36(006). 

- Descried villages in. ("Palamedes") [Comhj 

Eel. M. 146: 436-4i(Myo6), 

- Election manners in. (Sydney Brooks) BtT 

W, 50: r94-5(ioFo6). ■ 

- Fighting for the crown in Shropshire. GW- 

M. n. s. 76: i5s-64(Mro6). 



EnCLAitD. Wstcay, Recent works in. (E: Fuller) 
Booknun, 33: aS6-9(Myo6). 

— ImpcruLL (C- F. LaveU) Chaut 44: 17-S0 

(S06), iS3-"oCOo6), i89-353{No6), 

— Muefam in the for East. Blackw. 179: 4>7-i3 


— Political a>rruptioii in. (E. Porritt) No. Am. 

183; 995-1004(1 6N06). 

— Political History of, ed. by Hunt and Poole. 

Vols. 3, 3, 10. (St. G: L. Sioussat) Dial (Ch.) 
40: ia3-4{i6Fo6). 

— The prexni disabititieB of the women of. (A. 

GroTc) Fottn. 86: i35-43(Jlo6). 

— Recent events in. (E: Porritt) Outl. 83: 80-4 

(iiMyo6). , 

— RuiaL (W: W. Fowler) Putnam, i: 147-54 


— sea power of. Beginnings of. (C. F. Lavell) 

Chant. 44: i7-44(SoiQ. 

— Some French impressions of. (S.G.Tailentyre) 

MonthlyR. 35,no. 3: 59-72(006). 

— Stride towards democracy. (S. BnxJcs) Outl. 

8a: 797-8oo(7Apo6). 

— What is the matter with? (A. Henry) WeMm. 

166: 638-47(006). 

— Wh»t is tnith ab«ut? (C: Battell Loomis) 

Bookman, 14: 3i6-8(No6). 
Sn Gbkat Butain. 

Bndiah, J. S. 
White MoL 

itain legends. New Eng. M. n. s. 
35: 97-»n(So6). 
English, College. (C. F. Stevens) Educa. 37: 
101-11 (Q06). 

— Freshman. (C: S. Baldwin) Educa. R. 3a: 

38s-iM{No6), 48s-99(I>«*)- 

— in the seoondary achools. (F; H. Sykes) School 

R. 14: iS7-63(Mro6). 

— The ECinR-s. IH. Lamont) Nation, 83' »g(i3 


— Preparatory, for college. (G: W. Benedict) 

Educa. >6: 534-4o{Myb6). 

— secondary, The vital in teaching. (W: M. 

Cole) School R. 14: 469-83(806). 

— leaching. Suggestions on. (Mary E. Copper- 

smith) Pedagog. Sem. 13: 461-73(006). 
Enolish, Insularity of the. (A. H. Adam9{ 19th 

Cent. 59: 667-77(Ap«S).-Liv. Age,a49r 313- 

and imperial federation. (T. J. Allan) 19th 

Cent. 60: 437-^4*(So6). 

— in America, The. (H. N. Cassoo) Munsey, 35: 

303-19 (My 06). 
English counts v. towm and country house. An. 

(W. D. Howells) Harper, 1:3: 165-73(1106). 
F.o^ish country house. In an. (Ira A. Madden) 

Harp. Bax. 40: ai7-3s(Mro6). 
English draiu. £m Mystery plays. 
English DUCBBSSEB, The; poriis. (R. O. Blumen- 

feld) Munsey, 34: S74-87(Fo6). 
English lancuagb: Christian tradition and 

popular speech. (R. L. Gales) National, 47: 


— Pedantic usage. (T. R. Lounsbury) Harper, 

113: 739-44(Apo6). 
-~ The President's; a cTitidflm and a suggestion. 

(W: Archer) [Fortn.] Uv. Age, 351: 359-70 

-- School-mastering the speech. (T. R. Louns- 

buiy) Harper, 113.' 4S7-6i(Fo6). 

Ehgush langoacr. Slovenly speaking of. (Sarah 
W. Uiestand) Nation, S3: 73-3(3jJao6). 

— Study of. (A. E. Tuttle) School R. 14: 304-11 


— Study of the history of. (F: Tupper, jr.) School 

R. 14: i9i-903(Mro6). 

— Taste vt. rtile in. (W. H. Johnson) Nation, 

83: 4SS-6(39No6). 

— University teaching of. (F. J. Mather, jr.) 

Nation, 83: 387-8(8No6). 
English lawns and literary folk. (J. Hawthorne) * 

Attan,97: 8i7-»4(Jeo6). 
Ehoush utbkatdu, An etaminatton in, with 

some select blunders. (H: C: B«echlng) 

Eel. M. 146: SSi(Jeo6). 

— Monographs on. (O. R. Keys) Canad. M. 36: 

~ Study of. (J: E. Colbum) School R. 14: 178- 

— Study ot the history of. (S. Awon) School R. 

14: i64-77(Mjo6). 
English Poktry and history. (G. Smith) Canad. 
M. 36: 333-3o(ro6). 

— What it owes to young people. (F. E. Clark) 

No. Am. iSa: 3S5-6s(Fo6). 
English pxzfakatokv kbooib. (]: Tetlow) 

Edue*. R. 31; 364-S3(Apo6). 
Englisb reserve. (Louise I. Guiney) Scrib. M. 

39: 7S7-9(Je«6)." 
English thbater, AnnstiT of the. (C H. Giabo) 

Chaut44: 3ii-9(Oo6). 
English towns, How managed. (C. H. Haits- 

bome) Pol. Sd. Q. si: 9i-iio(Uro6). 
English trip, 9 weeks, $135. (A. W. Gleason) 

Ctry Life Am. 10: i69-7o(Jeo6), 
Enoushman at the courtof Akbar. Gent. M. 

n. s. 77: i38-4o(Ago6). 
EHCUaHKEN in foreign service. (M. F. Johnston) 

Fortn. 86: 90j-i5(No6). 
Engraving steel plates, Machine for. (A, F: 

Collins) Sci. Am. 94: 4i3,4i5(i9Myo6). 
Enock, C. Reginald. 

Two eipeditiona to southern Peru. Geog. J. 

aS; i45-66(So6). 
Bnaor, R. C. K. 

Workmen's homes in London and Manchester. 

Indep. R. 8; i70-83(Fo6). 
Ent, W. ft. 

San Luis Obispo, Cal. Out West, 34: 455-63 

Entropy, Practical aspect of. (Jos. H. Hart) 

Engin. M. 31: s65-73(J'°6)- 
Envibonhent, individual adapiaiion to. (J. H. 

Bair) Pop. Sci. Mo. 6& 44!>-5{Myo6). 
EpHEsns, Treasures from the Artemislun at. 

(G. B. Oibblee) Nation, 83: 4oo-i(8No6). 
Epigrams, The best prose. (A. K-nn) Munsey, 35: 


— A handful of. (B. Matthews) Munsev, 34: 738 

Equatoria. To. (A. Balfour) Blackw. 179: 300- 

Erasmus, Famous school bcok of; De duplici 

verborum et rerum copia lib. ii. Gent. M. 

n. s. 76: i64-78(Mro6). 
Elbsr, Feiiz. 
The mysterious planet Saturn. Sd. Am. Supp. 

63! 35637-8(1806). 





SkecBtbeuu, Building inscriptioiiB of the. (O. 
M. Washburn; A. Frickenhaus) Am. J. 
Archteol. n. s. lo: i(Ja.o6}. 

— East waL of the, (G. P. Steveos) Am. J. 

Aiclneol. n. a. lo: 47(Jao6). 

— Rcataration of the. (G. P. Steven*) Putnam, i: 

EricliMi), Hugo. 
Need utd teating of pure drugs. Sd. Am. 95: 

• The new Detroit. Woiid To-dsy, 11: 703-9 

Erie, Lakt, Proposed dam for outlet of. (Alton 

D. Adanu) Sci. Am. 94: ii7(ioFo6). 
ESJX CANAL, and freight rebates. (C H. Quinn) 

World To-day, 10: t64-7o(Fo6). 

— Enlargement of. (Day A. Willey) Sci.; 

Stroll, C : Oon Hiy, igtk earl of. 

DiaMmament. ipih Cent, bo: 44-8(J]o6). 
Mr. Haldftiw between the devil and the deep sea. 

19th Cent Co: 679-88(006). 
The nation and the anny. 19th Cent. 59: 419- 

Parliament and the army. 19th Cent. 59: 866- 
Ereok, Justice and the queit for. (C; F. Amidon) 
Outl. 837 ooi-5(i4jlo6j.— (Editor) 641-3(31 
Jlooi. 84: 6o-a(8So6).—(G. N. Moore) 75-8 
(SS06).— (Varioui) 9sS-63(39So6). 
Error 0] Iht day. The. (Gilbert Parlier) Every- 
body'*,": 44-53(Jlt>6)- 
Enkiae, LucUe. 

Individual instructiou vt. clan teaching. Sdiool 
R. 14: 63S^o(No6). 
Ecaldne, dirs. Stiuart. 

Tlie Waits memorial gallery at Linnertease. 
Studio (Internal.) 19: 189-94(506). 
EscoNDioo, San Diego county, Co/. Out West, 15: 

Escott, J: Hay Sweet 

R. 19: 487-9»(Jt>6)- 
EsPBRAMTO. Gent. M. n. s. 77: ioo-5(Ago6). 

— Ad excursion in. (O: Macbskiej Harp. W. 

so: 948, 65(7jlo6). 


— Case of. (G. Madoskie) No. Am. 183: 1144- 


— The new international language. (A. Schinz) 

Nation, Si: J2i(i5Mro6).— Ladies' H. J. 33, 
no. 6: 33, 63(Myo6). — (A, Schini) Allan. 97: 
77-S3a«ofi)- ■ 

— The strength of. (G: Macloakle) Harp. W. 50: 


— Vocabulary of.' (G: Madoskie) Harp. W. 5°: 

Espbit de corps in elementary schools. Monthly 

R. 25, no. 3: 45-50(006). 
Esttniialt, Tht. (Edith Baniard) Appletoa's M. 

8: 433-8(OoS). 
EstftbrooK, Alma Martin. 
Upi that wtr* teaUd. LIppbc. 78: 3*5-443 

EsUbrook, W: Cheiter. 

The (MtB dtputy of Coehile. Munsey, 34: 636-- 


ESTATE-AOENT, The. Chamb.J.63: i2s-8(Apo6). 

The supreme law of the land. Am . Law R 

40: s66-7s(Jl-Ago6). 
Estonmellei de Conattuit, Barm <r 

European anarchy and American duty. Outl. 

83: 8o5-7(4Ago6). 
Estouxnxlles di CONBTANr, B: (Hajme Davis) 

Indep. 60: 435-30(3 3 F06). 
Etaples, France. (R. S. Gundry) Sat. R. 109: 

EicBtNos, Alt of printing. (Frank Newbolt] 

Studio (Intenat) 30: 134-41(1)06). 
Eternal pdnishhent, A 'dialogue on. (J: 

Gerard) Hibbert J, 5 : 119-35(006). 
EiSEB, The plane of. (D: S. Jordan) Pop. ScL 

Mo. 69; 39-37(Jlo6). 
Ethical cxkxd. An. (J. M. Whiton) Outl. 84: 

Ethical bocikts bchool, N. Y. City. Cnftaman, 

9! 774-B8(Mo6). 
Ethical teaching. (W. D. Sheldon) Educa. 37 : 

Ethics as a natural sdetice. (W. M. IJ^tbody) 

Weatm. 166: 430-5(006). 

— professional. Codes of. (AcehibaJd Alexander 

Nation, 83; 388(8No6). 
Ethics of our viUase. (Lydia K. Commander) 

Indep. 60; 301-3(3 5 Jai>^. 
EAia of pig, The, (O. Henry) Munsey, 36: 61-7 

Ethnic types and isolation. (C, Wissler) Science. 

n. a. 33: i47-9(36Jao6). 
ETIOtlBTTE book of 16S5, An. Gent. M. n. a. 

76: S'3-33(Jeo6). 
Eton. Damesat Gent. M. n, s.76: 49a-sia(Fo6). 

— Reminiscences of. (W. J. Monson) igtb. CenL 

59- 6i9-33(Apo6). 
Ettinger, P. 

The dtitwiogsof L. Pasternak. Studio (f nteraal.) 

28: 3o6-i3(Jeo6). 
Et^, T. L. 

Early Jacobean architecture. Macmil. n. s. i: 

EtJGBNE, Prince, of Sweden, a royal artist. (L r G . 

Northland) World To-day, 10; 42S-6(Apo6). 
Eugenics and St. Valentine. (H. Ellis) 19th 

Cent. 59: 779-87(Myo6). — Liv. Afte, 330: 81- 

8(i4jlo6).-Ecl. M. 147: l4-30{Jlo6). 

— Theessentialfactorofprogress. (C.W. Saleeby) 

Monthly R. 23, no. i: 47-56(Apo6). 
Ei;pkraYf.s river, Recent changes in the course of 

the lower. (H. W. Cadoui) Geog. J. 18: 

266-7 7(So6). 
EuBiPiDEs and the spirit of hb dramas, Dechanne 

on. (F. B. R. Htllemt) Dial (Ch.) 40: 389-91 


— Electra. (J. W. Mackail) [Speaker] Uv. Age, 

348: 5o5-8(a4Fo6). 

Murray's. (M. Beerbohm) Sat. R. 101: 75 


— Verrall's Four plays of. (W. C. France) Nation, 

82: 302-4(1 3 Apo6). 
Europe at the close of the 19th century, Rose on, 
- (E. D. Adams) Dial (Chic.) 41: 63-5(iAgo6). 

— Diplomacy in. Hill on. (D. Y. Thomas) Dial 

(Ch.)4o: 9-"('J«>6). 

— Future of. (Lo:J Avebury) 19th Cent. 59 : 

4i6-i8{Mk)6).= EcL M. 146: 443-5i(Myo6). 

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EmOFB, Politics of, as seeiilb}r> Canadian. (W. 
U. Ingram) Canad. M. t6: 4o7(Mto6}. 

— tmnl-hiiits for economical lounsw. (E. A. Dii) 

OuU.83: s7i-«(7Jlo6) 
EmtOFEAM ANABCHV and American duly. (Baron 
d'SUounielles do Constant) OuU. 83: 805-7 
EuiOFXAM dipkmacj. New Ij^^t on. (F. }. 

MUhcr, jr.) Nation, 83: 34a(a50o6). 
Euthanasia; from the note-book of an Alpinist. 
(G. L. Dickinaon) [Indep. R.J Uv, Age, 848: 
EVAN0EU3I1, Financial basis of. (J: C. Hitl) 

Misa. R. 19: 377-8o{Myo6). 
Erani, Beri«h 0. 
The education bill] a forecast. Monthly R. at, 
no. 3: i9-33(Mro6). 
Evani, Harguerite. 

After vieary yeart. Canad.M.36: a77-8l(Jao6). 
Eniu, Hn. Robart E. 

FaHandloose. Overland, n.s. 47: xjiS6{Fo6). 
Evans, T: W. Memoirs. (J. L. Uilder) Critic, 48: 

8a-4(Jao6).— Sat. R. 101: 367-8(24Mroe). 
Evans, W: T. Collection of American paintings. 
Studio (IntcmaL) 30: zlix-^(Do6). 
(L.Mechlin)Booklover'sM.7: 47i-8i{Apo6). 
Ere, A. S. 
MacdoDaldpby&csbultdingal McGill University. 
Nature, 74: a7a-s(igJlo6). 
Heraldry in relation to the applied arts. Sci. 
Am. Supp. 6a: 892-4(32006). 
Bnljn, AJMOfa. 

ChUo. Lippinc. 78: 798-800(006). 

Ann Elka. Harp. Bas. 40: 90o-7(No6). 
E»er«tt, H. H. 

Mile -a -minute motor boats. Cosmopol. 41 : 133 
Everatt, W: 
H:Sidgwick. AUan. 98: 93-6<Jlo6). 
The House of Lords. Atlan. 98: 790-6(Do6). 
The United States (enate. Atlan. 971 157-66 
Svtnitj, Q: Slww-Lefem, baren. 
The liouse of Lords and Che education bill. 

19th Cent, 60: ioi7-26(Do6). 
Nkval scares. Contemp. 90: 6a4-38(No6). 
Rival navies. Contemp. 89; iS3-6s(Fo6). 
Every man far himsetf. (N. l.)uncaii) Harper, 113: 

Every man's wife his own agent. [Punch] LJv. 
Age, 348: 63i-4(ioMrD6). 

"Everyman's library", One way to do it. Outl. 
83: S47-8{7jlo6). 

EviDKNCE, Wigmore's Treatise on (A G 
Sedgwick) Nation, 8j: i4-s(4jao6). 

EvoLCTiOM. (A. E. Ortmann) Science, n. s. 23; 
947-S»(»iJ«^)-— (T. W. Vaughan) Science, 
n. s. 23: 681-91 (4Myo6).—(M. M. Metcaif) 
Science, n. s. 23: 78&-7{i8Myo6). 

— and mutation. (A. E. Ortmann) Science, n. s. 

24: 718-30(7006), 

— Experimental. (Hugo de Vries) Sci Am. 94: 

i67(»4Fo6). = Sci. Am. Supp. 61; 25158(17 

— Herbert Spencer and the master key. (J. B 

Burke) Contenip. 89: 783-94(Jeo6). 

— in animals. (C: B. flavenport) Science, n. s. 24: 


EvoLOxioN, in th« barnyard. (E. P. Po>well) Indep. 
et: 616-20(13806). 

— lB0latk>n and. (E. W. Berry) Science, n.a. 93: 

34(5jao6).— (E. A. Ortmann) Science, n. s. 
33! 7i-a(nJao6). 

— Knipe'sNebulatoman. (W.J. Holland) Science, 

n. 8. 33: I07-8(ia]ao6). 

— Nature of. (O. F. Cook) Science, n. s. 34: 


— of species through climatic conditions. (T. D. 

A. Cockerel!) Science, n. a, 33; i45-6(a6Jao6). 

— Othersideof. (C. H. Eigenmann) Science,n. s. 

n- S7fr-9('3Apo6). 

— Raljnesque on, {L. Stejneger) Science, n. a. 

axx 78s-6(.8Myo6). 

— Tnal and error as a factor in. (W. B. Pillsbcry) 

Pop. Sd. Mo. 48: »76-8a(MTo6) 

— Variation vs. mutation. (T : L, Casey) Science, 

n, s. 13: 63a(ioApo6). 
Ewaii,)Johii A. 
Newspaper cartoons. Canad. M. 37: 171-4 

Bwait, Jame* C. 

The tarpan. Nature, 74: ii3-5(3iMyo6). 
Bwar, Bernard C. 

Educational significance of algebra and 

geometry. Educa. 37: 233-6(Do6), 
Bwing, A. G. 
A ^rmony of the resurrection. Am. Cath. Q. 

31: 711-33(006). 
Ewiag,^. A. 

Opening address, engineering section, Brit. 

Assoc. Nature, 74; 4i8-33(23Ago6).--Sci. 

Am. Supp. 62: 35695(29806). 
Ewing, Heal U. 

Shakespeare's enigma and cipher. Cath. World, 

84: i85-g7(N^ 
ExAHiNATtoN QDESTiONs in EngUsh. (M. H. 

Shackford) Educa. 27: 331-9(006). 
ExAiONATiONB, Standard, for non-college pupils. 

(Mary E. Haskell) School R. 14: 754-7(006). 
ExCAVAinto UACBIMK, A n«w. Sd. Am. Supp. 

6a: 35669-70(15806). 
Excavation, Romance of. .Spec. 97: 157-8(35 

Excavator of antiquities, The hope of the. Spec, 

96; 782-3{i9Myo6). 
Ezcubit(», pnud. 
The command of the "German ocean." Fortn. 

86: so9-ai(So6). 
The German naval bill. Fortn. 8«; 73-83 

ExcLUSiVENESS. (E. S, Martin) Harper, ui- 

6io-3(So6). ' 

EXECVTtVB aslegislaior. The. (R. Ogden) Naibn 

82: S03(aij«)«). 
Eketer, Mail. (S. B, I-awrence) New Erg. M, 

n. s. 34:465-76(Jeo6). 
EXBADST STEAM, UtlUdng. (Alei. A. Maver) 

Gassier, 19: 407-i4(Mro6). 
EXHiBITtONS. (N. Paiiersonj Canad, M.a? : 200-S 

(Ago6j. ■ ^^ 

— London, 1906, Art J, 58: 377-8t{Do6). 
Exikt, The. (H. J. O'Hig^) McClure, s6: 

Exit, The efTecIivc. Sat. R, 102 r 542-3(31^06) 
Exorcism 0/ Lily BeU, The. (Elizabeth Jordan) 

Harp. Baa, 40; i99-3op{Mroe). 
Experience and transcendence, (Friedrich von 
Hilgel) Oub. R. 138: 357-79(Apo6). 

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Experiment in high finance. (H. Shafto) Cbamb. 

J. 83: s89-9i(So6). 
Expialionof Kinkometta, The. {E. B. Osborn) 

Monthly R. 73, no. 3: i04-ao{Myo6). — Liv. 

Ag«, 149; 6So-9(i6JeoQ. 
Explohahon. (N. S, Sholet) Atl*n. oj: 145-56 

Explosions, The pressure of. (J. E. Petavel) 

Sd. Am, Supp. (n: 35 609-10(1 8 Ago6). 
Explosive vapors and dust. (V. B. Lewis) Am. 

Arch. 90; iio-i(60o6). 
.Explosives, Development of the art of, in the IT. S. 

1900-5. (C: E. Munioe) Sci. Am. Supp. 62; 

— Development of modern. Nature, 75: 174-6 

—high. Manufacture of. (W. H, Booth) Gassier, 

3S37a-4(34Mro6), 25*80-3 (31 Mro6), 35396-9 

ExpostntE, After, what? <F. J. Mather, jr.) 

Nation, 82: i34(i3Mro6). 
Expression, Art of. Its importance in business. 

(E. A. Russell) Craftsman, 10: ioi-4(Apo6). 

— faciil. The artof. (Anne O'Hagan) Harp. Baz. 

40: soi-io(Jeo6). 

Exquisites of the Regency, Some. (Lewis Mel- 
ville) Chamb. J. 83: 476-9, 486-9 (J I06), 513-5. 
529-32(Ago6). = Ed. M, 147: 339-47(506). 


R: Seddon: a personal study. [Outlook (Lond.)] 
Liv. Age, 350: iS6-9(3iJlo6). 

ExTBAVAOANCE, The mania of. [Outlook (Load.)] 
Liv. Age, 249: i2i-4(i4Apo(S). 

— Private, and the public weal. (Austin Lewis) 

Overland, n.s. 47: 3[8-io(Apo6). 
EvEanomalies. (C. Barus) Science, n.s. 13; 390- 

EvE-SPOTiiNG in fixture. (Percy Collins) Sci. Am. 

95: 490-2(19006). 
Eyes of men. (H- Brooks) Atlaa. 98. 674-84 

Eykmui, P. H. 

IniematioDalism and the world's capilol. lnd.'p. 

60: joo-5(»6Jlo6). 
Eysceric, Joseph. 
A novel wind shield. Sci. Am. Supp. 62: 95705- 

Ezdorf , R. Ton. 

Short method of constructing ttiree centered 

arches. Am. Arch. 90: 3S--6(4Ago6). ■ 

Fabricb, Mission of, to Sweden, 1717-1718. 

(J. F. Chance) Eng. Hist. R. 21: 57-77(Jao6). 
Face of clay, A. (Horace Annesley Vachell) 

Monthly R. 12, no. 1: 133-74006), no. a: 

.3o-74(Myo6), no. 3: i37-48(Mro6). 
Face a) the shadow, The. (Rathanne H. Brown) 

Everybody's, 15: 3S3-6(So6). 
Factokies and warehouses. (Russell Slurgis) 

Archit. Rec. 19: 369-75(Myo6). 
Factory jianageuent, Modern. (Egbert P. 

Watson) Cassier, 31: io6-i2(Do6). 
Factory school, A successful. R, of Rs. 34: 

Factory Systehs, Typical. (Egbert P. Watson) 

Enjpn. M. 31: 54o-59(Jlo6). 

FAcra-TV, the, in American universities, Changiiig 

conception of. (A. E. West) Educa. R. 33; 

Fadditti of the road. (Sarah Comstock) Lij^Hoc 

78: ii6-27(Jlo6). 
Faoan, Make, mayor of Jersey City. (L. Steffem) 

McClure, a6: 897-308(1 ao6}. 
Fair Margaret. (F. M. Crawford) MuDsey, 34: 

SOi-i4{Jao6), 6i8-as(Fo6). 
Fairchild, D : 
Cats u plant investigators. Science, o. t. u: 

New hope of farmers. World's Worit, la: 7731- 

Our plant immigrants. Nat. Geog. M. 17: 

Smitlisoman Institution as a national instituii 

of research. Science, n. s. 33: 876-7(81006). 
FtOrdiild, H. P. 

Shop photography. ScL Am, Supp. 63; 25811- 

FairvKty, The. (O. Onions) Blarkw, 180: yo^ 

(Jlo6).-Uv. Age, 150: 3S3-6s("Ago6). 
Faibiks, The English. (May Byron) [Speakerj 

Liv, Age, 351; i3o-a(i3Qo6). 
— Iri^. (Seumas MocManus) Uppinc. 78: 747- 

S3(Do6).— (J. Masefleld) [Spealter] Liv. Age, 

351: 76o-3(a2Do6). 
Fairlie, Glna H. 

onithy M 

Fair lie, Jomee A. 

Municipal codes in the middle west. Pol- Sci Q. 

21: 434-46(806). 
Problems of municipal government from the 

administrative point of view. Ann. Ant. 

Acad. PoL Sd. 37: i32-s4(Jao6). 
Faibytale, An experiment in. (W: J. Balchelder) 

Fairy year. The. (Selwyn Image) Sal. R, loa: 

609-10(1 7N 06), 
Faith, E. A., and StebUns, Joel. 

Speid of migrating birds. Science, n. s. 14: 
Faitb, First principles of. (O. Lodge) [HiUien 
J.J Liv. Age, 350: 54S-saE.iSo6). 

— The margin of. (G: M, Searle) Cath. Worid, 

83: 6s-7i(Apo6), 

— reason, and religion. (F. C, S. Schillei) 

HibbertJ. 4: 329-45(1806). 

— Recovery of. Oull. 83: 398-301 (10F06). 
Faitsists, and their Land of Shalam, New Mexico 

(G : B. Anderson) Out West, 35 : 4i4-34(No6), 
Fales, Winifred. 

A honeymoon in a canoe. Cosmopol. 41 : 361-7 

Faiiero, Marino. Ed. R. 304: 38(Jlo6). 
Fall, C:G. 

Waning prestige of Germany. Westm. 166: 66- 

73(Jlo6). i73-8a(Ago6). 
Pall at the house aj Johns. (W: J: Hopkins) Atlin. 

98: i94-309(Ago6). 
Fallieres, AaiiAND, new Pteudent of Prance. 

Indep. 60; 3 67-74(1 5 F06), — (Ernest Dimnet) 

Harp, W. 50: 83(3ojao6).— Spec. 96: 86-7 

(2oJaa6), — (V. Thompson) Everybody's, 14: 


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PaUcnn, Alk« Katharine, 

Fair play for iraymrd diildien. Cent 51; a$x- 

False hews, Publishing of, a misdeameanor. (M. 

H, Judge) Westm, 166; 6i7-8(Do6). 
Family, Should the individual be sacrificed to tliel 

(E. L. Sutherlaod) Wesun. 166: 436Tio[Ooli). 
Family ability. Nature, 74: gjijiMyot). 
Family eruiie, A. (T. F. Wilson) Muosey, 34; 

FAioLy UR, Chiistian, in Pre-Refoimation days. 

(F. A. Gasquet) Cath. World, 84: 146-60 

Family ramion, Tfu. (C: A. Selden) Harp. W. 

50: 84l-3(i6Jeo6). 
Fan, Glories of the. (O. Uzanne) Coamopol. 41 : 

Fansler, PerciTal E. 

New railroads ia the Philippines. Cossier, 30: 

'6i-74Qeo6). , . 
Fanton, Mary A. 

A tompylsory ClirUlmas, Craftsman, ti: )ii- 

Sculpture in wood. Craftsman, a: 476-S7 

Fariow, W. G. 

Scientific man at the present day. Science, tt. s. 

ty. i-i4(sJao6). 
Farm, modem, Making of a. (L. H. Bailey) Outl. 

83: 94J-5o(3sAgo6). 
— Why do the boys leave the? (L. H. BaUey) 

Cent. 50: 4io-«{Jlo6). 
Pakh laborers. Ancient customary privileges in 

use tilt sixty years ago. (F. S. Poller) Genl. 

M. n. s. 77: 399-404- 
Fark moktoage oC to-day. (Charles Moreau 

Harger) R. of Rs. (N. Y.) 33: 57a-sCMyo6). 
Pabu POpulatioh, Keeping bade the. (C. A. 

Ficke) World's Work, 13: a343-s(No6). 
Farmer, G: 

Electrical machinery tor mines. Gassier, 30: 

Farmer, J. B. 

Hertwig on the cell in biology. Nature, 74: 

Farmers, New hope of. (D: Faircliild) World's 

Work, la: 7731-3OI06). 
Fabvers' college on wheels. (B. T. Washington] 

Lyle,ir.) World's Work, 13: 73 is-2o(Myo6;. 
Farmer's SEASONS, The; four pictures in culnrs. 

(A. B. Frost) Scrib. M. 40: zi3-ij(Ago6). 
Farmtno as a business enterprise, (tidward C 

Parker) R. of Rs. <N. Y.) 33: 62-7(Jao6). 

— Why some boys take lu. (L. H. Bail.7) Cm. 

50: 6i3-7(Ago6). 

— without water. (J, L. DimaSu') Worl.l To-day, 

ii:'aSa-8(AB06).— CHi Qjick) WoHl's Work, 

u: 7886-93(Ago6). 
the hope of the West. (J:L. Cowan) Cent. 30: 

Farms, GoTemment model. (J. J. Hill) Cent. 51: 

Farnsam, PAHLDiNa, Recent ait work by. Studio 

(Inlcmat.) 39: iciii-xcviJi(Oo6). 
Famol, Jeffery. 
CkranUles aj the imp. Bookman, 34: 163-9 

(OoQ, aiff-a6(No6), 390-6(006). 

Famnrorth, P. J, 
Mounds Mftb^Missisuppi ralley. Science, n. s. 
'3= 5*3-4Ci3Ap«i). 
Famswortli, P. T. 
Artists' cnlouj in Macdougol Allnr. Ciaftaman, 

11: S7-<S9(Oo6). 
J: W. Alexander. Craftsman, 10: 46-53(Apo6}, 
Farr, C. C. 
Earthquake echoes and horlcontal pendulums. 
Nature, 74: s7s-fi(aoSo6). 
Famnd, Wilson. ' 1 

Are college entrance requirements too great h 
quantity? Educa. R. 31: i-t7(Jao6). 
Fatrer, E: 
Canada and the United States. Conlemp. 90: 
Fairington, Oliver C. 

Meteorites. Sci. Am. Supp. 6a: 356aa(aaSo6). 
Meteorite shower at Modoc, Kansas. Sdence, 
n. s. as: 58a-3{i3Apo6). 

Rif^ts of the automobilist. Woitd To-day, 10: 

307-9(Mro6).j _ 

Fassett, F : G. 
Cap'n Hetekiah's lilllt Evy. New Eng. M. 
as. 35: 113-7(506). 
Fassett, J. Sloat. 

Congress and the consular service, R. of Rs. 
(N. Y.) 33: ssS-6o(Myo6). 
Fast and loose. (Mrs. Robert K_ ETana) Orer- 

land, n. s. 47: i77-86(Fo6). 
Fat, The body's utilization of. (F. S. Mathews) 

Pop. Sd. Mo. 68: 4JS-3''(Myo6). 
Fate and Ike pockelbaot. (A, O'Uagan) Munsey 

35: 374-8i(Jeo6). 
fafc of Alvara, The. (Elliott Flower) Lippmc. 

78; 3S3-6»(So6). 
Father and his son, A. (E. Pottle) Harper, 113: 

Father Louis. (A. D. Brodie and W. V. Cook) 

[Temp. Bar] Liv. Age, 348: a8s-9s(3Fo6). 
Father ^htne. (Francis E. Romanes) Chamb. 

S3: i56-8(Mro6). 
Father's whaling voyage. {Josephine Grant) St. 

Nich.33: 473-s(Mro6). 
Faunce, W: H. B. 
The library as a factor in modem civiliiation. 
Lib. J. 31; Ci8-3o(Ago6). 
Favre, Camille. 

British imperial defence from a foreign stand- 
point. National. 47: 739-54{Jlo6). 
.''awcett, Waldon. 
Apparatus of U. S, life-saving service. Sci. Am. 

95: 488-9(29006), 
Auloraobile (or rural free delivery. Sci. Am. 

95: 84(4Ago6). 
Motor ambulance for the U. S. army. Sd, Am. 

95: i7a{8So6). 
New sources of gold. Sd. Am. 03: 49-50(11 

Summer life of the diplomats. New Eng. M. 
n s. 34; S"-8(Jlo6). 
Pay.T: J. 
Specifications of material for automobile and 
motoi-boat engines. Sd. Am, Supp. 61 : 
A twin-screw motor-boat, Sd. Am. 94: 193-4 
Favum, Fossil vertebrates of the. (R: Lydekker) 
Nature, 74: !75-«{jiJeo6). 


Feasi op thx liliss at Nola. (W: G. Fit£-Gerald) 

World To-day. lo: i84-8(Fo6). 
Feast! o[ All Souli. O. G. Frazer) Forto. 86: 


Fkdbral comvemtion of 1787, Papen of James 

McHenij on. Am. Hist. R. 11: 595-614 


Federal courts. Non-federal law admioisiered 

in. (W. Trickett) Am, Law. R. 40; 


Federal power, New fields for. {P. L. Allen) 

Nation, 8a: i3i-a(i5FoS). 
Feeldtq and intellect. {Frands Grienon) Critic, 

48: a64'«<Mro6J. 
Feiker, F. M. 

Modem factory restaurant. Gassier, 30: 157-60 

Some economical aspects of tbe electiic drive. 
Cwiier, 30: S43-S3(Oo6). 
Feldliaiu, F. H. 

Forerunners of the automobile. Sd. Am. Supp, 

61; 35a84-5(3iMra6). 
Old inveittions. Sd. Am. Supp. 61: 15188-00(17 
Felibres in Provence, Among the. (Constance 
Elizabeth Maud) Monthly R. i», no. i ; 40-57 
Feli^ E. Garth. 

While vtUli. Blackw. 180: ai3-«6(Ago6).- 
Liv. Age, »so: 493-304(35^806). 
Fellah's yoke-mate, The. (Sir W. F. Mi<ville) 

Fortn. 85: i093-iio5(Teo6). 
FvUoM, Alfred. 

Blight of triviality. Maanil. n. s. a: iia-8 


yorbiddeo marriages and intenutlonal law; 

■ome anomalies. [Month. R.] Ut. Age, a48; 


Holiday taw. Macmil. n. s. i: 833-31(806). 

The l^al aspect of the book war. Monthly R. 

as. no- y- S"-8(Do6). 
The passing of the duel. Chamb.J. 83: 695-8 

The regulation of advertisements. Macmil. o. s. 

i: 46a-7o(Apo6). 
The vegetarian guest. [Macmil.] Liv. Age, 250: 
Fdlom, G: Emory. 

Collegemetbodsandadminislration. i. Educa. 
ar- i-u(So6). 
Felter, W: L. 
Education of women. Educa. R. 31: 351-63 
Feltow cAKAt, The. Sci.Am.9s: a66-8(i30o6). 
Feminist in sdence. The. (G. Stanley Hall) 

Indep. 6a: 66i-a(aaMro6). 
Fencing. Two masters of fence. (W. W. Dixon) 

Chamb.J. 83: 3i9-ao(M:yo6). 
Fenelon in exile, 1699-1715. (M. M. Maxwell 

Scott) Dub. R. 139: 300-30(006), 
Fenn, Courtney H. 

The single track in China, Indep. 61 : 336-9 
Fens, In the. (A. C. Benson) Allan. 98: 833-5 

Fenway Codrt, The treasures of. (A. O'Hagan) 

Munsey, 34: 65s-78(Mro6). 
FtnwUk's carter. (Mrs. H. Ward) Cent. 49: 341- 
63(Jao6), 636-44(Fo6), 799.8i4(Mro6), 95S- 
7a(Apo6). t,°- SS-7S(Myo6), 330-43(Jeo6). 


Ferguson, C : 

I'tie czar's man [PobiedonostseffJ answered, with 
portrait. Costnopol. 40: 4i4-6(Fo6). 
fergusan, Helvill: F. 

7 he letters 0/ a icoger. Lippinc. 78:88-9a(Jlo6). 
Ferguson, R. Munro. 

Object aod method in land legislation. 19th 
Cen.. 60: 75'-8(No6). 
Ferguson, W: L. 

Work of Ramapatam Theological Seminary, 
India. Miss. K. 19: i73-6(Mro6). 
Fergunon^ S. P. 

Mountain summits. Sdence, n. s. 33: 673-4 
Penudd, Chester B. 

The boy. Everybody's, 14: i64-7i(Fo6). 
John Kendry's idea. Outing, 49: i77-S8{No6), 

The voice 0} bmuly. Allan. 97: 67s-68o(Myo6). 
Femald, G : Porter. 
ViUas of tbe Venetians. Scrib. M. 39: 905-11 
Ferns, Number of known, (L. M. Underwood) 

Science, n. s. 24: 761-3(14006). 
Ferraha, Italy. {Honors Mereu) Am. Arch. 89 : 
307-8(23jeo6), 3i6-8(3oJeo6). 9°: =9-J' 
Ferris, G. H. 

Vladimir Korolenko. [Temp. Bar] Ecf. M. 
146; 3i9-24(Mro6). 
Ferris, Kendrick. 

A man's chance. New Eng. M. n. s. 35: 408- 

Vida's gray muff. Si. Nich. 34: i6i-3(Do6). 
Perro, OusUvo V. del. 
State management of railroads in Italy. Indep. 

60: 786-8(5Apo6). 
ERTILIZZHS and the reaction of soil. (F. P. 
Veitch) Science, n. s. 33: 7io-i(4Myq6). 
Fetherstonhaugb, T. 

Military manceuvres and the law of trespass. 
Macmil. n. s. 2: ioihS(Uo6). 
Fewkei, J. Walter. 

Ancient megalith in Jalapa. Am. Anthropol. 8: 

Hop] ceremonial frames. Am. Anlhropol. 8: 
nala, Anthony. 
Two years in the Arctic. McClure, a6: 34^-57 
Ficke, C. A. 

Keying the farm populalioD back. World's 
Work, 13: 8143-SCN06). 
Fiction and laci (The bachelor maid) Indep. 60: 
Aspects of contemporary. (Archibald Hender- 
son) Arena. 36: i-io(Jlo6). 
The-cardinal virtues of. Dial (Ch.) 4c; aai-3 

Contemporary themes in. (M. Moss) Outl. 

84: 77'-4(«4No6). 
The flood of. Gent. M. n. s. 77: 246-55(506). 
= Liv. Age, 251: 179-84(30006). 

— Influence upon reform. (Elliott Flower) Critic, 

48: 466-8(Myo6). 
The longevity of, (F: T. Cooper) Bookman, 
33: 4i2-7(J'--o6). 

— "Prigs" and "cads" in. (Neiih Boyce) Book- 
33: 49o-i(Jlo6). I 



FicnoH, Reviewing of. (R.Bagot) 19th Cent. 59; 


— Sie alio Novels. 

— Subject fit for. (Owen Wistfr) Lib. J: 31: 

FidJltr,The. (S.Ford)H«ipeT, in: 78»-sCApo6). 
Curiosities of naval architecture. 5d. Am. 94: 

Weiid and wonderful weapons. Sci. Am. g$: 
Field, Floyd. 
Elemeatoiy mathematics. School R. 14: 350-t 
Field, Maksball, with poitrait, (J; Dennis, jr.) 
Eveiybody's, 14: 19 1-301 (Mro6). 

— A p>od example. (Franklin H. Giddinp) Indep. 

60; a56-7(iFo6). 
Fidd, W, H. 

The inheritance tai law of Kentucky. Am. Law 
R. 40: 7ii-2o(S-Oo6). 
Fieldcraft and the townsman. Spec, 96: 608-9 

FiELDiNO, Copley, Two pictures by. Art J. 58: 

Fielding-Ould, R. 
The campaign against tuberculosis. Nature, 74: 

righting for the crown in Shropshire. Gent. M. 

n. s. 76; i5S-64(Mro6). 
Fiji, How Chnst conquered. (D. L. Leonard) 

Misi. R, 19: 8js-3i(No6). 
Kke, H. H. 
Railing thoroughbred poultry as a business. 
Ctry Life Am. 10: 7s-6(6Iyo6). 
Filene, E : A. 
Betterment of the condition of working women. 
Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 37: 6i3-33(Myo6). 
FiLiPWo LABOR supply, {GeofgeU Guy)R.ofKs 
„. (N.Y,)33: 3r7-«(Mro6). 
Filbnore, Parker H. 

The lame lady's fansits. E\ferybody's, 15- 
^. aSS-<3(Ago6). 
Filon, Augustm. 

Boswell's love story. Fortn. 86: 487-95(306). 
Finance, Frenzied. (T: W. Lawson) Every- 
bo^s, 14: 69o-s(Myo6). 

The story of Amalgamated. (T. W. I.awsonj 

Everybody's. 14: 73-5(JaoO), i50-7{Fo6). 

Why public is not ready for remedy. (T: W. 

Lawson) Everybody's, 15: 7i4-8{No6). 
— Local. (J. H. Schwiing) >orln, 86: 331-43 
■ (A(5o6).— (H. Morgan-Browne) Contemp. 90: 
568-77(006).— Reply (J. H. Schooling} l.:on- 
le.ip. 90: 758-6o(No6). 
Finberg, A. J. 
J. F. Millet. Sat. R. lai: i40-i(4.\go6). 
William Strang. Sat. R. 102; 4j-4(i4jlo6). 
Finches, Fruit-trees and. Spec 96: 391-9(34 

Finck, U. T. 
A chance for the birds. Nation, 83: 178-9(4006 . 
E:.Macdowell. Outl. 84: 983-9(^2006), 
Educational troubles o( Germany. Nation. S3: 

Fostering musical genius. N^ition, 83: 519-30 


Flack, H. T. 

Oilman's MacDowelL Matioli, 

A medical ipedalnr for wunen. Indn). 61 : 87*- 

Mozart. Nation, 8): 9a-3(iFo6). 
Music in N. Y. Indep. 60: 1473-3(3 iJeo6). 
Ttie pay of muiiciani. Nation, 8a: 10-30(11 
Findkter, Jam H. 

Ibsen, the reformer. National, 48: 481-91 
Findlay, J. J. 
The teadters' renstet. Contonp. 90: 88-94 

FiMB AKT, Collecting works of. (Russell Sturgia) 
Appleton'sM.8: i66-74(Abo6}. 
How to criticise. Brush &P.18: i75-$i(No6). 
Registration of. (Eug6nie Strong) Am. Arch. 
89: ii7-9(i4Apo6). , 

Fine A&ts. The artist's emancipation of vision. 
(Margaret F. Richardson) Brush St. P. 17: fa 

— at Columbia University. Brush&P.i?: 114-7 


— Duty on. (T. Allen) Brush & P. 17: 106-11 


— Muckraking in the. Brush & P. 18: 183-91 


— Types and stereotypes in. Brush & F. 17: 

FiNCEK-pUNTS as detectives, f Lond. Outlook] IJv. 

Age, 151: 698-700(151)06). 
Finland and her relation to Rusdo. (S, A. Koiff) 

OuU.8i; S47-9{ioMro6). 

— Present danger of. (H. M. Donner) Oiul. Ba: 

903-6(1 1 Apo6). 
Elnley, John B. 
Successive stages of the American game of foot< 

ball. R.of Ks.(N. y.)33: 7w(J«o6). 
William Rainey Harper, and his lilework. iR. 
of Rs. (N. X.)33: i7i-4(Fo6), 
Finley, W: L. 
Birds that nest in colooie*. Worid To-day, 10: 

349-5 7(Mro6). 
The chickadee at home. Ctry L^fi Am. 9: 
Finnemore, Emily Peanon. 

Our village by the sea. Chamb. J. 83: Jio-a 

Flnnemore, J: 

Allhta's lovers. Chamb. J, 831 8-11, 16-8, 41- 
_ 6, 6o-3(Jao6). 
Finnerty oj the EUfhant Keddah. (W. A. Ftaser) 

Canad. M. 17: i63-7o(Jeo6). 
Finnish Wkitzss, Representative. (PauI^Harboe) 

Bookman, 13: 36-40(Mro4Q. 
Hnot, Jean. 
The will as a means of prolonging life. Con- 

terap.89: 59-7i{Jbo6). 
F1N3 of fishes. (R. C. Osbum) Science, n. ». *3: 

FiNSEH, N. R. light-treatment of disease. (G: 

Peraet) Quar. 104: i38-6i(Jbo6). 
Fire, Sacred, of Israel. (F. H. Balkwell) 19th 

Cent. 60: a77-8a(Ago6). 
Fire fight fire. (G. A. England) Munsey, 35: 461- 

FiHE HAZARDS and how to avoid tbem. (WaihAg- 
1 ton Devereuz) Caster, ig: tegQioS). 

:MI 7'.'(*P"8''-' 


FiKE-LOSSES in the U. S. (Josepli K,. Freilag) 

Engin.M.31: 3ii-ta(Jeo6). 
FiRE-PEOOP construction. (F. W. Fi«patrick) 

Am. Arch. 89: isi-a(5Myo6). 
FiBEpBOOriNG in theatres. (J. R, Freeman) Am. 

Arch. 89: 98-9(i7Mro6). 
FiRB-raoTEcriOM for London, New. (A. M. 

Watson) 19th Cent. 59: 6s6-*KApo6). 
FiRE-woRSHlPEKS, Persian, of Yeid. (A. W. W. 

Jackson) Cent, so: 691-703(806}. 
Fnas, Towers for ^hting; two reccn 

ScLAdi.9s: 307(006). 
Firth, J. B. 

The ruiu of Middlesex. Fortn. 85: 1068-78 


Firth, R. H. 

Medical science and army efficiency. Nature, 

74: 6ia-4(i80o6). 

Fiscal pbobleu, The. (" Compatriot") National, 

48: 403-14CN06). 
Fischer, Louis A. 
History of weights and measures of the U. S. 
Sd. Am. Supp, 61; a53to-i(i4Apo6), 35334- 
llie election of representatives. Nation, 81: 72 
FiSB, Hamilton, Secretary of Stale. (A. Spring) 

Am. Law R. 40: 801-1 8(N-Do6). 
Rih, Stujrreunt 

Economy. Arena, 35: 364-7o(Mro6). 
Fish, Stdyves ANT, with portrait. Indep. 60: 557- 

Fish-hospitals. Chamb. J. S3: i34-6(Fo6), 
Fish-trade of Boston. (Irah Dunklee) World 

To-day 10: 58i-8(Jeo6). 
Flshberg, Maurice. 

The Jews; a study of race environment. Pop. 
Sd. Mo. 69; 157-67(806), 44i-5o(No6), 501- 
naher, W. J. 

Electoral abuses. Indep. R. 9: 34-44(Apo6). 
Fishery cohghess, International, 1908. (H. M. 

Smith) Science, n. 3. 24: s7-*(i3jlo6)- 
FlSHERiES, Inlemational investigations )f. (} 

Johnstone) Nature, 73: 855-7(1 iTao6). 
Fi she s; electric organ in some. (U. Dahlgren) 
Science, n. s. 33: 469-70(3 3Mro6). 

— The fresh-water fishes of South and middle 

America. (C. H. Eigenmann) Pop, Sci, Mo. 
^- S'S-30(JeQ6). 
-r How Tootipg aquatic plants influence the nutri- 
tion of the food fishes of our great lakt^. 
(R. Pondj Pop. Sci. Mo. 68: i5i-4(Mro6)'. 

— Senses of. Spec. 97: i035-6(*jDo6). 
FisBiNO; at the mouth of the Saskatchewan. (C- 

Hanbury-Williama) Blackw. 179: 393-403 

— Best flies tor brook trout. (L. Rhead) Outing, 

47: 8o7-a(Mro6). 

— The catching of the cod. (W: J. Henderson} 
, Ci;nt. 50: 485-96(Ago6). 

— Fly, f*r brook irout. (C. Bradford) Ctry 

Life Am, 9: 69 7-701 (Apo6). 
-r Gentle art of killing fish. (J. H. McFarland) 
OutLS4: 79-83(8506). 

— How to buy a good rod. (C. Deming) Outing. I 

47: 8o5-7(Mro6). 

— Howtofishoatheice. (C. Deming) Outing, 47: 

Sio-a(Jao6), ' 

FlSBiNO in the Rocky Mountains. (J.W. Hensbaw) 
Canad. M. 27: 2a5-3i(JLo6). 

— On the River Test. (A. Cavendish) National, 

48; 100-1 o(So6). 

— sea-. In praise of. Spec. 97: 133-4(3 8 JI06). 

— Wet -fly. Spec. 97: ig5-6(4Ago6). 

— Winter, in the sub-iropics. (C. Deming) Outing, 

47: 645-si(Fo5). 
Fishing interests, New England's deep-sea- (P. 
T. M'Gralh) R. of Rs. (N. Y.) 33: 561-6 
FiSHiMO TACKLE. Hints on terminal tackle. 

(C. Deming) Outing, 48: 35i-4(Myo6). 
Fiske, IsBbaUa H. 

The tree of knowledge. New Eng. M. n. s. 34: 
Fiske, J. S. 

Fogazzaro's The saint. Nation, S3: 69-71(15 
FiBke, PhiUp S. 
Traffic manager and the shipper. R. oE lU 
(N. Y.) 34: 304-io(Ago6). - 
Fiske, T:S. 
6th annual report of the College Elatranct 
Examination Board. Educa. R. 33; 375-314 
Fison, Herl»ert W. 

Narragansclt Pier. Pub. Lib. n: 337-8(Jeo6S 
Pitch, Clyde, The obstinacy of, (E: E. HaJe,jr.j 

Bookman, 33: 63-5(Mro6). 
Fife, Emerson D. 
Agricultural development of the west during the 

civil war. Q. J. Econ. ao: 359-78(Foo). 
Canal and the railroad, 1S61-1865. Yale 
R. 15; i95-3i3(A6o6). 
FiUgerald, C. C. Penrose. 

Colonial maritime defence. National, 147: 336 
Fitzgerald, David Bruce. 

Maggit Verity's reconversion. New Eng. M, 
n.s.35; 5o-9(So6), 
Fitz-Gerald, Leora A. 

Royal marriages in Spain. Bookman, 23: 376- 
Fitzgerald, J : F. 

"^uties of a modern mayor. New Eng. M. n. s. 
34- 483-7(Jeo6). 
Fitzgerald, Percy. 

Other limes, other manne:s. Chamb. J. Sj 
305-9(Myo6), — Liv. Age, 349: 61 6-24(9 Jeo6). 
Fitz-tierald, W: G. 

Dog-police of European dties. Cent. ;o: 823- 

Feast of the lilies at Nola. World To-day, 10: 

Fortress-monasteries of Palestine. Archit. Rec 

19: a7s-8(Apo6). 
The Gennan army. World's Work, 11: 7309- 

MM. Delcassfi and Rouvier. World's Wotk, 

11: 7i8s-9o(fo6}. 
Paderewski at home. Harp. Baz. 40: 132-30 

Queen Alexandra's yacht "Victoria and Albert." 

Harp. Baz. 40: 387-97{Myo6). 
Soldier-mounjaineers 01 iialy. Sci. Am. 04: 

Turtle trade of the West Indies. Sci. Am. 95: 

Wicliczka,a city of salt. Sci. Am. 95 : 28(i4jlo6j 


T, Mrs., and George IV., Willuns on. 
(S.M.Jotiiuton) Nation, 81: 350-1 (i6Apo6). 
— VindkatioD of. (I : J, O'Shea) Am. Cath. Q. 3 1 : 

Fitzpctrlck, F. W. 
Our annua) ash-be&p. Am. Arch. S9: 151-z 

San Francisco visited. Am. Arch. 90: 22-3 

A scolding. Am. Arch. 89: i35-6(aiApc.6). 
FitipMiick, T. J. 
HuDting wild horses in Australia. Chamb. J. 
83: 38o-i(Jeo6). 
Five.bundred-mile city, The. (F: W. Coburn) 

World To-day, 11: 1251-60(006). 
Five thousand miles for a farm. (G: Billings) 

New Eng. M. n. s. 34: io6-io(Mro6). 
Placcni, L: T, 
Psychology of clothes. Pedagog. Sem. 13', 
Flacs of U. S. warships, Making the. (Walter L. 

Beasley) Sci. Am. 94: 5 3 3-4 (3° J f°^^- 
Fuvmco, The, and its queer nest. Sci. Am 
Snpp. 6a: 25741(10006). 
I FiAiCNCOES in Africa. (C. L. Leipoldi) Macmil 
U.S. 1: 367-74(Mro6). 

Eatthquafcea. Sci. Am, ,Supp. 62: 25861-2 
Flanagan, HoTard. 
John Swift and hia lost silver mine. Applelon's 
M. 8; 419-31(006). 
Plap-jack. (Carter Hamilton) St. Nich. 33: 314-9 

Fleming, Herbert E. 
Literary interests of Chicago. Am. J. Soritil. 11: 
499-53' (Jao6), 784-8 i6(Myo6). l»: 6S-118 
Fleming, J. A. 
Electric conductivity of a vacuum. Sci. .^m. 
Supp.6i: 25ia9-3i(2ojao6). 
Fleming, Owen. 
Economic poi 
Pleminf , Walte 
"Forty acres and a mule." No. Am, 182: 

Friedmen's Savings Bank. Vale R. 15: 40-67 
(Myo6). i34-46(Ago6). 
FinnNGS in Eastern England in the reign 01 
Henrv II. (Oaillard T: Lapslcy) Eng, Hist. 
R. at: so9-i3(Jlo6). 
Fleuish faintihos at the Guildhall, 1906. .\th, 

'06, i: 675-6(2 Jeofi). 
Fluosh Kack and the Walloons. (M. Maeter 

liack) Putnam, i: 77-80(006). 
Fletcher, L. 
Search for a buried meteorite. Nature, 74: 
49o-a{i3So«). . 
Pletcber, S, W. 
Rating {rineapplea in southern Florida. Ctry 

Lite Am. 9T 44a-s(Fo6). 
Soil-bunders at work. Ctry Life Am. 9: 325-7 
Fletcher, W: I. 
The bull in the (library) china shop. Pub. Lib. 
"■ S49-5o(Do6). 
FtETCHEHiSM, The growth of. (I: F, Marcosson) 
World's Work, n: 7324-8(Mro6). 

Flezner, Abraham. 

An innovation in Harvaid's enttance require- 

menU. Nation, 8a: i99(8Mro6). 
Flemer, Simon. 

Immunity in tuberculosis. Pop. Sci. Mp. og: 


Flight, Proposed solution of the problem of, 

(Franz Pabisch) Sci. Am. Supp. 01: »5i73-^ 


Flight to fUxmOand. (E. P. Medley) Canad. M. 

28: 4S-S4(No6). 
Flint, G. Elliot. 

Dieting uj.cTCrcise to reduce flesh. Outmg,48: 

408-1 1 (JI06). 
Is heart weakness due to overwork? Outing, 49' 
Floating oj " Utah Extension," The. (F. Lynde) 

Scrib. M. 3q: 3!8-27(Mro6). 
Florence, Children of. (R. M. Bradley) igth 
Cent. 60: 6i8-3i{Oo6).-Liv. Age, »sit 410- 
Florentine uoveuent, The. (AcUrida C. W. 

Tilyard) Indep. R. 9: 7l-9(Apo6). 
Florida Kevs, The. (J: Gifford) Nat. Geog. M. 

17: s-i6(Tao6). 
Florida Key cruise. (V. Gilpin) Ctry Life Am. 

10: i67-8(Jeo6). 
Flower, B:0, , ^,. . . . 

An artist's message on Christ and Christianity. 
Arena, 361 24&-5S(So6)- ,._, . 

D: Graham PhiUips. a aoth-cenlury novelist of 

democracy. Arena, 35: »sa-8(Mro6). 
E; W. Redfield. Arena, 36: 2o-6(JI66). 
G: Taylor, Australian artist. Arena, j6: 136-41 ■ 

Edwin Markham, poet-prophet of democracy. 

Arena,35: i43-So(Fo6). 
G. R. Sjienter: a cartoonist of progreastve 

deiiiocracv. Arena. ,^6; 351-8(006). 
Helen M. Gougar. Arena, 35: 384-ti(Apo6). 
J, Campbell Cory, cartoonist. Arena, 35: 4»- 

J.N.Adam. Arena,35: 576-82(Jeo6). 
Jaures' Studies in socialism. Arena, 36: 418-39 

Judge W: Jefferson Pollard. Arena, 36: 14-^ 

Mayor Johnson on municipal control ol vice. 

Arena, ,15: 40o-9(Apo6). 
R: J: Seddon. Arena, 36: 449-63{No6). 
Rav D. Handy, cartoonist. Arena, 35: 171-0 

\V. Gordon Nye, caricaturist. Arena, 36: 138- 

4S(So6). . ^ 

Wilson L. Gill, apostle of democracy in educa- 
tion. Arena, 35: i77-8i(Fo6). 
Flower, Elliott. 
Bribe thai went aKray, The. Cent. 49: 503-19 

A cai» of amicienee. Overland, n, a. 47: 194-6 

The fain af Aivara. Lippinc. 78; 3S3-62(So6). 
Fiction and reform. Critic, 48: 46"S-8(Myo6). 
itumor of book reviews. World To-day, 11: 

J mathttn's methods. Lippinc. 78: 489-97(006). 
Shall westill insure? Worid To-day, 10: 479-82 

The strenuous referee. Cent. 50: a9-34(Myo6). 




Ftewer, Elliott. 
Ah iinavaiUHg tvbltrfage. Cosmopol. 41: 5(^~6 

An unlucky (MM. Cosmopol. 40: 7i9-26<Apo6) 
Tht ■aikim of a woman. Cent. 50: 798-800(306). 
Flow^ 0- tht May. (H. G. Aldis) Gent. M. n. s. 

76: 4a-SS(J»ofi>. 
Flowkb PAtNTiNa, Modern. (T. Martin Wood) 

Studio (Internal.) aS: igi-aostMyofi). 
Flowebs and the Greek gods. (AUce Lindsell) 
Indep. R. 8: ao7-i4(Fo6). 

— amugenieDt ot, J^taneie art of. (C : Lorrimer) 

Overiand, n. *. 47: ii6-a3(Fo6). 

— Children's interest in. PedaHoir. Sem. 11: so*- 


— from troM to frost. (H. Maiwell) Ctry Life 

Am. 9: s53-6{Mro6). 

— Intelligence of the. (M. Maeterlinck) Harper, 

114: 59HS3{Do6). 

— outdoors at Christmas time. (W. Miller) Ctry 

Life Am. 11: i87-oo(Do6). 

— The sleep of. [Lond. Outlook] Li», Age, 850: 


— that feel. (Joseph H. Painter) Sci. Am. Supp. 

fa: 35534-5 (14JI06). 

— Wooden. (6. P. PhiUips) Pop.Sci. Mo. 69: 65- 

Fu>wiHO KOAD, The; a record of the peried lioli- 

dar of an automobile journey of tjoo mites. 

(Hr Normaa) Scrib. M, 39: 357-83(Mro6). 
Fldid, Definition of, (O. W, Willcox) Science, 

n. s. 34: sg3-3(9No6). 
Fluncheim, Michael. 
I Richard John Seddon, late Premier of New 

Zealand. Out West, 25: 73-6(Jlo6). 
Flvino-Hachine, The advent of the. (A. Baden- 
Powell) National, 47: 463-7(Myo6). = Liv. 

Age, »49i 6j3-3i(9jeo6). 

— Experiments with a. (R: Schelies) Sci. Am. 

Supp. 63: 358i7-«(i7No6). 

— The first "manned'\ Nature, 75: 35(8No6)- 
FLViMO-UAcaiMBS. (P. L. Allen) Nation, 82: 48 


— the Ader "Avion". Sci. Am. Supp. 63: 25837 


— American. (C. H. Ames) Nation, 83: 436-7 


— Some recent foreign. Sci. Am. 94: 253-3(34 


— The unsolved problem of mechanical flighl 

(George Calvert) Booklover's M. 7: 738-46 

St Aeroplane. 
Poering, H. A. 

Failure in college mathemaiics, Educa. 37 

F0G-3IGNAI.ING apparatus for railroads, Brierley, 

5d, Am. 94: 453-3(»,feo6). 
FOOAZZAKO, Antonio. (Harriet Reid) Monthly 

R. 34, no. 3; a5-37(So6).-Liv. Age, 351 

— and his masterpipcc. (W. R. Thavcr) No. Am, 

iR.V i73-83(.Agofi). 

— and his Trilogy. (L. E. Lapham) Oath. World. 

84: 34i>-so(No6), 38i-7(Do6). 

— n Santo. A saint in fiction. (V. M. Craw. 

ford) Foctn, 85 : 66t>-7{Apo6). — Liv. Age, 149: 
386-9 iCsMyo6). — (J-S. Fiske) Nation, 8»: 69- 

PoU oj Laerlts, The. (Fred G. Blakeslee) Lippiiu- 

77: S95-8(Myo6). 
Foley, Arthur L. 

Molecular force of gelatine. Science, n. s. 33: 
790-1 (i8Myo6). 
Folk, Joseph W. (T: S. Mosby) Arena, 36: 6m- 

— What he has done. (W.D. Vandiver) Indep.6o: 
358-61(1 F06). 

FOLK-LOBS, R>niance of. (S: Tindall) Indep. 61: 

Follambee's play. (E, Boltwood) Munsey, 34: 


Free-trade, a "gigantic error." National, 46: 

FaOeUe. (L. Molt) Harper, 113: stj-ys^SoO). 
FolUa, M. D. 

Limitations of the brute. Outing, 48: 355-6 

Fondi, Enrico. 

Arrigo Boito, poet and composer. OutLSa; 447- 

FOMTENELLE, BERNARD LE B., Situr <U, father 

of French rationalism. (Algar Thorold) 

Indep, R. 11: 204-i8{No6). 
FoNTENoy, Skrine's, Blackw. 179: 822-3i(Jeo6), 
Food in its relation to the leeth. (A. W. Harlan) 

Sci, Am. Supp, 61: i53 35-6(3Mro6). 

— pure. Report to Federation ot Women's Clubs. 
Ann, Am. Acad, Pol. Sd. 98; 396-301(806). 

— Pure; text of the bill passed by Congress, 1906 
Science, n. s. 34: 185-9(1 oAgo6). 

— Pure-food legislation. (R. McD. Allen) Pop. 
Sci. Mo. 69: 52-64(Jlo6). 

— Standards of. (Harvey W. Wiley) Indep. 61 

Food laws, The year ot. (P. L. Allen) Nation, 

8»: S33-3(38Jeo6). 
FooD-PRODncTiON of the future. {J: A. Morris) 

Arena, 36; i73-4(Ago6). 
Food science and the pure-food question. (R. O. 

Brooks) R. of Rs. (N. Y.) 33; 4S2-7(Apb6). 
ODS that feed us, The. Chan ' ' " 

, The. Chamb. J. 83: 714-6 

Fool and a mule. A . (G. W. Ogden) Everybody's, 

'S- 773-8 3(006). 
FooUsknen of Stephen, The. (AdWe M. Shaw) 

Lippinc. 77: 463-73(Apo6). 
Football. (W. T, Reid, jr.; E: P. Nichols) 

Educa. R. 31: 45i-69(Myo6), 

— After football what ? (Endlcott Peabody) Harp. 

W,so: 56,64(i3jBo6). 

— and polo in China. (H. A. Giles) igth Cent. 

59: 5o8-i3(Mro6).-Liv. Age, 349: 353-7 

— Army-and-Navy game. (A. Ruhl) Outing, 49: 


— Association, A plea for. (J: Morgan) Indep. 

6r: 633-4(13806). 

— British, New Zealand and. (E. H..D. Sewelll 

National. 46: i070-Hi(Fo61, 

— "Day ot the game." (J. L. Williams) Outing, 

49: 143-53(^06). 

— for 1Q06. Outing, 48: 748-50(506). 

— How the new game appears to the spectator. 

(W: Inglis) Harp. W. so: i642(i7No6). 

— The new origin and meaning of the revised rules. 

(H. E, Keyes) OutL 84: 77S-83(a4No6). 

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FooTBAU,,' New Zealand. (E. B. OsbOTn) iglh 
Cenl. 59: ioj^i3{Jao6). 

— Newspaper. (E. G. DeWer) Pop. Sci. Mo. 6S: 

— of yesterday and to-day. {Harold Madarlane) 

Monthly R, 25, no. 1: 119-38(006). 
— IRugby, of to-day. (H. B, Trislram) Sal. R. 
102: 6o6-7(i7No6). 

— Safe and sane. (Arthur B. Reeve) Indep. 61: 


— Season of 1906. (O. G. Villard) Nation, 83; 


— ShaD it be ended or mended? R. of Rs. (N. V.) 

33: 7i-6(Jao6). 

— The South African team. (E. H^ D. Scwell) 

Fortn. 86: 1105-14(006). 
FOOTBAU. HEKOES of yesterday, The. (R. D. 

Paine) Muasey, 36: 33S-4o{Do6). 
Foots, Elizabeth. 

The laboratory in the hiils. Allan, 08; 775~Qo 

The music-makers. Atlan. 98; 74-81(1106). 
Foote, Mmij Hallock. 

The elevenlh hour. Cent. 49: 485-93(1306). 
Footer, HazimiliaD. 

A waiting game. Outing.49: i89-96(No6). 
I Yon't. Everybody's, 15: 665-74(No6). 
Footfalls from another world. Chamb. J. 83: 

For Christmas day; a poem, (Nancy B. Turner) 

St. Nich. 34; 164-SCD06). 
For ivoeet charity's sake. (Ina B. Roberts) Lippinc. 

77: W-9(Mro6). 
Foihes, Fnuds B. 

New method of index numbers. Am. Stalls. 

Assoc, 10: iro-5(Jeo6). 
World's recent production of gold. Am, Slalis. 
Assoc. 10: 77-io9(Jeo6). 
Forbear UntuhMrt A. 
The canaU commission. Monlhtr R. 33, no. 
IT 66-74(Apo6) 
Forbidden gueHs, The. (J: Corbin) Cent. 51: 

aa 1-7(606). 
Fortmsh, W: Bttou. 
The loan behind missionary education. Miss. 

B, 19:, S3o-3(Jlo6). * 

Misaonsry education in the Sunday-school. 
Miss. R, 19: »8o-3(Apo6). 

— of a church. Miss, R. 19, 434-7(Jeo6>. 

— of the young. Miss, R, 19: 42-7(1306), 

Ford, Alexander Hume. 

The American sewing machine. New Eng. M, 

n. s. 34: 443-9(J«>'5)- 
The Americanization of Paris. World To^lay, 

10: 4S-S»(iJ«o6)- 
Our American cobny at Jerusalem. Applelon's 

M- 8; 643-55(006). 
Railroad across five continents, from Cape Horn 
to the Cape of Good Hope. Indep. 60: 265- 
72(iFo6). , 
Ford, C. Reginald. 

Fascination of the Uttermost South. Canad. 
M.27: a2i-4(Jlo6). 
Ford, G: B. 

Terra-cotta architecture in Paris, .'Vm. Arih. 
90: 115-6(13006). 
Ford, J. D. M . 

A Spanish literary enterprise. Nation, 82 ; 406- 

Ford, Jamea L. 

Seeing the real New York. Trip no. 3. Cos- 
mopol.40: 466-72(Fo6). 

— Trip no. 4. Coamopol. 40; 7i2-8(Apo6). 

— Trip no. ^. Cosmopol. 41: 3i4~4o(Jlo6). 

— Trip no. 6. Coimopol. 42: 98-io4fNo6). 
Some great old plays. III. "Rip Van Winkle." 

Munsey, 35: 7»-s(Apo6). 
Ford, Harr H. 

Country life in North Carolina Overland, n. a. 

48: 489-94(006). 
Distinctiveness of American art. Bnish & P. 
.8: 6i-3(Ago6). 
Ford, Harj K. 
The case of the working girl. Critic, 49: 122-3 
^Is the Celtic revival really Irish? No. Am. 183: 
Sordid detail in fiction. Putnam, i: 113-4 

Two studies in luxury: The House of Mirth, 
and Belchamber. Critic, 48: a49-5o(Mra6). 
Ford, R: 

Letters. Monthly R. 13, no. >: 13S-T(F«6). 
Ford, S. Gertrude. 

The poetry of Nora Chesson. Monthly R. 24, 
no. a: 9l-8(Ago6). 
Ford, SeweU. 
Fiddler. Harper, I la: 78o-s(Apo6). 
Homer tries a rest cure. Outing, 48: 578-85 

Pluribus Jones and haw he came into hit own. 

Scrib. M. 39: 72i-33(Jeo6). 
Through Ike needle's eie. Scrib. M. 40: 311- 

Ford, WorthingtoD C. 
Franklin ana Chatham. Indep. 60: 04-7(11 

(jeorge Washington's ancestors. Munsey, 36: 

Graham's Mecklenburg declaration. Nation, 

82: 47s(7jeo6). 
One of Franklin's friendships. Harper, 113; 

S, M. Miller and the Mecklenburg declaration. 

Outl. 83: 89i-3(i8Ago6). 
FoKEiCN SEBVICE, The American. (H. Wilson) 

Outl. 81; 499-504(3Mre6). 
Foreman, Grant. 

The new state of Oklahoma. World To-day, 11: 

Oklahoma and Indian Territory. Outl. 8a: 
Foreman, J: 
American democracy in the Orient. No. Am. 

181: i33-5(Jao6). 
7rerunner, The. (M. E. M. Davis) Atlan. 98:. 
Foresight. (N.Lloyd) Harper, liar 8S9-99(Myo6). 
FohkSt and rivers. Nature. 73: 3i9-2o(iFo6). 
— The story of a. (F. E. Clements) St. Nich. 33: 

806-00 jf^cro6>. 
Forest of Ardek, In the. (R. Shackleton) Scrib. 
^. M. 40: 752-6i(Do6). 




FOBEST PWMVAL. The. (P. W. Ayres) Dull. 8s: 

Forest and Reclamation Services of the U. S. 

(T. Roosevelt) Nal. Geog. M. 17: 645-8(No6}. 
Forest law in the British empire. Spec. 96: 

Forest reserves. (W, R. Hepbum) Indep. 60: 

667-7 i(aaMiD6). 

— New nadoDal, in the Southern Appalachian and 

White Mountain*. (Thomas E. Will) R. of Rs. 
{N.Y.)j4: 7o8-ii(Do6). 

— United Slates, as breeding-places for wild life. 

(J. F. I,Bcey) Outing, 48: 349-$o(Myo6). 

Forest sceneky. (A. L. Baldry) Art J. 58: 

Forestry. The black locust tree and its despolia- 
tion. (C. A. White) Pop. Sci. Mo. 68: 211- 

— A country that has used up its trees. {E. 

Blackwelder) Outl. 89: 693-700(141*1 ro6). 

— in Massachusetts. New Eng. M. n. s. 35: 465- 


— The rtrug^ of N.Y. State to preserve its forests. 

(R. H. Fuller) Appleton's M.8:6i3-a3(No6). 

-^Whitford's Vegetation of the Lamao forest 

reserre. (F. Shrera) Sdence, n. a. 34: 520- 

Forests of the. Paci&c slope of U. S. (J. G, 
Leramon) Out West, 24: i73-99(Mro6). 

FoRGtRiES, Famous. (S: Woods) Cosmopol, 40: 

— Literary; W: Lauder. Gent. M. n. s. 77: 

Forks. (D. M. Morrell) St.Nich. 33: 3^o-i(Fo6> 
Form and color. (L. March-PhiQipps) [Contemp.] 

Uv. Age. as>: 38-41K6O06). 
Fomuui, JustiM U. 
BuchaiKin'i wife. Harp. W. 50: 20-3, 28, 53-6. 
88-91, i*4-7f6-27jao6), 160-3, 196-0. 13,-7 
»'59-7i(3-a4Fo6), 305-8, 340-3, 378-80, 411- 
'S< *3. 448-50, 6o(3-3iMro6), 484-S. 9'5(7 
Th« Gravesa road. Everybody's, 15: 655-64 

The man of mystery. Harp. W. 50: 1706-iofi 

"Night and the airlaint-draiim." McClure, 28: 

Rote lady. Harper, 113: i76-8i{Jlo6). 
TktwUiirt, Harper, iii: 8i4-3i(Myo6). ii3' 
Fonnan, S. E. 

Stories of useful inventions. The match. Sf- 

Nid*. 33: a5o-^({Jao6), 
— The stove. St. Nich. 33: 63S-4o(Myo6). 
FOMiosx, Head-hunters of. (N. Shaw) Macniil, 
n. a. i: 45s-6i(Apo6). 

— A Japanese missionary in. Miss. R. iq: 126-9 

FomM, B. Bmce. 

A labor college. Indep. R, q; 8o-9o(Apo6). 
Fondnad, LouIm. 

Winter love. Ladies' H. J. 93, no. a: :3, 47 
FomaH, A. W. 
• How lo construct a polyphase electric motor. 

Sd. Am. 94; 37o-i(5Myo6). 
FoTSter, E. IC. 

Literary eccentrics. Indep, R. f^: 105-10 

Forstei, Stephanie. 
A masked amrtihip. NewEng. M.n.s.34: ^S^- 

Forsyth, Rev. Peter T^lor. 
Authority and theology. [Hibbert J,] Liv. Age, 

148: i8-27(6Jao6). 
The Catholic threat of passive resisianct 

Contemp. 8g: 56J-7(Apo6). 
The church's one foundation. [Lond. Q. R-] 

Liv. Age, t5i: 35i-6(ioNo6). 
FoET William, Canada. (J. K- Lumby) Canad. 

M. 38: 33-9(No6). 
Fortescue. J; W: The British army; Mr. For- 

leacue's new volume. (Sir G. Artfiur) Fortn, 

86: 799-8os(No6). 
PDTtuHott Lord Pabrigas,- The. (J. S. Ckwston) 

Harper, 113: 747-56(006). 
FoTiune-telUr, The. (UnaSothem) Indep. 6or 1463-7 

FORTtJNE-TELLERS. Spec. 96: 374-5(ioMro6). 
FOKTiiNES, Great, and the community. (W. H. 

Mall.H.k) No, Am, 183: 349-64(506). 

— ■ — are they great dangers? with portraits, (F: 

U. Adams and others) Cosmopoli 40: 39*- 

— — old and new, (O. G. Villard) Nation, 83: 

FORTY-iJiNEB, The log of a. (F.. E. D. Mumj) 

Harper, 113: 93o-6{No6). 
Fosi, Martin H. 

The champion lobster company. St. Nich. 33: 
Foss, Sam Walter. 

Song of the librarv staff. Lib, J. 31: C35-6 
Fossil pishes. Study of. (Arthur Smith Wood- 
ward) Nature, 74: 597-9(11006). 
FossttS, Mining tor. Sci. Am. Supp. 61: 15*46 

Foster, J: Watson. 
The Chinese boycott. Atlan. 07: ii8-27(Jao6), 
Franklin as a diplomat. Indep. 60: 84-93(11 

Present condilioT^ in China. Nat. Geog, ■ M. 

17: 6si-7j{DoO), 
Questions of the far east. Atlan 97: 542-6 

T, Roosevelt and the Hague Court, Indep, 61: 


Foster, Maximilian. 

Ajler grouse with Hiram. Outing, 49: 97-103 

Along Ihf stubbles. Ouling, 48: 665-70(8061. 
By bonk or crook. Outing, 48: 348-54(Teo6), 
By strength of arms and Artie. Ouring, 48: 

Henrv the autocrat. Outing, 47: 74o-s(Mro6). 
Jlrdlika. Evcrjbody's, 14: 798-809! Ieo6), 
A stem-chase. Outing, 48: 2oi5-ia(Myo6). 
The strings of liberty. Everyhodv'l, 15; Siy-aS 

-''(O06). '.* m 

Foster, Michael. 

Chemist and farmer. [Sat. R.] Liv. Age, 349: 

188-91 (31 Apo6). 
THall's Rolhamsted eiperiments. Sat. R. loi: 
" ■'230-2f34Fo6). r 
Foster, H. B. 
Real prevention of disease. Nation, 83: 410-1 




FMter, Pknl P. 
Puades of work-honea. World To-day, 

Potter, W. Bert. 

Tht etidtiranct limit. Munaey, 35: 468-71(7106). 
Foster, W:Trufant, 
The dangen of the small collen. Nation, St; 

IntercoUegiale'athleticsand scholarship. Science, 

n.s. 14: »i-3(6Jb6). 
Podwrbr, Herbert A. 
Li^t and the visual sense. Sci. Am. Supp. 61: 

Fottnn, Georg*. 
Local autonomy and imperial unity of Germany. 

19th Cent. 59: 33i-44(Fo6). 
FocNDATTONS, Mechanical compression of ground 

for. (Emile Guarini) Sci. Am. 94: 476-7 

FoOKMY, Electiidty in the, (H, S. Knowlton) 

Ct»ier,i9: 389-1) 7(Mre6). 
FoTODBY management. Modem. (J. V. V. Col- 
well) Engin. M. jj: a48-56(No6). 
FocNDRY PATTERNS, Malting. (Water J. May) Sci, 

Am Supp. 61: 1577 7-9 (3N06). 
FauHlain. Tht. (Anna M. ShoU) Appleton's M. 

8: 3°-7(Jlo6). 
FitittitaiH of gardens, A. (Z. Gale) Outl. 83: 991- 

Fountains for home gardens. (D. Wylie) Ctrr 

Life Am. 10: so-4(Myo6). 
Pi»a Hindu cott«H ma-chants and their eat. (Jacob 

Chamberlain) Indep. 60: y)S-6{\^Vo6). 
FaUT in the open. (Vivian Bumelt) Craflsman, 

tor 77s-8'So6). 
Feunh gun. The. (Ci F, Marsh) [Corrh.] Liv. 

Agfi, 251: 672-85(1^006). 
F<mrth juror. The. (M'Cready Sylces) Scrib. M' 

,to: sg»-6oi(Myoi5). 
Poarlh Tvateh, The. (Georgia W. Pang' om) 

Bookman, 34" iS'-6(No6). 
Fwie, L. G. 
Life insurance as a profession. Ann. Am. Acad 

Pol. Sci. 98: 70-8i(Jlo6). 
Fowler, Frnnk H. 
The Albright Gallery, Buffalo Scrib. M 39: 

Learning Latin. Nation, 83: 189(4006). 
Forter, G : L. 
New railway appliances. Cassier, 30: 353-69 

Fowler, WrWarde. 

Rnral England. Pulnam, i: i47-54(No6). 
Fowls, Fattening of, in France. (Jacques Boyer) 

Sd. Am. Supp. 61; J5ioi-3(i3jao6). ^ 

Fox,C:, atBrooks'a. (A. Bristowe) [Macrn.] Lir 

Age, S48: io9-i7(i3Jao6). 
Fox, C: Jaues. (J. L. Hammond) Indep. R. 10: 

a7i-«8(So6)-— (Lewis Melville) Monthly R. 

»4. no. 2: 74-9i(Ago6). 
Fox. C,,P., House of, Penllyn. Pa. (H: W. 

Frohnel Archit, Rec. 20: 317-13(006). 
Fez, Francis. 
Some more words about bread. Macmil. n, s. 

1: 4i4-3o(Apo6), 
Fox. Mrs. O. H. 
The plea lor mysticism once more. Hibbcrt J. 

4: 4'6-9oaa«5)- 

Pox, 6: L. 

Schools, American and English. Nation, 83; 
Fox, Junes T. 
The church and her saints. Cath. World, 8i: 
83: 8i-9i(Apo6). 
The Pope and the French separatloQ law. Cath. 

World, 84: a38-39(No6>. 
Some notes on (he Dreyfus case, Cath. World, 
83: 664-79(Ago6). 
Vox, \:, jr. 
A knight e] Ih* Cvmberlnad. Scrib. M. 40: 
6j(So«), 957-63(806), j5J-9(Oo6), 546-60 
. (N06). 
Fox, J: P. 

Rapid travel of the future. World's Work, 
ij: 8ooo-6(So6). 
Foxcroft, Frank. 
Constitution-mending and the initiative. Allan 
97: 79»-6(Jeo6). 
Foxcroft, H. C. 


XFOHD, Ireland, The transform at io 
I.eahy) Am. Cath. 0^3 1 : 63i-7_(Oo6)_. 


Fox-EODNDS, English. (T. F. Dale) Outing, 49: 

Fox-HUNTINC, On riding to hounds. (Basil 
Tozer) Monthly R. 2s, "o. i: 48-56(No6). 
Fkance, Anatole. (B. Torrey) Atlan. 97: 394- 
4o6(Mro6).— {F H. Deke) Bookman, 94: 
France, W. C. 

Letters of Ibsen. Nation, 89: i43-4(9iMro6). 
Verrall's Four plays of Euripides. Nation, 8a: 
France and England. The military advantages 
jf an alliance. (A French officer) National, 

(T. Barclay) Indep. R. 8: i4-8(Jao6). 

- Religious reconstruction in. (James Collier) 

HibbertJ. s: 166-83(006). 
~ and the Holy See. (E. Taunton) 19th Cent. 

59= 4?S-S°7{Mro«. , „ , „ 

as an mvestor. (C: F. Spesre) R. of Rs. 34: 

Anli-militarism in. (Urbain Gohier) Indep. 

R. 9: i64-78(Jeo6). 
bishopsof, Plenary assembly of. (J. R. Slatterj) 

Indep. 60; i369-4(3iMyo6). 
Catholics in, Sodal activity of. (Mai Tur- 

mann) Cath. World, Si: 577-86(Fo6). 
Church and slate in. rW. H. Ingram) Canad. 

M. 37: 36r(Ago6). — (J. Romieui) Arena, 36: 

The separation of. (D. MacG. Means) 

Nation, 89: ii4-5(8Fo6). — Outl. 8*: 994-6 

(10F06).— (F. W. Parsons) Am. Caih. Q. 31: 

«3-Si3(JIo6).— (Felin Klein) Worid To-day, 

11: 0'4-o(So6). 
The Pope and the separation law. 0amrs 

J. Fox) Cath. World, 84: 9a8-39(No6). 
Encyclical to Frendi Wshops. Am. Cath. 

Q. 31: S7i-6(Jlo6). 
Church of,, and the French people. Dub. R, 

139: 400-11(006). 



Fhancb, Constitutional theories in. (J. H. Reed) 
Pol. Sci. Q. ai: 637-62(006). 

— Crisis ini views of some American Catholics. 

Oml. 84: ios5-.8(2t)Do6). 

— Deputies, Chamber of, Reform of protetiure in. 

Pol. Sci. Q. 31: 475-97(So6). 

— Disestablishment in. [Economist] Liv. Age, 348: 


— election in, Working o£ an. (V. H, Walsh) 

Blackw. iSo: 763-;3(Do6). = Liv. Age, 251: 

— ElectioneennK in. Sat. R. loi: 1546-7(5111 vo6). 

— England, and Mr. Bodley. (R. Dell) Forlri, 86: 


— The Franco-German frontier. (0. C. Boulgei)' 

Contemp. 8g: sos-t7(Apo6). 

— The French pre^dency and the American. 

(Munroe Smith) R. at Rs. (N. Y.) 33: 163-5 
-— The great duel with. (C. F, Lavell) Chai:t. 44 r 

— iii 1906; the Reneml election. Quar. 105: 


— Industry and taxei in. (D. MacG. Means) 

Nation, Sa: 8-9(4jao6). 

— Modern, in Rod's novels. Macmil. n. s. i : 


Some types of. [Macmil.J Liv. Age, 250: 


— A motor-flight through. I. (E. Wharton) Allan. 

08: 733-4i(Do6). 

— Newspapers of, (Rowland Strong) Harp. W. 

so: 38i(i7Mro6). 

— Nert French revolution. (U. Gohier) No. fun. 

18.1: 4Q=;-';o7(2iSo6). 

— Papal aggression in. (R. Dell) Forln. 86: 601- 

ifi(0o6).-Ed. M. 147: 407-507(006). 

— Papal attack on. (R. Dell) 19th Cent. 59: 


— politics, and the coming elections. (R. Dell) 

Fortn.Ss: 6i-7i(Jao6). 

and the French people. (Laurence Jerrold) 

Contemp. 90" 56-64(1106). 

— Presidential election in. (Ernest Dimnet) 

Harp. W. so: 8»(jojao6). 

— Religious events in. ("Testis") Contemp. 89' 

47a-9(Apo6). — (Paul Sabatier) Contemp. 90; 

— Religious movement in. (Paul Sabatier) Con- 

temp. 90: 687-703(No6). 

— R-lieinus situation in, (Majt Turmannl C»*h 

World, «i: 6ia-8('.\-io^l, 750-68(806). 84: 
6-3o(Oo6), i98-atj(No6).— (Abb? Hcrmelincl 
Am. Cath, Q. 31 : 734-44(006). 
^ Reply of the bishops. Am. Cath, Q, ii: Tu-i; 

— Revolution of 1789, Recent tendencies in the 

study of. (James H. Robuison) Am. Hist. R 
11: si9-47{Apo6). 

— Situaliin in. Out!. 83: i7-io(sMyo6). 

— A socialist history of. (C. A. beard) Pol. Sci. 

Q. ai: i.i-ao(Mre6). 

— The succession of French presidents. [Econo- 

mist] Liv. Age, 148: 38i-3(ioFo6i. 

— The year in. (S. Dcwcv) Allan. 98: 182-9,1 

Francia. Francesco w Marco di Gcacomo I 
RAlBOl.tNt, arlisi, with portrait, life, and bib- 
liography. Mast, in .^rl, 7: 465-500(006), 

Fruds, Avtric S. 
The mUlionair* and Iht angd. Outl. 84: *77-9 

F^uicis of Assist, SI; and modem society. (Father 

Cuthbert) Cath. World, 83: 899-3 i4(Jeo6). 

— Catholicism of. (Montgomery Carmichael) 

Cath. Worid, 83; a89^8(jeo6). 

— Centenary of. (Paschal Robinson) Cath- World, 

83: 338^14(Jeo6). 

— Love and humility of. {CoutUas Oe la Warr) 

Cath. Worid. 83: 332-7(Teo6). 

— non-Catholic work in Franciscan studies. Cath. 

World, 83: 72i-3a(So6). 
Franqs, St., (U SaUs. So^al admonitions. Spec. 

96: 4S9-9o(3iMro6). 
Francke, Kuno. 
The bousing of Emperor William's gifts to the 

Germanic tnuseura. Nation, 83: ii7(9Agi>6). 
pRAHCO-AuERiCAN, Reminiscences of a. Jules 

LemaJtre. (Jeanne Mairet) Critic, 48; 95&- 

F/ank, Victor S. 

Easter island monoliths. Am, Arch. 90: 119- 

FranktnUein of "The Fancy," A. (K. Harris) 

Everybody's, 14: 49t-6(Apo6), 
Franklin, Br (J. H. Choate) Critic, 48: 51HS7 


— and Chatham. (Worthington C. Ford) Indep. 

60: 94-7(iiJao6). 

— and electricity. (J. Trowbridge) Nation, 8a: 


— and the French intriguers. (Caroline Crawford) 

Booktever's M- 7: aat-3j(Fo6). 

— and his limes. (H: Cabot Lodge) Indep. 60: 


— as a diplomat. (J: W. Foster) Indep. So: 84- 


— as the man. (J: Bigebw) Indep. 60: 69-73 


— as a man of science. (E: L.Nkhob) Indep. 60: 

79-84(1 I Jao6). 

— as a printer. (^ 

104-8(1 1 Jao6). 

— as printer and philosopher. (C: W. Eliot) 

Science, n. s. 33: 833-9(iJeo6). 

— Bi-renlenary of. Science, n. s. 23; 929-43(33 


— Bicentenarj' of birth of. (G; H. Darwin) Na- 

ture, 74: 36-7(ioMyo6). 

Things recalled by. (L. B. Ruggles) Critic, 

48: 40-50(Jao6). 

— The every-day Franklin. (Rebecca H. Davb) 

St. Nich. 34: i58-6o(Do6). 
the first American heating and ventilating entfi- 

Lippinc. 77: 63-7o(]ao6). 

- An important Franklin discovery. (M. C. 

Crawford) Outl. 8a: ii7-ii(9oTao6). 

- in Boston in 1906. (Burton Elme) New Eng. 

in literature. (Paul Elmer More) Indep. 60: 
94-7(1 1 Jao6). 

— New editions of. (W: P. Trent) Forum, 17: 

398-4 to{Jao6). 

— One of the friendships of. (W. C. Ford) Harper, 

113: 626-33(806). 


PiAinuN, B:, Periodica] (utide» about. (R, M. 
Bathe) Crilic,48: 56iHS{Jeo6>. 

— Poor Richard's poetry. (Wilfred P. Muatard) 

Nation, 8i: »39(3iMro6), a7q{5Apo6). 

— Retuni of portrait ot, by Eari Grey. (C: H: 

Hart) Indep. 60: 953(a6Apo6). 

— Social life of, in Fnuice. (A. H. Smyth) Put 

a»m, i: 3o-4a{Oo6), 167-73(^06), 3io-i6(D 

— Srane sidelights on the life and character of. 

(R. F. Dixon) Canad M. »8: 7i-3(No6). 

— Two centuries after, in idence. Sd. Am. 94. 


— Unique letter of. (F. W. Gunsaulus) Outl. 83: 


— When did he invent the lightning-rod ? (A. L. 

Rolch) Science, n. s. 34; 374-6(»iSo6). 
Franklin, Fdiltti. 
Carl Schura. R. of Rs. (N. Y.) 33: 673-6 

Lifshtini;. Science, d. s. 34: 8i9-ji{aiDo6). 
Ptutt, Henri. 

Recent colored etchings ot Allan Osierlind. 

Studio (Intemat.l 10: io6-i3(So6). 
Recent etchings of Albert Baertsoen. Studio 

0nteraat.) 30; 39-44{No6). 
Recent etchings by Ai ders Zom. Studio (Inter- 
nal) ag: 381-9(006), 
The Rothschild artisans' dwellings In Paris. 

Studio (Internal.) z8: ii^-3Q(Atw6). 
The salon of the Sociiti nationale des beaux arts. 
Studio(Intemat.), jq: i3<t-44(Ago6). 
Praser, Donald A. 
Lama ani Iitsa; a Vancouver Island Indian 
hgetid. Canad. M. 37: 2o6-7(Jlo6). 
Fraier, Jam^oG: 

Feasts of All Souls. FoHn. 86: 475-86(806). 
Fraaer, [Hary Crawford] Mn. Hugh. 

Admiral Toqo. WorW* Work Ti: 778o-6(ABort> 

— Fortn. 86: 387-97(806).= Lis". A^, 351: 195- 

Education in the New Japan. Worid's Work, 

la: 8099-104(006). 
The Emperor of Japan. Fortn. 81;: 801-10 

(Myo6).-Ecl. M. 147:48-61(7106). 

— A personal study. World's Work, la: 7546- 

Japan since the war. World's Work, 1 1 : 7J99- 

36(Fo6). ^ 

Japanese statesmen of yesterday and to-day. 

Monthly R. aj, no. 2: ai-38fMyo6^. 
The Japanese stage. [Lond. Times] Liv. Age 

a48: 68i-6(i7Mro61. 
Japanese women and the new era. World's 

Work. la: 7635-31(7606). 
Japan's new portion. World's Work, la; 7994- 

Lttders of Japan. World's Work, tt: 7040-S 

riAt-.i, PpTrifo'. 
Binet's Les revelations de I'^criture d'apiis un 

controle scientlGque. Science, n. s. 14: 431- 

Fiatt, W : A. 
Apostasy of MoMig Pyu. Canad. M. 36: 53^- 

Tht ckalkhartti. Canad. M. 97: 548-55(006). 
The corrupHoiUst. Appleton's M. 8: 337-44 


TheglooiOalM. Canad. M.aS: 179-86(1)06). 
Cora SahWt vicaragt, Booklover's M. 7: 141- 

Pinnerty of the Elephant Keddak. Canad. M. 

IT- i63-7o(Jeo6). 
Marie, the Him, Everybody's, 14; 3S3-6t 

OrientaUiing of Budge. Outing, 48: 701-7(506). 
Pud and the plunger. Booklover's M. 7: 787- 

The trehte-eross. Canad. M. fl6: 3i7-3a(Fo6). 
Fraternities, high-school, The problem of. (W: 

B. Owen) School R, 14: 493-504(806). 

— — The Washington decision on. School R. 14: 

See College fraternities. 
Frederick the great. Educational reforms of. (S : 

Weir) Educa. a6: a9i-7(Jao6). 
Fbeoruoc VIII., Denmarii's new king, with 

portrait. Harp. W. 50: 376(i7Mro6). 

— athome. (J.A.Riia)OutI.8a-. 5sa-4(ioMro6). 
Fbederictok, N. B. The Old Government House. 

(M. Robinson) Canad. M. 37: 491-8(006). 
Fredesiksen, Niels Christian. (H. L. Braek- 

slad) Econ. J. 16: i6o-i(Mro6). 
Free trade and protection. (N. M. Tayler) 

Westm. 165: 493-9(Myo6). 

— Canada's trade policy. (J. A. Hobson) Canad. 

M. 36: 433-5(Mro6). 

— Ah English protectionist on British. (Alfred 

Mosely) R. of Rs. (N. Y.) 33: 334-s(Mro6). 

— A " gigantic error" (C, J. FoUelt) National, 

46 1 894-906(7206). 

— Why it wins. (A. Richmond) Westm. 165: 115- 

Freedlander, Joaeph H: 

A forest huQting-lodg.-. Cent. 5°: 63i-4{Ago61. 
Frezduan's savings bank. (W, L. Fleming) 

YaleR, 15: 4o-67(Myo6), i34-46(Ago6), 
Freeman, E: A„ Froude and. (R. McNeill) 

Monthly R. Ji, no, a: 79-91(^06). 
Freeman, John R. 

Safeguarding of life in theatre. Am, Arch. 89; 
40-3(3Foa), 49-Si(i°Fo6). 98-9(i7Mro6).— 
Sd. Am. Supp. 61: 35aTS-9(3Mro6j. 
Freeman, Maiy E. WUkins. 

By the light of the soul. Harp, W. 50: 850-3 
■ (i6Jeo6), 885-8(33jeo6), 933-6(3oJeo6). 959- 
7o(iSJIo6), uo,3-6. 1139-41. "7.'!-8. ian-4 
(4-asAgo6), 1146-9, ia85-8, 1358-60(1-15 
Lillle-girl-afraid-^>j-a-dog. Harper, 114: 15-36 

The underling. Harper, ii3: 3it-9(Jao6), 463- 
Freeuan, Maky E. WtLKiNS. (Mary Moss)Bock- 

man, 14: ao-9(So6). 
Freemasonry, New York society in. (W. H. 

Hamilton) Eel. M. 146; 83-5(7306). 
Freioht rates, Ocean. (J. Russell Smith) Pol. 
Sd. Q. ai: 337-63 (JeoiS). 

— — and their control byline rarriirs. (J, R. 

Smith) J. PoI.Econ. 14: siS-4i(No6), 
fireltas, Joaeph E. 

Fire losses in the U. S. Engin. M. 31: 321-8 

Ornamental metal work and wire glass. Archit. 
Rec. ao: i37^s(Ago6). 



French, Daniel Chester. The four 
Indep.6o: il4i-3(i7Myo6). 

— Groups tor the N. Y. custom -house. Crafla- 

man, lo: 7s-83(Apo6). 

— Groups of the continents. (C: De Kay) Cent. 

49- 417-3 1 (J»o6)- 
French, Edgar. 

An American portrait -painter of three historical 
epochs. World's Work, 13: 8307-23(006). 
French, Frank. 
Kinship in plants, Appleton's M. 8; 339-36 

A winter houquet. Cent. 49: jSg-gsdaofi) 
French, G: 

Principles of book advertising. Dial (Ch.) 40: 
^ .S-6(iTao6). 
French, Harold. 

Hoir the home of Mrs. R. L. Stevenson was saved. 

Overland, n. ». 48: 137-8(306). 

How the Red Cross Society systematized work in 

San Francisco. Overland, n. s, 48: 195-106 


Silverado; scene of Robert Louis Stevenson's 

honeymoon. Overland, n. s. 48: i39-j7(So6). 

French draua. of to-day, The. (Mary Moss) 

Lippinc 78; 59i-7(No61. 
Fhemch literature, Burlesque in. Macmil. n, s, 

2: i45-5o(Do6). 
French press, Changes in the. (W, A. Gill) 

Nation, 83: 439-3(31X06). 
French, WUard. 

Current misconceptions of the Philippines. 

Lippinc. 78: 3a8--35(Ago6). 
In the court of last resort. Lippinc. 77: 764-8 

Paul Revere's old North Church. Archil. Rec 

19: ai;s-i»(Mro6). 
A window in the Washinpon post-oHice. I-ip- 
pinc. 77: 473-8o(Apo6). 
French, W: 

Child-Inbor. Arena. ^6: it,-^(]\af,). 
French; W : Herctaant Richardson. 

The Chicago Art Institute collection of paintings. 

Scrib, M.40; 380-4(506), 
Makingof an artist. World To-dav, 11: 961-6 
French in America, The. (H. N. Caa.ionl 
Mlinsey.js: 36o-73(Jeo6). 

— in Canada, The. (C. W, Colby) Nalinn, Sjt 

French archbishop, A. (C. E, Maud) Forln, 85: 

7,13-4iCApo6),-Liv, Age, =49; 436-43(19 

French authors and best sellers. (J. H: Hagcr) 

Bookman, 34: 30-3(506). 
French bishops, Encvclical to, (Pius X,) Am. 

Cath, Q. 31: 57i-6(Jlo6). 
French cathedrals, (E. R. Pennell) Cent. 50- 

French ncnoN of to-day, (G: M. Harper) 

Outl,S9: a»-3j(6Jao6). 
French profiles, Gosse's. (A. G, Canfield) 

Dial (Ch.) 40: i3-5(iJao6), 
French Revolution. Pius Vf, and. (Donat 

Sampson) Am, Calh, 0- '■■ 4i3-4o('Jlo61. 

— Religion under the. Ed. R, 303: 33-63(1806). 
French revolution for one cent, A. (J\, I'oole) 

Cosmopol, 41; 5oq-ii(So6), 
Frenchman, The. (Alvan F, Sanborn) Indep.61: 

French woman. The. (Alvan E. Sanborn) Indep- 

61: 426-g(j3Ago6), 
Frenchwomen of (he salons. (Mrs. H. Dale) ipih 

Cent. 60: 77i-84(No6). 
Feenssen, GusTAV. fH.B. Boas) OutL 83: aSa-j 

Freahfleld, DougUB W. 

Note on the Ruwenzori group. Geog. J. 37: 

Ruwenzori. Geog. J. 38: 48i-7(No6). 
Fresno county, Cai. (A. A. Martin) Out West, 

24: 333-4>(Apo6). 
Frewen, HoretoD. 

The dominion of palm and pine. Monthly 
R. 33, no.3:43-73U«'6>--Ee'-M. 147- 3'?- 
. 3^(Oo6). 
The new gold and the new era. Monthly R. 35, 
no. 3: io6-l9(No6). 
Friday, the ii^lh. (Thomas W. Lawaon) Every- 
body's. 15: 8to-33.;(Do6). 
Friedman, L. H. 

Some aspects of forged transfers of stocks. 

Am. Law Rev. 40: 496-so6(Jl-Ago6). 

Friendly Societies. (C. F. Yonge) Econ. R. 16: 

i93-304(Jlo6).— (E. Brabrook) iglh Cent. 66: 


Friendly Society, An ideal; thrift amongst the 

working-classes. Chnmb. J. 83: 22-6(Jao6). 
— ideal. More about an. (E. Fumival Jonas) 

Chamb. J. 83; i77-8i(Apo6). 
FBiENi>SHrp, Indiscriminate, Spec, 97: 8S-9(ai 

Jlo6).-Liv. Age, 350: 5o6-«(3sAgo6). 
Friit Puffer's trouble. (Pauline C. Bouve) New 

Eng. M. B. a. 34: i96-303(Apo6). 
Frorisher, Sir Marttn, Early career of. (R G 

Maisden) Eng. Hist R. 31: 538-44(1106). 
Froebei.'s svstem being tried in New York city. 
(C: T. Heaslip) Educa. i6: *89-93(Apo6). 
Feocs, Study of- Blaciw. 180: 470-«4(Oo6). 
Frohman, C : 
Barrie, J. M. Peter Pan Harp. W. 50- ™o- 
Frohman. C:, and his theatre of the future. (Gor- 
don Craig) Sal. R, 102: S48-9(3No6). 
Frohne, H. W. 

Hotel Belmont. Archit, Rec ao; 63-9(1106). 
House of C, P, Fox, Penllyn, Pa. Archit. Rec. 

20: 317-22(006). 
Indianapolis Court House. Archit. Rec. 19 

437-43 (J eo6). 
Pynchon house, Greenwich, Conn. Ardut. Rec. 
19: 38i-8(Myo6). 
From a boy's standpoint. (Marion C. Jacobus) 

Harp. Baz, 40: 698-7oi(Ago6). 
From a college window. (A, C. Benson) fComh.J 
Liv. Age, 348; i38-44(3oJao6),46l-8(34Fo6). 
7i8-34(j4Mro6). 349: i6i-6(3rApo6), 5a8- 

From the background's point of view. (Jean L. 

West) Lippinc. 78: 790-7(006). 
From the captain's tog book. (E: Marshall) Harp, 

W. 50: 1896(29006), 
From the cell. (A. E. McFarlane) Booklover's M. 

7: 66o-Q(y!ifo6). 
From the Memoirs of Madame Junol. (Maarten 

Maartens) Harp. W. 50: ic)93-6(4Ago6). 



Fr»mSiaiL.tloSiuaH. V-IX. (AgnesM. Daulton) 

St. Nich. 33: a36-4ilJao6), jai-gCFoe), ta&ss 

(Mro6), 54t-7(Apc«), 6a8-34CMyo6), 715-31 

(Jeo6), 813-30(1106). 903-9lAgo6), 994-1000 

(S06), iioa-9{Oo6). 
Fkontikk. Americaa, of to-day. (Don O. Sheltoo) 

Miss. R. 19: 807-11CN06). 
FROtrriEKsiUM's day in Wyoming. (C. J. Lucas) 

Woild To-day, 11: 1096-100CO06). 
PKOHnERSHBN, Foncut of a Legion of. (R- 

Pocock) FortD. 85: 7»o-3a(Apo6). 
FroM, A. B. 

The fanner's Bcaaona; four pictures in colors. 

5crib.M.40: iis-33(Ago6). 
PrMt,S: W. 
Operation of the Wisoonsin lav on child labor. 

Ann, Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 37; 3S7-6o(Mro6). 

Greek boxing. J. Hel. Stud. »6: ai3-2s(No6). 
Fiotme, James Anthonv. (Gold win Smith) 

AtUn. 97: 68o-^(Myo6). 

— and Freeman. {R. McNeiU) Montbly R, 

no. a: 79-9i(Fo6).— Li», Age, 348: 6*4-31 

— Paul's Life of. (P. F. BickneU) Dial (Ch.) 40: 
■ 8o-a(iFo6).— (G. L. Beer) Critic, 49: i8o-a 

Fkdit-Txkxs for beauty, Shall we plant? (T 

MtiAdam) Ctry Ufe Am. 10: 39-44(Myo6). 
FBI7TT3, Tropical; giowing them in Florida. (E. 

N. Reuoner) Ctiy Life Am. 9; 3i9-ao(Jao6) 
Fiy, E: 

Thougbti consdousness: life. Coatemp. 89: 

P17, T. C. 

Social and political outlook. Econ.R. 16: i- 
. t4a"o6). 
Fry*. W:P. 

Meaning and necessity of ship sulisidy. Indep. 

60: i459-63(3iJeo6). 
Ft^CHS, ElOL, sculptor and portrait-painter. Illus. 

(R. H. Tithetington) 'Munsey, 35; 619-27 

FitKL, Artificial. Sd. Am. Supp. 61 : a54s8-6o 


— Liquid, vt. coal. Sci. Am. Supp. 62: 25500-11 


— Smokeless, for cities. (C. 0. Atwater) Cas^r, 

30: 3i3-3i(Ago6). 
FiTZLS, k W4rade, Utilization of, in steam genera- 
tion (W. Frauds Goodrich) Engin. M. 30: 
FoUcr, C. C. 
Bride and tile making in the Tropics. Sci. Am. 
9S: 157-8C1S06). 
FaOer, E: 
Recent works in English history. Bookman, 93: 

Thbigs of the spirit. Critic, 48: si2-4(Mro6) 
Puller, Hubert Bruce. 
AAdtderata's intervmlion. Scrib. M. 40: 715- 

TUe sham^ul miscarriage of justice. World's 
Vork, 13: 832i-«<No6). 
FcTLi ut, Maroaret, and her friends. (Frank- 
■ ■ I B. Sanborn) Critic, 48: 2si-7(Mro6). 

Fuller, HyroQ Leslie. 

Our greatest earthquakes. Pop. Sci. Mo. 69: 

Glacial stages in New England. Sdence, n. s. 
94: 467-9(12006). 
Fuller, R. H. 
Tbe straggle of N. Y. State to preserve its forests. 
Appleton's M. 8: 6i3-2j(No6). 
PuUerton, Aubrey. 
Improving the flow of Mississippi river. World 
To-day, 10: 494-8(Myo6). 
PvUtrton taivagt can, Tkt. (George Catling) 

Lippinc 78: 64i-6(No6). 
Fulton, C. W. 
American schools and Japanese pupils. No. 
Am. 183: 1225-8(21 D06). 
FOLWOOD, W. Reviewof his "Enemy of idleness," 

1568, Gent, M. n. s. 76: 390-403 (Myo6). 
Funerai of Rat Briwki. (H. S, Edwards) Cent, 50: 

Fungi, Papers on. (C: E. Bessey) Sdence, n. a. 

14: 6oi-2(9No6). 
Funsten, James Bowen. 
Mission work in tbe Rocky Mouotsins. OutL 
82: 6o3-s(i7Mro6). 
Funston, F : , Gen. 

How the army worked to save San Francisco. 
Cosmopol. 41: 239-4S(Jlo6). 
Fua-BBABoro AKIKALS, Rftisinfc for profit. (Ernest 
Thompson Seton) Ctry Life Am. 9: 294-7 

FiTR-TaADES, The. (Arthur Williams) World 

To-day, 11: 1063-70(006). 
Furlong, C: Wellinfton. 
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A night's ride with Arab bandits. Harper, iia: 

489-9 7 (Mro6). 
Sdiam; the story of a Hama slave. Appleton's 
M. 8: 259-68(806). 
Ftimell, Miss A. S. 

Religious knowledge as a school subject, Hib- 

Ctry Life Am. 9: 4tS-ai{Fo6). 
Pumisa, H. W. 

Diamonds and carbons in Brazil. Pop. Sci, Mo. 
69: 272-So(So6). 
FintNinntE, Antique. (W. A. Dyer) Ciry Life 
Am. 9; 7o6-io(Apo6), 
- iSlh-cenlury French, and its imitators. (Art- 
meter) Chamb. J. 83: 7i6-7(No6). 
'Georgian. (G, L. Hunter) Qty Life Am. lo: 

■Hired. Sat, R-ioi: 3s6-7(J4Mro6). 
— History in. Ed- R. 203: 4io-28(Apo6). = Liv. 

Purlher advetUures of a yachtsman's wife, (M. H, 

Vorse) Allan, 98: 240-7(Ago6). 
Fuses and primers lor canndh. (Ormond M. 
Lissar) Sci. Am. Supp. 6t: 35465-6(161606), 
iitrelle, Jacques. 

Chafing a rainbmv. Cosmopol. 41: 406-504 
Fyfe, H. Hamilln. 

Revival of scul|]ture, i9lh Cent. 60: 158-64 
(JI06).— Am. Arch. 90: 38-9(4Ago6). 

-.u.v Google 


Fyfie, R. B. 
£m Ugionmiirei; a Narlk African sJuteh, 
fatmdad on jact. [Outlook (Lond-)] Liv. Age, 
349: a3i-8(a8Apo6}. 

G^ R. W. 

A reminisceDce of Joseph Severn. Cent. 49: 
Gaelic leagde, The. (Ellen, Countess dowagei 
of Desart) (i9lh Cent.] Eel. M. 146: 84-9 

— and its operations. (Vigil) National, 47: 1011 


— A word for the. (J. O. Hannay) National, 

47: S33-9CJl<'fi)- 

— Worit of the. (Sydney Brooks) Htup. W. 50; 

GAtuc BEVIVAL. Literature and the linns voice. 

(W; B. Yeats) Coniemp. 90; 471-83 (O06). 
GaSatsj, Fannie H. 

Liberty, Ian, and labor. ATena,36: »8s-8(So6). 
Gager, C. Stuart. 

Dc Vries and his critics. Science, n. a. 34: 81-0 
GaiUard, Edwin W. 

One wajr to pcn>ulari£e the library. Pub. Lib. 

11: i>-^(jBo6). 
Simple library simplification. Pub. Lib. 11: 
Gaines, A. W. 

Growth, aggressiveness, and peimanent charac- 
ter of Anglo-Saion laws and institutions. 
Am. Law R. 40: 694-710(5-006). 
Gainsborouch, T: , A portrait by. (W. S. Howard) 

■ Harper, 113: 6i5(So6). 
Oaiidner, James. 

"The Timts" and the publishers. Ath. '06, a; 
G^ms. J. F. 
The business doctor. Cassier, 30: 79-84{Myo6). 
The compound locomotive in the aoth century. 

Cassier, 30; 553-6(006). 
Contractors' locomotives. Cassier, 9g: 339(Ja 

Unclt BiOy's legacy. NewEng.M. n.s.34: 165- 
Gale, Zona. 

ThtCkristtning. Appleton'sM. 8: 364-71(506). 
Bekaes. Everybody's, 14: 598-6o6(Myo6). 
A fountain of gardtns. Gull. 83: 99i-8(3sAgo6). 
Magic of orchards. Outing, 48; 6?7(So6). 
OcU>ber. Everybody's, 15: 485-9(006). 
Pey !on'i paint lady. Everybody's, 1 5 : 796 

The odor oj the ointmetit. OuU. 8a: 707-15(94 

The wedding. Appleton's M. 8 : 674-8o(Do6). 
"This is a world of spelts." Everybody's, 15 

Gales, Rev. R: Lamon. 

Christian tradition and popular speech. Na- 
tional, 47: ii7-J5(Mro6).'-Liv. Age, 249. 

The humours of parish visiting. National, 46. 

859-65 (J^o6). 
•G ALICIA and Hungary, A mountain region between 

(W. T. Bcnda) Cent. 50: i69-79(Jeo6). 

Gall, Fkanz Joseph, and the science of phrawdogy. 

(L Knott) Westm. 166: i50-63(Ago6), 
Gallkks, Wanted— a natlonaL (F. J. Mather, 

jr.) Nation, 83; 343-4(a50o6). 
Gallon, Francii. 
Measurement of resemblance between penoot. 

Nature, 74: 562-3(400(8.— Sci Am. Supp. 61; 

Galvanic CtnuLEtn, Nerve and muscle changes 

from, (Jacques Loeb) Sci. Am. Supp. 61: 

as 307(34^06). 
GalvanoU£i£b3, Tangent. Sd. Am. Supp. 61: 

"5385-6(1 a MyoS). 
Galveston, Teitai; a dty built on the sand. 

(Lindon W. Bates, jr.) ScL Am. 95: 64, 6(iS 

Galveston, How it secured protectian against the 

sea. (W. W. Davis) R. of Rs, (N. Y.) 33: 


— Municipal govemmait of. (G: K. Tiimei) 

McClure, 37: 6io-ao(Ooe). 
Galwav. ■ Sat, R. roa: 6o7-8(i7No6). 
GALWAVufE, Old. Funherrecollections. [Blackw.] 

Liv. Age, 348: 34i-s6(ioFo6),='Ecl. M. 146: 

't chance, A. (M. Glass) Munsey, 36; 
Gamblino, The art of. Quar. i04: 46i-So(Apo6). 
Game, new, for islands. Economic value i:^. (D. 
W. Prowse) Sci. Am. Supp. 6»: as5i4t7jlo6). 

— Prospects of, in England. Spec. 97: 89-90 


Gahekeepeks and gillies I have known. (Sir 
Herbert Maxwell) Blackw. 179: 444-59 
(Apo6),= Ecl. M, 146: 49a-soa(Jeo6). 

GAitE-preservation in the TransvaaJ. (J. Stevm- 
son-Hamilton) Blackw. 179: 407-ii(Mxo6)- 

Gahk pbesekves. Forest reserves as breeding- 
places for wild life. (J. F. Lacey) Outing, 48; 

Gaues should be games. (Cecil S. Kent) Sat. R. 
loi: 7;9C9J«'6)- 

— Spectacular. Spec. 96: 51-3(137*06). 

— Team, and civic loyalty. (Luther H. Gulick) 

School R. 14: 676-8(No6). 
Gamewell, Hary Porter. 

Up the Yangtse to Tibet. Chaut. 4a: 419-38 
Gannett, H: 

Inlerdecennial state censuses. Am. Ge<w.Soc. 

Bull. 38: 323-7(At;o6). 
Relations of rainfall and lemperatur*; to the 
growth of trees. Am. Geog. Soc. Bjill. 38; 
Gannon, James H., jr. 

"Smith, debtor." Everybody's, 15: 358-64(506). 
Ganong, W. F. 

Society for plant morphology and physidk^. 
Sdence, n. s. 23: 4ii-8(i6Mro6). 
Gapon, "Father." Story of my life. (1. F. lap- 
good) Nation, 82: 37i(3Myo6). 
Garden, An ancient. (H. E. Smith) Cent. 50: 

— hidden by informal planting. (T. McAdnn) 

Ctry Life Am. q: 544-7(Mr^). 

— of the sun; route notes in Sicily. (W: 5h«pl 

Cent, 49; 663-831 (Mro6). 5°: 37-54(My«*)- 

— The old, at Mount Vernon. (F. E, Leu^) 

Cent. 50: ;3-9(Myo6). 



Gakdbn, Plea for the cndosed. (S. S. Wainwrighi) 
— Sdwol (W. A. Baltfwin) Educa. 36:447-61 

— a small. The ardiitectunl treatmeDl of. (Roger 

Riotdao) Cent. 50; 3$-6l,iijo6). 

— The terraced. (S. S. Wainwrigbt) Allan. 97; 


— that I love. The, MUsing chapters in. (Alfred 

Auitin) National, 48: 165-77(006). 

— A vsgaboad, recUimed. (M. Leonard) Ctry 

Life Am. 9: S3i-3(Mra6). 
Garden lover. True. (E- E. Macdooald) Canad. 

M. 37; »5-6{Myo6). 
Gasden slopes and banks. (A. C.-B.) [Speaker] 

Cable) Cent. 50: flo^^yod), 
Gaxdens, Herb and rose. Harp. Baz. 40: <;3i-6 

— of Comuh. (Frances Duncan) Cent, so: i-io 


— Srane memories of. I. (Alei. 1. Shand) Sal. 

R. 102: 64i{a4No6). 

— Three, and a garret. (A. M. Curtis) Monthly 

R. 33, no. 3: i io-3i(J«i6). 

— Workmen's. (H: W. Wolff) Econ. R. 16: 68- 

Gardiner, B. H. 

The pankration and wrestling. III. J. Hel. 
Stud. a6: 4-aa(Myo6). 
Oardiuer, J:H^i. 

The power of Bible poetiy. Atlan. 98: 384-Q4 

Gardiner, T. Stanler. 

The In<&aD ocean. 


Geog. J. j8: 3i3-33{Oo6), 
Nature, 73: ag4-6 

Percy Sladen Expedidi 
Gardinar, Rnth KimbalL 

Maria Redbum. Everybody's, 14: 8l0-6(Jeo6). 
Gardiner, T. J. Qordon. 
The Atnerican hero of Kimberley. Cent, (o: 
Gardner, B. A. 
The Atalanta of Tegea, T. Hel. Stud. i6: 169 

St. Catherine of Siena. HibberC J. 4: 570-89 
Gakdnek, Mrs. J. L. The treasures of Fenway 
Court. (A. O'Hagan) Munsey, 34: 655-78 
Gardner, J. Starkie. 
ProUran of earthquakes. 19th Cent. 60; 647- 
Gardner, Monica H. 
Siffismund Krasiiuki. Am. Catfa. Q. 31; 119-30 
Garfield, Jamea Rudolph. 
The immigration problem: where the fault lies. 
Out!. 84: 6io-i(ioNo6) 
GaanBLD, JAHKS R., the first commissioner of 
corporations. (G. Hunt) Out). Si: 677-So 

Gasooyles, old and new. (C: D.- Kav) Archil. 

Rec. 19: 4i9-34(Jeo6), 
Gariand, C. M. 

Enperiments on a constant pressure g ni ralor 
Engin. M. 31; 7o7-ii(Ago6}. 

Garland, Virginia. 

Christmas, in the hills. Overland, n, s. 48: 464-9 

Eaith'i messages [< irculation of the blood]. 

Overland, n. a. 4S: 155-6(806). 
Manzanita. Overland, n. 3. 48: 67-7o(Ago6). 
Flumedweeds. Overland, n. s. 48: 3i6-ao(No6). 
Waterways in the mountauu. O/erland, n. s. 
47: ao9-ia(Mro6). 
Gainer, Jamea W. 
RelattMis of polit 

111 34i-66(No6). 

Right ol jury trial in the dependencies of U. S. 

Am. Law K. 40: 340-55 (My-Jeo6). 

Gakmbtt, Dr. R: Ath. '06, i: 48o-i(atApo6). — 

Lib. J, 31: 3i8-9(Myo6). — ( Arthur Symons) 

[Speaker! 431-3(1961x06). 

— LiHoTj of. (F. J. Mather, jr.) NatioD, 83: 

Oamtt, F. Edmund. 

Lord Milner and the struggle for South African 
union; a retrospect, 1897-1905. National, 
46; iio3-a5(Fo6). 
GarricK, D : 

(N06J, 8i3-32(Do6.) 
Ganiaon, F. Ljnwood. 

Santo Domingo. Gassier, 30: 595-411(506). 
Oarrlson, WendeU PbiUlpa. 

A dissolving view of punctuation. Atlan. 9) 

Fredenka Mad 

MacDonald's new criticism of J. J. 
Rousseau. Nation, 83: 556-7(37006). 
Jessie White Mario. Nation, 82: ai8(i5MTo(9 
Journal of B: H: Latrobe. Nation, 82: 3S7- 

Hume on the abolitionists. Nation, 8a: 143-4 

The Rousseau revival. Nation, 8a: 6-7(4jao6). 
Valediction. Nation,83: 5aa(a8Jeo6). 
Garritt, J. C. 
Missionary finding his place. Miss. R. 19: 331— 
Garvie, Alfred E. 

Christmas, Easier, and Whitsuntide. Contemp. 
89: 8i4-ai(Jeo6). 
Garvin, Ethel. 

Use of industrial books at Providence Public 
library. Lib. J. 31: 76-8(.\go6). 
Garvin, J. L. 

The compulsion of empire. National, 47: 499- 

The future <ff tariff reform. National, 48: 613- 

3 1(006), 
Prince Hohenlo'ie's memoirs, ([Lond.JOuttook) 
Liv, Age, 151: 4is-3i(i7No6). 
Garvin, Lucius F. C. 

Faying taxe^ in Rhode Island. Indep. 61: 451- 

Solving the labor problem. Arena, 36: 10-4 

The statesman's job. Indep. 61: 711-5(37 
Gas, illuminating, Modern manufacture of. [Otto 
Boehm) Sci. Am. Supp. 6a: as779(jNo6). 
■ower from. (Willard L, Case) Sci. Am, 
Supp. 61: 8;8-Q(i5l)o6), 894-5(22006). 
— Produter, and gas-producers. (C: H. Day) 
Sci. Am. Supp. 61: a5i5o-i{i7Mro6). 



Gas and electuc-licht service, Relatioi) of 
American niunidpaUties toi a Ejmposium. 
Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. Sd. 37: 3io-33CJao6). 

Gas-ENoine, Teats of a. Gassier, 30; 431-40(806). 

Gas-engine by-product, A new. (F. E. Jungr) 
Gassier, 30: 348-s3(A5o6). 

Gas-enoine cylindJEts, Rabonal method of cooling. 
(S.M.HoweU)Sd.Am,94: 7o-i(aoJao6). 

Gas engines for ship propul^im. (J. E. Thorny- 
croft) Sd. Am. Supp. 61: 35456-8{i6Jeo6), 
Fundamental piinciples of. (Robert T. Loder) 
Sd. Am. Supp. 67: 95656(8506), i567< 


Gas heatino stoves. Novel (W: P. Gerhard) 

Sci Am. Supp, 6a: 35714-5(60^6). 
. Gas-pboducer, Suction. (W. U. Booth) Gassier, 

ag: 4i5-36(Mro6). 

Gassier, 39: 477(Apo6). 
Gas-pkoducek plant, Suction, Barge fitted with a. 

Sd. Am. Supp. 61: 3S>S3-3(3F=*)- 
Gas producers for power, (Julius Wile) Sd. 

Am. Supp. 61: 95330-1(1 1 Apci6). 
Gas-tcrb[ne, The. Sci. Am. Supp. 61: 1513-87 


— Some tesis of the. (C. E. Lucfce) Engin. M. 

31: 64i-s6(Ago6). 
Gas works, Municipal, of Berlin. (R, C.Brooks) 

Yale R, 14; 36i-73(Fo6). 15:24-39(1^x06). 
Gaskell, Elizabeth Cleohorm. (Mrs. R. Ritchie) 

Putnam, i: 34S-5»{I'o6). 
Gasoline enmme, "Speedway." Sd. Am. 94: 

Gasoline lifbboats, U. S. Government's. Sd. 

Am. 94; 233-4(^1 7Mro6). 
Gasol(I4E motor, New duplei 4-cyde. Sci. Am. 

Supp. 62: 25584-5 (11 Ago6). 
Gasoldje-motob propelled roller, A. Sd. Am. 

Supp. fii: 25i72-3(ioFo6). 
Gasoline uotoks, Light-weight, for aeronautical 

work. Sd. Am. Supp. ^: 25833(24X06). 

— New industrial applications of. Sd. Am. Supp. 

61: 25460-1(16)606). 
Gaspard the brave. (F. 0. Bartlelt) St. Nicb. 33: 

Gasquet, Francis A. 
The Christian fiuuily life In Fre-Reformation 

day*. Cath. Worid, 84: i46-6o(No6). 
Some impressions of Catholic America. Dub. 

83: 233^5(Myo6). 
Gassehdi, Pierre, and the atoms. (J: Masson) 

HibbertJ. 5: 85-104(006). 
Gastric jmcE, Production of natural. Sci. Am. 

Supp. 61; J5i4:(a7jao6). 
Gates, Eleanor. 

BueTias nackes. Scrib. M. 39: i79-87(Fo6). 
The girl and the guti-fighter. Cosmopoi. 41 ' 

Tn* girl who travels aiane. CosmopoL 41: 3-13 

y (N06), 163-72(006). 

The revenge 0) ManuelUa. Booklover's M. 7: 
Vi The spotud dog. CoamopoL4i: 671-6(006). 
Gates, F: Taylor. 

Our. first experiment in socialism. World's 
Work, la: 7774-6(Jlo6)- 

Gattr, Regiiiald Alfred. 

What to do at the seaside. Cbamb. J. S3: 545- 

A winter shore. Cbamb. J. 83: i6i~4(Mro6). 
Gatty, Victor H. 

Glacial aspect of Ben Nevis. Geog. J. 27: 487- 
Gay, Haiy R. 

Our parental schools. Wtnld To-day, 10: 304- 
Gaya y Bnsqueta, Joaj. 

Marriage of^Alphonso XITI. Indep. 6a: 1256- 
63(31 Mya6). 
Ga^ey, C:IDlto. 
'Hie commissbneiahip of education. Nation, S3: 
Gear. H. B. 
Aavftntages of purchased electric power. Cas. 
rier, 30; sai-^Oo6). 
Seue, Randolph I. 

SgrM __ _ „ ^. 
Masks of classic and n 


Ruins in Rhodesia recently discovered. Sd- An. 
94: 23i-i(i7Mro6). 
Oeddes, James, jr. 

Simpler spelling. Educa. 16: 550-5(Myo6). 
Geer, Dove H. 
The autoraobilist and the law. Haip. W- 50: 
Geer, Helen Hazen. 

Babyand Biddy. St. Nicb. 33; 933(Ago6). 
Geer, W;C. 
Teachinc of chemistry in the secondary schools. 
" School R. 14: 375-^5(Apo6). 
Gelatine, Molecular force in. (A. L, Foley) 

Science, n. s. 23: 790-1 (i8Myo6). 
Geus and precious stones, Andent, (D. A. Wilier] 

Chamb. J. 83: 222-4(Apo6). 
Qeldut, W. H. 

Report of the Royal Commission on trade dis- 
putes. Econ. J. 16: i89-3ii(Jeo6). 
Genealogy; the quest of ancestors. (D. O. R. 
Lowell) Munsey, 34; 543-S(Fo6). 
Sdenceof. Spec.96: 4i4-5(i7Mro6).— Uv. Age, 
349: 634-6(9jeo6). 
General Wade's Road, Gent. M. n. s. 77: 34- 

ERALiziNC, The vice of. (Rupert Hui^esl 
Harp. W. 50: it68(i8Ago6). 
Generou3 Mr. Dean, The. (Abbv M. Roach) 

McClure, 27: 2S3-<,(Jlo6). 
Geneva, The University of. (C. F. Thwing) 

and stupidity. (Lewis M. Tennan) Pedagog. 

Seni, 13: 307-73(806). 
— The test of, (Wemet A. Stille) Nation, 83: 11 

Genotypes, Elimination in filing. (F. A. Baiheri 

Science, n, s, 34: 809-10(2 1D06). 
"Gentlemen by profession." (T: W. Hi^nson) 

Indep. 6a: 850-4(1 2 Apo6). 
Gentleman of rank. A." (W.B. Harris) Black*. 

180: 327-43(806). 

d by Google 


Gektleiian's Macazike; an hislorical sketch. 

(A. H. Bullen) Gent. M. n- s. 76; ia-3a(Fo6). 

Geocentric right ascension and declination, 

Computalion of daily motion from elements. 
(Russell T. Crawford) Pop. Astron, 14; 397- 

Geodetic association: Budapest conference. (O. 

H, Tittmann) Science, n. s. 24: 713-9(7006). 

— {G: H. Darwin) Na.ure, 75: 33-5(8No6). 
GtomEV of Monmouth. Quar. 105: S4-7B(Jlo6). 
Gbookapaeks, Asaoc of American, ad annual 

meeting. New York, 1906. Science, n. s. 

83: a!i2-3(9Fo6). 
Geographical botlles. (W. J. Kenyon) St. Nich. 

33: 988^3(So6). 
Geoobaphical EXPtOBATIONi its moral and 

material aspects. (A. W. Greely) Nat. Geog. 

M. 17; i-s(Jao6). 
Geogbafhy and college English. (M. H. Shack- 
ford) Educa. 16: 34a-4(Fo6). 

— and diplomacy. (S. Shunsky) Nation, 83; 502 


— Content of. (W: M. Davis) Am. Geog. Sot. 

BuU. 38: 67-84(Fo6). 

— in our public schools. (R. E. Macnaghten) 

19th Cent. 60; 633-746(006). 

— Making geography while you wait. (T: H. 

Macbride) Pop. Sd. Mo. 68; 333-5(Apo6) 

— Recent regulations and syllabuses affecting 

schools. (.\. J. Herbcnson) (JcDg. J. 37: 279- 

— regional, A field for studies in. (Walter S. 

Tower) Am. Geog. Soc. Bull. 38: 481-9 

— 25 years' progress in. {G;T. Goldie) Geog. 

J. 28: 377-84(006). 
Geological collection. An experimental. Sci. 

Am. Supp. 61* 25i6o-i(3Fo6). 
Geological CONGBESS, loth In tenia tional, Mexico, 

1906. Nature, 75: 64-7(isNo6).— (E. O. 

Hovey) .\m, Geog. Soc. Bull, 38: 730-40ID06). 
Geological Society or Washington, D. C. 

Science, n. s. 23: 69S-8(4Myo6). 
Geological sdrveys, Recent reports of, (J. A. H.) 

Astron. 14: 264-76(Myo6j = Sci. Am. Supp. 
61: a5446-7(9jeo6). 
Geology, Chunbertin and Salisbury on. (H. F 
Bain) Dial (Ch.) 40: 384-5(i6Jeo6).— (F. H. 
Moulton) Pop. Astron. 14; 32 7-32(Je-Ilo6), 

— Columbia field work in. (T: C, Brown) Saence, 

n. ». 23: s87-90(i3Apo6). 

— of New Mcnco. (C: R. Keyes) Science, n, s, 

aj: 92i-a(isJeo6). 
Geouetsy, The foundations of. (O. Veblen) Pop. 
Sci. Mo. 63: ai-8(Jao6). 

— NoD-Eudidean. (I. E. Bahinovitch) Sdenoe, 

a. t. 24: 440-1(15006). 
George rv. The first gentleman of Europe, as 

pateriamiliaa. (E. L. Dillon) 19th Cent. 59: 

Ctorge Marlmur. {F. R. Earp) Indcp. R, 9: 

Georgian ABCHTTCCnntE, Examples of, in Charles- 
ton, S. C. (J. Robie Kennedy, jr.) Archit. 

Rec. ig: 283-g4(Apo6). 
Genrd, J. 
Dialogue on eternal punishment. Hibbert J. 

S: ii93S{Oo6). 


Gerard, J. H. 

More winter flowers. Ctiy Life Am. oj 409-10 
6er*rd, W. R. 

The "Virginia" potato. Sd. Am. 95: 187(15 

Gerhard, W: P. 

Church sanitation. Am. Arch. 89: 176-8 

Novel gas heating stoves. Casder, 31: sa-7 

Sanitary features of markets and abattoirs. 
Am, Arch. 90: 187-8(15006). 
Gericee, Wilbelu. OuU. 8a: 637-8(a4Mro6). 
German- Auerican trade relations. (O. G. Vil- 

lard) Nation, 8a ; i5o(iaFo6). 
German art. (E. R. Cherry) Brush & P. 18: 244 

— in London. (Elizabeth R. Pennell) Natioii, 

83: ro-ii(5JIo6). 
Gehmas children Ideals, of a groupof. (H: H. 

Goddard) Pedagog, Sem. 13; io8-ao(Jeo6), 
Germajj cities: why they are beautiful and health- 
ful. (W. H,Tolman)OulI,83: 6i8-ao(i4jlo6), 
Gehuan colonial scandals. The. (O, G, Vil- 

lard) Nation, 83: i59(a3Ago6). 
Geruah drama. The, of to-da;. (S. C. de Soia- 

soim) Contemp. 89: 37o-9(Mio6). — Liv. Age, 

349: 34S-Si("Myo6). 
German editors visiting England. (Lut^ Brautt- 

Gizychi) Indep. R. 10: i6j-73(Ago6). 
GEHUA.V EMIGRATION to America. Harp. W. 50: 

German immigration, The phantom peril of. (S. 

von Sternberg) No. Am. 182: 64i-so{Myo6). 
Gerua.v literature, 1905-6, (Ernest Ueilborn) 

Alh, '06. 2: 3S7-8(29So6). 
German "peril" and American. (L: J. Magee) 

Engin. M. 30: 48l-9o(Jao6), 64i-53(Fo6). 
German schools and American. (W. S. Monroe) 

School R. 14: ai7-a2(Mix>6). 
German steel syndicate. (F. Walker) Q. J. Econ. 

20: 353-<»8{Myo6). 
German student corps. (PhiUp G. Hubert, ]r.) 

Bookman, 34; 44-50(506). 
German town, In and about a. [Blockw. M.] 

Liv. Age, 348: S34-46(3Mn'6). 
German imivEBstnES, Impresuoiu of. (R. H, 

Jesse) Educa. R. 32: 433-44(006). 
Gekuan workincman, Condition of the, (E. D. 

Howard) J. Pol, Econ. 14: 6s-85(Fo6). 
German workman, Dawson's. (C. J. Bullock) 

Nation, 83: 397(8No6). 
Germa.vic museum. The housing of Emperor 

William's gifts to the; (K. Francke) Nation, 

83: n7(c)Ago6), 
Germanizing the world. (C;E:Russetl) Cosmopol. 

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rmans in America, The. (H. N. Casson} 

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rmany. (E. J. Dillon) Contemp. 89: 576-96 

(Apo6). 90; 584-93 (O06). 
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and Fr.incc in England's foreign policy. (T. 

Barclay) Indep, R. 8: i4-8(Jao6), 
and Greal Britain. (J. A, Spender) [Fortn.] 

Eel. M. 146: i2-33(Jao6). 

— and the U. S, (N. I. Stone) No. Am. 182; 

433-45 (Mro6). 





GKKMAMv,|Aimy of. (Livingston Wright) World 
To-day, 11: 1195-1303(006).— (W: G. Fiti- 
Gerald) World's Work, it: 7309-1 6(Mro6). 

A soldier of the Kaiser. (Ernst Schultz) 

Indep.6i: 430-4(i3Ago6). 

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" 3-34{Jlo6). 

distrust of. (D. C. Boulger) 19th Cent. 
59: i-ii{Jao6). 

— Census of 1905, Results of. Science, n. s. 

14: is7-8(3Ago6). 

— Civil code of, Making of. (F. W. Mailland) 

Indep. R. 10: 9ii-3i(Ago6). 

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83: 433(33No6). 

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83: Si7-8(20Do6). 

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l5ist) Ctintemp. 90: 305-17(506), 

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Barker) 19th Cent. 59; 535-4i(Apo6),r=Ecl. 
M. 146: s3i-43(Jeo6). 

— How science helps industry in '(Henrv S. 

Pritchett) R.ot Ks, (N. Y.) 33: i67-7o(rofe). 


— Leadership oP Outl. 8a: 393-5(*4Fo6). 

— Local autonomy and imperial imity. (G. 

Fottrell) 19th Cent. 59: 33i-44(Fo6). 

— Navy. Command of the "German ocean," 

(Eicubitor) Fortn. 86: so9-a5(So6). 
■ The Kaiser's dream of sea power. (A. S. I 

Hurd) 19th Cent. 60: 3i5-z3(Ago6). 
German naval bill. (F.Jlcubitor) Fortn. 85:! 


— Le pangermaniame, la Hollande, et la Belgique. 

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dictment of recent German policy. (M. 
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necke) National, 47: 943-54(Ago6). 

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bert J. 5: 166-83(006). 

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(J. EUU Barker) Contemp. 89: 325-3g(Mro6). 

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Blind)No. Am. 183: ioi9-i9(i6No6). 

— Waning prestige of. (C. (i. tall) Wustm. 166 

66-73CJI06). i73-8?(Ago6). 

— workmen in, Legal position of. (W, Harbult 

Dawson) Pol. Sci. Q. 31: i64-87{;eo6). 

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Geudhation, Influence of light and heat on. 

(Cleveland Abbe) Sci. Am. Supp. 61: 15494- 

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Oerothwoht, Maurice A. 

Piem Comeille; a domestic enigma. Fortn. 

86: 30i-i4(Ago6). 

Gerould, Jtunes T. 

Ccnnparative university and college libraiy 
statistics. Lib.J.31: 76i-3(No6). 
G«coiild, J : H. 

Amceba blattz and amccboid motion. Saence, 
n.i.ay. 7o7-io(4Myo6). 
Gerrard, T : J. 

Spiritual value of Christianity. Cath. World, 83: 
625-41 (Ago6). 
G«rrie, J. P. 
A year of Canadian progress. R. of Rs. (N. Y.) 
33; 47-8CJ«o6)- 
Geny, Uaigaiita S. 

An interr > lion. [A play.] Harp. Bax. 40: 
Ghent, W. J. 

Thecureofgraft. Indep.6o: ii89-^5(i4Myo6), 
You reuiners. Indep. 61; »3-3i(S JI06). 
Ghsmt, Intemational art exhlbitioo at. (E. R. 

Pennell) Nation, 83: 319-40(13506). 
Ghent school for mothets. (Mrs. B. Russell) 

19th Cent. 60: 970-5(006). 
Ghetto, Parnassus of the. (Mary K. Synon) 
World To-day, 11: 1041-3(006). 


SADO BiGORSi, with portrait and bibliography. 

Mast, in Art, 7: 339-78(506). 
GaoST in fiction, (T, R. Sullivan) Atlan. 97: 133- 

Ghost house, The; a quiet day in the Calskills. 

(B. Caiman) Craftsman, 10: a79-8s(Jeo6). 
GhoiUy stinemBay, Tfu. Q. W. Strout) Outing, 49: 

afi-9(Oo6). : 
Ghosts of Piccadilly. (G. S. Street) Montblv 

R. 35. no. a: 57-7orNo6). 
GiACOSA, GrosEPFE. Atn. '06, a: 383(8306). 
Gibbon, PerceraL 

Tht seeond-cliuz piuitager. McClure, 37: 641- 

Serpus Witte. Blackw. iw: 4Bo-7(Apo6). 
— A great man facing failure. McClure, 16: 

The traoer 0} Last Notch. McClure, 37: 466- 
Gibbons, A. St H. 

"laieau land and its economic conditions. 
Gcog. J. 37: 343-s9(Mro6). 
Tht story of a rogue. St. Nich.33: 353HS(Fo6). 
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W. so: 304, i5(3Mro6). 
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Breaking up of the Yukon. Nat. Geog. M. 

17: 368-72(Myo6). 
Transportation methods in Alaska. Nat. Geog, 
M. 17: 69-8i(Fo6). 
GiBRALiAB, The African. (Archibald R. Col- 

quhoun) Harp. W. 50: 8ia-i4(9jeo6). 
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Paradoxes in engineering. Casuer, 30: 232-8 

Steam-turbine data. Cassier, 31: 36-4i(No6). 
(Hbson, Louis H. 

Cement block architecture. Am. Arch. 89: 71 
' Success in making (xincrete blodts. Sd. Am. 
Supp. 61; 35309(34Fo6). 
True architecture. Am. Arch. 89 : 11 1-4 

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Gibson, T 

And-OMTO riots in Atlanta. Hup. W. jo: 1457- 
Oibaon, Winifred. 

The number ai the stars. Pop. Astron. 14: 
GiddiDgs, Franklin H. 

Mr. Biyan and our complex social order. Ceot. 

si: i54-7{No6). 
Mar^aU Field; a good example. Indep. 60: 

Race miprovement through dviUEation. Indep. 

60: 383-4(isFo6). 
Social lynching of Gorky. Indep. 60; 976-8 

Sovereignty and government. Pol. Sd. Q. ai; 
Giffen, Sir Robert 
Is the BriUsh Empire safe? 19th Cent. 59; 

The prospects of liberal finance. 19th Cent. 
59: 88s-98(Jeo6). 

The Fbrida Keys. Nat. Geog. M. 17: 5-i6(Ja 
Gift of Angela. (H. F. Sanders) Craftsman, 11: 

GlTTS. To make the gift divine. (H: Meade 

Sland> Overland, n. s. 48: 455-61(006). 
Gila mohstbbs. (Day A. Willey) Sd. Am. 95 ; 

Qilbert, AriAdne. 

The li^thouse-builder's son. St. Nich. 33: 
GUbert, G. C 

The investigation of the San Francisco earthquake - 
Pop. Sd. Mo. 69: 97-iis{Ago6). 
GUbert, H: 

A laU spring. Forln. 86: SS3-9tSo6). 
Gilbert, Simeia. 

The newspaper asa judiciary.' Am. J. Sociol. 13: 

Hybridization of plants. Sci. Am. 94: 5(6Jaei6). 
GUchriat, Beth Bradford. 

When the race loai to the laiji. Allan. 97 : 5 19- 
Gilchrist, Robert Murray. 

Th« charily of widcno Ogden. [Terap. Bar] Liv. 
Glider, Jeumette L. 

A grand old man of sdcnce, a grand old roan of 

politics and a poet. Critic, 48: 353-6(Apo6). 

Memoirs and letters. Critic, 48: 8a-6(Jao6). 

Whitman and his Boswell. Critic, 49: 185-7 


Gilder, R: Wstson. 

The day and the hour. Critic, 48: 73-7(Jao6). 
Giles, Herbert Allea. 

Football and polo In China. 19th Cent. 59; 
5oS-i3(Mro6).- Liv. Age, 249: 353-7(" 


The awakening of China. t9th Cent. 60: jii- 
Gill, Theodore. 

Scjt in fish. Science, n. s, 24: 8i8-g(2il)o6). 
Gill, W. A. 

Changes in the French press. Nation, 83: 431- 

GtLL, WiuoH L., apostle of democracy in educs- 
don, with portrait (B. O. Flomr) Arena, 35: 
OUUi^nni, Alice £. 
A gipsy christening. {Outlook (Lond.)] Liv. Age, 
348: 44a-5(i7Fo6). 
GiUmore, Inei Hapies. 

The brolheri. Lippioc. 78: io3-is(Jlo(S). 
Gilmnn, Charlotte Perkins. 
Home worship. lodep. 61: 788-93(4006). 
Dr. Weiniager's " Sei and character." Critic, 

48: 4i4-7(My<»6)- 
Passing of matrimony. Harp. Baz. 4P; 494-8 

A sensible vacation. Indep. 60: » 33 7-44(7 J«>*)- 
Gilmaa, Lawrence. 
An important movement for American music 

R. of Rb. (N. Y.) 33: 47»CApo6). 
Claude Debussy, poet and dreamer. No. Am. 

183: 877-86(3No6). 
Eminent foreign composers as guests of America. 

R. of Rs. (N. y.) 34: 698-701(1)06). 
MacUowell Club. Critic, 48: si6-i3(Jeo6). 
Gilmore, D. 

Evolution in mimions. Miss. R. 119: 763-7 


Gilpin. Vincent. 

A Florida itey cruise. Ctry Ufe Am. 10: 167- 
Gilroy, Foster. 

Gregory Maidmc. World To-day, 11: 857-8 
Giltaer, Leigh Gordon. 

Aniwnn Uaves, Munsey, 36: 137-31(006). 
Ginderi, H. I. 

Capital and labor. Westm. 166: 5e9-79(No6). 
Ginzberg, L : 

Jewish sympathy for animals. Nation, 83: 117 
Gipsy christening, A. (Alice E. Gillington) 
(Outlook (Lond.)] Liv. Age, 348: 443-5(17 
GiSASDiN, EiULE DE. the father of cheap newv 
papers, (R. Ogden) Nation, 83; 338-9(36 


Alitie and Hit enemy. Lippinc 77: 35i-4(Fo6). 
GiBL, The, behind the counter. (Maty R. Cran- . 
ston) World To-day, 10: 37o-4{Mto6). 

— in the grammar grades. (J: M. Tyler) 

Educa. 26: 404-Ta(Mro6). 

— of the Middle West, The; with drawings by 

H, R: Boehm. (E Hubbard) CosmopoT. 40: 

— Problem of, in the library. (Lutie E. Steams) 

Lib. J. 31: io3-6(Ago6). 
Cirl and tht gun-fighter, Tht. (Eleanor Gates) 

Cosmopol. 4r: 303-8(006), 
Girl from the tnachtne, Tht. (Jesse L. Williams) 

Sctib. M. 40: 467-79CO06). 
Cirl who travels alone. The. (Eleanor Getes) 

Cosmopol. 41: 3-i3(No6), 163-73(006), 
GiBLHoiJu, Public school. Sat. R. 10a; 539-40 

GlBLS, The curriculum for. (A. C. E. Allintoa) 
Nation, 83: 198-9(6806). 

— Do Ihcy lake an interest in literature? 

(Margarita Yates) Monthly R. 33, no. i: 
1 30-32 (Apo6). 




Cols, Physique of. (K. Bathursl) igth Cent. 59; 

Poor, who many millions. (Lida R. McCabe) 

Cosmopol. 41: 349-580106). 
GtBLS' ROOKS. (Martha Cutler) Harp. Baz. 40: 

(Hrouard, Sir Peiej. 
The railways of Africa. Scrib. M, 39: SS3~^ 

GlSSiNa,G: (A. Hairison) igthCent. 60: 453-63 

{So6J.= Uv. Age. asi: 3i6-a5(a70o6). 
— Some recollections of. Gent. M. n. s. 76; 

iia-i8a{Fo6). = Liv. Age, 249: 338-43(38 

Oivens, Helen M. 

rht ball-urritr and Ike baby. Ladies' Hr J. 33, 

no. in 15(006). 
GivAov, Erik. 

Hame-industry and peaaant-farming in Belgium. 

Conlemp. 90: 388-407(806), S34-^COo6), 
Glacial hypothesis in America, The develop- 
ment of the. (G: P. Merrill) Pop. Sci. Mo. 68: 

Glacial NorKS from Canadian Rockiei. (W. H. 

Sheraer) Science, n, s. ty. 35i-4(aMro6). 
Glacial stages in New England. (M. L. Fuller) 

Glactaiion in southern Arizona and northern 
Sonora. (F: J. H. Merrill) Science, n. 3. 34: 

Glacizs, a Colorado. (J. Henderson) Harper, 
iia: 6n9-i4(Mro6), 

— bow exptored. (C; Wiles) Sd. Am. 94: 534 

Gladden, Washington. McCIure, 16: +48-50 
(F06).— Outl, 81: i54-5(i7jao6). 

— preacher and patriot. (G:P Morris) Cent. 40; 

"Gladiators, The." (Dorothea Deatin) Cent. 50: 

Gladstone, W: Ewakt, as I knew him. {Sir 

Algernon West) [Coruh.] Liv. Age, 349: 410- 


— Library at St. Deiniol's, Hawarden. (Mrs. M. 

Drew) 19th Cent. 59: 944-54(Jeo6). = Liv. 
Age, 150: 403-i2{i8Ago6). 

— Life of, by J. Morley. (H. Cecil) 19th Cent. 

$g: 36o-7oCMro6). 
Glasoow. (F: C. Howe) Scrib. M. 40: 97-109 

— Municipal ownership in. (Robert Crawford) 

Ann. Am, Acad. Pol. Sd. 17: i-ig(Jao6). 
Glasgow school of art. Brush Si P. 18: iq-ia 

OUbb, Montague. 

Caiabianca. McCIure, 27: 445-8(Ago6) 
[ JA gambttT'i ehanct. Munsey, 36: 3gt>-4(Do6). 
Glass, rui and engraved, Siory of. (H. R. 

Tilden) Brtish & P. 18: i9;-304(No6). 

— window. Making, by the sheet proctss, Sci, 

Am. 95; 400(1 D06), 
Glass-bottle industry, Length of trade life in. 

(Denis A. Hayes) Ann. Am. Acad. Pol, Sd. 

27: 4g6-t)(Myc6). 
Glass-uosaic. (W. H. Thomas) Studio (Intenial.) 

aS: Ludii-lxzviii(M]'o6). 
Glass BOOys and sun parlors. (E. Leblbach) Ctry 

Life Am. 10: 625-7(006). 

Edgewood farm of Ik Marvel. Ctry Life Am. 

9: 298-3oi(Jao6). 
Un. Kiusell Sage and her Interesta. WorU's 

Work, 13: 8r8j-6(No6). 
A nine weeks' English trip for $135. Ctry Life 

Am. 10; i69-7o(Jeo6). 
Rug-making commuoi^. Ctry Life Am. 9: 
Gleason, Caroline F. 
Picture-books, good and bad. Pub. lib. 11: 
Gleeaon, T. H. 

OnlhsRomaHyroad. St.Nich.33: 5iS-6(Apo6). 
Oleig, A. 

Some account of a slum. Monthly R. ax, no. 3: 
rii-2o(Mro6)-Liv. Age, 349: s6S-73(aJeo6). 
Glen, Catharine Young. 

The wisdom of ShertS McGte. Booklover'E M. 
37: 75-i)(Apo6). 
Glbh-Coats, Lady. (M. E. Henderson) Canad. M. 

26: 3i3-S(F°6)- 
Glorious fourth. The. (Eugene Wood) Everybody's, 

Gent. M. n. s. 77: 581-6(006). 
Glove stakes, The. (fV. A. Fraser) Canad. M. 2S: 


Glover, Hargueiite. 

Simp" '" ' ' - 

Gaoli, Umberto. 

The "Medusa" of the Uffizi gallery. Nation, 

81: i57(23Fo6). 
Goblet, Story of the. (Pauline C. Bouv() New 

Eng. M. n. s. 34: 33a-35(Myo6). 
Goblin Coohbe. Spec. 96: goo-i(9jeo6). 
Goblin gold. (Dorothy Canfield) Everybody's, 14: 

God, Humanity and, (Stanton Coit) Internal. I. 

Ethics, 16: 424-8(Jlo6). 

— Maternity of. (F. L. Swiney) Westm. 165: 

556-67(Myo6)— (F. Gwinev) Westm. 165 : 676- 

— Witness ot conscience to the existence of. (D. 

Barry) Am. Calh. Q. 31: 33i-42(Apo6). 

Ideab of a group of German children. Pedagog 
Sem. 13: 3o8-3o(Jeo6). 
Godfrey, Hollis. 

Cily water and city waste. Atlan. 98: 375-83 
Godlcy, Eveline C. 

A century of children's books. National, 47: 
437-g(Myo6).'^Liv. Age, 349: 689-98(1 6Jeo6) 
Godman, Inez A. 

One team and a cow. Indep.6t: 38i-4(i6Aoo6). 
GaETHE, J. W., Bielsrhowsky's Life of. (L. A. 
Rhoades) Dial (Ch.) 40: 8s-7(iFo6).— (J. U, 
Hart) Nation, 83; 43o-2(24Myo6). 

— Orientalism of. (A. Vusuf-ali) tConlerap.] 

Ec], M. 147; 3()8-3o6(Oo6)_ 

— Young. (E. L. Cary) Critic, 48: 364-9(Apo6). 
Goettingen, New physical laboialoiy at. (J. A. 

Barker) Nature, 75: 55-6(i5No6). 

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Oohfar, 0rbalii. 
Anti-militarism in France. ludep. R. 9: 164-78 

M7 life in prison. Indep. 61: •j$-g(,iaJ\oS). 
Next French revolution. No. Am. 183; 495-30? 
Goiiis, Ihud. 
Cnii»e in West Indies. Harp. W. 50: 9H-4 

Oolay, Juliette. 
A htnnesick soul. New Eng. M. n. s. 34: 31-4 

Gold and the banks. (R. H. I. Palgrave) Quar. 

aof. iS7-M60ao6). 

— and its chemiatry. (G. T, Beilby) Sci. Am. 

Supp. fii: asa3o-t(,i6ttro6). 
-~ Depreciation of. (J. P. Norton) Yale. R. 
'S-' 293-3o6(No6). 

— imports of, Senetary Shaw and. (A. D. Noyea) 

Nation, 8»: 3i4-5(i9Apo6). 

— The new andthe new era. (Moreton Frewen) 

Monthly R. 25, no. 7: 106-29(^06). 

— New sources of. (Waldon Fawcett) Sci. Am. 

9S= 49-SoC'"Jl°6). 

— World's recent production of, and its influ- 

ence upon prices of commodities, f Francis B. 

Forbes) Am. Stalls. Assoc, to; 77-io9{Jeo6), 
GoiD CAifi>s of Nevada. (R. D. Paine) Outing, 48: 

Gold mines, The fallacy of. (J. M. Robertson) 

Indep. R. 11: 314-18(006). 
Gold unnMO, in California, Twentieth century. 

(R. D. Paioe) Outing, 47: s7i-3o(¥i>6). 
Gold uoLECin.ES in the solid state. (G. T. 

BeUby) Sd. Am. Supp. 61: a5»is(3Mro6). 

— n solution. (G. T. Beilby) Sci. Am. Supp. 

61: 35i9o(i7Fo6). 
GoLD-PBOSPECTORS, American. (D. A. Wiliey) 

National, 48: s27-40(No6). 
Gold standards for the Straits Settlements. (E. 

W. Kemmcrer) Pol. Sci. Q. 21: 663-98(Do6). 
Golden ace. Some literary recollections of a. (A. 

I. Shand) 'Sat. R.] Liv. Age, 250: 9J-io»(i4 

CWJw whutk. The. (H. C. Bailey) Cent. 50: 

Golden word. (I. A. Meyer) Putnam, i: 71-5 

Galdie, G:T. 
Sir Mountstuart Grant Duff with portrait. 

Geog. J. 27^ 3o6-8{Mro6). 
»; years' progress in geography. Geog. J. 28: 

Goldmark, Joa«phine C. 
Working women and the laws. Ann. Am. Acad. 

PoL Sd. 38: 361-76(806). 
Goldtlmite, Kemuth. 
A winter vaeadon that pud (or itself. Ctry Life 

Am. 9: 44o-i{Fo6). 
Ooldthwaite, Vere. 
Our district attorney. (J. B. Moran) New Eng, 

M. n. s. 34: 4So-7(Jeo6). 
GOLT. Ideal golf course. (C. B. MacDonald) 

Outing, 49: 40fr-8{Do*)- 
HypeitTOphy ' '"'" '' 


— Miniature goK course. (V. T. Sutphen) Out- 
ing, 48: 69i^{Ago6). 

Golf, of 190s- C Sutphen) Outii^ 47' 793-7 

~ of yesterday and to-day. (F. Kinloch) Chamb. 
J. 83: 673-7(006). 
Some aspects of. Spec,96: 864(3jeo6). 
Golf-balls, The perversity of. Macmil. n. s. i'. 

GOLOVinre, The. (A- Laugel) Nation, 8s: 115-0 

Oomme, Laurence. . 

new tale of two cities; London and Pans. 
[Cornh.]Liv. Age, 249: 4SA-9i(.36Uyo6). 
Gompers.S: . . .,, , , 

Organized labor's attitude towards duld labor. 
Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 37: 337-4i(M»™>- 
Gooch', G. P. , „, _ 

The unemployed. Contemp.89: 4o6-i7(MToe). 

Solving the labor problem. Gassier, 30: 454" 

Wages and profits in the British coal trade. 
Gassier, 39: 37o-3(Mro6). 
Good Friday in England. Sat. R. lOi: 4S* 

Good Hope, Cape of; the tavern of the Indian 
Ocean. (L. E. Neame) Chamb. J. 83: 443-5 
Good king. The. (Clarence and Margaret Weed) 

St. Nich. 34: 69-7i(No6). 
Goodale, Dora Read. 

Amazi's courting, [Verse.] New Eng. M. n. s. 
34: 3o6-7(Myo6). 
Goodale, R. L. 

Getting new bu^ness tor the electric central 
station. Cassier.ji: s8-6a(No6). 
"Goodness" fallacy. The. (W: H, Allen) World's 

Work, 13: 8i86-o(No6). 
GoodDOw, Frank J. « 

Municipal home rule. Pol. Sci. Q. ai: 77-9* 
Goodrich, Arthur. 

Day in Ballyomalley. Outing, 47= 694-7™ 

Day with a Devonshire farmer. Outing, 4*: 
Goodrich, E. P. 

Centering for concrete buildings. Am. Arch. 90: 
Goodrich, Jay C. 

Making Bibles for the Filipinos. Miss. R. 19: 
503-6(Jlo6). ■ 
Goodrich, W. Francis. 
Utilization of low-grade fuels in steam generation. 
Engin. M. 30: S98-3S(J«>6)- 
Goodrii^, A. T. S. 

A Southron in Sutherland. Blackw. iSo: 55-09 
Goodwin, E: J. 

Revised academic syllabus of N. Y. Sttte. 
Educa.R.31: i9i-7(Fo6).}i(, iVi 

Goodwin, Inez J. 

Boston and woman's dubs. New Eng. M. n. S. 
34: 597-605(7106). 
Goodwin, W:W. 

Heresy trials in England. Nation, 83: 530-1 
Googins, G: E. 

T^e town-meeting. Outl. 83: s6"-5("M«*)* 

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Gookin, P: W. 
The cult of tea in Japan. Dial(Ch>4i: 105-6 

JapuieM architecture aad allied arts, Cram on. 

Dial (Cb.) 40: i()i(i6Mn>6). 
Our faulty monetaiy svstem. Nation, 83: 53(18 

Self-revelations of Lafcadio Heam. Dial (Ch.) 
41: 447-9('6Do6). 
GoarroBfoo ; on epic of tkt Aiittralian bash. 
(Lelghton Demain-Grange) New Eng. M. D. s. 
34; j89-9s(MyW5). 
Goose, wild, Ways of the. (W: J. Long) Indep. 

GoBDOK, Adam Lindsay. (C. L. Leipoldt) 

Westm. 165: ig7-«>8{Fo6), 
GosDOM,C:G:,e<ianJ Chinese Gordon. Chaut.43: 

GorWiD, G. P. 

Legal protection to animals. Westm. 166: 216- 

Some schoolboys of fiction. Gent. M. n. s. 76: 
i3-^3Ut.a6). = Uv. Age, ^48: 4ii-«Ci7Fc>6). 
Gordni, Home. 

First-class cricket. National, 48: ti5SH54(Do6). 
The importance of university cricket. Nation- 
al, 47: 812-8CJI06). 
Gordon, Hargery. 
Experiment in teaching rst-year composition. 
School R. 14: 671-SCN06). 
Gordon, W: Evans. 

The attack on the Aliens act. National,48: 46< 
Oore, C: 

The educated man. Educa. R. 31: iii-7(Jeo6). 
Gorky, Hnzim. 

"Ctmtradel" Craftsman, ii: 288-93(006). 
Impressions of New York and Americans 

Appleton'sM. S: i77-8?(AuofiV 
"Mob." Coamopol. 42: i4-9(No6). 
Motktr. Appleton'sM. 8: 723-36(Do6). 
GOBXV, Maxim. Outl. 8»: 876-8(11 Apo61. (L, 
C. WiUcoi) No. Am. 183: iiso-7o{7Do6>, 

— With, in the Adlrondacks. (J ; Spargo) Ciaf ts- 

man, 11: i49-ss(No6). 

— Soaal lynching of. (Franklin H. Giddings) 

Indep. do: 976-8(26Apo6). 
GOBKAN TYPE, The. (H. Lament) Nation, 8a: 

Gont, Harold E. 
The art of musical conducting. Sat. R. 102: 

640-1 (24N06). 
Busoni, a master of the piano. Sat. R. 102: 

The call of the soul. Sat. R. loi: 329-30(15 
[ Contortions of 

to artistic tern 

perament. Sat. R. 101; 783-4(237606). 
The courage of opinions. Sat. R. 10a; 39a-' 

Dr. Edward Greig as a musician. Sat. R. 101 

Fllson Young's Masterslngers. Sat. R. loi 

Misdia Elman as violinst. Sal. R. 101: 718-^ 

Music and musicians. Baughan's. Sat. R. loi: 

Opera projects. Sat. R. loar 262-3{iSo6). 
Passion in music. Sat. R. 101: 453-4(i4Apo6). 

Gorst, Harold E. 

Peter Ililch Tachaikowsky. Eugene Omegin 

Sat. R. 101: 582(iaMyo6). 
Tannhftuser under difficulties. Sal. R. 102: 13^ 

40(4Ago6). ^ , J 

Vienna philharmonic orchestra plays in laaaaa.»: 11-2(7)106). 
Gorst Sahib's viearagt. (W. A. Fraaer) Book- 
lover's M. 7: i4i-so{Fo6). 
Goschen, Lord. 

Es.'iays and addresses on economic questions. 

(H: W. Wolff) Econ. R. 16: jo-6(Jao6). 

Gosling, G; Bennett, eapt. Geog. J. aS; 187-8 

GoBse, Edmund. 

Ibsen. Atlan. 98: 30-44(Jlo6). 
Gotch, Francis. 

Opening address, physiology section, Brit. Assoc. 
Nature, 74: 422-g(23A^6). 
Gothic iRCHiTEcnme. (T. M. Clark) Am. Arch- 
go: 3-6(7Tlo6). 
Gmicher, 1 : F. 

af education for college women. Indep. 
Oougat, Helen H. 

America in the Philippines. Arena, 35: 386- 

Shall educated Chinamen l>e welcomed? Areo« 
36: so6-9(No6). , 

GouGAR, Helen M., with portrait. {B: U. 

Hower) Arena, 35: 384H5(Apo6). 
GOUGB, H; Ath. '06, i: 639-40 (i6Mj-o6). 
Gould, G:HilbiT- 
Lafcadio Heam. Fortn. 86: 685-95(0015). 881- 
92(No6).-Putnam, t: 97-107(006), 156-66 
A'new world for the blind. Sdence, n s. aj: 
Gourlay, Reginald. 

The snipej delights of marsh shooting. Haip. 

W. 50: 15*8-9(27006). 
Ways of the ruffed grouse. Harp. W. 50: i6oa- 
GovERNEn, Consent of the. (W. Lairemore) Am. 

Law R. 40: i6i-74(Mr-Apo6). 
Government and repression. Sat. R. loi: 548- 

— The blessed word. (R. Ogden) Nation, 8j: 

— Cost of. Quar. 204; i-2s(JaoO). 

— Sovereignty and. (F, H. Giddings) Pol.'Sci. Q. 
ai: i-27(Mro6). 

Government documents. Dial (Cb.) 40:383-5 

GovERhntENT OWNEKSHIP from business stand- 
point. (Allan L. Benson) AppleKm's M. S: 
6oi-s(No<S). ■ 

— in Switzerland. (C. E. Russell) Everybody's, 
14: 46q-83(Apo61. 

— of telephone in Great Britain. (A. N. Hoi- 
combe) Q. J. Econ. 21; 96-i3s(Nofi). 

Oovett, E. 

Replicas and copies of some great renaissance 
paintings. Chamb. J. 83; 390~4(Jeo6). 
Goya, FkANasco Jose de. with portrait and 
bibliography. Mast, in Art, 7: 4»3-6l(No6). 

— DoBa Isabel Corbo de Porcel; picture bv. 
Cent. 50: 2oq, 3t8(Jeo6). 

— "In the balcony," picture by. Cmt. 50: 911, 



Tbo ancestiT of the EugUih thMler. Cbtut 44: 

The titge for which Shaketpur« wrote. The 

mnteiy plays. Chaul. 44: 9&-to6(S<>6), 354- 

66(Ho6). 45: 79-S9(Do6). 
6nc«T, J. 
MmwD study course on the Pacific talandi. 

Mils. R. ig: 934-7(006). 
Gradeowiti, Alfred. 
Boblon-Tidno hydro-electric power pluu. 

Sd. Am. Snpp. 6a: 35758(37006). 
Cttnpaiison between merchant -marine and tor- 
pedo boat engines. Sd.Am.Supp.6i: 95165- 

Electric traction In the Simpkm tunnel. Sci. 

Am. 94: 3Qa(7Apo6). 
Ekctrically operated platforms and turntable. 

The kromaiograph. Scl. Am.95: 159(1806). 
Laying a 10,000-volt electric cable. Sci. Ant. 

94: S3a-3(3oJeo6)- 
The magic sphere. Sci. Am. 94: 493(16/606). 
Modem cBStiDR of bells. Sd. Am. 95: 193-3 

New methods of detenniniog the amount 0/ 

atmospheric dust. Sci. Am. 94: io8(3Fo6). 
Psrseval dirinble airship. Sd. Am. 95: 431 

Projection diagraph. Sd. Am. Supp. 6a: 13711 

Refrigeration with electric motive power. Sd. 

Am. 94: ii4(3Fo6). 
Shorthand wnljng machine. Sci. Am. Supp. 62 : 

Soft crystals, showing apparent life. Sd. Am. 

95: 387{a4No6). 
Sterilization of water. Sd. Am. 94: 456-7(3 

Gradijate wobk, Reaction of, on other work of 

the university. (W: H. Carpenter) Educa. 
^ R- ,l<t 333-S(Apo6). 
Graeb, Vietor. 

Anton Menger. Econ. J. 16: 3i4-s(Jeo6). 
Gbatt and the schoolboy. [EditorialJ Cosmopol. 

41: 453(So6). 

— and the young idea; replies to questiotis. Cos- 
. mopol. 41: 475-9(806). 

— The cure of. (W. J. Ghent) Indep. 60: 1189- 


Graham, E. K. 
Teaching literature in college. Bookman, 24: 
68-71 (S06). 
OrahanL J. 
The Canadian voice. Canad. M. a6: 483-4 
Graham, J: , of Clavcrhouse. Gent. M. n. s. 76: 

Graham, J. A. 
Can the negro settle it? OutL 84: ,165-8(13 
Graham, Jmh, 
Itnpenal Order of the Daughters of Ibe Empire. 
Canad. M. 36: 590-3{Apo6). 
Graham^ Jofeph A. 
Choosing th-* Geld trial dog. Outing, 48: 637- 

(R. Ogden) Nation, 8j: 440(31 

Graham, Joseph A. 

Starting an exhibition kennd. Outing, 48: 119- 

Staitmg a kennel. Outing, 47: 66i-3(Fo6). 
Graham, Kathuine A. 
Right of privacy. Putnam, i: 194-5(006). 
Should GeorRE Eliot have married Herbert 
Spencer? Critic. 49: a3-4(Jl«i>- 
Gbaham, Marquis af, engagement to Lady Dou{^aa- 
Hamilton. (E. Lisle Snell) Indep. 60: 7S9- 
Graham, Robert B. C. 

Belloc's studies and impressions. Sat. R. loi: 

Aboianist. Sat. R. loi: 4'-3{t3J'">6)- 
Guateyuaychn. Sat. R. 101: 328-31 (i7Mro6). 
An idealist. Sat. R. loa: 33i(35Ago6). 
Signalled. Sal, R. 101: 7S3-3(i6Jao6). 
Gbakam, Robert B. C. An ide&Ust. [Sat R.] 

Liv. Age, 351: 46h)(60o6>. 
GsASAUE, Jawes. (G. a. Sinclair) Westm. 166: 

Grahuak to the wolves. (P. A. W.' Henderson) 

Blackw. 179: 667-75{Myo6). 
Grauuar school from the high-school point of 
view (W. H. Young) Educa. 36: 606-13 
— The New England, 1700-1800. (Walter H. 

SroaU) School R. 14: 43-s6(J<w6)- 
Grand Trui«c FAcinc kacboad. (N. Pattenon) 

Canad. M. 16: 5o6-i9(Apo6). 
Gbamd Truni RAiLWAif of Canada. (W. A. 

Craick) Canad. M. 38: 4o-4(No6). 
Grandfeytkcrs both. (Edith Rickert) Everybody's, 

14: 833-4o(Jeo6). 
Grandgent, C. H. 
The Modem Language Association of America. 
Nation, 82: 5o-i(i8Jao6). 
Crandma'i surrender. {A. H. Houk) New Eng. 

M. n. s. 34: 4g3-8(Jeo6). 
Grange, Ldghton Demain-. 
Goorroagoo; an epic of the Aastrajian bush. 
New Eng. M. n. s. 34: a89-9s(Myo6). 
Granger, Mrs. A. O, 

Effect of women's clubs in the South. Ann. 
Am. Acad. Pol. Sd. i8;'348-56(So6), 
Granger, L. T. 

Rembrandt lercenlenary. Brush & P- 18: 
Granite qoasries. Sci. Am, Supp. 61: 35314 

Granniss, H. 

Need of an advisory board on federal art. Brush 
& P. 17: Ii7-3T(J«>6). 
Grant, A. H. 
A winter at the court of an absolute monarch. 
Btockw. 180; 587-6i9(No6). 
Grant, Arthur. 

In Arden; an idyl of the hunting field. Allan. 
98: i3i-6(Jlo6). 
Grant, C; H., marine painter. (0: 'Wharton 

James) Arena, 35: 48o-9i(Myo6). 
Grant, O. J. Forsyth. " 

Crime and the slate. Westm. 165: 5i7-io(Myo6). 
Grant, Helen L. 
What do birds eat? Sd. Am. 95: 379(»HNo6), 




GraniL JowpUne. 
■ Faihir'i whaiiHg voyage. St. Nich. 33: 473-5 

Grant, Luke. 

The longshoremen's association. Outl. 84: 816- 

The walking delegate. Outl, 84: 6is-»i{io 

GBA)fViLi.E, Gkanville G: L. Goweit, ad earl: 

Lord Granville's life. (A. BiikU) [Contemp] 

LIv. Age, 348: i9S-305(a7jao6). 
Grapes, Ba^ng. (F. E. Brooks) Ctry Life Am. 

lor 53i-i(So6). 
— California vintage. (C: F: Holder) Outing, 47: 

Graph in high-school mathematics. (N. J. 

Lennes) School. R. 14: 339-49 (Myo6). 
Gkapboloov, Binet on. (P. PWer) Science, 

n. «. 84: 431-8(5006). 
Grass spikelet. (C. V. Piper) Science, n. s. 33: 

789-90(1 8 Myo6). 
Gratacap, L. P. 
Edinburgh Uuaeum. Science, a. a. 34: 4a»-6 

The largest American collection of meteorites. 
Pop. Sd. Mo. 69: ai-8(Jlo6). 
OnvM, C. L. 
Antoinette Steriing. Spec 96: 6i7-S(3iApo6). 
Decline of domestic music. Spec. 96: 830-1 

Julius Stockhausen. Spec. 97: 6i9-»o(j70o6). 
Mile. Land!. Spec, go: 999-300(94 F06). 
Musical culture at public schools. Spec. 97: 

The romantic period in music. Spec. 96: 146- 
Graves, C : H. 

Consecration of Catholic cathedral at Richmond, 

Harp. W. so: 1858-9(12006). 
Robert E. Lee, homeless. World To-day, 11: 
Graves, Clotilde. 

A cup of judgment; a play in one act. National. 
47: Supp. l-a8(Mro61. 
Graves, Hmtt H. 

THt core of Joe's bee-sling. St. Nich. 33: 733- 
Graves, J: Temple. 
Race conflict at Atlanta. World To-day, ir: 
Gravel, RUph H. 

Investigation of insurance in N. Y. and its result. 

Harp. W. so: 366-70(1 7 Mro6). 
Sir Robert Hart, the Briton who became a 
dictator in China. R. of Rs. 34: 296-9(506). 
Graves, R: S. 

A post-mortem roManee. Overland, n. s. 47: 
Graves, w: C. 
New Cook Co. court-house, Chicago. World To- 
day, 10: 6o4-:8(Jeo6). 
GBAVnv CABLE RAiLROAii in Che Swiss Alps. Sci. 

Am. 94: i6g(i4Fo6). 
Gravosa road, Tlu. (Justus Miles Forman) Every- 
body's, 15: 6s5H54(No6). 
Gray, J: A. 

San Francisco and the "spirit of the west. 
Harp. W. so: 665(i3Myo6). 
Gray, Joslyn. 

The scarlet bat. Attaa. 97: 834-3i(Jeo6). 

ray, Hason D. 

Modem Roman state. School R. t4< »9^^ 
(Apo6), 3S7-74(Myo6). 
Gray, Tr Elegy; "the air a solemn stillnesi 
keeps"; a Uterary conundrum. (Holman S. 
HaU) New Ena. M. n. s. 34: i87-95(Apo6). 
— Story of. Si- C. Shelley) Boo^ian. 14: 

— in Peterhouse. U. Ath. '06, i: io7-S(a7Jao6). 
Gray, W. D. 

Pierre Masel of the grand army. Chamb. J. 83: 

793-8(Do6).= ■ ■ ■ " 

Graybeard, The. 

83= 73-6(Jao6). 
Geavi-ing; the lady of the streams. (J. A 

Henshall) Ctry Life Am. 10: 307-1 i(Jlo6). 
Greaser, The. (Alan Owen) Overland, n. s. 48: 

343-5 "(Nod). 
Great Bbitain. Admiralty, Can we trust the? 

(A. White) National. 47: 68-76(Mro6). 

— ~ A leaf from (he. (Dora Greenwell McCbesnev) 

Monthly R. 14, no. 1: 43-56(Jlo6). 

— African difficulties of. (Edgar Mels) Harp. W, 

50: 773-6{aJeo6). 

— and her restless blacks. (Edgar Mels) Haip. 

W. so: 77a-6(2jeo6). 
t- Aimy. (Earl of EiroU) t9th Cent. 59: 4>9-S4 

Aujiiliary forces. (A. W. A. Pollock) Cod- 

temp, 89: 76l-8i(Jeo6). 
General staff of. (G. F. MacMunn) Blackw. 

180: s»o-33(Oo6). 
Mr. Haldane between the devil and the deep 

sea. (Earl of Erroll) 19th Cent. 60: 679-Sg 

Mr. Haldane's proposals. (S, J. Brodrick) 

19th Cent. 60: 356-66(506). 
Haldane's policy. Set. R. 101: 288-9(10 

A liberal's plea forcompulsory service, (G. 

G. Coulton) 19th Cent 60: 7i9-37(No6)- 

The moral of. Blackw. 179: 73J-34(Mvo6). 

A national. Westm. 165: 384-7(Mro6>. 

The olEcer problem. (A. W. A. Pollock) 

Monthly R. 31, no. 3: 48-6o(Mro6). 
Reform in. England's lesson from France. 

(H. W. Wilson) National, 46: io3i-3o(Fo6). 
The strategic duties of the land forces of the 

British Empire. National, 47: a4g-7s(Apo6). 
The volunteer problem. Blackw. 179: 795- 

Wasted recruits. (A. F. Walker) igth Cent. 

60: 367-71(506). 

— .\nny estimates and paifment of members. 

Westm. 165: soo-4(Myo6). 

— Census of . Sat. R. loi: 324— 5(i7Mro6). 

— Colonial maritime defence; a reply to Admiral 

Fitzgerald. (W. H, Kcllv) National, 47: 523- 

— Colonies. The imperial control of native races. 

(H. W. V. Temperlev) Contemp. 89: 804-13 

— The compulsion of empire. (J. L. Garvin) 

National, 47: 499-5 ri(Myo6). 

pariyopinionof the ni 


(JI06). i83-94(Ago6). 
British imperial defencefromaforeign stand- 
point. (C. Favre) National, 47: 739-54 (Jlo6)- 




Great Bbitain. Defence, The cry of "wolf." 

(A. Carnegie) iglh Cent. 60: a24-33(Ago6). 
Is the British Empire safe? naiional service. 

(R. Giffen) igth Cent. 59: s43-s(Apo6). 
Natioiial. (F. Treffrar) Wettm. 166: 394- 

Territorial. (E. F. Chapman) Blackw. 180: 


— Democracy in power. (R. Donald) Oull. 83: 

304-1 o{a6Myo6). 

— Economic crisis in. Westm. 165: i48-53(Fo6). 

— Economic position of. (O. Fleming) Eton. R. 

16: 467-86(006). 

— Educatioa act. See Education in England. 

— Elections in, 1906. (Justin McCarthy) Indep. 

63: 3io-3(8Fo6). — Outl. 8a: a50-j(3Fo6), 

—Sat. R. loi: 68-9(aoJao6). 
Tile flood. (Herbert Paul) 19th Cent. 59; 

i73-8a(Fo6).-Li¥. Age, J48; ss3-6o(3Mro6). 
and after. (H. Maxwell) 19th Cent. 59: 

34S-S9(Mro6),-LiT. Age, 349: 3-i4(7Apo(S), 
a tnumph of free trade or ot sociaUsm ? 

(A. V. Dicey) Nation, a»: 397(i3Apo6). 

— — Victory and what to do with it. (H. W 

Maasingham) Contemp. 8g: a6fr-73fFo6). 

— Electoral overthrows in. (J. C. Rose) Nation, 

Sa: »i6-7(isMro6). 

— Fall of Mr. Balfour's government. Ed. R. 

»oy. »63-79(Jao6). 

— Federation in fiscal anarchy. (H. M. Fosnett) 

Contemp. 89: 387-40s(Mro6). 

— Finance. >^"Treasury order book." (W: A. 

Shaw) Econ.J. 16: 33-40(Mro6). 
liberal, Prospects of. (R. Giffen) 19th Cent. 

59: 88s-98(Jeo6). 
The next budget. (W. D. Macgregor) Weatm. 

165: 39-3o(Jao6). 
Squandering a surplus, (Sir Oliver Lodge) 

Contemp. 90; 37-4a(JIo6). . 

— Fiscal question. (H. Belloc.) Dub. R. 139: 377- 


Retrospect and prospect. (L. L. Price) 

Econ. R. 16: i29-5S(Apo6). 

— Foreign Office. {Chalmers Roberts) World's 

Woric. 11: 7i77-8i(Fo6). 

— Futtire of, (J. E. Barker) 19th Cent. 60: 68g- 


— Government, Coat of. Quar. 204; i~a5(Jao6). 

— House of Commons, How payment of members 

and reduction of army estimates are possible. 
Westm, 165: 5oo-4(Myo6). 

— House of Lords as a legal tribunal. Frederic 

Harrison on. Sat. R. 101: i63-4(ioFo6). 

— Imperial co-operation— a suggestion. (H. J. 

WiclchamaiidH.F,Wyalt) National. 47; 483-7 

— Labor at the forthcoming election. (J. K. 

Hardie) 19th Cent, sq: T9-a4(Jao6). 

— Labor party. (L. A. A. Tones) toth Cent 60: 


— L^nd, Radicals and the. (H. Maxwell) Blackw. 

180; sSi-74(Oo«). 

— A liberal view of the new ministry. (Speaker] 


— Liberal policy in, what is it? (SirH: Campbell- 

Bannerman) World To-day, 10: 357-6i(Mro6). 

— Liberals again at the helm in. (W. T. Stead) 

R. o( Rs. (N. Y.) 33: 33-9(Jao6). 

— Literary calanet of. (W. Littlefield) Critic, 48: 


GaBAT Bbitaim. Naval policy. Amateur estimates 
of. (C. A. G. Bridge) 19th Cent. 60: 683-S 

— — ADreadnaught. (A.Hurd) Fortn. 86: 1017- 


— Naval situation. Quar. aoj : 307-33(00*). 

— Navy. Admiralty policy and the new navy 

estimates. (W. H. White) 19th Cent. 59: 

Continental camps and the British fleet. 

. Fortn. 85: 668-83(Apo6), 

— — Destroying Britain's navaat supremacy. (H, 

W. Wilson) National, 48: 38-50(306). 

— — The government and the. (A. S. Hurd) 19th 

Cent. 60: 738-44<No6). 
The growth of the capital ship. Blackw. 179: 

A plea for maintaining our battleship 

programme. (A. Lee) National, 47: 914-ao 

Prngrara of building tor rgoe. Sd. Am. 

94: 49:(i6Jeo6). 
Progress or reaction in the. (A. S. Hurd) 

Fortn. 35: 707-i9(Apo6), 
The sacrifice of sea power to "economy". 

(H. W. Wilson) National, 48: 7i4-i5(Do6). 

Stale of. Spec. 97; passim. 

Which way to an imperial navy? (J. C. R. 

Colomb) National, 47: 684-94(1606). 

— The new government. (H. Paul) 19th Cent. 59: 

i66-73(Jao6).-Liv. Age, 348: 3S9H54{3Foy. 
— (Justin McCarthy) Indep. 60: a3-6f4jaolH. 
— (Sydney Brooks) Haip. W. 50: 16, a9(6Tao6). 

— The numbering of the empire. [Sat, R,] Liv. 

Age, 247: ii7-ao(j4Apo6), 

— New Parliament (Justin McCarthy) Indep. 

60: 6o5-S(isMro6) .—Blackw. 179: 570-* 

Literary element in. (W. Littlefield) Critic, 

48: 43o-.i9(Myo6). 

— Our position in colonial markets. (J. H. 

Schooling) National, 47: 649-68(Jeo6). 

— Parliament la the party system bon«st? 

Fortn. 86: 6^a-i{Oo6). 
— and the army. (Earl of Erroll) 19th Cent. 
59: 866-70(Myo6). 

— Parliamentuv procedure. (T. Burt) igtb Cent 

59: S46-5»(Apo6).— (F: Haniaon) 59: 553-64 
— Parliamentary reform. Westm. 166; 15-14 

— PartyT:ondition3 in. (E: Porrilt) Pol. Sd, Q, 

aj: ao6-36(Jeo6). 

— Political parties and the new miitistry. (W. B. 

DuSield) Fortn. 85: a38-49(Fo6). 

— Political prospect Fortn. 85: 3a-45(Jao6). 

— Political situation. 1906. Ed. R. 303: aSi-96 

(Apo6).-Quar. 304: 57i-S9(Apo6).-(A. V. 
Dicey) Nation, 83: i94-5(8Mro6). 

— Politics, 1906. The age of the ostrich. Westm: 

165: 3SS-*)(Ap«S). 

Mr. Bklfour and the Unionist party, (X,) 

Fortn. 85; 409-a6(Mro6). 

Can Unionists support a Home Rule govern- 
ment? (A. V, Dicey) Contemp. 89: 347-66 

The conservative disaster and what it 

signifies. (D. S. A. Cosby) Weatm. 165; 335- 



Gkkat Bbitaim. PoUdci. Conservative oraanisation 
and the agricultural labourers. (T. £. Kebbel) 

iQthOnt. 60: i36-3s(Jlo6). 
The government and the empire. (H. 

Maxwell) iglh Cent. 59: 683-96(Apo6). 

The government and the opposition. (H. 

■ Paul) igth Cent. $9= 5 i8-i4(Mro6). — (P. 

Herbert) igth Cent. 59: ioj4-6o{Jeo6). 
The goventment and the session. Quar. 

ao;; 987-306(1106). 
—The liberal government and the colonial con 

ference. (R. Rea) igth Cent. S9" 8oi-io 

— — Liboaliam and labour. (C. F. G. Maater- 

man) igth Cent. 59: 7o6-i8(No6). 
. The new government and iu problems. 

(J: A. Spender) Conlemp. 89; 457-7i(Apo6). 
The new majorities in Parliament, (Justin 

McCarthy) Indep. 60: 904-7(19 Apo6). 
On the eveof the session. (Justin McCarthy) 

Indep. 61: i335-S(3iNo6). 
The parting of the ways. (An Old Tory) 

Fortn. 85: 8ai-30(Myo6). 
Successot the government. (H. W, Massing- 

bam) Contemp. 8q; 867-75(7^56). 
Toryism and tariffs. (W. B. Duffield) Fortn. 

85: 437-38(Mro6). 

— Public expenditure, Control of. {W. M. J, 

Williams) Econ. R. 16: 431-43(006). 

— Social and poUtical outlook. (T. C. Fry) 

Econ. R. 16: i-r4(Jao6). 

— Tabernacle versus nation. (G. Rogers) igth 

Cent. 39; iss-6s{Jao6). 

— Tariff. The discredited pessimists. (A. Rich- 

mond) Westm. j66: il-4(JIo6). 

— Tariff refonn in, (F. M. Burnett) Econ. R. 16: 


— Treasury, The past and present. (F. Mowall) 

National, 48: 6o3-i2(Do6). 

— Unionism, its past and its future. (E, B. 

Iwan-MUller) Fortn. 8s r t8-3i(Jao6). 

— A unionist free-trade view of the new ministry. 

[Spec] Eel. M. 146: io5-8(Fo6). 

— Unionist record. Quar. 104: 376-300(7306). 

— Work and maintenance bill, 1906. (J. M. 

Thompson) Eton. R. 16: i07-jo{Apo6). 
Great commonplaces of reading. (J. Morley) 

Critic, 48: i44-53(Fo6). 
Great fosseuiims. (E. S. Kemp Robinson) [Temp. 

Bar] Liv, Age, 251; 366-7o(ioNo6). 
Grtat tenatKMtion, The. (G: W, Johnston) Cent. 

5t; i4i-S3(NoS). 
Gbkat Salt Lake, A remarkable feat of engineer- 
ing; bridge across. (O. E. Davis) Cent. 49; 

Great "Y" and iht crockery "O," The. (CD. 

Stewart) St, Nieh. 33: iois-ii(Sb6), iii6-3i 

Gb£ATNESS, The measure of, (N. S. Sbaler) 

Allan, 98: 749~57(Do6). 
Greatness a) Helena. The. (Miriam Michelson) 

Ladies' H. J. 33, no. 0: ii-a(Ago6). 
Grebe, Great crested. (E. L. Turner) Sci. Am. 

Supp. 61: i3588-g(iiAgo6). 
Gkeece, Current crisis in. (A. AndrJadts) Econ. 

J. 16: 4i-5i(Mro6). 

— Excavations and government. Am. Arch. 90: 


— The heritage of . Spec.96; 7oi-2(5Myo6). 

Gbesci, Threatened depopulation of. (Laacuis) 

Chamb.J. 83: 40-3(Jao6). 
Gretd of Major Comet. (C. H. Ramsay) Cent 46: 

Grzbe and Latin, Value of, to the medical Audent 
(V: C. Vaughan) School R. 14: 389-93(Jeo6). 
(R. Y. TvrrelO [Acad.] Ut. 
. ,, ♦JloC)- 
Decline in. (W. N. Steams) Educa. 
Gksek antholooy. The. Spec. 97: 77^-80(17 

G>XEE AXT and modem craftsmanship. Ed. IL 

904: 4a4-4«(Oo6). 
Greek GAices, old and new. (V. V. M. Beede) 

Cbaut. 43; 243^i(Myo6). 
Gbbec uvsibbies and the Gospels. (S. Butler) 

19th Cent 60: 8o3-i5(No6). 
GsEEK PEOPLE, The modem. (W. A, Elliott) 

Cbaut. 43: i44-so(Apo6). 
Greek plavs, old, Modem lenvtds of. Chkut 

43: i5i-7{Apo<5). 
Gbegk POLnics, Message of. (CecQ F. Lavefl 

Chaut. 43: 39-36(^&o6). 
Gkeek psefakations for Christiao thought (C: 

W. Banes) Cbaut 43: 36-^43(1X106). 
Gbebk TKeatke; extracts bom Hash's Attic 
theatre. Chaut 43: S3-6r(Mro6). 
:ek view of life, Dickinson on. (F. B. R. 
HeUems) Dial (Cb.) 40: i96-7{i6MroS). 
Greek world under Roman sway, The. (F. B. 

R.Hellems) Dial(Ch.)4i: 110-3(1806). 
Grwly, A. W. 

Geographical exploration ; ,f ti moral and material 

aspects. Nat Geog. M. 17: i^(Jao6). 
VovMie of the "Discovery." Indep. 60: 33-7 
Green, Bernard R. 

Library buildings and book-stacks. Lib. J. 31 : 
Green, Edwin L. 

The honor system in South Carolina. Nation, 
83: ii7(8Fo6). 
Gr««n, W: Spotowood. 

Wrecks of Spanish armada on coast of Ireland. 
Geog. J. 27: 4J9-5i{Myo6). 
Green hoUie, The. (Ella M. Tybout) Lippinc. 77: 

503-1 3(Apo6). 
Greenawav, Kate, Spielmann and Layard's 
Life of. (M. S. Stillman) Nation, 8a: 15-6(4 
Greene, C : W. 
Howell's Text-book of phyuology. Science, n, s. 
23: i34-5(a6Jao6). 
Greene, Clajr H. 
Henry Irving's successor. Munisey, 35: 191-S 
Gr«ene, Hutt IrrinB* 
WAy RifSes deserted. Mcaure," fl6: 33*-6 
Greene, J. D. 
A plea for indirect'discourse. Nation, Ss: 116 
(8F06). ,"~ , • 

Greene, R : ** 

Tk^ unlucky strike. Ed. M. 147: 373-8o(So6>. 
A Yankee alcalde in southern Sierras. Eel. M. 
146: 4,'!a-6(Myo6). I" 

Greene, Robert. Plaj^ and poems, ed. by 
Collins. Sat. R. loi: 36i-3(3Uto6). 



GiMNHOOSES, HeatiDg of. Sd. Am. Supp, 6a: 

Geeenland, N. E. coast of, beyond 77" N. Ulitude. 

Am. Geog. Soc. Bull. 38: 73i-t)(Do6). 
Creensboko, N. C. Carnegie Ubrary buildings 

(BettieD. CaldweU>Lib. J, 31: 7i&^(Oo6), 

Geeenwell, Doha. (D. G. McChesney) Fortn. 

86: 3s8-64(Ago6). 
Grzenwich observatory. The danger to. (C: Stir- 
rul))Sci. Am. gy, ioj(iiAgo6). ^Nature, 74: 
Our future relfttions with China. Fortn. 86. 
Greenwood, Junes H. 
Elemenuiy course of study. Educa. R. 33: 

Professional culture of teachers after employed. 

Muttra, ucTcd dty of India. Miss. R. ig: 340- 
Gbecory the Great, Dudden's Life of. Spec. 96: 
, 753-S(i3Mj-o6). 
Gngotj, Au^sta. 
The haunted islands. Monthly R. 33, no. a : 68- 
Gregory, J. W. 

Eco nomic geography and development of Austra- 
lia. Geog. J. 28: i3o-4s(Api6), ia9-45(So6). 
National wort of Antarctic expedition. Nature, 
^ 73: a97-3<w{a5jao6). 
Cregorj, Httunce. 
Polyfpmy and ChriitlanitT. Contemp. 00: 564- 
Gregory, R. A. 
CleAe's System of the stars. Nature, 73: eoj- 
Gregory, W. K. 
BaiUtorm of June 83, '06. Science, n. ». 14: 

Motes on a dissected potpolse. Sd. Am. 05: 
^ 188-90(15806). "^^^ 

Gregmore, Homer. 
.^Iwerp, the hub of Europe. New Eng. M. 
n.s..i5: 67-73(So61. 
GiENADts and grenadiers. Sd. Am. Supp. 6a: 
^ '5733-4(13006). 

Gremfell. O: Geog. I. 38: -06-7(006). 
GrenfBll, WUIni T. 
How Santa Claus came to Cape St. Anthony. 
Putnam, i: 331-6CD06). 
Gresler, Sir Robert. 
Public confidence and the land-tenure bill. 19th 
Cent. 60: 759-64CN06). 
GreiweU, W : 

Battle of £ihandune. Ath.'o6,»: i86(i8Ago6). 
QKTUle, Edan. . 

Bernard Shaw and his plays. Munsey, 341 
_, 76s-8(Mro6). 
GrerUle, Lady Tlolet. 
Swne 17th-century housewives. [19th Cent.] 
Liv.Age,a48: 393-307 ( 3 F06). 
Grew, Joseph Clark. 
Ibex-shooting in the mountains of Baltistan. 
Hatper, iiai 54i-5r(Mro6). 

Gkey, E, Fordgn policy of. I. Russia and 
Macedonia. (H. N. Brailsford) lodep. R. 10: 

- II. The Congo; the Pan-IaUmic move- 
ment. (H. N. Brailsford) Indep. R. 10: 58- 
Grey, Francis W. 

Some Canadian problems. Am. Cath. Q. 31: 
Grey, Helen. 

Judge Lindsey and his wort. World To-day, 
10: 36a-73(Apo6). 
Om, Oliver. 

The medieval rMiublic of Andorra. Chamb. 
J. 83; 647-50(006).- Eel. M. 147: 543-8 
Gribble, Fraads. 

John Stuart Mill. Fortn. 86: 344-54(Ago6). 

Pierre Cotneille. Bookman, 13: 44i-2(Jeo6). 

Sir Leslie Stephen. Fortn. 86: 1075-83(006). 

Gbidibom club of Washington, D. C. (R: V. 

Oulahan) Bookman, 33: i46-53(Apo6). 
GWDiEY, Cat (W. D. Burleson) Out West, 34: 

Grieo, Dr. Edward, as musidan. (H. E. Gorst) 

Sat. R. 101: 6s3-4(a6Myo6). 
Finck's. (E. N. Ireland) Nation, 89: 184- 

Grierson, Frands. 

Feeling and intellect. Critic, 48: a64-6(Mio6). 
Making of books. Critic,48: ii6-ai(Fo6). 
Griffin, Lillian B. 

Mrs. J. G. Phelps Stokes at home. Harp. Baz. 

40; 794-9(So6). 
Griffin, Watsoo. 

The. Canadian manufacturer's tariS campaign. 

No. Am. 183: 195-3 06 (Ago6). 
Grlffli, W: EUiot. 

The elder statesmen of Japan; the power behind 

the Portsmouth treaty. No. Am. i8a: 115-97 

Japan's first ambassador to the U. S. Outl. 8a: 

Life-saving as a military science; Seaman's Real 

triumph of Japan. Dial (Ch.) 40: 388-9(16 

Military critiasm of the late war. Dial (Ch.) 

40: i94HXt6Mro6). 
Rembrandt, interpreter of the aoth century. 

No. Am. 183: 98-109(1106). 
The Rembrandt tercentenary.— World To-day, 

11: 946-53(806). Nation. 83: 7.V4 (*6Jlo6). 
Saskia and Rembrandt. World To-day, 11: 

Suyematsu's The risen sun. NaOon, 81: aSS 


Christ as modem artists see him. Craftsman, 

10: 386-99(Ieo6). 
New York in the making- Craftsman, ii: 80-95 

(006). ^ ^" 

Tikal; the fiist American dvilizalion. Crafts- 
man, ro: 687-99(So6). 
Griffllbs, E. H. 

Address to math, and physics section, Brit. 

Assoc. Science, n. 3. 34: 353-65(31506). — Na* 
t«re,74: 3S6-6>{9Ago6). 




Oiigga, Joseph Franklin. 

CMdb Bwokeoed. Cent. 50: 399-6(J1o6). 
Giiggs, Robert F. 
Buffalo river; an interesting ineandering stream . 
Am. Geog. Soc. Bull. 38: i68-7;{Mro6). 
GUHANI, Cardinal. Prayer-book o(. (M. B. 

Button) Critic, 48: J'SSoif^pod). 
Grimke, Archibald M. 

Heart of the race problem. Anna, 35: ig-^a 
(Jao6), 374-8{Mro6), 6o6-io(Jeo6). 
Grimshaw, Beatrice. ' 

In the Geyser-Land, New Zealand. Canad. M. 
27: a32-4i(Jlo6). 
Grimshaw, Robert. 

Gypsum. Sci. Am. Supp. 61: 25476-7(151606). 
laduslrial applications of gypsum. 5ci. Am 
Supp. 62: 25703(29506), ss7'9(60o6). 
Gkindimg, Modern. (Joseph Homer) Gassier, 
30: ir3^4(Jeo6). 
Griscoic, Llovd C, with portrait. (C: Johnston) 

Harp. W. 50: 344, 9(ioMro6). 
Oriswold, Latta. 

The blue girdle. Atlan. 97: 90>-ia(Fo6). 
Gbiswold Hotel; a study in summer hotel build- 
ing. Archit. Rec. 19: 345-6o{Myo6), 
Oiitten, W. G. Howard. 

The reform of the Unionist party. Fortn. 86: 
Groat, G. G. 
The 8-hour movement in New York. Pol. Sci. 
Q, 21: 414-33(506). 
Oroff, H. H. 
Plant breeding. Sci. Am. Supp. 61: asroy-S 
Gboll, Albert L,, landscape painter, with por- 
trait. (Clara Ruge) Craftsman, 9: ,824-36 
(Mro6).— Brush&P. r8: 43-Si(Ago6). 

— Landscape painting of. Studio (Inlernat.) aS: 

Lctviil-bDuii (My 06) . 
Gronbowski, Camille. 

Historic palaces of Paris. IV. Hotel de la 
Rochefoucauld-Doudeauville. Cent. 49: 995- 
— V. The Elysee palace. Cent. 50: 376-88 
Grose. T: Hodge. Ath. '06, a: i99(i7Fo6). 
Oroser, W. niilip. 

Mr. Balfour's fiscal leadership. Fortn. 85: 831- 
Gross, C: 

Court of piepowder. Q. J. Econ. 30: 231-49 


Gross, Robert J. 

Possibilities of Rus^a. Gassier, 31: 13S-41 


Grosee, Hugo S. 

The movement for municipal ownership in 
Chicago, Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 27: 72- 
GroBamaim, Edith Searle, 

The decadence of tragedy. Conterap. 89 : 843- 

Si(Jeo6).-Liv.Ag<;. 250; 2r5-2i(28Jlo6). 

GsoTJSK and red deer. Spec. 96: 93g-4ofi6Jeo6). 

— ruffed. Domesticating the. (C. F. Hodge) Ctry 

Life Am. 9: 686-9o(Apo6). 

Ways of the. (Reginald Gourlay) Harp. W. 

50: i6o2-4(ioNo6). 

Oiore, J^Eiies, Lady. 
The woman question, II: The present disabili- 
ties of the women of England. Fortn. 86: 
GxQB STBSET, The American. (J. H. C<rfli«} 

Atlan. 98: 634-43(No6). 
Grub Strect legend. The. (Firmin Dredd) 

Bookman, 33: 393--6(M7o6). 
Gruhbe, Emil E. 
X rays as therapeutic agenta. ScL Am. Su;^ 
6a: 25721-3(6006). 
Gnihl, Edwin F. 

Govt, regulation oE railroad rates: is it a step 10 
govt, ownership? Arena, 36: 6»3-6(Do6). 
Grunwaldt, E. H. 

Rusda behind the Tell. Craftsman, 10: ASS-^ 
GuABALDPE, Our Lady of. (Bryan J. Clindi) 

Am. Catta. Q. 31 : 24o-57(Apo6). 
GuALEOUAYcac. (R. B. C. Graham) Sat. R- 

loi: 32S-3i(i7Mro6). 
Guam, Missionary work in. (Francis Id. Pnce) 

Miss. R. 19: 507-15(7106). 
Gfasdi, Francesco. (G. A. Simonson) i9lh 

■ Cent. 60: 95i-6i(Do6). 
Guardian af the stork, A. (E: Vivian) Chamb. J. 
83; S4»-4(Ago6)— LiT.Age,asoiS4»-5(«So6) 
Gtiarinl, Emlle. 
Peruvian water-powers. Engin. M. 3a; 391-1*00 

Electricity in hospitals. Sci. .^m. 94: 44-6(13 

Mechanical compression of ground for founda- 
tions. Sci. Am. 94: 476-7(9jeo6). 
A I2a,ooo-period electric alternator. Sci Am. 
Supp. 62: 355 13-4(7 JI06). 
Ouenth:r, Fr. 

Is the bronze age a myth? Sci. Am. Supp. 63: 
23589-90(1 iAgo6). 
Guentner, Carl. 

Utilization of heat of sun by a new plaue-tnirror 
reflector. Sci. Am. Sjipp. 61: 15409-12(26 
Guemaey, P: R. . 

The year in Mexico. Atlan. 97: ai9-3i{Fo6). 
Gdiana, British, Impressioni of a naturalist in. | 
(A. Heilprin) Am. Geog. Soc. Bull. 38: 539-53 
GuiDE.«ooKS. Baedeker in the making. (J. F. 

Muirhead) Atlan. 97: 64S-60 (Myo6). 
Guiding Soraee. (E. J. Rath) Munaey, 36: 163- 

Gdilbert, Vvette, and Chevaher, Albert. (M. 

Beerbohm) Sat. R. lot: 782-3(23jeo6). 
Guild L. A. 
Agnes Maule Macbar. Canad. M. 17; 499-5^^ 
Guiney, Louise Imogen. I 

A IJatlad of messengers. Scrib. M. 40: 73a-* 

{D06). ' 

Childhood in English 17th-century poetry. Cath. 

World, 83: 447-S5(;io6). 
English reserve. Scnb. M. 39: 7S7-9(Jeo6). 
Newman's Littlemore. Cath. Workl, 83: 8»o-8 

Shrine of Edward the Confessor. Am. Cadi. 
Q. 31: ';i3-3i(Jlo6). 
Gulf of Mexico, Development of our potts on. 
CRobertW.WooUey)R.ofRs.(N.Y.)33: 190 j 
-9(Fo6). ! 



Gou UGiON of tbe U. S. (£. A. Smith) Science, 

n. •. ay. 481-9 i(3aMro6). 
GuUck, J: T. 
boUtion and erolution of spedes. Science, 
"■ »- '3- 433-4(i6Mro6). 
Gulick, Luther H. 
Can fOotb&ll be controlled and remodeled? R. 

ofR*.(N.y.)33: 7i-6a«>6)- 
Muiofperfecthcalth, World's Work, i»: 7738- 

Petfect woAIog health. World's Work. 13: 

The secret of good health. World's Work, 11: 

Team games and civic loyalty. School R. 14: 

WhK a man gets by rest. World Work'j, 13; 
GtiUand, J : W. 
Pt^lical aspirations of Scotland. Indep. R. p: 
Oummere, Prances B. 
Oijglna^ty and convention in literature. Quar. 
ao4: afr^44(Jao6). 
Gtm, Vickers-Maxim 11-inch breech -loading wire- 
wound. Sci. Am. 94: 44o{36Myo6). 
GoN-coTTON, Origin and history of, Sd. Am. 

Supp. 61! aS447(gJeo6). 
Onodry, R. S. 

Etaples. France. Sat. R. 102.: 300-1(1 8Ago6). 

Gmga Water. (E. Candler) Blackw. iSo: aa4- 

47CO06). , . •". 

Gunn,G: W. 

Nolo coHtendtre. - New Eng. M. n. s. 34; 734-39 


GtTKS, erosion in, Causes of. (Eugene Van Brem- 

mer) Sd. Am. oj: 4l6(8Do6). 
Qunsaiilni, Piank W. 
A unique Franklin letter. Oull. 83: 18-30(5 
Gdstavus Adolphos, as father of modem war, 

Noel's, Sat. R. 101 : 3os-6(ioMro6). 
Guthrie, C. C. 
Activity of the heart. Science, n. s. 34: sa-a 

^ (tajfos). 

GnTA PXKCBA and balata. (W. A. Caspari) Sd. 

Am, Supp. 6ri »5a37-8(ioMro6). 
Gw, 0:H. 
EwdiidtT's farthest north. Cosmopol. 40; 

Filipino Labor supply. R. of Rs. (N. Y.) 33; 
317-^1 (Mro6}. 
Cwe, C. E. 
Lt precision des lois de physique. Ath. 'oG, 1: 

Comparaison des lois de physique avec les lois 
biologiques. Alh. '06, i: i34-5(4Ago6). 
Gujftt, Yves. 
Le pangermanisne, la Hollande, et la Bdgique. 
iQthtent. 60: 34s-ss(So6). 
uwynn, Stephen. 
The sway of Corrib. Macmit. n. s. 1: 34-30 

When the herring come in. [Comh.] LIv. Age, 
JSo: 66a-9(ySo6), 
Gjmer, Rose C. 
Penonal libraiy work with children. 
11; i9i-3(Apo6). 

Pub. Lib. 


Gypsum, Industrial applicalionsof. (Robert Grim- 
shaw) Sci. Am. Supp. 61: 15 70 1(29506). ■ 
Grimshaw) Sd. Am. Supp. 6a!. 35719(6006). 

— A much miaunderatood material. (Robert 

Grimshaw) Sd. Am. Supp. 61: 15476-7(35 
Gypsy Hom, The. (a: H. Kirkland) Indep. 60: 
iois-3o{3Myo6).— Nat. Geog. M. 17: (461 

H., C. H. 

Recent discoveries in Crete. Chaut. 43: 130-33 

H. J. X. 

Recent reports of geological surveys. Nature, 
73: J77-8C15F06). 

Physiological economy in nutrition. Nature, 

73: 3a8-3o(iFo6). 
Haag,C:, sculptor of toil. (J: Spargo) Craftsman, 

10: ■43'-4a((JIo6). 
MAAKON VII, the new king of Norway. (M. B, 

Hartt) Outl. 83: 464-7 i(i3}eo6).—(H. Wisby) 

Munsey, 34: 555-9(Fo6). 

— Crowning of. [Khcia C. r)orr)Harp. W. 50: 

Haanel, Eugene. 

Electric smelting of Canadian iron ores. Sd. 
Am. Supp, 6a: 35794-5(ioNo6). 
Habinoton, W:, and his "Castara." (Katherine 

Bregy) Catb. World, 81: s87-6oo(Fo6). 
Habit of work. The. (W. L. Wilson) BooUover" 

M. 7: j67-75(Mro6). 
Habits of men and other animals. (W. J. Lon*^) 

Indep. 61: ao6-9(a6JIo6), 
Haddon, Alfred C. 
Anthropology.' SdencCjU. s. 33: 4()i-7(3oMro6). 
Congreaa of Americanists ai Quebec. Nature, 

74: S9S-*("Oofi)- 
A ptea for investigation of biological and anthro- 
pological distribution in Melanesia. Geog, ), 

Sciih. M. 39: 49i-i;o4(Apo6).— (F: Keppel) 

OutL 84: '761-71(341^06). 
Hadley, Arthur Twining. 

To what ertent should professors engaged In 

research be relieved from teaching? Educa. 

R. 31: 3iS-3"CApo6). 
Wealth and democracy in American colleges. 

Harper, 113: 4So-3(Ago6). 
Hadley, Aktbub Twining. (C: Johnston) Harp. 

W, 50: 889(a3jeo6). 
Hodln, Cbalmers. 

Indiana Libraiy Association, 1906. Lib, J. 31: 

Haebele, A. 

A trip to Juao Fernandez Island. Harp. W. 

50: 844-8(1 6Jeo6J, 
Haoenbece's novel zoological park. (Harold J. 

Shepstone)Sd. Am. 95: 34s-6(ioNo6). 
Haceh's Atlas stbllakpm variabilium, series V. 

(Paul S. Yendell) Pop. Astron. 14: .398-9 

Hager, T:H. 

French authors and best sellers. Bookman, 34: 

Hagehsiown, Md; Washington Co. free library. 

How it supplies a large number of people, 

(Mary L, Titcomb) Lib. J. 31: si-5(Fo6). 

d by Google 



Haggard, H : Rider. 
Back to Ihe land. World To-day, 11; ia6i-8 
, (D06}. 

Vaniihing East Anglia. Sat R. 103:363-4 
" (1S06). — Liv. Age, aji: laj-sCijOod). 
Hagtt«, C: A. 
l^uodatioas foi pumping engiaea. Cassier, 31: 
Hague, The. Inlernationalism and the world's 
capitol. (P. H. Eykman) Indcp. 61: 100-5 
— Palace of peace at. Indep. 60: 142 1-3(14 Jco6). 

Competition on. (T. E. Collcutt) Am. Arch. 

90; i74-5(iDo6). 
Haoue Confkkehcb, The coming. (Amoa S. 
Herdiey) Indep. 61: 607-14(13306).— (H. 
Hodgson) Westm. 166: i3s-43(Ago6),— Liv. 
Age, as°- 643-9(iSSo6). = Ed. M. 147: 341- 
7(Oo6).-(Sir J: MocdoneU) [Contemp.] Liv, 
Age. 348: i3i-8(aojao6). 
Hague coneekences and the future of arbitration. 

(B. F. TrueWood) Atlan. 9^; 73i-7(Jeo6). 
— ' — and Palestine. (H. Pereira Mendcs) No. 

Am. 183: 372-s(So6>. 
Haohe treaty. The, and ten yeacs of war. 
(Waldo L. Cook) Internat. J. Eihics, 16: :58- 
Ua-ha, An American author's English. (F. U. 

Burnett) Ctry Life Am. 10: 399-30 1 {JI06). 
Haig, Alexander. 

Tea as a national beverage. National, 47 : 803- 
height, E. Hazelton. 
Experience with the lEneid. School R. 14: 578- 
Hailstoku of June 13, '06. (W. K. Gregory 

Science, n.s. 34: ris-6(27Jlo6)- 
Haines, Alice C. 

A disappointing magic. New Eng. M. n. s. 34: 
549-5 i(Jlo6). 
Haines, Hany B. 
Automobiles for everybody. World's Work, 1 1 : 

Luxury in automobiling. Ctry Life Am. 10 ■ 
Haines, Helen. 

Civil-service methods as aSecIing library effi- 
ciency. Lib. J. 31: 699-704(006).. 
Th« erimsM nmMtr. "-^ "' 


Tht hoar-frost. Scrib. M. 40: 343-50(306). 
The lurkey gobbler. Scrib. M. 39: 34s-S3{Mro6). 
Hais, The; a medical specialty for women. (H; 

T. Findc) Indep. 61: 873-3(11006). 
Haik-sressinc and head-coverings. (O. Uzanne) 

Cosmopol.41: 405-I4(Ago6). 
Haiti; what shall her future be? (Eugene P. 
Lyle, jr.) World's Work, 11: 7i5i-63(Fo6). 
Haldane couuittee on technical education in 
London, Report ot. (A. P. Laurie) Indcp, R. 
10: 3i-43(Jlo6). 
Hale, E: Everett. 
The foundations. Outl. 84: 136-31(15806). 
Franklin aa a philosopher. Indep. 61: 89-93 

Tany-at-home travels; New York. Outl. 83: 

, M. 39: 73-80 

Hale, E:ETerett,7r. ' ^ 

Abolition of academic degrees. Bookman, 93: 

The obstinacy of Clyde Fitch. Bookman, 33: 

Sha^pearean table-talk, Brooke's. Dial (Ch.) 

40; 1 48-50(1 Mro6). 
Hale, H: 
Engineering in the logging industry. Casa^er, 

39: 443CApo6). 
Industrial uses and value of alcohol. Sd. Am. 

94; S"(»3Jco6). . 
President Roosevelt's retreat at Pine Knot 

Indep. 61: i53i-4(38Jeo6). 
Hale, Loniae C. 

A motor-car divarce. Bookman, 3i: 497-5" 

(Jao6), 6o6-3o(Fo6). 33: 66-8s{Mro6), 199- 

Hale, WiH. 

National Academy of Sciences; Boston meeting, 

Nov. 1906. Sd. Am. 95: 419(8006). 
Summer meeting of the Am. Assoc. Adv. Science, 

1906. Sci. Am.9s: 33(14)106). 
Hale, Walter. 
Taking an automobile abroad. Outing,48: 365- 



— an/KemUe, E. W. 

Oq the old Boston post-road from New York. 
Booklover'a M. 7: 465-7i(Apo6). 
Halifax, ViscauHl. 

Ji;ducalion bill. 19th Cent. 59: 7a4-33{Myo6), 
Hamfax, W. s. (A. M. Payne) New Eng. M. 

"■ s- 35: 356-7S(No6). 
Hall, Douglas. 
The new English universities. Oull. 83: 979- 
Hall, E: Hagaman. 

The Jamestown tercentenary. Chaut. 43: 404- 


Hall, E. Vine. 
The derey and the church. Contemp. 89; 853- 
S(Jeo6).-Liv. Age, 349: 784-7(3oJeo6). 
Hall, Florence H. 
Aie the maxmers of American women deteriorat- 
ing? Harp. Baz. 40: i9-^i(Jao6). 
EngUsh and American manners. Harp. Baz 

40: 1169-72(006). 
Sodal usages at Washmgton, D. C. Harp, Ba«. 
40: 453^(Myo6). 
Hall, G. Stanley. 

Boy-life in a Mass. country town forty years 

ago, Peda^g. Sem. 13: i92-ao7(Jeo6). 
The feminist m sdence. Indep. 60: 661-3(13 
^Psychology; affiliation with philosophy and the 
natural sciences. Sdence, n. a. 33: 197- 
The question of co-education. Munsey, 34: $88 
Hall, Hattie Vow. 

A homt-madt flag. St. Nich. 33: 686-9(Jeo6). 
Hall, Henry H. 

"Burial of Sir John Moore" taken from the 
French of Lally-Tollendal. Critic, 49: 53-3 
Hall, Mrs. Herman J. 
Symbols in Italian painting. Chaut. 43; 43- 

d by Google 




Hall, Holmaa S. 

The fiist New England Magazine. New Eng. 

M. n. ». 33: sao-5(-Jao6), 
A literal; conundnim. New Eng. M. n. t. 34: 


The immigration lituation in Congress. OutL 
84: 611-5C10N06). 
Hall, S: Cakfcb, and Mr. Pecksaiff. (C. C. 

Osborne) Indep. R. 10: 334-^44(506). 
Han, Sharlot M. 
Ariiona, Out West, 34: 7i-i3s(Fo6). 
The problem of the Colorado river. Out Weat, 

»$■ 306-33(006). 
Tombatone, Arizona. Qui West, 35: 335-46 

The Tonto storage reservoir, Arizona, Out 

\V<^t.2y. 385-4i3(No6). 
The United Verde Copper Co. Mine, Limiled. 
OutWe3t,3s: 3-35(Jlo6). 
Hall, The, and its importance in the modem house. 

Craftsman, 9: 53o-S(Jao6). 
Hallard, Aloys. 

Kenan's early note-books. Indep. K. 10; iSS- 
Halleck, Reuben P. 
Kind of education best suited to boys. School 
R.14: s"-a'(So6). 
HaUems, F. B. R. 
Dechaxme's Euiipidea. Dial (Ch.) 40: 380-01 
Hallev's comet, Return of, in 1910. (Mary 

Proctor) Sd. Am. Q4; 474(91006). 
HallldaT, R. T. 
The bulwark of our Indian empire. Chamb. J. 
83: 398-301 (Myo6). 
Hallock. H. G. C. 

The clay of opportunity in China. Mtss. R. 19 
Hallock. W: 
Degree of accuracy obtainable in mea 
ScL Am. Supp. 61: 35sio-i(i4Fo6). 
HalMT, F:A. 
Fallacy of metric system. Casder, 30: 37-57 
Halwy, R. T. H. 
Paul Revere and the colonial silversroitbi. Apple- 
ton's M. 8; 458-64(006). 
Halton, E. O. 
Alexander Young's collection of Daubigny'i 
paintings. Studioflntemat.) 30: 99-118(006). 
Cwof s pictures in Alejcander Young's collection. 

Studio (Intemat.) 30: 3-.39(No6). 
Independent British art at Messrs. Agnew' 
. Galleries. Studio (Intemat.) 38: i8-3o(Mro6). 
Landscape paintings uf Montague Smyth. 

Studio (Intemat.) ag; 199-306(806). 
The Staats-Forbes coUectioU of pictures. Studio 
(Intemat.) 37: 9i8-3i(Jao6). 
Hauilton, Alexander, Oliver's Life of. Spi-c 
97: 58-60(147106).— (A. G: Sedgwick) Nation, 
83: 304-5(6806), 
Hamiltoa, Angus. 
Indo-Afghan relations under Lord Curzon. 
Fortn. 86: 984-1000(006). 
Hamilton, Carter. 

Phf-JMk. Sl Nich. 33! 9i4-9(Jaoft. 
HuoLIOH, lady Ehua. (H. T. Peck] Munsey, 
34: 73i^i{Mro6). 

Hamilton, James Sherwood. 
Mining diamonds in South Africa. World's 
WorK, 11: 7904-7(Ago6). 
Hamilton, J. Stevenson-^ 
Game-pieservatiDn in the TranavaaL Blackw. 
179; 4e7-ii(Mro6). 

Among the Eskimos of Alsska. Miss. R. 19 
Hamilton, Hair. 

Festival of the Annunciation at Tenos. Blackw. 

180: 8io-Tio(Do6). 

James N. Adam, mayor. World To-day, 11: 
HAHLfcT and Kronbeig castle. (H. W. Mabie) 

Bookman, 13: 4i8-37(Jeo6). 
Hamlin, Alfred Dwight Foster. 
Architectural program for the Brooklyn central 

library. Lib. J. 31: 77i-3(No6). 
Library architecture abroad. Lib. J. 31; 710-c 

The message of Greek architecture. CbauL 

43: io7-»(Apo6). 
Views ol a consulting architect. Lib. T. 31; 
Hamm, Margherita Arlina. 

Musa and the wild olive. Cent. 49: 88^40 

(Apod). ^" 

Uamuers, Electrically operated, pneiunatic. 

(Frank C Perkins) Sci. Am. Supp. 6a: 35870- 


Hammond, Graeme H. 

Nerves and the American woman. Harp. Bai. 
40: S90-3(jlo6). 
Hammond, Hartid. 

Honors lo the flag. St.Nich.33: 77i-6(Jlo6). 
Pinkry Perkim, just a boy. XII-XIV. St. 
Nich. 33: 3ss-6o0ao6), 333-8(Fo6), 445-51 
(Mro6), s49-s5(Apo6), s89-9S(Myo6) , 709- 
i4(Jeo6), 798-6030106), 9»7-3HAko6,, ioa»- 
8(i;o6), 1096-1101(006). 34: a8-3a(No6), 
143-7 (Do6>. 
Hammond, J. C. 
New busmesa for electric central stations. 
Gassier, 30: a$6-6o(J]oS). 
Hammond, J. L. 

C: James Fox. Indep. R. 10: 373-88(506). 
Hampton, Va. What Hampton means by "edu- 
cation." (Albert Shaw) R. of Rs. 34: 305-14 
Hancock, La louche, 
A plea for vers it socitU. Indep. 61; 443-4 ■ 
Hancock, W. P. 
Power-house economies. Cassier, 39: 49i(Apo6). 

30: 85-9(Myo6). 
Redprocallng engines vs. steam turbines. Cas- 
sier, 30: 5a>-ii(Oo6). 
Hand, The, m art. (A. G. Byms) Bmsh & P. 18: 

Hand, The. (W: L. Lockwood) Harp. W, 50: 

1 770-4(15 ttoe). 
Handbook of Hymen, Tht. (O. Henry) MuDsey, 

3S- 4i4-9(Jlo6). 
Handel, G; F:. and "The Messiah." (Herbert 
O. McCrillis) New Eng. M. n. s. 34: 169-78 



Hansickafts back in En^ish peasant homes. 

(A. Dinsmore) Craftsman, lo: 336-45 {M)'o6). 
— in the city. (Mary K. Simkhovitch) Crafts- 
man, 11: 363-s(Do6). 
Hondlev, L. Da B. 

Speed swimming. Outing, 48: S^-77(Ago6). 
Hand-oj-love. (Rose Young) Cent. 50: 559-65 

Handi 0} the jaiikfid. The. (A. Brown) Harper, 

us: 533-40(Mro6). 
Handy, Rav D., cartoonist. (B: O. Flower) 

Arena, 35: i7i-6(Fo6). 
Handy, W.J. 
FirstCalLfomiamailroute. OutWest,i5r 174-7 

The first California newspaper. Out West, 
Handy-man, The, and the emperor. (H: N. Shore) 

Chamb.J.83: z4i-4(Apo6). 
Hanging of Mary Dyer, Tht. (Basil King) 

McClure, aS: 44-ss{No6). 
Hankey, W: Lee, artist. (A. L. Baldiy) Studio 

(IntemaL) a?: a5i-30o(Fo6). 
Hankin, St. John. 

Puritanism and the English stage. Fonn. 86: 
Hanly, J. Fkank, govemor of Indiana. (Roscoe 
G. Stott) World To-day, 10: 9i-a(Jao6). 

Hannay, James O. The seething pot. (A. Webb) 

Nation, 83; »36-7(23Mro6). 
Hanover, In. Chamb. J. 83: 8a2-6(Dt>6). 
Hanscom, BeHtrice. 

Signs and symbols. Scrib. M. 40: 375-91(506). 
Hanson, Burton. 

Tudah P. Benjamin. Am. Law R. 40: 331-9 
H&nBon, K. S. 
Dawn of the age of concrete. World To-day, 1 1 : 
Hanson, J. C. H> 
Some points in cataloguing. Pub. Lib. 11: 63-3 
"HaMu." (H. M. Rideout) Atlan. 97: 660-5 

Hanna, Paul H : 

School instruction in religion. Educa. 37: 10-7 
(S06), 73-84(006). 
Hapgood, H. J. 

College men in business. World To-iajr. 11: 
837-31 (Ago6).— Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. aS: 
Eapeood, babel F. 
Alii, Czarina of Rusaa. Harp. Baz. 40; 103-? 

"Father" Gapon's Story of my life. Nation, 82: 

Joubert's Truth about the Tsar, Natron, 83: 

Miliukov's Russia and its crisis. Nation, 83: 

S7-8(.8Jao6). . 
The Russian peasant. Craftsman, 9: 047-03 

Stliaeus's Russian revolutionary movement. 
Nation, 83: 41 1-3(1 7Myo6). 

Happiness, Christ's secret of. Stt Beatitudes. 

— The pursuit of. (C: R: Dodge) Craftman, 

It: 233-7(No6). 

— Studies of. Westm. 166: 450-65(006). 
Happy ending. The, and some recent novels. (F: 

Taber Cooper) Bookman, 93: 63S-44(Ago<Q. 
Harboe, Paul. 

Georg Brandes andhismuntry. Critic,49: 135- 

Representative Finnish wnlers. Bookman, ij: 
Harbour, J. L, 
From the "Rocket" to the "St. Louis." SL 

Nich. 33: 339^4i(Fo6). 
A hundred-year-old church. St. Nich. 33: Sai- 
Hard, V: 

A wild flower in pidUics. Harp. W. 50: 1785- 

Brand Whitloct, mayor. World To-day, 11: 

700-1 (JI06). 
Labor in the Chicago stockyards. Cull. 83: 

Making of a socialist. World To-day, 11: 851-5 

Sherbum M. Becker, mayor of Milwaukee. 

WorldToHiay, 10: 588-9i(Jeo6). 
The Western federation of miners. Outl. S3: 

Harden, Haximilian. 

Mystification; a Bismarrkian indictment of recent 

German policy. National, 46; ioo9-3i(Fo6), 
Hardenbergh, H: Janeway, A conversation with. 

(Sadakichi Hartmann] Archit. Rec. 19: 377- 

Hardle, J. Eelr. 

Labor at the forthcoming election, igtb Cent. 

59: i3-34(Jao6). 
The labor movement. 19th Cent. 60: 875-8J 

The Labor party; ilsaimsand policy. National, 

46: 999-ioo8(Fo6). 
Hardie, Martin. 

The Auld Lang Syne Sketching Club, 1865-67. 

Chamb. J. 83: ii-6(Jao6). 
Harding, Freeman. 

The apotheosis 0} Colonel Arden. World's Work, 

13: 7959-64(806). 
Colonel Arden's intrusion. World's WoA, 11: 

7389-95 (Mro6). 
The iridescent glass trust. World's Work, u: 

Tht players oj the game. World's Work, 12: 7848 

Hording, H. A. 

Shippjnf; bacteria in cotton. Science, n. s. 34: 


Harding, J : W. 

The devS's carbuncle. Eel. M. 147: 457-65 

Moods of New York. Eel. M. 146; 9S-*(Fo6). 
Hardhig, W. J. 

Development of the torpedo-boat destroyer. Sd. 
Am. Supp. 61: 35363-3, 78-9(34-3 tMro6). 
Hardy, E. A. 

Training of librarians in the province of Oatarto. 
Pub. Lib. 11: i43-s(MrW9. 

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Hvd7,E.J. * 
The ChineEc army, tgth Cent. 59: 595--600 

(Apo6).— Liv. Age, 949: 427-3i(i9Myo6). 
Chinese cities. Chamb. J. 83: i49-si(Mro6). 
Hir^, Thomas. 
Memories of church restontloD. [Corah.] Liv. 
Age, 330: 5i5-a3(iSo«).-Ecl. M. 147: 333" 
Hardy, T: The dynasts. (W: P. Trent) Forum, 
38; 86-94(Jlo6). 


— A note 00 the genius of. (A. Symons) Sat. R. 

loa: 39i-a(a9So6).-Liv. Age, 351: 634-6 

— Novels of. (M. Moss) Atlan. 98: 354H57(So6). 
Hupr, C: Hotmu. 

'Ae lann mortgage of to-day. R. of Rs. (N. Y.) 

33: 57a-S(My*6)- 
Good neighbors all. OutL 8jt 367-70(1 7 F06). 
The lodge. Atlan. 97: 48S-94(Apa6). 
Motor-cars in railroading. Indep. 61: 8o-Q3 
Htriter, I. A. 
New physical bboiatoTf at Goettingen. Nature, 
75: SS-<{i5No6). 
Harker, L. Allen. 
Ruskin and girlhoodi some liappy reminiscences. 
Scrib. M. 40T s6i-79(No6). 
Harbness, Albert 0. 
Rhythm of Ibe iGneid. School R. 14: 641-51 
HtrkD, A. W. 
Food in its relation to. teeth. Sd. Am. Supp. 61: 
Hahley, Lady Bkilliana. Gent. M. n. a. 77: 

Harlnre, Paul. 
SQhoui^ttes of some Swedish writers. Bookroai), 
M: 143-50(006). 
Haklvn Bay, England, Prehistoric burial-ground. 
(Harold J. Shepstone) Sd. Am. 95: 360-1 
Hashonig Club-house, N. Y. City. (Herbert 

D. Croly) Archit. Rec. 19; a37-43(Apo6). 
Harper, 6 : McLean. 
French fiction of to-day. Outl.Si; aS-33(6Jao6). 
More's Shelbume essays. Atlan. 98: 561-70 
Harper, Ida HuMed. 
Chan^g conditions of marriage. Indep. 61; 

SuHrage— a ri^ht. No. Am. 183: 484-98(11506). 
Susan B. Anthony. R. of Rs. (N. V.) 33: 416-g 
— (Apo6)— .Indep. 60: 676-8s(aaMro6). 

— The woman and her work. No. Am. i8a: 604- 

Harper, J. H. 
Public school and the philanthropUl. Canad. 
M. a6! »3J-7(Jk>6). 
Harper, Russell. 
Where monks brew beer. Overland, n. s. 47: 

Women's work in Mtmlch. Overiand, n. s. 47: 
Hatper, S: H. 
Reaction in Rus^. World To-day, 11: 1380-3 

Harper, W: R. (C: F. Thwing) Harp. W. 50: 

ii8(37jao6).— Outl. 8a; iio-i(3oJao6). 

— An- appreciation. (Elisha B: Andrews) Woild 

To-day, 10: i3s-6(Fo<S). 

— and Chautauqua. (J: H. Vincent) Chattt. 43: 


— and his lifework. (John H. Finley) R. of Ra 

{N.Y.)33: i7i-4(Fo6). 
Haniman, Karl Edwin. 
CkiUrtH of tha nm. Appleton'i M. 8: 446-^7 

King's house.. Appleton's M. 8: is6-65(Ago6',. 
Social side of the circus. CosmopoL 4t: 309- 

The streak 0} yellow. Booklover's M. 7: 309-iJ 

The trolley-car as a social factor. World To- 

day, 10: i37^44(Fo6). 
The way of the land. Bo. 

The way of OU land. Booklover's M. 7: 670-8 
Harrington, Emily. 
House-keeping on half a million a year. Every* 
body's, t4; 497-so4{Apo<S). 
Harris, O: Benyon. 

Mr. Chamberlain and Birminrfiam — the political 
riddle. Fortn.86: i8-33(Jlo6). 
Harris, G.W. 

Camille Saint-Saens. Indep. 6r; 1384-6(39 


Harris, H: F. 

Divorce and remarriage. Arena, 35: - 391-4 


Harris, H: J. 

A law on child labor for the D. C. Ann. Am.- 
Acad. Pol. Sci. 17: 364-7o(Mro6). 
Harris, Hugh H. 

Ruins at Pajarilo, Japan. Sd. Am. Supp. 6a. 
Harris, KennetL 
An auspicious beginning. Munsey, 34: T43-? 

A Frankenstein of "The Fancy." Everybody's. 
14: 49i-6(Apo6). 
Harris, Mrs. L. H. 

Monstrous altruism. Indep. til ; 791-8(4006). 
Novels and novelists. Indep. 61: 55-64(6806). 
Southern manners. Indep. 61: 3Ji-5(9Ago6). 
Southern woman's impressions of N. Y. City. 

Indep, 60: 430-i(33Fo6). 
The walking-delegate novelist. Indep. 60: laij 
Harris, May. 

The second best. Harper, 113: 369-78{Fo6). 
Harris, R. A. * 

Cotidal lines for the world. Nat. Geog. M. 17: 
Harris, W:T. 

Intellectual value of tool-work. Sci. Am. Supp. 
63: 3s6o7-8{i8Ago6). 
Harris, Walter B. 
"A gentleman of rank." Blackw. rSo: 337-43 
HAfRis, W: T. (James H. Canfield) R. of Rs. 

(N. Y.) 34: r64-6(Ago6). 
— as V. S, Cnmni'r of Education. (Ossian I.ang) 
Nation. 83: 8-iorsJlo6). 
- Retirement of. Educa. 37: 49-sa(So6). 




Hauusbdso, Pa., The neur capitol at. (C: H. 
Caffin) World's Work, 13: 8i9s-ato(No6), 

— A brief for its builders. (Isaac A. Pennypacker) 
Harp. W. so; 1 888-9 (a(jDo6). 

Is It a paUtial monument of fraud? (T. 

Everett Harry) Harp. W. 50: is6o-3(3No6). 

Scandal of. Am. Arch. 90: i67{34No6), 195- 

Harrison, Austin. 

G: Giselag. igthCent.6o: 453-63(506).= Liv. 

Age, 351: 316-35(37006). 
The joys of Spain. 934-31(7606) 
Our "insolvent" stage. National, 47; 286-94 
HorriBon, F: 

Parliamentaiy procedure. 19th Cent. 59: 553- 

Positivists and Dr. Coil. Internal. J. Ethics, 
17: i3-5(Oo6)- 
Harrison, Mrs. F; 
The Victorian woman. [19th Cent.] Liv. Age, 
348: a43-S(37jao6). 
Harrison, James Albert. 
Myths and myth-makers of the Mediterranean. 

Chaut. 43: 3i3-9(Myo6). 
A Poe miscellany. Indep. 61: 1044-5 r(iNo6). 
Harrison, S. Prances. 

Treasure 0} Ternoist. Canad. M. 37: 305-9 
HabbisON, W: H:, the hero of Tippecanoe. (L. 

T. Sprague) Outmg,48: 731-7(806). 
Harry, T, Brerett. 

New capitol at Harrisburg. Is it a palatial 
monument of fraud? Harp. W. jor 1560-3 
Gilbert Stuart's portraits of men: John Tnim 

bull. Cent. 50: 6o4-6(Aeo6>. 
Ketum of portrait of B; Franklin by Earl Grey. 
Indep. 60; 953(36Apo6). 
Hart, J. M. 
Bielschowsky'3 Life of Goethe. Nation, 83 
Hart, Joseph H. 
Mechanical refrigeration and its future. Eng..M 

31: 347-S4(Myo6). 
Practical aspect of entropy. Engin. M. 31 
Haht, Sir Robert; the Briton who became : 
dictator in China. (Ralph H. Graves) R. of 
Ra. 34: a96-^)(So6i. 
Harter, Eugene W. 

The snol» of Jane Austen. Bookman, 33: 550- 
Hartmann, Elizabeth toi>. 
Wedding gift! of a crowD prince. Harp. Baz. 

Harbnanti, Morris. 

Designing and making of jewelry. Brush & P. 
17, Supp.: 3-7(Jao6); 
Hartmann, Sadakichi. 

A conversation with H: Janeway Hardenbergh, 
Archit. Rec. 19; 377-8o(Myo6). 
Hartshome, C : H. 
How English towns are managed. Pol. Sci. Q. 
air 9i-iio(Mro6). 
Hartt, Man* Branson. 

Haakon"'VII., the new king of Norway. Outl. 
83: 4&(-7i(a3Jeoe). 

Hartt, Rollln L. 
Barbarisra in Maine, New Eng. M. a. i. 33: 


Our record in Porto Rico. Harp. W 50. 264-7 

Harvaks botanic gardens. (Mary C. Crawford) 

Sd. Am. Supp. 61 : 25368-7o(34Mro6). 
Harvard College investments, 1776-1790. (A 

McF, Davis) Q. J. Eeon. 30: 399-4 i8(M job) 

— vs. Cambridge (Eng.) boat-race (O. G 

Villard) Nation, 83: 73-3(i6Jlo6). 

Harvard club, N. Y. City, New house of. (Her- 
bert Croly) Archit. Rec, 19: iQS-^(Mro6). 

Habvabd entrance requirements, ka innovaticm 
in. (Abraham Fleiner) Nation, 81: 199 

Harvard Medicai, School. (M. Ladd) OutL S4: 

— Present needs o[. (F. B. Mallory) Science, n. s. 

14: 33 1--^' 14^061- 
Hasvest. (Mary Baker 0-. Eddy) Ind^. 61: 

Harvests and markets. {A. D. Noyes) Nation. 

83: ii2-3(9Ago6). 
Harvey, C:M. 

Captain Zebubn Pike, expansionist. Putnam, 

i: i38-46(No6). 
Indian of to-day and (o-morrow. R. of Rs. 

(N.Y-)33: 6q6-7os(Jeo6). 
The Pike exploration centennial. R. of Rs. 34: 

The red man's last roll-call. Atlan, 97: 313- 

Roosevelt's successes and failures World To- 
day, 11: 8ofi-io(Ago6) 
Harvey, G. Upton. 
What England can teach us in athletics. R, of 
Rs. (N. Y.) 33: 302-4(Mro6). 
Harwood, Charlotte. 

Madame Recamier and her friends. Putnam, i; 

"Our social) capital." Critic 49- 37-8(JIo61. 
Harwood, W. H. 

Free libraries and fiction. Westm, 165: 309-15 
Harwood, W : Sumner. 

Saving California's fruit crops. Cent. 40; 571- 
Haskell, H. J. 
The bread-and-butter throry if histo^. Ontl 

84: 439-6(3oOo6). 

How one .church reorganized its Sunday-school 

Outl. 83: 899-902(2 1 Apo6). 
A message of philosophy to the modem man 

Outl. 83: 843-414AP06). 
Mvths of American hislorv. Indrp. 61: ii-t 

{^no6>. , ■ 

Haskell, Mary E. 

Standard examinations for non-college pupils. 
School R. 14: 754-7(Do6). 
Haskins, C. H. 

Lea's Spanish inquisition. Nation, 8a: 385-7 
Haslemeke arts and crafts, (R. E. D. Sketchlevl 

Art J. s8: ,i37-42{No6). 
Hasluck, F. W. 

Pocmaneum. I. Hcl, Slud. 16: 33-ii(Myo6) 
Hassau., J;, artist. (T. M. Wood) Studio (In. 
temat.J 37; i99-4o6(Jao6). 




Hosse, Adeklde R. 
BuOding up a coUectloD of public documents. 
Lib. J. 31: 66i-5{So6). 

Public documents for small libraries. Pub. 

Ub. ii:sii-3(No6). 
Subject headings for State doeumenls. Lib. J, 
31: ii3-6(Ago6). 
Hashnos, Wasskn, Letteia to bi> wife.. Ath. 

'06, 1: 385HS{3iMk>6). 
Hatband philosophy. (W. J. Price) Co&mopol. 41 

iJ3(Jeo6). • 
Hatcb, EIMe E. 

S&ugus, Mswachuietta. New Eng. M. n. •. 35: 
Hatch, HaiT R. P. 

Lancaster, N. H. New Eng. M, n. 8, 33: 583- 

St. Jobosbuiy, Vt., and its Industries. New Eng. 
M. n. a.33: 734-50CF06). 
Hats, League of the Little. (Eleanor Attabury) 

Cosmopol. 41: 643-5(006). 
HATSHEPstr, Queen, Am. Arch. 90: 39-40. (4Ago6). 
Haultain, Arnold. 
Art and the Canadian tariff. Canad. M. 27: 
Haunted deck, Tht. (T: J. Partridge) New Eng. 

" M. n. s. 34: 6q7-703(Ago6). 
Hadnted islands, The. {Augusta Oregon ) 

Monthly R. 33. no. 3: 63-88(Myo6). 
Harerfield, F. J. 

Ordnance survey maps and the antiquitit 
them, Geog. J- 37: i6s-77(Fo6). 
H&vah. (G: R. Carter) Indep. 61: 1179-^4(10 

— Fish-ponds of. (J: H. Cobb) Overland, n. s, 

47: ji)7-203{Mro6). 
Hawkn, Clarence. 
David and Goliaih. Overland, o. 1. 47: 148-50 
Hawkius, Anthony Hope. 
Wlmi was expected of Miss Conslantine. Cent, 
so: 38o-9i{Jlo6). 
Bawldos, CbsuDcey J. 
G. H. Wells, prophet of the new order.TArena, 
36; i43(Abo6). 
Hawley, Shenrin. 
The Boston terrier. Ctry. Life Am. 9: 406-8 

Good taste In country bouses. Ctry Lite Am. 

10: 6i»-i4{Oo6). 
High-grade poultry. Ctry Life Am. 9; 711-4 

Swimming. Ctry Life Am. 10: 403-7(AgD6). 
Hawthorne, Julian. 
Englbh lawns and literary folk. Atlan.97: 817- 

n(Jeo6). , 
Inspiration "ex machlna." Booklover's M. 7: 

Journalism the destroyer of literature. Critic, 
48: i66-7i(ro6). 
Hawthoknz, Nathahiel, man and author. Ed 
R. 103: iio-3s(Jao6),— Liv, Age, 249: 458- 
Hay, J: 
FranUIn In France. Cent. 49; 447-58(Jao6). 
Three undelivered addresses. Putnam, i: 19-4 
{Oo6).- W 

Hay, J:, Friendship with, (J. B. Bishop) Cent 
49: 773-8o{Mr«S). 

Hat rvkb; b new mnedy. ScL Am. Supp. fti: 

Sajdeti, T. C 

Spanish architecture in Meiico. Am. Arch. 89: 
169-71 (igMyoS), 
EUVES, Bully, last buccaneer. (J. Slocum) 

.Outing, 47: 6S9-93(Mro6). 
Hayes, Denis A. 

Length of trade life in the gtass-bottle Industry. 
Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. Sd. 37: 496-9(Myo6). 

i: 6i3-4<(Mro6). 
.1: 4S-67ai^)- 
Hollar, Florence. 

Christianity and the child. Indep. R. 11: 83-94 

Haynes, E. S. P. 
The anomalies of the English divorce law. 

Fortn. 8fi: lus-aifDofi). 
Oxford and Cambridge. Putnam, i: 187-91 
"Haystack prayer-meeting," and what followed. 
(H:R, EUiolJCent. i;o: 7i8-,io(So6>. 

— Centennial of, (Boward A. Bridgman) tfiss. 

R. 19: 8S9-94(I><>6). 
Hazeltlne, Uayo W. 

Would England side with Japan against the U. S. ? 
No, Am, 181: i38o-4(JiDo6), 
Hazlehunt, J. H. 
Yellow fever and sanitation. Sci. Am. Supp. 
61: 8Si-i(8Do6). 
Hftzlett, Dmw7n.H. 
Farming on the Isthmus of Panuna. Nat, Geog. 
M. 17: aa9-34(Apo6). 
Hazutt, W: , and Lamb. (S. T. Irwin) Quar. 

304: i6i-86{Jao6). 
Hazlitt, W:Carew. 
Eliana; the latest mndfall. Atlan. 97: as»-lS3 
Head-hunters of Formosa. (N. Shaw) Macmil. 

n.B. i: 4SS-6i(Apo6). 
Head Mastfrs, Incorporated AssodatloD of. An- 
nual Meeting, 1905. Ath. '06, i: 76-8(10 
Headlam, W. 

Last scene of the Eumenides, (J. Hel. Stud. 
36: 263-77(No6). 
Heald, F. D. 
Nebraska Academy of Science. Science, n. *. 
ly. 6i9-36(aoApo6). 
Health and education. (T. C. Horsfall) Con- 
temp.8o: 340-9(Mro6). 

— disease, deaUis.'and the weather. (R. D. Ward) 

Scienc, e, n. s. 13: 75-6(i3jao6). 

— Man of perfect. (Luther H, Gulick) Worid's 

Work, is: 7738-43(1106). 

— Perfect ' woiking. (L. H. Gulick) Workl'a 

Work, 13. 8ii6-io(No6). 

— Public hcahh defence league. Science, n. t. 94: 


— The secret of good. (L. H., Gulick) World's 

W'ork. 13; 7S23-6(Ago6). 
Healy, Patrick J, 

■ study in early Christian apoli^tics. Cath. 
World. 83: 433-46(Jlo6). 
Reard, Dwight B. 
Whv Arizona opposes union niib New Mexico. 
World,To-day, 10: 409-i6(Apo6}. 

-.u.v Google 



H«arn, Lafcftdlo. 
Letten ta Henn E. Erehbiel. Critic, 48: 300- 
i8(Ap«S). . ^^ 

Two memoiiea of a cluldhood. Atlan. 98: 445- 

Heabh, Lafcadio. (Mrs. A. Kennard) igtii Cent. 
59- '3S-So(Jao6) (G: M. Gould) Putnam, i: 
97-i07(do6), i56-66(No6).= Fortn. 86: 685- 
Os{Oo6), 88i-9j(No6).— (Paul Elmer More) 
Nadon, 83: 464-6(a9No6). 

— on sWlc. (F. J. Mather, jr.) Nation, 83: 478- 


— Self-revelalions of. (F: W. Gookin) Dial (Ch.) 

41: 447-«(i6Do6). 
Heanuhaw, F. J. C. 
Sdendfic methods in the study of hiatoiy. Nature, 

Hbasst, W : Sahdolfb. (Q. p.) World's Work, 

la: 8067-70(006).— (A. Brisbane) No. Am. 
183- Si9-3S(=iSo6),— Indep. 61: 785-7(4 

— A rharmctiT rtudy. OutL 84: 399-404(10006). 
Heakt, Activity _of the. (C. C. Guthrie) Science, 

n.s.34: ;2-4{i3JIo6). 
Htartojtht dragon. The. (P, V. Mighels) Harper, 

lis: 43'-9(F«5). 
Htart 0} BHe, Tin. (E. E. Peake) McOure, a6: 
_ as3-«oaK>«). 
Start of the hausa, Th*. (Mary H, Vorse) Every 

tray's, 15: 7as~3S(Do6)- 
H»arl of Paprika. The. (Jane Belfield) Lippinc. 

78: j-6i(Jlofi). 
Hkaxt weakness due to overwork? (G. E. Flint) 

Outing, 49: 103-5(006). ! 

Headlp, C:T. 

Competitive athletics are injurious. F.duca. 97. 

Froebel's system of teaching self -activity. I'.duca. 

a6: 48q-9S(Apo6). 
New Yorkschoolsovercrowded. Educa. 27; lac 

(O06). . 
Notes from greater New York. Educa. 26: J98- 
Heat msuiATioN, Notes on. (R. S. Hutton and 
J. R. Beard) Sd. Am. Supp. 61; 15360-1(5 
Heath, J. St. G. 
British iron and steel trade. Econ. R. 16: 446- 
HeaOi, Hand. 
Th» toul •f Ramirtt. Overland, a. s. 481 143- 

Heatheb-BTFRNING. (Sir H: Smith) Blarkw. iSo: 

Heatino apparatus. (T. M. Clark) Am. Arch' 

90: 107-9(6006), I i6-a(i,iOo6), I j6-7(ioOo6). 

Heaton, J. Hennlki 

Wanted: an end to political patronage. 19th 

Cent. 59: 57i-8o(Apo6). 
Wireless tel^raphy and Mr. Marconi. 19th 
Cent. 60: 437-36(506). 
Heaton, T. L. 
A possible solution of some social problems 
Westm. 165; 505-irfMyo61. 
HBAVXN3, Construction of the. (Hector Macpber- 
aoB, jr.) So. Am. Supp. 69: 35716-8(13006). 
— (C. Eastman) Sci. Am. Supp. 6a: 35783-4 

Heavehs, The, in February. (H: N. Russell) Sci 
Am. 94:87(37jao6). 
in March. (U: N. Russell) Sd. Am. 94: 1S7 

— in April (H:N.RusseU)Sd. Am. 94: 367(31 


— in May. (H:N. RusseU) Sci Am. 94: 343(18 

— in Tune. (H: N. Russell) Sd. Am. 94: 451 


— in July. (H: N. Russell) Sd. Am. 94: 531 


— in August. (H: N. Russell) Sd. Am. 95: 63 


— In September. (H: M. Russell) Sd. Am. 95; 


— in Oclober. (H: Norris Russell) Sci. Am. 95: 


— in November. (H : Noiris Russell) ScL Aa. 95 : 


— in December. (H: N. Russell) Sd. Am. 95: 399 


— The visible. (F. S. Hovey) Sd. Am. 5; 59 

Hebrew langdage, The study of. (Amoiy H. 

Bradford) Indep. 60: io97-9(ioMyo6). 
Heck, W. H. 

Conference on secondary education in the South, 

1906. Nation, 83: 457-8(a9No6). 
Hecker, I. T., Father, Lellers of. (A. Gasquet) 

Cath. World, S3: 333-45(Myo6), 3s6-65(Jeo6\ 

Hedgepetb, V. W. B. 

Spelling and arithn 

arithmetic in 1846 and to-dav, 
School R. 14: 35a-6(Myo6). 
Hedger, Caroline. 
The unhealthfulness of Packingtown. World's 
Work, 12: 75o7-io(Myo6). 
Hedin, Sren. , 

The Black Spa. Monthly R. 21, no. 1: 89-108 
(Jao6), = AKC, 349: j6Q-8o(i2Myo6). 
Hedin, Dr. SVEN, with portrait. Outing, 49: 371- 

j(Do6). . 
Hedo.vism, G. E. Moore on. (E. E. Constance 

Jones) Intcrnat. J. Ethics, 16: 419-63(1106). 
HsDONiST parados, The so-called. (Fell* Arnold) 

Internat. J. Ettiics, 16: 3a8-34(Jao6). 
Hediick, Perry L. 

The lifihling of toilet-rooms. Am. Arch. 90- 
HeermaoB, Josephine Woodbtuy. 

Teaching of literature below the college. Educa. 
26: 474-8s(Apo6). 
HeigkU of art, The. Q. C. Lincoln) Everybody's. 

14: 44S-S4{Apo6). 
Heilbom, Adolf. 
The human body as a chemical factory, ba. 
Am. Supp. 61: 35is6-7(3Fo6). 
Heilbom, Ernest. 

German literature, 1905-6. Ath. '06, 1: 3^7-* 
Hellprin, Angelo. 

Arctic work of Peary. Nation, 83: 386(8No6). 
British national Antarctic expedition. Am. 

Geog. ,Soc. Bull. 38: i77-8i(Mro6). 
Caracasonthcdayottheindependenda. Nation, 

81: 38i-3(ioMyo6). 
Impressions of a naturalist in British Guiana. 


t Mont Pelfe. 




Heilprin, Angllo. 
Pelfc in Feb., 1006. Science, n. s. it: as-6 

Shattered obelisk of Mt. Pel£e. Nat. Geog. M. 

'7; 46s-74(Ag<j6). 
VolcaAic and seismic phenomena. Science, n. s. 

Heiuskeinola, Magnusson's, v. 4. Sat. R. 101: 

63 1-3(19 My 06). 
HaiNE, a: (H. B. Samuel) Fortn. 85: 855-70 

^^In memoiy of the fiftieth anniversary of his 
death. (Max Mordau) [Outlook (Lond.)] Liv. 
Age. 348: 799-6o3(3iMro6). 
Heihs, lost, Romance of. (Andrew Lang) Indep. 

61: 1376-8(13006). 
Heis, E:, 1806-77, (W: F. Riggs, S.J.) Pop. 

Astron. 14: 332-5(Je-Jlo6). 
Hkucopterb, The; Santoa-Dumont'a latest fly- 
, ing-machine. (L. Ramakers) Sci. Am. 94: 
HeUot, Claire. 
Diary of a lion-tamer. Cosmopol. 41: 463-7 
Helidu and the transmutation of the elements. 

(W: Ramsay) Ath. '06, i: 30i-a(ioMro6). 
Htllems, F. B. R. 
The Greek world under Roman sway Dial (Ch.) 

41; iio-3(iSo6). 
Three decades of the American university, 
Oilman on. Dial (Ch.) 40: 289-1)1(1 Myo6). 
The old, untroubled pagan world, Dickinson on. 
Dial (Ch.) 40: i9&-7(i6Mro6). 
Heller, Clarence. 

EarUiquake and fire as affecting modem steel 
buildings. Engin. M. 31: S»6-39(Jlo6). 
HeUthakr, Andrew. 

Employers' liability: the death claims. Indep. 
61: 1561-4(37^06). 
Helm, W. H. 
Paris of BaUaf's Human comedy. Critic, 48: 
Hoping Tommy out. (R, H. Barbour) Lippinc. 

78; 471-80(006). 
Hemming, Sir A : W : Laveon. 
Reminiscences of the Congo Conference, 1884-85 
Chamb. J. 83: 40i-4(Jeo6). 
Heiiis«lech, O. A. 

The electric spark. Sci. Am. Supp. 61: 35144- 
„ 7t^7Jao6). 
Hemstreet, W : 
Direct primary nominations. Eel. M. 146; 79- 

Apolitical capstone. Eel. M.147: t63-6(Agc*). 
The riddle of immortality. Eel. M. 146: 374- 
Hen d»rsoa,* Atclubald . 
Aspects of contemporary fiction. Arena, 36: 

Maurice Maeterlinck. Arena, 35: iJ5-a4(Fo6). 
Heoderaon, Arthur H. 

/n Ihi miller of a contraband. Chamb. J. 83; 

177-.9, 2oo-3(Mro6). 
Tht learniag oj a lesson. Chamb. J. S3: 497- 

501. S»3-6(Ago6). 
Shadows oj degrees. [Cornh.] Liv. Age, 349: 

Hendanon, C: Rldimoad. 

Partisans and historians in social science. Dial 

(Ch.)4o: 396-8(iMyo6). 
Workingmen's insurance. Worid To-day, lot 
Henderson, D. M., jr. 

Tk» under farmer. Lipptnc. 78. 63&nto<No6). 
Hendersan, Junius. 

A Colorado glacier. Harper, iia: 6o9-i4(Mio6). 
Distribution of government publications. 
Science, n. s. 33: 545~7(6Apo6), 
Henderson, Margaret Eadie. 

Mrs. Herbert Chamberlain. Caaad. M. 7j: 

Lady Glen-Coat. Canad. M. 36: 3i3-s('^'**)- 
Henderson, Mrs. H. Sturge. 

Thoughts underlying Meredith's poems. Inter- 
nal. J. Ethics, 16: 340-5l(Apo6). 
Henderson, P. A. WrigbL 

Grammar to the wolves. Blackw. 179: 667-75 
Henderson, W : J. 
The catching of the cod. Cent. 50: 485-96 

Musicians and their earnings, Munsey, 35: 434- 

Pianists now and then. Atlan. 97: i94-aoi(Fo6). 
The stoiT of a lyric Ladies' B. J. aj, no. a: 

Hendrlck, Burton J. 

The story of life ijisurance. McQure, »•}: 

36-49(Myo6). tS?-:^^^^), a37-^i(no6), 401 

-i3(Ap)6), s39-5o(So6), 6s9-7iCO<*)- »*• *» 
Henham, EmeBt G. 

Old Bailey's wooing. Maonll. n. s. i; 908-18 

(006)." Liv. Age, 498-504(a4No6). 
Henley fauii,y pohtiljuis. (F. Watt) Art J. 

58: 33-8(Fo6). 
Hennebont and the Seet (a.d. 1341); a ballad 

from Froissart. (E. Sutton) Scrib. M. 40: 

Henneb, Jean jACQtjEfi. (R. H. TiOerington) 

Munsey, 36: iS4-g»(So6). 
Henri, Robert. (H. St. Gaudens) Critic, 49: 

Henhietta Mahia, Queen, MIlS Taylor's Life of. 

Spec. 96: 98-100(30 Jao6), 
Heniy VIIL, A. F. Pollard on. (H. A. Brace) 

Outt. 83 :- i3s-8(aoJao6). 

What is (he matter with England ? Westm. 166: 

Henry, Alice. 
The Australian labor movement. OutL 84: 

Woman's ballot in Australia. No. Am. 183: 

Henry, F: A. 

Aiuninislrative mflueuce upon legation. Indep. 

60; 1316-7 ( 2 4Myo6). 
Henry, 0., pseud. 

Calloway's code. Munsey, 35; 687-90(So6). 
Tkt coiaUry of elusion. Ererybody's, 15; 465- 

The ethics 0) pig. Munsey, 36: 61-7(006). 
The handbook 0} Hvmen. Munsey, 35: 414-9 

Tht higher abdkoliim. Munsey, 35; 548-fio 



Henrr, O., pttud. ' 

Aruitroimm. Everybody's, 15: iS7-67(Ago6), 

Seais of Uu haughty, Munsey,36: 2S5-9j(L>o(>). 

The trimmtd tamp. McClure, 27: 39i-9(Ago6). 

Henky, Patrick, A family portrait of. (W. H 

Henry) Ed. M. 146: 3s7-63tApo6). 
Heniy, W. E. 

SchoUiahip for the tiained libraiian. Pub. 
Lib. 11: io3-s(Mro6). 
Heniy, W ; HAmilton. 

A lamily portrait of Patrick Henry. Eel. M. 

146: 3S7-63(Apo6). 
New York society in masonry. Eel. M. 126: 
Hmvy Ihg autoerot. (M. .Foster) Outing, 471 

Bmry Koehltr. misogynist, (E. Singmaater) AUan 

98: 6s7-<S3(No6). 
Henry Amahs' koneymooH, The, (Elizabeth Jor 

dan) Harp. Baz. 40: 68o--S(Ago6), 
B«try WiUiam's reincantation. (Hugh Peudexter) 

Everybody's, 15; 6Ss-9i(No6). 
HenshAll, James A. 

The grayling; the lady ot the streams. Ctry 

Outing, 48: 763-6(So6). 
Hensbaw, Julia W. 

Fiaberwomttn in the Rockies. Canad. M. ij: 

Rocky Mountain wild-flowers. Canad. M. 36. 
„ 337-SaCFo6). 
Henslow, G: 
The true Daiwinism. loth Cent. (,0: 705-Sot 
Henson, A. Hensle;. 
Letten of business. CoDtemp.Qo: 703-33(No6). 
The report on church discipline, igih Cent. 
60: i8i-7(Ago6). CoDteinp.90: 40S-35(So6). 
Hepburn, Aloaio Barton. 

Causes of recent stringency of money. No 

Am. 181: 374-So(Mro6). 
Credit currency. No. Am. 183; 1171-8(7006). 
H^bum, W. R. 

^ 7(Jao6), no. 3: i9(Fo61, no. 4- "i(Mro6). 

no. 5: »s (Apo6),no.6: 8(Myo6), no. 7; 9-10, 

— The sister"! answer. Ladies' H. J. 33, no. 8: 9, 

Her character. (G: Hibbard) Cent. 50: 303-6 

E«r ladyOip. (Katharine Tynan) Cath. World, 

8a: 488-sooaao6), 6a»-4o(Fo6). 
Her story. (Churchill Williams) Scrib. M. 40 

Btr lutele. (W: W. Jacobs) Cosmopol. 40: 383- 

Hrkacles, Bronze statue of, in Boston. (J. R 

Wheeler) Am. J. Archieol. ad 3. 10: 377-84 

Hekaldky in lelatiou lo the applied arts. (G: W. 

Eve) Sci. Am. Supp. 63: 892-4(221)06). 
HXRBEKI, Gj Pahnei's edition. (A. V. G. Allen) 

AtUn. 97: 90-ioo(Jao6).— (F. Duncan) C ' ' 

49; i83-5(Ago6). 
Herbert, Eennay. 
The teaching of cookery. 19th Cent. 59: 


Hebbekt, Sidney. ^Spec 97:' 1048-50(331)06). 

— Ath. '06, 2: 726-7(8Do6). 
HerbertBon, A. J. 

Recent regulations and syllabuses affecting school 

Geog. ;. 27: 379-88(Mro6). 
Herbertaon, Jes^ Leckie.j 
The slippers of Mariamt. fTemp. Bar] Lw. 

Age, 351: 388-96(3No6). 
•lEscuiANKUu, Excavating. (F. J. Matha, jr.) 

Nation, 83: 409(i5No6). — Am. Arch. 90: 157 

Uercus, J. D. 
The Chlriguanos of Bolivia. Miss. R. 19: H*- 

Hesedu, Jose Mabu de. (F Y. Eceles) [Indep. 

R.] Liv. Age, 348: ii7i-6(3oJaoe). 
Heredity. (G. ArchdaU Reid and A. D. D.) 

Nature. 73: ia3-4(4jao6). „ ^ , 

— and evolution, New results in. (G. Gordon 

Copp) Sci. Am. Supp. 62; 256o5-7(i8Ago^). 

— and social problems. (G. ArchdaU Reic^ 

Indep. 60: 379-83(15^06). 

— and subspecies. (J. A. Allen) Science, n. s. 

33: i43-5(36Jao6). 

— in royalty, Wood's Mental and moral. (C.E.A. 

Winslow) Nation, 82 : 3o8(iiApo6). 

— The law of. (L. Elkind) No. Am. 183: 37»- 


— Recent results of studies on. (J. Fere; Moore) 

Sd. Am. Supp. 61: 353oi-3(7Apo6). 
Heeesv in the Episcopal church. (Katherine Kjl- 

gore) Arena, 36: 370-3(006). 
Heresy trials in England. (W: W. Goodwin) 

Nation, 83; 530-1 (aoL)o6). 

— net results. (H:Preservcd Smith) Indep. 61: 

Hebfobd, Beatrice, in private life. (Eleanor 

Hoyt) Ladies' H. J. 33, no. 6; 35(Myo6). 
Hering, Haurice G. 
The white doe of Rylstone. Westm. 165: SJ- 
63(Jao6). = Ed. M. 146: 3i8-a4(Apo6). 
Beikomer, Hubert von. * 

Franz von Lenbach, artist Studio (Intemat) 
'1- 'M-qUsoS)- 
Bermeline, Abbi. 
The religious situation in France. Am. Cath. 
Q, 31: 734-44(006). 
Bermii, The. (G. Hibbard) Allan. 97: 444-54 

Hermit, The, and tht wild mmian. (Edith Whar- 
ton) Scrib. M. 39: i4S-56(Fo6). 
EIero of romance. (F. N. Connell) Putnam, 1: 

Hero-worship. (M. Bccrbohm) Sat. R. 101: 

Herons, Photographing. (A. E. Mart) Outinft 

48: 288-98{Jeo6). 
Herrick, C. Judson. • 

Zoology section, Araer. Assoc. Science, n. s, 24: 
Herrick, Cheeaman A. 
Educational value of commercial courses in high 

schools. School R. 14: i23-34(Fo6). 
Place of applied education. Educa. R. 31 : iSo- 
Herrick, Christine T. 

My boy at school. Ladies' H.J. 33, no. 5; 6,61 


Herrick, Francis H. 

Protection tor lobster fishery. Science, n. a. 

»3: 650-5(1 7Apo6). 
Schilling's ' l-'lashligbts in the jungle.' Science, 
o. s. 13; 540-4(6Apo6). 
Hebemo, When the, come in. (Stephen Gwynn) 

[Cuinh.J Liv. Age, 150: 66a-^(iSSo6), 
Hebring GtlLLS and their young. (H: L. Ward) 
Science, n, s. 34: 593-4{9No6). 

How to make an orchid bobby pay. City J-ife 
All. ii: 4a-6(No6). 
Uerehej, Aujs S. 
The coming Hague Conference. Indep. 61 : 607- 
Herter, C. A. 

Bacterial flora. Science, n. a. 14: 859-61 (38U06). 
Hebterich, LvDWia, German painter. (A. S. 

Covey) Studio (Intemat.) a&: 4i-^Mro6). 
HertBlet, Lewis E. 
Among the Ainalonga, Miss. R. 19: 439-33 
Hervey, Walter L. 
KeUgious and moral teaching in the school. 
Out). 81: 3i6-3o(iofo6). 
Hiiss, Franu 1.. 
JiagiitsHc d-iJosits of California. Engin. M. 

31: 69i-704(AgD6). 
Tin deposits of North and South Corolma. 

Engin. M. 3a: io-io(Oo6). 
York tin region of Alaska. Kijgin. M, 3a; 352- 
■ 69(Do6). 
Bail and ToUer bearings. Sd. Am. Supp. 61: 
Hewn, Fletctiec W. 
ii.ivii Uie American wage-earner spends his 

income. Everybody's, 15: 305-7(306). 
How New York met high-priced meal. Harp. W. 
so: ii7(37jao6). 
Hewett, Grace L. 
Seven advtntures of John Henry. New Eng. 
.\I. n. s. 3s: 305-ii(No6), 40l-7(I>o6). 
Hewitt, Arthur. 
Oq snowiihoes among sDow-slidcs. Outing, 47: 
He»Utt, daurtce H: 

the SpahUh jatU. Harper, 113: 489-99(806). 
Heivlett, MadriceH,, at the court theatre. (M. 

Beerbohm) Sat, R. 101: ;94-:(ioMro6). 
— Fool errant. Some probabk sources of. (R. 

Holbrook) Bookman, 33: 447-9(Jco6) 
Hewlett, R. T. 
Serum theory of plkguc. Nature, 73: 368-9 
Hejrl, Paul R. 
The ballad of Bruce's bowl. St.Nich.33: 195-S 

Heyn, E: T. 
How the Kaiser work*. R. of Rs. (N. V.) 34; 
Hibbud, G: 

The AU:ird burglars. Munsev, 34: 689-93 

The art oj iavt. Cosmopol. 40: 727-33(Apo6). 
Htr ckjracter. Cent. 50: 302-O(Jco6). 
The hermil. Allan. 97: 444-S4(Apo6). 
The lieu/ b'rankenslein. Muiisfv, 35: 755-6J 

tSo6). ■ , 

Hibbaid, H : D. 
Inteiful strains in iron and HeeL Sd. Am. 

Supp. fia: 35746-7(20006). 
HiBEH PAPVBI, The. Fait I. Ath. '06, a: 163-M 

HiBEKMATION in hedgerow and wood. Spec. 96: 


— oi animals. Sd. Am. Supp. 61: asiSSl''? 

Hichens, Robert S. 
The cali oj the blood. Harp. Baz. 40: 33-33 
(Jao6), ii3-3i(Fo6), 3a9-37(Mro6), 359-M 
(Apo6), 4o8-i7{.Vtyo6), 5ii-3o(Jeo6j, 608 
-i7(Jlo6), ii83-9a{Do6). 
Hickman, W. Albert. 

Over proof. Cent. 50: 399-4«901'>'*)- 
Hicks, F : C. 

Classification of the Library of Congress, and 
iu printed cards. Lib, J. 31: 355-«(Jeo6). 
Hides, U: 

Big trees near the house. Ctry Uie Am. ro: 
Hidden pearU, The. Chamb. J. 83: 348-5* 

HiDitic-PLACES, secret, The romance of. (C. 

Holland) Chamb. J. 83: 778-83(1)06). 
Hiestand, Sarah WlUard. ' 

Slovenly speaking of English, Ns'inn, 8a r 73-3 
' (isJao6). 
Higginson, nlargaret Waldo. 

A little story of a child. OutL 84: ^476-8(37 
Higginson, T: Wantworth. 

" tientlemen by profession." , Indep. 60: 850^ 

J: BarUett. Nation, 8a: 3i-3(iiJao6;. 
' Morse's Memoir of Coloud H: Lee. Nation, 
83: i8-9(4jao6). 
Reunited Anglo-Satondom. Critic, 48: 37JM 
Hi|^, Maiy. 

Mankind in the making. Conlemp. 89: 630- 

Allitudt of reformers toward agriculture. Westm. 
166: 3a-4o(Jlo6). 
HtoH CoTisT OP jDSnCK. Should It be abolished? 

(G. Jones) Wesim, 165: 6i4-o(Jeo6). 
High-school, Aim in — the development of the 
many-dded interest, or spedal prq>aration for 
life? (N. Butler) School R. 14; r3s-4i(Fo6). 

— Boy and girl in. (J: M. Tyler) Educa. 36: 463- 


— Fcminizalion of the. (W: Lee Howard) Arena, 

35; S93-<HJeo6). 
-^ Place of, in our system of education. (A. F. 
Nightingale) School R. 14: i4a-5a(Fo6). 

— Relation to college. (E: F. Buchner) Educa. 

36: 57i-8jaeo6). 
High school in TyUr, The. (Mrs. Stella I.ane) 

rndep.6i: 2 78-83(2AgD6). 
Hhiu scieodls, Fraternities in, The problem of. 

(U: B. Owen) School R. 14: 493-504(506). 

— Need of, in country, FUluca. 37: i8o-3(No6). 

— The opportunity of the. (E- L. Thomdike) 

Bookinan, 34; i8o-4(Oo6>. 

— Special state aid to. (F: E. Bolton) Educa. R. 

31: i4i-66(Fo6). 
Higher abdication. The. (O.Henry) Munsey, 35: 

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HiOBLAND, Cai. (U. W. Jobnsoii) Oui West, 

847-5 3(Mro6), 
Highlands, Wild times in the. (Duke of Argyll) 

Chamb. J. 83: 65-8{Jao6). 
BlMt, J.C. 

Early diplomatic negoltations of the U. S. with 
Russia, J. H. Univ. Studies, 34: 447-600 
Delta of the Missisaippi. Scieace, a. s. 24: 861-6 

(aSDofi). ■ 
Soils for apples. Science, a.s.33: 7o-i(iajao6), 
HilBBrt, E. W. 

First raibroad in America. Sci. Am. Supp. 62; 
33598(1 8Ago6). 
Hill, Archibald A. 

Puiljcart peddleis of New York. Indep. 61: 

An experiment with pugilism. Fedagog. Sem. 
13: ias-3j(Mro6). 
Hill, F: Trevor. 

DeciMve battles of the law; the commonweaJth. 

— The impeadunem of Ant 
113: 8a7-4o{No6). 

— United Slates vs. Burr. 

liocoln the lawTcr. Cent. 49= 46?-84(Jiio6), 
S87-6ao(Fo6), 745-6i(Mro6), 939-s3(Apo6). 
so: i39-s4(Myo6). 
U.S. Supreme Court and coming events. Apple- 
ton's M. 8: 9-is(Jlo6). 
Hill, Frank P. 

One phase of bbrary developracnt. Lib. J. jj ; 
mil, J. Arthur. 

Psychical research as bearing on veracity in 

religious thought. HibbertJ. 5: 113-8(006). 

Hill, J: A. Froin engine-cab to editor's desk. 

World's Work, la; 8033-5(806). 
Hill, J: C. 
Fuaudal bads of evangelism. Miss. R. 19: 

HUl, jAltMB J. 

Government model farms. Ceot. 51: 184-6 
Hill, James Teroue. Canad. M. 16: 

(Mro6). ■ 
HUl, Marlon. 

Tht day ef precious fenalties. McClure, 16: 

rnXL Robert T. 

Mounds of Mississippi valley and Texas. Science 

n. s. 33: 704-6(4Myo6). 
Hnx, Waltei Baenabd, Chancellor of the Uni- 
versity of Georgia. (Albert Shaw) R. of Rs. 

(N. y.) 33: i74-6(Fo6). 

Recent utterances of J, J. Hill and E. H. Harri- 

man on the railroad problem. J. Pol. Econ, 

14: 6a7-3r(Do6). 
HiU child. The. (Mabel Martin) Cosmopol. 41 ■ 

Hill farm in Gwalia, A. Gent. M. n. s. 77 : 483- 




RiUquit, Morris, and alktrs. 

The social unrest. Cosmopol. 41: i97-30a(Jlo6). 
HiUa, E. H. 

Geography of international frontiers. Geog. J. 
28; i4S-S5(Ago6). 
Hiualayas, H0I1 Luiriba and Sosbon glaciers in. 
(Fanny B. Workman) Geog. J. 37: '39-44 
Hincks, Marcelle Azra. 
The art of dancing in Japan. Fortn. 86; 85-100 

The dance in andent Greece. 19th Cent. 59; 
Hind, A. Hayger. 
The et^ings of Sir John Charles Robinswi. 
StudiD(Internat.) 37: 30o-7(Fo6) 
HiNDn God-idea, Viul value in the. (W: T. 

(Seeger) Hibbert J. 5 : 74-84(006). 
Hint, C : DeLono. 
The cause and prevention ot riulway accidents. 
Outi.83: i9^33(6Jao6). 
HIne, Lewis W. 

An Indian summer. Outl. 84: 503-6(37006). 
The school in the park. Outl. 83: 712-9(38 
Hinkson, H. A. 
Dublin University In relation to Ireland. Cath. 
World, 84: 36-47(006). 
Hinrichs, F: W. 

A crisis in N. Y. subways. Tndep. 60: 321-4 
Hinsdale, W : B. 

Value of Jiumanistic studies as a preparation for 
the study of medicine. School R. 14: 394- 
Hioki, Eki. 

Japan, America, and the Orient. Nat. Get^ 
M. 17: 498-^04(806). 
Hired wedding garments. (Jeanie Drake) Catb. 

World, 83 : 67o-83(Fo6). 
Hirst, Francis W. 

Kaffirs and consols. Indep. R. 9: ig3-9(Myo6). 
His burden of hatred. (Edith BrowneU) Lippinc 

78: 5o6-i3(0o6). 
Hit chim. (A. M. RoacM Harper, 113: 200-308 

Hm comrade. (C. Benedict) Atlan. 98: 551-60 

His daily -work. (G. B. Lancaster) Haip. W. 50; 

His first wife. (A. Brown) Harper, 1:13: 4'S~33 

Hit girl. (Frank H. Sweet) Arena, 35: 53-6 

Bis last huM. (A. B. Paine) St, Nich. 33: 625-8 

His lordship. (W; W. Jacobs) Cosmopol. 40: 459- 

His pictures. (Alta B. Sembower) Harp. W. 50: 

Bis stmph Hfe. (E. Hough) Cosmopol. 43; 197- 


His sporting aunt. (Ann Devoore) Scrib. M. 

39: 339-39(Fo6). 
His trial trip. (Katherine L. Meade) Lippinc. 

77: 7^44(Jeo6). 
Hispanic SodKrys Museum, New York. (E. 

T. Lander) Booklover'a M. 7: 44-7(7*06). 
Historical MEDrrATiON, An. (R. H. Benson) 

Dub. R. 138: 37i-8o(Apo6). 

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Historical hbthod wrtut bistorical 

(R. F. Hone) J. PoL Econ. 14: s68-73{No6). 

Huroait, Ancient and modern. (R. M. Johnston) 
Nation, 83; i8o-i{3oAgo6). 

— Bread-and-butter theory of. (H. J. HaakeU) 

OutL 84: 433-6(30006). 

— The electric light of. (S. Slninslty) Nation, 


— modem, Acton's Lectures od. (R.M. Jolmston) 

Natioa, 83: 397-S(8No6). 

— Scientific methods in the study of. (F. J. C. 

Hea m s li aw) Nature, 73: 307-8(35 Jao6). 

— leaching. Preparation for. (M. A. Carringer) 

Educa. 36: a7s-8(Jao6). 

at a university; how it shoJld be done. (A. 

V. Dicey) Nation, Si: 388-9 (loMyo6). 

— The uses of. (J. SlL. Stracbey) National, 

46: 877-93(Jao6). 
Hitton of human error. Blackw. 179: 517-33 

Hitchcock, B. A. 

Partridge on a spree. OutIng,49: 47(006}. 
Hitchcock, C. C. 

The coosumption of wealth. Arena, i6: 407- 

Hoar-frost, The. (Helen Haines) Scrib. M. 40: 

Hobart, R: B. 
On India's frontier. Nation, Sa: 319-30 
Hobbs,W: Herbert ■ 
America and seismolodcal research. Pop. Sci. 

Mo. 69: »26-8(So6T. 
Cn^staliine rocks in southwestern New England. 
Science, o. a. 34: 655-8(93Na6). 
Bobhouae, L. T. 
Democracy and reaction. (J: Cummings (J. 
Pol. Econ. 14: i8i-5(Mro6). 
Hobley, C. W. 
Geography and people of the Baringo district. 
Geog. J. 28: 47i-8i(No6). 
HriMon, Ernest 

HobcoD. JuoM A. 

Caoaoa's trade policy. Caaad. M. 36: 413-5 
HobMD, J: AtUaHm. 

Ethics of internationalism. Intemat. T. Ethics, 

17: i6-38(Oo6). 
The new aristocracy of Mr. Wells. Contemp. 

«(»: 48T-97(Apo6). 
The taicalion of monopolies. Indep.R.9; 20-33 
HobMD, Richmond P. 
Intentadonalism and naval supremacy, fndep. 

60: 7<»-7i(sApo6). 
.The world's race tor sea power. Munsey, 36; 
HocUng, T. C. 
Stanislaus counlv, Cal. Out West, 14: 445-53 
Hodge, C. F. 
Domesticating the ruffed grouse. Ctry Life Am. 
9: 686-9a(Apofi). 

Hodge, Harold. '' 

Julius Ciesar. Uaiper, i 
Stephen PhiUips. Nero. 

SbaJtespeare. Juhus Caesar. Brutus; villam or 

hero. Sat. R. loi: asa-4(34Fo6). 
Businesj of bemg a wife. Ladies' H. J. 33, 

no. 3: i9a>o6). 
The college girl in the country town. Xadies' 

H. J. 33, no. 7: i8(Jeo6). 
Leland Stanford university. Outl. 84: 86-89 

Religious life in American colleges. Outl. 83: 

HoDOETTS, James F: Ath. '06, i: 546(5Myo6). 
HoDGSKiN, T;, Halevy's Life of. (A. V. Dicey) 

Nation, S3: i87-8(3oAgo6). 
Hodgson, Barry. 

Armaments and peace. Westm. 166: 475-97 

The coming Hague conferonce. Westm. 166 

'35-43(Ago6).~Liv. Age, 350: 643-9(rsSo6). 

-Ecl.M. 147: 341-7(006), 
Formation of an mtemational arbitration court. 

Westm. 166: 355-67(006). 
iDtemational relations. Westm. 166: 158-64 

[odgsoc, W. Earl. 
Salmoa-rivers and trout-streams. National, 47: 

19th Cent. 60: 268-76 

Weaiber and the Ir 
Hoe apprentice school. New 'York city. R. 

of Rs. 34: 3»2-3(So6). 
Hoeber, ArUiur. 
TbeNatiooalAcademyofDesign. Studit (Inter- 

nat.) 27: Uxxiii-K(Fo6). 
Frederic Dana Marsh, artist. Studio (Intemat.) 
18: lsvii-lxxil(Myo6). 
HOFTDim, Harald. Problems of philosophy. Atb. 

'06, i: 44i-»(i4Apo6). 
— Philosophy of religion. Ath. '06, i : 569-70 

Hoffman, F : L. 
Beath-rate ot large American diics. Am. 

Stalls. Assoc, 10: i-75(Mro6). 
Physical and medical aspects of labor. Ann. 
Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 97: 465-9o(Myo6). 
Hofmann, Josef. 

At the piano. Ladies' H. J. 13, no. 10: 9(806), 
no. 11: ii(Oo6). no. 13: 9(No6). 
HoFHAMH (Josef) prize compositions, The. Ladies' 

H. J. 23, no. 7: is-7(Jeo6). 
Hoguth, D. G. 

Geographical conditions a&ecling population in 
the East Mediterranean lands. Geog. J. 27: 
46s-8l(Myo6). " 
Nile fens. {Comh.] Eel. M, 146: 5r6-23(Jeo6). 
ogue, Addison. 

Punctuation. Nation, 83: i64-5t23Ago6). 
Hogue, Andrew. 

Studying Latin. Nation, 83: 331(13806). 
HoBEtn.OHE Memoirs, The. Spec. 97: 679-81 
(3N06), 733-s(ioNo6).-Liy. Age, 351: 3134- 
t3No6).--(J. L. Garvm)[Lond. Outlook] Liv. 
Age, 351: 435-3i(i7No6).— (E. J. DUbn) Con- 
temp. 90 : 723-3o(No6).— (Rollo Ogden) Na- 
tion, 83: 5.1-3(13006) ■ 



Holbroolc, R: 

Some probable sources of Uewletl's Fool errant. 
Bookman, jj; 447-9(jco6). 
Holcombe, A. H> 
Telephone in Great Britaia. Q. J. Econ. ai : 
96: i35CNe6). 
Holcomb:, Chester. 

India and the opium trade in the status of the 

KnEast. Ajjplclon'a ivi. 8: 342-7(^06). 
The tnisaionary cnttqirise [n China. Allan. 98; 
The measure of 'progress.' Pop. Sci. Mo. 69 
Holden, Euphemia. 

A stone wali quest. Oull. 83: 750-7(j8J1o6). 
Holden, J. A^ 

Destruction of San t'rancisco. Canad. M. 27; 
Holden, L(. -Co/. R.Mackenzie. 

The Chatham thest. Chamb. J. 83: 6og-ii 
Holder, C:F: 

Caliloniia missions. Sci. Am. Supp. 62: 25822- 

California vintage, The. Outing, 47: i;6S(Fo6). 
Clancy 0) the jack-pot. McClure, a8: 150-8 

A 40o-fK)Und sea-bass on rod and line.' Ctry 

LiieAm. 10: 4is-8(Ago6). 
Hunting the sawfisk. Outing.. 48: 167-70 

Ocean lite through a gLass-bottomed boat. Sd. 

Am. 94; 4sS-9(2jco6). 
Photographing a devil fish Sci. Am. 95: 286- 

Remarkable phosphorescent animals. Sci. .Am. 

94: i35CioFo6)- ,. , 

Some queer laborers. Crafls.nan, lo: 752-62 

The lameness of wild animals. Sci. Am. 95: 
6, 8(7]lo6). 
Holdings, Small. (Sir A. M. Mackenzie) Chamb, 

j. 83: 8,7-2o{Do6). 
Holiday law. (A. Fellows) Macmil. n. s. 1: 

823-3 1 (.S06). 
Holiday TASTES. Spec, 97: aSg-gofiSoei. 
Holidays and history. <W. R. Thayer) Allan. 97; 

— Some little. Outl. 83: i79-203(26Mj'o6). 
HOLLAHS, Sir J; Joltings of an old solicitor. {¥. 

- J. Mither, ji-.l Nation, 83; I36-7(i6,\ro6). 
Holland, Bernard, 

A dialogue, [I-and and Sea] Naiiiinai, 48: 709- 
Holland, Ciive. 

The roioance of secret hidihg-places, Chj^mb. 

J. 83: 778-8a(Do6).-Liv. Age, 251: 604-11 


Walter Tyndall, the man and his art. Studio 

(Internal.) tg: 289-q7(Oo61. 

Holland, Lord. Reminiscences of. Outl. 84; 615- 

Holland, Sydney. 

Hospital finance. Conlemp. 89 ii-4(Jao6). 
Holland, W: J. 
Knipc's' Nebula to man.' Science, n.s. 13: 107 
-8(ljJao6). . 

Holland, Absorption of, by Germany. (J. E. 
Barker) 19th Cent. 60: »5-38(Jlo6). 

— i'^ngUud, uelgiuui and, (V) l-orln. 86; 165-75 


— The Magenla Village, (E. Penfieid) Scrib. M. 

40: 25-33(Jb6). 
Hollander, Bernard. 

What IS the use of a brain? Westm. 163: 61— 
7o(]ao6),~Etl.M. i46:2i3-8(Mro6', 
HoUander, J. H. 
The American Economic Association at Balti- 
more. .Naiion,82; si~2(i8Jao6). 
HolliBter, H. A. 

>oual .sciences in hifib schools. School R. 14; 
379-8 i(.Myo6J. 
H,l..u.., ^: 

Rembrandt and his etchings. Craftsman, 11: 
Holt, H: 
Herbert Spencer's supporters. Nation, 83: 347 

_ (2SOo6). 
Simpli^.ed spelling from a publisher's point of 
view, Indcp. 61 ; 1421-4(13006). 
Holt, L. GmmLtt. 

Kockc filler .nslilule for medical research. 
Science, n.s, 24: i-6{6Jlo6). 
.lo.t;i;l.*, ./.;.. 

A negro's l.festorv. World's Work , 1 2 : 7989-93 
HOLTZMANN, LuDwiG. (G. H. Bryan) Nature, 74: 

Holtzoper, E. C. 
Heating, ventilating, and lighting. Ctr; Life 

Am, 9: 3a8-33(Jao6). . 
Plumbing lor a country house. Clry Life Am. 

10: 66o-4{Oo6) 
Stibles and outbuildings, Ctry Life Am. 9: 
Hjlv Ckoss Abbey, Tipperary countv, Ireland. 

t;(nl. M, n. s, 77: 622-30(006), 
Holyoaae, G: J. 

Woman suflrasc, Indep. R. 9: 6i-70(Apo6). 
lioLVOAKE, G: Jacob, Alb. '06; i, io6-7(i7jao6). 

- l.H:Vivi,iiil Euni,), i6'. i6i-3t;\iio6),— With 

portrait (E Douglas Sheildi) World To-dar. 

10: 436-8(Apo6). 
Homras, JmesE. 
Meanini; of the Vaoderiiilt cup race. Outing, 49 ■ 

250-7 a(No6) 
Home, A father's view of the, Indep. 6r: 911-4 


—,! of the. (Marcus Reed) [Macroi!.] 

Uv. ..\ge. 2=,o: 4i9-23('8-\go6). 
iloMK aii.oNV, A, (Upton Sinclair) Indep. 60: 

HoiiE-CDLTURK clubs. (G: W, Cable) World's 

Work. 12; 8iio-4(Oo6), 
Hamc-mai-'. flig. A. (Hattie V. Hall) St. Nich. 

33: 6K6-9(Jeo6). aiahn nf Mrs. Herrick, The. (Rhodes 

Campbell) Si, Nich. 33: s83-7(Myo6). 
HoMK-BUi.E charter movements in Missouri. 

(James W. S. Peters) Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. 

Sci. 27: i55-67(Jao6). 
HouE-BUi K government. Can Unionists suppon 

a? (A. V. Uiccy) Contemp. 80: 247-66(l-"'o6). 
HoUB WORSHIP. (Charlotte F, Oilman) Indep. 

61: 788-93(4006), 



(A. L&ng) ChKut.43: i63-4(Apo6). 
Homer, MattliiAS. 

A Japanese garden on a village loi, Ctry Liir 

Am- 9= S34-l5(Mro6). 
Homer tries a rest cure. (S. Ford) OulLng, 48 

HouEKic knowledge of the high Nurlh. (Karl 

Blind) Monthly R. 24, do. a: iii~37(Ago6). 
UoHES, Artistic, at small expense. (Marltia tuikr) 

Harp. 601.40: 723-7(Ago6). 
HametUk loul, A. (I. Gotay) New Eng. M. n. s, 

HouiciDE, ESects of immigration on, in Amtrican 

cities. <M. Shipley) Pop. Sci. Mo. 69: 160-74 


— of the hopelessly ill. Shall we legalize it ? Outl. 

81: 353-3(3^06)- 
Honey, F. R. 
How eclipses occur. Sci. Am. 95; 98(iiAgo6). 
How planets are weighed. Sci. Am 95; no 

Monung and evening Man in 1906. Sci. Am. 
, 94: 33o(i7Mro6). 

Opposition of Mara in 1007. Sd. Am. 05: 3S3 
HimeyiHoon in a canoe, A. (Winifred Falcs) 

Cosmopol. 41: 36i-7(AgQ6). 
HoNOKOKG, typhoon at, Heroism and suffering 

in. Harp. W. sor iSoo-i(ioNo6). 
HoHOWAMii eitpedition, 1909-3; Japanese pilgrim- 
age to the Buddhist Holy Land. (K. Otani) 
Cent. 50: 86fr-78(Oo6). 
Honor, Widening sense of. (E. Poole) Outl. 

Honor of Daud Khan,The. Blackw. 171): 524-33 

HoMOR svsTEu in American colleges. (W. LeC 
Stevens) Pop. Sd. Mo. 68: i76-85(Fo6).— 
(E, S- Joyoes) Nation, 83: aS9(»7So6),— (W; 
De Wilt Hyde) Nation, 83; 4i!i-3(i5No6). 

— in college and out. The. (F. C. AlBuson; E. 

S, Jojnes) Nation, 83: 4s8-9{a9No6), 

— in South Carolina, The. (E. L. Green) Nation, 

8a: ii7(8Fo6). 
Hob. BiU Hicks' marriage cioiipelUion, The. (P. 

E, Browne) Munsey, 35 : 7O7-71IS0O). 
Honors to th« fag. (Harold Hammond) Si. Nith. 

33: 77i-6()lo6). 
Eoa^i vood vtolet. (C. B. Loomis) Lippiac. 77: 

Hook, A. 

Earned and unearned incomes and :hc income 

xax- Westm. 165: ia4-3i(Fo6). 
Passive resistance. Westm. t6s: 656-67(Jeo6). 
Problem of Ihe unearned incremcni. Kton. R. 

16: i68-79{Apo6). 
Rating a od site valuation. Econ. R. 16: 417-30 

Religious revival and sociat evolution. Westm. 
165: 4i8-30<Apo6). 
Haokfaam, G : 

Free meals for school children. Naliiinal, ^.S; 


Hoofer, Franklih W., with portrait. (Heniy 

Macmahon) World To-day; 10: ig4-7(Fo6). 

HoosicK JtTNCiioN, Allan. 98; 427'^H^°'"- 

Hope, Authoi^. See HawkinB, Anthony Hope. 

' 8: 664-;o(Oo()). 
Hop] Indians. (L. Akin) Craftsman, 10: 314- 

39(Jeo6). ■ 
Hopldiis, E. Wubbura. 
I'hc American Oriental Sodety at New Haven, 

1906. Nation, 81: 339-41 (a 6Apo6). 
Crosbys Tibet and Turkestan. Nation, 81: 81 

Whitney's Atharva-Veda Sambtta. NattoD. 81: 
Hopkins, G: M. 

Arrangement of battery cells. Sci. Am. Supp. 

611 2S464(i6Jeo6). 
Unscienti6c and scientific divining-rods. Set. 
Am. Supp. 61: 9Sii4-6(aoJ*o6). 
Hopkins, JuUa A. 

IVia(iisi)n, \\is,, Free-library building. Lib. J. 
31: 8i3-5(Uoti). 
Hopuins, L. C. 
Havj Ihe thing was managed. Applcton's M, 
8: 30-47(Jlo6). 
Bopkins, nevil Honioe. 
Strange case 0} Dr. North. Lippinc. 77; 513-38 
Hopkins, W: J: 

Thejiitt of Ihe home of Johns. Allan. 98: 194— 


Old Goodwin's wife, Allan. 97; 309-aj{Mro6). 
Hopp, JuUus. 

'ihe brotherhood of man; a social satire. Eel 

M. 147: 8i-8(Jlo6). 
The sctial drama and its puriiose. Ed. M 146- 

Hopper, James. 

A buy and a girl. Harper, 113: 5i4-2i(.So6). 
Caybigan. McClure, 27: 3a6-36(jio6). 
The confluence. McClure, 27: 596-609(006). 
Days of terror f.illoiving ihi; canhquaU- at San 

l-rancisco. Harp. VV. 50: 66i-a(i2Mvo6). 
The pity 0) ivomjn. Everybody's, 14:591-8 

San Francisco's deslruclion. Everybody's, 14: 


■■T- 491 

Soaxf beuci-Dienl iissimilatunt. McClurc, 


The struggles and triumph of Isidro de las 
Maestros. McCliue, 26: 6oi-io(Apo6). 
Hopper, T: R. 
Simple experiments with electric currents of 
high tension. Sci. .\m. Supp. 61: 25186(17 
Hoppin,^ Joseph C. 

A I'analhenaic amphora, with the name of the 
arthon Theiophrasliis, Am. J. .Archcol. 2d 
s.,o: 3ai-93('>o'>). 
Horace. Gent. M. n. s. 77: 28-34(Jlo6). 
Homada;, W : T. 

A great museum builder — H. A. Ward. Nation 

^■y- 30-i(t»Jlo6). 
The mountain goal and the camera. Srrih. M. 

40: M3-54(A(;o6). 
The wild-animal industry. Booklover's M. 7- 
Homblow, Arthur. 

Liim and the mouse, itoveliicd. Critic, 48: 513- 
. Home, Haniton H. 
I Educating the wilL Educa. 27: 8s-9i(Oo6). 

d by Google 


Homer, JoMjili. 

Modem grinding. Gassier, 30; ii3-34(JeoS, 

Modem lequuemeiits in the iDOchine-sbop. 
[/I Caasier,3ir i5fr-66(Do6). 

Oxford IroiD within- Outl. 89: 844-7(1 4Apo6). 

HossE, Aeabian, its present place and mission. (H. 

Davenport) Ctry Life Am. 10: ■4a8-3o(Ago6), 

— Buying a, (C: P. Sawyer) Ctry Life Am. 10: 


— How to buy a. {C. P. Sawyer) Ctiy Life Am. 

p: 72o-»(Apo6), 

— Mental limituioos of the. (F. M. Ware) Out- 

ing, 49: iaj-5COo6). 

— Orijgin and influence of the thoroughbred, 

Ridgeway on. Atb. '06, i: ass-6(3Mro6), 

— thoroughbred. Genealogy of the. (W: S. Blunt) 

19th Cent, ssi: s8-7iQao6). 
HoRSB-KACiNO, Average day's cost of. (R. Bache) 
Outing, 48: 4i3-8(Jlo6). 

— Best horse of the 1905 season. {W. P. Pond) 

Outing, 47: e5j-s(Fo6). 

— and the public. (L. Scott) World's Work, 13: 

HoasBitANSHiP. Learning to ride. (F.M.Ware) 

Outing, 49: 4i3-6(DoiS). 
Horse's tale, A. (Mark Twain) Harper, iiy. 327- 

4a(Ago6). 539-49(So6). 
HORBBS. Breeding and preparing blue ribbon 

show horses. (F. M. Ware) Ctry Life Am. 1 1 : 


— Condition in, and how to attain it, (F. M. 

Ware) Oudng, 48: iii-5{Apo6}. 

— How to acquire " hands" on vour horse, (F. M. 

Ware) Outing, 48: 634-6(Ago6). 

— How to bit your horse. (F. M. Ware) Outing, 

48: s°7-9{Jl°6). 

— How to feed your horse. (F. M. Ware) Outing, 

47: 8oj-4(¥ro6). 

— How to harness, saddle, and bridle your horse. 

(F. M. Ware) Outing, 48: a4s-8(Myo6). 

— How to know the horse you buy. (F. M. 

Ware) Outing, 47; sos-io(Jao6). 

— How to train your colts. {F. M. Ware) Outing, 

49: 3S3-7(Nofi). 

— Hunting wild, in Australia. (T. J. Fitzpatrii k) 

Chamb. J. 83: 38o-i(Jeo6). 

— Stalls and stabling for. (F. M. Ware) Outing, 

47: 64>-S(F<"i)- 

— work. Parade of. (Paul R. Foster) World 

To-day, 10: 535-8(Myo6). 
HoRSESBOEiNO. How to shoc your horse. (F. 

M. Ware) Outing, 48: 376-9(Jeo6). 
Horsfall, T. C. 

Health and education. Conlerap. 89: 34^-9 

HoTteloup, H. 

Rembrandt Bugatti, Italian sculptor. Studio 
(Inlemat.) 19: 23-6(Jlo6). 
Horton, Mrs, Tbaddeus. 

Anorderof old-fashioned women. Ladies' H. J 

n. no. 8: 5-6, 38(Jlo6). 
Some old French courtyards. Am. Arch. 89; 
"HOETON, the E. A.", Recapture of. {T. J. 
Partri4^)New£Dg.M.n.s.33: 636-43(Fo6). 

Hoiford, A. P. 

PaulNocquet.. Brush &P.17: i33-9(Apo6). 
HosFiTAi. FINANCE. (S. Holland) Conump. 89: 

Hospitals as pauper-makers. Spec. 07: S-9 

(7JI06). ■ 

— Efficiency of. (W: H. Allen) Am. J. SodoL 

la; »98-3i8(No6). 

— How to build. Am. Arch. 90: 134(27006). 

— should not be dependent on charily. Sat. R, 

iwi: 744-5(1 6Jeo6). 
Hot air-boiler. The. (Alfred GradenwiU) Sd. 

Am. 94: 493<i6Jeo<5). 
HoT-WATBR SUPPLY to towna. (T, Parker) Sci. 

Am. 9s: i9o('sSo6). 
HotchkiBS, WiUard B. 

Traction question in Chicago. Ann. Am. Atad. 
Pol. Sd. 23: a7-46(No6). 
Hough, Emeraon. 
His simple lije. Cosmopol.43: i97-2oa(Do6). 
My discovery of New England. Appleton'i U. 

8: 665-74(006). 
On the Little Bull Rapids. Outing, 47: 709- 

The stolen bridegroom. Everybody's, 15: 736- 

When the June rise is on. Outing, 49= 373'^ 
Hough, Walter. 

Pueblo environment. ■ Science, n. s. a$: 865-9 
Houghton, W: A. 

■ Teaching Latin. Educa. R. 31: 337-93(Mre6). 
Houk, A. H. 
(Jrandma's surrender. New Eng. M. n. s. 34: 
HouHDS, Following the. (Mary Aldis) World To- 
day, 11: 1037-36(006). 
Hours of Ike Ox; a Japanese skeUh. (J, G. 

Smith) Canad. M. 27: 215-9(1106). 
Eourwlc'i. Isaac A. 

Practically civil war in Russia. World's Work, 

13: 8317-32(006). 
Russian revolution in process. Wbrld's Work, 
la: 8rO4-io(0o6). 
HouSB, The. (A. M. Kioll) Atlan. 98; 69rJ 
Gambrel-ioof, for S4000. Ladies' H. I. aj, 
no, a: 93(Jao6). 

— that can reaily be built for 17,500. Ooj 

Wheeler Dow) Ct^ Life Am. 9: 3i7-8(Tao6l. 
that was really built for (6,500. (S. Stone) 

Ctry Life Am, 9: 7i5-i7(ApoS). 
on a cliS; residence of Livingston Jenks. 

Archit. Rec. ao: 489"S03(Do6). 1 

House of glass. The. (H. G. Dwight) Haip, W. I 

S°-- 5S4-7. 63(aiApo6). 
House on Payette Street, The. (Jane Bdfield) 

Lippinc77; i03-ii(Ja«5). 
House of Commons at work. (Michael Mac 

Donagh) Monthlv R. i5,no. 1; 54-76(006).= 

Liv. ..\ge, 2sr; 584-97(8006). 
— Enlargement oE the. (C. Barry) 19th Cent. 59: 

■— A little cloud like a man's hand. (T. E. Jacob! 

Westm. 166: 628-37(Do6). 


House of Cohhons, A kw building for. (H: 
W. Lucy) Bbckw. 179: S58-69CApo6).-Liv. 
Age, 349; 3g4-403(i9Myo6). 

— QuaiDt ciistoms of. (T: P. Hughes) Harp. W. 

jo: 189, ao8(ioFo6). 

— Sergeant -at -arms. (M. MacDonagh) Macmil. 

n-»- j: 757-64(Ago6). 

— Winniag a Kat in. (A. C. F. Boulton) Canad. 

M. 37: i7-«(Uyo6). 
House or Lobds. (H, Maxwell) iglh Cenl. 60: 
i-i6(Jto6).— (O. G. ViUard) Nation, 83: 477 
(6D06).— {W. Everett) AtlaiLoS: Too-MPai). 
— Oua 84: 957-S(aiDo6). 

— and the country. (Lord Newton) National, 48: 

593-601 (D06). 

— and the governmcDL (H. Maxwell) 19th Cenl. 

60: 86i-74(Do8). 

— as the supreme court of appeal (Michael Mac- 

Donagh) Monthly R. 35, no. 3: 73-80(006). 

— Case for the. (D. C. Lathbury) Fortn. 83 : 557- 


— Coming battle with. (H. W. Massingham) 

Indep. R. 11 r a54HS(3Do6). 

— Liberal party and the. {W. Modlen) Westm. 

165: io-4(Jao6). 

— A night in the. (Michael MacDonagh) Monthly 

R. 34, no. 1: 66-83(Jki6). = Liv. Age, jjo; 

— The opposition in the. [Ecod.] Liv. Age, 348: 

past, preMot, and future, f W. T. Stead) R. of 
- *^- --' (N06). 

Ecdes) Canad. M. 16: 

past, preMOt, and future. (^ 
R". OJ. Y.) 34: S93-7{No6). 
QuestioD of. (H. L. Ecdei 


HocSE-BOAT, Chann of the. (S. Crowther, jr.) 

Munsev, 35: S27-33(Ago6). " 
HonsE-BOATS 00 American waters. Clry Life 

Am. 10: i87-^3(Jeo6). 
BOOBEHOLD IxpzMSEa, The increase In. Haip. 

Baz. 40: 9S4-<Si(Oo6). 
HotrsEKKKpDTO for the rich. (EmiJr Harrington) 

ETciybody-a, 14: 497-S«4(Apo6). 
Houses, big. The vanity of. (J; Burroughs) 

Coamopol. 41: S9(Myo6). 
-— for workingmen, The Rothaduld, in Paris, 

(H. Franiz} Studio (Intemat^) 18: 115-30 


— the Dew New York house. (Montgomery 

Schuyler) Archil. Rec. 19: 83-i03(Fo6). 

— Old. in Jeffersou co., N. Y. (C; dc Kay) 

Archit. Rec. 20: io3-i5(Ago6). 
Heuiemfe. The; a story retold from the French 

of Nicholas de Caen. (J. B. Cabell) Harper, 

"3: 3SS-6i(Ago6). 
Housewives, Some 17th-century. (Lady Violet 

Greville) [19th Cent.] Liv. Age, 348: »93-307 

HOWSINC, co-partnership in. (H: Vivian) Econ. 

R. 16: 76-8i(Jao6). 

— of large families, How Paris provides for the. 

R. of Rs. (N. Y.) 33: 3i»-6(Mro6). 

Houston, Edwin J. 
Halt a decade of progreu In electricity and mag- 
netism. Casiier, 39: i8o-9(Fo6). 

Houston, Gen. Sam, and secession. (C. A. Cul- 
benon) Saib. M. 39: 5S4-9(Myo6). 

Hovey, E. O. 

Amer. Assoc, N. O. meeting. Geology and geog< 
raphy sectian. Science, n. s, 13: 986-91(33 
Geokigy and geograph;^ ^t summer meeting of the 
Am. Assoc. Adv. Science, 1906. Sci, An. 95: 
Geology and geography section, Amer. Associa- 
tion. Science, n.s. 34; 365-73(31806). 
loth Intemat. Geological Congress. Am. Geog. 
Soc. BulK38: 730-40(006). 
Horey, P. S. 

The visible heavens. Sci. Am. 95: 5(7jlo6). 
Horn CaUwdi "mad* good". (Hugh S. Johnson) 

Appleton's M. 8: 603-9(006). 
HfiB Cydont BiU gol hii reHgion. (V. Sheard) 

Canad. M, 36; 374-9(Fo6). 
How ElUtt came to steai Ike Indian baby. (David 

M. Cheney) St. Nich. 33; 44i-3(Mro6). 
Horn I law OU assassin. {Cornh.J Liv. Age, 351: 

How it ended. (C. R. Lichfield) MaaniL n. s. i: 

Liv. Age, 348; 4a»-34(i7Fo6)- 
How Laiavoine won the cross. (A. W. Arnold) 

Chamb. J.'Ss: 705-8, 737-30. 74i-3(No6). 
Htrm Santa Claus came to Cap» St. Antheny. 

(W. J. Grenfell) Putnam, i : 33i-6<Do6). 
How Ike thing wat managed. (L. C. Hopkins) 

Appleton's M. 8: .jo-47{Jlo6). 
Saw Witmie hatched tk$ UtOi roeki. (Frances B. 

Burnett) St. Nich. 34: 3-i3(No6). 
Howard, Burt E. 

Alsace-Lorraine and the German empire. Pol, 
Scl.Q. 3i: 447-74(So6). 
Howard, Clurlei Biyuit 
Embarrassment of expansion. Cent. 49; 567-71 

A voice from the dark. Cent. 50: 953-7(Oo6). 
Howard, Clifford. 

B: R.TiUman, U. S. Senator, Appleton's M. 8: 

Washington, D. C., city nvemment. Book 
lover's M. 7; 46i-4(Apo^. 
Howard, Earl Dean. 

Condition of Gennan workingman. J. Pol. Econ. 
14; 65-8s(Fo6). 
Howard, G: BronsOB-. 

The man from Hongkong. Munsey, 35; 639- 
Howard, J : E. 

Concrete column tests at Watertown arsenal, 
Mass. Am. Arch. 90: 1 1-4(14 JI06). 
Howard, L, 0. 

Anti-malarial work. Science, n. s. 34: 744-6 

Domestic insects. Indep. 61: 1480-6(30006). 
Scit. Science, n. s. u- 8io-8{3iDo6). 
Howard, WendeU Stanton, 

A painting by J. W. Alexander. Harper, 113; 

A portrait by E. C. Tarbell. Harper, iis: 703 

A portrait by Gainsborough. Harper, 113; 635 

A portrait by Irving R. Wflea. Harper, tt3; 

A portrait by Sir Joshua Reynolds. Harper, 

114: <>8(Do6). W 

ApartrutbyW.M.Chaae. Harper, itj: 896(004). 





Howard, W: Lee. 

Feminiration of the high 'school. Arena, i^: 

Howe, E. L. 

Athens — andeot and modern. Canad. M a8: 
Howe, EraeBt. 

Heilprin's 'Tower of Pelie.' Science, n. s. 33: 
„ 29-3i(5Jao6). 
Howe, F: Clemson. 

Cleveland's education through its Chamber of 

Commerce. Outl. 83: 73g-4i}{aSJIo6). 
(JlasEow. Scrib. M. 40: 57-ioo(Jlo6). 
London; a municipal democracy Scrib. M. 
40: 589-96{No6). 
Howe, H. M. 

Relative corrosion of wrought iron and steel. 
Sci. Am. Supp. 62: j!;575-6(4Ago6). 
Howe, Joseph, a colonial imperialist, (Emily P. 

Weaver) Good Words, 46: 3gs(Fo6V 
Howe, Julia Ward. 

Boston's dubs. New Eor, M. d. s. 14: fiio-e 

What life means to me. Cosmopol. 41: aSs-Q 

Howe, Bark Antony De Wolfe. 

Margaret Deland; a study in influences. Oull. 

^.84: 73i-4t»4No6), 

Significant books; American biography, Atlan. 

57-- iio-8(Jao6). 
The spell of Whitman. Atlan.98: 849-55(006). 

Kugs; their character and timction. Ctry Life 
Am. 9: 3a3-4(Tao6). 

Story o£ the Ardiitectunil League. Craftsman, 
^ 10: Q8-too(Apo6). 
Howe, W. E. 

Colin C, CoopiT, Brush & P. i»: ;;-S(Ako()], 

Howell, James; his reader's friend. (A. Rep- 

plicr) Atlan. 98: 644-si(No6). 
HoweU, S. H. 
Rational method of cooling gas^ngine cylinders. 

Sci. Am. 04: 7o-i(ioTao6). 
Howells, W: D;an. 

After the wedding; drama. Harper, 114; 64-9 

Barrie's benefactions to the stage. Harp W. 

so: 27i, 8i(24Fo6). 
Braybridgt") offtr. Hi 
Sv way of Southampti 

1131 89»-903{No6). 
Carl Schurz. Harp. W. 50; 728(16^106). 
riu chick of tkt Easter tgg. Harp. W. '50: 509- 

Tht eHnloHi o] Brooks Atjord. Harper, 113: 

An English country (own and country house. 

Harper, 113: t6s-7s(Jlo6). 
The fiction of John Oliver Hnl>hcs. N'o. Am. 

183: 1 251-61 (»iDo61 
A f^impse of the English Washington country. 

Harper, iia; 65i-6i(Apo6). 
Henrik Ibsen. No. Am. 183: i-i4(Jlo6). 
Kentish neighborhoods, including Canterbury. 

Harper, 113: 550-65(^36). 
Our daily speech. Harp. Baz. 40: 930-4(006). 
Our nearest point in antiquity. Harper, 113: 

Oxford. No. .\ra. 1S3: 620-38(5006). 
Paul L. Danbar. Bookman, 33: i85-6(Apo6). 

Howells, W: Dean. 

A sltep and a forgetting. Harp. W. 50: i78[-4, 

1S62-4, i8gg-i9oi(i5-»9Doi). 

HowBLLS, W: Dean. (Mark Twain) Harper, liji 


Howerth, Ira W. 

The industrial milleimium. Internal. J. Ethics 

16: i9o-7{Jao6). 
The sotial question of lo^5ay. Am. J. SooJ. 
■ la: 2S4-68(So6). 

War and social economy. Internal. J. Etltio 
17: 7o-7(Oo6). 
Howes, Silas Orrin. 

Voh aire's faith. Nation, 83: i38-9(i6Ago6). 
Howgrare, Walter. 

A sociological view of taxation. [Westm.] Ed, 
M. 146: 72-8(Jao6). 
Howland, Cora Roche. 
The theater in France to-day. Worid To-dij, 
10: 4a6-3o(Apo6). 
Howland, D : B. 
Carnegie International art exhibitioD. WotU 1 
To-day, 10: 25-3i(Jao6). 
Howland, Harold J. 
The business mayor of Scranton. OutL 84: I 
r9i-7(j2So6). i 

Saving a people from themaeives; Cuba luidcr 
American intervention. Dull. S4: 455-^ 
Wrecking, Outl. Sa: 663-7s(a4Mro6). 
Howland, Hewitt H. 
University club of Indianapolis. Bookman, *>: 
Howley, J. 

Frozen nightqiares; work of B. Biegas. Cos- 
mopol. 41; i3-3o(Myo6). 
Hozie, Robert F. 

Demand and supply concepts; an iotroduction v.- 
the studv of market price. J. Pol. Econ. 14' 
337-6i(jeo6), 40i-26(Jlo6). | 

Historical method versus historical narratitt ; 
J, Pol. Econ. 14: s68-7a(No6). 
Hoyt, Eleanor. 

Beatrice Herford in private life. Ladies' H. ]. 
»1 no, 6: i<;(Myo6). 
Hoyt, Francis W. 

.Available stone for the \Vashington Cathedia! 

Xm. Arch, go: 179-81(8006). 
Color in stonework. Am. Arch. 89: aoo-i(i6 

Jeo6). 90: 6-8, 19-20(7^ I J!o6). 
Design and choice of material. Am. Arch. 90 

S])ccilications for stone. Am. Arch. 90; 5[-j 
Horier, SirB-.H. 
Wireless telegraphy, 19th Cent. 60: 49-56 
Hrdlika. (Maximilian Foster) Everybody's, if. 

Hubbard, Elbert 

An age of common sense. Cosmopol. 41: S5S 

The girl of the Middle West; with drawin;p br 
H. RrBoehm. Cosmopol. 40; stfr-a5(Mro6J. 
A new religion. Cosmopol. 41: i56(Jeo6). 
Hubbard, G. D. 

Drumlinoids of the Catatonk folio. Am. Geog. 
Soc BuU. 38: 3SS-6sQtx)6). 


LescDds of old Nei^^e. New Eng. M. n. s. 
,14: l7-3o(Mro61, 396-305 (My 06). 35: 176- 
84(006), 468-q6(Do6). 
Hnbbard, Mrs. Leonidos, jr. 

Labrador, from Lake Melville to Urgava Bay. 
Am. Geiig, Soc. Bull. 38: 5*9-38(506). 
Hubbard, Miam B. 
My e:qiloratioi]s in unknown Labrador. I-Iar- 
per. III: 8i3-a3(.\Ijo6J, 
HoBB^LL. H: Salem. (I.ucv F. Perkins) World 

To-day 11: ii39-46(No6). 
Hubert, Philip G., jr. 

GermaDy's 100 studeat corps. Bookman, 24: 
HudsoQ, I. 

Henry Kirke White. Weatm. i66;io9-i7(Ago6). 
Hudson, J. 
Undergraduate desks and frolics. Westm. 166: 
Hudson, W. H. 

Something prttty in a glass case. Sat. R. 101; 

Truth fjain and colond. [Speaker] Lit. Age, 
348: i83-9o(jojao6). 
Hudson Bay, The awakening of . (R. W. Wilson) 

Chamb. J. 83; 73i-4(No6). 
Hudson Bay Fint Coicfanv and the French 
raiders. Gamesters of the wilderness. (A. C. 
Laut)Harper,ii9: 76ft-79(Apo6). 
IlUDSOS) RivEB, The gates of the. (C: M. Skinner) 

Cent, so; 665-71(506). 
Huelner, Grover G. 
Americaniiatitin of iramigrnnts. Ann Am, 
Acad. Pol. Sd. »7: 653-75(Myo6), 
Huebner, S. 
Study of insurance in American universities, 
.\nn. Am Acad. Pol. Sci. 98: 82-ioo(J1o6), 
Hucgel, Friedrich J. 

Kiperience and transcendence. Dub. R. 138: 
Hufcutt, Enwit W. 
National congress on uniform divorce laws. 
Indep. 61: i365-6(39No6). 
HtnjHES, C: Evans. (6: W. Schurman) Indep. 
61 779-83(4006). — (Ervin Wardman) R. 
of Ri. (N. Y.) 34: 55i-s(No6).— \\ iih portrait. 
(C: Johnston) Harp. W. 50: 561-3(11 Apo6). 

— and the contest in New York State. (C. John- 

ston) -Mo. Am. 18,1: 8i)7-Qo;(2No6). 
and Jerome, William Travers. (Frank H. 
Simoods) Everybody's, 15: 473-6(006). 

— Career and achievements of. .Harp, W. 50: 


— A character study. OutL 84: 404-7(30006). 
Hughes, Ellwood C. 

RclalJon of the school hoard tu the city superin- 
tendenl. Educa. 26: 54i-i)(Myo6). 
H ughei, Ka theiine. 

Hon. David Laird. Canad. M. 27: 400-3(^06) 
Htigbes, Hargftrat. 

The dun diib. Overland, n. 1. 47 : 347-5i(Apo6) . 

Hughes, Hargiuet Eftd;. 

Evolution of the male. Westm. 165; 330-1 

(Mto6). I 

Hughes, Reginald. . 

.\ pilgritnage to Caoossa. Monthly R. 12. no, a: 

io7-i8(Fo6). I 

Sht borrowed her own husband. ' Lippinc. 77: 

539-54 (Myo6). 
The sculpture of Gutzon Borglum. Appletoa's 

.M. S: 709-17(006), 
Shall we meddle with Cuba? Harp. W, 50: 

Shall we have common sense in spelling? Haip. 

W, so: 1308, 36(15806). 
Tingle^ spoit-prandial trap. Haip. W. 50: 1460 

Thevire of generalizing. Harp. W. 50: 1168(18 

Hughes, T: P. 

Quaint customs of House of Commons. Harp. 

W. so; 189, 3o8(ioFo6). 
Huidekopsr, F: L: 

Is the United States prepared for war? No-Ain. 

189: i6i-78(Fo6), 39i-407(Mro6). 
Hulbert, Archer Butler 

The Roman road builders' message to America. 

Chaut.43: i33-4o(Apo6), 
Hulbert, W ; Davenport 
Out iuilh the land-lookers. Outl. 89: 315-35 

With the Tahquamenon drive. Outl. 83: 967-75 


St. Anne a} the MattaiBa. Booklover's M. 48a- 


HiTLL House, Chicago, Work of, (Jane Addams) 

Ladies' H- J. 33, no. 5: ii-3(Apo6). no. 6; 

11-3, 48(Myo6). 

Hull House plav, A. (M. C. Jenison) AtUn. 

08: 83-93(Jlo6). 
Hullej, Lincoln. 

FMucation in the South. Educa, 16: 486-8(Ap 
Hulst, Nelson P. 

The metals in human progress. Sci. Am. SUpp. 
6f 3^464-5( i6Jeo6), 25474-6(33 Jeo6). 
Hidton, Costanza. 
Thomas Knorr's collection of pictures at Miinich. 
Studio {Inte mat.) 38: 293-300(7006). 
Huuan body, The, as a chemical factory. (Adolf 

no. 3; i2s-34(So6). 
HUMA.VISH as a religion. (R. Christie) [Con- 
temp.] Erl. M. 146; 4Q-6i(Jao6). 
HuuASisTS, Joint meeting of, at Ithaca. (T: D. 

Seymour) Nation, 82: 32(iiJao6). 
HuuANiTAHiANisM. past and present. (Frank T. 

Carlton) Inlernat, J. Ethics, 17; 48-54(006). 
IIuMBOT.DT ciivNTY, Cnl. iW: Avers) Out West, 

24; ^sg--58(Jeo6). 
Hume, E. 
The advent of socialism. Fortn. 85: 475-86 

Hume, W. F. 

History of the Nile and its valley. Geog. J. 27: 

tlUUiLiTV, The new. (Gilbert K. Chesterton) 

Indep, R,o: 292-7(Jeo6), — Liv. Age, 350; 103 , 

Humming-bird's banquet, A. ( Meredith Nugent) 

St. Nich. 33: iiti^ofi). 



Humming-birds. (Anna Warner) Out West 34: 

HuMMDio-BiRDs' KESTS. (H. S. Deming) Har- 
per, hi: 9t9-a3(Myo6}. 

Humor. You can't be funny all the time. (J. K. 
Jerome) Cosmopol. 41: iio-a(Myo6), 

— in high places. (R, Ogden) Nation, 83: 38-9 

Humorist, The. (Dorothea Deakin) Cent. 50: 

HuuoBisTS, Contemporary New England. (Ralph 

Davol) New Eng. M. n. s. 33: 6;3-87(Fo6). 

— Women, of New - England. (Kate Sanborn) 

New Eng. M. n. s. 35: 15S-9CO06). 
Humphrey, W. E. 

The pending legislation on shipping. No. Am. 

181: 446-3S^Mro7). 
Humphreys, Alex. C. 

The engineer aa a citizen. Sd. Am. Supp. fia: 

25805-6(1 yNoe).- Science, a. s. 14: 583- 

Hdndbeo davs. The. (W. L. Wilson) Fottn. 86: 

Himeber, James. 

Henrik Ibsen. Scrib. M.40; 351-61(306). 
HmiGARiAN architecture. Craftsman, 10: 360-5 

(Jeo6). . 
Hungarian emigration law. The. (L. de Levay) 

No. Am. i8a: 1 15-31 (Jao6). 
HuNGABv and Galicia, A mountain region between. 

(W. T. Benda) Cent, so: i69-79(Jeo6). 

— The crisis in, fOutlook (Lond.)] liv. Age, 348: 

Htingerford, E: 

Balioon "Atlantic's" voyage. Harp, W. jo; 

Bunting Jersey history in a moloT car. Haip. 
W, so: i39£>-a{2()So6). 
HuNOBH-MOTivE, The, in fiction. (C: L. Moore) 

Dial (Ch.) 41: 3ii-3(i6No6). 
Hunt, Clara W. 

L-ibrary for children a moral force. Lib. J. 31; 
57-10 l(Ago6). 
Hunt. Gaillard. 

Federal control of naturalization. World's Work, 

11: 7«)S-9(J"o6)- 
The first commissioner of corporations, Outl. 
83: 677-80(3461106). 
*Haiit, Lynn Bogue. 

How to improve duck waters and make decoys. 
Outing, 49: 4ii-a(Do6), 
Hunt, Myron, and Grey. Elmer, Some houses by. 
(Herbert Croly) Archit. Rec. »o: »8i-o5(Oo6), 
Hunt, W: 

Pitt's retirement from office 5 Oct. 1761. Eng. 
Hist. R. 2i: iiq-33(rao6). 
HtJNT, W: HoLUAN, Eriiibition of, (E. R, Pennell) 

Nation, 83: 3S7-S(asOo6), 
Hunter, George Leland. 
Georgian furniture. Ctry Life Am. 10: 6aS- 

Things worth knowing about oriental rugs. 

Ctry Life Am. 10: 70-3(Myo6). 
The truth about doctored rugs. Ctry Life Am. 
10: 333-*(Jlo6)- 
Hunter, Robert. 

Plea tor invest if;ation of conditions affecting the 
length of trade life. Ann, Am. Acad. Pot. Sci. 
87: soo-7(Myo6). 

Hunter, Robert. 
The lodal significance of underfed c hildre n. 
InteroaL Q. la: 330-49(1806). 

Hunter, W:, Unpublished letters to, edited by 
Victor 0. Plarr. Chamb. J, 83: 33-7, 55-9 

HuNTEtt, Joys of the, in Africa. (E, G. J. Moyna) 
Macmil. n. s. r: 5ai-3a(Myo6).— Eel. M. 147: 
37-44Qlo6).-Liv. Age, 349: 746-s4(a3jeo6). 

HtnrnNO. Concerning heroes who hunt rabtnta, 
by Peter Rabbit. (W: J. Long) OutL 84: 

— With my gun. Blackw. 179:. 67-78(Jao6). 
Htaoing tha taio^h. (C: F: Holder) Outing, 48: 

Hunting-lodge, A forest. (J. H; Freedlandcr) 

Cent. 50; 6ai-4(Ago6). 
Hiutington, Ellsworth. 

The rivers of Chinese Turkestan. Goog. J, 

aS: 3S3-68(Oo6). 
The Vale of Kashmir. Am. Geog. Soc BulL 
38: 6s7-8j(No6). 
Bunflnglon, Tuler F. 

The legacy of Ik* tott milt*. Overiand, n. ■. 47 = 
367-71 (Apo6). 
Hurd, Archibald. 

A Dreadnaught naval pohcy. Fortn. 86: 1017- 

Future of torpedo craft. Caasier, 39: 300-15 

The goremment and the navy. 19th Cent. 60: 

The Kaiser's dream of sea power. 19th Cent. 

60: 2i5-a3(Ago6). 
The largest turbine steamship in the world, the 
Cunarder "Carmania." Gassier, 39: I79(ja 
Progress or reaction in the davy. Fortn. 85; 

Tratisportstlon In Great Britain. Gassier, 30: 
Hudbut, E: A. 
The waits of Devil's Gully. Overland, n. s. 
47: 7i-S(J»°6)' 
Hurley, Edmund G. 

Restoration of plain chant. Cadi. Woiid, 8a: 
HuHLEV, E. T., rtcber. (D. Lloyd) Studio (Inter- 
nal.) 29: l)[i[i-lxxi(So6). 
Hvrrieane Sorry. (H. R. Durant) Munaef, 34: 

Hurry and bustle ot modern life. The. Chamb. 

J. 83: 97-ioo(Fo6), 
Husbands and wives. Spec. 96: 703-3(sMyo6). 
=I.iv. Age, 349: 8i8--3i{3oJeo6). 

— Decadence of. (Tom Masson) Harp. W- 50: 

HuBsej, Ethel Fountain. 

The recent ecliDse in Egypt. Pop. Astron. i 4: 
HuTCHESON, Jo.SEPH, Orchard garden of, Wmen, 

R. I. Archit. Rec. ao: a69-8o(Oo6). 
Hutchins, WeRon F. 
Massachusetts bench and bar. New Eng. M. 
n- S- 34; 433-42(Jeo6), 519-43(1106), 643-56 

(Ago6). 35: 36-4q(So6), i93-ao8(Oo6), 391- 
304(No6), 449-58(Do6). 

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Hntcbinton, Horace G. 
Amrlia and the doctor. Liv. Age, 351: 598-604 

(8D06). 7j6-3i(3iDo6), 790^(29006). 
A drama of Dtvon. [Cornli.] Liv. Age, 348; 

Possibilides of the CDuntiy in England. Spec 
96; S7S-'5('4Apo6). 
Qatchinsoa, Wood*. 
Some diet deiusjont. McDuie, aft: 6ii->i 
Hnttaa, Bettin& voo. barontu. 
Th» door to A* right. Lippioc. 77: 7i-7(I»o6). 
The tragic comtdioH. Counopol. 41 : 6ii-G{Ciod]. 
Hntton, E: 
Italian painting in the Prado gallery. [Monthly 

RJ Ed. M. 146: i44-s7<Fo6). 
Salamanca. BUckw. 175: 4go-6(Apo6).MLJv. 
Age, 249: so3-8(i61Iyo6). 
Hntttn, R.S. 
Noies on heat insulation. ScL Am. Supp. 61: 

15363-1 (sMyo6). 
Recent advances ia electriMnetalluTgy of iron 
and steel. Sci. Am. Supp. 6a: is8o^ii(i7 

Byninthi ani Honoring. (E. PhiUpolts) Allan. 

gS: 396-310(306). 
Hyatt, SUoley P. 

The black peril in South Africa. Macmil. n. s. 

It 393-4oo(Mro6), 
Hybrid rozts. (S. B. Elliott) Harper, 113: 434- 

HvBRiDiSATiOH and plant -breeding. (Arthur J. 

Bliss) Monthly R. 34, no. i: 84-io3{Jlo6). 
— of plants. (W. R. Gilbert) Sd. Am. 94: 5(6 

Hyde, A. G. 

ThtlilandafOof. igCh Cent 60: 594-695(006). 

-U». Age, 251: 486-94(34No6). 
HySE, HBLBMi of Tapao. (W: Diawiddie) Hup. 

Bas. 40: ii-8(Jao6). 
Hyde, fl:H. 

Tht aclor in tkr French jarce. Ladies' H. J. 33. 

no. 11: 16IO06). 
Jfii" WiUing's sirote. Cent 51: 265-9(1)06). 
Hyde, V. D. 

iVhy the Cheyenne ipedai looi late. Overland, 

n. s. 48: 42-7(Ago6). 
Hyde, W:DeW. 

College and seminary. Indep. 6r : 264-6 

The honor system of examination*. Nation, 

83: 4I3-3CIS^f'>6). 
Htdoaulic FOWKi, AppUcaibns of. (W: U. 

Ban) Engin. M. 31: 8i7-47{So6), 
HiDKODVNAUica, Evolution of. ScL Am. Supp. 

61: 35 333-4(1 7Mro6). 
HiDBOPUNB BOATS. (W: M. Meacham) Sd. Am. 

94: i88-9(3M«6). 
Hygiene, personal, A study in. (T. S. Lowden) 

Pedagog. Sera. 13: i-6o(Mro6). 
HyUn, J : Perhain. 

Apperceptive basis of manual training. Educa. 

26: 334-4i(Fo6), 
Hyman, the temrwful. (M'Cready Sykea) Apple 

ton's M. 8: 684-93(006). 
HYPHonc ADvxBnsBKEMT. [Sat Jler.] Liv. Age, 

'S'- 3i7-«(3No6). 
HyakelL C. M. 
Geo. W. Boichke. Worid To^y, 10; 19^^ 

Ibb*, Edith A. 
Book decoration. Studio (Intenat) a8) aj^ 

Ibbx-shootino in the mountains of Baliistan. (J. 
C. Grew) Harper, 113: s4i-si(Mro6). 

Ibia; a Christian ot Corisco. (V. F. Fenme) 
Miss. R. 19: s2i-3{Jlo6). 

Ibwa, Henrik. 

The saga and the ballad. Contemn. 90: 318-31 

iBSBN, Hendaie. (Calvin Thomas) Nation, 8a: 
442-4(31 Myo6). — (G: Brandes) Indep. 60! 
1349-51(3 1 Myo6). — Ath. '06, i: 647-8(36 
Myo6).— Spec. 96: 83a-3(36M:yo6). (E. 
Gosse) Allan. 98; 30-44(1106).— Chaut 43 = 
594-5(Jl°6)-Di^ (Ch.)4o: 3Si->('Je«6)-— 
(A. Clutton -Brock) [SpeakerJ Liv. Age, 249; 
816-8(30 Jeo6).—{W: D. Howells) No. Am. 
183: i-i4(Jlo6).— Outl. 83: 359-61 (2jeo6).— 
(W: M. Payne) Harp. W. 50: 816, 93(9je 
06).— (W. Archer) Critic, 49: 31-3(11061. — 
(James Huneker) Scrlb. M.-40: 351-61(^06). 
— (T. Larsen) Canad. M. 27: 4 16-20 (Sot. I.— 
(Arthur Symons) Quar. aoj: 375-97(006).— 
Liv. .\ge, 359; 707-31(21006). ---(E:Dowden) 
Contemp. 90: 6S2-72(No6).— (M, Beerbohm) 
Sat. R. 101; 650-r(26Myo6). 

— and the stage system. (G. I. Colbron) Critic, 

49: 4i-s(Jlo6). 

— as 1 knew him. (W; Archer) Monthly R. 23, 

no. 3: ■-■9(Jeo6). 

— as an interpreter of American life. (E^win E. 

Slosson) Indep. 60; 1353-5(31 Myo6). 

— Craftsmanship of. (W. Archer) Fortn, 86: lol- 

ii3;;bi).-Liv.Aje, 350: 558-68(iSo6). 

— Early youth of. (C. L. Due) Critic, 49: 33-40 


— Ibsen inlime. Oial (Ch.) 40; 379-8o(i6Jeo6). 

— Letters of. (W. C. France) Nation, 82: 243^ 


— Medical aspects of. (James J. Walsh) Indep. 

61: 444-7(j,l\gj6). 

— Peer' Gynt, Manafield in. Dial (Cb.) 41 : 309- 


— Plays, Key to. (J. Lee) Putnam, r: a43-9 

((Jo6), 365-74(006). 

— the playwright. (Brander Matthews) Book- 

man, »a; s68-7s(Fo6>. 23: i8-37(Mro6).' 

— the reformer. (J. H. Findlaler) National, 48: 

483-91 (N06). 

— The lag* and the ballad. Contemp. 90: 31*- 


— Work and influence of. (Selden L. Whit- 

comb) R. of Rs. 34: 37-9(Jlo6). 
Ice MX, The. (T. C. ChamberliQ) Science, n. *. 
■ a4: S3i-a{a60o6). 

— Ournen. <J: C. F.lUot) Arena, 36: I4&-S7 


— Theory of the. (J. M, Schaeberle)JSdence, n. i. 

34: 435-40(5006). 
lea DEALEHs, Prosecuting the. (Sterling Beeson) 

World To-day, 11: 939-43(306). 
ICB-HODSE, The private. (H. O. Nicholson) 

Ctty Life Am. 10: 529-3o(So6). 
Ice-making. Sat Refrigeration. 
Iqr iBoepQan, An; a pictorial drama. (Car*n 

d'Ach*) Bo<Aman, aa: «ai-s(Fo6). 




Idaho, Outdoors in. (G. O. Mitchell} CtryLifc 

Am. 10: 199-201 (Jl'o6). 
— The scenic marvi'l of. (W: H. Kirkbrlde) 

World's Work, lit: 7648-55(1006). 
Ide, H:C. 

The Philippine Islands. Indep. 61: 1199-1300 


Ideal, The, in every-day life. (C: Wagner) Harp. 

Bsa. 40: 99-io3(Fo6), i9s-8(Mro6), 
Ideal, The. (Dorothy Canfield) Harp. Baz. 40: 

Idealist, An. (R. B. Cunninghame Graham) 

[SaL R.] Liv. Age, 351: 46-9(6006). 
Ideals, Evolution of. (Hartley B, Alexander) 

Internal. J. Klhics, 16: 3. i-3j(Apo6). 
Ideas, Place of, in polilica. Spec. 96: 170-r 

Idella and Iht -white plague. (Joseph C. Lincoln) 

McClure, a?: io4-i2(Myo6). 
Identifying Anne. (Jeannetle Cooper) McCluie, 

36: S94-6oo(Apo6), 
Idleness. Gem. M. n. s. 77; 376-81. 
Idyl oj Tristram Shepard, The. (Jeannelte Marks) 

New Eng. M. n. s. 34: 373-7(Myo6). 
Ignouinv of being grown-up. (S. M. Crotheis) 

Allan. 98: 44-54(Jlo6). 
Ignorance of good citizens. Q. H. McFarland) 

OUII.S2: 27i-3(3Fo6). 

Russia and the United Kingdom. Westm. 166: 

The German emperor's crusade against the 

entente cordiale. National, 46; 984-98{Fo6). 

Is the United Stales a world power? No. Am. 

183: ilo7-i<»(7Do6). 

louAZU, Falls of. (Marie Robinson Wright) Nat. 

Geog. M. 17; 4s6-6o{Ago6). 
Sbert, Sir Courtena; Peregrine. 
The history of English parliamentary procedure. 

Concemp. 89: i4-2o(Jao6). 
The reform of parliamentary procedure. Con- 
temp. 90: 639-si(No6). 
Illinois Libkary Association, Annual meeting, 

1906. Pub. Lib. 11: 387-94(1106). 
ILLUMINANT, A Hew. (J. E. Whitby) Chamb. J. 

83: 7i8-io{No6). 
iLLUiciNAiiNG oils. Early. (C. F. Chandler) Sd. 

Am. Supp. ,63: 25715(6006). 
IlluiUMISU and the French Revolution. Ed. R.- 

304; 35-6o(Jlo61. 
Illustration oI books by artistic photographs, 
(Ella M. Boull) Indep. 61: i4i4-2o(i3Do6). 
Illdstrations that do not illustrate. Critic, 48: 

Illtjstre TeEATBE, Reminiscences of. (D. H. 

Wilson) 19th Cent. 60: 289-98(Ago6) . 
Ilsea, Martin. 

The heart of Louis XIV. Haip. W. 50: 842, 55 
Diley, HarBhalL 

Therunaway. Cent. 49: S20-9(Fo6). 
Image, S. 

Butterflies at the Zoo. Sat. R. lOi; 267-8(1306). 
The fairy year. Sat. R. 102: 609-10(1 7N06). 
Easter in the fields. SatR.ioi: 484-5(21 Apo6). 

lUMlGkAMT, The; the future in .4merica. (Her- 
bert U. Wells) Harp. W. 50: 1 202-5(2 5 AgoU). 

— Rejected. Outl. 84: 6o3-s(ioNo6). 

— Tragedy of the rejected. (B. Brandenburg) 

Outl. 84: 361-5(13006). 

— Value of an. (Robert Baker) Arena, 35: 504-6 


— what an inspector found in Europe. (F: A. 

Ogg) World To-day, 11: 8o3-7(Ago6). 
Immigrant's story, An. Chaut. 43: 4i3-»o(Jlo6). 
Immigrants, Americanization of. (G rover G. 

Hucbner) Ann. .^m. Acad. Pol. Sci. 27; 653-75 


— Distribution of, in the U. S. (Walter F. Willcos) 

Q. J. Econ. 20: s23-46(Ago6). 

— inspection of, A new plan for. (F: A. Ogg) 

Outl. 83: 33-6(sMyo6). 

— The "open door" for. (James D. Whelpley) 

Harp. VV. 50: si7-9(i4Apo6). 

— who arrive in TJ. S, (Ernest Poole) Every- 

body's, 15: 43S-44(Oo6). 
lumcRATlON. Americans of the future, an opti- 
mistic view. (Daniel T. Pierce) W"orid To- 
day, 11: 73s-8(Jlo6). 

— Control emigration rather than. (James D. 

Whelpley) Indep. 60: 36i-4(iFo6). 

— Effects on homicide in American cities. (M 

Shipley) Fop. Sci, Mo. 69; i6o-74(Ago6). 

— how il is stimulated. (F: A. Ogg) World To. 

day, jo: 4ia-a4(Apo6). 

— Modem problems of. (Winfield S. AIcoll) New 

Eng. M. n. s. 34; s53-62(Jlo6). 

— Pending immigration bills. (R. de C. Ward) 

No. Am. 1831 riio-33(7Do6). 

— Problem of. (W: J. Kerr; R. Watchom; J: 

R. Garfield; P. F7 HaU) Outl. 84: 607-15(10 
N06).— (T: Darlington) No. Am. 183: 1262- 

— Recent studies of. (F. A. Ogg) Dial (Ch.) 40: 


— Sane methods of regulating. (Robert DeC. 

Ward) R. oE Rs. (N. Y.) 33: 336-9(Mro6). 
IifMORTALiTV and Christianized paganism. OutL 
83: 35 7-8(1 6Jeo6). 

— Is the human race mortal? (C. W. Saleeby) 

Harper, iiar ^49-5a(Myo6). 

— Recent speculalioos upon. (L. C. WiUcox) No. 

Am. iSa: s79-9o(Apo6). 

— Riddle of. (W. Hemstreet) Ed. M. 146: 374- 

luPERiAL kecuritino GBOtJNDS (in South -Africa) 

Macmil. n. s. i: 816-32(806). 
Imperial strategy, Repington's, Ath. '06, a: 

IlfPEZiALiSu, nationalism, and internationalicm. 

(E. K. F.) ■Westm. 165: a46-8(Mro6). 

— The progress of British. (G, Drage) Form. 86: 

IifPERiALisTS, British and GermaD. (Robert C- 

Brooks) Bookman, 23: a5i-3(Myo6). 
Ihpri!S5ionist PAit«TERS, Reminlscenccs of the 

(G: Moore) Scrib. M. 39: i<i6-204(Fo6). 
ImpresMonsof a careless traveler. (Lyman Abbott) 

Outl.83: 568-70, 630-3. 66s-7(7-aiJlo6), 801- 

4.853-7(4, iiAgo6). 
In a sandy garden. (A. Colton) Allan. 98; 342-8 


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In cure of her loul. (F. J. Stimson) Booklover's M. 

7- 53-7i(Jao6), i8s-JOi(Fo6), 374-92(Mro6), 

■(94-S'4(Apo6), 64i-s9{Mvo6), 76e-86( leoO). 

8: 5a-84(Jio6). 
In the back -water. (Mary H. Vorse) Applcton's M. 

8: jiS-i8(Ago6). 
Inthe bishop's palace. (C: Edwardps) Chanib. J. 

83; 3S3-6. 376-8C;, 3^4-8, 4«>-3(Jeo6>. 
In lilt court allail resort. (VVillard Frftnth) Lippinc 

77: 764-8(Jco6). 
iHlke-daysoflkecomtt. {H. G: WeUs) Cosmopol. 

40: 26»-73(Jao6),44i-56(Fo6),576-9o(Mro6), 

697-71 i{Ap.i6). 41; 30-48(Myo6). 207-100'; 

06>, 319-30(1106), 4a9-4i(Ago6), S36-44(So6), 

/b the deep oj the snow. (Charles G. D. Roberts) 

Everybody's, 15: 8og-io(Do6). 
In defiance of the occult. (Elsie Singmastcr) Book- 
lover's M. 7: i74-8o(Fo6). 
In fae* of fuel. (J. Norton) Muiuejr, 35: 39-46 

In the fooUUps oj Kaly. (Eleanor H. Porter) 

Lippinc. 78: a49-s6(Ago6). 
In the lee of the cmler-house. (L. F. Tooker) Cent. 

49; 76i-7o(Mre6). 
In the nailer of a contraband. (A. H. Henderson) 

Lippinc. 77r 3s8-66(Mro6). 
In pursuit of a graveyard. (Theresa Russell) 

Out West, VoU. 14, 35. 
In the Shadow VaOey. (E. S. Babcock) Outing, 

48: l4I-7(Ieo6)- 
In Ike spring of the year. (L, F. Tooker) Scrib. 

M.39: 98-io8(Jao6). 
In the strong man's borders. (Frank SaviUe) 

Lippinc. 77: i94-ao7(Fo6). 
In Inut. (Edith Wharton) Booklover's M. 7: 

In the while city. (Denison H. Clift) Overland, 

o. a. 48; 3Si-6i(No6). 
Incandescent lamps and the grading of voltages. 

(W: H; Preece) Sci. Am. Supp. 63: 33831-3 

\scoME TAX, British. (W. H. Ptice) Q. J. Econ. 

30: i87-30o(Fo6). 
Incohes, earned and unearned, and the income 

tax. (A. Hook) Westm. 165: ri4-3i(Fo6). 
IwcoHBiGiBLE CHILD, The. (Julia Richman) Educa. 

R. 31; 484-So6(Myo6). 
luamMel (Albert R. CorniaD) Arena, 35; 409- 

Index-nuubers, a new method of, for American 

commodity prices. (Francis B. Forbes) Am. 

Statis. .Assoc. 10: iio-5(Jeo6). 
I.IDIA and the new parliament. (Ameer Ali) igth 
■Cent. 60: 254-67(Ago6). 

— The bath of blood in north. Spec. 97: 196-7 


— British administration in. Blackw. 180; 403- 


— British empire in. (Goldwin Smith) No. Am. 

'83; 338-48(506). 

— Canals and railways in. (L. H, Yates) Sd. 

Am. 94: 313(3 1 Apo6). 

— Caste— the curse of India. (C. E. RusseU) 

Cosmopol. 49: I»4-3S(D'>6>- 

— diildren in, Saving the. (J. P. Ashton) Miss. 

R. 19: 844-S(No6). 

India, The complete tourist in, (F. Keynolds- 
Bail) Chamb- J. 83: 4=o-4(Jlo6). 

— Condition of the poor native. (C: E. Russell) 

Everybody's, t4; 774-93(Jeo6). 

— Dawn of a new policy in. (Amier Ali) 19th 

Cent. 60: 8i3-34(No6). 

— empire of, 'J he bulwark at (lur. (R. T. Halli- 

day) Chamb. J. 83: 298-301 (Mvo5). 

— feudatory staccs of. (F, Lorainc I'clrel Monthly 

R. 23, no. 1; i09-2i(Jao6l, 

— Frontier of. (Richard B. Hobart) Nation, 8a: 


— the Gibraltar of paganism. (Jas. Lyon) Miss. 

R. 19: 34i-l(Myo6). 

— Imperial visit to. (R. Lethbridge) Form, 85: 


— Industrial crisis in. (A. M. Ehinigec) Eel. M. 

147: ioo-6(Ago6). 

— Law and native races in. Sat. R. 101 : 810-1 


— Lord Curzon in ("Anglo-Indian''} [Monthly 

R.]Ecl. M. 146: 38s-94(Myo6). 

— Marriage ctistoms o(. (G. Scott) Blackw, 180; 


— Methodist jubilee in. (Mrs. W: Butlei) MiH. 

R. 19.- 34.1-8<Myo6). 

— a military camp of instruction. Blackw. 179! 

fij-ji(Mro6). , 

— Military organization in. Playing with fire; a 

reply. (E: F. Law) National, 46; 9^°-34 

— Missionarj- Socielv of. National. (G: S. Eddy) 

Miss. R. 19: 5i6-4o(Jlo6). 

— missions in, Fotimling of Methodist. (Clemen. 

lina Buller) Miss. R. ig: 4i9-36(Jeo6). 
the unoccupied districts. (Arthur Neve) Mias. 

R. ig: 37':-o(Apo6). 
Some results of. (F, V. Thomas) Miss. R. 

19; 9io-4(Do6). 

— Native political movements. National, 48; 


— A native council for. (C. Sankaran Nair) Con- 

temp. 80; 6qo-70^(Myo6). 

— New spirit in. (Sir H. Cotton) No. Am. 183: 


— An old cantonment in. (G. F. MacMuikn) 

Biackw. 179: i30HS(Jao6).-Ecl. M. 146: 395" 

— Picturesque. (F. A. Steel) Fortn. 86; 806-10 

No6). = Liv. Age,i5i: 786-90(39006). 

— A Punjab head. (Flora A. Sleel) Sal. R. 103: 


— A renaissance in. (T. Morison) Quar. 304: 

SS.1-7ofApo6). ' 

— South, Village deities of. (H. Whitehead) 19th 

Cent. 60: S33-46(Oo6). 

— Survey of; report for 1904-5. Nature, 74; 

Indian of to-day and to-morrow. (Charles M. 

Harvey) R. of Rs. (N. Y.) 33: 696-705(1606). 
Indian funds and mission schools. (F. E. Leupp) 

OuU. 83: 3i5-9{9Jeo6). 
Indian lands. Reaching for. (J, Oskison) Nation, 

81: 336-7(a6Apo6). 
Indian legends. Orleans. (M. B. Denny) Out 

West, 25; 37-4o(Jlo6), i6i-6(Ago6), 373-5 

Indian mounds in Te»as. (I. H. Wentworih) 

Science, n. s. ay. 81 8-9(35 Myo6). 



ImiAN uusic of South America. (C J. Pott) 

Haiper.iia: a55-r(J"o*)- 
Indian Ocean, The. (J. Stanley Gardiner) Geog. 

J. =8: 3.3-3*(Od6), 454-7o(No6). 

Indian school, A little. (T. R. Porter) St. Nich. 
33: 6os-7(Myo6). 

Indian smuEB, An. (L. W. Hine) Outl. 84: 

Indian tvpes, Vanishing. {E. S. Curtis) Scrib. 
M.39: 657-7iaeo6). 

ItfDiANA Library Associatioh, 17th annual 
meeting. Pub. Lib. 11: 5 7o-a(Do6).— (Chal- 
mers Hadley) Lib. J. 31: 82i-i(Do6). 

Indianapolis: Court House and Post Office. (H. 
W. Frohne) Archit. Rec. 19: 437-43(Jco6). 

— Vaivtiatj dub of. (Hemtt H. Hoiriand) 

Bookman, aa: 463-8(7006). 
Indians, educated. Failure of. (F. E. Leupp) 
Boolilover's M. 7 : 594-603 (Mjo6). 

— The human side of (A. F. Chamberlain) Pop. 

Sci. Mo. 68; 5O3-i4(Je06). 

— The Indian's yoke. (F. C. Sparhawk) No. Am 

r83T so-6i(Jao6). 

— of Canada. (N. Pattetsou] Canad. M. a6: 


— Paintings of E. W. Deming. Craftsman, 10: 


— Red man's last roll-caU. (C. H. Harrejr) Atlan. 

97 ■■ 3»3-3°{Mio6). 

-^Re-naming the. (Fonrat Crissey) World To- 
day, ro: 84-oo(Jao6). 

—.treaties with. The lut of the. (C. D. Scatt) 
Scrib. M. 40: 573-83(^06). 

— Vanishing types. The tribes of the southwest. 

(E. S. Curtis) Scrib. M. 39: si3-a9(Myo6). 
IWDiGO. (J. B. Tingle) Science, n. s. ^3: 7gr-3 

Indirect Discouese, A plea for. (J, D. Greene) 

Nation,8i: ii6(SFo6). 
Imdtvtdcal and the race. The. (Herbert W. Conn) 

lDdep.6a: 335-6(i5Fo6), 

— vt. the crowd. (M, Conway) 19th Cent. 59: 

iMDiviDnAL EVOLiTTiON. (J. L. Taylcr) Weatra. 

165: 639-S5(Jeo6). 
Individ DALtsu through socialism; a reply to W: 

J. Bryan. (T: Elmer Will) Arena, 36: 359- 

I(IDiviDCAi.iSM vertut socialism, (W. J. Bryan) 

Cent. 49: 856-59(Apo6). 

— — Mr. Bryan arid our complex sodaJ order. (F. 

H. GiddingO Cent. 51: is4-7(No6). 
luiHViDOOLOGY. (J. L.Taylor) Westm. 165: 153- 

Indo-Afohan relations under Lord Curzon. (A. 

Hamilton) Fortn. 86: 984-rooo(Do6). 
Ihddstriai. BETTERiceNT movement, Rationale of 

the. (H. F. r. Porter) Gassier, 30: 343-7 

iMDDsmiAL DEPKESEiON and en^neering export 

iMDUSTHiAi ECONOMY, Measure of. (R, H. Smith) 

Econ. J. 16: 52HS5CMro6). 
iNDHsntiAL EDtTCATiON in Secondary s^iools. (G. 

Larsson) Educa. 37: 169-73(1406), 

— Learning to know how. Outl. 84: 958-60(33 


— Sode^ for promotion of. Science, n. ». 94: 


Industrial utLLENNimt, The. (Ira W. Howeith} 

Inlernat. J. Ethics, 16: i9o-7(Jao6). 
Inddstrial museums. Practical value of. (AUttd 
■^ , Sang) Engin. M. 33 : 1-9(006). 
Industrial scbools as an aid to missions. (Book- 
er T. Washington) Miss. R. 19: r97-9(MroA). 
INDUSTBIAI. SECURITIES as investments. (C. A. 

Conant) Allan. 97; 23i-8(Fo6). 
Industrial training. School for the oul-of. 

school. ■ (H. V. Ross) R. of Rs. 34: 315-ii 

"IndustrialiBad" politics in N. Y. State. Worid'j 

Work, 11: 734a-6(Mro6). 
Industries. Our industrial juggernaut. (J. 

Strong) No. Am. 183: iO30-«(iUfo6). 
jNEALLiBuny, Archeology and. (E. Tauntao] 

Fortn. 86: 69&-7i3(Oo6). 
lufantilia quKdam. Blackw. 179: 547-5 7(Atn(i). 
Infant industries. Protection of. (H. O. Uere- 

diih) Econ. J. j6: i-ii(Mro6). 
Infant uorialitv. (Mona Wilson) Indep. R. 

8; 43-5o(Jao6). 
Infants, Training of. (F. B. Copley) Outing, 48: 

Infinity. (St. G: Slock) Hibbert J. 4: 388-9S. 

Informer, The. (J. Conrad) Harper, 114: lai-ii , 


Ingelow, Jean, Personal recollections of. (G. B, | 

Stuart) Lippiac. 77; 3o6-i3(Mro6). 
Inoen-Housi, Jan, a pioneer in biokigy. Natui^ . 

75= 3-5(iNo6). 
IngUtilc, Ei. Blackw. 179: i8o(Fo6).<-LiT. Age, 

248: 686-96(i7Mro6), 755-63(3 iM»6>. 
Inelit, W: 

The armed struggle for control in Cuba. Hup, 
■>HW. 50; J344-7("So6). 
Collapse of government of Cuba. BaTp> W. 

50: 1488-91(30006). 
Disappointed ret>els in wait about ^raofc 

Harp. W. 50: 1454-6(13006). 
FutureinCuba. N0.Am.183: i037-4o(i6Na<i). 
High comedy of strategy and warfare in Cub*. 

Harp. W, 50: 1416-8(6006). 
How the new game appears to the apeettloi. 

Harp. W. 50: i64i(i7No6). 
How die "warlike" Cubans gave up tbdramu. 
f» Harp. W. 50: is64-6(3No6). 
Hypertrophy of golf. Efarp.W. 50: iaj4(JSSoSi. 
Tlie last act of the insurrection in Cuba. Hup. 

W. so: i534-6(s70o6). 
Panamacanali Progressandpromiseof thewoit. 

Harp. W. so: i853-5(23Do6). 
President Roosevelt, Trip 10 Panama. Harp. 

W. so: i38o-3(a9So6). 
Ingrahani, H: 

Masteiman, C. F. G. In peril of diange, 
Chaut. 45: ioi-5(Do6). 
Inpam, W: H. 

Canadian view of European afiairs. Canad. IL 

a6: 407-r3(Mro6). 
State and church in France. Canad. M. sj: 
IngraHtude of Miiler RotmfeU. (B. Lesaios 

Cosmopol. 41: 387-9i(Ago6). 
Inoeet, jEAN-AoGUSTE-DoinNiQtJB, wifli portrait 
and bibliography. Mast, in Art, 7: »$S'9* 

d by Google 



Inhhitance-tax law of Kentucky. (W. H. 

Field) Am, Law R. 40: 7ii-3o{S-Oo6). 
IniHatum of John Forester, The. (Cant, P. L. 

Oliphant)Chamb. J. 83: 634-7(006). 
IHITUTIVI, Congtitution-mending and the. (F. 

Foicroft) Allan. 97; 79i-6(Jeo6). 

— A democratic saf^ard against class-govern- 

ment. (Eltweed Pomeroy) Arena, 15: 46-8 

IniliaUve of Pokas, Tka. (Walt Makee) Lippinc. 

77; ao8-i5(Fo6). 
iNJUNCnoN against boycotts and similar unlawful 

acta. (J. W. Bryan) Am. Law R. 40: 196-111 


— against strikes. (J. W. Bryan) Am. Law R. 40: 

Inkenle;, Aithnr. 
Christmas sports in California. Overland, n. s. 

48: 433-4a{Do6). 
Effects of earthquakes and fire on the city of 
San Francisco and its buildings. Sci. Am, 94: 
Safes in the San Francisco lire. Sci. Am. 94: 
Inn SiGKs at Lucerne. (Arthur Elliot) Studio 

(Interoat.) ag: 197-300(006). 
Innes, A. N. 

The master' 1 hand. Chamb, J. 83: 683-6(Oo6). 
iNNismrEHAV, Ire., Archawlogy and poieen in. 

(H. IC. Moore) Macmil. n. s. 2: 62-s(No6). 
iKNSof old Norfolk. (G. A. B. Dewar) Macmil. 

n. s. 1; 383-9i(Mro6). 
iHQtnsiTioN, Relics of the. (E: J. Prior) Chamb. 
J- 83: i83-s(Mro6). 

— Spanish, Lea's. (C, H. Haskins) Nation, 8a: 

iMSANfTV in our time. Progress of. (W. J. Cotbet) 
Westm.i6s: 36Q-83(Mro6). * 

— Unrecognized. (Heniik G. Petersen) Arena, 36: 


Inscription, Greek, from the Hauran. (G. M. 
UTiicher) Am. J, Archieol. n. s. 10: 989(Jlo6). 

Inscriptions from Sinope, Notes on D. M. Robin- 
son's. (A. W. VanBuren) Am. J. Archsol. n, s. 
10: J95(J]o6). 

Van Buren's notes on. (D; M. Robinson) 

Am. J. Arrhasil. 2d s. lo: 429-34(006). 

— On dating early Attic. (Leila C. Spaulding) 

Am. J. Archsol. id s. 10: 394-404(006). 
Insect pests. National control of introduced. 
■ (E. D. Sanderson) Pop. Sd. Mo. 68: 431-9 

iMSEcncTDES, Preparation and use of. Sci. Am. 

Supp. 62; 35542-3(2 r,Tlo6). 
Insects as carriers of disease. (A. E. Shipley. 

Nature, 73; 235-<S{4jao6). — Sd. Am. Supp. 

61: asi74-5(ioFo6). 

— Dranestic. (L. O. Howard) Indep. 61: 1480-6 


— Injurious. Our imported pests. (C. JohnsoD) 

Outing, 48: 39-44(Apo6). 

— Methods of transportation among. Sci. Am. 

Supp.6r: 2S2o8(24Fo6). 

— Phy^ological regeneration in. (V. L. Kellogg) 

Science, n. s. 33: i49-si(»6Jao6). 

— Relation of, to Sowers. (R. Blight) Outing, 

48: isa-6o{Myo6). 

— laring California's fruit-crops. (W. S. Har- 

wood) Cent. 49: S7t-8s(F«S)- 

Iksfibation, The latest word of theologr on. 

(W: L. Sullivan) Cath. World, 84: 319-97 

(Nofi), 3a6-33(Do6). 
Instinct in birds, animals, and insects. (C. Bing> 

ham Newland) Monthly R, 24, no. r: 135-45 

(Jlo6).-Liv. A^, 350: 43i-7<i8Ago6). 
iNBtTKANCX, Fibe; Icssous from San Francisco's 

enpericnce. (Louis Windmllller) R. of Rs. 

(l/. y.) 33: 7I3-5<J~6). 
Limits, of. (F. H. Kilchin) iglh Cent. 60: 311 

-3o(Ago6). = Ain, Arch. 90: 7o-.i{iSo6).— Ed, 

M. 147: 357-64(006). 

— GoTomment, in New Zealand. (Florence F. 

Kelly) Indep. 61: 86-8(iaJlo6). 
-— in ancient America. (A. Bierce) Cosmopol. 41; 

— Irresponsible millions in. ("Q, P.") WoHd'a 

Work, 11: 7ioo-7a«e*). 

— Lite. (Burton J. Hendrick) McClure, 37: 36-40 

(Myo6). ^ ^ 
and speculation. (C. J. BuUock) Atlan. 97: 

— . — as a profession. (Letoy Scott) Worid's Work, 

ii: 739i-7(Apo6).— (L. G. Fouse) Ann. Am. 

Acad. Pol. Sci. 18; 7o-8i(Jlo6). 

— — The burning issue of. (T: W. Lawson) 

Everybody's, 15: 549-S3CO06). 
Changes in the big-three companiei. (Q, P.) 

World's Work, 11: 7379-9 i(Apo6). 
The control of the big c<mtpanies. Worid's 

Work, 13; 793 2-3(So6). 
Corruption in. (T: W. Lawson) Ever^ 

body's, 14: 407-r3(Mro6).— (" Q. P.") World-i 

Work, 11: 7ari-i8(Fo6), 73i7-33(Mro6). 

-Democracy in. Outl. 84: 6oi-3(ioNo6). 

Federal regulation of, (J : F. Dryden) Indep, 

60: 730-4(3iMro6), 
The fight for control ol the three big com- 
panies. (T: W, Lawson) Everybody's, 14; 

Fighting frauds in. (J. W. Richardson) New 

Eng. M. n. s. 34: S43-8(]1o6). 
Growth of, in the U. S, ( James D. Whelpler) 

Harp. W. so: 371, 87(i7Mro6). 
in fraternal organizations. Worid's WoA, 

11: 73!J7-74M(Apo6). 
Industrial insurance. (L: D. Brandeis) 

Indep. 61; i475-8o(2oDo6). 
Investigation of, in N. Y., and its remltlu 

(Ralph H. Graves) Harp. W. 50: 366-70(17 

The kind of policy to buy. World's Worfc^ 

11: 740»-7(Apo6). 

'"■■"- on. (F.MortonsndD.P. Kin^ 

Pnze policies. The deception of. World's 

Work, 11: 74C^i9(Ap>o6). 
Revdt of Britidi policy-holden. Harp. W. 

S«! 444. 59(3iMro6). 
Revolution in. World's Woik, 11; 7735-^ 

Shall we still insure? (Elliott Flower) 

World To-day. 10: 479-8a(Myo6). 

Story of. (B. J. Hendrick) McClure, 37; 

i57-7o(Jeo6), 237-510106), 401-12(^806), 
539-S0(So6); 659-71(006). 38r 6i-73(No6). 


M. n. ,. 331 64j-S"(Fo8). 
Surrender and exchange of policies World's 

Work, ii: 74io-3CApo6). 
Trafficking in trusts. (Hai^ry A. Bullock) 

Arena, 35; 337-4S{Apo6). _ „ , 

— Study of, in American universities, (S. Hueb- 

ner) Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. a8: 8»-ioo 

— of working-men as an instrument against tuber- 

culosis. (Arnold C. Klebs) Am. J. Sociol. 12: 

— State, in New Zealand. (W. P. Reeves) No. 

Am. i8a: 62-73(Jao6). 

— Workingmen's. (C: R. Henderaon) World To^ 

day, 10: i4S-8(Fo6). 
Ihsuhance companies, Difficulty of establishing 

new. Sat. R. loi : ioi-2(2 7jao6). 
Insurrection at La Boca, Tlie. (K. Decker) 

Munsey, 35: 740-8(806). 
IntOkct of vihiUling- Wilson. (E. Boltwood) 

Munsey, 34: 7i4-7CMro6). 
Intellectdal life, (G; R. Peck) Putnam, i: 

Intellectual Mtis Lamb, The. (F. M. KJngsle)') 

Cent. 49: 5sa-67(Fo6). 
Intendant, Office of, in New France. (W. B. 

Munro)Am. Mist. R. la: 15^38(006). 
, Intebcolleoiaieceologicalexccbsion. Science 

n. s. 34: 634-5(i6No6). 
Intebcollegiatb contests. (J: J. StevenMn) 

Pop. Sd. Mo. 68: 84-70*°*)- 
Intehnal-coubustion motors, (Dugald Clerk) 

Sci. Am. Supp. 61: 35488-9o(3eiJeo6). 61: 

25s04-<5(7jlo6), a5sa8-3o(i4jlo6), a5S36-<) 

Inteknational arbitration cotrar, Formation 

of an, (H. Hodgson) Westm. 166: 355-67 

IKTERNATIONAL CATALOGUE of scientific literature, 

tonvenlion in London. Science, n. 3. 14: ai8- 

International .CONFERENCES of education and 

the Bern Conference. (S: T. Dutton) Educa. 

R. 31: so6-M(Mro6). 
Intebnational Cokcbess of Anthbopolocy, 

Monaco 1006. N'nturp. 74- aii-a(a8Teo61. 
INTERMATIONAL DEBTS, The forcible collection of. 

(J: H.Latan^) Allan. 98: 542-50(006). 
International exf.cuiive power. (J: Bassctt 

MoorciTndep. 61: i3-4(sJlo61 
iHTEBNATlONAl FRONTIERS, Geography of. (E. 

H. Hills) Geog. J. aS; i45-55<Ago61. 
International law. Development of. (E. Maxcy) 

Am. Law R, 40: i88-g5(Mr-Apo6). 

— Need of an international conference. (E. 
Mawy) Oull. 8it 307-io{ioFo6). 

— Some aspects of . F.d. R, aoi: 47r-87(Apo6). 
International RELATIONS. (H. Hodgson) Westm. 

l66r 358-64(506). 
Intervational sciF.Nrr. (.Arthur ^^rhiialerl Na- 
ture. 74: ii3-7(sTlo61, ;5l>-r>(iiIlo61. 

International Society, Sixth exhibition of. 
Studb (Intemat.) a8: io3-is(Apo6), 336-S 

Inteshationausm and naval supremacy. Rid». 
mond P. Hobaon) Indep. 60: 768-71 CsApoQ. 

— and the world's capitol. (P. H. Eykman) In- 

dep. 61: 3oo-5(36Jlo6), 

— Ethics of. (J; A. Hobson) Internat. J. Ethics, 

17: i6-28(Oo6). 
Interpabliamentahy Union. (Hayne Davis) 
Indep. 61:126-31(191106), 387-<)o(i6Ago6).— 
Outl. 83: 887-90(1 8 Ago6). 

— Experiences in the. (W: R. Cremer) Indep. 

61; 5o8-i3{3oAgo6), 

— Victory for the American plan. (Hayne Davis) 

Indep. 6t: 309-ii(9Ago6). 
Interpreter, The. (Alice Brown) Everybody's, 15; 

Interrupted proposal. An; a little parlor play. 

(Arlo Bates) Ladies' H. J. 23, no. 3: io(Fo6). 
Interrupter, independent, How to construct an. 

(A. F: CoUins) Sci. Am. Supp. 61: 25873-3 

Interruption, An [a play). (Margarita S. Gcny) 

Harp, Bai. 40: 39i^-403(Myo6). 
Interstate Couuerce .Act as amended. (F. B. 

Diion)Q. J.Econ. 21; 2»-?i(No6), 
Inter-state ( ouueecb commissioners, The new. 

(H. S- Brown) OutL 84: 465-<)(a70o6). 
Inlorvitw with a biUionaire. Outl. 8a: 891-9(11 

InfrodiKtien, The. (Annie R. Donnell) Harp. Bu. 

40: 3S3-8(Apo6). 
loveen, &ima. 

Waning of the practice of foot-binding of 

Chinese women. Miss. R. 19: io5-ia(Fo6). 
Inventing, The art of (Edwin J. Prindlc) Sd. 

Am. 94: 5t3(a3jeo6). — Sci. Am Supp. 6ar 

a568^(2aSo6), 25704-5(29506). 
Invention, Eiploiting an. (G: Wetmore Ciriks) 

Gassier, 30: i7-22(Myo6), io6-i2(Jeo6). 
I^ivention oj soap-bubbUs, The. (Grace L. Jacobs) - 

St. Nich. 33: 698-7o2<Jeo6). 
Inventions, Old. (E. M. Feldhaus) Sd. Am. 

Supp. 61: a5i8S-flo(i7Fo61 

— Profitable mechanical (Tbalen Blake) Sd.Anu 

95: 363-3<i7No6). 

— Stories of useful. The match. (S. E. Fotuan] 

St. Nich. 33: a50-4Qao6). 
The stove. (S. E. Fottnao) St. Nich. 33; 

Investigator, sdentific, Character of the. (C: 

W. Eliot) Educa. ^. 32: i57-64(So6). 
Investment, The art of. (R. M. Morne Payne) 

National, 47: 1 020-33 (Ago6). 
Investuents. The average man and his money. 

World's Work. 11: 7a64-6(Mrort). 

— Pitfalls investors must avoid. World's Work, 

12: 78l9-3i{Ago6). 

— Selling American securities abroad. (C: A. 

Conant) No. Am, 183: so8-l8(2iSo6). 

— A young roan and his money. World's Work, 

la: 7569-7a(Myo6). 
Investors. Nation of. (J: Moody) Outl. 84: 

Involuntary plunge, An. (B, M, Chambers) 

Chamb- J, 83: 445-7(.rio6), 
Iona, Naval magazine at. (Waller L. Beasley) Sd. 

Am- 95:- 3SS-6<3'^o*)t343-4(toNo6). 
Ions and ionization. IE: SaJks) Sd. Am. Supp. 

62: 25622-4(3 sAgo6). 

— Spectral series in relation to. (J. Stark) Nattn^ 




[owA, Fann life in. (C. Johnson) Outing, 49: 

— buvers anti judges of, Earlv. {J. Dillon) Am. 

UwR.40: 377-83|My-jJo6). 

— Political war in. (E: Ussner) Harp. W. sot 

549-50. 67(jiApo6). 

— State LiBKAity Assooatioh, annual meet- 

ing. 1906. (Flora E. S. Barkley) Lib. J. 3f. 

776-«(No6).-Pub. Lib. ti: S7a-5(Do6). 
[OWA IDEA— and others. The. (Rollo Ogden) 

.Valion. 8j; ii3(9Ago6). 
f.j Tat.mira. (J. .S. Martin) [Ttmp. Bar] Ed. 

M. 146: 34-8(Jao6). 
Ireland, E. H. 
Finck's Edvard Grieg. Nation,. Sa: 184-5(1 

Ibeland after so years ol resolute (jovemment. 

<.\. Webb) Nation 81: 34-5("Jao6). 

— -Ancient, and its queen. (Mrs. Gregory 

Suplcton) Am. Cath, Q, 31: 48-6o(Jao6). 

— and the radical governmeal. (M. O'Brien) Na- 

tion, 8a l 465-6(7 Jeo6). 

— Bv an Irish alreani. MonthlyR. 34. no. 3; 78- 


— Catholic progress in. (E. Leahy) Am. Cath. Q. 

31: 304-9(Apo6). 

— Criticisms of life in. Ed.R. aoj: 36a-86(Apo6). 

= Eii. M. 147: i33-49(Ago6). 

— The de-Anglicisalion of. ("Vigil") National, 

47- 3a4-3s(Apo6). 

— Deserted. (Plummer F. Jones) World To-day, 

10: aS6-94(Mro6). 

— Devolution in. (D: R. P. baron Ralbmore) 

National, 46; 3o3-2i(Jao6). 

— Goldwin Smith and the Iri^ question. (Mor- 

Kan M. Sheedy) Cath. Worid, 82: 641-56 

— government of, The new. (J. McCarthy) Outl. 

8a: Q6s-74(aSApo6). 

— Home rule for. Side lights on, Anderson's. Spec 

96: 0O4-6(9jeo6). 
- Home rule, Rome ruin. (An Irish nationalist) 
National. 4G; io3i-9(Fo6). 
" 1906, The fitiiatioD in. (W: F. Denneby) 


— Leakaige of population and mooev in. (G. F. 

H. Berkeley) For n. 86: 734-48(006). 

— MUBuric'- i'iuata Hii«rniH, iO,?3. (W: F. 

Dennehv) Am. C;iih. Q. 31: i57~77(Apo6). 

— Mr. Morley and. (W. J. Johnston) Westm. 

165: 475-9a(Myo6). 

— Moderate reform in. (Earl of Dunraven) rgth 

Cent. 59: as-9(Jao6). 

— Mote and brotesche building in. (Cnd'lard H. 

Orpen) Rn.?, 4T7-4i'Tlo6). 

— New TDUte from ''ngland to. (L. H. Yates) 

Sci. Am. 95. »6j(i30o6). 

— Old Oalway lift-. Blackw. 179: 79-98(1306). 

— t le poor in. Solving the problem of. (Sydney 

Brooks) Harp. W. 50: 1638-9(1 7N06). 

— The prosperous side of. (Svdncy Brooks) Harp, 

W. 50: 1894-5(29006). 

— public service in. Reform of the. Westm. 165: 


— The real needs of . Quar. 305: 561-85(006). 

— Re^neration of; work of the Gaelic Leaifue. 

(Sydney Brooks) Harp. W. 50; i7ii(iUo6). 

Ireland, Religion and iiolilics in. (T. M. Kettle) 
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— Scenes from the early history of (H:McCarter) 

With explanatory notes by Douglas Hyde. 
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— Stands UUtet where it did? (S. P. Kerr) ' 

Contemp.89: 94-i05{Jao6). 

— Touring through. (Sydney Brooks) Harp. W. 

50: 1431-3(6006), 1466-7(13006), 1503-4 

(aoOo6), is7S-6(3No6). 
-under Charles II. {W: F. Dcnnehy) CatK 

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Irideicent glass Crust, The. (F. Harding) World's 

Work, 12: 763i-7(Jeo6). 
Irish in America, The. (H, N. Casson) Munsey, 

35: 86-l04(Apa6). 
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Irish experiment, An. (Shan ¥. Bullock) 

Monthly R. 22, no. 1 : 77-88(Jao6). 
Irish folk music. (J: F. Runciman} Sal. R. loi: 

lusa HAKES and their changes. (Bryan J. Clincb) 

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Irish national iuperialisu. (H. M. Posnett) 

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Irish partv, Position of the. (M. McD. Bodkin) 

Fortn.Ss: 347-s6(Fo6). 
Irish PEASANT. The new. Gent. M. n. s, 76; 143- . 

So(Mro6). - Liv. Age. 349: 3oi-s(5Myo6). 
Irish race, Origins of the. Quar. 305: 79-10* 

IRISBSTREAU, By an. Monthly R, 22, no. a: 119- 

Irish irarvEBSiTY, Founding an. (W. J. Corbet) 

Westm. 166: 498-so7(No6). 
Iron, Electrothermal metallurgy of. (E. Slassana) 

Sci. Am. Supp. 63: 888-90(22006), 
Malleable cast. (G. A. Akerlind) Sci. Am. 

Supp. 61: 35690(22806). 
supply of, Impenili ~ 
94: i47(34Mro6). 

supply of, Impending eihaustion of. Sd. Am. 

Iron and Siebl, Internal straina in. (H; D. 

Hibbard) Sd. Am. Supp. 63: a5746-7(io(>o6). 
Iron and steel trade, British. (J. SI. G. Heath) 

F.con. R. 16: 446-!;3(Oo6), 
Iron iNDtJSTRY. American, Review of conditions 

in. (Edwin C. Ecke!) Engin. M, 30: 518-37 

Ironwork. Wrought iron of old Nomberg. (K, 

M. Roof) Craftsman, t): 6M-t6(Fo6). 
Irregulars, The. (U: C. Rowland) Booklover's 

M. 7: 303-8(Mro6i 
Irrigation. Canal in the Punjab. (C. H. Buck) 

Geog.J. 37: 6o-7(Jao6). 

— in S. W. U. S. and Mesiro. ((i: B. Anderson) 

Out West. 35: io()-a3(ARo6). 

— in the West, Supplementing. (J. M. Oskiaon) 

Nation, 83: 7i-3(a6Jlo6). 

— in western Canadn. (Lawrence Burpee) Sci. Am. 

Supp. 62: 25700-1 (29S06). 

— making gardens out of lava-dust. (H: F. Cope) 

World To-day. 10: 63i-8(Jeo6). 

— A new system of. (M. Alger) Sd. Am. Supp. 

61: as30o(7Apo6). 

— Relation df the state to, (R. P. Teele) J. Pol. 

Econ. 14: i36-5i(Apo6). 
Irrigation channels, Persian. (I.l. Col, P. R. 
Bairnsfather) Chamb. J. 83: iq9-30o{Mro6) , 




Irvine, Alex. F. 

The church, tb« univenitv, and ttic labor umon. 

Indep. 60; 38-4o(4jao6). 
A university labor union. Oull. 81: 131-3 
Irvine, J. H. 

Prof. Von Herkomei't estitnate (tf Maxfield 
Paniah'sbookiUustratioiu. Sludki {Intemat.) 
»9' 3S-430l<*)- 
Ining, 6. A. 

Some aspefls of MormonisDn. Outl. 8a: 31-5 

The waysof Mormons. Outl.84: 1064-8(25006). 
iKVmc, H : , An impreasloD of. (E. S. Nadal} Scrib. 
M. 39: I30-3(j«o6). 

— Pictures and theatrical relics sale. Art J. 58: 39 


— Stoker's Reminiscences of. (Lawrence J. Bur- 

pee) DUI (Ch.) 41: 276-g(iNo6).— Blackw. 
180: 6i3-2i(No6). 

— Successoi of. tC. M. Greene) Munsey, 35 : 191- 

Irving, H: Brodribb. 
The English stage in the 18U1 ceoluiy. Fortn. 
85: 395-9o8(Myo6), I079-9a(jeo6). 86; 315- 
Irwin, E : P. 

In quest of Bohemia. Overland, n. s. 48: 

J.O'SuUivanSpuffins. Overland, n. s. 47 : 363- 

Luther Burbank and child culture. Overland, 

n. s, 47: a65-7o(Mro6). 
The matter wiffi San Frandsco. Oveiland, n. a. 

48: 188-90(806). 
Scmie facts about the packing house. Overland, 
n. 3. 48: 7>-7(Ago6). 
Irwin, Sidney T. 

Hazlitt and Lamb. Quar. «04: i6a-86(Jao6). 
Satire and poetry at Olney. Indcp. R 8: 393- 
Iiwin, WalUce. 

The literary horrors club. Bookman, ly. 373-5 

Pehcan Smith, molader, Cosmopol. 41: 81-9 
Irwin, Will. 

San Francisco before the earthquake. Every- 
body's, 14: 7s»-6o(Jeo6). 
iMact, Abnun S. 

Story of the synagogue. Arcbit. Rec. zo: 465- 
Iwuics, T. D. 

Rifled pipe for conducting crude fuel oil. Sci, 
Am. Supp. 6»: 13 66S-9{ 15806). 
Isaacs, Lewis H. 

Great musical failures. Bookman, 24: 59-63 

IwriESi J- ^■ 

The AJiterican bird dog. World To-day, 11: 

Islam. Panislamism. (Anniolus Vambeiy) Indep. 

6r: 735-9(17806).— (A. R. Colquhoun) No. 

Am. 182: i}o6-i8(Jeo6). 
Island-camp in Greater New York. (J. T. Linson) 

Clrv T.ite Am, 10: i7i-l(Jeo6V 
Ulatid of Oaf. (A. G. Hyde) 19th Cent 60: .594- 

6os(Oo6), = Liv. Age, 351: 486-94(34^06). 
IBUUJDS, Vegetation on. Science, n. s. 23: 922 


Isle 01 Puras, The. NM. Gcog. M, 17: 105-8 

IsoLATiOK and non-iioUtioD as Inonomic fecton. 

(J. A. Allen) Science, n. s. 23: 3io-3(33Fo6). 

— without "barrierB," (A. E. Ortmann) Sdence, 

n. 1. 33: so4-6(3oMro6). 
Israeh; a bit of biography. (M. Maactens) Atlan. 

97: i67-74(Fo6). 
Italian abt at the Milan exhibitiou. (Alfredo 

Melani) Studio (Intemat.), 20: 14 7-5 6( A got). 
Italian labob. Black versus. (W. G. Leiand) 

Natiifti. 82: 97{iFo6). 
Italian legends of the teachings of Christ (E. 

C. Vansitlart) Gent. M. n. s. 76; 78-84(Jao6). 
Italian UTEKArcitE In 1905. (Guido Btagi) Ath. 

■06,* i: 97-9(27jao6), i27-8(3Fo6). 
— 190^-6. (Guido Biagi) Ath. '06, »: 395-7 

Italian padjtinc in the Prado gallery. (E; 

Hutlon) [Monthly R.l Eel. M, 146; I44-S7 

Italian paintings. Symbols in. (Mrs. Hermaa 

J. Hall) Chaut. 43^ 43-Si(Mro6). 
llalun Quarltr mosaic. An. (J. M. Scanland) 

Overland, n. ». 47: 3a7-34(Apo6). 
Italian stage of lo-day. (R. SJmboU) Critic, 

49: i32-7(Ago6). 
Italians m America. (T: F. Can-) Ouil. 8s; 419- 

31. (34F06) — (H. N. Casson) Munsev, 36: 


Italians in Paris. (Rollo Ogdcn) Nation, 83: 

Italy and Ibe L'nited Statet, Intellectual alliance 

between. (H, Edmiston) Nation, 8a: 34*- 


— Economic studies in. (A. Loria) Econ. J. 16: 

149-55 (Mro6), 

— Festival of the constitution in. Outt.84: 100- 


— The foreign policy of. <An Italian) Contemp. 

Sg: 4i&-49(Mro6). 

— Ministry in. The new. 0- W. Mario) Natlcn, 

8a: i95-7(8Uro6). 

— Modern monuments in. (Alfredo Melani) 

Archil. Rec. ao: 369-83(No6), 

— Risorgimento, First historical congress of the, 

Milan, Nov. '06. Nation, 83: 506-7(13006). 

— State management of railroads in. (Guafavo 

V. del Ferro) Indep. 60: 786-8(5Apo6). 

— state railway building in, Disastrous results 

of, (H. R: Mtyer) J. Pol. Econ. 14: i6i-o 
Itbaca under the Franks. (W: Miller) Eng, Hist 
R. 21: 5M-7(Jlo«)- 

— unity of. The genesis of. (R, Blcnnerhasseit) 

National, 47: 4i8-26(Myo6).-Ed. M. 147- 

ITO, Letters and the. (1. Zangwill) Fortn. B<: 

Iwan Muller, E. B Set MUller, E B. Iwan-, 


Photography in 
J. O'Suiiivan Sfm^. (E: P. Irwin) OveTland. 

n. s. 47: 363-6(Apo6). 
Jack-n'-Latilem. (Kate D. Wiggjn) Scrib. M. 

40: iio-42(Aeo6). 
Jacks, L. P. 

Church and world. Hibbe/tJ, 4: i-ai{Oo6). 


73: 33»-i 

d by Google 




Jtdfihm-board gfrl. (Norval Richardsoo) lippinc. 
n- 78-87aao6). 
. jMkMffl, A. V. Wmiams. 

A religion nearly three thousand years old; the 
so-CTDed Peisiaa fire-worshipers ot Yezd. 
Cent. 50: 691-703(306}. 
Jackson, Ahdmcw, and his Indian campaigu, 

(L. T. Sprague) Outing, 49; aa3-3i(No6). 
— Story q(. (A. H: Lewis) Cosmopol. 41: 143-50 
(Jeo6). i90-6<Jlo6), ^i.t.-3i(hsp(>). 488-9S(S 
o6),6s5-6a{Oo6). 4a; 6i-8(>fo6), 3o8-i3(D 
JackMD, BirdsalL 
Fatruchio in PlaihnilU. Lippinc. 77: isg-j? 
JackKii, Pfril. 
Fbw3 in elementary education. Indep. R. g: 
Jackson, Fannj R. 

Care of periodicals. Pub. Lib. 11: 493-4(No6). 
Jacob, T. Eran. 

The burden of Troisilia. Weatm. 165: 173-90 

A Utile cloud like a man's band. Westm. 166: 
Jacob, Violet. ' 

A miirfie-awd drama. (Pall Mall] Liv. Age, 15 1 : 

The match-tower. [Pall Malt] Liv. Age, 348: 
Jacobs, G. H. 
Rise ot the hoiise of Baltenberg. Harp, W, 
50: tt86-8(i4j]o6). 
Jacob*, Grace Litchfield. 

Tke invention of soap-bubbles. SI. [Nich. 33: 
Jacobs, H. W. 
OrganiuuioQ of the railway tnacliine shop. 
Engin.M:3i: 897-908(806). 3»: ai-3s(Oo6), 
177-951^06), 339-51(1)06). 
Jacobi, WiWymark. 
Angels' visHs. Coimopol. 41: 44i;-5i(Aeo6). 
Tm changeling. Ccamopol. 4a; 69--l6(No6). 
AHitantrdatiim. Co«mopol.4o; 646-53(Apo6). 
A love-knot. Cosmopol. 41: 3i-8(Mvo6^, 
Str uncle. CoamopoL 40: aS3-9o(Jao6). 
Hii lordship. Cosmopol. 40; 4S9--os(Fo6). 
Jacobna, D. S. 
Workof an enf{ineering college. Science, n. s. 33: 
Jacobus, Uarion C. 
From a boy's standpottil. Harp. Baz. 40: 698- 
Jatobj, Haiold. 
AJtnmomical and aitTophyiical aoc of America. 

Science, n. s. 33: 44 1-60(33 Mro6). 
How far north is "farthest north"? Harp. W. 
so: i7so-7(8Do6). 
Jade; collection of Hcber R. Bishop; catalogue. 
(G: F. Kunz) Science, n. i. 34: i3-s(6Jlo6). 
JaKM, T:A: 
Eruption of Vesuvius, April 1906. Nat. Geog. 
M. 17: 3.8(Jeo6). 
Jaihisu. a religion of ruth. (Couat^s E. Mai- 
tinengo-Cesaresco) Content p. 90: 369-87(So6). 
= Ecl. M. 147: 43i-34(No6). 
Jaht Trinnigan't Conu-ati-Ye. {T. RoberU) 
Canad. M. 37: i9-3i(iIyo6). 

Jalapa, Vera Cruz, 'Ancient megalith in. (J. 
Waiter Fewkes) Am. Anthropol. 8: 633-9 

Jauaica; an object-lesson in the solution of race- 
problems. (Frank J. Mather) Arena, 36: 364- 

— CMit. L. D. Baker and. (Eugene P. Lyie, 

jrO World's Work, 11: 7a9S-73o8(Mro6). 

T jtfn h iinarti»ti If. g. 

Habits and life-histoiy of a social spider. Sd. 

Am. Supp. 61: J5i6i-a(3Fo6). 
James, G: Whaiton. 

C: H. Grant, marine painter. Arena, 35; 48t^ 

San Frandsoo and her great opportunity. Arena, 

36L it3-S(Ago6). 
James, H : 

Baltimore. No. Am. 183: iso-7i(Ago6). 
Boston. No. Am. 183; 333-55 (Mro6). — Fortn. 

85: 439-S9(Mro6). 
Richmond, Virginia. Fortn- 86: 850-7o(No6). 
Philadelphia. No. Am. iSa: 543-64(Apo6).— 

Fortn. 85: 7si-7i(Apo6). 
NeiT York revisited. Harper, 113: 4oo-6(Fo6), 

603-8(Mro6). 9oo-7(Myo6). 
New York; social notes. No. Am. iSa: 19-31 

(Jao6),i79-93(Fo6). - Fortn. 85: aso-6i(Fo6). 
■ The sense of Newport. Harper, 113: 343-54 

Speech of American women. Harp. Baz. 40: 

979-83(No6), iio3-6(Do6). 
Washington. No. Am. iSa: 66o-75(Mjo6), 896- 

James, J. G. 
Religious revivals. Intemat. J. Ethics, 16: 333- 

Jamea, uonel. 

Russia in revolution. Macmil. n. s. i: 577-83 

James, T: L. * 
The United States a parsimonious employer. 

No. .^m. 189: 366-74CF06). 
James, W : 

Stamford's ideal destiny. Science, n. s. ay. 

Jaui^town, Va, Commemoiatiug the nation'a 

birth.' (C: W, Tyler) Harp. W. so: 78-9, 

ioo(3ojao6.i.— (K.L. Bosher) OutL"84: 48*- 

-^Tercentennial of. (Plummer F. Tones) Worid 

To.<lay. u: 687-96(1106).— (E: H. Hall) 

Chaut. 43: 404-i3(Jlo6>. 

— Tower at. (C. F. Stansbury) Ed. M. 146; 

Jamestown fak. Picturesque. (C: R. Kciley) 

World's Work, 13: 7746-53(Jlo<i)- 
Janes, Flora Oakley. 
Art of damaskeening in Japan. Craftsman, 

Janssen, Prof., recipient of medal of Royal Photo- 
graphic Society, 1905. Pop. Astron. 14: 137-' 
Janua vi|«. (H. H. Bashford) [Temple Bar] Uv. 

Age, 349: 6a4-8(9jeo6). 
Janvier, T: Alllbone. 

Legends of the City of Mexico. Haiper, iia: 
!8-6s{Jao6). 113: 38»-6(Ago6), 876-84 




Janvier, TiAUibone. 

The purification of PalomUas. Harper, in: 448- 

The recrudescence 0] Madame Vic. Harper, in: 

JaiiTier, T: H. 
A return (o Mexico. Harper, iii: 879-88 

Japan after the war. (J. H. Fch:ff) No. Am. 

183: i6i-8(Ako6).— (Daini Vostock) National, 

48:si-6j(So6) = Liv. Age, 351:170-8(10006). 

— Alps of, Travel ia simthern. (Waller Weaton) 

Goog.J.27; i8-3s(Jao6). 
— America, and the Orient. (Eki Hioki) Nat. 
Geog. M. 17: 483-97(306) 

— and Kngland as unusual allies. Sat. R. 101; 


— and Russia; the powers and the settlement. 

Scrib. M. 39; io9-3o{Jao6). 

— Christianity in. Spec. 96: 1 38-9(3 7 Jbo6). 

— Dancing in. {M. A. Hincks) Fortn. 86: 85-100 


— Decorative-art spirit of. {Mrs. F. Edwin 

Elwell) Arena, J5: i7-ia(Jao6). 

— Difference between U. S. and. (J. H. 
DeForest) I.idep. 63: ii96-<)(24Mvo6). 

— Economic revolutionise (C. E. Russell) Every- 

body's. 15: 3-i3(Jlo6), i87-o6(Abo61. 

— Education in. (M. C. Eraser) World's Work, 

13: 8099-104(006) 

and character in. {E. P. Culverwell) 

[National] Eel. M. 146- -64-71(1806). 

— The elder statesmen of; the -power behind the 

Portsmouth treaty. (W. E. Griffis) No. .Am. 
183: 3i5-37(Fo6). 

— emperor of. Personal study of Ihe. (Mary C. 

Fraser) World's Work. 11: 7;46-6i(Myo6).- 
Fortn. 85: 8oi-2o{Myo6). 

— family in, Social and ethical value of. (J. 

Takaku.iu)Internat.J.Ethirs,'i7: ioo-:;(Oo6). 

— Famine in. (J. H. DeForest) Indep 60: 639-1 ■ 


— Female wrestlers in. Macmil. n. s. i : 633-7 


— Financial, after the war. (Baron Shibusawa) 

Forum, 37: 4ii-5(Jao6), 

— Financial progress in. ( lacob H. Schiffl Harp. 

W. so: 9ii(ioJeo6>. 

— Firsi ambassador of, to the U. S. (W: E 

Griflisi Oml. 83: :64-5(37jao6). 

— Itnrajiiate sources of pavmcnt. (E. 

H. Vickcrs) Nation, 81: 36i-3(3Mvo61. 

— Influences that are mol I'ng Japanese thought. 

(Thoi- ^«. Macnair) \r«. R, lo: 647-1; <:(So61. 

— Leaders ot.. fMary C. Eraser) World's Work, 

n: 704o-8(Jao6). 

— Merchant marine of. Sci. '.Am. 94:. 384(7 


— Military sanllalion and hvKiene in. (K. Takaki) 

S-i. A-n. os: i3-,-6(?=;Abo6). 

— The missionary problem in. (T. P. Moore) 

Miss. R. 19: 83i-4(No6). 

— Mist pictures in. (C: Lorrimer) Overland, 

n.s.47: 3io-6(Apo6). 

— new, Dinh ol. (Adachi Kinnosuke) Forum. 38: 

I ;.; -76(036) 

— New position of. (M. C, Fraser) World's Work, 

>i: 7994-o(So6). 

— of 1905. (J. H. DeForest) Indrp 60: 567-70 


Japan. Our new rival in the East. (Harold Bolce) 

Booklover's M. 7: ii9-i3(Jao6), i54-8(Fo6). 
Position of, in the household of powirrs. Indep. 

60; 194-20 1 (25 J ao6). 
Post-bellim) policy of, foreshadowed. (£. H. 

Vickeis) Nation, 82: 507-8(3 iJeo6), 

— Protest of, against school eidusion in California. 

(O. G. Vilkrd) Nation, 83: 364(iNo6). 

— Recent advances in meleorologv and meteoro- 

logical service ill. (S. T. Taiiiura) Pop. Sci. 
Mo. 68: i39-44(Fo6). 

— Seaman on real triumph of. (\V. E. Griffis) 

Dial (Ch.) 40: 388-^(i6Jeo6). 

— Should we send more missionaries to? (E. H. 

Jones) Miss. R. iq: 656-60(506). 

— Simple life in. (Marguerite Glover) Crafts- 

man, lOL 6r4-a5(Ago6). 

— since the war. (Mary C. Fraser) World') 

Work, 11; 7339-36(Fb6). 

— Sketches in. (A. Lloyd) Cath. World, 83: 508- 


— Suyematau'a The risen sun. (W. E. GriE&s) 

Nation, 83: a88(5Apo6). 

— Women of. (Adachi Kinnosuke) Forum, 38: 

Japan, Sea of, Battle of, 1905. (R. D. WTiiiel 

Sci. Am, Supp. 62: 25592-3, 25599-601(11-8 

Historical photographs from. Sci. Am. 94: 

Japanese, The. Chaut,43; 39i-4(Jao6). 

— Exclusion of. (D: Starr Jordan) Indep. 61: 


— in California, The. (K. K. Kawakami) Indep. 

61 : 1 j6o-5{39No6). 

— in New England. (K. K. Kawakami) New 

Eng. M. n. s. 35: 440-4(006). 

— in San Francisco. (Wi H, Thomson) World To- 

day, 11: i3ip-3(Do6). 
Japanbse seat raiders in Alaska. (Robert Dunp) 

Harp. W. 50: 1310-1(15506). 
JAPA.NESK AHCHiTEcruKK. Craftsman. 10: iqi- 


— Cram on. (F. W. Gookin) Dial (Ch.) 40: 102 

Japanese Christiaii leaders. (James H. Pettee) 

Miss. R. 19: 23-35(jBo6). 
jAPAtJF.SF. flower arrangement. (C; Lorrimerl 

Overlanil. n. a. 47: 116-23(706). 
Japanese oahden on a viMae- lot. (M. Homer) 

Clry Life Am. 9: C34-6(Mro6), 
Japanese house.4. (ICaiherine C. Budd) Ardiit. 

Rec. 19: i-36(Jao6). landscape.1. Craftsman. 10: 168-75 

jAPAsrsF, meteorological service in Korea and 

China. (S. T. Tamura) Science, n. s. 21: 106 

Japanese uusic and musical instruments. (R. I. 

Gea e) New Eng. M. n. s. 35: 432-34(006). 
Japavrse pessimism. LatPSt e:ihibition n(. (J. 

Innram Hrvail Hm. "', ^o: rn6j^2ll!-(il. 
Japahrse piloriwaob to the Buddhist Holy Land. 

(K. Otani) Cent. 50: 866-78(006). 
Japanese poetess. Leaves from the scrapbook of a. 

(A. Lloyd) Cath. World. 84: i7fr-84(No6). 
Japanese pupils and American schools. (C. W. 

Fulton) No. Am. i^V i2J5-3{2iDo61. 
Japanese stage. The. (Mirv C Fraser) [Lend. 

T;.n«i I :.. A.» ...a- A<ir_iU''r>.u'._in 

Times] Liv. Age. 2 






Japanese staiesmem of yesterday and to-day. 

(Marv C. Fraser) Monthly R. 33, no. 2 : 21-38 

Jap.wese Thoheau of Ihe twel/th centurj-. 

(Minakata Rumagusu and F. Victor Dickens) 

Critic, 49: 209-12(806). 
Japanese women and the new era. (Mary C. 

Fraser) World's Work, 12: 7625-31^606). 
Jaquea, W: K. 
A picture of meat inspection. World's Work, 

11: 749i-7so5{Myo6). 
"Jarg^s liuU 'ooman." (M. E. Francis) [Comh.] 

Liv. Age, aw: 754-60(23 Jeo6). 
Jakgon of low literature. (Owen Kildare) Indep. 

61; i39-42{i9jlo6). 

Jamil, Hyra WiUiama. 
Eau Joiuutm's book. McQure, a6: 374-8 
(Jao6). . 
Jarrta, Harjorie C. H. 

Bdtn in cold sloragt. Canad. M. i6: 580-3 
Jarris, Stmson. 
Reminisceacca of a loyalist. Canad. M. 96: 
327-33(Jao6),45o-7(Mro6), sa9-36{Apo6). 
Jaatmr, Jowph. 

Academic career as affected by administration. 

Science, n. s. ay. 56 1-74(13 Apo6). 
Distribution of dittiriction in American coUegea. 

£duca.R. 31: 14-S4(Tb°^)- 
Fact and fable in animal psychology. Pop. Sci. 

Mo. 69; i38-46(Ago6). 
The lapses of speech. Pop. Sci. Mo. 68: 119- 
Javtrov, Morris, tr. 
Did the Babylonian temples have libraries? 
Indep. 6r: isi9-ai(»8Jeo6). 
Jadkes and Clemenceau: a contrast of tcmpera- 

Jefferson, Joseph, and the all-!!tar cast in "The 
Rivals." (F. Wilson) Scrib. M. 39: 300-17 

— at work and play. (Francis Wilson) Sciib. 

M. 39: ii^44(Fo6). 

— Wilson on. (P. F. Bicknell) Dial (Ch.) 40: 

316-7(1 6Myo6). 
Jefferson, T:, and the consular service. Pol. 

Sci. Q. 21: 626-38(006). 
Jeffrey, E. O. 
Morphology and phylogenjr. Science, n. s. 33: 

JiFntEvs, G:, LorJ, of the Bloody Assises. (C. 

Whibley) Harper, 114: 143-6(006). 

— An apobgy for. (J, C. Collins) Na'ional. 48: 

JeniWD, Hadge C. 
Arts and crafts; defence of the movement. 

Indep. 60: 3i5-9(8Fo6). 
A Hull House play. Atlan. 098: 83-92(7106). 
A iaeramtnt oj th« nighi. Harper, iii: 731-8 

Jeokin, C. F. 

Advent of nngle-phase electric traction. Sci. 

Am. Supp. 62: 2s8o6-8(i7No6). as83o-r{a4 


Jenks, E: 

Moketo, Gurih, and Bill Brown. Indep. R. 
8: 27o-92(Mro6). 
Jenks, Jeremiah W. 

Imperial Chinese special mission. R. of Rs. 
(N. Y.) 33: 299-301 {Mro6). 
Jenks, Livingston, Residence of. Archie. Rec 

io: 489-502(006).. 
Jtnki, Tudor. 

A brief for the Philistine. OutL 84: 35-7(1806). 
An objection to all reforms. World's Work, 13; 

Thanksgiving dimier; a modern farce. Indep. 
61: i2s8-6o(i9No6). 
Jennings, J:, Pirate. Gent. M. n. s. 77: 56'-73 

Jenaen, Hartin E. 

Municipal ownership as tried in Norwich, Conn. 
New Eng. M. n. s. 35: 338-42(No6). 
Jepson, Edgar. * 

The resurgent mysteries. Cent. 50; 785-94 

Jerome, Jerome K. 

Philosopher's joke. II. Cntic, 48: 68-79 

Vou can't be funny all the time. Cosmi^wl. 41: 
JBSOME, W: Travers, and Hughes, C: E. (Frank 

H- Simonds) Everybody's, 15; 473-6(006). 
Jerrold, Laurence. 

England, France, and socialism. Monthly R. 

24, no. 3- i-i3(So6), 
French politics and the French people. Con- 
temp. 90; 56-64(1106). 
In the Courrii res country. Contemp. 89: 623-7 

(Mvo6), Eel, M. 147: io-3(JIo6), 
M. Clemenceau. Contemp, 90: 679-86(No6). = 
Liv. Age, 251: 579-84(8006). 
Jerry and Judah. (Arthur Colton) Harp. W. 

50: 1609-1 2(ioNo6). 
Jersey, Hargaret Elizabeth [LeighJ, CoutMss cj. 
Children's happy evenings, [igth Cent.] Liv. 
Age, ^48: i77-83(2oJao6). 
jBRUSAl.eil, American colony at. (Alexander H. 
Ford) Appleton's M. 8; 643-55(006). 

— and its environments. (J. Templet) Canad. M, 

38: 99-i09(Do6). 

— A reading journey through Palestine. (S, 

Mathews) Chaui. 43: 493-5 57(Ago6). 

— Sunset near, (C. H. Linson) Cent. 50: 165- 

Jervis, Arthur IT. 

The Vanderbilt automobile cup-race and iu 
results. Everybody's, 14: 3-I2(Jbo6). 
JesK, R. H. 

Impressions of German universities. Educa, 
R-3^: 433-44(I>o6). 
; Jesaop, F. W. 

I Stock-keeping system for general stores. Engin. 
! M. 31: ai5-io(Myo6i. 

' jEsmTS. Open letter to the Rev. Father Vaughan, 
(F. W. Tuginan) Westm. 166: 537-43(No6). 
Jesdp AcBicor.TUHAL Wagon, A fanners' college 
on wheels. (B. T. Washington) World's 
Work, 13: 8352-4(006). 
jEStrp North Pacific Expeditiok, Science, n. a. 
23: io»-3(i9jao6). 

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JXSUS Christ as modem artists see him. (W: 
Griffith) Craftsman, 10: aS6-ggl,Jea6). 

— C<Hiuiioa Mose of . Spec 97: jjj-^ifiiad). 

— Economics of. I. (G; McA. Miller) Arena, 

36: i04-8(So6). 

— the first Irue gentleman. Spec. 97: 1069-70 


— TI10 ideal evangeUst. (Arthur T. Pierson) 

Miss. R. 19: 74s-9(Oo«). 

— Italian legends of the teachings of. (E. C. 

Vansittart) Gent. M. n. 3. 76: 7S-S4(Jao6). 

— Miraculous conception of, and the Zeitgeist. 

To-day, 10: 578-3s(Mjo6). 

— The moral consciousness of . (W:D.MacJtenzie) 

Contemp. 89; 66i-75{Myo6). 

— New art conceptions of. (S. Swift) Brush & P. 

17: i48-57(Apo&)- 

— The prayer of. (G; TTrrell) Cath. Worid, 8j-. 


— the prophet. (R: H. Kennetl) Hibbert J. 5: 


— resurrection of. A hamiony of the. (,\, G. 

Ewing) Am. Cath. Q. 31: 771-33(006). 

— Ten American paintings of. (H. Saint-Gau- 
. dens) Putnam, i: 157-72(006). 

— Virgin birth of. {Katrina Trask) Arena, 36: 

Jew, Public estimate of the. (Annette KcAn) 

Indep. 61: 1099-1 ioi(8No6). 
Jewtl, The. (J. W. Tompkins) Muniey, 36: aji 

Jswell, Jain«a R. 

Nature study, etc., in our schools. Pedagog. 

Scm. 13: 373-91(506). 
Jkwxlky by L: C. Tiffany. Studio (InlernaL) 

30: xxxiii-zlii(Do6). 

— Greek. Sci. Am. Supp. 62; 35731-3(13006) 
Jewelrv making and designing. (M. Hartmann) 

Brush & P. 17, Supp.: j-7(Jao6). 

Jbwish oti(i.'E struggle to rise in Russia, A. (E. 
Poole) Outl. 83: 135-3 i(3ojao6). 

JXWI3H HiSsioHAKV COKFERENCE, Seventh interna- 
tional. (L: Meyer) Miss. R. 19: 526-9(Jlo6), 

JxwiSH TEKKirOKiAL Oroanisatioh. Letters and 
the ITO. (1. Zangwtll) Fortn. 85: 633-47 

Jxws, Early school teachioR o( the. (P. Magnus) 
19th Cent. 60: 464-77(506). 

— Economics of Moses. {C. McA. Miller) 
■ Arena, 35: 33-S(Jao6), 334-4o(Mro6). 

— Elizabeth of Rumania and the. (A. A, 

Landescol Cent, so: i6o-i(Myo6). 

— History and character of the. (L. Magnus) 

Fortn. 85: i3o-5o(Jao6>. 

— in America. (H. N. Casson) Mutisey, 34 : 381-96 


— in Palestine. The Zionists. (C. R. Conder) 

Blackw. 180: 780-8(1)06). 

— in, Roumania. (Elizabeth, queen of Roumania) 

Cent. 49: 78o-3(Mro6). 

— in Russia. (I. M. Rubinow) Yale R. 15 : 147-59 


Is it religious persecution ? (Goldwin Smith) 

Indep. 60: 1474-8(11 Teo6). 

— a study of race and environment. (M. Fishberg) 

Pop.Sci. Mo. 69: ag7-67{So6). 44i-so(No6), 

JEWSHABP, The. (H. C. Bolton) Pop. Sd. M<v 

fiS: 239-43(Mro6). 
Joan or Arc. (A. J. McGillivray) Am. C^alh. Q. 

3'J 309-3'{Apw3). 
Job, Herbert K. 

Our vanishing shore-birds. Ctry Life Am. 10: 

Photographing the small nil 1 life of the prairie. 

Outing, 49: i69-7s(No6). 
Some lakeside waders of the northwest, Outing,. 

48: 6j.-7(So6). 
The way to save our wild fowL Ctiy Life Am. 
9: 69i-4(Apo6). 
Job, Robert 

DurabiUty and economy in painting. Sci. Am. 
94: 33i<3lApo6). 
Im Schneider'! partnership. (Sarah F. Lindaay) 

St. Nich. 33: iiio-4(Oo6). 
Jttel, J. Edmondflon. • 

Trade disputes. Westm. 165; 6o5-is(Jeo6). 
Joey's ingenuity. (Ellsworth Shawn) Cent. 49: 

JoaANNESBURC VOTER, The. (V. Cecil) National, 

47; io6-i6(Mro6). 
Johanwit, Peter. 

Across the .Atlantic ocean in an open boat. 
Chamb. J. 83; =47-50, 36i-3(Apo6). 
JOBH, A:, Etchings of. Ath. '60, i; 739-40 
Kendrv's I 

i77-88(No6), 3S3-7o(Do6). 
Johns Hopkins University, Oilman on. (F. B. 

R. Hellcms) Dial (Ch.) 40: 389^i(iMyo6). 
Johnson, Andrew, and negro suffr^e. (J. 
Schooler) Outl. 82: 69-73fi3jao6V 

— The impeachment of. (F: T Hill) Harper, 113: 


— Policy of. (JSchouler) Outl. 83: a64-8{3Fo6). 

61: asjaa-3(3Mro6). 
JohmoD, Allen. 

Nationalizing influence of party. Yale R. 15: 
Johnson, Andrew, More li^l on. (W: A, 

Dunning) Am. Hist. R. ii: S74-94(Apo6). 
Johntan, Arthur C. 

Supplying submarines for the. Russian navy. 
World To-day, II ; i3i6-3o(Do6). 
Johnson, C: C. 

The model school-house. World's Work, 12: 

Training both head and hand. St. Nlch. 33: 
Johnson, Clifton. 

Farm life in Iowa. Outing, 49: 49-56(006). 
Farming in southern Miimesota. Outing, 49: 

1 97-204 (N06). 
Life in the Oiarks. Oudng, 471 43S-49(Jao6)< 
Our imported pests. Outing, 48: 39-44{Apo6). 
Some New England superstitions. New """ 

M. n. s. 35: i6i-8(Oo6). 
Trail of the Mormon. New Eng. M. n. ». 34: 
Joluuon, D. W. 

Magnetism of diamond-drill rods. Science, n. s. 
33: 789(i8Myo6). 
JolmBon, E. S. 





JoBHSON, Easiuan, painter. (W: Watson) Scrib. 

M. 40; 863-74(506). 
^ An Amerioui portiatt pointer of three hiitorical 

(fwdu. (Edgv Frendi) World'* Work, 13: 


— his life and works. (Will H. Low and otkera) 

Scrib. M. 40: i53Hi(Ago6). 
JalmMD, Fanny Kemble. 

r*# prodigy. AtUn. g?: 40j-ia(Mro6). 
JtHtatoa, H. V. 

Highland, Cal. Out West, 24: 247-soCMro6), 
Jtbamm, Hof h S. 
Bttwetn laps and revttlU.. Appletoa's M. 8: 

567-7 s(No6). 
Sma CaUtaell "madt goad". Appleton's M. S: 
. JOHHSON, Lionel, f Katherine Br^) Calh. World, 
83: 466-8»(Jlo6). 
Johntoo, Huguet. 
The dot pictures. St. NIch. 33: io7S^(Oo6). 

34: afr-7(No6). 
A gmstUn of eoali, St Kldi. 34: 5i}-4(No6). 
Johnson, Hauilpe L. 
George EUot ejid George Cnnbe. Westm. 166: 
Thought, consciousness, Me. Westm. 166: 

^let-leaf treatment of cancer. Weatm. 165: 
Johnson, R. Brimler. 
Tyranny of local color. Critic, 48; 366-70 
JoHMSOtt, Sauukl, and Oxford. GentM.n.s. 77: 

— lives of the poets, Biricbeck Hill's edition of. 

(W: P. Trent) Fonim, 37: s4o-si(Apo6). 
Johnson, Tom Loftih, with portrait. (David O. 
PhilUps) Booklover'B M. 7: 4S7-6o(Apo6).— 
(G: C. Sikes) World To-day, ri: 698-o(Jlo6). 

— on municipal control of vice and sodu evils. 

(B: O, Flower) Arena, 33: 400-9(Apo6). 
Johnson, W. H. 
Stanwood's James G. Blaine. Nation, Sa: 141- 

Taste vs. rule in English language. Nation, 83: 
Johnson, Walter Adams. 
Wonderful marine photography. World's Work, 
13-. 78»7-4i(Ago6). 

Johnson, Wlldorer. 

Social revolutionary party in Ru3.<iia. Indep. R. 
.1: r37-so(No6). 
Johnstoa, A. A. F. 

One Russian. Outl. 84; 1069-71(39006). 
Johnston, C : 

C:A,Peabody, Harp. W. 50: 1174, 8i(i8Ago6). 
C: E. Hughes. Harp. W. 30: 561-3(9 [Apo6). 
— and the contest in New York State. No. Am. 
183 : 897-90sf3No6). 
Gen. W: P. Duval. Harp. W. 50: 1492(30006). 
German portrait of President RoosevelL Harp, 

W. 50; i676-7(»4No6). 
H: M. Leipziger, with portrait. Harp. W. 50; 

>. W. so: iiio(asAgo6). 

Johnston, C : 

Leaders of Russian liberty. Harp. W. 50: 114- 

M. Jusserand. Harp. W. 50; 36S(34Fo6). 
Lloyd C. Griscom, with portrait. Harp. W. 50: 

344, 9(ioMro6). 
Moigan J. O'Brien, with portrait Harp. W. 

5°: 44S,57(3iMro6). 
Nicholas Murray Butter. Harp. W. cot 781, 

87(2jeo6). . 
Oscar S. Straus. Harp. W. 50: 1647-51(17 

Prof. Michael L. Pupin. Harp. W. 50: 931, 39 

Sir Mortimer Durand. Harp. W. 50; '334, 45 

The veleran'i last campaign. Harper, 113: 37- 

Woodrow Wilson. Haip. W. 50: i350-i(iSo6), 
Johnstoii, 6: WoodniS. 

The effects of school life ujwn the health of 

children. No. Ara..i8i: 839-39(1606). 
The great reituntiationr Cent. 51; i4i-.53(No6). 
Tht two-stringed bow. Scrib. M. 40: 746-^ 
Johnston, Hanj H. 

Bantu language. Nature, 73: 48l-a(3>Mro6). 
. Future of Libuia. Indep. 61: 874-6(11006). 
Johnston, James. 

Bridging the St. Lavrrence. Canad. U, 171 
Johnston, Mrs. M. F. 

Arts and crafts in civic improvement Chant. 
43; 37S-82(Jeo6). 
Johnston, Hinto F. 
Englisunen in foreign service. Fortn. 86; oos* 

History, ancient and modem. Natbn, 83; 180-1 
Johnston, R. M. 

Acton's Lectures on modern history. Nation, 

83: 397-8(8No6). 
Mrs. Wilkins on Mrs. Fiteberbeit and George 
rv. Nation, 83: 350-i(a6Apo6), 
JohnsloD, W. J. 

Mr. Morley and Ireland. Weatm. 165; 475~99 
Johnstone, J. 

International investigation of fiaheriea. Nature, 
73; aS5-7("Jao6). 
Joinery, X)angers of. Am. Arch. 90: 137-8(39 

JoLY, C: Jasper. Ath. '06, i: 53^(i3jao6).— 
(W. E. Plumraer) Nature, 73: 973-4(i8Jao6). 
Jonathan's mMods. (Elliott Flower) Llpphic 78: 

Jonas, E. FumiTal. 

More about an ideal Friendly Society. Chamb, 
J. 83: 377-8*(Apo6). 
Jonea, C. J. 

En)eriments with buffaloes. Indep. 60: 1351-5 
Jones, Chapman. 
Oxobrome photography. ScL Am. Sapp. 69: 
Jones, Clutter L. 
American munidpaJ SCTvices'Srom the po'ni of 
view of the tntraprontitr. Ann. Am. Acad. 
PoL So. 38: t3-a6(No©. 

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i, Chssti 


Matlrid, il3 government and municipal services. 
Ann. Am. Acad, Pol. Sci. aj: i30-3i<JaQ6). 
Jones, E, E. ConsUnc*. 

Moiife on hedonism. Intemat. J. Elhics, 16: 

Jones, E. H. 

Should wc send more missionaries to Japan ? 
.Miss, k. 19: 6s6-6o(So6). 
Jones, E. J. 

Tlvineen. Cliamb. J. Si- 439-410106). 
Jones, Gladjs. 

Ruskin's views on women. Westm. 165: 685- 
Jones, Griffith. 

Should the High Court of Justice be abolished? 
Weslm. 165: 6a4-9(Jeo6). 
Jones, H. Stuart. 

Art under the Roman Empire. Quar. 304; tii- 
Jones, Harry Dillon. 

Artificial teeth; how fiiey are made. Sd. Am. 
94: 388(7Apo6). 

Misuse of metaphors in the human sciences. 

Hibberl ]. 4: 294-313(7306). 
Worlting faith of the social reformer. III. 
Hibbert J. 4: s50-69{Apo6). 
Jones, H; Arthur. 

The cornerstones of modern drama. Fortn. 86: 

Literature and tlje modern drama. Atlan. 9S; 
Jones, H: J. 

Armored concrete. Sd. Am. Supp. 61: 15105- 
6(i3jao6). as"8-q(ioJao6), asi36-7C37jao6), 
aSi33-4(3Fo6), asi68-9CioFo6). 
Jone^ I. Howland. 
The beautiful garden at Blair Eyrie. Ctry 
Life Am. 10: 35-8(Myo6). 
Jones. J: F. How many mutineers did he kill? 
(Emma Repplier) Indep. 60; 831-6(1 a Apo6), 

— A new page in the history o£. (Mrs. Reginald 

de Koven) Harp. W. so: 482, 95{7Apo6). 

— Story of. (A. H: Lewis) Cosmopol. 40: 345- 

5o(Jao6), 4»i-7(Fo6),s69-7S(Mro6).-CA. H: 
Lewis) Cosmopol. 40: 69i-^Apo6). 41: 
Jones, I. A. Atherlej. 

Storv of the labor party, iglh Cent. 60: 576- 
Jones, HalTollo. 

The lady in the barrel. Cosmopol. 40; 384-01 
Jones, Hummer F. 

The cradle of the republic [Jameslown]. World 

To^lay, 11: 687-96(Jlo6). 
Deserted' Ireland, World To-day, 10: 186-94 
Jones, Robert EUis. 

Great American cathedral. WorM's Work. la; 
Jones, S; Milton, "golden rule" mayor, with 

portrait. Arena, 35: i26-32(Fo6). 
Jones, T. I. 
South Wales coal trade. Econ, R. 16: 15-31 
"Joneiy." (Joseph C. Uncoln) Everybody's, 15: 

Joor, Eaniet. 1 

NewOrleans. Craftsman, It; i72-8o(No6). 
Jordan, D: Starr. 

Cause of the ^rtat earthquake. Cosmopol, 41: 

Concerning variations in animals and p!jr,L'. 

Pop, Sci, Mo. 68: 48i-jo2(Jeo6). 
The earthiiuafce at Stanford I'nivcrsitv. CIl: 

WVst, 24: %o^-li^i^;o(,). 
The earthquake rift ot 1906. Pop. Sd. Uo. 

69: 389-309(006), 
Exclusion of Japanese, Indcp, 61: 141^-6 

The plant of ether. Pop. Sd, Mo. 69: 29-3; 

President Jordanandsimplifiedspelling. Nitioii, 

83: 326(18006). 
Thequestipnof coeducation. Munsey,34: 68]- 1 

8(Mro6). 1 

Rambur and the nature of spedea. ScieDce,D.k 

»3= 3S*-'("'^'°*)- 
The San Francisco earthquake and Prof, LaAin. 

Science, n.s. 34: i78-8o{ioAgo6). 
Stanford University and the eardiquake. Indrp, 

60: i07i-3(ioMyo6). 
To what extent should the university investigiwr 

be freed from teaching? Srience, n. %■ 14: 

"9-45(3 A)to6). 

— afkf Clark, Gi Archibald. 

The Bogoslofs. Pop. Sci. Mo. 69: 481-9(1)06). j 
Jordan, Elizabeth. 

The exorcism aj Lily BeU. Harp. Bas. 40: 199- 

The Henry Smith's hontymoon. Harp. Bat. 40: 

Tht simple life of Cenffvivve Maud. Harper, iij: 


Jordan, Kate. 

Ladybird. Cosmopol, 41: 4i-5i(No6). 
Josephson, Tulien, 

The rtd yamoitu. Overland, n, a. 47: 204-! 

Tht republic ef Sojara. OTCrlatid, n. s. 4^: 

Santa Claus, jo to j. Overland, n. s. 48: 427- 

The thirteenth man. Overland, n. i. 47: 157- 
JoSEPHUS, FLAV1U3, Anliquities (rf the Jews, MSS. 
of a French translation of. iH. G. Thomp- 
son) Am. Arch. 89: i46-7(28Apo6). 
Joalln, Lulu B. 

Celluloid in chromatic polarization. Sdenn. 
n. s. 33; 7ofr-7(4Myo6). 
JouitNALisu. (G:W. Ochs)Ann. Am. Acad, Pol, 
Sci. 28; 38-57(1106). 

— The American Grab Street. (J. H, ColKas) 

Atlan. qS: 634-43(No6). 

— the destroyer of literature. (J, Hawthorat) 

Critic, 48: i66-7i(Fo6). 

Reply to Julian Hawthorne. (L. Waraet) 

Critic, 46: 469-7o(Myo6). 

— English and American. (H: Watteraon) Munser' 

34: 4a3-8(Ja«5). 

— English used in. Spec. 96: 979(33Jeo6) — LiT. 

Age, 3S°" 3Si-4(38Jlo6). 

— 19th-century Boston. (E: H, Clement) New 

Eng. M. n, s. 35: 277-8i(No6). 415-31(006). 

— Roman Catholics and. (Basil Tozer) Monthly 

R, 23, no. i: s7--6s(Apo6). 


Sensational. (!■'. H. Smilh) Critk, 
40: 5ii-3(Jco6). 

— "Society." Nalioa, 8a; 88(iFo6). 

— Some aspects of. (R. Ogden) Atlan. 08: i»-30 


— "Yl-Qow." Cent. 50: 3i7-8(JeD6). 
fomtNALiST, Temptations of a young. (T, T. 

Williams) Cosmopol. 40: 679-Sa(Apo6). 
.■ntalion of the, (D. C. Banks) lyth Ccnl. 
59: 788-8oo(Myo6). — Liv. Age, 150: 195-105 
Fowett, F. W. 
Fact V. fiction in representative government. 
Nalional. 48: 7oi-S(lJo6). 
[oyses, E : S. 
The "honor system" in college. Nation, 83: 

— in college and out. Nation, S3: 45g(i9No6). 
Igah K£KNA.\de7 Island, A trip to. (A. Haebete) 

Harp. W. 50: 844-8<i6Jeo6). 
udab, H. R., jr. 

Santa Cruz, Cal, Out West. 15: 183-93 (Ago6). 
Hid, H. H. 
Burroughs'! Ways of nature. Nation, 83: SQ~te 

aiet. Hark H. 
Should not the publishing of false news be by law 

a misdemeanor ? Westm. 166: 6i7-8(Do6). 
Judges' wut." (Viscount St. Cyrea) (Comb.) 

Liv. Age, 248: 398-404(1 7 F06). 
'udgmeni in Ike field. The. (J, B. Skitalelz) 
Indcp. R. 10: i2i-40(Ago6). = Liv. Age, 351: 
mdpntnl seal. The. (J. W. Tompkins) Atlan. 
98; 74a-8{Do6), 

iiciAL PowEH, Some recent altacks on the Ameri- 
can doctrine of. (W. M. Meigs) Am. Law R. 
40: 641-56(5-006). 
roDIclAKV, Aiucking the. (R. Ogden) Nation, 
8a: 336(aeApo6). 
Independence of Ibe federal. (H. Taylor) 
Am. Law R. 40: 48i-9s(JI-Aro6). 
nDICIAKY noniiaatora. The. (R. Ogden) Nation, 

8,1 : a6(iiJ]o6). 
no, Turkish, of i6th century. Art J. 58: 18-9 

IcuAN the apostate, Negri's. Sat. R. loi : 143-4 

AN PERIOD, The. (R. W. McFarland) Pop. 
Aslron. 14: 98-io2(Fo6). 
lunge, F. E. 
' new gas-engine by-product. Gassier, 30: 

OFRAD PEAK, Tq the, by trolley. (E. v. H. 
Wariegg) Cent. 50: 245-5j(J~6). 
osor, Madamt, From Ike memotrs of. (Maarten 
Maartens) Harp. W. 50: io93-6(4Ago6). 
PITER, FamUy of comets of. (W. W. Payne) 

Pop. Astron. 14: 3ii-6(Apo6). 
The markings and the saielliies of. (W. W. 

Payne) Pop. Aslron. 14: 6o8-t4(Do6). 
The red spot and south tropical spot of. (W. 

F. Denning) Pop. Astron. 14: 34-6tJao6). 
BV SYSTEM, The. (S. M. Bruce) Am. Law R. 

40: 32i-39(Mr-Apo6). 
sy TBiALi Right of. in the dependencies of 
U. S. (J. W. Gamer) Am. Law R. 40: 

Jusserand, Jean A. A. J. 

Keats and his interpreters. Nation, 8a; 116 

(Shoe). , 

JUSSERA-VD, Jkan a. a. T., with portrait. (C: 

Johnston! Harp. W. 50: 26Sla4Fo6). 
"Just so" story. The, and recent Bctlon. (F: 

Taber Cooper) Bookmut, ai: 49i-5(Jao6). 
Justice, Causes of popular dissaiislaciii.n with 

tlje admin s.-^ilion <.!'. (li. I'oundl Am. Law 

R. 40: 72y-jo(S-Oo61, 
— The shameful miscarriage of. (H. B. Fuller) 

World's Work, 13: 8iji-mS(No6). 
Justices of lauoreks in the I4lh ccnturv. (B. H. 

Putnam) Eng. Hist. R. 21: siV38(jlo6). 
Juvenile court, Social significance of. (H: W. 

Thurston) 'School R. 14: 4i5-a4(Jeo6). 
Juvenile cmue. Causes of. (M. E. Adams) 

Outl. 83: 796-8oi(4Ago6). 
Juvenile literature. (J. E. Rogers) Educa. 

a6; 6ot-5(Jeo6). 

K., Z. C. 

The Russian socialists. Conlcmp. 89: 1-13 

(Jao6).-Liv. Age, 248: 45i-6o<24Fo6). 
Kabth^ Afghanistan, With the Dane mission to. 

(A. H. Grant) Blackw. 180: 587-6ia(No6). 
Kabui. TRAoEDVi from the papen of a survivor 

of the massacre in Afghanistan, 1841-9. 

Blackw. 179: 347-68(Mro6). 
Eoemp&ert, Waldeniar. 
The life of a neighboring world. Uunsey, 35: 

Kaffir chilqeen. Spec. 97: 8i6-8(»4No6),— 

Nature, 75: 128-30(6006). 
Kaffiks (mining shares} and Consols. (Francis 

W. lUisl) Indep. R. 9: i()3-9(Myo6). 
" Kaiserin Augusta Vicioku," the largest 

steamship. Sd. Am. 94; 496-8(i6Jea6). 
Kalopottukes, D. 

Work. i»: 7S9i-4(Myo6). 
Kang Yu WeL 

The hostUity of China. World's Work, i»: 

Kansas, What prohibition has done for. (Cr 

M. Sheldon) Indep. 60: 1033-5 (3Myo6). 
Kansas City, Kansas. My £ght a^imt (be 

ring. (W:W.Rose)Indep.6i: 681-4(30806). 
Kansas City, Mc, a city that is finding itself. 

(Hu^ O'NeiU and J: M. Steele) World To- 
lay, 11: iiss-69(No6). 
— Charter of. (James W. S. Peters) Ann. Am. 

Acad. Pol. Sci. 37: i55-67(Jao6). 
■—Park system of. (H: Schott) World's Work,) 

11: 7i9i-aos(Fo6). 
Kahsas Library Association, jth Annual Meeting. 

Pub. Lib. 11: 33-s(J«o6).— (Lida Romig) 

Lib. J, 3-: 3aa-4(Do6). 
Kant, Immanuel, and the Buddha. (W. S. Lilly) 

Fortn. 86: ai8-.l4(Ago61. 
Kaka Euv sands of Central Asia, Narrative of a 

perilous journey over. (L. Warner) Cent. 51: 

Karam, Aaaad Kalarji. 

Moroccan question as seen from Morocco. No- 
Am. 183: 1041-6(1^06). 
Karr, H: Seton. 
The labor party, tgth Cent. 59; 47i-83(Mro6). 

d by Google 



EuT, Louise. 

American art, as seen in the streets and statues 

o( New York. E«I. M. 146: 367-g(Mro6). 

KASHtcx, The vale of. (Ellsworth Huntington) 

Am. Geog. Soc. Bull. 38: 6s7-82(No6). 
Eusel, C: 

Lord Byron; a study in bereditr. Arena, 36: 
Satadur, Loopold. 

Modern labor museums. .J. Pol. Econ, 14: 

Owen's Topolobampo colony tn Mexico. Am. 
y. Sociol. IS! i45-75(So6). 
Katkerine and Ike sanatorium, (Adfele M, Shaw 

Lippinc77: a38-5o(Fo6). 
Eanfman, Emma B. 

The greatest living tenor. Munsey, 34: 70S 

Pascal's apologia. Quar. 304: 5i6-sa{Apo6). 
Kavakami, K. K. 
Awakening of China. No. Am. 1S3: 647-59 

The JapancM in California. Indep. 61: 1160- 

— in New En^and. New Eng. M. n. a. 35; 

The new Manchuria. Forum, 38: a77-*S{Oo6). 
Kay, C : de, see De Kaj, C: 
Emkt, Caatius J. ^ 
Research in Amencan umvenitiet. Bowman. 

33: 33«>-4(^5^)' 
Keane, Arthur H. J. 
Some facts about muabroom*. Sd. Am. 951 
EXAiiNEV, M. Thko., with portrait. (W: E. 

Smythe) Out West, Jj: l4fr-SO(Ago6). 
Eaary, C: Francis. 
Some thoughts on the technique of poetry. Fortn. 
86: 8ii-a6CNo6). 
Keats, J:, and his interpreters. (J. A. A, J. Jus) 
' serand) Nation, 83: il6(8Fo6). 

— and Shelley, Tomb of, at Rome. Dial 

(Chic.) 41: s7-R('Ago6). 

— The portraits of, with special reference to those 

by Severn. (W: Sharp) Cent. 49: 535-51 

— A relish of. (B. Torrey) Atlan. 98: 534-41 

Kebbel, T. E. 
Broken reeds; Enaland and Athens. Blackw. 

179: 8s6-6o(Jeo6). 
Centenary of Pitt. 19th Cent 59: i83-9o(Fo6), 
Conservative organisatioD and the a^cultuial 

labourers. I9tli Cent. 60: rs6-35CJlo6). 
County magistrates, I^nthly R. 33, no. i: 

KaddMl, E. AYwy. 

Craft of Thomas Chippendale. Art T. 58: 

Kkepsaee, The. (G. Burgees) Atlan. 98: 837':40 

KaetoDj A.E. 
The beauty and uses of our national art songs. 

Monthly R. 35, no. a: 7r-8o(No6). 
Chopin. Conlemp. 89: 86-93(Jao6).-Ed. M. 

146: a43-S(MTo6).~LlT. Age, 3491 106-11 

Mozart. MonthlyR.S3, no. 3: 6t-73(Mro6). 

KeetoD, A. E. 

Nikold Andityevitch Rimski-KArssakoT, Rus- 
sian composer. Contemp. 89: 539-48(Apo6). 
Three Scandinavian schools of composers. 
[Fortn.] Eel. M. 146: t6j-8{Fo6). 
Keifer, J. Warren. 

Equality of representation in Congress and the 

electoral college. .Indep.6o: 1479-83(31^606). 

Power of Congress to reduce representation in 

Congress and in the electoral college; ■ 

reply. No. Am. 183: a38-38(Fo6). 

Keilsy, C:RusseU. 

Picturesque Jamestown fair. World's Wort, 
13: 77*6-S3(Jlo6). 
Kblep, The. (W. M. Wheeler) Science, n. a. aj: 

— Habits of the. (O. F. Cook) Sdence, n. i. 

93: i87-9(aFo6). 
Keller, Albert Q. 

Portuguese colonization in Brasil. Yale R. 14: 

374-4 io{Fo6). 
Value of the study of colonies for sociology. Am. 
J. Sociol. la: 4i7-3o(No6). 
KeUer, Helen. 

Christmas in the dark. Ladies' H. J. a4, no. 1 : 

How to be blind. Outl. Sa: 983-9o(a8Apo6). 
KeUarmao, Earl F. 
Efiect of drying upon bacteria. Sdenoe, d. a. 
33: 47i-a(a3Mn>6). 
KeUer, Z: 

Children and their pets in the San Francisco 
fire. Sl.Nich.33: 97i-7(So6). 
Kelley, Florence. 

Women in trade unions. Outl. 84: 916-31(15 
Kellogg, Vernon L. 
Assortative mating. Sdence, n. i. 14: 665-6 

A new artemia. Science, n. •. 141 594-6(9 

Physiological regeneration in insects. Sdence. 
n. s. 23: i49-s3(36Jao6). 

- Scientific aspects of Luther Burbank's wo^ 

Pop. Sd. Mo. 69: 363-74(006). 
Variation. Science, n. s. 14: 63i-8(i6No6). 
— in parthenogenetic inaecta. Science, n. a. 34; 

Yellow fever and the Panama canaL Sdence, 

n.s-aj; ii4(igJao6), 
Kelly, Florence French. 

An undertow to the land. CraftamaDi, 11; 394— 

Government insurance In ^ew Zealand. Indep. 

61: 86-8(nJlo6). 
How New Zealand controls the distribution of 

wealth. Indep. 60: 1 483-6(2 iJeo6). 
Maori wood carving. Craftsman, 10: 340-51 

New Zealand's experiments in soaal and eco- 
nomic legislation. Craftsman, 10: 714-93 

Social and economic experiments of New Zealand. 

Craftmuu, 10: 55r-«6(Ago6). 
KeQy, Hyra. 
LmUBo'Peep. Mcaure, aS: ii$-ti(po6). 
A smii abova butlont. McClure, 37: 337-45 





ColoDial maritime defence; a reply to Admiral 

Fitzgerald. National, 47: S33-8(Myo6). 
Kelser, C. H. 
The Diide Industrial Co. Out]. 83: 808-000 

Eclaey, Francii W. 
Ardizological bilk passed by Congress. Nation, 

83: as8-9(a7So6). 
The preacDt position of Latin and Greek. Nation, 

83: 369(iNo6).—Educa,R. 3a: 461-73(1)06). 
Twelfth Micliigan dassical conference. School 

R. t4: 560-2(006). 
The villas of Boscoreole. Chaut. 41: 114-43 

Kemble, E. W., aitd Hale, Walter. 
On the old Boston posMrMul fiom New Voik. 

Booklover's M. 7: 465-7i(Apo6). 
Kemmerer, E. V. 
Gold standard for the Straits Settlemmts. II. 

Pol. Sci. Q. ji: 663-98(006). 
Philippine postal savin|p tualc. R.. of Rs.'(N. 

Y.)j4; 468-70(006). 
Kemp, June* P. 
Earthquake* and thdr causes. Dull. 8a : 937-30 

Human implonenti discovered in Oregon. 

Science:, n, s. 13: 434-6(1 6Mro6). 
Metalliferous veins. Science, n. s. 33: 14-39 

The physiography of the Adirondacka. Pop. Sci. 

Mo. 68: i95-3io(Mro6). 
KmwiAmi^ James. 
.\ tour in Egypt. Am. Calh. Q. 31: 671-9 

Eendiick, Georgia A. 
Self-govenunent at Vassal College. Haip. Baz. 

40: i-S(Jao6). 
Eenealj, A. J. 
Fitting out for the seaaon. Outing, 48: 83-90 


An ascent ot Vesuvius. Gull. 83: SSS-63 

TTie attitude of the Russian people, Outl. 84: 

China in transition. The causes of the anti- 
foreign feeling; the mixed court. Oull. 83: 

— ^lie anti-foreign rioting in Shanghai. Oull. 

8": 35'-7<i7Fo6). 
A house-boat trip In China. Outl. 8a: 595-600 

In heaven, God; in Okhotsk, Kocb. Outl. 84: 

The latest eruption o( Vesuvius. Out!. 83: 

The president of the Russian duma. Oull. 83: 

505-7(30 Jeo6). 
Reasons for China's weakness. Outl. 81: 787- 

Soocbow, Hangchow, and the Grand Caftal. 

OutL Sa: 739-45 (3 iMro6). 
A veteran leader of the Russian liberals. Oull. 

83: 66o-s{"Jlo6). 
Eeonard, Jfri. Arthur. 
Lofcadio Heam. igthCent. 59: i3;-5o(Jao6). 

I, S. C. Archil. Rec. ig: a83-94(Apo6). 

, JOMph. 
for quality 

Credit for quality at Uoiv. of No. Dakota. 
Educa. R. 3a: 595-31(006). 
Kennett, R:H. 

Jesus the prophet. Hibbert J. 5: 136-55(006) 
Kennicott, Donald. 
Santa Lores. Overland, n. s. 47: i97-3a(Fo6). 
The veil a) illusion. Overland, n. s. 48: $i-^ 
Kent, Cecil S. 

Games should be games. Sat. R. 101: 719(9 
Kent, Eng., Neighborhoods in, bcluding Canter- 
bury. (W: D. HowelU) Harper, 113; 55*- 
Kenton, Edna. 
TktdiMlady. Cent. 50: 859-45(006}. 
"Lave laughs at lions." Cent. 50: 333-43(Jlt>6)« 
Kenyon, A. B. 
Surveying on the farm. Sci. Am. Supp. 61: 
Kenyon, Walter J. 

Geographical bottles. St, Nich. 33: 988-93(So6) 
Interior decorations of schools. School R. 14: 
Kepler's equation, Solution of. (Art. A. Ram- . 

bunt) Pop. Aslron. 14: 4a3-5«Ag-So6). 
Keppel, F: 

Sir Seymour Haden, painter-etcher. Oud. 84: 

Tackling a Ikiej. Chamb. J. 83; i82-4(Apo<S). 
Kerby, W. J. 
Life and money. CBtli.Worid,89: 433-^5(Jao6), 
6oi-9(Fo6). 83:43-S3{Apo6),i7i-8(Myo6). 
Kerlin, Robert T. 

Main currents of tbought in the nineteenth 
centuiy. Arena, 35; 3as-3s(Mro6), 356-65 

Kerr, S. PameU. 

Stands Ulster where it did? Contemp. 89: 94— 
Kerr, W: J. 
The inunigratioD problem. OntL 84: 607-8 
Kershaw, J. B. C. 
Electro-chemical and electro-metallui^ical indu*- 

tries in 1906. Cassier, 30: ai-i6{lAjo6). 
Smoke abatement. Cassier, 19: 335-4i(Fo6), 
The-world's output of copper [or »5 years. Cas- 
sier, 30: 45g-66(So6). 
Kesa Gozen, Tragedy of. (Yei Theodora Osaki) 

19th Cent. 59: i94~34(Jao6). 
Kester, Paul, and Major, Charles. Dorothy o' 
the hall. (M. Beerbohm) Sat. R. loi: 488- 
Kettle, T. H. 

Religion and politics in Ireland. Indep. R. ri: 
Kejes, C: KoUln. 
Age of our eanb. B. of Rs. (N. Y.) m; 4e6-t 

Geology of New Meiico. Sciente.n.s.aj: 511-a 


e new football. OutL 84; jJS-i^tiHoSi. 

-„K, Google 


Keys, C. H. 
How men get rich now. World's WoA, ii: 

State ownership of railroads in Missouii and 
PennaylTania. World's Work, 13: 8335-6 
Keys, David R. 
Moaographs on English literature. Canad. M. 

s6: 33i-«(F«S). 
Professor W: H: Schofield. Canad. M. 17: 
Kttjzer, FiancflB. 
L. Uvy-Dhurmer, French pastellist. Studio 
(Intemat.)i8: i44-50(Apo6}. 
Khartum; the strategic center of Africa. Miss. 

R. 19: 67s-7(So6}. 
EmvA from the inside. (L. Ward) Cent. 50: 

— Getting into. (Langdon Warner) Cent. 50: 

Eldd, H. C. 

Grammar of T: De Quincey. Sat. R. loi: 237 
KiDD.B-. onWesterncivilizaiion. (W.E.Lehman) 

Intemat. J. Ethics, 17; 78-99(006). 
Kildare, Owen. 

The jargon of low literature. Indcp, 61: 139-4* 
(19JI06). ■ 
Kilgore, Kaiherine. 
Heresy in the Episcopal church. Arena, 36: 

KiUbohgan axd Kiliboggan. (Heiminie Temple- 
ton) McClure, 27: 649-58(006). 
EllTert, B. Cory. 

Accordii^ to grandma; pictures. Cosmopol. 4a: 
Elmball, AliM Windsor. 
Earthquake days at Stanford. Overland, n. s. 
48: 219-38(006). 
KimbaU, F:M. 
Getting new business for elearic central stations. 
Gassier, 30: 58-67(Myo6). 
Kimball, G. M. 

Mr. Hamiilon — Englishman and gentleman. 
Overland, n. s. 47: 57-6i(Jao6). 
lijUBEHLEY, The American hero of. (T. J. Gsr- 

diner) Cent. 50: i54-65(Jeo6). 
Kind EB GARTEN, Conservaiism in. (M. F. Schaef- 
fer) Educa. 17: 37-44(806). 

King, BadL 

^Tht hanging of Mary Dyer. McClure, 98: 44-SS 

King, Elizabeth Hovey. 
iajy Mary's elopement. Lippinc. 77: 374-84 

King, F. H. 

HUgard's 'Soils'. Science, n. s. 24: 681-4 

King, Grace. 
On the prairie. Booklover's M. 7: 334-6 

Kbto, Jessie M., Pen-and-ink drawings by. Studio 

(Intemat.) a»: i4i-6(Jao6>. 
Kcro, W:, archbishop. Autobiography of. Ath. 

'06, a; 469-70(10006), 

King, A., and a foal. {C; Townaend) .\rena, 36; 

Hing Edoman'i appelUe. (G. P. Coleman) St. 

Nich. 33: io8oHS(Oo6). 


King of the Fairy Islet. (Elizabeth Biennan) 

Applelon's M. 8: I09-is(jlo6). 
King of horsemen, A. (Thormanby) Chamb. J. 

83: 67o-a(Oo6), 
Kingery, H. H. 
The language of the map. St. Nich. 33: 330-» 
King's house.' (Karl E. Harriman) Appleton's 

M. 8: i56H5s(Ago6). 
Kings of Malela, The. (A. Colton) Cosmopol. 40: 

548-55 (Mro6). 
Kings of Orion. Blackw. 179: ioi-r7(Jao6).- 

Liv. Age, 948: 483-96(a4Fo6). 
KiMG'a River Canon, Cal. (T. T. Waterman) 

Out West, 25: i39-45(Ago6). 
Kingsbury, A. G. 

Northern Alaska to-day. New Eng. M. n. S- 
35: 3^i6(So6). 
Kingsley, Florence Hone. 

The intellectiml Miss Lamb. Cent. 49: 552-67 
Kingsmill, T: V. 
A 300-year climatic and solar iTcle. Nature, 73 : 
Kingatead, Julian. 

The last match of the season. Chamb. J. 83: 

619-3 i(So6). 
Noel. Chamb. J. 83: 8oi-s(Do6). 
Kinney, Bruce. 

Present situation among the Mormons. Miss. R. 
19: 6i6-9(Ago6}. 
Kinnicutt, Leonard P. 
Sanitary value of water analysis. Science, o, s. 
23: 56-66(1 2 Jao6). 
Kinnicutt, V. H. 
The school in the camp. OutI, 83: 7o6-ia 
Kinnosuke, Adachi. 

Birth of new Japan. Forum, 18: 255-76(006). 
Japanese women. Forum, 38: i39-44(Jlo6). 
The new China. Fwum, 37: 4i6-as{jBo6). 
Kinloch, F. 

Golf of vesterday and to-day. Chamb. J. 83; 
Kipling, RudySJ^. 
Puck 0} Fook'i HiU. Ladies' H. T. 33, no. 9: 
5-6, 46(Jso6), no. 3: 7-8, 47(Fo6), 00. 5: 
9-10, 64(Apo6).^Moiithly R. 25, no. 2: 112 
Robin GoedfeSovi, kit friends. McClure, 97:. 
3-i3(Myo6), i47-s6(Jeo6), 282-9o(,Tlo6), 
4.3-s'>(Ago6). 503-9(So6), s88-95(Oo6). 
KiFLiNG, RtniYABD, Allegories of. Spec- 96: 

741-3(1 3Myo6). 
— "Puck of Pook's Hill." [Lond. Times] Liv. 

Age, 151: 569-73{iDo6). 
Kirk, J : Foster. 

" Words, words, words." Lippinc. 78: 62-8(Jla6) 
Eldt, Sophia. 

Ristori and SalvinL Nation, 83: 346-7(15006). 
Kirk, W; 
National labor federations in' the U. S. J. H. 
Univ. Slud. 24: 609-750(5-006). 
Klrkbride, W: Howard. 

The scenic marvel of Idaho. World's WoHc, 19 : 
7648-55 (feoe). 
Klrkland, A. H. 
The gypsy moth. Indep. 60: ioi5-ao(3Mjo6). 




EiApatrick, H. B. 

Jungle trip in Shan land. Miss. R. 19: 578-84 
Kjichens, Model. (K. C. Budd) Outl. 83: 951- 

Eltchln, P. Hucourt. 
Limits of fire insurance. 19th Cent. 60: 311-30 
(Ago6).-Atn Arch. 90: 70-i(iSo6).-Ed. M. 
•47: 3S 7-64(006). 
ElTB, Bell tetrahednl, in wireless telegraph)'. 

Sd. Am. 94: 3a4{aiApo6). 
KUe.Tke. ("OleLuk-oic") Blackw. 179: 743-53 
(Jeo6).-Uv. Age, 250: i6o-8{aijlo6). = Eel. 
M. 147: io7-i4(Ago6). 
KiTE-TLYiNO over the Atlantic. Science, n. «. 23: 

Kites, How to make tailless. (D. Beard) Outing, 

48: as4-<(M:yo6). 
— in meteorological work. (W. H. Dines) Nature, 

74t 3S-6(ioMyo6). 
Kittle, W: 

Robert M. La PoUetle. Arena, 35: 57i-^CJeo6) 
Kl ba, Arnold C. 
Insurance of working-men as an instrument 
against tulierculosia. Am. I. Sociol. 11: 176- 
Elcerkoopar, M. H. 
The newest light on Rembrandt. Alh. '06, a: 
The Hon and the mouse. Critic, 48; S33(J=<*)- 
49; 54-8»(Jlo6), i49-79(Ago6), 241-73(506)- 
Elein, Felix. 
Separation of church and stale in France. World 
To^ay, It: 934-9(806). 
Kline, Btirton. 
Ben Franklin in Boston in 1906. New Eng. M. 
n. a.33: 546-S4(Jao6)- 
Kn^p, Gitbert. 
Applications of the* microphone. Nature, 75: 
Enapp, Martin A. 
Transportation and combination. Science, n. s. 
. iy. i78-84(2Fo6). 
Knapp, Seaman A. 
An agricultural revolution. World's Work, 11: 
Enaner, P: 
Ways of the ant. Sd. Am. Supp. 61; 35444-6 
Enaufit, Eraeit 
The Rembrandt trioentennial. R. of Rs. 34: 
Knlcht, Enoch. 
Juu) BuriM, labor minister. Outl. Si: 793-4} 
Eoicht, W: 

Edward Bumvjones. Fortn. 86: 671-84(006). 

Knight of the Cimbertand. A. (J. Fox, jr.) Scrib. 

M. 40: 957-63(So6), 452-9(006), s46-6o{No6). 

KsiCHTiNG of cii[!drcn. The. (A. M. Allen) Eng. 

Hist. R. 21: io5(Jao6). 
Snipe, Alden A. 
Woiung an oil lease. Booklover's M. 7: 34-43 

Knioe, Urs. Emilie Benson. 
Mother and daughter; a picture cycle. Cos- 
mopoL 40: 399-3oB(Jao6). 

Knobe, Bartha D. 
Rest-cures at home. Harp. Bas. 40; 43&^i 

Women's Colony Club of New York. Harp. 

Baz.40: 34o-6(Apo6). 
Kkorr, T: , collection of pictures at Munich. 

(Costanza Hutton) Studio (Internal.) iS: 993- 

Cnott, J: 
Franz Joseph Gall and the science of phrenology. 

Westm. 166: i5o-63(Ago6). 
Knotter, Cord, of the self-binding harvester. 

Sei. Am. 94: 5t4(23jeo6). 
Knowledge and wisdom. Dial (Chic.) 41: 37-8 


— theory of, Practical deductions of. (D. H. 

MacGregor) Internat. J. Ethics, 16: i98-»03 
Knowles, J. Benson. 

Where there's Smoke. Monthly R. 34, no. t: 
Knowlton, H. S. 

Cost-stores system of a boiler manufacturing 

works. Engin. M. 3a: 45-58(006). 
Electridty in domestic uses. Cassier, 30: 90- 

— in the foundry. Cassier, 19: je^-gj^ldroS). 
Operaling ccisl and revenue of electric railways, 

Engin. M. 31; ssi-7(Jlo6), 
Testing of coal. Cassier, 39: aS9^2(Fo6). 
Knox, Edmund Arbuthnott, bp. of Manchesltr. 

The education bill. National, 47 : 575-8o{Jeo6). 
Knox, J:, and the Scottish Reformation. Quar. 
105: t69-95(Jlo6). 

— Lang's and Cowan's. (C. W. Colby) Nati<», 

Sa: a87-8(5Apo6). 
Knox, Jesue J. 
What the rose can do. Overland; n. a. 47; t-S 
Knox, Loren H. B. 
Impressions from Chicago faces. Allan. 97: 
Knox, Robert. 
Twenty years' captivity in Ceylon. Gent. M. 
n, s. 76: 356-63(Myo6>. 
KnudaoUj A. A. 

Remedies for electrolysis. Cassier, 30: 337—43 
Kobbtf, OuBtar. 

" Down on the Labrador." Cent. 50: 67s-8a(So6), 

Physical and physiological effects of child tabor. 

Ann. Am. Aiad. Pol. Sci. 37: 385-93(MTofi). 

KOCR, Dr., and his travels in the Amazon ba^. 

Sdcnce, n. s. 13: 8 19-30 (35 My 06). 
Koch, Felix J. 
A Baikan proposal. Overland, n. s. 47: 165-76 

Overland among the Slavonians of Istria. Over- 
land, n. s. 48: a3i-S(Oo6). 
Koch, Theodore W. 

Cam gie libraries. Chaut. 43: 345-5 i(Jeo6). 
Student circulation in a university liMary. Lib. 
J. 3t: 758-6'(No6). 
KoDAUA, I iscount, and his successor. R. of Rs. 

34: 30+(So6). 
Koehler, Hans J. 

Gorgeous family of rtiododendrona. Ctry Life 
Am. 9: 4a9-3a(Fo6). 

LlgitizedbyGoOgle ' 



EOBSTOlo 3oa-korse power talTtleas two-cjrelc 
petroleum engine iot submarine boats. Sci. 
Am. Supp. 6a: i5789-9o(ioNo6). 
Eocster, Fraoz. 

Electric motors in ngricutture. Engin. M. 31; 
EoMmorgen, O. 

Evolution of reinforced concrete in Germany. 
Am. Arch. 90: 188-90(15006). 
Eohn, Annette. 
PuUic estimate of the Jew. ladep. 61: 1099- 
Kongo, Women of the upper. (Mrs. A. E. Ruskin) 
Miss. R. 19: J67-74CAP06). 
See Congo. 
Komtaatiuos, crown prince of Greece. See Con- 

KoUer, T. 

Utilization of waste materials. Sci. Am. Supp. 
61: 35490-1 (30 Jeo6). 61: 8580 1-3 (10N06). 
Koopman, Han; L. 

Librarian of the desert; a poem. Lib. J. 31 

Library progress in Rhode Island. Lib. J. 31 
Korea, an. appanage of Japan. (D. Vostock) 
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— Missions in, to-day. (C. C. Vinton) Miss. 

R. 19: s7i-4(Ago6). 
Korff, Banm Serge A. 

FitUaod and her relation to Russia. Outl. 83; 
KoRNEtmtniG KEyoRUATOKV. (E, Sellers) Fortn. 

85: 3!"-3'(Fo6), 
Korolenko, Vladimir 

Tht last ray. [Temp. Bar] Liv. Age, 34S: 61S- 
KOHOLENKO, Vladdub G. (G. H. Ferris) [Temp. 

Bar] Ed. M. 146: »lQ-»4(Mro6). 
KowALlGA SCHOOL, Alabama. (I. C. Barrows) 

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Krans, Horatio S. 

Sir R: Burton Outl. 84; S4--7(SSo6). 
Krarup, H . C. 

Automobiles for every use. World's Work, 13: 
Krasinski, SiOisiTOND. ((Monica M. Gardner) 

Am. Cath. Q. 31; ii9-3o(Jao6). 
KrauBz, Sgmuna, 

Birth of an automotnle. World To-day, 10: 
■ 386-9i(Apo6). 
Eroeber, A. L. 

Dialectic divisions of the Moquelumnftn family. 
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Reference books of 1905. Lib. J. 31 : 3-7(Jao6). 
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]ogg Durland) Indep. 61: 864-7(11006). 

The revolution in Russia. [19th Cent.] Ed. M. 
J46: iog-3i(Fo6). 
Kruuenakee PAPeks; case of Emma in. Albert. 

Harp. W. so: i«(3Fo6). 
Krupp, Bertha and Barbara; brides of E«s«. 

(V. Thompson) Munsey, 36: aia-7(No6). 
Kbupp library, Essen, Prussia. (Frank Weiten- 

karapf)Lib. J. 31: 719-10(006). 
Kubelik, Jan. 
My life, thus far. Ladies' H. J. 33, no. 4: 9< 

What music meana to me. Ladies' H. J, »J, 
no. 6: J, 5S(Myo6). 
Kucbler, Walter. 

American university training. Educa. R. 3a; 
Etima, Toshi-Tasu. 

Importance of comparative psychology for 

teachers. Pedagog. Sem. 13: iS°"4CJ=°*'- 

SiUtiBB Mela at AUahabad, fan. 1906. (J- J- 

Lucas) Miss, R. 19: 373-^(Myo6). 
Eunz, 0: F. 

Catalogue of the Bishop collection rf jade. 

Science, n. s. 34: a3-s(6Jlo6). 
Genesis of the. diamond. Sd. Am, Supp. 61: 

3Si78(ioFo6). _ 
Precious stones in 1904. Sd. Am. Supp. 61: 
EtntDs, Amon^ the. Miss. R, 19: 739-44(0™)- 
EOTper, Hennette S. S. 
Tift home life of the queen of Holland. Outl. 
82: 4i3-5(i4Fofi)- 

Le Bon's theories of matter. Ath. '06, i: 937 

Is surplus more of a menace than lurety? 

Lippuc,77: 99-io3(Jao6). 
Labaree, B: 

Joseph Plumb Cochran, missionary physician in 

Persia. Miss. R. T9: 99-io4(Fo6). 
Labareb,?:, of Persia. Miss. R. 19: 915-9(1)06). 
Labor, alien. Economic aspect of. (M. J. l^an^a) 

Econ. R. 16: 43-55(Jao6). 

— England's labor problem. (H. J. Wolstenholme) 

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— Physical and medical aspects of. (F: L. 

Hoffman) Aim. Am. Acad. Pol. Sd. 37: 465- 

Political power of. (W. H. Mallock) iQih 

Cent. 60: ioz-i4(Ago6).^Liv. Age, 350; 579- 

89(8So6). = Ed. M. 147: 307-16(006). 
problem of, Solving the. (Ludus F. C. Garrin) 

Artna, 36: ro-i4(Jlo6).— (T. Good) Gassier, 

Problems of. (H. Morgan>Browne and H 

Cohen) Fortn. 86: 9i6~4i(No6). 





Labob. Restriction of output. Am. Arch. S9; 

— Some equivocal righto of. (G. W. Alger) 

AtlaD. 97: 364-8(Mr(>6). 

— Sotue guiding prindplea in the adjustmeDt of 

rclalMDS l^tween employer and employee. 

(H. H. Vreeland) Aon. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 

»?: S°7-9(Myo6). 
Labor BiniKAUS. — (W. H. Beveridge) Econ. J. :6; 

Labor conflicts, "Mutual govermnent" or 

"joiot commissioii" plan of preventing. (A. 

Be-verly Smith) Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. Sd. 97: 

Labos DisptJTK. (J. E. Joel) Westm. 165: 605- 

i5(Jeo6). (L. A. Atherley-Jones) Con- 
temp. 89: 6iS-37(Myo6). 

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— Conciliation and arbitration in. (I. H.Mitchell) 

Indep. Rg: 3ro-i3{Jeo6). 

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Llewelyn Da vies) Indep. R. 11; jj6-36(No6). 

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Macdonald) National, 47: 4o6-i7(Myo6). 

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— Services of labor unions in the settlement of, 

(.\: B. Prescolt) Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. Sd. 37: 

S9i-30(Myo6). i] 
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(W: Kirk) J. H. Univ. Stud, 24: 609-750(8- 

Labor legislation. What the lawmakers did for 

the workingman in rgoj. (L. D. Clark) J. 

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J. 83: 417-20, 441-3. 4S5-8CJ1''6). 
Labor movement. (J. K. Hardie) 19th Cent. 

60: 8Js-8»(Do6). 
Labos inrsEtms, Modern. (L. Katscher) J. Pol. 

Econ. 14: 2i4-3j(Apo6). 
Labob papers, 1837-37. (J: R. Commons) Lib. 

J. 31: 671-9(806). 
Labor parties; the new element in parli 
" mentary life. (I. McLaren) Fortn. 85: 368- 


— Pretended. (H. Vivian) Form. 85: 151-61 

Labor party in England. (Sydney Brooks) Harp. 
W. so: 336, si(JoMro6).— (H. S. Karr) 19th 
Cent. S9r 47i-83(Mro6).— (C. Roberts) 
World's Work, 12: 766S-7J(Jeo6). — (H. 
Morgan-Browne) Fortn. 86: gi6-94(No6). 

— —and il3 policy. (J. Ramsay Macdonald) 
Indep. R. 8: 36i-9(Mro6). 

— — andtheLiberals. Sat.R.ioi: 69-70 (aoJao6). 
The intellectual conditions of the. (W. H. 

Mallock) Monthly R. as, no. i: 9-34(006), 

DO. »: i7-34(No6), no. 3: r-r9(Do6). 
its aims and aspiration^. (W:Diack) Arena, 

3S: 47fr-MMyo6). 
its aims and policy. (J. K. Hardy) National, 

46: 99Q-ioo8(Fo6). 

— in the United States. [Outlook (Lond.)] Ltv. 

Age, 951: 309-i9{3No6). 

— The new power in English politics. (P. Snow- 

den) [aoth Cent. Q.j LIv. Age, 249: 778-83 

Labor PESSs, The. (C: Stplzle) OuU. 84: 107JHS 

LABORPROBLEM,AniethodofdeaUngwith. (Gustav 

Miller) Inlernat. J. Ethics, 16: 3s8-67(Apo6). 
Labor troubles. Whose buNness Is it? (J; 

Bascom) Indep. 6t : 614-3(13806). 
Laboi! Union, The church, the university, and the. 

(Alei. F. Irvine) Indep. 60: 38-4o(4jao6). 
Labor onions versus higher wages. (J. L. 

Laughlin) J. Pol. Econ. 14: ra9-4a(Mro6). 
LaboratobY, College- (C. R. idann) Educa. 17: 

Laboratory in At hiUs, The. (E. Foote) Atlan. 98; 

Labobism in parliament. (B. Taytor) Fortn. 85: 

Labrador, DiUon Wallace in. {G. M. Ridiards) 

Oudng, 48: s9-9(Apo6). 

— "Down on the." (Gustav Kobb*) Cent. 50: 


— from Lake Melville to Ungava Bay. (Mrs. 

Leonidas Hubbard, jr.) Am. Geog, Soc. Bull. 
38: 539-38(806). 
—'Long Labrador trail, (D, Wallace) Outing, 
4S; ■;s9-68(.\eo61, 641-55(506). 49: l-is 
(O06), iS9-6j(No6), «s-s3(I>o6). 

— My explorations in unknown. (M. B. Hub- 

bard) Harper, 113: 8r3-93(MyD6). 

— Salmon-fishing in. (L. Moll) Outing, 48: 

300-3 (Jco6), 

— With Dr. GrenfeU in. (W: R. Moody) Miss. R. 

19: S33-'5(J'o6)- 
Labham, G: F. (T. J. G. Gardiner) Cent. 30: 

Labuan, My friends in. Macmil. n. s. 1: 39-43 

Lace, Austrian peasant. (A. S. Lcvetus) Studio 

(Internal.) 37: ao9-i8naoQ. 

— collection at Metropolitan Museum, N. Y.' 

Citv. (Eva Lovett) Studio (Interaat.) 39: 

Lace collection, The, at the Metropolitan Mu- 
seum. (Eva Lovett) Studio (Internal.) 19: 

Lace exhibit at Metropolitan art museum, N. Y. 

Brush & P. 18: i<^5(Jlo6>. 
Lace school, An Italian, in New York. (Eva 

Lovett) Studio (Internal,) ag: iii-ra(Jlo6). 
Lacey, J: F. 

Forest reserves as breeding-places for wild life. 

Outing, 48: 349-so(Myo6). 
La Chasse, Comle. 
Defences of San Frandscoi Overland, n. s. 471 

ii^(Jao6). ' 

Lackeys out of livoy. (B. Millard) Co>mopol. 40: 

add, HsTiiard. 

Ladd, Hsfnard. 
A modem school of health; Harvard Medict^ 

School. Outl. 84: 539-4(37006). 
Lady, What is a? (Minna T. Antrim) Lippinc. 

78: 93-7(JIo6). 
Lady a^ou Iht aisle, The. (E. P. Butler) McOuie, 

*6: 3o^i7(J«o6). 
Lady Betty oni Mr. Wrighl. (C. N, and A, M. 

WilHamson) Ladies' H. J. 93, no, 5: 17-8 


— al Valley Farm. (C. N. and A. M. Williamson) 

Ladies' H. J. 33, no. 4: 15-6, 6i(Mro6). 

— findta refuge. '(C."N. and A, M. Williamson) 
I Ladiei' H. J. 83, no. 3: i):-9(Fo^. 

d by Google 


Lady Betty rvtu away. (C. N. and A. M. WiUiun- 

■oa) Ladies' H. J. 13, no. a: ^10, 44(Jao6). 
Lady in the barrel. The. (M. Jones) Cosraopol. 

40: 384-9i(Fo6). 
Lady Mary's elopement. (Elizabeth H. King) 

Lippinc. 77; i74-84(Mro6). 
Lady feddUr and tht diploBials, The. (Mrs. Wilson 

Woodrow) McClure. 37: 4i9-37[Ago6). 
Ladybird. (Katt Jordan) Cosmopol. 43: 41-51 


Sturgis's study of the artbt's way of working. 

Nation, 8a: ni-3(8Fo6).— Archit. Rec. 19: 

199-a 05 (Mro6) . 
L& Fabsc, J: (R. Cortksoz) Outl. 84: 479-88 

Ltifier, Henry Anderson. 
My siztjr sleepless hours; a sloiy of the San 

^^anaaco earthquake. McClure, ij: 975-81 

La Fouxtte, Robert M,; a atatesman after the 
order of Lincoln, (Wr Kittle) Arena, 35: 

Laibd, Han. David, Canadian, statesman. (K. 

Hughes) Canad. M. 3-/ : 400-3(806). 
Laisd and his tenants. (C: Edwards) Macmil. 

n. s. i: 838-50(506).^^ Ed. M. 147: 43S-4I 

(No6).-tJT. Age. 351: 303-11(87006), 
Lake of Demls, Tht. (Maty R. S. Andrews) Scrib. 

M.39: i8g-95(Fo6). 
lak» brttd. The. (J. O. Cunrood) Munsey, 36: 

Lake counthy of England. (K. L. Bates) Chaut. 

45- 36-65(006). 
Lakes, Great, Commnp of. (R. D. Paine) 

LAHABTcfE, A. de, Marriage of. (A. Laugel) 

Nation. 81: 35-6(11)806). 
Lavb, C: (A. Symons) [Month. R.] Liv.Age, 148: 

Lajib, C:, An unpublished letter of. Gent. M. 

n. 8. 77: 404-6(006). 

— EUana; the latest windfall. (W. C. Hazlilt) 

Allan. 97: JS»-63(Fo6). 

— Haalltt and. (S. T. Irwin) Quar. 304: t6i-86 


— Lucas' Life of. (P. F, BickneU) Dial (Ch.) 

40: 6-9(iJao6).--<H. W, Boynton) Critic, 48: 
a7-37(Jao6).--(L. Cooper) Nation, 8»: 304-5 

— Some unpublished letters of. (Bertram Dobell) 

Ath. 'eo, t: 545-6(5Myo6). 
Lamb, F: S. 

Making a stained-glass window and 

Craftsman, 10: iS-3i(Apo6). 
Lame lady's fansies. The. (Parker H. Fillmore) 

Everybody's, 15: ass-63(AEo6). 
Laubhnais, Feucttk de. (R. H. J. Steuart) 

Lamont, Hunmont 

The campaign against tuberculosis. Nation, 83: 

Caae ttf Rev. Algernon Crapsey. Nation, 81- 

Cheapening the Panama Canal. Nation, 8a; 

Lunont, Haminoiid. 

Classics and ponies. Nation, 83: 95-6(lAgo6). 
The Goman type. Nation, 83: 46a(7jeo6). 
The King's English. Nation, 83: aijtiajk*). 
National deterioration. Nation, 83; 134-5(16 

Paying the doctor. Nalioii, 83: 4S-9(i8Jao6). 
" See America first." Nation, 8a: 68-^{asJ»o6). 
Reading of children. Nation, 83: 5Si-»(a7 


Research in cancer. Nation, 83: g4-s(3Ago6). 
A successful profeasiooal career. Nation, 83; 

SuQ(by reading. Natioii, 83: 399-300(11006). 
Laupektico, Fbdelx. (A. Loria) Econ. J. 16: 

Lamplugh, G. W. 

Geology section British Association, Opening 

address. Nature, 74; 387-400(1 6 Ago6). 

LamSON, Gebtsude. See her stage-name O'NeB, 

Lucaiter, 0. B. 

The brand of ike wild. Harper, 113: 864-75 


His dailywork. Harp. W. 50: 1777-80(151)06). 

Lancaster, New Hampshire. (Mary R. P. 

Hatch) New Eog. M. n. s. 33: 583-6o3{Jao6). 

Lancebs, The National. (J, S. Barrows) New 

'^ M. n. s. 34: 4or-i6(Jeo6). 
Liuclani, Rodolfo. 

Aniucological notes from Rcnne. Ath, 06, a: 

Destruction ot Pompeii. Harp. W. 50: 585-7 

Notes from Rome. Ath. '06, i: 6i6-7(i9Myo6). 
The rediscovery of ancient Rome. Munsey, 

36: 37-47CO06). 
Vesuvius, the destroyer. Harp. W. 50: 585-7 
Lanciami, RotMuo; the man «4mm name nuut 
not be mentioned. Ladies' H. J. at, no. a: 
Land and unemployment. (H, Wright) Wcslm. 
166; ii:-3i(J!o61. 

— Cheap, in New York, (A. H. Gleason) Ctty 

Life Am. 11: 67-7o(No6), 

— in England. Progress of the Small holdings 

movement. (R. Winfrev) Econ. J. 16: aai-9 

LANS-FSAtro investigation in Kansas. (Sheffield 

Cowdrick) World To-day, to: aao-4(ro6). 
LANDi:.EGiSt.A-noM, Obj^t and method in. (R. M. 

Ferguson) 19th Cent. 60: 7Si-8(No6). 
Land policy of the [British] government. (F. A. 

Channing)Indep. R. ti: 76-8a(Oo6). 
Land registration in the territory of Hawaii. (P. 

L. Weaver) Am. Law R. 40: 33i-3o(My- 

Land settlemsnt ,in Prussia. (H: W. Wolff) 

Econ. R. 16; 8i-5(Jao6). 
Land system of the Connecticut towns. (N. P. 

Mead) Pol. Sd. Q. ai: 59-76(Mro6). 
Lakd tenhkb bill and public confidence. (R. 

Grealey) tgth Cent. 60: 7S9-64(No6). 
Land TENin<E8, English, Origin of. (F. C. Bryan) 

Am Law E. 40: 9-a7(Ja-Fo6). 




Lamd-valuxs, Single tax on. (A. SootI) Wettm. 

—Unearned increment, Problem o£ the, (A. Hook) 
Econ. R. i6r i68-79(Apo6). 

— urban, Recent schemes for rating. (F. Y. 

Edgeworth) Econ. J. 16: 66-77(Mro6). 

— Why and how they should be taxed. (J. C. 

Wedgwood) Naliooal, 48: 677-91(006). 
Luida.lL J. 
Alien transmigrants. Econ. J. 16: 353-64(806). 
Bcooomic aspect of alien labor. Econ. R. 16: 

EUzab^ of Rumania uid the Jews. Cent. 51 
Lani>i, Ulie. (C. L. Gravel) Spec 96: Ma-300 

Lahdlokoism and the bouung of th& woAing 
classes. (H. W. Ley) Westm. t66: 373^ 
LA.VDLORDS, English i what they might do. (Alger- 
non Tumor) Monthly R. 33, no. 3; ao-5 
Ltadman, Julius. 
Swiss national bank. Q. T. Econ. 30: 46S-S3 
Landor, Walter Savage, Poetry of. (A. Symona) 

Allan.97; 8o8-i6(Jeo6). 
Lamimcapb, The origin of. Ed. R. 304: 356-80 

— Tax on. (L. H. Berens) Westm. 166: 375-*! 

Landscape oardgnimo. Art of. (S: Parsons and 
W. R, O'Donovan) Out). 84: 333-33(33506). 
Lana, Alfred Chuictu 
The wealth of the commonwealtb; its con- 
sumption and conservation. Pop. Sd. Mo- 
68: i66-7s(Fo6). 
Lane,AniileE. [Mri- J:] 
Afientocit caUs. Fortn. 85: 696-7o6(Apo6).— 

Critic 48: 437-44{Myo6). 
The London 'bus Fortn- 85: iii-S(Jao6). 
The minor crimes. Fortn. 85: 1143-5 »(!«<*) ■ 
Lane, EUnor MacaitiiOT. 
AU for tk» hv* of a lady. Booklom's M. 7: 
Lane, J. Houer, Historical sketch of. (T. J. J. 

See) Fop. Astron. 14: io3-3o6(Apo6). 
Une, Stella, Mr,. 
The high school in Tyler. ludep. 61 : 378-83 
Lane, W: C. 
C^portuoitiea for bibliographical work. Lib. J, 
31: ii8-9(Mro6). 
Lang, Andrew. 
The ocnilt up to date. Indep. 61: 1068-90 

The poets' trade-union. Indep. 60: 1144-5(17 

Romance of lost heirs. Indep. 61: 1376-8(14 

The secret of the totero. Nation, 83: 163-4(33 

Telephone* and letter-writing. Critic, 48: 507- 
Lang, Oasiaii* 
The commissionership of education. Nation, 83 

Langdon, W : C- 

Ideas on civic education from the Juvenile City 

League. Chaut. 43: 370-4(Jeo6). 
Langoell, Professor C. C, and the study of law. 

(E. Warabaugh) Nation, 83: 89-30(12 JI06). 
Langdon, Sheiman. 

New museum idea. World's Work, 13: 77i»-a 

Lamglby, S : PlERPOWT. (W, E. Plummer) Nature, 

73: 443-4(8Mro6).— Sd. Am. 94: 307, 11(10 

Mro6). — Sd.Am. Supp- 61: 3533o(ioMro6), — 

(J: A. Brashear) Pop. Aslron. 14; »57-64(My 

Langton, H. H. 

Railway casualties. Nation, 83; 53(i9jlo6). 
Lanouaoe, An international. (A. Suins) Nation, 

S3: 33i(i5Mro6). 
Attitude of European scholarship towards. 

(Albert Schinz) Educa. R. 31 : so7-i3(Myo6). 

— Our daily speech. (W; D. Honells) Haip. 

Ba2. 40: 930-4(006). 

— universal; Eqveranto, the propoaed. (A. Sdunt) 

Allan. 97: 77-83(Jao6). 

— "Words, words, words." (R. Y. TyrreU) 

Fortn. 85: ii3i-43(Jco6). 
Langitaobs, Acquiring. (Charles W. Suoei) Na- 
tion, 83: 330-l(l3S06). 

— modern, Teaching, in France. (W: B. Aspin- 
. wall) Educa. 37: 45-8(806). 

Lanier, H : Wythain. 

Marvels of photography. World's Work, Ii! 

The sculpture of E. C. Potter. World's Work, 
13: 7968-83(806). 
Lanier, Robert S. 
International aid for Niagara. R. of Ra. (N. Y.) 

33: 43!'-9(Apo6). 
Revolution in rice-farming. R. of Rs. (N. V.) 
33: 7i6-9(Jeo6). 
Lanier, Sidney, Mims's. (E. L. White) Nation, 
83: eo(iSJao6).— (W. E. Simonds) Dial (Ch.) 
40: i3o-3(i6Fo6).— (J. L, Gilder) Critic, 48: 
35S-6(Apo6). _ 

— Reminiscences of. (0. Herbert Clarke) Indep. 

61: io9a-S(SNo6). 
Lanketter, Edwin Ray. 

Eight years at the Natural hbtory museum. 

Fortn. 86: 1039-54(006). 
Inaugural address, British Assoc., 1906. Na- 
ture, 74: 33 1-35(3 Ago6). = Sd. Am. Supp. 63: 
356i4-6(35Ago6). = Sdence, n. s. 34: 335-37 
Lanman, C: RockweU. 
The Aberdeen quatercentenaiy. Nation, ^83: 
Lan£n|;, D : 

Mimic royalties of May-day. Ouring,48: 143-51 

VndtTtheict. Outing,49: 389-43(Do6). 
Lannesu, J. F. 
The source of the sun's lieat. Pop. Astron, 14: 
Lansburj, G: 

Report of the Vagrancy Committee. Econ. J. 16: 
La Paz, Bolivia, Journey (o, (W, T. Burres) 

Odting. 48: 335-3o(Jeo6). 
La Place, Frauds. 

Christmas surprise party. Overland, n. s. 48; 




Luder, GaUlurd T: 
Fldbinga in Eastern Eneland in (he reign of 
anry 11. Eng. Hist. R. ai: S09-i3(Jlo6)- 
La Rahke, LomSE OB. (Richard Burton) Fortn. 

VariOocraU. (D. K. Btastcr) |TempI« Bar] Liv. 

Age, 149: 798-8io(3oJeo6). 
Larkiii, E^u L. 

Electricity and natter in a, gaseous slate. Sci. 

Am. 95: iii(iSAgo6). 
New conceptions in astronomy. Sd. Am. 94: 

Wonderful new inland sea [Salton Sea]. Co&- 
mopoL 41; 637-49(001^. 
Concrete minng machinery. Sci. Am, Supp. 
61; a54i3-5{36Myo6). 
La RocEnroiTCAiTLS-DotiDEATTviLLE, Hotel de. 
(Camille Gronkomki) Cent. 49: 9=5-38 
Latremore, Wilbur. 
American divorce law. No. Am. 183: 70-81 

Brag. Allan. 98: 405-10(506). 
llie consent of the governed. Am. Law R. 40: 

161 -74 (Mr-Apo6) . 
Other persons' literary laates. Bookman, 33: 
Lamed, C : W. 
Rmneiatlon of the enliated soldier. Intemat. 
Q. la: t89-ao7(Jao6). 
Larsen, Thoiley. 

Henrik Ibsen, a sketch. Canad. M. 27: 416- 
LarMon, Gustaf. 

Industrial education in secondary schools. Educa. 
17- i69-73(Nci6). 

The threatened depopulation of G reece. Chamb. 

J. 83: 40-2(Jao6). 

Lots of Windward Farm, The. (H. Sutcliffe) 

[Comh.] Lit. Age, 949: 2»-3i(7Apo6), 111-7 


LatI laugh, Tkt. (H. L. Cohn) Cosmopol. 41: 

Last match of Iht teason. The; a fantasy. (J. King- 
stead) Chamb. J. 83: 6i9-ii(So6). 
Last mtssage, The. (E. Mirrilles) Munsey, 35: 

LaH pilot schooner. The. (R. D. Paine) McCIure, 

'6- 5»3-34(Mr06). 
Lait ray. The, (Vladimir Korolenko) [Temp. Bar] 

Liv. Age, 948: 6i8-93(iOMro6). 
Last of the garriton. The. (Dorothy Canfield) 

Eveiyboi^s, 15: ei-7(Jlo6>. 
ImI turn of the tertvit. (A. C. Smith) Canad. M. 

a8: 9i-8(No6). 
Latane, T:Hotladay. 

The foidble collection of international debts. 
Allan. 98: 549-;o(Oo6). 
Late spring, A. (H. Gilbert) Fortn. 86: 553-9 

Latham, H ; Guy Dempler. 
Some natural history. III. [Comh.] Liv. Age, 
149: 996-3 ■( 98 Apo6). 
iMOiam, L. E. 
FogaazaiD and his Trilogy. Oath. Worid.'S*: 
»#o-5o(Ni>«), 381-7CD06). 

Lathburj, Daniel Conner. 

The case for the Lords. Fortn. 85: 557-09 

Confiict or compromise? igthCent.Co: 136-44 

The education bill, tgth Cent. 59: 747-** 

Latimer, J. D. 

Greatest year of new railroad enterprises. R. 
. of Rs. {N. Y.) 34: 449-6o{Oo6). 
Latin, and Greek, The present position of, (Clar. 

ence G. Child) Nation, 83: 347(95006).— 

(Arthur O.Norton) Nation, 83: 980-1(4006). 

—(Francis W. Kelsey) Educa. R. 33: 461- 

73(Do6).— NaUon, 83: 369(iNo6).— (A. O. 

Norton) Nation, 83: 436(!"aNo6). 

— as an intelJeciual force in civilization. (E. A 
Sonnenschein) National, 47: 67o-83(Jeo6). 

— in the secondary schools of Germany. (O. 
Thiergen) School R. 14: 97o-4(Apo6). 

— Learning. (Frank H. Fowlei) Nation, S3: 

— Studying. (Addiaon Hague) Nation, 83: a3i 

— Teaching. (W: A. Houghton) Educa. R. 31: 
aa7-93(Mro6).—( Gonzalez Lodge) Nation,83: 

Latin and Teuttm races. (M. Maeterlinck) 

Putnam, it 77-8o{Oo6). 
Latim Auerica and Colombia. (J: Barrett) Nat. 

Gcog. M. 17; 6g3-7og(Do6). 

— and the United Stotes. Monthly R. 39, no. i : 
53-76(Jao6).-Ecl. M. 146: 195-104 (Mro6). 

— Our trade relations with. (Burdelie G. Lewis) 
J. Pol. Eron. 14: 6o3-i3(Do6). 

— Roosevelt, Root, and Rio. (F. Crane) Eel. M. 
147: 3-9(Jlo6). 

Latin -.^WERicAM Confedebation, 1856, Project of. 

Am. Hist. R. ts: 94-103(006). 
Latin svntax, Some recent tendencies in. (J: C- 

Rolte) School R. 14: 549-';o(Oo6). 
Latin toncof,, The holy. (W. Barry) Dub. R. 

138: 28t-304(Apo6). 
Latitude, Variation of. Pop. Astron. 14: 469-71 

Latbobk, B; H: Journal. (W. P. Garrison) Na- 
tion, 81: 387-S(ioMyo6). 
LatBon, W. R. C. 
Moral effects of athletics. Outing, 49: 389-430 

Rational system ofphyilcaldevdt^nDeDL Outin;. 

47: 4a7-3<KJ«o«- 
Secret of endurance. Outing, 47; 633— 4i(Fo61. 
Secret of success in feats of skill. Outing, 4S: 
Lattimer, R. B. 

Some rcQertions upon English and German 
education. Monthly R. 25, no. i: 91-101 
Lattimore, Allda. 

The founding of a city. Qutl.84: 875-8(8006). 
Laitder, W:, a foi^Ken forger. Genl. M. n. s. 
77- 449-<54(No6). 

General Lamarque. Nation,S9: 390-t(iQApo6). 

The Golovkins. Nation, Sa: iis-6(8Fo6). 
Lamartine's marriage. Nation, Sa: 35-6(llJa 


n Paris. Nation, 83: ' 


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Nspoleon as king of Elba. Nation, Ba: 177-9 

Napoleon I., victim of hia clan. Nation, 81: 

LecoDte de Lisle. Nation, 8a: a37-S(3aUroin. 
Madame de Prie. Nation, Si; igj-^(fiMto6i. 
LauEhlin, CUra G. 
The seven ages of women. Harp.Baz.40: T087- 
Laughlia, J. Lawrence, 

I'nions vtrstis higher wages. J. Pol. Econ. 14: 
Ladohter in court. (F: Payler) [Macmil.] Liv, 

Age, 248: 66i-6{i7Mro6). 
— Propagation of. (Mabel M. Coi) Cosmopol. 

41: aao-3(Jeo6). 
Lanrentz, Baron Cantpbell Ttm. 
A Scotchman at Mars-la-Tour. [Cornh.J Eel. 
M. i47:4-i-^o(No6). 
Laurie, A. P. 
Report of the Haldane committee. Indep. R. 

Forests of Canada. Nat. G«og. M. 17: 504-11 
Lmjsixr, Sir Wilfrid, and future of Canada. 
(W: R. Stewart) Appleton'a M, 8: 573-9 
Laut, Agnea Cliriatins. 

Gamesten of the wildemeas; the Hudson's Bay 
Fur Company and the French raideis. Harper, 
lis: 768-79(Apo6). 
Sea-voyagen of the northern ocean. Haiper, 

iia: a9i-8(Jao6). 
En^and's problem of the unemployed. R. of 

The wilderness near home. Clry Life Am. 
LAtTT, AoMKS C, Ezperlencea of. Outing, 47; 

Larell, Cedl Paiichild. 

I>: LivinfTslone. Chaul. 44: 183-108(006). 
Imperial England. Chaut. 44: t7-8a(So6), 153- 

aio{Oo6). 189-3S3CN06). 
The message of Greek politics. Chaut. 43 
Latery, Oilian. 
Romatut of tha cotmiry fair, Indep. 61 : 5SS-6 
Larea, Knit. 
The arc -method for descriptive astronomy. 

Pop. Astron. 14: ai7-2i(Apo6). 
New light from old records. Pop. Astron. 14: 
Law, E : Fitzgerald. 

Plajdng with fire; a reply. [Military organiza- 

aon in India.] National, 46: 9io-34(Jao6). 
The problem of the gold reserve. National, 48: 
Law, Hubert E. 
Su Frandsco of the future. Craftsman, 9: 
Law, DeciaiTe battlea of the; the impeachment of 
Andrew Johnson. (F: T. Hill) Harper, 113; 

— New national forces and the old. (M. M. 

Bigelow) Atlan. 98: 726-33(006). 

— Supreme, of the land. (B. Eslerline) Am. 

Law R, 40: s66-7s(Jl-Ago6). 

Law. Why I gave up practice. Indep. . i : 1534- 

Law of compensation. The. (H. E. Morton) 

C<»mopol. 41; ios-9(Myo6). 
Law-uakino mania. (J. Macdonnell) 19th Cent. 

59: 984-9s(Jeo6).-Liv. Age, 250: 131-9 

Lawn, English. Sat. R. 101: lii-i^tod). 

— How to make a. (L. Barton) Ctry Life Am. 

9: 5Ji-7(Mro6). 
Lawrence, Arthur T. 

Th* tnthanted valleys. Harp. W. 50: 513. 33 
Lawrence, Isabel. 

How lead children to bve good books. Pub. Lib. 
11: i79^3(Apo6). 
Lawrence, Joseph. 

British patent-laws and their relation to industrial 
employmoni. National, 48: 3*9-^9(006). 
Lawrence, Sarah B. 

Hbtoric houses and a noted schooL New Eng. 
M. n. s. 34: 46s-76(Jeo6). 
Lawson, Andrew C, and Leuscbner, A. O. 

The California earthquake. Sdence, n. e. 33; 
Lawson, Robb. 

Religious drama. Macmil. n. s. 1 ; so5-ia(Myo6). 
— Liv. Age, 349: 6ii-6(9jeo6). 
Lawson, T: W. 
The burning issue of life insurance. Every- 
body's, 15: 54^53(006). 
The tight for the control of the big hfe-Insurance 
companies. Everybody's, 14: S4S-^(Apo6). 
Frenzied finance; the stoir of Amalgamated. 
Everybody's, 14: 73-S(Jao6), a5o-7(Fo6), 
Friday, tht 13!*. .Everybody's, 15; 820-30 

Legislative corruption. Everybody's, 15: 113- 

Life-insurace corruption. Everybody's, 14: 407. 

The rauck-rakpr. Everybody's, 15: 204-8 

Punch-and-Judying the U. S. court. Every- 
body's. 14: 8i8-3a(Jeo6). 
Remedy for frenued finance not yet ready. 
Eveirbody'a, 15: 714-8CN06). 
Lawton, F: 

Jacques Emile Blanche. Fortn. 85: 1106-14 
{Jeo6>. .>■ 

Lawton, W: C. 

Academic courage. Educa. R. 31: 395-404 

Sappho, with some new translations. Lippinc 
77: s8i-B(Myo6). 
Lawyer, The ideal. {D. J. Brewer) Atlan. 98: 

— Selection of. Am. Arch. 90: is-6(l4jlo6). 
Lawyers of Massachusetts. (S. O. Sherman 

and W. F. Hutchins) New Eng. M. n. k. 34: 

433-4»(Jeo6). 35: 36-49(So6), 449-58CD06). 
Lay canons in France. (E. Beck) Macmil. n ■ 

t: 30S-io(Fo6). 
Lay of tke Jack HaU hai. The. (B. Blow) Outmg, 

47: SSO-4(Fo6). 
LayinR waste of pleasant places. Gent. M. n. s. 

76;46i-9(Jeo6).-Liv.Aee. 2i;ots8<»-94(8So6). 
LAUKU8, Ehwa; a poem. (R. W. Gilder) Critic, 

48: 7Saao6), 




MoliDoa ud the Italian mystic*. Am. Hut. 
R-ii: a43-6aOao6). 

F. Leveson-Gower's Memories of a happj life. 

Chamb. J.83: 38s-7aeo6). 
Queer side of the English Cabinet. Chamb. J. 

83: ii8-^2(Apo6). 
The sovereigD and the Foreign Office. Chamb. 
J. 83: 756-6o(No6). 
Leacock, Stephen. 
Passing of the poet. Cuad. M. af. 71-3 

Leadman, Wilfrid H. 
Literary portion of Oscar Wilde. Westm. 166; 

Leab-wobk by G. P. Bankart. {A. Vallance) 

Studio (Intemat.) 29: 194-9(506). 
LEAOBRsatP, Origins of. (Eben Mumford) Am, 

J. Sociol. n; »i6-4o(So6), 367-97{No6). 
League of peace, A. (A. Carnegie) Pop. Mo. 68; 

Leahy, B. 

Catholic piogress in Ireland. Am. Cath. Q. 

31: 304-9{Apo6). 
Notre Dame de Fourvifere. Am. Cath. Q. 31: 

The transformation of Foriord, Ireland, Am. 
Cath. Q. 31: 63a-7(Oo6). 
Leap-year parish, A. (Mrs. CiT. Collins) Ladies' 

V. J. 33. no. 11: 7-8(No6>. 
Learoo map of 1451. Am, Geog. Soc. Bull. 38: 

Leaned, H; Barrett 
Origin and creation of the President's cabinet. 
Yale R. 15: i6o-94(Ago6). 
Learned, Marion Dexter. 

German education. Educa. 37: 15-36(506). 
Leasninc, Economical. (M. W. Meyerhardt) 

Pedagog. Sem. 13: i45-84(Jeo6). 
Learning of a lesson. The. (A. H. Henderson) 
Chamb. J. 83: 497-501, 533-6(Ago6). 


. la radlMcti 

631-1(1 7N06). 

Le Braz, Anatole. R. of Rs. (N. Y.) 33: 396 

— a representative Celt of France. (Carroll Dun- 
ham) R. of Rs. (N. Y.) 33: a97-8(Mro6). 

Leconte DE LiBLE. (A. Laugei) Nation, 83! «37- 

Lectuheii, The practical. A great English- 
woman. [Acad.] Liv. Age, 348: so3-s{»4 

Lectubes, Libraries and. (Frank C. Patten) 
Pub. Lib. 11: 489-93{No6). 

Led^r, Edmund. 
Halley's and other cometa. 19th Cent. 60: 379- 


T^ asphodel. No. Am, 182: 770-6(Myo6), 
Lee, Arthur. 

A plea for maintaining our battleship programme, 
rational, 47: 9t4-3o(Ago6). 
Lee, F; S., House of, N. Y. Ci^. Archil. Rec. 
.30: 4a7-36(No6). 

LEE,Co/.H:,Morse'sMemoirof. (T:W.Higpn. 

son) Nation, "Ss: i8-9(4jao6). 
Lee, Gen. H: (L. T. Sprague) Outing, 48: 478- 

Lee, Jeoiiette Barbour Perr;. 
Achillts goes to Chicago. Harper, 114: tts-ao 

Ibaen. Putnam, i: *4J-9(No6), ^5-74 

liule Dunker. Harper, 113: 468-73(Ago6). 
The middle distance. Lippinc 77: 635-40 

One way of love. Lippinc 77: i30-83(Fo6)- 
Wingi. Uppinc.77: 347-57(Mro6). 
Lee, Joaepb. 

A system of public playgrounds. Cbaut 4J: 



— Place in history of. (E. Mims) OutL 84: 978- 


— Reminiscences of. (E; V. Valentine) OutL 

84: 964-8(ajDo6). 

— Surrender at Appomattox. (H. Porter) OutL 

84: 97o-6(a2Do6). 
Lee, Sidney. 

Future of Shakespearean research. 19th Cent 

59- 763-78(Myo6). = Liv. Age, 249= 707-19 


Pepys and Shakespeare. Fortn. 85: 104-20 

(Jao6). — Liv. Age, 149: 3ro-aa{38Apo6) 

Samuel Pepys; the regenerator of the British 
navy. National, 47; 84o--5i(Jlo6). 
Lees, Beatrice A. 

Letters of Queen Eleanor of Aquitalne to Pope 
CelestinellL Eng. Hist. R, 11: jS-giQao6]. 
Lefllngwell, W. B. 
New Zealand. Harp. W. 50: 558-60, 6i 
Lxrr-HAMDEDNESS. Science, il f. 34: 56o(3No6). 
Lefeyre, G. Shaw. 
Rival navies. Contemp. 89: tS3-6s(Fo6), 
Later Eversley, G: S.-L., baron, q.v. 
Legacy of Ike lost mine. (Tutt^ F. Huntington) 

Overland, n. s. 47- 367-7i(Apo6). 
Legal decisions. Conformity of, to ethical stand- 
atdsofright. (A-G-Tibbets) Aro.Law R.40: 
Ltgionnairei, Lei; a North African sketch, jouniti 
on fad. (R. E. Fyfie) [Outlook (Lond.)] lir. 
Age, 349: 33i-8(i8Apoo). 
Legislate, How not to. (R. Ogdeo) Nation, 8i; 

Lecislatiok and " combines " in the United Stales. 
[Economist] Liv. Age, 250: 346-9(28Jk>6). 
Growing complenities of. (D. E. Mowry) Am, 

Law R. 40: 3ii-2i(Mr-Apo6). 
SpeciaL (S. P. Oitli) Atlan. 07: A^^Tfttwue). 
Legislative COKRUPTION. (T: W-LawsoojErery- 

Jody's, r5r ii3-ao(Jlo6). 
Lehlbach, B : 

Glass rooms and sun parlors. Ctrr Lite Am. 

lOT 635-7(006). 

Lehman, W-. E. 

Kidd's Western civilization- Intemat. J. Ethics, 
17: 78-99(006)- ..; .i .U 


Leigh, Adsten, Provost of King's College, Cam- 
bridge. Spec. 97: i68-9{4Ago6). 
Leigh, JiGurett. 
Ethics of sacramenlalism. Econ. R. i<3: zS6-03 

Free libranes and their possibilities. Econ. R. 
16: 3i-43(J«o6). 
Lrightcm, J: 
Early railway guides. Chamb. J. 83; 774-7 
LeightoD, Horgaret Wentworth. 

Crabs and their habits. St. Nich. 33: 911-4 
Leipoldt, C. L: 
Adam Lindsay Gordon. Wesun. 165: 197-308 

Where the flammg h feeds. Mactnil. □. s. i: 
LetpnozR, H: M., with portrait. (G: Johnston) 

Harp. W. 50: 710, i3(i9Myo6). 
LEisintE CLASS. Spee.g6; 86a-3(iJeo6). — Liv.Age, 

Lekvthos, an Attic grave. (Silvia M. Welsh) 

J. Hcl. Slud. 16: 329-34(No6). 
LEI.AHD, C: GODFKBY, Petutell's Life of. (A. S. 

van Wcstnim) Nation, S3: ■ 363(3 jSoti). 
— The modern adventurer. Outi. 84: 553-5 

LeUsd, W. 0. 
Black verna ItaJian labor. Nation, 81: 97 
Leland Stanford Uhivesstty. See Stanford 

Leloin^, Emile. 
Cbaia-making machinery. Sd. Am. Supp. 61: 
LEUAiTitE, IttLES. (Jeanne Mairet) Critic, 48; 358 

LemnMni, J. O. 

Forests o( the Pacific slope. Oul West, 14: 
Lemohs. See Citrus-plants. 

Lenbacb, Fbani von. (C. Brinton) Munsey, 35: 
663-80(306).— (H. von Herkomer) Stadki (In- 
ternal.) 97: IQS-9O106). 
Lenoth, Standardi of. (Herbert T. Wade) Sd. 

Am. 94: >o9(ioMi:o6). 
Lenlngton, O: C. 

A religious awakening in Braail. Miss. R. 19: 
Lenitea. H. J. 

Graph in high-school mathematics. School R. 

Lenox, J: P. 
Moaemizing Jesu« In a 

LsttSBS, Fluid. Science, n 

World To-day, 1 

. *3- 


: 8*5- 

How Christ conquered Fiji. Miss. R. 

One hundred years of 
LMnard, Habel E. 

Bibliography of education for 1905. 
33: i6i;-3o6<So6), ai8-74(Oo6). 
Lemurd, Hutu. 

A vagabond garden reclaimed. Ctry Life Am. 
9; s3i-3(Mro6). 

Miss. R. 


LEONiDAa, of Tarenlum. (J. S. Phillimore) Dub. 

R. 138: S9-78(Jao6). 
Leopold II, of Bel^um, with portr&it. (Robert 

E. Park) Everybodjr'a, tj: 6i4-33(NoO. 
Lbpers of Alia, The. (T: A. Bailey) Miss. R. ig: 

Lepidopteba, Summer. (H. Dollman) Sci. Am. 

Supp. 63: isSS6-7C»8Jlo6)- 

day. 10: si-6(Jao6). 
Philippines and the Filipinos. Pol. Sd. Q. ai: 
Le SiDANEB, Henri. Venice. (C. Campbell) Art 

J. 58: i4S-6(Myo6). 
Lespikasse, MademoileUe de. <fi. L. Strachey) 

Indep. R. 10; 345-56(So6). 
Lesdng, Bruno. f 

Thebigirte. Cosmopol, 41: 545-54(806). 
ThehrohenioU. CoimopoL49: i36--4i(Do6). 
IngraiUtidt af MUter Koienjild. Cosmopol. 41; 

TKt farrot of Unek Horwilt. Cotmopol. 41: 

A PriteiUa of Heittr Strut. CosmtsftA. 41: 

Tht stranger at tkt feast. Everybody's, 14; 
UsuM in labor, A. (Richard W. Child) McCluie. 

»?: a5-35CMyo6). 
Less<m in love tactics, A. (C. Mills) [PaU MaU M.] 

Liv. Age, 349; 4aj-7(i9Myo6). ^ 
Utter, C: 

"The value of a public school education": a 
rejoinder. National, 47; 633-8(Jeo6). 
Uthaby, W. R. 
J: T: Micklethwaite. Ath. '06, a: 589-90(10 
Lethbridge, Roper. 
The imperial visit to India. Fortn. 85: 96-103 
Letters, Franking of. (R. S. Smyth) Chamb. J. 
83: 373-6006). 

— post, Opening of. Chamb. J, 83: 39-3o(Jao6). 
Lettess or BtraiNESS. (H. H. Henson) Contemp. 

90: 703-a3(No6). 
Letttrs of life and death. The. (T: W. Stevens) 

CosmopoL 41: 663-71(006). 
Letter* of a poet to a muaidan. (L. Heaiii) Critic, 

48: 3o9-i8(Apo6). 
Letters of a scoffer. The. (M. F. Ferguson) Lippinc. 

78: 88-9»(Jlo6). 
LiTTEe-witiTEBS, Some, andent and modem. V. 

Quar. 304: 390-4i7(Apo6). 
Letter- WRITING, Character in. (Basil Toter) 

Monthly R. 33, no. 3 : ia3-3o(Jeo6). — Liv. Age, 

^5°: 53-8(7Jlo6). 

— years ago. (Edgar J. Banks) Sd. Am, 

94: 3t3(i4Apo6). 
Letts, W. H. 

Pandeen in Ike •uioods. [Temp. Bar] Liv. Age, 

350: io6-io{t4Tlo6). 
The ladnesi of Colamhine. [Pall Mall] Liv; Age, 
351: 335-30(37006). 

d by Google 



B failure of the educated American Indian. 
Booklover'a M. 7; S94-6o3(Myo6). 
Indian funds and missaion schools. Outl. 83: 

The old garden at MouDt Vernon. Cent 50: 
LeuBchuer, A. O., and Lawson, A. C. 

The CaUfomJa earthquake. Science, a, a. 93; 

Leraj, L: de. 
The Hungarian emigration law. No. Am. i8»: 

Levtloi}ortmu!,Th«. (A. M. Koach) Harper, iia: 

Levels, Precise, in the U. S. Am. Geog. Soc. 

Bull. 38: ii-i-y>{A.p6(,). 
Lever, C: (L.Mclville) Fortn.86: 33S-4&(Ago6). 

= Ut. / 

• — Downey's. .. ._ . 

40: 383-4(i6Jeo6).— Btackw. 179: 433-43 

Leveson-Gowek. F: Memories of a happj life. 

Lifeof. (J. L. Glider) Critic, 48: 3S4-5s{Apo6). 
LevetuB, A. S. 
Austrian peasant embroidery. Studio (Intemat.) 

19: iii-8(Ago6). 
Austrian peaaar' ' 

Modem Viennf 

Otto Frutacher, Viennese designer. Studio 

(Intemat.) 38: 33-4i(Mro6). 
The personal oriaments of the Austrian peasant. 

Studio (Intemat.) 39: 333-8(006). 
The recent exhibition of miniatures at Vienna. 

Studio (Inlemat.) 37: 3l6-i8{Fo6). 
Levy, Florence H. 
Notable recent paintings and sculpture. World's 

Work, 13; 77is-2 7(Jlo6)- 
LxvY-DBtraiiZK, L., French pastelhst. (Frances 

Keyier) Studio (Intemat.) a8: i44-5o(Apo6). 
Lewis, A. 

Question of the unemployed. Overland, n. a. 

48: 337-43(No6). 
Lewis, Alfred H: 

The lesson of Piatt. CosDV^ml. 40: 639-45 

Statehood for Oklahoma and New Mexico. Book- 
lover's M. 7; i50-s(Fo6). 
Story of Andrew Jackson. Cosmopol. 41 : 

M3-So(Jeo6), i9o-6(Jlo6). \is-23{kap(,\ 488- 

95(So61. 6ss-63(Oo6). 43: 6t-«(No6), ao8- 

Story of Paul Jonea. Cosmopol. 

t lace. Studio (Intemat.) >7: 

Studio (Intemat.) 39: 

. >'■ 40: 345-So 
(Jao6), 4"-7(Fo6), <69-7s(Mro6), 69i-d(Ap 
06). 4r: 9o-*(Myo6). 
Tht thtov>back. Outing, 47; 4Si-66(Jao6), 619- 
— and others. 

The day of discontent. Cosmopol. 40; 603-10 
Lewis, Austin. 
The national disgrace; child labor. Overland, 

n. s. 48: i66-7o(So6). 
Private extravagance and the public weal. Over- 
. land, n. a. 47: 3i8-3o(^;>96). 

Leiria, Buidette Q. 

Our trade relations with' Latin America. J. 
Pol. Econ. 14: 6o3-i3(Do6). 
Lewis, F. H. 
Modern Portland-cement phut. Engin. M. 31: 
884-96(506). 33: 3to->6(No6). 
Lewis, Jocelya. 

Was It worth while? Outl. 83: 9oa-4(iSAgo6), 

Panama canal ai a benefit to American com- 
merce. Harp. W. 50: 438-40(3 1 Mro6). 
Roosevelt's new plan tor the Panama Canal. 
Harp. W. 50; is*-6(3Fo6). 
Lewit, Lawrence. 

How woman suffrage works in Colorado. Outl. 

83: i67-78(37jao6). 
Minnequa works ot The Colorado Fuel and Iron 

Co. Sci. Am. 95: 3i4-6(33So6). 
The Pike's Peak centennial. World's WoA, it: 
Lewit, Mrs. Margaret Cameron. 

Tha cat and the canary. Harper, 113: 454-67 
Lewis, Robert E. 

Reconstruction without revolution In China. 
Miss. R. 19: 750-3(006). 
Lewis, Vivian B. 

Explosive labors and dust. Am. Arch. 90: 110 

Spontaneous ignition of woodwork. Am. Arch. 
90: 93-4(i2So6). 
Lewys, Eleanore F. 
DrAun of a fair dty. Overland, n. a. 47: ^77- 

Tallac and Taboe. Overland, n. a. 4S: 173-8 

Landlordism and the housing of the working 
classes. Wealm. 166: 373-6(So6). 
Leypoldt, Augusta H. 

Practical bihiiogrnphy. Lib. J. 31. 303-7 

Counsel lor tht prisoner. Munsey, 33; TT*-; 
Libhy and the dark. (Annie H. Donnell) Haip. 

Baz.40: i34-8(Fo6. 
Liberals or Jacobins? (W, Barry) National. 4;: 

LiBEKu; an example of negro sclf-govemment. 
(Agnes P. Manony) Appteton's M. 8: 91-0 

— Future of. (Harry H. Johnston) Indep. 61: 

LiBEKTV, Human, or human greed? (Robert 
Baiter) Arena, 35 ; 94o-3(Mr^). 

— law, and labor. (Fannie H. Gaffnev) Arena. 

36; 385-8(306). 

— Mackinnon's History of modem. Dial (Chk.l 

41: 3i-3(i6Jlo6). 

— of the press, Vanishing (Theodore Schroederi 

Arena, 36: 6i7-2i(Do6). 

— tjuo vadis? (G. Lowes Dickinson) Indep. R. 

8r i48-57(Fo6). 
LiBSARiAH, SchoUnhip for the trained. (W. E. 
Henry) Pub. Lib. 11: io3~s(Mro6), 

— small, Inexpensive resources for. (Ange V. 
_ Milner) Pub. Lib. 11: 363-7(Jlo6). 

d by Google 


LiBRAKUM of the desert; a poem. (Harry L. 
Koopman) Lib. J. 31: C35-3o(.Agi>61. 

— Atnvding. Fub. Lib. ti: ao3-5{Apo6). 
LtM*BiAKS, German, Annual meeting of, 1906. 

. (Frank Weitenkampf) Lib. J. 31: 67J-3{So6). 

— State eiaiQ illations and state certificates for. 

(Clara F. Baldwin) Lib. J. 31 ; 8o6-8(Do6). 

— Tnining of, in the Province of Ootario. (E. 

A. Hardy) Pub. lib. ir: 43-6<Mjo6). 
LmKAKiES, Babylonian. (Morris Jsstrow, jr.) 
Indep. tii: r5i9-^r(28Jco6). 

— children's rooms, Book-Usls and bulletins for. 

(AUce G.Whitbeck) Lib. J. 31: 3i6-7(Jlo6), 

— Civil-service melbods as affecting library effi- 

ciency. (Helen E, Haines) Lib. J. 31: 699- 

— Field. (M. Dewey) Dial (Ch.) 40: 75-7{iFo6). 

— Free, and their possibilities. (J: G. Leigh) 

Econ. R. 16: 32-43(Jao6). 
and fiction. (W. H. Harwood) Westro. 165: 

309-15 (F06). 
^ PuUic, Aim of, in book-buying. Lib. J. 31: 

and the Los Angeles Public library. (C, F. 

Lummis) Out Wesl, as : r9;-ai5(So6). 
and tuberculosis. (Cornelia Marvin) Pub. 

Lib.:.: 433-4(Oo6). 
Basis of taialion for, (James H. Canfield) 

Lib. J. 31: C36-40(Ago6). 
Book selection and purchase tor small. 

(Mabel E. Prentiss) Pub. Lib. ri; js-gCFofi). 
books for the foreign population, (Jamc! 

H. Canfield; Arthur E. Bos!wi.:k; J. Maud 

Campbell) Lib, J. 31: 6s-72(Ago6). 

— — Direction for popiJar readers. (E. A. Baker) 

Contemp.89; 489~504(Apo6). 

of Cahfomia. Destruction of, in earthquake, 

— One phase of library development. (Frank 

P.HiUiLib.J.3": C3-9(Ago6). 

April, 1906. Lib. J. 31: 3i3-5(Myo6). 
order routine in Brooklyn P. L. (Emma V. 

Baldwin) Pub. Lib. n: s6o-i(Do«). 
reaching the people. (Puid B. Wright) 

Pub. Lib. 11; 237-4o(MyoiS). 
Sdiool drculation methods of. (G : T. 

dark) Lib. J. 31: iss-7(Myo(S). 
Supply and use of technological books. 

(Harnaon W. Graver) Lib. J. 31 : 7J-5(Ago6). 
Survey of dvic betterment. C haul. 43: 277- 

Ind^. 86(Myo6). 

— small town, Problems of. (Sarah B. Askew) 

Lib. T. 3': 7°S-8(Oo6). . 

— Special. (Robert H. Whitten) Lib. J- 31: 12-4 


— spedalized, The need for. (James H. Canfield) 

Indep. 61: tiSS-7{isNo6). 

— State, Broadenbig of. (Melvil Dewey) Pub. 

lib. 11: 2»a«o6)- 
LiBKAKY, An ideal domestic. (P. J. Mather, jr.) 
Indep. 61: ri43-fi(r5No6). 

— The, and the lecture, (Frank C. Patten) Pub. 

Ub. 11: 489-9j{No6). 

— as a factor in modem civilization. (W; H. F. 

Faunee) Lib. J. 31: CrS-3o(ARo6). 

— Business end of a.* (Annie A. Pollard) Lib, 

dq). 60: ia77-9(3iMyo6). 

LiBKAKV, The, in the coirmiuiiity. (Ernest C 
Richardson) Lib. J. 3r: ro7-n(Mro6). 

— in its relation to the elementary schooL Pub. 

IJb. ir: S4i-8(I>o6). 

— in the school. Dial (Ch.) 40; 73-s(lFo6). 

— Modern college. (J. H. Canfield) Educa. a?: 


— The modem public (Hamilton Bell) Book- 

lover's M. 7: sis-96(Apo6). 

— of Congress. (Frank Vrooman) Arena, 36: 

Bill to pay architects fees for. Am, Arch. 90: 

Classification of, and its printed cards. (F; 

C. Hicks) Lib. J. 31: 2SS-6aeo6). 

— Organization of a, m a small town. (Elisabeth) 

D. Renninger) Lib. J. 31: ita-7(Mro6). 

— Public, and civic improvement. (F: M. Crunden 

Chaut. 43: 33S-44(Jeo6). 
as a municipal institution; from the admin- 
istrative standpoint. (Horace G. WadUn) 

Lib. J. 31: C30-4(Ago6). 
as a soda) center. (Gratia Countryman) 

Pub. Lib. ir: 5-7(Jao6). 
One way to popiUarize. (E. W. Gaillard) 

Pub. Lib. tt: i2-4(Ju>6). 
Social side of the, (Joy Lichtenstein) Pub. 

Lib. 11: 69(Fo6). 
Sphere of the. (Reuben G. Thwailes) Pub. 

Lib. 11: 3-S{J«x5)- 
Whafs the use of a? (Anna G. RockweU) 

;.ib. J. jr: 8o8-ri(Do6). 

— Small, as a library center. (Emma F. Wake- 

man) Fub. Lib. It: g(JaoC). 

— using a, The art of. (Louise Connolly) Lib. J. 

31: 3o8-ir(]lo6). 
See Library scboolsi alsa, Tnuning classes. 
LiBKARV advertising. (Purd B. Wright) Lib. J. 

31: 86-8(Ago6). 
LlBRAKV and educational authorities, conference at 

Birmingham, 1906. Ath. '06, i: 578-9(11 

Library arcbitectork abroad (Alfred D. F. 

Hamlin) Lib. J. 31: 710-5(006). 

— from the librarian's point of view. (W: H. 

BrelO Lib. J, 3:; C49-5i(Ago6), 
LiBKARV Assoa ov thx U.' K. Meeting, 1906. 

Ath. '06, s: s73-3(SSo6), 303-3(15306).— Lib, 

J. 31: 7ao-3(Oo6). 
LlBRARV BUILDINGS and book -stacks. (Bernard R. 

Green) Lib. J, 31; Cs2-6(Ago6). 

— Branch, (Raymond F. Almiral) Lib. J, 31: 


— from the librarian's standpoint. (Alia L. Stans- 

bury) Pub. Lib. 11: 495-9(No6). 

— Need of an A. L. A. collection of plans. (C. 

C. Soule) Pub. Lib. 11: 429-30(006). 

— Recent. Fub. Lib. 11: 395-418(7106). 

— vicTi-s of a consulting architect. (Alfred D. 

F. Hamlin) Lib. J. 31: C57-62(Ago6). 
Library prerrrDTES in Michigan, 1906. Fub, 

Lib. ti; i46-5o(Mro6). 
Library legislation in 1905- Lib. J, 31: 57-9 

Library ueetings. An innovation in, in Wisconsin. 

(Lulic E. Steams) Lib. J. 31: 55-7(Fo6). 
Library urrBODS; course given to dty normal 

school. (Linda M. Clatworlhy) Lib. J. 31: 





LlBBAKV METHODS in the bimncBs nrorld. (Junes 
H. Canfield) Pub. Lib, ii: 344-*(Myo6), 

— Instruction in; is it needed in normal schools 

and unireraities? (Frank B. Cooper) Lib. J. 

3t: i57-6o(Myo6). 
LtBEAKY OBGAMIZATION for a Small town. (Alice 

S. Tyler) Lib. J. 3-1: 8o3h5(Do6). 
LiBKAHY raoFESBiON, Organization of, in the U, S. 

(Dr. Wolfsteig) Pub. Lib. n: ii-j(Jao6). 
LlBKABY REFOHK in France. (J. I. Wycr, jr.) 

Lib, J. 31: jis-;(Myo6). 
LiBRABV SCHOOL problem, The. (Irene Warren) 

Pub. Lib. 11: S4i-3(Do6). 
LiBKARV SCHOOLS, An account of the vunoua. 

Pub. Lib. 11: ti6-3r(Mro6). 

— Ideals of. Pub. Lib. 11: iia-3(Mro6). 

— Leiteis from librarians who have been in. 

Pub, Lib, 11: 137-43- 

— Summer. Pub. Lib. ii; i3i-4(Mro6). 
LiBRASY siuPLiFicATioN. (Edwin W. Gaillard) 

■Pub. Lib. 11: 551-3(006). 
Library staff, Song 01 the. (Sam Walter Foss) 

Lib. J. 31: C3SHS(Ago6). 
LiBRAKV STATISTICS, Comparative university and 

college. (Tames T. Gerould) Lib. T. 31: 

LiBKARV TBAIHINO in the library; the Newark 

class. (KateL. Roberts} Pub. Lib. Ti: iq-ii 

Library trustee, Whole duty of. (Arthur E. 

Bo.5twick) Lib. J. 31: C40-4(Ago6). 

— Work o(, from the trustee's point of view. (J. 

Patton). — From the librarian's point of view. 

(H: M. Uiley) Lib. J. 31 ; 6sS-6o(So6). 
Library wob , Encouragements in. (Waller 

Irene Bullock) Pub. Lib. 11: soo-s(No6). 
Lichfield, C. Randolph-. 

How il ended. Macmil. n.s. 1: i30-<)(Jao6). 
Lichtensteln, Joy. 
Social side of the public library. Pub. Lib. 

11: 69(Fo6). 
LiDDELL-AND-ScoTT. Spec. 97: 57o-i(ioOo6). 
LlEH-Caou, Massacre of missionaries at. (Arthur 

J. Brown) Miss. R. 19: 87-94{Fo6). 
Lieutenant and the lions, The; a poem. (Kent 

Packard) Si. Nich. 34: ii4-5(Do6). 
Lieven, prince. 

The Baltic provinces. Indcp. R. 11; 69-75 

Life and consciousness. (I. Baugh) Westm. 166: 

169-72 (Ago6). 

— beautiful, The. (M. E. Braddon) Chamb. J. 

83: 78s-7(Do6). 

— The beautv of. (G. Trobridge) Westm. 166: 


— Burke on the origin of; Sensilinnalism and 

science. (N. R. Campbell) National, 48: 
80-90 (S06I. 

— The durable satisfactions of. (C. W. Eliot) 

McClure,36; 339-4o(Jao6). 

— The duration of. (Outlook [Lond,)] Liv. Age, 

348; 509-1 i(»4Fo-S). 

— The human slate. (F. Carrel) Monthly R. 34. 

no. 3: li5-34(-'io6). 

— The hurry and buslle of modern. Chamb. J. 

8-,: 97-ioo(Fo6). 

— A hypothesis and two analogies. (Sir O. Lodge) 

[Hibberl J.] Liv. Age, 148: 149-53(^7 J»o6), 

— Length of, in various industries. Ann. Am. 

Acad. Pol. Sci. a;: 465-5 o7(Myo6). 

Life, Radium and. (C. W. Saleeby) Haiper, 113: 

— The riddle of the origin of, on the earth. (H. 

Charlton Bastian) World To-day, 10: 171-5 

— What it means to roe. (J: Bunxni^} 

Cosmopol. 40: 654-8(Apo6). — (E. Markham) • 
Cosmopol. 41: i85-8(Jeo6).— (J. London) 
Cosmopol. 40: 5i6-3o(Mro6), — (Julia Ward 
Howe) Cosmopol. 41': a8s-9(Jloii). — (H: D: 
Thoreau) Cosmopol. 41; 393- 6(Ago6). — (B. 
Millardl Cosmopol. 41: sia-6(So6).— U, Sin- 
dair) Cosmopol. 41: 591-5(006).— (Ella W. 
Wilcox) Cosmopral. 49: 3i>3-j(Jio6). 

Lift Sot a Uak, A. (D'Este) LIppinc 78: 465-71 

LiFE-SAViNO SERVICE, U, S., Apparatus of. (Wal- 
don Fawce(t) Sci. Am. 95: 4S8-9(39Do6). 

Life's little difficulties: The appointment. (E. 
V. Lucas) [Punch] Liv. Age, 149: 130-9(14 
Apo6); The dedication, 350-3(i8Apo6); jane's 
eighth or ninth, 508-1 t(36Myo6). 

Licht, HatUd* M. 

Ohio' Library Association, 1906. Lib. J. 31: 

Light and the visual sense. (Herbert A. FotherbjO 
Sci. Am. Supp. 62: 35913-4(29006). 

— Astronomical consequences of the pressure of. 

(J. Poynting) Nature, 75: 90-3(33No6). 

— Treatment of disease by. (G : Pemet) Quar. 

104: 138-61 (Jao6). 

The awakening of democracy. Westm. 165: 

Color question in South Africa. Westm. 165: 

Ethics as a natural science. Westm. 166: 430- 

LiOHTHALL, W. D., Canadian author. (R. S. 

Somerville) Canad. M. *6; s53-5(Apo6). 
LiOHTINC. (W. S. Franklin) Science, n. s. 14: 

LiDHTMiNO and the electricity of the air. (Alex. 

G. McAdie) Sci. Am, 6t: 2533^-4(3 iApo6), 

25364-5 (,'iMyo6V 

— Vagaries of. Sdence, n. s. n: 443(5006), 
Lightning-rod, When did Franklin invent thr> 

(A. t.amence Rolch) Science, n. s. 34; 374-6 

I^ton, W: R. 

rA* shadow of a great rock. Putnam, i : 48-65 

(O06), a38-4a(No6), 3S3-6i(Do6), 
Ltcars of other days. (Fred R. Coles) Sci. Am, 

Supp. 6a: a563i-4(iSo6). 
Lights in the cocoantil trees. The. (T. Roberts) 

pine. ;8; 375-84(806). 
Like coats 0) fire. (G. Bamum) Muns^y, 35: 

UUey, Arthor V. 

Christianity in Tunis. Miss. R. iq: 4ri-8 
Lilly, W:S: 

.Anglicanism, old and new. Dub. R. 138: 158- 

Kant and the Buddha, Fortn, 86: 218-341' Ago6V 
Lily.Ann. (Florence T. Cox) McClurc,'38: 31*- 





Lnujnoui, Joss Ives, Meiico's great Gnaace 

mtnHtcr. (R.Re]ws)No.Am.i8a: 44-9(J»]6). 

Limil, The. (G: Brinton) New Eog. M. n. s. 33: 

LtNCOLK, Abrahail (Mrs. General Fickelt) Lip- 
pine. 77: S5S-*°(Myofi)- 

— Aetioitidira <«. (L. Abbott) Outl.]84: 654-5 


— as a writer. (C; H. Cooper) Dial (Chic.) 41; 


— as I kjiew Dim. (W. H. Croolc) Harper, 114: 


— Boys' life of. (Helen Nicolay) St. Nich, 

33: aa8-34(Jao6), 3i3-8{Fa6),4«)-i6(MrD6), 
Si6-33{Apo6), 6o9-i4(Myo6), 7i6-^i(Jeo6). 
8a5-3o(Jlo6), 9i9-J5(Agp61, ioo4-io(So6}, 
1087-93(006). 34: 41-7CN06). 

— GettTsburg address, Three books on. (Edwio 

E. Sparks) Dial (Ch.) 41: 3JO-i(i6No6). 

— Inddent of his first While House reception 

(C. B. Edwards) Cent. 10: 636-7(Ago6). 

— the lawjw. (F. T. Hill) Cent. 49: 469-84(1; 

06), 587-6oo(Fo6), 745-6i(Mro6), 939-S3(Ap 
o<5). so: i39-S4CMyo6). 

— The oOiet side of, (Joseph W. Wham) Harp. 

W. so: i,o8(>5Ago6). 

— The perfect tribute. (Mary R. S. Andrews) 

Scrib. M. 40: 17-34(7106), 

— Some impressions of. (E. S. Nadal) Scrib. M. 

39: 368-77(Mro6). 
LmcOLM, England. Etching by W. Ball. Art 

J. 58: t38(Myo6). 
Lincoln, GAorge O. 

Comtr in fianeis. Munaey, 35: 3J-8CApo6). 
Lincoln, James. 

Out of tht eigkly Ihotaand. McCluie, a;: 58; 
LiDCobi, Jonathan Thayer. 

A maaufaaurer's point of view. Allan. 9. 
Lincf^, Joseph C. 

An old-fashioned boy's Christrnas. Ctiy Life 

Am. 11: t77-83(Do6). 
The heithia oj art. Everybody's, 14: 445-54 

JdOla and Iha ^Mlt flarue. McClure, 37: 104- 

"Jontty." Everybody's, 15: 539^48(006). 
Tkt meannas oj Rosy. Everybody's, rs: 377- 

A tamiiktd liar. Everybody's, 14: 631-9 

Two pairi of shoet. McClure, a6: 633-33' 
LmcOLM TAXu; a park of patriolism. R. of Rs. 

(N. Y.) 33: 293-5(Mro6). 
Limcoln'S Inn, The origin of. (G, J. Tumet) 

Ath. '06, a: 335(3!iSo6). 
Unden, SmeOD. 

Leonidas Aodreieff. Indep. R. 8: 3i5-i7{Fo6). 
UndrabttTK, FsUz. 
Use of natural asphalt in the arts. Sci. Am 

61: 3 

Lindsay, B«a trice. 
Watching of the myrrh. 19th Cenl. 6u: 331-6 

Lindsay, C- 1 

Panama Canal as it wiU be. World To-day, i • . 

A year al Panama under Stevens. World To- 
day, 11; 8s8-63(Ago6). 
Lindsay, S: HcCune. 

Child labor a national problem. Ann. Am. Acad. 
Pol. Sd. 37: 33i-6CMro6). 
Lindsay, Sarah Francas. 
JoeSehtuidtf'tfarHitrikip. St.Nid1.33: iiie>- 
UndseU, Alice. 

FlowersandtheGreekgods. Indep.R.8: 307-14 
LnrosBY. B«M B., the "kid judge" ot Denver. 

i»: 368-73(Apo6). 
— the just judge, (L. Steffens) McClure, 37: 

s63-«3(Oo6). 38: 74-88CN06), 163-76(006). 
LmctJiSTiC KEFOBM, Real. (F. J. Mather, jr.) 

Nation, 83: 366-7(iNo6). 
Liim, James Weber. 

What kind of Boston is Chicago? World's 

Work, la: 7766-71 (JI06). 
LiNNELL.W; Gent, M. n. s.-77; 44i>-i(No6). 
LinakUl, W. T. 

St. Andrews Links in the days of young Tom 

Morris. Chamb. J. 83: S3i-3(Ap>6). 
Unaon, Corwin Enapp. 

Susct near Jerusalem. Cent. 5: i65-7(Jeo6). 
Linson J. T. 

An laland-carap in Greater New York. Ctry 

Life Am. 10: i73-3(Jeo6). 
Lion and Ike lamb, Tht. (M. S. Daggett) Outl. 

83: 76i-5(28Jlo6). 
Lion and Ike mouse. (C. Klein) Cntic, 48: 533- 

6o(Jeo6). 49:834-s(Jlo6), l49-79{Ago6), 343- 

Lios-TAMZR, Diary ot a, (Claire Heliot) Cosmopol. 

41; 463-7(506). 
Lion's whelp. The. (A MacGowan) Munsey, 34: 

Lions in British East Africa. Chamb, J, 83: 

Lipman, T. J, 

Edmund H, Oslhaus, Brush & P, 18: 81-90 

LiPPi, FiLiPPiNO, Tvro paintings 1^. (C. Phillips) 

Art J. 58: i-9(Jao6). 
Lippiacott, J. B. 

Book publishing. Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. Sd. 38; 

Lippmann, G., ahstr. 
Science and industry. Nature, 74: 386-7(16 

Lips that wen sealed. (Abna M. Estabrook) Lip- 

pinc. 78: 385-443(006). 
Liquid fuel for naval and nfanne uses. (Ci: 

Melville) Sd, Am. Supp. 61 ; 3ii58-6o(3Fo6), 

aSi66-8(ioFo6), 3Si83-3{i7Fo6). 
Liquor trade. Liberalism and the local veto in 

England. (J. E, Allen) Indep. R. 11: 338-44 

The state dispensarr of South Carolina. (Free- 
man Tilden) World To-day, 11: 739-43(1106). 
Lissar, Ormond H. 

" Telhod5 of measuring vekxjties of projectiles. 

Sd. Am. Supp. 62: a5744-5(«>Oo6). 



DUniptian of the Republican party in the 

Middle West. No. Am. 183: 365-71(806), 
Political war in Iowa. Harp. W, s*: 549-S*> 
LiBson, Onnond M. 

Primers and fuses for cannon. Sd. Am. Supp. 61 r 
=546s-«'6Jeo6), 3S48o-i(23jeo6). 
Lister, J. J. 

Zoology section Brit. Assoc, meeting, 1906. 
Opening address. Nature, 74: 400-6(l6A^), 
Litchfield, Grace Denio. 

mf^j a man zows. Harper, ira: 63o-2(Mro6). 
Literary advisbh, Confessions o£ a. Bookman, 

23: 6jo-4(Ago6). 
LiTEttAEYAOMre.The. Bookman, 34: t34-7(Oo6). 

— "Commercialisation of literature" and the. 

Form. 86: 35s-63(Ago6). 

— Confessions of. Bookman, 34: 335-9(006). 
LiTEBAHv CARPENTER, The, and some recent books. 

(F: Taber Cooper) BooLman, 24: 50-3(806). 
Literary clubland. 5-9. [Pictures only.] Book- 
i man, 23: 33-s(Mro6). 

Literary elbow-grease. Chamb. J, 83: 63-4(Jao6), 
Literary horrors club. The; verse. (Wallace Irwin) 

Bookman, 13; 373-s(Jco6). 
Literary uethoos* (James H. Collins) Bookman, 

'3: 443-7(Jeo6). 
Literary recollections of a golden age. (A. 

L Shand) Sat. R. loi : 485-6, 520-1, 583-4(21 

Literary tastes, Other persons'. (Wilbur Larre- 

more) Bookman, ^3: 3J7-3o(Myo6). 
LtTBRAiDBE and the doctor's degree. (I. Babbitt) 

Nation, 83: a38-9(ioSo6). 
Literature and- ethics. Dial (Cbic.) 41: 81-2 


— and the living voice. (W: B. Yeala) Contemp. 

90: 47J-83(Oo6). 

— and the moral code. (A. Schinz) Internal. J. 

Ethics, 16: 464-71(1106). 

— and politics. Chamb. T. 83: 627-30(006). 

— The birth of. [Outlook (Lond.)) Liv. Agp, 249: 


— Commerce of. Weslm, 166: 595-8(006). 

— Do our girls ukc an interest in ? (Margarita 

Yates) Monthly R. 23, no. i: i2o-32(Apo6). 
= L-v. Age, 249: 387-93(i9Myo6). 

— in elemenury schools. (Jialherine H. Shute) 

School R. 14: 484-91(806). 

— in 1906. Acad. 71; 649-50(29006). 

— Literacy teaching w.teachingof. (F. J.Mather, 

jc.) Nation, 83; 218-9(13806). 

— Mute, inglorious. (F. J, Mather, jr.) Nation, 

83: 344(35006). 

— Originality and convention ia (F. B. Gum- 

mere) Quar. 204: 26-44(Jao6). 

— The pictorial or the creative in? (L. B. Ellis) 

New Eng. M. n. s. 34: i79-86{Apo6), 

— Practical side'of preparation in. (M. H. Shack- 

tord) School R. 14: 223-6(Mro6). 
~ Standards in. (E. Phillpotts) Critic, 48: 181-3 

— Teaching. (F. C. Prescotl) Nation, 83: 240 

(aoSo6).— (T. W. Cowpll) Nation, 83: 326-7 

— '— below the college. (J, W. Heerraans) Educa, 

36: 474-S5(Apo6). 
in colleges. (F. J. Mather, jr.) Nation, 82: 


LiTEEATtJKE vtrnu philology, (C. W. Sopcl 

Nation, 82: 343(26Apo(y. 
Littell, PhiUp. 

Dramatic form and substance. Contemp. 89: 

568-7s(Apo6).-Liv. Age, 149: S4*-S»('J=°"- 
LUtk Bo-Feep. (Myre KeUy) McOure, »8: iij- 

LitOe brovm hortt, A. (J. H. Tu=keniun) Outiii{, 

48: i6i-6(Myo6). 
LillU comedy at Goriann's, A. (Leo Cn«' 

Appleton's M. 8: 786-94(006). 
LiuU Dunker, A. (Jennette Lee) Haipcr, 113- 

LitlU-girl-a)Taid-o}-a-dog. (M. E. W. Freeman'. 

Harper,ii4: 15-2)^006), 
LMe god in a grocery, The. (F.R.Weir)Overlaii4 

■ n. s.4Sr i23-8{So6). 
LUlte MiUions. (Frands Lynde) Scrib. M. 40: ' 

LitlU silver kearl, Tha. (J. D. Bacon) Harper, 113: | 

LilUt story of a child, A. (M. W. Higginson) OulL 

84: 476-8(27006). 
Litfle&eU, Walter. 

Great Britain's literary government. Grille, 48: 

420-32(Myo6). . 

The man whose name must not be meobr- 

Ladies.' H. J, aj. no. a; 8(Jao6). 
Littletaales, G. W. 

Harris's theory of tides. Am. Gtof 

Calh. World, 83 : 820-8(806). 
Live -wire, The. (N. L. McClung) Canad. M. 27: 

Liverpool School of Art. Art J. 58: '95*; 

LiVDio, Why the cost of, is rising. Indq). 60: 

Livingston, _. _. 

First edition of School for Scandal. Nation, 83; 

i79-8o(3oAgo6). . 

The inventory of Washington's library. NiOos, 
- 83: i6r-2(23.Ago6). 

The rooat valuable Ameriran-pnnled Itot 
Nation, 8i; 7-8(1; II06). 
LiVDiosroNi;, D: (C. F. LavdO Chaut 44: 18]- 

Liringstone, W. P. 

Future of British West Indies, No. Am. iBi: 
'Lisgioj the alley. (M. F. Quinlan)Cath. World,83: 

Llandaff, Viscount. 

An Irish election. Dub. R. 138: 28-4o(Jao6). 
Ltoyd, A. 

HoUday ramble in Tokyo. Cath. World, 83: 

Leaves from the scrapbook of a Japanese poetesi 

Oath. World, 84: i76-84(No6). 
Sketches in Japan. Cath. Worid, 83: 508-2; 
Llojd-Caraon, C. J. 
A bridge 0} fancies. Chamb. J.83: 4 7 J"*. 490" 
LlOTd, D: 

The etchings of E. T. Hurley. Studio (Intel 

29; liiii-Uxi(So6). 
Pennsylvania Academy exhibition, 1906. Studio 
(Intemat.) 28: vii-xv(Mro6). 

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IJojd, P : Freeman. 

PfL'Scrving pheasanls in America. Clry Life 
Am. lo: 41)8-1 HAgo6), 
Where rolU the Oregon. Ouling, 47: S79-*^ 
lAoji, Ifelwa. 
.* bcicAcAir of ettmnuj. Scrib. M. 39: 460-77 

Foresiikt. Haiper, iia: 889-99(Myo6). 
l^i, T: W. 
The great seal of the.,United SlMes. St. NicL 
33- J9°-'(Jio6). 
LoAraHS" BCTOMiATORY, A. (Edith Sellers) 
Porta. 8j:.3ii-ji(Fo6).= Liv. Age, 348: 610 
-8(ioMro6). "S.I" 

loane, H.; 

Culture unong the poor. Coalemp. go: ajs-^o 
{Ago6;.-Uv. Age, 350: 783-96(19506). 
UbbuL J. H. 

The blue-atockings. BUckw. iSo: 451-69(006). 
Lobbyisi in th* nickt, The. (L. S. Molt) Lippinr. 

78: 7«6-76{Do6). 
LOBSTBB nsHEBV, Protection for. (F. H. Herrickl 

Science, n. s. ty. 650-3(a7Apo6>. 
LOCALCOLOH. Spec, ga: 1070-1(39006). 
— Tyranny of. (R. Brimlev Johnson) Critic, 48: 

Loch, C. H. 
Feeding of schoolchildren. YaleK. 15: J30-5C 

Lock, G: Ermest. Ath. '06, 1; 4S3{iiApo6). 
I'Ocke, JaaiM. ' 

New Yew's festival at Bokhara. Outing, 47: 387- 
98yao6). ' "-B.*/ J"/ 

Lockhart, Caroline. 
Born lo be hanged. Lippinc. 78: ai4-so(.AgD6), 
" Marked miteaU." Ltppinc, 77: 57s-8a(M)'o6). 
Whtn capita "look haU.'' Cent. 50: 511-5 
Locking up the houne. (B. Millard) Coamopol. 

41: 565(.Oo6). 
Lockwood, W:L. 

The hand. Haqi. W. 50: 1770-4(15006). 
hockytt, Norman. 
Circles in Cornwall. Nature, 73: 366-8(i5Fo6) 
May year worship. Nature. 73; i8o-2(i8Jao6) 
Notes on ancient British monuments. Nature, 75 : 

Notes on Cornish drdea. Nature, 73: 561-3(11 

Apo6). 74: ia6-7(9jeo6). 
Notes on Stoaehenge. X. Nature, 73:.3»4-6(4 

Place of polytechnic schools in education. 
Nature, 73: 5Ji-4(»9Mro6). 
Lockjer, W: J. S. 

American observations of eclipses of 1900 and 

1901. Nature. 73: 486-8(31 Uro6). 
.Atmospheric pressure changes of long duration. 

Am. Supp. 61: 25913-3(2qI>o6). 
LocoHOTivB, Compound, in the 30th century. (J. 
F. Cairns) Gassier, 30: 553-6(006). 
- in tie school-room, A. (Charles Barnard) 
S;. Nich. 33: 1019-30(506). 


LocouoTivK i\ EMODfEEBDro, Recent _ British. 
(C: Rous-Maiten) Caster, 39: SDo(Apo6}. 30: 

LocouotivES, A British four-cylinder compound 
"Atlantic." (H. Colman) Sd. Amer. Supp. 
6t: 3S4J7(9Jeo6). 
Contractors'. (J. G. Gaims) Gassier, 39; 339 

(Jao6), 3i9-34(Fo6). . 
Frum the "Rocket" to the "St. Loms." (J. L. 

Harbour) St. Nich, 33; 339-4i(Fo6). 
Large eJeclric jjid sleam. Sci. Am. Supp. 63: 

25678-9(22^06), 25698-9(39806). 
Superheaters lor. Sci. Am. Supp. 61 : 35390-1 
Lodge, Gonulez. 

Teaching o( Latin. Nation, 83: 178-9 (30 Ago6). 
Lodge, H : Cabot. 

Franklin and his limes. Indep. 60: 73-9(11 

The (rec entry of art work to U. S. desirable. 

Brush &y. 18: 2i6-7(Do6>. 
Monroe doctrine and Motono. Harp. W. 50: 

J3»-3. 5a(ioMro6). 
The souls inheritance; poem. Scrib. M, 40: 
Lodge, ^'t' Oliver. 

Christianity and science. Hibbert J. 4: 314-28 
(Jao6), 643-S9(Apo6).-Liv. Age, 249: 331-9 
ti2Myo6). 350: 171-81(31 JI06). 
First principles of faith. [Hibbert J.] Liv. Aae. 

*5o: 54S-Sa(iSo6), . „ ... 

Life; a hypothesis and two analogies. (Hibbert 

J.JLiv. Age, 348; 349-S3(27jao6). 
On the scientific attitude to marveu. Fortn. 

85: 46<>-74(Mro6). 
Sqiiandi-ring a surplus. Contemp. 90: 37-43 

Storage of high-tension electricity by means of 
valves. Sci. Am. Supp. 61: 35io6--7(i3jao6). 
LoiKiE, .Sir OLtV£R, Catechism by. Sci. Am. 95: 

- on life and matter. (W. H. MaLlock) Fortn. 86: 

33-47 (Jla6), 
LODOK, The. (C. M. Harger) Atlan. 97: 4S8-94 

Loeb, Jacques. 
ChemiciU methods of making eggs of mollusks 
mature. Sci. Am. Supp. 61: 35 1 i4(i3jao6) . 
Nerve and mustli: changes frora galvanic current. 
Sci. Am. Supp. 61; 3S307(34F'o6), 
LoG-CABDi, Building a, for S6<30. (Horace L. 

Pike) Ctry Life Am. 9: 333-4(J«'6). 
Log-house; how one family solved the vacation 
problem. World To-day, 10: 6o9-i4{Jeo6). 
LoOGDto nniusTBV, En^neering in. (Heniy Hale) 

Gassier, 39; 443(Apo6). 
Logic, Symbolic, Shearman's. Ath. '06, a: 338-9 

Lo'tti and Insa; a Vancouver Island Indian legend, 
(n. A. Frascr) Canad. M. 37: 206-^ 
Lombard, Warren P., and DKiogt, H. L. 
Israel Russell Gook. Science, n. s. 14: 436-31 


London, Jack. 

Before Adam. Everybody's, 15: 445-55(006), 

6i4-63(No6), 844-S2CD06). 
Brown woll. Kverybody's. 15: i47-^6(Ago6). 
Planchelle. Cosmopol. 41: iS7-6s(J'^o6), 159- 

66(Jlo6), 379-S6(Ago6). 

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London, Jack. 

The Somnambulists. Indep.6i: i45i-4(ioDo6). 
ThaimtxptcUd. Bl^w. 180: i(i4-8o(Ago6).- 

McClure, 37: 368-8i(Ago6}. 
TA* voyajH of Iht "Snark". Cosmopol. 43: 

What life means to me. Cosmopol. 40: 516-30 

WMs fang. Outing,- 48: n^4a(Myo6), 305-33 

(Jeo6), 44Q-7c(Jlo6), 589-604 (Ago6), 708-16 

(S06). 49: 65-81(006). 
London, Jace. (H:M.BlaQd)Craftsm&n,9: 607- 


— lecturer. (P. S. Willuuns) Overland, n. s. 48: 

London, England. Blackn. 180: 75o-9(Do6). 

— Among the submerged in. (M. F. Quinlan) 

Cath. World, 83: i79-i9i(Myo6). 

— and Parit; A new tale of two cities. (Laurence 

Gomtne) [Comh.1 Lit. Age, 949: 484-91(16 

— 'bus, in; pictures. {Thornton Oakley) Cent. 

so: ai6-9{Jeo6). 

— The cabby of. (Sydney Brooks) Hatp.W. 50: 


— County Council, Socialistic govemmenl of. (C: 

E: RusaeU) Cosmopol. 40: 367-76(F6). 

— East end, bank holiday. Spec. 97: i94-5(iiAg 

Isolation of. Spec. 97; 419-30(29806). 

— Euripides in. (N. Bentwich) J9th Cent. 59: 


— Exhibitions, 1906. (F. Rindcr) Art J. 58: 240- 


— Impressions of. (H. W. Mabie) OuU. 83: iii- 


— in Decent be- 

— m^ of, A 

Ath. '06, t: 397-8{3iMro6), 

— Mediaval, Besanl's. (Alfred Maries) Nation, 83: 



— A municipM democracy. (F: C. Howe) Scrib. 

M. 40: 5&9-96(No6). 

— New fire-protection for. (A. M. Watson) 19th 

Cent. 59: 6s6-66(Apo6). 

— Peregrinations of a cockney in. Blackw, 179: 


— Post-OSce Directory o£; a veritable 'magnum 

opus." (W. B. Robertson) Chamb. J. 83: 

— Sliop architecture in. (A. Webb) iglh Cent. 

60: i65-*Jlo6). 

— Streets. (Sir H: Smith) Blackw. 179: 693-709 


— l^ansportationfadlitieain. (Lyndon Macassey) 

Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 27: 66-7i(Jao6). 

— Twenty yean in, by a French resident, (Paul 

Vnian) [Comb.] Liv. Age. »5i; 14-34(6006). 

— University of. (C. F. Thwing) Harper, 113: 


— Water, gas, and electric-light supply of. (Percy 

Ashley) Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. a;: so-j6 

— What it talks of now Qune 1906]. (Justin 

V. Dicey) Nation, 8a L i54-s(i3Fo6). 
Londonderry, Ireland, City of. (Alfred Vockncy) 
Art J. 58: 343-8(No6), 3S9-64(Do6). 

Lone widow. The. (W: H. Osborne) Cosmopol. 

41: 377-84(JIo6). 
Lonely lady a) Grosvenor Sqtiwt, The. (Mrt. H: 
De La Pasture) Montffly R. 34, no. i: 151- 
74OI06), no. 2:.i36-74(No6), no. 3: 138-68 
Long, J : D. 
The spirit of the Pilgrim*. Outl. 84: 416-9 
Long, J. H. 
Tax.4ree alcohol. Science, n. a. 13: 334-5(9 
LoDS, Lilf A. 
Maynt't lady 0} dreams. Harper iia; 498- 
LoNC, M. Walter, in Ireland. (R. BlennAbassett) 

National, 46: ios8-69(Fo6). 
Long, OsBlnn H. 
The educational outlook. Formn, 37: 51S-39 
Long, Percj W. 
Spenser's dating of Colin Cknit. Nation, 83; 
Long, W: J. 

Haliits <5 men and other animals. Indep. 6t; 

Concerning heroes who bunt rabbits. OntL 

84; S7'-6C3No6). 
Ways of the wild goose. Indep. 60; 1344-50 
'Long Cowallu crick. (H. Day) Outing, 48: 385- 

LONO Island R.R., Electric-car equipment of. 
(W. N. Smith) Sd. Am. 95: ii3-4(i8Ago6). 

— Power transmission of. Sd. Am. 94: 478-9 


— Rotary converter sub-statbns. Sd. Am. Supp. 

61: I547o-i(j3jeo6). 
LoNC NIGHTS, Advantage of. (E. P. Powell) 

Indep. 60: i43-5o(i8Jao6). 
Longcope, R : 

Manufacture and use of conrrele piles. Sci. Am. 
-Supp. 61 r 25375(i2Myo6). 
LONOEvrrY. A century old. Spec 97: 487-8(6 

Longshoremen's Association, The. (L. Gtani) 

Out!. 84: 826-3i(iDo6). 
Longwortb, Nicholas. 

Bettering our diplomatic and consular service. 
Indep. 61: 19-23(57106). 
LoNowoRTs, Nicholas, and Alice Roosevelt, 

Wedding of. Harp. W. 50: 332-7(i7Fo6). 
Look in Iht face, The. {}. G. Neihardt) Munsey, 

35: 489-93{Jl>6)- 
Loomis, C : Battell. 

Tht eannibah and Hr. Buffmm. CosmopoL 40: 

Hood's vModviolet. Lippinc.77: 589-94(Myo6). 
What is truth? Bookman, 34: 9ifr-8(No6). 
Loomia, Francis B. 
Reorganization of the U. 5. consular service. 
No. Am. i8a: 356-73(Mro6). 
Loons, Search for their nests. (B. Dale) Canad. 

M. 36: 438-43(Mro6). 
Loraine, Robert. 
Where does Shaw leave jrou? Cosmopol. 40: 

Lord, Eliot. 

The Mackay memorial statue. World's Work, 
13: 8i6o-a(No6). 

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twd, Walter Frewen. 
Degree-granting institutions in Canada. loth 

Cent, bo: 76s-7o(No6). 
LoBD's Pbaybh, The, (G: TyrreU) Cath. World. 

83: 446-58(Jao6). 
— The evolution o( the. (A S. Barnes) Contemp. 

90- 333-43(So6). 
!^i, 11 •, -.., "PI- 1;, I |K,(r„i!i Ai]uiiiiis and the. (Alex- 

a.i.Itr MadJnna(d) .^m. Cath. Q. 31: 555-64 

Lorenz, H. O. 

Railwayratesasproteciii-e tariffs. J. Pol. Econ. 
14: i7o-6(Mro6). 
Loria, AchUle. 
Economic studies in Italy. Econ. J. 16: 149-55 

Fedele Lampcrtito. Eron. J. 16: 3ii-3(Jeo6). 
Marshall and Edgeworth on value. Econ. J. 16: 
LoRiAN su'AMF, British East Africa, A journey to. 

(W. H. Broun) Geog. J. 37: 36-si(Jao6). 
LoMLLAW) Estate, Tuiedo, N. Y. (1. G. Tabor) 

Ctry Life Am. 9: 68i-5(Apo6). 
Lonlmer, C: E. 

The conscript; a story of the siege of Port 

Arthur. Overland, n. s, 47: 32a-34(Mro6). 
Japanese art of flower arrangement. Overland, 

n. s. 47: ii6-a3(Fo6). 
Japanese mist-pictures. Overland, n, a. 47: 

OYuriSan;amemor)'. Com. 50: 367-75(7606). 
When tht voice of the emperor speaks. Overland, 
n.s.47: 33*-4S(Apo6). 
Los Anceles, Cal. (R. D. Paine) Ouling, 48: 

518-41 (Ago6). 
Lost, an echo. (G: A. England) McClurc, 37: 114- 

Lost caravel, The. (Mary R. S. Andrews) Scrib. 

M. 39: 3»7-44{Mro6). 
Loa Earl of Elian. (C. Fraed) Canad. M. a6: 

Losl in Arctic night. (I. Cowie) Outiog, 47: 419- 

l.i)TUS EAXEHS, The poclry of the. (ICdward 

Wright) Acad. 71: 663-3(39006). 
LoiiE, Heruann. The world of personal spirits; 
a study in Lotze's philosophy of religion. 
(Emma Marie Caillard) Contemp. 90: 65-75 
LocTBET, Emile, Paris and, (J. F. Macdonald) 

Forto. 85: 376-86(Fo6). 
Loo^hlin, I. P. 
Wjthio the penumbra of Ihc Thirty years' war, 
Am,Cath.Q,3i: 564-70(7106). 
Louis XIV.. The heart of. (Martin Ilsen) Harp. 

W. 50: 849, 55('6Jeo6). 
LotnsiANA, Suffrage limitations in. (J. L. Warren 

Woodville) Pol. Sci. Q, ai: 1 77-8Q(Jeo6). 
"LotnstANA," Battleship. (T:M.Dieuaide)Harp. 

W. so: i67o-i(i4No6). 
lojnsbury, T: Rajnesford. 
On the hnstilitv to certain words. Harper, 113; 

Pedantic usage. Harper, iia; 739-44(Apo6). 
The position and kiQuence of Pope. Scrib. M, 

40: 481-7(006). 
School mastering the speech. Harper, ita: 457- 

Lovat-Fraaer, J. A. 

A learned dandy; Scrope Davie*. Gent. U. 

n. s, 76: 34-9(Jao6). 
Love, Gent, M. n. s. 77: 6oi-7(Do6). 
Love and advertising. (R: W. Tully) Cosmopol. 

40: 67o-8(Apo6). 
Lavt in the mist. (C. Benedict) Harper, 113: 73»- 

Love in the ■mldemaii. (L. Mott) Outing, 49: 

"Love laughs at lions." (Edna Kenton) Cent. 

50- 333-43(J>ofi). 
Love-knot, A. (W: W. Jacobs) Cosmopol. 41: 31- 

Lmie seUlCTnent, A. {R: W. Tully) Cosmopol. 41: 

Lore joy, Aithur 0, 

Congress of arts and science, St. Louis exposi- 
tion. Science, n. s. 33: 655-9(37Apo6). 
Lovejoy, Owen R. 

Child labor and family disfnlegiatioD. Indep. 

61: 748-50(37806) 

— in coal mines. Ann. Am, Acad. FoL Sd. 37: 

— in the glass industry. Ann. Am. Acad. PoL 
Sci. 27; 3oo-ii(Mro6). 

Lovelace, Lord, Lord Byron and. (J: Murray) 

Monthly R. 21, no. 3: i9-46(Fo6). 
Lovelaad, J. D. E. 

The strange obsequies of Paganini. Monthly R. 
35, no. 3: 8i-9(Do6). 
LovEBs, Literary treatment of. (J. Btlckham) 

Critic, 49: ia3-4(Ago6), 
LovetL Etr. 

An Italian lace school in New York. Studio 

(Intemat.) ag: xii-rix(JIo6). 
Lace collection at Metropolitan Museum, N. Y. 
City. Studio (Intemat,) 39: lxjd-lixvi(So6), 
Low, A. Maurice. 

American affairs. National, v. 46-8, passim. 
The German emperor. Atlan.97: 30O-8(MiwS). 
Legislating in Parliament and Congress. Apple> 

ton's M. 8: 737-48(006). 
The wotkingman in British politics. Booklover's 
M. 7: 7j6-3o(Jco6). 
Low, E. Bruce. 

he new legend of Waterloo. Chamb. J. 83: 
Low, Florence B. 
Reading of the modem girl. 19th Cent. 59: 
378-87(Fo6). = Liv. Age, 349: i95-3o3(iSAp 
Sudermann cycle. 19th Cent. 60: 651-67CO06). 
= Ed, M. 147: 517-19(006). 
Low, WiU H., and otfurs. 

siman Johnson; his lite and works. Scrib. M. 
40: 3i;i-6(.A(ro6). 
Low-tewPEBATireB phenotneiia. New. (Jamet 
Dewar) Sci. Am. Supp. 61: 35738-^(13006). 
Lowden, T: S. 

itudyin [wrsonai hygiene. Pedagog. Sem. 13: 
Lowell, Abbott Lawrence. 

L^rd Randolph Churchill. Atlan. 98: 347-55 

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LoweU, D. O. S. 

The descendant of Jonathan Edwards. Munsey , 

The quest of ancestors. Munsey, 34: S43~8 
Lowell, Francis Cabot- 
American dipkonacj. Atlan. 97: i-j(Jaa6). 
Lowell, Jaues Russxxl, Greenslet's Life of. 
(W. E, Simonds) Dial (Ch.) 40: iisf-ao(i6 
F06).— (J, H. McDaniels) Nation, 8a: 180-1 
(iMro6), aos-*{8Mro6). 
Lowell, ToaEPHiNX Shaw, a woman of sorrows. 

(R. W. Gilder) Critic, 48: 74-saao«). 
Lowndes, Mrs. Harie BeUoc. 
■ Aeeording to Meredith. Fortn. 86: 149-70 

(Jlo6).-Liv. Ai 

The earlj days of 

36; 3SO-(5(Do6), 

Loyalist of the American Revolution, Rcminis- 

omcea of a. (Ed. by S. Jarvii) Canad. M. 

»6: ai7-33{Jao6), 4so-;(Mro6), 5»9-36{Ap 


Lozier, Robert T. 

Fundamental principles of gas-engines. Sci. 

Am. Supp. 61: 35656(8806), 35670-1 (r5So6). 

LnBiN, D:, and his ^rk. (I: F. Marcosson) 

World's Work, 11: 8021-3(806). 
Lncas, C. J. 

Frontiersman's day in Wyoming. World To- 
day, 11: iog6-iioo(Oo6). 
Ucaa,C:J. P. 
Commerdaliadng amateur athletics. World To- 
day, 10: a8i-5(Mro6). 
LtKU, E: Verrall. 

Life's little difficulties: The appointment, 
(Punch] liv. Age, 349: iao-a(i4Apo6); The 
oedicatioi}, 35o-a(38Apo6) ; Jane's eiglith or 
ninth, 508-1 1 (36Myo6); The prize competition, 
35r-" 437-9('7No6). 
The poet's chairs. FLond. Outlooli] Lit. Age, 

951; ii8-»o(i30o6). 
The search. [Liond. Outlook] Liv. Age, 251: 
Lucas, I. J. 

Kumbh Mela at Allahabad, Jan. 1906. Miss. 
R. 19: 37a-4(MyD6). 
Locns, Re^ild. 
A forgotten princess. Monthly R.32,no.i; 93- 

The value of a public school education. National, 
47: 437-36(Myo6). 
LdccA, At the baths of. (Ndth Boyce) Scrib. M. 

39: 6i4t-»o(Mjo6). 
Luce, S. B. 

A plea for an endoeer corps in the Navy. No. 
Am. iSi: 74-83(Jao6). 
Lucerne, Inn signs at. (Arthur Elliot) Studio 

(Intemat.) ao: 397-300(006). 
Ldcikcdt^ip; feat (^engineering across the Great 
Salt Lake. (O. E. Davb) Cent. 49: 459-68 
Lvek of Tufits. (S. Ford) Outing, 49: 334-8 

Lttcke, C. E. 

Some tests of the gas-turbine. Engin. M. $1: 


LircKOCE, H. MoBTDiER, Dean af Lichfield. The 

Dean's memorial and the Athanasian creed. 

19th Cent. 59: 27i-7(Fo6). ! 

LvCBSTTOS and his times. Ed. R. 303: i37-*o 

A new house for the Commons. Blackw. 179: 
558-69{Apo6).-Liv. Age, 249= 394-403('9 
Lucy BeUeswarlh. Blackw. 179: 807-2 i(Jeo6)."= 

Liv. Age, 350: 32 1-32(28 Jfc)6). 
Ludovid, A. 

Whisllerian dynasty at Suffolk street. Art J. 
S8; i93-5(Jlo6). =37-9{0°6)- 
Luering, H. L. B. 
Head-htmters at Bomeo. Miss. R. ro: 90S-13 

Missionary cobnization in Malaysia. Miss. R. 
'9: S7S-7(Ago6). 
Lugrin, I), de Bertrand. 

'llie filiars of heaven. Canad. M. 37: 456-63 
Luk-oie, OLe, pseud. 

The kite. Blackw, 179: 743-53(Jeo6). = Ecl. M. 
147: io7-i4(Ago6). 
Loll, Ramon, In the footsteps of. (H. Ellis) Con- 
temp. 89: 676-89(Myo6). 
LuuBEltiNa, Automatic conveyer in. (Day A. 
Willey) Sci. Am. 94: 364-5(sMyo6). 

— in the Norhwcsl. (R. D. Paine) Outing, 48: 


— With the Tahquamenon drive. (W; D. Hulbert) 

Outl. 83: 967-75(35 Ago6). 
Lumby, J. R. 

Fort William, the port of western Canada. 

Canad. M. 38; 33-9(No6). 
Luminosity, Mechanics of. Sci. Am. Supp. 61: 

Lummis. C: F. 

Libraries and the Los Angeles Public librarv. 

OutWest, 25: 197-225(806). 
San Francisco's earthquake and fire, April, 1906. 

Out West, 24; 43l-8(Myo6). 
Lumaden, Hugh David. 

Canada's new transcontinental railway. Scrib. 

M. 40: 7J-6CJ'°6)- 
Lunching Miss Mary Burton. (Carolyn Wells) 

Lippinc. 78: 7S3-63(Do6). 
Lund Y ISLAND. Sat, R. loa; s3o-i(25Ago6). 
Lurmritza, Christiua Petroritch. 
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— ■ Two studies in; The House ot mirth, and 

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11: 7isr-6i(Fo6), 
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8o(Mto6). - 

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— Shall it be suppressed, and how? (Winthrop 

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M. E. 

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A ^rden hidden by informal planting. Ctry 

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Shall we plant fruit-trees tor beauty? Ctry Life 

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A commercial traveller in the land of Piiarro, 

Pepper on Panama to Patagonia. Dial (Ch.) 

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The greatest of modem gardeners; Harwood's 

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aking geography while you wail. Pop. Sci. 
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Domestic servants. Everybody's, t<: 477-^4 

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McCaxtze, Diviz BETHinra, an Americ&n mission- 
txj gtatesman. (Eli T. Sheppard) Miss. R. 
ig: 384-9{Apo6). 

HcCaiier, H : 

M. 40: 68s-9i(Do6). 
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Elections in Great Britain, igo6. Indep. 61: 

Tne new Irish government. Outl. 81: 965-74 

Tbs new majorities in Parliament. Indep. 60; 

New ParlikineDt in Great Britain. Indep. 6a; 

On the eve of the MSdon. Indep. 61: 1135-8 

Parliament in its Easter holiday. Indep. 60: 

FarliamenI: the winter session, 1906-7. Indep. 

■61: 1487-90(10006). 
What London talks of now [June 1906J. Indep. 

60; l4J4-7(i4jeo6). 
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Indep. 61: iioi-6(8Noti). 
HcCaule^, L. M. 
Sculpture for municipal de coral ion. World 

To-day,. 11: 838-44(Ago6). 
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A ioekei)} martyrs. [Comh.lLiv. Akc,148: 50-5 


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Thedrciis; apoem. St.Nich.33r 1094-5(006). 
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Single tariff or dual tariff— which? R. of Rs. 
(S.Y.)33; 4!"5-7(Apo6). 
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A western college and its ideals." Outl. 83: 
UeClosky's boy in the cUy. (A. M. Teskey) Canad. 

M. 37: s6-8(Myo6). 
Heating, Itellle L. 

Tht live Tirire. Canad. M. tj: i23-8(Jeo6). 
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New wheat center of the world. Indep. 61 : 

A boycott of consumptives. Indep. R. 11: 
i83-9i(No6).= Liv. Age, 151: 6i4-<>(8Do6), 
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Committee work on Chantry bequest. Sat. R. 

101: eifr-8(i9Myo6). 
Oerman art. Sat. R. roi: 686-7(2reo6). 

James A. M'Neill Whistler. ElthinRS at Wind- 
sor castle. Sat. R. 101: sT7-9{28Apo6). 

Loss of the Velasquez. Sat. R. 101: 43-4(13 

Purcha^ng pictures for the nation. Sat. R. loi : 

HacCoU, D. S. 

■ nter eihibilion al the .Academy. Sat. R. loi: 
MacColl, D. S., as water-colorisl. (A. Symons) 

Sat. R. ioi:424(7Apo6). 
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\ guild of carpenter-ants. Harper, 113: agj- 

Honey-ants of the Garden of the Gods. Harper, 

113: i36-33(Jce6). 
Hunting wilti bees. Harper, 113: S9a-9(So6). 
McCook, H: C. 
liie net-making caddis-worra. Harper, iii: 
McCoBUtCK, Arthur David. Raillery: picture. 

An J. 58; ii6-7(Apo6). 
HcConnich, F: 

Has the wai eliminated America from the Far 
East? Outl. 84; 318-14(6006). 
KacCoun, J : 

'^ hiral dotlrinc of Aristotle. Internat. J. 
Ethics, ifi: 2 8e-3io(Apo6). 
HcCrackea, EUzabeth. 
Among Ike inscrulabU inevitabilities. Outl. Si: 

2 26-10(2 7jao6). 
Julia Marlowe. Cent. 51: 47-55(No6). 
•Making the working-girl a ttaftswoman. Oull. 
84: 101 3-^3(22 D06). 
Miss Marlowe and her juvenile spectators. 

Critic, 49: i43-8(Aj;o6). 
Pictures for the tenements. Atlan. 98: sig-aB 
McCrea, Roswell C. 

Taxation of personal property in Pennsylvania. 
Q. J. Econ. ai; 5j-95(No6). 
UcCreadj, J. E. B. 

Assassination of Thomas D'Arcy McGee. 

Canad. M. 27: 3i4-7CAgo6). 
When the Dominion was young. Canad. M. 
»?: 68-70(Myo6), 152-5(1106), 4S3-5(So6), 
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Ancient Pemaquid. New Eng. M. n. s. 34: 

Handel and "The Messiah." New Eng. M 
n.s, 34: i6g-78(Apo6). 
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The mijdng of concrete. Sd. Am. Supp. 61; 
HacCurdy, G: Grant 

Broggcr's work on Scandinavian geology. Science, 

n. s, 23: 778-8o(i8Myo6). 
I51h Internal. Congress of Americanists. Am. 
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Ships that are passing. World To-day, 11: 913- 
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iSo-r(iMro6), 205-6(8Mrtj6). 
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R. 23, no. 3: 26-4»(J«)6).-Liv. Age, 350: 


The fascination of Parliament. Monthly R. 22, 

no.12: i-i8(Fo6). = Liv. Age, 148: 771-81(31 

i Mro6). 




HacDooagb, Hicliul. 

The Houae of Ccnnmou at work. Monlhly R. 
35. no- i: S4-76{Oo6).-Ijv. Ap:, asi: 584- 
The Lords as the supreme court of appeal. 

Monthly R. 35, no. 3: 73-80(006). 
The making o£ Farliament. igth Cent, 59: 30- 

A night in the House of Lords. Monthly R. 
»4. no. i: 66-83(Jlo6).-Uv. Age, 950: 465- 
75(^5 Ago6). 
The sergeant-al-arms. MacmU. n. a. i: 757-64 
(AgoOj.-Liv. Age, 951: 43i-j(i7No6). 
UacDoaald, Alexander. 

Thomas Aquinas and the eucharist. Am. Calh. 
Q-3l: 5S5-64ai««)- 
MacDonald, C: B. 

Ideal golf ooune. Outing, 49: 406-8(006). 
Hacdonald, D. B. 

Translating the Old Testament. Nation, 83: 

Wright'* Sir Richard Burton. Nation, S3: 

Young's Body of Ottoman law. Nation,8i: 77-9 
Uacdohau), Davidson. (G. M. Meacbam) Uiis. 

R- 19: 9o>-S(Do6). 
Hacdofuld, Elizabeth Robert*. 

True garden lover. Canad.M.97: 95-6(Myo6). 
Mautoniild, O. 

Louis Akin. Brush St P, 18: 113-6(306). 
Macdonald, G;, a neglected novelist. (Louise 

C. Willcox", No, Am. 183; 394-403(806). 
Ibcdonald, J. A. 

Cobalt ore deposits. Engin.M.31: 4o6-i6(Teo6). 
Macdonald- J : F. 

Paris and M. Loubet. Fortn. 85: 376-86(Fo6). 
Macdonald, J. Ramsa/. 
The ethics of the Trade disputes bill. Natipnal, 

47: 4o6-i7(Myo6). 
The labor party and its policy. Indep. R. 8: 
Macdonald, Margaret S., and Macdonald, J. 

Sweated home-industries. Indep. R. lor 150-64 
McDonald, Robert. 

Tht strange 'adventure of Lulu. McCIure, 97: 
MacDoaald, W: 
The American Historical Association. Nation,89i 

Brown's Life of Oliver Elbworth. Nation, 8a: 
MacdoneU, Sir J: 
The future'Hague conference. [Conlemp.] Uv. 

Age, 248: I3i-8(9ojao6). 
The law-making mania. 19th Cent. 59; 984- 
9S(Jeo6). - Liv. Age, 250: 131-9(2 1JI06). 
MacDonnell, J. de C. 
Catholic missions in the Congo Free Slate, Dub. 
R. 139:361-82(006). 
Hacdougal, Daniel T. 
Delta of Colorado river. Am. Geog. Soc. Bull. 

38: i-i6(Jao6). _ 
Discontinuous variation in pedigree-cultures. 

Pop. Sd, Mo. 69: t07-25(So6). 
Variation. Science, n. a. 14: 730-1(7006). 
Macdouoal aixtt. Artists' colony in. (P. T. 
Famsworth) Craftsman, it: 57-69(000). 

MacdowaU, H. C. 

Corneille. Macmil. n. s. i: 627-40(7606). 
MacDowsll, E:, GOnun'a. (H. T. Flnck) 
Nation. 89: aiHagMni). 

— musician and composer. (H; T. Finck) Outl. 
■ 84: 983-9(99006). 

MacDowell O-tTB. (L. Gihnan) Critic, 48: 516- 

Macedonia; an un<)erground republic Blackw. 

179: 309-1 9(Mfo6). 

— Situatiouin. (ConstantineMenelas) Booklover's 

M. 7: 909-5(Fo6). 

— Unending race war in. (F: Moore) Haip. W. 

so: i6o6-8CioNofi). 
McFadden, Paitnalee. 

The odd event and the champUmihip. St. Nich. 
33: 343-9{Fo6). 
Macfadyen, DuGALD. Reunion. Hibberl J. 5: 

Mftcfall, Haldane. 

Alexander Roche, artist. Studio (Interaat.) aS: 

Ute art of Henri Telielra de Maltoa. StuiUO 
MacParUuid, 1 
The Christian Endeavo 

182: i94-903{Fo6). 
The needs of Ibe national capital. OutL 83! 
5 18-91(30 Jeo6). 
HcFarland, J. Horace. 

The gentle art of killing fiah. Ontl. 84; 79-83 

Ignorance of "good ddzens." Out!. 89: 271- 

8j: 97i~3(3Fo6). 
The trees of a great city. Outl. 82: 203-10 
HcFarland, R. W. 

The Julian period. Pop. Astron. 14: 98-102 

The lunar cycle. Pop. Astron. 14: i7(Jao6). 
McFariand, W. M. 

The metric fallacy. Caasier, 99: 393-9(Fo6). 
McFarUne, Arthur S. 

The colonel's celUcUon. Cent. 50: 198-008 

From M« ca0. Booklovet'i M. 7: 66o-7(Myatf). 
A return. Everybody's, 15; 9i7-i4(Ago6). 
Macfarlane, Harold. 

Football of yesterday and to-day. Monthly R. 95, 
no. 1: 129-38(006). 
HcFariane. Margaret o»d Artiinr E. 

A miierttHon te the htathen. McClure, 17: 51- 
McGee, T: D'Akcy, Assas^nation of. (J. E. ,B. 

McCready) Canad. M. 27: 3r4-7(Ago6). 
HcOea, W. J. 

Climatology of Arizona. Science, n. s. 93; 721- 
McOeorge, J; 

Heavy motor vehicles industrially considered. 
Engin. M. 3': 378-96(T«>6)- 
HcGhee, Zach. 
Tillman, smasher of traditions. Worid'e Work, 
12: 8oi3-2o(So6). 
McGiflert, Margaret Cooper. 
A tangled web. Atlan. 98; 395-404(306). 
A wrtler of words. Atlan. 97: 833-40(7006). 
McGn-L UmvERSiTv, Macdonald physics builiUng. 
(A. S. Eve) Nature, 74: 279-5(197^6). 

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HcGCIicuddy, Owen E. 
Can American demt 
Westm. 166: 6s7-6;(Do6) 
McOUlivray, A. J. 

Joan of Arc. Am. Cathy Q- 3^- 3°9-3'(Apo6). 
HacGowan, Alice. 

The Christmas vaUnline. Harp. W. 50; 1754- 

A doll. Harper, 112: 383-^o(Jao6). 
The lion's whelp. Munsey, 34; 7i8-i7(Mro6). 
The raping match at Antelope. Cent. 50: ii-S 
H'Grath, P. T. 

New England's deep-sea fishing mlerests. R. of 

Rs. (N. V.) 33: s6i-6{Myo6). 
Newfoundland: Ihe fisheries dispute. New En g. 

M.n.s.33: 62s-35{Fo6). 
The Nea-foundland fishery dispute, Macmil. 

n. s. 1: a30-4o{Jao6), 
Newfoundland fishery dispute. No. Am. 183: 
I l34-43(7r>o6). 
MacGregor, D. H. 

Practical deductions of the theory of knowledge. 
Intcrnat. J. Ethics, 16: 1 98-303 (Jao6). 
Hacgregor, U.-Cal. J: 
The cobra and the mongoose. Chamb. J. 83: 
Hacgregor, W. D. 

The neit budget. Westm. :6s: 32-30(Jao6). 
McGrew, Thomas P. 

First principles of poultry culture. Ctry Life 
Am. 10; 33i-i(Jlo6). 
McGulre, B. S. 

Big Oklahoma. Nat. Geog. M. 17: 103-5 
Uachak, Aohes Maolb. (L. A. Guild) Canad. 

M. 97: 499:^ei(Oo6). 
MacHai*, W. B. 

Tkt eUbti 0} Antoina. McClure, 18: 188-97 
McHenky, Javes; Papers on the Federal conven- 
tion of 1787. Am. Hist. R. 11: .;9$-6i4(Apo6). 
Machiavellianism, Commercial. (Ida M. Tarbell) 

McClure, 16: 435-6 t(Mro6). 
MachinaiioHS of Ocoee GaUenline. (G. M. Cooke) 

Cent. 49: 9io-i9f Apo6). 
Machine-shop, Modem requu-ements of the. 

(Joseph Horner) Caasier, 31; 156-66(006). 
Machinery, Use and abuse of. (G. Stickley) 

Craftsman, 11: ao9-7(No£). 
Machinists, Length of the trade life among. 
(James O'Connell) Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 
37: 49i-s(Myo6). 
Hachugh, Konon. 
A tramp of the Grand Banks. New Eng. M. 
n. s. 3.=;: 80-^(506). 
Hcllquhatn, Harriett. 

The seiiure and putting to death of Mr. Boyd. 
Westm. 165: a88-3o6(Mro6). 
Mclntyre, J:T. 

The three wise men. McClure, 27: SiiHSolSoe). 
MclvFB. C: nuNCAN, of North Carolina. (Albert 

Shaw) R. of Rs. (N. Y.) 14: 42i-i(Oo61. 
— a leader of the people. (W. H. Page) World's 

Work. 13: 8i6s-7(Do6). 
Haclver, T> : Randall. 

Medieval Rhodesia. Monthly R. 24, no. 2: 

Ruins in Rhodesia; their probable origin and 
significance. Geog. J. 27: 33s-47(Apo6). 

Mackall, J:W: 

The Electra of Euripides. [Speaker] Ut. Age, 

Z48: sos-8(»4Fo6). 
The genius of W: Morris. Indep. R. 11: 31-7 
Hackamtsa, P : 

Native disturbance in Natal. Indep. R. 10: 13J- 
Uackay, AnguB H. 

A Highland poet, Rob Donn. Westm. 165: 43'- 

43(Apo6). j 

A modem instance of unconscloua propbtcj. 
Vftttm. 166; 441-9(006). 
Hackay, Isabel E. 
The merdiants; a poem. St. Nidi. 33: 140-1 
(D06). 1 

Mackay, 1: W., Memorial statue 'of. (E, Lotd) i 

World's Wo^is: 8ifo-2(No6). 
Hackay, Lydia WUer. ' 

The man who had no courage. Blackw. 18a: I 
774-9(Do6). I 

UcKee, Ralph H. ' 

The primeval atmospbeie. Science, n. *. ij: | 
The failure of govenmient inspection. WorU't 
Work, ta: 7Sio-4(Myo6). , 

HcKelway, A. J. 
The AUanta riots: a Southern white point of 

view. Outl.84: S57-6»(3No6). , 

Child labor in Southem cotton mills. Ann. Am. 

Acad, Pol, Sci. 27: »59-69{Mro6). I 

A studv in degeneracy. Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. 

Sci. 27: 3i2-i6(Mro6). | 

Mackenzie, Sir Alexander Muir. j 

BvBone Perthshire; or, Social lite fifty years ap ! 

Chamb. J. 83: 113-6, i29-32{Fo6). 
SIViall holdings. Chamb. J. 83: 8i7-4o(Do61. 
Hackenzie, D. 

Middle Minoan polteryof Knossos. J. Hel.Siud. 
26: 243-67(No6). 
Mackenzie, J. S. 

Dangers of democracy. Intemat. J. Ethics, id 
1 29-44(Jao6). 
Mackenzie, Jean K. 
Glimpses of African souls. Hiss. R- ig: 41-1 
Mackenzie, Robert 

Temptations of a young clergyman. Cosmopol. 
40: 4i7-20{Fo6). 
Mackenzie, W: C. 

Deer forests in (he Highlands. Indep. R. K: 
Hackenzie, W : Douglas. 
The moral consciousness of Jesus. Contemp. 89 : 
MacUe, J. B. 

P. B. M'Laren. Westm. 166: 6n»-32(Do6). 
McCni, Mead & Warre. Three great architecU. 
(G. S. Parker) World's Work, la: 8ost-« 
McKiNlEY, Ml.. Dr. F. Cook's ascent of. Sd. 

Am. 9^: 445-6(15006). 
McLaren, J: 

Labor parties: The new clement in parliamen- 
tary life. Fortn. 85: 368-7s(Fo6). 
M'Laren, Pmscn.LA Bright. (J. B. Macfcie) 
Westm. 166: 6i9-22(Do6). 





McLean, Bruce. 
The French Roosevelt. Bookman, 3j: 35S-60 
■UcLean, G; E. 
CoaditioDs of adrnUsioD to college. Science, n. s. 
>3- 645-5o(27Apo6). 
Haclehow, Sophia H. 
Thepassingof a great tide. Chamb. J. 83: 564- 
McLellan, C. M. S, Jury of fate. (M. Beer- 

bohm) Sat. R. 101: i2-3(6Jao6). 
HcLeod, Addiaon. 

Portraits of Dante. Art J. 58: 305-9(006). 
MacUod, Campbell. 

Acadian weaveis of Louisiana. Craftsman, 11: 
[ 33a-4»(I>wS). 

Courtyaids of New Orleans. Craftsman, 10: 
Hacleod, Fiona. 

At the turn o[ the year. Fortn. 86: 48-S2(]lo6). 
— Liv, Age, 350: 438-l!(lSA(Ki6). 
Uacleod, FlOHA. i.e. William Sharp. (L. Rea) 
Critic, 48: 4(io-3(Myo6). — (Acad.] Liv. Age, 
948: S7-(5o(6Jao6). 
Madoikie, G: 

Case of Esperanto. No. Am. 183; 1144-58(7 

An excursion in "Esperanto." Harp. W. 50: 

The strength of Esperanto. Harp. W. eo: 1438- 

Vocabulary of Esperanto. Harp. W. 50; 1534 
Hacmahon, Henry. 

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Recent survey in Seistan. Geog. J. aS: aog-jq 
(S06). ,,33-51(006). 
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(Ago6).'^Uv. Age, ajo: 6oo-9(fiSo6). 
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Bacon's moral teaching. Internal. J. Ethic3,i7i 
HcHilUn, T: 
Roman Catholic citizens and public education. 
Educa. R. 31: 2q4-9(Mro6). 
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— portrait painter. (Edith Pettit) Studio (Inter- 

nat.) ag: 3i9-a4COo6), 
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An old cantonment. Blackw. 179: :3o-6(Jao6). 

= Etl. M. 146; 395-9(Myo6). 
Conceming a general staff. Blackw. 180: 590- 
HcMurry, Frank Morton. 
Relation betiveen the 
schools. Educa. j6: 3$j-^{Jao6). 

Hacnafhtan, R. B. 
Geography in our public schools, igth Cent 60: 
Macnair, Theodore H. 

Influences that are molding Ja[>anese thought. 
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HcRamara. J. J. 

Polo made plain. . CoBmopol.4i: 97-I04(Myo6). 
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The amendment oftheeducadoa act*. Contemp. 

89: 38o-6(Mio6). 
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Protection and Canadian prosperity. Canad. 
M. 16 r 4j6-3a(MTo6). 
McReilL Ronald. 

Froude and Freeman. Monthly' R. i». no. »: 
79-9i(Fo6). =-LI». Age, 148: 6*4-31 (ioMro6). 
Parliament and parties. Monthly R, 13, no. » : 
Hacniver, Lottie.. 

WhtnDoburni^kt. Canad. M. 96: >73-6(Taoe). 
MacPkairton't hafPy family. (C: G.D. Roberts) 

Appleton'sU. S: 749-59(006). 
Macphorson, Hector, jr. 
The construction of the heavens. Pop. Astron. 
14: 38^-93(Ak-So6). = ScJ- Am. Supp. 6a; 
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Scottish astronomy. Pop. Astron. 14: io6-ii 
HacphertoD, Katharine L. 

Lilv Dougall, novelist. Canad. M. 27: 478-8= 
McPheraon, T. E. 

Chicaeo Palette and Chisel Club, permanent 
exhibition. Brush St P. 17: i5-7(Jao61. 
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Some bibliogVaphir needs and posdbilities. 
Dial (Ch.) 40; 78-9(iFo6). 
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Open-mindedness. Cath. Worid, 83: 18-3L 

(Apofi), a2o-3i(Myo6). 
The sacrament of duty. Cath. World, 84: 189- 
1 97(D«5)- 
McTaggart, J. EUli. 
The ethics of H: Sidgwick. Qnar. soj! 39*- 
Harardy, Theododa, and others. 

Methods of buying books for libraries. Lib. J. 

31: i4-7a«*i- 

HacVannel, J: A. 

College course in the principles of education. 

School R. 14: 69-i22(Fo6). 
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The graduated taxation of incomes and inherit- 
ances. No. Am. 83; 8a4-8(Jeo6), 

Great reforms secured -in Pennsylvania. No. 
Am. iSi; qoo-6oi(i;Oo6). 

A great victory for honest politics. No. Am. 183: 
HcV^, Frank L. 

Subsidizing merchant marines. J. PoL Econ. 
14: 37o-9i(Jeo6). 
Macy, J: Albert 

Joseph Conrad. Atlan. 98: 697-7oa{No6), 

Our chromatic joumalisn. Boobnan, 34: IS7- 

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Uadaoascak. How the Malwasj become Chris- 
tians. Miss. R. 19: 4a7-9(Jeo6). 

Madamt dt Treymes. (Edith Wharton) Scrib. M- 
4or i67-9i(Ago6). 

lUdu, A. C. 

Afiicaa languages. Nation, 83; 347(15006), 

Madden, Ira A. 
In an English countiy house. Haip. Baz. 40: 

MademoisciU Papa. (E. Rhodes) Canad. M. 17: 

Madera county, Cat. Out West, 34: 464-g 

Madis<»i, Wis. Free library building. (Julia A. 


Madonnas in New England museums. (F: W. 

Coburn) New Eng. M. d. s. 35: 387-99(006), 

Madrid; its government and municipal services. 
(Chester L. Jones) Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 

The intelUgence of the flowers. Harper, ir4: 

Lat n and Teutonic races. Putnam, i : 77-So 

The measure of the hours. Fortn. 86: 781-4 
Of our anxious morality. Atlan.97: 7-i7(Jao6}. 

-Fortn. 85: 46-6i(JaQ6). 
Maeteelinck, Maurice, with portrait. (Archi- 

bald Henderson) Arena, 35: ti5-34(Fo6). 
— as moralist. (Algar Thorold) Indep. R. 8: 184- 

Hagee, Louis J. 

Tne American, and the German peril. Engin. 

M. 30: 48i-i>o(Jfto6), 64i-S3{Fo6). 
IfcggU Donahue. (E. L. Sabin) Munsey, 35: 

Maggie Verity'! reconversion. (D. B. Fitzgerald) 

New Ena. M. n. s. 35: i;o-9(So6). 
Maoi, Birthplace of the. (Albert Baiiy) Am. Cath. 

Q. 31: i7s-84(Jao6). 
Magu oj orchards. The. (Zona Gale) Outing, 48: 

Maoic sphere, The. (Alfred Gradenwitz) Sci. 

Am. 94: 493(i6Jeo6). — Sci. Am. 95; 99{ii 

Magic ttapot. The. (Florence Peltier) St. Nich. 

33: Ti2-6{^o&i. 
Magical formulce on lintela of the Christian period 

in Syria. Am. J. Archieol. n. 9. 10: 137 




I partition of energy. Science, n. s. 13: 

Haj^unii, Junes P. 

Fountain, stylographic, and reservoir pens. Sci. 

Am. Supp. 61: is3ia-4(i4Apo6), a53a8-9(ai 

Apo6), a536i-3{5Myo6), 35376-8(1 »Myo6), 

»S39»-.l(i9Myo6), 3S4a4-6(aJeo6), 25449-51 

Magistrates, County. (T. E. Kebbel) Monthly 

R. 95, no. I : r30-8(Oo6). 
Maonesite depoMts of California. (Frank I.. 

Hess) Entp'n. M. 31: 69i-704(Ago6). 
Magnetic disturbances, terrestrial, Solar origin 

of. (E. Walter Maunder) Pop. Astron. 14: 


Magntlie hearlh, Th*. Q. B. CoDnoIly) Harper, 

114: 99-io6(Do6). 
Magnetism, Terrestrial. (C. C. Adams) Harper, 

113: 63-7(Jeo6). 
Maoneto-optics, Recent progress in. (P. Zee- 
man) Nature, 75: 160-3(13006), 
Magnets used for lifting purposes. (Aithur C. 

Eastwood) CassJCT, 31: 91-105(006). 
Hacnlac, C. Venum. 

Visit to the court of the Tashi Lama. iptli 

Cent. 59: a5S-7o(Fo6). 
HagDtts, Laurie. 
History and character of the Jews. Fortn. 85: 

Uagnus, Philip. 
^Early school teaching of the Jews. 19th Cent. 

60: 464-77CS06). 
Maooon, C: E., Cuba's American govemor. 

(Richard C. Weigbtman) R. of Rs. (N. Y.) 

34: ss6-9(No6). 
Hagrnder, W:T. 

Amer. Assoc. Adv. of Sci. Mechanical science 

and engineering. Sdence, n. s. 33: 764-9(18 


Cheap railroad tickets for workmen in Belgium. 
Econ, J. 16: 536-45(006). 
Hahan, Capt. Alfred T. 

Some reflections upon the far eastern war. Na- 
tional, 47: 385-405(Myo6). = Liv. Age, 250: 
67-81 (14JI06). 
Hahonj, Agnes P. 

Liberia, an example of negro self-govemment, 
Appteton'sM.8: ijr-9(Jlo6). 
Maimunalh, the jewel 0/ the 'Thaijaly.' (A. V. 

Stewart) Chamb. J. 83: 93-s(Fo65. 
Maine, Biubatism in; study of Mr. WassiKi's 
charges. (Rollin L. Hartt) New Eng. M. n. s. 
33: S4a-5{Jao6). 

— coast of. Cruising on the. (W, L. Barnard) 

Ctiy Life Am. 10: 3i3-6(Jlo6). 

— Library Association, annual meeting, 1906. 

{Gerald G. Wilder) Lib. J. 31: 834(006), 

— The redevelopment of an old state. (Sjhctter 

Barter) R. of Rs, (N. Y.) 33: s5-6igao<i), 
Mair, J:, Journal of, 1791. Am. Hist. R. tar 

The Scottish churches; 

I appeal. BU<±w. 

Maitknd, F. W. 

Making the civil code of Germany. Tndep. R. 
10: 2ii-ii{Ago6). 
Haitland, V: 

The Chinaman in California and in South Africa, 
[Contemp.lEcl. M. 146: i30-7(Fo6>, 
Uakee, Walt. 

Tht initiative 0} Pokes. Lippinc. 77 : loft-i 5 

By way of the attic. Lippinc. 78: 69-75(Jlo6). 
A case for the psychical society. Macmil. n. a. 1 : 
Making of a doctor oj divinity. (Rose Young) 

Cent. 49: 73s-33(Mro6). 
Makin's oj a hayro, Tht. (G. W. Ogden) McClun, 
aS: 17-36^06). 

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Malakia. Ami-malarial work. (L. O. Homurd) 
Science, n. s. 14: 744-6(7006). 

— The story of. Spec. 97: 7i8-9(ioNo6).— (R. 

Ross) National, 48: 446-59(No6). 
Malaysia, Missionary colonization in. (H: L. E, 

Luering) Miss. R. 19: 575-7(Ago6). 
lUlcolm, Ian. 
U the panj system honest? Fortn. 86: 64»--8 

Makolm, W: R. 

Socialism and the man in the street. Monthly R. 
7j. no. a: 63-78(Fo6). 
Ualk, Evolution of the. (M. E. Hughes) Westm. 

Ua^iaj, Noguier d«, (Ml. 
New theory of erect vision. Sd. Am. Supp. 61 
liaOtfi matUrpiKt, The. (E. H. Pepte) Muiuey, 
„ 35; 76-85(Apo6). 
MtUock, W: HorralL 
EzpatrUtiaD of capiUU. iplh Cent. 59: 435-46 

Great fortunw and the communitv. No. Am. 

I8j: 349-64{So6).- 
The intellectual conditions of the labor party. 
Monthly R. 25, no. i: 9-34(006), no, a: 17- 
34(No6), no. 3: i-i9(Do6). 
Two poet laureates [Tennyson and Austin] on 
life. National, 47: 955-7o(Ago6).'=I4v. Age, 
a^i: 3-i4(60o6). 
Political powers of labor, igth Cent. 60; 30J-14 
(Ago6).-Li». Age, sso: 579-89(8So6).".Ecl, 
M. 147: jo7-i6(Oo6). 
Sir Oliver Lodge on life and matter. Fortn. 86: 
-Malloce, W: Hubbell, on the natutaloeis of 
Christianity. (W: L. SulUvin) Cath. World. 
8»: ss7-36(JaoQ. 
HaUtiry, i< . B. 
Present needs of the Harvard Medical School. 
Science, n, s, 34: 334-8(14806), 
MAi,LOk¥, Stephen R., Letter, 1861, Am. Hist. 

R. 12: 103-8(006), 
MALKESBtntY, The walls ot. (A. Ballard) Eng, 

Hist. R. 21: g8-i05(Jao6). 
Malt, Manufacture of. (V. Martens) Sci, Am. 

Supp, 61; 35343-3(1006). 
Haltby, AdeUide Bowlea. 
The library's work with children. Dull. 82: 
360-4(1 7F06). 
MALTHnsrAmsB and the declining birth-rate. ( J, 
\V. Barclay) 19th Cent. 59: 80-9 ( Jao6). -- Eel, 
M. 146: J36-4i(Mro6), 
.Maunon, The morals of. (J: M. Palmer) 

McQupe, 37: 36o-s(Tlo6). 
Mah and the actor. (R. Mansfield) Allan. 97: 

— and beast. (S. H. Dmry) Atlan. 07: 430-3 


— The multifarious varieties ot. Sd. Am. Supp. 

61; >534o(toMro6). 

— Omnicamivorous. (E. Protheroe) Chamb. J. 

83: 6o5-8(So6). 

— prehistoric, in the Dakota*, Remains of, (H: 

Montgomery) Am. Anthropol, 8: 640-51(006). 
Mao, The, vhoiie name must not be mentioiied. 

(Walter Littlefield) Ladies' H. J. 33, no. a: 

UaH and hit rost-garden, Tka. (A. Brown) Har< 

per, 114: »7-9(Do6). 

Man from AOantis, Th*. (Alice H. Sfll) Overiand, 

n, s. 47: 34-S(Jbo6). 
Man from Hongkong, The. (G. Bronson-Howard) 

Munsey, 35: 639-47(Ago6). 
Man in Ike tatt. The. (Elizabeth Stuart Phelpi) 

Ladies' H. j. 83, no. 3: s-<. 48(Fo6), no- 4= 

ii-a, 6o(Mro6), no. 5: i3-i4(Apo6), no. 0: 

ij-4(Mro6), no. 8: 13-4, 48(Jlo6). 
Man in the shadow. The. (R. W. Child) Harper, 

113; iio-6(Jeo6). 
Man of mystery. The. (Justus M. Forman) Harp. 

W. so: 1706-10(1 D06). 
Man viho btundertd. The. (Nellie K. Blisiett) 

[Temp. Bar] Liv. Age, »49: 365-9 (r3M)ro6). 
Maniokohadnoamragt. (L. M. Mackay)Bladtw. 

180: 774-9(Do6). ■ 
Man vho wot obsUnale, The. (A. Brown) Allan. 

98: 836-7{Do6). 
M*n with the muck-rake. The. (T. Rooaeveh) 

OutL 8*: 883-7(aiApc>6).- Putnam, j: 40-7(0 

Man, l3LE or; archeology and natural histto^. 

(J: Rhys) Nature, 74" 223-4(sJlo6). 
— Matkets and myths of. (Katherine E. Thomas) 

Overland, n. a. 47: 3S3--6»(Apo6). 
MANCHESTER, Eng,, Country school. (L, Smith) 

Macmil. n, 9, 3: i7-33(No6). 
Manchuiua, Future of. (E. Brindle) Worid's 

Mandmjvy, Last royal funeral at. (H. Bernard) 

•Canad. M. 77: 43-8(Myo6). 
Mandeville, Sir J: (C. R, Eastman) Science, 

n, s- 24: 822-3(aiDo6). 
Manet, E: , Paintings of, in the Faure collection. 

Ath. '06, 1 : 804-5 ( 30 Jeo6). 
MAMOAMm bkonhs. Sd. Am. Supp. 61: 35386- 

Manhattan Trade School; Working-mrl made 

» craftswoman. (E. McCracken) Outl. 84: 

Hanlates, Belle. 

A vegetarian odTitnturt. New Eng. M. n. S. 35: 

6o-s(So6), ' 
Manickeisu; the long-iost Man! Bible. (M. 

Bloomfield) Harper, iis: 5a7-33(MTo6). 
Manila, ImpicMioiM of. (A. Biownell) Munsey, 

35: 53-«>(Apo6). 
Manitoba, Reminiscences of. Canad. M. 37: 

Makund in the making. (Mary Higgs) Contemp. 

89: 830-42(Jeo6). 
Haim, C : Riborg. 

College laboratory. Educa, 27: 200-8(Do6). 
Science in civilization and la education. Sdwol 

R. 14: 664-7o(No6). 
:ami, J. S. 
The making of a statesman. Contemp. 89; 

Manners, Lady Victoria. 

Pembrugeand Vernon tombs at Tong. Art J. 58: 

66-70(Mro6), as7-6i(So6), 
MANNEB9, English and American. (Florance H. 

Hall) Harp. Baz. 40: 1169-73(006). 
Manning, H: E:, and Gladstone: the "destroyed" 

letters. Dub. R. J38: 4i-s8(Jao6). 


. . 577-84 

Manmimq, Masie. (U. White, fr.) Munsey, 36: 

Hamiiiig, W. 
Are the clergy honest? Hibbert J. 4: 406-15 

Makoas, Early leUtions with the Dutch. (George 

Edmundaon) Eng. Hist. R. 91: 32[)-5j(Apo6). 
Man's b^te-noire. Blackw. 180; 311-46(806). 
Itan't ehanet, A. (F. Kendrick) New Eng. M. 

a. s. 35: 4o8-i4(Do6). 
Mansfield, j: Review of his '"Sailor's Garland." 

Gent. M. n. 3. yj: 53'-3(^o6). 
Hanifleld, R: 

Man and the actor. Atlan. 97: 577-85(Mjo6]. 
Mansfield, S.; (Kenyon West) Areoa, ij: 1-15 

ManMn, Hatluuiiel J. 
City of Mexico. Overland, n. a. 48: 398-405 

Manual trainihg, Apperceptive basis of. (J: 

P. Hylan) Educa. a6: 324-4i(Fo6). 

— asnow taught; is it educative ? (B.R.Payne) 

School R. 14: 37s-8(Myo6). 

— How may it be made educative? (B. Payne) 

School R. 14: 425-8(Jeo6). 

— in N. V. dty pubue schools. (Colin A. Scott) 

Educft.R. 31: 4ii-^(Apo6). 
Mandfactuher's point of view. (J. T. Lincoln) 

Allan. gS: 289-95(806). 
MAirurAcnTKiNa, Specializalioa in. (Alexander 

E. Outerbridge) Gassier, 30: 538-43(006), 
MAKTJFAcmsiNa methods, American, Evils of. CL: 

Bell) Engin. M. 31: 8ot-8(So6). 
Manzanita. (Virginia Garland) Overland, n. s. 

48: 67-7o(Ago6). 
Maori wood camng. (F. F. Kelly) Craftsman, 

10: 340-5i(Jeo6). 
Map, Language of the. (H. M. Kingery) St, Nich. 

.13: 330-a(Fo6). 

An uncompromising fighter. Outl. 83: 220-3 
Mapls suoak. Making. (Harry A. Packud) 

New Eng M. n. •. 34: i45-Q(Apo6). 
Maps, Early. Sd. Am. Supp. 61: 95311-9(14 

Makatbon kace, 1906; how it was won. (Joseph 

W. Spencer) Harp. W. 50: 8io-i(9jeo6). 
Marble, Annie RubmII. 

The charm of "Ik Marvel." Adan, 97: 313-q 

Early life of ToLitoi. Dial (Chic.) 41: 50-60 

Willis and Foe. Critic, 48: 34-6(Jaa6). 
March 0) Ike seasimi, Th*. (Maiy H. Vorae) Book 

lover's M. 7: 68s-94(Myo6). 
Marches, The court of the. Sat. R. 101: 770-1 
. 4 (iiDo6). 
Marcia Way. (Richard W. Child) Everybody's, 

15: 9T-io4{Jlo6). 
Marconi, W. 

Control of the direction of electric k 
Am. Supp. 61: >5478-9(93jeo6). 

HticoMon, I: P. 
AttomCT-General Moody and hi* woik. WotU'i 

Work, 13: 8igo-4(No6). 
Beginning of r^oim in Packingtown. Woitd'i 

Work, 19: 8115-30(006). 
Exploring for new American crops. WorVI'l 

Work, 12: 7951-8(806). 
Fall of the house of Quay. Worid"* Woik, tl: 

The growth of "Fletcheriam." World's Work, 

11: 7394-8(Ii(jo6). 
A mayor of all the people. World's Work, ir 

Mr. David Lubin and his work. World b nork. 1 
12: 8o9i-3(So6). I 

Huden, Oriaon SwetL 

Thrift Overland, tL s. 48: 310-4(006). 
Margaret and the Schoot-board. (H. H. Rosi: 

Chamb; J. 83: 561-4, 584-6(806). 
Maria Redbum. (Ruth K- Gardiner) Even- 

body's, 14: 8io-6(Jeo6). 
Marit, Ike Hum. (W, A. Frascr) Eveirbody'i, 14; 

Marietta, O., ist Cong. Church of. Archit. Kk. 
9o: 117— 2o(Ago6). 

Maximz anhials. Cultivation of, in Japan. (C 

Mitsukuri) Nat. Oeog. M. 17: 534-31(806). 
Marine decay, Cause and cure of our. (W: W. 

Bates) Arena, 36: 265-79(306). 
Mario, Jewie White. 
The new Italian ministry. Nation, Sa! 195-7 

Mabio, Jbssib Whitb. (W. P. GairiBon) Nation, 

89: 9i8(i5Mro6). , 

Marion, Gen. Frands. (L. T. Sprague) Ootii« 

47: 403-'o(J»o6). ! 

Marion' smid-oceajtsuret.' (R. D. Paine) St. Nidi. 

33: a9t-5(Fo6). 
Mark of an uncut diamond. The. (Philip VeniL 

Migjiels) Harp. W. 50: 1493-6(6006). 
Mark Twain, When he lectured. (W. H. Mtwflli 

77: 57,';r8a(Myo6). 
Mabxet, The American, and London. (A. D. 

Noyes) Nation, 83: 3S9(asOo6). 
Markets and aballoirs, Sanitary. (W: P. Ger- 
hard) .\m. Arch, 90; 187-8(15006). 203-4 

(2i|Do6). ■ . 

— and misery. (U. Sincbur) No. Am. 189: 591- 

Markham, Clements R. 

Next great discovery in Arctic regions; Beaufwl 

sea. Geog. J. 27: i-i5(Jao6). 
Harkham, Edwin, 

The hoe-man in the making. I. Cosmi^. 

41: 480-7(8061. 

— II. Cosmopol. 41 367-74(00). 

— III. Uttleslaveg of the coal-mines. 
49: 9o-8(No6). 

— IV. The grind behind the holidays. Cc* 
mopol. 49; i43-5o(Do6). 

What life means to me. Cosmopol. 41 : iBj-S 
Makehau, EoniH, poet-prophet of democracy, with 
portrait.- (B: O. Flower) Arena, 35; 143-50 
Harkham, R. G. L. 

Public automobile omnibuses. Caader, 30: t-i6 





, Violet R. 

Lord Dutfaam and the Colonies. I9tb Cent. 
59: 9i4-a3CJ»>6)- 
HiTks, Alfred. 
Besint's Meduevol London. Nation, 83: 101- 

A neglected mu> of Loodon. Ath. '06, 11 397- 

Mirks, Jeannetta. 

Th4 idyl of Triitram Stupard. New Eag. M. 

n.s.34: a73-7(M3ra6). 
Mount Holyoke college. Outl. 81: 191-101(27 
Marksmanship b schools; a simple solution. (F. 

LMaxse) National, 48: 3;8-8i(Oo6). 
MASLotra, JnuA. (E. McCracken) Cent. 51: 

— and ner juvenile spectators. (E. McCraciten) 

Critic, 49; l4i-8{Ago6). 
Marne, The; a French river. (E. R. Fennell) 

Cent. 50: i86-98(Jeo6). 
Marquand, A. 
Cyma recta and cyina reversa. Am. J. Archeol. 

n. s. 10; i8i(Jb6). 
Uarquis Jtanne Hyadnih dt St. Palayt. (J: H: 

Shonhouse) OutL 84: 1014-38(11006). 
Hair, A. E«il. 
On the sand dunes of Cape Cod. Outing, 49 : 

Pbotograplung the heron family. Outing, 48: 

^Iassiage and cbild-beariag, Penalj^g. Indep. 

60: i46-7(i8Jao6). 

— and divorce inNorUi Dakota. (J: Lee Coulter) 

Am. J. SocioL t>: 398'4i6(No6). 

— Changing conditions of. (Ida H. Harper) 

Indep. 61: 1339-30(6006). 

— Enforcing immorality. Westra. 163: 71-5 


— in the East iind in the West. (Flom A. Steel) 

Monthly R. 13, no. i ; i04-lg(Apo6). 

— Passing of matrimony. (Charlotte P. S. Gil- 

man) Harp. Baz. 40: 494-8(Jeo6). 
Mabsiages, Forbidden, and international law; 
some anomalies. (A. Fellows) [Month. R.] Liv. 
Age, 348: i«-4{i3jao6). 
Harriott, Ciittendni. 
Phabe'i cxperimetU. New Eng. M. n. a. 3;; 
Harriott, J: Arthur Ransome. 
The higher education of workingmen. Fortn. 

86: »47-S7(Ago6). 
William Pitt, 1759-1806. Fortn. 85: 487-503 
Maks, Habitability of. Sci. Am. Supp. fa: 25877- 

— the life of a neighboring world. (W. Kaempf- 

fert) Munsey, 35 : a47-so(Myo6). 

— Perdval LoweU's Observations of. (W. J. S. 

95: 383(i4No6). 
■aisden, R. G. 
Early career of Sir Martin Frobisher. Eng. Hist. 

R. ai: 538-44(Jlo61. 
The mythical town of Orwell. Eng. Hist. R. 
■andeo, V: E. 
An Anglo-Russian entente. Fortn. 86; i97-»i7 

MAMtniJS, FRDcb colonial exDMition at. (Tame* 
W.Pattiwa) World To-day, 11: ii89-^7&(o6). 

The fourth gun. [Comh.] Liv. Age, 151: 67a- 
Mabsh, F: Daka, painter. (A. Holber) Studio 

(Intemat.) a8: livii'4xiu(Myo6). 
Miif»h«H^ E: 

From the captain's log book. Harp. W. 50; 

Measuring the earth.- World To-day, 10: 163-9 

WhoUtUry, Tht. Outing, 48: 9a-5(Apo6). 
Marshe, T: Retrospective review of his "Insti- 
tution of a gentleman." Gent. M. n. s, 77. 
Mahs-La-Toub, battle of, A Scoichman'at. (C: 
V. Laurent^) [Cornh.] Eel. M. 147: 411-10. 
Harston, B: 

Howdoesitfeellobeold? Monthly R. 34, no. 1 : 
Marten, C : Rous. 

Briti^ locomotive engineering. Gassier, 30: 68- 

Manutaclureof mall. Sd. Am. Supp. 61: 35841 
Hartiii, A. A. 

Fresno county, Cal. Out Weal, 14; 333-4' 
Maitin, E:S. 
Easter considerations. Harp. W. 50: 514-5, 

E^clusiveness. Harper, 113: 610-3(806). 
The habits of the sea. Harper, 113: 105-13 

The mind of a child. Harper, 114: 70-5(006). 
Martin, Frank O. 
California's new inland sea. Booklover's M. 
7: 679-84(Myo6). 
Martin, G: Madden. 
A»i* Atm. St Nich. 34* ss-9(NoQ, 136-31 
Ma. tin, Helaa ReinianuydM. 

Th» rtlormtnt 0) a hridegroom. McClure, 38: 
Martin, Mrs. Herbsrt. 

A labor memf>n. Cham b. J. 83: 417-30,441- 
3, 45.S-8lJloel. 
Harbn, J. SackriUe. 

Ire Takamasa. [Temp. Bar] Eel. M. 146: 34-8 
Martin, Lawrence. . 

Glaciers of Vakutat Bay, Alaska. Am. Geog. 

Soc. Bull. ,^8: i4S-68(Mro6). 
Recent change of level in Alaska. Geog. J. i8; 
Martin, Mabel. 

Thf hill-child. Cosmopol. 41: 433-a(Ago6). 
Martin, Hay. 

A neglected branch of woman's work, Chamb. 

A great British admiral. . Gent. M. n. 9. 76; 

85-101 (Jao6). 
Martin, T: Commerford. 
The telharmonium; electricity's alliance with 

music. R.of Rs. (N. Y.) 33: 430-3(Apo6). 





kartln, Dr. W. A. P. 
Awakening of China. Worid's Work, 11: 7134- 

China transfonned. World'sWork, is: 7844-8 

Revotuliomiy changes id China. World'! Work, 
13: 8iis-3StOo6). 
Maktinkav, Haiuu£T, and the employment of 
women in 1836, (Edllh Abbolt) J. Pol. Econ. 
14: 6t4-26(Do6). 
Hartinen^CeureKO, EvetyD, ComiUss. 

A letigion of ruth. Coutemp. 90: 369-67(806). 
= Ecl. M. 147: 4Ji-34(No6). 
Martyrdom A bt modt. (John M. Fainter) McCluR^ 

a;: 83-5(Myo6). 
Mabvsll, Anskxw, Birrell's Life of. Spec. 96: 

Mabvels, SdentiQc attitude to. (Sir O. Lodge) 

Fortn.85: 46o-74(Mro6). 
Harvin, Arthur. 
German secondary education. Educa. a6: a86- 
Harrin, Cornelia. 

Public libraries and tuberculosis. Pub. Lib. 
11: 433-4(006). 
Harrin, C. F. 

The San Francisco earthquake as recorded by (he 
seismograph \a Washington. Nat. Geog. M. 
17: J96-8(Myo6). 
MaiTiD, Edith D. 
Mothers of the future. Indep. R. S: 19--33: 
Marvyn, J: 

Some ethics and an accident, a day's fishing in 

Wyoming. Blackw. iSo: 694-704(No6). 

Mabx, Karl, Socialist economics oi. 1. (Thor- 

stein Veblen) Q. J. Econ. 10: 575-95(Ago6). 

Makv, Queen of Scots, T. F. Henderson on. (H. 

A.Bnice) Outl. 84: 279-83(19806). 

— Lang's Portraits and jewels of. (C. W. Colby) 

Nation, 83: 4iS-9(ii;No6). 

— Portraits of. Ath. 'od, a: 249(iSo6). 
"Mary Ann and Uia ichcol principai." (Florence 

Starr) Overland, n. s. 47: 76-8i(Jao6). 
MAKYijun) STEEL CO., Products of. (Day A. 

Wiiley) Cossier, 39: 355-69(Mro6). 
• Some Irish fairies. [Speaker] Liv. Age, 251: 
Uashtd courtship, A. (Stephanie Forster) New 

Eng. M. d. s. 34: i5o-6i(Apo6). 
Maikell, Alfred. 

Forgeries of art works. Art J. 58: i8g-q5(Oo6). 
Masks of classic and modem times. (Randolph 
L Geare) Sd. Am. 95: 14S (6O06), 160-1(13 
Hason, A. E. W. 

Rifnning ■uiaUr. Chap. 1-4. Cetil. ^o: 531-47 
(Aao6). 755-70{So6), 893-910(006). 51: ?&- 
9o(No6). 339-sj(Do6). 
Hason, Daniel Gregory. 
Franz Schubert, romanticiit. Outl. St: 311-5 

Frederic Chopin and his music. Outl. 84: 517- 

Hector Berlioz and realbm in muwc. Outl. 84: 

Mendelssohn's contribution to 
Outl. 83: 3i9-i3(9jeo6). 

Hason, Daniel Gregory. 
Romanticism in music. Atlan. 08: 4W-;tt 


Schumann and the n 
83: 8oo-4(7Apo6). 
Hason, Edith H. 

The real Agaiha. Ladies' H, J. 93, no. 5: ?-8, 
6s(Apo6), no. 6: 9-10, 6o(Myo6), no. 7: 1 
Hason, &: H. 

The remaking of Colombia. World To-day, 10 
MASSACBtJSEtTS, An object lesson in protectioni:: 
politics. (F. A. Channing) Fortn. 85: 194-; 

Si9-4a(JIo6), 643-s6(A(^6). 35: 36-40(50. 
193-108(006), a9.-304(No6), 449-58(0°*) ' 

— Laws and liberties; the most valuable Ameriiir 

printed book. (L. S. Livingston) Nation, Sj . 

— Library Club, Meeting, Jan. 1906. lib. ], I 

3iL8r(Fo6). , j 

— to Arkansas, Journey from, m 1832. l,Gi 

Billings) New Eng. M, n. ». 34;, io6-io(UrQ6|. ' 

— Who runs? (Raymond L. Bridgman) New I 

Eng. M. n. s. 35: 28s-9o(No6). ! 

Mass. iNSinuTE of Technology and FtoF. 
West. (J. M. Cattell) Science, n. s. 34: 53;- 
Massimo EK, Philip, Two poems of. (Fcrcv 

Simpson) Ath. '06, a: 373-4(8806). 
Hastingham, H. V. 

Coming battlewilh the Lords. Indep.R. 11: j;4- 1 

The powers of darkness. [30th Cent Q.] Lii. 

Age,asi: 3o-8(60o6). I 

The revival of Parliameol. Contemp. 89: 303- 

South African constitution. World's Work, ly. 

The success of the govenunent^ Contemp. So 

867-75 CJeo6). 
Victory and what to do with it? Contemp. 89- 
Hasson, J : 

Pierre Gassendi and (he atoms. Hibberl J. ; 
Hasson, Rosaline. 

"Augusta says." Cliamb, J. 83: 209-13, 2j:- 

7. 350-3(Apo6). 
Uasaon, Tom. 

Decadence of husbands. Harp. W. 50: 1636-7 

Mailer hand, The. (Caroline D. Parke) Si. Nich. 

33: 675-8(Jeo6). 
Mailer of Crovtn, The. (Marie Van VoM) 

Lippinc 77: i-4S3(Jao6). 
Master oj the Pension." (C. Oliver) Bla(kic. 

179; i6o-3(Fo6).-Liv. Age, 149" "5»-S(iS 

Mater oj the Ping Yang, The. (R. D. Paine) Cent. 

51: i07-i6(No6). 
iftoster workman. The. fBurlon Richards) Crafts. 

nan, 9: 850-3(Mto6). 





, C. P. G. 
liberalisn and labor. lotb Cent. 59: 706-18 

The new paiiiament. Indep. R. a: 144-^58 

The unemployed. Conterap. 89: io6-io{Jao6). 
Mastebman, C F. G. In peril of change. 

(H: Ingraham) Chaut. 45: ioi-5{Do6). 
Masterpieces, Fake. (F; W. Cobum) New Eng. 

M. n. s, 34: jo&-i3{Myo6). 
Mailer's Aanrf, The. (A. N. loaes) Chamb. J. 

83: 68i-6(Oo6). 
Mastodon; ancestor of the elephant. Sci. Am. 

95: 4o6-7(iDo6). 
Maicees. Stoiiea of useful InTentiana. (S. E. 

Foiman) St. Nich. 33: a5o^(Jao6). 
Katchett, WiUou^by. 
Certain lovers in Dickens. [Dickensian] Liv. 

Age, 349: r67-7o(2iApo6). 
UaUhmaksr, Tht. (Dorothy Canfield) Haip. fiv.. 

40: S96-6oi(Jlo6). 
MATEBNrry without marriage. The atory of an 

invisible institution. (L. F. Clarke) Out). 

84 93»-6(isE>o6). 
Matbhutical msTKCcnoH, Reform in. (G. 

A. Miller) Science, n. s. 34: 493-6(19006). 
^ Some recent tendencies in. (G: A. Miller) Pop. 

Sci. Mo. 68: i6i-5(Fo6). 
Mathematics and the doctrine of formal discipline. 

(J, V. CoUins) School R. 14: 604-8(006). 

— and natural sdeoces in Prussia. (J. W. A. 

Young) Science, n.s. 23: 773-5 (r8Myo6). 

— Books old and new in. (H. £. Slaught) School 

R. 14: 679-8s(No6). 

— college. Failures in. (H. A. Faeriog) Educa. 27; 


— Eleraentary. (F, Field) School R. 14: 350-1 


Tie question of problems in. (D : E. Smith) 

Educa. R. 31: 3oo-s(Mro6). 

— in the univeisit; high school. (G. W. Myers) 

School R. 14: s7-*4(J«o6)- 
■ather. Fr&nk J., jr. 

After exposure, what 7 Nation, 89 : a34(i 

Architectural compelitions. Nation, 83: 177-8 

Art forgeries in museums. Nation, 83; 69(25 

Art libraries. Nation, 83: i97-8(6Sc*). 
The artist in our world. Nation, 83: 5-6 

Aspects of comic journalism. Nation, Sz: 153- 

Aspects of comparative literature. Nation, 82; 

Athletics for the aged. Nation, 83; 115-6(9 

Beauties of the art tariff. Nation, 83: 323-3 

"COiporatJon lawyers." Nation, 83: 276-7(4 

A cycle of art in New York City. Nation, 

Decorative arts in America. Nation, 82: 317- 

Dignifying the book trade. Nation, 83: 432 

The disappearing Eastern rtig. Nation, 83; 


Mather, Fnmk J., jr. ^__^ 

Divorce too difficult. Nation, 8a: 505(aijeo6). 
Excavating Herculaneum. Nation, S3: 409 

Exit the amateur scientist. Nation, 83: 159-60 

Genuine phonetic spelling. Nation, 83: 179-80 

How to grow old. Nation, 83: 365(iNo6). 
An ideal domestic library. Indep. 6t: 1143-9 

The indefinite A. B. Nation, 82: 464-5(7jeo6). 
Lafcadio Hearn on style. Nation, 83: 478-9 

A lawyer behind the times. Nation, 83: 136-7 

Library of R: GametL Nation, 83: 456-7(39 

Literary teaching iij. teaching literature. Nation, 

83: 918-9(13806). 
The literature of business. Nation, 831 409-10 

Making friends with "abroad." Nation, 83: 

I ^6-7(23Ago6). 
A monument to Dumas £/i. Nation, 82: 524-3 

The Morgan manuscnpta. Nation, 83: 335-6 

The Morocco settlement. Nation, 82: 176-7 

Museum exten«on in schools. Nation, 83: 364- 

Mute, inglorious literature. Nation, 83: 344 


Napoleon the little, once more. Nation, 83; 

New light on European diplomacy. Nation, 83: 

The New York Historical Society. Nation, 83: 

An object-lesson in . . . race problems. Arena, 

36; 364-9(006). 
Practical aide of the classics. Nation, 83: 

Programme of the N. Y. Metropolitan Museum. 

^^ation,8^: J7i-9(iMro6). 
Rembrandt after three centuries. Nation, 83: 

A selective art museum. Nation, 83: 422-3(24 

My 06). 
A sodatist college. Nation, 83: 978(4006). 
Special and general alliances. Nation, 82: 400 

Staging Shakespeare. Nation, 83: 193-4(8 

Teaching literature in colleges. Nation, 89; 

396-7(1 1 Apo6). 
The reading of farmers. Nation, 83: 178(30 

University teaching of English. Nation, 83: 

Wanted — i national gallery. Nation, 83: 343- 

The wealthy lower classes. Nation, 8a: 484-5 

Where the new spelling goes. Nation, 83: 196-7 

Uathewa, Amuda. 
The woman and the idol. Overland, n. s. 47: 






Matlwwa, E: B. 

What makes a volcano? World To-day, 10: 
Mathews, Edoak F., an architect of residences 
in San Francisco. (Herbert Crosby) Archit 
Rec. ao: 47-6j(J1o6). 
HatheWB, Frank S. 
The body's utilization of fat. Pop. Sd. Mo. 
68r 4»s-3o(Myo6). 
Matliews, J:L. 

Sophie Wright of New Orleans. Everybody's, 

151 63-78(J]o6). 
The story of Marie Schuylart, Flemish peasant 
in America. Everybody's, 15: 649-54tNol5). 
BbtthewE, Shailer. 

A reading journey through Palestine. Cbaul. 

43: 493-5j7(Ago6). „,,,,„, 

The university president. World To-day, 11: 

MathewBon, Albert H. 

New Haven Boy's Good Govemmenl Club. 

Indep. 60: 66s-6(aiMro6). 
Mathot, Rodolphe. 

Automobile engines. Enpn. M, 30: 555-68 
MATiHa, Assortative. (V. L. Kellogg) Science, n. s. 

14: 665-6(a3No6). 
HatBon, Clarence H. 
The awakening of Nevada. R.ofRs.34; 56-61 
UatBon, Esther. 

Lace school at Asoio. Craftsman, 10: 713(506). 
Matter, Decay of, (Gustavc LeBon) Indcp. 61; 

183-6(3 6II06). 
— LeBon's Uieories of. (Norman H. Campbell) 
Ath. '06, i: a69-7o(3Mro6), 333(i7Mro6), 
La fin de la matiite. (b. Poincari) Ath. '06, 

2: a<.i-i(i7Fo6). 
La vieillesse de la matiVre. (Gustave Le Bon) 
A(h. '06, a: 6ll-»(i7No6). 

Le Bon's theories of. (Norman R, Cambpell) 

Ath. '06, 1: 303-3(i7Fo(S).— (F. L.) Ath. '06, 
i: j37-8(24Fo6). 

motion, and molecules. (W: A. Shenstone) 

[CoiTih.l Liv. Age, 348; 59i-8(ioMro6). 
MatUr of busimss, A. Macmil. n. s. i: 872-80 

(So6).-Liv. Age, 35'^ 100-5(13006). 
Matter of economy. A. {E. P. Butler) Cent. 49: 

Matter 0) principle, A. (S: H. Adams) McClure, 

36; 48s-9S(Mro6) 
Matiekhorn, A mass on the. Cent. 50: 606-11 

Matthew, w. D. 

Fossil chrysochloridE. Science, n. a. 24; 786- 
Hatthewi, Brander. 
Comedy. Bootlover's M. 7: i4-8(Jao6). 
CoDceming the soliloquy. Putnam, i: 180-6 

A handful of epigrams. Munsey, 34; 728-30 

Henrik Ibsen, the playwright. Bookman, 11: 

S68-7S(F<'6). 23: i8-i7(Mro6). 
How can we better our spelling? Munsey. 35: 
194-9(1"''') ■ 

HatthewB, Brander. 

The new Narraganselt Pier. Harp. W. jo; 

955-8(7 JI06). 
Orthography and simplified spelling. OutL 84 

Persuasion and controversy. Outl. 82: 86-01 

Publishing of plays. No. Am. 182: 414-ss 

Reform and reformers. No- Am. i8i: 461-71 

The simplification of French spelling. Pop. So. 

Mo. 6j; 539-44(Do6). 
Smiplifying our spelling. Harp. W. 50: 416 

(a4Mro6).— Educa. R. 3a: 15-200606). 
The spelling of yesterday and of to-uiomiw. 

Outl. 82: 848-53(i4Apw5). 
The statue of snow. Munsey, 36: i09-i2[Ooi). 
The story of the short-story from Esop to Kipling. 

Munsey, 35; 539-47(Ago6). 
Stray notes on stage humor. Booklover') M. 
■ 7= 49o-3(Apo6). 

The supreme leaders, Munsey, 34; 460-5 
Hattbews, Franklin. 

Murder as a labor weapon. Harp, W. ;o: 7(6- 
Mauclair, Camitle, 
Puvis de Chavannes and Gustave Moreao. 
iotemat Q, 12: 340-54(Jao6). 
Hsud, Constance Elizabeth. 

Among the fSlibres in Provence. Monthly R. 21. 

no.i: 40-57(Jao6). 
A trench arcbbiahc^. Fann. 85: 71.1-41 
(Apo6).= Uv. Age, 349: 436-43Xi9M)-o6). 
Haude, Aylmer. 
My last visit to Tolstoi. Bookman, 24: log- 
Maude, L : 

Tolstoi in 1906, Bookman, 34: 104-7(006). 
K.:ule, A. 

A might have been. Outing,49: 47(006), 
Maunder, E. W. 

Astronomy in 1905. Pop. Astron. 14: 153-60 

The solar origin of terrestrial magnetic dis- 
turbances. Pop. Astron. 14: 328-38(.\po6). 
HauDsrll, P. R. 

The Rhodope Balkans. Geog.J.28: 7-3o{Jlo6l 
Madbetania", Cunard liner. Sci. Am, 95; 
Maurice, Arthur B. 

The author and his earnings. Munsev. v.: 

R: H. Davis. Bookman, 33: t37-4s(Apofi). 
Maurice, F; D., and the workingmen's college. 

(A. V. Dicey) Nation, 82; iS4-5(aiFo6). 
Maver, Alex. A. 

Utilizing exhaust steam. Cassier, 29: 407-t4 
Maver, W., jr. 

Electrification of steam railways. R. of Rs. (N. 

Y.)34: 7i3-*i(Do6). 
Multiplei telegraphy. Cassier, 31: 167-J3 
Mazey, A. E. 
"he court vs. the mob. Am. LawR. 40: 864-* 



Dcvekipment of inlemational ta.w Am. Law 

R. 40: 188-95 (Mr-Apo6) 
Need of an inienuitional conference. Out). 8a: 
Maxu, Hudson; a fulminaling philosopher, (W: 

R. Stewart) Cosmopol. 40: 435-400^06). 
Maxihe, GHEooRy. (Foster Gilroy) World. To- 
day, 11: 857-8(Ago6). 
Hazimo, Stella. 

The graveyard of Dolores missioo. Overland, 
n-s.47: a40-7(Mra6). 
Maxae, F. 1. 

Markiunanship in schools; a simple solution. 
National, 48: 178-81(006). 
The elephant. [Temp. Bar] Liv. Age, 951: 

93-9(13006). -Eel. M. 147: sn-6(Do6). 
The tiger that was not. Maonil. n. s. 1; 777- 
86(.\go6}.-Liv.Age,3soL ssa-8(iSo6). 
HazweU, Gerald. 
Who goes home? drama. loth Cent. 60: 508- 
Maxwell, H: 
Flowers from frost to frost. Ctry Life Am. o: 
MazwelL Sir Herbert. 
The flood, and after, igth Cent. 59: 345-59 

Haraer, W: 

Municipal slaughtering plant of Berlin. Sci. Am, 

95: 68-9(28Jlo6). 
NewuKSof peat and forest products in Germany. 
Sci. Am. Supp. 61: J5i76-8((ioFo6). 
Maynt's lady o) dreams. (L. A. Ixing) Harper, 
49S-503 ( Mro6) . 

Hayo, W: J. 

The medical . 
904(1 isJeoft)- 

le medical profes: 

Science, n. s. 23: 897- 

(Mro6).-Liv. Age, 149: 3-i4(7ApoiS) 
Folk, fiah. and flowers in Mon' ~ 

180: 197-31 i(Ago«). 

Uontenegro. BUckw. 

Gamekeepers and gillies L have known. Blackw. 

•79: 444-S9CApo6). = Ecl. M. 146: 49"-Soa 


The govenunent and tlu empire. loth Cent. 59: 

683-96(Apo6). ^ 

The government 'and the Lords, igtb Cent. 60; 

The House of Lords. 19th Cent. 60: i-t6 

The Radicals and the land. Blackw. iSo; ;6i- 

Why lift trades-unions above the law? 19th 
Cent. 59: 87l-84(Myo6). 
■ay, ToBaph. 
Shall the Alhambra be saved? Nation,' £.,: 391 
lU;, Waller J. 
Annealing metals. Sci. Am. Supp. 61: 15463-4 

Hints on melting metals and alloys. Sd. Am. 

Supp. 61; 25850(1006). 
Uaking fottDory patterns. Sd. Am. Supp. 6a: 

Posiiiiin uf patterns in the molds. Sci. Am. 
Supp. 61: a5pao-i(i4jlo6). 
Uay madtuii. (Anne O'Hagan). Everybody's, 

14: 696-7oo(Myo6). 
May parties, in Central Park, New York City. 

(D. Lansiug) Outing, 48: i43-si(Myo6). 
Nfav vcar worship. (Norman Lodtyer) Nautre, 

73: i8o-^((8Jao6). 
Hajer, A; Goldsborough. 
should our colleges establish summer schools? 

Science, 0.3.23: 703-4(4Myo6). 
To-tugas laboratory of the Carnegie Institution. 
lnde|>. 61: 1334-9(6006). 
Mayfair and Thackeray. (Sir A. West) [Comh.] 
Liv. Age, 248: 3o7-i4(5Fo6). 

Mayor, Duties of a modem. (J: F. Fitagerald) 

New Eng, M. n. s. 34: 483-7(Jco6). 
^AZARiN, Cardinal, Marriage-myth of. (Walter 

Sylvester) Ath, '06, a: 44-s(i4jld6). 
Heacliam, O. H. 

Davidson Macdonald. Miss. R. 19: 90i-8(Do6). 
Ueadiam, W : H. 

Hydropuuie boats. Sd. Am. 94: i8S-9{3Mro6). 
Head, Edwin D. 

Peace teaching in American schools and coUeges. 
'-. Oud. 83: 376-82(i6Jeo6). 
Head, G: H. 
Sdence in the high school. School R, 14: 137- 

Teaching science in college. Science, n. s. 24'. 
Head, Katberine L. 

Hii trial trip. Lip pine. 77: 736-440606). 
Head, NeUon P. 
Land system of the Connecticut towns. PoL Sd. 
Q- at: j9-76(Mro6). 
Heada, R: C. 

Selection of Portland cement for concrete blocks. 
Sd. Am. Supp. 61: a536i-3(5Myo6), 
HealdD, Budgett 

The Algcciras conference. Fortn. 85; 940-7 
Mtanntss of Rosy, The. (Joseph C. Lincoln) 

Everybody's, 15: 377-85(So6)- 
Heans, D. HacG. 

H: Sit^wick. Nation, 82: 47i-a(7jeo6). 
Industry and taxes in France. Nation, 81: 8-9 

The separation of church and state in France. 
Nation, 8a: ii4-5(8Fo6). 
Measvre of the hours. (M. Maeterlinck) Fortn. 

86: 78i-4(No6). 
Measurement, accuracy in, degree of. Obtainable. 
(W: HaUock) Sci. Am. Supp. 61: 25210-ri 
Meat, eating, Dangers of. (I. Oldfield) Westm. 
i56: i95-30o(.\go6). 

— high-priced, How New York met. (Fletcher 

W. Hewes) Haip. W. 50: 1 17(17 Jao6). 

— Nutritive value of. (Elizabeth C. Sprague) Sci. 

Am. 95: i07(ijSo6). ■ 
Meat 0) David, The. (Sewell Ford) Everybody's, 

15: 368-76(506), 
Meat inspection, Chicago, Failure of. (T: H. 

McKee) World's Work, la: 75io^(Myo(i). 

— A picture of. (W: K. Jaques) World's Work, 

12: 749i-SoS(Myo6). _ 

M EAT-t>ACEiNO industry, Cnmmal negugence m the. 

(Upton Sinclair) Everybody's, 14: 60S-16 

Meat stn>PLY, Recent inspection of. Aim. Am. 

Acad. Pol, Sci. aS: 317-37(506). 
Mkcoahic, An English, In America. (J: Blotmt) 

World's Work, la: 8074-8(006). 




MZCHANICS, The development of. (S, E. Slocum) 
Pop.Sd,Mo.69: 168-71(506). 

— Relation of, to phyjics. (A. Ziwet) Science, 

n. s. 23, 49-sl5<nJao6). 
Htchlin, Leila. 
The Evans collection of American palntingi. 

Booklover'sU. 7: 47a-«i(Apo6). 
Gutzon Bor^um, paintei and iculptoi. Studio 

(InteroU.) aS: xnv-jdJii(Apo6). 
The Philadelphia water-color exhibition. Studio 

Trend of American art. Cosmopol. 41: 177-S4 

Work of Wood, Doan & Demlng. Ai<chit. ReCi 

'9: >4S-58lApo6). 
MECKLENBtiRQ Declaration or Independence. 

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— Graham on. (W. C. Ford) Nation, 8a: 475 

(7jeo6).— (H. A. Bnice) No. Am. 183: 47-61 

— S. M. Miller and the. (Worthiogton C. Ford) 

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Medd, J:C. 

Agricultural education in the U. S. igth Cent. 

60: i99'3o6(Ago6). 
Medical uissions as a factor in world evangeliza- 
tion. (V. F. Penrose) Miss. R. 10: 685-93 

Medical profession, The. (W : J. Majo) Science, 

n. s. 13: 897-904(lsJeo6). 
Medical research, Endofnnent of. (W: H. 

Welch) Educa. R. 31; aij-aj<OaSi. 
Medical sciehce and army twAeacf. (R. H. 

Firth) Nature, 74: 6i»^(i80o6). 
MEDicrae, Ethical forces in the practice of. (.R: 
' C. Cabot) Internal. J. Ethics, 16: to8-3oi 


— The future of, (C: W. Eliot) Sdence, n. ». 94: 


— preventive, A temple of. (French Sttolher) 

World's Work, 13: 83»4-6(Do6). 

— Unity of medical adence. (W: H. Welch) 

Science, n. s. 14: 454-61(13006). 

— Value of humanistic studies as a preparation 
for the study of. (W. B. Hinsdale) School 
R. 14: iQ4-4oo(Jeo6). 

Medicine of Thunder Cloud, Tkt. (W. E. Rollina) 

Overland, n. a. 47: iia-7(Mro6). 
Medfterranean, England in the. Quar. 305: 

Mediterranean lands, east, Geographical con- 
ditions affecting population in. (D. G. 

Hogarth) Geog. J. 17: 465-8i(Myo6). 
Hedlej, E. P. 

Fligkl te fiamdand. Canad. M. 18: 4S-53(Ho6). 
"Meddsa" of the Uffiii gallery. The. (U. GnoU) 

Nation, 83: i57(ijFo6). 
Meoaspore or raacrospore. (C: J. Chamberlain) 

Science, n.s. 23: 8io(a6Myo6). 
Meigs, W. M. 

Some recent attacks on the American doctrine 

of judicial power. Am. Law R. 40: 64i-<;6 

Helklejohn, Bernard. 

The conquest of the air. World's Work, 13: 

lf«ioecke, Friedricb. 
Prussia and Germany in the nineteenth century. 

National, 47: 94J-54(Ago6), 

Melanesia, A plea for the investigation of bio- 
logical and anthropological, distribution in. 
(AlfredC.Haddon)Geog.J.38; iS5-63(Ago6). 
Hekui, Alfredo. 

Angelo Dall' Oca BJanca, artist. Studio (latef 

nat.) 3S: 930-6(Myo6). 
Artistic pavements in Italy. Am. Arch. 90: 131- 

3(17006), 139-41, 147-9(3. 10N06). 
Hungarian art at the Milan exhibition. Studio 

(Intemat.) ag: 300-9(006). 
ItaJian art at the Milan exhibition. Studio 

(Intemat.), 39: i47-SlS(Ago6). 
Modern monuments in Italy. .Archit. Rec. 30: 

Window in Italian art. Am. Arch. S9: 96-S 
(i7Mro6), i43-6{28Apo6). 
Melbourne, National Gallery at. Art J. 58: 

Heldiuin, D. S. 

Rembrandt von Rijn, 1606-1906. Blackw. 180: 
Melius. MetIoii. 
Music by electricity. Worid's Work, t*: 7660- 

The special schools of Springfield, Mass. Every- 
body's, 15; 291-300(506). 
Mblodbama, The taint, of, and some recent books. 

(F: T. Cooper) Bookman, sa: 63o-s(Fo6). 

Britain and her restless blacks. Haip. W. 50: 
Melting metola and alloys. Hints on. (Walter J. 

May) Sci. Am. Supp. 61: 25850(1006). 
Meltier, C:H. 
Ethics and the Ring of the Nibelung. Crafts- 
• man, 11:3-35(006). ^ 
Melville, Arthur, artist. (T. M. Wood) Studio 

(Intemat.) 28: 285-930606). 
Melville, G: 

Liquid fuel for naval and marine uses. Sci. 
Am. Supp. 61: isi58-69(3Fo6), »si66-7{io 
F06), 2si82-3(i7Fo6). 
Melville, GtW. 

Helville, Lewis, pttud. 

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Charles Lever. Fortn. 86: a3S-46(Ago6). - 

Liv. Age, 350: 649-5 8(1 5 S06). 
Prototypes of some of Thackeray's characters. 

Chamb. J. 83: 8o8-i2(Do6). 
Some exquisites of the Regency. Chamb. J. 
S3: 476-9. 486-9(]lo6), 511-5, 539-3j(Ago6). 
-Ed, M. 147: 239-47(806). 
Why not a Thackeray club? Critic, 48: 566- 
Mmttbtrt OM of another. (I. F. Wood) OutL 84: 

Meuoir, Rise and growth of the, in England. Gent. 

M. n.s. 76: 3S9-77(Apo6). 
Memory, Ancestral. (F. Phillips) 19th CenL 59: 

— aWart. Gent. M. n. s. 76: a35-43(Apo6). 
Memory of Deacon Poole. (A. F. Brown) New 

Eng.M. n. s. 34: s8-67(Mro6). 
Men and morals. Macmil. n. s. 1 : 585-94(Jeo6). 
Ubhdeliam character in cattle. (W. J. Spill- 

man) Science, n. s. 33: S4<>-SiC''Apo6). 





Mendelian inheritance. (E. B. Wilson) Science, 

n, s. 33: in-3{i9j»o6>. 
UKMOELssoHN, Contribution of, to romantidsin. 

(D. G. Mason) OuU. 83: 319-83(91606). 
MemtenhMll, Lawivnce. 

Cincinnati's pottery industry. Brush & P. 17; 
47-61 (F06). 
HendeDhaU, T. C. 

Some old-lime engineering. Sci. Am. Supp. 61: 
Menge»,Anton. (V. Graetz) Econ. J. 16: 314- 

Kenke;, Jill, and Gale, Zona. 

Fiyson'i paint lady. Everybody's, ij; 796-809 
Men's kooms. (Martha Cutler) Harp. Baz. 40: 

HendsB, H. Pereira. 

The Hague couference and Palestine. No. Am. 
•83: 372-5(So6). 
Hcndoza, Diego. 

South America and the peace movement. Indep. 
61: .6-7(sJlo6). 
H eneUs, Conatantlaa. 

The Macedonian question. Booklovet's M. 7: 
Mkneltk, King, of Abyssinia, (Robert R. Skinner) 

Indep. 60: 1 269-75(3 rMyo6). 
"Mensur" and " Kriegsherr." (E. Scbrader) 

Nation, 8»; io6{ijMyo6). 
Mental traminc. (H. Scarth) Westm. r6s; 47- 

Men»el, Addlph votl, Tschudi's. Art J. 58: 

MtrcantiU pin-f ricks; or, Mr. Cregson't commtrcial 
txperitnas. (A. Warren) Charob. J. 83: 186- 
Mehced county, Cal. {T. O. Anderson) Out 

West, 24: i59-6s(Fo6). 
Merchant marines, Subsidizing. (F. L. McVey) 

J.Pol. Eran. 14: 37o-9i(Jeo6). 
Merchant*, The; a poem. (Isabel E. Mackay) 

St. Nich. 34: 140-1(006). 

Mercury-arc rectifier for charging storage batteries. 

(A. F: Follins) Sci. Am. 94: i48-9(i7Fo6). 

MERCinty VAPOR apnaratua. Some fundamental 

chaiacteriMica of. (Percy H. Thomas) Sci. 

Am. Supp. 63: 35750-1(10006). 35763-7(17 


Mebedith, G; Hymn to color. (Basil de S^lin- 

court) Indep.R. 11 : 3011-13(006). 
^ The last of his peers. (H : W. Nevinson) World 

To-day, 11: ia87-oo(Do6>. 
' — A new study of. [Atb.] Liv. Age, 350: 636-8 

— Thoughts underlying his poems. (Mrs. M. 
(Sturge Henderson) Internal. J. Ethics, i6: 340 
Meredith, H. 0. 
Pniteclion of infant industries. Econ. J. r6: i- 
Mtredith, James Creed. 

Froftress of philosophy. Westm. 166: 390-407 
Merejkowski. Dhitbi. a Russian mystic novelist, 
vrith portrait. (Edwin E Slosson) Indep. 61: 
Metea, HonorB. 

Italian cities — Ferrara. Am, Arch, 8g: 307-8 
(33jeo6). 3i6-8(3ojeo6), 90: 29-31(181106). I 

HeAnrtOD, Muy E. 

Bmhaia at home. Chaut. 43: 45i-4(Jao6), 545- 
8(Fo6). 43: i67-70(Apo6), 447-So(Jlo6). 
Meriwether, Walter Scott. 

Why we need a bigger navy. Harp. W. 50: 337, 
Merriam, C. Hart. 

Mutation; i* it a factor in the evolutiou of the 
higher vertebrate! ? Scteoce, n. a. 33: 341- 
57(1 6F06). 
Meiriam, H. C. 

Imptessions of Oxford. Indep. 61: 171-8(3 



MeniU, F. J. H. 

Glaciation in southern Arizona and notlhem 

Sonora. Science, a. s. 34; it6-8(27Jlo6), 
Maps of Mexico. Am. Geog. Soc. Bull. 38: 

North American sheets of Slider's Hand-atlas. 
Am. Geog, Soc. BulL 38: 477-8i(Ago6). 
Merrill, G: P. 
The development of the glacial hypotlvsia in 
America. Pop. Sd. Mo. 68: 300-ia(Apo6). 
HerriU, Katherine. 

Art of drama in colleges. Educa. 36: 419-29 
HerriU, Habel S. 

Nancy May's btoisom-time. New Eng. M. n. s. 

Canad, M. lO: 583-^4 

Merrill, T. 
ToU of Old 
Merrill, W. R. 

When Mark Twain lectured. Harp. W. 50: r99, 


Taking care of pamphlets. Pub. Lib. 11: 503 

MSBBV DEL Val. (E, a. Powell) Munsey, 36: 

Merstham tunnel mystery. (J, C. Collins) 

National, 47: i4S-59(Mro6). 
Merwin, Samuel. 

Tlu baUU of the feoU. Lippinc. 77: 385-^441 

MERVcoiDODOtns, Generic namu of. (E. S. 

Douglass) Science, n. s. 34: 565-7(3^^06). 
Mesozoic floras of the U. S., Ward's. (D. P. 

Penhallow) Science, n. s. 23: 7,i7-4i(iiMyo6). 
M4t)tnger, A. (Mary R. S. Andrews) Scrib. M. 

40: 417-35(006). 
Metal djlay, New. (L. F, Day) Art J. 58? 40-3 

Metal work and wire glass, Ornamental. (J, K. 

Freitag) Archit, Rcc. 20: i37-45(Ago6). 
Metalliferous veins. (J, F. Kemp) Science, 

n. 9. 33: i4-39{5jao6), 
Metalujucy, Recent progress in. (A. E. Outer- 
bridge) Sci. Am. Supp. 61: 35109-1 1(13 Jao6), 

61; 35767-^(37006). 
— Schnabel's 'Handbook of metallurgy.' (J. 

Struthers) Science, n. a. 13; 66-7(1 3 TaoiS), 
Metals, The, in human progress. (Nelson P. 

Hulst) Sci. Am. Supp. 61: 35 464-5 (i6Jeo6), 

Internal architecture of. (J. O. Arnold) Nature, 

75: 43-S{8No6). 




Metals, The structure of. (J. A. Ewing} Sd. Xm. 

Supp, 6a: 35695(29506). 
Metaphors, Misuse of, in the human sciences. 

{H: Jones) Hibbert J. 4: J94-3'3(-J»o6)- 
METAJPHYsrcs, Does Christian belief require? 

(E. S. Drown) Hibbett J. 4: S37-39(Apo6). 
Hetcalf, Joel H. 
An amateur's observatory. Pop. Astron. 

H«tcaU, Hayiurd H. 

Evolution. Science, n, 3. ly. 786-7(i8Myo6), 
If^tcaUe, Francis. 

Side-show studies. Ouling, 47: 587-93(Fo6), 

48: i7i-S{Myo6). 
METEMPSYCHOSts. See Transmigration of souls. 
MnsosnE from Scott Co., Kan. Science, n. s. 

'3- 39r-aCqMro6). 

— Search for a buried. (L. Fletcher) Nature, 

74: 490-2(13506). 
Meteohite shower at Modoc, Kansas. (U. C. 

Farrington) Science, n. s, 23: 58a-3(i3Apo6), 
Meteobitf.s (Oliver C. Farringion) Sd. Am. 

Sugp. 62: 25682(21506) 

— The largest American coUection of. (L. P. 

Gratacap)Pop.Sci.Mo.69: 3i-8(Jlo6). 
Meteorological confesehce at Innsbmclc. (A. 

L. Rotch) Science, n. s. 33: 975-7(29 Jeo6). 
Ubteobological elements above the Atlantic, 

Vertical distribution of. (A. L. Rotch; L. 

Teiaaerenc de Brot) Nature, 73: 449-50(8 

Method of cross-eyed Moses, The. (Marvin Dana) 

Lippinc. 77: 367-72(Mro6). 
Uelhods of Josephint, The. (Ella M. Tybout) 

Lippinc. 77: 2i6-aa(Fo6). 
Metric SYSTEM. Science, n. s. 23: 73-4(i3jao6). 

— and English-speaking peoples. Am.Ardi. S9: 


— before Congress. Science, n. s. 93; siS-<'(30 

— 'Expert opitiions against. Gassier, 30: 143-57 

— Fallacy of. (W. M, McFarland) Gassier, »<)-. 

io3-9(Fo6). — (F: A. Halsey and others) Gas- 
sier. 30: .17-S7(Myo6). 

— in the Britid) colonies. Nature, 74: 614-5(18 


— More opposition to. Gassier, 30: 2ii-ao(Jlo6). 

— The proposal to force the use of. (H. H. 

Suplee) Kngin. M. 3x1 i73-8(Mvo6). 
MetOe of Mr. MaUhava, The. (Waller Barr) 

Lippinc. 77: 48t--9>(Apo6). 
Mettray, The "Colonie" or home for boys at. 

Fortn.85: 94S-59(Myo6). 
Uetz, H. A. 

New processes of photography in colors. Sci. 

Am. Supp. 61: 35631(1806). 
Metzu, Gabhiei., with portrait and bibliography., \r'.7: 2i3-52(JeoJ). 
MEimiER, Constantik; a sculptor of the laborer. 

(Christian Brinton) Gent, 49: 84S-S5(Apo6). 
Mew, Charlotte M. 

The London .Sunday, [Temp. Bar] Liv, Age, 

248: 240-3(27jao6). 
Mexican investments of U. S. ciiizens. (E. M. 

Conlevl BooTilover's M. 7; 548-S3{Apo6), , 
Mexican town, A iiule. (T. A, Janvier) Harper, I 

113; 500-13(806). I 

Mexico and the civil virtues. Ganad, M- 17; 

— and her opportunities. (Winthiope Sountt) 

Gassier, 311 3-i8(No6), 

— Anti-foreign uprising in. (E. M. Coaley)Wotld 

To-day, 11: 1059-63(006). 

— as winter resort. Spec. 96: 3ii-3(ioFo6). 

— education in. Notes on. (J. M. Baldwin) Nalioa, 

82: i3a-4(isFo6). 

Fif^ting equipment of. (Austia C. Brady) R. 
XRs. (N. V.) 34; s7s-83(No6). 
— Further notes on. (J. M. Baldwin) Natioa, 

__. _73-4(iMro6). 

— Keeping the peace along the border of. (Cail 

M. Rathbun) Harp.W. 50: i633-4(i7N«i)' 

— Maps of. [F. J. H. Merrill) Am. Geog. Sot 

Bull. 38: 28i-7(Myo6). 

— mines in, Electric machinery in, (G: V. AUeo) 

En^. M. 31: 848-72(506). 33: 35-44{Oo6). 

— Next president of, Ramon Corral. (E; U. 

Gonley) BooUover'sM, 7: i8o-3(Fo6). 

— on a gold basis of currency. (E: M. Conley) 

. Apple Ion's M. 8: i52-s(Ago6). 

— Outfitting for the trail in northern. (Laurence 

M. Teny) Engin. M. 31: 26-37(Apo6). 

— War peril on the border of. (Broughlon Braod- 

enburg) Harp. W. 50: 1198-1200, i7(2SAgo6). 

— The year in. (F. R. Guernsey) Atlan. 97: 

Mexico, City of. (Nathaniel J, Manson) Orer- 
land, n, s. 48: 398-405(No6). 

— Legends of, ^T, A, Janvier) Huper, in; 

asa-6saao6). 113: •382-6(Ago6), 876-«4{N 

— A return to. (T: M. Janvier) Harper, 113: 879 

Meyer, Annie Kathan. 

Portrait of Coleridge by Washington AUstoo. 
Griiic,48; i38-4i(Fo6). 

What American museums are doing lor natifc 
art. Cent. 50: 933^3(006), 
Meyer, Balthasar H : 

Govenunenl regulation of railway rales. J. PoL 
Econ. 14; 86-io6(Fo6). 
Meyer, G: von Lengerke. 

Our unelastic currency. Atlan. 9S; i26-3i(J]o6). 
Meyer, Hugo B. : 

Breakdown of state railwav building in France. 
J. Pol. Econ, 14: 45o-3(JI«5). 

Disastrous results, in. Italy, of stale railway build- 
ing. J. Pol. Econ. 14: 36i-9(Jeo6). 

Municipal ownership in Germany. J. VcA. 
Econ. 14: 553-67(No6). 

Railway rates as prolective tariffs, J, Pol. Econ. 
14: t-i3{Jao6)- 

A reply to Prof. B, H. Meyer, Privy Councilor 
von der Leyen, Prof, Willaiil Fisher. (Regu- 
lation of railway rates) J. Pol. Econ. 14: 193- 
Meyer, HL'OO R: Government regulation of 
railway rales, (B. Lee) J. Pol. Econ. [4: 
Herer, Josephine A; 

Golden word. Putnam, i; 71-5(006). 

The passing. Harper, 112: 7g3-s(Apo6). 

7th Inlemational missionary conference. Mia. 
R. 19: s26-9(Jlo6). 

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Mejtthuit, H. W. 

Economical learning. Pedagog. Sem, ii: 145- 
Meyiiell, Alice. 
The uneipecled. [Oullook (L:>nd.)] Liv. Age, 
250; 504-6(j5Ago6). 
MEMOmrrs. Famous. (R. Cortissoi) Munsey, m- 

Hichaelides, C. C. 
Paintings of Gustave Moreau. Indep. R. 10: 

70-81 (Jlc*), 
Swinburne and the !ca. Indep. R, 8: 60-80 
Hichaelis, L. 
The ultiamicroscope. Sci. Am,Supp.6j: 35577- 
Mickatl't tOK. (H. J. Smith) Harper, 113: 779- 

Hiduiiid, Guitava. 

Reading habit in the United SUte*. Putnam, 

I.- 203-7(No6). 

MiCHEtANCELO, Sketches by, newly discovered 

(Helen Ziniraern) Indep. 60: 793-8(sApo6). 

MicHZLET, JtJLES, Monod's, (E. W. Colby) Nation, 

81: a45-6(»aMro6). 
kGchell, Sir Lswis. 

Southern Rhodesia. [Empire R.) Eel, M. 146: 
158-61 (Fofi). 
HklielMm, Hiriam. 
Destruction of San Francisco. Harp. W. 50: 

613-42 (5 Myo6). 
Tke greattuss o) Helena, Ladies' H. J. 33, no. 9: 
Michigan, Waste lands of. (Allan L. Benson) 

Aopleton's M. 8: 105-303(806). 
MtCHioAN clasiical conference. Twelfth. (F. W 

Kelseyl School R, 14: 560-2(006). 
UiCBiOAN LiBKARV Association. Annual meeting 

1906. Pub. Lib. 11: 38o-?(jlo6). 
— Institute, Jan. iqo6. Lib. J. 31: 8i-3(Fo6). 
MiCKLKTHWAirE. It T: (W. R. Lcthaby) Ath. 

'06, 9: 5a9-9o(ioNo6). 
MiCHo-Ei,EcrsoscopE, A new sensitive. (A. F. 

Collins) Sci. Am. 95: 96(iiAgo6). 
MlcsoifETER for measuring the 70-mitlionth of an 
inch. Sci. Am. Supp. 61: as304-s(7Apo6). 
Microphone, Applicalionsof the. (Gisbert Kapp) 

Nature, 75; 153(13006). 
MiddU^ged drama, A. (Violet Jacob) [Pall MaU) 

Liv. Age, 351: 54J-5i(iDo6), 
Middle AQRS, MoTdU in. (D:S. Muzzey) Inter- 
nal. J, Ethics, 17; 19-47(006). 
MmbLX CLASSES, Burden of the. (S. F. Bullock) 

Fortn. 86: 4ii-»o{So6), 
UidJie ditlanct, Tht. (Jenaette Lee) Lippinr. 77: 

Middlesex, England. The ruin of. (J. B. Firth) 

Fortn. 85: io68-78(Jeo6). 
Wddleton, T. H. 
Rothamsted agricultural experiments. Nature, 
74; iii-3(9jeo6). 
IBdgley, J. W. 
Regulation of railroad rales and railroad pools. 

WorldTo-day, 10: 6i7-3o(Jeo6). 
The shortage of freight cars. World To-day, 

11; 1284-7(006). 
The vital question of differentials. R. of Rs, 
(N. Y.) 33: s98-6oi(Myo6). 
MlDNAlL, J: An Englishman at Ibc tourt of 
Akbar. Gent. M. n. s. 77: i2S-4o{Ago6). 

Hies, F: P. 

Statutory regulation of women's employment — 
codification of statutes. J, Pol. Econ. 14: 
Ki<rille,5»> Walter F: 

The fellah's yoke-mate. Fortn. 85: 1093-1105 
liUieU, Philip VanilL 

The heart of tht dragon. Harper, 113: 431-9 

Tht mark oj an tmeut diamoHd. Haip. W. 50: 

The mystery at Zeke's. Harper, 113; 195-904 

Thr ofj day oj an atitetnobiU. Cent. 49; QOO-9 

The valley of Ike angels. Harp. W. 50: 916-9 
Uight have bten, A. (A. Maule) Outing, 49: 47 

Uiguel and iSaria. (Katharine Tynan) Cath. 

World, 84; 334-43CD''6)- 
WjatoTitJx, Chedo. 

Sullaa Abd-ul-Hamid. Fortn. 86: 575-84(006). 
MiEEELSEN EXPEDITION to the Beaufort sea. 

Science, n.s. 23; 856-7(iJeo6). 
M1LA.N, Inlerniilional e.i|K)siiion, 1906, Craftsman, 
10: 73o-6(.So6).— (Robert W. Garden) Arehit. 
Rec.»o; 353-68(No6). 

— Hungarian ait at the. (Alfredo Melani) Studio 

(Internal.) 39: 300-9(006). 
MiLrTARy MANOEUVRES and Ihe law of trespass. 

(T. Felherstonhaugh) Macmil. n. s, t: 101-6 

MiuTAsy OBLioATioNS of empire. Blackw. iSo: 

MmtARY TKAMiMO. Land tor. (G. K. S. Mon- 

Crieff) BUckw. 180: i53-63(Ap>6). 
MfLK. (H. L. Puxlev) Macmil. n. s. i: 371-9 


— Dried; a new process. Sci. Am. 94: 491(16 


— Water as a preservative of. Sci. Am. 94:173- 

Milky way and the clouds of Magellan. Science, 
n. s. 33: 8S4-5(8Jeo6). 

— and the theory of gases. (H. Poincari) Pop. 

Astron. 14: 47S-88(Oo6). 
Mill, J: Stuabt. (P. F. Bicknell) Dial (Ch.) 40: 
385-7(iMyo6).— (P. F. Bicknell) Pop. Sd. Mo. 
69: 4Si-7(No6).— (J; Morlcy) (Lond. Times] 
Liv. Age. 250: 3-ii(7jlo6).— (F. Grihble) 
Fortn. 86: 344-54(.'\go6). 

— Principles of political economy. Variations in the 

different edilbns of. (M. A. EUis) Econ. J. 
16: 39i-302(Jeo6). 

— Recreation of botany. Sat. R. lOl : 615-6(19 

MiLLAis, Sir J:E.. and the paintingof the Huguenot. 
(F. Dolman) Canad. M, 17; g9-io3(Jeo6), 

— Methods of work. Chamb. J, 83: 653-6(006). 
HlUais, J. G. 

Central Newfoundland and the source of the 
Garden river, Gctjg. J. 37: 382-92(Apo6). 
HilUrd, Bailer. 

Lackeys out of livery. Cosmopal.40: 364(Jao6). 

Locking up the house. Cosmopol. 41; 565(006). 

A ipeaking likenesi. Cosmopol. 40: 659-69 





MiUard, BaUey. 

The messaoe of the dome. Cosmopol.41: no p, 

Valley Forge then and now. Cosmopol. 40: 

What lite means to me. Cosmopol. 41; 512-6 

CS06). "^ 

When Altruria awoke. Cosmopol. 41 : 337 

When the flumt ran dry. Munsey, 34: Hi»-7 

Millard, T: P. 

The new China. Serib. M. 39: 34o-5o(Fo6). 
The powers and the settlement. Scrib. M. 39: 

Killer, Dickmson 5. 
Matlhew Arnold on the "powers of lite.". Inter- 
nal. J. Ethics, 16: 35i-7(Apo6). 
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Sex selection of major studies ... in .Stanford 

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R. 19: 33i-6(Myo6). 

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lain) Miss. R. 19; 354-9(Apo6). 
Uisnonary appropriatton, A. (Edith M. Willelt) 

Lippinc 77: ii6-a3tJao6). 
MissioNAsy EDUCATION in the Sunday.schooL 

(W: B. Forbush) Miss. R. 19: aSo^CApofi). 

— The man behind. (W: B. Forbush) Miss. R. 

19: 53o-3(Jlo6). 

— of a church. (W. B. Forbush) Miss. R. 19: 


— of the young. (W: Byron Forbudi) Mias. R. 

19: 43-7(Jao6), i3o-3(Fo6). 
MiSSIOMARi enteipiise. The, In 1905. (H: O. 

Dwigfat) Miss. R. 19: 7-rs(Jao6). 
Missionary Union, International, 13d annual 

conference, 1906. (Edwin M. Bliss) Miss. R. 

19: 595-601 (Ago6), 
MissiONAftv woiiK and human nature. (E. Tal- 
bot) Outl. 83: 844-51(1 iAgo6). 
Missions, California. (C: F: Holder) Sd. Am, 

Supp. 6a: a583a-3(a4No6). 
Missions, Evolution in. (D. Gilmore) Miss. R. 

19: 763-7(006). 

— foreign. Changes in. (A. Alexander) Nation, 

»3: 3»3-4Ct80o6). 

— Has the enterprise been declining. (Robert 

E.Speer) Miss. R. 19: 8-a3(Jao6).- 

— The "Haystack proyer-meetmg " and what 

followed.' (H: R. Elliot) Cent. 50; 728-30 

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iia: 504-i»(Mro6). 

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Pierson) Miss. R 19: 8ra-7(No6), 

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Leonard) Miss: R. 19: 7S7-63CO06I.— (J. L. 
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rg: i4i-5(Fo6). 

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Mississippi river as a trade route. (Robert M- 
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— Delta of the. (E.W. Hilgard) Science, a. a., 34: 


— Improvinj the flow of. (Aubrey FuUerton) 

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M. Brown) Pop. Sd. Mo, 69: 348-56(806). 

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MissouBi botanical garden. (C: E. Besse^) 
Science, n. s. *3: 354-6(2Mro6), ' 

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Lib. It: S78-80CD06).— (Mary W. Dennett) 
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ilUiy. (Alice Brown) Harp. Baz. 40; 1094-1102 

ilitlatei viilt happen. (W. H. Tindell) Outing, 

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Hiitral, F: 

How I became a Provenfal poet. Indep. 60: 

1024-9 (3 My 06). 
Mistress Mary. (F. M. Smith) New Eng. M. 

n- s- a- 3i-5(So6). 
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Marvel." (A. R. Marble) Atlan. 07: 113-9 


— Ed^ewood fann. of. (Arthur H. Gleason) Ctry 

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The Sahon sea. No. Am. 183: 114-36 (Ago6), 
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Two women outdoors in Idaho. Ctry Life Am. 
10: t99-30i(Jeo6). 
lOtclwU, I. H. 
Conciliation and arbitration in labor disputes. 
Indep. R, 9: 3io-33(Jeo6). 
Mitchell, ]:, the roan the miners trust (W. E. 

Weyl) Oud. 8a: 6s7-63(i4Mro6). 
MitcheU, Mmt " 

An e 

I ipse expediii 

St. Nich. 33: 833-8(J!o6). 
a Spain. Pop. Sci. Mo. 

Wright's 'Method ot least squares with geodetic 
work'. Science, n. s. 34: 55i-3(3No6). 
Mitchell, Silas Weir. 
Diplomatic adventmt, A. Cent.4g: 6ia-3i(Fo6), 
684-94<Mro6), 87S-fl5(Apt>6). 
MitcbbU, T: Warner, 
Collateral trust mortgage in railway finance. 
Q. J. Econ. 30: 443-67(Myo6). 
Hitcbell, W. G. 
Earthquake at San Francisco. Am. Arch. 89; 

The great fire in San Francisco. Am. Arch. 89: 
Hitford, Eveline B. 

Relics. Monthly R. 21, no. i: 3o-9(Jao6). 
UitsukuH, K. 
Cultivation of marine animals in Ji^ian. Nat. 
Geog. M. 17: sa4-3'(So6). 
MMu and her husbands. (R. A. Durand) Macmil. 

n. s. i: 937-38(006), 
"Mob." (Maxim Gorkj) CoamopoL 43: 14-9 1 
(N06). i 

Mob violence. Public responsibility tor. OotL 

83: 930-9(sSApo(). 
Mobile, hurricane at, 1906, Effects of. (Day A 

Willey) Sci. Am. 95; 38s-6(a4No6). 
Modem Calypso, The. Spec. 96: Sg-^ia]teSi. 
Modern Language Assoclation of Aheiica, 

The. (C. H. Grandgent) Nation, 82:50-1 

Hodlen, W: 

The liberal party and the House ol Lordj 

Westm. 165: io-4(Jao6). 
HoSett, Samuel E. 

San Francisco's disaster; a cbroniclc. R. c 

Rs. (N. Y.) 33: 7io-3(Jeb6). 
Mohammedan women. Relative prr^rty rights c 

women in Mohammedan countries. (Geo. i 

Batcheller) No. Am. 183: 34-9(Jlo6). 
Mohammedans and pan-Islan.ism. National, 4^ 

74^-5 i*noSt' 

— Indian, entailing their estates. (R. K. WUsod) 

iglhCcnt. 59: ii4-a3(Jao6). 
MoHONE Conference on Indians, etc, 1906. llisL 

R. 19: 895-901(006). 
Holssan, H: 

Diamond formation in electric furnace. Sd . 

Am. Supp, 6a: aj 646-7 (8S06). . 
Metals of the platinum ^up. ScL Am. Supp. 

6t: 35a87-8^iMro6). 
Molierf, J. B. P. DE. Lcs pt^dcuses ridicula; ! 

the first modem comedy. (H. C. ChatfitW- ] 

Taylor) World To-day, 11: 744-9(1106). 

— Life of, Trollope's. (E. Tavemier) Sal. R. 

loi: 73-4(3oJao6). (H. C. Chatfidd-Ta^) 

Dial (Ch.) 40: i9a-4(i6Mro6). 
UOLIMOS, M. de., and the Italian mystics. (H: C 

Lea) Am. Hist. R. 11: a43-63(Jao6). 
MONACO, Oceanographic Museum at. Sci. Am. 

95: 437(8Do6). 
Monasteries of the air. (Photographs only.) 

temp. 89: sa8-38(Apo6). 
A reply, f R. H. Benson) Contemp. 89: 812- 

A rtjoinder. (G. G. Coulton) Contemp. go', 

107-1 3(Jlo6). 

Houck, W. H. S. 

The syslemalic motions of the stars and Ibc 

galaxy. Pop. Astron. 14: 4i9-i3(Ag-?o6). 
Honcrieff, C. C. Scott, Lord. 

The verdict "not proven." Blackw. 179: 763- 

Moncrieff, 6. K. Scott. 

Land for mib'taiy training; an appeal and a su|- 

gestion. Blackw. 180: i53-63(Ago6). 
MOND PBODDCEB, The. (T. A. Fennock) Sd. 

Am. Supp. 6a: 35834-s(34No6). 
Monetary system, Our faultv. (F. W. Goolun) 

Nation,83; 5a(i8Jao6). 
Money. Causes of recent stringency of. (A. B, 

Hepburn) No. Am, ,83: 374-8o(Mro6). 

— Ethics of, Ouli, 82: i4-6(6Jao6). 

— Life and. (W: J. Kerby) Cath. Worid, 81: 

433-45006). 6oi-9(Fo6). 83: 43-s3(Apo6), 

Money-mad. Not all, (H. E. Rood) Gull. 83: 

Money markrt. Malaise of the. (J. W. Cros'i 

19th Cent. 60; 334-44{Ago6). 


Money powcb, The, and our next greatpruident. 

(E. Crosby) Cosmopol. 40: no. p.(F*6). 

— Despotism of the. (J: W Ryckman) New Eng, 

M. n. a. 34; 336-4i(Myo6). 
Honkswett, Lord. 
To make the soldier a civilian. FortD. 85 : i6»- 

MONONOABELA RiVEH, Toilers of. (T. OaVley) 

Harper, iii: 42i-3o(Fo6). 
MONOPOUBS. Let ua take chuge of our own 

propertj. (£. Crosby) CosmopoL 40: no p. 


— Reply to John Moody. (Allan L. Benson) 

Arena, 35: i64-S(Fo6). 

— Taxation of. (J. A. Hobson) Indep, R. 9: »o- 


Uotnto, Robeht; the real Dugald Dalgeity. Gem. 
M. n. s. 77: a75-8o(So6). 

Monroe, Robert G. 
Gas, electric -light, water and street 'railway ser- 
vices in N. Y, City. Ann. Am. Acad. Pot. Sci. 
17: iii-9(Jao6). 

Monroe, W:S. 
German and American schools. Sdiool R. 14: 

MoNBOE DOCTRiHE, The. Chamb. J. 83; 449-51 

— and Morocco. (H: Cabot Lodge) Haip. W. 50: 

S3'-3> Si{«>Mro6), 

— Aulhoislup of. (Jamei Schouler) Indep. *6a: 


— Commercial side of the, (H. Bolce) Appleton's 

M.8: si-7(Jlo6). 

— Evolution of the. Harp. W. 50; 1738(8006). 

— Growth of American foreign policy. Ed. R. 

903: »36-6a(Jao6). 
MomoviA. Cat. (Charlotte Bell) Out West, 34: 

Monson, V:J:, baron. 
Reniniscencea of Eton. 19th Cent. 59: 619- 

MOMT St. Michei,, Sea-ravages at. Am. Arch. 

90: 102(29506). 
MowTACU, Eu^ABETH, Correspondence. Sat. R. 

101: 727-8(9jco6).— Ath. '06, i: 537-«(5My 

Montaigne, Michel De. Philosophy and (ramps. 

(M. B. Dunn) Atlan. 97; 776-83(1^06). 
Montana. The builders. {R. D. Paine) Outing, 

48: 4S-6i(ApO«. 

— The sli.ry of (C. P. Connollv) McClure, 17; 

.«6-6i'A(n36), 45i-65(So6\ 639-39(006). 38: 
»7^3(No6), t98-»i<>(Do6). 
Monte Cahl^j, The gaming at. <F. Carrel) 
Monthly R. 33, no. 3; 74-8o(Jeo6). 

— The humorous side of. (Ward Muir) Chamb. 

J.a.jr 337-4ifMyo6). 

— The itonic. (Ward Muir) Booklover's M. 7: 

MoNTEHEORO, Folk, fish, and Sowers in. (H. 

Maxwell) Blackw. 180: i97-3ii(Ago6). 
Montet, E. 

The Moroccan question. Outl. 81: 25S-7(3Fo61. 
Montezuma's weli., Arizona. (W: P. Blake) 

Science, n. 8. 14: s68(2No6). 
Montgomery, H : 
Remains nl prehislorir man in the Dakolas. 

Am. Amhropol. 8: &4o-5i(Do6). 

HODtgomery, T. G. 
What it an ear of 00m ? Fcm. ScLMo. 68: 55- 


Hontgomeiy, T:H. 

Chromosomes. Science, n. s. 33: 36-8{5jao6). 
Hontgomuy, W. 

Frank Ue Haven. Brush & P. 17: 179-85 
Monltnorcncy advtniure. (G. Stewart) Canad. M. 

37: 359-6s(Jlo6). 
Montreal, Eraser Institute. Pub. Lib. 11: 65 

Monuments, ancient British, Notes on. (Nor- 
man Lockyer) Nature, 75: 150-3(13006). 
Hoodj, C. A. 

Joini statehood for Arizona and New Mexico. 
Out West, 34: i36-8(Fo6). 
Moody, J: ^ ' . . 

A nation of investors. Out]. 84; 883-5(8006). 
MooDV,W:H:, Attoin^-General, and hiawoik. 
(1: F. Marcosson) World's Work, 13: 8190- 
Hoody, W:R. 

Witli Dr. Grcnfell on the Labrador. Miss. R. 

Poems of Trumbull Stickney. No. Am. 183: 
Moody, W: Vauohan. (M. Sinclair) Atlan. 98: 

32s-i5(So6). = Fortn. 86: 431-37(806). 
Xooijj Wlnfield Scott 

Buytng a sidtbeaid. Scrfb. M. 39: 444-53 

The EM I B Lmveslofl. Scrib. M. 39: 733-48 


The Pickwkt ladle, Scrib. M.40: 733-44(I>o6). 

Moon, W: Missionary work of, for the blind. 

(Arthur T. Pierson) Miss. R. 19; 9s-8(Fo6), 

Moon; the lunarcycle. (R. W. McFarland) Pop. 

Aslron. 141 37(Jao6). 

— Motion of the, E. W, Brown on. Nature 73: 

273-3(i8Jao6).— .'op. Aslron. 14: i40-a(Mr 

— Photography of (he. Sci. Am. Supp. 61: 35143- 

Moonshine. (D. Canficid) Munsey, 35: jCi-S 

(Ago6). 703-9(So6). 
Moore, C : Leonard. 

Celtic literature. Dial (Cb.) 40: 185-7(16 

The hunger-motive in fiction. Dial (Ch.) 41: 

■ 3ti-3(t6No6). 

Love-theme in fiction. Dial (Ch.) 41: 439-43 
Moore, Dorothea. 
Women's dul^ in California. Ann. Am. Acad. 
Pol. Sci. 28: 357-6o(So6). 
Moore, Eliildm Hastings. 

Cross-section paper as a mathematical instrument. 
School R. 14; 3i7-38(Myo6). 
Moore, F: 

The coveted city of Salonica. Harp. W, 50: 1537- 

The ever-restless Balkans. Harp. W. 50: 1497- 

Unending race war in Macedonia. ?arp. W." 
50: i6o--8{ioNo6). 
Moore, F:F. 
Sheeny Cohen. Overland, n. s. 47: i7-33(Jao6). 


New English ar! club exhibition, 1906. Sat. R. 

101: 784-5(i3jeo6). 
Reminiscences of the impressionist painters. 
Scrib. M. 39: i96-2a4(Fo6). 
Moore, G. E. Principia ethica. (E. E. Con- 
stance Jones) Interaat. J, Ethics, 16: 4*9-63 
]Ioore,G: Whitney. 

The quest for eiror and the doing of justice. 
Outl. 84: 75-S(8So<3). 
H oore, H : UOTt. 

The new photography. Outl. 83: 4SS-'*3C*3 

The MmpUfied spelling; what it is and what it 
is not. Outl. 84: 165-70(92806). 
Uoore, H. Kingsmill. 

Archaeology and poteen, Macmil. n. 5. i ; 62-5 

{N06)- ' ■ . 

Moore, Henry L. 

Paradoxes oE competition, Q. J. Econ, lo: 


Hoore, J.: Bassett 

International executive power. Indcp. 61: 13-4 
Hoore, J. Percy. 

Recent results of studies on heredity. Sci. Am. 
Supp. 6i: a53oi-3(7Apo6). 
Hoore, N. Hudson. 

Children at play. St. Nich.'ja: 9i6-8(Ago6). 
MooRE,T: Rpcc.97: 878-9(1006). • 
Hooie, T. P. 

The missiona^ problem in Japan. Miss. R. 
19: 83i^(No6), 
MooKB, W: H,, mayor of Seattle. (Joe Smith) 

World To^y, 11: 1093-6(006). 
Moorebouse, James, bfi. of MancheiUr. 

The education bill. National, 47; 575-80 
Uoorhead, Elizabeth. 

Theconquered. Harper, lu: 594-6oj(Mro6). 
Hoorbead, H. G. 

Albert B. Cummins. World To-day, 11: 10S9- 
lioortand magic. (F, Converse) Allan, 97: 611- 

Moorland sanctuary. A. (Alfred W. Rees) 
Monthly R. 24. no, »: 64-73(Ago6), — Lit. 
Age, 3^0: 796-801(19806}. 
Hoors, H. J. 

German and American Samoa, a comparison. 
Indep. 61: 8o6-t»(40o6). 
Moors, J : F. 

Joint educational responsibilitv of the school and 

the community, Educa.R.'ii: 4H-,So(Myo6) 

Moose, The, and 'his antlers. (E. T. Scion) Scrib. 

M. 39: is7-78(Fo6). 
MOQUELUMNAN family of California Indians, 
Dialectic divisions ot, (A. L. Kroeber) Am. 
Anthropol. 8: 653-63(006) 
MoQiJi Indians. (T. Russell) Out West, 25: 

Moral and religious education; outline. (M. 

G. Brumbaugh) Educa. i6; 434-5(Mro6). 
Moral crisis. The. (F. Carrel) Monthly R, ax. 
no. i: 3i-46(Apo6). = Liv. Age,249: 239-67(5 
Moral EDUCATION. (F. Carrel) Monthly R. 25: 
no, 3: 3o-44(Do6). 

l.McMaster) Am. 
Cent. 50: 79S 

Moral insthuction. (James Oliphant) Intemat. 

J. Ethics, 16: 4or-i7(Jlo6). 
Moral snobbishness. Spec, 97: 921^2(8006). 
Moral traininc in the school. (G; E. Myeis) 

Pedagog.Sem, 13: 409-60(006). 
Moral upheaval. The. Outl. 81: 78o-9(7Apo6), 

— in America. (C, A. G. Bridge) [19th Cent] IJv. 

Age, 948: 707-1 7(a4Mro6), 
Moral wave. The, and the average man. (P. L. 

Allen) Oull,83: 8i9-4i(iiAgo6). 
Morales de los Rioa, A. 

Rebirth of Rio de Janeiro. Am. Arch. 90: 90-a 

MoRALiry, Of our anxious. (M. Maeterlinck) 

Allan. 97: 7-i7(Jao6).-Fortn, 85: 46-61 
• (Jao6). 
MoRALSandmen. Macmil. n. s. i: s8s-94(Jeo6). 

— Public Are people getting better or worie? 

CeQt.51: i58-9(No6). 
Old standards of. (J: J 

Hist. R. 11: sis-98{Apo6). 
Two views of the situation. 

MORAN, J: B. (V, Goldthwaite) New Eng. M. 

n. s. 34: 4SO-7(Jco6)-— (Ralph Bergengren) 

Worid To-day. 11: 1091-3(006). 
More, L. T. 

Mathematical tripos at Cambridge UniverMty. 

Nation, 83: 4»4(isNo6). 
More, Hannab, The hghter side of, (N. Pearson) 

i9thCent,59: 842-58(Myo6). 
More, Paul Elmer. 

Ferdinand BrunctJire. Nation, 83; 502-3(13 

Franklin in literature. Indep. 60: 94-7(irJao6). 
H. D. Thoreau and German romanticism. 

Nation, 83: 38&-9o(8No6), 4ii-a(i5No6). 
life and letters of Lafcadio Heam. Nation, 83: 

The praise of Dickens. Nation, 83: 504-6(13 

MoBB. Pasl Eluer. Shelbume essays. (G. M. 

Harper) Atlan. 98: s6t-7o(Oo6). 
More, R. E. 

Maurice BarrCs, the new French Academidan. 

Narion, 82: i7»-3(iMro6). 
More. Sir T: The land of Nowhere. (G: E. 

Vincent) Chaut. 44: 90-7(806). 
More than conqueror. (F. Milncr)' Educa. 26: 

More than one to make a pancake. (Anna Branch) 

St. Nich. 3j: ssg(Apo6V 
MoBBAU, GusTAVE, and Puvis de Chavaooes. 

(Camille Mauclair) Intemat. Q. la: 340-54 


— Paintings of. (C. C. Michaelides) Indcp. R. 10: 

70-82 (JI06). 
Horel, E. C- 
Tunneling the Seine at Paris. R. of Rs. 34: 
Morel, E. D. 

The ConKo problem. Indep. R. 8: 5J-63(Jao6). 
Moroan, Gen. Daniel. (L. T. Sprague) Outing, 

48: 228-i4fMvo61. 
Morgan, Sir H:, Capture of Porto Bello. (J. R. 

Spears) Outing, 49: 383-8(Do6). 
Morgan, Herbert R. 
The effect of temperature Upon the constants 
of a transit circle. Pop. Astron. 14: 452-8 
(O06), pj 



tatftn, J : 
A plea for asiocLUian footbalL Indep. 61: 

Korgan-BrowiM, H. Set Browne, H. Morgan-. 
lloioAN muiuscripts, Tbe. (F. J. MaUier, jr.) 

N»tioii,83: 33s-6{i80o6). 
Moriaon, T. 
A rmaissance in iDdia. Quar. 104: 553-70 
loritiea, Juliui. ' 
Christian IX. ol Denmark. Forum, 18: ii6-io 
Hodey, J: 
Great commonplaces of reading. Ctilir, 48; 144 

]: Stuart Mill. [Loud. Times) Liv. Age, ajo: 
MoBLEv, J: (.Algernon Cecil) Monthly R. 13, 
no. i: s-'7{Apo6)."Liv- .Age,a49;'4sr-8(l6 

— IS » man of letters. (P. Edgar) Canad. M. 

26: a4S-5i{Jao6). 
Korl-y, S. Gricwold. 

Catalan solidarity. Nation, sas-7(»8Jeo6). 
UoRMONisM, Letters on. Ouil. 8a: aj8-8i(3Fa6), 

— Meaning of. (Shelby M. Cullom; Indep. 60: 

979-83 (26 A po£). 

— Some aspects of . (G, A. Irving) Oull. 82: 32-5 


— ^:nie of its realities, (M. W. Davis) Outl. 84; 

UoutoNs, Gentile child among the. (M. O. Cor- 
bin) Outl. 84: 324-7(6006). 

— rreseni situation amonn the. (Bruce Kinney) 

Miss. R. ig: 6i6-o(Ako6). 

— Trail of the. (Clifton Jobomn) New Eng. M. 

a. a. 34: i3i-9{Apo6). 

— Wavs of. (G. A. Irving) Outl. 84: 1064-8(20 

Morocco. Outl. 83: 782-3(7Apo6). 

— Algcdras conference. (E. J. Dillon) Contemp. 

89: 438-47(Mro6).— (E; TaUichet) Indep. So: 
7afr-9(3iMro6).— (Ion Perdicaris) Booklover's 
M. 7: 58o-4(Myo6). — (B. Meakin) Fortn. 85 ; 
940-7(Myo6).— (E. J. DiUonl Contemp. 8q: 
723-35<Myo6).-r(E. Diceyl (Empire R.] Ed, 
M, 146: 32s-33(Apo61.— (R. Ogden) Nation, 
8j: 30-r(iijao6). 

England at tbe. Sat.R 101: 7o-i(3oJao6). 

From Portsmouth to Algeciras. (Salvatore 

Cortesi) Indep. 60 ; ii50-^(i7Myo6). 

The U, S. in the. (Sydney Brooks) Harp. 

W. so: 4o»-3(24Mro6). 

— and the powers at Algeciras, Sat, R, 101 : 16:- 


— and Europe. (Perseus) Fortn. 85 : 609-44 


— coalintf stations in, Germany's hun^r for, (H. 

W.Wilson) National. 47: i76-8s{Apo6), 

— Eiperience in Tangier. (F. Carrel) Canad. M. 

37: i29-3S(Jeo6). 

— Genaany and France in. Sat. R. loi : 225-6 


— "the land of the extreme West," and the stoiy 

of my captivity. (Ion Perdicaris) Nat. Geog. 
M. 17: ii7-57(Mro6). 

— Monroe doctrine and. (H: Cabot Lodge) 

Harp. W. 50: ,133-3, S2[ioMro6), 

— Moroccan question as seen from. (A. K. 

Kam-n) No. Am. 183: i04i-6(i6No6). 

Morocco, The muddle of. Sat, R. loa: 665-6 

— Question of: (E. Montet) Outl. 83: 355-7(3 


— The truth about, (Arthur Schneider) Harp. 

W,so; i86-9(ioFo6). 
Morocco settlement. The. (F: J. Mather, jr.) 

Nation, Si; 37&-7(5Apo6). 
MOROS, The; the fighting men of the Philippines. 

(Owen J. Swetl) Harp. W. 50: 8o8(oJeo6). 

— The latest slaughter. (O. G. Villard) Nation, 

82: 3i4(i5Mro6). 

— Tbe nature of tbe. {"Lloyd Buchanan") 

World'* Work ts: j56j-%(lAyo6). 

— Preparing our, for government. (R, L. Bul- 

lard) Atlan. 97: 385-94(Mro6). 
MoBPHOLOOY and phytogeny, (E. C. Jeffrey) 

Science, n. a. 33; 29i-7(33Fo6}. 
HomU, D. M. 

Fojks. St. Nich, 33: 3So-r(Fo6>. 
Horris, Anne. 

Purity in domestic products. Canad. M. 37: 
Morris, C : , laureate of the " Beefsteaks". (Thor- 
manby, pseud.) [Temp. Bar] Eel. M, 147: 
M orrli. Clan. 

An actress on guard. McQure, *j: 06-103 

A bunt for a play. McClure, 36: 636-45(Apo6). 
Looking backward. McClure,i6: 496-9(Mro6. 
Horrii, E. W. 

"Opsonic" treatment and relation lo tubercu- 
losis. National, 47: 97i-82(Aga6), 
Morris, G: Penr. 

Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Indep. 6o: 501-4 

Washington Gladden. Cent. 49: 8is-6(Mro6). 
Horrii, GouTemeur. 

By stages. Cent, 50; 309-i2(Jeo6). 

Into the serene valley. Outing, 47: 597-6o» 

WinUv athon. Outing, 47: 443-5(Jao6). 48: 
79-8ifApoe), 276-3(Jeo6). 487-92(Jlo6). 49: 
Morria. J:A. 

Food -production of the future. Arena, 36: 
Homs, LucT noble. 

R: Hinckley Allen. Pop, Astron. 14: 502-4 
Horrii, Ray. 

An American view of British railways. Atlan. 
98: 6s-73(Jlt>6). 
Horris, Robert T. 
Mysterious awa-loost. The. Outing, 48: 605-8 
Morris, W:, and Ksthclic socialisTi. (T: Dickin- 
son) Arena, 16; 615-7(006!. 

— The genius of. (J. W. Mackail) Indep. R. 

It: ?t-7(Oo6), 

— The later poems of. (A. C. Brock) [Acad.] Liv. 

Age, 251: 341-5(97006). 
Morriscm, Alice B. 

Romijnce oj the Ccskire cheese. Cent. 50: 704- 
Morrison, Caroline Wood. 

QttCM Mlary of MtHory Lane. Lippinc. 78: 

d by Google 


Morrison, D ; HcLarea. 

The unemploTcd and trades unions, igth 
Cent. 59: 483-7(Mio6). 

Auguste Renoir. Brush & P. 17: 197-104 
Hottiaaty, Elizabeth L. . 

Essentials of a good book. Pub. Lib. 11: 54S- 
Morrow, Ellen Welsford. 
Madame de Staal-Delaunay. Westm, 166: 9^-9 
Morrow, W. C. 

Charing Ihtway. Coaraopol,4iL 596-604(006), 
Morse, E. L. C. 

Departmenta] teaehing in dementai7 schools. 

Educa. R. 31: 93-g[Jao6). 
The disappointments of universal suffrage. 

Nation, 8a: i7S-6(iMro6). 
Poulliy-raisihg, once more. Nation, 8j: 199- 
Horse, Hosea B. 

Foreign privilege in China. Atlan. 98: 616-^4 
MoKTAR. Effects of freezing on. (S. Smith) Am. 

Arch. 89: i29-jo(i4.^po6). 
Mortgage, Trust, in railway finance. (T; W. 

Mitchelh Q. J. Kcon. 2o:'443-67(Myo6). 
Morton, F:W. 

Printing by (hree-color process. Brush & P. 
17, Supp.: .7-3+(Fo6). 

Morton, Howard E. 

The lam of comfeiuatiim. Cosmopol. 41: 105-9 
Morton, J. Stekuho, Arbor Lodge, estate of. 

Archit. Rec 19: 3T--47(Jao6). 
Morton, Johnson. 

/» face of fact. Munsey, 35; 39--46(Apo6). 
Un. Manlon Waring enlarges her pearl necklace. 

Munsey, ^6: a43-5i(Nol$. 
The tlout iady m the pint hat. Harper, iia: 
Morton, Paul, and Kinsley, Darwin P. 

Life-insurance legislation. No. Am. tSa: 493- 
Mosaics. (F: S. Lamb) Craftsman, 10: 18-31 

— Marine, by W. C. Biigham. Craftsman, 10. 

MoSAtCS, Roman church, ift lD9th centuries. (W, 
W- Bi'^hop) Am. J. Archicol. n. s. lo: 55 ( (JI06), 

— Zodiacal. Am.Arch.90: 183(8006). 
Mosby, T: Speed. 

The Anglo-Saxon crime. Arena, 36; 373-5 

The court is king. Arena, 36: i ift-ao(Ago6). 
In America's greatest prison. No. Am. 183: 

Joseph M. Folk. Arena. 36: 6oi-6(no6). 
Moscow in Feb. 1906. Indep. 60: 597-601(15 

Moselr, Alfred. 
An English protectionist on British "free trade." 
R. of Rs. (N. V.) 33: 334-s(Mro6). 
Moser, C: K. 
The bronze beetle of honorable happiness. Harp. 

Moses, Montrose J. 
The American dramatists. Indep. 61: 735-43 
Moses, Percival S. 

An electric-power plant in the West Indies. En- 
gin. M. 30: s69-78(Jao6). 
Moses, W. J. B. 

The ransom efBiUy. St. Mich. 33: 9>i-s(Jao6). 
Moskowski, H. 
Sucttssful piano-plsjdng; what it calls for. 
Ladies' H. J. J3, no, s: ai(J»o6). 
Mosquitoes, Extermination of. (J: B. Smith) 
Science, n. ,s. 33: 857t9(iJeo6). 

— How many, in a given area? (Ronald Ross) | 

Sci. Am. Supp. 61: 3Sgo4-6(6Jao6). | 

— reduction of. Sanitary policy of. (J; B. Smith) 

Science, n. s. 33: ii3-4(iQjao6). 
Moss, Mary. 

Contemporary themes in fiction. Outl. 84: 

The French drama of to-daj. Lippinc. 78: 591- 

Mary E. Willtins Freeman. Bookman, 34: 30-9 

Mr. Nickerson's Oar. McClure a6: 664-71 

(Apo6). I 

Notes on new noveb. Atlan. 97: 43-590*0^ 
The novels of Thomas Hardy. Allan. 98: 354- 

67(So6), I 

Shore leave. Lippinc. 78: 3o6-i3(Ago6). 
Mote and hrctcschc building in Ireland. (Ooddaid 

H. Orpen) Eng. Hist. R. ai: 417-44(1106), 
Moth and the Same, The. Sd. Am. 94: 307(10 

M106). I 

Uolher. Chap. I-IV. (Maxim Gorky) Appleton'a 

M. 8: 731-36(006). 
Mother and daughter; a picture cycle. (Emilie B. 

Knipe) Cosmopol. 40: a99-3o8(Jaoo). 
Mother Goose continued; a poem. (Anna M. 

Smith) St. Nidi. 54: i66-7(Do6). 
Uetheft daughter. (Juliet W. Tompkins) EveiT- 

body's, 14: 84-7(Jao6). 
Mothers. Ghent school for, (Mrs. B. Kussell) 
19th Cent. 60: 970-5(006), 

— of the future, (Edith D, Marvin) Indep. R. 8: 

Molif for an aulumn romance, A. (E Pottle) 

Outl. 81: 998-ioo3(38Apo6). 
Motion. (G. M. Whipple) Science, n. s. ay. 507- 


— absolute, A plea for. (Arthur Schuster) Nature, 

73: 46a-4(isMro6). 

— illustrating uniform acceleratioti. (A. W. Dufi) 

Science, n. s. 34: 538(26006). 
Motive-power officer of a great railroad, (G. M. 

Basford) Sci. Am. Supp. 6a: 359oa-^3(a9Do6). 
Motor, The rew-century frictionless. (Navigator) 

Chamb, J, 83: 73.';-6(fJo6), 
MoTOK BICYCLE, Archdeacon's air-propelled. Sd. 

Am. 95: 34s(60o6). 
Motor-boat, A twin-screw. (T: J. Fay) Sd. Am. 

94: I93-4C3'Jto6). 

— of the future. fR, Bache) Outing, 47: 44!^ 


— Twenty thousand miles in a, (E, W. Deming) 

Ctry Life Am. 10: i8o-a(Jeo6). 
MotoR-BOAT EMGiME, 180-horse-power. Scu Am. 
94; i93(3Mro6). 




MOTOK-BOATS, High -speed. (James A. Smith) 
Sci. Am. Supp. ta: 25551-5 (18JI06). 

— Mile-a-minule. (H. H. liveretl) Cosmopol. 41 : 


— The moCorgodille. ScL Am. Supp. 61: 35140 


— Sixty miles an hour with. (Ernest Arclidesttiii) 

ScL Am. 94: i87(3Mro6). 
itatof'^ar divorce, A. (Loulie C. Hale) BookmOo, 

as: 497-5ii(Jao6), 6o6-3o(Fo6). 33: 66-85 

(Mra6), 199-3 11 (Apo6). 
ilOTOR-CARS, Figure-heads for. SaL R. loi: 750 


— In the present and future. (Cygnus) [Foitn.] 

Ljr. A^, 351: 149-59(30006). 

— in railroading. (C; M. Uarger) lodep. 61; 89- 

Set Automobiles. 

HOTOK-ruoar through France, A. I. (E. Whar- 
ton) Atlao. 98: 73J-4i{I>o6). 

UoTOBCODILLE, The. Sci. Am. Supp. 61; 15140 
(27jao6).— Sd. Am. 94: i89(3Mro6). 

MoTOB-oiCNiBUS for London. Sat. R, loi; 132 

'—the police and the public. Macmil. n. s. 3: 
54-61 (N06). 

UOTOK ROLLER-SKATES. Sd. Am. 94; I39(loFo6), 

MOTORMAK, The. fS. Bailer) Outl. 83: 33-8 

Hott, Lawrence. 
Th* curraU of faar. Outing, 4Q: 30-a(Oo6). 
Day't work in the motailed folict. Outing, 48: 

FoUeUe. Harper, 113: 567-72(So6). 
rb lobbyiu tnlHtnitke. Lippinc. 7S: 766-76 

£oiMMil^iinU«rnMi. Outmg,49: iss-StNotf). 
On* 0} three. Outing, 48: 334-7(Myo6). 
Salmon-bshing on the Forteau, Labrador. Out- 
ing, 48: 300-3(Jeo6). 
Silvrr jox. The. OulLng, 48: 738-41(806). 
Wa-gush. Outing, 48: 555-7(^806). 
WhUt darkness, Tlie. Outing,47: 683-6(Mro6). 
Wilkinson's chance. Cent. 50: 4i9-3s(Jlo6). 
Hon, Capt. T. BenU«7. 
The larger training of Hhe American army. 
Scrib. M. 39: 64l-s6(Jeo6), 
Mottoes for house, garden, and steeple. Spec. 

97: 976-7(15006). 
Moulton, F. H. 
Ch'amberlin and Salisbury's Geology, Pop. 
.\iiron. 14: 3J7-32(Jc-Jlo6). 
MOONDS, Human origin of. {.K. C. Veatch) 
Sdence, n. s. 33: 34-6(5/806). 

— in the Gult-coast country. (J. A. Udden) 

Science, n. s. 13: 849-51(1/606). 

— in Nebraska. (E. H. Barbour and H. B. Ward) 

Sdence, n. 3. 34: 638-9(i6No6), 

— of the Mississippi valJey. (P. J. Pamiwotth) 

Sdence. n. s. 33: 583-4(i3Apo6). 
and Teias. (R. T. Hill) Science, n. s. 33: 

704-6(4 Myo6). 
Moinn>vtLi.B, Ala., The treasures of prehistoric 

(H. N. Wardle) Harper, 113: 30o-io(Jao6). 
Mt, Hbrmon. A school and some boys. (R. K. 

Titus) Outl. 83: 659-60(1 1 JI06). 

Mt. Holyoee College, Library . . . building of. 
(Bertha E. Blakely) Lib. J. 31 : C6a-4(Ago6). 

— a study in educational service. (J. Marks) OutL 

83: i9i-202(i7jao6). 
liounl ef ecmprehtnsum. The. (Amelia H. Mc 

Allister) £verybod]''B, 14: 550-4(Apo6). 
MODHT Veenon in Washingiou's time. Cent. 50; 


— The old garden at. (F. E. Leupp) Cent. 50; 

MoiiNTAiN-CAHPiNG lu California. (G. D. Baird) 

Ctry Life Am. 10: i93-4(Jeo6). 
Mountain goat. The, and the camera. (W; T. 

Homaday and J: M. Phillips) Scrib. M. 40: 

MoiTNTAiH LIFE, Physiological eSects of. Nature, 

73: 5S3-S("Apo6). 
Mountain sumuits. (S. P. Fergusson) Science, 

n. s. 13: 673-4(i7Apo6). 
Mountains, The highest. (Day A. Willey) Sd. 

Am. Supp. 6a: 256io(i8Agol5). 

— love of, "Another way of the." (F. W. Bour- 

dilion) Monthly R. 23, no. 3: 94-io9(Jeo6).— 
Ed. M. 147: li5-33(Ago6). 

— North American *cordiltera. Nomenclature o( 

between 47th and 53d parallels, (Reginald, 

A. Daly ) Geog. J. 37: 586-6o6(Jeo6). 
Movota-PicnntK machine, Out with •■ (T. 

Waters) CosmopoL 40: 35i-9(JaoA). 
Howatt, Frauds. 
The treasury, past and present. National, 48: 

Howry, D. E. 

Growing compleiities ot legislation. Am. Law 

R. 40: ai2-ai(Mr-Apo6). 
Hozom, Philip Stafford. 

The trial of Christianity. No. Am. 183: 169-77 

.\Ioxos, EuzABETa; retrospective review of her 

"English housewiiery exemplified." Gent. 

M. n. s. 77: 636-40(1)06). 
Moyna, E. G. J. 
Joys of the hunter. Macmil. n. s. i: 531-33 

(MyoO).-Ed. M, 147: 37-44(1106), Liv. 

Age, ^49- 746-S4(»3Jeo6)- 
Mozart. (H. T. Finck) Nation, 83: 9i-3fiFo6). 

—[Speaker] Liv. Age, 248: 573-5(3Mro6).— (A. 

K. Keeton) Monthly R. 23, no. 3: 61-73 

Moiart FAJOtY in Paris, The. (A. Laugel) 

Nation, 8a: 7i-a(2sJao6). 
Mr. Bently's avtakenmg. (A. B, Paine) Scrib. M. 

39: 63i-33(Myo6). 
Mr. HamilloH — Englishman and gentleman. (G. 

M. Kimball) Overland, n, a. 47: s7-6i(Jiio6). 
Mr. Nickerson's star. (Mary Moss) McClurc, 36: 

664-7 i(Apo6). 
Mrs. Archer- sjetUngs. (Abby M, Koach) McClure, 

27: 38j-go(Aeo6). 
Mn. Dunkin's Morning cull. (F, M. VVilletl) Cent. 

50: 6a7-i)(.'\Ko'>)- 
Mrs. Manton Waring enlarges her pearl necUate, 

(J. Morton) Munsey, 36: 343-si(No6). 
Muck-rate as a drculalion boomer, (I'\ H. Smith) 

Critic,4S: 507-8(Jco6). 

— Still the. (J: O, Brooks) Indep. 60: 1030-3(3 

MucK-kAKEH, The. (Thomas W, Lawson) Every 
bo'ty's, 15: 304-8(.\go6). 



Hudga, iMdon O. 
Stimulation of g< 

library, yb. J. 31: 764-8(1^06). 
HneiutHtwn;, Hugo. 
The woild language. ^McQure, j8: ,ioa-ii 
MuowDUPS now, All. (R. Ogden) Nation, 83: 

Muir, Ward. 

Concerning two trout. Chamb. J. 83: 382-4' 

The humorous side of Monte Carlo. Chamb. J. 

83: 337-4i(Myo6). 
The ironic Monte Carlo. BooUorer's M. 7: 
Kuiibead, Annie C. 

The dotibtfui agt. Part I. Cetil. 50: 363-79 
Kuirhead, J. H. 
Baedeker In the making. Allan. 97: 648-60 

Bishop Ilsley and the education act. Hibbert 

J. 5: 64-73(006)- 
The house of Baedeker. Oull. 83: 814-30(16 
MvLE, Our frieod the. Blackw. 180: 631-8 

Mulfdrd, CUience Edward. 

Bar 20 Ranp yartu. Outing, 48: 6S-78(Apo6), 
3oo-s(Myo6), 33S-4o(Jeo6), 4i9-38(Jlo6), 
S46-54CAgo6). 49: 319-41(006). 
HUUer, £. B. Iwan-. 

UDionism, its and its future. Foitn. 8<;: 
HuUett, Mmij. 

Barbara's mothtr. Haq). Baa. 40; 778-85(806). 
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MuNrciPAL CODES in the middle west. (J- A 

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Municipal government by commission. (C. Ar- 
thur Williams) World To-day, 11: 943-6(506). 

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view. (J: A. Fairlie) Ann. Am. Acad. Pol 
Sci. 27: i32-54(Jao6>. 

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day, to: 6o-4(Jao6). 
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Q. 2it 77-90(Mro6). 
Municipal ihpkoveuent. Art in the slreer. 

(Sylvester Baxter) Cent. 49: 697-705 (Mro6)! 

t-MtmiCiFAi. OWNERSHIP. (F. B. Thurliei) Nu. 
Am.i8a; 8s3-6a(Jeo6). 
.— a blessing. (John Bums) Indep. 60: 449-5* 

— and operation: value of foreign expenence. (L. 

S. Rowel Am. J. Sociol. la: »4l-53(So6). 
-T- as a form of government control. (F. A. Cleve- 
land) Ann, Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 28: i-t2(No6). 

— as tried in Norwich, Conn. (Martin E. Jensen) ' 

New Eng. M. n. s. 35: 338-4»(No6). 
^-The case oL (J. T. Newcomb) Nation, Sir 

— How London loses by. (E E. wniianu.) Ko. 

Am. 183: 7a9-36(igOo6). 

— Immediate, in Chicago, a year after. R. of Rs. 

CN. Y.) 33: 549-54(Myo6). 

— lo Chicago, The movement for. (Hugo S. GrosNr> 

Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 27; 7a-90(Jao6). 

Our fight for. {E; F, Dunne) Indq). 


— in Germany. (H. R: Meyer) J. Pol. Econ. 

■4- SS3-67(f>o6). 

— in Glasgow. (Robert Crawford) Ann. Acad. 

Pol. Sci. 27: i-i9(Jao6). 

— in Great Britain. (C: E. RuskII) Eveiybody'v 

'4; 42-SS{Jao6).~(E. W. Burden) J. Tol, 
Econ. 14: a57-3i4{Myo6). 

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W. Bemis) R. of Rs. 34; 343-44(So6). 

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— of public utilities. (G.S.Brown) No. Am. i8s; 


— of street railways in Germany. (L. S. Rowe) 

Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 27: 37-65(Jao6). 

— Principles of. (R. Donald) Outl. 8a: 504-11 


Municipal ownership troupe. The. (R. Ogden) 
Nation, 82: i53(a2Fo6). 
Se* also Public ownership. 

MiwiciPAL progress, 1904-05. (Clinton R. Wood- 
ruff) Ann. Am. Acnd. Pol. Sci. 27: 191-9 

— Praairal. (Clinton R. Woodniff) Am. J. So- 

ciol. la: iQo-2r5(So6) 
Municipal services, American, from the point of 
view of the eiUrepreneur. (Chester L. Jones) 
Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. Sd. 28: i3-a6(No6). 
Municipal trade; the main question. (Leonard 

Darwin) Indep. R. 8: 34-4i(Jao6). 
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Office of inlendant in New France. Am. Hist. 
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Munroe, C : B. 

Development of the art of explosives in the U. S., 
1900-5. Sci. Am. Supp. 62: 25906-7(29006). 
Munroe, James P. 

Joint educational responsibility of the school 
and ihe community. Educa. R. 31: 433-50 
Htuuey, Frank A. 
The automobile in America. MoBBtf, 34:' 

Grover Cleveland. Munsey, 34: 756-6(Mro6). 

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Hunasy, P.mnk A. 
A jeax on the upward slope. Muosey, 34: 679- 
MosAL FADnnro. Crsfiaman, 10; 54-66(Apo6). 

— Americku hblorv and. (Edward H. Brush) 

R. of Ba. (N. Y.) 34: 689-97(006). 

— in America. (W ; T. Roberts) Brush & P. 17, 

Supp. ; 49-59(Mro6). 

— in Europe. (A. R. CamiBn) Canad. M. 36: 
307-1 »(Fo6). 

— in thU aountiT aact 189S. (W: Walton) Scrib. 

H. 40: 637-40(No6) 
MmiDEK and the sane man. Spec. 96: 363-4(3 

— as a labor weapon. (Franklin Matthews) Harp. 

W. 50: 766-8(aJeo6). 

— in the mountains and the metropolis. (W: E. 

Banon) Indep. 61: 187-90(36)106). 
" ISurdtr wiil oul." Blackw. 179: si-6i(Jaa6). 
MoBCLo, Babtolomb Esteban. "St. Anoa teath 

ing ihc Virgin," Picture by. Cent. 51: 133, 

"The concej 

The conception," Picture by. Cent, jl: 305, 
— "The prodigal son feasting," Picture by. Cent. 

50: 99, i6i(Myo6). 
— "A Spanish Bower girl," picture by. Cent, 50: 

635, 686(Ago6). 
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An apostUoj light. Gent. M. n.s. 76: i-7(Jao6), 
Murphy, W: J. 

Some aapetis of free will. Am. Cath. Q, 31; 

Lord Byron and Lord Lovelace. Monthly R. 

33, no. 3: i9-46(Fo6). 
Htirray, J. Erskine-. 

Recent advanras in telegraphy. Sd. Am. Supp. 

61: 3S365-8(34Mro6). 
lima and the wiidolivt. (M. A. Hanun) Cent. 49: 

MuscONcns island; a political anomaly. (L. B. 

Stowe) Outl. S4: 411-6(30006). 
MusElTM, The, as a foclor in education. (Hermon 


MiTSEinis, American Association of. Science, n. s. 

33: 8s9-6i(iJeo6). 
what they are doing for native art. {A. N. 

Meyer) Cent. 50: 933-43(006). 

— Art forgeries in. (F: J. Mather, jr.) Nation, 

83: 69(3sJao6). 

— New museum idea. (Sherman Langdon) World's 

Work, 13: 77io-3(Jlo6). 

— of security. (W: II. Tolman) Cent. 50: 307-14 

Mdshboous, Culture of. (T. McAdam) Ciry 
Life Am. 9: 436-9(Fo6). 

— Some facts about. (Arthur H. J. Keane) Sci, 

Am. 95: 336(3X06), 
Music. The beauty and uses of our national art 
songs. (A. E. keelon) Monthly R. le. no- »■ 

— and musicians, Baughan's. (H. E. Gorst) 

Sal. R. 103: 7s-6(3iJlo6). 

Slreatteild on. (H. E. Gorsl) Sal. R. io»: 


Music. The call ol the soul. (H. E. Gorst) Sal.R. 

— Culture in, at public schools. (C. L. Graves) 

Spec. 97: 163-4(35 Ago6). 

— domestic, Decline of. (C. L. Graves) Spec. 

96; 83o-i(36Myo6), 

— Electrical. (Marion MeUus) World's Work, 

13: 766o-3(Jeo6).— Sci. Am. 94: i68-9(3iMr 

— English, in France. (J; F. Runciman) Sat. R. 


— for churches, French and English. (J: F. 

Runciman) ~at. R. 101: i34-5(3Fo6). 

— in America. (Vincent d'Indy) Indep, 61 : 847- 


— in the Orient: the old and the new. (Lauren 

T.Tuttle) Overland, n.s. 48: 79-84(Ago6). 

— Indian, ot South America. (C. J. Poet) Har- 

per, ih: aS5-T(J«o6)- 

— medunica]. Advantage* of. Applelon's M. 8: 


The menace of. (J: P. Sousa) Applelon's 

M. 8: 278-84(306). 

— modem. Some tendenoM In. Ed. R. 104: 381- 

99(Oo6).'=Uv. Age, 351: 551-65(1006). 

— Passion in. (H. E. Gorsl) Sat. R. loi: 453-4 


— Riddle of. (V. Lee) Quar. 304: 3o7-37{Jao6). 

— Romantic element in. Quar. 305: 357-74 


— The romantic period in. (C. L. Graves) Spec. 

96; i46-8(37Jao6). 

— Romantidam ui. (D. G. Mason) Atlan. 98: 


— Three Scandinavian schools. (A. E. Keeton) 

[Fortn.] Eel. M. 146: i6=-8(Fo6). | 

Uutic-maktrs, The. (E. Foote) Allan. 98: 74-83 

Musical failcres, Great. (Lewis M. Isaacs) 

Bookman, 34: 59-62(So6). 
Musical genius, Fostering. (H. T. Finck) 

Nation, 83: 539-30(30006). 
Musicians. (By One who has suffered) Macmil. 

n. s. i: 858-6i(So6). 

— and their earnings. (W. J, Henderson) Munsey, 

35: 434-7(Jlo6). 

— Contortions of, due to artistic temperament. 

(H. E. Gorst) Sat. R. 101: 783-4(33 Ji^e). 

— of St. Louis and New York in labor unions. 

(J: R. Commons) Q. J. Econ, 30: 419-4* 

— The pay of. (H. T. Finck) Nation, Sa: 39-30 

Mi:sK ALONG R, Fishing. (B, Dale) Canad. M. 
37: 393-7(3o6)- 

— How to find, cMcb aod cook. (J. V, Quarlei, 

jr.) Outing, 49: ti8-a3(Oo6). 
MusSBT, Alfred de, as a poet. Ed. R. 304: 

.03-33 (JI06). 
Mustard, Wilfred P. 

Poor Richard's poetry. Nation, 83: 339(31 

Mro6), a79(5Apo6). 
MtrrATiON; ii it a factor In the evolution of the 

higher vertebrates? (C. Hart Merriam) 

Science, n. >. ay. 141-5 7(i6Fo6). 

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Mutation theoky and plant spedes. (W. Stone) 
Science, n. s. 13; 70i-2(4Myo6). 

— again. (A. E. Ortinann)Scieni:e, n. 3. 14: 314- 


— Fallacy of the. (A. E. Ortmann) Science, n. s. 

33: 746-8(iiMyo6). 
^-^utinyscare, A. Chamb. J. 83: 76i-3(No6). 
pitt^D HiTO, Emperor of Japan. (Mrs. H. 
>tt*ej) Fortn. 85: 8ot-ao<Myo6). = Eel. M. 
147: 4S-6i(]lo6). \ 

MuiTRA, sacred dty o( India. (Mary E. Gregg) 

Miss. R. 19; 34!)-5»(Myo6). 
Huiiey, D : S. 

Media;val morals. Internal. J. Ethics, 17; 29- 
H1UZ7, Florence E. D. 

The log of a forty-niner. Hupei, 113: 930-6 
My baggage cunxi. (G. Wstsoo) Haip. W. 50: 

My tTieiny,-Hhe motor. (Julian Street) McCIure, 

37: 3is-36(Jlo6). 
My jrUnd Pterrol. (C. B. Tftj-Ior) Everybody's, 

14: 4S4-6o(Apo6). 
My jrUnd Ike Yogki. iiirs. Skovgaard-Pcderseo) 

Chamb. J. 83: 36s-8aeo6). 
My schoolgirl life fifty years ago. Gent. H, n, s. 

76; u6-36<Mro6). 
My thoughts and mv second thoughts. Gent. M. 

n. s. 77- 238-46(^06). 358-66(006), 494-50" 

UVALtTK, a new ezploaive for coal minea. Sd. Am. 

Supp. 69: 85653-4(8506). 

Hren, Carl E 

Ujtn, _ 

Moral training in the school. Pedagog. Sera. 13: 

409-60 (D06). 
Myen, G. W. 

Class of content-problems for high -school 

algebra. School R. 14: 5^3-77(006). 
Mathematics in the university high school. 

School R. 14: S7-64(Jao6). 
Hyres, J : L. 
Alpine races in Europe. Geog. J. 28: 537-59 

List of the Thalassocracies in Eusebius. J. Hel. 

Stud. 26: 84-i3o(Myo6). 
Myrkh, Watching of (he. (B. Lindsay) 19th 

Cent. 60: 33i-6(Aeo6). 
Myslerioas aiBa-toase. The. (R. T. Morris) Outing, 

48: 6o5-8(Ago6). 
Mysterious Iriasure-chesl, A; a ttorralivs found 

amimg the papers of the Van Gistndam famih-. 

(W- Rutherford) Chamb. J. 83: 114-8CF06). 
MyOery at Zeke's, The. (P. V. Mighela) Harper, 

"3= iQ5-ao4(JIo6). 
Mystery of llie jade Buddha, The. (Calo)yn WelU) 

Lippinc. 7,S: iq6-305(Ago6). 
MyOery ol the Mary Cdette. (Arthur H. Dutton) 

Overland, n.s. 48: 39S-7(No6). 
MSSTEKY PUYS, The. (C. H. Grabo) Chaut. 44: 

MYSTtcisii, The plea for, once more. (Mrs. G. 

H. Fot) Hibbcrt J. 4: 4i6-2o(Jao6). 
— Revivalism and. (W. F. Aleiander) Contemp. 

89: 3SO-69(Mro6). 

Myths and myth^nakera of the Mediterranean. 
(J. A. Harrison) Chaut. 43: ai3-9(Myo6). 

— Classic, in modem art. Chaut. 4a: 455-6o(Ja 

06). S49-S3(ro6)- 

— of American history. (H. J. Haskell) lodep. 

61: 3i-s(5jlo6). 

n., E. 

Lord Soraers. Am. Law R. 40: S33-47(J1- 

Hadal, Ehrman Syme. • 

An impreaaion of Heniy Irving. Scrib. M. 39: 

Some mipressions of Lincoln. Scrib. M. 39: 

368-77 (Mro6). 
Naues, Meanings of . (Laura A. Payne) Indep. 60: 

Nameless stream, A. Gent. M. n. s. 77: 411-^0. 
Nancy May's blessom-ltme, (M. S. Merrill) hem 

Eng.M.n.s.34: 4i7-"(Jco6). 
Nantucket. Anti-auto. New Eng. M. n. s. 35; 

Sapier, Eva, Lady, 

A stormy morning. Chamb, J. 83: 1-4, lo-a, 

37-40, 53-S, 68^7o(Jao6), 88-91, loo-i, 

116-8, i3a-4(Fo6), 151-3, 164-6, 182-3, 196-g 

(Mro6), 216-8, 238-30, 244-7, 259-61, Z7S-7 

Napoleon I. as a book-lover. Q. W. Thompson) 

Allan. 98: iio-8(Jlo6). 

— as king of Elba. (A. Laugel) Nation, 8a; 


— The Imiitalions of his genius. (J. H. Rose) 

Contemp. 89; 54<)-^i(Apo6). -^ Eel. M. 146: 

— Rare pictures of. (S. O. Smith, jr.) Appleton's 

M. 8: 32.-30(806). 

— victim of his clan. (A. Laugel) Nation, 83: 


Napoleon IL, Wcrthcimcr's. Sat. R. 101: 113-4 

Napoleom [in.] the little, once more. (F: J. 
Mather, jr.) Nation, 83: 138(10806). 

Narcissus. (Jcanic Dr^ke) Cath. World, 83; aoa- 
i9(Myo6), 3r5-3i(Jeo6). 483-96(Jlo6). 598- 
6ii(Aeo6), 733-4S(So6). 84: ai-3s(0o6), 161- 
3i-7SCNo6), 3i4-^s(Do6). 

NABBAGANSEn PiER, The new. (Brander Mat- 
thews) Harp. W. 50: 95S-8(7jlo6). 

— places of interest in the vicinity. (Herbert W. 

Fison) Pub. Lib. 11: 337-8(Jeo6). 
"Nabbow-wideness." Spec. 97: i2a-3(28Jlo6). 
Bash, G: V. 

Orchids. Sdence, n. s. 33; 468-^(1 3 Mro6). 
Nasb, James L. 

Regeneration of Minneapolis. World To-day, 

Work oF Prof. H. L. Bullcy on plant diseases. 
World To-day, 11: 1313-6(006). 
Nason, Arthur H. 
The Cony high-sihool assembly. School R. 
14: 50>-"(So6). 
Natal, Colopial lands of. (R. Abahrclton) Econ. 
J. 16; 455-6i(So6). 

— The natire crUis in. (F. S. Tatham) National, 

47i si9-22(Myo6), 58i-92(Jeo6).— (F: Mac- 
karness) Indep. R. 10: i35-49(Ago6). 
Nathan, Haud. 

Women who work and women who spend. 
Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. Sd. 37: 643-5o(Myo6) 





"National," The btesied word. Nation, 8»: 

508-9(3 iJeo6). 
National Acadchy of Design. (A. Hoeber} 

Studio (Internal.) 17: lixiiu-xc(Fo6). 

— Winter exhibition. (Kenyon Cox) Nation, S3; 

National Academy OF Sciences, Boston meeting, 

Nov, 1906. (W: H. Hale) Sci. Am. 95; 419 

(8Dd6). — (C.S. Peirce) Nation, 8a: 34I-!i(j6 

Apo6).— (Marcus Benjainin) Sci. Am. 94: 363, 

National deterioration. (H. Lamonl) Nation, 

83; 134-5(1 6Ago6). 
National Educational Association, Debate in 

Congress on bill to incorporate. Educa. R. 

31- 5'3-33(Myo6). 
National Gallehv: the foreign catalogue. I. 

Aih. -06, a; 780(15006). 

— Noteworthy purchases under Burton and 

Poynter. Art J, 58: 2*9-3o<Ago6). 
-pictures. Cosl. Art J. 58: l9{Jao6). 
National Geographic Society, Annual dinner, 

Dec. 10, 1905. Nat. Geog. M. 17: a3-37(Ja 

06). _ ■ 

Nations, progressive and unprogressive. (G. 

Trobridgt) Wcatm. 166: 4i-S3(Jlo6). 
Natives, Problem of, in So. .Africa and elsewhere. 

(.Alfred R. Wallace) Indep, R. 11: 174-81 

Natukal aiSTOKY in earlier agea. Spec. 97 : 395- 
. 6{a»So6).= Uv. Age, 151: 630-H8U06). 

— Misrepresentation of, in magazines. (A. R. 

Crook) Science, n. s. ly. 748-9(iiMyo6). 

— Some. III. (H. G. D. Lalham) [Comh.] Liv. 

Age, 349: 3i6-3i(38.Apo6). 
Natural history museum. Kighl years, at the. 

(E. R. Lankesler) Vortn. 86; 1039-54(006). 
Natural resouhces. The wealth, of the com- 

monweaUh. (A. C. Lane) Pop. Sci. Mo. 68; 

NATmALUATiON, Federal control of. (Gaillard 

Hunt) World"* Work, 11: yogs-gCJaoe). 
Nature the SL-hoolma'am. Uuil. 83 : 706- 19 

Nature club oI America, (.\. B. Comstctck) 

Ctry Life Am, 10; 439-4o(.\):!o6), <3M(So6). 
Nature poeus aetected by H: van Oykie. Ctry 

life ^n. 9; 69S-6{Apo6), 
Nature-student, The. (D. L, Sharp) Atlan. 98: 

Nature studies of a night. (A. L. Phelpa) 

Canad. M. 37: a3-4(Myo6). 
Natdie study and modem verse. Spec. 96; 

4i5-6(i7Mro6). = Liv. Age, 349; 698-701(16 


— and the small libraries, (J. Christian Bay) 

Pub. Lib. 11; 3i5-6(Jeo6), 

— school gardens and agriculture in schools. 

(James R, Jewell) Pcdagog. Sem. 13: 273- 

Nauoatuck, Conn., an architectural oa^. (A. C. 
David) Archit. Rec. 19: "3S-44(Fo'5)- 

Naval Acadeuy. JecAnnapolis. 

Naval architecture. Curiosities of. (C. Field) 
Sci. Am. 94: 368-9(sMyo6). 

Naval scares. (Lprd Ereniey) Contemp. 90: 

Naval sitfkeiiacy. Internationalism and. (Rich- 
mond P. Hobaon) Indep. 60: 768-7i(5Apo6). 

Naval warfare, Improvised means of. (F. H. 

Costello) Dial (Ch.) 40; 387-S(iMyo6). 
Navarino, The name of. (W. Miller) Eng . Hist. 

R. ai; io6(Jtt06). 
Navies, Mioor, of the irorld. Sd, Am. Siipp. 61: 


— New rating of the world's. Sci. Am. 65; 338- 

— Rival [England, France, Germany]. (G, S. Le- 
fevre) Cwitemp. 89: iS3-6s(Fo6). 

Navigator, pstud. 
The new century frictionless motor. Chamb. J. 
83- 73S-6{No6). 
ITarlor, Wilson S. 

Unoccupied mission fields in Africa. Miss. R. 
19: i77-«4(Mro6). 
Heal, Robert Wilun. 
New York's city of play, Worid To-day, 11: 
Ifeamc, L. B. 

The tavern of the Indian Ocean; a Cape cen- 
tenary. Chamb. J. 83: 443-5(Jla6).-Ecl. M. 
147: i6g-7o(Ago6). 
Nebraska. Library Association, meeting, Dec 

1905. Pub. Lib, 11; 83-6{Fo6). 
Nebraska Academy of Sciences. (F. D. Heald) 

Science, n. s. 23: 6i9-i6(ioApo6). 
tTebulx and star-making. Sci. Am. 95: 313-4 

; (3N06). 

— spiral, Significance of. (T. J. J. See) Pop. 

Aslron. 14: 6i4-6(Dq6). 
Heedham, H: Beach. 
TbeodoiQ Roosevelt; an outdoor man. McCIunv 

aS: a3i-sa(Jao6). 
The Senate— of "spedal interest*." Worid'i 
Wort, u: 7o6o-5(Jai>6), 72o6-ii(Fo6). 
Heeler, '^- B. 

Missions on the Isthmus of Panama. Miss. R. 
19: i94-6(Mro6). 
Neely, H: M. 
Ehif'! first aid to the injured. St. Nich. 33: ' 
Neff, EliMbetb Hyer. 

By tk: g!-UU imisli 

Nervi of Barney the nautical. Cent. 49: 790-7 

effleN, Paul, arlist, (F. W. Coburn) Brush St 
P. 17; 328-38(Jeo6), 
Neoro. The, and music. (H J. Wilson) Outl, 84: 
Brain of the, (R. B. Hean) Cent. 50: 77&- 
—"in Africa, The. Cent. 50: is6-7(Myo6). 
'■ I politics, A notable instance of the. (B. T. 
Washington) Outl. 83; 78-80(1 a Myo6). 
^'Toys of being a. (E, E. Wilson) Atlan. 97: 345-^ 
' So(Fo6). 
gaining of the. (R. B. Bean) Cent, jo: 947- 
NioRo Bankers' convention, Atlanta, lootf. 
Booker T. Washington) Indep. 61: 684-6 
Neoro laborer, Training of, in the North. (Hugh 
M. Browne) Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. Sd. a;; 

e of Zubi. Cent. 51; 98- 

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Neoro pboblbU: Long views and short on while 
and black, (S. Olivier) [Contemp,] Eel. M. 
147: 533-4=<Do6). 

— The North and the negro. (F. Crane) Eel. M. 

'47: S3'>-3(I>o6)- 

— A southern view, (S, Sams) Ed, M. 147: 387- 


— stated. (W, F, Bailey) Fortn. 85: 909-i9(My 

NzOBO QUZsnoH and the Miller movement. Can 
the negro seltle it? (J. A. Graham) Outl. 84: 

— Long views and short on btack and white. {S. 

Olivier) Contemp. 90: 491-504(006), 

— The tragedy of color. (Herbert G. Wells) Harp. 

W. so: .3.7-9(15506). 
Negkoes and [he South. (H. S. Edwards) Cent, 
so; ji2-5(Jeo6). 

— at the North. Harp. W. 50: 436(3iMro6). 

— the color line in New Jersey. (Linton Satter. 

thwaite) Arena, 35 ; 3g4-40o(Apo6). 

— "Forty acres and a mule." (W. L. Fleming) 

No. Am. i8a; 7ii-37(Myo6). 

— Heart of the race problem. (Archibald H. 

Grimke) Arena, 35: 29-3i(Jao6), 374-8(Mr 
06), 6o6-to(Jfo6). 

— in New York city, Industrial condition of. 

(W; L. Bulkeley) Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 
37; 5go-6(Myo6). 

The city within thq city. (G. L, CoUin) 

Outl. 84: 374-7(99806). 

— in trades unions in New York City. (Mary 

W. Ovington) Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 

— Industrial handicap of, in the North. (Kellcy 

MiQer) Ann. Am. Acad. PoL Sci. 37: S43" 

— Land-hunger in the Black Belt. (B. T. Wash- 

ington) Lippinc. 77: 7S7-S3(Jeo6)- 

— Migration of, to the North. (R. R. Wright, 

jr.) Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. Sd. 37: SS9^9 

— Political future of Southern. (F. M. Simmons) 

Indep.61: i52i-6(i8Jeo6). 

— A problem of administration, not of race. 

(O. G. Villard) Nation, 83: 3i6-7(r9Apo6), 

— Reading of. (G: B. Utiey) Critic, 49; 28-30 


— Reflex light from Africa. (C: F, Adams) Cent. 

50: ioi-.i(Myo6). 

— A sketch in black and white. (F. Clayton) 

Atlan. 97: 6oo-lo(Myo6), 783-93(7606). 

— The three amendments. (Jr Bascom) Ann. 

Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 37: s97-i5o9(Myo6). 
Negro's Hie story, A. (W. H. HoltwJftw) Worid's 

Work, .1: 7989-93(506). 
Neighbors alt. (C: M. Hatver) Outl. 83: 367-70 

Heihardt, J:G. 

Tktlookinthafaa. Munaey, 35: 489-93(1106). 
Neil, C. Lang. 
Theanimalphotogr^IuofCbarleiRcid. Studio 
(IntemaC.) 39: 3a7-3»(Oo6). 
H«IU, C : P. 

Child labor in Washington, D. C. Ann. Am. 
Acad. Pol. Sci, 37: 37o-8o(Mro6). 
Heisser, Emma R. 

library books for blind. Lib. J. 31 : 78-83 
Nelson, Sir Hugh Mum. Geog. J. 37: 41 i(Apo6) . 

Nelson, N. O., and his great work. (G: W. Ead») 

Arena, 36: 463-8o(No6). 
New, Lake, and the galleys of the Cssars. . Chant. 
43: 3S3-6o(Myo6).— Sd. Am. 95: 3S-6(i4jl 
NEO-scHOLAsnc movement. The. (F. Avelin^ 

Am. Cath. Q. 31; i9-33(Jao6). 
Hero, anonymous play, 1634. (W. G. Rutherford) 

Ath. '06, a: sS9-6«(3N'o6). 
Nero in modem drama. (J. S. Roberts) Fortn. 
85: S3-9s(Jao6).-Liv. Age, 348: 418-38 
Nerve 0/ Barney the nautical. (E. H. Ncff) Cent. 

49: 79o-7(Mro6). 
Nerves and the American woman. (Graeme M. 

Hammond) Harp. Bai. 40: s9o-3(Jb6). 
Nervous breakdown. (G. Rankin) Contemp. 
8q: 3 33-33(Ko6).— Ed. M. 146; 3iQ-7(Apo6). 
Neabit,C'. Francis, 

Thereooveryoffaith. Outl.84; 368-70(13006), 
Netherlands, Future of the. [Sat. R.J Liv. Age, 

»Si: 353-s(»70o6). 
Neumann, Kelii. 

Cataloging of early printing in the U. S. lib, 
fleumayr, G. von. 

Recent Antarctic expeditions; their results. 

Geog. J. 37; 2S9-65(Mro6). 

Neotral territorial waters as a naval base. (H. 

Taylor) Am. Law R. 40; 40J-io(My-Jeo6). 

Neutralitv, The growing conception of. (H, 

Taylor) Am. Law R. 40: ■353-65(Mr-Apo6). 
Nevada, The awakening of. (Clarence H. Mat- 
son) R. of Rs. 34: 56-63(Jlo6). 

— desert. Men of the. (R. D. Paine) Outing, 
48; 4l9-4"(Jlo6). 

— Deserts of,and the Death Valley. (Robert U. 
Chapman) Nat. Geog. M,-i7: 483-97(506). 

— Gold camps of. (R. D. Paine) Outing, 48; 
359-75 (Jeo6). 

KcTC, Arthur. 

The unoccupied districts of India. Miss. R. 19; 
Nevertheless. (A. M. Roach) Harper, 113: 944- 

Hevil, Ralph. 

Mrs. Atkyns and the Dauphin. t9th Cent. 60: 
HaviUe, E. 

On the ancient eclipses of the sun. Pop. Astron. 
14: 6i6-3s(Do6). 
Herina, W. S. 

Editmg consular reports. Nation, 83; aSa-3 
]T«vinMn, H: W. 

G: Meredith, the last of his peers. World 

To-day. 11: 1287-90(006). 
The missionary and the African savage. Harp. 

W. 50: 479-8'. 9S(7Apo6). 
Slave-trade in Africa. Harp. W. 50: 59G-7 

The slave-trade of to-day. Harper, tii: 937— 

Through the African wilderness. Harper, 113: 
Wto boy at BilUop, Tht. I, U. (R. H. Baibour) 

St. Nich. 34: i33-9(Do6). 
Nets depvty of Cochite, The. (W. C. Estabrook) 
Muns^, 34: 6i6-9(Fo6). 


Niw Jersey, HuntinR hision of, in a moIOT car. 
CE.Hungerfoid)Hatp.W.5o: i39i>-a(aoSo6). 

'" •■■ ■" " den) N*lu " 

— Ut discov^ of. (Emerson Hough) Appleton's 
M.8; 66s-74(Do6). 

— mral, Urbanmng. (F, Rice, jt.)NewEng. M. 

n. s. ij: S98-4i(Jfto6). 
Niw England energy. (Mary S. Slimpson) New 

Eng. M. □. s. 34; 57^-8'(JI°6)- 
Mew En^ond lon^g, A. fArain Wyman) New 

Eng. M. n- ». 34: i40-4(Apo6). 
New England Magazine, The first, 1758. (Hol- 

man 5. Holt) New Eng. M. n. s. 33: $30-^ 

New England Women, National Society of. (E. 

M. Lindley) New Eng. M. n. s. 34: lao-ji 

Nbw English Art Cure, The. (E. Douglas 

Sbeilds) Worid To-day, 10: i77-83(Fo6). 

— Exhibition, i()o6. (G ; Moore) Sat. R. 101 : 

Nmi Frankenstrin, The. (G. Hibbard) Munsey, 
35: 75S-6i(S<.6). 

New Gallery, Exhibition, 1906. Sludio (Inter- 
nal.) 19: i4-i3(Jlo6). 

— summer exhibition. (F. Rindcr) Art J. 58: 180- 

New Guinea, British, Anthropogeo graphical in- 
vestigations in. (C. G. Soligmann) tleog. J. 

27: 2is-4'(Mro6). 347-6g(.\po6). 
New Hahpshike College of Agriculture and 

Mechanic Arts. (G: Washburn) New Eng. M. 

" »-33: 49T-5o6(Jao6). 
" "unting hi3f 

_ ord) flarp. 

-Troubling. (R. Ogden) Nation, 83: SO4-5 

New Jersey Library Association, Annual meeting, 

1906. Lib. J, Ji: 836-7(Do6). 
New Mexico and Arizona. (B. S. Rodey) Nat 

Geog. M. 17; ioi-2(Fo6). 
Statehood for. (A. H. Lewis) Booklover'aM. 

7: i5o-s(Foe).— {C: A. Moody) OutW. 


— — Statehood rights of. (J. W. Babcock) Indep. 

60: 505-8(iMro6). 

— Territorial fair, (A. W. Dimock) Harp. W. 50: 

New Mitsic Society, The. (Lawrence Gilman) 

R. of R«. (N. V.) 33: 47a(Apo6). 
New national fokces and the old law. (M. M. 

Bigcbw) Atlan, 98: 716-31(006!. 
New Oblbans. (C. H. White) Harper, 141 

i3i-3o(Do6).— (J: Hay) Putnam, i: 14-5 


— The city of iron lace, . (H. Joor) Craftsman, 


— Courtyards of. (C. Macleod) Craftsman, 


— Old French courtyards in. {Mrs. Thaddcus 

Horion) Am. Arch. 89: a!5-6(3oTeo6). 
New Pyramus and ThUbt {the battle of Aughrim). 

(W. Carleton) Blaekw. 179: 373-7(Fo6). 
New yeah and new starts. Sal. R. loi: 9-10(6 

New Year confenioii album. Cosmopol. 40: m6-8 

aao6). w,™. ^ > 

New Yoke. (C. Whibley) Blaekw. 180: 633-30 

(No6). = Liy. Age, 251: 732-9(211)06). 

— after Paris, (A. F. Sanborn) Atlan. 98: 480- 


New York, American art, as seen in the ttteets 
and sUlues of. (L. Karr) Eel. M. 146: 367- 
The American Grub Street. (J. H. Collins) 
Atlan. 98: 634-43(No(i). 

— art in, A cycle of. (F. Mather, jr.) Nation, 83: 


bond sale, igo6. (A. D. Noyes) Nation, 83: 

Cathedralof St. John the Divine. A great Amer- 
ican cathedral. (Robert E. Jones) World's 
Work, 12 : 77S4-66<Jlo6). 

Charm of. Am. Arch. 90; 134-5(37006). 

— The church in social service in. (W: D. R" 

Bliss) Indep. 60: i35-4i(i8Jao6). 

— Cu3lom-house. (C: De Kay) Cent. 49: 733-^3 

(Mk*).— Archil. Rcc. 20: i-i4{Jlo6). 

French's groups. Craftsman, 10; 7S-83{Ap 


— Fire hazard of. (E: F. Croker) Harp. W. 50: 


— Gas, eleciric -light, water, and si reel-railway 

services in, (Robert G. Monroe) Aqq. Am. 
Acad. Pol. Sci. 27: iii-9(Jao6). 

— Historical Society, The. (F. J. Mather, jr.) 

Nation, 83; 433-4(2iNo6). 

— Hold Belmont. (H. W. Frohne) Archil. Rec. 

»o: 63-9(Jlo6). 

— Impressions of. (Maxim Gorky) Appleton's 

M. 8: 177-8i(Ako6) 

— in ihe making. (W: Griffith) Ciaftsmao, it: 


— In up-town. (C. H. WWte) Harper, iias 3»o- 


— Inadequate seacoast defence of. (Henry J. 

Corse) Harp. W. 50: 1463-5(13006). 

— Library. Great new. (C. Smyth) Munsey, 34: 


— Metropolitan Museum of Art under Sir Caspar 

Purdon Clarke. Craftsman, 11: i56-7i{No6). 

Future of. Brush &P. 1;: 27-34006). 

Programme of. (F. J. Mather, jr.) Nation, 

8a: i7i-a{iMro6). 

— Mission work in. (A. F. Schauffler) Miss. R. 

19; 2i7-3o(Mro6). 

— Moodsof. (J: W. Harding) Eel. M. 146: 95-8 


— Morgan Library and Art Museum [views only]. 

Archit. Rec. 19; 388-94(Myo6). 

— The most valuable ten-acre bt in the world. 

(E.S.WiUard) Munsey), 35: ii3-4i{Apo6). 

— Music in. (H: T. Finck) Indep. 60: 1472-3 


a sham. (E. I. Prime-Stevenson) Indep. 60: 

1467-71(1 1 Jeo6). 

— A new. (J. M. Bowles) World's Work, 13: 


— The new. (S. Baxter) Outl. 83: 409-34(33 


— The new N. Y. house. (Montgomery Schuyler) 

Archit. Rec. 19: 83-io3(Fo6). 

— New water-supply for. Sci. Am. 94: 350(34 


— N. Y. Central terminal improvements. Sd. Am. 

05: 367-8(13006). 

— OlMervatory, and nautical museum. Science, 

n. s. 23: 795-6(i8Myo6). 

— Overcrowding in. Am. Arch, 90: is8(i7No6). 

— Pennsylvania Railroad's pasaei 

Am. Arch. 89; i75{26Myo6). 

d by Google 

New Yobp:, PUy city of. (Robert Wilson Neal) 
World To-day, ii: 8i8-26CAgo6). 

— poat-office; ks achievement and its needs. 

(Louis E. Van Norman) R. o£ Rs. (N. Y.) 33: 
580-9 jCMyo6). 

— Provincialism of. (Sydney Brooks) Indep. 60: 

1099-1 ioa( loMyoS). 

— PubUc Hbrary. (Hamilton BeU) BookIover*s 

M. 7: 5i3-6(Apo6). 

— revisited. (H: James) Harper, iii: 4<to-6(Fo6), 

603-8, (Mro6), 900-7(MyD6). 

— The Riallo, (C. B. D&vis) Outing, 49: 19-J7 


— Schools overcrowded in. (C. T. Heaslip) 

Educa. 17: i2o(Oo6). 

— Seeing the real. Trip no. 3. (J. L. Ford) Cos- 

mopol. 40: 466-72(Fo6). 
Trip no. 4. (J. L. Ford) Cosmopol. 40: 713-8 

Trip no. 5. {J.L, Ford) Cosmopol. 41:334-40 


-Trip nc 


— Social notes. (H: James) No. Am. 189: 19-31 

(Jao6), i79-93(Fo6).-Fortn.85; aso-6i(Fo6). 

— Southern woman's impressions ot. (Mrs. L. 

H. Harris) Indep. 60: 4i5-3o(2iFo6). 

— Subway; test of enpnes. Sci. Am. Supp. 61; 


— Subways, A crisis in. (F: W. Hinrichs) Indep. 

60: »l-4{8Fo6). 
■ — Traction merger in. (O. G. Villard) Nalion, 

83: I i3(8Fo6).— (B. S. Coler) Ed. M. 146: 
■ 187-9. (Mro6). • 
a colossal fabric on franchises. World's Work, 

la: 756iH5(MyoS). 

— Tunneling the East River. Sci. Am. 95: 83 


— vs. Horgan & Slaltery. Am. Arch. 90: 47-S 


New York Butchers' Dressed Meat Co.'s abat- 
toir. Am. Arch. 89: I99^20o(i6jeo6). 

New York Histobicai, Societv, The museum 
■and gallery of art of the. (W: Walton) Scrib. 
M. 39 : 764-8(Jco6). 

New York Observatoev and nauticaJ museum. 
(W. W. Payne) Pop. Aslnan. 14: 349-si(Je- 
N. Y. Slate, Political muddle in. Harp, W. 50: 

— Revised academic syllabus of. (E: J. Goodwin) 

Educa. R. 31: i9i-7(Fo6). 

— Tarrv-al-home travels. (E: E. Hale) Out]. 8a: 


New York State Library Week. 1906. Pub. 
Lib. 11: 5 30-3 (Noli) .—Lib. J. 31: 733-8 

NewYohkTimes, Foundingofthe. (E.B.Wesley) 
Ed. M. 146: 363-6(Mro6). 

New Zealand; Experiments in social and eco- 
nomic legislation. (Florence F. Kelly) Crafts- 
man, 10: 7l4-ig(So6), 

— The general election in. (New Zealand cor- 

respondent) National, 47: i65-7i<Mro6). 

— Government of. (C: E: Ruasell) Everybody's, 

>S; S8'-93(No(S), 784-9SCD06). 

— How it controls the distributioD ot wealth. 

(Florence F. Kelly) Indep. 60: 1 483-6(3 iJeo6). 

— In the Geyser-Land. (B. Grimsliaw) Canad. 

M. 37: 933-4i(Jlo6). 

New Zeacand; a model conuoonwealth. (W. B. 
LefGngweU) Harp. W. 50: 558-60, 69(31 Apo6). 

— The new order in. National, 48: 733-9(1)06). 

— Physiographic section thtough. (James M. 
Bell) Am. Geog. Soc. Bull. 38: j 73-81 (M)ii6). 

— Social and economic experiments of. (FlOTcncE 
E. Kelly) Craftsman, 10: 5Si-66(Ago6). 

— State iiburancc in. (W. P. Reeves) No. Am. i8r. 

— Taftwera volcanic rift in. (James M. BeD) 
Geog. J. 37; 369-83(Apo6). 

Newabe, N. J,, public library. Training dais in, 
(Kale L. Roberts) Pub. Lib. 11: i9-3i(Jao6). 
n«wben7, S. B. 

Concrete building-blocks. ScL Am. Supp. 61: 
a5i36-8(3oJao5), JSi 38^10(37 Jao6). 
newbolt, Frank. 

The art of prinlmg etchings. Studio (IntenuL) 
30: i34-4i(Do6). 
Hewcomb, J. T. 
The case of municipal ownership. Natioii, 8]: 

Employer's liability. Nation, 8a: 440-1(31 
Ifewcomb, Simon. 

Methods of leaching arithmetic Eduou R. ji: 

The organizatioo of scientific researdi. Mo. Am, 
183: 33-4j(Jao6). 
Kewell, F. H. 

Reclamation. Outl. 83; 933-41 (»5Abo6). 
NeweU, Walter S. 
The city^country club plan. New Eng. U, 
n.s.35: 169-75(006). 
Newfoitndland, Caribi)u herds of. (A. P. 
Silver) [Ejnpire R.] Ed. M. 146: 407-1 i(Myo6). 

— Central, and the source of Ihc Garden river. 
(J, G. MUlaU) Geog. J, 37: 383-Q2(.ApoCl. 

— fisheries agreement. The. (Rollo Ogden) Nation, i 
83: 34»-3C3SOo6). j 

— Fisheri- dispuie. (P, T . McGrath) ItaoniL 
n. s- i: 2!0-40(Jao6).— (P. T. McGratb) 
No. Am. i&y. 1134-43(7006).— (P. T. Mc- 
Grath) New Eng. M. n. s. 33: 635-35{Fo6). 

— Tramp on iho Banks of. (K. Machugh) \"ew I 
Eng. M. n.s. 35: 81-5IS06). 

Mewcate (Conn.), Legends of old. (G: H. Hub- I 
bard) New Eng. M. n. s. 14: 17-30(11106), 1 
3o6-3os(Myo6). 35: 176-84(006), 488-96 1 
Newland, C. Bingham. | 

* stinci in birds, animals and insects. Afonthly 
R. 34, no. i: i3s-4S{Jlo6). = Liv. Age, 350: 
43i-7( i8Ago6). 
If ewland, D : H. 
■ Earthquakes recorded a*t Albany, N. Y. Science, 
n. s. 33: 8s"(Jco6). 
Ilewlands, Francu G. 
The new San Francisco. Indep. 60: 1093-6 


The ri^t way to help the Filipinos. Indep. 6a: 


Newman, Howard. Constantine the Great; a 

tragedy. (Alhen.]Liv. Age, 351: 694-7(1 sf"*.) 

Newuan, Cardinal, and creative theology. Dub. 

R- 138: a33-7o(Apo6). 
— and Liitlemore. (Wilfrid Wilberforoe) Cath. 
World, 83: s77-97(Ago6'l. 
lew light or '" " " " 




NswpOKT. ("JunJui") Hup. W. s^'- 1334-6(1 
So6>.— (C. Harwood) Critic, 49: 37-8(Jlo6). 

— ThcKnseof. (H. James) Harper, 113: 343-S4 

Newsboys' labor itnion and what it thinks of a 

college education. (R. W. Bruire) Outl. 

84; 878^3(8Do6). 
NBWSPAPES,-The, asa judiciary. (Simeon Gilbert) 

Am. J. Sodol. la: a89-97(No6). 
Newspapbbs, ChromUic (Jobn A. Macjr) Book- 
man, If. ia;-33(Oo6). 
Hcwton, Lord. 
The House of Lords and the country. National, 

48: S93-6oi(Do6). 
ITewton, R. Heber. 
Outcotne of the IhcoTogical movement of our age. 

Hibbert J. 4: j6o-79{Jao6). 
Niaoaba; apoem. (Florence Wilkinson) Outl.Sa: 

Ni.iCABA Falls. (Eugene Wood) McClure, 17: 


— Esthetic value vi. the economic. Sci. Am. Supp. 

^: »S5<'6-7(7Jlo6). 

— aod the nation. Outl. 83: 838-30(1 4Apo6). 

— Argument for preserving. Outl. 83: 106-7(19 


— The crime against. (Orrin E. Dunlap) Harp. 

W. so: 474-6(7Apo6). 

— from the economic standpoint. (H. W. Buck) 

OuU. 83: i33H5(i9Myo6). 

— How to protect. (C: M. Dow) OuU. 82: 179- 


— Inlemational aid for. (Robert S. Lanier) R. of 

Rs. (N. Y.) 33: 433-9(Apo6). 

— New 130,000 horse-power plant at (Orrin E, 

Dunlap) Sci. Am. 93: 344-5(6006). 

— Power development at. Ifl, Sci. Am. 94: 


— Recesiion of. Sd. Am. Supp. fiar 95651-9(8 


— Shall Niagara be saved? (F. Strother) World's 

Work, 13; 7S34-3s(Myo6). 
NUOAXA SIVER, Aluminum transmission line 

across. (Orrin E. Dunlap) Sd. Am. 94: 339 

NiBELUNOKHUKD, Ethics and the. (C: H. Meltter) 

Cnftmnao, 11: 3-35(006). 
Nicholas IL Hunuui aide of the Ctat. (A. E. 

Coudert) Cent. ?o: 84<;-;^(Oo61. 

— The real. (WrT. Stead) World To-day, 10: 56 


— Joubert's Truth about. (I. F. Hapgood) Nation, 

8i: i67-8(29MrD6). 
Itlebolu, Francis C. 
Volcanoes and earthquakes in the Caribbean 
regions. R. ot Rs. (N. Y.) 33: 44o-s(Apo6). 
ino>U]r, Helen. 
The boys' life o( Abraham Lincoln. St. Nich. 
33: a38-34(Jao6). 3i3-8(Fo6), 4og-i6(Mro6). 
Sl6-33(Apo6), 6o9-i4(Myo6), 7(6-aa(Jeo6), 
8aq-3o(Jlo6), 9IC)-35(Aro61, ioo4-io(Sofi), 
ioar-«.i{Oo6). 34: 4i-7(No6). 
NicoLi, Jm.Es. Melanges Nicole. Ath. '06, j; 

ITichols, Abner W. 
The referendum in Maine. Arena, 36: 516-8 
Franklin as a man of science. Indep. 60: 70- 

ntcbalfl, E: P. 

Football. Educa. R. 31; 4Si-«9(Myo6). 
mcbobon, E. W. B. 

Shakespeare Society of New York. Ath. '06, ■: 
ITicbolson, H. O. 

The private ice-house. Clry Life Am. 10: 539- 
NiEHADS, C: H:, American sculptor. Studio 

(Internat.), 39: i04-io(Ago6). 
Nietzsche, Fuedbich Wilhelm, and French 
music. (J: F. Runciman) Sat. R. loi : 365- 

— On translating. (F. C. S. Schiller) Nation, 83: 


— Studies on. (M. D. Petre) Cath. World, 8«: 

5 i6-36(Jao6), 6io-2i(Fo6). 83: i59-7o(My 
06). 34S-SS(Jeo6). 

— Works in English. (H. P. Williams) Nation. 

8a:i57(aaFo6).— (T:CommonNatbn, 81; 350 

NlGEBlA, Joumevs in northern, (Hans Vischer) 

Gcog. J. 38: '368-77(006), 
Night's advenlure, A. (R. E. Veraede) Macmil. 

n. s. i: 881-95(006). = Liv. Age, 3ji; 400-9 

"Night and IhtfurUtins drawn," (Justus M. For- 

msn) McClure, 38: 57-61CN06). 
Night with liltU sister, A . (Anne O'Hagan) Harp. 

Baz. 40: 584-9(Jloli). 
Night -anth nulure. A. (Adile M. Shaw) Lippinc. 

78; 3j4-4>(So6). 
mghtiDgsle, A. F. 

Place of the high school in our system of education. 

School R. 14: i4a-5a(Fo6). 
Nile and its valley, History of the. (W. F. 

Hume) Geog. J. 37: 52-9(Jao6). 

— Between the cataracts of. {H. Spender) Mac- 

mil, n. s. 1 : 939-48(006), 
Nile pens. (D. G- Hogarth) [Comh.] Ed. M. 146: 

Nile mission Psess, Work of the. (Aimle Van 

Sommer) Miss. R. 19: 938-9(Do6). 
NiLZ VALLEY, Meteorology of the. Nature, 75; 

Nine Hues of Kalrint, Tkt. (Juliet W. Tomp- 
kins) Cosmopol. 43: is7-6o(I>oe). 
1906; the year in finance and trade. (Frank 

D. Root) Indep. 61 : 1454-8(20006). 
Nineteenth centitrv. Main currents of thought in. 

(Robert T. Kerlih) Arena, 35: 335-35{Mro6), 

Rino, Antonio de. 
Legends of the Abruzzi. Monthly R. 25,. do. t : 

msbet, J : 

History of the Forest of Dean. Eng. Hist. R. 

, ai: 445-si)(Jlo6). 

Timber-planting on waste land. 19th Cent. 60: 

NiTKATES, Artificial production of, from the >(• 

mosphere. (M. Alger) Sd. Am. 95: 950-1 

NrntooEN, atmospheric, Fiialion of. Sci. Am. 

Supp. 61; 15205 -7(a4Fo6). 

— The fiiation of. Chemistry and the world'* 

food. (R. K. Duncan) Harper, 112: 720-31 

— Fixation of atmospheric. Sd. Am. Supp. 6a: 


d by Google 



NrTGOGEN, Oadation of atmospheric, in thecleclric 

arc. (F. MoUwo Perkins) Nature, 74; , 



Ayacucho; tbe Spanish Waterlcio of South 

America. Arena, ^6: 355-61(306). 
Proposed Pan-Amencan trades college. Arena, 

3S- 603-6{Jeo6). 
Sanniento. Arena, j6: 390-5(006). 
Simon Bolivar. Aieoa, 35: 49i-S(Myo6}. 
W: Wheelwrighl. Arena, 36: 5<)i-6o2(Do6). 
Hobbs, Percy E. 

Official architecture. Am. Arch. 89: 30i-a(i6 
Nobel prizes. The. (V. Thompson) Cosmopol. 

41: 468-74(So6). 
Nobody's Arthur. (L. Bowman) Outl. 83: 475-8 

NocQUET, Paul, sculptor and balloonist. Harp. 
W,5o:5S3-3(aiApo6).— (A. P. Hosford) Brush 
SiP. 17: i33-9(Apo6). 
Nocturne, A. (K, M. Roof) Craftsman, 10: 310- 

Noel. (J. Kipgstead) Chamb, J. 83: 8iii-5(Do6). 
Noise, An effort to suppress. (Mn. Isaac L. Rice) 

Forum, 37: i$*-4tXA9°6). , 
NoLA, Feast of the lilies at. (W: G. FiU-Gcrald) 

World To-day, 10: i84-8(Fo6). 
Holan, T : 

Recent suburban architecture in and near Pbila. 
Archil. Rec. rg; i67-.93(Mro6). 
Ilolde, BoTontss de. 

Mad. de Slael's letters to Benjamin Constant, i. 
Critic, 48: «.73-SoCMro6). 
Nolo contendert. (G: W..Gunn) New Eng. M. d. s. 

34: 7a4-39CAgo6). 
Iiordau, Maz. 

Heinricb Heine. Id memory of the fiftieth 
anniversary of his death. [Outlook (Lond.)] 
Liv. Age, 148: 759-8o3(3iMro6). 
Kordensldold, Erland, barmt. 
Travels in the boundaries of Bolivia and Peru. 
Ceog. J. 2&: ios-3o(Ago6). 
Kordenskjold, Otto. 

New era in south-polar e;q)loration. No. Am. 
183: 758-70(19006). 
NoHroiK, The earldom of. Sat. R. loa; 666-7 

— Old inns of. (G. A. B. Dewar) Macrail. n. s. 

>: 383-9i(Mro6). 
NoRHAi. SCHOOLS in France, Reform of elementary. 
(G. Compayrf) Educa. R. 3a: 357-7o(No6). 

— Phases of intenuJ organization of. (Ruric N. 

Roark) Pedagog. Sem. 13; 3ai-9(Jeo6). 

— Professional work in. (W: C. Ruediger) 

Educa. 37: i74-9(No6). 
Kornum, Henry. 
The flowing road; a record of the perfect holi- 
day of an automobile journev of r30o miles. 
Scrib. M. 30: 357-a3(Mro6).' 
The public, the motonst, and the Royal Com. 
mission. Fortn. 85: 683-95(Apo6). 
NouiANDY, Angevin administration of. (F. M, 

Powicke) Eng. Hist. R. ai: 6as^9(Oo6). 
—A comer of. {Mary K. WaddingtonJ Scrib. M. 

39: 53o-4o(Myo6). 
norrii, Frank L. 

The humors of a siege [Pekin, 1900]. National, 
48: 6so-7(Do6). 

NOBTB Carolina, Country life in, (Maiy H. 

Ford) Overland, n. a. 48: 489-94(1)06). 
— Library Association, ad annual meeting, 1906. 

Work, 13: 8333-6(Do6). 

— State rights and political parties in, 1776-1861. 

(H; McG. Wagstaff) J. H.Upiv. Studie*. 
14: 447-6oo(Ji-Ago6). 
NOBTH Dakota, Builders of. (R. D. Foine) 
Outing, 47: 667-8i(Mro6), 

— Library Assoc, Organization of, Jan. 1906. 


meeting, Jan. 1906. Pub, Lib. 11; IS3"4 


— University of. Credit for quality bl (Joseph 

Kennedy) Educa. R. 3a; 535-31(006). 
North pole, The race for the. [Lond. Outlook] 
Liv, Age, aji: 748-50(12006). 

Horthcote, Sir Walter Staflord, vijcouni St.Cyn*- 
"Judges' mil." [Cornh,] Liv, Age, 348: 398- 

404(1 7F06). 
Northeast passage, The. Am. Geog, Sot. Bull 

38: is-7(Ja=«), 
" Northern uohts " ; a class of clergymen. 

Chamb, J, 83: i7-2o(Jao6), 
Northern qdkstion in 1718. (J. E. Chance) 

Eng. Hist R, ai : 46o-93{Jlo6). 
Rorthland, L: 6. 
Prince Eugene of Sweden, royal artist. Worid 

To-day, 10: 4a5-6(Apo6). 
Rorthrop, Cyras. 
The great Northwest. World ToKiay, 10: ;a-S 

Northumberland, £n£. Quar. 205: io3-a5(Jb6)- 
Northwest. Americanism of the last West. (D. 

H, Brock) Outing, 47: 593-6(Fo6), 

— Archfeological discoveries in the, Recent. (Har- 

lan I, Smith) Am. Geog. Soc, Bull. 38: 381-7 

— The great. (Cyrus Northrop) World To-day. 

10: 72-S(Jao6S. 

— Where rolls the Oregon, (H, Lloyd) Outing, 

47; 579-86(Fo6). 
Northwest mounted police of Canada. (G. E. 

Wills)Booklo¥et'»M. 7: roo-i2(Jaofi). 
Northwest passage, Amundsen's. Am. Geog. 

Soc, Bull. 38: a7-9{Jao6), • 

— Making the. (Cyrus C. Adamc) R. of Rs. 

(N. ?,) 33; 8i-.(Jaofi.) 
Horton, Arthur 0. 

ThepresentpositionofLatinandGreek. Natbfi, 
83: 380-1(4006), 436(iaNo6). 
IfortOD, }. Pease. 

Depreciation of gold. Yale R. 15: 193-306 
nortOD, Roy. 

WkisUing Sandy. Everybody's, 15: 197-302 
NoRWAV, farm in. Notes on a. Chamb. J. 83: 

— Fiords of. (Albert B. Bn^uun) An. Geog. 

Soc. Bull. 38; 337-48(Jeo6). 

— Quaint timber churches in. (Olaf Z. Cervin) 

Archit. Rec. 30: 93-ioi(A([oiS). 

— Whv it is not a republic- (Theodore Stanton) 

Indep. 61 : i5.^a-4a(28Jeo6). 
Norwich, Conn., Municipal ownership as tried iiL 
(Martin E. Jenwn) New Eng. M. n. a. 35: 

d by Google 




Net la tptak of CUely. (Gelelt Burgess) Ladies' 

H.J. S3, no. 3: i7-8(Fo6). 
Notre Daub de Fourvifcre. (E. Leahy) Am. 

Calh. Q. 31: 543-S5(Jlo6). 
NomsE, Elizabeth, artist. (Anna S. Schmidt) 

Studio (Intemat.) 17: 2^^-%^(JeaS). 
Nova Scotia and imperialism. (F. B. Crotlon) 

Canad. M. 27: i9--js(Myo6). 

— Governor Lawrence and the Acadjans. (A. 

W. Savary) Canad. M. 37: as^-SO'oS)- 
Nova Scotia cock-fight. (A. F. Thomson) Canad. 

M. 37: ai9-»i(Jlo6). 
Novel at the har, The. Dial (Ch.) 40: 141-3 


— modem. The conient of the. (L. C. Willea) 

No. Am. 181: 9i9-3g(Jco6). 

— as a political force. (N, Bentwich) 19th Cent. 

^: 78s-94(No6).-Liv. Age, 351: 771-8 

— The Victorian. [Lond. Outlook} Liv. Age, 

Novelists, women. Unpleasant novels of. (G. 

Bonner) Critic, 48: fji-^'Jct). 
Novels and noveluila. (Mri. L. H. Hnrris) Indep. 

61: ii?7-64(6So6), 

— as a university study, (W: L. Phelps) Indep, 

61: ji4o-3(i5No6). 

— A complaiw of. (Klora A. Sleel) [Sal. R.] 

Liv. A(>e. 249: 76i-3(23jeo6). 

— The endings of. [Acad.] LJv. Age, »4g: 56- 


— The focua of interest and some recent. (F: 

T. Cooper) Bookman. 33: S37-4r(Jlo6). 

— Notes on new. (M. Moss) Atlan. 07: 43-50 


— with a philoaophy. Ed. R. 303: 64-84(7306). 

= Liv. Age, 248: 724-4o(a4Mro6). 
Roj'S, Al zml r j>. 
The Americui tnarket and London. NatioD.Sj: 

The Bank of England laie. nation, II3: 337 

Bank looters aid e^amireis. Nation, 83: 135- 

Bank prewdenls. directors, an<4 promoters. 

Naiion, 83: iqj-6(6So6). 
Coal ta-nine and the railroads. Nation, 83: 537 

Commercial panics, past and future. Atlan, 98: 

4.3.1-4 "llOofil 
The deficit in New York bank reserves. Nation, 

83: 426(i5No6). 
Harvesis and markets. Nation, 83: 113-3(9 

N. V, City bonH sale. Nation, 83; 93-3(2Ago6). 
Railway securities as ui investment Allan. 97: 

531-41 (Apofi). 
Secretary Shaw and imports of gold. Nation. 

82: »i4-5(ioApo6). 
Snatching control of railroads. Nation, 83; 403 

Trust companies and banks, Naiion, 8a: 131 

The Union "Pacific affair. Nation, 83: 157-8 

Hoves, Alfred. 

Drake; anEn^iibepic Blackw. 179: 389-30T 

(Mro6), 46o-79(Apo6}, 46o-66( Myo6). 

BcwM, H. F. 

Earlier and modem wel-giinc^g machines. 
Engin, M. 31: 492-503(7106). 
Hoyes, W : 

The idle boy. Indep. 61: 33o-3(oAgo6). 
Overwork, idleness, or industnal education? 
Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. Sd, 97: 342-53(Mro6). 
N-RAVS. Ath. '06, i: i4i-a(3Fo6). 

— Nubia, Between the cataracts in. (H. Spender) 

Macmil. n. s. i : 939-48(006). 

— Life and sport in. (T. C- S. Speedy) 

Harper, 113: 523-30(506). 
Nude in art, and Anthony Comstock. Brush & 

P. 18: 167-71(006). 
Nudt tips. (Albert R. Carman) Arena, 36: 638- 


ITngent, HereditU. 
A humming-bird's banquet. St. Nich. 33: 34a 

NtrsEinERO, the city of the dosed shop. (W. D, 

F. Bliss) OutL 89: 6o8-i3(i7Mtt>6). 

— Exposition at, 1^) Trend of German feeling 

in art. (Heinncb Pudor) Craftsman, 11: 319- 
Ndi3e. trained, in Turkey, The. (C. Wbeekr) 
Oull.84: 33-5(1806). 

— Visiting, as a social force. (Frances M. Biflrk- 

man) R. of Rs. (N. Y.) 33 : 446-S I (Apo6). 
MuRSERY, The up-to-date. (Martha Cutler) Harp. 

Bai. 40: 443-6(Myo6). 
NuTRmON, Physiological economy in. (W. D. H.) 

Nature, 73: 338-3o(iFo6). 
Ifutt, Alfred. 
Author of the French original of PareivaL 

Ath. '06, 1: 43i(7Apo6). 
NvE, W. Gordon, carioonisl. (B: O. Flower) 

Arena, 36: 338-48(806). 
ir;r«n, H. 
O: W: Struve, tr, by Isa Watson. Pop. AsCion. 

14: 3SJHW(Je-Jlo6). 

O Yuri San: a memory. (C: Lorimer) Cent, 50: 

Gael AND, Greater. (Pierre N. Beringer and 

othen) Overland, n. s. 48! i7a~309(Oo6). 
Oakley, Thornton. 

In the anthracite region; pictures. Cenl. 50: 

The London 'bus; pictures. Cent. 50: lt6- 

Toilers of the river. Harper, 113: 4a2-3o(Fo6).