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Full text of "Annual list of new and important books added to the Public Library of the City of Boston"

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JAMES DcNORMANDrc. Vice-Praidmt. 





Central Library, Copley Square. 



Hoi Ion Lil> 

1-1 nd St. 


Cily Squort 


1. .Vcadn, 

East ii'jsttin Brancli. 37 Meridian St, 
Jamnica Plain Brancli. Ctirtiii H»n, 
Ccntfc Sl 

Branch Libraries, 

Library Roxhury Branch, 46 MUlmont Sll 
Soutli Bo3lon Branch, 37a Ero« 
SoLlli End Brancli. E-n-tUli 

Scfirifjl BuiUlifiR. Montgortia 
Wrst End Branch, Cambridgd 

L^ndtf St. f 

\V>s( Rosbury Branch, Centre] 

Ml- Vernon St. 

Delivery Stations. 



Station IL 

Station F 

RiOTtl. ''' 

Statlnn G- 

la Fru- 
Stml' " 

Lower Mills RcAfling Statjinj M 

WasbbiKton, cor. Rich- Statio 

Station N. 

Iinj; Room, 


Mg R.«.m, 


f Station, 

l.-.n Deliv- 
'■ Si. 
Dcltvtry Sla- 

Cre»«nt Avenue D« 
. looa Dorcti«l«>' Avfl 
-.- Mt. Ptcawnt DelivciT^ 

Hon. DudJey. cor. Magaein* ^' 
Siation P. Broadway E.ti<nsionK 

tng Room, 13 Broadway 

Sution g. Upham'» Corner D^ 

Station. 753 Dudley St. 


on R 

Stall,.,, , ^,, 
„, StatJo, 
SUlion Y. 


lule Deff 
^ St, 
.; ,-rr5- Snti 
I-aiil GorcSfij" 
: S'iiic t)«li"irj 
,1 Park Si. 
!iul,i!lrial School I 
, 30 Nor<li Ben"" |3 
AnJrtw %"i^'3^ 












1899 1900. 




TIT'" K""""*"!/ •/.•■• ■ • 

i ry-^. r -. - T ^ 

riLCQN r0U\J^T!0N3. 



• • 
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• • * ■ • r 

• • • • 


• • ••• • ••* 



In the present — the fourth — issue of the Annual List, no essential 
feature has been changed. There have, however, been added the titles 
of recent Public Documents selected from the lists to be found under the 
division griven to the Statistical Department in the Monthly Bulletin. 

The method of selection for these Annual Lists excludes many titles 
of desirable if not especially new books. For instance, during the past 
year there has been catalogued a large proportion of the works bought 
at the sale of the late Prof. Anatole de Montaiglon. The titles of most 
of those valuable and interesting purchases can be found only in the 
Monthly Bulletin, particularly under the classification Pine Arts, and its 
various sub-divisions. 

James Lyman Whitney, Lindsay Swift, 

Librarian. Editor of Library Publications. 

lanuary I, igoi. 




Keference Books. (Encyclope- 
dias. Directories. Guide 

Books.) I 

Qenealogy. Heraldry. 3 

Gcneaiogy. 3 

Heraldry. 6 

Flags. Regalia. 7 

Names. 7 

Biography. 7 

Collective Biographies. 7 

Single Biographies. 8 

Index to Biographies. 17 

ffistory. 18 
General History. Study and 

Philosophy. 18 

Ancient History. 18 
Asia. The Orient. Eastern 

Question. 19 

Africa. 20 

Oceanica. 21 

The Jews. 21 

Europe. Middle Ages. 22 

Austria-Hungary. 22 

France. 22 

Germany. 23 

Great Britain. 24 

Italy The Mediterranean. 25 

Russia. Finland. Poland. 25 

Spain. 26 

Switzerland. 26 

America. 26 

South America. 26 

Canada. 26 

West Indies. Mexico. 27 

United States. 27 

Revolution. War of 1812. 27 

Civil War. 28 

Spanish-American War, 1898. 

Territorial Expansion. 28 

The Separate States. 30 

Massachusetts. 30 

Rne Arts. Archaeology. 31 

Antiquities. 31 

Fine Arts. General Works. 11- 

lustrated Books. /Illumina- 
tion. 32 
-S^sthetics. 33 
Architecture. Building. 33 
Art Anatomy. 35 
Artists. 35 
Caricature. Humorous Draw- 
ings. 36 
Costume. 37 
Decoration. Design. Ornament. 

Furniture. Lace. 37 
Drawing. Mechanical Drawing. 37 
Engraving. Etching. Lithogra- 
phy. 38 
Galleries. Exhibitions. Schools. 38 
Landscape Gardening. Parks. 39 
Music. Musicians. 39 
Numismatics. Gems. 46 
Painting. Portraits. 47 
Photography. Photographic Pro- 
cesses. 47 
Pottery. Vases. Glass. Tap- 
estry. 48 
Sculpture. Wood Carving. Py- 
rography. Goldsmiths' and 
Silversmiths' Work. 48 
Geography. Travels. 49 
Geography. Atlases. General 

Travels. 49 

Asia. The Orient. 49 

Africa. 50 

Oceanica. 52 

Polar Regions. 52 

Europe. 53 

Austria-Hungary. 53 

Belgium. 53 

France. 53 

Germany. 53 

Great Britain. 53 

Greece. 54 

Italy. The Mediterranean. 54 

Montenegro. 54 

Netherlands. 54 

Norway. Sweden. 54 



Russia* Finland. 
Spain. Portugal. 
South America. 



Central America. Mexico. 55 
Alaska. The Klondyke. 55 
Canada. 55 
West Indies. 56 
United States. 56 
Language. Rhetoric. 57 
Language. Comparative Philo- 
logy- 57 
Assyrian. 57 

Chinese. 57 

Egyptian. 57 

Engrlish. 57 

French. 58 

Gaelic. Irish. 58 

German. 58 

Greek. Romaic. 58 

Hausa. 58 

Hungarian. 58 

Indian of America. 58 

Italian. 58 

Japanese. 59 

Latin. 59 

Maori. 59 

Oriental. 59 

Peguan. 59 

Roumanian. 59 

Spanish. 59 

Syriac. 59 

Rhetoric. Elocution. Oratory. 

Composition. 59 

Literature. 60 

Bibliography. Catalogues. 60 

Libraries. Books. 62 

Printing. Book-binding. Book- 
selling. 63 

Journalism. Authorship. Ed- 
iting. 63 

Manuscripts. Autographs. 

Broadsides. 63 

Literature. General and Com- 
parative. Criticism. 65 
Chinese. 66 
Dutch. Flemish. 66 
Egyptian. 66 
English and American. 66 
Shakespeare. 71 
French. 72 
German. 73 

Gaelic. Irish. 









Scandinavian. Icelandic. 


Spanish. Portuguese. 


Drama. The Stage. Actors. 

Folk Lore. Legends. Fair] 
Tales. Fables. Proverbs. 
Medicine. Hygiene. 


Medical Societies and Institu 
tions. Transactions. Reports. 

Anatomy. Histology. Physio 
logy. Vivisection. 

Medicine. Diseases. Pathology 
Insanity. Nervous Diseases. 
Health Resorts. 

Therapeutics. Materia Medica. 

Mental Healing. 


Gynaecology. Obstetrics. 

Dermatology. Vaccination. 


Hospitals. Nursing. Military 
Medicine and Hygiene. 

State Medicine. Public and Pri- 
vate Hygiene. Medical Con- 
ditions, Education, and Ethics 
Food. Diet. 

In General. 

Anthropology. Ethnology. 

Astronomy. Time. Navigation 

Biology. Evolution. 



Geology. Palaeontology. 

Hydrography. Physical Geogra- 

Mathematics. Surveying. Geo- 

Meteorology. Climate. 




Mineralogy. Crystallography. 94 

Natural History. Nature. Out- 
of-Door Life. 



Zoology. Taxidermy. 
Philosophy. Education. Ethics. 

Philosophy. Logic. Thought. 


Theosophy. Occultism. Spiritu- 

Children. Kindergarten. 
Colleges. Institutions. 

The Deaf and Dumb. The 

Industrial and Commercial 
Education. Sloyd. 

Ethics. Life. Manners. Occu- 
Religion. Theology. 

Religion. Theology. Theolo- 
gical Writers. 


Ceremonial. Devotional. Doc- 

Christ. Christianity. 

Churches. Sects. 

Ecclesiastical History, 
and State. 

Fathers of the Church. 
Religious Biography. 


The Ministry. Religious E3uca- 
tion. 1 10 

Missions. 1 10 

Mythology and Non-Christian 
Religions. 1 10 

Religious Associations and In- 
stitutions. Ill 

Science and Religion. 112 

Sermons. 112 

Sunday Schools. 112 

Social Science. 112 

Political Economy. 112 

Commerce. Communication. 

Transportation. 1 13 

Insurance. Pensions. 114 

Labor. Trade Unions. Guilds. 

Wages. 115 

Trusts. Monopolies. 117 

Cooperation. 117 













Land. Agricultural Economy. 117 
Money. Finance. Banks. Capi- 
tal. Value. Prices. 118 
Revenue. Tariff. Taxation. 
Public Credit. 120 

Political Science. 121 
Colonial Government. Colo- 
nization. 122 

• Municipal Government. 122 
Civil Service. 123 
International Politics. Diplo- 
macy. Arbitration. War. 123 

Sociology. 123 

Charities. The Poor. 124 

Emigration. Immigration. 125 
Intemperance. Liquor Traffic. 

Social Purity. 125 

The Negro. Slavery. 125 

Population. Statistics. 126 

Prisons. Crime. Punishment. 126 

. Socialism. Communism. An- 
archism. Nihilism. 126 
Woman. The Sexes. 127 
Law. Legislation. Patents. 128 

Law. 128 

Cases. 128 

International Law. Maritime 

Law. Arbitration. 130 

Legislation. Statutes. Consti- 
tutional Law. Parliamentary 

Practice. 130 

Military and Naval Law. 131 

Patents. Copyright. 131 

Useful and Industrial Arts. 131 

Industrial Arts. Inventions. Ex- 
hibitions. Technical Dictiona- 
ries. 131 

Agriculture. Horticulture. Dairy. 
Domestic Animals. Forestry. 

Irrigation. Fisheries. 131 

Chemical Technology. Metal- 
lurgy. 133 

Commercial Methods. Book- 
keeping. Shorthand. 133 

Domestic Economy. Cookery. 134 

Engineering. Mechanics. 134 
Electricity. Theoretical and 

Applied. 134 

Machinery. Engines. 135 

Mining. 136 

Railroads. Canals. Roads. 

Locomotion. 136 

Manufactures. Mechanic Trades. 136 




Military and Naval Art, Science 



In Russian. 152 

and History. 


In Spanish. 


Amusements. Games. 



Books Added to Children's Room. 


Out-Door Sports. 


Books Added During Recent 

Physical Education 





Hunting. Fishing. 



School Reference Library. 

1 54 

In-Door Amusements 



Kindergarten Collection. 


Postage Stamps. 


Associations. Clubs. Institutions. 




Periodicals. Annuals. Indexes. 


In Dutch. 


Old Books. 


In English. 


Books for the Blind. 


In French. 


Public Documents in Statistical 

In German. 




In Italian. 


United States. 


In Plattdeutsch. 


Separate States. 


In Polish. 










1 899- 1 900. 

I ■■» I 

Reference Books. 

Encyclopedias. Directories. Guide 


E»ch year the Ubnry add» many work* ^^^^h «* 
«ot efit«T«d here because they are Jierial puWication*. 
Thev are, however, valuable additions to the yeara 
IHeratMre. The title* of such works will be found in 
the Con^lidated Periodical List. 

Abbott, Mary Perkins. . „ , ^ . 

A woman's Paris. A handbook of cvcrv-day 
living. [Anon.] Boston. [1900.] Pis. 

2639a 102 

AmcHcan Jewish year bonk. The. 5660, Sep- 
teinbcr 5» '899. to September 23. 1900. 
Edited by Cyrus Adler. Phila., 1899. 


Andree. Richard. 
Andrecs allpremeincr Handatlas. 4. ver- 
mehrte Aiiflaee. herausgegeben von A. 
Scobcl. Bielefeld, 1899. 1900. 2 v. Text ; 
Atla*;. 186 maos. ^ ^^ . y^^f^ 

Aopleton^ genera! guide to the United States 
and Canada. N. Y., 1899. Pis. Mans. 

Australian handbook for 1900. London. [1900.] 


Baedeker. Karl. 

Switzerland and the adjacent portions of 

Italy. Savoy, and Tyrol. Handbook for 

travellers. i8th edition. Lcipsic, 1899. 

Plans. Maps. *2839.34 

Bailey. Liberty Hyde, and Wilhelm Miller 

Cyclopedia of American horticulture, [yol. 

I 1 A— D. N. Y.. 1900. Illus. ♦5983.10 

Baillarg^, Charles P. F. ^ , . r^ 1 

Divers, ou les cnseigncmcnts dc la vie. Que- 
bec. 1898. 6259.^9 
Baker. Theodore. 
A biographical dictionary of musicians. 
N. Y., 1900. Portrs. ♦4042.4S 

Baxendale, Walter. 

Dictionary of anecdote, incident, illustrative, 

fact, sdected and arranged for the pulpit 

and the platform. 6th edition. N. Y., 

1898. ♦6251.13 

Beaton, James A. 
Lee's vest-pocket question settler. Over 
30,000 complete answers. Chicago. [1899.] 


Bibliographia medica [Index medicus|. Re- 
cueil mensuel. Gassement methodique de 
la bibliographie Internationale des sciences 
m^dicalcs. R^dacteur en chef: Marcel 
Baudouin. T. i, no. i. Janvier, 1900. 
Paris, icoo. ♦(S171.52 

Current numbers are kept in the Periodical Room. 

"Blue book" textile directory, The, of the 
United States and Canada, nth, 12th 
annual edition. 1898-^, 99-1900. N. Y., 
1898, 99. 2 V. Maos. = ♦3653.41 

Boston pocket manual. Monthly. Vol. 3, no. i. 
November, 1899. Boston, 1899. ♦4489a.37 

British almanac and family cyclopaedia for 
1900. London. [1899.] 

B. H. Ref. 314.1S (♦2489.1) 

Cappelli, Adriano. 
Lexicon abbreviaturarum quae in lapidibus, 
codicibus et chartis praesertim Mediiaevi 
occurrunt. Dizionario di abbreviature 
latine ed italiane usate nelle carte e codici 
specialmente del Medio-evo. Milano, 1899. 

Cheyne, Thomas Kelly, and John Sutherland 
Black, editors. 
Encyclopaedia Biblica. A critical dictionary 
of the literary, political and religious his- 
tory, the archcTology. geography and na- 
tural history of the Bible. Vol. i. A— D. 
N. Y., 1899. Illus. Maps. ♦3432.76 

Corona Bustamante, Francisco. 
Diccionario ingl^s-espaiiol y espaflol -ingles. 
Paris, 1897. 2 V. ♦$03973 


Cumulated index. A, to the books of 1898-09. 
Compiled under the direction of M. E. 


Potter. Minneapolis, 1900. 
Cundall. J. W. 
America abroad. The annual handbook for 
American travellers. 1899. London. [1899. 


99 pp. Illus. = 6279.88 

Dalbiac. Philip Hugh. 

Dictionary of quotations (English). London, 
1897. B.H.Ref.631.27 

Dana, Charles Anderson, editor. 
The household book of poetry. New edi- 
tion, enlarged. N. Y., 1898. Pis. ♦4573.29 
Derrah, Robert H. 
Derrah's Official street railway guide for 
eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. 
4th edition. Boston, 1899. Illus. Map. 

= ♦4459a.i79 

English, Arthur. 
A dictionary of words and phrases used in 
ancient and modern law. Washington, 1899. 

Englishwoman's year book, The, and direc- 
tory, 1899. London, 1899. *2499.99 
Fall River publishing co. 
Guide des adresses des Canadiens-Fran- 
cais de la Nouvelle-Angleterre. Fall 
River, 1899. ♦2381.15 
Fumagalli, Giuseppe, editor. 
Chi rha detto? Tesoro di citazioni italiane 
e straniere di origine letteraria e storica. 
3a edizione. Milano, 1809. 625oa.26 
Harper's guide to Paris and the Exposition of 
1900. N. Y., 1900. Pis. Maps. 2639a. 100 
Hawaiian almanac and annual for looo. Hono- 
lulu. [1900.1 B.H.Ref.313.3 
Hyde. William T. C. 
Words as they look and how to spell them. 
With commercial and business terms. 
Chicago. [1895.] 2587.41 
Internation.xl year book. The. 
A compendium ot the world's progress in 
every department of human knowledge 
for 1898. Editor, Frank Moore Colby. 
N. Y. [1899.] Illus. Portrs. Maps. 

Jameson. John Franklin, and James William 
Encyclon;dic dictionary of American history. 
[Washington, 1900.] 2 v. Portrs. Pis. 

Kelly's directory of the merchants, manufac- 
turers and shippers of the United King- 
dom, and guide to the export and import 
shipping and manufacturing industries of 
the world. 1899. 13th edition. London, 

1899. ♦2485.60 
Labour annual : the reformers* year-book for 

1900. Edited by J. Edwards. London. 
[1900.1 Portrs. B.H.Ref.493.12 

Landa. Juan. 
Novisimo diccionario de la rima [cas- 
tellanal. Paris, 1899. No. 3 in ♦5030.2S 
Larousse, Pierre Athanase. 
Dictionnaire complet illustr^. I04e Edition. 
Paris, 1899. Portrs. Maps. ♦4689.89 

Leonard, John W., editor. 
Who's who in America. A biographical dic- 
tionary of living men and women in the 
United Sutes, 1899-1900. Chicago. [1899.] 

B. H. Ref. 613.7 

Little, Charles Eugene. 
Cyclopedia of classified dates with an ex- 
haustive index. N. Y., 1900. ♦2231.12 
Manning's yacht register (with which is incor- 
porated The American yacht list) for 190a 
N. Y., 1900. 2 V. ♦B.H.Ref.322.14 

Men and women of the time . . . 15th edi- 
tion. London, 1899. ♦6248.78 
Morton, Frederick W., compiler. 

Woman in epigram. Chicago, 1899. 2259a.75 
Morton, Agnes H.. compiler. 

Quotations. Phila., 1899. 4559a. 145 

Murray John, publisher. 

Handbook for travellers in Ireland. 5th 

edition, edited by John Cooke. London, 

1899. Plans. Maps. 4538.^ 

A handbook of Rome and the Campagni. 

16th edition. London, 1898. Illus. Maps. 

Plans. 2759.93 

Nansouty, Max de. 

L'ann6e industrielle. 1899. Pans. [1899.! 

Naturalist's directory. 1899. London. [1809.] 

Nehry, Hans, compiler. 
Citatenschatz. 2te Auflage. Leipzig, 1895. 

New Amsterdam year book. No. 3, 1898. 

Morris Coster, editor. N.Y., 1899. Portrs. 

= 434.r305 

New Sydenham society's Lexicon of medicine 

and the allied sciences. (Based on Mayne*s 

Lexicon.) By Henry Power, and L. W. 

Sedgwick. London, 1881-99. 5 v. [New 

Sydenham Society.] *5734.s8 

Novi«imo diccionario de la lengua castellana. 

Por una sociedad de escritores bajo !a 

direcci6n de Carlos de Ochoa. Paris, 

1899. 3 parts in i v. ♦503026 

Powers. George W. 

Important events. A book of dates. N. Y. 

[1899.1 ♦22i9a.s 

Riemann. Hugo. 

Musik-Lexikon. 5. Auflage. Leipzig, 190a 

Scobcl. Albert, editor. 
Geographisrhes Handbuch zu Andrees Hand- 
atlas. Uiiter Mitwirkung von R. Credner. 
3. Auflage. Bielefeld, 1899. Illus. Maps. 

Senn. Charles Herman. 
Senn's Culinary cncyclopa"'ia. A diction- 
ary of technical terms, the names of all 
foods . . . London, 1898. ^'8oo9a.43 

Stainer, Sir John, and William Alexander Bar- 
Dictionary of musical terms. Revised by Sir 
J. Stainer. New edition. London, 1898. 
Illus. 4042.86 

Stone, Richard French. 
Biography of eminent American physicians 
and surgeons. 2d enlarged edition. In- 
dianapolis, 1898. Portrs. *373i.59 
United States business directory for 1899/1900. 
N. Y., 1899. B. H. Ref. 300.4 
Up-to-date cyclopedia. The. N. Y. [1897.] 

♦7389. to 
Walker, George Harry, and company. 
Guide to metropolitan Boston. Boston. 
[1899.] Pis. Maps. = 2359a.io6 



on post 

»st almanac Quarterly. 1899. Vol. 
I. Washington, 1899. = *4489a.i8o 

Douglas Chalmers, ed. 

paedia medica. Vol. i. Abdomen- 
Edinburgh, 1899. IHus. *378oa.08 

Charles William. 

ident's diary. An indispensable note- 
for all public and private school 

i. N. Y. I1&6.] = 2359a.7i 

dictionary of synonyms and anto- 
. . . M3rthology . . . Familiar allu- 

. . . Foreign phrases . . . Heroes and 

les of prose and poetry . . . Diction- 

f musical terms . . . Prof. Loisette's 

>nr system . . . N. Y. [1899.] *4589.23 

George Warren, publisher. 

milding directory, Boston, 1900. 60s- 

899. iTlus. *639oa.24 

!v. James, editor. 

ittall encyclopaedia. London, 1900. 

lealogy . H eraldry . 


such materials for f?enealo|dcal investiRa- 
Is, registers, publications of patriotic soci- 

m. Haig, compiler. 

etiana number four; or, a collection 
t cpitaohs of the "Old Burial Hill," 
3uth, Manomet, Mass. Plymouth, 
38 pp. = 4352.162 

f Ames genealogy. [Boston.] 1898. 

\e% the Worthington, Edwards, Bradford. 
Men genealogies. 

tes and queries. A quarterly maga- 
ie voted to the history of the Grot on 
r$. Oeveland, O., 1898, 99. Portrs. 

n. William Bruce, editor, 
itations of the county of Surrey made 
aken in 1530. 1572, and 1623. Lon- 
1899 fHarleian society.] *24ioa.io5 
.eon M. 

ty record of Woodbury [Conn.] from 
to the oresent day. Index edition. 
Ibury, 1898, 3769.231 

bert C. 

ry. Connecticut. Births, marriages 
death*!, transcribed from the town 
ds. Hartford, 1898. Fac-simile. 

♦4430a. 152 
muel Austin. 

►gy of the descendants of Edward 

of Wejrmouth, Mass. [Edited by 

. Bates.] South Braintree. [1899?] 

?n Herbert. 

nt family in America. Boston, 1900. 

nk Eugene. 

I!eep. of Longmeadow, Mass, 1660- 
and his descendants. Chicago, 1899. 
s. Pis. Pedigree. 4434257 

Birch, Walter de Gray. 
Index Saxonicus : an index to all the names 
of persons in Cartularium Saxonicum. 
London, 1899* ♦2421.57 

Cartularitim Saxonicum is on *a4Ji.s6. 

Boopher. William F. 
Virginia. Overwharton parish register, 1720 
to 1760. Old Stafford County. Wash- 
ington. 1899. ♦4430a. 160 
Boston. Public library. 
A findin;;^ list of genealogies, and town and 
local histories containing family records. 
Boston, 1900. 88 pp. ♦2i5oa.i30 
Brooke, Mary Steams, compiler. 
Genealogies of the Steams. Lane, Hol^brook 
and Warren families. [Boston? 1898.I 
59 pp. Portr. Coats-of-arms. = 4434.300 
Bund, John William Willis, editor. 
Episcopal registers. Diocese of Worcester. 
Register of Bishop Godfrey Giffard, Sep- 
tember 23rd, 1268, to January 26th, 1302. 
Edited for the Worcestershire historical 
society. Part i. 1268-1273. Oxford. 1898. 

♦2500a. 148 
Burnley, Lancashire, England. 
The registers of the Parish church of 
Burnley in the county of Lancaster. 
Christenings, weddings, and burials 1561- 
165^. Rochdale, 1899. [Lancashire parish 
register society.] = ♦2504.126 

Carpenter, Amos Bugbee. 
A genealogical history of the Rehoboth 
branch of the Carpenter family in Ameri- 
ca, with . . . notes of . . . allied families. 
Amherst, 1898. Portrs. Pis. Chart. 

Chamberlain, George Walter, compiler. 
One branch of the descendants of Thomas 
Chamberlain of Wobiirn, 1644. Wey- 
mouth, 1897. 16 pp. Portr. 4333.65 
Oarke, George Kuhn. 
Epitaphs from gravevards in Wellesley, 
North Natick, and Saint Mary's church- 
yard in Newton Lower Falls. Mass. With 
genealogical and biographical notes. Bos- 
ton, 1900. ♦411115 
Epitaphs from a graveyard in Weston. [Ded- 
ham. 1809.] 5 PP- = 2334.18 
Coe. Levi Elmore. 
Coe-Ward memorial and immigrant ances- 
tors . . . Mcridcn. 1897. 44^.285 
Colonial dames of America. Pennsylvania so- 
Register. Phila.. 1898. PI. = ♦44ioa.i50 
Dale. E. I., and Edward Everett Kent. 
History and genealogy of the Kent family. 
Descendants of Richard Kent, sen., who 
came to America in 1633. [Spencer, Mass.. 
1899] Portrs. 4335.94 
Daughters of the American Revolution. Warren 
and Prescott chapter. 
The Revolutionary ancestry of the members. 
Compiled by [Agnes Blake Poor]. Boston, 

1899. = 4439a. 134 

Dickey, John. 
Genealogy of the Dickey family. Worcester, 
Mass., 1898. Portrs. Pis. = ♦4434.27 

Dickinson, Frederick, compiler. 
To the descendants of Thomas Dickinson, 
son of Nathaniel and Anna Gull Dickin- 
son, of Wethersfield, Connecticut, and 


Hadley, Massachusetts. [Chicago.] 1897. 
PI. ♦4331.126 

Drummond, Josiah Hayden. 
John Rogers of Marshfield. and some of his 
descendants. Portland, Me., 1898. ♦4434.290 
Dwight Melatiah Everett. 
The Kirbys of ?4ew Ensrland. Together 
with the genealogies of the Burgis, White 
and MacT^ren families, and the ancestry 
of John Drake of Windsor, Conn. N. Y., 
1808. Portrs. Pis. ♦4432.183 

Eaton. Arthur Wentworth Hamilton. 
The Cochran-Inglis family of Halifax. 
Halifax. 1899. 18 pp. = 4434281 

Lt-Col. Otho Hamilton of Olivestob . . . 
his sons. Captain John and Lieutenant- 
Colonel Otho Hamilton, 2nd., and his 
grandson. Sir Ralph Hamilton, Kt. Hali- 
fax, 1899. 23 pp. = 4444322 
Harrington memorial. A sketch of the ances- 
tors and descendants of Dea. John Farring- 
ton of Wrentham, Mass. Appended, the 
genealogy of his wite. Cynthia Hawes. [2d 
edition enlarged.] [Portland.] 1899. 64 
pp. Portrs. Pis. 4333-66 
Fernald. Charles Augustus. 
Genealogy of the ancient Femald family. 
[Boston?] 1899. Illus. Portrs. Broad- 
side. = ♦Cab.23.30.31 
Fisher. Philip Adsit. 
The Fisher genealogy. Record of the 
descendants of Joshua, Anthony and 
Cornelius Fisher, of Dedham. Mass., 1636- 
1640. Evcreit, 1898. Fac-similes. Maps. 


Genealogical advertiser. The. The quarterly 

magazine of family history. Vol. i, 2. 

Cambridge. Mass., 1898, 99. ♦23303.62 

Goldthwaite. Charlotte. 

Goldthwaite genealogy. Descendants of 

Thomas Goldthwaite, an early settler of 

Salem, Mass. Hartford, 1899. Portrs. 

Pis. ^4434.267 

Grant, Arthur Hastings. 

The Grant family. A genealogical history 

of the descendants of Matthew Grant of 

Wind'^or. Conn. 1601-1898. Poughkeep- 

sie, 1898. Portrs. Pis. Maps. 4432.19 

Halloway, Charlotte Molyneux. 

Nathan Hale. The martvr-hero of the 

Revolution. With a Hale genealogy and 

Hale's diary. London. [1899.] 4348.217 

Havley. John William. 

Genealogical memoranda, relating chiefly to 

the Haley, Pioer, Neal and Ricker families 

of Maine and New Hampshire. Lowell, 

IQOO. Portr. ♦4336.80 

Hevward. Barnwell Rhett. 

Genealogical chart. Barnwell of South 

Carolina. Albany, 1898. Coat-of-arms. =• 


Hinds. Albert Henry. 

Hi«torv and genealogy of the Hinds family. 

Portland. Me.. iPoQ. Portrs. 4434.265 

Historical company. New York. 

Avery genealogy. Samuel Putnam Avery. 

N. Y., 1897. (4) Pp. 4434.308 

"From Pr'^mJnent taTniHr« of New York. 

Hoffman. Eugene Augu«;tus. 
Genealogv of the Hoffman family, descend- 
ants of Martin Hoffman. N. Y.. 1899. 
Portrs. Pis. ♦4432.159 

Hoonin. C. A., jr. 

Wickham [genealogy]. [Hartford? 
12 pp. = 

Howard. Joseph Piatt, and others, co 

Abraham Howard of Marblehcad 

and his descendants. N. Y., 1897. 

Huguenot society of South Carolina. 
Transactions. No. 6. Charleston, 

Hunnewell. James Frothingham. 
Hunnewell: chiefly six generati 
Massachusetts. [Cambridge.] 15 
Pp. = 
Jenkins. Howard Malcolm. 
The family of William Penn, foui 
Pennsylvania. Phila., 1899. Port? 
Plan. *, 

John Bean association. 
Proceedings at its annual reunion i 
Chester. N. R, August .?t. '98. 
Chester? 1898.] 38 pp. Portr. . 

ContJiins g^n^afopry of John Bean (r^r 

Kellev. Mary Upham, and Warren V\ 

Upham and Amherst. N. H. memori 

genealogv and history of a branch 

Upham family. N. p. 1897. 66 1 

Kimball. E. A. 
The Peaslees and others of Haverl 
vicinity. Haverhill, Mass., 1899. 
Pis. = ♦, 

Kimball family news. The. An histori 
alogical paper. Monthly. Vol. i. 
peka, 1898, 09. 2 v. Portrs. = ♦i 
King. Harvev Briggs. 
The King genealogy, and it*; branches 
tons. Sedgwicks. and Shaws. an 
descendants bearing other names. 
ford, 1807. Portrs. Pis. Map. 4 
Kirkman. Grace Goodyear. 
Genealogy of the Goodyear family 
Francisco. 1899. Portrs. *4 

Kneeland, Stillman Foster. 
Seven centuries in the Kneeland 
N. Y., 1897. Portrs. Pis. *4 

Lauriat, Charles E. 
Table showing ancestors and descend 
Nathaniel Page (1742-1819) of B 
Mass., and of his wife. Boston 
Broadside. = *Cab 

Lea, James Henry. 
The English ancestry of the fami 
Batt and Biley. Boston, 1897. 26 

Lee, William Wallace. 
A catalogue of Barkhamsted men, who 
in the various wars, 1775-1865. lA 
1897. 100 pp. Illus. 4 

Lee, Mass. Archives. 
Vital records, 17^7-1801 ; from the i 
of the town. Congregational churc 
inscriptions in the early burial gi 
Lee, 1899. *43 

Registers of the church known as La ] 
in Spittel fields from 1689 to 1785. 
by W. Minet and W. C. Waller, 
ington.] 1898. [Huguenot society c 
don.] *sSi 


Lorenz, Ottokar. 

Genodoinsches Handbuch der europaischen 

Staatengeschichte. Berlin, 1895. *223oa.74 

Lowell, Delmar Rial. 

The historic genealogy of the Lowells of 

America. Rutland, Vt., 1899. Portrs. Pis. 


Mayflower descendant. The. A quarterly 

magazine of Pilgrim genealogy and history. 

Vol. I, no. 1-3. Boston, 1899. Fac-simile». 

Morrison, George Austin, jr. 
King genealogy. Cement King, of Marsh- 
fidd, Mass., 1668, and his descendants, 
Albany, 1898. 65 pp. ♦4431.128 

Mumford, James Gregory. 
Mumford memoirs: being the story of the 
New England Mumfords from 1655 to the 
present tune. Boston, 1900. = ^4432.204 
Palmer, Qara Skeele. 
Annals of Chicopee Street. Records and 
reminiscences of an old New England 
parish. [1675-1875.] Springfield, Mass., 
1899. 87 pp. Pis. = 4456.157 

The book is also a chronicle of the Chapin tamily. 

Patterson, David Williams. 
Genealogy of the Higbe family. Edward of 
New London. 1647-1899. N. p. 1899. 
Type-written copy. = ♦4432.157 

Phillimore, William Phillimore Watts, and 
Frederic Johnson, editors. 
Norfolk parish registers. Vol. i. Marriages. 
London. 1899. ♦2506.58 

Pierce, Frederick Gifton. 
Batchelder, Batcheller genealogy. Descend- 
ants of Stephen Bachiler, who settled 
New Hampton, N. H., and Joseph, Henry, 
Joshua and John Batcheller of Essex co., 
Massachusetts. Giicago, 1898. Illus. 
Portrs. ♦4432.173 

Fiske and the Fisk family ; being the record 
of the descendants of Symond Fiske, Lord 
of the manor of Stadhaugh, Suffolk 
countj, England, including all the Ameri- 
can members of the family. Chicago, 1896. 
Illus. Portrs. ♦4432171 

Pilsbury, David Brainard, and Emily A. Get- 
The Pillsbury family: being a history of 
William and Dorothy Pillsbury (or Pils- 
bery) of Newbury in New England, and 
their descendants. Everett, 185^. Portrs. 
Pis. ♦4434.292 

Pope, Charles Henry. 
The Cheney genealogy. Boston, 1897. Portrs. 
Coat of arms. ♦4434.275. 

Prince, Francis Albert. 
The genealogy of the Prince family. Daniel- 
son, Conn., 1899. Portrs. Pis. 

No. I in 4434.269 
Princes. Records of our ancestors: con- 
taining a complete list of all i)ersons by 
the name of Prince, who served in Lexing- 
ton alarm, April, 1775, Revolutionary war, 
War of 1812, and Civil war. 1861-65. 
Franklin, 1898. 89 pp. No. 2 in 4434209 
Proctor, William Lawrence, and Dolly Pauline 
A genealo^ of descendants of Robert Proc- 
tor of Concord and Chelmsford, Mass. 
Ogdensburg, N. Y., 1898. Portrs. Pis. 


Rand, Florence Osgood. 
A genealogy of the Rand family in the 
l^ited States. N. Y., 1898. Portrs. 

Ross family. 

Pedigree of Jonathan Ross and Mary Good- 
win. Manuscript chart = ^4432. 163 
Russell, Hezekiah Stone. 
Descendants of William Russell, Cambridge, 
Mass., about 1640. Pittsfield, 1900. 52 
pp. = ♦4434.209 
Sahler, Louis Hasbrouck. 
The genealogy of the Sahlers, of the United 
States, and of their kinsmen, the Gross 
family. Utica. [1900?] 38 pp. Portrs. 

PI. 4431.132 

The history and genealoiiry of the Van 
Deusens of Van Deusen manor. Great 
Barrington, Berkshire county, Massachu- 
setts. [Great Barrington, 1900?] 36 pp. 

Saint Martin-in-the-fields, Parish of, London. 
Parish church. 
A register of baptisms, marriages, and 
burials in the parish of St. Martin in the 
Fields, in the county of Middlesex, from 
1550 to 1619. Edited by T. Mason. Lon- 
don, 1898. [Harleian society.] ♦24ioa.87 
St Paul's cathedral, London. 
The registers of St. Paul's cathedral. Edited 
by J. W. Qay. London, 1899. [Harleian 
society.] ♦24ioa.89 

Sanborn, Franklin Benjamin. 
The Walkers of Peterborough in New 
Hampshire. Concord, 1899. 28 pp. Illus. 
Portrs. = 4432.181 

The running title is The Smiths and Walkers. 

Sanborn, Victor Channing. 
Genealo'"- of the family of Samborne or 
Sanborn in England and America. 1194- 

1898. [Concord, N. H.l 1899. Portrs. 
Pis. Fac-similes. Map. *4434.207 

Sayler, James Lanning. 
A history of the Sayler family ... of Fred- 
erick county, Maryland. Albany, 1898. 
Portrs. *443i.i3o 

Sargent, Edwin Everett. 
Sargent record. William Sargent of Ips- 
wich [etc.], . . . with his descendants and 
their intermarriages, and other Sargent 
branches. St. Johnsbury, 1899. Portrs. 

Schmidt, Georg. 
Schonhausen und die Familie von Bismarck. 
2. Auflage. Berlin, 1898. Illus. Portrs. 

Searle, William George. 
Anglo-Saxon bishops, kings and nobles. 
The succession of the bishops and the 
pedigrees of the kings and nobles. Cam- 
bridge [Eng.], 1899. *2433.20 
Sellers. Edwin Jaquett. 
Genealogy of Dr. Francis Joseph Pfeiffer of 
Philadelphia, and his descendants. Phila., 

1899. 67 pp. Portr. = ♦4432.175 
Shotwell, Ambroise Milton. 

Our family annals. [Lansing? 1897?] 16 pp. 

Portrs. = 4432.186 

Sidney, Hon. Philip. 1853- 

Memoirs of the Sidney family. London, 

1899. Portrs. 4548. 189 


Smith, Zachary Frederick. 
The Qay family. Part i. Louisville, Ky., 
1899. Portrs. [Filson club.] ♦4371.137 
Society of Mayflower descendants in the Dis- 
trict of Columbia. 
Officers and members, instruction to ap- 
plicants, constitution and by-laws. Wash- 
ington, 1899. 15 pp. = *44i2.iso 
Sons of Delaware, of Philadelphia. 
Year book, 1898. Edited by Norris S. Bar- 
ratt. Wilmington. [1899.] 95 pp. Portrs. 
PI. = *4476.2o8 
Sons of the American revolution. Missouri 
Year book. St. Louis, 1899. = *44ii.i75 
Sons of the Revolution. Pennsylvania society. 
Annual proceedings, 1898/99. Phila., 1899. 
= *44ioa.ii9 
South Carolina historical and genealogical 
magazine, The. Published quarterly by 
the South Carolina historical society. 
Edited by A. S. Salley, jr. Vol. i. No. i. 
Charlestown, 1900. *443oa.i62 
Spalding, Samuel Jones. 
The Spalding memorial : a genealogical his- 
tory of Edward Spalding of Virginia and 
Massachusetts Bay, and his descendants 
... By Charles Warren Spalding. Re- 
vised and enlarged. (From the original 
publication by S. J. Spalding.) Chicago, 
1897. Portrs. Pis. 2335.72 
Spencer, Wilbur Daniel. 
The Maine Spencers. 1 596-1898. Concord, 
N. H., 1898. Portrs. Pis. 4439a. 126 
Stackpole, Everett Schermerhorn. 
History and genealogy of the Stackpole fam- 
ily. [Lewiston, Me., 1899?] Portrs. Pis. 

Stauber, Anton. 
Das Haus Fugger. Augsburg, 1900. Portr. 
Genealogical table. 2833.69 

Stiles, Henry Reed. 
A hand-book of practical suggestions for the 
use of students in genealogy. Albany, 
1899. 55 pp. Chart. ♦223oa.76 

Stocking, Charles Henry Wri'^ht. 
The history and genealogy of the Knowltons 
of England and America. N. Y., 1897. 
Portrs. Pis. ♦4432.167 

Temple, Levi Daniel. 
Some Temple pedigrees. A genealogy of 
the known descendants of Abraham 
Temple who settled in Salem, Mass., in 
1638 . . . Boston, 1900. Portrs. ^4434.316 
Tiernan, Charles B., editor. 
The Tiernan family in Maryland. Balti- 
more, 1898. Portrs. 4434.255 
True, Henry Ayer. 
The family of True in America. With ad- 
ditions by his son, H. True. Marion, 
Ohio, 1899. = ♦4430.144 
Voorhees, Louis Bevier. 
Line of descent of Louis Bevier Voorhees. 
[Groton, 1899.] 6 ff. 44390.130 
Wagenseller, George Washington. 
The history of the Wagenseller family in 
America, with kindred branches. Middle- 
burgh, 1898. Portrs. Pis. 4439a. 128 
Wallbridge, William Gedney, compiler. 
Descendants of Henry Wallbridge who mar- 
ried Anna Amos, December 25th, 1688, at 

Preston, Conn. With some notes on the 
allied families of Brush, Fassett, Dewey, 
Fobes, Gager, Lehman, MeecH, Safford, 
Scott. Litchfield, Conn., 1898. Portr. 
Pis. ♦4431.124 

Walworth, Qarence Alphonsus. 
The Walworths of America. Albany, 1897- 
Portrs. Pis. ♦4434.294 

Warne, Stannard, compiler. 
A collection of historical memorials relating 
to the Searle families of Great Britain and 
America. London, 1897. Illus. Portrs, = 

Warriner, Edwin. 
The Warriner family of New England ori- 
gin. Albany, 1899. Illus. Portrs. 


Washburn, Julia Chase. 
Genealogical notes of the Washburn family, 
containing a full record of the descendants 
of Israel Washburn of Raynham, 1755- 
1841. [Lewiston, Me.] 1898. Pis. 

Washington. George, 186a-, and Thomas Ham- 
ilton Murray. 
The Irish WashingtoiiS at home and abroad. 
Boston, 1898. 43 pp. Portrs. = 433^.34 
Watson, Annah Robinson. 

Some notable families of America. N. Y., 

1898. Portrs. Pis. 4434-90 

This includes the Taylor, Allcrton, Willoughby, 
Brewster, Thompson, Madison, Lee, Strother, 
Warner, Reade, Lewis, Meriwether, Walker, 
Maury, Thornton, and Homsby families. 

Whittemore, Henry. 

Ancestral line of .Stephen Mott Wright from 

Nicholas Wright, the colonial ancestor. 

[N. Y., 1898?] 23 pp. Portr. = 4432.202 

Whittemore. Henry, compiler. 

The Abeel and allied families. N. Y., 1899. 

24 pp. Portrs. Coat-of-arms. 4432.190 

Genealogical guide to the early settlers of 

America. N. Y., 1898. Illus. ♦2330.60 

Contents. — i. Abby to Bonnett. 
Wilson, Fred Allan. 
The early history of the Wilson family of 
Kittery, Maine. Lynn, 1898. 98 pp. 433592 
Wood worth, William Atwater. 
Descendants of Walter Wood worth of 
Scituate, Mass. White Plains? 1898. 



Annuaire heraldique universel. Annee 5, 18^. 

Paris. [1898.1 Illus. Portrs. *223oa.82 
Arnold, Howard Pay son. 
Historic side-lights. N. Y., 1899. Portrs. 

Pis. 4325.188 

This relates in part to the history of the seal of 
the United States. 

Boutell, Charles. 
English heraldry. 6th edition. Lon Ion, 1899. 


Curtis, Frederick. 

Heraldry simplified. With a glossary. N. Y. 

[1899. J 88 pp. Illus. 223oa.86 

Ganz, Paul. 

Geschichte der heraldischen Kunst In der 

Schweiz im xii. und xiii. Jahrhundert. 

Frauenfcld, 1899. Illus. *483oa.67 


Martin, Jules, and others. 
Armoiries et decorations, par Jules Martin, 
de Montalbo et Raymond Richcbe. Paris, 
1896. nius. Portrs. ^22^)^72 

Flags. Regalia. 

United States. Navy department. Bureau of 


FlaRs of maritime nations. Washington, 

1899. 8 pp. 67 colored pis. *395oa.i24 

Weaver, Addie Guthrie. 

The story of our flag, colonial and national, 

with a historical sketch of the Quakeress 

Betsv Ross. Chicago. [i8g^] 77 pp. 

Col. illus. Portr. Fac-similes. 2320.73 


Gade, Heinrich. 

Urspning und Bedeutung der iiblicheren 

Handwerkzeugnamen im Franzosischen. 

Kid. 1898. 78 pp. = 4039.24 

Trask, William. 

Dorchester Christian names. [Boston, 1900.] 

(3) pp. = 435oa.223 


Collective Biographies. 

Benson, Arthur Christopher. 
Fasti Etonenses: a biographical history of 
Eton selected from the lives of celebrated 
Etonians. Eton, 1899. Portrs PI. 


Scrap-books containing newspaper cuttings, 

from 1882-90. 26 V. Illus. Portrs. 

The volumes arc lettered A— Z, the letter in each 
case being the initial of surnames to be found 
in the volume. 

Borgfeldt, Gcorg. 
Gcnies der Btihne. Charakteristiken. Leip- 
zig. [1899.] 4896.50.402 

Contents. — Edmund Kean. — Ludwig Devrient. 
— Wilhelmine Schroder- Devrient. — Ludwig 
Dessoir. — Thcodor Doring. — Moritz Nott. — 
Angwite Crelinger. — Thcodor Liedtke. — Bogu- 
mil Dawison. — Adelaide Ristori. — Ernesto 
Rossi. — J»^** Gley. — Charlotte Woltcr. — 
Eleonore Duse. — Friedrich Mitterwurrer. — G. 
C. Wancr. — Philipp Grobecker. — J. N. Ncs- 
troy. — Wenxel Scholz. — Karl Helmerding. — 
Wilhelm Klager. — Weibliche Darstellerinnen 
im komischen Fach. 

Fricfwechsel zwischen Erzherzog Johann Bap- 
tist von Ocstcrreich und Anton Graf von 
Prokesch-Osten. Nebst Auszugen aus 
den Tagebuchblattcm des Erzherzogs Jo- 
hann tiber seinen Aufenthalt in Athen im 
November 1837. Herausgcgeben. von 
Anton Schlossar. Stuttgart, 1898. Portrs. 
Fac-similes. 4846.66 

Brown, Lillie West 
Some players: personal sketches. By Amy 
Leslie [pseud.]. Chicago, 1899. Portrs. 
Fac-similes. = ♦2242.67 

Carey, Rosa Nouchette. 
Twelve notable good women of the XlXth 
century. N. Y. [1900.I Portrs. 4543.151 

Contents. — Victoria. — Florence Nightingale. — 
Elizabeth Fry. — The Baroness Burdett-Coutts. — 
The Princess of Wales. — The Duchess of Teck. 
-^ Sister Dora. — Agnes Weston. — Grace Dar- 
ling. — The Princess Alice. — Lady Henry Som- 
erset. — Frances Ridley Havcrgal. 

Qark, John Willis. 
Old friends at Cambridge and elsewhere. 
London, 1900. 4548.199 

Contents. — William Whewell. — Connop Thirf- 
wall. — Richard Monckton Milnes, Lord Hough- 
ton. — Edward Henry Palmer. — Francis Mait- 
land Balfour. — Henry Bradshaw. — William 
Hepworth Thompson. — Coutts Trotter. — Rich- 
ard Okes. — Henry Richards Luard. — Richard 

Grenier, A. S. 

1898-1902. Nos deputes. Biographies & 

portraits. Paris. [1899.] 4649a.24 

Herringshaw, Thomas William, editor. 

Herringshaw's encyclopedia of American 

biog^raphy of the nineteenth century . . . 

Chicago. 1898. Portrs. *434o.i24 

HifiTginson, Thomas Wentworth. 

Contemporaries. Boston, 1899. 4348.229 

Hunt. Vioiet Brooke. 

Prisoners of the Tower of London. N.Y.. 

1899. Portrs. Pis. 4548.197 
Laughton, John Knox, editor. 

From Howard to Nelson: twelve sailors. 
London, 1899. Portrs. Maps. 2542.162 
Lindsay, William Alexander. 
The royal household. London, 1898. 


"[An] account of those . . . who have been in 
waiting upon the person of Her Majesty [Queen 
Victoria] since the Accession." — Preface. 
There is an appendix of ceremonials connected 
with marriages, baptisms, and funerals in the 
royal family. 

Littlefield, George Emery. 

Early Boston booksellers, 1642-1711. Boston, 

1900. Pis. Fac-similes. = *2403.i35 
Lowe, Charles, M.A. 

Our greatest living soldiers. London, 1900. 
Portrs. 6527.62 

Martinengo-Cesaresco, Evelyn, contessa. 
Italian characters in the epoch of unifica- 
tion. London, 1890. 2744.77 
Contents. — Bettina Ricasoli. — Lui^i Scttem- 
brini. — Giuseppe Martinengo. — Daniel Mnnin. 
— The Pocrios. — Constance d'Azeglio. — Gof- 
fredo Mameli. — Ugo Bassi. — Nino Bixio. — 
The Cairolis. 

Patriotti italiani. Ritratti. Milano. [1898.] 


Contents. — Bettino Ricasoli. — Luigi Settcm- 
brini. — Giuseppe Martinengo. — Danielc Manin. 
— I Pocrio. — Costanza d'Azeglio. — Goffredo 
MamcU. — Ugo Bassi. — Nino Bixio — I. Cairoli. 

Mueller, Friedrich Max. 
Auld lang syne. 2d series: My Indian 
friends. N. Y., 1899. 4876.47 

Musgrave, Sir William, 6th baronet. 
Obituary prior to 1800 (as far as relates to 
England, Scotland, and Ireland). Edited 
by G. J. Armytage, bart. Vo.. i. A — Chy. 
London. 1899. [Harleian society.] 


Papinot fidouard. 
Dictionnaire japonais-frangais des noms prin- 
cipaux de I'histoire et de la geographic du 
Japon. Hongkong, 1899. 5028.35 



Read, David Bicakenridge. 
The lieutenant-governors of Upper Canada 
and Ontario, 1792-1899. Toronto, 1900. 
Portrs. Fac- similes. 4346.154 

Rebi^re, Alphonse. 
Les savants modemes. Leur vie et leurs 
travaux. Paris, 1899. Portrs. 2246.70 
Scandinavians in San Francisco and Alameda 
counties, California, 1900. Containing bio- 
graphical sketches, etc. [San Francisco, 
1900.1 34 pp. lUus. Portrs. = 447I.I55 
Shaw, Rev. James, of Bloomington, 111. 
The Scotch-Irish in history, as master build- 
ers of empires, states, churches, schools 
and civilization. N. Y., 1899. Portrs. Pis. 
Maps. 2246.72 

Sinker, Robert. 
Biographical notes on the librarians of 
Trinity college on Sir Edward Stanhope's 
foundation. Cambridge, 1897. [Cam- 
bridge antiquarian society.] *2i45.3i 
Strang, Lewis C. 
Famous actresses of the day in America. 
Boston, 1899. Portrs. B. H. Ref. 711.14 
Strickland, Agnes. 
Illustrious British children. loth edition. 
London, 1899. Pis. 45^.159 

Contents. — Guthred. — Royal chase of Ware- 
ham. — The sons of the Conqueror. — Royal 
brothers. — Wolsey bridge. — Judgment of Sir 
Thomas More. — Lady JLucy's petition to the 

Taylor, William Harrison. 
Souvenir of the Capitol [of Connecticut]. 
Putnam^ Conn., 1899. Ilius. Portrs. 

' 4439-221 

Contains many biographical sketches of state 
officers, and a sketch of the Capitol building. 

Vogu^, Eug^e Marie Melchior, vicomte de. 
I^ rappel des ombres. Paris^ 1900. 4649a.32 

Contents. — Lemons florentines. — La com- 
memoration du Tasse. — Le roi mort. — Mme 
Roland. — Jules Ferry. — Une visite royale. — 
La maison du Docteur Herz. — Lamartine. — 
Du marbre pour Vigny. — Le cinauantenaire de 
Chateaubriand. — Les amours d'un socialiste. 

— Sur leur mer. — Hauteville>la-Guichard. — 
Celui qui emporte la paix [Puvis de Chavannes]. 

— Les Mimoires de Bismarck. — Nubar-pacha. 

— Port-Royal des champs. 

Ward, May Alden. 
Prophets of the Nineteenth century: Car- 
lyle, Ruskin, Tolstoi. Boston, 1900. Portrs. 


Single Biographies. 

Includes volumes of Letters and Correspondence. 
Achelis, Thomas. 
He}rmann Steinthal. Hamburg, 1898. 28 
pp. ♦S914.50.N.F.13 

Moritz Lazarus. Hamburg, 1900. 39 pp. 
[Sammlung gemeinverstandlicher wissen- 
schaftlicher Vortrage.] *59i4.50 

Adams, Charles Francis. 1835- 
Charles Francis Adams. Boston, 1900. 
[American statesmen.] 4248.146 

Adger, John Bailey. 
My life and times, 1810-1899. Richmond. 
11899.] Portrs. 3547.120 

Its chief value will be found in the lisht which 
it throws upon the critical periods of the his- 
tory of the Presbyterian church during the cen- 
tury." — Preface. 

Allaben, Frank. 

[A biographical .<;ketch of John Watts De 

Peyster.] [N. Y.? 1899?! 12 pp. = 



Amicis, Edmondo de. 

Memorie. Milano, 1900. 
Andler, Charles. 
Le Prince de Bismarck. 2e edition. Paris, 
1899- 4848.70 

Angcll, George Thomdike. 
Autobiographical sketches and personal re- 
collections. Second supplement Bostcm. 
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Le Due d'Aumale. Prince, soldat Un 
grand seigneur au xixe siede. [Anon.] 
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Theodore Beza, the Counsellor of the French 
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Portrs. Pis. [Heroes of the Reformation.] 


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Cromwell as a ' soldier. London, 1899. 

Folded maos. 3953.XS4 

Balzac Honor^ de. 

Lettres i Tfitrang^re. (1833-1842.) Paris, 

1899. 2692.53 

Letters to Mme. Hanska. 

Letters to Madame Hanska, afterwards 
Madame Honor^ de Balzac. 1835-1846. 
Translated by Katharine P. Wormdey. 
Boston. 1900. 2704.90 

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The life of William H. Seward. N. Y., 190a 
2 y. Portrs. 2346.84 

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A sketch of Anne Robert Jacques Turgot 
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[The Beacon biographies of eminent 
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[1899] Portr. Maps. 3557-. 134 

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A narrative of the adventures of William Dent- 
court, or Day, originally published in the Syd- 
ney Evening news. 

Becke, Louis, and Walter Jeffery. 
Admiral Phillip. The founding of New 
South Wales. N. Y., 1899. Portr. Map. 
[Builders of greater Britain.] 2548.180 


Bdlerflle, R. abbe. 
La oonvenion de M. Huysmans. Bourge^. 
[iSoft.! 4679a.4S 

Bdtr, Robert. 
MaichiavellL Hamburg, 1899. 50 pp. 

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In the Poe cirde. With some accowit of 
the Poe-Chivers controversy, and other 
Poe memorabilia. N. Y. [logp.] 94 pp. 
Portrs. 4448.82 

Benton, Josiah Henry, jr. 
Andrew Benton. 1620-1683. A sketch. 
BostoiL 190a 35 pp. = *4434.328 

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A memoir of Henry Jacob Bigelow, A.M., 
M.D., LUD. [Anon.] Boston, looo. 
Portrs. = 3738.70 

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The life of the seventh earl of Shaftesburv. 
Cinrinnati, 18991 4549a. loi 

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Sherwood Bonner : her life and place in the 
Uterature of the South. [Jackson, 1899.I 
43-68 pp. = 4347.^ 

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The kfe of Samuel Johnson, LL.D. [Edited 
by Mowbray Morris.] London, 1900. 3 v. 
[Library of En^ish classics.] '''2557. 107 
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Alfred the Great ; containing chapters on his 
life and times. By F. Harrison, the Lord 
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with preface, by A. Bowker. London, 
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Sti»hen Decatur. Boston, 1900. Portr. 
r beacon bio^phies.1 4349a. 185 

Briefwechsel zwischen Gleim und Uz. Heraus- 
gegeben von C. Schuddekopf. Tubingen, 
18^ [Litterarischer Verein, Stuttgart.] 

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The true story of Lafayette. Boston. [1899.] 
nius. Portrs. 0642.72 

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Henry Knox, a soldier of the Revolution. 
N. v., 1900. Portr. Pis. [American men 
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Nathan Hale, the martyr spy. An incident 
of the Revolution. N. Y. [1899] PL 

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The story of John Adams, a New England 
schoolmaster. By M. £. B. and H. G. B. 
N. Y., 1900. Portrs. Pis. 4345-206 

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Letters, edited with bioflpraphical additions, 
Ij F. G. Kenyon. N. Y., 1899. 2 v. in i. 
Portrs- 2547.148 

BoOard, Henry Nelson. 
Maximilien Robespierre. Parkville, Mo., 
18981 19 pp. [Park college historical club 
papers.] = *22i4.7o.i 

Bvd, Edward. 
Selections from letters written by Edward 
Burd. i763-i82a Edited by L. B. Walker. 
[Pottsville, Pa.?] 1899. Portr. [The 
Bnrd papers.] *44i4.i42 

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Elizabeth Adams. A life sketch. [Boston, 
1900.] 15 pp. Portr. 4449a.207 

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An account of Anne Bradstreet, the Puritan 
poetess, and kindred topics. Boston, 1898. 
Portrs. Pis. Fac-simdes. = 4347.280 
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Browning, poet and man. A survey. N. Y., 
1899. Portrs. Pis. 4553.36 

Cathey^ James H. 
Truth is stranger than fiction. [Washing- 
ton, 1899.] Portrs. Pis. 4349a.4i 
Contains nn attempt to prove that Abraham Lin- 
coin was the son of Nancy Hanln and Abraham 

Cavallotti, Felice Carlo Emanuele. 
Felice Cavallotti nella vita e nelle opere. 
Milano. [1898.] Portr. = 2748.29 

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The life and death of Thomas Wolsey. 
London, 1899. Portr. [The Temple 
classics.] 2549a.i05 

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II carattere di Wolfgango Goethe. Firenze, 
1899. 27 pp. 4872.86 

A rejoinder to Rod's Essai stir Goethe [4879.86]. 

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John Brown. Boston, 1899. Portr. [The 
Beacon biographies of eminent Ameri- 
cans.] 4349a. 177 
Charles i., king of Roumania. 
Reminiscences. Edited with an introduction 
by S. Whitman. N. Y., 1899. Portr. 


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Frederick Douglass. Boston, 1899. Portr. 

[The Beacon biographies of eminent 

Americans.] 43493.183 

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Historical memoirs of the Emperor Alex- 
ander L and the Court of Russia. Trans- 
lated from the original French by Mary 
Berenice Paterson. Chicago, 1900. Portrs. 

Ciaran, the elder, of Saighir, saint. 
Life of S. Kiaran (the Elder) of Seir. The 
Gaelic text, edited with literal English 
translation, by Rev. D. B. Mulcahy. Dub- 
lin, 1895. 96 pp. 5558.42 
Qodd, Edward. 
Grant Allen. A memoir. With bibliography. 
London, 1900. Portr. Fac-similes. 4548.209 
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Sir George White, V. C. The hero of 
Lady smith. London, 1900. Portrs. Pis. 

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II pensiero critico di Francesco de Sanctis 
neir arte e nella politica. Napoli, 1899. 

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The life of Madame de Longueville (Anne- 
Genevi^ve de Bourbon). N. Y., 1899. 
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Letters to Mrs. Eyre at Derby, 1747-1758. 
Edited by Mrs. Ambrose Rathborne. Lon- 
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Consalvi, Ercole, cardinal. 
Correspondance du Cardinal Hercule Con- 
salvi avec le Prince Q^ment de Metter- 



nich. 1815-1823 . . . [Edited by Charles 
Van Duerm.] Louvain, 1899. 3552-76 

This deals with the pontificate <rf Pius Vll. 

Conybcare, Edward 

Alfred in the Chroniclers. London, 1900. 
Map in pocket 4546.156 

Cooke, Frances K 

The story of William Penn. London, 1899. 

PI. 4349a. 163 

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Robert Louis Stevenson. Edinburgh, 1899. 
[Modem English writers.] 4547.179 

Courtilz de Sandras, Gasden de. 
Memoirs of Monsieur d'Artagnan, captain- 
lieutenant of the 1st company of the king's 
musketeers. Translated into English by 
Ralph Nevill. Vol. i. The cadet London, 

1898. Portr. 669670 

No more was published. The autobic^raphical 
character of this work is fictitious. 

Crosby, John Leland, and James Henry Crosby. 
Eliza Leland (Adams) Crosby. Cambridge, 

1899. 97 op. Portr = 4444-304 
Cust, Robert Needham. 

Memoirs of past years of a septuagenarian. 
[Hertford.] i^. Portrs. Pis. = 

Contents. — Twenty-one years before India. — 
Twenty-five years in India. — Thirty-two years 
after India. 

Chronological list of writings, printed and manu- 
script, may be found on pp. 3aiS-4io. 

Dabney, Robfert Lewis. 
In memoriam Robert Lewis Dabney. Knox- 
ville, 1899. 41 pp. Portrs. = 4441.179 
Dale, Alfred William Winterslow. 
The life of R. W. Dale of Birmingham. 4th 
edition. London, 1899. Portr. 4543-155 
Dall, Caroline Healey. 
"Alongside." Being notes suggested by "A 
New England boyhood" of Edward 
Everett Hale. Boston, 1900. Portr. 


Davis, Charles Henry, jr., 1845- 

Life of Charles Henry Davis, rear-admiral, 

1807-1877. Boston, 1899. Portr. 4345.190 

Davis, Henry William Carless. 

Charlemagne (Charles the Great). The hero 

of two nations. N. Y., 1900. Illus. Maps. 

[Heroes of the nations.] 2649.37 

Dekker, Eduard Douwes. 

Multatuli [pseud.]. Auswahl aus seinen 

Werken, in Ubersetzung aus dem Hollan- 

dischen, eingeleitet durch eine Charaktcris- 

tik. Von Wilhelm Spohr. Winden in 

Westf., 1899. Portrs. 2846 30 

Depew, Chauncey Mitchell. 

Birthday addresses at the Montauk club of 

Brooklyn, 1892 to 1899. [Brooklyn, 1899.] 

= 4403.136 

Deux g^n^raux Cavaignac, Les. Souvenirs & 

correspondance. 1808-1848. Paris. I1898.] 

Dewey, Adelbert Milton, compiler. 
The life and letters of Admiral Dewey, from 
Montpelier to Manila. N. Y., 1899. Illus. 
Portrs. 4340a. 178 

Dickinson, William Howship. 
King Arthur in Cornwall. London, 1900. 
97 pp. Maps. 2477.36 

Dillon, Anna Price. 
Memoir and memorials: being chiefly selec- 
tions from letters. N. Y., 1900. Portrs. 
Pis. = 4343.207 

Dobson, Henry Austin. 
Oliver Goldsmith. A memoir. N. 
Douglas, Sir George Brisbane, 5th 1 
James Hogg. N. Y. [1899.] 
Scots series.] 

This Tolume also contains brief not 
temporaiy poets, Robert Tannahi 
Motherwell, and WilKam Thorn. 

Dow, Neal. 
Reminiscences. Recollections • 
years. Portland, 1898. Portrs 

Drew, Louisa Lane. 
Autobiographical sketch. With 
duction by her son J. Drew. N 
Drummond. Henry. F. R. S. C. 
Dwight L. Moody. Impressions 
N. Y., 1900. Portr. 
Drummond, James S. 
Charles A. Berry. A memoir. 
[1899.1 Portr. 
Elbridge, Elisha D. 
A short sketch of Ezekiel Cheevei 
erable colonial school master . 
ton?] 1900. (3) pp. = 
Eliot, Charles William. 
Address at the unveiling of the t 
Walter Scott, at the Boston pub 
May 17, 1899. Type written cc 

No. 2 in *T. 

Elliott, Walter. 

Le pere Hecker, 1819-1888. " 

adapte de Tanglais. Introductio: 

Ireland, ye edition. Paris, i8< 

Ellwood, Thomas. 1630-1713. 
The history of the life of Thoma 
. . . Edited by C. G. Crump. 
Emerson, Ralph Waldo. 
Letters to a friend. 1838-1853. 
C. E. Norton. Boston, 1899. 

Emerton, Ephraim. 

Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdai 

1899. Portrs. Pis. [Heroes < 


Engdberts, Willem Jodocus Matthia 

Willem Teellinck. Amsterdam, 18 

Engerand, Femand. 
Ange Pitou, agent royaliste et ch 
rues. (1767-1846.) Paris, 1899 
Ewart, Felicie. 
Goethes Vater. Eine Studie. Hami 
Ewart, K. Dorothea. 
Cosimo 'e' Medici. London, 18 
eign statesmen.] 
Faguet, fimile. 
Flaubert. Paris, 1899. [I-cs gr 
vains fran^is.] 
Fairmount park art association. 
Ceremonies incident to the unveil 
bronze equestrian statue of 
Ulysses S. Grant, Anril 27, 185 
1899. 97 pp. Portrs. Pis. = 
Fenety, George Edward. 
Life and times of the Hon. Jos< 
St. John, N. B., 1896. Portrs. 



iez, Carlos Gutierrez de Los Rios, 
; de. 

Carlos III. Publicado con la bio- 
del autor, por A. Morel- Fatio y A. 
Melia y un prologo de Juan Valera. 
i, 1898. 2 V. Portrs. Chart. 

liles Clifton. 

ighter of the confederacy* [Winnie 
, her life, character, and writings. 
Dn? 1899.] 16 pp. = 4348.227 

nie Adams. 

1 Hawthorne. Boston, 1899. Portr. 
Beacon biographies of eminent 

:ans.] 4349a. 182 

/illiam, M.D., of Glasgow. 
Bums and the medical profession. 
r, 1898. Portrs. 6545.47 

rles Harding. 

iromwell, and the rule of the Puri- 
1 England. N. Y., 1900. Portrs. 
Vlaps. [Heroes of the nations.] 

dney George. 

le William Penn. Phila., 1900. 
. Pis. 2347.69 

hn Murray. 

and recollections. Edited by his 
ter, Sarah Forbes Hughes. Boston, 

2 V. Portrs. 4344.188 

of Charles Dickens. [Gadshill edi- 
London, 1899. 2 v. Portrs. 

♦2570a. 102 

rapby, vol. i, pp. 5^5-5^; vol. ;a, pp. 515- 

r Michael. 1847- 

Bernard. N. Y., 1899. Portr. 
ers of medicine.] 3738.56 


jraphy. [With an introduction by 
Drley.J Tokyo. [189-?] = ♦♦K.28.12 
on from] the University of Penn- 
ia, the American philosophical so- 

the Franklin institute, the Library 
my of Philadelphia, the Historical 
Y of Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania 
al, [to] the ceremonies attending 
esentation of the statue of Benjamin 
lin to the city of Philadelphia, June 
99. [Phila., 1899.] 2 pp. = **K.24.27 
lexander, of Canada. 
t laird of MacNab. An episode in 
ttlement of MacNab township, Upper 
la. Toronto, 1899. 4314.180 

utsches Hochstift, Frankfort-on-the- 

rift zu Gocthes 150. Geburtstagsfeier. 
:furt a. M., 1899. Vignettes. Portrs. 


Johannes. 1836- 
on Dollinger; sein Leben auf Grund 
; schriftlichen Nachlasses dargestellt. 
I, 2. Miinchen, 1899. 2845.79 

Otto, editor. 
Jtion Louis XVH. fitude historique. 
, 1900. Illus. Portrs. 2621.139 


s friendships. London, 1899. 2 v. 
s. 2542.164 

Samuel Rawson. 

Cromwell. London, 1899. Illus. 
•s. ♦2540.122 

Gerard, Frances A. 

The romance of Ludwig 11. of Bavaria. • 
London, 1899. Portrs. Pis. 4846.70 

Gilman, Daniel Coit. 

The life of James D wight Dana. N. Y., 

1899. Portrs. Map. 4345.192 
Glyde, John. 

The life of Edward Fitz-gerald. London, 

1900. Portr. 4548.201 
Gosse, Edmund William. 

The life and letters of John Donne, dean of 
St. Paul's. N. Y., 1899. 2 V. Portrs. 
Pis. 4544-187 

Growoll, Adolph. 
Frederick Lcypoldt. N. Y., 1899. 15 pp. 
Portr. [Dibdin club leaflets.] ♦444P.268 
Henry Harrisse. Biographical and biblio- 
graphical sketch. N. Y., 1899. 13 pp. 
Portr. *4349a.i76 

Gundlach, Wilhelm. 
Karl der Grosse im Sachsen-Spiegel. Bres- 
lau, 1899. 41 pp. *76i6.54.6o 

Haarhaus, Julius K. 
Dichtcr-Biographien. Bd. 2: Johann Wolf- 
gang v. Goethe. Leipzig [1899.] Portr. 

No. 8 in 4896.50.400 
Had den, James Cuthbert. 
Thomas Campbell. N. Y. [1899.] [Famous 
Scots series.] 25493.29 

Haldane, E. S. 
James Frederick Ferrier. N. Y. [1899.] 
[Famous Scots series.] 25493.27 

Hale, Edward Everett. 
A New England boyhood and other bits of 
autobiography. Boston, 1900. [Works. 
Vol. 6.1 4402; 169 

Ralph Waldo Emerson; together with two 
early essays. Boston, 1899. 43493.104 

Hale, Edward Everett, jr. 
James Russell Lowell. Boston, 1899. Portr. 
[The Beacon biographies.] 43493.180 

Halste3d, Murst. 
Life and achievements of Admiral Dewey. 
[Chicago.] [1899.] Illu.s. Portrs. 

Hamilton. Emma, Lady. 1763-181 5. 
Memoirs. New edition, edited and annot3ted 
by W. H. Long. N. Y., 1896. Portrs. = 

P. 1 1.3775 
Hapgood, Norman. 
Abraham Lincoln, the man of the people. 
N. Y., 1899. Portrs. Fac-similes. 4342.25 
Daniel Webster. Boston, 1899. Portr. [The 
Beacon biographies.] 43493.181 

Hart, Albert Bushnell. 
Salmon Portland Chase. Boston, 1899. 
[American statesmen.] 4248.145 

Hastings, Horace Lorenzo. 
Biographical sketch, account of funeral ser- 
vices, and extracts from letters. Portrait. 
(Cut from The Christian, December, 1899.) 
= 4440.42 

Hav Tames. 
Sir Walter Scott. N. Y., 1899. Portr. 

Hazlitt, William Carew, editor. 
Lamb and Hazlitt. Further letters and rec- 
cords hitherto unpublished. London. 1809. 


Headlam, James Wycliffe. 

Bismarck and the foundation of the German 

empire. N. Y., 1899. Portrs. Pis. [Heroe'? 

of the nations.] 4848.72 



Herbert, Leila. 
The First American; his homes and his 
households. N. Y., 1900. Portr. Pis. 

Hiatt, Charles. 
Henry Irving: a record and review. Lon- 
don, 1899. lUus. Portrs. 4545.168 
Hime, Henry William Lovett 
Lucian, the Syrian satirist London, 1900. 
102 pp. 2995.9 
Hoeck, Adelbert, and Ludwig Pertsch. 
P. W. Forchhammer. Ein Gedenkblatt Mit 
einem Anhang: Briefe von und an Forch- 
hammer. Kiel, 1898. Portr. PI. 2845..77 
Hoenes, Christian. 
Dante. Hamburg, 1899. Portr. [Samm- 
lung gemeinverstandlicher wissenschaft- 
licher Vortrage.] ♦5914.50 
-Hoffmann, Ferdinand. 

Julius Sturm. Hamburg, 1898. 47 pp . 

Hoge, Peyton Harrison. 
Moses Drury Hoge: life and letters. Rich- 
mond, Va. [1899,1 Portrs. PI. 3555.136 
Holbrook, Zephanisdi Swift 
William Frederick Poole anl the New 
England clergy. An address delivered at 
the Essex county institute, Salem, Mass. 
Jan. I, IQOO. [Boston, 1900.] 21 pp. Portr. 
= 4342.178 

Holland, Mary Sibylla. 
Letters. Selected and edited by her son 
Bernard Holland. 2d edition. London, 
1898. 2548.174 

Holtzmann, Robert 
Wilhelm von Nogaret, Rat und Grosssiegel- 
bewahrer Philipps des Schonen von Frank- 
reich. Freiburg i. B., 1898. 2942.84 

Hooker, John, LL.D., of Connecticut 
Some reminiscences of a long life. Hart- 
ford, 1890. Portr. 4345.204 
The appendix contains an article on Social life in 
Farmington early in the century, by Julius Gay. 

Herd, Arnold Harris. 
In memoriam. Rev. D. Caldwell MiJlett, 
D.D., Rector Emeritus. Immanuel church, 
Holmcsburg, Phila. [Phila.? 1900.] 5 pp. 
Portr. = 35s9a.11 

Horton, Robert Forman. 
Oliver Cromwell. A study in personal re- 
ligion. London, 1899. 6546.32 
Hosmer, Marian Thompson. 
Count Rumford. A sketch. [Boston, 1899.] 
(6) pp. Illus. Portrs. = 4449a. 193 
How, Walter Wybergh. 
Hannibal, and the great war between Rome 
and Carthage. London, 1899. 2756.62 
Howe, Julia Ward. 
Reminiscences, 1819-1899. Boston, 1899. 
Portrs. Pis. 4345.196 
Howe, Mark Antony De Wolfe, jr. 
Phillips Brooks. Boston, 1899. Portr. 
[Beacon biographies.] 4349a. 178 
Hudson, Alfred Sereno. 
Commemorative of Calvin and Luther Blan- 
chard, Acton minutemen, 1775. West Ac- 
ton, Mass., 1899. Portrs. Pis. = 4418273 
Hugo, Victor Marie, comte. 
Memoirs. Translated by J. W. Harding. 
N. Y., 1899. Portr. 465781 

Huret, Jules. 
Sarah Bernhardt With a preface l^ Ed- 
mond Rostand. Translated by G. A. 
Raper. London, 18991 Portrs. Pis. 

International peace conference of the Hague. 
Commission of the United States. 
Proceedings at the laying of a wreath on the 
tomb of Hugo Grotius, July 4, 1899. The 
Hague, 1899. 48 pp. = 7572.224 

Issleib, S. 
Die Gefangennahme des Landgrafen Philipp 
von Hessen (1547). Hamburg, 1899. 25 
pp. [Sammlung gemeinverstandlicher 
wissenschaftlicher Vortrage.] 

Moritz von Sachsen als protestantischer 
Fiirst Hamburg. 1898. 3S pp. 

Jacks, William. 
The life of Prince Bismarck. Glasgow, 1899. 
Portr. Map. 4843-^ 

Johnson, Thomas George. 
Sappho the Lesbian: a monograph. Lon- 
don, 1899. 81 pp. 3009.10 
Johnston^ John. 
Diary notes of a visit to Walt Whitman and 
some of his friends, in 1890. American 
edition. Boston. [1899?! Pis. = 

Whitman '''14.24 
Jones. Charles Jesse. 
Buffalo Jones' forty years of adventure . . . 
. Compiled by Henry Inman. Topeka, 1899. 
Portrs. Pis. 4345-202 

An account of Mr. Jones's eflforts for the preserva- 
tion of the American bison; also a record of his 
Arctic expedition. 

Jones, Samuel Arthur, editor. 
Some impublished letters of Henry D. and 
Sophia E. Thoreau. Jamaica, N. Y., 1899. 
Portrs. Pis. ♦4343.200 

Jones, William, a Friend. 
Quaker campaigns in peace and war. Lon- 
don, 1899. Portrs. Pis. Maps. 7554- 18 
An account of personal experiences of the au- 
thor, although not a complete autobiography. 

Jowett, Benjamin. 
Letters. Arranged and edited by Evelyn 
Abbott and Lewis Campbell. London, 
1899. Portr. 4544.179 

Kant, Immanuel. 
Gesammelte Schriften. Herausgegeben von 
der Koniglich preussischen Axademie der 
Wissenscbaften. Band 10, Abt. 2. Kant's 
Briefwechsel. Band i. 1747-1788. Ber- 
lin, 1900. 3600. IDS 
K^ratry, fimile, comte de. 
Petits m^moires. 3e Edition. Paris, 1898. 


King. Henrv Melville. 
Memorial discourse on R. A. Guild, librarian 
of Brown university. [Providence, 1899.] 
(22) pp. = 4444-306 

Knapp, Katharine, editor. 
Arthur Mason Knapp. i83^i89a A me- 
morial. Boston, 1899. = 4449a.205 
Knortz, Carl. 
Ein amerikanischer Diogenes (H. D. Tho- 
reau). Hamburg, 1899. 32 pp. 




Walt Whitman der Dichter der Demokratie. 
II. Auilage. Leipzig, iSgg. 95 pp. 

Whitman ♦13.37 
KdowIc^ Frederic Lawrence. 
A Kipling primer. Including biographical 
and critical chapters, an index to Mr. Kip- 
ling's principal writings, and bibliogra- 
phMS. Boston, 1899. Portrs. 4573- 163 
Korapy Friedrich. 
Alexander der Grosse. Bielefeld, 1899. Illus. 
Portrs. Map. 6252.28 

Kohlschnctter, B. 
Ernst Florens Friedrich Chladni. Ham- 
burg, 1807. 45 pp. ♦S914.50.N.F.11 
Kropotldn, Petr Alexeievitch, prince. 
Memoirs of a Revolutionist Boston, 1899. 
Portrs. 3579-13 
Knssmanl, Adc^f. 
Jngenderinnerungen eines alten Arztes. 
Stuttgart, 1899. Portr. 2842.82 
Lanier, Sidney. 
Letters. 1866-1881. N. Y., 1899. Portrs. 


Lander, Sir John, Baronet, Lord Fountaichall. 

Journals: with his Observations on public 

affairs and other memoranda. 1665-1676. 

Edited by Donald Crawford. Edinburgh, 

190a Portrs. [Scottish history society.] 

Lawrence, J. Hamilton. 
Sir Walter Raleigh and his age. Parkville, 
Mo.y 18^ 21 pp. [Park college historical 
dub papers.] = *22i4.70.4 

Leader, John Temple. 
Rough and rambling notes, chiefly of my 
eariy life. Florence, 1899. 73 pp. Ulus. 
Portrs. = 4549a.i55 

Lemclce, Ernst Eduard. 
In memoriam, A. B. L. [Addgitha Black- 
weU Lemcke]. [N. Y., i^] 7 <<. 
Portr. = 450784 

Is Terse. 

Ley, John C. 
Fifty>two years in Florida. Nashville, Tenn., 

1899. 5547.85 

DoUs chiefly with the Methodist church in 

Linz, F. 
Friedrich der Grosse und Voltaire. Ham- 
burg, 1897. 35 pp. [Sammlung gemein- 
ver standi icher wissenschaftlicher Vor- 
trage.] ♦S914.50.N.F.11 

Livermore, Mary Ashton. 
The story of my life. Added six of her most 
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Dr. MmcSparran was rector of the Narragansett 
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Explorateurs & soldats: Marchand. Paris. 
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years of 1779 and 1780. Edited by Har- 
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A successful life. Address in memory of 
Clarence Armstrong Seward, at Hobart 
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pp. = 4444.2S9 

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The Kendals. A biography. N. Y., 1900. 
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Addresses made at the meeting held in [his] 
memory, in the chapel of the University 
of Pennsylvania [together with Mexico s 
tribute to the memory of William Pepper] . 
[Phila.?] 1899. 83 pp. Portr. = 

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A.D. 1756 to 1808. Edited by Emily J. 
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Cinquante ans d*amiti6. Michelet-Quinet 

(1825-1875.) Paris. [1899.] 2658.79 



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6crivains fran^ais.] 4650b. 122 

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Friendship's garland, or, the escape valve of 
an enthusiast: being an appreciation [of 
Elbert Hubbard] slightly tipt to t'other 
side. [East Aurora, N. Y.] [1899.] (8) 
pp. = 4449.26a 

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Sir William Dunbar — the pioneer scientist 
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George Selwyn : his letters and his life. Lon- 
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I miei dodici anni di prigionia in mezzo ai 
dervisci del Sudan. Mondovi, 1898. Map. 

Russell, Sir Edward Richard. 
That reminds me. London, 1899. Portr. 

Miscellaneoas reminiscences and anecdotes of 

Rute, Marie Letizia de. 
Une ^poque. Emilio Castelar: sa vie, son 
oeuvre, son role historique. Paris, 1899. 
Illus. Portr. 3092.137 

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Franklin's account with the "Lodge of 
Masons," I73i-I737, as found upon the 
pages of his daily journal. [Phila., 1899.] 
21 pp. Portrs. = ♦♦K. 10.27 

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Rajah Brooke. The Englishman as ruler of 
an eastern state. N. Y., 1809. Portr. 
Maps. [Builders of greater Britain.] 

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Matthew Arnold. Edinburgh, 1899. [Mod- 
cm English writers.] 4547.178 
Sakellarios. D. Z. 
Kc^fUK^ re ical x/M<rrcaruri^ wtifM. Ae&rtpa tKioau 
ftgrit woWQw vpoff&iiKUP. 'B'A^vaif' [1899.] 
Portr. = 3449.162 
Synptf'Kevrurai *ofuklat . . . np6t Sia^itn-uriv rov 
Xaod. 'Er'A^mif, 1899. Portr. 3449.163 

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from his diary and letters (1830-1892) 
and selections from his professional writ- 
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Un romancier frangais au XVIIIe siecle. 

L'Abb6 Provost: sa vie. ses romans. 

Paris, 1898. 2647.86 

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Documents inedits. Paris, 1899. Portrs. 
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Beacon biographies of eminent Ameri- 
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La demiere des Cond6. 2e Edition. Paris, 
1899. Portr. 2646.20 
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How Count L. N. Tolstoy lives and works. 
Translated from the Russian by Isabel F. 
Hapgood. M. Y. [1899.1 Portrs. Pis. 

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A British rifle man. The journals and cor- 
respondence of Major George Simmons, 
during the Peninsular war and the cam- 
paign of Waterloo. London, 1899. Maps. 
= 6527.41 

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Le capitaine L;* Tour d'Auvergne, premier 
grenadier de la R6publique. 2e Edition, 
augment^e. Paris. [1899.] 2644.125 

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Wilhelm Heinrich Riehl als Kulturhisto- 
riker. Festrede. Munchen, 1898. 62 pp. 
= 2840a. 70 

Sintenis, Franz. 
Nicolaus Lenau. Hamburg, 1899. ^ PP* 

Smith, Albert Hatcher. 
The life of Russell H. Conwell; preacher, 
lecturer, philanthropist. With Mr. Con- 
well's lecture, "Acres of diamonds," and 
his oration, "Let there be light." Boston. 
[1899.] Illus. Portrs. Pis. 4349a. I57 
Sommerville, Charles William. 
Robert Goodloe Harper. A dissertation. 
Washington, 1899. 43 pp. = 4442.323 
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Nelle feste centenarie di Lazzaro Spallan- 
zani. 1799. 1899. Numero unico. Reggio 
' Emilia. [1899.] 23 pp. Illus. Cab.27.37.3 

A collection of memorial articles. 

Specr, Robert E. 
A memorial of a true life. A biography of 
Hugh McAllister Beaver. N. Y: [1898.] 
Portr. 3559a. 13 

Stanley, Maria Josepha Holroyd. Lady. 
The early married life of Maria Josepha, 
Lady Stanley, with extracts from Sir John 
Stanley's Praeterita. Edited by one of 
their grandchildren, Jane H. Adeane. 
London, 1899. Portrs. Pis. 2543.147 

Stearns, Frank Preston. 
The life of Prince Otto von Bismarck. 
Phila., 1899. Portr. 484340 

Stevens, Hazard. 
The life of Isaac Ingalls Stevens. Boston, 
ton, 1900. 2 V. Portrs. Pis. Maps. 


Stevens, Sarah Earle. 
In memory of Sarah Earle Stevens. Bos- 
ton, 1898. 16 00. = *4449a.i95 


Stevenson, Francis Seynaour. With an essay on his scientific work by 

Robert Grosseteste, Bishop of Lincoln. A G. F. Fitzgerald, and an account of Lord 

contribution to the history of the Thir- Kelvin's jubilee as a professor. Glasgow, 

teenth century. London, 1899. 3555*158 189$). 93 pp. Portrs. 2540.124 

Stevenson, Robert Louis. University of Illinois. 

Letters to his family and friends. Selected John Milton Gregory, first president of the 

by S. G)lvin. N. Y., 1899. 2 v. Portrs. university. Memorial convocation, October 

4543-147 23, 1898. [Urbana.] 1898. 31 PP. Portr. 

Stillman^ William James. = 4444-320 

Francesco Crispi, insurgent, exile, revolu- Verrill, Henry S. 

tionist and statesman. London, 1899. Moli^re and his times. Parkville, Mo., 1898. 

Portr. 2748.31 29 pp. [Park college historical dub pa- 

Stoddart, Anna M. pers.| = ♦22i4.;S3.6 

Elizabeth Pease Nichol. London, 1899. Vizetelly, Ernest Alfred. 

Portrs. [Saintly lives.] 3558.35 With Zoia in England. A story of exile. 

Storey, Moorfield London, 1899. Portrs. Fac-simile. 2646.126 

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statesmen.] 4248.147 Uoethes Leipziger Studentenjahre. Ein Bil- 

Stuart, Lady Louisa. derbuch zu Dichtung und Wahrheit, als 

Selections from her manuscripts. Edited by Festgabe zum 150. Geburtst^^ des Dich- 

James Home. N. Y., 1899. Portr. 4547-175 ters. Leipzig, 1899. 94 pp. fllus. Portrs. 

Synoradzki, Michal. 284oa.68 

Adam Mickiewicz. Upominek jubileuszowy. Wallace, Robert 

Warszawa, 1898. 32 pp. Illus. Portr. George Buchanan. Completed by J. Camp- 

3066.205 bell Smith. N. Y. [1899.I [Famous Scots 
Tarbell Ida M. series.] 2549a.30 
The life of Abraham Liacoln, drawn from Warvelle, George W. 
original sources and containing many A sketch of the life and character of Con- 
speeches, letters and telegrams hitherto un- stantine the Great. Chicago, 1899. 10 pp. 
published. N. Y., 1900. 2 v. Portrs. Pis. = 2746.30 

4342.27 Waters, Thomas Franklin. 

Terhune, Mary Virginia. (Marion Harland.) A sketch of the life of John Win^Jirop the 

Charlotte Bronte at home. N. Y., 1899. younger, founder of Ipswich, Massachu- 

Portrs. Pis. 4546.160 setts, in 1633. [Ipswich?] 1899. 88 pp. 

William Cowper. N. Y., 1899. Portrs. Pis. Portr. [Ipswich historical society.] = 

4546.161 ♦4341.166 

Terry, Charles Sanford. Weimar s Festgriisse zum 28. August 1899. 

The life and campaigns of Alexander Leslie, Weimar, i^. 284oa.65 

first earl of Leven. London, 1899. Portr. Contents. — Johann Caspar Goethe in Venediff. 

AKA2 Id^ Von P. von Bojanowski. — - Des Herm Ram 

Tlio^ro.. \A/;ii;«>«vi Ayr«>i.«n«o^« Haulhaltungsbuch. Von C. Ruland. -- Bricfe 

^^y^\ William M^epcace. Goethes an Christiane. Frankfurt 1814. Aus dem 

The bobbin boy [N. P. Banks] ; or, how Goethe- und SchillerArchiv. 

Nat got his learning. Boston, 1899. Pis. Weiss, Jean Jacques Auguste. 

234944 Moliere. Pr6tace par le Prince Georges 

Thompson, Henry Lewis. Stirbey. Paris, 1900. 4^59-^5 

Henry George Liddell. A memoir. Lon- Welter, Nicolaus. 

don, 1899. Portrs. Pis. 4544- 183 Frederi Mistral, der Dichter der Provence. 

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Diderot et Catherine 11. Paris, 1899. Portr. West, Sir Algernon Edward. 

6642.70 Recollections, 1832 to 1886. 2d edition. Lon- 

Trent William Peterfield. don. 1899. 2 v. Portrs. 4548.195 

John Milton. A short study of his life and Wetmore. Helen Cody. 

works. N. Y., 1899. 2547.127 Last of the great scouts. The life story of 

Robert K Lee. Boston, 1899. Portr. [The Col. William F. Cody ("Buffalo Bill") as 

Beacon biographies.] 4349a. 174 told by his sister. [Duluth, 1899.] Portrs. 

Troup, Frances B. Pis. 4344.i85 

Nicholas Monk, the king's messenger, and Wheeler, Benjamin Ide. 

the honest clergyman. [Plymouth, Exig.? Alexander the Great. The merging of East 

1899.] 21 pp. = 654072 and West in universal history. N. Y., 1900. 

Tschudi, Qara. Portrs. Pis. Maps. [Heroes of the na- 

£ug6nie, empress of the French. From the tions.] 5079a.68 

Norwegian by E. M. Cope. London, White. S. V. 

1899. Portr. 2646.132 Address at the unveiling of a commemora- 

United States. Coneress. tive stone over the grave of Joseph 

Memorial addresses on the life and character Chandler, a soldier of the American 

of W. S. Holman (late a representative Revolution. Delivered at Otterville, 111., 

from Indiana). Washington, 1898. Portr. May 30th, 1899. Brooklyn, 1899. 16 pp. 

= 4440.149 = 2348.99 

University of Glasgow. Whiting. Lilian. 

Lord Kelvin, Professor of natural philosophy Kate Field. A record. Boston, 1899. Portr. 

in the University of Glasgow. 1846-1899. 4*^8.233 


A study of Elizabeth Barrett SrowninK. S"l«» "!;•, "' Si*''"! Fmwn-Kfiaei. 

Bostob. i8». Portr. as47l«6 ^'^ ^^"^ <B«»'*««>' "f Sw«l« 

WiUdns, Samnel Carter. Chi»e, S. P. H.rt. 

In memoriam: Deacon S. C Waidns. Bos- 9tfJf- ^^W'^^L, .. . « 

ton, igoo. 76 pp. Illus. Portrs. = c^^'^W/ w.tmtJT^"*""- w-***^ 

4449.372 CoaiU, Louise A. Bourbon. prineeaK de. Stgai 

Wilmowslti, Gustav von. _ th r t 

Meine ErinnerunKen an Bismarck. Breslau, conwill 8* 'h * Smfth 

igOO. 4848.76 Covper.'w'. Tcrhune.' 

Woblnun, John. 1720-1773. Cnspi. F. Stillimn. 

Journal. London, 1898. [Books for the ^l^h Bddock. 

, „ heart.] = SS46-75 - Gudioer. 

Zdler, Berthold. -Borton. 

La miuoriti de Louis XIIL Marie de M*dicis £"!''% ^ hu^™*^ 

et Villeroy. fitude nouvelle d'aprts lea dsS. j! D." a^o. 

documents florentins et v^nitiens. Paria, Dunic. lloents. 
1897. 2643.1^ 




Index or 6iograi>bibs 
Amsanged Alphabetically by Subjxct. 

Autobio^rapliLes an 
proprrlr lo be found 1 
ina«1 be looked for or 

Dsvi,. C. H., 
Dsvii, WiiiDii 
□ay, W.. con 
Decatur >; 
De Pen 

Deyie,, Bdn 

- HKlslefld. 
Dickfuj, C. 

. — , .Irt." 4t« noellln^ 
e looked tor in Donne, J. 

.qe aiTimon rme nnt. sdooivuions «rtl>t» mnd Hus[e; DoubImi 

Hw livM o( characters coospicuou! in reHi ' " 

■re crooped in the diTi'iion RdlBion, 

Father* of the Chnrcb, etc 

biognphical worka 
Qame of the a " ' 

F. Cba, 

414)1. 14S 

fcj.. LI 

Drike, ±, admg 
Dunbar, Sir W. nue*. 
Earle, Pliny. Sanborn. 
Edward III., of England. 
Emerson. R. W. llale. 
ErsimuB. Emenor 



Farrap.; D G. 
F?.^ k«e V 


, S^2 

liiX'^'-'G''- F< 

4546. .58 

Fo.'ihlSmmer, i 


il ihc French, Tichttdj. 

Au'Hrn. lani. Pollock. 
Biher. Mohammed. Pon 
Baccuictii. Mane A. *., 

BiBciow. a J, 
Biunarek. Andler, 
— Ueadlam. 


i9t'J . 

nchard. C 1 

1 L. Hud» 

■ "onduran 

3557. '42 

Bctnel. J. S. Rfbelliai.. 
Bndalieet, Anne. Caldnell. 
Bnnton. D. G. Michael. 
Brodie. Sir B. C. Mumlord. 
RioBti. Charlotte. Terhune. 
Brooke, Sir 1., Raiah. St. John. 
Brooka, Phillips Bowe. 
Brown. John. Cbamberlain. 
Browning. Etiiabelh B. Whiting. 
Browning. H. Cary. 
Bruce. Robert. Muriion. 
Buchanan, G. Wallace. 
Bsms. R. FindUy. 
Eorr. A. Merwin. 
Boshnell. H. Maneer. 
Cabol. Sebastian. Malhewi. 
CuDpbelL T. Hadden. 
Culelar. E. Rute. 
aihenae II.. ot Ruisia. Tourneii 
CiTaignac, J. M., and L. E. Deui. 
Chandler, f. White. 
Ckarlemagse. Davia. 

'/■"^ TI,!,K.-I < 


P. W. Hoech. 



4345. >9> 










I. 8 in 4896.50.400 

4341- 1 SJ 







iioBg. J. DoUglaV 

lloFman, W. S. U 
Howe, Hon. J. Fe 
Hubbard. Elbert, 
Huyimans, 1. K. I 
Irish, ). Oak. 
Iriing, Sir H. H 
.Toao ol Arc. Lowel 
lohnion, S. Bojwe 
Tones, Thcophilus, 

KcnSalV'The.'' Pen 
Kipling, R. Knowl 
— Mansfield. 

Knapp, A. M. Kn 
Knox. H. Brooks. 

L*int! C "a'^iU. 

No. 6 in 4896.SO.406 

M-Keadrlck. ^fi.% 






La Tour d Auv< 

ergM, T. M. C d». 
ilhd 13- Lcmck«- 

ijcuic. aiT j\-t isi carr oi 
I^CYpoldl, F. Gtowoll. 
L'UospiUl, H. de. Atk 
Liddcir H. G. Thofnpsi 

Lindcl, R. T. Montier. 
Logan. G., H.D. Logan. 
I^Aiisucvilfe, A., duchessc dc. Coc 
L(.UH II., ol Bivaria. Gcraid. 
Louis XIII., ol Fiance. Zrllcr. 
Loui» XVIL, ot France. Friedri. 
Lowell. J. R. Hale. 
Lucian. Hime. 
Michiavelll, N. Belli. 
MacNib, A. Fraaer. , „ ., 

Marchand, J. Paimbl»nt du Rouil 
Marie it Ikftdicit. Zcller. 
MBTlDwe. JulU. Barrr. 
Matquelte. J, Nursejr. 
Mar>!k>all, J„ ehid jualic*. Moa«. 
Medid. Coaimo 1. de. fiwart. 
MelviUi, A. Morison. 
Uichelel, ]. Qninet. 
Miekiewici, A. B. iiynoradiki. 
HdlMt, U. C Hold. 

— Weiss. 

Mcnk, N. Troup. 

Moody, D. 1- Drummond. 

- Moody. 

Uoriti, Heriog und Kuiliirsl 
MouU™, W. F. Houlton. 

Paine. T. Sedgwick. 
Hnlincrilon, lord. Man. 
Veel, Sir Robert, Ptimtost. 
Penn. W. Cooke. 
— Viaher. 

rhilipp. L«idgr»[ von Hc«en. 
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Contents. — Histoire d'un id^al. — Oix en est 
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miste. — Challemel-Lacour. — Colani. — Ed- 
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There is in this work, much relating to the Tnf- 
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This edition differs from the xst chiefly by the 
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the accession of Charles I. to tne meeting of the 
3d parliament of his reign (1625-1606). 

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The Chartulary of St. John of Pontefract. 
Vol. I. Edited by Richard Holmes. 
[Leeds.] 1899. [The Yorkshire Archaeo- 
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y^^h oripina] (Latin) charter or other document 
is |>receded by an abstract in English. 
Pedigrees are given of the families of De Lascy, 
Vesci, Supleton, Ledstone, Foliot, and other 
benefactors of the Priory. Robert de Lascy was 
the founder, circa 1090. 
Powell, Edgar, and George Macaulay Trevelyan. 
The Peasants* rising and the Lollards. A 
collection of tmpublished documents form- 
ing an appendix to 'England in the age 
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''England in the age of Wycliffe" is on shelf-no. 

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Bibliography, voL 2, pp. 39(^4^ 

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No. 16 in *3592.i63 
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Venedig als Wcltmacht und Weltstadt. 
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[Monographien zur Weltgeschichte.] 


Russia. Finland. Poland. 

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The daughter of Peter the Great. A history 
of Russian diplomacy and of the Russian 



court under the Empress Elizabeth Pe- 

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68 pp. 5067.45 

Finland: an English journal devoted to the 

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1899. London, 1899. ^4820. 18 

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1890. S067.47 

Finland: an English journal devoted to the 

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1899. London, 1899. ^4820. 18 
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Plans. [Mediaeval towns.] 3069.185 

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pieren eines Landrats. Von ♦ ♦ ♦ Gotha, 

1898. 3087.134 
Krasi^ska, Frandszka, hrabina. 

Dziennik Franciszki Krasi^skiej (w ostat- 
nich latach panowania Augusta iii. pi- 
sany), przez Klementyn^ z Ta^skich 
Hofmanow^ z przedmow^ Teodora Jeske^ 
Choi^skiego. Warszawa. [1898.] 3066.206 
Munro, Hector H. 
The rise of the Russian empire. London, 

1900. Map. ^ 3063.127 
Puzyrewski, Aleksander iCarlovicz. 

Wojna polsko-ruska 183 1 r. Dzielo premio- 

wane przez Cesarsk^ akademi^ nauk. Wy- 

danie przerobione, poprawione i uzupef- 

nione. Warszawa, 1899. Maps. 3061.134 

Stepniak, pseud. 

King Stork and King Log. A study of 
modern Russia. 2d edition. London, 
1896. 2 V. 3o6ob.29 


For the Spanish- American war of 1898 see further 
under History, sub-division United States p. 28, 

Renovaci6n. Apuntes. Madrid. [1899.] 
58 pp. 3096.188 

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Origenes hist6ricos de Cataluna. Barcelona, 

1899. ♦3091. 131 
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The transfer of sovereignty. [A sketch of 

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6 pp. = 3096.162 

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Las desdichas de la patria. Madrid, 1899. 

Portrs. Pis. 4420.79 

Contents. — Nuestra decadencia. — Insurrec- 
ciones de Cuba j Filipinas. — Guerra y censura 
militar. — P6rdidas y responsibilidades. — £x- 
posiciones & S. M. la Reina regente. — Patrio- 
tismo. — Nuestra regeneraci6n. — Programa de 

Guyot, Yves. 
U^volution politique et sociale de TEspagne. 
Paris, 1899. 3099a. 194 

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Modem Spain. N. Y., 1900. Portrs. Pis. 
Map. [The story of the nations.] 3096.186 
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Toledo; the story of an old Spanish c 
London, 1898. Illus. Map. 30^ 
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Spain. N. Y., 18^ Illus. [Histoi 
young readers.] 30Q 

Paz, Abd6n de. 
La Espafia de la Edad Media. Madrid 
Illus. z 


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Annals of Switzerland. N. Y., 1897. 
Maps. Coats*of-arms. 4 


Buel, James William. 
Columbus and the New World. [Wa 
ton, 1900.] Pis. *2 

Lucas, Frederick William. 
The annals of the voyages of the br 
Nicol6 and Antonio Zeno in the 
Atlantic about the end of the Four 
century^ sind the claim founded tl 
to a Venetian discovery of Americ 
criticism and an indictment. Lc 
1898. Maps. Fac-similes. *2 

South America. 

Becerra, Ricardo. 
Ensayo hist6rico documentado de la v 
Don Francisco de Miranda, general 
ej6rcitos de la primer republica fra 
y generalisimo de los de Venezuela, 
cas, 1896. Portr. *42 

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The Andean republics and their her 
war and peace. Boston, 1899. (21} 

Ireland, Walter AUeyne. 

Demerariana. Demerara, 1897. = ♦43 
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Historique sommaire du conflit anglo 
zu^lien en Guyane. Paris, 1898. 
Map. 4^ 

Wiener, Charles. 
La R6publique argentine. Paris, 1899. 
[France. Ministere des affaires 
geres. Missions commerciales.] 3^ 


Le Courtois de Surlaville, Michel de. 
Les dernier s jours de TAcadie (1748- 
Correspondances et m6moires extrai 
son] portfeuille. Annot6s par Gast< 
Boscq de Beaumont. Paris, 1899. 

Mcllwraith, T. N. 
Canada. N. Y., 1899. PI. [Histoi 
young readers.] Cluldren's Room 431 
Osborn, Edward Bollard. 
Greater Canada: the past, presen 
future of the Canadian North-west, 
don, 1900. Ma^. 4^ 

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Montcalm and Wolfe. Boston, 1899. 
Pis. = *i 



West Indies. Mexico. 

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Cuba and international relations. Baltimore, 
1^99- {Johns Hopkins studies in historical 
& politKal science.] 4318.202 

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The new-bom Cuba. N. Y., 1899. Illus. 
Portrs. Map. 4368.197 

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Under three llags in Cuba. Boston, 1899. 
Portrs. Pis. 4420a. 169 

Pepper, Charle^M. 
To-morrow in Cuba. N. Y., 1899. Map. 

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Maximilian in Mexico. A woman's remin- 
iscences of the French intervention, 1862- 
1867. N. Y., 1899. Portrs. Pis. 4316.186 

United States. 

Adams, Charles Francis, jr. 
Historians and historical societies. An ad- 
dress at the opening of the Fenway build- 
ing of the Massachusetts historical society, 
April 13, 1899. Cambridge, 1899. 41 pp. 
= 2351.8 

Adams, Richard C. 
A Delaware Indian legend [a poem] and the 
story of their troubles. Washington, 
D. C, 1899. 75 pp. Portr. Pis. 


Ames, Herman Vandenburgh, and John Bach 


The X. Y. Z. letters. Phila., 1899. 36 pp. 

[University of Pennsylvania. Department 

of history.] '^^304. 104.6 

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The first Norwegian settlements in America, 

within the present century. Madison, 1899. 

18 pp. = 4375.136 

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Spiritual forces in American history. [Bos- 
ton?] 1899. 20 pp. = 4324.166 
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The puritan as a colonist and reformer. 
Boston, 1899. Portr. 2323.35 
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Side lights on American history. National 
period before the Civil war. N. Y., 1899. 

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The Dutch and Quaker colonies in America. 

Boston, 1899. 2 v. 4368.200 

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The provincial governor in the English 

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[Harvard historical studies.] ^2322. 106 

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Source-book of American history. N. Y., 

1899. *2i59.58 

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His last battle, and one of his greatest vic- 
tories; being the speech of Wendell Phil- 
lips in Faneuu hall, on the Louisiana diffi- 
culties, January 15, 1875. Boston, 1897. 55 
pp. = 4264.71 

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Facing the Twentieth century. Our country : 
its power and peril. N. Y., 1899. Portrs. 
Pis. = 4222.88 

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The diplomatic relations of the United 
States and Spanish America. Baltimore, 
1900. [The Albert Shaw lectures on diplo- 
matic history.] 4429.167 
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Our presidents and how we make them. 
N. v., 1900. Portrs. 4325.167 
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Select charters and other documents illustra- 
tive of American history. 1606-1775. 
N. Y., 1899. 4329.1^ 
Moore, Charles. 
The Northwest under three flags. 1635-1796. 
N. Y., 1900. Portrs. Pis. Maps. 2319.85 
Mowry, William Augustus, and Arthur May 
First steps in the history of our country. 
N. Y., 1900. Illus. 2327.115 
Nociones de historia de Ids Estados Unidos. 
[Con Suplemento: Los Filpinos y su his- 
toria.] N. Y. [1900.] Illus. Portrs. 
Maps. 4326.1;^ 
Ojetti, Ugo. 
UAmerica vittoriosa. Milano, 1899. 

4369a. 177 
Powell, Lyman P., editor. 

Historic towns of the Middle states. N. Y., 
1899. Illus. Portrs. [American historic 
towns.] 4373.145 

Ridpath, John Qark. 
History of the United States. [Washington, 
1900.1 2 V. Portrs. Pis. ♦2314. -^i 

Siebert, Wilbur Henry. 
The Underground railroad from slavery to 
freedom. N. Y., 1898. Portrs. Pis. 
Map. 7586.129 

Thompson, Robert Ellis. 
Syllabus of a course of six lectures on 
American history, social and industrial. 
(1789-1829.) PhUa., 1897. 8 pp. [Uni- 
versity extension lectures. Series G., no. 
5] No. 5 in ♦3592.163 

Wharton, Anne Hollingsworth. 
Salons, colonial and republican. With nu- 
merous reproductions of portraits and 
miniatures of men and women prominent 
in colonial life and in the early days of the 
Republic. Phila., 1900. 4358.138 

Revolution. War of 1812. 

Abbatt, William. 
The crisis of the Revolution. Being the 
story of Arnold and Andr6, illustrated 
with views of all places identified with it 
N. Y., 1899. Illus. Portrs. Maps. Plans. 
Fac-similes. ♦4411.182 

Angell, Israel. 
Diary of Col. Israel Angell, commanding the 
Second Rhode Island Continental regi- 
ment during the American Revolution, 
1778-1781. Transcribed, with a biographi- 
cal sketch of the author, and notes, by 
Edward Field. Providence, 1899. PI. 
Map. 4418.272 



Daughters of the American Revolution. Massa- 
chusetts chapter. 
Honor roll of Massachusetts patriots hereto- 
fore unknown. Being a list of men and 
women who loaned money to the Federal 
government, I777-I779. Boston, 1899. 
34 pp. = ♦4411.180 

Freneau, Philip. 

Some account of die capture of the ship 
"Aurora." [Edited by Jay Milles.] N. Y. 
[1899.] 49 PP* Portrs. Fac-similes. 

Goold, Nathan. 
Capt. Johnson Moulton's company. The first 
to leave the District of Maine m the Revo- 
lution. N. p. [1899.] 8 pp. = 4418.265 
Johnston, Henry Phelps. 
The storming of Stony Point on the Hud- 
son, July IS, 1779. N. Y., 1900. Portrs. 
Pis. Maps. 4418.274 

[Patriots' day in Concord and Lexington, 
April 19, 1900. Scrapbook containing news- 
paper accounts, etc.] *44io.i47 
Poole, Edmund Duval. 
Annals of Yarmouth and Harrington (Nova 
Scotia) in the Revolutionary war. Yar- 
mouth, 1899. *43I4.I78 
Return of the officers, non-conunissioned offi- 
cers & privates killed and wounded of His 
Majesty's troops at the attack of the re- 
doubts & intrenchments on the heights of 
Charles Town, 17th June, 1775. Manu- 
script. Transcript. [Boston, 1898.] (2) 
ff. = *Cab.23.20.6 
Rosengarten, Joseph George. 
A defence of the Hessians. Phila., 1899. 
29 pp. = 4414.14s 
Sharpless, Isaac 
A history of Quaker government in Penn- 
sylvania. Vol. 2: The Quakers in the 
Revolution. Phila., 1899. Portrs. 

o , ,, . . *4479.24i.2 

Suite, Benjamm. 

La bataille de Chateauguay. Quebec, 1899. 

Portrs. Pis. Plan. = 4413. 113 

Civil War. 

Association of survivors of 73d regiment, Illi- 
nois volunteer infantry. 
Minutes • of proceedings. 1893, 94, 96-^. 
Springfield, 111., 1893-98. Portrs. = 

Evening Wisconsin. National guard supple- 
ment. Jan. 8, 1900. Milwaukee, 1900. 40 
pp. lUus. Portrs. *Cab.23.40.6 

A historical record of the Wisconsin National 

Fiftieth regiment, Illinois volunteer infantry re- 
union association. 
Report of the annual retmion, nth. Held at 
Quincy, 111., Oct. 21 and 22, 1897. [Quincy, 
111., 1897.^ 28 pp. Portrs. ♦"2Dth.73c.50 
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A history of the Second regiment New 
Hampshire volunteer infantry, in the War 
of the Rebellion. [Added, a complete ros- 
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Maps. ♦"20th".4oa.2.2 

Hinman, Wilbur F. 
The story of the Sherman brigade. [Alliance, 
O.] 1897. Illus. Portrs. *"20th".78.20 

Keifer, Joseph Warren. 

Slavery and four years of war. [With a 

biography of General Keifer, and a r6- 

sum6 of the Spanish war.] N. Y., 1900. 

2 V. Portrs. Maps. 4422.233 

Lufkin, Edwin B. 

History of the Thirteenth Maine regiment, 

1861-1865, with a sketch of the Thirteenth 

Maine battalion and a roster. Bridgton, 

1898. Portrs. = ♦"aoth".40.i3 
Marbaker, Thomas D. 

History of the nth New Jersey volunteers 
from its organization to Appomattox. 
Trenton, 1898. Illus. PL ♦"aoth".4iaii 
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Reminiscences of the War of the Rebellion, 
1861-1865, edited by L. A. Fumcy. Flush- 
ing, N. Y., 1897. Portr. ♦"20th".S2.7SS 
Smith, Thomas West 
The story of a cavalry regiment ; "Scotts 900" 
Eleventh New York cavalry. 1861-1865. 
[Added a roster.] [Chicago, 1897. 1 Illus. 
Portrs. ♦"aoth^.4iC.ii 

Story, The, of American heroism. Narratives 
of personal adventures during the Civil 
war. Chicago, 1897. Illus. Portrs. 

Turner, T. A. 
Story of the Fifteenth Minnesota Volunteer 
infantry. Minneapolis. [1899.] 


Vaughan, Alfred J. 

Personal record of the Thirteenth res[iment 

Tennessee infantrv [Confederate] by its old 

commander. [Memphis, tSgi7,\ 95 pp. 

Portrs. = ♦*'20th".42d.i3 

Wells, Edward L. 

Hampton and his cavalry in '64. Richmond, 

1899. Portr. Pis. = ♦"20th".Si.379 

Spanish-American War, 1898. Territorial 


Abbott, Willis John. 
Blue jackets of '98. A history of the Spanish- 
American war. N. Y., 1899. Portrs. Pis. 

4420a. 183 
Anti-imperialist league. 
(Anti-imperialist league, Tremont Temi>le, 
April 4, 1899. Protest against the Philip- 
pine policy. Boston, 1899. 32 pp. ^ 

Anti-imperialist league, Washington, D. C. 
The moral and religious aspects of the so- 
called imperial policy. Discussed by rep- 
resentative clergymen. Washington, 1899. 
16 pp. = 422oa.79 

Bicknell, Edward. 
The territorial acquisition of the United 
States. An historical review. Boston, 
1899. 4228.99 

Bigelow, John, jr. 
Reminiscences of the Santiago campaign. 
N. Y., 189Q. Map. 442oa.i45 

Bonsai, Stephen. 
The golden horseshoe. Extracts from the 
letters of Captain H. L. Hemdon, on duty 
in the Philippine islands, and Lieutenant 
Lawrence Gill, A.D.C. to the military gov- 
ernor of Puerto Rico. N. Y., 1900. 

4420a. 173 



Brooks, Francis Augustus. 
An arraignment of President McKinle/s 
policy of exten<ting by force the sover- 
eignty of the United States over the 
Philippine Islands. Boston, 1899. 18 pp. 
= 4228.97 

Boel, James William, and Marcus Joseph 
Our late wars. Spain and our new posses- 
sions. [Washington, 1900.J Pis. ^314.32 
Bnjac, Jean Leopold fimile. 
Precis de qudques campagnes contemporains. 

JT(Hne] 4. Ija guerre hi^>ano-am^ricaine. 
^aris. [1899.] nius. Map. 4420a. 144 
Cenrera y Topete, Pascual. 
The Spanish- American war. A collection of 
documents relative to the squadron opera- 
tions in the West Indies. Arranged by 
Rear-Admiral Cenrera. Translated from 
die Spanish. WashingtoUj^^ 1809. [United 
States. Office of naval intelligence.] = 

Spaniah of the work is on shelf- 

Davis, Richard Harding. 
The Cuban and Porto Rican campaigns. 
N. Y., 1898. nius. Portrs. Maps. 

4420a. 155 
Edwards, Frank £. 
The 'c6 campaign of the 6th Massachusetts, 
U. S. V. Boston, 1899. Illus. Portrs. = 

Esty. T. Bruce, editor. 
Views of the American press on the Philip- 
pines. Edited by T. Bruce [pseud.]. 
N. Y., 1899. 72 pp. 4228.100 

Expensive expansion. What it means to the 
people of the United States. Opinions of 
the founders of the republic and many of 
the most eminent Americans of today. 
[Boston. 1900.] 32 pp. Pis. = 4228.105 
Garrison, William Lloyd, the younger. 
Imperialism. Address at the annual meet- 
ing of the Progressive Friends, 1899. 
[1899.1 (4) pp. = 4228.90 

Griffis, William Elliot 
The romance of conquest. The story of 
American expansion through arms and 
diplomacy. Illus. by F. T. Merrill. Bos- 
ton. [1899.1 Pis. 4228.96 
Harper's pictorial history of the war with 
Spain. With an introduction by Maj.-Gen. 
N. A. Miles. N. Y., 1899. Illus. Portrs. 
Maps. *4420.77 
Herrmann, Carl Stephen. 
From Yauco to Las Marias. Being a story 
of the recent campaign in western Puerto 
Rico by the Independent regular brigade, 
under command of Brigadier-general 
Schwan. Boston, 1900. Portrs. Pis. 

4420a. 157 
Hoar, George Frisbie. 
Letter, March 29, 1899 [discussing the situa- 
tion in the Philippines]. [Boston.] 1899. 
14 pp. = 4228.94 

Speech in the Senate of the United States, 
April 17, 1900. Washington, 1900. 90 pp. 


On the question of the Philippines. 

Johnson, Edward A. 
History of negro soldiers in the Spanish- 
American war, and other items of interest 
Raleigh, N. C, 1899. Portrs. Pis. 

4420a. 194 

Lodge, Henry Cabot 
The war with Spain. N. Y., 1899. Portrs. 
Pis. 4420a. 15 1 

McCook, Henry Christopher. 
The martial graves of our fallen heroes in 
Santiago de Cuba. Phila., 1899. Illus. 
Portrs. Pis. Maps. 4420a. 171 

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Lessons of the war with Spain, and other 
articles. Boston, 1899. Maps. 4420a. 165 
May, Rev. Joseph. 1836- 
America at war: a sermon, April 24, 1898. 
Phila. [1898.] 12 pp. = 4420a. 167 

Mead, Edwin Doak. 
The present crisis. Boston, 1899. = 4228.01 

On territorial expansion and the war with the 

Millet, Francis Davis. 
The expedition to the Philippines. N. Y., 

1899. Portrs. Pis. 3049a.7i 
Moore, J. Howard. 

America's apostasy, f Chicago, 1899.] (4) 

pp. = 4228.92 

Concerning the Philippine islands. 

Reid, Whitelaw. 
Problems of expansion, as considered in 
papers and addresses. N. Y.» 1900. 

Rhode Island. Executive department. 
Rhode Island in the war with Spain. Com- 
piled from the official records. Providence, 

1900. Portrs. Pis. = 4420a. 196 

Compiled by F. E. Kinnicutt. 

Stickney, Joseph L. 
War in the Philippines and life and glorious 
deeds of Admiral Dewey . . . and the 
complete history of the Philippine islands, 
historical and descriptive. Boston. [1899.] 
Portrs. Pis. 4420a. 142 

Stillman, James Wells. 
Republic or empire? An argument in oppo- 
sition to the establishment of an Ameri- 
can colonial system. Boston, 1900. 30 pp. 
= 4228.115 

Swift, Morrison Isaac. 
Imperialism and liberty. Los Angeles, 1899. 
= 4228.^ 

Titherington, Richard H. 
A history of the Spanish-American war of 
1898. N. Y., 1900. Maps. 4420a. 179 

Wilson, Henry Walter. 
The downfall of Spain : naval history of the 
Spanish- American war. London, 1900. 
Portrs. Pis. Maps. 4420a.i8i 

Young, Hon. James Rankin, and J. Hampton 
Reminiscences and thrilling stories of the 
war, by returned heroes. Containing 
vivid accounts of personal experiences by 
officers and men. Admiral Dewey's re- 
port of the battle at Manila [etc.]. Bos- 
ton. [1899.] Portrs. Pis. Fac-similes. 
Map. 4420a. 1 53 



The Separate States. 

Bartlett, Charles H., and Richard H. Lyon. 
La Salle in the valley of the St. Joseph. 
South Bend, Ind., 1890. Illus. Portrs. 
Map. 4466.158 

Batchellor, Albert Sdllman. 
Historical and bibliographical notes on the 
military annals of New Hampshire, with 
special reference to regimental histories. 
Concord, N. H., 1898. 50 pp. Portr. = 

Bondurant, Alexander Lee. 
Did Jones county secede ? [Jackson? 1898.] 

3 pp. 4476.199 

Reprinted from the Publications of the Missis- 
sippi historical society for June, 1898. 

Breckenrid^e, Frances A. 
Recollections of a New England town 
[Meriden, Conn.]. By "Faith" [pseud.]. 
Meriden, 1899. 4439.219 

Breen, Matthew Patrick. 
Thirty years of New York politics up-to- 
date. N. Y., 1899. Portrs. 4378.172 
Cartland, J. Henry. 
Ten years at Pemaquid. Pemaquid Beach, 
Me., 1899. Pis. Plan. 4435-179 
Connelley, William E. 
The provisional government of Nebraska 
territory, and the journals of William 
Walker, provisional governor of Nebraska 
territory. Lincoln, 1899. Portrs. [Ne- 
braska state historical society.] = 

*4472. 148.3 
Davis, William Thomas. 
Staten Island names. New Brighton, 1896. 
56 pp. = *237oa.74 

Another edition is in the Proceedings of the 
Natural science association of Staten Island, vol. 
5, no. 5 [3224.10]. 

Gay, Julius. 
Farmington [Conn.] local history — the 
canal. Hartford, 1899. 20 pp. = 4439.217 
Herkimer county historical society. 
Papers read before the . . . society, 1896-98. 
Compiled by A. T. Smith. Herkimer, 
N. Y., 1899. 75 pp. 4361.72 

Hibbard, George S. 
Rupert, Vt. ; historical and descriptive: 
1761-1898. Rutland. [1899.] ♦4437.157 
Historical society of Trinity college, Durham, 
N. C. 
An annual publication of historical papers. 
Series HL [Durham.] 1899. = *4476.203 
Lamed, Ellen Douglas. 
Historic gleanings in Windham county. 
Conn. Providence, 1899. = 4439.208 

Lord. Myra Belle. 
A history of New London, New Hampshire. 
Concord, 1899. Portrs. Pis. Map. 

McFarland, Henry. 
Sixty years in Concord and elsewhere. Per- 
sonal recollections, 1831-1891. Concord, 
N. H., 1899. Portr. Pis. = 4436.196 
Musick, John Roy. 
Stories of Missouri. N. Y., 1897. Illus. 
Portrs. 4377.136 

Noves, Harriette Eliza. 
A memorial of the town of Hampstead, 
New Hampshire. Historic and genealogic 
sketches. Boston, 1899. Portrs. Pis. 


Old settlers' society of Muscatine county, Iowa. 

They mark the spot The Old settlers* society 

mark with marble the location of the first 

building. [Muscatine.] 1899. 4 19. = 

Pennsylvania. Indian forts commission. 
Report of the Commission to locate the site 
of the frontier forts of Pennsylvania. 
[Harrisburg.] 1896. 2 y. Pis. Maps. 

♦4415. 131 

Penrose Charles W. 

The Mountain Meadows massacre. >yho 

were guilty of the crime? Salt Lake city, 

1899. SS44.I02 

A vindication of the Mormon church from com- 
plicity in the crime of Sept. 11, z8S7* 

Sedgwick, Charles Frederick. 

General history of the town of Sharon, 

Litchfield count- Conn. From its first 

settlement. 3d edition. Amenia, N. Y., 

1898. Portr. Pis. 4438.16 

Sharpe, William Carvosso. 
South Britain sketches and records. Sey- 
mour, 1898. Portrs. PI. ,443R-2i2 

Contains genealogies of South Britain famines. 

Society of colonial wars of the state of New 
Account of the battle of Lake George, Sep- 
tember 8th, 1755. N. Y., 1897. IS pp. 
2 plans. = 441 1. 147 

Somers, Amos Newton. 
History of Lancaster, N. H. Concord, 1899. 
Portrs. Pis. Plan. ♦4436.198 

State historical society of Wisconsin. 
Bulletin of information. No. 10-12. Nov., 
Dec, i8sj9. Madison, 1899.I = ♦447371 
Sumner, Maine. Centennial celebration, June 
13, 1898. 
Centennial history of the town. 1798-1898. 

West Sumner, 1899. Portrs. = 4435. 177 
The historical address was by Lucien M. Kobm- 


[1899] nius. 


Swett, Sophie. 
Stories of Maine. N. Y. 
Portrs. Map. 
Walton, Josiah P. 
Pioneer papers, recollections of early events 
of Bloomington, Iowa, now Muscatin^j 
Muscatine, 1899. PI. 4377-138 


Caswell, Lilley B. 
Athol, Massachusetts, past and present. 
Athol, 1899. Illus. Portrs. *43Si.i49 

Crafts, James Monroe. 
History of Whately, Mass., including a nar- 
rative of leading events from the first 
planting of Hatfield. With family gene- 
alogies. Orange, 1899. Portrs. Pis. 


This book is a revised and enlarged edition of 
Temple's History of the town [*a35a.5i]. 

Dawes, S. E. 
Colonial Massachusetts. Stories of the old 
Bay state. Boston, 1899. Illus. Portrs. 




Deane, Rev. SamneL 1784-1834. 
History of Sdtuate, Mass., 183 1. Boston, 
1831. [Rq>rinted, North Scituate, 1899.] 


Dedham, Mass. Town clerk. 

The early records of the town of Dedham, 

Mass. 1673-1706. Edited by Don Gleason 

Hill. Dedham, 1899. PI. *435oa.2io 

Dod|ce, Rnfus B. 

Historical sketch [of Charlton, Mass.]. 

K>odge, Mass.? 1900?] 76 pp. Portrs. 
s. 4459a. 181 

Draper, Andrew Sloan. 
An address at Forefathers' convocation, 
Dec 13, 18961 The pilgrim and his share 
in American life. Champaign. [1896.] 

a3 pp. = 4358.134 

Howe, Daniel Wait. 

The Puritan republic of the Massachusetts 
Bay in New England. Indianapolis. [1899.] 

Lawrence, William. 
Address at the union service of the churches 
of Maiden in cQnnection with the 250th 
anniversary of the founding of the city. 
Cambridge, 1899. 11 pp. = 435oa.22i 
Maiden. Mass. 
Memorial of the celebration of the 250th an- 
niversary of the incorporation, May, 1899. 
[Edited by D. P. Corey.] Cambridge, 1900. 
Portrs. Pis. = *435oa.2i8 

Mead, Edwin Doak. 
The Old South work. [Boston, 1899.] 20 
pp. 4419.90 

Onr country and its people: a descriptive and 
biographical record of Bristol county, 
Massachusetts. Boston, 1899. Illus. Portrs. 
Maps. *4342.i88 

Porter, Edward Griffin. 
The demolition of the McLean asylum at 
Somerville. With an account of its ori- 
ginal buildings, formerly the country seat 
of Joseph Barrell. Cambridge, 1896. 6 

pp. = 4357.115 

Rice, Franklin Pierce. 
The Worcester records. Proceedings at a 
dinner given at the Lincoln House in 
Worcester, November 3d, 1897, to Frank- 
lin P. Rice, in recognition of work ac- 
conaplished in the development of sys- 
tematic history. [Worcester? 1897?] 34 
pp. = 4452.91 

Sheldon, George. 
New tracks in an old trail. [Deerfield? 
1899.] II pp. = 4362.183 

This pAinphlet relates to the sack of Deerfield, 
Mass., February, 1704, and to the capture of Rev. 
John Williams and his enforced journey to 

John V 

Smith, John Montague. 
1673-1899. History of Sunderland, Massa- 
chusetts, which originally embraced the 
present towns of Montague and Leverett. 
With genealo«es prepared by H. W. Taft 
and Abbie T. Montague. Greenfield, 1899. 
Illus. Portrs. Maps. Fac-similes. 

Stevens, Benjamin Franklin. 
King Philip's war, 1675. Boston. [1899] 
14 pp. = 4415.130 

Wellman, Arthur Holbrook. 
Address delivered on the 250th anniversary 
of the incorporation of Maiden. Cam- 
bridge, 1900. 19 pp. = 435oa.2i9 
Worcester county, Mass. Archives. 
Worcester county, Massachusetts, warnings, 
1737-1788. With an introduction by F. 
£. Blake . . . Worcester, 1899. '''4452.95 

Fine Arts. Archaeology. 


Archiv ftir Papyrusforschtmg und verwandte 
Gebiete. Herausgegeben von Ulrich 
Wilcken. Band i, Heft i. Leipzig, 1900. 

Blanchet, J. Adrien, and Francois de Ville- 
Guide pratique de I'antiquaire. Paris, 1899. 

Book of the dead. 
Facsimiles of the papyri of Hunefer, Anhai, 
Kerasher and Netchemet, with supplemen- 
tary text from the Papyrus of Nu. With 
transcripts, translations, etc, by £. A. Wal- 
lis Bud^e. London, 1899. 75 pg. 63 pis. 
Fac-similes. '*'Cab.30.42.i 

Botti, G. 
Fouilles k la Colonne th^odosienne (1896). 
M6moire. Alexandrie, 1897. Illus. [So- 
ci6t6 arch^ologique d' Alexandre.] 3052.180 
Breitner, Anton, 
luvaviae rudera. Romische Fundstatten im 
salzburger Flachgau. Mit Tafeln, gezeich- 
net von Franz Kunstrunk. Leipzig-Reud- 
nitz, 1898. 19 pp. Pis. 4836.36 

British museum. 
Antiquities from Benin and from other oarts 
of West Africa. By C. H. Read and O. M. 
Dalton. London, 1899. 67 pp. Illus. 32 
pis. ♦Cab.30.40.2 

British school at Athens. 
'Annual. No. 1-3. Session 1894/5-96/7. 
London. [1896-98.] Illus. Plans. 

Caton, Richard. 
Two lectures on the temples and ritual of 
Asklepios at Epidaurus and Athens. [Lon- 
don.] 1899. 44 pp. Illus. Plans. = 

2970a. 10 

Craig, James Alexander. 

Astrological-astronomical texts copied from 

the original tablets in the British museum, 

and autographed. Leipzig, 1899. 99 ff. 

Fac-similes. [Assyriologische Bibliothek.] 


Furtwaengler, Adolf. 

Neuere Faelschungen von Antiken. Berlin, 

1899. 42 pp. Ulus. PI. 8o8oa.62 

Killer von Gaertringen, Johann Friedrich Wil- 

helm, Freiherr, editor. 

Thera: Untersuchungen, Vermessungen und 

Ausifrabungen, 1895-1898. Unter Mit- 

wirkungen von W. Dorpfeld, H. Dragen- 

dorff [und Andere]. Bd. i. Berlin, 1899. 

Text, Illus.; Atlas. ♦Cab.29.26.1 



Holwerda, Janus Henricus. 
Quaestiones de re sepulcrali apud Atticos. 
Lugduni-Batavorum, 1899. 72 pp. = 

lozzi, Oliviero. 
Supplemento alia Roma sotterranea cristiana 
del Giov. Batt. de Rossi. Roma, 1808. 40 
pp. 20 pis. ^4750.52, Supplement 

Lanciani, Rodolfo Amedeo. 
The destruction of ancient Rome. A 
sketch of the history of the monuments. 
N. Y., 1899. Illus. [Handbooks of ar- 
chaeology and antiquities.] 2758.71 
Mau, Aupfust 
Pompei: its life and art. Translated by F. 
W. Kelsey. N. Y., 1899. Illus. 2751.24 
Michel, Charles. 
Recueil d'inscriptions grecques. Paris, 1900. 

Munro^ Robert 
Prehistoric Scotland and its place in 
European civilisation. Edinburgh, 1899. 
Illus. 247519 

Myres, John Linton, and Max Hermann Ohne- 
A catalogue of the Cyprus museum. Oxford, 
1899. Pis. *307Sii3 

Penny, Eraser Hislop. 
Buried Oxford unearthed; being some ac- 
count of the excavations undertaken by 
the Oxford architectural and historicsd 
society^ during August and September, 

1899. Oxford, 1899. 15 pp. Illus. 


Petersen, Siegwart 

Les temi>s pr6historiques en Norv^ge. 

Kristiania, 1900. 7 pp. = 2233.112 

Petrie, William Matthew Flinders. 

Dendereh, 1898. With chapters by F. U. 

Griffith, Dr. Gladstone, and Oldfield 

Thomas. [With extra plates.] London, 

1900. 2 V. 78 pis. [Egypt exploration 
fund.] ♦3050.181 

The extra plates, of which there are 40, are issued 
as a "special publication" of the Fund. 

Price, Ira Maurice, editor. 
The great cylinder inscriptions A & B of 
Gudea. Copied from the original clay 
cylinders of the Telloh collection preserved 
in the Louvre. Autographed, signs listed, 
tentatively transliterated and translated, 
with commentary and notes. Part i. Leip- 
zig! 1899- PI- [ Assyriologische Biblio- 
thek.J *303oa.75 

Ussing, Johann Louis. 
Pergamos: seine Geschichte und Monu- 
mente. Nach der danischen Ausgabe neu 
bearbeitet. Berlin, 1899. Illus. Plans. 

Van Millingen, Alexander. 
Byzantine Constantinople. London, 1899. 
Illus. Maps. 3081.120 

Way, T. R. 

Later reliques of old London, drawn in 

lithograpny. With an introduction and 

descriptions by H. B. Wheatley. London, 

1897. 24 pis. *249i.76 

Wilcken, -Ulrich. 

Griechische Ostraka aus Aegypten und Nu- 

bien. Leipzig, 1899. 2 v. 3 pls. ♦4022.82 

Die griechischen Papyrusurkunden. 
1897. 60 pp. 

Fine Arts. General Works. Ilk 
Books. Illumination. 

Bulletin, Le, des arts. Supplement d V 

et Taifiche. Mensuel. Directev 

ment-Janin & Andr6 Mellerio. I 

Paris, 1899. ' 

Bums, Robert 

Memorial catalogue of the Bums e: 

held in . . . Glasgow . . . 1896. ( 

1898. Pis. Portrs. ^ 

Qement, Qara Erskine. 

Saints in art Boston, 1899. Pis. 
Crane, Walter. 
Bluebeard's picture book. Containin] 
beard, The sleeping beauty, and 
own alphabet Wi£ coloured de 
W. Crane. London^ [1899.] ** 
Cinderella's picture book; contain! 
derella: Puss in boots: and Val' 
Orson. London. [1897.] 
Mother Hubbard, her picture bool 
taining: Mother Hubbard; Tl: 
bears; and The absurd ABC. 
Red Riding Hood's picture book : cor 
Little Red Riding Hood: Jack 
bean stalk: The forty thieves. 
The sirens three. [Poem.] Boston. 
(42) ff. = ♦ 

Each page is decorated. 
Delorme, Louis Ren6. 
The Tavern of the three virtues. Tr 
from the original of Saint-Juirs [ 
Illvstrated with 60 drawings by 
Vierffc. With a critical essay on 
of Vierge by Edmund Gosse. 
[1900?! *. 

Dewick, Edward Samuel, editor. 
The coronation book of Charles V. of 
(Cottonian MS. Tiberius B. VIII.; 
collotypes of all the miniatures in t 
and reproductions of seven of t 
colours and gold by W. Griggs. ] 
1899. Pis. Fac-similes. [Henry Bi 
society.! *. 

Dodgson, Charles Lutwidge. 

The Lewis Carroll picture book. A s 
from the unpublished writings an< 
in^s of Lewis Carroll [pseud.], \ 
prmts from scarce and unackno^ 
work. Edited by S. D. Collingwoo 
don, 1899. Portrs. 
El son, A. W. & CO.. 

Illustrated cajtalogue of carbon prints 
rise and progress of Greek and 
art. With descriptions bv F. B. 
3d edition. Boston, 1899. Pis. = i 

The rise and progress of Greek and 
art. [46 carbon photographs wit 
trated catalogue containing descrip' 
F. B. Tarbell.] Boston, 18^. ♦Cab. 



reach, Joseph Lewis. 

Christ in art. Boston, igoo. Pis. 4079.131 

ibson, Charles Dana. 

Sketches of Egypt N. Y., 1899. lllus. 

nrlitt, Cornelius. 

Die deutsche Kunst des neunzehnten Jahr- 
honderts. Berlin, 1899. Portrs. Pis. 

Alkmann, Augustus. 

Die Quellen der Kunstgeschichte des 
Plinius. Berlin, 1898. 4076.113 

Qaczko, Julian. 1828- 
Rome et la renaissance. Essais et esquisses. 
Paris, 1898. Pis. 4076.111 

Coppe, Carl, professor in Braunschweig. 
Wesen und Bedeutung der graphischen 
Kunste fur den Illustrations- und Karten- 
dmck. Hamburg, 1898. 46 pp. 

Cotschmann, Theodor. 

Geschichte der deutschen Illustration. Lief. i. 
Goslar. [1899.] *8o6oa.l27 

i^ewine, J. 
Bibliography of eighteenth century art and 
illustrated books. Being a guide to collec- 
tors of illustrated works in English and 
French of the period. London, 1898. Pis. 

^faitres, Les, du dessin. Publication mensuelle, 
6dit6e sous la direction de Roger Marx. 
Contenant le reproduction en heliogravure 
des plus beaux dessins de toutcs les 6coles. 
Annee i, no. 1-5. [Paris.] 1899. 

tfontorgueil, Georges. 

Les trois couleurs. France, son histoire. 

Imag6 par Job [pseud, de J. de Br^ville]. 

Paris. [1899?! *8o6o.37 

Nicholson, William, artist 

The square book of animals. Rhjrmes by A. 

Waugh. N. Y., 1900. 16 pp. *8o72.39 

"Nippor Bijitsu," The. A monthly magazine 

devoted to the interest of the National 

school of Japanese art . . . [Feb., March, 

May-Aug., 1899.] Tokyo. [1899.] = 


In Japanese. 

S'olhac Pierre Girauld de. 
Le Virgile du Vatican et ses peintures. Tire 
des Notices et extraits des manuscrits de 
la Bibliotheque nationale et autres biblio- 
theques, t 35, 2e partie [*6i9i..35, part2]. 
Pans, 1897. PI. 4073.26 

Patten, Mary Caverly. 
Outline cards for the study of art history. 
Italian renaissance. Boston. [1897?] 5 
cards. = 4070.115 

Kaczynski, Athanasius, Graf. 
Histoire de Tart modeme en Allemagne. 
Paris, 1836-41. Text, 3 v. lllus. 2 v. =: 


A brief r^sum^ of this work, together with an 
index of the artists who appear in it, is on 

Sdmltze. Maximilian Victor. 

Die Quedlinbur^er Itala-Miniaturen der 

Kdniglichen Bibliothek in Berlin. Frag- 

mente der altesten christlichen Bucn- 

malerei. Munchen, 1898. 47 pp. Vignettes. 

Pis. 61 1 I.I 10 

Seesselberg, Friedrich. 
Die fruen-mittelalterliche Ktmst der germani- 
schen Voelker. Unter besonderer Berueck- 
sichtigtmg der skandinavischen Baukunst 
in ethnologisch - anthropologischer Be- 
gruendung dargestellt. Berlin, 1897. Text, 
lllus. Plans; Atlas, 26 pis. [Koenigliche 
technische Hochschtile zu Berlin.] 

*CaD.8o. 100.3 

The Atlas has the title, "Die skandinavische Bau- 
kunst der ersten nordisch-christlichen Jahrhun- 

Starr, Eliza Allen. 

The seven Dolors of the Blessed Virgin 

Mary. Chicago, 1808. Pis. 4079a.63 

This work relates to the Dolors as portrayed in 
Christian art. 

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Der Totentanz von Kienzheim im Ober- 
Elsass. Strassburg 1899. 59 pp. lllus. 

Tuer, 'Andrew White, compiler. 

Stories from olcl-fashioned children's books. 

Adorned with 250 amusing cuts. London, 

1899. *4569a.i94 
Venturi, Adolf o. 

La madonna. Svolgimento artistico delle 
rappresentazioni della Vergine. Milano, 

1900. lllus. ^^4071. 89 
Vincent, Elizabeth C. 

The Madonna in legend and history. N. Y. 
[1899.] Pis. 4069.119 

Vollanann, Ludwig. 

Iconografia Dantesca. The pictorial repre- 
sentations to Dante's Divine comedy. Re- 
vised and augmented by the author, with 
a preface by Charles Sarolea. London, 
1800. lllus. Pis. ♦479oa.3 

Bibliography, pp. aaa-aaS. 

Zimmermann, Max Georg. 
Giotto, und die Kunst Italiens im Mittel- 
alter. Bd. i. Leipzig, 1.899. IHus. Portr. 



Caffin, Charles H. 
How to tell a good picture. Boston, 1900 
12 pp. = 4079.141 

La Sizeranne, Robert de. 
Ruskin and the religion of beauty. Trans- 
lated by the countess of Galloway. Lon- 
don, 1899. 4079.117 
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iEsthetic principles. N. Y., 1895. 3588.97 

Architecture. Building. 

American institute of architects. Brooklyn 
Catalociie. Exhibition of 1899. [Brooklyn, 
1899.J 48 pp. Pis. Plan. = 8097.32 
Architectural studies. International. 
The world's best architecture. Selection of 
plates, description and criticism by Russell 
Sturgis. No. 1-3, May-July, 1899. [Chi- 
cago.] 1899. Photographic Cab. 

These plates are kept in the Collection of photo- 
graphs on the Special Libraries Floor. 



Barnes, Arthur Stapylton. 
St. Peter in Rome and his tomb on the 
Vatican Hill. London, 1900. Ulus. Pians. 

Baxter, Lucy £. 
The cathedral builders. The story of a great 
masonic guild [comacinesl. By L^der 
Scott [pseud.]. London, logg. Pis. 

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Lichfidd cathedral. London, 1899. 66 pp. 
Pis. Plan. 4109.53 

Boehlau, Johannes. 
Aus ionischen und italischen Nekropolen. 
Leipzig, 1898. Illus. 402oa.66 

Boston architectural dub and Boston society 
of architects. 
Catalogue of the architectural exhibition, 
St. Botolph dub. May 22 to June 3, 1899. 
XBoston, 1800.] Pis. Plans. = *4093-79 
Boston. Park street chiirdL 
Etching on Japanese paper. [Boston, 1900.] 
[Iconographic society.] = *Cab.23.40.3 
Briggs, Warren Richard. 
Modem American school buildings, ist edi- 
tion. N. Y.. 1899. Pis. Plans. 809336 
Bryant T. Hugh. 
Norfolk churches. Illustrated by C. A. Cor- 
mick. Norwich, 1898. 3 v. Pis. 4107.8 
Contents. — i. Hundred of Wayland. a. Hundred 
of North Greenhoe. 3. Hundred of Earsham. 

Butler, Howard Crosby. 
Scotland's ruined abbeys. N. Y., 1899. lUus. 


Champney, Elizabeth Williams. 
Romance of the feudal chateaux. N. Y., 
1900. Illus. Plan. 4095.82 

Christie, William Wallace. 
Chimney design and theor^. N. Y.. 1899. 
nius. Plans. 8094.84 

Gausse, Gustave. 
Les origines Benedictines: Subiaco. Mont- 
Cassin, Monte-Oliveto [Maggiore]. Paris, 
1899. Pis. Folded plans. 4101.73 

Corroyer, fidouard Jules. 

[25 photographs of Mont St. Michel.] Paris. 
= ♦Cab.6o. 136.2 

Most of these photographs show the abbey and 
church of Mont St. Michel. 

Dauks, William. 
Ripon cathedral. Illustrated by H. Railton. 
London, 1899. 65 pp. Illus. 4109.52 

Deville, Jean Achille. 
Revue des architectes de la cathedrale de 
Rouen jusqu'a la fin du XVIe si^cle. 
Rouen, 1898. 96 pp. PI. = 4095.116 
Dimock, Arthur. 
The cathedral church of Saint Paul. An ac- 
count of the buildings. London, 1900. Illus. 
Portrs. [Bell's cathedral series.] 4109.46 
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Some masters of Greek architecture. Great 
Barrington, Mass., 1899. Pis. 4095.88 

Edminster, C. Franklin. 
Architectural drawing. [N. Y., 1899.] Pis. 

Eley, C. King. 
The Cathedral church of Carlisle. A de- 
scription of its fabric and a brief history. 
London, 1900. 98 pp. Illus. Plan. 


Enorlish country houses. Boston, 1898. 100 

Pfs. ^4100.93 

Without text 

Espouy, H. d', editor. 

Fragments d'architecture du Moy«n age et 

de la Renaissance, d'apres les rdev6s & res- 

taurations des anciens gensionnaires de 

TAcad^mie de France k Rome. Paris. 

[1899.] (6) pp. 100 heliogravures. 


Ewing, James Alfred. 

The strength of materials. Cambridge, 1899. 

Illus. 4016.117 

Farrar, Frederic William. 

Westminster Abbey, with a chapter on the 

Poets* comer by A. P. Stanley. N. Y. 

[1897?] 60 pp. Portr. Pis. 4108.19 

Freitag, Joseph Kendall. 

The fireproofing of steel buildings. N. Y., 

1899. Ulus. 8013.189 
Gerhard, William Paul. 

Theatres. Their safety from fire and panic 
their comfort and healthfulness. Boston, 

1900. 4019.133 
Golinelli, L. 

How to use Portland cement. Trandated 
by S. B. Newberry. Chicago, 1899. 29 
op. = 4016.90 

Goodyear, William Henry. 

Syllabus of a course of six lectures on rep- 
resentative nations illustrated by their ar- 
chitecture and decorative arts. Phila., 

1898. 20 pp. Illus. [University extension 
lectures.] No. 12 in ♦3592.163 

Gottlob. Fritz. 
Formenlehre der norddeutschen Backstein- 
gothik. Leipzig, 1900. 25 pp. 65 pis. 

*Cab.6o. 132.2 
Gout, Paul. 
L'histoire et 1' architecture fran<;aise au Mont 
Saint-Michel. Paris, 1899. Illus. Maps. 

Griveaud. L6on. 
Manuel du serrurier-constructeur. Paris, 
1900. Ulus. 4015.42 

Gu6dy, Henry. 
L'enseignement i I'ficole nationale et 
sp^ciale des beaux-arts. Section d'archi- 
tecture. Paris. [1899.] Illus. 4092.80 
Hazel ton, George C, jr. 
The national Capitol; its architecture, art 
and history. N. Y., 1897. Illus. Portrs. 

Isham, Norman Morrison, and Albert F. 
Early Connecticut houses: a historical and 
architectural study. Providence. 1900. 
Ulus. Plan. *8i02.40 

Koldeweyj Robert, and Otto Puchstein. 
Die griechischen Tempel in Unteritalien und 
Sicilien. Beriin, 1899. Text; Atlas. 

♦Cab.6o. 137.2 
Maine. State superintendent of public schools. 
Sketches, designs and plans for school-build- 
ings, school yards and outhouses. [Au- 
gusta.] 1897. 57 pp. Illus. Plans. = 

Martin, Garence Augustine. 
Details of building construction. Boston, 

1899. (6) pp. 33 pis. with explanatory 
notes. 4091.25 



Masse, Henry Jean Louis Joseph 
The abbey church of Tewkesbrry, with som'^ 

account of the priory church of Deerhurst, 

Gloucestershire. London, 1900. Illus. 

Plans. 4109.42 

Monasticon Anglicanum: aedes Benedictinae. 

Houses of the Black monks, Benedictines 

and Quniacs.] 74 photographs, with index. 

Map. = *Cab.6o.iio.4 

Neubauten in Briissel. Berlin, 1900. 30 pis. 

7 plans. [Modeme Stadtbilder.1 

*Cab.6o. 139.3 

Oirden, Henry Nedy. 

Sewer design. N. Y., 1899. 4019.123 

Peridns, Thomas. 
Wimbome Minster and Christ-church 
Priory. London, 1899. Ulus. Plans. 
[Bell's cathedral series.] 4109.44 

Petersen, Eugen. 
Die Marcus-Saule auf Piazza Colonna in 
Rom. Herausgegeben von E. Petersen, 
A. Ton Domaszewski, G. Calderini. Mtin- 
chen, 1896. Text. Illus.; Atlas, 2 v. 
ia8 pis. *Cab.6o.i39.i 

Prang, Ix>uis, and company. 
Notes on Egjrptian architecture and orna- 
ment. Boston. [1899.] 27 pp. Illus. 
Map. Cab.8o. 1 12.5. i, Text 

Notes on Greek architecture and ornament. 
Boston. [1899.] 34 pp. nius. Map. PI. 

Cab.8o. 1 12.5.3, Text 
Prior, Edward Schroeder. 
A history of Gothic art in England. Lon- 
don, 190a nius. Plans. 4091.82 
Putnam, John Pickering. 
The outlook for the artisan and his art 
Chicago, 1899. 70 pp. nius. [Unity li- 
brary.] = 4098.29 
Chiefly oa nationalism and its influence on ar- 

Robtnson, John Beveriy. 
Principles of architectural composition. With 
an introduction by Russell Stnrgis. N. Y.. 
1899. nius. ["Architectural record series."] 

Schubert von Soldem, Zdenko, Ritter. 
Die Baudenlanale von Samarkand Archi- 
tektonischer Reisebericht. Wien, 1898. 
fi pp. nius. Plans. 4092.39 

Bochara. Architektonische Reiseskizzen. 
Wien, 1890. 59 PP. nius. 409449 

Scfaultess, Carl. 
Bauten des Kaisers Hadrian. Hamburg, 
1898. 75 pp. ♦5914.50.N.F.13 

Scfawenk, Charles, editor. 
The Dewey arch and its details. 12 gelatine 
plates. N. Y. [1899.] ♦4090.110 

Shore, Thomas Teignmouth. 
Worcester cathedral. Illustrated by Hedley 
Fltton. London, 1899. 66 pp. 4109.54 
Spence, Henry Donald Maurice. 
The white robe of churches of the Xlth cen- 
tury. Pages from the story of Gloucester 
cathedral. N. Y., 1900. Illus. Plan. 


Stiehl, O. 

Der Backsteinbau romanischer Zeit, beson- 

ders in Oberitalien und Norddeutschland. 

Leipzig. 1898. Pis. *Cab.6o.i36.i 

TcAmie, Mary Virginia. 

More colonial homesteads. By Marion Har- 

land [pseud.]. N. Y., 1899. nius. Portrs. 
Coats-of-arms. 4366.148 

Trotter, Alys Fane. 

Old colonial houses of the Cape of Good 

Hope. With a chapter on the origin of 

old Cape architecture by Herbert Baker. 

London, 1900. 24 pp. 34 pis. ^8102.38 

University of California. 
The international competition for the Phoebe 
Hearst architec^vral plan for the Vniver- 
sity of California. [San Francisco? 1899.] 
Portrs. Pis. = 4092.37 

Programme for an international competition 
for the Phebe Hearst architectural plan of 
the University of California. Berkel^, 

1897. 39, (i) ff. = 8092.80 
Ware, William Robert. 

School of architecture. An address to the 
Architectural league of ^ew York. N. Y., 

1898. 8 pp. r Columbia college. School of 
architecture.] = 4097.21 

Wilson, Sarah. 
The romance of our ancient churches. 
N. Y. [1899.] 184 pp. Illus. 4108.12 

Art Anatomy. 

Armstead, Hugh Wells. 

The artistic anatomy of the horse. London, 

1900. 55 pp. 20 pis. *8o6oa.28 

Lange, Julius Henrik. 

Darstellung des Menschen in der alteren 

griechiscnen Kunst. Aus dem Danischen 

tibersetzt von Mathilde Mann. Unter Mit- 

wirkung von C. Jorgensen herausgegd>en 

von A. Furtwangler. Strassburg, 1899. 

Illus. 4073.42 

Larisch, Rudolf von. 

Der irSchonheitsfehler' des Weibes. Fine 

anthropometrischasthetische Studie. 2. 

Auflage. Miinchen, 1896. 36 pp. Pis. 

Diagrams. 8075.170 

Schafer, Maximilian. 

Tierformen: vergleichende Studien iiber 

die Anatomic des Menschen und der 

Tiere, fiir Kiinstler, Kunst-Handwerker 

sowie Dilettanten bearbeitet. Dresden. 

[1899.1 2 V. Text. Illus. Atlas, 64 pis. 



Baldry, Alfred Lys. 
Sir John Everett Millais: his art and in- 
fluence. London, 1899. Portrs. Pis. 


Crane, Walter. 

The work of Walter Crane. With notes by 

the artist. London, 1808. 37 PP- nius. 

Portrs. Pis. No. i in ♦8060.126 

Cruttwell, Maud. 

Luca Signorelli. London, 1899. Pis. [The 

great masters in painting and sculpture.] 

Day, Lewis Foreman. 
Of William Morris and his work. London, 
1899. 33 PP nius. Portr. Pis. 

No. 2 in ♦8060.126 



Denio, Elizabeth H. 
Nicolas Poussin : his life and work. N. Y., 

1899. Portr. Pis. 4074.103 
Durand, Jean. 

^exposition Van Dyck k Anvcrs. Paris, 
1805). 52 pp. Illus. Portrs. ♦4071.117 
Dyck, Sir Anthony van. 

[Sketches of his life and works, by various 
writers.] Boston, 1900. 16 pp. Portrs. 
Pis. [Masters in art. A series of illus- 
trated monographs.] * *4072.252 
Fischel, Oskar. 
Raphaels Zeichnungen. Strassburg, 1898. 

Gilbert, W. Matthews. 
The life and work of Peter Graham, R. A. 
London, 1899. 35 pp. Ulus. [Art an- 
nual, 1899.] *4o8o.68 
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Andrea del Sarto. London, 1899. Portr. 
Pis. [The great masters in painting and 
sculpture.] 4077.116 
Hurll, Estellc May. 
Jean Frangois Millet. Fifteen pictures, with 
introduction and interpretation. Boston, 

1900. Portr. [Riverside art series.] 

Rembrandt. A collection of 15 pictures, with 
interpretation. Boston, 1899. Portr. [River- 
side art series.] 4078.134 
Hurll, Estelle May, editor. 
Raphael. A collection of fifteen pictures, 
with introduction and interpretation. Bos- 
ton, 1899. Portr. [Riverside art series.] 

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Rembrandt. Translated by Campbell Dodg- 
son. Bielefeld, 1899. Illus. Portrs. [Mono- 
graphs on artists.] 4082.72 
Van Dyck. Translated by Campbell Dodg- 
son. Bielefeld, 1899. vi, 83 pp. [Mono- 
graphs on artists.] 4082.73 
Knowlton, Helen Mary. 
Art-life of W. M. Hunt. With illustrations. 
Boston, 1899. 4085.51 
Longueville, Thomas. 
Chisel, pen & poignard; or, Benvenuto Cel- 
lini, his times and his contemporaries. 
By the author of "The life of Sir Kenelm 
Digby." London, 1899. 4088.46 
Maillard, L6on. 
Auguste Rodin, statuaire. Paris, 1899. Illus. 

Marillier, Harry Currie. 
Dante Gabriel Rossetti. An illustrated me- 
morial of his art and life. London, 1899. 
Illus. Portrs. ♦4081.77 

Michel, Frangois £mile. 
Rubens. Translated by Elizabeth Lee. Lon- 
don, 1899. 2 v. Illus. Portrs. ^4082.56 
Millais, John Guille. 
The life and letters of Sir John Everett 
Millais. London, 1899. 2 v. Vignettes. 
Portrs. Pis. Fac-similes. = 4083.66 

Monkhouse, William Cosmo. 
British contemporary artists. N. Y., 1899. 
Vignettes. Portrs. Pis. ♦4081.73 

Contents. — Watts. — Millais. — Leighton. ~ 
Bume- Jones. — Orchardson. — Alma-Tadema. — 

Pinnington, Edward. 
Sir David Wilkie and the Scots school of 
painters. N. Y. [1900.] [Famous Scots 
series.1 2549a.3i 

Rea, Hope. 
Donatello, "il Maestro di chi sanno." Lon- 
don, 1900. Pis. [Great masters in paint- 
ing and sculpture.] 4077.122 
Rondot, C^ Francois Natalis. 
Bernard Salomon, peintre et tailleur d'his- 
toires k Lyon, au xvie si^e. Lyon, 1897. 

93 PP- 4082.58 

Rushforth, Gordon M'Neil. 
Carlo Crivelli. London, 1900. Portrs. Pis. 

Sartain, John. 

The reminiscences of a very old man. 1808- 
1897. N. Y., 1899. Portr. Pis. 4064.55 
Smedley, William Thomas. 
Life and character. Drawings by W. T. 
Smedley. With accompanying text by A. 
V. S. Anthony. N. Y. 1899. 120 pp. 
Portr. ♦8060a. 123 

Spielmann, Marion Harry. 
John Ruskin. A sketdi. With a paper by 
Ruskin. Phila., 1900. Portrs. Pis. Fac- 
similes. 4078.1^ 
Stevenson, Robert A. M. 
Velasquez. London, 1899. Portrs. Pis. 
[Great masters in painting & sculpture.] 

Another edition entitled The art of VduMquex 
is on *407i.85. 

Strachey, Henry. 
Raphael. London, 1900. Pis. [Great mas- 
^ ters of painting and sculpture.] 4077.118 
Taillasson, Jean Joseirfi. 
Observations sur quelques grands peintres. 
avec un precis de leur vie. Paris, 1807. 
= 4088.104 

Vachon, Marius. 
Jules Breton. Paris, 1899. Illus. Portrs. 

Williamson, George C. 
Bernardino Luini. London, 1899. Pis. [The 
great masters in painting and sculpture.] 

Wingenroth, Max. 

Die Jugendwerke des Benozzo Gozzoli. Eine 

kunstgeschichtliche Studie. Heidelberg, 

1897. 98 pp. 4077.106 

Caricature. Humorous Drawings. 

Deberdt, Raoul. 
La caricature et Thumour frangais au xixme 
siecle. Paris. [1898.] Illus. Pis. 

Gibson, Charles Dana. 
The education of Mr. Pipp. [Plates with 
descriptive notes.] N. Y., 1899. *8o7a2i8 
Herford, Oliver. 
An alphabet of celebrities. Boston, 1899. 
Illus. *8o6i.i53 

Kemble, Edward Windsor. 
The Blackberries and their adventures. 
N. Y., 1897. Illus. 10 col. pis. *8o65.i5o 

Humorous negro sketches. 

Coontown's 400. N. Y., 1899. 30 pis. 




Kemble's Sketch book. N. Y., 1899* 30 pis. 

Sketch book. N. Y., 1899. 30 pis. *8o65.i49 
Majer, Henry. 
In Ung^and. Drawings. N. Y., 1899. 57 
pis. *8o6oa.i25 

Rogers, Wfllimm Allen, artist 
Hits at politics. A series of cartoons. 
N. Y., 1899. ♦8o6ai37 

Walther, K., compiler. 
Bismarck in der Karikatur. Stuttgart 
[1899?^ 8079^259 


Logan, James. i794?-i872. 
Mclan's costumes of the clans of Scotland, 
with descriptive letter-press. Glasgow, 
1^9. nius. G>1. pis. G>ats of arms. 


Decoration. Design. Ornament. 
Furniture. Lace. 

Boito, Camillo. 
Arte utile. Decorazione policroma. Cin- 
quanta cromolitografie. Milano, 1894. 
(8) pp. 50 pis. *8o9i.ia3 

Carlier, Antoine. 
La Belgigue dentelli^re. Bruxelles, 1898. 
nius. Portrs. Pis. 8074.165 

Cunynghame, Henry Hardinge Samuel. 
On the theory and practice of art-enamelling 
upon metals. Westminster, 1899. Illus. 

Day, Lewis Foreman, and Mary Buckle. 
Art in needlework. London, 1900. Illus. 

Furniture record, The, with which are incorpo- 
rated Furniture and decoration, The fur- 
niture gazette, and The furnishing draper. 
No. 815, Jan. 5, 1900-. London, 1900-. 
Illus. *409i.26s 

Geldart, Ernest. 
Manual of church decoratiQn and symbolism. 
Containing . . . advice to those who desire 
to deck the church at various seasons. 
Oxford. 1899. nius. 52 pis. *4I02.84 

Glazier, Richard. 
A manual of historic ornament. London, 
1899. nius. 4093.81 

Havard, Henry. 
Les bronzes d'art et d'ameublement Paris. 
[1897.] nius. [Les arts de Tameuble- 
ment] 8087.100 

L'eb^nisterie. Paris. [1897.] Illus. [Les 
arts de I'ameublement.] 8087.101 

Les styhs. Paris. [1897.] Illus. [Les 
arts de Tameublement] 8087.102 

Hatton, Richard G. 
A text-book of elementary design. 3d edi- 
tion. London. [1898?] Illus. 8069.86 
Hopkins, James Frederick. 
Syllabus of a course of illustrated lectures 
on industrial design. Together with a 
selected list of books in the Boston Pub- 
lic Library. Boston, 1900. 33 pp. Il- 
lus. = ♦8062.128 
Lafond, Paul. 
L'art d^coratif et le mobilier sous la R^pu- 
blique et T Empire. Paris, 1900. *409i.3i 

Langen, Magdalene von. 

Kunstgewerbliche Vorlagen. Heft 18-22. 

Leipzig. [1899.] 20 pis. ♦Cab.80.200.2 

Lef^bure^ Ernest 

Embroidery and lace : their manufacture and 

history. Translated and enlarged, by A. 

S. Cole. New edition. N. Y., 1899. nius. 


Morris, William. 

Some hints on pattem-designinflr. Lecture 

delivered at the Workingmen's college, 

London, on December 10, 1881. London, 

1899. 46 pp. *8o68.ii3 
Motivenschatz fver modemes Kvnstschaffen. 

Stvdienblxtter fiir Kvenstler, Kvnst-Ge- 

werbetreibende, Architekten und Liebha- 

berkvenste. Ser. i. Dresden. [1899.] 29 

colored pis. *Cab.8o. 188.4 

New York school of applied design for women. 

[Announcement], 1899/1900. [N. Y., 1899.] 

= *8o69a.69 

Annual report, I8t-6th. [N. Y., 1893-98.] = 

Nye, Alvan Crocker. 
Furniture designing and draughting. N. Y., 

1900. Illus. 4093.6; 
Photographs of the interiors of severad 

churches, showing the lecterns. Also, il- 
lustrations of lecterns and pulpits. Col- 
lected by H. P. Arnold. Mounted in i v. 
= *Cab.6o.40.7 

Prang, Louis, and company. 
Designs for decoration, etc Chromolitho- 
graphs. = *Cab.8o.22o.i 
The rrang examples of historic ornament 
Boston. [1898.] Pis. ♦Cab.80.112.5 
RosSi Denman Waldo. 
Illustrations of balance and rhythm [in de- 
sign] for the use of students and teachers. 
By D. W. Ross, E. O. Parker and S. C. 
Patchett Boston. [1900.] *Cab.8o.200.5 
S., A. M. 
Point and pillow lace. A short account of 
various kinds, and how to recognize them. 
N. Y., 1899. Portr. Pis. 8047.190 
Seeman, E. A. 
Seemanns Wandbildcr. Meisterwerke der 
bildenden Kunst. Baulcunst, Bildnerei, 
Malerei. Leipzig. [1899,] 1900. 93 helio- 
types. ♦Cab.8o. 170.4 
Society of arts and crafts, Boston. 
Announcements for 1899. [Boston, 1899.] 

= 8077.57 

Townsend. William G. Paulson. 

Embroidery, or the craft of the needle. By 

W. G. Paulson Townsend. assisted by 

T^uisa F. Pescl and others. London. 1899. 

Pis. 6009.119 

Williams, John, of New York. 

Cast and wrought brass and bronze work, 
wrought iron work, to special desiam. 
Designs and estimates furnished. N. Y., 
1899. Illus. = ♦8o3oa.57 

Drawing. Mechanical Drawing. 

Bartolozzi. Francesco. 

The Bartolozzi drawing book containing 

twenty engravings by the famous engraver 

of that name . . . produced by Edmund 

Hill in half tone process for the benefit of 



young be^nners. Reprint of the edition 

of 1793. London, 1899. (4) pp. 20 pis. 

*Cab.8o. 190.6 

Beardsley^ Aubrey Vincent. 

A second book of fifty drawings. N. Y., 1890. 

(8) pp. Portr. Pis. ♦4082.63 

Gallatin, A. £. 

List of drawings by Aubrey Beardsley. 

N. Y., 1900. 24 pp. *4077.I32 

One ox a hundred copies, printed at the De Vinne 

Maginnis, Charles P. 

Pen drawing. Boston, 1899. lUus. 8069.177 

Reid, J. G. 

At the sign of the brush and pen. Being 

notes on some black and white artists of 

to-day. Aberdeen, 1898. lUus. Portrs. 

Pis. 4077.112 

Strauss, Malcolm A. 

Cupid and coronet. Drawings. N. Y., 1899. 

24 pis. *8c)6i.i5i 

Engraving. Etching. Lithography. 

Boecklin, Arnold. 

Ftinfzehn Holzschnitte nach Gemalden von 
Bocklin. Mit einer Einleitung von ^mil 
Fendler. Leipzig. [1898.] 8 pp. 12 pis. 
[Meisterwerke der Holzschneiddcunst] 

♦Cab.80.198.1, S 
Cope, H. R. 

Magnificent collection of choice engravings. 
The balance of tde £. R. Cope collection. 
Sold Nov. 15 & 16, '99. Catalogue com- 
piled ... by S. V. Henkels. Phila., 1899. 
2 parts in i v. Pis. *8o72.8o 

Lemercier, Alfred. 

La lithographic frangaise de 1796 k 1896, et 
les arts qui s'y rattachent. Paris. [1899.] 
lUus. Fac-similes. *8o6o.i3i 

Moderne Meister. Zehn Blatt Holzschnitte 
nach Originalen von Franz von Leubach, 
Ludwig Dettman, [u. a.]. Mit Begleittext 
von A. Fendler. Leipzig. [1898.] (8) pp. 
10 pis. [Meisterwerke der Holzschneide- 
kunst. ] *Cab.8o. 198. i .4 

Prano:, Louis, and company. 

Album cards. [Complete set] Chromolitho- 
graphs. = ♦Cab.80.222.3 

Bouquets, crosses, wreaths, etc. Chromo- 
lithograohs. 2 v. = *Cab.8o.220.4 

Christmas, Easter, and birthday cards, etc 
Chromolithographs. 2 v. = *Cab.8o.222.i 

Easter cards. Chromolithographs. = 


Figures, heads, animals. Chromolithographs. 
= *Cab.8o.223.2 

Flowers. Chromolithographs. = 


Fruit, flowers, Christmas cards, children, 
scenery, etc Chromolithographs. 
= *Cab.8o.222.4 

Landscapes, etc. Chromolithographs. 3 v. 
(i in portfolio). = *Cab.8o.225.2 

Menu and business cards. Chromolitho- 
graphs. 3 V. *Cab.8o.22i.2 

Portraits, monuments, devices, etc Chromo- 
lithographs. = *Cab.8o.224.i 

Rewards of merit. Chromolithographs. = 


Scenery, New year's cards, groups, etc. 
Chromolithographs. = *Cdh.%o,222,s 

Scripture texts, etc Chromolithographs. 5 v. 
= *Cab.8o.22i.i 

Wild flowers, ferns, birds, animals, etc 
Chromolithographs. = *Cab.8o.22o.3 

The Yosemite valley. Progressive proofs. 
Chromolithographs. = *Cab.8o.225.i 

Schneider, Sascha. 

Zeichnungen von Sascha Schneider. 3. Auf- 
lage. Gesamtausgabe. Text von Aemil 
Fendler. Leipzig. [1898.I xi pp. 16 pis. 
[Meisterwerke der Holzschneidekunst.] 

Weihnachts-Mappe. Leipzig. [1897.] vi pp. 
8 pis. [Meisterwerke der Holzschneide- 
kunst. 1 *Cab.8o. 15*. 1.2 

Galleries. Exhibitions. Schools. 

Art club of Erie. 
Annual exhibition, ist-3d. [Erie, 189^1000.] 

3 V. = ♦8o79a.24i 

Constant, Jean Joseph Benjamin. 

Promenade de peintre aux salons de T898. 

Paris, 1898. 8066.87 
Cowles art institute, Boston. 

[Announcement, by-laws, etc.] [Boston, 

1899.1 9 pp. = ' *4079wi32 

Frantz, Henri. 
Notes sur les Salons de 1899. Paris. [1899.] 

74 pp. 4079.143 

Furtwaengler, Adolf. 
Ueber Kunstsammlungen in alter und neuer 
Zeit. Mtinchen, 1899. 30 pp. = 4071.103 
Hirst. Shakespeare. 
Shakespeare house, Almondbury. Huddcrs- 
field.^ Shakespeare Hirst's exhibition of 
paintings by the greatest old masters . . . 
[Poster.] London, 1898. = ♦8070.28 

Hoeber, Artfiur. 
The treasures of the Metropolitan museum 
of art of New York. N. Y., 1899. Illus. 
Portrs. ♦8076.40 

International society of sculptors, painters, and 
Illustrated souvenir catalogue of die exhi- 
bition of international art, Knightsbridge. 
London, 1898. ♦8074.180 

Koehler, Sylvester Rosa, compiler. 
A chronological catalogue of the engravings, 
dry-points and etchings of Albert Durcr, 
as exhibited at the Grolier cl b. N. Y., 
1897. Pis. ♦8071.73 

Library art club. 
Constitution, officers, members and exhibits, 
1898/99. [Boston? 1899.] = ♦8079.217 
Paris. Exposition universelle de 1900. 
Catalogue officiel illustr^. Exposition des 
beaux-arts, fitats-Unis d'Am^rique, Ex- 
position universelle de Paris, 1900. Bos- 
ton. [1900.] Pis. Plans. ♦8o29a.3 
Official illustrated catalogue. Fine arts ex- 
hibit, United States of America. Boston. 
[1900.] Pis. Plans. ♦8o29a.2 
Paris. Salon. 
Le Salon de 1899. Par Goupil & c**. Paris, 
1899. Ulus. ♦♦8063.56 



Povpter, Sir Edward John, baronet, editor. 
The National gallery. Vol. i, 2. London, 
189^ Pis. *8o7oa.2a 

Spttzer, Fried/idL 
La collection Spitzer. Antiquit6, Moyen age, 
Renaissance. Paris, 1890-92. 6 t. = 


There are many colored plates and helio g r aviu M. 
That portion ol the text which relates to tha 
Renaissance was prepared by Amile Molinier. 

Landscape Gardening. Parks. 

Buffalo. Park commissioners. 
Annual report, ist-joth. Buffalo, 1871-1900. 
3 V. Pis. Maps. Plans. = ^447^ 18 

Qereland, Ohio. Board of park commission- 

Annoal report, 7th. 1899. Qeveland, 1900. 

nius. = *399oa.iSS 

Manning, Warren H. 
A handbook for planning and planting: small 
home grounds. With a list of native and 
commonly cultivated plants . . . Meno- 
monie. Wis., 1899. 76 pp. = 3997-145 
Maynard, Samuel Taylor. 
Landscape gardening, as applied to home 
decoration. N. Y., 1899. fllus. Portrs. 

San Francisco, Cal. Board of park commis- 
Annnal report, 28th. San Francisco, 1899. 
Col. pis. = *3990a-i7S 

Sexby, J. J. 
The municipal parks, gardens, and open 
places of London. London, 1898. Illus. 

Vernon, Arthur. 
EsUte fences: their choice, construction 
and cost With ... a chapter on boun- 
daries and fences in their legal aspect by 
T. W. Marshall. London, 1899. Illus. 
Diagrams. ♦L.53.89 

Music. Musicians. 

Balfour, Henry, M.A., of Oxford. 
The natural history of the musical bow. Ox- 
ford, 1899. 95 pp. Illus. Map. 4043.4S 


Berezovsld, V. 

Pyeesaa iiysiisa. Cn6., 1898. 
Bie, Oscar. 
A history of the pianoforte and pianoforte 
players. Translated ^nd revised from the 
German, by E. E. Kellett and E. W. Nay- 
lor. London, 1899. Illus. Portrs. Fac- 
similes. 4043.102 
British museum, London. Library. 
Catalogue of music. London, 1884-98. = 

Contents. — Mnsic. Accessions, i88o-[98]. Parts 


Catalogue of music. Recent acquisitions of 

c^d music (Printed before the year 1800.) 

London, 1899. = *4042.i02 

Chamberlain, David Blaisdell, and Karl Pom- 

eroy Harrington, compilers. 

Songs of all the colleges. Including many 

new songs. N. Y., 1900. "^52.220 

Chapin, Anna Alice. 
Wotan, Siegfried, and Briinnhilde. N. Y., 

1899. 404ga.68 
Chord, The. A quarterly devoted to music. 

No. 1-4. London, 1899. Pis. = *M. 185.2 
Garke, James Hamilton Smee. 
A manual of orchestration. Designed to 
enable amateurs to follow the performance 
of orchestral music London. [1809?] 

Cremers, E. 

L'anal^rse et la composition m^lodiques. 
Paris, 1898. 92 pp. 4053.24 

Crowest, Frederick James. 
Beethoven. London, 1899. Portrs. Pis. 
[The master musicians.] 4048.157 

Curzon, Henri de. 
Les Lieder de Franz Schubert. Esquisse cri- 
tique. Paris, 1899. Portr. 4049a.9i 
Davis, Katherine Wallace.. 
Cradle songs of many nations. A musical 
entertainment for children. Designs by 
Helen Hayes. Chicago. [1898.] (36) pp. 
Portr. 8052.203 
Destranp^es, £tienne. 
Les femmes dans Toeuvre de Richard Wag- 
ner. Vingt dessins in^dits de 'A de Broca. 
Paris, 1899. 4aLL207 
Dietrich, Albrecht, and Joseph Victor Wid- 
Recollections of Johannes Brahms. Trans- 
lated by Dora E. Hecht. London, 1899. 
Portrs. 4047.119 
Downman, Edward Andrews. 
Ancient church bells in England. London, 
i8qo. Illus. ^2495. 168 

Bibliography, pp. 10-17. 

Dur tmd Moll. Ein musikalische Monats- 

schrift. Bd. i, 2, Heft 1-7. Leipzig. 

[1897, 98.] Illus. Portrs. *404i.2i5 

Ehrlich, Heinrich Alfred. 

Das Streich-Quartett in Wort und Bild. 

Leipzig. [1898.] 90 pp. Portrs. Pis. 


Eichhorn, Albert. 

Der akustische Maasstab fur die Projectbear- 

beitun^ grosser Innenraume, in seiner Be- 

ziehung zu den musikalischen Harmonien 

erlautert . . . Berlin, 1899. 93 pp. Illus. 


Elson, Louis Charles. 

The national music of America and its 

sources. Boston, 1900. Portrs. 4049a.95 

Gemuender, Martin A. 

What constitutes good music? N. Y., 1899. 

4049a. IQ2 

Hahn, Arthur, and others. 

Franz Liszt: sein Leben und sein Werke, 

von Arthur Hahn, Adolph Pochhammer 

und Fritz Volbach. Stuttgart [1898.] 

Portr. [Musiker und ihre Werke.] 


Hardy. T. Maskell. 

How to train children's voices.* London. 

[1899.] 64 pp. 8059.100 

Howard, Albert Waldo. 

Beethoven and his deafness. By M. Aubure 

Hovorre [pseud.]. [Boston, 1900?] 12 pp. 

Huneker, James. 
Chopin: the man and his music N. Y., 

1900. Portr. 4049.198 



Internationale Musikgesellschaft 
Sammelbande. Jahrgang i, Heft i. 1899. 
Leipzig, 1899. ♦4043.238 

Irvine, JDavid. 
"Parsifal" and Wagner's Christianity. Lon- 
don, 1809. 4049.171 
Lawrence, Arthur. 
Sir Arthur Sullivan. With critiaue by B. W. 
Findon and bibliography by W. Bendall. 
Chicago, 1900. Portrs. 4047.129 
Lehmann, George. 
True principles of the art of violin-playing. 
N. v., 1899. 74 pp. Illus. 8059a. 134 
Liszt, Franz. 
Life of Chopin. Translated for the first time 
by J. Broadhouse. London. [1899.] Portr. 

Loud, John J. 

New Hampshire home-song. Words and air 
by J. J. Loud. [Accomp. for pianoforte.] 
Weymouth, [ipoo.] (3) pp. = 8053.262 
Mason, Edward. 
How to teach the staff notation to tonic- 
sol-fa pupils. London. 1 1899.] 69 pp. 

8059a. 142 

Maudit, Jacques. 

Chansonnettes mesur^s de lan-Antoine de 

Baif. [Mises en musique k quatre parties 

par Jacques Maudit 1586. Accomp. de 

piano.] Paris, 1899. Portrs. 80^.151 

Meriah, Hans. 

Richard Strauss' Tondichtung Also sprach 

Zarathustra. Eine Studie uber die mo- 

deme Programmsjrmphonie. Leipzig, 1899. 

55 pp. 4048.174 

Monaldi, Gino. 

Verdi, 1839-1898. Torino, 1899. Portrs. 

Morse, Edward Sylvester. 

Pre-Columbian musical instruments in 
America. [N. Y., 1899.] 2 pp. Dlus. = 

Musical America. Edited by J. C. Freund. 
Vol. I. N. Y., 1898. Illus. Portrs. 

Neitzel, Otto. 
Camille Saint-Saens. Berlin, 1899. Illus. 
Portrs. Fac-similes. 4044.38 

Norris, Homer A. 
The art of counterpoint Boston. [1899.] 
I pp. Illus. 4045.90 

Owen, Theodore Montague Nugent! 
The church bells of Huntingdonshire. Lon- 
don, 1899. Illus. *249i.i8 
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Studien bei Hans von Bulow. [Mit Nach- 
trag von J. Vianna da Motta.] Berlin. 
1894, 96. 2 V. in I. Portr. 4049.190 
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The orchestra. Vol. i. Technique of the in- 
struments. 2d edition. London. [1897.] 
Illus. 8059a. 145 
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Geschichte der Musiktheorie im ix.-xix. 
Jahrhundert. Leipzig, 1898. 4047.113 

Rivista d'ltalia. 
Calendar io dell* anno 1899. . Disegni di G. 
Cellini, parole di U. Fleres, note di S. 
Saya. [Roma, 1899.] (67) pp. Illus. 


Rubinstein, Ant<m Grigorievitch. 
Die Meist^r des Klaviers. Musikal 
Vortrage uber die Entwicklung der 
vier-iComposition gehalten zu St P< 
burg . . . i88^iS39. Obersetzt voi 
Bessmertny. Berlin. [1899.] 86 
Portr. 404 

Ryan, Thomas. 
Recollections of an old musician. N 
1899. Portrs. Pis. 404 

Scholz, Bemhard E. 
Musikalisches und Personliches. B 
1899. 4049 

Shakespeare, William, musician. 
The art of singjng. Part I-III. Bo 

1898, 99. 3 V. in I. Illus. Portr. 40 
Singleton, Esther. 

A guide to the operas. N. Y., 1899. P< 

Smith, Nicholas. 
Stories of great national songs. Milwa 
[1899.] 40 

Soubies, Albert. 
Histoire de la musique. Espagne des 
gines au xviie siede. Paris, 1899. 
96 pp. 404 

Histoire de la musique. Hongrie. I 
1897. 63 pp. 404 

Histoire de la musique. Suisse. I 

1899. Portr. PI. 404 
Histoire du th^atre-lyriquc. 1851-70. I 

1899. 67 pp. Table. 40 

Stainer, John Frederick Randall, and 
Stamer, editors. 

Dufay and his contemporaries: fifty 
positions ranging from about a.d. 14/i 
1440. Transcribed from ms. Can 
misc. 213 in the Bodleian library. ' 
an introduction by E. W. B. Niche 
and a critical analysis ... by Sir 
Stainer. London, 1898. Fac-sin 
[Early Bodleian music.] *404< 

Steinert, Morris. 

Reminiscences. Arranged by Jane Ma 
N. Y., 1900. Portrs. Pis. 404] 

Surette, Thomas Whitney. 

Syllabus of a course of six lectures on i 
composers: classical period. Phila., : 
[University extension lectures. Seriej 
no. 3] No. 3 in *359i 

Syllabus of a course of six lectures on 
preat composers: romantic period. PI 
1897. 24 pp. [University extension 
tures. Series G., no. 9.I *3592 

Contents. — Schubert. — SchTimann. — 
delssohn. — Chopin. — Wagner. — Grieg. 

Tapper, Thomas, jr. 
Pictures from the lives of the great c 
posers for children. Phila., 1899. 404$ 
Taylor, John, organist. 
The student's text-book of the scieno 
music. London. [1899?] 80592 

Tchaikovski, Petr Iliitch. 
Musikalische Erinnerungen und Feu 
tons. ... In deutscher Ueberseb 
herausgegeben von Stiimcke. Be 
[1899.] Portr. 404^ 

Thierfelder, Albert. 
Alteriechische Musik. Leipzig, 1899. 2$ 



Tyng, T. S., compiler. — L'escargot. Op^rette. Paris. 

Canticles with chants in Japanese scales. Barbier, Fr6d6ric. La Carmagnole. Op6rette. 

N. p. [1896.] 16 pp. = *8c43.i35 Paris. 

UniTersity of Michigan. School of music — Les deux parfaits notaires. Op6rette. Paris. 

Annual May festival, 6th, 1899. [Pro- — La poup^e automate. Duo tyrolien. Paris, 

gramme.] Ann Arbor, 1899. Portrs. = — Les premieres armes de Pamy. Paris. 

*4042.87 Bartmuss, Richard. Der Tag der Pfingsten, 

Vianna da Motta, J. Oratorium. Op. 14. Dessau, 1892. 

Nachtr» zu Studien bei Hans von Bulow, Baussnem, W. von. Durer in Venedig. Oper. 

von Theodor Pfeiffer. Berlin, 1896. 92 [Klavierauszug.] Leipzig. [1898.] 

pp. No. 2 in 4049.190 Bazzini, Antonio. Francesca da Rimini. Poeme 

Voss, Paul. symphonique. Op. 77. Berlin. 

Masiker-Biographien. Band 22: Georges Becker, Reinhold. Frauenlob. Oper. Qavier- 

Bizet. Leipzig. [1899.] 86, (i) pp. auszug. Leipzig. [1893.] 

4896.50.599 Beer, Max Josef. Abendmusik, (Serenade) 

Wagner, Wilhelm Richard. fur Streich-Orchester,2 Homer und Pauken. 

Letters to Emil Heckel : with a brief history Op. 54. London, 

of the Bavreuth festivals. Translated by Benoit, Pierre Leonard Leopold. De oorlog. 

W. A. Ellis. London, 1899. 4049a.65 [Cantata.] Antwerpen, 1885. 

Letters to Wesendonck et al. Translated by Berger, Wilhelm. Gcsang der Geister tiber 

W. A. Ellis. London, 1890. 4049a.67 <ien Wassem, fur vierstimmigen gemischten 

Williams, Charles Francis Ab^. Chor und grosses Orchester. Op. 55. Ber- 

Bach. London, 190a Portr, Pis. [The Hn. 

master musicians.] 4048.158 — Quintett (E moll) ftir zwei Violinen, 

Bratsche und zwei Violoncelle. Op. 75. Ber- 
lin. [1899.] 

scppLBif ENTARY LIST OF THE WORKS ADDED — Symphonie in B dur fiir grosses Orchester. 

TO THE ALLEN A. BROWN LIBRARY FROM Op. Jl. Leipzig. [1899.] 

OCTOBER, 1899 TO OCTOBER, 1900. B^riot, Ch. de. ler concerto pour violon avec 

... piano. Op. i6. Mayence. 

Acosta, Paul d*. Godefroid de Bouillon. — 6me concerto pour le violon avec accom- 

Op^ra. IBnixelles.] pagnement de piano . . . Op. 70. Mayence. 

Adam, Ad. Victoircl Canute en I'honneur de Berlioz, Hector. Marche marocaine compost 

la prise de Sebastopol. Paris. pour le piano par Leopold de Meyer et in- 

Aggbazy, Kiroly. Maritta, die Madonna mit strument^e . . par Hector Berlioz. Vienne. 

dem Kruge. Oper. Op. 32. Budapest. — Le temple tmiversel. Double choeur. Op. 28. 

[1898.] Paris. 

Albouz, I. Pepita Jimenez. Lyrische Oper. Bernard, E. Concerto pour le violon . . . 

Mit dentschem und englischem Text. Par- Op. 29. Edition pour violon avec piano. 

titm-. Leipzig. [1896.] Berlin. 

Albert, Eagen d'. Ghismonda. Oper. Leipzig. Billert, Carl. Marcia fun^bre in Fb ftir Infan- 

[1895.] teriemusik. [Manuscript] 

Alsbury, Morrison M. Meditation in the for- — Same. Fur Cavalleriemusik. [Manuscript] 

est Composed for violin and piano. N. Y. Berlin, 1855. 

[1888.1 — So Oder so. Marsch fur Cavalier ie. [Manu- 

Arensky, A. Quatuor [No. i, Op. 11]. Mos- script] Berlin, 1866. 

coo. Bizet, Georges. 2me suite. L'arl^sienne. 

— Quatuor (La mineur) pour violon, alto et [Partition.] Paris. 

deux vi(^oncelles. Op. 35. Moscou. Blockx, Jan. Kermesse flamande, extraite de 

— Der Springquell von Bachtschissarai. Qa- Milenka. Ballet- Pantomine. Partition. 
rieratiszug. Op. 46. Moskau. Bruxelles. 

Armstrong, William D. Choral mass in D. Blumenfeld, F61ix. Allegro de concert (en La 

Boston. [1899.] majeur) pour piano et orchestre. Op. 7. 

Artdboucheff, N., and others. Variations sur Leipzig. [1887.] 

ttn theme populaire russe pour quatuor d'ar- — Quatuor en Fa. Op. 26. Leipzig, 1898. 

cfaets. Leipzig, 1899. Boekelman, Bernard. Ballabile . . . pour Tor- 

.\santschewsky, M. v. Concert-Ouverture fiir chestre. Op. 3. N. Y. [1888.] 

grosses Orchester. Op. 9. Leipzig. Bonnefoy, AK Un maestro de bourgade. 

B»Ji, J. S. Konzert, D-moll, fur Klavier & Opera comique. Lille, 1864. 

Streidhorchester. Freie Bearbeitung von Bonvin, Ludwig. Drei Tonbilder fiir grosses 

Ferruccio B. Busoni. Leipzig. [1899.] Orchester. Op. 12. Leipzig. [1893.] 

" Premier concerto pour violino, piccolo, 3 — Festzug fiir grosses Orchester. Op. 27. 

hantbois et deux cors de chasse, avec ac- Leipzig. [1896.] 

compagnement de 2 violons, alto, violoncelle Brandts-Buys, Jan. Meeressang, De Zang der 

et basse. Leipzig, 1850. Zee, fiir Orchester. Op. 4. Hamburg. 

Bafley, E. H. Mass (in D flat). Op. 295. Brandts Buys, Ludwig Felix. Das Singen- 

Vocal score. Boston. [1891.] thai. Ballade . . . fiir Chor, Baritonsolo 

Balthasar, A. Adasio romantico fiir 2 Vio- und Orchester. Op. 23. Gavier-Auszug. 

linen, Vk)la tmd Violoncello. N. Y. [1892.] Rotterdam. 

Banesi, Antoine. La Cadiguette. Op6rette. Broustet, fidouard. Scenes fantaisistes. Suite 

Paris. d'orchestre. Op. 65. Milan. 



Bruch, Max. Einleitung zu der Oper : Loreley. 
Op. i6. Partitur. Br'^slau. 

— In memoriam. Adagio fiir Violine mit Or- 
chester. Op. 65. Berlin. [1893.] 

— Leonidas, fur Bariton-Solo, Mannerchor und 
Orchester. Op. 66. Berlin^ 1893. 

Bruell, Ignaz. Dritte SerenaHe fur Orchester. 
Op. 67. Leipzig. 

— Trio fur Pianoforte, Violine und Violon- 
cello. Op. 14. Leipzig. 

Calderwood, James W. Bobby Shaftoe. A 
Mother-Goose extravaganza. Boston. [1898.] 

Camys, £mile. Un pas de derc Op^ra- 
comique. Paris. 

Carr, Frank Osmond: Morocco bound. A 
musical farcical comedy. London. [1893.] 

— In town: a musical farce. London. [1892.] 
Caryll, Ivan. Love and Law. Operetta. Lon- 

Chabrier, Alexis Emmanuel. Habanera: tran- 

scrite et orchestrde. Paris. 
Chadwick, G. W. Lily nymph. Dramatic poem 

... for solo voices, chorus and orchestra. 

[Piano and voice.] Boston. [1885.I 

— Ode for the opening of the World's Fair 
held at Chicago, 1892. CindnnatL [1892.] 

— Quintett fiir Pianoforte, 2 Violinen, Viola 
& Violoncell. Boston. [1890.] 

— The Viking's last voyage, for male chorus, 
baritone solo and orchestra. [Piano and 
voice.] Boston. [1881.I 

Charpentier, Gustave. Impressions d'ltalie. 
Suite ijour orchestre. Paris. 

Cherubini. Credo a capella. Qavier-Begleitung 
von Hugo Ulrich. Leipzig. 

Qarke, Hamilton. Pepin, tiie pippin, cr "The 
king of No Man's Land." A children's 
operetta. London. [1894.] 

Gerice, Justin. The royal star. Comic opera. 
London. [1898.I 

Cobb, Gerard F. Quartett fur Pianoforte, Vio- 
line, Viola und Violoncell. Op. 34. Leip- 
zig. [1898.] 

CoUasse, P. Achille et Polixene. Trag^die 
. . . mis en musique ... Et le premier acte 
par feu M*" J. B. de Lully . . . Paris, 

Collin, Lucien. Le garde-chasse. Op6rette. 

— La journ^c aux soufflet^. Op^rette. Paris. 

— Le retour de Musette. Paris. 

Cordelle, P. Un mari pour 3 fenunes. Opc- 

rette. [Paris.) 
Cowen, Frederic H. The Transfiguration. 

Cantata. London. [1895.] 
Damcke, B. Sonate pour piano et violoncell e 

ou violon. Op. 43. Pans. 
Danda, Charles. "Souvenirs de Mozart." No. 

2. Don Juan. Op. 156. [Violon, violoncelle 

et piano. 1 Boston. 
Dauphin, Leopold. Un manage en Chine. 

Op^rette-bouffe. Paris. 
David, Ferdinand. Andante et scherzo capric- 

cioso pour le violon avec . . . piano. Op. 16. 

Delmet, Paul. Chansons tendres. Paris, 1900. 
Desormes, L. C. L'amour & I'app^tit Say- 

nete. Paris. 

— Antoine et G6opatre. Op6rette. Paris. 

— La lune de miel normande. Op6rette. Paris. 

— Une mauvaise connaissance. Op^rette. 


— Le n^gre de la Porte St Denis. Op^rette. 

Ditoer, Louis. Concert-Sttick pour violon et 

orchestre. Op. 33. Paris. 
Diet, Edmond. Madame Putiphar. Op^rette. 

Paris. [1897.] 
Dietrich, Albert Sonate fur Pianoforte und 

Violoncdlo. Op. 15. Hamburg. 

— Trio fur Pianoforte, Violine und Violon- 
cdl. Op. 9. Ldpzig. 

— Zweites Trio [A dur] fiir Pianoforte, Vio- 
line und Violoncdlo. Op. 14. Hamburg. 

Difoiaun, Joseph. Mass in G. With accom- 
paniment for organ or pianoforte. Boston 

Ditters von Dittersdorf, Carl. Aus^;ewahlte 
Orchesterwerke. Zur Centenarfeier des 
Todestages Dittersdorfs, herausgegeben von 
Josef Liebeskind. Leipzig. [i899-] 

— Sinfonie in C dur . . . eingeriditet von 
Hermann Kretzschmar. Leipzig. [1896.] 

Dorrington, C. F. Mass in G. For four 
voices with organ or piano accompaniment 
Boston. [1892.] 

Draeseke, Felix. Jubd-Ouverture fur grosses 
Orchester. Op. 65. Leipzig. [1898.] 

Dufresne, Alfred. Maitre Baton. Op6rette. 

Dupont J. Fr. 1 rio pour piano, viol<» et vio- 
loncelle. Op. 13. Rotterdam. 

Duranti, Francesco. XII duetti da camera 
per imparar a cantare ... col accompagne- 
mento di pianoforte. Lipsia. 

Dvorik, Antonin. Hddenlied. Symphonische 

• Dichtung. Op. in. Berlin. [1899.] 

— Quartett fiir Pianoforte, Violine, Viola, und 
Vionloncdl. Op. 23. Berlin. 

— Quartett (A moll) ftir 2 Violinen, Viola 
und Violoncell. Op. 16. Leipzig. [1894.] 

Edwards, Julian. De Montfort's daughter. 

Cantata for treble voices. London. 
Edwards, Julian. The princess Chic. Opera 

comique. N. Y. [1900.] 
Eichberg, Julius. Two cadis. A comic opera. 

Boston. [1868.1 
Elgar, Edward. The banner of Saint George. 

A ballad. Op. 33. London. [1897.} 

— The black knight. Cantata. Op. 25. Lon- 
don. [1893.] 

Elson, Louis C. Dragon-fly day. [A chil- 
dren's operetta for summer entertain- 
ments.] Boston. [1883.] 

[Elwart, A. Messe solenndle. Paris.] 

Englander, Ludwig. The Rounders. A vaude- 
ville. N. Y. [1899.] 

Erdmannsdoerfer, Max. Ouverture zu Prin- 
zessin Ilse, fur Orchester. Leipzig. 

Erk, Ludwig, ed. Volksklange. Ceder fur 
den mehrstimmigen Mannerchor. Berlin, 

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peoiliar to the Highlands of ScoUand and the 

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— Die Ritter von Marienburg. Tragoedie. 

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matische Ouverture fiir grosses Orchester. 

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Op^ette. Paris. 
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Fantaisie potu* grand orchestre. Op. 28. 

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—toe sjrmphonie (Ut mineur) pour grand 

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Qudc C. W. von. Ballet-Suite . . . bearbeitet 

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— Ouverture zu „Alceste." Mit . . . Schluss 
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Per canto e pianoforte. Milano. 

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Grande partition. Paris. 

— Le juif errant Op6ra. Grande partition. 

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Dichtung fiir grosses Orchester. Op. 45. 

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N. Y. [1899.] 

Cyrano de Bergerac. A comic opera. N. Y. 


— The singing girl. A comic opera. N. Y. 


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fur zwei Violinen, Bratsche und Vidoncell. 

Op. 63. Leipzig, 1890. 
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stimmen und gemischten CThor mit . . . 

Pianoforte. No. i. Schon Hedwig. No. 2. 

Walther von Birbach. Op. 187. Leipzig. 

Himmel, F. H. Trauer-Cantate . . . [Pots- 

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— Zwiegesprach und Karnevalsscene . . . fiir 
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London. [1896.] 
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Eine Marchen-Ouverture fur Orchester. 

Leipzig. 1868. 
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leitung zum 11 [iii] Akt. Partitur. Leipzig. 


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Humperdinck, Engelbert. The pilg^rimage to 

Kevlaar. Ballad. Mayence. 
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13. [Clavier- Auszug.] Leipzig. [1898.] 
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L^gende dramatique . . . Op. 18. Partition. 

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Queen of the Carnival. Comic opera. Vocal 
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Op. 44). Instrumentirt von Heinr. Hofmann. 

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ler's unvollendetem Drama „Demetrius" fiir 
Mezzo-Sopran und Orchester. Op. 14. Ber- 
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men, vierstimmigen Frauendior und Orches- 
ter Oder Pianoforte. Op. 10. [Partitur.] 
Nr. I. Weihgeschenk. Nr. 2. Aus der Feme. 

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roi de Juda. Manuscript 

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Sclavin" aus dem Trauerspiel „Nimrod . . . 
fur eine Alt-Stimme und zweistimmigen 
Frauenchor mit Begleitung eines dreizehn- 
stimmigen Streichorchesters. Leipzig, 1879. 

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Orchesterpartitur. Berlin. [1894.] 

— Messe in D moll fur Soli, Chor, Orchester 
und Orgel. Op. 6. Beriin. [iS39.] 

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lems. Oratorium. Op. 75. Partitur. Bay- 
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Koc£, Friedrich £. Sinfonische Fuge (in C 
moll) fur Orchester. Op. 8. Leipzig. [1891.] 

— Von der Nordsee. Sinfonie (D moll, Nr. 
I) fur Orchester. Op. 4. Leipzig. [1891.] 

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Turandot, fiir Orchester. Op. 33, No. i. 


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chester. Op. 80. Leipzig. 

Landshuter Liedertafel. Sammlunff ausge- 

wahlter vierstimmiger Lieder. Landshut, 

Lange, Daniel de. De roze; gedicht . . . musi- 

kaal geillustreerd voor lagere stem met or- 

kest. Op. 12. Amsterdam, 1888. 
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Oboen, zwei Garinetten in B, zwei Wald- 

horner in F, und zwei Fagotts. Dresden. 
La Tombelle, F. de. Quatuor en Mi mineur 

pour piano, violon, alto et violoncelle. Op. 

24, Paris. [1895.] 

Lazzari, Svlvio. Armor. Prelude. Partiti< 

Paris. [i8g6.] 
Le Bonne, Femand. Temps de guerre. Ti 

bleaux ssrmphoniques. Transcription 

harmonic militaire. Op. 25. Pans. 
Lefebvre, Charles. Dalda. Scenes pour 

chestre. Op. 40. Paris. 
Lehmann, Liza. In a Persian garden. A 

cycle. London. 
Leo, Leonardo. Sinfonie zum Oratorii 

Sant' Elena al Calyario . . . eingerichtet 

Hermann Kretzchimar. Partitur. Lei] 

Lewis, Leo R. Hunt the thimble, or 

Nell's surprise party. An original operettli' 

Boston. 11884.] 

Vierstimmige Messe tiir jp*i 
mischten Chor . . . Op. i. Offenbach aAL 

Lieb, Fr. X. Vierstimmige Messe ftir 

Liszt, Franz. Zweite Polonaise, ftir Militar* 
musik bearbeitet von C. Hellmann. 

.itta. Pi 

Litta, Patd. Ellys. Conte dramatique. Parti- 
tion chalet et piano. Li^ge. 

Loewe, Carl. Gesamtausgabe der Balladca» 
Legenden, Lieder und Gesange fur eine Sing- 
stimme . . . Band i, 2. Leipzig. [18991] 

Lvoff, Alexis. Ouverture. Partition. (St 

Macfarren, Sir G. A. St. George's Te Deum. J 
London. [1884.] * 

Mackenzie. A. C. Britannia. A nautical over- 
ture. Op. 52. [Orchestral score.] Loo- 

Mahler, Gustav. Symphonic in C-moll Nr. 2, 

fur grosses Orchester, Chor und Soli. Le^ 

*i«. [1897.] 
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comique. Paris. 
Marcelles, Paul. Les Babylones. Proph^de 

lyrique. Partition chant et piano. Paris. 
Marietti, G. Changement de gamison. Op^ 

rette en i acte. Partition piano et chuit 


Mart^, Georges. Le Due de Ferrare. Drame 

lyrique. Paris. (1899.] 
Massenet, J. fi. F. Cendrillon. Conte de 

f6es . . . Partition chant et piano. Paris. 


— Le Cid. Ballet. Partition. Paris. 

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Roland. Op6ra. Leipzig. [1893.] 

— Freyhir. Po'toe lyrique et symphonique. 
Leipzig. [1893.] 

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Orchester. Op. 46. Stettin. 
Meyerbeer, Giacomo. Le proph^te. Opfra. 

[Partition.] Paris. 

Michiels, Gustave. Jefque et Trinne. Boof- 

fonnerie beige. Paris. 
Min6, A. Quatre Magnificat solennels, i 

quatre voix. Partition avec orgue. [i, 3 ft 

4.] Paris. 
Moszkowski, M. Concerto pour le piana 

Op. 59* Leipzig. [1898.] 

— Polnische Volkstanze fur Orchester. No. i 
und 4. Mazurka und Krakowiak. Leipzig. 

Muck, J. Festouverttire fur grosses Orchester. 
Op. 49. Offenbach a/M. 



ik, £. F. Danses nationales pour or- 

!. Op. ao. No. 5. Taraatdle. No. 6. 

ka. Hamburg. 

I, Karl. Quartett No. 2, D-moll. Op. 


I. G. Sophpnisbe. Ein Monodrama. 

\.. B. Stabat Mater. Paris. 

, Ludwig. Quartett fur 2 Violinen, 

be und Violoncell. Op. 10. Leipzig, 

, Edmund. Resignation. Studie, fur 
» Orchester bearbeitet von Edvard 

, V. Tiphaine. fipisode dramatique. 

EL- [1^99.} 

Jean Louis. Zwei Stucke fur Streich- 

iter, 2 Hoboen und 2 Homer. Op. 32. 

Hbomas Tertius. Music to the Wasps 
istophanes. Cambridge, 1897. 
er, Charles. The pilgrim queen, a can- 
M treble voices. London. 
Alessio. Inno di Garibaldi . . . Par- 
per banda. Milano. 
Max d'. Fr6d6gonde. Sc^e lyrique. 

Isabelle et Gertrude. Op6ra comique. 
tion.] Paris, 
i, N. 28 Capricen ftir Violine solo. 

Guido. „Pens^e fugitive." Romance 
riolon avec . . . piano. Op. 55, No. i. 

F. The dream ship. Cantata for treble 
. London. [1894.] 
, T. Mee. The ancient mariner. Can- 

£mile. La dame de Trifle. Opirette. 
ion chant et piano. Paris. [1898.] 
. Georges. Agar. Poime lyrique. 

^taire universel. Opira-bouffe. Paris. 

Ferdinand. Eine Balletszene fiir 

« Orchester. Op. 12. Offenbach a/M. 

Gabriel. L'an mil, pofme symphonique 
rhceurs. Paris. [1898.] 
qui pleure et Pierrot qui rit. Com6die 
isique de Edmond Rostand. Musique 
• ♦ Paris. [1899.] 
B. Messa funebre. Torino. 
e, Ch. H. Messe de Requiem a grand 
5tre. Paris. 
Charles. Cxcilia. L^ende sacr6e. 

Hi, Amilcare. Marion Delorme. Me* 
nma . . . Per canto e pianoforte, 

David. Suite fur Violoncell und 
(forte. Op. 69. Leipzig. [1897.] 
, G. Tosca. Melodramma. Riduzione 
anto e pianoforte. [Milano, 1899.] 

Max. EtYphorion. Eine sinfonische 
ung fiir grosses Orchester. Op. 14. 

tett (F-dur) fur zwei Violinen. Viola 
/ioloncell. Op. 25. Berlin. [1892.] 
, Henri. Divertissement sur des chan- 
russes. Partition d'orchestre. Op. 2. 
3n. [1899.] 

Ramain. Messe militaire i 3 voix. Manu- 

Rameau, Jean Philippe. Drei Balletstiicke fur 
Orchester . . . bearbeitet von Felix Mottl. 

— Drei Bj 

talletsuiten . . . eingerichtet von Her- 
mann Kretzschmar. Leipzig, 1895. 
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Bilder fiir Orchester. Op. 220. Heft z. 
Bilder aus dem alten Testament Heft 2. 
Bilder aus dem neuen Testament Leipzig. 


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chester. Op. no. [ Parti tur u. Orchester- 
stimmen.] Leipzig. 

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Viola und Violoncell. Op. 211. Leipzig. 

Rey, fitienne. Le martyr. Potoe symphonique. 

Reznicek, E. N. von. Donna Diana. Komische 
0|>er. Ouverture. Walzer-Zwischenspid. 

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Fur Mannerchor mit Orchester oder Piano- 
forte. Op. 179. Partitur mit unterlegtem 
Qavierauszug. Leipzig. [1895.] 

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gottesbilde, ein lyrisches Gedicht fiir Streich- 
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musique. Paris. [1882.] 

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mances, chansonnettes et nocturnes. Paris. 

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und Pianoforte. Op. 16. Leipzig. 

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line mit . . . Pianoforte. Op. 26. Berlin. 

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Cello, Bass una Qavier. Op. 41. Berlin, 

Scharwenka, Ludwig Philipp. Fiir die Jugend. 
Fiir Streichinstrumente bearbeitet. Op. 71. 
Nr. I, 3 u. 4. Leipzig. [1896.I 

Scharwenka, Aaver. Konzert (Nr. 3, in Cis 
moll) fiir Klavier und Orchester. Op, 80. 
Leipzig. [1899.] 

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Uta.] Leipzig. [1893.] 

Scholz, Bemhard. Standchen an eine Ver- 
lassene . . . fur Mannerchor mit Begleitung 
von Streichinstrumenten oder des Qaviers. 
Op. 58. Partitur mit unterlegtem .Qavier- 
auszug. Breslau. 

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fiir Soli, Chor und Orchester. Op. 3. Leip- 

Sinding, Christian, fipisodes chevaleresques, 
suite pour orchestre. Op. 35. Leipzig. 

— Koncert (A-dur) fiir Violine und Ordiester. 
Op. 45. Kopenhagen. 

— Trio fiir Pianoforte, Violine und Violoncell. 
Op. 23. Kopenhagen. 

Singer, Otto. Concertstiick fiir Violine mit 
Orchester. Op. 6. Leipzig. 

Sitt, Hans. Concert No. 2 in A-moU fur 
Violine mit . . . Orchester. Op. 21. Leip- 



Smetana, Bcdfich. Mein Vaterlaiwl. Sym- 
phonische Dichtungen fiir grosses Orchester. 
VI. Blanik. V Praze. 

— Tabor. Symphonische Dichtung fur grosses 
Orchester. V Praze. 

— Trio fur Pianoforte, Violine und Violon- 
cell. Op. 15. Bremen. 

Sokolof, Nicolai. La caressante. Polka pour 
orchestre d'archets. Op. 38. Leipzig, 1899. 

— 2me serenade pour orchestre a cordes. Leip- 
zig. [1895.1 

Sokoiof, Nikolai A., and others. Les vendredis. 
Polka pour orchestre d'archets. Leipzig, 

Sousa, John Philip. Chris and the wonderful 
lamp. Extravaganza. Cincinnati. [1899.] 

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hoore, an Irish ballad for chorus and or- 
chestra. Op. 62. [Piano and voice.] Lon- 
don. [1896.] 

Strauss, J. Drei Walzer. Op. 314. An der 
schonen blauen Donau. Op. 333. Wein, 
Weib und Gesang. Op. 367. Du und Du. 
Orchester-Partitur. Leipzig. 

— Waldmeister. Operette. Vollstandiger Kla- 
vier-'Auszug. Berlin. [1895.] 

Strauss, R. Burleske, D moll, fiir Pianoforte 
und Orchester. Leipzig. [1894.] 

— Ein Heldenleben. Tondichtung fiir grosses 
Orchester. Op. 40. Leipzip^. [1899^ 

Street, Georges. L'amour en livr6c. Op6rette. 

— Fides. Drame mim6 en un acte avec choeurs. 

— Mignonette. Vaudeville. Op6rette. Paris. 

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the story-teller and the slave. New comic 
opera. Vocal score. London. [1900.] 

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orchestre. Copenhague. [1895.] 

— Romance. Op. 26. [Violin and piano.] 
N. Y. [1887.] 

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jeur). Op. 5. Leipzig, 189(5. 

— Quatuor en Si b-min. Op. 4. Moscou, 1892. 

— Troisi^me quatuor (en Re mineur). Op. 7. 
Leipzig, 1898. 

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ding feast. A cantata. (Op. 30, no. i.) 
London. [1898.] 

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piano avec accompagnement d'orchestre. 
Op. 79. Leipzig, 1897. 

— Casse- Noisette. Danses caract^ristiques. 
Op. 71. Hambourg. 

— Ouvertures pour orchestre. Op. 24, Eugene 
Oneguine. Op. 69, Yolande. Moscou. 

Temple, Hope. The wooden spoon. Operetta. 

London. [1892.] 
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foite, 2 Violinen, Bratsche imd Violoncell. 

Op. 20. Leipzig. 
Thomas, Ambroise. Ballet de Fran^oise de 

Rimini. Partition. Paris. 

— Goring. The swan & the skylark. Cantata. 
London. [1894.] 

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Klarinette, Horn, Fagott und Klavier. Op. 6. 

Tietz, Ph. Schwertesgrusse. Patriotische 

Lieder fur den Mannerchor. Op. 64. Hfl- 

Tr^pard, fimile. Martin ct Martine. Conte 

flamand. Operette. Paris. 
Urban, Heinrich. Ouverturc zu Schiller's 

,.Fiesko" fiir Orchester. Op. 6. Berlin. 

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Vervoitte, Ch. Salut solonnel, solos et 

choeurs, avec accompt d'orgue. Paris. 
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Juden Klage und Rachenruf fur Chor, Solo 

tmd Orchester. Op. 22. Leipzig. 

Vincent, Charles. Ruth. Dramatic oratoria 

Viotti, J. B. Adagio de la i^ symphonie 

— 2me symphonie concertante. Manuscript 
Vogl, Heinrich. „Der Fremdling." Oper. 

Leipzig. [1899.] 

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Leipzig. [1899.] 

—Symphonie in G dur. Op. 23. Leipzig. [1899.] 
Weyse, C. E. F. Der Ambrosianische Lobge- 
sang in Musik gesetzt . . . Partitur. Co- 

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fiir Streichorchester. Op. 15. Leipzig. 

— Die versunkene Glocke. Musikdrama. Op. 
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MeAUiH B'L ^ecT^ pyccKHX'B rocyAapcTBeHHiix'L 
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Exhibition of engraved portraits of Washing- 
ton, commemorative of the centenary of his 
death. [N. Y., 1900.] 58 pp. = ♦8o79a.230 
Lnini, Bernardino. 
The Donatrix and patron saints. Chromo- 
lithograph. After the fresco in S. 
Kfaurizio (monastero maggiore), Milan. 
[London.] 1895. Arundel 74 
ICanchot, Carl. 
Der Christus Michelangelos in S. Maria 
sopra Minerva in Rom. Hamburg, 1898. 
38 pp. Pis. ♦5914.50.N.F.13 
Mernman, Helen Bigelow. 

Religio pictoris. Boston, 1899. 4078.139 

National portrait gallery, London. 

(657 photographic reproductions of portraits 

in the gallery. London. [189-?] 14 

portfolios. = ♦Cab.8o.2o8.i 

Nicholson, William, artist 

Twelve portraits. [N. Y., 1899.] ♦Cab.80.203.2 

Contents. — H. M. the Queen. — Sir Henry Haw- 
kins. — Lord Roberts. — Prince Bismarck. — 
Archbishop of Canterbnry. — Gladstone. — H. R. 
H. the Prince of Wales. — Kipling. — Sarah 
Bernhardt. — Inring. — Cecil Rhooes. — Whistler. 

Pottier, Edmond. 
La peintnre industridle chez les Grecs. Paris. 
[1898.] 64 pp. Ulus. 407.S.86 

Sins^eton, Esther, editor and translator. 
Great pictures as seen and described by fa- 
mous writers. N. Y., 1899. Pis. 4077.120 
Sdllman. William James, editor. 
Venns and Apollo in painting and sculpture. 
London, 1897. 41 pis. ♦Cab.80.219.1 

There is a duplicate set of plates on India paper, 
in separate portfolio. 

Toni, Giovanni Battista de. 

Due affreschi di scuola del Mantegna [nd 

Museo civico di Padova]. Padova, 1898. 

IS pp. Pis. 4091.23 

Van Dyke, John Charles. 

Syllabus of a course of six lectures on old 

Italian painting historically and critically 
considered. Phila. 1897. 16 pp. [Uni- 
versity extension lectures. Series G., no. 
4-1 No. 4 in ♦3592.163 

Photography. Photographic 

Abbott, Henry G. 
Modem photography in theory and practice. 
Chicago. [1898.] 7977.48 

Albert, August. 
Verschiedene Rq)roductions-Verfahren mit- 
tels lithographischen imd typographischen 
Druckes unter besonderer Beriicksichti- 
gung der photomechanischcn Prozesse. 
Halle a. S., 1900. Illus. 7977* ^^6 

Amateur photographer, The. Vol. 31, no. 796. 
London, looo. Illus. ^4071.243 

Annuaire general et international de la pho- 
tographie. Directeur Marc Le Roux. 
Annee 7. 1898. Paris. [1898.I Illus. 


Barnet book of photography. The. A collec- 
tion of practical articles by Capt W. de 
W. Abney [and others] . 3d edition. 
Barnet, Herts, 1898. Illus. = 7977-52 

Brown, George £. 
Ferric & heliographic processes: a hand- 
book for photographers, draughtsmen, and 
Sim printers. London. [1899.] Illus. 

Camera club. New York. 

American pictorial photography. Series i. 
N. Y. [1899.] Portrs. Pis. ♦8060.35 
Dallmeyer, Thomas Rudolphus. 

Telephotography. N.Y.,ioQ9. Illus. 7974.62 
Feam, J. Eaton. 
Modern photography for amateurs. 3d edi- 
tion. London. [1899?] Illus. 7978.49 
Hopwood, Henry V. 
Living pictures: their history, photo-pro- 
duction and practical working. WiUi a 
digest of British patents and annotated 
bibliography. London, 18991 Illus. Dta- 
KTams. 7977.54 

Muybridge, Eadweard. 
Animals in motion. An electro-photographic 
investigation of consecutive phases of ani- 
mal progressive movements. London, 1899. 
Illus. ♦Cab.37.30.4 

Namias, Rodolfo. 
I modemi processi fotomeccanici. Milano, 
1899. Illus. 8o69a.65 

Photo era. A monthly magazine devoted to 
artistic photography. Vol. 1-3. Boston, 
1898, 99. nius. Portrs. ^4071.240 

Salmon, Percy R. 
Home portraiture, for amateur photogra- 
phers. By Richard Penlake [pseud.]. Lon- 
don, i8p9. Illus. 7979a.49 
Sellers, Alfred. 
Instructions for photo-engraving in line and 
half-tone on copper and zinc. N. Y. 
[1898.1 32 pp. Pis. 8065.153 
Warren, W. J. 
A handbook of the platinotype process of 
photographic printing. London. [1899?] 
89 pp. Illus. 7979a.32 



Pottery. Vases. Glass. Tapestry. 

Barber, Edwin Atlee. 
Anglo-Aroerican pottery. Old English china 
with American views. Indianapolis, 1899. 
Illus. Portrs. 4029.18 

Biser, Benjamin Franklin. 
Elements of glass and glass making. Chemi- 
cally revised by J. A. Koch. Pittsburgh. 
[1899] 4024.43 

Bluemlein, Carl. 
Delft und seine Fayencen. Hamburg, 1899. 
45 PP- ♦5914.SO.N.F.13 

Burton, William. 
The use of lead compounds in pottery, from 
the potters' point of view . . . London, 
1899. 88 pp. 4026.37 

Bushell, Stephen Wootton. 
Oriental ceramic art. Collection of W. T. 
Walters. Text edition to accompany the 
complete work. N. Y., 1899. *402oa.74 
Dutuit, Auguste. 
Collection Auguste Dutuit Majoliciues ito- 

liennes. Paris, 1899. 64 pp. 79 pls. 


Halsey, R. T. Haines. \ 

Pictures of early New York on dark blue 
Staffordshire pottery. Together with pic- 
tures of Boston and New England, Phila- 
delphia, the South and West. N. Y., 1899. 
Illus. ♦402oa.72 

Litchfield, Frederick. 
Pottery and porcelain. A guide to collec- 
tors. London, 1900. Illus. 4023.16 
Shaw, Simeon. 
History of the Staffordshire potteries. First 
published in Hanley in 1829. London, 1900. 

Tiffany glass and decorating company, N. Y. 
Tiffany glass mosaics for walls, ceilings, in- 
lays and other ornamental work. N. Y. 
[1896.1 28 pp. Pis. = 4029.23 

Vertumnus and Pomona. 
Les amours de Pomone et de Vertumne. 
[Ten photographic reproduc ions of tapes- 
try in the Palace of Madrid.] Madrid. = 


Sculpture. Wood Carving. Pyrogra- 
phy. Goldsmiths' and Silver- 
smiths' Work. 

British Museum. 
Terracotta sarcophagi, Greek and Etruscan, 
in the British museum. By A. S. Murray. 
London, 1898. 25 pp. 11 pis. '^Cab.80.82.2 

Cellini, Benvenuto. 
Treatises on goldsmithing and sculpture. 
[Made into English from the Italian of the 
Marcian codex by C. R. Ashbee and 
printed by him at Essex house, with the 
assistance of Laurence Hodson who sought 
to keep living the traditions of good 
printing refounded by William Morris. 
London, 1898.] Illus. Pis. '^'4020.65 

Chaffers, William. 
Hand book to French hall marks on gold 
and silver plate. Edited and extended by 
Christopher A. Markham. London, 1899. 
71 pp. Illus. 4059.56 

Closset, Jean. 
La pyrqgravure et ses applications. Paris. 
[1900? J 86 pp. Illus. 4068.68 

Dewey, George. 
Admiral Dewey testimonial. Photograph of 
an allegoricsd group in bronze by A. L. 
Barye, bracket made by Tiffany ft co.; 
togeth<£r with a photograph of Admiral 
Dewey's letter of acknowledgement 
Mounted and framed. Size, 15!^ x 29^ 
inches. = Shelf Department 

Elwell, Newton W. 
Colonial silverware of the 17th and i8th 
centuries. Boston. [18S9.] (3) PP- 40 
pis. *Cab.40.42.i 

Frederick, Frank Forrest 
A manual for art students and amateurs. 
Plaster casts, and how they are made. 
N. Y., 1899. Illus. 8088.22 

Gu6rinet, Armand, editor. 
La sculpture frangaise contemporaine. Paris. 
[1896? J 16 pp. 139 pis. = ^4080.100 
Hart, Charles Henry. 
Browere's life masks of great Americans. 
[N. Y.] 1899. Portrs. ^8074.186 

Holland, Anna M. 
Qay modelling for schools. Boston, 1899^ 
21 pp. 18 pis. 4029.16 

Holme, Charles. 
A course of instruction in wood-carving, ac- 
cordinflT to the Tapanese method. Lon- 
don. [1899.] Illus. 8018.197 
Hutton, C. A. 
Greek terracotta statuettes. N. Y., 1899. 
95 pp. Pis. ♦8082.155 
Melani, Alfredo. 
Manvale di scvltvra italiana, antica e mo- 
dema. 2a edizione. Milano. [1899J 

Richter, Adolf. 
Anleitung zur Ausfuhrung der Tiefbrenn- 
techni£ Ravensburg. [1900?] 40 pp. 
Pis. 4068.47 

Roussel, Jules. 
Statuaire et sculpture decorative. Motifs ex- 
traits des archives du Minist^e de Tin- 
struction publique et des beaux arts. Paris. 
[1898?] 64 pis. *8o8o.i24 

Tiffany glass and decorating company, N. Y. 
Memorial tablets: ancient and modem, 
honorary and mortuary, in bronze, brass, 
mosaic and marble. N. Y. [1896.] 24 
pp. Illus. = 4029.24 

OutK>f-door memorials : 'mausoleums, tombs, 
headstones, and all forms of mortuary 
monuments. N. Y. [1898.I Illus. 8089.103 
Towle manufacturing company. 
Georgian [2d series, colonial]. A pattern of 
spoons, forks and all other pieces of taUe 
flat ware is partly shown in this boolL in 
which is also given an account of the cnief 
events of the war of the Revolution . . . 
[Newburyport? 1899?] 5 pp. Illus. = 



Geography. Travels. 

Geography. Atlases. General Travels. 

Bollen, Frank T. 
The cruise of the Cachalot round the world 
after sperm whales. N. Y., 1899. Pis. 
Map. 227^.77 

The log of a sea-waif: being recollections 
of the first four years of my sea-life. 
N. Y. 1899. Pis. a27&79 

Casanova, Eugenio. 
La carta nautica di Conte di Ottomanno Fre- 
ducci d'Ancona, conservata nel R. archivio 
di stato in Firenze. Firenzc, 1894. 87 pp. 
Fac-simOe. = 6282.26 

Casanora, Eugoiio. 
La carta nautica di Conte di Ottomanno Fre- 
ducd d'Ancona, conservata nel R. archivio 
di stato in Firenze. Firenze, 1894. ^ PP- 
Fac-simile. = 6282.26 

Qusholm, George Goudie, and Charles Henry 
Longmans' school geography. 5th edition. 
^ N. Y., 1897. lUus. 6289.43 

Christy, MiUer. 
The silver map of the world: a contemoo- 
rary medallion commemorative of Drake's 
great voyage (iS77-8o). A geographical 
essay including some critical remarks on 
the Zeno narrative and chart of 1558 . . . 
London, 1900. 83 pp. Illus. Maps. 

Deane, Charles W., and Mary R. Davis. 
The inductive geography. N. Y. [1899.] 
nius. Maps. *0282.2i 

Dexter, Thomas Francis George, and Alfred 
Hezekiah Garlick. 
Object lessons in geography for standards i. 
II. and III. London, 1899, IHus. Pis. 

Keane, John. 

The evolution of geography. London, 1899. 
Illus. Portrs. Maps. 6286.;^ 

Kingsley, George Henry. 
Notes on sport and travel. With a memoir 
by his daughter Mary H. Kingsley. Lon- 
don, 1900. Portr. 2267.;^ 
Kipling, Rudyard. 
From sea to sea. Letters of travel. N. Y., 
1899. 2 V. 2^.121 
Langhans, Paul. 
Kaufmannische Wandkarte der Erde zur 
Ubersicht der Handelsbeziehungen, Damp- 
fer- und Kabel-Verbindungendesdeutschen 
Reiches mit Ubersee, sowie der deutschen 
Schutzgebiete und Konsulate. Gotha. 
[1899.] 4 sheets, size when joined, 34^ 
X 57% inches. Scale, none. 

No. IS in *Map 67.9 
Uaguire, Thomas Miller. 
CHitlines of military geography. Cambridge, 
1899. Maps and plans, f Cambridge geo- 
graphical series.] 395733 
Malerische Studien. Eine Reise um die Welt 
in 200 farbigen Photographien nach Na- 
turauftiahmen. Bd. i. Leipzig. [1899.] 


Mill, Hugh Robert, editor. 
The international geography. By seventy au- 
thors. London, 1890. Illus. 62^.28 
Redway, Jacques Wardfaw, and Russell Hin- 
Natural advanced geography. N*. Y. [1898.] 
Illus. Maps. *0282.I9 
Natural elementary geography. N. Y. [1897.] 

Reynolds, Joan Berenice. 
The teaching of geography in Switzerland 
and north Italy. London, 1899. Illus. 


Slocum, Joshua. 

Sailing alone around the world. N. Y., 1900. 

Illus. 2265.81 

Stoddard, John Lawson. 

Sunny lands of the eastern continent N. Y., 

1899. Portr. *226oa.i09 

Asia. The Orient. 

Bard, E. 

Les Chinois chez eux. Paris, 1899. 3018.161 
Barr, Robert 
The unchanging East Boston, 1900. 2 v. 
Pis. 3049187 

Barth61emy, Pierre, comte de. 
En Indo-Chine, 1894-1895. Cambodge, Co- 
chinchine, Laos, Siam meridional. Paris, 
1890. Pis. Map. 3018.163 

Bent, James Theodore, and Mabel Virginia 
Anna Bent 
Southern Arabia. London, 1900. Portr. 
Pis. 3048.206 

Billerbeck, A. 
Das Sandschak Suleimania und dessen per- 
sische Nachbarlandschaften zur babyloni- 
schen und assyrischen Zeit. Geographische 
Untersuchungen unter besonderer Beruck- 
sichti^ng militarischer Gesichtspunkte. 
Leipzig, 1898. Map. 3084.132 

Bishop, Isabella L. Bird. 
The Yangtze valley and beyond: journeys 
in China. N. Y., 1900. 2 v. 3016.125 

Bookwalter, John Wesley. 
Siberia and Central Asia. 2d edition. 
N. Y. [1899.] Illus. Map. 3064.183 
Cobbold, Ralph Patteson. 
Innermost Asia: travel and sport in the Pa- 
mirs. N. Y., 1900. Illus. Fortrs. Maps. 

Deverell, F. H. 
My tour in Palestine and Syria. London, 
1899. Illus. Map. 3048.200 

Durand, Algernon George Arnold. 
The making of a frontier: five years' ex- 
perience and adventures in Gilgit, Hunza, 
Nagar. Chitral, and the eastern Hindu- 
Kush. London, 1899. Portr. Pis. Map. 

Engelhardt, Aleksandr Platsnovitch. 
A Russian province of the North [Arch- 
angel]. Translated from the Russian by 
Henry Cooke. Westminster, 1899. Illus. 
Portr. Maps. 3063.125 

Eulenburpf, Friedrich Albrecht, Graf zu. 
Ost-Asien, 1860-1862, in Briefen. Heraus- 
gegeben von Graf Philipp zu Eulenbure- 
Rertefeld. Berlin, 1900. Portr. 3044.181 



Foss, Cyrus David. 
From the Himala3ras to the Eauator. A tour 
in India and Malaysia. N. Y., 1899. Illus. 

Friedrich, Ernst. 

Ubersiditskarte von Kleinasien. Halle a. S., 
1898. Size, 12 X 17^ inches. Scale, 
I : 2500000 (or, 39.46 miles to i inch). 

'^'Map 44.10 
Hassenstein, Bruno. 
Karte der Provinz Schan>tung, mit dem 
deutschen Pachtgebiet iCiau-tschou. Gotha, 

1898. Size, 24^ X 40^ inches. Scale, 
io.4j8 miles to i inch. 

No. 20 in '^'Map 107.2 
Ream, Lafcadio. 
In ghostly Japan. Boston, 1899. Illus. 

Hillard, Harriet Low. 
My mother's journal: a young lady's diary 
of five years spent in Manila, Macao, 
and the Cape of Good Hope, 1829-1824. 
Edited by Katharine Hillard. Boston, 
1900. Portr. 3016.129 

The book deals almost wholly with life in Macao. 

India, Ceylon, Straits Settlements, British 
NorUi Borneo, Hong-Kong. London, 

1899. Maps. [British empire series, i.] 

Israfd, pseud. 
Ivory, apes, and peacocks. N. Y., 1899. 

Itinera Hierosolymitana saecvli IIIl-VIII. 
Recensvit Pavlvs Gcyer. Vindobonae, 1898. 
[Corpvs scriptorvm ecclesiasticorvm La- 
tmorvm.] *750oa.i.39 

Jefferson, Robert Louis. 
A new ride to Khiva [on a bicycle]. Lon- 
don, 1899. Pis. 3067.136 
Karageorgevitch, Bojidar, prince. 
Enchanted India. [Translated by Gara 
Bell.] N. Y., 1899. Portr. 3047.245 
Krahmer, G. 
Russland in Ost-Asien (mit besonderer Be- 

Oberhummer, Roman, und Heinrich Zanmercr. 
Durch Syrien und Kleinasien. Berlin, 1899. 
nius. Maps. 3041.176 

Phibbs, Isabelle Mary. 
A visit to the Russians in Central Asia. 
London, 1899. Pis. 3067.138 

Ransome, James Sufford. 
Japan in transition. N. Y., 1899. Ms^ 

Reid, Amot. 30IS.I49 

From Peking to Petersburg. London, i8qql 

Portr. Map. 2a66i^ 

Reid, William Jameson. 

Through unexplored Asia. Boston. (1899.] 

Illus. Maps. *30i2.i4p 

This book is regarded as largely a fictitiotia nar. 

Roe, Sir Thomas. 
The embassy of Sir Thomas Roe to the 
court of the Great Mogul, 1615-1619^ as 
narrated in his joumsJ and correspoii- 
dence. Edited by W. Foster. Londoo, 
1895). ^ ^' P^'^''- Pis. Map. [Haldnvt 
society.] *2a74.oo 

Scidmore, Eliza Ruhamah. 
China, the long-lived empire. N. Y., 190a 
Pis. 3016. 131 

Shoemaker, Michael Meyers. 
Quaint comers of ancient empires : southern 
India, Burma and Manila. N. Y., 1899. 
Pis. 3046.174 

Sidi 'Ali Kapudan. 
The travels and adventures of the Turkish 
admiral Sidi Ali Reis, in India, Afghan- 
istan, Central Asia and Persia, 1553-1556. 
Translated with notes by A. Vamb6nr. 


nicksichtigung der Mandschurei). Leipzig, 
1899. Ma 
Legras, Jules. 




En Sib6rie. i'aris, 1899. Pis. Map. 

Little, Mrs. Archibald John. 
Intimate China. The Chinese as I have seen 
them. London, 1899. Illus. 3012.145 

Macmillan, Hugh. 
Gleanings in holy fields. London, 1899. 

Martin, F61ix. 1842- 

Le Japon vrai. Paris. [1898.] 3019.145 
Maydell, Baron Gerhard. 
Reisen und Forschungen im jakutskischen 
Gebiet Ostsibiriens, 1861-1871. St Peters- 
burg, 1803, 96. Text, 2 v.; Atlas, with 
tables. Maps. 3060.56 

Merrick, E. M. 
With a palette in Eastern palaces. London, 
1899. Portr. Pis. 4078.141 

Monnier, Marcel. 
Le tour d'Asie. i. Cochinchine, Annam, 
Tonkin. Paris, 1899- Pis. Map. 3046.182 
Neve, Arthur. 
Picturesque Kashmir. London, 1899. Illus. 

3012. 151 

London, 1899. 
Steevens, George Warrington. 

In India. N. Y., 1899. 3047.259 

Swettenham, Sir Frank Athdstane. 
The real Malay: pen pictures. London, 
1900. 5046.26 

Thomas, Margaret. 
Two years in Palestine & Syria, With 16 
illustrations reproduced in colours. Lon- 
don, 1900. 3043.190 
Tsuchiya, Chijfl. 
A guide on Hakone, with thermal springs in 
that locality. [2d edition.] [Hakone, 

1899.1 38 pp. = 30i9a.i36 

Villetard de Lagu^rie, R. 
La Cor^, independante, russe, ou japonaise. 
Paris, 1898. Ulus. 3019.137 


Bacon, George Washington, and company, 


Bacon's large-print map of South Africa. 

London. [1899.] Scale (computed), 52 

miles to i inch. *3059a.i59 

Baratieri, Oreste. 

M6moires d'Afrique (1892-1896). Paris. 

[1899.] Portr. Maps. 3056.175 

Bertrandj Alfred. 

The kingdom of the Barotsi, upper Zam- 

bezia. A voyage of exploration in Africa, 

returning by the Victoria Falls, Matabde- 

land, the Transvaal, Natal, and the Cape. 

Translated by A. B. Miall. London, 1890. 

Illus. Portr. Maps. 3054.1$ 



Boolger, Demetrius Charles. 
The Congo state, or the growth of civilisa- 
tion in Central Africa. London, 1898. 
Illus. Portrs. 3053.241 

British Ahica. London, 1899. Maps. [British 
enmire series.] 4514.139 

Incnides abo Mauritius. 

Brown, Robert Hanbury. 
The land of Goshen and the Exodus. Lon- 
don, 1899. 85 pp. Pis. Maps. 3059.200 
Bryoe, James, D.C.L 183B- 
Impressions of South Africa. 3d edition. 
N. Y., looa = 3054.171 

Caddick, He!^. 
A white woman in Central Africa. London, 
iQoa Pis. 3057.137 

Castfllani, Charles. 
Vers le Nil francs avec la mission Mar- 
diand. Paris. [1899.] Illus. Portrs. 

Derereux, Roy. 
Side li^ts on South Africa. N. Y., 1899. 
Map. 3059^*173 

Flamand, G. B. M. 
De rOranie au Gourara. Paris, 1898. Pis. 
Portrs. Maps. 3053-245 

Grey, Henry M. 
In Moorish captivity: an account of the 
"Tourmaline" expedition to Sus, 1897-98. 
London, 1899. Portr. Pis. 3054- 196 

Jessett, Montague George. 
The key to South Africa: Delagoa Bay. 
London, 1899. Portrs. Pis. Maps. 

Jolmston, William, of Edinburgh, and Alex- 
ander Keith Johnston, publishers. 
Map to illustrate the Transvaal question. 
[Edinbnrgh. 1899.] Scale (computed), 28 
miles to i inch. *3059.i6i 

KoOmamu Paul. 
Der Nordwesten unserer ostafrikanischen 
Kolonie. Eine Beschreibung von Land 
nnd Leutcn am Victoria-Nyanza. Berlin 
[1898.1 nius. Map. 3052.174 

laiif^ians. Paul. 
Politisch-militarische Karte von Siid-Afrika 
zur Veranschaulichung der Kampfe 
zwiscfaen Buren und En^landern bis zur 
Gegenwart. Gotha, 1899. Scale, 63+ 
mfles to I inch. No. 39 in *Map 108.2 
Latuibar, Paul de. 
Douze ans en Abyssinie (souvenir d'un of- 

fider). Paris, 1898. 3059a. 165 

Compiled from the notes and recollections of 
sercral Itmlian officers serving in Abyssinia. 

little William John Knox-. 
Sketches and studies in South Africa. Lon- 
don. 1899. 3053.247 
Uoyd. Albert B. 
In dwarf land and cannibal country. A 
record of travel and discovery in central 
Africa. London, 1899. Illus. Portrs. 
Maps. 3053.253 
Ifa^r, Henri. 
Nos colonies. La vie i Madagascar. Pari<;. 

r 18(^.1 Ulus. Maps. 3055.165 

Haples, Chauncy. 

Journals and paoers of Chauncv Maples, late 

Bishop of Likoma. Lake Nyasa, Africa. 

Edited by Ellen Maples. London, 1899. 

Portrs. Maps. .3538.14 

Morphy, Michel. 
Le commandant Marchand et ses com- 
pagnons d'armes k travers TAfrique. Vol. 
1-7. Paris, 1899- Illus. Portrs. ♦3053.249 
Orleans, Henri Philippe Marie, prince d*. 
Une visite i Tempereur M^n^lick. [Abys- 
sinia.] Notes et impressions de route. 
Paris. [1898.] Illus. Portr. 3058.198 
Penfield, Frederic Courtland. 
Present-day Egypt. Illustrated by Paul Phi- 
lippoteaux and R. T. Kelly and from pho- 
tographs. N. Y., 1899. Portrs. Pis. Map. 

Philip, George, and son, publishers. 
Philips' large scale military map of the seat 
of war on the Natal frontier. London. 
[1899.1 Scale (computed), 5 miles to i 
inch. No. 37 in *Map 108.2 

Ramirez y Doreste, Rafael. 
Donde naci. (Cuadros canarios.) Bar- 
celona, 1899. IHus. 30493.113 
Rehbock, Theodor. 
Deutsch-Siidwest-Afrika. Seine wirtschaft- 
liche Erschliessung, unter besonderer Be- 
riicksichtigung der Nutzbarmachung des 
Wassers. Berhn, 1898. Illus. Maps. 3051.142 
Robecchi Bricchetti, Lui^i. 
Somalia e Benadir: viaggio di esplorazione 
neir Africa orientale. Milano. [1899.] 
Illus. Maps. 3051.149 
Schwabe, Kurd. 
Mit Schwert und Pflug in Deutsch-Sudwest- 
afrika. Berlin, 1899. Illus. Portrs. 
Maps. 3051.147 
Stanford's map of the South African Republic 
(Transvaal). London, 1899. Size, 27^ X 
3SH inches. Scale, 16 miles to i inch. 

No. 46 in '''Map 108.2 
Thruston, Arthur Blyford. 
African incidents. Personal experiences in 
Egypt and Unyoro. London, 1900. Illus. 
Portrs. Maps. 3053.213 

Times, The, London. 
"The Times" map of British South Africa, 
the Transvaal and Orange Free State. 4th 
edition. [London, 1900.] Scale, 40 miles 
to I inch. ♦Map 1070.3 

Toutce, Georges Joseph. 
Du Dahom6 au Sahara. La nature et 
rhomme. Paris, 1899. Illus. Maps. 

Unser Kamerun: Deutschlands alteste Kolo- 
nie. Dem deutschen Volke in Wort und 
Bild gewidmet. Magdeburg, 1899. (21) 
pp. 26 pis. 3057.139 

Vauthier, Ren^. 
Le Congo beige: notes et impressions. 
Bruxelles, 1900. Pis. 3057.141 

Villiers du Terrage, Ren6 fidouard de. 
Journal et souvenirs sur Texpedition 
d'figypte (1798-1801), mis en ordre et 
publi6s par le Baron Marc de Villiers du 
Terrage. Paris, 1899. Portrs. Pis. 
Maps. 3059.211 

Vivian, Herbert Leigh. 
Tunisia and the modern Barbary pirates. 
N. Y., 1899. Illus. Map. = 3054.192 
Waal, David C. de. 
With Rhodes in Mashonaland. Translated 
by Jan H. Hofmeyr de Waal. Cape Town, 
1896. Portr. 3059a.2i8 



Walker, George Hiram, and company, pub- 
South 'Africa. [Map.] Boston, iSgg. Scale 
(computed), 72 miles to i inch. 

No. 36 in *Map. 108.3 
Ward, John. F. S. A. 
Pyramids and progress: sketches from 
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Illus. Pis. 3052.184 


Blumentritt, Ferdinand. 
Die Philippinen. Eine ubersichtliche Dsir- 
stellung der ethnoeraphischen und his- 
torisch-politischen Verhaltnisse des Ar- 
chipels. Mit einem Anhanffe: Die wich- 
tigsten Paragraphen der verfassung der 
philippinischen Republik. Hamburg, 1900. 
[Sammlung gememverstandlicher wissen- 
schaftlicher Vortrage.1 ♦5914.SO.N.F.15 
Carroll, Stella W., and Harriet L. Jerome. 
Boys and girls of the Philippines and 
around the world, N. Y., 1899. Illus. 


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Western Australia, its position and pros- 
pects. Perth, 1899. Pis. Portrs. Maps. 
= 3045.45 

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The Caroline islands: travel in the sea of 
the little lands. London, 1899. Pis. 
Maps. 3049a.2i4 

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Our conquests in the Pacific N. Y. 
[1899.1 Pis. J049a-68 

An account of the expedition to the Phihppine 

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Carolinen und Marianen. Hamburg, 1900. 
60 pp. ♦5914.50.N.F.14 

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Filipinas y sus habitantes, lo que son y lo 
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Het aanded der Nederlanders in de ontdek- 
king van Australie 1606-1765. Leiden, 
1809. Maps. '^'3040.40 

Printed in Dutch and English up to p. 100. 

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Neu-Guinea. Mit Beitragen von Freiherrn 
A. von Danckelman, F. von Luschan, Paul 
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Landerkunde.] 3041-23 

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Pictures of travel, sport, and adventure. 
London, 1899. Illus. Portrs. 6277.20 

These travels were in South Africa, Australia and 
New Zealand. 

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Spezialkarte der Samoa-Inseln. Gotha, 1900. 
II maps on i sheet No. 71 in *Map 105. i 
Navarro, £duardo. 
Filipinas. Estudio de algunos asuntos de 
actualidad, por el procurador y comisario 
de Augustinos cidzados, misioneros de 
dichas islas. Madrid, 1807. 3049a.70 

Queensland, Australia. Department of public 
Queensland. Prepared at the Survey depart- 
ment. Colony map no. 3a. Brisbame, 1898. 
Scale, 48 miles to i inch. 

No. 8 in *Map 105.3 

Rougemont, Louis de. 1844- 

The adventures of Louis de Rougemont, as 

told by himself. Phila., 1900. Dloa. 

Portr. 3045.^ 

A fictitious narrati¥e of alleged experiences ia 

Royal geographical society of Australasia. 

Queensland branch. 

Proceedings and transactions. Session 13, 

14, 1897/08, 98/99. Vol. 13, 14. Brisbane, 

1899. Maps. = ^6272. 16 

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Drei Monate auf einer Koralleninsd. (Lay- 

san.) Bremen, 1899. 3873.69 

Stanford, Edward, publisher. 

Library map of Australasia. New edition. 

London, 1899. Size, 55^ x 62% inches. 

Scale, 64.537 miles to i inch. 

Newspaper room=Children s room 

Twombl^, Alexander Stevenson. 

Hawaii and its people: the land of rainbow 

and palm. Boston, 1899. Illus. Portrs. 

Map. ' 30493.185 

Victoria, Australia. Department of agriculture. 

An Australian colony. The government 

handbook of Victoria. Melbourne. [1898.I 

Pis. Maps. = 3045.65 

Polar Regions. 

Heilprin, Angelo. 
The Arctic regions, comprising the most re- 
cent explorations of Peary, Nansen, and 
F. Jackson. [Map.] fPhila.] 1897. Cir- 
cular. Diameter, 13^ inches. = 

No. 28 in *Map 1191I 
Johansen Hjalmar. 
With Nansen in the North. A record of 
the Fram expedition in 1893-96. Trans- 
lated from the Norwegian by H. L. 
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of Barents Sea. With appendices on the 
botany and geology, by Colonel H. W. 
Feilden. London, 1899. Illus. Maps. 

Treats very largely of the ornithology of l£e 

Petersen, Frode. 

Opmaalingsexpedition til Egedesminde Dis- 

trikt, i^. Beretning om Rejsen. Plate. 

Maps. (In Meddelelser om Gr^nland. 

Hefte 14, pp. 265-287. Kj^nhavn, 1898.) 

• = *6264.8ai4 




Qiisholm, George Goadie. 
Ettrooe. Vol. i. The countries of the main- 
land ^excluding the north-west). Lon- 
don, i8oa lUns. Maps. [Stanford's 
oompcsdiom of geogn^hy and travel. 
New issue.] 2266.88 

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New footsteps in well-trodden ways. 2d 
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The record of a European journey. 

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A tour through northern Europe. N. Y., 

1899. Portr. *2a6oa.iii 

Tliwing, Carrie Frances Butler. 

An ^ypredation by friends. With extracts 

.from her Journal of a tour in Europe. 

develand, O., 1899. Portr. = 2278.84 


Beoeschj Fritz. 
Bergfahrten in den Grodner Dolomiten. 
Munchen. [1899.] Illus. Pis. *486oa.i7 


Afloip Charles Grant Blairfindie. 

Qties of Beljpum. London, 1897. 4859a. 70 
Bdnum. Institut cartographique militaire. 

(Carte topographique de la Belgique.] Feuille 

15, planchette 3. 4; 3i, 3. 4; 47, 3, 4; 49» 
3,4; 60,2. Bruxelles, 1890-99. 18 sheets. 
Scale, 1666^ feet to i inch. = *Map 83.2 

There are two copies of each "planchette/' one 
colored and one plain. 

Notice sur les cartes, documents & objets 
expos^ i Bruxelles, en 1897. [Par fi. 
Hennequin.] Bruxelles, 1897. 43 pp. Map. 
= 6284.16 


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Paris. London, 1897. Map. Plans. 2639.96 
Barron, Louis. 
Paris pittoresque, 1800-1900. Paris, [ipoo.] 
Illus. Portrs. Plan. ♦Cab.26.4S.2 

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Paris as it is. N. Y., 1900. Portrs. Pis. 


Dencede, A. 
France kilom^trique. Carte indiquant les 
distances kilometriques sur tous les r6- 
seanx de chemins de fer. [Paris.] 1898. 
Size, 41 */i« X 45 inches. Scale, i kilo- 
meter to I millimeter. No. 25 in '''Map 67.6 
Duhnisson-Aubenay, Francois Nicolas Baudot, 
Itintoure de Bretagne en 1636 d'apr^s le 
manuscrit original avec notes et 6clair- 
dssements par Leon Maitre et Paul de 
Bcrthou. T. I. Nantes, 1898. [Soci^t^ 
des bibliophiles bretons et de rhistoire de 
Bretagne.] * 

Edwards, Matilda Barbara Betham-. 
Anglo-French reminiscences, 1875-1899. Lon- 
don, iQoa 2664.115 
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An idler in Old France. N. Y., 1899. 


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The stones of Paris in history and letters. 
N. Y., 1899. 2 V. Illus. Portrs. 2639.26 
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Le plus beau royaume sous le del. Paris, 
1059. 4661.37 

A descrmtion of France. 

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Paris as seen and described by famous writ- 
ers. N. Y., 1900. Pis. 2635.72 
Vingtrinier, Emmanud. 
La vie lyonnaise, autrefois — aujourd'hui. 
Lyon, 1898. Illus. *666o.7o 


Fox, Robert, of Breslau. 
Die Passe der Sudeten, unter besonderer Be- 
rucksichtigung der 2^ntralsudeten. Stutt- 
gart, 1900. SS pp. Map. [Forschungen 
zur deutschen Lsuides- und Volkskunde.] 


Schwann, Matthieu. 

Die Rheinlande von Mainz bis Koblenz, die 

Thaler der Lahn und der Nahe. Leipzig, 

1900. Illus. Pis. *^6l.22 

Great Britain. 

Agas, Ralph. 
Old plans of Oxford. [Fac-similes.] [Ox- 
ford, i899*] 15 sheets, each i6^ X isH 
inches. [Oxford historical society.] In 
a portfolio. '^Cab.24.20.2 

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Rambles in Dickens' land. N. Y., 1899* IHus. 

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Spring and summer in Ireland. N. Y., 1900. 

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Memories of Oxford. Translated from the 
French by W. R. Barker. London, 1899. 

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A book of the West. Being an introduction 
to Devon and Cornwall. Vol. i. London, 
1899. Pis. 2469.38 

An old English home and its dependencies. 
London, 1898. Illus. 4106.28 

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Highways and Wways in North Wales. 
With illus. by Joseph Penndl and Hugh 
Thomson. London, 1898. Ulus. Map. 


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Old London taverns. With some account of 

the coffee-houses, dubs, etc. London, 1899. 

Illus. 2468.38 

Camie, T. West 

In quaint East Anglia. London, 1899. PI. 

2469a. 165 
Congregational ist. The. 
New world pilgrims at old world shrines. 
The book of the pilgrimage. A record of 
the Congregationalist's pilgrimage to 
England and Holland, 1896. Boston. 
[1896.] Ulus. Portrs. Fac-similes of 
autographs. = '^'2263.84 

LMTftly based on the letters written by Frances 
J. Dyer to the Congregationalist during the tour. 



Cook, Joel. 
England : picturesque and descriptive remin- 
iscences of foreign travel. Phila., 1900. 
2 V. Pis. 2465.34 

Famous buildings and celebrities, The, of BaQi 
and district. A second series of sixteen 
reproductions of original drawings by H. 
V. Lansdown and oUiers. Bath, 1900. 16 
pis. *246oa.79 

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Aus England und Schottland. Berlin, 1900. 
Portr. 24698.167 

Graham, Henry Grey. 
The social life of Scotland in the Eighteenth 
century. 2d edition. London, 1900. 2 v. 

Harper, Charles G. 
The Bath road. History^ fashion, & frivolity 
on an old highway. London, 1899. Ill us. 


The Exeter road. The story of the West of 

England highway. Illustrated. London, 

1899. 2464.143 

The road running from London (Hyde Park cor* 
ner) to Exeter. 

Heckethom, Charles William. 

London souvenirs. N. Y., 1900. 2498.29 

International photographic publishing company. 

Ireland in pictures. A collection of over 400 

photographs . . . With sketches by J. F. 

Finerty. Chicago. [1898.] Map. *247o.7o 

Johnson, Clifton. 

Among English hedgerows. N. Y., 1899. 

nius. 2468.34 

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A looker on in London. N. Y., 1899. 2499.81 
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Travels in England. With illus. by Her- 
bert Railton. N. Y., 1900. 2468.36 
Macdonald, James, F. S .A. Scot. 
Place names of West Aberdeenshire. [Edited 
by C. E. Troup.] Aberdeen, 1899. [New 
Spalding club. J ♦4521.125 
Norway, Arthur Hamilton. 
Highways and byways in Yorkshire. With 
illustrations by J. Pennell and H. Thom- 
son. London, 1899. Illus. Pis. Map. 

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About England with Dickens. New edition. 
London, 1899. Illus. Portr. 2465.84 

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Reliques of old London suburbs north of 
the Thames, drawn in lithography. With 
descriptions by H. B. Wheatley. Lon- 
don, 1898. 24 pis. ^2491.75 
Latfer reliques of old London, drawn in 
lithography. With descriptions by H. B. 
Wheatley. London, 1897. 24 pis. 


Italy. The Mediterranean. 

B^a, C. August. 
Die italienischen Seen. Comer See, Luganer 
See, Lago Maggiore. Pi^t-AJbum nut 
130 niustrationen in Photogravure. ZfirkiL 

„ , [i8»] *?76a34 

Fyler^ Arthur Eveljm. 

The development of Cyprus, and ramUes in 

the island. London. li8{)6?] Illus. Mapa. 


Paton, William Agnew. 

Picturesque Sicily. N. Y., 1900. Pis. Ma|^ 


Schoener, Reinhold. 

Rome. Condensed and edited by Mrs. Ar- 
thur Bell (N. D'Anvers). With 290 fllus- 
trations. London, 1898. ♦4090.106 


Cagni, Manffedo. 
Died giomi al Montenegro. 
Pis. Maps. 


Roma, 1899. 

Griffis, William Elliot. 
The American in Holland: sentimental 
rambles in the eleven provinces of the 
Netheriands. Boston, 1&9. Pis. Maps. 

Mddrum, David S. 

Holland and the Hollanders. N. Y., 1898. 

Blus. Pis. 4866.34 

Holland and the Hollanders. N. Y., 190a 

Blus. 4866.35 

Norway. Sweden. 

Lees, James Arthur. 

Peaks and pines: another Norway book. 
London. 1899. Illus. 4865.34 

Quillardet, M. 

Suedois et Norv^giens chez eux. Paris, 

^ 1900. 4865.37 

Stoddard, John Lawson. 
Norway. Chicago, 1897. Ulus. Portr. = 


Russia. Finland. 

Sansrefus, G. 
De Paris i Tiflis. Paris, 1897. Illus. 3064.176 

Treats almost exclusively of travels in Russia. 

Suomen maantieteellinen seura. 
Atlas de Finlande. Helsingfors, 1899. i^ 
pp. 33 maps. = *Map 6aii 


Frazer, James George. 
Pausanias, and other Greek sketches. Lon- 
don, 1900. 2975.85 
Mahaffy, John Pentland. 
Rambles and studies in Greece. Phila., 1900. 
Pis. Map. 3076.130 

Spain. Portugal. 

Aulnoy, Marie Catherine Jumelle de Bemeville, 
comtesse d'. 
The ingenious and diverting letters of the 
Lady travels into Spain ... 2d edi- 
tion. London, 1692. [Reprinted. N. Y., 
1899- 1 5096.^ 



Israels, Jozel 
Spain: the stoiy of a tourney. Translated 
from the Dutdi by Alexander Teixeira de 
Mattos. London, 1900. HIus. ^092. 135 
Main, E. 
Citiefl and sights of Spain. A handbook. 
London, 1899. Ulus. Plan. 3099a. 196 
Plnmmer, Mary Wright, compiler. 
Gmtemporary Spain as shown by her novel- 
ists. N. Y.. 1899. 30993.192 
Shore, Henry Noel. 
Three pleasant springs in Portugal. Lon- 
don. 1899. Pis. Map. 3095.131 
Stem, M{ne. Louis. 
Impressions d'Espagne. [Par] Maria Star 
[pseud.]. Paris, 1900. Ulus. 3097.158 


Ball, John, F.R.S. 1818-1889. 

Hints and notes, practical and scientific, for 

travellers in t^ Alps. A new edition, 

prepared by W. A. B. Coolidge. London* 

1899- 2869.88 

Band-Bovy, Daniel. 

A travers les Alpes. Neuchatel, 1899. Illus. 

Forbes, Tames David. 
Travels through the Alps. New edition, re- 
vised by W. A. B. Coolidge. London, 1900. 
nius. Portr. Maps. 4862.27 

South America. 

Argentine republic Direcci6n general de cor- 
reos y td^grafos. 
Mapa de las lineas telegriHcas de la Re- 
publica ArgentiiuL [Buenos Aires.] 1897. 
Size, 46 Vi« X 36 indies. Scale i : 2000000 
(or, 31.57 miles to i inch.) *Map 1052.1 
Asta-Burua^ y Cienfuegos, Francisco Solano. 
Diccionano jeogrifico de la republica de 
Chile. 2a edid6n, aumentada. N. Y., 
1899. Portr. ♦2382.13 

Carpenter, Frank G. 
South America. N. Y. [1899.] Ulus. [Car- 
penter's geographical reader.] 6289.40 
Fitegerald, Edward Arthur. 
The highest Andes: a record of the first 
ascent of Aconcagua and Tupungato in 
Argentina, and the exploration of tne sur- 
rounding valleys. N. Y., 1899. Illus. 
Maps. 3860a. 13 
Lamberg, Moritz. 
Brasilien: Land und Leute. Leipzig, 1899. 
Pis. Map. 4362.^ 
Nor'denskiold, NOs Otto Gustaf. 
Frin Eldslandet: skildringar frin den 
svenska expeditionen till Magellanslan- 
dema. 1895-97. Stockholm. [1898.] 
lUus. Portrs. 4362.200 
Scruggs, William L. 
The Colombian and Venezuelan republics, 
with notes on other parts of Central and 
South America. Boston, 1900. Pis. Maps. 

Smith, WOliam Anderson. 
Temperate Chile : a progressive Spain. Lon- 
don, 1899. Map. 4366.190 

Central America. Mexico. 

Gostkowski, G. de^ baron. 
De Paris i Mexico, par les fitats-Unis. 
Paris, 1899. Portrs. Pis. 4366.183 

Hurst, Thomas Wright, compiler. 
Isthmus of Panama, Nicaragua, canal 
routes, etc. [Chicago.] 18$^ 98 pp. 
Maps. 4461.144 

Maudslay, Anne Cary, and Alfred Perdval 
A glimpse at Guatemala, and some notes on 
the ancient monuments of Central America. 
London, 1899. Illus. Maps. '*'446oa.i25 
Mexican gulf su^ricultural co. 
Dos Rios. Souvenir, 1898. [Kansas City, 
1898.] Illus. = 3999.41 

Niederlein, Gustave. 
The republic of Guatemala. Phila., 1898. 
63 pp. = 4368.185 

Real estate company of Mexico. 
Tropical Mexico. Mexico, 1897. 58 pp. 
Map. = 4460a. 120 

Alaska. The Klondyke. 

Adney, Tappan. 
The Klondike stampede. N. Y., 1900. Illus. 
Maps. 4367. iS3 

Bruce, Miner W. 
Alaska. Its history and resources, gold 
fields, routes and scenery. 2d edition, en- 
larged. N. Y., 1899. Illus. Maps. 

Garland, Hamlin. 
The trail of the goldseekers. A record of 
travd in prose and verse. N. Y, 1899. 

Heilprin, Angelo. 
Alaska and the Klondike. N. Y., 1899. Pis.' 
Maps. 4367.184 

Hitchcock, Mar^ E. 
Two women m the Klondike. The story of 
a journey to the gold-fields of Alasjca. 
N. Y., 1899. Illus. Map. 4367.183 

Kirk, Robert C. 
Twdve months in Klondike. London, 1890. 
Illus. Map. 4367.1^ 

United States. Geological survey. 
Maps. and descriptions of routes of explora- 
tion in Alaska in 1898. Washington, 1899. 
Maps. = ♦4360.136 

Yukon territory, The. Introduction by F. M. 
Trimmer. London, 1898. Illus. Map. 



British America. London, 1900. Maps. [British 
empire series. 1 4514.140 

Treats of the British possessions in the West 
Indies, the Bermudas, British Honduras, British 
Guiana and the Falkland Islands, as well as 
what is usually known as British America. 

McDougall, John. 
Pathtinding on plain and prairie: stirring 

scenes of life in the Canadian north-west. 

Toronto. 1898. Pis. 4369a. 192 

Saddle, sled and snowshoe: pioneering on 

the Saskatchewan in the sixties. Toronto, 

1896. Portr. Pis. 4369a. 194 



West Indies. 

Deckert, Carl Frie4nch Emil. 
Cuba. Bielefeld, 1899. HIus. Map. [Land 
und Leute. Monographien zur Erdkunde.] 

Dinwiddle, William. 

Puerto Rico: its conditions and possibilities. 

N. Y., 1899. Pis. 4369.172 

Hamm, Margherita Arlina. 

Porto Rico and the West Indies. London. 

[1899.1 Pis. Portr. 4369.170 

Hyatt, Pulaski R, and John T. Hyatt 

Cuba: its resources and opportunities. 

N. Y. [1898.] Pis. Map. 4368.179 

Jay, Edward Aubrey Hastings. 

' A glimpse of the tropics; or, four months 

cruising in the West Indies. London, 1900. 

Pis. Map. 43i59.i76 

Stark, James Henry. 

Jamaica guide. Boston. [1898?] Portr. Pis. 

Maps. = 4369.178 

United States. 

Abbott, Katharine M. 
Trolley trips; the historic New England 
coast: Long Island shore, Connecticut 
valley. Narragansett bay. Buzzard's bay 
and Massachusetts. Lowell, 1899. Illus. 
Map. 4359a. 128 

Archer, William. 

America today. N. Y., 1899. 4369a.i90 

California. State mining bureau. 
Oil City oil field, Fresno co., California. 

JMap.] [Sacramento, 1900?] Scale, 1515 
eet to I inch. = No. 41 in *Map 45.2 

Chamber of commerce, Quincy, Illinois. 
The advantages and attractions of Quincy. 
[Quincy.] 1899. 23 pp. = 4379a. 136 

Derrah, Robert H. 
Street railway guide for eastern Massachu- 
setts. Boston, 1896. 24 pp. Map. = 


Davis, William Morris. 

The New England states. Boston, 1899. 

31 pp. Illus. Maps. No. 3 in ^2280.72 

Drake, Samuel Adams. 

Historic mansions and highways around 

Boston, i8p9. Illus. Plan. 2359.120 

A new edition of Old landmarks and historic 
fields of Middlesex [2359.99]. Another edition is 
entitled Historic fields and mansions of Middle* 
sex [2359-57] . 

Earle, 'Alice Morse. 
Child-life in colonial days. N. Y., 1899. 
Illus. Portrs. 4358.136 

Foster, George Everett 
Reminiscences of travel in Cherokee lands. 
Ithaca, 1899. 84 pp. No. 2 in 7449a.204 
Carets, Francisco. 
On the trail of a Spanish pioneer. The diary 
and itinerary of Francisco Carets (mission- 
ary priest), in his travds through Sonora, 
Arizona, and California, 1775^1776. Trans- 
lated and edited ... by Elliott Coues. 
N. Y., 1900. 2 V. Pis. Maps. [American 
explorers series.] ♦2372.105 

Giacosa, Giuseppe. 
Impressioni d America. Milano, 1898. 

4369a. 179 

Hemstreet, Charles. 
Nooks and comers of old New York. 
1899. Illus. 4. 

Henry, William Amon. 
Northern Wisconsin; a handbook f( 
homeseeker. [Madison, 1896.] 
Maps. Chart 4 

An official publication distributed by th 
board of immigration. 

International Congregational council, I 


Ye puritan his book, wherein are ^ 

many thyngs needfull to be known 
puritan journeying to ye goodlyc 
of Salem for ye celebration of ye 
national Congregational council. 31 
day of September. (N. S.) A, DM 
[Boston, 1899.] 8 pp. nius. = 2: 

Ye pilgrim his book, wherein are \ 
many thyngs needfull to be known 
pilgrim journeying to ye goodlye to^ 
Plimouth. [Boston, 1599.I (8) pp. 
= 2: 

Ives, Martin V. B. 

Through the Adirondacks in eighteer 
N. Y., 1899. Portrs. Pis. 4^ 

Jenningrs, N. A. 

A Texas ranger. N. Y., 1899. 43< 
Kipling. Rudyard. 

American notes. Boston, 1899. Port: 

Mackennal, Alexander. 

Homes and haunts of the Pilgrim f 
With . . . illustrations by C. Wh; 
London. 1899. ^ ** 

Massachusetts. Commissioners on the 
graphical survey. 
[Report on the boundary line between 1 
chusetts and New York. Boston. 
57 pp. Maps. = ♦i 

Mills. William H., of San Francisco, 
CaJifomia. Early history: commerci 
sition: climate. . . . 1897-08. San 
Cisco. [1898.1 Illus. Map. 41 

Nahant, Mass. Public library. 
Nahant. A collection from sundry s 
of some noteworthy descriptions « 
town. [Articles by G. W. Curtis, B 
Roosevelt Tuckcr-Machetta, G. Ti 
and others.] Lynn, 1899. SO pp. = 

Osborne. John Ball. 
The story of Arlington. A histor 
description of the estate and N: 
cemetery, containing a complete 1 
officers of the army and navy in 
there. Washington, 1899. Portr. 
Map. i 

Perry, Arthur Latham. 
Williamstown ^.nd Williams college. 
wood.1 1899. Illus. Portrs. 4^ 
Richards. L. J., and company, publisher; 
New topographical atlas of the coui 
Worcester, Massachusetts. Phila., 
43 pp. PI. 55 maps. *Mai 

Road map of Worcester county, 
Springfield, 1898. Scale, 2 miles 
inch. ^ No. 45 in *Mai 

Ricker, Hiram & sons. 
The Poland Spring House. [Cir< 
Summer season, 1899. 2d edition. | 
Poland?] 1899. 46 pp. nius. = 44; 



Robtnson, Sara Tappan Doolitde, born Law- 

Kansas; its interior and exterior life. loth 
edition. Lawrence, 1899^ Portr. 4378.^ 
Roe, Alfred Seelye. 
The Massachusetts state house; a sketch. 
Worcester, 1899. 32 pp. Pis. 4459.143 
SnjTthe, WiUiamR 
The conquest of arid America. N. Y., 1900. 
Pis. Maps. 2369.118 

Stadly, Georse W., and company, publishers. 
Atlas of Middlesex county, Massachusetts. 
Vol. I. Boston, 190a Sode, 200 teet to i 
inch. '^'Map 51.12 

Stfbbins, Nathaniel L. 
Four ««hotographic views of Boston, taken 
from the dome of the State house. Bos- 
ton, 1896? Size, 7H X 9$^ inches. 

Six photographic views of Boston. Two 
taken from his studio, 132 Boylston street, 
and four from the top of the Ames build- 
ing. Boston, 1898? Size, 16^ X aM 
indies. '*'Cab.8i. 191 1 

[View of the Fenway, Boston, looking west.] 
[Boston, 1900.] Size, gii X ^iH inches. 
Photograph. F.A.Dept 

[Water-front of Boston, taken from the Bos- 
ton & Albany grain devator. East Boston. 
1896.] [Boston, 1896.] Size, i6f^ X 75H 
inches. Photograph. F. A. Department 

Hancs over the Photograph case in the Fine 
Aru Defiartment. 

Scede, James W. 
Colorado, the magnificent [Giicago, 1900?] 
45 pp. Ill«is. = 447(5.217 

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Famous parks and public buildings of 
America. [Views, with notes.] N. Y., 
1899. Portr. *436oa.ii2 

From the Atlantic to the Pacific An illus- 
trated tour. N. Y., 1899. Portr. *436oa.ii4 
United Sutes. 
Mississippi river commission. Descriptions, 
devations and geodetic positions of per- 
manent marks from Cairo, 111., to St. raul, 
Minn. St Louis, 1899. = '^'8027.59 

Walker, George Hiram, and company, pub- 
liap showing the terminal facilities of Bos- 
ton. Boston, 1899. Scale, none. 

No. 74 in '^'Map 32.1 

Road map of the Boston district, showing the 

Metropolitan park systenL Boston, 1897. 

Scale, I mile to i incn. No. 76 in '^Map 32.1 

Washington county railroad. 

Woods and waters of eastern Maine. "Bar 

Harbor to Quaddy Head." Calais, Me., 

18991 j8 pp. Illus. = 2389a. 128 

Language. Rhetoric. 

Language. Comparative Philology. 

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Das Studium der Sprachen und die geistige 
Bildnng. Berlin, 1899. 50 pp. 

No. 7 in ♦3596.189.2 

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Revolution in the study of foreign languages. 
N. Y. [1899?] 47 pp. 2959.8Q 

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Ueber Sprachkenntniss und Sprachkunde. 
Hamburg, 1899. 28 pp. ♦5914.50.N.F.14 
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The history of language. N. Y., 1900. 
[Temple primers.] 2959a. 11 

A practical study of languages. N. Y., 1900. 



King, Leonard William. 
The letters and inscriptions of Hammurabi, 
king of Babvlon, about B.C. 2200; added 
a series of letters of other kings of the 
first djrnasty of Babylon. The original 
Babylonian texts, edited from tablets in 
the British musetun, with English transla- 
tions, . . . Vol. I. London, 1898. Fac- 
similes. [Luzac's Semitic text and trans- 
lation series.] 3024.101 

Thompson, Reginald Campbell, editor. 
The reports of the magicians and astrologers 
of Nineveh and Babylon, in the British 
Museum. The original texts, printel in 
cuneiform characters, edited with trans- 
lations. London, 1900. 2 v. '^3024.104 


Williams, Samud Wdls. 
A syllabic dictionary of the Chinese lan- 
guage; arranged according to the Wu- 
fang Yuen Yin, with the pronundation of 
the characters as heard in Peking, Canton, 
Amoy, and Shanghai. Shanghai, 1896. := 


An index arranged according to Sir Thomas 
Wade's system of orthography, by James Ache- 
son, is on shelf-number *jojo.2i. 


Budge, Ernest Alfred Thompson Wallis. 
Easy lessons in Egyptian hieroglyphics. Lon- 
don, iSgg. 3499*143 


Bube, J. 
Englisches Ubtmgsbuch. Materialien zum 
Ubersetzen aus dem Deutschen in das 
Englische und methodische Anleitung zur 
Anfertigung von englischen Aufsatzen. 
Stuttgart, 1897. 2584,33 

Schulgrammatik der englischen Sprache. 
Stuttgart, 1896. 2584.32 

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Portr s. 5597.144 

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Word-book of Virginia folk-speech. Rich- 
mond, 18^. *2384.56 
Harris, Mattie Anstice. 
A glossary of the West Saxon Gospels. 
Latin-West Saxon and West Saxon-Latin. 
Boston, 1899. [Yale studies in English.] 

= 4583.134 

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Advanced grammar and composition. N. Y. 
[1899.] 2587.43 



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On the use of classical metres in English. 
London, 1899. 59 pp. 12486.85 


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La langue du Roman de Troie. Bordeaux, 
1898. 50 pp. 2684.29 

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Variations in French pronunciations. Balti- 
more, 1899. 8 pp. = 2682.16 
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Essai de dialectologie normande. Paris, 1899. 
Maps. [Biblioth^ue de Tficole des hautes 
Etudes.] ^2622. 150 
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A practical treatise on French modal auxili- 
aries. Boston, 1899. 78 pp. [Heath's 
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Die Stellung des attributiven Adjectivs im 
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Leipzig, 1899. 4683.17 

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Short French historical grammar and ety- 
mological lexicon . . . London, 1899. 

Thieme, Hu^o Paul. 
The technique of the French Alexandrine. 
A studv of the works of Leconte de Lisle, 
Jose Maria de H6r6dia, Frangois Copp6e, 
Sully Prudhomme, and Paul Verfaine. 
Dissertation . . . Johns Hopkins Univer- 
sity. [Ann Arbor, Mich., 1097.] 73 PP. 

Villatte, C^saire. 
Parisismen. Alphabetisch geordnete Samm- 
lun^ der eigenartigen Ausdrucksweisen des 
Pariser Argot. 5. Auflage. Berlin, 1899. 


Gaelic. Irish. 

O'Daly, John. 
Key to the study of Gaelic, with exercises 
and vocabularies, ist edition. Part i. 
Boston, 1899. = 2484.68 

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Simple lessons in Irish; giving the pronun- 
ciation of each word. Parts 1-5. Dublin, 
1900. ^2484.70 


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Deutsche Sprach- und Litteraturgeschichte 

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Deutsche Grammatik. Neuer vermehrter 

Abdruck, besorgt durch WUhelm Scherer 

[Gustav Roethe und Edward Schroder]. 

Giitersloh. 1878-98. 4 v. ♦2886.86 

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1899. 2686.25 

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Die Rieser Mundart Inaugural-Dissertatioii. 
Munchen, 1898. 84 pp. = 2687.47 

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Sprachfehler oder Si>rachentwickluhg? Ver- 
such einer historischen Grammatik der 
deutschen Sprache fiir gebildete Laien. 
Bd. I. Berlm, 1900. 2689.25 

Greek. Romaic 

Rouse, William Henr^ Denham. 

Demonstrations in uveek iambic verse. Cam- 
bridge. 1899. 2989.97 
Vlachos, Angelos. 

A€^uc6w iKKfiPoya\>uK6w. 'Ef ' A^nut, 1897. 



Robinson, Charles Henry. 
Dictionary of the Hausa language. By C. 
H. Robinson, assisted by W. H. Brooks. 
Vol. I. Hausa-English. Cambridge, 1899. 



Hoffman, M6r. 
Magyar-n^met €s N6met-magyar zsebsz6tir. 

Berlin. [1899.] ♦2889.43 

Indian of America. 

Codex Tdleriano-Remensis. Manuscrit mexi- 
cain ... a la Biblioth^que nationale . . . 
Reproduit en photochromographie aux 
frais du Due de Loubat et precede d'unc 
introduction contenant la transcription 
complete des anciens commentaircs hisr 
pano-mexicains par K T. Hamy. Paris, 
1899. 33 pp. 50 ff. of chromophotographs. 

C6dice Cospiano. 
Descripcion del C6dice Cospiano, manuscnto 
pictorico de los antiguos N4uas que sc 
conserva en la Biblioteca de la Univer- 
sidad de Bolonia. Reproduddo en foto- 
cromografia i expensas de S. E. d duque 
de Loubat. Roma, 1898. Fac-simile in a 
box. Text, (I), 31 pp. Portf ♦♦p.i6ob.24 

Another edition with the tttle, "Fac-simae of an 
orifirinal Mexican painting, preserved in the li- 
brary of the Institute of Bologna. '. »P,P«« « 
Kingsborough's "Antiquities of Mexico," voL a. 
London, 1831 [•♦^.x.vol.a], 
Ruiz de Montoya, Antonio. 
Der Sprachstoff der guaranischen Gramma- 
tik des Antonio Ruiz. Ubersetzt von J. 
Platzmann. Leipzig. 1898. 5032.23 


Ballesio, G. B. 
Fraseologia italiana. Dispensa 1-12. Firenze. 
(1898.] * 



Johnston, Oliver Biartin. 
The historic syntax of the atoiaic personal 
pronotins in Italian. Dissertation. To- 
ronto» 189B. 81 pp. = 3786.35 


Chamberlain, Basil Hall. 
A practical introduction to the study of 
Japanese writing. London, 1899. *yai,23 

AUeii, John Barrow. 
Tiles of eaiiy Rome. Adapted from the 
text of Livy, with notes, maps, vocabu- 
laries, and English exercises. Oxford, 
1899. 2939.104 

Mohl, F. George. 
Introduction i la chronologie du latin vul- 
pire. fitude de philoTogie historique. 
Paris, 1899. [Biblioth^ue de Vtcole des 
hautes ^udes.] *2932.6o 

Olcott, George N. 
Studies in the word formation of the Latin 
inscriptions. Sul^tantives and adjectives. 
[Rome.] 1898. 2932.77 

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Disoemenda. Latin words liable to be con- 
founded. N. Y., 1898. 32 pp. 2938.40 
Scfdade, Johann, and Franz Otto Ernst 
Lexicon Petronianum. Lipsiae, 1898. 



Colenso^ William, F.R.S. 

A Maori-English lexicon, being a compre- 

beosive dictionary of the New Zealand 

tonsue. [Specimen pages.] Wellington, 

1898. ♦3031.133 


International congress of Orientalists, nth 
session. Paris. 1897. Section 2. 
Actes. Paris, 1898. Illus. Fac-simile. 


Cootests. — lAnguei et •rcheologie de rextrcme* 

Koeni^ich-preussische Friedrich Wilhelms- 

Universitaet, Berlin. 

Mittheilungen des Seminars fur Orien- 

talische Sprachen. Herausgegeben von E. 

Sadhau. Jahrgang i, Abth. 1-3. Berlin, 

189B. ♦302oa.5 


Stevens, Edward Oliver. 
A vocabulary, English and Peguan. Ran- 
goon, 1896. = ♦3036.110 


Candr6a-Hecht, J. A. 
Gnirs complet de gramnuire roumaine. 
190a ^5036.40 


Academia espafiola, Madrid. 
Diccionario de la lengua castellana. 13a 
edicion. Madrid, 1899. 

♦S030.32=^^D.23i. 17 
Barra, Eduardo de la. 
Tratado de ortografia reformada. Santiago 
de Chile. 18^. 5039- 102 

Caballero y Rubio, Ram6n. 
Diccionario de modismos (frases y met4- 
foras). Madrid. [1899.] ♦5032.17 

Olive, Pedro Maria de. 
Diccionario de sin6nimos de la lengua cas- 
tellana. Paris, 1899. No. 2 in ^5030.28 
Ramsey, Marathon Montrose, and Anita John- 
stone Lewis. 
Progressive exercises in Spanish prose com- 
position. N. Y., 1900. 5039.108 
Ruiz, Lorenzo A. 
The Cuban-American. Tratado analitico y 
clave de vocalizaci6n y pronunciaci6n del 
ingles. Phila., 1899. 5038.47 
Schilling, J. 
Spanish grammar translated by F. Zagel. 

N. Y» 1899. 5039.104 

Zerolo, Ellas. 
Diccionario endclop^dico de la lengua cas- 
tellana . . . Compuesto por Elias Zerolo, 
Miguel de Toro y G6mez, ijjniliano Isaza 
y otros escritores espafioles y americanos. 
3a edici6n. Contiene el Diccionario de la 
rima, por Pefialver. Paris, 1900. 2 v. 
Illus. Portrs. Maps. ♦♦D.231.19 


Brockelmann, Carl. 
Syrische Grammatik, mit Litteratur, Chres- 
tomathie und Glossar. Berlin, 1899. 


Rhetoric. Elocution. Oratory. 

Arnold, Sarah Louise. 
Reading: how to teach it Boston. [1899.] 

Callaway, Frances Bennett. 

Studies for letters. Rochester, 1899. 3589a.7 
Qark, Solomon Henry, and Frederic Mason 
Practical public speaking. N. Y., 1899. 

5599a. 109 
Fletcher, Jefferson Butler, and George Rice 
Introduction to theme-writin'^. Boston, 1897. 

^ . 3599.171 

Frosty S. A. 

How to write a composition. 4th edition. 

Dublin, 1899. 2489a.47 

Gardiner, John Hays. 

The forms of prose literature. N. Y., 1900. 

This is intended as a supplement to Barrett Wen- 
dell's English composition [3597.107=3597.149]. 

Giraudet, A. 
Mimique, phvsionomie et gestes. M^thode 
pratique d apr^s le systeme de F. Del 
Sarte, pour servir i Texpression des senti- 
ments. Paris, 1895. Illus. Portr. 5600.24 



Hilty, Carl. 

Lesen und Reden. Fraueitfeld, 1899. 559;r.i54 
Lanson, Achille Alexandre Gustave Marie. 

Conseil sur Tart d'6crire. 4!e Edition. Paris, 
18^. 6199a. 18 

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Principles of public speaking. N. Y., 1899. 

SS97. 132 
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A modem reader and speaker. Chicago, 1900. 

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Words and their uses, ^d edition. Boston, 
1899. 2488.94 


Bibliography. Catalogues. 

Ainge, Thomas S. 
A quarter-centurv of public-health literature 
in Michigan. [Lansing? 1898.] 78 pp. = 


Ames free library, North Easton Mass. 

List of books for young people. May, 1900. 

Boston. [1900.] 50 pp. = ♦aidisa 

Amherst college. Library. 

Quarterly bulletin . . . Vol. i, no. i, June, 

1899. [Amherst, 1899. 1 = ^136.42 
Belfast, Ireland. Free public library. 

Catalogue of the reference department 
Compiled by G. H. Elliott Belfast, 1896. 
= *6i59.ioo 

Boletin bibliogriHco argentino. Ano 4, no. i- 
6. Buenos Aires, 1899. = ^^168.44 

Boletin biblio^ifico uruguayo. Publicado por 
la Librena nacional, de Antonio Barreiro 
y Ramos. Ano i; 2, no. [i]. Num. 1-8. 
Montevideo, 1898, 99. = ♦2154.139 

Bolton, Charles Knowles. 
Bulletin boards and special lists. [Chicago.] 

1900. S pp. = 6196.65 
Boston. Public library. 

Imperialism. A list of references. Boston, 
1^99- 4 PP* *2i5oa.iJ3 

This list was prepared for use in connection with 
a coarse of free municipal lectures on imperial- 
ism, Boston, 1899. 

Monastic architecture. [Boston, 1899.] 4 
pp. *2i5oa.i37 

Bowker, Richard Rogers, editor. 

Publications of societies. A provisional list 
of American scientific, literary, and other 
societies, from their organization. N. Y., 

1899. ♦2160.34 

State publications. A provisional list of the 
official publications of the several states 
of die United States, from their organi- 
zation. Part I. New England states. 
N. Y., 1899. ♦6170.40 

Brinley, George. 
Catalogue of [his] American library. [Special 
edition.] Containing a biographical sketch 
of Mr. Brinley and an index. Hartford, 
1878-97. .S V. = ♦6175.90 

Brookline, Mass. Public library. 
List of French and German books in the 
Public library. Brookline, 1900. 20 pp. = 


Buffalo, N. Y. Public library. 
Qassroom Lbraries for public schooU, listed 
by grades. Added, a list of hooks sng- 

? jested for school reference libraries. Bux- 
alo, 1899. 55 pp. = ^IS7'9» 

Burton, John Richard, and Frank Shakeqware 
Pearson, editors. 
Biblio^aphy of Worcestershire. Acts of 

Sirliament relating to the county. Plut i. 
xford, 1898. ♦2SOoa.X46 

California. State library. 
Bi-monthly bulletin. Vol. i, no. x. Sacra- 
mento, 1899. = ♦6x59.2a 
Special bulletin. No. i. Sacramento, 1899. 
= ♦6173.125 
Cambridge, Mass. Public library. 
Catalogue of English fiction. Cambridge, 
1899. = ♦6156.3X 
Carnegie free library, Allegheny, Pa. 
Catalogue of music [Allegheny.] 1899. 
12 pp. = ♦4042.106 
Chaves, Manuel. 
Historia y bibliografia de la prensa seviUana. 
Sevilla, 1896. 6111.1x2 
Colombo museum, Colombo, Ceylon. 
Suoplement no. 2 to the catalogue of the 
Colombo museum library. Part 2. Co- 
lombo, 1899. = ♦6176.65 
oncord, New Hampshire. Public libiary. 
Catalogue of all the books (other than Eng- 
lish fiction), 1898. Concord, 1898. = 


Copeland and Day. 
List of books. [With press notices, designs, 
and portraits.] [Boston, i894-99-l = 


Crosse, Joseph Charles Hippolyte. 
Catalogue de la biblioth^que et des collec- 
tions de feu Crosse, . . . dont la vente . . . 
aura lieu i Paris, du 20 au 30 novembre, 

1899. Paris. [1899.] Portr. = ♦2x62.57 
Ford, Paul Leicester. 

The New England primer. A reprint of the 
earliest known edition, with many fac- 
similes and reproductions, and an historical 
introduction. N. Y., 1899. ♦2x26.18 

Furchheim, Friedrich. 
Bibliografia della Campania. Vol. x, 2. Na- 
poli, 1897, 99. ♦2x42.32 

GeorflT Carl 
Schlagwort-Katalog. Verzeichnis der Bucfaer 
und Landkarten in sachlicher Anordong. 
Hannover, 1889. 98. 2 v. ♦2x63.84 

Green, Samuel Abbott 
A second supplementary list of early Ameri- 
can imprints. Cambridge, 1899. 70 pp. = 


Grolier club. New York. 

Exhibition of first and other editions of the 

works of John Dryden, commemorative of 

the 200th anniversary of his death. N. Y.. 

1900. 88 pp. = ♦6ii9a.28 
Grossherzoglich-badische Landesgewerbehalle 

in Karlsruhe. Bibliothek. 
Katalog, 3te Auflage [und i. Nachtrag, 
1896]. Karlsruhe, 1893, 97. 2 parts in i v. 
= ^2x69.27 

Zugangsverzeichniss. 1899. 1-3. [Karls- 
ruhe, 1899.] = ^2x69.28 



HesSfe Henry £. 
A ctttalocne of the libranr of the Insurance 
library association of Boston. [Boston.] 
i8g9. nias. = *2i7g.6S 

James, Charies Caanifl 
A bibliosraphy of Canadian poetry, (Eng- 
lish.) Toronto. iSgg.. [Victoria univer- 
si^, Toronto. Library.] = *2i54.i4i 

John Rylands library, Manchester, EnR. 
Cataloffue of the printed books and manu- 
scripts. [Prepared by £. Gordon Duff.] 
Manchester, 1899. 3 v. = *6i4oa.32 

Jose^ David. 
Bibbographie de I'histoire de Tart de la pre- 

laissance (trecento et quattro- 
cento) en Italic. Bruxelles, i8g8. 65 pp. 

Joiq»haon, Aksd G. S. 
A bibliography of union lists of periodicals, 
1864-1899. [Chicago?] 1899. 8 PP. = 

JoynbolU H. H. 
Catalogus van de maleische en sundaneesche 
handschriften der Leidsche universiteits- 
bibliotheek. Leiden, 1899. = ♦6170.53 
U Plata. Biblioteca publica de la Provincia 
de Bueii€>s Aires. 
Boletin. Num. a-6. 1899. La Plata, 1899. 
= ♦6150.48 

Lowell, Mass. City library. 
Reference list on Dante. [Lowell, 1899?] 
(3) pp. = ♦2172.120 

Lnxac & company. 
Catalogue of books on the languages of Asia, 
Australia, Africa, Turkey, etc, etc., • on 
sale. London, 1900. ^6176.70 

liaine. State superintendent of public schools. 
Syoc^sis of documents issued by the Educa- 
tional department of Maine. [Augusta, 
1899^] 12 pp. = ^2174.36 

Mansfield, M. F., and A. Wessels. 
Kiplingiana. Biographical and bibliographi- 
cal notes. N. Y. [1899.] Ulus. Portrs. 

Marot, Hden. 
A handbook of labor literature. Phila., 1899. 

Massachusetts. Board of agriculture. Library. 

Qassification and catalogue. Prepared by 
F. H. Fowler. Boston, 1899. = 


Mathews, E. R. Norris. 

Early printed books and manuscripts in the 

City reference library, Bristol [England]. 

Bristol, 1899. Pis. ♦6113.57 

Mechanics' institute library bulletin. Vol. i, 2. 

Oakland [and San Francisco], 1897, 98. = 


Current numbers are in the Periodical Room. 

Medina, Jos^ Toribio. 
Biblio^'afia espafiola de las islas Filipinas. 
(1523-1810.) Santiago de Chile. 1897. 

Biblioteca hispano-americana. (1493-1810.) 

T. I. Santiago de Chile, 1898. ^2150.59 

Monthly cumtdative book index, The. Vol. 2, 

no. x-9. Minneapolis, 1890. ♦6i5oa.35 

The sub-title ia The United States caUlog. 

Mount Vernon, N. Y. Public library. 
Qass catalogue and author index. [N. Y.] 
189R = ♦6157.34 

Nevins memorial library, Methuen, Mass. 
Bulletin, no. 15. Books added from April, 
1898) to January, 1900. Methuen, 1900. = 

New Bedford, Mass. Free public library. 
Annual list of new and important books 
added, 1898. New Bedford, 18^. = 

Nichols, Charles Lemuel. 
Bibliography of Worcester. Worcester, 1899. 
Portr. ♦2154.145 

Nijhoff, Martinus. 
Bibliotheca historico-neerlandica. Histoire 
des Pays-Bas. Catalogue syst6matique de 
livres en vente. La Haye, 1899. = 

No. I in ^6163.66 
Northampton, Mass. Public libraries. 
Monthly bulletin, June, 1899. [Northamp- 
ton, 1899J Illus. = ♦6156.155 
Nottingham, England. Public libraries. 
Central children's lending library. Supple- 
mentary catalogue for 1900. [Nottinghaun, 
1900.] 7 pp. = ♦6159.111 
Paterson, N. J. Free public library. 
Bulletin. Bi-monthly. Vol. i, 2. Paterson, 
1896-99. = ♦6156.61 
Philadelphia. Free library. 
Bulletin. No. i, November, 1898. i. De- 
scriptive catalogue of the writings of Sir 
Walter Scott, by John Thomson. Phila., 

1898. ^6156. 1 10 
Pratt institute, Brooklyn, N. Y. Free library. 

Children's reading-list on animals. Boston, 

1899. 24 pp. ♦2159.53 
Monthly bulletin. Vol. i, no. 1-5. Brooklyn, 

1899. = ♦6157.5 

Puyol, P. E. 

Paleographie, classement, g6n6alogie du livre 
De imitatione Christi. Paris, 1898. 

Quinn, J. Henry. 
Manual of library cataloguing. London, 
1899. ♦6199a. 10 

Rahir, Edouard, editor. 
La collection Dutuit. Livres et manuscrits. 
Paris, 1899. Illus. Fac-similes. 


Retana, Wenceslao E. 

Catilogo abreviado de . . . [su] biblioteca 

filipina . . . Madrid, 1898. ^2177.20 

Ripley, William Zebina. 

A selected bibliography of the anthropology 

and ethnology of Europe. Boston, 1899. 

Rochdale, Lancashire, England. Free public 
Catalogue of the books in the landing depart- 
ment. Compiled by G. Hanson. Rochdale, 
1899. ♦6159. 1 16 

Rouveyre, fidouard. 
Connaissances n^cessaires i un bibliophile. 
5e Edition. Paris. [1899.] 3 v. Illus. 

St. Paul, Minnesota. Public library. 
Finding list Supplement, 3d, with reprint 
of 2d supplement. St. Paul, 1899. = 


San Francisco. Free public library. 

Catalogue of books m the classes of natural 

science and useful arts. San Francisco, 

1899. = ^6156.96 



Sijthoff, Albertus Willem. 
Fonds-Catalogus. 1851-1899. Leiden, 1899. 
= ♦2171.87 

Skowhegan, Maine. Free public library. 
Books for younger readers. Skowhegan, 
1899. 24 pp. = ♦6157.98 

Sotheran, Henry, and company. 
Hand-list of a collection of Bibles, New 
Testaments and parts tl^ereof, illustrating 
the progress and development of the text 
of the Bible by over a thousand editions 
in about 250 different languages. [Lon- 
don.] 1899. 92 pp. = *2i83.i4 
Teikoku Daigaku, Tokio, Japan. 
[Qassified catalogue of Japanese and Chin- 
ese books in the library of the Imperial 
university of Tokyo.] (Law — politics — 
economy.) Tokyo, 1899. = '^'2141.42 
Toledo, Ohio. Public library. 
Manual, 1899/1900. Toledo, 1899. = 

United States. Navy department Library. 

Accessions, July-December, 1898. [Wash- 
ington, 18^.] 47 ff. = ♦2154.137 
Winship^ George Parker. 
The earliest American imprints. Milwaukee, 
1899. 10 pp. = 6116.48 
Wisconsin. State superintendent of education. 
List of books for township libraries of the 
state. May, 1899. Madison, 1899. = 

Wolverhampton, England. Free library. 

Supplementary catalogue of the lending de- 
partment, 1899. Wolverhampton, t8^. = 


Worcester, Mass. Free public library. 

Special reading list Birds. April, 1899. 

[Worcester, 1899.] 12 ]gp. = ♦6156.125 

Worcester monthly bulletm, vol. i, no. i, 

March, 1899. Boston, 1899. = ♦i5i56.i24 

Libraries. Books. 

Aberdeen, Scotland. Public library. 
Annual report, [ist]-i4th. Aberdeen. [1885-] 

99. = ♦6159.91 

Academia espafiola, Madrid. 
Informe emitido por la comisi6n nombrada 
por las Reales academias espafiola y de la 
historia sobre la conveniencia de la adgui- 
sicion por el estado de la biblioteca de Pas- 
cual de Gayangos, y tasaci6n de la misma. 
Madrid, 1899. 19 pp. = 

3092. I39=^^D. 122.24 
Ashton-under-Ljme. Public library. 
Annual report, 5th, of the librarian, for 
1898/99. [Ashton, 1899.] = *6i59.98 
Aungerville, Richard de Bury, Bishop of Dur- 
ham. 1287-1345. 
Philobiblon, a treatise on the love of books 
by Richard de Bury. The English transla- 
tion thereof made by J. B. Inglis, with in- 
troduction by C. Orr. N. Y., 1899. *6i25.62 
Belfast, Ireland. Free public library. 
Annual report of the committee, loth. Bel- 
fast, i8c^. = ♦6159. loi 
Biblioteca nazionale centrale di Firenze. 
Rclazione delle pratiche fra il govemo ed il 
comune, dal 1885 al dicembre 1898. Fi- 
reitze, 1899. 53 PP. = *6i95.95 

Bodleian library, Oxford. 
Annual report of the curators, 1889^ SM-99> 
[Oxford.] 1889-99. = *2M045 

Bolton, Henry Carrington. 
A model librarian three hundred years aga 
[Hugo Blotz.] [Washington, ibgg.] (2) 
pp. =3 6195^ 

Boston. Public library. 
Free lectures. [Notice of course of seven 
lectures to be given at the lfl)rary, March 
12 to April 23, 1900.] Boston, X9oa (5) 
pp. 55»a.i20 

Bristol museum and reference library, Bristol, 
Report of the museum committee, 96/98. 
[Bristol.] 1899. = ♦6159.103 

British museum. 
Three hundred notable books added to the 
library of the British musetun under the 
keepership of R. Gamett, 1890-1899. Lon- 
don, 1899. lUus. Portr. ♦6120.17 
Burlington, Iowa. Free public library. 
Annual report, [ist]. Burlington, 1899. 
Portr. PI. = ♦6x57.112 
Farrar, Frederic William. 
Great books. 4th thousand. N. Y. [189&] 
Portrs. 6259U13 

Contents. — Great books. — John Banyan. — 
Shakespeare. — Dante. — Milton. — The imita- 
tion of Christ. 

Fogg library. South Weymouth, Mass. 
Dedication, Sept 14, 186B. [South Wey- 
mouth, 1898.] 42 pp. Portr. Pis. Plans. 

Garnett, Richard. 
Essays in librariinship and bibliography. 
London, 1899. [The library series.] 


Haverhill, Mass. Public library. 
Annual report, 4th-24th. Haverhill, 1879-99. 
= ♦6157.116 

The first report is given in the Proceedings at 
the dedication . . . [*2ao2.7]. The ad and 3d have 
never been published. 

Higginson, Thomas Wentworth. 

Education and the public library. Tjrpe- 

written. 17 pp. [Boston public library. 

Free lectures. 1900.] *559i-4i 

Hillis, Newell Dwight. 

Great books as life-teachers: studies of 

character real and ideal. Chicago, 1899. 

Kendall Young library, Webster City,^ Iowa. 
Annual report, ist Webster City, 1899. 
16 pp. Pis. = ♦6157.102 

Kirkpatrick, E. A. 
Children's reading. Lincoln, Neb., 1899. 
(12) pp. = ♦2164.318 

Konglig^ biblioteket, Stockholm. 
Handlingar. i8-<2i. Arsberattelse for &r 
1895-^. Stockholm, 1896-99. 4 parts. = 

Krause, Louise Beerstecher. 
The Fisk free and public library. New Or- 
leans. [New Orleans? 1899.] 7 pp. Bins. 
= ♦6195.102 

Maillard, Firmin. 
Les passionn6s du livre. Paris, 1896. 

♦2127. 1 15 
Manchester, England. Free public libraries. 
A history and description and guide. By W. 
R. Credland. Manchester, 1899. Pis. = 




New Haven, ConiL Free public library. 
How to nsc the library. New Haven. [1900?] 
4 op. = 6194.70 

Newark, New Jersey. Free public library. 
Cerenionies attending the comer stone lay- 
ing of the new btiilding. [Newark, 1899.] 
35 pp. PL = *6igoa.ii3 

Noerrenberg, G>n8tantin. 
Die Bucherhallen-Bewegung im Jahre 1897. 
Berlin, 189& 24 pp. 6192.50 

Oakland free library and reading rooms, Oak- 
land, CaL 
Annnal reports, 19th, aoth. Oakland, 1898. 
= *6is6.98 

Perth library and museum record. Vol. i, no. 1. 

October, 1890. Perth, 189;^ == *6i;9.ii8 
Cnrreot nrnnoen are kept in the Penodical 
Room, dnwer 533. 

Oiiiiicy> Illinois. Public library. 

Annnal report, nth, 1898/99. Quinor, 1899. 
= ♦6157. los 

Rochester, N. H. Public library. 

Annnal report, 5th, 189B. [Rochester, 1899.] 

= ♦6157.109 

Souvenir, The. [November], 1898. Published 
under the auspices of the Montgomery li- 
brary association. Montgomery, Ala., 1898. 
27 pp. = *6i90.92 

No more was published. 

Sterenson, William M. 
Carnegie and his libraries. [Pittsburgh.] 
1899. (8) pp. Ulus. Portr. = *6i90.S9 
Twickenham, England. Free public library. 
Annnal report, iTth. Twickenham, 1899. = 

Wiothrop visitor. June 30, 1899. Winthrop, 
1899. 8 pp. Illus. Portrs. = 


The bulk of this issue of the paper is deroted to 
the Dedication of the Frost libntfy tniilding. 

Worcester county law library, Worcester, 
Annual report, ist Worcester, 1899. = 


Printing. Book-binding. 

Boston. Municipal printing office. 
Specimen book of type faces used. Boston, 
1899. = ♦6112.86 

Copeland & Day, publishers. 
Eighteen variations of the firm's device in 
black, with duplicates in red, in 24*" size, 
and two, with duplicates, in 8**: all on 
Japan paper. Also four variations of the 
device of the University press, John Wil- 
son and son, in black, with duplicates in 
red, on Japan paper 24**. ♦6114.78 

The three lilies on one stalk, with the motto 
**Sictit lilium inter spinas,** was the device of the 
printer Richard Dajr (150-1610), and the garland 
of roses was used in like manner by his elder 
contemporary, William Copland. 
Some of these derices of conventionalized lilies 
and roses, were drawn by Bertram Grosvenor 
Goodhue, George Edward Barton, Ethel Reed, F. 
Richard Anderson, and Herbert Home. 
The • four University press devices were made 
especially for Copeland & Day's books, and were 
never used otherwise. 

Twenty-five leaflets issued by Copeland and 
Day, relating to some of the books pub- 
lished by that firm. Boston, 1894-99- = 


Davenport, Cyril. 
English embroidered bookbindings. Edited 
by A. Pollard. London, 1899. Pis. 

De Peyster, John Watts. 
■Ancient bookbinding. [N. Y., 1899.] 8 pp. 
= 6116.^ 

De Vinne, Theodore Low. 
The practice of typography. N. Y., 1900. 
Illus. 6ii9a.37 

Gerring, Charles. 
Notes on printers and booksellers, with a 
chapter on chap books. London, 190a 
Portrs. Pis. ♦6117.56 

Houghton, Mifflin and company. 
A brief description of the Riverside press, 
' Cambridge. [Boston, 1899.] 16 pp. Illus. 
= 6ii9a.24 

Kidson, Frank. 
British music publishers, printers and en- 

S avers. From Queen Elizabeth's reign to 
K>rg;e the Fourth's, with select biblio- 
graphical lists. London. [1900.] ♦4042.223 

Journalism. Authorship. Editing. 

Hall, Harry O. 
Some rules which shotdd be observed by edi- 
tors and publishers of medical journals. 
[Phila., 1899.] 6 pp. 6199.22 

Miles, Eustace Hamilton. 
How to prepare essays, lectures, articles, 
books, speeches and letters. With hints on 
writing for the press. London, 1900. 

6199a. 16 
Pataky, Sophie. 
Lexikon deutscher Frauen der Feder. Ber- 
lin, 1898. 2 V. C.R.32.19 
Society of American authors. 
Bulletin. Monthly. Vol. 3, no. 6, 11; vol. 4, 
no. i; May, October, December, 1889. 
[Edited by G. Grosvenor Dawe.] Irving- 
ton, N. Y. [1899.] Portrs. = ♦61(^54 
Society of authors, London. 
Forms of agreement ^sued by the Pub- 
lishers' association: with comments by G. 
H. Thring. London. [1899.] 18 pp. = 

Welsh, Charles. 
Publishing a book. Being practical hints 
to authors. Boston, 1899. 58 pp. 6199a. 12 

Manuscripts. Autographs. 

Boston, Mass. West church. 
Record book of the West parish library, with 
an index. Also, "Catalogue for the li- 
brarian." Boston, 1825-31. Manuscript. = 

British museum. 
Illuminated manuscripts in the British mu- 
seum. Miniatures, borders, and initials 
reproduced in gold and colors. With de- 
scriptive text by George F. Warner. 
Series i. London, 1899. ♦Cab.21.23.3 

Buffalo, N. Y. Public library. 
Descriptive catalogue of the Gluck collec- 
tion of manuscripts and autographs in the 
library. Buffalo, 1899. = ♦615791 



Codice Rios. 
II manoscritto Messicano Vaticano 3758, 
detto il c6dice Rios. Riprodotto in toto- 
cromografia a spese di S. E. il duca di 
Loubat, per cura della Biblioteca Vaticana. 
Roma, 1900. Text, 30 pp. ; Fac-simile, 97 
ff. = ♦*D.Cab.2.i.i 

Cogswell, James, surgeon in the Revolutionary 
Autograph letter to Bishop Levi Hart of 
Preston, dated. Camp in Roxbury, 15th 
June 1775, containng a narrative of events, 
and a criticism on the morals of the pro- 
vincial army. Manuscript (3) pp. 

Embargo by Express. Boston . . . April 3, 
. 1812 . . . The following letter is this mo- 
ment handed me by express. Harrison G. 
Otis. "Mr. Calhoun, of South Carolina 
. . . has this moment informed Mr. Quincy 
that the Committee of Foreign Relations, 
have decided to lay a proposition for an 
embargo on the table of the House of Rep- 
resentatives" . . . [Signed] James Lloyd, 
Josiah Quincy, James Emott. Washing- 
ton . . . March 31, 1812 . . . Boston, 1812. 
Broadside. Z. 1.7.2 

Endicott, John. 1589^-1665. 
This indenture within written was acknowl- 
edged by Mr. Edward Tjmge, Elder Wil- 
liam Colborne and Elder James Penn to 
be their act & deed the sixteenth day of 
the ffoureth moneth, 1656, before me Jo. 
Endecott, gov. Autograph document on 
vellum. 22 X 23^ inches. Folded. 


Indenture given to the company of the water* 
works to lay and maintain a conduit "in the street 
now called or knowne by the name of Conduit 
street" (Dodc Square). 
This was the begmning of the Boston water works. 

Franklin, Benjamin. 
[Photographic copies of four letters from 
Franklin to fnends in France. Taken 
from the originals in the Biblioth^que na- 
tional.] ♦♦K.21.38 
[Photographic copy of a letter to a friend. 
Dated Passy, I2« juin. '85.I = ♦♦K.21.39 
German town hospital. 
Auction sale of autograph books, letters, 
MSS., music and paintings for the benefit 
of the Germantown hospital, February, 
1900. [Phila.] 1900. 71 PP- Pis. Fac- 
similes. = ♦6141.42 
Great Britain. Commissioners appointed to 
a^ee upon the means of quieting the 
disorders subsisting in certain of the 
Colonies of North America. 
Manifesto and Proclamation. To the mem- 
bers of the Conjjress, the members of the 
general assemblies or conventions of the 
several Colonies [in North America] . . . 
By the Earl of Carlisle, Sir Henry Qinton, 
and William Eden ... N. Y., 1778. 
Broadside. ♦Cab.23.40. 10 
James, Montague Rhodes. 
A descriptive catalogue of the manuscripts 
in the library of Peterhouse. With the 
history of the library by J. W. Clark. 
Cambridge, 1899. ♦2171.47 
The Western manuscripts in the Library of 
Trinity college, Cambridge. A descriptive 
catalogue. Vol. i. Cambridge, 1900. 


Let every Federalist do his duty, and Massa- 
chusetts will yet be saved! ! ! Boston, 
April, 181 1. Federal Republicans! You 
have lost the election of Governor. You 
have elected but nineteen Federal Sena- 
tors. Yet you are the majority . . . War 
is coming upon you . . . Boston resolutions 
. . . Peter O. Thacher, Sec'y. Boston, 
181 1. Broadside. Z.1.7.1 


By his excellency Roger Wdcott, Governor: 
a proclamation [tor the observance of 
Arbor day, April 29, 1899]. [Boston, 
1899.] Broadside. = ♦38403.6$ 

By His Excellency William Shirley, Esq; 
... A Proclamation. Whereas upon 
Tuesday the Twenty-fifth of September 
last, an heinous Riot was committed in the 
Town of Bristol ... I have therefore 
thought fit . . . to issue this Proclamation 
. . . requiring and commanding all His 
Majesty's Justices, ... to make diligent 
Search and Inquiry for the said Samuel 
Gardner [etc.]. Given at the Council Cham- 
ber in Boston, the Eighteenth Day of Oc- 
tober, 1744 . . . Boston. [1744.] Broad- 
side. ♦♦H.9oa.i44 

By the Great and General Court of the 
Colony of Massachv setts-Bay. A pro- 
clamation ... In Council, January 19, 
1776 . . . Perez Morton, Dep'y Sec'ry. 
In the House of Representatives, January 
23i ^77^ ' . . William Cooper, Speaker 
pro tem . . . [Boston.] 1776. Broadside. 


In the House of Representatives, January 
17, 1776. Resolved, That the Conimittee 
or Selectmen of the several towns in this 
Colony, send a 'ust and true account of all 
the powder, lead and flints, by them de- 
livered ... for the use of said Colony or 
army, to the Committee of Accounts, by 
the First day of April next . . . James 
Warren, Speaker. In Council January 19, 
1776 . . . Perez Morton, Dep'y Sec'ry . . . 
[Boston.] 1776. Broadside. Z. 1.2.2 

In the House of Representatives, November 
I, 1776. Ordered, that the following ad- 
dress from the General Court of this 
State, to the officers and private soldiers 
who are gone from thence and are serv- 
ing in the American army, be printed in 
two thousand hand-bills, and immediate- 
Iv forwarded to the Committees from this 
State . . . James Bowdoin, President 
[Boston.] 1776. Broadside. Z. 1.2.4 

State of Massachusetts-Bay. In the House 
of Representatives, June 15, 1779- Whereas 
by the returns made into the Secretary's 
office from more than two thirds of £he 
towns belonging to this State ... it ap- 
pears that a large majority of the inhabit- 
ants of such towns . . . think it proper to 
have a new constitution or form of gov- 
ernment . . . Resolved, That it be and it 
hereby is recommended ... to form a 
convention for the sole purpose of fram- 
ing a new constitution . . . John Han- 
cock, speaker. [Boston.] 1779. Broad- 
side. Z. 1.2.6 

State of Massachusetts-Bay. In the House 
of Representatives, July 10, 1778. Whereas 



it aepears tbat our enemies intend to 
wrei^ [sic] their vengeance upon those 
unhappy people whose habitations are 
near their camp, and to that end have 
made several excursions lately from 
Rhode-Island, and one from the north- 
ward . . . Resolved, That eighteen hun- 
dred men be raised, to serve . . . until the 
First day of January next . . . Samuel 
Freeman, Speaker, p. t [Boston.] I778. 
Broadside. (2) pp. ^. ^^'-^S 

Watertown, August 14, 1775- This Jay the 
following resolve passed the General 
Court or Assembly of Massachusetts-Bay 
. . . Whereas it is made evident to this 
Court, that many non-commissioned of- 
ficers and soldiers belonging to the Con- 
tinental Army, do absent themselves from 
their duty . . . while they are drawing 
pay from the public . . . Therefore m 
order to reform this mischief and abuse, 
it is resolved. That the Committees of 
Correspondence ... are directed and en- 
joined to make careful and diligent enquinr 
frwn time to time . . . And His Excel- 
lency General Washington is hereby re- 
quested to give orders that this resolve be 
posted in . . . public places . . . Perez 
Morton. Secretary, p. t [Watertown?] 
1775- Broadside. ^ ^ . ^/ ^'^'} 

Vi^ copy WM sent to the Committee of Cor- 
Kspondcnce, or Selectmen of Shutcsbury. 

MoiramenU palaeographica sacra. 

Atlantc iwleografico-arustico. ^ Compilato 

sui manoscritti esposti in Torino alia mos- 

tra d'arte sacra nel 1898, e pubbhcato dalla 

R. deputazione di storia patna delle antichc 

provincie e della Lombardia, per cura di 

k Carta, C. Cipolla, e C. Frati Tormo, 

1800. 82 pp. 120 pis. ♦Cab.21.29. 1 

Pem^rivania. Supreme executive council. 

rCopy of marriage license, signed byB. 

Franklin, president of the Council, 1788] 

Manuscript BroadsiHe^ = *t^^?-^ 

San Antonio, monastery, Quer6tero, Mexico. 

[Inventory of the monastery.] Manuscript. 

fi657-i668.] (21) ff. = ♦*G.3i.64 

SmiUi, Samuel Francis. « r t> 

America. J^^- ^^^- '^^^^ 

An autograph copy of a poem, the original of 
which was written in xfSsa. Framed. 

literature. General and Comparative. 


Bctz, Louis Paul. . 

La litt^rature comparec. Essai biblio- 

granhique. Introduction par Joseph Texte. 

Strasbourg, 1900. * 

Crawford, Virginia M. 

Studies in foreign literature. Boston, 1899. 

Cootcnta. — The present decadence in France. 
— Cyrano de Bergerac — Alphonse Daudet. — 
J. K. Htqrsmans. — ftmile Verhacren. — Mauncc 
ICaetcrlinck. — A singer of Bruges [Georges Rp- 
deabach]. — Gabriele d'Annunzio. — Antonio 
Foganaro. — Henryk Sienldewicx. — War and 

Crawshaw, William Henry. 

interpretation of life. N. Y., 1900. 


Elton, Oliver. 
The Aujmstan ages. N. Y., 1899. [Periods 
of European literature.] 2256.37 

Euphorion. Zeitschrift fiir Litteraturgeschichte, 
herausgegeben von A. Sauer. Band 6, 
Heft 2-4. Wien, 1899, 1900. *5322.I5 

Published quarterly. 

Guthrie, William Norman. 
Modem poet prophets. Essays, critical and 
interpretative. 2d edition. Cincinnati, 

1899. 4557.158 
Harnack, Otto. 

Essai s und Sludien zur Literaturgeschichte. 

Braunschweig, 1899. 2875.126 

Lacombe, Paul. 

Introduction 4 I'histoire litt^raire. Paris, 

1898. 2216.58 

Le Breton, Andr^. 

Le roman au dix-huiti^me siMe. Paris, 

1898. 2678.245 
Mott, Lewis Freeman. 

The poet as teacher: an address. [N. Y.] 

1900. 14 pp. = 4557-25 
New York times. The. Saturday review of 

books and art. July 9-Dcc. 31, 1898. 
N, Y., 1898. ^7360.25 

Omond, Thomas Stewart 

The Romantic triumph. N. Y., 1900. [ Pe- 
Recolin, Charles. 

L'anarchie litt6raire. Paris, 1898. 2679.212 

Rod, Louis fidouard, editor. 

Morceaux choisis des litteratures 6trang^res: 

Angleterre, Allemagne, Italic, Espagne, 

Am6rique, Russie, Scandinavie. Paris, 

1899. 6259.5 
Scherr, Johannes, editor. 

Bildersaal der Weltliteratur. 3te Auflage. 
Stuttgart. [189-?] 3 V. ♦6252.40 

Shaylor, Joseph, comoiler. 
Saunterings in bookland with gleanings by 
the way. N. Y. [1899.] 2558.91 

Spingam, Joel Elias. 
A history of literary criticism in the Re- 
naissance. N. Y.. 1809. [Columbia uni- 
versity. Studies in literature.] 2775.49 
Steohens, Henry Morse. 
Syllabus of a course of six lectures on books 
and reading. By H. Morse Stephens, 
Agnes Repplier, A. T. Hadley. Brander 
Matthews, Bliss Perry, H. W. Mabie. 
Phila., 1899. 12 pp. [University exten- 
sion lectures.] No. 20 in *3592.i63 
Todhunter, John. 
An essay upon essays . . . Read before 
"The Sette of odd volumes" January 4th, 
1895. [London.] 1896. 55 pp. = ■ 


Trent, William Peterfield. 

The authority of criticism, and other essays. 

N. Y., 1899. 2558.89 

Warner classics. The. N.Y., 1899. 4 v. 2249a.59 

Contents. — t. Philosopliers and scientists, a. 
Novelists. 3. Poets. 4. Historians and essayists. 
The essays composing this work are reprinted 
from the Library of the world's best literature, 
edited by Charles Dudley Warner. 

Winchester. Caleb Thomas. 

Some principles of literarv criticism. N. Y., 
i8q9. 4558.164 

Wvzcwa. Theodore, comte de. 

Le roman contemporain k T^trang^re. Paris, 

1900. 6259.4 




Candlin, George T. 
Chinese fiction. With illustrations from ori- 
ginal Chinese works. Chicago, 1898. 52 
pp. Illus. = 3015151 

Cordier, Henri. 
Les 6tudes chinoises (1895-1898). Leide. 
[1899.1 *30i2.ioi.9, Suppl. 

Forke, A., editor and translator. 
Bluthen chinesischer Dichtung. Mit 21 re- 
producirten chinesischen Original-Pinsd- 
zeichnungen aus der Zeit der Han- und 
Sechs-Dynastie, H. Jahrhundert vor Chris- 
tus, bis zum VI. Jsdirhundert nach Chris- 
tus. Metrisch iibersetzt. Magdeburg, 1899. 


Dutch. Flemish. 

Mont, Karel Marie Polydore de. 
Zeiten und Zonen. Ausgewahlte Gedichte. 
Nach dem Vlamischen von A. Moser. 
Leipzig, [1899.] 4896.50.406 


Mueller, W. Max. 
Die Liebespoesie der alten Agypter. Leipzig, 
1809. 51 pp. Pis. 3050.47 

Taken from the London papyrus 10060, known as 
"Harris 500." 

Spieeelberg, Wilhelm. 
Die Novelle im alten A^ypten. Ein Htterar- 
historischer Essay. Strassburg, 1898. 57 
pp. 305975 

English and American. 

Adams, Francis William Lauderdale. 
Essays in modernity. London, 1899. 4558.168 

Contents. — Tennyson. — Democracy: a dia- 
logue. — The Anglo>Indian story-teller. — The 
poetry and criticism of Mr. Swinburne. — Some 
recent novels. — Shelley. — Mr. Rndyard Ki^ 
ling's verse. — The hunt for happiness: a dia- 

Aldrichi Thomas Bailey. 

Poems. Complete household edition. Bos- 
ton. J1897.]. Portr. Pis. 2395.126 
Andrew, St., the Apostle. 

Andreas : the legend of St Andrew. Trans- 
lated from the Old English by R. K. Root 
N. Y., 1899. 72 pp. [Yale studies in Eng- 
lish J= 4583135 
Arber, Edward, editor. 

The Dryden anthology. London, 1899. 
[British anthologies.] 4568.194 

The Jonson anthology. 1617-1637 a.d. Lon- 
don, 1899. [British anthologies.] 4568.192 

The Milton anthology. 1638-1674. London, 
1899. [British anthologies.] 4568.193 

The Pope anthology. London, 1899. [British 
anthologies.] 4568.195 

The Spenser anthology. 1548-1591. London, 
1899. [British anthologies.] 4568.190 

Arnold, Matthew. 

Poems with an introduction by A. C. Benson, 
illustrated by H. Ospovat. London, 1900. 
Illus. Portr. 4560.97 

Poetical works. London, 1899. Portr. 0607.38 

Ashby, George. I390?-I475. 
Poems. Edited from two 15th century iiss. 
at Cambridge, by Mary Batcson. London, 
1899. [Early English text society. Extra 
series.] ♦4607.76 

Bacon, Francis, Lord. 
The essays. Colours of good and evil. Ad- 
vancement of learning. London, 1900. [Li- 
brary of English classics.] 2557.105 
Bailev, John Cann, editor. 
English elegies. London, 1900. [The 
Bodley Head anthologies.] 4567.165 
Banks, Louis Albert 
Anecdotes and morals. A volume of illustra- 
tions from current life. N. Y., i8g8. 

Bates, Arlo. 

Under the beech-tree. [Poems.] Boston, 

1899- = 2394.130 

Beerbohm, Max. 

More. London, 1899. 2579.135 

Belknap, Prescott Hartford. 
The Canal^ro. The Irooocr. Poems in 
reminiscence of Rear-Adm.ral Walker's 
Nicarai^an canal expedition in 1898, and 
of volunteer army life later at Tampa and 
Montauk. Boston, 1900. = 4399. 1L7 

Boss, Garissa Pearce. 
After life and other poems. Boston, 1899. 
g6 pp. Portr. = 4398.190 

Borrow. George. 
Lavengro. A new edition, containing the 
unaltered text of the original issue; some 
suppressed episodes now printed for the 
first time; MS. variorum, vocabulary and 
notes, by the author of the life of Cfeorge 
Borrow fW. I. Rnapp]. London, 1900. 
Portrs. Pis. 2578.191 

The Romany Rye. A se ud to "Lavengjro. * 
A new edition,^ containing the unaltered 
text of the original issue, with notes, etc, 
by the author of "The life of George Bor- 
row" [W. I. Rnapp]. London, 1900. 

Bourdillon, Francis William. 
The night has a thousand eyes, and other 
poems. Boston, 1899. 73 pp. Illus. 


Bradstreet, Anne. 

Poems. Together with her prose remains. 

With an introduction by C. E. Norton. 

r5th edition. Edited by F. E. Hopkins.] 

[N. Y.] 1897. Portrs. Pis. Fac-similes. 

= P.85.ii2=*4Soi.i8 

Browning, Robert 

Earlier monologues. London, 1900. Portr. 

[Temple classics.] 4569.203 

Contents. — Pauline. — Dramatic romances and 
lyrics. — Christmas-eve and Easter day. 

Poetic and dramatic works. Riverside edi- 
tion. [Edited by G. W. Cooke.] Boston, 

1899. 6 V. Portrs. 4553-34 

The contents agree with those of the earlier un- 
edited Riverside editions on shelf-number 4SS3'<5 
and R.1.7. 

Brummel & Beau, pseud. 

Deportment for dukes and tips for toffs. 

London, iqoo. 63 pp. Illus. 4576.181 

Bryant, John Ebcnezer, editor. 

Literature. From the Chicafi^o record. N.Y., 

1899. Ulus. Portrs. [Home study circle. 

Popular studies in literature.] 4557.162 

Contents. — Bums. — Scott. — Byron. 



Bullard, Henry Nelson. 

^. The English novel. Parksville, Mo., 1898. 
21 pp. {Park college historical club pa- 
pers.] = ♦2214.75.5 

Bunch, A, of grapes. Cut from the vine with 
a pair of shears, by him & me. N. p. 
[1899.] (27) I>P. = „ ♦4391.124 

Hmnorous verses, with ulttstrations. 

Butler, Pierce. 1873- 

' Legenda aurea. L6gende dor^. Golden 
legend. A studjr of Caxton's Golden 
legend, with special reference to its rela- 
tions to the earlier English prose transla- 
tion. Dissertation . . . Johns Hopkins 
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13. The adventures of Huckleberry Finn. 


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The oldest English poem [Beowulf]' 

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No. I in *3592.i63 



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A reprint of a Pre-Raphaelite magazine, pub- 
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Dante Gabriel Rossetti "was the central force 
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mtnxltiction, variants and glossanr. Bos- 
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38 pp. 4408.17s 

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(10) pp. = 4509a.27i 

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hnpressions and opinions. By Walter Lecky 

fpsead.]. Bostcn, 1898. 4559a.i49 

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tile. London. [1900?] [Canterbury 

^ ^?Sf**-^« T 2S6ob.i3X 

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^ ?&?•. .. . 43»i7S 

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odes, patriotic martial, and religious, by 

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= 4394*147 

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What is charm? [Contributions in poetry 
and prose, submitted by the competitors 
for the Mari^ prize for the best answer 
to the question.] [N. Y., 1899.] = 

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N. Y., 1899. PI. 4399- 161 

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Chicago. ri89a] = 4399a.i84 

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An historical poem. New Salem, Mass. 
N. d. .V pp. = 4399a. 185 

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igoa 4559a. iSi 

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Representative Englbh literature from 
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What is good English? and other essays. 

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Appreciations and addresses. Delivered by 

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London, 1899. Portr. 4557.160 

Contents.— Appreciations: Burke; Robert Bums; 
Wallace; Robert Louis Stevenson; Gladstone; 
London. — Addresses: Bookishness and states- 
manship; The duty of public service: Our civil 
servants: The quality of judgment; The work of 
public libraries; Parliamentary oratory; The 
English-speaking brotherhood; Scottish historv; 
Eton; The happy town councillor; Sport; Golf. 

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A treasury of Canadian verse. With brief 
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Ben Jonsons Poetik und seine Beziehungen 
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Beitrage zur romanischen und englischen 
Philologie.] *2954.28.i6 



Representative essays . . . [Edited by G. H. 
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B. Dyer. Indianapolis. £1899.] 4a9i5.i30 
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Naval songs and other songs and ballads of 
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Robinson, Thomas, Dean of Durham, i6th 
The life and death of Mary Magdalene, a 
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1565. Edited, with a life, by H. O. Som- 
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text society.] *46o7.78 
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The house of life. A sonnet-sequence. The 
Siddal edition. London, 1898. 456oa.io8 
Sanborn, Kathenne Abbott 
My favorite lectures of long ago. Boston, 

1898. Portr. = P.84.781.1 

Contents. — Spinster authors of En|rUnd. — 
Bachdor authors in tjrpes. — Lady Morgan. — 
Christopher North and his friends. — The old 
miracle plays. — Our early newspaper wits. — 
Madame de Genlis. — Are women witty? 

Santayana, George. 

Interpretations of poetry and religion. N. Y., 

1900. 4558.180 

Scofield, Edward. 

Addresses & messages. [Compiled by W. J. 

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= 6407.69 

The deserted city. Stray sonnets written by 

F. S., and rescued for the few who love 

them by H. D. fF. H. Day]. [Boston.] 

1899. 12 pp. *4399a.i89 
Scott, Sir Walter, baronet. 

Complete poetical works. [Edited by H. R 
Scudder.] Boston, 1900. Portr. [Cam- 
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Seaman Owen. 
In cap and bells. [Verses.] London, 1900. 

2569a. 127 

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An ode to girlhood, and other poems. N. Y., 

1899. 77 pp. 4568.178 
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Poetical works. Edited by Edward Dowden. 

London, 18^. Portr. 

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My ladsr's slipper and other verses. N. Y. 

[1899.] = P.83.824.1 

Sill Edward Rowland. 

Prose, with some familiar letters. Boston, 

1900. 4409a.274 
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The Chaucer canon. With a discussion of 
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Chaucer. Oxford, 1900. Fac-simile. 


Glossarial index to the works of Geoffrey 

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The evolution of the English novel. N. Y., 

1900. 4558.174 

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Advent of empire. [Verse.] Los Angejes, 

1900. 4399a.«9 

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Syllabus of a course of six lectnres on Eng- 
lish romantic poets of the early NineteenSi 
century. Phila., 1898. ao pp. [Unmr- 
sity extension lectures.] 

No. 13 in ^3598.161 
Syllabus of a course of six lectnres on the 
Victorian poets. Phila., 1897. 33 pp. 
[University extension lectures.] 

No. 6 in *3S93.i6i3 
Tennyson, Alfred. 
In memoriam. London, 1899. Portr. [Tcn^e 
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The Appendix contains the Poetical renuaa ol 
A. H. Hallam. 

Maud & Other poems. London, 190a Portr. 

[Temple classics.] 3569iuii7 

Poetic and dramatic works. Hoosdiold 

edition. Boston, 1899. HIus. Portrs. 

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The princess and other poems. London, 1899. 
Portr. [Temple classics.] asfigtuiiS 

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The listening child. A selection from the 
stories of English verse, made for the 
youngest readers and hearers. N. Y., 1899. 
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The hitherto unidentified contributions of 
Thackeray to "Punch." With a biblio- 
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Ulus. 65;76b.85 

Selections from the Book of snobs. Round- 
about paners. and Ballads. N. Y., 1898. 
Portr. [Little masterpieces.] 25S9t.ii9 
Thaver. Wildie. 
Vioinia. [Poem.] Boston. [1898.I 35 pp. 
= P.85.883.3 

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The house of a hundred lights. [Poem.] 
Boston, 1900. 4399a.3(^ 

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The new Lucian : being a series of dialogues 
of the dead. New edition, enlarged. Lon- 
don, 1900. 3551.84 

Contents. — Gladstone and Gordon. — HLora 
Westerbnry and Bishop Wilberforce. — Pamdl 
and Butt. — Lucian and Pascal. — Wilkes and 
Lord Sandwich. — Tennyson and Vinrfl. — The 
Comte de Chambord and Philippe Agalit^ — 
Plato and Landor. — Peter the Great and Alex- 
ander II. — Johnson and Coleridfre. — Beacont' 
field and Peel. — Fielding and Richardion. — 
Edmund Burke and Edwurd Horsman. ~~ Na- 
poleon I.. Michelet and Renan. — Lacrctitst, 
Palev and Darwin. 

Van Dyke, Henrv Jackson, Jr. 
The toiling of Felix and other poems. N. Y., 
igoo. 94 pp. 24t^i43 

Weeden. Howard. 
Bandanna ballads, including "Shadows 00 
the wall." N. Y., 1899. 4394.T34 

Wells, Carolyn. 
The jingle book. Pictured by Ofiver Hcr- 
ford. N. Y., 1899. 2402.31 

Whistler, James Abbot MacNeill. 
Eden versus Whistler: the baronet and die 
butterfly. Paris. [1899.] Ulus. 4077.110 
Whitman, Walt 
Natuurleven. (Leaves of orass.) Vertaald 
door M. Wagenvoort Haarlem, i8gfi. 
Portr. Whitman ♦ 



Notes and fragments. Edited by R. M. 
3iicke. London, Ontario, 1899. = 

^Whitman xo.70 

?ntittier, John Greenleaf . 

Tbe tent on the beach, and dramatic lyrics. 

With illnstntions from designs by C H. 

Woodbury and Marcia O. Woodbury. 

Boston, 1899. A.9681.51 

Woodberry, George Edward. 

Makers of literature. N. Y., 1900. 4538.178 

The greater portioo of the contents of this vol- 
«me was published in 1890 as 'Studies in letters 
and life* [4J97-m1« 

Wfld Eden. JPoems.] N. Y., 1899. A.9859 
Woodbrid|[e, Elisabeth. 
Studies in Jonson's comedy. Boston, 1898. 
fYale studies in English.] = 4583.133 
Wordsworth, William. 
Gmplete poetical works. With an introduc- 
tion by John Morley. London. 1899. Portr. 

"The text and notes are from the edition of 

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The wind among the reeds. [Poems.] 
London, 1899. 6604.85 


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Ifistorical tales from Shakespeare. N. Y., 
jgoa 4597.156 

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In re Shakespeare's 'legal acquirements." 
Notes of an unbeliever therein. N. Y., 
18991 54 pp. [The Shakespeare society of 
New York. J *66oob.i3 

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The cipher in the plays, and on the tomb- 
stone. Minneapolis, Minn., 1899. Fac- 
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[ Doran. Alban. 

Shakespeare and the medical society. Be- 
ing the annual oration delivered before 
the Medical society of London, May 15th, 
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La vie veridique de William Shakespeare, 
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Shakesjper not Shakespeare. Cincinnati. 
190a Bins. Portrs. Fac-similes. 4598.186 
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Shakespeare's Lucrece. Eine litterarhisto- 
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Pp.= 6594.29 

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\. How to study Shakespeare. With an intro- 

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The bi-literal cypher of Sir Francis Bacon 

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Bacon or Shakespeare? An historical en- 
quiry. 3d edition, with appendix. London, 
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As you like it Edited by A. W. Verity. 
Cambridge, 1899. [Pitt press Shakespeare 
for schools.] 4.'i99.207 

G>mplete works. Edited by W. C. Bryant, 
assisted by E. A. Duyddnck. G>ntaining 
illustrations by F. O. C. Darley and A. 
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6 V. ♦0S91.A5 

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poeti. — Societi di studj italianL — Sodcti di 
studj franceti in Italia. — I diarii romaai di ¥, 
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4909b. 14:1 




MaiopocelteEit o6opHm noBtcrei, cnfitPh^ pas- 
eiasoB'L M BoxeBuet. EsBMnakVh luuio- 
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Sko e a stia ac^o litteraria. — Domingos dos 
eis Quita. — Manoel de F' ' ' 
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Words only. 

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Words only. 

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Folk Lore. Legends. Fairy Tales. 
Fables. Proverbs. 

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troduction treating of the interrelation of 
Italian fable collections, by M. P. Brush. 
Presented . . . [at] Johns Hopkins univer- 
sity. Columbus, O., 1899. Fac-similes. = 


[A reprint of the fable of the raven and the 

fox from Esopus moralizatus, 1489, and 

from Caxton's Aesop. 1484], for the 

Thursday evening club, December 15, 

1898. [Boston, 1898.] (3) pp. = 2976.30 

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introd. by E. E. Hale. N. Y., 1899. 




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The erode of gold. [Twelve ^ry tales.] 
Boston, 1899. Pis- 257a 187 

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(Collection de contes et chansons popu- 
laires.1 ♦3019a. 105 

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Wit, character, folklore & customs of the 
North Riding of Yorkshire ; with a gloss- 
ary of 4000 words & idioms now in use. 
Lop doo, i8s^ 2469.86 

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Les saints et les animaux. Ouvrage couronne 
oar la Socift6 protectrice des animaux 
Lflle, 189& lUus. 5553 22 

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CHd Norse stories. N. Y. [190a] Pis. 
[Edectic school readings.] 2906.84 

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The lively city o' Ligg. A cycle of modern 
laiiy tales for city children. With 53 
itostrations by the author. N. Y. [1899J 


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While sewing sandals. Tales of a Telugu 

nriah tribe [the Mad^gas]. N. Y. [1899.] 

_ rh, 4578.201 

vj o oston, William Alexander, editor. 

Fire hundred and eighty-nine wise sayings. 

Selected largely from Eastern sources. 

DJit,\ ^^^ ^^'^ 

Notes 00 the folklore of the Fjort (French 
Coogo). [Edited by K S. Hartland] 
London, iSgl&. Pis. [Folk-lore society.] 

„ *455oa.79 

Bworthy, Frederick Thomas. 

Horns of honour and other studies in the 

by-ways of archaeology. London, 1900. 

Bins.- ^ 5606.43 

rpotcnt*. — Honu of honour. — Honi« ot tne 
4cTiL — The hand. — The "Mano Pantea," or 
■jrmbolic hand. — "Dischi lacri." 

Fkeson, Katherine NerOle. 
Laos folk-lore of farther India. With illus- 
trations from photcM^phs taken by W. A. 
Briggs. N. Y. [i^J 3019a. 133 

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Indian story and song from North America. 
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F16res saga ok Blankifliir. Herausgegeben 
Ton Eugen Kolbing. Halle a. S., 1896. 
[Altnordische Saga-Bibliothek.] 4872.43.6 
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lieder nnd Geschichten der Suaheli in Ost- 
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Folklore in Borneo. Wallingford, Pa., 1899. 
30 pp. Portrs. Pis. 3048.23 

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Die Fabeln Gerhards von Minden, in mittel- 
aiederdeutscher Sprache. zum ersten Mai 
herausgegeben von A. Leitzmann. Halle 
a. S^ 18^ 2904.71 

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of Switzerland N. Y., 1899. Pis. 


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Folk songs from the Spanish. N. Y., 1900. 
ft jog9a.2i6 

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Zeiten an bis in die Gegenwart Deutsche 
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Arcadia, or the Gospel of the witches. Lon- 
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The unpublished legends of Virgil. N. Y., 
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Geschichten und Lieder aus den neu-ara- 
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Bibliothek zu Berlin. Weimar, ibgib. 

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Mother Goose. 
Mother Goose's nursery rhvmes. With 250 
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pL *450i.i30 

The true Mother Goose. Songs of the nur- 
sery; or Mother Goose's melodies for 
children. Notes and pcitures by Blanche 
McManus. The true text without addi- 
tion or abridgment N. Y., 1899. Illus. 

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More Australian legendary tales. London, 
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Myths & legends of our new possessions & 
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Alcune costumanze e curiositi storiche mar- 
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Die Pflanzenwelt im Glauben und Leben 
unserer Vorf ahren. Hamburg, 1900. 40 
pp. [Sammlung gemeinverstandlicher wiss- 
enschaftlicher vortrage.] *59I4.S0.N.F.I4 
Thuemmel, Conrad. 
Mittelalterliche Volkssagen als Ausdruck 
rdigios-politischer Kampfe. Hamburg, 
1898. 38 pp. ♦S914.SO.N.F.13 



Tille« Franz Alexander. 

Yule and Christmas : their place in the Ger- 
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Marchen und Erzahlungen der Suaheli. 
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Wightman, Francis P., compiler and illustrator. 
Little leather breeches and other Southern 
rhymes. Being a number of folk-lore 
songs, negro rhymes, street-venders' cries, 
etc., gathered from various parts of the 
South. N. Y., 1899. Col. illus. *2400.22 
Wilson, Thomas, of the U. S. National mu- 
Blue-Beard. A contribution to historv and 
folk-lore. Being the history of Gilles de 
Retz of Brittany, France, who was exe- 
cuted at Nantes in 1440 a.d., and who was 
the original of Blue-Beard in the tales of 
Mother Goose. N. Y., 1899. Pis. Fac- 
simile. 4642.83 

The appendix contains a bibliography of Mother 
Goose publications. 

Medicine. Hygiene. 


Henslow, George. 
Medical works of the fourteenth century, 
together with a list of plants recorded in 
contemporary writings, with their identi- 
fications. Liondon, 18^. 3785.122 

Medical Societies and Institutions. 
Transactions. Reports. 

Bonnev. Sherman Grant 
Address to the graduating class of the Medi- 
cal department of the University of Den- 
ver, May, 1898. Denver, 1899. 13 pp. = 

British medical association. 

Offical guide and souvenir. Sixty-fifth an- 
nual meeting. Montreal, 1897. Illus. 
Maps. = 2389a.33 

Massachusetts. Board of registration in medi- 
Annual report. ist-5th. Boston, 1895-^. = 

Middlesex south district medical society. 

By-laws, officers and members. 1899. Cam- 
bridge, 1899. 23 pp. *376ob.75 
Mississippi valley medical association. 
Transactions. 25th annual session. Vol. i. 
[Louisville.] 1899. = ♦372oa.74 
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The early days of the Royall colledge of 
phisitians, Edinburpjh. The extended ora- 
tion of the Harveian society, Edinburgh, 
delivered at the 114th festival by the 
president. Edinburgh, 1899. Poitrs. Pis. 


Anatomy. Histology. Physiology. ^^ 

American humane associaaon. 
Human vivisection. A statement and an 
inquiry. 2d edition. [Fall River, Mas&] 

1899. 32 pp. = . ^ S745>.33 
Atwater, Wilbur Olin, and Francis Gano Bene- 

Experiments on the metalxdism of matter 
and energy in the human body. Washing- 
ton, 1899. [United States. Department of 
agriculture. Office of experiment statioat. 
Bulletin.] = *S993-70^ 

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The speaking voice: its development and 
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Illus. [Nouveile biblioth^ue de I'audiant 
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Chimica fisiologica per uso dei medici e 
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Illus. 3762. 14B 

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abridged. With an appendix on the chemi- 
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The edition of 1895, without the •ppenabcTu on 
shelf-number 3764.113. 

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Anatomic du syst^me nerveux de Thoomie. 
Lemons profess6es 4 TUniversit^^ de Lou- 
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Illus. *3742.70 

Handbuch der Anatomic des Menschen. Her- 
ausgegeben von Karl Bardeleben. Jena, 
1895-1899. Illus. 

A collection of articles by various writers. Eadi 

article is catalogued separately. 

Band i, Abth. i, a. *3750sl$i 

4, Abth. 1-3. *37Soa.S4 

5, Abth. I, a. *37S0k5S 
7, Th. a, Abth. x, a. *37Soa-S7 

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Manual of human physiology. London, 1899. 
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buch der Anatomic.] *37Soa.S7 
Hrdlicka, Ales. 
Study of the normal tibia. [Abstract] 
[N. Y., 1899.] 6 pp. Dlus. = 3743-75 
Internationale Monatsschrift fur Anatomie und 
Physiologie. Band 17, Heft i, 2. Leipzig, 

1900. Illus. ♦ 

Vol. X-16 are called Monthly International Jour^ 

nal of Anatomy and Physiology, on sh^-nma- 

ber *774oa.5o. 

Current numbers are kept in the Periodictl 




Knpfkr, Carl Wilhdm, Ritter von. 

Festschrift zum sid)enzigsten Geburtstag von 

Carl von Knpf fer. Jena, 1899. 2 v. Text ; 

Atlas. *5740.38 

A ooUcctioa of artidei on mnatomy and histology 
by variout authors. 

Le Conte, Joseph. 
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I Smithsonian miscellaneous collections.] 

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In GeneraL 

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This was at first intended to be a Fourth scries 
of the publications of the Institute, in continaa- 
tion of the Proceedings [*7366.i], but the Pso* 
ceedings were afterwards resumed as a acpacmte 

A general bibliographv of original contributions 
to the publications is in the Transactiona, voL j. 
pp. 317-336. , . 

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HMnepaTopcKoe o<$mecTBo jiD6MTejieft ecrecTBOs- 
HaHifl, SHTponojioriH h 8THorpa«ii. 
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♦Cab.25.41. 1 

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Most of the plates (four of which are coloure<f) 
are portraits. 



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The supplement is A selected bibliognpny of tne 
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i] 3824.47 

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Kauk&zusi 6s Kdz6pdzsiai utaz&sai. A 

Magyar faj v&ndorl&sa irta Zichy Jei\j^.. 

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The mariner's compass in an iron ship. 
How to keep it efficient and use it intelli> 
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Catalogue de 4281 6toiles entre 74* 4fif et 
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Jniversity of Pennsylvania. 

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I1899.I (17) pp. = , 3929.131 

Contains the heliocentric latitude and longitude 
of the planets of our solar system for any day 
in the year. 

Vhittaker's i>lanisphere, showing the principal 

stars visible for every hour in the year 

from lat 40"* n. N. Y. [189-?] Circular; 

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i^ Illus. *3885.74 

Current numbers are kept in the Periodical 

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The story of the living machine. A review 

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Darwinism and Lamarckism, old and new. 

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The original French is on shelf-number 3833^46. 

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Vital science based upon life's great law, 
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Current numbers are kept in the Pcnodictl 

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**E.5i 16.44 
Poincarc, Jules Henri. 
Cin^matique et mecanismes, potentiel et m6- 
canique des fluides. Cours professe i la 
Sorbonne. Redige par A. Guillet. Paris, 
1899. Diagrams. ♦♦E.5115.38 

Routh, Edward John. 
A treatise on d}mamics of a particle. Cam- 
bridge. 1898. 394582 
Suter, William Norwood. 
Handbook of optics for students of ophthal- 
mology. N. Y., 1899. = 3809.147 
Very, Frank Washington. 
Further considerations in regard to laws of 
radiation. Chicago, 1896. 12 pp. Diagram. 
= 3962.162 
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Einftihrung in das Studium der theoretischen 
Physik, insbesondere in das der analyti- 
schen Mechanik. Leipzig, 1900. 591^.98 
Watson, William, B. Sc. 
A text-book of physics. London, 1899. Illus. 


Zoology. Taxidermy. 

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The native and wild mammals of Connecti- 
cut. Hartford, Conn., 1896. 16 pp. = 

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Die Alciopiden und Tomopteriden der Plank- 
ton-Expedition. Kiel, 1900. 61 pp. Illus. 
Maps. *788o.i2.2 



Arnold, Friedrich. 
Das Aquarium in Verbindung mit dem Ter- 
rarium. Leipzig. •[1899.] 

No. 2 in 4896.50.402 
Australian museum, Sydney. 
Descriptive catalogue of the Tunicata in the 
Australian museum. By W. A. Herdman. 
Liverpool, 1899. Pis. = ^5822.39 

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True tales of the insects. London, 1899. 
Illus. 3892.72 

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Life among wild beasts in the "Zoo" : being 
a continuation of Wild animals in cap- 
tivity. Compiled by £. Biartlett London, 
1090. Illus. Portrs. 3888.35 

y^'xXd animals in captivity is on shelf-no. 3888.^3. 

Baskett, James Newton. 
The story of the fishes. N. Y., 1899. Illus. 

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A book of whales. London, 1900. Illus. 
[Progressive science series.] 5906.18 

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99 pp. Illus. 3896.70 

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Strausse, Zebras und Elephanten. Die Be- 
deutung eingeborener Thiere ftir die 
wirthschaftliche Entwickelung Deutsch- 
Ostafrikas. Berlin, 1898. 52 pp. Maps. 

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Demodicidae und Sarcoptidae. Berlin, 1899. 
• Illus. [Das Tierreich.] ♦5882.14 

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Insects: their structure & life. A primer 
of entomology. London, 1899. Ulus. 

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Die Beziehung zwischen dem arktischen und 
antarktiscben Plankton. Stuttgart, 1897. 
64 pp. Map. 3883.78 

Cragin, Belle S. 
Our insect friends and foes. How to collect, 
preserve and study them. N. Y., 1899. 
Illus. 389760 

Dautzenberg, Philippe. 
Atlas de poche des coauilles des cotes de 
France (Manche, Ocean, Mdditerran^e), 
communes, pittoresques ou comestibles. 
Paris, 1897. Illus. 3879.40 

Drew, Gilman Arthur. 
Yoldia limatula. Baltimore, 1899. 8 pp. 
Illus. [Memoirs from the biolo^icid 
laboratory of the Johns Hopkins univer- 
sity.] ^3900.49.4 
Eddy, Sarah J., compiler. 
Friends and helpers. Boston, 1899. Illus. 


A collection of articles about animals. 

Fauna Hawaiiensis, or the zoology of the 
Sandwich (Hawaiian) isles: being re- 
sults of the explorations instituted by the 
joint committee appointed by the Koyal 
socie^ of London . . . and the British 
association for the advancement of science. 
Edited by D. Sharp. Cambridge, i89p. 
Illus. Map. 3880.61 

Folsom, Justus Watson. 
Japanese Collembala. [Salem & Boston, 
1897, 99.] 2 parts in i v. Pis. = 3893*7^ 

Handworterbuch der Zoologie, Aitfliropologie 
und Ethnologic. Begonnen von G. Jager, 
fortgeftihrt von A. Reichenow and J. 
Frenzel. Bd. 1-7. Breslan, 1880-97. 7 t. 
Illus. [Encyklopaedie der Natttrwissen- 
schaften.] *5&xxi9 

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Die Cladoceren und Cirripedien der Plank- 
ton-Expedition. Kid, 1899. 5^ PP* P^ 
Map. *7«8aii.4 

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The common toad. Worcester, 1898. 17 pp. 
Illus. = ♦3814.75.1 

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Beasts: thumb-nail studies in pets. Lon- 
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Koken, Ernst 
Die Reptilien des norddeutschen Wealden. 
Nachtrag. Jena, 1896. 10 pp. Ulus. 
[Palseontologische Abhandlungen.] 

No. 2 in ♦3871.S6.7 
Kraepelin, Carl. 
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Illus. ^^5882.14 

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Sporozoa. Berlin, 1899. Illus. [Das Tier- 
reich.] 5888.14 
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The red book of animal stories. N. Y., 

1899. Illus. 3578.184 
Lankester, Edwin Ray, editor. 

A treatise on zoology. Part 3. Echinoderma, 
by F. A. Bather and others. London, 190a 
Illus. ^3883.81 

Lucas, William John. 

British dragonflies. (Odonata.) London, 

1900. Illus. 3891.72 
Marine biological laboratory, Wood's HolCi 

Mass. Department of zoology. 
Announcement 13th season. [Boston? i9oal 


M^gnin, Paul. 

Notre ami le chat Preface de F. Copp^ 

Paris, 1899. Illus. 6006.105 

Morse, Edward Sylvester. 

A bubble-blowing insect [N. Y., 1900.] 7 

Sp. Illus. = 38s^5^ 

lescribes the production ol the well known 
"frog spittle" or "cuckoo spit" by a small iasect 

Scharff, Robert F. 

The history of the European fatma. London, 

18^. Illus. Maps. [Contemporary science 

series.} 3888.95 

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Onderzoekingen betreffende het ovum der 

Selachii. Leiden, 1898. Pis. = 5904^ 

Verxeichniss der citirten Literatur, pp. 9^10^ 

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nius. Maps. 388414a 

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Everyday butterflies. Boston, 1899. nius. 


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Insects. Part 2. Hymenoptera continued 
jfTubulifera and AculeatsO; Coleoptera, 
Strepsiptera, Lepidoptera. Diptera, Apha- 
niotera, Thysanoptera, Henuptera, Ano- 
plura. London, 1899. 'OXvls, [Cambridge 
natural history.] 3833^7*6 



rhilo. Otta 
Die Aoffen der Thiere. Hamburg, 1899. 
24 np. Pis. *59i4.5o.N.F.i4 

Weed, Qarence Moores, compiler. 

The insect world: a reading book of ento- 
mology. N. Y., 1899. nius. 3899*94 

Philosophy. Education. 


Philosophy. Logic. Thought. 

Butian, Phflipp WHhelm Adolf. 
tTber psychische Beobachtungen bei Nattir- 
▼otlKm. Leipzig, 1890. 26 pi^. [Schriften 
der Gesellschaft far Experimental-Psy- 
chologie.1 No. 2 in 5604.30 

Bamnann, Jtuius. 
t}ber Willens- imd Charakterbildung auf 
pfaysiologisdi-psjrcholo^scher Grundlage. 
Berlin, 1897. 86 pp. No. 3 in 3596. 189. i 
Brandt, Max von. 
Die diinesische Philosophic und der Staats- 
Confudanismus. Stuttgart, 1898. 3499.136 
Dearborn, George Van Ness. 

The emotion of joy. Lancaster, 1899. 
TV 73 pp. = 3602.153 

Dexter, Thomas Francis George, and Alfred 
Hezekiah Garlick. 
Psychology in the schoolroonL London, 
189BW lUus. 5604.86 

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Voices of freedom and studies in the philo- 
sophy of individuality. N. Y., 1899. 
Portr. 3587.155 

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Worterbuch der philosophiscben Begriffe 
und Ausdriicke. Berlin, 1899. *76a)a.i4 
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Die Weltrathsel. Gemeinverstandliche Stu- 
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1899. 3604.144 

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Studies in the psychology of woman. Trans- 
lated by Georgia A. Etchison. Chicago, 

1899. 3586.46 

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llie wisdom and religion of a German 
philosopher, being selections edited by 
Elizabeth S. Haldane. London, 1897. 

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Letter-, word- and mind-blindness. London. 
IQOO. 95 po. 3805.108 

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Logic and argument. N. Y., 1899. 5609a. 122 
Syllabus of psychology. N. Y., 18^. [Co- 
lumbia university contributions to philo- 
sophy, psychology and education.] 

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Die Frauen in der Philosophie. Hamburg, 
1899. 67 pp. [Sammlung gemeinverstand- 
lici^ wissenschaftlicher Vortrage.] 

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Piychologie des saints. 5e Edition. Paris, 
189B. 5558.83 

Journal, The, ot practical metaphysics. Vol. 
1-3. Boston, 1896-08. = ♦56ooa.65 

After the publication of No. a of Voi. 3 this jour- 
nal was consolidated with the Arena. 

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Eine Philosophie fur das XX. Jahrhundert 
auf naturwissenschaftlicher Grundlage. 
Berlin, 1899. 3605.184 

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A theonr of reality. N. Y., 1899. 5603.90 
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Four great movements of thought. [Park- 
ville, Mo., 1899.] 16 pp. [Park college 
historical club papers.] *22i4.7o.ic 

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A syllabus of an introduction to philosophy. 
N. Y., 1899. [Columbia university contri- 
butions to philosophy, psychology and edu- 
cation.] ♦3604.120.3 
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Die Wirksamkeit der Apperception in den 
personlichen Beziehungen des Schullebens. 
Berlin, 1899. 69 pp. 3596.189.2 
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Kunsthandwerk und gesunder Menschenver- 
stand. Hamburg, 1899. 43 pp. Illus. 


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Die Entwickelung des sozialen Bewusstseins 

der Kinder. Studie zur Psvchologie und 

Padagogik der Kindheit Berlin, 1899. 88 



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N. Y., 1899. 3492.81 

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[Biblioth^que des sciences contempo- 
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The history of the principle of sufficient 
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= *5«>5.34 

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French nhilosophers of the eighteenth cen- 
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The psychology of reasoning, based on ex- 
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lated by A. G. Whyte. Chicago, 1899. 

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Braid on hypnotism. New edition, edited by 
A. E. Waite . London, 1800. = 3809.119 

The original edition is on shelf-number 3809.109. 
Macdonald, Arthrr. 
Pedagogic hypnotism. [Louisville, 1899.] 

12 pp. = 5609a. 131 

The power of suggestion. [Phila., 1899.] 

9 pp. = 5609a. 129 

Psychic element in disease and suggestion. 

[St. Louis, 1899.] 7 pp. = 5721.60 

Study of the hypnotized state. [Phila., 1899.] 

8 pp. = 56o9a.i30 

Theosophy. Occultism. Spiritualism. 

Flammarion, Camille. 
L'inconnu. The unknown. N. Y., 1900. PI. 


Treats of telepathy and other psychical phe- 

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Psychism. Analysis of things existing. 3d 
edition. N. Y. [1899.] 7607.9'^ 

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N. Y., 18^. 55 pp. 3497.122 

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A happy year; or, fifty-two letters to the 
Banner of light. Newark, 1899. Portr. 

These letters are discussions of spiritualism. 

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Dreams of a spirit-seer, illustrated by dreams 

of metaphysics. Translated by E. F. Goer- 

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1900. 3606.150 

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Life beyond death. N. Y., 1899. 3457-179 

Theosophical review. The. [Monthly.] Vol. 
25, no. 14s, September, 1899. N. Y., 1899. 
= *7365.I2 

Current numbers are kept in the Periodical 
Room, drawer 788. 


Bamett, Percy Arthur. 
G>mmon sense in education and teaching. 
London, 1899. 3596^X76 

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La ensefianza en el siglo XX. Madrid, 189^ 
1900. Illus. 359B.igB 

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Education in the United States. A series of 
monographs prepared for the United States 
exhibit at the Paris Exposition, looa 
Albany, 1900. 2 v. Pis. Diagrams. Map. 

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La vie de Joseph Francois Perrault, sar- 
nomm6 le Pere de T^ducation du peuple 
canadien. Quebec, 1898. Portrs. Pis. = 


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university contributions to phuosophy, psy- 
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Over-pressure. London, 1809. 3598.217 

A consideration of the physiolofftcal effecU of 
English school education. 

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The school and society, being three lectures 
. . . supplemented by a statement of the 
University elementary school. Chicago, 
1899. Pis. Plans. 3595-3Q3 

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Bruxelles, .1898. 3595-194 
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Educational aims and methods. Lectures 
and addresses. N. Y., IQOO. 3597. 186 
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L'enseignement feminin. Paris, 1898. 30 

pp. 3593.153 

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The child and nature : or geography teaching 
with sand modelling. Boston, 1896. Maps. 


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National legislation concerning education. 
Its influence and effect in the public l^id 
states east of the Mississippi river, ad- 
mitted prior to 1820. N. Y., 1899. = 

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Essays on the foundation of education. 
Lansing, 1900. = 3598.32 

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L'^cole d*aujourd*hui. Paris, 1899. 3599a.i5i 
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Histoire de la liberty d'enseignement en 
France, depuis la chute de Tancien regime 
jusqu'i nos jours. Paris, 1898. 3593.152 
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Educational aims and educational yalues. 
N. Y., 1899. 3597.177 

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Die psychologische Grundlage des Unter- 
richts. Berlin, 1899. 83 pp. Diagrams. 

No. 6 in *359(S. 189.2 



febb, Richard Qaverhoose. 
Hnmaiiism in education. Delivered in the 

Sheldonian theatre, June 7, 1899. London, 

1899. 43 pp. [Romanes lecture.] 3598.202 
fonmal of pedagogy. Edited by Albert 

Leonard. Vol. 12, no. 3. Dec., 1899. 

Syracose, N. Y., 1899. *359oa.i34 

CuTeBt nnmbers ore kept in the Periodical 
Koom fPer. Room 96a]. 

Lind, G. Dallas. 
Best methods of teaching in country schools. 
Enlarged by the author of Preston papers. 
N. Y. 1 1900.] 3598.204 

200 lessons oudined in U. S. history, gee- 
graphjr, English grammar, arithmetic and 
physiology. N. Y. [1900?] 359^.206 

Mms, Edward. 
History of education in Mississippi. Wash- 
ington, 1899. Pis. [United States. Bureau 
I of education.] = *759^'S9-^^f no. 2 

Midiigan schoolmasters club. 
Proceedings at the thirty-second meeting, 
held at Ypsilanti, March 31 and April t, 
1899. Conference in physics. March 31, 
1899. [Ann Arbor, 1899.] 54 pp. Illus. 

= ♦5591.39 

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Essays educational. By Brother Azarias. 
Chicago, 1896. = 3466.78 

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History of education in New Jersey. Wash- 
ington, 1899. Portrs. Pis. [United States. 
Bureau of education.] = 

.♦7596.59.1899, no. I 

(yCooor. John Francis Xavier. 

Education in the city schools of New York. 

N. Y. [1900.] 27 pp. = 3598.34 

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Outlines of pedagogics. Translated by C. C. 

and Ida J. Van Liew . . . London, 1899. 

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tJbcr den Reiz des Unterrichtens. Eine pado- 
gogisch-osychologische Analyse. Berlin, 
looa 36 pp. No. 3 in *3596. 189.3 

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History of education. N. Y. [1899.] 

3599a. 140 

Snow. Marshall Solomon. 

Hieher education in Missouri. Washington, 

1898. [United States. Bureau of education. 

Grcular of information.] = *7596.59.i898 

S^kalding, John Lancaster. 

Means and ends of education. Chicago, 

1897. 3599a. 144 

Opportunity, and other essays and addresses. 

Chicago. 1900. 3599a. 147 

Gmtents. - Opportunity. — Woman and the 
higher education. — The university: a nursery 
of the higher life. — The university and the 
teacher. — Goethe as educator. — The patriot. — 
Empire or republic. 

Things of the mind. Chicago, 1895. = 

3509a. 145 

Contents. — Views of education. — Professional 
edoeatkm. — Theories of life and education. — 
Cahore and religion. — Patriotism. 

Taylor. Henry Ling. 

Profession^ education in the United States. 

Albany, 1900. = ♦4484.118 

Dintted States. Military government of Porto 


[Form for] supervisor's report. [San Juan. 

1899.1 3PP. = 


Indian inspector for the Indian territory. 
Annual report, together with the reports of 
the Superintendent of schools in that ter- 
ritory, and of the Indian agent in diarge 
of the Union agency, 1898/99. Washing- 
ton, 1899. = ♦4461.^ 
Military government of Porto Rico. 
Rules governing the payment of public 
school salaries from the insular ftmds. 
[San Juan, 1899.] 3 pp. = 3599189 
Primary school examination. Sept. i8th to 
20th inclusive [1899]. [San Juan, 1899.] 

7 pp. = *359!?i87 

Teacher's bulletin. No. i, 2. [San Juan, 
i«99.] = ♦3599.186 

Wisconsin. State superintendent. 
Bulletin of information. No. 5. Madison, 
1900. = 7596.43 

Young, James Thomas. 
The organization and financial powers of 
the Department of education. With special 
reference to the needs of Philadelphia's 
educational system. By J. T. Young and 
L. S. Rowe. Phila. [1900.] 59 pp. = 


Children. Kindergarten. 

Blow, Susan* E. 
Letters to a mother on the philosophy of 
Froebel. N. Y., 1899. IHus. [Interna- 
tional education series.] 35^164 
Cameron, Margaret 
Games, songs, and recitations for the kin- 
dergarten. London. [1899.] 7594.102 
Ford, Z. 
Paper-folding and designing combined. A 
kindergarten occupation . . . Leeds. [1899.] 
48 pp. Illus. Col. pis. 7594.118 
Goodridge, Grace. 
Scissors and paste. Consisting of designs 
for cutting and pasting, with suggestions 
for the work. Chicago. [1899.] 12 pp. 
Pis. 8063.83 
International kindergarten union. 
Proceedings, ist-6th annual convention. 
N. p. [1896-99.] = *7594.iio 
Montaigne, Michel Eyquem de. 
Montaigne: the education of children. Se- 
lected and translated, and annotated by L. 
E. Rector. N. Y., 1899. [International 
education series.] 3598.162 
Poulsson, Emilie. 
Love and law in child training. Springfield, 

1899. 7594.112 

Rowe, Stuart Henry. 

The physical nature of the child, and how to 

study it. N. Y., 1899. 7592.38 

Smith, Nora Archibald. 

The kindergarten in a nutshell. Phila., 1809. 


Colleges. Institutions. Schools. 
Addison, W. Innes, compiler. 
A roll of the graduates of the University of 
Glasgow. From 31st Dec, 1727 to 1897. 
Glasgow, 1898. ♦2500.130 

Agnes Scott institute, Decatur, Georgia. 
Annual catalogue and announcement, loth. 
Atlanta, 1899. Pis. = ♦4481.200 



Alumnae association of Smith college. 
Rcflrister of the alumnae, 189S-99. [North- 
ampton? 1898.] = ^4386. 1 14 
American historical association. 
The study of history in schools. Report, by 
the Committee of seven. N. Y., 1899. 

Barbe, Waitman. 
Going to college. With the opinions of fifty 
leading college presidents and educators. 

[1809.I 3S99a.i53 

Bates, Samuel A. 
The early schools of Braintree. South Brain- 
tree, 1809. 35 pp. 4358.45 
Boston, Mass. Superintendent of public 
Appointments for reelection. Boston, 1899. 
39 pp. ^ *6347.40 
Bowdoin college. Qass of 1889. 
Decennial record. Compfled by W. M. 
Emery. New Bedford, 1899. 48 pp. = 

Bradby, Henry Christopher. 
Rugby. London, 1900. Illus. Portrs. Man. 
[Handbooks to the great public schools.] 

British school at Rome. 

[Proposal for its establishment] London, 

189Q.I 7 pp. = . 3591.120 

Qark. Kate Upson. 

Bringing up boys. N. Y. [1899.] 3589.186 

Gark university, Worcester, Mass. 

Decennial celebration. [Edited by W. K 

Story and L. N. Wflson.] Worcester, 

1899. ^^^^ Portrs. *448oa.i45 

Columbia college. Department of comparative 


Announcement 1900/1901. [N. Y., 1900.] = 

Cornell university. Sibley college. 
Report of the director. i6th- 1899-1900. 
flthaca.] 1000. Illus. = ♦4484.185 

The i6th regular report \% a special publication 
on the occasion of the Fifteenth anniversary of 
the founding of the college. 

Cust. Lionel Henry. 
A history of Eton college. London. 1899. 
Portrs. Pis. [English public schools.] 

2407. T51 
Daniel. Charles Henry Olive, and Wilberforce 
Ross Barker. 
Worcester college. London. 1900. Pis. 
[College histories. University of Ox- 
ford.] 3499a. 19 
Davis. Hcnrv William Carl ess. 
Balliol college. London. 1809, [College his- 
tories. University of Oxford.] 2499a.2 
Eaton, Arthur Wentworth Hamilton. 
College requirements in English entrance 
examinations. 2d, 3d series. Boston, 
1894. 1900. 2 V. 5598.3a 
Edwards, Gerald Maclean. 
Sidney Sussex college. London, 1899. 
Portrs. Pis. [College histories. Univer- 
sity of Cambridge.] 24993.39 

Ellis, William Arba. 
Norwich university. Her history, her g^du- 
ates, her roll of honor. Concord, 1898. 
nius. Portrs. = 44903.195 

Hampton normal and agricultural institute, and 
its work for negro and Indian youth. 
[Hamptoii.] l8g8. 15 pp. Pis. Mao. = 


Hardy, Ernest George. 
Jesus college. London, 1899. P1& [Col- 
lege histories. Umversity of Oxford.] 

Harvard college. Lawrence scientific schooL 
List of students. 1847-1898. Cambridge, 

1899. = *448^34 
Harvard hand-book. Vol. 10. Cambndge» 

189^1900. 90 pp. PI. Map. = *438SLj3 
Lawrence academy, Groton, Mass. 
Prospectus, June, 1899. [Groton, 1899^] 

27 pp. = *4485.i93 

Schedule of courses and studies. [Groton* 

1899.1 — 4495.195 

Leigh, Augustus Austen. 

King's college. London, 1899. PI. Plan. 
[University of Cambridge. College his- 
tories.] 2499flL30 
Madeane, Douglas. 
A history of Pembroke college Oxford, 
anciently Broadntes Hall. Oxford, 1897. 
Portr. Pis. [Oxford historical society. 
Publ ications. ] *24pa9i> 
Pembroke college. London, 190a Pis. fCol- 
lege histories. University of Oxford.] 


Maine. St3te superintendent of public sdiools. 

A study of the needs of the schools of M3ine. 

[Augusta.] 1899. 22 pp. = 3597.179 

A studv of the schools 01 northeastern Maine. 

[Augusta, 189-?] 78 pp. nius. = 3597.181 

Union of towns for the purpose of employing 

superintendent of schools. [AugustaJ 

1898. 8 pp. = 3597.183 

Mass3chusetts institute of technology. Qass of 


Secretarv's report. No. i. [Boston, 1899.] 

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The book is largely a report of a conference held 
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Of making one's self beautiful. Boston. 
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What shall I do? Fift^^ profitable occupft- 
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Bv John Sidney Stoddard and the Anflior 
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On the drink question. 

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Stop and think! [Translated by E. J. W. 
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In answer to certain published opinions of M. 
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Religion. Theology. 

Religion. Theology. Theological 


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The life and death of Mr. Badman presented 
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. . . with twelve compositions by G. W. 
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How much is left of th« old doctrines ? Bos- 

ton. 189a 3459.185 

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Uaffinite des religions. Brochure pr6sent6e 

aa Parlcment des religions de Chicago. 

Traduite de Tanglais par M. £. M. Paris. 

I189-.I 36 pp. = 3489a.i6 

The English onftnal, The sympathy of religions, 
is on 7457.62. 

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External relifdon: its use and abuse. Lon- 
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Instructions given to the Catholic undergradu- 
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= 3489.135 


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pide. Translated by T. W. Mossman, 

assisted by various scholars. 3d edition. 

London, 1889-96. 6 v. [Catholic standard 

librarv.l = *3423-8s 

Contents. — i. St. Matthew, chapters 1-9. a. St. 
Matthew, chapters lo-ai. 3. St. Matthew, chapters 
a>-aB. St Mark. 4. St Luke. 5. St John, diap- 
ters i-ii. <S. St. John, chapters is-ax, and the 
Epistles of St. John i, a, 3. 

The great commentary of Cornelius k La- 

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Contents. — i. Corinthians. 3. Corinthians and 

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[Sacred books of the Old Testament.] 


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edition of the Hebrew text printed in 
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The book of the prophet Ezekiel. Critical 
edition of the Hebrew text. With notes by 
C. H. Toy. Leipzig, 1899. [Sacred books 
of the Old Testament.] *34i2.i37 

Les Saints £vangiles. Traduction par 
TAbbe Glaire. Illustrations d'apres les 
maitres des xive, xve & xvie si^cles. 
Livr. 1-16. Paris. [1899.] *Cab.8o. 177.2 

An Arabic version of the Acts of the 
Apostles and the seven Catholic epistles 
from an Eighth or Ninth century MS. in 
the convent of St. Catharine on Mount 
Sinai. With a treatise on the triune na- 
ture of God, and translation, from the same 
London, 1899. Fac-similes. [Studia Si- 
naitica.l ♦'^023. mr* 

The pastoral epistles. With introduction and 

notes by J. H. Bernard. Cambridge, 1899. 

[Cambridge Greek Testament for schools 

and colleges.] 3419. 191 

Breen. A. E. 

A general and critical introduction to the 
study of Holy Scripture. Rochester, 1897. 
PI. Fac-similes. = *342oa.io5 

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Harmony of the Gospels. N. Y., 1898. Map. 

= 3429147 

Budge, Ernest Alfred Thompson Wallis. 
The history of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and 
the History of the likeness of Christ which 
the Jews of Tiberias made to mock at. 
The Syriac texts edited with English trans- 
lations by E. A. W. Budge. London, 1899. 
2 v. *3024.I03 

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Acts of the Apostles. London. [1897.] 2 y. 
Maps. [Scripture manuals for Catholic 
schools.] = 3418.128 



Carpenter, Joseph Estlin, and George Harford 
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sion. Arranged in its constituent docu- 
ments by members of the Society of his- 
torical uieology, Oxford. London, 1900. 
2 V. 3421.143 

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The synoptic Gospels. Together with a 
chapter on the text-criticism of the New 
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The Bible of the heart: a sermon. 1897-98. 
Boston. [1898.1 17 pp. = 7460.256 

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Solomon and Solomonic literature. Chicago, 

1899. 3489.131 
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Gospel questions and answers. N. Y., 1896. 
[Little books on religion. 1 3449a. 179 

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lAn introduction to the New Testament 8th 
edition. N. Y. [1898?] 34a9a.50 

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The Epistles of Paul the Apostle to the 
Thessalonians, Corinthians, Galatians, Ro- 
mans and Philippians. N. Y., 1899. [In- 
ternational handbooks to the New Testa- 
ment] 3423.21 
Farrar, Frederic William. 
Texts explained, or helps to understand the 
New Testament N. Y., 1899. 3428.161 
Field, Frederick. 
Notes on the translation of the New Testa- 
ment Being the Otium Norvicense (pars 
tertia). Reprinted. Cambridge, 1899. 

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The four Gospels. N. Y., 1899. 34498.187 
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Story of the Cherokee Bible. Ithaca, 1899. 

No. I in 7449a.204 
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The old English Bible and other essays. 
London, 1897. 3425.126 

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The unity and symmetry of the Bible. N. Y.. 
1896. [Little books on religion.] 34498.178 
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St Paul's Epistle to the Romans. A prac- 
tical exposition. N. Y., 1899, 1900. 2 v. 

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The Bible and modem criticism. Boston, 

1900. 59 pp. = 7429a. 147 
Green. William Henry. 

General introduction to the Old Testament. 

The Canon. London, 1899. 3427.126 

The text. N. Y., 1899. 3427.127 

Hawkins, Sir John Caesar. 

Horae synopticae : contributions to the study 

of the sjmoptic problem. Oxford, 1899. 


Hull, Moses. 

Oitr Bible: who wrote it? When — where — 

how? Is it infallible? A few thoughts 

on other Bibles. Buffalo. 1900. Portr. = 


Tack« Butler. 

Found "in the latter days." The luni- 

sabbatic cycle and the intercalary sat 

and jubilee years of the great He 

lawgiver. Memphis, Tenn., 1899. 4: 

Jerahmeel ben Solomon. 

The chronicles of Jerahmeel ; or, the He 
Bible historiale. Being a collectio 
Apocryphal and pseudo-epigraphical t 
dealing with the history of the world 
the creation to the death of Macca 
Translated for the first time fron 
uniotie manuscript in the Bodleian lib 
by M. Gaster. London, 1899. (Ori 
translation fund.] ^302 

Kent, Charles Foster. 
The wise men of ancient Israel and 
proverbs. 2d edition. Boston, 1899. 

Kittel, Rudolf. 
Die Bucher der Konige ubersetzt und eri 
Gottingen, 1900. [Handkommentar 
Alten Testament.] 342 

Lowrie, Walter, of Philadelphia, 
The doctrine of Saint John. An cssj 
Biblical theology. N. Y., 1899. 345 
MacRory, Joseph. 
The Gospel of St John; with notes, 
lin, 1897. = 342 

The Gospel is given in the Latin vuIgate thi 
out. The English texts are from the Rh 
[Douayl version. 

Moulton, Richard Green. 
The literary study of the Bible. Boston. 

Muzzey, David Saville. 
The rise of the New Testament. N. Y., 

Nicol, Thomas. 
Recent archaeology and the Bible. 1 
burgh. 1899. [The Croall lectures 
1898.1 342 

Perry, Alfred Tyler. 
The pre-eminence of the Bible as a 1 
Hartford. [1899.] 29 pp. = 342 
Potter, Edward Tuckerman. 
Bible stories in Bible language. With a 
troduction by Henry C. Potter. New 
tion. N. Y., 1898. Pis. 342 

Price, Ira Maurice. 
The monuments and the Old Testar 
2d edition. Chicago, 1900. Ill us. P< 
Maps. 342 

An attempt to furnish the best reliable inf 
tion given by the monuments illustrative < 
Old Testament. 

Ro<;setti, Giristina Gcorgina. 

Reflected lights from "The face of 

deep." Selected and arranged by >^ 

L. Jav fpseud. of Julia Louisa M? 

Woodniffl. N. Y., 1899. Pis. 3440 

"A mnninpr commentary on the Book of H 
tion." — Pre face. 

Savage. Minot Judson. 
Beliefs about the Bible. Boston, 1897. = 

Smith. George Adam. 
Four psalms, xxiii., xxxvt., lti., cxxi 
terpreted for practical use. London, 

Tbcin. John. 

Answer to difficulties of the Bible. 
Louis, 1897. = 342 



, Crawford Howell. 

critical and exegetical commentary on the 
Book of Proverbs. N. Y., 1899. [The 
^ nKtemational critical commentary.] 


It, Marvin Richardson, 
history of the textual criticism of the New 
Testament N. Y., 1899- [New Testa- 
ment handbooks.] 5429.162 
Bible: its true nature and divinity: its 
^ miritual inerrancy. A lecture. Boston, 
k,^8» 47 PP. = 3427.130 
ppr, Thomas Hunter. 

Hk short history of the Hebrew text of the 
\ OM Testament London^ 1899. Fac-simile. 

rns^t, Arthur. 

A qrnopsis of the Gospels in Greek, after the 
Westcott and Hort text London, 1896. 


^emonial. Devotional. Doctrinal. 

mold, Thomas, M.A., Oxford. 1845- 
KoCes on the sacrifice of the altar. London, 

iSjy. 90 pp. = 3469.32 

any, Henry Aloysius. 

Salvation through Mary. Boston, 1898. = 

ecker, Ernest Julius. 

A contribution to the comparative study of 
the Mediaeval Visions of Heaven and 
Hdl, with special reference to the Middle- 
English versions. A dissertation. Balti- 
more, 1899. 3484.172 

Itn^yan, John. 

Grace abounding to the chief of sinners. 
London, 1897. [Books for the heart] = 


Jtester, England. Priory of Saint Mary. 
The Processional of the nuns of Qiester. 
Edited from a manuscript in the posses- 
sion of the Earl of Ellesmere, by J. W. 
L^g. London, 1899. 63 pp. Fac-similes 
(Music). [Henry Bradsnaw society.] 


Clare, James. 

The science of spiritual life according to 
spiritual exercises. New and enlarged edi- 
tion. London, 1898. = 3448.149 

Harke, Henry WUliam. 
The confessional" in the Church of Eng- 
land. Beckenham, 1898. vi, 74 pp. Pis. 


!bhrs, Ferdinand, editor. 

Die evangelischen Katechismusversuche vor 
Luthers Enchiridion. Band i. Berlin, 
1900. [Monumenta Germaniae paedago- 
gica.] 3590a. 103.20 

ommon prayer, Book of. 

The teacher's prayer book. With introduc- 
tions, analvses, notes, and a commentary 
upon the rsalter by Alfred Barry. N. Y. 

[1899.] 3449a. i6s 

levine, Arthur. 

The commandments explained according to 
the teaching and doctrine of the Catholic 
church. 2d edition. London, 1899. = 


Dresser, Horatio Willis. 

Living by the spirit N. Y., 1900. 5589a. 154 
Edwards, Jonathan, the elder. 1703-1758. 

A treatise concerning the religious affections. 
London, 1898. [Books for the heart] 

3449a. 192 
Hall, Arthur Crawshay Alliston. 
Confirmation. London, 1900. [Oxford library 
of practical theology.] 3433.70 

Harcourt, Sir WiUiam George Granville ven^- 
ables Vernon. 
Lawlessness in the national church. Lon- 
don, 1899. 5526.16 

A reprint of the author's letters to the i^niiou 

Hardy, Edward John. 
Doubt and faith. Being Donnellan lectures 
delivered in Trinity college, Dublin (1898- 
9), with supplemental chapters. London, 

1899. 3489.90 

Jowett, J. H. 
From strenf?th to strength. N. \., 1898. 
[Little books on religion.] 3449a. 183 

Lanslots, D. Ildephonse. 
Illustrated explanation of the prayers and 
ceremonies of the mass. N. Y., 1897. = 

Little flowers, The, of Saint Francis. Newly 
translated out of the Italian by T. W. Ar- 
nold. [3d edition.] London, 1899. PI. 
[The Temple classics.] 5559a. 137 

MacColl, Malcolm. 
The Reformation settlement examined in the 
light of history and law. 4th impression. 
London, 1899. 3528.133 

Mallock, William Hurrell. 
Doctrine and doctrinal disruption. Being an 
examination of the intellectual position 
of the Church of England. London, 1900. 

Mari^, Josephine. 
Love stronger than death. N. Y., 1896. 
6i pp. = 3466.76 

Miller, 1. Pickering. 
Life immortal: a rational argument for 
man's eternal existence. Witn a section 
on the relations of man and woman, 
from the rational standpoint Orange, 
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Fw particular church organizations see below, sub- 
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sius. — The Huns and the Vandals. — St. Patrick 
at Tara. — The coronation of Charlemagne. — 
Pope St Gregory VII. — Pope Paschal XL — St. 
Thomas k Becket. — The interdict of France. — 
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— Controverted points. — The beginnings of Prot- 
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With new preface containing a reply to 

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Religious Biography. 

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Latinorvm.] *75ooa.i.40 

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*750oa.i.34, parti,2 

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History of St. Vincent de Paul, founder of 
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Der erste Qemensbriei Herausgegeben von 

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3559a. 16 
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Contents. — Keble. — Newman. — Pusey. — Laa- 
ooo. — Orardi. 

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Qfment d'Alexandrie. fitude sur les rap- 
ports au Christian isme et de la philosophie 
grecque au lie siede. Paris, 1898. [Biblio- 
theque de Tficole des hautes 6tudes.] 


First Hopkinton cemetery association, Hop- 

kinton, R. L 

Dedication of Ministers' monument, Aug. 

^ 1899. Plainfield, N. J., 1899. 26 pp. 

Pis. = 4438.176 

Tbe monument is a memorial to the luuriy pus- 
ton of the Hopkinton Seventh-day Baptist 

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Saint Augustin. 

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5559a. 100 

("Les saints."] 


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Was Savonarola really excommunicated? 
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47 pp. = 3559.144 

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5559a. 125 

An edition in the original French is on 5558.82. 

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Pis. 5559a.93 

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Lives of the Elizabethan bishops of the An- 
glican church. London, 18^. Portr. 



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= 8044.49 

The Ministry. Religious Education. 

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The theological seminary from a layman's 
standpoint. Address. Chicago, 1899. i^ 

pp. = 3436.40 

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Puritan preaching in England. N. Y., 1900. 
[Lyman Beecher lectures before the Yale 
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Three dialogues on pulpit eloquence. Trans- 
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^ 1897. == 3439.133 

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London, 1900. 5527.22 

"An a]>oloffy for the principle of the apostolic 
succession. — Preface. 

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Daily thoughts for priests. 3d edition. Bos- 
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New England deaconess home and training 
An apoeal. [Boston, 1899.] (4) PP- = 



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In northern India : a story of mission work. 
London. [1899.] Ulus. Portrs. Map. 

Coleman Ambrose. 
The friars in the Philippines. Boston, 1899. 
Portrs. Pis. 3538.77 

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Among the wild Ngoni. Being some chap- 
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The Franciscans in California. Harbor 
Springs, Mich., 1897. Illus. Portrs. Maps. 


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The first Christian mission to the Great 
Mogul: or. the story of Blessed Rudolf 
Acquaviva, and of his four companions in 
martyrdom, of the Society of Jesus. Dub- 
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Student department of the International 
committee of Young men's Christian asso- 

ciations and of the student ▼dttnteer move* 
ment for foreign missions.] V<^. 22, no. I. 
October, 1899. N. Y., 1899. = '^^sijo 
Japan evangelist, The. [Monthly.] VoL (^ 
no. 9, September, 18^ [Tokyo?] iSgg. 
Illus. = ^359^^.50 

Current numbers are kept in the Fmomu 
Room» drawer 933. 

looKrldge, George. 

A history of the Oxford mission to Calcntti. 
London, ijw. Portrs. Pis. 35^131 

McQure, David. 

Diary. 1748-1820. With notes by F. B. 

Dexter. N. Y., 1899. Portr. = *3533.xo6 
Much of this diary is a record of peraoaaT labor 
among the Indians. 

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the interest of the Boston seaman's friend 
society. Vol. 10, 11. Boston, 1897-^ 
Illus. == ^^7^040 

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Illus. Portrs. 353&ia9 

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Illus. *4ioi.75 

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ers for foreign missions. By [the] Presi- 
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1900. Portr. 553&36 

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Lights and shadows of a long episcopate. 
N. Y., 1899. Portrs. Pis. 3S33.iro 

An account of Bishop Whipple's work among tiie 
Indians is given. 

Young women's Christian association, New 
The Margaret Louisa home. [Report, 1897.] 
[N. Y.J 1897. 32 pp. Pis. = *5579a-i64 

Mythology and Non-Christian 

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HitnepaTopcKoe BOJiLHoe sKOHOMH^iecKoe o6ii(ecTBO. 

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2 V. 938o.09a2 
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American railroads, their relation to com- 
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No. 3 in *s644.2i.i6 
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amerika. Berlin, 1899. 9387.28 



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Bibliographie, pp. i-iii. 

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1900. 9382. 1 143 

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^^ .1899. 9338.Sa7 

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United States of America. 
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11, 17-19* 21, 24-26, 2&-32. Phila., 1896- 

.99. *9382.73-7 

National convention of railroad commission- 

Proceedings, 1889-99. Washington, 1889-99. 

II V. = *938s.973a8 

The first convention was called a "general con- 
ference.'* All were held under the auspices of the 
U. S. interstate commerce commission. 

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Increase in the foreign demand for our farm 
products. Quincy, 111. [1898.] = 9382.iia2 
What may be done to enlarge our trade in 
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Philadelphia commercial museum. 
Sjmopsis of service rendered to members. 
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San Francisco produce exchange. 

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Der ExjH>rt landwirtschaftlicher und land- 

wirtschaftlich-industrieller Artikd aos 
den Vereinigten Staaten yon Nord- 
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Fennia. Bulletins de la sod^^ de g^offra- 
phie finlandaise. 1-9^ 11-13. Hdsing- 
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Symnher, . 

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Elbe-Kanals. Berlin, 1899. 2 v. in i. 
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Indianapolis, 1899. Broadside. = 


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de la Troisi^me r^publique. Paris, 1896, 

97. 2 V. 938CM4 

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Wdt-Statistik. Telegraphen- und Tdephon- 
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[1899.1 Col. charts. Maps. 9383.1 

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A brief comparison of the postal facilitws 
of Great Britain and the United States. 
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The irreat company. Being a history of the 
honourable company of merchants-adven- 
turers trading into Hudson's bay. With 
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Portr. 9382.10 

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Der Wettbewerb des russischen und ameri- 
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Insurance. Pensions. 

Actuarial society of America. 
Secretary's report for the ten years beginning 
April 25, 1889. [N.Y., 1899.] = 9368.06732 
Atkinson, Edward. 
The prevention of loss by fire. Fifty years' 
record of Factory mutual insurance. With 
suggestions for the protection of cities 
from conflagrations. jBoston, 1900. = 

Baumgartner. .u.en. editor. "^''-^ 

HandwoTterbucn des gesamten Versicher- 
ungswesens dnschliesslich ler sodalodi- 
tischen Arbdter-Veroicherung. Strass- 
burg, 1899. , *9368l03 

Boediker. Tonio Wilhelm Laurenz Carl Maria. 
Die Reichs-Versicherungsgesetzgebung. Leip- 
zig, 1898. Diagram. [Staats- unl sodd- 
wissenschaftlidie Forschungen.] 

No. 4 in *5644.3i.i6 



loolh, Charles. 

Old age pensions and the aged poor. Lon- 
don, iS^ 9362.6a3 
loston manu&ictiirers' mutual fire insurance 
Report for the year, 1899. [Boston, 1900.] 

= 9368.1744*5 

Equitable life assurance society of the United 


Forty years of the society and comparisons 

whh other companies. [N. Y., 1899.] 

musw = 9368.3a3 

Eqokahle record. The TQuarterly. Edited 

br F. F. Edwards.] [NT Y.] 1900. Illus. 

Portrs. = ♦5662.68 

This periodical is the organ of the Equitable as- 
wgance society of the United States. 

HOL Atu-in F., compiler. 
Uk insurance. Scrapbook. 1890. = 

Metcalfe, John. 
The case for universal old age pensions. 
London. 1899. 9362.635 

Pflling, William. 
Old age pensions : scheme for the establish- 
ment of a government superannuation 
fund. London, 1898. 9362.634 

Labor. Trade Unions. Guilds. 

Arbeitsnachweis-Konferenz. Leipzig. 
Bericht uber die Verhandlungen. Hamburg, 
1898. = 9331.143 

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Die Lage der schottischen Landarbeiter seit 
1870. Rostock, 1899. = 9333-3a8 

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Pavsans et onvriers depuis sept cents ans. 
Paris. 1899. 9338.536 

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The strike of the shoe workers in Marlboro, 
Mass.. Nov. 14, 1898-May 5, 1899. [Bos- 
ton, 1899] = 5566.69 
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Report of two of H. M. Inspectors of fac- 
tories . . . upon the prevention of accidents 
from machinery in the manufacture of cot- 
ton. London, 1899. = 9331.824233 
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Die Arbeitslosigkeit : ihre Bekampfung und 
Sutistik. Berlin, 1899- 9331-9 
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La definition nominale et r^elle du b^n^fice 
. . . son origine. Arras, 1898. = 9330.432 
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Geschichte der Topferarbeiter von Stafford- 
shire im 19. Jahrhu^idert Stuttgart, 1899. 


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^ ^ 933i.2a6 

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teenth century. Notes for the use of stu- 
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Cambridge, 1900. 9331.294234 

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History and functions of central labor 
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University faculty of political science. 
Studies in history, economics and public 
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t6ret sur la hausse des salaires. Paris, 
1899. [University de Paris. Facult6 de 
droit] 9332.8a8 

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The prevention of factory accidents. Lon- 
don, 1899. Illus. 9331.8233 
Centralstelle fur Arbeiter-Wohlf3hrtseinricht- 
Die Wohlf3hrtspflege im Kreise. Die indi- 
viduelle Hygiene des Arbeiters. Vorbe- 
richte und Verh3ndlungen der vii. Konfe- 
renz vom 16. und 17. Mai 1898 in Berlin. 
Berlin, 1898. = 933104332 
Cheylud, fimile. 
Histoire de la corpor3tion des 3pothicaires 
de Bordeaux; de Tenseignement et de 
I'exercice de la pharm3cie d3ns cette ville. 
(1355-1802.) Borde3Ux, 1897. Pis. 


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The effects of the fsctory system. London, 

1809. 356921.261 

Comite central des houilleres de Fr3nce. 

Annu3ire 1899. Paris. [1899.] Maps. = 

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Der Schutz der Arbeit swilligen. Berlin, 

1899. 9331.8732 

On the right of worldngmen to form unions. 

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The 3nn3ls of toil: being Isbour-history 
outlines, Roman 3nd British. London, 
1899. 356921.252 

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of the L3bor exch3nge. Independence. 
[1897] Portr. Pis. 9332.5a3 

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Recherches sur Thistoire des corps d'3rts 
& metiers en Roussillon sous Tsncien 
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♦5644,21.17, p3rt 2 
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Contents. — i. The greatest problem: work t<ir 

employed. — Kef 
tration. — Old age annuities. — Prevention oi 

the unemployed. 

reformed poor law adminia- 

strikes. — Minor social problems. — The eight 
hours day. — Self-help. — Reforms conduciYe to 
a wider distribution of wealth. — A note d 

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This contains an account of Sdrgel's connection 
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Einwanderer in Texas, and headed by Prince Karl 
zu Solm-Braunfels. 

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The pnblicfttioiu for 1891, 93 were issued quarterly. 

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This copy has manuscript corrections by the 

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xjf X 1 9330.iai2 

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Annual report, ist, 2d, 4th, 6th-20th, 26th, 
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Bccinninf with the nth, these reports contain 
also the ist-ioth, i6ch, i8th reports ot the St. 
Jam^ home for boys. 

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More thmn hmlf the book it devoted to a Bio- 
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These conuin the Proceedings of the assocTstina 
from iSjp-iSqB. 

Cbmmission to revise and codify the crimiiial 
laws of the United States^ 
United States. 

Omnization and jurisdiction of United 
States courts. Letter from the Attomnr* 
general transmitting . . . letter from toe 
Commission . . . and . . . report [Wasli- 
ington, 1900J = *7666lI3 

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The civil law in Spain and Spanish-America, 
including Cuba, Puerto Rico and Pfall^ 
pine Islands, and the Spanish dvil code a 
force, annotated and with references to the 
civil codes of Mexico, Central and South 
America, with a history of all the Spanish 
codes . . . Washington, 190a ^3624^6 
Worcestershire, England. 
Worcester county records. The quarter ses- 
sion rolls. Part i. Compiled for die 
Records and charities committee of die 
Worcestershire county council, by J. W. 

Willis Bund. Worcester. 1899. *77OOa.20 
Contents. — i. Kalendmr of the sessioiis rolls, 


Atwoo!^ Harrison H. 
Testimony, together with the indictment, 
record and specifications in Common- 
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Boston, 1899. = 7688u|6 

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R6ponse de la jeunesse francaise k fimile 

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8 pp. = 

fitrennes i Dreyfus. Paris, 1897. 32 pp. = 

2619a. 172 
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Argument for the New Yorlc New Haven 
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the completion of the New Bedford and 
Fairhaven bridge." Nov. 16, 1899. [Bos- 
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On the Dreyfus affair. 

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Cruickshank, William J., and others. 
In the Supreme court of the United States. 
i89p. William J. Cruickshank et al., com- 
plamants, v. George R. Bidwell, Collector 



of customs for the port of New York. 

Appeal. Brief for appellee. [N. Y., 1899J 
45 pp. = 7695.88 

Tfie case related to the Act of 1897 "to prevent 

I prev< 

the importation of impure and unwholesome tea.' 

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Dreyfus to his wife. Translated by L. G. 
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nins. = 2619a. 158 

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189B. 35 pp. 2619a. 133 
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On the Dreyfus amir. 

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Dites-nous vos raisonsf Lettre i Monsieur 
Mirman i-prot>os de Taffaire Dreyfus. 
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. . . Introduction de M. Yves Guyot. 
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Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Supreme 
judicial court for t*'e Commonwealth. 
President ard fellows of Harvard college 
V. Board of assessors of Cambridge. De- 
fendant's brief. [Boston, 1899.] 12 pp. = 


Report [of C. U. Bell, J. S. C.]. [Boston, 

f 1899.1 II pp. = 448.3.240 

Statement of the case [for the petitioners]. 

[Boston, 1899.1 29 pp. = *4483.24i 

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On the Dreyfus affair. 

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[1898.1 2619a. 1 13 

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Paris. 1890. 29 pp. 2619a. i^ 

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Zola et les Dreyfus, ou la d6bac]e des 
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Cat^chisme Dreyfusard. Paris, 1898. 15 pp. 

2619a. 129 
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The necessity for criminal appeal as illus- 
trated by the Maybrick case, and the juris- 
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Dreyfus? Paris. [1898.] 2619a. 125 

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Zola. fivangiles selon Saint-Mathieu. 
Paris, 1898. II pp. = 2619a. 154 

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Mathieu. Paris, 1898. 8 pp. = 26i9a.i55 

On the Dreyfus affair. 

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Expos6 impartial de l'affaire Dreyfus. Paris, 

1899. 55 PP 2619a. I3S 

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Circuit court of the United States, district 
of Massachusetts. October term. 1899. 
In equitv. John M. Perkins, complainant, 
versus Andrew B. Hendryx et al., defend- 
ants. Brief for complainant. Boston, 
1899. 13 pp. = 769oa.32 

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A rile du Diable. Paris, 1898. 16 pp. * 

2619a. lOI 
L'affaire Dreyfus. Le cr^puscule des 
traitres. Paris, 1899. 2610a. 105 

Une conscience. Le Lieutenant-colonel Pic- 
auart. Paris, 1898. 36 pp. [L'affaire 
Dreyfus.1 2619a. 144 

Les faussaires. 2e Edition. Paris, 1898. 
[L'affaire Dreyfus.] 2619a. 145 

La voix de I'lle. Paris, 1898. 9 pp. [L'aJf- 
faire Dreyfus.] 2619a. 146 

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Les 6tapes d'un intellectud i propos de l'af- 
faire Dreyfus. Paris, 1898. 2619a. 127 
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1898.] 64 pp. = 26l9a.i70 
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La trahison. Esterhazy et Schwarzkoppen. 
Paris, 1898. 35 pp. 2619a. 141 

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Lettre i M. Godefroy Cavaignac, Ministre 
de la flTuerre. i propos de Taffaire Dreyfus. 
Paris, 1898. 35 pp. 2619a. 1 15 

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Paris, 1898. 2619a. 139 

On the Dreyfus affair. 

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non? Paris, 1898. 86 pp. 2614.80 



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V6rax. L., pseud. ( ?) 
Essai suf la mentalit6 militaire 4 propos de 
1 affaire Dreyfus. Paris, 1898. 88 pp. 

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[Paris? 1898?] 8 pp. = 26ioa.84 

Vraie r^ponse, La, des etudiants i MM. fimile 
Zola et Aujar. [Par Un groupe d'6tudi- 
ants.] Paris. [1898] 7 PP. = 26ioa.85 
Willard, diaries Dwight 
The free harbor contest at Los Angeles. An 
account of the long fight waged by the 
people of southern California to secure a 
harbor located at a point open to com- 
petition. Los Angeles, 1899. Illus. Portrs. 
Maps. „4476.2i3 

This account of the contest between San Pedro 
and Port Los Angeles for a govemment harbor 
appropriation, iho#s how measures are passed 
in Congress. 

Zola, &nile. 
LeT . . . de Zola. [Paris.] 1898. 8 pp. = 

, 26193.164 

International Law. Maritime Law. 


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Vervolging of uitlevering ter zake van 
. buitenslands gepleegde misdrijven? Proef- 
schrift Utrecht. 1897. 58 pp. = 3627.14 
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The Alabama arbitration. Phila., 1900. = 

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Traiti de I'extradition. Paris, 1899. 9341-4 

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The Declaration of Paris of i8.«;6: being an 

account of the maritime rights of Great 

Britain ; a history of their surrender by 

the signature of the Declaration of Paris 

fetcl. London, 1900. 3662.31 

Butler, Charles Henry. 

The position of the United States in regard 

to freedom of private property on the 

sea from capture during war. An address. 

fBuffalo? 1899] 20 pp. = 3662.29 

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De Textension des principes de la convention 

de Geneve aux guerres maritimes. Th^se 

pour le doctorat. Paris, 1899. 934i.3a4 

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account of its origin, sources and historical 

development. New edition. N. Y.. igoo. 
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Roels. Edgar. Boers et Anglais. Pp. 51-^- 
Paris. i8qq.) 9332.4ia6 

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doctrines contemporaines. Paris, 1899. 

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A permanent tribunal. The Emperor oi 
Russia and his circular regarding per- 
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fitude th^orique et pratique sor roccnpsdon 

comme mode d'acqu^rir les territotres en 

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Lois et usages de la neutrality d'apr^ le 

droit international conventionnd et ocmk 

tumier des ^tats civilises. Tome i. Paris, 

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Contents. — From the eftrliest tim^ to the 
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Legislation. Statutes. Constitutional 
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Schedules to accompany netition for legis- 
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The growth of the constitution in the Fed- 
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separate clause . . . Containing also a 
fac-simile of a heretofore unpublished 
manuscript of the first draft of the instru- 
ment. Phila.. 1900. 4326.170 
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Laws of the state of New York of interest 
to warehousemen handling household 
goods. N. Y., 1899. 19 pp. = *3663.42 



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The New York code of dvil procedure, 
oontaining all amendments to June i, 1899, 
with notes of decisions to date. 24th edi- 
tion. Albany, i8d^ *7637'50 

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Calendar of Letter-books preserved among 
the archives of the Corporation of the city 
of London at the Guildhall. Letter-Book 
A. Grca 1275-1298. London, 1899. = 

Tbe Gnildhall Letter-books, so called from their 
alphabctica] enumermtion, are Hfty in number, 
asd record local statutes and proceedings from 
tbe reign of Edward the First to that of James 
tkt Second tnclnsiTe. Letter-Book A is also 
Imova as the L^wer Black Book (Parvus or 
Minor Liber Niger). 

The Spanish civil code in force in Spain, 
Cutn, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines. 
Translated by C. S. Walton and Nestor 
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Transvaal. South AJfrica. 
The Constitution ("grondwet") of the South 
African Republic, as approved and con- 
firmed by the Volksraad on the i6th of 
Feb.. 18^. With the thirty-three articles. 
An English translation bv F. H. Papenfus. 
Conventions, Pretoria (1881) and London 
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^ iSgg. 57 PP- 3058.225 

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Tbe constitution of the United States. A 
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Military and Naval Law. 

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Les erreurs des conseils de guerre. L'affaire 
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^ 38 pp. 4639*.;^ 

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History of military pension legislation in the 
United States. N. Y., 1900. [Columbia 
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Jnited States. 

Jndge-advocate-general. Army. 
Report to the Secretary of war, 1898/99. 
Washington, 1899. = 7677.26 

Included in the report for 1898/m, pp. 11-23, is an 
extract from the annual report of the acting judge- 
adrocate department of Porto Rico. 

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United States. Conunissioners to revise and 
amend the statutes relating to patents, 
trade and other marks, ami trade and 
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Preliminary report 1899. Washington, 1900. 


Useful and Industrial 


Industrial Arts. Inventions. Exhibi- 
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nius. Portrs. 8037.39 

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Connecticut. Commissioners of the Colum- 
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Connecticut at the World's fair. Report. 
Also, Report of the work of the Board of 
lady managers of Connecticut Hartford, 
i8g8. Ulus. Portrs. Plans. = '^4021.130 
Mois scientifique et industriel, Le. No. 3. Paris, 

1899. Illus. *40i 1.222 

Current numbers are kept in the Periodical 
Room, drawer 654. 

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America's great men and of their deeds. 
American inventions and inventors. Bos- 
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Pan-American exposition, Buffalo, N. Y. 1901. 
Pan-American exposition. On the Niagara 
frontier, Buffalo, N. Y., May i-Novembcr 
I. 1901. [Preliminary prospectus.] Buf- 
falo.] 1899. 31 pp. nius. Map. 

Some information regarding the Pan-Ameri- 
can exoosition. [Buffalo, 1900.] (12) 
pp. Illus. Portr. Plan. = 4029a. 121 

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1899. Illus. *59i4.5o.N.F.i4 

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Technisches Worterbuch in vier Sprachen. 
Berlin, 1897. 4 v. ^4030.22 

Contents. — i. Deutsch • italienisch • franzosisch- 
englisch. 2. Italiano • tedesco-francese-inglese. 3. 
Fran^ais - italien • allemand • anglais. 4. English^ 
Italian-German- French. 

Agriculture. Horticulture. Dairy. 

Domestic Animals. Forestry. 

Irrigation. Fisheries. 

A report to Congress on agriculture in 
Alaska, including reports by W. H. Evans, 
Benton Killin, and Sheldon Jackson. 




Washington, 1898. j6 pp. Pis. [United 
States. Department of unriculture. Office 
of experimental stations.] = *5993-70*48 
Alvord. Henry Elijah. 
Utilization of by-products of the dairy. 
[Washington, 1898.] 22 pp. = 5996.46 
Argentine Republic. Ministerio de agricultura. 
Direccion de agricultura y ganaderia. 
Antracnosis de la vid. Por Jos6 Ma. Huergo. 
Buenos Aires, 1899. a8 pp. lUus. = 

Circular num. i. [Buenos Aires? 1899?] = 

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Agriculture and domestic economy for 
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1898. 14 pp. = 7999.150 
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36 pp. [United States. Department of 

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Boston, 1900. = 8o3oa.6o 

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The strength and decay of nations. [On for- 
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1899. 48 PP- 3848.82 
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Ornamental shrubs for garden, lawn and 
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Scientific queen-rearing, as practically ap- 
of queen-bees are reared in perfect accord 
with nature's ways. 2d edition. Chicago, 
plied, being a method by which the best 
1899. Illus. Portr. 5898.51 

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More pot-pourri • from a Surrey garden. 
N. Y.. 1899. 3993.88 

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[United States. Department of agricul- 
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La industria yerbatera en Misiones. Buenos 
Aires. 1898. Illus. Maps. Charts. [Ar- 
gentine republic. Oficina nacional de agri- 
cultura.] = *5993.42 
This demis with the production of yerb« mate or 
Paragumy tea. 

Haggard. Henry Rider. 
A farmer's year. Being his commonplace 
book for 1898. London, 1899. Illus. 
^ , 39».i^6 

Hesse, Oswald. 
Ueber Natur- und Kunstbutter. Hamburg 
1897. 50 pp. [Sammlung gemeinver stand 
licher wissenschaftlicher vortrage.] 

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Our nirdens. London, 1899. Illus. 3997.138 
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The amateur's practical garden-book. N. Y., 
N. Y., 1900. Illus. 3999.156 

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Home and garden : notes and thoughts of a 
worker in both. London, 1900. Pis. 

Jorrocks ''nseud.l. 
The private stable. Boston. 1899. Illus. 

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Chicory growing as an addition to the re- 
sources of the American farmer. Wash- 
ington, 1898. 52 pp. Illus. [United States. 
Department of agriculture. Division of 
botany.] = * 

Ginseng: its cultivation, harvesting, market- 
ing and market value. N. Y., 1899. 59 
T>n. Ulus. 5o59a.8 

King, Franklin Hiram. 
Irrigation and drainage : principles and prac- 
tice of their cultural phases. N. Y., 1899. 
Illus. 3997*46 

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The present status of rice culture in the 
United States. Washington, 1809. 56 pp. 
Pis. [United States. Department of agri- 
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Das Zuckerrohr und seine Kultur, mit be- 
sonderer Berticksichtigunfi: der Verhalt- 
nisse und Untersuchungen auf Java. Mag- 
deburg. 1899. Illus. 3994*83 
Kuenckel D'Herculais. J. 
La langosta como abono. Extracto de un in- 
forme. Buenos Aires. 1899. 12 pp. [Ar- 
gentine Republic. Ministerio de agricul- 
tura.] = 3894.48 
Luch singer. John. 
The history of a creat industry [the cheese 
industry of Green county, Wisconsin]. 
Madison. 1890. 3 pp. = 4375-140 
McCarthy. Gerald. 
The San Jose scale in North Carolina. 
Raleigh, 1897. 13 pp. Illus. 

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The resources of the sea, as shown in the 
scientific experiments to test the effects of 
trawl in? and of the closure of certain 
areas off the Scottish shores. London, 
1899. Illus. 5905.43 

Mather, Fred. 
Modern fishculture in fresh and salt water. 
With a chapter on whiteHsh culture by 
Hon. Herschcl Whitaker, . . . and a chap- 
ter on the pike-perch by James Nevin. 
N. Y.. iQoo. Illus. 5908.68 

Mexican gulf agricultural company. 
Mexico. [Ksmsas City, 1899.] 38 pp. = 




Jrpricy, Margaret Warner. 
Pf The honev-makers. dicago, 1899. Illus. 
I 3899.96 

Vftsh^ George V. 

American ginseng. Revised and extended 
by M. G. Kains. Washington, 1898. 32 pp. 
nius. [United States. Department of 
agriculture. Division of botany.] = 

lew York, state. Forest preserve board. 
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lo. Agricultural experiment station, Woos- 

Press bulletin. No. 208. Wooster, 1900. Pis. 
= *7992.42 

Special bulletin. No. 4. Wooster, 1900. 

Pis. = *7992.43 

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Among the farmyard people. N. Y., 1899. 
Pis. 3818.90 

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Sweet potato culture for profit. 
Texas. [1896.] 
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Notes on useful plants of Mexico. Washing- 
ton. 1899. 72 pp. Pis. [United States. 
Department of ag^culture. Division of 
botanv.] = *5996.79 

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Madison, Wis., 1899. Illus. 3994-85 

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Ueber Wasserwirthschaft. Hamburg. 1899. 
53 pp. ♦5014.50N.F.14 

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Results from test growing of crops. Ottawa, 
189a 60 pp. = 7994.59 

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Forage crops other than grasses. N. Y., 
1000. Pis. 3998.144 

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The praise of gardens: an epitome of the 
literature of the garden-art, with ah his- 
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1899. Pis. *L.66.6 

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Our friend the dog. A complete practical 

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Illus. 4002.60 

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house. The cultural directions edited by 
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Pis. 3992.86 

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les hautes valines de TOmain et de la 
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A report on the work and expenditures of 
the agricultural experiment stations for 
the year ended June 30, 1807. Washing- 
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Agricultural department. Office of ex- 
periment stations.] = *S993.70.S0 


True, Alfred Charles, and Vinton Albert 
The agricultural experiment stations in the 
United States. Washington, 1900. 153 
pis. Maps. [United States. Dq)artment 
of agriculture. Office of experiment sta- 
tions.] = *S99370.8o 
Prepared to accompany the experiment sution 
exhibit at the Paris Exposition, 1900. 

United States. Department of agriculture. 
Division of soils. 
Circular. 5. [Washington, 1900.] = 

[Letter from C. W. Dabney, jr., with copy 

of Senate Bill 1552, relating to the subject 

of vivisection.] [Washington, 1896.] 3 

pp. = 5746.25 

The work of the agricultural experiment 

stations on tobacco, abstracted by J. I. 

Schulte, with introduction and comments 

by Milton Whitney. Washington, 1900. 

48 pp. = ^^. 5996.75 

Internal revenue office. 
Revised regulations concerning oleomar- 
garine under internal revenue lav s Janu- 
ary, 1900. Washington, 1900. 74 Dp. = 

90076s *7043.i9i 

/v5//-"> Vilmorin-Andrieux et cie. 

Blumengartnerei. Beschreibung, Kultur 

und Verwendung des gesamten Pflanzen- 

materials fur deutsche Garten. 3. Auflage, 

unter Mitwirkung von A. Siebert, heraus- 

gegeben von A. voss. Berlin, i^. 2 v. 



2d edition. 



Watson. W. 
Cactus culture for 
[1899.] Illus. 
Willcocks, William. 
Eg3rptian irrigation. 


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Concerning cats: my own and some others. 

Boston. [1900.] Pis. 6006.109 

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A handbook for farmers and dairymen. 2d 

edition. N. Y., 1900. Illus. 3999- IQO 

Chemical Technology. Metallurgy. 

Buelow Carl. 
Chemische Technologic der Azofarbstoffe 
mit besonderer . Beriicksichti^ng der 
deutschen Patentlitteratur. Leipzig, 1897, 
p8. 2 V. in I. 5971.58 

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The metallurgy of lead & silver. Part 2. 
London, 1900. Illus. [Griffin's Metallur- 
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ward Lott. 
The microscope in the brewery and malt- 
house. 2d edition. London, 1899. Illus. 


Commercial Methods. Bookkeeping. 


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Dement's Pitmanic shorthand. 3d edition, 
revised. Chicago, 1899. 6149.117 



Dicksec, Lawrence Robert. 
Bookkeeping for accountant students. 3d 
edition. London, 1900. 3934-135 

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Graphic shorthand. Being the famous pho- 
netic stenography of F. X. Gabelsberger. 
Adapted to the English language by H. 
Richter. N. Y., 1899. 72 pp. 6149. 115 
Lippmann, C. R. 
Lessons in graphic shorthand (Gabelsber- 
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■*hila., 1899. Pis. 61 12.7 


Domestic Economy. Cookery. 

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El huevo de oro. Arte de preparar el plato 
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87 pp. 8000. 10(5 

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The art of dining. London, 1899. Portr. 

Hill. Janet McKenzie. 
Salads, sandwiches and chafing-dish dainties 
. . . Boston, 1899. Pis. 8009.92 

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History and present status of instruction in 
cooking in the public schools in New York 
citv. Washington, 1899. 70 pp. Pis. 
[United States. Department of agricul- 
ture. Office of experiment stations.] 


"Isobel," pseud, editor. 

Dainty dishes for slender incomes. N. Y., 

1900. 8oo9a.54 

Lamed. Lmda Hull. 

The hostess of to-day. N. Y., 1899. .8007.69 

Consists principally of recipes for cooking. 

Lemcke, Gesine. 

Preserving and pickling. N. Y., 1899. 8006.63 

Mann, E. E. 

Liverpool school of cookery recipe-book. 

London, 1900. 8oo9a.52 

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The dictionary of dainty breakfasts. By 

Phyllis Browne [pseud.]. London, 1899. 


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The cost of living as modified by sanitary 

science, ist edition. N. "V., 1899. 8009.103 

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Little French dinners; practical and inex- 

pensive, edited by "Isobel** [pseud.]. 
N. Y., 1900. 
Ross, Janet Ann. 



Leaves from our Tuscan kitchen, or how 
to cook vegetables. London, 1899. PI. 

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cine hundred mushroom receipts. Geveland, 

1899. 52, (4) pp. 8oo9a.39 

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The expert cleaner. N. Y., 1899. 8009.96 
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The flowing bowl. A treatise on drinks of 
all kinds ind all periods. London, 1899. 


Stee., Flora Annie, and Grace Annie Msrie 
Louise Gardiner. 
The complete Indian housekeeper ft oook. 
New edition. London, 1898. 8007A 

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Handbook of domestic science and house- 
hold arts. N. Y., 1900. Illus. 8009.101 

Engineering. Mechanics. 

Barr. Archibald. 
Address on the application of the sdence of 
mechanics to eng^ineering practice. Lon- 
don. 1899. 2.^ pp. nius. = 394SJto 
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Heating and ventilating buildings. 3d edi- 
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Mechanics applied to engineering. London, 

1899. Illus. 3947-114 

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The elements of graphic statics. Revised 
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structor. Authorized translation and ad- 
ditions by G. C. Henning. Part i. N. Y., 
1899. Text.; Atlas. Portr. Pis. 4014.100 
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Bridges Moles worth. 
Pocket-book of useful formulae & memo- 
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24th edition. London, 1899. Illas. 


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The slide rule: a practical manual. 5th 

edition, enlarged. Manchester. [1899.I 

88 pp. Ulus. 3938.102 

Technograph. The. Published annually by the 

Association of engineerine societies of the 

University of Illinois. Vol. 7-io, 12, 13, 

Champaign, 111., 1893-99. Illus. Portrs. 

= ♦4014-215 

Electricity. Theoretical and Applied. 


Allsop, F. C. I 

Telephones: their construction and fitting. \ 
5th edition. London, 1899. Dlus. 3967.101 
Bottone, Selimo Romeo. 
Wireless telegraphy an^ Hertzian waves. 
London, 1900. Illus. 7969.87 

District of Columbia. Electric department 
Annual report for 1898/99. WashLogton, 

1899. = *3965.iSa 

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Griffin's electrical engineers' price-bode 
New edition, enlarged. London, 1896. 

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A history of wireless telegraphy, 1838-18^)9, 
including some bare-wire proposals for 
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Portrs. 7969.86 

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An introduction to the study of central sta- 
tion electricity supply. London, 1899. Illus. 
[Specialists' series.] 3969.196 



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Tltt fundamental laws of electrolytic conduc- 
tion. Memoirs by Faraday, Hittorf and F. 
Kohlransch. N. Y., 1899. Illus. 3964.16a 
Hinnen, J. ^sher-. 

Condnnoos-current d3mimos m theory and 
practice. London, 1899. Illus. Charts. 


Flame, electricity and the camera. N. Y., 
1900. nius. Portrs. Pis. 3963-157 

Jehl. Francis. 

The manufacture of carbons for electric 
lighting and other purposes. London. 
[i899l] IBus. ["Electrician" series.] 

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TOe Unitat des absoluten Maass-Systems in 
Being auf magnetische und elektrische 
Grossen, Budapest, 1899. 52 pp. = 


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Das Leitvermogen dcr Elektrolyte irbcson- 

dere der Losungen. Leipzig, 1898. Illus. 

Leat Henry Meredith. 
The internal wiring of buildings. West- 
minster. 1899. nius. 3965.170 

Mncock, W. Perren. 

uectric wiring, fittings, switches, & lamps. 

London, 1899. Illus. 3969.220 

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Generatoren, Motor und Steuerapparate fur 

elektrisch betriebene Hebe- und Transport- 

maschinen. Unter Mitwirkung von Inge- 

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hterson, G. W. Lummis-. 

The management of dynamos. 2d edition. 

London. 1900. Ulus. 3967.180 

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Expcrimcn telle und theoretische Untersuch- 

ung uber das Selbstpotential. Leipzig, 

18^ 45 pp. = 3964.153 

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The study of elementary electricity and mag- 
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Electric motive power. 2d edition. Lon- 
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Stnrtevant, Benjamin F., co. 
Slustrated catalogue of the Sturtevant en- 
gines for electric light plants. [2d edition.] 
Boston. [1899.] 45 PP. = 8031.18 
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PoljTphase electric currents and alternate- 
current motors. 2d edition. N. Y., 1900. 

nius. 3964.157 

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Die Elektrizitat: ihre Erzeugung und ihre 

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Auflage. Leipzig, 1899. Illus. 3962.164 

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The electric automobile. Chicago, 1900. Pis. 


Machinery. Engines. 

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Lnbrication and lubricants. London, 1900. 

nitis. 8016.73 

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Kinematics of machinery. N. Y., 1899. 
Illus. 4014.69 

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Marine boilers : their construction and work- 
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boilers. Translated and edited by L. S. 
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Boulvin, J. 
The entropy diagram and its applications. 
Translated from the 'Revue de m^canique' 
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Hydraulic rams: their principles and con- 
struction. London, 1900. 84 pp. Illus. 

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Aids to engineers' examinations. Prepared 
for applicants of all grades, with ques- 
tions and answers. A summary of steam 
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Gas, gasoline and oil vapor engines. 3d edi- 
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Mechanical movements, powers, devices and 
appliances used in constructive and opera- 
tive machinery and the mechanical arts. 
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1900. = *8o3oa.63 

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Steam-boiler practice in its relation to fuels 

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12. [N. Y., 1899.] Illus. *JOioa.278 

Current numbers are kept in the Periodical 
Room, drawer 1068. 

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Washington, 1899. Diagrams. = *795978 
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Illus. 3865.89 

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Plans. = *786i.33 

Railroads. Canals. Roads. Locomotion. 

See also above nnder subdivisions Electricity 
and Machinery. 

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Current numbers are icept in the Periodical 
Room, drawer 392. 

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Yesterday and today. A history. Chicago, 

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Map. = • *7658i79 

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April 14, 1900. N. Y., 1899, 1900. 

N.R. i02i=*4Oi 1.939 

The volume for 1899 was numbered Vol. i, tnrt 
in xgoo this publication took the yolume number 

of the monthly Street Railway Journal [*40xx JQ7I. 
issues for Jan. 6, Feb. 3, Mardi 
These dates were cover 

monthly ' issue. 

There were no issues for Jan. 6, Feb. 3. 

3, and April 7. These dates were covered by Ae 

Worcester, Mass. Commission on abolition cf 
grade crossings. 
Report, March, 1899. Worcester, 1809. 63 
pp. = ^11.79 

Manufactures. Mechanic Trades. 

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Ueber ktinstliche Kaltecrzeugung und Kaltc- 
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Old clocks and watches and their makers. 
Added a list of eight thousand makers. 
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4016. 1 10 : 

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The record of fireprooted wood. 2d cdi- i 
tion. N. Y., 1900. Pis. = 4019.13s ] 

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Moderne Ziertormen ftir Textil -Industrie. 
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Extracts from the proceedings of the asso- 
ciation, on roller ginning and the testing 
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8012. I79. 
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Shellac: a trip to India. [N. Y., 1899?] 15 
pp. = 803&68 



^^orthampt01l cutlery company. 
niostrated catalogue of table cutlery, 1899. 
[N. Y. iBgo-] = 8o3oa.54 

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Principles and practice of artificial ice-mak- 
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schools and for home study. Giarlotte, 
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Woodworking for beginners. N. Y., 1900. 
Ulns. 4018. 1 12 

Military and Naval Art, Science and 


Autooobilisme, U, au point de vue militaire. 
Paris, 1899. 43 pp. Illus. 8017.216 

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The United States naval academy. Being 
the yam of the American midshipman 
(naval cadet), showing his liie in the old 
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1900. lUus. Portrs. Plan. 3952.160 

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fitat sommaire des archives de la marine 
ant^rieures i la Revolution. Paris, 1898. 

= 5952.47 

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tillery. United States Volunteers, in the 
Spanish-American War of 1898 . . . Bos- 
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Sicherheits- und Rettun^swesen auf See. 

Mit einem Anhang: Gesetzliche Bestim- 

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Die Ausgaben fiir Flotte und Landheer und 

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5959a. 124 


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An account of the German navy in the torm wl 
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♦2502. 1 17. 14 
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1899. Illus. Portrs. 3953-148 



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at Harrow, in the Rojral navy, and in the 

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Pis. ^sn-^s 

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Things I have seen in war. London, 1899. 
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Vive I'arm^! Paris. [1898.] 26i9a.i52 

Cmlled forth by th« Dreyfus case, though not 
dealing directbr with it. 

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Aids to scouting for N.- C Os & men. Lon- 
don. '1899.] 5959a. 120 
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United States. 
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The autumn maneuvers of 1898. Austria- 
Hungary, France, Germany. Great Brit- 
ain, Ru.Hsia, and Switzerland. Wash- 
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KxtrMCtM from the new drill regulations of 
the KuMsian cavalry . . . translated by 
mt Lieut. L. C. Scoerer, Washington, 
l8g8. lUuH. = 5951S4 
Bureau of nuvigation. 
Mftnual for i)f ticcrs serving on board L. S. 
cruiiiing training ships. Washington, 

iHoo. 76 pp. =„ , 5959.118 

ImyifOtor grut*ral. War department 
AnnuMl r<?pc>rt. 1899. Washington, 1899. 
I*U. " *5956.90 

Major-general commanding the army. 
Annual re^rt to the Secretary of 
1898, [with sopplementl. Washin 
1898. Pis. M^qps. Plans. = ^4420 

The report for i8gB covers the operations < 
army duruic the .Spanish- American war of 

Marine corps. 
Annual report of the Brigadier-gei 
commandant of the United States m 
corps, to the Secretary of the navy. 
Washington, 1899. = 39 

Navy department 
Annual report of the operations of 
Naval militia. 1899. Washington, 189 

Bureau of construction and repair. 

Annual report for the year ending 

50, 1899. Washington, 1899. = 

Quartermaster general. 

Regulations and decisions pertainin] 

the uniform of the army. 3d edi 

1899. Washington, 1899. 48 pp. 

Treasury department Division of rev 
cutter service. 
The United States revenue cutter se: 
in the war with Spain, 1898. Wasl 
ton, 1899. 49 PP- = 4420i 

War department 
Annual report of . . . Department oi 
Colorado. 1899. [Denver? 1899. J 

Rmilations for the army of the Ui 

States, 1895. With appendix, sho 

changes to January i, 1899. Wasl 

ton, 1899. = ♦Ca 

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Our country's defensive forces in war 

peace. The army, by Arthur L. Wa^ 

The navy, by J. D. Jerrold K« 

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History of the Liverpool privateers and 
ters of marque. With an account ol 
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similes. 395: 

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Our navy for a thousand years. Loo 

1899. Pis. 6s 

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Causes des succes et des revers dan 
guerre de 187a Essai de critique d 
guerre franco-allemande jusqu*a la 
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Capitaine Thiry, d*apres la version 
mande (2e edition). Paris, 1899, i 
2 V. and atlas. 46s 

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The 95th (the Derbyshire) regiment in 
Crimea. London, 1899. Portr. Mapi 

Wyndham, Horace. 

The Queen's service: or the real "To 

Atkins." Boston, 1899. Pis. 65 



Amusements. Games. 


Out-Door Sports. Athletics. 
Physical Education. 

BcmrH C. 
La bicydette: sa construction et sa forme. 
Paris, 1899. nius. 4013.87 

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Christopherson and K L. Clapnam. La- 
crosse, by R T. Sachs. London, 1897. 
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[Constitution, rules and list of members.] 
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= *4009a.232 

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How to swim. N. Y., 1899. ^Uus. Portrs. 

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On the outside edge : being diversions in the 
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PL 4009.254 

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Tlie modern safety bicycle. London, 1899. 
Dins. 8019a. 178 

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"W. G." Cricketing reminiscences. Lon- 
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(Nauheim) movements. London, 1899. 
nius. 5806.63 

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Healthy exercise. N. Y., 1900. Pis. 


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The Swedish system of physical education. 
2d edition. Bristol, 1899. 79 PP- ^Hus. 

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Memories oi Eton and Etonians. Indudmg 
my life U Eton, 1854-1863, and some remi- 
niscences of subsequent cricket, 1864- 1874. 
London, 1899. Illus. Portrs. 4006.166 
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Our lady 01 the green. (A book oi ladies' 
golf.) London, 1899. 4009.250 

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Official handbook of the departmental com- 
mittee for figm-e skating. 1897, 98. Lon- 
don, 1807, 98. = *40O9.246 
Rules and constitution. [London, 1897. J 19 
pp. = ♦4009.245 

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The climbs of Norman-Neruda. Edited, and 

with an account of his last climb, by May 

Norman-Neruda. London, 1899. Portrs. 

Pis. 4004.154 

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Athletics and games of the ancient Greeks. 

Cambridge, 1898. 4004.131 

Practical cyde repairing. London, 1899. 76 

np. Illus. [Ironmongery technical series.] 

8019a. 180 
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R. I. 
Souvenir dub book. [Providence.] 1899. 
Portrs. Pis. *4003.I33 

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Guerrita, su tiempo y su retirada. Madrid, 
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A manual of coaching. Phila., 1900. Illus. 


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Guide to horsemanship and horse training. 
Edited by J. Graham. London, 1899. 

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Physical training* in New England schools. 
Cambridge, Mass., i&)9. 15 pp. 4008.92 
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Reminiscences of the course, the camp, the 
chase. London, 1898. 4006.168 

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Kites: how to make and how to fly them. 

,„. Boston. [1897] 43 PP. Ulus. = 596776 

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1899. Illus. 5806.65 

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Figure-skating. London, 1898. Illus. 

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Combined figure skating. London, 1899. 

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From the Alps to the Andes: being the 
autobiography of a mountain guide. 
[Translated by Maiy Alice Vialls.] Lon- 
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Hunting. Fishing. Boating. 

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The big game of Baltistan and Ladakh. A 
summer in high Asia: being a record of 
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London, 1899. Illus. Map. 4003.131 

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Pink and scarlet : or hunting as a school for 
soldiering. London, 1900. Illus. 4003.139 
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Stories of lake, field and forest. Rambles of 
a sportsman-naturalist. South Braintree, 
Mass., 1899. Pis. 4005.152 

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Fox hunting: a treatise by the Right Hon. 
the Earl of Kilreynard [pseud.]. London, 
1899. 32 pp. Pis. 4001.142 

A humorous publication. 

Bryden, Henry Anderson, editor. 
Great and small game of Africa. London, 
1899. Illus. *4000.i09 



irlcton, L. T. 

Digest of the inland fish and game laws of 
the state of Maine. [Augusta, 1899.] 48 

pp. . _ 3669.78 

rey, Sir Edward, baronet. 
Fly fishing. London, 1809. Illus. 4005.154 
•ohman. William A. BaMie-. 
Fifteen years' sport and life in the hunting 

grounds of western America and British 
olumbia. London, 1900. Illus. Maps. 

. ^ ^ 4001.144 

irby, Frederick Vaiighan. 

Sport in east Central Africa. London, 1899. 

_ - 4001.140 

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Familiar fish: their habits and capture. A 

Practical book on fresh water game fish. 

N:Y.»I900. Illus. 4005.169 

ichell, Edward Blair. 
The art and practice of hawking. London, 

IQOO. Pis. 4007.23 

ske. Charles Thomas, and Frederick G. Al- 

The sea and the rod : the habitat and pecu- 
iianties of the British sea-fish that are to 
5c taken with rod and line. London. [1899.] 

* IcV A. ^"^ 

Somaliland: being an account 01 two expedi- 
tions into the far interior, together with a 
complete list of every animal and bird, 
^J}d a list of the reptiles. London, 1900. 
Alius. Portr. 4002.173 

Dtocki, J62ef. 

Notatki mysliwskie 2 Afryki. Somali 
Warszawa, 1897. Illus. Portr. Pis. Map. 

ijssell, Charles Edward Mackintosh. 

Bullet and shot in Indian forest, plain and 
hill. With hints to beginners m Indian 
shooting. London, 1900. PI. 4003.137 

tiafter, L. A. 

The cup races. N. Y. [1899.] 16 pis. 


There is no text except brief explanatory notes. 

herwood, William Edward. 
Oxford rowing. Oxford, 1900. Pis. 4008.215 
later, John Herbert. 

Illustrated sporting books . . . London, 
1899. *2i7i.83 

mith, Sir Henry, K. C. B. 
Retrievers, and how to break them. Edin- 
burgh, 1899. 6oo9b.22 
tephens, William Picard. 
Supplement to "Small yachts." Containing 
examples of yachts and small craft built 
in America and England between 1890 and 
1896. With working drawings. N. Y., 
1896. Illus. *3950.78 
*hompson, Ernest Seton-. 
The trail of the Sandhill stag. And 60 
drawings. N. Y., 1899. 93 pp. 4005.163 
Vatson. John, F. L. S. 
The English Lake District fisheries. Lon- 
don, 1899. Pis. [Angler's library.] 


In-Door Amusements. 

teaman, Arden George Hulme-. 
Pons asinorum; or, bridge foe beginners. 
Short treatise on the new game of bridge. 
London, 1899. 4009a.2i4 

Blackbume, Joseph Henry. 
Games at chess selected, annotated and ar- 
ranged by himself. Edited, with a bio- 
graphical sketch and a brief histonr ei 
blindfold chess by P. A. Graham. N. Y^ 
1899. Illus. Portr. 6005.107 

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How to olay chess. New edition. London. 
1899. 88 pp. 600&10B 

The modem chess primer. London, t9gg, 
Illus. 6006.106 

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Intellectual whist. Conversations, discusskms, 
and anecdotes. London, 1899. 4009>.ao4 
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Bridge and how to play it 2d edition. Lon- 
don, 1899. 74 pp. 4009^.2x6 
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Foster's common sense leads and how to 
learn them. [Whist.] N. Y. [1898.] 30 
pp. Illus. 4009a. 19B 
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The games of Greco. Translated and edited 
by Professor Hoffmann fpseud. of A. T. 
Lewis]. With a bibliography by J. A. 
Leon. London, 1900. Illus. 6008.112 
Hemming, George Wirgman. 
Billiards mathematically treated. London, 
1899. 45 pp. Diagrams. 4001.75 
Lewis, Angelo John. 
Dominoes, by Professor Hoffmann [pseud.] ; 
and Draughts, by R. McCtdloch. London. 
1899. Illus. 4009a.3 
Mainwaring, Arthur. 
Cut Cavendish; or whist in a few whiffs. 
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64 pp. 4009a.200 
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In English. 

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The "north countiV* is the farm Und of St. Law- 
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pi. 57- 1 18 

£arly Nineteenth century. Opens in Scotland, 
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Borderlands of New Hampshire and Masaachu- 
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England, second half of Eighteenth century. 

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Lancashire, England, early Nineteenth century. 

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The Morgan raid of 1863. 

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Translated by Myrta L. Jones. Be 
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Chicago, 1898. Pis. = 440 

A story of an imaginary city in Central As 
habited by descendants of the ancient Gree 

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Real pictures of clerical life in Ireland 
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This work, partly fictitious, relates the c 
ences of a clergyman of the Church of Irelj 

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Pis. 5 

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A strange discovery. N. Y., 1899. 5 



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.^ 57.80 

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-, , 54-109 

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T. f^lh ^' ^'' ^900. 57.135 

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Spanish-American war, 1898. 

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rowed from Spenser & Malory. Illvstrated 
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r^ , ^ ^ 2579.164 

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Mississippi and its interesting family of 

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.. w.^aiii 01 a throne. The story of a Mexi- 
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Gotham, his adventures in the Spanish war, 
together with his minor exploits. Boston, 

1900. 4404-155 

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Illus. 77.230 
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N. Y., 1896. 68.62 
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59 pp. Portrs. '"2409.174 
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, [1899.] 77.151 

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Christmas in French Canada. N. Y., 1899. 
Illus. 4395.40 

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Poor people. Boston, 1900. 68.121 


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Four little mischiefs. London. [1900.] Pis. 

The squire's granddaughter. N. Y. [1900.] 


The walking trees and other tales. Dublin, 

1897. 77.229 



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Wolfs head. A story of the prince of out- 
laws. N. Y., 1899. 57.94 
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The parsonage porch.. Boston, 1900. 68.144 
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The crown of life. N. Y., 1899. 5775 

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Dan Drummond of the Drummonds. By 
Gulidma Zollinger (W. Z. Gladwin). Bos- 
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The widow O'Callaghan's boys. By Guli- 
elma Zollinger [pseud.]. Chicago, 1899. 
Illus. = 4409a.238 
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The voice of the peopie. N. Y., 1900. 


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The Christmas stocking and other stories. 

London. [1899.] Illus. 77.160 

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stories collected out of English romantic 

literature in illustration of the reigns of 

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Black Rock : a tale of the Selkirks. N. Y., 

1899. 68.102 
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Unleavened bread. N. Y., 1900. 68.140 

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Haggard, Edward Arthur, Captain. (Arthur 


Comrades in arms. A military romance. [2d 

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Doctor Theme. N. Y., 1898. 5769 

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The brick moon and other stories. Boston. 
1899. PI. [Works. Vol. 4-] *4402.i67 
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PI. [Works. Vol. 5] *4402.i68 

Ten times one is ten, and other stories. Bos- 
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Catherine Duval. Sketches of Paris life. 
From the French, by Mary K. Ford. Bos- 
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Half a hundred stories for the little pe )ple. By 
nearly half a hundred writers. Spring- 
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The boys of Scrooby. Boston, 1899. 77.184 

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We win. The life and adventures ot a young 
railroader. N. Y., 1899. 77>I77 

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The valley of the great shadow. Chicago^ 
1900. 6&134 

Hamp, Sidford F. 
The treasure of Mushroom rock. A story of 
prospecting in the Rocky mountains. N. Y.» 
1899. Pis. 77*»9 

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Jude the obscure. N. Y.,. 1898. Pis. ♦457^175 
Harland, Henrv. 
The Cardinal's snuff-box. London, 190a 

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The chronicles of Aunt Minervy Ann. N. Y., 
1899. Pis. 68.7» 

Plantation pageants. Boston, 1899. 77-I9B 
The story of Aaron (so named), the son of 
Ben AH. Told by his friends and aoquain- 
Unces. Illus. by Oliver Herford. Boston, 
1896. Pis. A.3842 

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The circle of a century. N. Y., 1899. 68.8a 
A triple entanglement Phfla., 1899. 68.26 
Harte, Francis Bret 
From sand hills to pine. Boston, 1900. 


Mr. Jack Hamlin's mediation, and other 

stories. Boston, 1899. 68.89 

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For the queen in South Africa, Boston, 190a 

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Captain Dieppe. N. V., 1900. 5Z:'^ 

The king's mirror. By Anthony Hope 
[pseud.]. N. Y., 1899. 57.74 

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A fighter in green. A tale of Algeria. Lon- 
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Henty, George Alfred. 
The lost heir. N. Y. [1900?] $7.1" 
No surrender! A tale of the rismg m La 
Vendue. N. Y., 1899. 77-176 
A roving commission : or, through the black 
insurrection at Hayti. N. Y., 1899. 77-Vfi 
Won by the sword. A tale of the Thirty 
years*^ war. N. Y., 1899. 77-179 
Hewlett, Maurice. 
Little novels of luly. N. Y.. 1899. 4S76.I77 

Contents. — Madonna of the peach'tree. — Ip- 
poliu in the hills. — The Ducheaa of Nona. — 
Messer Cino and the live coaL — The judsmcnt 

of Borso. 
Hinkson, Katharine Tynan. 
The dear Irish girl. Chicago, 18^9. 57-84 
Oh, what a plague is love! Chicago, 190a 


She walks in beauty. Chicago, 1900. 57.>oo 

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edition. London, 1896. 2577.189 

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The boss of Taroomba. N. Y., 1900. 57.108 
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The girl at the Halfway House. A story 

of the Plains. 68.166 

A story of the westward movement after the Civil 

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Dionysius the weaver's Heart's dearest 
N. Y., 1899. 68.70 



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The undoing of John Brewster. N. Y., 1899. 


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Their silver wedding journey. N. Y., 1899. 

2 ▼. Illus. 4407-^9 

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Barbara's heritage: or, young Americans 

among the old masters. Boston. [1899.] 

Hume, Fergus. 
Bishop Pendle: or, the Bishop's secret 
Chicago. J 1900.] 57143 

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Eq route. Translated from the French with 
a prefatory note hr C. Kegan Paul. 3d 
edition. London, 1897. 26792.222 

hunan, Henry. 
The Delahoydes. Boy life on the old Santa 
F^ trail. Topeka, 1899. Pis. 4409a.268 
A pioneer from Kentucky. An idyl of the 
Raton Ran^^e. Topeka, 1898. 4409a.270 

A Vary of Dick Curtis* the Kentucky hunter. 

Ireland, Howard. 
A Kreen mariner. A landsman's account of 
a deep-sea voyage. Phila., 1900. Pis. 

ladcson, Gabrielle E. 
Denise and Ned Toodles. N. Y., 1898. Pis. 

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A master of craft. N. Y. [1900.] $7-^^ 
laofier, Thomas Allibone. 
Tbe passing of Thomas. N. Y., 1900. Illus. 

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Midcey Finn idylls. With an introduction 

rbr C. A. Dana. N. Y., 1899. 68.99 

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Three men on wheels. N. Y., 1900. Illus. 
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Betty Leicester's dristmas. Boston, 1899. 

Pis. 77.155 

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To have and to hold. Boston, 1900. 68.107 

Virinnu^ 17th century. 

J6kai, M6r. 
The baron's sons. A romance of the Hun- 
garian revolution of 1848. Boston, 1900. 
Portr. 1026.13 

The poor plutocrats. Translated from the 
Hunflrarian by R. Nisbet Bain. N. Y.. 

1899. 2878.157 

Pretty Michal. Translated from the ist 

Hungarian edition by R. N. Bain. Boston, 

1899. Portr. 2878.155 

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The book of Knight and Barbara. Being a 

series of stories told to children. Corrected 

and illustrated by the children. N. Y., 1899. 

Illus. 4407.247 

Kaler, James Otis. 
The boys of '98. By James Otis [pseud.]. 

Boston. [1898.] rortrs. Pis. 442oa.98 
Christmas at Deacon Hackett's. A sequel to 

How Tommy saved the bam. By James 

Otis rpseud]. N. Y. [1809.] 77-149 

The life savers. A story of the. United States 

life-saving service. N. Y., 1899. 77.182 

King, Harriet Eleanor Hamilton. 
Ugo Bassi's Sermon in the hospital. N. Y., 
1886. 29 pp. = 4399-167 

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Child stories. Being a collection of stories 
of child life for both old and young. 
N. Y., 1899. Illus. Portr. 4573.160 

Stalky and co. N. Y., 1899. Pis. 57.71 

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Dorothy and her friends. Boston, 1899. 

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The forestman of Vimpek ... A Bohemian 
Forest village story. Boston. [1900.] 

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A young savage. Boston, 1899. 77- 185 

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Invisible links. Translated from the Swe- 
dish ... by Pauline B. Flach. Boston, 
1899. 1027.17 

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Mrs. Leicester's school. Illustrated by Wini- 
fred Green. London. [1899.] *2573.i4i 
Lamothe, Alexandre Bessot de. 
The outlaw of Camargue. Translated by 

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A tale of the French Revolution. 

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A pirate of the Caribbees. London. [1900?] 


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Mr. Billv Buttons. 2d edition. N. Y., 1896. 

= 4409a.254 

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The gentleman pensioner. A romance of the 

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£ngland, reign of Elizabeth. 

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meals for a dollar." 

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Cfriflrinally published in a paper for boys, under 
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the title of "Philip Berkel 

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pp. No. 2 in ♦30^174 

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« ^ 77.^58 

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1898. 68.69 

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= 4407.236 

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Tifiiijiificc, . 
Le connmand ant Mardocfaee. Paris, iSgfi. 

669a 175 

A ftory Skfagtmmg ^be hit ci tbe Jews is the 
Freodi army, i pcopos of the Dfcyfos affair. 

Le Qnerdec, Yres. 

Lettres d'lm ciir6 de caiiq»siie. Paris, i8g6. 

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fi899-] 2677225 

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1x899.] ^PP* 4896.50.407 


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Oberst Belares und drd andei 
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Familiengeschichte. Leipzij 

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Zwei Manner. Roman. Bie 

Brosb^, Johann Carl Christian 

Vendetta. Eine Erzihlung ai 

Carit Etlar [Pseud.]. Ul 

dem Danischen von Mathild 

rig. [1899.] 
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Geheime Geschichten und ra 
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Berlin. [1900.] 
Fedem, Carl. 

Zwei Novellen. Berlin, 1899. 
Goldegg. Itha Maria von und zu 
Was ist die Liebe? Novelle. 
Grau. Josephine. 
Das Lob des Kreuzes. Eine 
Hofgeschichte aus der I 
Koln a. Rhein. [1809?] 

The scene is laid in German]; 

Gross, Ferdinand. 
Reiselatein. Elf Liigen. L< 

87 pp. 
Hans Jakob, Heinrich. 

Der Leutnant von Hasle. I 
aus dem dreissigjahrigen K 
lage. Heidelberg. 1900. 

Schneeballen. Reihe 3. Sch 
Bodensee. 3. Auflage. H« 

Hauptmann, Gerhart Johann R 

Bahnwarter Thiel. Der Aoo 

tische Studien. 6. Auflage 

Henschel, Anna. 
Echo der Seelc. Novellen. 




ende des Jahrhunderts (178^ 
Dman. Dresden, 1899. 2 v. in 

Jrenkenhoff, Nataly Auguste 
■iermine von. 

ntstante. Roman von Nataly 

struth. 5. Auflage. Leipzig. 

V. 2876.156 

Der Hassliche. Zwei Erzahl- 
cipzig. [1899.] 83 pp. 


Tubus. Erzahlung. Leipzig. 
5 pp. 4896.50.401 


ig. Roman. Autorisierte t)ber- 
js dem Schwedischen von Ma- 
in. Teil I, 2. Leipzig. [1899.] 


Einzig autorisierte "Obersetzung 
iette Devide. Leipzig. [1899.] 
No. 4 in 4896.50.400 

thatige Regenschirm. Eine Er- 
.us dem Ungarischen iibertragen 
Kalman. Leipzig. [1899.] 


:he Novel len. Nach dem Fran- 
von S. Lederer. Leipzig. [1899.! 

J Geschichten. Dresden. 1899. 

antchenko. Vasili Ivanovitch. 
rde. Das Gluck des Iwan Habs- 
Zwei Erzahlungen. Autori- 
?rsetzung aus dem Russischen 
Sthgen. Leipzig. [1899.I 


tha. Eine antike Erzahlung. 

[1899.] 6897.202 
-i Kettenfeier. 

und Gestalten aus den Alpen. 

[1899.] 4896.50.406 

on Bingenheim. Oberhessischer 
in aus den Zeiten der Hexen- 
VTit Benutzung der vorhandenen 
:ten (16^2-1666). Lauterbach 
en), 1898. 6897.265 


schichten. Leipzig. [1899.] 92 


lof. Eine bauerliche Liebes- und 
schichte aus dem Hildesheimi- 
;ipzig, 1898. 6897.261 

>bcrt Louis, and Lloyd Osbourne. 

Autorisierte Bearbeitung von 
tscher. Leipzig. [1899.] 

No. I in 4896.50.399 
ipzig. [1899.1 

No. 3 in 4806.50.398 

Brigitta. Zwei Erzahlungen. 
;i899.] No. 2 in 4806.50.398 

aid. Leipzig. [1899.] 

No. I in 4806.50. 398 

Strindberg, Johan August. 

Nach Damaskus. Dresden, 1899. 6899a. 117 
Suttner. Bertha Felicie Sofie, Baronin von. 
Daniela Dormes. Roman. 2. Auflage. 
Dresden, 1900. 2876.151 

Ein schlechter Mensch. Roman. 2. Auflage. 
Dresden, 1900. 2876.152 

Tolstoi, Lyef Nikolaevitch, count. 
Aufcrstehung. Roman. Aus dem Russischen 
tibersetzt von Mar'e von Pezold. Leipzig. 
[1900.] 2 V. 4896.50.410,411 

Viola, Max. 
Dr. Gutmann. Roman. Breslau, 1900. 

Volkmann, Richard. 
Traumereien an franzosischen Kaminen. 
Marchen. 24. Auflage. Leipzig, 1897. 

Voss, Richard. 
Bergasyl. Eine Berchtesgadener Erzahlung. 
3. Auflage. Stuttgart, 1898. 6897.182 

Wichner, Josef. 
Jahresringe. Novellen und Erzahlungen. 
Wien. 1899. 6897.253 

Wilbrandt, Adolf. 
Erika. Das Kind. Erzahlungen. 3. Auf- 
lage. Stuttgart, 1900. 6iB97.245 
Zobeltitz, Carl Maria Fedor von. 
Aus tiefem Schacht. 3. Auflage. Stuttgart, 
1899. 6897.187 
Der gemordete Wald. Ein Bauernroman 
aus der Mark. 2. Auflage. Stuttgart, 



In Italian. 

Albertazzi, Adolfo. 
L*Ave. Romanzo. Bologna, 1896. 2779.9s 

Annunzio, Gabriele d*. 
II fuoco. Milano, 1900. 2779a. 94 

I romanzi della rosa. II piacere. Milano, 

1898. 2799b. 19 
Arbib, Edoardo. 

Mogli oneste. Milano. [1897.] 2 v. 

Barrili, Anton Giulio. 
Raggio di Dio. Romanzo. Milan, 1899. 

2779a. lOI 
Castelnuovo, Enrico. 
I coniugi Varedo. Romanzo. Milano, 1899. 

2799b. 133 
Manzoni, Alessandro Francesco Tommaso An- 
I promessi sposi: storia milanese del secolo 
XVII. Edizione illustrata da Gaetano Pre- 
viati. Curata nel testo da Alfonso Cer- 
quetti. Preceduta da cenni biografici di 
Luca Beltrami. Milano, 1900. Portr. 


Radius, Anna. 

Teresa. Romanzo [dil Neera [pseud. J, con 

disegni di G. Buffa ... 5a edizione. 

Milano, 1897. 2777.27 

Rossi, Giuseppe de*. 

Sant' Elena. Scene della vita i'oggi. Roma, 

1899. 2799b.2s6 

In Plattdeutsch. 

Bandlow, Heinrich. 

Naturdokter Stremel. 'ne Fursten- un 

Borgergeschichte ut Pommern. Leipzig. 

[1899.] 4896.50.398 



In Polish. 

Orkan, Whidysiaw, pseud. 
Nowelle, z przedmowa Kazimierza Tetma- 
jera. Warszawa, 1898. ^366,207 

In Russian. 

Fcdorov, A. M. 

GreiiL cKaBaiacL. VouBWb. Oh6., 1900. 

Potapenko, Ignati Nikolaevitch. 

Bcrpft^a. Vonnwh, MocKBa, 1900. 3067.145 

Tolstoi, Lyef Nikolaevitch, count 

BocspeceHie. fousoph, Cn6. [1899.] 3068.180 

The French translation is on shelf-no. 3068.178, the 
English, on 3068.179. 

In Spanish. 

Balmaseda, Francisco Javier. 
Gementina, novela politica. Quince afiios 
despues, continuacion de este novela, por 
el mismo autor. Cartagena de Indias, 
1896. 97. 2 V. in I. = 4398.38 

Isaacs, Jorge. 
Maria. Pr61ogo de J. M. de Pereda. Ma- 
drid, 1899. [Sud- America. Joyas literarias.] 

L6pez Arrojo, Sebastian. 
& orgulloso vago Don Quijote de la M&- 
quina. (Aventuras de un cidero.) Pri- 
mera edicion, con grabados y con una car- 
tilla m^dico-velocip^dica escrita por L. L. 
Arroio. [Madrid, 1899.] 3097.i54 

Macias Picavea, Ricardo. 
La Tierra de Campos. ' Novela original. 
Madrid. 1897, 98. 2 v. 3099a. 189 

Palacio Vald^s, Armando. 
La aJegria del Capitin Ribot. Novela de cos- 
tumbres. Madrid, 1899. 3098.189 

Pardo, Miguel Eduardo. 
Todo un pueblo. Novela. Madrid, 1899. 

P^rez Gald6s, Benito. 
La campafia del Maestrazgo. Madrid, 1890. 
[Episodios nacionales. 3a serie.1 3099.104 
De Ofiate & la Granja. Madrid 1898. [Epi- 
sodios nacionales. 3a serie.] 3099.189 
La estafeta rom4ntica. Madrid, 1899. [Epi- 
sodios nacionales. 3a serie.] 3099- 1^7 
Valera, Juan. 
Mors amor. Peregrinaciones heroicas, y 
lances de amor y fortuna de Miguel de 
Zuheros y Tiburcio de Simahonda. Madrid, 
1899. 3099a. 122 

Children's Room. 

Books added during recent Months. 

Adventures of Little Snowdrop and other sto- 
ries. Boston, 1885. 77.227 
Avery, Harold. 
The dormitory flag. London, 1899. Pis. 


Mobsley's Mohicans. A tale of t* 
N. Y.. 1900. Pis. 
Badenoch, L. N. 
Romance of the insect world. N. 
Barbour, Ralph Henry. 
The half-back. A story of school 
and golf. N. Y., 1899. 
Black, Alexander. 
Captain Kodak. A camera story. 

Blaisdell. Albert F. 

Stories from English history. Bosi 


Blanchard. Amy Ella. 

A Revolutionary maid. Boston. | 

Brereton, Frederick Sadleir. 

With shield and assegai. A tal 
Ztilu war. London, 1900. Pis. 
Brooks, Elbridge Streeter. 

Historic Americans. N. Y. [1899 

The true story of Lafayette, c 
friend of America. Boston. [189 
Browne, G. Waldo. 

The woodranger. Boston, 1899. 
Butterworth, Hezekiah. 
The treasure ship. A tale of : 
Phipps. the regicides, and the int* 
period in Massachusetts. N. Y., 

Caine, O. V. 
Face to face with Napoleon. An 
boy's adventures in the great Fr< 
Boston. Pis. 
Carpenter, Frank G. 
South America. N. Y. [1899] [C 
geographical readers.] 
Carroll, Stella W., and Harriet L. Jei 
Boys and girls of the Philippines ar 
the world. Boston. 1899. 
Channing, Edward. 
A short history of the United S 
school use. N. Y., iqoo. Illus. 
Chapman. Frank Michler. 
Bird studies with a camera. N. 
Cheever, Harriet A. 
Little Miss Boston. Boston. [1890 
The strange adventures of Billy Ti 
ton. [1898.] Illus. 
Conscience, Hendrik. 
The lion of Flanders. Translated 
Flemish. Baltimore. N. d. 
Coombe, Florence. 
Her friend and mine. A story of 
ters. London, 1899. IPs. 
Coursen, Frances Bell. 
What the dragon fly told the 
Boston. [1896.] Ilius. 

Cragin, Belle S. 

Our insect friends and foes. N. 
Cram, William Everett. 

Little beasts of field and wood. 

1899. Pis- 
Darling, Mary G. 
We four giris. Boston. 1899. Ulu 



Aries Fletcher. 

merican citizeiiL Boston, 1898. 4328.123 

oong citizen. Boston, 1899. Ulus. 

ay, Russell, 
•ranch to college. N. Y. [1899.I lUus. 

V 245.1 
t, William. 

Standish of the St Louis. A story of 
naval campaign in Cuban waters, 
•on. [1899.] ^Is. 77.206 

illu, Paul Belloni. 
ind of the long night. N. Y., 1899. 

•arah T. 

Is and helpers. Boston, 1899. 3889.26 
Iward Sylvester. 

r and other naval commanders. N. Y. 
9.] Portrs. Pis. Y 260.11 

on, Margaret Vere. 
of King Arthur and his knights of the 
nd Table. N. Y., 1899. 77.173 

G. E. 

ttle Panjandrum's Dodo. N. Y., 1899. 

, William Zachary. 
)rummond of the Drummonds. Boston. 
7] Pis. Y.342.2 

aroline S. 
t, a fairy story. Boston. [1857.] 

Y 369.1 

oys of Scrooby. Boston, 1899. 77.1^ 

Sidford F. 

reasure of mushroom rock. N. Y., 

. Illus. 77.209 

foel Chandler. 

tion pageants. Boston, 1900. Illus. 


1, Jane Mary. 

notes. Edited by Emma Hubbard. 

don, 1895. Illus. 3907.79 

Seorgc Alfred. 

arrender! A tale of the rising in 

Vendee. N. Y., 1899. 77-176 

ing commission : or, through the black 

rrection at Hajrti. N. Y., 1899. 77.178 

by the sword. A tale of the Thirty 

s' war. N. Y., 1899. 77.179 

Edward S. 

s of the great astronomers. N. Y., 
\. Illus. Portrs. 3929.129 

eristhe L. 

ra's heritage; or, young Americans 
»ng the old Italian masters. Boston. 
)9n IHus. 68.106 

Lstelle May. 

Francois Millet. Boston. [iQoo.] 
tr. [Riverside art series.] 4078.132 
lel. Boston, 1899. 4078.133 

fames Otis. 

life savers. A story of the United 
tes life-saving service. By James Otis 
md.]. N. Y., 1899. 77.182 

lien Olncy. 
hy and her friends. Boston, 1899. Pis. 


s adventures of Ulysses. Introduction 
\ndrew Lang. London. Y 497.2 

Long, William T. 

Ways of woodfolk. Boston, 1899. 3818.100 
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth. 
The courtship of Miles Standish. Arranged 
in seven scenes for parlor theatricals and 
school exhibitions. Boston. [i8$h?] Pis. 
[Riverside literature series.] 2399a.82 

Evangeline. A tale of Acadie. With a bio- 
graphical sketch, introduction and notes 
by H. E. Scudder. And a sketch of Long- 
fellow's home life by Alice M. Lon^ellow. 
Boston. [1896.] Portr. Pis. [Riverside 
literature series.] 23998.84 

The song of Hiawatha. With notes, and a 
vocabulary. Boston. [1898.] Pis. [River- 
side literature series.] 23998.86 
Lothrop, Harriet Mulford. 
Phronsie Pepper : the youngest of the "five 
little Peppers." Boston. [1897.] Ulus. 

The stories Polly Pepper told. Boston. 
[1899.1 Illus. 77.208 

Macdonald, M. P. 
Trefoil : the story of a girls' society. Lon- 
don, 1900. Pis. 77.219 
Mcllwraith, J. N. 

Canada. N. Y^ 1899. 43198.157 

Marden, Orison Swett 

Winning out. Boston. [1900.] 3588.172 
Martineau, Harriet 
The peasant and the «^rince. N. Y. [1899.] 

Mulholland, Rosa. 

Four little mischiefs. N. Y. Illus. 77.226 
Munroe, Kirk. 
"Forward, march." A tale of the Spanish- 
American war. N. Y., 1899. Fls. 

Y 626.22 

Midshipman Stuart: or, the last cruise of 

the Essex. N. Y., 1899. Illus. 77.216 

Murtfeldt, Mary E., and Clarence Moores 


Stories of insect life. Series 2. Boston, 1899. 

Newbolt, Henry. 

Stories from Froissart. N. Y., 1899. 6628.41 
Page, Thomas Nelson. 

Santa Qaus's partner. N. Y., 1899. Y 666.5 

Two prisoners. N. Y., 1898. Illus. 77.212 
Paull, Minnie E. 

Ruby and Ruthy. Boston. [1892.] Dlus. 

Y 676.2 
Ruby at school. Boston. [1894.] Illus. 

Y 676.3 
Ruby's ups and downs. Boston. [1893.] 

Illus. Y676.1 

Ruby's vacation. Boston. [1895.I Illus. 

Y 676.4 
Pollard, Eliza Frances. 

The lady Isobel. London, 1899. Y 714.1 
Ragozin, Zinaida Alexeievna. 
Frith j of, the viking of Norway; and Ro- 
land, the paladin of France. N. Y., 1899. 


A history of the world: earliest peoples. 

N. Y., 1899. Illus. Map. 2229.93 

Richards, Laura Elizabeth. 

Chop-Chin and the golden dragon. Boston. 

[1881-1889.] Illus. Y744..0 

The golden-breasted Kcotoo. Boston. [1S5- 

1889.1 illus. Y 744.11 

Peggy. Boston. [1899.] 77.174 



Rinehart's Indians. Omaha. [1899.] Portrs. 
Col. pis. 4364.219 

Robert, Joseph Thomas. 
Primer of parliamentary law. N. Y., 1900. 

Robmson, Edith. 

A little daughter of liberty. Boston, 189Q. 

IIlus. 77.213 

Sage, Agnes Carr. 

A little daughter of the Revolution. [A 

story of the boys an 1 girls of '76. N. Y. 

[1899.] 77.175 

St. John, Thomas M. 
The study of elementary electricity and 
magnetism by experiment. N. Y., 1900. 
IIlus. 3967.188 

Seawell, Molly Elliot. 
The lively adventures of Gavin Hamilton. 
N. Y., 1900. Y.808.7 

Smith, Mary P. W. 
The young Puritans in captivity. Boston, 
1899. Y 832.12 

Stickney, J. H., and Ralph Hoffmann. 

Bird world. Boston, 1899. 3909.39 

Stirling, Amelia Hutchison. 
The reign of the princess Naska. London, 
1899. Pis. 77.217 

Stratemeyer, Edward. 
Under Otis in the Philippines. Boston, 1899. 
IIlus. 77.204 

Swiss family Robinson The. Edited by W. H. 
G. Kingston. London, 1899. IHus. 989.2 
Taggart, Marion Ames. 
The Blissylvania N. Y., 1897. 


Jack Hildreth among the Indians. The 

treasure ot Nugget mountain. N. Y., 

1898. 77.221 
Three girls and especially one. N. Y., 1897. 

Thompson, Ernest Evan Seton. 
The biography of a grizzly. N. Y., 1900. 
IIlus. Y.889.2 

Thurston, I. T. 
The bishop's shadow. N. Y., 1899. Pis. 

Tilden, John N. 
A commercial geography. Boston. [1899.] 

Tomlinson, Everett Titsworth. 
A Jersey boy in the Revolution. Boston, 

1899. IIlus. Y.894.12 
True, John Preston. 

The iron star, and what it saw on its jour- 
ney throu"^ the ages. Boston, 1899. Pis. 

Vaile, Charlotte M. 

The M. M. C. Boston, 1898. Illus. 77211 
Wheat & huckleberries or Dr. Northmore's 
daughters. Boston, 1899. 77.172 

Volkmann. Richard. 
Traumereien an franzosischcn Kaminen. 
Leipzig, 1897. 6897.221 

Weed, Clarence Moores. 
Stories of insect life. Series i, 2. Boston, 
1898,99. 2 V. Illus. Y 948.1 

Wesselhoeft, Lily t. 
Madame Mary oi the Zoo. Boston, 1899. 


Whistler. Charles Watts. 
Havelok the Dane. London, 1900. Illiu. 

Woods, Kate Tannatt ^^ 

A little New England maid. Bostoi^ xSjgftr 
Illus. 77jnD 

Wordsworth, William. 
Wordsworth. [Selections.] By Andrew 
Lang. London, 1897 Jims. YgSiM 

Yonge, Charlotte Mary. 
The herd boy and his hermit N. Y„ xSoa 
Pis. Ygo^ 

England, time oi Henry vi. 

School Reference Library. 

Adams, Charles Francis. 1835- 
Charles Francis Adams. Boston, X90O1 
[American statesmen.] *4248bl4t 

Apgar, Austin Craig. 
Birds of the United States east of the Rock^ 
mountains. N. Y. [1898.] Illus. 

Bums, Robert 

Poetical works. Boston. Portr. *4569.2lS 
Chisholm, George Gouaie. 
Europe. Vol. i. London 1899. niQi 
Maos. [Stanford's compendium of geo- 
graphy and travel. New issue.] ^da&tt 
Chisholm, George Goudie, and Charles Heniy 
Longmans' school geography. N. Y., i8$K|l 
Illus. ^6269^ 

Colby, Frank Moore. 
Outlines of general history. N. Y. [1899.] 
Illus. Portrs. Maps. ^22x9.40 

Coleridge, Samuel Taylor. 

Poetical works. Boston. 2 v. ^4569.21$ 
Cowper, William. 

Poetical works. London, 1893. *2S67.95 

Deane, Charles W. and Mary R. Davis. 
The inductive geography. N. Y. L1899.] 

Fiske, Amos Kidder. 
The West Indies. N. Y., 1899. Illus. [Story 
of the nations.] *4ii5g.i& 

Frye, Alexis Everett. 
The child and nature; or, geography teach- 
ing with sand modelling. Boston, 18961 
Maps. ^^2289.74 

Complete geography. Boston, 1899. 2280.73 
Glazier, Richard. 
A manual of historic ornament London, 
1899. Pis. ^4093.81 

Hart, Albert Bushnell. 
Salmon Portland Chase. [American states- 
men. Boston. [1899.] 4248.145 
Holm, Adolph. 
History of Greece. London, 1894. 4 ▼. 


Hurll, Estelle May. 

Michelangelo. Boston, 1900. 

[ Riverside art series.] 
Rembrandt. Boston, 1899. 

[Riverside art ^eries.] 
Keats, John. 
Poetical works. [Boston.] "^4569.225 



Portr. Pis. 

Portr. Pis. 





isses, sedges and rushes of the north- 

Jnited Sutes. Boston, 1899. Ulus. 

ry, Alice, 
e to the trees. N. Y. [1900.I lUus. 

>nel William. 

ad his markets. A course in geo- 
ly. London, 1898. Ulus. ♦2286.92 
Samuel Walker. 

:us Stevens. Boston, 1899. [American 
smen.] ♦4248.83 

ly, Justin. 

ory of the people of England in the 
teenth century. N. Y., 1900. 2 v. 

[Story of the nations.] ♦4527.124 
al, Daniel Trembly, 
ture and work of plants. N. Y., 1900. 
John Pentland. 

antiquities. London, 1896. [History 
5rs.] ^29693.94 

;h Robert, editor, 
emational geography. By seventy au- 

N. Y., 1900. Ulus. Maps. Plans. 

tc poetical works. N. Y. [1895.I 

William Augustus, and Arthur May 

an inventions and inventors. N. Y. 
I.] Illus. *8o37.4i 

teos in the history of our country. 
'., 1900. nius. Portrs. Maps. 

h leaflets. General series. No. 76-100. 

4. ♦4419.88 

I Italy. 1748-1898. N. Y., 1900. Illus. 

[The story of the nations.] ♦4728.26 

ouis, and company. 

on Egyptian architecture and oma- 

Boston. [1899.] ^ pp. Ulus. 

♦4060.80 Text 
on Greek architecture and ornament. 
on. [1899.] 34 pp. Illus. Map. 

♦4060.80 Text 
Jacques Wardlaw. 

itarv physical geography. An outline 
hysiography. N. Y. [1900.] Illus. 

5. ♦5868.47 
Jacques W., and Russell Hinman. 

il advanced geography. N. Y. [1898.] 

il elementary geography. N. Y. 
;.] 6282.20 

, John Berenice. 

aching of geography in Switzerland 
North Italy. London, 1899. Illus. 

imes Stevenson. 

5ry of the Jewish people. N. Y., 1900. 
s. Chart. [Historical series for Bible 
!nts.] ♦2299a. 102 

r Walter. 

il works. London, 1897. ^6607.40 


il works. N. Y. Portr. ^4569.228 

% Sumner. Boston, 1900. [American 
smen.1 ^4248. 147 

Tarr, Ralph Stockman, and Frank Morton 
First book home geography and the earth as 
a whole. N. Y., 1900. ♦6289.118 

Tilden, John N. 
A flrammar school geography. Boston. 
1 1894, 99] Illus. ♦6282.69 

Whitman, Sidney, and John Robert Macllraith. 
Austria. N. Y., 1899. Ulus. [Story of the 
nations.]^ ♦4829.20 

Whittaker, Thomas. 
Planisphere, showing the principal stars 
visible for every hour in the year. ♦3924.37 
Wordsworth, William. 
Complete poetical works. N. Y. Portr. 


Kindergarten Collection. 

Billow- Wendhausen, Baronin Bertha von. 
Greeting to America. N. Y., 1900. PI. 

Burke, Frederic. 
A study of the kindergarten problem in the 
public kindergartens . of Santa Barbara, 
for the year 1898^-99. By Frederic Burke 
and Caroline Frear Burke in cooperation 
with Orpha McQuayle [and others]. San 
Francisco, 1899. 7594.108 

Burrage, Severance, and Henry Turner Bailey. 
School sanitation and decoration. Boston. 
[1899.1 4099.138 

Ford, Z. 
P^er-folding and designing combined. 
Leeds, 1899. 7594.118 

Miln, Louise Jordan. 
Little folk of many lands. London, 1899. 
Pis. 7592.148 

Morley, Margaret Warner. 
Flowers and their friends. Boston. [1897.] 
Illus. 38590.139 

Little wanderers. Boston. [1899.] 3858.129 
Poulsson, Emilie. 
Love and law in child training. A book for 
mothers. Springfield. [1899.] 7594-1 12 
Strong, Frances L., and Gertrude A. Stoker. 
All the vear round. A nature reader. Bos- 
ton. [1896 J 2 V. Illus. 3818.109 

Contents. — Part i. Autumn. P»rt a. W inter. 

Warner, Francis. 
The nervous system of the child. N. Y., 

1900. 7592.45 

Wilson, Lucy Langdon Williams, editor. 
Handbook of domestic science and house- 
hold arts for use in elementary schools. 
N. Y., 1900. 8000.101 

Associations. Clubs. 

Association of American cemetery superinten- 
Modem cemeteries. A selection of papers 
read before the annual meetings of the 
association. 1887-1897. Chicago, 1898. 



Bay state club, Holyoke, Mass. 
Constitution and by-laws. fHolyoke?] 1900. 
23 pp. = 44S9a.i83 

Contemporary club. Philadelphia. 
Constitution, list of members and historical 
sketch, 1898/9. [Phila., 1899.] = ^79.116 
Edward Everett Hale boys' club. 
Annual reports, 3d, 4U1. Boston, 1898. 11 

No later reports hmve yet been published. 

Essex institute, Salem, Mass. 
Annual report, 1898/99, with the charter and 
by-laws of the society. Salem, 1899. = 


The first half-century. March ist and 2d. 

1898. Salem, 1898. PI. = 4455.^76 

Freemasonry. Massachusetts. 

Fiftieth anniversary of St Paul's lodge, by 

A. F. & ^A. M., South Boston, March 30, 

1897. Boston, 1899. 31 pp. rortrs. = 

Photogravure, exact size^ of a masonic 
diploma issued by "The Massadiusetts 
lodge" in 1784. [Boston.] 1899. Broad- 
side. = ♦ 
Freemasonry. Massachusetts. St. John's 
By-laws, with a list of officers and members 
from 1733 to August, 1899. Compiled by 
J. W. Allen. [Boston, 1899.] Portr. PI. 

= 7569.99 

Grand army of the republic. Department of 
New York. Lafayette post no. 140. 
History of the gift of six hundred national 
flags to the schools of Porto Rico. Ar- 
ranged by W. F. Brown. N. Y., 1899. 63 
pp. Portrs. Pis. 2328.135 

Lemaitre, Jules filie Francois. 

La franc-maconnerie. Paris, 1899. 7569.101 

Nobles of the mystic shrine. Imperial council. 

Annual proceedings, 25th. [Buffalo?] 1899. 

Portrs. = *7562.3i 

Constitution and law, revised to July i, 1899. 

N. p. 1899. 22 pp. = 7562.30 

Oakley country club, Watertown, Mass. 

Secretary's report, 1898/9. [Boston.] 1899. 

= "^4009.242 

Paine, Nathaniel. 
Literary, scientific and historical societies of 
Worcester. [Worcester, 1899.] 12 pp. = 

Republican club of the city of New York. 
Proceedings at the 13th annual dinner, Feb- 
ruary. 13, 1899. N. Y. [1899.] 48 pp. = 

Twentieth century club, Chicago. 

Constitution, history, officers, list of mem- 
bers and meetings. [Chicago.] 1899. = 

♦4479a. 189 

Warvelle, George W. 

Notes on the chivalric orders with special 

reference to the . . . order of the Red 

Cross of Constantine. Chicago, 1899. 12 

pp. = *7562.35 

Women's national war relief association. 

Report, March, 1898, to January, 1899. 

N. Y., 1899. Portrs. Pis. = ♦4420a. 149 

Periodicals. Annual 

American, The. Daily. 1899-. Manila, ] 

Archiv ftir Geschichte des deutschen 
Register ... Bd. i bis 2a (1878- 
Bearbeitet von P. Vorhauer. Lt 

1898. No. 2 in ♦61J 
Bostonia. Vol. i, no. i. April, 190a 

lished quarterly by Boston univi 

[Boston.] 1900. Portr. PL = ♦/ 

Catholic home annual, 189^ i6th year. 1 

1899. 83 pp. lUus. Col. pi. = 5. 
Deutsche National-Litteratur. 

Registerband [zum Band 1-163]. Stui 

I1899?] ♦48 

Forbush, William Byron. 
Yams, homespun and reeled ofi B 

1900. 23 pp. PI. [The Forbush an 

= 7. 

Gael, The. A monthly bi-lingual magazii 

voted to the promotion of the lan| 
literature, music, and art of Ireland. 
19, no. I. N. Y., 1900. Illus. Port 

Current numbers are kept in the Pa 
Room [Per. Room 931]. 

Incorporated association of mtmidpal 
county engineers. 
Proceedings. General index to volume 
25. Westminster. [i900?l *^ 

Institution of mining engineers. 
Transactions. Indices to names gf ai 
and subjects. Vol. i-io. 1889-1896. 
castle-upon-Tyne, 1898. 62 pp. *386i 
Library of the world's best literature, a 
and modem. Charles Dudley W 
editor. Index-guide . . . Prepared 
C Towne. N. Y. [1899.] ^ 

Mon journal. Recueil hebdomadaire il 
pour les enfants. No. 1-43. Paris, 

99= *7 

Newstead, Robert. 
General index to annu^ reports of obi 
tions of injurious insects, 1877-189 
Eleanor A. Ormerod. London, i89( 
pp. *5i 

The publication indexed is on shelf-no. s^ 

Phiunig. ♦ ♦ ♦ An Armenian review. 
15, 1899-. Cairo, 1899. = ♦7: 

In Armenian. 

Pioneer, The; or, California monthly 1 
zine. Edited by F. C. Ewer. Vol. i, 
June, 1854. San Francisco, 1854. ♦73: 

PyccKoe BoraxcTBO. C6ophkki». IIoa'b peAi 

H. R. MHxafljiOBCKaro h B.r. KoponeHSo. 

1899. *7 

Republica filipina, La. Sept 15, 1898. / 

num. I. Mandaloyon. N. 

Savoy, The. An illustrated monthly. 1 

by Arthur Symons. No. 1-8. Jan. 

1896. 2 v. *40 

No more was published. 



iodety of chemical industrr. 
Collective index of the Jounial of the So* 
oittfj 1882 to 1895. V^s. 1-14. Compiled 
by F. W. Renaut. London, 1899. ♦7978.61 

Suk, The. A semi-monthly review of politics, 
economics, science, literature and art 
Vol. 5, no. 17, 20. Aug. 5, Sept 5, 1899. 
Tokyo, 1899. lUus. Folded pis. ♦3017.45 

The text is in Japanese. 

U. S. patriotic almanac for 1898. [N. p. 1897.I 
= ♦4488.178 

Old Books. 

Tha Monthly Bnlletina contain titlea of many 
MrUer books, of which the following Hat ia only a 
don aalection. 

Bach, John. 1700-1782. 

God's sovereignty and his universal love to 
the souls of men reconciled. In a reply to 
Jonathan Dickinson's remarks . . . Bos- 
ton, 1747. 71 pp. ♦♦H.99,161 
Bnckenridge, Hugh Henry. 

The hattle of Bunkers-hill. A dramatic piece; 

of five acts, in heroic measure, ay a 

gentleman of Maryland. Phila., 1776. 49 

pp. Portrs. Pis. ♦♦H.88.45 

Byles, Mather. 

God glorious in the scenes of the winter. 
A sermon nreach'd at Boston, December 
a3f 1744- Boston, 1744. 14 pp. ♦♦G.365.103 
CastiglionCj Baldassare^ Conte di. 

D cortegiano . . . reuisto per Lodovico Dolce 
sopra I'esemplare del proprio auttore, e 
nd margine annotato. Lyone, 1562. 

Cotton, John. 1585^1652. 

An abstract or [sic] the lawes of New Eng- 
land as they are now established. [Anon. J 
London, 1641. ♦♦G.36S.9S 

A letter of Mr. John Cottons, teacher of the 
church in Boston, in New-England, to 
Mr. Williams a preacher there. Wherein 
is shewed, that those ought to be received 
into the church who are godly, though 
they doe not see, nor expressely bewade 
all the pollutions in church-fellowship, 
ministery, worship, government. London, 

1643. 14 pp. ♦♦G.365.97 

Sizteene questions of seriovs and necessary 
consequences, propounded unto Mr. John 
Cotton of Boston in New-England, to- 
gether with his answers to each question. 
London, 1644, 15 pp. ♦♦G.365.98 

The true constitvtion of a particular visible 
church, proved by Scripture. London, 1642. 
X3 pp. ♦♦G.36S.96 

lorre, Charles. 

Les triuphes de frace traslatez de latin en 
frmcois selo le texte de charles curre ma- 
mertin par maistre Jeha divry. [Paris.] 
Guillaume Eustace. [Colophon. Dat^e le 
XXV iour de Januier Ian mil.ccccc. et viii.] 
Gothic letter, printed on vellum. (54) ft. 
In signatures of 8, except the D signature, 
which has 6 leaves. Ful^-page woodcuts. 


^venport, John. 1597-X670. 

The profession of the faith of that reverend 
and worthy divine Mr. J. D., sometimes 
preacher of Stevens Coleman-street, Lon- 

don, made publiquel^ before the congre- 
gation at his admission into one of the 
churches of God in New-England . . . 
London, 1642. 8 pp. ♦♦6.365.101 

Franklin, Benjamin. 
Advice to a Youns Tradesman. Written by 
an Old One. [Sold at the New Printing- 
office, in Boston.] 4 pp. ♦♦K.19.19 

"I am convinced that the '*Advice for Trades- 
men" is a ffcnuine issue o\ Benjamin Mecom's 
press, and I would fix the date at sometime be- 
tween X763 and 1764." [Signed] Worikingiw C. 

Debtor and creditor : or, a Discourse on the 
following Words, Have Patience with me, 
and I will pay thee all. [Anon.] Boston, 
1762. 16 pp. ♦♦K 19.20 

"We fail to identify the authorship of **Debtor 
and Creditor," though there is a strong presump- 
tion from its style that it may also be by Frank- 
lin." — Henry Sttvtns, Son & SHUs SaU eotalogM. 
Cutting bound with Franklin's Advice to a Young 
Tradesman on shelf -number **K.i9.x9. 

Lilly, William, astrologer. 1602-1681. 
H^glands prophetical! Merline, foretelling to 
all nations of Europe untill 1663 the actions 
depending upon the influence of the con- 
junction of Saturn and Jupiter, 164^$. 
London, 1644. Ulus. ^7928.22 

Mather, Cotton. 
The curbed sinner. A discourse upon the 
gracious and wondrous restraints laid by 
the providence of the glorious God, on the 
sinful children of men .• . . occasioned by 
the sentence of death, passed on a poor 
young man [David WaUis], for the mur- 
der of his companion . . . Boston, N. £.. 
1713. (I), 64 pp. No. 2 in ♦♦H.99.IS8 

Lacks pp. 53-56. 

Mather, Increase. 
The folly of sinning^ opened & applyed, in 
two sermons occasioned by the condemna- 
tion of one that was executed at Boston in 
New England, on November 17th, 1698. 
Boston, 1699. 94 pp. ♦♦H.99b.i54 

Poggio, Bracciolini. 
Poggii florentini oratoris clarissimi liber fa- 
cetiarum incipit feliciter. Black letter. 

Probably printed at Bologna before 1480. 7 folios 
in Uble of contents, 88 folios in text Folio 23, 
M* and 88 supplied in manuscript First page of 
text is illuminated. Rubricated. 

Robinson, Tohn. 1755-1625. 

A ivstification of separation from the 

Church of England. Against Mr. Richard 

Bernard his invective, intitvled; The 

Seoaratists schisme. [Amsterdam?] 1639. 

The first edition was printed in 16x0, probably at 

Sautreau de Marsy, Gaude Sixte, and Bar- 
th^lemy Imbert, editors. 
Annales po^tiques, ou, almanach des muses, 
depuis Torigine de la po^sie fran^oise. 
Paris, 1778-88. 40 V. in 20. Portrs. 

Shurtleff. William. 1689-1747. 

Distressing dangers, and signal deliverances, 
religiously improved. A sermon preach'd 
at Ncw-Castle in New-Hampshire, Janu- 
ary I, 1726, 7. In commemoration of the 
suffering, preservation and deliverance of 
a companv of marriners, many years since 
ship-wreck'd upon Boon-Island rock. Bos- 
ton. Pr. by B. Green for Eleazer Russel 
at Portsmouth. 1727. s^ W- ♦♦G.^jS^.ioa 


Tokio, Japan. the third book of the primary sd 

[Description of Tokio. In Japanese.] [To- Athens, Greece. Boston, 189^ = 

kio, 1680?] 6 parts in case. '. "^joxcMuii? * 

Wycherley, Wflliam. 1640-1715. Fillmore, John Comfort 

The comitry-wife, a comedy, acted at the Lessons in musical history. Bostcm, 

Theatre-Royal. London, 1695. t^ .„ t^ ,^ « ^ ' 

No. 3 in **G.35|6o.23 FiMollon, Robert E ward 

The gentieman dancing-master. A comedy. G<^9 and ho-oes, or the kmgdom of 1 

London, 1693. No. i in **G.35|6o.23 j^ Boston, 1898. = ♦i 

Love in a wood, or, St James's Park. A "^SS^^Vf. a ^t -ls t> 1 . - •. t> 

London, 1694. No. 4 in •♦G.3960.23 GreenVjohii RidumL 

A short history of the English people, 
ton, 1800, 1900. 6 V. = ♦« 

Books for the Blind. ^Sa!^!*^ew foe* with an <Ai 

Boston, 1898. 3 y. = ♦« 

These books were all printed at the Howe press. Richl, Wilhclm Heinrich VOn. 

« ,, „ •^. -•., T> ^cr Fluch der Schoenheit Novellc. 

Burt, Mary E., and Zmaida Alexcievna Rago- itcd by Calvin Thomas. Boston, li 

zin. *i 

Odysseus, the hero of Ithaca. Adapted from A story of the Thirty Years' war. 



For other works added to the Statistical Department, see page 112 of this list. 

United States. 

laws of the United States relating to customs, 
together with portions of certain commer- 
cial treaties, compiled and indexed. Wash- 
ington, 1899. = 9336.2673a2 

Compilation of treaties in force. [By Henry 
L Bryan.] Washington, 1899. = 9341-273 
Pennwitt, William Clinton. 
National university proposition . . . Me- 
morial. [With supplement] [Wash- 
ington, 1899] = 4484.178 
Rnort on the Mississippi river floods by the 
Committee on conmierce. Washington, 
1898. [55th Congress. 3d session.] 

Acncnltiire, Department of. 
Atwater, Wilbur Olin, and Edward Bennet 
Description of a new respiration calori- 
meter, and experiments on the conser- 
vation of energy in the human body. 
Washington, iSgg. = *S99370.63 

Briggs, Lyman J. 
Electrical instruments for determining the 
moisture, temperature, and soluble salt 
content of soils. Washington, 1899. 

35 pp. = *5994.30.i5 

The mechanics of soil moisture. Wash- 
ington, 1897. = ♦5994.30.10 
[Card index to the yearbook of the depart- 
ment, 1894-98.] [Washington, 1899.] 
Card catalogue in box. = *5992.9 

The Yearbook it on 5992.8 

Gardner, Frank D. 
The dectrical method of moisture deter- 
mination in soils ^ Results and modifi- 
cations in 1897. Washington, 1898. = 


Kennedy, P. Beveridjre. 
The structure of the caryopsis of grasses 
with reference to their morphology and 
classification. Washington, 1899. = 


Mallet, John William. 
The physiological effect of creatin and 
creatinin and their value as nutrients. 
Washington, 1899. = ♦5993.70.66 

Methods of analysis adopted by the associa- 
tion of official agricultural chemists, No- 
vember II, 12, and 14, i8g8. Washington, 
1899- = ♦5991.72.46 

Whitney, Milton. 
A preliminary report on the soils of 
Florida. Washington, 1898. = 

Agricultural experiment station, Colorado. 

Cooke, Wells W. 
The birds of Colorado. Fort Collins, 
Colorado, 1897. *7995-47.37 

Agrostology division. 
Studies on American grasses, by Jared 
Gage Smith. Washington, 1899. = 


Bureau of animal industry. Dairy division. 

Breeds of dairy cattle by H. E. Alvord. 

Washington, 1899. 64 pp. Illus. Col. 

pl. = 5991-80 

Reprinted from the 15th Annual report of the 
Bureau of animal industry ['5591.49.x5]. 

Division of forestry. 
Hill, Robert Thomas. 
Notes on the forest conditions of Porto 
Rico. Washington, 1899. Illus. = 

Pinchot, Gifford. 

A primer of forestry. Part i. Wash- 
ington, 1899. V. Illus. = 

Spalding, Volney Morgan. The white 
pine. (Pinus strobus Linnaeus.) Re- 
vised and enlarged by B. £. Femow. 
With contributions: Insect enemies of 
the white pine. By F. H. Chittenden. 
The wood of the white pine. By F. 
Roth. Washington, 1899. Illus. Maps. 
= ♦5843.25.22 

Division of vegetable pathology. 
Whitney, Milton, and Thomas Herbert 
Means. Temperature changes in fer- 
menting piles of cigar-leaf tobacco. 
Washington, 1899. Diagrams. = 




Office of experiment stations. 

Johnston, Qarence T., and Joseph A. 
Breckons. Water-right problems of 
Bear river. Washington, 189$^ Pis. 
Map. = *59?3.70.70 

A second report to Congress on agriculture 
in Alaska, including reports by C. C. 
Georgeson and Walter H. Evans. Wash- 
ington, 1899. 58 pp. Pis. Maps. Chart 
= *5993.70.62 

The main body of the report U by i'rotessor 

Statistics division. 
Number and value of farm animals of the 
United States, and animal products. 
1880-1896. Washington, 1896. = 

Vej^table physiology division. 

Curing and fermentation of cigar leaf to- 
bacco, by Oscar Loew. Washington, 
1899. = 599677 

Weather bureau. 

Annual report, loth, nth, of the Nevada 
state weather service in co-operation 
with the U. S. department of agricul- 
ture, 1897, 98. Carson City, 1899. = 


Climate and crop service. Michigan sec- 
tion. Report. January-June, August, 
1899. Lansing, Mich., 1899. Maps. = 

Bureau of the American republics. 
Price list of publications. [Washington, 
1899.] = *90i6.j827 

Specifications for the construction of the 
edifice intended for the federal legislative 
power in the city of Mexico. [Washing- 
ton, 1897.] = 8099.35 
Census bureau. 12th census. 
Census bulletin. No. i. Washington, 1899. 

= *93i7.33a3 

Civil service commission. 

Instructions to applicants for the post-office 
and custom-house branches of the classi- 
fied service. April, 1899. Washington, 
1899. = *935i3a2 

Commission to the Paris exposition of 1900. 
Department of social economy. 
Monographs on American social economics. 
Editor, Herbert B. Adams. Associate edi- 
tor, Richard Waterman, jr. [Boston, 1900.] 

= 5762.97 

Geological survey. 
Grunsky, Carl Ewald. 
Irrigation near Mercer, California. Wash- 
ington, 1899. = ♦3994.20.19 
Leverett, Frank. 
Wells of northern Indiana. Washington, 
1899. = ♦3994.20.21 
Mead, Elwood. 
Water-right problems in the Bighorn 
mountains. Washington, 1899. = 

Rafter, George W. 
Water resources of the state of New York. 
Washington, 1899. = ♦3994.20.24, 25 

Hydrographic office. 
The Hawaiian islands, and the islands, 
rocks and shoals to the westward. Wash- 
ington. 1899. = 3049a. 179 

Interior department 

Commissioner of pensions. 
Annual report, 1899. Washington, 1899. 

Interstate commerce commiaaion. 

Export and domestic rates. In the matter 
of relative rates upon export and domestic 
traffic in grain and grain products, and of 
the publication of tariffs relating to such 
traffic Decided August 7, 1899. [Wash- 
ington, 1899] = ♦9385.973a6 

List of national, state and local commercial 
organizations . . . and agricultural . . . 
and railway associations. February, 1898. 
Washington, 1898. = ♦9381.06 

Library of Congress. Office of the register of 

Bulletin, no. i, 2. Washington, 1899. = 


Contents. — x. The copyright law of the United 
States of America, in force July, 1899 ... a. 
Directions for securing copyrights. 

Marine hospital service. 
Report of Commission of medical officers 
detailed ... to investigate the cause of 
yellow fever. Washington, 1899. PL = 

Shipment of merchandise from a town in- 
fected with yellow fever, by H. R. Car- 
ter. Washington, 1899. = 5795-43 
National museum. 
Bianco, Salvatore lo. 
The methods employed at the Naples 
zoological station for the preservation of 
marine animals. Translated by £. O. 
Hovey. Washington, 1899. 42 pp. PI. 
= *3904.50.39 
Cockerell, Theodore D. A. 
Directions for collectmg and preserving 
scale insects (Coccidae). Washmgton, 

1897. = ♦3904.50.39.!- 

Miller, Gerrit Smith, jr. 
Directions for preparing study specimens 
of small mammals. Washington, 1899. 

PI. = ♦3904.50.39 

Philippine commission. 

Report to the President. Vol. i. Washing- 
ton, 1900. = 932S.9i4a5 
Post office department 

Report of the First assistant postmaster- 
general for ... 1898/99. Washington, 
1899. = ♦9383.173*1 

Report of the Second assistant postmaster- 
general for ... 1898/99. Washington, 
1899. = ♦9383. 173*3 

Report of the Third assistant postmaster- 
general for . . . 1890/91, 1898/99. Wash- 
ington, 1891, 99. = ♦9383.173*3 

Report of the Fourth assistant postmaster- 
general for ... 1898/99. Washington, 

1899. = ♦9383.i7ja4 

Report of the Superintendent of foreign 
mails, 1898/99. Washington, 1899. = 

• 9383.173*5 

Dead letter office. 

Dead letter office sale. Catalogue of ar- 
ticles accumulated ... to be sold at auc- 
tion . . . Washington, 1899. = 7654.40 
State department. 

Advance sheets of consular reports. [Daily.] 
No. 105-508. May 5, 1898-August 21, 1899. 
Washington, 1898, 99. •= *9382.73a2a 



Sroeriatendeiit of doenments. 
lusse, Adelaide R. 
Reports of explorations printed in the 
documents of the United States govern- 
ment. A contribution toward a biblio- 
graphy. Washington, 1899. 90 pp. = 

tnasny dApartment. 
Annual report of the Auditor for the Interior 
dq^artment, 1899. Washington, 1899. 

Annual report of the Auditor for the Navy 
department, 1899. Washington, 1899. 

Annua] report of the Auditor for the Treas- 
ury department, 1899. Washington. 1899. 

Annual report of the Auditor for the War 
department, 1899. Washington, 1899. 

Elementary manual of practice. Civil war 
daims. Compiled by W. C. Eldridge and 
L R. Ginn.' Washington, 1900. = 

, ^♦3675.57 

This deals chiefly with questions of bounty.^ 
Laws governing the steamboat-inspection 
service. Edition: July 12, 1899. Wash- 
ington. 1899. = ♦7951.53 
Laws, treaty, and regulations relating to the 
exdusion of Chinese. Washington. 1899. 
= 0'^25.2«;t 
Report on the commercial and industrial 
condition of the island of Cuba, by Robert 
P. Porter, special commissioner. Wash- 
ington, 1898^)9. = *938i.729i 
Report on the commercial and industrial 
condition of Cuba. By Robert P. Porter. 
SpeciaJ reports on the revenue and cus- 
toms tariff, internal, industrial and pro- 
fessional taxation of Cuba [etc]. Wash- 
ington, 1898. = 9381.729133 
Appendix to the Report on the commercial 
and industrial condition of the island of 
Cuba, by Robert P. Porter, Special com- 
missioner. Washington, 1899. = 

The tariff of 1897 on imports into the United 
States, together with the Customs adminis- 
trative act of June 10. 1890 . . . and the 
War-revenue act of June 13, 1898. Wash- 
mgton, 1899. = ♦9336.2673 

Board of supervising inspectors of steam 
Genera] rules and regulations as amended 
January. 1899. fWashington, 1800] = 


Pilot rules for the Great Lakes and their 

connecting and tributary waters as far 

east as Montreal. Washington, 1898. 

nius. = *795i.55 

Board of United States General Appraisers. 

Annual report, 1899. Washington, 1899. = 


Bureau ot navigation. 
Law of the United States relating 10 navi- 
gation ar.i* the merchant marine. Part 
2 of the Report of the Commissioner of 
navigation. Washington, 1899. = 

9387.973.1899. rart 2 

Bureau of statistics. 
Transportation routes between the United 
States and other American countries. 
[Map.] Washington. [1899.] Scale, 
none. = No. 41 in ♦Map 128.3 

Commissioner of internal revenue. 
Compilation of decisions rendered under 
the war-revenue act of June 13, 1898. 
Jan., 1899. Washington, 1899. = 

Comptroller of the currency. 
Abstract of reports of condition of national 
banks in the United States [no. 15] . . . 
Dec. I, 1898-Sept 7, 1899. [Washing- 
ton, 1899.] = 9332.073as 
Division of customs. 
Report on the industrial and commercial 
condition of Porto Rico, by H. K. Car- 
roll, special commissioner . . . submitted 
. . . December 30, 1898. = 938i.7295a3 
Division of revenue cutter service. 
Report of the cruise of the U. S. revenue 
cutter Bear and the overland exped tion 
for the relief of the whalers in the Arctic 
ocean from November 27, 1897 to Sep- 
tember 13, 1898. Washington, 18^. 
Portrs. Pis. Map. = *226'^.12S 
Internal revenue office. 
Regulations and instructions relating to 
the transportation and exportation of 
distilled spirits in bond without pay- 
ment of tax, under the international 
revenue laws. January 15, 1899. Wash- 
ington, 1899. = 7643.185 
United States penitentiary, Fort Leavenworth, 
Annual report to the Attorney general, ad, 
1896/97. [Fort Leavenworth, 1897. 1 

*93^ 73 a? 
War department. 

Amended customs tariff and regulations for 
ports in Porto Rico. Washington, 1899. 

^ = 9325.7295a3 

Information relative to the appointment and 
admission of cadets to the U. S. military 
academy. Washington, 1899. 4 pp. = 

Provincial and municipal laws of Puerto 

Rico. Washington, 1899. = 9325.7295a7 

Puerto Rico, embracing the reports of Brig, 
(jen. Geo. W. Davis, military governor, 
and reports on the districts. Washington, 
1900. = 9317.29s 

Regulations for the execution of the police 
law of railroads of the island of Cuba. 
Washington, 1899. = 9325.729ia9 

Report of Major-gencrsl E. S. Otis, on mili- 
tary operations and civil affairs in the 
Philippine islands. 1899. Washington, 
1899. = 9325.9i4a6 

Report to the Secretary of war, upon inves- 
tigations made into the civil affairs of 
Porto Rico, with recommendations. Wash- 
ington, 1899. TjS pp. = 9972.95 

Rules and instructions to carry into effect 
the executive orders relating to the mili- 
tary government by the United States in 
the island of Cuba and all islands in the 
West Indies west of the 74th degree, west 



longitude, evacuated by Spain, during the 
maintenance of such militaxy government 
[Washington, 1899.] = ^ 93257291 

Rules and instructions to carry into effect 
the executive orders relatinj^ to the mili- 
tary government by the United States in 
the iSands of the Philippine archipelago 
and the island of Guam, during the main- 
tenance of such military government. 
[Washington, 1899] = 9325.914 

Rules and instructions to carry into effect 
the executive orders relating to the mili- 
tary government by the United States in 
the island of Porto Rico and all islands in 
the West Indies east of the 74th degree, 
west longitude, evacuated by Spain, during 
the maintenance of such military govern- 
ments. [Washington, 1899.] = 93257295 

Translation of police law of railroads of 
Puerto Rico, and regulations for its ap- 
nlication. promulgated on the 17th of 
Feb.. 1888. Washington, 1899. = 5664.62 

Translation ot the General instructions for 
drafting public documents subject to 
record in the Spanish colonial provinces. 
(1893.) Washington, 1899. = 932572933 

Translation of the law of railroads tor the 
island of Puerto Rico, granted by royal 
decree of Dec. 9, 1887, and promulgated 
Jan. ID, 1888. Washington, 1899. = 


Translation ot the mortgatje law for Cuba, 
Puerto Rico, and the Philippines. (1893.) 
Washinsrton. 1899. = *5664.6o 

Adiutant general. 
Reports of explorations in the territory ot 
^Alaska (Cooks mUt, oushitna, Copncr, 
and Tanana rivers), 1898. Made. . . by 
Captain E. F. Glenn and Captain W. R. 
Abercrombie. Washington, 1899. Map. 

= . _ 5951-94 

Military information division. 
Willcox, Com^lis De Witt 
A Frcnch-Entjlish military technical 
dictionary. [Part i.l Abaissement— 
espace. Washington, 1899. = 

Commissary-general of subsistence. 
Annual report to the Secretary of war for 
the fiscal year ending June 30, 1899. Wash- 
ington, 1899. = ^0278.48 
Division of customs and insular affairs. 
Adaptation of the electoral law of June 
26, 1890, to the islands of Cuba and 
Porto Rico. Washington, 1899. = 

Compilation of the organic provisions of 
the administration of justice in force in 
die Spanish colonial provinces and ap- 
pendices relating thereto. (1891.) Wash- 
ington, 1899. = 9325.72935 
Constitution establishing self-government 
in the islands of Cuba and Porto Rico. 
Promulgated by royal decree of Novem- 
ber 25, 1897. Washington, 1899. = 


Electoral law for the election of councilors 

and provincial deputies in Porto Rico. 

Washington, 1899. = 9325-729536 

General law of public works of die 
of Cuba, and regulations for its c 
tion. With the addition of aO s 
quent provisions published to 
(X891.) Washington, 1899. = 


General regulations for the executi< 
the mortgage law for Cuba, F 
Rico, and the Philippines. (i 
Washington, 1899. = 9325. 

Immigration regulations for the islai 
Cuba. Washington, 1899. = 9325.7 

Immigration regulations for the isla 
Porto Rico. Washington, 1899. = 


Immigration regulations for the Phili 
islands. Washington, 1899. =; 9325. 

Law of railro3ds for the island of < 
and regulations for its execution, 
additions to date. (1895.) Washin 

1899. = 9325.7 

Laws referring to public works in P 

Rico. (1896.) Washington, 1899. 

Laws relating to the civil administi 

and government of the island of P 

Rico. Washingtoii, 1899. = *932S.7 
Monthly summary of the commerce c 

island of Cuba. July, Aug.. 

Washington, 1900. = ^382. 

Monthly summary of commerce oi 

Philippine islands. July-Sept.. 

Washington, 1900. = *9382. 

Monthly summary of commerce 0I 

island of Puerto Rico. July-Sept., 

Washington, 1900. = ^382.; 

Municipal and provincial laws in for 

the island of Cuba. Washingfton. 

= 9325.7 

Notarial laws in force in Cuba and P 

Rico. (1888.) Washington, i8qq. 

Notarial laws in force in the Phili 
islands, and appendices relating th< 
Washineton, 1809. = 0?2:;.( 

Reports of Brig. Gen. George W. Da\ 
industrial and economic conditior 
Puerto Rico. 1899. Washinjrton. 

47 pp. = 9.^25.72« 

Included is the Report on industrtnl an< 
nomic conditions of Porto "Rico as affect 
the hurrirane [of Aufifust P. iP^o]. 

SiPTial office. 
Regulations for the operation and t 
tenance of the United States mi 
telefirraph lines and general regula 
of the Sipmal corps. United States A 
with appendix. Washington. i8qc 
illus. = *395g 

Separate States. 


Department of education. 
Circular of information as to Alabs 
educational status from 1855 to 
Montgomery, 1898. = 55 



Adjutant geueiiil. 
Rnort 18SP/91, 92-g6, 98. Phoenix. 
[1890-99.] = ♦9353.9916 

loaagunl address, January, 1897. Little 
Rock, 1897. = 9353*96713^3 

Controller of state. 
Values of property in, and indebtedness of, 
each county for the year 1899. [Sacra- 
mento, 1899.1 = 9336.794*5 
Wlifttier state school. 
Biemiial report of Trustees for . . . 1892/94, 
94/961 Sacramento, 1894, 96. = 

Sin Jos6. 

Board of education. 
San Jos^ public school directory for 
1899/1900. [San Jos^, 1899.] == 


Qiarter of the city, prepared by a board 

of fifteen freeholders. December, 1896. 

San Jos6, 1899. PI. = 6404.19 

Santa Barbara. 

Board of education. 

A study of the kindergarten problem in 

the public kindergartens of Santa 

Barbara, for 1898-99. By F. Burke 

and Caroline F. Burke in cooperation 

with Orpha M. Quayle [and others]. 

San Francisco, 1899. 7594- 108 

State board of charities and correction. 
Biennal report, 4th. 1896/98. Denver, 1899. 
= *936i.9:^ 

Treasurer of state. 
Bieunial report for the two fiscal years 
ending; Nov. 30, 1888, 96, 98. Denver, 
1888-^ = *9336.788 

Bureau of health. 
Annual reports for 1895, 97, 98. Den- 
ver, 1896-99. = *96i4.0788a5 
Denver chamber of commerce and board 
of trade. 
Annual report, 3d-6th, nth, 15th. Den- 
ver, i886-[96]. = *938i.788 
General assembly. 
Report of the committee to inquire into all 
matters relating to state receipts and ex- 

gnditures, February i, 1899. New 
aven, 1899. = 9336-746*5 

Inspector of factories. 
-Annual report, 3d-i2th. 1889-98. Hart- 
ford [etc], 1889-98. = ♦933i.0746a2 
New Haven. 
Health department. 
Reports. 1897. [New Haven, 1898.] = 

South Norwalk. 
Mayor's message and official reports of 
the city, for 1898, also the annual report 
of the South Norwalk Union school 
district, 1897/98. South Norwalk, 1899. 
= ♦6365.48 


State treasurer. 
Biennial report, 1887/8, 89/90, 93/4, 97/8. 
Wilmmgton [etc.], 1889-99. = 

District of Columbia. 
Report for 1898/99. Washington, 1899. = 

, ,. ♦9336.753*4 


Report. 1898/99. Washington, 1899. = 

Board of children's guardians. 
Annual report, 1898/99. Washington, 1899. 
= ^9362.7753 

Charitable and reformatory institutions. 
Report on charitable and reformatory in- 
stitutions of the District Washington, 

1899. = ♦9361.9753 

Collector of taxes. 

Report, 1898/99. Washington, 1899. = 

Industrial home school. 
Annual report of the Board of trustees to 
the Commissioners of the District of Co- 
lumbia, 1882/83. 84/85, 97/98. Wash- 
ington. 1884-1898. = ^362.7753a2 
Metropolitan police oepartment. 
Report for 1899 with estimates for 1901. 
Washington, 1899. = ♦9352.2753 
Reform school for girls. 
Annual report of the Board of trustees, 
7th, 1899. Washington, 1899. = 


Secretary of state. 
Reoort [biennial], for 1885-86, 95-98. 
Tallahassee, 1887-99. = ♦93539591 

Jacksonville. Board of trade. 
Report, 1886/87-95. [Jacksonville. J 1886- 

«„ . ^s. = ♦9381.759 

Board of public charities. 
Financial record of the state charitable 
institutions. 1894/95--96. Springfield, 
1895-97. Broadsides. = ^5760.60 

Illinois school of agriculture and manual 
training for boys, Glenwood. 
Annual report. 3d, 6th-iith. Chicago and 
Glenwood, 1890-98. = 9302.7773 

Illinois southern hospital for the insane, 
Biennial report, ioth-i3th, of the trustees, 
superintendent and treasurer, July i, 
1892-98. Springiield, 111., 1892-98. = 

-. , 9362.2773 


City comptroller. 

Annual report, for the year 1894-96. 

Evanston, 1895-97. = 9352.1773*8 

City council. 

An ordinance making appropriations for 

corporate purposes for 1899. Evanston, 

1899. = 9352.1773*7 


Northern Indiana hospital for insane. Long- 
Biennial report of the trustees and medical 
superintendent, 1887/88-96/98. Indiana- 
polis, 1889-98. ^ PI. = 9362.2772 

The first report is for one year only; the subse- 
quent issues are all bienniaL 



Indianapolis. Department of public health 
and charities. 
Report, 1897. [Indianapolis, 1898.] = 

Davenport. Municipal government 
Annual reports of the city officers, 1898/99. 
Davenport. [1899.] = ♦6390a.28 


State industrial reformatory, Hutchinson. 
Biennial report, ist, 2d. Topeka, 1896, 
98. = *9364.78ia2 

State reform school, Topeka. 
Biennial report, 1882/84, 86/88-96/98. 
Topeka, i8i84-98. *9364.78ia3 

Bureau of agriculture, labor, and statistics. 
Biennial report, 12th. Louisville, 1897. 
= ♦0338.0769 

State refifistrar. 
Annual report ist-[8th], of births, mar- 
riages and deaths. Frankfort, 1853-61. 
= *96i4.i769 

State treasurer. 
Report [biennial], 1885/87, 91/93. 93/95: 
annual, 95/96. 96/97. Frankfort [and 
Louisville], 1887-97. = ♦9336.760 

Health department. 
Annual report, 1897/98, 98/99. Louis- 
ville. [i898]-99. = *96i4.0769 
Revenue and license laws. i8g^. [Issue-1 
from the office of the Auditor of the 
state.] [Baton Rouge, 1899.] = 

Board ot state assessors. 
Annual report ist-7th. Augusta, 1892-97. 

= ♦9336.741 

State suoerintendent of public schools. 
A study of the conditions of the schools 
by the local superintendents, with com- 
ments by the State superintendent Au- 
gusta.] 1899. 40 pp. = 3597- 180 
A study of waste and kindred evils exist- 
ing in the admimstration of our public 
schools. [Augusta, 18^.] = 3596.183 
Board of health. 
Annual report, 2d-5th, [12th]. Portland, 
1887-98. = *96i4.074ia4 

Bureau of industrial statistics. 
Ani)ual report, ist, 3d, 4th, 1893-96. Bal- 
timore. [i893]-96. = ♦93310752 

The new charter of Baltimore city. Pub- 
lished under resolution of City council, 
adopted April 25, 1898. Baltimore, 1898. 
= 9352.0752 

Baltimore chamber of commerce. 
Annual report, 26th-32d, 34th-44th, 1880- 
86, 8^-98. Baltimore, 1881-99. = 

General court. 
Hearings in opposition to the approval of 
the lease of the Boston & Albany rail- 
road to the New York Central and 

Hudson River railroad company, 

the Joint standing committee c 

roads. [Boston, 1900.] = *; 

Board of registration in dentistry. 

Annual report, nth, 1897. Bostoi 

The latest report is kept in Bates Ha 
Centre desk. 

Civil service commission. 

The acts of the Legislature relating 

civil service, the decisions of 1 

preme Judicial Court and opinion 

attorneys-general [etc]. [Boston 

Controller of county accounts. 
Annual report, nth. Boston, 1898 

Hospital for epileptics. 

Reports of the trustees. 1898, 99. '. 

1899. 1900. = *5 

Inspector of gas meters and illunr 


Annual report, 1899. Boston, 189^ 

Massachusetts hospital for consumpti' 
tubercular patients, Rutland. 
Report of the trustees, ist, 1897. 
1898. = ♦{ 

This report may be found also in the la 
settn Public documents [*64i7.i.i8g9]. 

Medfield insane asylum. 
Annual report, 2d. Boston, 1898. 

= ♦? 

State board of charity. 
Annual report, 21st. Jan., 1900. 
1000. Table. = * 

Advisory committee on free munici 
Report, 1899. Boston, 1899. = *i 
Cemetery department. 
Annual report for the fiscal 
1898/99. Boston, 1899. = ♦ 
Superintendent of lamps and inspe 
Annual report 1897/98. [Cam! 
1898.] Map. = ♦ 

Department of municipal statistics 
Monthly bulletin of the Statist 
partment, May, 1899. Vol. i, 1 
Boston, 1899. 5 nos. in i.= ♦g 
Department of children's institutio 
Annual report for 1897. Bostor 


Home of the Grey nuns for workin 

Illustrated historical sketch mark 
tenth anniversary of the fotm< 
the Working girls' home in ! 
Boston, 1899. Illus. Portrs. 

School committee. 

Annual report of the Commit 

courses of study and text-book 

Boston, 1899. = ♦ 

Fall River. Board of health. 

Report for the year 1897. Fall Rive 

Lexington. Archives. 

Record of births, marriages and dc 

January i, i89iB. Boston, 1898. : 




MtflboronglL City Boverninent 
Aimiial report, 8tn, 1898. Marlborough, 
,i8w. = ♦6342.85 

Qty library association of Springfield, 
The David Ames Wells economic li- 
brary. [Gitalogue.] [Springfield, 1899.] 
= 9016.53 

Water department 
Annual report, ist 1897/8. Watertown, 
1899. Folded table. = ♦6320.11 

Worcester county. Probate court 
Index to the probate records from July i, 
1881. to July I, 1897. (With supple- 
ment to January i, 1808.) Series B. 
Prepared under the supervision of 
'George H. Harlow, register of probate 
and msolvency. Worcester, 18^. 


An act to provide for the incorporation of 
villages with amendments of 1897-QQ. 
Lansing. 1899. = 93520774 

General tax law, 1893-95-97. With annota- 
tions and citations from Michigan reports 
and other sources . . Lansing, 1898. = 


Insurance laws in force at the close of the 
legislative session of 1899. Lansing* 1899. 
= *9368.9774a3 

Laws relating to building and loan associa- 
tions. 1S99. Lansing. 1899. = 93323274 

Laws relating to railroads. 1899. Lansing, 

1899. = *9385.9774a3 

Manufacturing and mercantile law with an- 
notations. Lansing, 1899. = 9338.701 
Asylum for the insane. 

Report [biennial] of the board of trustees, 
1889^^ Lansmg, 1890-98. Pis. Plans. 
= ^9362.2774 

Banking department. 

Annual report 9th, December 31, 1897. 
Lansing, 1898. = *9332.0774 

Department of state. 

Annual abstract of statistical information 
relative to the insane, deaf and dumb, 
and blind, also statistics of the idiotic 
and epileptic in the state, 26th, 1898. 
Lansing, 1899. = 9362.9774a4 

Bertillon classification of causes of death 
(long form). [Lansing? 1898?] Broad- 
side. = *96i4.ia3 

Report on building and loan associations 
for fiscal year, 1898/99. Lansing, 1899. 
= ♦9332.3274a2 

Eastern Michigan asylum, Pontiac. 

Report [Biennial] of the board of trus- 
tees, [March,] 1878-June 30, 1898. 
Lansing, 1879-98. = ♦9362.2774a2 

Land office. 
Annual report of the Commissioner, 57th, 
1898/99- Lansing, 1899. = ♦93330974*4 
Live stock saritary commission. 
Biennial report 7th, for 1897-98. Lan- 
sing, 1899. = 'HSoo9b.2 
Northern Michi^n asylum, Traverse City. 
Report [biennial], 1890-98. Lansing, 1890- 
^ = ♦9362.2774a4 

School for the blind. 
Biennial report, 5th, 7th-9th, of the Board 
of control. Lansing, 1890-98. = 

Secretary of state. 

Game and fish laws and laws relative to 
destruction of noxious animals. Lan- 
sing, 1899. = 3693-20 
State board of corrections and charities. 

Proceedings of the 3d, 5th, 7th-i7th an- 
nual conference of the Association of 
countv agents and convention of the 
Board of corrections and charities, held 
1884, 86, 8^-98. Lansing, 1885-99. = 

State house of correction and reformatory, 
Biennial report, ist-4th, 8th, 9th. Lansing, 
1882-99. = ^9364.774 

State industrial home for girls. 
Biennial report 2d. Ath-6th, 8th, oth, for 
. . . 1881/2, 85/6-89/90, 93/4, 95/6. Land- 
ing, 18&8-97. Pis. = ♦9364-774*3 
State mspectv/r of illumiuatixig oils. 

Report fv/r 1898. Lansmg, 1899. = "^5974-41 
State public school for dependent children. 
Annual report, 3d, 5th-7di, 1876H80; bien- 
nial report, 18&2-1898. Lansing, 1876- 

99. == ♦9362.7774 

State tax statistician. 

Annual report, ist. Lansing, 1896. = 

Port Huron. Board of health. 

Annual report. Health officer, 1898. Port 
Huron, Mich., 1899. ♦96i4.0774a6 

Biennial message, 1899. [St Paul.] 1899. 
= ^6406.45 

Secretary of state. 
Report, 91/92, 93/94, 95/96-97/98. Min- 
neapolis, 1892-98. = ♦9553-9761 
State board of corrections and chanties. 
The Minnesota bulletin of corrections and 
charities. Vol. 10-12. St Paul, 1896- 
98. = ♦936i.9776a3 
State treasurer. 
Annual report, 1886/87, 87/88, 90/91-95/96, 
97/98. St Paul, 1887-98. = ^9336.776 
Duluth board of trade. 
Annual report on the trade and commerce 
of Duluth. Duluth, 188S-98. Maps. Pis. 

= ♦9381.776 


State industrial home for girls. 
Biennial report, [ist]-Sth. Chillicothe 
[etc. I, 1890-^. = *9364.778 

Saint Louis. Health department. 
Annual report [2d] -20th. St Louis, 1879- 
[189S.] = ♦96i4.0778a4 


Insurance laws and an act relating to build- 
ing and loan associations enacted bv the 
Sixth Legislative assembly. [Hdena? 
1899.1 = ♦9368.9786a2 

State auditor. 
Tabular statement showing premiums re- 
ceived, losses paid and insurance writ- 
ten, by fire, life and miscellaneous in- 
surance companies. [Helena? 1896- 
99 ?1 Broadsides. = 9386.9786a4 



State treasurer. 
Annual report, 1892, 94-96; biennial, 1897- 

98. Helena, 18^-98. = ♦c)336.78oa3 

Girls' industrial school for juvenile delin- 
quents, Geneva. 
Biennial report of the superintendent, 2, 4, 
1892/94, 96/98. Lincoln, 1894, 98. = 


Attorney-General . 
Biennial report, 1897/8. Carson City, 1899. 
= ♦6406.85 

Message ... to the Legislature of 1899. 
19th session. Carson City, 1899. = 

Insurance commissioner. 
Abstract of statements of insurance com- 
panies, 1889, 91-^. [Carson City, 1890]- 

99. = ^9368.9793 
Nevada state prison. 

Biennial report, 1883-88, 93-98. Carson 
City, 1885-^. = •9364.793 

State orphan's home. 
Biennial report, 1879-80, 81-82, 97-98. 
Carson City, 1881-99. = *9362.7793 

New Hampshire. 
Bureau of labor. 
Annual report, ist, 2d; Biennial report, 
1st, 2d. Concord [etc.], 1893-98. Portrs. 

= ♦9331.0742 

State board of charities and correction. 

Report, 1896. Concord, 1896. = ^9361. 9742 
Board of health. 
Annual report, 1897. Manchester, 1898. 

Peterborough. Town officers. 
Annual reports for 1897/98. Peterboro, 
1898. = ♦6338.33 

New Jersey. 

An act concerning corporations (revision of 
1896), with the supplements passed in 
1897, 1898 and 1899, and other general acts 
relating to corporations, together with ab- 
stracts of the decisions of the courts, and 
a full collection of forms. Also Act con- 
cerning corporations not for pecuniaiy 
profit. (General act of 1898.) nth edi- 
tion. By W. H. Corbin. Newark, 1899. 

Commission appointed to investigate the 
subject of taxation. 
Reoort. Trenton, 1897. = *9336.749a3 
State board of assessors. 
Annual report, ist-i5th. Trenton [and 
Camden], 1884-99. = *9336.749a4 

Supplemental report Reports of cable, 
electric and horse railroad companies. 
1895-98. Trenton, 1896-99. = 

State board of taxation. 
Digest and compilation of the laws and 
decisions relating to taxation. 1898. 
Trenton, 1898. = 9336.749a2 

Newark, New Jersey. 
Board of education. 
1898-99. Bulletin of free lectures to the 
people. [Newark, 1899.] 5599a.ii6 

Pinchot, Gifford. 
A study of forest fires and wood produc- 
tion in southern New Jersey. Trentoo, 
N. J., 1899. Illus. [New Jersey. Geo- 
logical survey.] ♦5872. 12.1898 
New York. 
Report of the Joint committee on taxation. 
Jan. 15, 1900. [Albany, 1900.] = 


Board of mediation and arbitration. 

Annual report, ist-i2th. 1887-98. Albany, 

i88&-^. = ^33i.0747M 

Bureau of labor statistics. 

Bulletin. No. i. June, 1899. Albany, 

1899. = ♦9331.0747 

Central New York institution for deaf- 
mutes, Rome. 
Annual report, 17th, i8th, 24tli, for the 
year ending September, 1891, 92, 96b 
Albany, 18(^-99. Pis. = ♦9362.474783 
Factory inspectors. 
Annual report, ist, 2d, Sth-7th, gth, loth, 
I2th. Albany, 1887-98. = ♦9331074783 
State board of cnarities. 
Manual and directory of charities. 189a, 
[99]. N. Y., 1892, 99. = ♦9361.9747 

1892 has the title, ''Directory of the charitable. 

State industrial school, Rochester. 
Annual report, 4ist-43d, 45th. 47th, SoCh, 
of the Board of managers. 1888/89-^/91, 
92/93, 95, 98. Rochester, etc, 1890-1899. 

= ♦9364.747*7 

Superintendent of state prisons. 
Annual report, 1879/80, 85, 86, 88, 97/9& 
Albany, etc., 1881-99. = ♦9364.74726 
New York, city. Census. 
Board of education. 
Bulletin of free lectures to the people. 
Second course, season 1898/9. [N. Y., 
1898. 99.] 5599a. "2 

The free lecture course in New York 
city. Addresses at the 8th annual re- 
union and dinner. May 3, 1898. N. Y., 
1898. 5599a.iio 

Report of the free lectures to the people. 
1895/96-97/98. New York, [1896-98.I 


Census of the city of New York. Taken 
in April, 1895, by the Police department, 
and compiled by the Health department 
N. Y., 1896. = 9317.471 

St. Joseph's institute for improved in- 
struction of deaf-mutes. New York 
Annual report, I4th-i6th, 19th, 20th. 
Westchester, 1891-98. = ^9362474722 
North Carolina. 
Annual report, 1893/94, 97/98. Raleigh, 
1895, 99- 9336.756 

Board of health. 
Bulletin. Vols. 5-;9, 13, and parts of vols. 
1-4, 12. Wilmington, 1886-99. = 

Corporation commission. 
Annual report [ist]. 1899. Raleieh, 1809. 

= *9385.9756a3 

North Dakota. 

Commissioners of railroads. 
Annual report, 3d, Sth-9th. Bismarck, 

1893-98. = ♦9385.9784 



Wcadier service. 
Annual report, 5th. 1897. Bismarck, 
1898. = *9S5i.S784 

Bareaii of fniilding and loan associations. 
Annual report, istr-7th], [i89i]-98. Co- 
lumbus [etc], 1890-99. = *9332.3276 
Department of inspection of workshops, fac- 
tories and public buildings. 
Annual rq>ort, 5th-^th, iith-i4th, for 
188B-91, 94-97* G>lumbus, 1889-98- = 


Ofaio sanitary bulletin. Vol. i, 2 ; vol. 3, no. 

■ I, 2. Jan., 1897-Fcb., 1899. Columbus, 

189^^-99. = 9614.077102 

Qefdand. Health department 

Annual rq>ort, 12th, 15th, i6th, 24th, 25th. 

Qereland, 1885-98. = *96i4.077ia4 

Agricultural and mechanical college. Agri- 
cultural experiment station. 
Rqmrt, 1898-99. Stillwater. [1899.] IHus. 


Stele treasurer. 
Biennial report, 188(^-99. Salem, 1891-99. 
= ♦9336.795 

Department of charities and corrections. 
Annual message of [the] mayor, with 
annual report of the president of the 
Department, for 1887-97. Phila,, 1888- 
^ 2 V. = ♦9361.974834 

Philadelphia exposition society. 
The Philadelphia exposition under the 
auspices of the Philadelphia commercial 
museum and the Franklin institute Sep- 
tember 14 to November 30, 1899. [Pro- 
spectus.] [Phila., 1899.1 16 pp. = 

Philadelphia museums. Commercial museum. 
Pliiladdphia as a seaport and manufactur- 
ing city. [Phila.] 1899. = 9381.74833 
Siberia a coming market [Phila.] 1899. 
= 9382.57 

The wodd's commerce and the United 
States' share of It. Phila., 1899. = 


' Pittsburgh, Pa. Bureau of he3lth. 

Annual report, 1880-92, 94-96. Pitts- 
burgh, 1880-96. = ♦9614.074835 

Firto Sico. 
Director of public instruction. 
The school laws of Porto Rico, May i, 
1899. San Juan, 1899. = 35993.142 

£hode Island. 
Laws and acts of Her Majesties colony of 
Rhode Island, and Providence-Plant3tions, 
1636 to 1705. With 3 historic3l introduc- 
tion by S. S. Rider. Providence, 1896. 


Newport Bo3rd of he3lth. 
Aimual report, ist-iith. With raortusry 
statistics. Newport, 1886-98. = 

Providence. Overseer of the poor. 
Annual report, 1891-97. Providence, 1892- 
98. = ♦9362.5745a4 

South Carolina. 

State board ot health. 

Annual report, 15th, I7th-i9th. Columbia, 

1894-99. = ♦9614.0757 

State treasurer. 

Report for 1898. Columbi3, 1899. = 

^ , ^ *9336.757a2 

Ch3rIeston. Dep3rtment of he3lth. 
Annu3l reports, 1897, 98. Chsrleston, 1898, 

o ^v^*. X *96i4.0757a5 

South Dakota. 

R3ilro3d commissioners. 
Bienni3l report for the period ending June 
30, 1898. Pierre, 1899. = ^93859783 
Comptroller of the tre3sury. 
Biennisl report. 1883, 97/8. Nashville, 
1883-99. = ♦9336.768 

St3te bo3rd of he3lth. 
Bulletin. [Monthly.] Vol. 4-10, 13. N3sh- 
ville, i88p-97. = <^I4.0768 

No volume is complete. 

Memphis. Bo3rd of he3lth. 
Annual report, 19th. 1897. Memphis, 

1898. = ♦9614.07(3535 
N3shville. Board of health. 

Hot-we3ther c3re of infsnts and young 
children. [N3shville.] 1898. = 

5769a. 125 

Institution for the blind, Austin. 
Annu3l report, [36th], 38th-4ist. Austin, 

1893-98. = ^9362.4764 

Mess3ge to the third session of the state 
legislature, Jan. 10, 1899. Salt Lake 
City, 1899. = 9353.992 


Board of normal school examiners, super- 
visors and commissioners. 
Report, October, 1898. St. Albans. 1898. 
= ♦6337.12 

House of correction. 
Report of the officers, 1882/84-86/88, 
92/94, 96/98. Rutland, 1884-98. = 

State prison, Windsor. 
Biennial report, 1881-90, 93-98. Rutland, 
1882-98. = ♦9364.743 

Annual report for 1886/87, 98/99. Rich- 
mond, 1887-00. = '*^336.755a3 
Virginia agricultursl and mechanical college, 
Bladksburg. Agricultural experiment 
Annual report, 1889/90-92/93, 94/95- 
97/98. Richmond [etc.], 1891-99. = 


Message to the legislature. 1899. Olympia, 

1899. = ♦9353997 
West Virginia. 

Biennial report, 1885/86, 97/98. Charles- 
ton, 1887-98. = ♦9336.7S4a2 
Commissioner of labor. 
Report. 1893/94, 97/98. Charleston. 1894, 
98. = ♦9331.0754 



Reform school. 

Report of the board of directors for 

1893/4; biennial report, 1894-1898. 

Charleston, 1891-98. = *93^754Si3 


Biennial report for 1886/88, 94/96, 96/98. 

Charleston, 1888- [98]. Portr. Pis. = 

Compilation of the assessment laws of the 
state. 1895--96. Madison, 1895. p pp. 
= 9336.775*5 

Bank examiner. 
Semi-annual report of the condition of the 
state and private banks, ist-3d, 5th-7th. 
Madison, 1896-98. = ♦9332.0775*2 

Commissioner of insurance. 
Supplement to the insurance laws of Wis- 
consin published in 1898, with a digest 
of Wisconsin insurance cases from 
September i, 1898 to May 13, 1899. 
Madison, 189^. 47 pp. = 9368.9775a3 
Department of public instruction. 
Aids for the proper observance of Me- 
morial day by the schools of Wisconsin. 
Madison, 1899. = 4424318 

State board of control of Wisconsin refor- 
matory, charitable and oenal institutions. 
Biennial report, ist-4th, for the two years 
ending Sept., 1892^98. Madison, 1892- 

99. = ♦0361.977s 

State superintendent of education. 
Report, Annual, 1880/81; Biennial, 
1^2/84-92/94, 96/98. Madison, 1882- 

98. = ♦7596.41 

State treasurer. 

Semi-annual statement of the condition of 
the state and private banks of Wiscon- 
sin. Jan., July 1883-90, 92, July 93, 94-^> 
Madison. 1883-98. = ♦^332.0775 

Tax commission. 1898. 

Report. Madison, 1898. Maps. Tables. 

= ♦9336.775*3 

Board of city service commissioners. 
Annual report, ist-3d, 1895/96-97/98. 
Milwaukee, 1896-98. = ♦5562.174 

Milwaukee county house of correction. 
Annual report for the year ending De- 
cember 31, 1877-89, 92, 94-98. Mil- 
waukee, 1878-99. ♦9364.775*5 


Azgentine republic 
Comisi6n directiva del censo nacional. 
SeRundo censo de la Republica argentina, 
Mayo 10 de 1895. T. 2. Buenos Aires, 
1898. = ^ . ♦9318.2 

Direcci6n general de estadistica. 
Anuario, correspondiente ai afio 1897. 
Tomo 2. Buenos Aires, 1898. = 


Buenos Ayres. 
Direcci6n general de estadistica municipal. 
Annuaire statistique. Ann6e i, 6, 7* 
Buenos Aires, 1892-98. = ♦93i8.2a6 
New South Wales. 
Government statistician. 
Coghlan, T. A. Agricultural and live 

stock statistics, 1899. Preltn 
tables. Sydney, 1899. 933 

South Australia. 
Department of public works. 
Report, 1895/96. Sydney, 1897- = 

Government statist 
Statistical register. 1861-64, 18 
Adelaide, 1862-98. = *9 

Mines department 
Record of the mines of South Ausl 
the Mannahill goldfidd, with 
and plans. By H. Y. L. B 
Adelaide, 189a T 

Post office department 
The annual report, 1896. Sydn^ 

Geschaftsordnung. Sept, 1898. [\ 

1898.1 = 933 

Kaiserliches . koenigliches Ackerbau-1 


Statistisches Jahrbuch, fiir das Jahr 

97 Heft I, 2, Lief, i, 2. Wien, 18 

= *9X 

Kaiserlich-koenigliche statistische Ce 


Oesterreichisches statistisches Han* 

fiir die im Reichsrathe vert« 

Konigreiche und Lander, nebst 

Anhange fur die gemeinsamen Ai 

genheiten der oesterreichisch-ungari 

Monarchic. Jahrgang 7-17. Wien, 

90. = 931 

Register zu den Banden 1-21 der St 

schen Monatschrift. (Jahrgange 

95.) Verfasst von W. Schiff. [ 

189(5.1 = *53i 

Kaiserlich-konigliches Handel s-Minist* 

Statistik des auswartigen Handel s d 

terreichisch-ungarischen Zollgebie 

Jahre 1896; 1897. Wien, 18^-99 

Arbeitsstatistischcs Amt 
Sociale Rundschau. Jahrgang i. I 
2. Wien, 1900. = 933 

Statistisches Departement. 
Austria; Archiv fiir Gesetzgebun 
Statistik auf den Gebieten de: 
werbe, des Handel s und der 
fahrt. Jahrgang 46-50. Wien, 
5j8. = ^9382 

Landesausschuss uber die Landesht 
Bericht iiber die Koniglich 
Landesirrenanstalten fiir das 

1897. [Prag, 1895).] = 53^ 

Text in Bohemian and German. 

Statisztikai hivatal. 
Kozlemenyei. N^met forditas. 
11-25. Pest, etc., 1871-98. ♦931^ 
Statisticki kancelL. (Statistische 
Ergebnisse der ausserordentlichen 
zahlung in der koniglichen 1 
stadt Frag . . . December, 1896. 
1897. = ♦0312, 



Katalog knihovny Statistick^ kancelife 
kiilovsk^o hlavniho mista Prahy . . . 
i%f(7, V. Praze, 1898. = ♦poi6.3i43a7 
Statistisches Handbuch der koni^idien 
Hatiptstadt Prag und der Vororte . . . 
for 1885-^ 93- Prag, 1888-97. 

Shrria. Statistisches Landesamt 
Statistisches Handbuch fur die Sdbstver- 
waltung in Stdermark. i. Ausgabe. 
^^Graz, X899. = 9314.365 

Cvico fisicato. 
BoUetino mensile bul movimento della 
popolazione, e sulle condizioni meteo- 
rofogiche e di •ipprovigionamento dla 
citti. 1S97-Z898. Trento, 1897-98. = 

Uffido statistico municipale. 
Bolletino statistico trimestrale. 1888- 
X896. Trcnto, 1888-96. = ♦93i4.364a5 
Minist^e des chemins \t fer, postes et t616- 
Chemins de fer, postes, td^graphes. t616- 
phones et marine. Compte rendu des 
optoitions pendant I'annde 1895-97. 
BnixeUes. 1896-98. = 93859493 

Offioe du travail. 
Les industries i domicile en Belgique. Vol. 
1. Bruxelles, 1899. = *933i.73a3 

Rerue du travail. Ann^e 1-3. Bi-uxelles, 
i8q6-[98]. = *933i.0493a3 

Service d'hyei^ne. 
Ville de Bruxdies; service d'hygi^e; 
son organisation et son mode de fonc- 
tionnement Bruxdles, 1898. = 

. , , *96i4.09493ai 

Apfesiaui ufk cnfnvmafnL 
kJL6jvh OT^ rpa«i^ecxa craTicTisa 8a oc- 


pga nptS'L yHe6HaTa 1894/95 rojUHa. 
Co#Hfl, 1899, = ♦9379-497a3 

Balganan text with French trmtlation. 

Ai6jwh vFh rpa«i^ecxa craTHCTHsa. Olc- 
fOflHie Ha HacejieHiero cnope^'B np^6poa- 
BaHMero Ha 1 aHjrapi 1893. Album de 
sUtistique graphique. fitat de la popu- 
lation d'apr^ le recensement du i Jan- 
vier 1893- Co^M, 1896. = ♦93i4.97as 

Mouyement de la population pendant Tan- 
nee 1884-96. 2c partie. Naissances, 
d^^s et mariages par arrondissements et 
d^partements. Sophia, 1889-99. = 

*93 12.497 

Bvlgmriaa text with French trmnslation. 

OnTHCTua Ha 6'KDrapcKHTii y^sjivma B'L 
OBponeicxa Typi^iii (MaKeAOHiii h Oaphh- 
eso) sa yHe6HaTa roAHea. Statisque des 
^coles bulgares dans la Turquie d'Eu- 
rope (la Macedoine et le vilayet d'An- 
drinople) pour I'ann^e scolaire 1893/94. 
nJOBABVB, 1895. 84 pp. = 9379.497a4 

Bnlgmrian text with French translation. 

OrsTieTHxa na peAOBHHt Boenen'L Ha'Lop^ 
nj^% 1897 r6AHHa. Ck>«HH, 1899. Dia- 
grams. = .^„ ^ , ♦9354.4957 

Btucanan text with French translation. 


Evidences taken before the commission 
appointed to investigate charges of al- 
leged malfeasance ox the offidals of the 
Yukon territory. Ottawa, 1899. = 

Journals of the House of Commons, 7th 
Parliament, 2d-6th sessions, 8th Parlia- 
ment, ist-3d sessions, 1892-98. Ottawa, 

i893-[i898j. = »7034.49 

Report of the select standing committee 

on agriculture and colonization. Ottawa, 

1899. = 9630.971a1.1899 

Qerk of the Crown in chancery. 

Report on the prohibition plebiscite hdd 

on the 29th day of September, 1898, by 

Samud E. St O. Chapleati. Ottawa, 

1809.= ^34.64 

In English and French. 

Department of agriculture. 

Report of a visit to Great Britain and the 

continent of Europe in the winter of 

1897-98. By Dr. Duncan McEachran. 

Ottawa, 1895. = 6oo9b.3 

Treats chiefly of veterinary science. 

Department of finance. 
Report of the loan companies and building 
societies for 1887-98. Ottawa, 1888-99. 
12 V. in 3. = *9332.3237 

Department oi marine and fisheries. 
List of shipping. Ottawa, 1899. = 

Department of public prmting and stationery. 
Price list of government oublications and 
index of acts of revised statut^c of 
Canada, 1886, and ot the public and pn- 
vate acts of tne Parliament t)i Canada 
from Session 50-51 Victoria, 1887, to 61 
Victoria, 1898, both indusive. Ottawa, 

1899. = 9016.3547 

Geographic board. 
Annual report, ist 1898. Ottawa, 1899. 
= ♦7034.70 

Lobster commission. 

Report. Ottawa, 1899. = ^7034.69 

British Columbia. 
Lands and works department 
Sketch map of the province of British 
Columbia. Victoria, B. C, 1899. 
Scale (computed), 43.5 miles to i 
inch. = No. 9 in *Map 22.1 

Minister of mining. 
Sketch map of part of Cassiar district, 
showing Atlin gold fields, B. C. Vic- 
toria, 1898. Scale (computed), 7.8 
miles to i inch. No. 11 in *Map 22.1 
Map of southern portion. East & West 
Kootenay districts. Victoria, 1898. 
Scale (computed), 4 miles to i inch.. 
= No. 12 in *Map 22.1 

Ontario, province. 
Provincial board of health. 
Annual report, 2d-i7th. 1883-1898. 
Toronto, 1884-99. = *96i4.07i3 

Report relating to the registration of 
births, marriages and deaths in the 
province of Ontario, 1876, 78-95, 97. 
Toronto, 1878^-99. 20 .V. = *96i4.i7i3 



Cape of Good Hope. 

Acts of the Parliament of the colony. Ses- 
sion i8^. Cape Town, 1897. = ♦9349.6871 
Civil service. 
The Cape of Good Hope Civil service list. 
1890, 92-99. Cape Town, 1890-99. = 



Index to the annexures and printea papers 

of the House of Assembly and also to 

the principal resolutions adopted, and to 

the bills and printed select committee 

and conmiission reports. 1854 to 1897. 

Caoe Town, 1899. = '•^328.6874a3 

Legislative council. 

Minutes of the Legislative council, oth 

Parliament, 4th session, 1897. [With 

Appendix i, 2.] Cape Town, 1897. 

7 V. = ♦9326.6871 

The appendices contain reports of various depart- 
ments and commissions, mainly statistical. 


Iniperial maritime customs. 
Returns of trade and trade reports, 1898. 
Shanghai, 1899. = 9382.51 

Statens statistiske bureau. 
Statistisk Aarbog. Aargang 4. 1899. 
KjB^nhavn. [1899.] = ♦9514.89^2 

Statistisk Bureaus Historie et Omrids, 
udarbejdet i Anledning af Bureauets 50- 
Aarige Bestaaen, avec un precis en fran- 
cs. Kf^nhavn, 1899. = ^931 1.9489 

Intendencia de policia de la Provincia del 
Memoria . . . 1898. Guayaquil, 1899. = 


Ministro de hacienda. 
Informe del Ministro del hacienda al Con- 

freso constitucional de 1898. Quito. 
1898.] = 9336.86 


Administration des postes. 
Rapport sur I'exercice, 1895-97. Le Caire, 
1896-98. = *9383.i62a2 

Statistique generale pour I'exercice, 1895- 
97. Le Caire, 1896-98. = "9383. 162 

Direction g6nerale des douanes. 
Bulletin mensuel du commerce exterieur. 
Annee 3, no. 3, 4. 1899. Alexandrie, 
1899. = ♦9382.6233 

Rapport du Directeur general sur Texer- 
ace de Tannde 1898. Alexandrie, 1899. 
= ♦9382.6234 

EgyptisLTi postal guide. Published half 
yearly. July, 1899. Cairo, 1899. = 

Moss, R. J., & company, Alexandria, Egypt. 
Egyptian statistical tableau for the year 
1896-98. Issue 30-32. Alexandria. [1897- 
99.] = ♦9338.062 

Tilastollinen paatoimisto. 
Fattigvirds-statistik. 1-4. Helsingfors, 
1891-99. = ♦9362.9471 


Direction generale des douanes. 
Tableau general du commerce et de la 
navigation. Annde 1896, 1897, vol. i. 
Paris, 1897, 98. = ♦9382.4433 

Ministere des affaires etranger( 
Documents diplomatiques. CI 
Paris. [1900. J = 
Ministere des colonies. 
Statistiques coloniales pour 
Paris, 1899. = 
Service de la statistique mu 
Tableaux mensuels de stat 
cipale. Annee 1895-1898. 

Gerichtsverfassungsgesetz fiir 
Reich (Fassung der Bekannti 
20. Mai 1898) nebst Einfii 
Erganzungsbestimmungen u: 
setze tiber die Konsularg< 
Herausgegeben von K. Pani 


Weissbuch. Vorgelegt dem 

der I. session der 10. Legis 

10. Theil. Berlin, ittyy. 

Contents. — Jahresbericht uber d 

des Schutzgebietes Togo. — Jal 

die Entwickeiung des ostafrikani 

bietes. — Jahresbericht uber di 

▼on Deutsch-Sudwcstafrika. — I 

die Entwickeiung der Marshall-1 

■chriit, betreffend die Verwcndi 

fonds. — Jahresbericht uber di 

des Schutzgebietes Kamenin. 

Kaiserliches statistisches Amt. 
Statistisches Jahrbuch fiir c 
Reich. Jahrgang 3, 8-20. 
Berlin, 1882-99. = 
Reich s- Postmuseum. 

Katalog. Berlin, 1897. 
Statistisches Amt 
Einstweilige Ergebnisse <3 
lung vom I. Dec., 1890. 


Statistisches Jahrbuch der 
[ahrgang 13-18, 20-23. 
lin, i88g^. = 
Breslau. Statistisches Amt. 
Breslauer Statistik. Im Auf 
gistrats der konigl. Hau 
denzstadt Breslau. Bresl; 

Monatsberichte. 1889-94, 
lau. [1890-99.] = 
Charlottenburg, Prussia. Maj 
Bericht iiber die Verwalti 
Stand der Gemeinde-Ai 
der Stadt fiir 1898/99. C 
1900. = 
Deutsche Kolonialgesellschaft. 
Die Generalakte der Samoa- 
einer Karte : Die Samoa-] 
gegenwartigen Besitzverhal 
lonialstaaten im Indischer 
Ocean. Berlin, 1899. 
Statistisches Amt. 
Mitteilungen. Jahrgang i 
[and] Heft ^-9, ausgeg 
1897-1899. Dresden, il 

Frankfort on the Main. 
Frankfurter Vereins fur G 
Jahresbericht. Frankfur 
ri866]-99. = 



glich-hessische Central stelle fiir 


ingen. Band 25-28. Darmstadt, 

8. = *93i4.34ia2 

£S Amt. 

rolkeningswechsel in der Stadt 
hre, 1894-1898. Leipzig, 1895- 

ibnisse der Volkszahlung vom 2. 
iber, 1895, und der Berufs- und 
bezahlung vom 14. Juni, 1895, 
T Stadt Leipzig. Theil 2. 
g, 1899. = *93i4.32ia6 

es Amt. 

jngen. Nr. i, 4-8. Magdeburg. 

9. = *93i4.3i8 

-preussisches statistisches Bu- 

ift Jahrgang 5-39. 1865-99. 
r 1865-99. = *93i4.3i 

.oenigliches saechsisches statis- 

. Redigirt von dessen Didektor. 
I 6-44. 1860-1899. [Und Sup- 
ite.] Leipzig [and] Dresden, 
8. 39 V. in 14. *93i4.32i 


ingsbericht der Stadt Strass- 

E., fiir die Zeit von 1889/90 bis 

4. Strassburg, 1898. = 9352.043 


es statistisches Landesamt 

ibergische Jahrbiicher fiir Sta- 
und Lan 'eskunde. Jahrgang 
94, Heft 2, 3; 1895-97. Er- 

igsband i, 2. Stuttgart, 1889- 

*93 14.347 

s fmances. 

avec les pays etrangers, 1897. 

s.] 1898. = 9382.495 

ind text are in both Romaic and 

e estado en el despacho de fo- 

. . a la Asamblea nacyial legis- 
399. Guatemala, 1899.^= 


of foreign affairs, 
aiian islands. A handbook of 
ion. Honolulu, 1899. = 3049a. 108 

n statistiek der gemeente. 
:hc mededeelingen. No. 1-4. 
rdam, 1895-99. *93i4.92a6 

ijk bureau van statistiek. 
:h jaarboek. Jaargang i, 2; 3, 
I. 1895-97. Amsterdam, 1896- 


iment of the trade and naviga- 

ritish India with foreign coun- 

in the year ending 31st March 

Issue 23-32. Calcutta, 1889- 

= *9382.54a4 

Indian tamine charitable relief fund. 
Report ot the Central executive com- 
mittee, 1897. Calcutta, 1898. = 

Contents. — i. Central committee's first and sec- 
ond reports. 2. Provincial reports. 

Indian famine commission, 1898. 
Report. Presented to both houses of Par- 
liament. London, 1898. 9351.84 
Statistical bureau. 
The cultivation of coffee in India. 
[1895/96-97/98.) [Calcutta, 1897-99.1 = 

„. *9338^ii4 

Financial and commercial statistics for 

British India. Issue 1-5, 1892/93-97/98. 

Calciitta, 1894-^)8. 5 V. = ♦9315.432 
Judicial and administrative statistics for 

British India, 1895/96-97/98. Calcutta, 

1897-99. = •9354.545 

Prices and wages in India. Issue 7th- 

i6th. Calcutta, 1890-99. 10 v. = 

.^ , *9338.554 


Direzione generale della statistica. 
Statistica del monti di pieti nell' anno 
1896. Roma, 1899. = *9332.3345 


General bureau of statistics. 
Resume statistique de Tcmpire du Japon. 
Annee 2-13. Tokio, 1888^. = ♦9315.2 
Guide de I'immigrant i' Madagascar. Ou- 
vrage public au gouvernement g6n6ral . . , 
i I'aide des rapports des chefs de service 
. . . rassembles et mis en ordre par le 
capitaine Neple. Paris, 1899. Text, 3 v. 
Pis. Atlas. Maps. ♦305oa.5i 

Colonial secretary. 
Blue book for the colony^ 1893-98. Port 
Lou*s, 1894-99. = ♦93i6.9a5 


Secretaria de estado y del despacho de ha- 
cienda y cr^dito publico. 
Estadistica fiscal. Importaci6n. Alios 

1893/94 y 1892/93, 94/95. Mexico, 1897. 
98. = ♦9382.72 


Centrale commissie voor de statistiek. 
Jaarcijfers. Kolonicn. 1893-97 en vorigc 
Jaren. s' Gravenhage, 1895-99. 5 v. 
in I. = 9314.9234 

Dutch text with French translation. 

Ministerie van buitenlandsche zaken. 
Consulaire verslagen en berichten. Taarg. 
1865-97. 's Gravenhage. [1866-98.] 

Bureau van statistiek der gemeente. 
Statistische maandeberichten en recapi- 
tulatie over het jaar 1897-^. Am- 
sterdam, 1898-1900. = ^314.9237 
New Zealand. 

Department of labour. 
Journal of the Department of labour. 
Vo.. 3-6. 1895-98. Wellington, 1895-98. 

= *933i.093i 

Report . . . 1895-99. [Wellington, 1895- 

99.] 5 v. in I. = *933i.093ia2 


Dircc^ao geral da estatistica ; dos proprios 


Annuario estatistico de Portugal. 1892. 

Lisboa, 1899. = ♦93i4.69a2 



Ministro t secretario d'estado dos negocios 

da marinha e tiltramar. 

Relatorio, propostas de lei e documentos 

relativos 4s possessdes ultramarinas 

apresentados na Camara dos senhores 

deputados da na^o pcrtugueza em 

sessao de 20 de mar^o de 1899. Vol. i. 

Lisboa, 1899. = *932S.3469 


Ministerul agriculturei, industrei, comerciu- 
lui si domeniilor. 
Bulletin statistic al Romaniei. Anul 4, 
seria 2, no. i. Bucaresci, 1899. = 


R^sultats g^ndraux de la rdcolte de i&>7, 98. 

Recolte des c^rdales d'hiver et d'^te com- 

par6e aux r^coltes de 1892-96, 93-97. St 

Fdtersbourg, 1898, 99. = *9338.i47 

Controleur de Tempire. 

Rdglement d6finitif du budget de 1' empire 

pour I'exercice 1897. St P^tersbourg, 

1898. Tables. = 9336.4732 


Finansdepartement. Kontroll- och juste- 


Branvins tillverkning och fosaljning samt 

hvitbetssockertillverkningen. 1-15. Be- 

rattelse for tillverkningsiren 1873/4- 

18^/8. Stockholm, 1877-99. 15 v. in i. 

= • *93 14.85332 

The earlier titles read: Byrin for konuolien i 

tillverknings afgifter. 

Kongliga jemsvags-styrelsen. 
Statens jemvagstrafik. 1-36. Berattelse 
for ix 1862-g/. Stockholm, 1864-97. = 


Kongliga statistiska central-byr&n. 

Afionings- och pensionsstatistik. I: 1-8. 
Berattelse afgifven Lt 1881-1899. Stock- 
holm, 1882-99. *93 14.85336 

Kommunernas f3ttigv4rd och fin3nscr. 
Berattelse 1-24, for kr 1874-97. Stock- 
holm, 1877-99. = *i)3i4-8533i 

Sp3rb3nksst3tistik. Sp3rb3nker och foik- 
b3nker. Berattelse for &r 1893-96. 
Stockholm, 1895^. = *93I4.85337 

St3tskontorets riksboksiutsbvrin. 
Kapital-konto till riks-hutvud-boken for 
&r 1864-69, 76-98. Stockholm, 1866- 

99. = ♦9336.48533 

Kongligt ecklesi3Stik-dep3rtement 

Undervisningsv3sendet. Bersittelse om 
folkskolorn3 for kr 1882-1890, 1893-1896. 
Stockholm, 1887-99. = *93 14.85322 

Undervisningsv3sendet. Berslttelse om st3- 
tens 3llmann3 Isroverk for goss3r l3se- 
&ret 1876/7-1897/8. Stockholm, 1884- 
99. 22 V. in 3. [Bidr3g till Sveriges 
officiel3 st3tistik.] = *93i4-85323 

V3lst3tistik. Berittelse ronmde riksdsgs- 
m3nn3V3llen &ren 1872, 1875, 1876/78- 

94/96. Stockholm, 1873-97. = 

*93 14.85326 

Kongligt kommerskollegium. 
Bergshsndteringen. Bersttelse for Lr 1858- 
98. Stockholm, [i859]-99. = *93i4.8533 
H3ndel. Underd&niga berattelse for 3r 
1858-97. Stockholm, 1859-98. = 

The sub-title, from 1858 to 1894, reads: Uuikes 
handel och sjdfart. 

S3mm3ndrag af yrkesinspektoremes be- 
rsttelser tor &r 1890-94. Stockholm, 
i89.'V-5. = ♦9331.048532 

Sjofahrt Bersttelse for ir 185^1897. 
Stockholm. [1859I-99. = ♦9314.8536 
Yrkesinspektionens verks3mhet ir 1895-98. 
Stockholm, 1806-99. = *9^3i.o^S^ 
Kongligt kommerskollegium. Arbetsstatistik. 
Elmquist, Hennmg. 
Undersokning 3f tob3ksindustrxen i Sve- 
rige. Stocldiolm, 1899. = ♦93310485.2 
Leffler, Joh3n. 
Undersokning 3f b3geriema i Sverige. 
Stockholm, 1899. = ♦9331.0485.x 

L3ndm3teriet. Bersttelse for kr 1867-98. 
Stockholm, 1868-99. [Bidr3g till Sve- 
riges officiel3 st3tistik.] = ♦9315.85320 
Lots- och fyrinattningen S3mt lifraddniiijp- 
3nst3ltem3 &r rikets kuster. 2-26. Be- 
rsttelse for &r [1873I-1898. Stockholm, 
1875-99. Ch3rts. = ♦9314.85330 

Heiso- och sjukv&rden: Ny foljd. 1-37. 
Beritteise for kr 1861-97. Stockholm, 
1864-99. 37 V. in 6. [Bidr3g till Sveriges 

officiel3 st3tistik.] = ♦9314.85314 

Until ib77 the reporu were made by the bund- 

Ofverstyrelsen ofver hospitalen. 
Helso- och sjukvirden. Underdiniga be- 
rattelse for &r 1861-97. Stockholm, 
1862-99. = *93 14-85315 

Riksst3t for ir 1868-1900. [Stockholm, 
1867-99.] 19 V. in I 3nd unbound p3rts. 
= ♦9336.48532 

Styrelsen for postsp3rb3nken. 
Extrait du rapport au Roi sur la situation 
et I3 gest3tion de I3 C3isse d*ep3rgne 
postale de Suede pendant Tannic 1897 
. . . pr^sentd p3r I3 Direction de la 
C3isse. Stockholm, 1899. = 93837 

Sp3rbanksstatistik. Postsp3rbanken. Be- 
rattelse for kr 1893-97. Stockholm, 
1895-09. Charts. = ♦9314.85338 

Telegrafvasendet Ny foljd. Berittdsc 
1-38, for kr 1861-98. Stockholm, 1862- 
99.^ ♦9314.85312 

Vag- dih vattenbyggnadsstyrelsen. 
Allmanna arbeten. 1-26. Berattelse foi 
kret 1872-1897. Stockholm, 1873-98. 
26 V. in 3. Maps. Tables. = *93i4.85329 
United Kingdom. 
Agreement between the Canadi3n govern- 
ment and Pickford and Black to est3b- 
lish a steamship service between Can3da 
and the West Indies. Msrch, 1900. 

British Soutn Atric3 comp3ny. 
Accounts 3nd estim3tes, 1896-1900. 
London, 1899. 9968.1333 

Building societies. 
4th annual report Part 2. Abstract of 
accounts. London, 1900. 9332.323436 
Canada-Australia. Further correspondence 
relating to the proposed construction of 
a cable across the Pacific ocean. Janu- 
ary, 1900. 9384.2503 



Coorentioii between Her Majesty ana the 
United States of America relative :o 
establishment of a communication by 
ihip-canal between the Atlantic and Pa- 
cific oceans. February, 1900. 9386.972 

Correspondence relating to the despatch of 
colonial military contingents to South 
Africa. November, 1899. 9968.2ai2 

Gffrespondence respecting the peace con- 
ference held at the Hague in 1899. Lon- 
don, 1899. 9341. ia2 

Correspondence respecting the status of 
slavery in East Africa and the islands 
of Zanzibar and Pemba. London, 1809. 


Correspondence with the Presidents of the 
South African Republic and of the 
Orange Free State respecting the war. 
March, 1900. 9968.2ai4 

De^tch to Her Majest/s charge d'af- 
faires at Berlin, inclosing copies of the 
convention and declaration between 
Great Britain and Germany of Novem- 
ber 14, 1899, for the settlement of the 
Samoan and other questions. London, 

_i8». 9996. ia4 

Farther correspondence relating to the 
hurricane on 1-12 September, 1898, and 
the relief of distress caused thereby. 
October, 1899. London, 1899. 9351.84810 

Further correspondence on finances and 
government London, 1899. 9336.729282 

liacdonald, J. R. L. 
Expedition from the Uganda protecto- 
rate. May, 1898-Marai, 1899. Lon- 
don, 1899. 9967.6a2 

Conespondence relating to the Benin 
territories expedition, 1899. London, 
.1899- 9966.582 

NoUce issued by the High Commissioner 
for South Africa, 26 January, 1900, on 
forfeitures, &c., of property situated in 
the South African Republic or in the 
Orange Free State. February, 1900. 

Oliver, Thomas. 
Report upon the pottery industry of 
France. London, 1899. 9613.6382 

On lead compounds in pottery. 

Railways in Ireland (State advances). 
London, 1899. 9385-9415 

Report (loth) of Her Majesty's commis- 
sioners appointed to carry out a scheme 
of colonization in the Dominion of 
Canada of crofters and cottars from the 
Western Highlands and islands of Scot- 
lands. London, 1899. 9325.7ia7 

Report of the House of Lords on copy- 
right bill [H. L.1 and the copyright (ar- 
tistic) biil [H. L]. London, i^. 


Report of the select committee on fire 
brigades. London, 1899. 9352.34283 

Reports on the finances, administration, 
and condition of Egypt and the Soudan 
in 1899. London, 1900. 9962.8! 

Return relating to all authorized gas un- 
dertakings in the United Kingdom be- 

longing to local authorities, for the year 
ended 25 March 1899. London, 1900. 


Same for undertaidngs other than those 
of local authorities tor the year ended 31 
December, 1899. London, 1900. 


Return showing the fleets of Great Britain, 
France, Russia, (jermany, Italy, United 
States of America, and Japan. London, 
1899. 9359.4 

Return showing the precise nature of the 
local excise restrictions in Her Majes- 
ty's colonies. October, 1899. 93362788 

Royal commission on accidents to railway 
servants. Part i. Report. Part 2. Min- 
utes of evidence and appendices. Lon- 
don, 1900. 9331.824282 

Ro3ral commission on horse breeding. 
Report, 7th. London, 1899. 9636.1 

Royal commission on local taxation. 
Memoranda chiefly relating to the classi- 
fication and incidence of imperial and 
local taxes. London, 1899. == 

Minutes of evidence taken. [With in- 
dexes and appendices.] London, 1898^ 
99. = 9336.2842a3 

Royal commission on water supply within 
the limits of the metropolitan water com- 
panies. Final reports. London, 1899. 

Correspondence respecting the affairs of 
Samoa. Report of the joint commis- 
sion. London, 1899. 9996.183 
Sierra Leone. 
Insurrection of 1898. Evidence and 
documents. London, 1899. 9966.4 
South Airican republic 
Correspondence relating to the status of 
the South Atrican republic. London, 
1899. 9968.287 
Further correspondence relating to pro- 
posed political reforms. London, 1899. 

Further correspondence relating to poli- 
tical affairs. London, 1899. 

Further correspondence relating to the 
political affairs of the South African 
Republic. October. London, 1899. 


Trade and commerce of certain foreign 

countries and British possessions. No. i. 



Award of the tribunal oi arbitration on 

the boundary between the colony ot 

British Guiana and the United States 

of Venezuela. London, 1899. 

Case of the United States of Venezuela 
before the tribunal of arbirtation. Vol. 
I. London, 1899. 9341.69 782 

The counter-case of the United States ot 
Venezuela before the tribunal of arbi- 
tration. Voi. I. London, 1899. 




The printed argument on behalf of the 
United States of Venezuela before the 
tribunal ot arbitration. London, 1899. 

Board of trade. Labour department 

Annual abstract, [ist-]5th, of labour sta- 
tistics of the United Kingdom. 1893/4- 
97/8. London, 1894-98. = 9331.0942212 

Annual abstract of foreign labour statis- 
tics, 1st, 1898-99. London, 1899. = 

Provision for old age abroad Provision 
for old age by government action in cer- 
tain European countries. L<)ndon, 1899. 
= ♦9362.63^ 

Report by the chief labour correspondent 
on the strikes and lockouts of 1896-98. 
London, 1897-90. = *933i-8942 

Report by the chief labour correspond- 

ent on trade unions in II 
comparative statistics. 

Report on changes in rates of 
hours of labour in the United _ 
[ist-6th], 1893-98. London, 1894-lli^ 

County council. 
Annual report, 9th, of the AsyltioiB 
mittee and the sub-committees of 

stead, Cane Hill, Q^rbury, 

Hatch, Hanwell, the Heath (Beidcyj 
and Horton asylums. Vfi^ 
dices. London, 1898. = 
Public record office. 
Calendar of treasury books and p^ei^^ 
1729-1734. London, 1897, 98. 2 t. 


Contents. — [i.] 1739-1790. S; >7Si-t734* 














1900 I9OI. 












Books. (Encycloi>e- 
EHrectories. Guide 



v'e Biographies. 


to Biographies (see p. 205). 

History. Study and 



The Orient. Eastern 



Middle Ages. 


The Mediterranean, 
av. Sweden, 
a. Finland. Poland. 



Indies. Mexico. 

States. The American 


ution. War of 1812. 


sh-American War, 1898. 

ritorial Expansion. 

eparate States. 


























Fine Arts. General Works. Il- 
lustrated Books. Illumina- 


Architecture. Building. 


Caricature. Humorous Draw- 


Decoration. Design. Omamei\J. 
Mosaic. Furniture. Lace. Era- 






Drawing. Mechanical Drawing. 41 
Engraving. 41 

Galleries. Exhibitions. Schools. 42 
Landscape Gardening. Parks. 42 
Music. Musicians. 
Numismatics. Grems. Arms and 

Painting. Portraits. 
Photography. Photographic Pro- 
Pottery. Vases. Glass. Tap- 
estry. Enamelling. 
Sculpture. Wood Carving. Py- 

rography. Goldsmiths' and 

Silversmiths' Work. 
Geography. Travels. 
Geography. Atlases. 

Asia. The Orient. 
Polar Regions. 





Greece. Greek Archipelago. 

Italy. The Mediterranean. 

Norway. Sweden. Iceland. 


Russia. Finland. 















America. 60 

South America. 61 

Central America. 'Mexico. 61 

North America. 61 

Alaska. The Klondike. 61 

Canada. Newfoundland. 62 

West Indies. 62 

United States. 62 

Language. Rhetoric. 64 

Language. Comparative Philo- 
logy. Universal Language. 64 
Assyrian. Cuneiform Inscrip- 
tions. 65 
Corean. 65 
English. 65 
French. 65 
Gaelic. Irish. 66 
German. 66 
Greek. 66 
Hebrew. 66 
Indian of America. 66 
Italian. 66 
Japanese. 66 
Latin. 67 
Norwegian. 67 
Polish. 67 
Russian. 67 
Sanskrit. 67 
Slavic. 67 
Spanish. 67 

Rhetoric. Composition. Elocu- 
tion. Oratory. Recitations. 67 
Literature. 68 

Bibliography. Catalogues of 

Public and Private Libraries. 68 

Libraries. Books. 72 

Printing. Book-binding. Book- 
plates. Book-selling. 73 

Journalism. Authorship. Ed- 
iting. Advertising. 74 

Manuscripts. Palaeography. Au- 
tographs. Broadsides. 75 

Literature. General and Com- 
parative. Criticism. 76 
Chinese. 76 
Dutch. Flemish. 76 
Egyptian. 76 
English and American. 76 
Shakespeare. 81 
English Fiction for Refer- 
ence Use. 82 
French. 85' 
German. 86 
Greek. 87 
Hebrew. 87 
Hungarian. 88 












Drama. The Stage. Actors. 
Folk Lore. Legends. Fai 

Tales. Fables. Proverbs, 
Medicine. Hygiene. 
Medical Societies and Instil 

tions. Transactions. Reporti 
Anatomy. Histology. Phys 

logy. Vivisection. 
Medicine. Diseases. Patholog] 


Insanity. Nervous Disease 

Health Resorts. 

Therapeutics. Materia Medi- 

Mental Healing. 

Gynaecology. Obstetrics. 
Hospitals. Nursing. Acciden 

Military Medicine and H 


State Medicine. Public and P 
vate Hygiene. Medical Cc 
ditions, Education, and Ethi< 
Food. Diet. 

Veterinary Science. 

In General. Scientific Voyage 

Anthropology. Ethnology. 

Astronomy. Time. Navigatic 

Biology. Evolution. 

Chemistry. Physical Chemisti 
Geology. Palaeontology. 
Hydrography. Physical Geogi 


Mathematics. Surveying. Gi 
desy. Weights and Measure 
Meteorology. Climate. 



Mineralogy. Crystallography. 
Natural History. Nature. Out- 
of-Door Life. 


Physics. Aeronautics. 

Zoology. Taxidermy. 
Philosophy. Education. Ethics. 

Philosophy. Logic. Knowledge. 


Phrenology. Cheiromancy. 

Theosophy. Occultism. Spiritu- 

Education. Teaching. 
Children. Kindergarten. 
Colleges. Institutions. Schools. 
The Deaf and Dumb. The 

Industrial and Commercial 
Education. Sloyd. 

Ethics. Life. Manners. Occu- 
Religion. Theology. 

Religion. Theology. Theolo- 
gical Writers. 


Ceremonial. Devotional. Doc- 

Christ. Christianity. 

Churches. Sects. 

Ecclesiastical History. Church 
and State. 

Fathers of the Church. Saints. 
Religious Biography. 

Hymnology. Religious Poetry. 

The Ministry. Religious Educa- 


Mythology and Non-Christian 

Religious Associations and In- 

Science and Religion. 

Social Science. 

Political Economy. Economic 

Land. Agricultural Economy. 
Labor. Trades Unions. Guilds. 
Capital. Distribution. Pro- 
Trusts. Monopolies. 
Money. Banks. 

























Value. Prices. 137 

Wages. 137 

Insurance. Pensions. Lotteries. 137 
Commerce. Transportation. 

Communication. 138 

Finance. Public Credit. 141 

Taxation. Tariff. 141 

Industry. Manufactures. 142 

Political Science. 142 

International Politics. Diplo- 
macy. 143 
Colonial Government. Colo- 
nization. 144 
Municipal Government. 144 
Civil Service. 145 

Sociology. 145 

Charities. The Poor. 146 

The Negro. Slavery. 146 

Population. Statistics. 147 

Prisons. Crime. Punishment. 147 
Socialism. Communism. An- 
archism. Nihilism. 147 
Woman. The Sexes. 148 
Law. Legislation. Patents. 149 

Law. Jurisprudence. 149 

Cases. 150 

International Law. Maritime 
Law. Arbitration. 150 

Legislation. Statutes. Consti- 
tutional Law. Parliamentary 
Practice. 150 

Patents. Copyright. 151 

Useful and Industrial Arts. 151 

Industrial Arts. Inventions. Ex- 
hibitions. Technical Dictiona- 
ries. 151 

Agriculture. Horticulture. Dairy. 
Domestic Animals. Forestry. 
Irrigation. Fisheries. 152 

Chemical Technology. Metal- 
lurgy. 157 

Commercial Methods. Book- 
keeping. Shorthand. 157 

Domestic Economy. Cookery. 158 

Engineering. Mechanics. 158 

Electricity, Theoretical and 
Applied. Telegraph. Tele- 
phone. 158 
Fires. 159 
Machinery. Engines. 160 
Mining. 160 
Railroads. Canals. Roads. 

Locomotion. 161 

Water Supply. Heating. Light- 
ing. Ventilation. 161 



Refrigeration. Ice. 
Manufactures. Mechanic Trades. 
Military and Naval Art, Science 

and History. 
Amusements. Games. Sports. 
Out-Door Sx)orts. Athletics. 

Physical Education. 
Hunting. Fishing. Boating. 
In-Door Amusements. 
Postage Stamps. 
In Dutch. 
In English. 
In French. 
In German. 
In Italian. 
In Polish. 








In Russian. 

In Spanish. 

In Swedish. 
Books Added to Children's Room. 

Books Added During Recen 

School Reference Library. 

Kindergarten Collection. 
Associations. Clubs. Institutions 
Periodicals. Annuals. Indexes. 
Old Books. 
Public Documents in Statistica 


United States. 

Separate States. 








I ^t* I 

Reference Books. 

Encyclopedias. Directories. Guide 


Each year the Library adds many works, most of 
»fcieh are not entered here because they are serial pub- 
fcdoni. They are, howcrer, valuable additions to the 
ytWt literature. The titles of such works will be found 
ia the Consolidated Periodical List 

Adams, Oscar Fay. 
A dictionary of American authors. 4tn edi- 
tion. Boston, 190L ^ !?.^?°° 

Annaaire-almanach du commerce, de 1 mdtis- 
tric, de la magistrature, et de Tadminis- 
tration de Paris, des d^partements, des 
colonies et des pays Strangers. 1901. 
Paris, 190L ♦6635.1 

Annuaire diplomatique et consulaire de la R6- 
publique frangaise pour 1901. Paris^ 1901. 

♦6619a. I 

Annuario della nobilti italiana. Anno 23. 
xgoL Pisa, ip^L ♦2739a.Si 

Applctons' General suide to the United Sutes 
and Canada. N. Y., 1901. Pis. Maps. 


Baedeker, Carl. 
Northern Germany. Handbook for travel- 
lers. 13th edition. Leipsic, 1900. Maps. 

filue book of American shipping. Qevcland. 
[1900.] Pis. Portrs. S.H.Ref.323.18 

British imperial calendar and civil service list 
for 1901. London. [190L] *4S39.3S 

Brookings, Walter Du Bois, and Ralph Curtis 
Ringwalt, editors. 
Briefs for debate. N. Y., 1900. 5599- "7 
Browne, T. B., limited, publisher. 
The advertiser's ABC. The standard ad- 
vertisement press directory. London. 
[1901.] Illus. Maps. = *6i4l65 

Buck, Albert Henry, editor. 
A reference handbook of the medical sci- 
ences. New edition. Vol. i. Aac — Bla. 
N. Y., 1900. V. Illus. ♦3730a:5i 

Cahn, Julius. 
Official theatrical tm\dt. Vol. 5. N. Y., 
IQOO. Portrs. Maps. ^4486.63 

Cambridge encyclopedia. A monthly magazine 
of history, religion, chronology, arts, sci- 
ences . . . and general information. Ed- 
ited by A. F. Demorest. [Vol. i.] No. 5. 
N. Y., 1899. = ♦7386.15 

Canadian year book. 1900. Toronto, 1900. 
= ♦2363.114 

Ch6ruel, Pierre Adolphe. 
Dictionnaire historique des institutions, 
moeurs et coutumes de la France. 7e edi- 
tion. Paris, 1899. 2 V. Illus. 4629.31 

Qark's Boston blue book. Boston, 1901. 


Qifton, C. Ebenezer. 

Nouveau dictionnaire anglais-fran^is et 

frangais-anglais, compose sur un plan 

nouveau par £. C. Qifton et Adrien Gri- 

maux. Paris. [185^-?] 2 v. ♦4681.18 

Connolly, Alonzo P. 

The Nineteenth century, containing loi 

calendars from 1800 to 1900 inclusive. 

With historical and important events of 

each year. 5th edition. Chicago, 1900. 


Craig, Asa H. 
Pros and cons. Complete debates. Im- 
portant questions fully discussed in the 
affirmative and the negative. With by- 
laws and parliamentary rules for con- 
ducting debatinnr societies, and a list of 
topics for debate. N. Y., 1897. '5569a. 158 

Directorio y guia para los maestros cubanos. 
Cambridge, 1900. 62 pp. = 4483.250 

Foerster, F. 

Kritischer .Wegweiser durch die ncuere 

deutsche historische Litteratur fiir Stu- 

dierende und Freunde der, Geschichte. 

Berlin, 1900. 64 pp. 2169.38 


Freeman, Mary A., compiler. 
Birthdays of six hundred and fifty authors 
with choice thoughts from each. Bos- 
ton, 1000. = *6259a.2 
Geyer's American paper trade directory. 
1900/1901. N. Y. [1900.] Illus. ♦8015.30 
Grey, Henry. 
A pocket encyclopaedia of useful knowledge 
on a thousand subjects. New edition. 
London, 1899. ♦7389.14 
Harbottle, Thomas Benfield, and Philip 
Hugh Dalbiac, editors. 
Dictionary of quotations (French and 
Italian). London, 1901. 62^oa.25 
Harper's official golf guide, 1901. N. Y., 
X90X. Portrs. Pis. ♦4003.148 
Hasluck, Paul Nooncree. editor. 
Cassell's cyclopaedia of mechanics, ist series. 
London, 1900. Illus. ♦8031.62 
Hastings, James, and John A. Selbie, edi- 
A dictionary of the Bible. Vol. 1-3. N. Y., 

1900. Illus. ♦5431.12 
Holt, Emily. 

Encyclopaedia of etiquette. N. Y., 1901. 

r , P^S. 5587.123 

Index juridicus. The Scottish law list and 
legal directory for 1900. Edinburgh. 
[1900.] B.H.Ref. 334x9 

International year book. A compendium 01 the 
world's progress during i^. Editor F. 
M. Colby, consulting editor H. T. Peck. 
N. Y. [1900.] Illus. Portrs. Plans. 
Diagrams. B.H.Ref. 212.2 

Iowa federation of women's clubs. 
Year book. 1899/1900, 1900/1901. [Des 
Moines, 1900, 1901.] = ♦5589.132 

Jefferson, Thomas. 
The Jeffersonian cyclopedia. A compre- 
hensive collection of the views of Thomas 
Jefferson, edited by J. P. Foley. N. Y., 
^ 1900. ♦7385.18 

Jones, Hugh Percy. 
A new dictionary of foreign phrases and 
classical quotations . . . With English 
translations or equivalents. London, 1900. 

l-ee, Guy Carleton. 
Source-book of English history. Trading 
documents together with illustrative ma- 
terial from contemporary writers and a 
bibliography of sources. N. Y., 1900. 

Bibliographical index, pp. 587-601. 

Linder, Nils, and others, editors. 
Nordisk familjebok, Konversationslexikon 
och realencyklopedi innehillande upplys- 
ningar och forklaringar om markvardiga 
namn, foremil och begrepp. Stockholm. 
[1876-99.] 20 V. .♦7385.15 

Literary year-book and bookman's directory. 

1901. London, 1901. ♦6196.75 
McKee, Thomas Hudson. 

The national conventions and platforms of 
all political parties, 1 789-1900. Also the 
political complexion of both Houses of 
Congress. 3a edition. Baltimore, 1900. 
Portrs. ♦4229.112 

Mackey, Mary Stuart, and Maryette Good- 
win Mackey. 

The pronunciation of 10,000 proper names. 
N. Y., igbi. ♦4589a. 167 

Marvin, Frederic Rowland, compiler. 
The last words (real and traditional^ < 
tinguished men and women. Col 
from various sources. Troy, 1900. 

Matson, Henry. 
References for literary workers. 4th e< 
Chicago, 1899. B.H.Ref.792.8 C22i 
Morison's chronicle of the year's news of 
Compiled by George Eyre-Todd. 2d 
Glasgow, 1900. ♦2, 

Murray, John, publisher. 
A handbook for travellers in Lowe 
Upper Egypt. loth edition. Edit" 
Mary Brodrick. London, 1900. 
Maps. Plans. 505; 

Pellnitz, Max. 
Technisches Worterverzeichniss dcr gi 
schen Branchen in deutscher, engl 
und franzosischer Sprache. Wien, 


Posthorn, Das. Illustriertes Jahrbud 

Postbeamte fur das Jahr 1901. Br 

X901. Illus. Portr. 5 

Public schools year book. The. 1901. 

don. [1901.] ♦35 

Rand, McNally & Co.'s handy guide to 

ton and environs. 4th edition. Chi 

1900. Pis. Map. 2351 
Soule, Richard. 1812-1877. 

A dictionary of English S)rnon)rmes or 
lei expressions. New edition, enlarg 
G. H. Howison. Phila., 1900. ♦45; 
Stanford's London atlas of universal 
raphy. Folio edition. 2d issue, 
don, 1898. (5) ff., 29 pp. 100 ma] 

Stedman, Edmund Qarence, and Tl 
Lathrop Stedman, editors. 
The complete pocket-guide to Europe. ! 

1901. Maps. 62 

An earlier edition, with the title Cassell's 
plete pocket guide, is on shelf-no. 6274.64. 

Times gazetteer of the world, The. Edit 
G. G. Chisholm. New impression, 
don, 1899. (Librarian's Room) ^22 

A reprint of Longmans' gazetteer [•2281. i< 

Universal cyclopaedia, The. A new editio; 
under the direction of C. K. Adams. ] 
1900. 12 V. Illus. Maps. Plans. 


Earlier editions, with the title "Johnson' 
versal cyclopaedia," are on shelf -no. *7382. 

Velazquez de la Cadena, Mariano, compil 

A new pronouncing dictionary of the 

ish and English languages. Revise( 

enlarged by Edward Gray, and Juj 

Iribas. x. Spanish-English. N. Y., 

Washington academy of sciences. 
Directory of the academy and affiliate 
cieties, comprising the Anthropolc 
Biological, Chemical, Entomological, 
graphic, Geological, Historical, Mc 
Philosophical. 1900. Washington, ] 
1900. 64 pp. = ♦7< 

Webster, Noah. 1758-1843. 

English language. Enlarged unde 
supervision of Noah Porter. V 
Harris, editor in chief. New ec 
Springfield, 1900. Illus. Portr. 


^cir, Elizabeth. 

Cassell's German dictionary. London, i8qq. 
2 parts in i v. *4888.87 

Williamson, George Charles. 
The cities of northern Italy. N. Y.. looi. 
[Grant Allen's historical guide books.] 


Yearbook of Australia for 1900. Sydney. 

[1900.] Maps. B.H.Ref.314-3 

Genealogy. H eraldry • 


Includes such materials for genealogical investiga- 
tioas as wills, registers, vital records, publications of 
pitriotic societies, etc. 

Adams, Andrew Napoleon. 
A genealogical history of Robert Adams, 
of Newbury, Mass., and his descendants. 
Rutland, Vt., 1900. Portrs. PI. 4432.131 

ADcrton, Walter Scott 
A history of the Allerton family in the 
United States, 1 585-1885, and a genealogy 
of the descendants of Isaac Allerton. En- 
larged by H. T. Currier. Chicago, 1900. 
Portrs. = *4337.i86 

An earlier edition is on shelf-number *4337'X46' 

AtcdcI, Marie Rene Louis Georges, vicomte d'. 
La noblesse frangaise sous Richelieu. Paris, 
1901. 4624.59 

Bailey, Franklin Ladd. 
The genealogy of Thomas Ruggles of Rox- 
bury, 1637, to Thomas Rufl^gles of Pom- 
fret, Conn., and Rutland, Vt. The gen- 
ealogy of Alitheah Smith of Hampton, 
Conn., the wife of Thomas Ruggles, and 
the genealogy of the descendants of 
Samuel Ladd of Haverhill, Mass. [Bos- 
ton.] 1896. 44 pp. *4434-425 

Barton, William Eleazar. 
Lieutenant William Barton of Morris coun- 
ty. New Jersey, and his descendants. Oak 
Park, 111., 1900. Illus. Portrs. = 

4439a. 150 

The quest of an ancestor. [Boston, 1898.] 

8 pp. Illus. = 4434.398 

Bath, England. Abbey church of SS. Peter 

and Paul. 

Registers. Edited by A. J. Jewers. VoL i. 

London, 1900. [Harleian society.] 

♦2410a. I 
Bath and Wells, England, Diocese of. 
The registers of Walter Giffard, Bishop of 
Bath and Wells, 1265-6, and of Henry 
Bowett, Bishop of Bath and Wells, 
1401-7. Edited by T. S. Holmes. Lon- 
don, 1899. [Somerset record society.] 

Benjamin, Mary Louise. 
A genealogy of the family of Lieut. Samuel 
Benjamin and Tabitha Livermore, his wife, 
early settlers of Livermore, Maine, . . . 
[Winthrop, Maine?] 1900. Portrs. Coats 
of arms. 4434-385 

Bent, Allen Herbert. 
Lewis Allen of Watertown farms (Wes- 
ton), Mass., 1665, and his descendants, 

including the Walpolc and Lancaster 

Aliens. Boston, 1900. 34 pp. = 4434.400 
Benton, Josiah Henry, Jr. 
Samuel Slade Benton, his ancestors and 

descendants. Boston, 1901. Illus. Portrs. 

Map. = *4432.224 

Bingham, Theodore Alfred. 
Genealogy of the Bingham family in the 

United States, especially of the State of 

Connecticut . . . Harrisburg, Pa., 18$^. 

Portrs. Pis. Maps. Fac-similes. 

Boislisle, Arthur Andr6 Gabriel Michel de. 
Madame de Beauvais et sa famille. Paris, 
1878. 41 pp. *4647.;^ 

Bolton, Charles Knowles. 
Marriage notices, 1785-1794, for the whole 
United States. Copied from the Massa- 
chusetts centinel and -the Columbian 
centinel. Salem, 1900. = *443oa.i45 

Boyden, Wallace Clarke, and others. 
Thomas Boyden and his descendants. Bos- 
ton, 1901. Portrs. *4434.437 
Brigham, Willard I. Tyler. 
Official report of the first six meetings of 
the American Brigham family association. 
Chicago, 1900. 69 pp. Illus. Portr. 

Burke, Sir John Bernard. 
A genealogical and heraldic history of the 
landed gentry . . . Edited by A. P. Burke, 
loth edition. London, 1900. *2430a.67 
Cadwalader, John, LL.D. 
The general title of the Penn family to 
Pennsylvania. An abstract continued to 
the present time by W. B. Rawle. Phila., 
1900. 75 pp. = *4432.i87 

Chamberlain, Joshua Lawrence. 
The President's address [at the dinner of the 
Chamberlain association, Boston, Septem- 
ber 8, 1898I. [Boston? 1898?] (18) pp. 
= ♦4439a. 146 

Chamberlain association of America. 
Report of general meeting held in Boston, 
August, 1899. 63 pp. Portrs. = 

♦4439a. 145 
Chappell, Philip Edward, compiler. 
A genealogical history of the Chappell, 
Dickie, and other kindred families of Vir- 
ginia. 1635-1900. Revised edition. Kan- 
sas City, 1900. Portrs. Pis. Map. Coat 
of arms. ^4434.365 

Chessman, Samuel. 
Leach family record. Albany, 1898. 42 pp. 
Illus. Portrs. 4432.212 

Cox, John Hosmer. 
New England Cox families. No. 1-4. [Bos- 
ton?! 1898-1900. = *4434.3I4 
Crisp, Frederick Arthur, editor. 
Baptisms in the private chapel of Sir Wil- 
liam Sheldon of Weston in the parish of 
Long Compton, Warwickshire. 1763- 1784. 
[London.] 1898. 19 pp. ♦2501.83 
Croston, Lancashire, Eng. Parish church. 
Registers. Christenings, 1543-1685. Wed- 
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Transcribed and edited by Henry Fish- 
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Royal supplement to Debrett's peerage, 
baronetage, knightage, and companion-^ 
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Illus. ♦6517.51 

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The Dc Forests of Avcsnes (and of New 
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Pis. *4439a.i72 

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The genealogy, history and alliances of the 
American house of Delano, 1621-1899. 
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Chart. *4432.26 

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Temps pass6, jours presents. (Notes de 
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Derby. Samuel Carroll. 

Earlv Dublin. A list of the Revolutionary 
soldiers of Dublin, N. H. Columbus, O., 
1901. 34 pp. = 2338.27 

Didsbury, Lancashire, England. Churches. 
Church of St. James. 
Registers. Christenings, burials, and wed- 
dings, 1561-1757. Transcribed and edited 
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Part I. Wigan, 1900. ♦2504.132 

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Topsfield deaths from 1658-1800. Salem, 
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The Downers of America, with genealogical 
record. Newark, 1900. Portrs. Pis. 
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The Bemis history and genealo^ ... of 
the descendants of Joseph Bemis of 
Watertown, Mass. San Francisco, 1900. 

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Genealogy of Samuel Williams, of Grafton, 
N. H. Portland, 1899. 20 pp. 4434.393 
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The Ipswich Emersons. 1636-1900. By B. 
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Boston, 1900. Illus. Portrs. Coats of 
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The English Emersons. London, 1898. 
Illus. Portrs. *4535-i37 

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Colonial families and their descendants. 
Baltimore, 1900. Portrs. Pis. 44393.144 

Concerns chiefly the Wright family. 

Farndon, Nottinghamshire, parish. 
Registers, 1695-1718. Transcribed and ed- 
ited by T. M. Blagg. Worksop, 1899. 
41 pp. *2504.37 

Fownhope, Parish of, Herefordshire, Eng. 
The parish registers of Fownhope, Co. Here- 
ford. [Edited by F. A. Crisp.] London, 
1899. 80 pp. ♦2501.86 

Fretz, Abraham James. 
A genealogical record of the descesdaiili 
of Henry Stauffer and other Stanffer 
pioneers. Harleysville, Pa.» 1899. Portn 


Fry, Edward Alexander, editor. 

A calendar of wills and administratioiii 

registered in the Consistory coart of the 

Bishop of Worcester, 1451-16142. Part L 

[Hertford.] 1809. ♦aSOfM.iSl 

The wills registered belong to Wtrwidahire aid 
Gloucestershire, as well as to Worccstenfaifei 

Gerould. Samuel Lankton. 
The descendants of Calvin Locke, of SnUt- 
van, N. H., who was of the fifth ffenen* ^ 
tion from Dea. William Locke, of Wotoii, : 
Mass. (1628-1720). Lebanon, N. H., igooi 
24 pp. = 2331.IS . 

Greene family. The, in England and Americt, 
with pedigrees. Boston, 1901. Portrs. Pk 
Charts. = ♦443243D 

Greenwood, Isaac John. 
Greenwood colonial and revolutionary 8C^ 
vices. 1695-1783. Boston, 18^. (xi) 

,, PP- 441931.143 ' 

Haskell, Frank y/. 

A comprehensive method of arrangement 
for genealogical records. [Niagara Fadli, 
N. Y.l 1900. „(i6) po. = 4439a.i64 

Holmes, Clayton Wood. 
A genealogy of the lineal descendants of 
William Wood, who settled in Concord, 
Mass., in 1638. Elmira. [1901.] Portrs. 

Hopkins, Samuel Miles. 
Sketch of [hisl public and private life, 
written by himself, . . . with reminis- 
cences by his children, and a genealofir 
of the Hopkins family. Rochester, iSSl 
61 pp. [Rochester historical societyj^ 

T^ 1. . ^ *4373.ia6.a 

Jameson, Ephraim Orcutt. 

The Jamesons in America. 1647-1900. Ge- 
nealogical records and memoranda. Bos- 
ton, 1901. Illus. Portrs. ♦4432.220 
Jennings, William Henry. 
A genealogical history of the Jennings fami- 
lies in England and America. Vol. 2. The 
American families. Columbus, 1899. Portrs. 


Johnson, Wilh'am Wallace. 

Elmer-EImore genealogy. 1632-1899. Nordi 

Greenfield, Wis., 18^. 96 pp. Coats of 

arms. 4434.389 

Johnston, William Preston. 

The Johnstons of Salisbury. With a . . . 

supplement concerning the Hancodc, 

Strother and Preston families. New 

Orleans, 1897. 4439a.i68 

Joy, James Richard. 

Thomas Joy and his descendants in the lines 

of his sons Samuel of Boston, Joseph, of 

Hingham, Ephraim, of Berwick. N. Y., 

1900. Illus. Portrs. Plan. Fac-similes. 

= 4434*3B7 

Lamb, Fred William. 

Family records. Lamb, Savory, Harriman. 

[Ipswich?] 1900. 24 pp. = 4434.33 

Lea, James Henry. 

Genealogical gleanings contributorv to a 

history of the family of Penn. Boston, 

1890-1900. 4432.189 


Umilv Wilder. 

air family of New England. Bos- 

tgoo. 4434.431 

lard, compiler. 

lent to John Lee of Farminafton, 
ord Co., Conn., and his descendants 
Published by the "Lee association." 
len, 1900. Illus. Portrs. 2332.63 
Lee, of Fannington/' is on shelf-numbo' 

ard, and Sarah Fiske Lee. 
ee of Farmin^on, Conn., and his 
idants. 2d edition. Meriden, 18$^. 
Portrs. Maps. *2332.6s 

rederick James. 

ker family. The ancestors and 
orth, Me., 1791-1868. Boston, ipoo. 
ndants of Joseph Wescot Tinker, 
. Portrs. = *4338.I3I 

-Craven, Yorkshire, England, Par- 

fisters of the Parish church. Vol. i. 
d by F. A. C. Share. [Leeds.] 1900. 


:h der gesammten wissenschaft- 
I Genealogie. Stammbaum und 
atafel in ihrer geschichtlichen, socio- 
hen und naturwissenschaftlichen Be- 
ng. Berlin, 1898. 5822.88 

ria Catharine Nourse. 
Nourse and his descendants. Lex- 
n, Ky., 1897. Portrs. Pis. Fac- 

is. *4434.419 

le, Walter. 

i^oaX collections concerning families 
otland, made [in] 1750-51. Edited 
T. Clark. Edinburgh, 1900. 2 v. 
tish history society. 1 ♦4525.134 

ie genealogies. Thirteen genealogi<^ 
5.] Broadsides in portfolio. ^2430.24 
Eugene F. 

>f our forefathers and biog^'aphical 
s of families allied to those of 
ke. Guest and Dumont Albany, 1898. 


McPike: his ancestry and descend- 
Photographic prints from type- 
en and manuscript copy. 8 pp. = 

William Theophilus Rogers, 
ilnglish ancestry of Keinold and 
aew Marvin of Hartford, Ct, 1638. 
)n, 1900. Pis. Maps. *4434.373 

, Gertrude Euphemia. 
ascendants of Hugh Amory, 1605- 
London, 1901. Portrs. PI. = 

, Charles Pierce, and C. E. Gildcr- 

ogical memoranda relating to the 
y of Merriam. London, 1900. Fac- 
es. = *453i.i3 
illiam Stowell. 
tions of genealogy. N. Y., 1899. 


records. Births, marriages and deaths. 
1843. Boston, 1900. Fac-similc. 

♦4430a. 164 

Morton, Daniel. 
Morton data. [St. Joseph, Mo., 1901.] 22 
pp. = 4439a. 166 

Munroe, James Phinney. 
A sketch of the Munroe clan; also of Wil- 
liam Munro who . . . settled in Lexing- 
ton, Massachusetts . . . Boston, 1900. 80 

Pfi. = 4334.149 

Nelson, William, of Paterson, New Jersey. 
Edward Antill, a New York merchant of the 
Seventeenth century, and his descendants. 
Paterson, N. J., 1899. 40 pp. Coats of 
arms. 4434-379 

Newhall, Barker. 
The Barker family of Plymouth colony 
and county. Cleveland, 1900. Portrs. 
Pis. Coats of arms. = 4434.405 

Newhall, Charles Lyman. 
The record of my ancestry. Southbridge. 
1899. Illus. Portrs. ^4334.68 

Contains in addition to the Newhall genealogy, 
brief records of many other families. 

Nichols, John Benjamin. 
Notes on the Ingraham genealogy. [Wash- 
ington.] 1898. 12 pp. 4439*1.138 
Park, George Edward, and George Denison 
Lumb, editors. 
The registers of the Parish church of Burton 
Flemmg, otherwise North Burton, Co. 
York. 1538-1812. [Leeds.] 1899. ^504.31 
Parshall, James Clark. 
The Barker genealogy. [Middletown, N. Y., 

T., ,^^7.] .36 pp. 4434.404 

Phelps, Oliver Seymour, and Andrew Tinkcy 


The Phelps family of America, and their 

English ancestors. Pittsfield, Mass., 1899. 

2 V. Portrs. Pis. Fac-similes. Maps. 

Philipot, John. 
The visitation of Kent, taken 1619-1621. 
Edited by Robert Hovenden. London, 
1898. [Harleian society.] ^24103.42 

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Field genealogy. Chicago, ^901. 2 v. Portrs. 
Pis. = ♦4334.151 

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A history of the baronetage. London, 1900. 

Pope, Charles Henry. 
The pioneers of Massachusetts, a descriptive 
list, drawn from Records of the colonies, 
towns and churches, and other documents. 
Boston, 1900. '^'4340.64 

Prime, Temple. 
Some account of the Bowdoin family, with 
a notice of the Erving family. 3d edition. 
N. Y., 1900. 18 pp. = *4334.I4S 

Quisenberry, Anderson Chenault. 
Memorials of the Quisenberry family in 
Germany, England and America. Wash- 
ington, 1900. Portrs. Pis. Fac-similes. 

Rauni6, Marie Andr6 Alfred fimile. 
£pitaphier du vieux Paris. Recueil g^r^ral 
des inscriptions funeraires jusqu'i la fin 
du XVIIIe siccle. T. 3. Paris, 1901. 

Reade, Compton. 
A record of the Redes of Barton Court, 
Berks. Hereford, 1899. Portrs. *243i.7o 


Rice, Franklin Pierce, compiler. 
New Hampshire. Lake region inscriptions: 
Whiteface Intervale, Sandwich; Perkins 
Ground, New Durham ; Further memorials 
of Meredith. Worcester, igoo. 28 pp. 

Vital records of the town of Auburn (for- 
merly Ward), Massachusetts, to the end 
of the vear 1850. With the inscriptions 
from the old burial grounds. Worcester, 
1900. [Systematic history fund.] *235oa.g4 
Vital records of the town 01 Boylston, 
Massachusetts, to 1850. Worcester, 1900. 

Rogers, James Swift. 
Hope Rogers and his descendants. Bos- 
ton, 1901. 7 pp. = 4434-402 
Royal standard, The. [A quarterly magazine 
published by the North American cycle 
of the Order of the white rosej Edi- 
tors, A. J. Rodwaye and W. Forsyth. 
Vol. X, no. I. September, 1900. Boston, 
1900. Portr. = ^7352.28 
Ruggles, Henry Stoddard. 
The Ruggles, Kingsley, Ross and Good- 
win Revolutionary ancestry of Henry 
Stoddard Ruggles. [Boston? 1901?] 39 

pp. = 4434.41 5 

Shelton, Nottinghamshire, Parish of. 
Registers, 1595-1812, with appendices. 
Transcribed and edited by T. M. Blagg. 
Worksop, 1900. 83 pp. ♦2504.36 

Shotwell, Ambrose Milton. 
Benjamin Lundy, his ancestors, descendants, 
other near relatives, and a sketch of his 
life and public services. Lansing, 1897. 
15 pp. Illus. Portrs. 4432.129 

Smith, Jonathan. 
The home of the Smith family in Peter- 
borough, New Hampshire. 1749-1842. 
Clinton, 1900. Portr. Pis. Plans. 

4439a. 160 
Society of Mayflower descendants in the state 
of New York. 
Second book. N. Y., 1900. Portr. Pis. 
Fac-similes. = *44i2.i53 

Sons of the American revolution. National 
List of members of various state societies, 
who served in the war with Spain. [N. Yl 
1900. 47 pp. = 4420a. 185 

Sons of the Revolution. California society. 
Register for 1900. [Los Angeles?] 1900. 
Portrs. = *44ii.i34 

Stone, Kate Graupner. 
Family of Beath. [Portland, 1898.] (20) 

PP- 4434.357 

Sturges. Alonzo Walton. 
From 1530 to 1900. Complete lineage ot the 
Sturges families of Maine . . . Lewiston, 
1900. 40 pp. Illus. Portrs. = 4434.369 
Swynnerton, Charles. 
Additions to the history of the Swynnertons, 
printed in vol. 7 [part 2], "Staffordshire 
collections." (In William Salt archaeo- 
logical society. Collections. New series, 
vol. 3, pp. 71-120. London, 1900.) 

Tapley, Harriet Silvester. 
Genealogy of the Tapley family. Danvers, 
Mass., 1900. Portrs. Pis. Maps. *4432.2o6 

Tarleton, Charles William. 
The Tarleton family. Concord, N. H., 1900. 
Illus. Portrs. *4434.320 

Thomas, Benjamin F., of Rochester, N. Y. 

Genealogy of Benjamin Long. [2d edition.] 

Enlarged. Rochester, 1898. 10 pp. Illus. 

Portrs. = 4434.334 

Tillotson, Edward Swcetscr, compiler. 
Wethersfield inscriptions. A complete 
record of the inscriptions in the five burial 
places in the ancient town of Wethersfield, 
including Rocky Hill, Newington, and 
Beckley Quarter (in Berlin), also a por- 
tion of the inscriptions m the oldest 
cemetery in Glastonbury. Hartford, 1899. 
Pis. ♦2334.22 

Tracy, Evert Evertsen. 
Tracy genealogy. Ancestors and descend- 
ants of Lieutenant Thomas Tracy, of Nor- 
wich, Conn., 1660. Albany, 1898. Coats 
of arms. ♦4431.134 

Trask, William Blake. 
The Trask family in England. Boston, 1900. 

S pp. 4434'3^3 

Vemey, Henry, loth baron Willougnby de 
The cartas antiquae ot Lord Willoughby de 
Broke. Part i. Edited by J. Harvey 
Bloom. Hemsworth. [1900.] Pis. 


Pedigree of the Cheney family. 

Wade. Stui^rt Charles. 
The humors of genealogy. [N. Y., 1900.] 
(4) op. = 6233.15 

The Wade genealogy . . . [Part i.] N. Y., 
1900. Illus. Portrs. Fac-simile. *2333.30 
Walton-on-the-Hill, Lancashire, Eng. r^rish 
Registers. Christenings, burials, and wed- 
dings, 1586-1663. Transcribed and edited 
by Arthur Smith. Wigan, 1900. [Lan- 
cashire parish register society.] ♦2504.129 
Welles, Edwin Stanley, editor. 
Births, marriages and deaths returned from 
Hartford, Windsor and Fairfield and en- 
tered in the early land records of Connec- 
ticut. [1631-1691.] Hartford, 1898. 73 pp. 

♦4430a. 173 
Wequetequock burying-ground association, 

Stonington, Conn. With an account of the 
services at the dedication of the monu- 
ment erected in memory of W. Chesc- 
brough, Thomas Minor, Walter Palmer, 
Thomas Stanton. Westerly, R. L. 1900. 
32 pp. PI. = 4439.223 

Whalley, Lancashire, Eng. Parish church. 
Registers. Christenings, weddings and 
burials, 1538-1601. Transcribed and ed- 
ited by T. B. Ecroyd. * Rochdale, 1900. 
[Lancashire parish register society.] 

White, Almira Larkin. 
Genealogy of the descendants of John 
White of Wenham and Lancaster, Massa- 
chusetts. Vol. I. Haverhill, 1900. Portrs. 
Pis. Map. ^4434.427 

Whittelsey. Charles B. 
The ancestry and the descendants of John 
Pratt of Hartford, Conn. Hartford, 1900. 



rhittington, Lancashire, England, Parish of. 
The registers of the Parish church . . . 
christenings, burials, and weddings, i^3&- 
1764. Edited by Fanny Wrigley and T. 
H. Winder. The indexes by Alice Brierly. 
Rochdale, 1899. [Lancashire parish reg- 
btcr society.] *2S04.i27 

iVigan, Lancashire, Eng. Parish church. 
Registers. Christenings, burials, and wed- 
dings 1580 to 1625. Transcribed and ed- 
ited by Josiah Arrowsmith. Wi^an, 1899. 
[Lancashire parish register society.] 

Winestead, Yorkshire, Eng., Parish of. 
Registers, 1578-1812. Transcribed by N. J. 
Miller. [Leeds.] 1900. *2504.33 

Woodruff, George Catlin. 
A genealogical register oi the inhabitants oi 
Qtchfield, Conn., 1720-1800 . . . Hart- 
ford, 1900. *4434.37i 

Woodward, Frank Ernest. 
Descendants of John Woodward, of Lis- 
bon, Maine. [Boston, 1899.] 23 pp. = 

Woodwell, Lucy Elizabeth. 
The ancestry of Edward Wells of Quincy, 
Illinois. Chicago, 1900. Portrs. Pis. =: 

WTman, Horace. 
Some account of the Wyman genealogy and 
Wyman families in Herts county, Eng- 
lamL Worcester, 1897. 39 pp. Illus. 
Maps. Fac-similes. 4439a. 156 

York, England. Churches. St MichaCi le Bel- 
Registers. Part i. Edited by Francis Col- 
lins. [Leeds.] 1899. ^2504.30 


Abbott, William Henry. 
Heraldry illustrated. N. Y. [1897.] Ph. 

Adelsarchief. Jaarboek van den nederland- 
fchen adel. Redacteur: D. G. van Epen. 
Jaarg. i. Scheveningen, 1900. PI. Coats- 
of-arms. * 

Bedford, William Kirkpatrick Riland. 
The blazon of episcc^acy: being the arms 
borne or attributed to the archbishops and 
bishops of England and Wales. 2d edi- 
tion, enlarged. Oxford, 1897. Pis. 

O'Ncil, Desmond. 
Who may bear a coat of arms in America? 
N. Y., 1900. 12 pp. = ♦2230a.44 

Panl, Sir James Balfour. 
Heraldnr in relation to Scottish history and 
art Being the Rhind lectures on archaeo- 
logy for 1898. Edinburgh, 1900. Tllus. 
Portrs. 2472.^ 

Wappen, Die, aller souveranen Lander der 
Erde ... 7. Auflage. Leipzig. [1900.] 
12 col. pis. *4838.35 


Iwan, Helena. 
Girls' Christian names. 

N. Y., 1900. 



Collective Biographies. 

American philosophical society, Philadelphia. 
Proceedings. Memorial volume, i. Phil- 
adelphia, 1900. Portrs. = *4444.3S7 
Bearne, Catherine. 
Pictures of the old French court Jeanne de 
Bourbon. Isabeau de Bavidre. Anne de 
Bretagne. N. Y., 1900. Illus. 2647.165 
Behmer, Carl August. 
Laurence Sterne und C. M. Wieland. Mtin- 
chen, 1899. 67 pp. 4873.91 
Bernardin, Napoleon Maurice. 
Hommes et mceurs au dix-septicme siWe. 
Paris, 1900. 6667.19 
Berzelius, Jons Jacob. 
The letters of Jons Jakob Berzelius and 
Christian Friedrich Schonbein, 1836-1847. 
Edited by Georg W. A. Kahlbaum. Trans- 
lated by F. V. Darbishire and N. V. 
Sidgwick. London, 1900. 484948 
Blanc, Th6rcse. 
Femmes d'Am^rique. 2e Edition. [Par] 
Th. Bentzon [pseud.]. Paris, 1900. 

Brooks, Geraldine. 
Dames and daughters of colonial days. N. Y. 
[1900.1 Pis. 4358.145 

Contents. — Anne Hutchinson. — Frances Mary 
Jacqueline La Tour. — Margaret Brent — Sarah 
Knight. — Eliza Lucas. — Martha Washington. 
— Abigail Adams. — Elizabeth Schuyler. — 
Sarah Wister and Deborah Norris. 

Brown, Abram English. 

Faneuil Hall and Faneuil Hall Market; or, 

Peter Faneuil and his gift. Boston, 

ipoo. 2 V. in I. Illus. Portrs. *445oa.i34 

I^rt a is composed of biographical sketches ot 
the merchants of Faneuil hall market. 

Gary, Elizabeth Luther. 

The Rossettis : Dante Gabriel and Christina. 

N. Y., 1900. Portrs. Pis. 4S5L38 

Bibliography, pp. 277-287. Chronological cata- 
logue of paintings and drawings, pp. 268-101. 

Conway, Frederick, editor. 
Stories of great men from Romulus to Scipio 
Africanus Minor. London, 1900. Illus. 
Portrs. Maps. 2969a. i 

Despiques, Paul. 
Soldats de Lorraine: Chevert, Exelmans, 
Oudinot, Margueritte, etc Paris, 1899. 
Illus. Portrs. 2(S47.i8(5 

Faraday. Michael. 1794-1867. 
The letters of Faraday and Schoenbein, 
1 836-1 862, with notes, comments and ref- 
erences to contemporary letters. Edited 
by G. W. A. Kahlbaum and F. V. Darbi- 
shire. Bale, 1899. 4546.174 
Fischer, Andreas. 
Goethe und Napoleon. Eine Studie. Frauen- 
feld, 1899. 2877.163 
Frederick William III., of Prussia. 
Briefwechsel Konig Friedrich Wilhelm's 
III. und der Konigen Luise mit Kaiser 
Alexander I. Nebst erganzenden fiirst- 
lichen Korrespondenzen herausgegeben 
von Paul Baillen. Leipzig, 1900. Fac- 
similes. ♦2813.80 


General Gordon and Lord Dundonald. The 

story of two heroic lives. London. [1900.] 

Illus. Portrs. [Heroic lives.] 2249a.67 

Gould, Elizabeth Porter. 

Anne Gilchrist and Walt Whitman. Phila. 

[1900.1 89 pp. 4396.161 

Guerber, H^l^ne Adeline. 

Empresses of France. N. Y., 1901. Portrs. 

Pis. 2657.125 

Contents. — Josephine. — Marie Louise. — 

Hamelle, Paul. 
Hommes et choses d*outre-mer. Paris, i8a). 
Fac-similes. 65i9a.a2 

Contents. — W. E. Gladstone. — La question 
d'Irlande. — Une Fronde anglaise. — Un D€- 
mocrate-Tory [Lord Randolph Churchill.]— Trois 
alertes. — Le Premier du Canada [Sir Wilfrid 
Laurier]. — Un Anglais d'aujourd'hui [Cecil 

Hamersly, Lewis Randolph. 

The records of living officers of the U. S. 

navy and marine corps. 6th edition. N. 

Y., i8<^. ♦"20th".S0734 

Hcrpin, Clara Luce Ad^le. 

Figures du temps oasse. XVIIIe siecle. 

Par Lucien Percy [pseud.]. Paris, 1900. 


Contents. — Le Comte F6odor Golowkin et ses 
m^moires in^dits. — L*Imp6ratrice Catherine et 
le Prince de Lij^e. — Ha jeunesse de Madame 
de Sabran. — Comment on cr6e un salon: Ma* 
dame Geoffrin. — La Reine Hortense, d'apris 
des documents m6dits. 

Higginson, Thomas Wentworth. 

Contemporaries. Boston, 1900. 4402.36 

Howard, John Raymond, compiler. 

Bits of ore from rich mines. Patriotic nug- 

?ets.. N. Y. [1899.] Portr. 422oa.55 
lontents. — Franklin. — Washington. — Jeffer- 
son. — Webster. — Lincoln. — Beecher. 

Hubbard, Elbert. 
Little journeys to the homes of English 
authors. Jan., Feb., 1900. East Aurora, 
N. Y. [1900. J Portrs. *4549a.i7i 

Contents. — William Morris. — Robert Brown- 

Hunter, Mary Van Brunt. 
Stories of famous children. Chicago. 
[1899.] 96 pp. Illus. Portrs. 2248.38 

Contents. — Frederic the Great. — The Princes 
in the Tower. — Joan of Arc. — Children of 
Charles I. — The King of Rome. — Queen Mary 
and Queen Elizabeth. — Peter the Great. — 
The Dauphin. — Mary, Queen of Scots. 

Klein-Hattingen, Oskar. 

Das Liebesleben Holderlins. Lenaus [Pseud. 

fiir Niembsch von Strehlenaul, Heines. 

Berlin. 1901. 2843.85 

Kronenberg, Moritz. 

Moderne Philosophen. Portrats und Cha- 

rakteristiken. Miinchen, i8gp. 3606.152 

Contents. — Hermann Lotre. — F. Alb. Lange. 
— Victor Cousin. — Ludwig Feuerbach. — Alax 

LiebiK, Johann Justus, Freiherr von. 

Justus von Liebig und Christian Friedrich 
Schonbein. Briefwechsel, 1853-1868. Her- 
ausgegeben von G. W. A. Kahlbaum und 
Eduard Then. Leipzig, 1900. [Monogra- 
phieen aus der Geschichte der Chemie.] 


Lightpn, William R. 

Lewis and Clark. Meriwether Lewis and 

William Clark. Boston, 1901. Portrs. 

[Riverside biographical series.] 4349a.2o6 

Mexico. Ministerio de comunicaciones y 
obras publicas. 
Biographies des Mexicains illustres dont les 
statues ont 6ti 6rigees par les 6tats de la 
federation sur la "Calzada de la reforma." 
[Par Francisco Sosa. Traduit par Alfred 
Boissic.] Mexico, 1900. = *Cab.23.4S.2 
Munier-Jolain, J. 
Proems de femmes. Paris, 1898. [R6cits du 
XVnie si^de.] 2649a.3 

Neumann Gandia, Eduardo. 
Benefactores y hombres notables de Puerto- 
Rico. Ponce, 1896, 99. 2 v. in I. Portrs. 
Pis. Fac-similes. = 4345-220 

Pattinson, J. S. 
Celebrated Yorks«hire folk. Leeds, 1897. 


Pond, James Burton. 
Eccentricities of genius. Memories of fa- 
mous men and women of the platform and 
stage. N. Y. [1900.] Illus. Portrs. 


Rawnsley, Hardwicke Drummond. 
Memories of the Tennysons. Glasgow, 1900. 
Portrs. Pis. 2444.66 

Reinsberg, Ida, Freiherrin von. 
Das Buch denkwurdiger Frauen. Lcbcns- 
bilder und Zeitschilderungen. 6. Auflagc 
Leipzig, 1900. Portrs. 2244.78 

Renan, Joseph Ernest. 
Correspondance [entrel E. Renan et M. 
Berthelot. 1847-1892. Paris, 1898. 2645.130 
Sanderson, Edgar. 
Hero patriots of the Nineteenth century. 
N. Y., 190L Portrs. 2248^ 

Contents. — The Peninsular war: Martin Diaz. ^ 
The Tyrolese war, 1809: Andreas Hofer, Texmer, 
Spechbacher, Haspinger. — The Greek war of 
Independence, 1821-1827: Georgios Karaiskakis, 
Markos Bozzaris, Andreas Miaulis, Konstantinos 
Kanaris. — The South American Revolution: 
Simon Bolivar. — Abd-el-Kader. — Schamyl of 
the Caucasus. — Daniele Manin and Giuseppe 

Saunders, James Edmonds. 
Early settlers of Alabama. With notes and 
genealogies by Elizabeth Saunders Blair 
Stubbs. New Orleans, 1899. 2 parts in i 
V. Portrs. Map. *4432J2io 

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Prominent families of New York [city]. An 
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Whibley, Charles. 
The pageantry of life. N. Y., 1900. 2248.54 
Contents. — Introduction. — Young Weston. — 
A marshal of France. — Theagenea [Sir Kendm 
Digby]. — The real Pepys. — Saint Simon; — A 



friend of kiacs [Prince de Ligne]. — The caliph 
of FonthiU [William Beckford]. — Barbey D*Au- 
rcrilly. — Disraeli, the Younger. 

Wbitaker, Epher. 1820- 
Saffolk county historical society. In me- 
moriam members. [Riverhead, N. Y., 
1900.] 6 pp. = ♦4478.317 

Single Biographies. 

• Ittdndes ▼olumes of letters and correspondence. 

Abbott, Jacob. 
History of Genghis Khan. N. Y., 1899. Pis. 

History of King Alfred of England. N. Y., 

1899. 2549.87 
Adams, Charles Francis. 1835- 

Charles Francis Adams. Boston, 1900. 

[American statesmen.] 4248.146 

Same. Portrs. [Standard library edition.] 

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[Standard library edition.] *4248.i55.i6 
AM. Wilhelm. 1 -1^ 00 

Conrad Ferdinand Meyer. Hamburg, 1900. 
47 pp. [Sammlung gemeinverstandlicher 
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Remembrances of Emerson. N. Y., 1901. 

Allen, Alexander Viets Griswold. 

Life and letters of Phillips Brooks. N. Y., 

1900. 2 V. lUus. Portrs. Fac-similes. 


ADen, Walter, A. M. 

Uhrsses S. Grant. Boston, 1901. Portr. 

[Riverside biographical series.] 4349a.205 

Amoican philosophical society. 

Brinton memorial meeting. Report of the 

memorial meeting held January sixteenth, 

nineteen hundred, in honor of the late 

Daniel Garrison Brinton, M.D. Phila., 

1900. 67 pp. Portr. = 4444365 

Bibliography, by Stewart Culin, pp. 42-67. 

bdigne de la Blanchaye, Louis Marie Au- 
guste Fortune, comtc d*. 

Memoires du general d'Andigne. Publics 
avec notes par Ed. Bire. Vol. i. Paris, 
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Heinrich Anschtitz. Erinnerungen. Leip- 
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ran jo Sinchez, Zeferino. 

Go3^ Madrid. [1899.] Portr. 4085.53 

sensio, Jose Maria. 

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Madrid. [189-?] 3099a.222 

shton, John. 

Florizel's folly. London, 1899. Portrs. 
Pis. = 2469.46 

An account of George IV., and the Pavilion at 

yer, Josephine Mellen. 
Josephine Mellen Ayer. N. Y., 1900. 
Portr. = 4345-235 

Contains an account of the persecution of Mi's. 
Ayer's Quaker ancestors, Lawrence and Cas- 
sandra Southwick. 

uldon, Henry Bellyse. 

Robert Louis Stevenson. A life study ^n 

criticism. N. Y., 1901. Portrs. 4547.169 

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Louis IL de Bavicre. Paris, 1900. 4848.22 
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Memoir of Alexander Biddle. [Phila., 1899.] 
10 pp. = 4445.360 

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Diary of Christopher Columbus Baldwin, 
Librarian of the American antiquarian 
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Erinnerungen. Herausgegeben von Paul 

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Un Accademico, Mecenatc e poeta, Giovan 
Battista Strozzi il giovane. Firenze, 1900. 

« ,^ '^P- 4775.101 

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Dr. Johnson as representative of the char- 
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Jean-Paul Marat, the People's friend. Bos- 
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Rahel Varnhagen. Ein Lebens- und Zeit- 
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Bertrin, Georges, abb6. 

La sinc6rit6 religieuse de Chateaubriand. 

Paris, 1900. 266>d.93 

This work has a particular bearing throughout 
upon Sainte-Beuve's Chateaubriand et son 
grouppe litt^aire on shelf-no. ^3669^.73. 

Blum, Hans. 
Personliche Erinnerungen an den Fiirsten 
Bismarck. 3. Auflage. Munchen, 1900. 

Bode, Wilhelm. 1845- 484342 

Goethcs Lebenskunst. Berlin, 1901. 2877.184 
Boston. St. Paul's church. 
The order of the service on February 22d, 
A.D. 1899, in commemoration of the birth 
of George Washington. Boston. [1899.] 
16 pp. [Society of colonial wars of Massa- 
chusetts.] = 4419.249 
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Catherine de Medicis. Paris, 1899. Portrs. 
Pis. *2640.io6 
Boutroux, fitienne fimilc Marie. 
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Recollections of a lifetime. Cincinnati, 1900. 
Portr. 4348.207 
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Het tusschenbestuur in het Leyccstcrsche 
tijdvak. Goes, 1899. = 4826.54 



Brown, Theron. 
James Lyman Whitney. A poem read at a 
complimentary dinner. Newton, Mass., 
1899. 7 pp. J portrs. = ^4347.282 

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Letters of Thomas Edward Brown, author 
of 'Fo'c'sle yarns.' Edited, with memoir, 
by S. T. Irwin. N. Y. [1900.] 2 v. 

Brown, William Garrott 
Andrew Jackson. Boston. [1900.] Portr. 
[The Riverside biographical series.] 

4349a. 199 
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Hon. Samuel Blodj^et. The pioneer of 
progress in New England. [Manchester? 
„ 1897?] 56 pp. Portr. 4442.333 

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John Greenleaf Whittier. Boston, 1901. 
Portr. [The Beacon biographies of emin- 
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"An American commoner." The life and 
times of Richard Parks Bland . . . Co- 
lumbia, 1900. Portrs. Pis. *434i.iS5 
Carpenter, Charles Carroll. 
Professor Park at ninety. [Boston, 1899?] 
8 pp. Portr. = 4444.367 
Cartelfieri, Alexander. 
Philiop n. August, Konig von Frankreich. 
Band i. Leipzig, 1899-1900. Charts. 

Carter, Harry. 
A Cornish smuggler : being the life and ad- 
ventures of Captam Harry Carter, ot 
Prussia Cove. 1 749-1809. London, 1900. 
PI. 2466.127 

Carter, Robert Goldthwaite. 
Col. Thomas Goldthwait — was he a Torv? 
Read before the Maine historical society, 
December 19, 1895. [Portland, 1895.] 
Portr. PI. 4442.329 

Chadwick, John White. 
Theodore Parker, preacher and reformer. 
Boston, 1900. Portrs. 2348.98 

Bibliography, pp. xi-xx. 

Champneys, Basil. 
Memoirs and correspondence of Coventry 
Patmore. London, 1900. Portrs. Pis. 

Choate, Joseph Hodges. 
Abraham Lincoln. Address before the 
Edinburgh philosophical institution. 
London. [1900.] 90 pp. 4342.45 

Cincinnati optimist club. 
Memorial of Julius Dexter. [Class of i860, 
Harvard college.] [Cincinnati, 1898.] 
(4) pp. = 4442.328 

Qark, Jonas Gilman. 
In memoriam. [Edited by Susan Wright 
Qark.] [N. Y., 1900.] Portr. = 

Qouard, Maurice. 
Documents inedits sur Alfred de Musset. 
Paris, IQOO. Portrs. Fac-similes. 4643.49 
Clymer, William Branford Shubrick. 
James Fenimore Cooper. Boston, 1900. 
Portr. [The Beacon biographies.] 

Coates, Thomas F. G. 
Lord Rosebery, his life and speeches. 
N. Y. [1901.] 2 v. Portrs. Pis. 


Cochrane, Mary. 
William I., German emperor, and hi 
cessors. London. [1900.I Portrs. 

No. 2 in 25 
Condon, William H. 
Life of Major-Generai James Shields, 
cago. [1900.] lUus. Portrs. ♦"20th". 
Cooke, Cement Kinloch. 
A memoir of Her Royal Highness Pr 
Mary Adelaide, Duchess of Teck. Lc 
1900. 2 V. Portrs. Pis. 2S 

Cooper, Sir Anthony Ashley, 3d ea 
Life, unpublished letters, and philoso; 
regimen. Edited by Benjamin Rand, 
don, 1900. Portr. 4S 

Cooper, Samuel, D.D., LL.D. 172S-17J 
Diary, 1775-1776. [Edited by F. Tt 
man.] N. Y., 1901. 41 pp. = 44 
Notes from [his] interleaved almana 
1764 and 1769. Edited by Fret 
Tuckerman. Boston, 1901. 7 pp. = 

Custer, Elizabeth Bacon. 
The boy general. Story of the li 
Major-General George A. Custer, 
ited by. Mary E .Burt. N. Y., 1901. 
Portr. Map. 2 

Daudet, Alphonse. 

Premier voyage. Premier mens 
Souvenirs de mon enfance. Paris. [ 

Day. John William. 
A sermon preached at a memorial S( 
in honor of James Henry Robbinj 
Sept. 9, 1900. [Boston? 1900.] i 
Portr. = 44 

De Albini, F. 
Mary Antoinette and the diamond ne 
from another point of view. London. 
Portr. 6 

Dedem de Gelder, Anton Boudewijn Gij 
Baron van. 
Un g6neral hollandais sous le Premici 
pire. M6moires, 1774-1825. Paris, 
Portr. 26 

Delany, Mary. 
A memoir. 1 700-1 788. Compiled by G 
Paston. N. Y., 1900. Portrs. 45 

An abridged version of Mrs. Delany's Au 
raphy and correspondence [2453.16; 2544.2]. 

De Peyster, John Watts. 

Excerpts, proofs, testimony, in conn 

with Napoleone di Buonaparte. > 

1898. 24 pp. Portr. = 21 

Diederich, Benno. 

Alphonse Daudet. Hamburg, 1901. ■ 

Alphonse Daudet, scin Leben und 
Werke. Berlin, 1900. Illus. Portr. 4i 
Dobson, Henry Austin. 
Henry Fielding. Enlarged edition. 1 
[1900.] Portr. a 

D'Ooge, Martin Luther. 
Exercises at the unveiling of the t 
ment erected in memory of Henry 
mons Frieze, Ann Arbor. [Ann A 
1899] 26 pp. = 44 

Dougherty, John Hampden. 
Alexander Johnston and his contribi 
to political science. [N. Y., 1900. 
pp. = 44 



ts Arnold. 

f notice. Type-written.] [1900.J 



*scud. fur Heinrich Leubing], der 
tzer des Decamerone und des 
ii virtu. Strassburg, 1900. 


yron Samuel. 

of the Rev. Edward Griffin Porter. 

I, 1901. 16 pp. Portr. = 4444.329 

fohann Heinrich Joseph. 

ruf als Ausleger. 1835-1868. Leip- 

99. 2846.47 


*Connell and the revival of national 

Ireland. N. Y., 1900. Portrs. Pis. 

:s of the nations.] 4548.^1 


Df the life of Wyatt Eaton.] [N. Y.? 
Broadside. = 4449-255 

:ar Pelham. 

of Shelley, with special reference to 
ure poetry. Dissertation . . . Johns 
IS University . . . Toronto, 1899. 

XL, of England. 

ate life of King Edward VII. By 
iber of the royal household. N. Y., 
Portrs. Pis. 2547.162 

•ah Barnwell. 

uston. Boston, 1900. Portr. [The 

I biographies.] 4349a.i73 

doerffcr, Bernhard. 

u. Bielefeld, 1900. Illus. Portrs. 

)graphien zur Weltgeschichte.] 


dt. Franz Rudolf, 
a Zalugi. Hamburg, 1900. 48 pp. 


ta Zalugi is supposed to nave been the 
I of the character Virginia Leyva in 
ji's "Promessi sposi." 

tonic Maria. 

a de Pedro Salaverria. Madrid, 

2 v. Portrs. Charts. 3095- 147 

Mary J., editor. 

Willard and her pupils; or, fifty 

of Troy female seminary. 1822-1872. 

[1898.] Portrs. Pis. *449i.89 
Charles Haight. 

)f Francis Parkman. Boston, 1900. 

J. 2346.139 
r Joseoh, baronet. 

tions of my life. Edinburgh, 1900. 

5. Pis. 4548.217 

jthor was Residency surgeon at Lucknow 
the siege. 

raim Porter. 

ial of the life and entomologic 

of Joseph Albert Lintncr, Ph.D., 

entomologist, 1874-98. Albany, 

Portr. [New York, state. State 

im of natural history. Bulletin] 


p^phj of the entomological publications 
tner, pp. 308-399. 

Philip Vickers. 

and letters. 1767-1774. Edited by 
Rogers Williams. Princeton, 1900. 
s. Pis. Map. 4341- 157 

Foulke, William Dudley. 
Life of Oliver P. Morton ; including his im- 
portant speeches. Indianapolis, ligi^ 2 v. 
Fortr. 4345.227 

Francis, George Ebenezer. 
Notes of the life and character of Dr. Wil- 
liam Paine. Worcester, 1900. 16 pp. = 

Garfield, James Abram. 

[Life of Garfield. In Japanese.] [Tokio? 
1900?] Portrs. Pis. = ♦4345.89 

Garland, Hamlin. 
Ulysses S. Grant: his life and character. 
N. Y., 1808. Portrs. Pis. *"20th".50.355.4 
Gay, Sydney Howard. 
James Madison. Boston, 1809. Portrs. PI. 
[Standard library edition.] ^4248.155.12 
Geiger, Eugen Ludwig. 
Goethe in Frankfurt am Main, 1757. Ak- 
tenstucke und Darstellung. Frankfurt a. 
M., 1899. Portrs. Pis. 4843.9 

George, Henry, jr. 
The life of Henrjr George. N. Y., 1900. 
Portrs. Fac-simile. 4345.225; ♦3658.85.10 
Gibbon, Edward. 
Memoirs. Edited by G. B. Hill. London, 

1900. 4544.74 

Gifford, William Logan Rodman. 
Robert Grossman Ing^'aham, 1827-1901. 
[N. Y., 1901J (2) pp. 4444.309 

Gilman, Daniel Coit. 
James Monroe in his relations to the public 
service during half a century, 1776 to 1826. 
Boston. [1900.] Portrs. [Standard li- 
brary edition.] ♦4248.155.14 
Giraud, Victor. 
Pascal: Thomme, Tceuvre, Tinfluence . , . 
2e Edition. Paris, 1900. 4648.^ 
Goldschmidt, Paul. 
Prasident Lette. Gedachtnissrede, gehalten 
im Berliner Handwerkeverein am 10. Mai 
1899. Hamburg, 1899. 28 pp. 

Gould, Alice Bache. 
Louis Agassiz. Boston, 1901. Portr. [The 
Beacon biographies.] 4349a. 193 

Gould, Elizabeth Porter. 
The author of "Ramona." [Boston, 1900.] 
Broadside. = 44493.220 

Grand- Carteret, John. 
L' Aiglon en images et dans la fiction po6tique 
et dramatique . . . Paris, 1901. Illus. 
Portrs. 2652.108 

Gravier, Gabriel. 
Vie de Samuel Champlain, fondateur de la 
Nouvellc-France. Paris, 1900. Portr. 
Mao. 4314.186 

Gray, Horace. 1828- 
An address on the life, character and in- 
fluence of Chief Justice Marshall. Wash- 
ington, 1901. = No. I in 4442.338 
Gray, Thomas. 1716-1771. 
Letters, including the corresondence of Gray 
and Mason. Edited by D. C. Tovey. Vol. i. 
London, 1900. 45493.187 
Greenslet, Ferris. 
Joseph Glanvill. A study in English thought 
and letters of the seventeenth century. 
N. Y., 1900. Portr. [Columbia univer- 
sity. Studies in English.] 4558-30 
Bibliographies, pp. 22^232. 



Greenwood. Isaac John. 
Rev. Richard Blinman of Marshfield, 
Gloucester and New London. Boston, 
1900. 8 pp. 4434.396 

Griffith, William Herrick. 
George Rogers Howell, M.A. Boston, 1900. 
7 pp. Portr. = 4442.326 

Grosart, Alexander Balloch. 
Biographical sketch. (Cut from the Irish 
times, March 17, 1899. Dublin, 1899.) = 


[Obituary notice of] Rev. A. B. Grosart, 

D.D., LL.D. [Blackburn, Eng., 1899.] 

(8) pp. Portr. Illus. = *3552.ii3 

Gross, . 

Souvenirs in6dits sur Napol6on. D'apres 
le journal du s6nateur Gross . . . [Pu- 
bli6 par le capitaine Veling.] Paris. 
[1900?] 2659a.ii9 

Hammerton, J. A. 
J. M. Barrie and his books. Biogrraphical 
and critical studies. London, 1900. Portr. 


Bibliography, pp. 258-964. 
Hamy, Ernest Theodore Jules. 
Le pere de la zoolo^e fran^aise. Pierre 
Giiles, d'AIbi. [Pans, 1900.] 24 pp. = 


Harley. Lewis Rcifsnyder. 

The life of Charles Thomson, Secretary of 

the Continental congress and translator 

of the Bible from the Greek. Phila. 

[1900,] Portr. *2346.i4i 

Bibliography, pp. 215-235. 

Hart, Albert Bushnell. 
Salmon Portland Chase. Boston. [1900.] 
Portr s. [Standard library edition.] 

*424& 155.28 
Hawkins, Walter, and Edward Thornton 
The story of Alfred the Great. London, 
1900. Pis. 4548.169 

Hendreich, Otto. 
Alfred de Musset, ein Vertreter des „Esprit 
gaulois." Berlin, 1899. 25 pp. 4650.68 
Hewlett, Maurice. 
Maurice Hewlett. A sketch of his career 
and some reviews of his books. N. Y. 
[1901.I 31 pp. Portr. = 2549a. 1 17 

Heyse, Paul Johann Ludwig. 
Jugenderinnerun^en und Bekenntnisse. 4. 
Auflage. Berlm, 1901. 2845.83 

Historical society of Pennsylvania. 
Proceedings on the death of Charles Janeway 
Stille, held May 21, 1900. Phila., 1900. 
28 pp. Portr. = 4444.361 

Hitchcock, Caroline Hanks. 
Nancy Hanks. The story of Abraham Lin- 
coln's mother. N. Y., 1900. Portrs. Pis. 
Fac-similes. = 43493.43 

Hodges, Almon Danforth. 
John Gaflop of Taunton, Mass. [Boston, 

1900.1 3 pp. = 4434.390 

Notes concerning Roger Williams. Boston, 

1899, IQOO. 7 pp. = 4434.391 

Hodjres, George. 

William Penn. Boston. [1901.] Portr. 

[Riverside biographical series.] 

Hoffman, Eugene Augustus. 
Memorial of the Hon. John Alsop King, 
eighteenth president of the New York 

historical society. N. Y., 1901. 27 pp. 
Portr. 4442.339 

Hoffmann, Nina. 
Th. M. Dostojewsky. Berlin, 1899. Portr. 

Holland, Margaret Jean, Viscountess Knuts- 
Life and letters of Zachary Macaulay. By 
his granddaughter Viscountess Knuts- 
ford. London, 1900. Portr. 2543.60 

Holmes, Oliver Wendell, jr. 
Memoir of George Otis Shattuck. With 
an appendix [containing memorial ad- 
dresses]. Cambridge, 1900. 24 pp. Portr. 

Holmes, Richard Rivington. 
Queen Victoria. 1819-1901. New edition, 
with . . . supplementary chapter. Lon- 
don, 1901. Portr. 2548.184 
Hoist, Hermann Eduard von. 
John C. Calhpun. Boston. [1899.] Portrs. 
rStand^rxullbrary edition.] ^4248.155.22 
Hopkins, Ti^he. 
The man m the iron mask. N. Y., 1901. 

Portrs. Pis. 264703 

The author concludes that the man was Exocde 
Antonio Mattioli. 

Horton, Robert Forman. 
Alfred Tennyson. A saintly life. London, 
1900. Portrs. Pis. [Saintly lives.] 

Hosmer, James Kendall. 

Samuel Adams. Boston. .[1900.I Portrs. 
PI. [Standard library edition.] ^4248.155.2 
Hovey, Carl. 
Stonewall Jackson. Boston, 1900. Portr. 
[The Beacon biographies.] 4349a.i86 

Hovey, Horace Carter. 
A memoir of Daniel Hovey . . . [New- 
buryport? 1900 ] 11 pp. = 4434-355 

How, Louis. 
James B. Eads. Boston. [1900. J Portr. 
[The Riverside biographical series.] 

Hugo, Victor Marie, comte. 
Lettres i la fiancee [Adele Foucher]. 1820- 
1822. Paris, 1901. Portrs. Fac-simile. 

Love letters. 1820-1822. With comment 
by Paul Meurice. Translated by Eliza- 
beth W. Latimer. N. Y., 1901. Portrs. 


Oration on Voltaire, Paris, May 30, 1878. 

Translated by James Parton. Portland, 

Me., 1899. 19 pp. *4649.34 

Huxley, Leonard. 

Life and letters of Thomas Henry Huxley. 

N. Y., 1900. 2 V. Portrs. 4547.171 

Imbert de Saint-Amand, Arthur Leon, baron. 

Napoleon III. 1862-1863. Paris. [1900.] 

[Les femmes des Tuileries.] 2640.193 

Napoleon III. at the height of his power. 

Translated by Elizabeth G. Martin. N. Y., 

1900. Portrs. 2649.150 

Jackson, Abraham Willard. 

James Martineau. A biog^'aphy and study. 

Boston, 1900. Portr. 3554- 114 

Jebb, Sir Richard Claverhouse. 

Macaulay. A lecture delivered at Cam- 
bridge, August 10, 1900. Cambridge, 
1900. 62 pp. 454S.239 



Jellett, Edwin C 
Personal recollections of William Kite. 
Germantown, 1901. 34 pp. Portr. = 

Jolmson, Clifton. 
An unredeemed captive. Being the story 
of Eunice Williams, who . . . was carried 
away from Deerfield by the Indians. 
FHolyoke.] 1897. 54 pp. Illus. Portr. 
Map. 4362. 184 

lolmson, Samuel. 1826-1899. 
A memorial. [Compiled by W. H. Johnson 
and A. S. Johnson.] [Boston, 1900. ^ 73 
pp. Portr. = 4444-359 

Jordan de Urries y Azara, Jos^. 
BiograHa y estudio critico de Jiuregui. 
Madrid, 1899. *3090.ii5 

Kahlbaum, Georg W. A., and Eduard Schaer. 
Christian Friedrich Schonbein. 1799-1868. 
Leipzig, 1899. Portr. [Monographieen 
aus der Geschichte der Chemie.] 3973.23 
Karenine, Wladimir, pseud. (?) 
George Sand: sa vie et ses ceuvres, 1804- 
1876. T. I, 2. Paris, 1899. Portrs. 

Kearney, Belle. 
A slaveholder's daughter. N. Y. [1900.] 
Portr. Pis. 4347.289 

An autobiography. 

Knight, William, professor in the University 
of St. Andrews. 
Lord Monboddo and some of his contempo- 
raries. London, 1900. Portrs. 4546.180 
Kraus, Franz Xaver. 
Francesco Petrarca e la sua corrispondenza 
epistolare. Traduzione di Diego Valbusa. 
Firenze, i^i. 4775- 103 

Lacroix, Desire. 
Roi de Rome et Due de Reichstadt. (1811- 
1832.) Paris. [1900.] Portrs. Fac- 
simile. 4659a.82 
Lane, Albert. 
Elbert Hubbard and his work. [Worcester, 
1901.1 Portr. Pis. 4346.189 
Lang, Andrew. 
Prince Charles Edward. Paris, 1900. Illus. 
Portrs. *2S40.i26 
Lanman, Charles Rockwell. 
Henry Garke Warren, of Cambridge, 
Massachusetts. 1854-1899. Obituary no- 
tice. [London? 1899.] 5 pp. = 4444.332 
La Selve, Edgar. 
Biographic de Charles Baillairge. Avec ad- 
denda jusqu'a ce jour par L. Lortie. Que- 
bec, 1897. 15 pp. Portr. = 

No. I in 439541 

Lcbcy, Andr6. 

Essai sur Laurent de Medicis, dit Le 

magnifique. Paris, 1900. Portr. 2749.44 

Lincoln, Abraham. 

Abraham Lincoln: his book. A facsimile 

reproduction of the original by J. McCan 

Davis. N. Y., 1901. *4349a.34=**G.38.22 

The following extracts . .. contain the substance 
of all I have ever said about "Negro eqiulity." 
— Preface. 

Unton, Eliza Lynn. 
My literary life. (With a prefatory note by 
Beatrice Harraden.) London, 1899. 


Lodge, Henry Cabot. 
Alexander Hamilton. Boston. [1900.] 
Portrs. PI. [Standard library edition.] 

*4248. 155.7 
Daniel Webster. Boston. [1899.] Portrs. 
PI. [Standard library edition.] 

♦4248. 155.21 
George Washington. Boston. [1900.] Portrs. 
Pis. [Standard library edition.] 

Lothrop, Thornton Kirkland. 
William Henry Seward. Boston. [1899.] 
Portrs. Pis. [Standard library edition.] 

Louis, Gustav. 

Giordano Bruno, seine Weltanschauung und 
Lebensauffassung. Berlin, 1900. 2744.82 
Luke, William Balkwill. 
Sir Wilfrid Lawson. London, 1900. Portr. 
PI. 4543.229 

Macaulay, Thomas Babington, baron. 
Essay on Qive. Edited by A. M. Williams. 
London, 1900. Portrs. Pis. 2547.151 

McCall, Samuel Walker. 
Thaddeus Stevens. Boston. [1900.] Portrs. 
[Standard library edition.] ♦4248.155.31 
MacDonald, Arthur, 
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Pis. [Standard library editionj 


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Pis. [Standard library edition.] *4248.i«J 

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[Standard library edition.] *42^I5S^ 

John Quincy Adams. Boftton. iigoa] 

Portrs. [Standard library editioikl 


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PI. [Standard library edition.] ♦4248.155.11 

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How to celebrate "John Marshall day" 

February 4, 1901. [Chicago, 1900. 1 17 pp. 

Portr. = 7<&243 

Bibliography, pp. zi~i6. 

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The life and death of John of Bamevdd. 
N. Y., 1900. 3 v. Portrs. [Works. Li- 
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My autobiography. A framnent [Edited 
by W. G. Max Mueller.] N. Y., 190L 
Portrs. 4548^ 
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Briefe von Johannes Muller an Anders 
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Portr. Fac-similes. = 484oa.i7 
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John Mason Neale. [Anon.] [N. Y., 190a] 
5 pp. Portrs. Illus. = *35S3A 
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Wilhelm HL, Prinz von Oranien, Erbstatt- 
halter von Holland, Konig von England. 
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lung gemeinverstandlicher wissenschaft- 
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Old South historical society. 
Old South pilgrimage to the homes of Whit- 
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(3) pp. Portr. = 4458.143 
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Some records of the later life of Harriet, 
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Histoire de Jeanne d'Arc Bruxelles, 1898. 
Illus. Portrs. 4^1^ 

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The Baroness de Bode, 1775-1803. London, 
1900. Portrs. Coats of arms. 4546.176 




1 of Amos Perry. Obituary sketch 
rence S. Brigham. Proceedings of 
ial meeting. Printed for the 
Island historical society. Boston, 
16 pp. Portr. 4444.337 


)uis (Louis IX. of France), the 
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ttung, Julius Alb. G. von, editor. 

I. Rev<^ution und Kaiserreich. 

[1901.] Illus. Portrs. Maps. 

lomas Edward. 

• of the Civil war [George Edward 
:]. By a member of the Virginia 
:al society. Cleveland, 1900. 62 pp. 

= 4442.337 


tscritos de Juan Clemente Zenea. 

1901. = 4398.44 

ir Lyon, baron. 

and correspondence. By Wemyss 
London, 1900. Portrs. 4542.148 
del Serenissimo Sefior D. Juan de 

. . . Publicala la Sociedad de 
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, Margarete, Edle von. 
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nna, countess. 

Edited by Casimir Stryienski. 
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Sir Archibald Philip, 5th earl of 
; the last phase. N. Y., 1900. 

Joseph Meyer. 

ss to George Edward Woodberry, 
alf of his present & former stu- 
t Columbia college. [N. Y., 1900.] 
= *A.7i69 

mund Sheridan, 
letters of Ambrose Phillipps De 
Edited and finished by E. De Lisle. 
I, 1900. 2 V. Portrs. 3554.110 

:oria. Story of her life and reign. 
1. [1900.] Illus. . Portrs. Pis. 
oyal lives.] * 2548.186 

alter, professor at University col- 

N. Y., 1900. 2547.126 

arriott Horrv. 

times of William Lowndes of 
Carolina, 1782-1822. Boston, 1901. 

Rossiter Worthington. 
joper. Boston. [1901.] Portr. 
;ide biographical series.] 4349a.202 

d Werke Peter Pindars (Dr. John 
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Rhode Island bar association. 
John Marshall day. Address by Le Baron 
Bradford Colt Introductory address by 
Francis Col well. [Providence, 1901.I 53 
pp. Portr. = 7032.47 

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Thomas Chatterton. Wien, 1500. [Wiener 
Beitrage zur englischen Pmlologie.] 

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filisa Napol^n (Badocchi) en Italie. Paris, 
1900. 2768.46 

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Private memoirs. Edited bv Edward G. 
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Reprinted from a translation of Bosc'i edition, 
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[Standard library edition.] *4248.I55.8 

Life of Thomas Hart Benton. Boston. [1899.] 

Portrs. [Standard library edition.] 

*4248. 155.23 

Oliver Cromwell. N. Y., 1900. Portrs. Pis. 

Fac-similes. 4548.215 

Ropes, John Codman. 

A memoir of the life of John Codman Ropes 

[by Joseph MayJ. With the proceedings 

of various societies, addresses, papers, and 

resolutions in commemoration of him. 

Boston, 1901. Portr. ♦4442.344 

Bibliography, pp. 111-Z14, (z). 

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Francesco Guicciardini e il ffovemo fioren- 
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2 v. in I. 2729.75 

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In memoriam Robert Schell. 1815-1900. 
N. Y., 1901. 44 pp. Portr. = 4444.326 
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Life of Henry Clay. Boston. [1899.] Portrs. 
PI. [Standard library edition.] 

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Francis Hutcheson, his life, teaching and 
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Cambridge, 1900. 4542.154 

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General John Jacob, commandant of the 
Sind Irregular Horse and founder of Ja- 
cobabad. London, 1900. Portrs. Pis. 
Map. 3044.183 

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Martin Van Buren. Boston. [1899.] Portrs. 
[Standard library edition.] *4248.i55.i8 
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Governor William Bradford, and his son, 
Major William Bradford. New Britain, 
1900. Illus. Fac-simile. *2344.36 

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Bolingbroke and his times. [Period i.] 
N. Y., 1901. Portrs. 4524.129 

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William Herschel and his worK. N. Y., 1900. 
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Felix Reville Brunot. 1820-1898. A civilian 
in the War for the Union, president of 
the first Board of Indian commissioners. 
N. Y., 1901. Portrs. Pis. Map. 4348.224 



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The diary of a dreamer. N. Y., 1900. 

Sneath, Elias Hershey. 
The mind of Tennyson. His thoughts on 
God, freedom, and immortality. N. Y., 

1900. 45581^ 
Snider Denton Jaques. 

The life of Frederick Froebel, founder of 
the Kindergarten. Chicago. [1900.] 

Sobieski, Col. John. 
Life-story and personal reminiscences. Shel- 
bjrville, 111., 1900. Portrs. 4348.239 

Spring, Leverett Wilson. 
The career of a Kansas politician [Jame& 
H. Lane]. [N. Y.] 1898. 25 pp. = 

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Gefiihltes und Gedachtes. Herausgegeben 
von L. Geiger. Dresden, 1900. Portr. 

Stebbing, William, editor. 

Charles Henry Pearson, Fellow of Oriel and 
Education minister in Victoria. Memo- 
rials by himself, his wife, and his friends. 
London, 1900. Portr. 4543- 157 

Stevens, Henry. 

Thomas Hariot: the mathematician, the 

Philosopher, and the scholar. Including 
iographical and bibliographical disquisi- 
tions upon the materials of the history of 
'ould Virginia.' London, 1900. Wood 
^ cuts. *23i9a.46 

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Albert Gallatin. Boston. [1900.] [Standard 
library edition.] *4248.i55.i3 

Stcvcnsoniana: being a reprint of miscellany 
associated with Robert Louis Stevenson. 
N. Y. [1900.] Portr. 4547-170 

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Funeral services of Edward Amherst 
Stewart, and personal tributes. New- 
port, Vt.? 1900.] 24 pp. Portr. PI. 

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The autobiography of a journalist. Boston, 

1901. 2 V. Portrs. 4345.233 
Storey, Moorfield. 

Charles Sumner. Boston, 1900. Portrs. 

[Standard library edition.] *4248. 1 55.30 

Story, Joseph. 1 779-1845. 

An address on Chief Justice Marshall. 

Rochester, N. Y., 1900. 60 pp. Portr. = 

Sumner, William Graham. 
Andrew Jackson as a public man. Boston. 
[Standard library edition.] *4248.I55.I7 
Taylor, John Myers. 
Roger Ludlow, the colonial lawmaker. 
N. Y., 1900. Fac-simile. 2323.39 

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Hannah More. N. Y., 1900. Portrs. Pis. 

John Knox. N. Y., 1900. Portrs. Pis. 

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La Duchesse de Berry (S. A. R. Madame). 
179^1870. Paris, 1900. Portr. 4645.77 

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Samuel Richardson. London, 190a 

Pi. 45 

Bibliography, pp. agj-joz. 

Tolstoi, Lyef Nikolaevitch. 

Childhood, boyhood, youth. Transh 
Isabel F. Hapgood. N. Y., 1899. 

True, Rev. Hinry. 1726-1782. 

Journal and letters of Rev. Henry 1 
Hampstead, New Hampshire, wh 
chaplain in the New Hampshire re 
of the Provincial army in 1759 ant 
Also an account of the battle of Cc 
By Captain Amos Barrett, a minul 
and participant. Marion, Ohio, 191 
pp. Portr. Map. Fac-similes. = 4 
Tschudi, Gara. 

Augusta, empress of Germany. Autl 
translation from the Norwegian by 
Cope. N. Y., 1900. Portr. 

The jzTe-t Napoleon's mother. Autl 
translation from the Norwegian by 
Cope. N. Y., 1900. Portr. » 

Tucker, Payson. 

Unveiling of the marble bust of I 
Tucker, November 21, 1900, preser 
the Maine eye and ear infirmary b 
Tucker. Portland, 1901. 52 pp. 

= 4 

Tyler, Moses Coit 

Patrick Henry. Boston. [1900.] 
PI. [Standard library edition.] *^2/{ 
Ulrich, O. 
Charles de Villers. Sein Leben und 
Schriften. Ein Beitrag zur Gcs< 
der geistigen Beziehungen z^ 
Deutschland und Frankreich. L 
1809. Portr. 2( 

United States. Congress. Special con 
in charge of the reception and un 
of the statue of Daniel Webster. 
Acceptance and unveiling of the sta 
Daniel Webster in Washington, T; 
18, 1900. Addresses by Senator Cn 
John D. Long, Senator Lodge. Wj 
ton, 1900. 34 pp. = .44- 

University of Pennsylvania. William 1 
testimonial committee. 
The monument to William Pepper. 
1900. 80 pp. Portr. Pis. = ^4 
Vance, Arthur T. 
The real David Harum. N. Y. 
Portrs. Pis. 43^ 

Viallate, Achille. 
J. Chamberlain. Avec une pr6face 
Boutmv. Paris, 1899. 45^ 

Vivekanada, Swami. 
My master [Paramhamsa Srimat 
krishna.] N. Y., 1901. 89 pp. PI. 


Volkelt, Johannes. 

Arthur Schopenhauer. Seine Pers< 
keit, seine Lehre, sein Glaube. 2 
lage. Stuttgart, 1901. Portr. : 
Walkley, Albert. 

Theodore Parker. A series of letters. 

ton, 1900. '. 

Fictitious letters describing Parker's 1 




Walton, Josiah Proctor. 

Death of J. P. Walton. [Muscatine, Iowa., 

1899- 1 7 pp. Portr. = 4449270 

Washington, fiooker Taliaferro. 

The story of my life and work. Toronto. 

figoo.] Portrs. Pis. 4346.187 

Contains the history of Tuskegee Normal and 
tndnstrial institute. 
Up from slavery. An autobiography. 
N. Y., 1901. Portr. 4346.188 

Watson, Thomas Edward. 
Thomas Jefferson. Boston, 1900. Portr. 
[The Beacon biographies.] 4349a. 191 

Wangfa, Arthur. 
RcSbert Browning. Boston, 1900. Portr. 
[The Westminster biog^'aphies.] 4549a. 175 
Werner, Ernst Eduard. 
Erinnenmgen aus meinem Leben. [Akron, 
Ohio, i^.] Portrs. Pis. = *4430.I47 
: Whitten, Wilfred. 

Daniel Defoe. Boston, 1900. Portr. [The 
Westminster biographies.] 4549a. 178 

Wilby. Rudolf. 
Kirl Viktor von Bonstetten. (1745-1832.) 
Eine litterarisch-psychologiscne Skizze. 
Bern, i8q& 88 pp. Portr. 484152 

Wilkins, Wifiiam Henry. 
The love of an uncrowned queen, Sophie 
Dorothea, Consort of George I., and her 
correspondence with Philip Christopher, 
Count Konigsmarck. (Now first pub- 
lished from the originals.) Chicago, 1901. 
Portr. 2549.165 

"List of tttthorities quoted," etc., pp. 576-578. 

Williams, Thomas, civil engineer. 
Life of Sir James Nicholas Douglass . . . 
London, 1900. Portr. PI. 45493.184 

Wilson, Henry Walter. 
Adam Duncan. Boston, 1900. Portr. [The 
Westminster biographies.] 4549^.177 

WiDship, George Parker. 
Geoffrey Chaucer. A paper read at a 
meeting of the Club of odd volumes, on 
the five hundredth anniversary of Chau- 
cer's death. Boston, 1900. 34 pp. = 


Some facts about John and Sebastian Cabot. 
Worcester, 1900. 22 pp. = 2323.75 

Winsor, Justin. 
[Scrap-book containing pamphlets and news- 
paper cuttings relating to Benjamin 
Franklin.] Portrs. = **K 11.33 

Wister, Owen. 
Ulysses S. Grant. Boston, 1900. Portr. 
[The Beacon biographies.] 43493.188 

Woolman, John. 1720-1772. 
Journal, with introduction by J. G. Whit- 
tier: also addenda, bibliography, index, 
and appendix. The New century edition. 
London, 1900. Pis. 5546.32 

Wradslaw, Theodore. 
Algernon Charles Swinburne. A study. 
London, iQOO. Portr. [English writers 
of to-day. J 4547-166 

Wnrzbach, Alfred, Jr., Ritter von Tannen- 
Gottfried August Biirger. Sein Leben und 
seine Werke. Von Wolfgang von Wurz- 
bach [pseud.]. Leipzig, 1900. Portrs. 
Pis. 2842.27 

Wyeth, John Allan. 
Life of General Nathan Bedford Forrest. 
N. Y., 1899. Portrs. Pis. ♦"20th". 5 1.305 

Xarque, Francisco. 
Ruiz Montoya en Indias (1608-1652). Ma- 
drid, 1900. 4 V. [Colecci6n de libros raros 
y curiosos que tratan de America.] 


Yate, Arthur Campbell. 
Lieutenant-colonel John Haughton, com- 
mandant of the 36th Sikhs, a hero of 
Tirah. A memoir. London, 1900. Portrs. 
Pis. Maps. 3047.196 


General History. Study and 

Allard. Paul, 
fitudes d'histoire et d'arch^ologie. Paris, 
1899. 22i9a.25 

Desmond, Humphrey Joseph. 

Mooted questions of history. Revised 

edition. Boston, 1901. 3469.123 

Langlois, Charles Victor, and Michel Jean 

Charles Seignobos. 

Introduction to the study of history. 

Translated by G. G. Berry. London, 

1898. 22i9a.23 

Meissner^ Erich. 
Was muss man von der Kulturgeschichte 
wissen? Berlin. [1900.] 6308.32 

Seckler, F. 
Weltgeschichte. In Wort und Bild dem 
Volke dargeboten. Konstanz. [1900.] 
Illus. Portrs. Fac-similes. 2212.32 

Spamers illustrierte V^eltgeschichte mit be- 
sonderer Beriicksichtigung der Kultur* 
geschichte . . . neubearbeitet . . . von 
Otto Kaemmcl und K. Sturmhoefel. 3. 
Auflage. Leipzig, 1893-5^. 11 v. Illus. 
Portrs. Maps. Fac-similes. *6252.50 

Contents. — i, 2. G«schichte des Altertums. 3, 4. 
Geschichte des Mittelalters. 5-7. Geschichte der 
neueren Zeit [1469-1789.] 8-10. Geschichte der 
neuesten Zeit. [11.] Index. 

Ancient History. 

Bury, John Bagnell. 
A history of Greece to the death of Alexander 
the Great. London, I9cx>. Illus. Plans. 
Maps. 3076.30 

Church, Alfred John. 
Helmet and spear. Stories from the wars 
of the Greeks and Romans. N. Y., 1900. 
Pis. 2969a.ii5 

Drumann, Wilhelm Carl August. 
Geschichte Roms in seinem Uberganjge von 
der republikanischen zur monarcnischen 
Verfassung, oder, Pompeius, Caesar, 
Cicero und ihre Zeitgenossen nach Ge- 
schlechtern und mit genealogischen Ta- 
bellen. 2. Auflage, herausgegeben von P. 
Groebe. Band i. Aemilii — Antonii. Berlin, 
1899.. 2755.14 

Jentsch, Carl. 
Drei Spaziergan^e eines Laien ins klassische 
Altertum. Leipzig, 1900. 2969a. 113 



Myers, Philip Van Ness. 
kome: its rise and fall. A text-book for 
high schools and colleges. Boston, 1900. 
Illus. Portrs. Map. 275999 

Ridoreway, William. 
The early age of Greece. Vol. i. Cam- 
bridge, 1901. Illus. 2965.96 
Smith, Sir William, LL.D. 1813-1893. 
A history of Greece from the earliest times 
to the Roman conquest With supple- 
mentary chapters on the history of litera- 
ture and art A new edition, in part re- 
written, by G. £. Marindin. London, 
1900. Illus. Maps. 3079.134 
Steindorff, Georg. 
Die Blutezeit des Pharaonenreichs. Biele- 
feld, 1900. Illus. Map. [Monographien 
zur Weltgeschichte.] 6252.29 
Thomas, £mile. 1843- 
Rome & I'empire aux deux premiers siecles 
de notre ere. Paris, 1897. Plans. 4759.39 
Winckler, Hugo. 
Die politisdie Entwickelung Babyloniens 
und Assyriens. Leipzig, 1900. 32 pp. 

Griechische Geschichte. t)bersetzt von Kon- 
rad Wernicke. Leipzig. [1900.] Map. 


Modern History. 

Chamberlain, Houston Stewart. 
Die Grundlagen des neunzehnten Jahr- 
hunderts. 2. Auflage. Mtinchen, 1900. 
2 V. 6303.7 

Latimer^ Mary Elizabeth Wormeley. 
The last years of the Nineteenth centurv. 
Chicago, 1900. Portrs. 2216.68 

Lenz, Max. 
Die grossen Machte. Bin Riickblick auf 
unser Jahrhundert Berlin, 1900. 22193.19 
19th century, The. A review of progress. 
N. Y., 1901. 2216.74 

Progress, The, of the century. N. Y., 1901. 


Contents. — Evolution, by Alfred Russel Wal- 
lace. — Chemistry, by William Ramsay. — Ar- 
chaeology, by William Matthew Flinders-Petrie. 
— Astronomy, by Sir Joseph Norman Lockyer. — 
Philosophy, by Edward Caird. — Medicine, by 
William Osier. — Surgery, by W. W. Keen. — 
Electricity, by Elihu Thomson. — Physics, by 
Thomas Corwin Mendenhall. — War, by Sir 
Charles Wentworth Dilke. — Naval ships, by 
Alfred T. Mahan. — Literature, by Andrew Lang. 
— Engineering, by Thomas C. Clarke. — Reli- 
gion: Catholicism, by Cardinal James Gibbons; 
Protestantism, by Alexander V. G. Allen; The 
Jews and Judaism, by Richard J. H. Gottheil; 
Free-thought, by Goldwin Smith. 

Stein, Ludwig. 

An der Wende des Jahrhunderts. Versuch 

einer Kulturphilosophie. Freiburg i. B., 

1899. 2304.76 

Ziegler, Theobald. 

Die geistigen und socialen Stromungen 

des 19. Jahrhunderts. Berlin, 1890. 13 

portrs. [Das neunzehnte Jahrhundert in 

Deutschlands Entwicklung.] ♦2302.82 

Asia. The Orient. Easte 

Includes works on the Chinese anti-foreigi 
of X900. 

Bigham, Charles Clive. 
A year in China. 1899-1900. Londc 
rls. Maps. 

List of books, pp. 3x6-ax8. 

Brandt, Max von. 
Ostasiatische Fragen. Berlin, i8| 

Chan^ Chih-tung. 

China's only hope. An appeal 

greatest viceroy. Translated b] 

Woodbridge. N. Y., 1900. Portr. 

China. Anti-foreign uprising of 190c 

Yamatodamashii in North China. 

piled and published at the 

Times" office. [Tokio.l 1900. 

Portrs. = 

Text in both Japanese and English. 

Chinese- Japanese war, 1895. 

[Account, in Japanese.] [Tokio? 
Map. PI. = 
Colquhoun, Archibald Ross. 
Russia against India. The struggle 1 
N. v., 1900. Maps. 
Coucheron-Aamot, W. 
Die Geschichte Ostasiens nach dem 
von Shimonoseki. Aus dem Norw 
von K. Robolsky. Leipzig. [1899 
Portrs. Map. 
Crisis, The, in China. By George B. 
Rev. Gilbert Reid . . . Reprint 
the North American review. N. ' 
Portrs. Pis. Maps. 
Egerton, Hugh Edward. 
Sir Stamford Raffles. England in 
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This letter was called forth by M. Zol^saction 
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has no specific connection. 

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Tne papcn relate chiefly to German politics and 

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EacTULCsie Eoprecu b'b nepexoAHji) Bi^oxy 

0T% cpeAmx'B biisob'b s'b hobomj Bpexemi. 

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This work treats of the United States cc 
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pp. 44 

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The early development of the Chesapeake 
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pp. = 44i9a.i35 

American philosophical society. 

Calendar of the correspondence relating to 

the American Revolution, of Brigadier- 

feneral George Weedon, Hon. Richard 
[enry Lee, Hon. Arthur Lee, and 
. Major-general Nathanael Greene, in the 
library of the American philosophical 
society. Prepared by Emma Repplier. 
Phila., 1900. = 4418.214 



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Dorchester Neck. (Now South Boston.) 
The raid of British trooos, February 13, 
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Photograph of the house where the Tea 
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The women of the American revolution. 
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History of Colonel Jonathan Mitchell's Cum- 
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61 pp. Portr. Pis. Map. 4418.277 

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PI. 4414.160 

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The Stockbridge Indians during the Ameri- 
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W. B. Gilbert and others. N. Y. [1900. J 
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Recollections of a Georgia loyalist. Writ- 
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Orderly book of Capt. Ichabod Norton of 
Col. Mott's Regiment of Connecticut 
troops destined for the northern cam- 
paign in 1776. With an introduction by 
K. O. Bascom . . . Fort Edward, 1898. 
64 pp. Map. *"20th".92.t9 

Orderly book and journals kept by Connec- 
ticut men while taking part in the Ameri- 
can revolution. 1775-1778. [Hartford, 
1899.] [Connecticut historical society. 
Collections. Vol. 7.] ♦4473.21.7 

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New York in the Revolution as colony and 
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American history from German archives. 
[Sources of information relative to the 
Hessians.] [Phila., 1900. 1 26 pp. = 

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Report of the proceedings on the occasion 
of the I2ist anniversary of the battle and 
massacre of Wyoming, July 3d, 1899. 
[Wilkes-Barre? 1899.] 22 pp. 2377.49 

Civil War. 

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1861-1900. Celebration of the thirty-aindi 
anniversary, April 14, 1900. Sotrrenir pro- 
gram. [Boston.] 1900. 78 pp. Portrs. = 

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The Thirty-Sixth Wisconsin volunteer in- 
fantry. 1st brigade, 2d division, ad army 
corps. Army of the Potomac. A record 
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the author's private journal. [Milwankee? 
1900.1 Illus. Portrs. Maps. = 

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♦^^oai".4i j8 
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Portrs. Maps. = 

Young folks' history of the Civil war. 

Boston, 1808. Illus. Portrs. 2329.14^ 
Same. [1900?] 2329.142 

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The war for the Union : or. the dud between 

North and South : ( U. S. A. 1861-1865). 

A poetical panorama, orefaced by Toe 

song of America and Coltmibus. N. V. 

[1899.1 ♦"20th".iocxa4 

Cussons, John. 
A glance at current history. Qen Alleo. 

Va., 1899. Portr. = 4429a.i4l> 

Mr. Cussons charges "current history" with an- \ 
fairness toward the South in matters connected \ 
with the Civil war. 

United States ''history" as the Yankee makes 
and takes it. By a Confederate soldier. 
3d edition. Glen Allen, Va., 1900. 70 i^ 

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Stonewall Jackson and the American Civil 
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Numbers and losses in the Civil war in 
America, 1861-65. Boston, 1900. = 


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History of the Fifteenth regiment New 
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shua.] 1900. Portrs. Pis. Map. 




Miaryland. Commissioners of the records 
of the soldiers, sailors, and marines of 
the state. 
History and roster of Maryland volun- 
teers. War of 1861-65. Baltimore, 1898, 
ga 2 V. Portrs. ♦"20th".46c.i 

Col. VemoB compiled and prepared the histori- 
cal part of this record. — Prtfact. 

Merrill, Samuel. 
The Seventieth Indiana volunteer infantry 
in the War of the rebellion. Indiana- 
polis. [190a] Portr. ♦"20th".43ai7 
Military order of the Loyal legion of the 
I United States. Massachusetts cora- 
Ci?il war papers read before the com- 
mandery. Boston, 1900. 2 v. Map. = 

„ , *4423.342=*"20th".52.593.5 

New Jersey. 

Roster of the Twelfth regiment New Jersey 
volunteers. 32 pp. = ♦"20th"4iai2 

New York monuments conmiission for the 
battlefields of Gettysburg and Chatta- 
Final report on the battlefield of Gettys- 
burg. Albany, 1900. 3 v. Portrs. Fls. 
= *4320.i37 

"orter, Horace. 

Campaigning with Grant N. Y., 1897. Illus. 
Portrs. Maps. 4323-163 

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General Jesse Lee Reno at Frederick. 
Barbara Fritchie and her flag. [Boston, 
1900.] (18) pp. 4423.347 

Khodes, Charles D. 
History of the cavalry of the Army of the 
Potomac, including that of the Army of 
Virginia (Pope's), and also the history of 
the operations of the Federal cavalry in 
V/est Virginia during the war. Kansas 
City, 1900. ♦"20th".2i.35 

Royse, Isaac Henry Qay. 
History of the iiSJh regiment Illinois volun- 
teer infantry. Terre llaute, 1900. Portrs. 
Pis. Maps. "20th".43c.ii5 

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The Union regiments of Kentucky. Louis- 
ville, 1897. Maps. ♦"20th".48b.i 
Stewart, Nixon B. 
Dan McCook's Regiment, 52d O. V. I. 
A history of the regiment, 1862-1865. 
[Alliance, O.l 1900. Portrs. 


United States. Gettysburg national military 

park commission. 

Annud reports to the Secretary of war. 

1893-99. Washington, 1900. 41 pp. Pis. 

= *3990a.70 

Westbrook, Robert S. 
History of the 49th Pennsylvania volunteers. 
Altoona, 1898. Portrs. PI. Map. 

Wise, John Sergeant. 
The end of an era. Boston, 1899. 

Largely autobiographical. 

Spanish-American War, 1898. Territorial 


Adams, William Wisner. 
National expansion and national peril. A 
sermon. [Fall River? 1898?] 18 pp. = 


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La guerra hispano-americana ante el dere- 

cho intemacional. Madrid, 1900. 4420a. 189 

Boutwell, George Sewall. 

Address. [In the name of the executive 

committee of the Anti-imperialist league. 

August 15, 1899.] = 4228.109 

Address delivered at the Anti-Imperialist 

meeting, Boston, April 4, 1899. [Boston.] 

1899. 18 pp. = 4228.110 
The crisis of the Republic Boston, 19CX). 


In the name of liberty. Republic or em- 
pire. Address, Cooper institute. [Bos- 
ton.] 1900. 22 pp. = 4228.113 

The President's policy. War and conquest 
abroad. Degradation of labor at home. 
Address, Washington, D. C, Jan. 11, 1900. 
Chicago, ipoo. 14 pp. = 4^.107 

The war of despotism in the Philippine 
Islands. Address, Sept. 5, 1899. [Boston, 
1899.] 16 pp. = 4228.111 

Brady, Cyrus TownsentL. 

UxKler tops'ls and tents. N. Y., 1901. 
Portrs. Pis. 5957.78 

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An examination of the scheme for engrafting 
the colonial system of government upon 
the United States constitution. Boston, 

1900. 36 pp. = 4228.126 
Bryan, William Jennings. 

Imperialism. Being the speech [on] his 
nomination to the Presidency of the 
United States. [Chicago, 1900.] 32 pp. 
Portr. = 4228.152 

Cervera y Topete, Pascual. 

Guerra hispano-americana. Colecci6n de 
documentos referentes 4 la escuadra de 
operaciones de las Antillas, ordenados por 
el Contraalmirante Pascual Cervera y To- 
pete. El Ferrol, 1899. 442oa.i75 
Chadwick, John White. 
The present distress. A sermon upon our 
OnentaJ war. N. Y., 1899. ^ pp. 


Clayton, Joseph Culbertson. 

Some earnest words of an old-fashioned 

democrat on the national crisis. N. Y., 

ipoo. 34 pp. Portr. = 4228.143 

Chiefly reprinted letters to newspapers, defend- 
ing the administration of President McKinlejr. 

Cockran, William Bourke. 

In the name of liberty. Address. Boston, 

Feb. 23. 1900. Under the auspices of the 

New England An ti- Imperialist league. 

[Boston.] 1900. 35 pp. = 4223.112 

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La escuadra del Almirante Cervera. Madrid. 
[1899.] Maps. 4420a. 177 

The squadron of Admiral Cervera. Trans- 
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1900. [United States. Office of naval in- 
telligence.] = 4420a. I ;^ 

This work in the original Spanish is on sheli- 
number 4420a. 177. 

Connecticut. Adjutant general. 

Roster of Connecticut volunteers who served 

in the war between the United States and 

Spain, 1898-99. Hartford, 1899. 42 pp. 

= *442oa.i92 

Cox, Frederick Henry. 
The constitution and territorial posses- 
sions. Nashville, Tenn., 1900. 31 pp. = 




Crookcr, Joseph Henry. 
The menace to America. Chicago, 1900. 26 
op = 4228.139 

On imperialism. 

The menace to America. Chicago, 190a 

16 pp. = 4228.166 

There is another edition on shell-no. 4218.139. 

Depew, Chauncey Mitchell. 

The government of the Philippine Islands. 

Speech :n the Senate of the United States, 

Tuesday, Feb. 27, 1900. Washington, 1900. 

21 pp. = 9325.9i4a7 

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The government of Puerto Rico and the 

Philippines. Speech in the House of 

Representatives. [Washington, 1900.] 8 

pp. = 422oa.8o 

Fiala, Anthony. 
Troop "C" in service. An account of the 
part played by Troop "C" of the New 
York volunteer cavalry in the Spanish- 
American war of 1898. [Brookl3m, 1899.] 
Illus. Portrs. Maps. 442oa.200 

Foraker, Joseph Benson. 

Porto Rico. It belongs to the United 

States, but is not the United States nor 

a part of the United States. Speech in 

the Senate. Washington, 1900. 22 pp. 

Poito Rico. Speech in the Senate, March 8, 
1900. Washington, 1900. 40 pp. = 


Foreman, John. 

Will the United States withdraw from the 

Philippines? [Also] The "single tribe" 

fiction, by £. C. Pierce. Chicago, 1900. 

16 pp. = 4228.168 

Giddings, Howard A. 

Exploits of the Signal corps in the war with 

Spain. Kansas City, 1900. Portrs. Pis. 

Gomez Nunez, Severo. 
La guerra hispano-americana. [Tomo 1-3.] 
Madrid, 1899-1900. Portrs. Pis. Maps. 

The Spanish-American war. Blockades and 
coast defense. Translated from the Span- 
ish. Washington, 1899. Map. Plan. 
[United States. Office of naval intelli- 
gence.] = 3957.22 
Gookin, Frederick W. 
A liberty catechism. 2d edition. Chicago, 
1899. 23 pp. = 4228.103 
Henderson, John Brooks. 
The newly-acquired islands and the Consti- 
tution. Has the Congress of the United 
States the constitutional power to lay 
. . . duties on commerce . . . between the 
states and the territories recently ac- 
quired . . . ? Chicago, 1900. 16 pp. = 

Hopkins, Albert J. 
Do Puerto Rico and the Philippine islands 
become integral parts of the United States 
under the Paris treaty? Speech in the 
House of Representatives, Feb. 20, 1900. 
Washington, 1900. 20 pp. = 422S.135 
Indiana. Adjutant general. 
Record of Indiana volunteers in the Span- 
ish-American war, 1898-1899. Indian- 
apolis, 1900. Portrs. *442oa.2o8 

Kimball, John Calvin. 
"Upholding the old principles amid die 
issues." Address to the Dangfaters of tiie 
Revolution at Ips¥rich, Mass. Washing- 
ton. [1890.} ID pp. = 42Aiao 
Lincoln Republican league. 
Lincoln Republican booklet. 1-3. [Min- 
neapolis, 1900.] 3 V. in I. Portrs. = 


On imperialism. 
McCall, Samuel Walker. 
The army bill. Speech in the House of 
Representatives, Dec 5, 1900. Wash- 
ington, ipoo. 16 pp. =: 423&X47 

In opposition to the oul and in itvor at the in- 
dependence of the Philippine islands. 

Magoon, Charles £. 
Repoit on the legal status of the territonr 
and inhabitants of the islands acquired 1^ 
the United States during the war with 
Spain, considered with reference to the 
territorial boundaries, the Constitutioo, 
and laws of the United States. Wash- 
ington, 1900. 72 pp. [United States. War 
department. Division of msular affairs.] 
= 9342.73432 

McKinley vs. Hoar. The President as- 
swered by the Senator on various poiiti 
of the Philippine controversy. [N. Y^ 
1900.] Broadside. = 42a&MD 

Marburg, Theodore. 
Expansion. Baltimore, 1900. 80 pp. 42^141 

Massachusetts reform club. 
Report of the Committee . . . appointed to 
collect testimony in relation to the Spanish- 
American war. 1898-1899. Boston, ito 
57 pp. = 442oa.ii6 

Payne, Sereno Elisha. 
Our relations with Puerto Rico. Speech m 
the House of Representatives, F^ i^ 
1900. [Washington, 1900. 1 19 pp. = 

Randolph, Carman Fitz. 
The law and policy of annexation, with 
special reference to the Philippines, to- 
gether with observations on the status of 
Cuba. N. Y., 1901. 42^170 

Roosevelt, Theodore. 
The rough riders. N. Y., 1900. Portr. 
[Sagamore series.] 442oa.i35 

Ross, Clinton. 
Heroes of our war with Spain. Their ex- 
ploits told for a boy. N. Y. [1900?] 
Fls. 4420a.ii2 

Schurz, Carl. , 

For the republic of Washington and Lin- 
coln. An address. Chicago^ 1900. 35 pp. 
= 4228.164 

Smith, Edwin Burritt. 
Republic or empire; with glimpses of 
'^criminal aggression." An address. 
Chicago, 1900. 28 pp. = 4228.163 

Sparks, Edwin Erie. 
The expansion of the American people, 
social and territorial. Chicago, 190a 
Illus. Portrs. Maps. 4226.149 

Stillman, James Wehs. 
A protest against the President's war of 
''criminal aggression." Boston, 1899. 18 
pp. = 4^).io6 



torey, Moorfield. 

It it right? An address. Chicago, 1900. 
x6 pp. = 4228.162 

Included is the Anti-imperialists' Address to 
Ac Toters of the United Sutes, Aug. x6, 1900. 

Our new departure. Boston, 1901. 43 PP- 
= 4228.150 

Strong, Josiah. 
Expansion under New World conditions. 
N. Y. [iQOO.] Map. 4228.132 

Stackenberg, John Henry Wilbum. 
International law and the islands ceded by 
Spain to the United States. [Boston, 
190a] 16 on. = 4228.120 

Stones, Charles Mathews. 
"nzst thou killed, and also taken posses- 
sion?" An unspoken address, July 4, 
1899. 3d edition. Chicago, 1900. 11 pp. 
= 4228.154 

Ob imperialism. 

Tolman, Albert Harris. 
Mr. McKinley's declaration of war. Chi- 
cago, 1900. 12 pp. = 4228.151 

Tniti, Le, de paix entre TEspagne et les 

Btats-Unis. [Paris? 1898.] 78 pp. 

4420a. 187 
Added, the text of the Protocol. 

Wdsh, Herbert 

The other man's country. An appeal to con- 
science. Phila., 190a 4228.144 
Williams, Ernest Edwin. 
The imperial heritage. N. Y., 1900. Illus. 

Williams, Talcott 
The ethical and pditical principles of ex- 
pansion. Phila. [1900.] 4228.142 

The Separate States. 

Abbott, Herman. 
History of Belfast, Maine, to 1825. With 
notes by J. Williamson. Belfast, 1900. 18 
pp. = *4435.i88 

AQen, Francis Olcott 

The history of Enfield, Connecticut. Vol. i. 
Lancaster, Pa., 1900. Map. '*'4430a.i47 

Baird, Elizabeth Th^rese. 
Reminiscences of life in territorial Wis- 
consin, 1824-42. Madison, 1900. 60 pp. 
= 4375.151 

Baker, George A., of South Bend, Indiana. 
The St Joseph-Kankakee portage. Its 
location and use by Marquette, La Salle, 
and the French voyageurs. South Bend, 
i9gg. 48 pp. Illus. Maps. 4375-159 

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Northwestern Indiana from 1800 to 1900. 
[Chicago.] 1900. Illus. Portr. Map. 

Bassett, John Spencer. 
Slavery in the state of North Carolina. Bal- 
timore, 1899. [Johns Hopkins University 
studies in Mstorical and political science.] 


fiatchellor, Albert Stillman. 

A brief view of the influences that moved in 

the adoption of the Federal constitution 

by the State of New Hampshire. Concord, 

N. H., 1900. 35 pn. = 4335.189 

Reprinted from the Proceedings of tht New 
Hampshire bar asso ci a ti on. 

BoUes, Albert Sidney. 
Pennsylvania, province and state; a history 
from 1609 to 1790- Phila., 1899. 2 v. 
Portrs. ^2323.73 

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English politics in early Virginia history. 
Boston, 1901. 2377.104 

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History of Hampton Falls, New Hampshire, 
1640-1900. Manchester, N. H., 1900. 
Portrs. Pis. *4436.200 

Crissey, Theron Wilmot. 

1744-1900. History of Norfolk, Litchfield 
county, Connecticut. Opening chapters 
by Joseph Eldridge. Everett, Mass., 1900. 
Portrs. Pis. ♦443oa.7i 

Davidson, John Nelson. 
The coming of the New York Indians to 
Wisconsin. Madison, 1900. 35 pp. = 

Drewry, William Sidney. 
Slave insurrections in Virginia (1830-1865;). 
A dissertation . . . Johns Hopkins uni- 
versity . . . Washington, 1900. Portrs. 
Map. 4377.141 

Another edition, identical in matter, bearing the 
title, The Southampton insurrection, is on shelf* 
number 4377.140. 

The Southampton insurrection. Washing- 
ton, 1900. Portrs. Pis. Map. 4377-140 
Duerst, Mathias. 

Diary of one of the original colonists of 
New Glarus, 1845. Translated from the 
German by John Luchsinger. Madison, 

1900. 47 pp. = 4375.153 

Dutch West India company. 

Vryheden by de vergaderinghe van de Ne- 

genthiene van de geoctroyeerde Wcst-In- 

dische Compagnie vergunt aen alien den 

fhenen die eenighe colonien in Nieuw- 
[ederlandt sullen planten. T' Amstelre- 
dara, 1630. (15) pp. Vignette. **H.88.50 

A fac-simile. 

Dye^ Eva Emery. 
• M.cLoughlin and old Oregon: a chronicle. 
Chicago, ipoo. Portr. 4376.164 

Eiboeck, Joseph. 
Die Deutschen von Iowa und deren £r- 
rungenschaften. Des Moines, 1900. Illus. 
Portrs. 4345.229 

Evans, William L. 
The military history of Green Bay. Madi- 
son, 1900. 20 pp. = 4375.146 
Flandrau, Charles Eugene. 
The history of Minnesota and tales of the 
frontier. St. Paul, 1900. Portr. 4376.166 
Gay, Julius. 
The early industries of Farmington [Conn.]. 
An historical address. Hartford, 1898. 20 
pp. = 4439.216 
Gnmk^, Archibald Henry. 
Right on the scaffold, or, the mart)rrs of 
1822. Washington, 1901. 24 pp. 7584.97 

An account of Denmark Vesey, ana an attempted 
negro insurrection in Charleston, S. C, instigated 
by him. 

Griswold, Frances Irene Burge. 

Old Wickford, "The Venice of America." 

Milwaukee, 1900. Illus. Portrs. 4438.182 

Halsey, Francis Whiting. 

The old New York frontier. 1614-1800. 

N. Y., 1901. Portrs. Pis. Maps. 4478.324 



Hariot, Thomas. 

A briefe and true report of the new found 

land of VirRinia; Sir Walter Raleigh's 

colony of MoLxxxv. With an introduction 

[by Henry Stevens]. London, 1900. 

A reprint oi the London 1588 edition. 

Hartford, Conn. 
Hartford town votes. Vol. i. 1635-1716. 
[Hartford, 1897.] Fac-similes [Connecti- 
cut historical society. Collections.] 

Hassler, Edgar W. 
Old Westmoreland. A history of western 
Pennsylvania during the Revolution. Pitts- 
burg, 1900. 4414.154 
Hughes, R. £. 
That Kentucky campai^; or the law, the 
ballot and the i>eop1e m the Goebel-Taylor 
contest By R. E. Hughes, F. W. Schaefer 
and E. L. Williams. Cincinnati, 1900. 
Illus. Portrs. Pis. 4222.76 
Irving; Washington. 
A history of New York, from the beginnix^ 
of the world to the end of the Dutch 
dynasty ... By Diedrich Knidcerbocker 
[pseud.]. The whole embellish'd by eight 
pictures from the hand of Maxfield Par- 
rish. N. Y., 1900. ^4400.79 
James, James Alton. 

Constitution and admission of Iowa into 
the Union. Baltimore, 1900. 54 pp. 

Jenkins, Howard Malcolm. 

Historical collections relating to Gwynedd, 
a township of Montgomery county, Penn- 
sylvania ... 2d edition. Phila., 1897. 
Pis. Plan. = *2375.83 

Jerseyman, The. A quarterly magazine of 
local history. Vol. 1-5. Flemington, N. 
J., 1891-99. 5 V. in I. ♦4470a. 1 19 

Kuhns, Levi Oscar. 
The German and Swiss settlements of colo- 
nial Pennsylvania: a study of the so- 
called Pennsylvania Dutch. N. Y., 1901. 

Lawson, Publius V. 
The Outagamie village at West Menasha. 
Madison, 1900. 8 pp. Plan. = 4375.150 
Lubbock, Francis Richard. 
Six decades in Texas. A personal experi- 
ence. Edited by C. W. Raines. Austin, 

1900. Poitrs. Pis. 4322.141 
Maine Old home week association. 

Report of Old home week in Maine, Aug. 
6-13, 1900. Augusta, 1901. Illus. Portrs. 
= No. 2 in *933i.074i.i4 

Printed in connection with the 14th annual re- 
port of the Maine Bureau of industrial and 
labor statistics. 

Mason, Edward Gay. 
Chapters from Illinois history. Chicago, 

1901. Portr. 4375.167 
Maxwell, Hu, and Howard L. Swisher. 

History of Hampshire county, West Vir- 
ginia . . . Morgantown, 1897. Portrs. 
Pis. 4372.126 

Mills, William Stowell. 

The story of the Western reserve of Con- 
necticut N. Y. [1900.] 4479.265 

New York, state. Governor. 
Public papers of George Qinton, first Gov- 
ernor ot New York, 1777-1795— 1801-1804. 
Military, vol. i. With an introduction by 
H. Hastings, State historian. N. Y., 1899. 
Portrs. Map. = *44i4.iSO 

New York historical society. 
List of members. Feb., 1900. [N. Y., 1900.I 
16 pp. = *447«.299 

Report of the executive committee, 1899. 
[N. Y., 1900.] Plan. = *4478.298 

Pirtle, Alfred. 
The battle of Tippecanoe. Louisville, 1900. 
Portrs. Pis. Plan. [Filson dub.l 

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Historic towns of the Southern states. 
N. Y., 1900. Illus. Portrs. Maps. 
[American historic towns.] 4373-150 

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History of New York state, Syracuse, 1900. 
Illus. Portrs. Maps. 4478.309 

Prentis, Edward. 
Ye antient buriall place of New London, 
Conn. New London, 1899. 40 pp. Pis. 

Quint, Alonzo Hall, and others, compilers. 
Historical memoranda concerning persons 
and places in old Dover, N. H., 1850 to 
1888. Edited by John Scales. VoL i. 
Dover, 1900. Portr. Map. ^4436.202 

Salley, Alexander S., Jr., 
The history of Orangeburg county. South 
Carolina, to the close of the Revolution- 
ary war. Orangeburg, S. C, 1898. Portrs. 
Pis. Map. *4373.i54 

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The domestic life and characteristics of the 
Pennsylvania-German pioneer. Lancas- 
ter, Pa., 1900. Illus. Portr. Fac-similes. 


Schmeckebier, Laurence Frederick. 
History of the Know Nothing party in Mary- 
land. Baltimore, 1899. Jjohns Hopkins 
University studies in historical and poli- 
tical science.] ^ *2356.69.I7 
Schuricht, Herrmann. 
History of the German element in Vir- 
ginia. Baltimore, 1898, 1900. 2 v. Portr. 

= 4374.157 

Shimmell, L. S. 

A history of Pennsylvania. Harrisburg, 1900. 

Illus. Portrs. Maps. 4377-144 

Smith, Helen Evertson. 

Colonial days and ways as gathered Irbm 

family papers. With decorations by T. 

Guernsey Moore. N. Y., 1900. PI. 4358.144 

Smithwick, Noah. 

The evolution of a state; or, recollections 

of old Texas days. Compiled by Nanna 

Smithwick Donaldson. Austin, Texas, 

1901. Portrs. 4377.145 

Swank, James Moore. 

Earlv iron enterprises in Cambria, Somer- 

sett Westmoreland, and Indiana counties. 

[Phila., 1900.] 14 pp. = 5655.81 

Terry, James. 

Chronicles of New Haven Green. [New 

Haven? 1899.] 4.PP. = „ , 4439.233 
Correspondence relating to alleeed errors in 
Henry T. Blake's Chronicles of New Haren 
Green [44J9.200]. 



Ojom, William Taylor. 
The struggle for religious freedom in Vir- 
ginia. The Baptists. Baltimore, 1900. 
96 pp. *23s6.69.i8 

Thomas, James Walter. 
Chronicles of colonial Maryand. Baltimore. 
(iQoal Pis. Folded map. *4475.49 

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Stories of the Badger state. N. Y. [1900.] 
' nius. 43793.140 

rmmbull, Benjamin. 

A complete history of Connecticut civil and 

ecclesiastical, from 1650-1764. [Edited by 

^ J. Trumbull.] New London, 1898. 2 v. 

?yler, Lyon Gardiner. 

The cradle of the Republic : Jamestown and 
James river. Richmond, 1900. Ulus. Maps. 

. 4476^30 
KTilton, Joseph S. 

Conrad Weiser and the Indian policy of co- 
lonial Pennsylvania. Phila. [1900.] Portrs. 
Pis. Fac-simile. 4463.196 

Washington historian, The. [Quarterly.] Vol. 
I, no. 1.2. September, 1899, January, 1900. 
Tacoma, 1899, 1900. Fortrs. *447oa.ii6 

i¥»rne, Maine. 
C^tennial celebration of the town of Wayne, 
Kennebec county, Maine. August 18, 
1898. Augusta, 1899. 38 pp. 4435- 183 
History of Wayne, Kennebec county. Me. 
AugusU, 1898. Illus. Portrs. ^4435. 189 
Wheeler, Richard Anson. 
History of Stonington, Connecticut, with 
a genealogical register. New London, 
190a Portr. *4439.23i 

Williams, Joseph R. 
The builders of the pyramid. The story of 
Shelby coimty. Memphis, 1897. 96 pp. 
Illus. Portr. 4378.182 

Wyoming historical and geological society, 
Wilkes-Barr^, Pa. 
Qiarter, by-laws, and list of officers, mem- 
bers, etc. Wilkes-Barr^, 1899. 36 pp. 



Bliss, William Root 
G>lonial times on Buzzard's bay. New edi- 
tion. Boston, 1900. Map. 4359-132 
Boston transit commission. 
The ferry, the Charles-river bridge and the 
Charlestown bridge. Historical statement, 
submitted at the opening of the new bridge, 
November 27, 1899. Boston, 1899. 12 pp. 
= . 2357.51 
[Collection of historical newspaper clippings 
relating to old Boston. 1862-95.] 10 v. 
Illus. Portrs. *2350.43 
Drake, Samuel Adams. 
Old landmarks and historic personages of 
Boston. New edition. Boston, 1900. Illus. 
Portrs. 2359.49 
Goodcll, Abner Chencv. 
The First meeting house in Salem, Massa- 
chusetts. [Salem, 1900.] 68 pp. = 


Green, Samuel Abbott. 
The Boston massacre, March 5, 1770: a 
part of the Council's report made to the 
American antiquarian society^ October 
24, 1900. Worcester, 1900. 16 pp. = 

Lee, Mass. 
Records from its incorporation to A. D. 
1801. Also inscriptions from the ceme- 
teries. Lee, 1900. Pis. Plan. Fac- 
similes. ♦435oa.204 
Love, William DeLoss. 
Samson Occom and the Christian Indians of 
New England. Boston, 1900. Portrs. Pis. 

^ Map> 3539.133 

Lynn, Mass. 

Semi-centennial of incorporation. Events 
and exercises, May I3th-i5th, 1900. [Ed- 
ited by W. L. Ramsdcll.] Lynn, 1900. 
Illus. Portrs. Fac-similes. = 435oa.22S 
Merrill, Fred W. 
Right of petition, 1654. A paper. [Hamp- 
ton.] 1900. 7 pp. = 2355.111 

Nourse, Henry Stedman. 
Lancastriana. i, 2. Lancaster, 1900, 1901. 
2v. Map. ♦23Soa.99 

Contenu. — i. A supplement to the early records 
and military annals of Lancaster, Massachusetts, 
a. A bibliography. 

Old South historical society, Boston. 
Announcement 1896/7-1899/1900. [Bos- 
ton, 1896-99..] =_ ♦4458.14s 

Roxbury magazme, The. Published by the 
Branch alliance of the All Souls Uni- 
tarian church, Roxbury, Mass. 1800. 
Boston, 1899. 48 pp. Illus. Portrs. 

A collection of historical, descriptive imd othir 
articles relating to Roxbury or written by Rox- 
bury people. ' 

Sheldon, George, of Deerfield, Mass. 
Flintlock or matchlock in King Philip's war? 
[Worcester, 1899.] 13 po. 4415.13S 

The little brown house on the Albany road. 

,^I^^?^^"' '^-1 19 pp. Illus. 4353.162 

Tis sixty years smce. The passing of the 

stall-fed ox and the farm boy. [Deerfield, 

Q. '^'1 U PP* 3995.43 

Stoughton, Mass. 

The 19th century hail and farewell. The 
20th welcome and Godspeed. [Pro- 
gramme of the celebration], Dec. 31, 1900. 
N. p. 1900. (s) pp. Illus. = 4359a. 140 
Stoujfhton historical society. . 

Proceedings, April 19, 1899, at the dedication 

of the memorial stone marking the location 

of the first house built in Stoughton. 

Stoughton, 1900. 31 pp. Pis. = 4456.161 

Swansea, Mass. 

Records of Swansea. 1662-1705. Book A. 
Edited by A. H. Mason. East Brain- 
tree, 1900. *4430a.i7o 

Teele, Albert Kendall. 

Noted men and historical narrations of an- 
cient Milton. Boston, 1900. 99 pp. 

Three military diaries kept by Groton sol- 
diers in different wars. With introduc- 
tions by S. A. Green. Groton, 1901. 

'^'4414. 181 

ConUins diaries of Lieut. Dudley Bradstreet. 
Sergeant Dmvid Holden, mnd Lieut Amos Famt- 



Winship, John Perkins Gushing. 
Historical Brighton. Vol. i. Boston, 1899. 
Portrs. *43Si.iS3 

Fine Arts. Archaeology. 


BoyCi Vilhdm Christian. 
Fund af Egekister fra Bronzealderen i 
Danmark : et monografisk Bidrag til Belys- 
ning af Bronzealderens Kultur. Kjfitben- 
havn, 1896. Illus. ♦4830.32 

Braulik, August? 
Altagyptische Gewebe. Stuttgart, 1900. 99 
pp. Illus. Diagrams. 8016.75 

British museum. 
Excavations in Cyprus. (Bequest of Miss 
£. T. Turner to the British museum.) 
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A ^de to the Babylonian and Assyrian an- 
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Portrs. Maps. [Memoirs of explorations 
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Maps. [Memoirs of explorations in the 
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Brower, Jacob Vradenberg, and D. I. Bush- 
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Portrs. Maps. [Memoirs of explorations 
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L'archeologie du Moyen age et ses m^thodes. 
Paris, 1900. Illus. 4095.45 
Cambrian archaeological association. 
Report of the excursion of the Gambrian ar- 
chaeological association to the Western 
Islands of Scotland, Orkney and Gaith- 
ness, June, 1899. Edited by Robert 
Cochrane. Dublin, 1900. Illus. Maps. 


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Recherches archeologiques dans TAsie oc- 

cidentale. Mission en Gappadoce. 1893- 

1894. Paris, 1898. Illus. ^3040. 146 

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Histoire du cheval dans I'antiquite, et son 

role dans la civilisation. Paris, 1900. Pis. 

Cumont, Frantz. 
Rapport i M. le Ministre de Tinterieur et 
de rinstruction publique sur une mission 
arcWologique en Asie Mineure. Brux- 
elles. 1900. 15 pp. Map. 3081.132 

Davies, Norman de Garis. 
The mastaba of Ptahhetep and Akhethe- 
tep at Saqqareh. With chapters by the 
editor [F. LI. Griffith]. Part i. Lon- 
don, 1900. 2 V. [Archaeological survey 
of Egypt.] *305o.i65 

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L'arc d' Auguste i Suse. Turin, 1901. 46 
pp. Illus. *Gab.27.44.3 

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Einfuhrung in die Psipyruskunde. Heft i. 
Leipzig, 1900. PI. Tables. 5054-32 

Grenfell, Bernard Pyne, and others. 
Faytim towns and their papyri. 
1900. 17 pis. [Egypt exploratio 

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Pompei. La ville, les moeurs, I 
Paris. [1899] lUus. *Gal 

Hartwi^, Paul 
Bendis. Eine archaeologische Unters 
Leipzig. 1897. 27 pp. Illus. 

Hellenike Archaiologike Hctaireia. C 

EardXo70f rod ip 'A^MUf 'Eircypa^icoO ] 
T6/iOf I, rtvxot I. *ETi7ptt^i iK ri^ 
Xcftw. 'E 'ABi/jpoit, 1899. PI. ♦: 

Kabbadias, Panagiotis. 

Tb UpbvTod 'AffKXffrtoQ iv 'EnSaO/xp^ Kt 
vela TUP dff0€pQp. 'A^n^rir, 1900. 
Plans. Fac-similes. * 

Kaiserliche Akademie der Wissens 
Der romische Limes in Osterreich. 
Wien, 1900. Illus. Maps. *- 

Kaufmann, Garl Maria. 
Die sepulcralen Jenseitsdenkmaler < 
tike und des Urchristentums. 
1900. Illus. *. 

La Croix, Gamille de. 
Fouilles archeologiques de TAbbaye 
Maur de Glanleuil, (Maine-et 
entreprises en 1808-^ dapres de^ 
anciens. Paris, 1899. 23 pp. Illus. 


Martin, Franjois, editor and translator 

Textes religieux ass3rriens et bab}! 

Transcription, traduction et comnr 

Paris, ipoo. fBibliotheque de Tfii 

hautes etudes.] 

Martin-Sabon, F. 

Gatalogue des photographies ai 

giques faites dans les villes, bo 

villages de I'lle-de-France et d 
provinces de Picardie, Normandi 
tagne, Touraine. Paris. [1900.] 

Marucchi, Orazio. 
Gli obelischi egiziani di Roma: i 
con traduzione dei testi geroglific 
zione ampliata . . . preceduta da 
tera del E. Schiaparelli. Rom: 

Mason, Otis Tufton. 
The Latimer collection of antiquiti< 
Porto Rico in the National musei 
the Guesde collection of antiqu 
Pointe-a-Pitre, Guadeloupe, West 
Washington, 1899. Illus. = 

Moore, Glarence Bloomfield. 
Gertain antiquities of the Florida wei 
Phila., 1900. 45 pp. Illus. Maps. 

Mueller, Gustav Adolf. 
Die Tempel zu Tivoli bei Rom, t 
altchristliche Privathaus auf dem 
Gelio. Archaologische Studien. 
zig, 1899. 55 pp. Pis. 

Newberry, Percy E. 

The lite of Rekhmara, vezir of Uppe 

under Thothmes III. and Amenh 

(circa B.G. 1471-1448). Westminst< 

40 p^. 22 pis. *3 



Petrie, William Matthew Flinders. 
The royal tombs of the First dynasty. 1900. 
Part I. London, 1900. 59 pp. Pis. Plans. 
[Egypt exploration fund.l ♦3050.183 

Pontremoli, Emmanuel, and Maxime Col- 
lignon. 1849- 
Pergame: restauration et description des 
monuments de I'Acropole. Paris, 1900. 
Illus. Plans. ♦Cab.29.28.3 

Ribchester excavation fund. 
Report, 1898. Roman Ribchester. By John 
Garstang. Preston. [1899.] 16 pp. 
Illus. 2534.29 

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Voices of &e past from Assyria and Babylon. 
London, 1900. Illus. lilap. 3048.216 

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Cmciform structures near Mitla. [N. Y., 
1900.] 18 pp. Illus. Plans. = 4313.25 
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Die mittelalterlichen Grabdenkmaler mit 
figiirlichen Darstellungen in den Neckar- 
gegenden von Heidelberg als Heilbronn. 
Strassburg, 1899. 7^ PP* H^us. ^4074. 178 
Sheimard, Thomas. 
I. The contents and origin of the gravels 
around Hull. 2. Note on a bronze celt re- 
cently found in Holdemess. Hull, 1899. 

10 pp. nius. = ^535.36 

I. Traces of an ancient lake-dwelling at 
Sand-le-Mere, near Withemsea, east \ ork- 
shire. 2. Remains of the red deer, from 
the peat bed at Withemsea. 3. Bones of 
a whale in the Trent valley near Newark. 
[Leeds, 1898.] 4 pp. = 4535.37 

Sogliano, Antonio. 
Platone neir Accademia. Musaico pompei- 
ano. Napoli, 1900. 24 pp. Col. pi. = 

Valentine museum, Richmond, Va. 
Annual report of the Board of trustees. 
1899. [Richmond, 1900. 1 = ♦7916.87 

Weimar, Wilhelm. 
Monumental Schriften vergangener Jahr- 
hunderte, von ca. 1100-1812^ an Stein- 
Bronze- vnd Holzplatten. Wien. [1898.] 
17 pp. 68 pis. *Cab.&.2ii.2 

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Die Maiereien der Sacramentskapellen in der 
Katakombe des hi. Callistus. Freiburg im. 
B., 1897. 62 pp. Ulus. 4073.161 

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Altgriechisches Bronzebecken aus Leontini. 
^rlin, 1899. 36 pp. Pis. *407i.i29 

Fine Arts. General Works. Illustrated 
Books. Illumination. 

Brandi, Carl. 

Die Renaissance in Florenz und Rom. Leip- 
zig, 1900. 4077.143 

Brush and pencil. [An illustrated magazine 
of the arts of to-day.] Vol. 6; 7, no. 1-4. 
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Representative judgments on the prin- 
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Illus. [Progress. Vol. 6, no. 2.] 


Qement, Qara Erskine. 
Heromes of the Bible in art Boston, 1900. 

Pis. 4079.129 

Dome. The: a quarterly containing examples 

ot all the arts. [No. i.] London, 1897. 

Pis. *4072.2S6 

No more was published. 

Doucet, Jerome. 

Notre ami Pierrot Une douzaine de pan- 
tomimes. Avec les aquarelles de Louis 
Morin. Paris. [1900.] ^8063.87 

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Livres & albums illustrds du Japon. Paris, 
1900. Pis. ♦4074.110 

Elson prints. 

General Washing^ton. From paintings from 
life. Boston. [1900.] 10 pis., with de- 
scriptive notes. ♦4071.96 

"Here Shakespeare lived." Stratford-on- 
Avon. Boston. [1900.] 10 pis., with 
descriptive notes. ^4071. 97 

Masterpieces in art. Greek and Roman ar- 
chitecture. Boston. [1900.] 10 pis., with 
descriptive notes. *407i.92 

Masterpieces in art Greek sculpture. A. 
Boston. [1900.] 10 pis., with descriptive 
notes. *407i.93 

Masterpieces in art. Greek sculpture. B. 
Boston. [1900.] 10 pis., with descriptive 
notes. *407i.94 

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Das Buch von der Lex Heinze. Bin Kul- 
turdokument aus dem Anfange des 
zwanzigsten Jahrhunderts. Leipzig, 1900. 

87 pp. 4073.159 

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Was muss man von der Kunstgeschichte 

wissen. Berlin. [1899.] 80 pp. 4077.139 

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Umrisse zu Dante*s Gottlicher Komodie. 

Unter Leitung des Kiinstlers gestochen 

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in deutscher, italienischer und franzosi- 

scher Sprache. Herausffegeben von Dr. 

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Americans. [Drawings.] N. Y., 1900. 84 
pis. ^8070.222 

Pictures of people. N. Y., 1900. Pis. 

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A history of art 12th edition, enlarged. 
N. Y. [1900.] Illus. 4084.52 

Grep), Joseph, editor. 
Pictorial Pickwickiana. Charles Dickens and 
his illustrators . . . Drawings and en- 
gravings by Robert Seymour, Buss, H. K. 
Browne ("Phiz"), Leech, "Crowquill," 
Onwhyn, Sibson, Heath, Sir John Gilbert 
London, 1899. 2 v. Pis. ♦4075.40 
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A garner of saints : being a collection of the 
legends and emblems usually represented 
in art N. Y., 1900. Illus. 4066.53 

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Ueber Entstehung und Ursprungslegenden 
der Malerei in China. Leipzig, 1900. 21 
pp. 4078.200 

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Composition in fine art. Boston, 1900. 59 
pp. Illus. 4078.202 



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Reigen der Totentanze. Kunsthistorische 
Darstellung der bedeutendsten Toten- 
tanze. Berlin, igoo- 28 pp. Pis. 4076. 16B 
Le Nordez, Albert, Bishop of Area. 
Jeanne D'Arc, racont^e par Timage d'apres 
les sculpteurs, les graveurs et les peintres. 
[Paris.] 1898. Illus. Portrs. 8o7oa.24 
Loth, Arthur Joseph Marie. 
Le portrait de N.-S. Jesus-Christ d'aprcs le 
Saint-Suaire de Turin. Paris. [1900.] 
64 pp. Illus. 8074.44 

Michel, Frangois £mile. 
Essais sur Thistoire de Tart Paris. [1900.] 

Moring's quarterly. A periodical devoted to 
the study of art, archaeology and heraldry. 
Vol. 3, no. 17. March, 1901. London, 1901. 
Illus. '^'4072.260 

Musaeus, Johann Carl August. 
Die Buecher der Chronika der drei Schwes- 
tem. Illustrirt von H. Lefler und J. 
Urban. Berlin, 1900. 56 pp. '*'Cab.28.22.i 
Muthesius, Hermann. 
Der kunstgewerbliche Dilettantismus in 
England, insbesondere das Wirken des 
Londoner Vereins fur hausliche Kunstin- 
dustrie. Berlin, 1900. 47 pp. Illus. 4076.166 
National arts club, New York. 
Decoration ot the National Capitol. [Circu- 
lar sent by the club.] IN. Y., 1900.J (3) 
pp. = 4073.2b 

I Lists oi officers and members. [N, V., 
1898.1 8 pp. = *4073.29 

Nicholson, William. 
Characters of romance. N. Y., 1900. 16 
chromolithographs. '*'Cab.8o.203.4 

Peltzer, Alfred. 
Deutsche Mystik und deutsche Kunst. 
Strassburg, 1899. ♦4074.185 

Perrot, Georges. 
Art history in the high school. Translated 
from the Revue des deux mondes by Sarah 
W. Moore. Syracuse, 1900. 47 pp. 


L'histoire de I'art dans Tenseignement se- 

condaire. Paris, 1900. 4079a.8o 

Peyre, Roger. 

Repertoire chronologique de Thistoire uni- 

verselle des beaux-arts. Paris. [1899.] 


Practical art gallery, The. [Edited by] 

George Hirth. Part i. Jan., 1901. 

Monthly. London, ipoi. Pis. ♦4072.216 

This succeeds Formenschatz 1*4072.215]. 
Current numbers arc kept in the Fine Arts de- 
partment, but are not to be bound for preser- 

Progress. For the promotion of the fine 
arts. Issued monthly by the Interna- 
tional art association. [Vol. 6, no. 1-4. 
Oct., 1900-Jan., 1901.] Chicago. [1900, 
qi.] Illus. Portrs. Plans. ♦4072.209 
Public school art league of Boston. 

[Circular.] [Boston, 1901.] (3) pp. = 

4079.1 II 

List of photographs and casts placed in the 

Francis Parkman school-house, Forest 

Hills, and in the Bowdoin school-house, 

West end. Boston, 1900. 12 pp. = 

Quaritch, Bernard. 
Facsimiles of some examples of the art of 

book-ornamentation during the Middle 
ages. London, 1900. 10 col. pis. 


The plates were chromolithognphed by Williani 

Radisics, J end, editor. 
Magvar mfikincsek. Chets-d'oeuvre dart de 
la Hongrie. R^dige par Eugene de Radi- 
sics, avec le concours de J. Szendrei. 
Budapest, 1897, 99. 2 v. Illus. ♦407a 135 
Riat, Georges. 
Paris. Paris, 1900. [Les villes d'art c^ 
lebres.l 4073.167 

Rossetti, William Michael, editor. 
Prseraphaelite diaries and letters. London, 
ipoo. Portr. 4086.16 

Contents. — Some early correspondence of 
Dante Gabriel Rossetti. — Madox Brown's 
diary, etc. 1844-56. — The P. R. B. journal 
kept by W. M. Rossetti, 2849-53. 

Roton, Gabriel de. 
La femme dan^ Tantiquit^ grecque. Texte 
et dessins de G. Notor [pseud. 1. ^ re- 
productions en couleurs et 320 dessins en 
noir. Paris, 1901. ♦4070.137 

Starr, Eliza Allen. 
The three archan£[els and the guardian an- 
gels in art. Chicago, 1899. 77 pp. Pis. 

= 40791.67 

Sturgis, Russell, Jr. 

The technique and principles of visual art. 

[Chicago, 1900.1 76 pp. Illus. Portrs. 

[Progress. Vol. 6, no. i.] ♦4072.209.6 

Thibault, Anatole Francois. (Anatole 


Filles et gargons. Scenes de la ville et des 

champs. Illustrations de M. B. de Mon- 

vel. Paris. [1900.] 29 pa 8063.127 

Tissot, James Joseph Jacques. " 

La vie de Notre Sei^nevr Jesvs Christ 366 

compositions d'apres les qvatre fivangiles. 

Tovrs, 1896, 97. 2 V. ♦*Cab.G.3.ioo 

This is the choice edition. 

The life of Our Lord Jesus Christ 365 com- 
positions from the four Gospels. Notes 
translated by Mrs. Arthur Bell (N. d'An- 
vers). N. Y., 1899. 4 v. ♦3471.60 

Vinall, J. W. Topham-. 
Art: and how to study it. London, 1900. 
PI. 4079a.i86 

Wickoff, Franz. 
Roman art. Some of its principles and their 
application to early Christian painting. 
Translated and edited by Mrs. S. Arthur 
Strong. London, 1900. Illus. ♦4071.125 
Willard, Ashton Rollins. 
History of modern Italian art. 2d edition. 
London, 1900. 4084.54 

Woelfflin, Heinrich. 
Die klassische Kunst. Ein Einfuhrune in 
die italienische Renaissance. Miinchen; 
1899. IHus. Portrs. 4073.165 

Woermann, Carl. 
Geschichte der Kunst aller Zeiten und 
Volker. Band i. Leipzig, 1900. Illus. 



Hirn, Yrjo. 
The origin of art A psychological & socio- 
logical inquiry. London, 1900. 4076.161 



zur Entstchungsgcschichte der 

I Asthctik. Berlin, 1899. 64 pp. 


George Lans ng. 

esentative signiticance ot torm. An 

in comparative aesthetics. N. Y., 

IS Asthetik. 2. Tausend. Leipzig, 


rchitecture. Building. 

institute of architects. 
f bulletin, containing an index of 
ire from the publications of archi- 
1 societies and periodicals on archi- 
. Edited by Glenn Brown. [Vol. i.] 
igton. [1900.] *4092.204 

al league of America, 
hitectural annual. Edited by A. 
1900. Phila. [1900.] lllus. 

1- und Ingenieur-Verein, Bremen, 
und seine Bauten. Bremen, 1900. 
lllus. ; Atlas, 6 maps, 4 plans. 

Charles P. 

•tographs oi his architectural work. 
;c? 1899?] = *4095.86 

harles Norbury. 

> Illustrated guide to St. Michael's 
, Charleston, So. Ca. I Charleston, 

76 pp. = 437^-186 


ella facciata di S. Maria del Fiore 
cnze. Milano, 1900. 65 pp. lllus. 


imbra zu Granada. [Berlin, 1900.] 

lllus. Plans. 4090.121 

ass. New South (6th) church. 

on Japan paper. Boston, 1900. 
•graphic society.] = ♦Cab.23.40.12 

:ca di Assisi, insigne monumento na- 
: di architettura militare. Assisi, 

Pis. Plans. 4095.42 

Ifred Mansfield. 

:ture: Greek, Roman, Byzantine, 

nesque and Gothic. lllus. (In 

ess. Vol. 6, no. 3, pp. 155-189. 

?o. [1900.]) ♦4072.209.6 

rlos A. 

iple in the time of Christ, as restored 

;rod. From a model by Carlos A. 

. N. Y., 1900. 16 pp, ♦8092.39 

wo photographs of the model. 

First parish and First church in 
bridge (1636). 

latter of a new meeting-house. Ad- 
to members of the parish. Stone vs. 

Crothic vs. Colonial. Boston, 1900. 

Pis. Plan. = *755i.i3i 


ce alia teoria delle trayi e dei las- 
ji cemento armato caricati di pesi. 
^ 1901. 14 pp. = 4014. II I 

iginal article is on shelf-no. 40x4.110. 

Chicago architectural club, 
(^atalosrue of exhibits and supplementary 
list of patrons. [Chicago, 1901?] (15) 
pp. = 4099a.ii6 

(Hiild and De Goll, architects, New York. 
Low cost cottages. N. Y. [1900.] Pis. 


Qinch, (jcorge. 
Old English churches: their architecture, 
furniture, decoration, and monuments. 
London, 1900. lllus. 4108.6 

Concours publics, Les, d'architectore par L. 
Farge. Publication mensuelle. Ann^e 4. 
Parts, 1898/99. Pis. Plans. ♦Cab.6o.i38.a 
Craniiela, Sydney White, and Henry Ingle 
Houses lor the working classes in urban dis- 
tricts. London, 1900. 40 pp. Plans. 

Dilke, Emilia Frances, Lady. 
French architects and sculptors of the 
XVIIIth century. London, 1900. Portrs. 
Pis. *409i.39 

Enlart, Camille. 
L'art ^othique et la Renaissance en Chypre. 
Pans, 1899. 2 V. lllus. Maps. 4092.86 
Farge, Louis. 
Les concours publics d'architecture. Pu- 
blication mensuelle. Ann6e 4. Paris, 
i8$^/99. ♦Cab.6a 138.3 

Forbes, William, architect 
Handrailing simplified. Sectorian system. 
By an experienced architect Edited by 
F. T. Hodgson. N. Y., 1900. 52 pp. 
Diagrams. 40191 131 

Francis, George B. 
The South terminal station, Boston, Mass. 
fN. Y., 1900.] Pis. Plans. = 7658.221 
Gagnon, Ernest 
Le Palais L^gislatif de Quebec. (Govern- 
ment buildings in Quebec.) Quebec, 1897. 
Pis. = 4469a.i57 

French text with an English translation by Craw- 
ford Lindsay. 

Gauckler, Paul, and others. 

Les monuments arabes. Partie i. La 

mosqu^e de Sidi Okba i Kairouan, par 

Henri Saladin. Paris, 18^. lllus. Plan. 

[Tunis. Direction des antiquit6s et arts.] 

Guerinet, Armand, editor. 

L'architecture aux Salons. 1900. Paris. 
[1900.] I p. 166 pis. ♦Cab.6o. 147.3 

Hiatt, Charles. 
Beverley minster. Its history and fabric. 
London, 1898. lllus. Plan. 4109.47 

Hofmann, Theobald. 
Raffael in seiner Bedeutung als Architekt 
[Band i.j Villa Madama zu Rom. Zit- 
tau, 1900. Pis. Plans. *Cab.6o.i45.i 

Hopkins, James Frederick. 
Outlines of art history. Vol. i. Architec- 
ture. Boston. [1900.] lllus. ^4096.45 
Kutschmann, Theodor. 
Meisterwerke saracenisch - normannischer 
Kunst in Sicilien und Unteritalien. Ber- 
lin. [1900.] 47 pp. lllus. 38 pis. 

Macgibbon, David, and Thomas Koss. 
The tive great churches oi Galloway. [Ed- 
ited by H. H. Dalrymole.] Edinburgh, 



ibgg. Ulus. Maps. LAyrshire and Gal- 
loway archaeological association.] 

Of this work joo copies only were printed. It is 
the tenth and final volume of the Arclueolo«cal 
and historical collections relating to Ayrshire 
and Galloway. 

Massachusetts institute of technology. 
[Course in architecture.] Boston, 1901. 
89 pp. Pis. Plans. = 4094.41 

Architectural department. Catalogue of 
the premiated drawings, 1899-1900. Bos- 
ton, 1900. Illus. Plan. = 409547 
Mehrtens, Georg C. 
A hundred years of German bridge build- 
ing. Translated by Ludwig Mertens. 
Berlin, 1900. Illus. *40io.io6 
Middleton, John Henry. 
Plans and drawings of Athenian buildings. 
Edited by £. A. Gardner. London, 1900. 
34 pp. Plans. [Society for the promotion 
of Hellenic studies.] ♦3960.81.3 
Moore, Francis C. 
How to build "fire-proof." London. 
[1898.] 35 pp. [British fire prevention 
committee.] *40i9.i49 
Morris, William. 1834-1896. 
Architecture and history, and Westminster 
abbey. [Papers read blcfore the Society for 
the protection of ancient buildings, July 
I. 1884, and June, 1893 J [Colophon: 
Kelmscott press. 1900. London.] (i), 
SO pp. *4097.63 
Parsons, Harry de Berkeley. 
Ihe tall building under test oi tire. Lon- 
don, 1899. 50 pp. Illus. [British fire 
prevention committee.] *40i9.i56 
Robson, Philip A. 
The Cathedral church of Saint David's. 
London, 1901. Illus. Plans. [Bell's 
Cathedral series.] 4109.45 
St. Paul's ecclesiastical society. 
Transactions. Vol. i (part 2, 4, 5); 2; 3; 
4» (1-3). 1884-90, 95-98. London, 1884- 
98. Illus. *4i02.38 
Scl fridge, Russell, compiler. 
Modem French architecture. 100 views. 
Boston, 1899. ♦4091.27 
Smith, Edmund W. 
Portfolio of Indian architectural drawings. 
Part I. Issued by the government. North- 
west provinces and Oudh. Photo-litho- 
Rraphed by W. Griggs. London, 1899. 
(^Archaeological survey of India.] 

♦Cab. 50.34. 1 
Sturgis, Russell, jr., and others. 
A dictionary of architecture and building. 
Vol. I. A-E. N. Y., 1901. Illus. *4093.22 
Ihompson, Robert J. 
The Lafayette monument [Court ot tne 
Louvre, Pans]. Report of secretary. 
Chicago, 1900. II pp. = 6642.74 

Topical architecture. A series of classified 
designs arranged for draughtsmen, de- 
signers, architects and others. No. 1-18. 
Boston, 1900, 1901. Pis. *Cab.6o. 135.3 

There is no text. 

Troutbeck, G. E. 
Westminster Abbey. London, 1900. Illus. 


Villa Q'Oignian, Cannes. 

Twenty-seven photographs of the Villa 

d'Oignian, and two of the Riviera. 

Mounted. = ♦L.60.8 

Ware, William Robert 
The school of architecture; its r 
and methods. Instruction in 
[by Charles P. Warren]. N. 1 
30 pp. Plans. [Columbia uni 

Warren, Herbert Lanc[ford. 
Architecture : Renaissance and 
Illus. (In Progress. Vol. 6, nc 
„r .^?^34.^ Chicago. [1900.]) ♦^ 
Weichardt, Carl. 
Das Schloss des Tiberius und andere 
bauten auf Capri. Leipzig, [ign 
pp. Pis. Plans. ♦Ca 

Westminster abbey. 
Seventy-one views, photographed I 
Bolas & Co. Size, 12^ X 10 
inches. In portfolio. ♦Cab 

These plates are taken from the "Arc!; 
contract reporter" p4ioi.aox]. 

Wilson, William Epiphanius. 
Cathedrals of France. Popular 
N. Y., 1900. Pis. 
Zell, Franz. 
Bauem-Hauser und volkstiimliche 
malereien im Bayerischen- H 
Frankfurt am Main, 1900. (6) pp. 



Albee, John. 
Henry Dexter, sculptor. A m 
[Cambridge.] 1898. Portr. = 
Amicis, Franco de. 
Raffaello Sanzio, e la scoperta di 
qvadro. Amsterdam, 1898. 83 pp. 

Album der Van Dyck-Tentoonstellii 
werpen, 1899. Bruxelles. [1899 
pp. 50 pis. ♦ 

Armstrong, Sir Walter. 
Sir Joshua Reynolds, first Presidcn 
Royal academy. With 78 photoi 
and 6 lithographic fac-similes in 
London, 1900. ♦Cab 

Baldry, Alfred Lys. 
The art of J. S. Sargent, R. A. [] 
1900J Portrs. Pis. 
Bellini, Giovanni. 
Giovanni Bellini. [Sketches of his 
works.] Boston, 1900. 17 pp. 
Pis. [Masters in art.] 

8o8o.73=No. 9 in 

Benedite, Leonce. 
Deux idealistes: Gustave Moreau 
Burne-Jones. Paris, 1899. 77 pp 
Bock, Franz. 

Memling-Studien. Diisseldorf, 19 

Botticelli, Sandro. 
Botticelli. [Sketches of his life and 
Boston, 1900. 17 pp. Portrs 
[Masters in art.] 

8o8oa.69=No. 5 in 
Bourcard, Gustave. 1846- 
Felix Buhot. Catalogue descriptif 
oeuvre grave. Paris, 1899. rort 



icon, fitienne Louis Marie Joseph. 
Psycholoffie d'art. Les maitres de la fin 
du XiAe siecle. Paris, 1900. 4088.74 

Contents. — Puvis de Chavannes. — M. KoII. — 
Hcnner. — M. Falffui^e et M. Carolus-Duran. 
— M. Frfeiiet. — M. Besnard et M. Carriirc. — 
IC Helleu. — Les impressionnistes. — Les autres. 

Inonarroti, Michelangelo. 
Die Zeichnungen Michelangelos in Mu- 
seum Teyler zu Haarlem. Herausgege- 
bcn von F. v. Marcuard. Munchen, 1901. 
10 pp. Illus. 25 pis. ♦Cab.80.217.2 

^nrlamacchi, L., Marchesa. 
Loca della Robbia. London, 1900. Portrs. 
[Great masters in painting and sculpture.] 

Cirtwright, Julia Mary. 
The painters of Florence, from the Thir- 
teenth to the Sixteenth century. N. Y., 
1901. Pis. 4078.205 

Destree, Olivier Georges. 
Les Prcrapha^lites. Avec ... les catalogues 
dironologiques des oeuvres de Dante Ga- 
briel Rossetti et d'Edward Bume-Jones. 
[Paris, 1897.] 407576 

Douglas, Lacgton. 

Fra Angelico. London, 1900. Pis. 4084.66 
Downes, William Howe. 

Twelve Rreat artists. Boston, 1900. 4088.45 
Fnschetti, Stanislao. 
n Bernini. La sua vita, la sua opera, il suo 
tempo. Milano, 1900. Illus. Portrs. 


Fiy, Roger Elliot. 

Giovanni Bellini. N. Y., 1901. 56 pp. Pis. 

[Artist's library.] 4088.52 

Great masters of decorative art London, 

1900. Illus. Portrs. Pis. [Art annuals.] 

Contents. — Sir Edward Bume-Jones, by Aymer 
Vallancc. — William Morris, by Lewis F. Day. 
— Walter Crane, with notes by himself. 

Hiendcke, Berthold. 

Die Chronologie der Landschaften Al- 
brecht Durer's. Strassburg, 1899. 40 pp. 
Pis. ♦4074.183 

ials, Frans. 

Frans Hals. [Sketches of his life and 
works.] Boston, 1900. 17 pp. Portrs. 
Pis. [Masters in art] 

8o8oa.75=No. 11 in ♦8o8oa.64 
lamy, Ernest Theodore Jules. 
Julie Charpentier, sculpteur et prcparateur 
de zoologie (1770-1845). [Paris, 1899.] 
6 pp. = 4087.42 

iolbein, Hans, the younger. 1497-1554. 
Holbein. [Sketches of his life and works.] 
Boston, 1900. 17 pp. Portrs. Pis. 
[Masters in art] 

8o8oa.69=No. 4 in ♦8o8oa.64 
Hiirll, Estelle May. 
Sir Joshua Reynolds. A collection of fif- 
teen pictures and portrait of the painter, 
with mtroduction and interpretation. Bos- 
ton, 1900. [Riverside art series.] 4078.136 
Titian. Fifteen pictures and a portrait. 
With introduction and interpretation. 
Boston, 1901. [The Riverside art series.] 


Two copies, one of which is kept on the Special 
Libraries floor, and one in the Children's Refer- 
ence library. 

Jones, Augustine. 
William Bradford, a Quaker artist. [Phila.] 
1900. 14 pp. Portr. Pis. = 4089.73 
Justi, Carl. 1832- 
Michelangelo. Beitrage zur Erklarung der 
Werke und des Menschen. Leipzig, 1900. 
Pis. 4082.87 

Keysor, Jennie Ellis. 
Great artists. Boston. [1899, 1900.] 3 v. 
Illus. Portrs. ♦4(^a.ii4 

Contents. — i. Raphael. — Murillo. — Kubens. — 
Durer. a. Van Dyclc — Rembrandt — Reynolds. 

— Bonheur. 3. Angelo. — Da Vinci. — Titian. 

— Correggio. 

Knackfuss, Hugo. 
Durer. Translated by C. Dodgson. Biele- 
feld, 1900. Illus. [Monographs on artists. 
5] 4082.74 

Lafenestre, Georges £douard. 
Artistes et amateurs. Paris. [1899.] 

Millet, Jean Francois. 
Jean-Fran<;ois Millet. [Sketches of his life 
and works.] Boston, 1900. 17 pp. Portr. 

Pis. [Masters in art] 


8 in '*'8o8oa.64 

Moore, T. Sturge. 
Altdorfer. London, 1900. 48 pp. Pis. 

Murillo, Bartolome Est^ban. 
Murillo. [Sketches of his life and works.] 
Boston, 1900. 17 pp. Portrs. Pis. [Mas- 
ters in art.] 8o8oa.74=No. 10 in '*'8o8oa.64 
Nicolle, Marcel. 
Rembrandt aux expositions d' Amsterdam et 
de Londres. Avec une preface de L6on 
Bonnat Paris, 1899. 80 pp. Illus. 

Plunkett, George Noble, count. 
Sandro Botticelli. London. 1900. Pis. 


Bibliography, pp. xv, xvi. 

Priuli-Bon, , contessa. 

Sodoma. London, 1900. Pis. [Great mas- 
ters in painting and sculpture.] 4077.124 
Providence art club. 
Edward Mitchel Bannister memorial ex- 
hibition. [Providence.] 1901. (7) pp. 
Portr. = 4079.114 

Pueckler-Limpurg, Siegfried Ludwig Johann, 
Graf von. 
Martin Schaffner. Strassburg, 1899. 75 PP- 
Pis. *4074.i84 

Rembrandt. [Sketches of his life and 
works.] Boston, 1900. 17 pp. Portrs. 
Pis. [Masters in art] 

8o8oa.70=No. 6 in *8o8oa.64 
Reynolds, Sir Joshua. 
Reynolds. [Sketches of his life and 
works.] Boston, 1900. 17 pp. Portrs. 
Pis. [Masters in art] 

8o8oa.7i=No. 7 in ♦8o8oa.64 

Rhys, Ernest 

Frederic, Lord Leighton. An illustrated 

record. [3d edition.] London, 1900. Portrs. 

Pis. 4088.70 

Roger-Mil^s, L. 

Rosa Bonheur ; sa vie — son oeuvre. Paris, 

1900. Illus. Portrs. [Les grands artistes.] 




Rothenstein, Will. 
Goya. London, 1900. 38 pp. Portrs. Pis. 


Ruskin, John. 

Turner and Ruskin. An exposition of the 

work of Turner from the writings of 

Ruskin. With a biographical note on 

Turner by Frederick Wedmore. London, 

1900. 2 V. Portrs. Pis. *Cab.8o. 129.3 

Santi, Raffaello. 

[Sketches of his life and works, by various 
writers.] Boston, 1900. 17 pp. Portrs. 
Pis. [Masters in art. A series of illus- 
trated monographs.] 

8o8oa.76=No. 12 in *8o8oa.64 
Soixante ans dans les ateliers des artistes. 
Dubosc, modele. Paris. [1900.] 4088.76 
Soullie, Louis. 
Peintures, pastels, aquarelles, dessins de 
Constant Troyon, relev^s dans les cata- 
logues de ventes de 1833 ^ ISXX)- Pr^c^d6 
d'une notice biographique par Ph. Burty. 
Paris, 1900.. *407i.i37 

Stearns, Frank Preston. 
Four great Venetians. An account of Gi- 
oreione, Titian, Tintoretto, and II Vero- 
nese. N. Y., 1901. Portrs. Pis. 4088.72 
Stolberg, A. 
Tobias Stimmers Malereien an der astro- 
nomischen Miinsteruhr £U Strassburg. 
Strassburg, 1898. 42 pp. lUus. *4074.I77 
Supino, L B. 
Sandro Botticelli. Traduit de Titalien par 
M. J. de Crozals. Florence, 1900. Illus. 
Portrs. 4084,68 

Thiem, Paul. 
Kunstverstandnis und Vcrnehme Leute. 
Munchen, 1899. 49 pp. 4088.50 

Toennies, Eduard. 
Leben und Werke des Wiirzburger Bild- 
schnitzers Tilmann Riemenschneider. 
1468-1531. Strassburg, 1900. Illus. 


Vachon, Marius. 
W. Bouguereau. Paris, 1900. Portrs. Pis. 


Catalogue de roeuvre de Bouguereau, pp. 145-160. 
Vallance, Aymer. 
The decorative art of Sir Edward Bume- 
Jones. London, 1900. Illus. Portrs. [The 
Easter art annual, 1900.] ♦4080.69 

Vasari, Giorgio. 
The lives of the painters, sculptors & 
architects. [Translated by A. B. Hinds.] 
Vol. 1-6. London, 1900. Portrs. [The 
Temple Vasari.] ♦4079a. 188 

Vecellio, Tiziano. 
Titian. [Sketches of his life and works.] 
Boston, 1900. 17 pp. Portrs. Pis. 
[Masters in art.] 

8o8oa.66=No. 2 in ♦8o8oa.64 
Velazquez, Diego Rodriguez de Silva y. 
Velasquez. [Sketches of his life and 
works.] Boston, 1900. 17 pp. Portrs. 
Pis. [Masters in art.] 

8o8oa.67=No. 3 in ♦8o8oa.64 

Waters, William George. 

Piero della Francesca. London, 1901. 

Portrs. Pis. [The great masters in 

painting and sculpture.] 4077.127 

Weale, William Henry James. 
Hans Memlinc London, 1901. Portrs. Pli 
[Great masters in painting and sculp- 
ture.] 4077.IJ6 
Weber, Paul. 1868- 
Beitrage zu Durers Weltanschaaunft 
Strassburg, 1900. Illus. ♦4074.10^ 
Williamson, George C. 
Pietro Vannuca called Perugino. London, 
1900. Portrs. Pis. [The great masten 
in paintinii: and sculpture.] 4077.IQ 
Yriarte, Charles. £mile. 
Mantegna. Sa vie, sa maison, son tom- 
beau, son oeuvre dans les mus6es et lei 
collections. Paris, 1901. Illus. Portn. 


Caricature. Humorous Drawings. 

Abruestungs-Bilderbuch. Die Friedenskon- 
ferenz in der Karikatur aller Volker. 
Berlin, 1899. 96 pp. Illus. = 7578.129 

Brisson, Adolphe. 
Nos humoristes. Paris. [1900.] lUto. 
Portrs. ♦8073.170 

Contents. — Caran d'Achc — J. L. Fonin. — 
Hermann-Pmul. — L^ndrc — Robida. — Stcttt* 
leln. — Willettc 

Netto, Curt, and Gottfried Wagener. 
Japanischer Humor. Leipzig, 1901. lUas. 



Album de robes de dames executees d'apr^ 
des pro jets d'artistes modemes figurant 
i r Exposition g^n^rale du vetement, 
Crefeld 1900. 32 reproductions en 
couleurs et autotypiques. Dusseldori 
[1900.] ♦6000.24 

Koehler, Bruno. 
Allgemeine Trachtenkunde. Teil i. Das 
Altertum. Leipzig. [1900.I Pis. 

No. 8 in 4896.504U 
Same. Teil 2. Das Mittelalter. Abteilung 

1. No. 4 in 4806.50.414 
Same. Teil 3. Das Mittelalter. Abteilung 

2. No. 3 in 4896.50.417 
Same. Teil 4. Das Mittelalter. Abteilung 

3- No. 4 in 4896.50.421 

Same. Teil 5. Neuere Zeit. Abteilung i. 

No. 2 in 4896.50.424 
Same. Teil 6. Neuere Zeit. Abteilung 2. 

No. 3 in 4896.50.427 

Decoration. Design. Ornament. 

Mosaic. Furniture. Lace. 


Bajot, £douard. 
Motifs Louis XVI. Paris. [1900.] 24 pis. 

Beauclair, R. 
Farbige Flachenmuster ftir das modeme 
Kunstgewerbe. Stuttgart, 1900. 32 col 
pis. *Cab.8o.2i2.2 

Bellel, Jean Joseph Francois. 
La Marne au Pont de Champigny. Pamteau 
d^coratif. Hotel de Ville de Paris. Belld 
pinxit, A. Gravier sculpsit. Etching. = 




Cattegrain, C. 
Entree de Louis XI i Paris. Panneau d^- 
coratif. Hotel de Ville de Paris. C. Catte- 
p^ain pinxit, C. C. Deblois sculpsit. Etch- 
ing. = ♦Cab.8oj2io.5 
Qianner, C C, and M. £. Roberts. 
Lace-making in the Midlands, past and 
present. London, 1900. 88 pp. Pis. 

Cole, Alan S. 
Ornament in European silks. London, 
1899. Illus. 8063.3s 

Crane, Walter. 

Line & form. London, 1900. Illus. 8074.164 
Crouch, Joseph, and Edmund Butler. 
The apartments of the house. Their ar- 
rangement, furnishing and decoration. 
London, 1900. Illus. Plans. 4093.27 

Crowninshield, Frederic. 
Window, in memory of Mrs. Howard Pay- 
son Arnold, . . . erected in Emmanuel 
church, Boston, August, 1899 . . . Chro- 
molithograph. *Cab.40.i7.2 
Daniels, Fred H. 
The teaching of ornament. N. Y. [1900.] 
Illus. 4063.69 
Dekorative Vorbilder. Jahrgang 13. 1901/2. 
Heft I, 2. Stuttgart. [1901.] Col. pis. 

-Koe. Gustav. 

Die Dekorationsformen des I9ten Jahrhun- 

derts. Leipzig, 1900. Illus. Pis. *409i.33 

^xi^lish household tumiture, mainly designed 

by Chippendale, Sheraton, Adam, and 

others of the Georgian period. Boston, 

. 1900. (10) pp. 100 pis. '^Cab.60.144.1 

^icpe, William Henry St. John. 

&iglish altars. From illuminated manu- 
scripts, with notes. London, 1899. [Alcuin 
club collections.] *Cab.8o.2i3,i 

fiuish, Marcus Bourne. 

Samplers and tapestry embroideries. Also 

The stitchery of the same. By Mrs. 

Head. London, 1900. Illus. 

with text. 

Jackson, Emily. 

A history of hand-made lace ... 

F. Nevill Jackson. London, 1900. Illus. 

Portrs. 8074.192 

Lodmer, AntoiL 

Germanische Moebel von 1450 bis 1800, 

meist aus den Museen Nvernbergs, in 100 

Tafeln . . . Nvemberg. [1897.] (4) pp. 

♦Cab.6o. 144.3 

Masters, Ellen T. 
The book of stitches. London, 1900. Illus. 

Micklethwaite, John Thomas. 
The ornaments of the Rubric. 2d edition. 
London, 1898. 70 pp. [Alcuin club tracts. 
I.] 4091.80 

Mumford, John Kimberly. 
Oriental rugs. N. Y., 1900. Pis. Maps. 


Rossi, Giovanni Battista. 

Musaici cristiani e saggi dei pavimenti delle 
chiese di Roma anteriori al secolo XV. 
Tavole cromo-litografiche con cenni sto- 
rici e critici. Con traduzione francese. 
Roma. [1872.I-99. 56 pis. ♦Cab.80.210.1 

56 pis., 

By Mrs. 

Singleton, Esther. 
The furniture of our forefathers. With de- 
scriptions of plates by Russell Sturgis. 
Part I, 2. N. Y., 1900, 01. *409i.ii5 

Thorogood, Stanley. 
The manipulation of the brush as applied to 
design. London, 1900. 12 pp. 48 pis. 

Wildridge, Thomas Tindall. 
The grotesque in church art. London, 

1899. Illus. ♦4102.88 
Zell, Franz. 

Bauern-Mobel aus dem Bayerischen Hoch- 
land. Frankfurt am Main, 1899. (8) pp. 
30 pis. ♦ 144.4 

Drawing. Mechanical Drawing. 

Holme, Charles, editor. 
Modem pen-drawings: European and 
American. London, 1901. Illus. ["The 
Studio." Special winter number.] 

Lydon, F. F. 
Ambidextrous and free-arm blackboard 
drawing and design. London, 1900. 
Illus. 4061.61 

Poor, Henry Warren. 
Pencil sketching from nature. Boston. 
ri900?] 3 pp. 18 pis. 8069.184 

Reinhardt, Charles W. 
The technic of mechanical drafting. N. Y., 

1900. 36 pp. Illus. 4068.56 
Ware, William Robert. 

Modern perspective. Revised edition. 
N. Y., 1900. Text; Atlas, 30 pis. 

Willson, Frederick Newton. 
The perspective of reflections, for archi- 
tects, engineering draughtsmen, artists, 
etc. N. Y., 1900. 14 pp. Illus. 

Wilson, Victor Tyson. 
Free-hand perspective. N. Y., 1900. Illus. 



Duerer, Albrecht. 
Thirty woodcuts. One of "Die grosse Pas- 
sion," eighteen of "Die kleine Passion,*' 
eleven of "Das Leben der Maria," and 
two others. Mounted in portfolio. 

♦Cab.80.216. 1 
Leland, Charles Godfrey, and Thomas Bolas. 
Wood-engraving and placard cutting. Lon- 
don. [1900.1 24 pp. Illus. 40C6.63 
Lichtenberg, Reinhold, Freiherr von. 
Ueber den Humor bei den deutschen Kup- 
ferstechern und Holzschnittkiinstlern des 
16. Jahrhunderts. Strassburg, 1897. 92 

pp. *4074.i75 

Weisbach, Werner. 

Die Baseler Buchillustration des XV. Jahr- 
hunderts. Strassburg, 1896. 79 pp. Pis. 


Der Meister der Bergmannschen Officin, 
und Albrecht Diirers Beziehungen zur 
Basler Buchillustration. Strassburg, 1896. 
65 pp. Pis. ♦4074.170 



Galleries. Exhibitions. Schools. 

Boston art students' association. 
Illustrated catalogue. Exhibition of the R. 
Hall McCormick collection of paintings, 
chiefly of the English school. Copley Hall, 
igoo. [Boston, igoo.] 38 pp. = 4072.31 
Brcck. John Leslie. 
Memorial exhibition of paintings. Catalogue 
[with memoir by Benjamin Kimball]. 
N. Y. [1900?] (io> pp. Portr. = 

City library association of SpringHeld. Art 
The Horace Smith collection of casts of 
Greek and Renaissance sculpture. A brief 
descriptive list. 1899. [Springfield. 1899.] 
8 pp. = ^8088.84 

Despatys, Pierre. 
Les musees de la ville de Paris. Paris. 
[1900.] Pis. *407i.i23 

Li^vre, Bdouard. 
Bijoux, ori^vrene, armes, bronzes, choisis 
dans les collections c^l^bres. Pans. [18—?] 
2 V. Pis. = *Cab.8o. 180.4 

Another edition is entitled Les collections cilt- 
bres d'oeuvres d'art [Cab.8o. 180.3]. 

Mever, Adolf Bernhard. 
Uber Museen des Ostens der Vereinigten 
Staaten von Nord Amerika. Reisestudien. 
I. Berlin, 1900. Illus. = *8o7oa.26 

Museum o* fine arts, Boston. 
Catalogue ot casts. Part 3. Revised 1896. 
With Supplement, 1900. Boston, 1900. 
Plan. *8o79.i90 

Oettingen, Wolfgang von. 
Die Konigliche Akademie der Kunste zu 
Berlin, 1696-1900. Berlin. [1900.] 20 
pp. 8077.4'^ 

Provisional catalogue of the oil paintings and 
water colours in the Wallace collection, 
with short notices of the painters. Sold 
at Hertford House. London, 1900. Plan. 
= 8D79a.243 

Soielmann, Marion Harry. 
The Wallace collection in Hertford house. 
London, 1900. Illus. Portrs. = 4076.164 
Ventun, Adolto. 
La galleria Crespi in Milano. Note e raf- 
tronti. Milano. 1900. Illus. Portrs. 

♦ 190.8 
Worcester art museum. 

Articles of incorporation, by-laws, subscrib- 
ers to the building fund, and annual re- 
ports of the directors, for 1896-98. Wor- 
cester, 1899. 56 pp. Vignettes. PI. = 


Landscape Gardening. Parks. 

Bailey, Liberty Hyde. 
Hints on rural school grounds. Ithaca, 
1899. 20 pp. Illus. [Cornell university. 
Agricultural experiment station.] = 

♦7996. 12 ( 1899) =L.22.44 
Suggestions for the planting of shrubbery. 
Ithaca, 1896. 30 pp. Illus. *7996.i2 (1890) 
Same. 3d edition. *L.22.43 

Barnes, William H., secretary of horticul- 
ture, Topeka. 

Ornamentation of the school grounds. 
[Boston, 1901.] (2) pp. Illus. = 

No. 3 in 5843-60 
Beautify the school grounds. [Boston.] 
1901. (4) pp. Illus. = 5843.59 

Bojrle, Eleanor Vere. 
Seven gardens and a palace. With illustra- 
tions by F. L. B. Griggs and A. Gordon. 
[2d edition.] London, 1900. Pis. 3997-37 
Caffin, Charles H. 
Formal gardens, and a New England ex- 
ample. [N. Y., 1899.] 9 pp. Illus. Plan. 
= *L.33.3i 

Essex county. New Jersey. Park commission. 
Annual report, 4th. 1898/9. Newark, 1900. 
Pis. = *399oa.i23 

Harvard college. Lawrence scientific school. 
Announcement of a four years' programme 
of courses in landscape architecture. [Cam- 
bridge? 1900.] 26 pp. == 3900.42 
How to set out trees and shrubbery. Bos- 
ton. [iSK)T.1 20 pp. Illus. = 5843.61 
Hunnewell, Hollis Horatio. 
Hunnewell estate, Wellesley, Mass. Six- 
teen photographs. = *L.70.i 
Massachusetts. Metropolitan park commis- 
A history and description of the Boston 
metropolitan parks. Boston, 1900. 3^ 
pp. Maps. = ♦L.53.07' 
Mawson, Thomas H. 
The art & craft of garden making. London, 
1900. Illus. Plans. *L.2i.6i' 
Parker, Edward J. 
Boston Common. Paper read ... at the 
annual meeting of the American park and 
outdoor art association, held in Detroit, 
Michiflran, June, 1899. Quincy. [1899?] 
6 op. = 4454.263 
Powell. Edward Payson. 
Hedges, windbreaks, shelters and live fences. 
N. Y., 1900. Pis. Plans. 3999-198 
Riat, Georjres. 
L'art des jardins. Paris. [i8^?1 Illus. 
[Bibliotheque de I'enseignement des beaux- 
arts.] 8087.59 
Shurtleff, Arthur Asahel. 
A history and description of the Boston 
metropolitan parks. Boston, 1900. j6 
pp. Pis. Maps. 3990a. I io=*L. 53.67 
Some old New England flower gardens. 
[Boston, 1899.1 5 pp. Illus. Plans. = 

Sprague, Charles Franklin. 
The Sprague estate, Brookline, Mass. 61 
photographs. *L.6o.23 

Springfield, Mass. Park commissioners. 
Report. fi6th.] 1898. [Springfield, 1898. j 
Portrs. Pis. Map. = *39>9oa.ioo 

Sturgis, Richard Qipston. 
Suburban homes. A plea for privacy in 
home life. [N. Y., 1899.] Ulus. Plans. 
= *L.33.33 

Waugh, Frank Albert. 
Landscape gardening. N. Y., 1900, Illus. 

''Some books on landscape gardening," pp. 145- 

Wilson, James. 1835- 

The country schoolhouse and its grounds: 

an aid to agricultural training. [Boston, 

1901.] (3) pp. Illus. Portr. = 

No. 2 in 5843.60 



Music. Musicians. 

keolian company. New York. 
Catalogue of the aeolian. N. Y. [189-.] 
78 pp. Illus. = 4043- 1 4 

^thorp, William Foster. 
The opera past and present. N. Y., 1901. 
Portrs. 4049a. 122 

Aniim, Marv Annette Beauchamp, Grafin von. 
The April baby's book of tunes. [Anon.] 
Dlustrated by Kate Greenaway. N. Y., 
igoo. 80 pp. 80593.57 

Anbry-Vitet, Pierre Jean Eugene. 
La musicologie medievale, histoire et m^- 
thodes. Cours professe k Flnstitut catho- 
lique de Paris, 1898-1899. Paris, 1900. 

Balfour & co., London. 
How to tell the nationality of old violins. 
[London, iQooJ Pis. = 4048.1 11 

fiinister, Henry Charles. 
The art of modulating ... at the piano- 
forte. London. [1901.I 90 pp. 4058.30 
Barton, William Eleazar, editor. 
Old plantation hynms. Boston, 1899. 45 pp. 
= 4042.88 

Bellaigue, Camille. 
Musical studies and silhouettes. Translated 
from the French by Ellen Orr. N. Y., 
1900. Portrs. 40493.128 

Bogaerts, Jacobus. 
S. Alphonse de Liguori musicien, et la r6- 
forme du chant sacre . . . Paris. [18^.] 
Portrs. Pis. Fac-similes. 4042.122 

Boise, Otis Bardwell. 
Harmony made practical. N. Y., 1900. 

orayley, George. 

How to bow the violin. New edition. 
Boston. [1897.?] 59 pp. = 8050.201 
Breitkopf and Haertel. 
Konzert-Handbuch . . . IIL Chorwerke 
ohne Begleitung deutschen und auslandi- 
schen Verlages. Leipzig, 1897. = 4049a.89 
Brenet, Michel. 
Les concerts en France, sous Tancien ti- 
gim^. Paris, 1900. 4049a. 146 

Brown, Jean Parkman. 
Intervals, chords and ear training, for 
young pianoforte students. 4th edition. 
Boston, 1897. = 4045..M 

Bruneau, Alfred. 
Musiques d'hier et de demain. Paris, 1900. 

4049a. 1 10 
rhapin, Anna Alice. 

Masters of music: their lives and works. 
N. Y., 1901. Portrs. 4049.206 

Chester, William Sidell. 
Hjrmn tunes and Benedicite. With biogra- 
phical notes by W. S. Rainsford and Ger- 
rit Smith. N. Y. [1900.I 66 pp. Portr. 

hoir journal. Semi-monthly. Jan., 1901- 
No. 49, 50. Boston, 1901. = *4042.226 
larke, Hugh Archibald. 
The elements of vocal harmony. Boston.