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Full text of "Annual list of new and important books added to the Public Library of the City of Boston"

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1905 1906. 





i. ^ L: .^ .\ I -,. u i'' . \ . \. i 

* • •• 
•••••••• • , 

•••••• . • • . • •••• , . 

• • • • • 

• • • • • 

•• • • • r ! • •• 

• ..; — •••••• : 

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Study and 

Reference Books. (Encyclope- 
dias. Directories. Guide 
Books. Atlases. Dictionaries. 
Anthologies. Quotations.) 
Genealogy. Heraldry. 
(Collective Biographies. 
Single Biographies. 
Index of Biographies. 

General History. 

Ancient History. 
Modem History. 
Asia. The Orient. Eastern 

The Jews. 
Europe. The Middle Ages. 





Great Britain. 




Norway. Sweden. Iceland. 



South America. 

Mexico. Central 
West Indies. 

North America. 

United States. 

The Revolution, 
can Colonies. 




The Civil War. Slavery Ques- 
tion. Reconstruction. 

Spanish-American War, 1898. 
Philippine Campaign. Ter- 
ritorial Expansion. 

The Separate States. 

New England States. Massa- 

The Ameri- 
The War of 

9 Fine Arts. Archaeology. 

9 Antiquities. 

9 Fine Arts. General Worics. II- 
II lustrated Books. Illumination. 

21 Esthetics. Criticism. Style. 
24 Architecture. Building. 

24 Caricature. Humorous Draw- 

24 ings. 

25 Costume. Fashion. 
Decoration. Design. Ornament. 

25 Furniture. Lace. Embroidery. 

26 Tapestry. 

2J Drawing. Mechanical Drawing. 

2>7 Engraving. Etching. 

28 Galleries. Exhibitions. Schools. 

28 Landscape Gardening. Parks. 

28 Municipal and Village Im- 

28 provement. 

30 Music. Musicians. 

30 Numismatics. Medals. Gems. 

32 Painting. Color. Portraits. 

32 Photography. Photographic Pro- 

33 cesses. 

33 Pottery. Vases. Glass. En- 
33 amelling. 

33 Sculpture. Carving. Metal Work. 
33 Gold and Silver Work. 

33 Geography. Travels. 

Geography. Atlases. General 

34 Travels. 

34 Asia. The Orient 

34 Africa. 

35 Oceanica. 
Polar Regions. 

36 Belgium. 



















Denmark. Iceland. 



Great Britain. 


Italy. The Mediterranean. 



Spain. Portugal. 

Switzerland. The Alps. 


South America. 

Central America. West Indies. 

Canada. Newfoundland. 

United States. 
Lianguage. Rhetoric. 
Language. Comparative Philo- 
logy. Esperanto. Universal 

Language. Phonetics. 


Assyrian. Accadian. Cunei- 
form Inscriptions. 

Celtic. Irish. 






Indian of America. 







Spanish. Portuguese. 
Rhetoric. Composition. Elocu- 
tion. Oratory. Debate. 
Bibliography. Catalogues of 

Public and Private Libraries. 
Libraries. Books. 
Printing. Book-binding. Book- 
plates. Book-selling. 

Franklin's Press. 
Journalism. Authorship. Edit- 
ing. Advertising. 
Manuscripts. Paleography. Au- 
tographs. Handwriting. Fac- 
. similes. Scrapbooks. 

Literature. General and Com- 




















parative. Criticism. 



English and American. 

Fiction in English for Ref- 
erence Use. 














Spanish. Portuguese. 
Drama. The Stage. Actors. 
Folk Lore. Legends. Romances. 

Fairy Tales. Fables. Proverbs. 
Medicine. Hygiene. 

Medical Societies and Institu- 
tions. Transactions. Reports. 
Anatomy. Histology. Physi- 
ology. Vivisection. 
Medicine. Diseases. Pathology. 


Insanity. Nervous Diseases. 

Health Resorts. Medical Ge- 
Therapeutics. Materia Medica. 

Pharmacy. Poisons. 

Mental Healing. 
Ophthalmology. Otology. Den- 
Hospitals. Nursing. Accidents. 

Military and Naval Medicine 

and Hygiene. 
State Medicine. Public and Pri- 
vate Hygiene. Medical Con- 
ditions, Education, Ethics, and 



Food. Drink. Diet 
In General. Scientific Voyages. 
Anthropology. Ethnology. 
Astronomy. Time. Navigation 
Biology. Evolution. 

























Chemistry. Physical Chemistry. 


Geology. Paleontology. 

Physical Geography. Hydro- 

Mathematics. Surveying. Geo- 
desy. Weights and Measures. 

Meteorology. Qimate. 

Microscope. Scientific Instru- 

Mineralogy. Crystallography. 


Natural History. Nature. Out- 
of-Door and Country Life. 



Zoology. Taxidermy. 
Philosophy. Education. Ethics. 

Philosophy. Psychology. Logic. 
Knowledge. Thought. 

Magic. Psychic Phenomena. 
Spiritualism. Hyponotism. 

Education. Teaching. 
Children. Kindergarten. 
Colleges. Universities. Insti- 
tutions. Schools. 
The Deaf and Dumb. The 

Blind. The Defective. 
Industrial and Commercial 
Education. Sloyd. 

Ethics. Life. Manners. Occu- 
Religion. Theology. 

Religion. Theology. Theological 


Ceremonial. Devotional. Doc- 

Qirist. Christianity. Christian 

Giurches. Sects. 

Ecclesiastical History. Church 
and State. Canon Law. 

Fathers of the Church. Saints. 
Religious Biography. 

Hjrmnology. Religious Poetry. 

The Ministry. Religious Educa- 

Missions. Church Work. 

Mythology and Non-Christian 























Religious Associations and In- 
stitutions. 165 
Science and Religion. 166 
Sermons. 166 
Sunday Schools. Sunday. 166 
Social Science. 167 
Political Economy. Economic 
History. 167 
Land. Agricultural Economy. 167 
Labor. Trades Unions. Guilds. 167 
Capital. Distribution. Pro- 
duction. 168 
Cooperation. Industrial Arbi- 
tration. 169 

Trusts. Monopolies. Corpora- 
tions. 169 

Money. Banks. Property. 169 
Insurance. Pensions. 170 

Commerce. Business. Trans- 
portation. Communication. 171 
Finance. Public Credit. 173 

Taxation. Tariff. Bounties. 173 
Industry. Manufactures. 174 

Political Science. 174 

International Law^ and Arbi- 
tration. Diplomacy. Mari- 
time Law. 175 
Colonial Government. Colo- 
nization. 175 
Municipal Government. 170 
Civil Ser\'ice. 177 
Sociology. 177 
Charities. The Poor. Settle- 
ments. Peoples' Institutes 
and Clubs. 177 
Emigration. Immigration. 178 
The Ne^ro. Slavery. 178 
Population. Statistics. 178 
Prisons. Crime. Intemper- 
ance. Punishment. 179 
Socialism. Communism. 179 
Women. The Sexes. Marriage. 179 
Law. Legislation. Patents. 180 
Law. Jurisprudence. 180 
Cases. Reports. Forms. 181 
Legislation. Statutes. Consti- 
tutional Law. Parliamentary 
Practice. i8a 
Patents. Copyright. 183 
Useful and Industrial Arts. 185 
Industrial Arts. Inventions. Ex- 
hibitions. 185 
Agriculture. Horticulture. Diary. 





Domestic Animals. Forestry. 
Irrigation. Fisheries. 
Chemical Technology. Industrial 

Chemistry. Metallur^. 
Commercial Methods. Post Of- 
fice. Book-keeping. Short- 
Domestic Economy. Cookery. 

Food Supply. 
Engineering. Mechanics. 
Electricity, Theoretical and 
Applied. Telegraph. Tele- 
Fires. Life-saving Service. 
Machinery. Engines. Motors. 

Railroads. Canals. Harbors. 
Roads. Navigation, Boats 
and Ships. 
Water Supply. Heating. Light- 
ing. Ventilation. Plumbing. 
Sewerage. Smoke Preven- 
tion. Waste. 
Manufactures. Mechanic Trades. 
Military and Naval Art, Science, 
Law and History. 
Amusements. Games. Sports. 
Out-Door Sports. Mountaineer- 
ing. Athletics. Physical Edu- 
Hunting. Fishing. Boating. 
In-Door Amusements. 
Postage Stamps. 
In English. 

In French. 



In German. 


In Italian. 



In Polish. 


In Spanish. 


Books added to Children's Roool 



Associations. Clubs. Institutions. 
Peridiocals. Almanacs. Annuals. 

. 219 





Books for the Blind. 


Old Books. Incunabula. 


Public Documents mainly in Sta- 



tistical Department 



United States. 



Separate States. Territories. 






Books added to the Branch Li- 





Reference Books. 




History. Europe. 






Fine Arts. 



Geog^phy. Travels. 





Medicine. Hygiene. 



Science. Nature. 


Philosophy. Education. Ethics. 





Useful and Industrial Arts. 



Amusements. Games. Sports. 






Books for Younger Readers. 















• III! 


Reference Books* 

Bnqrdopedias. Directories, Guide 

Books. Atlases. Dictionaries. 

Anthologies. Quotations. 

Each year the Library adda many haiidbooki» aa* 
nak* and other wctrka of a aimilar character, but 
moat of them are not entered here becatue they are 
•erial publications. They are, however, valuable addi- 
tioiia to the year'i literature. Most of the titles of 
such works will be found In the List of Periodical Pub- 
fcations cnrrcndy received (1903). 

American Catalog, The. 1900-1904. Full 
title entries. [Edited by R. R. Bowker.] 
New York, 1905. *2i6oa3 

Baedeker, Cari. 

Atutria-Hnngary, inclttding Dalmatia and 
Bosnia. Handbook for travellers. loth 
edition. Leipzig, 1905. Maps. 4839.2x0 

Berlin and its environs. 2d edition. Leip- 
sic, 1905. Maps. Plans. 2839.78 

Greece. Handbook for travellers. 3d edi- 
tion. Leipzig, 1905. Plate. Maps. Plans. 


The Rhine from Rotterdam to Constance. 
Handbook for travellers. i6th edition. 
Leipzig, 1906. Maps. Plans. 283947 

Soathem Germany. Handbook for travel- 
lers. 9th revised edition. Leipsic, 1902. 
Maps. Plans. 2839^) 

Switzerland and the adjacent portions of 

Italy, Savoy, and Tyrol Handbook for 

travellers. 21st edition. Leipzig, 1905. 

Plates. Map. 4839-74 

Baird, V^liam Raimond. 

Manual of American college fraternities. 
6th edition. New York, 1905. lUus. 


Barrows, Mary Minerva, editor. 
The value of cheerfulness. [Quotations.] 
Boston, 1904. 3585.Z48 

Bartholomew, John George, editor. 
The XXth century citizen's atlas of the 
world. London. [1905.] Colored plate. 
Maps. *Map 79.5 

Beaton, James A. 
Laird & Lee's Little giant question settler 
. . . Thirty thousand questions and ar- 
guments quickly and accurately settled 
. . . Chicago. [1905.] Plate. *2259a.77 
Bombaugb, Charles Carroll. 
Facts and fancies for the curious from the 
harvest-fields of literature. Philadel- 
phia. [1905.1 6257^3 

British Trade Year-Book, The. 1905. Cov- 
ering the twenty-five years, 1880-1904 
and showing the course of trade. By 
John Holt Schooling. London, 1905. 
Charts. *93824aa30 

Buechmann, Georg. 
Geflugelte Worte. Der Zitatenschatz des 
deutschen Volkes gesammelt und erlau- 
tert Fortgesetzt von Walter Robert- 
tarnow. 22. vermehrte Auflage bear- 
beitet von Eduard Ippel. Berlin, 1905. 
Portrait *6a4Mi 

Dalbiac, Lilian. 
Dictionary of quotations (German) with 
authors and subjects' indexes. London, 
1906. *6257.3o 

Deinhardt, Kurt, and Alfred Schlomann, 
Illustrated technical dictionary in six lan- 
guages: English, German, French, Rus- 
sian. Italian, Spanish. Vol. i. New 
York, 1906. Illus. *8oa9a.50 

Conttnis. — z. The elements of machinecy and 
the toola most frequently used in metal and wood 
working, by Paul StulpnageL. 

Denehy Company. 
Denehy's Directory of Massachusetts law- 
yers. 1906. Boston. [1906.] ^7637.62 


Deutsches Zeitgenossenlexikon. Biographi- 
sches Handbuch deutscher Manner und 
Frauen der Gegcnwart. [Hcrausgege- 
ben von Franz Neubcrt] Leipzig, 1905. 


Directory, The, & Chronicle for China, 
Japan, Corea, Indo-China, Straits Set- 
tlements, Malay States, Siam, Nether- 
lands India, Borneo, The Philippines, 
&c. With which are incorporated "The 
China directory" and "The Hongkong 
directory and hong list for the Far 
East" for 1905. 43d ^ear. Hongkong, 
lOOS. Colored plate. Colored maps. 
'^ *50Z4-36 

Encidopedia fllustrata, fatta compilare es- 
pressamente dal "Secolo" secondo i mo- 
derni criteri. 2a edizione. Milano. 
[190S.] 2 V. lUus. Portraits. Maps. 
= •7384^5 

Expressmen's League, The. . . 

Official reference book . . . contammg 
by-laws, list of officers, members and 
other valuable information to express- 
men, 1903. Boston, 1903. 54 PP- = ^ 


Filippini, Alessandro. 
The international cook book. Over 3,300 
recipes gathered from all over the 
world . . . With complete m6nus of the 
three meals for every day in the year. 
New York, 1906. ♦8001.38 

Gibson, Laurence M, . , , . 

Handbook for literary and debatmg socie- 
ties. Including one hundred examples of 
questions for debate, with summarized 
arguments on both sides. 4th edition. 
London, 1905. *5599A^95 

A list of references is appended to each chapter. 

Graham, Andrew J., & Co. 

Directory of official court reporters of the 

United States and names of the systems 

of shorthand they write. New York, 

1905. 22 pp. = ♦6149.181 

Graham, James, and George A. S. Oliver. 
The foreign traders' correspondence hand- 
book, for the use of British firms trad- 
ing with France, Germany, and Spain, 
their colonies, and with countries using 
their languages. London, 190S. Fac- 
similes. *5659*i37 

Great events, The, by famous historians . . . 
With indices, bibliographies, chronolo- 
gies, and courses of readinp^. [Univer- 
sity edition.] Editor-in-chief, Rossiter 
Johnson. Associate editors: Charles F. 
Home, John Rudd. [New York, 1905.] 
20 V. Portraits. Plates. ♦2213.100 

Gnerber, H^lene Marie Adeline. 
How to prepare for Europe. A handbook 
of historical, literary, and artistic data. 
New York, 1906. Plates. Maps. 


Harper's Book of facts. A classified ency- 
clopaedia of the history of the world . . . 
Compiled under the editorship of Charl- 
ton T. Lewis. New York, 1906. ♦2251.67 

Hsratt, Alfred H., compiler. 
A book of sundial mottoes. London, 1903. 
[The garden lover's series.] a259a.36 

International French-English and English- 
French dictionary. Editorial critic of 
French pronunciations: Paul Passy . . • 
of English pronunciations: George 
Hempl. New York City. [1904.I 2 v. 
in I. ♦2683.17 

Japan Year Book, ist year. 1905. Tokyo, 
Japan, 1905. *93^S'^3 

Krauss, Sigmund. 
Krausz's Practical automobile dictionary. 
English — French — German. French — 
English — German. German — French — 
English. With an introduction by 
Charles J. Glidden. Twelve thousand 
technical terms and other words. New 
York. [1906.] ♦8ox9a.a69 

Lakeside Annual Business Directory of the 
City of Chicago. 1905. Chicago, 1905. 


Lehmanns Allgemeiner Wohnungs-Anzei- 
ger nebst Handels- und Gewerbe- 
Adressbuch ftir die k. k. Reichs- Haupt- 
und Residenzstadt Wien. . . . Jahrgang 
48. Wien. [1906.] 2 V. Maps. Plans. 


Lippincott's New gaxetteer. Edited by An- 
gelo Heilprin and Louis Heilprin. 
Philadelphia, 1906. ♦6282.2a 

McLaughlin, Russell, Coe & Sprague. 
(Russell list.) Legal correspondents. 
United States — Foreign. 1905. New 
York. [1905.] = ♦5639a.69 

May, Henry Ashley. 
Guide to Metropolitan Boston. 5th edi- 
tion. Boston, 1903. Plates. Maps. 


Nineteenth Century series, The. The story 
of human progress and the great events 
of the century. Editor Justin McCarthy 
[and others]. London [etc.], 1902, 03. 
26 V. Portraits. 221 1.70 

ConUnts. — I. Religious progren. •. Litcntnre. 
3. Medicine, mrgery, and hygiene. 4. Progress of 
India, Japan and China. 5. Pr o gres s of the 
United States. 6. Continental rulers. 7. British 
sovereigns. 8. Progress of British Empire. 9. Of 
Canada, xo. Of South Africa, xz. Of Australasia, 
za. Of New Zealand. 13. Political progress. 14. 
Discoveries and explorations. 15. Economic and 
industrial progress. z6. Inventions in the century. 
17. Wars and military development zS. Naval 
battles, zg. Naval development so. Presidents 
of the United States from Jefferson to Fillmore. 
az. From Pierce to McKinley. as. 
S3. Progress of education. 84. Temperance prog- 
ress. S5. Progress of science. a6. Analytical and 
chronological index. 

Official Hotel Red Book and Directory, 

• The. 1905 edition. New York, 1905. 

Illus. *2387.zo4 

O'Shea, Henry. 
O'Shea's Guide to Spain and Portugal. 
Edited by John Lomas. 13th edition. 
London, 1905. Maps. Plans. 3098.208 

Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature. 
Cumulated. A consolidation of the Cu- 
mulative Index to a Selected List of 
Periodicals and the Readers' Guide to 


Readen* Guide . . . (ConHmted.) 

Periodical Literature. Vol. i. 1900-04. 
Minneai>olxs, 1905. *ai7a.a3 

VoL 1 vas edited by AmiA Lomine Guthrie. 

Soie, Henry R. 
Directory of reliable Ulent for men's 
dnbs, women's clubs . . . lecture courses 
. . . 1905/6. Newark, New Jersey [1905*] 
16 pp. Illus. Portraits. = *559<^-zo5 
St John, Edward. 
A postal dictionary: beiner an alphabeti- 
cal handbook of postal rates, laws, and 
regulations, for all who use the mails. 
New York, 1905. 30S9-Z36 

Stednum, Edmund Clarence, and Thomas 
Lathrop Stedman, editol's. 
The complete pocket-firuide to Europe. 
New York, 1905. Maps. *6a79a.a6 

TTmnm, Carl Albert, and W. von Knoblauch. 
German technical words & phrases. Lon- 
don, 1904. [Marlborough's Series of 
foreim technical manuals.] *a889a.zxz 
Townaend, Malcolm, compiler. 
Handbook of United States political his- 
tory, for readers and students. Boston. 
[1905.1 Illus. Maps. Tables. Facsim- 
iles. [Reference index series.] 4929.143 
Aodiontica, pp. 4S3, 4J4. 

Trow bosmess directory of Greater New 

York. VoL 8. New York. 1905. 

Bates Hall Centre Desk 

Van Dyke, Henry Jackson, Jr., 185a- , 

and Hardin Crais, editors. 

Little masterpieces of English poetry by 

British and American authors. New 

York, 1905. 6 V. Portraits. Autofn'aph 

facsimiles. 256^303 

C(M«mtf. — X. Ballads old and new. a. Idyls and 

itories in Tent; 3. Lyrics. 4. Odes, sonnets and 

c yigiam s. s. Deacriptire and reflective rerse. 6. 

Elegies and hynma. 

Visetellv, Francis Horace. 1864-. 
A desk-book of errors in English. Includ- 
ing notes on colloquialisms and slang to 
be avoided in conversation. New York, 
1906. a588.7z 

Who's who in New York City and State . . . 
Edited bv L. R. Hamersly. Revised 
edition. New York, 1905. *434oa.z94 
Wilson, Sir Charles William. 
Handbook for travellers in Asia Minor, 
Transcaucasia, Persia, etc. London, 
^ 190S. Maps. 3086.77 

Wisser, John Philip, 1852- , and Henry 
C. Gauss. 
A military and naval dictionary. New 

York, 1905. *3958.x8o 

The title on the corer Is: An anny and navy die- 

Genealogy* Heraldry* 


ladadaa iodi matrriala for geacalogical inTcttlf^ 
tioQs as eptUpha, willa, regiatera, rital reoorda^ pubU- 
atioos of patziotle aocietiea, etc. 

Allen, Lather Prentice. 
The genealogy and history of the Shreve 
family from 1641. Greenfield, 1901. Por- 
traits. Plate. Coat of arms. *4439.35z 

Allen, Orrin Peer. 1833-. 
The Allen memorial. Series i. Descend- 
ants of Edward Allen, of Nantucket, 
Mass. 1690-1905. Palmer, 190S. Por- 
traits. Plate. *4335*907 
Ames, Azel, M.D. 18457. 
The family and vicissitudes of John Phil- 
lips, Senior, of Duxbury and Marshfield. 
A vexatious snarl in the genealogy of an 
Old Colony progenitor disentangled. 
Maiden, Mass., 1903. 42 pp. Plates. 
Facsimiles. ^4434488 
Andrews, Henry Franklin. 
The Hamlin family. A genealogy of James 
Hamlin of Barnstable, Massachusetts. 
Exira, Iowa, 1902. Portraits. Plates. 
Facsimiles. Coat of arms. ^^31.179 
Anthony, Charles L., compiler. 1840-. 
Genealogy of the Anthony family from 
1495 to 1904. Sterling, 1904. Portraits. 
Coat of arms. *4433.3a5 
Aspinwall, Algernon Aikin. 
The Aspinwall genealogy. Rutland, Vt 
[xpoi.l Plate. Map. *443X.z65 
Balch Family Association. 
First reunion and organization of the Asso- 
ciation by the descendants of John Balch 
. . . [Philadelphia, 1905.] 52 pp. Plate. 
= *4433^ 
Balch, Samuel Weed. 
Genealogical chart of Balch family of New 
England. [Broadside.] New York, 1905. 
= *Cab.a3.z64 
Balch, Thomas Willing. 
Notices of six Presbyterian divines bear- 
ing the name of Balch. [Philadelphia, 

190S.I 7 pp. = 443I-I69 

Benton, Charles Edward. 1841-. 

Caleb Benton and Sarah Bishop. Their 

ancestors and descendants. Poughkeep- 

sie, 1906. 92 pp. Portrait *4434.3a9 

Beverly, Mass. Town Clerk. 

Vital records to the end of 1849. Vol. i. 
Births. Topsfield, 1906. '*443oa.a36 

Bewley, Sir Edmund Thomas. 1837-. 
The Bewleys of Cumberland and their 
Irish and other descendants with full 
pedigrees of the family. Dublin, 1902. 
6 genealogical charts. *3437*34 

Bromley, Viola Annette Derby. 
Derby genealogy. Being a record of the 
descendants of Thomas Derby, of Stow, 
Massachusetts. New York, 1905. Illus. 
Portraits. V339.Z39 

Brown, Francis Henry, compiler. 
Lexington epitaphs. A copy of epitaphs 
in the old burying-grounds of Lexing- 
ton, Massachusetts. [Lexington, Mass.] 
1905. Plans. = *9356.zaz 

Bmah, A. F. 
Concerning the ancestors of Abner Brush 
and Laura Hubbard Brush. [Philadel- 
phia. 190-?] 20 pp. = *4439a.a85 
Clark, Henry William. 
Genealogies of the Qark, Parks, Brock- 
man and Dean, Davis and Goss families 
in five parts. Montgomery, Ala., 1905. 
Portraits. Plates. *4336.z73 
Coleridge, Bernard John Seymour. Baron. 
The story of a Devonshire house. Lou* 


Coleridge, B. J. S., Baron. (CorUimted.) 

don, 1905. Portraits. Plates. Genea- 

loRical chart ^545.186 

An aceoant of the lamfly of Coleridge. 

Colonial Dames. 
Renster of the Massachusetts Society, 
1893-1905. Boston, 1905. Portrait Plate. 
Facsimiles. = *44Xoa.z53 

Converse, Charles Allen. 
Some of the ancestors and descendants of 
Samuel Converse, Jr., of Thompson 
Parish, KilliuRly, Conn., Major James 
Convers, of Woburn, Mass., Hon. He- 
man Allen, of Milton and Burlingrton, 
Vermont, Captain Jonathan Bixby, Sr., 
of KillinRly, Conn. Boston. FiOOSJ 
2 V. Portraits. Coats of arms. Charts. 

Corser, Samuel Bartlett Gerrish, and El- 
wood Spencer Corser. 
GenealoRy of the Corser family in Amer- 
ica. rConcord, N. H.l 1902. Portraits. 
Plates. ^443^358 

Crowell, Capt, Levi, and others. 
John Crowe and his descendants. New 
York, 1903. Plates. *443a-3^ 

Cashing, James Stevenson. 1878-. 
The genealogy of the Cushing family, an 
account of the ancestors and descend- 
ants of Matthew Cushing, who came to 
America in 1638. Montreal, 1905. Por- 
traits. Coats of arms. *4339a.zz7 
Dalton, Mass. Town Clerk. 
Vital records to 1850. [Edited by Henry 
Ernest Woods.] Boston, 1906. 82 pp. 
[New England Historic Genealogical 
Society.] *443oa.250 
Daughters of the American Revolution. Na- 
tional Society. 
Lineage book. VoL x-14, 1890/91-1896. 
Harrisburg, Pa. [etc.], 1895-1902. Por- 
traits. *44Z08.z68 
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Cornwall, Conn., and Canfield, Ohio. 
[Cleveland, O., 1903.] 7i PP. Fac- 
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Genealogy of the descendants of John 
Deming of Wethersfield, Connecticut 
Dubuque, Iowa, 1904. Portraits. Plates. 

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Vital records to the end of 1849. Worces- 
ter, 1906. [Systematic History Fund.] 


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David Dick Hamilton of the Bathgate 

family, and some of his descendants. 

[Type-written sheets. New York?] 

1905. 7 ff. = ♦4430.131 
Edgartown, Mass. Town Clerk. 

Vital records of Edgartown to 1850. [Ed- 
ited by Henry Ernest Woods.] Boston, 

1906. =: ^44308.247 

BlaaSy Barnett Abraham. 
The old Jewish cemeteries at Charleston, 
S. C. A transcript of the inscriptions on 
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ton, 1903. *2334.38 

Emery, William MorrelL 
Chadboume-Chadboum genealogy. [Fall 
River, 1904.] 62 pp. Portraits. 

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History and genealogy of the Espy family 
in America. [Fort Madison, Iowa.] 

1905. Portraits. Map. ♦443ga.28z 
Farwell, Harriette Favoretta. 

Shaw records. A memorial of Roger 
Shaw. 1594-1661. Bethel, 1904. Por- 
traits. Plate. ♦4432.327 

Contains poems hj members of the nm&ies 
mentioned in the records. 

Ferguson, James, of Kinmundy. 1857-. 

The Ferguson family in Scotland and 

America. [Canandaigua, N. Y., 1905.] 

Illus. Portraits. Map. Genealogical 

charts. Coats of arms. *4433.39i 

Flagg, Charles Allcott 
The descendants of Benjamin Rockwood, 
Sr., of Grafton, Mass. Washington, 1906. 
36 pp, ♦4439a.27z 

Forbes, Alexander. 1835-. 
Memorials of the family of Forbes of 
Forbesfield. With notes on connected 
Morgans, Duncans and Fergusons. 
Aberdeen, 1905. Portraits. Plates. 

^ ^6535.23 

Freese, John Wesley. 1840-. 
Freese families. [Cambridge, 1906.] 78 
pp. Portraits. = ^443^.397 

Gamble, Thomas, Jr., compiler. 1868-. 
Data concerning the families of Bancroft, 
Bradstreet, Browne, Dudley, Emerson, 
Gamble, Goodridge, Gould, Hartshome, 
Hobson, Kemp, Kendall, Metcalf, Nich- 
ols, Parker, Poole, Sawtell, Wainwright, 
Woodman, etc., etc., in England and 
America, 1277 to 1906, A. D. Compiled 
from official sources. [Savannah, Ga.] 

1906. Illus. Map. Genealogical charts. 
Facsimiles. Coats of arms. ^443Z.z86 

Glenn, Thomas Allen. 
The pedigree of William Griffith, John 
Griffith and Griffith Griffiths (sons of 
Griffith John of . . . South Wales, 
Great Britain), who removed to the 
County of Chester, Pennsylvania, in the 
early part of the XVIIIth century. 
Philadelphia, 1905. 95 pp. Facsimiles. 

= *4333*Z40 

One of in edition of zoo copitB. 

Godalming, Surrey County, England. Par- 
ish Church. 
The parish registers of Godalming, Sur- 
rey. Edited by Henry C'Malden. Part i. 
1582-1688. London, 1904. [Surrey Par- 
ish Register Society.] *250Z.Z53 
Halifax, Mass. Town Qerk. 
Vital records of Halifax to the end of 1849. 
Literally transcribed under the direction 
of George Ernest Bowman. Boston, 
1905. [Massachusetts Society of May- 
flower Descendants.] '*443oa.78 
Hardon, Henry Winthrop. 
Some of the ancestors and the children of 
Nathaniel Wilson, who was born Octo- 
ber 10, 1808, at Pelham, N. H., and died 
March 15, 1864, at Lawrence, Mass. 
[New York?] 1905. Broadside. = 



Heniy, Frederick AuRnstus. 

A record of the descendants of Simon 

Henry (1766-1854) and Rhoda Parsons 

(1774-1847) Ws wife. Cleveland, 1905. 

68 pp. Portraits. Facsimiles. Table. = 

Henfeld, Elsa Goldina. 1881-. 
Family monographs. The history of 
twenty-four families living in the middle 
West Side of New York City. New 
York, 1905. 5566.88 

'^lie object of these studies is to throw light on 
the funily of the New York tenement-house 

HiUman, Harry W. 1870-. 
Ancestral chronological record of the Hill- 
man family. 1550-1905. Schenectady, 
1905. Portraits. Plates. ♦443a.377 

Hilb, William Sanford. 182^. 
The Hills family in America. Edited by 
Thomas Hills. New York, 1906. Por- 
traits. Plate. Maps. Facsimile. ^4335.46 
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Genealogy of the descendants of Nicholas 
Hodsdon-Hodgdon of Hingham, Mass. 
and Kittery, Maine. 1635-1904. Edited 
by Almira Larkin White. Haverhill, 
Mass., 1904. Portraits. Plates. *4433.395 
Hodgdon, George Enos. 
Shannon genealogy. Genealogical record 
and memorials of one branch of the 
Shannon family in America. [Edited, 
with a preface by R. C. Shannon.] 
Rochester, 1905. lUus. Portraits. Fac- 
similes. Tables. = *4430.i57 
Howden, Parish, Yorkshire, England. 
Registers. Vol. i. (iS43-i6s9.) Edited 
by G. E. Weddall. [Leeds.] 1904. 
[Yorkshire Parish Register Society.] 

Jenkins, Robert Edwin. 
Jenkins family book. Being a partial 
record of the descendants olf David Jen- 
kins. Chicago, 1904- *4439a.a6z 
Contains memoranda of the Masters and Logan 


Johnson, Robert Winder. 
The ancestry of Rosalie Morris Johnson, 
daughter of George Calvert Morris, and 
Elizabeth Kuhn, his wife. [Philadel- 
phia.] 1905. Plate. Chart Tables. =: 

Justice, Hilda, compiler. 
Life and ancestry of Warner -Mifflin, 
Friend, philanthropist, patriot. Phila- 
delphia, 1905. Coat of arms. Map. Fac- 
similes. 3349.149 
Relates to slayerf. 

Kecne, N. H. City Clerk. 
Vital statistics of Keene. Keene, 1905. = 


The records for the years since 1888 haye been 
published In the annual reports of the city, which 
msy be lomid on shdf-number *6338.47. 

KingBboiy, Frederick John. 
The genealogy of the descendants of 
Henry Kingsbnry of Ipswich and Ha- 
verhill, Mass. Edited with extensive 
additions by Mary Kingsbury Talcott. 
[Hartford. 1 190S. Portraits. Plates. 
Coats of arms. Maps. Facsimiles. 


La Mance, Lora Sarah Nichols. 
The Greene family and its branches from 
A.D. 861 to A.D. 1904. Together with 
poems descriptive of the text, by Mrs. 
Attie A. Stowe. New York. [1904.I 
Portraits. Plates. Coats of arms. 
Authorities consulted, pp. [pl-rxx]. ♦443^*^ 

Lasher, Alfred P., 1855- , and others. 
Lasher genealogy . . . New York, 1904. 
IIIus. Portraits. Map. ^4439409 

ConUnis, — Descendants of Francois Le Senr. — 
Descendants of Sebastian Loescher. — Descend- 
ants of John Lejere. 

LawBon, Harvey Merrill. 1868-. 
Historv and genealogy of the descendants 
of Clement Corbin of Muddy River 
(Brookline), Mass., and Woodstock, 
Conn. [Hartford.] 1905. Portraits. 
Plates. *4433*38o 

Lea, James Henry. 

Gosnold and Bacon. The ancestry of Bar- 
tholomew Gosnold. A collection. Bos- 
ton, 1904. 34 pp. •a335-X3 
Lea, James Henry, and George Henry Lea. 
The ancestrv and posterity of John Lea of 
Christian Malford. Wiltshire, England, 
and of Pennsylvania in America, i!>03- 
I90j5. Philadelphia, 1906. Illus. Por- 
traits. Facsimile. Coats of arms. 


Leavens, Philo French. 1838-. 

The Leavens name including Levings. An 

account of the posterity descending 

from emigrant John Levins: 1632-1903. 

Passaic, N. J., 1903. Portraits. Plate. 

Lindsay Family Association of America. 
[Annual report, ist and 2d. Boston, 1904, 
05.1== ♦4337.ao7 

Lyons, Albert Brown, 1841- , and others, 
Lyon memorial. Massachusetts families 
including descendants of the immigrants 
William Lyon, of Roxbury, Peter Lyon, 
of Dorchester, George Lyon, of Dor- 
chester. [Vol. i.l Detroit, 1905. Por- 
traits. Plates. Coats of arms. Facsim- 
iles. *4439a«375 
Mead, Spencer Percival. 
History and genealogy of the Mead fam- 
ily of Fairfield County, Connecticut. 
Eastern New York, Western Vermont, 
and Western Pennsylvania. New York, 
1901. Portraits. Plates. Colored coat 
of arms. *4433.339 
Meigs, Joe Vincent 
An account of the coming to America of 
three Clendinen brothers . . . and their 
connection with the Meigs, Bryan, Mil- 
ler and McCulloch families . . . Boston, 
1905. Blue print. = *Cab.a3.50.7 
The Meigs tribe. 346 years. i«;.'?9 to 1905. 
Boston, 1905. Blue print. *Cab.a3.50.6 
Molynenx, Ellen Zada Rice. 
History genealogical and biographical of 
the Molyneux families. Ssrracuse, 1904. 
Illus. Portraits. Coat of arms. *4433*33X 
Mooar, George. 1830-1904. 
Mooar (Moors) genealogy. Abraham 
Mooar of Andover, and his descendants. 
Boston, 1901. 97 pp. *443a.387 


Moore, Horace Ladd. 
Andrew Moore of Poqnonock and Wind- 
sor, Conn., and his descendants. Law- 
rence. Kansas, 190.1. Portraits. ♦4433-350 
Morgan, James Appleton. 
The family of Morjjran from T080. With 
postscript carryjnor the Tredesrar Mor- 
gan line backward to A. D. 6o.<. West- 
field, New Jersey. fiOOl?! Portraits. 
Plates. Coat of prtnq. *4433-35 

Morison. Alexander, M.D. 
The Blackhalls of that Tlk and Barra, 
hereditary coroners and foresters of the 
Garioch. Aberdeen, 100^. Portrait. 
Plates. Coat of arms. [New Spaldinir 
Club. Publications.! Vsai.taa 

Moulton, Henry William. 181:1-1806. 
Moulton annals . . . Edited by his daugh- 
ter Claribel Moulton. Chica^iro, T006. 
Portraits. Plates. Genealogical tables. 

Murray, Thomas Hamilton. 
The Irish vansruard of Rhode Island. Bos- 
ton. 1904. 27 PD. = 4317-43 
Contmins genealogical matter. 

Some voices from y« olden time: historical 
notes relating to the Irish element in 
early American life. Boston, 1964. 27 

pp. = 4317.44 

Kelatea prindpally to New England; contains 

genealogical notea. 

New-England Historical and Genealogical 
Index of persons, volumes 1-50. Vol. i. 
Part I. Aaciye — Bigland. Boston, 1905. 

96 pp. ♦2335.4 

New England Historic Genealogrical Society. 
[History, membership, publications, offi- 
cers, etc.] Boston, 1905. 18 pp. Illus. 
=r 4439^55 

Norris, Henry McCoy. 1868-. 
Ancestry and descendants of Lieutendent 
[sic] Jonathan and Tamesin (Barker) 
Norris of Maine . . . New York, 1906. 
64 pp. Portrait. Genealogical charts. 

Norton, Mass. Town Clerk. 
Vital records of Norton to 1850. [Edited 
by Henry Ernest Woods.] Boston, 1906. 
= ♦44308.246 

Order of the Founders and Patriots of 
Register, 1902. [New York?] 1902. Por- 
traits. Plates. *44I2.Z72 
Origin and history of the name of Taylor, 
with biographies of all the most noted 
persons of that name. And an account 
of the origin of surnames and fore- 
names. With over 500 Christian names 
of men and women and their signifi- 
cance. [Also], The Crescent family 
record [blank]. Chicago, 1902. Plates. 

Parish Register Society. 
Registers. No. 1-5, 7-15, 19, 20, 22-54. 
London, 1896-1904. Namely: 

z. Baustead, Pariih, Surrey County, 1 547-1 789. 
Transcribed and edited by F. A. Heygate Lam- 
bert. *a505.Z40 
9. St. Albans, Parish, Worcester. 1 630-1 81 a. 
Transcribed by J. Bowstead Wilson. *a505.Z4Z 
S. Beer Hackett, Pariah, Dorsetshire. 2549-18x2. 

Parish Register Society. (Cofaimud,) 

Tranaeribed by Edward Alexander Fry. ^9505.149 

4. North Lnffenham, Pariah, Rutland County. 
x57>-x8xa. Transcribed and edited by Philip 
Gretton Dennia. *a505.X4S 

5. Monk Fryston, Pariah, Yorkshire. 1531^x678. 
Transcribed by J. D. Hemsworth. *9S05.X44 

7. Saint Nicholaa, Parish, Ipswich, Suffolk 
County. 153^1710. Transcribed by Edward 
Cooksoa. ^asos.146 

8. Upton, Parish, Berkahire. Baptisms, 1588- 
X74x; burials, X 588-1741; marriagea, XS88-X735. 
Transcribed by Joseph Forrest Fry. Edited by 
Edward Aleicander Fry. *aso5<>47 
9* Haydor, Parish, Lincolnshire. 1559-1649. 

zo. Kewenden, Pariah, Kent County. Baptisms, 
x559-x8xa; bnriala, x56o-x8xa; marriages, 1560- 
18x3. Transcribed and edited by Edmund Jer^ 
inyn. *S505.X49 

zz. EUa, Kirk, Parish, Yorkshire. zs5a-x84x. 
Transcribed and edited by Jamea Foord, aasisted 
by A. B. Wilson-Barkworth. ^asos.zso 

zs. Waleaby, Parish, Nottinghamahlre. 1580- 
Z79a. Transcribed and edited by George W. 
ICarahalL *a505.zsz 

zs. Samesfield, Parish, Herefordshire. x66o- 
x897* Tranaeribed and edited by George W. Mar- 
ahalL *aso5.Z5a 

Z4. Doddington-Pigot, Parish, Lincolnshire. 
Z564-x8xa. Transcribed and edited by R. E. G. 
Cole. ^95os.zs3 

zs. Biaham, Parish, Berkshire. x56o-x8xa. 
Transcribed by Edgar PowelL *s5os.z54 

Z9. Battlefield, Parish, Shropshire. x665-x8xa. 


ao. Sibdon Garwood, Parish, Shropshire. 1583- 
z8x3. ^a50S.Z58 

aa. Shipton, Pariah, Shropshire. zS38-z8ia. 
Transcribed by Gilbert H. F. Vane. ^a5os.z6o 
as. Harley, Parish, Shropahire. z745/6-x8za. 
Transcribed by T. R. HortoxL *a505.z6z 

34. Melverley, Parish, Shropshire. X7a3-x8za. 
Transcribed by Hugh Holland Howard. ^a505.z6a 
as. Clyat St. George, Pariah, Deronahire. X56S- 
x8xa. Tranaeribed by John Lomax Gibba. 

a6. Smethcote, Pariah, Shropahire. z6o9-x8xa. 
Transcribed by T. R. Horton. *a5os.z64 

a7. Creasage, Parish, Shropshire. x6o5-x8xa. 
Transcribed by T. H. R. Horton. *a505.z65 

aS. Sheinton, Pariah, Shropshire. 1658-1 8x3. 
Transcribed by T. R. Horton. *a505.z66 

a9. Ford, Parish, Shropahire, England. X569- 
x8xa. Transcribed and edited by H. M. Auden. 

30, 50. Marshall, George William. X839-. Par- 
ish registers: a list of those printed, or of which 
MS. copies exist in public collections, together 
with references to extracts therefrom, printed and 
manuscript. [Also,] An Appendix . . . being a 
continuation of the list issued in X900. *aso5.z68 
3Z. Pitchford, Parish, Shropshire. x 558-18x3. 
Transcribed and edited by T. R. Horton. 

Sa. Bitton, Pariah, Gloucestershire. Baptiama, 
X57a-x674; burials, X57a-x668; marriages, isyi- 
1674. Transcribed by P. W. P. Carlyon-Britton. 

^9505. > 70 
S3. Upton in Overchurch, Pariah, Cheahire. 
x6oo-x8xa. Transcribed by Wm. Ferguaaon Ir- 
Tine. ^afos-zyx 


Parish Register Society. (CotUnmed.) Perley, Mary Ellen. 

34- More, Pariah, Shropshire. XS69-X813. Trail. A gcnealofiy of the descendants of Moses 

■cribed . . . [by] Edgar Wm. CockelL •asosira and Hannah [Foster] Peabody. Salem, 

3S* Staplcton, Parish, Shropshire. 1546-18x3. I904. 47 pp. ^4335*43 

Transcribed by E. C Hope-Edwards, and edited Phillipston, Mass. Town Clerk, 

by Hodlestoa Stokes. •asos-iTS Vital records to the end of 1849. Worces- 

ae. Hu^jrate, Parish, Yorkshire. xs39-x8is. ter, 1906. [Systematic History Fund] 

Transcribed by Edith Hobday. ^2505.174 *4430a.a48 

37. Morden, Parish, Surrey County. i634-x8xj. Pitcaim, Constance. 

Tianscribed and edited by F. Clayton. •aso5.x75 The history of the Fife Pitcairns. Edin- 

38. aimbwy Parish, Shropriiire. xs74-i8xj, hvLT^h, 1905. Portraits. Plates. ♦6535^1 

Transcribed by W. G. Clark Maxwell, •3505.178 Authorities consulted, pp. 535, 536. 

39. Moreton ^bet, PariA, Shropshire. X580- pogt, Marie Caroline de Trobriand. 184S-. 

^'i, Tr*^f^ ^^ ^' ^ ^*'^°''' ^ '*"*^ The Post family. New York, 1905. Por- 

by W. G. D. Fletchen •a5os.i77 traits. Colored coats of arms. •443i.x8x 

40. Hopton Castle, PariA, Shropshire. XS38- Ransom, Wyllys Cadwell. 1828-. 

»";. ^^"^^ ^^ ^ ^' ^^"^ ""* f"**^ ^ Historical outline of the Ransom family 

W. G. D Flet^Aff. •3505.178 of America and genealogical record of 

41. HuffU^. Parish, Shropshire. xs76-i8x3. the Colchester, Conn., branch. Ann 
Transcribed by E, CoUett and edited by W. G. Arbor, Mich., 1903. Portraits. •4339a.47 

^ 2^^ P.rirft Surre. Countv *?«!! Ri<*«S?4 Surrey County. England. Parish 

43. Merstaam, fansii, burrey uounty. X539- Church 

x8i3 Transcribed by Re«mald Illinffworth xhe parish* registers of Richmond, Sur- 

Woodhottac, assisted by A. J. Pearman and r^y. Edited by J. Challenor C. Smith. 

Thomas Fisher •3505.180 London, 1903, OS. 2 V. Plate. [Surrey 

43. Headoo, Pansh, Nottoghwnshire. 1566- parish Register Society.] •3501.153 

x8xa. Transcribed by Edith Hobday. •3505.181 p{^ Guy Scobv 

43. Tarrant Hinton, Parish, Dorsetshire. iS4S- History and genealogy of the Eastman 

18x3. [Transcribed by Alfred Stilgoe NewmaxL] f^^jfy ^j America. Concord, N. H., 

« _, .. ^, . ^ ^, ••505.18a jpQj 2 V. Portraits. Plates. Coat of 

45. Canon Frome, Parish, Herefordshire. x68o- arms *44a5 77 

.8.* T«a«:rm.d by Miei»el Hopton. ".sos-ias Robinsoii, Jane Bancroft. 

46. MnmO^ P«lih H<^orddui«. i66^.8.». ^ historical sketch of the Robinson fam- 
TrwjcrAed brMidud Hopton. •aso$..84 j, ^f 4,,^ jj^g ^f Ebenezer Robinson, a 
«T. Moulten. Pw,A North«nptonjhi«. B.p. >, j. j ^ Revolution. Detroit, igoa. 
T?''**l!f".r "^ /J?»!lfT«M 73 pp. Illus. Portrait Plan. Coat of 

ish documents. Trsnscnbed and edited by Sid- -irr^^ ^a^^a rfiS 

ncT J. M.d«e. VoL i. '.sos-iSs RoySStoi Mass Town Qerk *'^'°" 

t.^:^ I'^r. "^1^^ Tt:^ vS records o thJ^d S ^9. TEdited 

^n^-b«l by Mn. Tempert «>d W.^ J^^ by Franklin P. Rice.] Worcester. 1906. 

49. Bottghton-tmder-Bleau, Parish, Kent County. ^^ • t l 4430a.a45 

Baptisms, 1558-1634; marriages. xss8-x636; bur- ^"®n» ^^^^^ Johnes. ^ ., • 

lals, i5sfr-x635. Transcribed by John Adolphus The genealofiry of the Rycrson family m 

^^^ogl^ •3505.187 America. 1646-1902. New York, 1902. 

51. Weddiagton. Parish, Warwickshire. X663- „ , ^3?\ ?^*t®^!f?^% .t. /--/^^t?^^ 

xBxa. Tnuwcribed by Edward Alexander Fry. Saint Nicholas Society of the City of New 

•3505.188 York. 

53. Glaabury. Parish, Breconshire, Wsles. x66o- Genealogical record . . . Containing the 

1836. Transcribed by Thomas Wood. •3505.189 ""CS of descent of members. [New 

53. Solihull. Parish, Warwickshire. VoL 1. X 53^ _ JCm^^'^^^^?- ^*. , o^^^"** 
X668. [Edited by E. A Fry.] •3505.190 St Philip, Parish, Charleston, S. C. 

54. Chester Cathedral. x687-x8x3. Transcribed Register, I720-I7S8. Edited by A. S. Sal- 
by Thomaa Hughes, revised by T. Cann Hughes. ley, Jr. Charleston, 1904. *4430a.i5Z 

•3505.191 Shaw, William Arthur, and George Dames 

Parke, Frank Sylvester, compiler. 1861-. _,. BurtchaclL 

Genealogy of the Parke families of Con- The knights of England. A complete 

necticnt. Also a list of Parke, Park, "cord from the earliest time to the 

Parks, etc., who fought in the Revolu- present day of the knights of all the 

tionary War. Washington, 1906. Illus. orders of chivalry in England, Scotland, 

Portraits. Coats of arms. ♦4337.2x0 apd Ireland, and of knights bachelors. 

Panona, Lewis Baldwin. 181&-. By Wm. A. Shaw. Incorporating a 

Genealogy of the family of Lewis B. Par- complete list of knights bachelors 

sons, (Second.) Parsons-Hoar. St. dubbed in Ireland, compiled by G. D. 

Louis. [iS^— ?] Portraits. *443a.350 Burtchaell. London, 1906. 2 v. *a433.30 

Psyne, Charles Thomas, compiler. Sheldon, George, of Deerfield, Mass. 

Litchfield and Morris inscriptions. A Lucius Manlius Boltwood. Boston, 1905. 

record of inscriptions upon the tomb- IS PP. Portrait = *4447.38a 

stones in Litchfield and Morris, Ct. Contains some genealogical detaUs of the Bolt- 

Litchfield, 1905. Plates. ♦2334.36 "^^^ '"^- 












1905 1906. 





Davis, John David. Estcrhaay, Valentin Ladislas, Comte. i7Af>- 

A maker of New Japan. Rev. Joseph 1805. 

Hardy Neesima, LL.D., President of Memoires. Avec une introduction ct dcs 

Doshisha University, Kyoto, fsd edi- notes. Par Ernest Daudet. 2c Edition. 

tion.] New York. fiOOSl Portraits. Paris, 1905. Portraits. 964^.207 

Plates. 3019.206 Fallows, Samuel, Bishop of the Reformed 

Davis, Junius. „ , ^ Episcopal Church. 183S-. 

Some facts about John Paul Jones. Ral- Samuel Adams. A character sketch. With 

eigh, 1906. 36 pp. = 2343.81 supplementary essay, by G. Mercer 

Davis, Ozora Steams. Adam, together with anecdotes, charac- 

Abraham Lincoln the young man. An ad- teristics, and chronology by L. B. 

dress. [New Britain, Conn., 1906.] 16 Vaughan and others. Milwaukee, 1903. 

pp. =r 4349««64 Illus. Portraits. Facsimile. fGreat 

Delbmeck, Martin Friedrich Rudolph von. Americans of history.! 4349.386 

1817-I903. . Bibliography, p. 178. 

Lebenserinnerungen. 1817-1867. Mit einem Panshawe, Anne Harrison, Lady. 1625-1680. 

Nachtrag aus dem Jahre 1870. i. und 2. Memoirs of Lady Fanshawe, wife of Sir 

Auflage [Herausgegeben von Elise von Richard Fanshawe, Bart, ambassador 

Delbruck.1 Leipzig, 1905. 2 v. 2842.102 from Charles IL to . . . Portugal & 

Relates to the poUtical and commefcial hiatory of Madrid. Edited by Beatrice Marshall. 

Germany. London, 1905. Portraits. Plates. [The 

ConUtas. — X. x8i7-x8s3- «• x8S3-x«7o. Crown library.] 4549.148 

Dekant, Gabrielle. 1854-1903. Fitzgerald, Percy Hethrington. 1834-. , 

Lettres, 1874-1903. Publi6es par Louis The life of Charles Dickens as revealed m 

Loviot, avec une preface de Th. Bent- his writings. London, 1905. 2 v. Por- 

zon [pseud, de Th^r^se Blanc]. Paris, traits. Facsimiles. 2445.78 

igois. 2649.203 Flomoy, Eugene. 

Derocquigny, Jules. Madame Craven intime (Pauline de la 

Charles Lamb: sa vie et ses oeuvres. Lille, Ferronays). Paris, 1906. Portrait. 

1904. [University de Lille. Travaux et [Figures de femmes.] 2647.163 

memoires.] a55440 Forbes, John Thomas 

Bibliographie, pp. 4os-4S5< Socrates. New York, 1905. [The world s 

Dickinson, Emily Monroe. epoch-makers.] 5557.ioo 

A patriot's mistake, being personal recol- Forbes, Margaret. ,.r . . ^ 

lections of the Parnell family. By a Beattie and his friends. Westminster. 

daughter of the house. Dublin, 1905. _ 1904; Portrait. 4S47.ao4 

Portraits Plates 4547.2x0 Foster, Frank Keyes. 

Mostly abottt Charlea' Stewart ParneU. Franklin, and the Franklin Union in Bos- 

Doane, George Herbert. ton. Address in the Old South Church 

Letters. [Edited by M. J. M.] Newark. Kf°**"^*y.S''T^' ^^^"''"Str 12^ 

[190S.I 77 pp. Portraits. 2401.1x6 [Boston, 1906.] 8 pp. j=^ ••K.22.50 

Doggett, Lawrence Locke. Franklin Business Association, Franklin, 

Life of Robert R. McBurney. Cleveland, Massachusetts. ,,.,:. . 

O. [1902.] Portrait = 554a.xx5 Bicentenary of Benjamin Franklins birth, 

Dowden, Edward, 1843- January seventeen [sic], nineteen hun- 

Michel de Montaigne. Philadelphia, 1905. dred and six. [Franklin, 1906.I 24 pp. 

Portrait [French men of letters.] Illus. Portrait = •♦K.2a.34 

2649a.xo2 Freddy G. 

Bckermann, Johann Peter. i79^i8S4. Leopold II intime. Paris. [1905] Por- 

Aus Goethes Lebenskreise. J. P. Ecker- traits. Plates. 48490^7 

manns Nachlass. Herausgegeben von Q^pon, Georgi ApoUonovitch. 

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Gmtaini an account of Spanish history dming her 

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A brief bibliography for yoimg ttndcntt, VP' *9ar 

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[Circular requesting subscriptions for 
restoring the present vestry of St. Sa- 
viour's Cathedral, London, as a memo- 
rial to John Harvard. London, 1905.] 

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Incidents attending the capture, detention, 
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The original edition ia on shelf-numben *4469a.6; 

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Contains a facsimile of a letter from Goldsmith. 

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2^mt Edition. Paris. [1906?] Genea- 
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Presenting the claims of Naondorff to be con- 
sidered Lonia XVII. 
Laveitnjon, Andr6 Justin. 1827-. 
Gambetta inconnu. Cinq mois de la vie 
intime de Gambetta. Ouvrage conte- 
nant quinze lettres in^dites de L^on 
Gambetta et la reproduction photo- 
typique de nombreux documents et 
lettres de Jules Favre, Jules Simon, 
Jules Ferry, Flourens, Rochefort. Paris. 
[1906.] Facsimiles. 2642.200 

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Souvenirs d'un Slavophile (1863-1897). 

Paris, 1905. 3069.307 

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Freiherr vom Stein. Leipzig, 1902-05. 3 v. 

Relates to the political history of Prussia. 

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Napoleon. Bielefeld, 1905. lUus. Por- 
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Rashi. Translated from the French by 
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Map. Plates. 2299.9a 

Bibliography, pp. ajg-ajg. 

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Wie sah Bismarck aus? Von Fritz Stahl 
[Pseud.]. Berlin, 1905. 65 pp. 31 por- 
traits. 2649a.zo3 

Verzeiehiiia der literarischen Qadlen, pp. 6o-6j. 

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Sir Joshua Fitch: an account of his life 
and work. London, 1906. Portrait 

Bibliography, pp. 356-258. 4544.216 

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Fiirst Bismarck nach seiner Entlassung. 

Neue vermehrte Volksausgabe. 12.-14. 

Tausend. Berlin, 1906. Portrait 4843.54 
Der Kaiser. Bin Charakterbild Wilhelms 

II. 4. Auflage. Berlin, 1906. Portrait. 

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written on behalf of the Swedish Royal 
Academy of Science. Translated by W. 
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London, Jack. 1876-. 
Jack London. A sketch of his life and 
work. New York, 1905. 15 pp. Por- 
trait = 3340-99 
Low, Charles Porter. 1824-. 
Some recollections by Captain Charles P. 
Low, commanding the clipper ships 
"Houqua," "Jacob Bell," "Samuel Rus- 
sell," and "N. B. Palmer," in the China 
trade. 1847-1873. Boston, 1905. Por- 
trait Plates. 2349.158 
Lowell, Josephine Shaw. 1843-1905. 
In memonam. Josephine Shaw LowelL 



LoweD, Josephine Shaw. (CofUinued.) 
[New York, 1905.] 27 pp. Portrait. = 


Plrtul list of Mrs. LoweU'i writmgB, pp. 334. 

Labbock; Percy. 
Elizabeth Barrett Browning in her letters. 
London, 1906. Portrait 3547.2x6 

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The life of Charles Lamb. New York, 
1905. 2 V. lUus. Portraits, Facsimiles. 
Map. 4548^6 

Cdntams materUl on Mary Lamb. 

Lyon, William Henry. 1846-. 
Frederic Henry Hedge ... A s«rmon. 
Brookline, Mass., 1906. 19 pp. Portrait. 
= 4448.356 

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Walter Reed. A memoir. Washington, 
1904. II pp. = 4446.369 

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Mary Stuart. London. [1905-I Portraito. 
PUtes. 4543-Z97 

Macdonagfc Michael. 
Tbe life of Daniel O'Connell. London, 
1903. Portrait. 3549.191 

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King Leopold IL His rule in Belgium 
and the Congo. London, 1905. Por- 
traits. Plates. Map. 4836.88 
McFarland, Henry. 
Rev. Asa McFarland, D.D., third pastor of 
the First Congregational Church, Con- 
cord, N. H. 1798--1824. A sketch . . . 
read by Annie A. McFarland (his grand- 
daughter) at the one hundred and sev- 
enty-fifth anniversary of that church. 
[Concord, N. H.] 1905. 14 pp. Por- 
trait Plate. = 4445403 
Maiden, Mass. Municipal Government. 
In memory of Elisha Slade Converse. 
Maiden. 1905. 33 PP. Portrait. Plates. 



Marion, Henri, Professor in the United 
States Naval Academy. 
John Paul Jones' last cruise and final rest- 
ing place, the United States Naval 
Academy. Washington, 1906. 87 pp. 
Illus. Portraits. Facsimiles. 9349.83 
Martin, Elizabeth Gilbert. 
Homer Martin. A reminiscence. Octo- 
ber a6, 1836 -February 12, 1897* New 
York, 1904. 69 pp. Portrait. Plates. 

Martina, Goetz. 1853- 
Kant Zutn Ged^chtnis seines hundert- 
jahrigen Todestages. Kiel, 1904. 27 pp. 

Mane, Frederick Ivor. 1862-. 

Seymour Vandeleur. The story of a Brit- 
ish officer, being a memoir of Brevet- 
Lientenant-Colonel Vandeleur, D.S.O., 
Scots Guards and Irish Guards with a 
general description of his campaigns . . . 
with water-colour illustrations by Nico 
Jnngmann. New York. [1906.] Por- 
trait Plates. Maps. 6591.193 
Colood Vmndelear scnred in Ucanda, Nigeria, the 
Sondaa cmmptAgn, and the Boer War. 

Memorial meeting. George Sewall Boutwell. 
Faneuil Hall, Boston, April 18, 1905. 
[Boston, 1905.] 30 pp. Portrait = 

Mendes, Henry Pereira. 1852-. 

The £arl of Beaconsfield, K. G. Keys to 

the famous characters delineated in his 

historical romances, with portraits^ and 

biographies, supplemented by a critical 

appreciation of Lord Beaconsfield by 

Dr. H. Pereira Mendes. London. [1904.] 

Illus. Portraits. %6o9.io9 

Meusel, Alfred. 

Enea Silvio als Publicist Breslau, 1905. 

86 pp. rUntersuchungen zur deutschen 

Staats- und Rechtsgeschichte.l 

Relate! to the LibeUos de ortn et antoritate 

Imperii Romani 

Millar, Alexander H. 1847-. 
Mary Queen of Scots: her life story. Edin- 
burgh, 1905. Portraits. Facsimile. 


Mima, Edwin. 

Sidney Lanier. Boston, 1905. Portraits. 

Plates. Facsimiles. 93498.145 

MInnich, Michael Reed. 

A memoir of the first treasurer of the 

United States, with chronological notes. 

Philadelphia, 1905. 87 pp. Portrait 

Coat of arms. 4444491 

Michael Hillegas, bom 1729, died 1804, was 

treasurer of the United States from 1776 to 1789. 

The Rev. Dr. John Bachman, Audubon's 

colaborer. [Audubon? 1903.] 7 pp. = 

Mittnacht, Hermann Carl Friedrich, Frei- 
herr von. 1825-. 
Erinnerungen an Bismarck. Stuttgart, 

1904. 86 pp. 4848.85 
Mitton, G. E. 

Jane Austen and her times. London. 
[1905.] Portraits. Plates. 9545.197 

Moebina, Paul Julius. 
Schopenhauer. Leipzig, 1904. Portraits. 

Montagu, Elizabeth. 1720-1800. 
Elizabeth Montagu, the Queen of the 
Blue-Stockings. Her correspondence 
from 1720 to 1 761, by her great-great- 
niece Emily J. Climenson. New York, 
1906. 2 v. Portraits. Plates. 4547.996 
Morse, John Torrey, Jr. 
Memoir of Colonel Henry Lee, with selec- 
tions from his writings and speeches. 
Boston, 1905. Portraits. Plates. 9349.153 
Mottram, William. 
The true story of George Eliot in relation 
to "Adam Bede." By William Mottram 
(grand nephew of Adam and Seth Bede 
and cousin to the author). London, 1905. 
Illus. Portrait. 3558.145 

Monravity Gustave. 1840-. 
.Napol6on bibliophile. Recherches sp^- 
ciales de psychologic napol6onienne. 
Paris, 1905. ♦9653-138 

Myall, Laura Hain Friswell. 
In the sixties and seventies. Impressions 
of literary people and others. London, 

1905. 4558.991 


Ober» Frederick Albion. People's Institate, New York. (CatUmmdJ 

Columbus the discoverer. New York, 1906. with the various organizations for civic 

Portrait Plates. [Heroes of American and social betterment of New York 

history. 1 aszgaoi City. New York, 1905. 58 pp. Portrait 

Hernando Cortes, conqueror of Mexico. = 4446.367 

New York, 1905. Portraits. Plates. P6re« Pastor, Crist6bal, editor. 

Maps. [Heroes of American history.] Documentos para la biografia de D. Pedro 

4349a.30Z Calder6n de la Barca. Tomo x. Madrid, 

Pizarro and the conquest of Peru. New 1905. Portrait *309a.z63 

York, 1906. Portraits. Plates. [Heroes Perry, Thomas Sergeant, 

of American history.] 93x9.109 John Fiske. Boston, 190$. Portrait. [The 

0*iv«r, Frederick Scott Beacon biographies of eminent Ameri- 

Alexander Hamilton. An essay on Amer- cans.] 43498.3x1 

ican Union. New York, 1906. Portraits. Bibliography, pp. 103-105. 

Map. 3345.130 Petersen, Thusnelda Kuehl-. 1879-. 

Oswald, Eugene. Harro Harring, der Friese. Gltickstadt, 

The legend of fair Helen, as told by 1906. 48498^5 

Homer, Goethe, and others. A study. Phelps, Martha Bennett. 

London, 1905. Plate. 3008.70 Frances Slocum, the lost sister of Wyo- 

Owei|, Thomas McAdory. ming. New York, X905. Portraits. 

Emma Sansom [Johnson], an Alabama Plates. 4369.99Z 

heroine. Birmingham, 1904. 10 pp. = Contafau ge&ealogtcd notM. 

4443.300 Pinney, Maria Watson. 

Rdatei to Streight*! raid Into Alabama, in April, Richard Seymour, Hartford, X640. A paper. 

1863. [New Haven, 1905.] 34 pp. Plates. = 

Paterson, Arthur Henry. „ .. , „ __ 4434-4W 

The homes of Tennyson. Painted by ^^9^9^ ?^T^ X* ^ ._. ^. , 

Helen Allingham. Described by Arthur Adirondack Muiray. A biographical 

Paterson. London, 1905. Colored plates. |P^*^?**°"i, r *^ ^°* ^^^* ^ ^?' 

9i64.i7« •. Portraits. Plates. 4449a-a89 

Pennsylyania. ^^^ accadcnrfa Petivrca dl A^e»p. 

General Assembly * ^ accadcmia Petrarca di Arezzo a 

Memorial proceedings of the Senate ^I^u'llT ^l^litl^^ 

upon the death of Hon. Horatio B. ?4Vf f».?S«' ^' ^^^II 

Hackett, late senator from the Eighth r^m c J T^^mi^w!^^^^ T»^<i-Tn«/^^^ 

M^^riafp^^oceXs oTthe^n^^^^^ ^^^^ ^-^^ f^^^.] Portrait 

upon the death of Hon. John T. Har- ReppUer. Asnes ^^ 

n?cf°ul''!5 pf ««f ?' ^'''°' w * ^"i^^ 1° o«' convent days. Boston, 1905. 

District of Pennsylvania. Harnsburg, 4340«.3OS 

1906. 16 pp. Portrait = 4440-l74 Short akctcfaea of the antfaor'a lehool dayJ: 

Memorial proceedings of the Senate Renss, Eleonore, Prinzessin. 

upon the death of Hon. Alexander E. a pietist of the Napoleonic wars, and 

Patton, late a senator from the after. The life of Countess von Reden. 

Thirty-fourth District of Pennsyl- Authorised translation by Mrs. Charics 

yama. Harnsburg, 1906. 26 pp. Por- Edward Barrett-Lennard and M. W. 

trait = 4440.x 76 Hoper. New York, 1905. Portraits. 

Memorial proceedings of the Senate Plates 9a48.xa7 

upon the death of Edwin W. Smiley, Relatet'to the hiatofy of Sileiia. ^^ 

Utc Chief Clerk of the Senate of Ridpath. John Clark. 

Pennsylvania. Harnsburg, 1906. 20 pp. James Otis, the pre-Revolutionist The 

Portrait = 4440.x75 character of James Otis by Charies K. 

Proceedings to commemorate the pub- Edmunds, with an essay on the patriot 

he services of Matthew Stanley Qua;r. by G. Mercer Adam, together with ancc- 

[Harrisburg.] 1905. 29 pp. Portrait. dotes, characteristics, and chronology. 

4448.358 Milwaukee, X903. Illus. Portraits. Fac- 

Pennsylvaaia Society in the City of New similes. [Great Americans of history.] 

York. Bibliograpfaj, p. 164. 4349.284 

A dinner given in commemoration of the Robertson, John G. 

two hundredth anniversary of the birth Schiller after a century. Edinburgh, 1905. 

of Dr. Benjamin Franklin. New York, ^849.34 

1905. 6 nos. Portrait = ♦♦K.xx.53 Robins, Edward. 1862-. 

Containa the menu, liata of toaata and gaeata and William T. Sherman. Philadelphia, X905. 

other matter relating to the dinner. Portrait Map. [American crisis bioR- 

People's Institute, New York City. XtP,^^**! . « , ^S^^^S 

Memorial to William Henrjr Baldwin, Jr., B'^W.p'r* »• sss-sja. Rdmte. to TSTaTfl 
by the People's Institute, in cooperation 



Robiiiioii, William Callahan., x834-*' 
An address commemoratiTe of Francis 
Wayland, delivered before the Law 
School of Yale University, April aa, 1904. 
New Haven, 1904. 32 pp. = 444 5 .408 
Roch^lave, SamueL 
George Sand et sa fille d'apr^s lenr cor- 
respondance in^dite. 3e Edition. Paris. 
[1906.] 4649^37 

Rockwell, William Walker. 
Die Doppelehe des Landgrafen Philipp 
von Hessen. Marburg, 1904. 4845*88 
Phflipp's afcond wife wu Margvetha tou dcr 

Rod, Lonis fidouard. 
L'affaire J. J. Rousseau. Paris, 1906. Por- 
traits. a8fl8.x8 
Rogers, James Guinness. 182a-. 
An autobiography. London, 1903. Por- 
traits. Plates. Facsimile. 9545.X9X 
Roscoe, Sir Henry Enfield. 
Life and experiences. Written by himself. 
London, 1906. Portraits. Plates. 


Rote, John Holland. 1855*- 
Napoleonic studies. London, 1904. Plans. 

RothschOd, Alonzo. 
Lincoln, master of men. A study in char- 
acter. Boston, 1906. Portraits. 434^*^ 
BibUognphy, pp. 4J7-4961. 

Rowsell, Mary Catharine. 
The life-story of Charlotte de la Tr6- 
moille. Countess of Derby. London, 
1905. Portrait. 4544*904 

Containt an aeoount of Rnglish hiatory of the 
period, i6a6-i6sz. 

Snggles, Le Roy B. 
A few things recalled by the Franklin bi- 
centenary. [New York, 1906.] 11 pp. 
lUus. Portraits. Facsimile. **K.zz.5z 

Rnmbold, Sir Horace, Baronet x8a9-. 
Final recollections of a diplomatist Lon- 
don, 1905. 454d>Z79 
Diacaaaea the rdatloiia of Great Britain with 
Greece from 1885 till 1888, with Holland from 
x888 tiU 189^ and with Aastria from 1896 till 

Sadlier, Agnes. 
Elizabeth Seton, foundress of the Ameri- 
can Sisters of Charity; her life and 
work. New York. [1905.] Portraits. 
Plates. 3539-37 

Sanborn, Franklin Benjamin. 
John Brown and his friends. [Boston? 
1905?! 25 pp. = 4443.398 

Reprinted from The Granite Monthly [Per. 
Room (*443S*S4*3o)], and indnded in hia New 
Hampahire biography and autobiography 
[4443. J97I' 

Scott» Mary Monica Maxwell-. 
Joan of Arc. London, 1905. 36498.1x0 

The tragedy of Fotheringay. Founded on 
the journal of D. Bourffoing^ physician 
to Mary Queen of Scots, and on unpub- 
lished MSS. documents. New edition. 
Edinbur^, 1905* Portrait 4546-X7z 
Sadly, Everett Graham. 
The story of Robert £. Lee. Portland, 

Scully, Everett Graham. (Cfmtmiud.) 
1905. 32 pp. Illus. Portraits. = 

Deala principally with the period of the CML 

Steh€, Alphonse. 
fimile Faguet. Paris, 1904. 40 pp. Por- 
traits. Facsimile. Vignettes. [Les 
c6I6brit^s d'aujourdliui.] = 2648.33 

Sergeant, Philip Walsingham. 
The burlesque Napoleon. Being the story 
of the life and the kingship of Jerome 
Naooleon Bonaparte, youngest brother 
of Napoleon the Great London, 1905. 
Portraits. Plate. a65a.zz4 

Shelley, Percy Bysshe. 
With Shelley in Italy. Being a selection 
of the poems and letters . . • which 
have to do with his life in Italy. Se- 
lected by Anna Benneson McMahan. 

«t Sy^^S^^ ^^h ^^*^**- 4541.14s 

Sichel, Edith. 1862-. 

The life and letters of Alfred Ainger. 
New York, 1906. Portraits. 9543.200 
Sichel, Walter Sydney. 
Emma Lady Hamilton from new and origi- 
nal sources and documents. Second 
impression. London, 1905. Portraits. 
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of Major- 

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W illiam I^ Emperor of Germany. Autobiographies and other biographical worka prop- 

Kaiser Wilhelms des GrOSSen Briefe, ^^^ *® *>« 'ound under the name of the subject are 

Reden und Schriften. Ausgewahlt und ^^^^^ only in the foregoing list. The lives of 

erlautert von Ernst Bemer. I. bis 3. *^*»*» *"^ musicians may be looked for in the division 

Anflase. Berlin, 1906. 2 ▼. aiL |^,| « Fine Arts, subdivisions Artists and Music ; the lives of 

WUliamSy Frederic Cond6'. 1844-. characters conspicuous in reUgious history are grouped 

From journalist to judge. An autobi- *" *^* division Religion, subdivision Fathers of the 

. ography. Edinburgh, 1903. Portrait. Church, etc 


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. . . formerly Colonial Secretary of the Aingw, Alfred. SicheL as43.aoo 



AIcB^on, Dnehctte d*. Molloj. 

Alfrad, the Great. Aner. 

— Jeffery. 

AHofd, WilUuB. HittelL 

AncUule. Marqtdi de. Mendhcim. 






Anne Mary, Queen of Victor Amadciis I., of Sardinia, 

II., of Savoy. ViteflcwAL •744.»4 

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— Hetau 4874.8 
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Behr,H. H. CaUfomia Academy of Sdencea. 4497-35S 
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Betliam, Matilda. Betham. 4SS8.S07 
Bismarck. Cadogan. as48.xz8 

— LiUenthaL s84»a.xos 

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Capen Elmer H. Universalist Qub of Boston. 4443*a94 
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Cavonr, Conte de. Cadogan. as48.xx8 

^ZanichdlL •749a-39 

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Cummings, Amos J. United Stotes. Congress. 

Dare, Jeanne. Faweett 1849.197 

— Sqott •849«."0 
Davis, Cushman Kellogg. United Sutes. Congress. 

Davis, Jefferson. 
Dcfo«, DsnicL Wherry. 



DIsirie, Qoeea of Sweden and Norway. 

Dickens, Charles. Fitzgc^d. 

Disradi, Benjamin, Earl of Bcaeonsfield. 

Domct^ Alfred. Kenyon. 4553.88S ^1^9*470 

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Flavy, Guillaume de Champion. 1841.101 

Franklin, Benjamin. Choate ^*K.xz.5i 

— Foster. <^ 

— Franklin Business Association. *^K.i8.34 

— Pennsylvania Society. **K.xx.53 

— Ruggles. ^*K.xx.5x 

— Towle Manufacturing Company. **K.xz.50 

Frsdnlck WiDianw Elector of Bmdenborg. Pagla. 


Gambetta, L. M. Lavertqfon. 1841.100 

Garrick, David. Martin. 8a45*>7 

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Gilbert, Sir J. T. Gilbert 1543.X98 

Qoetiie, J. W. von. Band i. X799-X818. 

No. X in 4898.50.485 

Band s. 1819-X8S7. No. x in 4898.50.488 

Band 3. X838-X83J. No. 6 in 4898.50.468 

— Bidchowsky. 1841.100 

— Eckermann. 1848.119 
Goldsmith, Oliver. Kelly. S479*s*5 
Grant, U. S. Taussig. ^448s.5X.N.8.i 

— United Sutee Congren. ^^ieth'*.6o.7o 
QuthUn, Aloise, Abbd. LefAure 5557*98 
Hackett H. B. Penniylvania. General Asoembly. 

Hamilton, Alexander. Choate 4346.114 

— Ellie 4348**9> 

— Oliver. 1345.130 
Hamilton, Emma, Lady. SicheL 4547.108 
Harkncss, Dr. H. W. HittdL 3738.63 
Harper, H. A. King. . 4449*34X 
Harring, Harro P. Petersen. 48498.85 
Harrison, J. T. Pennsytvani^ General Assembly. 

Harriaoo, Thomas, Major-GeneraL SimpUnson. 


Harvard, John. John Harvard Memorial. a49s.x53 
Hedge, F. H. Lyon. 4448.358 

Helen, wife of Mendaus. Oswdd. 3008^70 

Henrietta Maria, Queen of Charles I. Taylor. 


Henry VIIL, of England. Hume 8541.81 

Hillegas, MichaeL Minnich. 4444.4a x 

Hoadlcy, Frauds H. Southworth. 4437* I93 

Hoar, SamueL Bar A asoc i a t ion. 7838.86 

— Hudson. ^4449a.a85 
Hobhouse, Sir Arthur, ist Baron Hob h ouse Hob- 
house and Hammond. 4547.111 

Hoffmann von Fallersleben, A. H. Gerstenberg. 

Hogg, Quintin. Hogg. 6541.84 

HohensoUem family. Liman. i835>65 



Inbtl n^ of Spaifl. HoUot. 
UhdU, Shdomo, RabbL Liber. 
JackaoB, Andrew. Bndy. 

— Coly«r. 

jMkMB, Jamei, M.D. pQtnmm. 
JcSerMm, Thomas. BIHt. 
John TV^ of PortncaL Vaseooccnoe. 
Johaaon. Emma. Owen. 
Joeaa, John Patd. BnelL 

— DaWa. 

KiB^ ImmattoeL Ifartlaa. 
Kfanhall, Moaca. Comainga. 
Khic Marquia Fayette. Goold. 
L afayetta, Marquis de. Whitman. 
Lamb, Charlca. Dcrooquicny. 
— Jcmld. 













oWUtmaa xo.8o 




r, Sidney. Mima. I349a.z45 

Lte, Henry, Jr. Morse. 1349.153 

Lsa, Robert E. ScaUy. o««m|1i''.5i.5zi.4 

— Wolaeley. o^j^g^ x^g 
Ltopardi, Glacomo, Conta. ChiarinL a749a.4S 
Ltopold II., of Belgium. Freddy. 4849a.87 
~~ MacDonnelL 4816.88 
Uacfatanateia Johannes .... Ffirst Ton. Criste. 

I J ncohi , Abraham. Crosby. 4346.137 

— Davia. 4S49.s64 

— Rothschnd. 4341.18 
^Winea. 434oa.z79 
IrfigaB, H a nn a h . Sttiith. 4349*177 
LoncfaOow, H. W. Goold. 4455.308 
Lenia IL of Bavaria. Molloy. 1143.81 
Looia XIV., of France. Pag^ 18x1.87 
^Vineena. ^^.ti,6io8.s 
Loais XVII., of Franoe, Persons alleged to be. Lanne. 

1699. X97 
Leoba da Savoia^ Dnchesse d'AngooUme. Fawcett. 

Lowell, J. R. Greenslet. 4349a.303 

Lyly, John. Wilaon. 1549.193 

MacBumay, Robert R. Doggett 554i.zx5 

McCaOoagfa, John E. Clark. 4343.16X 

Mac]>eiiald, George. Johnson. 1349.Z9X 

McFarlaad, Asa, D.D. McFarland. 4445.403 

McKinlay, William. SomerriUe. Mass. 7443.Z19 

McMiOask, Jamea. United Sutes. Congress. 

r, W. C MartiiL 614S.X7 

of Angonttma, Queen of NaTarre. Fawcett. 

Maria Luiaa Oabrtola da Saboya, Queen of Spain. 

Herpin. 3095.198 

Maria Tbareaa, Empreas of Germany. Zwiedineck- 

Suedenhorst. 6153.47 

Maria Caroline, Queen of Naplea. Bonnefona. S7Z7.S4 
Martin, Homer Dodge. Martin. 4086.X31 

Martinaau, James. Carpenter. 3554*xi3 

Marrell, Andrew. BirrelL 14591.16 

Mary, Queen of Soots. Henderson. 4548. X93 

— Maocnnn. 4543*X97 

— Millar. 4549a.ss7 

— SootL 4546.Z7X 
Maaimilian L, Emperor of Germany. Jansen. 38x4.81 

— Van Djkt, 1307.88 
Mashiiillan I., Emperor of Mezica Molloy. 1143.8X 
Milton, John. Jenlts. 1549.96 
Molitea. Trollope. 4643.79 

Miehd EL diL Dowden. i649a.xoi 

Motttalembert, Comte de. Leeanuet 


— Lef^ure. 


Montpensier, Duchesse de. Vincens. 


Moors, Count Arthur John. Barry. 


Murray. W. H. H. Radford. 


Napoleon I. Beame. 


— Bonnefona. 


— Browning. 


— Holshausen. 


— Lens. 


— MoursTit. 


— Rose. 


Napoleon II. Werthdmer. 


Napoleon III. Cadogan. 

1146.x x6 

— MoUoy. 


Naundorff, C W. Lanne. 


Necsima, Joseph H. Davia. 


Nelson, Horatio, Lord. Baring-Gould. 


— Holme. 


— Victorian Club of Boston. 


O'Connell, Daniel. Macdonsgh. 


Otis, James. Ridpath. 


Pamell, C S. Dickinson. 


Parsons, S. H. Hall. 


Pater, Walter H. Benson. 


Patton, A. E. PennsylTsnia. General Assembly. 


Petrarea, Franceaeo. Reale ■^Hirmii 

k Petrarea di 

Areszo. 1803.13 

Philipp I., Landgraf Ton Hessen. RockwelL 4845.88 
Pitt, William, the Younger. Whibley. 1545.X95 

Pius II. (Enea SOvio de' Piccolomini), Pope. MeuseL 

Pisarro, Francisco. Ober. 33x9.101 

Presidents of the United Sutaa. Johnson, ssxx.70.30 

•—Marquis. •1xx.70.1x 

— Wise. 


Quay, Matthew S. PennsylTsnia. General Assembly. 

Rachel (£lisabeth Rachel F^lix). Martin. 6345.X7 
Raimund, Ferdinand. Boemer. 4896.50.474 

Rik6csy, Ferencz II. Prince of Transylyania. Horn. 

Randolph, John, of Roanoke Dabn^. 4349.190 

RashL Liber. 1199.91 

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Rsden, Johanna Juliana Friedrike, Graefin von. Reuss. 

Reed, Walter, M.D. McCaw. 4446.361 

Rente of Franca, Ducheas of Ferrara. Fawcett 


Revere, PauL Gettemy. 1349.X47 

Rio, Francois. Lef^bure. 5557.96 

Rockefeller, John D. Brown. 43493.307 

Rossetti, Dante Gabriel Benson. 14591.17 

Rousseau, J. J. BrMii 3643.304 

— Rod. 3838.X8 
Russell, C A. United Sutes. Congress. O4440.X7X 
Sand, George. Rocheblave. 4649a.37 
Schiller, J. C F. von. Carua. a873.x5o 

— Chicago's SchiUer-Gedenkfeier. 3878.308 

— Kuehnemann. 3878.303 

— Robertson. 


— Znr ersten Jahrhundertfder von [Schiller]. 


Schopanhanar, Arthur. Moebiua. 3903.43.4 

Schwachanberg. Henrietta Ton. Gerstenberg. s849a.xo8 

Scott, Dorothy. Woodbury. I349a.x5x 

Scott, Sir Walter. Lang. 3547.184 

Seton. ElUabeth A. B. Sadlier. 8539.37 

Sewall, W. J. United Sutes. Congress. o^^^^ ly. 



Sejmonr, Richard. Vinaef. 4434-4^ 

Shelley, P. B. Slicer. •a$43.»«7 

Sherman, General W. T. Ketm. 

4S4X.eo5; *"90tfa''.50*8>9*4 

— Robins. 4S4».a7« 
Sidgwick. Henry. Stdgwick. 4544-914 
Slocnm. Frances. Phelps. 4s6s.aax 
Smiley. E. W. Pennsylvania. General Assembly. 

Smith, Captain John. Bradley. 454S-I5* 

Socrates. Forbes. $5S7««oo 

Southey, Sir Richard. WUmot a54S-X99 

Spencer, Herbert. Thomson. 4547'a>8 

Stanley, Charlotte, Countess of Derby. Rowsell. 

Stein, H. F. C, Reichsfreiherr vom and anm. Leh- 
mann. a«4«.io« 

Sterenson, Robert Louis. Chesterton and NicoU. 


— Johnstone. 4547. «5« 
Stockmar, C F., Baron von. Martin. 6a45*>7 
TchaikovsU, Petr Il'itch. TchaikovskL 4047-aS9 
Tennyson, Alfred, Baron Tennyson. Paterson. 

3464.x 75 
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United Sutes Government should pro- ^^^ pwi4«u„«. ^ 

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The wl?o^' irf^^.n^fr^ia the earliest «-"-• ^^-^-^^- ^'"'"'''''^IT'i^ 

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^TSTriih of By^^^^ Peter, the Parish ^^ iH-tration., portrait. «d plate, are can- 

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34 Misroty 

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Houses and homes. — The casualities of life. — 
The three public vocations. — Dress and diet. — 
Recreations and amusements. — Colonial litern- 
ture. — The Colonial press. — The fine arts. — 
Philanthropy and disease. — Common school edu- 
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Religious influences. — Libraries and duba. — 
Industrial pursuits. — Provincial politica. — 
Symptoms of independence. 

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i%L««t-« T^. rii^. i^i gr,x^.i^LL»L ^^^' for thirty years state quarantme 

Can^Mign. Terrttonal Sxpanston. surgeon for the port of Wilmington. 

For ceruin other recot work, oa the Philippine. ?,^?*^P^'*' ^- ^' f '^1 ^^ ^^^J""^' 

M. .K«MMi ««.^<^ rw>Mm^. «. •« ^^ trait. 4470.244 

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To UdckAdTs plain people. Facts regarding tTt'oT^cSo/' p,^« ,«^. tii,.. im 

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*** -^^v Relate, to the aeography vid colonial hiHory of 


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furnish no support to the Whitman 

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VoL I hat the same contents as the CoUeetiona 

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Cofilmli. — I. William Blaxton. By Thomas C 
Amory. — Abel Bowen. By William H. WUt- 
more. — Changes of ralues in real estate in Boa- 
ton the past one hundred years. By Alexander S. 
Porter, a. A very old comer of Boston. By 
James Frothingham HunnewelL — Jean Lefebrre 
de Cheverus. By Francis Hurtubis, Jr. — Bos- 
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Celebration ofTe two hundred sixty- „.„^:^*°?f '^^ ^"\^- = ^35i.8x 
ninth birthday of Concord . . . Septem- Httiovcr. New Hampshire 
ber the twelfth, 1904. Report of the Records, 1761-1818. The records of the 
eighteenth annivers^y of the Concord t<>^« meetings, and of the Se ectmen 
Antiquarian Society, with address by comprising all of the first volume of 
Mr. P. K. Walcott together with a list records and being Volume i of the 
of members. [Concord.] 1904. 30 pp. printed records of the Town. Printed 
^ *2353 138 under the direction of Herbert Darling 
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Part 2 is devoted to gene.logic. ♦4436^77 ^^T- ^^^^"^^^^^ proceedings of the Sol- 
Pn**:^ T t. T diers Monument at Chester, New 

w^* -^ /"J^T!' * Tur ,-.^. . Hampshire. August 22. 1904. fNew 

History of Ncwbunjprt, Mass. 17^^^ York] ws. Portraits. Plates. Fac- 

^r^2i.^' "^"^- ^7SlSi Ho.r ^^aeor« Lincoln ^""'''^'^ 

^"'Tood^'^r ^""^ J^^°' ^"'""' ""r histSrTclf sk^^^^^^^^^^^^ the town of Deer 

The history of the Town of Lynde- ^'^1' ^V" '^^^^ ?.''*'*'5'^^^^^^^^ 

borough, New Hampshire, 1735-1905. and early inhabitants. Boston. [1905.] 

fBostSn!] 1906. 2 V. Portraits Plates. , ^ap. •2339^7 

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The town of Roxbury, its memorable per. ^ ^903.] 85 pp. Plate 443S.a64 

sons and places, its history and antiqui- Massachusetta. General Court 

ties. Boston. 1905. Illus. Portraits. ... The Committee on Libraries, to whom 

Map. = ♦635oa.4i=»*G.293.x ^^^ referred the petition of Prentiss 

Jamaica Plam and West Roxbury are included in CummingS for legislation relative tO a 

this work. memorial of the Chevalier de St. Sau- 
Bella, James, UniUrian Minister. y««r ; • -who was killed in an affray in 
An address in recognition of six tablets the streets of Boston m • • • I778, re- 
erected to do honor to Henry Vane. Port . . . [Boston, Mass.. 1905.] 24 pp. 
Anne Hutchinson, John Leverett. Si- -. jTT , ^^ 2350.75 
mon Bradstreet. Anne Bradstreet. John Mcoiora, Mass. , *. *• e.t. . 
Endecott; given in the First Church in ^"^"5^*"lfi^^ ^j *^^ "l^^5^A\?" ""^ ^^"^ ^'^'^ 
Boston on Forefathers' Day. December ^f't^^^'^ ,f^J^ ^^rfL'^'ll}t a'^VV'"''^ 
21st, 1904. rBoston, 1904-I 32 pp. = 2^ the settlement of Medford. Prefaced 
xaL, xy^^ I** ^wt, *v«*»-i J Jl^lgjcg by a brief history of the town and City, 

Emerson. William Andrew, compiler. *^yj?^5 ^- ^^^^V: f^edford, Mass., 

Worcester legends, incidents, anecdotes, 1906.] Portraits. Plates. Maps. ♦4451.161 

reminiscences, etc., connected with the Medford Mercury. 

early history of Worcester, Mass., and Medford, past and present. 27.'>th anni- 

vicinity. Corrected by Franklin P. Rice. versary. June. 1905. FMedfordJ I90«;. 

[Worcester.] 1905. 61 pp. Illus. Map. Ulus. Portraits. Map. ♦44Sx.i53 

Facsimiles. 4459a<a35 New Salem, Massachusetts. 

Ptftietfa anniversary souvenir programme. The New Salem Sesqui-Centennial. Re- 

1852-1902. Town of Swampscott, Mas- Port of the addresses and proceedings of 

sachusctts. [Lynn, 1902.] 24 pp. Illus. the celebration of the isoth anniversary 

Portraits. = 445X.X57 of the incorporation of the town . . . 

Contaia* a' biographical sketch of Eben B. PMl- Aug. 20th, 1903. Athol, 1904. 77 PP. 

Illus. = S355*X43 



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book. Northampton. [1904.I IHus. Por- Cambridge, 1906. 2 v. Plates. Maps, 
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Noyes, Isaac Pitman. CoHUnts. — z. NamtlYCb a. Gcnetlogiea. 
Reminiscences of Rhode Island and ye Street, George Edward. 
Providence Plantations. [Washington, Mount Desert: a history. Edited by Sam- 
^,,1905.1 47 pp.. ^ , , 4479.3x9 uel A. Eliot Boston, 1905. Portraits. 
Old York Historical and Improvement So- Plates. Maps. Facsimiles. 4435.352 
ciety. Todd, Charles Burr. 1849-. 
Two hundred and fiftieth anniversary. In olde Connecticut. Being a record of 
Gorgeana — York, 1652-1902. York, (luaint, curious and romantic happen- 
Maine, 1904. Portraits. Plates. ^4435258 ings there in colonic times and later. 
Palmer, Charles James. New York. [1906. The Grafton histori- 
History of Lanesborough, Massachusetts. cal series.] 4439.^ 
Part I. [Lanesborough, 1905.I Por- [Various drcmara, etc. relating to the State 
traits. Plates. *4453.Z57 ^nd municipal elections of 1905 in Bos- 
Palmer, Wilson. 1833-. * ton, Mass. Boston, Mass., 1905.] Scrap- 
Reminiscences of Candia [N. H.]. Cam- book. = *6450.28 
bridge, 1905. Portraits. Plates. 4436.270 W., J. 
Paltsits, victor Hugo. Letter from New-England concerning 
The depredation at Pemaquid, in August, their customs, manners and religion. 
1689, and events that led up to it. Port- Written upon occasion of a report about 
land, Maine, 1905. 16 pp. = ^4435.262 a quo warranto brought against that 
One of An edition of xoo copies. government. London, 1682. [Boston, 
Parkman, Henry, and others. Committee. iQOS-l I3 PP. Plate. = ♦♦H.89.X5 
[Circular with Republican ballots urging ^ fkcdmile reprint Forty-fire oopiet printed to 
attendance at the Primary in Ward iUuttrate m talk on ■octol life in Boston tt the 
Eleven and voting for the list of dele- «*®^ <>' *>»« eerenteenth centnry, Norcmber sa, 

S sites printed first on the ballot, etc.] ^9os> 

oston, 1905. 3 broadsides. = 4226.222 Ward, Nathaniel. 1578-1652. 

Peck, Epaphroditus. The simple cobler of Aggawam in Amer- 

Burlington, Connecticut. Historical ad- ica. By Theodore de la Guard [pseud.] 

dress delivered at the centennial cele- . . . 4th edition^ with some amendments 

bration, on June 16, 1906. Bristol, Conn. . . . London, 1047. [Salem, Mass., 1906. 

[1906.] 38 pp. lUus. 4439-300 Ipswich Historical Society.] ^2404.38 

General authorities and footnotes, ppb 3S» S6w Waters, Thomas Franklin. 

Richman, Irving Berdine. Ipswich in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. 

Rhode Island. A study in separatism. Jpswich, Mass., 1905. Portrait. Plates. 

Boston, 190S. Map. [American com- Maps. Facsimiles. [Ipswich Histoncal 

monwealths.1 4338.157 w-^SSS^^-'iiir i?- * n ^^S^-'Qi 

BiMJnirrmoiiir on. ««i-«8( Westfield, Mass. First Congregational 

Bibliography, pp. 3S1-385. Church. Home Fund Society. 

Salem, Maine. Westfield historical calendar, 1906. [ West- 

Our first Old Home Day, at Salem, Maine, €{^\a tqoc i tii„- * ♦^«m tIM 

August I7th. 1904. Boston, 1905. lUus Westoi Themis. ^i^^^^^^ ^^''" 

at. -5<^^^^***s- , ri ^"lA ur ^^5.a56 History of Middlehoro, Massachusetts. 

Shddon, George, of Deerfield.l^ss^ Bost^. 1906. Illus. i>ortraits. Maps. 

Half century at the Bay, 1636-1686. He- Facsimilci?^ •4456.177 

redity and early environment of John ^^* " 

Williams, "the redeemed captive.*' Bos- 

(^n^^ genealogical notes. The evente cJltre Fllie AftS* Afcfaaeology* 

in Roxbory* 

Society of Middletown Upper Houses. Antiquities. 

Cromwell, Conn. 

[Lists of officers and contributors, state- See alio under the dhrialon Sdeae^ n^b-dMsloa 

ment of the objects of the Society, etc. Anthropology, Ethnology, p, ta$, 

Middletown? 1905. 1 8 pp. Illus. = 

4439*9J)3 Balch, Edwin Swift 

Reunion . . . and dedication of memorial The Roman camp Saalburg near Bad 

to founders, fathers and pastors, . . . Homburg vor der Hoehe, Germany. 

July 19th, 1905. Cromwell. [1905.I 12 World's Exhibition, St Louis, 1904. 

pp. Portraits. Plate. = 4439-a96 [Homburg.] 1904. 8 pp. Illus. Maps. 

The Society . . . cordially invites your at- Plans. = 9833.61 

tendance at Cromwell, on July 19, 1905, Blias, Frederick Jones. 1859^-. 

to assist in the dedication of a lasting The development of Palestine exploration: 

memorial to founders, fathers, pastors. being the Ely Lectures for 1903. New 

[Middletown? 1905.I 8 pp. Illus. Por- York, 1906. 304B.979 

traits. = 4439*995 ToQchea on the explorers of Syria. 


British Ardueological Aaaodatioii. Kroll, Wilhelm, editor. (CanHnmd.) 

list of associates, January ist, 1905. [Lon- 1900 im Verein mit mehreren Fachge- 

don, 1905.] 22 pp. = ^539*59 nossen bearbeitet Leipzig:, 1905. 

British Museum. Department of British *6z79.5aza4 

and Mediaeval Antiquities and Eth- Lang, Andrew. 1844- 

noRraphy. The Clyde mystery: a study in forgeries 

Franks bequest The treasure of the and folklore. Glasgow, 1905. Plates. 

Oxus, with other objects from ancient 9926.70 

Persia and India, bequeathed to the . . . Rdatei to the to-edled frmudiaait aatiqiiitlet 

Museum by Sir Aunstus Wollaston 'o"*^ ^ *!>« ^^ of the Clyde between 1896 tad 

Franks. By O. M. Dalton. London, »»®*- 

X905. Illus. 29 plates. Map. 8021.42 Maciver, David Randall-. 

Brown, Gerard Baldwin. 1849-. Mediaeval Rhodesia. London, 1906. Plates. 

The care of ancient monuments. An ac- Plans. $05x^34 

count of the legislative and other meas- May, Thomas, F.E.L, F.S.A.. Scot 

nres adopted in European countries for Warrington's Roman remains. The Ro- 

protecting ancient monuments and ob- man fortifications, potters' kilns, iron 

jects and scenes of natural beauty, and and glass furnaces, and bronze founders' 

for preserving the aspect of historical and enamellers' workshop discovered at 

cities. Cambridge, 1905. 2238.59 Wilderspool and Stockton Heath, near 

General bibliosraphj* d) p> Warrington. Warrington, 1904. 93 pp. 

BuUtchov, N. -, Ill«8- Plans. 243x32 

Fouilles de la Russie centrale. Kourgans "??"• MabeL ^ ^ . . 

ct gorodietz. Recherches arch6olo- Carthage of the Phoenicians, m the light 

giques sur la ligne de partasre des eaux $* modern excavation. New York, 1905. 

de la Volga et du Dnieper. MoCBBa, x9oa Tur,>ri;i ?;.«.,•- a 3058^5 

91pp. Iliu. colored plates. Map. "t^f^^JS^ Schdologiaue.. leur but et 

CaSnch, George. '*"" P'oc^^*'- P"". ipod 90 pp. 

Handbook of EngUsh antiquities, for the i/f„__„ Marirar»* A aaaS** 

collector and the student Lon<fon 1905. Th?'b"re'Si at Abydos. With sections 

iLlS^Delphes ex.cut*es aux frais du ^^ ^ M P^" 37^^^ !l*S^l 

sr^ii?p%Te"k?«oii " To"«i'if; firi! *•- '-"-^ -~-*- ^^ ^-s,S 

Tome IV, fasc. I. Tome V, fasc. I. Paris. Newberry Percy E 3050^20 

1902^ 112 plates. ^ •Cab^.22.3 Egyptian antiquities: scarabs. An intro- 

EoT)t. Service des antiquit6s. . ^ ^ duction to the study of Egyptian seals 

Annales. [Publics sous la direction de G. and signet rings. London, 1906. Illus 

Maspero.1 Le Caire, 1900-1904. 5 v. 44 plates. rUniversity of Liverpool. 

Illus, Plans. Maps. ♦30508.193 Institute of Archaeology.] ♦30M.224 

Fokfcer, M. Pctrie, William Matthew Flinders. * ^ ^ 

Procve van eene lijst bevattende de vroe- Researches in Sinai. With chapters by 

Rere namen der huizen in Middelburg. C. T. Currelly. New York, ipooT Plates. 

Middelburg. 1904. = 2882.67 Maps. Plans. *3043.237 

Htfrison, Jane Ellen, .^ ^ w t^u Rathgen, Friedrich. 

Pnmitive Athens, as described by Thu- The preservation of antiquities: a hand- 

cydides. Cambridge, 1906. Illus. I^ps. book for curators. Translated by GeorRe 

Bibliog^phy, pp. 16*^x63. bridfirc. 190S. Illus. 807Qa.3Z5 

HoDeanz, Maurice. Literature, pp. xOi, xIt. The original Gorman 

Rapport sur les travaux ex^cut^s dans Tile it on ahelf-number 8o79a.3i& 

de Dilos par I'ficole fran^aise d'Athines Rivcla, Antonio, and H. v. PcmuIL 

gjndant2ann6e 1905. Pans, 1905. 24 pp. The dead cities of Sicily. A guide-book to 

Plates^ — r' 1 t? • -I • u 3074-iai the remains of ancient art in the island. 

^S2*^ Chnstian Cari Friedrich. Palermo. 1905. Illus. Plans. 4735.15 

The Roman foivm: its history and its Rivers, Augustus Henry Lane Fox-Pitt-: 

monuments. ^ Translated from the 2nd Antique works of art from Benin. [Lon- 

German edition by Jesse Benedict Car- don.] 1900. Plates. •305x^28 

ten Rome, 19^. Illus. Plans. 27398.75 Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland 

Ku^fxnaim, Cari Fnednch, Programme of the Ulster Meeting . . . 

Romisch-germanische Forschung. Theo- July, 1905. [Belfast? 1905.] 14 pp. = 

dor Mommsen zum Gedachtnis. Kiel, '^330562 

1904. 22 pp. = 2832.65 United States. General Land Office. 

Rdatea to German and Roman antiqtiltica in Circular relating to historic and prehis- 

toric ruins of the Southwest and their 

Krdll« Wtlhelm, editor. 1869-. preservation. fBy Edgar L. Hewett A 

Die Altertumswissenschaft im letzten new edition.] Washington, 1904. 19 pp. 

Vierteljahrhundert Eine Vbersicht iiber Plates. Map. = 4384.29 

ihre Entwicklung in der Zeit von 1875- BlbUognphj, pp. 17-19. 


UniTenit6 de Lidge. Doering, Oscar. 

Note on the teaching of art and archeol- Braunschweig. Leipzig, 1905. Illns. For- 

ogy in the Belgian universities. [Brux- traits. [Beruehmte Kunststatten.] 

elles. 1904-I 10 pp. [Saint Louis, Mis- LUtntar, pp. 131, zja 4074^33^ 

souri. Louisiana Purchase Exposition, Ecghcn. P. van, and Johan PhiHppe van der 

1904. Belfinum,! ^ 3597-385 Kellen. 

University of Pcnnsylvwua. Dei^rtmeiit of jjet werk van Jan en Caspar Luykcn. 

n^t. Archaeolpgy. Babylonian Expedition. Amsterdam. 1905. 2 v. Portraits. Plates. 

The Babylonian expedition of the Univer- "^'^ ^8063.187 

sity of Pennsylvania. Series D: Re- The Luykena were mtutnton of booki. 

searches and treatises. Edited by H JT. Erakinc, Beatrice Caroline. 

HilprechL Vol i. Philadelphia, 1904. Beautiful women in history & art London, 

Illus. Maps. Plans. •3043^32 ^^^ Portraits. Plate. •8071.173 

Ctmitnis. — X. The exemTatkma in AMjma and Pranklin, Alfred Louis Auguste. 

Babylonim. By H. V. Hilprecht. Dictionnaire historique des arts, metiers 

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photographs during the excavations of le ije siecle. Paris, 1906. Illus. •4031.16 

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descriptive text by Clarence S. Fisher. Das alteste gestochene deutsche Karten- 

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[1905.1 Colored plates. 4078.339 

Fine Arts. General Works. Illus- ^. •«»™"* ^' *^ "*^«^ fcaturet of umbriu 

trated Books, niumination. Kind and Kunst Illustrierte Monatsschrift 

fur die Pflege der Kunst im Leben des 

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12 pp. [3™« Congrcs international dc 4x08.88 

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Capart, Jean. «, , , Art lovers' treasury. Famous pictures 

Primitive art in Egypt Translated from described in poems . . . [The] pictures 

the revised and augmented original edi- accompanied by poems of noted writers, 

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^ "^^^^h, . « 4074^14 Boston. [1905.1 Plates. 4079a.3o6 

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«, . . ^ o 4075«a67 [Announcement,] 1902/03, 1904/05. [Chi- 

D^o, Georg. 1050-. TT J , cago, 1902, 04. 1 Vignette. = •4029*a70 

Handbuch der deutschen Kunstdenk- The issue for 1904/05 contains a bibliograpLy of 

maler. Im Auftrage des Tages fur municipal art. 

Denkmalpflege. Band i. Beriin, 1905. New York, City, Art Commission. 

r. £?*!?' XT s. -11^ u ^ ^,4079.335 Annual report, 1902-05. [New York, 1902- 

Deutsche Kunst und Dekoration. Illustnrte 05.I = *4077l334 

Monatshefte zur Forderung deutscher Notfanagel, A ' 

Kunst und Formensprache. [Heraus- Vernunft und Mode in der Kunst Leip- 

gegeben von Alexander Koch. J Band jig 1905 4077336 

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traits. ♦4071.294 Rehquia. [Public par Frederic Passy.l 

Some of the plates are colored. Paris, 1905. Illus. Portrait. 4074.400 


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mons art critics.] 4074.3x1 Portraits. Colored plates. Facsimiles. 

The German edition is on shelf-number 4074.346. *8o63.l64 

Pcnnsylvama Academy of the Fine Arts, List of books, etc., illustrated wholly or in part 

Philadelphia. Schools. by Kstc Greenaway, pp. S85-S89. 

[Circular] 1904/05. [Philadelphia, 1904.] Sturgis, Russell, Jr. 
= *8o79.a55 a study of the artist's way of working in 
Pepper, Charles Hovey. the various handicrafts and arts of de- 
Japanese prints. Boston. [1905.] ^9 PP. sign. New York, 1905. 2 v. Illus. Por- 
Colored plates. 8065.180 traits. Facsimiles. 4073.^79 
Phmppi, Adolf. 1843-. Tei-San. 
Florence. Translated from the German Notes sur Tart japonais. La peinture et 
by P. G. Konody. London, 1905. Illus. la gravure. 2e edition. Paris, 1905. 
Portraits. [Famous art critics.] 4074*3X3 4079*332 
The German edition is on shelf-number 4074.364. Valton Edmond. 

PoweiB, Harry Huntington, 1859- , and Les monstres dans I'art: etres humains et 

Louise M. Powe. animaux, bas-reliefs, rinceaux, fleurons, 

Outlines for the study of art. Vol. 2. To etc. Paris. [1905.] Illus. [Biblio- 

accompany a collection of reproduc- th^que des arts appliques aus metiers.] 

tions of later Italian art. Boston, 1905. 4078.347 

Portrait = 407B.345 Zabel, Eugen. 1851- 

The collection of reproductions has not been St. Petersburg. Leipzig, 1905. Illus. Por- 
pnblished. traits. Plates. [Beriihmte Kunststatten. 
Qoinn, P. E. No. 32.] 4074-33z 
The art reader. Prepared for supplemen- 
tary reading in schools, with illustra- 
tions of some of the masterpieces of ^Esthetics. Criticism. Style, 
paintmg, sculpture, and architecture. 
Boston, 1905. Plates. 4077.33a Stimson, John Ward. 

^^^JJ^^T^^' ^M' ' . 1 .1.. The gate beautiful: being principles and 

Die Nuraberger Miniaturmalerei bis 1515. methods in vital art education. Tren- 

fS^n'^' J?"^' diLS?n %.Fn^f^^' ton, 1903. Illus. 4072.155 

[Studien zur deutschen Kunstge- witasek, Stephan. 1870-. 

schichte.] ^ ^ ^ ^ .^ ^ „f®^37a Grundzuge der allgemeinen Asthetik. 

Verxeichnis der Handschriften and Miniaturenp Leipzig 1004. 4077.328 
pp. 7^8. 

R6e, Paul Johannes. 

Nuremberg and its art to the end of the Architecture. Building. 

i8th century. Translated from the Ger- *xa^ii*i.i?vi.u*c. j^uuuutg. 

man by G. H Palmer. London, 1905. por works on Building Material see under division 

Illus. Portraits. [Famous art cities. Useful Arts, subdivision Engineering, p. I9S. 

No. 3.1 4074-312 

The German edition is on shelf-number 4074.247. ... *.«^ •« -^ * ,. , 

-D^Um 'U7:ii.»i^ ,Q^^i Architecte, L . Revue mensuelle. Pubhee 

"^ N^ap^AIn I. Sfei^. 1905. Illus. Por- t%7tei'li^^^^^^^ }| ^^^1^^^ 

traits. [Beriihmte Kunststatten^ Nn lVn!\^'tZt!ord. ^^^ 

Q^fc^K-^ w«,,^ 4074.328 Guadet, J. L. Pascal, L. Bonnier, M. A. 

n^^V^^-^^Sla T>,..^-.o.. c* K Yvon & G. Morice. Vol. i, no. i. Paris. 

Die SchlanRe des Paradieses. Strassburs:. ,^ lu^g *409q.3xo 

l^^\.'V\..fu^A\ ^5xT ^iS'*^'; Architectural Record Co. *^^ ^ 

?^^L*^ "^^"^ Auslandes^ 31.I 8081.144 "The book of catalogues." "Sweet's" in- 

I^teraturrerzeichnis. pp. 36-39. dexed catalogue of building construc- 

^^^^,.^^i5- Ji^^^? ^?,^^*\ fConducted by tion for 1906. New York, 1906. Illus. 

Ehzabcth Luther Gary.] Vol. i, no. 1-3. Diagrams. ♦4090.185 

Seof^fllLr^ann ^'^^'^ ' ♦8065.200 Ashby, Thomas. Junior, 

miiographie der bayerischen Kunstge- ^^h'^fn'^^n^jr^S^ ^P"'*" 

schichte bis Ende 1905. Strassburg. t^'1& ,^^"^^S^^^^ 

1906. [Studien zur deitschen Kunstge- .V°«^?g' . ^4 lUus. Plans. Facsim- 

schichte.] ♦4074.379 *^^«- [British School at Rome. Papers.] 

Seyffert. Oskar 1841- '2732.25.2 

Von der Wie'ge bis zum Grabe. Kin Bei- Associazione artistica fra i cultori di archi- 

trag zur sachsischen Volkskunst im ^ tettura m Roma. . . 

Auftrag des Vereins fur sachsische Catalogo della Esposizione fotografica nel 

Volkskunde herausgegeben. Wien. Palazzetto Le Roy, detto La Farnesina 

I190S?] 8 pp. Illus. 72 plates in port- ai Baullari. [Aprile, 1905.] Roma. 1905. 

foUo. 40744x8 16 pp. Illus. = 4094.149 

Some of the pistes sre colored. The photographs are of architecture. 


Bandot, Joseph Ettflr&ne Anatole de. and A. Edinburgh Architectural Association. (Con- 

Perramt-Dabot, editors. imued.) 

Les cath^drales de France. Fasc i. Paris. year. Edinburgh, 1905. Plates. Plans. 

[1869.1 25 plates. *Cab.6az57.a *4094.x3 

Bernard, John Henry. Bibliography of publications oa architectural re- 

The Cathedral Church of Saint Patrick. finementa, pp. 147, 148. 

A history & description . . . London, Containa material on vertical currea. 

1903. Illus. Portrait [Bell's Cathe- Field, Horace, Architect, and Michael Bnn- 
dral series.] 4x09.66 ney. 
BlomHeld, Reginald Theodore. English domestic architecture of the XVII. 
Studies in architecture. London, 1905. and XVIII. centuries. A selection of 
Illus. Portrait. Plans. 4095*i^ examples of smaller buildings, measured. 
Contents, — Byiantium or Lombardy. — Andrea drawn and photographed, with an intro- 
PaUadio. — The architect of Newgate. — A hun- duction and notes. London, 190S. 138 
dred yeara of the French Renaiasance. — Phili- plates. *4090a.ZI9 
bert de TOnne. — The Italiana at Fontaindl>lean. Foro, Frederick Luther. 
Bond, Francis. The grouping of public buildings. Con- 
Gothic architecture in England. London, necticut's opportunity. The State Cap- 
1901;. Illus. Plans. *4Z04^z itol at Hartford to be the center of a 
BibOosraphy, pp. Tiii-ziL conspicuous group of public buildinRS. 
Boston Architectural Clnb. Hartford. [1905 ?] 12 pp. Plates. 
Catalogue of [its] exhibition, 1906, at the Plans. = 4095.154 
Boston Public Library . . . [Boston, Gilbert, George, of London. 
1906.] Plates. Plans. = 4093.80 Cathedral cities of England. Illustrated 
Brickbuilder, The, an architectural monthly. by W. W. Collins. New York, 1905. 
The Baltimore fire, a record of achieve- Colored plates. ^4107.59 
ment Vol 13, extra edition to no. 3. Glade, Alfredo F. 

Boston, 1904. 53 pp. Illus. Plans. Proyecto de una estaci6n de segunda clase. 

On fire-proof eonatniction. 409az8z 1903. La Plata, 1904. 25 pp. Plans. 

The library competition. Vol. 13, extra [Uniyersidad de La Plata. Facultad de 

edition to no. i. Boston, 1904. S3 PP. ^ ciencias fisico-matemiticas.] = 4093'ea 

Plates. Plans. 4090.Z80 Gona41e«, C4rlos. 

Moat of the paga are platca. Proyecto de puente de mampostena. 1903* 

Browne, Edith A. La Plata, 1904. 41 PP. Plans. [Univer- 

Great buildings, and how to enjoy them. sidad de La Plata. Facultad de ciencias 

Gothic architecture. London, 1906. fisico-matemiticas.] = 40za.z27 

Plates. Plans. 4097.Z62 Goodyear, William Henry. 

Calvert, Albert Frederic Architectural refinements exhibition. 

The Alhambra. London, 1904. Illus. Plans. Edinburgh, September-November, 1905. 

Some of the platea are colored. ^4094.143 A reply to the article in The Builder of 

Moorish remains in Spain: with a particu- September 23, entitled "The glamour of 

lar account of the Mohammedan archi- crooked building." [Edinburgh.] 1905. 

tecture and decoration in Cordova, Se- 27 pp. = 409448 

ville & Toledo. London, 1906. Plates. On vertical ciinrea. The article referied to ia on 

Plans. *4093.z69 ahelf-nnmber *4io4.aoi.89. BfhUographjr, p. a/. 

Many of the platea are colored. Harvey, W. Alexander. 

Cornea, James. The model village and its cottages: 

Modern housing in town and country illus- Bournville. London, Z906. 80 pp. Illus. 

trated by examples of municipal and Plans. 

other schemes of block dwellings, tene- Hubert, Maurice. 

ment houses, model cotUges and vil- On the Hudson. Hommage classique aux 

lages . . . London, 190S. I^us- Plans. maitrcs de la Renaissance fran^aise. Al- 

^ ^ , , A , •8o9z.za7 bum illustr6 et descriptif des travaux 

Cram, Ralph Adams. , « ., . ^, ... [New York, 1905.] 2 ff. 48 plates 

The rumed abbeys of Great Britain. New and facsimiles. = 409oa.zz3 

^ V'^}t J^?^^'^ wJ?.*"- ^ xj *V*^-?3 The reaidence of Chaa. M. Schwab. 

Cranfieli^Sydney White, and Henry Ingle ^j.^^^ ^^urches of America: their ro- 

Houses for the working classes. Com- '"*'' ww^"^ ^^!'i?'^iiltV''T:..^L'^ 

prising S3 typical and improved plans ' ' " „^tn, lu horit ea Ph?^adifnhf^ 

. . . also introductory and descriptive r?S2?i <, v Tll,« ' Pnrfr^ la S^o^ 

text, general notes on planning . . 7 &c. [f^J} ^ ""' ^""*- iShV,^ .J 

... 2d edition, enlarged. London, 1904. „ /™****-a,v * 'Cab-eazs^ 

41 pp. 26 plates. •8zooa.33 "5!jm*nn.,^l'V**'ST c^..**-^^ .^^ m 

Edinburgh Architectural Aaaodation. Dcnkmaler I., II. Stuttgart, 1906. Illus. 

Illustrated catalogue of photographs & P^*^*- [Handbuch der Architckttg.1 

surveys of architectural refinements in *809a.5a.8Hef t a 

mediaeval buildings lent by the Brook- Contints. — x. Geachichte dea Denkmalea. a. 

lyn Museum of Arts and Sciences. Text Denkmiler mit architcktonitchem oder TonHe- 

and observations by Wm. Henry Good- vnd architektonlachem Gmndaedaaken. 



Hooper, Charles Edward. 
The country house. A practical manual of 
the planning and construction of the 
American country home and its sur- 
roundings. New York, 1905. Illus. Plans. 

Jochem, F. W. 
Das Havs des Bvrgers. Projekt 1-5. 
StuttgarL [1905.] 5 parts in i v. 


Joseph, David. 1865-. 
Architekturdenkmaler in Rom, Florenz 
und Venedig. Leipzig. [1904- Kennst 
dn das Land? Eine Buchersammlung fur 
die Freunde Italiens. Band 20.] 

Juttf , Wilhelm. 
Die Klosterldrche zu Zinna im Mittelal- 
ter. Ein Beitrag zur Baugeschichte der 
Zisterzienser. Strassburg, 1904. Illus. 
[Studien zur deutschen Kunstge- 
schichte.] 4074.368 

Lake Placid Clab. Conference on Home 
Economics. Shelter Syllabus Com- 
Shelter. [Albany, N. Y., X902.] 27 pp. = 


Amboritici, pp, J1-S7. Alto a list of refcrcnoet 
at the cad of each lecturt. 

Laat^yrie da SaiUant^ Robert Charles, 
Comte de. 1849-. 
La deviation de I'axe des ^glises; est-elle 
symbolique? Paris, 1905. 36 pp. Plans. 


Lehmgmebner, PauL 

Mittelalterliche Rathausbauten in 

Deutschland. Berlin, Z905. 60 pp. Illus. 

34 platea. *Cab.6o.z5a«7 

Litcntnr imd Qudlen, p, (4). 

Lackenbach^ Hermann. 
Die Akropolis von Athen. M&ichen, 1905. 
59 PP- Illus. Plans. agCa^S 

Maraden, Ruf us £. 
Practical brickwork — with numerous en- 
gravings and diagrams. Edited by Paul 
Nooncree Hasluck. London, 1905. 

Miller, M. 
Bnrgerliche und landliche Bauwerke in der 
Rheinpfalz. Frankfurt a. M^ Z905. 7 pp. 
30 plates. *Cab.6o.z574 

Moore, Charles Herbert 1840-. 
Character of Renaissance architecture. 
New York, 1905. Illus. Plans. 4095.Z56 
M«x>re, Charles, compiler. 
The promise of American architecture. 
Addresses at the annual dinner of the 
American Institute of Architects, 1905. 
Washington, Z905. 80 pp. Plates. 

Nash, Joseph, Architect. 
The mansions of England in the olden 
time. New edition edited by Charles 
Holme, with an introduction by C. Har- 
rison Townsend. London, 1906. 14 pp. 
104 plates. [The Studio. Special winter 
nnmber Z90S-6.] *8o7fl.z75 

Neuwirth, Joseph. 
Das Munster zu Ulm. Berlin. [1899.I 
24 pp. Illus. Portrait Plans. fDie 
Baukunst Heft 12, Serie i.l 4090.Z59 
LittentttmachweiMf p» »4» 

Perks, Sydney. 

Residential flats of all classes, including 

artisans' dwellings. A practical treatise 

on their planning and arrangement 

London, 1905. Illus. Plans. 4093.Z6Z 

Phider, Wilhelm. 
Einleitendp Voruntersuchung zu einer 
Rhythmik romanischer Innenraume in 
der Normandie. Strassburg, 1904. 86 
pp. Plates. rZur Kunstgeschichte des 
Auslandes. 24.I 808Z.Z36 

Prior, Edward Schroeder. 
The cathedral builders in England. Lon- 
don, 1905. Plates. [The ^ Portfolio. 
Monographs on artistic subjects. No. 
46.] 8083.Z68 

Some of the plmtes are colored. On Gothic archl- 

Prokop, August 
Die Markgrafschaft Mahren in kunstge- 
schichtlicher Beziehung. Grundziige 
einer Kunstgeschichte dieses Landes mit 
besonderer Berucksichtigung der Bau- 
kunst Wien, 1904. 4 V. Illus. Portraits. 
Plans. ♦409oa.zz7 

Ranch, Christian. 1877-. 
Die Kirche zu Segeberg. Preetz, 1903. 52 
pp. Plans. = 4Z07-57 

Rois, Janet Ann. 
Florentine palaces & their stories. Lon- 
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Schuls, Fritz Traugott 
Der Hirschvogelsaal zu Numberg. Ein 
bau- und kunstwissenschaftliche Ab- 
handlung. Numberg, 1905. 76 pp. Plates. 

40^8. 1 44 
Schulze-Kolbitz, Otto. 
Das Schloss zu Aschaffenburg. Strass- 
burg, 1905. 26 plates. [Studien zur 
deutschen Kunstgeschichte.] 4074.377 
VeReichnia der bcnutsten Litentnr, pp. iz-gd. 

Shnpaon, Frederick Modre. 
A history of architectural development 
Vol I. London, 1905. Plans. [The 
architects' library.] 4oa4«z56 

Lilt of books of referenocb toL i, pp. zr, xvi 

Sohnrey, Heinrich, editor. 

Kunst auf dem Lande. Ein Wegweiser fur 

die Pflege des Schonen und des Heimat- 

sinnes im deutschen Dorfe. Leipzig, 

1905. Illus. Plans. 4093.Z63 

Some of the pUtet are colored. 

Thomas, William Beach. 

On taking a house. London, 1905. 95 pp. 

[The wallet series.] 8Z08.Z5 

Vitry, Paul. 

Tours et les chateaux de Touraine. Paris, 

1905. Illus. Portraits. [Les villes d'art 

c^l^bres.] 4073*370 

Note bibliographique, p. 6. 

Worley, George. 
Southwark Cathedral, formerly the Colle- 
giate Church of St Saviour, otherwise 



Worlcy, George. (Continued.) 

St. Mary Ovcrie. A short history and 
description. London, 1905. lUus. Plan. 
[Bell's Cathedral series.] 4x09-69 


Armstrong, E, A. 

Axel Herman Haig and his work, illus- 
trated from his etchings, pencil-draw- 
ings, and water-colours, with a biogra- 
phy. London, 1905. Plates. *407a.z6z 
Armstrong, Sir Walter. 1850-. 

Sir Joshua Reynolds, first President of the 
Royal Academy. Popular edition. New 
York, 190S. Portraits. Facsimile. 


Bartolommeo di San Marco, Fra. 1475-15 17. 

Fra Bartolommeo. [Sketches of his life 

and works by various writers.] Boston, 

1904. 21 pp. Portrait. Plates. [Mas- 
ters in art.] 

8o8oa.zz3=No. 49 in *8o8oa«64.5 

Bibliography, pp. 41, 42. 

Barye, Antoine Louis. 

Barye. [Sketches of his life and works by 
various writers.] Boston, 1904. 21 pp. 
Portrait. Plates. [Masters in art] 

8o8oa.zaa=No. 58 in *8o8oa.64.5 

Bibliography, p. 4a. 

Betto, Bernardino di. 

Pintoricchio. [Sketches of his life and 

works by various writers.] Boston, 1904. 

21 pp. Portraits. Plates. [Masters in 

art.] 8o8oa.zz9=No. 55 in *8o8oa.65.5 

Bibliography, p. 4a. 
Bock, Franz. 

Die Werke des Mathias Grunewald. 
Strassburg, 1904. 31 plates. [Studien 
zur deutschen Kunstgeschichte.] 

Bodenhausen, Hans Eberhard, Freiherr von. 
Gerard David und seine Schule. Munchen, 

1905. Illus. Portrait. *4o8z.Z44 
Boiilton, William Biggs. 

Sir Joshua Reynolds. London. [1905.] 
Portraits. Plates. 4083.Z98 

Brown, Gerard Baldwin. 1849-. 

William Hogarth. London, 1905. Portraits. 
Plates. [Makers of British art.] 4089.89 
Bibliographical note, pp. 191-^00. 

Cagliariy Paolo. 
Veronese. [Sketches of his life and works 
by various writers.] Boston, 1904. 21 pp. 
Portraits. Plates. [Masters in art.] 

8o8oa.z23=No. 59 in*8o8oa.64.5 

Bibliography, p. 43. 

Cahen, Gustave. 

Eugene Boudin, sa vie & son oeuvre. Avec 

une preface d'Ars^ne Alexandre. Paris, 

1900. Illus. Facsimile. ^4083.207 

CoUignon, Leon Maxime. i84(^-. 

Lysippe. fitude critique. Paris. [1904.] 

Plates. [Les grands artistes.] 4077.330 

Bibliography, p. 7. 

Copley, John Singleton. 
Copley. [Sketches of his life and works 
by various writers.] Boston, 1904* 21 PP* 
Portraits. Plate. [Masters in art.] 

8o8oa.z24=No. 60 in *8o8oa.64-5 

Bibliography, p. 4a. 

Oust, Robert Henry Hobart. 
Giovanni Antonio Bazzi, hitherto usually 

styled "Sodoma," the man and the 

painter, 1477-1549. New York, 1906. 

Portraits. Plates. 4086.Z44 

Anthoritiea conaalted, pp. 39^4x3* 
Delacroix, Ferdinand Victor Eugene. I799- 

Delacroix. [Reproductions of his paint- 
ings with introduction by Henri Frantz; 
and a chronology of the principal 
works.] London. [1906?] 24 pp. 48 
plates. [Newnes* Art library.] 4084.Z79 
Dibdin, Edward Rimbault 

Frank Dicksee (Royal Academician). His 
life and work. London, 1905* 35 PP- 
Illus. Portraits. [Art annual. 1905-1 
Liat of works, p. 3^- 4080.77 

Duerer, Albrecht. 1471-1528. 

Durer. Des Meisters Gemalde, Kupfcr- 
stiche und Holzschnitte . . . Mit einer 
biographischen Einleitung von Valentin 
Scherer. Stuttgart, 1904. IHus. [Klas- 
siker der Kunst in Gesamtausgaben. 
Band 4.] •8073.330 

The engravings of Albrecht Diirer. 
[Sketches of his life and works by vari- 
ous writers.] Boston, 1904. 21 pp. Por- 
trait Plates. [Masters in art.] 

8o8oa.zz5=No. 51 in *8o8oa.64.5 

Bibliography, pp. 41, 4<- 

Byck, Hubert van, 137S-1426, and Jan van 

Eyck, I400?-I440. 

Hubert and Jan Van Eyck. [Sketches of 

their lives and works by various writers.] 

Boston, 1904. 21 pp. Portraits. Plates. 

[Masters in art.] 

8o8oa.z20=No. 56 in •8o8oa.64.5 
Bibliography, pp. 41 > 4^* 

Fish, Arthur. 
Henrietta Rae (Mrs. Ernest Normand). 
London, 1905. Portraits. Plates. 

Some of the plates are colored. 8o86.Z06 

Fitzgerald, Percy Hethrington. 

Robert Adam, artist and architect: his 

works and his system. London, 1904. 

Illus. Portrait 4093«i53 

Grautoff, Otto. 

Moritz von Schwind. [Berlin, 1904.] 75 PP- 

Illus. Colored portrait. [Die Kunst. 

Sammlung illustrierter Monographien.] 

Verzeichnii der Hauptwerke, pp. 65-68. 

Greuze, Jean. 1 726-1805. 
Jean-Baptiste Greuze. [Sketches of his 
life and works by various writers.] Bos- 
ton, 1904. 21 pp. Portraits. Plates. 

8o8oa.zz4=No. 50 in ^80808.64.5 

Bibliography, p. 43. 

Heyck, Eduard. 
Anselm Feuerbach. Bielefeld, 1905. Illus. 
JPortraits. [ Kilns tler-Monographi en.] 



Hill, George Francis. Landseer, Sir Edwin. (Continued.) 

Pisanello. London, 1905. Portraits. Plates. 1904. 21 pp. Portrait. Plates. [Mas- 

Bibiiogrmphy, pp. 349-250. 4088.Z50 ters in art.] 

Hind, Charles Lewis. 8o8oa.ii7; No. 53 in *8o8oa.64.5 

Days with Velasquez. London, 1906. Por- Bibliography, p. 4a. 

traits. Plates. 8086.104 Lorenz, Ludwig. 

Some of the portraits are colored. Die Mariendarstellungen Albrecht Dti- 

Rembrandt by Mortimer Menpes. With rers. Strassburg, 1904. 90. pp. [Studien 

an essay on the life and work of Rem- ^^^ deutschen Kunstgeschichte.] 

brandt by C Lewis Hind. London, , ^ • 4074-367 

190S. 62 pp. Colored plates. 4081.14a ^^"°' Lorenzo. 

The plate, are by Menpes. the text by Hind. Lorenzo Lotto, [Sketches of his life and 

w - A works by various writers.] Boston, 1904- 

Tv^uirl^ IT- .1 • J XT •. 21 pp. Portraits. Plates. [Masters in 

Die bildenden Kunstlerinnen der Neuzeit art.] 8o8oa.ii6; No. 52 in ♦80808.64.5 

Hans Holbein the Younger: a critical "f5'^:,*^*'l*"f- «^*^- •» * , 

monograph. London. [190S.I lUus. Whistler: butterfly, wasp. wit. master of 

Portraits: [The popular libraiT of artl Jhe arts. eniRma. Edinburgh.. 190S. 

^oSoaii^ 7* PP* Portraits. Plates. iSpint of 

Humbert, fidouard. ^J^^ \^% «<^"«,^. No. i.l •40898.191 

U vie et les oeuvres de Jean fitienne Lio- ,, No 16 of an ediuon of 100 copies. 

tard (1702-1789). fitude biographique Mccr, Jan van der. of Delft. 1633-1675.. 

et iconographique par Ed. Humbert et Vermeer of Delft. [Sketches of his life 

Alphonse Revilliod et J. W. R. Tilanus. and works by various writers.] Boston, 

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•4o8oa.Z49 8o8oa.i 18 ; No. 54 m *8o8oa.64.5 

Ingres, Jean Auguste Dominique. 1780-1867. Mciasonier, Jean Louis Ernest. 

Jean Dominique Ingres, master of pvre Meissonicr. [Sketches of his life and 

dravghtsmanship. Twenty-fovr plates in ^o^ks by various writers.] Boston, 1904. 

Rembrandt photogravure and a mono- f ' PP- ^ffilH„?fe^^% jl wSSjSJL'c 

graph by Arsine Alexandre, edited by *^^J 8o8oa.i2i; No. 57 m ♦8o8oa.64.5 

Walter Shaw Sparrow. London, 1905. BibUography, p. 4a. 

38 pp. 24 plates. [The art & life mono- Muthcr, Richard. i8«>-. 

graphs.] ^Cab.8o.a484 Francisco de Goya. New York, 1905. 71 pp. 

The pUtes are mostly portraits. Portraits. Plates. [The Langham series 

Jo»,Virgile. 1859-1904, of art monographs.] 4079a.a90 

Antoine Watteau. Avec une introduction Catalogue of Goya's principal works, pp. 6s, 63. 

de L^once B^nWite. Paris. [1904.] Pcrrot, Georges. 1832-. „ . , 

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BibliograpUe, pp. 223, 224, Plates. [Les grands artistes.] 4083.67 

Kcrshncr, Frederick Doyle. ^^??^' J^J^^^'i^^^t ^. . ^ r^^ 

Syllabus of a course of six lectures on mas- ^he Pre-Raphaelite brotherhood. London 

ters of modem art. Philadelphia, 1904. l]^^'^ , ^ PP' ^7 Plates. [Newncs Art 

II pp. [University extension lectures.] » 1 • u ^^V 1^ ai j 4<»4-i75 

No. 7 in •359a.aoo.1904. 1905 Ral««h, Walter Alexander. 

KIoMAwskL FnVh ^^ ^^ memoriam. James McNeill Whistler. 

T?^Tfi ^"'^"* T,, ^ ^ ,1,.,, ^^ [A speech delivered at . . . the open- 

^Q. ?^f^^%^°?_^°°^Tr''!j Willete, I ^i ^^^ Whistler Memorial Exhibi- 

?,^°, f ' J«^ Tii?«' ^^°'^^*; ®7n?- tion. February 20, 1905.] London. 1905. 

[1903.1 84 pp. Illus. Vignettes. [Die -5 * ^ 4080.143 

Kunst. Sammlung illustrierter Mono- p^a Hope 

graphicn.1 4079a.a65 ^he Tuscan & Venetian artists; their 

Kaapp, l«ritz. _ _. . „^ , ^ thought & work. New and enlarged edi- 

Michclangelo Des Meisters Werke. Stutt- tion. London, 1904. Plates. 4088.151 

gart. Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt. 1906. Rogcr-Milig, L 

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Most of the pages are plates. Verzeichnis der *408l 138 

rr ^^ ??• ''*■'*'• Rosenthal, Leon. 

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4084.187 Beitrag zu Frankfurts Kunstgeschichte 

Landseer, Sir Edwin. 1803-1873. im XVIII. Jahrhundert Strassburg, 

Sir Edwin Landseer. [Sketches of his life 1904. 76 pp. Portrait. Plate. [Studien 

and works by various writers.] Boston, zur deutschen Kunstgeschichte.] 


50 PmB ARTS 

Scheffler. Carl. 1869-. Copley Society, Boston. (CotUmued.) 

Constantin Meunier. Berlin. [1903.I 72 others. Boston, 1906. 23 pp. lUus. = 

pp. Plates. [Die Kunst Sammlunff a burlesque catalogue. <Bo6oa.z8z 

illustrierter Monographien.] 40793^75 Donahey, J H 

Sdiubert-Soldern, Fortunat von. Donahc/s cartoons. Cleveland. [1900.] 

Das radierte Werk des Anders Zom. c pp. 41 plates. ^8o6az5i 

Dresden, 1905. 69 pp. Portrait. 20 RepubUthed from the QereUnd Plain Dealer. 

fi*. 5l**«*v, r^ o •4083.196 Gibson. Charles Dana. 

StMdmg, Percy Cross. 1870-. Our neighbors. [Drawings.! New York. 

Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema. London. 1905 65 plates ^8070^35 

^J^W,y.FStl}l^}^' r^i^*- 4085.175 Gould, Francis Carruthers. 1844-. 

Q„«SrT • ? T Political caricatures. 1905. London. 1905. 

Supmo, Igino Bcnvenuto piatcs. "^ •8o6oa.i77 

Les deux Lippi. Traduit de lltalien par These caricatures appeared origfaially in the Weat- 

J. de Crozals. Florence, 1904. Illus. minster Gazette. 

Portraits. FacsimHc. 4086.146 Hammerton, John Alexander. 

^~ de Chavanncs, Pierre Cdcile, 1824- Humorists of the pencil. London, 1905. 

loQo. Illus. 8o6oa.z79 

Pttvis de Chavannes. [Reproductions of Also contains rariona caricatures, 

his paintings with a critical introduction Hollaender, Eugen. 

by Arsine Alexandre.] London. [1905.] Die Karikatur und Satire in der Medizin. 

65 plates. [Newnes' Art library.] Mediko-kunsthistorische Studie. Stutt- 

4084.X66 gart, ipos. Illus. •8071.177 

BymonOB, Emily Morse. Many pistes are colored. 

B. R. Haydon and his friends. By George Literatur und Quellenverseichniss, pp. ziii-anr. 

Paston [pseud.]. New York, 1905. Por- Pnvis dc Chavannes, Pierre C^cile. 1824- 

traits. Plates. 4086.130 1898. 

Thomas, Ralph, of Cliffords Inn, London. Les caricatures de Puvis de Chavannes. 

Serjeant Thomas and Sir J. E. Millais, Preface de Marcelle Adam. Paris. [1906.] 

Bart., P.R.A. London, 1901. 43 pp. 14 pp. 40 plates. *8o6o.Z49 

Portraits. = *4o83.65 Symonds, Emily Morse. 

A refutation of certain statementa made by John Social caricature in the eighteenth cen- 

Guille Millais in his Life and letters of Sir J. E. tury. By George Paston [pseud.]. Lon- 

MUiais [4083.66]. don. [1905.] 139 plates. ^CahJaxga-s 
Vasari, Giorgio. ist2^iS74- 

The life of Leonardo da Vinci . . . Done Costume. FashioXL 
into English from the text of the second 

edition of the "Lives," with a commen- Caltfarop, Dion Clayton, 

tary by Herbert P. Home. London, English costume. [Vol.] i. London, 

1903. 48 pp. 20 plates. [The artist's 1906. Illus. *a433.a8 

library, j 4088.59 The plates are colored. 

Vecellio, Tiziano. I477-I576. Modenwelt, Die. lUustrierte Zeitung fiir 

The later work of Titian. [Reproductions Toilette, Handarbeiten und Unterhal- 

of his paintings with introduction by tung. Jahrg. 41, Nr. 7. Jan. i, 1906. Ber- 

Henry Miles.] London. [1905.] 29 pp. lin, 1906. Illus. Charts. ^53908.60 

65 plates. [Newnes' Art library.] Redfem, William Beales. 

4084.Z73 Royal and historic gloves and shoes illus- 

Waldschmidt, Wolfram. trated and described. London. [1904.I 

Dante Gabriel Rossetti, der Maler und der Plates. ^30^5 

Decoration. Design. Ornament. 

Dichter, die Anfan^e der praraphaeliti- 

schen Bewegung m England. Jena, _ 

190S. Portrait. Plates. 4085.187 Furniture. Lacer Embroidery. 

Wflliamson, George Charles. 1858-. TaT>«*trtf 

George Morland, his life and works. Lon- lapcsuy. 

_„., don, 1904. Plates. ^4o8oa.69 Automobile Club, L', de France. 

Williamson, George Charles. Concours d'installations de chambres 

Richard Cosway, R.A. London, 1905. d'hotels. Chambres i coucher et cabi- 

J.U'*®- ^ ?°'"*^^*'^- Facsimiles. 4087.173 nets de toilette. Paris. [1905?! 4 pp. 

"Founded upon a work on the tame ardst issui^ 24 plates. *Cab.6o.X«&a 

in 1896/' by G. C Wimam«)n. Containa material Blunck, August 

on Mra. Cosway. Lessons on form. Written and drawn at 

special request of the Prussian Ministry 

_ . of Commerce and Industry. Translated 

Caricature. Humorous Drawings. from the German by David O'Conor. 

Berlin. [1905.] Plates. 4061.76 

Cariceture [sic] of war. [N. p. 1905.] 12 ^ "*"•■ ®' drawing leasona on ornament. 

pp. 12 colored plates. = 8072.159 Bobrinski, Aleksei Aleksandrovitch, Count 

Japanese cartoons on the Russo-Japanese War. OpHSMeHT^ FopHUXl TsASUBOBl AspB&8S 

Copley Society, Boston. (HaropHsa Byxapa). Mogkbs, 1900. 18 pp. 

Illustrated catalogue. A lone exhibition 20 plates. *8oaaz55 

of the masters of modem caricature and Some of the plates are colored. 


Bonrae, Frank Aagosttis. Penhallow, Charles S., Sr. (Continued.) 

Huntington Hall frieze [Massachusetts IQOS] 3 PP- Plates. = 4066.75 

Institute of Technology.] Boston, 1905. Wood panels erected by John Penhallow, taken 

II pp. Plates. 4073*3^ <rom Clifford's Inn, London, and now in the Vic- 

Brotherston, R. P. toria and Albert Museum, London. 

The book of cut flowers. Edinburgh, 1906. Pfeifer, Hermann, 

nius. 3997-z8a Die Formenlehre des Ornaments. Stutt- 

DalmatoT, K. gart, 1906. Illus. [Handbuch der Archi- 

Pjoeiifl BiosiBSi senojraeESUi S. Aajnuro- tektur.] *8o9249.3 

B&m. C. neTep6jpi% 1889. 16 colored Literatur, pp. J66-370. 

plates. *Cab J0.X85.5 Posters. [A collection of posters by various 

Grand Rapids furniture manufacturers at artists, among them, W. Carqueville, A. 

the Louisiana Purchase Exposition . . . Beardsley, Palmer Cox, M. Parrish, W. 

1904. [Grand Rapids, 1904. 1 52 pp. M. Paxton, Peter Newell, W. T. Smed- 

Plates. = 409Z.Z68 ley, L. J. Rhead, W. H. Bradley, etcl 

Heron, Addic E. N. p. [i89-?-i90-?] 3 portfolios. = 

Fancy work for pleasure and profit . . . Contains examples of type. *Cab.8o.a98.z 

Chicago, 1905. Illus. 8074^ R6C7, Georges de. 

Soac of the plates are colored. The decoration of leather. From the 

Holmes, James, M.S.A. French by Maude Nathan. London, 

Cotton cloth designing. [2d edition.] 1905. Illus. 8oa<.Z98 

Burnley. [1904. J Portrait Plates. Somewhat abridged from the original work on 

Samples. 80x8.250 shelf 'number Soas-xsy, and with different illostra- 

Keith, Henrietta P., and Eleanor A. Cum- tiona. 

mins. Robie, Virginia. 
Practical studies: interior decoration and Historic styles in furniture. Chicago, 
furnishing. Minneapolis, 1906. Illus. 1905. Illus. 409340 
Plan. 4097.160 Robinson, Frederick Sydney. 
Kellogg, Alice M. English furniture. New York, 1905. i6x 
Home furnishing, practical and artistic. plates. [The connoisseur's library.] 
New York. [1905.] Plates. 4099.258 *4093-z65 
Kendrick, Albert Frank. I^t of books useful for the study of English fur- 
English embroidery. London. [1904.] niture, pp. xzxv^-xL 
Plates. [Newnes' Library of the applied Sanborzi« Katherine Abbott 
arts.] 8075.928 Old time wall papers. An account of the 
Some of the plates are colored. pictorial papers on our forefathers' walls. 
Books of reference, pp. loy* 108. Greenwich, 1905. Illus. 65 plates. 
Laiisch, Rudolf von. Some of the plates are colored. *409Z.z8o 

Unterricht in omamentaler Schrift. Wien, Show-card writing. — Show-card design and 

1905. 86 pp. Illus. [ Kaiser lich-koenig- ornament — Letter formation. Scran* 

liches oesterreichisches Museum fiir ton. [1905.] 4 parts in i v. Illus. Dia- 

Kunst und Industrie, Vienna. 6zz6.zoz grams. [International library of tech- 

Lefebure, Auguste. nology. Vol. 67.] *8oa7.z3a.67 

Dentelles et guipures anciennes et mo- Stats, Vinzenz, and Georg Gottlob Unge^ 

demes imitations ou copies, vari^t6 des witter. 

genres et des points . . . Paris. [1904.] Gotisches Musterbuch. a. Auflage. Neu 

Illus. Portraits. [Bibhothique des arts bearbeitet von KL Mohrmann. Leipzig, 

appliques aux metiers.] 8074.270 1905. 44 pp. 200 plates. *Cab.6o.z55^ 

Macquoid, Percy. Examples of Gothic ornament 

A history of English furniture. With "Studio" year-book, The, of decorative art 

plates in colour after Shirley Slocombe ^^ London. [1906.] Illus. ♦8o7a.z7Z 

Mallm^A^ E •Cab.60.Z56.3 ^j interiors, furniture, etc 

An introduction to old English furniture. Tcbbi, Louisa A. . . ,. ^ 

Illustrations by H. M. Brock. London. The new lace embroidery (punto tagliato). 

[1906J Plates. 409Z.83 ^^ edition. London, 1905. 6z pp. Illus. 

Migeon, C^aston 6oo7*z33 

1900. L'cxposition retrospective de I'art Wagner, Otto. ^ . . .. _, 

decoratif francais. Paris. [1900.] 10 port- I^as Ornamentzeichen fur Gewerb- und 

folios in a cases. Illus. = ♦Cal)A).a3a4 Stadtschulen. Heft z-io. Dresden. 

Some of the pUte. are colored. I^S^?! 120 plates. = 4066.73 

Mnseom of Pine Arts, Boston. School of -m* 1. • 1 t% 

drawing and painting. Department Drawing. Me ch a nical Drawing. 

of desiRA* 

[Announcement, 1905/06.I Boston. [1905.] Adama, Charles Laban. 

7 pp. Plates. = 8068.Z45 Mechanical drawing: technique and work* 

PenhaUow, Charles Sherburne, Sr. 1852-. ing methods for technical students. Bos- 

The PenhaUow panels. [Jamaica Plain, ton, Z905. Illus. Diagrams. 406Z.89 



Boston, Mass. School Committee. 
Special report of the committee on draw- 
ing? on the evening drawing: schools. 
Boston, ipog. Illus. Plans. = 8064.176 
Cox, David. 1783-1859. 
Drawings. London. [1906?] 21 pp. 44 
plates. [Modern master draughtsmen.] 

Cross, Anson Kent. 
Free-hand drawing, light and shade and 
free-hand perspective for the use of art 
students and teachers. 4th edition. Bos- 
ton, 1904. Plates. 4069.Z4X 
Fumiss, Harry. 1854-. 
How to draw in pen and ink. London, 1905. 
Illus. Portraits. 8064.186 
Jacobsen, Emil, Art Critic, and Pasquale Ne- 
rino FerrL 
Neuentdeckte Michelangelo-Zeichnungen 
in den Uffizien zu Florenz. Leipzig, 
1905. Text, 40 pp., Illus., Portraits; At- 
las, 24 plates. *Cab.8o.Z97.3 
Jamison, Alpha Pierce. 
Advanced mechanical drawing: a text for 
engineering students. New York, 1905. 
Diagrams. 4068.59 
Menzel, Adolf Friedrich Erdmann von. 
Drawings. [With an introduction by H. 
W. Singer.] London. [1905.] 18 pp. 
48 plates. [Modern master draughts- 
men.] 4o8oa.i54 
Moes, E. W., editor. 
Original drawings of the Dutch and Flem- 
ish School in the print-room of the 
State-Museum at Amsterdam. [Intro- 
duction by Lionel Cust.] Part 1-5. The 
Hague. [1904.1 50 plates. *Cab.8o.i84.6 
Some of the plates are colored. 

Neubecker, William. 
The New York Trade School's Textbook 
on pattern drafting. Suitable for all 
workers in sheet metal. [New York.] 
1905. Diagrams. 8064.184 

New York, State. Department of Public 
Drawing for use in teachers institutes and 
training classes. [Albany, 1903.] 83 pp. 
Illus. 4062.63 

Plastic Club, Philadelphia. 
The Plastic Club exhibition. Catalogue of 
black and white work by members. 
Philadelphia, 1905. 13 pp. = 4061.84 
Pojmtcr, Sir Edward John. 
Drawings. [With an introduction by Mal- 
colm Bell..] London. [1905?] 17 pp. 
48 plates. [Modern master draughts- 
men.] %o8oa.z52 
Rossetti, Dante Gabriel. 
Drawings. [With an introduction by 
T. Martin Wood.] London. [1905?] 
18 pp. 49 plates. [Modern master 
draughtsmen.] So8oa.z5z 
Swan, John Macallan. 
Drawings. [With an introduction by A. L. 
Baldry.] London. [1905.] 19 pp. 51 
plates. 40^153 

Some of the drawings are colored, and most of 
them are of M«<mMif, 

Vasari Society for the Reproduction of 
Drawings by Old Masters. Part i. 190S- 
1906. [Oxford.] 1906. 14 pp. 20 plates. 


The examples are in the British Mtssetun. 

Engraving. Etching. 

Fielding, Mantle. 
Catalogue of the engraved work of David 
Edwin. Philadelphia, 1905. 77 PP- 
No. JO of an edition of xoo copies. *8o6z.I95 
Geisberg, Max. 
Verzeichnis der Kupferstiche Israhels van 
Meckenem, 1503. Strassburg, 1905. 9 
plates. [Studien zur deutschen Kunst- 
geschichte.] 4074*370 

Gutekunst, R. 
Some masterpieces b^ Durer, M^ryon, 
Seymour Haden, Whistler. [Catalogue.] 
London. [1906.] 8 pp. Plates. = 

Kristeller, Paul. 
Kupferstich und Holzschnitt in vier Jahr- 
hunderten. Berlin, 1905. Illus. Por- 
traits. 8064^3 
Seymour, Alfred. 
Practical lithography. London, 1903. Illus. 
Portrait ' 8065.164 
Stokes, Hugh. 
Etchings of Charles Meryon. London. 

[1905.] 40 pp. 49 plates. Vignette. 
The great etchers.] ^^joS^^xyj 

Strang, William. 1859-. 
Catalogue of his etched work . . . With 
an introductory essay by Laurence Bin- 
yon. Glasgow, 1906. Portraits. Plates. 


Vesme, Alexandre de. 

Le peintre-graveur italien. Ouvrage fai- 

sant suite au Peintre-graveur de 

Bartsch. Milan, 1906. ^8064.1 

Bartsch's work is on shelf -number *8o66.z. 

Galleries. Exhibitions. Schools. 

See also, for some further exhibitions and galleries 
of paintings, under subdivision Paintings. Color. Por- 
traits., below, p. 65. 

Barboutan, Pierre. 
Biographies des artistes japonais dont les 
ceuvres figurent dans la collection 
Pierre Barboutau. [Avec une preface 
d'Ars^ne Alexandre.] Paris, 1904, 2 v. 
Plates. *Cab.8az9o.xo 

Following each biography is a catalogue of the 
artist's works, sold June 3, etc, at I'hdtd Drouot, 

Burlington Fine Arts Club, London. 
Exhibition of ancient Greek art. London, 
1903. ♦8073.165 

The catalogue was compiled principally 07 £a> 
gfoie Strong. 

Exhibition of pictures by Dutch masters 
of the seventeenth century. [With a 
preface by Walter Armstrong.] Lon- 
don, 1900. 36 pp. *8o7a.z6a 



Burlington Fine Arts Club. (Continued.) 
Exhibition of pictures of the School of 
Siena and examples of the minor arts of 
that city. [With an introduction by R. 
Langton Douglas.] London, 1904. 97 
pp. *8o7a.z66 

Clark University, Worcester, Mass. 
Public opening of the Art Department. 
Worcester, 1905. 21 pp. Plate. = 

Coolidge, Baldwin. 
Cataiogae of photographs of paintings, 
sculpture, bronzes . . . and miscellane- 
ous objects in the Museum of Fine Arts, 
Boston . . . [Boston.] 1906. 20 pp. = 

Copley Society of Boston. 
Loan collection of copies of old masters 
by modern painters. Boston, 1906. 30 

pp. = *4xyjB.3^s 

Loan collection of paintings by American 
artists. [Boston.] ISK)5* 26 pp. = 

Dedication ceremonies, Albright Art Gal- 
lery. May 31. 1905. Buffalo, 190.';. 9 op. 
Illus. Portraits. 4074*i3S 

Ehrich Galleries, New York. 
Catalogue of valuable paintings by the 
masters of the early English, French, 
Dutch, Flemish, Italian and Spanish 
schools. To be sold at . . . public sale 
. . . March 21st, 1906. New York. 
[1906.] 91 pp. Portraits. Plates. = 


Geffroy, Gustave. 
The National Gallery. With an introduc- 
tion by Sir Walter Armstrong. London, 

1904. Illus. Portraits. ♦8073.266 
Gifford, Robert Swain. 1840-1905. 

Illustrated catalog^ue of oil paintings and 
water colors by the late R. Swain Gif- 
ford, to be sola . . . [Feb. 2, 1906]. . . . 
New York, 1906, 63 pp. Portrait. Plates. 
= 8078.224 

Gnedy, Henry, editor. 
Lc Palais du Louvre: extcrieur et inte- 
rieur. Architecture — sculpture — deco- 
ration. Ensembles et d6tails. Dourdan. 
[1905.] 16 pp. Illus. 60 plates. 

Musenm Mesdag, The Hague, Holland. 
Catalogus der schilderijen, teekeningen, 
ctscn en kunstvoorwerpen. 's-Graven- 

hage, 1905. *4077.3X9 

Bibliographie, pp. 133* X34- 
The Museum was founded by Hendrik Willem 
Mesda? and his wife. 

Pais, Ettore. 
Perchi fui esonerato dalla Direzione del 
Museo nazionale di Napoli? Napoli, 

1905. 54PP-= 4075^65 
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. 

Annual exhibition, looth, loist. [An- 
nouncement. Philadelphia, 1904, 05.] = 


Gallery of national portraiture, opening 
exhibition, November 18 to December 
23,1905. [Catalogue of portraits.] Phila- 
delphia, 1905. 74 pp. = •8o79a.3fl8 

Slater Memorial Museum, Norwich, Conn. 
Catalogue. Norwich. [1905.] Plan. = 

Steiermaerkisches Landesmuseum Joan- 

neum, Graz. 
Altsteirische Wohnraume ime Landesmu- 
seum zu Graz, herausgegeben von Karl 
Lacher. Leipzig, 1906. 15 pp. 32 plates. 

Teyler's Stichting, Haarlem. 

Musee Teyler i Haarlem. Catalogue rai- 
sonne des dessins des 6coles frangaise et 
hoUandaise par H. J. Scholten. Haar- 
lem, 1904. *4o6s.65 

Landscape Gardening. Parks. 

Municipal and Village 


Baltimore, Maryland. Board of Park Com- 
Annual report. 9th, loth. isth, i6th, i8th, 
22d-32d, 3Sth-37th, 39th, 41 at, 44th, 4Sth. 
Baltimore, 1869-1905. 9 v. Plates. Maps. 
= *3QQoa.i40 

City Parks Association, Philadelphia. 
Annual report, loth, nth, 15th, i6th. 
Philadelphia, 1898-1904. = ^39903.132 
Special report on the City plan, 1902. 
[Philadelphia, 1902.] 22 pp. Plates. 
Maps. = *399oa.Z33 

Detroit, Michigan. Commissioner of Parks 
and Boulevards. 
Annual report, Sth, 9th, I2th-i5th. Detroit, 
1894-1904. Illus. Portraits. Map. Plans. 
= *399oa.z63 

Kelsey, Frederick W. 
The first county park system. A complete 
history of the inception and development 
of the Essex County Parks of New Jer- 
sey. New York. [1905.] Plates. Map. 

Manning, Warren Henry. 

Arbor Day. IPhiladelphia. 1905?] 8 pp. 
Illus. fAmerican Civic Association. 
Department of outdoor art.] = 5843.67 
Greylock Commission. 
Annual report, 3d-5th. Boston, 1904-06. 
= *399oa.i43 

Wachusett Mountain State Reservation 
Annual report, ist-6th. Boston, 1901-06. 
Plates. Maps. = *399oa.z42 

Massachusetts Conference for Town and 
Village Betterment. 
Report of annual meeting, 2d. Boston, 
1905. II pp. = *5568.i23 

New York, State. Commissioners of the 
Palisades Interstate Park. 
Annual report, Tist-lsth, 1900-1904. Al- 
bany, 1901-05. I V. = *399oa.ii7 
Olmsted Brothers. 
Report upon the development of public 
grounds for Greater Baltimore. [Balti- 
more, Md.l 1904- Illus. Plans. = 




Recreation Lieagne, Louisville, Ky. 
The public playgrounds of Louisville. 
Louisville, 1905. 12 pp. Plan. = 

Robinson, Charles Mulford. 
Suburban station grounds. Philadelphia, 

1904. 8 pp. Illus. Plans. = •L.60.35 

An account of the lUtions and turrotindings of 
the Boston ft Albany Railroad. 

Sexby, J. J- , , 
The municipal parks, gardens, and open 
spaces of London: their history and 
associations. Cheap edition. London, 

1905. Illus. 399X-I78 
StaedtebaUy Der. Monatschrift fur die kunst- 

lerische Ausgestaltung der Stadte. Jahr- 
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The Weihnachts-Oratorium is on ihelf-nttmbcr 

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ccr and the origin of music. — Maeterlinck and ^^f ^^Rp" ^^^ melodramma. Milano. 

music — Richard Strauss and the music of the y^A ^ T' t * ^ • o** **^:^39 

*" Contents. — x. Introduzione. 9. Ottana Rinuc- 

future. ^ , _ _, . _ cini. '3. Gabriello Chiabrera. — Alessandro Strig- 

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and practical treatise upon the accom- [1905.I *4043.a48 


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♦♦M.375.25 — Fausto. Opera semi-seria. Ridotta per il 

cembalo [e canto]. Paris, 1831. 
Berutti, Arturo. Tarass Bulba. Dramma 

SUFPLEMENTARY UST OF THE WORKS ADDED ^}^^^ \ ' ' P*^ CaUtO C piauofortC. MilaUO. 


OCTOBER, 190S, TO OCTOBER, 1906. Bishop, Sir Henry Rowley. Brother and 

sister. A musical entertainment London. 

This fist records the additioiu to the Allen A [1815.] ' 

Brown Library during the past year without regard — The fall of Algfiers. A g^rand Opera in 

to the recency of the dates of jrabUcation. three acts. London. [1825.] 

— The forest of Bondy; or, the dog of Mon- 

Agricola, Johann Friedrich. Der ein und *?£«^^- ^ melodrama. London. [1814.] 

zwanziKstc Psalm. \S. A T. B. und Or- —The gnome-kmg! A dramatic legend m 

Chester. Partitur.] Berlin, 17S9. \^^ Z^^^- . ^<?^ ^^^ ^°*^^ *"^ pianoforte. 

Albert des Anges, Frere. Messe de la Nati- ^^?°^"' ^I^^V 

vite sur dcs noels anciens i 4 voix mixtes — J**« grand alliance. An allegorical fcs- 

avcc orgue. Paris. [188-?] tival. London. [1814.] 

— Messe solcnnelle, Deuxi^me, dite dc — The heart of Mid-Lothian. A musical 

Saint Joseph, a 4 voix mixtes avec orgue. drama. London. [1819.] 

Paris. ri88-.l , — John Dubart, or the voyage to Poland. 

Albert, Engene Francis Charles d'. Tief- A grand historical melodrama. London, 

land. Mtisikdrama. Klavierauszug. Berlin. [1815.] 



Bishop, Sir Henry Rowley. (Conimued,) Canifa, Michelc Enrico Francesco Aloifio 

— The romance of a day, an operatic drama. Vincenzo Paolo. La prison d'fidimbourRh. 
London, 1831. Op^ra comique. Partition d'orchestre. 

— Sadak & Kalasrade, or the waters of Paris, 1833. 

oblivion. A Rrand Asiatic spectacle. Carter, Thomas, Musician. The rival candi- 

London. [1814.I dates. A comic opera. London. [1775] 

— [Telemachus.] The additional vocal Catalani^ Alfredo. Dejanice. Dramma lirico. 
music m the revived opera of Telemachus. Canto con piano. Milano. [1883?] 
London. [i8i5?l 1875 

Bochc, Ernst Aus Odysseus' Fahrtcn. 4 — Edmea. Dramma lirico. Per canto e 

Episoden fur grosses Orchester. Op. 6. pianoforte. Mflano. [1886.] 

No. I. Ausfahrt und Schiffbruch. Parti- — Elda. Dramma fantastico. Canto e piano- 

tur Leipzig, 1903. forte. Milano. [1880.] 

BoSllmann, L^on. Symphonic en Fa majeur. — La falce. Egloga orientale. Per canto e 

Op. 24.. Partition. Paris. [i90-?l pianoforte. Milano. 

— Variations symphoniques pour violon- Chaine, E. . Les 7 paroles de N. S. J^sus- 
cello solo ct orchestre. Op. 23. Partition. Christ (Chceurs et solos avec orgue.) 
Pans. [190-?] Paris. [i88-?l 

Bordier, Jules. Suite fantoisiste pour vio^ Chaminade, C^cile Louise Stephanie. Trio 

Ion et orchestre. Op. 40. Partition. Paris, ame, pour piano, violon et violoncelle. 

1892. Op. 34. Paris. [iS^?] 

Borodin, Aleksandr Porfir'evitch. Le prince Chardiny, Louis Armand. La ruse d'amour, 

Igor. Op^ra en quatre actes avec pro- ou I'^preuve. Com^die en un acte et en 

loRue. Pour chant et piano. Leipzig. vers mel^e d'ariettes. (Euvre x. [Parti- 

[1897.] tion d'orchestre.] Paris, 1785. 

Bottagisio, Angclo. Macalda. Melodramma. Charpenticr, GusUve. La vie du po^te. 

Per canto con pianoforte. Milano. [1^19?] Symphonie-drame. Partition chant et 

Bouichire, fimile. Maestro Griselli. Op6ra- ^P>a»o. Paris, 189a. 

comique. [Partition piano et chant. Chiaromontc, Francesco. Armimdo il gon- 

Paris, 1895.] doliero. Dramma unco. [Per canto e 

Brambach. Caspar Joseph.* Casar am Rubi- r-J***?°^^!Jx .^*4*"^- .[^®Si?l 

kon. Konzert«)os fur Mannerchor, Chopm, Fr^dtec Francois. Concerto, Sec- 

Tenorsolo und iSavier. Op. 100. Coin ond Op. ai, avec un nouvc accompafcnc. 

ipQ^ ^ ' ment d orchestre par Karl Klmdworth. 

Bratto'n, John W. The peari and the pump- rni^%^t.J^^^lAr;.r.nJ..^»^.ur r«t« 

Brtton y Ktrnandtz. Tom^. Gli amanti di --^Lv[?fSa.%^^ Per canto e 

7^V^^^ ^^[^"'"'^r^S^^ ^^' ^*°*° * ^^^^ pianoforte. Milano, 1899. 

forte. Milano. [i^. I C16ment. Albert Les canotiers d'Argen- 

Bnich, Max. Suite fur grosses Orchester tcuil. Op^rette en un acte. [Partition 

nach Russischcn Volksmclodien. Op. 79b. dementi, Filippo. La pellegrina. Opera. 

Partitur. Berim, 1904. . ^ , ^, . Per canto e pianoforte. Roma. [1891.! 

Bruckner, Anton. Mcssc m D fur Chor und piano et chantl Paris. [188-?! 

Orchester. Innsbruck. [188-?] Clercq, M. de. Gweleo. Drame lyriquc. 

Bruneau, Alfred. L'enfant roi. Com^die Partition chant et piano. Paris. [190-?! 

lyrique. Partition chant et piano. Paris, C16rambault, Louis Nicolas. Orph6e. Can- 

1905. tate fran^aise i voix seule avec symphonic. 

BUaser, Henri Paul. Petite suite. [Op. xa.] [Partition.] Paris. [i90-?l 

Partition d'orchestre. Paris. [190-?] ComW, Pietro. Ginevra di Monreale. 

Busoni, Ferruccio Benvenuto. Lustspiel- Dramma in quattro parti. [Per canto e 

Ouverture. Op. 38. Partitur. [Zwei hei- ^ pianoforte.] Milano. [1839.I ^ 

tere Ouverturen. No. 2.] Leipzig. 1904. ^^^' ^\^' S**"t5 Germaine, berg^re de 

— Zweite Orchestersuite (Geharnischte- Pibrac. Oratono-ligende. Solos, chceurs. 
Suite). Op. 34, A. Leipzig. [1905.] orgat et orchestre. Partition, chant ct 

"^no^S^irchelS^^ CoSi., pS^MusilaS^ Erste 

pour orchestre. Up. 10. Mayence. |i90-rl Gesammtausirabe Leiozie loo? 

Cagnoni, Antonio. II duca di Tapigliano. Conutos. — IT Ehutimmlge Xiedv k Gcsinse. 

Libretto comico [el musica. [Per canto «, Mefartdmmige Lieder tu Getinge. s. Der Bar- 

C pianoforte.! Milano, 187^ bier von Bagdad. OrigJnal.Oavertiire in H. MotL 

^ff^nlli^nSnofortr Mn^^^^ Coronaro, Gellio Benvenuto. Qaudia. 

Per canto e pianoforte. Milano. [184-?] dramma lirico. Per canto e pianoforte 

— I pezzenti. Melodramma. Per canto e Milano, 1895. 

pianoforte. Milano, 1874. — Festa a marina, bozzetto lirico. Per canto 

Carafa, Michele Enrico Francesco Aloisio e pianoforte. Milano, 1893. 

Vincenzo Paolo. Masaniello, ou le pccheur Couperin, Francois. Concerts royaux. Trios 

napphtein. Drame historique. Partition. pour violon, violoncelle et piana Tran- 

Pans, 1827. scription par Georges Marty. Paris. [1904.] 


Couturier, Nicolas. La morte de St. Fran- Erlanger, Fr^d^ric d'. Concerto pour vio- 

cois d'Assise. [Cantate. Einsiedeln, Ion avec accompaRnement d'orchestre. 

Saisse.1 1896. Op. 17. Partitur. Hambottrff. [1003.! 

Coiti Franz. Hertha. Grosse Oper. Cla- Favourite collection. A, of songs sung ... at 

Tier-Anszug. Dresden. [189-?] Vaux-Hall Gardens, etc. London. [i7S-?] 

Dallier, Henri fidouard. Trio, ler, pour Ferrari, Ferruccio. Fernanda. Dramma 

piano, Tiolon et violoncelle. Paris. [i8is>-?1 lirico . . . [per canto e pianoforte.] Milano. 

Dayison, Archibald T., and Frank H. Qrey. [1885?] 

The counterfeiter. Comic opera. Vocal Ferroni, Vincenzo. Fieramosca. Dramma 

spore. Cambridge, 1905. lirico . . . per canto e pianoforte. Milano, 

Damon, Archibald T., and others. Will o' 1896. 

the wisp. A comic opera. [Vocal score. Fcvricr, Henry. Le roi Aveugle. Op^ra. 

Cambridge.] 1904. [Partition piano et chant.] Paris, 1906. 

DeBoisy, Achille Claude. Douze chants. Fitelberg, G. Symphonic en Mi mineur. 

Avec acct. de piano. Textes frangais et Op. 16. Partitur. Leipzig, 1905. 

anglais. Paris, 1906. Floridia, Pietro. La colonia libera. Opera 

DeKoven, Henry Louis Reginald. Happy- lirica. Per canto e pianoforte. [Milano.] 

land, or the king of Elysia. A comic opera. 1900. 

Vocal score. New York, 1905. Foroni, Jacopo. 1825-1858. I gladiatori. 

— ''Red feather." A comic opera. Vocal Tragedia lirica. Per canto con pianoforte, 
score. New York, 1903. Milano. [1851?] 

— The student king. A romantic light — Margherita. Melodramma semiserio. [Per 
opera. Vocal score. New York, 1906. canto e pianoforte.] Milano. [1847.I 

Ddaborde, £. M. Morceau romantique Forster, Georg, editor. Der zweite Teil der 

pour piano et orchestre d'instruments i ... teutschen Liedlein . . . Leipzig, 1905. 

cordes. Op. 3. Paris. [188-?] Fomnicr, Paul. Toccata, fitude sympho- 

Della Maria, Pietro Antonio Domenico. nique. Op. 2a Partition d'orchestre. 

L'oncle valet. Op6ra en un acte. Parti- ^*"»- J^^J^ « ,, ^. 

tion. Paris. [17^] Franchctti, Alberto, Barone. II Signor di 

Desmarets, Henri. Renaud ou la suite d'Ar- ^fJi^^^*"?"*Jv^^ ^^wm ^^^ ... per 

mide. Tragedie. CEuvre VIIL [Parti- ^^t'i^^ ^P'*"^^^^'^^^ 

tion.] Paris 1722 Franck, Joseph. Choix de huit motets avec 

Dominlccti. Cesare,* II lago delle fate. Paril"^*r?8s^^^^^ '*'°^^*' ^^"""^^ '' 

Dramma fantastico. Per canto con piano- PumagiUi, tuca. 1837-1900. Luigi XL 

forte. Milano. [1878.] . ^ ,. ^ Dramma lirico. Milano. [187S?] 

^ri^"T?^nriJ?.r/n''n^?'^i^^^^^^^ Galeotti, Cesarc. Anton. Prologo, due parti 

- iJJ I 5 A F? I V" V' ,«^S^«*' «*«• ed epilogo. Per canto e pianoforte. [Mi- 

in Romeo and Juhet up to larks. Bur- lano 1 looi 

Iw^uein twoactsbydlaudeCane. The GaUignkni, Giuseppe. Nestorio. Dramma 

^« chiefly by M fi. Lucas The music urf^Jo. Per cantS e pianoforte. Milano. 

by Hugh A. Douglas. Vocal score com- [1888 ] 

plete. London. Uf^-J] Gammiiri, Erennio. Niccol6 de' Lapi. 

^^'^E' Pf}^' Xy?I. Motetten zu vier Dramma lirico. Riduzione accompto. di 

und funf Summen. Leipzig, 190a pianoforte. Milano, 1877. 

Dubois, Francois Clement Theodore. Con- Qutoldon, Stanislao. Mala pasqua. Dramma 

certo pour violon, avec accompagnement arfco. Milano. [185H?] 

d w:hestre. Partition d orchestre. Pans, Qatty, Alfred Scott-. The three bears. A 

*°^ , musical play, [Vocal score.] London, 

~ Concerto, 2°^^, pour piano et orchestre. 1896. 

Partition d'orchestre. Paris, 1897. Gioaa, Nicola de. Ascanio il gioielliere. [Per 

Do^a, Paul Abraham. Sonate (en Mi b^mol canto e pianoforte.] Milano. [1856?] 

mineur) pour piano. Paris. [1900.] — Napoli di carnovale. Opera giocosa. [Per 

Dnpnis, Albert Jean-Michel. Nouvelle mu- canto e pianoforte.] Milano, 1876. 

sicalc en 4 actes. Partition piano et chant. Olazunov, Aleksandr Konstantinovitch. 

Paris, 1904. Chopiniana. Suite pour grand orchestre. 

Duvemoy, Victor Alphonse. Sonate pour 9^' ^?' ^*'P'8^' '^ 

piano et violon. Op. 23. Paris, i88s. — Cortege solennel pour grand orchestre. 

Englaender, Ludwig. A madcap princess. Op. 50. Leipzig, 1895. 

Comedy opera. Vocal score. New York, — Une fete slave, tir^e du quatuor slave. Op. 

1904. 26. Esquisse symphonique pour grand or- 

— The office boy. A comedy opera in two chestre. Partition. Leipzig, i8Qa 

acts. Vocal score. New York. [1903.] — La foret Fan taisie pour grand orchestre. 

— The two roses. Comedy opera. Vocal Op. 19. Partition. Leipzig, 1889. 

score. New York, 1904. — Mazurka pour orchestre. Op. 18. Parti- 

Erlanger, Camille. Aphrodite. Drame musi- tion. Leipzig. [1888.] 

cale. Partition chant et piano, r^duite par — Le printemps. Tableau musical. Op. 34. 

Tauteur. Paris, 1905. Partition. Leipzig, 1892. 


Glazunov, Aleksandr Konstantinovitch. Hal^vy, Jacques Francois Fromenthal ftlic. 

Raymonda. Ballet en trois actes. Sujet fLc sh^rif.l Ouverturc et morccaux d6- 

de Ludic Pachkoff et de Marius Petipa. taches de Top^ra Le sh^rif. Pour le piano 

Op. 57. Partition. Leipzig, 1898. fct chant 1. Paris, f 18.19. 1 

— Rhapsodic orientale pour grand or- Hall, Leland B. Machiavelli. A comic 
chestre. Op. 29. Leipzig, 1891. opera. [Vocal score. Boston, 1905.] 

— Ruses d'amour. Pastorale Watteau. Bal- Hartmann, , P^re. S. Francesco. Ora- 

let en un acte par Marius Petipa. Op. 61. torio sacro. KlaviersauszuR. Milano. 

Partition. Leipzig, 1899. igoi. 

— Les saisons. Ballet en un acte et quatre Herbert, Victor. Miss Dolly Dollars. A 
tableaux. Compost par Marius Petipa. musical comedy. Vocal score. New York, 
Partition. Leipzig, 1901. 1905. 

— Symphonic, 2me, en Fa> mineur pour — It happened in Nordland. A musical ex- 
grand orchestre. Op. 16. Partition. Leip- travaganza. Songs and excerpts. Vocal 
zig, 1889. score. New York, 1905. 

— Symphonic, 3me, R6 majeur. Op. 33. Par- Heydrich, Bruno. Amen. Opem-Drama in 
tition. Leipzig, 1892. einem Akte. Originalauszug [ftir Gesang 
Symphonic, Septieme, en fa pour grand und Klavier]. Coin. [190-?] 
orchestre. Op. 77. Leipzig, 1902. Hirschmann, Henri. La petite Boheme. 

— Triumphal march on . . . the World's Op6rette. Partition chant et piano. Paris, 
Columbian Exposition in Chicago. For 1905. 

orchestra with chorus ( ad lib.). Leipzig, — Rolande. Pi^ce musicale. Partition chant 

1893. et piano. Paris, 1905. 

— Valse de concert pour grand orchestrt Hofmann, Heinrich Carl Johann, and Albert 
Op. 47. Leipzig, 1894. Franz Doppler. Neue Ungarische Tanze. 

Glinka, Mikhail Ivanovitch. Caprice bril- Neue Ausgabe. No. i, 2 fur Orchestcr. 

lant sur le theme de la Jola dragonesa. Berlin. [188-?] 

Nouvelle edition. Partition. Leipzig, Howard, Samuel. The overture, act tunes, 

1901. and songs in the entertainment call'd The 

— Le prince Kholmsky. Musique pour la amorous goddess, for th^ harpsichord, 
tragedie. Partition d'orchestre. Leipzig, German flute, or violin. London. [1744?] 

1902. Hubbell, Raymond. "Fantana." A musical 

— Valse fantaisie pour orchestre. Partition. comedy. Vocal score. New York, 1904. 
Leipzig, 1902. Humperdinck, Engelbert Konigskinder. Ein 

Gobad, Stefano. Luce. Dramma lirico. Marchen in drei Akten. Klavierauszug. 

Canto con pianoforte. Milano. [t87!>.1 Leipzig. [i8p7il 

Godard, Benjamin Louis Paul. Gavotte. Indy, Paul Mane Vincent d'. Cesar Franck. 

Pour orchestre. Op. 16. Paris. [187-?! Paris, 1906. 

— Scenes italiennes. Op. 126. No. i. Seri^- — Fervaal. Introduction du ler acte. Par- 
nade florentin. No. 2. Sicilienne. No. 3. tition. Paris. [1895.] 

Taren telle. Partition d'orchestre. Paris. — Quatuor pour deux violons, alto et violon- 

[i88-?l celle. Op. 35. Partition. Paris. [1887.] 

Gounod, Charles Francois. J6sus de Naza- — Sonate (en ut) pour violon et piano, 

reth. Chant ^vangelique avec accom- Op. 59. Paris, 190^. 

pagnement d'orchestre. Paris. [187-?! — Trio pour piano, clarinette (ou violon) et 

Graffigna, Achille. La duchessa di S. Giu- violoncelle. Op. 29. Paris. [188-?] 

liano. Partitura originale. Manuscript. I»ouard, Nicol6. L'une pour I'autrc ou I'en- 

[1865?! 2 V. lavement Op6ra comique en trois actes. 

— Veronica Cibo. Opera. Partitura origi- [Partition.] Paris. [1816.] 

nale. Manuscript. [Paris? i860?] 2 v. Jensen, Gustav. Symphonic. Op. 35. Koln. 

Grandval, Marie F^licie Clemence de Peiset, , [iS^-l . . ^^ ^,. , ^ ^ . 

Vicomtesse de. Ballet de Mazeppa. Par- J«romc, Benjamm M. The royal chef. A 
tition d'orchestre. Paris. [189-?] comic opera m three acts. Vocal score. 

Grccchi, Vittorio. Virtu d'amore. Azione t-.^I^iiY'^m- '^^ vr- 
pastorale. Milano, 1896. Jommclli, Nicola. Miserere, arrange pour 

"^^t ^£ a'^^ac'^r^^^^' ^^rit-' K^F^I' &i828.^^ '^^^^ ^""^^ ^^^ 

wfSui ir™ ' ^- K n A i^^*-'^ r ^ to"o . . . pour le XVe centenaire de la 

nfn?' ro?o.^''?^^"i,'^ ^^^S"^ ^^ ^''^- «^ort de Saint-Martin. [Partition chant 

l^fh. ^^"u^^K -f"" ""^"T °^ women's et piano.] Paris. [1897.I 

voices with baritone and soprani soli. Kaun, Hugo. Festival march and hymn to 

n?;t-\.yif'' ^^^J""- /^t'^/''^^' '^^ X li^«rty. Symphonic poem for grand or- 
"■^™ni!.'n/^^f'""'*^"- ^^^V"""^ seasons.) chestra, orian & chofus ad libit Op. %. 
Symphonie fur grosses Orchester. Op. 30. Score. Milwaukee. [1898.] 

wf;«« 'S ^^\ IT ^ 1:. , « , - Ein Karnevalsfest. Suite in vier Satzcn. 

Haines, Herbert E., and Evelyn Baker. The Op. 28 [21?] Partitur. Milwaukee, [igoo.1 

catch of the season. A musical comedy. — Octett fur Clarinette, Horn, Fagott. u 

Vocal score. London, 1904. Streichinstrumente. Op. 34. Berlin, [i^i ] 



Kerker, Gustave. Winsome Winnie. A mu- 
sical comedy. Vocal score. New York, 

LampCp Walther. Serenade fiir funfzehn 
Blasinstrumente. Op. 7. Partitur. Ber- 
lin, ISKH. 

Lange» Hieronymns Gregorius. Eine ausge- 
wahlte Sammlung motetten. Leipzig, 1901. 

Langert, August Dornroschen. Grosse 
romantische Oper. [Partition.] Coburg. 
[1870.1 2 V. 

Lannni, Paolo. Don Pedro dei Medina. 
Opera comica . . . per canto e pianoforte. 
Milano. [1888?] 

Lazzari, Sylvio. Trio (en sol mineur) pour 
piano, yiolon et violoncelle. Op. 13. Paris. 

Le Bome» Fernand. Les Girondins. Traff6- 
die lyrique. Partition chant et piano. 
Paris. 1905. 

— Hedda, leggende scan dina via. Per canto 
e pianoforte. Milano, 1898. 

— Sonate pour violon et piano. Op.'ag. Paris. 

Ledair, Jean Marie. Zwolf Sonaten ftir Vio- 

line und Generalbass. Leipzig, 1903. 
Lecocq, Alexandre Charles. Les chansons 

d'amour. Recueil de vingt melodies pour 

chant avec accompagnement de piano. 

Paris. [188-?] 
Lefebvre^ Charles £douard. Divertissement 

de Djelma, opera. Partition d'orchestre. 

Paris- [189-?] 
Lcffler, Charles Martin. Deux rapsodies 

pour hautbois, alto et piano. New York, 


— La mort de Tintagiles. Poeme drama- 
tique. Pour grand orchestre et viole 
d'amour. New York. [1905.] 

Lefair, Franz. Tatjana. Oper. Klavier- 

auszug mit Text Wien. [190-?] 
Leonardi, Antonio. La peri. Poema lirico 

. . . per canto e pianoforte. Milano. [188-?] 
Leoncavallo, Ruggiero. Die Boh^me. Ly- 

rische Oper. Klavierauszug mit deut- 

schem Text Mailand, 1897. 

— Chatterton. Dramma lirico. Per canto e 
pianoforte. Bologna, 1896. 

— Rolando. Dramma storico. Per canto e 
pianoforte. Milano, 1904. 

— Zaza» commedia lirica. Per canto e piano- 
forte. Milano, 1900. 

Leva, Enrico de. La Camargo. Azione 
lirica. Per canto e pianoforte. Milano. 

Levad£, Charles. Les h^rdtiques. Op^ra. 
Partition piano et chant. Paris, 1905. 

Lewandowsky, Max. Sextett pour deux vio- 

lons, deux violes et deux violoncelles. 

Op. 5. Offenbach a. M. [188-?] 
Lorame» William. The filibuster. A comic 

opera. Vocal score. New York, 1905. 
Loders* Gustav. "Mam'selle Napoleon." 

[Musical play.l Vocal score. New York, 


— Woodland. A musical fantasy. Vocal 
score. New York, 1904. 

Luporini, Gaetano. I dispetti amorosi. Corn- 
media lirica. Per canto e pianoforte. Mi- 
lano, 1894. 

Luazato, F. Trio, 2e, pour piano, violon et 
violoncelle. Op. 45. Paris. [190-?! 

— Trio, 3e, pour piano, violon, et violon- 
celle. Op. 54. Paris. [190-?] 

Machado, Augusto. I Doria. Drammo lirico 
. . . per canto e pianoforte. Milano. [1887?] 

Magnard, Alb^ric. Chant fun^bre. Parti- 
tion d'orchestre. Paris, 1904- 

— Hymne a la justice. [Op. 14.] Partition 
d'orchestre. Paris, 1904. 

— Ouverture. [Op. 10. ] Partition d'or- 
chestre. Paris, 1904. 

Mahler, Gustav. Symphonie in G dur, No. 4. 
Partitur. Wien. [189-?] 

Major, Jules Jacques. Concert symphonique 
pour la piano avec orchestre. Op. 12. 
Leipzig. [189-?] 

Mancinelli, Luigi. Isora di Provenza. 
Dramma romantico. Per canto e piano- 
forte. Milano. [1885.I 

Marcello, Benedetto. Arianna. Intreccio 
scenico-musicale. Canto e pianoforte. 
Milano. [1885?] 

Marchetti, Filippo. Don Giovanni d' Austria. 
Dramma lirico . . . per canto e pianoforte. 
Milano. [1885?] 

Marinuzzi, Gino. Barberina. Commedia li- 
rica. Per canto e pianoforte. Milano. 


Marliani, Marco Aurelio, Conte. Lazzarello. 
Melodramma giocoso. [Per canto e piano- 
forte.] Milano. [184-?] 

Marty, Eugene Georges. Daria. Drame 
lyrique. Partition piano et chant. Paris. 

Mascagni, Pietro. Arnica. Po^me drama- 
tique. Partition piano et chant. Paris, 


— Le maschere, commedia lirica e giocosa. 
Per canto e pianoforte. Milano, 1901. 

— Silvano, dramma marinaresco. Per canto 
e pianoforte. Milano, 1895. 

— Zanetto (Le passant). Per canto e piano- 
forte. Milano, 1806. 

Maacheroni, Edoardo. Lorenza. Dramma 
lirico ... per canto e pianoforte. [Mi- 
lano. 1901.1 

Massenet Jules £mile Fr^d^ric. Cherubin. 
Comedie chantee. Partition chant et 
piano. Paris, 1905. 

— Les Rosati. Divertissement pour or- 
chestre. Paris, 1902. 

Mehul, £tienne Nicolas. Une folic. Op^ra. 

Partition. Paris. [1802.] 
Meynard, Gaston. En colonne. Op^rette 

en 3 actes. Partition piano et chant Paris, 

Mielck, Ernst. Dramatische Ouverture fiir 
Orchester. Op. 6. Partitur. Leipzig. 

— [Finnische Suite fiir Orchester. Op. 10. 
Partitur.] Dresden, 1901. 

Miasa, Edmond. Chez T^diteur. Sayn^te de 
mceurs musicales. Partition pour chant et 
piano. Paris, 1898. 

Monpou, Hippolyte. Les deux reines. Op^ra 
comique en un acte. [Partition.] Paris, 



Moreau, W. Messe solennelle en llionnettr Raimondi» Pietro. II gittdizio universale. 

de rimmacul^e. f Partition chant et Oratorio. Per canto con pianoforte. Mi- 

orRue.1 Paris. [1802.! lano. [185-?! 

Mugnone, Leopoldo. Il Birichino. Bozzetto Rakhmaninov, Sergei Vasselievitch. Capric- 

melodrammatico in un atto. Per canto e cio boh6mienne pour ofchestre. Op. 12. 

pianoforte. Milano. [1892.] Moscou. [189-?] 

— Vita brettona. Scene musicate. Milano, Rates, Pierre fimile. Paula. Trag6die lyrique 
1905* en 5 tableaux. [Partition piano et chant] 

Napravnik, Eduard Frantsovitch. Concerto Pans, 1904. 

sVmphonique pour piano et orchestre. Rauazini, Venanzio. A periodical collection 

Op. 27. Hamburg. [1877.] of vocal music . . . Italian and English 

— Fantaisie russe pour piano et orchestre. songs . . . VoL J. London. [i75>-?l 
Op. 39. Hambourg. [1881.] Ravel, Joseph Maurice. Quatuor a cordes. 

Nardis, Camillo de. Stella. Dramma lirico. Paris. [190-?] 

Per cank) e pianoforte. Milano, 1899. Reber, Napol6on Henri. Roland. Scenes 

Nov&kf \%£slav. Quintett fur Pianoforte, 2 lyriques. Op. 35. Partition. Paris. 

Violi^en, Bratsche und Violoncell. Op. 12. [185-?! 

Berlin^904. Rebikov, Vladimir. Suite ftir grosses Or- 

NovelleX' Vincent, editor. Twelve easy Chester aus dem Marchenspiel „Der 

masses ... for small choirs . . . with Christbaum." Partitur. Moscou. [190-?] 

accdlnpaniment for organ or pianoforte. Reger, Max. Sinfonietta fur Orchester. 

London. [1816.] 3 v. in i. Op. 90. Leipzig, 1905. 

Orefice, Giacomo. Cnopin; opera. Canto e Reichardt, Johann Friedrich. Hanschen und 

pianoforte. Milano. [1904. J Gretchen, und Amors Guckkasten» zwei 

— Mos^. Poema drammatica. Per canto e Operetten von einem Aufzuge. fKlavier- 
pianoforte. Milano, 1905. auszug.] Riga, 1773- 

— L'oasi. Scene lirische. Milano. [1898?] The firtt part ol Amor* Gnekkuten !• miMiiia^ 
Palminteri, Antonio. Amazilia. Dramma RiccI, Federigo. Griselda. Melodramma 

lirico. [Per canto e pianoforte.] Milano. serio. Canto con pianoforte. Milano. 

[1883?] [i847?l 

Panizza, Bttore. Medio evo latino. Trilogia. Rictach, Heinrich. Tauferer Serenade. Op. 

Per canto e pianoforte. Milano. [1900.I 25. Partitur. Leipzig, 1905. 

Pape, Ludwig. Alexander's Fest, oder die Rimski-Korsakov, Nikolai Andreievitch. 

Gewalt der Musik. Sine grosses Cantata Conte f^erique pour grand orchestre. Op. 

aus dem Englischen des Dryden, tibersetzt 29. Partition. Leipzig, 1886. 

von C. W. Ramler. [Partitur.] MSS. — Fantaisie sur des thtoes serbes pour or- 

Berlin, 1824. chestre. Op. 6. Partition. Leipzig, 1895. 

Peri, Achille. Ester d'Engaddl Dramma Suite de I'op^ra "La nuit de NoeL" Ta- 

tragico. [Per canto e pianoforte.] Milano. bleaux musicaux pour orchestre (avec 

[1843.] choeur ad libitum). Partition. Leipzig. 

Petrella, Errico. Diana, o la fata di Pozzuoli. 1904. 

Opera buff a. [Per canto con pianoforte.] — [Mlada.] Suite pour orchestre tir^e de 

Milano. [186-?] Top^ra-ballet Mlada. Leipzig, 1895. 

— Elena di Tolosa. Melodramma. [Per — La nuit de Mai. Op6ra. Ouverture. Par- 
canto e pianoforte.] Milano. [1852?] tition. Leipzig, 1895. 

Piem6, Henri Constant Gabriel La croi- — Symphoniette (en la mineur) sur des 

sade des enfants. L^gende musicale. Par- thimes russes. Op. 31. Partition. Lcip- 

tition piano et chant. Paris, 1904. xig 1887 

Pilot, Frangois Pierre Alfred. Messe de Rocdcr, Martin. Vera. Dramma fantastico. 

lAnnonciation semi-solcnnelle. Soh et Canto e pianoforte. Milano. [1889?] 

PiSS' arTEr'c^e: U^r%&. dramma ^^' Hugo, Das Vaterunser Musik- 

S>] ^'' ^^"^^ ' ^^^"'^^^^- ''"*^^- K?a^U"uszT;m^^^^^^ 

PUtania, Pietro. Spartaco. Tragedia lirica. Roger, Victor, and Lionel Monckton. The 

Per canto e pianoforte. Milano. 1891. topsy-turvy hotel. A farcical comedy. 

PontogUo, Cipriano. L'assedio di Brescia. ^ Vocal score. London, 1898. 

Melodramma. Canto con pianoforte. Ro«*JR^«» Antome Joseph MichcL Nadir 

Milano. [187-?] ^^ Selim, ou les deux artistes. Opera 

Popper, DavidL Widmung. Adagio fur comique. Partition d'orchestre. Paris, 

Violoncell mit Orchester. Op. 11, no. i. 1822. 

Leipzig, 1901. Roparta^ Joseph Guy Marie. Quatuor en 

Pucdni, Giacomo. Edgar. Dramma lirico. 80I mineur pour 2 violons, alto et violon- 

Per canto e pianoforte. Milano, 1905. cclle. Paris. [1893.I . , ,. 

— Madama Butterfly. Tragedia giapponese. — Sonate (en Sol mmeur) pour violoncelle 
Canto e pianoforte. Milano, 1904. ct piano. Pans, 1904. 

Rachmaninov, Sergei Vasilievitch. Trio Roasc, Frederick. "All aboard." Musical 

616giaque pour piano, violon et violon- ^arce. Vocal score. London, 1895. 

celle. (Seconde partie avec accompagne- Rossi, Federico. I Roumakal. Scene measi- 

ment dliannonittm.) Op. 9. Moscow. cane . . . per canto e pianoforte. ^"* 

[189-?! 1895. 


fioen, Laura II borgomaatro di Schiedam. Salved, Domenico, Conte. Giudttta. Melo- 

Melodraxmna. [Per canto e pianoforte.] dramma biblico. Per canto e pianoforte. 

Milano. [1844.] Milano. [1885.] 

— Cellini a Parin. Melodramma semiserio. Skraabin, Aleksandr. Symphonic, Deusd^me, 
[Per canto e pianoforte.] Milano. [1845?] en Ut pour grand orchestre. Op. 29. Par- 

— La villana contessa. Melodramma gio- tition. Leipzig, 1903. 

cosa. [Per canto e pianoforte.] Milano. Slaughter, A. Walter. Gentleman Joe. A 

[1830?] musical play. Vocal score. London, 1895. 

Roosaean, Samuel. Deux pieces pour qua- Smareglia, Antonio. Preziosa. Dramma 

tuor i cordes. Paris. [190-?] lirico. Canto e pianoforte. Milano. [1879.] 

Roussel, Albert Trio pour piano, violon et Soffredini, Alfredo. Aurora. Bozzetto lirico- 

Tioloncelle. (Op. 2.) Paris. [1904*] drammatico. Per canto e pianoforte. Mi- 

Saint-Sains, Charles Camille. Allegro ap- lano. [189-?] 

passionato pour violoncelle avec • . . piano. — II piccolo Haydn. Melodramma. Per 

Op. 43. Partition [pour violoncelle et] canto e pianoforte. Milano. [18^?] 

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chestre. (Op. 119.) Partition. Paris, 1903. — Tarcisio. Bozzetto lirico-drammatico. 

— Le cygne. [Extrait du ''Camaval des ani- Per canto e pianoforte. Milano. [1882?] 
maux."] Orchestra par Paul Vidal. Par- Stanford, Charles Villiers. Irish rhapsody. 
tition. . Paris. [190-?] ^ ^ , No. i. Op. 78. Full orchestral score. 

— Fantaisie pour orchestre sur Javotte, Bal- London, 1902. 

^j^ t^^^l^^T\'^^v ^^2f^?^^ r,^ fi. Stanley, John. Six cantatas for a voice and 

■'^rtte^^PoJ^l'^^flS&l *"'''^*- ^^ instraments. London. [1742.] 

-Gavotte e^^^^^ Op. 23. Parti- Stojowski, Sigismmid. .Sonate (en Sol ma- 

tiord'orch^tn^^ jeur) pour piano et violon. Op. 13, Lon- 

^m^^i^T ^aris ^iJ?°^""" "' ^"^"''"' Sto^i'ce, Stephen. The doctor and the 

SMni£k.Spiro. Hiitoifed'amour. ComWie ^^J^J^^^^'^'^r,^, "'"'^^^^ entertainment. 

lyrique. Pour chant et piano. Milan. 1903. oil^f ° > ^ ^ W nut..* r, 

— Merg^ Opera. Per canto e pianoforte. Stratton, George W. Dobbs' farm. Ope- 
Milano, i^. r«**a. Boston, 1895. 

f ^wi«^^«jii» ^ Gustave. Sonate (en Si mi- — Edelweiss. A cantata for school-room 

nenr) pour violon et piano. Paris. [i90-?l practice. Boston, 1893. 

Sanders, Ralph Barton, and others. The — Lady Bountiful's heiress. Operetta [by] 

chemical maid. A musical comedy in two G. W. Stratton. [Libretto by L. L. Strat- 

acts. [Vocal score.] Boston, 1905. ton. Accomp. for pianoforte.] Boston, 

Sandr€, G. Petite suite pour 2 violons avec 1896. 

accompagnement de piano. Op. 64. May- — The minstrel of Capri. A comic operetta. 

ence. [iOO-?l _ [Accomp. for pianoforte.] Boston, 1893. 
y Nava 

avascues, Pablo Meliton Martin — The mountain nymphs. OperetU [ Ac- 

de. Airs espagnols pour violon avec comp. for pianoforte.] Boston, 1894. 

accompagnement d'orchestre. Partition. _The sleeping beauty. A comic fairy 

."*•— [i85-fj - ,„ „ operetta. [Accompaniment for piano- 

Ssma, Emco. I^ campana dell' Eremitag- forte.] Boston, 1893. 

gia Comedia linca. Per canto e piano- stTBXM, Richard. Symphonia domestica. 

iJ^% T^i.«JJ;;^J. ViiSf-fv ./.n»fo. f/.r fi,* Op. 53. Partitur. Berlin, 1904. 

^™^h^XlSidol%^^ SuUivan, Dan J. Miss Pocahontas. An In- 

SrfSS. Rl^h^^ Suite von ^^^ ^ar whoop in two whoops. Book by 

^ffiarteSSen ffir oShcSer Oo 7^ ^ A. Barnet and R. M. Baker. Music by 

Sfltw I M frlA^ ^' ^^ Dan J. Sullivan. Additional musical num- 

Q-irSSSfw-^ri \fft,i?^ ni^r A«ti.f On^r ^crs by H. H. Luther and Cad Milmore. 

Scliroeder* Carl, Musician. Der Asket Oper y j ^ Boston, 1906. 

¥.^" L^inri?'"[f8oal "^"^ ""' Talbot, Howard, and PaulA. Ruben.. The 

Scfas^om, Geo^g *Affied. Eine Serenade fe^^\T''wo,oiH°'^ir?^ S^*^ '^ K^V^i?' 

^rrSses Ofchester. Op. 34- Berlin. Book^by^^^^^^^^^ JeTc^^G^renliaSl; 

ScimtSo, Antonio. II sortilegio. Dramma ^^^ ^^^^ A- Rubens. Vocal score. Lon- 

giocoso-fantastico. Canto con accomp. ^^^\^^t' r» * ti»* u r-u j t>i 

di pianoforte. Milano, [1882?] Tchaikovski, Petr Il'itch. Chor der Blumen 

Scrpctte, Henri Charies Antoine Gaston. ^^^ Insecten fur gemischtcn und Kinder- 

Shakespearef Op^rette bouffon. Parti- Stimmen mit Orchester. Moskau. [1902.] 

tion piano et chant. Paris. 1899. Thomas, Charles Louis Ambroise. La cour 

Serrano y Ruis, Emilio. Mitndate. Dramma de C61im^ne. Op^ra comique. Partition 

lirico. Milano. [1885?] chant et piano. Paris. [1855.I 

^ , C^ovanni. Quintuor pour piano, Tilkins, Felix, and Lionel Monckton. The 

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ICaTence. [188-?] score. London, 1905. 



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L^srende musicale en quatre parties. Op. 
27. Partition piano et chant Paris, 1904. 

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scene ire) de la trag6die "Macbeth" pour 
grand orchestre. Op. 12. Partition. Leip- 
zig,^ 1902. 

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dramma buffo. Canto e pianoforte. Mi- 
lano. [1881.1 

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lirico. [Per canto e pianoforte.] Milano. 
, [1838?] 

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— Rosaura rapita. Operetta feerie. Per 
canto e pianoforte. Milano, 1904. 

Vanbianchi, Arturo. La nave. Dramma 
simbolico in due atti di Gustavo Macchi, 
musica di Arturo Vanbianchi. Riduzione 
per canto e pianoforte dell' autore. Mi- 
lano. [1899?] 

Van dcr Stucken, Frank Valentin. Idylle 
fiir Orchester. Op. 20. Hannover. [1893.] 

Variaco, Giovanni. Alia caccia del fiori. 
Operette-idillio. [Per canto e pianoforte. 1 
Milano. [187-?) 

— Un giorno di fiera. Bizzarria campestre. 
[Per canto e pianoforte. Milano, i87-?1 

Vecchi, Orazio. L' Amfiparnasso, eine 

Komodie. [Klavierauszug.] Leipzig, 1902. 
Vieu, Jane. Madame Tallien. Pilce histo- 

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Canto con pianoforte. Milano. [1872.I 
Villania, Angelo. La regina di Leone, ossia 

una legge spagnola. Melodramma. [Per 

canto e pianoforte.1 Milano. [1851?] 
Walthew, Richard H. The enchanted island, 

an operetta in one act. London, 1900. 
Westerhout, Niccolo van. Doiia Flor. Atto 

unico. Per canto e pianoforte. Milano. 


— Fortunio, dramma lirico. Per canto c 
pianoforte. Milano, 1895. 

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Partition. Paris, 1892. 

— Quatuor pour piano, violon, alto et violon- 
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Winter, Joseph. Clarice Visconti. Melo- 
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lano. [i8s-?l 

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Klavierauszug mit Text Munchen. [1901.] 

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Painting. Color. Portraits. 

Sec also, for tome exhibitions and ffalleries of paint- 
insi, under division Galleries. Exhibitions. Schools, 
p. 52. 

Addresses delivered on the occasion of the 
unveiling of the mural decorations, "The 
burning of the Peggy Stewart," painted 
by Charles Yardley Turner and "Relig- 
ious toleration" painted by Edwin How- 
land Blashfield. [Baltimore, iQOS-l 
Plates. [Municipal Art Society.] 4077-3i5 

The pAxntings are in the Baltimore Court House. 

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CcnttrUs, — The awakening. — Leonardo da VincL 

— Michael Angelo Buonarroti. — Titian Vicelli. 

— Raphael Sanzio d'Urbino. — Antonio Allegri 
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X004. *8o73.a$8 

The exhibition was held at the Lonvre and the 

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A biographscal aketch in Ruaaian and Frtnch 
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PeUiam Club, Boston. (CcnHmud.) 

others.] Boston. [1901, 02?] 8 por- 
traits. *Cab.8x.xa.2 

Conignii. — John Adama, ad Prealdent of the 
United SUtea. Painted by Edward Savage ia 
1800.— Rer. Charlea BrockwelL P: Pelham pinx: 
et fecit Z750. — Rev. Henry Caner. I : Smibert 
pinx: P: Pelham fedt 1750. — Rev. Timothy 
Cutler. P : Pelham pinx: et fedt, 17S0. — Thomas 
Hollii. Jos. Hlgfamore pinx: lyaa. P. Pelham 
. . . fecit et excudt 1751 •—Rev- William Hooper. 
P. Pelham pinx et fecit 1750. — Thomaa Prince 
Jno: Greenwood pinx. P. Pelham fecit — Sir 
William P^perell. L Smibert pinx: P. Pelham 
fecit et ex: 1747. 

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Outline for a course in the history of Ital- 
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inj^ [New York?] 190S. Illus. Por- j,^^ l^^^y o£ ^ photography of wild tnl- 

- *^5'^,5- r* t J o ^ . o |p73^6a jnmli, espedaUy big game, in thdr natural ior- 

Trnesdell, Gaylord Sartgston. 1850-1899. rowadiagi. 

Sale of the Truesdell paintings ... at the v.— «— ^ t..i:..- 

American Art GaHeries . . . February ^^^^iA^^^' ^. .-,• ^ r 

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n www %^ A ' Mf ^ ^ J 7979«J* Some of the plates are colored. 

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photogr^hs. ♦4070.X65 ?r— "^ituf^fc^iS^P.^^^^^^^^ 

(Wtingi thomas Harrison. [Komgliche Museen, ^^l*";! . ^ ^^^^ 

Photography: its recognition as a fine art _, . . - .. ^ ^ ^ ^^°'^.2'u 

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this subject. New York, 1906. Plates. Samuel £. Robineau . . . [Also] notes 

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Tbcre are bibliographies with sereral sections. lain and grds by Charles F. Binns. Syra- 

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Some of the plates are colored. short appendix concerning miniature 

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Art in photography. With selected exam- iHus. 26 plates. 803444 

pics of European and American work. Frantz, Henri. , . , . 

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Studio.] •8073.99 [1906?] Plates. [Newncs' Library of 

3ome of the plates are colored. the applied arts.l 4034*98 

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Three-colour photography. Translated of the plates are color«L 

by Henry Oscar Klein. London. 1904. Hobson. Robert Lockhart. 

Illus. Diagrams. 8065.163 Porcelain; oriental, continental and Bnt- 

Moflt ot the pUtes arc colored. The original Sji;--?®^ ' ^^* 40a5«93 

is on sheU-anmber 8o6$.i$7. Soarces, p. lU 



HodgMn, Mrs. WillouRhby. 
How to identify old Chinese porcelain. 
London. [1905.I Plates. 4028.106 

Bibliography, p. 157. Contains potten" marka. 

Poulsen, Frederik. 
Die Dipylongraber und die Dipylonvasen. 
Leipzig, 1905. Plates. 6338.94 

Tichelaar, Gebrs., Makkum. 
Tegel-en plateel bakkerij. [Makkum? 
1904.] 40 colored plates. = 40208.43 
Trenton, N. J. Public Library. 

List of books on ceramics. Trenton, 1906. 
30 pp. = ^4029-154 

Wosins2ky, M6r. 
Die inkrustierte Keramik der Stein- und 
Bronzezeit. Berlin, 1904. * xf)0 plates. 


This was written for the Magyar tridoni^yoa 

Sculpture. Carving. Metal Work. 
Gold and Silver Work. 

American art in bronze and iron. Exempli- 
fied by work executed by Jno. Williams 
Bronze Foundry. Compiled by Wil- 
liam Donald Mitchell. Vol. i, no. 1-3. 
New York, 1903-. Illus. Portraits. = 

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Old pewter. London. [1906.] Plates. 
[Newnes' Library of the applied arts.] 

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Netsuke. Versuch einer Geschichte der 
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Illus. 53 colored plates. ^4073.342 

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Most of the examples are in iyory and wood. 

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Italienische Thuerklopfer. Berlin, 1900. 
3 PP- 15 plates. [Konigliche Museen, 
Berlin.] *Cab.8o.8i.i8 

The examples are of bronze. 
Thuergriffe und Brunnenmasken. Berlin, 
1900. 3 PP- 15 plates. [Konigliche 
Museen, Berlin.] *&ab.8o.8i.i7 

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Schweizer Brunnen . . . Mit Vorwort von 
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1904. 5 PP* 32 plates. *Cab.6o.z534 

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Das Goethe Monument in Rom. (Nach 
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nal-Gipsmodelle) und andere Werke von 
Gustav Eberlein. Berlin, 1904, 3 pp. 
30 plates. 8084.74 

Edgar, C. C. 

Greek bronzes. Le Caire, 1904. Illus. 

[Musee du Caire. Catalogue general des 

antiquites egyptiennes.] *505oa.94 

France. Commissaire general . . . pour 

TExposition de Saint Louis. 

Groupe 33. Bronze, fonte et ferronnerie 

d'art. Reproduction en marbre. — M6- 

taux repouss6s. [Saint-Cloud, 1904.] 

30 plates. Plan. = 8089.122 

Gonae, Lonis. 1846-. 
Les chefs-d'oeuvre des musses dc France. 
Sculpture — dessins — objets d'art Paris. 
1904. Illus. Portraits. •CabA>.2i7.5 

Principallj derotcd to acu lp t ur e . 

Hanlnck, Paul Nooncree, editor. 
Clay modelling and plaster casting . . . 
Philadelphia, 1905. lUus. ["Work" 
handbooks.] 4O79-3Z0 

Hortfaf A. C. 
Repousse metalwork. A scheme of sheet 
metalwork for schools and amateurs. 
London. [190S.I IHns. [Text-books 
of technology.! 8028.117 

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Gerathc aus Edelmetall, XVIII. Jahrhun- 
dert. Berlin, 1900. 2 pp. 15 plates. 
[Konigliche Museen, Berlin.] 


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Old pewter, brass, copper, and Sheffield 

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Monograph on the ivory carving industry 
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7 plates. •Cab40.55.3 

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English metal work. Ninety-three draw- 
ings. New York, 1906. 15 pp. Plates. 


Geography* Travels* 

Geography. Atlases. General Travels. 

Agassis, Alexander Emmanuel Rudolph. 
Reports of the scientific results of the ex- 
pedition to the eastern tropical Pacific 
... by the U. S. Fish Commission 
steamer "Albatross," from October, 
1904, to March, 1905 ... 5. General re- 

Sort of the expedition. Cambridge, 1906. 
Spp. Plates. Maps. [Museum of Com- 
partive Zoology. Memoirs.] = 

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Grundriss der Handelsgeographie. Leip- 
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Estreicher, Tadeusz. 
Globus Bibliotek Jagiellonskiej z pocz^tku 
wieku XVI. W Krakowie, 1900. 20 pp. 

Illus. Map. 6283.7a 

There is an abstract in German on shelf-number 


Gannett, Henry, 1846- , and others. 
Commercial geography. By Henry Gan- 
nett, Carl L. Garrison, and Edwin J. 
Houston. New York. [1905.I Illus. 
Maps. 2283.82 

Geographical Society of Philadelphia. 
Special announcement. [Philadelphia. 

1905.1 3 pp. = 6289.164 

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Die Landkartenbestande der Koniglichen 

offentlichen Bibliothek zu Dresden. 

Nebst Bemerkungen uber Einrichtung 



Hantzsch, Victor. (Continued.) 

und VcrwaltuxiR von Kartensammlun- 
ffen. Leipzig, 1904. ^3142.215.38 

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The junior geography. Oxford, 1905. 
Maps. [The Oxford geographies.] 

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The Burton Holmes lectures. Battle 
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traits, ♦6376.85 
Comttnts. — I. Into Morocco. — Fez, — The 

Moorish Empire. 9. Round about Paris; Paris 
Exposstion, 1900. 3. Olympian games. — Gre- 
cian journeys. — The wonders of Thessaly. 4. 
Cities of the Barbary Coast. — Oases of the Al- 
gerian Sahara. — Southern Spain. 5. Hawaiian 
Islands. — Edge of China. — Manila. 0. The 
Yellowstone National Parle — The Grand Cation 
of Arizona. — Mold land. 7. Through Europe 
with a camera. — Oberammergau. — Cycling 
through Corsica. 8. St. Petersburg. — Moscow. 
— The trans-Siberian railway. 9. Down the 
Amur. — Pddn. — The forbidden city. xo. 
Seoul, capital of Corea. — Japan, the country; 
Japan, the cities. 

Intenutioiial Geographical Congress. 8th 
Congress. Washington, 1904* 
Report. Washington, 1905. Plates. Maps. 

= *638i.35 

Maggiolo, Vesconte di. 
[Map of the Middle Atlantic Ocean, show- 
ing the West Indies and the coast of 
South America, 1519. Photographic re- 
production.] New Brunswick, N. J., 
1903. Scale, 422 miles to i inch. [Maps 
illustrating early discovery and explora- 
tion in America. No. 4-1 *Map 49.6.4 

Pigafetta, Francesco Antonio. 1491-1534. 
Magellan's voyage around the world. The 
original text of the Ambrosian MS., 
with English translation, notes, bibli- 
ography, and index, by James Alexan- 
der Robertson. Cleveland, 1906. 3 v. 
Portrait. Maps. Facsimiles. ♦6365.70 

Bibliography, toI. s, pp. a4i~3Z3* 

Ralcic^ Walter Alexander. 
The English voyages of the sixteenth 
century. Glasgow, 1906. Portrait. 


"First printed as introduction to Messrs. Mac- 
Lehoae's edition of Hakluyt's Voyages, April 
1905 L*2a74.45]. Now revised and reissued sepa- 
rately, 1906. 

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A tramp's note-book. London, 1904. 


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vised and enlarged by Charles McMillan. 
3d edition. New York, 1905. IHus. Dia- 
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Handatlas iiber alle Theile der Erde und 
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The other side of the lantern. An account 
of a commonplace tour round the world. 
London, 1905. Plates. 6365.73 

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Geschichte der Erdkenntnis und der sreo- 
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such einer Wurdigung beider in ihrer 
Bedeutung fur die Kulturentwicklung 
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Illus. . Portraits. Maps. ^6383.89 

Uebersicht der Hauptquellenwerke, Teil a, pp. 

ia. The Orient 

Abbott, George Frederick 
Through India with the Prince. New 
York, 1906. Plates. Map. 3045.351 

The author accompanied Their Royal Highnesses 
the Prince and Princess of Wales as special cor- 
respondent of the Calcutta Statesman. 

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At the gates of the East: a book of travel 
among historic wonderlands. London, 
1906. Plates. 507443 

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A geographical account of countries round 
the Bay of Bengal, 1669 to 1679. Edited 
by Lt.-Col. Sir Richard Carnac Temple, 
Bart . . . Cambridge, 1905. Plates. Map. 
[Hakluyt Society.] ^3374.90 

Inserted is a list of the Society's publications 
and members, and an Index to the first and 
second series of publicationa, 1847-1904. 

Challaye, F61icien. 
Au Japon et en Extreme-Orient Paris, 
1905* 3019.310 

Contents. — Le Japon modeme. — Lafcadio Heam. 

— La Fontaine de Jouvcnce. Un conte japonais. 

— A Vladivostock. Journal d'un expuls^ — Une 
excursion au pays des Moys. — De Batavia i 
Toscari. — L'Inde. Quelques hommes et quelques 

Crooke, William. 
Things Indian: being discursive notes on 
various subjects connnected with India. 
New York, 1906. 3045.347 

Brief articles, alphabetically arranged, on "quaint 
and curious matters connected with the country." 

Crosby, Oscar Terry. 
Tibet and Turkestan: a journey through 
old lands and a study of new conditions. 
New York, 1905. Plates. Map. 504541 
Curtis, William Eleroy. 
Egypt, Burma and British Malaysia. Chi- • 
cago, 1905. Portraits. Plates. Map. 

Modern India. Chicago, 1905. Plates. 
Map. Plan. 3044.198 

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Kaukasus: Reisen und Forschungen im 
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Berlin, 1905, 06. Illus. Maps. *3o6z.i43 
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India of to-day. London, 1905. Plates. 




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China and her people: being the observa- 
tions, reminiscences and conclusions of 
an American diplomat. [Edited by F. 
B. T.] Boston, 1906. 2 v. Portraits, 
Plates. Map. 3018.371 

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A summer ride through western Tibet. 
London, 1906. Plates. Map. Facsim- 
ile. 5045-82 
Duvesrrier, Henri. 1840-1892. 
Sahara alg6rien et tunisien. Journal de 
route . . . public par Ch. Maunoir et H. 
Schirmer. Pr^c^d^ d'une biographic de 
H. Duve3rrier, par Ch. Maunoir. Paris, 
1905. Facsimiles. 3051.939 
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Le peuple chinois: ses moeurs et ses insti- 
tutions. 2ime Edition. Paris, 1906. 

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•Ventures among the Arabs in desert, tent, 
and town: thirteen years of pioneer mis- 
sionary life with the Ishmaelites of 
Moab, Edom, and Arabia. Boston, I90<;. 
Portraits. Plates. Maps. 3048.366 

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Unter Chinesen und Tibetanem ... 2. 
Auflage. Rostock i. M., 1905. Illus. Por- 
trait. Map. 30X3.300 
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La route de Tlnde. Paris, 1903. Illus. 

Portraits. Maps. *304oa.x67 

Popular account of early Toyages to India. 

Hall, Harold Fielding Patrick. 
A people at school. London, 1906. 3045.X79 

On "the Burmeie aa a race, or nation." 

Hardy, Edward John. 
John Chinaman at home: sketches of men, 
manners and things in China. New 
York, 1905. Plates. 30x6.339 

Hart, Jerome A. 
A Levantine log-book. New York, 1905. 
Plates. 5074-40 

Hatch, Ernest Frederick George. 
Far Eastern impressions. Japan — Korea 
— China. London, 1904. Plates. Maps. 

30x4.x 39 

Havell, Ernest Binfield. 

Benares, the sacred city. Sketches of 

Hindu life and religion. London, 1905. 

Illus. 3044.304 

Contain! a chapter on Buddhiam. 

Heam, Lafcadio. 1850-1904. 
Japan: an attempt at interpretation. New 
York, 1905. Colored plate. = 30x9.338 
Jourdain, John. -1619. 
Journal, 1608-1617, describing his experi- 
ences in Arabia, India, and the Malay 
Archipelago. Edited by William Fos- 
ter. Cambridge, 1905. [Haklu3rt So- 
ciety.] ^3374.93 
Kelly, R. Talbot. 
Burma painted & described by R. Talbot 
Kelly. London, 1905. Colored plates. 
Map. 3045-345 
Knox, George William. X853-. 
Imperial Japan, the country & its people. 
London, 1905. Plates. 30x4.140 

Langren, Arnold Florenz van. 
Exacta & accurata delineatio cum orarum 
maritimarum turn etiam locorum terres- 
trium quae in regionibus China, Cauchin- 
china, Camboja . . . uni cum omnium 
vicinarum insularum descriptione . . . 
1595- [Photographic reproduction, by 
Baldwin Coolidge. Boston, 1906.] Sil- 
ver print. = No. 15 in *Map X06.3 
The title is repeated in Dutch. 

Lees, George Robinson. 
. Village life in Palestine. New edition, en- 
larged. London, 1905. Plates. 3049«X95 
Legendre, Aime Fr. 
Le Far- West chinois. Deux ann^es au 
Setchouen. R6cit de voyage, 6tude geo- 

fraphique, sociale et economique. 2C 
dition. Paris, 1905. Plates. Map. 


Little, Alicia Bewicke. 
Round about my Peking garden. London, 
1905. Portrait. Plates. 30X3.X98 

Contaiiis deecriptioiis of other placet in China. 

little, Archibald John. 

The Far East Oxford, 1905. Maps. [The 

regions of the world.] 3043.308 

Meistermann, Barnab6, O.F.M. 

La ville de David. Paris, 1905. Plates. 

Maps. Diagrams. 3043.339 

Mersbacher, Gottfried. 
The central Tian Shan Mountains, 1909- 
1903. London, 1905. Plates. Map. 


Published nnder the authority of the Royal Geo- 
graphical Society. 

Murray, Alexander Henry Hallam. 
The high-road of empire. ^ Water-colour 
and pen-and-ink sketches in India. New 
York, 1905. Illus. 3045.344 

The plates are colored. 

Mygind, Eduard. 
Vom Bosporus zum Sinai. Erinnerungen 
an die Einweihung der Hamidi6-Pilger- 
bahn des Hedjas (Teilstrecke Damas- 
kus — ^Ma'an). Leipzig, 190.^. 98 pp. 
Illus. Portraits. Map. 3044.X96 

Oakley, Ebenezer Sherman. 
Holy Himalaya: the religion, traditions, 
and scenery of a Himalayan province 
(Kumaon and Garwhil). Edinburirh, 
1905. Plates. Vignettes. 3047-349 

Pannier. Jacques, and Mme. Jacques Pan- 
Trois ans en Indochine. Notes de voyage. 
Toulouse, 1906. Illus. Portraits. Maps. 
Vignette. 30x3.303 

Percival, William Spencer. 
Twenty years in the Far East Sketches 
of sport, travel and adventure. [Edited 
by Mary Percival.1 London. [1905.I 
Portrait. Plates. 3043.3x0 

Pettit, Charles. 
Fays de mousm^s, pays de guerre! Paris. 

[1905-] 30x9.318 

Sketchea of Japan and Japanese mannera asd cm- 
toma by a correspondent of Le tempa. 



Rawling, Cecil Godfrey. 
The great plateau: beinff an account of ex- 
ploration in central Tibet, 1903, and of 
the Gartok expedition* 1904-1905. Lon- 
don, 1905. Plates. Maps. 504543 
Recs, Willem Adriaan van. 
Indiscbe typen en krijgrstafereelen. 
Nicuwe . . . uitgave. Rotterdam. [1906?] 
lUns. 3042.3x3 
Renter. Hdnrich LndwiR Christian Fritz. 
De meckelnborgrscben Montecchi un Capu- 
letti, Oder de reis' nab' Konstantinopel. 
Hcransgefreben von K. T. Gaedertz. 
Lcipzigr. ri9o«;.1 4896.50.479 
Ropprccbt Marie Luitpold Ferdinand, Prinz 
von Bayem. 
Reise-Erinnemngen aus Ost-Asien. Mun- 
chen, 1906. 3044.000 
Sanain, Paul, 1856- , and Fritz Sarasin. 

Reisen in Celebes ausgefuhrt in den Jahren 
1893-1896 und 1902-1903. Wiesbaden, 
1905. 3 V. Illus. Maps. 3046.190 

Veneichiiis wichtigerer Schriften fiber Cdebet, 
▼oL a, pp. 366-375. 

Seno, Matilde. 
In the country of Jesus. Translated by 
Richard Davey. New York, 1905. Plates. 

Shidzuoka, Prefecture, Japan. 
Shidzuoka Prefecture, Japan. Its prod- 
ucts & resources. Specially prepared 
for The Universal Exposition. St. Louis. 
1904. rShidzuoka, 1904. 1 27 cols. Illus. 
Portrait Maps. = 3OZ4.X39 

Somerset Ehigraving Company. 
Map showing Manuchuria, Korea and 
Japan. Boston, 1904. Scale, 30 miles to 
I mch. No. 28 in *Map Z07.9 

Steel, Flora Annie. 
India. T Painted] By Mortimer Menpes. 
Text by Flora Annie Steel. London. 
[1905] Colored plates. 3045.149 

Tomer, Samuel, F.R.G.S. 
Siberia: a record of travel, climbing and 
exploration. London, 1905. Illus. Por- 
traits. Maps. 3064.339 
Underwood, Lillias Horton. 
With Tommy Tompkins in Korea. Nein 
York. [1905.1 Illus. 30Z9.azfl 
Walker ICartiiiez, Carlos. 
Cartas de Jerusal6n. [Nueva edici6n.] 
Santiago de Chile, 1904. = 3048.976 
Weiasbach, Franz Heinnch. 
Das Stadtbild von Babylon. Leipzig, 1904. 
32 pp. Illus. Maps. FDer alte Orient.] 

No. 4 in 304a.a3a5 
Welcome Society, Tokio, Japan. 
Map of Japan. [§th edition. Tdkv5, 1905.] 
Scale, 34.7+ miles to z inch. Folded. = 

*Map zo6a.Z5 
Usefol notes and itineraries for travelling 
in Japan. Tokyo. [1905.] 34 pp. = 

Whitney* Caspar W. 
Jungle trails and jungle people: travel, 
adventure and observation in the Far 

East New York, Z905. Plates. 304849 
In India, Sumatra, tha Malay Peninaula, and 

Wilson, Charles Thomas. 

Peasant life in the Holy Land. London, 
1906. Illus. 3048.378 

Wit, Augusta de. 

Java facts and fancies. Philadelphia, 1906. 

Illus. 5041*75 

Zus^yer, Erich. 

Eine Reise durch Vorderasien im Jahre 
1904. Berlin, 1905. Illus. Maps. 
Kany of the plates are colored. 3043*934 


Arcber, Francis Bissett. 
The Gambia Colony and Protectorate. 
An official handbook. London. [1906.] 
Illus. Portraits. Maps. 3053.305 

Aubin, Eugene. 
Le Maroc d'aujourd'hui. Paris, 1904. Col- 
ored maps. 3059.348 
Morocco of to-day. London^ 1906. Maps. 

Cator, Dorothy. 

Everyday life among the head-hunters, 
and other experiences from east to west 
London. 1905. Portraits. Plates. 3058.283 
Travela in Borneo and on the west coaat of 
Dunning, Harry Westbrook. 
To-day on the Nile. New York, T905. 
Plates. Map. 3058^189 

Du Taillis, Jean. 
Le Maroc pittoresque illustr6 . . . d'apr&s 
les photographies de I'auteur. Paris. 
[1905.1 Portraits. Map. Plan. 3058.293 
Fisher, Ruth B. 

On the borders of pigmy land. New York, 

1905. Portrait Plates. 3056.370 
Experiences In Central Africa. 

Francois, Gustave. 
Notre colonic du Dahomey: sa formation, 
son d^veloppemcnt, son avenir. Paris, 

1906. Illus. Portraits. 3053.397 
Bibliographie, pp. 10, fz. 

GannierSy Arthur de. 
Le Maroc d'aujourd'hui, d'hier et de de- 
main. Nouvelle Edition. Paris. [1906.] 
Illus. Map. 3055.334 

Gayet, Albert Jean. 
Coins d'figypte ignores. Paris, 1905. 

Geil, William Edgar. 
A Yankee in pigmy land: a journey across 
Africa from Mombasa through the great 
pigmy forest to Banana. New York, 
1905. Portraits. Plates. Map. 3057.186 
Genthe, Siegfried. 
Marokko: Reiseschilderungen. 2. Auf- 
lage. Berlin, 1906. Plates. 6367.33.3 
Gleichen, Albert Edward Wilfred, Count, 
The Anglo-Egyptian Sudan: a compen- 
dium prepared by officers of the Sudan 
government London, 1905. 2 v. Illus. 
Portraits. Maps. *305z.a3a 

Bibliography and cartography of the Sudan, pp. 


Guerville, Amed^e Baillot de. Vane, Fisher. 

New Egypt. London, 1905. lUus. For- Back to the mines; or, tailinRS from the 

traits. 3053<3o: Randt. London, 1903. 30590.308 

Harding, Colin. 1863-. Ward, John, F.S.A. 1832-. 

In remotest Barotseland: being an account Our Sudan: its pyramids and progress, 

of a journey of over 8,000 miles through London, 1905. Illus. Portraits. Map. 

the wildest and remotest parts of Le- ^ 305x.aa3 

wanika's empire. London, 1905. Illus. Willcocks, Sir William. M.I.C.E. 1852-. 

Portraits. Maps. 3056.355 The Nile in 1904. London. 1904. Maps. 

Hayes, Arthur John. Diagrams. 3051.9x7 

The source of the Blue Nile: a record of a Zabcl, Rudolf. 1876-. 

journey. London, 1905. Illus. Maps. Im muhammedanischen Abendlande. 

3048.274 Tagebuch einer Reise durch Marokko. 
Hentze, Willy. Altenburg, S.-A., 1905. Illus. Maps. 
Am Hofe des Kaisers Menelik von Abes- 3051.230 
sinien. Leipzig. [1905.] Illus. Por- 
traits. Facsimile. 3053.309 /^^^-•«2— 
Jennings, James Willis, 1866- , and UCCanica. 
Christopher Addison. 1865^. a^ *i • t 1 
With the Abyssinians in Somaliland. ^^^^ ^S *^^ , x,t . 

London, 1905. Plates. Map. Plan. ^If^'**" l*T\xJ^^-. ^^''^"- 3045-255 

30C3.303 Atkinson, Fred Washington. 

Lemoine Paul ^^^ Philippine Islands. Boston. [1905.1 

Mission dans le Maroc occidental (au- «_J""i- Portraits. Maps. 304«b.a9 

tomnei904). Paris, 1905. Illus. Maps. ^ !'. f°^^* c'' .u c 1 t a 

Geological sections. 3059.263 Notes from my South Sea log. London^ 

Machat, J Rnvl^l Portrait. 3049^ 

Guinee frangaise. Les rivieres du sud et ''"jcy* •«=•• v^« ... . ^ . ^ .._ 

le Fouta-Diallon. Geographic physique Australian life in town and country. New 

et civilisations indigenes. Paris. 1906. York. 1905. Plates. [Our AsiaUc neigh- 

Maps. •305x!237 a.^^^^\ y^Ul ^"^^ 

There are bibHc^raphie. with the separate divi- ^^g^^^'e^rrpS of Victoria. Melbourne. 

«on8 of the subject [1903.] Ulus Portraits. Maps. 

MacmiUan & Company, publishers. ^ 304oa.27A 

Guide to Egypt and the Sudan, including iggdhard, Jacob. 1879-. ^^ 

a description of the route through ^he Filipino in cvery-day life. [Chicago.] 

Uganda to Mombasa 3d edition^ Lon- Portrait Plates. 30496.31 

don, 1905. Maps. Plans. 5059a-X30 Lc R^ James A 

Books upon Egypt, ancient and modem, pp. 169, Philippine life in town and country. New 
*7®" York, 1905. Plates. [Our Asiatic neigh- 
Marcel, Jean. bours.l 3049b.3a 
Terre d'epouvante. Dix-huit mois dans les MacDonald, J. R. 
domaines du souverain Leopold. Paris, Geography of New Zealand for senior pu- 
1905. 3059*234 pils in the public schools. Wellington, 
About conditions in the Congo. N. Z., I903. Illus. 29 maps. = 3044.98 

Marin, Eugene. Abb6. New Zealand Mail. [Christmas number.] 

Algerie— Sahara— Soudan. Vie, travaux. Beautiful Maoriland. [Wellington, N. Z., 

voyages de M«r Hacquard des P^res 1905] 59 PP. lUus. Portraits. = 

Blancs (1860-1901), d'apres sa corres- * 

pondance. Avec une preface du com- Stevenson, Margaret Isabella, 

mandant Hourst. Paris, 1905. Illus. Letters from Samoa 1891-1895. Edited by 

Portraits. Maps. 3051.321 Marie Clothilde Balfour. New York, 

Maurette, Fernand. 1906. Portraits. Plates. 4547.2x8 

Mission scientifique Du Bourg de Bozas. An account of life with her ion, Robert Louis 

De la Mer Rouge i I'Atlantique k tra- Stevenson, 
vers I'Afrique tropicale (Octobre 1900- 

mai 1903). Paris, 1906. Illus. Por- -^ - -o • 

traits. Maps. 3051-235 Folar Kegions. 

Prepared from the joumali of the late Vicomte 

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3053.307 .j.jj^ prefatory note is by Fridtjof Nanaen. ^'^ 


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An »panaion of the German original of hit Cen- Scale, I kilometer to I millimeter. 

tiai Europe I6M76.69I. No. 77 in •Map 67.6 



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Contains material relating to automobiles. 

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= 2639.Z08 


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Deicribea a tojoum at Wenlock Abbey. 

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The humours of Scottish life. Edinburgh, 

1904- 2463^8 



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Other memories old and new. Edinburgh, 

1904. Portrait. 9478.ZIZ 

Tremts chiefly of Scotch manncrt and cnttoma. 

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Illus. Plan. 9497.189 

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More famous houses of Bath & district. 
Being the second series of that work. 
With an introduction by Egerton 
Castle. Bath, 1906. Illus. Portraits. 


The fint terica of this work may be found on 
dielf'>nnmber ^2463.45. 

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Pilgrimages to old homes [in England]. 
Didsbury, 1906. Illus. Portraits. 

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cences of sixty years of an American's 
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Illustrated guide to Corwen and neigh- 
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Scottish life and character. Painted by H. 
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Notes of English manners and customs. Some 
of the plates are colored. 
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The Blackmore country. With , . . illus- 
trations from photographs by C. W. 
Barnes Ward. London, 1906. Map. 


The Blackmore country includes parts of Devon 
and Somerset 

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Selborne f England]. London, 1905. 98pp. 
Illus. [Temple topographies.] 94698.193 

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In Thamesland. Being the gossiping 
record of rambles through England 
from the source of the Thames to the 
sea. New York, 1906. Portrait. Illus. 
Map. 9464.Z83 

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The Canterbury pilgrimages. With . . . 
illustrations, photographed by Catha- 
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Relates to Saint Thomas k Becket 

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London to the Nore. Painted by W. L. 
Wyllie. London, 1905. Illus. Colored 
plates. 3493.283 

Somerset House past and present. Lon- 
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North British Raflway. 
Illustrated official guide to hotels and 
furnished lodgings . . . 1904. Edin- 
buTRh. ri904.1 Illus. Map. = 6536.64 
Palmer* William Thomas. 1877-- 
The English lakes. Painted by A. Heaton 
Cooper. London, 1905. Colored plates. 
Map. 9466.Z47 

Richards* John Morgan. 184I' 
With John Bull and Jonathan. Reminis- 

McClymont, James Alexander. 
Greece. Painted by John Fulleylove. De- 
scribed bv J. A. M'Clymont. London, 
1906. Colored plates. Map. 3074.193 

Italy. The Mediterranean. 

Ball, Eustace Alfred Reynolds-. 
Rome: a practical guide to Rome and its 
environs. London, 1906. 8 colored 
plates. 3 maps. [Black's Guide-books.] 

Bibliography, pp. 248-351. 9769.XZ8 


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Brown, Horatio Robert Forbes. Plates. 4864.60 
In and around Venice. New York, 1905. 
Plates. 3768.92 

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Two in Italy. With illustrations from k«bw«. 

drawings by John Elliott Boston 190S. Gauticr, Th^ophile. 1808-1872. 

Harr&stus John Cuthbert ^'^"^^ ^^ Th6ophile dautier, and by 

D^ys S Romf 4th ^^^ by St Clair ^'^^'^ distinguished French travellers 

^^^l^lJ^^^'nndnn T^ Porh^a^t ^^^ writers of note. Translated . . . 

Plates ^Mao' ^' %^t^ ^^^ «" additional chapter upon the 

Sicil?."- New^Y^g^S. Illus. Maps. ^^'^"^^ f'^^J 2 v. Portraits. Pla^. 

Plans. 2738.37 Vm^fttmr AU^^A rfi^fv- *^^ 

Hutchinson. Sirjoseph Turner, and CUude "^•^'uropalrche fuTisland. Eine Studie 

4 t. iv f '^7™™" y . zur Geographie des Menachen. Leipzig, 

A handbook of Cyprus. Londonjigos. igos. Maps. 3067^ 

Button Ed /d **" " Vmnri; LuiRi. 

Italy'and the ItaUans. New York. 1903. ^",^5 "pu[e?' '^'** '^^^°'^' ^SSSl 

ir-;.A»**15.„^-P: T ,^„ *'**•'' Wallace," Sir Donald Mackenzie. 1841-. 

KmgBt. FbllUpma. l^dy. Rnssia. Revised and in n-eat oart rewrit- 

H^^t ^"tSt^Jc'^l'.^'AT l^T^y^'l^ tir New Y^rk? ws!^ M 

Italy, 1776-1795. Edited by Lady Ehott- ^^^^ _. -js 3o6a.^ 

Drake. London, 1905. Portraits. Plates. ^^^^ ^^^^' 3ooa.3» 
Genealogical chart 4541.147 

"... worth reading . . , for the pietoret they e.».i— Trn.^i..nfi 

preieat of eodety In Italy ..."- Pr»/«». ®P**^ PortHgtL 

McCracken, Laura. Fitsgerald, Sybil 

Gubbio. past & present London. 1905. i^ the track of the Moors: sketches in 

m* r^^i'"*JiJ- .A^' . *Po' ^7^9^97 Spain and Northern Africa. London, 

Mar6chal, Charles Henri. 1842-. j^^^ m^^ Colored plates. ^30908.1x9 

Rome: souvenirs d'un musicien, avec une Pord, Richard. 1796-1858. 

preface de Jules Claretie. Paris, 1904. Letters. Edited by Rowland E. Prothero. 

2709.2x6 London, 1905. Portraits. Plates. Fac- 

Noyes, Ella. similes. 8093.X57 

The Casentino and its story. Illustrated Relates to the author's travels in Spain, 

in colovr & line by Dora Noyes. Lon- Hay, John. 1838-1905. 

don, 190S. 3703^9 Castilian days. With illustrations by Jo- 

Paget, Violet 1856-. seph Pennell, Boston, 1904. Illus. 

The spirit of Rome: leaves from a diary. 3'>9D.4Q 

By Vernon Lee [pseud.]. London, i9Gd a few chapters are omitted from this edition. 

m s. ^ %ji r ' T>. rr /- j 37598.88 Hutton, Edward. 

Watcrficld, Lma Duff Gordon. xhe cities of Spain. With 24 illustrations 

Concise and practical guide to Rome in colour by A. Wallace Rimington . . . 

London. 190S. Plate. Map. a739a.76 New York, 1906. Portraits. Map. 

Wermert, Georg. 1859-. 

Die Insel Sicilien in yolkswirtschaftlicher, An account of the artistic features o? 

kultureller und sozialer Beziehung. Ber- cities. 

Iin,i905. Map. a76x.jx Martincnchc, Ernest. 

Propos d'Espagne. Paris, 1905. 3098^x0 

„ - - - Quillardet, Marie. 

Netnerlanda. Espagnols et Portugals chez eux. Paris. 

Eudcl, Paul. Suaii^^irre S J 3098411a 

La Hollande et les Hollandais. Impres- L'Espagne, terre d'6pop^e. Les vicilles 

sions de voyage, mceurset coutumes, vilfcs et leurs souvenirs. Paris, 1005. 

histoire et anecdotes, villes et rues. Plates aooSlaxS 

mus«Ses et monuments. Paris, I9<^ Thirlmcrc,' Rowland. 

T ^®^^f "• ^ „ „ 4868^0 Letters from CaUlonia and other parts of 

Lucas, Edward Verrall. ^ ^^ ^ , Spain. London, 1905. 2 v. Illus. 3098^x4 

A wanderer m Holland. New York, 1905. Watson, Gilbert 

Plates. Map. 4B66.54 Sunshine and sentiment in PortURal. 

Many plates are colored. London, 1904. Plate. 


WSBamB, Leonard. Bordeaux, Albert. ^ . 

Granada memories, adventures, studies La Guyane inconnue. Voyage a 1 interieur 

and impressions. London, 1906. Illus. de la Guyane frangaise. Paris, 1906. 

3095.200 Map. a369a,iax 

Brasil. Brief notice on the State of Matto- 

Switierland. The A^m. Grosso. (Official publication.) Rio de 

Janeiro, 1904. 40 pp. = 44^*99 

CooHdg«. William Augustus Brevoort. CappcUc, Herman van. ^ , , ^ 

Josias Simler et les origines de I'Alpinisme Au traversdes forcts vierges de la Guyane 

msqu'en 1600. Grenoble, 1904. Portraits. hoUandaisc. Baarn, 1905. Illus. Map. 

Plates. Facsimiles. 4863.53 ^ ^ ^ . , 44M.165 

Lancrcnon, Marie Paul Mathieu. 1857-. Carrasco, Gabriel. 

Impressions d'hivcr dans les Alpes. De De Buenos Aires al Neuqu^n. Rcsefia 

la mcr bleue au mont Blanc. Paris, 1906. gcogrifica — industrial — administra- 

Illus. Map. 486440 tiva. Buenos Aires, 1902. = 44603.134 

Vincent, John Martin. ^w'^t^'V^Ar t. * t,- u.v u a 

Switzerland at the beginning of the six- Wirtschafthchc, naturgeschichtliche und 

tecnth century. Baltimore, 1904. 61 pp. climatologische Abhandlungen aus 

[Johns Hopkins University studies in Paraguay. Munchen, 1904. Plates 

historical and political science.] m* • -o t? 4402.151 

BibUocrmphy, pp. 58, 59- •a356.69.aa Martm, Percy F. / r c *u a 

Through five republics (of South Amer- 
ica). A critical description of Argentina, 

TXxrksy. Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and Venezuela in 

1905. London, 1905. Plates. Colored 

Van Mimnffcn, Alexander. ^ ™aps- , . 4465.aox 

ConsUntmople. Painted by Warwick 0"fP> ^"^f' ^uis. 

Goble. Described by Alexander Van Chile contempor4neo. Santiago de Chile, 

MilUngen. London, 1906. Colored -, ^^^Jr , ,, , .„ 4465^3 

plates Map. 3087.140 ^^2P^^' Charies Melville. 

Panama to Patagonia. The Isthmian 
Canal, and the west coast countries of 

America* South America. Chicago, 1906. Por- 
traits. Plates. Maps. 4467.Z73 

Arthur, Richard. Rfo, Manuel £., and Luis Ach&val. 

Ten thousand miles in a yacht. Round Geografia de la Provincia de C6rdoba. 

the West Indies and up the Amazon. Buenos Aires, 1904, 05. Text, 2 v; Atlas, 

New York, 1906. Illus. Portrait. Maps. Plates, Maps. = *Cab.70.z8.6 

6a67.zoz Vacano, Max Josef von. 

Elter, Anton. Buntes Allerlei aus Argentinien: Streif- 

De Henrico Glareano geographo et anti- . lichter auf ein Zukunftsland. Berlin, 

quissima forma 'Americae' commenta- 1905. Illus. Map. 446z.ao4 

tio. Bonnae. [1896.] 30 col., (i) pp. Wiborg, Frank. 

Portrait. Maps. Facsimiles. ♦6a8a.87 A commercial traveller in South America. 

Gnndc, Stefano. . ^. ^. ^ , ,. New York, 1905. Plates. Map. 4469a.z95 
Le carte d America di Giacomo Gastaldi. 
Contributo alia storia del la cartografia 

del secolo VI. Torino, 1905. 6 maps. -, ^ - ^ -s ««r . ▼ j. 

*aa83.zo5 Central America. West Indies. 

Last, Agnes Christian. _, ^. , *, * .,1 
Vikings of the Pacific The adventures of Pwcr, Charies Melville, 
the explorers who came from the west, Guatemala: the country of the future. 
eastward New York, Z90S. Illus. Por- Washm^on, D. C, 1906. 80 pp. Por- 
traits. Maps. a369a.zz7 ,„ traits. Plates. = 4468.Z8Z 

Paltaita, Victor Hugo. Wegener, Georg Fnednch. 

Maps illustrating eariy discovery and ex- *^«j?«» >™ westindischen Mittelmcer: 

ploration in America, 1502-1530. . . . E*^^*«?. "^ Studien m den Antillen, 

Issued under the direction of Edward Colombia, Panania und Costa Rica, im 

Luther Stevenson . . . [Review. New fehr« W3. 2. Auflage. Berlin. 1904. 

York, Z90S.1 5 PP. = ♦6a8aJ8 Plates. Maps. 4366.az6 
This eoncedoB of maps is on ihdf-na *M«p 49.6. 

Scmdi Azneiica. Canada. Newfoundland* 


Argentine Republic. Ministerio de agricul- British Columbia. Provincial Bureau of In- 

tnra. formation. 

Sketch of the Argentine Republic as a ^&P of the northern interior of British 

conntry for immigration, ad edition. Columbia, shewing undeveloped areas. 

(Latest data.) Buenos Aires. 1904. Victoria, 1904. Scale, Z5.6 miles to z 

Plates. Maps. = 446z.ao9 inch. No. Z3 in *Map aa,z 




Department of Agriculture. 
Canada: its history, productions and 
natural resources. The Universal and 
International Exhibition, Liege, 1905. 
Ottawa, 1905. Plates. Maps. = 


Department of the Interior. 

Homes for millions in western Canada's 
vast agricultural domain. Ottawa. 
[1904] 32 pp. Illus. Maps. 4462.183 

Resource map of the Dominion of Can- 
ada. [Ottawa.] 1905. Scale, 197.3 
miles to i inch. = *Map xoi3.a3 

Bound with the map it Sutiatict of the Dominion 

of Canada , ao pp. 

Chase, Eliza Brown. 
In quest of the quaint Illustrations by the 
writer. Philadelphia, 1902. 44698.203 
A itoiy of travel in Canada. 

Frascr, John Foster. 
Canada as it is. London, 1905. Plates. 

Grenfell, Wilfred Thomason. 
Off the rocks. Stories of the deep-sea 
fisherfolk of Labrador. With an intro- 
duction by Henry Van Dyke. Philadel- 
phia, 1906. Plates. 4466.249 
Holloway, Robert Edwards. 
Through Newfoundland with the camera. 
St. Johns, 1905. Plates. Maps. 44608.136 
Intercolonial Railway. 
Forest, stream and seashore. N. p. 1905. 
Illus. = 4466.24X 
A guide-book to eaatem Canada. 

Le Sage, Jules S. 
Notes et impressions de chez nous. [Par] 
Claude Paysan [pseud.]. Quebec, 1903. 

= 4469a.Z97 

Sketchea of life In Canada. 

Lumsden, Rev. James. 
The skipper parson: on the bays and bar- 
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Portrait Plates. 4469a.2oz 

The experiencea of a Methodiat miniater in New- 

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= 9389a.Z94 

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cludinR Labrador and St Pierre. Lon- 
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Containa chapten on fiahing, ihooting, etc, by 
varioua writsn. 

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United States. 

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A first reprint of the London edition of i843> 
Contains sn extensive account of the American 

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New York as Washington knew it after the 
Revolution. New York, igoS- Illus. 
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A folder with a panorama of Atlanta on tne back. 

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Audubon's western journal: 1849-1850; 
being the MS. record of a trip from New 
York to Texas, and an overland journey 
through Mexico and Arizona to the 
gold-fields of California. With a bio- 
graphical memoir by Maria R. Audubon. 
Introduction, notes, and index by Frank 
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trait. Plates. Map. 447z.z7g 

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The South Meeting-House, (1669-1729). 
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own camera and collection of photo- 
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Relates to travel in the Wett 

Boston Elevated Railway Companv. 

Central part of Boston Elevated Railway 
system, showing connections . . . A. L. 
Plimpton, civil engineer. [Map.] Bos- 
ton, 1904. Scale, 1200 feet to i inch. 
Folded. = *Map 10x5.36 

Boston Evening Transcript. 
Stranger's directory. [Boston, 1905.] 11 

pp. Maps. =: ^359^x39 

A guide-oook of Boston. 


Brasfton* Georfce B. Derrah, Robert H. (Continued.) 

rPanoramic view of Boston from the Post By trolley through western New England. 

Office building. Photograph. Boston. Boston, 1904. Illus. Maps. =: 

1904.1 Silver print *Map39'io ♦4?59a.x38 

Takni for reprodttction in the Boiton Sunday Farmington Old Home Week Association. 

"~ Souvenir of Farmington, New Hampshire. 

Burrill, Ellen Mudge [Compiled by Adelaide Cilley Waldron. 

The Stotc House.' Boston. 2d edition. Farmington, 1904.] 30 pp. Illus. Por- 

Boston. 190S. Plate. = a3S9a.ii4 « jf***" =^,. „ 443m6o 

Califonila. Fordham, Elias Pym. 

Louisiana Purchase Exposition Commis- ^\"°"V °?^^^»^^ ^^ t^P^Js J.^ Virginia, 

glQQ Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, 

riiftf^raia. :♦• «v..^«4««^i.<i •.^e^.*^^^.^ ;« Kentucky; and of a residence in the Illi- 

uaijtomia: its products, resources, m- «^:„ t^^iJ:*^.,.. ,Qt^ ^QtQ vau^a k« 

Sacramento. 1904. Illus. 4479.323 Selected kit of contemporary travels, pp. a39- 

A collection of artidca by numerous writers. « t^* P 1 

^'ReliK! miS map of California. T^edeven eaglets of the West New York 

[Sacramento.] 190^ = ^ l?2?;ia to the Western States. ^^ ^ 

'^^if^n'^r^ ""iP^^'^^^^^^^^ '^"Set'Jeerof I^tn Territory. Wash- 

??^ V"*ir" aX^^ \ brief description of ington, 1905. 70 pp. [United States. 

?^ &*V^ir^°?°*^ ^^^.^'^ -^1?^°/ • • Geological Survey.] = •787a.5S.a48 

By H. P. Wood. I^uisiana Purchase Gate-way, The, to the Orient [A descrip- 

Exposition edition. fSan Diego. 1004.I tive circular of the State of Washing- 

f^ ^u^^" /i?^^^' = ., 4479a.a28 ton.] St Louis, 1904. 31 PP. Illus. = 

Chamber of Commerce. Sacramento, Cali- 4374.187 

fomia. Grregg, Josiah. 

Sacramento and its tributary country. Commerce of the prairies; or, the journal 

[Sacramento. X904?l 23 pp. Illus. of a Santa Fe trader during eight expe- 

oL^p. 4479.3x3 ditions across the great western praines. 

Chamber of Commerce^ Stockton, Califor- and a residence of nearly nine years in 

nia. northern Mexico. Plates. (In Thwaites. 

Stockton, California: why you should live Early western travels. Vol. 19, pp. 155- 

there. [Stockton, 1904. 1 62 pp. Illus. 349; Vol. 20. Cleveland, 1905.) 

4479.32Z 4473.a06.z9, 20 

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Souvenir edition. Cheyenne, 1905. 40 pp. Hall, Edward Hagaman. 

Illas. Portraits. Maps. 4370.134 McGown's Pass and vicinity: a sketch of 

Taken np with articles descriptive of Wyoming. the most interesting scenic and historic 

Chicago and North- Weatem Raflway. Pas- section of Central Park. New York. 

senger Department „ WS. 48 pp. Plates. Maps. = 4479a.23S 

Colorado. A complete tourists' guide to "^*^tS**' Charles. 1866-. 

the splendors of Colorado. Chicago. ^H Broadway of yesterday: a collection 

if%nA At nn T11«« Mao — am^^h^ of 20 pnnts of old Broadway, with a de- 

Clitfo^F^d H. "" sciption. [New York, 1905.] 4PP. Plates. 

In the Maine woods. Edition of 1905. Idaho. Bureau of Immigration, LaSJr'anS 

Bangor. [1905.I Illus. Maps. = Statistics. 

-, . - -,. . — . - -. ,. >389.ix9 The sunland of Idaho. Ada, Cassia, 

Cc»nnerciiU Ch*. The, Indianapolis. Canyon, Elmore, Washington. Boise, 

Facta about Indianapohs, Indiana. Indi- i^aho, 1905. 4« PP. Ulus. = 2379.153 

anapohs. [1905.] 4 PP. = 2379a.6 ir^in, William Henry. 1873-. 

^>*oimnc^ Conunittee of the Improvement The city that was. A requiem of old San 

Clubs of Berkeley, Cahfomia. Francisco. New York, 1906. 47 PP. 

Berkeley, California. A city of homes. 4479.33Z 

i Berkeley, Cal., 1906.] 8 pp. Plates. Occasioned by Uie earthquake of April 18, 1906. 

Cap. = , ^ .,. ^7?^*5X Jamea, Edwin, botanist. 1797-1861. 

DeuTer, Northwestern and Pacific Railway Account of an expedition from Pittsburgh 

Company. to the Rocky Mountains, 1819. 1820. 

Pictorial folder. [Denver, 1906.] 15 pp. Under the command of S. H. Long. 

lUus. Map. = 7658-362 [With Preliminary notice.1 Cleveland. 

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Boston-Worcester trolley air line. Bos- Early Western travels. Vols. 14-17.I 

too, 1903. 47 pp. lUus. = *4359a.z36 4473.206.14-17 

By trolley through eastern New England. The ''Preliminary notice" is reprinted from ToL 

Boston, 1905. Illus. Maps. = x of the Philadelphia edition [*4465.55]i the text 

*4359^Z37 ^'^"'^ ^^ London edition of zSaj C*4465.is6]. 



Jordan, Oliver J. 

Jordan's Outlook from Blue Hills, the 

highest point in eastern Massachusetts. 

[Boston, 1904.1 8 pp. lUus. Folded 

diap-am. = 43SS.141 

Kingj George R. 

[Views of Niagara Falls. Boston, 1905.] 

21 photographs. Sepia platinum, 

mounted. •Cab.80.a36.10 

Kmg, Moses. 

New York: King's Views. [New York, 

1905.1 96. pp. Plates. = •4470.129 

special edition presented by Electric Fire-proo^ 
ing Company. 

Klein, F61ix, Abb6. 
Au pays de "la vie intense." 7c Edition. 

Paris, 1905. 2363.127 

In the land of the strenuous life. Author's 

translation. Chicago, 1905. Portraits. 

Plates. 2363.Z28 

Travels in the United States and CanadaT 

Langford, Nathaniel Pitt. 1832-. 
Diary of the Washburn expedition to the 
Yellowstone and Firehole Rivers, in 
1870. [St. Piul, Minn., 1905.] Illus. Por- 
traits. Facsimiles. 3369.94 

Latrobe, Benjamin Henry. 1764-1820. 
Journal. Being the notes and sketches of 
an architect, naturalist and traveler in 
the United States from 1796 to 1820. 
With an introduction by J. H. B. La- 
trobe. New York, 1905. Illus. Portraits. 

T J ^ « 2347.XXI 

Leonard, Zenas. i8o9-i85a 

Leonard's Narrative. Adventures of Zenas 

Leonard, fur trader and trapper, 1831- 

1836. Reprinted from the rare original 

of 1839. Edited by W. F. Wagner. 

Cleveland, 1904. Portraits. Plate. Fac- 

simile. Maps. 2372.1x5 

Lc Roy, Albert A. 
Pine Tree Inn, Lakehurst, New Jersey. 
Season of 1905-1906. [Lakehurst, N. J., 
1906.] 20 pp. Illus. Map. = 447Qa.2dQ 

Lundin, Philip G. 

[View of Boston Common, looking north 
from the corner of Boylston and Charles 
Streets. Photograph. Boston, 1904.] 
Silver print No. 84 in •Map 34.x 

Marsh, Barton Walter. 

The Uncompahgre Valley and the Gunni- 
son Tunnel. A description. Montrose, 

Colo., 1905. Illus. 237Q.X4Q 


Board of Harbor and Land Commission- 
Atlas (Boston, 1905, 1906) of the bound- 
aries of (namely): 

Gloucester and Newburyport, Amesbury, 
Essex, Georgetown, Groveland, Hamil- 
ton, Ipswich, Manchester, Merrimac, 
Newbury, Rockport, Rowley, Salisbury, 
Topsfield, Wenham, West Newbury, 
Essex County. = •Map 137.2 

Haverhill, Lawrence, Andover, Boxford, 
Lynnfield, Methucn, Middleton, North 
Andover, Essex County; North Read- 
ing, Reading, Wilmington, Middlesex 
County. = •Mapx37.3 

MumeBota. State Auditor and Land Com- 
Great opportunities in Minnesota. St 
Paul. [190S.I 35 pp. Illus. Maps. 
Charts. = 4375.222 

Contains Moses Folsom's Minnesota: a great 

Minnesota Board of Managers for the Loui- 
siana Purchase Exposition. 
Minnesota. Brief sketches of its history, 
resources and opportunities. [St. Paul? 
1904.1 Illus. Maps. 4474.296 

Minnewaaka Mountain Houses, Minnewaska, 
New York. 
Season of 1905. E. A. & G. H. Smiley, pro- 
prietors. [Prospectus. Albany, 1905.] 
Illus. Maps. = 2389a.x98 

Moreau, Henri Georges. 
L'envers des fitats-Unis. Paris, 1906. 

Munk, Joseph Amasa. 1847-. 
Arizona sketches. New York. [1905.I 
Plates. 237X.X06 

New Hampshire. 
Board of Agriculture. 
New Hampshire farms available for 
summer homes. Concord, 1905. 42 pp. 
Illus. = 4436.273 

New Hampshire farms for summer 
homes. 3d edition. [Concord, N. H., 
1905.] 48 pp. Illus. Portraits. == 

New York Central and Hudson River Rail- 
1500 miles over the New York Central 
lines with H. R. H. Prince Henry of 
Prussia. March, 1902. [Folder. Buf- 
falo, 1902.1 Illus. Portraits. Maps. = 

O'Day, John Christopher. 

Oil wells in the woods. With illustrations 
by Ethel Farmer. Deposit, N. Y., 1906. 
Plates. ^2409.268 

A story of the oil wells in Pennsylvania. 

Ohlander, Marcus, compiler. 
Shreveport of to-day. Shreveport, La., 
1904- 54 PP' Illus. Portraits. = 4470.130 

[Old Boston. Collection of 105 views, maps, 
photographs, facsimiles, etc. Boston. 
I90-?1 2 V. *Cab.23.58.x 

Omaha Daily Bee illustrated jubilee year re* 
view. [Omaha, 1906.] 16 pp. Plates. 
Bird's eye view. *Cab.23.55.6 

Palmer, Robert M. 
Views of Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh, Pa.. 
1903. 32 pp. Plates. = 4370.128 

Pittman, Philip. 
The present state of the European settle- 
ments on the Mississippi, with a geo- 
graphical description of that river illus- 
trated by plans and draughts . . . An 
exact reprmt of the original edition, 
London, 1770; edited by Frank Hey- 
wood Hodder. Cleveland, 1906. Maps. 
Plans. ^3i5«87 

Price, William, Map-seller. 1685-1771. 
A south east view of y« great Town of Bos- 
ton in New England in America. [Fac- 



Price, William. (Continued,) 

simile by George Lamb. Boston, 1905. ] 
Bromide print. Framed. *Map 10x5.35 
Photographed from the unique copy in the Britiih 
Mnseom, which appears to be from the original 
plate of i7a3(?), with tome corrections of a later 
date pasted upon it 

Same. [Section, enlarged about 2.75 diame- 
ters.] No. 85 in *Map 34.x 
Rand, McNally ft Company. 
New handy map of Boston. Chicago. 
[1903.] Scale, 1320 feet to i inch. Folded. 
= *Map 10x5.32 
San Francisco. [Map.] Chicago, 1900. 
Scale, 2062^ feet to i inch. 

No. 46 in *Map 45.2 
Katon Range, The. Illustrated number. July^ 
1902; [Raton, New Mexico, 1902.I 30 
pp. lUus. Portraits. 4370.X3a 

WhoDy taken up with descriptions of Raton and 
the neighborhood. 

Record, The. Fargo, North Dakota. Vol. 9. 
no. 3. April, May, June, 1904. Fargo, 
1904- 36 pp. lUus. Map. [World's 
Fair series.] 4370.X30 

Revere, PanL 
A view of part of the Town of Boston in 
New-England and Brittish ships of war 
landing their troops. 1768. [Facsimile. 
Boston, 1902.1 Colored. 

No. 79 in *Map 34.x 
St. LoniBy Iron Mountain & Southern, and 
Little Rock & Fort Smith Railways. 
Land Department. 
Southwest Arkansas. [A descriptive cir- 
cular.] Little Rock. [ 1904-1 27 pp. 
Plates. = 4379b.x9 

Shepard, W. A., compiler. 
Resources of Placer County, California. 
Auburn, 1904. 24 pp. Illus. 44793^30 
Smead, William Henry. 
Land of the Flatheads. A sketch of the 
Flathead Reservation, Montana: its past 
and present; its hopes and possibilities 
of the future. Missoula, Montana. [1905.I 
Illus. Maps. a379.x36 

Includes more of Montana than the Flathead 



Frederic William. 1853-. 

The geography of Texas, physical and 

political. Boston. [ 1905-1 lUus. Maps. 

Charts. a379.xa4 

List of works oonsultcd, pp. T^viii 

Society of Iconophiles, New York. 
Brooklyn Ferry, Fulton Street, New York, 
engraved in aquatint by C. F. W. Mie- 
latz. [New York.] 1905. In case. 

No. 6 in •♦Cab.G.3^S 
St. Paul's Chapel and the Rutherford 
Honse, engraved in aquatint by C. F. W. 
Mielatz. [New York.] 1905. 

No. 7 in *Cab.G.3.85 
Soathem Field, The. Devoted to the agri- 
tural, manufacturing, mining and busi- 
ness interests of the country tributary 
to the Southern Railway. Vol. 9, no. S- 
Mississippi edition. Washington, D. C, 
1904. 16 pp. Illus. Map. 4370.xa6 

Steiner, Bernard Christian. 
Descriptions of Maryland. Baltimore, 

1904. 94 PP« [Johns Hopkins Univer- 
sity studies in historical and political 
science.] *a356.69.a9 

Bibliography, pp. 49-87.. 

Stevens, Henry N. 
Lewis Evans: his map of the Middle Brit- 
ish Colonies in America; a comparative 
account of ten different editions pub- 
lished between 1755 and 1807. London. 

1905. 48 pp. ♦23x7.90 

The X776 edition of this map ii on ■helf-nttmber 
No. I in *Map 157.9. 

Stevenson, Robert Louis. 
The amateur emigrant. The Silverado 
squatters. With a preface by Mrs. Ste- 
venson. New York, 1905. 46o9a.xo3 
Straubexmiueller, Gustave. 
A home geography of New York City. 
Boston. [1905.] Illus. 'Portraits. Maps. 

Tower, James Eaton, editor. 

Sprin^ield present and 

Spnngfield, 1905. Illus. 


Vianzone, Th^r^se. 

Impressions d'une Frangaise en Am6rique 

(£tats-Unis et Canada). Paris, 19(36. 

Portraits. Plates. Facsimiles. 2369.167 

Wagner, Charles. 1852-. 

Vers le coeur de rAm6rique. 2e Edition. 

Paris, 1906. a369a.xx9 

On life And customs in the United States. 

Walker, George Hiram, & Company, pub- 
Atlas of Milton, Mass., from official plans 
and private surveys. Revised by W. W. 
Churchill. Boston, 1905. 3 pp. 25 maps. 

Map of the electric railways of the State 
of Massachusetts. Corrected to Oct. i, 
1905. Boston, 1905. Scale, 3.75 miles to 
I inch. No. 71 in *Map XX7.3 

Submaps. — x. Cape Cod. a. Nantucket and 
Martha's Vineyard. 

Wangh, William Francis. 1849-. 
The houseboat book: the log of a cruise 
from Chicago to New Orleans. Chicago, 
1904. Plates, 5954«55 

West, Julius H. 
Hie Europa! Hie Amerika! Aus dem 
Lande der krassen Utilitat. Berlin, 1904. 
56 pp. 3658.8a 

West Virginia. Geological Survey. 
Map of West Virginia showing railroads 
and county products. Drawn by Ray V. 
Hennen. Morgantown, W. Va., 1905. 
Scale, 12 miles to i inch. = 

No. 13 in *Map XX0.Z4 
Whitcomb, Wead & Co. 

1890-1905. Then and now. Some com- 
parisons showing Boston's growth in fif- 
teen years. [Boston.] 1905. 34 pp. = 


Winchell, Samuel Robertson. 

Chicago past and present. A manual for 
the citizen, the teacher and the student 
History, government, officials, their 


Winchell, Samuel R. (CofUinuid.) O'Connor, J. C. (ConHnued.) 

duties and salaries: Also county, state Esperanto, the universal language. The 

and United States government officals student's complete text book . • . New 

of special interest to the general public York. [1903.] = a959a.fl4 

^ Chicago, 1906. Illus. 2379.157 This work wm superviMd by Dr. Zamenhof, the 

Wingate, Charles Frederick. ioTcntor of the language, and containa The mak- 

St Paul's Chapel, the oldest public build- ing of an international langnage, bj him. 

ing . . .in New York City, nth thou- O'Connor, J. C, and others, 

sand. New York. I1901.I 43 PP. = A primer of Esperanto, the auxiliary lan- 

4479a.a34 guage, a second language for all nations. 

PrincipaUy notea npon St. Panl'a graTeyard, and London, 1905. 32 pp. 3959^94 

those buried there. Pitman, Benn. i82a-w 

Winship, George Parker, editor. A plea for alphabetic reform. [Cindn- 

Sailors' narratives of voyages along the nati,i905.] 47 pp. = 61x5.22 

New England coast, 1524-1624. Boston, Van De Venter, V. K. 

190S. Maps. Fac-similes. 6266.78 The scientific alphabet [New York, 1905. 1 

20 pp. Tables. 2586*65 

Language. Rhetoric 

Language. Comparative Philology. Delbrueck, Berthold. 1842-. 

universal language Esperanto. ESa'&J" s'S^J^'Z '" X^^ 

Phonetics. Leipzig. 1904. ^954^ 

Fnr «,m^ l«««r*«tt i«^«mri«. ^ •!» t»i]«r *"*• *^ «"***** i»954>75l h»» a diffcmt title 

jfor fome unportsnt oicnoiiarict, wot auo tttiorr 
Reference Books, page x. 

Bcaufront, L. de. Assyrian. Accadian. Cundfonn 
L'Esperanto, seule vraie solution de la Inscriptions. 
lang^ue Internationale auxiliaire. 4c Edi- 
tion. Vincennes. 1904. 54 PP. = MMscrschnridt, Leopold. _.,... _ . 

29592.34 Die Entzifferung der Keilschnft. Leip- 

British Esperantist, The. The official organ zig, 1903. 32 PP. Iljus. [Der altc 

of the British Esperanto Association. Orient] No. 2 m 3042.230.5 

Vol. 2, no. 15. March,i9o6. London, 1906. Prince, John Dyneley. 1868-. ^ 

= ^295x45 Materials for a Sumenan Lexicon. With 

Current numbert arc kept in the Periodical Room. » grammatical introduction. Pajt I. 

Issperanto: its aims, origin, & essence. ,^ , . . ...,. t. j «_^ JIj .> . 

London. 1905. 20 pp. = 29S9a.33 The l«a<^u.haiogr.phed from m«»i»cript exe- 

Bullcn, Geofge^iUiam. -^^^oo ^^^^ ^^ ^^^ l*^ 
Lessons in Esperanto appearing in Cas- 

sell's Popular Educator, 1905 edition. t^: u 

London. [1906.] 26 pp. 29592.22 Celtic. Irisn. 

Dickens, Charles. 1812-1870. ^ , ^,^,. _, , _ , , 

A Christmas carol. Kristmaska sonorado. Fourmcr d Alb^ Edmund Edward. 

Kristnaska rakonto de la glora angla. An English-Irish dictionary and phrase 

Esperantigita de Martyn Westcott. book, with synonyms, idioms, and the 

London, 1905. 91 pp. 29592.96 genders and declensions of nouns. Dub- 

Gcddcs, James. 1858-. l»n, 1903. •24892.108 

A universal alphabet. A paper read before A selection of Irish books, p. 338. 

the Modern Lan^age Association of Lane, Timothy O'Neill. 1852-. 

America. [2d edition.] Boston, 1906. Lane's English-Irish dictionary. Dublin, 

14 pp. = a955-zx9 1904. ^2484.86 

Modem Language Review, The. A quarterly Authorities quoted, p. (5). 

journal. Edited by John G. Robertson. NichoUon, Edward Williams Byron. 184^-. 

Vol. I, no. I, 2. Cambridge, 1 90s, 06. Keltic researches. Studies in the history 

*295z.87 and distribution of the ancient Goidelic 

New England Modern Language Associa- language and peoples. London, 1904. 

tion. Maps. Facsimiles. 4586.45 

Publications. Vol. I, no. I. Boston, 1905. ReUtes to the lanvusge and history of the Fkta. 

= . *a958.5 Toumeur, Victor. 

Contains the Report of the ad annual meeting. Esquisse d'une histoire des 6tudes cel- 

O'Connor, J. C. tiques. Li^ge, 1905. [Bibliothique de 

Esperanto handy pocket vocabulary. New la Faculty de philosophic et lettres de 

York. [1903.J 29592.20 I'Universit^ de Liege.] 2485.66 


Mason, George. (Continued,) 

simile. [Neudrucke frtihneuenglischer 

Grammatiken. Heft i.] 3589*47 

Mnrray, Margaret A. Matthews, Albert 

Elementary Egyptian grammar. London, The word palatine in America. Cam- 

1905- 5 folded tables. 3037.123 bridge, 1905. 24 pp. = 2583.16 

Miller, Raymond Durbin. 1875-. 
Secondary accent in modem English 

English. verse, (Chaucer to Dry den). Baltimore, 

1904. 83 pp. = 2586.6Z 

BUch, SamneL Bibliography, pp. iii-rl. 

Die Schriftsprache in der Londoner Pauls- P"?.***'Paul 1879-. , ,^ . 

schnlc 2U Anfang des XVL Jahrhunderts Die Sprache der Interlinear-Version von 

(bci Colet, Lily, Linacre, Grocyn). „Defensors Liber scintillarum." Ein 

Nebst Abdrnck von: i. Colets Statuten Beitrag zur spatwestsachsischen Gram- 

dcr Guild of Jesu ... 2. Colets Statuten ?i?tik. Kiel, 1004. 71 PP. = 2485.77 

der Paulsschule . . . 3. W. Lilys Testa- -s • If^^' ^' ^' ^'^ ^ ^ 

menten . . . Halbertstadt, 1905. 2586.67 Samtsbury, George Edward Bateman. 

Child. Clarence Griffin. ^ history of English prosody from the 

PalaUl diphthongization of stem vowels lY^^^^r ^^^^^^ ^ 4^« .present day. 

in the Old English dialects. Philadel- «. Y°];/\r°^?r°«! '^' facsimile. 458647 

phia, 1903. •440oa.xo2.9.Part I Skcat, Walter William. 1835-^ 

Works used, pp. $-7- ^ primer of classical and English philol- 

EngeUka utan sprikstudier for turister och ^p- Oxford, 1905. Tables. 2959a.92 

handelsresande, med noggrant angif- ^*** **' books most frequently consulted, p. y. 

vande af uttalet Stockholm. [1901.I Smith, Charles Alphonso. 

42 pp. 2588.64 Studies in English syntax. Boston. [1906.] 

Farr, James Marion. 1874-. 9^ PP- ^589.57 

Intensives and reflexives in Anglo-Saxon Swanc, Wilhelm Lorenz. 1880-. 

and early Middle-English. Baltimore, Studien zur Casussyntax des Fruhmittel- 

1905. 52 pp. Tables. = 2485.82 englischen. Flensburg, 1904. = 2485.79 

Pnnk and Wagnalls Company, New York. Benuute Texte und Hulfsmittel, pp. zao, xsz. 

On the subject of diacritical markings in Thomson, William, of Glasgow, 

dictionaries. New York. [1905.] 8 pp. The basis of English rhythm. Glasgow, 

Tables. = 2586.59 , 1904. 63 pp. 2586.63 

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Electzic Storage Battery Comimiiy. spectivos ejemplares (del aiio 1605 al 

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caJ books in the collection of the late [Deutsche bibliographische Gesell- 

Jamcs Younff of Kelly and Durris. schaft] ♦ 

Glasgow, 1906. 2 V. Portraits. = Contains « history and description of each peri- 

*6l7a«ZOZ odical, analyses of the articles in order of publi- 

Flgarola-Caneda, Domingo. cation, and Autoren- and Sach-Register to the 

Bibliografia de Rafael M. Merchin. 2a volume; also a facsimile of Das Neueste aus 

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^ PP ^ *az7a.z68 ^y Leasing, catalogued separately. 


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A portrait catalogue of the books pub- 
lished by Houghton, Mifflin and Com- 
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Catalogue of [his] valuable private library 
. . . comprising rare Americana and 
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To be sold by auction . . . Oct. 17 . . . 
1905 . . .Boston. [1905.1 Facsimiles. 
Priced in manuscript ♦6l43«43 

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Catalogue of the library of the late Bishop 
John Fletcher Hurst ... to be sold at 
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Hatton, Laurence, and Eleanor Varnum 


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Books in embossed type. [Indianapolis.] 
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The museum was given to the State by the Due 
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Abstract of the catalogue of the Institute. 
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Catalogue of the manuscripts and printed 
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Catalogue of the library and collection of 
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Danzig, 1904. = ♦ai73.67 

New England Stamp Company. 
A list of books in the library of the Com- 
pany. Boston, 1906. 24 pp. = ♦22398.147 
New York, City. Public Library. 
List of works by or relating to Benjamin 
Franklin. [New York, 1906.] 55 pp. = 


List of works in the . . . library relating 

to bimetallism, gold and silver standards, 

etc. [New York, 1905.] 44 PP. ♦9016.3324 

List of works relating to Ireland, the Irish 

language and literature, etc. New York, 

1905. = ♦6156.323 

List of works relating to marriage and 

divorce. [New York, 1905.] 48 pp. = 

Monthly list of additions. Vol. 1-4. New 
York, 1901-1905. = ♦6x56.133 

NoUen, John Scholte. 
A chronology and practical bibliography of 
modern German literature. Chicago. 
1903. ♦2x6843 

Oregon. Library Commission. 
A list of children's books for Christmas 
gifts and for the home library. Salem, 
1905. 16 pp. = ♦2x64.58 

Passerini, Giuseppe Lando, Conte, and Cnr- 
zio MazzL 
Un decennio di bibliografia dantesca. 
1891-1900. Milano, 1905. Portrait. 


Pearson, J., & Co. 

Very choice books, including an extremely 

important series of historical bindings, 

together with original manuscripts, auto- 


Petnon, J., & Co. (Continued.) 

graph letters, etc Part x. London. 
[1905.1 Plates. = ^6x44«35 

Penn]fpacker, Samuel Whitaker. 
The extraordinary library of Samuel W. 
Pennypacker. Part i ... To be sold 
. . . Dec. 14, 1905. Compiled by Stan. 
V. Henkels. Philadelphia, 1905. Por- 
trait Facsimiles. = ^2X7a.z7z=**K.zz49 
Priced In nunvifeript. 

Ctmiemts, — i. Booki printed by Benjimin Frank* 
lin, books from the Ubrary of Benj«min Franklin, 
letters written by Beiusmin Franklin and by his 
■on, Wm. Franklin . . . etc, etc. . . • 

Robinson, W. P., of Washington, D. C. 
Catalogue of the Robinson collection of 
British history, topography and gene- 
alogy. To be sold by auction February 
2d, 3d and 4th, 1904. . . . Boston. [^904- J 

Rosentiial, Jacques. 
Bibliotheca catholico-theologica. Libro- 
rum universa catholicarum et literarum 
et rerum studia complectentium quos 
pretiis appositis vendere curavit . . . 
Munchen. [1906.] 7 parts in i v. 

De imitatione Christ!. Catalogus 
XXXVIII bibliothecae complectentis 
codices, manuscriptos, editiones traduc- 
tionesque plusquam sexaginta linguarum 
hujus libri inter omnes medii aevi cele- 
berrimi. Adjecta sunt opera Thomae a 
Kempis et Johannis Gerson . . . [Ans- 
bach. 1905?] Illus. = *az7a.z69 

Rossetti, William Michael. 
Bibliography of the works of Dante Ga- 
briel Rossetti. London, 1905* 53 PP* 

St PatiL Minnesota. Public Library. 
Qass list No. z. English prose fiction. 
St. Paul, 1905. = *6z56.z6z 

Salmagundi Club, New York. 
Catalogue of the J. Sanford Saltus collec- 
tion of Louis XVII. books. [New York.] 
1905. iz pp. = *az7a.z7o 

Schsff, Mario Lodovico. z86S-. 
La bibliothique du marquis de Santillane. 
Paris, Z905. [Bibliotheque de Tficole des 

hantes etudes.] ^azSz^g 

Contains ddcriptions of Latin and Romance 

Books referred to^ pp. ▼ and tL 

Scoville Iiutitute, Oak Park, III. Library. 
Fiction — Author list June, Z904. Oak 
Park. IlL, 1904. 74 PP. = ♦6z57.a7Z 

Seattle, Washington. Public Library. 
Finding list of useful arts. Seattle. 1905. 
47 pp. = *6z56i9 

Serrano y Sana, Manuel. 
Apuntes para una biblioteca de escritoras 
espailolas desde el aiio Z40Z al 1833. 
Madrid, 1903, 05. a v. *6z6i.35 

SorbcJli, Albano. 
La biblioteca capitolare della Cattedrale 
di Bologna nel secolo XV. Notizie e 
catalogo (Z45i)- Bologna, Z903. Vign- 
ette. *az64.69 
Contnlaa catalognes of other contemporary U- 

leld, Mass. Public Library. City 
Library Association. 
Some books on botany. Springifeld. [^905*1 
17 pp. = 6Z7843 

Steams, Lutie Eugenia. 
Books of interest and consolation to spin- 
sters. [Milwaukee?] Z904. z6 pp. = 

*9Z 79.84 
Thomson, Joseph Charles. 

Bibliography of the writings of Alfred, 
Lord Tennyson. Wimbledon, igo";. 
7a PD. *A.8875C.z 

United States. Library of Congress. Divi- 
sion of Manuscripts. 
List of the Benjamin Franklin papers in 
the Library of Congress. Compiled 
under the direction of Worthington 
Chauncey Ford. Washington, toos. = 

*6aot .07 ; **K.z 244 

"Prepared br John C Fltspatrick.'* 

Watkins, George Thomas. 
Bibliography of printing in America. Bos- 
ton, 1906. 31 pp. = *6zz6.zo3 
Wegelin, Oscar. 
A list of the separate writings of William 
Gilmore Simms of South Carolina, 1806- 
1870. New York. 1906. 3Z pp. ♦az7a.Z73 
White, Newport John Davis. 
A short catalogue of English books in 
Archbishop Marsh's Library, Dublin, 
printed before 1641. Oxford, Z905. 98 pp. 
fBibliographical Society.] *az74.9Z 
Whitmore, William Henry. 
Catalogue of fhis] valuable private library 
... to be sold by auction Nov. nth to 
Z4th, 1902. Boston. [1902.] Portrait 

Wilson, Miss ^. 

Catalogue fofl Miss Wilson's English & 

American Circulating Library, Rome 

. . . [With Supplement] Rome, Z902. 

95 pp. = ♦az49.38 

Wisconsin. Free Library Commission. 

Check list of the journals and public docu- 
ments of Wisconsin. Madison, zpo3. = 

Woelffing, Ernst Z864-. 

Mathematischer Bucherschatz. Systema- 
tisches Verzeichnis der wichtigsten deut- 
schen und auslandischen Lehrbucher 
und Monographien des 19. Jahrhunderts 
auf dem Gebiete der mathematischen 
Wissenschaften. Teil z. Reine Mathema- 
tik. Leipzig, Z903. ^£.5zzz.z8.z6 

Libraries. Booki. 

Bar Harbor Village Library. 

[History of the Library.] 1875-Z905. 

[N. p. Z905.] za pp. = 6z99a.59 

Belmont, Mass. Public Library. 

Annual report of tke trustees. 32d, 33d. 

Marlborough, Mass. [etc]» Z905, [06]. = 

Beloit College. Carnegie Library. 
Order of exercises and addresses at the 
dedication of the .Library. [Beloit, 
1905.] 48 PP* Plates. Plans. = 



BrimneH Mass. Public Library. Geographical SodefT of Philadeli^ 

Report, 190S. [Brimficld, 1905.] = Annual report of the librarian, ist March, 

*6i57^7 ^9^' Philadelphia, 1906. = ^154^x7 

Brown, James Duff. 1862-. Contains s catalogue of aeecnions. 

Annotated syllabus for the systematic Graese!, Arnim. 1849-. 

study of librarianship . . . London, Fuhrer ffir Bibliotheksbenutzer. Leipzig, 

1904* 29 PP- 6x95.159 1905. 6x97.99 

California. State Library. Harper, Henry Howard. 

News notes of California libraries. Vol. i, Book-loyers, bibliomaniacs, and book 

no. I. Sacramento, 1906. Portrait. = clubs. Boston, 1904. 96 pp. Plates. 

*6ao9.39 ^ 

Camden, New Jersey. Free Public Library. Indiana. 

[Leaflets and newspaper cuttings on the Public Library Commission, 

subject of the Boys' Reading Fraternity Report, from November i, 1901 to Octo- 

and Girls' Reading Fraternity. Camden, ber 31, 1904. Indianapolis, X905. 

N. J., 1905, 06.] In scrapbook. =: Table. *69o8.^ 

*9X 54.3x9 State Library. 

Opening exercises at the new main build- Biennial report, 25th. Indianapolis, 1904. 

mg, June 27th, 1905. Camden, 1905. = ^6906.59 

39 pp. Plate. = 6x9oa.axx Monthly bulletin. No. 1-7. [Indianapo- 

Chicago. Public Library. lis.] 190^. = *6ao8.6x 

A handbook. Chicago, 1905. 32 pp. Illus. Jacksonville, Florida. Free Public Library. 

= 6x57.a8x Annual report of the Board of Trustees. 

Chicago Library Club. ist 1905. Deiand, Florida, 1906. Plate. 

Libraries of the City of Chicago. With = •6x57^3 

an historical sketch of the Chicago Li- Opening exercises. [Program. Jackson- 

brary Club. [Chicago.] 1905. 6207.30 ville,Fla.] 1905. 4 pp. Folder. = 

Clark University, Worcester, Mass. Librarv. 6x99a.65 

Proceedings and addresses at the pubhc Lansing, Michigan. Public Schools.^ Library, 

opening of the Library building. Annual report [ist], and. Lansing, 1901, 

Worcester, 1904. 42 pp. Plates. Plan. 02. = ^i57-304 

= 6x9oa.86 Library Post, The, Boston. 

Colorado Springs, Colorado. Free Public Report for 1905. [Boston, 1906.] Illus. = 

Library. •6x96.xax 

Dedicatory exercises. March nth, 1905. The Library Post aimi to tecure one cent a 

[Colorado Springs, 1905.] 23 pp. Por- pound posuge rates for libraries, 

traits^ Fl^tts. = 6x9oa.ao6 LouisviUe, Kentucky. Public Library. 

Cooper, Frederick. , ,,. Annual report, ist Louisville, 1905. 50 pp. 

Classification as applied to South African Plates. Plans. = **S<5^315 

libraries. [Port Elizabeth, 1904.] 4 PP. Merrihew, Murray E. 

= 6x93.62 The early history of the Young Men's 

Corrini, Giovanni. Mercantile Library Association. Cin- 

L'incendio della Biblioteca nazionale di cinnati, 1905. 16 pp. Vignette. 6x97.86 

Torino. Prefazione di Pasquale Villari. Meyer, Adolf Bernhara. 

Torino, 1904. Plates. ax54.axx Amerikanische Bibliotheken und ihre 

In luUan, with a French translation by A. Bestrebungen. Berlin, 1906. 88 pp. 

Mell6. Plate. = *6x94.94 

Denmark. Store kongelige Bibliothek. Quellenreneichnls, pp. 49-5«. 

Aarsberetning om det store kongelige Narragansett Library Aasodationt Peace- 

Bibliotheks Virksomhed i Finansaaret dale, R. I. 

1903-1904. Afgivet til Ministeriet for Bulletin i, 2. [Wakefield, R. L, 'Wf 05.] 
Kirke- og Undervisningsvaesenet af H. Plates. = •6905.58 
O. Lange, Overbibliotekar. Kj0ben- Naahville, Tenn. Carnegie Library. 
havn, 1904. 15 pp. = *9x6xw|9 Annual report. 3d. 1904- Nashville, 1905. 
Dubuque, Iowa. Public Library. Carnegie- 24 PP. = ^6x57^73 
Stout Free Public Library. Nebraska. Public Library Commission. 
Annual report, [ist, 2nd]. Dubuque, 1903, Biennial report, 2d. Lincoln, 1904. Plates. 
04. Plates. = *6xS7.30X = •6905.55 
Fisher, Charles Perry. FaLTtn circular, no. i. Lincoln, I90<^7 PP- 
The typewriter in cataloguing and shelf- •6905,53 
listing. [New York.] 1903. 4 pp. Fac- Library Day, October 20, 1905. [Lincoln, 
simile. •6x94.99 1905] 2 pp. = 6905.5a 
Galveston. Texas. Public Library. Rosen- Nebraska Library Bulletin. No. i. [Lin- 
berg Library. coin.] 1906. = ^6905.54 
Announcement of free lectures. [With Nicholson, Edward Williams Byron. 
suggestions for study and reading. Gal- Pro Bodleioll! An appeal to every resident 
veston, 1905*1 4 PP. = 5599a*x87 member of Convocation to be present at 
Colored Branchr* Information and rules. 2 p. m. on Tuesday, Nov. 14, to non- 
[Galveston.] 1905. 7 pp. = 6x99a.55 placet decree no. x, which proposea to 



IGcfaolion. £. W. B. (Continued.) 

convert Sir Thomas Bodiey's 'Vaulted 

walke' (the lower storey of his 'Biblio- 

thcca') into a bicycle-stable!!! Oxford, 

190S 13 PP- Plates. Coat of arms. = 


Northampton* Mass. Forbes Library. 

Summer school at Forbes Library, July 

i6-August 20, igo6. [Northampton, 

1906.] 4 pp. Vignette. = *6z99a.63 

Oregon. Library Commission. 

What it is. [Circular. Salem, Oregon. 

1905?] 4 PP = 6209.57 

Osaka, Japan. Public Library. 

Annual report. No. z. Osaka, 1905. Plate. 

Plan. = *6z9oa.ao8 

Peckham, George Williams. 

Milwaukee public schools. The Public 

Library. Milwaukee, 1904. 10 pp. = 

Pennsylvania. Free Library Commission. 

Report, 1st, 2d; 1899-1902, 1903. [Harris- 
burg.] 1902, 04. Plates. Map. = 

Port EUaabetfa, South Africa. Public Library. 
Annual report 54th-56th. Port Elizabeth, 
1903-05. Plate. = ♦6x31.31 

Pratt Ixistitnte, Brooklyn, N. Y. School of 
Library Training. 
Grcular of information, 1902-03. Brook- 
lyn, 1902. 15 pp. Plates. =s *6x96.xo9 
Preston, Nina Kate. 
Library institutes. [Lansing? 1904. 1 6 
pp. [Michigan Library Association. 
Bulletin.] = *6x93.37.2 

Rerista del Archivo y de la Biblioteca na- 
cional de Honduras. Director, Esteban 
Guardiola, Administrador, Juli4n Pa- 
dilla. Tomo i, ni!im. 24; tomo 2, niim. 
1-7. Tegucigalpa, 1905, 06. = *2X43.($7 
St Louis Mercantile Library Association, 
St Louis. 
Officers and list of members. [St Louis.] 

1905. 90 pp. = ♦6209.53 

Shmoway, Mary T. 
The Groton Public Library. [Boston.] 
1905. IS pp. Plates. = 6x99a.53 

Slater, John Herbert. 
How to collect books. London, 1905. 
Illus. Facsimiles. 2X27.XX2 

Thomson, John, of Philadelphia. 1835-. 
Hither and thither. A collection of com- 
ments on books and bookish matters. 
Philadelphia. [190^ 1 4508.330 

Western Reserve umversity* Library 
[Circular 1905-06. Cleveland, 1905.] Plates. 
Vignette. 6x9oa.2XO 

Vinit. A. D. 
How to use the Public Library. Prepared 
with special reference to the use of the 
Dayton Public Library by students of 
the Miami Commercial College, Dayton, 
Ohio. [Dayton.] 1906. 8 pp., folded 
sheet = 6x29.134 

ConfaJfii « list of booki. 

Laws of Wisconsin relating to free public 
libraries and the Free Library Commis- 
sioiL Madison, X905. 37PS-= *6x99aU5x 

Wisconsin. (Continued,) 
Free Library Commission. 
Circular of information, no. i, 2. Madi- 
son, 1903. = ^6x56.245 
Wisconsin Library Bnlletiii. Issued by the 
Wisconsin Free Library Commission. 
Vol. I, no. X. Madison, 1905. ^6x56.273 

Printing. Book-binding. Book-plates. 


American Type Founders Company. 
American line type book. Borders, orna- 
ments. Price list printing material and 
machinery. [Jersey City.] 1906. = 


Specimen book of American line type 
faces. American point line, point body 
and point set. [With supplement of 

1905. N. p. I903>1 1905. 2 V. == 6XX2.X5X 
Andrews, William Loring. 

Bibliopegy in the United States, and kin- 
dred subjects. [Illustrated by Sidney 
L. Smith.] New York, 1902. Illus. Fac- 
similes. *6xx6.73 
Moit of the pUtei are colored. 

BattershaU, Fletcher. 
Bookbinding for bibliophiles. Together 
with a sketch of gold tooling . . . Green- 
wich, Conn., 1905. Plate. ^6xx8Jo 
Book and News-Dealer, The. 
Official journal of the American Book- 
sellers' Association. Vol. 16 (no. 194, 
195); 17 (no. T96, 197) ; January-March, 

1906. New York, 1906. Illus. Por- 
traits. ^7290^7 

Boston. Public Library. 
A list of books on the history and art of 
printing and some related subjects in the 
Public Library of the City of Boston and 
the libraries of Harvard College and the 
Boston Athenaeum. Published in com- 
memoration of the two hundredth anni- 
versary of the birth of Benjamin Frank- 
lin. Boston, ipo6. 42 pp. Portraits. 
Plates. Facsimiles. *2X5oa.X3x 

Bowes, Robert 
Booksellers' associations, past and present 

[London.] 1905. 53 pp. ^6x27.66 

Compiled from a tcrep-book, the latest date in 

whieh it iBsa, 

Bresciano, Giovanni. 

Neapolitana. Contributi alia storia della 
tipografia in Napoli nel secolo XVI. 
Halle a. S., 1905. Facsimiles. [Samm- 
lung bibliothekswissenschaftlicher Ar- 
beiten.] ^6xxx^x.x8 

British Museum. 

Franks bequest. Catalogue of British and 
American book plates bequeathed to the 
. . . British Museum by Sir Augustus 
Wollaston Franks. By £. R. J. Gam- 
bier Howe. Vol. 1-3- London, 1903, 04. 
= *8o8a.39 

Brown, Frank Chouteau. 

The bookplate designs of Frank Chouteau 

Brown. Boston, 1905. 29 pp. Illus. 

Portrait. 45 plates. ^8075.240 

No. 39 of an edition of 75 OQplea. 


Carrodi, William Herbert Hehi; F^oL 

Each in his own toninie. fPoem. Boston* Les filigranes arec la crosse de Bile. 

1905.1 5 it = 6nga.7a Strasboorc, 1904. 19 PP- 75 plates. 

Done b7 the School of Friatnc of the North End ^ZIS.XS7 

Union. Lea filicranes des papiera contenns dans 

Chanqnon, Pierre, editor. Ics Archivea de la TiUe de Strasbonrc. 

Les plus anciens monuments de la tjrpo- Strasbourg; xpoa. 8 pp. 40 P^^^ 

graphie parisienne. Prefaces tsrpogra- ^ •. /* •oiia.x5» 

phiqnes des litres sortis des presses de Hoe, Richard, ft Co. 

Sorbonne (1470-1472). Recneil de fac- Improved stop-cylmder, two-color, two- 
similes pr^c^d^ d'une introduction. revolution and flat bed perfectmg 
Paris. 1904. 21 pp. 86 plates. ^zzoJ6 PJ«««««- I^ew York, 190a] ^ao Pp. 
Chiven, Cedric PUtes. = 8zz€.zoo 
Books in beautiful bindings. New York. International Ptinter, The. JM<mthly.l VoL 
[1904.1 47 pp. Plates. = 6zz9M7 ^^^^^n^"^ fe i ^i ^^,*;^?^ 
Davenport. Cyril James H. ^2S2Sj J& SSlSI^ £^ tf'i*^ 
Thomas Berthelet Royal Printer and ^^j». .^ ^^STI^ ^jAm ^^ m 
Bookbinder to Henry VTIL King of . t«to wd ptau. •« eoto«d. 

England. With special reference to his *<>»?• A^"*? h ^ ...... 1 * n 

bookbindings. Chicago, 1901. Facsim- Adrian J. lono and kis book pUt^ .Bo*: 

iles. [The Caxton Qub.l ^zzx.z44 ^7^ ^^^ '3 PP- IHus. Portrait. 8 

Duff, Edward Gordon. tii*!^«f „ .rfw« «# ,. ^nA^ ••o75.*4i 

A century of the English book trade. _ ««•»•«« ^™on of ys eopte 

Short notices of all printers, stationers, J*Sopl, Charles Thomas. .. ^ * 

bookbinders, and others connected with Pnnting: a practical treatise on the art of 

it . . . 1457-1557. London, 1905. [The typography as applied more particularly 

Bibliographical Society.] ^2x8.78 to the printing of books. 3d ediUon. rc- 

Li»t of book! quoted, pp. soadHnatr. vw^d and enlarged. London, 1904. lUus. 

Edwards, Edward Bartholomew. t«#*#j*««« -Q^mA^Ti^v Ai^lmr ''••^ 

Edward Edwards and his book plates. J^S^'l^^, u*^^^ hook olatea 

Boston. ,903. 9 PP. Illus. Port^h^^ F.^Arthur Jacobs<m and ^^^^^^ 

Prance. Imprimcrie nationale. J^».^9*S m edHkm of 75 copies. ^^*^^ 

A la m^moire de Jean Gutenberg. Honi- Ketaer. Samuel 

mage de rlmprimcric nationale et de la irl^^I:.!- VL-ft_Ti.-w* rr/^^;*. ;«i m««« 

Bibliothiquc nationale. Paris, 190a 77 ^tl'St?* -f# ^l^J^ J^J^^'J^ti^f^ 

pp. Portrait. 17 plates. ♦ ?"P** 1 *i ?"^°** f *?^I!,:^t;i^^^^ 

Mi mccoont of etrlx printing. Samuel Keimer, and containiig rcfcr- 

Tit* fmmA«r«t>h i« ww ij^t^ntAA TUKaw cnccs to Bcnjamiu Franklin. I •'K.aa-iS 

The monograph u by Ltepold Delido. ,^^ ^^^^ ^^ ,^ ^^^ ^^ ^,^1^ ^ «.^ 

Frost, Sarah Marguerite. htm tht initials G. P. P., and tha data 1897. 

Marguerite Scribncr Frost and her ^k La Croix de Laval, Ferdinand Antoine, Vi- 

plates. Boston, 1903. 12 pp. Illus. For- comte. 

«L- *''*'«. 9^v\ztt5. •8075^36 Catalogue de cent reliures d'art ex^cut^ea 

Fumagalli, Giuseppe. sur ^es Editions de grand luxe par 

Lexicon typographicum Italiae. Diction- Amand-Carayon fete] composant 

naire geographique d'ltahe pour servir la collection du ¥«• de La Croix-Laval. 

i rhistoire de I'imprimerie dans ce pays. [Avec une preface par Henri BeraldL] 

Florence, 1905. lUus. Portrait^ Fac- Kris, 1902. 171 plates. ^8079.134 

similes. *6zxs-a8 Lanaton Monotype Mic^^^e Company. 

Translated into Frcwh from the author's lulian jhe monotype. A descripUve cataloffne. 

msnuscnpt by D. H. Prior, A. IC TodescUni ^^^ York. [ipOS?] 37 PP. lUus. = 

and Ltugi VenturinL 6xi<MLj6ia 

Greaa, Edmund G., and others. x^ee* Charles W 

The American manual of typographT. The stonemacu The science and art of 

A text-book. I2d ediUon.] New Yort imposition. Chicago, 1904. Diagrama. 

1905. Illus. ^6zzoa.68 • . >r^ axi9.50 

Growoll, Adolph. On the art of Impoaiac the pafci of a book. 

The Booksellers' League. A history. New Library Aaaodation of the United Kingdom. 

York, 1905. 2x27.154 Sound Leather Committee. 

Gntenberg-Gesellschaf t Leather for libraries. London, 1905. 73 pp. 

Jahres-Bericht, 3, 4. Mainz, 1904, 05. Illus. 6ZX9J96 

*6zz6.xo5 Linotype Notea. [Published monthly by the 

Haebler, Conrad. i857>. Linotype & Machinery Limited.] VoL 

Typcnrepcrtorium der Wiegendrucke. 7. (no. 76-83), Vol. 8, (no. 85-93)- fl-on- 

Abt I. Deutschland und seine Nachbar- don, 1904-05.1 Illus. = ^1x7^53 

lander. Halle a. S., 1905. Plates. [Samm- Linotype Type Fomdry, Manchester, £ns. 

lung bibliothekswissenschaftlicher Ar- Specimens of original faces. Display types, 

beiten.] ^zz9.Z45 borders, ornaments, etc [London? 

X904.I = 6zz7^z 


llachineiy Trust Limited, London. 
[Caulogne of printinff machineiy handled 
by the Company. London. 1902? 1 IHus. 
= 6zxoa.66 

Medina. Jos6 Tortbia 
U tmprenta en Lima (1584-1834). San- 
tiago de Chile, 1904. a ▼• Facsimiles. 


MeUottCe^ P^nL 

Histoire ^conomiqne de Timprimerie. 

Tome I. L'imprtmerie sous I'ancien 

regime. 1459-17891 Paris, 1905. lHus. 

Maps. Facsimiles. 6x26.98 

BabUographlc^ v^L i, pp. 47t-S<7* 

Mergenthalcr Linotype Company. 

Linotype faces. New York, 1905. = 


The linotype. To intending purchasers. 

[New York, 1905.] 51 PP- lUus. s 


Morris WilUam. 1834-1896. 
The art and craft of printing. A note by 
William Morris on his aims in founding 
the Kelmscott Press, together with a 
short description of the Press by S. C. 
Cockerell and an annotated list of the 
hooks printed thereat [Colophon: New 
Rochelle, 1903.] 75 pp. a woodcuts. 
Plate by Sir Edward Bimc-Joiica. ^ZX7.69 

North End Union, Boston. School of Print- 
(5 cards printed by the school. Boston, 
igosj = 6zz9a.74 

The printer and his apprentice. [Extracts 
from an address to the New York 
Typothetae.] Boston, 1905. zi pp. = 

A prospectus. Boston, Z905. Z3 pp. = 


Questions in typography. Boston. [1905* 1 
3 parts in X Y. = 6zx9a.65 

Some rules for the use of quote-marks in 
type-setting. Leaflet na 5* Boston. 
[1905.1 7 pp. = 6xx9a.70 

The use of capitals. Leaflet no. 6. Bos- 
ton. [1905.1 X3 pp. = 6xx9a.69 
Printing MacUnery Record, The. A journal 
of interest to printers. Published 
monthly by Linotype and Machinery 
Limited. [Parts of vol a-5.] New York, 
I903-OS lUuS' Portraits. = *6xxa.x5o 
Roden, Robert F. 

The Cambridge Press. X63&-X692. A his- 
tory of the first printing press estab- 
lished in English America, together with 
a bibliographical list of the issues of the 
Press. New York, 1905. Plate. Fac- 
similes. [Famous presses.] ^1x3^ 
Seeker, Amy M. 

The book plates of Amy M. Sacker. Bos- 
ton, 1903. XX pp. Illus. Portrait xa 
plates. ^8075^35 

Seymoiir, Ralph Fletcher. 

Bookplates from [his] designs. Boston, 
X9C^ za pp. Illus. Portrait 12 plates. 


Society Instituted at London for the En- 
couragement of Arts, Manufactures, 
and Commerce. 
Report of the committee on leather for 
bookbinding. London, 1905. Illus. 
Colored plates. 6xz6.68 

Society of Printers for the Study and Ad- 
vancement of the Art of Printing, 
[Gbnstitution, etc.] Boston, 1905. xz pp. 
= 6XX8.74 

The development of printing as an art A 
handbook of the exhibition in honor of 
the bi-centenary of Franklin's birth held 
at the Boston Public Library. Boston, 
1906. 99 pp. = 6XX7.X44 

Your attention is invited to the exhibition 
of the development of printing as an art 
at the Boston Public Library, January x 
to 29, 1906 . . . Boston. [1905.] I p. = 


Stauffer, David McNeely. 
D. McN. Stauffer. His book-plates. Bos- 
ton. [1905.] xo pp. Illus. Portrait 
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No. 39 of tn edition of 75 copici. 

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The division of words in type-setting. 
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[School of Printing of the North End 
Union.] = 6xx9a.7X 

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Das Exiibris (Bibliothekzeichen) in der 
Schweiz und in Deutschland. £in Hand- 
buch fur Sammler und Freunde der Ex- 
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A money-making system for the employ- 
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Successful Bookseller Publishing Company, 
London, England. 
The successful bookseller. A complete 
guide to success to all engaged in a re- 
tail bookselling, stationery, & fancy 
goods business . . . London, 1906. Plates. 

United States. Treasury Department Com- 
mittee on Departmental Methods. 
Investigation in the Government Printing 
Office. [Washington, X905.] 30 pp. = 

Refera largely to tho L«iwton monotype nuehint 

And the Linotype. 

Unit3fpe Company. 
The Simplex one-man type setter. Spe- 
cially adapted to newspapers and peri- 
odicals. Chicago, [xpo-?] 31 pp. Illus. 
= 6XX9.X53 

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Die Zainer in Ulm. Ein Beitrag zur Ge- 
schichte des Buchdrucks im XV. Jahr- 
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trage zur Bticherkunde des XV. und 
XVI. Jahrhunderts. Band x.] ^2x8x47 
Xitttatur, pp. 67, Sa. 


Whittier, John Grccnleaf. Extnct . . . (ConHnned,) 

A jonR of thanks. [Boston. igos.l lo ff. folgende Tagc: nebst cincr Vorrcdc an 

Printed b7 The Sel>ool of Printing of the fioftE ^cy dcr Kirche Jesu Christi in Pcnnsyl- 

End Union. ^^^^^ Philadelphia. B.Pranklin. [1742.] 

^ann, otto. xi pp. ^K.Z3.4X 

On art binding. A monograph. Memphis, One of the Ztoendorf confcmicct. 

Zedle?1c ^ SittfrieriSdc. ^"^^^ ^"^^lln, Benjamin. 

Das ' Main'zer Catholicon, ' Mainz. 1905. ^^f* ^t ^^« English school, skctch'd out 

80 pp. Illus. Facsimiles. [Gutenberg- for the consideration of the Trustees of 

Gesellschaft, Mainz, Germany.] 2i«., Philadelphia Academy. [Anon. 

*6zzi.z84 Philadelphia. Franklin. X7.SI-1 8 pp. 

Library Company of Philadelphia. 

Franklin's Press. Laws, made in pursuance of their charter. 

at a general meeting held ... on the 3d 

Anfricfatige Nachricht aus Publicum, uber day of May. 1742. [Also, a list of books 

eine von dem hollandischen Pfarrer Joh. added to the Library since I74i*1 Phila- 

Phil. Bohmen bei Mr. Andr. Bradford delphia. B. Franklin. 1746. 47 PP. 

edirte Lasterschrift gegen die so genann- *^K.a8.i7 

ten Herrnhuter. das ist. die evangel!* Minister of the Gospel. A. pseud, 

schen Bruder aus Bohmen. Mahren. u. s. The poor orphans legacy: being a short 

f., welche jetzo in der Forks von Dela- collection of godly counsels and exhor- 

ware wohnen. Herausgegeben von Georg tations to a young arising generation 

Neisser. Philadelphia. B. Franklin. ... By a minister of the Gospel. Phtla- 

1743. 18 pp. **K.Z3.37 delphia. B. Franklin. Z734. 39 PP. 

In Fretenint*^ Nechrichten, toL 3, p. 677. it u **K.s8.a5 

Mid: "Diew Schrift hit der Herr GraTron Zin- My dear fcUow-travcUcr. here hast thou a 

.endorfnnter Neuter. N«men eelbet verfeMet' ' Jettcr. which I have wrote tO thee OUt of 

Avtfaentische Nachncht von der Verhand- the fulness of my heart and with many 

lung und dem Verlass der am I4<*«> und tears for thy salvation's sake . . . [Phila- 

IS<*« Januarii Anno 174^ im sogenann- delphia. Benjamin Franklin. 1742.I 

ten Falckner-Schwamm an Georg Hub- 23 pp. •♦K.a8-3Z 

ners Hause gehaltenenen zweyten Ver- Sewel William 

sammlung sowol einiger teutschen Ar- The history 'of the rise, increase, and 

?"!:«r.d«r^?vang«l»sc^«n R^lwonen . . . progress, of the Christian people called 

Philadelphia. B. Franklin. [174^] 23 Quakers: intermixed with several re- 

?Ek »f *i>« Z!B>«nH»rf *^i«*m^ K.Z3.35 markablc occurrences. Written orig- 

13^1 A^ Z««endorf conference.. .^^jj^ j^ Low-Dutch, and also translated 

EUwood. Thomas. ij>39-i7i3. . into English. 3d edition. Philadelphia, 

Davideis: the hfe of David. King of Israel: 1728. ••K.xo.40 

?. ^S^^ ??*!?• ^a<l«lP^»a- ^£^*"^- TW. work, thouffh begins the imprint of Samuel 

lin & D. Hall. 1700. **K.a8.29 Keimer, cme partly from the ofHce of Franklin 

Bvana. Rev. David. ^^ Franklin. 

Law and Gospel: or, man wholly ruined c,,— -,*. tu,^^^^ T/;.rQ *'*«^ 

by the Law, and recovered onljr by the ^^nrd:^^?:^„^^^^^ ,, lur., 

Gospel. Being the substance of some ^"i ^"^ ni!* u ., ,^?°' f "*fu "^p** ^"ll 

senions preached at Tredyffryn. Penn- t?"' T^^^^t ^' '^^'' "^^^^ ^^a ?^!f ''^"^ 

sylvania. in 1734, and agiin at Piles- .^^nte rw/^^ 

Grove. New Jersey, in 174S. Philadel- T p^nWHn t^^^ ^fi nn ^ 

phia. B. Franklin and D. Hall. 1748. Li ^u ' ^l^L ^J\ , , P^n^ 

^ -. **K^ xfi ^^ ^^ ^^ printed while Benjamin Franklin 

^ £^ so are m Wfg . * ^** hi the office of hi. brother. 

Extract aus des Conferenz-Schreibers To- Whitcficld. George. 1714-1770. 

hann Jacob Mullers Registratur von ^ continuation of [his] journal Philadel- 

der 6. Versammlung der evangelischen P^>*- B. Franklin. 1740. 2 v. ♦♦K.aa.30 

Arbeiter in Pennsylvania. Und der Zinaendorf, Nikolaus Ludwig. Reichsgraf 

Gemeine Gottes im Geist siebender ^on. 1 700-1 760. 

General-Syuodus zu Philadelphia am 2. B. Ludewigs [Pseud.l Wahrer Bericht dc 

und 3t« Junii 1742. [Philadelphia.] B. dato Germantown den 20»ten Pcbr. 

Franklin. [1742.] 17 pp. ♦♦K.X3.4a 17454, an seine liebe Teutsche. und wem 

One of the Zinxendorf conference ^S SOnst nutzlich zu wissen ist. wegen 

Extract aus unsers Conferenz-Schreibers «^^° "°^ . *«i?*^ Bruder Zusammen- 

Johann Jacob Mullers gefuhrten Pro- hanges nut Pennsylvania, zu Prufuns: 

tocoll bey der 5. Versammlung der der Zeit und Umstande ausgefertiget 

Gemeine Gottes im Geist. gehalten in • . • Philadelphia, gedrukt by Benjamin 

Germantown 1742. den 6t« April und Franklin. [1742.] 26 pp. ^k!j4.3o 



JoarnalisiiL Autfaonhip. Editing. 

I^iBmri7» Clyde Augustus. 
The development of freedom of the press 
in Massachusetts. New York, 1906. 
[Harvard historical studies.] a3aa.xxz 

Bihliogxmplucal notes, pp* 175-186. 

Hcisch,C E. 
The art and craft of the author. Practical 
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MasaachuaettB Civic League. 
Report of the Committee on advertise- 
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National Society for Checking the Abuses 
of Public Advertising. 
To the members, December, 1904. [Cir- 
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Joamalism. Explains the workings of a 
modem newspaper office, and gives full 
directions for those who desire to enter 
the field of journalism. Philadelphia, 
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Powell's Practical advertiser. With cyclo- 
pedia of over one thousand useful adver- 
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History of the newspapers of Beaver 
County, Pennsylvania. New Brighton, 
Pa.. 1905. Illus. Portraits. HigjM 
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afford writers an insight into certain 
technical, commercial, and financial as- 
pects of the profession of letters. New 
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Forty years an advertising agent, 1865- 
1905. New York, 1906. Illus. Portraits. 

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The preparation of manuscripts for the 
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Newspapers and newspaper men of Mary- 
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]iaiiii8crq>t8. Paleography. Auto- 

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About Hebrew manuscripts. London, 1905. 
Facsimiles. ^x83.3X 

of Officers of the 20th Mass. 
Volunteer Infantry. 
[Correspondence with regard to the Me- 
morial Alcove in the Boston Public Li- 
brary. Boston, 1896, 97-1 Manuscript. 
336 pp. = ♦'•aotJi'*,Cab.7.3 

Reports, letters & papers appertaining to 
20th Mass. Vol. Inf. [Boston. 189- ?1 
Manuscript 2 v. = •"aot^*'.Cab.6.x 

Betson, Thomas. 
A ryght profytable treatyse compendi- 
ously drawen out of many and dyvers 
wrytinges of holy men. Printed in Cax- 
ton's house by Wynkyn de Worde about 
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Facsimiles. [University of Cambridge. 
Library. Facsimiles of rare fifteenth 
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'd-Din Ahmad . . . and 'Abdu '1-Muqta- 
dir. With an introduction by £. Denison 
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Caryl, Lucian Willard. 

[Notes on M^canique celeste. Manu- 
script.] N. p. [182-?] 332 pp. = 

Cohny Alexander Meyer. 
Die Autographen-Sammlung Alexander 
Meyer Cohn's. Mit einem Vorwort von 
Erich Schmidt Theil i. Berlin. 1905. 
Illus. Portraits. Facsimiles. = *6xx6.94 
Crowninahield, Caspar. 
Journal of Brevet Brigadier General Cas- 
par Crowninshield. [Boston. 188-?] 
Manuscript 95 ff. = ♦*'aot»»".Cab.6.a 
Folsom, Charles William. 

[Diary, 1861-1864. Boston, 1897.] Manu- 
script 4 V. = •"aoth^Cab.7.x 

A verbatim copy of a pocket dUxy kept by C W. 
FoUom during the Civil War, with additions 
written in 1897. 

Table of grades per mile, equivalent to 
grades per 1000 feet. [Manuscript Bos- 
ton. 185-?] X4 pp. = *3939'Xa4 
Great Britain. 
Royal Commission on Historical Manu- 
Report on the manuscripts of Lady Du 
Cane [prepared by J. H. Laughton, 
with an index by C. T. Flower]. Lon- 
don, 1905. *7ioi.88 

The hiJf-title is; The manuacripts of the family 
of Grimiton of Kilnwick, belonging to Lady Da 

Report on the manuscripts of the Earl of 

Egmont Vol. i, part i. London, 1905. 

"Prepared by S. C Lomat." ^7X0X.X00 

Report on the manuscripts of the Earl 
of Mar and Kellie, preserved at Alloa 
House, N. B. London, 1904. *7xox.93 

Report on the manuscripts of the Mar- 
quess of Lothian, preserved at Blick- 
ling Hall, Norfolk. London, 1905. 


"Prepared by D'Arcy Bedingfdd CoUyer." 


Homer. Proa, Jean Maurice. x86i-. 

Homeri Iliadis ptctae fragmenta Ambrosi- Manuel de pal^offraphie. Recueil de fac- 

ana phototypice edita cura doctorum stmiUs d'6critures du V< au XVII* si^cle 

Ant. M. Ceriani et Ach. Ratti. Medio- (manuscrits latins, frangais et proven- 

lani, M DCCCC V. 53 pp. 104 facsim- gaux, accompagn^s de transcriptions). 

^^ «Jc«- •Cab^9J3^ Paris, 1904. 8 pp. 50 plates. • 

Huntington, Archer Milton, editor.. Each pUte it accomiwnicd by detcriptiw text. 

Collection of Spanish documents. Manu- Prudentiua Clemens, Aurelius. 

scripts in the British Museum, published Die illustrierten Prudentius-Handschrif- 

in facsimile. New York, 1903. la ff. = ten. [Herausgegeben von] Richard 

♦♦D.Cab.a.7.x Stcttiner. Tafelband. Berlin, 1905. 

The doeamenti are of the twelfth, thirteenth and Vignettes. *Cabd49.ZO.X 

fourteenth centurice. Ropes, Henry. 

James, Montagu Rhodes. [Letters of Lieutenant Henry Ropes, 20th 

A descriptive catalogue of the manu- Regiment Massachusetts Volunteers, 

scripts in the Library of Pembroke Boston, 1888.I Manuscript transcript 

College, Cambridge. With a hand list 3 v. = •••a0th-.Cab.7j 

of the printed books to 1500, by Ellis H. [Scrapbooks. Boston? i86i-7X*] 3 v. IHus. 

Minns. Cambridge, 1905. Facsimiles. Portraits. = ^4360.58 

*ax8a 65 Containa clipptngi from newapapcra; rdate prin* 

Lee, William Raymond. ' «»P*"y «» »>*^«Tr «nd the cwa War. 

Memoir of Col. Paul Joseph Revere. Ticknor, George. 1791-1871. 

Twentieth Regiment Mass. Volunteer f Life of William Hickling Prescott. Proof 

Infantry, Army of the Potomac, United sheets, with manuscript notes and cor- 

States of America. 1861-1863. IBos- rections. Boston, 1864.I IHus. =r 

ton? iSa-?] Manuscript. 72 ff. = ♦D.MSS.46 

♦"aoth^Cab.6.4 Vrics, R. W. P. de. 

[Letters referring to the Bowditch Library. Catalogue d'une riche collection de manu- 

1838-1858.] 83 letters in x v. = scrits et de livres, provenant des biblto- 

^£.$092.99 th^ques d'un convent dans le nord de la 

Chieflj lettera of tranamittal, announcing the France, de feu M.-A. de Meunynck i 

aending of hooka, etc, to the Ubrary. Lille et dc fcu M.-V. Borgen i Copcn- 

Lydgate, John. hague. Amsterdam, 1905. Plates. 

The temple of glass. Printed at Westmin- ^x8a.49 

ster by William Caxton about 1477. Williams, Henr]r Smith. 

Cambridge, I90>;. 7a PP. Facsimiles. Manuscripts, inscriptions and muniments, 

rUniversity of Cambridge. Library. oriental, classical, medieval and modern. 

Facsimiles of rare fifteenth century Described, classified and arranged, 

printed books.] ^ax8a.5x comprehending the history of the art of 

A facaimUe reprint writing. London. [1902.] 20} platcs 

McKean, Joseph. 1776-1818. in 4 portfolios. ^ 

Mathematics. [Note-book partially filled Some of the platea are colored, 
with manuscript Cambridge, 1792.I 

Diagrams. = *3938.X70 Broadsides, 
Morits, Bernhard, editor. 1859-. 

Arabic palaeography. A collection of Adams, Samuel. 

Arabic texts from the first century of Order of procession for the funeral of the 

the Hidjra till 1000. Cairo, 1905. i.x pp. late Governor Samuel Adams. [Boston, 

188 plates in portfolio. [Egypt. Khe- Mass., 1803.] Broadside. **H.9oa.3x8 

divial Library. Publications. No. 16.] Ames, Levi. 1752-1773- 

* The last words and dying speech of Levi 

Murphey, Josiah F. Ames, who was executed at Boston, on 

[Sketch of my life in the Army during the ... the 21st day of October, 1773 for 

late War of the Rebellion, 1861-1865. burglary. Boston. [1773] Broadside. 

Boston. i88-?l Manuscript. 82 ff. = ♦H.90.337 

♦"aot*>".Cab.6.s Articles of agreement relative to the whale- 
Paris e Viana. M.CCCCxCvij. [Barcelona, fishery. Boston, 1769. Broadside. 
M.CM.iiij.l 34 ff. Illus. Vignettes. ^ , J^^'^^^U 
[Bibliotheca de obretes singulars del '^«'**« ^ »*®^«^ chargea. and diviaion of the 
bon temps de nostra lengua materna "•* ^^^^ * ^ jt 
esUmpades en letra lemosina.] Blazing surs, the messengers of Gods 

••D.X84.XS wrath. In a few serious and solemn 

Thla romance haa been aacribed to Pierre de la meditations upon a wonderful comet 

Sepade. . . . with a solemn call to sinners, and 

Pourtal&s, Louis Francois de. counsel to saints . . . and a short rela- 

[Manuscript corrections for the tide table ^'^.". concerning a ^^nderful and sur- 

in Bowditch's Navigator, with a letter of P."f '"» ^|;«*"J' c fLi^f/^« /i,f vl^^ 

transmittal to the Superintendent of the $l^'i5;J?^'5TV ^^^riJ^n U2i?l Proni 

Coast Survey. Washington, 1860. 1 4 f f . MpCCLXIX . . . [N.p. >769?] Broad- 

= ^£.5XX4.53 »*<**• ^^^^^ ••H.9a3xs 



Boston, Mass. 
At a legal meetinsr of the inhabitants of 
the Town of Boston, . . . December 
2ist, 1803, the following report was or- 
dered to be printed, for general infor- 
mation . . . [Boston, Mass., 1803. 1 Broad- 
side. ♦•H.9oa.33X 
TIm report is signed Thomas Dawes. It coneeras 
the imsaccs of Boston. 

The names of the streets, lanes & alleys, 
within the Town of Boston in New- 
England. Boston: Printed by Bar- 
tboTomew Green . . . 1708. Broadside. 

The names of the streets, lanes & alleys, 
within the Town of Boston in New- 
England . . . Boston: Printed by Bar- 
tholomew Green . . . 1708. [Boston, 
1905.] Photograph. = *4455-3XO 

Aaothcr fscsimile reproduction of this broadside 
may be foond in Green's Ten fsc-simile reproduc- 
tions relating to New England [*3J5e.47]. 

Town Clerk. 
Notification. The freeholders and other 
inhabitants of the Town of Boston, 
qualified as the law directs, arc hereby 
notified to meet at Fancuil-Hall, on 
. . . the TTth day of May . . . May 5, 
1784. [Boston, Mass., 1784.] Broad- 
side. **H.9ob.z54 

Signed: William Cooper. 

By authority! The procession from the 
Queen's palace to Westminster Abbey, 
on the royal coronation of Her Most 
Sacred Majesty Queen Victoria . . . the 
28th day of June, 1838. [With the names 
of the parties in each carriage. [Lon- 
don, 1838.] Broadside. == 

No. 3 in •♦H.gob.iya 

Contains a poem entitled, Victoria*! coronation. 

Case, The, of the merchants trading to Italy, 
and other parts of the Mediterranean, 
and the traders in raw and thrown silks. 
[London. 1721 ?] Broadside. 

Advocating protectire duties. ^H.goa.a88 

Children, The, in the woods. Being a true 
relation of the inhuman murder of two 
children . . . etc. [Ballad. Boston? 
180-?] Woodcut. Broadside. **H.9oa.309 
The original version of The babes in the wood. 

Continental Congress. 
A proclamation ... to appoint Wednes- 
day the 30th day of December next, to be 
observed as a day of public thanksgiving 
and praise . . . 17th day of November 
1778 . . . Exeter; New Hampshire; 1778^ 
Broadside. **H.9o.3a7 

Appended is a prodaraation by the New Hamp- 
sUre General Court. 

Coronation, The. State procession from the 
Queen's palace to the west gate of 
Westminster Abbey, on the day of Her 
Majesty's coronation . . . June 28th, 
1838. [With the names of the parties in 
each carriage. London, 1838.] Broad- 
side. No. z in **H.9ob.z73 

Coronation. State procession from the 
Queen's palace to Westminster Abbey, 
with the names of the parties in each 
carriage. [London, 1838.) Broadside. 
= No. 2 in ♦♦H.9ob.X73 

Curious new sonnet, A, dedicated to the 
street musicians. 2d edition. [Boston. 
174-?] Broadside. = **H.9oa.349 

Relates to James Davenport. 

Democratic Press, The. Extra. Sunday, 
Feb. 19, 1815. . . . Treaty of peace and 
amity between the United States and 
Great Britain. [Philadelphia.] 1815. 
Broadside. **H.9oa.353 

Embargo, The, a song composed and sung 
at Dover, July 4th, 1808. Dover Land- 
ing. [1808.1 Broadside. **H.9ob.X30 

Funeral elegy, A, on the Rev. and renowned 
George Whitefield. . . . who departed 
this life, at Newbury-Port ... on the 
30th day of September, 1770, in the 56th 
year of his age. [N. p. 1770?! Broad- 
side. ♦♦11.908.336 

Genuine letter. A, from a well-known patriot 
at St. James's, to his friend in Boston, 
relative to the present distracted state of 
American affairs. Dated London, No- 
vember 28, 1774. [N. p. 1774?! Broad- 
side. T774?l ♦♦H.9oa.304 

Georgia. Ships or vessels, of any burthen, 
may be laden ... on the north side of 
St. Mary's River . . . [N. p. 17 — ?1 
Broadside. ♦♦H.gob.zas 

Great Britain. 
A bill to regulate and restrain paper bills 
of credit in the British Colonies and 
Plantations in America, and to prevent 
the same from being legal tenders in 
payments for money . . . Boston, New- 
England. [1751?] Broadside. ♦♦H.90.3az 

Harvard College. 
Interesting. All avenues to wealth not yet 
stopped I I I Grand Harvard College 
lottery, seventh, and probably the last 
class, positively commences drawing 23d 
September next in Boston . . . [Bos- 
ton? 1812.] Broadside. ♦♦11.90.339 
Lottery ticket no. 14637 ia affixed to the broad- 

Interesting intelligence. An, from Europe. 
Boston, 1776. Broadside. = ♦♦H.9oa.350 
Relates to the Britiih preparations for the Ameri- 
can campaign of 1776. 

Leeds, Daniel. i652-i72a 
An almanack for the year of Christian ac- 
count 1687. Particularly respecting the 
meridian and latitude of Burlington, but 
may indifferently serve all places adja- 
cient. [Philadelphia. W. Bradford. 
1686.] Broadside. ♦♦H.80.9 

This was the second almanac published in the 
Middle Colonies. 

Major Andre. Written while he was a pris- 
oner in the American camp. [N. d. T780?] 
Broadside. Illus. ♦♦H.9oa.339 

An abstract from resolves containing the 
encouragement offered by the Conti- 



Massachusetts. (Continued,) 

nental Congress, and by the State of 
Massachusetts-Bay, to such as shall in- 
list [sic] into the Continental Army. 
[Boston, 1777.] Broadside. **H.90«.a9o 

. . . An act, describing the disqualifica- 
tions to which persons shall be sub- 
jected, who have been, or may be guilty 
of treason, or giving aid or support to 
the present [Shays's] Rebellion, and to 
whom a pardon may be extended. [Bos- 
ton, 1787.] Broadside. '^*H.9oa.3x6 

Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In the 
vear of our Lord, one thousand seven 
hundred and eighty-four. An act to en- 
able the inhabitants of the several towns 
and plantations within this Common- 
wealth, to ascertain from time to time 
the amount of monies received by their 
respective collectors of public taxes, and 
what payments they have made to the 
Treasurer of the Commonwealth. [Bos- 
ton, 1784.] Broadside. **H.9oa.a97 

In the House of Representatives, Decem- 
ber 4, 1776. Resolved that the selectmen 
of each town in this State be and hereby 
are directed to deliver . . .. one ax for 
every six men now raised or drafted . . . 
for the reinforcement of the Continental 
Army. [Boston, 1776.] Broadside. 


Added is a resolve of December 5, 2776, to bor« 
row £100000. 

State of Massachusetts-Bay. In the House 
of Representatives; December 9, 17761 
Whereas great inconveniencies may take 
place from our not knowing the number 
of male inhabitants in each town and 
plantation in this State, from sixteen 
years old and upwards . . . [Boston? 
1776.] Broadside. **H.9oa.a96 

State of Massachusettsbay. In the House 
of Representatives, February 5, 1777. 
Resolved, that when any wagon-master 
shall be called upon ... to procure 
teams for the service of this or any of 
the United States . . . [Boston, Mass.? 
1777-1 Broadside. ♦♦H.9ob.x57 

State of Massachusetts-Bay. In the House 
of Representatives, February 5, 1777. 
Whereas the rum, molasses and sundry 
other articles herein after enumerated, 
now in this State, are all needed for the 
supply of the Army and the inhabitants 
of this State: . . . [Boston, I777-] 2 pp. 


State of Massachusetts-Bay. In the House 
of Representatives, February 6, 1777. 
That the army may be duly supplied 
with shoes, stockings and shirts, it is re- 
solved . . . [Boston, 1777.] Broadside. 


State of Massachusetts-Bay. In the House 
of Representatives, August 11, 1777. 
Whereas it has been represented, that 
some of the powder manufactured at the 
several powder mills in this State, has 
proved defective . . . [Boston, Mass.? 
1777.] Broadside. **H.9ob.zs5 

Massachusetts. (CanHnued.) 
State of Massachusetts-Bay. In the House 

of Representatives, January 13* 1780. 

Whereas it is indispensably necessary, 

in order for a settlement vrith the army, 

that the accounts for the supplies of the 

soldiers families should be made out . . . 

[Boston, 1780.] Broadsides. **Hjgioatagi 
Constitutional conventions. 1779. 

State of Mlassachusetts-Bav. In conven- 
tion, June i6» 1780. Whereas . . . it 
appears that more than two-thirds of 
the inhabitants . . . who have voted 
on the same, have expressed their ap- 
probation of the form of government 
agreed upon by this Convention . . . 
this Convention do hereupon declare 
the said form to be the Constitution 
... of Massachusetts-Bay. [Boston, 
Mass., 178a] Broadside. ^H.9oa.fl89 

Signed: James Bowdoin, President. 

On the back aro mannscript eonstable'a writs. 

By His Excellency Jonathan Belcher 
Esq; Captain- General and Govemour 
in Chief in and over His Majesty^s 
Province of the Massachusetts-Bay in 
New-England. A proclamation [con- 
cerning the War of the Austrian Suc- 
cession and privateers] . . . Tenth 
day of August, 1739 . . . Boston. 
U739'] Broadside. **H.9oa.334 

On Tuesday the 21st instant His Excel- 
lency the Governor sent the following 
message to the Honorable House of 
Representatives. Boston, 1768. Broad- 
side. **G.38x.4 
Treasurer of the Commonwealth. 

State of Massachusetts-Bay. The Hon- 
orable Henry Gardner, Esq.; Treas- 
urer and Receiver-General . . . To the 
Selectmen or Assessors of the Town 
of Boston greeting, &c. In obedience 
to an act of the Great and General 
Court . . . held at Boston . . . the 
twenty-seventh day of May, A.D. 1778, 
intitled. An act for assessing a tax . . . 
upon the . . . towns . . . These are 
. . . to . . . require you ... to assess 
the sum of . . . upon your toun. . . . 
Fourth day of July . . . 1778. [Boa- 
ton, Mass., 1778.] Broadside. 


Printed form fiUed out in manuscript 

My dog and guxL [Ballad. N. p. i8o-?1 
Wood-cuts. Broadside. **H.9ob.x35 

Pennsylvania Packet and Daily Advertiser. . 
Postscript to the Pennsylvania Packet. 
Thursday, December 16, 1779. ] Phila- 
delphia, 1779J Broadside. ^Il.9a3a4 
Contains accounts of Paul Jonct'a emiaittg ia 

Plummer, Jonathan. 
A funeral song, and A funeral sermon; on 
the death of six young persons who 
were killed on the i6th of January, 1807, 
in Boston, by the falling of a brick wall 
of the Museum after the wooden part 
of that building was partly consumed 
by fire. Newburyport [1807?! Broad- 



Robin Adair, and The Rirl I love. Toflrether 
with, The minute gun at sea. [Verses. 
N. p. x8i-?1 Head-piece. Broadside. 


Send back the moneyllt TGlasROw. 1846?] 

Broadside. = No. 4 in *Cab.8z.90.3 

A cartoon about the money received by the Free 

Church of Scotland front the ilaveholding 
chnrchefl of the South. 
Smith, Horace J. 
Legend for mural tablet to be placed on 
Old Bailey [to commemorate] the jury 
who refused to give a verdict against 
William Penn and William Mead, tried 
in 1670 for preaching in Grace Church 
Street. [London, 1905.] Broadside. = 

Two favorite songs made on the Evacuation 
of the Town of Boston by the Britons, 
March 17, 1776. [Boston, Mass., 1776.] 
Broadside. Woodcut **H.goa.335 

United States. 
Blockade of Cuban ports. By the Presi- 
dent of the United States of America: 
a proclamation. [Dated April 22, 
1898. Washington, 1898.] Broadside. 
= No. 3 in •♦H^9oa.303 

Call for volunteers — Spain. By the 
President of the United States, a 
proclamation. [Dated April 23, 1898. 
Washington, 1898.I Broadside. = 

No. s in •♦H.9oa.30X 
Existence of war — Spain. By the Presi- 
dent of the United States of America: 
a proclamation. FDated April 26, 1898. 
Washington, 1898.I Broadside. = 

No. 2 in **H.9oa.30X 
Reservation for naval purposes — Ha- 
waii. By the President of the United 
States. A proclamation. [Dated No- 
vember 2, 1898. Washington, 1898.] 
Broadside. = No. i in *H.9oa.30Z 

Virginia. Convention, May 6, 1776. 
In convention. Present 112 members. 
Wednesday, May 15, 1776. Forasmuch 
as all the endeavours of the United Colo- 
nies ... to restore peace . . . have pro- 
duced . . . increased . . . oppression . . . 
Resolved unanimously, that the dele- 
^tes appointed to represent this Colony 
in General Congress be instructed to 
propose ... to declare the United Colo- 
nies free and independent states. . . . 
Edmtmd Pendleton, President . . . [Wil- 
liamsburg, Va., 1776.] Broadside. 


resolutioaa were drawn up by Edmund 

Whitefield, George. 1714-1770. 
A funeral hymn, composed by that emi- 
nent servant of the Most High God, the 
late Reverend and renowned George 
Whitefield . . . [Boston. 2770?] Broad- 
side = ^H.9oa.3Z5 

Literature. General and Comparative. 


Alexander, Hartley Burr. 1873-. 
Poetry and the individual An analysis of 

Alexander, Hartley Burr. (Coniwued,) 

the imaginative life in relation to the 
creative spirit in man and nature. New 
York, 1906. 4558.209 

Cotrtney, William Leonard. 
The development of Maurice Maeterlinck 
and other sketches of foreign writers. 
London, 1904. 2259^5 

CoHttnis. — Tbe development of Maeterlinck. — 
Georgei Rodenbech. — Huytmani' *Tbe cathe- 
dral." — Gabriele d'Annunaio. — TurgeniefL — 
Tobtoi aa man and artiit. ^ Maxim Gorky. — 
Dmitri Merejkowski. — Anton TchekhofL — A 
reactionary itatetman [Pobyedonottteff]. 

Hunt, Theodore Whitefield. 

Literature: its principles and problems. 

New York, 1906. 6255.26 

Ker, William Paton. 

Essays on medieval literature. London, 

1905. 2255.85 

Conttnts. — The earlier hiatory of English proae. 

— Historical notes on the similes of Dante. — 
Boccaccio. — Chaucer. — Gower. — Froissart. 

— Gaston Paris. 

Morf, Heinrich. 1854-. 
Aus Dichtung und Sprache der Romanen. 
Vortrage und Skizzen. Strassburg, 1903. 


CoHttnis. — Vom Rolandslied sum Orlando furi- 
oso. — Kaiser Karls Pilgerfahrt. — Die sieben 
Infanten von Lara. — Aus der Gesehichte des 
franzosischen Dramas. — Spiclmannsgeschich- 
ten. — Die Bibliothek Petrarca's. — Moli^e. — 
Bouhours. — Drei Vorposten der franzosischen 
Aulklarung. St-£vremond, Bayle, Fontenelle. — • 
Die Cisartragodien Voltaire's und Shakspere's. 
-— Voltaire und Bossuet als Universalhistoriker. 

— Zwei sonderbare Heilige. — Denis Diderot. 

— Wie Voltaire Rousseau's Feind geworden ist. 

— Der Verfasser von „Paul et Virginie." — 
Madame de StaeL — Ein Sprachenstreit in der 
ritischen Schweia. — Frederi Mistral, der Dich- 
ter der Miriio. — Zum Gedachtnis: Ludwig To- 
bler, Jakob Baechtold, Gaston Paris. 

Sheran, William Henry. 
A handbook of literary criticism. An 
analysis of literary forms in prose and 
verse. New York. [1905.] 2255.88 

Whibley, Charles. 
Literary portraits. London, 1904. Por- 
trait 6254.21 

CimUnts. — Rabelais. -^ Philippe de Comines. — 
A tranalator generall [sic]. — Montaigne. — The 
library of an old scholar. — Robert Burton. — 
Jacques Caaanova. 

Woodberry, George Edward. 
The torch. Eight lectures on race power 
in literature, delivered before the Lowell 
Institute of Boston, MCMIIL New 
York, 1905. 2398.152 

Conttnts, — Man and the race. — The language 
of all the world. — The Titan myth. — Spenser. 

— Milton. — Wordsworth. — Shelley. 


Chiu Tsz-yung. 
Cantonese love-songs. Translated with 
introduction and notes by Cecil de- 
menti. Oxford. 1904. a v. 30zz.z36 

.. i 




Geiger» Wilhelm. 1856-. 
Dipavaixisa und Mahavamsa und die ye- 
schichtliche Uberlieferung in Ceylon. 
Leipzig, 1905. 3oaa.z4A 

English and American. 

Abbott, Mary Winchester. 
Browning and Meredith. Some points of 
similarity. Boston, 1904^ 55 pp. 3559a.z53 
Addison, Joseph, i672-i7i9> and others. 
Sir Roger de Coverley and other essays 
from the Spectator [by Addison and 
Steele]. With illustrations by H. M. 
Brock. [Edited by Arthur Symons.1 
London. [1905.1 lUus. 4556^3 

Ainger, Alfred. 
Lectures and essays. London, 1905. 2 r. 

Aldrich, Thomas Bailey. 
A book of songs and sonnets selected 
from [his] poems. [Cambridge.1 1906. 

Amsbary, Wallace Bruce. 
The ballads of Bourbonnais. With pic- 
tures by Will Vawter. Indianapolis. 

[1904.1 Plates. 4304*axa 

Tht balUdi are written ia the iUXtct of the IIU- 

noil French^Canadian. 
Austin, Alfred. 1835-. 
The door of humility. [Verse.] London, 
1906. a567.za6 

Baker, Ernest Albert, and Francis E. Ross, 
The voice of the mountains. London. 
[1905.1 asega^oS 

An anthology of mountain Utcraturc. 

Barlow, George, Poet. 
Poetical works. London. [1903.I to ▼. 


Begbte, Lionel Frank. 

Boshtan ballads. Flotsam from The Isis, 

and other verses. Oxford, 1901. 4569a^g5 

Benson, Arthur Christopher. 

From a college window. New York, 1906. 

Benton, Joel. 183^. 
Persons and places. New York, 1905. 
Portraits. Plates. 4407.396 

Contents, — Efnenon : as I aaw him. — Some of 
Thoreau'i peculiarities. — With Matthew Arnold. 
^- A little bit about Boston. -« The personality 
of Horace Greeley. — A philosopher in letters 
and in life [C N. Bovec]. — The personality of 
P. T. Bamum. — In Emerson's and Thoreau's 
town. — Bryant, the poet — Some American 

Beowulf, nebst dem Finnsburg-Bmch- 
stiick. Mit Einleitung, Glossar und An- 
merkungen herausgegeben von F. Holt- 
hausen. Teil i. Heidelberg. [1905.I 


Blake, William. 1757-1827. 

Lyrical poems. Text by John Sampson, 

with an introduction by Walter Raleigh. 

Oxford, 2905. Plate. 45698.300 

Blake, William. (CmOinued.) 
The poetical works of William Blake. A 
new and verbatim text from the manu- 
script engraved and letterpress originals 
with variorum readings and bibliographi- 
cal notes and prefaces by John Sampson. 
Oxford, 1905. Facsimiles. 4563.X47 

Contains bibliographies. 

Bland, Edith. 
The rainbow and the rose. fVerses.] By 
£. Nesbit [pseud.]. London, 1905* 

Bland, Hubert. 
With the eyes of a man. [Essays.] Lon- 
don, 1905. Portrait 3557.Z33 
Boas, Henrietta O'Brien. 
With Milton and the Cavaliers. New 
York, 1905.. Portraits. 8558.Z39 
Bowdoin, William Goodrich. 
The little girl and her doll. Brooklyn, 
1005. 18 pp. Plate. = ^44098437 
No. 71 of an edition of too copies. 

BrontiS, Anne. 1820-1849. 
Self-communion. A poem. Edited by 
Thomas J. Wise. London, xpoo. 47 pp. 
Facsimiles. ^A.zz69iLS 

One of an edition of 30 eoplca. 

Browning, Elizabeth Barrett 
Sonnets from the Portuguese and other 
poems. — One word more and other 
poems b:^^ Robert Browning. With an 
introduction by Richard Watson Gilder. 
New York, 1905. Portraits. Facsimile 
autographs. = ^R.5.6o 

Browning, Robert 
Select poems, arranged in chronological 
order, with notes by A. J. George. Bos- 
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Byron, George Gordon Noel, 6th Baron 
Complete poetical works. [Hdited by Paul 
Elmer More.] Boston, 1905. Portrait. 
[Cambridge edition of the poets.1 

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Collected poems. New York. [xpoS-l 

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History in Scott's novels. A literary 
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Collectanea, 1821-1855. Edited by Sam- 
uel Arthur Jones. Canton, Penn., 1903. 


Cary, Otis. 
The Cary poem: Virtute excerptae. 2d 
edition. >Vinchendon, Mass. [1905?! 
27 pp. Coat of arms. = 9399-<77 

The poem culogiset Sir Robert Cnj, and John 

Cawein, Madison Julius. 
The vale of Tempe. Poems. New York, 

1905. 430^x4 

Charlton, John. 1829-. 

Speeches and addresses, political, literary 

and religious. Toronto, 1905. Portrait. 

len: thm 

Comltnts. — Cfttiftda't transportition prob! 
national tranicontinental railway. — The Sootli 
Airicaa War. — Titcal relatiMis. -^ Speeche» •« 



Charhon, John. (ConHnned.) 

retigioas tnbjcets. — MiaeellinMiit parliamen- 
tmrf gpcc ch ei, — Platform and literary ad^retses: 
Cooditiona ol aooccaa in life; Abraham Lincoln; 
David Lhringatone; George Washington; Ameri- 
- can luMMmr. 

Chancer, Geoffrey. 

The prioress's tale and other tales . . . 

done into modem English by Prof. 

Skeat. London, 1904. Plate. [The 

King's classics.] 4559^62 

Cheney, John Vance. 

Poems. Boston. 1905. 4394*x5a 

*Tlie iRreaent volume contaiaa all the author'a 

verve now before the public la book form." — 

Clifford, EtheL 
Love's journey. [Poems.1 London, 1905. 

Collier's. The National Weekly. 
Quarterly prizes for short stories as of- 
fered by Collier's, with some accounts of 
the first prize contest, to which is added 
a list of the accepted stories. New York. 
[1905.1 43 pp. = 6x99.60 

CoDinB, John Churton. 
Studies in poetry and criticism. London, 

W5. 3955^7 

CntgmU, — The poetry and poeta of America. — 

The eoHected wwlca of Lord Byron. — The col- 
lected worka of Mr. William Watson. — The po- 
etry of Mr. Gerald Maasey. ^ Miltonie mythi and 
thdr anthora. — Longinui and Greek criticism. — 
The tmc functions of poetry. 

Conybeare, John, Schoolmaster. Fl. 1580. 
Letters and exercises. With notes and a 
fragment of autobiography by William 
Daniel Conybeare. The whole edited 
by Frederick Cornwallis Conybeare. 
London, 1905. Genealogical chart. Fac- 
similes. 2549.288 
Cook, Albert Stanburrough, and Chauncey 
Brewster Tinker, editors. 
Select translations from Old English poe- 
try. Boston. [1902.1 3439.39 
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lonica. [Poems.] With biographical in- 
troduction and notes by Arthur C. Ben- 
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Poems. . . . The text edited by . A R. 
Waller. Cambridge, 1905. [Cambridge 
English classics.] 460946 

Crothers, Samuel Mc Chord. 
The pardoner's wallet. Boston, 1905. 


Cmmigmts, — The pardoner. — Unaeaionable vtr- 
— An hour with our prejudicea. — How to 
the fallaciea.— The difficultiea of the peace- 
aankcra. — The land of the large and charitable 
air. — A community of humoriata. — A aaint 
recawonUed. — Aa he acea himaelf. — > A man 
nndier enchantment.— The cruelty of good people. 


The dream of the Rood. An Old English 
poem attributed to Cynewulf. Edited 
by Albert S. Cook. Oxford, 1905. 

Bibliogrvphy, pp. Ux, Ix. 9536^1 

The poem haa bectt aa crl b ed t* Caedmon. 

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The makers of English fiction. New 
York. [1905.1 4558.203 

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The gull's hornbook. Edited by R. B. Mc- 
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King's classics.] 4559*357 

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Works. With a critical introduction by 
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traits. Plates. Colored title-pnge. 


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Love poems. Selected and edited by 
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99 pp. *A.935z.z 

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Twenty years ago. A book of anecdote 
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Poems, with a memoir by Arthur Symons, 
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Acadian ballads and De Soto's last dream. 
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Literatur, p. (1). 

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An Emerson calendar. Edited by Hunt- 
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trait. 3408.299 

Through the year with Emerson. [Quo- 
tations] selected by Edith E. Wood. 
New York. [1905.] 3408.337 

Franklin, Benjamin. 

Extracts from the Autobiography and 
other writings suggested for use in the 
public schools of the City of Boston, by 
the Joint Bi-Centennial Committee in 
connection with the observance of the 
200th anniversary of Franklin's birth, 
January 17, 1906. [Compiled by Lindsay 
Swift] Boston, 1906. 16 pp. 

4343.89; •♦K.XX.54 
Bound in each copy ia a programme of the anni- 
▼eraary exercisea in Symphony Halt 

Writings. Collected and edited, with a life 
and introduction, by Albert Henry 
Smyth. Vol. 1-3. New York, 1905. Por- 
traits. Plates. Facsimile. ^44408.4 

Contenis, — z. Introduction. — ^The autobiography, 
a, 3. Miscellaneoua writingi. lyaa-sysg. 

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The problem of the two prologues to 
Chaucer's Legend of good women. Bal- 
timore, 1905. = assa-zdr 


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1904. = 9559.Z66 beth M. Roscoe. London, 1906. For- 

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Elene; Judith; Athelstan, or the fight at Ingraham, Charles Anson. 

Brunanburh; and Byrhtnoth, or the Songs of all sorts. [Centre Cambridge?] 

fight at Maldon: Anglo-Saxon poems. 1902. =: *Au£as,i 

JAdded] The dream of the Rood En- Irwin, Wallace, 

larged edition. Boston, 1901. gS PP. At the sign of the dollar. [Verses.] Pic- 

^s.^ r.. , . „r 45W.x7a tures by E. W. Kcmblc. New York, 

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In the heights. ' [Poems.] New York, Johnson, Burges. 

r. ^^K ^ . . 4407.aa3 Rhymes of little boys. New York. [1905.] 

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The plays & poems of Robert Greene. Jonson, Ben. 1574-1637. 

Edited with introductions and notes by Underwoods. [Underwoods. Consisting of 

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^ ., i* ff *"^."*- « , 4005.30 I^ndon, 190S. *9s6oa.90 

Guild, Marion Pelton. , „ . ^ ^ Keats, John. 179S-1821. 

Semper plus ultra. [Poem.] Printed for Poems. Edited by E. De S«incourt New 

the benefit of the Wellesley College Li- York. 1905. Portrait 95609.18 

brary Fund. Wellesley, 1906. 93 pp. = Kirk, William Frederick. 

w.«w« c* T I, T? -1 r-i 4399^X0 The Norsk Nightingale, being the lyrics of 

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Lost masterpieces, and other verses. Lon- Plates. 4399<^66 

don, 1904. 79 pp. 9569.900 Lane, Anna P. Eichberg. 

Contains humorous imitations of oontemporaiy The champagne Standard. London, 1905. 

English poets. On EnglUh customs. 4578^x9 

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Poems. Boston, 1905. ^38 PP- New collected rhymes. New York, 1905. 

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English works. Newly arranged and an- The puzzle of Dickens's last plot. Lon- 

notated and considered m relation to his don, 1905. Plates. a559a-z55 

hfe, by George Herbert Palmer. Bos- Langland, William. I330?-I400? 

ton. 190S. 3 V. Portraits. Plates. Fac- The vision of William concerning 'Piers 

similes. 4607.Z49 the Plowman.* [Colophon: Newly done 

Higgmson, Margaret Waldo. into type by Clarke Conwell. MDCCCCI. 

The drum-beat. [Cambridge, 1904. 1 x6 ... New Rochelle, New York.] ^7 pp. 

pp. = ♦P.aMiamx •9430.ZZ0 

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Part oi a man's life. Boston, 190S. Por- Legends, The, of SS. Ninian and Machor. 

traits. Plates. Facsimiles. 9394.152 From an unique MS. in the Scottish dia- 

Caii#««i. - The sunny side of the Trsnsoendcn- i^ct of the fourteenth century. Edited 

tsl period.-The child ind his dre«ns.--Enghsh |, ^ ^ Metcalfe. Paisley, 1904. 

and American cousins. — American audiences.— %LtAJlA. 

The aristocracy of the dollar. — "Intensely hu- This work has been attributed to John Barbom^. 

man." — Letters of mark. — Books unread. — I^eonard, Mary Hall. 

Butterflies in poetiy. - Wordsworthshire. -- The My lady of the search-light. New York, 

close of the Victorian epoch. -Una Hawthorne^ U^l.\ 63 pp. •P.85.590.X 

— History in easy lessons. — The cowardice of this is a poem on the education of women, in- 
culture. spired by the Bartholdi sUtue. 

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Some consequences of the Norman Con- The great adventure. [Sonnets.] Boston. 

Quest. London, 1904. 45i6-X9X 1905. 93 PP. •A.5990.X 

Conttnts. — Preface. — The change in population. Loomis, Charles Battell. 

— Safety from invasion. — French abuse. - I've been thinking. New York, 1905. 
Charges against English of overeating and over- Plate. 440Q.93Q 
drinking. — English inaccuracy. — An old Eng- Lucas, Edward Verrall, compiler. 
Ush genitive. — ChrUtian names In England. The friendly town. A little book for the 

Melvin. urbane. New York, 1905. Plates. 

Fifty English classics briefly outlined. 4579^90 

New York. [1905.] 9559.109 Contains prose and verse selected as representing 

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Verses. Manhattan. [1905.] 4398.905 Mackie, Alexander, M.A. 
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The one-hoss shay, with its companion being chapters on Tennyson, Words- 
poems. Illustrated in color by Howard worth, Matthew Arnold and Lowell as 
Pyle. Boston, 1905. 80 ff. Plates. exponents of nature-study. London, 

^A49X4.94 X906. Plate. 4559^^^x9 



UcMurry, Lida Brown, compiler and editor. 

Classic stories for the little ones, adapted 

from the tales of Andersen, Grimm 

brothers and others. Bloomington, 111., 

1905. 33 PP- Illus. 6257^8 

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A feast of fun. With some extra courses. 

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In peril of change. Essays written m time 
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The Catholic scholar's introduction to 
English literature. A text-book for the 
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Kay, Robert Earle. 
The poets and Robert Bums. Souvenir 
program Bums Memorial Association 
Fair, Berkeley Temple, Dec. 12-14. 
[Boston. 1906?] 22 pp. Portraits. Plates. 
= 4454-308 
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Collected sonnets. London, 1905. Por- 
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The fleeing nymph and other verse. Bos- 
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The interpretation of nature in English 
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St rassburg, 1905. [Quellen und For- 
schnngen zur Sprach- und Culturge- 
scbichte der germanischen Volker.1 

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The new rambler from desk to platform. 
[Essays.] London, 1905. 4556.X53 

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Last poems. Translations from the Book of 
Indian love by Laurence Hope [pseud.]. 
New York, 1905. 100 pp. Portrait. 


Stars of the desert By Laurence Hope 

[pseud.]. New York, 1904. *A.64Z3.z 

Nims, Georp^e Washington. 

The declining village; or, my old New 

England home. [In verse.] Boston, 

1905. 46 pp. Portrait. Plate. = 4409.222 

The Tillage is West Sterling, Massachusetts. 

Mother in poetry and song. Boston, 1904. 
84 pp. Portrait = 4394.z7z;*A.(S427.2 
O'DonoKlme, Marian Longfellow. 

Contrasted songs. Boston,* 1905. Por- 
trait. = *A.6522.z 

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British poets of the mneteenth century. 

Selections . . . with reference lists and 

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Page, Curtis Hidden, editor. 

The chief American poets. Selected poems 

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Portraits. 4398.203 

Pierce the Ploughmans Crede (about 1394 

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Common-room carols and other verses and 
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Complete works. Edited by James A. 
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Lddena Erdengmng it on thclf-number 5066.13. 

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Quriemont mmy be found on shelf-numbert 
* 2406.22.6 i *4507>i63. 

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The scene is laid in South Carolina, in the time 
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tisan 1*34061333]. Continued in The scout 


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[190-? Border romances.] •2406.233 
The scene ta laid in South Carolina, in 1780. 
Continued in The scout ['3406.33s], and Melli- 
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The scene is laid in South Carolina, in 1781. 
Another edition, with the title The kinsmen, may 
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A continuation of The partisan [^3406.3331 and 
Mcllichampe [^3406.333]. Continued in Katha- 
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Southward ho! A spell of sunshine. New 
York. [190-? Border romances.] 


Vasconselos: a romance of the New 
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This story is reprintod for the first time from 
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1906. Plates. *4579*Z9X 

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The scene is laid in Wyoming between 1874 and 

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[1905. Collection "Minerva."! 4674B 
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Pierre Loti. — Portraita: Saint Beure^ ou le 
critique malgri lui; Alphonse Daudet; Smile 
Faguet; 2mile Gebhart; Paul Bourget; £donard 
Rod. — Htudes: Le roman autobiographique ; 
Chateaubriand et Miehdet : Notes sur Taine ; Le 
sentiment de la nature ches qudques pontes coa- 
temporaitts; Sur la euriosite; Deux V&iitiens: 
Ruskin; D'Annuncio; L'Orient des "MiUe et nne 
nuits"; Sur Tamiti^ amonreuse ou Tamour pU- 
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Dante AlighierL 

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O. Zanotti-Bianco, e Proemio dell' 
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The original waa publiihed by G. B. MoncettL 



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CMffiKf. — TibTUrt. — Lygdami Elegue. ~ 
Panegyricn Mesnllae. — De Svlpicia incerd 
arctoris elegiae. — STlpidae Elegidia. — Frag- 
mcntrm a Chariiio Tibvllo attribrtrm. — Do- 
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"Made on the bads of . . . the proie •——<-♦«'— 

by WUberforee Clarke [^joai.iio] and the 
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ApenHaa pyccxaa airepavypa sieBeBaro ae- 
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A summary of the deities and myths of 

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original Sanskrit, with an introduction 


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Mancha . . . la edici6n critica, con vari- ^ ^f^ •^^ »o "^«- - Th« •«>"^^ ^*r- - ^* 
antes, notas, y el diccionario de todas las ctMtom of the country. 
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^* ^*°^ Caspar. burg im Elsass und ihre Tatigkeit Den 

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The present status of anti-dysentenc se- ^ „ . «*^****'***« "**« 

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The action of ' snake venom upon cold- ^ ^o*;^ ''^""I'l'u ^ly^!!?^^?^ method as 

blooded animals. Washington. 1904. employed at the Battle . Creek Samta- 

z6 pp. [Carnegie Institution of Wash- """"tiiL?*"^* ^"•^' ^'^**- '221 ,?2 

ington. Publication.] = •ygzo.zza ^^' ^**"*- 379oo«"0 



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Hygiene. Medical Condition8» 

Education, Ethics and 


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The historical relations of medicine and 
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= ^^766.18 

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Some of the plates are colored. 3793.X05 with separate title-pages. 

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Proccs-verbal de la stance du 23 Janvier junio 1903. Mexico, 1903. 3 v. = 

1903, 12 fivrier 1904, 10 f6vrier 1905. „ , ., . v , ». ^ » 3??Z*'^ 

Havre, 1903- 1905. = *576l.89 ^®"* •"^ "^ *** Spanish, French and Enfflish. 

Gives the annual report of the Commission. Special bulletin of the Supreme Board 

Hodder. William Morgan. vj^"-^*'*^^.-. • ^*"°'' ^^""^^ ' ' i^u -« 

The destruction of mosquitos. Being an r. 1 ^*?*^^i \^ = . . ., .ST^m 

account of the drainage and other works ^^^^^^^^^^ in W^Mn^nn^TAllt^^^^ 

carried out with this object during 1902 dl f^ Washington en diciembre 

Chlth^\SL^^;nnn''piJ!2^ ConvencT6n' sanitaria internacional re- 

Chatham, 1904. 70 pp. Plates. Maps. ^„. ^^^ ^„ Washington del 2 al 5 de di- 

jj -p. y p 309049 ciembre de 1902. Informe de los dele- 

mSuI hc.hh for the children of tomor- ^feoT^Ti'pp -"° ^%& 

Ti?*-- *f * 5° ^ of Health. DanRerous communicable diseases. "Dis- 

^■^ ^^A^JL"^ prevention of consumptioiL ^^^^ dangerous to the public health." 

3d edition rSpnnRfield. Illinois igo4^ How spread, how restricted and pre- 

oiners. . ^ j u .. Morse, Edward Sylvester. 

^'y'*'^? i?f S'^''?T'?i"5? ^P?P'"*!^ ^7 *.*"* The steam whistle a menace to public 

Suffolk Distnct Medical Society to m- ^.^^i^y^ [Salem, 1905.I U PP. = 5766.93 

r!^VJS*^«K5L^!;°^/'^«\^°^ r^^ TS''** NewOrleani. Board of Health. 

?S"^ T^l'^fe^J^^Tolu^^ ^i7 °^^^A" The problem of mosquito destruction in 

n?u ?Zi ^V^ ^A ^\*°\ ^^^Tn''^. ^' New Orleans. [New Orleans, 1904.I 

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Cmrent nnmbcra are kept In the Periodical Roem. Suinemann, Carl. 

HaBsachusetts. Ergebnisse der amtlichen Pockentodes- 

State Board of Health. fallstatistik im Deutschen Reiche vom 

Exhibition illustrative of means and Jahre 1903, nebst Anhang, betreffend 

methods for the treatment and pre- die Pockenerkrankungen im Jahre 1901. 

▼ention of tuberculosis. Horticultural [Berlin, 1904.] I3 PP. Plate. == 77909.87 

Hall, Boston . . . December 28, 1905 Die Ergebnisse des Impfgeschafta im 

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Boston, 1905.] 4 pp. = 3794-Z95 [Berlin, 1904.I 28 pp. = 5790*73 

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side. = *576a69 Medicine, surgery and hygiene in the cen- 

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of People V. Patrick. Submitted to a 
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Mexico. Crematoria in Great Britain and abroad. 
Consejo superior de salubridad. London. [1906.] 43 pp. Illus. Plans. 
Boletin extraordinario . . . fiebre ama- 6931.79 



Food Drink. Diet 

Bigelow, Willard Dell, and Berton James 
Some forms of food adulteration and 
simple methods for their detection. 
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States. Department of Agriculture. 
Bureau of Chemistry.] = *599x.7a.xoo 

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Humaniculture. New York. [1906.] 
Illus. 3768.208 

Contmts. — > Introduction and hiitory of Flctch- 
erism; Mastication and insalivation ; Taste and 
appetite; Changes produced by poltophagy; Di- 
rections for the practice of poltophagy; The 
principles of Fletcherism. — A brief history of 
the origin of medical doctrines; The apparatus 
of the medical sciences; Modem medical doc- 
trines. — Private humaniculture; Humaniculture 
and the state. 

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80 pp. 5764-149 

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A digest of Japanese investigations on the 
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[190S.I = 5767.183 
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States. Department of Agriculture. 
Office of Experiment Stations.] = 


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Strength and diet: a practical treatise, with 

special regard to the life of nations. 

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Largely an argument in favor of Yegetarianism. 

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special reference to the detection of 
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There are special bibliographies with the differ- 
ent sections, and a general bibliography, pp. 671- 

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Studies of the food of Maine Itunbermen. 
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[United States. Department of Agricul- 
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Special method in elementary science for 
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Philippine Islands. 
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[Bulletin.] No. 1-9, 13-18, 27, a8. Ma- 
nila, 1903-05. Illus. Maps. Charts. 

e Ri 

BuUetina 10, 11 were pabUahed in the Report of 
the Superintendent of Government Laboratories, 
pp. s8a-585» S9r-^M C*93a5.9i4aa3]t slao in- 
cluded in the 4th Annual report of the Philippine 
Commiaaion [*93aS«9i4S5«4]. 

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The Philippine Journal of Science. Ed* 
ited by Paul C. Freer. Co-editors, 
Richard P. Strong, H. D. McCaskey. 
Vol. I. Manila, 1906. Illus. =: 


Current nnmbera are kept in the ^ - - ' 


lasued in approximately ten nombera 

Thia Bureau waa organised in 1906, by the nnioo 

of the Bureau of Government Laboratories and 

the Bureau of Minea. 

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The seven follies of science: a popular 

account of the most famous scientific 

impossibilities and the attempts which 

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Conituts, — 1. The hiitory of the Congress, by 
Howard J. Rogera. — The acientifie plaa of the 
Congreaa, by Hugo MAnaterberg. — Philonophy 
and mathematica. a. PoUticat and eoonomie his* 
tory. ^ History of Uw. » HI1I017 of rtUi^da. 



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RdatM to the Kscntlfic spirit. 

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1905. Plates. = *79xoa.9X 

Anthropology. Ethnology. 

ladadct Prchislorie Archsolosy. Sec slso titlH 
wider Folk Lorc^ p. 117, and Negro, p. 17S. 

_ William 
Aboriginal use of wood in New York. Al- 
bany, 1905. Plates. Plans. [New York, 
Sute. Sute Museum of Natural His- 
tory.] = *7B2S.iJBq 
Uet of avtbontici, p^ 87 90. 

Perch Lake mounds, with notes on other 
New York mounds, and some accounts 
of Indian trails. Albany, 1905. 82 pp. 
Plates. Maps. [New York, State. State 
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Mat and basket weaving of the ancient 
Hawaiians described and compared with 
the basketry of the other Pacific island- 
ers. With an account of Hawaiian nets 
and nettings. Honolulu. 1906. Illus. 
[Bemice Pauahi Bishop Museum.] = 

*38xo.6a3. Part x 

Old Hawaiian carvings found in a cave 

on the Island of Hawaii. ^ HonolulU| 

1906. so pp. Illus. [Bernice Pauahi 

Bishop Museum.] = No. 2 in *38xa6o.s 

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On the forms of betrothal and wedding 

ceremonies in the Old-French romans 

d'aventure. [Chicago, 1905*] 43 PP- = 

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The Cheyenne. Chicago, 190S. 2 v. Illus. 
[Field Columbian Museum. Publica- 
tions. Anthropological series.] = 

*78x3.aa.9.Part x, a 

Moot of tbe pUtct sre colored. 
'Tflio colored Ulustrationi were made direct from 
drewinse made by Richard Davia or other Chej* 

Driggs, John B. 

Short sketches from oldest America. 

Philadelphia. [1905.] Plates. 38a9-X39 
Sketcbes of the ethnology and folk-lore of the 

Eaqoimaaz of Point Hope^ Alaaka. 
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Inheritance of digital malformations in 
man. Cambridge, 1905. is pp. Plates. 
Charts. [Harvard College. Peabody 
Museum of American Archaeology and 
Ethnology.] = *4363.X37.3 

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Materials for the physical anthropology 
of the Eastern European Jews. [Lan- 
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ican Anthropological and Ethnological 
Societies. Vol. i, part i.] = *38aa.a8 

Bibliography, pp. 141-146. 

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transcribed by Edwin S. Tracy. [Wash- 
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Diagrams. Music. [Smithsonian Insti- 
tution. Bureau of Ethnology.] = 

*4490*9<aa.Part a 

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avec les Annamites d'apres les inscrip- 
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The Indians of South Carolina. Colum- 
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1903. Illus. Portrait. 4464.198 
Some of the plates are colored. 

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Gebiete der Anthropologic. Berlin. 
[1903.1 Illus. Maps. Chart 3836.104 
Literatar, pp. 334-J40. 

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Crania ethnica Philippinica. Ein Beitrag 
zur Anthropologic der Philippinen. Be- 
schreibung der Schadelsammlung von 
Dr. A. Schadenberg. Mit Einleitung und 
unter Mitwirkung von J. Kollmann. 
Haarlem, 1901-1904. Plates. Diagrams. 

IRijks ethnographisch museum, Leiden, 
^ublicatien.] *38ax.xx9 

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Nature and man. Oxford, 1905. 61 pp. 
[Romanes Lecture. I905-1 3834.X79 

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Man and abnormal man, including a study 
of children, in connection with bills to 
establish laboratories under federal and 
state governments for the study of the 
criminal pauper, and defective classes, 
with bibliographies. Washington. 1905. 
lUui. = •C477X 



Iffardn, Rudolf, of Zurich. 
Die Inlandstamme der malayischen Halb- 
inseL Jena, 1905. Illus. Map. *389X.zz4 

Litomtiir-VcRdeiiiili^ ppu i«4»-i05J. 

yLeyeVf Elard Huro. 
Deutsche Volkskunde. Strassburg, 1898. 
Illus. Map. Plans. 9837.61 

CfNifNii; — > Vorwort. — Dorf and Flttr. ~- Dm 
Haaa. — Kfirpcrbctchaffenheit and TVacht. — 
Sittc and Brauch. — Die VoUcMpraehe and die 
Mandarten (mit einer Kaite). — Die Volkadidi- 
tana. — Sage and Mirchen. 

Moore, Clarence Bloomfield 
Certain aboriginal remains of the Black 
Warrior River. Certain aboriRinal re- 
mains of the lower TombiRbee River. 
Certain aboriidnal remains of Mobile 
Bay and Mississippi Sound. Miscellane- 
ous investiRation in Florida. Philadel- 
phia, 1005. Illus. Maps. == 4360.259 

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Urgeschichte Europas: Grundzuge einer 
prahistorischen Archaologie. Deutsche 
Ausgabe besorgt von Otto Luitpold 
Jiriczek. Strassburg, 1905. Illus. Col- 
ored plates. 9336.66 
There are btbliographica with the different aee- 
tipna of the subject. 

Mnacum f uer Voelkerkunde, Hamburg. 
Bericht ftir das Jahr 1903, 04. Hamburg, 
Z904f 05. 2 V. m I. Illus. = ^9933.80 
The Muaeam inclades Sammlnng ▼orgeechicht- 
licher Altertfimer. 

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The Euahlayi tribe: a study of aboriginal 
life in Australia. With an introduction 
by Andrew Lang. London, 1905. Plates. 


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Relaciones agustinianas de las razas del 
norte de Luzon. Manila, 1904. Plates. 
Maps. [Philippine Islands. Ethnologi- 
cal Survey.] = ^3833.370.3 
A collection of articles written hj a number of 
Aasuatinian friara, mostly in the 18th century. 

Praehistorische Blaetter. Unter Mitwirkung 
von Forschem und Freunden der pra- 
historischen Wissenschaft herausgege- 
ben von Julius Naue. Jahrgang 16; 17 
(nr. i-^). Mtinchen. [i$)04» 05.I Illus. 


Kandillp Emilius Oviatt 
The Serpent Mound, Adams County, Ohio. 
Mystery of the mound and history of 
the serpent Columbus, Ohio. fi905.1 
Illus. Maps. [Ohio State Archsologi- 
cal and Historical Society.] = 4364.394 
Reinhardt, Ludwig. 
Der Mensch zur Eiszeit in Europa und 
seine Kulturentwicklung bis zum Ende 
der Steinzeit Munchen, 1906. Illus. 


Remington* Frederic x86i-% 

The way of an Indian. New York, 19061 

Plates. 4365.159 

liannert and cnatoma of the Chcjenne Indiana 

fUoitrated by a fictitioaa biography. 

Saleeby, Najeeb M. 
Studies in Moro history, law, and religion. 
Manila, 1905. Tables. Facsimiles, f Philip- 
pine Islands. Ethnological Survey.] = 

Contains ficiimilet of Moro manwicripta. 

Shaler, Nathaniel Southgate. 
Man and the earth. New York, 1905. 

Soci£t6 pr6hi8toriqne de France. 
Manuel de recherches pr^historiques. 
Paris, 1906. Illus. Maps. Tables. 8637.69 
Stow, George W. 
The native races of South Africa: a his- 
tory of the intrusion of the Hottentots 
and Bantu into the hunting grounds of 
the Bushmen, the aborigines of the 
country. Edited by George McCall 
Theal. London, 1905. Plates. Map. 

Many plates are colored. 3833.156 

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Marriage and race series. Vol. i. New 

York, 1906. = 5588.345 

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Histoire de la formation particulariste. 

L'origine des grands peuples actuels. 

Paris. [1905.1 3834.183 

Relates to Europe. 

University of California. 
The Department of Anthropology. 
Berkeley, 1905. 38 pp. = •3833.375 

Signed, F. W. Putnam. 
Publications of the Department, pp. S7» 3& 

Voth, Henry R. 
Oraibi natal customs and ceremonies. 
Chicago, 1905. 20 pp. Illus. [Field 
Columbian Museum.] = 

*78x3.33.6.Part 9 

This is a report from the Stanley McCormick 
Hopi Expedition. 

Westermarck, Edvard Alexander. 
The origin and development of the moral 
ideas. Vol. i. London, 1906. 3586.120 
Contains many references to customs and ideas 
prevalent amona the nativea of Morocco. 

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Die Germanen. Beitrage zur Volkcrkunde. 
Eisenach. [ 1903*1 3834.177 

Astronomy. Time. NavigatioiL 

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L'Observatoire royal de Belgique. Brux- 
elles, 1904. 75 pp. Illus. Plans. 593oa.a9 
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Terrestrial magnetism and its causes. 
London, 1905. Plate. Maps. 7967.34 
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Chart method of reducing Polaris obser- 
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Modern cosmogonies. London, 1905. 

Draper, Henry, M.D., LL.D. 1837-1882. 
Construction d'un telescope 4 miroir ar* 
gent6 de 15 pouces et demie d'ouverture 
et son emploi en photographic celeste. 

sasircB 127 


Draper, Henry. (Canimuid.) Poincar6, Jules Henri. 

£t snr le telescope modeme i reflexion: Lemons de m^canique celeste professees a 

fabrication et essais des miroirs optiqne. la Sorbonne. Tome i. Th^orie g^n^rale 

Par George W. Ritchev. Paris, 1905- des perturbations plan6taires. Paris, 

nius. Diagrams. [Society d'encourage** 1905. [Cours de la Facult6 des sciences 

ment pour Tindustrie nationals] de Paris.] ^£.5x43.95 

No. I in *338o.3.xgo5 Prentiss, Robert Woodworth. 

Tndoits de I'anglab svee rautoriMtloa de la Syllabus of a course of six lectures on 

"Sadtheoaiaa Inidtatkm.'' modem methods and instruments and 

Dreycr, John Louis Emil. the starry heavens. Philadelphia, 1904. 

History of the planeUry systems from 16 pp. [University extension lectures.] 

Thalej to Kepler. Cambridge, 1906. ^ „ No. 13 in ♦3S9a^oo.x904, X905 

3927.39 Proctor, Mary. 

Pnmcsi, Caroline Ellen. Giant Sun and his family. New York. 

Catalogue of stars within two degrees of _ [1906.] Illus. Portraits. 3939^ao 

the North Pole, deduced from photo- Roval Observatory, Greenwich. , 

graphic measures made at Vassar Col- New reduction of Groombridge s circum- 

fege Observatory. Washington, 1905. Polar catalogue for the epoch 1810.0. 

85 pp. [Carnegie Institution of Wash- |y Frank Watson Dyson, and William 

iDgton.] = 7910-145 Grasett Thackeray. Edinburgh, 1905. 

Hale, George EUery. 

Portrait ♦59ao.xx3 

A study of the conditions for solar re- Tele^aphic determinations of longitude 
search at Mount Wilson, California. made m 1888 to 1902. Edinburgh, 1906. 
[Washington, loos-l 27 PP. fContribu- ^ Plans. = _ •59ao.xx4 
tions from the Solar Observatory of the Schiaparelli, Giovanni Virgmio. 
Carnegie Institution of Washington. Astronomy m the Old Testament Au- 
Na x.! ^ *59234z*z thorized English translation, with . . . 
Harvard College.' Astronomical Observa- additions by the author. Oxford, 1905. 
tory. Illus. 3489a.67 
Telegraphic cipher code. Gerrish system. University of Cambridge. Astronomical Ob- 
Cambridge, 1906. 15 pp. Illus. = servatory. 

7964.7a Annual report of the Observatory Ssmdi- 

Kobold, Hermann. x868-. cate. 1904 June 1-1905 April 30. [Cam- 

Der Ban des Fixstemsystems, mit beson- bridge, I905*l = *59aoa.3X 

derer Beriicksichtigung der photome- Wendell, Oliver Clinton, 

trischen Resultate. Braunschweig, 1906. Observations of circumpolar variable stars 

Plate. Maps. 39x7.89 during 1889-1899. — Observations of 

Lord, Henry Curwen. fifty-eight variable stars of long period 

The elements of geodetic astronomy for during 1890-1901. Cambridge, 1900, ISK>2. 

civil engineers. Columbus, Ohio., 1904. Maps. Charts. [Harvard College. As- 

Diagrams. Tables. 79^9^) tronomical Observatory.] ^5990.3.37 

liacplianMnit Hector, Jr. Willson, Robert Wheeler. 

Astronomers of to-day and their work. Laboratory astronomy. Boston. [1906.] 

London, 1905. Portraits. 3938.X54 Illus. 3935.xoa 

Maroiie, Adolf, i860-. WoHer, Alfred. 

Handbuch der geographischen Ortsbe- Untersuchung der neuen Wanschaff schen 

stimmnng fiir Geographen und Forsch- Teilung am Meridiankreis der Zurcher 

ungsreisende. Braunschweig, 1905. Illus. Sternwarte. [Ziirich, 1903.I 25 pp. 

Maps. Diagrams. ^EL5X4S.9X 59a5-zo6 
Mirandn Marron, Manuel 

La estrella polar y el eje de la tierra. . 

Mexico, 1905. 23 pp. Diagrams. = Biology. EvolutioiL 


Moolton, Forest Ray. 187a-. Archiv fllr Hydrobiologie und Plankton- 

An introduction to astronomy. New York, kunde. Herausgegeben von Otto Zacha- 

1906. Illus. Portrait Maps. Diagrams. rias. Band i. Heft x. Stuttgart, 1905. 

3998.X56 Illus. ^5883.20 

NewcomK Simon. 1835-% Bastian, Henry Charlton. 

A compendium of spherical astronomy, The nature and origin of living matter. 

with Its applications to the determina- Philadelphia. [I9c2.1 Plates. 3836.x xo 

tioo and reduction of positions of the Bekhterev, Vladimir Mikhailovitch. 

fixed stars. New York, 1906. Diagrams. Die Energie des lebenden Organismus und 

**E.5X45.a3 ihre psycho - biologische Bedeutung. 

Then mrm UbUographiei with the different tee- Wiesbaden, 1902. [Grenzfragen des 

Haaa, Nerven- und Seelenlebens.] *36o3.X73.x6 

Owtam, K W. Burke, John Butler. 

The A B C of compass adjustment Lon- The ori^n of life: its physical basis and 

don, I9QS ^ PP- Mi^^a. Charts. definition. New York, [xpoo.] Plates. 

ig5fia4X Diagrams. 5836.39 


Oalton, Francis, iSii^ , and Edgar Panly, Peter August. 

Schuiter. Darwinismus und Lamarckismus. Ent- 

Noteworthy families (modem science): wurf einer psychophysischen Telcolo- 

an index to kinship in near degrees be- gic. Munchen, 1905, lUus. 3485-140 

tween persons whose achievements are Reid, George Archdall O'Brien, 

honourable, and have ^been publicly The principles of heredity. With some 

recorded. London, igo6. [University applications. New York, 1905. 5824.75 

of London. Eugenics Record Office.] Salecby, Caleb Williams. 

T» . , r, TT . . . A 0536.68 Evolution the master-key. London, 1906. 

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Die Lcbenswundcr. Gemcinvcrstandliche Varigny, Charles Augustc Hippolytc Henry 

Studien uber biologische Philosophic. Grosnier de. 

Erganzungsband 2u dem Buche iiber die j^ nature et la vie. Paris, 1905. 58a9a.x64 

Wcltrathsel 9. Tausend. Stuttgart, 1904. Zieglcr, Heinrich Ernst. 

Rdatct to monism. 5823.86 Die Vererbungslehre in der Biologie. 

A bibliographr accompanies each chapter. Die Jena, 1905. 84 I>p. Illus, 5824.79 

Wtltrithsel ... is on shelf •number 3604.144. Literator, pp. vi^ viii. 

Harper, Eugene Howard. 

The fertilization and early development of Botany* 
of the pigeon's egg. Chicago, 1902. 38 

pp. Plates. = 3883.27 Annales mycologici editi in notitiam scten- 

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An English translation is on shelf-no. **E.sf a^a^- 
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Higher mathematics for students of ^"^f,^f ,?***"^ ?"^^^" °^StJlnda^^^^^ 

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♦♦E.^128 «< w. • . • ^ . ^ ... '93o9-073a3 

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?»*"°^f^. ^"^ *'****°'*- New York, 190S. 3934.174; ♦♦£.5x26.34 

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Contributions to mineralogy from the 

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Die vermutliche Ursache der Klima- 
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[Meddelanden tr&n K. vetenskaps- 
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An Engliih edition li on thelf-number 5968.164. 


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pp. Illus. Charts. [Carnegie Institu- 
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CoHtinii. — Thcnnal ttadjr, Arthnr L. Day sad 
E. T. AU«n. — Optical itiidr. J. P. Iddfa^a. 

Convention of Weather Bureau Officials. w...^^.^^^ ni:«— n,.^^;^^ 

ites. Chicago, 1906. 19 pp. Illus. Dia- 
grams. [Field Columbian Museum.] = 

Washington, 1904. Maps. Charts. = 

The Proceedinst of the zit and ad Conventiona 
were published ai Bulletin J4f 31 of the Weather 
Bureau L*S99&^>4* 3i]< The conrentiona are 

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Les phenomines de la foudre. fidition i 
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fitienne.] = 

<q6cul(u Gratacap, Louis Pope. 
7n<ro«i«- 'w;n;at« t ^^^^^t^^t^ y^^^ mecum guide. A popular guide to 

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5= ^xs^ae 



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No more wu published. In January. 1906, thii 

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Current nuinbert are kept in the Periodical Room. 

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WhSn^^n over A. liVlifvoorfnlnn The dyuamics of particlcs and of rigid. 

tina^rTnerSHrenH. tl^H^.n/t^^^^^^^^^^ ^astic, and fluid bodics: Icctures on 

rrnn5ncr.n f^f - !^ircn mathematical physics. Leipzig, X904- 

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the measurement of osmotic pressure. r^ Society.] ^3884.156 

Baltimore, 1904. ^4 pp. = 5064.06 \ ' mZZ f J % 1 

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05. 3 V. Illus. Diagrams. 5967.X07 ^6x3.9a6 



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IIlus. [Das Tierreich. LieJfening 23.] 

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The animals of New Zealand: an account 
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II pp. Plate. [Fascisttli Malayenses. 
Zoology.! *58aoa45 

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= *7895.iUK 

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These stadia were made In Labrador. 

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tross," from August, 1899, to March, 
1900 ... 7. Asteroidea. Cambridge, 
1905. Plates. Map. [Harvard College. 
Museum of Comparative Zoology.] = 

Litcratnr-VerBeiehniB, pp. jp^-apa. The text ia 
IB CScmiafl. 

; Alfred Goldsborough. 
Sea-shore life: the invertebrates of the 
New York coast [New York.] 1905. 
Illns. [New York Aquarium nature se- 
riea.1 3875.117 

Sfefcrcncea^ pp. X7>-I76b 

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An annotated list of a collection of reptiles 
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Plates. [Field Columbian Museum.] = 

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Higher Crustacea of New York City. Al- 
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Some of the platea are colored. 

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No. 8 in *3590'aoo.Z904, 2905 
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The determination of generic types, and a 
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1905- [United States. Department of 
Agriculture. Bureau of Animal Indus- 
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Foxes at home and reminiscences. Lon- 
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Animal heroes: being the histories of a 
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*53oa.ao4.Part z 

The species of the reptilian genus Anni- 
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nigra. — On the occurrence of the 
leather-back turtle, Dermochelys, on the 
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Philosophy* Education* 


Philosophy. Psychology. Logic. 
Knowledge. Thought. 

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ContfHis. — z. Meuphysica . . . de victis con- 
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List of suthors referred to, rot x, pp. xxi-xxviii. 

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The Germsn originsl of this work may be found 
on shelf •number 36o6.is6wa. 

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Psychology and social practice. Chicago, 
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Contributions to education. No. 2.I 

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Contents, <— La m^thode et Targument d'autorit^ 
— Lcs superstitions et la geologic. — L*intelli- 
gence des animaux. — La mort. — Matiir* d 
pcns^ — L'infini et Tabsolit. 



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toward the Prima pUlosoplua.'* 

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A new theory of the iky, and an argument 
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The contents of this edition are the same as in -. 35008.34 i 

the copies on shelf-number •3S9i.i«. iMued by Teachers' qualifications, examinations, 

the United States Commission to the Pans Ex- elections and salaries. Kansas City, 

position of 1900^ except that Butlers introduc- 1 904. = S^CKMUSA^ 

tion u omitted and one monograph by W. H. Keith. John Alexander Hull. 

Larrab^e is added ; also the monograph on sum. Elementary education: its problems and 

T^J^^^^l^ *"' ^ ^ ^*'**"*' luperseding that processes. ChicaRO, 190S. 3599.276 

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^™**' .. . . . . . , Special day exercises. 35 programs for 

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cSty Hartford ^^^^ ,^3 portraits. [The Nineteenth 

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dislikes of teachers and pupils. April 8, -^^J^"^!}' William Smith. 

1905. Hartford. 190S. I5 PP. Diagrams. The old schoolmaster; or, forty-five years 

^ 5505X30 With the girls and boys. Augusta, Maine, 

Fwa^ Franz. , 'po.S- Po'T^'^r- ^^^^"- 3596.335 

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Purchase Exposition. 
Conditions and proRress of education in 
Louiisana. Louisiana's invitation. [New 
Orleans, La., 1904-1 40 pp. = 4379b.x7 
This pamphlet was prepared by ProL Browa 

Lutheran Church in the United States. 
Descriptive list of the Lutheran school ex- 
hibit of the Synod of Missouri, Ohio and 
other States. Louisiana Purchase Expo- 
sition, 1904. St. Louis. [1904.1 16 pp. 

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An act to establish the School Board of 
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3 pp. = ♦63504^74 

This it the original draft of the Houac DUl no. 

543, patted in 1905. 

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La instruccion publica en Chile desde sus 

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Relates particularly to early customs m New 

York State. 

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References at the ends of the chapters. 

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The school city — A new system of moral 

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Course of study for all high schools ex- 
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Education for adults. The history of the 
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York. Educational exhibit of the City 
of New York [at the Louisiana Pur- 
chase Exposition, St. Louis. 1904- New 
York, 1904.1 27 pp. Plates. = 5599«X54 

Syllabus for high schools. [New York.] 
1902. 8 pamphlets in i v. = 3593*9^ 
CoHienU. — Biology. — Modem foreign Ian- 
guagcs. — The ancient classies. — Physiography. 
^- History. — Physics and chemistry. — Mathe> 
maties. — English. 

New York, State. 
Compulsory Education Law. [Albany? 
1903.1 8 pp. = 3668.18 

Department of Public Instruction. 
Circular of information and instruction 
relative to the provisions of "Compul- 
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II pp. 3668^46 

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pp. ^3593^1 

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Examinations for State Certificates, 
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demic year, 1905. Albany, 1905. == 


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Law Division. 

How to conduct annual school meet- 
ings in common school districts and 
in union free school districts. [Al- 
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lated and abridged by Eva Channing. The Union of Parents and Teachers in- 
fWith introduction by G. Stanley Hall.] tends chiefly . . . [Paris, 1904.I Broad- 
Boston, 1906. Portrait [Heath's Peda- side. 3593*384 
gogical library. 1 *3599-t95 United States. Bureau of Education. 
Public School Association, Boston. Mass. Exhibit at the Louisiana Purchase E.\po- 
Candidates. [1904. Boston, 1904.I 6 pp. sition. [St. Louis, 1904-1 18 pp. = 
Portraits. = 42a9a.8o „ , , *759S." 
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rium der geistlichen, Unterrichts- und The California system of training elcmen- 

Medizinal-Angelegcnheiten. tary teachers. San Francisco, 1904. 23 

Deutsche Unterrichts-Ausstellung auf der PP. Plates. 359^4^ 

Welt-Ausstellung in St. Louis, 1904. Welton, James. 

Univcrsitaten und andere wissenschaft- The logical bases of education. London, 

liche Anstalten. Berlin, 1904. Plan. = 1904. [Macmillan's Manuals for tench- 

3598.330 ers. 1 3598.339 

The EnffKsh edition it on ihelf-numbcr 3598.3>9« West Virginia. Department of Free Schools. 

German educational exhibition. World's History of education in West Virginia. 

Fair, St. Louis, 1904. Universities and Charleston, 1904. lUus. Portraits. = 

other scientific institutions. Berlin, 1904. 3595'333 

Plan. = 3598.329 Wisconsin. Board of I^egents of Normal 

The G«nnan edition ii on thel(*nuniber 3598.330. Schools. 

Statistische Nachrichten uber das Unter- The normal school system of Wisconsin, 

richtswesen. Instruction. Official re- Prepared for the Louisiana Purchase 

turns. In amtlichen Auftrage zusam- Exposition, 1904. N. p. X904. 23 pp. 

mengestellt von A. Petersilie. Berlin, 55998.2x7 

1904. 3599a«359 

Gcrmma end English. 

Pabiished for dittributlon et the Loiiititna Pur* Children* Kindergarten. 

eheec Expoeition. 

Rhyj, Isabel L. ,.,._. , . . Blrney, Alice McLellan. 

The education of girls in Switzerland and Childhood. With ap introduction by G. 

t>j^^?'\'>i'«- ^*'"***'"' 'S»S. 71 pp. 3S99«.a«S Sunley HalL Niw York, [ipos.l 

Kiaaie, wiiiiam. 7S04.x6a 

One hundred and fifty years of school his- Harrison. Elizabeth, and Belle Woodson. 

tory m Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Lan- jhe kindergarten building gifts with hints 

caster. Pa.. 1905. Portraits. Plates. on program-making 2d edition. St. 

B«h«««_ Frni^^f ^m\th Awmnrlr ^^^^^^^^ L0">«. Mo. [1905.] IHuS. 7594.X68 

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L'enseignement des lettres classiques xri„„ Wnulr TrvJmr 

d'Ausone i Alcuin. Introduction i This- ^Th'. ^^Irhnlnav ^nf rhIM rf^ 

toire des ecoles carolingiennes. Paris "^^^itran'ttfoVctio^^tJ /oh"?'5cTei 

l2SS bibliogrephlQue, wi. ix-xviii. ^^^^'^^^ 2d edition. Chicago, 1904. Charts. 

ShaU the Boston School Committee be re- „ .Bibliogrephy pp. 349- «s$. 7598.X37 

organized? Precedents and evidence in Major, David R. .u a • ^ 

favor of House bill No. 543. (Boston, l'»«^ f.^^P* *" 7^^*** growth. A series of 

1005.1 16 pp. = 635oa.75 studies in the psychology of infancy. 

IttMited. lUt of petitioneri for new ■chool boarcl. New York, I90O. 5589a.a98 

SmcUir. Samuel Bower. Smith, Henry Bompas. ^ 

The possibility of a science of education. ^oys a^^ their management m school. 

A dissertation . . . fUniversity of Chi- London, 1905. 3599.274 

cago, 1903. = 3595.328 ^ •>»«" «' ^^^ »• "y-"*- 



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Sun-babies. Studies in the child-life of 
India. London, 1904. Plates. 3047*359 
Vine, Marshall Vine. 
In loco parentis. Chapters on institution 
life and work. London, 1905. 93 pp. 


Colleges. Universities. Institutions. 


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Meddelelser om H. Adlers Fxllesskole for 
Drenge og Piger . . . 1895, 1900, 1902. 
Kffbenhavn, 1895-1902. 3 v. in i. = 

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Year book, 1904-05. [Alfred, N. Y.] 1905. 
Portraits. = *4484.z63 

Allen School for Girls, West Newton, Mas- 
[Announcement, 1904/05. Boston? 1904.] 

= . 4499a.409 

Association amicale des anciens Aleves de 

rficole municipale sup^rieure Turgot 

Notice sur TAssociation . . . [Paris, 1904.I 

6 pp. Plate. 5591-97 

Prepared for the Louisiana Purchase Exposition. 

Bates College, Lewiston, Maine. 

Circular of information. 1904, 1905. 
[Lewiston, 1903, 04.] Illus. = ^4496437 
Baylor University, Waco, Texas. 
Bulletin. Vol. 5 (no. 3); 6 (no. 4); 7; 8; 9 
(no. I, 2). Waco, 1901-06. = '44908.260 
Contains the annual catalogues, announcements, 

Boston, Mass. Public Latin School. Law- 
rence Prizes. 
Praeceptor de Praemiis Lavrentianis pro- 
nvntiabit. [IV. Non. Ivn. Bostoniae, 
MDCCCCV.l 4 PP- = 239oa.77 

Boston College. High School Department. 
[Calendar,] 190T/02, 1902/03, 1905/06. 
Boston, 1901-1005. Plate. = *4499a.42Z 
Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Maine. 
A pamphlet descriptive of Bowdoin Col- 
lege and the Medical School of Maine. 
Brunswick, 1905. 22 pp. Illus. = 4485.177 
Canadian Club of Harvard University. 
The Canadian Club. Cambridge, 1905. 
41 pp. = 4483.323 

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Universities and their sons. University of 
Pennsylvania. Its history, influence 
. . . with biographical sketches ... of 
founders . . . and alumni. Introduction 
by William T. Harris. Boston, 1902. 
2 V. Illus. Portraits. 4490.15 

Christian Brothers' College, St Louis, Mis- 
[Catalogue,! 1903. World's Fair City, 
1904. [St. Louis, 1903.1 36 pp. Vign- 
ette. := 4485.250 
Colgate University, Hamilton, N. Y. 
Fall bulletin. The college. 1903, 04. 
Hamilton, 1903, 04. = ♦4497.364 
Cutler Academy, Colorado Springs, Col. 
Annual bulletin. [1905.] Colorado Springs, 
'505. = ♦4499^4x3 

Dartmouth College. Trustees. 
To the alumni and friends of the College 
on occasion of the burning of Dart- 
mouth Hall. [Hanover, N. H., I904-] 
15 pp. Plates. = 4493.282 

Doutni^ Jasper Lewis. 
Facts and figures not generally known 
about Lithia Springs Chautauqua: a 
frank statement by the founder and 
manager. Lithia, Illinois, 1906. 19 pp. 
= 3593.294 

This Chautauqua has the support of the Ameri- 
can Unitarian Association. 

ficole alsacienne, Paris. 

Plan d'etudes et programmes. Paris, IQ03. 

65 pp. = 3595-331 

Prospectus, 1903. [Paris, 1903-1 16 pp. = 


Evangelical Lutheran Parochial Schools. 

Hannibal, Mo. 

Course of study. [Hannibal, 190.I.I 23 pp. 

= S597.ax8 

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History of the University of the South, at 

Sewanee, Tennessee . . . Jacksonville. 

1905. Portraits. Plates. 4496.383 

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The Penn School on St. Helena Island 

[S. C. Boston? 1902?] 8 pp. Illus. = 

A school for the Negroes. 44998.390 

France. Minist^rc de Tinstruction publique. 
Le Mus6e pedagogique, 1879-1904. His- 
torique & regime actuel. Melun, 1904. 
44 pp. Plate. Plans. 3597.366 

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The aim and the methods of Hampton. 
New York. [1904] 12 pp. = 4486.1x6 
Furman, Franklin De Ronde, editor. 
Morton memorial. A history of the 
Stevens Institute of Technology, with 
biographies of the trustees, faculty, and 
alumni, and a record of the achievements 
of the Stevens family of engineers. Ho- 
boken, 1905. Illus. Portraits. Facsim- 
iles. ^4486^5 
Garriaon, Wendell Phillips. 
Remarks at the closing exercises of the 
High School, West Orange, N. J. June 
28, 1905. [Jamaica, N. Y., 1905.] 12 pp. 
= 4499a^z7 
George Washington UniverBity, Washing- 
ton, D. C. 
University bulletin. [Quarterly.] Vol i 
(no. I); 2, (i, 2); 3, (I, 3. 4); 4» 2. May, 
1902-June, 1905. Washington, 1902-05. 

= •4485.69 

Contains catalogues annual and general, an- 
nouncements and scientific numbera. 
Until the end of the academic year 1903/04* this 
university was known as the Columbian UniTcr- 
sity of Washington. 

Georgetown University, D. C. 
Publications, ist series. No. x. Wash- 
ington, 1904. I litis. = *449oa.x98 

A quarterly publication. 

School of Medicine and Dental Depart- 
Bulletin. Announcement for T904-190S 
Washington, 1904. 52 pp. Illus. = 




Gaman, Daniel Coit. 

The lannchinff of a university, and other 

papers. A sheaf of remembrances. New 

York, 1906. Portrait. 449^^58 

CmImIi. — The Johns Hopldns University. — 

Addresses on Tsrious occasions, histories! and 

edncstionsl : Remembrances; The relations of 

Yale to science and letters (1701-1901); Books 

snd politics: California revisited; Research — a 

•pccch at Chieaco; The dawn of a university in 

the Western Reserve; Hsnd-craft and rede-craft; 

De joventttte; Greek art in a manufacturing 

town; A study in black and white; Civil service 

reform ; Education in philanthropy ; Colonel John 

Eager Howard — one of the worthies of Balti- 

Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute. 
What Hampton graduates are doing . . . 
1868-1904. [Hampton, 1904.] 98 pp. 
Portraits. Plates. = 448547 

Hannan, Josie. , 

Milwaukee public schools. Kinderfirartens. 
Milwaukee, 1904. 9 pp. = 3599a.355 
Harrard College. Class of 1886. 
Class list, June, 1905. [New York.] 1905. 
75 pp. = •4490b.X7 

HeadUm, Cecil. 
Oxford and its story . . . With . . . litho- 
graphs and illustrations by Herbert 
Railton. London, 1904. Illus. *4XOX.zoo 
Hebrew Union College, Cincinnati. 
Catalog, May, 1906. Cincinnati, 1906. = 

Hewett, Waterman Thomas. 
Cornell University: a history. New York, 
1905. 4 V. Portraits. Plates. Fac- 
simile. *448oa.i74 

CMlMff. — I. History of the University, s. The 
dcftartmcnts. $, Student life. 4. Register, eom* 
piled by Fnmk R. Hohnes and Lewis A. Wil- 
fisms, Jr. 

Hin, William Carroll. 
Dartmouth traditions. Being a compila- 
tion of facts and events connected with 
the history of Dartmouth College and 
the lives of its graduates. Hanover, 
1901. Portrait. 449a.a8x 

Htimphrey* Heman. 1779^-1861. 
Sketches of the early history of Amherst 
College. [Northampton, 1905.] 32 pp. = 

Hyde, William De Witt. 1858-. 
The college man and the college woman. 
Boston, 1906. 359B.356 

Indiana University, Bloomington. 
Biennial report of the Trustees, for the fis- 
cal years ending October 31, 1903 and 
October 31, 1904. Indianapolis, 1905. = 

Inteniationjd Institnte for Girls in Spain. 
Appeal to the college girls and school 
girls of America in behalf of the girls 
of Spain. [Boston, 1905.] 4 pp. Por- 
traits. = 5599*164 
Report, 1901. [Boston, 1901.I = *3599.366 
Jacob Tome Institate, Port Deposit, Mary- 
land. Boarding School for Boys. 
Catalogue, 1904/05. [Baltimore.] 1905. 
Plates. Plan. = *4490.X33.i 

Johnson, Franklin Winslow. editor. 

Exercises in celebration of the seventy- 
fifth anniversary of the opening of the 
Coburn Classical Institute* Waterville, 
Maine, June 19-25. TQ04. Portland. 1904. 
73 Pf>. Portraits. Plates. = 4499a«390 
Kansas City. Missouri. 
Central High School. 
Catalogue, revised courses of studv and 
general information. T003. [Kansas 
City.l 190.^ 84 pp. Plates. = 

Ward Schools. 

Course of study and syllabus of flrrade 
work. [Kansas City.] 1901. 8^ no. 

r= 3599*354 

Kippenberger, Frances. 
Milwaukee nublic schools. School deco- 
ration. Milwaukee, 1904. 6 pp. = 

Koch, Edward V. 
Milwaukee public schools. "Barracks," or 
portable school houses. Milwaukee, 
iQOd. 90 no. Phns. = 40ooa.xa4 

Lehigh University, South Bethlehem, Penn- 
Course in civil engineering. South Bethle- 
hem, 1004. m DO. 449a.a34 
Courses in general literature. Courses in 
technoloflry. Combined courses. South 
Bethlehem, igo.r 16 no. 44oa.a^3 
Lundsberg Private BoardingschooU Lunds- 
berg, Sweden. 
[Prospectus. Lundsberg, 1904.I B pp. 

Illus. 44QO.X99 

Lutheran Church in the United States. 
Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Mis- 
souri, Ohio, and other States. 
Exhibit of parochial schools ... at the 
Louisiana Purchase Exposition, 1904. 
[Compiled] by F. Lindemann. St. 
Louis, 1904. 16 pp. 3593*374 

Massachusetts. Commission on the Method 
of Supporting Public Schools. 
[Report. Boston, 1903.I 38 pp. 3598*334 
The Public Museum as an educational fac- 
tor [byl Henry B. Ward. The work of 
the Milwaukee public schools at the 
Public Museum [by] Harriet B. Merrill. 
Milwaukee. 1904. 13 pp. = 3599^*356 
Morristown School, Morristown, New Jer- 
[Views of the school. Morristown, 190-?] 
16 plates. = 4499a4xx 

Ohio State University. 
Arts, philosophy and science of the Ohio 
State University. November, 1905. 
Columbus, O., 1905. 60 pp. = 449X.X49 
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The German universities and university 
study. Authorized translation by Frank 
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York, 1906. 3598.336 

Bibliogrsphy, pp. 437-441. 

List of German universitiei, p. 443. 

Philadelphia. Central High School. 
Announcement. 1903-1904. [Philadelphia. 
1903.1 13 pp. = 5597'aa3 


Pritchctt, Henry Smith. University of New Mexico. Albuqiierqac. 

A general view of the proposed plan for [Circular.] Albuquerque, 1904. 7 pp. = 

co-operation in technical education be- 4486.180 

tween Harvard University and the Mas- University of St Andrews. 

sachusetts Institute of Technology. An The matriculation roll of the University, 

address to the alumni of the Institute. 1747-1897. Edited by James Maitland 

^ [Boston, 1905.1 IS pp. = 449X.X64 Anderson. Edinburgh, 1905. Plates. 

Prmccton University. •asog.xSS 

Annual report of the President Decern- University of Virginia, 

ber 14, 1905. [Added, Treasurer's re- The University of Virginia in the life of 

port 1904-1905. Princeton, 1905.! S3 PP. the nation. Academic addresses deliv- 

= *449*«X9S cred on the occasion of the installation 

Schrauf, Carl. 1835-. of Edwin Anderson Alderman as Prcsi- 

Die Wiener Universitat im Mittelalter. dent . . . April 13th . . . 190S. [Char- 

Wien, 1904. 61 pp. Illus. Plans. Fac- lottesville? 1905.] = 4498.395 

similes. . . •4830.95 University of Wisconsin. College of Mc- 

Schuler, Dominic H. chanics and Engineering. 

Milwaukee public schools. Historical [Descriptive circular, with register of 

sketch. Milwaukee, 1904. I4 PP. graduates. 1 Madison, 1904. Plates. 

359Qa.S53 4409.333 

Skaife, Alfred Charles, compiler. Washburn Campus and Field. Vol. t, no: 4. 

University of California. Graduates, 1864- [Topeka, 1905.]* 98 pp. Illus. Portraits. 

1905. Berkeley. [1905.] Plate. = Facsimile. = ♦7994.60 

♦4485.9x8 ^ tketch of Hanrey Dwight Rice coastitutct th« 

Smithyman, William Lincoln. * . greater part of this iiitie. 

Milwaukee public schools. Supplementary Williams, Charles Luther, 

reading. Milwaukee, 1904. 25 pp. = The American student and the^ Rhodes 

3599^.954 scholarships at Oxford University. De- 

Contalni litta of aupplemenUry readcra. troit, T905. 46 pp. 3500.33 

Stubbs, Charles William. 184S-. Williams, John Rogers. 

The story of Cambridge. Illustrated by The handbook of Princeton . . . With an 

Herbert Railton. London, 1905. Tllus. introduction by Woodrow Wilson. New 

Portraits. Maps. Coats of arms. [Mcdi- York, 1905. Plates. 4499.199 

seval towns.] 9499a.z89 Wisconsin. 

Sweet Briar Institute, Sweet Briar, Va. Milwaukee public schooK Wisconsin 

Requirements for admission. [Sweet School Board law for cities of 

Briar, Va., T90S.I 20 pp. = 4499a.407 inhabitants . . . Milwaukee, 1904. W 

Trinity Tripod, The. The inauguration PP. = 3^68.47 

number . . . commemorative of the in- Wotke, Carl. i86t-. 

auguration of Dr. Flavel Swecnten Das oesterreichische Gymnasium im Zeit- 

Luther. the eleventh President of Trin- alter Maria Theresias. Band 1. Berlin, 

ity College, Hartford, Conn.. October 190s. Diagrams. Tables. Facsimile. 

96th, 1904. Vol. T, no. 60. [Hartford, [Monumenta Germaniae paedagogica.] 

1904.] Illus. Portraits. Plan. = *359oa.zo3.30 


Tufts College Graduate, The. A quarterly The Deaf and Dumb. The Blind. The 

magazine. Vol. 1-3 (no. 1-3). [Med- Defective. 
ford.l 1903-05. = •7999.97 

Universidad de la Habana. Binswanger, Otto. i8s9-. 

Revista de la Faculdad de letras y ciencias. t)ber den moralischen Schwachsinn, mit 

Director: Evelio Rodriguez Lendian. besonderer Beriicksichtigung der kind- 

Rcdactorcsjefes: AristidcsMestre. Juan ijchcn Altersstufe. Berlin. 1905. 36 pp. 

Miguel Dihigo. Vol. i; 2. no. i. [Ha- (Sammlung von Abhandlungen aus dcra 

bana.J 1905. 06. Illus. Diagrams. = Gcbiete der padagogischcn Psychologic 

A bi-monthly publicition. 'SSQa-aU und Physiologie.J *3596.i89.8.Part 5 

University de Grenoble. Comit6 de patro- Compton, I^anny A. 

nage des ^tudiants Strangers. Miss Compton's School for Children of 

Special courses in the French language. Retarded Mentality . ... St. Louis, Mo. 

[Grenoble. 1904?] 8 pp. Illus. = [St. Louis. 1904?! 6 pp. Illus. = 

559oa.90 5576.398 

University de Lyon. Kluge, O., of Potsdam. 

Annce scolaire 1903-1904. [Lyon, T904.I Uber das Wesen und die Behandlun^ 

49 pp. Plates. = 5399a.56 der geistig abnormen Fursorgezoglinge. 

Universit6 Laval, Quebec. Faculty des arts. Berlin, 190s. 18 pp. jSammlung von 

Conferences publiques. 1900/01, OT/02. Abhandlungen aus dem Gebiete der 

Quebec, 1901, 02. 2 v. Illus. Tables. padagogischcn Psychologic und Physio- 

•4381.59 ,, ^OK'e.l^ ♦3S96.x89APart 4 

University and School of Mines of North Mangioni^ Francois. 

Dakota. Jules Ferreri et la pedagogic anormale 

Bulletin. Vol. i (no. i). Bismarck, 1903. italienne. Florence. [1905.! 3a PP- = 

Illus. Maps. = ^5867.70 On the deal and dumb. 559^9^ 


Peridns Inttitotion and Massachusetts Jones Commercial College, St. Louis. 

School for the Blind. The complete business course. fCata- 

Special entertainment for Washinirton's lo^rue.l St. Louis, 1904. 96 pp. Por- 

Birthday. February 22, 1905. fPro- traits. Plates. = 4499*9<S 

mmme. Boston, 1905.] 3 pp. =: 7x27.60 Krolik, Sarah Ewell. 

Printed in raited letters. Hand sewing lessons. A graded course 

Boys Department. ... [Boston. 1905. 1 Illus. 6009.162 

Index for 1904/05. [Boston, 1904.I Por- Mflwaukee. Public Schools. 

o^ l^'«V.«?'*^^*- = 55984X Manual trainiuR in the Rrades [by] Ida 

^•S°r ^ J^J,"**™-^. ^ .•• .^ Hood Clark. Manual traininR — hiffh 

Helen Keller. Die Entwickluniar und Er- schools [byl Seymour L. Smith. Mil- 

«chunR emer Taubstummblmden als waukee. 1904. 13 pp. = 3599a.2S7 

psycholoRischcs, padajfORischcs und National Educational Association- 

^51. 'i?^*^''^^'*^«w ^^?^^^^' , 2«'''>"' Report of the committee on industrial edu- 

A^k" I? ^^' ^***^- l^ammlunR von nation in schools for rural communities. 

Ha^«*i5^^"^^ V"^^?" -^^^^ [Winona. Minn.l W!?. 97 PP. 3593.i6o 

da^ogi^hen Psycholoye und^ J^^^^^^ Philadelphia Penn. P^Slic Industrial Art 

Welch, James William. c. ,^^^^^^' , ^. u- * r .t u 1 u 

The Achievements and abilities of the ^^^^rnfrlc^nr^VT ^^Jh^.lt^^ 

blind. Columbus, Ohio, 1905. Portraits. HMnM. riS^ ^ « ^nTih,« - ''««,«« 

Plates. 5S9S.I43 « delphia. 190^ 8 pp. Illus. = 3593.xs8 

Werner. Friedrich. Direktor der Taubstum- ^^S^^y* Edward Pearson. 

men-Anstalt in Stade. Solution of the country problem in rela- 

Psychologische Begriindung der deut- *'0" ^^ ^^^ c»*y problem. [Boston, 1901.I 

schen Methode des Taubstummen-Un- ' 7 PP. = 3599-a70 

terrichtS. Berlin, 1906. 50 pp. Contains • detcriptlon of the Country loduttritl 

*3596.z89.8.Part 6 Training School at Montague, Man. 

Wettstein, Frances. Rich, Ednah Anne. 

Milwaukee public schools. School for the Paper sloyd. A handbook for primary 

Deaf. Milwaukee, 1904. 9 pp. = grades. Boston. [1905.] 63 pp. Plates. 

5599*^58 Contains samples of suitable paper. 7594*^^ 
Rouillion, Louis. 

Indnttrial and Commercial Edncatioii. '^^^ economics of manual training. A 

gi^y^ study of the cost and equipping and 

^ maintaining hand work in the elcmen- 

D 1^. TN- ^' J t» . ^^'■y ^"^l secondary schools. New York, 

Bdgmm. Direction de 1 enseignement 1905. Illus. Plans. Charts. 3593.298 

NotiTe^'orthe lessons of manual work and ^ R?i!!l? f ? V^ctoV^A'd'i^''R^^^^ rStnrW 

domestic economy in the state second- ^l^J^l! rrvv. ? t% nl - ««l f r^ 

ary schools for girls (1881-1904). [Brus- t«,iL1 N ?^^w ^ ^^ a j> • ^J®« 1' 

sels, 1904.1 53 pp. Tables. [Saint Louis, Trybom, John Herman, and Regenia R. Hel- 

Missouri. Louisiana Purchase Exposi- r^ , \ j 1. j « a i. jl 1 * 

tion, 1904. Belgiuml 3597.a8o Correlated hand-work^ A handbook for 

Boston. Mass. School Committee. teachers. Book i. Detroit, 1905. Illus. 

Report of the special committee on estab- Diagrams. 7594.i64 

hshing a commercial high school. Bos- Constructive work for the primary grides, mosUy 

^ ton, 1905. 19 pp. = 5593.37 ,, • ^^J^^' ^ 

Boston Trade School for Girls. United States. Consuls. 

Annual report, ist. [Boston.] 1005. = Industrial education and industrial condi- 

*3599a.a65 tions in Germany. Washington, 1904. 

Creasey, Garence H. Plates. [Special consular reports.] = 

Technical education in evening schools. *7643.3a.a3 

London, 1905. Chart. 5593.39 Vanderlip, Frank Arthur, 

tcole snpfrieure de commerce et d'industrie. Addresses on commercial and technical 

Bordeaux, France. education. New York, 1905. 45 pp. = 

Notice historique, i874-i903> Bordeaux, 3593*z64 

1903. 20 pp. = 5597.a2x Washington University, St Louis. Manual 

Programme des conditions d'admission. Training School. 

Paris, 1903. 36 pp. =^ [Descriptive circular. St. Louis. 1904.I 

trogramme de 1 enseignement. Pans, 4 pp = aaooa 30a 

Educational woodwork. New York, 1905. Construction work: its relation to num- 

lllus. Diagrams. 3S93.x6a ber, literature, history and nature work. 

ladnstrial School for Oirla, Dorchester, ^y Edward F. Worst, assisted by Har- 

Masa. riette Barber and Marian Seymour. 

Paper read at the fiftieth anniversary. Revised and enlarged edition. Chicago 

[Boston, 1904.] 10 pp. = 3593*300 1905. Illus. 759a.4S 



Ethics. Life. Manners. 

Adler, Felix. 
The essentials of spirituality. ri>th im- 
pression.] New York, 1905. 96 pp. 

Alger, George William. 

Moral overstrain. Boston, T906. 3589a.xo4 

Alliance des femmes orientales et occiden- 

tales pour le progres des relations 

amicales entre toutes les nations. 

TRapport] Paris, 1902. 43 pp. = 5589.376 

Arbiter, The, in council. London, 1906. 


of war, of 

A discuuion of the economic aspects 
peace, and of arbitration, in the form of dia- 

Atkinson, Edward. 1827-1905. 

Cost of war and warfare, over-sea expan- 
sion and imperialism, eight years, to 
June .?o, 190S, over $1,531,000,000. Brook- 
line. Mass., 190S. 6 pp. = 757I-8Z 
Babcock, Mattbie Davenport. 
The success of defeat. New York. too?;. 
42 pp. 3588.236 
Ball, John, M.D. 
The foundations of life. Being an expo- 
sition of mnn's nature, origin and des- 
tiny. San Francisco. [1904.1 18 no. = 

Barrows, Mary Minerva, editor. 
The val"^ of stmplicitv. Introduction by 
Julia Ward Howe. Boston, 1905. 

Selections from various authors. 3585*'44 

Bergemann, Paul. 1862-. 

Ethik als Kulturphilosophie. Lciozig, 
1904. 3588.250 

Beveridge, Albert Jeremiah. 
The young man and the world. New 
York. 1905. 3588.238 

Boston Equal Suffrage Association for Good 
Econon^ic facts for practical people. [Bos- 
ton. Mass.. T904.I 4 pp. Vignettes. = 
On the cost and disadvantages of war. 7577*174 

Brown, Henry. D.D. 
The impending peril; or, Methodism and 
amusements. A compilation of testi- 
mony, rules, .speeches and articles on 
the amusement question, with an argu- 
ment in review. Cincinnati. [1004.! 
Portrait. 5586.92 

Call, Annie Payson. 
A man of the world. Boston, 1905. 64 pp. 


Carrington, Edith. 

The cat. Suursrested lesson for primary 

classes. [Providence. 1904?! 8 pp. 

Illus. [Humane Education Committee.] 

Committee of Fifty. 
The liquor problem. A summary of in- 
vestieations conducted by the Commit- 
tee of Fifty, 1893-1903 . . . Boston. 190.';. 

Cone, John A. 
The man who pleases and the woman who 
charms. New York. [1904.] 55898.292 

Dickinson, Goldsworthy Lowes. 
The meaning of good. A dialogue. New 
York, 1906. 3589-359 

Dilke, Emilia Francis, Lady. 
The book of the spiritual life. With a 
memoir of the author by Sir Charles W. 
Dilke. r2d edition.] London, 1905. 
Illus. Portraits. Facsimiles. 3448.182 
Doumer, Joseph Athanase Paul. 1857-. 

Livre de mes fits. Paris» 1906. 3589.289 
Relates to moral life. 

Fairchild, Mrs. C. M. 

The rich poor horse and the poor rich 

horse. fProvidence. I<X>-?1 4 PP. Illus. 

[Humane Education Committee.] = 

A protest against checlc-retns and other abuses. 

Fletcher, Margaret, Religious Writer. 
Light for new times. A book for Catholic 
girls. New York. TOoq. 35898.102 

Poerster. Friedrich Wilhelm. 1869-. 
Jugendlchre. Ein Buch fur Eltern, Lchrer 
und Geistliche. 8. bis 10. Tausend. Ber- 
lin. TOO.q. 3598.354 
Hilfsliteratur fur ethische Jugendlehre, pp. 7>7- 


Fouill^e, Alfred Jules fimile. 
Le moralisme de Kant et ramoralisme 
contemporain. Paris, 1905. fBiblio- 
theque de philosophic contemporaine.) 

Contains Appendice: Un m^aphjrsicien oonvcru 
au moralisme kantien: Charles Secritan. 

Gladden, Washington. 
The new idolatry and other discussions. 
New York, 1905;. 35698.256 

Goss, Charles Frederick. 
Husband, wife, and home. Philadelphia. 
[1905.] Portrait. 5589a.a84 

Hamilton, Harold. 
Cigarettes. A fair and unbiased statement 
concerning this growing evil by a re- 
formed victim. 2d edition. [Chicago. 
, 1905?] 32 pp. Illus. = 3577-Z38 

Herve, Gustave. 
Leur patrie. Paris. [1905.] = 3569.2x1 
A discussion of patriotism. 

Humane Education Committee. 
The care of mules. [Providence. 1904?! 
4 pp. Illus. 6006.129 

Directions for the care of swine. [Provi- 
dence. 190-?] 8 pp. Illus. 7996-96 
A few rules for the care of poultry. 
[Providence. 1904?] 8 pp. Illus. 


A wise fish. [Providence. 1904?] 4 PP. 
Illus. 6006.128 

Ingraham, Charles Anson. 
Steps up life's ladder. An old doctor's let- 
ters to a young friend. Poughkeepsie, 
N. Y., 1905. Portrait. = 3584^7 

International Peace Congress. 13th. Bos- 
ton, 1904. 
Official report of the Congress. Boston, 

1904. = ♦7571.79 

Irons, David. 
A study .in the psychology of ethics. 
Edinburgh, 1903. 3589a.zxi 

Jacoubenko, A. 

La paix universelle permanente est-elle 
realisable? « Geneve, 1905. 29 pp. = 




Kernahan, Coulson. 

A world without a child. A story for 

women and for men. New York, 1905. 

64 pp. 5589-375 

On race toicide; 

Knowles, Frederic Lawrence, editor. 
The value of courage. Boston, 190.^. 

Lathbury, Garcnce. 
The balanced life. Philadelphia, IQOK. 

Laoghlin, Clara Elizabeth, editor. 
The complete hostess. New York, 1906. 
Plates. 6009.164 

Cnttnts.'-InfoTmMl entertaining in the home. By 
Clara E. Laashlln and Priscilla Leonard. — For- 
fflil entertaining in the home. By Clara E. Latigh- 
Un and Priaeilla Leonard. — Outdoor entertain- 
menta. By Priaeilla Leonard. — Children'a partiea. 
By Eleanore K. Marble. — Entertainmenta for 
yoong people from twelve to aeventeen yeara of 
age. By Eleanore K Marble. — Weddinga. By 
Clara E. Laughlin. — Wedding anniveraariea. By 
Eleanore K. Marble. — Cotillona and fancy-dreaa 
partiea for adnlta and older young people. By 
Sarah Cory Rippey. — Church entertainmenta. By 
Mra. John Foster Kirk, Jr. — Large public enter- 
tainmenta. By Erangcline Kendall. — Entertain- 
ing eongreaaes, federated cluba, etc. By Priaeilla 
Leonard. — Cluba. By Priaeilla Leonard. — Hoa- 
teia and guest. By Gara E. Laughlin and Eleo- 
nore K. Marble. — School exhibitiona and exer- 
dsea. By Mra. John Foater Kirk, Jr. — Calls, 
carda, iuTitations, etc. By Priaeilla Leonard. 
Learned, Ellin Craven. 
Ideals for girls. Talks on character, life 
and culture. New York. [1905.I 

MaWe, Hamilton Wright 
The great word. N«w York, 1905. 

Relates to lore; 44098435 

McPethrics, John. 

On behalf of universal peace. The fool- 
ishness of war and its effects upon the 
human race. [Springfield, 1901.I 7 pp. 
= . 7579&40 

To His Imperial Highness the Emperor 
of Russia. [A plea for peace. Spring- 
field, igoi?! 2 pp. = 7579^41 

Varden, Orison Swett 1848-. 

Choosing a career. Indianapolis, 1905. 
Portraits. 3588.246 

The making of a man. Boston. [1905.I 

u u « o-u 3589.376 

Marshall* Thomas. 

Aristotle's Theory of conduct. London, 
1906. 2977.200 

Maturin, Basil William. 
Self-knowledge and self-discipline. Lon- 
don, 1905. 3588.2^ 
Head, Edwin Doak. 
More earnest work for the world's peace. 
[Boston.] 1902. 7 pp. = 757Z*83 
Moore, John Howard. 
The universal kinship. Chicago, 1906. 
Chart [International library of social 
science.] 5828.82 
On the relation of man to animals. There is a 
tnbliofraphj at the end of each wction. 

National Association of Audubon Societies. 
Report . . . Also on the results of special 
protection to water birds obtained 
through the Thayer Fund for 1904, to- 
gether with a history of the Audubon 
movement, by William Dutcher. [New 
York, 1905.] 78 pp. Illus. Maps. = 

XT «r .. •3903«ao 

New York's services in the peace cause. 
[Boston 1905?] 4 pp. = 7578.171 

A notice of the republication of the pamphlets of 
David Low Dodge, president of the first New 
York Peace Soeietj. 

Paulsen, Friedrich. 1846-. 
A system of ethics. Edited and translated 
. . . from the 4th enlarged edition by 

T» ^^?"h.T^'^^y- N^w York, 1903. 3583-150 
Pcnn, William. i644-i7ia 

Some fruits of solitude. With an introduc- 
tion by John Clifford, London, 1905. 

Portrait. 3589a.zoz 

Biblioffraphj, pp. 167^180. 

Phillips, John Herbert 
Old tales and modem ideals. A scries of 
talks to high school students. New 

T> uX^'*^- ^ri90S.l 35S7.904 

Rubmovitch, Jacques. i86»-. 

Association de la jeunesse francaise tem- 

perante. [Paris, 1903.! S PP. fCon- 

gT6s national contre Talcoolisme. ist 

Truths leaf by leaf. With a characteriza- 
tion by Newell Dwight Hillis. Edited 
by Sophie Burt Kimball. Chicago, 1905. 

3447*' 79 
Thread, The, of gold. By the author of 

"The house of quiet." New York, 1905. 

Relates to moral and spiritual life. 3587.309 

Trine, Ralph Waldo. 
Pigeon shooting from traps. An open let- 
ter to the people of our various States 
on a certajn species of legalized cruelty. 
fProvidence, R. I. 190-?! 4 pp. Illus. 
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tattTB Ifdttid In tiM ncv etstisr/ UsiS*i4tf]* 

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"The following memorica . . • may . . . throw 
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and . . . on the . • . Old Catholic Reform Move- 
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sur la Revolution.] aoaoa.! ^ ©.r o 

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Thia addreat before Congregational clergymen ia 
a protest against the retention by the American 
Board of the Rockefeller gift. 

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The sermon followed the acceptance by the 
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Political and Social Science. 

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Einfache und hohere A^^^^ ^^^ 1^^ affecting the conditions under 

pohtische Untersuch^^^^^^ zum Arbeit^ ^^j^ ^ ^^^^« ^^^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^^ 

r^*''^? Jf' ^T T^h^.P^^^^^^^^ classes is performed in England. Lon- 

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mittees and members. Progress of the 
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The object mf the Federttion is to promote better 
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Inrtitstrial concilintion and arbitration. 
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P.. D. F. 

Le Familist^re [de Gui.se1 illustr^. R^sut- 

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I.Avec une biogrnphie de son fondnteur, 

Jean Baptiste Andre Godin.] Paris. 

h90i?| 85 pp. Illus. Portrait. Plans. 

Facsimiles. = 9335.33*10 

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t« , ♦35M.a68 

Workmen productive associations, The. of 

France at the International World's Fair 

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'OO4.] *Q334.044a7 

The text U in English and French. ^^ 

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The packers, the private car lines and the 
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Combination in the mining industry: a 
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Faculty of Political Science. Studies in 
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•* - — •933a-X747«" 

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Reprinted for Old Colony Trust Com- 
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sides. = *Q3^.ttZQ 

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^ 933M5AXX 

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Legislation against speculation and gam- 
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Die deutschen Reichsffesetzte uber das 

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^ithera. of 

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1904- 35 pp. Portraits. Plates. = 


Insurance. Pension!. 

Americin Acidemy of Political and Social 
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marine, accident and liability insurance 
read before the Wharton School of Fi- 
nance and Commerce of the University 
of Pennsylvania, 1904-05. Philadelphia, 
1905. 93681.12 

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British offices life tables, 1893. Net pre- 
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ance of 1000) based upon the graduated 
experience of whole life participating 
assurances on male lives O™ 3 and $yi 
per cent, interest including commutation 
and valuation columns. Toronto, Can- 
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The Brown book of life-insurance eco- 
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The standard fire insurance policy. (New 
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Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan. Minne- 
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Growth and present condition. {New 
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Mutual Lite Insurance Compmy of New 
Preliminary report of the Committee ap- 
pointed by the Board of Trustees . . . 
October 25, 1905, made to the Trustees, 
[New York, 1905.] 16 pp. = 


Mutuality industrielle. 

La mutualite industrielle. Soci6t6 d*issu- 

rance mutuelle contre la responsabiltt^ 

des accidents du travail. [Orgaaisition 


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"P. Q-/' pseud. reau. 

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This work is the Tenth Anniversary special vel- Forbes, Howard Carleton. 

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1905. Table. = •7563.160 by the Right Hon. J. Parker Smith. 

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Notice historique de la soci^ti. Rigle- n^fUH;' 5'..!^;,i?I?* m«. ^^:-. *. 1 

ment interieur de la societc bas^ sur les Q^!?i?,?J.''''*^^^*^f Nos vpies ferries. 

statuts et les decisions de TAssemblee Constitution du reseau-Son diveloppe- 

gcncrale de Janvier 1900 i Janvier 1903. "^*"? "" !-«» compagnies ou 1 6tat — Con- 

Troyes. 1903. 56 pp. •9368.34486 ^"^19"*' T H^^^^' "" ^""^"^ une preface 

Syndicat gfeiral de garantie du batiment et ^ de Mil hand. Pans, 1905. 9385-944*7 

des travaux publics contre les acci- ^y*^^ *Y*** '°^^"' ^ .n. » 

dents du travail ^^ repechage des cinq cents millions a 

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The text is in French and English. Prepared for "aj*. David. 1 854-. 

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United States. schcr Lloyd. Em Beitrag zur Ge- 

Consuls schichte der Deutschen Seeschiffahrt 

Insurince in foreign countries. Wash- Berlin.. [1905?] Illus. [Handel.- In- 

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Commerce. Buainess. Transportation. Commerce Commission. In the matter 

Communication. °^ differential freight rates to and from 

North Atlantic ports. Oral argument of 

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j»f Y Chamber of Commerce and Boston Mer- 

Repor't of Secretary, 1904. With Presi- chants' Association. Washington, D. C, 

dent's Report, Treasurer's Report, offi- I^OS- 47 PP. = 9385-973«35 

cers and committees for 1905. [Albany, Appended is the Reply, in part, of Arthur G. 

1905*] 70 pp. Illus. Portraits. = Brown, representing the Baltimore Qiambcr of 

9381-747*3 Commerca, 



Hamlin, Charles Sumner. (Conlimted.) 
United States of America. ^ The Interstate 
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and import traffic. Brief submitted by 
the Boston Chamber of Commerce and 
the Boston Merchants' Association. 
Boston, 1905. 64 pp. = 9385*973M8 

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Privately printed. 

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Tate Tt. fovernmental management of railroada. 

Index to authorities quoted, pp. 33J-1JS* 

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Opposes state regulation of rates. 

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Sic Paulo, Brazil. Secretaria dos negocios 
da agricultura, commercio e obras pu- 
Railroads in the Sute of Sio Panic (Bra- 
zil). [By Clodomiro Pereira da Silva. 
Sio Paulo.1 1903. 55 PP- Map. y^soJBo 
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De opiumpolitiek der regeering en de 
vriiheid der drukpers in Nederlandsch 
IndiS. VGravenhage, 1903- = 5044-68 
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Une escadre francaise aux Indes en i6Qa 
Histoire de la Compagnie royale dei 
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The railways: their relations to the irov- 
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TQ05.I 14 PP. 7654-a3 

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Interstate commerce. Brief at to pro- 

Fosed new legislation. New York. 
1905 1 54 pp. = 9385-973^3 

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The fictitious balance of trade. Boston, 
190a. 8 pp. [American Free Trade 

League.1 = . , . 9337.«73MI 

Kelatet t* tlie balane* •! trmdt hi Uvr •¥ the 

United Statw iliowa ia the Sutittical abstract •! 
tke Uftittd SutM, I9#i> PP. 7S> 74* M t*764<^«J- 


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The ReoRraphy of commerce: a text-h€H>1c 
New York. 1903. Plates. Maps. [Mac- 
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United States. 
Foreign markets for American cotton 
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[Special consular reports. Vol. 36.] = 

Foreign markets for American fruit, 
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Machine-made lace industry in Europe. 
Calais. Plauen, St Gall, Nottingham. 
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Marketing goods in foreign countries. 
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Warehouses m forei^ countries for 
storage of merchandise in transit or ia 
bond. Washington, 1905. Plates. [Spe- 
cial consular reports. Vol. 35.] = 


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Dcr Schutz des industriellen und ir^tstisen Address before the American Bankers' 

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Berlin, 1902. 50 pp. Table. 93Sa.o8za3 enth, nineteen hundred and five. [New 

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A report on the physical and financial Taxatiom Tariff. Bounties. 

condition of the Southern Pacific Com- ^ 

pany and an analysis of its operations American Free Trade League, 

for the past five years. August 1, 190a. Annual meeting . . . April 29. 1902. Re- 

[New York.] 190a. 79 pp. Maps. = ports of the Secretary and Treasurer. 

*9385«973a5X Boston, 1902. 7 pp. Table. = 

Tnpund at the reqacst of T»njot J. Taylor & Ca ^ , . ^ 9337'^7Z^^S 

Woody Henry, of Roxbury, Mass. 1834-. AAmaon, Edivard. ^ ^ . . .,, . 

Arbitrary price-making through the forms Protection and wages. By Edward Atkin- 

of law. A few points bearing upon the ??";, P,"''" ^""^ '''^'^"- ^^ r^A^*""". ^' 

proper limits of governmental iupervi- "o^'v^^f^^V"' ^^' ''^ ^^' ^^^^IllVl 

won or interference in railroad trans- B^urn^A^rVinr V^!!^' = 9337.a73a2a 

porution. Boston. 1905. 99 pp. = Batfour, Arthur James. 

» TT'D ^'^^g" -^.^ Fiscal reform. Speeches delivered . . . 

Wooda» Clinton Edgar »3»5«!i73«33 from June 1880 to December 1905. . . . 

Organizing a factory. Chicago, 1905. "^^'^^ * "P""' ?^ ^^^ pamphlet 'Eco- 

Tablea. [Business man's libraW. Vol nomic notes on msular free trade and 

a.l OMoAfii letters from and to the Right Hon. J. 

Woodward, Tames T 933o.4»w* Chamberlain. M.P. (September 1903). 

A statistical analysis of the operations of n^^h^'^fJ^J^ir,^ 9337.a4aa3i 

YtJ\l7^':D^^^ te?"^- ••Sit^y"'\o pfo^;;ty." By Prof. John 

i^ndnivr r«n!in^^^^^^^ ^'^A^ Bascoin. The American farmer the vie- 

^r N*w Vofk ,^J?c^ ^l^^t ^' ^'^'^' «"" ol protection and trusts. By Frank- 

ward. X^cw York. 1905. 57 PP. lin Pierce. Boston. 1902. 10 pp. fAmeri- 

93»S-974o*xo can Free Trade League.) = 9337.a73a23 

Oppotct protection and truiti. 

Protection and patriotism. By John Bas- 

Finance. Public Credit com. Lowering the tariff wall. By 

Harvey VV. Scott. Boston. 1901. 6 pp. 

Bourguet, £mile. [American Free Trade League.] = 

L'administration financi^re du Sanctuaire «^^t..« » u .q^^ 9337.a73ax» 

pythique au IVe si^de avant J.-C. ^¥?*^ •'°"'J\.'^75-. ^ ,. . . . 

Paris, 190s. fBibliothique des ftcoles The law relating to the taxation of foreign 

fran^aises d'Athines et de Rome.l "J^^^n^J- n^^'}^ ^^^^""^1^ ^7 ^^^ ?""^*'^ 

^2953 6z 95 ^^°* ^' ^- ^A^dane. London, 1905. 

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cago. 1003. 51 pp. = 9332.5049 ^*ct versus fiction. The Cobden Club's 

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Selected readings in public finance. Bos- \90A> . . ^ ^ , • , ^ 9337.a43a30 

ton. [1906.] Chart. [Selections and ^ In Uvor of fne. trade in England 

documents in economics.] 9336.oaa3 Davenport, T.W. . , , ^ 

Chandler, Alfred Dupont. Tlie tariff, the trusts, and the farmers. By 

The Metropolitan debts of Boston and J' W- Davenport. The sham of Rcpub- 

vicinity. Sinking fund and serial bond ^»*=*n reciprocity. By Norman F. Hes- 

methods compared. Proposed legisla- «cltine. Boston, 1901. 11 pp. lAmen. 

tion. Brookline. Mass.. 190s 78 dd = ^^" ^^^^ ^^^^^ League.l = 9337.a73ai9 

wwu. z>ruu«uinc, juass., '^^' ^° [y- T " Favors the repeal of all urillt that interfere witk 

ICtchell. Wesley Clair. „ ''•* ~TP*^'*»,*\";., 

HUtory of the legal-tender acts. Chicago. Ev«ns. Nelson Wiley. , , 

1903. = 9332 507aa« ^ history of taxation m Ohio. Cincinnati, 

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history. [New York. 1903?] 31 pp. =s The need of reciprocity. By A. B. Farqu- 

9336.3x7389 l^^r. Free raw materials. By J. B. Sar- 

An attack oa the Qeveland adndniatration for iu ?L^"'- ^^°?^°t"' ^^^ ^ ^^* [American 

, Free Trade League.] = 9337.273820 



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Den kommunala inkomst-beskattningen 
och inkomstforh&llandena i Finland . . . 
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* 3.V0L4 
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Rates and taxes as affecting agriculture. 
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Relates to Great Britain. 

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Protectionism obviously opposed to the 
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npaeo ■3o6p'BTaTejifl. (IIpvBHJieriH na aaotf- 

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— Howard Unhrcrsitr. Bj Kelly Mfllcr. ~ 
Berca CoUegc^ By William G. Froet. — Take- 
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Hampton Institntc. By H. B. FriaaeU. — At- 
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*5S6(MuzoJtariei 3*VoL4 


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Manufacturers' and Producers' Association 

«r,. ^^ SJ^'^S*"",*^ « Socialism. Communism. 

What 2% of the population of the U. S. 

are doing in California! Industrial ac- Estlake, Allan. 

tivities of California and of the remain- HcTopia SHaifeHHToft SHepHSaHCKoft zoMuyva: 

dcr of the U. S. compared. Reduced „Ohhas 06mHHa", s ea nonuTKH ocymecT- 

copy of a graphic exhibit chart, 10 X 12 »iv«»a» vwih-h- , « i» « «« vs.jMMt,^i,M, 

feet, displayed in the California Build- »^*^ ^pHH^HIIU xpncTiaHCKaro (k^BEop- 

ing at the Louisiana Purchase Exposi- hcti« » Hay^tHUXt MeTOioB'B yjiy^meHia 

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G^. Current numbert are kept in the renodical Room. 



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7692 236 
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Underrunninff trolley case. (Van Depoele 
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ton. 1904. 94 pp. = •Patent Room 29.36 

Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing 


Tesla polyphase system. (Patents nos. 
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inRfhouse Electric and Manufacturing 
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1905. New York. [1905.I 3 PP- = 


. . . Order for preliminary injunction filed 
in the U. S. Circuit Court, District of 
Mas.sachusctts, September 22, 1905. New 
York. [1905J 2 pp. = 7693.Z68 



Useful and Industrial 

Industrial Arts. Inventions. Eachibi- 


Argentine Republic. Ministerio de obras 
Exposition de Saint Louis . . . Index ex- 

glicatif des objects exposes par le 
Iinist^re des travaux publics de la R6- 
publique Argentine . . . Buenos Aires, 
Z0Q4. 31 pp. 8oaz.x38 


Kaiserlich - koenigliches Ministerium fiir 

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Exhibition of professional schools for 

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stellung kaiserlich-koeniglicher kunst- 

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Germany. Reichskommissar fiir die Welt- 
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Great Britain. 

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1904.] Folded plan. = *4oa6.z35 

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[54 photographs of the Louisiana Pur- 
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New Jersey at the Louisiana Purchase Ex- 
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= 4039a.Z44 

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siana Purchase Exposition. 
New York State at the Louisiana Pur- 
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25 ff. = *409o.z38 

A tjpewiltten statement. 

Ohio cities' week October 31, at the greatest 
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. . . [St Louis, 1904.] 32 pp. Illus. 
Portrait Plan. 8oaz.z53 

Philippine Islands. Philippine Exposition 

Comadua ya inpanprue pacabat na Junta 
filipina na Exposicidn ed calapagan. 
Panontonan ya 5x4 ia impaalaguey na 
Juntay Exposici6n. Sulat ya onlad 
aminoa to-n nen gobernador Taft 
Panagncnnengan . , . Manila, 1903. Illus. 
= 5038.65 

Maikadua a ioarnak ti Junta filipina ti 
Exposici6n oenno pagsasalisilan. Lin- 
teg no. S14 a mamataud iti Junta ti Ex- 
posici6n. Surat kadaguiti sapasap ni 
agturay a Taft. Daguiti masapsapul 
nga ammoen . . . Manila, 1903. Illus. =: 

T. ^ , 5038.64 

Fangalawang lathali ni kapulungan sa 
Filipinas ng tanghalan. Utos na ika 514, 
nag-aatas ng kapulungan ng tanghalan. 
Kalatas ng gobernador Taft Anyaya, 
mga kasaysayan at paunawi . . . Ma- 
nila, 1903. Illus. = 5038.63 
Sogo nga ika 514 nga nagapatukud gang 
Junta sang Exposici6n. Sulit nga cir- 
cular sang gobernador nga si Taft. Mga 
pahibal6 kag mga pagti!kdl6 . . . Manila, 
1903. Illus. = 5038.69 
Portland, Oregon. Lewis & Clark Centen- 
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Official catalogue. Compiled by H. B. 
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St Louis, Missouri. Louisiana Purchase 
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Bulgaria at the Universal Exposition, St 
Louis 1904. Official catalogue. [St 
Louis, 1904.1 48 pp. Portraits. Plates. 

Souvenir, Indiana Building and literature 
and fine arts exhibit. [Indianapolis, 
1904.] 13 pp. Illus. = 8o99a45 

Board of Lad^ Managers. 
Report [Cambridge, 1905.] Portraits. 
Plates. ^8oaz.Z54 

International Jury of Awards. 
Awards to exhibitors and collaborators 
at the Universal Exposition, 1904. 
Saint Louis. [1904.] Portraits. 

Sodedad de fomento fabriL 
Catilogo de la exposici6n permanente y 
museo industrial, z. Z904. Santiago de 
Chile, Z904. = 4oa6.za6 

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Cnrrent numbers are kept in the Periodietl Room. 

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^^!^L!1^^^aIX^ I"«» [United Sutes. Department of 

ImgatlOlL Kflbencs. Agricnltnre. Division of Sofls.1 = 


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,4 pp [Massachusetts. SUte Fo^^ BrcJS Ed^rW^-S. , , , ^ 
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Stotes. Geological Survey.) = 5Moa.ixi ^ y iiius •4000.1x9 

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The yautias, or toniers, of Porto Rico. ^i^,g^ 

Washington, 1905. 27 pp. Plates. The text ia in Piench, En^iah. Gennan, and 

[Porto Rico. Agricultural Experimental rhubeh, 

Stotion.1 = . , , J , . ♦7991-8.6 (vjif^jmia. Stote Commission of Horticul- 

The yautia ia a tropical food plant. ^^ turel 

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Plates 6oo9b.56 them. New edition. Philadelphia, 1905. 
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yellow poplar, yellow birch, sugar Forest conditions of northern New 
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30 pp. [United States. Department of Maps. [United States. Department of 
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♦5843.a5.73 ♦5843.a5.55 



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Water-supply and irrigation papers.] = 

•, 6z 

CoKittiis. — X. Alabama — Montana, a. Nebraaka 

— Vfyommg. 

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Current numbera are kept in the Periodical 

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Current numben are kept in the Periodical Room. 


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Una relaci6n preliminar sobre la tripanoso- 
miasis de los caballos en las Islas Fill- 
pinas. Manila, 1903. 28 pp. Plates. 
Charts. [Philippine Islands. Bureau of 
Government Laboratories.] = 


This is the disease known as surra. 

National Irrigation Congreaa, 12th, £1 Paso, 


Official proceedings. Compiled by Guy 
Elliott Mitchell. Galveston, 1905. Por- 
traits. = *3993«xoa 
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The forester: a practical treatise on British 
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Based on the 6th edition of James Brown's The 

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= *7996.xza 

No. 10 of voL s6 is missing. 

North-Weat Territories, Canada. Depart- 
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Bulletin. No. 6-1 1. Regina, 1903, 1904* 
Illus. = ♦ 

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The agricultural college extension bulletin. 
Vol. I, no. 1-4. October, 1905-January, 
1906. [Columbus, Ohio, 1905, 06. 1 Illus. 
= ♦7996-X03 

A monthly publication. Unbound parts are kept 
in the Periodical Room. 

Ontario, Province. 
Department of Agriculture. 
Annual report of the Vegetable Grow- 
ers' Association of the Province of 


Ontario, Province. (Continued.) Root, Amos Ives. 

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Annual report of the Poultry Institute Portraits. ♦sSgs^Sz 

of the Province of Ontario, ist 1905. Roper, William Nathaniel, editor. 1872- 

« 1- J°^°"*°» '906. = •7996.1x7 The peanut and its culture. Petersburg, 

^P:h A' A ^-.1 M ♦.. ^^ U90SA 75 pp. lUiw. S99S.ioa 

Profitable dairving. A practical guide to = 3844-36 

successful dairy management. New Rnshworth, William A. 

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Philippine Islands. Bureau of Agriculture. 1905.] Illus. 7997*72 

Report for the year ended August 31* I904- Sanders, Alvin H 

Manila, 1905. Plates. = •7995.X02 Short-horn cattle: the breed and its devel- 

Piper, Charles Vancouver. ^ ^ , , ^ opment in the United States and Canada. 

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Washington, 1905. 38 pp. Plates. Map. pj^tcs. 3999.i87 

[United States. Department of Agri- Schenck, Carl Alwin 

culture. Bureau of Plant Industry.! = Biltmore lectures on sylvicultorc. Albany, 

.3<»53.X 28.52 jQQ- _. gg^- jy 

^"^"^ tSn"*" Agricultural Experiment Sta- p^^^^^' mensuration. Sewanee. TenS^scc, 

Bojetin. • No. 5. Washington, i90S.^Plat«^ pS ut' liza'tion. [Biltmo^e^' i^^"^'^^ 

A Spanish edition of the Bulletm [•799183]. SyUabus of initnwtion giren at the Bfltmore For- 

Current numbert are kept in the Periodical Room. ^^ SchooL 

^^t^ Edwin A. Lectures on forest policy. 2d part: "For- 

The transition m agriculture. London, gg^ry conditions in the United States." 

L^; ?^ « ^S ,. ^^^"1"», ^„^:3^-^^ [Biltmore. 1904.1 = 3847.16 

Relate, to Bntoah agricnltnre and horticulu^. ^ ^^^^^ ot l^t^ deUvered at the BflSiorc 

Province, A, of Altruna. [3d edition. Mon- Foreat School 

tague, Mass^ 1904.] 12 pp. = 3999.240 gchrciner, Oswald, and George H. Failycr. 

Note, of an actual rtart made by a city-bred man ^^ absorption of phosphates and pStas- 

and hi. wife on a Vermont farm. sium by soils. Washington, 1906. 39 PP- 

Prussia. Koenighch - preussische Staats- Charts. [United States. Department of 

Forstverwaltung. Agriculture. Bureau of Soils.] = 

Welt-Ausstellung zu St. Louis, Vereinigte *5994.30.32 

Staaten von Nordamcrika. Spczial- Schrenk, Hermann von. 1873-. 

Katalog fur die Ausstellung der Konig- Report on the condition of treated timbers 

hch prcussischen Staats-Forstverwal- laid in Texas, February, 1902. Wash- 

tung. [Berlin, 1904.I 74 PP. 5945.88 ington, 1904. 45 PP- Plates. [United 

The text U In German and En^iah In parallel States. Department of Agriculture. 

<»*'*™«»^ Bureau of Forestry.] = *5843.25.5i 

Ransom, Brayton H. Schrenk, Hermann von, 1873- • ^nd 

The gid parasite (Ccenurus cerebralis) : its George Grant Hedgcock. 
presence in American sheep. Washing- The wrapping of apple grafts and its rela- 
ton, 1905. 23 pp. Illus. [United States. tion to crown-gall disease. Washing- 
Department of Agriculture. Bureau of ton, 1906. 12 pp. [United States. De- 
Animal Industry.] = *5994.6o.66 partment of Agriculture. Bureau of 
Reed, Franklin W. Plant Industry.] = 3853.x28.zoo.Part 3 

A working plan for forest lands in Central Scott, W. M. 
Alabama. Washin^on, 1905. 71 pp. The control of apple bitter-rot Wash- 
Plates. Maps. [United States. Depart- ington, 1906. 36 pp. Illus. [United 
ment of Agriculture. Divison of For- States. Department of Agriculture, 
estry.] = ^5843.25.68 Bureau of Plant Industry.] = 
Ridgeway, William. 1853-. *3853.za8.93 

The origin and influence of the thorough- Sewell, Cornelius V. V. 

bred horse. Cambridge, 1905. Illus. Common sense gardens. How to plan and 

[Cambridge biological series.] 6oo9b.53 plant them. New York, 1900. Illus. 

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The score card in stock breeding. Wash- Shaw, Thomas. 1843-. 

ington, 1905. 54 pp. Plates. [United Clovers and how to grow them. New 

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Bureau of Animal Industry.] = Shear, Cornelius L. 

*5994.6o.76 Cranberry spraying experiments in 1^05. 

State stock breeders' associations. Wash- Washington, 1906. 8 pp. Illus. [United 

ington, 1904. S3 pp. [United States. States. Department of Agriculture, 

Department of Agriculture. Bureau of Bureau of Plant Industry.] = 

Animal Industry.] *5994.6a64 3853-X28.iooJPart z 



Shelton, Lotiise. 
The seasons in a flower garden. New 
York, 1906. Plates. 399B.957 

Sherman, Penoyer L- ^.,. 

The gutta percha and rubber of the Philip- 
pine Islands. Manila, 1903. 43 PP- Plates. 
Maps. [Philippine Islands. Bureau of 
Government Laboratories.] = 
Literature, pp. 4a, 43. *39'^«''5*7 

SilTer Manujfactnring Company. 
Modem silage methods: ... a feeders' 

and dairymen's guide. Salem, Ohio, 

1903. Illus. 7999-z8o 

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References, pp. 161-185. 3 9 99«^tf 

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Pa.. 1905. Illus. 399S*937 

Sonle* Andrew MacNavin. 
Syllabus of illustrated lecture on silage 

and silo construction for the South. 

Washington, 1905. 31 pp. [United 

States. Department of Agriculture. 

Office of Experiment Stations.] = 

Bibliogniphy, p. 31- 7995*99*5 

Spencer* Guilford Lawson. 
A handbook for cane-sugar manufactur- 
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enlarged. New York, 1906. Illus. 

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Pigs. Breeds and management. ^ With a 
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Wortley Axe, and a chapter on bacon 
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stock handbooks.] * 3998-^9 

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Extermination of Johnson grass. Wash- 
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States. Department of Agriculture. 
Bureau of Plant Industry.] = 

*3853.za8.7a J^art 3 
Springy Samuel Newton. 
The natural replacement of white pine on 
old fields in New England. Washing- 
ton, 1905. 32 pp. Plates. Map. [United 
States. Department of Agriculture. 
Division of Forestry.] = •' 
Steiner, 11. L. 
How to keep farm accounts. Toledo, 1905. 
Facsimiles. 393x-xa5 

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and I. O. Schanb. 
Soil physics laboratory guide. New York, 

^ 1905.^93 pp. Illus. 5999*144 

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Syllabus of illustrated lecture on potato 
diseases and their treatment. Washing- 
ton, 1904. ^o pp. [United States. De- 
partment of Agriculture. Office of Ex- 

Seriment Stations.] = *7995*99*a 

libliogrmphy, pp. ag, 30. 

Thorn, Charles. 

Fungi in cheese ripening: Camembert and 
Roquefort. Washington, 1906. 39 pp. 
Illus. [United States. Department of 
Agriculture. Bureau of Plant Industry.] 
= *5994.6o.8a 

BibBograpoy» p^ 39^ 


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Stone gardens, with practical hints on the 
paving & planting of them. London, 
1905. 12 pp. 16 plates. *L.30.a 

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Information concerning the milch goats. 
Washington, 1905. 87 pp. Illus. Plan. 
[United States. Department of Agricul- 
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tin.] = *5994.6o.68 
Literature consulted, pp. 8x, 8a. 

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Syllabus of illustrated lecture on essen- 
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Farmers' Institute lectures.] = 
Bibliography, p. 24. *7995.99.6 

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An address on the educational value of 
courses in agriculture. [Columbus. 
190;-?] 16 pp. [Ohio State University. 
University bulletin.] = 7993-^3 

United States. 
Windmills in foreign countries. Wash- 
ington, 1904. Illus. [Special consular 
reports. Vol. 31.] = ^ 

Department of Agriculture. 
Amendment no. i to the regulations of 
the Secretary of Agriculture govern- 
ing the inspection, disinfection, cer- 
tification, treatment, handling, and 
method and manner of delivery and 
shipment of live stock which is the 
subject of interstate commerce. Ef- 
fective on and after September 15, 
1905. [Washington, 1905.] 3 PP« = 

Amendment no. 2 to the regulations of 
the Secretary of Agriculture govern- 
ing live stock. Effective on and after 
October 16, 1905. Modification of regu- 
lation 21. [Washington, 1905. 1 2 pp. 
= 7996.ZOZ 

Bureau of Animal Industry. 
Publications of the Dairy Division. 
189S-1905. [Washington, 1905.I 3 
pp. 7996.108 

Bureau of Plant Industry. 
Distribution of Centreville Sea Island 
cotton seed. [Washington, 1905.] 

7 pp. = 7996.95 

Distribution of the Rusk citrange in 

1905. [Washington, 190S.I 4 PP. = 


Distribution of the Willits citrange in 

1905. [Washington, 1905.] 4 PP. = 


The school garden. [By L. C. Cor- 

bett. Washington, 190S.] 6 pp. 

Diagrams. = 3994«z6o 

Division of Chemistry. 

Salad oils for which chemical limits 

are to be suggested. [Washington. 

1905?] I p. = 7996.107 


United States. (Contmued.) University of Wlflconsiii. 

Division of Forestry.. A circular of information relating to the 

Circular. To applicants for grazing short course in agriculture. 1904-1905. 

permits. [Washington, 1905.] 2 pp. Madison, 1904. 22 pp. Plates. = 

= 3856*34 7595*13 

Field programme for January, i9oiS. Unwin, A. Harold. 

[Washington, 1906.] 8 pp. = Future forest trees: or, the importance of 

3845*49 the German experiments in the introduc- 

Instructions for making forest maps tion of North American trees. London, 

and surveys. [Washington, 1905.I 1905. Plates. 3844^ 

.10 pp. = 384548 Uruguay. Departamento de ganaderia y 

List of publications available October agricultura. 

I, November i, 1905. [Washington, Censo ganadero de la Rep&blica Oriental 

1905*] 4 PP- = *3849a.9 del Uruguay, 1900. Por Juan Jos6 

Location and area of the Federal for- Aguiar. Montevideo, 1901. 41 PP- = 

est reserves in the United States, 799i*87 

Alaska, and Porto Rico, February i, VHmorin-Andrieuz et cie. 

I905< [Washington, 1905. 1 2 pp. = The vegetable garden . . . English edi- 

3845-47 tion, published under the direction of 

Division of Publications. W. Robinson. London, 1905. Illus. 

Crop export movement Washington, 3993*zo4 

1905, Broadside. = 7993*59 Ware, Lewis S. 

Division of Soils. Beet-sugar manufacture and refining. 

Assignment of field parties. [Decem- VoL i. New York, 1905. Illus. Plans, 

ber 15, 1905, January 13, February 5995*io8 

13, 1906. Washington, 1905. 1906.] Cattle feeding with sugar beets, sugar, 

= 599^97 molasses and sugar beet residuum. 

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Washington, 1903, 04. 2 v. in 4. The theory and practice of cattle-breeding. 

Plates. Maps. = *5992.96 Chicago, 1902. 5995*zzo 

Each umtMl Tolume is accompanied by a case Watson, Rosamund Marriott. 

of folded maps. The heart of a garden. Philadelphia. 

List of soil types established ... in [1906.] Plates. 3993*zzo 

1899 and 1900, with brief descrip- Welbom, W. C. 

tion. [Washington, 1901.] 11 pp. Soil fertility. Manila, 1905. 13 PP. [Philip- 

== 7992*94 P^°^ Islands. Bureau of Agriculture. 

Division of Statistics. „^ Bulletin.] = ♦599oa.xi.6 

Final report on tobacco acreage and ^•f/?'' Homer Jay. 

condition, by types, crop 1905. Syllabus of illustrated lecture on acid 

Washington, 1905. Broadside. = ??}^'v ^ ^.^!^'°^ n""' 1^^ . f a£S' 

700«6o [United States. Department of Agn- 

[Report of the Crop-estimating Board culture. Office of Experiment Sta- 

relative to the acreage planted in ^JS?*! =t , •7995-99-3 

cotton in the Southern States in «n.-iw *"?" ^' '"Sr 

190S. Washington, 1905.I i pp. = Whitakcr, George M. 

o f jr-j J K^ ej.^^ jjjjjj^ supply of Boston, New York, and 

Hawaii Agricultural Experiment^ta- Philadelphia. Washington, 190S. 62 pp 

tion. Maps. [United States. Department of 

Press bulletin. No. 1-6, 8-16. [Hono- Agriculture. Bureau of Animal Indus- 

lulu, 1903, 06.] Illus. = ♦7993^1 ™ ,ijy-] = T^. . , ♦5994.6081 

Na 7 i» unobtainable. Can«nt numbers are ^^^^^ Harry NlcholS. 

kept in the Periodical Room. The forests of the Flathead Valley, Mon- 

Office of Experiment Stations. xmmw^''^' Sf?!?*^"' ^^^^ ^^' ^^^^' ^*^*- 
The American system of agricultural Whitney, Milton. i86a-. 
education. By A. C. True and Dkk Growing Sumatra tobacco under shade m 
J. Crosby. Washington, 1904. 21 *^ Connecticut Valley Washmgton, 
pp. Plates. = 7595.1a ^^- 31 pp. Illus. [Umted States. De- 
Annual report for the year cndled partment of Agnculture. Division of 
June 30, 1901-1904. Washington, ^ Soils.] = , 5994.30-ao 
ipc»-i90S. 4 V. Plates. Maps. Investigations m soil fertihty. Washing- 
Charts. = *7993t56 ^^^» ^904- 48 pp. Plates. Charts. [United 
Annual report of irrigation and drain- States. Department of Agriculture. Di- 
age experiments, 1904. Washing- vision of Soils.] = ^5994*30^33 
ton, 1905. Plates. Maps. Dia- Whitney, Milton, i860- , and Frank Ken- 
grams. Charts. *5993>70.Z58 neth Cameron. 
Univenity of Minnesota. Agricultural Ex- The chemistry of the soil as related to 
periment Station. crop production. Washington, 1903. 71 
Memorandum on "Primost" flax. [By W. PP. [United Stotes. Department of 
M. Hays. St Anthony Park. 190-?] Agriculture. Division of Soils.] s= 
a PP« == 7996.94 •5994-30»aa 





Wieler, Arwed. 
Untersuchungen uber die Einwirkung 
schwefli^er Saure auf die Pflanzen. 
Nebst einem Anhange: Oster, Exkur- 
sion in den Stadtwald von Eschweiler 
zur Besichtigung der Hiittenraachbe- 
schadigungen am 5. September 1887. 
Berlin, 1905. Illus. Map. Charts. 

Wfllcocks, Sir William. M.I.C.E. i85>-. 
The restoration of the ancient irrigation 
works on the Tigris, or the re-creation 
of Chaldea. With two appendices. — 
A. — Meteorological information about 
Bagdad. B. — An address on "Egypt 
fifty years hence." Cairo, 1903. 72 pp. 
Plates. Maps. 5Q43*xox 

Women's Educational and Industrial Union, 
Clean milk; an experiment in its produc- 
tion, at the Warelands, Highland Lake, 
Massachusetts. Boston, 1906. 6 pp. 
Illus. = 5994*70 

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Ferns and how to grow them. New York, 
1905. Plates. [The garden library. 
Vol. 2,1 3848.34 

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Pictorial practical carnation 

London. [1906.I Illus. 
Pictorial practical gardening. 

[190^1 Illus. Dia^ams. 

Pictonal practical fruit growing. London. 

[1903-] Illus. Diagrams. 3998.359 

Pictorial practical rose growing. London. 

[1902.1 Illus. Diagrams. 3998.262 

Pictorial practical vegetable growing. 

London. [1904.] Illus. 3998.261 

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Pictorical practical chrysanthemum cul- 
ture. London. [1905.] Illus. 3998.263 
Wright, Walter Page, 1864- , and Ed- 
ward James Cistle. 1842-. 
Pictorial practical flower gardening. Lon- 
don. [1905.] Illus. Diagrams. 3998.267 
Wright, Walter Page, 1864- , and Wil- 
liam Dallimore. 
Pictorial practical tree and shrub culture. 
London, 1905. Illus. 3998.265 

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Pictorial practical bulb growing. Lon- 
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Chestnut in southern Marvland. Wash- 
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States. Department of Agriculture. 
Bureau of Forestry.] = *5843.25.53 

Chemical Technology. Industrial 
Chemistry. Metallurgy. 

Bean, Percy, and William McCleary. 
The chemistry and practice of finishing. A 
practical treatise on the bleaching & fin- 

Bean, Percy. (ConHnmed,) 

ishing of cotton goods for whites, dyes, 
and prints. Manchester, 1905. Illus. 
Samples of cloth. *40Z5.xo5 

Dawidowsky, F. 
Glue, gelatine, animal charcoal, phospho- 
rus, cements, pastes, and mucilages . . . 
Edited from the German, with additions 
... By William T. Brannt 2d edition, 
largely re-written. Philadelphia, 1905. 
Illus. 80x4.223 

Eckel, Edwin Clarence. 
Cements, limes, and plasters: their mate- 
rials, manufacture, and properties. New 
York, 1905. Illus. Maps. 40x2.105 

Hillebrand, William Francis, and Eugene 

Thomas Allen. 

Comparison of a wet and crucible-fire 

methods for the assay of gold telluride 

ores. Washington, 1905. 31 PP* [United 

States. Geological Survey.] = 

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Cyanide practice. London. [190a.] Plates. 
Plans. 80x3.245 

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, Experimental researches on the constitu- 
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1905. Plate. Charts. 80x4.2x9 

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Chemical technology and analysis of oils, 
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London, 1904. 2 v. Illus. *3972.X48 
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Elementary practical metallurgy: iron and 
steel. London, 1905. Plates. Diagrams. 


Miller, Alfred Stanley. 

A manual of assaying: . . . including 

amalgamation and chlorination tests. 3d 

edition. New York, 1905. Illus. Plans. 

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The production of aluminum and its indus- 
trial use. Translated, with additions, by 
Leonard Waldo. New York, 1905. Illus. 
Diag[ams. 3869.X88 

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The cjranide industry theoretically and 
practically considered. Translated by 
J. Arthur Le Clerc. With an apoendix 
by C. E. Munroe. New York, 1906. Dia- 
grams. 80X3.25X 
Schnabel, CarL 
Handbook of metallurgy. Translated by 
Henry Louis. 2d edition. Vol. i. Lon- 
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ConUnU. — Copper. — Lead. — Silrer. — Gold. 

Commercial Methods. Post Office. 
Book-keeping. Shorthand. 

Adgie, William. 
Modem book-keeping and accounts. Lon- 
don, 1905. 3 V. [Modem manuals of 
commerce.] 5939*so 


Altmaier, Carl Lewis. Musick, William L. (Conimued.) 
The model typewriting instructor (touch Standard phonography, Pitmanic. Sim- 
method). Philadelphia. [1903.I lUtts. plified vowel scheme. St. Louis, 1905. 
Facsimiles. 6ZZ7.Z38 6149.199 
Andrews, Homer L. Pierce, Carl Horton. 
Andrews' Facsimile typewriting manual. Scientific salesmanship. [Preface by Burt 
^d edition. Pittsburg, Pa., 1901;. 6iz64)i B. Famsworth.] New York, 1906. 
Clark, Frank Chadwick. 5648.169 
Clark's Tangible shorthand self-instructor Pitman, Benn. 1S22-. 
. . . Springfield, Mo. [1904-I 6149.18a From Benn Pitman, greeting. fCincin- 
Cody, Alpheus Cody. nati, 190S.I 4 PP. = 6149.184 
Success in letter writing, business and so- On the phonetic representation of EngUih aoimdi. 
cial. Chicago, 1906. 5659-HZ Pitman, Sir Isaac. 1813-1897. 
Crane, William Albert. Practical business letters in shorthand. 
The fundamentals of Crane's script, or With printed key, and the matter 
alphonic shorthand. Two new scripts, counted for speed practice in either 
or shorthands . . . New York. [ 1905-1 shorthand or typewriting . . . [Anon.] 
33 pp. lUus. 6x49.186 New York. [1906?] 64 pp. 6x498.85 
Darken, Edward M. Schneck, Frank Joseph. 
Darken's Nine-square, dot, shorthand, for Inductive phonography, or shorthand de- 
business and literary men . . . [Hobart, velopment. Rochester. [1904- 1 99 PP- 
1904.1 15 pp. Facsimiles. = 6x49.149 Plate. 6x498.83 
Dement, Isaac Strange. 1855- Snailnm, Walter W. 
Aritography. A system of shorthand writ- Fifteen studies in book-keeping. With a 
ing ... 2d edition. Chicago, 1905. 91 pp. selection of worked and unworked ex- 

6Z49.X98 amination papers. Cambridge, 1904. 
Graham, James, Inspector to the West Rid- S^'^ 
ing County Council, and George A. S. Snyder, Carrie, and Ernest Lawton Thurs- 
Oliver. ton. 
French commercial practice. Part i. Lon- The universal system of practical book- 
don, 1904. Facsimiles. [Modem man- keeping. New York. [1902.I 5839.3a 
uals of commerce.] 938o.4a4 Tipson, Frederick Samson. 1858-. 
German commercial practice. Part i. ..A**^'*^J8. New York. [1904.I Sos^-M 
London, 1904. Facsimiles. [Modem United States. Post Office Department, 
manuals of commerce.] 938o4a5 U. S. postal service. Domestic and for- 
Spanish commercial practice. Part i. cign mail matter. Classification. Con- 
London, 1904. Facsimiles. [Modem ditions. Rates of postage. Washing- 
manuals of commerce.] 938o4a6 ^ . *®°^ l^^. ""^ PP- ^oa. 3659.ia8 

Heath, Franklin Reinhardt 1865-. Yates, John Thomas. 1864-. 

Peinre School shorthand drill book, Benn ^"if/^A^^J?^^^^ ^n^'^^Whfn^^^ 

Pitman system. Philadelphia, xgs^ fjL^^Z'l Y^I^S. t iS ='^"'' 

Heelis, F. ^ "^ ^^'^^^ 

Modem commercial practice with cor- nAmMtir P!<^onomv Cnnkerv Fcvvl 
respondence . . . Part i. The home 1^<»»«8^C ll^onomy. i^OOKery. i^ooa 

trade. London, 1904. [Modern manuals ouppiy. 

of commerce.] 5^59-^39 Baxter, Richard, baker. 

Musick, William L. i860-. Practical up-to-date receipt book for 

Combination shorthand dictionary and bakers. Revised and enlarged edition, 

reader, adapted to The universal dicta- Chicago. [1906.] Portrait 80093.145 

tion course for Benn Pitman phonogra- Burrell, Caroline Benedict, 

phy ... St Louis. [1902.] 48 pp. A Utde cook book for a little girl. By the 

No. 2 in 6X4X.86 author of "Gala-day luncheons." Bos- 

The tmiTertal dictation conrte ... is bound in ton. [l905*l 8007.96 

tliia Tolnme. Bunill, Katharine, and Annie M. Booth. 

Combination shorthand dictionary and The amateur cook. New York. [i9J^?J 

reader, adapted to The universal dicta- ^ ^f-' l ^t. t *i. 1 a- • 5?^?**'^* 

tion course for Graham's Standard pho- ^' Elizabeth Luther, and Annie M. Jones. 

nography. St Louis. [1903.I 48 pp. ^^^^^ *?^. ^? ^°?^- J-'^^^^ quotaUons 

* *^ "^ No 2 in (Si^iT gf and original recipes for every day in the 

Th*. ««i««.i Hir*M*i«« <^«^ u i^A Z year. New York, 1904. 80098.147 

tilL ^l^ ... i. bound in j^^^ g^.^^^^ j^g^pj^ --^^ •»' 

XT ju 1 n..:A *^ Mi?«- -.- 1 t The dietetics. San Francisco, 1905. 26 pp. 

Handbook. Guide to Essentials of gram- «- 8006.X00 

mar, punctuation and business corre- Snggcsu the ettablishment of ichooli of tc^rfttifir 

spondence," and to the "Dictionary and cookerr- 

reader" of The universal dictation Duchamp, Henry, and Albert Jenning. 

course. St Louis. [1903.] 22 pp. Dictionnaire universe] pour la traduction 

„„ , ,^ 8'49«i94 des menus, en frangais, allemand ct 

EdiUont of The oniTertal dieution course are on anglais. 4e ^diUon, Zurich. [1905,] 

■hdf-nnmbcn 6141.86, 6141J7. ^g pp^ ^8007^ 



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Some of the plates sre colored. 

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izur. Mechaziics. 

For some works on Boilding see also under division 
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Diagrams. 40i4*x66 


Louisiana. State Commission of Louisiana Pruasia. (Continued,) 

Purchase Exposition. Guide through the hydraulic enfi^neer-' 

The levees in Louisiana. [Prepared by ing exhibit arranged by the Royal Prus- 

Ars^ne P6rilliat. New Orleans, 1904-1 sian Ministry of Public Works. Berlin, 

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^ . . 40xa.X4X thermal power plants as dependent upon 

w *^' Arthur. . _^ .. , * physical efficiency, capital charges and 

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Cours de micanique ^lemcntaire i 1 usage amplcs taken from actual recent work in 

des ^colcs mdustrielles . . . 2e 6diUon, ^^^ United Stetes and in foreign coun- 

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IIlus. Diagrams. ^80x98.265 grams 401x^3 

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of general interest Compiled for the *8oa7.x3a.5x» 5a 

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__ -,--.. ,*..«, . 4478439 Underwriters Engineering and Construction 

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sion. .A declaration of principle. New York. 

In the matter of the proposition to equip [1905 ] 16 pp = 40x4.181 

the Brooklyn Bridge, and other bridges Retoto reinforUd concrete. 

f™ ^'orTn?/.^^^^^^ WaddeU, John Alexander Low. 

submitted by Mr. George S. Morison and ?!*?«- ^ ^ [Kansas City^S-l 

bilitv^or^eHeSn^^^^^^^ War^^iS'^F^^nk Dinsmore. *^'* 

bility for relieving present congestion. ^ handbook on reinforced concrete. New 

[New York, 1902.] 26 pp. = 7657.x5a York. iSSs Illus Diairr^ 

Osbom, Frank Chittenden. ^^^^ ^^^' ^"'*** i^iagrams. J^^^- 

Osborn's Tables of moments of inertia and mnu r- a e* -^ j aI% 

squares of radii of gyration, to which WilUams, Gardner Stewart, and AUen 

have been added tables of the working „ • *^"l V%' t • *i. 1 r 1. j 
strengths of steel columns, the working Hydraulic tables, showing the loss of head 
strengths of timber beams and columns **?* ^° ^'^^ friction of water flowing in 
standard loads and unit stresses, and 5*^"' aqueducts, sewers, etc., and the 
constants for determining stresses in S*^*^*^^- ^^^^ ^^*"' ^*^ '^^ '^^" 
swing bridges. 5th edition. [Cleve-- „ 5fPP- Si^fi^^^^T t. t,.« 5943-103 
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1905. Illus. 40X5.XOX 40x4.176 
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rium fiir Handel, Gewerbe und oef- The mechanical handling of materiaL 

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Made up from the instruction papers of the sehooL 

For cases inrolving certain electrical patents see Brady, William F. 

under Patents, p. 183. Technique and physiology of static and 

other high-frequency currents. — Of 

Adama» Alton Dermont direct currents. — Of coil-currents. 

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40x3.178 *8oa7.z3a47 

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tries i domicile, i. L'indnstrie horlo- tion. New York, 1905. Illus. Diagrams. 

gere suisse. 2. Le tissage de la soie i 3969a.z82 

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At expositions. Three world's fairs mark Synchronous and other multiple tele- 

the progress of the greatest American graphs. New York, 1905. Charts, 

invention. [St. Louis? 1904] 9 pp. ^52 150 

ni«J. = 7969a44 Dawson Philio 

"^•L^" JfL^^«TL?T^''"- "f??^??*? '" The "Engineering'' and electric traction 

TheT ^J^vJtV^nJ-^ rst lS POcket-book. 3d edition. London, 1903. 

EnRineeritiflr. The enjdneerinK part of the -. -. »*"»««»••'• pp- «-««»• 

work. rSt. Louts? 1904.I S PP. = ^^^ Theodore A. Telegraphy self-taught . . . Including easy 

Fanners' lines. Adequate facilities at experiments in electricity and magnet- 
moderate rates. fSt. Louis? 1904.I "" "^^^ operators should know. Chi- 
li pp. Illus. = 7969tU49 „. ^^°- U^^'^ "'"'• diagrams. 7969.97 
A Gennan reraion is on shelf-number 7909a. 50. Eichhom, Gustav. 

Housing the telephone. Second largest Wireless telegraphy. London, 1906. Illus. 

holder of real estate in the country. fSt. BibUography, pp. ixi-113. 7967-3X 

Louis? 1904-I 7 PP- Illus. = 79^a-54 Electric Storage Battery Company. 

Long line talk. Growth of the long dis- The application of storage batteries to 

tance business. [St Louis? 1904 1 railway plants. The . . . "Chloride ac- 

6 pp. Map. = 7969a.46 cumulator" in the electrification of 

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rSt Louis? 1904] 16 pp. = 7969a^ Standard telephone wiring for common 

Switchboards. The Bell Telephone Com- battery and magneto systems. New 

panics. Development of the switch- York, 1905. 97 PP. IHus. Diagrams. 

board. Louisiana Purchase Exposition. ' ^ ^ ^w wm- 8oioa.a67 

St Louis 1904. [St Louis? 1904-1 Fleming, John Ambrose. 

10 pp. .Plates. = ^rw? The principles of electric wave tele- 

Time-saving Prompt service throughout '{^ London, 1906. Illus. Charts. 

?9^.r6'p?L'"' "^'" ^^\l^i „ BibH^Jpby, pp. 638^. 79^4.74 

The troubleman. What the maintenance Fovcau de CourmcUcs, Victor. ^ 

of good service means. [St Louis? L'annie electnque, ilectroth^rapique et 

1004.1 8 pp. Illus. = 7969a.47 radiograph ique. Ann^e 3-^. Paris, 

Iriese pamphlets were issued in connection with 1903-00. 57^0.74 

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Compiled by Patrick J. Kennedy, Commisssioner boards . . . New York, 1906. lUus. Dia- 
of Vfinu. grams. 40x8.244 



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practical guide for . . . installing work 
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1904. Illus. Diagrams. 7969-95 

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Telephony. (ConHnmd.) 

1906. Chicago, 1906. Illus. Portraits. 


Carrent numbcn are kept in the Periodical 

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London, 1904, 1905. 2 v. Illus. Plans. 

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The conductivity of liquids. Easton, 
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United States. 
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Ueber den Ursprung der Elektrisiening 

beim Sprudeln der Luft durch Fliissig- 

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Charts. = 5976.296 



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Annual report, 7th . . . London, 1906. = 


Fire tests with automatic fire alarm sys- 
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= 40x9.976 

Fire tests with ceilings. A 2-in. ceiling 
formed with "Kulm" pumice ceiling 
slabs erected by Messrs. Horace W. Cul- 
lum & Co., London. The Committee's 
report. London, 1905. 14 pp. Plates. 
Plans. Chart ["Red books."] = 


Fire tests with floors. A cement concrete 
floor with bays of various aggregates; 
the Portland cement provided by the 
Portland Cement Manufacturers (1900), 
limited. Particulars of experimental 
fire test London, isk>5. 24 pp. Illus. 
Plans. = 40x9.282 

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Plans. = 40X9J189 

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23 pp. Illus. Plans. = 40x9^1^ 


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port London, 1905. 16 pp. Plates. tubulous boilers. Translated and edited 
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limited. The committee's report Lon- British progress in pumps and pumping 

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_, * . , 40X9«a74 [National engineering and trade lec- 

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three-inch partition and a nine-inch wall Bibliography, p. 71. 

formed of asbestic bricks, and erected by Boyeuz, Paul. 

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^errawode" encasements for steel stan- 80x7.325 
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= , , 40x9.285 Providence, R. I. 
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. The gasoline automobile: lectures before 

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Mechanical processes. A practical trea- 4 au 12 aout 1900. Paris, 1901. Plans, 
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United States. 

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Railroads. Canals. Harbors. Roads. 
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Worki on yachting and pleasure boating are entered 
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References for further reading follow many chap- 
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Current nnmbers are kept in the Periodical Room. 

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Water Supply. Heating. Lightinc. Ven- 
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Smoke Prevention. Waste. 

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City Club of New York. . Plumbers and fitters' pocketbook, Scran- 
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1906 "l«s Plans ,^^f°'?'336 ^j^^^„ ^^ Washington. Washington, 

Cold-water supply. [Scrant^^^^^ [United States. Geo- 

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Technology.] No, 9 m ♦80a7.13a.7a ^j papers ] = • 

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No. S in •80a7.13a.7fl ^. ^ . , , c u li- ^^7^'i ^ 

Dye Frederick ' ^ ' Underground waters of Salt River Valley, 

a' practical treatise upon warming build- ^/*^°"*f.. Washington, ws- Plates. 

ings by hot water. London, 1905. lUus. Maps. Diagrams. [Umted States. Geo- 

Diagrams. 8016.305 \oe\c^\ Survey. Water-supply and irri- 

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States. Washington, 190S. Illus. Maps. Quality of water m the Susquehanna River 

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Geological Survey. Water-supply and PP; .Pl?*«- ^^P- Diagrams. Charts. 

irrigation papers.] = ♦3994-ao.ii4 [United States. Geological Survey. 

Each article 18 accompanied by a bibliography. Water-supply and irigatlOn papers.] = 

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logical Survey. Water-supply and irri- Maps. Plans. Chart [United States. 

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Self-instruction for students in gas manu- Garbage crematories in America. New 

facture. Being answers to questions York, 1906. Plates. Plans. 40ioa.X93 

based on the ordinary grade syllabus in Water closets. — House drains. — Soil, waste, 

gas manufacture of the City and Guilds and vent stacks. — Traps and vents, 

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1905. 44 x^, [United States. Depart- Water rights on interstate streams: the 
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No. 4-9 in *8oa7.Z3a.7Z country residences and such institutions 

Rafter, George W. as are inaccessible to city sewers and 

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Albany, 1905. Plates. Maps. Dia- [1906.] 16 pp. Illus. = 394S-Z3Z 
grams. [New York, State. State Mu- 
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*78a5.x.85 Refrigeration. 

A greatly enlarged edition of his Water resources 

of the Sute of New York [*, asl. Cooper, Madison. 

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grams. 809345 ^^^^b* 8ox&a38 


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Die Geschichte der Radenihr unter beson- Handworterbnch der Textilkunde aller 

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Trait6 de la gravure sur rouleaux. Pr6- ments, how to make, and how to use. 

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Torraiice. world's greatest enterprise, the oil in- 

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^*Sir**5?^:-iY*5'°'' r « • . 1 1. Charts. [Macmillan's Manuals for stu- 

The distillation of resins. Resinate lakes dents 1 3Q78.XQX 

and pigments, carbon pigments and pi^- Zctzsche, Franz. 1873-. 

mcnts for tyocwnting machines, mam- pj^ wichtigsten Faserstoffe der europai- 

folders, etc. New York. [1906?] Illus. g^^en Industrie. 2 Auflage. Kotz- 

- , ,. -,.,_. ^ 5977-13 schenbroda, 1905. 52 pp. Illus. 6 plates. 

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Hydraulic cement. Its properties, testing, ^ 

and use. New York, 1904. ^^^^^J^^^f -^ Military axid Naval Art, Science, Law, 

Stephenson, John W. and History. 

Cutting and draping. A practical hand- „, , .. ^. ., ,« . .. ty . ^ « 

book for upholsterers and decorators. Works on the Ovil War in the United Sutet art 

New York. [1905.] 82 pp. Illus. ^^^^ "* ^^ divi^n United States History, p. 37. 

409X.X78 ., ,-, •»-.-, 

Taylor, John T. Abcillc, B. P. L^once. 

Cotton weaving and designing. Revised Marine frangaise et marines etrangeres; 

under the direction of F. Wilkinson. politique navale des grandes puissances. 

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Dic Bleicherei baumwollener Gewebe. don, 1903. Portraits. [The Nineteenth 

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8oxa.2x8 Belza, Stanistaw. 

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Practical and artistic basketry. New = 3066.236 

York. [1904.] Illus. 80X5.8X ConUnts. — Waterloo. — Solferino. — Pod Se- 

Uttley, Thomas William. danem. 

Cotton spinning and manufacturing in the Bonnal, Guillaume Auguste Balthazar £u- 

United States of America. A report to g^ne Henri. 

the electors to the Gartside scholarships L'esprit de la guerre moderne. La ma- 

on the restdts of a tour of the American noeuvre de Landshut £tude sur la stra- 

cotton manufacturing centres made in t6gie de Napoleon et sa psychologic mili- 

the winter of 1903 and spring of 1904. taire depuis le milieu de Tannic 1808 

Manchester, 1905. 81 pp. [Gartside re- jusqu'au 30 avril 1809. Paris, 1905. Maps. 

ports on industry and commerce.] 265X.68 

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Valenta* Eduard. 1857-. Wellington's operations in the Peninsula 

Das Papier, seine Herstellung, Eigen- (1808-1814). London, 1904. 2 v. Maps. 

achaften, Verwendung in den graphi- 6527.69 

schen Drucktechniken, Prufung u. s. w. Caemmerer, von, Lieutenant-General 

Halle a. S., 1904. Illus. 6XX7.X48.X The development of strategical science 

Wall, William Edmund during the 19th century. Authorized 

Graining, ancient and modem. Somerville, translation by Carl von Donat London, 

IQOS. Portrait Plates. Autograph fac- 1905. [The Pall Mall miliUry series.] 

sinule. 8ox5.xg9 3955«<94 
Son* of the plates «re oolor^d. 



Fortetcne, Hon. John William. 
The British Army, 1 783-1802. Four lec- 
tures delivered at the Staff Colleffe and 
Cavalry School. London, 1905. Maps. 

Purlcy, Sir John. 1836-. 
In peace and war. Autobiographical 
sketches. London, 1905. Portrait. 


Describes the Franco-German War, the War of 
the Commune, the Carlist and Boer Wars. 
Furse, George Armand. 
A hundred years ago. Battles by land and 
by sea: Ulm, Trafalgar, Austerlitz. 
London, 1905. Portraits. Maps. Plans. 

Gmchot, £douard. 1862-. 
Les campagnes de 1799. Jourdan en AUe- 
magne et Brune en Hollande. Paris, 
1906. Portraits. Plates. Maps. 2626.272 
Green, G. Garron. 
In the Royal Irish constabulary. London. 
[1905.] Portrait 5577«900 

Higginson, Francis John, U.S.N. 
Naval battles of the century. London, 1903. 
Portraits. [The Nineteenth Century se- 
ries.] 22zz.70.z8 
Jane, Frederick T. 1865-. 

Heresies of sea power. New York, 1906. 
Illus. Maps. 5954-53 

ConttntM. — Seren great naval wars and their 
paradoxes: the Peloponnesian War; the first 
Punic War; the second Punic War; Actium and 
Lepanto; the Spanish Armada; the Russo-Japa> 
nese War. — Problems that "sea power" does 
not solve. — The trend of things. 

Knifht, Henry Raleigh. 
Historical records of The Buffs, East 
. Kent regiment, 3rd Foot, formerly des- 
' ignated the Holland Regiment and 
Prince George of Denmark's Regiment. 
Vol. I. London, 1905. Maps. Folded 
charts. ^6529.53 

Lanesun, Jean Marie Antoine de. 
Les enseignements maritimes de la guerre 
russo-japonaise. Paris, 1905. (Biblio- 
th^que d'histoire contemporaine.] 

Mahan, Alfred Thayer. 
Sea power in its relations to the War of 
1812. Boston, 1905. 2 V. Portraits. 
Plates. Maps. Plans. 44Z3.15Z 

Maurice, Sir John Frederick. 1841-. 
The Russo-Turkish war, 18^7. A strategi- 
cal sketch. London, 1906. Maps. [Spe- 
cial campaign series.] 5959*z^ 
Militanr Service Institution of the United 
Constitution, by-laws and register . . . 
with memoranda relating to the history 
and work of the Institution. Govern- 
or's Island, N. Y. H., 1906. 60 pp. Illus. 
Portraits. Facsimiles. = *3955«Z38 
Newbolt» Henry John. 1862-. 
The year of Trafalgar. Being an account 
of the battle and of the events which led 
up to it, with a collection of the poems 
and ballads written thereupon. London, 
1905. Portrait Maps. Plans. 652549 

Normaii, Francis Jamea. 
The fighting man of Japan. The training 
and exercises of the SamuraL London, 
1905. 91 pp. Illus. 30Z5.324 

CcmUfUs, — Commcnoemcnt of Japanese military 
history. — The education of the Japanese military 
and naval officers. — "Kenjutsn," or Japanese 
fencing. — Japanese wrestling: Snm6 and jqjntsu. 

— Jqjutso. 

Pratt, Sisson Cooper. 
Saarbnick to Paris, 1870. A strategical 
sketch. London, 1906. Maps. [Special 
campaign series. No. i.] 5959.z68 

RuM, Moritz, publisher. 
Die Armee der Vereinigten Staaten von 
Nord-Amerika . . . Bearbeitet von Ar- 
thur L. Breslcr. Leipzig. [1891.I 38 pp. 
19 colored plates. 3958.Z66 

Die Armcen der Balkan-Staaten (Turkci 

— Griechenland — Rumanien — Serbicn 

— Bulgarien — Montenegro) in ihrcn 
gegenwartigen Uniformirungen . . . 
Leipzig. [1897.1 40 pp. 10 colored 
plates. 3958.162 

Die deutsche Marine in ihrer gegenwarti- 
gen Uniformierung ... 7. Auflagc . . . 
neu bearbeitet von Carl Schlawc. Leip- 
zig. [1900.1 Colored plates. 3958.X6Z 

Die deutschen Schutztruppen in Afrika 
(Siidwestafrika, Ostafrika, Kamerun 
und Togo) in ihrer gegenwartigen Uni- 
formirung . . . Leipzig. [1897.I 34 PP. 
7 colored plates. 3958.168 

Die englische Armee in ihrer gegenwarti- 
gen Uniformirung . . . Leipzig. fiOO-?! 
42 pp. 17 colored plates. 3958.Z7Z 

Die japanische Armee in ihrer gegenwar- 
tigen Uniformierung ... 3- Auflage. 
Leipzig. [1904.1 18 pp. Colored plates. 


Die rumanische Armee, ihre Organisation, 
Einteilung, Starke und Uniformierung. 
Bearbeitet von Alexander J. V. Socccu. 
2. Auflage. Leipzig. [i90-?l 54 PP- 
Colored plates. 3958.Z63 

Die spanische Armee in ihrer gegenwarti- 
gen Uniformirung . . . Leipzig. [1896.1 
22 pp. Colored plates. * 3958.Z64 

Uniformen, Distinktions- und sonstige 
Abzeichen der gesamten oesterrcich- 
ungarischen Wehrmacht . . . Neu bear- 
beitet von M. Judex. 4. Auflage. Leip- 
zig, 1904. 75 pp. 23 colored plates. 

Settle, J. H., compiler. 

Anecdotes of soldiers in peace and war. 

London. [1905.! ,„ „^ ,^.^537.77 

CoUections of anecdotes of English soldiers from 

the Z3th century to the present day. 

Sharpe, Hehry Granville. 
The provisioning of the modern army in 
the field. Kansas City, 1905. Plate. 
Maps. Charts. 3958.z86 

Bibliography, pp. X14-116. 

Slayden, James Luther. 
The naval appropriation bill. Extracts 
from speech ... in the House of Rep- 
resentatives, February 15, 1905. Wash- 
ington, 1905. 6 pp. = 42a4.z72 



StroU, Adoll 

KoniggTztz, Kurze Darstellunfi: der 

Schlacht am 3. Juli 1866. Wien, 1903. 

2 Y. Tables. 4893*65 

Bca&tzte Quelleii, toL x, p. xU. 

Thompson, John Taliaferro. 
Modem weapons of war. A paper read 
before the Contemporary Club, Daven- 
port, Iowa. [Davenport] 1905. 28 pp. 
= 5953«zoo 

Treats of modem ordnance. 

Tnpes, Herschel, and Sylvester Poole. 
Manual of bayonet exercises and mus- 
ketry fencing. New York, 1906. Illus. 

»T . ^ « 5959a.x54 

Umted States. 


The life of an enlisted soldier in the 
United States Army. By Lieutenant- 
Colonel Alfred Reynolds. Wash- 
1904. 29 pp. Plates. = 5959-Z66 
Signal Office. 
Property and disbursing regulations, in- 
cluding miscellaneous general regula- 
tions. Prepared ... by C. De F. 
Chandler. Washington, 1906. Plan. = 


Vidal, Marie L^on Marcellin. 1842-. 

Manuel pratique de cin6matique navale et 

maritime. Paris, 1905. Diagrams. 3943.Z32 

WQkins, Philip Aveling. 

The history of the Victoria Cross. Being 

an account of the 520 acts of bravery 

for which the decoration has been 

awarded, and portraits of 392 recipients. 

London, 1904. *45aoa.zz 

Amusements* Games* 

Out-Door Sports. Mouzitaineering. 
Athletics. Physical Education. 

Appalachian Mountain Club. 

[Circular relating to various meetings in 

1903. Boston, 1903J 4 PP* = ^5az8.z2 

List of excursions for 1903. [Boston, 

1903.1 4 pp. = 9389.za4 

Amdty Arno. 

Berliner Sport 2. Auflage. Berlin. [1905?] 

Beldam, George William, and Charles Bur- 
gess Fry. 
Great batsmen, their methods at a glance. 
London, 1905. Illus. Portraits. ^4005.206 
Beldam, George William, and J. H. Taylor. 
Golf faults illustrated. London. [1905.I 
Illus. 4009.3ZO 

Donoyan, Mike. 
U. S. Army physical exercises. Revised 
for the use of the civilian. Philadelphia. 
[1902.] Plates. 4007.240 

Bnsensperger, J. Josef. 

Etn Bergsteigerleben. Eine Sammlung 
von alpinen Schilderungen, nebst einem 
Anhang: Reisebriefe und Kerguelen- 
Tagebnch. Herausgegeben vom Aka- 

Ensensperger, J. Josef. (ConHnued,) 

demischen Alpenverein Munchen. Mun- 
chen, 1905. Illus. Portrait Maps. 

The author went ont with the Deutiche S&d- 


Haaen, John Munger. 183&-. 
Law and rules of the road. Vest pocket 
edition for chauffeurs, coachmen and 
teamsters . . . Minneapolis, 1905. 43 pp. 
Diagrams. = 4009.5 

Jahn, Johann Friedrich Ludwig Christoph, 
and Ernest Biselen. 
Die deutsche Turnkunst zur Einrichtung 
der Tumplatze. Herausgegeben von 
HugpRuhl. Leipzig. [1905.I 4896.50^178 
Lovctt, James D'Wolf. 
Old Boston boys and the games they 
played. Boston, 1906. Portraits. Plates. 

Vaile, P. A. 
Modem lawn tennis. London, 1904- 
Plates. Diagrams. 4006.Z73 

Vardon, Harry. 1870-. 
The complete golfer. New York, 1905. 
Portrait. Plates. 4005.202 

Wells, Roscoe G. 
Boys' drill regulations of the National 
First Aid Association of America. Bos- 
ton. [1906.] 39 pp. Illus. 5799b.35 
Contains also the setting-up drilL 

Yost, Fielding Harris. 
Football for player and spectator. Ann 
Arbor, 1905. Illus. Portrait Diagrams. 


Huntizig. Fiahing. Boating. 

Apperley, Charles James. 
Nimrod's Hunting tours, interspersed with 
characteristic anecdotes, sajrings, and 
doings of sporting men, including notices 
of the principal crack riders of England. 
London, 1903. Portraits. Plates. 

Sixteen of the portrait! and two of the plates are 
Barrington, Charles George. 1827-. 
Seventy years' fishing. London, 1906. 
Plate. f003.z82 

Treats almost exclusively of salmon ana trout 

Bradford, Charles Barker. 
The brook trout and the determined 
angler: a little pocket volume contain- 
ing several descriptions of a fly fisher's 
paradise, and a few practical sugges- 
tions for the young angler. New York. 
[1900.1 71 pp. Plates. Vignettes. 

Burt, Edward Willard. 
Camp fires in the wilderness: valuable in- 
formation for campers and sports, with 
an account of travels and adventures in 
the wilds of Maine, New Brunswick and 
Canada. [New edition.] New York. 
[1905.1 Plates. = 600643 

Cooke, Francis B. 
Cruising hints ... 2d edition. London, 
1904. Illus. Plans. 3958.Z82 


Dale, Thomas Francis. . Roosevelt, Theodore, 2Sth President of the 

The fox. London, 1906. Plates. [Fur, United States, 

feather, & Hn series.] 4006.159 Outdoor pastimes of an American hnnter. 

Decanx, H. New York, 1905. Portraits. Plates. 

Chasses en Abyssinie. Paris. [1904-] Plates. 4003.17a 

40008.148 Sandys, Edwyn. 

Gallichan, Walter M. Sporting sketches. New York, 1905. IHns. 

Fishing in Derbyshire and around. Lon- 4007.39 

don, 1005. Map. 4008.994 Stanton, Gerrit Smith. 1845-. 

An anffunff gvidc "Where the sportsman loves to linger." 

Geen, Philip. A narrative of the most popular canoe 

Fishing in Ireland. 2d impression. Lon- trips in Maine. The Allagash, the East 

don. [1906.] Portrait. Plates. and West Branches of the Penobscot 

4005.3x3.1 New York. [1905] Ulns. Map. 4435.360 

What I have seen while fishing and how I Stevens, Arthur Wesselhoef t 

have caught my fish. 2d impression. Practical rowing with scull and sweep, and 

London. [1906.] 2 v. Illus. Portraits. The effects of training, by Eugene A. 

4005.2x2 Darling. Boston, 1906. Plates. 4009.318 

Glasfnrd, Alexander Inglis Robertson. Thompson, Richard Frederick Meysey-. 

Rifle and romance in the Indian jungle. A fishing catechism. London, 1905. Dia- 

London, 1905. Plates. 4003.174 grams. 4009.3x4 

Glossop^ Bertram Robert Mitford. A shooting catechism. London, 1905. Dia- 

Sportmg trips of a subaltern. London, gram. 4009.3x2 

1906. Plates. 4003.X80 United States. Department of Agriculture. 

Big game shooting in India, Somaliland, and Division of Publications. 
Nigeria. Game conditions in January. [Washing- 
Hanks, Charles Stedman. ton, 1906.] i pp. = 4009.3x6 
Camp kits and camp life. New York, 1906. 

Illus. 6005.23 In-Door Amusements. 
Haslope, P. L. 

Practical sea-fishing: a handbook for sea Allemagne, Henry Ren6 d'. 1863-. 

« il°«^*?r,?- ,^S.*^°?' •^^- E^*- 4008.298 LescartesajoucrduXIVeauXXesiecle. 

Holder, Charles Frederick. 18S1-. Paris, 1906. 2 v. Illus. Portraits. Fac- 

Life m the open. Sport with rod, gun, similes. •Cab.79.1" 

horse, and hound m Southern Cahfor- ^^ ^^ ^^ ^,^^ 

ma. New York, 1900. Plates. 4002.2x0 ij:ki;««..,.i,u •**! • «n .ct-cca 

The log of a sea angler. Sport and adven- . „.^l":^'''/"^ ^V' ^^ ".' "tx^^ , .,. 

tures in many seas, with spear and rod. Histoire des jouets. Pans. [1902.] lUus. 

Boston, 1906. 4009.322 Many of the pUtei are colored. *4000.xa3 

Hubback, Theodore R. Sports et jeux d'adrcsse. Paris. [1903.I 

Elephant and seladang huntiiig in the Illus. ^4000.124 

Federated Malay States. London, 1905. Many of the pUtea are colored. 

Illus. 4003.Z78 Ames, Fisher. 1838-. 

Hunt, Albert Bradlee, editor. The game of bridge. With the laws of 

Houseboats and houseboating. New York, bridge. Boston, 1900. 40098.201 

1905. Illus. ^395oa.Z34 Atchison, George Tumour, and Arthur 
Hutchinson, Horace Gordon, editor. James Gurney LindselL 

Big game shooting. London, 1905. 2 v. The why and wherefore of bridge. New 

Illus. [The "Country Life" library of York. 1905. 4009^.205 

sport] 4O0a.ao6 Bayard, smile Antoine. 1837-1899. 

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Illtis. Engraved title-page. 
This is s 


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In Gcnxi&iL 

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[1903. Vivat Academial Romane aus 
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The scene it laid In the time of Frederick the Karl Theodor Gacdcrtz. LcipziR. fipoS.! 

ziST. [1905.1 4^6.50475 Facsimiles. 4^6.50473 

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Leipzig. [1905.1 4896.50476 Serao, Matilde. 

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Schelmuffslqr. Ein lugenhafter Reisero- _ '^.. . . a773.99 

man. Nach der voUstandigen Ausgabe Treves, Virginia. 

von 1696 und 1697 herausgegeben und ^e^^o il mistero. Novelle. [Di] Cordelia 

eingelcitet von Richard Zoozmann. [pseud.]. Milano, 1905. 9799b.993 
[Dresden, 1904.] 2 v. in i. [Anger- 

manns Bibliothek fur Bibliophilen.] In Polish. 


A fcyrMliietion of a prirately printed edition Lichtenberger, Andr6 

iaaued in Caaael in 1815. The tiUe-pafet of the Ofiara. PrzeWad z francuskiego M. H 

•rifiaal edition are reprodueed. Warszawa, 1903. 3066.934 



Lie, Jonas Lauritz IdemiL 
Na manowcach. Powic^d norweska. 
Przekfad C. N. Warszawa, 1904. 72 pp. 


Mackay, Minnie. 
Doczesna pot^ga. [Przcz] M. ^ Corclli 
fpseud.], przektad z angielskiego C. 
Niewiadomskiej. Warszawa, 1903. 


In Spanish. 

Palacio Vald^s, Armando. 1853-. 

La alegria del Capitin Ribot. Edited by 

Frederic W. Morrison and Philip H. 

Churchman. Boston, 1906. [Heath's 

Modem language series.] 3098.194 

P6re2 Gald68, Benito. 1845- 
Aita Tettauen. 90 miliar. Madrid, 1905. 

Describes the eampmign between Spsin and Mo- 
rocco, i85Sh-x86o, and ends with the battle of 

Los Ayacuchos. Madrid, 1904. 3097«97 
Gives an account of the political troubles in 
Spain, during the minority of Isabella II. 

Bodas reales. 60 miliar. Madrid, 1900. 

Relates to the marriage of Isabella II., of Spain. 

Carlos VI en la R&pita. 80 miliar. Ma- 
drid, 1905. , JP?7-*57 
Contains the details of an attempted CarUst ris- 
ing at San Carlos de la Ripita in i860. 

Los duendes de la camarilla, iio miliar. 

Madrid, 1903. 3997'^SZ 

Political evenU in Spain during the years x8so- 

2852 are woven into the narrative. 

Montes de Oca. Madrid, 1904. 3097.96 
Describes the insurrection in favor of Maria 
Christina, which was headed by Montes de Oca, 
and ends with his death in X84Z. 

Narviez. no miliar. Madrid, 1902. 


Describes the sUte of political parties in Spain 
during the ministry of Narv4es. 

La Revoluci6n de julio. 120 miliar. Ma- 
drid, 1903. 3097-254 
An episode in the reign of Isabella II., of Spain, 

in which the more progressive party obtained 
ascendency in the government. 
Las tormentas del 48. n® miliar. Madrid, 

1902. 30Q7-35I 

Deals chiefly with political troubles in Spain dur- 
ing the reign of Isabella II. 
The above novels all form a part of the series 
entitled Episodios nacionales. 

Sttdy, Carlos. 
Cuentos y paisajes. Santiago de Chile, 
1904. = 4396.90 

Books Added to the 
Children's Room. 


AUen, Willis Boyd. 
The North Pacific. A story of the Russo- 
Jfapanese War. New York, 1905. Illus. 

Z J.7a a 

Baldwin, James. 
Thirty more famous stories retold. New 
York. [1905] Illus.^2a 

Barbour, Ralph Henry. 
Four in camp. A story of summer adven- 
tures in the New Hampshire woods. 
New York. 1905. Illus. Z.P.5b 7 

Baylisa, Clara Kern. 
Lolami in Tusayan. BloominRton, 111.. 
1903. Illus. Z.90S3^ 

An aooouttt of the Pneblo Indians in the fonn 
of a stofy. 
Lolami, the little cliff-dweller. Bloom- 

ington, 111., 1005. Illus. Z.90g3-z 

An account of the Cliff Dwellers in the form of 

a story. 

Beame, David, S.J. 

Lance and his friends. London, 1905- 
Illus. Z.F.48b I 

The organist of Laumant, and other sto- 
ries. New York, 1905. lUus. Z.P.48b 4 

Paying the price, and other tales. New 
York, 1906. ZJ?.48b 5 

The Ridingdale boys. London, 1904. 
Illus. Z.F.48b I 

Contains the same characters as Lance and his 
A Ridingdale year. New York, 1905. Illus. 

Z.P4Sb 3 
Benton, Caroline French. 
Saturday mornings. Boston. [1906.] 

Z.sof Z.I 

*'How Margaret learned to keep house." 

Bland, Edith. (£. Nesbit) 
Five children and It. New York, 1905. 
Illus. Z.P^b a 

The Wouldbegoods. New York, 1902. 
Illus. Z.P^b 3 

Bond, Alexander RusselL 
The scientific American boy; or, the camp 
at Willow Clump Island. New York, 
1906. Illus. Z.7ob a.i 

Botsford, George Willis, and Lillie Shaw 
Botsford, compilers. 
The story of Rome as Greeks and Romans 
tell it. New York, 1903. Z.ish 6.x 

Bouv6, Pauline Carrington. 
American heroes and heroines. Boston. 
[190S.] Illus. Z.aoe4.x 

Brown, Abbie Farwell. 
The star jewels, and other wonders. Bos- 
ton, 1905. Illus. Z.P.47b I 
Brown, Elizabeth Virginia, compiler and 
Stories of childhood and nature. New 
York. [1905.] Illus.* Z.I008Z.I 
Carpenter, Frank George. 
Africa. New York. [190S.I IHus. [Car- 
penter's geographical reader.] Z.xo^z.i 
How we are clothed. A geographical 
reader. New York, 1904. Illus. Z.zoa 5.2 
Chamberlain, James Franklin. 
How we are sheltered. New York, 1906. 
Illus. Z.zoa5.i 
Chandler, Katherine. 
In the reign of Coyote. Folk-lore from 
the Pacific coast. Boston. [1905.] Illus. 

Z.4oh 15.Z 

Civil War stories. Retold from St Nicholas. 

New York, 1905* lUus. Z.9oe 4.1 


Colonial stories. Retold from St. Nicholas. Good, Arthur. 

New York, 1905. lUus. Z.aob5.z Magical experiments; or, science in play. 

Copns, John Edwin. Philadelphia. [1894.] Illus. 2.70! z.z 

Saint Cuthbert's. New York, 1903. Illus. Gunnison, Binney. 

Z.P.30CZ New dialogues and plays for boys and 

Shadows lifted. A sequel to Saint Cuth- R>rls, ages ten to fifteen. New York. 

bert's. New York, 1904. Illus. Z.F.3oca [ipos] Z^odS^a 

Custer, Elizabeth Bacon. New dialogues and plays for little chil- 

The boy general. Story of the life of dren, ages from five to ten. New York. 

Major General George A. Custer. New [iQOSl Z^odS.! 

York, 1903. Illus. Z.3ob 5c i Gwjmn, Mrs. Stephen. 

Dale, Nellie. Stories from Irish history. Told for chil- 

Thc Dale readers. With pictures by Wal- <*ren. Dublin, 1904. Illus. Z.isk X4.X 

ter Crane. Primer i, 2. [London.] 2 v. H^l» Albert Neely. 

Z.X30CZZ.Z The boy craftsman; practical and profit- 

Dawes, S. E. able ideas for a boy's leisure hours. 

Colonial Massachusetts. Stories of the ttmi^A^^u"/ f^^os-l Illus. 4005.204 

old Bay State. Boston. [190-?! Illus. ™1. Mabel. 

Z aom a z i-essons for junior citizens. Boston. 

Dickens. Charles. * * xj. i^^L "^"?- ^ Z-aokg-z 

Child characters from Dickens, retold by H^^'^son. xirt?.""^ « ^^"*°vt ,r , 

L. L. Weedon. London. [1905.! Illus. ^%K, *"® ^°>*« ^^se. New York, 1905. 

Z^ocax l""^- . . Z.F.z6hz 

The hunting of the shark and other poems '^*JJ ^'"^^ Dauphin. Translated from the 

and verses. Illustrated by Peter Newell. German by George P. Upton. Chicago, 

New York. [1903.] Z.4oc7a.x ^^^\ J""^* f^*^^ stones for young 

Doubl^y. Russell '\ ^ ' HotF^'u.y C. ^'^^ ^ ' 

'rrntol k^nTeSee*?,' ^'ZTS.r^l ^^^^ ^^ --^"-x^^- New York. rr2,s.l 

and personal experiences. New York. Hunt Violet ^'loai.t 

Dudl^^Albertus True Z-SO^S-i Threat London 1905. Illus. fAnimal 

Dimham, Edith. ^ , ^ . An island in the air. A story of singular 

Jogging round the world; riders and dri- adventures in the mesa country New 

vers ... in strange lands and at home. York, 1905. Illus. Z.F.3ia 

New York. [1905.! Illus. Z.i3oa 10.1 Johnston, Annie Fellows. 

Egglcston, George Cary. The Little Colonel's Christmas vacation. 

Camp Venture. A story of the Virginia Boston. 1906. Illus. Z.F.xxj6 

Mountains. Boston. [1901.] Illus. Juvenile Round Table. Stories by the fore- 

Z.F.7e5 most Catholic writers. rist-l3d series. 

A little history of colonial life. Life in the New York, 1901-1905. 3 v. Illus. 

eighteenth century. New York, 1905. Z.F.Z3J x 

Illus. Z.aob 7.a Knowlton, Fanny Snow. 

Faber, Frederick William. Nature songs for children. Springfield, 

The child to whom nobody was kind. 19^- Z.xaoC3.x 

London. [1906.] Illus. Z.F.i7f x Lang» Andrew. 

Reprinted from his Ethel's book [as.19]. The story of the Golden Fleece. Philadel- 

Frascr, William Alexander. , P^^- [1903.] Illus. Z.4oh57.x 

The Sa'-Zada tales. New York, 1905. ^*?«' Leonora Blanche. ^^. . , 

Illus. Z.F.i4f X ^ romance book. Edited by An- 

Talestold by the animals themselves to Sa'-Zada, ^^^^ ^^"8^- ^^^^ ^ork, 19OS. Illus. 

their keeper. » • * -» r j Z.F.4I X 

» . Alt Lmdsay, Maud. 

rrracn. Alien. More mother stories. Springfield. ioo«; 

The reform of Shaun. Boston, 190S. Illus. jnus ^ Z i«oc i« i 

True dog stories. Z.F.x6f a For kindergarten teachers. * ^ ^ 

Gf»rgc, Marian M. Little journey. A. to Italy by Clara E. Whit- 
^i^"J^ J??''"^^ r° ^^?°T^t1 ^°^ Switzer- comb, and Spain and Portugal by Ma- 
land Chicago. [1902.] Illus. Z.ioh7.a rian M. George. Chicago. [1902.] Illus 
A little journey to Germany. Chicago. Zxoh6z 
[1902.] Illus. ^ ,^ _ _ Z.xoha.x Lucas, Edward Verrall. 
G«>rge, Marian M., and M. Ida Dean. The visit to London. Pictures by Francis 
Little journeys to Holland, Belgium and D. Bedford. [London, 1902.I Z.iok4.i 

Denmark. Chicago. [1902.] Illus. Verses and pictures describing the visit of two 

Z.Z0h3^ children to London, 


Lncas, Edward Vcrrall, compiler. Rands, William Briffhty. ^ r, -. j 

Old fashioned tales. With illustrations by Lilliput revels. Innocents' Island. Edited 

F.D.Bedford. London. [1905.! by R. Brimley Johnson. London. JWSI 

Z.40C 3.1 Illus. Zj|oa 10.X 

Lvne S M Short pUyi in Tcne. 

The liick of Linden Chase. London. igo4. ^^«3!j^.^"- ^airoll Watsoy^ v u ,««a 

Z.P.13I X The prls of Gardenvillc. New York, 1906. 

Mabie, Hamilton WriRht. editor. ^ IHuf. ^_. ^ ^ - . «££•"$/ 

Myths that every child should know. A Revolutoonary rtoriw. Retold from St 

selection of the classic myths of all Nicholas. New York, 1905. "!gV^ ^ 

times for younj? people. New York, -^, - - . «.•• v -.1. ^.aoco. 

igos. Illus. Z.4ob 28.2 Richards, Laura Elizabeth. ^ , t„ 

Mighels, Philip Verrill. The Armstrongs. Boston. f^SJ lUns. 

Chatwit, the man-talk bird. New York, ^ . _ ___.„. _. . -^.r-iirg 

1006. Illus. Z.P.29m X Rochelean, William Francis. .. . ^ 

A^orr of wUd «ii«.l. Mnd bmU. The RcoRraphy of commerce and imiustr^^ 

*#•« T • m • rWith questions.] Boston. [iQOfi.l Illus. 

Miller, Louise Klem. Mans Z.xoax5.i 

Children's gardens for school and home, j^^^^ ^^^ ^^^j^ ^ series of interesting 

NewYork,iQ04. Illus. Z.5od3.x illustrated articles on a great variety of 

Moore. Mrs N Hudson. ___.,, , subjects. New York, 1906. Illus. 

Children of other days. New York. [1905.) ^ Z-Soay-x 

Illus. Z.xaoa X2.X o^^^ Anna Teresa 

Picture of ehUdren . . . after ptiatiiigt by gmt Wayward Winifred New York, 1905. 

masten. Z.F.X8 3 

Mowry, William Augustus, and Blanche S. ^^ j^hn. Thomas Matthew. 

Mowry. ^t xr • r , Real electric toy-making for bo^. New 

Amencan pioneers. New York. [1905.1 York. [1905.1 Illus. Z.xook6.4 

Illus. Z.3oa58.x gchaching. Otto von. 

Conunts. — Pionecrt of dvilization. — Pioneers j^y^^ vioUn maker. From the original, by 

of reform. gj^^a Trainer Smith. New York, 1905. 

Munroe, Kirk. Illus. Z-P^xa x 

For the Mikado; or. a Japanese middy in ^ gtory of the Tyroleae ▼iolin maker, M a tthi a s 

action. New York, I905« Illus. Klotz, in the aeventeenth ccntitry. 

^ .^ T> T ^'F'^-^ ^ Schwarta, Julia Augusta. 

A story of the Russo-Japanese war, begtmiing Wjldcmess babics. BostOn. 19OS. lUus. 

with life in the Naval Academy at Annapolis. . j^^^^^ .nimals. Z.100I 54-1 

The outcast warrior. A tale of the red g^^ ^ Prudence Wells, 

frontier. New York. 1905. Illus. The boy captive in Canada. Boston. 1905. 

^.Jf.a4m4 lUus. Z Jaga 14 

Nugent, Meredith. Completes the story of Stephen Williams, begun 

New games and amusements. New York, j^ ^he boy captive of old Deerfisld CZ.F.19S 13]. 

Our h^^daii'r?heir meaninR and spiS r" ^if «^. He»jy St«^^^^^^^^^^ ^New York 

told from St. Nicholas. New York igoj ^^^^'^^^s. '^°'"'" '''""^ Z.F^^i 

B "•Ht- „„^, A .toi7 of Marquette and JoUet and the diacorery 

AJaSSelc^rland. By Florence Peltier „ . »' '""'P^ °n the .ho« of Lake Sup«far. 

fpseud.l. Illustrated by Genjiro Yeto. SwlteMmi, Joseoh, SJ. 

Boston. [1903.1 Z.iofa." The shipwreck A story for the young, 

psb. 'R(>nrv l.e&. M St. Louis, 1 900. . ^.ir^as a 

Our littl7 Korean- cousin. Illustrated by ^V»t»- «" «« boy. in China and at .«. 

L. J. Bridgman. Boston, 1905. Plates. Spyn, Johanna. .' ^. ^ . 

[The little cousin series.] Z.xo£a.7 Moni, the goat boy. and other stones. 

Potter, Beatrix. Translated from the German by Edith F. 

The tale of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle. New Kunz. Boston. [1906.] Illus. Z.F.94S a 

York. [190S.I Illus. Z.F.xap3 Stockton, Francis Richard. 

Pratt, Charles Stuart, and Ella Farman Captain Chap; or, the roUmg stones. 

Pratt, editors. Philadelphia. 1905. IHus. ^?^;S^ » 

Little folks for youngest readers. Salem. Stone, Gertrude Lmcoln, and M. Urace 

ri904.1 Illus. Z.130C9.X Pickett. ^ . . 

Pyle, Howard. Days and deeds a hundred years ago. 

The story of the champions of the Round Boston, 1906. Illus. Z^od 6.1 

Table. New York. 1905. Illus. Every day life in the colonies. Boston, 

Z.4oh34.z 190S. Illus. Z.aobi8.x 

Randall, Lida E. Summers. Maud. , . .. ,, ^, . 

A little journey to Norway and Sweden. First lessons in handicraft. Chicago. 

Chicago. [1906.] Illus. Z.xoh8.x [1905] ^^^^^' Z.5ob3.i 



Tappan. Eva March. 

The Rolden Roose, and other fairy talcs 
translated from the Swedish. Boston, 
_ igoj. Illus. Z.F.at3 

Three Uttlc pijgrs. The, and Tom Thumb. 
With drawings in colour and black-and- 
white by L. Leslie Brooke. London. 
[1906.] Z.z3oa3.z 

Tnrlejr, Charles. 

Maitland Major and Minor. New York, 
1906. Illus. Z.P.z9t 9 

Wade, Mary Hazelton. i860-. 

Our little Italian cousin. Illustrated by 
L. J. Bridfifman. Boston, 1903. Plates. 
[The little cousin series.] Z.zoh 6.3 

Our little Jewish cousin. Illustrated by 
L. J. BridRman. Boston, 1904. 99 pp. 
Plates. [The little cousin series.] 

Z.zof Z.4 
WeUs, Carolyn. 

Patty in the city. New York, 1905. Illus. 

Z.F.Z0W 5 
White, Eliza Omc. 

An only child. With illustrations by 
Katharine Pyle. Boston, 1905. Z.F.aow 4 
White, Mary. 

The child's rainy day book. New York, 
ipo5. Illus. Z.5oba.z 

Conttnis. — A foreword to mothcn. — Simple 
home-made toys and games. — Basket weaving. 
— Knot! with raffia and cord. — What a child 
can do with beads. — Clay working. — Indoor 
gardening. — Gifts and how to make them. — 
Paper flowers and toys. — Games for two or 
three to play. 

Associations* Oubs* 

American Academy of Arta and Sciences. 
The Rumford Fund. Boston, 1905. 32 pp. 
Plate. = 59Z3.30 

Bole, John Archibald. 
The Harmony Society. A chapter in Ger- 
man American culture history. Phila- 
delphia, 1904. Portrait Plates. Fac- 
aimiles. 4393.266 

Bthliography, pp. i&a, 163. 

Borden, William Alanson. 

An historical sketch of the New Haven 
Young Men's Institute. New Haven, 

1904. 23 PP- = 4497.340 

City Club Corporation, Boston, Mass. 

The charter and by-laws . . . with a list 

of the officers and members. January, 

1906. Boston, 1906. 18 pp. := 44598.96 

City Club of New York. 

Annual report of the Trustees . . . 1897, 
1903. [New York, 1897, 1903] = 


College Club, Boston. 

[Constitution, circulars and various other 
publications. Boston, 1894-1904.] Scrap- 
book. = *445oa.z65 
Cowan, A 
The X rays in freemasonry. [New edi- 
tion.] London, 1904. 75^«Z34 
Bibliography, pp. xU-adhr. 

Federal 9fre Socie^, Portsmouth, N. H. 
Federal Fire Society of Portsmouth, N. H. 
Organized March 6, 1789. [Portsmouth.] 
1905. 91 pp. = ♦4436.364 

Compiled under direction of Chtrlet C. Halli 
Joseph Foiter, and James R. May. Contains bio- 
graphical notices of the members from the begin- 

Franklin Typographical Society. 

Constitution, by-laws, and list of mem- 
bers. Boston, 1902. = 4459^93 
Festschrift zum 33. Januar 1905, dem 
Tasre der Feier des fiinfzierjahriffen 
[sic] Jubilaums der Germania Lorc 
A. f. u. a. M. Boston. [1905.] 23 pp. 
Portraits. Plates. = 7565.78 
Prince Hall Grand Lodge. 
Proceedings, Boston, I904> Dec 
CThird Thursday). Boston, 1904. = 


Vermont. Benton Lodge. 
Benton Lodge, No. 88, A. F. & A. M., 
Guildhall, Vermont, f Guildhall?] 1905. 
Portraits. Plates. Facsimiles. = 

Gaelic League. 

[Prospectuses.] Dublin, 1901. ♦3470.78 
Gardner, Asa Bird. 1839-. 
The Order of the Cincinnati in France 
("L'Ordre de Cincinnatus"). Its organi- 
sation and history. [Newport] 1905. 
Portraits. Plates. [The Rhode Island 
State Society of the Cincinnati. Regis- 
ter.] ♦4392.140 
Grand Army of the Republic. 
Department of Massachusetts. Ed-ward 
W. Kinsley Post, No. 113. 
Thirty-sixth anniversary. [Menu of ban- 
quet. Boston, 1905.] 4 pp. Portraits. 
= 9337.88 
National Encampment, 39th. 
Official souvenir and programme, Den- 
ver, September 4 to 9, 1905. Compiled 
by George W. Cook . . . and John C. 
Martin. Denver, 1905. Illus. Por- 
traits. Tables. Facsimiles. = 


Raskins ft Sells. 

Report on the financial condition of the 

American Society for the Prevention of 

Cruelty to Animals for 1905. [New 

York, 1906.] 24 pp. = ♦7574JBa 

Hetzel, Susan Riviire. 
The building of a monument A history of 
the Mary Washington Associations and 
their work. Lancaster, 1903. Portraits. 

John Evelyn Club for Wimbledon. 
Report of Executive committee for 1903- 
4, 1904-5, with statement of accounts 
and donations, constitution of the club, 
list of officers and members. [Wimble- 
don, 1905.] 24 pp. = ♦24698.2x7 

Lyceum Club, London. 
The Lyceum Club. A social and residen- 
tial club for women. [Circular. Lon- 
don, 1904.] 7 pp. = ♦P.39«5xs«z 


Mackey» Albert Gallatin, and William R. Union League, Philadelphia. 

Singleton. Fortieth anniversary of the opening of the 

The history of freemasonry . . . With an present Union League House. - [Phila- 

addenda by William James Hughan. delphia.] 1905. 32 pp. Illus. Facsimile. 

New York. [1905.] 7 v. Portraits. = 4375*324 

Plates. *756i.35 United Sons of Confederate Veterans. 

Some of the pUtes are colored. Circular. No. 1-3. Montgomery, Ala., 

Marine Society, Newburyport, Mass. 1905. = . asaS-OS 

History, 1772 to 1906: . . . with a com- General orders. No. i, 2. LomsviUc, Ky. 

plete roster. Compiled by Captain Wil- [ctc.1. 1905. = ^3^94 

Ham H. Bayley and Captain Oliver O. Upton, William Henry. 

Jones. [Newburyport.] 1906. Por- Negro masonry. Being a critical cxami- 

traits. Plates. Facsimiles. = *4453.Z59 nation of objections to the legitimacy of 

Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the the masonry existing among the ne- 

United States. groes of America. Cambridge, Mass., 

Illinois Commandery. 1902. Portraits. = 75^4^5 

Memorials of deceased companions of Walker, Guy Morrison. 

the Commandery, 1879-1901. Chi- The record of Phi Kappa Psi. A short 

cago, 1901. Portraits. ♦*'aoth".754 history of the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity. 

New York Historical Society. [New York.] 1906. 80 pp. 3599a*389 

The New York Historical Society. 1804- 

1904. By Robert Hendre Kelby, Libra- 

rian. New York. 190S. Portraits, ^^^ate^ Perfodicals. AklianaCS. 

Pennsylvania Society, New York. A t T— -1^— ^-, 

Year book 1906. Edited by Barr Ferree, AnnualS^ InOeXeS* 
Secretary of the Society. New York, 

1906. Illus. Portraits. Maps. Fac- Academy of Sciences, St Louis, Missouri 

similes. Coats of arms. ♦♦K.11.56 Classified list of papers and notes con- 

The portraits are of Benjamin Franklin and one tained in volumes I-14 of the Transac- 

o£ them it a reproduction of the miniature of him tions and Memoirs. [St Louis, I905.I 

by Thuron. 24 pp. = ♦730a.6 

Saint Andrew's Society of the State of New The Tranaactiona are on shelf-number *73oa.5 

York. , ^ , Analccta Bollandiana. 

Anniversary banquet, 149th. December i, Indices in tomos 1-20. (1882-1901.) 

1905. [Proceedings. New York, 1905.] Bruxellis, 1904. •3550.56 
= 4478*449 Annuaire de 16gi8lation fransf^ise, publi6 par 

Annual report for the year ending Nov. la Societe de legislation comparee. 

1905' With a list of officers and mem- Table alphab^tique et analytique des 

bcrs. New York, 1905. 27 pp. = matieres contenues dans les vingt pre- 

^4478441 miers volumes (1B82 i 1901). Paris, 

Schnuerer, Gustav. i860-. 1905. ♦7664.6 

Die ursprungliche Templeregel. Kritisch Droit d'auteur, Le. Organe^ officiel du Bu- 

untersucht und herausgegeben von reau international de I'Union pour la 

Gustav Schnurer. Freiburg im Breis- protection des oeuvres litt6raires ct 

gau, 1903. Tables. 3233.23 artistiques. Tables gen6rales des ma- 

Smythe, William Durnville. tieres, i88a-i900. Berne, 1903. ♦5660^9 

An historical account of the Worshipful L« d«>it d'auteur . . U on ahelfnumber Patent 

Company of Girdlers, London. London, Room £•5660.51]. 

1905. Illus. 2493.X85 Editorials from the Hearst newspapers. 

Society of Colonial Wars in the Common- New York, 1906. 2405.126 

wealth of Massachusetts. Essex Institute, Salem, Mass. 

Massachusetts Society of Colonial Wars. Historical collections. Index. Vol. 1-40; 

[Boston. 1903?] 4 pp. = 44i9a.i2i 1859-1904- By George Francis Dow. 

Society of Colonial Wars in the District of Salem, 1905. 91 PP. ^ ^, „ ♦2358.21 

Columbia. Freie Wort, Das. Frankfurter Halbmonats- 

First annual service, Sunday, February 12, schrift fur Fortschritt auf alien Ge- 

190S, St. John's Church, Georgetown. bieten des geistigen Lebens. Heraus- 

Georgetown, 1905. 10 pp. Seal. = gegeben von Carl Saenger. Jahrgang i 

3447.172 (No. i). Frankfurt am Main. [1901.1 

Stiftung von Schnyder von Wartensee, Zu- , = « „ . r^,. ,r , *7347.7 

rich Jamestown Bulletin, The. Vol. i, 2 (nos. 

Bericht "ubcr die Jahre 1894 bis 1903. Zii- i-3). Norfolk, Va., 1904-06. Illus. Por- 

rich, 1904. 13 pp. = ♦6204.18 traits. *7a30.i7 

Twentieth Century Club, Boston. I""*^ irregularly tiU Aprn. 190s, when it became 

[Circulars relating to the new club-house ' monthly. , . , ^ „ . ^. , « 

on Joy Street. Boston, 1904, 05.] = ^^*"' numben arc kept in the Periodical Room. 

4357.134 ^"''" '^' 


Kongliga svenska vetenskaps - akademi, 

Stockholm. Nobdinstitut. "D^^f,*, X^^ a.U^ Z>U^J 

Meddelanden. Band i. No. 2. Upsala, JDOOISLS lOf Uie Oluia* 
1906. = *486740 

Mind. Moon Magazine, The. Published monthly 

Index to Mind, a quarterly review of psy- by Moon's Society for the Blind. Vol. i 

chology and philosophy. Edited by G. (no. i, 2). Brighton, England, 1906. 

F. Stout. New series. Vols. 1-12. Lon- 7180.75 

don, 1904. 52 pp. ♦7605.51 Printed in Moon't system of writing and printing 

Minor, Benjamin Blake. 1818-. for the blind. 
The- Southern Literary Messenger, 1834- 
1864. New York, 1905. Portraits. Auto- 
graph facsimiles. 2396.42 r\i 1 Tk 4 t ft 
The Southern Uterary MesMnger ii on sheHno. LWO JDOOKS* lllCtUUlDUUl* 
Per. Room (^3190.15). 

Nnestro tiempo. Revista mensual ilustrada. ^ p 

D^r^^lnr LiviSnr ^pl^lu ^ Afi^"?'^^ Thi freeholder's address to the Honoura- 

\^nr^^.^}nAA^^^^^' ^£,.ir^; ble House of Representatives. Boston: 

Q.« ^ ^' ^^i^' '^ rru rM^^^ ^^ Printed by J. Franklin, for B. Gray 

San Francisco Eanuncr, The. [Newspa- r^y^^^ /p-'p. ♦♦HA).5 

per.] April 18, 21-25, 27-30; May 1-5, Urges an issue of bUls of credit. The first foUo 

7-12, 14, 16-19, 21, 22, 24, 25, 28, 29; June is mutilated. 

2-7, 1906. [San Francisco, i9o6^r Illus. Abstract, An, of the form of prayer and 

*N.2397.i thanksgiving to Almighty God; to be 

Covers the period just preceding and after the used on Thursday, the 29th day of No- 

earthquake and fire. This paper was not printed vember, 1759. Being the day appointed 

during the disaster, April 19. 20, by proclamation for a general thanksgiv- 

Sun Trade Journal, The. [Monthly.] Vol. ing to God; for vouchsafing such signal 

8 (no. I, 3-5. 7. 14. IS); 9 (no. 1-3). 1902, successes to His Majesty's arms, both 

03. Tokyo, 1902, 03. Illus. Portraits. by sea and land, particularly by the de- 

= *30za.ig6 feat of the French army in Canada, and 

Mainly in Japanese; partly in English. the taking of Quebec . . . Edinburgh, 

Through volume 8, number 7, the English title is M,DCC,LIX. 14 pp. *3449^333 

The Sun, and the publication was sometimes Ackermann, Rudolph. 1764-1834. 

8cmi<monthly. Microcosm of London. London. [1808- 

Verein deutscher Ingenieure, Berlin. 11.] 3 y. Colored plates. *a4go.i5z 

Zeitschrift. Inhaltsverzeichnis der Jahr- Addison, Joseph. 1^2-1719. 

gange i894-is>03. Band 38-47. Berlin, Notes upon the twelve books of Paradise 

1904- *40ioa.ao7 lost. London, MDCCXIX. = 

The periodical is on shelf-number *40ioa.ao5. No. 2 in **G.I77.ZZ 

Voci del 8CC0I novo. Almanacco pel I90I. "Collated from the Spectator," vol. 4. S 

Pubblicazione popolare di propaganda ^. Us 59-85.4. 5J. 

del Gruppo socialista del IV collegio di Amsworth, Henry. 1571-1622. 

Roma. Roma, 1901. = *3568.a48 The book of Psalmes: Englished both in 

Conuins short articles and poems by various prose and metre. With annotations 

^^ten. • • • Amsterdam, 1612. ♦♦H.97.185 

Welt, Die, der Frau. [Wochentlich.] Jahr- American repository; or, lottery magazine 

gang 190S. Leipzig. [1905.] Illus. of literature, pohticks. and pleasure. By 

e e y-;? *' © ly-jj »-j,5q3. Philanthropes [pseud.]. London, 

Ismied a. a supplement to Die Garfenlaube ^P^^ ^^^7"^ v"^ ^?* *tJ'9a-»70 

[*S26oa.2]. brochure, issued by a lottery office man, 

,--_-__. . ' •• .• 1 xr 1 - / \ partly as an advertisement, contains a number of 

Westaunster Monthly. Vol. 35 («<>• ^» 2). articles referring to America, the most remarka- 

Fulton, Missouri, 19OS. Portraits.^ Plates. tj^ being a page on "Future emigration to 

^- 7^5*34 America," an accurate piece of prophecy. The 

Current numbers are kept inUe Periodical Room. utest "American intelligence" is dated Charles- 

Zeitschrift fiir die gesamte Staatsrwissen- town, S. C, July 7* 1776. and is preceded by a 

schaft. poetical description of Charlestown. 

Register. Jahrgange 1-60. 1844-1904. Andrews, William, Astrologer. 

Beigabe zum 61. Band der Zeitschrift. News from the stars: or, an ephemeris for 

Tiibingen, 1905. 74 PP- *5644.i9 ^^^ y^^^* '^- London* 1689. 48 pp. 

Zeitschrift fiir Mathematik und Physik. . ^J""^ ^^J?'"^"!®' r. « ^^'^'^^ 

Generalregister zu Band 1-50. Bearbeitet Ardcnc, Jean Paul de Rome d . ^ 1689-1769. 

^^ T? ?x7xi«j«,» T «.'cv^:X T««.. Annee champetre. Partie qui traite de ce 

von E. Wolffmg. Leipzig, 1905. qy^ji convient de faire chaque mois dans 

ii<.5za3.o8 jg potager. Nouvelle Edition. Marseille, 

Zeitschrift fur Mathematik und Physik is on M.DCC.XCVIII. 3 V. Plates. Plans, 

shelf-number *393i-io5. *3999»Z76 


Argument, An, in defence of the exclusive Boston, Maas. 

riRht claimed by the Colonies to tax Kingr's Chapel. 

themselvest with a review of the laws of A liturgy, collected principally from the 

England, relative to representation and Book of Common Prayer, for the use 

taxation. . . . London: MDCCLXXIV. of the First Episcopal Church in Bos- 

*45Z9a.x56 ton; together with the Psalter, or 

Aaser, Johij, Bishop of Sherboume. -90?. Psalms of David. Boston, 1785. 

Annales re rum gestarum Mlirtdi Magni. *7440b.4Z 

Recensuit Franciscus Wise. Oxonii, Boston Massacre, March 5, 1770. 

MDCCXXII. Portraits. Facsimile. [Five pictures of the Boston Massacre. 

*4544.sza N. p. 1770-1875.] 5 pictures. 

Bachelet, Jean Louis Theodore, 1820-1870, H^ab,a3.sf5 

and Louis Charles Desobry. 179^ Three of thete pictures ve different copies of « 

1871. picture by Paul Revere, one is from a painting 

Dictionnaire g6n6rale des lettres, des by Alonxo Chappel, and one from tho Centennial 

beaux-arts et des sciences morales et Album, 1875* 

politiques . . . 8e Edition. Paris. [i8867] Boston Museum. William O. Eaton, editor. 

2 V. lUus. ^368oa.x [Devoted to tales, poetry, music and 

^^•^ Albaro Alonso. , , . choice literature.] Vol. i. Boston, 1848. 

The first book of the art of metels, m 49. Ulus. Portraite. = •N.1089.IX 

which IS declared the manner of their- No. i is edited by M. A. Dow. 

generation; and the concomitants of Boston picture books. The. No. 1-12. Bos- 

[u^^^ ^*"SJ?**^i"^*^<^y«*/v'^* .^,y ton, 1830. 13 V. in i. lUus. {Juvenile 

the R. H. Edward Earl of Sandwich. library 1 ^liaMcisS 

London, 1674- 95 PP- Plate. ^H.89.x6 No more were published. 

Barber's Shop, The. Kept by Sir David Contents. — z. Sir Arthur Alphabet; with his 

Razor. No. 1-4. Salem. [ 1807-08. 1 4 figures and points, s. The men among the letters, 

parts in l v. *^Hi)9C.Z55 a. The monkey who meant to take a ride. 4. 

The editor of this collection of humorous prose Story of Nancy No-point, or the bad reader. 5. 

and Terse by Salem authors of the time Is sup- Eight stories for Isabel 6. William's caruTan: 

posed to have been Isaac Story. or the show of beasts. 7. The soldier turned 

Beers, Andrew. fanner. S. The two goats and the sick monkey. 

Beers's Almanack for the year of our Lord »• Emily's first cyphering book. 10. Little Frank's 

1807, 10, 12, I4p 19, 21, 22, 24, 25. Hart- ahnaaac. ix, xa. Kings of England. 

ford [etc., 1806-24]. 9 v. ••H.gga.ei Brinsley, John, the Younger. 1600-1665. 

Bible. The doctrine and practice of paedobap- 

Biblia: das ist: die gantze heilige Schrifft: tisme, asserted and vindicated . . . 

Deudsch. Auffs new zugericht. Doct Whereunto is annexed a briefe and 

Marti. Luther. Wittemb