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* A ^ 





T O T H E 

ANNUAL register! 

O R A 


OF THE '• 












AND , 



YEAR 1781 TO THE YEAR 1792, 


In arito, et inerlorius labor, 

Tac, Annal. Lib, iv. 



rniNTED FOR F. AKD C. RIVING TON, St. Paul's-church-tard. 


(X. 5A-6 3J.-. 

*^J . 







B RU ZZ O S, the Two; the prcfcnt 
' ftate ofy with the chara&er of the ia- 
htbiunts, xxvii. iSo 

AbyfTinian meal^y xxxii. 170 

— » their cutting Hefli from living cattle, 
xxxii. I7J 

Africa ; Acra, and other Dutch forts on 
tiie coaft of Afiicai taken by captain 
Shirley, xxvi. [115] 

r— Comfoenda ; a_ Dutch fort taken by 
lieut, Cartwright, xxvi. [115] 

Agriculture J the great eucouragemeat 
given to it in the different iUtes of Eu- 
rope, xxxiil. [207] 

d* Alembert ^ enga^ with a clafs of 
men employed m undermining reli- 
gion, government, morals, manners, 
and laws, xxxiv. [202] 

Alexander ; account of his memorable 
expedition into India, xxxiii. [168] 

Algieis attacked by the Spaniards, xxvii. 

— aher a vigorous oppoHtion to a vio» 
lent boinhaidmenr, the fleet of Spain 
rehnqui&es the attempt, and returns 
to port, xxvii. [4.2! 

Vol. li. 

Algiers s an account of the Spanlih ex-* 
pedition againft in 1784, xxvii. [139] 

— their improved ftate of defence^ and 
in their vefleh, xxvii. [i3St] 

«— ftate of the combined armament 
againft, xxvii. [140] 

-i- airives before Algiers, July 9, 1784^ ^ 
xxvii. [140] 

—after a formidable defence againft many 
violent attacks, the fleet of Spain n 
obliged to refolve on returning to her 
own ports, but are driven to lea by a 
violent tempeft, July 22, xxvii. [141] 

— ' an account of the engagement 
with the MalteTe fleet, Dec. 24, X786, 
xxix. [193] 

— their largeft galley taken by a Maltefe 
man of war, xxix. [.200] 

— - a Rudian piratical fquadron in the 

Archipelago deAroyed by the Corfairs« , 

xxxiii. [196] 
Alicant, Britifli fubje^s ordered to kare 

in 15 days, xxxiii. 37* 
America $ proceedings of the armies jat 

New York, and the Jerfeys, xxiv. [14 

— - ineite£live attempts of the BritiiH 

arrnvjiaiv. [18] 
«— improved ftatc of the American ftrmy, 

zxiv. [18] 

i \ 

_ ^ ! 

-. "f 


America $ not depreflfed by the lofs of 

Charles -Town, as might ^have been 

«x|pe£ted,xxlv. [^19] 
•*- fpirit* fifpportcd by the expectation of 

a (irong naval and military force from 

France, xxiv. [19] 
*- the means taken to cherjlh the people 

in their moft fanguine hopes, xxiv* 

*- fubfcnptions of p^ate perfons, par- 
ticularly of the Indies of Philadelphia, 
to fupport the conteft, xkiv. [20] 

— in the midft of the war, the Ameri- 
can academy o^ arts and fciences efta- 
bliihed, xxiv. [20] 

—-a bank eftabliihed at Philadelphia, 

xxiv. [20} 
•-. the arrival of naval and military aflift- 

ance from France, xxiv, [21] 

— congratulation from congrefs to count 
Rochambeau, the French commander, 
with his anfwer, xxiv. [21} 

-*- the readinefi^ of the militia to join the 
Frencby in oppofing the attack on 
Rhode lAand, xxiv. [22] 

i— becomes elevated by the vaft ob}e6ls 
in contemplation, through the afliftance 
of France and Spain, and much galled 
« the ill fuccefs, xxiv. [28^ 

•— an apparent ceflation of hoftility in, 
xxiv. [36] 

— the negotiation carried on between fir 
Henry Clinton and gen. Arnold, xxiv. 


— diftrelTes in the army« xxiv. [49} 

»— proceedings of the armies in South 

Carolina, xxiv. [51] 
•«• lord Cornv^alU^ paifes the Catawba, 

xxiv. [59] 
■«-> Wilmington taken by capt. Barclay, 

xxiv. [63] 
•^ an accouot^of the well-fought engage- 
ment betvtreen lord Comwollis andgeB. 

Green, at Guildford, xxiv. [67] 
«-^ difficulties from ftates not fumilhing 

their refpcftive quotas, xxiv. (73] 
— » diffictdties -ariiing from the fall of 

currency, xxiv. [74.] 
•— difficulties and diftreiTes in the army, 

xxiv. [74]. 
.^x- .ftatc of the grievances which kd to a 

mutiny, xiiv. [73] 
«»^ account of the mutiny in gen. Wa/h« 

iogton^s anny, xxiv. [74J 
•*• offers made to the mutineers fty iir 

Henry Clinton, xxiv. f 75] 
•-• accommodation made with the muti* 
^ neers, by a committee from congrefs, 
• xxiv. [76] 
•^ dd>ate in the Englilk houfe of com- 

xnoiu, wA a iqquoii fvi* Uking trcry 

781 to i7ga» 

meafure for making peace with, xxfr#- 

Amei-ica ; a loan for a million of florins, 
opened at Amfterdam, xxiv. [168] 

— extract of a letter from lord Of Ger* 
maine, to the cominiflioners appointed 
to reftore peace to America, and of 
another from rar. Knox, his fecretary, 
»dv. (;a54} 

— copy of a letflw from mr. Meyrick, 
army agent in London, to gen. Arnold^ 
Jan. 50, 1781, xxiv. [255] 

— letter from gen. Washington, to B. 
Harrifon, efq. fpeaker of the houfe of 
delegates, Richmond, Virginia, March 
17, 1 781, xxiv. [2^56]. 

— letter from mr. Adams^ amba(Ikdor 
from congrefs at Amfterdam, to Tho. 

. Cuftiing, lieut. gen. of JVlaffachufctt's, 
xxiv. [258] 
— - debates in the houfe of lords in Eng- 
land, refpe^Ung the execution of col. 
Ifaac Haynes, an officer «f congrefs, 
XXV. [155] 

— debates in the hou(e of common's in 
England, on this motion that the war 
with America might no longer be pur* 
ined, XXV. [168"— 172} 

-^ debate* in the houfe of lords with re- 
-fpe6^ 10 the late campaign in North 
America, XXV. [172} 

— a retrofpe^live view of affairs in 1 7S1, 
XXV. [190] 

i— a ftateof ina6livfty^kes place, which 
is followed by fubfequent negotiation 
ofpeace, xxy. [2x5] 

— a refolntion of~ congrefs to forbid the 
importation of goods and merchandizes 
of Great Britain, xxv. [195] 

«- mdependeoce of, acknowledged by the 
States Genera], xxv. [206] 

—fir Guy ^rletoainfomis ^. Wafli- 
ington of the proceedings ot the firitifh 
parliament^ towards the forwarding 
X negotiation of peace witj^, xxvr« 

— refolutions of congrefs againft open- 
ing feparate negotiations, xxvi. [ 1 30] 

•*- declaration of congrefs, that neither 
France nor America Ihould conclude a 
ieparate peace, without the confent of 
the other, xxvi. [13 1}. 

-^ provifional articles ofpeace with Eng- 
land, figned Nov. 30, 1782, xxvi. 

— • ftcps taken by the parliament of Eng- 
land to remove commercial difficid- 
ties, xxvi. [175] 

— provifional articles with England, 
ratified At PaTis^ Augr 13, 1783, xxvk 


Amsricai an Order of council of £ng1and> America^ South ; an abftra^ froiti the 

for regulating the trade with^ xxv'u 

h*- the reprefentation of the officers of the 
provincial regiments to fir Guy Cark- 
ton, xxvi. [26,^] 

xo itr Guy Carleton^s and adm. Digby^s 
letters to Robert R^Livinglton, efq. in 

king's books in the royal treafqry at 
Goanaxuato, from 1^65 to 1778/ of the 
weight of the gold and iilver on which 
duties have b^n paid, ^vi. 165. 
•i-A the difcontfents and diiturbances fup« 
jpofed to exift againft the Spahiaras, 
xxviu. [36] 
anfwer to the refolution oi congiefs^ AmtlerdaAi ; the dtfe^lioii of, from the 
on receiving news of the peace being democratic party to the caufe of the 
conclude, xxvi. [264] ^ ftadtholder, xxix. t]xi] 

- fir Guy Carleton^s letter to Ellas -— the fenate-hbuf^ furroundedi and nine 
Boudinot^efa.reljpe^king the evacuation members declared to have abdicated^ 
of New YorKi Aug. 17, 1 7*6 3, xxvi. xxix. [i^] ^ 

[165] ^ -^ the animofity of the contending par- 

tics at, xxix. [25] 
— i the general dii'may occaiioned by the 
evacuation of Utrecht» xxix. [47] 
tSe armies of "the United States^ Nov. — recovering from, their terrof» vigO- 
%y 1 78 j, xxvi. [274. 277] rous preparations are made to oppofe 

•^ the addrefs of his officers to gen. the Pruflian army^ xxix. [5.1] 

Wafhingtouy Nov. i5> 1783, xxvi. -^ a ceflapon of hoitilities required, xxix* 
[477. 279] t5»] 

»ifc the definitive treaty of peace with — the inacceflible fituation of, and arti- 
England, September, 3, 1783, xxvi. ficial ftrength, xxix. [53] 
[339] -** the negotiation broken off, Sept. ^o^ 

•-A the treaty be^een France and, July and the town attacked in various parts 
• 16, 178a, xxvi. [346] the next day, xxix. [56] 

•»- John Adams, efq. appointed ambafla- -^ the humanity aAd attention (hcwt to 
dor to l^ondon, and col. William the wounded Pruffians, 3cxix. [6 x] 
Smith his fecretary, xxvii. [230] —-a ceffation of arms for the purpoie 

*- circular letter of gen. Wafiiington, 

June, x8, 17^3, xxvi* [266. 274] 
••ii- gen. Waihington*s farewell orders to 

•^ dr« Seaburv confecrated, by the Scotch 
biihops, a oiihop of the proteftants of 
New England, xxvii. [232 1 

•-* rejoicing in America on tne birth o( 
adauphm of France, xxviii. [26] 

•M* violent florms and floods in, xxviii. 

f^ dr. White and dr. Provoft, (^^nfecrated 

biOiops of, and dr. Griffith alio to be 

confecrated, xxviii. [213} 

■Mi a negotiation concluded with Portugal, 
xxix. [196] 

*«** every thing quiet m the thuteen pro- 
vinces, JtXiX. [204] 

«^the punilhment £:>r adultery, xxiy. 

■»-« ambles of the new conftitution of, 
Sept. 17, 1787, xxix. [289—^300] 

*«•• dr. John Carrol, confecrated the firft 
catholic bifliop of Baltimore, xxxi. 

-^ an account of the opening of the aca- 
demy at Windfor in-Nova Scotia, xxxi. 

^-report of the ftate of the national debt 

of, xxxii. [205] 
— dr. Prieftley's commendation of the 

^rious example fet by America to 

France, xxxi Y. [3x2] 

of fettling the terms of capitidationa 
xxix. [6x] 
— ^ the terms required fuch as could not 
be granted, xxix. [6t ] 

— a proteft or proclamation iflued by 
the magiftracy, xxix. [62] 

«»- the fatisfa6lion demanded by the prin- 

cefs granted, and who fends a lift of 

fixteen perfons to be deprived of their 

offices, xxix. [62] 
— * the terms of capitulation fettled, xxix. 

'^ the keys furrendered to ijp duke of - 

Brunfwick, 06c. xo, xxix. [63] 
-** great riots on the day the I^yden 

gate vras delivered up to the Pruffians, 

xxix. [63] 
Andre, majors ^^ negotiations carried 

on by him with general Arnold, xxiv* 

-— conducted and entertained for fbme 
iiroe by gen. Arnold in his camp^ 
30civ. [39] 

— in his return" to the army at New 
York, he is dete£led and taken up, 
xxiv. [39] 

-— his letter to general Waihington, 

xxiv. [41] 
*-" claimed by fir Heiuy Cliatenat a^- 

B a Vns^ 

Jjl.^. ■.Ili4— IJI H., .u.^-^>...^^ J - 

INDEX, I 781 to 1792. 

ing under a flag of truce from Arnold, Athens ; antiquities at, xxxii. i6x-»-i6^. 

which Arnold allows, xxiv. [42] Avignon 5 riots at, xxxiii. 46*. 

Andr^, major 5 his candour and mag- — a dei'cripiion of the delightful climate 

nanimity on his trial, xxiv* [44] -of* xxxiv. [224] 

— is found guilty, and the greateft ex- — t,he government of, xxlv. 224. 

chion ma<k ufe of to favc him, xxiv. Aullria j a treaty of alliance figned with 

Ruflia and Venice, xxvii. [243] See 


— his execution, xxiv. [45] 

Afipian way recovered^ xxviii. [42] 

Arabia } a nev^ prophet and warrior in, 
xxvii. [244] 

Arcot $ attacked and taken by Hyder 

Ally, jfacv, [75. 77] TjAftAMAiflands; taken by the governor 

Ar^onautic expedition; the happy ef- -D of Cuba, xxv. [214] — ^xxvi. [115] 
id^% of it on the manners of the — account of the re-capture ■ of , by col, 
Greeks, xxviii. 155. Deveaux, with the articles of capitula-' 

Arnold, general ; draws on himfelf the tion, xxvi. [26^] 

odium of the inhabitants in the go- Balance of power ; the happy effefts of 
Temmcnt of Philadelphia, xxiv. [37] the vigilance of neighbouring ftates to 

— above half his demands rejefted j de- keep it up in Earo})e, xxx.' [196*] 
clared by a court martial highly repi^- Barbadoes nearly defolated by an hurri- 
henuble, and to be reprimanded by cane, Od. 10, 1780, xxiv. [30—33] 
general Waihington, xxiv. [37] -—the friendly conduct of the SpaniflV 

— again taken into the feivice of the prifoners, during and after the calami- 
American army, xxiv. [37] ty, xxiv. £35] 

— negotiates with fir Henry Clinton for — So,ooo 1. voted by the Britifh parlia- 
delivering up his poft, and part of the m«nt for the relief of the iuficrers, 
army, xxiv. [38] xxiv. [36] 

— the pi'obal^le effe^ of the plans carried Barbary Itates ; an extraordinary demand 
on with major Andr6, had they taken • made by the Emperor on the Porte, of 
place, xxiv. [39] payment of loffes from the piracies of 

— entertain^ major Andr^ In his camp, the Barbaiy dates, though not under 
xxiv. [39] authority of the Porte, xxviii. [53] 

— - on the apprehenfion of major Andr^, Bartholomew, St. \ ifland in the Well 
efcapes to the Vulture ihip of war, Indies, declared a free port by Sweden, " 
xxiv. [40] xxviij. [28] 

— his letter from on board the Vulture — account o^' the ifland, xxviii. [28] 
■ to general Waihington, xxiv. [41] 

— his letter reclaiming Andr6, as ailing 
under his proteflion, xxiv. [42 ] 

— made brigadier- general in the Britifh 
army, xxiv. [46] 

— his addrefs to the inhabitants of Ame- 
rica, xxiv. [46] 

— his proclamation to the aiTny, xxiv. 

— - charged with having paid conilantly 
the moft marktd attention to the 
French, whom he now moft grofsly 
reviles, xxiv. [48] 

Bavaria ; an exchange for the Aulblan 
Netherlands propoled, xxvii. [125] 

— the dcfign difcovfered by a letter from 
the emprefs of Kuffia to the prince of 
Deux Pontr.. xxvii. [126] 

— the king of PrufTia remonftrates with 
the cmprefs on the fubjeftj with the 
anfwer of the emprefs, xxvii. [127] 

— the defjgn contradifled by the courts 
. of Munich and Vienna, xxvii. [127} 

— the vigilance of the king of Piuflia' 
for preventing the exchange, xxvii. 

— proclamation ilTued for him to fur- Belgiogofo, coimt ; account of him, and 
render, in order to take his trial, xxiv. his' adminiliration of the Netherlatids, 
[49] xxix.|;>2i3*'] 

— fcnt to make a diveriion in Virginia, • — abandons both his new and old office, 
™v« [73] ^^^ withdraws himfelf from the L9W 

— ravages committed by him, xxiv. Cotintrics, xxix. [222*] 

[77] Belgrade j the emperor's attempt on, xxx, 

.» attemt>ts made by the French to cut [29] 

off his retreat, xxiv. [78] 
»- fuccefsful expedition of| to ConncAi- 
.cut^xxiv. [la^] 

— the apology rrtade by general Alvinzi, 
which v^s accepted, and the army re- 
tires, XXX* [30] * 

Bengal J 


Bengal ; ftate of the I'evenues and ex- . CaroUmas 3 prot;eQ(Ungs of ttiq anlMes is, 

pences, xxxii. [84] xxtv. [51. 80] 

— the bill for new-modelling th^fupreme --» a prociamaMop by lord Cornwallisy 
court of judicature pafied, xxiv« [195*] for fecfueliering the eftates of perfoos in 

— See Indies, Eaft. arms agajnfl: him, xxiv. [51] 
Bcrbicej furrender of the Dutch colony — lord Oonjwallis piUTes the Catawba, 

of, to the Englith, xxiv. [103] xxiv. [^9] 

Bombay ; ftate of the finances of, x$xd. ^ —• Wilmington taken by capt. Barclay, 

Botany Bay ; an account of the new fet- 

tlement of, xxxi. [256] 
Bouille, marquis dej his humanity in 

xxiv. [63] 
— a relation of the well fought battle 
between lord Cornwallis and general 
Green, at Guildford* xxiv. [67] 

fending back BritiHi failors wrecked in — lord Rawdon attacks and defeats ge« 

..1__ I • •_ .t -w-rr /I •» ». • I r^ '— ro_1 

the hurricane in the Weft Indies, in 

Oftober 1780, xxiv. [34] 
Brabant ; letters received by the council, 

January aa, 1788, from count de 

TrautmandorfF, XXX. [235] 
Brett; an epidemic diforder at, xxv. 

Bridgetown, Barbadoes, with the towiiw 

neral Green, xxiv. [81] 

— general revolt in the interior pf, xxiif. 

-— an account of the engagement be- 
tween general Green and col. Stewart, 
at the Eutau fprings, xxv. [191] 

— Cliarles Town evacuated by the Kng- 
lift), April 18, 1783, xxvi. [loz] 

houfe, nearly deftroyed by an hurri- Caucafus j a fmall fugitive colony of 

cane, Oaober 10, 1780, xxiv. [31] 
Brunfwick j prmce Leopold drowned in 

endeavouring to preierve a family from 

the floods on the Oder, xxviii. [59] 
— the prince of, takes the commaml of 

the Pruifian army employed for the re- 

Chriftians difcovei^ in the moft i&- 
queftered part of the wilds of, xxviii. 
[140] ' 
Charlemont ; earl of, accoimt of a /ii>- 
gular cuftom at Metelin, refpedking 
females, xxxii. 50. 

ftoration of the Stadtholder, xxix. [42] Cberburg 5 the great caiflbon given way. 

-^ the keys of Amfterdam furrendered, 

oaober loth, xxix. [63] 
BulUfeafts J in Spain, abolilhed, xxvii. 

»— rcftriaions on, in Spain, xxviii. 3 a. 


xxix. [196] 

— debates in the houfe of commons oa 
the works erefting Xhere^ xxx. [84] 

.-— account of the celebrated cones at, 

XXxiv. 202. 

China 5 a temporary ftop put totlie trade 
with Ruflia, xxviii. [149] 

— the death of the emperor Kien Long 
(defervedly little lels than adored by 
his fubjeas) xxviii. [149] 

Chlttor J befiegtd and taken by fir Eyre 

Coote, xxv. 89. 
ChTiftopher''s, Sr. iftand $ remonftrances 

of the merchants reipefting the feizure 

of I heir property at St. Euftatius by the 

English, xxiv. [105] 

— taken by the French, xxv. [195*] 
Clootz, Ahacharfis 5 charaaer of, xxxii. 

[•47] . ^ ^- 

— introduces into the afftmbly a group 
of perfons in maiquerade, as ambaf- 

/^ALABRiA 5 an account of the earth- 

^^ quakes there in 1783, xxviii. [43] 

Calcutta. See Indies, Eaft. 

Calonne, M. de 5 removed from the of- 
fice of comptroller-general of the fi- 
nances of France, xxix. [201 ] 

— being ftripped of his riband, ielU his 
eftates, and retires from France, xxix. 

Canada 5 an expedition apainft, planned 

under M. la Fayette, xxiv. [28] fadors from all nations, xxxii. [148} 

— the king's meffage refpeaing the go- — affiimed the name of Anacharfis, and 
vernment of, xxxiii. [98] admitted into the national aifembly of 

— proceedings and debates in partia- France, in the charaaer ot orator to 
ment on the king's meflage, xxxiii* t^je ambalTadors of mankind, xxxi v. 
[108] [267] 

— the minifter's unufually full detail of Cologne; the arch -duke Maximilian's 
the bill, xxKili. [108] acceffion to the ekaorate pf, xxviii. 

Cape of Good Hope j advantages de- [49] 

rived to the Portugusfc by the dif- Commerce $ the progrefs of, in the v^- 
covery of, xxxiii. j 7 9 . riou% i!Ulc\ ol '£»va^'^^ xsivvv . \>'ai'\ 

IKDEX, 178110179 a. 

Congrefs, American | difEculties ariliBg Com^TV^Uis, lord ; deftroys a quantity of 

from their ignorance offinance> and arms and (lores, xxiv. [119] 

errors in the oeconomy pf the war, — is attacked by M. de la Fayette, whci 

»nv. [73] * ' 18 repulfed, xxiv*[i2a] 

»«- the uniformity and • fyffem of public -r returns to the peninfula between James 

bufinefs detra^ed by annual election, and York Rivers, and ilrongly fortir 

xxiv. [74] fies York Town and Gloucefter Poinf, 

— Na committee fent to treat with the mu- xxiy- [lai] 

tineers from general Waihingt/on's -- his army, by degrees inclofed and fur-j 

army, xxiv. [76] rounded, becomes clofcly invefted in 

— a rtfoliition • of congrefs fdrbidding York Town, xxiv. [129] 

the importation of goods and ma- -rr after a moft obitinate defence is ob- 

nufa6lures of Great Britain, xxv. liged to make terms of capitulation, 

[195] '• ' xxiv. [134] 

** relolutions of congrefs, agamft open- — the kindnefs and attention ihewn by 

ing feparate negotiations, xxvi. [130] ^^ French oBicers to the troops, xxiv. 

«M declaration of congrefs, that neither [^35] 

France no{;^America (hould conclude —-and the marquis de Fayette, introduced 

a feparate peace, without the confent to each other at Berlin^ by the king of 

of the other, xxvi. [131] ' Pfuflia, xxvii. [245] 

Conne£licut ; fuccefsful expedition of -— takes the command of the army at 

general Arnold to, xxiv. [125] Veilout, and proceeds to Velore, xxxiv. 

•—the bold attack of Fort Grifwold, [292] 

which, after a brave defence, is taken -^ enters the Myfore, and declares his 

by col. Eyre, xxiv. [125] intention of marching to Bangalore^ 

Conftantinople ; 200 houfes deftroyed by xxxiv. [292] 

fire, xxiv, [ iVs] ' ' — Bangalore tov?A and fort taken, xxxiv. 

— re-vifited by the plague, xxiv. [175] [*93] 

>_ ravages by the plague in the neigh- r— joins gen. Abercroroby, and marches 

bourhood of, xxv. [217] towards Seringapatam, xxxiv. [294] 

•— ' dreadful fire, in which io,oop houfes, -i— finds it prudent to return to Banga- 

befides moique89 churches, and other lore, xxxiv. [296] 

puGlic edifices, are deflroyed, xxv • r- joined Jby Purferam Bhow and Hurry 

[218] Punt, Txxiv. [49^] 

•— another dreadful fire, xxv. [221] — the Sultan attempts to open a nego-* 

Cordova, Spanifh admiral ; takes five ciation, xxxiv. [296] 

Englifli Eaft India (hips, and above 50 •— prepares at Bangalore for the enfuing 

Weft Tndia (hips, xxiv. [2] campaign, xxxiv. [297] 

Cornwallis, lord ; proceedings of, in — the Sultan makes a lecond unfuccefs- 

South Carolina, xxiv. [51] ful attempt at a negociation, xxxiv. 

^- publifhes a proclamation for feqncfter- [298] 

in^ the efUtes of thofe who are in arms — joined by the Nizam- s forces, proceeds 

with the enemy, xxiv. [51] on the expedition for the capital^ Ffr. 

•—fends col. Fergufon to make incur- bruary i, 1792, xxxiv. [302] 

fions into the borders of North Caro- -r- proceedings of the different divifions 

linai X3civ. [51] of his army in the attack of the ifland 

•^ kfie^s of the defeat of coli Fergufon of Seringapatam, xxxiv. [303 — 307] 

on his plan of operation, xxiv. [57] — - an attempt on his life by the Sultan, 

•— pafles the Catawba, xxiv* [59] xxxiv. [306] 

— after encountering various difficulties, r— ' a negociation for peace opened, xxxiv* ^ 
fetrupthe royal ftandard at Hillfbo- [306] ' 

rough, xxiv. [62] f r— the fiege 5x>mmences, Feb. 19, and 

-^ a relation of the well fought battle the termination of boftiiities announced 

with general Green, at Guildfoird, the fame day, xxxiv. [308] 

where he ba'd two horfes fbot under — the terms of the peace, xxxiv. [308] 

him, xxiv. [67] —two of the fons of the Sultan fent as 

I— marches with ms army into Virginia, boftages, &c. ; the definitive treaty af* 

xxiv. [89] fented to, March 19, xxxiv. [308] 

—^progt^s of, in Virginia, xxiv. [119] Coromandelj an account of a dreadful 

«— js joined by great numbers of the ii^ inundation of the lea at Ingeram, xxxi 

hiWtams, xxtv» [119] 238. 

* , Corficaj 


Cerifca ; ifland of, conftltuted a member Denmark $ a new adminiftratlon formed. 

of the icingdom €}f/ England, xxxii. 

Crimea ; taken pofleffion of by tiie Ruf- 
fians, xxvi* (220] 
— new troubles in the, xxvii. [^5] 
^^ tbe Khan Sabin Guerai placed over 
that province by the Ruffians, ac- 
cepts a commiilion of the emp^efs, and 
afterwards depofed, xxvii. {15. 2S] 

xxvm. [57] 

— tbe king grants the caftle of Prede- 
ricOmrgh to the queen dowager, xxviii* 

— chara£ler of the young prince of; 
fuppofts the early hopes formed of 
him $ becomes the eucourager of lite- 
rature, and patron of learned men, 

— a new khan defied by the revolted — inveftigaiion made into the early hif- 
Tartars, xxviL [«S] tory of the northern nations, under [9- 

*^ invaded by RulfiaHS, xxvii* [a^] ' tronage of the prince, xxviii. [5S] 

— the new khan expelled by the Ruf- — the cSe£ls of the fcarcity of proviiiottt 
fians, xxvii. [35] in, draws many to emigrate to Cherioi)» 

;-*• a maniiefto publifhed hy Ruflia, jufti- • xxviiL f 1 6«] 

fying the taking po0emoi^ of, xxvii. -<- dilirefles of the Et(| India, company 


'-^ the Rudian khan abdicates, and tranf- 
-fers his righi to the emprefs, xxvii. ^6, 

— name <:haBged to Taurica, xxvii. 

*— nearly newly inhabited by the encou- 
ragement given to emigrators, xxx. 

— improved cultivation of, xxx. [ j^] 
Cuba, ifland, great damages in, by rain 

Md earthquake, xxxiii. 40*. 

of, which (urnenders its charter to the 
king, xxviii. [1703 

— the prince rejefts a propofal for re- 
ftraiuing the liberty of the prels, xxviii. 

— ^the pririccfs royal married to the 
prince of Slefwic Holftein, xxviii. 

-*- the canal between the Baltic and the 
German Ocean opened in May 1785, 
xxviii. [170] 

— » takes the ftrong poft at Quillnim, and 
about 800 prifoners, scxx. [164*] 

— other places taken, xxx. [165*] 
i^^. Gottenbuiig on the point of iurren- 

dering, is encouraged, by the unex-x 
peeled arrival of tne king of Swedepi 
to make a vigorous reiiftance, xxx. 


-^ imports of corn to, in 1 78 1 , xxv. [i 93] — pi oceedings of Mr. Elliot, as delegate 


ir\A«iT«iG| the number of fliips ar. 
^-^ rivjcd at Dantzig, and failed from, in 
1781, XXV. [193] 

"Demerary j furrender of to the Englifh, 
xxiv. [103] 

— retaken by the French, xxv. [195*] 
JOenmark; an account of the marine 

treaty with the eoMprefs of Ruffia, xxiv. 


<— * chamberlain Beringfchiold arrefted 

and fent to prifun, xxiv. [y8«] 
«*- a demand made of the fhip« of that 
country taken at St. Euftatius, and of 
other (hips taken by Engliih priva- 
teers, XXV. [1^] 
^» feme particulars of the hiftory of, 

xxvii. 169. 
«Mr anecdote of queen Matilda, and ac* 
count of her, xxvii. 169. 

— a new arrangement in the council of 
ftate, xipvii. [189] 

•!— an unexpe^ed minifterial revolution 

in 1784, xxviii. [55] 
«— the prince declared major p and takes 

his place at the head of tbe council* 

boani, xxviii. [56] 
m^ thff j^o^odittblvd, zxviU* [$6} 

from the allied mediating powers, wiih 
the various proceedings, to thieronclu- 
fion of an armiliiee. for eight days, a 
fecond for a month, and a third for fix 
months, xxx. [196* — lot*.] 

— ■ the caufes and motives whic^ induced 
Denmark to take part with Ruffia '\ 
the war againft Sweden, xxx. £iCi} * 

.-«» the attempt of the king of Sweden to 
feparate Norway BcofOf in 1779, *^» 

•— the harfh government of Norway by 
Denmark, xxx. [181] 

«>-• the king of Sweden^s vifit to Copen- 
hagen in 1787, and the objeft of the 
viiit to iniprefs the danger of ]^th 
countries from the overgrown power 
of RufHa, in which he fails, xxx. 

m<m the hopeful chara£ler of the prince of, 

xxx. [186] 
•-*- makes frequent remonftrahces to the 

king of Swedeni to prevent the>^ar, 

xxx. [i861 

INDEX, 1781 to ij^i. ' 

penmark ; the pnnce Charles of Hefie DommgOy St. } dreadfur infuiTe£^ioii of 

informs the king of Sweden of the .. the negroea« xxxiii. 45*. 

irefolution of Deomark to maintain the •* M. Mauduit, colonel of the r^ment 

treaties ihe had made with Ruilia^ XXX. of Port-au-Prince, murdered by bis 

[187] ' ** . foldiers, and alarming diffentions be- 

Mi» Drince Charles of Hefle, appointed a twten the miilattoes and the whites, 

• neld-marihal in the Ruflian (ervice, xxxiv. [137, 138] 

and appointed to invade Swedeny xxx. *• further troubles in, xxxit, [188} 

[188] — a clofc correfpondence held with the 

»— the anfwer of the king of Swe4en to mulattoes and Gregoire and others, 

the'notiiication xxx. [190] . .xxxiv. [189] 

— > the Daniih minifter*s anfwer to the .. the Jacobin clfib at j^reft petitions in 

memorial, xxx. [191] favour of the mulattoes and negroes, 

•—the troops under prince Charles of xxxiv. [189] 

Heflfe enter Sweden, Sept. 24,1788, — the hideous reprefentation exhibited 

accompanied by the prince of Denmark there of the revolution in the mother 

as a volunteer, xxx, [193*] country, xxxiv. [11 1] 

— the excellent dil'cipline of the tfoops, — relation of the murder of M. Odcluc, 
3DDC' [193*] who had been remarkable for the mild 

. -- the progrefs of the army, xxx. [ 1 94*] . treatment of his flaves, xxxiv. [211] 

— reftrained by England in their opera- .— the crimes too (hocking for repreten- 
tions againft Sweden, xxxi. [57] Ution, xxxiv. [213] 

■•- the ruin impending over Sweden by — the flaves who had been moft' kindiy 

a continuance of the hoftility of Den- treated, the moft forward in the rcvo- 

matk, xxxi. [192*] ^ lution, xxxiv, [214] 

9^ an abftraft of the reprefentation made — difafters at, from the infurreftion of 

by Mr. Elliot, that Denmark fhould the flaves, xxxiv, [259] 

obferve a ftrift neutrality, xxxi. [193*] — M. Bazieie and BriAot fpeak in dc- 

"— after much difficulty agrees to aneu- fence of the proceedings of the ne- 

trality, Moci. [195*] groos, xxxiv. [259] 

•— declaration of Mr. Elliot to count Dominica ; deplorable fituation of, from 

^ernftorf, April 23, 1789, xxxi. 336. winds, xxix. [222] 

■— ordinance for aboliftiing . the 11a ve Dominique, ifiand j greatly damaged by 

trade, xxxiv. 13*. an hurricane in, October 1780, xxiv» 

Diderot J engaged with' a clafs of men [33] 

employed in undermining religion, go- Druzes ; account of the government of 

vernment, morals, manners, and laws, the Druzes, a people of Syria, xxix. 

xxxiv. [202] ■ 143. 

Dillon, general Theobald 5 relation of . , ' 

the affailination of liini at Lifle, April 

29, 1792, xx»v. 103*. 

Domingo, St. ifland ; the fatal confe- "P 

, quences from the fociety of tAmi de * 

lJoire,^^u [136] 

— the mulattoes infilt on the rights and r l 1. i. 
privileges of free citizens, xxxii. [137] E ^ ^ -"^ ' ""^ ^"''''''* ' 

— both parties fend deputies to thena- xxviu. 118. 

tional aiTembly, xxxii. [138] — .^^ ac<^?"nt of the Almai or Egyptian 

— the ill conduft of commiflioners fent improv.fatore, xxviu. 121. 

from France, xxxii. [138] , — ^" ^^*^°""* ^.^ ^^^ 1^'*^^'*^ ^'^^ ^^ ^^.'^ 

. I— the flaves lofe all refpeft for their 'T?"'^"'.,^^_^"!l1!^; 
mailers, and 
^or the avowed 

iiating the whitu,, ..... /• • o 

and conflagration con.plete the ruin of — the mhabitants of, xxix. 198. 

the ifland, xxxii. [139] — thennpraaicability of formmgajunc- 

— moft alarming accounts from, xxxiii. *!°"^^*^.T^" ^^^ Mediterranean and 
jj» the Red Sea, xxix. 199. 

-. colonel Mauduit deferted by his Ibl- — .piUars of fand raifed by whirlwinds 
dicrs» and murdered, xxxiii. ij*. *^ xxxxx, 176. 

3 Encyclopedia j 


Encyclopedie ; the French, tranflated . a^led in North Amenca and the Weft 

into the Turkifli language, xxviii. Indies, from Nov. i, X774»tothelaft 

[154] return, xxiv. ^6^ 

^- the French, written for the purpofe of England 5 embarkation returns of troopt 

undermining religion, government, lent to any part of North America or 

morals, manners, and laws, xxxiv. the Weft Indies, in 1778, 1779, and 

[20a] 1780, xxiv. [265] 

*— the plan of the writers to overturn — the grand fleet under admirals Darby, 

rather than to improve Europe, laid Dtgby, arid Rofs, fent to the relief of 

open by the king of Pruilia, xxxiv. Gibraltar, xx v. [loi] 

145., — feveral of the St. Euftatius convoj 

■ England ; proceedings of the armies of taken by M. Piquet, xxiv. [106] ' '^ 

Great Britain at New York and the^ — a fecret expedition under commodore 

Jerfeys, xxiv- [14. 17] Johnfton and general Meadows, fent 

^— expedition againft Rhode Ifland,xxlv. againft the Cape of Good Hope, xxv, 

[2a] ' [106] i- 

•— proceedings in Weft Florida, xxiv. — ftate of, at the commencement of the 


negotiations for peace, xx^. [iJbJ 

.^- 80,000 1. voted by pai-liament for re- — proviiional articles of peace with Am^ 

lief of the fufFerers by the hurricane at rica, figned Nov. ioth, 1782, xxvi. 

Barbadoes, beiides the private fiib- [134] 

fcriptions of individuals, xxiv. [35] — preliminary articles with France and 

»— 40^000 1. voted tor the fufFerers at Spain, figned Jan. aotb, 1783, xxvi. 

Jamaica, xxiv. [35] [i35] . ^ 

— royal ftandard erefted at Hilllbo- — the treaty of commerce with RuIEa 

rough, and eafl Comwallis ilTues a fuftcred.toexpire, xxviii. £141] 

proclamation for all loyal iubje6ls to — > the efle^s /of the armed neuti^ity on, 

repair to it, xxiv. [62] * xxviii. [142] 

•*- a relation of the well fought a£lion — /the reciprocal advantages of com* 

between lord Comwallis and general merce with Ruflia, xxviii. [143] 

Green, at Guildford, xxiv. [67] - — a new treaty of navigation and com« 

— proceedings of brigadier-general Ar- 
nold in Virginia, xxiv. [73] 

-^ offers made by (ir Henry Clinton to 
the mutineers from general Waihing- 
ton's army, xxiv. [75] 

A— two of our emiUaries hanged, xxiv. 

— caui'eson which cenfures of the Bri- 
ti(h commanders were made, X3^iv. 

•— the Bridfli commanders defended, 

xxiv. [78J 

merce concluded with France, Sept. 
20, 1786, formed on the principles g£ 
one rejected by the parliament of Eng- 
land, in 171 3, xxviii. [171]' 

*— declaration in iinfwer to the private 
mtmorial published by France, re- 

. fpefting the part (he would take in the 
troubles of Holland, xxix. ['93*] 

-— a declaration prefented by the Britiih 
minifters at Paris, which brings about 
an inftiiiment for both parties to dif- 
arm, xxix. [194*] 

— • the untoward ftate of affairs in South — the treaty of navigation- and corn- 

Carolina, xxiv. [86] 

— - incredible hardfliips fuftained, and 

difticulties furmounted by the Britifh 

troops in the two Carolinas, xxiv. 

•»— extrad of a letter from lord George 
Germain, to the commiffioners ap- 
pointed to reftore peace to America ; 
and of another from Mr. Knox, his 
fecretary, xxiv. 254^ 

— copy of a letter from Mr. Meyrick,' 
army agent, to gen. Ai-oold, January 
30, 1781, xxiv. 255. 

.— - ftate of the land forces in North Ame- 
rica and the Weft Indies, at the end 
of i779» xxiv. [264] 

— an account of thi^ men loft and dif- 

merce with France, ngned January 13, 
1787, xxix. [195] 

— declares a neutrality in the war of 
the Emperor and RufRa againft the 

' Turks, XXX. [61, 62] 
— ^ and Pruilia become arbiters of the 
peace between RuiTia and Sweden, 
XXX. [192] 

— the part taken by England in re* 
ftrainin? the operations of the Danes 
againft Sweden, xxxi. [57] 

— treaty of defenfive alliance with the 
king of Pruflia, xxxi. [339] 

— the general impreffion which the 
tranfa6l:ions in France made on tho 
public mind, xxxii. [6 3 J 

•— the genes^l <\\^>^Q4tAw vcv ^€vt K-^« 

I N, D i: X, 

vbor St lh6 commencement of the re- 

. volution, xxxil. [63] 

England ; the various political fpecula- 
tions thereon, xxxii. [63] 

-4»- agents eliabli(hed in various parts of 
Oneat Britain and Ireland for dilTe- 
minating Fn^nch principles, and pro* 
]>agated in various political focieties, 
who congratulate France vcrf fo'on 
after the king was led captive to Faris, 
xxxii. [64.] 

••T- daring libels on the conllitution dif« 
tributed among the army and navy, 
and clubs and Societies foi'med« xxxii. 

«-* proceedings in parliament on the 

l(.mg'*s meflage* refpefling two (hips 

feized on the north-weft coall of Ame« 

. rica, by two Spaniih ihips of the line, 

IDCxii, [95] 

o^the difpute fettled by a convention, 

^— a war with RulKa pncvented by the 
clamour of oppoiition in Englandf 
xxxi«i. [192] 

•— Mr. Fawkenor fent by the Britiih 
court to Petersburg, to aiHft in the ne- 
gotiation for peace between Ruflia and 
the' Porte ; and a relation of the leader 
of oppofition arrives at Peter(burg 
about the fame time, and both receiv- 
ed with nearly^ ecjual attention by the 
emprefs, xxxiii* [202] 

•* the revolution fociety of London ad- 
drefles the xiationai auembly of France, 
after the king had been carried firom 
Verfailles to Paris, xxxiv. [218] 

•^ the revolution fociety enters into a 
clofe correfpondence and affiliation 
with the Jacobin clubs of France^ 
xxxiv. [218] 

m^ mortal enmity to England adopted 
by the national a0embly of France, 
xxxiv. [222] 

m^ a club calling themielves London con- 
ftitutionai whigs, meeting in Frith- 
ilreet, addrefs the national aflembly of 
France, and is favourably anfwered, 
xxxiv. r»7o] ' 

»— the deiign of the French of annihilat- 
ing the Britiih power in Hindoltan, 
xxxiv. [284"] 

i^ the public attention occupied by the 
Indian war and the Ruffian negotia- 
tion, xxxiv. [310] 

fi— the part fv^j^pofed to have been adopt- 
ed by Mr. Fox having a relation at 
this time at the court of Peteriburgh, 
xxxiv. [110] 

mf^ account of a correfpondence between 
the^firenchiiumfterpieAipot^tiMy su^ 

17^1 to 17^1. 

lord GrenvtUe, declaring in the namtf 
of the French nation, Uie legiflative 
body, and the king, their difapproba- 
tion and ignorance of apy confederacy 
between individuals of this country 
and France, tending to excite tumults 
in Englandf xxxiv. [373] See alfo 
Chronicle and State Papers. . 

England ; fubfcriptions let on foot for 
tne affiftance of the Poles, xxxiv. [3^3] 

Etfequibo retaken by the French, xxv. 

Eurqse $ proceedings in, towards the at- 
tainment of a general peace^ xxvt, 

— view of the ftate of, before the^French 
revolution, and at the clofe of 17919 
xxxiii. [206] 

Euftatius, St. ; ifland taken by th« Eng- 
lish, ihciv. [loi] 

i»— the meixhandize found there eflimat* 
ed at upwards of three millions, be<r 
£des upwards of 250 veflels, xxiv* 

— fourteen of the convoy, with the fpotls 
taken there, taken by M. Piquet, xxv* 

— > Mr. Burke*s motion for an inquiry 
into the coiBdu£l of the captors pf> 
with the debates thereon, xxv. [136] 

— attacked and retaken by the marquis 
de Bouille, xxv. [194-*] 

— deciiion of the king^s bench on the 
queftion of claims on, to be decided in 
the court of admu-idty, xxv. [i^^. 

-^ a demand made by his paniih ma- 

jeHy, of the I>ani(h ihips taken there, 

xxv. [204.] 
Execution $ remarkable, at Rheims, Xxvii, 

Eyre, col. } his bokl attack and capture 

of Fort Grifwold, in Connecticut, xxiv» 



TfAYETTE, marquis la; his return 
" from France to America, xxiv. [20] 

— complimentary relblution of the con- 
grefs to him, xxiv. [21] 

-^ an expedition under his command a- 
gainft Canada planned, xxiv. 28. 

— • publiihes a memorial to the Cana* 
dians, xxiv. 28. 

— fent with 2,000 troops for the relief 
of Virginia, xxiv. [78] 

•* a6ts on the defeniive, on the noiih 
6dc of James River^ xxiv« [90] 



f alette, marquis las proceedings ofj in 
Virginia> zxiv. [il^] 

jv-p reinforced by general Wayne, xxir. 
[i»o] j 

r— attacks lord Comwallis, and is repair- 
ed, xxiv. [xi2J « 

P-- arrived at Paris from North America, 
January ^o, 17S2, xxv. [19^] 

r— -ele^ed to the command of the new 
army, with the title of general, xxxi. 

•^ loofes his weight in the national af- 
fcmbly s ceafes to cultivate the Jaco- 
bins, and the emiflaiies oL the dqke 
of Orleans his decermineq enemies, 

xxxiv. [75] 
r-r his influence declines, and the caufe 

of it, xxxiv. [75] 
ii-f* mairches with the national guards to 

quell a riot at the caftle of Vicennes, 

and his life twice in danger, xxxiv. 

• ["4] 

■p- the gentlemen who defend the king 

iqfultingly treated by Fayette, xxxiv, 

ff-f- hiiled and hoofed at wjien the king's 
journey to St. Cloud was riotouQ^ 
prevented, xxxiv. [129] 

rrr refigns the command of the nattonad 
guard, but refumes it on the addrefs 
of the municipality, anct the guards 
fwearipg obedience to the law, xxxiv. 

t»34] . 
0--the popular explanation of the oath 

given by him injurious to the king, 
xxxiv. [134] 

r— informed of the intended flight of the 
kin^ and family, xxxiv. [155] 

r— arrives at Varennes with the orders 
of the national aiTembly, xxxiv. [164] 

rr^ receives maqy ftrong intimations of 
his danger from the Orleaniftsj be- 
comes reconciled to te Lameths, 
xxxiv. [170] 

{-- aims at the command of the armies, 
.xxxiv. £403» 407] 

f-T theminilter, jealous of his deiigns, re- 
fufes him the command, xxxiv. [4-03] 

«— begins to take a part dire6lly againft 
government, xxxiv. [407] 

^r- propofes to the king, to declare him- 
ielf openly againft the Jacobins, and 
attempt the deliverance of the royal 
family, if neceffary, at the head of the 
nationid guards, or even of the whole 
army, which he declines, xxxiv. [465] 

ler letter to the national aflembly, and his 
orders to his troops for the celebration 
of the 17th of June, xxxiv; [477] 

^- proceedings in tlie nation^ a^^bly 
po his lettei> xxxiy. [478] 

Tayetfe, marquis la ^ violent refohitfoiit 
paiTed againlt him by the Jacobin club« 

Mcxiv. [478] 

— ? prefents a petition at the bar of the 
aflembly, in which he avows that he 
fpoke the fenfe of the army ; demand- 
ing a profecution of the leaders at tke 
Thuilleries^ that the Jacobin clubs 
fhould not be fuffered to meet ; aii4 
to enfure refpe£l to confUtuted aiitho. 
rities, with an account of his veception, . 
jpcxiv. [489] 

-r- an addrefs from Rouen, (igned with 
20)000 names, prelenfed in favour of 
la Fayette, and another from Ailne, 
iigned by the five adminiftrators, wW» 
the proceedings thereon, xxxiv. [490] \ 

^* after being enteitained by the npheQ^ 
and beft difpoied regiments, departs tQ 
refume his command, xxxiv. [490] - 

-w tiranfmits to the king a plan to eftab* 
lifh him in iafety at Compeigne, or in 
the northern part of the kingdom, t* 
which the king gives a negative^ xxxiv, 

e— the queftion of his impeachment 

brought before the aflembiy, xxxiv. 


— * after violent debates, the decree rc-» 
jefled, 406 10 224, xxxiv, [511] 

-^ prevails mt the magiftrates of Sedam 
to arreft the commimoners fent to his 
ai-my ; flies to the territory of Liege; 
but refufes to join the French princes | 
claims the neutrality he had fM vio- 
lated, and is detained pri(bner of war^ 
xxxiv. [521] 

.— letter to the national aflembly, June 
16, 1792, xxxiv. io6*. 

^- letter to the king, with a copy of the 
preceding, June 16, 1792, xxxir. 

Ferguibn, col. \ fent to make incurfions 
into the borders of North Carolina, on 
his return fuddenly attacked, hirafeif 
Hilled, and his party defeated, xxiv. 

Florence j the public entry o> ^^« Gr«at 
Duke and Duchefs, xxxiii. 20*. 

Florida, Weft ; proceedings of the armies 
in, xxiv. [24] 

— r Fort Mobile attacked and taken by 
the Spaniards, xxiv. [24] 

— great lofs fuftained by the Spaniik 
fleet in a hurricane, on its way to the 
attack of Penfacola, xxiv, [^8] 

.— the fleet being foon refltt^, proceeds 
on the expedition, xxiv. [99] 

— although defended by a motly ^r- 
rilon, Penfacola makes a moft vigo* 
l»tts dftfeacc) x^n « \.^<)i\ 


PJorida, Weft ;. a firong redoubt blown 
up by the falling of a bomb, renders 
it no longer tenable j and obtains an 
honourable capitulation, xxiv. [xoo. 
i88]. . 

Florins j Polifli, the value of, xxxiv. [9] 

France ; the jun6lion of the fleet of, with 
that of Spain, xxiv. [4] 

Francis I. of France; feftivity of his 
court, xxiv. 9* 

France $ the abpliihment of the punifli- 
ment of torture in, xxiv. [iz] 

•— « the prodigious reform of the king^s 
houihold, by the abolifliment of 406 
cfficess xxiv. [12] 

— the naval and military afUftance given 
to America, xxiv. [21] 

— > progrefs of, in the councils and af- 
fections of the Americans, xxiv. [22] 

•— the juo£lion of the fleets of France 
and Spain at Dominique, xxiv. 26. . 

i— the fleets vifited with a contagious 
diforder, obliges the Spanifli ihips to 
proceed to the Havannah, and thofe of 
France to put in at Cape Francois, 

xxiv. [27] V 

— the defigns of France and Spain a- 
gainft the Weft Indies and America 
defeated by the diftemper, xxiv. [28] 

— the efiefts of the failure of the de* 
figns of the French fleot againft New 
York, xxiv. [38] 

»— the engagement between the Englifh 
and French fleets ofl* Cape Henry, xxiv. 

— - the failing of ihe French fleet from 

Breft, under M. de Grafle, xxiv. 

•— an account of the engagement with 

fir S. Hood, xxiv. [108] 
-•. manoeuvres between the Engliih and 

French fleets, xxiv. [109 — 116] 
L-^ engagement between M. de ■ Grafle 

and admiral Graves, xxiv. [128] 
^-> the kindnefs and attention fliewn by 

the French oflicers to lord Ccrnwallis 

and his troops, after their capitulation 

at York Town, xxiv. [135] 
»— the damage done to the fleet under 

M. de Monteille, xxiv. [173] 
»- fliips taken from commodore Ho. 

tham*s fleet, ordered to be fpid atBrefl, 

xxiv. [180] 
•» upwards of 44,000 prifoners chang- 
ed with England during the war, xxiv. 

0^ the dauphin baptized, October 22, 

1781, xxiv. [196] 
mm^ 340 fiat .bottomed boats deftroyed 

bj a fire at $u Maloc»i xm* [197] 

781 to 1792. 

France; a party under the btron de 
Kullecourt land on the iflandof Jer- 
fey, are defeated, and the baron mor- 
tally wounded, xxv. [98 — 100] • 

— the fleets fuppofed to be deiigned to 
prevent the relief of Gibraltar fent 
one part to the Weft, the other to the 
E^ft Indies, xxv. [ i o i ] 

— M. Piquet intercepts and takes feveml 
of the convoy from St. Eultatius, xxv. 

"^ M. SufFrein fent to intercept the de- 
figns of commodore Johnftone, againft 
the Cape of Good Hope, xxv. [106] 

— M. Suflrein attack^ commodore John- 
ftone, who, after an obftinafe engage- 
ment, obliges Suflrein to retreat, xxv, 

— the fleet, combined with that of Spain, 
after landing troops at Minorca, re- 
turn and cruize in the channel, xxv. 

•— a council of war held on making an 
attack on admiral Darby in Torbay, 
which was renounced, xxv. [116] 

— the bad ftate of the fleets obliges their 
return to port, xxv. [117] 

-7- their fleets in the Eaft and Weft In- 
dies ftrongly reinforced, xxv. [123] 

— about 20 of the count de Guichen^s 
convoy taken by admiral Kempenfelt, 
but an engagement mutually avoided, 
xxv. [125] 

— a relation of the engagement between 
the count de Grafle and fir S. Hood, 
near St. Kitf s, xxv. [196*] 

— M. de Grafle, pix>ceeding with bis 
fleet to join the French and Spanifli 
force at Hifpaniola, is purfued by fir 
George Rodney, a partial engagement 
takes place, April 9th} and on the 
1 2ih, the great lea fight, in which the 
French are entirely routed 5 the ad- 
miral in the Ville de Paris, and four 
other fliips taken, and one funk, xxv. 

y two other fliips of the line and « 
frigate taken by fir S. Hood, xxv. 


— Marfeilles offer to build a (hip of 
110 guns, and 300,000 livres for the 
iTlief of the families of feamen, and 
accepted, xxv. [211] 

— the great eiforts made by France to 
recover her ancient poflefliops, and to 
overthrow the Englifli power in the 
Eaft, xxvi. [41] 

•.— the Hannibal of 5^0 guns. taken by 

M. Suflrein, xxvi. [41] 
mm the engagement of Feb. 8, x78>^ 



between M. Suffitrin and fir K. Hughes, 

xxvi. [44—4-7] 
France $ a relation of a fccond engagement, 
April It, which, after the molt valiant 
exertions, concludes in the returns of 
both fleets to port, xxvi. £47 — 51] 

— the confequences of thefe engage- 
ments, xxvi. [51] 

— f a relation of a thit-d engagement be- 
«tween M. Suffirein and iir E. Huglies, 
in which the former is worfted $ but 
by a fudden change of wind efcapes, 
xxvi. [66 — 69] 

— the Severe ftrUces to the Sultan, and 
afterwards efcapes, xxvi. [fi§] 

— M. Suffirin, having joined the fieur 
d*Amar, befieges and takes Tnnco- 
male, xxvi. [72] 

-<- a fouith action between fir £. Hnghes 
and M. SufFrein, Sept. ) ; and after 
very fevcre fighting, *'the French fleet 

• rfeturns* to Trincomale, lofing the 
L*Orrentin getting in, xxvi. [73] 

^- advantages derived to France from 
the poflr<%on of Trincomale, xxvi. 


— a fifth action between M. SufFrein 

and fir £. Hughes, xxvi. [84.] 

— ftate of, at the commencement of the 
negotiation for peace, xxvi. 132. ■ 

— provifional articles of peace with 
England, figned Jan. 20, 1783, xxvi. 


— caifle d^efcompte ftops payments 

xxvi. 2 1 8. 

— violent ftorms in various parts of, 
xxvi. 218.' 

— the definitive treaty of peace with 
England, Sept. 3, 1783, xxvi. [322] 

^i- the king accepts the office of media- 
tor between Holland and the emperor, 
xxvii. [10 si 

— fends the count de Maillebois to com-' 
mand the armies of Holland againft 
the emperor, xxvii. [117] 

— ^ the expoftulation of the king of France 
with the emperor, xxvii. [118] 

— political caufes why France and Pmf- 
fia Ihould protect Holland, xxvii. 

— a new treaty of alliance figned with 
Holland, Nov. 10, 1785, xxvii. [137] 

— the principal anicles of the treaty, 
xxvii. [137] 

— proceedings on the conduct of comtc 
de Graife, xxvii. [193] 

— the ceremony of inveltinc M. le Bailli 
de Stitfrein with the blue ribbon, 
xxvii. [193] 

— EngliOi news- papers prohilMted at 
Pans, juvii. n^. 

France ; an. arret publiihed For creating a 
new company of merchants to trade to 
the Eali Indies, xxvii. 231. 

— count d'Aithemar, the ambalFador to 
London, recalled, xxvii. [238] 

— ediiSl for a new coinage, and to recal 
the old gold coin, xxvii. [246] 

— a Juty of 800 livres laid on foreign 
carriages, xxvii. [246] 

— ■ rejoicing both in France and in Ame-- 
rica on the birtk of a dauphin, xxviii^ 

•— an account of the death and character 
of count de Mauperas, xxviii. [a 6] 

— a new convention enteivd into witli 
Sweden in 1784, xxviii. [28] 

— the policy of France in keeping on 
good Terms with. Sweden, xxviii. [29] 

— advantages derived from the alliance 
with Holland, xxviii, [65J 

— the caufes of the coincidence of ;riews 
of France and the antiftadtholderian- 
party, xxviii. [65] 

— publifhes a memorial, difclaiming'all 
interterence in the government of Hol- 
land, and of her intentions of prevent* 
ing 'their being difturbed by the inter- 
ference of others, xxviii. [86] 

— Mr. Fox's opinion of the probable 
confequences to England, of the al- 
liance between Prance and Holland 5- 
a new treaty of navigation and com- 
merce concluded with England, Sept. 
20, 1786, formed on the principles of 
one rejefted by the parliament of Eng- 
land in 1713, xxviu. [171] 

— the attention paid to the marine^ 
xxviii. [173] 

— improvements made in the port of 
Cherburg. xxviii. [173] 

— religious prejudices wearing faft away, 
xxviii. [174] ' 

— an an^ publifhed, invitin? Grangers 
of all Chridian nations to uttle there, 
xxviii. [174] 

— fourteen vefleU with quakers and- 
baptifls from North America arrive at 
Dunkirk, to fettle in France, xxviii. 


— another arret, for the encouragement 
of artifts and manut'a^urers to fettle 
in, xxviii. [174] 

— the weight, dignity, and charafteriof 
the Galican church for fupporting it; 
rights againft the church of Rome,- 
xxviii. [175] 

— the humanity and benevolence of the 
parifh prielU, xxviii. £175} 

— the difficulty of diiwmg the line be- 
tween religious ettahliihmcnc artd tole- 
ration, xxvUi» ^i-; ^^ 



1 Mil EX 1 

Frsincei indulgences granted to the pro- 

teftantSy and alfo to the peafantry, 

zxviii. [176] 
•i^. the detention of ilrangers and their 

property^ on the moft doubtful docu* 

fnaitSy aboli(hed, xxviu« [176] 
•>« a free black ele£ied by the royal aca- 
demy of fciences as a foreign corre- 

fpondent, xxviii. [177] . 

*^ a defcriptton of the niedal ttmck on 

the league wdth Holland, xxviii. 

— > a, literary tftabli(hinent» called the 

Lyceum, opened, xxviii. C19S] 
•*» ientence of the perfons concerned in 

the affair of the necklace, xxviii. 

-— the execution of the fentence on mad. 

de la Motte, xxvHi. [204.3 
•-* the mediation of Ptuifia and France 

in the affairs of Holland, xxix. [z] 
^- motives why France (hould not be 

£ncere in her mediation in the affairs 

of Holland, xxix. [3] 
•-* proceedings in the Briti(h parliament 

00 the treaty between France and' 

England, xxix. [66^-93] 
•— proceedings in the houfe of lords of 

England on the treaty, xxix. [98— > 


— the interference of France in the 
afi^irs of America, one of the firft 
caufes of the change of political opi- 
nions, xxix. f 1 74] 

— the effe£l of letters and philciibphy on 
the minds of thofe who ferved in Ame- 
rica, xxix. [175I 

•— the influence which thc^vernment 
of England was fuppofed to have had 
on the opinions of the French, xxix. 

f^ the public debts heavy, and the E" 

nances much embarraffe(H xxix. [176] 
-— motivea which induced France to take 

the part of America, xxix. [177] 
r-> the effe6^ contrary to what was ex- 

pefted, and left relidls not foon to be 

forgotten, xxix. [ 1 77] 
f~- the vaft mafs of debt, and the ruinous 

number of taxes unequal to fupply 

the expences of the ftate, xxix; [178] 
•— the king curtails the expences of his 

court, houfehold, and even of his per- 

fon, xxix. [178] 
fr-> the king throws himfelf upon the 

afie^ion and wifdom of the nation for 

fuccour and fupport, xxix. [179] 
*•- little refort during this reign to com- 

piiUbry loans. Sec, xxix. [179! 
«^ endeavours to eftabliih a bails of 

f 8 1 td ilgi, 

public credit, under the admlnidfatioii 
of M. Neckar, xxix. [179] 
France 9 the convocation ofitates general 
through lapfe of time being becomd 
obfolete, the king calls an a&mbly by 
the name of notables, iummoned to 
meet, Jan. 29, 1787 i but by the death 
of M. de Vergenned the minifter, fuf- 
pended to Feb. 21^ xxix. [181] 

— the king meets diem in great ftate^ 
xxix. [181] 

— M. de CalonneTaddreffes theaffenlfaly, 
in which he firft fhews the bl-ight fide 
of the picture of the patriotic and be-* 
neficial «^s of the prefent reign, theif 
enters into the deplorable ffate in 
which he found the nnances ^ propole# 
an equal impoft on land ; an enquiry 
into the poueilions of the clergy,- and 
their exemption from taxation ^ the 
ffate of internal taxation $ and «,tbe 
raifing of money by mortgaging the 
crown lands ; but particuEirly by 
rendering the taxes general, which thie 
nobles, clergy, and magiffracy being 
exempt from, fell with additional ft- 
verity on the lower claffes, xxix. [181} 

— the three claffes uniting, oblige the 
mjnifter to reiign his office and retiref 
to England for refuge, xxix. [184] 

— M. de Brienne, archbifliop of Tho- 
kmfe, appointed miniiler, xxix. [ 184.} 

•— - the oppoiition made to the territorial 
impoff or general land tax, xxix. 

— the neceffity of affembling the ftates 
general, xxix. [i 84] 

•— > ufeful regulation made by the not»« 
bles with refpefk to taxes andgabelkSf 
xxix. [185] 

-— the convention diffolved. May 25^ 
1787, xxix. [185] 

— an account of the ancient Gallic con-« 
ftitution, xxix. [185] 

— > the authority thrown into the hands of 
the parliament by the difufe of the meet« 
ings of the ffates general, xxix. [186] 

— the progrefs of parliaments in regif* 
tering the king's edi6ls, xxi}^. [186] 

— > the meetings of the ffates general op« 
pofed by the parliaments $ but on a 
third attempt carried, 60 to 40, xxix* 


— the parliament refufing to regifter th«f 

edi£l for a ftamp tax, the king has 
recourfe to a bed of jnftice, xxix* 

— i'pirited anfwer of the preiident of the 
parliament to an unguarded exprei&cn 
of the count I>*Artois, x£x* [18S] 

FiMce i 

HtarORY OF EtJftO?E. 

Fraflce; 4e ptrHanient protefts againft 
the forced regiftry of the ftaoip-tax, 
xxix. [iSS] 

•^ Paris carries mort the appearance of 
a military camp- than that of a great 
and peaceable capital, xxix. [ x 8 S ] 

-^*« marks of public indignation ihewn 
agaiiift the ^ount d'Artois, xxix. 

*— the king^s command fent to each in- 
dividual member of the parliament, to 
proceed to Troyes, without fpeaking 
to any one out of his own houie, xxix. 

•— > the heads of a remonftrance, which 

had been before prefented to the king, 

xxix. [189] 

— ia>ooo troops brought to counter- 
act the turbulence ot the Parifians, 
xxix. [191] 

«— the chamber of accounts, and court 
of aids, petition the king for an af- 
iembly of the ftates genial, with the 
king's anfwer, xxix. [191] 

««- t(ie firft prefident of the parliament of 
Troyes arrives at Verfailles, and an 
accommodation takes place, xxix. 

— a decree paiTed by the parliament of 
Grenoble againlt lettres de cachet, xxix. 

V— greatly alarmed at tlie meafures of 
Great Britain and Pruifia, refpeCting 
the afiairs of Holland, xxix. [19a] 

^- obliged to abandon her influence on 
the affairs of Holland, xxix. [193*] 

•— • difpatches a private memorial on the 
affairs of Holland, xxix. [193*] 

•-* a declaration publifhed by Great 
Britain on the memorial, xxix. [194*] 

•— a declaration presented by the Britiih 
tniniflers at Paris, which brings about 
an inftrument for the parties to diiarm, 
xxix. [194*] 

•^ fpeech of the preiident of the parlia- 
ment to the king, on his withdrawing 
the edicts \for iiamp-duty and land- 
tax, xxix. [195*] 

^- the king preients two edicts to be re- 
fflftered, fqr a new loan of 450 mil- 
lions of livres, and the other for the 
re-eftabliihment of ttte proteftants iu 
all their ancient civil rights, xxix. 

•— > warm debates in parliament j the 
king commands the edi^s to be re- 
gittti'ed, which the duke of Orleans 
protefts againii, and the king quits 
the affembly^ xxix. {^197*] 

»»» the duke of Orleans ordered to Tftlr^ 
91 Viilai:! Cottctvi, aaix, (xs/^l 

France ; two^of the members impriibned 
by lettres de cachet, xxix. [197*] 

— interference of parliament in behalf • 
of the duke of Orleans and the two 
magiitrates, xxix. [ 1 9 7 •] 

— the punishment of the two magiftrates. 
changed from imprifonment to exile, 
xxix. [199* J 

— * the remonftrance or petition from the 
great chamber of parliament, for the 
trial or releafe of the duke of Orleans 
and the two magiftrates, xxix. [199*] 

— the treaty of navi^tiou and com- 
merce with England, figned January 
J5> *787» xxix. [*8o] 

— the droit d'aubane aboliihed, xxix. 


— the great caifloon at Cherburg given 
way, xxix. [196 J 

— count de Montmorin took the oaths of 
fecretary for foreign affairs, xxix, 

— the Ion of the emperor of Cbchia 
China prefented to the king, xxix. 

-— M. de Calonne removed from the 
office of comptroller of the finances^ 
xxix. [201] 

«— . the cei-emony of blefling of colours 
at Nou-e Dame cathedral of Parts^ 
xxix. [204.J 

-— declaration of, to the courts of Lon- 
don and Berlin, of the condu^ the/ 
fliall obierve in the affairs of Holland, 
xxix. [209] 

— pwparations-carrying on, xxix. [2151- 

— unable to interfere in the war betweea 
Ruilia and the Porte, only as a media- 
tor, XXX. [23] 

— the dJfpofition of, in re/pe6t to the. 
war of Ruflia and the Poite, xxx. 


— debates in the Britifli parliament, on. 
the intention of France to jnterfeiv ia 

• the affairs of Holland, xxx. [89] 

— the edi6l for the reguiatioh of protein 
tants regiftered, xxx. [T97] 

— ceremonial of prefenting the Indian 
ambaffadors at Veri^illes, jpoL, 
[ao8] ' 

— « archbifhopof Sens difmiflled from the 
office of prime minifter of France, xxx. 

— new arrangement of the minxftry^ 
xxx. [216.] .-»i 

•— the Ipeeqh of the king, on diffolvinrf 
the ariembly of notables, xxx. [2233 

— a rrtrofpcftive view of affairs, from 
1787, xxxi. [3] 

— pcrlisverance of parliament agalnft 
die baoUhmcat ^i aSda ^^^ ^ Or. 

INDEX, 17 

leans tod the confiDement of the two 
naembersy xxxi. [3] 
France ; eife&s of the proteft againft the' 
two edicts . for raifing a tax upon ter- 
ritorial revenue^ and upon ftanips> 
xxsd* [4] 

— refolution in parliament^ oa the an- 
fwer of the king, xxxi. [4] 

— oppofition iiiad« to lettres de cachet« 
xxn. [4] 

— > the king^s anfwer to the refolutions^ 

«»• [5] 

— a new fet of refblutiont pafTed by 
parliament^ xxxi. [5] 

— declaration again ft the power of lay- 
ing new taxes, xxxi. [6] 

— the growth and progiei's of the fpirit 
of liberty, xxxi. [6] 

— • becomes a nation of proje£lors and 
reformers, xxxi. [6] 

-^ a general reform of civil and crimi- 
nal juftice, xxxi. [6] 

— the edift in favour of proteft ants re*- 
giftered, January 29, 1788, xxxi. [6] 

-^ Catalan piefidentof the parlia- 
ment of Tholouk, by lettre de cachet, 
xxxi. [7] 

— the parliament remonftratcs, April 
II, 1788, diicuiling many points re- 
lative to the ccnftitution, xxxi. [7] 

•^ remarks on the remonftrance, with 
an account of the origin of enregif- 
tering edi^ls, and of the caufe and 
manner of holding beds of juftice, 
xxxi. [8] 

-^- aniwer of the king to the remon- 
ihanccy xxxi. [9] 

— a plan for a new order of govern- 
ment fecretly preparing by the minif- 
ters, xxxi. [11] 

— the plau of a fupreme court, xxxi. 

— » fuipicions aiifing from the fecreiy of 
the court, xxxi. [11] 

— the deiign difcovered by M. d*£fpre- 
menil, xxxi. [12] 

*— a fudden meeting of the parliament, 
with the declaration of the grounds of 
their meeting, xxxi. [12] 

— M. d*Efpremenil, and M. de Mon- 
fambert, ordered to bie arixfted by the 
king, to which the parliament makes 
a ftrong remonftrance, xxxi. [13] 

— the king rcfufes to receive ihe depu- 
tation, and the palais being furrounded 
by a regiment of guards, the depar- 
ture of the members is prohibited, 
xxxi. [13] 

— the two members furrender them- 
felves, x<xi. [-4] - ' 

m^ » long aud a*gi meBtatlve addrtfs 

81 to 1792. 

prepared by parliament to be pre-^ 

fented to the kmg, at the bed of juf- 

tice, xxxi. [14] 
France ^ the opening-of^the bed of juftice^ 

May 8, 1788, with the king's fpecch 

pn the occafion, xxxi. [15] 
-^ M. de Lamoignon's fpeech on the in- 

trod lU^ ion of the new code, xxxi. 


— - extra£ls from the ordinances^ xxxi; 

— the king's fpeech after the reading 
and regifterkig of the ordinances, xxxi. 


— the grand aflembly of parliament. 
May 9, in which they proteft againft 
taking any part in the proceedings of 
the former day, xxxi. [17] 

— the proteft feconded by a letter (igned 
by-fcveralof the peers, xxxi. [17] 

— the clergy equally ready to fupport 
parliament, xxxi. [18] 

— - the parliament agnin convoked od 
the fame day by the king, which 
draws up another memorial the fame 
evening, xxxi. [18] 

— - the palais royal, with the papers, &c. 
belonging to the parliament, ieiaed by 
the governor of Paris, xxxi. [19] 

— that, and all other parliaments in the 
kingdom, fufpended, xxxi. [19] 

— an arret publiftied by the chatelet^' 
xxxi. [19] 

— - an addrcfs prefented to the king,.- 
flgned by 47 peers and biftiops, for 
tbemfelves and the nation, xxxi. [19J 

— letti^es de cai^het abiblutely figned and 
delivered againft thofe who iigned the 
addrefs, but recalled at the inftancv 
of monfieur, xxxi. [20] 

-— numhei* of feditious and trea(bnable 
papers diftributed, xxxi. [20] 

— dangerous (ituation of affairs in Bre- 
tagne, xxxi. [21] 

— the parliament of Tholoufe and Gre- 
noble in exile, xxxi. [21] 

— ^excefTes committed in Languedbc^ 
and the iirft inftance of want of at- 
tachment of the army, xxxi. [21] ^ 

— much blood reported to have been 
(bed at Grenoble, in- Dauphiny, xxxi. 

-» the parliament of Brittany declares 
all perlons guiliy of high treafon, wha 
ihould attempt to carry the new ordi«* 
nances into execution, xxxi. [22] 

— a deputation fent from a provireial 
meeting in Brittany, to Vcriuilles, to 
renionltrate with the king, but aiere- 
fufed an audiepce, and committed c\oCt 
priibncrs to the Baltile, xxxi. [23] 

France } 


Frs^nce ; the kingV juft title to the epi- 
thet of " well beloved," xxxi. [43] 

•^ on the inftitution of provincial af^ 
iemblies» xxxi. [14] 

^— the great things done by the aflfembly 
of the notables, towards meliorating 
the government, and bettering the 
condition of the lower orders of the 
people, xxxi. [25] 

^- fingular adulation of the mayor of 
Paris to Louis XVI, xxxi. [26] 

«— a counfel of finance inftituted, xxxi. 

4^ a faving of, 40 million of livres 
annually, recommended by the nota- 
bles, xxxi. [27] 

^— their proceeding refpefting taxation, 
xxxi. [27] 

— ^ the etfe^ of cabals on the parlia- 
mems, xxxi. [27] 

ta— a fudden and total darknefs, July 13, 
X788, followed by the moft violent 
tempeft and hurricane, xxxi. [2S] 

•-^ the lofs or damage moderately edi- 
mated at fourlcore millions of livres ; 
between three and four millions fter« 
ling, xxxi. [30] 

«— > the king grants an immediate bene- 
volence of X, 200,000 livres, a lottery. 

the middle of Septcmbcf, they requint 
the profecution of meflrs. de Lamoig. 
non and de Brienne, which the king re- 
fuling, a mob isaifembledydeiigning to 
deftroy the houfe of M. de Lamoignon^ 
but are prevented by the euards, in 
which 30 of the mob are killed, xxxi. 

« C3S] 

France j tlie parliament caufes all the 

king*s decrees for their fufpenfion to 

be burnt, xxxi. [35] 

— - a new convention of notables fum- 

moned, xxxi. [36] 

— the atrocities committed by the com* 
mon people, on the plea of the dear« 
nefs of provilions, xxxi. [36] 

^— dreams of univerfal dominion va- 
ni(hed in France, xxxi. [56] 

— the debilitated ftate of, ;txxi. [57J 

— the two queftions at iffue relative to 
the convocation of the ilates general^ 
xxxi. [201*] 

— the cale of the double rcprefentation 
of the people explained, xxxi. [20X*J 

— M. Neckar proves unequal to politi- 
cal legiilation ; in wilhing to pleafe all 
parties, lofes the confidence of all : 
fupports the double reprefentation of 
the commons, xxxi. [202*] 

and a remittance of taxes for a year to •*- the unexpe6led change in public opi«- 

come, befides great benevolences by the 

duke of Orleans, and the nobility and 

dignified clergy, xxxi. [30] 
m^ the king obliged to abandon the new 

conftitution, xxxi. [31] 
*— an arret ifiued by the king on the de- 

florable fituation of the finances, xxxi. 

»— the vblent run on the caiue d'ef- 
comptes, xxxi. [32] 

«-» an order iiTued for bankers and 
others to take the bills of the caiffe 
d^fcomptes in payment, which faves , 
it, xxxi. [32] 

••— the diftrefs at Paris from the appre- 
henfion of famine, xxxi. [32] 

•— the king deferted by his prime mi- 
ni fter 5 the archbiihop of Sens feeking 
an afyium in Italy, itxxi. [32] 

•— the caufes of his fall, xxxi. [33] 

— the change of fyftem adopted by the 
king, of throwing himfeif into the 

nion, xxxi. [203*] 
-— the parliament meets early in De- 
cember, and invites the attendance of 
the princes and peers, xxxi. [203*] 

— iffucs an arret on the prefent ftate of 
the nation, which is received with in- 
difference and contempt,. xxxi. [204.* I 

— the parliament dwindles into infigni- 
ficance, and at length totally laid afide, 
xxxi. [204*] 

— jealoufy and difTenfion in the orderf 
which were to compofe the ftaies, xxxi. 

— the third eftate not fatisfied with th« 
nobility agreeing to pay equal, endea- 
vour to take from them quit rents alfo, 
xxxi. [204*] 

.— the nobles ifTue a declaration in de- 
fence of their feudal rights, xxxi* 

— . the nobility divided into violent fac- 
tions, xxxi. [205*] 

arms of the popular partv, xxxi. [33] — the parliament alfo torn to pieces by 
*— M. Neckar recalled, and placed again internal difTenfions, xxxi. [206*] 
at the head of the finances, xxxi. [34] — dif&tisfa£lion amongil the pleading 

.*— M. Neckar iffue$ notice, that all 
demands on the treafury will be paid 
in ready money, xxxi. [341 

•— his ainduity m provTding bread for 
the city of Paris, xxxi. [34] 

lawyers, by the judges being neariy 
hereditary, xxxi. [«o6*] 
— jealoufy and diflike between nobl« 
and commons daily increafing, xxxi* 

«-»• the parliament of Paiif meets about -i* the noblct and clcsc^i ^i I^vq.'^tk) 

coalefced with the rcprcfcntatjves of 
the people, xxxi. [208*] 

France j the commons of Brittany in- 
fift on the fanit, xxxi. [208*] 

•— the rights of the nobles lupported by 
the count d'Artois, and the princes of 
Conde and Conti, xxxi. [209*] 

•— the duke of Orleans difcharged iVom 
the reftri^ions wh'ch confined him ait 
Rcinfy, proceeded to ihe palais royale 
in Paris, where he courts popularity, 
and byexcellive largeffeb in monev and 
corny-becomes the idol of that profligate 
city, xxxi. [209*] 

— M. Neclcar prelents a memoire to 
the king in favour of the double repre- 
fcntatlon of the commons, xxxi. 


•^ in January, 1789, the king iflues 
the decree for double reprefentation, 
but leaves unnoticed the fubje6l of 
amalgamation, which proves the cauie 
of many fucceeding evils, xxxi. 

•— various propofals made for mollifying 
thcftateof things, xxxi. [211*] 

•—account of the cuftom of cahiers, or 
inftru6lions delivered at the ele6lions 
of the llutts general, xxxi. [212*] 

— nobles bind ihemlclves by oath not to 
fit and vote in one common aflembly, 
xxxi, [213*] 

— (hort account of the views of the dif- 
ferent parties, xxxi. [213*] 

^— the meeting of the ftates deferred 
from April 27 to May 4, xxxi. 

— the parties .clafTcd into three great 
divilion?, and afterwards fub-divided, 
xxxi. [214.*] , 

— the claiTcs defcribed, xxxi. [^^4*3 
-— the primary ele6tions and aircmblies 

at Paris defcribed, xxxi. [214*] 
-— M. Keveillon burnt in emg^-, his and 
Henriot's houfes demolifhed, ilie 
guards fire on the mob, and many are 
killed and wounded, xxxi. [215*] 

— the women firft mix in fcenes of blood 
and deftruftion, xxxi. [216*] • 

.— the folemn and auguft opening of the 
ftates general. May 4, 1789, xxxi. 

i— the kmg makes a fliort fpcecb, xxxi. 


•— mr. Barentin fucceeds the lung in 

fpeaking, xxxi. [220*] . 
•— the expectation of aU parties difap- 

pointcd in the long .oration read by 

M. Neckav, xxxi. [221*] 
«— the tndecifion gf the kiqg and his 
. miniilers ilill continues refpe^Ung the 

8 t to I 7 9 2. 

fitting of three bodies, or all the ftates 
. in one body, xxxi. [221*] 
Ftance } the commons embrace the 

opportunity of drawing all authority 

to themfelves, xxxi. [222*] 

— the form of verification of po-iverj of 
the members of the itates general^ 
xxxi. [22-3*] 

— a civil nrjeflage being Tent by the third 
eltate to the clergy and nobles, invit- 
ing them to unite with them, which 
being refufed, the democratical lead- 
ers lay by the mafk, and avow their 
defigns, xxxi. [223*] 

•— the third ettaie denies any power m 
the nobles and clergy, imtil the veri- 
fication of powers, which they infift 
muft take place in their chamber, xxxi. 

— the nobility refift the demand, xxxi. 

["3*3 - 

— the commons united nmongft them- 
felves, whilft the nobility and clergy 
were torn by internal diifenfion, xxxi. 

— the minority in the nobles headed 
by thedakeof Orleans, xxxi. [224*} 

— • the meetings of the commons difor- 
derly and tumultuous in the extreme, 
xxxi. [224*] 

— the clergy agree to name commiRa- 
rics to treat with tKbfe of the nobles 
and the third elbte, on the fubje6l of 
verification, xxxi. [225*] '' 

— the clergy renounce ail exception from 
texes, xxxi. [225*] 

— the clergy invited by MIrabcau, in 
the name of the god of peace, to nnit« 
with the commons, xxxi, [225*] 

— the king fends letters to the nobles 
and clergy, refpefting the verification 
of the writs, xxxi. [225*] 

— the nobles pafs a folemn arret, that 
the deliberation by orders was cffen- 
tial, xxxi. £226*] 

— the conference again renewed, when 
M. Neckar camef forward with a con- 
ciliatoiy plan, which was not adopted, 
xxxi. [226*] 

— the commons proceed to a call of the 
houfe, and joined by feveral of the 
clergy, xxxi. [226*] 

— pamphlets publilhed, propofing a 
' total abolition of all dillinClions of 

blood and rank, xxxi. [228*] 

— the commons, having fiiiifhed the ve« 
fification of their own writs, and of 
the curates who came into them, af- 
fume the name of ajfemblee nationale^ 

. acxxi. [228*] 

-«- they vote tHat the'thxes fhall continue 



and murder the wife and children of 
M. d'Elprefmenil, and the method 
taken to prevent it being enforced, xxxL 

until the day of the reparation of the 
aflembly, xxxi. [2x8*] 
Fiance ; the uncealing zeal of the demo- 

cratic party, xxxi. [229*] 
— the nubles vote a itrong addrefs to the France; M. Neckar writes a letter to 

king, in jiillification of their own con- 
d\i6tf and accufing the commons, June 
19, 1789, xxxi. [230*] 

- nearly a majority of the clergy joined 
the commons, v\ hen the archbifliop of 
Paris procures a ftrong proteit to be 
pafled, xxxi. [230*] 

- the archbifliop infulted, and his life 
endangered, xxxi. [230*] 

- the troops firit retiife to aft agalnfl 
their fellow citizens, xxxi. [230*] 

- the king finds himfclf difappointedin 
return for the favours he had granted 
to the third eitate, xxxi. [230*] 

- the king becomes again i'urrounded 
by the princes and nobles, xxxi, 

- {^. Neckar advifes the king to hold 
2^feanct royaler or roycdfrjjion^ xxxi. 

-vworkmen fent to the hall of the third 
affembly, to ereft a throne for the king 
to meet the royal fedion, without giv- 

M. dii Crofne, afTuring him that the 
court had no intention to diflblve the 
ftates general, xxxi. [138*] 

— the king's fyftem and declaration 
treated with filent contempt bj the 
commons, xxxi. [238*] 

— the nobles declare they would adhere 
to it, xxxi. [238*] 

— the archbifhop of Paris, and clergy, 
withdraw their proteft, xxxi. [238*] 

— a motrt)n made in the houfe of nobles- 
for their uniting with the commons^ 
but rejefted, xxxi. [238*] 

— the minority of the nobles join the 
commons, June 25, xxxi. [238*] 

— the king lends a meflage to the ma- 
jority, exhorting them to unite with 
the other orders, xxxi, [239*] 

— the vote of union carried, and the 
nobles and clergy join the commons 
in their hall, June 27, public rejoicings, 
and illuminations on the occafion, xxxi. 

jng notice of the intention 5 the com- — the mal-contents confider the union 

mons,apprehenfive of diflblution, meet 
in an old tennis-court, and take an 
oath never to part until the conftitu- 
tion ivas completed, xxxi. [231*] 
the. majority of the clergy flies from 

only a temporary expedient, xxxi. [24.0*] 
— troops from all parts moved towards 

the capital, all parties are alaritied, 

and former animofities revive, xxxi. 

the court and joins the common?, xxxi. — the popular party afiert the dedgn of 
[232*] diflblving the ftates, by the alTiitance 

- the king opens the royal feflion, June of the army, xxxi. [24.0*] 

*3» 1 789* 3nd produces apian of a —the friends of the court alTert a plan 
new conllitution, with the chief heads for overturning the monarchy by force, 
of it, xxxi. [232*] xxxi. [240*] 

- the commons refufe to break up their ^- a committee appointed to prepare mii- 
feflion, but at the points of bayonets, terials for the new conftitution, xxxi* 
xxxi. [«35*] - 1^4-1*] 

- the populace at Verfailles become — after Majhouet's eleftion being. pro- 
outrageous in behalf of the commons, nounced void by the committee, the 
xxxi. [235*] alTembly confirmed his eleftion, xxxi. 

- M. ^eckar, on a rumour of his in- [241*] 

tention to retire, becomes more than — the gunrds imbibe the political opi» 
ever the idol of the populace, xxxi. nious of theParilians, 3cxxi. [242] 
[236*] — wine^ women, and gold, the powerful 

-the great ferment at Paris, in which agents in debauching the foldiery, xxxi. 
the fifh-wo*nen (les po'JJ'ardes) take the [24-^] 

lead, xxxi. [236*] , — eleven refraftory foldiers releafed by 

the mob, and their free dilcharge de- 
manded of the aflembly, and granted^ 
xxxi. [242*] 
leans,, the grand theatre of mob po- Mirabeau, in private conterfation, talfc^ 
litics, xxxi. [236*] of making the firft prince of th*' blood 

- hired crators employed to inflame lieutenant-general of the kingdom, 
the mulutuileto vioknce, xx\i. [237*] xxxi. [243*] - 

-relation of a motion 10 burn the houXe — itivewA ve^\tcvt^\.% ^^^xoasiNx Tvsias« 

iupport alio given by the courtezans, 
xxxi. [236*] 
the palais royale of the duke of Or- 

C % 



to Paris and Verfaiiles, which caafes 

jealouiy in the alTembly, xxxi. [244*] 
Prance ; the king propoies to transfer the 

afTembly to Noyon or Solflbns^ which 

is rciefted, xxxi. [244*] 
M» the change of meafures fiippoied to 

be adopted by the court, xxxi. [244*] 

— the regret exprefled by men elieemed 
moderate, to the change of meafures, 
3«xi. [245»] 

*- it was expe^ed that the king would 
in perfon require the Ibites to ratify 
the declaration, or on refufal that he 
would diiTolve the affembly, xxxi. 


— M. Neckar ordered to give up his 

place, July 11, xxxi. [246*] 

— other minifters turned out or refigned, 
and M. de Breteuil made prime mi- 
nifter, and marihal Broglio com- 
mander in chief of the army, xxxi. 

. [246*] 

•<— the fury and defpair occafioned by 
theie meafures at Paris, xxxi. [246*] 

— - an attempt made to bring the duke 
of Orleans forward, but not encou- 
raged, xxxi. [246*] 

— the prince of Lambefc, wi;h the royal 
Allemand horfe, attempts to difperfe 
the populace in the ThwilJeries, but 
is defeated by the mob, July i2,xxxi. 


— this attack not ordered by the miMiners, 

xxxi. [247*] 

— weakneis and inanity the charac- 
teriftics of the government, rather than 
wickednefs, xxxi. [24S*] 

— - all regal, judicial, and municipal go- 
vernment at an end at ] aiis, xx^ii. 

•— 30,000 cit'zens armed in a few hours, 
and joired by the guards, and a 
new cockade formed, July 13, xxxi. 

— the origin of execution a la lanterned 
xxxi. [«48*] 

•— the new-formed army fcize on arms 
and ammunition, xxxi. [249*] 

— the Baflile attacked, and in two hours 
carried by ftonr, July 14, and de 
Launay, the governor, with the major, 
murdered, xxxi. [249*] 

*«- the o^ginatbn of infulting and mu- 
tilating thedea;!, xxxi. [250*] 

«-' M.dc FieiTellfift, mayor ot Paris, for a 
correfpondence with the court, feized 
on and (hot inftantly, xsd. [250*] 

«» the ceils c& the Baftile broke open, and 
the priiboers, only feven in number, re- 
Jttfed, xxxi, [25X*J 

781 to 1792. 

France ; the army, -both fbreign'and n^^ 
tional troops, follows.{fae example of the 
guards, xxx«. [251*] 

— the kins; kept in ignorance of the 
misfortimes and dangers which fur- 
rounded him, xxxi. [252*] 

— proceedings of the national aflembly, 
July 13, xxxi. [252*] 

— rtiblution of the members who vote 
thanks to Neckar, xxxi. [252*] 

— pafs a refolution for the re(Vx}niibility 
of the actual counfellors or the king, 
xxxi. [252*] 

— folicit the king to call the troops 
from Paris, which be refiifes, xxxi. 

— difmay of the miniftry on the news 
of the deftru6lion of the Baftile, xxxi. 

— the national aflembly refolves not to 
break up, but to pals the night in the 
hall, xxxi. [253*] 

— the duke de Liancourt forces him- 
felf into the king's bed-chamber, and 
informs him of the real fituation of 
affairs, and alfo informed the count 
d*Artois that a large price was let on 
his head, xxxi, [253] 

— unconditional fubmiflion refolved on 
by the king, who went early without 
guards to refigii bimfelf into the power 
of the aflembly, and informs theiri 
that he had ordered all the troops to 
quit Paris and VerJailles, xxxi. [253*) 

— M. la Fayette elefted to the command 
of the new army, with the title of ge- 
neral, xxxi. [253*] 

— M. Bailly appointed mayor of Paris, 
xxxi. [253*] 

— Paris proceeds to give the law to the 
fovereign, the national aflembly, and 
to the kingdom, xxxi. [254*] 

— the national afl(?mbly fends a depu- 
tation to Paris, of 84 members, to im- 
plore peace, xxxi. [254*] 

— the king vifits Paris, July 17, xxxi. 

— met at Seve by 25,000 national 
guards, conducted to the hotel de ville, 
anil obliged to wear the new cockade, 
made a fpecch to the people, and heait 
a fpeech of M. de St. Merry, charg- 
ing him with cruel deflgns againft the 
city, which he refifts with ccnfcioug 
innocence, and returns to Verfailles, 
xxxi. [254*] 

— barbarous and inhuman popular fongs 
introduced at Paris, xxxi. [255»] 

— Foulon and Bcithier murdered, xxxi. 

France I 


France; marflial Broglio^ and many mi- 
ni (lers and nobles difappear, /xxxi. 

— - the name of ftates^general lai^ afide, 

and national ajj'embly adopted by all 

parties, xxxi. [256*] 

— jnftead o£ royalifis, ariftocrats zdoTpied, 
xxxi. [256*] 

— > a proclamation proposed by Lally 
Tollendal, to warn the people of be- 
- coming judges and executioners of the 
law, but rejefted> xxxi. [256*] 

— - a proclamation iflued, inviting all 
Frenchmen to peace, order, and tran- 
quillity, xxxi. f 256»] 

— Neckar recalled by the king's letter, 
and prefents himfelf to the national 
aflembly, xxxi. [257*] 

— pleads in vain for the releafe of Ben- 
zenval, and a general amnefty, xxxi. 

•— the dreadful ftate of difbrder and cru- 
elty through the whole country, xxxi. 

•^ account of the kipg opening the af- 

fembly of the ftates-general, May 7, 

1789, xxxi. [207] 
•— copy of the king^s prcular letter for 

the convocation of the ftates*general 

at Veriailles, xxxi. [327] 
*— the king^s fpee^h, at the opening of 

the ftates-general. May 9> 1789, xxxi. 

•— letter from the king to the prefident 

of the national affembly. May 28, 

1789, xxxi. [329] 
• — addrefs of the deputies of the tiers 

etat to the king, June 6, 1789, xxxi. 

— fpeech of the king to the ftates-ge- 
neral, June 23, xxxi. [331] 

f— the declaration of rights agreed to by 
the national affembly, and fan^lioned 
,by the king, xxxi. [332] 

— articles of the quadruple alliance be- 
tween Ruftia, Auftraa, France, and 
Spain, xxxi. [338] 

r— the conftrii6lion, regulation, and di- 
re6lion of the national affembly, xxxii. 


— Paris, within about three weeks, un- 
derwent three revolutions : i . Threw 
off all eftabliflied authority : 2. The 
body of conftiluent eleftors, who re- 
ceive the applaufe of the rabble, but 
are foon obliged by the fame rabble 
to relinquifh their feats and authority : 
3. 120 deputies tle^^ed, xxxii. [4] 

•— th« divifion of Paris into 60 dittrif^s, 
and the future ufe of that divifion, 
xxxii, [5] 

France ; general affemblies held in each 
diffrifl, xxxii. [5] 

— - the confufion and noife of th^fe af- 
femblies, in one of which the prefident 
introduced a drummer to overpower 
the noife, when it became too violent, 
xxxii. [6] 

— - Paris becomes a confederacy of 60 dif- 
tinft demo(;ratical republics, xxxii. [6] 

— the moft turbulent, noify, and profli- 
gate demagogues becopie the leaders^ 
xxxii. [6] 

•— the new republican clubs eflabliihedy 

of which the Jacobins became moii> 

xvoted, xxxii. [7] 
-— the influence of the clubs obtain a 

decided majority in the national aflem- 

bly, xxxii. [7J 

— the power of the Jacobins extended 
tl^rough every part of the kingdom^ 
by their deputies and emiffaries, xxxii. 


*— the term of defpot and tyrant, intro- 
duced in the place of king, xxxii. 


— ' men and women appear to have chang. 
ed their nature ^ falfehoods and for- 
geries, the refources and weapons of 
the cabals, xxxii. [8] 

— letters forged in the name of the na* 
tional affembly, and edicts in the name 
of the king, exhorthig the peafants to 
deftroy the patents and pedigi^s of 
the nobility, and to Isurn their caftjes, 
xxxii. [8] 

— the blind credulity and Aifpicious 
nature of the inhabitants of Paris, 
xxxii. [9] 

— in revolutions, one rafcal writes, and 
ioo>ooo fools believe, xxxii. [10] 

— the unbounded licentioufnefs of the 
prefs, xxxii. [10] 

-^ 20,000 in Paris, who afTumed the 
namt? of literals, xxxii. [11] 

— theories now publifhed from the tenets 
of Roufteau, Voltaire, &c. xxxii. [i i} 

— errors of the minif^ry iw not prevent- 
ing the licentioufnefs of the prefs,xxxii. 


f-^ few or no anfwers of chara^er to 
the republican publications, xxxii. 

— the effefls which famine had in ac- 
celerating the revolution, xxxii. [12] 

— the notorious ccnduft of the duke of 
Orleans, xxxii. [13] > 

— Couriers fent with falle intelligence 
to eveiy part of the kingdom, xxxii^ 


— theinnumerablcfeditious publicatiaxv^^ 
xxxii. [\'^\ 

INDEX, I 7 8 I to 1 7 9 2. 

France ; the law given to the nation by the and filver plate to the mint for coinage, 

hew clubs, xxxii. [14] tor relief of their immediate neceilititesy 

«— not yet in a (late capable of receiving xxxiit [28] 

libtifty, xxxli. [14] France; the patriotic offerings unequal to 

»— the dread of the effefts of anarchy the public neceflities, xxxii. [a8] 

too long continued, xxxii'. [15] — the taxes unproduflive, xxxii. [29] 

•—the outi ages, conflagrations, and maf- — a fcherae propofed by Neckar, for 

facres committed, xxxii. [15] each perfon to pay a fourth part of his 

•— the nobility hunted down like wild yearly revenue, and paficd, xxxii. 

hearts, xxxii. [15] [29] 

^-^ no refpe6l paid to chara^er, xxxii. — diltrcfi'es occafioned by the difordered 

[16] Hate of the finances, xxxii. [30] 

,.:- the land proprietors in Ma9on unite, — tlife national aiftnibly occupied in 

and defeat the plunderers, xxxii. [16] forming the new conltitution, and de- 

— the national aflembly engaged in claration of the rights of men and of 
framing the declaration of rights, are citizens, xxxii. [30] 

f*iddenly interrupted, Auguft 4, by r— La Fayette and the abbe Sieyes pro- 

. the devaft^ions committed in dvery pofitions both rejc^Vd, xxxii. [30] 

part of-France, xxxii. [17] — great debates upon the propriety of 

•—the nobles become willing to fa- adopting .t deciaraiion, xxxii. [31] 

• tisfy the claims of the peafantiy, xxxii, . — the declaration adopted, chara£le. 
[18] rized, and (tiled by Mirabeau a po- 

^- the contagion of the nobles and clergy litical almanack for the current year, 

which Aiould make the greateft facn- xxxii. [33] 

fices, xxxii. [18] , — debates and difficulties in fettling the 

■— the bifh p of Chartres gives up the new conftitution, xxxii. [33] 

rights of chafe, xxxii. [18] ^- the length, heat, and violence of de.- 

— - the feudal ferviccs given up, xxxii. bate on the queftion of the fhare of 

[19] - authority to be allowed the king, xxxii. 

fc— piuralities dlfclaimed by the clergy, [33] ' 

xxxii. [19] — the two parties delineated, xxjni. [34] 

— the deputies of the Pais d'Etat, and — '- violent debates on the king's *veto, 
the privileged towns, furrender their xxxii. [35] 

■ rights ?nd charters, xxxii^ [19] — the crowds in the galleries become 

•— propo.U for ihe abolition ot all ma- more iniolent and audacious, xxxii. 

nerialjurir'.i6l:ion, xxxii. [19] [36] 

•— another motion, tiiat juftjce ihould be — lids difpcrfed o* members to be pro- 

admiiiittercd gratuitoully, xxxii. [19] fcrlbed, xxxii. [36] 

•— the title of reltorcr ot the liberty of — letters threatening dcftru61ion, receiv- 

Prance, conferred on- the king, xxxii. ed by bvoth parties, xxxii. [36] 

[20] — ilories fj>read olplots and conlpiracics, 

— Te Deum celebrated, xxxii. [20] xxxii. [37] 

— - d'joate on ti'e fuppreflion oftythes, —the eifecSl: of the two violent refolu - 

and warmly ip'^portcd by Sieyes, xxxii. tions of Rennes and Dinaut, xxxii. 

t2o] . ' , [38.1 

— the archbifhop of Paris, in the name — the king fends Neckar to offer the *vefo, 
of the clergy, fiu renders the tyihes, to fulp-^nd laws only for one or two 
xxxii. [23] legiflaturcs, and carried, xxxii. [38] 

•— one common conftitution to be efta- — proceedings on the bufinefs, whether 

bliihcd through la- whole kingdom, the national aflembly fliould be com- 

• xxxii. [23] pofed of one or two chambers, xxxii. 

— 1:1' exclulive rights refigneJ, xxxii. [38] 

[24] — t.vo chambers reje61ed by a majority 

— a new miniilry appointed by the king, * of more than 900, xxxii. [39] 

xxxii. [25] — other lifts of proi'criptions, and incen- 

— thlity million, of livres required by diaiy letters, xxxii. [39] 

Neck '4, and rei'ufed by the ^ffembiy, — the teim of the convention limited to 

xxxii. [26] two years, xxxii. [40] 

— * patriotic contribution? of filver buc- — the king lends a letter on the hard/liip 

kles, g)ld,&'c. xxxii. [27] of abohlliiiig rents, eft.iblifhed for- 

— the king and •.^uten fi.nd their gold merly as compenfations for perfonai 

J feivitude$ 


fervitude; t)m rigjbts of the German France j afecoDdannyof Anaazonspires 

princes i|i AlCace, and tbe aboliihioent 
of tythes, without provifion for the 
clergy, a^d tiJbe letter ill received>.;ixxli. 
[40] ^ . ^ 

France ^ the dcfign of the violent republi- 
cans, to remove the court and national 
affembly to Paris, xxxii. [4.1] 

— the nobles and clergy charged with 
new coDfpiracies^.xxxii. [41] 

«— the rebellious guards claim their right 
of attending on the king^'s perfon, icxxii. 

[41] . 

— hereditary fucceflion confirmed by the 
national alTerably, xxxii. [41] 

— a violent det^ateoh fucceffioo, brought 
on by the duke of Orleans, with ML- 
rabeau''8 fpeech on the fubje£t, xxxii* 

[+»] . • 

— ferment occauoned at Paris and Ver- 

paring, but difperfed by La Fayette, 
xxxii. [4^] 

--~ La Fayette endeavours to diiTuade 
trie national guai'd< 6'ona proceeding to 
Verfaillesy but is obliged by them' XS^ 
become their leji^er, xxxii. [48] - 

— - a deputation of tlie women, accompa- 
nied by Maillard aud Mounier, waiF 
upon the king, whc^ orders an. ixn^e- 
diate fupply of Paris witli proviffon^ 
xxxii. [49] 

— extravagant fcenes by the women in 
the national aiii^mbiy, xxxii. [49] 

-^ the noble relbiution of the queen today 
and die at the king's feet, xxxii. [49 j 

— a fecond party of armed Pariuans, 
joined by foreigners, as defcribed by 
Rabaut, proceed from Paris, xxxii. 

[so] . 

^ilTesy by the arrival Qf the Flanders -— the king orders the troops not ta£re 

regiment, xxxii. [43] upon the people, xxxii. [50] 

♦— the great attention (hewn them at — the dragoons of Flanders and the na,- 

VerfaiUes, with a view of corrupting tional guai'ds of Verfailles, join the in- 

them y xxxii.. [43] furgents, xxxii. [$o] 

*— view of the iiate of public affairs^ as •— the king's only guard the garde* 

drawn by Rabaut, xxxii. [43] du corps, xxxii. [50] 

— the entertainment given by the life — the upcertaiiity of tlie caufeof thefirft 

guards to the regiment of Flanders, fcuffle at Verfailles, xxxii. [51] 

viiited by the king and royal family — « the members of the aifembly efcape, 

after dinner, xxxii. [44] after the king's ratification of the con- 

— - misfortunes occaiioned by thisimpru^ ftitutional articles, xxxii.'[5i] 

dent entertainment, xxxii. [45] —the members aimolt immediately re- 

the king fan£lions the indiviiibility of 
the alfembly, the fuipenfion of the 
i/etOy and the declaration of rights of 
man, but wi'Ji a menage, at which 
great offence is taken, xxxii. [46] 
— Mirabeau's intention of impeaching 
the queen and the duke of Giiicne, 

called to their places, by the approach 
of La Fayetic at tlie iiead of 30^000 
foldiers, xxxii. [51] 
- La Fayette preicuts himfelf befoi:e 
the king and before the affcniblyi with 
every appearance of refpe^l and fub- 
niifiion, xxxii. [52] 

on account of .the entertainment, xxxii. —the royal apartments broke into by 

[+6] . 
«— the king obliged to give a full (anc- 

tion to the decrees, xxxii. [47] 

— - the ferment at Paris, greatly alHOfd 

by the Orleans cabal, xxxii. [47] 

— an univerfal cry to go ro Verfailles, 
and demand bread of the king and the 
aflembly, xxxii. [47] 

— • the infurrcSion led on by the women, 
xxxii. [47] 

— the hotel de ville, or town-houie, 
attacked and plundered of aims, and 
the pril'ons forced open, xxxii. [47] 

-— the army fcts out about noon for 
Verfailles, xxxii. [47] 

the mob, and the family providentially 
relcued by the ai'rival of La Fayette, 
xxxii. £53]- 

— the king, queen, and royal family 
obliged to fubm it to be conduced by 
the rhob to Paris, Oftobcr 6, I739# 
xxxii. [55] 

.— the lUike of Orleans fuppofed to be 
prelent in the mob, in dtfguife, xxxii* 


— the national affembly votes thcmfelves 
infepariible from the king^ xxxii. [563 

—.^Mounier, Lally Tolendal, and others, 
"i^cede from the national affembly, 
xxxii. [57] 

— the cries for bread changed into im- — the late diforders and violence pro- 
precaiions againlt the queen, the life moted by two faflions, with views to- 
giiards, and the clergy, xxxii. [47] tally different, xxxii. [58] 

— Maillard appears as their leader, — the views of the two faftions deline- 
2U«i'» [47] *^^^> xxxii. ^58] 


Fnmce ; the republican party triumphant^ 

xxxii. [59] 
«— the aifembly paiTes refblutions of the 

£icrednefs and inviolability of their 

perfons, xxxii. [60] 
1^- a baker executed by the mob, on fuf- 

picion of being a monopolizer, xxxii. 

*- feveral executed for the murder of 

the baker, xxxii. [61] 
•*- the duke of Orleans fent out of the 

kingdom by mandate from the king, 
' xxxii. [61] 
i-« the general impreflion made on the 

public mind in England, by the tranf- 

a6lions in France, xxxii. [63] 
«^ the evils which followed torefeen by 

accurate obfervers, and foretold by 

mr. Burke, xxxii. [64] 

— the intereft of the leaders in involv- 
ing furrounding ftates in the lame dif- 
tra6lions, xxxii. [64] 

— agents eftabliflied in every part of 
Europe, for diflfeminatihg theur prin- 
ciples, xxxii. [64] 

«— letters of congratulation received from 
various political focleties in Great Bri- 
tain and Ireland, xxxir. [64] 

«— the conduft of the French foldiery 
held up by mr. Fox as an example to 
the military of Europe, with colonel 
Phipps^s fpirited proteft againft that 
opinion, xxxii. [66'] 

•-* mr. Fox again applauds the revolu- 
tion, which is oppoftd by mr. Burke, 
xxxii- [6>] 

-I-* mr. Burke's pi£lure of the revolution, 
and contrafts it with the revolution in 
England, xxxii. [68] 

— mr. Fox fupported in his opinion by 
' mr. S'eridan, xxxii. [70] 

»« proceedings in the national afTembly, 
after having reftrained the judicial pro- 
ceedings of the mob, xxxii. [108] 

V- the fuppreflion of the diftin6lion of 
orders, xxxii. [108] ^ 

— the regulation of ele£\ions, xxxii. 
' [108] 

— ibme qualification of pcopdty requir- 
ed, xxxii.- [109] 

•— obje6^ions made by the provinces to 
the lurrender of their peculiar rights 
and privileges, xxxii. [109] 

^- the term " pro<vince,'"' expunged 
from the vocabulaiy, xxxii. [109] 

— the kingdom divided into 83 depart- 
ments, and fuhdivided into diftridls and 
cantons, xxxii. [109] 

^— the geography of the country fo to.r 
tally changed, that new maps became 
ncceffary, xxxii* [xio] 

781 to 1792. 

France $ the organization of the iminici* 
palities or interior governments^ xxxii* 

— letter* de cachet aboliflied, ^xxxii. 

•*-4 regulation5 maderefpe£^ing the taxe»| 

xxxii. [no] 
—r the gabells, or tax upon ialt, fup- 

preHTed, xxxii. [m] 

— tax on tobacco aboliihed, xxxii. [in] 

— augments the pay of the anny, ^ocxii* 


— new bank of ccdjfe deV extraordinaire f 

ei)ablifhed, xxxii. [in] 
-.-' the grand fcheme of feizing the eftatet 

of the clergy, xxxii. [1 n [ 
— - the difficulties and impediments which 

^oppofed themfelves removed, by the 
. opinion << that en)ery thing belonged to 

tte nation,'** xxxii. [112] 
"^ the number of clergy 130,000, xxxii« 

— the decree pafled, Nov. «, 1785^, by 
which the ecclefiaftical eftates were 
declared to be at the difpofal of the 
nation, charged with the exp^nce of 
celebrating public woHhlp^ for the 
maintenahce of the miniilers, and for 
the relief of the poor ; artd the decree 
fan6lioned by^tbe captive king, xxxii. 

— the oppomion made to the decree by 
the clergy, xxxii. [115] 

— a prodigious manufacture of pani«- 
phlets againft the natipnal a0embly^ 
xxxii. [115] 

— the parliaments of Rouen, Bretagne, 
and Metz, prottft againft the decrees 
of the national aifembly, xxxii. [116} 

— * the parliament of Bourdeaux ftands 
fingly againft the national aifembly^ 
xxxii. [n6] 

— troubles occafioned by the municio 
palities, xxxii. [116] 

— si violent outcry raifed againft the 
king*s minifters, charged with havin? 
created a fcarciry of grain, fpecie, and 
want of employment, xxxii. [117] 

— the charges againft the ariftocrates in 
general, of laying the foundation of 
the confederacy againft France, xxxii* 


— the animoiities between the democra- 
tical leaders and the remainder of the 
nobles in the affembly, xxxii. [118} 

^^ a defcription of the proceedings of 
the national afTembly by Rabaut, xxxii. 

-IP- a relation of the confinement of the 
king and royal family ip Xhfi Thuille- 
riesj xxxii. [ii^] 

France j 


France ; tbe ill eiFe£l of the confinement 
of the king, on the opinion of other 
countries^ as well as at home, xxxti. 

*» endeavours made to perfuade the king 
to go to the national aflembiy, and de- 
clare himfelf fatisfied with tlteir pro* 
ceedings, xxxii. [120] 

«— a deputation fehr, requeuing the king 
to fix the fum for his civil ii(i, xxxiu 


— the king rejefted the viiit to the af- 

fembly, xxxii. [i»ij 
•^ every clafs ot men, the reverfe of 

happy, profperous, or contented, xxxii* 


«*» the decay of man\ifa6lnres, particu- 
larly at Lyons and Louviers, xxxii. 

•* the condu£l of the inhabitants of Ver- 
&illes» who after having been raifed by 
the court, become the moft refractory 
againft the royal family, xxxii. [121] 

^r- the felicity of Verfailles deftroyed by 
the removal of the court to Paris, 
xxxii. [122] 

«— conflagrations and maffacres con- 
iidered the natural refult . of revolu- 
tions, xxxii. [123] 

«— the Verfailliaiis become to be confi« 
dered by the aifembly as plotters and 
confpirators, xxxii. [ 1 2 3 J 

«— Veriailles becomes funk into utter 
oblivion, xxxii. [123] 

«F— indications of tumults at Paris ; from 
the high price of bread } from the ex- 
pelled acquittal of the baron de Ben- 
zenval ; form a plot for breaking the 
prtfon, and murdering him, which was 
defeated by La Fayette, fupported by 
the Bourgeoife militia, xxxii. [124.] 

^ii* 1,100 mutineers furrounded by La 
Fayette, and 200 of them made pri- 
foners, xxxii. [126] 

f— ililed Brigands i and fuppofed to con- 
filt of GeroYans and foreigners come 
to Paris, for the purj5oie of raifing tu- 
mults, xxxii. [127] 

V*- Benzenval acquitted, and fafely dif- 
charged from Paris, xxxii. [127] 

V the chatelet proceeds to the trial of 
prince of Lambefc, marfhal Broglio, 
and other principal fiigitives, who are 
acquitted for want of evidence, xxxii. 

«— Favras condemned and executed, 
xxxii. [128] 

r^ the chatelet proceeding on an inquiry 
into the condu6V, defigns, and proceed- 
ings of the duke of Orleans and of 
Jidir^beauj their powers are iudd^niy 

withdrawn, and for eVer laid by, xxxxu 

France } the king appears fuddenly at tke 
national aflembly, Feb. 4, 1790, and ^ 
declares that the monarch and the re- 
prefentatives were entirely united, xxxii* 

— an addrefs of thanks voted to th* 
king, xxxii. [129] 

«- the aifembly pailbs a decree, obliging 

every member to take thfr newly deviiexl 

civic oath, xxxii. [129] 
-— all monadic eftablifiiments, and tlinr 

lands confifcatedi February 13, 1790* 

xxxii. [130] 
-— the teiritorial pofief&ons of the churck 

afligned to the payment of the public 

debt, xxxii. [130] 

— adignats ifiued on the confifcated 
church lands, xxxii. [130] 

— • Mirabeau becomes the leader and 
fupporter of the violent meafures againft 
the French clergy, xxxii . [ 1 30] 

— • ineffectual attempts of the privileg* 
ed orders for procuring fuccour from 
the neighbouring continental powertg 
xxxii. [131] 

«- moft of the dates of Europe incapa- 
ble or unwilling to interfere in, tl^ 
affairs of, xxxii. [132] 

— > the national aflembly creates enemies 
abroad as well as at home, by their 
rafh and imperious language, xxjdl, 


— the poflfefiions of the duke of Wir- 

temberg, the prince of DeuxPonts» 
and other German princes in Alface^ 
feized on by a decree of the national 
aflembly, and the king obliged to 
fan^ion it, xxxii. [133] 

-— no attention paid to the treaty o( 
Wdlphalia, xxxii. [134] 

— - the bufinefs taken up by the German 
diet, xxxii. [134] 

— > tlie aflembly votes an indemnification 
to the German princes, which Was re- 
fufed, xxxii. ['135] 

— the difordered ftaie of the Weft India 
colonies, from tbe niifcondii£t of the 
national aflembly, xxxii. [135] 

— the ibciety of tAm di Noir^ xxxii. 


<— the king approved of the fociety, whilil 
it was ftrongly obje£led to by his mini- 
flers, Calonneand Neckar, xxxii. [137] 

— - fatal confequences in St. Domingo, 
xxxii, [137] 

-~ the mulattoes infift on the rights and 
privileges of free citizens, xxxn.'[x37] 

— > both patties fend deputies to the na- 
tional ^fltmhly^ xxxii« ^\'^V\ 


France ; the ill conduct of commiffioners 
fentfrom France, xxxii. [138] 

— • the flaves iofe all refpe<5l. for their 
mafters, and more than 100,000 rife 
for the avowed pur^^fe of exterminat- 
ing the whiter, xxxii. [1 39] 

— great oiitiages committed by the 
.* troops in France J xxxii. [139] 

— the officers inclined to ariitocracy 
and the men to democracy, xxxii. 

[139] . 

»— the violent pa01on for fovereignty 

which raged in every breail, xxxii. 


... Bretagne Hrd afTociatee and raifes 

armies for the defence of the new con- 

ftitution, xxxii. [141] 
•_ the armies become increafed to four 

millions of men, xxxii. [142] 
^^ an eftimate of peri'ons difa&e^led to 

the revolution, xxxii. [142] 
•_ a decree paifed, that municipalities 

Should be anfwerable for damages done 

by rioters, xxxii. [142] 
.-. the ifland of Corfica confUtute<i a 

member of the kingdom, xxxii. [143] 

— mural crowns prefented to the con- 
querors of the Baftile, xxxii. [143] 

;» the debate in the national aiTembly on 
the king's roeffage.refpefting the dif- 
pute between Spain and England, xxxii. 

' [143] 

.— the decree that war ihould not be 

made, but by a decree of the afieqibly, 

after the king's formal notification of 

the neceffity of war ; and that the 

king ihould be obliged to make peace 

if the aflembly require it, xxxii. [143] 

i^- the alfembly renounces ail conquefts, 

and confequentiy all wars leading to 

that obje6l, xxxii. [143] 

— dilturbances at Paris, occafioned by 
the king^s meffage, xxxii. [144] 

*— Mirabeau becomes the averfion of the 
mob, but foon reconciles them, xxxii. 


— the aflembly rcfolves to afllft Spain, 

xxxii. [145] 

— a fleet of thirty fail fitted out at Breft 5 
the failors refufe to ferve only under 
fuch officers as they like, and are 
guilty of great diforders, and the mu- 
tiny becomes more violent, xxxii. 

— a committee declares a want of con- 
fidence in miniftry, to have been the 
caufc of the riois, xxxii. [146] 

— a motion made for accufmg the mi- 
niftry, and loft, x3Dcii. [146] 

— the mutinous Tailors exhorted to re- 
turn to thcij: dutyy xxxii. [14^] 

781 to 179^. 

France ; the national flag changed £-091 
white to the ftriped, xxxii. [146] 

— a change takes place in the miniftry, 
xxxii. [146] 

— the lailois become pacified, when a 
convention fettles the differences be- 
tween England and Spain, xxxii. [146, 

— the fcbeme for the total, extirpation of 
the nobility, xxxii. [147] 

— Anacharfis Clootz introduces himfelf 
into the national affembly, and the 
foange part he a^s, xxxii. [147] 

— introduces a motley crew in mafque- 
rade drefles, as ambaifadors froiu all 
nations, xxxii. [148] 

— ^ the alfembly orders the removal of 
the chained (laves praftrate to the ffe- 
tue of Louis XIV. xxxii. [149] 

— hereditary nobility abolifhed, June 
i9tb, 1790, and fan^lioned by the 
king on the 21ft, xxxii. [149] 

— liereditary nobility declared to be in- 
compatible with a free ftate, xxxii. 

— all titles abolifhed, and alfo blazonry 
and liveries, xxxii. [150] 

-r a grand confederation to be celebrat- 
ed, July 14th, the anniverfaiy of the 
taking of the Baftile, xxxii. [151] 

— the duke of Orleans applies to the 
aiTembly for leave to return, and to 
aflift at the confederation, xxxii. [151] 

— the extraordinary prepai ations for the 
confederation, xxxii. [151] 

— the purport of the oath taken by the 
king, by the aflembly, by the army, 
and by the people, xxxii. [152] 

— -. a total contempt of fubordination and 
difcipline in the army, xxxii. [152] 

^— excefles committed by the troops at 
Nancy, xxxii. [153] 

— the fuccefs of the marquis de Bouille 
againll the troops at Nancy, xxxii. 

"— the refignation and final departure of 
Neckar from France, xxxii. [154] 

— new contelts with the clergy, and 
€very benefice declared to be eleftive, 
xxxii. [155] 

— ^a new oath impofed on the clergy, 
which many of them refufe to take, 
xxxii. [.155] 

— thofe who refufe to take the oath are 
rejefled from their benefices 5 of x 3 1 
biihops, only three take it, xxxii. [15.6] 

— the decree of the national aiTembly 
on the family compa6^, xxxii. [303] 

— pohtical effects of the junflion be- 
tween the great monied intereft and the 
philofophical cabals, ;^x;:ii. 12S 

France & 


France; great difturbances at St. Do- Fi-ance 5 letter from the king tothenation- 

mingo, xxxiii. -zi*. al aflembly concerning his relblution to 

— col. Maiiduit defcrted by his foldiers, accept the conditution, Sept- 13, 1791, 
and murdered, xxxiii. 23*. xxxlii. 141*. 

— two men who had concealed them- — -the king's fpeech on accepting the 
ielves under the altar of liberty in the conftitution, Sept. 14, 1791, with the 

Champ de Mars, murdered by the 
mob, xxxiii. [32*] 
— mr. Sheridan and mr. Fo^ fpeak in 
commendation of the revolution, xxxiii. 
[104, 105. 113, 114-, 115] 

prefident's anfwer, xxxiii. 143*. 
— the king's fpeech to the national afl 
fembly the laft day of their meeting, 
Sept. 30, 1791, with the prefident's 
anfwer, xxxiii. 144*. 

— progrefs of the revolution in 1789 and — proclamaiion of the king, Sept. 30, 

1790, compared with that of Poland, 
xxxiii. [203] 

— affailed by foreign force, xxxiii. [203] 

— the origin of the invafion of, xxxiii, 

•— account of the fuppofed treaty of Pa- 
via, and of the congrefs at Pilnitz, 
xxxiii. [204] 

— a feparate article at the congrefs at 
Pilnitz, relative to, xxxiii. [205] 

1 79 1, xxxm. 144*. 

— the king's fpeech to the new national 
aflembly, O6V. 7, 1791J with the pre- 
fident's anfwer, xxxiii. 146*. 

— the meffage of the national aflembly 
to the king, Nov. 29, 1791* with his 
anfwer, xxxiii. 148*. 

— the king's fpeech. to the national af- 
fembly, Dec. 14, i79i> with the pre- 
fident's anfwer, xxxiii. 149*. 

— the convention at Pilnitz, (liled, — addrefs from the national aflembly to 
•* the league of defpots,'' xxxiii. [205] the king, Dec. 16, 1 791. xxxiii. 151*. 

— events which preceded and followed — authentic copy of the French confti- 

the congrefs to the moment of the ag- 
grefiion of France, portjKjned to the 
next volume, xxxiii. [206] 

— ftate of Europe before the revolution, 
and at the clofe of the year 1791, 
xxxiii. [206] 

— the chai*a£^er and genius of the revo- 
lution, xxxiii. [211] 

— the revolution grounded on Rouffeau's 
Social Contrail, xxxiii. [211] 

— letters received by the jacobin club 
from every capital in Europe, xxxiii. 

•— the revolution in fentiments and feel- 
ings alfo which took place,xxx':ii. [214] 

— general conclufion, xxxiii. [216] 

— letter from Tabbe Rnynal to the na- 
tional aflembly, M:iy 31, 1791, xxxiii. 

— « the emperor of Germany's letter to 
the king of the French, Dec. 14, 1790, 
xxxiii. 157* 

tution, as revifed and amended by the 
national aflembly, and prefented tb the 
king, Sept. 3, 1791, xxxiii. 151*— 
— ^ a new and faithful tranflation of the 
declaration of the king upon his de- 
parture from Paris, June 20, 17919 
with an account of the manner in 
which it was communicated to the 
afltjmblyj and /alio the proclamatioa 
of the national aflembly, June 12, 
1791, with introductory remarks on 
the faliities of the common tranflationy 
xxxiii. 217* — 138*. 

— the kini^ of Poland's fentiments on 
the revolution, in i79i> xxxiv. [51] 

— the emprefs of RuHia declares her 
ad!ierenc»f to the royai family of France, 
xxxiv. [57] ^ 

— the kn^g of Pruflia takes a ftrong 
difgufl at the principles oTthe French, 
xxxiv. [61] 

— letter of inflrnolions from M. Mon- — war between France and the empire 
morin, miniller for foreign aff^airs, becomes inevitable, xxxiv. [61] 
fent by order of the king to all his — the emprefs of Ruffia ilfues a procla.- 

minifters at foreign courts, April 23, 
1791, xxxiii. 129*. 

— memoir left by the French king, on 
his departure from Paris, June 21, 
1791, xxxiii. 131*. 

^- addrefs of the national aflTembly to 
the French, xxxiii. 135*. 

— declaration of 290 of the members 
of the national alfembly on the decrees 
which fufpend the exercife of royal 
authority, June 29^ i79i> xxxiii, 

mation againll French principles, 
xxxiv. [62] 

— declares war againft Auftrla, xxxiv. 


— account of the revolution refumed, 
xxxiv. [65] 

— the popular condu6l of M. du Por- 
tail on beina: appointed war minilter, 
and of M. Duport du Tertre on re- 
ceiving the feals, xxxiv. [66] 

«— the royal counclU" tvcw cAW^ cwi^x- 


menti except obnoxious a£l8, which are 
thrown on the king, xxxiv..[66} 
France ; the chatelet deprived ot its jinir. 
di£iion in cafes of high treafon, with the 
evident reafons for that raeai'ure, xxxiv. 

— review of the evidence taken at the 
chatelet, refpedling the events of the 
5th and 6th of O^ober, in which the 
duke of Orleans and M. Mirabeau are 
ftrongly criminated, xxxiv. [67—72] 

t-" evidence furoduced i'ufii(;ient to prove 
that the fcenes of the 6th of October 
aroie from a premeditated confpiracy, 
and not from a popular commotion^ 
xxxiv. [70] 

•— the aflembly declares that there wis 
no ground of accufation againft' Or- 
leans and Mirabeau, xxxiv. [74] 

T-* gaols crowded for want of a criminal 
tribunal, when M. Bailly requeits the 
national a^Tembly to eftablifh one, and 
pnis a code ox police laws, xxxiv. 


— the influence of M. la Fayette de- 
clines, and the caufe of it, xxxiv, [75] 

— the ftate of the police, and the little 
dependence to be placed on the na- 
tional guards, xxxiv. [76] 

•— the houfe of the fnarechal de Caftries 
plundered, without receiving any pro- 
te^ion from the national guards, xxxiv. 

«— the clubs begin to feparate mto fac- 
tions, and form new clubs, xxxrv. 

— tragical confequences at Aix, from 
difputes between two clubs of jacobins 
and a club of kJng''s friends, xxxiv. 


•— other new focietles formed, calling 

themfelves " the friends of peace or of 
order," *< cordeiiers," ** friendly focie- 
ties," &c. xxxiv. [78] 
— • the iniliiutioii of the Lyceum, and the 
groups of the palais royale, xxxiv. 


— tlw; jacobin club the centre of in- 

trir;uc, xxxiv. (79] 

— comniitiee of correfpondence formed 
under the Lameihs and Bainave, xxxiv. 

[79] . . 

^— a rew faction in the jacobins under 
Robefpierre and Briftbr, xxxiv. [79] 

— Mirabeau quits tiie club of 1789, 
and returns to il»e j;>cobIns, and endea- 
vours to make the locitty, which had 
done fo much lu deftroy, the inilru- 
ment for reiloring order, xxxiv. [79] 

•— his obje£i <o govern, not to deltroy 
govcrnm:nt, and fecretly conne6ls 
himith mth the courts xxxiV. [80] 

781 to 1792. 

France $ all endeavours to flop the-prt^ 
grefs of anarchy prove inefte^iiial, 
xxxiv. [80] 

*— cry ot the jacobins againd moderation, 
xxxiv. [80] 

— manoeuvres of the jacobin leaders to 
fupplant each other, xxxiv. [80] 

— accounts of the republican ta6lion5, 
their arts and morals, by nnadam F.o- 
land, and by Camilla Defmoulins, 
xxxiv. [81] ' 

— the views and con^ufV of the king, 
who hopes, by patience and fuDmiflion, 
to regain the affection of his people, 
xxxiv. [8a] 

— ; the king complains of the falfe ac- 
count of his intention of efcaping, 
xxxiv. [%i] 

— the more promiling afpe6i of affairs 
at tl>e beginning of the year 1791, 
xxxiv. [83] 

— the Compliments paid by the preft- 
dent of the national aflembly to tht 
king and dauphin, Jan. 1, 1791, xxxiv. 

— the beginning of the periecution of the 
clergy,and its confequences, xxxiv. [S4] 

— at the expiration of the time for taking 
the new oath by the clergy, fifty only 
had taken it, xxxiv. [85} 

— the bifliop of Clermont endeavouring 
to explain his fentiments refpe£ling 
the oath, wjien he and others are re- 
quired to take, or refufe to take, with- 
out any comment, and refufes, xxxiv. 

--» a copy of the late decree, with a falib 
abitra^i fent down to the municipali- 
ties, and a placard grounded on this 
fpurious copy pofted up by the mayor 
of Pans, xxxiv. [86] 

— the clergy infulted and menaced in 
going to the national nifembly, xxxiv. 

"«- tumultuous proceedings, both withia 
and without the affembly, on the 
clergy beini; called up to take the oath, 
XXXIV. [86] 

— abbe Giegoire endeavours to explain 
away the torcc of the oath, xxxiv. 86 

— Mirabeau oppoies him, by declaring 
thole who refigned their Benefices not 
culpable, xxxiv. [87] 

— the biihops not pciii\itted to fpeak, 
xvxiv. [87] 

— M. DufraiflTe declares the afiembly 
not free, protelh, and his protert op- 
pufed, xxxiv. 87 

— the firm fpecch of the biftiop of Agen, 
and his example followed by the clergy, 
xxxiv. [87] 

Fiance | 


llPraRce ; M. Fournet*! and M. le Clerc*s 
fpeeches^ xxxiv. [87 J 

^- the embarraiTed iituation of the ene- 
mies of the clergy, xxxiv. [87] 

«— tyranny of the aflein'bly towards the 
clergy, xxxiv. [87] 

— magnanimity of the bifhop of Poi- 
ders, to whole fentiments the clergy 
unanimoufly adhere, xxxiv. [88] 

<— a motion carried, that ihe prefident 
(liculd addrefs the king to execute the 
decree for depriving the clergy who 
bad reful'ed to take the outh, xxxiv. 

— affairs of the clergy refumed in the 
evening fitting, when i'cveral prielts 
retra^l their oaths, but their retra6tioii 
not fuffered to be lai4 on the table; 
xxxiv. [89] 

— the conduft of the clergy extort the 
admiration of their enemies and perfe- 
cutors, xxxiv. [89] 

•— endeavours made ufe of to perfuade 
th*; clergy of Paris to take the oath, 
and the artifices to create a belitt that 
they had taken it, xxxiv. [89] 

— the bllhop of Autun gives up his 
pretentions to the fee of Paris, and 
acknowledges his having won 30,000 
francs at play within two months, 
xxxiv. [89] 

— peniions of 500 livres decreed to the 
non-juring clergy, xxxiv. [90] 

— - Mirabeau*s declaration, that no go- 
vernment (hould dare to intei*pole be- 
tween the heart of man and God, xxxiv. 


— perfeaition of the clergy continued, 

and the methods taken to oblige them 
by force to take the oatli, xxxiv. [90] 
— - greater feverity exercifed in fome of 
the provinces againil the clergy, xxxiv. 

-^ more than two thirds of the clergy in 

Paris, and a greater proportion in the 
countr}', remain firm in their principles, 
and only four out of 138 bi(hops be- 
came apoftates, xxxiv. [91] 

•»- tlie troubles at Vannes and in Bi ittany, 
between the 5 th and the 12 th of Fe- 
bfuary 1792, fuppofed to have been 
excited by the clergy, xxxiv. [92] 

^ anonymous account of tjiein, tending 
to criminate the clergy, xxxiv. [92] 

— tnie ftatement, from the Proces Ver- 
bal, xxxiv. [9a] 

i^» the magiftrates pf Sarzeau ordered 
for trial at Vannes, to which place 
commiilioners and troops are fent, 
xxxiv. [91] 

*» chc biihops of Vannes> Treguieri and 

St. Pol de Leon, ordered to attend th6 
aflembly, xxxiv. [93] 
France^ refpe6^ablechara5lerof thebiAiop 
of St. Pol, who is obliged to fly ; the 
dan|;ers attending his flight, and land- 
ing in Cornwall, xxxiv. [93] 

— frefh commotions in the fouth at 
Uzes and Nimes ; and 8,000, clii^fl/ 
catholics, form a< camp near Jales, 
xxxiv. [94] 

— a circumttautial view of the origin of 
thefe calamitties, which in fome mea- 
fure affords a reprefentation of the 1 
whole revolution j^the religious opi- 
nions of the inhabitants of Nimes^ 
where catholics and proteftants lived 
togetlier as friends ana brothers i — the 
white cockade adopted ; a legion fortn- 
cd therein July 1789 ; — the diftinftioa 
of red tufts and white feathers adopted ; 
—contention refpedling the choice of 
an €tai-major, and M. Ducaylor finally 
ele61ed j — the feeds of evil amply fowa 
in the legion ; — new fei*ment occafion- 
ed by the decrees for liberty of public 
worfliip, and the fiipprefiion of mona- 
ftries J — diificulties attending the choice 
of the fird municipality ; — a jacobin 
club founded under the title of ^^friendi 
of the conjiituiion 5'' — a correfpondence 
with other jacobin clubs eltablifhed 5— 
12,000 fturdy Cerevols arrive to chaf- 
tife thole whom they call enemies of 
the conftituiion j — a petition and two 
addrelTes to the king and national af- 
fembl)', drawn up by the catholics, 
April 20 J— a ferious tumult expeSed 
on the 2d of May 1790, when the ca- 
tholics are infulted by the proteilants, 
but tranquillity reftored by the interpo- 
fition of the municipal ofHcers 5 — at- 
tempts to excite the foldiers jn the 
barracks ; — ^manial law proclaimed ; — 
the mayor of Nimes ordered to attend 
at the bar of the naiional affembly j— 
the eleilion of 43 ele6lor8 for the de- 
partment 5 — great acquifition of ftrength 
to the jacobin club and its adherents 5 — 
the breach between the ** white fea- 
theri>,** and ** red tufts,'* widened and 
become more public 5 — an inquiry into 
the late diforders inftitutcd, which in- 
creafed the animofuy of the contending 

• parties j — the petition of the catholics 
of the 20th of April, becomes the fub- 
jc6l of much clamour ; — the command 
of the legion comes into the hands of 
M. Aubry, prefident of the jacobin 
club^ — proceedings on the lath of 
June J — the abbe Belmont com^Uftdtjc^ 
proclaim \tvatvv^\ Vaw \— <xcl ^&fc ^72^'* 


1 5,000 armed foldiers arrive from the 
neighbourhood 5-7— the magiltrates order 
the red tufts to furrender their arms, were 
immolated wherever met during a 
flaughter which raged for three days, 
and at length ftoppcd by the firmneis 
of the nativ^nal guard of Montpellier ; 
^the houles, furniture, and other pro- 
perty of 300 cathoUcs pillaged and 
demolifhed; — ai proteftants, and from 
300 to 4.00 catholics murdered within 
the three days, on whom all the refine- 
ment of inhumanity was exercifed j — 
a new decree of inquiry inllituted j — a 
correfpondence takes pbcc between the 
jacobin club at Nimes and the revolu- 
lion fociety in London ; — the report of 
the committee made by M. Alguier ; — 
an account of the ds^fence made by M. 
Marguerites, the mayor of Niaics, at 
the bar of the alfeir.bly j — proceedings 
in the natioiiai aflenibly rcfpe^Hug the 
troubles at Ni r»es j — a decree pafTed, 
ordering that all perfous concerned in 
the catholic petitions (hould bz fent as 
iiate pri Toners to be tried before the 
high tribunal at Orleans, xxxiv. [95 — 

— 108] 

France ; relation of the aunts of the king"*s 
journey to Rome, xxxiv. [108] 

— - a multitude, led by madam Thcroigne, 
rufli towards the palace, and the king's 
life ruppoi'ed to be in danger, when 
many gentlemen hallen to his protec- 
tion, xxxiv. [109] 

— decree propofed refpei^ling the refi- 
dence of the public funflionaries, 
xxjiiv, [no] 

■^ fpiiited fptech of M. Cazales, and 
tlie confideraiion of the law poftponed 
en ihi molicn of IS'L Mirabeau, xxxiv. 


— important proceeding? on the 28th of 
February j attempt of M. Chapclier, 
from the committee of conftiiution, to 
lay down the conftitutional principles 
of order, and his propofitions attacked 
by Pction and Robefpierre, as againft 
the rights of man j Barnave encou- 
rages the mover to add them to the 
declaration of rights ; only one of the 
ftven articles pafTcd with great altera- 
tions ; the frienjls of order aflualiy 
defeated, xxxiv. [in— 113] 

— proceedings on a law againft emigra- 
tion, introduced by M. Chapelier, and 
oppof^d by M. Mirabeau, and after 
violent clam jur in the galleries, reject- 
ed, and the propofitioii for referring it 
to ilitf commiuces adopted, >.xsiv. 

781 to 1792. 

France; riot on the fame day at the caftle of 
Vir.cennes, where La Fayette m^chcs 
with the >naiional guards, and not-' 
withftanding an appearance of difaf- 
feiiion in the battalion of , the fuburb 
of St. Antoine, under Santerre, quellsl 
the riot, and takes 64 of the ring-' 
leadeisj La Fayette's life twice in 
danger, xxxiv. [114.] 

— alarm of a plot to kill the king, or 
cany him away j the gentlemen again 
meet to defend the king, which gives 
umbrage to the national guards, and arc 
delired by the king to depufit their arms 
With him, and then driven out of the 
palace, and infultingly treated by La 
Fayette; the king abfolutely under 
military. cultody ; the arms felzed by 
the national guards, and broken in the 
king's prefence, xxxiv. [115] 

— tlie emigration of nobles which took 
place in confequence of the proceedings 
of this day, xxxiv. [xi6] 

— M. Roland firft arrives at Paris, with 
whom a knot of politicians alTembled 
and concerted their plan of action, 
xxxiv. [116] 

— the king attacked with a bilious fever 
in confequence of the effefl which the 
events at the Thuilleries had on his 
mind, which produced an apparent 
concern inthe aircmbly, xxxiv. [118] 

— tlie d're6lory of the departrhent of 
Paris enter on their office, March i, 
xxxiv. [i 18] 

— Mirabcaifs fpeech, in their name, to 
the national ailerably, and their addrefs 
to the public, xxxiv. [119] 

— the aiguments ufed by thofe of the 
violent party againlt Mirabeau, spcxiv. 

["9] .... 

— • debases in the jacobin club, refpefting 

a law to regulate the feveral branches 
of future miniftry, xxxiv. [119] 

— Mirabeau endeavours to fupport an 
efficient monarchy, hut not adopted by 
the club, xxxiv. [120] 

•^— M. Barnave draws up an addrefs, 
which is fent by the mother club to 
the affiliated focieties, xxxiv. [120] 

— the dire61:ory and national affembly 
liberate eight gentlemen arrefttd at the 

.Thuilleries, but the conduct of the 
diie^lory is refleOed on by the feftions-, 
xxxiv. [1^0] 
— • the demolition of the caftle of Vin- 
cennes m.ovcd by M. Chapclier, and a 
fufpenfion of lepairs voted, xxxiv. 

— the rivals ar.d enemies of Mirabeau, 



■ iamoTig the Jacobins, heap the biitereft 
reproaches on him, xxxiv. [i^o] 

France 5 the king ami coiut begin to en- 
tertain hopes through the intcreft of 
Mirabcau, xxxiv. [120] 

*— after being attacked with his laft ill- 
nefs, attends the' debate on the pro- 
perty of mines, for which it was re- 
ported that he received a prclent of 
50,000 Hvres, xxxiv. [121] 

•— retires to his country houfe at the 
Marfh, near Paris, where he Ibmewhat 
recovers, xxxiv. [121]' 

— defcription of a temple to liberty, 
'^ which he purpofed to have erefted in 

his garden, xxxiv. [121] 

— afFefcls to meet death' as an epicurean 
philolepher, in which he fails j dies 

• with reproaches on his friend and phy- 
fician Chabanis, for fufFering him to 
linger ih unneceflTary pain, xxxiv. 

— character of Mirabeau in private life 5 
as an author j' as a (beaker ; as a 
member of the national aHembly ; as 
a politician ; both parties anxious for 
his life ; no appearance of his having 
been poifonedj decree refpefting his 
inteimentj his funeral j eighr days 

, mourning appointed for him 5 his poft- 
humous opening of teftamentary dif- 
poiitions, xxxiv. [122 — 125] 

— the monarchy club, confifting of more 
than a thoufand members, attempt a 
meeting } but prevented by the popu- 
lace, xxxiv. [125] 

-— pcrlecution of the clergy increafes, 
xxxiv. [125] 

. — the vacant biihopricks filled up by 
the recommendation of the mother 
club and Paris, and put in poffeflion 
of their palaces by municipal ofHcers, 
under cover of cannon, and by beat of 
drum, xxxiv. [126] 

•— the pope publifhes a bull, refpe£king 
the new conftitution of the clergy in 
France, xxxiv. [126] 

5— a new mode of perfecution of the 
iiderhood of charity, on women of other 
orders, and on thofe who frequented 
places of catholic worfhip, xxxiv. 

»— ^ fchoolmafters and miftreflfes com- 
pelled to take the civic oath, xxxiv. 

*— the cha})els of convents, colleges, and 
hofpitals ihiit up, xxxiv. [127] 

— the mirfiftry, in the rtame of the king, 
fends a requeft to ihe directory of the 
depai'tment to put an end to all p.-vic- 
cuiion ou the fcore of reJi^icn^ and the 


directory publiflies regulations tonch^ 
ing divine worfliip, xxxiv. [127] 
f ranee; chapels permitted by the dire6lory. 
to be hired for divine worfhip ; that of 
the theatries fo hired and licenfcd, but 
the congregation prevented meeting by 
the mob, who fix over the door a bun- 
dle of rods, and a threatening infcrip- 
tion, which being taken down by the 
mayor, are replaced by the mob with 
additions, whilft the national guards 
remain quiet fpeftators, xxxiv. [128] 

— iniblence of one of the national guards 
at the door of the royal chapel, whilft 
the king was at his devotions, xxxiv. 

— refolutionof the cordeliers arraigning 
the king for a6iing refractory to the 
law, xxxiv. [12S] 

— the king's journey to St. Cloud, on 
• the 1 8th of April, mod riotoufly pre- 
vented, in which the national guards 
concur, and the mayor and commander 
in chief hiffed and hooted, xxxiv. 

— reply of the king to an infolent fol- 
dier, xxxiv. [130] 

— the king informing the direflory of 
the proceedings, receives an imperious 
addrefs, demanding to have the officers 
of his hou(hoId dilinifTed, and the con- 
ftitution announced to foreign courts 
by new minifters, xxxiv. [130] 

— flattering addrels of the directory to 
the citizen s'of Paris, xxxiv. [130] 

— the directory convenes the ftilions, 
xxxiv. [130] 

— the king goes to the national aflem- 
•^ bly, and ipeaks refpe£ling his journey 

to St. Cloud, with the prefident's an- 
fwer fimilar to the language of the di- 
reftory, xxxiv. [ 1 30] 

— addrefs of the municlpaliry to the 
fame efFe6l, xxxiv. [131] 

— infolent language and behaviour ufed 
to the king fronj all quarters, xxxiv. 


— chaplain and officers of tl.e houfehold 
refign, xxxiv. [132] 

— the king complies with the demands 
of the addrelfes, xxxiv. [132] 

— draft of a letter from tlie king to 
foreign courts objeClcd to by M. 
Montmorin, who i$ ordered to obey, 
xxxiv* [132] 

— M. La Fayette rcfigns the command 
of thenaiional guards j but rtfhmes It ' 
on the addrefs of tlje municipality, and 
the guards fv/enrlng ob.dicnce 10 t.h«. 
law y one baU^Vvow \\u\Nt\v:K N^wiJLcw^i 
xxxiv. L^j'il 


SVuiCf I the magi ft rates order a denun- 
ciation of the placards ifiued by the 
club of cordeliers, xxxiv. [133] 

^ battalion of cordeliers cliasge their 
appellation, xxxiv. [133] 

•>^ the club continues the fame line of 
conduQ, and become violclit againftM. 
la Fayette, and other clubs tne fame, 
xxxiv. [1333 ' 

— jacobin club prints and circulates a 
letter to Dubois Crance, againfl the 

/ late oath of the guards to la Fayette, 
xxxiv. [133] 

— the municipality and la Fayette be- 
gin to compromiie, xxxiv. [134] 

*— a new battalion formed of the brcken 
one, with the exception 6f 14 only, 
who are feafted by the cordaliers, as 
per&cuted and opprefTed patiiois, 
xxxiv. [134] 

•— popular explanaiibn of la Fayette, in- 
jurious to the king, xxxiv. [134] 

-*- the dire6lory of Paris demand new 

laws againlt iedition, on the rieht of 

petition and placard, and the afiembly 

refers the fubjeft to tlie committee of 

' ■ the conftilution, xxxiv. [134] 

!•— a decree paifes, encouraging the fol- 
diers to frequent the focieties, xxxiv. 

— • report of M. Chapelier on tlie Jaws 
demanded, xxxiv. [134] 

*— debate on confining petitions to ac- 
tive citizens, and which was carried 
to belong to c«^ery individual, xxxiv. 


. — much benefit expe£led from the open- 
ing of the bairiers, when every article 
of merchandize was to enter duty 
free, but was of little effect, xxxiv. 

— the cffsSk of emigration on money and 
ai&gnats, xxxiv. [136] 

— money dealeis, who di(counted af- 
iignats, attacked by the populace, 
sooriv. [1363 

— the ferment oti account of religion, 
increafed by a fecond bull from the 
pope, fufpending all the pritlls who 
faadtakei>the oath, xxxiv. [136] 

'— proceedings refpefting the union of 
Avignon with France, xxxiv. [136] 

— the pope burnt in efiigy by the cmif- 
&ries of the Otleans party and the 
jacobin dyb, xxxiv. [1363 

»- a riot raifed to aflaflinate M. Cler- 
Riofit Tonnerre, xxxiv. [1363 

•*• the hideous ftate of the gaols, and 
no adminiiration of raftice, xxxiv. 

781 to 1792. 

France; difturbances break out in tfi# 
country of the Vivarais, at 'f ulle^ 
Caftelnau, Sirafbiu-gh, and Colmar> 
xxxiv. [1363 

— the pei fecution of the clergy conti* 
nued with greater acrimony than ever# 
xxxiv. [1363 

— cruel treatment of the fifters of cha- 
rity throughout the kingdom, xxxiv. 


— debates on the affairs of the colonies, 

xxxiv. [1373 

— Barnave's popidarity (haken, xxxiv. 

t»383 . . 

«— decrees relative to the conftitution, 

xxxiv. [139] 
— - a board of treafury effabliihed, whicb 
was to take the managen>ent of the re- 
venue out of the hands of the king, 
xxxiv. [1393 

— a new mmiftry organized on a plan 
highly derogatory to royal authority, 
xxxiv. [1393 

— fevere puniflimenfi for breach of 
duty in minifters, xxxiv. r>4o3 

— the dependence of the crown on the 
legiflature, and the independence of 
the legiflature oA the crown, eftabliihedf 
xxxiv. [141] 

— the kings patronage in the navy very 
much reduced, and fimilar principles 
intended to be adopted in the army, 

xxxiv. [.i4»3 

— decreed, that the king (Iiould not 
command, reward, promote, or pu- 
nifh the national guards, xxxiv. [143J 

— debates in the jacobin clubs, on the 
necelllty of breaking all the officers in 
the troops of the line, xxxiv. [1423 

— review of the new fyftem of taxation, 
with a table of eighteen claffes, and 
the rates on each clafs, and circular 
addrefs upon it, xxxiv. [143 — 145] 

— books r.eceflrai*y to be conlulted, in 
order to underltand the hiltory of the 
finances, xxxiv. [1453 note. 

— remarkable admiflions in favour of 
the old government, xxxiv. [1473 

— calling of the new legiflature, and 
its organization, xxxiv. [1473 

— impreflTive fpeech of M. Duport on 
the melancholy condition of themfelvea 
and their country, and afterwards con- 
firmed by M. Detmeuniers and M« 
Bailly, xxxiv. [1473 

— abbe Raynal writes a letter, wherein 
he tuges the neceiEty of an efficient 
and vigorous monarchy, xxxiv. [>493 

•— the king's letter to foreign courts, 
turoed agaiiUl himj xxxiv. [1493 

, France ] 


France j the king indecently attacked in 
* the newfpapers, which is complained 
of by M. Montmonn> but the aftembly 
palTes to the order of the day, xxxiv^s 

•-7 the iieccflity of the king's taking 
fome decifivc ftep, xxxiv. [151] 

*— two different plans formed tor the 
king*s extricating himfelf from his 
dliEcuIties, xxxiv. [153 J 

— the M. de Bouille^s plan for the royal 
family to retire fecretly to the fortiefs 
of /Montmedy, xxxiv/ [15!] 

«— the other pfan faid to have been pro- 
jeflcd by M. Calonne, patronized Jby the 
count d'Artois, and at length adopted 
by the emperor, in twenty-one articles, 
and the fubftance of them, xxxiv. 

*— the former plan adopted, and the 
choice attributed to the influence of 
the queen, xxxiv. [155] 

— the prepjtrations made tor the intended 
flight, communicated to la Fayette and 
to Voidel, xxxiv. [155] 

•— in the new penal code, t)ie power of 
pardoning was taken fiom the king, 
xsxiv. [155] 

^-> a new oath enjoined to the ofHcers of 
the army, xxxiv. [155] 

*— r report on .the ttate of the frontiers, 
ihews a di(pontion to difturb the tran- 
quillity of Europe, xxxiv. [155] 

•— farce of a deputation of parilh chil- 
dren to the aflembly, with the fpeech 
of their leader, promifmg to cairy 
their conquefts to the very extremities 
of the two worlds, xxxiv. [156] 

» the duplicate of a paiTport for the 
baronefs Kcrif' and her family, pro- 
cured through the Ruflian ambaflador, 
xxiciv. [156] 

fc*- three of the life-guards ordered to 

provide themi'elves with the dreffes of 

..couriers^ and |)artictilarly enjoined not 

to carry any arms with them, xxxiv. 

«-<- the king and hi8 family efcape from 

Paris, June 20, about eleven o*c1ock 
at night> xxxiv. [1J7] ^ 
<^ monfieur, the l&ing s brother, and his 
coDf|;>rt, leave at the fame time the pa- 
lace, of Luxrmboui^, and arrived 
faifeiy at MooSy in Flanders, xxxiv. 

•^ proceedmgs in the alTembly, on being 
informed of the efcape of the king and 
familYy xxzJr, lisl] 

mm M. la Porte delivers a memoii' vmt- 
tcn in tibe king's haqd, being a decla- 
ration of the king to France and the 

' Vol. IL 

whole worldj on his own condu£l, and 
that of the government, which had 
edablilhed itfelf id the realm, xxxiv. 

ranee; a comrbittee appomfed to draw 

up an anfwer, xxxiv. [159] 
-* the general impi'eflion made on the 

people, xxxiv. [160] 

— the joy of the Orleanifts, the repub- 
licans^ and the anarchifts^ doftroying 
all emblems and enfigns'of ccyalty^ 
xxxiv. [160] 

-*• the royal family arrive fafe within 
the limits of M. Bouille^s command. 
— M. Drouet and another, ordered by 
the municipality to follow aiid dop^thb 
carriages, xxxiv. fi6i] 

— at Clermont the horfes are ordered 
for Verdun, but turn off fcA* Varennes^ 
where they are overtaken by M« 
Drouet and his companion, who, to 
prevent the progrefs of the travellers^ 
ovei turn a load of furniture on the 
bridge, xxxiv. [161] x 

-*^the royal family accepts the invitation 
of Sauffe, the procureur of the com- 
mune, and the king praifes much thei 
loaf, chcefe, and burgaiidy fet before 

• him, xxxiv. [i6i] 

— - other proceedings during the ftay of 
the royal family^at Varennes, xxxiv* 

— the royal family conveyed back to 
the capital, xxxiv. 164. 

— *• all efforts of M. Bouill€ to Aiccour 
his foveieign, prove ineffeftual^ xxxiv* 

— 500 louis d'ors offered for M* 
Bouille*s head, xxxiv. [165] 

— a new oath decreed for the military 
men, to obey no orders but thofe of 
the affembly, xxxiv. [165] 

— an addrefs published by the affembly 
to the people, xxxiv. [16^] 

*— thj-ee commilHoners (ent by the af- 
fembly to protect the royal family* 
with due relpeil, jtxxiv. [165] 

-^ M. Bouille fuipended from all com* 
mand, and ordered to be arrefted* 
xxxiv. [i66] 

-«^ the nauonal guards file through the 
hall, and take the new oath^ xxxiv* 

^- a decree paffed for the department, 
the municipality, and the commander 
in chief, to take meafures for the 
fafcty of the royal perfon and family, 
xxxiv. [i6i] 

—* proviiion made for receiving the king 
as a prifoner, and as a* crinvvcAX^ 
xxxiv 4 t\^&'\ 


trance 5 the kmg and family, four days 
on their return to Paris, (fxpofcd to all 
manner of inl'ults in every village, 
xxxiv. [.167] 

*— marquis Dainpierre fliot as he was 
kifling the king's band, xxxiv. 


— the arrival of the king at Paris, 

xxxiv. [167] 

— the treatment of the king more fc- 
• vere than that of Charles I. xxxiv. 


— the ej^amination of the king by the 
commiiSoners, alfo of the queen, and 
their attendants, xxxiv. [168] 

— the conftitutlon, from a monarchy, 
became in eifeft a republic, xxxiv. 

— M. Cazales prefents his refignation 5 
• a great charatter of him, xxxiv. [169] 

— la Fayette joins himfelf to the La- 
meths, xxxiv. [170] 

— the club of 1789 becomes reconciled 
to the mother club of jacobins, xxxiv, 

— a more regular corrL-fpondence opened 
with the revolution fociety of London, 
xxxiv. [171] 

— a new paper publifhed, called " the 
Republican," conduf^ed by Dumont, 
BriiTot, • ConJorcet, and T. Paine, 
pcxxiv. [171] 

•— • the* republicans ftrongly fupported by 
the anarchifts and Orleanills, which 
cnfurcd t^e exertions of the Cordeliers, 
the Iron-mouth, and other clubs, 
xxxiv. [171] 

•— M. Briflbt addrcfTes tlic jacob^in fo- 
ciety, on the neceffity of depofihg the 
king, xxxiv, [171] 

— the fevCTTCommitiees who had been 
order^ to report rei'pefting the king, 
fuppdled the relto^ation wholly out of 
confideration, xxxiK[i7i] 

— great fermentation between the re- 
publicans and the civil lilt, xxxiv.r 

^— the committees report in favour of 
the king, but thofe who aflifted in his 
efcape are pronounced criminals, 
XXXIV. [172] 

— the populace from the palals royal 
get poiVtHion of the jacobin club, and 
join in voting a petition againft the 

* king, propofed by Laclos, xxxiv. 


— the difagrccment between Laclbs and 

BriflTot about drawing it up, xxxiv. 

»- two different copies of the petition 
prifUid, xxxiv. [17%] 

7 8 I to I 7 9 2. 

France ; the national affembly pafs a de- 
cree agreeable to the report of the 
committees, xxxiv. [173] 

-— the populace compel all places 
of public amufement to be iliut np, as 
in times of great public calamity, 
xxxiv. [173] . 

^— two perfons wh6 had concealed them- 
felves under the altar in the Chagip de 
Mars, murdei-ed, xxxi^v. [1733 

— • M. la Fayette, with M. Bailly, the 
mayor, proclaims martial law in the 
Champ de Mars,, xxxiv. [173] 

— the national guards oppofed by the 
mob, and feveral killed on both fides, 
xxxiv. [174-] 

-— the difcomfiture of the republican fac- 
tion, and the exultation of the domi- 
nant parly, xxxiv. [174] 

*— only fix of the national aflTenably re- 
main in the jacobin club, xxxiv. 


— the club of Feulllans let tip in oppoii* 

tion to the jacobin club, xxxir. 

— the jacobin club increafea in num- 
bers, and being of lower condition^ 
becomes more violent, xxxiv. [174] 

— the aflembly enters on the g^eat tafk 
of revifing the conftitution, under the 
management of M. Thouret, xxxiv. 

— the republican faction again rifes in 
oppofition to the conftitution, xxxiv. 

— the oppofition made to the thud title, 
which treats of the public powers, 
xxxiv. [1.76] 

— proceedings on the qualifications for 
aftive citizens in primary afremblies» 
xxxiv. [177] 

— debate on the conne£lion that ought 
to fubfift between the miniitry and the 
afilmbly, xxxiv. [178] 

— debate on the appellation to be given 
to the royal family, when the duke of 
Orleans moved the previous queftioUi 
xxxiv. [179] 

— oppofition msde to the,arti^e relative 
to the connexion of the legi dative 
body to the king, xxxiv. [179J 

— debates on what right of altering the 
conftitution ttiould be • recognized in' 
the people at lajge, xxxi.V. [180] 

— the firft general law againft emigrants 
pafled the great feal, xxxiv. [180] 

•— a relation of the terrible murder of 
M. Guillin de Montel, with an ac- 
count of the appearance of his widow 
at the bar of tjie afltmbly, but after A 
confolitory fpevch from the prefidenty 



receives no alleviation of her loiTesi 

xxxiv. [iSo — 182] 
France ; complaints made by M. Duport 
.Diitertre, againft fevei^ai of tlie clubs> 

xxxjv. [183] 
^ the code of the conftitution delivered 

to the king, September 4, xxxiv. 

— a fpirited protefti publiihed by the 
minority, xxxiv. [184] 

— this was fucceeded by a pubKc adr 
drefs, iigned by 139 of the clergy, in 
the affembly of their conltiiuents, 
xxxiv. [185] 

— many ftill believed' that tlie king 
would not accept the conftitution, 
xxxiv. [185] 

— - the king apees to accept the confti- 
tution, xxxiv. [186] 

undermining religion, govemmc^nt^ 
morals, manners, and lavi^s, and the 
arts made ufe of by them, xxxiv. 
[200 — 202] 
France 5 account of the Englifti and 
French leaders of this clafs, xxxiv. 

— the club of ceconomifts, xxxiv. 

— the janfenifts, jews, calviniftical pro- 
teftants, and diflcnters of every deno- 
mination, favourers of the revolution, 
xxxiv. [206] 

— the revolution fupported alfo by new 
orders introduced into free maibnry, 
xxxiv. [207] 

— ftate of literature in, xxxiv. f 208] 

— becomes an empire of journalifts, 
xxxiv. [209] 

— Ja Fayette propofes the liberation of — the leading notions of the three pai:^ 

all who had been confined for aflifting 
the king's efcape, and a decree ol ge- 
neral am ncft}', x5fxiv. [186] 

— the king goes to the aflembly, and 
figns the new conftitution, xxxiv. 

— the union of Avignon with France, 
decreed, xxxiv. [187] 

tics of revoluiionifts, xxxiv. [ao9] 

— the views of' the duke of Orleans, 
with the means which he took to over- 
awe government, which infe£led the 
colonies alfo, xxxiv. [2 to] 

— the hideous rcprefentation exhibited 
in St. Domirtgo of the revolution in 
the mother country, xxxiv. [211] 

— a fupplement to the conftitutlonal — the condiifl of the aflembly towards 
code, decreed, relative to the legifla- foreign nations, xxxiv. [215] 

t ion of the colonies, xxxiv. [188] — the confpiracy againft the ancient 

— further troubles at St. Domingo in order of things, not confined to 
confequence, xxxiv. '[^^^] France, xxxiv. [215] 

— a clofe correfpondence held between — the eltablifliment of the foclety of 
the mulattoes and Grcgoire, and others, " Illuminaiedy'' xxxiv. [215] 
xxxiv. [189] — lodges broken up by the cleilor of 

— the jacobin club at Breft petitions in Bavaria, xxxiv. [216] 

favour of the mulattoes and negroes, — the revolution fociety of London ad- 
. xxxiv. [189] drefTes the aflembly, after the king had 

— the general amnefty extended to the been carried from Verlailles to Paris, 
colonies, xxxiv, [190] 'xxxiv. [218] 

-—.the king and queen go to^ places of — the revolution fociety of London en- 
public entertainment, xxxiv [190] ters into a clofe correfpondence and 

— a Iblemn proclamation of the code ' affiliation with the jacobin clubs of 
ordered, xxxiv. [190] France, xxxiv. [218] 

-u- increaling credit of the jacobin club, — extracts from baion Cloots' fpeech, 
.xxxiv. [190] with the prefident's anfwer, xxxiv* 

f— the king clofes the fitting of the af- [219] note, 

fembly in a fpecch neither too haughty — the fpirit of hoftility in the affem* 
nor too timid, xxxiv. [19^1] ' bly to all eftablifhed governments, 

— - the charafter and review of the late xxxiv. [220] 

national aifembly, xxxiv. [191] — the foreign policy recommended by 

French M. Favier, the leading points of 

— a ftrong fimilarity between the French 
affembly and our long parliament, but 
to the advantage of the latter, xxxiv. 


which are, animoflty againft the Stadt-> 
holder, and mortal enmity to £ng« 
land, xxxiv. [221] 

— the increafed perfecution of the clergy, — th« pretenfions to the union, founded 
xxxiv. [198] on the claims brought forward by M. 

— proofs that there had long exifted in Dupuy, in the laS century, xxxiv. 
Europe a clafs of mca employed in [222] 

D 2 "^tWw^^H 

I N D E X, I 7 8 X to I 7 9 ^^ 

France ; attemfits at fovereignty over the attacked by the neighbouring pe&fkntS, 

princes' of Allace aud Lorraine, made who are repulfed. xxxiv. [«4s] 

.by Loui^ XIV. tinder the treaty of France 3 a deputation from the Swifs 

Weftphaljay but reiinquifhed by the club fent to the afTembly, xxxiv* 

treaty of Ryfwick, xxxiv. [^22] [*4>] 

-^ the apparent moderation of the af- — an emifl^ry of the jacobin club ap- 
fenibly, in refufing to afllft the iiifur- pearing at Naples, the lazzaroni prof- 
gents in Brabant, xxxiv. [iaj] fer to throw him into the fca, but 

•— review of the claim, of France to he is afterward fent to prifon and ba- 

Venaiflin and Avignon, and the niihed, xxxiv. [241] 

French conftitution eftabliftied,, with — after the arrelt df the king, on his 

a refervation of^ allegiance to the pope, departure from Paris, the eimperor fent 

xxxiv. [224. 2^26] 
*«^ the pope fends a commiiTary, who is 

treated vwth every indignity, xxxiv. 

*— the militia at Avignon agree to lay 

down their arms, xxxiv. [227] 
m^ the marquis of Rochegude feized, 

tried fummarily on the fpot, and 

hanged, xxxiv. [227] 
— the abbe OiFray and feveral others, 

alfo murdered, xxxiv. [227] 

a circular letter to feveral European. 
courts, to join in feveral declarations, to 
France, xxxiv. [245] 

— a defenfive alliance between Vienna 
and Berlin iigned, xxxiv. X^45l ' 

— the interview between the king of 
Pruflia and the cmperor^of Germany 
at Pilnitz, xxxiv. [246] 

— the internal fituation of France on 
the meeting of the new legiflature, 
xxxiv. [249] 

■**- the queftion of an union with France -*• thefts and robberies hardly regarded $ 
-carried at Avignon, xxxiv, [228] whilft murders and malTacres are daily 

«— deputies fent from Avignon to the committed, xxxiv. Q249] 

national afl'embly, to offer the union of — pcrfons of bad charafters placed in 
their city, ' xxxiv. [228] official fituaiions^ whild the refpefla- 

*— further troubles in the Comtat Ve- ' ble part of the community are deprived 

naxilin and Avignon, xxxiv. [229] 
«^ cruelties exercifed at the plundering 

of Sarrian, xxxiv. [231] 
^- Carptntras befieged, xxxtv. [231] 

of public regard and confidence, 
xxxiv. [249] 
— the diflentions in private families, 
xxxiv. [249] 

•h- two reports made of the ftate of — the Jacobins dire£l the popular opi- 

AvigiTon and the Comtat Venaiirin, 
xxxiv. [233] 
— commiflioners arrive at Orange, 

nion, XXXIV. [249] 
•— the weaknefs of the conftitutionalifts, 
xxxiv. [250] 

and their /ubfequent proceedings, — not more than 48 members of the 

XXXIV. [234] 
*— a pretended ele^loral aflembly open 
their fittings at Bedariddes, under the 

new afTembly poiTefFed of one hundred 
pounds Iterling, annual income, xzxir. 

protection of the national guards from — a view ofthe politics of Briilbt, xxxiv* 

Marfeilles, xxxiv. [236] 


•• the fituation of Avignon becomes — ab^e Fauchct ele^ed Into the new le- 

cvery day more critical, xxxiv. [237] 
•^ cruelties committed at Avignon, 

xxxiv. [238] 
— the religious order fupprcflfed, and 

their property confifcated, xxxiv. 

U39] . , , 

■^ Avignon taken into the hands of the 

national aiTembly, xxxiv; [239] 

giflature, and the debates on his dec* 

tion, xxxiv. [251] 
-— the meftibers declare themfeWes a Ie« 

giflative national aflembly, and take an 

oath to live free or die, xxxiv. [252] 
— - the members of the legiflature take 

the oath of fidelity to. the conftitution^ 

xxxiv. [252] 

i— • incendiary pamphlets and papers dif> — the new leglflators indicate a .difpGfi- 

tcibuted in Switzerland, to acquaint 
them with theb" grievances, xxxir. 

»- a plot laid for the onion of PaT$ de 

Vaud with France, xxxiv. [240] 
mm (bngs introduced at Geneva, threat- 
ening the lamp' poftj and the town 


tion to degrade royalty, acxxiv* 

— the king*s refolution of adhering to 
the conftitution, xxxiv. [254] 

— the king goes to the aflembly> Oft. 7, 
with the fubftance of his fpeech* sind 
the prefidcnt'8 reply, soadVf [«54>] 


France : the afTembly jealous of the royal 
interference, xxxiv. [»54.3 

•«• decree to deprive monfieur of his 
right to the regency, and againft the 
emigrants in general, to which Louis 
refuies his fan^tion, by 4he advice of 
the minifters, and the alTembiy refufes 
to bear the minil^ers in explanation of 
the royal motives, xxxiv. [255] 

•— decree pafTes againft the nonjuring 
priefts, with M. Ifnard's fpeech in fa* 
vour of it, but to this alfo the king 
refufes his fan£tion, xxxiv. [$155] 

— * a ^reJLt numbet of addrefles prefented 
againft therojzl^eto, xxxiv. [256] 

•— the keeper of the feals brings a letter $ 
the affliction of his majefty for the 
aiTaftination of a prieft in the diftri6l 
of Aurillac, it was pafted over to the 
order of the day, xxxiv, [257] 

rmm. complaint made by M. Ruhl, of an 
infult to the majefty of the nation, by 
the king not receiving four commil- 
fioners from the aifembly in the prin- 
cipal audience room, xxxiv. [257] 

*— the king joffers to comply with the 
wifties of the aflembly, and the cold 
aniwer of the aflfeffibly, xxxiv. [257] 

^- many of the minifters of adminiftra- 
tion refi^, xxxiv. [258] 

*— M. Petion choien mayor of Paris, 
xxxiv. [259] 

«— farther difafters at St. Domingo, from 

• the infurre^ion of the (laves, xxxiv. 

— - M. Bazire and Briflbt fpeak in de- 
fence of the proceedings of the ilavesy 

xxxiv. [259] 
•— the concordat between the white co- 

lonifts and mulattoes confirmed, jpcxiv. 

mm> proceedings of the afTembly refpe6ting 

tne bloody fcenes at Avignon, xxxiv. 

mmm Lefcuyer, an accomplice of Jourdan, 

feized by the populace, indtnurdered, 

xxxiv. [261] 
»*> in revenge of which Jourdan and his 

colleagues facriflce about 600 citizens, 

whom they held in cuftody, and their 
^ • bodies thrown into an ice-houie, xxxiv. 

V the intelligence of this barbarity ex- 
cites a general horror in the aifemblyy 
xxxiv. [26a] 

mm a complaint laid by the fnpporters of 
Jourdan againft two of the mediators, 
xxkiv. [262] 

^- a counter addrefs figned by 3,000 ia« 
habitants of Avignon, xxxiv. [261] 

mm new oommiffioners . fent to Avigngn, 

who reftore the mayor and tiie mttnki* 
pality, xxxiv. [262] 
France -, the firft difpatches of the coqusif^ 
fioners received withfcreamsof horror» 
xxxiv. [262] 

— the new commifBoners accnfed of 
partiality, xxxiv. [262] % 

mmm Jourdan, Tournal, and others of the 
banditti, imprifoned with the defign 
of being tried before a new tribunal^ 
xxxiv. [262] 

1-v the various criminations and recrimt^ 
nations referred to a committee, which 
lightly pafTes over the crimes of Jourdan 
and his accomplices, xxxii^. [262] 

•—'endeavours made in the afTembly, for 
fetting Jourdan at libeity, xxxiv* 

*-* Jourdan being liberated, returns . i(i 
triumph to Avignon, when new mur* 
ders enfued,*xxxiv. [264] 

— review of the foreign policy of the 
new legiflature, which led to a decia* 
ration of war a]e:ainft the houf e of Auf^ 
tria, xxxiv. [264] 

— ^ umbrage taken at fome of the Ger- 
man princes, for permitting aflem- 
blies of the emigrants for hoftile pur- 
pofes, xxxiv. [264] 

«--> M.' Rews derides the f^pport which 
the emigrants were likely to receive in 
Germany, and is fupported by M. 
Averbault, xxxiv. [265] 

*—> the minifter for foreign affairs, in- 
forms the afTembly that orders had 
been given to fupprefs in Germany 
every hoftile preparation, xxxiv. [26^6] 

•— M. Ifnard^s fpeech, encouraging a 
war againft all governments, applauded^ 
"xxxiv. [266] 

-— M. Averhault*s motion, for an ad* 
drefs to the king on the want of energy 
in the diplomatic line, xxxiv. [^66] 

-«» Cloots afTurne^ the name of Ana^ 
cbarfis^ and admitted in the chara^^er 
of orator to the ambafladors of man« 
kind, propofes the 20th of January^ 
for the march of three armies towards 
BrufTels. Liege, an4 Coblents, xxxiv« 

[,67] - 

— the king goes^down to the national ' 
,afTembiy, and yields to the popular cry 

for war, and promifes to ifTue premier 

military orders, xxxiv. [26S] 
m^ the leaders of the afiembly impatient 

for the commencement of hoftilitiest 

xxxiv. [248] 
— * a manifefto voted to be fent to all die 

courts of Europe, xxxiv. [2(8] 
*<— the elcAor of Treves otdiec^ ^^ «fic«w- 

gTatA%ouXQ>0E^dtf»Cvsas3k^<^n^ \>^^ 

INDEX, 17 8 I to 1792, 

France; emigrants from Holland are per- France ; further progrefs of the negotia* 

mitteid to harangue at the bar ot the tiony xxxiv. [280] , 

. national afTembly, xxxiv. [270] — conference between M. Noailles'and 

•-• a club of London conftitutional count Cobentzel, xxxiv. [2S0] 

whigs meeting in Frith-ftreet, addrefs — BrKTot and his friendf« continue to 

the aflembly, which is favourably an- flatter the king of Pruilia^ xxxiv. 

fwercd, xxxiv. [270] 

«* refugees from Brabant and Liege form 
a committee, and pafs refolutions 
againil their governments, xxxiv. 

•— previous circumllances m the condu6^ 
of the emperor, which led to a rup- 
ture, xxxiv. [271] 

[281] , 

«— a fccret agent from the emperor at 
Paris, who conftantly laboured at an 
accommodation, xxxiv. [*8i] 
— the king propofes to theaflembly ^n 
immediate declaration of war, and 
received with acclamations, xxxiv* 

— the Jacobins gain a complete afcen- *— the defign of the French of annU 

dency in the new aifembly, divided hilating the Britiih .power in Hin- 

under BriiTot and Roberfpierre, hut doilan, xxxiv. [284] 

united for the overthrow of monarchy, — account of a con'efpondence between 

xxxiv. [272] 

— Briifot declares decidedly for war, 
Roberfpierre for peace 5 Briflfot pre- 
vails, and boafts that he had the abo- 
lition of royalty in view in caufmg 
war to be declared, xxxiv. [273] 

•— proceedings on bringing up the re- 
. port from the diplomatic committee, 

on the official difpatch of prince Kau- 

nitz,-xxxiv. [273] 

— Bri(rot''s fpeech, encouraging an im« 
mediate war with the emperor, xxxiv. 

the French miniftcr plenipotentiary 
and lord Grenville, declanng in the 
name of the French nation, the le- 
giilative body, and the king, their dil- 
approbation and ignorance of any 
confederacy between iiTtlivIduals of 
their country and England, tending to 
excite tumults in England, xxxiv. 

— the king of Sweden is ftimulated by 

the emprefs of Ruffia to take a 

part againft the revolution, xxxiv. 


— • the king required by the afltmbly to — with an outline of the plan, xxxiv. 
demand of the emperor, whether (le [388] 
intended to live in peace or not, xxxiv. — great and indecent triumph of the 

— - inftru6lions fent to the ambaffador at 

Vienna, xxxiv. [275] 

•— reply to the inftruflions tranfmitted 
to the imperial ambalTador at Paris, 
xxxiv. [276] 

•^- the Pruilian envoy at Paris informs 
M* de Leifart, that an invafion of the 
German territory would be regarded 
as a declaration of war againft the em- 
pire, xxxiv. [278] 

*— M. de LefTart impeached and fent to 

revolution! its on the afTaifi nation of 
the king of Sweden, xxxiv, [396] 

— declaration of war againlt Auftria, 
received with joy through France, xxxiv. 


— profpe£ls of the royalifts from the 

war, xxxiv. [397] 

— the Feuillans or Conftltutionalifts 
cenfure the war, xxxiv. [397] 

— a counter proclamation iiuied by 
the government of Bruflbls, xxxiv. 


prifon, and fell in the rnaH'acres of the — the Auftrian minifter delivers a note, 

following September, xxxiv. [278] with a memorial, in behalf of the Ger* 

•— M. Dumourier, through the influence man princes, xxxiv. [398] 

of the Jacobins, appointed miniiler of — general Cudine feizes the important 

foreign affairs, xxxiv. [278] pafs of Porentru, and all the other 

•— fnclh it)ftru6Vions fent to the ambaf- temtories of the bifhop of Baiil, zxxiv. 

fador at Vienna, when the negotia- [398] 

tions are materially affe£led by the *— a view of the origin of the defign of 

death of the emperor, xxxiv. [279] 

attacking Liege, xxxiv. [399] 

— > M. Noailles again addreffes the im- '— plan of the campaign laid long befort 

peiial ambaffiidcr, and demands that 
the emperoe Ihoidd renounce the con- 
fedemcy of kings, xxxiv. [279] 
•*. the reply ^f prince KaunitZj xxxi?. 

the commencement of hoftilities, xxxiv. 

[399] ^ 

— plan offered by Dumourier reje^led 

by M. Narbonne, xxxiv. [399] 

— the difterent opinions of Rochambeau^ 



Luckner, anci Ja Fayette , of their re- to confult with Rocharobeau 2nd Luck- 

(peding armies, xxxiv. [399] ner, xxxiv. [408] 

France ; M. Narbonne dilinifled, and fuc* France ; la Fayette changes bis bead quar- 

ceeded Grave^who adopts ters from Givet to Maubeuge, xxxi. 

Tid, Dumourier's plan, xxxiv. [400] [408]. 

— plan of the campaign, xxxiv. [400] — application of M. la Fayette for more 
-— la Fayette wiihes to have the whole troops, which is refufed, xxxiv. [408] 

command, and demanded an army of — correfpondente takes place between 
50,000 men^ with which he purpofcs la Fayette and, Roland, xxxiv. [409 J 
to proceed down the Meuil^ as tai' as -— ' M. Gouvion defeated near Fiorennes, 
Liege, the poHellion of which he xxxiv. [409] 

thought would enfure the reduction of ~- la Fayette^s army moves to Mau* 
the Netherlands, xxxiv. [403) beiige, xxxiv. [409] 

— the fninifter jealous of the defigns of — fecond defeat of M. Gouvion, m 
la Fayette, r^ufes him the command, which he was killed, xxxiv. [4x0] 
xxxiv. [403] — la Fayette lies at Maubeuge, with* 

— the campaign to be opened on the out attempting to I'upportM. Gouvion, 
29th of May, and the iinnl arrange- xxxiv. [410] 

ment of the plan of operations, XXXIV*. — M. Luckner files towards Lifle, for 
[40 3 ] the purpofe of invadii\g Flanders, xxxiv* 

— general Dillon, proceeding from [410] 

Lifle to Tournay, on being attacked — captures Menin and Courtray, xxxiv., 

by a fmall body of the pnemy, fly [410] 

'back in a difordcrly manner to Liege, —fends to Paris for reinforcements, 

. xxxiv. [403] xxxiv. [4x1] 

— enormities committed by the fugitives — M. Luckner obliged to evacuate 
.. on the return to Lifle, in the maflacre Courtray, but the fuburbs are burnt 

of Audrian prifoners, and their ge- by general Jany, for which an indem» 

neral Dillon, xxxiv. [403] ni.fication was decreed, x-xxiv. -[411] ' 

. — equally fniidcfs expedition againft — Dumourier retires from the king's 

Mons, xxxiv. [404J councils, and accepts the command of 

— rapid march of la Fayette's army the little camp at Maulde, xxxiv* 
to Givet, where he remains ina^ive for [4x2] 

fome time, xxxiv. [405] — M. Lajarde, who fuccceded Duroou« 

— i.s, prevented in his deiign againft rier in the war departmtnr, and other 
Namur, by a reinforcemenr of 4,000 new minilters taken from the party of 
Auitrians arriving, xxxiv. [466 J la Fayette, xxxiv. [412] 

— a knot of fugitive revolutionists from -^ change of {>olition of the a rmieisa 
, Liege and Brabant, fit as a |«elgic Luckner and la Fayette, xxxiv. (412] 

congrei's under the prote^lion of la — Mallet du Pan, fent on a confidential 
Favette, xxxiv. [406] inefllige from the king, to thje emperor 

I^larmal Rochambeau refigns his com- and the king of Pruflia, xxxiv. [413] 

mand, which is accepted, xxxiv. [406] — a Separate declaration published by the 

— the friends of la Fayette endeavour emperor againft France, xxxiv. [414] 
to obtain for him the command of -— another feparate declaration ifl'ued by 
both armies, but oppofed by Dumou- the king of Pruffia, xxxiv. [4x6] 
rier, and Luckner appointed to fucceed —renewed outrages againft the king* 

- Rochambeau, xxxiv. [407] , tl^e attack on his palace, and attempt 

— la Fayette begins to take a part to aflalfinate him, June 20, xxxiv* 
(lire^ly againft government, xxxiv. [417] 

t407l —violent fchifms among the Jacobins,, 

— ferment at Paris, occafioned by the xxxiv. [418] 

ill fuccefs againlt the Auftrians, xxxiv. — a manifesto in the name of thi duke 
[407] ^ of Brunfwick, Uiieaiening, on any 

—7 Dumourier acknowledges himfelf to . violence don^ oi- offered^ to the royal 
have formed the unfuccefsful plan, and family, u>..give up Paris to militaiy 

announces the formation of a fecond . execution, xxxiv. [4x8] 

plan, xxxiv. £407] — a fecond manifcUo publiflied, xxxiv. 

— -M. de Grave redgns, and is fuc* [4x8] 

cettded by M. Servan, xxxiv. "[408] •— a more formal and elaborate mani- 

^^ la Fayette repairs to Valmcitnnc«> fefto publilhed b^ ^^ t,xOi.^»tscx ^^sA 

I N 13 E X, I 7 8 I to I 7 9 *• 

^e king of Pitifiia, with the heads of France j M. Dumonrier chofcn inimfte; 

it, xxxiv. [41*9] of the foreign department, xxxiv. 

Prince 5 the princes appear for the [428] 

lirft time in the confederacy, )aadv. «» M. la Co((e appointed new minifttr 

1.4ao] of marine, xxxxVf [429] 

^i-a declaration pi|bHihcd by the feven — Louvet intended for minifter of jo(- 

frinces of thehoiifeof Boiirbon,3txxiv. tice, but M. Darantfaon appointed| 
4*'] jncxiv. [4*9) 

•-the different diviiions of Jacobins — M. Clavicrreminifter of the' finances, 
uniting againft monarchy, attack the and Roland of the home departments 
palace, maifacre the guards, and im- xxxivy ^419] 

priibn the royal family, and' with the — thg particular drefs and manner of* 
throne overturn the conititution,xxxiv. M. Koland, and a ihort account of 
[423] ■ 1^ "^madame Roland, x)nciv. [430] 

V— a view of the cauies which imm.edi- r— the king announces the nomination 
atelyhaftenedtheruinofthemonarchy, of the pew miniftry to' the affembly, 
fi*om ihe period preceding the fall of and declares the motives of his whole 
M.DuportduTertre and his colleagues, conduct, xxxi v. [431] 
xxxiv. [4x5] — the general fcheme of the new admi« 

•— thekingheUiupbythefecondaflembly niftration declared by M. de Grave, 
as an enemy to the conftitution, xxxiv. xxxiv. [431] 

[425] — alarm at Paris, by the proceedings of 

■^ the king charged wijh direiEl treachery the national guard of Marfcilles in tl^e 

to his country, xxxiv. [425] fouth, xxxiv. [431] 

r— libellous publications againfi the king — r« M. Wittgenltein appointed to the 
in the paper condu6led by Bri (Tot, xxxiv. command in the fouih^ who,'complain* 
[425] ^ ing of the obllacUs perpetually thrown 

— M, bertrand moves the council for the in his way, refigns, and is fucceeded 
profecuiion of the author> which is by gen. Mcnterquieu, xxxiv. [431] 
carried againtl him, xxxiv. [425] — M. Roland called upon to ^ive an ac- 

mmm innumerable other libels published, count of the affairs of Avignon and 
xxxiv. [425] ^ Aries, endeavours to reconcile the af- 

^-'the direft filfront to the king in a fembly to them, xxxiv. 1^432] 

letter from M. Condorcet, as the na- — r he aifo patronizes the rebellion in the 
tional aflfembly, to which the king is regiment of Chateauvicux, and takes 
advifed by his council to return no an- a more decided part with the Corde- 
fwer, xxxiv. [426] Hers and Jacobins agalnft the non- 

^- the king advil'ed by the council to ride ^ juring clergy, xxxiv. [432^ 435] 
round thp fuburbs, and converfe affa- .a- pcrlecution of the clergy in different 
bly with the people, diftribute alms, departments, and their unexceptionable 
&c. bnt this is attended with ho laft- behaviour, xxxiv. [433] * 
ing good efFeft, xxxiv. [426] -_ inftances of foftitude and piety in 

<*« a report of a plan to carry off the king, the lower orders, xxxiv. [434] 

xxxiv. [426] — favourable report of M. Cayer de 

-^ endeavours made to encreafc the royal Gerville en the clergy, xxxiv. [435] 
party in the national aifembly, xxxiv. — departmental laws againft them an* 
(426] nulled, xxxiv. [436] 

^-- M. Narbonne, having incautioufly ~- M. Roland exerts himfelf againft the 
divulged the iccret, occafioned the clergy, xxxiv. [436] 
diflblution of the adminifiration, xxxiv. -— ill confequences ariiing from the am- 
[426] bit ion of the lower oi-ders aiming at 

w judged expedient for the king^s and pbccs which required ^eat abilitieSa 
his own fafety, that M. Bertrand fhould xxxiv. [437] 

rcfign, xxxiv. [427] — M. Fleurieu named by the king to 

»-M. Bertrand ^rawt ttp a fpecific de- be governor to the dauphin, but op« 
fence, in which he 'flievinr the errors pofed by the aifembly, xxxiv. [4-3^] 
cf the new conftitution, which is. cir- — • M. Dumourier applies for fix mil- 
culated very extenfnrely, and with great lions of livres for (ecret fervice mo* 
effe6V, xxxiv. [4*7] ney, which is granted, xxxiv. [43 9 J 

**• diffolution of the tniniftry> xxxiv. •— 30,000 livres a month defired by M 
[4-»S] Petion and M. fColaiidi far iimihtf 



purpofes, bm much of it afiplicd to 
> procuring of libellous pubtK>tkan» 

xxxiv. [440] 
France i the lctng*s opinion of Petion» 

xxxiv» [440] 
•*-* the king 8 condefcending bchavioiir 

to his miniftersy xxziv. [440] 
M*- ftar^ of dhe council^ xxziv. £440] 
-^ ^a coldnefs takes place between I>a-> 

mourier and Roland^ xxxiv. [441] 
^— Briifot and the Qironditts partly 

withdcaw themfelves from the jaco* 

bin club, xx^iv. [441] 
•*— ' the different chara6lers and views of 

Rpberfpierre and Danton, xxxir. 

«^ the Orleanifts aid Roberlpierre ags(inft 

Briifot, xxxiv. [443] ^ 
^— rpeechesy pamphlets^ &c. for one 

parry of the jacobin clubs againft the 

othefy xxxiv. [443 1 
«-^ the deijgn of the Jacobins to get quit 

of the king^s guard, xxxiv. [443 J 
— *- further dciign pf gaining or dividing 

the national guards of Paris, xxxiv, 


'— inve6lives againft the Auftrian com- 
mittee, xxxiv. [444] ^ 

^— Moiporo, a daring leader of the Cor* 
deliers, appears at the bar with fome 
petitioners, hut not permitted to fpeak, 
xxxiv. [444] 

«»- two itreet orators dete^ed hi pick- 
ing of pockets, xxxiv. [445] 

»— Ifnard denounces the Auibian com- 
mittee to the afiemhiy, and moves 'a 
nioft ofienfive and irritating remon- 
ftrance to the king, xxxiv.. [44^] 

•— heads of M. Ifnard's inflammatoiy 
fpeeeh, which was at the preTent di(- 
mrfled by the order of the day, xxxiv. 


*-> M. Carra denounces Montmorin and 
Bertrand in his news-paper, and at the 
jacobin eluh, as leading members of the 
Auftrian committee, xxxiv. [447] 

«— Carra alio aflerts a plot for a fecond 
efcape of the king, and a new St. Bar- 
tholomew's day, xxxiv. [447] 

^^ proceedings on the proiecution of 
Carra by Bertrand, xxxiv. [448] 

fp- Merlin Bazkre and Chabot named by 
Carra as the authors, who refer to 
pftpers in the poiTeifion of the com* 
mitteeof fuperintendence for their au- 
thority, xxxiv. [448] 

•— M. la Riviere applies at the bar of 
the a^embly for the necefiary papers, 

' xxxiv. 14^8] 

«pi- M. Faucnet, the new biihop of Calva« 

^ dos, explains the natnre of the com* 

^ fpitttt gf which be' was a member^ 

which WIS to give aodce of plotSf 
^ xxxiv. [449] 
Fiance 4 debate on M. la Kiviere*s appfi* 

cation, xxxiv. [449] 
-^ M. la Riviere lifocs warrants to have 

the three iitem b ei s brought befiocp 

bim, xxxiv. [450] 

— M. Baaire alone agrees to anfwcr in* 
terrogatorics, xxxiv. [450] 

«»- M. la Riviere ordered to the bar to 
explain his condud, xxxiv. [450] 

— a motion carried to rcftr the queftioa 
' to the committee of l^ilation, xxxiv* 

«— the report of the committee not beiner 
ready, the difcuffion was opened on the 
fpot, without any repoit, xxxiv. [450] 

— > a vote of accufation pafied againlt 
M. la Riviere, who was fent to Or- 
leans, and there murdered, with the 
other viflims, ia the following Sep* 
tembcr, xxxiv. [451] 

— three members of the aflTembly de- 
nounced as a£ling in concert with Ri. 
viere, but they refute the cbai^ge, xxxiv. 


— the king gives orders for a profecu- 

tion on the fubje£l of the Auftrian 
committee ; gives notice of it to the 
aflembly, and requefts the neceftary 
papers, xxxiv. [452] 

— theconiideration of the letter adjourn- 
ed, xxxiv. [451] 

— Gerfonne and Briflbt denounce the 
king^s letter and the Auftrian com- 
mittee, xxxiv. [452] 

— the king*s intention to efcape rc- 
aflerted, xxxiv. [455] 

— Pet ion writes to the guards to take 
every obfervation and precaution, 
xxxiv. [455] 

'— th^: king writes to the municipality, 
complaining of the mayor^s (ondud:^, 
and a copy lent to the direftory, xxxiv. 


— M. Petion writes an addrefs to his 
fellow citizens, deiigned to degrade 
the king, xxxiv. [455] 

— twelve Swil's foldiers at Neuilly hcift- ^ 
ed tfie white cockade, and wounded 
feveral perlbns, are confined, and refer- 
red by the afferobly for the king and 
minifters to proceed againft themj, 
xxxiv. [456] 

— packages of paper burnt at Scve, in- 
timated by Merlin to have been the 
archives of the Auftrian committee, 
but on inveftigating prove an edition 
of the memoirs of madame de la 
Motte, purchafed by the king, to pre- 
vent their circul'8Xvtm^'«aL'ra,\i»j^Jbr\ 


plot for diflToKring of the aflembny, and 
nuking a counteT-revoIution> xxxiv; 

France ; M. Montmorin and the prlncefs 
de Lamballe reported to have fled to 
England j— tlte> miftake which occaii- 
oned the report, xxxiv. [4569 457] 

•-* a refoiution carried, that the jpiiard 
through P^f^ ihould be doubled, 
^aalv. [457J 

^- the iitting declared permanent, xxxiv. 


— Petion's ipeech at the bar on the 
tranquil (late of Paris^ but at the time 
of his fpeaking, there was a ferious 
riot at the palace, xxxiv. [457 ]~ 

•w a riotous body of 2,000 men, women, 
and children^ file through the aiTem- 
hly, with a red capi dilplayed for a 
ftandard, xxiiv. [458] 

•-* M. Baziere called upon to bring his 
motion again ft the king^s guard, xxxiv. 


^— fubftance of his fpcech againft the 
guards, which he concludes with a 
motion that they fhould be cafhiered, 
re- njodelled, and their duty done by 
tlie Swifs regiments and the national 
guard, xxxiv. [458] 

•— the queftion poftponed till the even- 
ing, when violent debates enfue, and 
A>me members are fent to the abbaye ^ 
the decree is carried, xxxiv. [459] 

m^ the decree of accufation againil M. 
Brilfac, xxxiv. [459] 

•p- the king fan6lions the decree againft 
the guards, xxxiv. [460] 

•^ M. Bertrand and Montmorin refute 
the charges noade againft them by Bi^f- 
fot, xxxiv. [460] 

— Cliabot. revives the cry againft the 
Auftrian com«iuttee, xxxiv. [+61] 

— his papers referred to a committee ; 
and thofe rerpe6^ing la Fayette and 
other generals devoted to public con- 
tempt, xxxiv. [462] 

— proccedir)gs on the impenchment of 
M. Dupoi t du Tertre, xxxiv. [462] 

»- the iituaiion of the king and family 

growing everyday more diftreflingand 

alarming, xxxiv. [463] 
»*- meafures taken bf the king for his 

ptrfonal fecurity, xxxiv. [464] 
•— feftival in honour of M. Simoneau, 

mayor of Etampzs, xxxiv. [464] 
■^ the king receives dire£l teftimony of 

thedefigns againft him, xxxiv. [465] 

— the king declines an oifer made by 
la Fayette, to declare himfelf openly 
againft the Jacobins, and attempt the 
•elivei-ancc of the royal family^ it'j^Q* 

781 to 1792. 

ceflarvy at the head •£ the national 

guards, or even of the whole annyi 

xxxiv. [465] ' 
France ) Koland* Servant, and Oavierey 

three of the king*6 council, aA with the 

&£lion for the ruin of the king, xxxiv* 

•— fymptoms in favour of the royal 

caufe, xxxiv. [46^] 

— diftention among the roiaiftry, xxxiv. 

— Gaudet propoies an in(blent letter to 
the king, which is oppoled by the mi- 
sifters, xxxiv. [468] 

— Roland and his party prefs for the 
appointment of a fecretary to the 
council, and a regular entry of their 
debates, xxxiv. [469] 

— the king engages Dumourier and La^ 
cofte to oppoie the meafure, xxxiv. 

— a penal law againft the nonjunog 
clergy paffed. May »5th, xxxiv. [470] 

— the king repented of havmg fane- 
tionepl the original decree againft tho- 
clergy, xxxiv. [470] 

— a decree pafTes, rtnpowering the mi- 
nifter of war to fonn a camp of 20^00 
men in the neighbourhood of Paris^ 
xxxiv. [470] 

,— oppofite petitions to the aifembly re- * 
fpefting the two decrees, and the dif- 
ferent reception of the petitioners^ 
xxxiv. [471] 

r— the fubftance 6f Roland's letter to the 
king, xxxiv. [472] 

— Dumourier commanded by the king 
to name three other minilters in the 
room of Roland, Servan, and Claviere^ 
xxxiv. [474] 

•— Dumourier appointed minifter of ' 

war, xxxiv. [474] 
— - Roland fends to the prefident of the 

aftehibly a copy of his letter to the 

king, xxxiv. [474] 

— Roland*s letter ordered to be printed, 
and fent to the departments, xxxiv. 

-— fphited condu£l of Dumourier to- 
wards the aflembly, xxxiv. [475] 

— Dumourier refigns, and retires to the 
command of the little camp at Maulde« 
xxxiv. [476] 

— - changes which took place in the im^^ 
niftry, xxxiv. [476] 

— the Feuillans begin to aft with fome 
degreeofdeciilon, xxxiv. [476] 

— letter of the directory of the depart- 
ment of Paris againft the Jacobins, 

• xxxiv. [47 6 J 

— letter of M. la Fayeltc to the a/Tem- 


t>ly, and his orders to his troops for 
the celebration of the 17th of June, 
xxxiv. [477] 
France ; Girondifts, Jacobins, and Cor- 
delier«. unite againll tbe FeuLllans, «nd 
difplay all their evil energy, xxxiv. 

«— - the xoth of June fixed for the infur- 

reftion, xpciv. [477] 

•^ application of perlbns calling them- 
felves citizens of the luburbt ot St. An* 
toineandSt. Marcel, to the coinicii ge- 
neral of the commune,to appear in arms 
on the following Wednefday, before 
the national alfembly and king, which 
they prohibited, but the Jacobins per- 
illed in defiance of the authority, 
xxxiv. [477] 

*— the Jacobins are fecrerly abetted by 
the mayor and the adminillraiion of 
the police, xxxiv. [47 S] 

— the mayor gets the roeafure adopted 
by the municipal body, xxxiv. [478J 

«— violent proceedings in the national 
aifembly, on M. la Fayette's letter, 
wtuch is ordered to be fent to the com- 
mittee of twelve, xxxiv. [478] 

— the Jacobins declare their fittings per- 
manent, and pafs violent re£:)lutions 
sgainft la Fayette, xxxiv. [478] 

— a civic feaft publicly given, at which 
the moft furious members of the Ja- 
cobins prefided, xxxiv. [479] 

— the king's refufal to fanftion the two 
decrees, xxxiv. [479] 

— fubftance of a letter to the affemlily, 
figned, The citizens of Marfeilles, 
xxxiv. [479] 

— the letter ordered to be printed and 
fent to the departments, xxxiv. [480] 

— the leaders of the populace encourage 
them to infurreftion, xxxiv. [480] 

— ^ proceedings of the. 20th of June, 
xxxiv. [480] 
* — the aflenibly informed of the danger 
to be apprehended from the movements 
of the populice, xxxiv. [480] 

— - the citizens of the fuburb of St. An- 
toine admitted to file through the al- 
fembly, xxxiv. [480]' 

•— the populace proceed to the Thuil- 
leries, xxxiv. [481] 

— 30,000 people of all defcriptions pour 
into the Place de Caroufel, xxxiv. 

[+«.] • 

— drag their cannon through the palace 
into the hail of the guards, xxxiv. [48 1] 

-^ the king's apartment, on being at- 
tempted to be torced, was opened, and 
feveral attempts made to aliki&nate 
him, xxxiv. [48 1 ] 

France ; the kifig obliged to put on die 
red cap, xxxiv. [482] 

— two deputations fent from the. national 
afiembly to the palace, without any 
confiderablc efFe£l, xxxiv. [482] 

— Petion anives, and in Ibme meaflsre 
appeafes the rage ai the mob, ^uomr* 


— the general rage exprelTed againft the 
queen, xxiv. [483] 

— the queen puts on the red cap, and 
puts it alio on the head of the dauphixi^ 
xxxiv. [483] 

— the undillurbed feienity of the king 
during theii; prcffing trials, xxxiv* 
[484] ^' 

— the king becomes Satisfied of the In- 
tention of the populace to aiTaiHnate 
him, xxxiv. [484] 

— conduct of the aflerably, who pais a 
decree againft armed aiTemblics, but 
which they immediately evade, xxxiv. ,. 

— iniolent behaviour of Petion to the 
king, xxxiv, [485] 

— a judicious proclamation iifued by the 
king, xxxiv. [485] 

-— the king gives orders to apply to die 
aflembly for 42 new battalions to be 
ftationed at SoiiTons, xxxiv. [486] 

— feveral plans prefented to the king for 
his leaving Paris, and rejefted by him, 
xxxiv. [486] 

— fcheme for gaining the tribunes dif. 
approved, xxxiv. [486] 

— the king fends M. Bertrand to co«- 
fult with M. Montmorin and M. Ma- 
louef, on the conduft they would ad- ' 
vile him to purfue, xxxiv. [486] 

— the alTembly attacks with vigour the 
kin^ and the new adminidration, xxXir. 

— the committee of twelve, paying no 
regajd to the papers lately referred to 
them, takes up the fubje(ft of the twtf 
decrees, xxxiv. [487] 

— the miniilf rs ordered to make a report 
of the mealbres taken for the public 
fafety, xxxiv. [487] 

— their report ; — they denounce feveral 
libels ngainrt the king, which is re- 
ferred to the commiitec of twelve, 
xxxiv. [487] 

— M. Duranthon makes favourable re- 
port on the religious troubles, x:<xiv. 


— difTaiisfaflion occafioned by thefe re- 
ports, xxxiv. [488] 

— M. la Fayette, prefents a petition at 
the bar of the aflTembly, in which he 
avows that he fpok<; the iknOt of ths. 

I N D E X, J 

anny; demanding the profecution of 
ihe leaders at the Thuillerie» ; th^t the 

■ Jacobin clubs flionld not be fuffered to 
meet | and to enfure refyed: to con- 
ilttuted authorities, with an account of 
his reception, xxxlv. [489] 

prance } the joint report of the minifters, 
followed by an addrefs from the king to 
fhe French armies,^ and a letter from 
jnarfhal Luckner to the king, and or- 
dered to be printed/ xj^xi v. [489,4903 

9»^Rn addrefs from Kouen, figned with 
20,000 names, prefented in favour of 
la Fayette, and anothw from Aifne, 
figned by the five adminiflrator^, with 
t^ pixKeedings on the addi efles, xxxiv. 

r— report from the committee of twelve, 
by M. Paftoret, xxxiv. [490] 

•— report on the intended camp at Soif- 
fons, xxxiv, [491] 

— decree to diiband the ftaffof the Pa- 
rlfian national guards, xxxiv. [491] 

i«*->M- Duranthon refigns, and is iuc- 
ceeded by M Dejoly, xxxiv. [491] 

ipp- mej]&ge from the king, propoling a 
public renewal of the federation, and 
coldly received, xxxiv. [49 x ] 

f— proceedings in confideration of the 
meaiures moft proper to be taken, 
againft foreign and donaedic enemies, 
xxxiv. [491] 

^— motion of M. Vergniaud, to declare 
the country in danger, xxxiv. [4913 

*— M, Lamourette, theconftitutional bi- 
Ihopof Lyons, propofesan oath againft 
a republic stid two chambers, which is 
immediately taken, xxxiv. [492] 

•-> twenty- four members fent to inform 
the king, xxxiv. [4923 

«-^thc king and miniliers return with 
the deputies to the affembly, where 
they are received with great applaufes, 
xxxiv. [492] 

— M. BriiTot's moft violent fpeech, 
wherein he adviies, ** that to Ih-ike at 
the court of the Thuillerles, is to fti ike 
all the traitors at once," xxxiv, [4933 

— he thinks it neceffary to declare the 
fountry in danger, and to examine- 
the king's conduft, whether it did not 
amount to abdication, and other extra- 
ordinary excefTes, xxxiv. [4943 

»^ an unfalisfa^ory report made by the 
minifter, and a frelh report required 
within twenty- four hours, xxxiv. [4943 

— on making ihe frelh report, the mi- 
nii^ry figttify their intention of re- 
figning, x:«iv. [4943 

— the motion for declaring *• the country 
in danger^* carriedy and two addreflet 

yi% to 179a. 

voted, one to the army, the o|her to the 
nation, xxxiv. [494] 
France ; the attention paid by the aflenobfy 
to the foldiers which aiTiveil from the 
provinces to aflilt at the fr.deration^ 
xxxiv. [4943 

— addrefs from the council general of 
the commune of Marieilles, xxxiv, 


— JVi. Martin, mayor of MarfeillcSs 
fpeaks againii the addrefs $ the addrefs 
fent to the committee of twelve^ xxxif* 


— M. la Fayette tranfmits, to the king 
a plan to eftabliih him in fafety, either 
at Compeigne, or in the northern part 
of the' kingdom, to which the king 
gives a negative, xxxiv. [4963 

— the direftory pafles a vote to fuipend 
the mayor of Paris from hi$funAtoDS| 
xxxiy. [4963 

•^ petitions from the republican fe^lioiis 
and popular meetings, for prote6lion 
to the virtuous mayor, xxxiv. [4963 

•— the king, after fome delay and doubt^ 
ratifies tfie fufpendon, xxxiv. [4963 

— the affembly rettores the mayor to 
the plenitude of his fun^ions, xxxiv. 


— Petion refumes the mayoralty on the 
day of the federation, xxxiv. [4973 

— alterations in the ceremonial of the 
federation in 1790 and 179a, tending 
to prejudice the royal caute, xxxiv. 


— an attempt made 4)n the evening of 
the federation to aflaiUnate the queen,^ 
xxxiv. [497] 

— a grenadier of the national guards 
taken up, at the foot of the ftair-cafe 
to the queen^s apartment, with a cutlas 
concealed in the lining of his coat, but 
on the next morning refcued by a. 
band of ruffians fent for that purpoie 
to the palace, xxxiv. [498] 

— - a decree carried for moving all the 
foldiers in garrifon at Paris, 30,000 
toiies from the legiilative body, xxxiv, 

^ [498] 

— the continuance of the Swifs guard 
referred to the diplomatic committee^ 
xxxiv. [4983 

— the federates ihew no' inclination to 
leave the capital $ and their general 
language, that they would not go with* 
out overturning the throne, xxxiv. 

•— in a riot on June ii, the windows of 

the palace are broken, when Petion 

prevents ai\y greater outrage, xxxiv. 


France | 


iPrances.tHe federates, the chief movers of 
thefe diftifi'bances, xxziv. [499] 

— - arts ufed by the JaCbbins to debauch 
them* xxxiv. [499] 

— they threaten th^ members of the af- 
fembly which they difliked wiih clinch- 
ed fiits and fabres from the galleries* 
and aifume a fort of corporate autho- 
rity { poblifh a circular addrefs to the 
departments, calling on their brethren 
to rife and iWear to annihilate ariito- 
cracy, xxxiv* [499] 

— feiid a deputation to the bar of the 
aflembly, to demand that the king*s 
fun6lion (hould be fufpended, xxxi\r, 

.[+993 . ' 

— M. Chodieu moves that the federates 
ikould remain in Paris until they were 
formed into regular battalions, xxxiv. 


— the Jacobins bufy in the provinces, 

through the corref^nding committees, 
xxxiv. [499] 

— the nonjuriug priefts at Breft com- 
mitted to dole imprifonment in the 
caftle, with the option of banifhment 
to Spain, Portugal, or Italy, xxxiv. 


— a ra/h attempt in the fouth by M. 

Dufaillant draws deftru£lion on him- 
felf and followers, and fubjefled the 
country, around to the rapine and cru- 
elties of Nifmes, Avignon, and the 
Comtat Venaidin, xxxiv. [500] 

— ^chev. Defgrifny, and madame Guil- 
lard murdered, with many others, with 
every Ipecies of refined cruelty, xxxiv. 

•— the folemnization of the federation at 
Bourdeaux, with various affaflinations, 
)cxxiv. [501] 

— many of the clergy aiTafllinated in dif- 
ferenr parts of the kingdom, xxxiv. 

J— and great numbers confined in gaols, 

xxxiv. [501] ^■ 

•— publication by the lociety at Pui, 

*' threatening Louis, and all other 

kings with thoufands of Brutus*s and 

ScsBvola's, to purify the earth from 

the infe6lion of royalty," xxxiv. [501} 
— • fanguinary proce^ings at AJarieiiles, 

jbcxiv. [501] 
*— fatal conJIeauences of the proceed* 

ings at Marleilles, on X^uloo, xxxiv. 

•«- the king wifhes to die by the hand of 

an aflamn, rather than an executioner, 

xxxiv. [501] 
•*- the king frequently reads the hiHgry 

of Charles I. xxxiv, [502] 


France ; the a^Tembly infifts on a change 0^ 
miniltry, with a lift of the new mi- 
nifters, xxxiv. [501] 

— » the cabinet of fecret' advisers pe^^ 
mitted to by before tlie king a projeft 
for his efcape, with a pofitive limita- 
tion that he would not retreat mots 
than i\x>enty leagues from P^is, xxxiv* 

<— a report that the royallfts, fuillans^ 
and modei-ates, entertained a icheme 
of retiiing to Rouen, and that they ia» 
vited the king to accompany theni« 
xxxiv. [503] 

— alarm of the Girondifts, xxxiv. [s^3] 

— M. Grangeneuve offers himfelf a 
vi6lim to be murdered, in oi^der that 
his murder might be attributed to tjie 
court party, xxxiv. £503] 

-— a letter fecretly fent to the king from 
the deputies Vergniaud, GenfiMvae^ 
and Guadet, informing him thataa 
infurre^ion more dreadful thaa that- 
of June zo was planfied, and adtiies 
the recal of the three popular minifters* 
in which cafe they pledged themfeives 
that it Ihould not take place, to wfaidi 
the king gives no anfwer, butxeturaa 
theletttr, xxxiv. [504] 

— the aiTembly authorifes the fe^lions to 
hold permanent fittings, xxxTv. [504} . 

— a petition, that a fearch for arraji might 
be made at the Thuilleries, xxxif. 


— the extraordinary committee, formel 
on the fuggeftion of BrifTot, propoTc 
an addrefs to the throne, xxxiv. [504J 

— Briffot moves that the committee 
Ihould report their opinion of tlie a^ 
which would legally induce a forfei- 
ture of the throne, and whether tlic 
king had committed thofe aSs, xxxir« 


— M. d'Efprcmenil, who had been al« 

moft adored as ilie martyr of liberty, 
is mangled by the fabies of the fede- 
rates, and with diihculty efcapes widi 
his life, xxxiv. [505] 

— M, Champion, the new mlnlftei* of 
the home department, is . in fimilar 
danger of his lif<f, xxxiv. [505] 

— ^ a determination to afTault the palace, 
but the leveral bodies not being ready^ 
M. Petion perfuades them to defiit, 
xxxiv. [505] ^'^ 

— i a i-eport that the Girondifls are botight 
. over by the court, xxxiv>. [506] 
— > BriiTot, in pafllng from the alfembly, 
hears murmuis of the <' iamp.polt,'* 
xxxiv. f 506] 

— the G'vtox^^^'i ^^vi. "v^^^ ^» '^^ 


kingx through M. Malefherbes, of- 
fering to ftop the infurre^^ion, on con- 
dition that Roland, Servan, and Cla- 
vicre ihould bereftored, xxxiv, [506] 

France ^ the king directs that Petion (hould 
be invited to aflift at coniultations, 
xxxiv. [506] 

1— the inilureftion intended on the 29th 
of July poliponed to the 9th or 10th 

. of Augult, xxxiv. [507] 

•—.the arrival of the detachment from 
Marle^lles, xxxiv. [507] 

— the duke of Bruufwick's inanifefto 
arrives at Paris, July 29, xxxiv. 

w— the Kin^ makes a new declaration of 
his feelings and principles to the al- 
fembly, Auguft 3, xxxiv- [507] 

^Petion prefents a petition at the bar, 
for the depofilton of thdking, xxxiv. 

— an alarm given to the king of another 
attempt on the palace, xxxiv. .[509] 

— the federates removed to more com- 
modious quarters, xxxiv. [509] 

•— many plans daily offered for the ef- 
cape ol the king, but all reje^led by 
him, xxxiv. [509] , 

— the queilion of the impeachment of 
M. la Fayette brought before the af- 
fembly, xxxiv. [510] - 

*— after violent debates the impeach- 
ment rejected, 406 againit 224, xxxiv. 

•— the members in t^jie majonty greatly 
infulted in the Itreets, threatened with 
death, but refcued by the national 
guards, xxxiv. [511] 

— the molt furious declamations of the 
Jacobins againll the majority, xxxiv. 


— a lilt published by the Jacobins of the 

members who had voted in favour of 
la Fayette, xxxiv. [512] 

— M. Lamarqui's virulent fpVeech againft 
the king, Auoull 9, xxxiv. [512] 

— a decree pafled to prevent ihc return 
of the emigrants to Paris, xxxiv, 

— addreffcs > dilavowing the petition 
againft th^ king hooted by the galle- 
ries, and refufed honourable mentions 
xxxiv. [512] 

— proceedings on the complaints made 
by the iniulied members, xxxiv. [512] 

^- proceedings in the lall fitting of the 
Jacobins denounced, and received with 
every mark of difapprobation, xxxiv. 

.*• an inflammatory fpeecb of Mt lihard^ 

xxxiv, [5x3] 

1781 to I 792. 

France $ M. Rhilederer ftates the loten- 
tion of beating to arms, and nngring the 
alai*m bell at midnight^ of marching 
to the Thuilleries, and effe^ing tb6 
depoGtion of the king, in cafe it motlld 
not be decreed m the fitting of that 
day, xxxiv. [513] 

— 900 armed men enter the capital, 
and are quartered by the munici- 
pality, xxxiv. [513] 

— Pel ion affures the aflfembly of the 
vigilance of the magidrates, xxxiv. 

— - the aflembly adjourns, xxxiv^ [514J 
— - means of defence adopted in tlie pa- 
lace, xxxtv. [514} 

— M. Mar.dat, commandant of the i^a- 
tioual guard, obtains an order from 
Tallien to repel force by force, xxxiv. 

— a new municipality formed by a num- 
ber of men, who had forced their way 
into the hall of Hie council general of 
the commune, xxxiv. [514] " 

— M. Mandat fent for by the new mu- 
nicipality, and murdered; and the c/r- 
4er of Tallien taken out of his pockety 
xxxiv. [515] 

— before morning the arfenal forced 
and pillagedi xxxiv. [515] 

— i- the bufy found of hoftile preparation 
during the whole of the night, xxxiv. 

— a de)>utation of the national aflcmbly 
fent for to the palace, but not fent, 
^^^iv. [515] 

— the king retires with his confcffor to 
prepare himfelf for his fate, xxxiv. 

ts'J] . . . . ■ 

— the queen paiTes the night in viiitin^ 
her children and the council chamber, 
xxxiv. [515] 

-— at half after five the king vifits the 
different pofts where troops were Ita- 
tioned, xxxiv. [515] 

— > three battallions, armed with mufkett 
and pikes, get admittance into the 
courts of the Thuilleries, xxxiv. [51 5 J 

— the little probability of any effectual 
rcfiftance to the infuigents, xxxiv. 


— many nobility and gentry with the do* 
meftics, form a corps for the protection 
of the interior, xxxiv. [515] 

-i- the king and family, by the advice of 
Rhoederer, fly to' the affembly fpr 
protection, xxxiv. [516] 

— nine, who had been taken in the 
night, cruelly murdered under the di- 
rection of Theroignc dc Mericourt, 
xxxiv, [517] 



Fftnce; the infurgents proceed to the 
Thuilleriesy xxxiv. [517} 

— the king had given fki'iSt orders for 
the troops not to fire on the people^ 

xxxiv. [517] ^ r^ 

— neariv *i 00,000 perfons itippoied to 
be aitembled, with thirty pieces of 
cannon, xxxiv. [517] 

— the- murder of the Swifs guards, 
xxxiv. [518] ^ 

— a heavy fire commenced from the 
wrindows of the palace, which infiautly 
clears the court, and the cannon are 
abandoned, xxxiv. [518] 

— the corps of gentlemen and the na* 
tional guards itood idle fpe6lators, 
xxxiv. [519] 

— • a body of men lent for to the aiiem- 
bly are di farmed and ftripped/of their 
uniforms, xxxiv. [519] 

— - the infurgents return with a fre/h 
fupply of artillery, get into the garden, 
and attack the palace on every Ude, 
xxxiv. [519] 

— ^ the corps of gentlemen retire into an 
inner apartment, and relblve on forc- 
ing a parage to the ailembly, xxxiv. 

— a great maflacre, particularly of the 
Swils, on their paffage, xxxiv. [519] 

*— the Swifs remaining in the paluce put 

to death in the moft unfeeling man- 

ner, xxxiv, [519] 
— > many of the national guards join the 

affailants, xxxiv. [520}. 
— - the royal dome^cs alio miurdered, and 

the )5alac;; plundered, xxxiv.. [520] 
•— the aflembly ultini^\;ly tak^s open 

pait with the confpirators, xxxiv. 


— the iitting made permanent ; all de- 
crees voted to have the force of laws j 
and a national convention fummoned, 
xxxiv. [520] 

•— the kin? i'ufpended from his func- 
tions, and his family committed to the 
clofe cuftody of the municipality, xxxiv. 

-— new miniilers appointed, xxxiv. 

— three commiflioners fent to each of 
the armies to remove all officers they 
might think dangerous, xxxiv. [520] 

^— \z Fayette prevails on the magiltrates 
of Sedan to arreft tiie commifuoners i 
flies to the territory of Liege, but re- 
fufes to join the French princes ; 

' claims the neutrality he had been the 
iirft to violate, and is detained prifoner 
of war, xxxiv. t^i i ] 

— » Dumourier appointed to fucceed. la 
Fayettcin the 0mmsmd, x»dr. C^^^l 

France ; 500 emigrants landed at Brigh- 
ton, xxxiv. 39*. 

— relation- of the alTaflination of general 
Dillon, at Lille, April 29, i79a» 
xxxiv. 103*. 

— letter from M. la Fayette to the 
national aflembly, June 16^ Y7929 
xxxiv. 106*. ' 

— letter from M. la Fayette to the 
king, with a copy of the proceeding, 
June 16, 1792, xxxiv. 108*. 

— letter fi*om M. de Grave, late roiot- 
fter of the war department, to the na- 
tional affembly, London, Auguft 6, 
1792, xxxiv. 110*. 

— lingular decree of the fe^lion PoiA 
fonniere, xxxiv. 115*. 

— account of the maifacres in September 
1792, x;cxiv. 115*. 

— leiier written by the municipality of 
Paris to all the municipalities of France^ 
and circulated under the counterfign 
of Danton, foon after the foregoing 
martacrcs, xxxiv. 119*. 

-i— account of the robbery of the jewel- 
olHce in September i7%i, and of the 
diamonds and other jewels of the crowa 
tiiere kept, xxxiv. 1 20*. 

•i- cafe of the fufFcring clergy of, re- 
fugees in the Britiih dominions^ 
xxxiv. 122*. 

— three letters of Dr. Prieftley, refpeft- 
ing his ele£^ion to the national con* 
vention afl*embled for the trial of 
the king, and alluding to the late 
maffacres, xxxiv. 125*. 

— letter from the German poet KIop- 
llock to the national convention, xxxir. 

— proceedings of various focieties hi . 
England, relative to the affairs of 
France, xxxiv. 128*. 

- — account of an Englifh civic feaft at 
White's hotel in Paris, Nov. 18, 1792, 
xxxiv. 153*. 

•— manifello of the French nation, de- 
creed by the national aifembly, Dec* 
29, 1 79 1 9 and fent to all the courts of 
Europe, xxxiv. 207*. 

— official letter of |Jrince Kauneiz Riot- 
burgh to the French ambaflador at 
Vienna, communicated to the national 
affembly, Dec. 3 x , 179 1 , 'xxxiv. 209*, 

— letter from the king to the national 
aifembly, with the preceding commu- 
nication, xxxiv. 2x0*. 

-— inns defcribed, xxxiv* 20 1. 

— See State Papers. 

Francis I. of France, ihc feftivity of 
his county xxiv* 4., , 




GALVEX, Don B. db; his expedition 
to tlie'MobUle, xxiv. [23] 

— the ^expedition checked by the wreck 
of fcveral of the vcffels, xxiv. [24] 

— reinforced from the Havannab, x;?iv, 

— the furrender of the fort, xxiv. [z'^'] 
Geneva 5 French and ' Sardinian troops 

arrif e to re-eilablilh order there, xxv. 

— matters relative to the eftablifhing 
peace fettled by the council of the 
king of France, xxiv. 195. 

•— an afylum for the emigrants froni» 
offered in the counties of Wexford and 
Kildare, in Ireland, xxv. I1-&3] 

—- the plan of the emigrants from, fet- 
tling in Ireland proves aboitivc, 
xxviii. [24] 

Genoa grants the ufe of her ports to 
Kuilia, and engages to furnifh ftores 
andfupplies, xxx. I59} 

Geor»ans ; a fierce war commenced a- 
gainit them by Sheich Manfour, a 
new prophet, fpning up in Upper Afia, 

3Dcviii. [55] 
•- forely prcffed by'Lefgifs Tartars, 

xxviii. 148. I 

Germany— the villt of the emperor to 

the emprefs of Ruflla, xxiv. [10] 
•— . an account of the death of Maria 

Therefa, emprefs of, xxiv. [11] 
•— emperor ot, his arrival at Brufielsi 

and great attention fhewed by him to 

the petitions, xxiv. [182] 

— ordinances of, for the fuppreflion 
of fome religious houics of both fexes, 

xxv. [193] 

— notification to thofe who have kept 
out of their country, on account of re- 
ligion, to return in the year 1782, 

xxv. [193] . /. ,. ui 

•- encourages the education of the cml- 

dren of foldiers, xxv. [203] 
— . limits the number of uniVerlities 

to feven, xxv. [224] 
— . a mediator for a general peace, txvu 


•mm regulations and improvements a- 
dopted and eftablilhed by him, xxvii. 


— reduces the exorbitant power of the 

clergy, xxvii. [4] . ^ ^ 

^-fevers all dependadce an the court or 

Rome, fuppreffcs religious orders, and 

appropriates their propsrty, xxvii [4i s] 

— extends the liberty of t^ prcfs, xxvii. 


781 to 179^ ' • 

Gcrmany^f tmptror of, I^fles a dccwe iH 
favour of the Jews, xscvii. [5] 

— > vifitt the low countries, Holland and. 
France, and the mocivca of this jour, 
ney, xxvii. [6] / 

— the refomption of the Dutch baim^ 
and the fortreflei difmantled, xxvii* 

— dechres Oftend a feu port, and forms 
a bafon 5 grants liberty to build od the 
old barracks, and eftabliihes toleration 
to all proteiVants, xxvii. [ i x] 

-. is viiited by the duke of Glouceftet 
at Oftend, xxvii. [12] 

— mums to Vienna, in Aoguft i7^> 

xxvii. [la] 
««• refumes his, ecclefiaftical reforms, 

xxvii, [t»] 

— grants toleration to the proteftants, 

xxvii. [12] 

— releaiesthe pcaiantsili Bohemia, Mo- 
ravia, and Silefia, from vaflalage and 
flavcry, and extended tp Aultrian Po^ 
land, xxvii. [13] , 

— reforms the univcrfities, xxvii. [14] 

— provides for the education of the fonf 
otfoldiers, xxvii. [14I 

— the commerce of the ancient city of 
Triefte encouraged by the emperor 
Chailes Vl.xxvii. [14] 

— further encouraged by the latte em- 
prefs and the prcfent eropcibi*, who 

' tlbbliihes the new Eaft India trade 
there, xxvii. [15] ' , . , . . 

— new reftriftions and penalties laid on 
the liberty of the prcfs, xx\'il. [16] 

— progrefs in th6 fuppreflion of mont* 
fteries, &c. xwii. [16] 

— Pope Pius VI. correfpondencc with, 
who pays a vifit to Vienna, xxvii* 

— his cordial reception, but fails in. the 
views intended by his journey, xxvii* 

— . proceeds in ecclefiaftical reform, xxvii. 

--• the count de Mirabeau*s opinion rt* 
fpefling the reform made by the empe- 
ror, xxvii. [»a] ,^ . .. 

.^ views of the empercfr on the expiration 
of the truce with the Turks, xxvii. 

—« avows his determination to fupport 
the claims, of Ruffia againfk the Turks< 

xxvii. [32] J u- 

*-^ great, preparation for war made of 

all the parties, xxvii. [34] 
-* a treaty eortckded with Turkey^ 

xxvii. [41] . „ I, J «j- 

«bM the emperor, claims on HoUand macw 

by him^xxvii. [xoj] ^ 


Cefihany, emperor ofj feizes^he fort of 
bid jLillo, in April 1784, xxvii. [104.] 

— the king of France accepts the office 
of mediator, xxv ii . [ i o 5 ] 

— his claim on the navigation of the 
^chelde^ and the forts thereon} xxvii. 
[106] ^ ^ 

*— claims alfp a free navigation and 
uninterrupted commerce to and in both 
the Eaft and Welt Indies, xxvii. 

•*— the claims and demands made by 
Holland, xxvii. {]io8) 

— the emperor's anfwef, xxvii. [lio] 

— the natui* of the difpute relative to 
MaeftVicht, xxvii. [ 1 1 i ] 

'-^ further ftate of the claim to the nkvi- 
gation of the Sqheldej xxvii. [ii*J 

' — fends two veffels up and down the 
Schelde, both which are prevented paf- 
fing by the Dutch, xx^ii. £116] 

i^- the embaflador recalieij, and graat 
preparations for war made -by the em- 
peror, xxvii. [11^] 

i— the cxpofhnatioh of the king of 
Fi-ance with the emperor, xivii. [118] 

•i-^ the in'Aexibility oT the emperor re- 
fpe^ing the Schelde, xxvii. [126] 

'-—' Kuflia takes part with the emperor, 
xxvii. [120] ' 

'— ^ the fchem'e for the exchange of Bava- 
ria fof the Auftrian Netherlands, xxvii. 

i-^ the defign difcovbred, by a letter 
from the emprefs of Ruma to the 
prince of Dc^ux Fonts, xxvii. [1263 

^— the king of Prulfia remonllrates with 
the' emprefs on the fubjeft, with the 
cnlprefs^S anfWer, xxvii. ll^j^ 

''^- the defign contradicted by the courts 
of Munich and Vienna, xxvii. [127] 

4-^ great difcontents occafioncd> by the 
proje6ts and innovations of the em- 
peror, xxvii. [128] 

s-i- a rebellion incited in Hungary, when 
a peafant, named Horiah> is elected 
king^txxvii. [129] 

siis* after horrid cruelties committed for 
three irtonths the rebels are totally de- 
feated, and their king Horiah taken 
and executed, 3^xvii. [1^9] 

i-^ the' vigilance of the king of Priiflia 
for preventing the exchange of Bava- 
ria> xxvii. [130] 

fc— the erection of a ninth electorate, 
xxvii. [I'si] 

"^ the new treaty of union and confede- 
ration for maintaining the indivifibi- 
lity of the empire, iigned at Berlin, 
July ^3, 1785, xxvii. [131] 

m^ meafures purfued by the court of 

Vol. II. 


Vienna to counteract the neW/ treaty, 
xxvii. [132] 
Germany ; the king of Pruflla's declara- 
tiort. in defence of the treaty, xxvii. 

•^ the queftions upon the affairs, of Ba- 
varia* fuffered tO die , away, xxvii. 

— negotiations with Holland refumed at 
Pans, xxvii. [134.] 

— ^ deputies arrive at Vienna from the 
Hague, with an account of their in« 
terview with the emperor, xxvii* 

t'?s] ... '. 

■— preliminary articles of peace with 

Holland iigned at Paris, Sept. 10 ; 

and thedefinjtive treaty figned, Nov. 8. 

1785, xxvii. [i3'6. 242. 244] 
— ' the principal articles of the trcaly, 

xxvii. [136] 
• — regulations made by the emperor re- 

fpeCting the interior government of 

Hungary, xxvii. [229] 

— narrow efcape of the emperbr by the 
falling of a fcaffold, xxvii. [2^5] 

— the commercial fchemes of the empe- 
ror di appointed by the bankruptcy* of 
the Afiatic company of Trieltc and 
Oltend, xxvii i. [47] 

— the other comniercial plans of the 
Danube^ the Black Sea, and the Adria- 
tic, not much more fuccefsfulj xxvili. 


— the ancient crown and regalia re- 
moved from Prelburgh to Vienna, 
xxviii; [48] 

— the crown defcribed, xxviiii [48] 

— the accedion of the archdpke Maxi-" 
milian to the electorate of Cologne, 
xxviii. [49] 

— the extraordinary change taken place 
in the three ecclefiaftical electorates, 
xxviii. [49] 

*-- extr.iCts fron the paftoral letter of the 
archbifliop of Triers in 1784, xxviii. 


— extraordinary demands made by the 
emperor on the Porte, xxviii. [53] 

-i- a treaty of commerce concluded with 
Ruflia, xxviii, [141] 

— the part taken by the emperor in the 
affairs of RuiTia and the Porte, xxviii. 


— the emperor'* attention to internal 
affairs, xxviii. [15$] ■ 

—a. his defign of the abrogation of the 
old laws, and the eftablifhment of a 
new code, xxviii. [$55] ^ 

— fuppreifes yoqal perfojraersjn choirs, 
xxviii. [156] 

— the ;idit\*m\V^^Vvoxv o^ ^^ ^•a.trwww^^ 

INDEX, 1781 to 1792. 

ordered to be in the vernacular tongue, Germany; the power and pofTeflions oT 

Juviii. [^156] the ecclefiaHic order, xxix. [205*] 

Germar.y ; chanting of hymns in private — the oppofitlon made to tlic pi-ogref» 

^ houfes forbidden, xxviii. [156] of reform, xxix. [205*] 

— 413 monailaiies and 211 nunneries —- an accrunt ot the feilivaly called 

fupprefled fmce 1782, and the conven- 
tual dergv reduced more than one- third, 
xxviii. [156] 
— the prelacy rlirow off the power of the 
pope, xxviii. [157] 

Keif mcfle, lupprefled by the emperor, 
xxix. [206*] 
— diflTatisfac^ion occafioned by the dif* 
pofal of the lands belonging to the 
iuppr- illd convents, xxix. [2o6»] 

— the nuncios irom the pope to be *— on the death of abbots the abbeyty 
' lookedononlyasenvoys, xxviii. [158] \\t\d in comme^iciamf confidcred an m- 
.— refolution adopted at a conferci.ce of vafion of the conftituiion, xxix. i[2o6»] 

the ecclefiafticai princes at Katifbon, — two ecii6ls jpubliihcd, Jan. 1, X7S7, 

Xxviii. [158] to the fubverhon of tribunals and ci- 

— the powei* of the pope overthrown in 

Germany, in 1786, xxviii, [158] 

— relh-i6lions laid on the free mafons, 
xxviii. [158] 

— interelts himlclf in further favour to 
the Jews, xxviii. [159] 

.— all games of chance prohibited, xxviii. 

— - all mention of the Germanic league, 
and the exchange of Bavaria, foi bid- 
den to be printed, xxviii: [159] 

.— new ' arrangement of Germany into 
nine circles, xxviii. [159] 

— regulation of proftitutes at Vienna^ 
Xxviii. [160] 

—.> attention to the troubles in Holland, 
xxviii. [160] 

— new claim in preparation on the Eaft 
India trade of Holland, xxviii. [160] 

vil jvftice, xxix. [207*] 

— the jurifdi6^ion of the villages of Bra- 
bant } the cities $ the fupreme tribunal 
at BnifTels, called the council of Bra^^ 
bant, xxix. [207*] 

-» by the edi£ls all thefe ancient tribunals 
were oveithrown, and tribunals of a 
new defcription eie5led, xxix. [208*]' 

— the conftruAion of ihe new tribunals, 
xxix. [2O9*] 

•— the general complaints againft the 

innovations, xxix. [209*] 
-— the country divided into niAe circles, 

with a new and di(lin6l adminiftration 

of government to each circle, xxix. 


— the arguments made ufe of for and 
againft the alteitition of governmoit, 

xxix. [212'*] 

— religious houfes fupprefled by the cm- — the public blame and odium thrown 

peror, xxviii. [206] 
, •— caufes of difcontents in the Auftrian 
Netherlands, xxix. [202*] 
r- the obligations of the Englifli to that 
country as merchants, factors, nego- 
tiators of money, inftruftors in agri- 
culture, manui'aflures, and commerce, 
xxix. [202*] 

on count Belgiojcfo, xxix. [113*] 
— • a ftrong and fpirited memorial pre- 
iented by the committee of the ttates at 
BrufTels, xxiit [214*] 
— the inhaibitants joined by the clergy 
to prevent the regulations taking place, 
XXIX. [214*] 
. — harfh meafures adopted on account of 

— the oppofuion to the emperor's ordi- the failure in the- reventie attributed to 

nances attributed to i"eligious bigotiy 
whilft the real caul'e was in defence of 
their liberty, xxix. [202*] 
— the fiourifhing (late of, in the middle 
ages, xxix. [202*] 

contraband trade, xxix. [215**] 
— an account of the government of 
BruiTels ; the fyndics of the 9 nations 
prefent a memorial to the empercr, 
xxix. [215*] 

— account of the conftitution of Bra- — an account of the univerfity of Lou- 

bant, xxix. [203*. lo-*] 

— origin of their charter, called joyous 
entry f xxix. [203*] 

— the cordial reception of Charles VI. 
on theacceilidn of the German branch 
of ihehoufeof Auftria, xxix. [203*] 

»-» the attachmei^t to the ancient religion, 
xxix. [103*]' 

— the rcligiods reforiA ^aadc by Uic em- 
peror^xnx. [204*] 

vam 'y its attachment to the papal icCi 
xxix. [216*] 

— the colleges and feminaries aboliibed, 
and a general Teminary eftabliflied ^ 
Louvain for the lUidy of theology, 
and a re£lor and profcflbrs ient from 
Germany, xxix. [217*] 

— a general outer)' that religion was in 
danger, xxix. [218*] 

— fatlier Godclroi dWofi t^ifhed Im 


refufing to fend ftudcnts of his order 
to the general feminary, xxix. [118*] 
Germany $ M. de Hondt feJTcd fuddenly, 
and hurried away to Vienna, xxix. 

— Mad. de Hondt addrefles a fpirited me- 
morial to the ftates of Brabant, xxix. 

— the affembly of the ftates meet at 
Bruffcls, xxix. [219*] 

— they refufe the fubfidies until the 
grievances of" the people were fully 
redreffed, xxix. [219*], 

— pubiifh a fpirited remonftrance to the 
governors general, xxix. [220*3 

— vigorous oppoHtion to the new de- 
crees in Brabant, Flander.s, and Hai- 

* nault, xxix. [220*] 

— the nobles of Flanders, who had been 
'for a century excluded from the affem- 
bly of the ftates, are recalled, xxix. 


— the minifter inclined to make concef- 
fions in Brabant, but is fufpefled of 
want of fincerity, xxix. [211*] 

— - a declaration ptlbli(hed by the fyndics, 
that they would never fubmit to. any 
change of conftitution, xxix. [222*] 

— the minifter abandons both his new 
and his old ofHce, and withdraws him- 
felf from the Low Countries, xxix. 

— conceflions made by the governors 
general ; — fur{)end the whole order of 
intendants and commiflaries ; — (hut 
the new tribunals, and fanflion the 
ancient tribunals 5 — recal father Gode- 
froi, and render the 30th of May a 
day of perpetual jubilee, and the fef. 
tival .of Kercmefle obferved, xxix. 

— the ratification of the doeflmcnt with- 
. held by prince Kaunitz, until it ob- 
tained the fan^lion of the emperor, 
xxix. [224*] 

— - the people arm in order to be pre- 
pared for the worft, xxix. [224*] 

— M, du Hondt fent back to Bixiflels, 
xxix. [224*] 

— the influence of the clergy much in- 
creafed during the troables, xxix. 

-— the general feminarles at Louvain 

and Lujcemburgh fupprelfed, and the 

" foreign profeUois dilrniffed, xxix. 

— the appointnient of abbots, and the 
re-eftabll(hment of the fuppreflTed con- 
vents, demanded by the clcrgv, xxix» 

Germany; the ratification refufed by 

the emperor, xxix, [226*] 
— • the emperor orders deputies to be fent 

to .Vienna, which the general aflembly 

complies with, xxix. [226*] 

— the emperor maiches the army to- 
wards the laO^ Countries, which the in- 
habitants prepare to oppofe, :^xix, 


— the ungracious reception of the depu- 
ties at Vienna, xxix. [128*] 

:— ^ preliminary articles required by the 
emperor, xxix. [229*] ' 

— frefh remonftrances prepared by the 
ftates of Brabant, xxix. [229*] 

— relaxation on the part of the emperor, 
xxix. [229*] 

— count TraijtfmandorfF appointed mi- 
nifter to fucceed count Belgiojofb, 
xxix. [230*] 

— the volunteers defigned to lay down 
their arms, Sept. 20, 1787, but from 
an officer endeavouring to enforce 
it a violent tumult erifued 5 further 
ill confequences prevented by the ex- 
cellent cond^ft of count Murray, and 
an accommodation takes place, xxix. 

— the ftates grant the cuftomary fubfi- 
dies } the volunteers lay afide their 
uniform, and the public rights are 
generally reftored, xxix. [232*] 

— the emperor abolifiies the court dreftes 
of the ladies, and the cuftom of Rifling 
hands and kneeling to the royal fami- 
ly, xxix. [190 

— an edift of March 8, 1787, forbid- 
ding the importation of hardware, &c. 
xxix. [200] 

— troops on their march to the frontiers 
of Turkey, xxix. [224] 

— retrofpe6live view of affairs in 1787, 
which led to the rupture between the 
great powers of Europe and Afia, 
XXX. [3] 

— the anfwerjof the emperor to the de- 
mand of the^ Forte, of the part which 
the emperor intends to take, who offers 
to be a mediator, xxx. [25] 

— great preparations fur war, xxx. 

— the great hopes conceived of the cm- • 
peror on his arriving at the fole go- 
vernment, in which they were difa^- 

pointed, XXX' {28] 
of the 

war in Bohemia, 

— his conduct 
xxx. [28J 

— his attempt on Belgrade, iti the time 
of peace, xxx. [29] 

— the apology made by general Alvinzi, 


which was accepted, and ihe army 
retires, xxx. [30] ^ 
Germany ; depredations coniniitted by 
Aulkian irregulars on tbe Turklfn 
borders, xxx. [30] 

— another unluccefstul attempt made on 
the tortrefs of Turkilh Gradi»ca, xjfex. 

— DrelHiick and feme fmall places 
taken, xxx. [3.1] • 

-~ war declared a{ Vienna, February 10, 
1788, fn which the ofFejices of the Ot- 
tomans is only in m^ir condu£l to 
Rudia, XXX. [31] 

— applies to Poland for a paflage for 
their army, and is refufed^ xxx. 


— attempts of the emperor and Kuffia 
to draw Venice into the league againft 
the Turks, xxx. [32] 

— opens a fubfcription for a large loan 
from his fubjefts in the Low Coun- 
tries, which entirely fails, xxx. [33] 

— the emperor Joins the army on the 
Danube, and takes the fortrefs of 
Schabatz by ftorm, xxx. [33] 

-^ prince'Lichtenltein ftorms the fortrefs 
of Dubicza, and is driven off with no 
fmall lofs, xxx. [^4] 

— the emperor's declaration received 
with joy at Conftantinople, xxx. [34] 

J— the fpirit of innovation which the em- 
peror extends to his armies, xxx. 

— breaks the contra£\$ for bread, &c, 
which brings on fcarcity and dillrefs, 
xxx. [37] 

•— orders that no volunteers fliall be re- 
ceived in his army, xxx. [37] 

— all letters from the army to be in- 
fpeiSled, xxx. [38] 

— iflii€S an edift that all Chrlftians taken 
in the Turkifli annies fhall be fcnt to 
the gallies for life, xxx. [38] 

— the prince of Saxe Cobourg attacked 
by the Turks, and tlie battle continued 
for nearly three followin|j days, with 
gre:.t daughter on both lides, without 
any decifive advantage, xxx. [39] 

— diffatisf;i6^ion of the emperor at the 
dilatory flownefs of the Ruflians, xxx. 


— the expencc and want of a fupply of 
provifions ether caulcs of anxiety, 
xxx. [40] 

— murmurs, complaints, and difcontents 
fpread through all the ranks of the 
army, xxx. [40] 

,— preparatioiis mv^- for the liege of 
Betai :ide, xxx. [40J 

— the e.rand vizir advances with 

7 8 1 to 1792. 

80,000 men to prevent the capture of 
Belgrade, xxx. [41] 
Germany -, the war becomeis defendve 
xxx. [41]' 

— ravages by the Hungarian camp- 
fever^ and other difeaies-, xxx. [42] 

— ■ recruiting parties prohibited in ^ar- 

dinia> xxx. [43] 
— ' the prince of Cobourg makes many 

deA.ltory attempts upon Choczina, xxx* 


— joined by a body of RufliaR ibrcts^ 

xxx. [44] 
-^ a regular attack from Auftrian and 
Ru^n batteries opens againft Choc-- 
zim, July 70, fummoned to forrendcr 
the 26th f three davs granted for deli- 
beration, when the governor refuies to 
liHTender, and after gallantly and cf- 
fe6\ually defeiiding it for two months^ 
makes a molt honourable capitulation^ 
XXX. [44] 

— the Kamiat of Temefwar invaded by, 
the Turks, xxx. [46 J 

— prince Lichtenltcin refigns "the con>« 
mand of the aiTny of Croatia, and tht 
command is taken by marfhal Lau- 
dohn, xxx. [47] 

— the fiege and reduflion of Dubicza# 
xxx. [47] 

— Novi ahb belieged, and after a moii 
obftinate defence lurrenders to M* 
Laudohn,xxx. [47] 

— progrels of the war in the Bannat^ 
xxx. [48] 

— general Papilla routed witli great 
llaughter, xxx. [48] 

— the emperor quits the camp at. Sem> 
lin, and proceeds to the Bannat, but 
is harafled m his march, xxx. [49J 

— proceedings of the lerafquicr of 
Georgia, who takes the ftrong redoubt 
and defile of Burfa, xxx. [49] 

— general Wartenlleben abandons hi^ 
camp, and Meadia, xxx. [50J 

T-" Mitroulki, Veteranichihole, and VU- 
palanka taken by the Turks, X3cx. 


— the imperial army abandons Its camp 
in the valley of Kuranbd'es, and two 
columns crofling in the dark fire On 
each other, and kill 1400, and being 
bcfulcs haraflVd, loi'e 50C0 men, be- 
fore their arrival at Lugos, xxx. (^51! 

— the emperor returns to Vienna, xxx. 

— the various places taken in the Ban- 
nat, retaken by the enfipcror, xxx. [53} 

— an armidice concluded in November 
1788, between the Auftrian and Ol* 
toraaxj generals, xxx, [53] 

Germany } 


Qermany j th« emperor greatly alariDfiil 
by a raanifefto publjfhed by the grand 
ieignior, inviting the government of 
Hungary to fbake off the A^ftrian 
yoke, XXX. [54.] 

^- promifes to reltore their particular 
rights and privileges, and fends back 
the crown and regalia from Vienna to 

• Buda, XXX. [54] 

J— apprehenfions entertained in the X^ow 
Countries of the fincerity of the em- 
peror in his accoiQfftodations, xxxi. 

[3«] . . ., 

^— the emperor proceeds in his dengns -on 

■ the Low Countries, xxxi. [39] 

srr new men employed, and new mea- 

fu le? purfued, xxxi v[ 3 9 ] 
ar- general Dalton appointed commander 

in chieti xxxi. [39] 
«— c6unt Trautfmandarf appointed to 

the civil government of the Isfether- 

lands, xxxi. [4.0] 
tp-r- the new feihinary at I^ouvain made 

a plea for lighting the ilames of con- 
tention, XJfxi. [4-0] 
»T- the univcrfity refufes to fubmjt to the 

commands of the emperor, but claims 

a pait of the conliitution of Brabant, 

xxxi. £4.1] 
t — account of the <;ouijcil of ^rabant, 

xxxi. [42] 
frr- the council reraonftraj^s on tlie firft 

letter of Trautfmandorf to them, 

xxxi. [43] 
r— iecjond letter, in which he proceeds 

i« ierrQrentf and threatens to compel 

by force within two hbturs, xx^\, 


?r- the people 5ned on by a fmall party, 
under a young ofRcer, and feveral 
killed, and the ofl&cer promoted by the 
emperor, xxxi. [44] 

f!T- the empero): chaiaderized, xxxi. 


rr- the arrival of the archducheis and 
her hufband at BrulTels, who, on the 
tifual fubfidy being refufed, immedi- 
a^tely quit it, but return on an apology, 
and grant of the fubfidy, xxxi. [47] 

aST" heads of the univeriity of Louvain 
expelled by force of- arms, xxxi. [-^8] 

f-^ the college at AniWefp cleared of its 
members, and ftut up, and the iin- 
ann&d people fired on by the military, 
M^hich is approved of fcy the empeior, 
afxxi. £49j " \ 

^mr threats held o.ut agaiu(^ tl^ bifhpps 
-and abbots, xxxi. [51] 

-rr the beft and mpft valuable inhabitants 
. quit the Low Coui^tries, xxxi. [51] 

^rr cjmmerce, tnide^ and manutafture. 

totally annihilated, without a hope of 
their condition being bettered, xxxi. 

— the Internal affairs of Germany, xxxi. 

— on the death of the v count Schom- 
bourgh, his country feized by the' 
Heflian regiments of * infantry, xxxi. 

— the aullc council ifTues a decree for 
reftitution, xxxi. £53] 

•r- the right of the young count fup- , 
ported by Pruflia and Hanover, xxxi. 


— account of the contefl: between ' the 
eleaor of Cologne and the pope's 
nuncio^ xxxi. £54] 

•^ leave granted to the proteftants at Co- 
logne of building a houfe^ of prayer 
and fchools, xxxi. £55] . 

-^ the part taken by Pi uffra and Hano- 
ver, m favour of the Porte, again ft 
Ruffia and the emperor of Germany, 
xxxi. [$7] 

-w the court of Berlin believed to have 
encouraged the war of Sweden againlt 
Ruflia, xxxi. £57] 

— the fuccefs of the generals when freed 
from the command of the emperor, 
xxxi. [i$6] 

— old field marftial Haddtck placed in 
the command of the army on the Da- 
nube, xxxi. L^i^^J 

•*r- the prince of Saxe Cobourg com- 
mander on the fide of Moldavia, Wal- 
lachia, and the guckowine, xxxi. 

— the prince of Hohenloe commander 
in Tranfylvania, and mar/lial Laudohn . 
on the fide of Croatia^ xxxi. £167] 

— ? the iJomach ^nd inclination for war in 

the people, cured, ^xxi. [167] 
— - determined in council at Vienna, to 

Aippoit |he wa|-^with vigour, xxxi. 

-^ the iituatlon of the army employed 
againft the Ottomans, xxxi. £168] 

r-r on the expiration of the armifticc, a 
fevere and dettruftive war is com- 
menced with the Turks, xxxi. [172] 

■^ progrefs of the war on the borders of 
Tranfylvania ; Xurk'^ Gradifca be- 
fieged and taken, xxxi. [174] 

-r- marfhal Laudohn makes preparation 
for the fiege of Belgrade, xxxi. [175] 

■•— - the prince of Saxe Cobourg defeats 
a Turkifh ferafquier, with 30,000 
men, xxxi. fi7s3 

-r: the prince of Ai\halt Bernbouv<5^^<:sv\Vi 


I N D E X, 1 

Germany ; the combined forces of 
Auftria aq4 Ruflia, confifting only of 
30,000 men, under the prince of Co- 
bourg, attack and defeat the grand 
Turkiih army of near^ 100,000 men, 
and take iiumenfeLfpoils, xxxi. [176] 

^ the prince of Saxe Cobourg made 
field marihal, and prefented by the tm- 
prefs of RufHa with a InufF box valued 
at 16,000 roubles, xxxi. [177] 

— marihal Laudohn belieges Belgrade, 
which foon I'urrenders, xxxi. [177] 

•— the emperor lends his own diamond 
ftar, of the ord^r of Maria Tercfa, to 
marihal Laudohn, xxxi. [179 J 

— Buchareft and the fortrefs of Czernitz 
taken by the Aullrians, xxxi. [iSo] 

— Claduva alfo furrender* to them, 
xxxi. [180] 

— Oifova btfieged, but the fiegc raifej 
by the approach of winter, xxxi. 

> •— the declaration of the emperor to the 
ftates of Bruxelles, xxxi. [333] 

•— aiticles of the quadruple alliance be- 
tween Ruflia, Auftria, France, and 
Spain, xxxi. [338] 
* — the pofl'eflions of the duke of Wir- 
tcmbei-g, the prlnde of Deuxpcnts, and 
©tfier German princes, taken polfeflion 
of. By a decree of the national afle- - 
hly, which tlie king is obliged to ' .nc- 
ti6n, xxxii. [134] 

•— no attention paid by the French to 
the treaty of Weftphalia, xxxii. [134! 

— the buunefs taken up by the German 
diet, which is obliged to defer its re- 
fentment, xxxii. [134] 

•— the aflcmbly votes an indemnification 
to the German princes, which was re- 
fiifed, xxxii. [135] 

— reirofpeftive view of the affairs of the 
Netherlands in 1789 and 1790, xxxiii. 


— the emigration from the Netherlands 
' increafed, by a decree of the emperor, 

in June 1789, xxxiii. [3] 

— fevere decrees iffued againft emigra- 
tion, xxxiii. [4] 

fc— nobles and clergy ordered to return, 
on pain of forfeiture of their eltates, 
xxxiii. [4] 

*— the abbeys of Brabant fequeftrated, 
xxxiii. [5] 

— a confpiracy formed, and conduced 
at BrufTels, for blowing up the houles 
of count Trautfniandorf, general 
Dalton, and the guard-houfe, and to 
ftize the arl'enal, xxxiii. [5] 

— the dukcd'Arembcrg, archbifhop of 
MecWwj and other emigrants at Breda, 


78 J to I 792, 

declare themfelvcs the legal aflemblyof 
the ftates of Brabant^ and fend a 
ftrong remonftrance to the emperor, 
xxxiii. [6] * / 

Germany ; heads of a letter from the bi- 
ihop of MaJines to the pope, xxxiii. [7]^ 

— the iirll a£ls,of hoftility towards the 
end of October, on the borcleis of 
Dutch Flanders, xxxiii. [7] 

— Lillo and Leifenfhock taken by the 
inlbrgents, xxxiii. [7] 

— count Schroeder, witji 4000 troops^^nt 
by general Daltcn to chaftilethe infur- 
gents, who immediately relinquiih the 
forts they had taken and fly> xxxiii. 


— Schroeder purfues them into the Tum- 

hout, when every window being armed, 
fire upon the in.perialifts, and with 
great daughter drive them out of the 
town, xxxiii. [8] 

— the fuccefs at Turnhout encourages 
the exiles to join the infurgents, and 
take the name of the patriotic, army* 
xxxiii. [9] 

— the elfc'd of want of difcipline in the 
imperial army, xxxiii. [11] 

— <- a weak body of patriots driven into 
Tirlemont by gcnnal Bender, the 
town is fo well defended by the inha- 
bitants, from the tops and windows of 
houfes, that after very confiderable 
{laughter on both fides, the troops are 
obliged to retreat, xxxiii. [11] 

— in the retreat are fuppojied to have 
met general Dalton in the dark, to 
have fired on each othsjr, and many 
hundreds more killed, xxxiii. [11] 

— general d'Arberg defeated by the 
Brabanters, and a prince of Anhault 
DcfTau killed, xxxiii. [12] 

— Oftend, Bruges, and Louvain, taken 
pofleffion of by the patriots, xxxiii. 


— Ghent alfo attacked and raken, xxxiii. 


— genei-al Dalron fluits himfelf up in 

Biuffels, and fends 40 of the princi- 
pal inhabitants prifoners to Ant%verp, 
xxxiii. [15] 

— the emperor publifhes a penitentiary 
declaration, xxxiii. [15] 

— - the ftates of Flanders feize the fove- 
reign authority, ani aflume the ftylt 
of high and mighty ftates, xxxiii. 

— fix refolutions paffed at their firft 
meeting, November 20, 1789, xxxiii. 


•— the citizens of BrufTels attack the fol- 
diers who guard the mint and con- 



^nts, and defeat them, December 9, 
lyg^^negociations for an armiltke 
.jfufpend operations for ibme hours, 
which, breaking oiF, the infurgents are 
joined by great numbers, and general 
Dalton receives a reinforcement of 
800, who fends a detachment to rcleafe 
the prifoners, are defeated, and 400 
Auftrians taken prifoners, and in a 
few hours the infurgenis liecome maf« 
ters of the barracks and magazines — 
general Dalton letires to the park and 
the fquare royal, where, attacked on 
all fides, he it obliged to capitulate, 
xxxiii. (17, 18] 

Oermany i after the retreat of Dalton, 
count Cobenzel arrives at Bru0eis, 
and opens a negotiation with the new 
government, xxxiu. [19] 

•— articles of a document or ultimatum 
fent by the dates of Brabant to the 
emperor, xxxiii. [19] 

— rejoicings at BruifJs, xxxiii. [20] 

— an oaih taken by the llates of Bra- 
bant, xxxiiii [ibo] 

-^ an a€t of union offentive and defen* 
five coiicluded between the iUtes of 
Flanders and Brabant, acceded to by 
Hainault and all the. late Auftrian pro- 
vinces, excepti:ig Limburgh, xxxiii. 


*— medals flruck in Flanders an4 Bra- 
bant, to commemorate the revolution, 
xxxiii. [21] 

— the terms fettled of the federal union, 
to be lliled thif ** united Belgic ftaiesi'' 
and the treaty (Igned -hy the deputies 
of Biabant, Flanders, VVeft Flanders, 
Flemiih Guelderland, Hainault, Na- 
mur, Tournay, the Tournefis and 
Mechlin : a. perfect equality and fo- 
vereign power to be vcftcd in the con- 
grcfs.— The deputit^s of Limburgh 
evade ligning, xxxiii. [21] 

— the Brabanters lend inuncdiately 800 
men againft Limburgh, but are met by 
the Germans and defwated.^xxxiii. [11] 

•^ a ftronger party fcnt againft Lim- 
burgh, but ftopped by the Meufe, and 
the paffage of the bridge Liege refufed, 
xxxiii. [22J 

— the Belgic forces gain feveral advan- 
tages over the Auiirians, and tiie city 
of Antwerp liirrenders to them, xxxiii. 


— a Britifh legion raifed by ofBcers ei>- 
ter into the lervice, xxxiii. [23] 

mm, a reftraint laid by the (lates of Flan- 
ders on the llbecty oi the piefs, xxxiii* 

Germany ; a ceremonial of benedi£lion 
of coloiirs at Ghent, xxxiii. [23] 

*-> diviiions and fa6>ions 4ake place ia 
the congrels, the allied powers abandon 
them to their fate, xxxiii. \r%] 

•— advantages likely to have accrued to 
England, Holland, and Pruilia, from 
the erection of the Belgic nation into 
an independent itate, xxxiii. [24] 

— luft of power the caufe of th« diflen- 
tions in the congre^, xxxiiL [2 5 J 

-^ the di(tin6t claims of the nobles and 
clergy conddered, xxxiii. [25]' 

~- the third order confined to the burgh- 
ers inhabitants of th« towns and 
manufa6lurers, joined by thofe in- 
fe^ed with the French contagion, and 
alfo by the military ; their claims con- 
(idered, xxxiii. [26] 

•— the patriotic aflembly formed at Bruf- 
fels, hmilar to jacobins at Paris, xxxiii. 

— this aifembly draws up ** an addrefs 
to the (^ates of Brabant, in the nanae 
of the people," xxxiii. [27] 

*^ a counter addrels attempt<Kl, which 
fails of being adopted, xxxiii* [28] 

— the death of the emperor Jofeph II. 
February 20, 1790, xxxiii. [28] 

— - expeftatiwus formed on the acceiCon 
of Leopold, xxxiii. [28] | 

«— Leopold addreifes an ill-judged me* 
morial to the inhabitants of the Ne- 
therlands, xxxiii. [28] 

— the parties become diftinguiflied \xf 
cockades, xxxiii. [29] 

-— dilcontent and jealoufy increafed to 
the" utmolt pitchy deputies fent froin 
tiie congrefs to Namur, with a view 
of removing general Vander Merch 
from the command of the army, or 
arreiiing him ; but the general arrefts 
the deputies and commits them to pri* 
fon, xxxiii. [jo], 

— that general publishes a decliratipn, 
xxxiii. [30] 

— four violent reiblutions paifed by the 
army, which invites all the provinces 
to co-operate with the army, in re- 
forming abufes, and re-eils.bhihing 
order, xxxiii. [31] 

•— the congrefs maixhes troops to 
Namur againd tlie army, xxxiii. 

-^ Vander Merch is fuddenly abandoned 
by the army, and fent prifoner to the 
dungeons at Antwerp, xxxiii. [^i] 

*-^ the charges of congrefs againit Van- 
der M-rch, xxxiii. [32] 

•^ Vandernoot and Van Eupen become 

IN D E X, 1 

pofiefTed of the executive pov^ers of 

the ftate, xxxiii. [32] 
Gernnany j government loA all reputation 

abroad, and good opinion at hoine, 

xxxiii. [3a] 
V— a plan formed for a grand expedition 

againft the Auftrians, but obliged to 

be given up, xxxiii, [32] 
>-r tlie congrefs informed by the king of 

Pruflia of his having acknowledged 

Leopold as duke of Brabant, xxxiii. 

[33] . ' . ' 

i-— a manifefto ilTued by Leopold to t)ie 

people of the Netherlands, Oftober 14.-, 

1790, which receives a ihortunauthen* 

ticated anfwer, xxxiii. [33] 
^ tlie war renewed with gr<iat animofity 

on the borders, xxxiii. [34] 
^- a congrefs at the Hague, which fixes 

them an excellent coniiitution, and a 

general amnefty, xxxiii. [34] 
•— the conltitution refufed through the 

obllinacyof corigrefs, xxxiii. [34] 

— general Bender marches towards 
BinfTels, ftops (hort and allows a few 
days for coniideration, which being 
clapfed, and no anfwer returneH, he 
proceeds to Bmflels j the congicfs, the 
members of the war department, with 
Vandernoot and Van Eupen fly differ- 
ent ways, xxxiii. [34] 

m- Leopold claims his right by con- 
quell, and is inaugurated at Bruifels, 
June 30, 1791, xxxiii. [35] 

^^ one great obftacle to quiet removed 
by the death of the emperor Jdeph If. 
with an account of his long and 
grievous illnefs, xxxiii. [157] 

— a haughty memorial delivered to the 
emperor a few weeks before his death, 
by the Hungarian nobility, to which 
he in general agreed, and confirmed by 
9 public decree three weeks before his 
death, xxxi.i. [158"} 

^- towards the cTofe of the former year 
the emperor propofed a congrefs at 
Bucharelt, xxxiii. [159] 

— his chara£ier, xxxiii 1 [i^o] 

•— is fucceeded by his brother Leopold, 
grand duke of Tufcany, who arrives 
at Vienna, xxxiii. [161] 

•— the critical fituation of the affairs of 
Germany ?t the accefTion of Leopold, 
xxxiii. [161] 

— ■ difficulties and embarraiTment of 
Leopold, through the mifcondufl of 
his prtdecelfor, xxxiii. [i6i] 

»— a union had been formed under the 
aufpices of the kings of Great Britain 
and Pruffia^ as ele^ors^ tb refbrain the 

7.8 I to I 792. 

dangerous deiigns of Jofephj^ XKui^ 


Germany j dangers to be apprehended (« 
» the nations of Europe from the Ot- 
toman war, xxxiii. [161] 
-r- preparations made tof vray witl^ 

Pruflia, xxxiii. [162] 
-T the afcendency'afttaitied by the emprefs 
• of Ruflia over Jofeph, xxxiii. [161] 
•— Leopold little' difpofed to diflblve the 
connection with Ruffia, xxxiii. [163] 
.^ hl$ apprehenfions of being defeated 
in his eledlion of king of the Ro« 
mans, and of his beins able to recover 
the Netherlands, xxxiii. [163] 
r^ the preparations for war continued by 
Leopold, xxxiii. [164] 

— the campaign opened ^ and Orfova 
taken, xxJiiu, [165] 

•-— Widdin and Giurgewo beilcged by 

the Aulhians, xxxiii. [166] 
— - the prince of Cobourg prepares for 

the fiege of Widdin, but abandons if, 

— xxxiii. [166] 

- — the Aultrians, after a bloody conflift 
with the Turks, are obliged to raific 
the fiege of Giurgewo, xxxiii. [167] 

: — a convention takes place at Reichen- 
bach, in Silefia, July 27, 1790, witl^ 
the purport of the treaty, xxxiii. 


— the lofs fuft'dined by the empeit>r in 
the death of field marfhal Laudohn, 
xxxiii. [168] 

-— arrangements In the emperor's fa- 
mily, xxxiii. [169] "^ 

— diificulties to encounter with his fub- 
jefls in Hungary, xxxiii. [169] 

— 24 articles font from Hungary to 
Leopold, which he refutes to iign^ 
xxxiii. [170] 

— the'diet propofes to fend deputies to 
attend the conferences for a treaty of 
peace, with which the emperor com- 
plies, xxxiii. [170] 

r^ the Itate of parties in Hungary, xxxiii, 

" ['71] 

1— a deputation fent frorn the diet to 

Leopold, requelling his prefeiice at 

their deliberations, and prefenting fup- 

plementary articles for him to fign 

and fwear to, xxxiii. [172] 

— the einperor-s anfwer, refolving not to 
approve or' confirm any other but th« 
conftitutions of Charles the fixth, and 
Maria Teriefa, xxxiii. [173] 

— elefted king of the Romans, Sept, 
30th; — makes his public entry ipto 
Frankfort, 06V. 4th, and crowned 
061. 9tJi, 1790, xxxiii. [173] 

Gcrrpany $ 


Germany ; an armiftice^condudcd Sept. 
20th, and a congreis agreed on, xxxiii. 

rr- the archduke Leopold, the emperor's 

fourth fon, appointed palatinate of 

Hungary, xxxiii. [174] 
•— the emperor crowned at Prefburgh, 

Nov. 15th, 1790, xxxiii. [174] 
-^— the emperor's addrefs to his ion and 

to the nation on prefenting him^ xxxiii. 

T— before the coronation, the articles 

which he had before refufed are again 
rqefted, but on the day after the coro- 
nation, freely grants every favourable 
condition, and 'future i'ecurity, xxxiii. 

IT- reftores to the Milanefe their ancient 
conltitution and laws, xxxiii. [175] 

r— grants new favours to the Jews, 
xxxiii. [175] 

r— fair and equitable peace concluded 
vrith the Forte, under the mediation 
of the three allied powers, Augull 4th, 
1791, xxxiii. [176] 

•— treaty of peace figned between the 
emperor and the Ottonr.aiii Porte, xxxiii. 

^— letter from the emperor to the king of 

the French, Dec. 14th,. 1790, xxxiii. 


— -■ methods taken to prevent the circula- 
tion offeditious writings, xxxiV. [442] 

r— the emperor late in taking any part 
in the affairs of France, xxxiv. [244] 

J— after the king's arreft on his depar- 
ture from Paris, the emperor fent a 
circular letter to feveral European 
courts, xxitiv. [245] 

f— a defeniive' alliance with Prudia 
' figned, xxxiy. [245] 

p— the interview with the king of Pruflia 
at Pelnitz, xxxiy. [246] 

—- previous circunjftances in the condndl 
of the emperor, which led to a rupture 
with France, xxxiv. [271] 

•^ proceedings in the national affemblyi 
on bringing up the report on the official 
difpatch of prince Kaunitz, xxxiv. 

•— initru6tions font to the French am- 

baffador at Vienna, and the reply tranf- 

mitted to the Imperial ambaiTador at 

Paris, xxxiv. [275] 

m^ the death of the emperor, and an ac- 
count of his condu6V, xxxiv. [279] 

•— the reply of prince Kaunitz to the ad- 
drefs of M. Noailles, xxxiv. [279] 

— - France declare^ war againlt Auilria> 
xxxiv. [396] 


Germany 5 a counter proclamation mide 
by the government of Bruffels, xxxir^ 

[397] . . ' . ^^ 

— general Cuftine feizes the imponant 
pafs of Porentree, and all the other 
territories of the bi(hop of Bafil, xxxiv* 

T^ a view of the origin of the defign of 

the French attacking Liege, zxziv. 


— fuccefles againft the French at Lifle 
and Mons, xxxiv. [403, 4043 

-r- M. Gpuveon's army defeated near 
Fiorcnnes, xxxiv. [409] 

TT- and a fecond time defeated, in whicH 
M. Gouvepn was killed, xxxiv. [41 oj 

— - Menin and Gourtray taken by M. 
l-uckncr, and the latter place after- 
v/ards evacuated, after having burnt 
the fuburbs, for which an indemnifica- 
tion was decreed, xxxiv. [41 1] 

-— ' Mallet du Pan, fent on a ronfidential 
meffage fiom the king of France, to 
the emperor and the king of Pru^, 

' xxxiv. [413] 

— impolitic proceedings of the new fp- 
vereign, xxxiv. [413] 

— the coronation of Francis, as king 
of Hungary, at Buda, June 6, xxxiv. 

— crowned king of the Romans at 
Francfort, July 14, xxxiv. [414] 

— a fepai-ate declaration publifljcd by tlie 
emperor againlt France, xxxiv. [414] 

— the declaration brought before the diet, 
but not voted, xxxiv. [416] 

— meeting of the einperor and king of 
Pruflia at the pal:Ke of the elcdor of 
Mentz, xxxiv. [417] 

— the plan for the attack of France, 
drawn up by M. Bouillc, with the 
aOiltance of mni fhal Broglio and raar- 
ftial Caftries, xxxiv. [417] 

— a joint declaration of the emperor 
and king of Pruflia prepared, but not 
iffued, xxxiv. [417] 

— a manifefto ' in the name of the duke 
of Brunfwick pnbliflied, threatning,on 
any violence done or offered to>the royal 
family, to give up Paris to military 
execution, xxxiv. [418] 

— a lecond manifeito publiflied, xxxiv. 

— a more formal and elaborate mani- 
fefto publiflied by the emperor and the 
king of Pruflia, with* the heads of it, 
xxxiv. [419] 

Gibraltar ; proceedings at the ficge of, m 
1781, xxiv.jf 5] 

— the dcltrucUon of the fiicfliips, &c. 

I N D E X, I 

fent to deftroy the Engiiih ihips at 

Gibraltar, xxiv. [6] • 

Gibraltsr j the ufe of fronting batteries at 

tilt fiege of, xxiv. [7] 
'-^ advices from, brought by mr. Logic, 

late confuUgeoeral at Mdrocco, xxiv. 

*— the garrifon reduced in their allow. 

ance of provifions, xxv. [100] 
•»- miferabie fituation of the inhabitants, 

xxv. [100] 
-^ the exceilive price of provifions, xxv. 

•— the grand fleet of England, under ad- 

mii'alft Darby, Digby, and Rol's, feot 

to the relief of, which they ciFe6^, xxv. 


•— the fleet much annoyed by the gun 

boats, xxv. [103] 
•— dreadful bombardment, by which the 

town is nearly defb'oyed, xxv. [104] 
•— the Spanifh works gallantiy attacked, 

ftormed, and dcftroyed, xxv. [113] 
^ the garrifon in good health, but much 

in want of provilions, xxv. [209] 

— the grand fleet for the relief of, fails 
from Portfmouth under lord Howe, 
xxv. [227*] 

— extraordinary preparations agaiufl, 
xxv. [228*] 

•*— a defchptiun of the floating batteries 
made for the attack of, xxv. [229*] 

— gen. Elliot fiies on, and deftroys many 
of their works on land, xxv. [533*] 

*- violently attacked on ail pomts, both 
by land and fea, xxv. [234*] 

»m^ the admiral'^s (hip and another fet on 
Are, and "^ blows up in the night, xxv. 

— a general conflagration, xxv. [237*] 
— -> extraordinary exenions of capt. Curtis 

to fave the enemy, xxv. [238*] 

— the battering fliips entirely dellroyed, 
xxv. [239*] 

•— the garrifon relieved by gen. Howe, 
xxv. ^42*] 

— gen. £lliot*s oflicial account of the 
grand attack on, xxv. (259] 

— lord 'Howe's official account of fuc- 
cefsfully relieving the garrifon of, xxv. 

*~- capt. Curtis's account of the grand 

attack on, xx^. [264] 
— - copies of two lettei s between the duke 

de UriUoD, and gen. Elliot, xxv. [280] 
•«• a hint refpe^ling the cefCon of, made 

in the houfe of commons, and flrongly 

obje^ed to, nxvi. [140] 
Gottingen; three of the younger princes 

of Gr^t Britain entered in the univer- 

iitj there, xxviii. [206] 

781 to 1792. 

Government j count Hertzberg^s opimda 

of the belt form of, xxxiv. [242} 
Granada, ifland x>f, greatly damaged by 

an hurricane in Oft. 1780, xxiv. [^3] 
Grafle, M. de ^ the failing of the French 

fleet from Brell under his coinnnaBd> 

xxiv. [106] 

— a relation of his engagement with fir 
S. Hood's fleet, xxiv. rioSJ ' 

-— his arrival in tlie Chefapeak, and 
jun6lion ofM. de Barras, xxiv. [127] 

— engagement with admiral Graves^ 
xxiv. [128] 

— gains the Chefapeak, xxiv. [129] 

— gone to his place of exile, xxrii. 

Grave, M. de, late minifter of the 
war department j his letter to the luu 
ticnal aflemhly, dated London, Auguft 
6th, 1792, vvith an account of bim» 
xxxiv. 110*. 

Graves, admiral, joins flr S. Hood 
in the Chefapeak, and takes tlie com« 
maud of the fleet, xxiv. [1263 

— - engagement with count de Grafle, 
xxiv. [128] ' . 

Greece ; the iiappy efFe£t$ of the Argo- 
ns utic expedition, on the maaners of 
the Greeks, xxviii. 155. 

— their manners and chara^er compared 
with the rude cuftoms of favage iife^ 
and the artificial reflnements of po« 
liflied fociety, xxviii. 155. 

•«• a difafler which befel the Athenians 
ia Sicily, xxviii. 157. 

— on the retreat of the army from the 
camp before Syracufe, xxviii. 1 57. 

GreenCj general j the well fought battle 
between him and lord CornwalUs at 
Guildford, xxiv. [70] 

— proceedings of in South Caiolina, 
xxiv. [80] 

— is attacked and defeated by lord Raw- 
don, xxiv. [82] 

—J- a relation of the fiege of Ninety-fix 

Fort, xxiv. [92] 
•— > raifes the fiege, and is clofely purfued 

by lordRawdon, xxiV. [93] 
Grilwold, Fort, in Connecticut, ftonned 

and taken by col. Eyre, xxiv. [125] 
Guadaloupe ^ the dreadful eflefts of the 

hurricane, in October 1780, by which 

the town of Bafleterre was deflroyed,. 

xxiv. [34] 
Guildford y a relation of the well-fought 

battle between lord CornwalUs and ge* 

ncral Greene, at, xxiv- [70] 
Gun-boats ^ the utility of, at the fiege 

«f Gibraltar, xxiv. [7] 




TTAMOVSR ; two rcgimcxits of i,ooo 
■"•* men each, i-aifing at Hanover, xxiv. 

— - mr. Pitt's opinion on the connexion 
between Great Britain and Hanover, 
, with mr. Fox's remarks, xxviii. [93* 

Hertzberg, count; his opinion on the 
b^form of government, xxxiv. [242] 

— of the part which PniiUa ought to 
-take in confequence of the French re- 
volution, xxxiv. [242] 

Hefle Caffel ; the eite6ls of the fudden 

death of the Landgrave, in 1785, 

xxyiii. [50] 
•— debates in the Britifh parliament on 

the fubfidiary treaty with, xxx. [89] 
HefHans ; the bravery of the regiment of 

Bofe,«it the battle cf Gu'ddturd, xxiv. 

Hindoos ; their patient fubmilHon to pe- 
riih by famine at ^Madras, rather than 
to preferve their lives by a breach of 
theirreligiousduty, xxvi. [82] 

— a particular account of a woman^s 
burning herfelf alive, with her deceafed 
huibana, xxvi. [167] 

Holland 5 an account of the vifit of the 
king of Sweden to, xxiv. [11] 

— an eventual trenty with America, 
the caufe of the rupture with Eng- 
land, xxiv. [142, 143] 

— war declared by England againft, De- 
cember 20ih, 1780, xxiv. [162*] 

«.— three placarts publlfhed by their high 
niightineiTes, xxiv. [165] 

— order of council for the releafe of 
(hips detained by the order of Decem- 
ber 2oth, 1780, xxiv. [167] 

— a loan for a million of tlorins, opened 
at Amfterdam, for America, xxiv. 


— I'ubicriptions fent from Amfterdam, 
for the relief of Dutch prifoners in 
England, xxiv. [170] 

— ^ the humanity fhewn to Engliih pri- 
Ibners, xxiv. [170] , 

*— treaty with France for the defence of 
the (hips belonging to their I^aft India 
company, xxiv. [172] 

— particular account of the voyage of 
the ftadiholder to the Texel, xxiv. 
[i8«] * 

— the rctjam of the Dutch fquadron into 
port, xxiv. £1913 

Holland -, an account of the engagement 
on the Dogger {Bank with admii'ai Hyde 
Parker, xxv. [119] 

•^ confequences of it to the Dutch, xxv. 

— acknowledges the independence c^ 
America, xxv. [ao6] 

— ftate of it at the commencement, of 
the negotiation for peace, xxvi. [i333 

— proviliona) articles of peace ligned^ 
Nov. 30th, 1781, xxvi. [134] 

— - offers a reward of 1,000 golden 
oyders for dilcovering the author of 
** the true caufe of the decline of the 
republic," xxvi. [193] 

.— the three regiments of the Scotch bri- 
gade in the Tervice of Holland, refufe 
to take the new oath, xxvi. [194] 

— • anecdote of the Ru(rian ambalfadoc 
and greflier Fagei at Fails, xxvi. 

— the definitive treaty of peace witk 
' England, Sept. ad, 1783, xxvi. [31^] 

— the ill confequences of the war ja 
which Hollanvi was engaged with Eng- 
land, xxvii. [6] 

— refumption of the Dutch barrier by 
the emperor, and the fortrcfies difman- 
tled, xxvii. [7] 

— banks of their dikes broke near LiUo, 
xxvii. 204. 

— cannonade from the Dutch fort of 
Cruyflfchans, againft the fubje6is of the 
emperor, xxvii. [204] 

— claims on by the emperor of Germany, 
xxvii. [loi] 

— the unfortunate iituation of, xxvii. 

— the preponderancy obtained by the 
French in the affairs of the republic^ 
xxvii. [102] 

— attempts made to fcduce the authority 
of the ftadtholder, and to remove prince 
Lewis duke of Wolfenbuttle, which 
induces him to refign his offices, xxvii. 

— the king of Pruflia interferes in the 
affairs of, xxvii. [103] 

— military alTociations formed, xxvii, 

— fend two plenipotentiaries to Bruifels^ 
xxvii. [104] 

— the fort of Old Lillo feized by the 
emperor, who proceeds to Hartog Eyk, 
near Heerle, xxvii. [104] 

— means of defence adopted by the 
DjLitch, xxvii. [105] 

— the kijig of France accepts the office 
of mediator, xxvii. [105] 

«— the emperor maked an additlotial 


daim of the navigation of the Scheldci 
. and the forts thereon, xxvii. [lo^] 
Ilolland ; claims alfo a free navigation 
. and uninterrupted commerce to^ and 

in both the £alt and Weft Indies, xxvii. 

[loS] . 

^~- the cl:\tm$ an4 deman49 p?ade by, 

xxvii. [io8] 

— the emperor's anfwer, xxvi). [no] 
«— the nature of the dtfpute relative to 

Maellricbt, xxvii. [i ' i] 

p — further ftate of the claim of the n^* 

vigation of the Schelde, xxvii. [112] 

; — itops two veflels fent by the emperor 

up and down the Schelde, xxvii. [116] 

^— the Imperial ambafTador recalled, and 

great preparations for war made, xxvii. 


•— the tount de Maillebois fent by the 
French to command the army, xxvii, 

t"7] , , , 

•— the cxpoftiilation of the king of France 

with the emperor, xxvii. ['118] 

-r- a dil^c broken by the; Dutch near 

LUlo, xxvii. [119I 

— political caufes why France and Pruf- 
fiafhouldprotcft Holland, xxvii. [121] 

•— during the difputes rclpc61ing the ex- 
change of Bavaria, Holland provides 
for the warn that might happen, xxvii, 

— negotiations rcfumed at Paris, xxvii. 

»— deputies fent from the Hague to Vi- 
enna, with an account of their inter- 
view with the emperor, xxvii. [135] 

— preliminary articles of peace figned at 
Paris, Sept. loth, and ihe definitive 
treaty, Nov. 8ih, 17^5^ x:ivii. [136. 
241. 244] 

— the heads of the treaty, xxvii. [136] 
•r- a new treaty of alliance with France, 

figned Nov. loth, 1785, xxvii. [137] 

— the principal 'articles of the treaty, 
xxvii. [137] 

^— account of thc' arrival of the compte 
dc Maillebois to commaBd the armies^ 
xxvii. [227. 229] 

— iive peafants puniftied for a riot, xxvii. 

r— neither the danger of foreign war, 
nor the refignation of the duke of 
Brunfwlck, ferve to allay the ferment, 
or to relVoi'e tramjuillity to the ftadt- 
holder's government, xxviii. [63] 

— r M- de Maillebois being appointed 
to command the army, ftrengthens the 
republican caufe, xxviii. [64] 

•— a chai-a6ler of the maiquis tl6 Maille- 
bois, xxviii, £6^) 

I 78 J to 1791. 

IfoUand j ^fFe£ts of the alilance wit^ 
France, xxviii. [65] 

— the caufes of theCQincidenceof-views 
of France and the anti-liadtholderiaQ 
party, xxviiif £65] 

— r a view of the hillory of the republican 
party, which had. fubliltcd from Hie 
days of piince Maijrice, xxviii. [66] 

•7— inc Jaie war with England, and its 
conlequences, afforded the means fur 
that parry again to btcoiTip ^ripidable, 
xxviii. [67] 

rr- charges brought againft |hc {(adt- 
ho}der on the condu6l of the war ^ ^itk 
theapfwers, X3^viii. [69] 

— an i::quiry made into the con^u6^of 
their nayy, xxviii. [69] 

rr- further caufes of making the republi- 
can party more powerful, xxviii. [70] 

rr the ieftarics the moll bitter and pnoft 
implacable cneinies of the ftadtholdeTf 
xxviii. [70 J 

— the injudicious mcafure of placing^ 
arms in the hdnds of the burghers, ao(| 
its confequences, xxviii. [71] 

-^ the ftrength of the lladtholder, xxviii. 

[73l' ' 

— the party fupported by Fi-ance, rejeft 

the admonition of Frederic 5 dived the 
prince Itadthoider of the government 
of the garrifon of the Hague, xxviii. 


— the prince retires to Breda, a^id tht 
princefs, with the children, to WtS^ 
Friezland, XJfviii. [76] 

— new colours given to thf g\^rds, wjtl^ 
the arms of Orange omitted, and thofc 
of Holland fiibftituted, xxviii. [76] 

-^ the king pf Pruflla "interferes in fa- 
vour of the prince^ but (lot attended 
to, xxviii. [77] 

— further orders i^ucd againft the au- 
thority of the ftadtholder,-xxviii. [7^ 

-^ the ftadiholder removes from Middle- 
burgh in Ze^fland, to the province of 

■ Gueiderland, xxviii. [80] 

-?- the airemblajge of the ftatcs of Hol- 
land and VVeff Friez^land, March iSn 
1786, xxviii< [80] 

— ? the openipg of the ftadthoWer's eate j 
the riot it cccailoned, ^nd JTudacntj 
quelled, xj^viii. [8^] 

— the diffentions in the city of Utrecht, 
xxvui. [82] 

.^i- the liberal fubfcriptions to the pa- 
triotic Kinds, xxviii. [83] 

— <p the debates in the affembly upon tke 
fubjeft of reftoring the Itadthoider to 
his dignity, and carried againft the 
prince by a fingle vote, xxviii. [83} 

Holland 4 


Holland ; the count of Maillcbois be- 
come odious^ and burnt in effigy, 
.xxviii. [84] 

— Aadtholder^s intereft at the cour^ of 
Berlin, by the death of tlie king of 
Pruflla, xxviii. [84} 

•— the king of PrulTia writes a ner\'ous 
at)d fpirited letter on the injuries uf 
the iladtholder, which is not attended 
to, xxviii. [8^] 

— Memorial from the court of Ver- 
failies, difclaiming all interference her- 
felfin the government, z^nd her inten- 
tions of preventing their being diftnrb- 
ed by others/ xxviii. [86] 

-^ the refractory burghers of ElKbourg 
and Hattem reduced by the ftadtholder, , 
' under the orders of the ftates of Guel- 
derlandy and the violent ferment oc- 
cafioned by a falfe reprefeniation of 
cruelties and plunder committed by 
the troops of the (bdtholder, xxviii. 

— * the ftadtbolder fufpended from all 
the fun6lions of capt;an-general, and 
the troops difcharged from their mi- 
litary oath to obey his orders, xxviii. 

— mr- Fox's opinion of the probable 
confequences to England of the alliance 
between Fi-ance and Holland, xxviii. 

[9«»] . / 

— attention paid by the emperor to the 

troubles in Holland, xxviii. [160] 

— a new claim in preparation by the 
emperor, on the Eall India trade of 
Holland, xxviii. [160] 

'— dilirefles of the Dutch Eaft India 

company, xxviii. [169] 
•— a defcription of the medal (Iruck on 

account of the league with France> 

xxviii. [196] 
>— the mediation of Pi-ulTia and France in 

the affairs of, xxix. [i] 

— motives for doubting the fincerity of 
France in her mediation, xxix. [3] 

— the king of Pruflia not inclined to 
agree to any confiderable conceflions 
on the part of Holland, xxix. [4] 

•— negotiations carried on at Nimeguen 
and the Hague, xxix. [5] 

— the conditions laid down by the ftates 
of Holland, as the batis of accomiho- 
dation, x^cix. [5] 

•— obje6lions to the conditions, xxix. 

— the negotiations- bix)ktfii off, xxix. 

t7] ... 

•— mutual recrimination on that occa- 

iioB, xxix. [7] 

Holland j the king of Prudia writes t 
Ihort letter to ihe ftaies, xxix. [?] 

— the ancient c-tvernmcnt of Utrecht 
overthrown, and the demccratical efia- 
bliflied, xxix. [9] 

— the rapid progrefs of the d£moci:»- 
tic fpii it in tlit ilates, xxix. [9] 

— the defeat of the popular party at 
Rotterdam, xxix. J 10] 

-— the remarkable mconftahcy of both 
parties, xxix. [11] , 

— the defection of Arafterdam from the 
republ ican party, . xxix. [11] 

— addreffes encouraged by the republi- 
can party, xx'x. [12] 

— attempts made for the fufpendon of 
the prince of Orange from his offices 
of Kadtholder and admiral-general, 
xxix. [iz] ", 

— attetnpts made to procure a majority 
in the affemtly of the ftates, by in- 
creafing the number of voters, xxix. 

— a gi'eat majority in point of number 
in favour of the houfe of Orange, xxixw 

— the Orange party ftrongly fupportea 
by the difciples of Arminius, xxix. 

— th« weight in refpe£t of wealth in 
the republican party, xxix. [14] 

— a revolution of fentiment andcondu6b 
in the aflfembly of the ftates of Hol- 
land, xxix. [16] 

— clubs and aflbciations formed for the' 
prelervation of the ancient conftitution 
and the ftadtholder's rights, xxix. [17] 

— the critical fituation of the republic 
can party, xxix. [18] 

— an attempt made to eftablifti a demo- 
cratical revolution at Rotterdam, xxix. 

— the fen ate houfe at Rotterdam fur- 
joundi-d, and fcven of the members 
depofcd, xxix. [19] 

— firailar proceedings at Amfterdam, 
xxix. [19I 

— further difturbances at Utrecht, xxix. 


— the powers and authority of the ftates- 
^neral chiefly confined to the general 
mterefts of the whole, and feldom in- 
terfered in the differences between the 
particular ftates, xxix. [20] 

-^ ilje power and authority of the coun- 
cil of ftate for the feven provinces, 
xxix. [21] / 

-y the ftates-general, and council of 
ftate, declare in favour of the ftadt^ 
holder, xaIx. [ii] 


"HoUanil; reply to the ftates-general, 
from the ftates of Holland, xxix. [21] 

-— polls near Utrecht feized by count 
d'EfFcren, xxix. [22] 

— firil blood drawn at Jutphaas, a vil- 
lage near Uirecht, and the count driven 
from the pods he had taken polTeflion 
of, xxix. [23] ^ 

— the ftadtholder takes the field, xxix. 

[*3] . . „ 
-^ the manitefto of the ftadtholder of 

May 26th, 1787, xxix. [24.] 

— the animofity of the contending parties 
at Amfterdam, attended with riots and 
plunders, xxix. [25] 

— the ftates-g;eneral iffue an order to ge- 
neral Van Reyffel, to brsak up the line 
of troops formed on the frontiers of 
Holland, xxix. [27] 

— counter orders from the ftates of 
Holland, x^ix. [27] 

-^ col. Balneavis with his regiment and 
other troops goes over to the ftadthol- 
der, xxix. [27] 

— a general revolt takes place in the 
troopsofHolland, xxix. [27] 

— the arreft of the princefs of Orange 
at Schoonhoven, on her way to the 
houfc in the wood, xxix. [30] 

-^ indignities fhewn to her and her at- 
tendants by the guard, xxix. [32] 

— a ftrong memorial fent by the king of 
Pruflla, xxix. [34] 

•— the diflatisfaiiory anfwer of the ftates 
of Holland, xxix. [34] 

•— another memorial to the ftates-gene- 
ral from the king of Prnflia, to which 
a fatisfa^lory anfwer was given, xxix. 

[35] , • . 

— . the ftates of Holland fend their anfwer 
to the memorial of the king of Pniflia 
to Verfaiiles, xxix. [35] 

— the conduil of the ftates of Hollan.d 
deprecated b) the court of Verfaiiles, 
xxix. [35] 

— a fpirited memorial frpm baron Thu- 
lemeyer, followed by a note of the 
fatisfaflion requirefl by the king of 
Pruflia, xxix. [35, 36] 

— two of the deputies of the ftates fent 
to Berlin, xxix. [36] 

— the fortified town of Wick taken by 
the ftadtholder, and fome other places, 
xxix. [37] 

— MiJdleburg and the whole province 
of 2^aland declare in favour of the 
ftadtholder, xxix. [37] 

— the declaration of the inhabitants of 
Holland againft William Vt^. xxix. 


781 tp 1792. 

Holland ; the deplorable a^>e£E of tb 
republic, xxix. [39] 

— lievere decrees paffed againft em^-> 
tion, xxix. [40] 

— reiblutions pailed by feveral provtDces 
for opening a new congrefs of metiia- 
tion, xxix. [40] 

— underhand encouraeeinent afforded by 
France to the' republican paity^ xxix. 


— the ftates of Holland return a .conci- 
liating anfwer full of condefcenfion 
to the king of Prnflia, xxix. [41] 

— the Pruflian army under tke prince of 
Brunfwick, enters the province of Guel- 
derland, Sept. 1 3th, 1787, xxnt; [41} 

— - the rapid progrefs of the Pniffian 
army, xxix. [43] 

— ninety foldiers and fix officers far- 
render to feven hufiars of the Pruflian 
army, xxix. [44.] • " 

— the general tremor at Utrecht on the 
approach of the Pruflian > army, xxix. 


' — Utrecht evacuated two dayj after the 
Pruflians entering Guelderiand^ xxix^ 


— a general difmay at. Amfterdam, oc- 
cafioned by the evacuation of jLJtretht, 
xxix. [47] 

— aA unexpe£led revolution at the' 
Hague in favour of the prince of 
Orange, on the i8th of September, 
xxix. [47] 

— the arrival of the ftadtholder an4 the 
princefs at the Hague, xxix- [50] 

— the t^dtholder reftored, xxix, [50] 
— • the keys of Amfterdam furrendeml 

to the duke of Brunfwick, Oft. ^lothi 
xxix. [63] 

— an account of the arreft of the prin- 
cefs of Orange, June 28th, 1787, xxix, 

— all perfons forbid to leave the pro- 
vince, xxix. [210] 

— arms and flags found in the hofpital 
of the town of Wyck, when captured 
by the ftadtholder, xxix. [« i x J 

— Naarden fummoncd to fijrrender by 
the troops of Pruflia, xxix. [»2o] 

— the public entry of the prince of 
Orange into the Hague^ Sept. i4tb, 
1787, xxix. [220] 

— progrefs of the Pruflian army in, 
xxix. [220. 222] 

— the princefs of Orange invited to re- 
turn to the Hague, xxix. [iii] 

— the ftadtholder rcinftated, xxix. {221] 

— ravages and difordtrs at Bou fe 
Due, xxix. [225] 



ifollanc^ ; 4.,ooo Pruffians left to winter government, removed back fromPref* 

in,xxix. [216] burg to Buda,xxviii. [160] 

— an amnerty and general pardon pub- Hungary j fee Germany. 

liflied by the ftadtholder, xxix. [226] ' 

— letter from the duke of Bmnfwiclc 

to the four commifi'aries of Amfter- t j 

dam, who were fent to agree on the * J* 
ratisfa6lion to be given^ to the princefs 

of Orange, xxix. [253] Tamaica ; wonderful efcape of, from 

i— articles of capitulation of Amfterdam J ^^^^ dangers which threatened it, xxiv. 

to the duke of Brunfwick, xxix. [;?9J 

' [254] "^ ^.^^ damages at, by an hurricane 

— two letters from the princefs of and eanhqupJce in Oaober 1780, xxiv. 
Orange to the duke of Brunfwick, t35] 

Sept. X5th, andNov. 3d, 1787, xxix. — 10,000 1. fubfcribed by the town of 

[254.] Kingfton, for the relief of the fuffercrs, 

— the duke of Brunfwick"'s anfwer, xxiv. [35] 

todx. [257] . - ^ — 40,000 1. voted by the Britifh par- 

.-^ the difpofition of, in refpea to the liamenr, xxiv. [35] 

war of the Ruifians and Germans — ^^^e. ddigned attack of, prevented by 

againft the Port*, xxx. [^o] ^^e junaion of fir G. Rodney and fir 

— debates in the Britilh parliament pn S* Hood, xxv. [202*] 

the intention of France to interfere in — ^ revifal of tlie flave laws there, xxx. 

the affairs of Holland, xxx. [89] [*o6] 

— . emigrants from, permitted to ha- "^ precautions taken on the breaking out 

rangne at the bar of the national af- of the inlurreaion at St^ Domingo, 

fembly of France, againft the defpotifm *^"ci ii . 45*. 

of the ftadtholder, xxxiv. [270] Jcr%> i/land of; a fecond attempt on, 

Honduras Bayj account of the Itate of, wnder the baron de RuUecourt, xxv. 

XXVI. [119] - [9^] 

— Fort Dalling taken by capt. Camp- — he arrives in Grouville Bay, lands at 
bcM, at the head of 150 negroes, xxvi. Violet Bank, and furprifes a fmall 
[120] paJ^y of militia at a redoubt, marches 

— violent hurricane at, xxx. [193] into the market place at St. Helier, 
Hood, fir S. j the arrival of the fleet before any alarm was given, and a 

under his command from the Weft capitulation was figned by the lieute- 

Indies, off the Chefapeak, xxiv. 126. nant-governor, xxv. [97] 

Hudfon^'s Bay company 5 expedition of —Elizabeth Caftle funimoned, l)utre- 

fhe French againft their pofteflions, jeaetl, and the French marching up, 

xxvi. [115] ^ arerepulfed, xxv. [98] 

i^ prin\:e of Wales and York forts •^ boldly oppofed by major Pierfon, xxv. 

taken and deftroyed by M. dc la Pe- [9^] 

roufe, xxvi. [116] — the French furrender prlfoners of war, 

— the French fuppofcd to have done da- xxv. [99] 

mage to the amount of half a million, ■" major Pierfon killed in the moment of 

xxvi. [119] viaory,xxv. [99] 

■Hyngary 5 the chara6ler of the inhabi- Jews j the ill ufage of, at St. Euftatius, 

tants of, xxvii. [128] and tranfportation to St. Chriftophers, 

^— the alfeaion and ardour for the late xxiv. [106] 

emprefs, obtained for them her gra- -— a decree in favour of, paiTed by the 

^ titude during her reign, xxvii. [128] emperor of Germany, xxvii. [5] 

— innovations introduced by the prefent — obtain a legal eftablifhment in Poland, 
emperor, caufe a rebelling near the clofe xxxiv. [58] 

of the year 1784, xxvii. [i»8] Improvement; the progrefs of, in the 

-— . the rebels cleft a peafant named Ho- various ftates of Europe, xxxiii. [2o(5) 

riah for their king, xxvii. [128] India, Eaft; retrofpeaive view of af- 

-— horrible cruelties committed by the fairs of, xxv. [2] 

rebels for three months, when they are — the great power of the wai'like nation 

totally defeated, and their king Ho- of the Marattas, xxv. [4'I 

rlahtdkeii and fcxecuted, xxvii. [129] .— the effcfts of the revolution in the 

•mm the courts of jufticc, and tlic fcatt of court of xht V^'wa'^^^^^'naw % Vs\ 

INDEX, 1781 to 179 1 

111 jia, Eaft ; the fea^ofi^pvernment remov- India, £aft ; the various grounds On whicti 

eJ froiVi Sitterah to Poohah, xxv. [5] this fchcnie was contcrtctl, xxv. [16] 

— a government of niinifters eitabliQitd — the court of Poonah rtfudng tocoqp- 
ft i led Pai(hwafliip» or the go^erhment ply with the new demands^ the fiom- 
of Pooniih, xxv. [5] bay iirmy landed on the continent, 19 

— Kngonaut Rqw, or Ragabby felcafcd oi-der to, i;.ccon>pany Ragonsiut Row to 
from confinement, in order to aflitt the capital, xxv. [18 j 

his nej>bew Narrain Row ih thePaifh- -— much dppofed in their {narth^ becomes 

"^ufliip, becomes his murderer, fhr finally fun'oiinded, Ragonaut Row 

which he was obliged to fly for refuge proves treacheroiis, atid the army is 

to Bombay, which laid the foundation obliged to furrcnder, xx/.Ti 1-^x3] 

©f the wars between the Englifh and — the raodcmte terms of thie treaty of 

the Marattas, xxv. [6.. 10] VVorgaum, xxv. [ai] 

— the power of the Rajah of Berar, xxv, — - Ragonaut kow given up to the Ma- 
[7] rattas, and the Bonrabay army con. 

-.- the territories of Sindia and Holker du6led back by a body of Maratut 

confidercd, xxv. [7] -* liorfe, xxv. [23]] 

— the fituatioii of the company for fome ^^ further proceedings, iri order to over* 
years back, with refpe^l to Hyder Ally, throve the.preftnt Maratta governxnent^ 
3fxv. [7] xxv. [24.] 

— the effcft of the treat\- between him — Berar Rajah appears friendly dif- 
an<i the company; in I769, xxv. [^] pofed to the feritiih interefts, and hj^ 

— the progi-efs of thfe war betvccn Hyder motives for it coniKleied^ xxv, [24J 
Ally and the Marattas, xxv. [8] -^ the abrupt difrailildn ofthechev, de 

*— peace concluded between them in July St. Lubin, the French agent, from Poq- ' 

1772, xxv. [9] nph, through the iiitervention of Berar 

— Hyder Ally recovers the territories Rajah, xxv. [25] , 

he had cetletl by the peace, xxv. [9] '. — the endeavours of Berar &aj^b toprev 

-;— Hyder Ally is fupplifed ,by France vent rhe march of col.. Lcflie*8 army, 

with artillery and military necellaries, which was rejc6ted by the cboncil at 

xxv. [9J Calcutta^ xxv. [25] 

— progrefs of the war between the go- -i— ihc friendly attentions of the Rajsh^ 
vernmcnt of Bombay and the Marattas, and his characler, xxv. [26] 

xxv. [10] ■ • — the treaty of Wrrgaiim di^vowe4bf 

— col. Upton's journey to Poonah, where the prefidcncy of Bengil, xxv. [29] 
he concludes a peace with the Ma- — new fchemes auv/pted for a revolu* 
rattas. xxtr. [11] tion in the Maiatta governmcnt| xxv. 

«^ differences in 'I he council at Bombay, [29] 

xxv. [11] — dilputes betwe(;ii the fupreme council 

•—the treaty of peace not adhered toby of Calcutta and the prefidency of Ben- 

thc council at Bombay, and new terms gal, xxv. [29] 

pi-opofcd by them, the non-ccm})liance — the treaty liilavowed alfoby thecouil* 

with the whole of which to be con- cil of Calcjlta, :cj:v. [30] 

iideied a violation of the treaty of -^ complaints made by «the Pai(hwa of 

Poonah, xxv. [12] Poonah, of breach of faith in the pre- 

— a ftrong military force under col. fidency of Bengal, >cxv. [30] 
Lcflie, fent by the fupreme council — Ragonaut Row efcapes from the cuf- 
at Calcutta to Bt^nibay, which was todv ofMadaje5 Sindia, to gen. {jod- 
greatly harndcd in their march by the d.-.rds camp. xxv. [31] 

Marattas, xxv. [14.] — il.e foundation laying for a league of 

^— between 300 and 4Q0 men die raving all the princes in India, for tlxe fittai 

mad in one day, from the heat and • extermination of the Engllfli, xxv. 

want of water, xxv. [ i 5 1 [32 J 

•-«- on the death of col. L«. (lie the com- — piac 2 between the Marattas and Hyder 

mand dc\'olved to col. Goddard, xxv. concluded, and the le?gue againft thft 

[15] Engiifli fomijd, xxv. [34] 

t— the (ecrct motive of the Bombay ex- — the treaty bctwcon Govldard and thct 

peditlon, to cffcfl a treaty with the Mtrattas broken off, xxv. [35J 

Rcjah of Ber?r, and to cn^a£;e him — the preparations made for the wtr# 

to enfoice his claims to the throne of xxv. [35] 

the Ram Kajah, xxv. [:6] — a tieaty concluded between the coro- 


pany ^nd tiie Ranna of Gohud^ or cufh nor approved of by the fupreihe 

Ghod} XTLV. [35] council of Calcutta, xxv. [50] 

India» £a(t j a treaty concluded between India, Bail ; the presidency of Madras 
general Goddard, and Futty Sing, xxv*. much difpleafed at the interference of 

[35] the fupreme councii, recals mr« Hoi* 

•— mr. Farmer and capt. Stewart, hof- land, who ift appointed by the fupreine 

tages for the treaty or Worgaum, en- council their reildent to the Nizain» 

larged by Madajee Sindia, xxv. [37] xxv. [51] 

— ^reat doubts entertained refp^diing — the GuncoorCircar, entered and feized 
Sindia^s (incerity in bringing about a by Hyder, xxv. [52] 

treaty, xxv. [37] * — itatie of affairsT on thecoaft of Coro*, 

— Sindia attacked and routed by gen. mandel, xxv. [53] 

Goddard, xxv. [38] — Hyder Ally's indifpoiition to that go* 

— > Sindia again rout^ by capt^ Camp- vernment, and bis connections with the 

bell, xxv. [39} French, xxv. [53] 

*- further I'uccefs of lieut. Wallh agaipft — the various caufes for Hydjcr Ally's 

The Marattas, xxv. [39] complaint, xxv. [54J 

-^ a iimilar aClion under major Forbes, — Hyder prevented onnr by his^irwn war 

xxv. [39] > with the Marattas from aflifting the 

— major Popham ftnt to the relief of the French at Pondicherry, in 1778, and 
Rajah of Ghod, defeats the Marattas, his behaviour refpe£ling the expedition 
and takes the fuppofedimpi-egnable for- aga^nft Mahie fort and fettkment^ 
trels of Gualies, xxv. [39] xxv. [54] 

— (late of affairs in the Camatic, xxv. «*- Mahie taken by col. Brathwaite, xxv* 

[40] [54-] 

•^ proceedings refpeAing the Nizam — Hyder^s enmity to the council at Ma* 

Soubah of the Decan, xxv. [41] dras, on account of their meafures 

-—the gi-eat confequence of the poflef* with Bazalet Jung, relative to the Gun* 

iion of the Guntoor Circar, xxv. [41 ]« toor Circar, xxv. [55] 

•^ differences between the prefidency and — - the advice given by the Nabob of 

Bazalet Jung, xxv. [4a] Arcot, xxv. [55] 

— a treaty concluded between the prefi- — peace concluded between Hyder and, 
dency and Bazalet Jung, for die fur- the Marattas, in 1779* xxv. [55] 
render of the Guntoor, xxv. [43] — a|i alliance formed between the Ma* 

•—the Guntoor Circar let by the pre- rattas and. Nizam, xxv. {55] 

(idency to the Nabob of Axcot, xxv. «— Hyder*s anfwer to a letter from tlie 

[44] governor of Fort St. George, xxv. 

— col. Harper (ent for the protection [56] 

of the Guntooi*, through a part of — Hyder*s letter of detail of caufes of 

Hyder^s dominions, without leave, is complaint^ xxv. [56] 

oppofed and obliged to return, xxv. — preparations for war made by Hyder» 

[44] XXV. [57] 

— meafures taken by the prefidency to — the infunicient means of defence pro- 
reconcile the Nizam to the treaty, xxv. vided by tlie government of Madras^ 
[45] ' * and the Nabob of Arcot, xx. [57] 

— mr. Holland fent to Hyderabad, the — Hyder enters the Camatic, and burnt ^ 
capital of the Nizam, xxv.' [46] Conjeveram, xxv. [58. 60} 

— the Nizam greatly diflatisHed with — ftate of Hyder's army, xxv. [60] ' 
the furrender of the Guntoor Circar, — Hyder joined by Lolly's troops, xxT. 
xxv. [47] [60] 

-i account of Sha Allum having put —proceedings of Hyder's trmy in the 

hjmfelf into the hands of the company, Camatic, xxv. [61 ] 

and granted, in 1765, the five northern — Arcot attacked by Hyder, xxv. [63] 

Circars, then in the poflfeffion of the — the fiege raifed, xxv, [65] 

Nizam, xxv. [48] — Meel- Saib, and Tippoo Saib, both 

•— objections of the prefidency to, the routed in two engagements with col. 

payment of the peihcuih to the Nizam, Baillie, but the cf>l. left in a very d^f- 

XXV. [48] trelsful fitnation, xxv. [66] 

— on the refu£tl of the payment the «— a general engagement with col. BtiV* 
Nizam threatens hoftilities, xxv. [49] 'lie, with the whole force of Hydcr'i 

--the refiifal of iKiNmeut of the pefti- ermvi whicU U x^\»Jtd'^ >hVws\>j?! "'siw^ 

■Vol. II. F \^wv>\ 


blowing up of the ammunition wag- 
gons, tKe fortune of the day is changed, 
and col. Baillie^s little anny deftroyed, 

XXV. [68 71] 

India, Eaft 5 the Scapoys averfc to voy- 
ages by fea, refuff « which occaiions a re- 
volt, in'which they plunder Vizigapa- 
tam, — are purfued by Vizeram Raufe, 
and difperfed, xxv^ [74] 

— the Guntoor Circar reftored to Bazalet 
Jung, XXV. [74] 

— - Hyder again attacks Arcotf xxv. 

[75] • 
— - the Carnaticplentifullv fupplied with 

troops, provinons, and money from 

Bengal, XXV. [76] 

•— fir Eyre Coote takes the command, 

and to him alfo is the money entrufted, 

XXV. 76. 

— Arcot taken by aflault by Hyder, 

XXV. [77] 

— mr. Whitehill, prefident and governor 
of Madras, fulpended, x*v. [77] 

-— the deplorable fituation of affairs at 
the anival of fir Eyre Coote, xxv. 

-^thjC good confequences immediately 

attending fir Eyre Ceote, xxv. [79] 
-^ Hyder's army augmented to upwards 

of 100,000 men, xxv. [79] 
^— Hyder befieges the principal fortrefies 

in the Carnatic, xxv. [79] 

— fir Eyre Coote's .plan for relieving the 
fortreues approved of by the council 
of war and the fele£l committee, xxv. 

•*— Hyder retires with precipitation from 

the fiege of Wandewafh, and other 

forts, on the approach of fir E^ Coote, 

xxv. [81] 

— the perfidy of the French inhabitants 
of Pondicherry, xxv. [81] 

— the inhabitants of Pondicherry dif- 
armed by the deftruftion of their boats, 
and the removal of their provifions, 
xxv. [83] 

— the excellent fervice of admiral fir 
Edward Hughes, on the Malabar coalt, 
by the deftniftion of Hyder's (hip- 
ping, at Calicut and Mahgalore, xxv. 


— Hyder's defign to befiege Tritchino- 

poly, xxv. [83] 
f>— fir Eyre Coote marches to frufirate the 
defign, xxv. [83] 

— Hyder's immenfe force, xxv. [84*] 

— the number of difficulties fir Eyre 
Coote had to furmount, xxv. [84] 

— grand battle of the iHt of July, in 
which'.Hyder*s vaft hgft WM defeated^ 
•kxv. [85 88] 


781 to 179^ 

India, Eaft; Trepaflbre befieg^ an 
taken by fir E3rre Coote, xxv. [88] 

— fecond defeat of Hyder, Auguft 17, 
xxv. [88] 

•i— third defeat, September *7, xxv. [89] 

— Vellore relieved, and Cbettor befieged 
and taken by % E3rre Coote, xxv. 


— H) der attacks fir Evrc Coote on his 

march to the reliet of Vellore, and 
again driven back, January 10, 178s, 
as alfo on the return of fir Eyre Coote, 
xxv. [89] 

— fuccefs&l expedition againft Sumatra, 
xxv. [90] 

-^ Negapatani blocked up by fir Edward . 
Hughes } attacked and taken by fir Hec- 
tor Monro, xxv, [90] 

— Trincomale in the Ifle of Ceylon at- 
tacked and taken by fir Edward^ 
Hughes, xxv. [93] 

— a letroipeftive view of affairs in, xxrl. 

— the happy fituation of Benares, nearly 
600 miles up the Ganges, xxvi. [3] 

-— tranfa6lions which led to the depen- 
dence of Benares, on the Eaft India 
company, xxvi. [3} 

— the Rajah Bulwant Sing, a tributary' 
to Sujah ul Dowlah for the Benares, 
xxvi. [3] 

— Bulwant afilifts the Englifh agunft 
Dowlah in 1764, and through the' 
fuccefs of the Englifh is confirmed in 
the poffefiTion, by the treaty of lUabad, 
which Dowlah attempted on tht dcadi' 
of Bulwant to evade, xxvi. [4] 

— the treaty afterwards entered into, to 
fecui-e Cheit Sin^ in the govemnoent' 
of his father BuTwant's territories in 
1770, and a further confirmation in 
1773, xxvi. [5] 

*— on the death of the nabob vifier, and 
^ fucceffion of his fon, Aflbff ul Dow*' 
lah, in 1775, by new arrangements 
the fovereignty of Benares is trans- 
ferred to the company, xx\'i. [6] 

— on intelligence of the war with France^ 
five lack of rupees are demanded 01 
Cheit Sing, ana paid, and continued 
annually, but refufes to fupply 2,000 
cavalry, xxvi. [7] 

— complaints of difaffeclion made againft 
Cheit Sing, xxvi. [9] 

— an account of mr. Haftings's progrefs 
from Calcutta, July 7, 1781, to^ 
Benares, where he arrives Auguft 14,* 
and fends written charges againft Qhek 
Sing, with his anfwer and ror.H9ftit»gsV 
reply, xxvi. [9 13] 

— - mr. Haitings crdcrs the Rajah to be 


I*— mr. H»r'-!iM* jcakanrs ZfJhzn inz 


— §1 

port saf Cinrna-. z:ir~- 3^-1 

who is 



Tx ::: 

ret.~cu f. ju £ _ 

•— on ^be sjciiizCk^ir ir nr iz^tir'.r'* 

Sui^ Air Car^ Ti— = x---:L.-J'.-r 

~:^^ -i" — - bTT "^ ~ T"« — "TT"' vTi .2t 

• _ v i. . r r ^t— . . I'f • tt"; w*- 

— the 
the .^ 

'made by On 5cc£.- 2»i^ ^c ir.=^.:=:. 

*— embarrs&Kae 9f=sa3Xd:: rj i - \lz 

fcom die r.LS:c f i-^r rr • 'ii~ 
■■* the C3SS2CB1IL s SeTii-'rf i^rriU ": 

of' the B^T:2t if ''^liL:- t-1 ^:.f- 

mosher aaiocQf if Cx.:i-. 5.-t. rr- ^ 

— Chert Sift's =i:^:frr. nr. "if" 

— lieut. Pol^i^ ati?rci i^. lert:;-? i 
lorty of ie z.-z.-t=.T, i: i i -i . ::.— 
call^ Sttker, ssar Cr--i-. .-r- 'f-^j 
capt. Bliir, w^s irrxzcjir; irfr:-:* 

llIC C^mCUiT a* a i»- -■ * " f JUL 1 •• ~ •! 


— mr. Hattia^y rrrijrrti ^j cc-. 

Morgin, with cc 2 £ i mb . - fur: = -.;*: = r 
major Crab'rc, xxv i. [31] 

— account of Chnt aing's nan;=rcjs 
ixftkYt xxvi. [31] 

— Cbeit Sing, a weak, plisr.t, gocJ ra- 
tured, inexperienced pnrce, xxv:. [3;:] 

— ^ zreat adrantages den red froT :!»e aa- 
vice and afliibince of Burdoo Cawn, a 
native, xxvi. [33] 

— > Pateetah attacked and take.n by ftoiin 
by major Popham, xxvi. [35] 

— the pafs of Suckroor, and the town of 
Lora, taken by major Crabbe, xxvi. 

[35] , 

— Liittce^x>re abandoned, and Chrit 

8ing*s army (tifperfed, xxvi. [36] 
*— Cheit Sing and his brother being 
driven fEoni the government, it is Ire. 
tkd on the next Jiaea/ heir of fiulvvant 

M ^~ J 


_— 71 

T.i j:* 

T "^ 

" Ti 

i w 

".r X >>; 

: r 

» - ^ 

r .'- 

* • • 

:»-? 5: 


. ■ 

• • a 

. - r- : ~ 





Lz."-'- W 




> >'--, 





: ii^ 


T i" 


tl-?- . 




* m 

" ^ « .- 



k^HM^ *^M 




^-^ T: 


.s -T ll»i V. *.;;'.v.*ri 

ht . 

.. .« • I 

::..T.rK;* wr:f 


> --«■ 

r.r^i..^ c\:-c.*me bv >i. -i.v \^::h 


the ci;"i~:. Ti-^J ihfw* i:*i.*.: s.!*J- 
nr ."s : .'» ■ h .• j>i i :>?: cr« , jm n . : uli; i v the 
wojriJf*. \xt:. ^5> 5S" 

- :'"ie f in*vi: j-.ifT.ii; hiur.ion ot* nr Fvre 

- xhtf r.vjvS. force* ^n^ sirtilkrx* arrive 
and w'n\ \l\\\ci\ Klui^x? I'lKUkluic* 
which i.\i|Miu).trof, nlt^ Pnm.u'oil. Avd 
proceed to (he dtLick ot* V.indcwaih» 
xxvi. I <S| 

- liydrr, wiih \\U allies, retire on the 
appiuiich ot lir r.yiT Ctnitc, x\vi.[58] 

- lir Fyro l\v«>ir mardu's to attack 
Ariifp, contain ill}; Hydcr's great nia- 
ga7.tncs i Hydcr inurohrs to the ivlicf 
of itt when a ,>rriieral Uv'tion fnliics, 
in whi^U U'jAct U ^o^'UaAK^^ vj^nx. 

INDEX, 1781 to 1791-^ 

India, Eaft; account of the death of Ar of Candapore; is ordered to proceeJ 

£yreCoote,xxvi. [6»] againft the Bcdnore country^ to waich 

^ account of the death of Hyder Ally^ he remonftratesy nvi. [90] 

with 2 review of his chara£ler, and India, Bait ; general Matthoirt h^worer 

great defigns, xxvi. [^2] forces the Gha^uts, tod nnaket his wa^ 

•-^proceedingsof the Engl ifh army under into the Bednore country, with ioiiie 

gen. Stuart, xxvi. [65] ■ obfervations on his condu£k, and the 

'^r- M. Suffrtin, being joined by the cruelties conunitted by him, socviJ' [91] 

iieur d' Aymar, beliegps and takes «— (hort account of the ancient kingdom 

Trincomale, xxvi. ^71] of Canara, and of the royal city of 

— letters from iir Eyre Coote, of the Bednore or Hyder Nagur, the (uppof- 

51ft ofAuguft,and25di of September. ed depofitory of Hyder** treaioret, 

with the articles of capitulation ot xxvi. [92]^ 

Cuddalore> xxvi. [244] — genei al Matthews concludes a private 

— the termmatibn of the Mahratta war, 
xxvi. [76] 

— a peace iigped May 17th, 17S1, thro' 
the mediation qf Madajee Scindia, 
who is the mutual guarantee, and 

. called the treaty of Salbey, xxvi. [77 ] 

— the terms cf the peace xxvi. [y%^ ' 
•— the city of fiaroach, with its valuable 

negociadon or treaty with Hyat Saib, 
for the furrender of Bednore, xxvi. 

— notwithftandin^ the treaty, gener^ 

'Matthews commits H3rat Saib to clole 

imprifonment, xxvi. [94] 

«— dilcontents in the array reUtive to the 

treafures found at Bednore, xxvi. [94X 

territories, cedol by the Knglifli to — the quarrel between general Matthevrs 

Madajee Scindia, xxvi. [80] 
— the fuppcfed caufes of the delay of 

the ratification of the peace at Poonah, 

xxvi. [*o] 
— - the dreadful effedU of a hurricane at 

Madras, which i» fucceeded by the 

accumulated calamity of famine, and 

although fpeedily relieved from Ben- 

gal, about 10,000 

xxvi. [S13 

and the principal officers of the king*s 
troops, which occaffions colonels Mac- 
leod and Humberftone, with major 
Shaw, to return to Bombay, xxvi. 


— general Matthews negle£ls (ending 
any account of his proceedings t« 
Bombay, xxvi. [94] 
natives perilhed, — - but on fending afterwards, mentioM 

only refpe£\ing the difcontents in the 

— - Cailicut and Pancan taken by colonel army, and mentioning only (lightly 
Humberftone \ j>rocccds into the inte- the progrefs of the army, xxvi. [94'J 
rior, but is driven back with the lofs ^- the government of Bengal appoints 

of his baggage and provifions, xxvi. 

— Tippoo Saib marches with the defign 

of cutting off col. Humberftoie, who 

being informed of his 2q>proach, re- 

Ireatf to Paniany, and is purfued by 

him, xxvi. [86] 

•— col. Macleod arriving at Paniany, the 

col. Macleod to the command of the 
army in the Bednore, and col. Huin- 
berifone and major Shaw to rejoin it| 
xxvi. [96] 
— the Sundah country invaded by cap- 
tain Carpenter, and the Carwar and principal ibrts reduced, xxvi. 


command of tlie army devolves to him, •— Mangaloie town and fort taken by 

xxvi. [86] 

•— col. Macleod being invefted by Tip- 
poo atid M. Lally, kivefts their camp, 
but is obliged to relinquifh the defign, 
xxvi. [863 

•— the Englifli lines and works attacked, 
and M. Lally driven off with great 
lofs, xxvi. [87] 

geneial Matthews, xxvi. [963 
— Tippoo Sultan abandons the Car- 

natic, and marches for the recovery 

of the Bednore country, and the Ma* 

labar coait, xxvi. [97] 
— • general Mathews writes various and 

incoherent letters to the government of 

Bombay, xxvi. [97] 

-^ Tippoo abandons the Malabar coail, — the condu6l which general Mathews 

xxvi. [87] ought to have adopted, x3cvi. [98] 

*- general Matthews beiieges the city of — general Mathews defeated by Tippoo 

' Onore, which he takes by Itorm, xxvi. Sultan, who alfo retakes tlie Gauts. 

[8:7] ' and Cudnapore abandoned, xxvi. [99] 

•— Hyder Ally, his death and charafter, — Bednore is obliged to capitulate, xxvi«^ 

«vi. [88] ' [99] 

«— gcncm Matthews takes the town of — - the former cruelty of geaoral Ma- 


thews, added to the prefent avaricei 
, <draws on the refentment of Tippoo i 

the general and many officers are 

murdered^ and the .tiroops iitiprilbnedt 

and treated with ^elty, xxvi. [looj 
India, Eaft ; various furmifes refpedUng 

the treafure found at Bednore» xxvi. 

-» the fidelity, conftancy, )ind refoiut^on 

t(f the Sepoys, xxvi. [loi] 

— Tippoo oefieges Mangalore, when the 
news of the peace between England 
and France arrives, after which the 
French general refiiies to a& againft 
England, xxvi. [loi] 

•^ the fiege of Mangalore converted into 
a blockade, but remains in pofleffion 
of the Englifh, until x-eftored by the 
peace, xxvL [103] 

•^— proceedings on the coaft of Coro- 
mandel, xxvi. [103] 

— iir Eyre Coote returns to Madras, 
-where he dies two days after hts ar- 
rival, xxvi. [105] 

— proceedings of the army under ge- 
' neral Stuait, who befieges Cuddalore, 

xxvi. [106] 

— the French lines and outworks carried, 
after a mod defperate reHltance, xxvi. 

• [107—— 1103 

*— great fally made by the French, who 
are repulfed with much lofs, xxvi. 


-fc-'account of the peace being received, 
a general ceflation of hoftUities takes 
place, xxvi. [113] ^ 

— extract of a letter from the prefident 
and Cc\e&. commirtee at Bombay, to 
the fecret committee, dated June 27ih, 
1783, XXVI. [286—194.] 

— letter from mr. Hutchinfon to the fe- 
cret committee, dated Ajenjo, July 19, 
1783, xxvi. [294]' 

— an arret published at Paris, for creat- 
ing a new company of merchants to 
trade to the £a(t Indies, xxvii. [231] 

«•- extra£l from a difpatch from major- 
general James Stuart, dated camp near 
■ Cuddalore, June 27th, 178^39 xxvii. 

— N- letter to the feleft committee at Ma- 
dras, of the particulars of the repulfe 
of the French at Cuddalore, June 25, 
1783, xxvii. 258. 

— carti-aft of a letter from fir E. Hughes, 
dated Madras Road, July 25, 1783, 

' xxvii. 259. 
•>7- diilreffes of the various companies 

trading to, xxviii. [169] 
•^ a relation of the execution of Nund* 

comar^xxx. [177] 

India, Eaft ; ceremonial of introducing 
the ambaiTadors at Verfailles, xxx* 

~- a relation of the war with Tippoq 
Sultan, xxxiii. £81] 

— general vie»v of our policy towards 
the Mahomedan powers of Indlasa 
xxxiu. [81] 

-— the policy of preferving the Soubah^ 
dars as a barrier againl^ the Mah« 
rattas, xxxiii. l^^'^ 

— in 1779, the Mahrattas at war both 
with the Engliih, and with the chief of 
Myfore, xxxiii. [S3] 

— the chara6^er of Tippoo Sultan, at 
the death of his father, xxxiii. (84] 

— the ofterilible ground of the war with 
Tippoo'^Sultan, xxxiii. [85] 

-^ debates in the £ngliih parliament on 
the war, xxxiii. [86. 91 J 

— intelligence brought by the Houghton y 
xxxiii. 4*. 

— ati account of the fucceiXes of gen« 
Abercromby, againft TSppoo Sukan, 
xxxiii. 23*. 

•— an account of the capture of Canna- 
nore and Turuckabsui, with feveral 
forts on the Malabar coaftf xxxiii* 

— the deiign of the French, of anni- 
hilating the firitifli power in Hindofhu^ 
xxxiv. [284] .. 

— • a detail of events from the firft ag- 
grcdion of the SultaOp to the peace oC 
Seringapata^, xxxiv. [285] 

— » the profefTed .intention ot Tippoo Sul- 
tan of wreftang from ihe Rajah of Tra-> 
vancore the forts of Cranganorcand 
Jacottah, xxxiv. [285] 

— the Sultan attacks the eaftem extre-. 
mity of Travancore, Dec. 29, 1789, 
and appeared to cany all before him* 
but is foon driven back, ami nnrrowly. 
eicapes with his life, xxxiv. [285] 

— the Englifh governors in India pro- 
pble to iend commiifioners to feitle the 
differences, but reie6led, xxxiv, [285] 

— the Sultan having reinforced, again 
attacks the lines, takes the fort of 
Cianganore, May 7, 1790, and be- 
comes malber of the northern diltricl; 
of Travancorfe, xxxiv. [286] 

— ■ active prepirations made for war in 
the Bi'itifh lettlements, who are joined 
by the Mahrattas and the Nizam, 
xxxiv. [286] , 

*-gen. Medows takes command of the 
Carnatic army, and gen. Abercromby . 
thatof Bombay, xxxiv. [286] 

-^ the ptan of operations of the Britifli 
armies, xxxiv. (>86\ 

IND E X, 17 

India« Eaft ; the Sultan retires from Tra- 
vancore, and writes a ktter to gen. 
Medows, endeavouring to conciliate 
him, xxxiv. [286] 
•— gen. Medows takes pofleflion of the 
fort of Career, and many other places 
and forts, xxxiv. [2S7] 
•— the Sultan appears fuddenly with 

40,000 fighting; men, xxxiv. [288] 
p— fix or 7,000 Myforcan horfe defeated, 
but the Englilh finally obliged to 
abandon their new acquifition, and 
retire to the grand army at Coimbe- 
tore, are purfued in their retreat, and 
being come up with an a6lion takes 
place, in which the Sultan a fecond 
time retires all but beaten, xxxiv. 
•— gen. Medows haftens to the relief of 
col. Floyd, which, after various dif- 
ficulties, he effefts, and returns with 
the col. to Coimbetore, xxxiv. [289] 
•— gen. Medcws marches after the Sul- 
tan, in hopes of overtaking him and 
giving him battle, xxxiv, [289] 
•— gen. Medows, joining a convoy cf 
provifions under major 1 oung, defeats 
the defign of the SultalJ of intercepting 
them, xxxiv. [189] 
«»* the Sultan inveits and takes Dara- 

poram, xxxiv. [289] 
•— gen. Medows joins the Carnatic 
army under col. Maxwell, at Poolam- 
putty, xxxiv. [290] 
-— the Sultan dircfts his courfe to the 
fouthward, but is overtaken by the 
van of the Bi'itifii> at the pafs of Ta- 
poor, and attacked with vigour, but 
X\o confiderable advantage obtained} 
xxxiv. [290] 
— the Sultan direfts his courfe to Tri- 
chinopoly, but gen. Medows marched 
to its relief, xxxiv. [291] 
*— the Sultan bcfieges Tiagar, which he 
is imable to take, but takes I'everal 
fmall forts, xxxiv. [291] 
»— proceedings of tlie Carnatic army, 

xxxiv. [291] 
r— proceedings of the Bengal army, xxxiv. 

?^-gen. Abercromby beneges and takes 

Cannanore, xxxiv. [291] 
r— col. Hartley takes feveral other forts, 
and in a (hort time the whole of the 
Malabar coaft is completely fubdued, 
xxxiv. [291] 
^f the Sultan advances into the heart of 

the Carnatip, xxxiv. [292] 
rrr lord CornwalLis takes the pornmand 
of the army atVellout, xxxiv. [292] . 
«-T proceeds to Ycllprei leayipg gen. 

? I to I 7 9 1. 

Mufgrave with fufiicient force to pro* 
te6l die Carnatic, xxxiv. [291] 

India, Eaft j the Sultan quits the Britiih 
territory and haftens back to his own 
dominions, xxxiv. [292] 

. — lord Comwallis enters the Myforeby 
Muglee, without oppofition, and de- 
clares his intention of marching for 
Bangalore, xxxiv. [29"2] 

— arrives at Bangalore, March 5, xxxiv* 

— a ikirmifh takes place between a re« 
connoitering party and the rear of the 
Sultan's army, which ended in favour 
of the Britifti troops, xxxiv. [293] 

— Bangalore town and fort aifauited and 
taken, xxxiv. [293] 

— lord Cornwalii* 19 joined by 15,000 
, of the Nizam^s cavalry ; receives the 

neceffary fupplies of provifions^ xxxiv. 

— gen. Abercromby and lord Com« 
wallis march their armies towards 
Seringapatam, xxxiv. [294] 

••— the Sultan having been four days at 
Seringapatam, takes an advantageous 
fituation, and lord Comwallis taking a 
circuitous rout round the hills, arrives 
within three miles of the enemy*s camp 
before any alarm was given> xj^iv, 

c— an a6lion takes place, in which the 
Sultan is obliged by gen. Maxwell to 
take refuge under the batteries of tl^ 
ifland, xxxiv. [295] 

: — from the weak itate of the btillocksi 
and the inadequate itock of provifions^ 
lord Comwallis finds it prudent to re- 
turn to Bangalore, and orders gen, 
Abercromby to return 10 the Malabaf 
coaft, xxxiv. [296] 

— lord Comwallis having fct out on his 
mortifying retreat, is unexpectedly 
joined by Purfcram ^how, with 2p,opQ 
horfe and fuot, and Hurry Punt, with 
12,000 men, xxxiv. [296] 

r— the fultan, before the junftion, at-_ 
tempts to open a negotiation with lord 
Comwallis, who anfwers, that no jkcu 
of that kind could be taken with- 
out the concurrence of the alliesj 
apcxiv. [296I] 

— the operations agaln(l Seringapatajqn 
relinquiihed for a time, xxxiv. [297] 

-^ lord Comwallis not inactive at Ban- 
galore, but haftens the preparationt 
hecelTary for the enfuing c^mpaign^ 
xxxiv. [197] 

r- lord Comwallis receives a convoy of 
100 elephants and 6,000 bullockSf. 
laden with rice^ xxxiv. [298] 

^ India^ 


India^ tail) the fullan makes a fecond un- Jndi^, Baft f lord Cornwallis inceiTanUjr 

fuccefsful attempt at a negodation; bufied in making preparations for an 

xxxiv. [298] attack on the forty xxxiv. [so6] 

— the conununication with the Camatic — the fiege commenced, Feb. 19, xxxiv* 

bdng o])ened9 lord Cornwallis refolves [307] . . , ■ 

teeftablidi a communication with the — theMtermination of hoftilities an* 

Nizam j various forts taken befides the nounced, Feb. 1 9, and commiilioners 

very ftrong fort of Nundrydoog, which appointed to iettle the terms of peace. 

afforded a brilliant difplay of Britifli 
valour, xxxiv. [298] 

xxxiv. [307] 
— the terms of the peace, xxxiv. [508] 

— the fultan attempts to regain what he — two of the fons of the fuhan &nt as 

had loft in the fouthern diftri6ls, and 

fends the Cawn, who retakes Coimbe- 

tore, which capitulated after a fpirited 

defence, xxxiv. [299] 
•— the fultan refufes to iign the capitu- 
lation granted by the Cawn, xxxiv. 

*~ colonel Maxwell fent to oppofe the 

Cawn, xxxiv. [300] 

— the fort of Savendroog, or the Rock of 
Death, generally thought impregnable, 
inveft^ and taken by lieutenant colo- 
nel Stuart, who alfo takes Outradoog, 
xxxiv. [300] 

— the proceedings of the armies of the 
Nizam and the Mahrattas not very 
confiderable, xxxiv. [301] 

«— > lord Cornwallis, being now joined by 
the Nizam^s forces, proceed on their ex- 
pedition to the capital, Feb. i, 1792, 
xxxiv. [302] 

-— particulars of the Jituation ofSeringa- 
patara, xxxiv. [^02] 

^r lord Cornwallis, being arrived in the 
neighbourhood of Seringapatam, deter- 
mines upon an immediate attack of the •— the' definitive treaty with Tippop 
fultan^s fortified camp, and proceeds at Sultan, March 18, 1792, xxxiv. 20i*. 
eighto*clockinthcevening,jucxiv.[303] Indies, Weft ; in great danger from the 

-* the center divifion falls in with a united force of Fiance and Spain tp 
party of Myforean horfe, which are ' that of America, xxiv. [26 — r-*9] 
loon put to flight, xxxiv. [303] — the danger averted by a contagions 

•— a particular relation of the proceed* diforder breaking out in the fleet of 
ings of the different divifions of lord France and Spain, xxiv. [29] 
Comwatlis^s army in the attack of the — - dreadful huiricane, 061. 10, 1 2, 1780, 
iflarid of Seringapatam, xxxiv. [303. and great damkge done by it, xxiv. 

307] [30] 

«— the attempts made by the fultan to — tranfa6lions in, xxiv. [loi] 

retrieve the misfortunes of the night, — the incfFcftual attempt of fir George- 

xxxiv. [305] Rodney on the ifland of St. Vincent, 

— the fultan finds the neceflity of nego- xxiv. [loi] 

tiating, if poflTible, aniromeaiatepeace, — - the ifland of St. Euftatius taken by 

xxxiv. [306] fir George Rodney, where the mer- 

m^ an attempt made b^ the fultan on the chandize is eftimated at upwards of 

life of lord Cornwallis, xxxiv. [306] three millions, exclufive of upwards of 

— general Abercromby arrives with 250 veffels, xxiv. [102] 
2,000 £u|t>pean and 4,000 native — - the iilands of St. Martin and Saba^ 

hoftages for the due performance of t)ie 
treaty, xxxiv. [308] • • 

— " the definitive ti-eaty proceeded bjit 
flowly, but at laft ad^nted to, March 
1 9th, xxxiv. [308] ^ . 

— the divifiion made of the acquired 
territories amongft the allies, xxxiv. 

— Mr. Dundas's account of the Eaft 
India revenues, xxxiv, [377] 

— an account of Alexander's memora- 
ble expedition into, xxxiii. 168. 

— the manner in which the iniercourfe 
with India was carried en by the Rq* 
mans, and the different articles of com- 
merce, xxxiii. 173. 

— a ceiTation of arms between earl Corn- 
wallis and Tippoo Sultan, and an ac- 
count of the reception of two of hit 
fons as hoftages, xxxiv. 32*. 

— a definitive treaty figned, March 19th, 
1792, xxxiv. 32*. 

— nairative of lord Cornwallis^s cam- 
paign in 1792, down to the peace with 
Tippoo, xxxiv. 89*. 

troops, xxxiv. [306] 
'«— a negotiation for peace opex&edixxxir. 

and a rich Dutch convoy, alfo taken bjf 
* fir George Rodney, xxiv. [102] 
*- the fetUements of DemerarY^it^^^>« 



I N D E X, 17 

ho, the Berbices, and Sorinam fun*en- 
der to die Engliih, xtiv. [103] 

Indh) Weft ; a relation of the engage- 
ment between the fleets of fir Samuel . 
Hood and M. de Orafle, xxiv. [loS] 

»~ meeting of the merchants of London 
to addrefs on the dangerous ftate of 
the iflands, and the reiolution againft 
mr. B. Gafcotne^s declaratbn in the 
boufe of commonsi xxiv. [101] 

•— a retrofpeflive view of afrairs in Z7S19 
XXV, [190] 

>— St. Euftatius retaken by niarquis 
de Bouille, xxv^ [194*] 

»- Demerary and EiTequibo retaken, 
' »cv, [i95*] 

-r> iiland of St. Chriftopher taken by 
the French after a moft vigorous de- 
fence, XXV. [195* 20 1*] 

— a relation of iliw engagement between 
iir Samuel Hood "and the compte de 
GrafTe, near St. Chriftopher* s, Jan. x^. 
1782, XXV. [i96»] 

»- Nevis and Montferrat alfo taken by 
the French, xxv. [loi*] 

— the delign of the French on Jamaica 
prevented by the Junftion of Sir Geo. 
Kodney and dr Samuel Hood^s fleets, 
xxv. [202*] 

••- Bahama iilands taken by the gover- 
• nor of Cuba, xxvi. [115] 

— fuccefles of the Englifti on the Muf- 
quito (hore of the Bay of Honduras, 
xxvi. [119] " 

— Bahama iflands re-captured by colo- 
nel Deveaux, with the articles cf capi- 
tulation, Xxvi. [260] 

*— the ifland of St. Bartholomew de- 
clared a free port by Sweden, xxviii. 

•k- violent ftorm at Hifpaniola, Guade- 
loupe, and Barbadoes, xxviii. [210] 

— the difordered ttate of the Wert India 
colonies, from the mifcondufl of the 
national aflembiy, xxxii. [x-35] 

— difturbances at St. Domingo, which 
after the moft horrid fcenes of cruelty, 
murder, maifacre, and conflagration, 
complete the ruin of the ifland, 
xxxii. [136 139] 

•— an account of the quantify of rum 

and melafles exported in 1787, 1788, 

1789, xxxiii. 103*. 
«— an accoant of the fugar imported into 

Great Britain in 1772 — 1775, and 

1787— 1790, xxxiii. 104.*. 
*— an account of the fugars imported 
' into North America, in 1769—1771, 

xxxiu. 105*. 
Inquifition aboliflied in tlie dominions 

81 to 1791. 1» 

of the duke gf Modena^ x»r* 

['3]. ... 

Inquifition { the abridged authority of, 

m Spain, xxviii. [31] 

— the power of, greathr abridged m 
moft of the ftates of Itaiy. xxxiii* 

Inlurre6tion ^ termed by la Fayette, 
** the moft (acred of the rights of man,** 
xxxiii. [212] 

Ifebnd; Are confumes the whole face 
of the country, about 20 leagues m 
length and 4 or 5 in bitndth, and fol- 
lowed by a famine, xxviii. 61. 

Ifl*equibo) furrender of, to the Bng- 
lifli, xxiv. 103. 

Italy } attempts made by Pope Pios Vt. 
for the draining of the Poiidne Marflk- 
es, xxviii. [42] 

— the Appian way recovered, xxviii. 

— the miferable ftate of, at the fime of 
their acknowledging the royalty of 
Odoacei', xxx. 201. 


KAINARDGIAC, treaty of, tlie e£&8s 
on Turkey and Ruflia, xxvii. 11. 
King's dcfcription of Norfolk Ifland, 

New South Wales, xxxiii.<95*, 
Klopftock (a German poet) letter to the 
national convention of France, xxxiv. 
Krimea ^ an account of, xxviii* 129. 


LAUDOHN, marflial } commander in 
chief in Croatia, xxx.. [*ii] 

— narrow elcape of, xxx. [211] 
Laui'ens, mr. ; account of the capture of, 

and the caufe of the rupture with 
Holland, xxiv. [143] 

— committed to the T^wer, xxiv. [143] 
Liberty; delbription of a temple to, pur- 

pofed to have been erefted by M. Mi- 
rabeau in his gaiden, xxxiv. [i^x] 
Lichtenftein, prince Charles o^ arrives 
at Vienna, brought in a litter, xxx* 

["!] . * 

Lippe Buckebour^r, count de la, bis 

eftates taken pofleflion of by the landl 

grave of Heflt Cafl*el, xxix. \199l 
Lifl>on i a diforder fimilar to the infla* 

cnza, at Lifllion, ^xv» [^09] 



•Xucniy St. greatly damaged by s^n hurri- 
cane, in Odobei* 1780, xxiv. [33] 

' ~ iflapd J the landing of the Fi^ivch' 
under the marquis de Bouilie, and his 
proccedingSy but is obiiged to reim- 
tark bis troops> xxiv. [no] 
Lugo, bifhop of, his huinanity to the 
&itifli prifonenr in Spain, xxiv. 1 3. 


MALAGAS CAR fuppofcd tO^ bc thc 
Ophir of the ancients, xxxil. 1 70. 
Madras i ftate of the iinaiices of, xxxii. 

— fee Indies, Eaft. 

Madrid 5 tlate of ihe population of, xxix. 

Magellan, ftraights of, cxajnined by ord^r 

of the king of Spain, xxviii. [34] 
Malta} an account of the engagement 
' with thc Algerine fleet, Dec. »4, 1786, 

xxix. [193] 
.*— thc largelt Algerine galley taken, 

xxix. [zoo] 
Manilouks of Egypt j account of, xxix. 

— * their drels, horfe accoutrements, 
arms, education and excrcifes, mi< 
litary (kill, difciplinc, manners, and 
government, xxix. 135 143. 

Maria Therefa, emprtfs of Germany j 
account of her death, xxiv. [11] 

— charafter of her, xxiv. [11] 
Marfeilles ofFers^ to build a ihip of ito 

guns,-^nd 300,000 livres for the relief 
of the families of leamen, xxv. [ 1 1 x ] 

Manin,'"St. ifland, taken by fir George 
Rodney, xxiv. [102] 

Martinique ; the dreadful eflre£ls of the 
hurricane, in Oftoher 1780, by virhich 
the beautiful town of St. Pierre was 
overwhelmed, and waflied away, xxiv. 

Mau(>erac, count de j his death, in 1781, 

xxviii. [a6] 
•— his chara£ler as a ftatefman j — his 

great attention to the encouragement 

of (hip-building j — as a philofopher; 

-—in his bani(hinent }-— on his recal to 

court, xxviii [26— —28] 
Maximilian, archduke } account of the, 

attempt to ele£l him coadjutor to the 

cleiior of Cologne, xxiv. [8] 

— defied, xxiv. [10] 

— his acccdion to the ele£lbrate of Co- 
logne, xxviii. [49] 

Maximilian, archduke ; the at teptloir he 
pays to the eledorate, xxvi^. [49]^ 

Mentz ; two of the riche(l conventt 
abolidied by the pope's permiffiop, 
xxiv. [i8«] 

— ele^orof; ecclefiaftical re£arm made 
by him, xxviii. [50] 

Mexicans { the drefs and ornaments «f 
the ancient, xxix. 11^. . 

— the diffcreiR religious orders^ viz. 
Qnetzalcoath or Flamacazcajotl ; Td- 
pochtliztii ; Centeoih j — concerning the 
common facri£ce of human vi£tinis f^ 
the gladiatovian faciilice.)-— ihe au(lrri« 
ties and fadings ; — rites on the biith of 
their children ^ — their nuptial ritea j— - 
their funeral rites an j kpulchres, xxix. 
,16 435. 

Milan } two edifis i(Iued,^4n 1782, for 
the fupprelTion of monaiieiies, &c. 
xxvii. [17] . . . ^ 

Minorca ; progrefs of the &egt of, zx<r. 

. [216*] 

«— attempts made by Spain to coriHipt 
the governor, XXV. [216*] 

— a violent fcurvy pervades from tbip 
want of vegetables, xxv. [»i6*3 • 

— the wcaknefs of the g^riibn in pro* 
portion to the numbers of tlie beficg- 
ers, xxv. [217*} 

— a fucceistul fally made by the garri- 
fon, xxv. [2i7»] 

-— a powder n^agazine of the bcfiegers 

blown up, xxv. [218*] 
•^ thc gai rifon, greatly reduced by fick- 

nets, is obliged to capitulate, xxv* 


— the generous fympathyand care, both 
of the Spaniartls and PVench, to tbt 
worn out j3:arrifon, xxv. [220*] 

— general Murray's Recount of the fiegc 
ot l'o:t St. Ph!lip;> articles of capllu- 
Lition, and returns of the Hate i»i' thc 
gan'ilbn and artillery, xsv. £241] 

— attack on by Spain, a(Hited with U 
(ieet from France, xxv. 114. 

Mimbeau, count dej his opinion cf ttie 
ccclefiaftical reform made by thc em- 
peror of Germany, xxvii. [20] 

Mirabeau, M. ; account of his lad ill-. 
nefs} — retires to his country houfe at lh« 
Mar(h, near Paris, wheie he recovers 
a little ; — purpofes to ere6t a temple to 
liberty in his garden, with a del'crip- 
tion of the dclign 5 — aife^ls to jnect 

, death as an ancient epicurean, in which 
he fails ; — dies with reproaches on his 
friend and phyfician Chalamis for fuf- 
fertng him to linger in unneceflTiiry . 
pain, xxxiv. |i2t, 122] 

•• bis charaftcr \ itv jt \m:^\s. \\^^ s—-*!^ ><^ 


tothor jf— «• a /pesker 5 — as a member 
of the national ail'embly 5— as a politi- 

. cian, xxxiv. [122 '124.] ' 

Mxnbtzu ; both parties anxionf for his 

life, xxxiv. [124] 
— no appearance of his having been 
poifoned, xxxiv. [124] 

*— decree refpefting his interment j — ^lits 

. funeral ;— eight days of mourning ap- 
pointed for him J-— his poithumous opi- 
nions refpe^ling teftamentaiy dii'poii- 
tionft> xxxiv. [125] 

MiHiiffippi 9 an account of the expedition 
of Don B» dc Galvez to the, xxiv. 
[33] • 

Mobille Fort attacked and taken by the 
Spaniards under Don B. de Galvez, 
xxiv. [24] 

— 1,100 regular troops arrive to the 
relief of it as foon as it had furren- 
dered, xxiv. [25] 

Montefouieu ; the part be took with 
Voltaire and others in undeimining re- 
ligion, government, morals, manners, 
and laws, xxxiv. [203] 

Montferrat 3 iiland taken by the French, 
XXV. [201*] 

!Morefcoes 5 a relation of the expulfion 
of, from Spain, xxvi. 204. 

Mufquito Shore ; fucccfles. of the Fng- 
li(h on, xxvi. [119] 

•— debates in the houle of lords on 
lord Rawdon's motion refpefting, 
xxix. [ill] 

Motte, mad. de la ; the execution of the 
ientence on her rcfpcfting the queen 
of France's necklace, xxviii. [204] 


NAPLES 5 defcribed, xxvii. 175. 
— the Britifti fquadron, under fir 
John Lindfay, arrives in the bay, and 
is vifited by the king and queen, xxvii. 

['95l . , . . 

— pays attention to the formmg a ma- 
rine force, xxviii. [43] 

— the duke and duchef's of Cumber- 
land partake of the diverfion of huot- 
mg witli the king of Naples, xxviii. 

— an eroiflary of the jacobin club ap- 
pearing there, the L^zzaroni proffer to 
throw him into the lea, but he is af- 
terwards fent to prifon, and banifhed,, 
xxxiv. [241] 

Ncckar, M. ; unequal to political legiila- 
tion, xxx;. [202*] 

781 to 179 i. 

Neckar, M. wifhing to pleafc afl ptr- 
ties, he loft the confidence of all, xxxi, 

— iupports the double repiTfentation of 
the commons, xxxi. [203*] 

— blamed for not ufmg his populari^ 
to conciliate the jarring fa^ions, xxxi* 


— prefents a memorial to the king in 
favour of the double reprefentation, 
xxxi. [210*] 

— the disappointment of all parties at 
the fpeech read by him at the opening 
of the Itates general, xxxi. [221*] 

— advifes the king to hold a feancg 
royaliy or royal feflion, xxxi, [»3i*l 

— on a rumoi»r of his intention to re- 
tire, becomes more than ever the idol 
of the populace, xxxi. [»36*] 

— ordered to give up his place* July 
nth, xxxi. [246*]. y 

— receives the thanks of the national af- 
fembly, July 13th, xxxi. [a5»*l 

— recalled by the king's letter, and pre- 
fents himielf to the national afl*embly» 
xxxi. [457*] 

— makes a triumphal entry into Parit, 
xxxi. [257*] 

— pleads in vain for the rcleafe of Bc- 
zenval, and a general amnefty, xxxi. 

Negapatam blockednip by firE. Hughes, 
and attacked and taken by fir Hedor 
Monro, XXV. [90] 

Netherlands. Sec Germany. 

Nevis Tfland ; taken by the French, 

XXV. [2QI*] 

New Jeriey ; invaded by the Britifh army 
under general Knyphaufen, and Con- 
necticut farms burnt 5 march to- 
wards Springfield, where being oppofed 
by general Maxwell, they retreat be- 
fore him, xxxiv. [15] 

— a fecond march to Springfield, and 
fkirmifti at the bridge, and the village 
burnt; and the troops retreat, xxiT* 

— accommodation made with mutineers 
from the army in New Jerfey, xxin 

New South Wales ; extracts of letters 
from governor Phillip, Feb. lath 
and 13th, 17905 — ^April nth, and 
March 2d, 1790 ; defcription of Nor- 
folk ifland; — the number ofconvi6^s 
(hipped and intended to be fent in the 
(hips now under orders 5 — ^theexpences 
in traniporting the convi^s, and an 
account of the charge and expence of 
the civil and military eftablimments^ 

xxxiii. 89»-— — 102^ 



■ I 

New York J proceeding* of the armiet 
at, xxiv. [14] 

.*- advantages to the Britilh army from 
the poflTeffion of the ifland, xxiv. [14.] 

*— the honourable board of aflbciated 
loyalifts, eftabliflied by the refugees, 
fit out privateers and cruizers, and by 
perfonal animafity frequently lead to 
cxceffes, xxiv. [14.] 

— the paffage of the Britifh army to 
Springfield in New Jerfey, and retreat 
from thence, xxiv. [15] 

i^ the arrival of iir Henry Clinton, xxiv. 

.— a iecond march to Springfield, xxiv* 


— proceedings of fir Henry Clinton and 

general Walhington, xxiv. [ii»] 

— the Britilh general impofed on by let- 
ters written for the purpofe of being 
intercepted, xxiv. [123] 

— .. general Waftiington makes a feint of 
an attack of New York, but fuddenly 
marches his army into Virginia, xxiv. 

.<- totally evacuate<3(by theEnglifli, xxvi. 


Nile J on the difcovery of the fource of, 
xxxii. 167. 

— the caufe of the tropical rains wh\ch 
occafion the inundation, xxxii. 1 74* 

Ninety-fix, Fort 5 a relation of the ficge 
of, xxiv. [91] 

— (lormed by general Greene, in which 
he is repulfed, xxiv. [93] 

f— the fort afterwaids abandoned, xxiv. 

Noaiiles, vifcount $ arrived at Paris from 
North America, Jan. aoth, 1781, xxv. 

Norfolk Ifland, New South Wales } de- 

fcription of, xxxiii. 95*. 

Norway J the complicated diftrelTes of, 
xxviii. [58] 

P— the harfh government of, by Den- 
mark, XXX. [i8zX 

«— the attempt of the king of Sweden to 
feparate Norway from the government 
or Denmark, in 1772, xxx. [182] 

Nova Scotia ; the academy at Windfor 
opened by the bifliop of Nova Scotia, 
3000. [193. *7i] . 


I^BCONOMisTS ; club of, account of, 
^^ and their views, xxxiv. [202] 
Prange, princefs of j the arref^ of| at 
^cbooiihovfn, xxix. [30J 


Orange, princefs of^ indignities toiler 
and her attendants by the guards* 
xxix. [32] 

Ophir J on the fituation of, xxxii. 168. 

Orleans, duke of j protefts againft the 
regiQ:ering the two edi6ls tor a nevr 
loan of '450 millions of livres, and tor 
the eftablifhment of the proteftants $ it 
ordered to retire to Villars Cotere)'» 
xxix. [196*] 

— the interference of parliament in be* 
half of, xxix. [197*. 199*] 

— the perfeverance of parliament in hit 
favour, xxxi. [3] 

— difx;harged from his confinement at 
Rcinfy, proceeds to the Palais Royale, 

' where he courts popularity, and by 
expenfive largefiTes in money and corn» 
becomes the idol of that profligate city* 
xxxi. [209*] 

— the mmority in the nobles headed by 
him, xxxi. [224*] 

— his palais royale becomes the grand 
theatre of mob politics, xxxi. [236*] 

— on the dii'miflion, an attempt made to 
bring the duke forward, but not fup- 
ported, xxxi.. [246*] 

— the notorious chara^er of, xxxii. 


— by him Paris was flocked with hungry* 
ignorant, and abandoned orators, and 
covered with riotous mobs, and the 
army filled with ragged Sans CuioiW^ 
xxxii. [13] 

•— fends couriers with falfe intelligence 
to every part of the kingdom, xxxii* 

— innumerable feditious publicationti^ 
xxxii. [13] 

— the great liims borrowed by him of 
the Dutch, xxxii. [14] 

•^- his natural deficiency of refolution 
and courage, xxxii. [14] 

— a debate brought on by him for de- 
claring the right of fucceflion to the 
crown in. the heirs of Philip the III, 
of Spain, on failure of the prefent 
royal line, which would eftablifli hit 
claim, and Mirabeau^s fpeech ou the 
probability that the prefent line would 
foon become extinfl, xxxii. [42] 

— the ferment at Parjs aififled and flip- 
ported by the Orleans cabal, xxxii^ 


— fuppofed to have been prefent with' 
the mob which broke into the palace 
at Verfailles, but that his heart failed 
him, and he left them, xxxii. [55] 

-» fent out of the kingdom, xxxii. [61 J 
— - receives a mandate from the kmg, for 
his retiring into £n^lacvd)XiciL\\«\5^'C\ 
T^ ap#ft% XQ ^^ ^«KioVj Vsv ^K^"*^ ^^ 

. INDEX, 17 

^ TCKim and to aflift at the grand con- 

federatioDyXxxii. 151. 
OrJcansy duke of j Hrongly criminated 

ill tlie horrible icenes at VerraiJle8> 

- OS. 6th, 178^ XXXIV. [68 ■ 71] 
<«— the aflemoly declai-es there was no 

ground of accufation againft bkny 

»air, [74] ^ 
•— a fecret part in all popular commotions 

aded by him) xxxiv. [81] 
.*-» the pope burnt in emgy by the eihif- 

fiuries oif the Orleans party, xxxiv, 


•- thought that the flight of the king 

«penea bit way to alcend the tlirone, 

xxxiv. [160} 
«— grand mafter of the interior onier of 

mafunry on the new fyftem, xxxivn 


— his views, xxxiv. [a 10] 
-— the means which he took to overawe 

government, xxxiv. [210] 
— - the infe^ion ipread to the coloniet, 

xxxiv. [ill] 
*— Danton tlurown entirely on the duke, 
, xxxiv. [442] 

*— die Orleanilis and Roberfpierre againft 
, . Britfbt, xxxiv. [442} 
Oftend i rejoicings on its being declared 

a fnt port, xxiv. [181] 
•«- becomes a general mart to all the 

neutral as weil as belligerent ftates, 

xxvii. [10] 
^ the arrival of the emperor in June 

1781, xxvti. [11] 
7- the port declared free> xxvii. [ii] 
-« a bafon formed at the expence of the 

emperor, and^ grants the old ramparts 

to be built on, xxvii. [11] 
•— improved date of, ^oni the troubles 

which prevailed in Holland, xxix, 

. [39] 


PA 1 1 8 not anfwerable to the idea 
formed of it by J. J. Koufleau, xxv. 

Favias account of the fuppofcd treaty 

of, xxxiii. [104] 
Perfians ^ in the midft of the difafters of 

Ru^a attack the eaftern frontiers, 

xxxi. [180] 
Peru ; the revolt in fubfided, xxiv. [194] 
Philadelphia i a bank eftabliihed at, xxiv. 
. [»o] 
Philippine T (lands ; ports opened to all 

nations, xxvUi* [35] 

81 to 1792. 

Pilnitz { account of the Aippoled coB* 

giefs of, xxxiii. [204I 
— r ftiled the league of deipots, xxxiii« 

-— events which preceded and followed 

the congrefs, to the moment of the 

agf:^efnon of France, poftponed to the 

ne^ volume, xxxiii. [206 J 

— the fuppofcd treaty of ; various ru- 
mours relpeCling it, with obfervationi 
thereon, xxxiv. [53] 

— • a copy of the fix articles fuppoied to 
be contained in the treaty, zxxiv. [547 

Pius IV. pope ; a relation of his viHt to' 
Vienna, xxv. 203. 

— correfpondence with the emperor; 
xxvii. [17] 

Pius VI. pope J pays 'a vifit to Vienna, 
xxvii. [17] 

-—his cordial reception ; but fails in the 
obje^ of his interview with the empe- 
ror, xxvii. [18] 

Poland ; a circumftantial narrative of the 
attempt made to affalTmate the king, 
September 3d, 1 771, xxvii. 97. 

•— an account of the government of, 
xxvii. 163. 

— - refufes leave to the emperor of march* 
ing through, xxx. [31] 

— refufes the emperor to pafs his troops 
through, xxxi. [57] 

— vaft magazines formed in difTerent 
parts by the RdlHans, xxxi. [5^ 

-^ the leuer factions ablbrbed in the two 
great ones, xxxi. [58] 

— encouraged by Pruflia to fliakeofftfae 
foreign yoke, xxxi. [58] 

— the diet opened in the beginning of 
0(5lober 1788, xxxi. [58] 

— the defigns of the two parties, the one 
to make a new alliance with Ruffia» 
the other with Pruilia, xxxi. [ 59] 

•— the firft bufinefs to augment the army 
to 60,000 men, xxxi. [59] 

«— the king of Pruifia protefts againft 
the new alliance with Ruflia, xxxu' 

— - the anfwer given to the Pruflian me- 
morial, xxxi. [61] 

— the diet takes the dire^^ion of the 
army o\it of the hands of the king, 
xxxi. [61] 

— the troops of Ruflia taking up winter 
quarters in, xxxi. [62] 

-> declaration of the Kuifian minifter to 
the diet, xxxi. [62] ' 

**• the diet requefts the withdrawing of 
the troops, xxxi. [62] .'^ 



^land; the king puts an end to the 
feflHon, xxxi. [6a J 

— a deputation lent to the king, to a(k 
** Whether he would adhere to^hem, 
oc remain attached to the Rutlian 
party ?^* and that in the laft cale, they 
were refolved to give him up entirelyy 
xxxi. £62] 

— the king by a conciliatory fpeechy re- 
. Horcs for the prefent the good temper 

of the diet, xxid. [63] 

— a new declaration ^om the king of 
PnilCay November 19th, 1788, xxxi. 

-- tlie anfwer of the ftates, xxxi. [64.7 

— Sweden applies to enter into an al- 
liance with Poland, and PrufTia was to 
be a principal member of the alliance, 
XXX. [64.] 

«— an alliance alio propo(ed by Den- 
mark, xxn. [64] 

r- the Grand Signior endeavours to en- 
ter into cloler connections with Poland, 
and publiihes a declaration in her fa- 
vour, xxxL [64] 

— the diet nominates minifters to various 
courts, xxxi. [65] 

-7- a violent philippic in the diet, in be- 
half of Ruliia, and agatnft the empe- 
ror, xxxi. [653. 

r— the influence of Pruflia Teems tho- 
roughly eftabliibed, xxxi. [66] 

— the note dcliveroi by the PrufCan 
ambaflador, and read at the 20th meet- 
ing of the diet, xxxi. 341. 

— the ele^^or of Saxony declared the im- 
mediate fucceilbr to the throne of, 
xxxiii. 22*.. 

-— the tranquil progrefs of the revolution 
in 1789 and 1790, compared with 
that of France, xxxiii. [ao^ 

— aifailed by foreign fbrqe^ xxxiii* 

— the origin of the invafion, xxxiii« 

*— how far fuppo^ to be. afEefted by 
the treaty made by the congrefs at 
Pilnitz, xxxiii. [204] 

<— progrefs of the revolution of, xxxiv. 

— the progrefs made in the latter part 
of 1788 and 1789, towards independ- 
ence, xxxiv. [3] 

— the people characterized by the late 
king ot' Pruflia, xxxiv. [3] 

»— charaAer of Frederick William king 
of Pruilia, and Staniflaus Auguflus, 
kingof Poland, xxxiv. [3] 

*»- his admonition to thcoiet, againflpre- 
' cipitate rctonr.s, xxxiv. [4] 

•i^ cue aboliuon of tlic pcimanent ccun« 


cil, with the regubtions of- 177 5 wa$. 
ik ' 77^* propofed by count Staniflaus Po« 

tocki, anu the abolition carried 120 to 

II, xxxiv. [4] 
Poland } proceedings of the diet on ways 

and means } a land pM. impofcJ, and tne 

generous behaviour of all the parties 

affc6led by it, xxxiv. [5] 
•— the vafldls proteCed by the king and 

diet from the opprefllon of the iords^ 

xxxiv. [6] 
-» the king pre(ents 300,000 florins a 

year to the public treaiury out of the 

allowance for his table, xxxiv. [6] 
— • difputes with Kuflia about withdraw-^ 

ing her troops from the republic, xxxir» 


— Ruflia agrees to withdraw her troops^ 
and pronuies compeniation for the da* 
mages done by her armies, xxxiv. 

[7l ^ ^ 

*- the king and dtcC form a dofer wiioii 

with the king of Pruflia, xxxiv. [7 J 
i— the deference paid both by PolanJL 

and Pruflia to the court of London^ 

xxxiv. [7] ^ 

— prince Poninfl^i impeached^ after U 
lapfe of fourteen years, of favouring ' 
the deflgns of Ruilia, in 1775, ^^* 
tempts an ei'cape, but i^ interceptedy 
xxxiv. [8] 

— a general redu£lion of the biflioprickf, 
after tlie death of the prefent pofleflbrs^ 
moved and carried in July, 17 89, xxxiv* 


— the efled of the deftruAion of tke. 

Baflile at Pari«, on Poland, xxxiv. 


•— the king appoints a committee for the 
formation ot a conliitution, Sept. 7, 
1789, xxxiv. [10] 

— delegates lent by the citizens and. 
burghers to Warfaw, carcfled by the 
diet, and received by the king, xxxiv. 

•— the delegates prefent a memorial to 
the king and diet, xxxiv. [11] 

— the memorial referred to the feverat 
chaiKellors, to examine the fa^s and 
re)>ort thereon, xxxiv. [12] 

— the king of Pruflia makes a formal 
offer of alliance, xxxiv. [13] 

— the report of the committee of the 
condituiion, and the prcccedings- 
thereon, xxxiv. [13] 

— all the articles p ils on the recommen* 
dation of the kinu, xxxiv. [14] 

— public tlrinkfgiving di.idcd by the 
.king, xxxiv. [15] 

— the confidence rcjwfed in the king of 
Pruflia by lUu d\^:\^xx«lv\%.\vU"\ 


nmn m A tefpe£ling it, With obferva- 

tions thereon, xxxiv. [53] 
Poland i a copy of the fix articles fup- 

pofed to be contained in the treaty of 

Pilnitz, xxxiv. [54] note, 
—the diet re-alTeinbie, September 25th, 

1791, when die king announces that 

lipoid and Frederick William are in 
. favour of the new conftitution, and 

declares his own adherence to it, xxxiv. 


•— > the king exhorts the people to defend 
k H> death $ and the liate vote him a 
fbtue, xxxiv. [55] 

— the ne«v conliitution attacked by a 
fmall but determined paity, xxxiv. 

•— a clofinr union between Poland and 

Lithuania decreed, xxxiv. [55] , 

-— the queflion of the fale of tne Itarofties 

renewed, and after being again and 

a^^ain debated, all the crown nefs were 

uccreed to be fold for the benefit ^f 

'the public, xxxiv. [56} 

— obje6lions made hy the eleftor of 
• Saxony to his acceptance of the rever- 

fion of the crown, and the terms of his 

acceptance of it ftated, xxxiv. [56] 
.•^ Vienna and Berlin, after the confe* 
. rence at Pilnitz, are inclined to dif- 

arm; but prevented by the troubles 

in France, xxxiv. [57] 
^» emprefs of Ruflia exprefles her diiap- 

proval of the new conftitution, xxxiv* 


— > RufCa collects troops on the frontiers 
of Poland, and favoured by fome per- 
ibns of rank, xxxiv. [57] 

— an inflammatory manifefto publifhed 
by counts Sziznefa, Potocki^ and 
Rzewuiki, xxxiv. [58] 

— • contention rofe nearly to the old bar- 
barifm of a Polifh diet, xxxiv. [58] 

— the appointments of coinit Sziznefn, 
Potocki, and Rzewuiki, and all others 
who had not taken the oath, declared 
Tacant, xxxiv. [58] 

— > meafures taken by the diet, xxxiv. 

— - ihe Jews obtain a legal eftablifhnient, 
xxxiv. [.8] 

— * prDcecdingst)f the clubs of the Friends 
of the Conliitution, of the 3d of May, 
encoura-red by M* Dcfcorchcs, the 
French ambaflad ir, xxxiv. [59] 

— • a partial confifcation of ubbey lanJs 
demanded by many, xxxiv. [59] 

— fpeciiiiition of reform of ih;; diet, 
xxxiv. [59] 

— meeting of the dieilnes, who approve 
the a^ls of the douuU diet, xxxiv. |_oo j 

781 to 1792; 

Poland 5 the dictines enjoin thdr r^i«u^ 
(entattves to confer on the king tb« 
title of « The Benevolent Fadier of 
his Country," xxxiv. [dt>J 

— the diet orders a temple to ProrideDbs 
to be ere6fced, xxxiv. [60] 

— feyeral of the prote^ors withdnnr 
their objeflions, and eHUe them from 
the journals of the diet, xxxiv. [60I 

— the diet prorogued to April i&tfa, 
xxxiv. [61] 

— the king of Pruflia not inclined to 
aflid Poland, and his intention offici- 
ally notified at Warfaw, xxxfv. [61] 

— the difcontented nobles encourag^ 
by the emprefs of RufTia, xxxir. [6*] ' 

— - the condu6l of the emprefs eft^med 
equal to a declaration of war, xxxiv* 

— the diet at its meetmg, declares, 
'< that the republic intends not to 
declare war againft any power what*' 
ever, xxxiv. [62] 

— the diet charges the king with the 
deftnce of the nation, directs a loan,* 
and determines to increafe the army, 
xxxiv. [63] 

— the king i'urrenders his right of pre- 
fentation to all churches dependent oS' 

i the ftarof^ies, xxxiv. [63] 

— RulFia declares war againA, May 18, 
1792, and the motives urged by the 
emprefs, xxxiv. [63] • 

— affairs of, relumed, xxxiv. [383] 

— fublcriptions fetion foot in Engrland* 
for tlie aiiiftance of, xxxiv. [383] - 

•— the reception of the Ruffian declart* 
tion in the diet, xxxiv. [384.] 

— a calm and difpaflionate anfwcf given 
to it, but exprefling a determination 
to fupport the new conftitution, xxxiv* 


— an addrefs from the king and diet 
publilhed, xxxiv. [384.] 

— applies to the tourt of Berlin to com- " 
ply with the treaty n>adf in 1790, and 
i» refufed, xxxiv. [385] 

— applies to'Auftria, with (imitar ill 
fuccefs, xxxiv. [385] 

— h aided by the armies of Ruffia, 
xxxiv. [385] 

— on the lide of the Ukraine, in die 
Hrlt action, Golciofki with 300 men 
repels the attack of 1000 Kuffiauis, 
xxxiv. [386] 

— prince Poniatowflci obliged to fall 
bnck to Lubach, and after feveral* 
other Ccirniiihes, retreats farther back, 
hai*afled in the rear, and retarded by* 
th.e breaking down of a bridge, xzxif* 



J^Tatid^ account ot the a£lion near 
- Zielime, in which ' the Ruifians are 
defeated, with the lofs of 4,000 men> 
xxxiv. [387] 

•*- 17,000 Ruffians attack general 
Kofciufco, widi only 5,000 men, who 
very gallantly defend themfclves, but 
are routed by a part of the Ruffians 
marching round and attacking them in 
thereao xxxiv, [3S7] 

*— the rapid progrefs of the Ruffians in 
Lithuania, xxxiv. [387] 

— the Ruffians drawing near Warfaw, 
the king is under the neceffity of <:om- 
plying to an a£k of confederation, 
rormdi at Targowitz, xxxiv. [388] 

Pondichcrry 5 the perfidy of the French 
inhabitants of, XXV. [81] 

*^ the inhabitants difarmed by the de* 
ftruflion of their boats, and the re- 
moval of their proviiions, xxv. [83] 

I^oninfkt prince, grand trealurer of 
Poland, punifhment of, as a traitor, 
xxxii. [115] 

-^ impeached of favouring the defigns 
of Ruffia, in 1775, after a lapfe of 
14 years, xxxiv. f 8] 

«— attempts an efcape, but is intercepted, 
xxxiv. [8] 

•ii^ makes a fecond attempt to witlidraw 
from the capital, but again'prevented, 
and re-condu6led to ttie diet, xxxiv. 

^^ proceedings agamft him revived, and 
the fentence pronounced againft him 
executed with lenity, through the mercy 
of the king, xxxiv. [z6] 

•^ his punifnment extended to his ac- 
complices and adherents, xxxiv. [31] 

Pontine marches, an attempt made to 
drain them by pope Pius VI. xxviii. [4.1] 

Pope; his power, overthrown in Germanyi 
in 1786, xxviH. [158] 

•^ complaints made by him of the con- 
ftituent aflembiy of France feizing' 
Avigiion and the Comtat Venaiffin, 
xxxiii. 50*. 

Portugal 5 the friend/hip of the queen of, 
in refusing to accede to the armed r^u- 
trality, xxiv. [7] 

•— the danger ran of loiing her friend- 
fhip, by fome Britifh officers fitting 
out cruifers in the river of Lilbon, 
xxiv. [8] 

•— the double royal intermarriagdi with 
Spain in 1785, xxviii. [38] 

-*- a country long finking under a weak 
and cruel government, xxviii. [39] 

— improved government under the pre- 
Tent queen, xxviii. [39] 

•— by punifhmcttt for ailaffinaiioni— by 
Vol. II. 

fuppreffing beggars— fcy improvements 
in agriculture — ^by friendihip witk 
Spain, and new alliances with Fra&ce, 

xxviii. [39-- 4*] . , 

Portugal J political obfervations on the , 
intermarriages with Spain, xxviii* 

— a negotiation with America con* 
eluded, xxix. [196] 

<^- ilorms and inundations in> xxx« 

— advantages derived to, by the difco- . 
very of the Cape of Good Hope, xxxiii* 

— (Jueen of, attended by dr. WilliSf 
xxxiv. 12*. 

Prophet 5 an account of Sheich Man» 
four, a new prophet fprung up in Up^ 
per Aiia, xxviii. [51] 

— the orthodoxy of his principles ac- 
knowledged, and the fury of his zeal 
dire£^ed againfl Chriftians, xxviii* 


— commences a fierce war againft the 
Georgians, xxviii. [53]— See Sheich.' 

Providence, ifland'of, taken by the Spa- 
niards, xxv. [208] 

Pruffia ; jealoufy of the king of, on the 
endeavouring to cle6l the archduke 
Maximilian coadjutor to the elector of 
Cologne, xxiv. [8] 

— an account of tne vifit of the prince 
royal of Pruffia to the empreis of 
Ruffia, xxiv. [10] 

— king of, admitted into the armed 
neutrality, xxv. [2x1] 

-^ reafons foi^ its taking part with 
P'rance in favour of Holland, xxvii, 

— a, new treaty of union and confedera- 
tion for maintaining the indivifibih'ty 
of the empire, figned at Berlin, July 
23, 1785, xxvii. [131] 

— the king of Pruffia's declaration ia 
defence of the treaty, xxvii. [132] 

— the military eftablilliment of, in 1785, - 
xxvii. [244J 

— the death of the king of, and fome 
account of him, xxviii. [161] 

— founded two liofpitals at Berlin for 
helplels old a^e, xxViii. [164] 

— the regularity and fteadinefs with 
which the new government was con* 

dufted, xxviii. L^^S], 

— the encouragement ^iven by the netf 
kincc to German literature, xxviii* 


— forbids irreligious publications-^paffes 
a fevere law againft duelling, nnd,ere6t» 
a court of honou-, xxviii. [167"! 

— ^ the ItXitftTv^t ^^^vA^ti^<;A>^'Q!;i^^^ ^ 

IN D E X, 1 78 1 to 1792. 

the regency for conruption^ and con- with England figned Junexj, iftti 
firmed by the king, with additional xxx. [207] 

p\ini(hment, xxviii. [206] PrufTia ; the treaty of defenfive ailiancK 

Priiifia ; the royal obfequies of .the late with the king of Great Britain, xxxi. 

king, xxviii. [209] [339] 

j-r- the new monarch receives homage, — the note delivered by the Pruflian am- 
.xxviii. [209] bafTador at the diet at Wariaw, and 

— - mediation of the king of, in. the af- read at tlieir twentieth meetiDg, xxxi. 

fairs of Holland, xxix. [2] [34»»] 

— not fuppolcd to be willing to agree to -^ preparations made for war with the 
any conndei'able conceflionsonthc part emj>eror> xxxiii. [162] 
of Holland, xxix. [4] — the objeft, to oblige the embcror to relin- 

quifh the alliance with Ruflja, and make! 
peace with the Porte, xxxiii. [i6z] 
— a treaty with the Porte, iigned Jan. 
31, 1790, with the obje6it of it, 
xxxiii. [164] 


^- the negotiation broken off, 

*— writes a (hort letter to the dates, xxix. 

— a ftrong memorial fent by the king 

of PruiUa on the arreft of the princefs — the cffe£l of the peace bcfVveeD Ruffia 

of Orange, xxix. [34] and Sweden, on tlie king of, xxxiiL 

•— the dilTatisfaftory aniwcr of the ftatcs [193] 

of Holland, xxix. [I4] -^ cenfure on tlie politics of the king.of| 

*— another memprial preftnted to the xxxiii. [193] 

fiates general, to which a fatisfa^lory •<- by procrullination and tergiveriaMi^ 

anfwer was fent, xxix. [35] the politics of that country oves- 

«— kingdfy the reprefentation he made thrown, xxxiii. [194] 

to the cbilrt of Verfailles, on the ar- «— the confidence repofed in die king, by 

reft of the prin<^er8 of Orange, xxix. the diet of Poland, xxxiv. [16] 

[35] ^ — the king requires the ceffion o£ 

•<— a fpirited memorial from baron Thu* 
kmcyer, to the ftate^ of Holland, fol* 
lowed by a iiote of the fatisfa£liop re- 
quired by tlie king of Pruflia, xxix. 

— prepaiTitions for war ttiade at Berlin, 

xxix. [37] 
»- the advantages taken by him from the 

Dantzic and Thorn, as the bafis of 
the new connection with Poland, 
xxxiy. [17] 
— -<• Dantzic had been formerly claimed 

by the late king, xxxiv. [17] 
•— the policy or Pruflia in fupporting 
Poland, as a barrier between Ruffia 
and Auftria, xxxiv* [19] 
fpirit of emi^tion which prevailed in ^— the offers made by tlie king of Pn^ii 
Holland, loax. [40] reje£led by the diet, February 26, 

•- kine of, an anfwer full of conde- 1790, xxxiv.. [26] 

fcennon returned by the dates of Hoi- — the proje6l ot a treaty withdrawn^ 
land to the, xxix. [42] xxxiv. [21] 

mm» his army under the prince of Brunf^ »- the treaty becomes popular, and ap- 
wick enters tlie province of Guelder- proved by the diet^ ^arch 15, 1790^ 
land, x^cix. [42] xxxiv. [21] '1 

•-• the rapi<l progrefs.made by the Pruf- -^ fubftance of a letter from the kine of 
fian army., xxix. [43] Poland to the king of Pruflia, cokily 

•-• the command of the army of, ac- received, xxxiv. [22 J 

cepted by the reigning duke of Brunf- — the fixth article oi the treatyt by 

wick, xxiff. [2153 
•— > Naarden fummoned to furrcnder by 

the troops of Pruflia, xxix. [215] 
" progrels of the army in Holland, 

xxix. [221, 222] 
•— the conJiiil of, in the war of the 

Ruflians and the emperor againft the 

Porte, xxx. [60] 
— and England become arbiters of a 

p«.-ace between Riiflia and Sweden, 

xxx. [192] . 

..— provifional treaty of dtfcnfive alliance 

which Pruflia engages to fup^xirt Po- 
land with 30,000 men, xxxiv. [23) 

— the demand of the ceffion of Dantxic 
and Thorn renewed at the negotia* 
tions at Reichenbach, xxxiv. [23] 

— a breach between the king of Pruflia 
and his minifter Hertzberg, occa* 
fioned by the intrigues of prince Kau- 
Tiitz, and the confequences of the 
breach, xxxiv. [24] 

** a commercial treaty with Poland pro* 
pofed^ xxxiv. [29] 



I^ruffia 5 count Herttberg*8 opipion of the 

part which ought to be taken by» in 

confequence of the French revolution, 

xxxiv, [142] 
^- the king la^s open the plan of the En- 

Henry Clinton and admiral Arbuth« 
noty which, from the want of icoudia- 
Iity between the officers of the army 
and navy> failed of fuccefs, xxiv. 


cyclopedifts, for otrertorning Eutrope^ Rochambeau, coont ; his arrival in 

xxxiv. [24.3] America with the French 2jnny, ^t» 

i— the.hiew king keeps the French na- [21] 

tiunal afTembly in view, whiiil no immi- — congratulation from the congrefs to 

nent danger threatened, xxxiv. [144] him, with his anfwer, xxiv. [21] 

♦^ a defenfivc alliance with the emperor Rodney, fir George, proceedings of, in the 

of Germany figned, xxxiv. [245] Weft Indies and America, xxiv. [27^ 

s— the interview of the kiiig with the 29] 

emperor of Germany, at Pilnitz, — his ineflf^ftive attempt on t^e iiland oi 

» xxxiv. [246] St. Vincent, xxiv. [101] 

:^— Mallei du Pan fent on a confidential — > relation of his taking the iiland of 

meflage from the French king to the St. Euftatiusi xxiv. [loi] 

king of, xxxiv, [413] ^— takes alfo the iflands of St. Martin 

^i^ declaration pubiifhed by the king - and Saba, and a rich Dutch convoy, 

againft France, xxxiv. [416]^ xxiv. [102] 

— meeting of the king and the elector at — objeSions to, and defence of his con- 

the palace of the ele6lor of Mentz, du6l, in the command of the fleety 

xxxiv. [417] xxiv. [116— 1«6] 

ii^ a joint declaration of the king and Rohan, cardinal, fufpended by the pope, 

emperor prepared, but not iifued, xxxiv. xxviii. [19^] 

— the determination of the court of 


- a more formal and elaborate mani. 
fefto publiflied by the king and empe* 
roCf with the heads of it, xxxiv, [419] 

Rome, whereby his fufpenfion is e- 

rafed, and he is re-inftated in his pri« 

vileges, xxix. [193] ' 

Roland, madame ; fliort account of, xxxir. 

« [+30] 

Romans $ eeneral obfervations on the 

fall of the empire in the weft, xxx* 

— the eleftion of Francis, fon of the 

great duke of Tufcany, king of the 

Romans, xxvii. [131] 
Rotterdam ; an attempt made to efta* 

bliih a democratic revolution, xxix* 

-— the ienate-houfe (ijrrounded, and 7 of 
the members depofed, xxix. [ 1 9] 

Roufleau, a ftatue for, rccofnme;Kied by 
the national ailembly of Fr&ncc, xxxiv* 

AYNAL, Abbe; letter to the national — the pMt he took with Voltaire and 

affenibly of France, May 31, 1791, others in undermining religion, go* 

xxxiii- S 1*^86*. vemment, morals, manoert, and lawij 

Rawdon, loi d ; proceedings of the army xxxiv. [ 05] 

under his command in South Carolina, — from his birth to his death one contU 

xxiv. [58. 80] nu«d paradox, xxxiv. [106] 

•^ attacks and defeats general Gncoe, — remarks on hii Social Cuntrafl, zxxir. 

xxiv. [82] [2C6] 

-^ reinforced by colonel Watibn, x»r, Rullecourt, baron de, his attack dn the 

[8^] iiland of Jcrf^^r, is ^iefeated, and mor« 

— not beirfg able to bring Greene to a tally woundtd, xfcv. {97—59] 

further engagement, abandons Cam- RuiHa j an account of tlie riut of the 


|*\UEBSC bill I fee Canada* 



d«n Town, xxiv. £85] 
»-r relieves Fort Ninety-fix, and purfuet 
- general Greene's army, xxiv. [93] 
lUwde Idand, expedition agai&it, by Gi 

emperor of Germany to the emprefs of, 


XX! V. 

— the vifit of the priftce royal of Pnif 
ila to the eBivct::^) xtum . \vtJ\ 

INDfiX, 17 

]t.un[ia<j an account of the marine treaty 
with the court of Deiunarky xxiv, 

-— iiicreafe of the navy ordered, xxv. 


— a fatal difordcr in the northern parts 

ofy XXV. [xio] 
•— arrival of the grand duke and duchefs 
of, at Berne, xxv. [224] 

— emprefs of, a mediatrix for the peace 
of Europe, xxvi. [132] 

— anexes Tamar and Cuman to her 
dominions, xxvi. [2^2 J 

— « takes podeflion of the Crimea, xxvi. 

•^ the vievrs of Ruflia on Turkey, xxvii. 

— the confequences of the treaty of 
Kainardgiac, in 1774, on Tujkey and 
Ruflia, xxvrii. [22] 

— a new treaty of pacification conclud- 
ed, March 21, 1779, xxvii. [23] 

— frefh difference* jjfith Turkey, in 
1781, xxvii. [25] 

*— fends confuls into the provinces of 
Moldavia, Walbchia, and Beflarabia, 
xxvii. [25] 

— invades the Crimea, xxvii. [28] 

— ftrong memorials of the courts of 
KuiFia and Germany preicnted at Coqw 
llantinoplc, xxvii. [32] 

— great preparations for war made by 
all the parties, xxvii. [34] 

•*- puhliilus a manifello, jiiftifying the 
taking pofleflion of the Crimea, xxvii. 

— the Ruflian khan abdicates and tranf- 
ftrs his right to the emprefs, xxvii* 

**- Porte's anlwcr to the manifefto, xxvii« 

— negotiations of peace carried on un- 
der the mediation of France, xxvii. 

*-■ a new treaty of commerce with Tur- 
key concluded, xxvii. [39] 

-«- the ufual ill effects of war on Ruflia, 
xxvii. [39] 

*— a treaty of accommodation concluded, 
Jan. 9, 1784, xxvii. [39] 

*«, takes part with the emperor agaitift 
Holland, xxvii. [120] 

•^ pacification with the Oaomau Porte, 
Jan. 8, 1784, xxvii. [180 1 

«» changes in the minillry of, ;xvii. 

*- i refents ient by the emprefs for the 
different miflTions who co-operated in 
ri.e negotiation, xxvii. [188] 

—*• a treaty of alliance, figned with Au* 
ibia and Veoicc, xxTU* [hsI* 

^i to I79i. 

Ruflia ; various p^ticulan of the luioqp 
of, xxvii. 165. 

— the magnificence of the court o£ Fn 
terfl3urgh, xxviii. [139]^ 

— a relation of the great expedhion, it 
1785, to explore the remote provinces 
of that empire, xxviii. [139] 

— diicover a fmall fugitive colony of 
Chriflians in the mod fequeftered part 
of Caucafus, xxvii. [140] 

— a voyage of dlicovery alio uindeitaken, 
xxviii. [140] 

-^ an account of the great navigable 
canal in the province of Twer, xxviii* 

-* concludes a treaty of commerce vnth 
the emperor, and flmilar negotiationi 
with France and other nations, xxviii. 

— luflers the treaty of commerce with 
England to expire, xxviii. [141] / 

-*^ the effects of the armed neutrality en- 
tered into by Ruflia, &c. xxviii. [142] 

•— the reciprocal advantages of com* 
merce with England, xxviii. [143] 

— their war with the Tartar natioiis» 
xxviii. [143] 

-— Sheich Manfbur defeated by colonel • 
Nagel, xxviii. [145] 

— the intention of the emprefs to makt 
a magnificent progrefs to Cherfon and 
the Crimea, with an account of tbt 
expenfive preparations for it, xxviii* 

— defeated by the Tartars on the fidl 
of Caucafus, xxviii. [147] 

— progrefs takes place the following 
year moi« privately than firft iiitesdc^ 
xxviii. [148] 

— - indignation of, againft the Porte qD 
account of the fuccefs of the Tartartg 
xxviii. [148] 

— meafures taken, to induce the Tar» 
tars to fubmit to the Ruflian govern* 
ment, xxviii. [149] 

— a temporary flop put to the tradt 
with China, xxviii. [149] 

— a bank opened by the emprefs her- 
fclf, xxviii. [149] 

— marches troops into the duchy of 
Courland, xxviii. [151] 

— the part taken by the emperor in the 
afl'airs of Rufliia and the Porte, xxviii. 


— the journey of the emprefs to Chefibi, 
xxix. [196] 

— the envoy at Conftantinople ient to 
prifon for refufmg to fign for tht 
reftitution of the Crim«t,xxix. [115] 

— itate of the navy at the finifhing of 
the lait war wi^ the Poitc, xxix. [ai6J 




Jtuflia I ftate of the preTent commexte of, and 'engages to furnifli ftoref and fup^ 

3cxix. [217] plies, xxx. [59] 

»— Sweden fuppoled to have been fup- RuHia ; the rupture which takes place 

ported bjr PruiBa in tho war againft, with Sweden, xxx. [(Tzl 6S] 

xxxi. 57. •— the great want of naval oiScers, xxx* 

— retrol'peftive view of affairs in 1787, [62] 

vtrhich led to the rapture between the '— Engliih officers appointed to thecoma 

great powers of Europe and ^Ha^ xxx. mand of Jhips^ who» on the appoint- 

*— the effects of the intended procedion 
of the emprefs to take pofTeifion of 
Cherfon, xxx. [4] 

^•^ the deiign of the emprefs to (et her 

ment of Paul Jones to a fuperiur com- 
mand, refiife in a body to ferve under 
him, xxx. [6^] < 

-— vaft armies preparing for the field* 
xxx. [6 3 J 

fecond grandfbn, Conltantine, on the — an aimy of 150,000 mtn, under 

throne at Conflantinople, xxx. [5] 
jx* her continual endeavours to^ weaken 

the Ottoman empire, xxx. [5] 
— > Sahim Guerai, the late Ruffian khan 

of the Crimea, eoes over to Conftan- 

tinople, is banimed to the IHe of 

prince Potemkin, on the banks of the 
river 3og, xxx. [64] 
— twp, if not three, defperateand blood* 
engagements in the Liman Sea, in which 
the Ruflians have the advantage,with an 
account of one of the a£lions, xxx. [64.] 

Rhodes, and a few months after mur- — - a decree publiihed, forbidding mer- 

dered by affaflins, xxx. [6] 
•— the propofitions for a treaty made by 

the Rufuan miniiier, rejected by the 

^orte with difdain, xxx. [9] 
^•— other conditions propofed by the 

chants and others from mentioning 
any thing of t\^ war in their letters^ 
xxx. 166^ ^ ^ . 

— Oczakow invefted by prmce Potem- 
kin, xxx. [66] 

Porte for the ceflioiij M. Bul^kow, — the Turkifh fleet at Oczakow de- 

the RufRan minifler, imprifoned at llroyed by the prince of NafTau, who 

Conftantinople ; andL two days after alfo bombards the town, xxx. {,66'^ 

war declared by the Poite, xxx. [10] — Oczakow vigoroiifly and obitinately 

<p— the aflonifhment occafioned by this defended, xxx. [66] 

meafure at Peterfburgh, and the un- .— ^dreadful effect of the cold on the army, 

prepared flate of the country for war, which is much weakened by (llefertionj 

xxx. [15] xxx. [67] 

•— the manifeflo iffued by RufTta, xxx. — a grand bombardment in which the 

[13] magazine is blown up, and Oczakow 

^m the Boriftthenet, of 64 guns, driven is taken, xxx. [67] 

in the night into the canal of Con* — a memorial publifhed by the Ruffian 

ftantinople, xxx. [14] miniiler at Stockholm, xxx. [74] 

— - Sheik Manfour enters the new fron- •— the king of Sweden'*s anfwer to the 

tiers of Ruffia, and in four anions is memorial, xxx. [75] . 

totally defeated, xxx. [15] -—the minifter ofdered to leave Sweden, 

— te deum fung at Peterfburgh, on the which he refufes to obey, xxx. [75] 

. repulfe t)f the Turks in their attack — a guard fet over his houfe, and all 

on Kinbume, xxx. [18] ' intercourfe and conveyance of proyi- 

,*— the emperor diffatisfied at the dila- fions prohibited, xxx. (75} 

tory flownefs of the Ruflians, xxx. *— hoflilities with Sweden commenicedy 

[40] ^ " Juneai, 1788, xxx. [75] 

••- preparations for oondu6^ing the war •— declaiation of war, June 30, xxx. F76] 

on the fide of the Black Sea, xxx. -— an a^on with the fleet of Sweden^ 

[$71 in the Gulph of Finland, and vi6lory 

*«- the gi'eat naval preparations, xxx. claimed on both fides, xxx. [77] 

{57] ■ -— the Swedifh fleet again attacked, and 

«^ a Sect of i^ fhips, under admu*al vanquifhed, xxx. [79] 

Greig, equipped tor the f>4editerranean, -^ account of the death and funeral of 

and another naval armament for (he admiral Greig, xxx. [79] 

Black Sea, xxx. [58] — the king of Sweden^s manifefto, xxx* 

m^ a general coldnel's of all the courts of [80] 

Europe toward? the allied empires^ — the caufes and motives which in^ 

xzx. [59] • ^ duced Denmark to take part witk 

•— Genoa grants the ufe •f herponsj Rufriaa^a|ik^^'9i^^\V)XL^«\V^A 


Riiflia; England and Pruflia become 
arbiters of a peace hctynreen Kuiiia and 
Sweden, xxx. [192} 

*— a 1 elation of the defeat of Sheik Man- 
four, by prince Potemkin) in 0£lober 
1787, xxx. [193] 

«— mr. JBulgakow, the minifter at Con- 
flantinople, releafed from his confine- 
ment, xxx. [204] , 

»— the duke of Sudermania's account of 
the engagement with the Swedjlh fleet| 
July 17, 1788, xxx. [141] 

«— admiral Greig's account of the fame 

- engagement, xxx. [147] 

•^ the emprefs^s letter to admiral Greig 
after the aflion, xxx. [247] 

»— particulars of the naval engagement 
between the Turks and Ruiiians in the 
Black Sea, xxx. [248] 

*- the court of Berlin believed to have 
encouraged the war of Sweden a« 
gainft RuiTia, xxxi. [167] 

»— the fituation of thcr army of Ruflia, 
employed againil the Ottomans, xxxi. 

•— fevera! a£^ions take place, in which 
the Turks are worfted, xxxi. [172] 

•^ great rewards beftowed by the em- 
piiefs on tbofe concerned in the taking 
of Oczakow, xxxi. [172] 

^- baron de Thoins lent lecretly to in- 
die diibontents in Egypt, is detained 
by Ifmacl Bty> and lent prifoner to 
the Turkifh bafba at Grand Catro^ 

xxxi. [173] 

•-• a civiiideriible viftory obtained over 

. the Turka by geiieral Dorfeldcr on 

the binks'of the river Sereth, and the 

firong camp at Galats ilormed and 

taken, xxxi. [174] 

»— the RuiTj^is and Auftrinns, under 
the princ-' of Cobourg and general Su- 
vrarow, attack the grand Turkjfh army 
of near 100,000, and gain a complete 
victory, xxxi. [176] 

»« princes Potemkin and Repnin de- 
feat totally the Turkifh army under 
HafTar Pacha, and beiiege and take 
Bender, xxj(j. [180] 

M» Bialngrod and KyJia Nova alfo taken 
by ihe Kufiians, xxxi. [i3o] ' 

M- fcldiery chara^lerized, xxxi. [195*] 

««v a defptrate encounter between 3,600 

• RuiTians and a, 200 Swedes, in which 

the former are defeated, xxxi' [<96*1 

■— a fiying a6lion or (kirmifli b(;tween 
the .leef!, xxxi. [196*] 

-^ fcvcial ikiimidi-s take place in Fin* 
land, xxxi. [197*] 

781 to I793« 

Ruflia \ the king of Sweden obl^jcd tt 

make a haity retreat out oF Fuilaiid# 
3C»a. [197*] 
-p- Hogfors taken by the lung of 8we» 
den, xxxi. [198*] 

— a naval aclion marked with ftroci^ 
and blood, Aug. 25, 1789, of wbicn 
the moft contradictor)' accounts were 
given, but in which the Swedes wer^ 
worfted, x»xi. [198*] 

-^ a relation of their taking of Ocsa* 

kow by ftorm, xxxi. [196] 
«* attempt made to fet fire to the Ru£i 

fian fleet at Copenhagen, xxxi..[aoi] 

— the. whole of the plot dl&ovei'ed, xxxi* 

— declaration of mr. Elliot to count 
Bcrnftorf, April 23, 1789, xxan. 33^ 

«- articles of tne quadruple alliance be- 
tween Ruflfia, Auftria, France, and 
Spain, xxxi. 338* 

»^ nate of the queftion relatixtfe to the 
ceifionof Oczakow by the Turks ta 
the eroprefs, xxxiii. [99] 

— - Brakilow and Ifmailow befieged by 
the Ruffians, xxxiii. [166] 

•^ an aln^oft total inactivity in the army 
of, xxxiii. [166] 

-^ the campaign opened by the Swedes 
in Finland, in April, and their progieft 
in Ruilian Savolax, xxxiii. [180] 

f^ general Ingelftrom, and the prince of 
Anhalt, line to chace the Swedes eut 
of the country, xxxiii. [181] 

"— a violent attack made by 10,000 RoC* 
fians on 3,000 Swedes, and after the 
mott bloody a£kion the Ruifiaits are 
defeated, and the prince of Anhalt 
flam, xxxiii. [181] 

<r— Finland entered by the king of Swa» 
den, April 29s i790> who attacks and 
carries the ftrong fort Valkiab, xxxiii^ 

V and takes pofTeflion of Willamftnadt 
and other places, X30ciii. [i^i] 

— the attempt made by the duke of Stt« 
d(imania to deftroy the Ruilian fleet 
in the harbour of Revel, xxxiii. [185] 

'^ the galley fleet at Fiederi^fliam au 

tacked and deftroyed by the 4ung of 

Sweden, xxxiii. [18^ 
-— the tide of fuccefs ti^rns againft the 

Sweden, both by fea and land^ xsadii. 

— « Savolax and Carelia rrcov^rcd by the 

Ruflians, 3pcxiii. [184] 
i— the engagement between the Croii« 

ftadt fleet, and the duke, of Sudemw* 

nia, are obliged to feparate on the tp- 



. froaeh of night, and the Ruflians being 
joined 'by the llevel fquadron encloie 
the fleet of Sweden, which by a fortu- 
nate change of wiml efcapes to a fe- 

' cure ftation in the iiland of Biorko, 
xxxiiir [184, 185] 

Jlufiia} admiral Tfchitchakoif, and the 
prince of Naflau, haften to the relief 
of Wybourg, where ^hey enclofe the 
Swediih fiet:t in the bay, which at- 
tempts to fight its way our. In which 
they loofe 7 or 8 ihips of the line, 
xxxiii. [187] 

^«> the galley {leet under the king fuf- 
tains a iois oi 6 gullies and 60 i'maller 
vetlels, xxxiii. [188] 

■-W thf k'ng or Sweden, having joined 
his light fleet under M. de Cronliad, . 
havens to attack the HulTian fleet, de. 
feats them, and takes 4.5 of their veifels, 
befides manv others liink and burnt, 
xxxiii. [189] 

•«- the hjiuteur of the emprefs, iA reject- 
ing the mediation of the allied powers^ 
xxxiii. [191] 

^- the pbje6^s for which the emprels car- 
ried on the war with the Porte, xxxiii. 

,— <r prince Potemkm appointed hetman of 

the coflacks, xxxiii. [i9x] 
^— the emprels perfeveies'in her claim 

of Ockzacow, the Crimea^ Black Sea, 

&c. xxxiii. [192! 
^-!- a vyar wijh Great Britain and Pruf- 

iia prevented by the ciaraour of oppo- . 

iition in Eoglanc^, xi^xiii.' [192] 
m^ immediately after the viftoiy of the 

Swedes, a pnvate intercourfe between 

the king and the empre{^ commences, 

X3pciii. [i9»] 
^— general Jngeiftrom and baron d^Arm- 

field appointed to fettle terms cf peace^ 

xxxiii. [192] 
r— a fufpeniion of arms agreed on, and ' 

peace figned, xxxiii. [192] 
^— joy occafioned by the peace at Peterf- 

burg^, xxxiii. [193] 
r— the effeCl of the peace on the general < 

face of affairs in Europe, xxxiii. [193] 
r^ advantages arifing from the inaSivity < 

of the Ruflian ^my on the Danube, 

xxxiii. [195] 
#— a Ru^ian piratical fquadrpn in th( 

Archipelago dettroyed by Algerine 

corfairs, xxxiii. [196] 
IT— theTorks make tin attempt to ^peQ$« 1 

trate on the fide of Aflaj and aax de- 
feated, xxxiij. [196} 
wTT' (everal naval actions with the Ryf- 
' fians of littl? confequence^ xxjuii* 

F E U R O P E. , 

Riifliaj a winter campaign vigoroofly 
openeii, xxxiii. [197] 

r-^ particulars of the taking of Ifmai- 
low, xxxiii. [X97] 

--•- 3.0,816 Turks, and 13,900 Eufliansi 
pe^^iflied in the llaughter, xxxiii. 100. 

— r the Turks are again defeated in Bul«* 
garia, and the city of Anapa, on ithe 
borders of Circa^a, taken, xxxiit. 
[202] . . • 

-!i- u treaty of peace concluded, Aug; i f » 
1 79 1, by which Ruflia retained Ocza- 
kow, and the country between »thc 
Bog and the Dneiper, with the fttt na- 
vigation oi the latter river,xxx:ii« [20^] 

— ^ notes on the parts of the king yjf 
England -and the king of Pruflia,. rela- 
tive to the terms of paciiication be- 

> tween Ruflia and the Porte, xxxiii* 
34*. . . • ^ 

-^ difputes refpe6ling the withdrawing 
her troops from Poland, to which (he 
agrees, and promises compenfation for 

— the damages done by her armies, 
xxxiv. [6] 

— expreffes her difapproval of the i^ew 
Pohfli conftiti.ition, xxxiv. [57] 

—7 declares, her adherence to the royal 
family of France, xxxiv. [57] 

-*- collefts troops on the frontiers of 
Poland, xxxiv. [57] • 

— the treaty of peace widi the Porte 
ratified, xjpdv, [62] ^ 

*-w- a proclamation iiTued by the emprefs 
againft French principles, xxxiv. [^i] 

— the difcontented nobles of Poland en* 
couraged by the emprefs, xxxiv. [62J 

— the conduft- of the emprei's.efteemed 
equal to a declaiation of war, X3Dciv. 


¥-7 declares ^ar againfl Poland, May 18, 
1792, and thi motives urged by thf 
emprefs, xxxiv, [63] 

•— proceedings and debates in the Eng* 
lifli parliament, on the part .taken by 
miniflry in the difputes between Tur- 
key and Ruflia, xxxiv. [331] 

-V reprefented l>y Mr. Fox as a defir^ 
able ally to England, X3i:xiv. [341] 

-<- the reception of the Ruflian deckra-^ 
tion in the diet, xxxiv. [384] 

-^ a cahn and difpaflionate anfwer given 
to it ; but exprefling a determination 
to fupport the new conliitution, xxxiv. 

[384] ^ 

r^ the armies of Ruflia enter Poland on 

the fide of the Ukraine, -and into Li« 

thuania, xxxiv. [385] 

— on the Ukraine ft,ood RuflSans ate 
repelled by 300 Poles, xxxiv. [386] 

HP* the kuiuanft d«iea!^ i^is. %>!\\(^<^% 


with the lofs of 4,000 men, xjodv, 

Ituiija; 17,000 Ruffians attack Kofciufco 
with 5,000 men, who gallantly defend 
themftives, but are routed by a »part 
of the RufJiaos marching round and 
•hacking them in the rear, xxxiv. 

•— the rapid progrefs of the Ruffians in 
Lithuania, xxxiv. [387] 

•*• tbf Ruffians, drawing near Warfaw, 
oblige the king to comply with an aft 
of confederation formed at Targowitz, 
xxxiv. [188] 

•*- the Ruffian troops encampnear War- 
faw, and the command iff the Poiifh 
arm^ coniigned to a ftuffian general, 
XXXIV. [388] 

•— tiue emprefs Itimul.ites the king of 
Sweden to take a part againtt the 
French revolution, with an outline of 
the plan, xxxiv. [388] 


CABA ifland taken by ur George Rod- 

^ ney, xxiv. [io»] 

Saint Pol de Leon, bi/hop of, ordered to 
attend the national affembly of France ; 
—•his refpeclable chai after 5 — is oblig- 
ed to fly }— dangers at" fea in an open 
fmugler's veflel 5 — ^lands in Cornwall, 
xxxiv. [93] 

fialm, rhingrave of ; his conduft on the 
arreft of the princels of Orange, xxix. 

^— a fortie made from Utrecht by the 

rhingrave againft the fladtholder, who 

is driven back with coniidcrable lofs, 

»c»3c- [37] / 

— experiences a reverfe of j)opular opi- 

■ nion, xxix. [47] 

Sandwich Idands ; the gt^at advantages 

' to be expcfted from the dilcovery of,' 

]|xvii. 151. 
6ar.ta F^, in South America ; earthquake. 

at, xxvii. [244] 
Sardinia j Auitrian recruiting parties pro- 
' hibited in, Xxx. [43] 
Saxe Tefchn, archduchefs and duke Al- 
' brn-t ; rejoicings on their arriviil at 

Bruilels to take the government of the 

Aultrian Netherlanns, xxiv. 186. 
Sajfionvj eieftor; privileges eiantec} to 
^ *thc Roman catholics in his aomirtionsy 

xxvii. [x:] 
Seine, moiith of, cleared, xxix. [203I 
SeriAgapatam ; particulars of the utua* 
• tionofi zsodY, [3021 

781 to 1792. 

"Shebah Gnerai, grandfim of Crtm Giae* 
rai, appointed khan of the Tartars^ 
xxx. 18. 

Shcich Manfour, a new prophet fystmf 
up in Upper Afiaj an accoont ot, 
xxviii. [51] 

-^ the orthodoxy of his principles ac- 
knowledged, and the fury of bit leal 
direfted againft Chriftians, xxviii • [5s] 

— - commences a fieixe war againft the 
Georgians, xxviii. [53] , 

— defeated by colond' Nagd, xsomu 

— again brought forward, xxx. [15] 

— enters the new frontiert of Ruffiii 
with 8,000 men, and is totally dtp 
feated in four aftions, xxx. [15]' 

Sierra Leone ; biU pafled for eftablifliing 

a company at, xxxiii; [155] 
Sierra Moiena ; a failure of the plan for 

peopling and cultivating it by Gennaq 

families, xxviii. [31] 

— the fcheme revived, with muoh bettel 
profpeft of fiicceeding, xxviii. [3^] 

Spain j the junftion of the fleet of» 
with that of France, xxiv. [4] * 

— th<^ attempt to bum the ilupf al 

* Gibraltar, xxiv. [6} 

— the ineffeftive attempts to raiie mo- 
ney by loan^ in foreign countriesi 

XXIV. [l»] 

•— attack and take Fort MobiUe, xxiv. 

»— progrefs of the fleet under Don Jofeph 
"Solano, xxiv. [25] * 

— form a junftion with the French 
fleet at Dominique, xxiv. [16] ' 

-— a contagious diforder breaks out ia 
the fleet, xxiv. [26] ' 

— - want of concert between the com- 
manders of the fleet, xxiv. [17] 

«— the fli'et proceeds to tlie Havannahi 
xxiv. [27] 

— ^ great damage fuftainedi by the fleet 0^ 
its way to the attack of Peniacola, 
xxiv. [98] 

.— the fleet being foon refitted, proceeds 
on the expedition, xxiv. [99] 

— a ftrong redoubt being accidentally 
blown up, obliges the garriibn of Pen* 
facola to accept an honourable capitula* 
tion, xxiv. [100] 

•— in account of the lofs of three tranf* 

* ■ ports from Carthagena, xxiv^ [«953 
.— their fiegeof Gibraltar, xxv. [iQ^] 
ii^ retreat of the fleet into Cadiz, on the 

approach of the Engliffi fleet,' XMJi 

^«- difagreeable though not dangeroos 

effefts of theirgun-boats, xxv* [xo^J 
»^ the Spaniili works gailantly attacked^ 




iloriQed, and dcftroyedy by the gar-; Spsun y thefpirit of general reform in, 

rifon of Gibraltar, xxv, [113] xxviii. [31] 

$pain i becomes jealous of France for not — a failure of the plan for peopling an4 

taking a more a^ive part in their af- cultivating Sierra Morena by German 

fiftance, xxvJ [114] colonics, xxviii. [31] 

— the fleet combined with that of France, •— the fcheme revived with much better 
«fter landing troops at Minorca, return proipe£l; of foccefs, xxviii. [32] 

to cruize in the channel, xxv. [115] — rettri&ions laid on the bull-feafts^ 

»- a council of war held on making an xxviii. [32] 

attack 6n admiral Darby*s fleet in •— the ufe of more than two horfes ot 

Torbay, and renounced, xxv. [116] mules in gentlemen^s carriages p'olii* 

^-the bad ftate of the combined fleetff bited^ xxviii. [33] 

obliges their return to port, xxv. [117] — a furvey of the coafts made by ordqp, 

*— fleet of, cruizing off St. Vincent's, of the king, xxviii. [3 3 J 

xxv. [19S] — the Straights of Magellan examined, 

*— a lift of the military force of, xxv. xxviii. [34] 

[203] — exertions for the increafeof lier nava| 

•— ftate of, at the commencement of the power, xxviii. [34] 

negotiation for peace, xxvi.' [1 32] — an unufual degree of attention paid to 

•— danger to be apprehended by, from her foreign commerce and c<Monie$« 

the acknowledgment of the indepen- xxviii. [35] 

dence of America, xxvi. [132] — the royal Philippine Eaft India com* 

— proyiiional articles of peace with pany eftablifhed, xxviii. [35] 
England, figned January 20th, 1783, — the ports of the PJiifippine iflandt 
XXVI. [135] opened to all nations, xxviii. [35] 

.— the definitive treaty of peace with — the difordcrs and commotions fup- 

England, September 3d, ;i783, xxvi. pofed to exift in South America, xzviiu 

[3x2] . [363 

^- an abllra£^ from the king^s books iit — lends M. de Boligny minifter to Con- 

the royal treafury at Goanaxuato, from ftantinople, xxviii. [37] 

April 30th, i6$5 to December 31ft, —the double 1 oval intermarriages with 

i'778, of the gold and filver on which Portugal in 1785, xxviii. [38] 

duties have been paid, xxvi. 1^5. — a gaTleon^with eight million ofdol* 

■^ a relation of the expulfion of the Mo- lars ftranded at Paniche, xxviii* 

refcoes from, xxvi . z 04. 1 1 9 8 ] 

— concludes a treaty with the Porte, •— ftate of the population of Madrid^ 
xxvii. [35] xxix. 226. 

— undertakes an attack on Algiers, — receives the Turkifli ambnflTador with 
xxvii. [41] great magnificence, XXX. [13] 

^— after a fevere bombardment and de- — • expelled to refufe admittance to tht 

^ Ance for nine days, the fleet of Spain Rufiian fleets into the Mediterranean, 

teturns, xxvii. [42] but reftraiped by the exhaufted fitua- 

«— .' an account of the expedition againft tion of the finances, xxx. [23] 

Algiers in 1784, xxvii. [139] — the difpofition of,' in refpo4 to the 

— ftate of the combined armament againft war with the Ruffians and Germans 
Algiers, xxvii. [140] againft the Turks^ xxx. 59. 

•— arrives before Algiers, July 9th, -— marquis de la Luzerne, ambaffador, 

1784, xxvii. [140] , has his firft private audience to de- 

*— after many violent attacks, they re- liver his credentials, xxx. [195] 

folve to return to Spain, but are driven •— king of, proclaimed, Jan. X7th, 1789, 

to feaby a fevere tempeft, July 22d, * xxxi. [194] 

xxvii. [141] •' -—tumult at Barcelona on account of 

r— a treaty of marriage figned between the high price of bread, in which they ' 

the Infant Don Gabriel, and the Jni'- burn the town magazines, and forty 

fanta of Portugal, xxvii. [229] perfons fent to Carthagena for it, xxxu 

w^ the ufe of more than two horfes or 204. 

mules in gentlemen^s carriages forbid- *— flirps fent to make difcoveries under 

den, and buU-feafts abolimed| xxvii. Don Malafpina, fail from Cadix^ 

[^244] . . Auguft 30th, 1789, xxxi. [210] 

«i— > the abridged authority of t])e inquifi* »- account .of the coronation of the klnf^ 

-* lion in^ xxviii. [31] ' «f , at Madild, xRiiwi \> ^^ti 


0palu I articles of the quadruple alliance 
between RulTia, Aulliia, France, and 

T ^pain, sjfixi. [33^] 

fr- leizes two En^lilh (lups on the north* 
welt coaft of Aaierica, ind both nations 
, prepare for war, xxxii. [95) 

Hi- cbtms tlie aflUtance ot France, to 
which the national alTeinbly accedes, 
xxxii. [14.3] 

^^ the difpute fettled by a conventiQa, 
xx3?ii. [iV?! 

•— a particular oath of allegiance re- 
quired of foreigners, xxxiv. [242] 

Sudermania, duke of; letrer to the king 

of Sweden, giving an account of the 

ergagement between the Swedifli and 

Kuiiiau fleets, July 17th, 17 8^, xxx« 

Sumatra ; fuccefsful expedition agaiaft, 

<xv# [90] 
Surinam j an hiflorkral account of the 

Dutch colony of, xxiv. [193 J 
t^ furrenders to the governor of Bar- 

badoes, on the terms granted to St, 

^uiUtius, but more favourable terms 

granted them, xxiv. [104.] 
jSweden ; an account of the vifit of the 

king of, to Holland, xxiv. [i j] 
fPT- a dieibription of Stockholm, the go* 

vernment, xxvii. 167. 
r— a new convention entered into with 

France in J784, xxviii. [28] 
r- the effefts of a fcarcity of provillons 

in, xxviii. [168] 
V-— a diet held at Stockholm in May 

&7 86, which refufes to fan^lion fomg. 

qjt' tlic propofals niade biy the king, 

2cxviii. [j58] 
>— torture abolifticd in, xxviii. [169] 
F-, the neutrality of, in the war of the 

Kuflians and Germans againft the 

Porte, XXX. [60] 

— the rupture which takes place with 
RuOia, XXX. [6s. 68] 

— the caufes of refentment againft Ruf- 
fia, XXX. [69] 

9*- a ftrong and numerous party In, 
favourers of HuHia, xxji. [69] 

— effefts of the revolution in> xxx. [70. 


— a treaty concluded with the Porte in 

1739, revived, xxx. [72] 

«^ the king commimicates to Denmark 
the dcfigns of his military prepara- 
tions, xxx. [73] 

f— . a firgular rcfcript or memorial pre- 
sented by the Ruflian minifter, xxx. 

.— ihe kind's, anfwc^" to the rcfcnpt, 
■ XXX. [753 

78 I to I 792. •' 

SwedcD ; the Ruilian raintficr ordfivc^ f* 
quit tne kingdom, Di4uch he rcfufe^to 
obey, xxju [75} 

— a guard fet over his houie, and all in. 
tercourfe and conveyance cf proviijjOfii 
prohibited, xxx. [f\\ 

^^ hoflilities with IftjAflla commencedi 
June aift» 17J3, xxx, [75] 

— dechration of war 1^ ]^ffia, Ju9C 
30t:i, xxx. [76] 

^- an a£l|on with tlie fieet of Koflia in 
• the Gulph of Finlapd, and liSbotj 

claimed on both fides» xxx. Ijyl 
.^ the fleet of, agaia attac]^, aad vifh 

quiflicd, xxx. [7^1 
.^ the manift^o of the klnm of, ^qq^ 

r— can place no confidence in his ahny, 

and tlie troops in general lay down 

their arms, xxx. [81 J 
v^ an irruption of the Danes on the fidt 

of Norway, XXX. [82} 
^-. the caufes and, motives which inducei) 

Denmark to take part wittt Ruffia 

againtt, xxx. [181] 
f_ the attempt of the. kin^ to feparat? 

Norway from Denmark^ in X77», zzx« 


p— tlie king's viiit to Cojpenhagen, h 
1787, and the object of the vifit to 
imprefs the danger of both countries 
from the overgrown, power of Ru0la| 
in which he fails, xxx. [1S4.] 

---. fupported with money from Francct 
and from ConftantinopJe, xxx. (186] 

-- frequent remonllrances made by Dcn- 
mai k, to prevent the war, ^ooc. [186] 

*!— extrn6l from the king's letter, to 
prince Charles of Heije, viceroy of 
J<Jorway, xxx. [i86] 

-— the prince's anfwer, xxx. [1^7 J 

— infoimed by the prince of Hefle of 
the rcfolution of Denmark to maintaiii 
the treaties (ht; had made with Ruflia| 
xxx. [187] 

— becomes deeply involved by the r^ 
fraflorinef^ of the aimy in Finland, 
xxx. [187] 

— an inyafiou dpfigned by Penmarkj 
XXX.. [i?8] 

-r-r fends an exprefs to requeft Denmark 

to become a mediator between Sweden 

and RuHia, xxx, [18S] 
•^ the duke of Oftragothia lends to Pe- 

terfburgh to propofe an armiilice, xxx, 

[1 88] 
•^ general Platen refufes to 5gn the ar- 

miftice, xxx. [188] 
— » the calamitous fityation of I#ur8| 

. Pifved^n I 


Sweden s the fenate takes meafures for 
aiTcmbiing a diet; but quaibed by the 
ari-ival of the king at Stockhoim, xxk* 
[189] . 

•- the king dlfpatch^ the tropp.^ in 
Stockholm agamft th0 invaiion of the 
D.mes, XXX. [190] 

w^ fummons an a4*embly of the citizeiis» 
and confides to them the care of the 
capital and of his family, xxx, [190] 

w^ anfwers the notificaiioii from Copen- 
hagen, xxx« [190] • 

— the DaniGi ininiftqr's ajifwer to t^ 
memorial, xxx. [191] 

I— England and Pnilfia become arbiters 
of a peace between Rufliaand Swedefiy 
XXX. {192] 

»-— the king applies for fupport from the 
Daieotirlians, XXX; [192] 

w- entered by the troops of Denmark and 
the prince Charles of Hcfle, Sept. 24^h) 
xxx. [193*] 

*— . the (talc of defence on the part of, 

3rax, [19**3 
•— the fuccds of the Norwegian troops, 

xxx. [194*] 
«>— the itrong poft of Quifbrum taken, 

XXX. [194*] 
•— other places aifo furrender, X3pc« 

f9~ Gottenburg on the point of fuiren* 
dering, is encouraged by the unex- 
pe^ed arrival of the king to a . vigo- 
rous defence, X3pc [195*] 

HP-- mr. Elliot, the Brl(i(h tninifter at Co- 
penhagen, is ordered to Stockholm, as 
delegate from the allied mediating 
powers, xxxr [196*] 

«p- the mediation being accepted by the 
king of, mr. Elliot fends a letter 
to the prince of He/fe, who declin- 
ed a i)egotiation without exprefs or? 
ders from Copenhagen —«- a fecond 
letter to the jpripce royal, which the 
prince of \itnt anfwers in his name, 
la which he pleads being auxiliaries of 
Kuifia— a third letter, in- which mr. 
^lliot refufes tp acknowledge them as 
auxiliaries, but as a Danifli army, and 
requires an immediate ceifation of pro- 
grefs, on the peril of a declaration of war 
byPruifia and England, which produces 
a change in the pofition pf the Danifh 
army— an anniftice for eight days con- 
fcluded— the difinclinatisn of the king 
pf Sweden to conclude a peace-curing 
the armiftice, twenty Norwegian barks 
^ire taken, and the king publifliet a ma- 
pifefto to his fubje^ts, tending to ex- 
. $^\x^ sfliimoiity aga'mft the panes^-mTh« 

fpirited condu^ of mr, ElUdt, hi tm^ 
poiiDg the mifteprcrentationa of the 
J(ing.--f«Another armifticetor a month^ 
and fviccMed by one tar fix montli^^ 

XXX. [l9S«^r5lO»*J 

Sweden ^ the duke of Sudermanh^a ac« 
count of the engagement with -the RnT* 
Aan fleet Jul^r 17th, 178S, x?at*J]fl4«] 

«w admiral Greig^s accoun:; of t|)cfaine 
engagement, xxx. [*47] 

«^ Denmark reftra|ncd in the operatiana 
againil, by ^ngland^ xxxi. [$73 

«T-»ujppofed to have been fupported hf 
pruUia, in the war againft Ru^a, xxxi* 


««-> the exceedingly eqibarrafled ftate <if 
. the affairs of, xxxi. [1S3] ^ . 

^^ the flueiiion ^ome whether the king 
ihould reign in any foita, xxx':. [1S3] 

IB- the diS<:u|ties and dangers which pr6«i 
vented a peace, xxxi. [184] 

•r- the popularity of the king with the 
lower clafs of his fubje^s, and theufc? 
made of it by him to count era6l the 
obitinacy of the equeihian order, xxxi«. 

•*— a diet fummoned early in ^789 at 

Stockholm, xxxi. [185] 
^^ a meeting of the roagiflrates, and 50 

citizens alfo called, who declare (or a 

continuance of the war, xxxi. [t%s] 
^FT the diet meets }an. 26, which tliel^ng 

opens with a long fpeech, xipci. £186] 
--- the grounds of dlfpute betweea the. 

king and the diet, xxxi. (1S6] 
•r- count Lowenhaupt appointed mar« 

Hial of the diet, by whoni he is fo 

much infulted as to abfent himfelf; 

and the king goes to the diet to demand 

fatisf a<^ion for the infult offered to the 

cpunt, xxxi. [186] 
«-T> the nobles in a body leave the ailenv* 

bly, xxxi. [187J 

— the king addrefles the remaining ftate^ 
xxxi. [187] 

«— many of the nobility arrefled, and 

fcnt prifoners to the ca (lie ofFrede- 

ricflioff, xxxi. [188] 
•«r the fpirit and ftrength of the equef. 

trian order broken by thefe vigorous 

meafures, xxxi. [189] 

— new privileges gianted to the peafants,. 
xxxi. [189] 

•-> the king totally abolifhes the ienate, 
and eftabliflies le (our pUnlere^ xxxi* 


— the king a^^in addreffes the diet after 

the arreft of the nobles, xxxi. £190} 

— the king's grand fpecific or noitrumt 
xxxi. [190] 

I N D E X, 

Sweden; die law being pafTed bj the 
other orders, count Lowenhauptiigns 
ity u maHhal of the diet, xxxi. [191] 

ih- 15 nobles, relcafed from the caltleof 
FrederlcihoiF, retire iminedtately to 
their country feats, xxxi. 191. 

mmt the trial of the officers arreted in 
Finland, with the fentences paiTed on 
them, xxxi. [191, 192.] 

mm the ruin threatene(i by the continu- 
ante of the war with Denmark, xxxi, 

— an abftrnft of a rcprcfcntation 
made by mr. Elliot, for Denmark ob- 
ferving a ftri£l neutrality with Sweden 9 
xxni. [193*1 ' 

•p— Denmark, after much difficulty, agrees 
to the neutrality, xxxL [195*] 

<*^ dire^s its whole attention to the pro« 
ibaition of the war in Finland, 2xxi« 

mm, feveral /kirmifhes take place- fooir 

after the conclufion of the armiftice, 

xxxi. [196*] 
•— the king arrives in Finland early in 

June, xxxi. I.196*] 
•— the duke of Snc'ermania takes the 

command of the flfct, xxxi. [196*] 
■— a dcfperate enrounter between 3,600 

RufHans and 2,200 Swedes, in which 

the former are defeated, xxxi. [196*] 
-<— a flying a£lion or (kirmi(h betw:een 

the fleets, xxxi. [i9<>*] 

— feveral flcirmifhes take place in Fin- 
land, xxxi. [197*] 

— the king obliged to make a hafty re- 
treat out of Finland, xxxi. [197^] 

— ^ Kogfors taken by the king ot Sweden, 
xxxi. [198*] 

— a naval a6lion marked with ferocity 
and blood, Augul> 25, 1789, of which 
the moft contradiclory accounts were 
given, but the Swedes were Worlled, 
xxxi. [198*] 

i — the king obliged to abandon the Ruf- 
fian territories, xxxi. [199*] 

— the Ipeech of the king to the aflfem- 
bly of the Hales, in March i789> xxxi. 


— the declaration of mr. Elliot to cc unt 

Ecrnftorff, April 23, 1789, xxxi. 

-— every pofllble exertion made by the 

king to retrieve the fortune of the 

war, xxxiii. [178] 
•— his bold mcafures to fccure the af- 

fcftion of the commons, xxxiii. [179] 
— • ihe ftates f;ant the moft lil^ial fup- 

portof the war, xxxiii. [x8o] 
*— the various taxes laid on to fupply 

1781 to X792* 

^e ways and meintt-vtr* witdMi; 

horfes^ oxen, &c. xxxiii. [tSo] 
Sweden} s;un-hoats built, 'n^anned and 

equipped by the greater citieSji as well as 

volunteers raifed, clothed^ and anned^ 
' xxxiii. [180] 
p— campaign commences in Finland in 

April, and progrefs of it in Ruffian Sav 

volax, xxxiii. [180] 

— 3,000 Swedes attacked by io,om 
RuflianSy who are defeated with great 

• (laughter, and the prince of Anhal^ 
flain, xxxiii, [181] 

Sweden; tl)e king enters Ruffian Fin- 
land, April 28, 1790, xxxiii. [xSi] 

•*-> attacks and carries th^ ftron^ iort 
Valkiala, xxxiii. [x8i] 

— - and alfo takes poffefTion of Williain- 
ftrand, and other places, xxxiii. [182] 

«— the attempt made by the duke or 
Sudermania to deftroy the Ruffian 
fleet in the harbour ot Reixl, xxxiii. 

«— the king attacks and denroya the 
Ruflian galley fleet at FrederictihamA 
xxxiii. [183 J 

.— the tide ot fuccefs turns agajnft the' 
Swedes both by Tea and land, xada, 

-— obliged to repafs the Kymenc with 

the lofs of molt, if not of all their arw 

tillery, xxxiii. [184] 

— > the engagement with the duke of 
Sudermania and the Cronfbuk fleet, 
which are obliged to feparate'on the 
approach of night, and the Rufliani 
being joined by the Revel fquadnm, 
fo that the Swedes become enclofeli 
but by a fortunate change of wind 
efcape to a fecurc (lation in the ifland 
of Biorko, xxxiii. [184, 183] 

-r- the fleet joined by the king*8 fquadfeny 
xxxiii. [1S5] 

— the king determines upon the attad^ 
of Wybourg, xxxiii. [186] 

— admiral Tfchitchakoff and the prince 
of Naflau haften to the relief ot Wy* 
boi.. gh, where they enclofe the SwediA 
flret in the bay, which attempts to flgb| 
its way out, in which they lofe 7 or 
8 (hips of the line, xxxiii. [187] 

— the galley fleet under the king (iif* 
tains a lofs of fix gallies and 60 fma^er 
veflels, xxxiii. [188] 

— ' the king having joined his light fleet 
under M. de Cronftadt, haftens to at- 
tack the Ruffian fleet, defeats them and 
takes 45 x}f their veflels, befides many 
others funk and burnt, xxxiii. [189] 

— intoned lately after the viftory, a pri- 



yate intercourfe between the king and Sweden; chara6ler of the king, xx^tt, 

emprefs comnnences, xxxlii. [i^aj [39^] 

Sweden j gen. Ingelftrom, and baron — interference of Sweden, lo the affairs 

d' Armfeid, appointed to fettle the term* of France, given up, xxxiv. [3 96 J 

of peace, xxxiii. [192] — heads of the kin^*s' fpeech on opening 
-*- a fufpenfion of arms agreed on, and the diet, Jan. 27, i79*> xxxir. 6*« 

peace iigned, xxxiti. [192] - — attempt to aflaflinatc the king of, 
-— joy at Stockholm, occaiioned by the xxxiv. i3*, 

peace, xxxiii. [193] ' — his death, xxxiv. \A^* 

— theetfeftof the peace on the ge- — Guftavus Adolphim, king of, xxxir. 

neral face of affairs in Europe, xxxiii. 14.*. 

[193] , • — account of the execution of Anker* 

— the obloquy thrown on the kmg by ftrom, xxxiv. 19' 
tjie allies, tor mak'ng peace with Ruf- .— feme accounts of the late confpiracy 
iSa, and the king*s defence of his con- in Sweden, and of J. Ankerftrom tbic 
duft, xxxiii. [194.3 ' regicide, xxxiv. 79*. 

•— complaints made of him by the ^ — - paper circulated at Stockholm, as 

Ottomans, which he finds more dif- the confeilion of Ankerftrom, xxxir. 

ficult to defend himfelf againft, xxxiii. 82*. 

[194] -» minutes relative to the fenteniies of 

•— * the icing Js ftimulated by the emprefs the other confpirators, xxxiv. S5*. 

of Ruflia, to take a part againft the Syria ; the appearance of the country 

French revolution, with an outline of ' defcribed \ the inhabitants, xxix. 199* 
the plan, xxxiv. [388] 

— the king vifits Aix'la Chapelle, and 
converfes with the marquis de Bouille 

on the fubjefl, who lays it before the ■ 

king of Pruffia, and the emperor at ' !• 
Pilnitz, who difapprove of it, xxxiv. 

[3«9] . , 

— • the kingj receives frequent notices of 'T^arekto ; the deHcious vale of la 

plots againft his life, to which he pays -*■ Citieflc defcribed, xxvii. 171. 

no attention, xxxiv. [389] — chara^ber of the inhabitants, xxvii* 

«— > preparing to go to a mafquerade, re- 173. , 

ceives an anon^^mous letter, informing Tarleton, col. ; his fuccefs againft gea. 

him of the defign againft him, but not Sumpter, xxiv. [53] 

regarding it he is ihot by Ankerftrom, — his engagement with col. Morgan, 

who efcapes, but the piltol and dagger having at firft the advantage, ends ia 

are recognized by a cutler and gun- the defeat of col. Tafleton, xxiv. [56] 

fmith to belonp; to Ankerftrom, March Tarihifh; on the fituation of, xxxii. 

- 16, 1792, xxxiv. [390] 168. 

— pcrfons takon into cuftody as being Tartanr ; obfervations on the war with 
concerned in the confpiracy, xxxiv. Ruilia, xxviii. [14.3] 

[390]^ — defeats the Ruflians on | the fide of 

«— the king having his fortune told by Caucafus, xxviii. [147] 

a woman named Harviflbn, was advifed — the Lefghis Tartars forely opttfs 

to beware of the month of March, and the Georgians, xxviii. [148] 

of the firft perfon he fliould meet on — mealures taken to induce the Tartars 

l«faving the houfe, the king therefore to i'ubmit to the Ruftian govemmentj. 

names count Ribling to be arrefted, xxviii. [149J 

xxxiv. [390] ^ Theflklonica totally overthrown by an 

•— the Riagnanimity of his conduft'from earthquake, xxvi. [221 J 

the time of receiving the wound to Tobago ifiand 5 the attack made by the 

his death, March 28, xxxiv. [391] French on, xxiv. [no] 

•^ appointed the duke of Sudermania*— takenjby the French atter a moft brave 

regent during the minority of his fon, defence, xxiv. [iio--<xx$] 

xxxiv. [391] Toledo, bifliop J appropriated to the uft 

•-• his dying requeft, that the confpi- of the war the whole of his vaft reve- 

rators fhould be pardoned except the nues, xxiv. [12] 

mflainn, who only was executed, xxxiv. Torture | generally abolifhed, xkx.\\\ 

t N b E Xi 

^tVavancore'; drrcnptioti cf the kingdom 
of,jaxiv. [285] 

Trepaflfore beilegeci and taken by fir 

, Eyre Cooie, xxv. [88] 

Triersy arcbbifhopof $ extra£ls from his 
pailoral letter, in which he recom- 
mends the preaching of morality-*- 
iteatneTs and Hecentpy in the places of 
worfhip*— no magnificence*— to remove 
the preiudices refpefting wizards, Sec, 
wad to vifit the poor themfelvcsy xxviii. 

Triefte (va Italy) 3 a plan there to build 
30 vetteis, to tradfe with all nations, 
«iv. [177] 

Triefte (in liiria} ; its commerce greatly 
increaled by a loan from the emperor, 
X3CV. [210] 

•^ a maritime town of Iftna in Italy^ 
the commerce of, encouraged by the 
emperor Charles VI. declaring it a 
free port, and granting other piivileges, 
^Dcvii. [14] 

•^ impediments which prevented the ad- 
vantages intended by the emperor 
xxvii. [15] 

•— further encourdgfed by the late em- 
prefs, and the prefent emperor, who 
eftablifhes the new £aft India trade 
therey xxvii. [15] 

Trincomale, in die ifle of Ceylon, at- 
tacked and taken by fir £. Hughes, 

Tunis s ports bombarded by the fleets 
of Venice, and Sfax deftroyed by them, 
xxviii. [46] 

•ffr no terms of peace to be hearkened 

. to by the dey, but a full indemnifica- 
tion, xxviii. [46] 

Turkey ; troubles in Egypt, and a re- 
volt in Romelia, xxiv. 190* 

«— pacification with Ruilia figned Jan« 
8, 1784, xxvii. [180] 

—■ an earthquake in the province of 
^kilis, towards the frontiers of Ar- 
menia, xxvii. [iQi] 

«^ near io,ooQ nouies deftroyed by fire 
at Conftantinople, xxvii. [101] 

— . the diforders of the Ottoman empire, 
xxvii. [22] 

ifm. a full century behind other nations 
in the knowledge of tallies, xxvii. 

— the views of Ruflia on, xxvii. [21*] 
*— the confequences of tlie treaty of Kai- 

nardgiac, in 1774, on Turkey and 

Ruflia, xxvii. [22] 
*— a new treaty of pacification concluded, 

March 21, 1779, xxvii. [23] 
•— Haflan Bey, the captain Baihaw, re- 

iiuccs the i^ehds, and rdfcues the pro- 

i;^8i to 17^4. 

▼ince of the Morea, and »rmhis tkf 

defign of exterminating the Greeks^ 
. xxvii. [24] 
Turkey ; foefti difterences with Ruflia it 

1 781, xxvii. [25] 
i— the death of the grand vizh: in Ftbi 

1781, xxvii. [25] 

— the captain Bafhaw holds the office 
until YfeJ Mehemet, the new graQ4 
vizir, is anived, xxvii. [25] 

!•— Reis Eflcndi depofed, and the Ruf- 
fians permitted to fend confuls into the 
provinces of Moldavia, VfTallachia, 
and BeflTarabia, xxvii. [25] 
-^ two dieadful fires at Conftantinople 
in 1782, by r.hicn 40,000 houfi:s lav 
in ruinsji befides public edifices, xxvik 

— Yicd Mehemet, grand vizir depoled^ 
and Jsian Meiiemet fucceeds him, 
xxvii. [z-f] 

— - difliculties likely to arife from the 
expiration of the truce with the em- 
peror of Germany, xxvii. [28] 

*— the divan fits eight days confultingfy 
refpe6llng the entering into a war widi 
Ruflia, and pacific meafures finally 
concluded on, xxvii. [29] 

•*- ravages of the plague in 178*^ xxfiL 

•— the emperor of Germany avows ha 

determination of fupporting the.claimi 

of Ruflia, xxvii. [32] 
•— the ftrong memorials prefented, and 

harfli demands made by the courts of 

Peter(burgh and Vienna, xxvii. [32] 
— - the Hof^K>dar of Wallacfaia ftnuigled» 

xxvii. [32] 
— * the Ai-meaian catholics refcued by the ' 

grand feignior from the periecutioo 

of the Armenian patiiarch, xxvii. [ss] 
-^ great preparations made for war by 

all the parties, xxvii. [34] 

— a treaty made with Spain, xxvii. [35J 
-— a manifefto publiflied by the empreu 

of Ruflia, in juftificatlon of her taking 

poifeflrion of die Crimea, xxvi. [3^] 
•^ iht Porters anfwer to the manifdo, 

xxvi. [37] 
*— negotiations for peace carried on 

under the mediation of Francej xxvii* 


— the Danube opened to the Imperial 

fliips, xxvii. [38] 
— - the troubles and enemies of the Ot- 
tomans increafing on every fide, sxvUa 


— Natolia invaded by prince Uera^iuH 
who is driven back, igtviti, [38} 

— a new treaty of commerce with Ru(> 
iia concluded, xxvii* [39] 


Turkey \ a treaty of accommodation con- Turkey ; the def^gn of the emprefi 14 

eluded, Jail. 9, 1784, and iucceeded 
by another wkh the emperor, xxvii. 

•i- Sheich Manlbwr, a new prophet, 

Iprung up in upper AAa ; the ortho. 

doxy of his privcipJes to Mdhometifm 

fct her gr.mdf^n Conftamine on the 
throne at Confraniinople, xxx. [5] 

— her continued endeavours to weakot 
the Ottoman empire, xxx. [5] 

— the ruined ftate of the Tai lare, xxx. 


acknowiedged, and the fury of his zeal — Sahim Guerai, the late Ruffian Khan 

idire^d againfi Chriftiang, commences 
a fierce war againft the Georgian Sy 

xxviii. {51-253] ^ 

«i* extraordinary demands made by the 

emperor on thePortC} Xicviii. [53] 
*^ printing encouraged at Coniianti- 

nople, xxviii. [54.] 
•fc— a balloon ^locefsfuUy conftni^led, 

Kviii. [55] 
-^'Scheich Manlour defeated by the> 

Ruilians, xxviti. [145] 

i of the Crimea, goes over to Conltanti-- 

nople, is exiled to thclfle of Rhodes', 
and a few montlts afier mordereii bj 
aifaflins, xxx. [6] 

A- the Porie difcoivtent^d^at the journey t» 
Chcrfon, pVepares for war, xxx. [6] 

a^ Mauro Cordato, the Hofpodar ^ 
Moldavia, being fufpefted of treachery, 
is depriyed of his office, and tv*^o days 
after his head being fent for, was gone 
over to Ruffia, xxx. [7] 

•^— the' Grand Seignior's appeal to the — the captain Pacha is called frotii His 

command againft the rebels in Egyp^ 
to oppole Ruiria,ebut before his de- 
parture fecuies peace with the Beys^ 
xxx. [7] 
— the propofitions for a treaty made by 
the Rufllaii rainilter rejefled with dill 
dain, x:tx. [9] 

people at large, on the claims and de 

snandt made by Ruflia, xxviii. [151] 
•4^- meaiuies adopted for fuppreifing the 
^ difbrders of tii^ empire, xxviii. [152] 
i— troubles in Egypt, xxviii. [151] 
^-- the rapadoufnds and cruelty of Mu<» 

rat Bey, xxviii. [152] 

**^ attempt of the captain Paclia for re- •— other proportions made by the Porte, 

covering Egypt, where he defeats Mu-* for the ceflion of the Crimea, xxx. [9]" 

^at Bey in two battles, and takes Grand •— M. Bulgakow, the Ruffian miniftcr, 

Cairo xxviii. [153] imprifoned at Conftantinople, and war 

.«^ in the midft of all the dangers, arts, declared two days after, xxx. [10] 

iciences, and learning are encouraged, — the manifefto delivered* to the mt- 

xxviii. [154] nillers of the Chriftian powers at Con- 
*— the French Encyclopedia tranflated^ ftantinople, xxx. [to] 

into the Turkiili language, xxviii. — aiguments made ule of in defence of 

£154] the Porte declaring a war to which 

— the part taken by the emperor in (he was unequal, xxx* [11] 

"^ the affairs of Turkey and Ruffia, xxviii. — the atlonifhment occafioned by this 

[i 54] meafure at Peteifburg, xxx. [13] 

-*- prdi^nts fsnt to the emperor, xxviii. — a Ruffian (hip of ^^ giins driven itt 

£214] ^ the night into the canal of Conftanti"'* 
»— the iituation of the affairs of the Port^ r.onle, xxx. [14] 

■ in Egypt, xxix. [196] — the bad fjccels of the military cnter- 

•— the Kiiffian envoy iJent to prifon, for prizes, xxx. [15] 

refufmg to fign for the relfitution of — Sheik Manfour 3gain brought for- 

the Crimea, xxix. [215] ward, and enters the new frontiers of 

•— ftate of the navy of, xxix. [216] Ruffia with 8,000 men, and Is totally 

*— Imperi:il troops on their march to the defeated in four actions, xxx. [15] 

frontiers of, xxix. [224] — unfuccefsful attempts againlt the 

•P- retrofpc^live view of affairs in 1787, ifland of Taman and the Crimea, xxx. 

which led to the rupture between the ' [17] 

great powers of Europe and Afia, xxx. — difappolntcd alfo in the fuccefs of 


— the efFe£is of the declaration, or ma- 

nifeilo of the Grand Seignior made in 
X786, xxx. [4'] 
>- the effects of the intended proceffion 
of |he emprefs of Ruffia to Chcrfon, 

their fleets, xxx. [17} 
■^ the garrifqn of Oczakow repulfed 
in their attempt to recover Kinburne; 
xxx. [18] 

— Shabnh Guerai appointed Khan of 
the Tartars, xxx. [ 1 8 ] 

— th« Crimea nearly aewl^ iuhslbNSAvV 


t N £) £ X, I 

by the encouragement given to emi- 
gratorsy who greatly improve the cul- 
tivation of the country, xxx, [19} 

Turkey ; 30,000 Tartars colle6led in 
the neighbouring provincei to the Cri- 
mea, xxx. [20] 

•-*• the greateft exertions made by the 
Turks, and the ftandard of Mahomet 
difplayed, xxx. [lo] 

^*' the grand vizir entrufted with extra- 
ordinary powers, XXX, [20] 

*— the joy occafioned by the return of 
the captain Pacha, fi^m the Archi- 
pelago to Conftantinople, xxx. [21] 

«— the captain Pacha appointed ^and 
admiral of the fleet, ana generahfiimo 
of the armies on die Black Sea, xxx. 

to— the airival of an ambafi^dor from 

Tippoo Saib, xxx. [2*] 
— • a grand military fpe^lacle exhibited, 

xxx. [22] o 

•^ the Turkilh ambaflador treated with 

freat magnificence at Madrid, xxx, 

1-i propoHtions of the French ambaf- 
fador for a negotiation, but not acqur- 
dccd in by the Porte, xxx. [23] 

— demand made by the Porte to the Im-" 
perlal internuncio, with the emperor's 
aiifwer, who offers to be a mediator^ 
xxx. [25] 

«** an army of 200,000 men formed on 
this fide of t!*j lieliefpont, xxx. [26] 

^« tiie emperor's attempt on Belgrade, 
xxx. [29] 

<^— the apology made by gen. Alvinzi, 
which was accepted, and the army re- 
tires, xxx. [30] 

—- depredations committed by Auftrian 
ijiTgulars on the borders, xxx. [30] 

— another attempt made on the fortrefs 
of Turklfh Gradifca, which alfo failed,^ 
xxx. [31] 

te-^ Drcfihick, and foir.e fmall places 
taken, xxx. [31] 

*— war declared at Vienna, Teh, 10, 
1788, in which the offence given is 
onlv thiir conduft to Ruiha, xxx. 

•-♦ attempts made by Ru(Tia and the 

cnjpcror to draw Venice into the league 

againlt the Turks, xxx. [31] 

«- the fortrefs of Schabatz taken by the 

emp^-Tor, xxx. f 33] 

— prince Lichtcnltcm defeated in his 
attempt to (torm the fortrefs of Dubicza, 
xxx. [34] 

•»• the euipcior's declaration received with 
joy at ConM;in;inople, ax.v. [34.] 

781 to 1792.' 

Turkeys the Auftrians liel<r in' con- 
tempt by the army, xxx. [35] 

— - the valour difplayed by .the Turks^ 
xxx. [35] 

«— the judgment and ability of tlie 
grand vizir in condu6ling th« urari 
pcxx. [36] 

— • the grand vizir opens the campaign 
with 200,000 men, x^. [37] 

— the pnnce of Saxe Coboui^ attacked 
by the Turks, and the battle conti- 

* nued for nearly the three followini^ 
days with great daughter on both 
iidesj and parted without any decifivt 
advantage, xxx. [39] 

— the erand vizir, advances with ana^* 
my of 30,000 men to prevent the cap^ 
ture of Belgrade, xxx. [41] 

— the war becomes defenfive, xsx» 

[41] ' 

— the province of Moldavia loft by thi 

treachery of its hofpodar, and as fud-^ 

denly recovered, xxx. [4.3] 
— T the grand vizir invades the Bannat 

of Temefwar, xxx. [46] 
.— Dubicza and Novi befieged and takea 

by marfhal I«audohn, xxx. [47] 
'— Gradifca alfo befiegedj but tne fiege 

raifed, xxx. [48] 
-^ progrefs of the war in the Bannati 

xxx. [48] 

— the Auftrian general Papilla routed 
with great daughter, xxx. [48] 

-— the emperor quits his flrong camp at 
Semlin, and proceeds to the Bannat^ 
but much haraffed in his mttrch« xxx* 

[4.9] . . . ' 

— proceedings of the ferafqnier of Geor<^ 

gia, who takes the flrong redoubt and' 
defile of Burfa, xxx. [49] 
— ■ Mitroufki, Veteranfchikole, andVi* 
palanka taken by the Turksy xxx. 

• [so] , , 
•*- progrefs of the war on the borders of 

Tranfylvanfa, xxx. [51] 

— the ^rand vizir marches to Belgrade* 
and IS haraffed by the emperor, xxx. 

— an armiflice concluded in November 
1788^ betWeen the Aulirian and Otto* 
jnan generals, xxx, [53] 

— - the Grand Seignior publifhes a msnt* 
fefto, inviting the government of Hun* 
gary to fliake off the Auftrian yoke$ 
xxx. [54] 

•— two, if uot three, defperate engage- 
ments in the Liman Sea, in whidi the 
Rufilans have the advantage, with sn 
account of one of the aaionsj zxx« 




'Turkey ; Oczakow invefted by prince 
Poteinkin, xxx. [66] 

— the Turkifii fleet at Oczakow de- 
firoyed by the prince of Naflau, who 
alio bombards the town, xxx. [66] - 

«— the magazine being blown up> Oc- 
zakow is taken, xxx. [67] 

^ a treaty concluded with Sweden in 
1739, revived^ xxx. [71] 

^- M. Bujgakow, the Ruflian mimfter, 
releafed frpm.his imprifonment, xxx. 

[204.] • 

•— fcut of Gradifca bcfieged and taken, 

xxx. [211] 
•— particulars of the naval engagement 

with the RuiEans in the Black Sea, 

xxx. [249] 

— the fituation of the Ottomans by the 
lofs of Oczakow and Choczim, and 
other dilailers, xxxi. [167] 

— > a violent fadlion againlt the grand 
vizir in the divan, xxxi. [168] 

— the grand vizir arretted and brought 
prifoner to Conftantinople, xxxi. 

— the grand vizir being tried and ac- 
quitted, returns to the command of the 
ai-my, xxxi. [169] 

*— the fudden deadi of Abdul Hamet, 
who is fucceeded by his nephew Selim, 
xxxi. [169] 

— the excellent character of Abdul Ha- 
met, xxxi.^ 169] 

— Selim proves himfelf unworthy of the 
care beftowed on him by his uncle, 
and beghis his reign in avarice, rapa-- 
city, and cruelty, xxxi. [171] 

to— the grand vizir, Jufluf Pacha, mur- 
dered, and his property confifcated, 
xxxi, [171] 

— every thing done by the old fultan 
altered or overthrown, xxxi. [171] 

— fortune totally abandoned the Tur- 
kifh ftandard, and the exigence of the 
ftate only fupported by the Eairopean 
powers interefted in preventing its 
downfal, xxxi . [ 1 7 1 ] 

•— the baflia of Widin appointed grand 

vizir, xxxi. [171] 
.*- feveral a^lions take place, in which 

the RuiliaAs are fuccefsful^ xxxi. 


— > <on the expiration of the armiftice a 
fevere and deftru^ive war is commenced 
with the Auitrians, xxxi. [172] 

— — the army defeated on the banks of 
the Sereth, and the ftrong camp at 
Galats ftormed and taken, xxxi. [174.] 

.— Turkifli Gradifca befieged and taken 
by the Auftrian?, xxxi. [174] 

Vol,. II. 

Turkey ; a ferafquier, with 30,000 men 
defeated by. the prince of Saxe Co. 
bourg, xxxi. [175]' 

— the grand vizir's deiign to recover 
Oczakow laid aiide, xxxi. [175] 

— the garriibn of Bender greatly in- 
commoded by the R^uilian general Ka- 
mepikoi, xxxi. [175] 

— a ferafquier at the head of 7 or 8,000 
cavalry routed by the prince of An- * 
hault Bernbourg, xxxi. [176] 

*— (he grand Turkifli army of near . 
100,000 men routed by the prince of 
Cobourg with 30,000, xxxi. [176] 

— *• the grand vizir efcapes with life, to 
bear the infults of the people, and fi* 
nally to lofe his head, xxxi. [177] 

— Belgrade taken by maWhal Laudohn^ . 
xxxi. [178] 

— Haffan Pacha quits the command of 
the fleet in the Black Sea, and endea-. 
voure to fave Bender, by taking the 
command of the army in BefTarabia, 
hazards a battle, in which he is totally 
defeated, xxxi. [179] 

•— Bender belieged and taken by pripce 
Potemkin, xxxi. [180] 

— the Aiiatlcs quit the Ottoman army> 
without leave or notice, xxxi. [180] 

— the Turks in their dillrefs ai^e at- 
tacked alfo by the Perfians, xxxi. 

— anarchy and infurre^^ion prevail alfo 
in feveral of the bed provinces, xxxi. 


— Bialogrod and Kylia Nova are taken 
by the Kuflians, xxxi. [180] 

— . Bucharefl, and the fortrefs of Ceer- 
nitz, fall into the hands of the Auf- 
trians, xxxi. [180] 

— Cladova alio Surrenders to them^ 
xxxi. [180] 

— Orfova b^efieged, and the fiege raifed 
on the J^pproach of winter, xxxi. [181] 

— Selim fubmitti;ig to his ill fortune 
looks to Europe for relief, and obtains 
it, xxxi. [181] 

— a relation of the taking of Oczakow 
by ftorm, xxxi. [196] 

f— (late of the queftion relative to their 
giving up Oczakow to the emprei's^ 
xxxiii. [99] 

— a treaty with the king of Pruffia fign* 
' ed, Jan. 31, 1790, with the particular 

obie6ls of it, xxxiii. [164] 

— Orfova taken by the Aujftrians, xxxiii. 

.— the forts of Servia and Giurgevo 
befieged by the Au (Irian s, xxxiii. 


• • 


"TTAT^ENTINIAN and Valens ; an ac- 
^ count of the divifion of the RomaB 

I N D'E X, 1781 to 1794. 

Turkey f Bi^kilow and IfTnailow befieg- 

ed by the Kuflians, xxxiii. [166] 
-— after a bloody conflift oblige the 

Au(lrians to raife the fiege of Giur- 

gevo, xxxiii. X167] 
'^^ a fair and equitable peace concluded 

with the Porte, under the mediation of empire between them» xxx. 199. 

the three allied powers, Aug. 4, 1791, Van Berkel 5 chara^er of, xxix. [16] 

xxxiii. [176] Venice; great alaitn occafioned by the 

'•— makes an attempt to penetrate into emperor of Germany endeavouring ft» 

the Ruffian provinces on the fide of eflabliOi Triefte in commercial confe- 

Afia, and arc defeated, xxxiii. [196] quence, xxvii. [14] 

— feveral naval anions with the Ruf- — a treaty of alliance iigned with Ru£fo 

Hans of little confequence, xxxiii. and Auilria, xxvli. [243] 

[ 196] ' — the fleets of, bombard feveral Tunifian 

— a winter campaign vigoroufly opened 
by the Ruffians, xxxiii. [197] 

— the deplorable condition of the Otto- 
man army, xxxiii. [197] 

*-n particulars of the taking of Ifmailow, 
xxxiii. [197] 

— 30,816 Turks, and 13,000 Ruffians, 
periflied in the (laughter, xxxiii. 

the grand vizir, witli his difpirited 

ports, and deftroy Sfax, xxvii i. [46] 

— attempts made by the emperor and 
Ruflia to perfuade Venice into a league 
againil the Turks, which its refiiKd, 
xxx. [32] 

— her determination to obfervc a Ihrid 
neutrality, xxx. [32] 

— refufes her ports to Ruffia, xxx. [202] 

— to Bologne, the ufual conveyance de- 
fcribed, xxxiv. 204. 

army, retires for fheltcr into the defiles Vincent, St. Ifland of, nearly deflroy 

of Mount Hemus, xxxiii. [201] 
•)— funher defeat of the Turks in Bui- 
garijs xxxiii. [202] 

— and again at Anapa, on the borders 
of Circaffia, xxxiii. [202] 

— treaty of peace concluded, Aug. 11, 

ed by an liurricane, in Oft. 1780, 

xxiv. [33] 
— ineffeftive attempt of fir G. Rodney 

on, xxiv. 101. 
Virginia j proceedings of the armies in, 

xxiv. [54] 

1791, by which Ruffia retained Ocza- — brigadier-general Arnold fenttomake 

kow, and the country between the Bog 
and the Dnieper, with the free navi- 
fjntion of the latter river, xxxiii. 

* the treaty cf peac^e with Ruffia rati- 
fied, zxxiv. [62] 

adiverfion in, xxiv. [73] 

— ravages committed by him, xxiv. [77] 

— marquis de Fayette fenf with 2,000 
troops for the relief of, xxiv. [78] 

— Britifh army reinforced by major gen. 
Philips, with 2,000 men, xxiv. [79] 

— copy of a pa])er read in the houfe of — proceedings of general Philips and 
commons, purporting to be a copy of Arnold, xxiv. [87] 

the grand vizir's anfwer to the Kng- — lord Cornwailis marches with his 

iIJh3mbaffadoratConflantinople,xxxiv. army into Virginia, xxiv. [89] 

j" -J -^6—338] not:;. — the progrefs of lord Corawallis in 

— notes on the parts of the kings of Virginia, xxiv. [119] 

England and. Prufl'ia of the terms of — quantity of arms and flores deflroyed, 

pacification between Rufna and the xxiv. [119] 

Porte, x-xxiii. 34*. — M. dc la Fayette attacks lord Com- 

-— ticaty of peace ligred whh the cm- wnliis near James River, and is rc- 

peror of Gei many, xxxiii. 35*. pnli'cd, xxiv. [122] 

Tufcanyj mitlirntion cf penal punlfli- — general Wa (hi iigton marches fuddenly 

ments in, xxviii. [43] into, xxiv. [128] 

— rrjjuJatlons at Florence in the (lifpofal — polh at York and Gloucefler Point 
rf the dead, which occafions great dif- clo/ely inverted, xxiv. [^31] 
giift and horror, xxviii. [44] — capitulation of York Town and the 

— ccHion of, by the emperor to 
arclidok:. Ferdinand, xxxiii. 16^. 

the Britifh army, xxiv. [134] 

— the fpeerh of Logan, a Mingo chiefj 
to lord Dunmore, when governor of 
Virginia, with the circumlbinces which 
gave lii'c to it, xxix. 15U 



Voltaire'5 the leader of a dafs of men Utrecht ; the general tremor which pre- 
employed in undermining religion, go- vailed there, on the approach of the 

vemmenty morals, maaners, and laws, 
xxxiv. [»ox] 
— his private correfpondence with the 
club at baron Hoibach''Sx printed in 
1785, itxxiv. [ao8] 

Prufllan army> xxix. [46] 

• evacuated September S5th»x)dx.[47] 



TTTRBCHT; the ancient government 
^ of, overthrown, and the democra- 

tical eltabliihed, xxix. [9] 
— o an attempt made by th^ democratic 

party to fupport the new opinions, 

xxix. [15] 
*— further difturbances at, xxix. [20] 
— > pofts in the neighbourhood feized by 

count d^EflPeren, who is driven back by 

a party from Utrecht, xxix. [22] 
-^ the ftadtholder take« fevcral towns, 

and proceeds towards, xxix. [37] 
•«— a fortie made under the rhingrave of 
• Salm, and driven back with confidcr- 

ablelofs, xxix. [39] 


' ASHiN GTON makes a feint of attack 
of New York, and after fome weeks 
marches his ai mies fuddenly into Vir* 
ginia, xxiv. [123] 
Weibninfter ele£lion and fcrutiny) pro- 
ceedings in the boufe of commons re« 
fpe^ing, xxvii. [174 — 180] 


ZEMINDARS of the £a(l Indies ; ac- 
count oF the government, &c.of the, 

xxiv. [177*] 




I N D E X, 1781 to i7 9»« 


A Accident }. a man frozen to death at Can- 

"•• terbiiry, xxxiv. 3.*» 

.— a young lady much burnt, xxziv* 

ABBOT, mr. receives the chancellor's 5*. 
prize at Oxford, xxviii. [203] — mrs* Hoys burnt to death,, xxxiv. 6K 
Aberdeen ; difcontents there, xxvii. ... horfe and rider falling into a cool pit» 

[24.3] xxxiv. 8*. 

Academy/ Royal f annivcrfary for the — lady Lanedorough and ber daug^ljp' 
vear - 1781, xxiv. [200] much burnt,, xxxiv. S*. 

J 782, XXV. [228] —with i conntry cart, by which mrik 

1783, xxvi. [X23] Dundas was killed, xxxiv. 14.^. 

»- fir Jolhua Reynolds refigns the chair — at fire-wof4ts on the Thames^, xxxiv- 

of the, xxxii. [19.5] 24*. 

Accident 5 mifs Courtenay mu<;h burnt, — boy killed by taking vitrioly. xxxhr^ 
by her doaths taking iiie, xxxiii. 36*. 
8*. ^ — by overfetiing a boat at Portfrooutb, 

— in a coal pit at Whitehaven, xxxiii. 9*. xxxiv. 37*. 

.— father and daughter drowned in crof- .:.« man ki^ed by the bite of an adder,, 
fmg a water near Plymouth, xxxiii. xxxiv. 40*. 
I.6.*. — by the fall of a cotton mifi at Mac- 

— roan killed by the falling of a wall in clesfield, xxxiv. 46*. 

Shropihire, xxxiii. x8*. Adams, tnrs. ;. her charitable beqiiefti> 

— mr. Thompfon of Woodford Ihoets a xxx. [206] 

fervant, under the idea of his being a Adams, John, efq. appointed by America 
houfebreaker, xxxiii. 35*. their ambaiTador to London, and coL 

— . a painter falling from the fpire of William Smith his fecretary, xxvii. 
Gi-eat Marlow church, xxxiii. 15*. [250] 

— eyes of a child torn out by a ferret, — their arrival in London, xxvii. [»34J 
xxxiii. 40*. Admiralty fefiion, ^ 

.— of a child burnt to death, xxxiii. Dec. 2. 1789, xxxi. [a«9] 

44*. January 1790, xxxii. [193] 

— eight men killed by the fall of a newly tj^x, xxxiv, 24*. 
finished glafs-houfe, at Dumbarton, Adultery j puniihment for in America, 
xxxiii. 47*. xxix. [223] 

.fc- three men drowned by the breaking of Affray at Stepney between fome ChiDC& 
the ice of the canal, St. James's park, Tartars and Lafcars, xxvii. [242] 
xxxiii. 51"^. ^ —on Saffron Hill, in which one man 

— woman burnt at mr. Francis's, St. loft his life, xxxiv. 9*. 

James's fquare, xxxiii. 52*. Agnew, capt. of the Fury; (entenceof 

— thirty-fix perfons killed by the break- the couit martial on, xxiv. »-8i. 

ing down of a private theatre at Cler- Agriculture ; prcfefTorfhip inftituted al 
mont in France, xxxiv. i*. Edinburgh, xxxii. [1-99'] 

— a boy killed by another at Chelfham, Air-balloon ; the firit let off at Parii> 
Bucks, xxxiv. 2*. by M. Mongolfier, Aug. 27, 1783, 

— mr. Smith killed in attempting to xxvi. [215] — See Balloon. 

get into thcHaymarket theatre, xxxiv. Albany, count of j ceremonial of. die («• 
2*. ncral of, XXX. 255^] 


Ailen* rev* mi*. kUU mr. Lloyd Du- Afgill, capt. j letters and papers relating 

lany in i du^l, xxv. [211] 

«- tried and found guilty of manflaugh- 
tcr, xxv. [X13] 

American refugees $ report of the perfons 
appointed to revife the lift of pen6ons, 
xxvi. [197] 

^^ loyalift^ ; proceedings in the com- 
mons on the compenfation to be mad« 
to them> and voted, xxx. C36. 

Ankerftrom^ the punifiiment of, for the 
" murder of the king of Sweden, xxxiv. 

Antigua ; dreadful faurrkane at^ xxxiv. 

Antiquarian Society^ anniverfary for 

1781, xxiv..[i74] 
Apprentice j 'trial of a chimney-fwceper 

for cruelty to, xxxiii. 19*. 
Arbuthnot, adm.j vote of thanks to, 

3p£iv. [157] 
Afdrcs, rifer irt France, ftopped by the 

fall of a mountain, xxvi. [202] 
Army | ftafe of from Sept. 29, 1774, to 

Sept. X9, 1780, XXIV. [175] 

to his cafe, written by his mother lady 
Afgill, the comte de Vergennes, the 
American congrefs, and gen. Wafh- 
ington, xxvi. [241] 

Afkham, mrs. aged loi, xxxiii. 50*. 

Aflize, grand; confifting of a jury of 
iixteen knights, ^i^^t; cinSis^ xxiv; 

Auociations, eftablifhed, and the ufe of 

arms learnt, in order to aflift the civil 

power, xxiv. [i+o] 

— proceedings of, in Yorkihire and other 
counties, xxiv. [140] 

— . the 

Afti-onomical obfervations, remarkable, 
xxxi. [229] 

Athletic exercifes ; arguments on the uti- 
lity of, xxviii. [32] 

Atkinfon, Chriftophcr, cdnvifted of per- 
jury, xxvi. {211] 

— his recognizances eftreated for pot 
appearing to receive judgment, xxvi. 

petition of the delegates of, 
ed on and rejefted, xxiv. [194*] 

— ftaceof the land forces in North Ame- «-. expejied the houfe of commons for 

rica and the Weft Indies at the end of perjury, xxvi. [222] 

1779, xxiv. [264] .— further hearing on the motion for 

f— an account of the men loft aud difa- amending the record," which was agreed 

bled in North America and the Weft to, xxviL [192] 

Indies from Nov, i. 1774, to the laft ..« the judgment of the court of king'it 

»etum, xxiv. [264] bench on, xxvii. [291] 

•— embarkation returns of troops fent Atkinfon, Richard^ account of his* will, 

to any part of North America or the xxvii. [234] 

Weft Indies in i778,-79,-8q, xxiv. Auctioneer j trial by which he was de^ 

clared refponfible to the proprietor for 
goods fold to a creditor of the pro- 

prietor, xxx. 


Auguftus prince j his reception at Rome, 
and is offered apartments in the Va- 

— an account of all the men raifed from 
Sept. 29, 1774, to Sept. 29, 1780, 
xxiv. [266] 

«— debates in parliament on fome alte- 
rations introduced into the mutiny bill tican, xxxiv. i*t 
refpeaing brevet officers, and carried, Auftria ; archduke and archduchefs vifit 
xxviii. [f 08 — 110] Oxford, Blenheim, Stow, and Nune- 

— . lord Mordaunt's account of the ftate j^^m, xxviii. [208I 

of the army a few months before the Aylette, Edward, fcntenced for perjury, 
•reftauration, xxviii. 172. xxvii. [247] 

— the arrangement uf rank between the hjs cale of perjury argued before the . 

King's ami the Eaft India company's lords, and the judgment affirmed^ 
officers, xxx. [200] xxviii. [205] 

*— cafe determined, that no fccurity is .^ ftands in the pillory, xxviii. [*X3 J 
good on half- pay, xxxiii. 24*. ^ 

Artificers 5 conviftions for feducifig ar- 
tificers to go abroad, xxvii. [2*7] 

Artillery 5 trials with a carronade t« 
carry a hundred pounder, made atLeith, 
xxiv. [194] 

*— ifxamination of cadets, xxxi. [2*7] 

Arts and fciences ; the American aca- 
demy of, eftablifhed in the midft of the 
war, xxiv. [20] 

^rts. Society of ^ pricey adgudge^ iH 
J78t, xxiv, [x6$] 


BAICER* W. elq. J his addreft to the 
electors of Hertford, after having 
loft his election, xxvii. [176] 
Balloon, air 4 mr. CtoibvtiivxA^'Hsw^'^^ 


Balloon, air ; account of the afcent and 
voyage of count Zambeccari,- and fir 
E. Vernon, near Tottenham-court- 
road, xxvii. ["-27] 

— mr. Decker's voyage from Briftol, 
xxvii. [230] 

— col. Fivzpatrick's voyage from Ox- 
ford, xxvii. [234.] 

•*- major Money's voyage from Nor- 
wich, which defcended in the fea| 
xxvii. [237] 

•— an account of mr. Blanchard*s flight 
acrors the Engtilh channel, wiih di\ 
JefFeries j together with two letters 
after their artival at Calais, xxvii* 

•— particulars of the death of M. Pilatre 

duRoficre and M. Romain, from their 

balloon taking fire, xxvii. [3*8] 

•— fuccefsfully conllru^lcd at Conftan- 

tinople, xxviii. [54.] 

— rejefted by the emperor of Germany 
and the king of Pruflia, and abfolutely 
forbidden in RuiTia, xxviii. [55] 

^ Blanchard's twenty - feventh excur- 
. fion, from Poway in Flanders, xxviii. 

»— JLunardi's unfuccefsful attempt at 
Newcaftle upon Tyne, in which mr. 
Heron was killed, xxviii. [109] — See 

BambricJge, mr. difcharged from his con- 
finement in the king's bench, xxvii. 

Banbury church falls down, xxxii. [227] 

Bank ar Dublin inllituted, xxv. [228] " 

— 600,000 1. fublcribed for cftablifhing, 
xxvi. [198] 

— ^ opened, xxvi. [208] 

Bank of England ; eledion of Dirc£lors, 

xxiv [X73] 
*— makes agreement with government 

to renew their charier ior 25 years, 

xxiv. f/So] 
— . meeting of proprietors for increafc of 

intereit, and a of 8 per cent, on 

the capital, xxiv. [192] 
-— gains a caufc in refufing to pay a bill 

ftolei< from it, xxvi. [197] 

— mclfage from, to the lldck- exchange, 
xxvi. [205] 

— tU6lion of governor and direftors, 
xxviiil [200] 

•— Itock halt-y<:arly dividend declared at 
3-^ per cent. xx*. [199] 

— efcflion of direftors, xxx. [202] 

-^ Michaelmas dividend declared 3*-:^ per 

c^nt. xxx. [215] 
^*- rotes -y trial how far a payment made 

in I ank notes maybe Itiled a payment 

tn m^my, xxxii. [196] 
fian^ dj; Peterihiugh j account of a bank 

781 to 1792. 

opened by the emprefs pf Kuffij« 

xxviii. [149] 
Bank of Peterfburgh ; to a£^ as an iiu 

furance office againil fire, xx/iii. [950] 
r— obje6lions to the plan, under a de* 

fpotic government, xxviiL [151] 
Bank at Philadelphia eitabli(hed in.1780, 

xxiv. [20] 
Bankers, draft on i decifion of a jury 

contrary to the opinion of the court of 

king's bench, on a reafbnable time alt 

lowed for prefenting for payment, xxv. 

Banl^iupt ; 2,225 1* ^' bank notes feiz«l 

in the apartments of a bankrupt in the 

king's bench, xxvi. [221] 

— trial on at Oxford, xxviii. [20$] 

— petition to expunge an anfwer givei^ 
by fie bankrupt, that he had loit five 
pounds by a game at cards, by whicl\ 
he was precluded from obtaining his 
certificate, and the petition rej«led, 
xxx. [209] 

^ — 116 in 175%, 709 in 9788, xxxii. 

Barre', mad. de ; order of chancery foe 

the re-delivery of her jewels» xxsii* 




Barrington, adm. ; the command of tl^e 

chapnel fleet offered to hiin» and n* 

fufed, xxiv. [^4] 
Barrington, George j trial of, for pick- 
ing mr. Townfend's pocket ot hii 

vvatch, with his defence, and fpeecboa 

receiving fentence, xxxii. [216] 
Bate, rev. nir. fent to the king*8 bench 

for a year for a 1 ibel on ^he duke o( 

Richmond, xxiv. 183. 
Bath 5 rtate of 'the poll for M.P» 17841 

xxvii. [187] 
Batteries, floating; ufed with effcft at 

the fiege of Gibraltar, xxiv. [7} 
Bedford; ibte' «»f the poll for M.P. 

1784, xxvii. [187] 
^eggar, taken uu with 631!. 10s. on 

him, committed to be tried as an iin* 

poilor, xxxiv. 49*. 
BwUibrid^e, mr. late accountant of the 

pay office, fentenccd by the coiut of 

king's bench, xxvi. [221] 
Bencoolen, and Prince of Wales^siilandj 

ilate of the cxpences of, xxxii. 85. 
Bill of exchange : trial to recover the 

value of, xxiv. [179] 

— a (lamp duty laid on from Aiiguft i| 
1782, xxv. [212] 

— verdi6l refpefting a l>ill drawn to t^ 
perl'ons not- partners, mud faie indorijfd 
by both before it is negotiable, xxfi* 

-^ trial refpefling acconimodatxm nott^ 
Ta\\ock \ . Ylmvi> -aoi* twil 


J5i 11 of exchange; trial rcfpefting one in- and old meeting, and dr. JPrlcftley'a 

dorfed by a perfon of the fame name as hou(e at Fairhill, xxxiv. [313] 

the perfon to whom it was made paya- Birmingham ; various other houfes in 

ble, XXX ii. [224] the neigbourhood dtftroyed by Ihe 

— cafe determined, of not being liable rioters, xxxiv. [313] 

to a pr jtelt until the day after the day -7- appealed by the interference of the 

they become due, and bill after fight military, xxxiv. [313] 

not fuhjeft to proteft, and that only — the magiilrates uiider the neceflity of 

fixpence to be paid for protefting, temporizing with the rioters^ xxxiv* 

xxxiii. 9*. [5^4] 

Birmingham | an account of a violent — fcveial of the ringleaders apprehended, 

riot there in coniequence of an adver- two of whom were executed at War- 

tifement for a meeting to commemorate wick, and one at Worceller, xxxiv*. 

the French revolution, xxxiii. 29*. [3*4] 

— copy of a feditious hand-bill delivered — dr. Prieftley writes an appeal to his 
on theoccafion, xxxiii. 19*. country and the world, which is rc- 

— an account of the houfes deftroyed, plied to in defence of the clergy and 
and other damages committed by the inhabitants of Birmingham, xxxiv. 
rioters, xxxiii. 30*. [3X4> 3^5] 

— proclamation of a reward of 100 1. for — mr. Whitbread's motion to addrefs 
apprehending every perfon concerned the king refpe6ling the condu£V of the 
in the riots, aiid lool. for the author, magiihates, and debate on the motion j 
printer, or publifher of the hand-bill, negatived, 46 to 189, xxxiv. [372] 
xxxiii. 32*.. Bifhops j dr. Seabury confecrated, by the 

— addrefs of that^ks to his majedy voted Scotch prelates, a bi(hop of the pro- 
for his care during the riots, and va- teftant church of New England, xxvii. 
rious thanks and rewards, xxxiii. 34^. [232] 

— baron Perrin's charge to the grand — catholic bifliop of Baltimore confe- 
jury on the trial of the rioters, four crated, xxxi. [224] 

of whom are found guilty and left for Blackfriars bridge ; the receipts and djf- 

exccution, xxxiii. 36*. burfements for 1782, xxvi, [202] 

•^— two executed, xxxiii. 39*. Blagden, dr. receives fit Godfrey Cop, 

— two of them pardoned, xxxiii. 41*. ley's medal for his two papers on 

— damages, given to dr, Prieltley and congelation, xxx. [222] 

others, xxxiv. 16*. Blenheim vifited by the king and royal 

— houies of ill fame deftroyed in con- family, xxviii. [208] 

Sequence of a foldier being murdered Bligh, captain ; receives a prefent of 

in one, xxxiv. 22*- 500I. from the Weft India merchants. 

— a warrant receives the royal fignature for fervices on that ftation, xxxiv. 3*. 
for the payment of 2,000 1. to the — fent to the South Seas in fearch of 
truftees of the meeting-boufe, xxxiv. the Bounty's mutineers, with an ac- 
33*. count of the lofs of the Pandora, 

— an enquiry threatened by oppolition xxxiv. 18*. 

into the conduct of adminiftration for Blindnefs ; mrs. Helen Bettenfon*s legacyt 

culpable partiality, xxxiv. [310] of io,oool. in addition to mr. Hethc^ 

— a .feftival ojtt the i4lh of July intended rington's charity, xxxi. [193] 

tq be held there, xxxiv. [312] Bodies found in the chalk at Margate, 

-— the diflentions between the diftenting fuppofed to have lain there 1,500 years, 

and church interefts at, xxxiv. [312] xxxiii. 12*. 

— a hand-bill of a moft inflammatory Botany Bay j the firft fending of con- 
defcription difperfed there, xxxiv. vifts to inl788, xxx. [205] 

[312] — expences of the fetilement of New . 

-— the idea of celebration at firft relin- South Wales to Feb. I79i> xxxiii. 

quifticd, but finally refolved to be held 17*. 

in defiance of all clamour, xxxiv. — extraordinary efcape of ieveral con- 

[3.13] vi6ls from, xxxiv. 28*. 

— on the 14th of July the hotel where Boughton, fir Theodofius 5 capt. DoneL 
the dinner had been ordered is fur- Ian tried and executed for the murdei: 
rounded by crowds, of people, who of, xxiv. [172] 

are augmented, and proceed to break Bouille, marquis de, receives the thanks 

the windows, deftioy both the new and a piece of ^U.tft^^T0k.>5oR^'«^'^^ 

INDEX, I 78 I to 1792. 

men infereftcd in Grenada and other the oak which fheltered fir W. Wsd« 

"Weft India inlands, for his humanity, lace at the Battle of Palktrk, to the 

&c. in his feveral couquefts, xxvii. prefident of the United States of Ame- 

[183] rica, xxxiv. 7*. 

Bounties ; trial at Edinburgh on a claim Buchanan, George, Scots hiftorian and 

of bounties for heiTing-buffes, xkW, poet ; monument erected to hit nfc- 

[198] mory at Kelbearn, xxxi. [210] 

Bounty (loop ; an account of the mira- Bucks ; contefted ele£tion for MJ*. 17841 

culous efcape of capt. Bligh of the, xxvii. [189] 

xmi. [252] Bnckingham-houfe ; John Belville cod« 

Bounty mutineers 5 trial of^ xxxiv. 39*. vifted of a robbery in, xxxiii. ii*. 

--* three executedt xxxiv. 42*. Buckle-makers petition to the prince of 

Bourne, lieut. Charles j judgment of the Wales, xxxiii. 54*. 

court of king*s bench on him for an Bulam ; the fettlement there entirely de- 

aflault on fir James Wallace, and a featcd, xxxiv, 43*. 

libel, xxvi. [210] Bullock felled with a man^s fift, xxxiv. 

Boxing: match } Humphreys and Mtn- 41*. 

doia, at Odiham, xxx. [198] Burgoyne. major-gen. fir John, hart. 5 

— Watfon and Jones, "J ^ trial of, by a court-martial in the Eaft 

— Ward and Reynolds, f at Brighton, Indies, and acquitted, xxviii. [193] 

— Tyne and Earl, f xxx. [210] Burial ground of St. James's chapel, near 

(Earl killed) J Tottenham - court - road, confecrated, 

— Johnfon and Ryan, at Bigglefwade, xxxi. [227] 

xxxii [199] , Burke, mr. $ debates on his bill for a re- 

— Humphreys and Mcndoza, at Stilton, form of the civil lift, xxiv. [180*— 1 
xxxi. [206] 183*] 

— Ward going down to Stilton is chal- — the bill reje^led on the fecond reading^ 
lenged by Swain a blackfmith at En- xxiv. [183*] 

field, who is killed, xxxi. [206] — his motion foi an inquiry refpcQing 

— Ward tried and found guilty of man- the capture of St. Euftatms debated 
(laughter, xxxi. [210] on and rejefted, xxiv. [195*] 

fc- an account of the mode of, at prefent — ir.ftalled lord reftor of the univerlity 

pi-a6lifed by the moft celebrated pro- ofGlafgow, xxvii. [187] 

fefl'ors, xxxi. [258] — verfus printer of the rublic Adver* 

— Perrins and Johnfon, at Banbury, tifer, xxvii. [197] 

xxxi. [258] — his houfe at Beaconsfield broke opes 

— Jacombs and Big Ben, xxxi. [260] and robbed, xxvii, [202] 

— George jhe Brewer and Pickaid, xxxi. — letter to mr. Montague on the fubje^l 
[260] of the cenfure moved in the houfe of 

Brandt, col. Jofeph, king of the Mo- commons rcfpe6ling words fpoken by 

hawks; arrival of, in England, xxvii. him in Weftminftcr-hall, xxxi. [273] 

[248] -— the univerfity of Dublin confers LLJ&* 

Bread-fruit tree 5 a fliip preparing for on him, xxxiii. i». 

tranfporting it to the Weft Indies, — cafe of the fuffering clergy of France, 

xxix. [207] ^ ^ refugees in the Britifh dominions, fup- 

Brewing 5 patent granted for retaining pofed to have been drawn up by Mm, 

the effential oil of Hops in," xxxiii. xxxiv. 122*. 

48*, Burt, Samuel, convi£led of forgery } his 

Bridge to be erc£led over the river Peafe, particular cafe, xxxii. [aap] 

near the old Camda, Edinburgh, xxv, 

Bnrtol 5 ftate of the poll for M. P. 1 784, 

xx\'ii. [190] C. 
— - earl of ; letter to king Chai Ics II. 

Newport, July 3, 1658, xxviii. 163. - 

Brodie, mr. apprehended for robbing the /CALCULATION ; wonderful power of 

Edinburgh bank, xxxh [207] . ^ in a black flave, xxx. [*ao] 

•— trial of, for breaking into the general Cambridge 5 two gold medals, given by 

cxcife office for Scotland, and con- the duke of Grafton, afligned to mr. 

vifted, xxx. [214] Geo. Law and mr. Robert Pcdlcy, 

Jtochan. eaii of, prefents a box made of xxiv. [171] 

# Cambridge} 


Cambridge $ fSat fubjefl for two prizes Clergy 9 anniverfary of the HewarSt «f 

given by the members of parliament^ the fons of the— . 

xxiv. [172] 1781, xxiv. (1773 

«-> Norrifian prize alHgned to mr. James lySzj xxv. [108] 

Whiteley, xxiv. [173] i7?5> xxvii. L*33l 

•- univeruty J ftatc of the poll for M. P< i7^6i xxviii. [zoz] 

1784., xxvii. [187] 1788, xxxi. [208] 

— prizes afligned^ xxvi; [210] — ^ diftrellbd Itate of a poor Welfli curate^ 
^— commencement, xxxii. [209] who is relieved by the duke of Chan> 
Carleton, fir Guy, returned trom New dos prefenting him to a living of 120U 

York, xxvii. [177] a year, xxx. [196] 

Carliiley lord i return of from Ireland, — - mr. Stock^s bencfaflioti to curates^ 

xxv. [206] xxxii. [193] 

Cancers ; pitch a radical ciire for, xxvi, Clerkenwell prilbn ; difturbance in, in 

[222] which the three ringleaders were killed^ 

Cairon manufactory of iron 9 ftate of, x«v, [191] 

XXXI. [22 1 J —the elbape of Oxley, a mail robber, 

tCatholics i petition of the Englifli ca- from, xxxiii. 45*. 

.tholic diffenters to the commons, xxxi. Clinton, fir Henry 3 vote of thanks to, 

[324] xxiv. [157] 

Chancellor, lord (Thuriow) ; his houfe Cloth, made of hop ftalks $ a premjom 

broke open, and robbed of the great of 20 guineas given by the fociety c£ 

feal, &c. xxvii. [185] arts for, xxxiii. 26*. 

f^ Francis Storer, at his execution for Clutterbuck; proceedings againft him iv 

•another crime, owned to his having France for a forgery on the bank of . 

been privy to the ftealing of the great England, xxvii. [198} 

f(^, X3cvii. [247] Coals ; 11,000 tons coninmed weekly at 

Charity fchools ; the firft general anni- the Carron manufa6lory, xxxi. [221} 

verfary of, 1782, xxv. [225] Coal.pit; finkine in of one at Stanlqf 

Charles ll. 9 the tei-ms offered by him in Northumberland, xxxiv. ii*. 

to general Monk, after the death of Coaches, Englilh ; the rage for in France^ 

Cromwell, :!^xviii. 168. xxvii. [232] 

•** letter to gen. Monk, May 21, 1660,- Coinage of 75,000!. of filver, xxix. 197. 

xxviii. 173. Coke, T. W. efq. 5 his addrefs to the 

Chartres, due de j arrival of, at London, freeholders of the county of Norwich, 

xxvii. [t98] / at the eleftion 1784, xxvii. [277] 

— returns to France, xxvii. [200] Colchefter ele6Hori 5 the numbei's equal, 
Chatham, William eai-l of; a defcription the mayor made a double return, xxxm 

of the cenotaph to his memory creeled 223. 

in Guildhall, with the infcription, xxv. Colours at St. James'*s taken away by a 

[223] maniac, xxxii. 197. 

— - freedom of Dublin conferi-ed on him. Comet expelled in 1 788 ; an aftronomer 

xxviii. [207] to be fent to the Society ifles to make 

Chefs 5 mr. Philidor (blind-folded) plays obfervations, xxix. [207] 

two gentlemen at the fame time, xxix. Conftable ; \^omen competent to ferve 

[205] that office, xxx, [204] 

•— three games played by Philidor, Conftitutional fociety; the progrefs of 

blind-folded, xxxii. [196] the affiliated focieties . in England 

China ; account of an European who checked by the publication of mr« 

vifited Canton in chara61ev of a Chi- Burke's reflections, xxxiii. [115] 

nefe, xxxiv. 47*. * — applauds and circulates Paine's 

Chrilbnas ; mufic ufed at, at Naples, << Rights of Man,** and other pam<^ 

XXV. II. ^ phletsoffimiiar tendency, xxxii i.[ 1 1 5] 

Civil lift $ debate on mr. Burke^s bill — fend congratulations to the jacobin 

for a reform of the, xxiv. [i8o*] focieties in France, xxxiii. [115] 

— - the bill reje£led on the fecond reading, — this and other clubs echo the boafts 

xxiv. [183*] of the national aflembly, xxxiii. [122] 

Clergy ; a decifion in the cau(e, Ffytche •>— danger to be apprehended from thefe 

▼mus biflbop of London, that bonds clubs, xxxiii. [126] 

of general rehgnation were not illegal. Continental connections ^ debate on tlie 

xxv. [194] propriety of ^xct.\^\\ 


Continental wars ; the impolicy of, xxx. 

Contra(5>ors ; the bill for excluding con- 
tractors from being members of par- 
liament, rejcfted, xxiv. [188* J 

Convicts on board the prifon (hip at 
i'ortimouth rile upon their keepers, 
and eight (hoi, xxviii. [198 J 

Cook, captain j medals (truck to his me- 
mory by the Koyal Society, xxvU. 


Cooper, lord; trial refpe6ling .whetlitr 
he was to pay for diamoiids proved to 
have been delivered iuto the poft-oti'ice 
without being infured, xxix. [200] 

Cobtc, fir Eyre J an account of his tune- 
ral at Plymouth, xxvii. [201 J 

Copper permitted to be carried to tlic 
Ealt Indies, xxiv. [192] 

Co»-bet, liciit. gov. of jerfey ; fentence of 
tlie court martial, xxiv. [180] 

Cordage; improved mill for making, 

XXXI V. 12*. 

-*— a new invention for making cables, 

xxxiv. JO*. 
Com I exports and imports for 

1781, xxiv. [262] 

1782, XXV. [284] 

J 78 3, xxvi. [301] 
1784., :fxvii.[294.J 

1785, xxvii. [339] 

1786, xxviii. [245] 
J 787, xxix. [260] 

1788, xxx. [257] 

1789, xxxi. [279J 

1790, xxxii. [269] 
179X, xxxiii. 108*. 
1792, xxxiv. 177*. 

Corn-fidors caufe dt-icnnincd in the 
lioufe of lords, xxvi. [206] 

— conllilte<l on agreeing to a rcqucft 
• from France for 20,000 ficks of 

flour, and a^ivife not to comply with 
it, xxxi. [:i6] 
Cornwall is, carl j vote of thanks to^ 
xxiv. [157] 

— the ireedom of the city of London 
voted to, xxxiv. 41*. 

— hii nanativcof his campaign in 1792, 
down to the peace with Tippoo, 
xxxiv. 89*. — "^ee America, and India, 
Kait, in History of Europe. 

Cotton iTiills ere6fed in Scotland, and 
the care taken of the health and tuition 
of the children, xxxiv. 33*. 

Counterfeit halfpence j Weltminftcr pe- 
tition againll, xxvi. [196] 

Courtenay, lord ; account of a ball given 
by him, xxxiv. 19*. 

Court martial ; feiitence cf lieut. gov. 
Corh^tt, of Jerfey, xxiv. [180 J 

^— ot captain Squnes, of the Ariadne 5 

781 to 1792. 

captain Agnew, of the F- 
tarn Kains, of th" 

— of captam ?. 

xxiv. [181' 
•*- on c;ii ■ 

th- ■• 

a:c ; • 

— itntvli:"'". ■ ■ 

for wririi ;•, •.. 
duke of Ki' i. i-.- 
of the orJ.Tir. c. 

— trial and acqu.ii.i' . . 
John JJurgoyn-?, h.i:. .i. • 
Indies, y.x\ ili. [19: J 

— on major John Bi^wn, i : ;. . 
regiment, by which liie ai.ii;:: 

court martials are fuppor;,;ii, :. 


— on lieutenants Wall and Li:c:i:. l; 
the Phaeton, for. luifcring iliciv.i'flvti 
to be beat en by the furj;eon without 
calling him to a court meitial, xxx. 


-7t- oi capt. Dawlbn, of the Phaeton, who 
was difnnllcd from the fervice, xxx. 

— at Portfmouth, on the mutineers of 
tlie Bounty, xxxiv. 39*. 

Creipigny, mr. ; a foldicr of the bank 
piquet, found guilty of an alfault on, 
xxx. [219] 

Ciim.con. 5 Foley v. lord Pctcrboroughy 
xxvii. [225] 

— Sand'jn v. Durourc, 5oqI. damages, 
xxvii. [227] 

— - capt. Parliow v. Sykes, io,oooI. da- 
mages, xxxi. [229] 

— Mariii) v. Petrie, io,oool. dannages,- 
xxxiii. 52. 

Culpepper, lord ; letter to lord chancellor 

Ilyde, AiniUrdam, Sept. ao, 1658, 

xxviii. 166. 
Cumberland, duke and duchefs '(ct off 

for Paris, xxvi. [221] 
•^ partake of the diverfion of huntiog 

with tlie king of Naples, xxviii* 


— duke of J ftle of his library and,inQ- 

fical inlinimcntSi xxxiii.- lo*. 
Curtis, fir Roger i fept as envoy to the 
court of ^J[orocco, xxvi. [204] 

— confirms former tjcntiqs, &c. xxn» 

CuHoms \ r 

the co:: 

— tl-..; 


DAEa, lord, ftruck « fl' ♦..: -j 
freeholders of the ikw.iii:y 1 1 K < 
cudhright, xxxiv. 7*. 
Parhy, admiral, appointed to i\i:ce .'. -t - 
miral Gtsary in th? command or :... 
channel flettjxxiv. [4.] 
parien company ; the origin and ivt 1:, — 
with pariiculars rtlativc to Patc:;c:. 
the projcftor, xxx. 209. 

— the part taken in it by Fletcher, '.: — 
Saltoun, xxx. XI 3. 

Debating focitty fupprtiTrd by the lord 
mayor, xxxiv. 46'. 

Debtors ; the number confir-ei in Eng- 
land, xxxiv. 35*. 

— in Newgate, picfcnt a ptii'ijn t'^ par- 
liament to be trar.porrei to Nc^v 
South Wales, xxix. [ 1 1 5] 

— a bill brt>ught in by mr. Saw'bfii?e, - 
which pafics the c^inmo'. , bjt it- - 
jccted by tlic Icid.i, :«x".x- [13 J] 

^- the Icid chinctiic. i ij/t-.:- ig-nft 

the bill, ::xix. [is-^ 
.— a gcnilcmur, i;:c.i-i r,r ic'-t c-*». — 

his thioit, v.x'x. \i'/*\ 
^ liberal c'fir t>y i .i:/ f-' rti t: '.f, 

xxxi. [15?] 
Derby ; ic.l> on -r* r. ':,-. ..• -> o: 

palling t-.wUr''., ii#.t:. -r:\ a.^^ ». 

Dsrick, J-h", 'iic^-- --^ :.- ■ ''•'-'- '"-- 

huv iour at ; 
Dciertcr* aid 

of p-:!''-,.' ' 
XXV. [2'- 7 J 
Pevor.fliire-iti.ri j r,.'v.*r;v '.;, /z/ 

H R O N I C L E. 

ith provifions II. a few months before the rcliaiiva- 

tion, xxviii. [170 J 
redoxninant England ; the u caiy of navipjaii^n :iii4 
[142] commerce with Fiance, figncd Jan. 1 5, 

ecaufeof 1787, xxix. [193! 
• ['4-j] "^ provifional ircuy of lUicufivc aillincs 
t HoU figncd with Pruilia, June 13, I'jt^t 
-] XXX. [207] 

h at •— the impolicy of continental war* xxx. 
the [»09] 

en •*- proclamation for the fupprefTion oi 
-'., nots in Durham and Northiiinbciland^ 
xxxi. [204] 
•— tlie caufe and origin of tlie riots at 

Birmingham, xxxiv. [3x0] 
» the admiiers of the French revolution 
conceive a triumph at the cxpulfion of 
mr. Burke from the oppofuion, xxxiv. 
I ;io] 

:'iu members of the revolurion foclcty 
-.'r into a more avowed correipon- 
e with the jacobin clubs in Fiance^ 
V. [31 X. 366] 

• 111 of the piinciprl pcrfon'? in tlut 
ion pjciety, xxxiv. [ >i 1 1 

:.!:^j it the cor.ltitutional and 

!•■ I'.cietits, xxxiv. ( 31 1 j 

--.i-.oration of the 14th of July, 

iv dr. IC';>j»is, and ft-conii-*(i 

• u-..r.--, in the unitaitan in- 

• I : 1 : 1 
. 1- i !.- by the liolerft al 

'nti.'ifcrcnce of tlie 

idcrs rxecu»ed sit 
J I't Wuiftl*er, 

■ »i'!s of the \iitu- 

J . 

•. J .»ii in the nK:tn 
, '.M''^ tin: lo- 

. . , ' '.jl'.*, XXXJV. 
'{ tl.t !••- 

/ / 

t -• • • 




/ / f 

' 3 .' 

■ » • 



PotieTlxn^ captain j convifled and exe- 
cute4 for the murder of ilr Theodo- 
Cu8 Bough ton, xxiv. [172] 

jDrake, admiral ; preiented with the free- 
dom of the city of London, xxv. [iii] 

Drowning ; man faved from, by a dog, 
xxxi. [2243 

Dublin } meeting of thegaild and mer- 
chants on Portugal refufing the entry 
of Irilh manufactures, xxiv, [177] 

«— at a itteeting to conlader of a proper 
perfon to reprefent ; the floor of the 

. yoom breaks in, and many perTons 
much hurt, xxv. [200] 

Duel i Dulany and Allen ^ former killed, 
xxv. [»ii] 

v^ between col. Cofmo Gordon and lieut. 
coi. Thomas, xxvi. [216] 

— mr.Munroandmr.Green,xxvi.[2i9] 
— • in the Eaft Indies, between lord Ma- 
cartney and mr. Sadlier^ xxvii. [230] 

— lord Macartney and general Stuart, 
former woundeil, xxviii. [203] 

i^- duke of York and col. Lenox, with 
the opinion of the ofticers of the Cold- 
. ftream, xxxi. [20S] 

— col. Lenox and *Theophilus Swift, 
efq. xxxi. [215] 

»— mr. Corran and majcr Hobart, in 

Ireland, xxxii. [199] 
1^— fir George Ramfifiy and capt. Macrae^ 

near Edinburgh y former killed, xxxii. 

•— lieut. Franklin, fentence of, for fend- 
ing a challenge to a luperior ofiicer, 
xxxii. [204.] 

•— Povycr and Grumbleton, in Ireland ; 
former killed, xxxii. [205] 

— Macduff and Prince, at Bridlington 5 
latter kilted, xxxii. [207] 

— • Harvey Afton and lieut. Fitzgerald j 

former wounded, xxxii. £209] 
^» Akock and Sewell, xxxii. [209] 

— two in Ireland, xxxii. [210] 

— - Stepliens and Anderron,at Margate; 

the former killed, xxxii. £219] 
— - the latter indicted, and no bill found, 

xxxii. £228] 

— Gr.tham and Julius ; former killed, 
. xxxiii. 28*, 29*. 

•^ earl of LonlUale and capt. Cuthbeit, 

xxxiv. 25*. 
*— mr. Frizell and mr. Clarke ; the 

former killed, xxxiv. 25*. 

— lord Lauderdale and general Arnold, 
xxxiv. JO*. 

l)u Merick, mifs 5 an account of her 
efc^pe irom a nunnery in France, 16 
yeai s after the family paid for her 
funeral, xxv. £199] 

781 to J 7 9'2. 

Dunboyn«, lord, read liit recaiititicMi 
from the errors of popery, xxix« [S17} 

Dundee ; Falconer and Bruce executed 
for breaking into the baoking-offieci 
xxxi. £194.] 

— - robbery of the pod-office at^ xxxk 

— riots at, xxxiv. 44*. 

Dungarvon, vir90unt, tried and (ho- 
nourably} acquitted of a charge of 
' robbing a woman 4£ the town, xxxiii. 

Dunn, John, an account of the murder 
of, in Ireland, xxix. £194.] 

Duroure, count, committed to Newgate 
for firing at the hufband of a lady be 
bad reduced, xxvii. £205] 

•— trial for crim. con. and 500I. da- 
mages given againfl: him, xxvii. £227} 

CARTH} finking of, at Stanley, i^ 
•■-' Northumberland, XXXIV. II*. 
Earthquake, by which the city of Thef- 

falonica is totally overthrown, xxvi. 

Edinburgh, riots at, x^Iv. «4.*. 
Edwsd'd IV. } an account of the examt* 

nation of the coffin of, and vault 

where it was depofited at Windibr» 

xxxi. £203] 
Edyitone lighthoufe^ ; hiftorical account 

of, fird ere^^ed in 1696, xxx*ii. 116. 

— account' of the deliru^ion of, Nov* 
26, 170^, xxxiii. 129. 

— rebuilt in 1706, and deftroyed by 
fire, Dec. 2, 1755, xxxiii. 131. 

— completed by mr. Smeaton in X759» 
xxxiii. 135. . 

— damaged by a florm, xxxiv. 6*. 
Elizabeth, queen ; her pretention to c!a^ 

fical literature, xxiv. 142. 

— her fondnefs of flattery, xxiv. 143, 
Elizabeth, princefs, alarmed by Spang, 

an infane perfon, entering her apart- 
ments, XXX. £206] 

Eliot, John, trial of, for (hooting at mift 
Mary Boydell, xxix. £210] 

Elliot, general, arrival of, from Gibral- 
tar, xxix. [208] 

Ely- place 5 trial refpefling, by which it 
is declaied extra-parochial, xxiv. £167] 

Embargo laid on proviiions in the iflands 
of Jerfey, Guernlcy, Alderney, add 
Sark,xxv. [loo] 

— on veir^ls taking in cargoes for Ame« 
rica, xxvi. £197] 



Sffll>argo oil {htp9 laden with provifions 
taken oft', xxvi. 216. 

Sngbnd'; complaint of the predonainant 
venality of tae people, xxiv. [14a] 

»— the capture of mr. Laurens, thecaufeof 
the rupture with Holland, tuliy. [147] 

— • declaration of hoftilities againft Hoi- 
land, Dec. 20, 1780, XXIV. [14-5] 

•— the objects of the king's fpeech at 
meeting the new parliament, with the 
<ilebate9 thereon, more particularly on 
the objects of the war with America, 
xxiv. [i4'9— 156] 

— iiibftance of the manifefto and de- 
claration of war againll Holland, De- 
cember 20, 1780, xxiv. [i62»] 

•— order of council for the releafe of 
fhips of Holland, detained by the or- 
der of Dec. oo, 1780, xxiv. [167] 

— the humanity (hewn to the £ngti(h 
prifoners in Holland, xxiv. [170] 

^— upwards of 44,000 prifoners chang- 
ed with France during the war, xxiv. 

^- an account of the mert raifed from 
September 29, i774» to September 29^ 
1780, xxiv. [266] 

-— the total indifference to the defperate 
iituation of affairs^ xxv. {126] 

m— letters (ent to the lord mayor, of the 
progrefs of the negotiation of peace, 
November 23, 1782, xxvi. 138. 

•— • number of killed by the laft return 
of mufters from New York, xxvi. 

*— lift of nobility arrived from France, 
xxvi. [205] 

— an order of council pafled for reg^i- 
lating the ti^de with America, xxvi. 

»-> addrelTes Cent from various places on 
the diOniflion of miniftry, xxvii. [179 

— the duke of Dorfet returns from Pa- 
ris, xxvii. [2^8] 

— count d'Adhemar, the French ara- 
balTador, recalled^ xxvii. [238] 

— - right honourable William Eden ap- 
pointed envoy extraordinary to France 
for negotiating commercial arrange- 
ments, xxvii. [247] 

•— mr. Fox's opinion on the probable 
confequence to, of the alliance be- 
tween FjTuice and the ftates-general, 
xxviii. [90] 

— > mr. Pitt's opinion on the connection 
between Great Britain and Hanover, 
with mr. Fox's remarks, xxviii. [93. 

— an account of the ftate of the nation, 
icAt by lord Mo/daunt to king Charles 

.II. a few months before the reftaora- 
tion, xxviii. [170] 
England^ the treaty of navigation a»4 
commerce with France, figned Jan. 1 5^ 
•787, xxix. [19s] 

— provifional treaty of defeniive alliance 
(igned with Pruilia, June 13, 1 78^:9 
XXX. [207] 

— * the impolicy of continental war, xxx. 

— proclamation for the fuppreflion of 
riots in Durham and Northumberksid^ 
xxxi. [204] 

— the caufe and origin of the riots sst 
Birmingham, xxxi v. [3x0] 

•* the admiiers of the French revolutloo 
conceive a triumph at the expulHon of 
mr. Burke from the oppoiition, xxxir* 


— the members of the revolution ibcietjr 
enter into a more avowed correfpon- 
dence with tbe jacobin clubs in France^ 
xxxiv. [311. 366] 

— account of the principal pcribns in the 
revolution fociety, xxxiv. [311] 

— account alfo of the conftitutional snd 
. unitarian focietits, xxxiv. [ji I ] 

— a commemoration of the 14th of July^ 
propofed by dr. ICippis, and feconded 
by dr. Towers, in the unitarian £9^ 
ciety, xxxiv. [311] 

— the damages ^one by the rioters at 
Birmingham, xxxiv. [J13] 

— appealed by the interference of the 
military, xxxiv. [313] 

— two of the ringleaders executed at 
Warwick, and one at Worceficr, 
xxxiv. [314] 

— the fociety of the friends of the pco* 
pie formed, xxxiv. [358] 

— the difference of opinion in the mem- 
bers of oppofition, refpefting the fo- 
ciety of fricTnds of the people, xx»v« 


— obfervations on the views of the re- 
volution, and other focieties, xxxiv. 


— London correfponding fociety form- 
fd, xxxiv. [366] 

— fuppofed grievances intended to be 
removed by the focieties, xxxiv. [36^.] 

— a royal proclamation againrt feditious 
proceedings recommended by mini- 
ttry, xxxiv. [367] 

— proceedings of vaiious focieties rela- 
tive to the affairs of France 5 vir. 
proceedings of the revolution fociety* 
pttblifhed by themfelves in. 1792, 
xxxiv. n8. 

— advertifementft of the fociety for con- 
ilitMtional inforiaiXvitv, >i!A^\NNfcxVi- 

I N t> E 3t, 178* to ligi, 

■ cietiies in torrefpondence with it, and cargo beyond the reach of tte 

xxxiv. 144*. excife laws, xxiv.'[i99] 

England ] lilt of clubs which have met in Excile } proceedings in parliameiit m 

London and Wcftminftei\ for the pur- the confoltdation of| sodx. [105] 

pofe of dilfeminating feditiuus princi- *— evils which prevailed iiiy xxix. [|o6] ' 

pies, xxxiv. 152*. . -*• the bill receives the foyal a£Q»ty 

— - other clubs and focieties correfpond- xxix. [no] 

Ing with the fociety for contiitutional — laws $ objeAions to^ by mr. She* 

information in London j xxxiv. 152^. ridan,xxxii. [90] 

— - account of an Englifh civic feafl: at Execution j an attempt by a robber in 

Whitens Hotel in Paris, Nov. 18, 1792, Ireland to evade juftice by^ meant of 

xxxiv. 153*. flrips of blankets, intended to fiip- ' 

— aflbciations and refolutions in fup- port his weight, xxix. [217] 

port of the conilitution at the latter Eyre and btrahan v« CamaD, xxnr* 
end of the year 1792, xxxiv. 155*. [^77] 

— the declaration of the aflbciation at i 
the Crown and Anchor, xxxiv. iss^* F 

*«- the declaration of the afTociation at 

tlic St. Alban's tavern, xxxiv. 159*. 
-— refolution of the common council of TJ^ather obliged to profecate hit ioi 

London, xxxiv. i6o*. -'- on the vagrant a^l^ in Ireland^ xzsv. 

— declaration of the merchants, bank 35*. 

ers, and traders of London, xxxiv. Fait ; proclamation for, on Feb. 21,1711, 

161*. ' xxiv. [163] 

.— refolutions agreed to by the inha- Faft-day, 1782^ folen^nly oblerved, xzY. 

bitants of St. George, Hanover-fquare, • [ 1 99] 

xxxiv. 163*. ' Femme covert 5 trial of a tradefinan'v. 

— . counter addrefles and refolutions of lady Lans, leparated by confent from 

focietie*, againlt whofe proceedings lord L. he living in Ireland^ (he io 

the foregoiiiEf afTociations were fup- England — therefore confidered as 

pofed to be direfled, xxxiv. 165*. • femme fole, xxvi. [195] 

— addrtfs of the Londoii correfponding Ffytchcv. hifhopof London, xxv. [194] 
fociety to the oiher focietit-s, xxxiv. Fires; in Shire-lane, Temple-bar, xxif. • 
,65*. , [161)^ 

— refolutions of the fociety for confti — near king Edward's ftairs, Wapping, 
tutional information, Dec. 14, 1792, xxiv. [166] 

2xxiv. 167*. \ —200 houfes at Conflantinople, xxif. 

— proceedings of the foeiety of the [i7S] 

friends of the people, at Free Mafon's —cotton mills at Nottingham, xxi/. 
tavern, Dec. 15, 1792, xxxiv. 167*. [197] 

— proceedings of the fcciety of friends — J4.0 flat-bottomed boats at Saint 
to the freedom of the prefs, Dec. 22, Maloes, xxiv. [197] 

xxxiv. 169*. —at Conftantinople, in which 10,000 

Effex, county j fine difcharged on pro- houfes, befides mofques, churches, and 

per rooms being provided for male and other public edifices, are deftroyed, 

female fick prifoners, xxxiv. 21*. July 29, 1782, xxv. [217] 

Euftatius, Saint ; mr. Burke's motion — another dreadful one at Conftantino- 

for an enquiry refpe6^ ing the capture pie, Auguft 21, 1782, xxv. [221] 

of, debated en, and rejefted, xxiv. — at Budin, in Bohemia, xxvi. [197] 

[195*] — at Attendam, in Wef^phalia, xxvi. 

— the petition of the Jews there to ad- [»"] . ^ 
miral Rodney and general Vaughan, — at Querfurt, in Upper Saxony, xxvi. 
xxiv. [308] [213] 

— prize caufes ; two determined by the — at Bcerdorf, in PrufTia, xxvi. [220] 
lords commiflioners of appeal againft — at mr. Seddons, Alderlgaic-llree^ 
the captors, xxviii. [205] xxvi. [220] 

Exchequer ; regulation made in the fa- — two dreadful ones at Conftantinople, 
lary of the officers of, by the houfe of in 1782, xxvii. [26] 
commons, xxvi. [179] — near 10,000 houfes delhoyed at Con- 

{^xcife^ trial rcfpc^iOj^ liit feizing a cutter liantinople, xxvii. [201] 

fires J 


ftrw 5 at Morfley Down, xxvii. [23a] Fires ; Steven's-ftreet, Tottenham-court- 

— at Rxippin, in Pruflia, xxix. 21^. road, xxxiv. 20*. 

— the duke of CourJand's palace -at .— Burton Stacey, nearWinchefter,xxMtr« 
Mittau, in Poland, xxxi. [194-] 20*. 

— attempt to fet fire to the Ruffian fleet — at Grenada, xxxiv. 27*. 

at Copenhagen, xxxi. [204.] — at Birmingham, xxxiv. 35*. 

— Brayton Barfwood, near, Selby, York- — at Liverpool, xxxiv. 35*. 

(hire, xxxi. [205] — at Birmingham theatre, xxxiv. %6^, 

— the Opera-home burnt down, xxxi. — in Little Titchfield-ftreet, xxxiv. ^6K 
[2113 — in Shoemaker-row, Aldgate, ' xxxir« 

— ^ theatre at Manchefter, xxxi. [212] 41* 

— vt^rehoufe of the StafFoixi(hire navi- — at Holbeach,Lincolnihire,xxxiv.44*. 
gation, XXXI, [224] — occaiioned by fire-works at NuneA'* 

— lord Oi-ford's, Houghton-hall, Nor- ton, xxxiv. 44*. 

folkj xxxi. [229] — at Forty-hill, Enfield, xxxiv. 46*. 

— powder mills, near Dartford, blown — the weaving manufartory at Cuck* 
up, xxxii. [211] ney, near Mansfield, xxxiv. 48*. 

— in the dock- yard at Carthagena, xxxi. Fire-fhips ; the refolution neceffary to 
[223] make ule of them with advantage^' 

— at Sciennes, on the fouth fideof Edin- xxiv. [7] 

burgh, xxxiii. 4*. Fitzgerald, Geo. Rob. ^fq. trial of, foe 

*— at the Albion Mills, xxxiii. 74*. the murder of Patrick Randal M'Doa* 

— \p Newgate- llreet, xxxiii. 15*. well, xxviii. [235] 

-.— at Burbage, Wilts, xxxiii. 20*. — execution of, xxviii. [240] 

— at Conftantinople, xxxiii. 21*. Fleet-prifon j account of the" cfcape of 

— at Mancheder, xxxiii. 21*. ', count de Vertaillac, out of, xxxiii. 

— at "Walthamftow, xxxiii. 24*. 45*. 

— in Goodman's-fields, xxxiii. 25*. — Habeas corpus granted againft two 

— powder mill at Ewell blown up, xxxiii. prifoners for an inflammatory hand- 
27*. bill, xxxiv. 47*. 

— M:iry Doran fentenced for fetting her Foley v. lord Peterborough, xxvii. [225] 
houie on fire, xxxiii. 28^. Forgery; the opinion of the judges on 

— • in the admiralty at Am(lerd:im, xxxiii. the cafe of Hevey, on a charge of, xxv. 

35*. . [198] 

— at Cherry Garden Siairs, Rother- — trial and convi6lion of W. W. Ry- 

hithe, xxxiii. 39*. land for, xxvi. [211] 

— at the bank, xxxiii. 44*. — mr. Price, charged with forgery on 

— at a fire-work makers, near Bifliopff the bank, hanged himfelf in Tothii- 
gate-ftrcet, xxxiii. 46*. fields Bridewell, xxviii. [195] 

— cotton mills at Barnford, Derby fliire, — fpeech of Samuel Burt, when aflced 
xxxiii. 47'. by the judge why fentence fliould not 

— a powder invented by M. d'AikJcn, pafs on him, xxviii. [206J 

of Stockholm, for extinguifhing of, —- an account of Samuel Burt, con- 

xxxiii. 47*. vi.^ed for, xxix. [195] 

— at Bugle-hall, near Southampton, ^- Sainuei Burt having refufed pardon, 
xxxiii. 48*. thtinkfully accepts it, xxix. [199] 

— at the duke of Richmond's, Privy- — execution of Sophia Pringle, xxiJf. 
garden, xxxiii, 53*. [^99] 

— " Pantheon, Oxford- Hreet, xxxiv. 4*. -— trial of John Moffat, for, xxix. [208]^ 

— Cotton-mill, at Shi:nield, xxxiv. 8*. — - lingular, on the bank, by one Lamb, 
-•— at Northampton, xxxiv. 8*. xxx. [195] 

— the honfe of parliament at Dublin, — Tho. Pbipps, father and (on, exc- 
xxxiv. 10*. cuted at Shrewfbury, xxxi. [223] 

,— at n>r. Vafey'8,Rufhcomb-houfc, near — Francis Fenton^. bank clerk, xxxiii 

Exeter, xxxiv. 13*-. [s^n] 

— Virginia - Itreet, Ratcliffc - highway, — executed, xxxii. [226] 

xxxiv. 18*. — John Dyer, executed for, xxxii. [214] 

— Evangelift - court, Ludgate - (beet, ■ — by a pretended lord Maffcy, xxxiii. 16*. 
xxxiv. 19*. Fortification of dock- yard's j inflruc- 

— attempt to fet fire to the houfe of com- ticns to the duke of Richmond and a 
mons^ xxxiv.. 20*.. b^;;id of land and fe-i. ^^«.x%^ ^'^ 


tfie expediency of fecuring our dock- 
yards of Portfinouth and Plymouth* 
XXV iii. [95] 

FortiHcations} extra£ls from the reports 
of the board* xxviii. [97] 

Fox, C. J. e:'q. ^ his addreflfes to the 
e!e£lors of Weftminfter during the 
ele^lion of i784yxxvii. [272] 

•* obtains a verdi£l of x 9 5I. damages 
in defending againft mr. Home Tooke^s 
petition againft the Wellminfter elec- 
tion* xxxiv. 19*. 

Francis* mr. his defence againft a charge 
brought againft him by fir Elijah Ini- 
pey* refpe6ling a petition of Nundco- 
mar* XXX. [176} 

-* makes his delence, xxx. [1^7] 

Franklin* dr. return of* to America, xxvii. 

«• Friends of the people j'' focicty form- 
ed, xxxiv. [358. 365] 

•** lord John Ruifel* ' mr. Baker* mr. 
Curwen, mr. Dudley North, and mr. 
Courtenay, v^ithdraw themfclves from 
it, xxxiv. [380] 

Fritl), lieut. John* taken up for throwing 
a ttone into the king^s coach* xxxii. 

«— bill of indi£lment found againft him* 

xxxii. [197] 

— tried at the Old Bailey* and found 
lunatic, xxxii. [204.] 

-— releafed on batl*xxxiii. 51* 


GADS BY* William, executed at Edin- 
burgh ; the many robberies com- 
mitted by him* xxxiii. lo*. 

Gale V. Stewart * trial, xxix. [198] 

G?llini, V. the truftecs of the king's 
theatre ; dfci'.led in favour of the lat- 
ter, xxvii. [205] 

Game ; trial which confirmed the right 
of qualified perfons following hounds 
in purfuit ot game, xxviii. [205] 

Gaming ; all games of chance prohibited 
by tiic emperor of Germany, xxviii. 


— oroliibitcd by the bifliop of Lcii^e, un- 
der penalty of 200 gold florins fcr the 
firll offence, and two years imprifcn- 
mtntfor the f^ogtl, xxx. [203] 

Carter, knights of,' chapter, xxxii. [227] 
Ccnry, adnilral, appointed to fuccccd fir 

Ci'.arlcs Hardy in tiie command of the 

channel fleet, xxiv. [2] 

— falls in with a convoy from Port an 
Prir.Cv, and takes 12 of iheiii, xxiv.[2} 

•«- rrii:Mi« the comuiaud of the fleet* 

781 to 1792. 

General Barker £aft lodia-man i nwBt 
count of the lofs of* xxiv. [x68] 

-Qeoi^ III* vifits adioirai Parker at ds 
Nore* xxi^. [189] 

•— vifits admiral Parker at the Nbic* 
after the engagement on the Dogger 
Bank* xxv; [123] 1 

— meiTage to both honict on the ai&ics 
of Irehnd* ^rith tht debates thereoo* 
XXV. [17SJ 

— - mefla^ on the civil lift expendi- 
ture bill* and debates thereon* zn. 

i^->viht8 Oxford and Blenhcinit xxviiL 

— account of the attempt of Maigazet 
Nicholfon on, xxviii. [23 3 J 

— and royal family psayed for in tin 
nonjuring chapels at Edinburgh vui 
Leiih, xxx. [205] 

— > his vifit to Cheltenham* xxx. [sol] 

— pra er appointed to be ufed during hit 
indifpoiition* xxx. [2511 

•— prayer ufed in all the Jewiih fynagogots* 

xxx. [252] 
-^ prayer ufed in Ireland* xxx. [252] 

— prayer ufed in the Dutch churcoei* 
xxx. [253] 

— prayer ufed in the Roman catholic 
chapels* xxx. [253] 

— debates and proceedings in parKament 
during the illnefs of the kinff* the ap- 
pointment of a regency, &c. X3m» 
[68] viz. 

•— attends a levee* Oflobcr 24* 1788* in 
order to remove the opinion of his ill 
Itate of health* xxxi. [68] 

— the illnefs fettled to a conftant dcK- 
rium the firft week in November* 
xxxi. [68] 

•—the prince of Wales* and the lord 
clrincellor, in concert with the queen* 
take neceffary meafures in his domef- 
tic concerns, xxxi-. [69] 

-^ an exprcfs fent to mr. Fox to haflea 
his return from Italy* xxxi. [69] 

— the parliament meets November io, 
and adjourns for 1 5 days* after a call 
of both houfes was ordered for De- 
cember 4* xxxi. [6^] 

— a lull meetinup of coimcil at White- 
hall, the day before the meeting of psr- 
liamcnt, and the phyficians who had 
attended the king examined on oaSh» 
xxxi. [69] 

— the afiembly of parliament December 
4 ; the minutes of the privy council 
being read in the lords, the further 
ccnfideratiun adjourned to the 8tha 
and fimilar proceedings in the con- 
mons, xxxi. [70] 

— committees appcjnted both by the 


lords and commons, to make fuller George III. ; mr. Sherldan^$ concluding 

enquiry into the cafe, xxxi. [70^ fpeech, load. [98] . 

George IIT.; mr. Pitt's motion for another — the rcfolutions agreed to, font to the 

committee to be appointed by the com- lords, xxxi. [98] 

mons, to examine the Journals, and — proceedings^on the refblutions in thf 

report precedents, xxxi. [70] houfeof lords, xxxi. [98] 

^— obje£led to by mr. Fox, who defends — the refoKitions pafled by the lordsy 

the right of the prince of Wales to xxxi. [104] 

exerciie the fupreme authority during — mr. Pitt communicates the plan of 

the incapability of the king, xxxi. the regency to the prince of Wales, 

[70] xxxi. [106] 

i^- mr. Pitt aflerts the right of the two *- mr. Pitt propofes additions to the re- 
remaining branches of the legiftature, ftri6lions on the regent, xxxi. [106]' 
in behalf of the people, xxxi. [71] — mr. Loveden moves for a further exa- 

*— the committee ordered, xxxi. [72] mination of the phyficians, and after 

—. a fimilar motion, after fome debates, very warm debates a committee ap** 

carried by the lords, xxxi. [72] pointed, xxxi. [107] 

te- the report brought up to the commons, -^ the report brought up January 13, 

December 12, and ordered to be print- ordered to be printed, and ordered to 

ed, xxxi. [72]^ " ' be taken into conHderatiOD, in a com- 

•. mr. Fox's fpeech, explanatory of the mittee of the whole houfe on the i6thf 

former, xxxi. [73] xxxi. [107] 

— mr. Pitf 8 reply, xxxi. [73] » — mr. Pitt opens the bufinefs of the 
^yh. the duke of York's fpeech, December i6th, in which, after reviewing the 

15, xxxi. 1^7 s'i' opinions of the phyficians, he propofes 

^. the duke of Gloucefter*s fpeech, xxxi. to inveil the prince of Wales with th« 

[75] whole ro)al authority, with the follow- 

Ai-. the difcuflHon of the prince of Wales's ing reftri(3ion8-^not to create any peer^, 

right, wi/hed not to be brought for- except of the royal iflue — not to giant 

ward, xxxi. [75] any penfioii, or place for life, or in re-' 

— thi-ee refolutions propofed by mr. Pitt, vei-fion-^to reltrain the regent froia 
December 16, xxxi. [76] exercifin'g any power over the perfonai 

«*- mr. Pitt's fpeech on the rcfolutions, in property of the' king, xxxi. [1 10] 

fupport of the right of the two e(l:ites ^-^ to entruft the care of the royal perlbn 

to provide a third in the prei'eut cafe, and houlliold under the authority of 

xxxi. [76] the queen, with a council whenever 

»— lord North*8 dnfwer to mr. Pitt's ar- (he (hould require thtir advice, ^pcxi. 

guments, xxxi. [78] [no] 

*— the original proportion funported by — Jhe refolutions ftronglyoppofed, firft 

the mailer of the rolls, the lord advo- by mr. Powis, who moves an amend- 

cate of Scotland, the folicitor and at- ment, feconded by lord North, xxxi. 

torney-general, and the attorney-gene- [ 1 1 1 ] 

ral to the queen, xxxi. [79] — mr. Sheridan and colonel Fullerton, 

— * mr. Fox*s fpeech, and mr. Pitt's re- fpeak alfo againft the refolutions, xxxi* 

ply, xxxi. [80— 83] t*'*] 

— the propositions carried, xxxi. [85] — the refolutions fupported by the fpeak- 
*— mr. Pitt's plan, as his majefty's poli- er and mr. Grenville, xxxi. [116] 

tical capacity was intire, th»t he (hould -^ the firil four refolutions carried, xxxu 

appoint commiilionei's to open the pur- [1^9] 

, liaraent, and to give royal aflent to a --»- mr. Pitt moves the fifth refolution of 

bill for appointing a regent, xxxi. committing the care of the king to the 

[85] queen, xxxi. [119] 

•— fir Grey Cooper's fpeech, xxxi. [85] — mr. Pitt, fupported by mr. Dundas 

*-* a review of the precedent brou>^ht for- and the folicitor-general, xxxi. [1*0] 

wards, of the limes of Henry VI. xxxi. — - the limitations objeiled to by l^rd 

[86] Maltland, mr. Gray, and mr. Fox, 

— oppofition to mr. Pitt's plan, by lord xxxi. [120] 

North, mr. Fox, and mr. Burke, xxxi. — the refolutions agreed to, and ordered 

[89] to be delivered to th« lords, xxxi. 

•*- mr. Pitt's reply, xxxi, [9+] ['a»3 

Vol. II. I Qv»H> 


George III. ; proceedings m the lords oh 
the relblutions, xxxi. [iiz] 

— the bifiiop of Landaff's (Watfon) 
fpeech againft the refolutions,xxxi. [122] 

— the refolutions voted and agreed to^ 
xxxi. [17,$'] 

— mr. Pitt moves for a committee to 
wait on the prince of Wales with the 
reiblutionsi and to exprefs the wifhes 
of the commons for his accepting the 
regency, which is carried, and alio by 
the lords, xxxi. [126] 

•— the anfwer of the prince of Wales to 
the two committees, xxxi. [126] 

— proceedings of the committee of the 
lords on the ftate of the nation, xxxi. 

•— at the defire of the duke of York, his 
name, and that of the prince af Wales, 
taken out of the commiflion, xxxi. 

— at the defire of the duke of Cumber- 
land, his name, with that of the duke 
of Gloueefter, taken out of the com- 
iniflion, xxxi . [ 1 2 8 ] 

— - the refolution paffes the ]ords> and alio 
the commons, xxxi. [12S] 

— mr. Burke defends the exclufive right 
of the prince of Wales to the regency, 
xxxi. [129] 

«— > the comml^on to be pafled in the 
kin^^s name, read in the houfe of lords, 
XXX!. [129] 

— mr. Pitt moves for leave to bring in a 
bill to provide for the care of his ma- 
jefty's perfon, and for the adminiflra- 
tion of the regal authority during his 
majefty^s illnel's, xxxi. [129] 

^- mr. Burke's obfervations on the fe- 
cond reading of the regency bill, xxxi. 

— debates on the third reading of the 
regency bill, xxxi, [130 — 137] 

— the regency bill paHes the commons, 
and committed by the lords, February 
17, xxxi. [137] 

*— the king d(fclared by the lord chan- 
cellor to be in a ftate of convalefcencc, 
February 19, 1789, xxxi. [137] 

— the duke of York's addrefs to the 
houie on the occafion, xxxi. [13S] 

— proceedings in the parliament of Ire- 
land on the illnefs of the king^ xxxi. 

— the feffions opened February 5, 1789, 
xxxi. [138] 

— an addrefs moved on the 1 ith by mr. 
Gratton, and carried, requeiting the 
prince of Wales to take on himfelf the 
regency of Irelaiul, during his ma- 
jelly's incapacity^ xxxi. [139] 

781 to I 7 g 2. 

George III. ; a fimilaf addrefs movd 
and carried in the houfe of lords, but 
a proteft entered, figned by 17 lords, 
xxxi. [139] 

— the loid lieutenant refofes to tranfmit 
the addrefs, xxxi. [139] 

— the lord lieutenant's anfwer^ntered on 
the Journal of the commons, xxxi. 

— the lords and commons appoint a 
competent number of their members 
to piefent their addrefs to the priicr, 
xxxi. [139] 

— mr. Orattan moves a vote of cenfufe 
on the loi*d lieutenant, Jbcxi. [140] 

— the fupplies and army pay provided 
only for two montlis, xxati. [141] 

— the committee arrivet in London, 
February 25 (fix days after the king 
had been declared in a ftate of conva- 
lefcencc) and prefcnt the addrefs to tlie 
prince of Wales, with the prince's 
anfwer, xxxi. [141] 

— a new commifllion iflued iii confr- 
quence of the king's recovery, xxxi. 

— fpeech of the commiilioners to tke 
two houfes, XXXI. [142] 

— addreffes of congratulation voted by 
the lords and commons, -xxxi. [143] 

— addreffes to the queen alio vot«il, xxxi. 

[143] ... 

— a thankfgiving fixed for Ap"^ *J> 
when the king goes to St. Paul's, at- 
tended by the lords and commtmsy 
xxxi. [147] 

— pronounced peiieftly free from com^ 
plaint^ February 26, 1789, xxxi. [200] 

-*- rejoicing on his reftoration to heahk, 

being declared ofikiaHyy March lO,^ 

xxxi. [202] 
•— has private audiences with the foitip 

miniftcrs, March 11, xxxi. [202] 
--- proclamation for a general thuskf* 

giving, April 23, xxxi. [204] 
*— reception of the queen and &mily t 

Coven t Garden theatre, xxxi. [205] 
-— remunerations fetded on the phyficaoi 

who attended him in his illnefs^ xxxi. 

— in danger of his carriage beirg over- 
turned in Colnbrooke river^ xiad« 


— form of prayer for the recoverv of Wi 
health, xxxi. [249] 

— • an account of the proceflion 10 St. 

Paul's on the day of thanklgivii^ ftir 

his recovery, xxxi. [249] 
•— an account of the gala given by the 

princefs royal at Wixtdtofi May Tf 

xxxi. [252J 


: C H P O N I C L E. 

Ocorge IIT. 5 French ambaffador's gala, George III. 5 fccond anf^jver of the priUcc 

3^^"'*« [*53] °^ Wales to the deputation from both 

— grand gala at Ranelagh, xxxi. [is+l houfes of parliament of Ireland, xxxi. 
— - Spinim ambaiTadgr^s gala, xxxi. [315] ' 

[154.}' — addrjfs of the houfe of com mans of 
-— an account of his journey to Wey- Ireland to the prince of Wales, on his 
mouth and Pl3rmouth, xxxi. [161] final anfwer, xxxi [316] • , 

— the copy of the report of the com- •— proteft of the lords agami^ the addrefs ' 
miitec appointed to examine the phy- of thanks to the princeof Wales, xx«. 
ficians, xxxi. [287] [3^7] 

— refolutions of the commons delivered — fpecch of the lord lieutemnr to bdth 
to the lords December 13, 1788, xxxi. hcufeS, March 14, xxxi. [318] 

[3 96 J — aJtlit-fs of the houfe of loixis of Irc- 

— prote*i of the lords on the regency, land to the king, xxxi. [319] 

xxxi. [297] — addrtfs of the houfe of commons of 

^— mr. Pitt's letter to the prince of Ireland ^o the king, xxxi. [320] ' 

Wales, December 30, with the prince's — /peech of the lord lieutenant at the 

anfwer, xxxi. [298] clofe of the feilion. May 25, xxxi, 

•— refolirtions agreed to by the lords and [ 3 - 1 ] 

commons, and prefented to the prince — addrefles of the -lord mayor, &c. x)f 

of Wales, Januaiy 30, xxxi. [302] London, on the king^s recovery, xxxi* 

— pmtefts of the lords again ft the rcfo- [321] - 
hitions, xxxi, [303] — addrels of the lord mayor, Sec, of Dub- 

— the prince of Wales's anfwer to the lin, on the king's recovery, jcxxi* 
refolutions, xxxi. f 305] [3^3] 

— refolutions agi-eed on by the lonjs — addrefs of tJw Protefhint and Roman 
and commons, prefented to the queen, catholic inhabitants of Waterfoitl, on ' 
January 30, with her anfwer, xxxi. the fame occafion, xxxi. [323] 

[305] — a copy of the hill to provide for the 

— • fpeech of carl Bathurft, in the nnme crire of his majefly's perfon, and 4br 

of the lords commiffioners to declare ^ the adminlftration of the royal autho- 

certain caufes of the meeting of parlia- rity, dtiring the continuance of hit ma- 

mcnt, xxxi. [306] " jefty's illnefs, xxxi. [343] 

-i- fpeech of the \(fird chancellor, March — his mtfi'jge to l>oth houfes, rei{>e6Ving 

10, xxxi. [306] two vleflcls fcized on the nonh weft coaft 

*- Vlie addrefs of the houfe of commons of America, by two Spaniftimenof war, 

to the king, xxxi. [308] xxxti. [95] 

— fpeech of the marquis of Bucking. — his melfage refpefting a penfion tatk*. 
ham, at the meeting of the Irifh par- Willis, xxxii. [99] 

liament, February 5, 1789, xxxi, — ftone thrown into the ftate coach by 

[309] lieutenant Frith, xxxii. [194] ^ 

— addrefs prefented by the delegates of — John Derick taken up for riotous be- 
both houfes of Ireland to tb^ prince of haviour, on being refufed to be intro- 
Wales, February 27, xxxi. [310] duced to the king, xxxii. [195] 

•— proteft of the peers of Ii%land againft — birth day, xxxii. [207] 

the addrefs to the prince of Wales, — and fararly go to Weymouth, xxxi it. 

X2xi. [310] 38*. 

•— anfwer of fhe lord lieutenant to the — return from Weymouth, xxxiii. 45*. 

addrefs of both houfes, requefting him — arrives at Weymouth, xxxi v. 36*. 

to tranfmit the addrefs to the prince of — Vilits 'Dorcheller gaol, and liberates a 

• Wales, xxxi. [312] debtor, xxxi v. 40*. 

«— proteft of the minority of the Irifti Gibraltar ; rewards and honours con- 
lords agaanft the refolutions, aflcrting ferredon the defenders of, xxvi. [217] 

* the right to declare a prince regent, — communication opened with the Spa- 
xxxi. [313] nifii continent 0£lobei* 3, 1783, xxvi. 

*<- proteft of the lords againft the vote [^i*] 

of cenfure on the lord lieutenant, xxxi. — - rnedal ftruck to commemorste the gal- 

[31 3] lant defence of, xxvii. [236]«K' 

•— anfwer of the prince of Wales to the Glafgow univcrfty ; the hon. Edmund 

addrefs prefenud by iho, ddcgates. Burke inftalled lord re^or of, xxv4l<. 

^i. [314] Ct«73, _,^ 


Globes } a pair of magnificent, intended 
as a prefent to the emperor of China, 
by the king, viewed by him, xxxiv. 

Glouceftf r, duke and duchefs of ; arrival 

of at Berne, xxv. [214] 

— meet the emperor of Germany at 
Oltend, xxvii. [12] 

— returned from the continent> xxvii« 

Gao^ at Chelmsford; relolution of the 
quarter feflion to relift the fine for not 
having feparate apartments for male 
and female invalids in the prifon, 
xxxi. [224] 

— lord Loughborough oiders that it 
(hould not be eftreaied, xxxi. [227 J 

Gold J large ingots xfound in breaking up 
an old Spanish (hip, xxxiii. 13*. 

Gordon, lord George j indiftment of, in 
the king'^s bench, for high treafon, 
xxiv. [164.] 

— tried and acquitted, xxiv. [167] 

— his trial at length, xxiv. [217—244] 

— his correfpondence with lord North 
and lord Southampton, xxiv. [244 

— copy of a note from, to the earl of 
Shelburne, xxv. 281. 

— letters between him .and mr. Pitt, re- 
fpffting the allowance of fe^men be- 
ing employed by Holland againft the 
emperor, xXvii. [2S8] 

, — excommunicated, xxviii. [201] 
. • — , apprehended in the houfe of a Jew at 
Birmingham, and fent to the king's 
bench, xxix. [228] 
•-* proceedings on two informations againft 
him, one at the fuit of the French am- 
baflador, for a libellous publication 
againft the queen of France and M. Bar- 
thelemy, and the other for a libel inti- 
tuled, « The Priibners Petition,'' xxix. 

i~ caufes hand bills of texts of fcrlpture 

to be printed, tending to alienate from 

• his m?jcfty the aft eii ions of the people, 
XXX. [222] 

Goi manftown, lord ; an account of the 
removal of, trom Ireland to Lei-e, 
xxix. [213] 

Governeur and Curzon, enlarged on bail, 
xxv. [202] 

Granger, James, fentence of, for having 
taken an a6live part in the combina- 
tion of weavers in Glafgow, xxx. 

CiraflV, count de ; arrival of at Portfmouth, 
and entertained by fir Peter Paiker, xxv. 

Guardian,, bii majefty^s ftiip j an account 

781 to 1792. 

of the fllifafter that befd it, sail. 


Guildford, earl, ceremonial of his fune- 
ral proceiFion through Oxford, xxinr. 

Gunpowder j debate; in the commons re- 
fpe£lii% government undertakin|r the 
manufa^ure of, xxx. [96] 


TTACKNEY college 5 dr. Prieftley's fer- 
•^^ raon on the future proipcrity af, 

xxxiv. [312] 
Haddington $ foundation of an aflemhly 

room, laid by lord Elcho, xxx. [207} 
Halfewell £aft India man ; an abftrad of 

the narrative of the lofs of, xxviiL 

Hamilton, mifs j account cf her ex^- 

tion in Ruflia, for the murder of three 

baftard children, xxxi. z%. 
Handers commemoration} an accoopt 

of, Xxvii. [331]— xxviii. [203] 
Hartwell Eaft Indiaman j an enquiry intt 

the lofs of, xxix. [216] 

— an account of the lois of, nib 

Haftings, Warren ; ordered by the houfe 
of commons to be recalled from India, 
but the order oppofed and counteraded 
by a general court of proprietors of the 
company, xxvii. [55] 

— major Scott reminds mr. Burke of tif 
charges he had pledged himfelf to hrio| 
againft mr. Haftings, which mr. Burke 
anfwers by an anecdote of the duke of 
Parma and Henry IV. of France, xxvuit 


— mr. Burke^s fpeech on opening the 
accufation againft him, xxviii. [115] 

-^ the copies of all the correfpondeoct 
fmce January 1782, betweei) Wamen 
Haftings, efq. and the court of direc* 
tors, ordered to be laid before Che houfe^ 
xxviii. [127] 

— mr. Dundas^s anfwer, in defence of 
his condu6l, fupported by mr. Pitt} 
xxviii. [128] 

— - other papers moved for, and tbt c6o* 
verfation m confequence thereof, xxviii* 

— mr. Burke charses Warren Haftingi 
with fundry hi^h crimes and inifile- 
meanors | delivers the nine £rft arti- 
cles, April 4> 1786, and the reft in tfat 
courfe of the ^Uciwiog week, nviii. 

C H R O N I C L E- 

Ka(Hngs,WaiTen3 petitions the commons Haftings, WarTsa ; •f^c-iarf! ' /isi kr^ f*» 

to be heard in his defence, and have a mr. WraiSanB, ^yer:r.x%r^^ ^-r>^,. 

copy of the articles, both which were Khan, tfa« r«»h. tc i-tmivvrs^ imc -a*. 

agreed to, xxviii. [13*] ried 96 to ^7, rrx. 'r f l^ 

— entei-s on his defence in the houfe —the iVTVscfi d».'Ti, ^wsfM \^-w. 
of commons. May 1, 1786, xxviii. Sh^idaa, /tiliftM* -*i ^-^rrmr .^v-*:v ivr 
[133] cf otIks ^"n'car-t, iart va'jjuv • v ; 

— the examination of witnefles in proof to 54» xzfx. j^c^i 

of the charges proceeded on in the — rfie r^xr brj**-.^^ 'lo^ \y tie HivKp^ 
committee, xxvili. [133] xxcr. [r'^iT 

— the RohiUa charge brought forward, — \m aJitrrJ* n> Ric hronif% .i5i»t 1/ 
June I, by mr. Burke, and the modon error Soc«% jacx. .'f^-^^ 

thei-eon loft 67 to 119, xxviii. [133] — the rribt^*f*.-ct ^••arf; nv^ wit ♦ -r.vfi. 

— the charge rerpe6ling the rajah of Be- mmtst aprx^-.-jii • , irtajir^ t»*K»'>;; v^ 
nares brought forward, June 13, by 'miry;^.t::ai:aZf jrr x 'jKa^ 

mr. Fox, and carried 119 to 79, that — tnt cr.a/rt r*i.-i.->5 -.--,' (Cuj: /•;»*niM^ -i^ 

there was matter of impeachment con- Beeji^, f-^eritr; S^y av* F r*ii«*.'; *'i*.:i- 

tained in the faid charge, xxviii. [135] ^ vt£*xtyv£:%. a-fwarfC'*' ':''ji^ <\^. M-if ;^ 

-^notice given by mr. Burke, on the cf prrraSf i.tfr?rt "A -nf^ /irtf^-v^*^ 

^ firft day of the meeting of parliament, cmiad rt r^, ttr xx9c^' z€f^ 

of proceeding on the accu&tioo, Fe- —the arxi«*t cf l'a^*«>i'^--:u-a;' vrvt»^«)^ 

bniary i, xxix. [150] up to the iv^/c tr n-, i>-.tfr-e, /^.y^ 

— proceedings on the third charge, open- *5» ' 7^ 7» «'^- I « ' r ; 

«d by mr. Sheridan, viz. the relump- — dcbatrt c» t.->* *ric»». xr / 'j^j 

tion of the jaghires, and the amBfca- —the impeachxnrrct ci/-,,- xl/'. 
tion of the treafures of the princeffcs of [ 1 7^1 

Oude, the mother and grandmother cf —impeached bef'xe tke I'xa* hy vli, 
the reining nabob, xxix. [150] Burke, and r«o^f g-*tn ^ ti*tir u.. 

— compliments paid to mr. Sheridan for teciion of exbibj^icg artlcic* a^mrA 
his moft excelient fpeech on opening nir. Haftings, xx'x, t'l-^j 

the charge, xxix. [150] — mcflirs. Waliis aiid Tiowa'^d appointed 

— • mr. Pittas fpeech on the charge, xxix. CAkh-jn for toe ina-^eacb^itciii, xjcijc. 

[158] fi7o] 

— the charge carried 175 to 6f, xxix. — taken into mftody by th*: itf'ytAut nJL 
fiSi] arms, xxix. [170 J 

— the impeachment moved by mr. Burke, — delivered over 1 d«o c.i ttvd v vf tU ^,<;i. - 
^^^* C'S^] tieman uiher of tijt olocl iv<i> ;iXi/. 

'— objeAions to fir Elijah Impeybjing [170] 

examined as a witncisy when a charge — brought to the bar of rU- lio^it <> 

was intended to be bfxmght againil lords, and ttie ar*» vf ii#<p«i»cuiix,iit 

him, xxix. [15*] read over to iiim, >.xi/. f ;;! I 

— the fourth charge opened by mr.T.Pcl- — admitted to ba:l, xx»x . ' r/A 
ham, on the (bbjeft of the corrupt aod — delivers arifw n <<^ tur ^i 1 <. ...^ *A im 
oppi%(fivecondu6lofair. Haftingf, to- peach fnerit, DeceoiU:! ^; t/t/, 4A/» 
wards the nabob of Faimckabad, xxix. [ < 4^ J 

[i5»] — the anfwer* font t'> fl*«: c'^d.rii'^fie, u«d 

— lord Hood^s fpeech on tbe n c ccflity of referred to a oowjh »» ».cc, /// \i^,^i 

m latitude to be allowed to peribns -*mr, Fiancit rf:J4:ct4.d at ■* n^Ciii^j //t 

placed in great and dangerooi iitua* theo^miniite^, x//. \%^\ 

tions, xxix. [154] ^mx. B--<rke'» ip^tcU vii H^r. kn-h-' .% 

— - mr . Pitt*s opinion on the Cune (bbjeft, bei ng rejected, xxx . f i 4>^ j 

xxix. r 1 54] -* the committee r;<^oi'j#i4rd, xx/. | f 4/ j 

•— the fourth charge voted, iix to 50, — the committee lepiitt w tluc iM>liViic^ 

xxix. [156] XXX. [141] 

— • mr. Burke*s fpeech on the difficulty — *• tlxr a;>jX^inti}Aent <!f riit u^iuwixxxjc tA 

of calling for and obtainmg the necef- manairrrs, xxx. J 1 4^ J 

fary papers, xxix. [156] — mr. Fox ai»d ua, Wuidhuij^e i^Mxiiut 

^- the charge opened by fir James Erf- in favour <]( mr. FiaiMjii^ Ui4i|$ vj» tU 

kinc, relative to contraAs and (alanes, committet of manager »> xxy. [«4»J 

mnd carried by a majority of 34* xxix. — mr. Pitt and mr* 0KtO!f\)k\ wHwau, 

[156] xxx. 114^1 


Haft! n^s, Warren ; mr. Francis' defence of 

hiiTifelf) antl again rejei\cd, xxx. [147] 
•— commitiees appointed to iVarch for 

precedents in cal'ts of impeachment) 

xxx. [148] 
»— the commences, February 13, 

1788, xxx. [148] ^ 

— two dfiys confumed in readirg the ar- 
ticles of impeachment and the anfwers, 
XXX. [149] 

•— mr. Burke's fpeech on opening the 
caufe, vi7. on the quality of the caufe— 
the previous proceedings of the com- 
mons — the nature of the evidence to 
be produced — the matter of the charge, 
xxx. [149 — 151] 

— .mr. Burke's kcond day's fpcech — 
his review of the hiltory of Bengal, 
xxx. [152 — 157] 

— mr. Burke's tl^id day's fpeech, xxx. 

^*— mr. Burke's fourth day's fj>«tch, xxx. 

— the declaration of mr. Fox, that it 
was the intention of the committee to 
proceed to a ^onclufion on both fides, 
iiDon each article fepai-ately, xxx^ 

•-— reaibns for, and objc^ions to this 

mode, xxx, [165] 
•^ debates in the houfe of lords on this 

quertiori, and cairied againft mr. Fox's 

declaration, 88 to 53, xxx. [165 — 168J 
-— a proteft entered againft the determi- 

naiit>n, xxx. [168] 
»«— mr. Fox's addrefs to the court on the 

dccif:o;j of the lords, xxx. [168] 

— mr. Fox opens the Kenarcs charge, to 
the expulfiou of liaiah Cheit Sing, xxx. • 


— mr. Gray carries forward the remain- 
ing parts of tlie charge, xxx. [168] 

•— evidence on the part of the commons 
produced at llw bar, xxx. [169] 

»— the Iccond chai'ge, relative to the prin- 
ceflls of Oade, opened by mr. Ad^ni^ 
xxx. [169] 

"^ the lubje<5:l refumed by mr. Felham, 
in refutation of the defence delivered 
in bymr. Haftings, xxx. [169] 

•— the re:iding and of evi- 
dence takes.up 16 days, xxx. [169] 

•«— mr. Sheridan fums up the evidence, 
and applies it in proof of die charge, 
3oqf. [169] 

■^ an account of the monies ifflied from 

■ the exchequer, on account of the ex- 

pences of the trial, ordered to be laid 

before the houfe, and feveral motions 

by mr. Burgeis ia^ that purpofe, X3a» 

' [169] 

781 to 179I. 

Hn flings, Warren ; debates on the earn* 
mittee employing council, xxx. [171] 
— • ceremonial of opening the trial, xxx* 

— - Petitions the l^c.-ds on the. hardihips» 

from the extraordinary duration of the 

trial, xxxi. [159] 

— the trtnl relumed, April 20, 17S9, 
xxxi. [159] 

— the charj^e opened by mr. Burke, re- 
lative to the corrupt receipt of rooneyit 
xxxi. [159] 

— mr. Burke mentions in this fpeech, 
the murder of Nundcomar, by the 
hands of fir Elijah Impey, xxxi. 


— petitions the houfe of commons, on 
other charges being brought againft 
bim in the fpeeches, vvhich he docs not 
ftand charged with in the ai'tidci of 
impeachment, xxxi. [160] 

— mr. Fox, mr. Burke, and others, ob- 
je£l ftrongly to the receiving the peti- 
tion, which was however ordered to be 
i-eccived, xxxi. [160] 

— notice given of the intention of the 
houfe to take the petition into confide- 
ration, xxxi. [161] 

— voted, " that the words were not au- 
thorized by the houfe, and ought BOt 
to have been ufed, xxxi. [162] 

— mr. Burke's fpeech on the next day of 
trial, on the proceedings of the com- 
mons, xxxi. [163] 

-— complaits againft the editors of nevf- 
papers, xxxi. [164] 

— mr. Burke's letter to mr. Montague, 
on the fubjeft of the cenfure, movtd 
in the houfe of commons, refpeding 
words fpoken by him in Weltminller- 
hall, xxxi. [273] 

.— his fpeech nddreiTed to the high court 
of parliament, xxxi. [^76] 

— proceedings in the commons refpe^isg 
the trial, xxxii. [loj] 

— iffuKitions palled, xxxii. [loi] 

— major Scott having publiflied a lettor 
in favour of mr. Haftings, and reflcft-' 
ing on the honour and juftice of the 
houfe of commons, is reprimanded by 
order of the houfe, xxxii. [lojl 

— proceedings and dejbites on the quef» 
(ion, how tar a difToiution of pajrlia- 
liament affefled the proceedings againft 
him, and carried 143 to 30, that it 
did not afFe£b them, xxxiii, [41—53] 

w me/Tage lent from the commoDS to 
the lords, for the refumption of ^ 
trial, xxxiii. [58^] 

— debates on mr. Burke*s motion for S- 
mitatioQ of proceeding<>9 xxxiii. [59] 


tlaftiDgs, Warren; proceedings on t^e Horfea poifoned wi(h arftnie, xxxif. 

ti-ial, May »3, i79ii opened by mr. 14*. 

St. John^— managers declare their in- Hot>ho\]fe ; decree on their being tytbe- 

tention of reftung their profeculion able, xxiv. 165. 

where it then flood, xxxiii. [62] Houre, Sam. ; account of his death and 

— - June i> reads from a written paper, funeral, xxvii. [231] 

for two hoursy a general anlwer to the Houfebreakers ; examination of the Weft- 

obiervationa eH the managers, xxxiii. minfter gang of> xxix. [228] 

. [62] — , Howard, mr. Fifher, letter to lord chan- 
— little progrefs made by him in his de-^ cellor -Hyde, St. James's, September, 

fence'during the feillon of 17929 xKxiv^ 49 1658, xxviii. 164. 

[380] Howard , John ; letter to the fubfcrSbers 

Heneaga, Point of; 76 perfons taken for ereSing a ilat«e to bis n^emory, in 

fix>m thence, who had been landed from which he declines that honour, xxix.; 

an Irifh vefTel, bound to Charleitown [248] 

and Baltimore, in want of provif^ons, Howe, lord vifcount, thanked by tlie 

XXX. [201] lord chancellor in the name of tlie 

Henry VIII. j on the public amufements houfe of peers, for relieving Gitualtar, 

of his court, xxiv. 9. xxyi..[i96J 

Hereford cathedral \ iall of the weft tower Hull ;^ fubfcription for the relief of the 

of, xxviii. [201] crew of a Swedifh veffel,xxxiv. 3*. 

Herring fifhery'} trial at Edinburgh on a Humane Society of Lancaftiirei dire^iona 

claim of bounties for herring bufles, for the recovery of perfons a^parentljr 

xxiv. [198] dead, by drowning or fufiocation, 

Hertford; ftate of the poll for M. P*. ?xxiii. 87*. 

^1784, xxvii. [186] Humanity of a fifherman, xxxiv. %^*. 

— - mr. Baker's addrefs to the electors Huntingdon election, xxix. [204^ 

after he had loft his election, xxvii. Hyde, Hr Edward ; letter to lecretary 

[277] Nicholas, Paris, June 27, 1653, xxviii. 

Hiftory; on the proper ftyle of, xxviii. 160. 

Hodgfon, John* executed for highway 

robbery, in Suffolk ; account o^ xxix. IT*.*' 

Hood, lord, prefented wich the freedom 

of the city of London, XXV. [211] Jamaica; a lai^ hulk, with 1,000 

•— bis fpeech on the examination of the J weight of gunpowder, blown tip, 

charges againft mr. HalUngs, on the xxx. [215] 

neceffity of a latitude to be allowed to Ideas ; an explanation of Plato^s dodrine 

perfons placed in great and dange- of, xxviii. 158. 

rous fituations, xxix. [154.] J«w8 ; further favoured by the emperor * 

— mr. Pitt's opinion on the fame fub- of Germany, xxxiii. [159] 

jeft, xxix. [i 54] Ilchefter; ele^ion for a M. P. 1785, xxviL 

Hood, captain Samuel, receives a prefent [225] 

of ^. 200, for faving the lives of three Impey, fir Elijah ; objeftions made to his 

feamen, xxxiv. 3*. being examined as a witnefs againft mr. 

Hopkins^ John, elq. cleftftd alderman of Haftings, when a fimilar charge was 

London, XXV. [228] intended to be brought againft him« 

Horfe, two fine Arabians, prefented to the xxix. [152] 

. king from mr. Haftings, xxvii. [203] — after being informed that a charge 

-- purchafed in England for the mi- might alio be brought againft him, he 

Ijtary fervice of Pruflia, xxvii. [243] was examined, xxix. [153] 

— • a man tried-for felling one which he rr- refigns the chief jufticefhip of Benga], 

bad hired, and acquitted, xxxii. [xot] xxix. [225] 

— keeper of a livery ftable cannot detain — proceedings upon the impeachment of^ 
. a horfe for his keep, though an iniw > xxx. [172] 

keeper can, xxxii. [425] — fix articles prefented to the houle by 

-r- trial for recovery of the price of a fir Gilbert Elliot, with his fpeech on 

horfe warranted found, xxxiii. 29*. that occafion, xxy. [1 72-^1 7ST 

•** extraordinary leap over Hyde Park —the articles referred to a committee^ 

wail, xxxiv. 5*. XXX. [176] 

1 ^ \Kw>^> 

INDEX, 1781 to 179 *• 

TfUpeyy fir Eli)ali ; heard at the bar, in ludisi Eaft, company ; ek5ti6n of diite* 

anfwef to the firft article, xxx. [176] tors, 1782, xxv. [405] 

— mr. Francis' defence, to a charge — fir Henry Fletcher chofen chainhaa 

brought agatnft him by fir Elijah'Impey, 
xxx. [176] 
*— claims the prote^lion of the houfe 
againft libellous public prints, xxx. 

[.78] , 

•^ mr. Parrer, who had a6^ed as council 

for Nundcomar, examined, xxx. [177] 
Lrn^ fir G. Elliot's reply to the aufwer^ 

xxx. [177] 
mm- further confideration put ofF for three 

months, xxx.' [x8o] 
Incendiaries; Lowe and Jobblns con- 

vifted, xxxii. [222] 
India, Eaft, company ; affairs of, much 

of the company, xxv. [216] 

«— court held for refcinding the Tote for 
removing Warren Haftings, cfq. fnntt 
the government of Bengal^ xxr. [225] 

•— court held for the appoihtment of a 
committee to watch qver the bufinefi 
in parliament, xxv. [226] 

*- dividend declared at eight per cent, 
xxv. [229] 

-«- count Beigiojofo' Eaft Indlaman, out- 
ward-bound, loll off Publin Bay, 
xxvi. [199] 

—* an account of the lo£$ of the Grofve* 
nor, xxvi. [202] 

affie^ed by five fhips, laden chiefly —advice of the treaty with the Mah 

with military and naval fupplies, be- 
ing taken by the Spaniards, xxiv. 

t33 . . . 

->* proceedings in the houfe of commons 

on the affairs of, xxiy. [175* — 179*] 

^— report of the committee on the affairs 

of, and debate thereon, xxiv. [191* 

p^ the bill for new modelling the fu- 

rattas, arrives in England, September 
16, 1783, xxvi. [217] 
— extra£l of a letter from the prefident 
and fsle£t committee at Bombay to tbd 
fecret committee, dated Jan. 27, 1783, 
xxvi. [2 86-*— 294] 
-<- letter from mr. Hutchinfon to the fe- 
cret committee, dated Anjanjo, July 
19* ^783* fxvi. [294] 
preme court of judicature at Bengal, — recapitulation of the proceedings in 
paffed, xxiv. [t95*.] parliament, lelative to the affairs o( 

*— proceedings refpefting the Eaft India the company, xxvii. [45] 

company*s charter, and a temporary — the danger of the diflblution of the 
bill paired, xxiv. [196* — 198*]. comp.Tny from the precarious ftat^ of 

•«- ftate of the accounts of the company, their affairs, xxvii. [46] 

in January 1 78 1, xxiv. [161] —two committees appointed early ii^ 

•— a narrative of tlie voyage cf the five 
fhips lately arrived in Ireland, xxiv. 


»— a committee appointed to confider of 

the chartered rights of the company, 
xxiv. [172. 178, 179] 
^.- eleflion of directors, 17$ t, xxiv. 

WW court of proprietors to determine the 

approbation of the CQmmittee, xxiv. 


1 78 1, one icle6l, the other fecreti 
xxvii. [46] 

— the obje^s of the fele£l committee, 
xxvii. [46] 

— the objects of the fecret committee, 
xxvii. [46] 

— the heads of mr. Dundas's fpeecb, 
April 9, 1782, when he movea that 
the reports of the fecret committee 
fhould be laid before a committee of 
the whole houfe, xxvii. [47] 

lift of fhips arrived at their deftipa- t- three fers of propofitions brought for- 

tion in the Eaft, Xxiv, [186 J 
r«r lift of fhips taken up by the company, 

xxiv. [191] 
f^ 260 ibldiers to go put in eaph fhip, 

xxiv. [192] 
•rr- ladjes prohibited to go paifengers. 

ward by mr. Dundas, April zs, and 
the proceedings thereon, xxvii. [48] 
— the Goniideration of the firft fet, rela- 
tive to the general mifcondufi of the 
com^iany's affairs, poftponed, xxvii; 

_ . . [4-8] 

and the captain's private quantity — proceedings on the fecond fct, relatife 

abridged, xxiv. [192] to the condu^ of the prefidency of 

— the petition of tne Bfitifh fubje^s re- Madras, and voted, xxvii. [48—51}' 

fiding in the provinces of Bengal, Ba- — proceedings on the third fct, contain^ 

bar, apd OiifTa, to the commons x>f ing criminal charges againft fir TfafO- 

Great Britain, xxiv. [303] ftias Rumbold, and voted, xxvii. fjrj 

arrivals, and account of their fhips, — a bill of pains and penalties agiunit 

xxv. [199, 205. 209] ' fir Tho^nas Rumbold, brought in— or- 


(lered to bfc heard by council — the bill the company for duties, and with- 

neceflarily poftponed till the following drawn by confent of mijnl^ry, xxvli. 

fellion, and tjwn loft, xxvii. [53] [^H] 

India> £aft» company $ proceedings on India, Eaft, company ; ele6li6n of iix di« 

the firft fer of propoiitions, and agreed reftors, xxvii. [187] ' 

to, xxvii. [54] — eleftion of a director, xxvii. [208] 

— Warren Haftingsand William Homf- — intelligence received by the Nortbum- 

|jy, efqrs. ordered by the commons to berland, xxvii. [229] 

be recalled, but the order cauntcra£led — the company gives leave for privato 

by a court of proprietors of the com- adventurers to fit out two ihips on a / 

pany, xxvii. [55] trading voyage to Cook*s River, xxvii. 

•— the heads of a bill brought in by mr, [^sS] 

I>undas, and aftei-wards withdrawn, — dividend declared, xxvii. [248] 

for the better regnhting the aifairs of — duke of Athol company's (hip blown 

India, xxvii. [56] up, xxvii. [7.60] 

•^ obfervations on the reports of the fe- — mr. Francis' bill rejefted, and pro* 

ie6k committee, xxvii. [56] ceedings on a fimilar one introduce^ 

^— fir Elijah Impey ordei'ed to be recall- by mr. Dundas, and paffed, for amend- 
ed, xxvii. [57] ing mr. Pitt's a6l of 17841 xxviii. 

»— mr. Fox's two bills . brought into the [136] 

hou(e, with the principal heads of -— arrangement of fervants at Bengal 

them, xxvi. [59} and Madras, in confequencc of tho 

— - arguments ufed in oppoiition to them, new bill, xxviii. [200] 

xxvii. [61] — ele^lion of direftors, xxviii. [100] 

•— the different ftatements of the com- — diref^ors giant an annuity of 1,500 U 

pany's accounts by the directors, and a year to lord Macartney, xxviii* 

Dy the mini dry, xxvii. [63] [*<>i] 

«— the bill ient to the houfe of lords, — a relation of the lofs of the Rodne^r 

and reje6^ed, xxvii. [69] Indiaman, xxviii. [201] ! • 

■» refolution of the committee on the •— an abftra^ of the nai*rative of the loft 

ftate of the nation, refpe6ling the ac- of the Halfewell, xxviii. [224] 

cepting of bills, xxvii. [74] — refolutions of the Britifh inhabitant^ 

*— heads of the bill brought in by mr. at Calcutta, relative to mr. Pitt's Baft 

Pitt, xxvii. [79] India bill, xxviii. [241] 

— debates in the commons on the com- — perfons loft in the Severn Eaft Indii 
parative merits of mr. Fox'^ and mr. packet, in the mouth of the Bengal 
Pitt's bills, xxvii. [80] river, xxix. [196] 

•^ mr. Pitt's bill rejefted by a majority — trial between m. Voute, of AmAer- 

of eight, xxvii. [82] dam, and the company, refpe^ing tea 

•^ mr. Fox gives notice of his inten- purchafed by the company of him^ 

"^ tions to bring in another bill,xxvii.[8i J xxix. [ 1 99] 

«— a bill, allowing the company to divide — inquiry into the lofs of the Hartwell« 

eight per cent, intereft, paued, xxvii. xxix. [216] 

[164] — give 100 reams of paper for printing 

i»- another bill, for allowing a further a Malal)ar bible, xxix. [217]* 

re/bite of duties — to accept bills— and — fir Elijah Impey refigns the ofHce of 

re(pe6^ing dividends, alfo paffes, xxvii. chief juftice in Bengal, xxix, [224] 

[ 1 64] — an account of the lofs of the Hartwell^ 

m^z third bill, for the better government xxix. [252] 

of the affairs of the company, with •— the cal'e of the Eaft India declaratory 

an analyfis of the bill, and debates bill, xxx. [108] 

thereon, which paffes, xxvii. [165] — » debates on the bill, xxx. rio8] 

•^ proceedings in the houfe of lords re- — the company heard by their council 

* fpefling the debts of the nabob of mr. Erikine and mr. Rous, xxx. 

Arcot, xxvii. [182*] l«io] 

»»- ele6^ion of three directors, xxvii. — the bill finally paffed the commons by 

[177] a majority of 54, xxx. [118] 

— the duke of Kin^on Eaft Indiaman — - proceedings in the lords, xxx. [118] 
bufnt at fea, xxvii. [177] — the bill carried 71 to 28, xxx. [iii] 

— a relation of the lofs of the Nancy m^ a i^elation of the lofs of the Ganares, 
packet, xxvii. [183] captain Frazer, bound from i^iii^gl^j^ 

•-r an execution for i3o«oooli levied oi| Madnft. xxx.HoA . 

'- INDEX,! 

IrtdiZf Eaff, company; cledion of fix 

diicftors, XXX. [aoa] 
*— il;£ ar'ival ot the Princefs Amelia 

frcr.i Madras, xxx. [211] 
•— captain Bruce Bofwell retlored to the 

command of the Earl of Chelterficld 

Eaft Indiaman, by a general court of 

proprietors, xxx. [217] 
"— the voyage of the Alliance, captain 

Read, to Canton, part of the way by a 

new track, xxx. [220] 
•—ballot for a dircftor, xxx. [213] 

— budget opened in the hoiile of com- 
mons by mr. Dundas, July i, ijS^, 
xxxi. [15S] 

— mr, Fi-ancI^' observations on the 
4^atements, xxxi. [15S] 

— the company petitions for leave to add 
one million to their ftock, xxxi. [158] 

•— a party font from the Ca|)e of Good 
Hope, for the recovei-y of two ladies, 
who vtrere fuppofed to be with the Hot- 
tentots, and who had been paffengers^ 
m the Grofvenor Eall Indian>an, xxxi. 


•— Vanfittart loft in the Straights of Bil- 
loton, xxxii. 197. 

— budget, xxxii. [84.] 

•^ ftaiementof the revenues and charges, 
xxxii. [851 

•— the flourifhing ftate of the affairs of 
the company, ^xxii. [85J 

■^ mr. Francis' fj/eech on the affairs of 
India, xxxii. [86] 

■— mr. Dtvaynes' reply to mr. Francis, 
xxxii. [89] 

— • mr. Dundas affcrts the falfhood of 
mr. Franciii' ftatement, xxxii. [89] 

••- the reiolutions paffed by the com- 
mittee, xxxii. [89] 

•- account of the lofs of the fliip Bri- 
tannia, ::x:;iv'. 38*. 

lailies, Kalt ; intelligence from, by the 
Thames frigate, xxxiv. 15*. 

India, Weit; planters s^.d merchants 
meeting ou the liiili reibiutions, xxvii. 

Inflammatory hand-bills ; a man convi^« 

ed of publifhing, xxiv. [200] 
Inglciield, captain ; prefervatioii of, xxvL 

InCurance ; cafe of fhips not failing with 

con\'oy, but following and joining it,. 

cannot recover, xxvi. [198] 
Intereil j trial, wherein it was decided 

that intisrcii was due after the ufual 

credit, xxx. [205] 
Jshnfan, dr. S. y account of his funeral,. 

xxvii. 209. 
«» I'eibiutioDs at a meeting of his fiiends^ 

781 to 1792. 

for the eref^in^ of a monuBicnt to hit 
memory, xxxii. [247] 

Johniione, v. Sutton i the iecond aipi- 
ment in error, xxviii. [212] 

Jolliffe, William, eiq. fi^ntenccd for deli- 
vering papers to influence the mind of 
the jury, on a tiial of an information 
againlt him, xxxiii. 50*. 

Jones, Paul ; account ot the various, de- 
predations committed by him, xxxiv. 

Ireland ; the r^iception of the duke of 
Portland as lord lieutenant, xxv, [205} 

-* a lilt of gentleiuen who have each 
undertaken to raife a regiment of fen- 
cibles,xxv. [221] 

i«- an afylum offered to the emigraots 
from Geneva,^in the counties of Wex- 
ford and Kildare, xxv. [aza] 

— proceedings in the Britiih parlkunent 
relative to the affairs of, xxv. [17^] 

— the king*s meffage on the affura of» 
witli the debates thereon, xxv. [1783 

— the duke of Portland, lord lieutenant ; 
his meffage to the houfe of commons, 
wiih the debates thereon, xxv.. [179] 

"i— fupplies voted, xxv. [179} 

— proceedings in the Britifti parliament 
refpefling the excluiive right of the 
parliament and courts of Ireland in 
matters of leglAation and judicatures 
xxvi. [14.6] 

— the caufes for pailln^ this biM, and 
the obje£^ions made to it, xxvi. [147I 

— refolution to receive the citixens of 
Geneva, in the province of Leiniter> 
xxvi. [198] 

— 6oo,oooLt fubfcriptions received for 
elbblifhing a bank in Lieland, xxvi. 
[198] ' 

-^ the privy council fix the etlabliih* 
ment of the Genevefe emigrants, in 
the county of Waterford, xxvi. [103] 

— a poor woman being refuied oat- 
meal, on pledge of her petticoat, is 
found dead of hunger, xxvi. [207] 

•— bank at Dublin opened, xxvi. [208} 

— parliament diffolvecii xxvi. [if 1 J 

— arrival of the duke of Rutland as lord 
lieutenant, xxvii. [182] 

-^ the earl of Northington, late lord lieu- 
tenant, returns to England, xxv ii.[ I ta] 

— - mr. Plowman ftripped and tarred by. 
a mob at Dublin, for importing Engliu 
goods, xxvii. [197] 

-— riot and affray at Dublin, with nSb' 
lutions of the volunteers in conleq|i|aKe 
thereof, xxvii, [198] 

— - mr. Dowlin^, printer, apprehended on 

a charge of high treaibn, xxvii* [aoo] 


C H R O N 

Ireland ; high (berlff of DubKn ientencr J 

to one week*s imprifonmenty and a &tkc 

of five marks^ xxvii. [aoS] 
— ^ three attacbments granted agalnft three 

niagiftrates of the county of Mayo, 

xKvil. [208] 

I C L E. 

on another ^^niion. In whu*h wit' ft 
propi^iuion for the ^idauiUon ot' Koiima 
caiholic* to a lighi of fviiri.i:;r» x^vuu 
Ireland; other relief gnntcsi to Rodmh 
catholics, xxviii. [7 ) and note. 

•— a piece of French cloth ieized and -— petitioM trom the inhabit mi;) of QcU 

burnt by the mob, xxvii. [239] faft^, with rar. Pitt's anlwcVi >\vuu 

— refolutions and addrefs to the people ["8] 

of Ireland, by the Irilh delegates ; <— a difunion amonjc;(l the VuKintfrr* 

publifhed by the Irifh congrefs fince on the adinitt.uuc oF Roman cutiuilici 

their laft adjournment, xxvii. [326] to theris^hts of cleMion, xx/iii. fH ] 

— Weft India merchants, meeting of, — oppoiuion mavic l^y ^i vernmeni to 
on the refolutiona, xxvii. [335] the, anTcmbling of the dcU'^ii(c», xxviiu 

'— the addrefs to the! different trading [9] 

towns in Ireland agreed to at a meet* — meeting of the national coniM-rfi, 

ing of thecoma cil of the city of Dub- 06>. 25, 1784.; I'crond meeting, Jt*iu 

lin, June 9, 1785, xxvii. [337] 2* 1785 j Anal meeting, Apr. io,xxviti« 

i— retrofpeftive view of the internal ftate [10] 

of affairs, xxviii. [2] 
•— commerce freed from mgny reftric- 
tions by a6ls in 178a, xxviii. [2] 

— the declaratory aft of Geo. II. re- 
pealed in 1782, xxviii. [2] 

— the authority of the Britifh parlia- 
ment renounced in 1783, xxviii. [2] 

— proje6U for reformation cf parliament 
in »779» xxviii. [2] 

— mr. Flood's bill a**'**" itijct^edjXKviil. 

— the diftreflTcs of ♦he manufafturer» itt 
1783, xxviii. f 10) 

— mr. Gardiner'* motion rer|icniM^;;iro« 
telling duties, rcjr£tc<i, xxviii. 1 1 1 ] 

— an outrapjtous mob, wliich 'ftoh- kMci 
th? houT': of com;nuns whd.'t htim^, 
xxviii. [i2j 

•— reioluuous paffeilin tlic trad'ngtov.'ns — procecd'mj;* to prevent th- pohtkn- 
to prevent the importation of Britifh ti-^n cflibeif., xxviii. I f;^! 

prevent the miportation 
manufaftutts, xxviii. [2] 
*— a mutiny bill paded in 1780, xzviil. 

»— the firft meeting of the Toiusteers for 

procuring parliamentary rsfonn. Doc* 

28, 1781, xxviii. [3] 
•— afts pa^:d by the pirii^ment, xxrili. 

[3] noic. 
— a gcntril meetiR; cr tac r'clissftt 

hdi at D-4x.g^2Son, Sc{^ 8, i'2>y 

xxviii. [4] 
*- agrai^ oitaosni cottrtz6ui 2Z D'/'y- 

lin, NoT« lo, 17S', z.'ul 2^st ir^ziC*^ 

lutions for Tiiurzik «/ ryrihraciMi.^ 

xxnJi. [4] 
•— the bcareii \cvtizr^ fanrR"! hk ^tt 

I'* J 

— Dcn -importation 7ii',ir.nuKn*%f %%^uu 


— a pbn f.rmtd for z'iyid-.n;^ fSr C/Oi- 
m^rcial \nXerco\ji\(t \>'^.:MC^n t\tt two 

k-r'^'i/^m"., xxviii. fiij 

f. ' • ',..'''/•. t, /x:*.:t, M4, 
— •'..- ■-„''/■»•■'/*** '-.i /•) i^^i r/y fM K;i* 


receded, rrrj^ Tr^. rix ri,*, '*f Cwh-;:i.-n-, z-r*-.,^ 'i^^^; 

to fuppcct ixcx .' frx:, 2«d; ac&->u >cr. r. ';>:(. 

[3 J — ' wu"G!ri ir -i^r •i%»^. ^ Jj»U%iiti i ^ 

^. mr. T'fOaL Ti^n 'mn»*%. t^'ttrjn^ am xst^^ ix.r. ' ^v>^ 

<b9li» and «■. He :^saHii£ vs^t^ :ig^Mi '— ' laifir-f^ «-• » Kim. a -?«« .tur^wnif 1^ 

nkfiais XERtL ^^ innnn. rrv.. -ia- 

^— mtjts^ X j«^ SMlctrf i^^Hi 41 iip-' — ' y v:«-^*Vi.; V -hi* yit<isim0snr -ne Sw- 

INDEX, I 78 I to 1792. 

fentnt, recalkd, and the earl of Weft- the rights of^ in cafes of libel, xxxii?.' 

moneland appointed, xxxii. [104.] [»38] 

Ireland j meeting of the parliament, Jan. Juries 5 the bills of 1771 and 1791 colfc. 

iT, 1790, xxxii. [104] trafte^, xxxiii. [138] 

*— mr. Grattan*s motion for aboliftiing — a fliort account of the proceedings in 

placfes, rejefted, xxxii. [164] i77i> when the bill was rejcfted^ 

^^ mr. Gratfan's motion refpefting the xxxiii. [139] 

two new conimiflTioners of cuftoms, re- -^ the bill paffes the commons, but on 

jefted, xxxii. [104] account of the advanced ftate of the 

»— mr. Forbes* motion refpe6ling the pen- feffion, poftpopcd by the lords, xxxiii. 

fionlift^rejefted, xxxii. [105] [140] 

— mr. G.Ponfonby's motion on the in- — unanimous opinion of the jiidgei 
' creafe of places, rejefled, xxxii. [105] upon the fevcral queftions put to theni 

— the duke of Leinfter*s motion refpett- upon the doubts refpeftin^ the func- 
ing the penHon being taken from lord tions of juries in cafes of libel, xxxir. 
Strangford, rejeftedj with a protelt, 69*. ^ 

6gned by 8 peers, xxxii. [105] Juftices of peace 5 judgement pafled on, 

•— the parliament prorogued, and dif- for difcharging Bannilter, Palmer, &c. 

folved, xxxii. [106] committed as rogues and vagabonds 

— riots in, on account of eleftion, xxxii, for filling plays, xxxi. [298] , 

— * the lofs of the Charlemont packet, 

xxxii. [228] j^ 

•p- the univerfity of Dublin confers J^*' 

LL.D. on mr, Burke, xxxiii. i*. 

p— meeting of parliament, Jan. 20,1791, jT ensington tythe caufe; decree on, 

xxxiii. 3» *^ xxiv. [165J 

^- the parifh fchoolmafter, wife, and Kew-bridge; firlt ftone laid, xxvi. [206] 

fen, at Dimdalk, have their tongues Kimber, captain j trial of, for the mur- 

cut out by a banditti, xxxiii. 3*, der of a negroe girl, xxxiv. 24*. 

r^ rioi at the annual malquerade, xxxiii. King v. Wooldridgc j trial on, xxviit 

14*. [205] 

— addrefs of the Roman catholics of King's Bench ; declaration of the court 
Kerry county, to the lord lieutenant, on the petition of prifoners who had 
xxxiii, 54*. been liberated by the riots, xxiv. [166] 

— firil (tone laid for an houfe of induf- — feveral perfons fentenced for a riot in 
try at Dublin, xxxiii. 41*. the prifon, xxyii. [194J 

— fenate houfe of Dublin burnt down, — the trial and fentence of 13 prifoners 
xxxiv. 10*. for attempting to blow up the walls, 

— an account of an affray between par- xxvii, [196] 

ties of Roman catholics and pro- — an attempt of efcape made by 

teilants, near Newry, xxxiv. 22*. the prifoners, but prevented, xxvii. 

Iron 5 ftRteofthe Carron raanufadlory, [199] 

xxxi. [221] •— regulations in, xxxii. [204J 

Iron-box, with bank notes and diamonds, — attempt of the prifoners to efcape, 

found in Hampfhire, xxxiv, 7*. xxxiii. 24*. 

Judges 5 objeftions to their being ap- — the ringleaders removed to different 

pointed commiffioners of the great feal, prifons by order of the court, xxxiii* 

xxvi. [177] 24*. 

— obje^lions to lords who are judges — trial of the rioters, xxxiv. 46*. 
fitting in the houfe of lords, xxvi. — • attempt to blow it up with gunpow- 
[178] der, xxxiv. 30*. 

Jury of 16 knights,^Vii^*ij a»/5?/V, totry King's-printers ; trial by which their 

the right to Penfhurft- place-park, xxiv. fole right of printing forms of prayer 

[197] for fait days is eftablifl»ed, xxiv. [177] 

— the right of trial by, facred, xxxi. Kingfton, dukeof,Eaft Indiaman j a re- 
[230] . btion of her being burnt at fca, xxvii. 

— at Sudbury, breaks out of the room [177] 

without ajijrceing in their verdi£t, Kingfton upon Hull j (late of the fcXLfcf 

xxxiii. 41*. member of parliament, 1784, xxvii* 

— proceedings in the commons on [t86] 

2 Kirkham 


Kirkbain priory^ near Malton, the re- 
mains of, blown ilown, xxv. [103] 

Kirkwall eleflion, xxvji. [1S8] 

Knight of the garter, chapter held, xxv. 

— - chapter held, at which the bifliop of 
Carlifle was admitted regifter, and the 
dukes of Dorfet and Northumberland 
elected knights, XXX. [203} 

Knights of St. Patrick $ patent paSed for 
creating that fociety, with a lift of the 
firft knights companions, xxvi. [196] 

«— the ceremonial of the inveftature of, 
xxvi. [280] 

•— Inftailation of the knights, xxvi. 

Kutzleben, baron, delivers his letters of 
credence as ininifter from the land- 
grave of Hefle Caffel, xxv. [194] 


LAMBEf H.palace broke open, and 
robbed, xxx. [217] 
'T— the plate difcovered, and one man 

taken, xxx. [218] 
Langdale, mr. tria) for damages done in 

the riots, and a verdi£i obtained, xxiv. 

Lans, lady ; t^ial of a tradefman againft 

her for debt, being feparated from 

lord L—- , he living in Ireland and 

flie in England, xxvi. [195] 
Lapland) a journey to, to bring hack 

two females and two rein-deer within 

a limited time, and performed, xxxi* 

[210] . 
^aw, rar. George, receives one of the 

medals given by the duke of Grafton, 

at Cambridge, xxiv. [171] 
Le Breton, mr. receives the chancellor*s 

prize at Oxford, xxviii. [203} 
Leeds, duke of, defends in the houfe of 

lords his condu^ in refigning, xxxiv. 

Leibnitz, m;; monument erefled to his 

memory at Hanover, xxxiii. 21*. 
Leice(}.er, John, earl of, v. Parry, xxiv. 

l.eiceiler $ the fall of Bow-bridge, xxxiii. 

— riots at, xxxiv. 22*. 
•— antiquities found at, xxxiv. 44*. 
Lenox, col. 3 duel with the duke of York, 

with the opinion of the ofiicers of the 

Coldftream, xxxi* [208] 
•^ and Theophilus Swift: duel, xxxi. 

Lewtn^ ThoqiaS|,efq. late fecretary to the 

council at 'Madras, 500I. offered for 
the apprehenfion of, xxv. [208 J 

Leycefter, mr. Ralph, receives the gold 
medal given by the chancellorof Cam- 
bridge, xxviii. [198] 

Libel ; fentence on the rev. mr. Bate for 
a libel on the duke of Richmond, xxif • 


— fentence againft the printers of theNooii 
Gazette, the Morning Herald, Gazet- 
teer, the Whitehall Evening Poft, and 
Middlefex Journal, for a libel 'againft 
the Ruflian ambaflador, xxiv. [184] 

— triit! for, Burke v. Printer of the . 
Public Advertiferj lool, damages 
given, xxvii. [197] 

— » the trial of the dean of St. Afaph, 
for a, xxvii. [280] 

— judgment on dr. Withers for a libd 
on mrs. Fitzherbert, xxxi. [228] 

— of mr. Walter, for a libel oa tbe 
duke of York, xxxi. [229] 

— printer of the Times fentenced for 
libels on the dukes of York and Cla- 
rence, xxxii. [195] 

— earl Cowpcr v. Topham, proprietor 
of «« The World," xxxii. [211 J 

— proceedings in the commons on the 
rights of juries in cafes of libel, xxxiii. 


— the bill of 1771 and 1791 contrafted* 
xxxiii. [138] 

— a (hort account of the proceedings in 
1 77 1, when the bill was reje^ed, 
xxxiii. [139] 

— the bill pafTes the commons, but on 
account of the advanced ftate of the 
feffion, poftponed by the lords, xxxiii. 

— mr. Walter liberated from imprifon- 
ment in Newgate, for a, xxxiii. 16*. 

— mr. Fox*8 bill relating to, pafTes the 
commons whhout oppoiition, and thd 
debates on it in the lords, xxxiv. [353] 

— oppofed by the lord chancellor, lord 
Kenyon, lord Stormont, and earl 
Manstield, and fupported by lord 
Camden, earl Stanhope, marquis of 
Lanfdown, lords Loughborough, Gren- 
villc, Porchefter, and Lauderdale, 
xxxiv. [353] 

— countefs dowager of Cavan v, mr. 
Tatterfall, xxxiv. 30*. 

— ^ trial, George Rofe, efq. v. the 
printer of the Morning Poft, xxxiv. 

— trial of mr. Sampfon Perry for a, 
xxxiv. 48*. 

— unanimous opinion of the judges 
upon the fevei al quelCions put to them 
upon the doubts \^^^vj^v£\^ "^^ ^>^t\^- 

IN D E X, 1 

tions of juries in cafes of, xxxiv. 

Libel ; account of ike trial ofmr. Thomas 
Paine for a, xxxiv. 170*. 

Liberty, civil ; the progrefs of, attribut- 
ed to tte peculiar kind of philofophy 
cultivated in the prefent age, xxviil, 

Linton, mr. mufician, murdered in Bed- 
fordbury, xxvii. [19^] 

— the murderers taken, yxvii.[i97— 200] 
*- Morgan executed for the murder, 

xxvii. [*oi] 
' Liibon J earthquake at, xxxiv. 1*. 
Lloyd^ mifs ; murder of, and a man 
executed for it, xxxiv. 1 5*. 

— money found concealed in her furni- 
ture, xxxiv. [21*3 

Loan} debates on, for 1781, xxiv, 
[183*— 188*] 

— debates on in tht houfe of lords, 
xxiv. [190*] 

— proteft againft, figned by eight lords, 
xxiv. [191*] 

Logic, Charles, late conful at Morocco, 
his return to England, xxiv. [170] 

London ; ftate of the effc£ls of the riots 
in London, in July 1780, xxiv. [137] 

— . the timidity of the magiftracy on that 
cccafion,xxIv. [138] 

— trial and verdift obtained by mr. 
Langdale againft the city for damages 
done by the rioters, xxiv. [169] 

— 1 ,oool. voted for the relief of the fuf- 
ferers by the hurricane in the Weft In- 
dies, xxiv. [171] 

— ftate of the city hofpitals for 1781, 

xxiv. [173] 
*— the motion of only 350I. 198. being 
paid to the late lord mayor Brackley 
Kennet, efq. refcinded, and ordered 
that i,oool. be paid him, xxiv. [18*] 

— W. Picket, efq. elefted aldeiman, 
xxiv. [190] 

— difturbance in Clerkepwell prilbn, in 
which the three ringleaders were (hot, 
xxiv. [191] 

— alderman Clark elc£>ed member of 
parliament, xxiv. [192] 

—■» alderman Plomer ele^ed lord mayor, 

xxiv. [193] 
»— 28,2 X9I. ordered to be raifcd to defray 

the damages done during the riots, 

xxiv. [197] 

— addrefs on the alarming ftate of af- 
fairs, xxivj ri9y] 

-^ addrefs to the king to put an end to 
the war with Ameiica, xxiv. [320] 

»— reibluttons of a common hall, Jan. 
31, 1781, refpefting the king*s re- 
fuHx^ to receive the addrds on the 

781 to 1792. 

throne, and on the unequ'aT rrprtlhinN 
tion, and a lift of the commerce ap- 
pointed to correfpohd with the com- 
mitter of other counties, xicv. [195] 
London ; a proteft againft the legality of 
the common hall, xxv. 1'961 

— S7,oool. paid on account of the da* 
mages done during the riotSf xxv. 

— > the lord mayor goes to St. Bride^ 
church, and an aecmtnt of the entertain- 
ment at the Manfion Houle on Bailer 
Monday, xxv. [^04] 

— addrefs his majefty on the diange of 
adminiftration, xxv. [205] 

— a motion for bounties to leamen re- 
jefted, xxv. [205] 

•*— the ufeof the new common conncil 
room granted to the committee of cor- 
refpondence, xxv. [205] 

«^ freedom of the city prefcnted to lofd 
Hood and admiral Drake, xxv. [211] 

— a defcriptlon of the cenotiiph ereft- 
ed in Guildhall, to the memory of the 
earl of Chatham, with'tbe infcriptiob, 
xxv. [223] 

— N. Newnham, efq. elefted lord mayot 
of, xxv. [225] 

— notice fent to the lord mayor of the 
progrefs made towards a peace, xxv. 

— proceedings of a court of common 
council, Dec. 13, xxv. [228] 

-^ proceedings at a court of aldermen, 
Dec. 18, xxv. [228] 

— a comparative table of the popniaticm 
of, x3cv. [229] 

— lor d Grantham's letter to the lord 
mayor, informing him of the preli- 
minaries of peace with france and 
Spain being figned, Jan. 20, xxvi. 

— ceflaiion of hoftiliiies proclaimed, 
Mar. 17, 1783, x?vi. [196] 

-» addrefs the king on the peace, xxvi. 


— report of the city hofpitals, xxn* 

— . addrefs the king on the birth of a 
princefs, xxvi. [217] 

— thanks returned mr. Newnham, the 
late lord mayor, xxvi. [219] 

i^ John Bates, efq« ele6Ved alderman, 
xxvii. [177] 

— Brook Watfon, efq. ele^led member of 
parliament, xxvii. [179] 

-^ the thanks of the city and freedom 
in a gold box voted to mr. Pitt, xxvii. 

-— a vote of acknowlvdj^ment to the 

lords for their timely inieiforence for 



the prelcrvation of the conftitution, colonel Ifaac Heynes^tn ofikeriB<b8 

xxvii. [ 1 80] fervice of congrefs, xxv. [155] 

London J c!e6^ion of members df parlia- (Lords, houfe ot'j debates on the mo^n 

ment poll,3^vii.^[i96] of the marquis of Carmarthon, refpeCI- 

— numbers at Ae end of fhe fcnitiny, ing lord G. Sackvi^e being made m 
xxvii, [189] peer, xxv. [165] 

— thefricedom of ^he city prefented to — debate-on the motion of the duke of 
mr, Pitt, xxvii. [«*4] Chandos, with refpe6i to the late cam* 

— T. •Swnfbiny, efq, dcfted lord paign in North America, xxv. {173} 

mayor, xxviii. [210] 

— lord Mordaont^s acco^mt of the ftate 
•of the -city a iew months before ihe 
reilauratio'.i, XJM'iiu [.170] 

— W. Gill, efq. elected lord mayor, 
XXX. [ii6j 

-*• trial in the court of common pleas of 
the right of exemption of toll on the 

— debate on the change of miniftry^ 
which took place on the death of thtr 
miunquis of Rockingkanv, xxv. [x8€] 

— converfation on the recognitionof the* 
independence of An>eiica, xxv i. {141! 

— on the debate on the peace, 72 were 
in favour ot, and 59 againft it, xxvi, 

exportation of gootis from any town — proceedings rcfpefting the loan, wtvi, 
in England, and confirmed, xxxi. [»7*] 

— obje^ions made to the putting tht 
great feal in commiflion to judges* 
xxvi. [177] 

— obje^ions to lords, when judges, 
fitting in that boufe^ xxvi« {178] 

— rejea mr. Fox « Eaft India bill, 
xxvii. [69] 


— mr. Sylvefter chofen common fcr- 
jeant, xxxii. [sri] 

— mr. Boydcll ele6led lord mayor, 
xxxii. [219] 

-— trial, to recover the fine for refufing 
to take the office of iheriff, againit mr. 

Pardoe, in which, on account of age — proceedings on two motions by lord 

and infirmities, a verdi^ was given 
for the defendant, xxxii. [221] 

— Lowe and Jobbins, two incendiaries, 
convifted, xxxii. [222] 

— trial with the coi-poration of King's 
I*ynn, jrfpe^Ving citizens being free of 
toll, xxxiii. 5*. 

— addnefs the duke of York on liis 
marriage, xxxiii. 52*. 

— Roman antiquities found in digging 
for fewcrs, xxxi v. 41*, 

Effingham, Feb. 4, in fuppoit of the 
- power of the king in the appoint- 
ment of his minifters, xxvii. ^99} 
■— proceedings in the houfe of lords 
rcfpefling the debts of the nabob of 
Arcot, xxvii, [181*] 
-— proteft in the lords againft the bail 
appointing commiiBonei*s to enquiry 
into the flate of tlie woods, foretts, 
and land revenues of the crown, 
xxviii. [123] 

— addrefs the king on the termmation — proceedings on a motion of lord 
of the war againft Tippoo Suhan, Srormont relative to the Scotch peer- 
xxxiv. 41*. age, xxix. [94] 

— votes the freedom of the city to mar- — duke of Norfolk's motions refpefting 
quis Cornwallis, xxxiv. 41*. the Portugal trade, negatived, xxrr. 

•— thanks voted to the lord mayor for [98] 

fuppreifing feditious debating focieties, 
xxxiv. 46*. 
— a court of lieutenancy held, xxxiv,, 

— proceedngs and debates on tlie com-^ 
mercial treaty with France, xxix* 


— the addrefs agreed to, xxix. [102] 

— a meeting of njci chants^ &c. for the — converfation between the duke of 
fi»pport of the confutation, xxxiv. 48*. Richmond and Icrd I/anfdown, hovr 

r— repairs done at the Tower, xxxiv. far the htter encouraged the plan of 
48*. fortification, xxix. [102] 

— correfponding fociety formed, xxxiv. — proceedings and debates on the con- 
[366] folidation of the cuitoms and excifc, 

I*ords, houfe of ; debate on the duke of xxix. [10^] 

Bolton^s motion for enquiring into the — the bill paflfed and receives the royal 
€ondu6l of the navy, xxiv. [189*] affent, xxix. [no] 

— proceedings on the paffing of the malt — alteration in the mutiny bill propo-* 
and land taxbiils, xxv. £148] ^ fed by lord Stonnont, and negatived^ 

*— debates on the tnotion of the duke of • xxix. [noj 
Ricbmoad relative to the cxcutioii of — dcbatw oi\ Voi^^^^-^^^o^v^xasiWixvtjxv 

INDEX, 1781 to 1792. 

tbM part of the convention ^^vith Spain, Lords, hoiile of j debate on the repeal o( 

M^hicn furrenders the Mofquito ihore feveral taxes, in which the earl of 

for a part of the bay of Honduras, and Guildford and lord Rawdon propoied 

rejected, xdlx, [xix] the application of thie produce to the 

Lords, houfe ofj the lord chancellor's difcharge of the national 4ebt^ xrnr. 

fpeech again ft, the bill for the relief of [326] 

infol vent debtors, xxix. [136 J ^—debates on motions made by krd 

*— thebillreje^ed, 25 tox2, xxix. [138] I^itzwilliam, illuftrative of the Ruf-i 

— - further proceedings refpe^ling the iian negotiation, negatived, %% to 19, 

Scotch peei-age, xxix. [145] xxxi. [341] 

w*- debate on the addrefs on the meeting >«- lord Porchefter^s motion for ceofuit 

of parliament, Nov. 27, 1787, xxx. of minifters, negatived, 82 to . 19, 

[87] xxxiv. [343] 

M— debate on lord Ravvdon^s motion re- — > the duke of Leeds defends his con- 

lative to the late promotion of naval du6l in refigning, x^bdv. [343] 

officers to the flag, xxx. [98] -» debates on the ne^ police bill, xxxiv. 

— proceedings on the Eaft India decla- [351] 

ratory bill^ xxx. [118] —debates on mr. Fox^s libel bill, 

— the oill carried, 71 to 28, xxx. [121] xxxiv. [352] 

^^ a ftrong proteft enteied, iigned by 16 «-« proceedings on the bill for abolifh- 

peers, xxx. [121] ing the (lave trade, and take evidence 

*— debate on the claufe in the mutiny at the bar, which continues to the cloie 

bill, for incorporating in tlie army the of the feflion, in the debate the duke 

new corps 01 military artificers, xxx. of Clarence fpeaks (for the firft time) 

[122] againft the abolition, xxxiv. [356]. 

— for proceedings in the houfe of lords *- debates on an addrefs to the king, on 
during the illnefs of the king, theap- the proclamation againft feditious doc- 
pointment uf a regency, &c. fee trines, propofed by the marquis of 
George in. Abercom, and an amendment moved 

— lord Stanhope's motion for relieving by lord Lauderdale — the prince ef 
members of the church of England Wales fupports the addrefs, as alfo 
and others (papiftsonly excepted) from did the duke of Portland-— the amend- 
penalties, &cc, reje^ed on the fecond ment negatived without a diviiioni 
reading, xxxi. [148] xxxiv. [377] 

— the king*s raeffuge rcfpedVing the •— proceedings on the bill for continuing 
feizing of r.vo velfels on the north the finking fund, and providing a 
welt coaft of America, by two new one for every future loan, oppoied 
Spanifli (hips of war, and the debates unexpectedly by the lord chancellor, 
thereon, xxxii. [98] but carried, xxxiv. [379I 

— lord Stanbope*s extraordinary fpeech — proceedings on the bill tor encourag* 
on the addrefs on the king's fpeech, ing the growth of timber in the Natr 
xxxiii. [37] Foreft, the motion oppofed by the 

— the marquis of Lanfdown*s fpeech on lord chancellor, but the readiug of 
the convention with Spain, xxxiii.[4o] the bill carried-— -in a fubfequent ftagt, 

— receives a meffage from the commons after the king had given his aflent, 
for the refumptiop of mr. Uafting'*s agreed to be given up for the fellion, 
trial, xxxiii. [58] xxxiv. [380] 

— after confiderable debate fend an an- Lotteries ; obje6lion to^ by mr. Fox, 
fwer to the commons that they are ready xxiv. [ 1 84*] 

to proceed on the trial, jpociii. [58] — further objccled to, xxiv. [185*] 

— debates on the war with Tippo Sul- Lottery ; newfpaper printer convi6led of' 
tan, xxxiii. [91] publifliing illegal fchemes, xxxiii. 48*. 

»— debates on the king's meflfage re- Loughborough, lord, v. Walter, printer} 

fpeding his endeavours to bring about damages 150I. xxviii. [198] 

a pacifccation between Ruflia and the LutteHoh, Henry, efq. taken up on t 

Porte having proved ineffectual, xxxiii. charge of high treafon, xxiv. [161] 

[106 J -» admitted evidence againft M. de la 

•r» the bill on the rights of juries in Motte, xxiv. [184] 

cafes of libel, on account of the ad- — an abftra^ of his life, given by hiffl- 

vanced ftate of the ieflion, poftponcd, felf, at the trial of M. de la SAaVtit 

3aadii« [141] xxiv. Lhi] 

M. Macartneyi 

C H R O N 

I C L E. 

by erecting ftalls even on ptivate iTr^e- 
holds, XXV. [210] 
Marriage j the cafe of Morris marrying 
mifs Harford decided, and the mar- 
riage mad6 void, xxvii. [192] 
ACAHTNET, lord> and mr. Sadlier 5 — determination of the king's bench on 
duel between^ in the Eaft Indies, a queftion refpe6ling a marriage, xxx. 

[197] . . . 

— trial for maintenance of a wife who 

had eloped from her hufbandi non- 

- fuited, xxxii. [211] 

— '- trial in Scotland on a promile pf, 

' xxxiii. 27*. • 

Marriage a6l ; proceedings in the com- 
mons fbr removing the reftri6lion§ of 
the marriage a6l,-xxiv. [198*. 200*] 



xxvii. [230] 
«— = return of, from India, xxviii. [193] 
M* Donnd, mr. ; trial and execution of 
Geow Robeit Fitzgerald for the mur- 
der of, xxviii. [235.^40] 
Macginnis, dr. 5 conyifted of ftabbing mr. 
Hardy, difcharged from prifon, xxvii. 

Mackenzie, capt. Kenneth ; the opinion 

of the court at the Old Bailey on his Mary queen^f- Scots vindicated by mr. 

application to be tried, bailed, or dif- 
charged, xxvii. [204 J 

•— pardoned, xxvii. [246] 

Mackintoih, }• jun. ; (hoots himfeif, 
xxvii. [209] 

Mac Leod, Donald, aged loi, a Chelfea 
peniloner $ prefented to tlieKing, xxxi. 

— • aged 102, wins a wagei* by walk- 
ing ten miles in 2 hours 23 minutes, 
xxxii. [220] 

Macklih V. Colman ; trial for recovery 
of falary, xxvii. [180] 

— his addrefs on finally quitting 'the 
ftage, xxx. 195 

Whitaker, xxix. 186. 

— the fucccfsful defence of, by rtir. 
Goodall, with a review of the varioua 
writers for and againft her, xxix. 

— an abftrn6l of the evidence made ufe 
of by mr. Whitaker, xxix. 189. 

Mafons*, free j reftriftions laid on them 
by the emperor of Germany in 1786, 
xxviii. [158] 

— the order abolirtied in the Netherlands, 
xxviii. [159. 167] 

— Baron de Born ;*equired to renounce 
free-mafonry, refigns his diplomas^ 
xxviii. [167] 

M'Manus, James 5 convi6led of an af- — prince William Henry initiated, xxviii. 

fault on mrs. Trunkett, xxxiv. 4*. [197] 

M'adan Spencer, M. A, 5 obtains the — anniverfary, xxviii. [201] 

Scaton prize at Cambridge, xxv. Maflarene, earl of ; liberated from the 

[224] prifon of the Charelet by the riots at 

>Iaidftone; prilbners attempt an efcape, Paris, with an account of him, xxxi. 

xxxiv. 42*. [216] 

Malmlbury, lord, late ambaflador to the Maufoleum, at Wentworth-houfe, York- 

States General j prefented witli a gold (hire 5 defcribed, x»cxr[2ia] 

chain of thr value of 6,000 florins. Mayo ifland ; the keeper of the light- 

xxxi. [217] . ' houfe and moft of his family fulfo- 

Man killed by a lobfter taking hold of cated, xxxiii. 5*. 

Ills thumb, arid holding fo faft, as by Meafures j meeting of farmers in Wilt- 

the flowing in of thi tide to drown 

him, xxix. 219. 
Mancheiter ; riots at, xxxiv. 48*. 
Mansfleld, lord ; fits in the court of 

king^s bench, having completed his 

Soth year, xxvii. [226] 

— refigns the chief jiiftice of the king*s 
bench, xxx. [207] 

— particulars relative to the refignation 

fhire to inforce the ufe of the Win- 
chefter bufhcl, xxxiv. 34*. 

— determination of the com-t of king's 
bench, that no corn can be fold but 
by the Winchefler buftiel, xxxiv. 25*. 

Medal j a defcription of .the mednl itruck 
on account of the league, offenfive and 
defenfive, between France and Hol- 
land, xxviii. [196] 

of his office of chief juftice of the Mellilh, William, eiq. ; receives the gold 

king's bench, xxx. [241] 

— letter from the council to him on his 

refignation, with his anfwer, xxx. 

Markets % a trial in which it was held, 
that they were not tg be in&inged on. 

medal from the ibciety' of artsj for 
having planted 47 j 000 larches, xxiv. 

Mellifli y. Rankin ; trial and verdifl in 
favour of mifs 'Kankin, xxviii^ [201. 

IN D E X, tySi to 1792. 

Mclvil, Margaret, aged ii7,xxvi.[x97] Miniftry j mr. Pitt made chancellor of 

Merchants ; one bulinefs of minifters is tlie txclKquer, xxv. [182] 

to cure the ianorance, or to corrtQ. the — debates in the commons on mr. Fox's 

felfiftincfs ot, xxiv. [4] retiring from miniftry, withmr.Fox's 

Meteorology ; a fingular phenomenon of I'peech in juftification of bis coaduft, 

balls of fire, obfervcd at Greenwich, xxv. [183] — xxvi. [140] 

Aug. ti, 1783, xxvi. [115] — conjecluies on the ftatc and views of 

Meux, mr. brewer j aoo perlons enter- 
tained in his new lub, which con- 
tains 10,000 barrels, and colt 3jOooI. 
xxxiv. 7*. 

Middlcfex ; meeting to addrefs, on the 
alarming ftate of aEiirs, xxiv. [zox] 

the political parties, previous to and 
at the meeting of parliament, xxvi. 

lord Shelbumc^s refignation» in cob- 
leqiience of the cenlure of the peace 
in the houfe i f commons^ xxvi. [x6Sl 

* ■/!. * I • •• 1 1 

— tlie refclution of the commons, of Feb. — a minifterial interregnum until the be- 

i7» 1769* I'efpecting the Middlcfex 
cleft ion, ordered to be expunged, xxv. 

— ftate of the poll forM.P. 1784, xxvii. 

■— mr. Wilkes's addrefs to the freehold- 
ers at the eleftion, xxvii. [175] 

ginning of Apiil, xxvi. [i68] 

— the fuppofed cajufes of delay in tlie 
appointment of a new admiDiftratioO/ 
xxvi. [169] 

— procet dings on mr. Coke's motion for 
an addrefs to the king for the forma- 
tion of a miniftry, xxvi. [171] 

Middlefex hofpital receives a donation -— mr. Pitt refigns bis office ot chancellor 

of 3,oool.for^ cancer ward, xxxiv. z*. of the exchequer, ^larcb 31, 1783^ 

Militia^ feveral commiffions of officers xxvi. [172] 

in the Anglea mifitia declared void, — a lift of the new adminiftratioD|fonO- 

for want of proper qualifications, xxv. etl Apr. a, xxvi. [175] 

^ [200] — the king (ends to lord North and mr. 

«- orders fent for dift)andLng it, xxvi. Fox for the feals, as alfo to the coib- 

[198] miffioncrs of the great rea]y.]>ec. 19^ 

Miniftcrs j one bufincfs of is to cure the 1783,, xxvi, [223] 

ignorance, orccrreft the felfiflinefs of — reproached in the houle of oommoRS 

merchants, xxiv. [4] and lords, for having forced thm- 

Miniftry; ftrengthened by the riots in felwes into office, xxvii. [59] 

1780, xxiv. [137] — feals of office fent for by the kiag, 

— the fupport received from the news 
of the taking of Charleftown, xxiv. 


Dec. 19, 1783, xxvii. [71] 
— a lift of the new adminiltration» formed 
Dec. 20, 1783, xxvii. [72] 

— the petitions of the county aflTcciations — lord Temule refigns tlu; fcals of Wl 

office, xxvii. [72] 

— lift of the new cabinet, xxvii. [75] 

— ftate of miniftry and oppofition prior 
to the meeting cf pariiamcnty xzvii* 

[75] . .. , 

— rcfolutions of the committee on the 
ftate of the nation for the appoinimctrt 
of minifters that enjoyed the confidence 
of the houle ; cf cenfurc on the ap- 
pointment cf the prefent mlmfltrfi 
xxvii. [78] 

— a refoluiion againft miniftry moved 
by lord Charles Spencer, xxvii. [S.3] 

on the expenditure ot public money 
not attended to, xxiv. [141] 
— • the new eleclions being much in fa- 
vour cf miniftry, render the hopes of 
oppofition fiuiliefs, xxiv. [142] 

— ftaie of j)ariies at the mectmg of par- 
liament, xxv. [126] 

— the minifter retains his fitualion, after 
having loft the fupport of the houfe of 
commons, xxv. [172] 

.— debates in the houle of commons, 
tending to the removal of miniftry, 
xxv. [173] 

— lord North declares in the houfe, that — an union of parties recommended hy 

the prefent adminifl ration fwas no PiorCy 

xxv. [176] 
-*- a new adminiftration formed under the 

marquis of Rockingham, xxv. [177 J 
— the public meafures ih'pulated by the 

new miniftry, xxv.. [177] 
»— changes which took place in confe- 

quence cf the death of the marquis of 

Rockin^ham^ xx\'. [i8»} 

mr. Powis, xxvii. [83] 
— - the minifters reafons for continuing 
in office, xxvii. [85] 

— accufaiion brought againft the l>tt 
miniftry of biibery, and voted ground* 
lefs, xxvii. [86] 

— u meeting of the members definiuft of 
a union of parties at the St. Albdo*i 
tavern, Jan.a6, 17 8a, SA^ftCopyof 


. the adclrefs prefented by them lo the examination and commitment to the 
duke of Portland and mr. Pitt, xxvii. tower, xxiv. [i6i"J 

[87] Motte, M. de la 5 tjial and convi6lion of, 

Miniftry J farther proceedings of the xxiv, [184] 

members at the St. Alban's tavern, — particulars of the trial of, xxiv. [239 j 

xxvii. [87 — 91] Monnt-ftreet riots, xxxiv. 23*. 25*. 

— - his majeity's refiifal to difmifs his mi- Moutray, capt. of theRamilies ; fentence 

nilters, xxvii. [91, 94] cf th: cor.rt-martial on, xxiv. 181. 

—^ within two years five prime minlfters Murder; by a journeyman barber, whil ft 

are appointed, with a Ihort (ketch of /having, occafioned by jlealoufy, xxviu 

each, xxvii. [14.3] [208] 

— advantages to mmifters from diflfolu- — William Higfon executed for the mur- 
tions of Parliament, xxvii. [14.6] derof his foi>, xxvii. [229] 

— addreffes from various places oh the — a mm and woman ilabbed near Ham* 
difmiffion of minJfters, xxvii. [179] mcrfmith, xxvii. [232] 

^ an account of the pvoceeviings of the — of mr. Oreirs ferrant in Charlotte- 

me.nbers of the houfeof commons at ftreet, Rathbone-place, xxvii. [235] 

• the St. Alban'B tavern-, for the purpofe — of a mother by her Ton, who alfo via- 

of promoting an union, xxvii. [265] leptly wounded his father, at Dublin, 

— the (late of poiitical parties during xxvii. [24.1] 

the recefs of parliament, xxtXv[66] — John Hogan convicted and executed 

— a breach in adminlilration, in which for the murder of mr. OrrelPs fer- 
mr. Pitt infills that either lord Tliur- vant, Chai lotte-ftreet, Rathbone-place, 
low or himfelf fliouid be difmiffed, xxviii. [193] 

xxxiv. [381] — of VValier Horfeman, milkfeiler, at 

— the great leal demanded of the lord Kentifh-town, xxviii. [196] 
chancellor on the day that parliament — of mr. Burt, at Gotlftone, by an ira- 
iTieets, and put into commifTion, xxxiv. pof^or-cripple, xxviii. [199] 

[381] — of mr. McDonald and another, in Ire- 

— . a defign of including mr. Fox in the land, by G. R. Fitzgerald, efq. xxviii* 

new arrangemer^ of miniftrv, which [199] 

did not take pla<?e, xxxiv. [381] — • of cardinal Turlone, high-inquidtor at 

Mint; trial of pix held, xxxi. [230] Rome, xxviii. [210] 

Monk, gin. ; terms offered to him af- — of a poor woman* at Lampeter in 

ter tlie^death of Cromwell by kin^ Card iganfh ire, xxviii. [212] 

Charles II. xxviii. 168. — of John Dunn, in Ireland, xxix.[i943 

— his letter to the king, May 10, 1660,. — three Tailors executed for, xxix. [201] 
xxviii. 174.. — trial of William Owen and Cornelius 

Moutaignac caflle, in France ; nearly Gorton, at Glamorgan, xxix. [202] 

deilroyed by ihunJcr, xxvi. [201] — remarkable cafe of a feapoy murder* 

Montreal 5 mr. M'Kendiic 'peneti-ates rng his wife at Madras, xxix. [213] 

from Montreal to the ocean,xxxii. [222] — committed by a Turk in France, 

Mordaunt, lord ; his account of the ftare xxix. [223] 

of the nation a few months before Che — of John Aggus, by Timothy Hardy, 

reftauration, xxviii. 170. his brother-in law, xxi'C. [224.] 

Morris, mr. ; his mnrriage with mifs — at the archbifhop of Dublin's palace, 

Harford declared vtMd, xxvii. [193] xxix. [229] 

Mortality ; annual bill of, for — Robert Keon, c(q. executed for the 

1781, xxiv. [201] murder of Geo. Nugent Reynolds, efq. 

'I723, xxvi. [296J in Ireland, xxx. 196. 

1784., xxvii. [293 I »— cafe of a man, who had.efcaped after 

3785,' xxvii. [338] the murder of his Itep-mother, fur* 

1786, x::viii. [24.4.] rendering himfelf three years after, 

17S7, xxix. [259] xxx. [221] 

1788, xxx. [256] —attempt to cut the throat of a young 

1789, xxxi. [278] lady walking in the Strand, xxxi. 
X790, xxxii. [268] [^03] 

1791, xxxiil. X07*. — • of a beautiful young dancer at Bo« 

1792, xxxiv. 23*. 25*. loi^ne, and the murderer (hoots him* 
Motte, M. de la j taken up on a charge felf, xxxi. [203] 

QJL bi^h treafon, and accou t of luf — nn*. Gordon ext^uted at N«rthan:u^tQ% 

K 1 ^^* 

INDEX, 1 78 1, to 179a. 

for killing a peace-officer who came to Navigation, inland ; Oxford canal opencdf 

arreft his father, xxxi. [218] Jan. 2, 1790, xxxii. [193] 

JJlilurder of a Portnguefe Tailor near Bel- -« jun6lion of the Birmingham and Co- 
font-lane, xxxii. [197]. ventry canals completed^ xxxii. [a 10] 

-r- three foreigners executed for it, xxxii. — Forth and Clyde opened, xxxii. [213] 


— Thomas Hewet Mafters executed for 
the murder of Mary Loveden, xxxii. 

— Bartholomew Qifiiln executed for the 
murder of his wife, xxxiii. 8*. 

— the great improved value in the (hares 
oftheFazeley and Birmingham, xxxiii. 

Navy ; difficulty of finding a commander 

of the channel fieet on tne death of fir 

Charles Hardy, xxiv. [ i J . 

— of a child atBanghurft, Hants, xxxiii. — admiral Geary' appointed, xxiv. [2] 

— ftate of the fleet which failed in June 
1781, under adm. Geary, xxiv. [2] 

— ;idm. Geary falls in with^ a convoy 
from Port-au Prince, and takes twelve 
of them ; the remainder efcape through 
a thick fog, xxiv. [2] 


*— of mr. Gorton, at Erdington near 
Birmingham, xxxiii. 4.7*. 

— of a foldier in -a houfe of ill fime at 
Birmingham, xxxiv. 22*. 

— by a labourer, of his wife ar.d fon. 

who afierwai'ds hanged himfelf, xxxiv. «— fiveEaft India iliips, and above fifty 

Weft India iliips, tak^n by the Spa- 
niards, xxiv. [2] 

— a gieat pai t of the out wan! -bound 
Quebec Aeet taken by Ameiican pri- 
vateers, xxiv. [3] 

— an enquiry into the caufes of the con- 
voy cruizing fo near the coaft of Spain, 
xxiv. [3I 

— adm. Geary refigns the command of 
the fleet J the command offered to 
adm. Barrington, who refufes it ; adm. 
Darby appointed, and fails in Septem- 
ber, xxiv. [4] 

i— various well-fought a£lions in 1781, 
and the humanity of the Bntilh to 
their conquered enemies, xxiv. [5] 


Mufic 5 ftate of, at Naples, xxv. 11. 

— felUval in Weftminfter- abbey, xxix. 

Mutiny bill ; debate in the commons 
and lords on the claule for incorporat- 
iHg in the army the new corps of mi- 
litary artificers j paffes both houfes, 
XXX. [122] 



ATIONAL debt; mr. Pitt's motion 
with relpe£t to the rcduilion of the 
national ^ebt, xxviii. [m] 

•— the feveral accounts of public income — the attempt of the Spaniards to burn 

and expenditure referred to a feleft 

committee, xxviii. [mj 
— the report of the' lecret committee, 

xxviii. [112] 
*— mr. Piit*s fpeech on opening the fub- 

jeft, xxviii. [1x4] 

the Englifh ibips at Gibraltar, and 
the dcftru6lion of the fire-ihipS| &€. 
xxiv. [6] 
— adm. Arbuthnot reinforced at New 
York by adm. Graves, with &x (hips 
of the line, xxiv. [22} 

— obje^ions ftated by fir Grey Cooper, — expedition to Rhode-ifland, and, from 

mr. Fox, mr. Sheridan, and mr. Hi*f- 
fey, xxviii. [117] 

— the bill paffes, and receives the royal 
affent, May 15, 1786, xxviii. [120] 

— ftate of, Jan. 5, 1786, xxviii. [252] 
~- fums bought by the commiffioners 

for reducing, xxxij. [213] 

— 500I. left by Charles Wray, book- 
keeper to Hoares, bankers, to the 
chancellor of the exchequer, towards 

a want of cordiality between the of- 
ficers of the ai my and navy, failed of 
fuccefs, xxiv. [22] 

— the fleet under fir G. Rodney rctirw 
to Grofs-Iilet-bay, on the approack 
of the conibined fleets of France and 
Spain I is joined by com.Walfinghanii 
xxiv. [27] 

— the great damage done to it by the 
great hurricane, in 061. 1780, in the 

the payment of, xxxiii. 13*. Weft Indies, xxiv. [33] 

«*- 30,0001. left by a col. Norton for the — damages received by the Bridfli fleet 
fame purpofe, but being declared in- in America by a ftorm, io Jan* 17811 
fane, was divided amongft his heirs at ^ xxiv. [78] 

law, xxxiii. 13*. 
Navigation, inland ; the junflion of the 
Thames <ind Severn completed^ xxxi. 

— engagement between theEnglifli vA 
French fleets off Cape Hen^, xdv. 

[79] - 
•— a relation of tl^e engagement betweei 


C H R O 

tlie fleets of Hr S. Hood and monf. de 

Grafs in the Weft Indies, xxiv. [loS] 

Navy; manoeuvres between ^tbe £rvgli(h 

and French fieetSy xxiv. [109 116] 

— objeftions made to, .and defence of 
the condu£l of fir G.Rodney in the 
command of the fleet in the Weft In- 
dies, xxiv. [116— -118] 

—• fir S.Hood arrives from the Weft In- 
dies off the Chefapeak, xxiv. [126] 

— joined by adm. Graves^ who takes the 
command of the fleet, xxiv. [126] 

-—engagement between adm. Graves and 
count de la Graffe, xxiv, [128] 

— 91,000 ieamen voted, xxiv. [156] 

— ftiips taken from the Dutch, xxiv* 

f— the duke of BoIton^s motion to en- 
quire into the conduft of the rtvivy, 
debated on by the lords, xxiv. [189*} 

— the Wilhelmina, a Dutch Eaft India 
/hip, and feveral other merchant Ihips 
and privateers, taken, xxiv. [162] 

— a lift of the fleet 'failed to Gibraltar, 
xxiv. [170] 

— a lift of the (hips on the Jamaica Ra- 
tion, xxiv-. [171] 

— a rich Dutch prize taken by a Dublin 
privateer, xxiv, [172] 

i!»- Calonne privateer of 32 guns, taken 
by the Belle Poule and Berwick, xxiv. 


— ft^te of the navy from Sep. 29, '1774, 
to Sep. 29, 1780, xxiv. [174] 

v-r ihips taken of commodore Hotham^s 
fleet ordered to be fold at Breft, xxiv. 


i»^ the marquis de la Fayette, of 1,200 
tons and 40 guns, taken by the £g- 

^ monty xxiv. [182] 

*^ a lift of the fleet failed from Portf- 
mouth under admiral Darby, xxiv. 


*»- the Maro Deur privateer taken by 

the Flying-flOi cutter, xxiv! [188] 
■— the thanks returned by hdm. Parker 

to the officers and feamen for their 

good condu5l in the engagement off 

the Dogger-bank, Aug. 5, 1781, xxiv. 

^- adm« Parker's fleet vifited by the king 

at thcNore, xxiv. [189] 
— !• the arrival of adm. Darby's fleet off 

Torbay, xxi v . [ 1 8 9 1 
-— Magicienne taken by the Chatham^ 

xxiv. [197] 
— Hercules and Mars, Dutch privateers, 

taken by the Artois, xxiv. [199] 
«--> the Senegal taken by the Zsphyr in 

Gambia river, xxiv. [246] 
^- engagement of the UonCuch with a 

N I C L E. 

fhip fuppolcd to be the Languedoc of 
80 guns, xxiv.- [247] 

Navy J the Caftor , frigate taken by the 
Flora and Crefcent, but afterwards re- 
taken, xxiv. [249] 

— • the furprizing efcape of the Helena 
into Gibraltar, xxiv. [250] 

— an account of the action between the 
Savage of 16 guns and the Congrefi 
of 20 guns, in which the Savage was 
taken, xxiv. [251] 

— ■ particular circumltances in the capture 
of the Atalanta, xxiv. [253] 

— the Trepafley and Atalanta taken by 
the AUiance, an American frigate, 
xxiv. [2 54] 

— an account of all the men raifed for 
the navy, marines included, from Sept. 
29* 1774, to Sept. 29, 1780, wiih an 
account of the men who have died 
in a61ual lervice from Jan. i, 1776, 
xxiv. [263] 

— the grand fleet, imder admirals Darby, 
Digby, and Rofs, fent to the rehef of 
Gibraltar, xxv. [lox] 

.— the different opinions agitated, whether 
the objeil of the fleet ftiouid have been 
to intercept De Graffe, or to relieve 
Gibraltar, xxv. [loi] 

-— fouricen of the cunvoy from St. Eu- 
ftatius taken by monf. Pic^uct, xxv; 


— - com. Johnftone's expedition againft 
the Ca|)e of Good Hope, xxv. [loii] 

— com. Johnftone attacked in Port Pra)a 
by monf. Suffrein, who after an ob» 
ftinate engagement was obliged to re-r 
treat, xxv. [107] 

— a large and" rich Dutch Ealt India 
fhip takeaby capt. Pigot, xxv. [iioj 

— - four large fhips taken in Saldanha 
Bay; in the Cape of Good Hope, by 
com. Johnftone^- xxv. [iii] 

— the combined fleets of France and 
Spain, after landing troops on the 
idand of Minorca, return to cruize in 
the channel, xxv. [115] 

— the date of admiral Darby's fleet in 
Torbay, xxv. [116] 

-» a council of war held on board the com- 
bined fleets on making an attack on ad- 
miral Darby in Torbay, which was 
renounced, xxv. [116] 

— r the bad ftate of the combined fleets 
obliges their return to port, xxv. [1173 

— ^ an account of the engagement between 
adm. Hyde Parker and the Dutch fleet 

' on the Dogger-bank, Avig. 5, 1781, 
xxv. [119] 

-^ confcquenccs of, to tV\t ww^ wxv^Xx'*.^ 
of UoUawd, x-stv. V\^\^ 

K -J ^iN;i\ 

INDEX, I 7 8 I to 1 7 9 2. 

Navy ; admiral Kempenfclt fallj» in with Navy ; the garrifon eflPeflually relieved by 

the count dc Guichen and his convoy, lord Howe, xxv. [241 •J 

takes about twenty of his convoy', but — a diltant firing b'eiwetm the fleets, Imt 

an engagement mutually avoided, xxv. an allien avoided by the combintd 

[1Z5] fleets, xxv. [243*] 

— debates on the motion for 100,000 .^lord Howe difpatches eight ftips to 
fcamen, xxv. [141] the Weft Indies, fix to Ireland, and 

— debates on mr. Fox's motion to en- returns home, xxv. [244*] 

quire into the caufes of the want of — a cartel ftiip, with 300 French pri- 

fuccefs of the navy during the war, fcners, loft in Plymouth roads, and 

xxv. [151 — 153] by great exertion nearly the whole cf 

*— debates on mr. Fox's motion to en- the men faved, xxv. [194] 

quire into the miimanagement of naval — accounts fiom com. Jolinfton*s fqua- 

afFairs, xxv. [157 — 165. 167] dron, xxv. [199] 

— a relation of the engagement between — com. Johnlton arrives at Portfraouth, 
fir Samuel Hood and the count cle xxv. [202] 

Gralfe near St. Kitt's, xxv. [196*] — Eagle, French ftore-lhip, taken by the 

•— fir S. Hood joined by adm. Rodney la PiuJente, xxv. [202] 

with twelve fliips of the line, xxv. — Furci brig taken by the Squinel, XX7. 

[202*] [202] 

*—M. de Graffe, proceeding with his fleet -— Bologne privateer taken by iheju- 

to join the French and Sp:m Ih forces piier, xxv. [202] 

at Hifpaniola, is purfued by fir George — SoK bay loft off Nevis Point, xxv. 

Rodney, a partial engagement lakes [202] 

place April 9, and on the 12th the — imptiienx, of 38 guns, taken by rear- 
great fca-fight, in which the French admiral Graves, xxv. [203] 
ai^e entirely routed, the Ville de Paris — com. Elliot hoills his broad flag on 
with the admiral and four other fiiips board the Edgar, xxv. [^203] 
taken, and one funk, xxv. [204*] — i ear- admiral Rofs hoifts his flag on 

— two other fliips of the line taken by board the Buffalo, xxv. [205] 

fir S. Hood, xxv. [213*] — rear- adm. Kempenfelt hoiits his flag 

•— happy coniequences ot this vitSloiy to on ')oard the RoyM George, April 6, 

England as well as Jamaica, xxv. (fcr the lofs of which (hip fee abov«) 

[214*] xxv. [205] 

•— honours conferred on the comman- — admiial Harrington fails from CoweS 

dcrs, xxv. [214*] wiih his fleet, xxv. [205] 

— threats held out from the combined — ieveraltranfports, with military ftores, 
fleets of France, Spain, and Holland, taken bvadm. Baitington, xxv. [206} 
xxv. [220*] — adm. Kempenfelt fails from Spitbcad, 

— the Pegafe taken by the Foudroyant, xxv. [207] 

capt. Jarvis, after a fevere engagement, — lord Howe fails to watch the Dutcli 

xxv. [221*] fleer, xxv. [207] 

— the A^l:ionnaire taken the next night — illuminations in London for the fuc- 
by the Queen, xxv. [222*] cefs ci' adm. Rodney, xxv. [208] 

— about a uozen of the convey defigned — thanks of the houfes to fir G.B. Rod- 
for the Eaft Indies alfo taken, xxv. ney, firS.Hiod, and the other oflictTS 
[22a*] of the fleet, voted, xxv. [208] 

— lord Howe fails for the coaft cf Hoi- — a monument voted to the memory cf 
land, and the Dutch fl-:*! leiurns to ciptains Bay ne, Blair, and lord R;>bcrt 
the Texel, xxv. [225*] JVIaancrs, xxv. [208] 

— combired fleets of France and Spain — the combined fleets cf France and 
fall in with the Newfoundland a>ul Spain feen from the Lizard, xxv. 
Quebec fleets, and take feveral vcfl*els, [-H] 

xxvi [214*] — the fafe arrival of the Jamaica fleet, 

— the Jamaica fleet efcapes the combined xxv. [21 5] 

fleets cruizing in the channel j arrives — the arrival of the Leeward ifland fleet, 

fafc, xxv. [224*1 xxv. [2x7] 

— . a relation of the lofs of the Royal — commodore Hotham fails from Portf- 

George at PortOnouth, xxv. [225*] mouth, xxv. [217] 

— th.' grjnd fleet for the relief of Gib- — the Royal George loft at Portfmouth, 
r.i/car luils under the command of lord xiiv. \.ii%\ 


C H R O N I C L E. 

Navy ; la Blonde filgate loft near Bodon, 

f— ,a Kft of the fleet falLed from Portf- 
mouthy Sept. II, under lord iiu\ve> 
for the relief of Gibrahar, xxv. [219] 

— Hebe frigate, of 40 g^ns, captured 
by the Rainbow, capt. TroUope, xxv. 

— 340 fail of the Baltic fleet arrived, 
xxv. [lao] 

— damage done to the Jamaica convoy 
by a ftorniy xxv. [222] 

— Argle, of 22 guns, taken by the Due de 
Chartres of 16 guns, xxv. [224] 

— adm. Pigot, with 22 fail of the line, 
"iirrived at New York from the Weft 

Indies, xxv. [224J 

— a part of lord Howe's fleet returned 
to rlymouth, and a lift of thofs fent 
foi-word to the Weil Indies, xxv. 

— account of the lofs of the Heftor man 
of War at Newfoundland, xxv. [226] 

— lord Howe returns to St, Helens, 
xxv. [226] 

— guns, cordage, &c. ralfed from the 
Royal George by means of a diving 
bell, xxv. [226] 

— naval a^ion in the Raft, xxv. [228] 

— Active of 64 guns taken by the Argo 
frigate, xxv. [228] 

— the Menagere, wah military and na- 
val ftores, and the Alexander, an Ame- 
rican of 22 guns, taken by the Me- 
diator, xxv. £229] 

— account of an engagement between 
the London of 90 guns and a French 
74, XXV. [229} 

— proceedings ot the fliips under adm. 
Barrington, from Apr. 20 to April 
25,1782, XXV. [249] 

-— Santa Catalina taken by the Succefs, 
but obliged, to be fet fire to, xxv. 

— fir G. B. Rodne^'^s account of his 
victory over the count de Grafle, 
Apr. 12, 1782, xxv. [252] 

— the whole of the Canada and New- 
foundland convoy taken by the count 
de Guichen, xxv, [257] 

— lord Howe*s oflFicial account of fuc- 
cefsfully relieving Gibraltar, xxv. 

•— extra£ls of feveral letters from fir 
£. Hughes, of the proceedings of his 
fleet in the £aft Indies, xxv. [a68 

*- a particular account of the dcfperate 
engagement between captain Luttrrll, 
of w Mediator, and five French 
frigate^ in which he took ^e Mena- 

gere and Alexander, and drove off tlie 
reft, xxv. [274] 
Navy J account of the lofs of the Centaur, 
or 74 guns, with a nairative of the piT- 
fervation of captain Inglefield, the 
mafter, and ib men, in the pinnace, 
xxv. 165. 

— the Hannibal, of foguns, taken by 
M. Suftrein, xxvi. [41] 

— admiral fir E. Hughes fails from 
Trincomale for Madras, where he 
is reinforced with three (hips, xxvi. [42] 

— the French fleet appears in fight, but 
makes a fudden change of motion, 
xxvi. [42] 

— fir E. Hughes pnrfiies and takes a 
part of the convoy, xxvi. [43] 

— a partial engagement between fir E. 
Hughes and M. Suff^rein, Pebniary 8, 
1782, and both fleets return to port to 
refit, xxvi. [44 — 47] 

— a relahon of a fecond engagement, 
April 12) which after the mott valiant 
exertions both fleets are glad to return 
to port again, xxvi. [47—51] 

— - the confequences of theie aflions, 
xxvi. [51] 

— - a relation of a third engagement, July 
6, between fir E. Hughes and M. 
SufFiein, in which the latter is worfted, 
but by a fudden change of wind fir £. 
Hughes is prevented from reaping the 
fruits of the viftory, xxvi. [66 — 69] 

— the Severe ftiikes to the bultan, but 
afterwards efcapcs, xxvi. [68] 

— fir E. Hughes by adverfe winds is 
preveriied arriving in time to the re- 
lief of Trincomale, but arrives foon 
after, when a fourth engagement takes 
place, September 3, and after very Ic- 
vere fighting, the French fleet returns 
to Trincomale, xxvi. [75] 

•— the Englifli fleet, after cruifing fome 
time on the weftcrn coaft of Ceylon, 
returns to Madras to refit, xxvi. [Si] 

— much affefted by a hurricane whilft 
at Madras, xxvi. [81] 

— experie iccs much bad weather and 
delay 01 his voyage to Bombay ,^ 
xxvi. [83] 

— lir Kicbard Bickerton arrives at 
Madras witli confiderablc reinforce- 
ments to the army, and returns' to 
Bombay to join fir £. Hughes, xxvi. 

— fir E. Hughes arrives at Madras ; his 
crew much a|fli6led with the fcurvy, 
xxv. 105. 

— a relation of the fifth and lafl battle 
between fir E. Hughes and M. 
SufFrein, Juu^ t«^ "^I^*^^ 's.iwV \\i.^A 

INDEX, 1 78 I to 1792. 

Navy 5 calamities of, in the Weft Indies, Navy ; the trial of Sutton v, Johnfon;^ Ja 

xxvi. [i2i] -* which captain Sutton obtains aver- 

•— the Ramiiies obliged to be abandoned di6\ with 5,000!. daroages^ 'Xxviif 

and fet lire tc — ihe Centaur — the Ville [19s] 

de Paris — the Glorieux, loft — leHeftor, — tlie Britifh fc^uadron under fir John 

in a very crippled ftale, drives off two Lindfey arrives in the bay of Naple8| 

French frigates, but after the gieateft and is vifited by the king aiid queen^ 

hardftiips the (hip is obliged to be xxvii. [195] 

'abandoned, and the remains of the — another trial, Sutton v. Johnfon, 

crew faved by captain John Hill of the with 6,000 1. damans, yxvii. [208] 

Hawke fnow, xxvi. [123 — 129] 
— • the new uniform appointed for the 
admirals, xxvi. [193] 

— mutiny on board the Speedy and 
Marquis de Seignally (loops of war 
at Portfmouth, xxvi. [199] 

— mutinies alio at Plymouth, xxvi, 

— monument ereiEled at Ponfca, to ad- 
miral Kempenfek and the crew of the 
Royal George, xxvi. [201] 

•— feamcn aftcmble on Tower-hill, and 

extra6l of a letter from fir £. I^uglies, 

. dated Madi-as Road, July 25, 1783, 

vvith hjs account of the engagement 

with M. Suffrein, June 20, 178J, 

xxvil. [255] 

— letters between lord George Gordon 
and mr. pitt, refpefling the allowing 
fcamen to be eniptloyed by Holland 
againft the emperor, xxyii. [a88] 

— an account of the crew of tbe 
Channing Molly being faved by the. 
brig Bafel, after fuffering greatly in 

, proceed to the Admiralty and St. their boat at fea, xxviii. [1953 

James's, to enquiie after their arrears -^ the number of veftels whicn paiTed the 

of wages and prize money, and dif- Sound in 1785, xxviii. t'9l5J 

perfed peaceably, xxvi. [203] -— the number of veffels that entered thti 

— la Coquette, of 28 guns, taken by the port of Dantzic)^ in 1785, xxviii. 
Refiftance, xxvi, [206] [^9!^] 

• — trial in which French feamen com- — the determination of the lords pf 

pelled to woilc on (hip board obtain a council refpefling a captui'e made by 

verdift for wages, xxvi. [207] ' com. Jojinfon lalt war, xxviii. [205] . 

*-- 24. mafters appointed by the lords of — lord Mordaunt's account of the ftatc 

admiralty fur looking after the fhips of the navy a few months before the 

in or<iinar}', xxvi. [2.10] reftauration, xxviii. 17*. 

•— attempts to recover fiom the wreck — return of the ftate of the navy, March- 

of the Royal George, xxvi. [211] 31, 1787, xxix. [201] 

— account of tlie execution of three — an additional number of workmen 

feamcn belonging to the Reafonable, 
at Sheernefs, xxvi. [215] 
— extrafts of letters from fir E.. Hughes 
* to mr. Stephens, of July 15, Auguft 
12, 16, September 30, and Oftober 
16, 1782, giving an account of his va-. 
rious a6lions, and proceedings of his 
fleet, xxvi» [249 — 258] 

employed in the dock yards, xxix^ 

— leave of abfence refuled to feveraj 

c Dicers, and bounties given to ieameo^ 
• xxix. [217. 220] 
— • the Weft India captains refolve not 

to take any failors without chara6lers> 

xxix, [218] 

— an account of the capture of the -— debate in the lords on lord Rawdon^s 
Solitaire of ^4 guns, by the Ruby, motion relative to the late promotion 
xxvi. [258] of naval officers to the flag,'xxx. [9S] 

•— cngagemer.t with the Lcander and a — the orders of 1 7 1 2 and 1747, refpeft- 

French 74, xxvi. [258] ing the appointment of ofii'cers to the 

•— engagement between the Magicienne flag, xxx. [98] 

and the Sybil, a French frigate, xxvi. — lord Howe's fpeech in juftification of 

[259] his conduft, xxx. [99] 

— the Sybil afterwards taken by the — lord Hawke''s fpeech in defence of his 
Hulfar, xxvi. [259] iather, xxx. [100] 

— - la Coquette, and another vcird, taken •— the earl of Sandwich againft the 

by the Kefiftance, xxvi. [2 59 J motion, in which he ftates the origin of 

— a lift of the men of vvar ot France, yellow admirals, xxx. [loi] 
Spain, Holland, i^nd England, which -^ lord Rawdon^s reply, xxx. [loi] 
have l>ecn cither' taken or deftroycd — the motion rejc^ed without a aivi- 

iuiiiigthelatewar, xxvi. [297] fion, xxx, [i»3] 

* Nary J 

C H R O 

Uavy 5 |>ro.cer(!ings pn mr, Baftard's two 
motions on Uie lame I'ubjefl, xxx. 

T— mr. Kaftard^$ fpeech ii> fupport of it, 

XXX. [104] 
rrr nar. Pitt's fpeeph in anfwer, xxx. 

»-r mr. Fox's and other fpeechcs, xxx. 

[106] • 

•r- negatived, ayes 134., npes 150, xxx. 

rrr tnCf Baftard's 3d motion difpofed of 

by the previous queftion, xxx. [ 107] 
«-- a proclamatipn recalling all BritiHi 

feamen from foreign fervice, March zz, 

1788, xxx. [292] 
Yf- the captains right to enforce good 

difcipline on board merch^t Aiips 

eftablifhed| xxxi. [1^98] 
^— com. Comwaliis fails for India, 

February 9, 1789, xxxi. [198] 
r— trial of an entu'e copper vefTel at 

Deptford, xxxi. [if j] 
rr ^n account of the miraculous efcape 

of captain Bligh| of the Bounty (loop, 

xxxii. [252] 
t^ an account of the difafter that befel 

his majeliy's Oiip Guardian, xxxii. 

.m^ proclamation of a bounty to feamen, 

xxxiii. 16*, 
« — experiments of ftoppiiig holes in the 

fides of fbips, and improvements of 

the chain pump, xxxiii. 33*. 
rr method of preferving fhlps from 

worms, by fjaaking the wood in oily 

xxxiii. 33*. 
r— continuation of bounties to feamei), 

xxxiii. 35*. 
rr trial between the feamen of coni. 

Johnfon's fquadroh and the troops oi\ 

board under gen. Medows, xxxiii. 

«— new conftru6^ed boat for the afMance 

of mariners in diftrefs, xxxiv. 1 2*. 

f^ the Refolu French frigate, of 32 

guns> taken by the Phoenix, xxxiv* 

Kewburgh, earl qfj ^. 2,500 a year voted 
to be reftored tg him out of the Der- 
wentwater eftatp, xxx. [139] 

Newgat^ J rio^ in, xxxiv. 42*. 

New^>aper8, £ng)i(h ; prohibited at Paris, 
xxvii. [223] 

f— printer convicted of adyertifmg 
il^gal fchemes for the lottery, xxxiii« 

Newton, fir Ifaac ^ aneftdotes of, by his 
grandniece, mrs. Burr, xxxii. 194. 

Newton upon Ayr, in Scotland j the 
pureft and bcil republican fyilem of 

N I C L E. 

conftitiition, and yet without anyal*- 

vantages arifijig therefrom, xxxiii* 

NIcholfon, Margaret 5 an account* of -her 

attempt on the king, xxviii. 233. 
— fent to Beth)ehcn) hofpital, xxviii^ 

Non<jurors at Edinburgh and Leitlt * 

pray for the king and royal family^ 
xxx. [205] 
Nootka Sound ; proceedings in the com- 
mons^ on the bufinefs of, xxxiii. [37—-* 

Norfolk J T. W.. Coke's addrefs to the 

freeholders of the county of, xxviL 

Norman, rev. WiHiani, murdeied by hig 

brother, who was inlane, xxx. [216] 
North, lord ; correfpondence with lord 

George Gordon, xxiv. £244] 
Norton, fir Fletcher j debates .on his not 

being caiied upon tq continue fpeaker^ 

xxiv. [i45-ri49] 
r- vote of thanks for his condu^ as 

fpeaker, xxiv. [156] 
Norwich 5 /tate of the poll for M. F. 

1784, xxvii. [186] 
-rr mr. Windham's addrefs to the city o^ 

as candidate for M. P. xxvii. [^74] 
Nottingham j riot at, xxxiv. 20*. 
Nourfe, Charles, efq. knighted, xxviiu 

Nundcomar 5 a relation of the execution 

of, xxx. fi77] 
Nuneaton ; antiquities foun4 at, xxxiv^ 

/^DIHAM ; tithe caufe fettled by the 
^^ " judges of the exchequer, xxviii. 

Old Bailey feflions, in January 1.781, 
xxiv. [163] 

— report of the convicts, xxiv. [167] 

— in June, xxiv. [180] 
• — in July, xxiv. [184] 

. •— in September, xxiv. [191! 

— in December, xxiv. [199] 

•— : in Febi-uary 1782, xxv. [201 j 

— letter from the right hon. ThomaV 
Town fend to the recorder, at the fef- 
fions, for him to make early report of 
convifls whbfe offences were attendet^ 
with afts of cruelty, xxv« 220. 

— in Oflober 1782, xxv. [224] 

— in January 1783, xxvi. [194] 


01d Baiky Seflions ^ in May, zxvi. [204] 
— ; iiv June, xxvi. [207] 
«— report of convicts, xxvi. [208] 
•— in July, xxvi. [iii] 

— in September, xxvi. [218] 

— in November, xxvi, [220] 

— in December, xxvi. [223] 

-^ report of convicts zrA executions, 
xxvU. [19s* 158] 

— in 0£lober 1784, xxvil. [203] 

— execution, xxvii. [247] 

— In January, 1786, xxviii. [193] 

— in July, xxviii. [206] 

— in January 1787, xxix. [195. 

•—execution, xxix. [199] 

— January 1789, xxxi. [196] 

— March, xxxi. [202] 

— execution, xxxi. [203. 217] 
*— September, xxxi. [223] 

•— January i7'>o, xxxii. [194] 

— March, xxxii. [197] 
^- report of convi6ls, xxxii. [204] 

-— Jupe, xxxii. [207] 

— J"ly> xxxii. [210] 

»— report of convifts, xxxii. [2 24 J 

— December, xxxii. [226] 

— January 1791, xxxiii. a*. 

— February, xxxiii. 1 1 *, 

— March 1791, xxxiii. 20*, si*. 

— May, xxxiii. 23*. 

— execution, x-xxiii. 2S*. 40*. 

— September, xxxiii. 40*. 

— October, xxxiii. 45*. 
-— execution, xxxiii. 48*. 

Orleans, duke of j airK-al at London, 

May i6y 1788, x:<x. [205] 
Ofnabtirg, bifhop j stTe^fting account of 

his depaiture for the continent, xxiv. 


— vifits Vienna and other courts of Ger- 
many, xxvii. [195] 

Oxford i prizes adjudged, xxvi. 210. 

— fummer afiizes, 1786, xxviii. [206] 

— vifitsd by the king and royal family, 
xxviii. [208] 

— i viHted by archduke and archduchefs of 
Auftria, xxviii. [20S] 

— the time required foi' L.L. D. reduced 
to eleven years, xxxi. [210] 

*— the great oak at Magdalen college, 
fuppofed to be 600 years old, falls, 
xxxi. ^12] 

— the altar piece at New college repair- 
ing under the dircflion of lir Joftiua 
Keynolds and mr. Weft, xxxi. [21 3] 

i*- detennination of the caufe between 
John Whalley, mailer, againft the 
warden and fellows of All Souls col- 
lege, xxxiv. 31*. 

— inftallation of .the duke of Pprtland^ 
xxxir. 4.1 *. 

781 to 179a. 

Oxley, mail r6bber ; efcape of firom tke 
Clkikenwell prifooi xxxiii. 45*« 


T>AINE, Thomas ; tried and convifled 
•*■ for publiftiing the fecond part of 
the Rights of Man, xxxivi 49*. 

— feme account of t!ie tiial of> tor a libel, 
Dece.r.bcr 18, 1792, xxxi v. 170*. 

Palil'er, fir Hugh j debates on his ap- 
pointment to tiic g-'vernment of Green- 
wich hofpirrii, xxir. [157 — 162*, 

173*— i7i*] 
PaiJcer, avlmlral Hyd?; vifited by the 
king at the Nore ai'cc: the battle on the 
Dogger Kank, xxiv. [189] 

— account cf his engAgcniciU with ilic 
Duich Fleet on the i5oggcr Bank, xxv. 

— receives a royal viht at thcNoic, xxv. 

— • reliaiis his coinmand, xxv. [123] 
Parker, Hyde, junior j kniglued for his 

gailamry in Norih America and the 

Weft indies, xxv. [123] 
Parliament J ftate of af^rs during, tlie 

recefs of, xxiv. [137] 

— diflbl'jtion refolved on, xxiv. [139] 

— furld-.nly difTolved, September i, ij%^ 
xxiv. [141] 

— new eleftions much in favour of mi- 
niftry, xxiv. [142] 

— cliufe mr. Cornwall their fpeaker, 
xxiv. [146 — 149] 

— debates relpe^ing fir Fletcher Norton 
not being continued fpeaker^ xxiv. 

— the objects of the king's fpeech, and 
debates on it, xxiv. [149—156] 

— debates on motions for papers and re- 
turns of forces employed on foreign 
fervice, xxiv. [156] 

— debates in the commons on the ap« 
pointmeiit of fir JH ugh Paliier to' the 
government of Greenwich hofpitaT^' 
xxiv. [157 — 162^. 173* — 175*] 

— debate on the war with Holland, xxiv, 
[164* — 172*] 

— proceedings on the affairs of the Eaft 
Indies, xxiv. [175* — 179*] 

— debates on mr. Burke's bill for a reform 
of the civil lift, xxiv. [180* — 183*] 

-— the bill reje6led on the fecond reading, 
xxiv. [i83*]' 

— debates on the loan, xxiv. [183*— 
i88*] ^ 

— the bill for excluding contra^ors re- 
jeaed, xxiv. [i88»] 

— the bill for excluding revenue officers 
rejeaed, xxiv. [i88»l 

C H R O N 

Parliament ; report of the committee on 

the affairsof the Kail Indics,and debate 

thereon, xxiv. [191* — 194*] 
•— the j>etition of the delegates of aflTo- 

ciations debated on, and 

xxiv. [194.*] 

I C L E. 

cefs of the navy, during the war, xxV# 
Parliament ; on the ordnance eftimates, 
XXV. [153] 
rejefted, — on mr. Fox's motion to enqnire into 
the mifinanagement of naval affairs. 

— - Mr. Binke's motion for an enquiry xxv. [157 — 165] 

into the capture of St. Eultatius de- — on general Conway's motions, that 

bated on, and rejededj xxiv. [195*] 
— ^ the bill for new-modelling the fu- 

preme court of judicature at Bengal, 

paffed, xxiv. [195*] 
— proceedings relpe^ing the Eaft In- 

the war with America might no 
longer be purfued, xxv. [168 — 
— - addrefs to the king voted, with the 
king's anl'wer, xxv. [171] 
dia company's charter, and a tempo- — debates, tending to the removal of 
rary bill paiTed, xxiv. [196* — 198*] miniftry, xxv. [173] 

— proceedmgs for removing the reftric- — lord North declares in the houfe, that 
tions of the marriage adt, xxiv. [198* the prefent adtnintliration njoas no mttre^ 
— aoo*] xxv. [176] 

— ^ debate on the motion for taking — proceedings relative to (he affair^ of 
every meafwrc for concluding peace Ireland, jfacv. [178] 

with America, xxiv. [200*] 

— kibftance of the fpeech on the conclu- 
fion of the feflion, xxiv. [201*. 314] 

— granfs 80,000 1. to Barbadoes, and 
40,000 1. to Jamaica, on account of 
the late hurricanes, xxiv. [163] 

— fupplies granted by, for the year 1781, 
xxiv. [268] 

»- ways and means for the fupplies, 
xxiv. [273] 

— the king's fpeech at meeting the new 
parliament, Nov* i, 1780, xxiv. 

— — addrefs of tbe lords, and anfwer. 

— the king's melfage on the affairs of 
Ireland, with the debates ihereon, xxv. 


— proceedings and debates o« mr. . 
Burke's Civil Lift Expenditure Bill, 
xxv. [180] 

— the relblution of Feb. 17', 1769, on 
the Middlelex elefUon, ordered to be 
expunged, xxv. [181. 207] 

— debate on mr. Pitt's motion for a 
reform in the conftitution of parlia- 
ment, xxv. [181] 

— lord John Cavendilh's motion of 10 
refolutions toenfure the plan of reform 

xxiv. [i83] and regulation, xxv. [181] 

— - addrefs of tbe commons, and anfwer, — debates on the motion relative to the 

xxiv. [284] 

— ttate of parties at the meeting of 
parliament, xxv. [126J 

— the fupplies voted for 178 1, upwards 
of 25 millions, xxv. [126] 

pen lion granted to mr. Barre, xxv 

t>83] .. , 

— ' on mr. Fox's retiring from miniiliy, 
with mr. Fox's fpeech in juftification, 
xxv. [183] 

— the fubftance of the king's fpeech, — proceeding^of the committees on Eaft 
with the debates on it, and the addrefs, India company affairs, xxv. [x 88] 

xxv. [127] 

*— tlie motion for going into a commit- 
tee of fupply oppofed by mr, T. 
Pitt, and debate thereon, xxv. [133] 

— - debates on mr. Burke's motion for an 
enquiry into the condudl of the captors 
of St. Euiiatius, xxv. [136] 

— debates on the motion for iod,ooo 
ieamen, xxv. [141] 

«— debates on the army fupplies, xxv. 

— mr. Burke's notice of a motion re- 

— thanks voted to fir G. B. Rodney, 
and other commanders and feamen> 
xxv. [208] 

— a monument voted to the memory of 
captains Bayne, Blair, ai>d lord Robert 
Manners, xxv. [208] 

— prorogued from Sept. 3, to Ofl. id, 
xxv. [218] 

— again prorogued to Nov. 26, xxv. 

— fupplies granted for 1782, xxtr. 

fpe£iing the exchange of prifoners. with — the meeting of parliament, Jytt, 5, 

America, and the converfation there- 
on, xxv. [147] 
«— debates ob mr. Fox's motion to en- 
quire into caufes of the want of fuc- 

1782, xxvi. [138] 
— the principal heads of the kinga 
fpeech, with the debates thereon, the 
addrcls, and anfwer, xxvi. (.i\<i"i 


^Parliament; debates on the motion for 
Jaying the provifional articles^ as relate 
to the indepedcncy of America, before 
the houfe, 3pcvi. [ 1 44] 

«— proceedings on a bill, vcfpefting the 
excluHve right of the paiiiainent and 
courts of Ireland in matters of legifla- 
ibon and judicature, xxvi. [^46] 

•— the caufes for paflin^ this bill, and 
the objeflions made to it, X5:vi. [147 J 

•— the preliminary articles of peace laid 
before parliament, with the debates 
thereon, xxvi. [148] 

i(-7 mr. Thomas Pitt's motion of addrefs 
of thanks — lord John Cavendiflrs mo- 
tion of amendment, and lord North's 
(econd amendment, xxvi. [149] 

r^ after long debates jn fupport of the 
peace, and againft it, both the amend- 
ments are carried by a maj.ority of x6, 
xxvi. [166] 

r— i^efolutions of cenfure of the peace 
moved by lord John Cavendifti, and 
carried by a majority of 17, xxvi. 

«— proceedings on a motion for an ad- 
drefe to the king, rcfpe6ling the grant- 
ing of penfions, xxvi. [i 69] . 

r— on mr. Coke's motion for an addrefs for 
the formation of a minilhy, xxvi. [171] 

— carl of Surry's motion for a lecond 
addrefs pottponed, xxvi. [173] 

f-M iieps taken -to remove commercial 
difficulties with America, xxvi. [175] 

r^ loan of i% millions brought forward 
by the ci^ancellor of the exchequer, 

xxvi [175] 
r-^ proceedings on mr> Pittas motions, 

relpefling a reform of parliamentary 

reprefentation, xxvi. [176] 
r— ior allowing a feparate eiiablifhment 

^ the prince of Wales, xxvi. [17^] 
•— for the regulation of ofHces in tlie 

exchequer, with an exception of lofd. 

Thurlow, xxvi. [179] 
•— clofe of the feflion, July 16, 1^83, 
^ xxvi. [180] 
^- report of the perfons appointed to 

revifc the lift of penfions granted to 

American refugees, xxvi. [197] 
^— Yorkfhire petition for a more equal 

reprefentation, xxvi. [197] r— South- 

w?rk, 198 — Surry — Scaibo^^ugh r 

Nottinghamfliirc — Flin(, 1 99— Suffolk, 

and many other places, 204. 
^-- fupplies granted for the year 1783, 

V ith the ways and means, xxvi. [304] 

— recapitidation of proceedings relative 
to the affairs of the Eaft |ndia compa- 
ny, xxvii. [45]r-See India, faft. 

781 to 1792. 

Parliament; meeting of, NeY*ii,t78Si 

xxvii. [58] 
•«— heads of the king^s fpeechj with de^ 

bates thei-eon, xxYii. [58J 
■— mr. Fox's two bills brought ipta the 

houfe, with the principal heads of 

them, xxvii. [59] 

— arguments uied in oppoiitioD to theni| 
xxvii. [61] 

— the ditFerent ftatements of the compa* 
ny's accounts by the drre^ors, and by 
miniftry, xxvii. [63—69] 

— t- t!ie bill lent to the houfe of lords, and 
'rejefled, xxvii. [69] 

— debates in confcquence of mr. Fox's 
India bill being rtje(^ed by the lords, 
xxvii. [70] 

— meafures adopticd to prevent the di{» 
folution of parliament, 5Lxyii. [72] 

— - the third reading of the land tax biti 
deferred, xxvii, [7i] 

— i*efolution of the committee on the 
ftate of the nation to addreis the king, 
and the favourable auiwer given by the 
king, xxvii^ [73] 

— rcipc61ing India bills, xxvii. [74] 
r-r to addiefs the king refpe6iing hii 

appointment of a chancelk)r of tlic 
duchy ot Lancafter^ xxvii, [75] 

r-T the llate of parlies prior- to the meet- 
ing of parliament after the Chriftmas 
recefs, xxvii. [75] 

r-r*- debates 00 refuming the committee 
on the ftate of the pation» xxvik 


-r- refplutions of the coipmittee, refpeft- 
ing the iffuing of money not appro-^ 
priated by a6ts of p<irliament — for 
defeiring the fecond reading of the 
mutiny bill-r^for the appointment of 
minifters tHat enjoyed the confidence 
of the houfe — of cenlure on the ap- 
pointment of the prefent minifters, 
xxvii. [77] 

r— heads of mr. Pittas biU refpc£ling 
the Eaft India company, xxvii. [79] 

— - debates on the comparative merits of 
mr. Pitt-s and mr. J^ox't bills, xxvii. 

— mr. Pitt's bill rcjc6led by a majonty 
of eight, xxvii. [81} 

— mr. Fox gives notice of his intention^ 
to bring in another bill, xxvii. [8z] 

— • i-efolution againft the miniftry moved 
• by lord Charles Speucer» xxvii. [83 J 

— a union of parties recommended bf 
mr. Powis, xxvii. [83] 

— proceedings in order to prevent the 
diffolution of parliament, xxvii. [84] 

•— the accufatioa brought againft the Jate 



mlmflrys ^^ bribery, voted groundlcfs, Parliament ; a bill allowing the Eaft In-» 

xxvH. [86] dia company to divide eight per cent 

Parliament; debates on the exertions of intereft, pafTed, xxvii. [164] 

the members who met at the St. Al- — another bill for allowing a further 

ban^s tavern to bring about a union of refpite of duties' — ^tp accept bills— 'and 

parties^ xxvii. [88] refpefling dividends, alfo paffes, xKvil. 

— debates on the king refufing to dif- [164] • ' ' 
nrifs the miniftry, and on the miniftry — a third bill for the better government 
retufing to refign, xxvii. [91] of the Eatt India company, with an 

— refolutions palTed in fiipport of their analyfis of the bill and debates there- 
privileges, xxvii. [93] on, which paffes, xxvii. [165] 

•— addrefs to the king, formed on the — the budget, xxvii. [168] 

the refolutions, with the king's anfwer, — reltores the eftates of the rebels of 

xxvii. [93] Scotland, in 1745, xxvii. [169] 

— a fecond addrefs for the removal of — the feffion is cloled, Aug. 20, 1784« 
mlnifters, with the king^s anfwer, xxvii. [170] 

xxvii"! [94] — the fecond feflion opens^ Jan, 15, 

^- a repreftMitation to the king, carried 1785, xxvii. [171] 

by a majority, 191 to 190, xxvii. [96] — heads of the king's fpeecb, and debates 

— the parliament prorogued, March 24, ihereon, xxvii. [171] 

, and diflblved tlie next day, xxv ii. [99] — proceedings relpe^ing theWeftminfter 

— a view of the ch.irafter of the late, eleftion and fcrutiny, xxvii. [174*— 
xxvii. [14*] ^ 180*] 

— the great fiipplles voted In the firft — procccvlings refpe£king the debts of 
fcHion, which in the next produced the the nabob of Arcot, with mr. Burke's 
refolution fw putting an end to the fpeech, xxvii. [180* — 189*] 
Ameiican war — proceedings for le- — the bufinefs of a reform brought for- 

gulating the civil liil eftablifhmeut— 
renders contractors incapable of fitting 
in — all officers of the revenue difquali- 

ward by mr. Pitt, finally determined 5 
againft it 248, for it 174, xxvii. 


fied from voting — ^regulations made in — a general review of the n'ational finan- 
the offices of the exchequer — regula- 
tions refpeftingthe Eaft India company, 
siftei: having pafled tlie commons, re- 
je^ed by the lords — regulation of the 
offi:ce of paymaftcr-general — refcinds 

^ XXVH. [190*] 
• a bill brought in by mr* Pitt, awl 
pafled, appointing commiflioners to en- 
quire into the fees of public offices^ 
xxix. [192*] 

and expunges the refolution relative to — adjourned, Aug. 2, 1785, xxijc 

— ttate of the poll for London , and other 
conteftcd cleftions, xxvii. [i86] 

— thanks voted by the corporation, of 
York, to mr. Fox, and others, for 
their oppofition to the commutatio* 
aft, xxvii. [200] 

the Middleiex eleftion — negleft of, 
in its inquifitoriai capacity — within 
tvvo years faw five prime m in liters, 
xxvii. [142 — 146] , 

— diflblution of, xxvii. [146] 

•— advantages to miniftry on d^/Tolutions 
of, xxvii. [146] 

— upwards of 160 members, moftly — remarkable addrefles firom particular 

friends of the late adminiftration, loft 
their feats, xxvii. [147] 

— meeting of the new parliament, May 
18, 171(4, xxvii. [147] 

— mr. Cornwall rc-chofen fpeaker, xxvii. 

—- heads of the king*s fpeech, and debates 

thereon, xxvii. [147] 
^- debates on the propriety of the diflb- 
lution of the late parliament, xxvii. 

— a copy ot the reprefentatlqn moved 
' by mr. Burke, to be prefenfed to his 

ms^efty, refpe£ting the late diflblution, 
aocvii. [151-^163] note. . 
mmm proceedings r^pe6ting the commuta* 

perfons, on declaring themfelves can- 
didates at the late general ele6lIon9 
xxvii. [272] 

— fupplies granted by parliament for 
1784* xxvii. [297] 

— refolutions pafled by the Irifli houfe 
of commons, xxviii. [13] 

— proceedings refpe^ting the commer- 
cial intercourfe with Ireland, xxviii* 


— a meeting of the merchants of Lon- 
don, for taking the Irifti propofitions 
into ccnfideratlon, xxviii. [15] 

— the propofitions, as revifed by the 
Englifli houfe of commons, and the 
ten additwwttl^ -sww'm.V^^ — "^-^^ 


Parliament; paffed both by the commons 
and the lords, xxviii. [22] 

— rejected by the parliament of Ireiand, 
xxviii. [22 — 24] 

— the plan for fettling the Gcnevefe 
emigrants proves abortive, xxviij. [24] 

— the opening of the third fcfHon, Jan. 
24, 1786, xxviii. [89] 

— heads of the king^s fpeech, with de- 
bates on the addrefsy and amendment 
moved and negailved, xxviii. [90] 

— mr. Fox's fpecch on the treaty be- 
tween France and Holland — recom- 
mends a more clofc conne6lion with 
Pcterfbiirg and Vienna— K)n negle^- 
ing a treaty with Ruflia — againft en- 
tering into a commercial treaty with 
France — on the Irifti propofitlons 
—and on India affairs, xxviii. [90 — 

— mr. Pitt's anfwer, xxv'iii. [92] 

— proceedings refpefling the fortifying 
of the dock yards of Port fmouth and 
Plymouth — ^the heads of mr. Sheri- 
dan's famous fpeech againft it — and 
finally rejefted by the cafting vote of 
thefpeaker, xxviii. [94 — 108] 

— - debates on fome alterations introduced 
into the mutiny bill, rcfpefling bre- 
vet officers, and carried, xxviii. [108 

— mr. Pitt's motion, with refpeft to the 
reduflion of the national dtbt, xxviii. 

— mr. Pitt's fpeech on opening the fub- 
jeft, with the obje^lions ftated by fir 
Grey Cooper, mr. Fox, mr. Sheridan, 
and'mr. HufTey, xxviii. [114 — 120] 

— the bill paflTes, and receives the royal 
aflfent. May 15, 1786, xxviii. [120] 

— proceedings for transferring certain 
duties on wine from the cuftoms to 
thecxcife, xxviii. [120] 

— proceedings on the bill for appointing 
commiiTioners to enquire into the (tate 
of the woods, forefts, and lapd reve- 
nues of the crown, xxviii. [122] 

r— proceedings on a bill for difquali- 
fying perfons holding places in the 
navy and ordnance office, from voting 
at elections, and rejefted, xxviii. [123] 

— proceedings on mr. Dundas's bill 
for amending mr. Pitt's aft of 1784, 
for regulating the government of the 
Eaft India company, which pafl'^s, 
xxviii. [136] 

— . the felfions clofed, July xi, 1786, 

xxviii. [137] 
-^ fupplies granted in 1786, xxviii* 

«— lord Mordaunt's ac«0unt of ihe date 

7 8 I to I 7 9 2. 

of the parliament, a few' months be£}re 
the reftoration, xxviii. 171 
Parliament 5 proceedings on the commer- 
cial treaty with France, xxix. [66] 

— ftate of political parties, xxix. [66] 

— peers created during the recefs, xxix, 

— the.feflions opened, Jan. 25, 1787, 
xxix. [66] 

— the king's fpeech, and addrefTes voted, 
xxix. [66] 

— mr. Fox's fpeech on the commercial 
treaty, xxix. [67] 

— mr. Pitt's reply, xxix. [69] 
«— mr. Fox's endeavours to bring the 

treaty with Portujiial before the houfe, 
previous to a divifion on the French 
treaty, xxix. [72] 

— mr. Pitt's Ipetch in explanation of 
the treaty with France, xxix. [73] . 

— ' mr. Fox's reply, xxix. [79] 

— further motion to bring before the 
houfe the treaty with Portugal, xxix. 

— the report of the committee on the 
ti-eaty wirh France, brought up and 
agreed to, xxix. [88] 

— procredings on the addrefs to the king, 
on the condufion of the treaty, xxix. 


— mr. Grey^'s maiden fpeech againfl the 
addrefs, in which he recommended i 
more intimate connection with Ame- 
rica, xxix. [89] 

— capt. Macbride and mr. Burke's 
fpeeches againft the addrefs, xxix. [91] 

— the proceedings of the .parliament in 
1 71 3, when the treaty of Utrecht wai 
taken into con fideraiion, xxix. [91] 

■— the addrei's carried, 236 to 160, xxix. 


— proceedings on the confolidation of 
the cuftoms and excife, xxix. [105] 

— explanation of the plan, xxix. [105] 

— the attention paid to fpecified an- 
nuities lecured onfeveral of the duties, 
xxix. [107] 

— 3,000 reiolutions neceffary to be^ie- d for the completion of the plan, 
xxix. [icS] 

— pa {Ted in the commons, xxix. 

— receives the royal affent, xxix. [no] 

— votes an annuity of 2^000 1. a year to 
fir John Skinner, late lord chief baron, 
xxix. [110] 

— proceedings and debates on mr. Beau- 
foy's motion for the repeal of the cor- 
poration and teft acis, xxix. [114] 

— mr. Bcaufoy's fpecch on tnis occa- 
Hon, xxix. £114] 

Parlja2ni:c** } 


Parliament ; lord North's famous aHfwer Parliament ; debate on the ordnance effi- 
in defence of the church of England, 
xxix, [n6] 

— other, fpecches on the occadon, and 
the motion negative J, 178 to xoo, 
xxix. [120] 

— t^fc budget, xxjx. £iao] 

— proceedings on the ftate of ihe finan- 
ces of the prince of Wales, xxix. [123 

— privately fettled before mr. Newnham't 
intended motion, xxix. [129] 

*— the king^s ipeflage on ihii fubjefV^ 

xxix. [129] 
•— an abftra6l account of the. princess 

mates, xxx. [95] 

— debate on mr. Baftard's motion rela- 
tive to the late promotion of naval 
officers to theflng, xxx. [103] 

— debates on the Eaft India declaratory 
bill, xxx. [108] 

— finally pafTcs by a majority of 54, 
xxx. [i>8] 

— debate on the claufe in the mutiny 
bill, for incorporating in the army the 
new corps of military artificers^ xxx- 

— debate on a bill for preventing the 
exportation of wool, and carried, x»iu 

debts laid before the houfe, xxix. [1 30} 

-* addrefs to the king for their payment, — - budget opened. May 5, X78S, xxz 

xxix. [130] [«»^] 

— mr. Fox^s motion for the repeal of — ror. Pitt's fpeech on the increafed re- 

tbe (hop tax, fup)x>ite(l by mr. Lamb- venue, xxx. [126] 

ton, and after mr. Pittas reply, reje^led, — mr. Sheridan^s and mr. Fox's an- 

xxix. [131] fwtrs, XXX. [129] 

— proceedings on a bill for farming the 
poft horfe duty, which after coniiderable 
oppoiltion is pafTed, xxix. [133] 

— a petition prefented from the debtors 

fir Grey Cooper's fpeech on the efti- 
mates, xxx. [130] 
— the refoluticns aj^recd to without a 
divifion, xxx. [130] 

in Newgate, to be ti-anfported to New — mr. Grenville's bill for the better re- 

South Wales, xxix. [135] 

— a bill brought in for the relief of 
debtors, by mr. Sawbridge, which 
paifes the commons, but is reje6led by 
the lords, xxix. [136] 

— - proceedings on abufes in the poft-of» 
fice, xxix. [138] 

— proceedings refpefting the fitting of 

gulation of trials of controverted elec- 
tions, which paffes, xxx. [131] " 

— debates on a petition from the cltic* 
of London and Weftminftcr, for a re- 
peal of the fhop tax, arid tl)e motion 
reje6led,xxx. [132] 

— proceedings refpc^ling the flavc tc^de, 
xxx. [133] — ki: Sla*vf Trade. 

tbe eldeft Tons of Scotch peers in the — debates on (ir W. Dol ben's motion, 
Britifli parliament, as members for to regulate the tranfporution of ne- 
Scotch boroughs, xxix. [147] g'*oes, xxx. [135] 

*— proceedings on the accufation of mr. — Liverpool petition againft the fup- 
Haftings, xxix. [ 149 — 173] — for par- prefTion, xxx. [ 1 3S] 
ticulars, lee Haflings^H^arren. — ihe'bill paflfcs, xxx. [136] 

— the parliament prorogued. May 30, — proceedings on the compenfation t» 
1787, xxix. [173] ^ be made to American loyalifts, and 

••— the king's Ijpeech at openmg the (cC" voted, xxx. [136} 

iion, Jan. 23, 1787, with the addreflfes — 72,500!. a year voted to the earl of 
of the lords and commons, xxix. Newburgh out of the Derwentwater 
[269] eftate, xxx. [139J 

— meeting of, Nov. 27, with the caufes .— for procee<Iings during the illnefs of 
of the early meeting, xxx. [83] the kinpr, the appointment of a rc- 

— the heads of the king's fpeech, xxx. gcncy, &c. fee George III, 

[83] — the death of mr. Cornwall the fpeaker, 

— debate on theaddrefs, xxx. [84] Jan. 2, i73<^, xxxi. [105] 

— debate on the declaration of the king — the earl of Eullon propofes mr. Gien- 
of France, of his intention to Interfere villc tor fpaakcr, fcconded bymr. PuU 
in the affairs of Holland, xxx. [88] teney, xxxi. [105] 

— debate on the fubfidiary treaty with — mr. Welboa' Ellis propofes fir Gil- 
the hndgrave of Hsffe Caffcl, xxx. bert Elliot, feconde<lby mr. Fredeiick 

• [89] Miintagu, xxxi. [106] 

— debate on the augmentation of the — mr. (trenillc tleclcd> 215 to i44.» 
land forces, xxx. [91] x.\\i . [ 1 6 ] 

INDEX, I 7 8 1 to 1792. 

ParlTament ; a new commifllon iffued Parliament ; the meettltg of, Jan'« it^ 

in confequenceof the king^s recovery > 

xxxi. [142] 
«—> fpeech of the commifli^ners to the two 

houies, xxxi. [142] 
-~ addre({es of congratulation voted by 

the lords and commons, xxxi. [143] 
— 'adclreflTes to the queen alfo voted, 

xxxi. [143] 

179O, with the heads of the king*» 
fpeech, and debates ^hereoni zxxii. 

— mr. Fox^s remark on tfie condufi ef 
French ibldiers, which he held up ai 
an example to the military of Europe^ 
with col.Phipp's fpirited preteft againtt 
that opinion, xxxii. [66j 

•>— 2iS,oool. voted for ordnance extra- — mr. Fox again applauds the Frendi 

ordinaries for fortifications on the revolution, which is oppofcd by mr* 

Weft India iflands, with the argu- . Burke, xxxii. [67] 

inents made ufe of pro and con, xxxi. — mr. Burke^s pi6lure of the revolution, 

£143} and makes a contraft of it with the- 

•— mr, Beaufoy*s motion for an anni- EngliHi revolution, xxxii. [68] 

¥er(ary commemoration of the revo- — mr. Fox fupported by mr. Sberidani 

kition paiTes the commons, but reje6led 
by the lords, xxxi. [145] 

— mr. Fox's annual motion for the re- 
peal of the (hop-tax carried, xxxi. 

•— > the additional tax on hawkers and 
pedlars taken off, xxxi. [146] 

— mr. Pitt informs the houfe of the 
kinsj's appointing a thankfgiving for 

XXXII. [70] 

— mr. Sheridan compliments^ la Fayette, 
Baillie> &c. xxxii. [71] 

— mr. Burke thanked by mr. Pitt, and 
otlicr members, for the fentiments a- 
prelTed in the debate, .xxxii. [71] 

— the dilTenters renew their applicatioi 
for a repeal of the teft and corporatJOtt 
a6ls, xxxii. [72] 

his late recovery, and that he Ihould — mr. Fox's ipeech on his motion for 

go lo St. Paul's, and the houfe refolves the repeal, xxxii. [72] 

- to attend him, Apr. 23, 1789, xxxi. — mr. Pitt's anfwer to mr. Fox, xxxii. 

[147I ^ . . [74] - ■ ^ 

— mr. Beaufoy's motion for taking into — mr. Burke's fpeech on thfc famc,oc» 

confideration the corporation and teft cafion, xxxii. [76] 

acls, with mr. Beaufoy's fpeech and — for the motion 105, againft It a94» 

lord North's anfwer J the motion re- xxxii. [76] 

jefted, 122 to 102, xxxi. [147] — mr. Flood's motion for a reform in 

— proceedings refpefting the regulation 
of the flave tr^de, xxxi. [149] 

— - on the vacancy of fpeaker by mr, 

Grenville being appointed fecretary of 

ftate, mr. Addington is chofen 215, 

fir Gilbert Elliot 142, xxxi. [149] 

—> Budget opened, xxxi. [149] 

—^debates on the budget, xxxi. [150—- 

154] . 
•—proceedings on removing the duties 

on tobacco from the cuftoms to the 

excife, xxxi. [154] 

— India budget opened by mr. Dundas, 
J[uly 1, 1789, xxxi. [158] 

— 'mr. Francis's obfervations on 
flatements, xxxi. [159] 

— the company petitions for leave, which 
was g^-anted, to add one million to 
their fiock, xxxi. [159] 

— an application for leave to export 

parliament on the inadequacy of the 
prelent mode of reprefcntation j p>o- 
pofes 100 additional members to be 
chofen by relident houfckeepers, xxxii. 

— mr. Wyndham fupports the adequacy 
of i-eprelentation to all beneficial pur- 
pofes ; anfwers the'objeftions relatifc 
to the American war 5 deprecates in- 

• novations founded upon theories ; ob- 
je6ls to the time as dangerous, xtm* 

— mr. Pitt's objection to the m^tioff, M 
ill-timed, xxxii. [80] 

tlie — the motion withdrawn, xxxii. [81] 

— mr. Montague's motion for increafing 
the falary of the fpeaker— the prefcnt 
emoluments about 3,oool. a year— 
propofed to be advanced to 5,ooot*-" 
6,6oq1. a year voted, xxxii, [82] 

20,000 facks of flour to France, and — E. India budget opened by mr. Pun* 

refufed, xxxi. [164] 

— prorogue'd, Auguft II, 1789, xxxi, 

— proceedings on the king*8 illneft. Ste 
Ciorgi I Jit 

das, xxxii. [84] 
— mr. Francis and mr. Dcvayncs re- 
ply, andmr.Dundas'saflTertionoftbe 

falfehood of mr. Francis's ftatemeitf* 

xxxii, [86—89] 



p4rliament } the ' refoliitions pafTed by 
the committee, xxxii. [89] 

— proceedings on mr. Sheridan's mo- 
tion for a repeal of the a6l for Tub- 
jesting dealers in tobacco to the excifey 
xxxii. [S9] 

^'the motion reje6led, 191 to 147, xxxii. 

— budget for 1790, xxxh. [93] 

—1 the king's meifage refpe^ting violence 
committed on two veffels on the north- 
weft coaft of America, by two Spani/h 
ihips of war, and the debates thereon, 
xxxii. [95] 

^ a vote of credit for one million palTes, 
xxxii. X99] 

— proceedings on corapenfations made 
and to be made to American loyali(l$, 
xxxii. [99] 

^ the particular compenfations to be 
made to the Penn family, xxxii. [99] 

m^ the king's melTage rer|>e6ling a penfion 
to dr. Willis, xxxii. [100] 

— proceedings rerpe6ling the tontine, 
xxxii. [100] 

*— proceedings on mr. Wilberforce's mo- 
tion refpe6ling the Have trade, xxxii ^ 

•—> proceedings on mr. Haftings' trial, 
xxxii. [loi] 

«— gch. Burgoyne'*s motion refpefling a 
libel pubiiflied again ft the juftice of 
the houfe by majpr Scott, and ordered 
to be reprimanded, xxxii. [102] 

— the clofc of the feflion, June 10, when 
the king informs them that he had re- 
ceived no fatisfaftory anfwer from Ma- 
drid, and of his intention of calling a 
new^ parliament, xxxii. [104.] 

— report of the committee of the com- 
mons to inljpe^ the houfes adjoining 
to Weftminrfer-hall and the t>A,'b houfes 
of parliament, and the ofKces thereto 
adjoining, xxxii. [24.7] 

— fpeech of the fpeaker on prefcnting 
certain bills to his majefty, June 10, 
1790, xxxii. [zS4] 

— — the meeting of tiie new parliamcnj, 
Nov. »s, 1790, xxxiii. [35] 

— - mr. Addington re-eleded f^^eakcr, 
xxxiii. [36] 

— the king's fpeech, with the debates on 
the addrefs, xxxiii. [36] 

— proceedings and debates on the con- 
vention with Spain, Oti. 2S, 1790, 

xxxiii. [37— 39I 
-— > ftate of exptnces on account of the 
late armament, and the provifion made 
for it by paiiiamenr, xxxiii. [40] 

— proceedings and debates on the quef- 
tion, how faradilToluiion of narliaicent 

afFe6)ed the proceedings againft mr» 
.'Haftings,and carried 143 to 30, that it 
did not abate them, xxxiii. [42—58] 
Parliament ; menage to the ioids fur the 
refumption of the trial, xxxiii. [58] 

— debate? on mr. Burke's motion for ti« 
mitation of the proceedings, xxxiii. [59] 

— obfervations on the great queftion de« 
cided this feiTion, that << impeachments 
do not abate by the diftblution of. par- 
liameilt," xxxiii. [6 3 J 

•-*- traces from very early times of the 
agency of the commons in public. ac« 
cufaiions, xxxiii. [64] 

— the firft impeachment, 50 Edw. III. 
by the parliament called the '< good 
parliament," xxxiii. [64] 

-» ftate of political parties in that par- 
liament, xxxiii. [65] 

— the bad condition ot the kingdom un- 
der the duke of Lancailer's govern- 
ment, xxxiii. [65] 

.— the moderation and iirmnefs with 
which the commons proceeded on this 
trying occadon, xxxiii. [67] 

.— fir Peter de la Mare chofen fpeaker by 
the commons, xxxiii. [67] 

— proceedings in tliat parliament— In 
granting Ibpplies — in addre(fing the 
king to augment his privy council with 
prelates and peers of the realm — a new 
oath fettled for the members of the new 
council — fupport the franchifes of the 
city of London — addrefs the king on 
grievances — -proceecls to the impeach- 
ment of 'the p'irtizans of the duke of 
Lancafter, and cntrufted to the fole 
management of fir Peter de la Mare- 
Richard Lyons, a merchant of wealth 
and eminence, firif impeached and 
fentcnced — lord Larymer impeached, 
and removed from ail his offices and 
the 1^- n^'s council for ever— -many 
otiiersi alio impeached — after the dil- 
folution of parliament the duke of 
Lancafter, Alice Perren, and others, 
return to court — the new council fud- 
denly diimiflcd — ar Peter de la Mcire 
fent prifoner to Newaik caftle — arti- 
cles brought before the privy council 
againft the bifhop of Winchefter, and 
his temporalities fcizcd — the earl of 
Marche ordered to repair to Calais as 
marlhal, to avoid wi\ich he rciigns his 
office— every intrigue employed by 
court to obtain a majority in the new 
parliament— lirThoma«i Hungcrfoid, 
the friend and fteward of the duke of 
Lancafter, chofen fpeaker — further ac- 
count of lord L'itymer's caft— t')C 
commons of the new parliament r^*- 

L v>j(^ss^ 

t N D E X, 17 8 1 to 1792. 

tit ion for lord Latymer to be reftored Parliament ; debates on a motion madfc 

to his former rank and ertate, but did by mr. Bakery and negatived, xuiii. 

not receive the concurrence of the lord? [ 1 04] 

•*— however receives the royal affent— — mr. Fox's fpecch on mr. Baker's mo- 
^ fiiriheir accoutit of the ca!e of William tion, in which he gaVe a iplendid pa- 
Elys — ^^the next parliament afted upon negyric on the new conftitution of 
the impeachment as flill pendant — France, xxxiii.-[i05] 
a general a6l of pardon pafled, out of — proceeilings and debates on mr. T. 
which the bifhop of Winchelier alone Grenville's motion -for an addrcfsoD 
was excepted — ^ihc fpeaker prays the the right o^J parliament to advife tfe 
kirg, that in his year of jubilee he crown refpiefling war and peace, loft 
would rcftore all to their former rank by 94, xxxiii. [105 J 
and degree — the new paHiaincnt under *— proceedings and debates on the king's 
the controul ofthedukeof Lancafter-— meflage reljxrfting Canada, xxxiiit 
proceedings in the new pari ianrient re- ['o8] 

laiive to the impeachments — Seldcn's — the minifter's unufually fiiU detail of 

opinion on the fubjcd-- the cdfeof fir theljill, xxxiii. [108] 

Hugh Faftalf — further proof in the — objeftionsmadctothei>ill bymr.Fox, 

time of Her.ry VI. from the fpeech of xxxiii. [109] 

the duke of Norfolk againft the duke — mr. Pitt's anfwer to the objeSions, 

of Scmerfet— after the death of the xxxiii. [111] • ' 

king pardons granted by Richard II. —1 proceedings on mr. Grey's motion for 

to tne biihop of Winchefter and fir a committee on thfe (late of the nation, 

Peter de la Miin.— a new parliament xxxiii. [113] 

called, and fir Peter chofen fpeaker— — mr. Sheridan's and mr. Fex's further 

the proceedings of the good parliament declarations refpefling the French le- 

refumed where they left them— the ' volution, xxxiii. {11 3, 114^ 115] 

power of impeachmant alike a fecurity — the rupture between mr. Fox and mr» 

. of the people and the prince, xxxiii. Burke forefeen, xxxiii. {114] 

[67—80] — debate on mr. Sheridan's motion to 

Parliament j debates on mr. Hippefley's oppofc the re-commitrtient of the Que- 

motion for the correfj^ondence relative bee bill, xxxiii. [116] 

to the attack of Tippoo Sultan on — mr. Burke profeflTcs a fcnfe of public, 

the lines of Travancore, xxxiii. [86] duty in llating his printiples, xxxiii. 

— - debates on the war with Tippoo Sul- [118] 

tan, xxxiii. [86—91] — tranlaftions during the £ after recefst 

•— proceed in es in a committee appointed xxxiii. [119] 

on mr.Wilberforce's motion to receive — the endeavours v(kd by friends, ncwf. 

■ and examine evidence on the ilave- papers, and caricatures, to prevent 

trade, with mr. Wiibei-force's fpecch, the breach between mr. Fox and mr. 

xxxiii. [91] Burke, xxxiii. [119] 

— arguments ufed in defence of the — re-commitment of the Quebec bill, 
flave-trade, xxxiii. [91] xxxiii. [110] 

— the motion lull by a majority of 75, — mr. Burke's fpeech on it— his objec- 
xxxiii. [95] tion to the new do6>rine of the <« Righti 

— proceedings on mr. Metford's motion of Man "—defends the right of legil- 
for granting relief to protefting catho- lating for Canada on the law of na- 
lie di (Tenters, xxxiii. [95] lions-— inquiry whether from the coR-' 

— the bill, with fome amendments, paflfcs llitutions of America or France any 
both houfes, xxxiii. [97] thing could be derived of ule in thi 

— - the king's meflbge refpcfting the go- conftitniion of Canada — (hews the tf- 

vernmcr.tof Canada, xxxiii. [98] feft of the new conftitution of Franie 

— proceedings on the king's mcHage re- on her colonics — the deplorable con- 
fpefting his endeavours to bring about dition of France itfclf— called to orAtr 
a pacification between RufTia and the by oppofition- a long and extraordi' 
Porte having proved intffeftual, xxxiii. nary altercation lakes place— 4oni Shef- 
[99] field's motion, that dilfertations on the 

— tJate of the cafe, witli debates on the French conftitution are not regular or 
m'^ffage, xxxiii. [99] orderly on the qucftion — inr. Pitt'f 

— a tiring of motions made by mr. Grey, opinion, that in point of lifcrction he 
lolt bv a maority of So, xxxiii. [xoz] wifhfid it uot to be difcufTed, but fuUjr 

$ . • in 


in ordcr^-^^— mr. Fox's fpeech on the 
inotion^-Complains of/ a plot againll 
hirh — declares that he looks on the re- 
volution of France as one of the moll 
slorious events in the' hiftory of man- 
kind — threatens to leave the houfe if 
mr. Burke is permitted to purfue his 
argument on rne French conftitution — ^ 
declares the' Britifli conftitution to be 
founded on the Rights of Man-^-mr. 
Burke'*s reply-^his motives for intro- 
ducing the fubjeft of the French con- 
ilitution-«^complains of the unkind 
treatment of mr. Fox and the party-— 
called to order by mr. Grey— mr. Fox's 
rejoinder-— mr. Burke's fpeech in aii- 
fwer — mr. Pitt's Opinion of the de- 
bate, and declares himfelf eager to 
give mr. Burke his wanneft and nioft 
etfef^ual fupport, and thinks him en- 
titled to the gratitude of his country 
—the houfe adjourns, xxxlii. [120— 

rarliariient ; debate on the claufe rela- 
tiv: to the legiflalivc council, xxxiii. 

*— mr. Fox's declaration of his political 

priiyriples— ^fatisfaftory to the minifter, 

xxxrfi. £133, 134.] 

^i— mr. Burke dcfires the proteflion of 
the houfe— repels the charge of'abufmg 
republics by ftiling' France an anomaly 
in government (reciting the verles 
from Milton) of the figure of death, 
** a (bapeleJs monfter bom of hell and 
chaos " — ^hi» defcription and commen- 
dation of ariftocracy—mr. Fox's reply 
— -mr. Burke*3 rejoinder — thus ended 
tlie friendihip of mr. Burke and mr. 
Fox, xxxiii. [134 — 137] 

<— queftion on tlie rights of juries in 
cafes of libel, xxxiii. [138] 

— ^the bills of 1771 and 1791 ^ontrafted, 
xxxiii. [13^$] 

— ^ (hort account of the proceedings in 
1771, vifhcn the bill was rejected, 
xxxiii. [139] 

*- debates on the bill, which paffcs the 

. commons, xxxiii. [140] 

^— the bill, on account of the advanced 
period of the feflion, poftponed by the 
lord^, xxxiii. [141] 

i— the report of the committee on the 
ftate of the public income and expen- 
diture, xxxiii. [142] 

— the report referred to a committee of 
way^and means, xxkiii. [142] 

*— mr. Sheridan^s fpevch,' with a long 
ftting of refblutions,' on the report, 
xxxiii. [14^— ;i48] 

«^> the reiofutioiu which pafl«J the houfe, 

Parliament j the India b iidget opened by 
mr.Dundas, xxxiii. [153] 

— ^ fir Gilbert Elliot's motion for an ex- 
emption from the tell aft in favour of 
the ScottiQi churchy negatived, xxxiii. 

[>S4] , 
■i^ mr. Sheridan'*s motion relative to the 

royal burghs of Scotland j refolved tg 

proceed on early in the next (eilions, 

xxxiii. [154] 

— ^ the bill for eftablifhing a company at 

Sierra Leone palTed, xxxiii. [155] 

I — the king^s fpecich, and parliament 

prorogued, June 10, 1791, xxxiii. 

— the fubftance of the king's fpeech^ 
and the addrcfs carried without a fin* 
glc diflenting; voice, xxxiv. [316] 

— - debates on tne addrefs in the commons 
•=— on the preftnt ftate of the Indian 
war — the marriage of the duke of 
York — on England having mediated 
with any real effeft between RuOia 
and the Porte— on the royal I'uggeftion 
that it might be proper to take off 
feme taxes— on the omifllon of taking 
notice of the iio:3 at Birmingham— 
the amendment loft, for it 85, againft 
it 209, xxxiv. [3i7'-r32i] 

•i— the outlines of mr. Pitt's fpeech on. 
the income of the revenue exceeding 
the expenditure, xxxiv. [321] 

— taxes propoled ta be repealed, xxxiv. 


— the arguments of mr. Sheridan and 

•mr. Fox in reply, xxxiv. [^25] 

— mr. Pitt's anilver, xxxiv. [326] 

— mr. Pitt brings in a bill refp^ing 
the rei!u6tion of the n:itional debt, and 
an uniform fyftcm for paying off anjr 
future loan, xxxiv. [327] 

— mr. Fox's ftatement of lofs to the 
public from negkding the reduftion 
of tlie four per cents, xxxiv. [327] 

.i— debate on the eftablilhment of th«; 
duke of York, xxxiv, [328] 

— proceedings refpefting the Rufllin 
armament, xxxiv. [329] 

— mr. Grey gjves notice of his intention 
of moving for more papers, xxxiv. 


— :. mr. Grey makes the motion and de- 
bates thereon, xxxiv. [330") 

— i motives adduced by mr. Pitt ap,ain(l: 
the produftion of the papers moved 
for, xxxiv. [331] 

— mr. Pitt alludes to clicumftances of 
notoriety, hoftile to the political inte- 
rertsof the country, with a conjefture 
rePpefting circumftances alluded to, 
xxxiv. ^.'i'i^'\ 

I N D E X, 1781 to I 7 9^- 

confidence expeftcd by minifters to be Parliament j mr. Fox's libel bill pafle* 

rep'ofed in them, xxxiv. [332] the commons, xxxiv. [351] 

Parliament ; mr. Grey*s motions re- -— oppoiition made to it in the lonlsi 

jc^ed, ayes lao, noes 135, xxxiv. . xxxiv. [351] 

[333] — debate on the fiave .trade opened by mr. 

—' further confideration oh the fubje£^, Wilbcrforce, Apr.2^i79^»bdv,[35^] 

in which nir. Wftifbread takes the lead — the aiguments made ufe of by the 

in oppofition, xxxiv. [3^33] opponents, xxxiv. [35f3 

•*- the ob)e6lions made by oppoiition — mr, Dundas propofes a gradual abo- 

anfwered by niiniftry, xxxiv. [334] lition, and carried, 193 to 115, xxm, 

— mr. Jenkinfon's t'amoas fpeech on the [354] 

balance of power, xxxiv. [334] — mr. Jenkinfon's motion for a bounty 

— copy cf a paper read in the houfe^ 

' purporting to be a copy of the grand 

vizier's anfwer to our ambaffjidor at 

of 5I. for every fenvale above the 
number of males imported, and nega- 
tived, xxxiv. [3543 

Conlbnlmople, xxxiv. [336 — 338] — a ftring of refolutions moved by nir. 

note. Dundas, and the HtH and fecond being 

— the 6ppo(ition fupports its former ar- negatived, declines proceeding, xxxiv. 

giimcnts, xxxiv. [338] [3S4--S56] 

-^ fpeech of nn*. Sheridan, in which he — mr. Piit ailumes the lead, and moves 

exprefles his aftoiiilhment at mr. Pitt's feveral of mr. Dundas^s refolutions, 

filence, xxxiv. [3 38 J 
■r- mr. Fox's fpeech, xxxiv. [338] 

— mr. Pities reply, xxxiv. [340] 

— mr. Fox's opinion of RuiTia being a 
defirable ally to England, xxxiv. 

— mr. Grey's motions loft, ayes 118,, 
noe« 244, xxxiv. [341] 

— motions made by major MaiflanJ for 
papers relating to the Indian war, 
xxxiv. [344] 

— the pioprieiy of the production dif- 
cuffed, xxxiv. [344] 

— wiotions. made by major Maitland on 
the papers produced, xxxiv. [345] . 

-*- debate on lord Cornwiiliis's Ictref to 
the Nizam of July 7, 1789, xxxiv. 

— other queft'ons on the war argued, 
xxxiv. [34.6 — 34.8] 

a voi«; of ai)picS:ition of the ronduft 

witli amendments, which are carried, 
xxxiv. [356] 

— nir. Sherjdan's motion refpe6ting the 
royal burghs of Scotland, and in lus 
fpeech in lupport of the motioQ corn- 
amends the French revolution) xxxiv. 

— objections by the lord advocate of 
Scotland, xxxiv. [357] 

— mr. Fox fupports mr. Sheridan, and 
mr. Anfti-uther fupports the lord advo- 
cate, xxxiv. [357] 

•^ the motion loft by a majority of 42^ 
xxxiv. [358] 

— mr. Sheridan prefents a petition on 
behalf of the royal burghs, which was 
rejefted, xxxiv. [358] 

— the lord advocate propofes a bill for 
better regulating the revenues of the 

oyal burghs of Scotland, but only read 


twice during the feflion, xxxiv. [358] 

of lord CornwalJis moved by colonel — the attention of oppofition not occu- 

Phipps, and carried wiihowt a diviHon, pied only by the abufes of the burghs, 

xcxiv. [349] but to a change in the reprcfentation, 

— a motion mad« by mr. Thompfon for xxxiv. [358] 

a committee to enquire iiuo abu'es at — an affociaiion formed under the tide 

the Wettminfter ekclion in 1788, 
xxxiv. [3493 

— mr.Thomplbn's relation of mr. R^fe's 
tranfa^tion with Smith 5 and mr. 
I rimbton's ftaiement of anotlier tranf- 
a^ion of a fimilar nature, XKxiv. 

•»- mr. Rofe's relation of the circum- 

ftanccs fomething different^ xxxiv. 


— dsbaie on the motion, and negatived, 

221 to 84, xxxiv. [330] 

— debates and proceedings on the new 

of " friends of the people," to procure 
a reform, and (horten the duraiion of 
parliament, xxix. [358] 

— mr. Grey gives notice that he intends 
to move for a parliamentary reform, 
xxxiv. [359] 

— - mr. Pitt's fpeech, in which he op-* 
pofes the propriety of the motion at 
this time, whilft he defends his own 
propriety, when he propofed a iimilar 
motion at a former time, xxxiv. [359I 

•^ mr. Fox^s reply to mr^ Pitt, xxxiv. 

. ... [360] 

police bill for the vicinity of the me« — ryir. Burkc^s. celebrated ^>eech againi^ 

»40ix.l:.>, xxxiv. [351] the motion, xxxiv. [361]. 

jr ¥«UMBeiiti 

C H R O N I C .L E." 

Farliamrtit 5 rar. Grey's anfwer to the a feparate peace without the confentw 

objeflionsy xxxiv. [363] the other, xxvi. [131] 

•*• the difference of opinion in the mem- Peace j the emprcls of Ruflia and the 

bers of oppoiition, particularly re- emperor of Germany become meiha- 

tors of the peace, xxvi. £13^] 

— provifional articles of per.ce belween- 
England and America figaed, Nov. 
30y 1782, xxvi. [134.] 

— preliminary, articles between France 
and Spain figned, Jan. 20, 1783, xxvi. 

- - ['35] 

— mr. Fox moves for the repeal cf fome — debates in the houfe of commons oiv 

paiticul^r iiatutes againil the diflen- the motion for laying the provilional 

rpe6ling the fociety of the friends of 
tne people, xxxiv. [364] 

— oblervations on the views of the re- 
volution, and other focieties, xxxiv. 

— London -correfponding ibciety formed^ 
xxxiv. [366] 

tcrs, xxxiv. [367] 

— rar. Burke''s excellent repl}', in which 
tie coniiders the principles of the Uu- 
tarians (the (eO: particularly defigned 
to be benefited by mr. Fox's motion), 
xxxiv. [368] 

•— (account of the meeting of the anni- 
vedary of the Unitarian fociety, ip a 
note) xxxiv. [3 65] 

— the conduft of the Unitarians defend- 
ed by mr. W. Smith, xxxiv. [371] 

— tnr. Pitt oppofes the motion^ and mr. 
Fox's ^reply^ negatived, 142 to 63, 
xxxiv. [371] 

articles with America before the houfe, 
xxvi. [14.6J 

— the preliminary articles with France 
and Spain, and the provifional treaty 
with America, laid before the houfes 
of parliainent, xxvi. [14.8] 

— debates in the commops on the peace, 
xxvi. [148] 

*— defence of, on the deplorable (late of 
our finances, army, and navy — on the 

, merits of the articles — and on an at- 
tempt to difarm the arguments and 
objeftions on the other fide, xx\'i; 

— mr. Whitbread's motion to addrefs — objeftions to the terms of the peace, 
the king refpe6ling the conduct of the in anlwer to the defence of it, xxvi. 
Warwickfliire magiitrates during the [156 — 166] 

riots, and debate on the motion, ne- -.- on a divilion, there are 224 in oppo* 

gatived 189 to 46, xxxiv. [372] fition to it, and 208 in its favour, 

— royal proclamation, refpefting fedi- xxvi. [166] 

tious doftrines, iffued, xxxiv. [373] — on the debate in the lords were 72 in 

— debates on the addrefs to the king on favour, and 59 againft it, xxvi. [166] 
. the proclamation moved by the mafter — • refolutions of cenfure of the peace 

of the rolls, and an amendment pro- moved by lord John Cavendiih, and 

poled by mr. Grey, negatived without carried by a majority of 17, xxvi. 

a divifion, xxxiv. [374^—377] [167] 

— mr. Dundas's account of the Eaft — ceffation of hoftilities proclaimed at 
India revenues, xxxiv. [377] London, March 17, 1783, xxvi. [196] 

— - nar. Francis denies the fiourifhing — London and Middlefex addrefs the 

ftate of Bengal, xxxiv. [379] -^ king on the peace, xxvi. [197] 

— mr. Dundas read feveral reiblutions, — ratification of the provifional articles 
. whicbpaHedwithodtoppofitlon, xxxiv. with America, xxvi. [214] 

Peftce^ comniiiiioiiers appomted to re- 
ftojtt peace' to America, xxiv. 254. 

•* debates in the houfe of commoit«r..on 
the motion that the war with America 
might be no longer purfued, xxv. 
[168 — 17»] 

p— (ir Guy Carleton informs general 

— peace proclaimed Sept, 15, 1783, 
xxvi. [217] 

— copies of the definitive treaties with , 
France, Spain, and America, laid be- 
fore both houfes, Nov. 14, 1783, xxvi. 

— preliminary articles with the United 
Provinces, Sept. 2, 1783, xxvi. [319] 

Wafl&ington of the proceedings of the — the definitive treaty of peace with 
Britifli parliament towards forwarding France, Sept. 3, 1783, xxvi. [322] 
m negodatfon for peace with America, — the definitive treaty with Spain, Sep- 
xxvi. [130] • tember 3, 1783, xxvi. [331] 

-•- refii^utioiM of congrefs againft open- — the definitive treaty with America, 
xag feparate negotiations, xxvi. [130] xxvi. [339] 

— declaration of congrefs, that neither — the definitive \xt.'»X\^ Y^^^^-axw*^ 
FnUMfe nor America ihould conclude at tVve "E.x.c\xaxv^^ "wA -^^^ *»• '^'^^- 

INDEX, i78itoi7 92. 

daimation for a tbanldgiving, xxvii. Poor; d^terminatioaof aiettlevaentcaftti 

[196] XXX. [207] 

Pearlon, rev. ipr. 5 NorriGan prize at -^ refolutioD at IpTwkb not to relieve 

Cambridge adjudged to him, xxviii. any who keep a dogi xxxiii.^i*. 

[201] — - decifion of the ktug^s beocb on a 

Pedley, mr. Robert, reteives one of the cafe of, xsofui, la*. 

gold medals given by the duke of --•- (tate of the earnings, and fupport of 

Grafton, at Cambridge, X3(iv. [171] the criminals in Ojcford g^ol, xxxiv. 

Penfhurft-park-place ; trial by a jury of 8*. 

x6 knights, gladiis cin^ts, refpe^ng Portland, duke of, inftallation of» cbaa- 

the right to, xxiv. [197] ccHor of Oxford, xx^iv.^i*. 

Perjury ; Chriftopher Atkinfon convi£ied poil;«horfe duty ; proceedings on a \A\\ 

of, Jtxvi. [211] 

-^ fentence on mr. Aylette, attorney, for 
perjury, xxvii. [24.7] . 

*^ Aylette, the attorney's cafe argued be- 
fore the lords, and the judgment af- 
firmed, xxviii. [205] 

Peroufe, M. ; letter from, giving an ac- 
count of M. r Angle, and 31 men. 

for farming it, which af^r confide- 
rable oppofition. is ' paiTed, xzix. 

.R* hired for the day not fubjeA to the 

duties, xxxi. ["^^S"] 
— - fanned for upwards of io,qoo1. more 

than tl^e laft year's produces xxxiii. 


being cut off on a voyage of dif- Poil*oifice ; debater in the commons on 

covery under monfieur Perou'fe, xxxi. abufes in the, xxix. [138] 

[2*8] • r^ attempt to rob at Exeter, xxxiv. 9*. 

Vpvvy v. John earl of Leicefter, xxiv.[i97] Powdtr-pnills near Faverihani blown up, 

»-v mr. Sampfon, trial of for a libel, and xxxi. [223] 

,a reward of lool. offered for his appre- Powell, the pedeftrian, walks from Lon- 

henfion, xxxiv. 48 ♦, don-bridge to Canterbury and returns 

J^erryn, baron ; charge to the grand jury in 23 hours 53 minutes, xxix. [223} 

' on the ti ial of ihe rioters at firming- --* his walk to York and back again 

lianit xxxiii. 36^. within 5 days 17 hours, xxxii. [214.] 

Pbilofoplw, modern j the influence of, on ■-•- fails in walking to Canterbury aiul' 

civil liberty and government, xxviii. back within 24 hours, xxxii. [222] 

[28] — walks from London to York, and rc- 

Pigcon V. Hammerfley J cafe of ufury» turns, in 5 days, 13 liours and a 

,xxix. [207] quarter, xxxiv. 30*. 

pirates ; Luke Ryan and other pirates — - walks a mile in 9 minutes, and mn^ 

ordered for execution, xxv. [207] 
•!-- relpited, xxv. [208] 
Pix ; trial of, held, xxxi. [230] 
Plague ; fubfided atConfi-antinople, xxxiii, 

plato 9 obfervations on the cofm^ogeny 

of, xxviii. 158. 
— • explanation of his do£brine of ideas^ 

xxviii. 158. 
Playhoufe ; dreadful falling of a gallery 

one in 5 minutes 52 feconds, xxxiv. 

Prefcience ; reiparkabkinftanceof, xxviii, 

Prels, liberty of ; extended by the em- 

'peror of Germany, xxvii. [4] 
--^ new reltri^ions and heavy penalties 

laid on, xxvii. [16] 
Pretender } ceremonial of the funeral of^ 

XXX. [255] 

in the theatre at Bury, Lancafhire, Price, dr. j the fuppofed fhare he had i^ 

xxix. [210] the events of the French revolutioo, 

**- a gentleman fallen ad^p is locked in, xxtiv. [312I 

and falls from the upper boxes, xxix, •— mr. charged with forgery on the bank. 

Poet-laureat ; mr. Gibbon's account of 
. the origin of, xxxii. [193] 
Police-bill } debates and proceedings on 

the new, xxxiv. [351] 
Police-offices eftablifhed, xxxiv. 34». 
Poor-iates ; the alarming increale of, 

xxvii. [243] 
Poor, overfeers of the ; women competent 

to ferve that office, zxx. [204] 

banged himfelf in Tothill.fields brkie* 
well, xxviii. [195] 

PriefUey, dr. ; his meet ing-houfe and li- 
brary at Birmingham deftroyed by 
rioters, xxxiii. 30*. 

— - intended to keep the 14th of July at 
Birmingham, xxxiv. [31a] 

.#— ccnfures on his difcourfe delivered Wt 

. the New College ^% Hackney, xxxiv, 


Prieftley, dr. 5 his funeral iermon on dr. Ramfden, mr. Richard, refeives the gott 
Price, xxxiv. [31a] medjil given by the chancellor of Cam- 

*— his praile of the glorious example fet bridge, xxviii. [198] 

by tne American^ to France, xxxiv. Rattray, mr. ; difpatches brought by him 
[311] from the Cape of Oopd Hope, forgo-* 

— his meeting at Birmingham, and houfe vcrnment, loli, xxxiii. 19*. 

at Fairhill, deftroyed by the rioters. Receipts j petuion of trade()nen, &c. to , 

XXXIV. [313] 
-^ his caufe taken up by moft of the 

the houfe of peers, agaipft the ftamp 
duty on, xxvi. 207. 

diflenters and political focieties/ xxxiv. Regency; proceedings in both houfes 

(314] refpefting the forming one, during thff" 

— in a letter to M. Condorcet attributes illnefs of the king. See George III. 
bis ruin to the clergy, and the king's Revenue officers ; the«bill for excluding 
friends, on account of his defending them from fitting in parliament, re- 
the revolution of France, xxxiv. [314-] jefted, xxiv. [188*] 

— writes an appeal to his country, and Revolution, centenary of; Nov. 5, 178 J, 
the world, xxxiv. [314] ordered to be obferved in the church' 

— a reply publiihed in defence of the of Scotland, in commemoration of the, 
clergy and inhabitants of Birmingham, xxx. [219] 
xxxiv. [315] — at London, by the artillery company. 

•— 2,502!. x8s, given him for damages 
done by the rioters at Birmingham, 
xxxiv. 1 6*. • 

•— three letters of his refpe6ling his 

variousr clubs, the revolution fociety, 
and the whig club, at which a fub- 
fcription was opened to tre^ a column 
on Runny Mead, xxx. [220] 

eIe£^ion to the national convention, af- -^ at Edinburgli, xxx. [220] 

(erabled for the trial of the king, and — an account of the jubilee at WhittingV 

alluding to the late maffacres, xxxiv. ton and Chefterfield, xxx. [264] 

[125] — fociety formed, xxxiv. [565] 

Pnnting encouraged at Conftantlnople, — puWifti a volume of thcir*proceeding» 

xxviii. [54] and correfpondence, xxxiv. [366] 

Prifons at Yprk, and other places, vifiied" — of 1688 confidered imperfeft by the 

by a ftranger, and the prilQpers reliev- various focietias, xxxiv. [366] 

ed, xxviii. [*!*] Reynolds, lir Jofhua, refigns the diairof 

a conference with the recorder and 
. lord Sidney on theiituation of the pri- 
fons, and the tranfportation of felons, 
xxx. [2x3] 
FroQitutes; regulation of, at Vienna, 

xxviii. [1.60] 
Protcftants; privileges granted to, in 

the royal academy, xxxii, [195] 
-— his dcHth aud luneral, xxxiv. xo*. 

11*. 66*. 
Richmond, duke of; his anfv^r to Aib« 

frribers at Amfterdam for the relief of 

Dutch priloners in England, xxiv." 

France, by the king's edift, xxx. [197] Riots in London in June 1780 5 ftale of 
Pruflia; two letters written by the late the effefts of, xxiv, [137] 

king to the widow of col, Vantrofcke, -^ the idea of perlbns of rank being pro- 
3(xviii. [234] moters of them, proved falle m the 

event, xxiv. [138] 
— <• the timidity of the magiitracy, xxiv. 

— . proved a means of ftrengthening tha 

QUARANTINE; a memorial prefentcd hands of government, xxiv. [139] 
^by the merchants, &c. uf Ediit- — the caufe of aifociations, and learning 
burgh and Leitb, againft qirarantine the iife of arms, in order to be ready 
being rigidly required, from the danger to alfilt the civil power, xxiv. [140] 
of famine,' xxvi. [212] .-, a verdift obtained by mr. Langdafe 


Qu«b9C bill. See Parliament. 


RAINS, captain, of the London, fcn- 
teiice of 'tlidrcoait martial on. xxiv. 

for the damages he received in the, 
xxiv. [169] 

— 28,219!. ordered to be raifedin Lon* 
don to defray the damages done dur- 
ing them, xxiv. [197] 

— 27,0001. paid by the city of London 
on account of the damages done dur- 
ing the^ XXV. t.^^>\ 

INDEX, 1781 to 1792. 

Riots; determination of the court of Lowins, for robbing the Chefter really _ 

king'« bench againll thu' infurance offi- xxxiii. 20*. 

ct% having right to reclaim on ttecity, Robberies, feveral, in the neighbogibood 

xxvii. [1125] of Epfbm, xxxiii. 25*. 

•^ at Shields, xxvii. [23*] — of the Warrington mail, xxxiii. 39*. ' 

— at Nottingham, xxxli. £222] • «— at fir James Sanderlon^s, Jo the a- 

— an addrefs of thanks to the king vot- mount ot' i,8ool. xxxiii. 43*. 

ed, for his care during the riots at Bir- — attempted at lilingron, xxxiv. 5*. 

niingham, and various other thanks — of the king-6 'nvenengei', near Langley 

and rewards, xxxiii. 34.*. liroora,'xxxiy. 4i*. 

— baron Perryn's charge' to the grand — of the mail from Aihburton to Exe* 
jury on the trial of the rioters, four of ter, xxxiv. 42*. * ' 

w! IT mare convifted, and left for exe- Robinfon, \y alter ji. cfq.j his remaiof 

cution, xxxiii. 36^. found ^n a f^lQi-pond,' after be had 

— • two executed, xxxiii. 39*. been miffing 52 year^, xxxiii. 47*t 

— two of them pardoned, xxxiii.. 41*. Rockingham, marquis of 5 defcriptibn o£ 
•— violent at Birmingham, in conlequeiice the mauibleum **ere6ldd to bis inc. 

of an advertifement for a meeting to mory at Wcntwoith boufe, xxx; [211} 

commemorate the French revolution, Rodney, fir George ; account brou|lit 

xxxiii. 29*. of his arrival in the Weft Indiesjxwv. 

— copv of a feditious hand Jsili deli- [164] 

vered, xxxiii. 29*. Roman antiquities found at Bath, xxxiii. 

— an account of tjie houfes,&c.deftroy- 13*. • 

ed, and other damages done by tnc Rougee taken up on the charge of con* 

rioters, xxxiii. 30*. veying packets to France, xxi v. [162} 

•— proclamations of a reward of lool. Royal family prayed for in the nonjuring 

for. apprehending every perfon con^ Edinburgh and Leith, xxx. 

cemed in the riots, and lool. for the 205. 

author, printer, or publifher of the Royal George ; a relation of the lofs of, 

hand bil:, xxxiii. 32*. at Portfmouth, xxv. [227*] 

— at Nottingham, xxxiv. 20*. *— guns, &:c. railed from by means o( 

— at Leicelter, xxxiv. 22*. a diving bell, xxv. [226] 

-*— at Edinburgh, xxxiv. 24*. — experintent of jferjeant Bell's con- 

-i- in Newgate, xxxiv. 42*. • trivance for blowing her up, xxxL 

— . at Shields and Ipfwich fettled, xxxiv. [217] 

43*. Royal fociety anniverfary, xxv. [227] 

— » at Yarmouth, xxxiv. 43*. — xxx. [222] 

*— at Dundee, xxxiv. 44.*. — fir Gcxlfrty C9pley*8 medal given to 

*- at Manchefter, xxxiv. 48*. dr. Biagdeu, xxx. [220) 

Robbery at mrs.Forteicuet>, Tottenham- Rum ;• mr. Pitt's letter te the chairman 

-. green, xxv. [216] of the meeting of Weft India planters 

•— at mrs. Abercrombie's, Charlotte- and merchants, in anfw^er to their re* 

ftreel, Rathbone-place, xxvii. [225] folutrons' refpeftiiig the duty On runi| 

. »— at colonel Arabin's, in Gretllj-ltreet, xxix. 257. [For the refolutions, fee 

Rathbone-placc, xxvii. [226] xxviii. [286] 

— at the Three- Rabbits on the Ruin.f Rumlwid, fir jThomas; aim inal charges 
ford road, of an agent for Scotch and brought againll him by the fecret com* 
Lincolnfhire falefmen, of upwards of mittee on India affairs, and the pro- 
i,iool. by a girl in boys deaths, cfCdingS thereon, xxvii. ['51] 

xxvii. [239] •— abiU of pains and penalties brought 

^— by waitnnen in a boat on their paf- into the houfe againft hi|n, xxvii. 

* fengers, xxxii. 210. [53] 

•— of mr. ArnoKl, near Seven Oaks, — oidered to be heard by council, and 

• Kent J- the robber wounded by mr. the biil being neceffar^ly poltponed tiil 
Pittman, who was killed by a fall the following felTion, was then loft, 
from his huf<^ xxxiii.. 10*. ' ■. xxvii. [53] 

«— at Blacknefs, near Holwood, Kent, R u (Tell, Richard, efq.; his charitable be^ 

-xxxiii. 15*. quefts, and account of his fuoeniI» 

»— of btnk-notes, bybird-limconaftick, xxvii. [2O2] 

at Giaff^ow, xxxiii. x6*. *«• three bills iiled by his relations toiet 

^* trial aD4' execution of Clark,, alias afid^ his will, xxvii. [2x6] 



Stiiliay great <!ukc and duchefs of, their 

arrival at Vienna, xxLv. [198] 
— - emprefsLof, proceeds on a grand tour, 

xxvii. [237] 
Jutland, duke, lord lieutenant ; funeral ' 

proceflioQ of, at Dublin, xxix. [226] 
Kyan, Luke, committed to New l^rifon, 
^ Clerkenwell, xxiv. [196] 
1— 'receives his maj«lty's pardon, xxv. 

Rydei', mr. taken up on a charge of high 
' treafon, xxiv. [162] 
Ryland, William Wynne 5 apprehended 

on a charge of forgery on the Eaft 

India company, xxvi. [201] 
— bill found, and trial put off, xxvi, 

•—tried and convifted, xxvi. [211] 
Kymer, Bartholomew, aged 100, xxxiii. 



SACKVILLE, lord George; debate in 
the houfe of lords irelative to his be- 
ing created a peer, xxv. [165] 

^t. Afaph, dean of; trial of for a libel, 
xxvii. [280"] 

$ali(bury cathedral ; reparation of, xxxi. 

\ [226] 

Salt } the general confumption of in the 

' Eaft Indies, xxxii. [&/] 
' — cattle cannot live to ufeful purpofe 
without, xxxii. [S7] 

Salt petre fold, in 1782, at 152I. a ton, 
xxv. [;54.] 

Sandon, v. Puroure, for crim. con. xxvii. 

Sandwich Iflands ; boat of the fnow £11. 
nora ftoien, the boat- keeper facrificed, 
in confequence of which captain Met- 
calf fires on 200 canoes, with great 
flaughter, xxxiv. 13*. 

^- particulars of what happened on board 
the American fnow Elinofa, while at 
the Sandwich iflands, xxxiv. 76*. 

Sardinia ; count St. Martin de Font, am- 
baflador, delivers his credentials, xxx. 

Savile, fir George; a ftatue ereflei!) to 

' bis memory in York cathedral, with a 
copy of the infcription, xxxi. [271] 

Schreiber, mr. ; petition to chancery on 

* the -marriage or his fon, an infant of 
17, xxiv. [t96]' 

Scotland^ bank of; offers 4,000!. free 

^ of intmft for 1 z months, to the ma- 
giftrates of Aberdeen, for the purchafe 
of com for the relief Of the poor, xxvi. 

Scotland ; a fimiliu- ofier of 5,060!. 'to 
Edinburgh, xxvi. [194] 

— 5,oool. ordered by the lords of the ' 
ti'eafury, for relief of the poor in the 
northern parts, >fxvi. [1^17] 

— eleftion for 16 peers of, xxvii. [189] 

— difcontents at Aberdeen, xxvii. [243^ 

— proceedings in the lords oq a motion 
made by lord Stormpnt, ^dative to the 
peerage, xxix. [94] 

-^ further proceedings on a motion by 
lord Hopetoun, xxix. [145} 

— proceedings on a motion in the coiqj 
mons, that the eldeft fons of Scotch 
peers (hould not be members for 
Scotch boroughs in the JBritiih par,^ 
liament, xxix. [147] ' > . 

•p^^ determination refpe6ling the royal bo-* 
roughs of, xxix. [197] j 

— dreadful riot at Glalgow, xxix. [218] 

— the cafe of the memi}ers of the co^ 
lege of juilice at Edinburgh, being 
exempted from afTefTments for the poor, 
XXX. [196] 

— conteii between two boats crews, re- 
fpe£ling fifhing for oyfters, xxx. [202] 

— the 5lh of November ordered to be 
"obferved in the church of Scotland, 

in commemoration of the revolution, 
xxx. [219] 

— the prince of Wales^s anfwer to the 
addrefles of the burge0es of the royal 
boroughs during the king^s illnefs, 
and an addrefs of thati^s voted by the 
delegates, xxxi. [22^] 

— the foundation of the new college at 
Edinburgh, with the infcription 00 a 
plate of copper, xxxi. [23:8] 

— obfervations on the tenure, by which 
the tackfmen of the highlands former^ 
ly held their farms, xxxiii. 123. ' 

— the efFefts of the union on the bon- 
ders of, xxxiii. 185. 

— the bad effefts of harveft frofts in, 
xxxiii. 186. 

— pifturefque defcription of Craig- 
grande, or the ugly rock in Rofsfhire, 
xxxiii. 187. 

-^ the increadn^ population of, xxxiii. 
188. V 

— the courtfhips and marriages in Ayr- 
ihire, xxxiii. 189. 

— comparative ftate of Fortingall, in 
Perthshire, in 1754 and 1790, xxxiii. 

-— the pra6^ice of bleeding theyr cows 
and eating the blood, xxxiii. 190. 

— mr. Sheridan* s motion refpecling the 
royal burghs, loft by a majority of 42, 
xxxiv. {357] 

\ -.,■■»'> 


htMi 0f the royal liiu'gbs, which w^ 
rejefted, xx«*v, [358] 

Scotland ) theatteaiion of oppofitlcn rofr 
coniine^i to the royal burghs, hut 
extended to a clvangc in the repreien- 
tatioB, xxxlv. [358] ■ 

I*- an aflbciatioit tormed to procure a 
reform and-lhorten the duration of 
parlianoenti xxxiv. [^58] 

r— lOjOool. bank llock prefentcd to the 
fociety for promoting chiiltian know- 
ledge in tlic highlands, xxxiv. a*. 

Seabiiry, dr. ; confccratc^l, by the Scotch 
prelates, a bifhop of the proteltant 
church of New England, xxvii. [a^i] 

8iSiton prixe ; adjudged to Spencer Ma- 
dan, M. A. xxv. [ 22+] 

Seditious- doftrinesj royil pi*0€laiT»atio»t 
iflued againft, May ii, 1791, xxxiv. 
[373] ai*. 

r— debates in the commons on the ad- 
drefs to the king on the proclamation, 

xxxiv. [374.] 
.— moll of the principal towns addrefs 

the king on his proclamation agaijift^ 

xxxiv. 37*. 
Servants } 40 taken up at a dance in 

May Fair, which cccafions a riot, in 

whkh the watch- houle was deli:royed, 

xxxiv. 23*. 
Sewers, commifiipner of; women compe* 

tent to ferve that office, xxx. [204] 
Sheffield 5 the retreat of the duke of 

Bnmfwick celebiated at, xxxiv. 42*. 
Shelbui-ne, lord ; letter from the rev. mr. 

Wyvill to him, enclofmg the fecond 

addrefs to the electors of Great Britain, 

' with his lord(hip*9 anlWer, xxv. [282] 

"^heridan, mr. heads of his famous fj>eech 

againft the fortification of the dock 

yards, xxviii. [104 — loS] 
Sheriffs of the various counties of Eng*- 

land and Wales, for 

1781, xxiv. [20a] 

1782, XX v. [197] 
3783, xxvi. [236] 

1784, xxvii. [^i8] 

1785, xxvii. [252] 

1786, xxviii. [222] 

1787, xxix. [236] 
J788, xxx. [233] 
1789, xxxi. [248] 
i790,xxxii. [246] 
I79i,xxxiii. 71*. 
1792, xxxiv. 64*. 

Shields 5 riot at, xxvii. [234] — xxxiv. 

Shoemaker?; combination of joumey- 
men to raife wages, xxxiv. lo*. 

S!'.op-tax ; meeting of the coniroiflioiiers 
of, xxvii. £236] 

781 to I 7.9 2: 

Shop -tax j^ mr. Foc^s iBof ion fbra're.' 
peal of, fupported by nir. Lambton, 

. and after mr; Pkt^g reply, rcje£bni»< 
xxix. [131] 

<*— re^jort of th€ comhuttee of ihtp< 
keepers relative to, xxix. [249 J 

— mr. Fox*s annual motion £x' the repeal 
of the fliop tax, carried, xxxi. [145] 

Sierra £<eone company j-^^lie. bill for 
eftablifhing the company pafled, 
xxxiii. [55] -— meetii^ of proprie* 
tors, who refolve oq an encreafe .of 
capital, xxxiii. 51*. •" " 

•^ fi.ittei ing accounts from, xxxiv. 43*. 


Skynner, fir John (late lord chief haron) 
a vote cf the commons for fettling an 
annuhy of 2,oool. a year on him, 
xxix. [iiq} 

Slave trade; the quakers in Axneria 
addrefs the congrefs againfl, xxvi, 

[^19] . ^ . 

— proceedings in the commons refpec. 

ting the, xxx. [133] , 

— the firit attempt to flop it made by 
the quakers in the fouth$rn province 
of America, xxy. [133} 

— the quakers prcfcnt a petition to the 
Britifh parliament, xxx. [133] 

-— a fubfcription encouraged for col* 
lefling information, and defraying nc- 
cefTary cxpences, xxx. [133! 

— . petition of the two univerhties, aa. 

— - a committee of privy council appoint- 
ed, xxx. [133] 

— mr. Pitt moves the confideration of 
the fubieft to take place early in the 
next feilion, xxx. [134] 

— debates on fir W. I>olben's motion 
for regulating the tranlportation of 
negroes, xxx. [135] 

— petition from Liverpool againft the 
fupprefTion — the petitioners heard by 
council, xxx. [136] 

— the bill pafFes both houfcs* xxx. [136} 

— revifal of the laws at Jamaica, xxx. 


— copies of the twelve propofitions, 
lubmitlwl by mr. Wilherforcc to the 
confideration of the committee, zx]d« 

— further proceedings for the regulation 
of, xxxi. [149] ^ 

— proceeilings in a committee, ap- 
pointed on mr. Wilbcrforce's motion, 
to i-eceive and examine evidence on thf> 
xxxiii. [91] 

— mr.Wilberforcc's fpcech, xxxiii. [91] 

— ar8;uracnts ufed in defence of, xxxiii> 


Slave tradfi ; the motion loft by a ma^ Southwark) meeting for an addrel^ on tht 

• jority of 75, xxxiii. [95I alarming itate of affairs, xxiv. [101 J 
— debate, on, opened by mr, Wilbcr- -^ cleftion in 1 7S4, Ihite of the poift, 
. force, Apr. a, i79»> xxxiy. [s$3] fcmtiny demanded^ and refnied^ xxviu 
<^— the arguments made ufc of by the [l94«] 

opponents, xxxiv. [354.] — a court held by the lord mayor of 
^- mr. Dundas propoies a gradual abo- London for the granting of licences in^ 
lition. and carried, 193 to 125, xxxiy. xxx. [214] 

[3545*^ "~ the' Surrey jufticcs meet at the fame 
f— mr. Jenklnfon^s motion for a bounty time to maintain their claim> xxz* 
of 5I. a head on females imported t^ifl 

above the eqiial number of ipalesi ne- Spang-, an infane perfon ; alarm occa-* 
gatived, xxxiv. [354] fioned by his entering the apartments o^ 

— a ttring of rcfolurions moved by mr. the princefs Elixaheih, xxx. [206] 

• Dtindas, xxxiv. [354] Speaker of the houfe of commons j hit 

— the firft and lecorid refolution being " falary advanced to 6,oooI. a yeai^ 
negntived, mr. Dundas declines pro- xxxii. Si — 84. 

ceedini; in it, xxxiv. [356] ^ Speltard, a pedeiHan 5 his walk through 

^- mr. PItf alTumcsthe lead, and moved many countries, xxxii. [214I 

, ieverai of 'pr. Dundas's refolution*, Spy ; trial and conviftion of M. de la 

with amendrrr^nts 5 all which were Motte, xxiv. [184,239] 

adopted, Xxxiv. [356] — Jofe Seylink apprehended, and cr- 

«— proceedings in the lords, who take araination of, xxxii. [210] 

evidence at the liar, which continutps Squires, captain of the Ariande 5 ten- 

to the ciofe of the feflion j in th,: de- tence of the court-martial on, xxir- 

bate the duke of Clarence fpeuks (for iSi. 

the firit time) againd the abolition. Stage of Aydcr Ali Kan 5 account of, 

xxxiv. [356] ^ xxvii. 23. 

«— ordinance lor aholifhing it in Den- Stage-coaches; an ahftraft of the a6l for 

mark, X5^xiv. 13*. limiting the number of outfide paf- 

Slavery aboliflied in Auftrian Poland, fengers, xxxii. [274] 

XXV. [211] Stanhope, earl, v. Adam ; trial, wherein 

Sloper, fir Robert, accident to a fon of the earl gets a verdict with x,5ool« 

his at Cambridge, xxxi. 227. damages, xxvii. [199] 
$mith, mifs Anne, receives a filver pallet — ^ a grant to him for conducting veflTets 
fronr the fociety of Arts, for a draw- without (ails, againft wind, wave, cur- 
ing of landfcapes, xxiv.'[i63] ' rent, and tide, xxxii. 197. 
Smitbfield ; excellent regulations of the — r his extiaordinary fpetch on the ad- 
drovers, xxxiv. 44*. drefs on the king's fptech, xxxiii«[37 J 
Smuggling 5 trial for the recovery of Stells acrofs rivers, ilecUred to be con- 
the value of tea feized, xxv. [200] trary to aft of parliament, xxvi. [215]. 
<^- proclamation of pardon to Imugglers Stewart, v. Gale ; trial, xxix. [198] 
and deferters on certain conditions, Shocks ; prices of, for the year 
xxv. [207] 1781, xxiv, [267J 
»— boats burnt at Deal, xxvii. [223] 1782,' xxv. [286] 
— feizure of lace in rhe Dover mail J 783, xxvi. [3033 
coach, xxx. [207] . I784^ xxvii. [296] 
Snow 5 fall of in Kent and SofTex, June ' 1785, xxvii. [341] 
»S» «79J» 3cxxiii. 26*. 1786, xxviii. [247] 
jSocieties of " The Frifends of the Peo- 1787, xxix. [262] 
pie," xxxiv. [358. 365] 1788, xxx. [259] 
•— revolution and oihci: ibcieties become 1789* xxxi. (281] 
extremely a£live in diftributing pam- 1790, xxxii. [271] 
phletj), &c. xxxiv. [365] I79i> xxxiii. 110*. 
*-- London conrefponoing fociety formed, 1 793» xxxiv. 179*.* 

xxxiv. [366] — Shadrack Shaw convifted of felltnf 

4Someriet-lioufe eftimates, xxxti. [197J (lock, not having it, xxxiv. 8*. 

iBouchen,Cbri(tian,aged i i4,xxYiii.[202] Stockes-bay, near Forffhioutb ; new for- 
. Southampton, lord, his correTpondenee tiiications erefted at, xxiv. [197] 
with loixi George Gordgn> ^v* Stone, Thomas ; examination of, for 

[24^] tiaving de^lartd ^ ^?£v(y^ lot ^'t "^tv- 


cefsToyaly and fent to Bedlam, xxix. 

StoreTy F.rancis j account of, and his 
execution, when jfe acknowledges hav- 
ing been privy to the dealing of the 
great feal, xxvii. [24-/] 

Strutbmon;, countefs, exhibit? articles of 
peace againft mr. J3owe^, xxvii. [^115 J 

^- feizcd in Oxford -iireet, and cairied 
off by ruffians, xxviii. [112] 

— brought to the king'^s bench, where 
ibe exhibits articles againil ^r. Bowes, 
xxviii. [213] 

— mr. Bowes committed to the king's 
bench, xxviii. [213] 

^-fentence againft mr. Bowes and 
others, for a confpiracy, xxix. [209] 

*— V. Bowes ) recovers eftates to the 

' vahie of 1 2,000! . a year, by the court 
letting afide a deed obtained by terror, 
XXX. [205] 

•— divorced by (entence of the court of 
delegates^ xxxi. [201] ^ 

— .maniage i'ettlement eftabliihed, xxxi. 

«-. ientence of James Chapman, for car- 
rying her off, xxxii. 204.. 

Sugar i trial on, with a certificate 
of its being Bntifh produce, being 
feized, and on its proving foreign con- 
demned, xxvi, [222] 

Suicide | J. Mackintofh, jun. efq. xxvii. 


— rt'Hiarkable, xxvii. [236] 

— lady Catherine Boccabadati, wife of 
' marpuis Aibergati Capaccili, at Bo- 
logna, xxviii. [210] 

— of a young French gentleman in 
Greenwich park, xxxi. [200] 

f-^M. Maupeau at Bnghi helm (lone, 

xxxi. [222] 
— • of two young women by arfenic, xxxii. 


— - a woman at Abbots, Bromley, xxxiii. 


•^ of a man near Camberwell, xxxiii. 

— of James Sutherland, efq. xxxiii. 54.*. 

— gentleman and his niece on I>oaid tlie 
FitzwilliamEaftlndiaman, xxxiii. 43*. 

— of mr. Holman's fcrvant, xxxiv. 3*. 

— a drummer of the Coldlheam regi- 
ment, xxxiv. 6*. 

— a gentleman in a hackney coach, xxxiv, 

^- mr. Thomas Turner, of Oxford, xxxiv . 


— Jacob Cole of Derby, xxxiv. 27*. 
Suicide; of a ladv in Gowu-ilreet^ xxxiv. 


7 8 I to 1 7 9 2. 

Sun fire-office ; bank note tf 'iotI.fent 

to, xxxi. [199] 
Supplies granted for 

1781, xxiv. [ft68] 

i/Sa, XXV. [i46J 

1783, xxvi. [304] 

1784, xxvii. [297J 

1785, xxvii. [3421 

1787, xxix. ta63j 

1788, XXX. [260] 

1789, xxxi. [283] . 
17.90, xxxii. [276] 

1791, xxxiii. ii3». 

1792, xxxiv. 183*. 

Surrey meeting, to addrefs on ^ alanSr 
ing Itate of affairs, xxiv. [101] 

Sutton, v. Jphnfon $ trial and verdift 
again ft Johnfon iii 5,oooU damages, 
xxvii. [193] 

'•■^ further trial, with 6,oool. damages, 
xxvii. [208] 

— a fecond argument in error, xxm 

-^ the decrees of the lord chancellor, and 
chief juftices Mansfield and Loughbo- 
rough confirmed by the lords, and 
the decree of the court of exchequer 
revcifed, xxix. [205] 

Sydney-cove; advices from, xxxii, [ill] 


nPANDV, James Napper, efcapea fxum 
•*■ the ferjeant at arms in Ireland, and 
50 1. offered for apprehending him, 
xxxiv. 9*. 

— apprehen<]ed and difcharged; aeain 
apprehended by the fpeaker, and hhe- 
ra!e{l in confequence of the proroga- 
tion of pariiament, xxxiv. 18*.' 

— tried for fending a challenge to mr. 
Toller, xxxiv. 25*. 

— application for the reward of 50 1. for 
npprehe'nding him and refufed payment, 
xxxiv. 36*. 

— proceeuiugs againft, ordered to be 
qualhed, xxxiv. 47*. 

— proceedings againft lord Fitzgibbon 
for ftgning the proclamation againft 
Tandy ordered to be quafiied, xxxiv* 

Tankerville, earl of; debate in the com* 

mons or\ his being difmiffed firom the 

jcflice of poft-mafter general, xxix* 

[>39) - 

Tanners ; trial refpefling the trade ot, 

xxxiv, tz*. 



Tarlock v. Harris ; trial refpcfting Tranfports who had efcaped from (hip- 

accommodation notes y XXX i. [207] 
Taxes; the net produce of in 1786 and 

1787, XXX. [265] 
^— propofed to be repealed in 1792^ 

xxxiv. [323] 
Taylor, John, committed to Lancafter- 

boardy retaken, xxvi. [215] 
-^ diicovery of a coofpiracy on board 

the Surprize tranf|)orc, xxxii. [»2o] 
Travellers ; verdi6l of damages for tra- 
vellers robbed, againft the landlord of 
the houfe they flept in, xxvi. [**»] 
caftle for attempting to flioot his wife Treafon, high ; m. de la MoUe taken up 
and child, XXX. [221] 6n a charge of,xxiv. [i6x] 

Temperance ; efFefts of on mrs. Price, — Henry Lutterloh, ef<^, and mr. Rider 

aged 98, xjfix. [194.] taken up, xxiv. [-161] 

Thames 5 uial of mr. Watfon for ob- — trial of m. de laMotte, xxiv. [i84» 
ftru^ing the navigation of the Thames, 239J 

by eret^ing a floating dock, xxviii. — trial of David Tyrie, xxv. [216] 
[200] — bill of indiftratnt found againft lieut. 

Theatre 5 trial, Macklin v. Colman for Frith, xxxii. [197] 
recovery of faJary, xxvii. [180] — tiied and found a lunatic, xxxii. 

Thurlow, lord ; the grant for an an- 
nuity of 2,6Sol. pniTed the great feal| 
xxvi. [198] 

Tithes { decree on the Keniington caufe, 
xxiv. [165] 


Trefpafs ; trial which confirmed the 
right of qualified peifons follovtring 
hounds in purfuit of game, xxviii* 

-*- Fulham cauft determined, xxvi. [109] Trial and execution of captain Donallati 

— Odiham caufe fettled by the judges 
of the exchequer, xxviii. [195] 

Tobacco I proceedings on removing the 
duties from the cuttoms to the excife, 
xxxi. [154.] 

— frpm 12 to 16 millions of pounds 
imported annually, of which only 
about 7 millions paid duty, artd the 
revenue injured nearly 300,0001. a 
year, xxxi. [155] 

— debates on, in the lords and finally 
carried, xxxi. [158 J 

— ran Sheridan*s fpcech, on his Tnotion 
for repealing the a£i for lubjeiling 
dealers in tobacco to the excii'e laws, 
xxxii. [89] 

— after other fpeeches the motion rc- 
je6led, 191 to 147, xxxii. [93] 

•— another a£l brought in to relieve ma- 

for the murder "of hr Theodofius 
Boughton, xxiv. [172] 

— and Q6nvi€lion of m. de la Motte, for 
high treafon, xxiv* [184] 

— for the payment for wood ctiitdowii 
upon the eftateof a thinor, xxiv..[i88] 

— of lord George Gordon foi' higS 
trtafon, xxiv. [164. 166, 217— 144] 

**^ of la Motte for high treaibn> 
xxiv. [184,239] 

— Cobper Hall conviAed at Notting- 
ham for robbing the Newcaftle-m'ail^ 
xxv. [202] 

— of Daniel M'Ginnis for the murder 
ot mr. Hardy, xxvi. [194] 

— and convi6tion of VV. W. Rylan^ for 
forgery, xxvi. [211] 

— ot John Lee for forgery, [xxvii* 

nufacturers, and a motion to infert a — ot William Morrow for a robbery of 

claule for trial by jury reje^d, 100 to meflis. Drummonds, bankers, xxvii. 

22, xxxii. f 93] [203] 

Tompkins, W. P. receives a filver pallet — fir James Marriot v. David Parry, 

from the foe iety of arts, for a drawing efq. governor of Barbadoes, xxxii. 

• of landfcapes, xxiv. f 163] • [2oi] 

Topham, the Itrong man 5 anecdofe of, -^ of 8 perfons at Edinburgh, for car- 

xxvii. 72. rying off an cleftor of Lochmabane to 

Tonure 5 the aboli/hment of in France, prevent his polling, xxxiii* 5*. 

xxiv. [12] — London v. King's Lynne, re- 

— • aboliftied in Sweden, xxviii. [169] fpefting tolls, xxxiii. 5* 

Tower of London repaired, xxxiv. 48*. 

Townfhend, lieutenant ; executed for 
the murder of a captain of a Venetian 
vefTel, by ordering a gun to be fired 
into it, xxiv. [197] 

— taylor v. young gentleman under age, 
xxxiii. 15*. 

— of a clergyman for feducing the 
daughter of a farmer, coo 1. damages, 
xxxiii. 20*. 

Trade and plantations; a lift of the — of captain Kimber for the murder of 
privy council for, xxviii. [21.9] ancgioe girl, xxxiv. 24*. , 

I K D E X, I7&I to 1794* 

*t*ml of captain Donald Trail, and Wil- 
liam EUerihgton, for the murder of ' ' 
one of the convifts, xxxiv. 24*. 'VP* 

Turin J difputc between the ftudents of the 
,iiniverfity and the police, xxxiii. 25*. 

Tyrie, I^avid ; trial of, for high treafon, 
ixv, ['ici6} 

U. V. 

VAKTROSKE, Col. two letters wittcn 
by the late king of Pruflia, to the 
widow of, XXV iii. [234.] 

Vaughan, mr. obtains a chancellor's prize 
at Oicford, XXX- [205] 

Vernon, mr. Heniy, nephew of the cele- 
brated admiral Vernon; his gallant 
behaviour on board the Spanilh fleet 
in their attack on Algiers in 1784, 
xxvii. [141] 

Vcrtelllac, count de, the eicape of> from 
the Fleet Prilon, xxxiii. 45 * . 

— trial of the warden of the Fleet on his 
cTcapt^ and a verdicl given againii the*. 

ViSuaJling-office .remove^, from Tower- 
hill to Someifet-houfe «nd Deptford, 
xxwii. [138] 

Vigi))4 • account of the arrival of tiie 
great duk? and ducheis of Ruifia at» 
xxiv. [198] 

Union packet, of Dover; relation of the 
lol's of, off Calais, xxxiv. 42*^ 

tTni'tarian ibciety j account of, xxxiv. 

— a commemoration of the 14th July 
pFopofed by dr. Kippls, and I'ecouded. 
by dr. Towers, xxxiv. [311] 

— ipotion made by mr. Fox for the re- 
jieal of fome ftatutcs againll the dilfen- 
ters, xxxiv. [367] 

— mr. Burke's reply, xixiy. [368] 

— report of the proceedings on the 
anuiverdiry, and the toalls drank by 
them, xxxiv. [368] note. 

— their conduft defended by mr. W. 
Smith, xxxiv. [371] 

— mr. Pitt oppofes tljc motion, and mr. 
■ Fox's reply, negatived 142 to 63, 

xxxiv [371] 
^fury 5 trial and convi£lon for at York, 

xxvl. [213] 
.^ tri:d of :t ralV of, Pig?on v. Ham- 

jneifl«.y,)^K::^. [^207] 

ITn-AofeRj col. Rofis rides 40 Yort Iii 

45 hours on one horie, xxxi. [121] 

Wagers laid on ill^al objects (as a 

boxing match} not retoferabk by l&w> 

incxii. 225. 
Wales, prince cf^ declared of age, rdr. 

-^ a fepahite eftablHhmeiit allowed to 

him, xxvi. [179] 

— thrown from his horfe. b^ iWing 
againft anotheri xxvi. [204] 

— birth day obfcrvcd at Windfor, 
xxvi. [215] 

— takes his feat in the boule of peen as 
duke of Cornwall, xxvi. [aid] 

— takes his ieat at the council board, 
xxvi. [221] 

-^ the ceremonial of his introdnJUdb 
into the houfe of peers, *xvi. [279] 

-— entertainment and ball given to the 
gentlemen who afTembled at the Sti 
Alban's tavern, with a view of bringing 
about a reconciliation of paitks, xxvii. 

— admitted a member of the beef-take 
club,xxvii. [233] 

-* proceedings in the commons on the 
itate of the finantes of, 17S7, xux. 

— a review of the fii-ft eflabliniment in 
17S3, xxix. [123] 

— > the retrenchment of his expences, oa< 
' iinding the fom of debt be had run 
into, xxix. [124] 

— the diilance which took place betwetn 
him and the kingy xxix. [124] 

•— refufes the oner of pecuniary af- 
iiilance made him by the duke of 
Orleans, xxix. [124] 

— converfaiion in the honfe refleAing 
on his condu^, which he authorizes 
mr. Fox to julHfy, xxix. [127] 

— the king's mefTageon the fubje£^of his 
debts, xxix. [129] 

-— an abitra6l account of his debts laid 
before the houfc, xxix. [130} 

— addrefs to the king for their paymeoti 
xxix. [ I 30] 

-^ and duke of York, Vifit prince Wit- 
liarn Cit Plymouth, xxx. [195] 

— birth duy celt brut ed^ xxx. fail] 

— fends i,odol. to the chamber of 

London for the relief of the poflti 

from the delay of the king*s bounifi 

and too 1. to Edinburgh, xxxi. [195} 

^- a K>n of coals diawn<trom Longh^ 


CM ft O 

boroiigVi, Leicefter/hire, by 13 men as 
. a prefent to him> xxxi. [199] 
Wales, prince of; birth day obfcrved, 
xxxi. [119] 

— goes to Yortc* races and prerented 
with^the freedom of the city, xxxi. 

— vilits Wentworth hoiifc, where earl 
Fitx^lliam -gave a iiiaf wificcnt f^^te, 
xxw. [221] 

/•*- his -carriage overturned near Newark, 

xxxi. [221] 
-i- firft levee . at Carletdn-fcouft, ^xxii. 

— attempt to rob him. in the drawing 
' * room of the hilt of Kfe iWord, xxxTv. 

5*- .'.•*"■'■ 

Walic; wf 50iniles in jfj hourly -xXllc. 

— ^ froift Lofftloh-tnidge to CanterbiTf^-,. 

aiid return m 23 hours 53 iniTJTJtes, 

xxix. [222] 
i— to Conftantinopfc and back isgain, 

within a year, uftdeitaken by a young 

Iiifh gentleman^ xxx. [216] 

— of 100 miles in 22| hours "for a 
wager, xxxii £2173 

Wallace, hdyj the oppofition made at 

the theatre to the afting of her comedy 

of The Ton, xx%. [203] 
Wallop, hon. ixjr. v. nira. Brown, ; a 

writ de njentre iftfpiciexdo, grained, 

xxxiv. 3 a*- 
War, contimental j the Impollty ot xxx. 

209. . 
Warwick 5 trial refpeftiDg the market, 

XXV. [211] 

— ftfmmer ailtzea 1791, xxxiii. 36. 
Wedding j remarkable, xxvii. [223} 
Welik-bards, congiefs of, on Prkhrwfe- 

hill, xxxiv. 40*. 

— fociety, anniverfary 1782, xxv. [101] 

— 1783, XXV). [197] 

Weiiminftcr ; meeting of the inhabitants 
to copfider of meafures adyifeable in 
the prefent fituation of the kingdom, 
xxiv. [200] 

— petition againft the circulation of 
counterfeit halfpence, xxvi. [196] 

Weftminfterek6}ion j mr. Lee's fpeech on 
the hii^h bailiff not having made a 
return, xxvii. [147] note. 

— elcflion 1784 ; itatc of the poll each 
day. xxvii. [190'J % 

— a fcmtiny demanded, xxvii. [191] 
'^^ mr. Pox*s addrciTes to the elc£lors, 

xxvii. [271] 
•— copy of the return made by the high 

bailiff, xxvii. [279] 
•1— copy of the protelis againft granting 

a fautiny, xxvii. [279] 

N I C L E. 

-Weftminfter election; Fox v. the h^h» 
bailiff; trial, with 2,ooo'I. damages^ 
xxviii. [204] ' , - 

— ftate «*'each da^'s poU, Auguft 1788, 
xxx. {210] 

— 1790; xxxii, f 26^] 

-^ an a^io« brought' Vjy a publican, 
and I'ecovcied agaiitft. mr. Rofe oif 
the treafury, 'for expences in the' dc- 

^ te^lion of feveral bad Votes in i7?S, 

^ ■ xxxiv. [349] 

— an accotmt of the tra<i&€lioii as re- 
lated in the h6ufe' oPiiommons fcy 
mfi Thompfon^iXiciriv.^[349] 

— a tran faction of a fi mlldi* nature related 
' by^iT^r. Lambtcm, ■5^xxiv. [349] 

— ndr. Rofe's relation of rtfc circumftaiices 
'■fomething diflferent^-srXxiv. [349] 

-:^ mr.Fox obtains a'VerilA/of i-p-f^l: da- 
" magts'on mr. Hortie Tookc*9 petition, 

— fleclrfied frivoldva and vexatious, ^»xiv. 

Wellcn, Georvf and Jbfeph, appit- 
' • hended for robbing theSriftol diail, and 

various frauds, xxv. [.2o5] 
•** cfcape out 0}* Newgktc, but are're- 

trtkeij, xxv. |_2i2] 

— tried and acquitted of the ; mail 
robbejy, but both <:»nvi£led on other 
charges, xxv. [214] 

Whaley, mr. performs his journey to the 
Holv Laild, and back again witl^ia 
the limited time, xxxi. [210] * •'* 

Wilkes, John, cfq. his addrefs to the 

' freeholders of Middlcfex at the ele^ioa 
175^4, xxvii. 275. 

Wilkins, the printer, receives a free par- 
don, xxx. [208] 

William III. 5 his biith-day oblerved at 
Diiblin-caftle, XXX. [218] './^ 

William Henry, prince, arrival of from 
the Weft Indies, xxVi. [208] 
. — fets off for Oennany, xxvi. (ait'J 

•— arrival of at Hanover, xxvi. [21 3 J 

— initiated a free mafon, xxviii. [197] 

— arrives at Plymouth, xxix. [229]— • 
xxx. [194] 

— arrival of at Jamaica, and prefented 
with a ftar valued at 1,000 guineas, 
xxxi. [198] 

— created duke of Clarence, xxxi. [208]. 
vide Clarence. 

William Renwick (the mor.der) appre- 
hended for cutting women, xxxii. 

— opinion of the judges on his cafe^ 
xxxii. [223] 

— • tried, convifted, and f^ntence of fix 
years imprifonmeut in Newgate, xxxii. 

— the trial in full length, xxxlu ^t^^V 


Willisi dr. goes to Lilbon, to attend the 
queen of Portugal, xxxiv. 12*. 
' WUfon V. Myeiibach, xxiv. [179] 

Windham, right hon. William j his ad- 
drefs to the city of Nonyich at the 
election 1784, xxvii. [274] 

Wine; proceedings in parliament for 
transfeixing certain duties on, frorn the 
cuftoms to the excife, xxviii. [120] 

— increafe of the duties by removing 
them from the cuftoms to the excife, 
wad. [155] 

Withers,, dr. Philips the judgment of 

the covirt for a iibd on mrs. Fitzherbert, 
: xxxi. [128] 
Wood, rev. mr. eccentricities in the will 

ofjxxxiii. a!z*. 
Wool ; (hips feized at Hull for carrying 

away^xxix. [218] 
'mm~ debate in the commons on a bill for 

preventing the expoitation of, xxx. 

["4-] ^ 

— carried, 112 to 47) xxx. [iz6] 

— trial for exporting worlted yarn to 
Bilboa, in Spain, xxxi. [220] 

. Wooldridge, the king againft ; trial on 
that caie, xxvii. [205] 

Woollen cloth made in the weft riding of 
Yorkftiire, from March 1780, to 
March 1781, xxiv. [203] 
1783, xxvi. [204] 
X790, xxxiii. 23*. 

Women 5 determiiiation that they are 
capable of lei>ing the offices of com- 
mifiioner of the fewers, overfeer of 
the poor, or conftable, xxx. [294] 

Writ J€ 'Ventre infpieiemio, gianted in 
the caufe of the hon. mr. Wallop 
▼• mrs. Brown, xxxiv. 32*. 

Wywill, rev. tni\ letter to lord Shelburne, 
inclofing the fecond addrefs to the 
electors of Great Britain, with his 
Jprdihip^s anfwer, xxv* [282] ^ 

1 78 1 to 1792; 


Y^RKtouTH J riot aty xxxiv. 43*. 

^ York, duke of, diftributes 260 lacks 
of coals to the married men of his re- 
giment, xxx. ^ 2 2 3 ] 

— duel with col. JLenoz, with the opi- 
nion of the officers of the Coklftream, 
xxxi. [208] 

— the king gives cenfent to hit mar* 
, riage, xxxiii. 40*. 

— married at Berlin, 0£lober x> 1791, 
xxxiii. 42*. 

— arrival of the .duke and duchefs in 
England) and remanied atBuckinghim 
houfe,' xxxiii. 48*. 

-^ drawing room on the occafioOi 
xxxiii. 49*. 

— addrefs of the city of London on his 
marriage, xxxiii. 52* 

— • debates in the commons on the efb* 

bliihmentof, xxxiv. [328] 
York ; ft ate of the poll for M. P. 17S4, 

xxvii. [187] . 

— thanks of the corporation voted to 
mr. Fox and others, for their oppofi- 
tion to the commutation a^ls, xxvii. 

Yorkfhire aftbciation ; pleas made uie of 
by, and adopted by Middleiex and 
Ibme other counties, xxiv. [140] 

— fend the deputies to London to com* 
municate with thofe of otheip counties, 
xxiv. [141] 

Young, Arthur 5 the •danger he wis in 
when in France^ xzxii. [10] 

*T ME 



Afc COUNTS, public 5 the firft report of 
the commiflioners to examine, xxiii. 

^— the fecpnd report, xxiv, [323] 

— the third report, xxiv. [3*8] 

— the fourth report of the commiflion- 
ers of, XXV. [309] 

•r- the fifth report of the commiflioners 
of, xxviii. [28S] 

— - the fixth report of the commiflioners 
of, xxviii^. [175I 

*— the feventh report of the commiflion- 
ers, xxxii. [311] 

— the eighih report, xxxii* [3~29] 
Adams, mr. ; ambaflhdor from the con- 

grefs at Amfterdam, to mr. Cufhing, 
Jieutenant-governor of Maflachufetts, 
December 25, 1780, xxiv. [258] 

America 5 a letter from fir Guy Carleton 
to general Waihington 5 the general's 
aniwer, and refolution of congrefs 
thereon, xxv. [301] 

^— refoluUon of congrefs, 0£^ober 4, 
1782, refpe6ling Sie concluding of 
peace, xxv. [303] 

— a letter from M. du Portail, a French 
officer in the fervice of America, to 
the fecretary for the war department in 
France, dated November 12, 1778, 
on the method of the Englifh carry- 
ing on the war, knd of the ftate of 
America, and of the French aflifiing 
them, xxv. [304] 

M— . the ratification of the peace by the 
American congrefs, and the recom- 
mendation of the loyalifts, xxvii. [318] 

^- the prohibitory aft lately pafled by 
the legiflature of Maflacnufets, in 
North America, xxvii. [356] 

w- the treaty of alliance and commerce 
between the king of Pruflla and the 
united ftates of America, May 7, 
1786, xxviii. [260] 

F^ a letter from the emperor of Morocco 
to the ftates, relative to a treaty en- 
tered into between th«tD| xxviii* [«S8] 

Y^U, lit 

America ; • articles of the new conftitution 
of, September 17,* 17.87, xxix. [289— • 

— reprefentation of the ofiiceiis ,of 
his majefty*s provincial regiments to 
fir Guy Carlton, in March 1783,, xxvi. 

Andre, major j his letter to general 

Waftiington, xxiv. [41] 
Army ; ftate of the larid forces in North 

America and the Weft Indies,- at the 

end of 1779, xxiv. [264J 

— an account of the men loft and difa- 
bled in North America and the Weft 
Indies, from November i, 1774, to the 
laft return, Jcxiv. [164] 

— embarkation returns of troops fent 
to any part of North America and the 
Weft Indies, in 1778, 1779* 1780, 
xxiv. [2^5] 

— an account of all the men raifed froni 
September 29, 1774, to September 29, 
1780, xxiv. [266] 

Arnold, general; his letter, after his 
efcape on board the Vulture, tb gene- 
ral Waftiington, xxiv. [41] 

— his addrefs to the inhabitants of Ame- 
rica, after having accepted a commif- 
fion in the Britifti army, xxiv. [46] 

— his proclamation to the larmy, xxiv* 

-. letter from mr. Meyrick, army agent 

< in London, to him, January 30, 1781, 

xxiv. [255] 


BAHAMA Iflands; articles of capitula- 
tion of, to colonel Devaux, xxvi. 

Birmingham riots ; proclimations for the 
difcovcry of the publiftiers of fedU 
tious papers at, xxxiii* 128* 


C% CeCf^v^v 

INDEX, 1781 to 1792. 

England ; the preliminary articles of peace 


/^ATTLE ; Order of council for prolii- 
^^ biting the removal of fuch as are 

di(kmpercd, xxiv. [168 J 
Chriftopher's, St. j articles of capitulation 

of, XXV. [278] 
Convocation j addrefs to the king, with 

his anfwerj xxiv. [285] 
Cuddalore ; articles of capitulation of, 

XX vi. [245] 


of the 

"pvENMARK ; copy or tne maritime 

■^ treaty with the empreis of Ruflia 

.acceded - to by the king of Sweden 

and the States General, xxiv. [300] 
— declaration, and counter declaration, 

between Denmark and Sweden, xxx. 



LLIOT, mr. ; declaration 




BernlhorfF, April 

[336] . 

Emperor j notification to thofe who have 
^ kept out of their country, on account 

of religion, to return, in the year 1782, 

XXV. [193] 
England} dcclaiat'ionof hoftilities againft 

Holland, Dec. 20, 1780, xxiv. [145] 

— fubftance of the manifeito and decla- 
ration of war agaiull Holland, xxiv. 

«— the anfwer of the ftates- general, xxiv. 

— order of council for the relief of fliips 
of Holland detained by the order of 
council of Dec. 20, xxiv. [167] 

— the memorial of prince Gallitzin and 
M. de Murcoff to the Itatcs-general, 
with mi-. fecretary Fox's letter to M. 
Simolin, RuCian miniftcr at London, 
XXV. [298] 

•— the earl of Shelburne's letter to the 
lord mayor, relative to arming the peo- 
ple, together with the heads of tht 
plan therein inclofed, xxv. [300] 

■— a letter from M. du Portail, a French 
officer in the fervice of America, to 
the fecretary of the war department 
in France, on the method of the Eng- 
lifli carrying on the war in America, 
and his opinion of the ftate of Ame- 
rica, and of the French aflitting them, 

, dated Nov, iz, 1778, xxv. [j^J 

between his Britannic ibajefty and the 
moft Chriilian king, his moft Ca- 
tholic majeft>, and the United States 
of America, Jan. aoth, 1783, xxv. 

— - the preliminary articles with the 
United Provinces, Sept. 2, 17S3, xxvi. 


— the definitive treaty with France} 

Sept. 3, 1783, xxvi. [32a] 

— the definitive treaty with Spain, Sept 
3, 1783, xxvi. [322] 

— the definitive treaty with America, 
xxvi. [339] _ 

— the convention between his Britannic 
majeity and the king of Spain, July 
14, 1786, xxviii, [262] 

— the treaty of commerce and naviga- 
tion between his Britannic majefty and 
the mod Chriftian king, Sept. 26, 
J 7 86, xxviii. [266] 

— the convention between his Britannic 
majefty and tl^ mod Chriftian king, 
Jan. 15, 1787, xxix. [*7i] 

— the memorial of the Britifh ambaifa- 
dor to the ftates-generaT, Auguft 14, 
1787, xxix. [280] 

— the convention with the moft Chrlf- 
tlan king, Auguft 31, 1787, xxix. 

— the declaration and counter-declara- 
tion with the miniftcr of France, Oft. 
27,1787, xxix. [282] 

— treaty with the landgrave of Heffe 
CafTel, Sept. 28, 1787, xxviit. [31 5I 

— treaty of defenfive alliance with the 
ftatcs-general of the United Provinces, 
April 25, 1788, xxx. [472] 

— treaty of defenfive alliance with 
Pruflia, Auguft 13, 1788, xxx. [275] 

— ' at tides of defenfive alliance with die 
king of Pruflia, xxxi. [339] 

— the convention between his Britannic 
majefty and the king of Spain, Oft. 
28, 1790, xxxii. [303] 

— finance report prefented to the houfe 
of commons, May 10, 1791, zxxiii. 
aoo* — 216*. 

— confidential letter from the king of 
the French to the king of the Englifli, 
xxxiv. 256*. 

— rranflation of a note delivered by M. 
Chauvelin to lord Grenville, May X2» 
1792, xxxiv. 257*, 

-— tranllation of a note from lord Gren- 
ville to M. Chauvelin, May 14, 17921 
xxxiv. 259*. 

-— trandation of a note from M. Chan-' 
velin to lord Grenville, May 24* 179S1 
xxxiv. 26o*. 



England; tranflatlon of a letter from 
lord Grenville to M. Chauvelin, May 
*5» '79*> xxxiv. a6i*. 

— tranflation of a letter from M. Chau- 
velin to lord Grenville, Miy 25, 179a, 

xxxiv. 262*. 

— tranllation of a note from M. Chau- 
^ velin to lord Grenvilie, June 18, 1792, 

xxxiv. 263*. 

— tran nation of a note froin lord Gren- 
ville to M. Chauvelin, July 3, 1792, 
xxxiv. 264.*, 

— letter to earl Gower at Paris, by mr. 
Dundas, Augult 17, 179*1 xxxiv. 

— no^'e in anfwer to the communication 
made by earl Gower, the Englifti am- 
baflador, xxxiv. 317*. 

-— tranAation of a note delivered to lord 
Grenville by the minillers of the em- 
peror and the king of Naples, Sept. 
20, 1792, xxxiv. 328*. 

— tranilation of a note from lord Gren- 
ville to the minlfters of the emperor 
and the king of Naples, xxxiv. 329». 

— tranflation of a letter from lord Auk- 
land to the greffier of the (hites-gc- 
neral, Sept. 24, 1792, xxxiv. ^19*. 

— letter from the Britiih minilter to 
the republic of Geneva, O^. 11,1792, 
xxxiv. 335*. 

— addrefies from the London Correfpond- 
ing Society, Manchefter Conftitutional 
Society, Manchefter Reformation So- 
ciety, and London Conftitutional 
Whigs, independent and friends of 
the people, to the French convention, 
with the preiident*s anfwer, xxxiv. 

— addrefs from the Friends of the 
People of the town of Newington 
to the French convention, xxxiv. 34^*. 

^— addrefs from the Ent^li/h, Iri(h, and 
Scotch, reiadent at ^aris, Nov. iZ, 
1792, with the anfwer of the preii'- 
dcnt, xxxiv* 347*. 

— addrefs from the revolution (ocicty in 
London to the national conventioii, 
Nov. 5, 1792, xxxiv. 349*. 

— addreis of Joel Barlow, and John 
Froft, deputies from the cooliitutional 
fociety (and incloiing an addrefs from 
the fociety) to the natior«al convention, 
Nov. 28, 1 792, with the addreis, and 
a gift of 1 ,000 pair of (hoe^, and of 
1 ,000 pair a week for fix weeks, xxxiv. 

-* (addrefles frona another focietr 

in London, from a iocvttf at Beihn, 

and from a focietr at Hocfaeto^ were 

alio ccMmnanicatco) 


England 5 <'eclaration on the part of his 
Britannic majcfty to the ftatc^ -general, 
with the anfwer of the ftates-general, 
Nov. 16, 1792, xxxiv. 352*. 

Eultatius, St. ; the petition pf the Jews 
there to admiral Rodney and general 
Vaughan, xxiv. [308] 


pRANCE ; treaty with Holland, for the 
^ defence of the (hips belonging to 

the Dutch Eaft India company, xxiv. 


— the treaty of commerce and navipa- 
tion between his Britannic maj'-'lly 
and the mod Chriftian king, Sept. 26, 

1786, xxviii. [266] 

— the king's anlwcrs to the two addreflcs, 
xxix. [307] 

— ths thiid remonftrance of the parlia- 
ment, xxix. [309] 

— the convention with his Britnnnic ma- 
jelly, Jan. 15, 1787, xxix. [271] 

— the convention with his Britannic 
majerty, Aug. 31, I75J7, xxix. [iSoJ 

-«- the declaration and coimter declarn- 
ration with the Britifli envoy. Oft. 17, 

1787, xxix. [282] 

— remonftrance of the parliament of Pa- 
ri^^ againft the ftampduty, xxix. [300I 

— the king^'s fpeech to the parlismcTC 
of Paris, Nov. 19, 1787, xxix. [306] 

— two addreflcs of the parliament trf 
Paris to the king, on tlie exile of the . 
duke of Orleans and the two counceU 
lors, xxix. [307 J 

'— ' addrefs of the parliament of Priris to 
the king at the aflcmbly of the 1k:iI 
of juftice, May 8, 1788, xxx. [28j] 

— fpeech of the kint; onr>pening of tUo 
\yed of juftice, xXx. (282] 

— the king's ordiniiiictf, derjsring t'lC 

f»rottft ami delii>er;«tlons /editions rtnd 
ibellMi^, XXX, [283J 
«— articl'.'t of tlie (prtdruplc alliance f>c« - 
tween KufTia, Auftria, VtAncef uml 
S^ain, xzxi. [338) 

— the kinj;*; (.irctiur letter for the C'm- 
v*mtion of tlw; ff;«'cs-gcncral at Vcr- 
f<i,l<r<, xxxi. f 'JX7 1 

— king*s ipcech af the o; '"ningr 
of th»e ik.iV:% flf-nci'dl. Ma-/ 9, tj^y, 
xxxi. [32^1 

— Itrtter frfrtrt the ki '.{»;•''> thf prTirlflr,t 
of the rationnl ;«K<!inb»y, Miiy %%, 

J789, xxxi, f^2V) 
-^ ad<ire(s r^t th*? fl'*p»ififf4 r»f 'h^ t'lfr^ 

etat t/> the king, J'»ie 6, ty%fff<<Ai^ 

I N D E 5f , I 

France j fpeech of the king to the ftates- 
gencral, June 23, xxxi. [331] 

— the declaration of rights agreed to by 
the national affembly, and fan^lioned 
by the king, xxxi. [332] 

— the decree of the national affembly on 
f the family compa6l, xxxii. [303] 

— letter from Tabbe Raynal to the na- 
tional affembly, May 31, i79i,xxxiii» 

— the emperor of Germany's letter to 
the king of the French, Dec. 14, 1790, 
xxxiii. 157*. 

•— letter of inftru6lions from M. Mont- 
morin, minitter for foreign affairs, 
fent by order of the king to all his 
min liters at foreign courts, April 23, 
1791, xxxiii. 129*. 

— memoir left by the French king on 
his departure from Paris, June 21, 
1791, xxxiii. 131*. 

•^ addrefs of the ^ national affembly to 
the French, xxxiii. 135*. 

•— declaration of 290 members of the 
national affembly on the decrees which 
iufpepd the exercilc of the royal autho- • 
rity, June 29,vi79i, xxxiii. 138*. 

^- letter from the king to tke national 
affembly, announcing his refolution to 
accept the conftitution, Sept. 13, 1791, 
xxxiii. 141*. 

•— the king's fpeech on accepting the 
conftitution, Sept. 14., 1791, with the 
prefident's anfwer, xxxiii. 143*. 

«— the king's fpeech to the national 
affembly the laft day of their meeting, 
Sept. 30, 1 791* with the prefident's 
anfwer, xxxiii. 144*. 

i»— proclamation of the French king, 
Sept. 30, 1 791, xxxiii. 144*. 

— the king's fpeech to the new national 
affembly, 06t. 7, 1791, with the pre- 
iident*s anfwer, xxxiii. 146*. 

-— the meffage of the national affembly 
to the French king, Nov. 29, 1791, 
with his anfwer, xxxiii. 148*. 

*— the king's fpeech to the national af- 
fembly, Dec. 14, 1791, with the pre- 
iident's anfwer, xxxiii. 149*. 

-— addrefs from the national affembly to 
the king, Dec. 16, 1791, xxxiii. 151*. 

— authentic copy of the French confti- 
tution, as revifed and amended by the 
national affembly, and prefcntcd to 
the king, Sept. 3, 1791, xxxiii. 151* 

— a new and faithful trandation of 
the declaration of the king upon his de- 
parture from Paris, June 20, 1791, 
with an account of the manner ia 
which it was communicated to the 
M&mhly, and alTo tlie prociamaiii^n of 

7 8 I to 1 7 9 2. 

the national affembly, June 2s, tj^tf 
with inti'odu6lory remarks on the ial- 
fities of the common tranflationsy 
xxxiii. 217*— 238*. 
France ; manifefto of the French nation 
decreed by the national affembly, Dec. 
^9» 1 791 9 ^nd fent to all the courts of 
Europe, xxxiv. 207*. 

— ofHcial letter of prince Kaunitz Riet- 
bergh to the French ambaffador at 
Vienna, communicated to the national 
affembly, Dec. 31ft, 1791, xxxiv. 

— letter frjom the king to the national 
affembly, with the preceding commu- 
nication, xxxiv. 210*. 

— fubftance of difpatches' from M. 
Sainte-Croix, minifter plenipotentiary 
of France at Treves, iielative to the 
difperfion of the French emigrants af* 
fembled there, xxxiv. an*. 

— note from the government general of 
the Netherlands to M. de la Graviere, 
refident of France at Bniffells, Jan» 

15, 1792, xxxiv. 212*, 

— decree of the national affembly, pre- 
fented by a deputation to the king, 
Jan. 15, 1792, with the king*s anfwer^ 
xxxiv. 21^*. 

— extraft from the inftruflions of Jfi. 
Deleffart, minifter for foreign affairs at 

, Paris, to M. Noailles, ambaffador at 
Vienna, Jan. 21, 1792, xxxiv. 214*. 

— inftruftions of the prince de Kauniti 
to M. Blumendorff, the Imperial mi- 
nifter at Paris, Feb. 17, 1792, xxxiv* 
219*. • 

— declaration iigned in common by tht 
emperor and the king of Pruffia at 
Pilnitz, Auguft ,27, 1791, xxxiv* 

— circular difpatch of the prince de 
Kaunitz to the ambaffadors at' the fe- 
veral foreign coyrts, Nov. i, 1791, 
xxxiv. 227*. 

— - circular note from the emperor to the 
different powers of Europe^ on the 
French king's acceptance of the con- 
ftitution, xxxiv. 228*. 

— circular letter to all the minifters of 
the emperor and of the empire, Vien- 
na, Dec. 2, 1 791, xxxiv. 229*. 

— liibftance of the treaty between the 
emperor and the king of PruiEa, Feb. 
7, 1792, xxxiv. 230*. 

— note addreffed to the French ambiffa- 
dor by the prince de Kaunitz, Feb. 
i9j ^79^9 xxxiv. 23I*. 

— letter from the count de Goltz, 
envoy extraordinary of the Jung oC 
Pruflia in France, addreffedtoM.De* 
leffart, March 11, 1792, x Yxiv. 231*. 


.France} note of the French ambaflador at 
the court of Vienna to the Imperial mi- 
nifter, March ii, 1792, xxxiv. 233*. 

•— anfwer, March 18, 1792, of the 
chancellor, prince de Kaunitz, to the 
note of M. Noailles, of March. 11, 
xxxiv. 234.*. 

^— letter from M. Dumourier, minifter 
for foreign affairs in France, to M. 
Noailles, French ambaffador at the 
court of Vienna, March 19, 1792, 
xxxiv. 235*. 

— letter of M. Noailles, French' ambaf- 
fador at Vienna, to M. Dumourier, 
French minifter for foreign affairs, 
April 2, 1792, xxxiv. 238*. 

— difpatch^from M. Dumoqrier to M. 
de Noaiiies, March 27, xxxiv. 293*. 

— letter from M. Noaiiies to the French 
minifter for-^ foreign affairs, xxxiv. 

•— fecond letter from M. Noaiiies to M. 
Dumourier, Vienna, April 7, 1792, 
xxxiv. 242*. 

— letter from the minifter for foreign 
affairs to the French charge des affaires 
at Turin, demanding a categorical 
anfwer of his Sardinian majefty's in- 
tentions, March 21, 1792, xxxiv. 


— extraft of a letter from M. Bourgoing, 

the French ftiinifter at Spain, to M. 
Dumourier, the minifter for foreign 
affairs, Arenjuez, April 5, 1792, xxxiv. 

— the French king's fpeech to the nati- 
onal affembly, April 20, 1792, with 
the report on the fubjefl of a war with 
the emperor, xxxiv. 245*. 

— decree of war againft the king of 
Hungary and Bohemia, April 20, 

■ 1792, xxxiv. 252*. 

— proclamation of the government of 
Bruffels, in anfwer to the declaration 
of war on the part of France, xxxiv. 


— confidential letter from the king of 

the French to the king of the Englifh, 
xxxiv. 256*. 

— tranflation of a note delivered by M. 
Chauvelin to lord Grenville, May 12, , 
1792, xxxiv. 257*. 

— tranilation of a note from lord Gren- 
ville to M. Chauvelin, May-, 24, 1792, 
xxxiv. 259*. 

— tranflation of a note from M. Chau- 
velin to lord Grenville^ May 24, 1792, 
xxxiv. 260*. 

— tranflation of a letter from lord 
Grenville to M. Chauvelin, May 25, 
1792, xxxiv. 261*. 

— traalUtioji of a letter from M«Chau- 


velin to lord Grenville, May 45, 1792, 
xxxiv. 262*. 
France 5 , tranflation of a note from M. 
Chauvelin to lord Grenville, June %i, 
1792, xxxiv. 263*. 

— tranflation of a note from lord Gren- 
ville to M. Chauvelin, July 3^ 1792, 
xxxiv. 264*. 

— memorial tranfmltted to the count de 
Bernftorff, minifter of ftate at Den- 
mark, by. the minifters of Atfftria and 
Pruflia, in June 1792, xxxiv. 265*. 

— the anfwer of the count de BernitorfF, 
xxxiv. 266*. 

— proclamation of the king on tlie event* 
of the 20th of June, xxxiv. 267*. 

— proclamation of the king of France, 
July 1 1, 1792, xxxiv. 269*. 

— counter declaration of the court of 
Vienna againft France, xxxiv. 277*^ 

— concifs expofition of the reafons, 
which have determined the king of 
Pruffia to take up arms againft France, 
xxxiv. 280*. 

— declaration of the reigning duke of 
Biiinfwick Lunenburg, comn^nding 
the armies of the emperor and tne king 
of Pruffia, addrclfed to the inhabitants 
of France, xxxiv. 283*. 

— additional declaration of the duke, 
addreffed to the inhabitants of France, 
xxxiv. 286*. 

— notification to the powers o^iSurope, 
from the king of the French^ xxxi\u 

•— memorial prefented to the Porte by 
the Imperial internuncio, Auguft 91, 
179^2, xxxiv. 288*. 

— »- manifefto of the emperv^r of Germany 
and the king of Prulfia againft th« 
French revolution, -Aug. 4, 1792, 
xxxiv. 289*. 

— the declaration of the princes, his ' 
mo ft- chriftian majefty's brothers, and 
the princes of the blood united with 
them, addreffed to France, and to all 
Europe, xxxiv. 306*. 

— addrel's of the French princes to 
their troops, before they entered France, 
xxxiv. 317*. 

-^ expofnion of the motives on which 
the French national affembly have 
proclaimed a convocation of a national 
convention, and pronounced the fuf- 
penfion of the executive power in the 
hands of the king, xxxiv. 317*. 

— letter to earl Gower at Paris, by mr. 
Dundas, Auguft 17, 1792, xxxiv. 

— note in anfwer to the communicatioa 
made by ^atV Go^exy >\\i ^yw'^v^'wxv- 
baOC&dor , xxxivH » \vt^ . 


France ; note of the court of Peterlburg, 
ordering away the French ambaflkdor, 
M. Genet, xxxiv. 328*. 

— tranflation of a note delivered to lord 
Grcnviile by the minilters of the em- 
peror and the king of Naples, Sept, 
20, 1792, xxxiv. 328*- 

— * tranflation of a note from lord Gren- 
viile to the minifters of the emperor 
and tlie king of Naples, xxxiv. 329*. 

« — trauilaiion of a letter from lord Auk- 
land to the greffier of the ttates-ge- 
iieral, Sept. 24, 1792, xxxiv. 329*. 

«— tranllaiion of the extraft of the refo- 
lutions of the iiates-general, Sept. 25, 
1792, xxxiv. 329*. 

— letter from the minifter for foreign 
affairs in France to the national con- 
vention, Oti. I, 1792, xxxiv. 331*. 

— declaration or memorial of the duke 
of Brunfwick, Sept. 28, 1792, xxxiv. 

— letter of the Helveiic congrefs to the 
king of the French, June ij, 1792, 
xxxiv. 334*. 

— letter from the Britifh minifter to 
the republic of Geneva, 061. 11, 1792, 
xxxiv. 335*. 

— letter from the king of Sardinia to 
the thinecn caiiton?, and the allies of 
the Helvetic body, with the form of 
the an Twer to he returned to the king 
of Sbrainia, xxxiv. 336*. 

— ai'ticles of convention concluded be- 
tween the French and Gcncvcfc pleni- 
potentiaries, Nov. a, 1 792, xxxiv. 3 37*. 

— i-eporc of M. de liriflbt, from the di- 
plomatic committee, "relative to the 
convention with Geneva, and the ge- 
neral principles of the French republic 
with regard to treaties, Nov. 21, 1792, 
x:cxiv. 338*. 

— addrcis from the London corrclpond - 
ing fociety, ManchcfttT conftitutional 
foci:ty, J\Ianchcftcr reformation Ib- 
titly, and London coiiftirutional whigjs, 
jiKlependtnt and fritrnds of the ptople, 
to the national convention, with the 
prefit'cnt^ anivver, xxxiv. 344*. 

• — aiWrefs from the friends of the people 
of the- town of Newington to the French 
C'jn vent ion, xxxiv. 346*. 

— . nddrefs from the Eiiglifh, Irirti, and 
Scotch, refident at Paris, Nov.i 8, 1792, 
v/iih the anfwerof the pi elident, xxxiv. 
.)-t7 • 

— uildrefs from the revolution fo- 
tieiy ill London to the national con- 
vt:!tion, Nov. 5, 1792, xxxiv, 349*. 

— nddrcls of Jotl Harlow, and John 
/'Vp/^ deputits from the conitituiionaV 

iudciy (and incio^ng an addiefs from 

781 to I 7 9 «. 

th!: fociety) to the national convention, 
Novr 28, 179Z, with the addreft, and 
a gift of 1 ,000 pair of flioet, and of 
1 ,000 pair a week for fix weeks, with 
the prendent^s anfwer, xxxiv. 349*. 
France J (addreffes firom apother fociety in 
London, from a fociety at Beliail, 
and from a fociety at Rochpfter, were 
' alio communicated^ 

— declaration on the part of his Britan- 
nic majefty to the ftates-generai of 
the united province*, with the anfwer 
of the itates-general, Nov. 16, 1792, 
xxxiv. 352*. 

— abftraft of ap: addr^fs from the re- 
fugee patriots of Holland, with the 
prefident's anfwer, xxxiv. 351* (note) 

— decree of the French executive coun- 
cil, Nov. i6, 1 791* xxxiv. 354*. 

— decree of the executive council, re- 
lative to the opening of the Scheldt 
and Meufe, Nov. 16, 1792, xxzhr. 


— decree of fraternity and afliftance to 

all peoi)le, pafled by the convention, 
Nov. 19, 1792, xxxiv. 355*. 

— anfwer of the preiident of the nati- 
onal convention to a deputation of 
the national affembly of Savoy, as a 
manifefto of all nations againft kings, 
xxxiv, 356*. 

— the provifional executive council of 
France, to the bifhop of Rome, Nov. 
a5> 1792, xxxiv. 357*. 

— decree for extending the French fyf- 
tem to all countries occupied by their 
armies, Dec. iSf i79*> xxxiv. 35?*. 


f^ EORCE in. ; fpeech to both houfcs at 
^^ incCiiiig the new parliament, Nov, 
ift, 1780, xxiv. [283] 

— aMdicls ot the lords, arid anfweri 
xxiv. [283] 

— addrel's of the coramonS| and anfwer, 
xxiv. [284J 

— addrels of the convocation, and an- 
fwci, xxiv. [285] 

— ■ mefl'age to ilie lords^on having pant- 
ed letters of marque againd the ftates* 
general, xxiv. [287] 

— fpeech on clofing the parliament, July 
i8ih, 1 781, xxiv. [314] 

— fpeech at the meetmg of parliament, 
Nov. 27th, 1781, with the addreflet 
of the lords and of the commons, with 



recommending a feparate eftabliih* George III. 5 proteft of the lords againft 

inent on the prince of Wales, xxvi. the refoliitions, xxxi. [303] 

[207] ~ — the prince's anfwer to the rcfolutions, 

George III. ; fpeech on clofing the feflion, xxxi. [305] 

July II, 1782, xxvi. [310J — refolutions agreed on by the lords and 

»— Ipeech on opening the feilidn, Dec. commons prelentcd to the queen, Jari. 

5th, 1782, with the addrefs of the lords 30th, with her anfwer, xxxi. [305] 

and commons, xxvi. [311] " — Ipeech of earl Bathurft, in the name 

-^ fpeech at clofing the feflion, July i6th, of the lords commiflTioners, to declare 

1783, xxvi, [318] certain caufes for the meeting of par- 

»— fpeech at opening the feHion, Nov. liamcnt, xxxi. [306] 

nth, 1783, with the addrefles of the — fpeech of the lord chancellor, Marcli 

lords and commons, and anfwer, xxvii. 10th, xxxi. [306] 

[305] — the addrefs of the commons to the 

-— his anfwer to the addrefs of the lords, " king, xxxi. [308] 

relying on his choice of mini fters, Feb. — fpeech of the marqnis of Bucking- 

,6th, 1784., xxvii. [309] ham, at the meeting of the Irilh parlia- 

— his anfwer to the two addreffes of the ment, Feb. 5th, 1789, xxxi. [309] ' 
commons, of Feb. 20th, and March — addrefs prefented by the delegates of 
4th, xxvii. [310, 3n] both houfes in Ireland to the prince 

— fpeech on proroguing the parliament, of Wales, xxxi. [310] 

previous to the diifolution of it, xxvii. — proteft of the peers of Ireland againft 

[315] the addrefs to the piince of Wales, 

r— fpeech on meeting'the new parliament, xxxi. [310] 

May 17th, 1784., with the addrefs of — anfwer of the lord lieutenant to the 

the lords, xxvii. [315] addrefs of both houfes, requefting 

^- Ipeech at the clofe of the feflion, him to iranfmit ihe addrefs to the 

Auguft 2arth, 1784, xxvii. [317]. prince of Wales, xxxi. [31a] 

— fpeech at the meeting of parliament, —proteft of the minority of the Trifh 
Jan. 26th, 1785, with the addreffes lords againft the refolutions, aflcrting 
of the lords and commons, and the the right to declare a prince regent 
king's anfwer, xxvii. [348] xxxi. [313] 

•— fpeech at opening the parliament, -^ proteft of the lords againft the vote of 

Jan. 24th, 1786, with the addrefles of cenfure on the lord lieutenant, xxxi. 

the lords and commons, and the king's [313] 

ahfwcrs, xxviii. [254] — anfwer of the prince of Wales to the 

— fpeech at the clofing of the fcffion, addrefs prefented to him by the dele- 
July nth, 1786, xxviii. [259] g|ites, xxxi. [314] 

•— London addrefs to, on his efcafe from- — fecond anfwer of the prince of Wales 

afl'afli nation, xxviii. [259] to the deputation from both houfes of 

— fpeech at the opening of parliament, parliament of Ireland, xxxi. [315] 
Jan. 23d, 1787, with the addreffes of — addrefs of the houfe of commons of 
the lords and commons, xxix. [268]' Ii eland to the prince of Wales, on his 

•— fpeech on opening parliament, Nov. final anfuer, xxxi. [316] 

27th, 1787, with the addreffes of the — proteft of the Irifli lords againft the 

lords and commons, xxx. [267] addrefs of thanks to the prince of 

— fpeech at the clofe of the icffion, July Wales, xxxi. [317] 

nth, 1788, xxx. [271] — fpeech of the lord lieutenant to both 

t— the report of the committee appointed houfes, xxxi. [318] 

to examine the phyficians, xxxi. — addrefs of the houfe of lords of Ireland 

[287] to the king, xxxi. [319] 

*— refolutions of the commons delivered — addrefs of the houfe of commons to 

to the lords, Dec. 23d, 1788, x^xi. the king, xxxi. [310] 

[296] ' — fpeech of the lord lieutenant at the 

•.— proteft of the lords on the regency, clofe of the fcffion, May 25th, xxxi. 

xxxi. [297J [3*1] 

— mr. Pitt's letter, Dec, 3othj to the — addreffes of the lord mayor, &c. of 
prince of Wales, with the prince's an- London, on the king's recovery, xxxi J 

• Iwer, xxxi. [298] [3*i] 

^— refolutions agreed to by the lords and — addrefs of the lord mayor of Dublin, 

commons, and prefented to the prince on theVLWv^'^ ttcoNt\'^\Yxx\.\_'V*''^ 

^f Walesj Jan. sotb, xxxi. [302] — addre£* o?\JcLt ^\Q\.t^^»X -ww^ V.cs«cv^ 

INDEX, 1781 to 1792. 

catholic inhabitants of Waterford, on fence of the (hips belonging to Uieir 

the fame occafion, xxxi. fsxs] Eaft India comjKUiy, xxiv. [171] 

George I II . ^ fpeech on the opening of par- HoII and $ anfwer of the fts^tes-geno^ to 

liamenty 1792, with the addrefs of the the manifefto of the king of Great 

lords and commons, xxxlv« 188*. ' Britain, xxi v. [292] 

— Ipeech of the fpeaker on prefenting — memorial of the emprefs of Ruflia to, 
the bill for the eftabliftiracnt of the March 3d, 1781, xxiv. [310] 

duke and duchefs of York, and the — memorial to the court of StockholoDi 

bill for granting 400,000!. for the March 6th, I78i,xxiv. [31X] 

redu6lion of t}ie national debt, xxxi v. — letter from the king of Prulha to the 

191** ftates^general, in favour of the prince 

T- fpeech at the clofe of the feflion, June of Orange, xxvii, [319] 

15th, 1792, xxxiv. 196*. — a copy of an official paper from the 

Germain, lord George J letter to the com- emperor, relative to the navigation of 

miilioners appointed to reftore peace to the Scheldt, xxvii. [353] 

• America, with another from mr. — the preliminary anicles of peace bc- 

Knox, his fecretary, March 17, 1781, tween the ftates-general and the em- 

xxiv. [254] peror, xxvii. [354] 

Gennapy 5 a copy of an official paper — letter from the king of Pruffia to thcj 

from the emperor, relative to the navi- ftates-general, relative to the prince of 

gation of the Scheldt, xxvii. [353] Orange, September i8th, 1785, xxvii, 

*— the preliminary articles between the [364] 

ftates-general and the emperor, xxvii. — the prince of Omnge^s letter to the 

[354] ftates of, Sept. 26th, 1786, xxviii, 

— the declaration of the emperor to the [282] 

ftates of his Belgic provinces, July — the king of Pruffia*s letter to the ftatet 

3d, 1787, in anfwer to their remon* of, Sept. ad, 1786, xxviii. [284] 

ftrance of June 22d, xxix. [283] — letter from the duke of Brunl'wick 

— the emperor's anfwere to the deputies to the four commiflaries of Amfter- 
from the ftates of the Belgic provinces, dam, fent to agree on the fatisfa61ion 
Auguft 15th, 1787, with the orders al- to be given to the princefs of Orange, 
luded to, xxix. [285] xxix. [253] 

r- memorial of the deputies of the Bel- — articles of capitulation of Amfter- 

gic provinces to prince Kaunitz, Aug, dam to the prince of Brunfwick, xxix, 

i6th, 1787, xxix. [286] [^54-] 

•— declaration of the emperor to the ftates — two letters from the princefs of Orange 

of Brabant, Sept. 21ft, 1787, xxix. to the duke of Brunfwick, Sept. 15th, 

[288] and Nov. 3d, 1787, xxix. [254] 

— the emperor's declaration of war — the duke of Brunfwick' s anfwer, xxix. 
againft the Porte, xxx. [279] [^5^] 

— the declaration of the emperor to the — letter of the king of Pruflia to the 
ftates of Bruxelles, xxxi. [333] ftates-general, on the recal of the 

— articles of the quadruple alliance be- comte de Goertz, xxix. [274] 
tween Ruffia, Auftria, France, and — the memorial prefented by the envoy 
Spain, xxxi. [338] extraordinary of Pruffia, Auguft 6th, 

•^ emperor of, particulars refpefting the 1787, xxix. [277] 

laft illnefs and death of, xxxii. [251] — the memorial to the ftates of Holland 

— the emperor's letter to the king of the and Weft Friezland, Auguft 6th, 1787, 
French, Dec. 14th, 1790, xxxiii. 127*. xxix. [278] 

Grantham, lord j letter to the lord mayor — the memorinl of the Britifh ambafla- 

of London, informing him of the pre- dor to the ftates-general, Auguft I4th| 

liminaries of peace with Finance and 1787, xxix. [280] 

Spain being figned, Jan. 20th, xxvi, — treaty of defenfive alliance with hia 

£195] Britannic majefty, April 25th, 1788, 

xxx. [272] 

JT — aft of guai-anty of the ftadtholderihip 

of the united provinces, by the ftates- 
general, xxx. [279] 

TTESSH Cassel ; treaty with his Bri- —declaration on the part of his Bri- 

**• tannic majefty, Sept. 28th, 1787, tannic majefty to the ftates-general^ 

xxix. [315] with the anfwer of the ftatesigCDOlli 

Holland i treaty with France for the de* lioy, i^vh» i73»» xxxiv. 35»»- 


Holland 5 abfti-aft of the addrefs from 
the refugee patriots of Holland, with 
the prefident'8 anfwer, xxxiv. 35a*> 

I. J. 


NBIA, Ead; the petition of the Britifli 
fubjefts refiding in the provinces of 
Bengal, B^har, and Orlfla, to the 
commons of Great Britain, xxiv. 

— the definitive treaty with Tippoo Sul- 
tan, March, 18th, 1792, xxxiv. 201*. 

India, Weft ; addrefs of the planters and 
merchants on the war with America, 
xxiv. [320] 

— the memorial of the planters to the 
lords of the treafury, Dec. 26thy 17^6^ 
xxviii. [286] 

Ireland ; the warrant for the fettlement 
of the Genevefe in, xx\M. [351] 

•— 50,000 1. granted for their lettlement, 
x'^vi. [3 54 J 

-^ fpeech of the lord lieutenant (earl of 
Northington) to both houfes, October 
14th, 1783, with the addrcfles of the 
lords and commons, xxvi. [356] 

w^ the fpeech of the duke of Rutland, 
lord lieutenant, at the opening of the 
feflion, January 20th, 1785, xxvii. 


— a copy of the Irlfh rcfolutions with 
amendments, as propofedby the chan- 
cellor of the exchequer. May iztli, 

1785, xxvii. [359] 

•— the Manchelter petition on the Iriih 
reiblutions, ligned by 120,000 perfons^ 
xxvii. [362] 

r— the fpeech of the diike of Rutland, 
lord lieutenant, at the opening of the 
feffions, January 19th, 1786, with_.the 
fpeech of the fpeaker of the honfe of 
commons to his grace, xxviii. [256J 

r— the fpeech of the duke of Rutland, at 
the clofmg of the feHion^ May 8th, 

1786, xxviii. [^58] 

r— the fpeech of the duke of Rutland to 
both houfes of parliament, Jan. i8th, 

1787, xxix. [275] 

p— fpeech of the duke of Rutland at thepro^ 
rogation, May 28tb,i787, xxix. [278] 

— — proceedings in parliament on the 
king's illnefs. — See GeoKGE III. 

r— the proteft figned by eight peers, on 
the reje6lion of the motion refpe6>ing 
the taking away of lord Strangford*s 
penfion, xxxii. [106] 

»-- the fpeech of the earl of Weftmoriand, 
lord lieutenant, at the opening of the 
, fefiion, Tan. iift^ 17^0^ xxxii. [307] 


Ireland; proteft of eight lords on tht 
rejection of an amendment in the ad- 
drefs to the king, xxxii, [308] 

^- fpeech of the fpeaker, on prefcntir^g 
the bills of fupply, xxxii. [310] 

— fpeech of the lord lieutenant at the 
clofe of the feflion, April 5th, 1790, 
xxxii. [311] 

•— fpeech of the lord lieutenant at the 

opening of the fedion, Jan* 20th, I79i> 

xxxiii. 125*. 
-^ fpeech of the lord lieutenant at the 

clofe of the fedion, May 5th, 1791-9 

xxxiii. 126*. 
-T- fpeech of the earl of Weftmoriand ac 

th^ opening of parliament, Jan. 19th, 

179!, xxxiv. 198*. 
— - fpeech of the fpeaker on prefenting the 

bills of* fupply, April i8th» 1792* 

xxxiv. 199*. 

— fpeech of the earl of Weftmoriand at 
the clofe of the feflfion, April 18th, 
^792, xxxiv. 290*1' 


T A u R E N s, Henry 5 petition to the,como 
'■-' riions 10 be difcharged from th< 

Tower, xxiv. [322] 
London ; addreis to the king to put an 

end to thp war with America, with the 

king's anfwer, xxiv. [320] — ^xxv. [297} 
— • a proteft againft the legality of the 

common hall of, Jan. 31ft, 1782, xxv. 


— addrefs to the king on his efcape from 
aftailinaiion, xxviii. [259] 

— addrefs of the lord mayor, &c. on the 
king's recovery, xxxi. [321] 

— addrefs to the queen on the king's re- 
covery, xxxi. [322] 

— addrefs to the king on the "convention 
with Spain, xxxii. L305] 

Lords, houfe of; two protefts refpefting ' 
the war with Holland, one figned by 
nine lords, the other by eighty xxiv. " 


— debates on the loan, and protefts 
figned by eight lords, xxiv. [190*] 

— proteft againft the proceedings re- 
fpe£ling lord George Germaine being 
created a peer, xxv. [165] 

— addrefs and anfwer on the king^s 
fpeech, xxiv. [283] 

— the king's meffage on having granted 
letters of marque againft the ftates- 
general, xxiv. [283] 

— proceedings on; and two protefts 
againft them, xxiv, [289] 

r- proteft of March ii&> \l%'«.* ^vi* 


I^irdfylKmre-of^ addrefs and anfwer on 
tbc king's fpeech, 1781, xxv. [293] 

i— pfoceedings rel'pe^ing lord George - 
Sackville bv'ing created a peer, and a 
copy of the proteit againd it, xxv. 
[167. 295] 

p— pioreft of, Nov, 27th, 1781, xxv. 

*— addrefs and anfwer on the king*s 

i^ieecft, 1782, xxvi. [311] 
»-^ stddieis and anfwer on the king''$ 

Ipeccb, 1783, xxvii. [307] 
^— addrefs to the king, relying on his 

choice of minifters, xxvii. [309] 
•— addrefs to the king on the fpeech at 

ihe meeting of the new parliament, 

May 17th, 1784, xxvii. [316] 
»— proteil of the lords on the £al\ India 

jnegulation bill, Auguft 9th, 1784, 

xxvii. [317] 
-— addrels to the king on the fpeech at 

the meeting of parliament, Jan. 26th, 

17S5, xxvii. [h8] 
— the Manchelter petition on the Irifh 

refolutions, figned by 120,000 per- 

Ibns, xxvii. [362] 
•— proteft again It the India declaratory 

bill, March 19th, i788,xxx. [295] 
, »— proceedings od the king^s illnefs. ]»ee 

Gkorg£ III. 


MANCHESTER; petition to the lords on 
the Irifli refolutions, figned by 
120,000 perlbns, xxvii. [362J 
Meyrxck, mr. ; army agent, letter to ge- 
neral Arnold, Jan. 30ih, 1781, xxiv. 

Morocco i letter from the emperor of 

Morocco to the ftaies of North Anie- 

rica, relative to a treaty entered into 

with the ftatcs, xxviii. [288] 

'— - letter, by order of the cn-.peror, to all 

the European confuls rcfidcnt in, :pcx. 


AVY 5 an Ticcount of all the mep 
raifcd for the navy, marines includ- 
ed, from Sept. 29th, 1774, to Sept. 
29lh, 1780, with the number of men 
who have died in a6lual fervice from 
Jan. ift, 1776, xxiVf [263] 

N«:vis, Ifland ; ai'ticies ot capitulation of, 
xxv. [27S] 

Koctka Sound ; the king^s mcflfage rela^. 
tiv^ to tr.e capture of ccrtuin Vwffels by 

781 to 1792, 

the Spaniards, May 15th, X790,xnici 
Nootka Sound ; addrefs of the lords in 
confequence of the meflrage,xxni. [2S6] 

— fubftance of lieutenant Mear's me- 
morial, xxxii. [187 J 

— declaration of his Catholic majcfty, 
xxxii. [292] 

— memorial c^ the cotirt of Spain, June 
13th, xxxii. [294] 

-^ mr. Fitzheil^cit's anfwer to the me- 
morial, xxxii. [298J 

— the count de Florida Blanca'^s reply, 
xxxii. [299] 

— declaration and counter declaratioQ 
exchanged at Madrid, July 24th, 1790, 
xxxii. [300] 

— letter from count de Fernan Nunei 
to M. de Montmorin, xxadi. [301] 

*— decree of the national afTembly of 
France on the family compact, xxxii, 


— conventioti between his Britapnic raa* 

jcfty and the king of Spain, Oft. a3tb| 
1790, xxxii. [303J 



, IV AN o E, prince of ; letter to the hfct 
of the province of Holland, xxviii< 



PARLIAMENT; the king^s fpeech at 

■■• the meeting of the new parliament| 

Nov. I, 1780, with the addreffes oa 

the fpeech and the aniwers, xxiv. 


— the king's fpeech at the meeting of 
parliament, Nov. 27, 1781, with the 
addrefs on the fpeech, and the king's 
anfwers, xxv. [292] 

-— addrefs of the commons againft the 
further prol'ecution of the American 
war, with the king's anfwer, and a<U 
drefs of thanks for the anfwer, xxv* 


— Yorkfliire petition for a reform of, 
xxv. [307] 

<— king's fpeech at clofing the feifiaOi* 

July 1, If 82, xxvi. (310J 
.— king's fpeech at Openii^ the fefiioo, 

Dec. 5, 1782, with the addrefs of the 

lords and commons, xxvi. [31 r] 
.— king's fpeech at clofing the iefiioBi 

July i6, 1783, xxvi. [318J 
^— a copy of the reprefentation mofed 

by mr. Burke to be prefented to the 


late parliament, xxvii. [151 — 163] 

Parliament ; the king's fpeech at opening 
the feflion, Nov. 11, 1783, with the 
addrefs on the occafion, xxvii. [305] 

1^- addrefs of the commons to the king 
for fuch an adminiftralion as the hoiife 
has declared to be requifite, with the 
king's anfwer, Feb. 2p, 1784, xxvii, 

»— (econd addrefs, that the continuance 

of an adminiftration which does not 

polTefs the cpnfidence of the reprefen- 

tatives of the people mud be injurious 

to the public fervice, with the king's 

anfwer, March 4, 1784, xxvii. [310] 

^— rcfolutions of the commons to be laid 
before the king, xxvii. ['312] 

r— the king's fpeech on proroguing the 
parliament, previous to tiie diiTolution, 

xxvii. [315] 
— - the king's fpeech on the meeting of 
the new parliament. May 17, 1784, 

xxvii. [315] 

— the king's fpeech at the clofe of the 
feflion, Aug. 20, 1784, xxvii. [317] 

— the king's fpeech at the meeting of, 
Jan. 26, 1785, with the addrefs, and 
king's anfwer, xxvii, [348] 

^- the Manchefter petition, refpe£ling the 
Irifh refolutions, figned^ by 120,000 
perfons, xxvii. [362] 

^— the king's fpeech at the meeting of 
parliament, Jan. 24, 1786, with the 
addrefles and king's anfwer, xxviii,, 

r— the king's fpeech at the clofe of the 
feffion, July 11, 1786, xxyiii. [258] 

— r the king's fpeech at opening the fef- 
fion, Jan. 23, 1787, with the addreffes 
of the lords and commons^ xxix. 

— fpeech on opening parliament, Nov, 
27, ,1787, with the addrefles of the lords 
and commons, xxx. [267] 

— fpeech at the clofe of the feflion, July 
II, 1788, xxx. [271] 

^— fpeech at opening the feflian, Jan. 21, 
1790, with the addrefles of the lords 
and commons, xxxii. [281] 

.— fpeech at the clo/e of the leflion, June 
10,-1790, xxxii. [283] 

•— meflfasje. May 25, 1790, on the fcap- 
ture of velfels in Nootka Sound by 
the Spaniards, xxxii. [185]. See.Noot- 
ka Sound » 

T— fpeech at opening the parliament, 
Nov. 26, 1790, with the addieffes of 
the lords and commons, xxxtil. it 8*. 

•— fpeech of the I'peaker ait prefenting 
certain bills, xxxiii. 123*. 

IT- mt'fTagc to hQ^h houfcs, Feb* 2j, 

179 1, relative to the divifion of Cana* 
da, xxxiii. 123*. 
Parliarrient 5 meflnge, March 28, 1791, 
relative to an augmentation to the 
naval force, xxxiii. 124*. 

— meflTage, May 18, 1791, relative to the 
eftablifliment of the younger branches 
of the royal family, xxxiii. 124*. 

-^ fpeech at the clofe of the fefldon, 
June, 10, 1 79 1, xxxiii. 125*. 

— proclam^ion of, -Dec. ift, 1792, for 
the meeting of, Dec. 13, xxxiv. 197*. 

parliament, a6ls of ; heads of the prin- 
cipal a6ls from Nov. i, 1780, to July 
18, 1781, viz. 

.^ an aft for the better fupply of feamen 
and mariners, with refpefl to prize 
goods — ffor the encouragement of^ fea- 
men — for the importation of flax and 
flax- feed — for the importation of goods 
for the Levant, and for a duty on 
cotton brought in foreign veflels — for 
the importation of goods from the 
plantationsoTPortugal — for preventing 
prophanations of the Lord's Day — for 
continuing the commifllioners of public 
accounts — to direft certain payments 
into the exchequer — refpefting certain 
marriages— for eftablifliing an aj^rec*- 
ment with the Eaft India company— 
for eftablifliing regulations of the Eaft 
India company, xxiv. [337—9] 

«w heads of the aft for difabling officers 
of the revenues from voting at elec-. 
tions— rand of another aft for reftrain-r 
ing any contraftor from being a 
member of parliament, xxv. [308] 

-i.- the bill for laying a ftamp-duty on 
bills of exchange and receipts— -the 
mutiny bill — the bill for regulating the ^ 
oflice of pnymafter general of the forces, 
receive the royal aflent, xxvi. [208] 

— the malt bill — land tax bill — Eaft 
India payment hill — ^American trade 
bill— ^Irifli poftage bill, &c. receive the 
royal aflent, Vxvi. [^224] 

— heads of the principal afts pafled, 
1783, viz. 

•— an aft for allowing the importa- 
tion of goods from Europe to the 
Weft Indies and back — to repeal the 
prohibition of trade with America— 
for the exclufive rights of the parlia- 
ment and courts of Ireland — ^refpcfting 
the Eaft India company — ^for regulat-^ 
ing the office of paymaiter of the forces 
^—appointing commiflSoners for ex- 
amining the public accounts — for pre- 
venting the illegal importation of fpi- 
rits — ^for regulations in the exchequer 

*^foV YtUd O^ V\V^ "^-a^. \»>^Va. ^'SKSV. 

I N D E X, I 

parliament; a6ls pafled in the pariia- 
ment 1784., viz. 

— regulations in the poftage of letters 
between Great Britain and Ii-eland— 
for continuing the powers of an aft for 
ilie better carrying on of the trade with 
America— for rciloring tlic forfeited 
eltates in Scotland— for the effeftual 
tranfportation of felons-^for additional 
rates of portage, xxvii. [366] 

— a£ls pafled lu 1785, viz. 
relpe6iing navigation with An:erica— 
appointing commiffioners for enc^uiring 
into fees of offices— for regulating the 
pay of the treaiurer of the navy— for 
the better examining the public ac- 
counts — for appointing commiflloners 
to enquire into the cafi:s of the Ame- 
rican loyalifts — to limii the diu-ation 
of polls and fcrutlnies, xxvii. [366] 

— arts paffed in 1786, viz. 

further continuation of the afts for 
the friendly intcTcourfe with A-r.erica 
— for coniining to a liniiicd lime the 
ti'aJc between America and Newfound- 
land — for aupnenting the income of 
die reftors of the church and chapel 
of Liverpool — ;o explain an :\t\ for 
the regulation of the EaII India com- 
pany — refpefting the court of direc- 
tors nominating the governor general 
and council at licngal — for the reduc- 
tion of the national debt — for regu- 
lating the iraprifonment for fmall 
debts — for the further relief of debtors 
— for augmenting the filaiies of the 
judges in Scotland — relpcfting the 
trial for certain offences committed in 
the Eall Indies — for appointing com- 
■liflloners to enquire into the fees of 
public offices — for appointing coni- 
milUoners to examine public accounts 
— — ^for appointing commiffioners to 
enquire into the Icffes of Ameri- 
can loyaiiiis for appointing coni- 

Tniffioneis to enquire into lofTes by the 
cellion of Eaft Florida to the king 
ot Spain — to em^wwer the archbifhop 
of Canterbury or York to confecrate 
bifhops out of his majelly's dominions 
—for appointing commiffioners to en- 
quire into the Hate of the woods, fo- 
lelts, and land revenues of the crown 
—-for incorporating the Britifh fociety 
for extending the hfhery, xxviii. [301 J 
-— a£ls paifed in 1787, viz. 

an a6l for the fupprcffion of unlawful 
lotteries — to eftablifh a court of crimi- 
nal jurifdiftion on the eaftern coaft of 
New South Wales-^to continue the 
laws for regulating the trade with 
Ajiierica-^or rcpeSing fevcral dulk* 

7 8 I to I 7 9 2. 

of cuftotns and excife, und granting 
other duties in lieu thereof— for the 
importation of ceitain goodsj &c. from 
France, and for applying unclaimed 
monies in the exchequer— for ktciog 
to farm the duties on poft-horfes — ^for 
allowing the importation and exporta- 
tion of certain goods in the Weft In. 
dies — for additional duties on licences 
— for dealers by retail in fpirituous li- 
quors—for further provifions for the 
prevention of fmuggling, and for a- 
mending feveral laws relative to the 
cultoms— for appointf^g commifliooers 
to enquire into the fees of public of- 
fices — for regulating of pawnbroker! 
—for appointing comuiiflioners to en- 
quire into (he lofTes of American 
loyal ifts — for enrolment of deeds and 
wills of papilb — to prevent frivolous 
and vexatious fuit^ in ecclefiaftical 
courts, xxix. [319] 

Parliament; afts pafl'ed in 1788, viz.' 
for an additional duty on fpirits ma- 
nufaflured in Scotland, and imported 
into England — ^for regulating the trade 
between America and the Weft India 
iilands — Eaft India declaratory a£l— 
for reducing duties on certain goods, 
the produce of the united provinces- 
to enable the Eaft India company to 
borrow money — to enable juftices to 
licence theatrical reprefentatiohs— for 
appointing coinmifuoners to enquire 
into iolTes by the ceffion of Eaft Flo- 

• lida — for altering the duties on winCi 
&c. — for regulation of the Newfound- 
land fifhery— for feairing the rights of 
voting at cleflions — refpe^ing the im- 
portation of rum from the Weft Indies 
to Quebec — for the relief of perfons 
who have fuffered by the diflentions in 
America and Eaft Florida— for ap- 
pointing commiffioners to enquire into 
the lofTes — for regulation of chinuiey 
fweepers— for further regulation of 
trials on controverted elections— -for 
regulations refpedling the tranfporta- 
tion of the natives of Africa to die 
Weft Indies, with an abftra^^, xxx. 

— afts pafTed in 1789, viz. 

to repeal the duty on (hops— to fufpend 
an a6l for fecuring the rights of free- 
holders at county elections — an aft 
for repealing the faid a£l of the laft 
feffions — for the importation of breads 
corn, &c. from America to Quebec-^ 
for encouraging the deligning and 
printing linens — to amend the^hawkers 
and pedlars a6l — to incorporate tfic 

S t A T E P A P E ' R S. 

the duties on fpirits, &c. in Scotland 
—to indenanify perfous who had o- 
initted to qualify for public offices — 
for allowing further time for the en- 
rolment of the deeds and wills of pa- 
pifts — to prevent the wilful burning of 
ihips, or deftroying of goods, in Sccft- 
land— for additional duties on hori'es 
and carriages — additional duties on 
probates of Wills, &c.— on news- 
papers, cards, and dice — for the encou- 
ragement of the manufacture of flax 
and cotton— relpefting the importa- 
• tion and exportation of corn, &c. — to 
explain the American intercourle bill — 
— to regulate the whale fifticries — to 
regulate pawnbrokers . ■ refpefling 
piece-goods wove in this kingdom — 
perfons licenceil to retail fpirituous li- 
quorsy &c. — for allowing ai drawback 
on the exportation- of tea to Guernfey 
—for appointing commiffioners to en- 
<]uire into the emoluments of the of- 
fictrs of the cuftoms in Scotland — for 
continuing the flave-trade regulating 
bill— for appointing commiflloners to 
enquire further into the lofles of the 
American loyalifts — for the more ef- 
fe£lual executing the laws refpefting 
gaols — to ei^able the Eaft India com- 
pany to encreafe their ftock — and for 
.altering the duties on tobacco a!nd 
fnuffs, xxxi. [282] 
Parliament ; afts pafled in 1790, viz. 
aft of indemnity refpe6\ing the expor- 
tation of corn, and oixlers iffued by the 
governor general of his majel^y's colo- 
nies in America — for the better fup- 
port of the fpeaker — ^America inter- 
courfe a6t— indemnity to perfons who 
have omitted to qualify — for render- 
■ ing the payment of creditors more 
equal and expeditious in North Bri- 
tain— for taking off duties on tin ex- 
S>rtcd beyond the Cape of Good 
ope — relative to the manufa6lure of 
leatner— for difcovering. the longitude 
.—for enrolment of deeds and wills 
of papifts— — for relief of American 
loyalifts, and Eaft Florida fufferers 
•—to fettle an annuity on the heirs 
of W. Penn, efq. — ^to fettle an an- 
nuity on dr. Willis — for allowing 
the importation and exportation of 
certain goods in Jamaica, &c. — to ex- 
empt gfoods imported fromYutican from 
the duties on fales by au6lion — for 
• permitting the importation of calhevv 
gum^ &c.— for encouraging new fet- 
tlers in his majefty's American colo- 
nies — for regalating the flave-trade— 
to enable the governors beyond fca to 

remit the fentence of tranlported fe- 
lons — to change the punimment of 
burning of women — to empower juf- 
tices, &c. to vifit piarifli workhoofcs 
— re(pe6iing the duties oa l6w wines 
and fpirits in North Britain — to con- 
tinue the farming of poft-horfe duties 
—to prevent frauds in gold and filvcr 
vvares — for new duties on wine licences 
—for a duty on the importation of rape- 
feed, and for importation of rape- 
feed-cakes duty free — for converting 
the tontine into annuities — for new 
duties on tobacco — to continue the 
indemnity a6l — for commiffioners of 
crown lands — concerning county 
ele6lions— for limiting the number of 
outfide paflengers of ftage coaches— 
to defray the charges of feizures out 
of his majelly's ftiare, xxxii* [273] 

Parliament} aas pafled in 1791, viz. 
land tax — malt duty — additional duty 
on malt— mutiny a£l — marine mutiny 
a6l — additional duty on fugar — mili- ' 
lia pay and cloathing bill — annuity oa 
the duke of Clarence — new duties oa 
receipts, bills of exchange, &c.— ^new 
duties on game certificates — compen— 
laiion to the officers of'the wine licence 
office — to prohibit the importation of 
filk, crapes, and tiffanies of Italy — new 
duties on tanned goat and flieep flcins 
— ^to allow the importation 01 feal 
fltins cured with foreign fait— re-* 
fpefVing the importation of falt-petre. 
Sec. — to amend an aft for regulating 
the trade with America — for regula- 
tion of feamen in the coafting trade — c 
for eftablifliing a court of civil judica- 
ture in Newfoundland — for allowing 
a farther bounty on pilchards-— to 
render perlbns guilty of petty larceny 

competent witnefles refpefting the 

powers of the governor general of 
Bengal — for regulating the importa- 
tion and exportatidn of corn— to make 
further provifions for the government 
of Quebec — to relieve Roman catho- 
lics — to amend the a6l for regulating 
the fliipping of flaves — to protect the 
oyfter tilhcries — for the better regula- 
tion of gaols, xxxiii. 112*. 

— afts paflied in the 2d feflion of the 
17th parliament, viz. — to extend the 
provilion of certain aSs, rcfpefting 
the trials of controverted elections — • 
land tax — malt duty — marine mu- 
tiny—for repealing the duty on fe- 
male fervants — window lights — re- 
pealing duty on waggons — mutiny' 
— repealing dvuvt% otv T^-aVw — ^^^^t"^- 
ing pait oi i\x^ <iux'*j quxsW^^^n c-^tv- 


dies— exchequer bills -— relating to 
the commercial intereft with Aine- 
j-ica — provition for the duke and 
duchefs of York— granting 4.00,000 1, 
for the redu6licn ot the national debt 
— refpeiling offenders againft the ex- 
cife la\\'^— exportation of tea into Ire- 
land QT America — frauds on the ex- 
cife by common brewers — refpefling 
auftionecrs — lottery —.militia — of 
indemnity to perfons who have omitted 
to qualify for offices — frauds in the 
excite on foap— to enable the bank 
of Scotland to increafe iheir capital — 
granting money out of the conlblidated 
fund — ^tor the encouragement of fea- 
inen— -for preventing frauds in the 
payment of Teamen's wages — amend- 
ment in proceedings on quo warranto 
-—new police of London and Welf- 
minftcr-7-relief to perlbns of the epifco- 
palian communion in Scotland — courts 
of judicature in Newfoundland — the 
fundions of juftices in cales of libel 
— charafters oFfervants, xxxiv. i8i*. 
Peace ; notice fent by order ot" minillcrs, 
on the progrefs made towards peace, 

xxv^ [227] ■ 
Poland J declaration to, by the PrufTuin 
niinitier at Warfaw, Oft. 12, 1788, 
on an intended alliance between Kuf- 
fia and Poland, xxx. [29 3 J 

— anfwer of the diet at Warfaw to the 
declaration, xxx. [294.] 

— declaration of M. Bulgakow, Ruf- 
fian anibaffador at Warlaw, May 18, 
1792, xxxiv. 361*. 

— .. letter of ^he king of Poland to the 
kin^ of Pruflia, May 31, 1792, xxxiv. 

^- letter from the*klng of Piuffia to the 
king of Poland, June 8, 1792, xxxiv. 


Proclamation j for preventing of tumul- 
* tuous meetings, and lediiioiis writings, 
May 21, 1792, xxxiv. 192*. 

— , addrefs of both houlcs on the pro- 
clamation, June I, i79-> ''^xiv. 194.*. 

— refpetling the war betw^rcn the moft 
chrillian king and the king of Hun- 
gary, May 25, 1792, xxxiv. 195*. 

m- for calling out the militia, Dec. i, 
1792, xxxiv. 196*. 

-^ tor the meeting of parliament, Dec. 
I, 1792, xxxiv. 197*. 

Protells in the lords j two againft the 
proceedings relbetling the war with 
Holland, one hgned by nine lords, 
the other by eight, xxiv. [173*] 

». againit the proceedings on the loan, 
fign«d by eight lords, xxiv. [191*] 

781 to I 7^1, 

Protefts; againft the proceedings re* 
fpefting lord George SackviUe being 
created a peer, figned by nii^e lords, 
XXV. [167. 295J 

— of Nov. 27, 1781, XXV. [295] 

— on the Eaft India regulation biU, Aug. 
9, 1784, xxvii. 317. 

-— againft the India declaratory bill, 
March 19, 1788, xxx. ^95. 

— on the ;egencyi xxxi. 297. 

— againft the refolutions presented Co 
the prince of Wales, xxxi. [303] 

Pruflia, king of; letter to the ftates-ge- 
neral, in favour of the prince of Orange, 
xxvii. [319] 

— trajiftation of a letter from the cm- 
prefs of Kuflia to the king of PruiEa, 
xxvii. 352 

— anotlier letter to the ibites- general, 
relative to the prince of Oratige, Sept. 
18, 1785, xxvii. [364-] 

— treaty of alliance and commerce with 
America, May 7, 1786, xxviii. [260] 

— letter of the king, of, to the ftates- 
general, Sept. 2, 178^, xxviii. [284] 

— letter of the king of, to the ifatcs- 
gencral, on the recal of the count dc 
Goertz., xxix. [274] 

— the memorial prefented to the dates* 
general by the envoy exti*aordinary of, 
Aug. 6, 1787, xxix. [277J 

— the memorial to the ftates of Holland 
and Weft Frieftand, Auguft 6^1787, 
xxix. [278] 

— tieatv of defenfive alliance with 
Great Britain, Auguft 13, 1788, xxx* 


— declaration of the minifter at War- 
faw on the intended alliance between 
Ruflia and Poland, Oft. 12, 178?, 
XKX. [293] 

— anfwer of the diet at Warfaw to the 
declaration, x::x. [294] 

— the treaty ot defenfive alliance between 
the king of Great Britain and the king 
of Prufli a, xxxi . [339] 

— letter from the king of Poland tothc 
kinsj of Pruflia, May 3J, 1792, xxxiv. 

— letter from the king of Pruflia to the 
king of Poland) June 8, 1792, xxxiv* 


UAKERS ; petition to the common! 
agaiuft the Have trade, xxvi, [350] 

R. Russia} 




US s I A ; copy of the maritime treaty 
between the emprefs and the king of 
Denmark, acceded to by the king of 
Sweden, and the ftates -general, xxiv. 


— memorial to the ftates-general, March 

J, 1781, xxiv. [310] 

— the anfwer given by lord Stormont 
to M. Simolin, with refpefl to the me- 
diation between Great Britain and the 
united provinces, xxiv. [315] 

— the memorial of prince Galitzin and 
M, de Marcoff to the ftates general, 
"with mr. Fox'*s letter to M. Simolin, 
RuiTian miniiter at London, xxv. 

«— tranflation of the manifefto pnblifhed 
by the emprcl's on entering the Crimea, 
the Cuban, and the iiland of Taman, 
xxvi. [563] 

*- tranilatlon of a letter from the em- 
prefs to his Pruflian majelty, xxvii. 

#^ manifefto ofthefublimePorteagainft, 

Auguft 24., 1787, xxix. [311] 

.— manifefto of, againit the fublime 

Porte, Sept. 13, 1787, xxix. [312} 

— note delivered by the ambailador at 
Stockholm to the Swedilh miniltry, 
June x8, 1788, xxx. [285] 

.— anfwer of the court of Stockholm, 
xxx. [*86] 

— declarationof the emprefs again ft the 
king of Sweden, June 30, 1788, xxx. 

— article? of the quadruple alliance be- 
tween RulTia, Auftria, France, and 
Spain, xxxi. [388] 

— the treaty of peace between the king 
of Sweden and the emprefs, xxxii. 

— fubltance of the articles contained in 
the definitive treaty of peace between 
Ku/Tia and the Porte, Jan. 9, 1792, 
xxxiv. 360*. 

— declaration of M. Bulgakow, Ruf- 
fian ambalTador at Waifaw, May x8, 
179Z, xxxiv. 361*. 


QLAVI trade; quakers petition againi^, 

^ xxvi. [350] 

«— an abltra^ of the a£t for regulation in 

the tranfportation of natives of Ainca« 
in Britidi Ihips, to the Wefl Ladicsy 
xxx. [300] 
Spain ; the convention between his Bzi- 
tannic majtfty and, July 14, lyS^y 
xxriii. [262] 

— aiticles of the quadruple alliance be- 
tween Ruilia, Auflria, France, and 
Spain, xxxi. [338] 

— See Nootka Sound. 

Stormont, lord ; the anfwer givoi hj 
him to M. Simolin, the Rulfian nu* 
niiter, refpe6tin? the mediation be* 
tween Great Britain and the uxuted 
provinces, xxiv. [315] 

Sweden ; memorial of the ftates -general 
to the court of Stockholm, xxiv. [311] 

— ftate paper, concerning the mediation 
between Great Britain and the aaiial 
provinces, with the anfwer of ksd 
Stormont, xxiv. [317] 

— note delivered by the Ruffian ambaC- 
fador to the miniitry, June x8, ijSS* 
xxx. [285] 

— anfwer of the court of Stockholm, 
xxx. [286] 

— circular note delivered to the foit^;a 
minifters, xxx. [287] 

-— declaration of the emprefs of RolEay 

againft, xxx. [289] 
•— exhortation of the king to hislbb- 

jefts, xxx. [293] 

— declaration and counter declaratiaii 
between Denmark and Swedes, xxx. 

— the fpeech of the king to the afleoiUj 
of the ftates, in March 1789, xxxi. 


— the treaty of peace with the empidft 

of all the RuiFias^ xxxii. [306J 


'T'REATIRS ; copy of the maritime 
•■• treaty between the emprefs of Ruf- 
fia and the king of Denmark, acceded 
to by the king of Sweden and ftates* 
general of the united provinces, xxiv, 

— authentic copies^ of the preliminary 
articles of peace between his Britannic 
majefty and the moft Cbriftian king, 
his moft Catholic majefty, and the 
united ftates of America, ligned Jan. 
ao, 1783, xxv. [315] 

— * the preliminary aiticles of peace with 
the united provinces, Sept. 2, 1783, 
xxvi. [319] 


Treaties 5 the definitive treaty with 
France, Sept. 3, 1783, xxvi. [322] 

— the definitive treaty with Spain» Sept. 
3, 1783, xxvi. [331] 

— the definitive treaty with America, 
xxvi. [339] 

*-^ treaty ot friendfhip and alliance be- 
tween the Eaft India company and the 
Pafhwa Madhoo Row Pundit Purdhan, 
February 24, 1783, xxvi. [343] 

•— treaty between France and America, 
July 16, 1782, xxvi. [346] 

— the preliminary articles between the 
ftates-general and the emperor of Gef- 
many, xxvii. [354] 

i— betyween the king of PrufTia and the 

united ftates of America, May 7, 

1786, xxviii. [260] 
•A- the convention between his Britannic 

majefly and the king o^ Spain, July 

14, 1786, xxviii. [262] 

— the treaty of commerce and naviga- 
tion between his Britannic mnjefty and 
the mo(t Chrillian king, Sept. 26, 
1786, xxviii. [266] 

— > the convention between his Britannic 
niajefty »and the moft Chriftian king, 
Jan. 15, 1787, xxix. [271] 

— the convention between his Britannic 
majcfty and the moft Chriftian king, 
Au^ft 31, X7S7, xxix. [280] 

-*- the declaration and counter declara- 
tion between the firitifh envoy and 
the French minifter, 06i. 27, 1787, 
xxix. [282] 

— treaty between his Britannic majcfty, 
and the Landgrave of HeflTe CafTel, 
Sept. 28, 1787, xxix. [315] 

. — of defenfive alliance between his Bri- 
tannic majefty and the ftates -general 
of the united provinces, April 25, 
1788, xxx. [272] 

— of defenfive alliance between Great 
Britain and PrufTia, Aug. 13, 1788, 
xxx. [275] 

— articles of the quadruple alliance 
between Ruffia, Auftria, France, and 
Spain, Xxxi. [338] 

— of defenfive alliance between the king 
gF Great Britain and the king of 
Pruffia, xxxi. [339] 

— the convention between his Britannic 
majefty and the king of Spain, 0£l. 
28, 1790, xxxii. [303] 

— the treaty of peace between the king 
of Sweden and the emprefs of all the 
RiifTias, xxxii. [306] 

— * leading articles between their ma- 

1781 to 1794* 

jefties of Great Britain and PnifHsi, 
preceding the marriage of the duke ot 
York, xxxiv. 200*. 
Treaties; definitive, with/Fippoo Sultan, 

xxxiv. 201*. 

— - articles of convention concluded be- 
tween the French and Genevefe ple- 
nipotentiaries, Nov. 2, 1792, xxxi?. 

— - fubftance of the articles contained in 

the definitive treaty of peace between 
RufTia and the Porte, Jan. 9, 1792} 
xxxiv. 360*. 
Turkey; manifeflo of thefublimePorte 
againfl Ruffia, Aug. 24, 1787, xxix. 


— manifefto of the court of Ruffia 

againft the fublime Porte, Sept. 13, 
1787, xxix. [312] 

— the emperor of Germany's declara- 
tion of war againft the Porte, xxx. 

— fubitance of the articles contained in 
the definitive treaty of peace between 
Ruflia and the Porte, Jan. 9, 1792, 
xxxiv. [360*] 

Tufcany; heads of the new criminai 
code of, xxix. [320] 



ASHINGTON, gen. ; an intercepted 
letter to B. Harrifbn, efq. fpeaker 
of the houfe of delegates, Richmond, 
Virginia, March 27, i78i,xxiv. [157] 
Weftminfter Hall ; report of a committee 
of the commons to infpe£l the houfes 
and buildings adjoining to, xxxii* 


ORK, dukeofj fjjecchofthe fpeaker 
of the houfe of commons, on pre- 

fenting to his majefty the bill for pw- 

viding for the eftabiilhment of the duke 

and duchefs, xxxiv. i9i». 
— leading articles of the treaty between 

their majeftics of Great Britain and 

Pi-uflia, preceding the marriage, xxzir. 

Yoikftiire; petition for a reform ofit- 

prefcntation in parliament, xx?. [307J 


-^' ^ ■ . I I.I _ , ■ Ml .* 

I I t 11 I 


^ Allen, John Cartef, efq. — ^i-ear-admii-al 

^* of the white, X3(ix. [234] — rear-admi- 
ral of the red, xxxii. [237] 

ABERCORN, earl of — vlfroimt Ha- Althorpe, lord — lord commiflioner of th* ' 
milton, xxviii. [ai8] — governor of treafury, xxv. [234] 

the counties cf Donegal and Tyrone, Altierii, Cardinal, xxiv. [161] 

xxxii. [235]— -marquis ofAbercorn, Amherft, lord, K. B. — baron Aqihei'fti 

xxxii. [238] with remainder to his nephew, W, 

Abercrombie, col. Ralph — major-gen, Pitt, efq. xxx. [230] 

xxix. [234] — colonel of the 6th rcgi- Andre William Lewis, efq.— baronet, 

ment of foot, xxxiv. 54*. xxiv. [207] 

Abercronihie^ col. Robert — groom of the Andrews, James Petit, efq.— »new police 

bed-chamber to the duke of York, jultice, xxxiv. 34* 

xxIx. [233] Annefley Arthur, efq. — (herifF for Ox« 

Abercromby, Robert — niajor-gen. xxxii, fordfhire, 1784, xxvii. [218] 

[235]— knight of the bath, xxxiv. 55*. Antimori, Cardinal, xxiv. [161] 

Abergavenny, lord— vifcount Nevil, and Antonie, W. L. efq. — (herift for Bed^ 

earl of Abergavenny, xxvii. [214] fordfhire, 178S, xxx. [233] 

A£^on, Nathaniel Lee, efq.— flieriff fot Antrim, ear) of — knight of Sr. Patrick^ 

Suffolk, 1789, xxxi. [248] xxvi. [196] — privy counfellor of Ire- 

Adair, Alexander, .efq.— iherifF for Suf- hnd, xxviii. [218] — marquis of An- 

folk, 17^2, xxxiv. 64* trim in Ireland, xxxi. [240] 

Adam, William, efq. — treafurer and Apreece, Thomas Huffay, efq.— »baronet, 

paymafter ofthe ordnance, xxvj. [232] xxv. [236] 

Addineton, Henry, efq. — fpeaker ot the Apfley, lord — lord ofthe treafury, xxxi* 

hou(e of commons — privy counfellor, [^40] 

xxxi. [239] Arbuthnot, Marriot, efq.— 'vice-admiral 

Adeane, major-general — ^groom of the of the red, xxix. [234] 

bed-chamber, xJcvii. [216] Arden,lord — lord ofthe admiralty, xxxi. 

Adolphus, Frederick prince— knight of [240] — lord of the admiralty, ii^xxiii* 

the garter, xxviii. [218] 61* 

AfHeck, capt. Edmund — a baronet, xxV". Armytage, fir George, bart.— (heriff for 

235 — ^i-ear-admiral ofthe blue, xxvii. Yorkihire, 1791, xxxiii. 71* 

[213] Arden, John, ellq. — (heriff for Chcfhire, 

AfHeck, P))ilip, efq. — rear-admiral of the 1790, xxxii. [246] 

blue, xxix. [234] — rear-admiral of the Arden, Richard Pepper, efq. — folicitor- 

white, xxxii. [237] general, xxvi. [235]— -attorney-gena- 
A^r, John, efq. — privy counfellor of ral, xxvii. [214] — chief juftice of Den- 
Ireland, xxxi. [241] — baron Callan,t bigh, Sec, xxvii. [214] — knighted— 

xxxii. [236] privy counfellor— nwiter ofthe rolls, 

Aileibury, earl.of — knight ofthe Thiftle, xxx. [229] 

xxviii. [220] — treafurer to the queen^s Argyle, Gtorge duke of — col. of the 3d 

houfhold, xxxiv, 54* . regiment of foot gyards, xxv. [135] 

Ainflie, major-general George— col. of Arkwright, fir Richard, knt.-^fherifF for 

the X3th regiment of foot, xxxi. [239] Derbyfhire, 1787, xxix. [235] 

Alderfey, William, efq. — (herifFfor Sur- Armagh, arehbifhop of— lord juftice of 

rey, 1784, xxvii. [218] • Ireland, xxix. [235] 

Alexander, James, efq.— baron Caledon, Armit, John, efq. — fecrctary to the board 

xxxii. [236] of ordnance in Ireland, xxxi. [241] 

Algood, James, efq. — ^fheriiF for Nor* 'Annftrong, John, efq. privy counfellor 

thumberland, 1786, xxviii. £iaij| pf Ireland, xxxi* [H^J 

yoL.IL \M \ ^sxva^ 

INDEX, 1781 to 170 2* 

^nn, cirl of— a knight of St. Patrick^ Baker, Peter Williami eiq.*— iberlff &f 

jcxvi. [130] Dorfeifhirc, 1787, xxix. 255. 

Artaud, mr. William, receives a (ilver Balcarras, lord—- fecond in military com- 

medal from the royal academy, xxvi. mand in the Eaii Indies, xxvii. [251] 

[1^23] -—colonel of the 63d regiment ot footi 

Afgill, capt. Charles, equeriy to the duke xxxi. [»4.i] 

of York, XXX. [ii8] Baldwyn, Geofge— conful general in 

Afh, Robert, efq. — (herifF for Wihfhire, Egypt, xxviii. [217] 

1788, XXX. [233] Balmain, James, efq. — commiflioner of 

Aftiburton,lord — chancellor of the duchy excife in Scotland, xxix. [232] 

of Lirtcafter, XXV. [235] Bamford, J. efq.— ftierilF for Lanca- 

A(hhur(t,/ir William Henry, one of the Ihhe, 1787, xxix. [236] 

_ juftices of the king's bench — Kjne of Banks, Jofeph, efq. — baronet^ xxiv« 

the commiflioners of ihe great feat, [207] 

xxvi. [131] — lord commiflioner of the Bai'ing, Francis, efq. — ^Eaft ludia di* 

jfreat feal, xxxiv. 55* re6lor, xxvii. [187] 

A&ley, J. efq.T— (herrfF for Noithamp- Barker, fir Robert, knt. — ^baronet, xxiv, 

tonfhire, 178S, XXX. [233] [*07] 

AAitony fir Wilh-ughby — ^ufher of the Barker, mr. obtains the chancellor's 

black rod in Ireland, xxvi, [132] prize at Oxford, xxvi. [210] 

Aftle, Thomas, tffq. — keeper of the rolls Barlow, rev. Phiiip — >Brbughron and 

' and records in the tower, xxvii. [212] Stoke Hammond, R. R. xidv, [209] 

Altlcy, John Edward, efq.— equeriy to Barne, Barne, efq. — commiflioner m 

the duke of Cumberland, xxix. [232] taxes, xxxiii. 6o*- 

Athol, duke cf— baron Murray, and earl Barne, Miles, efq. — flierifF for Suffolki 

Strange, xxviii. [218] i790> xxxii. [24.6] 

Atkinibn, Richard, efq.— Eafl: India di- Barnes, rev. Francis— mafter of Pctcr- 

reflor, xxvii. [177] houfe, Cambridge, xxx. [229] 

Aubrey, John, elq. — a commifTioner of Barre, rt. hon. Ifaac — ^treafurer of the 

the admiralty, xxv. [236]— xxvi. navy, xxv. [234] — receiver and pay- 

[229] — commiflioner of the treafury, mafter-general of the guards, garriibns, 

xxvi. [235] * and land forces, xxv. [23^— clerk 

Aubrey, fir John, bait. — commiflioner of of the pells in the exchequer, xxfi. 

the treafurj', xxviii. [219]. [***} 

Auguftus Frederick, prince— knight of Barrington, hon. Samuel — admiral of the 

the gaiter, xxviii. [218] blue, xxix- [234] 

Auriol, J. P. efq.— flierifF for Oxford- Barrington, bifliop of Land^lF — bifhop 

(hire, 1791, xxxiii. 71*. - of Saliibury, xxv, [224]— brihop oif 

Auft, George, efq.— under fecretary Cf Durham, xxxiii. 6t* 

ftate, xxxii. [235] Barrow, Charles, efq.— *baronet, with re- 

Awdry, John, eiq. — flierifli for Wilt- mainder 10 Thomas Crav^ley Boevy, 

(hire, 1791, xxxiii. yi*, efq. xxvi. [234] 

Aylesford, earl of — privy counfellor, Barry, Robert Hodfon, efq.— 4}aronet of 

xxvii. [212]— captain of the yeomen of Ireland, xxxi. [240] 

his majefly's guards xxvii. [212] Bartholomew, Leo. efq.— -flieriff for Kent, 

X790, xxxii. [246] 
Barton, Matthew, efq.— admijral of the 

blue, xxix. [234] 
Sateman, Hugh, efq.— fheriif fbrDer. 

•pAGOT, rev. Lewis— bifliop of Briflol, byfliire, 1792, xxxiv. 64* 

•^ xxv. [234] — ^biftiop of Norwich, xxvii Bates, John, ^q.-*— alderman of LondoOy 

[232I— ^bffliop of St. Afaph, xxidi. xxvii. [177J 

[235] Bathurft, Henry (commonly called lord 

Bagot, fir William, an Englifli baron, Apfley)— <ommiflioncr of the admr- 

xxiv. [145] ralty, xxvi. [235] 

Baines, Thomas, efq. — flierifF for Rut* Bayham, vifcount, lord of the treafaxyf 

landfliire, 1786, xxviii. [222 J xxxi. [240] 

Baker, fir George, hart.— phyfician in Beach, Michael Hicks--^erifF for GIoo« 

ordinary to his majefty, xxix. [233] ccfterfliire, i79ti xxxiiL 71* 

Baker, J. jun. efq.— (herifl* for Wor« Beadon, dr. Richard— bHhop of GIoik 

cdderfliire, 1788, xxx. [233] cefter, xxxi. [238] 



Bi^ii, johOi fefq. — fheriff for Suflexy Blingham,Jreverend William— archdcacoft 

1788, XXX. [234] of London, xx». [24.0] 
Bearcrof't, Edward, efq.— chief ju(tice of Birch, colonel Samuel— -major-general^ 

Chelter, xxx. [219] xxtx. [234.] 

Beavah, Thomas, efq. — fherifF for Rad- Bifcoei Eliflia, e(q. — ' flierifF for Mon* 

nor, 1782, XXV. [198J mouthfhire, 1783, xxvi. [236] 
Bea>ich:imp, Joieph, efq. — fheriff o^ Black, dr. William, firft phyfician to hii 

Cornwal!, 1784., xxvii. [ii7^ majefty in Scotland, xxxii. [235] 
Beaufort, duke of— k;jighr of the garter^ . Blacka|l, John, junior, efq^— ^(herifF for 

xxvii. [218] — lord lieutenant of the Oxfordihire, 1789, xxxi. [24.8] 

county of Brecon, xxix. [233]— lord Blagrave, John — IherifF for Beikfhtrc^ 

lieutenant for Leicelterfh ire, xxix. [235] *792, xxxi v. 64*. 

Beaulieu, lord — earl Beaulieu, xx,v\i, Blair, reverend Hugh^ D-D.-^-profefTor of 

[216] — capital and high fteward of rlietoric and belles leitres at Edinburgh^ 

New Windier, xxviii. [218] xxvii, [21^] 

Beflive, earl of— knight of St. Patrick, Blair, James Hunter, lord provoft of 

xxvi. [196] — privy counfellor of Ire- Edinburgh— baronet, xxvlii. [ii8] 

land, xxv ii. [251] Blair, Robert, efq.— ^-folicitor for Scotland^ 

Belgrave, viicount, lord of the Admiral- xxxi. [241] 

ty, xxxi. [140] > Blake, fir Francis — ftieriiFfor Northuni'^ 

Belgrave, George, efq. — Sheriff for Rut- land, 1784, xxvii. [2t8] 

landftiire, 1787, xxix. [236] BlamirejWilliam,efq. — -new police juftice^ 

Belgrave, W. efq. — ^Sheriff for Rutland- xxxiv. 34.*. 

/hire, 1788, xxx. [233] Blane, dr. William— phyfician to the 

Bellamont, earl of— polt-mafter-general duke of Clarence, xxxi. [238] 

of Ireland, xxxi. [239] Blaquire, right honourable fir John, ICB« 

Bellars, John, efq. — fheriff for Rutland- — ^baronet of Ireland, xxvii. [216] 

fhire, 1783, xxiii. [236] . Blathwaytc, colonel Winter— major-gen. 

Bellingham,William,efq.— <ommifBoner xxix. [234] 

in quality of a principal officer of the Blayney^ reverend Benjamin— *Hebrevf 

navy, xxxii. [234] • profefTor at Oxford, xxix. [235] 

Iftennet, John, efq.— ^judge of the king*i Boddington, Thomas, efq. — ^Bank direc- 

bench in Ireland, xxix. [233] tor, xxx. [263] 

Bennet, reverend WilliamjD.D.—biihop Boehm, Edmund, efq.— ^Eaft India di* 

of Cork and Rofs, xxxii. [^37] reftor, xxvii. [187] 

Bentinck, lord William Cavendifh --* Bolton, Harry, duke of-^govemor and 

clerk of the pipe, xxvi. [434] captain of the Ifle of Wight, governor 

Benyon, John, efq. —^eriff for Cardigan, and conftable of Carifbrook Caftle, and 

1783, xxvi. [236] lord lieutenant and cuflos rotulorum of 

Beresford, right honourable John, firil thecountyof Southampton, xxv. [234] 

commiilioner of the revenue in Ireland Bond, James, efq.— •fheriff for Kent, 1788, 

— privy counfellor in Oi-eat Britain, xxx. [233] 

xxviii. [219] ^ Bond, Phineas, efq.— conful in the (lates 

Beresford, dr. William, bifhop of Dro- of New York, &c^ and commiffary of 

more— --bifhop of Offory, xxv. [235] commercial affairs in America, xxviii. 

Berkeley, honourable George Cranfield— [2 1 9] 

malUr furveyoi* of the ordnance, xxxi. Booth, Charles, efq.— fheriff for Kenfy 

[238] - X7S4, xxvii. [218] 

Bemuvd, major — mafler of the jewel Boicawen, honourable mifs Anne— femp-. 

office, xxvi. [231] ^ fVrefs and laundrefs to the queen, xxx» 

Berwick, John, efq.— fheriff for Wor- [*3o] 

cederfhire, 1782, XXV. [198] Boughton, fir Edward, baronet— fheriff 

Bewicke, Calverley, efq.— fherifF for for Herefordfhire, 1786, xxviii. [222] 

Northumberland, 1782, xxv. 197. Boultbce, Jofeph, efq.— flieriff for War- 

Bickerton, fir Richard, bart.— rear-ad- ' wickfhire, 1784, xxvii. [218] — fheriff 

mii'alofthe blue, xxrx. [2343 — rear- . for Staffordfhirc, 1785, xxvii. [252] 

admiral of the white, xxxii. [237] Boulton, Henry, efq. — fheriff for tjuney, 

Billingfley, Edward, efq. — fheriff for 1783, xxvi. [236] 

Norfolk, 1787, xxix. [236] Bourchier, C. efq. — fheriff for Hert- 

Bine, Henry, efq. — fheriff for Surry, fordfhire, 1788, jcxx. [23 3 J 

X79J|XXxiiit 71*. L^] * \^^naO^\^« 


Bo)irch!er; Junncs, eiq. — flierifF for Heit- 

-tibidfiiut;, 1792, xxxiv. 64.* 
Bourke, dr. Jofeph Dean, biihop of 

Leighlin and Ferns — archbifliop of 
, Tuaiii, XXV. [236] — privy counrdlor 

in Ireland, xxv. [237] 
pouverie, honourable Edward — groom of 

the bedchamber to the prince of Wales, 

xzix. [233] 
Bowen, C. — Iheriff of Glamorgan, 

1781, xxlv. [203] 
Bowen, William Wheeler, efq. — (heiiff 

for Pembroke, 1791, xxxiii- 72*. 
bovver, Fofter, elq. — king's council, 

xxix. [233] 
Bower, Jonathan — flierifF of Radnor, 

I78i,xxiv. [203] 
Bowles, mr. — obtains the chancellor's 

prize at Oxford, xxvi. [210I 
Bowles, George, efq. — fherifffor ElTex, 

1785, xxvii. [152] 
^wles, William, .eiq.— fl)erifFfor Wilt- 

fliire, ,1782, xxv. [198] 
Bowyer, George, elq. — colonel of ma- 
rines, xxix. [234] 
Boyd, lieutenant-gcneraljfir Robert, K.B, 

— governor of Gibraltar, xxxii. [238] 
Boyd, Robert, efq. — ^juftice of the king's 

bench in Ireland, xxxiii. 62* 
Boydell, alderman — lord mayor of Lon- 
don, xxxii. {219] 
Boyden^ Samuel, efq. — flieriff for Bed- 

fordfliire, J789, xxxl. [24.7] 
Boyle, -lieutcnttnt Richard OT>rien — 

aid-de-camp to the earl of Carlille, 
; xxiv. [207] 
Boy3, Sunuiei, efq. — flieriff forKent, 1 782, 

xxv. [197] 
Bradilreet, lir Samuel, bart. — ^Juflice of 

the king's bench in Ireland, xxvii. 

[21s] — commifTioner of the givat feal 

ot Irtlanu, xxxi. [206. 238.] 
Braithwiiite, Richard* ei;]. — rear-admiral 

of the whi'e, xxxii. [238] 
Brand lin;:, Ch-.u-lcs— Ihcrifr for Northum-, i7Sf,xxiv. [202] 
Bret, C. irks, efq. — lord ccaimMfTioner of 

the admiraliy, xxv. [234.236] xxvi. 

Brickenden, R. efq. — flieriff for Hants, 

1788, xxx. [233] 
Bridge, mr. — obtains dr. Smith's pre- 
mium at Cambridge, xxxii. 195. 
Bridges, Francis William Thomas — 

flierifF for Hercfordfliire, 1782, xxv. 

Brift)ine, John, efq. — rear-admiral of the 

blue, xxxii. [238] 

Brlfco, Juhn, e!q. — b.ironct, xxv. [^36] 

Broadhcad, Thcodcie Henry, efq.— 

^flieriff for Surrey, 17S6, xxviii. [222] 

78 I to 1792. 

Broadhurfl, John, ef€|^«— flieriff fot Der^ 

byfhire, 179 x, xxxiii. 71* 
Brockman, James Drake, efq^-^iherif 

for Kent, 1761, xxxiii. 71* 
Brograve, Berney, efq.-— baronet, xxxiiL 

Brooke, fir Richard, baronet — fherifffor 

Chelter, 1787^ xxix. [135] 
Brown, Charles, efq. — flieriff for Den- 

bighfhire, 1789, xxxi. [248] 
Brown, C, tfq. — flieriff for Flintfliircy 

1790, xxxii. [246] 
Brown, Edward, ciij. — ^fheriff for Lm- 

colnfhire, 1788, xxx. [233] 
Browne, Francis John, efq,— (heriff for 

Dorfetfliire, xxvi. [436] 
Brown, George, efq.— commiflioncr of 

excife in Scotland, xxix. [232] 
Browne, fir John, bart. — baron Kilroaine 

of Ireland, xxxi. [241 ] 
Browne, Ifaac Hawkins, efq.-— flieriff for 

Shropfhire, xxvi. [236] 
Browne, William, elq. — governor of th« 

Bermuda or Somers Iflands, zxiv. 


Browne, W, efq.^ — flieriff for Cumber- 
land,. 1790, xxxii. [245] 

Bruce, major-general the Hon. Thomas 
— refident major-general on the ftaff 
in Ireland, xxviii. [218] 

Brudencll,. honoumble mifs Augufla— 
maid of honour to the queen, xxx« 

Brudtnt-ll, honourable James— an Bnglifh 

baron, xxiv. [145] 

Brumcll, Willinm, eiq. — fberiff forBeirk- 
flilre, 1788, xxx. [233] 

BiJccleugh, duke of — governor of the 
royal bank of Scotland, xxvi. [230] 

Buckingham, marquis of-— -knight of the 
garter, xxviii. [218] — lord lieutenant 
of Ireland, xxix. [235] 

Buckworih, Theophiius, efq. —-flieriff 
for Lincolnfhire, 1787, xxix. [236] 

Buik«:"Icy, lord vli'count — to be lord lieu- 
tenant of Carnarvonfhire, xxv. [234] 
— lord Bulkeky of England, xxvii. 

Biiller, mr. — — commiffioner of excifey 
xxxii. [235] ^ 

BuUcT, Ji:hn. efq. — commiflioner of the 
treafury, xxvi. [235] 

Buiier, rev. dr. William— dean of Exe- 
ter, xxvii. [213] i.lean of Canter- 
bury, xxxii. [236] — bifliop of Exeter* 
xxxiv. 56*. 

Bullock, Jofeph— flieiifffor Bucks* 17819 
xxiv. [202] 

Bunl vry, Henry, efq.— groom of the 
bed-chamber to the duke of York* 
xxix. [233] 



Bunbury, fir T.C-^fheriff for Suffolk, [2i9]*-H;ommi/Coiier fot. Uieaffaii> of 

1788, aoEX. [133] Indi^, xxxiii. 61*. 

Bund, Thomas, eTq.-^iheriflr for Wor- Campb^l, George, efq, — vlci^'adiniral <if 

cederfliire, 1784, xxvij. [ti8] the red, xxix. [a34-.) 

Burden, Francis, efq-— /heriif for War- Campbell, Hay, f£|. prefident of thift 

wickfhire, 1784, xicvii. [i|8] college of juitice in Scotland, xx)ci* 

Burgh, r. hon. Walter Huifey" chief - [»♦!] 

baron of the exchequer in Ireland, Campbell, colonel John — major-general, 

XXV. [236] xxix. [»34] 
Burgoyne, fir John, colonel of the Camps, William, efq.— (heriff for Cam- 
dragoons — colonel of the a 3d light bndgefhireandlluntingduiilhire, 1787^ 

dragoons, xxiv. [209] xxix. [235] 

Burgoyne, licut. gen. John— commander Canterbury, archbifliop of— privy couO'l 

in chief in Ireland, xxv. [235] fellor of trade and plantations, xxviii*^ 

Burke; it. hon. Edmund paymafteiv [^^9] 

general, XXV. [234] receiver and. Carden, John Craven, efq. — baronet of 

paymaftdr. general of the forces, xxvi. Ireland, xxix. [234] ' > ' 

[231] — lord reftor of the univerfity of Cardigan, ear) of — governor of Windfor 

Glafgow, xxvii. [187] caftle, xxxiii. 60*. 

Burrel, Peter, efq^^knighted, xxiv. [208] Carhampton, earl of— licut. gen. of the 

—deputy lord great chamberlain, xxiv. ordnance in Ireland, xxxi. [24.0] 

[208] Carleton, fir Guy, K. B.-7—- appointed 

Burton, Francis, efq. — pnifne judge of commander in chief in America, xxv, 

Chefter, xxx. [229] [202] ^governor of Quebec, Nova 

Butler, rev. dr. John, bi(hop of Oxford — r Scotia, and New Brunfwick, xxviii. 

bi(hop of Hijreford, xxx. [228J [21.8] — lord Dorcheiter, xxviii. [11 81 

Butfon, rev. Ctiriltopher— Jean of Wa- Carleton, Hugh, ifq.— chief juftice of thS 

terford, xxvii. [215] common pier. s in Ireland, xxix. [^33] 

Button, Z::chariah, efq. — fticriff for Ef- — ^privy coimfellor of Irciand, xxix, 

fex,.i792, xxxiv. 64*. • [*33] — ^commiffioner of the great feal 

Buxton, I'homasFoweil, efq.— (heriff for of Ireland, xxxi. [206.238] — baron 

ElTex, 1789, xxxi. [248] Carleton, xxxi. [240] 

Byde, colonel John^-eqiicrry to the duke Caileton, colonel Tnomas— capt. general 

of Clarence, xxxi. [238] and gcvemor in chief of New firunf- 

Byng* John, efq. a commilTioner of wick, xxvii. |;2i6] 

ilamp duties, xxv. [236] Carlille, Freflenck eurl of — ^lard lieute- 
nant of Ireland, xxiv. [1145]— —Uloi^ 
lleward of the iioufhold, xxv. [235I 

Q^ — ^lord privy le-il, xxvi. [231] » 

Cariifle, bilhop cf — regiiter of the order 
of the garter, xxx. [203] j 

/^AXCRAFT, John, efq. -(heriff for Carmarthen, marquis of— rlord lieutenant 

^^ Doifctfhire, 1791, xxxiii. 71*. and cuilos rotulorum of the Eaft RP 

Calder, major gen, fir Henry, hart. dine: of Yorkfbirc, xxv. [234.] — am- 

lieut. gov. ot Gibraltar, xxxii. [238] bnltador extraordinary 10 his moft 

Call, John, efq. — baronet, xxxiii. 61*. Chriftian majefty, xxvi. [2*9]— prin- 

Camden, lord lord prelident of the cipal fecretary of itate, xxvi. [235]—) 

council, XXV. [234] — prefident of the governor of the iflands of Scilly. xxvii. 

privy council, xxvii. [217] earl [251] ^high iteward of Kmgfton^. 

Camden, xxviii. [218] upon-HuU, xxviii, [218] 

Cameron, Donald, efq.-rfheriff for EfTex, Carreg, F^ward — fhenff of Carnarvon, 

1791, xxxiii. 71*. 1781, xxiv. [203] 

Campbell, major-gen. John— —governor Carrol, dr. John — U:onrecrated catholicr 

of Madras, xxvii. [251]— lieutenant- biftiop of Baltimore, xxxi. [224]- 

general, xxix. [234] Carter, fir John, knight (lieritF &a 

Campbell, colonel Allan — major-general, Southampton, 1 7 84, xxvii. [218] 

xxix. [234] Carteret, right hon. Heniy Frederick— *i 

Campbell, Elay, efq. — folicitor-general in poftmafte>-gpneral, xx.v. [235] xxvi. 

Scotland, xxvi. [230] [»3i] xxvii. [212] xxviii. [219] , 

Camnbell, lord Frederick— privy coun- xxix. 233— —baron Carteret, with re- 

lellor of trade and plaotations, jptviii. roalndec to t!cA ^^^^\A -dxv^ cs^smql Ss^sda. 


of lord ^fcount Weymmub» xxvi'u 

Cartier, John, efq.— — ^(herifF for Kent» 
178Q, xxxi. [»48] 

Carystort, lord — knight of St. Patrick, 
xxvii. [»i3] ■ ■ earl of CsC»7sfort in 
Ireland, xxxL [2^o}-^-guaraian and 
ketper of the rolls of Ireland, xxxi. 
£240]— —privy counfelior of Ireland, 
Yxxi. [24.1] 

CaTwall, Timothy, efq.— rcommiflioner of 
exc'Sey xxxi. [241] 

Cathcai , lord— <oionel of the 29th re- 
giment of fopt, xxxiv. 56*. 

Caror,— flienflf for Kent, 1781, 
xxiv. [102] 

Cavendiih, Jam(l$, efq.-s— ccmmiflioncr of 
the baiTacks in Ireland, xxvii. [251] 

Cavendiih, lord J ^hn— chancellor of the 
exchequer; and Ion) commiflioner of the 
treafury, xxv. [234] — refigns ihe of- 
fice of chancellor of the exchequer, 
Kxv. [213]— commiffioner of the trea- 
fury, xxvi. [231]-— — chancellor and 
under- treafurer of the exchequer, xxvi. 

Cavendifh, dame Mary, wife of the right 
hon. fir Henry Caveudifli, bart... . - 
baronefs Wacerpark in Ireland, xxxiv. 

Cay ley, John, efq. pconful- general of 

Rullia, xxix. [234] 
Chad, George, efq.— -baronet, xxxiii. 6i^. 
Chalmers, Alexander-r-rcommiiTary-clerk 

of the commiffariot of Afjurray, xxvi. 

Chamberlin, John, efq.— flicrifF for Notr 

tinghamfhire, 1789, xxxi. [248] 
Chambers, Richard, efq. — ^^-ilieritf for 

Herefordshire, 1792, xxxiv. 64*. 
Chambers, fir Robert, knight.— —-chief 

juftice at Bengal, xxxiii. 60*. 
Cbambre, Chriitopher, el'q. — flieriff for 

Monmouth (hire, 1784, xxvii. [218] 
Chandos, duke of — lord fteward of the 

houfhold, xxvi. [235] 
Chaplin, Charles, efq. — {heriffforLin- 

colnihire, 1785, xxvii. [2^2] 
Chapman, A. efq.^ flieriff for Dorfet- 

fhire, 1788, xxx. [233] 
Charlemont, earl of—- knight of St. Pa- 
trick, xxvi. [196] 
Charlett, Richard Bourne— r—fherifF for 

Worcefterfhire, 1785, xxvii. [252] 
Charlton, St. Jolm— Iheriff for Salop, 

1790, xxxii. [2^6] 
Chatham, earl of-r-f^rft commiilioner of 

thetdmiralty, xxx. [229] xxxi. [240] 

xxxiii. 6i*v— a privjr counfelior, xxxi. 

{258J— <^^rlpi^htof thegvteri xx^pi. 

781 to 1792. 

Chaworth, G. efq.— -(herifF for Nottlng* 
hamfliire, 1790, xxxii. [246] 

Cbeiterfield, earl of— ambaflfador extnu 
ordinary and plenipotentiary to Spain, 
xxvii. [212] — r^rivy couniellor, xxvii, 
[212]— »-malterof the mint, xxxi. [241] 
polhnailer-general, xxxii. [235] 

Chetwode, fir John, bart. — r^flier:tf for 
Chefinre, 1789, xxxi. [247] 

Chevyton, Gtor^e, lord iiiccunt, vice* 
chambeiliiin of the houfhold — a privy 
counfelior, xxv. [235] 

Chicheftcr, fir J. — fhcriff for Pevonfbire, 
1788, XXX. [233] 

Child, Wiiham, eiq. — fheriff for Sbropt 
(hire, 1784, xxvii. [218] 

Cholinojideley, earl ot^— ^nvoy extraor- 
dinary and miniiler plenipotentiary tt 

Berlin, xxv. [236]-? captain ot the 

yeomen ot the guards, xxvi. [232}— v 
piivy counfelior, xxvi. [232] 

Cholmondeley, D. James, efq.— commif- 
fioner of the ilamp duties, xxiv. [208] 

Cholmondeley, Geo. James, eiq. — a com- 
miflioner of excife, xxv. [236] 

Cholmondeley, Thomas, eiq. — iheiiff fof 
Cheihir^, 1792, xxxiv. 64*. 

Cholwich. Joan Bunidge (heriff f55f 

Pevonfhire, 1781, xxiv. [202] 

Chriftian, captain HnghC^obery — equerry 
to the duke of Clarence, xxxi. 238] 

Chriitian, John, eiq.— (henff for Cum- 
berland, 1784, xxvii. [217] 

Churchill, major— bquerry to the prince 
of Wales, xxvii. [213] xxix. [233] 

Churchill, WilUam, efq.— — ihs^riff for 
Dorfet(hire, 1782, xxv. [197] 

Clanbraflii, earl cf— knignt 01 St. P»> 
trick, xxvi. ['96! 

Clanricarde, earl' o/— privy counfelior iq 
Ireland, xxv. [237]— ^knigh' of bt.Pa- 
trick, xxvi. [196] — marqius ct" Cian^ 
ricardein Ireland, xxxi. ['240J 

Clarence, duke of-^— — rprivy-counfellor, 
xxxi. [239] — rear-admiral of the blue, 
xxxii. [239] 

Clarendon, 1 homas, earl ofr— to bear the 
Pruilian ea^Ie as a mantle to his arms, 
xxv. [214] — chancellor of tlie duchy 
of Lancafter, xxvii. [212]^— poftmaAer- 
general, xxvii). [219] 

Clarke, Alured — major-general, xxxii. 
[235]— colonel of the 6oth regiment 
of foo^ xxxiii. 62*. 

Clarke, J, efq. iheriff for Ldcefterikire^ 
1788, xxx. [233] . 

Clark, alderman Richard-:-— new police 
jufticc, xxxiv. 34*. \ 

Clarke, lieutenant-general T, colood 
of the 301I1 regiment of foot, xixivi 



Clay, H. efcj. flicrlfF for Warwicklhire, Cooper, fir Grey, bart^-^commiflioner of 

1790, xxxii. [246] the treafury, xxvi. [131] 

Cleaver, dr. Euieby— bifhop of Cork Cooper, John Gilbeit, efiq, — ftieriff for 

and Rofs, xxxi. [238] — of Leighlin Notlinghamfhire, 1782, xxvi [236]' 

\and Ferns, xxxi. [239] Coote, Charles Henry, cfq.— commif- 

Cleavcr, rev. William — prebendary of fioner and overfeer of the barracks in 

Wettmintter, XX' ii.[2t4] Ireland, xxx- [229]— ^ommiffioner of 

Cleavland, major-general Samyei-^lieut. extraordinary and itnpreit accounts in 

general, xxix. [234] Ireland, xxxi. [239] 

. Clements, Robert, efq. — rovernor of the Corbet, capt> Andrew— <iid •de-camp in 

county of Donegal, xxiv. [208] ordinary to the carl of Carlifle, xxiv, 

Clermont, eari of— gentleman of the bed- [207] 

chamber to the prince of Wales, xxxi. Corbet, Corbet (late D.^venant) cfq.— • 

[240] baronet, xxviii. [218] 

Cliffden, lord vifcount — poftmafter-genc- Corbet, Edvvard, cfq. — fhcriff for Me- 

ral of Ireland, xxvli. [2i6[ rionetli, 1791^, xxxiv, 65*. 

Ctifton, Robert, eicj. fhcriff for Montgo- Coriiewal, rev, Foiliot Herbert Walker 

mery, 1792, xxxiv. 65*. ^-^prebendaryof Windfor, xxvii. [314] 

Clinton, lord J >hn — gentleman of the Cornifh, Samuel, ei'q.— rear-admiral (S 

bcdchcmbei- to the prince of Wales, the blue, xxxii- [238] 

xxiv. [207] Cornwall, mr. — fpeaker of the houfe of 

Clulterbuck, rhomas— fherifF for Hert» commons, xxiv. [146] 

fordihire, 1781, xxiv. [202] Cornwallis, earl — conftablc of the tower, 

Coatcs, James, major-gen. xxxii. [235] xxvii. [217] — knight of the garter, 

Cobham, AL efq. — fheritf for Berks, ^xviii. [218]— -^marquis Cornwallis, 

1790, xxxii. [245] . xxxiv. 55*. 

Cock, T. 'Iheophilus, efq. iherifF for Cornwallis, dr. James— biihop of Litch « 

EiTex, 1788, XXX. [233] field and Coventry, dean of Windfor 

Cockhurn, Archibald, ei'q.— -baron of and Wolverhampton, and rcgilter of 

the exchequer in Scotland, xxxii. [236] the garter, xxxiii. 62*. 

Cockell, Wiilinm, cfq — fcrjeant at law, Cornwallis. hon. William— colonel of 

xxix. [233] ^ marines, xxix. [234] 

Cocks, fir Ciiarles, bart. — lord Somcrs, Corry, Ifaac, efq.— lurvcyor-gencral,ancl 

xxvii. [2r5] afiTiftant to the lieut.-gen. of the ord« 

Cocki'hutt, Jufiah, efq* — fherlfF for Lei- nance in Ireland, xxx. [230] 

ccfterihirc, 1789, xxxi. [248] Coiyton, John, efq. — (lieriif for Com* 

Coghill, John. eiq. — bart. xxiv. 207. wall, 1782, xxv. [197] 

N Cole, rev. W. — prebendary of Weftmin- Colby, Philip, efq.— colonel of mariner, 

. fter, xxxiv. 55*. xxix. [234] 

Collingwood, Thomas, efq. — (h^rlff for Colby, Phillips— —rear-admiral of the 

Northumberland, 1787, >.xix. [236] white, xxxii. [238] 

Collins, capt, John— knighted, xxvi. Cotterell, John, elq.^lheriiF for Here« 

[*33] fordlhire, T79C3L, xxxii. [246] 

Colquhonn, James, cfq.— baronet, xxviii. Cotton, dr. obtains a prize at Cambridge, 

[218] xxvi. [210] 

Colquhoun, Patrick, cfq.^— new police Cotton, rev. George, LL.D.— dean of 

julHce, xxxiv. 34*. Chefter, xxix. [231] 

Colsford, Edward, efq.— ^IherifF for De- Cotton, J. cfq. — fhcriff for Kent, 1787, 

vonfliire, 1792, xxxiv. 64*. xxix* [236] 

Compfon, Thomas, efq. (heriff for Cottrell, Stephen, efq.— commilEoncr of 

Shropfhire, 1791, xxxiv. 64*. the privy-feal, xxvii. [213] 

Conant, Nathaniel, elq.'— new police juf- Courtney, John, efq. mailer furveyor qf 

tice, xxxiv. 34*. the ordnance, xxvi. t*3*] 

Conway, right hon. general— commander Courtown, carl of— gentleman of the 

in chief, xxv. [234] ' bed-chamber to the prince of Wales, 

Conway, hon. and rev. Edward Sey- xxiv. [207]— ^knight of St. Patrick, 

mour— canon of Cbrift Church, xxvi, mcvi. [196] — treafurer of the houfe- 

[*33j hold, and privy - councilor, xxvii. 

' C^cmway, hon. Hugh ■ ro after of thfe [116] 

■ robes, and privy purie to the prince of Cowper, major-general Spencer — ^lieute- 

Waletinux, Im} * nant-geuorai,x«3L,\ji.\\\ ^ _,, x 


I N D,E X, 1781 to 1792. 

Cowflade, John, efq. — gentleman ufher Dalrymple, lord— rto be mihifter pfenU 

of the privy.chamber to the queen, potentiary to Poland, xxr* [sh]^ 

xxxii. [238] vi(count, invefted with the order of thtf 

Cox, Charles, efq.— fherifF for Gloucef- garter, xxviii. £407] 

terfliire, 1786, xxviii. [^^aj Dalrymple, Henry Hew. 1^—* ftcretarj 

Cramp, Benjamin, efq. — (herift foi; Rut- to George Crauford, efq,. xxnu 

landihire, 1789, xxxi. [248] [ai6] ' 

Craven, lord — lord lieutenant, of Berks, Dalrymple, John, efq. — rear>adinsral of 

XXV ii. [217] the white, xxix. [»34.] — ^rear-adnriraj 

Craven, rev. William mafter of St< ot the red, xxxii. l«37] 

John's col. Cambridge, xxxi. [238] Dalrymple, col, William-— groom of the 

Crawford, Alexander — jufticiary baillie bed- chamber, to the duke of Clarence} 

for the weft ftas of Scotland, xxiv. xxxi. [238] 

[208] — baronet, xxiv. [207] Dalton, Nathaniel, ell].'!— ftieriff for So- 

Crauford, captain Charles groom of meifetftiire, 1787, xxix. [236] 

the bed- chamber to the duke cf York, Damcr, hon. Lionel — fheriif for Dorfet^f 

xxix. [233] Ihire, 1785, xxvii. [252] 

Ciauford, George, efq. — commilTary to Dampier, dr. obiains a prize at Camy 

treat with tlie commiifaries of ihenvft brid e, xxvi. [210] 

Chrillian k;n:;, piiriu:^nt to the late Danby, William, efq. — fheriiF for Yorb 

treaty of peace, xxvii. [216] (hire, 1784, xxvii. [218] 

Creuze^ John, efq. — Iheriff for Surrey, Daniell, John, efq.— c.mptroller of thf 

1788, XXX. [233] fait duties, xxix. [235] 

Crigan, rev. Claudius — bifhop of Man Darby, admiral, fucceeds ad?riral Geary 

and Scdor, xxvii. [213] in the command of the channel fleet, 

Crookfhank, Alexander, efq. — ^iuftice of xxiv. [4] — rear-admiral ci Great Bri- 

the common picas in Ireland, xxvii. tain, &.c. xxiv. [409] — yice-admir4 

[212] of the red, xxix. [234] 

Cro(bie, ccl. Charles major-general. Dark. , Jolin, eli^.-^fheriff of Worccfter* 

xxix. [234] ftiive, 1781, xxiv. [263] 

Crofs, Richard, efq. — (lieriff for Somer- Dartmouth, earl of — lord-fteward of hii 

fetfhire, 1785, xxvii. [252] mMJefiy's hou(hold, xxvi. [231] 

Croflo, John Godfalve, efq. — fheiifF for Davenport. D jvis, efq. — (herifffor Che- 

Eil'ex, 1783, xxvi. 236. fhire, 1783, xxvi. [235] 

Cuff, James, efq.— commillioner of the Davenport, Richaui, el'q. fheriff f<rf 

barracks in Ireland, xxvii. [251] Bucks, 1789, xxxi. [247] 

Cuffe, right hon. James — commifiloner Davenport, Thomas, efqj — fcrjeant at 

and overfeer of barracks in Ireland, law, xxvi. [208] — and knighted, xxyi. 

XXX. [229] [^32] 

Cunliffe, fir Fofter, baronet — /herifF for Davenport, William (herifF for Che- 

Denbighfhire, 1787, xxix. [236] fhire, 1781, xxiv. [202] 

Cuft, Richard, D.D. — dean and refulen- Dr.vidfon, rev. dr. Archibald — dean of 

tiary of Lincoln, xxiv. {209] tlic order of the tliiftle, and of the cha- 
pel rovfd in Scotland, xxxiv. 54*. 

T) Davies, John, efq. — flieriff for Carmar- 
then, xxvi. [236] 

-r> A€RB, G. junior, efq— fherlff for Davies, Matthew, - fq —fheriif for Car- 

-■-' Southampton county, xxxii. [246] dipjanihire, 1790, xxxii. [246] 

Dacre, William, efq— fhcrif}* for Cum- Davies, Rice, elq.— new police jufticc, 

herland, 1782, xxv. [197] xxxiv. 34*. 

Dalbiac, Charles, elij.—fheritf for Berk- Davis, Mark, efq.— fhcriff for Dorfct- 

fhire, 1784, xxvii. [217] fhire, 1792, xxxiv. 64*. 

Dalby, William, efq.--.lheriff for Effex, Dayrell, R. efq. fherifF for Bucks, 

1782, xxv. [197] 1787, xxix. [235] 

Dale, Robert, eiq.— fheriff for Derby- Dea, Thomas, efq.— bank direaor, xxx. 

Ihire, 1786, xxviii. [222] [203] 

Dalhoufie, earl of— high commiffioner of Debank, Simon, efq fherifF for Sttf- 

the general affembly of the church of fordfhire, 1792, xxxiv. 64*. 

Scotland, xxiv. [208] — xxv. [235] De Lancey, lieutenant-colonel OlhreP— 

Dalling, lieutenant-general John— bart, deputy adjutant-general of the fbiwi 

xxvi. [230] in South Britain, xjoii. [»87] 



Pelaval, fir Jolin Huifey, bart* — baron 
Delavaly of Ireland, xxvi. [233] — lord 
Delaval, of England, xxviii. [ii8] 

X)elawar, earl—- -a lord of the bed-cham- 

' ber, xxxi. [237] 

Den net, Thomas, efq. — flicriff for Suflex, 
1784, xxvii. [218] 

Denny, Barry, efq. — ^baronet of Ireland, 
xxiv. [209] 

Penton, Thomas, efq. — ^fher iff for Cum- 
berland, 1789, xxxi. [247] 

Perby, earl of — chancellor of the duchy 
of Lancafter, xxvi. [233] 

Pefbarres, John Frederic Wrillett, efq. — 
governor of the ifland of Cape iJreton, 
xxvii. [216] 

Defvoeux, Chai-les, efq. — baronet of Ire- 
land, xxix. [234] 

Peugenan, Paul, efq. — king's advocate 
in the admiralty court of Irelaild, 
xxxii. [237] 

Devifme, David, efq. — (her iff for Bucks, 
1783, xxvi. [235] 

Devonfliirc, William, duke of — lord lieu- 
tenant and cuftos rotubrum- of Der- 
byftiire, xxv. [236] — knight of the 
garter, XXV. [206] 

Dew, Tomkyns, efq. — Iheriff for Here- 
fordfhie. 1783, xxvi. [236] 

Dick, fir John, bart. — one of the comp- 
trollers of ihe army accounts, xxiv. 

Dickfon, rev. William — ^bifhop of Down 

and Connor, xxvi. [234] 
Digby, hon. mils Julia — maid of honour 

to the que^^n, xxxii. [234] 
Digby, baron — viicoiuu Colcfhill, and 

earl of Digby, xxxii. [238] 
Digby, Robert, efq. — vice-admiral of the. 

blue, xxix. [234] — vice-admiraf of the 

white, xxxii. [237] groom of the 

bed-ch'^niber, xxxiii. 61*. 
Dicjby, hort Stephen— -groom of the bed- 
chamber to the prince of Wales, xxiv. 

[207] — mailer of St. Katherine's, near 

the Tower, xxx. [229] 
Dilley, John, efq. — (heriff for Bedford- 

(hire, 1783, xxvi. [235] 
Dillingham, Biampton Gurdon, efq.— 

fheriff for Norfolk, 1789, xxxi. [248] 
Dillon, Robert, efq. — baron Cionbrock, 

xxxii. [236] 
Plnwoody, W. efq.— Iheriff for Mon- 

mouthfliire, 1790, xxxii. [246] 
Donegal, er^rl ot — ^baron Fifherwick, 

xxxii. [236] — marquis of Donegal^ 

xxxiii. 61*. 
Dover, general Jofeph lord-— col. of the 

firft regiment of life gtiards> xxxi. 

Dorfet| duke of— « privy-counfeUory xxv. 

TI O N S. 

[234] ambaffador to Pari«, xrvL 

^235] — lord-lleward of the houlhoM, 

xxxi. [241] knight of the garter, 

xxx. [203] 

Douglas, Archibald, efq. — ^baron Doug- 
las, xxxii, [236]» 

Douglas, Daniel, efq. — (herlff for Lin- 
colnfliire, 1786, xxviii. [222] 

Douglas, fer James, knight — admiral of 
the white, xxviii. [218] 

Douglas, John, D^D. — ^biflxop of Car* 
lifl-S and dean of Windfor, xxix. [234] 
— regillrar of the garter, xxx. [203]— 
bifhop of Salifbury, xxxiii. 62*. 

Douglas, major-general John —lieute- 
nant-general, xxix. [234] — colonel of 
the 5th regiment of dragoon-guards, 
xxxi. [24?] 

Douglas, fir Richard, bart. — ^rear-admi- 
ral of th^ blue, xxix. [234] 

Downes, T. efq. — flicriff'^ for Hereford-* 

/ fhire, 1788, xxx. [233] 

Downes, Wiiliam — judge of the king's- 

- bench in Ireland, xxxiv.154*. 

Doyle, major J. fecretai*y to the 

prince of Wales, xxxiii. 63*. 

Drage, John, efq. — iheriff for Cambridge 
and Huntingdonfhire, 1786, xxviii* 
[222] \ 

Drake, i^rancis, efq. — fecretary of lega-i 
tion at Copenhagen, xxxii. [239] 

Drake, fu Francis, bart lord of the 

admiralty, xxxi. [24.0] 

Drake, rear-admiral Francis Samuel- 
baronet, xxv. [23 5 ] — rear-admiral of 
the red, xxix, [234] 

Drake, Francis William, efq.— vice-ad^ 
miral of the red, xxix. [234] 

Drew, John, efq.— — ftieriff for Suffex^ 
1791, xxxiii. 711*. 

Drewe, Francis Rofe, efq.— (heriff for 
Devcnfhire, 1783, xxvi-. [236] 

Droffheda, earl of — knight of St. Pa- . 
ti-ick, xxvi. [ 1 96]— marquis of Drog- 
heda, xxxiii. 61*. 

Drouly, colonel captain of Cowc$ 

Cadle, ill the Ifle of Wight, xxxiii. 66*. 

Dublin, archbifhop of — commiffioner oi 
the great feal of Ireland, xxxi. [266, 

Duff, James, efq.— — conful at Cadiz, 

' xxxii, [235] 
Duncan, Adam, efq. rear-admiral of 

the blue, xxix. [234]— rear-admlralof 

the white, xxxii. [237] 
Duncannon, vifcount — lord commiiHon- 

er of the admiralty, xxv, [234] 

xxvi. [231] 
Dundas, col. David — commidioner and 

overfeer of the barracks in Ireland, 

3^x. [a29}--*-^ma^-%^^<«.'^V^. ^kkmCx. 

t^ ^ 

I JJ D E X, 1781 to 1792. 

]^»35]— colonel of the i2d regiment of xxvi. (^196] — fenior kni^ tompi* 

foot, xxxiii. 61*. nion ot St. Patrick) xxvi. [231]-^ 

Pundas, hon. Henry-^treafurer of the colonel in the army by brevet} and 

navy, XXV. [236] — xxvi. [235]— com- knight of the garter, xxviii. [218]'^ 

jniiiioner for the affairs of India, xxvii. colonel of the 7th regiment of foott 

[216] — chancellor of the univerfity of xxxi. [238] 

St. Andrews, xxx. [228] — principal Edwards, John, ef^.— -fijerifffor Flkitr 

fecretary of ftale, xxxiii. 61*. (hire, 1786, xtviii. [223] 

Pupdas, Ralph — major-general, xxxii. Edwards, Robert, efq.— ^ce-adnoiral of 

[235] the white, xxix. [234] 

pun Ip.s, Robert, efq. — ^lord advocate of Effingham, earl of — ^treafurer, xzv. [234] 

Scotland, xxxi. [241] — mailer of the mint, xxvii. £213] 

Punkin, William, efq .--—judge of Bengal, Egerton, lady Ariana Margaret— -one of 

xxxiii. 60*— knighted, xxxiii. 60*. her majefty's bed-chamber womeOt 

Punmore, earl of—^governcr of the Ba- xxviii. [217] 

hama iflands, xxix. [233] Egeiton, iir Thomas, bart.—4>aron Gfcy 

Punning, rt. hon. John— -lord Afhbur- dc Wilton, xxvii. [215] 

ton, XXV. [234] Elgin, earl of— -envoy extraordinary at 

Puppa, Thomas, efq. — fheriff for Rad- BryfTels, xxxiv. 55*. 

nor, 1789, xxxi, [248] £>iot, Edward, efq.— ^baron Eliot, xxvii« 

Purrant, I homas, eiq. ---baronet, xxvi, [212] 

[234] — fheriff for Norfolk, 1784, Eliot, Edward James, efq.-*^ cominif* 

xxvii. [218] fioner of. the treafury of the exche- 

Putton, James, efq.— bar«n Sherborne^ quer, xxv. [23^6] — ^xxvi. [^35] 

xxvii. [215] Elliot, hon. Edward James*— coninni^ 

Pyer, licut. col. (ir John, bart. equerry to fioner of the trcafury, xxviii. [219)— 

the prince of Wales, xxiv. [207] — lord of the treafury, xxxi. [240] 

groom of the bed-chamber to the prince Eliot, hon. William, fecretary of kgatioit 

ot Wales, xxix. [233] ^ at Berlin* xxxiii. 62*. 

Pymoke, Lewis, efq. — fheriff for Lin. Ellioch, lord— deputy-governor of thf 

colnfliii'e, 1789, xxxi. [248] royal bank of Scotland, xxvi. [230] 

Elliott; rt. hon. George Auguflus,^iie- 

ral of his majtfly^s forces and governor 

p^^ of Gibraltai'^ — ^knight of the bath, xxvi. 

[229] — baron Heathfield, xxix. [233] 
Elliot, Grey, ei/^,<— additional clerl^of the 

EARDLY, dr Sampfon, bart. — baro» privy council for the committee of 

Eardly of Ireland, xxxi: [241] ' trade and plantations, xxviii. [219] 

Earl, Timothy Hare, efq.— -fheriff for Elliot, Hugh, efq .—envoy extraordinary, 

Berkfliire, 1791, xxxiii. 71*. and minifter plenipotcntiaij at Prtf* 

Earlesfoit, lord vifcouut Clonmell den, xxxiii. 62*. 

in Ireland, xxxi. [240] Elliot, John, rear-admiral— governor of 

Eden Morton, efq. — envoy extraordinary Newfoundland, xxviii. [217] — rear* 

at Drefden — minifter plenipotentiary, admiral. of the red, xxix. [234] — ^vic©-' 

xxxi. [239] — envoy extiwdinary admiral of the blue, xxxii. [237] 

and minifter plenipotentiary to Berlin, Elliot, W. efq. — fheriff for Warwick^, 

xxxiii. 62*. ^ire, 1788, xxx. [233] 

Eden, rt. hon. William — privy counfellor, Ellis, John, efq.— fheriff for Penbigbi 

xxvi. [231] — one of the vice-trea- 1784, xxvii. [218] 

furers of Ireland, xxvi. [231] — privy Ellis, John Thomas, efq, — (hcriff for 

counfellor of trade and plantations, Hertfordfhire, 1784, xxvii. [218] 

xxviii. [2i9]--ambafrador extraordi- Ellis, rt. hon. Welbor«>— one of the prin- 

nary and plenipotentiary to Spain, cipal fecretariesof ftate, xxv. [234] 

xxix. [234]— envoy extraordinary to Elphinflone, hon. capt. George Keitb— 

France for commercial arrangements, trcafurer and comptroller of the hotif. 

xxvii. [247] baron Aukland of Ireland, hold, to the duke of Chrence, xxxi. 

xxxi [240] [^38] 

Edgecumbc, .George, lord vifcount Elton, Abraham, efq. — fheriff for Somer^i- 

Mount Edgecumbe and Valetort, xxiv, fetfhire, 1791, xxxiji. 71*. 

[107] £ly> ^^^ of— jcnight of St. Patrick, xxvi. 

Wward, prince— knight of 5t. Patrick, (>J«J 


Embury, John, cfq.-t-s-fheriiF for Glou- 

ccfterihire, X79», xxxlv. 64*. 
Emily, Edward, A. M.-— Jean of Derry^ 

XXIV. [207] , 
EnnifkiLen, vifcount — earl of Enniikillen, 

in Ireland, xxxi, [240] 
Ernj:, vifcjunt— earl Erne, in Ireland, 

xxxi. [240] 
Ernelt Auguitus, prince— ►•knight of the 

g.irier, xxviii. [2*1 8] 
Erlkine, hoii. H«?nry (brother of the earl 

of 3uchan}-r-*lord advocate of Scot* 

land, xxvi. [233] 
Erlkine, cajit, fir James, bart.— »to be 

aid-de-camp extraordinary to the e^rl 

of Carlifle, xxiv. [207] 
^rflcine, iion. Thomasi king's council, 

xxvi. [232] — attorney-general to the 

prince ot Wales, xxvi, [234] 
^rikine, major-gen. fir Wuiiam-^^lieul. 

gen. xxix. [2 34] -«^ baronet, xxxiii. 

Eflex, earl of— a lord of the bed-cham* 

ber, XXV. [235] 
Evans, mr, receives the chancellor of 

Oxford's go.'d medal, xxxi. [202] 
Evans, Griffith, elq. — iheriff for Me« 

rionethfhire, 1788, xxx. [233] 
Evans, Herb. e(q. — ^iheriff for Cardigan, 

XXV. [198] 

Evans, John, cfq. — vice-admiral of the 
white, xxix. [234]— rvice-admiral of 
the red, xxxii. [237] 

Evans, Robert, cxq. — Iheilff for Meiio- 
neth, 1783, xxvr. [236] 

Every, fir E.lward, bart.— ^(heriff for 
Derbylhire, 1783, xxvi. [236] 

Eufton, earl ot-<-lord lieut. of Suffolk, 
xxxii, [236] 

Ewart, Jofeph, cfq.— «?cnvoy extraordinary 
to Berlin, xxx. 229^— -minifter plenipo- 
tentiary, XXX!. [240] 

Eyre, fir James, knt.-»-chief baron of the 
exchequer, xxix. [232] privy counfel- 
lor, xxxiv. 55* — !ord commifiioner of 
the great feal, xxxiv. 55*, 


FALCONER, Jonathan, erq,-rrear-ad« 
miral of the white, xxix. [234] 
Falkncr, Thomas, cfq. — (hcriff for Rut- 

bndfhire, 1785, xxvii. [252] 
Falmouth, vitcount— rchief juftice m 5yre 
North of Trent, xxxi. rft4Q]--capr 
tain of the band^ of gentlemen penfi* 
oners, xxxii. [235] 
Fanning, Edward, efq,— lieut. gaVOBOr 

ilf Jioya Scotia^ sq^tL [230] 

TI O N S. 

Farmer, rev- Richard, D. D.-***canon re- 
sidentiary of St. Paul's, XXX. [228] 

Farncll, Martin, elq. — Iheriff for j5cr- 
byihire, 1789, xxxi. [247] 

Faulconber^, earl— colonel of the Nordi 
York niilitia, xxxi. I241] 

Faulknor, Jonathan, efq. — rear-admiral 
of tlie white — rear-admiral of the red, 
xxxii. [237] 

Fawcett, lieut. gen. William— knight of 
the bath, xxviii. [220] -^colonel of tho 
3d regiment of dragoon guards, xxxiv. 


Fawkener, William, efq.— fecretary t» 

the n^arquis of Carmarthen, ambail 
fador extraorciinary to the moll chrif- 
tian king, xxvi. [230] — envoy extnu 
ordinary to Portugal for commer- 
cial arrangements, xxviii. £220]— 
envoy extraordinary to Tulcany, xxix* 

Fawkes, Walter, efq.— (heiiff for York- 
(hire, 1789, xxxi. [248] 

Fell, David, efq.-»iheritf for Oxford-i 
(hire, 1790, xxxi. [246] 

Fenn, iir JoUn,knt. — Ihei'iBf for Norfolk, 
179?, xxxiii, 71*. 

Ferrnrs, lord de— captain of his majef. 
ty's band of pentioners, xxv. £2^5]— • 
privy counfclior, xxv. £235] — captain 
of the gentlemen pen'fioners, xxvi« 
[235] — xxvii. £212] — eail of L«i- 
ceiler, xxvii. £214] » 

Fieimes, rev^ Charles — prebendary of 

* Weftmlnfter, xxx. £229] 

Fife, earl of— baron of Fife, xxxii. £2363 

Finch, hon. C -carles — Iheriff for Den- 
bigh, 1782, xxv. £198] 

Fitch, hen. W. cfq.— (heriff for Dor&t- 
lliire. 1790, xxxii. £246] 

Fitzgerald, lord Charles — mufter-matler- 
general in Ireland, xxxix. 54*. 

Fi*zgeraid, Edward, cfq.— commiifioner 

^ of the Itamp duties in Ireland, xxxt. 

Fitzgerald, John, efq,-^eriff for Flint- 

ihire, 1788, xxx. £23 3 J 

Fitzgerald, lord Robert— fecretary of th« 
embafly to France, xxxi. £238] 

Fitzgerald, lord Robert Stephen— ml- 
nifter plenipotentiary to the Swifs 
cantons, xxxiv. 55*.— 

Fitzgibbpn, John, efq. — attorney-gene- 
ral in Ireland, xxvi. £235] — lord chan- 
cellor of Treland— rlord Fitzgibbon, 
xxxi. £239] 

Fitzherbeit, Alleyne, efq,— envoy extra* 
ordinary, and minifter plenipotentiary 

. to Peterlburgh, xxvi. £233]— a privy 
counfellor— fecretary to the lord lieu- 


INDEX, 1781 to 179:2, 

xx'rtr. a 3 5— envoy extraordinary to the Fortefcue, Gerard, efq.-^-UIfterkingit 

ftater -general, xxxi. [238] — baron St. arms, and principal herald in all lie« 

Helenas, xxxiii. 6o*. land, xxix. [asa] 

Fitzherbert, Thomas, efq.— rear-admiral Fofter, rt. Hon. John— chancellor of the 

of the blue, xxxii. [238] exchequer of Ireland^ xxrii. [214]— 

Fitzherbert, William, elq. — baronet, xxv. fpcaker of the houle of coromoniin 

[235] Ireland— j>rivy councilor of Great Bri. 

Fitzmaurice, hen. Thomas — ^fherifF for tain, xxviii. [219] 

Denhighihire, 1781, xxiv. [203] — Foitcr, mrs. Margaretta— baronefs Orid, 

fherifffor Flint, 1782, xxv. [198] xxxm. [236] 

Fitzpatrick, hon. Edward — fecretary to Foiler, rev. William bifhop of Cork 

the duke of Portland, xxv. [235] and Rofs — ^bifliop of Kilmore, xxxii. 

Fitrpatrlck, hon. lieut. col. Rlcliard— •■ [237] 

privy counlellor of Ireland, xxv. [235] Foui-nier, Gideon, efq.— new poli(Se juT- 

— fecretary at war, xxvi. [332] — privy tice, xxxiv. 34*. 

counfellor, xxvi. [232] Fox, mr. rcligns the office of fecretary of 

Fitzroy, lady Ann — lady of the bed- Itate, xxv. [^13]— lecraajy of Ihte, 

chamber, to the duchefs of York, xxv. (234] — principal fecreury of ftate, 

xxxiii. 62*. XMvi. [231] — ^frtedom of Bridgwater 

Fitzroy, hon. Charles — an Englifli baron, and recorder, xxvii. [188] 

xxiv. [145] — equtrry to ihe duke of Fiarxkland, fir Thomas, bart.— (heriff 

York, XXX. [228] for Yorkfliirc, 1792, xxxiv. 64*. 

Fitzroy, hon. capt. George — groom of Fianckland^ William, efq.— fberiff for 

the bed-chamber tojhe prince of Wales, SiifTex, 1782, xxv. 198. 

xxvi. [234] — xxix. [233] Fi'afcr, Charles Henry, efq. — (ecretaiy 

Fitzwilliam, earl of — cultos rotulorum 10 the ^mbalfy at Madrid, and miniftsr 

of the foke of Peterfborough, xxvi. plenipotentiary in the abfeiice o^tlii 

[232} ambaffador, xxxi. [239] — minifter 

Fletcher, Lyonel Wright Vane, efq. — pleniporcntiary of the circle of Lower 

baronet, xxviii. [«i8] Saxony, xxxii. [237] 

Fletcher, T. efq. — flieriff for Stafford- Frafer, Henry, efq.' — ^lecretaiyof legatioa 

{hire, 1788, xxx. [233] at Petersburg, xxix. [234] *^ 

Flood, fir Frederick, bart — commll- Frafcr, William, efq. — romniifnoner ol 

fioner of extraordinary and impreft ac- the privy feal, xxvii. [213] 

counts of Ireland, xxxi. [239] Frewin, John, efq. — fherifffor Leiceflcr- 

Floud, John, elq.— new police ju ft ice, fliire 179 1, xxxiii. 71*. 

xxxiv. 34*. Frewin, Richard, efq.— commifEoner of 

Floyd, major John, of the 21 ft dragoons the cuftoms, .xxviii. [220] 

—lieut. col, of a3d light dingoons, Frirh, Samuel, efq. — fiaerifif for Derby- 

xxiv. [209] fhire, 1781, xxiv. [202] 

Foley, lord— poft-mafter-general, xxvi* « 

Foljambc, Francis Ferrand, efq. — (heriff 

tor Yorkfhire, 1787, xxix. [236] 
Folkes, fir Martin Brown, bai l. — fheriff 

for Norfolk, 1783. xxvi. [236] 

Ford, James, M. D. — phyfician extra- /^ age, lord— baron Gage, xxiv. [145] 

ordinary to the queen, xxx. [228] ^^ — vifccunt of Ireland — baron Gageot 

Ford, John, efq. — flieriff for Somerfet- England, with remainder to his nc- 

fhirc, 1 781, xxiv, [203] phew, Henry Gage, efq. xxxii. [238] 

Ford, Richard, efq. — new police juftice, Gafcoigne, William, efq, — new police 

xxxiv. 34*. juftice, xxxiv. 34*. 

Forfter, rt. hon. John— lord juftice of Galloway, earl of — gentleman of the bed* 

• Ireland, xxix. [235.] chamber, xxvii. [212] 

Forfter, rev. William — bifhop of Cork Galway, lord — envoy extraordinary to 

and Rofs, xxxi. [239] the cleftor palatine, and minifter to the 

Foitefcue, lord — ^lord lieutenant of Dor- diet at Ratifbon, xxvi. [230]— -oomp- 

fetihire, xxx. [229]— earl Fortefcue, troller of the houftiold, xxvii. [213]— 

xxxi. [240] — colonel of the North privy counfellor, xxvii. [2X4]---knigljt 

Pevon militiu, xxxiv. 56*. cf the bath xxviii, [sso] 




4Qtimbier, James^ dq.-'— vice-admiral of Gordon^ lor^, Adam— »-— ift regiment of 

tiered, xxix. [234.] foot, xxv. '[235] 

GamoDy Kichardy efq.— -commi^ner of. Gordon, duke of — baron Gordon, and. 

the duties on fait, xxyii. [212] earl of Norwich in England, xxvii. 

6aii)et, F. e^. — fhcj iff for Kadnor/hire, [ » ^ 5 ] 

. 17^0, xxxii;f»46] Gordon, Alexander, efq. lord of the 

Gardiner, John Whalley, cfq. — bai'ohet, court of SeiTion in Scotland, xxvii* 

xxvi. f 229] — (hcriff tor Southampton,. [2*5] 

1785, xxvii. [252] * Gordon, lieut. gen. lord Adam — com- 
Gardiner, rt. hon. Luke — baron Mount- mander in chief of the army in Scot- 
joy of li*eland, xxxi. [240] land,,xxxi. [239] 
Gardiner, William, efq* — minifter pieni- Gordon, maj. gen. fir George, bart.— 

potentiary to Warfaw, xxxiii. 62*. lieutenant-ajeneial, xxix. [234.] 

Gardner, Alan, ciq. cominiilioner of Gordons fir jeniibn William,* bait. 

the admiralty, xxxii. [234.] — brd of fheriff for Lincolnlhii-e, 1783, xxvi* 

the admiralty, xxxiii. 61*. 256. 

Garth, maj. gen. George — colonel of the Gordon, major-gen. William — colonel 

17th regiment of fo>t, xxxiv. 55*. of the 71 it regiment of foot, xxxi. 

Gauflen, S.R. efq. Iher iff for Herts, [238! 

1790, xxxii. [246] Gore, Heniy, efq. baron Annaly of 

Geary, admir^il luccesds fir Charles Ireland, xxxi. [241] 

Hardy in the command of the channel Goreham, Joiepli — major-general, xxxii. 

fleet, xxiv. [2] [*35] 

Germain, lord George — —baron Bole- Go^tord, vifcount— governor of the 

brooke and vilcount Sackviile, xxv. couniy of Armagh, xxxiii. 60*. 

- [*343 Gould, lir Charles, knight.— — baronet, 

Gibbard, William, efq — ihcriflT for Bed- and to take the name of Morgaa, 

fbrdihire, 1785, xxvii. [252] xxxiv. 56*. 

Gibbon, firWilliam, bart. — conimiflTioner Gould, Edward Thornton, efq. — iherifF 

of the fick and hurt office, xxxi. [239] forNottinghamihire, 1792, xxxiv. 64*. 

Gildart, Richard, efq. — iheriff for feiaf- Gower, earl — lord prcfident of the privy 

. fordifaire, 1783, xxvi. [236] ' council, xxvi. [254] — keeper of thie 

Glandore, earl ot — guardian and keeper privy feal, xxvii. [217] — marquis of 

of the rolls of Ireland, xxxi. [240] the county of Stafford, xxviii. [217]— 

i^legg, Jolm, efq. — fheriff for Chelhire, ambalTador extraordinary and plenl- 

1788, XXX. [233] . potentiary to' France, xxxii. [236]— 

Glerawly, vifcount earl Annefley in privy 'counfel lor, xxxii. [236] 

Ireland, xxxi. [240] Gower, capt. Erafmus — knight, xxxiv* 

Glouc^iter, prince William of — admitted 55*. 

M. A. of Cambridge, xxxii. [210] Go.ver, John Levefor.— commiffioner of 

Golden, Edward, efq. — flieriff ibr Berk- the admiralty, xxvi. [229. 235]— rear- 

ftire, 1789, xxxi. [247] admiral of the blue, xxix. [234] 

Goldfmith, William, efq. (heriff for rear-admiral of the white, xxxii. [237] 

Bedford^ire, 1784, xxvii. [2x8] Grafton, duke lord privy feal, xxv. 

Goldfworthy, Philip, efq. — equerry to his [2-34] 

majefty, and clerk marlhal of the Graham, lord — commiHioner of the trea- 

Mews, XXX. [229) fury, xxvi, [235] 

Gomra,- William, efq. — fecretaiy to the Graham, marquis of— ^rivy counfellor 

embaffy to the United Provinces, xxx. and prefident of the committee of trade 

[228] and plantations in the abfence of lord 

Gooch, fir Thomas, bart. (heriff for Hawkibury, xxxi. [240] — paymafter- 

Suffolk, 1785, xxvii. [252] general of the forces, xxxi* [240]—^ 

Goodacre, John, efq. — fheriff for Lcicef- lord lieutenant of Huutingdonilure^ 

. terfhire, 1787, xxix. [2.36] xxxii, £236] 

Goodall, Samuel Cranlton, efq. — rear- Graham, Aaron, efq.— new police juftice, 

admiral of the blue, xxxii. [238] xxxiv. 34*, 

Goodricke, fir John, bart. — privy coun- Graham, James, eCq^ — —baronet, xxvi, 

. fellor of trade and plantations, xxviii.* [229] 

r [219] Graham , Robert, efq .—commiffioner of 

Goodwin, Charles, efq. — Iheriff for Den- excife in Scotland, xxix. [232] 

high, 1783, xxvi. [»36] ^ Grant, 

t K D £ X, i78t to ifgi. 

Grant, Tteut. gen, James— ^vemor of Grey, gen. — invefted with Ae intigma of 

S iriing calUe, xxxi. [239J the bath, xxvi. [193] 

Grantham, fhonias lord — head of the Grey, lieut. gen. fir Charles— coiond of 

board ot trade, xxiv.[T45] — ^)ne of the the 7th regiment of dragoon guanis, 

fccretaries of ilate, xxv. [236] — -"a pen- xxxt. [»l8] 

fin ot iooo i. a year ^jamed him^ Grey, Ralph William, cfq.— ihcriff for 

xxvi. [170] Noithilrxiberland, 1791, xxxiv; 64*. 

Graiitley, lord — privy criinfellor of trade Grey, fir William de— -an EftgKfii k»roni 

and plantalions, xxvi.i. [1X9] xxiv- [145] - . 

Graves, Thoraixs, ciq. — vice-admiral of Grieve, D. K. ef^.^->(henfF for Northum- 

thebhjt, xxix. [134] — vice-admii-al of berland, 1788, xxx. [233] 

the white, xxxi 1. [237] Griffith, John, efq.—(heriff for Camar- 

Gray, David, efq. — tecretary of legation vcnfttire, ^786, xxviii. [ii^J 

atDrefden, xxxiii. 62'*. Griffin, fir John Griffin^ K. B.-^lorj 

Green, Wiliiam, efq. chief engineer at Howard deWaldtn, xxvii. [116]. 

Gibraltar — barontt, xxviii. [21*] Grmlton, vifcount— — *baron VeiDlam^ 

Grecnaway, Giles, efq. (hcriif for* xxxii. [236] 

Glouceifcrftiire, 17S4, xxvii. [it 8] " Grole, major Fi-ancis-s— *4icutenant go- 
Greenfield, William — profeffor of rhe- vernor of New South Wales, zjou* 

toiic and belies lettres at Edinburgh, [241] 

xxvii. [216] Groffe, Nafb, efq.-u^ferj^ant at law, xaii 

Greenfmih/ Herbert, efq.— '-'-fherifffor [233]—- knight-^— juftice of the king's 

Derby (hire, 1785, xxvii. [252] bench, xxix. [232] 

Gregor, F. elq. (heriff for Cornwall, Grofvenorj lord-^-^^arl Grofvenor, xxvih 

1788, xxx. [233] [«i6] 

Gregoiy, George de Ligne, efq.— (he*. Grote, Jofeph, cfq. — iheriff for Ozfwl- 

riff tor Noitinglwmfhire, 1791, xxxiii. (hire, 1786, acxviii. [lai] 

71*. Grove, Thomas, efq. — iheriff for Wik- 

Ciey, lleut. gen. C— knight of the bath, (hire, 1789, xxxi. [248] 

xxvi. [299] — general and commander Grore, William Chafin, cfq. — (heriff for 

in chief of his maitfty's forces in North Wilttfiire, ^784, xxvii. [218] 

America, xxvi. [225] Ground, T. efq. — (heriff for Cambridge 

Grenvillc, major-gen. comptroller to and Huntingdon, I79O, xxxii. [245] 

ihe duke of York, xxix. [233] Guile, John, cfq. — baronet, xxn, [234] 

Grenville, James, efq. — lord commiflioner Gunning, colonel John-^ major-goicrali 

of the treafury, xxv. [234]— ^a com- xxix. [234] 

miffioncr of the tieafury of the ex- Guy, Andrew, cf^j.-^i^fhcrifF for Somer* 

chequer, xxv* [236] — privy counfel- fetfhirc, 1784, xxvii. [«i8] 

lor, xxvii. [212] — privy counfellor of Guydickcns, GuiUvus— 'major-gcncraJ, 

trade and plantations, xxviii. [219] xxxii. [235] 

Grenville, hon. William Wyndham — k— Gwatkin, Robert Lovell, cfq. ' ( hefif 

joint paymafter of the forces, xxvi. for Cornwall, 1789, xxxt. [247] 

j-235] — privy counfellor, xxvii. [212] 

— receiver and payinafter-general of 

the forces, xxvii. [214] — commifljoner JJ^ 

for the affairs of India, xxvii. [4i6] 

— prefident of the committee of privy ^ 

council of trade and plantations in the TT AILES, Daniel, efq>-cnVojr cartraortl?- 

abfcnce of lord Hawkefbury, xxviii. •*^ nary to Warfaw, xxx. [230]— fccrc* 

[219] — fpeakiT of the houfe of com- tary to the duke of Dorfct, amba(rador 

mons, xxxi, [237]— fecretary of ftate, to Paris, xxvi. [235]— minifter pleni- 

XXX'. [239] — baron Grenville, xxxii. potcntiary atVcrfarle8,in thcabfenccof 

[238]— commifTioner for the affairs ot the duke of Dorlet, xxvii. si 5— CDVOjr 

India, xxxiii. 6i* — ranger and keeper extraordinary at Copenhagen, xxxiii. 

of St. James's park and of Hyde park, 62*. 

xxxiii. 62*. Haie, I. Blagdon, efq.r— (heriff for Glon- 

Orettey, Ph. efq. — (heriff for Worccftcr- cefterfhire, 1 790, xxxii. [246] 

(hire, 1790, xxxii. [246] Halifax, dr. Robert— phyfician in onfi- 

Grcville, right hon. Charles — ^treafurcr of nary to the prince of Wales» xxviii. 

his majelfy'* houihold, xxvi. [231] [220]— xxix. [233] 


PRdMOTidNS. . 

KaltfaXy dr. Sarauel, biihop of Gloucefter Hardinge, George, efq.— rollcitor- general 

— -bifhop of St. Aiaph, xxxi. [238] to the queen, xxv. [235]— j^^g© ^ 

Hallaro, dr. Johnr— <lean of Bnftol, xxiv. Glamorgan, &c. xxix. [233] 

[207] Hardwick, earl of — lord lieutenant of 

Hamilton, duke of-^uke of Brandon of Canibridgefhire, xxxii. [236] 

England, xxv. [235] — knight of the Hargrave, William, efq. — (herifF for 

thiftle^ xxviii. [217] Northumberland, 1^83, xxvi. [236] 

Hamilton, major-general— colonel of the Harland, fir Robert, bart.— lord comrnif-. 

f 15th regiment of foot, xxxi V. 5 j*. fioner of the admiralty, xxv. [234.3 

Hamilton, Alexander, efq. — (heriff for — ^xxv.* [236] 

Devonfhire, 1786, xxviii. [223 J Harley, hon.and rev. dr. John— ^biihop of' 

Hamilton, Cecil — lady Cecil Hamilton, Hereford, xxix. [235] 

' and to have precedence as the daughter Harley, right hon. Thomas-^rivy coun- 

of an earl, xxxi. [24.1} fellor of trade and plantations, xxviii. 

Hamilton, hon. and rev. George — prebend {1x9] — lieutenant and cuftos rotuio* 

of Windfor, xxvi* [233] rum of Radnor/hire, xxxiii. So*. 

Hamilton, Henry, e(q. — governor of the Harman, Laurence Harman, efq. — ^baron 

Bermuda or Somers Iflands, xxxii. Oxmantovs^n in Ireland, xxxiv. 56*. 

£»34.] HaiTingion, earl of — colonel of the ift 

Hamilton, colonel James— lieutenant gen. regiment of horfe guards, xxxiv. $6*. 

xxix. [234] Harris, fir James, K. B.— envoy extra- 
Hamilton, loid Spencer— gentleman of ordinary to the ftates-general of the 

the bedchamber to theprince of Walesj United ProvinceS| xxvii. [21 5] — ^privy 

xxix. [233] counfellor, xxvii. [216] — ambaUador 

Hamilton, right hon. Hr William, K, B* extraordinary and plenipotentiary to 

—privy counfellor, xxxiii. 61*. . the ftates-general, xxx. [248] — lord 

Hamond, fir Andrew Snape, knight— Malmelbury, xxx. [230] 

baronet, with remainder to Andrew Harris, William, efq.--«fherlff for Souths 

Snape Douglas, efq. xxvi. [254.] . ampton, xxxi. [24.8] 

Hamond, Anthony, efq.— -Iheriif for Nor* Harrifon, John, eiq.-^bank dire6bor^ 

folk, 1792, xxxiv. 64*. xxx. [203] 

Hammond, George, efq . — ^fccretary of le- Harrifon, Richard, efq.~-(heriff for Wor- 

cation at Copenhagen, xxxii. [2353^- cefterlhire, 1787, xxix. [236] 

ftcretary to the embafly at Madrid, Harnfon, Richard Acklon, efq.— colle6^oc 

xxxii. [238] of the cuiloms at Hull, xxvi. [234] 

Hanbury, Charles, efq.-^agent and con- Harrifon, R. J. efq. — ^flieriff for Montgo« 

ful-in the circles of Lower Saxony, and meryfhire, 1788, xxx. [233I 

the free cities of Bremen and Lifbeck, Harrifon, William, efq.— 'fherin forMon* 

xxiv. [208] mouthftiire, 1701, xxxiii. 72*. 

Hanbury, William, efq. — agent conful in Hartopp, Edmund Cradock— (heriff for 

the circle of Lower Saxony, .xxxii. Leicefterihire, ^781, xxiv. [202J' 

[237] Hart(horne, Anthony, efq.— (heriff for 

Handcock, John, eiq.-^ommiflioner and Nottinghamfhtre, 1786, xxviii. [222] 

overfeer of the barracks in Ireland, Harvey, John— fheriff for Bedfordihirey 

3^3^* [^^9] 2781, xxiv. [202] 

Handcock, William, efq^— •commifHoner Harvey, Robert Batefon, efq.— baronet 

of the barracks of Ireland, xxvii. [251] of Ireland, xxxi. [240]— ftieiiff for 

Hanger, hon. George—equerry to the Bucks, 1791, xxxiii. 71*. 

prince of Wales, xxxiii. 63*. Harward, reverend Charles, D. D.-«» 

Hanmer, (ir Thomas, bart«— (heriff for dean of Exeter, xxxii. [236] 

Flint, 1785, xxvii. [253] Hafell, Edward, efq.— fheriff for Cuw- 

Hanwell, Riehard, efq.— (hcrifFfor Nor- bcrland, 1792, xxxiv. 64*. 

thamptonUiire, 2789, xxxi. [248] Hawke(bury, lord — chancellor of the 

Harberton, lord -~ vifcount Harberton> duchy of Lancaller, xxviii. [219].-. 

xxxiii. 6 1*. prefident of the committee of privy 

Karhord, fir Harbord, bart.— lord Suf* council of trade and plantationSf 

field, xxviii. [218] xxviii. [229] / 

Harcourt, earl— malter of the horfe to the Hawkins, Chriftopher, efq . — (1 er-ifF for 

queen, xxxii. [135] ^ Cornwall, 2783, xxvi. [236]— baronet^ 

Harcourt,countdsof— lady of the queen*! xxxiii. 61 ^« 

bedchamber, xxvii. [2x6] )\%«>ia»»^ 


IIawkins» John, efq. — (lierifF for Rut- 

landfhire, 1784., xxvii. [218J 
Havvley, lie my, efq. — ftitrifF for Kent, 

1783, xxvi. [236] 
Hayes, rev. irr. — obtains the Seaton 

prize at CamhiiJgc for his j>oem on 

Hope, xxvi. [220] 
Hayes, Samuel, efq. — commifilonerof the 

Iramp clinics in Irchind, xxxi. [239] — 

baronet cf Ird:in(i,xx\i [240] 
Hayter, V/illiain — flKriff for Wiliflijre, 

1781, xxiv. [103] 
Haywiiui, Charles, ef<j. fherlfT for 

Glouceiieifiiiie, 178a, xxv. [197] 
Haywood, James Mosiyiurd, elq.- 


commiilioher of the Admiralty, xxvii. 

[*35] . . . ,t. 

Head, Il'aac, efq. — garter principal kin 

of arms, xxvii. [2 14 J 

Heathcotc, John Ecunfor, efq. — (hcriflf 
foi Stytfordfhire, 17S4, xxvii. [218] 

Heathcoa'c, Ralpli, efq. — miniftcr pleni- 
potentiary at Coloj;ne, xxiv. [207] — 
nuniltei pknipotemiary to the cltCt rof 
Cologne, and the hndgravc of Htlfc 
Cafli;!, xxvii. [213] 

Heathfitld lord to have the arms 

of Gibraltar as an honcus'ible aug- 
mentation of his family arms, xxlx. 

Helyar, Wtflion, efq. — nirrifffor Corn- 
wail, 1785, xxvii. [^s^ j 

Hepburn, Gcor^^e Buchan, efq.— judge of 
the Admiialty court of Scoiland, 
xxxii. [2 36 J 

Herlxrt, Chailcs, efq. — ternary to the 
lord Chamberlain, xxv. [235 j 

781 to 1792. 

Hey, mr.-^^-obtain8 the chancellor of 

Oxf(<rd*s gold medal, xxxi. xoi. 
Hichiiis, K. efq.^-flieriff for Cormndly 

1790, xxxii. [246] 
Hicks, John, elq. — (herifF for Bucks, 

1790, xxxii, [445] 
Hildyard, Hr RoJ'Cit Darcy, bart.— - 

flier.ff for Yorkfliire, xxvi. [236] 
Hill, dr. George — dean of ilie order of 

the thiftle, xxix. [133] 
Hill, Noel, elq.-— baioii Berwick, xxvii* 


Hillfbcroiigh, carl of— marquis of 

Dcwnfliirc in li-cland, xxxi. [14^] 
Hinchinbrcke, lord vilcoimt — mailer of 

the buck -hounds, xxvi. [ft 31] 
HinchliBe, John, bifliop of Peterboroagjl 

— '.lean of Durham, xxx. [230] 
Hippcflcy, Toh, efq. — iherifl; for Rot* 

landihire, 1782, xxv. [198] 
Hoare, JofL})li, eiq. — baronet of Ireland, 

xxvii. [217] 
Hoare, Richard, efq. — baronet, xxviii. 


Hobait, hon. ma*or Robert — chief fe- 
crctai y to tLe lord lieutenant of Ireland, 
and privy councvtlor, xxxi. [238] 

Hodc^cs, Th. mas Hailat, efq. — ihcrifffor 
Kcfit, 1786, xxviii. L^^s] 

Ho<lekinlui) Rob. Batiks fherilF for 

Carr.iarthen, 17S4, yxvii. [»|8] 

IIodi>Ir !i t rn. Studhohiie — colonel of the 
nth reL.:incnr ot light dragoons, xxxi. 



Herbert, lord — pri\y counlellcr, xxvii, 

[217] — vioc-cnan. 

hold, xxvii. [217] 
Herbert, Henry 

xxiv. [ 

-Tbert, lord — pri\y coun; 

[217] — vioc-cnan. bti lain of ti;e houi- 

au cnglini baron, 

Herbcit, Kicl'.ard T«Avnfcn<!, <:\i\. 

ccmmiffj'.tKLT of th'; ibmp, in 

Ireland, x>;\i. j"-39] 
Herrick, Williani, clq. (hi.iilF for 

Lcicelkrlliiie, 17S6, xxviii. [222] 
Hertford, tarl of — hul chambjrbin of 

his miji-lty's houfhold, xxvi. [231] 
Ilerv'.v, l.i:\l — -tiuoy cxtraordiiu'.ry to 

Tufcany, xxix. [233] — minlltcr pic- 

nip'i*. .;ii:i y* > xxiii. 62*. 
Hefeltine, James, elq. ^Ins majcfly's 

procurn'u.r, xxvi. [232J 
Heffc Caflll, hndgruvc of— knight of the 

garter, xxviii. [21 8 J 
Hewitt, Jokph, efq. — kind's third fer- 

jcaut at law, xxix. [233] — fecond fer- 

jeant rvt law in Ireland, xxxi. [240]— 

jutticc of iho king's bench in Ireland, 

xxxiii. 6z* • 

HoIUind, JoVn, efq. — flicriflf for Ctr- 
narvonfliir;., 1788, xxx. [233] 

Holme?, Pet/r, efq. — commitnoner of 
th'j Itan-.p duties in Ireland, xxxi [239] 

Hc(,d, Ak>;aniler, dq. — vice-admiral of 

the blue, xxix. [234] K. 

229 — rc.;i'-ad!-..iral cf Great Britain, 
xxxii [235] — vice-admiral of the blue 
— vic'v-adiiiiial ot the white« xxxiL 

Hood, fir S?.mu'J Ivaron Hood of 

Iielnnd, xxv. [235] — vice-admiral of 

the biuf, xxix. [2 34 J — commiflioiKt 

of the Aiimir:;lty, xxx, [229]— lord 

of the AdmiiaUy, .xxxi. [240} xxxiii* 


Hopkins, John, efq. lord mayor of Loo* 
dor — ^knifiht, xxxi v. 56. 

Hopkins, Richard, efq.— lord comniif- 
fioner of the admiralty, xxv. [234. 1)6] 
xxvi. [229] xxvii. [214] xxxi. [«4o] 

Hopton, R. Cope, elq. (heriff fcr 

Hcrcfordfhire, 1787, xxix. [235] 

Horlock, Ifaac Webb, c.'q— (hcriff fcr 
Wiitfliire, 1787, xxix. [136] 

Home, dr. John, dean of Canterbury^ 
bilhop of Norwichi xxxii. [135] 



)tor(tc7, re¥. dr. Samuel — biihop of St* Hugonin, Jafiic9»*^na)or*generaI^ xxx^ 

Holkins, fir Hungerfbrd, bart.-»iheriff }Iuli<^» lieutenant-'colonel-^-^querryto tUjp 

for Hcrefordfliire, 1785, xxvi. [252] prince of Wales, xxiv; • [207]— ^ 

Hotham, dr. bifliop of Oflbry — to the comptroller of tbe houfehold to th^ 

biihoprick of Clogher, xxr. [235] prince of Wales, xxvii. [M3]— ^xsix. 

Hotham, iir Beaumont, one of the ba- [233]— treafurer and receiver-general 

rens of the exchequer— one of the to the prince of Wales, xxix.r*S»]—r 

commiilioners of the great feal> xxvi. privy purfe to the prince ot Wales, 

• [231] ' xxix [232]— treafurer to the prixioi 

Hotham, lieutenant-colonel, George— of Wales, xxxiii. 62^. 

treafurer and fecretary to the prince of Hume, rev. John— dean of Derryt xxn^ 

Wales, xxivi [207] — ^treafurer to the [i«90 

duke of York, xxix. [233] — ^major- Hume, Ninian, eiq.— 4ieut« goT« of Otth> 

general, xxxii. [235] iiada,'xx3tiv. 56^. 

Hodiam, William, efq. — ^rear-admiral of , Hximflfireys, William, elq.-^(htrifF fo( 

tbe red, xxix. [234] — vice-admiral of Merioneth, 1782, xxv, ||i98]*— ^-» 

the blue, xxxii. [237] AerifF' fi>r Montgomeryflure, 1783^ 

Houlton, John, efq.--rear"admiral of the , xxvi. [136] 

blue, xxxii. [238] Humphreys, Matthew^ efq.F«-«flieriff foi* 

Howard, de Walden, lord, K» B.— *— Wiltshire, xxxiv. 64*. 

lieutenant and cullos rotulorum of Hunt, Vere, jun. erq.-^>4}arDnet of Ire*^ 

Sflex, xivii. [21 7]— baron Bravbrook, land, xxvii; [«i7] 

with remainder to Richard iUdworth Hunter, John, eiq.— forgeon-gencrai of 

Neville, efq. XXX. [230] his majefty*s forces, and infpeflor of 

Howard j hon. ' Charles, earl of Surry— the regimental hoA>ttals» xxxii. [a) 5] 

lord-lieutenant of the weft riding of Hurd, Richard,---^map of Lichfield and 

the county of York, xxvi. [229]— a Coventry— bi&op of^Worcefter, xxiv, 

conmaiiRoner of the treafury, xxvi. [208] — clerk of the dofct to his ma* 

[231] jefty, xxvi. [23a] 

Howard, hon. Richard— feeretary and HulTey, Thonuw, efqw-*«dieriff for Wilt- 
comptroller of the queen*s houiehold, (hire, 1783, xxvi. [236] 
xxvii. |]2i4) fiutchinfon, Mrs. Chriftian Hely— bare* 

Howe, Richard, lord—avifcount of Great nefs Donogmore of Xreland, xxvu 

Britain, xxv. [235]— firft commif- [233] 

iioner of the admiralty — xxvi. [229] Hutchinibn, Francis, efq.— baronet of 

■ —xxvi. [235]— admiral of the white, beland, xxv. [137] 

xxix. [234] — an Englifli baron and Hutchinfbn, right hon« John Hdeye-* 

carl, XXX. [229] — vice admiral of fecreNinr of ftate in Ireland—privy 

. England, xxxiv. 55*. counfelior of Great Britain, xmi 

Howe, fir William, K. B. lieutenant-ge- [232] 

neral of the ordnance, xxv. [235] Hyde, major-general W^A— colonel of tht 

fiudfon, Charles Grave, efq.— fheriff for lOth regiment of foot, zzxi. [2^8] 
Leicellerihire, 1784., xxvii. [218]— 
baronet, xxxiii. ^i*. 

Hughes, David, efq. — (heriiF for Cardi- T T 

digan, 179 X, xxxiii. 72*. * J* 

Hughes, fir Edward, K. B.— vice-ad- 
miral of the white, xxix. [234.] — ^vice- TACjcsON, rev, Cyril— dean of Chriil 
admiralof the red, xxxii. [237] J Church, xxvi. [232] 

-Hughes, John, lieut. colonel of maiineS Jackfon, Francis James, efq.— rfecretary 

—colonel in the army, xxxiii. 6o*. of legation at Berlin, xxxi. [239] ■■■ ■» 

Hughes, fir Richard, bart.^— rear-admiral fecretary of embafly at Madrid, xxxiii; 

OT the red, xxix. [234]— -vice-admiral 62*. 

of the blue, xxxiii [237] Jackfon, George, efq. judge advocate of 

Hughes, S. efq. (heriff for Brecon^ the fleet— baronet, xxxiiL 6i». 

1790, xxxii. [246] Jackfon, Richard, efq.— a commiflionep 

HugheS| William, efc}^-— (heriff for Car- *-- of the treafury of the exchequer, xxv( 

narvon,' 17891 xxxt. [248] t»j61 

Vol. II. . w LB] Jack&a* 

t N D E X, 1781 fo i79*« 

yackfon, rev. dr. Thomas— canon rcfi- Johrifon, Jofhua, cfq.— eonful.for Amd' 

dentiary of St. Paul's, xxxiv. 55*. rica at London, xxxii. [ajS] 

James, Walter James, efq. baronet^ Johnfon, Mr. Thomas— -receives a tUtt 

xxxii i. 61*. medal from the royal academy for & 

James, fir William, baronet — deputy . drawing of architecture, xxvi. [123} 

mafter of the Trinity - houie, xxvi. Johnftone, George, eiq>—£aft India di« 

[13a] re6iorj xxvii. [177] 

James, William Morgan, efq.— -fheriff Joliffe^ Thomas Samuelj efq.— iherifffor 

for Brecon, 1792, xxxiv. 65*. Somerfetfhirc, 179I, xxxiv. 64.*. 

Jaques, Jofeph, eliq. — llierifF for Bucks, JoUiffe, William, efq.— commifiicner of 

1782, XXV. [197] the admiralty, xxvi. [231] 

Jaques, Richard Spooner, efq.— fheriff Jones, rev. dr. George Le\i- is, bifliopof 

tor Leicefterfhire, 1792, xxxiv. 64*. Kilmore— biihop of Kildare, and to 

Jebb, fir Richard, bart.-^phyfician in held the deanery of Chrift Chuichf 

ordinary to the king, xxviii. [220] Dublin, in commendaro, xxxii* [237] 

Jeffreys, Walter, efq. — flierifF for Bre* Jones, Herbert, efq.— fheriff for Angle 

con, 1791, xxxiii* 72*. fey, 1791, xxxiii. 7i*« 

Jemmet, Ti efq.-<-fheriff' for Oxfordlhire, Jones, rev. James, D.Dw— archdeacon of 

1788, XXX. [233] Hereford, xxx. [228] 

Jenkinsj R« efq. — fherifFfor Glamdrgan^ Jones, John, efq. — iheriff for Gamaryon) 

fliire, 1788, xxx. [233] '75*5. xxvii. [253] — fheriff for Me* 

Jenkinfon, right hon. Charles — lord rioneth, 1785, xxvii. [25 sj^lhenfFfor 

' Hawkefbury, xxviii. [»i 8] Breconftiire, 1787, xxix. [236]—* 

Jerfcy, earl of — mafter of the buck flierifF for Merionethfliire, 1^87, xxixi 

hounds, XXV. [234.] — captain of the [236] — : — flierifF for Cardigan, 1789, 

band of penfioners, xxvi. [232] xxxi. [248] ^flierifF for Denbigbk 

Jervis, fir John, K. B. rear-admiral of ihire, 1791, xxxiii. yi*. 

the blue, xxi:f. [234] — rear-admiral Jones, Morgan, efq. -^fheriff for Angle- 

- of the white, xxxii. [237] ley, 1782, xxv. [19*]-^ 17831 »vi. 

jervoife, Thomas Clarke, efq.— flierifF [236.] 

for Hants, 1786, xxviii* [222] Jones, Thoma», ef^.•«|^-iherIfF for Rad* 

Inchiquin,earlof — knight of St. Patrick, nor, 1791, xxxiii. 72*.— Sheriff fcr 

xxvi. 196. Denbigh, 1792, xxxiv. 65*. 

Ingilby, John, efq. ^baronet, xxlv. Jones, William, efq. — iheriff for Mod* 

[207]-^flierifF for Yorkftiire, 1782, mouthihire, 1781, xxiv. [402] 

xxv. [198] Jones, William, efq.— one of the judges 

Inglis, rev. dr. Chnrles— -bifliop of at Fort William in Bengal, xxvi* 

the ncNT fee of Nova Scotia, xxix. [230] 

[234] Ireland, James, efq.o— iberifF for Somer- 

Inglis, Charles, efq. — rear-admiral of fetfliire, 1782, xxv. [198] 

the blue, xxxii. [238] IrtoT), Edmund Lamplugh, efq.i^-iherlf 

Inglis, Hugh, efq. — Ball India dire^lor^ for Cumberland, 1791, xxxiii. 71*. 

xxvii. [187] Judd, J. efq.^— fiieriff for.Effts^ 17871 

Innes, Harry, lieutenant-colonel of ma- xxix. [235] 

rines— colonel in the army, xxxiii. 60*. 
Jocclyn, hon. George — comniiffioner 

and overfeer 6f the barracks in Ire* 

land, xxx. [229] IT 
Joddrcll, Paul, M. D.-— knighted, xxix. 

Joddrcsl, Richard Paul — flieriff for Ox- TT* AYl, t-ev. dr^— dean of Linc6Iii| xxrJt 

fordfhire, i78i,xxiv. (.203] ""^ [*33] 

Johnfon, Qiarlcs William, efq.— flieriff Kvnte, Thomas, efq.<— iiirgeon to the 

for Lincolnfhire, 1784, xxvi. [218] duke of Clarence, xxxi. [aSf]— " 

Johnfon John, efq. — (heriff for Cambridge furgeon of Cheli^ hoipitali sodl* 

and Huntingdonfliires, 1781, xxiv. [235] 

' [202] )Ccay, Philip-— flieriff for Stafibrdfliiitf 

Johnfon, John, efq.- groom of the bed- 1781, xxiv. [203] 

chamber to the prince of WaieS| xxiv. Keith, fir Robert Murray, K« Brf^-apriry 

£107] founfellory xxxi. [23S] 


Kelly, right hon. Thomas — jufticecfihe 
common-pleas in Ireland, xxvii. [aia] 

Kempenfelt, admiral — to be rear-admiral 
of the blue, xxlv. [207] 

Kemysy William, efq. — fherlff for Gla- 
moi-gan, 1783, xxvi* [236] 

Kennaway, John, efq. — bart. xxxiii.6o. 

Kent, Charles, eCq, — (heritFfor Suffolk, 
1781, xxiv. [203] 

Kentifli, Euftace, efq.— -flierifF for Cam- 
bridgeihireand Huntingdonftiire,! 788, 
'aDM. [233] 

Kenyon, Lloyd, efq. — attoi*ney-general, 
XXV. [235] — xxvi. [235] — matter of 
the rolls, xxvii. [214]— privy-coun- 

fellor, xxvii. [214] baronet, xxvii. 

£216]— privy-counfellor of trade and 
plantations, xxviii. [219]— lord Ken- 
yon, XXX. [229]— cinef jullice of the 
king''s bench, xxx. [229] 

XLeppel, adrairal-— lord commiffioner of 
the admiraltVj xxv. [234] — avifcoimt 
. of Great Britain, xxv. [235] — acom- 
miflioner of the admirahy, xxv. [236] 
— firft commiffioner of the admiralty, 
xxvi. [231] — mafter of the Trinity- 
houfe, xxvi. [232] 

Kerby, Cranley Thomas, efq.— -new po- 
lice juftice, xxxiv. 34*. 

Kerby, R^chard, efq. — (heriff for North- 
amptonihire, 1784, xxvii. [*i8] 

ICenrich, Thbmas, efq. — fliehff for Nor- 
folk, 1788, xxx. [233] 

King, Join, efq. under fccretary of 

ftate, xxxiii. 63*.- 

King, commodore Richard— ^knighted, 

xxvii. [215] -vice-admiral of the 

white, xxix. [234] -rear-admiral 

of the white— rear-admiral of the red, 
xxxii. [237] — ^baronet, xxxiv. 55*. 

Knatchbull, Edward, efq. flientif for 

Kent,* 1785, xxvii. [252] 

Knox, William, efq. — (heriff for Pem- 
brokefhire, 1786, xxviii. [223] 

Knubley, Edward, efq. — (heriff for Cum- 
berlaudy 1785, xxvii. [252] 


LADbkOKE, Richard, efq.— ^(heriff for 
Surrey, 1787, xxvii. [236] 
Laforey, John, eiq. captain of the navy 

-.-baronet, xxxi. [241] rear-admiral 

of the white — rear-admiral of the red» 

xxxii. [237] 
Lake, George Auguftus Frederick, efq. 

I . p age of hoQfiur to the prince of 

Wales,»xxxii. [139] 
l«ke, lieutenant-colonel GeFard^-^^equer- 

ry and commiifioner of the (bibles to 

the priQce 9f Wale^i xxlv, [ao7l-«M 

treafurer and receiver-general to the 

prince of Wales, xxix. [232] firft 

equerry and commiffioner of theftables 
to the prince of Wales, xxix. [233]— 
major-general, xxxii. [235^] 

Lake, Warwick, efq . — > groom of the 
bed-chamber to the prince of Walesf 
xxix. [233] 

Lane, Thomas, efq.— (heriff for Devon- 
(hire, 1784, xxvii. [217] 

Langford, rev. William, D. D.— pre- 
bendary of Windfor, xxix. [235] 

Langharne, J, P. efq.— (heriff for Pem- 
broke(hire, 1788, xxx. [233] 

Langley, Richard, efq.— — (lieriff for 
Yorkfliiii;, 1786, xxviii. [223] 

Langrilh, fir Hercules, bart.— —privy- 
counfellor of Ireland, xxxiv. 56*. 

Langri(h, Robert, efq. commi(fioner 

and overfeer of the barracks in Ire- 
land, xxvii. [151] — xxx. [229] 

Langfton, S. eiq. - (heriff for Bucks, 

* 1788, xxx. [233] 

Lafcelles, jEdwin, efq.— baron Harc- 
W(X)d, xxxii. [236] 

Lafcelles, m-ijor-general Francis— colo- 
nel of the 8th regiment of light dra- 
goons, xxxi. [238] 

Latouche, D. efq.— privy-counfellor of 
Ireland, xxvii. [251] 

Lawrence, Soglden, efq.— ;— ferjeant at 

- law, xxix. [232] 

Law, Edward, efq. — ^king's counfel, xxix* 

Law, rev. John, D. D, (fon tothebi(hop 

of CarliHe)— bi(hop of Leighlin and 

Femes, xxv. [236] 
Lawlefs, fir Nicholas, bart.— — bnron 

Cloncurry, of Ireland, xxxi. [241.] 
Lawley, Robert, efq.— — equerry to the 

duke of Cumberland, xxxi. [237] 
Lawrence, Tho. efq. — principal painter in 

ordinary to his majelly, xxxiv. 54*. 
Leake, George Mai-tin— Chcfter herald 

at arms, xxxiii. 62*. 
Le Bli^nc, Simon, efq. — ferjeant at law, 

xxix. [232] 
Lee, John-, efq.— follcitor general, xxv. 

[135] xxvi. [232] — attorney-general, 

xxvi. [234] 
Lee, Robert — (heriff for Norfolk, 1781, 

xxiv. [202] 
Leeds, duke of— knight of the garter, 

xxxiii [227] 
Legge, lion. mr. — groom of the bed* 

chamber to the prince of Wales, xxiv. 

Legh, hon. Com wal— (heriff for Che- 

Siire, 1786, xxviii. [222] 
Leicefter, earl of— malter of the mint, 

xxxii. [135] 

I N D EX, 17 8 1 to 1792. 

XfCigby col. Charles-*— —equerry to the Lighton^ Thomas, efq.-— baronet of Ire*' 

prince of Wales, xxix. [233! — groom land, xxxiii. 60*. 

of the bed-chamber to the prince of Lincohi, col. earl o f i najor»general» 

Wales, xjfxiii. 63*. xxix. [234] 

Lei^hton, fir Robert, baropet (he- Lincoln, Edmund, efq.— capt-general 

riff for Shropfliire, 1786, xxviii. and governor of St. Vincents, Be- 

[izi] quia, and the Grenadines, to tit* 

teinfter, duke of — knight of St. Patrick, , northward of Carriacou, xxwi, [230] 

, xxvi. 196 — mafter.and keeper of the • ^Lindfay, fir John, K. B.— <:oini]iiffioDer 

rolls in Ireland, xxx. [219] . of the admiralty, xxyi. [431] — rear- 

X^and, col. John — major-general, xxix. admiral of the red, xxix. [234] 

[134] — colonel of the 64th regiment LindJey, William, efq.— fecrenuy of le- 

of foot, xxxii. [237] gation at Peterlburgh, xxxi. [239]-^ 

Lc Mefurier, Paul, efq. — ^Eaft India di- refident at Venice, xjotiii. 6a*. 

reftor, xxvii, [187] Lifle, Robert, efq. — ftieriff for Nonhum- 

Lenox, lord George Henry — privy-coun- berland, 1789, xxxi. [248] 

fellor, xxvii. [213] — conltable of the Lifton, Robert, efq. — fecretary to lord 

towei', and. lieutenant and cuftos ro- Mountftuart^ aiubalTador to Spain, 

tulorum. of the tower hamlets, xxvii. xxvi. 230. envoy extraordinary to 

[213] Stockholm, xxx. [230] 

Lenthall, John, junior, efq. — fheriff for Litchfield, John, elq.— *fticriff for Notp^ 

Oxfordlhirc, 1785, xxvii. -[252] tinghamftiire, 1782, xxv. [197] 

Leflie, hon. major-general Alexander— Lloyd, Bell, efq. (herifF fur Mont- 
lieutenant-general, xxix. [234] gomciyftiire, 1784, xxvii. f»i8]— 

Leilie, Edwaid, efq< — baronet of Ireland, iheriif for Radnor Aiire, xySI, xxz« 

xxix, [234] [233] 

Lethbridge, J. efq, — (herifF for Somer- Lloyd, David — (heriffof Cardigaa, 178!)^ 

fetfliire, 1788, xxx. [233] xxiv. [203] 

Leven, earl of — high commifl\oner to Lloyd, Edward, efq,->— fheriff of Merio- 

the genei-al aflembly of the church of neth, 1 781, xxiv. [20^3] — 1789, xxxi. 

• Scotland, xxvi. [i32]-^xxvii. [215] [248] — (heiifffor Denbighihire, 179O1 

- — xxviii. [218] — xxix. [233] — ^xxx. xxxii. [246]— (heriff for CamarvoD, 

[229]— xxxi, [258] 1792, xxxiv. 65*« 

Leverlage, Thomas, efq. IherifF for Lloyd, Edward Pryfe, efq.— (herjff far 

StafFord(hii%, 1789, xxxi. [248] Cardigan(hire, 1786, xxviii. [22)] 

Lewellyn, John, efq. — (herifF for Gla- Lloyd, Francis, efq. — ^(herifF for Mont*- 

morgan, 1789, xxxi. [248] — 1792, gomery, 1789, xxxi. [248] 

xxxiv. 64*. Lloyd, John, efq. — (herifF for Pembroke, 

Lewes, fir Watkin — ^memljer ofparlia- 1785, xxvii. [253] — (heritiP for Car-. 

ment for the city of London^ xxiv, narvondiire, 1787, xxix. [236]— ju^ 

[192.194] tice of Carmarthen, &c. king*8 ctajn* 

Lewes, William, efq. — (heriff for Car- fel, xxxi. [239] 

mailhen, 1785, xxvii. [253]; Lloyd, Richard, efq.— (heriff for Angles 

Lewis, John, efq; — (heriff for Carmnr- fey, 1785, xxvii. [253] — r-(heri(Fipr 

then(hir«, 1786, xxviii. [223] — flicriff Carnarvon (hire, 1790, xxxii. [246] ■ 

for Radnor, 1792, xxxiv. 65*. Lloyd, Thomas, efq.— (heriff for Cir- 

Lewis, J. GrifHth, efq. iheriff for naivonfhire, 1791, xxxiii. 72*. 

Anglcley, 1787, xxix. [236] Lloyd, Trevor, e{q. — flieritf for Mbnt- 

Lewis, Thomas, efq. — (heriff for Mon- gomeryfliire, 1787, xxix. [,236] 

moutli(hire, 1787, xxix. [236J— - LLyd, William, efq.^— vice-admini df 

. 1789, xxxi. [248] the red, xxix. [234] 

.Lewis, W. efq. — (heriff for Glamoi^^- Loe, Richard (heriff for I>erbylhire» 

/hire, 1790, xxxii. [246] — (herifF for 1782, xxv. [197] 

Cardigan, 1792, XKxiv. 64*. Lockman, rev. dr. J. ■ clerk <rf th« 

Lewifham, lord vifcount — lord warden clofct to the prince of Wales, xxixi^. 

of the (bumaries, and fteward of the [23^3] ^ 

duchy of Cornwall, xxvi. [234] Loftus, Thomas, efq.— principal ftoR* 

Liddel» fir Henry, bartw— ftieriff fov keeper of the ordnance at Irebwd^ 

Northumberland, xxvii. [252] xxxi. [241] 

J^'fford, lord^ord juftice •f Ireland^ Loftus, lou! — poAmafter-general of Iit- 

>xix. [235] land, xxxi. [237, 239J . '' 

P R Q M O T i N S. 

Logie, Charles, cfq.— conful and agent- M*Coitnac)c» rev. dr. Jofcph— prlndpal 
general at Algiers, xxvii. [216] of St. Salvator and St. Leonard at St. 

iLombe, John, cfq.— baronet, with re- Andiews, xxiv. [208] 

Riainders to Edward Hafe, efq. and the Macdonald, Archibald, efq. — ^folicitor- 
heirs male of Vertue, wife of Richard general, xxvii. [214] — ^knighted, at- 
Paul Jodrell, efq. xxvi. [234.] tomey-general, xbfx. [229] 

tong, Charles— fecretary of the trcafury, Mace, Charles, efq.— ageni and conful- 

xxxiii. 60* general at Algiers, xxxiii. 62*. 

Long, Francis, efq. (heriff for Nor- Maclaarin, John — lord of ieflion in Scot- 
folk, i7S6,xxvui. [2x2] land, xxix. [^235] 

Long, S. efq. — ^ftieriff for Surrey, 1790, Macleiih, rev. John the parities of 

:;xxii. [246] Killarow and Kilchoman, xxiv. [207] 

Loveden, £<lward — (heriiF for Berkihire, Macpherfon, James, efq. — -bart. .xx/iii. 
1781, xxiv. [202] [*J8] " 

^ughborough, lord, chief juftice of the Macpherfon, John, efq. to l>e one of 

common pleas— lord commiffioner of the counfellors at Fort William, in 
the great feal, xxvi. [231] Bengal, xxiv. [207] 

Louvame, lord— earl of fieveiley, xxxii. M*Quecn, Robert, efq. — jnftice-clerk, in 

.[23S] Scotland, xxix. [235] 

I^we, Sherbrooke, e/q. — fheriff for Not- Madan,rev. dr. Spencer — bilhop of Brif- 

dngbamlhire, 17S5, xxvii. [252} tol, xxxiv, 55*, 

Lowes, J. efq.— fheriff for Northumber- Maddilbn, George, tfq. — ^fecretary to the 
land, xxxii* [246] embafly to the moft chriitian kmg, 

Lowth, biihop of London — privy-coim- xxvi. [231] 

fellor of tiade and plantations, xxviii. Majendie, rev. Henry William — preben- 
[ai^j ^^*T ^^ Windfor, xxvii. [251] 

l^owther, iir James, bart.— earl of Lonf- Malet, Warw, el'q. — ^baronet, xxxiii. 60*. 
dale, XXV Ji. [214] Manchefter, duke of — ^vice-chamberlain, 

Lucas, William,, efq.— chief juftice of xxv. [23c] — ^ambaffador extraordinary 
Grenada and the Grenadines, xxfI. and plenipotentiary to the nioftchriftian 
. [»34.] king, xxvi. [231] 

Ludlow, earl of—— comptroller of the Mancmforte, cardinal, xxiv. [^i6r] 

houihold, xxv. [234] Manning, H. efq. — ^(hcriff tor SufFex, 

Ludlow, hon. . captain— equerry to the 1790, xxxii. [246] 

prince of Wales, xxvii. [213] — ^xxix. Mannix, Henry, efq.— -baronet of Ire- 
L»33] land, xxix'. [234] 

Lu (hi ngton, Stephen, efq* — bart. xxxiii. Manfell, John major-general, xxxii. 

60*. [235] 

Luttrel, hon. James— furveyor of the Manstield, William, earl of — in Not- 
ordnance, xxvii. [214] tingbaro(hire — earl of Mansfitjld In 

Lynch, rev. John — a canon or preben- Middlefex, with remainder to*'!David, 

dary of Canterbury, xxiv. [207] vifcount Siormont, xxxiv. 55* 

Lyte, Henry, cfq. — mafter of the robes Mansfield, James, efq. — ^folicitor-gene- 
and privy purfe to the prince of Wales, ral, xxvi. [234"] 
xxi^. [207] — ^fecretary and keeper of Manfhip, Jolin,c;fq. — Eaft India dire6lcr, 
the privy-feal to the prince of Wales ; xxvii. [187] 

. and alfo treafurer and receiver-general Marlow', Benjamin, efq. — vice-admiral of 
of his revenues, xxix. [23a]— treafu- the blue, xxix. [234] — vice-admiral of , 
rer to the prince of Wales, xxix. [233] the white, xxxii. [237] 

Marfack, Charles, efq. — (heiiffforOx- 
-- fordlhire, 1787, xxix. [236] 

j\l« Marfhall^ Snmuel, efq. — I'erjeant at law, 

xxix. [235] 

MACARTNBY,1ord — ^privy-counfellor, MaHhall, Samuel, efq, — commifTioner of 
, xxxiv. 55*. ambaflador to the the viaualling office, xxix. [235] 

emperor Ajf China, xxxiv. 55*.-*-vifc. Martin, •* , commiffioner of the dock- 

. Macartney of Ireland, xxxiv. 55*. yard at Portfrnouth— comptroller of 

Mackay, Robert, cfq. — ^fheriff for Hert- the navy, xxxii. [235] 
- fbrdfhire, 1783, xxvi. [236] Martin, Henry,, efq. — bart. xxxiii. 61*. 

M*Conochie, rev. John«— — parilk of Martin, col. Johiv— •TOa.M^i-^iw.^^*^^^* 
Crauford, xxiv. [207] \^\^^ ^ • ' \^ix^^ 

INDEX, 1781 to 1792. 

Martin, J. efq. — ^(herifF for Cardigan- Miller, George, efq.—confiil aaddcputf 

(hire, 1787, xxix. [23^ 

Martin, William Byani, eiq. — fherifF for 
Berkihire, 1787, xxix. [135] 

Mafell, iir W- — Iheriff of Carmarthen, 
1781, xxiv. 203. 

Mafon, Thomas, efq. — (her iff for War- 
wickshire, 1787, xxix. ['•36] 

Maflev, Hugh Dillon, clq. — baronet of 
Ireland, xxiv. [209] 

Mathtw, EJwnrd, efq. — major-general 

commifTary for commercial alFanrs witn 

America, xxix. [232] 
Miller, Gct)rge, efq. — (herifF for Gkm- 

cefterfhire, 1789, xxxi. [248] 
Mills, Charles, efq. — ^Eaft India diredofi 

XXX. [202] . 
Mills, Jeremiah, efq. — fherifF for Hert- 

fordftiire, 1786, xxviii. [212] 
Milner, rev. Ifaac, D. D.---dean of Car- 

Hde, xxxiii. 62*. 

—captain general ancl governor in chief Milron, Jofeph, lord — ^vifcount Miltoo, 
of Grenada, and the Grenadines, and earl of Dorchelter, jtxxiv. 55*. 
fouthward of Carriacoujxxvi. [230] — Minchin, Humphrey, efq.-^lerk of the 
lieutenant-general, xxix. [234] ordnance, xxvi. [232] 

Mathew, Francis, efq. — baron LandufF of Mitchie, John, efq.-— Eaft India direftor, 
Ireland, xxvi. [233] xxx. [202] 

Mathias, Henry, efq. — ^prothonotary of Mitford, John, efq. — juftice of Carmar« 
Carmarthen, &c. xxvi. [233] then, &c. — ^king's counfel, xxxi.[i3j] 

Matthias, Jofeph, efq. — fheriff for Pern- Moffat, James, eiq.^Eaft India dlreftor, 
, broke, 1792, xxxiv. 64*. xxvii. [208] 

Maximilian, archduke, elefted coadjutor Molefworth,«-*— , efq.— -gent. ufherqnaN 
to the elector of Cologn, xxiv. [8] ter-wajter to the queen, xxxii. [138] 

Mears, Hugh, efq. — (herifFof Montgome- Molefworth, fir William, bart.— flwriff 
ryfliire, 1781, xxiv. [203] — (lienfffor for Corifwall, 1791, xxxiii. 71*, 
Carmarthenfhire, 1787, xxix. [236] MoncrifFe, David Stew. — baron of ib/i 

Medows, major- gen. William— knight 
of the bath, xxxiv. 55*. 

Melbourne, vifcount— gentleman of the 
bed-ciiamber to the prince of Wales, 
xxix. [233] 

Meredith, Bridgwater, efq.— flierifFfor 
Radnorfliir©, 1786, xxviii. [223] 

Meredith, Thomas, efq. — fherifF for Bre- 
con, xxvi. 236. 

Meredyth, Richard Gorgps, efq. — ^bkro- 
net of Ireland, xxix. [234] 

exchequer of Scotland, xxiv. faoS] 
Moncrif, lieut. col. James— deputy quar« 
ter-mafter-generai of the forces, xz»i. 

Monro, fir Alexander, knigh t ■■ c om miU 

fioner of the cudoms, xxviii. [220] 
Monfon, hon. lieut. col. Charles— equeny 

to the duke of York, xxxiii. 62*. 
Montagu, Frederick, efq. — ^lord com* 

miflioner of the treafury, xxv. [134] 

— xxvi, [231] 

Merge, Peter, efq. — ^barou of the exche- Montagu, rt. hon. Fredericjc— pnTy 

quer in Ireland, xxvii. [212] counfellor, xxvi. [232] 

Middleton, Charles, efq. — baronet, with Montagu, John, vice-admiral of the red 

* ■ .^"-^ fl ^ Y 1 W**\ I 1 « * • ^P^ £% 9 * 

remainder to Gerard Noel Edwards, 

xxiv. [208] — rear-admiral of the white, 

xxix. [2 34] — rear-admiral of the red, 

xxxii. [237] 
Middleton, William, efq. — fherifF for 

S'Tto'.k, xxv. [198] 
Michie, J*)hn, efq. — fherifF for Hertford- 

fliirc, 1782, xxv. [197] 
Michell,dr. obtains a prize at Cambiidge, 

xxxvi. [210] 
Milbunke, Mark, efq. — vice-admiral of 

the white, xxix. [234]— vice-admiral 

of the red, xxxii. [237] 
Milford, lord — lord lieutenant of Pcra- 

brokefhire, xxviii. [218] 
Millar, Thomas, efq. — prefident of hi» 

majefly's college of juftice in Scotland, 

^»x. [235] 

—port- admiral at Portfmouth, xxvi. 
[231] — admiral of the white, atjdx. 

Montague, duke of — lord lieutenant €t 

Kuntiiigdonflure, xxxi. [238] 
Montrofe, duke of — baron Montague* 
with remainder to his grandfon, lonl 
Henry James Montagne, feoond fonof 
the duke of Buccleugh, xxviii. [*x8] 
— mailer of the hori'e to the king, xxxii. 
[238]— Miommiffioner for the affairs of 
India, xxxiii. 61*. 
Moore, dr. bifhop of Bangor— archhifhop 

of Canterbury, xxvi. [131] 
Moore, Ponfonby, efq.— -commiflSonerof 
the barracks in Iheland, xz?ii. [251] 
— commifHoner and ovtriftr or ttf* 
racks in Ireland, xxx. [229] 

Miller, rev. Combe— dean of Chichefler, More, Robert, efq. — flieriflf for Shrep* 
xxxii. [237] fliire> 1785, xxvii. [*5»] 

I^AYLOR, Geo. efc^. — genealogift and 
•*-^ blanc courier herald of the order of 


|»forgaii» rev. Charles — dean of St. Pa- Murray, gen. Jame«— col. of tlid «l* 

trick, xxxii. [235] regiment of foot, xxxi. [»39] 

Morgan, £. efqw — fherifF for Flint, 1792, Mufgrave, Richard, efq. — baronet of 

jxxiv. 6$** Ireland, xxv. [237] 

Morgan, George — major-general, xxxii. Mufgrave, Thomas— —major-general^ 

Morgan, George, efcj.— flieriiF for Car, ir 

marthdi, 1791, xxxiv. 64*. 

Morgan, J: efq.— ^(J^eritf for Carmarthen, 'M' 

1782, xxv. [198] 
Moi*gan, Jolhua, efq.— fheriff for Bre* 

con, 1782, xxv. [198] 
Morley, Thomas, efq. — governor of the 

Caribbec iflands, xxiv. [207] the baih, xxxiv. 56*. 

Mornington, e&rl of — knight of St. Pa-' Ne.ile, John, efq. — QierifF for Warwick* 

trick, xxvi. [196]— privy counfellor fliire, xxvi. [236] 

in Ireland, xxvii. [213] — commif- Neale, Pendock,'efq. — fherifF for Nottingr 

iioner of the treafury, xxviii. [219] — ham fhire, 1784, xxvii. [21 8") 

lord of the treafury, xxxi. [240] ■ Nelthorpe, Edward, efq.— -fheriff for Lin-i 

Morris, John, eiq.— "fheriff for Glouceflcr- colnfhire, 1 781, xxiv.- [202] 

ihire, 1781, xxiv. [202]— one of the Nelthorpe, William, efq. — fhcrifFforSuC- 

clerks of thefignet, xxiv. [108] fex, 1785, xxvii. [252] 

Morrifon, lieut. gen. George-^^olonel of Nepean Evan, efq. — commiffioner of thit 

the 4th regiment of foot, xxxiv. <5*. privy fcal, xxvii. [21 3] 

Morfhead,John,efq. — baronet, xxvi. [2 34] Neville, Chrillopher, elq -r-ftierifF fov ^ 

Morfhead, lieut. col. William — ^groom Lincplnfhire, 1792, xxxiv. 64*. .. 

of the bed-cWUmber to the duke of Newcowen, William Gleadow, efq.-^ 

York| xxix. [233] baronet of Ireland, xxiv. 209. 

Morton, earl of — baron Douglas, xxxiii. Newport, John, efq.r— baronet of Irelaad^ 

-62*.— chamberlain to the queen's houf- xxxi. [240} 

hold, xxxiv. 54*. Niblet, John, efq. — fheriiffor GlouceH. 

Mofeley, dr. Benjamin — phyfician to th« terfhire, 1785, xxvii. [252] 

duke of Clarence, xxxi. [238] Nicholas, mr, commiffioner of excife^ 

Mofley, John, efq. — baronet, xxiv. xxxii. [235] 

[207] North, lord — principal fecretary of ftateg^ 

Mofs, rev. Charles— prebendary of Wefl- xxvi. [231] » 

mi nfter, xxxiv. 55*. North, Brownlow, bifhop of Worceflcr 

Motteaux, John, el'q. — Eafl: India direc- — ^tranflated to the fee of Wincheftcr, 

tor, xxvii. 187. xxiv. 177. 208 

Mount Edgecumbe, vifcount — ^vice-trea- North, capt. the hon. Francis — to be aid- 

furer of Ireland, xxvii. [213]— earl of de-camp in extraordinary to the ean 

Mount Edgecumbe, xxxi. [240] of Carlifle, xxiv. t*07] 

Mountftuart, lord — ambaffador extra- Northey, William fherifF of Surrey, 

ordinary and plenipotentiary to the 1781, xxiv. [203] 

court of Spain, xxvi. [230] Northington, earl of^ — ^lieu'tenant-gencral 

Moxon, John, efq. — fheriff for Montgo- and genei*al*goveraor of Ireland, xxvi. 

mery, 1791, xxxiii. 72*. ^ [*3*] 

Mucklefton, Jo'eph, efq. — fherifF for Northumberland, duke of— Jord Lovaine. 

Shropfhire,' 1788, XXX. 233. with remainder to his fecond Ton lord 

Mulgrave, \ovd — joint paymafter of the Algernon Percy, xxviU [xi2]— Idrd 

forces, xxvi. [235] — receiyer and pay- lieutenant of Northnmherlan.l, xxviii. 

mafler-general of the forces, xxvii. [218]— knight of the garter, xxx. 

[214] — pri vy counfellor, xxvii. 214.— !- [203] 

commiffioner for the affairs of India, Norton, hon. col. Chapel — ^major-general, 

xxvii. [216]— pay mafler-general of the xxix. [234] 

forces, xxxi. [240]— baron Mulgrave, Norton, right hon. fir Fletchei'— lord 

xxxii. [236] ' Grantlcy, xxv. [23+] 

I^unro, Alexander, efq. conful at Ma* Norton, John, efq. — i-lherifF for SufTex, 

drid — knighted, xxvi. [231] 1783* xxvi. [236] 

Murray, Alexander, efq*— a lord of jfef* Nottage, T.»efq.— -(heriflf for EiTex, i79oi 

^on m North fifit^in.jcxvi. [-230] xxxii, [246} . 

INDEX, tj6i to 179*. 

MoweUy'Mtcluids^v-raieriffforCom. Pagjety Kon. Aithw-'mistfdtUf of ^y 

waJly 17869 xxviii. [2»i3 tion at Peteriburgh, xxKiii. 6»*. 

Vugenty Nicholas, tfc^^i^arQnpt pf Irt- Pakenhgm, hoiv Thona aB c hief keepef 

landy XXV. [»37J of ordnance ftores in Ireland^ xsp. 

Palliier, fir Hugh, bartw— admiral of the 
r\ . blue» xxix. [234-] 

* Falk, Walter, efq.-*4heiiff fot Pewii, 

" ' (hire, 17Q1, xxxiii. 71*. 

^AKBJLBY, Charles, e(q.---- baronet. Palmer, Charles, efq^-r4heriiF for Wir- 
^^ xxxii. [»36] wicldhire^ J791, xxxiii. 7i». 

Oakorer, Rpwland Farmer, efq — fhcriff Palmer, fir John, bart.-r-iheriff for Ld- 

for Wan* ickftiirc, 178*, xxv. [198] cefterfhirc, 178a, xxv. [197] 

O'Brien, H. efq.— >(ha'ifF for Rutland- Palmer, John, elq.Fr-furvcyar and comjp? 

(hire, 1790, xxxii. [246] trollei-general of the |}oft-(4ice, xxf u, 

Ogle, fir Chaloner, knight — ^vice-admiral [azo] 

of the blue, xxix. [234] Panton, Thomas, efq. — (herifF for Cm. 

^glCff George, efq. — privy counfcllor of brid^elhire and Huntingdonlhirt, ^7891 

Ireland, xxvi.{*33] xxxi. [»47] 

O'Hara, major-gen.<— commander of the Pardee, Thomas, efqw— ftieriff for Shrop* 

74th regiment of foot, xxxiii. 60* — ' (hire, 1791, xxxiii. ji*, 

lieut. governor of Gibraltar, xxxiv. Park, James AUan, efq^ — vicenchancellor 
. 54** of Lancafter, xxxiii. 6^*. 

Oldham, Jofeph, efq. — ftieriff for Shrop- Parker, lord viicount, gentleman of tiie 

ihire, 1789, xxxi. [248] bed-chamber to ttte prince of Waki, 

Ord, rt. hon. Thomas—governor of tfxe xx\v. [207] socix [« 3 3]— -comptroller 
. Ifle jof Wight, xxxiii. ^o*, of the houihold and privy counliiilori 

prde, John, efq..— captain-general and xxxiii. 60*. 

fovernor in chief of Dominica, x^vi* Parker, fir Hyde, rear-adm. of the red-» 
»3^ — baronet, xxxii. [237] to be vice-admiral of the blue, xxiv. 

Orde, Thomas, efq. — privy counfellor in [»07] 

Ireland, xxvii, [»i3]— chief fecretary Parker, John, efq .. . b aron PoringdoOi 
to the lord lieutenant, xxvii. [113]-- xxvii. [215] 

privy counfellor of trade and planta- Parker, Montague Edmund, efq —flierif 
tiofls, xxviii. [219] for Devonfliire, 1789,* xxxi. [.*48] 

Orford, earl of — ranger and keeper of St. Parker, vice-admiral fir Peter — hr.ruDCt| 

James's parjc, xxvii. [213] xxvi, [229] admiral of the bluci 

Ormiby, captain Arthur — to be aid-de- xxix. [^34] 

camp in extraordinary to the earl of Parker, Thomas, efq*— fl^criff for Staf» 
Carlide, xxiv. (207] fonifhire, 17S6, xxviii. [222] 

Ofbaldefton, Humphrey— rlheriff of Yoik- Pamell, fir John, hart. — ^privy counfdkv 
(hire, 17S1, xxiv. [203] in Ireland, xxviii. [2i7]-r<hancenor 

Ofnaburg, bi(hop pi .-^captain and cor of the exchequer in Ireland^— frifj 
lonel of the zd troop of horfe guards, counfellor in Great Britain^ xxviii* 
XXV. [234] — colonel of the Coldftream [**^L 

jegimen-^ of foot guards, xxvii. [217] fany, Thomas, efq. — ^Eaft India direc* 
— duke of York and of Albany, xxvii. tor, xxx. [202] 
[2:7] Partridge, Henry, efq.— king^s conn&l^ 

Oughton, Jofeph, efq.— iherifF for War- xxix. {233] 

wick£bii-e, 1792, jjEXxiv. 6/^1^, Partridge, Joieph, efq. — ^(heriff for ped* 

fordlhire, 1787, xxix. [235] 

Patey, James, efq. rlheriff for BeHu^ 

17S3, xxvi. £235] 
PatteOiall, £. ei'q. — iherifF for Hcrdbrd- 
fhire, X781, xxiv. [202] 
pACKHUXST, Fleetwood, .e(q. — fheriff Pattefun, major-gen. John— lieutCBiSt* 
* for W.-icefterihire, 1792, xxxiy. 64*. general, xxix. [2H] 

Page, Thomasj efq.:: ^knighted, xxvi. Patron, Thomas, efq.:— (heriff for Flinlf 

[133] 1784. xxvii. [218] 

|>aget, lord<^>«-<arl of Uxbridge, xxvii. Paxton, W. efq. — (heriff for pamv- 
{>if 3 thcn^hire, xxxii. 4.H<i] 



jh^ynvi George dq«^-«oiiittl-general at 

Morocco, axvi. [234] 
Payiie» capt. J. W.-Maaiditor a^d fecre- 

tary to the duchy of CornwaUy yxxiii* 

f ayae, Jamesi efq.— -IherifF for Sarrey» 
17S1, xxvii. {2523 

Peachy, dr James, bait.— mafter c^ the 
robcft, xxxiii. 6z*. 

pcachey^WiUiam^iheriffof SttfTex, 1781, 
-xxiv. [203] 

faarce, rev. WiUiam, B. P.^maftor of 
the Temple, xsax^ [a3i]-w— matter of 
Jefus college, Cambridge, xxxu [ft 3^] 

jP^echell, Q, A. cfq.— receivcr^gentfal of 
thecuftoms, xxxiii.j6a** 

ftckard, rev. jPeter, D. D. dean of Peter- 
borough, xxxiv. f4*. 

Pegge, Peter, efq.-*— -Iheaff for perbyr 
ihire, 17S8, xxx. [233] 

pelham, hun. Ihoniat, mafter* furveyor 
of the ordnance, xxv. [235]— r privy 
counfellor of Irdand, xxvi. [213] 

jPell, Jaines, efq.—— rflieriif for Norfolk, 

. 1790* x^V^' i^} 

JPemberton^ Jeremiah, efq.-i-chief juftice 

of Nova 'Scotia, xxx. [228] 
)Pembroke, ear) of ■ ■ lord lieutenant 

and cuftot rotid<>rum of \yilts, xxy. 


Pembroke, countefa ofrrrlady of her n>a- 

jeiH'^s bed-chainbcr, xxvi. [229] 
pennant, Richarid, eiq.rr-iheriif for Carr 

narvon, ;ty82, xxv. 1.98 rr-r- baron 
. Peniixyn of Ireland, xxvi. [233] 
Penning^n, John^ efq.— baron Mun* 
'. caiter of Ireland, with remainder, to 

Kis brother col. Lowther Pennington^ 

xxvi. [2333 
Pennoyre, Tno..$tallard^ efq.-rrflieriff for 

Hereforddiire, i79;t> xxxiii. 7^*. 
pennyman, William, efq.-r— (heriiF iot 
. Linccnihire, i74Sz, xxv. [197] 
Pcpys, Lucas, M. D.— rbaronet, with re- 

mainder to his brother William Wel- 

ler Pepys, efq. xxvi. [234] 
pepys^ (ir Lucius^ bart.— rfecretary of the 

etpbaffy to the mod chriiiian king> 

xxxiv. 65*. 
Percival, Charles George, ^q.— r— <om- 

miflioner of the admicaliy, xxvi. [235] 
percival, hon. spencer— r—clerk of the 

ironsi and lurveyor of the meltings 

houfes in the Tower, xxxiii. 60*. 
^ercyi rev. dr. Thomg^^-rbiibop of DrcK 
. more, xxv. [235] 
Perkins, James Francis, lient. colonel qf^ 
. narines-rcoloael in the army^ xxxiii. 

Perring, Peter, efq.-riheriff for Devon;. 

ihire^ .^799; f^poi* LH^I 

T 1 O N $• ' 

Perrot, George, efq*-^4keriff for War- 

cefteHhire, 1786, xxviii. [223] 
Perry, mr-— -deputy to the maier ^uid 

keeper of the rolls in Ireland, xxic. 

Pery, rev^ W, Cecil, dean of Derry 

: bi{hop of Klillala and Achonryj 

?cxtv. [zoy] rbifhop of Limerick, 

xxvii. [2 1 5]— bai-on Glentwortli, xXxii^ 

Peyton, John, efq. — rear-admiral of the 
. white, xxix. [234] 
X Peyton, Jofeph, efq. rear-admiral of tl^e 

white- vice-admiral of the blue, 

xxxii. [237] 
Philip, Arthur, efq.-r^igovemor of New 

South Wales, xxix. £232] 
Philiimore, William, eiq,—— flier iff for 

Hertfordfliire, 1785, xxvii. [252] 
Philips, W. efq. — Iheriff for PemhrcSce. 

ibire, 1790, xxxii. [246] 
Philipibi), major«gen. JRic'hard Bmtoi| 

— 4icutei^ant-^^neral, xxix. [234] 
Phillips, James, efq.— ?-(heriff tor Pem- 

brokefhire, 1787, xxix. [2^6] 
Phillips, William, el'q.— rlheriff for Oacj. 

forciihire, 1782, xxv. [197] 
Phipps, hon. Auguftus-— commii&oner of 

exciie, xxxiy. 55*. 
Picket, William, efq. — ele£led alderman 

of London, xxiv. [190] 
Pigot, Arthur, eliq.— 'king's counf*!^ 

xxvi. [231]— folicitor-gencral to the 

prince of Wales, xxvi. [234] 
Pigot, vice-admiral Hugh—rlord commiC* 

Tioner of the admiralty, xxv. [234. 

236.] x^. [229. 23J.]— '-^admiral 
' .of ^he white^ xxix. [234] 
Pigot, lieut. col. Thomas— governor bC 

Cork, xxv. [235]. 
Figott, William, elq.— -fheriff for Budcs, 

1792, xxxiv. ,64*. 
Pitcairn, William, M. D. prefident of the 

college of phyiicians— treafurer of St. 

Baitnolomew's hol'pital, xxvii. [183] 
Pitcher, Abraham, efq. — ftierifF for Sur- \ 

rey, 1782, xxv. [198] 
Pitt, lieut. gen. Augultus— knight of the 

bath, xxxiv. 55*, 
Pitt, Thomas, efq.— *— lord Camclford^ 

3txvii. [2122 
Pitt, rt, hon. William— chancellor and 

under- trealurcr of the exchequer, a».4 

privy counfellor, xxv. [236] — ^acom- 

minioner of the treafury of the ex- 

;chequer, xxv. £236]<^-<— firft conimir« 

fioner of the treailiry, xxvi. £135]— 

chancellor and upder-treaTurer of the 

exchequer, xxvi. [235]— commiflioner 
• '-for the affairs of India, xxvii. [2i6]-s- 

INDEX, 17 8i to 1792. 

jtTfWu [119]— firft Jbrd of the trea- Powletti WiUiam Powlett^ efo^-^lierilP 

fury, xxxi. [240] — high-ftcward of the for Southampton, 1783, xxn. [436] 

univeriity of Cambridge, xxxii. [137] Poyntz, William, cft].<-^flwriflF for fieriL* 

•— commiiHonei' of the affairs of India, fliire, 178^, xxvtii. [i«2} 

xxxiii. 61* — conftable of Diver caftie, Pratt, hon. John Jefferies, efq— « eom- 

and warden of the cinque ports, xxxiv. miilioner of the adroiralqr^ xkv. £^36] 

5$*- xxvi. [229. 135.] 

JPitt, lieut. general William Augufttifr-^ Prefcott, ma^r-gen. Robert-— colonel of 

commander in chief of the land forces the 28th regiment of foot, xxxi. [239] 

in Ireland, xxvii. [213}— commifiioner Prefcott, George, efq<-<*4henff for Flint, 

cf the barracks in li^land, xxvii. 1783, xxvi. [236] 

[251] — coiT>miffioner and overfeer of Preiton, Robert, elqw—iherlfF for Eflb^ 

the barracke in Ireland, xxx. [229] 1784, xxvii. [218] 

Plomer, alderrjaan — elected lord mayor Prefton, rev. Willianfi— ^iifapp of Killala 

of London, xxiv, 193— — fpeech to and Achoniy, xxvii. [217] 

the livery, xxiv. [193] Pretyman, rev. George— prebendary of 

Flumptrte, rev. John, M. A. — prebcn- Worcefter, xxvii. [213]— bifliop of 

dary of Woixefter, xxix. [235] Lincoln^ xxix. [^232]-— -dean of St, 

Pocock, Ifaac, efq.— «-iheriiF tor Nor* Paul's, and canon refidentiary, zxix» 

thamptonlhire, 1786, xxviii. [222] [^3*] 

Pole, Charles, ^fq.— ^baronet, xxxiii. Price, Griffith, «fq.— »flierlff for Mb» 

61*. riontthftiire, 1786, xxviii. [213] 

Pole, captain Charles Morrlce— groom Price, Hugh, efq. — ^fiieriff for Anglefey^ 

of the bed-chamber to the duke of 1792, xxx? v.. 6 5*. 

Claience, xxxi. [238] Price, James, elq.— -&eriff for Radnor^ 

Pole, ilr John W. bart.-. fheriff for ihi;e, 1785, ^vii. [253] 

Devon/hire, J 782, xxv. 197 Price, John, efq.— <-flieriff tor Radnorfliire^ 

pole, hon. William Weflcy — -governor of 1787,^ xxix. [236] 

the Queen's county in Ireland, xxvii. Price, John, cfq.— flieriff for Glan)or-» 

[216J ganfhire, 1787, xxix. [^36] ■ 

Poniroy, Arihtir, efq. — baron Harberton Price, Thomas, tfq. — (herijF for Radnor^ 

of Ireland, xxvi. [233] 1783* xxvi. [236] 

Pcnfbnby, right hon. William — commif- Pritchard, Henry, efq.— •ftierlff for An* 

(ionerof the admiraliy, xxvi. [231] gleley, 1788, xxx. [233] 

Ponlionby, William Brabazon, elq. — — Pritchard, William, elq.—{heriif for An* 

portmalter of Ireland, xxvii. [216] — g]efey,''i786, xxviii. [223) 

poitmafter-general of Ireland, xxxi. Pro^or, Mr. Thomas*-^receivcs aiiWer 

[2 3 7] niedal from the royal academy, xxvi« 

Foole, Charles, efq.—- (heriff for South- [223] 

ampton, xxxiii. 71*. , Protheroe, John, efq.— *(heriff for Penw 

Poole, fir Ferdinando, bart.— ftieriff for brokcftiire, 1784, xxvii. [118] " 

Suflex, 1789, xxxi. 248. Provort, rev. dr.— — confecrated, bytht 

Porteus, dr. Biclby, biftioj) of Cheller-^*- archbifliop of Canterbury, biftiop of 

bifhop of London, xxix. [235]— '— a the United States, xxviii. [213] 

privy counfellor, xxix. [235]— dean Pugh, J , Wynn, efq.-^— -fheriff for Me* 

of the chapel royal, xxix. [235] rionethfhire, 1790, xxxii. [246] 

Portland, William Henry duke o f ■ Poller, Chriftopher, efq.-— bank direfhuv 

lifutenant-gencral and lieutenant-go- xxx. [203] 

Ternor of Ireland, xxv. [235] — com- Pulter.ey, Henrietta Laura-*— -baroceft 

snifTioner of the treaiury, xxvi. [231] Bath, xxxiv. 55*. 

> ■ installed chancellor of Oxford^ Pybus, Charles Small, efq.^^lord of the 

xxxiv. 41% 56*. admiralty, xxxiii. 61*. 

Fortman, WilUam Henry, efq, — fheriff Pye, Henry James, efq.-^poet laureat, 

for Dorfetfliire, 1786, xxviii. [»22 J xxxii. [237]— new police juflicci 

Poftlcthwaytc, revertnd Thomas — matter xxxiv. 34*. 

of Trinity college Cambridge, xxxi. ^ym, F. elq. — fheriff for Bedfordfhire^ 

[259] i79i» xxxiii. 7i*. 

Poulet, John earl — lord lieutenant of the Pytts, Jonathan, ei'q.— fheriff for W«S 

county of Somerfet, xxxiv. 56*. .ccfterfhirc, '7831 xxvi. [236] 

Povrell, Thomas, efq. — fheriff for Car« 

tligan^ I7^5> ^Q^"- [*53j 


* morgan, 1784., xxvli. t**^] £'79'# 
xxxiii, 72* 

vj* Richardfon, Samuel, efq. ■ IhenfF for 

'.'i Gloucefterihire, 17B7, xxix. £235! 

^UBENSBERRy, duke of— -baron Richardlbn, William, efq.— baronet rf 

^^<^ Douglas, xxviii. [218] Ireland, xxix. [234.] 

Quick, J. efq.— fiicrifF for Devonfliire, Richmond, Charles duke of— kn{ght <£ 

1787^ xxix. 235. the garter, XXV. [ao6] — mafler-general 

Quin, Valentine Richard, efq baronet, of the ordnance^ xxv. [234,] xxvi. 

^iy. £207] , .[^35] ^ ^ 

^ Riddel, llr John Buchanan, bart. — ^Iheris 

Rof Berkshire, xxxiv. 64*. 

• ^ R'gby, col. Alexander — major-genera^ 

xxix. [234.] 

TJ A D F O R D, John, efq.— (heriif for Rivers, lord — 'a lord of the bed-chamber, 

•*^ Derbyfhire, 1784., xxvii. [217] xxv. [235] 

■Radnor, carl of — lord lieutenant of the Robartsj Abr. efq.— Eaft India dire^or, 

county of Berks, xxxlii. 61*. xxx. [202] 

Raikes, Thomas, efq. — bank director, Roberts, nir. obtains a chancellor'*s pnzc 

xxx. [203] at Oxford, xxx. [205] 

Raine, mr.— -obtains fir W. Browne's Roberts, David, efq. — (heriff forMerlo* 

prize at Cambridge, xxvi. [?io] neth, 1784,, xxvii,, [218] 

Ramfden, mr.---obtain& fir W. Browne's Roberts, GriiHth, efq. — IherifF for Mc- 

^ prize at Canibridge, xxvi. [210] rioneth, 1791, xxxiii. 72*. 

Randolph, John, B.D. — regius profefTor Roberts, Jofeph, efq. — flieriff for GIoo^ 

of diviniiy at Oxford, and canon of cefterfhire, 1783, xxvi. [236] 

Chriil Church, xxvi. [233] Roberts, Walter, efq. — fheriff for Brc- 

Raper, Matthew, efq — flieriff for Hert- con, 1785, xxvii. [252] '' 

fordfhire, 1791, xxxiii. 71*. ^ Roberts, William Hayward, D. D«« * 

Rawdon, hon. Francis, commonly called provoft of Eton, xxiv. [209] 

lordRawdon — baron Rawdon of Great Robertfon, Benjamin, efq, — new police 

Britain, xxvi. [230] ' juftice, xxxiv. 34.*. 

Rawfon, George, efq. — commiffioner and Robins, Thomas, efq.—- (herirf for Sputli* 

overfcerof the barracks in Ireland— ampton, 1792, xxxiv. 64*. 

xxxr[229] — commiffioner of the ftamp Robinfon, Robert Mitchell, efq. — (heriS 

duties in Ireland, xxxi. [239] for Lipcolnfhire, 1791, xxxiii. 7i*» 

Raynsford,N.-^fheriff for Northampton- Roche, fir Boyle, knight .baronet of 

ftiire» 1781, xxiv. [202] Ireland, xxv. ^^37] 

Kees, William, efq fheriff for Mon- Roche, George,^fq. — fhetiff for Pem- 

mouthfhire, 1785, xxvii. [252] brok^fhire, 1789, xxxi. [248] 

Reld, David — commiffioner of the cuf- ' Roche, Richard, efq.— fheriff for Mont* 

toius in Scotland, xxvii. [2^3] gomeryfhire, 1786, xxviii. £223] 

Reilly, John, efq. — commiffioner ofeX' Rockingham, marquis— lord commif* 

' traordinary and impre^ accounts in fioner of the treafury, xxv, [234] 

Ireland, xxxi. [239] Roddam, Robert, efq.— vice-admiral <?f 

Rcine, dr. — obtains a prize at Cambridge, ^ the red, xxix. [234] 

xxvi. [210] Rodney, firGeo. Brydges, bart. K. B-— 

Rev<ley, Henry, efq.— commiffioner of vice-admiral of Gr. Britain, 5rc. xxiv. 

excife, xxvii. [21^] [209]— baron Rodney, xxv. [235] 

Reyiiel, fir Richard, bart.— commiffioner Rodney, capt. hon, John— equeny to thff 

of the fait duties, xxvii. [214] ^ duke of Clarence, xxxi. [238] 

Reynett, rev. Henry—new police juflicey Roe, William, efq. — commiffioner of thft 

xxxiv. 34*. cuftoms, xxx. [228] 

Reynolds, John, efq.— -admiral of the Rogers, Auguflus, efq. — ^fecretary to the 

blue," xxix. [234] board of ordnance, xxvii. [2/6] 

Rich, rev. Charles (late Boflock)— ba« Rogers, George, efq.— K)neof the com* 

ronet, xxxiii. 61*. miffioners of the navy, xxv. [237] 

Richards. Fit/.herbert, efq .—commiffioner Rokeby, lord, bifhop of Armagh — ^lord 

of the barracks in Ireland, xxvii. Juflice of Ireland, xxix. [235] 

[251] - R^oHefton, N.— (heriff for Nottingham- 
Richards, John, cfq.'-i.-^fheriff for Gla. (Uivei ii^ii '»iix\%\2.^'Ci ^ 

1 N 13| E X, 1781 to 17^1. 

]tooke> col. James-— major-general, xxix. St. Leger, lieutenant col^— groom of tht 

* [234.] bed-chamber to the |n-ince of Waksf 

Koper, J. cfq. — fhcrifF for Hertford- xxvii. [2x3] xxix. [133] 

fliirey 1787, xxix. [235] St. Leger, Anthony, efq.—-eqiierry to the 

Rofe, George, efq. — ^verdurer of New prince of Wales, xxix. [233] 

Forcd, XXX. [228]-— clerk of the par- Saii(bury,earlof — lord chamberlain, xni 

liaments, XXX. [229] [235]— -marquis of Salifbury, xxxL 

Hofe, J. W. efq. — recorder of London^ [*4o] 

xxxi. [239] — ferjeant at Liw, xxxi. Salu(bury, Robert, efq.— fticrifF for Mon- 

[241] mouth(hire, 1786. xxviii. [2»»] 

Rofs, fir John Lockhart, bart. — ^vicc-ad- Sanders, Thomas efq. — (Heriff for Rot* 

miral of the blutf, xxix. [234] landfhire, 1781, xxiv. [103] 

Roufe, C. W. Boughton, cfq. — baronet, Sanderfon, James, efq. — ele£led alderman 

xxxiii. 61*. of London, xxvi. [159] 

Rowley, Joihua, efq. rear-admiral of the Sandfoni, Humphrey, eUj. — ihcrifffir 

red — baronet, xxviii. [218] vice- Shropshire, 1787, xxix. [236] 

admiral of the white, xxix. [2 34] Sandwich, carl of — keeper of St. }amet*ft 

Rowley, fir William, b:irt. — (heriff for Park and Hyde Park, xxvi, [*3»1 

Suff&lk, 1791, xxxiii. 71*. Saunders, Thomas, efq.—— uenS Sir 

Rudge, S?.niuel, efq. — (lieriff for Nor- Bucks, 1785, xxvii. [252] 

thamptor.iliire, 1792, xxxiv. 64*. Sawbridge, Henry, efq,>*-lheriffibrNai;« 

Rugeley, Matth-jw, efq. — Iheriff for Bed- thamptonftiire, 1782, xxy. [197J 

fordfliiie, 1 7S6, xxviii. [222] Sawyer, Herbert, efq.— rear-admiral of 

^unnington, Charles, elq. — ferjeant at the white, xxix. [234] — rear-adminl 

law, xxix. [235] of the red, xxxii. [237] 

Rutland, Charles duke of — inverted with Saxe Gotha, duke of— knight of tin 

« the order of the garter, xxv. [232]r — garter, xxxli. 227. 

ilcward of his majeiiy's houfliold, Scarborough, earl of — ^vif:e-treafurer of 

xxvi. [23o]-T-k€eper of the privy fcal, Ireland, xxv, r*35] 

xxvi. [235]— lieutenant-general and Scott, David, e/q.rr-Eaft India dircAcMV 

' general gov. of Ireland, xxvii. [213] xxx, [223] 

Rycroft, rev. Richard, D. D. — baronet, Scott, Edward, efq.-7— equerry to the 

xxyi. [234] pi ince of Wales, xxix. [233] , 

l^lyder, honourable Dudley — comptroller Scot, right hon. John — chief juftice of the 

of hismajefty's houfhold, xxxii. [235] king's bench in Ireland, xxvii. [115} 

^—commiflloner for the affairs of India, baron Eailsfort of Ireland^ xxvii* 

xxxii. [235] — prcfident of the com- [^'S] 

mittee for trade and plantations in the Scott, John, efq.— rknightedt — ^folicitorge* 

abfence of lord Hawkefbury, xxxii. neril, xxx. [a^s] 

[238] Scott, John, efq. new police juftice, 

Ryder, nar.— paymafter, xxxiii, 6o*, xxxiv. 34*. 

Scott, dr. W.-T-regiftrar of the court of 

o faculties xxvi. [229]— rknighted— rhii 

^» majefty's advocate general, x:pc. [230] 

— inafter of the faculties, xxxii. [235] 

^AGE, Ifaac, efq. — fheriff for Dorfetr Schuldham, lord-r-admiral of the blue» 

.■^ (hire, 1784, xxvii. [217] " xxix. [234] 

St. Afaph, lord vifcount— gentleman of Scourfield, H. efq. — (heriff of Pembrofce» 

the bedchamber to the prince of 1781, xxiv. [203] 

Wales, xxvii. [215] xxix. [233] Scratton, colonel John-r-major-general, 

St. Aubin, fir John — (heriff for Corn- xxix. [234] 

wall, 1781, xxiv. [202] Scrimpfliire, Richard, eflj. — (heriff for 

St. John, , eli^.— under fccretary to Bucks, 1784, xxvii. 217. * 

• lord North, xxvi. [232J Seabright, captain Thomas — gentleman 

St. John,. fir Henry Powlett— (heriff for u(her of the privy chamlH;r,xxxiii.62«. 

Soutliampton, 1787, xxix. [236] Stlwyn, G. A. cfq. — furveyor of the 

St. John, hon. major-general Henry — crown lands, xxvi. [235] 

lieutenant-general, xxix. [234] Sergifon, Francis, efq— (heriff for Sui&x, 

S:. John, rev. St. Andrew, uncle to lord 1786, xxviii. [222] 

.St. John— dean of Wwceftcr, xxvi. Scrgrove, rev. mr. — mafter of PcmlirokB 

[2»9J college, Oxford, xxxi. [ajSJ 



icton, John, efq.— governor of St. Vin- Spiith, major-general Francis^ lieuf!?? 

cents, xxix. [t^z] nant-general, xxix. [134] 

Sewell, James, efq.— /herifF for Suffolk, Snnith, U. efq.— ftieriff for Monraouth- 

1786, xxvi'iu [2xz] fliire, 1788, xxx. [233] 

Shafto, rev, Thomas — canon of Chrift Smith, John, efq. — ^gentleman uflier and 

Church, xxvi. 232. £*aily waiter to the queen, xxxii. [238] 

ShakerJey, Charles Watkin John, efq- — Snoith, John Silveftcr, efq. — baronet, 

flieriff for Cheihire, 179J, xxxiii. 71*. • xxvi. [234.] 

Shannon, earl of — vice-trcafurer of Ire- Smith, Jofeph, efq.-— comptroller of the 

land, XXV. [»35] xxvi. [231]— knight mint, xxviii. [220] 

of St. Patrick, xxvi. [196] xxvii. Smith, N. efq — (heriff for Glouccfter- 

[2x3] — baron Carleton, xxviii. [218] ^»re, 1788, xxx. [233] 

Shaw, Alexander, efq.— governor ot the Smiiii, rev. Samuel, L. L. D. — prebcn- 

Ifle of Man, xxxii. [239] <Jary of Weftminlter, xxix. [232] 

Sheffield, lord— baron Sheffield, with re- Smith, Thomas Alliton, efq iheriff for 

mainder to his daughters, xxvi. [133] Carnarvon, 1783, xxvi. [236] — iheriff 

Shclbume, William, earl of— knight of for Anglelcy, 1784, xxvii. i;2.i8] 

the garter; xxv. [206] — fecretary of ' Smith, William^ efq. — treafurer and pay- 

ftate, XXV. [234.] — a commiffioner of mafterofihe ordnance, xxvi, [235] 

the treafury of the exchequer, xxv. Smyth, John, efq.— -lord of the admi- 

[236] — maiquis of Lanfdown, xxvii. ralty, xxxiii. 61*. 

- [217] Smyth, fir Skeffington'— privy counsellor 

Sheldon, mr. — profeflbr of anatony to of Ireland, xxvii. [251 j 

the Royal Academy, xxvi. [211] Smallwcll, dr. E. — bifhop of St. David*^ 

ihclley, Buihe, efq.— iheriff' for Radnor, xxvi. [232]— bifliop of Oxford, xxxv 

1784, xxvii. [218] [228] 

Shepheard, Thomas, efq. — (heriff for Somerlct, lord Charles Henry, — gen- 

CambridgeHiire and Huntingdonihire, tlemanofthe bed-chamber to the prince 

xxviL »i7. of Wales, xxxiii. 6o*. 

Sherftone, Peter, efq. — iheriff for Somcr- Souter, William, ' lieutenant-colonel of 

fctfhLe, 1783, xxvi. 236. , marines — colonel of the army, xxxiii, 

Shirley, Thomas, efq. — ^governor of the . 6o*. 

Leward Caribbee Iflands, xxiv. [208] Southampton, lord — ^groom of the ftole t* 

— baronet, xxviii. [218] the pnnce of Wales, xxiv. [206] xxix^ 

Shirreff, William, efq.— iheriff for South- [233] 

, ampton, xxv/ [198] Southcote, John Henry, efq.— iheriff for 

Sliore, John, efq. — baronet, xxxiv. 56*. Devdnihire, 1785, xxyii. [252] 

^incbir, John, efq. — barpnet, xxviii, Sparke, dr.— obtains a prize at Cam- 

[217] bridge, xxvi. [210] 
Skeffington, hon. Henry — governor of Sparrow, J. elq. — iheriff for Stafford- 
Cork, xxxiv. 54*. ihire, S79'«yXxxii. [246] 
Jkeffington, William Charles Farrell, SpaiTow, Jonathan Bobyckan — ilierifffor 

eiq. — baronet, xxviii. [218] Anelcley, 178 1, xxiv. [203] 

Skeffington, hon.William— equerry to her Spencet, hon. Chailes, commonly called 

majeity, xxvi. [230] lord Spencer— one of the vice-trea- 

Skynnef, iir John, knight— privy coun- furers of Ii-eland, xxvi. [231] 

fellor, xxix. [232] Sptncer, lady Elizabeth — lady of the bed- 
slaughter, lieutenant -colonel — groom of chamber to the duchclsof York, xxxiii. 

the bed-chamber to the prince of Wale^, 62*. 

xxix. [233] Spencer, lord Henry John— niinifter ple- 

Slingiby, fir Thcrmas Turner, bart.— ^ nipotentiary to the ilates general 

iheriff for Yorkfliire, 1785, xxvii. xxxii. [235] 

' £252] Spencer, lord Robert — privy counfellor, 

Smith, lieutenant-general — lieutenant- xxv. 236. . 

general of marines, xxxiii. 62». Spooner, John, efq. — flieiiff for Wor- 

Smith, Benjamin — iheriff for Southamp- ceilerftiire, 1789, xxxi. [248] 

ton, 1781, XXIV. [203] Spry, Horatio, lieutenant-colonel of 

Smith, Charles Loraine, efq.-— iheriff for marines— colonel in the array, xxxiii.' 

Leiceiterihire, 1.783, xxvi. [236} 6o*. 

Smith, Drummond, efq.— —iheriff for Stables, John— governor general of Fort 

''Tlcrlf^rdftilre, 1789, xxxi. [^48] w William in Ben.;;alv xxlv^aol. 

I N D E X, 1781 to I 792* 

ttamfordy earl of — lord lieutenant of the Stoddard, James, efq. — conimii&oner ot 

county of Ch.fter, xxvi. 232. excifc in Scotland, xxix. [232] 

fitandly, H^nry Poyntcr, cl'q. — fherifF Stonard, Jonathan, el'q. — «ew police 

for Camb;idi;eihire and Huntingdon- juftice, xxxiv. 3.^*. 

ftiire, 178a, XXV. [197] Stoier, Anthony, d'q.— minlftcr pleni* 

Stanhope, Arthur, el^.-T-lecretary of the potcniiary at Verlailies, during the 

cnr^bufl)' to the king of bpain, xxvii. abi(;nce of th^ duke of Mancbe^er^ 

[212] xxvi. [234] 

Stanhope, Edwin Francis, efq. gentleman Stormont, vilcount-MJord prefident of the 

iifher of the privy chamber — one of privy council, xxvi. [231] 

her majefty's equerries, xxvi. [^30] St^rr, John, efq. — rear-adniiral of the 

Stanhope, hon. lieutenant colonel Henry red, xxvi. [229] 

fltzroy — ^groom of the bed-chamber to Story, George, efq.— new police juftice^ 

the prince, of Wales, xxvii. [214] xxxiv. 34*. 

xxix. [233] Story, Thomas, efq. — iherifF for Cum-r 

Stanton, lir G. Leonard, bart.—fecretary berland, 1781, xxiv. [202] 

of the embaffy to China, xxxiv. 55*. Stracey, Edward, elij. — IhcriflT for 

Stapled, John, efq, — new police juliice, Noifolk, 1785, xxvii. [25a] 

xxxiv.' 34* Strachey, Heniy, efq.— under fecretary of 

Steele, mr. — ^paymafter, xxxiii. *6o*.— ftaie in the fouthcrn department, xxv. 

privy couniellor, xxxiii. 60*. 236.— ^keeper of his majelty's ftorcs> 

Steele, right honourable Thomas — com- ordnance, .and ammunition of war^ 

miirioner for the affau's of India, xxvi. 232. 

xxxiii. 61*. Strath'aven, captain lord— aid>de«cam]f 

^tenton, K. efq. — ilicriff for Nottingham* 'in ordinary to the earl of- Carlifle^ 

{hire, 178?, XXX. [233] xxiv. [207] 

Stephen, James, efq. — (hcrifF for Somer- Streatfield, Henry, efq. — (herifffor Kent^ 

lietftiire, 1786, xxviii. [222] 1792, xxxii. 64*. 

Stephens, lieutenant-colonel — equerry to Strutton» Alexander, efq. — ^fccretary of 

the prince of Wales, xxiv. [207] legation at Vienna, xxxi. [239] 

Stephens, Francis, efq. — commiflionerfor Stuart, major-general Janves— ^colonel of 

viftualling the navy, xxxii. [234] the 31ft regiment of foot, xxxiv. 54.*. 

Stephen, Maurice, el'q. — fheriff for Mont- Suffolk, colonel, earl of— major-general, 

gomeryihire, 1790, xxxil. [246] xxix. [234] "^ 

Stepbenfon, J. efq. — Iherlff for Somer- Surrey, Charles, earl of — deputy earl 

fetfhiie, 1790, xxxii. [246] martial of England, xxv. [237] 

Stepney, fir John, bart* — envoy extraor- Sutton, rev. Charles Manners — dean of 

dinary at Berlin, XXV. [237] Peterborough, xxxiii. 60*. — bifhop of 

Stepney, Thomas, efq. — groctm ^ of the Norwich, xxxiv. 54*. 

bedchamber to the duke of York, Sutton, James, efq. — (heriffforWiltihirejf 

xxxiii. 62*. 1785, xxvii. [252] 

Stevens, colonel — ^room of the bed- Sutton, Thomas, efq.— fheriff for Surrey^ 

chamber to the prince of Walcb, xxvii. 1789, xxxi- 248. 

[213] xxix. [233] .Swinton, John, efq. commldioner 

Sicveiilon, Thomas, efq. — fhcrifffor Staf- jnfticiaiy in Scotland, xxix. [^235] 

fordfliiie, 1785, xxvii. [252] Sydney, lord — ^governor of the Charter* 

Stewart, Alexander major-general, Loufc, xxvi. [231] — ^principal fecrctary 

xxxii. [235] of llatc, xxvi. [235] — commiflionerfor 

Stewart, hon. Keith — receiver general of ,the aifaiis in India, xxvii. [216]— 

his mnjcfty's land rents and cafualiies in vifcount Sydney — chief juftice in eyre 

Scotland, xxvii. [216] fouth of Trent, xxxi. 239. 

Stewart, lion. capt. Keiih^ — rear-admiral Sydney, vifcountefs — lady of the bed- 

of the blue, xxxii. [^38] chamber to the queen, xxxiii. 62*. 

Stewart, right hon. Robeit — baron Lon- Sykes, Francis, efq.—— baronet, 'xxiT«, 

dondeny of Ireland, xxxi. [240] [^o/] 
Stiles, William, -efq. — commiflioncr of Sykes, rev. Markj D. D. — ^baronet^- 
thc cuftorns. xxx. [228] xxvi. 230. 
Stilling, rii^bt hon. James, lord proved of Sylvefter, mr. — common ferjeaht of, 

Edinburgh — baronet, xxxiv. 55 *. London, xxxii. £211] xxidi. [237^ 
Stirling, major-general Thomas — colonel 

of the 41 it regiment of foot, xxxii. [2 3 5] TaLBOTi 



<*|^AiBOt, lord— cxticnfioD of the title 
^ to the female line, xxiv. [145] — earl 

Talbot, xxvii. [215] 
Talbot, Charles Henry, efq.— baronet 

of Ireland, xxxii. [235} 
Talbot, Thomas Manfell, efq. — (herifFfor 

Glamorgan, 1^82, xxv. 198. 
Tankerville, earl of— «poftmafter-gene- 

ral, xxv. [23^] — 'xxvif. [2I2]— aprivy 

counfellor, xxv. [237] 
Tanner, David, efq.— fheriff for Mon- 

moutbfhire, 1792, xxxlv. 64*. 
Tapps, George Ivifon, efq. — admiral^ 

xxxiii. 61*. 
Tatam, George^ efq.— Eaft India di* 

reftor, xxx. [202] 
'Taylor, John, efq. — Iheriff for War* 

wrickfliire, 1786, xxviii. [222} 
Taylor, William, efq.— ftieriff for Herc- 

fordfliire, 1789, xxxi. [248] 
Tebbs, Benjamin, efq. — knight, xxxiv* 

Templar, George, efq.— flierifif for So^ 

mcrfetihire, 1789, xxxi. [248] 
Temple, earl— lord lieut* and cuftos ro- 

tulonim of Buck$, xxv. [234]— >oiie 

fif the fecretaries of ftate, xxvi. [234} 

—marquis of Buckingham, xxvii. 

Theobald, J. Meadows, efq.— .fhcriff for 

Suffolk, 1787, xxix. [236] 
Thomas, John, efq.— ftieriiF for Car- 

marthen(hire, 1788, xxx. [233] 
Thomas, Samuel, efq.-— iheriiF for Com« 

wall, xxix. [235] 
Thomas, Vaughan, efq.— Iheriff for Pern* 

brokelhfre, 1782, xxv. [198] 
Thomas, Walter, efq. — (heriff for Car- 

mai'tfaen, 1789, xxxi. [248] 
Thomfon, fir Alexander, knt.-ifcrjeant 

at law, xxix. [232]— baron of the ex- 
chequer, xxix. [232] 
ThornhilI,Edward,elq fhcriff for Berk- 

(hire, 1785, xxvii. [252] 
Thomhill, George, eHj.— fherifFfor Cam- 
bridge and Huntingdon(hires, 1791, 

xxxiii. 71* • 
Thornton, Robert, efq. — Iherifffor Bed- 

fordfhire, 17S2, xxv. [197] 
Thornton, Samuel, efq, — ^bank dircftor, 

xxx. [203] 
Thrale, Heniy— ihcriff of Flint, 1781, 

xxiv. [203] 
Thurlow, lord— lord high chancellor, 
. :pQvi, [135] — a penfion of 3000 1. a 

year granted t9 iia^ xxy'u [.169I— • 

baron Thurlow, with remainder to ths 
fon of the late bifhop of Durham, and 
the rev. Edward South Thurlow, xxxiv. 


'thurlow, bifhop of Lincoln— dean of 9t« 
, Paul's, xxv.. [204. 234]— bifliop olf 
Durham, xxix. [232] > 

Tickell, Richard, efq.— commiffioiierof 
the ftamp duties, x:qv. [298] 

Tighe, Edward, el'q. — commiflioner of 
extraordinary, and impreft accounts in 
Ireland, xxxi. [239] 

Tiptaft, James, eiq.— iherifffor Rutiand- 
mire, 1792, xxxlv. 64*. 

Toler, John, efq. — ^king's fecorid ferjeant 
at law in Ireland, xxix. [233] — iclU 
citor-general of Ireland, xxxi. [240] 

Tollemache, ho^. Wilbraham — (heri^T 
for Chefhire, 1785, xxvii. [252] 

Toilet, Charles, efq. — (heriff for Siafford- 
fhire, 1782, xxv. [198] 

Tonfon, William, efq. — baron Rivers- 

. dale of Ireland, xxvi. [,233] 

Townley, Richard Greaves, efq.— (heriff 
for Cambridge and Huntingdon, 1 792, 
xxxiv. 64*. N • 

Townihend, lord vifcount — mafter-gene- 
ral of the ordnance, xxvi. [232]— » 
marquis, xxix. [23-5] — lord lieutenant 
of Norfolk, xxxiv. 54*. 

TownOiend, hon*Chailes — ti^eaiurer of the 
*navy, xxvi. [231] 

Townfhend, hon. John — lord commif- 
fioner H>f the admiralty, xxv. [234]-— 
xxvi. [231} 

Townfhend, hon. John Thomas — under ^ 
feCretary of Itate for the home depart- 
ment, xxvii. [213] — lord of the admi- 
ralty, xxxi. [240] — -xxxiii. 6j*. 

Townfhend, rt. hon. Thomas — lecretary 
at war, xxv. [234] — one of the prin- 
cipal fecretaries of ftate, xxv. [236]— 
baron Sydney, xxvi. [230] 

Tracey, Henry, efq. — iheriff for Mont- 
gomery fli I re, xxv. [198] 

Tregonnel, Lewis Dymock Grofvenor, 
efq. — fheriff for Dorfetfhire, 1781, 
xxiv. [202J 

Trevor, hon. John-r-envoy extraordinary 
to the king of Sardinia, xxvi. [230]— 
minifter plenipotentiary, xxxi. [239] 

Trotman, Robert, el'q.— fheriff for Suf* 
folk, xxvi. [236] 

Tuam, archbifhop of— privy counfellor . 
in Ireland, xxv. [2-37] 

Tuffnall, Jolin JolJilTe, efq.— fheriff for 
EflTex, i;^86, xxviii. 222. 

Tully, Richard, efq. — agent and conful 
general at Tripoli, xxv. [237] 

Turner, Charles, efq. — baronet, xxr* 

£»35l _ 


Torncr> (ir Gregory Page, bart.-^erifF 

for Oxfordihirc, 1783, xxvi» [136] 
Tomer, John Crichlocj efqw-^fheriff 

for Cambridge and Huntingdot^iKires, 
. 1785-, xxvii. [252] 
Turner,, rev. Jofeph, D, D--^ean of 

Norwich, xxxii. [236] 
Tweddell, mr, John — receives the dukt 

of Grafcon^s medal at Cambridge^ 
- xxxii. 197. 
Twiggc, John, efq. — (herifffor Denbigh^ 

1785, xxvii. [253] 
Tynte, J, Kemys, efq. — groom of tb« 

bed-chamber to the prince of Wales, 

xxix. [233] — mafter and comptroller 
. of the houihold to the prince of Wake^ 

xxxiii. 62*. 
Tyrone,* earl of — ^knight of St. Patrick* 

xxvi. [196]— baron Tyrone, xxviii. 
'[2183^- marquis of the county of 

Waterfoid, in Ireland, xxxi. [2^} 
Tyrwhit, Thomas Draite, efq. — fheriiT 

for Glamai'ganfhirey 1786, xxriii. 


VAC HELL, William, efq. — Ihenfffor 
Cambridgefhire and Huntingdon* 
fliire, 1783, xxvi. [236] 
Vane, fir F. — (heriff for Cumberland, 

1788, XXX. [233] 
Vane, rev. Henry D. D. — ^baronet, xxv. 

Vann, William, efq,— ^(herifffor Leicef- 

terftrire, 1785, xxvii. [252] 
Vaughan, John, efq.— admiral of the 

blue, xxix. [234] 
Vaughan, lieur. gen. Jolin — knight of 

the bath, xxxiv. 55*. 
Vaughan, John, eltj. — (hcriff for Cardi- 

ganfhire, 1788, xxx. [233] 
Vaughan, Robert Howell, efq. — baronet, 

xxxiii. 61*. 
Verney, mifs Mary — baronefs Ferma- 
nagh of Ireland, xxxiv. 55*. 
Vernon, fir Edward, knt. — vice-admiral 
. of the white, xxix. [234] 
Vernon, rev. Edward Vcnables— bifljop 

of C^rlide, xxxiii. 62*. 
Vjlliers, rt. hon. John Charles — privy 

counfellor xxix. [232]— chief juftice 

in Eyre North of Trent, xxxii, [235] 

— warden and chief juftice in Eyre 

beyond Trent, xxxii. [238} 
Vincent, fir Francis, bart. — rcfident' at 

Venice, xxxi. [241] 
Vincent, Nicholas, efq. — vice>adjniral of 

the white, xxix. [234] 

781 to t/gi* 

TJXBRiDGi, eari of—- conftable of die 
^ calllc of Oumarvoik, jotrii. [ist). 


«7ADDil.0VR, rer. Robert Daricy:-* 
^^ dean of Rippon, xxxiii. 6i*« 
Wakcman, ilmry,efq, — (herifffor Wor* 

cefter(bire, 1701, xxxiii. 71*. 
Wake, fir Wiliiam, bart.«-41ieriff for 

Nortbampiondkire, xxxiii. 71*. 
Walcot, Charles, efq.^-«-aieriff for Shrop- 

fliire, 1781, xrv, [198} 
Wilcot, William, jun. efq.— Ihenfffor 

Northamptonfliire, 1787, xxix. [136] 
Waldegrave, earl—- lord lieut. and ciiftoe 

rotulorum fot Effex, xxiv. [ao9l— 

maffer of the horii: to the qaeen, xxvii. 

Waldegrave,.hu]y Eiisabeth, daughter of 
the earl of Waldegrave— lady of the 
- bed-chamber to the princefs royal,xxvL 

Walhoufe, Morton, efq. — iheriff for 
Staffordlhire, 1791, xxxiii. 71*. 

Wallace, James, efq.— attorney-general, 
xxvi. [2^»j 

Waller, I^ichard, efq.— groom of tlie 
bed-chamber, xxvii. [2167 

Wallis, Samuel, efq.— <ommiffioner of 
the navy, xxix. [235] ■ 

Waljjole, hon. mr. — envoy to the court 
ofBavaria, xxvi. [233] 

Walpole, hon. Robert— envoy extraor- 
dinary to Portugal for commercial ar- 
rangements, xxviii; [22a] 

Walpole, Thomas, efq.— envoy extraor- 
dinary to the ele&or Palatine, xxx. 

Walfingham, lord— privy cooniclkv, 
xxvii. [212] — vicc-treafurcr of Ireland| 
xxvii. [213] — commifiioner for the 
affairs of India, xxvii. [216]— -fioft- 
• mafter-gtneral, ' xxix. [233] —xxxi. 

Warton, Thomas, B. D^-«poetiaureat| 
xxvii. [251] 

Walwyn, James, efq.--^eriff for Here- 
ford (hii-e, 1784, xxvii. [21 SI 

Warburton, fir P. bait^-^fiieriff for Che- 
(hire, 1782, XXV. [197] 

Ward, Lucas, efq. — fticriff for Nor* 
thamptonAiire, 1785, xxvii. [252] 

Ward, Ralph, efq.— cnmmiflioner cSF the 

- barrackf in Ireland) nsvii* [^x-]- » 



Ward, Thomas, efq. — IherifF for War- 
wicklbire, 1789, xxxl. [24-8]' 

Wardle, G. L. elq.— -fherifF for Flint, 
1791, xxxiii. 72*. 

Warner, Henry Lee, efq. — fhcriiF for 
Norfolk, 1782, XXV. [197] 

Warren, lev. dr. — ^bifliop of Bangor, xxvi. 

Warren, capt. fir John Borlafej bart. — 
groom of the bed-chaiiiber to the duke 
of Clarence, xxxl. [238] 

Warren, dr. Richard, phyfician in ordi- 
nary to the' prince of Wales, xxix, 

Warren, Robert, efq. — baronet of Ire- 
land, xxvii. [216] 
Warrener, Giiford,eJq. — fherifF for Wih- 

fhire, 1790, xxxii. [24.6] 
Waterhoufe, Thomas, e(q. — fherifF for 

Nottinghamfhire, 17^7, xxix. [236] 
Watkin, Edward, efq. — fherifF for 

Brecon, 1786, xxviii. [223] 
Watfon, H rook— elected member for the 

city of London, xxvii. [179] 
Watfon, James, efq. — ferjeant at law, 

xxix. [235] 
Webb, John — fherifF of Warwickfhire, 

xxiv. [203] 
Watfon, John, efq. — conful at Venice, 

xxxii i. 60*. 
Watfon, rev. Richard, D. D.— bifhop of 

LlandafF, xxv. [224.. 236] 
Welles, lord — vifcount Northland, xxxiii. 

Welfley, hon. Heniy — fecretary of lega- 
tion at Stockholm, xxxiv. 54*. 
.Wemys, Maurice, lieut. col. of marinesf 

—colonel in the army, xxxiii. 60*. 
Wenman, hon. Thomas Francis — pro- 

ftfTor of civil law at Oxford, xxxi. 

Wentworth, lord vifcount — lord of his 

majefty's bcdr-cham ber, xxxii. [238] 

WcBtworth, Frederick Thomas, efq.— 

fherifF for Dorfetfbire, 1789, xxxi. 


Wentworth, John, efq. — lieut. gov. of 
Nova Scotia, xxxiv. 54*. 

Weuyeve, John, efq-.-^—lheriff for Suffolk, 
1784, xxvii. [218] 

Weftmcath, earl of — knight of St. Pa* 
trick, xxvi. [196] 

Weltmoreland, earl of — ^privy counfellor 
of Great Britain, and lord lieut. of 
Ireland, xxxi, l*4i] — poft-mafler-ge- 
ral,xxxi. [241] 

Welton, rev. Samuel — canon and preben- 
dary of Canterbury,- xxx. [^19] 

VVciton, rev. mr.— prebendary of'Dur- 

^ ham, xxxi. [239] 

Weymouth, . riiomai* locA YLCcount ^ 
Vol. U, 

groom of the flole, and firfl gentleman 
oft he bed-chamber, xxv. [235] — ^mar- 
quis of bath, xxxi. [240] 

Wliarton, Thomas, efq. — commiflio'ncr 
of excile in Scotland, xxix. [232] 

Whelpdale, Thomas, efq. — fherifF for 
Cumberland, 1787, xxix. [235] 

Whichcotc, fir T. bart. — fheriff for Lin- 
_colnfhire, 1790, xxxii. [246] 

Whieldon, Thomas, efq.-— : fherifF for 
StatFordfliire, 1787, xxix. 236. 

Wh'te, rev. dr. — confecrated by the arch-, 
bifhop of Canterbuiy bifhop for the 
united flates, xxviii. [213] 

White, Stephen, efq. — fherifF for Gla-* 
morgan, 1785, xxvii. [253] 

Whitmore, Edward, a private foldier 
comes into a fortune of 50,000 1. by 
the death of his father, xxvi. [207] 

Whitwoith, Charles, efq.— minifter ple- 
nipotentiary to Poland, xxvii. [252]—* 
envoy extraordinaiy and minifler ple- 
nipotentiary to Peterfburgh, xxx. [230] 

Whyte, Richard — major-general, xxxiu 

Wickham, William, efq.— ^ew police 

juftice, xxxiv. 34*. 

Wigley, E. Hartop, efq. — fheriffforLei- 
cefterfhire, 1790, xxxM. [246] 

Wilding, Richard, efq. — ^fheviffforDen- 
blghftiire, 1788, xxx. [233] — fheriff 
for Flint, 1789^ xxxi. [248] 

Wilkins, Jeffreys, efq. — fheriff for Bre-. 
con, 1789, xxxi. [248] 

Wiikinfon, Thomas, efq.— fheriff for 
Bucks, 1786, xxviii. 222. 

William Henry, prince — knight of the 
garter, xxv. [206]— duke of Clarence, 
and St. Andrews in Great Britain and 
earl of Munrter in Ireland, xxxi. [238 J 

William, Edmund, efq. — fheriff for Bre- 
con, 1784, xxvii. [218] 

Wi I liamfon , Adam •^— major-general, 
xxxii. [235] 

Williams, fir E. — fheriff for Breconfhire, 
1788, xxx. [233] 

Williams, George Griffith, efq.— fheriff 
for Carmarthenfhire, i79i,^xiii.72*. 

Williams, John, efq. — fheriff ifor Angle- 
fey, 1789, xxxi. [248] 

Williams, Lewis — fheriff of Brecon, 
1781, xxiv. [203] 

Williams, rev. Philip — chaplain to the 
houfe of commons, xxvii. [215] 

Williams, rev. Thomas — prebendary of 
Canterbury, xxxi. [238] 

Williams, T. efq. — fheriff for Anglefey, 
1 790, xxxii. [246] 

Williams, William; efq. — fheriff for Car- 
digan, 1784, xxvii. [218] 

Williamfons wv^lXQ^-wxvw^^ K^^xc^— «i»^ 

. I N D E X, 1781 to 1792. 

of the 47th regiment of foot, xxxii. Wrangham, mr,— obtains dr. Smith*S 

[2^7] premium at Cambridge, xxxii* [195] 

Willcts, Thomas, efq. — fheriflF for Ox- Wrangham, mr. Francis, receives the 

fordfhire, 1791, xxxiv. 64*. duke of Grafton ^sniedal at Cambridgei 

Willis, Thomas, efq. — fheriff for Che- xxxii. 197. 

(hire, 1 784, xxvii .217. Wright, Thomas, efq . — (heri£F for Peffl- 

WilJoughby, hon. mr. fon of lord Mid- Broke, 1783, xxvi. [«36] 

dleton— colonel of the Nottingham- Wroughton, fir Thomas— envoy cxtra- 

ihire militia, xxvi. [230] ordinary to Sweden, xxix. [131] 

Wilfon, dr. — bifliop of Briftol, xxvi. Wyatt, Richard— (heriff for Effex, 1781, 

[132] xxiv. [202] — iheriff for Suffex, 17871 

Wilfon, rev. Edward — prebendary of xxix. [236] 

Windfor, xxvii- [213] Wynne, Robert, efq.— fheriff for Car- 

Wiifon, John, efq. — juftice of the com- ■ narvon, 1784, xxvii. [118]— clerk of 

mon pleas, xxviii. [220] — lord com- the deliveries in Ireland, xxx?^ [241] 

mifli'oner of the great feal, xxxiv. 55*- Wynne, dr. William — judge of the prt- 

Wilfon, T. efq. — fheriff for Derby/hire, rogaiive, and dean of the arches court, 

1790, xxxii. [246] XXX. [119] — ^knighted, xxx. [230]— 

Willbn William, efq. — fherift for Cum- Wynne, rt. hon. fir Wiilian)— privy 

berland, 1786, xxviii. [222] counfellor, xxxi. [238] 

Windfor, Edward Charles — fheriff for Wynyard, major-gen. William— 4ieat. 

Shropfhire, 1781, xxiv. [203] general, xxix. [234] 

Winftanlcy, rev. mr. — Camden profeffor Wynyard, capt. William— equerry to the 

of ancient hiflory at Oxfoixl, xxxii. duke of York, xxx. [218] 


Wmthoi p, Ben . efq. — bank dlrcftor, xxx. V^ 


Wintringham, fir Clifton, bart. — phy- YATES, John Orfeur, efq. — (herifffbr 

fician general to the forces,- xxviii. * Cumberland, 1783, xxvi. [235] 

[220] Yates, Samuel, efq. — fheriff for Mont* 

Wodhull, Michael, efq. — fheriff for Nor- gomery, 1785, xxvii. [253] 

thamptonlhire, 1783, xxvi. [236] Yeidham, Mofes, efq.— bank dire6h)ri 

Wolfe, Arthur, eiq. — foiiciior-general xxx. [203] 

of Ireland, xxix. [233] — privy coun- Yelverton, Barry, efq.— attorney-general 

fellor, and attorney general of Ireland, in Ireland, and privy counfellor, xxr. 

xxxi. [240] [236]— lord chief baron in Ireland, 

Wood, Francis, efq. — baronet, with re- xxvi. [235] 

mainder to the rev. Henry Wood, and Yiddy, Davies, efq.— fheriff for Com* 

TO the heirs of Francis Wood, eiq. his wall, 1792, xxxii. 65*. 

father, xxvi. [234] Yonge, fir George, bart. — ^vice-treafurfr 

Wood, J. efq. — fheriff for Northumber- of Ireland, xxv. [235]— fccretaryat 

land, 1791, xxxiii. 71*. war,xxv. [236] — ^xxvii. [1x2}— X.B. 

Woodford, l^alph, efq. — ^baronet, xxxiii. xxx. [2*9] 

6 1 *• ; York, duke of— -privy counfeUory xxix. 

Woodlioufc, John, efq. — ^Eaft India di- [233] 

rtftor, xxvii. [177") — xxx. [202] York, John, efq.— (herifF for Yorkfhirt, 

Woodley, William, ei'q. — governor of the 1788, xxx. 233. 

Leeward Charihbee Iflands, xxxiii. 62*. York, P. efq. — fiieriff for Fllntfliire, 1^871 

Woodrotfe, William, efq.— fheriflF for . xxix. [236] 

Surrey, 1792, xxxiv. 64*. Yorke, James— bifhop of Gloiucefter-" 

Woods, Edmund, elq.— fheriff for Suffex, bifliop of Ely, xxiv. [208] 

1792, xx>iv. 64*. Yorke, Charles, efq.— «chiefju(Uce of Ely> 

Wootls, Thomas, efq.— fheriff for Rut- xxxi. [240] 

landfhire, 1791, xxxiii. 71*. Yorke, fir Jofeph— a penfion of «oo#l.» 

Woodward, dr. Richard, dean of St. yeargrantcdtohim, xxvt. £170]— i>ri- 

Martin Clogher — ^bifhop of Cloync, vy counfellor of tmde and pkntatioii% 

xxiv. [267] xxviii. [219] — lord Dover, xxx. [230] 

W6olfley, Charles, efq.-— rear-admiral of Yorke, Philip, efq.—» fheriff for I>eiibigfc- 

the blue, xxxii. [238] fhire, 1786, xxviii. [223] 

Wroughton, Seymour, efq. — fheriff for Younge, George^ efq^^-^ightedi xxi^t 

Wiitfhire, 17^6, xxviii. [223] [>oSl 




ABEAcorn, marquis of— to lady Ce- 
cilia Hamilton, xxxiv. 52*. 
Adair, mifs — to the hon. John Wilfon, 
judg^ of the common pleas, xxx. 

Adderley, Mrs. reli<5l of Thomas Ad- 
deiley, efq. — 'to the right hon» Robert 
Hobart, xxxiv. 51*, 

AMcck, hr Edmund, bart.— — to Mrs. 
Sinithers, xxx. [217] 

Agar, hon. and rev. Jolin Ellis — ^to mils 
Fbwer, filler to vile. Alhbrook, xxxiv. 

Aghrim, lord, fon of they earl of Athlone 
— ^o mifs Muntcr, xxxi, [235] 

Albemarle, earl of — to the bun. mifs So- 
phia Southwell, xxxiy. 52*. 

Aldborough, eari of— to mifs Henniker, 
xxix. [231] 

Altamont, earl o f ^ to the hon. mifs 
Louifa Howe, daughter of lord vif- 
count Howe, xxix ♦[231] 

Altham, mifs— to fir John Roger Pal- 
mer, bart. xxxiii. 57*. 

Althorp, lord, fon of eai-1 Spencer — to 
mifs Bingham, daughter of lord Lucan, 
xxiv. [204] 

Anguifh, mifs Catharine-^-to the marquis 
of Carmarthen, xxx, [2 2 3] 

Annefley^ hon. mifs, daughter of vifc. 
Valencia — to John Maxwell^ efq. xxxi. 

Annelley, hort. George, fon of vifcount 
Valencia — »to the honourable mifs Ann 
Courtnay, xxxii. [234] 

Anfpach, mar^^rave of — to lady Craven, 
xxxiii.. 5^*. 

Aoft, duke of> fon of the king of Sardi- 
nia — to the archduchefs Maria The- 
rcfa,xxxi. [23 j] 

Apfley, lord— ^to mifs Georgina LenoXy 
daughter of lord George Lenoxi xxxi. 

Archer, hon. mifs— ^to capt. Clive> xxxii. 

Archer, hort. mifs — 'to Chrift* Mufgrave* 

efq. xxxii, [23.4.] 
Archer, mifs, daughter of lord Archer 

to the carl of Plymouth, xxx« 

Ardeuy loi^d^to xsifs WUfon/ daughter 

of fir Thomas Spencer WiIfon> blrt^ 
xxix. [230] 

Arden, Richard Pepper, efq. — ^to mlTs 
Wilbraham Bootle, xxvii. [211] 

Armytage, mifs Charlotte—to the rev. 

. J. Eyre, xxxiii. [233] 

Ann tage, fir George, bart.— -to mifs 
Harbord, daughter of lir Harbord 
Harbord, bart. xxv. [228] 

Armytage, fir George, bart. — to mifs 
Mary Bowles, xxxiii. 59*. 

Arundell, James Everard, efq. count of 
the Roman empire — to mifs Arundell, 
countefs of the Roman empire, daugh- 
ter of lord Aniodell, xxvii. [250] 

Anindcll, lady Ann Maria, daygUter of 
lord Arundell— to the hon* Charles 
Clifford, brother to lord Clifford, 
xxviii. [217] 

Arupdell,' 'mifs Catherine Elizabeth, 
daughter of the hon. James fivcrard 
Arundell— to George Frederick Ryves, 
efq. xxxiv. 51*. 

Afgill,. mifs ^to Robert Covile, efq* 

xxviii. [217] 
Afgill, fir Charles, bart.-^to mifs Jemi- 
ma Sophia Ogle, xxxii. [233] 
Alhbrook, dowager, vifcountefs*— to th« 

rev. J. Jones, D J), xxxii. [234] 
Alhburnham, lady Theodofia Mary, 

daughter of lord vifcount Aihbum-* 

ham— to — - Vyner, efq. xxx. [a«7] 
Alhburnham, mifs, daughter of lord 

Afhburnham 1« the maiquis of 

Graham, xxvii. [256] 
Afhley, lady Mary Ann, tiaughter of the 

earl of 'Shaftlbury-— to Charles Sturt, 

efq. xxx. [227] 
Afley, iftifii — to fir John Senhoufe, bart. 

xxix. [432] 
Ailong, lady Frances Alicia, reli£l ot 

W* Aflong, efq. and fifter to the eaH 

of Tankerville— 'to the rev. Richard 

Sandys, xxiv. [205] 
Altlcy, Jacob, efq.— <o xltifs Utovmt, 

xxxi. [235] 
Afton, mifs — to fir John Legard, bart. 

XXV. [232J 
Afton, mifs Anne— ^o Anthony Hodges, 

efq. xxv. [233] 
Afton, Henry Harvey, efq.— to the hon. 

mifs Ingrim, daughter of the late lord 

Irvin, xxxi. [237] 
Atkins, mifs Letitia — to Nicholas 'Aid'' 

ley, efc^. xiaix, ^%\«t\ k v. ^ 

INDEX, 1781 to 1792. 

Aubrey, John, efq. — to tnik Carter, of Uxbridge to mifs Colcpeper, 

xxYU [128] xxxiii. 59*. 

And ley, lord to mifs Delaval, xxiv. Beau champ, mrs. daughter of fir Edward 

[*oS] Boughton — to fir Egcrton Leigh, xdu 

Audley, ^lord— to mifs . Moorhoufc, [2.27] 

xxxiv. 52*. Beauchamp, WilHam Henry, efq.,— to 

Auriol, mifs — ^to the rev. Edw. Hay mifs Frances Davis, xxxii. [233] 

Drummo^nd^ brother to the earl of Beauclerk, mifs — to lord Herbart, Ion of 

Kinnoul, xxxiii. 58*. the earl of Pembroke, xxix. [231] 

Aylelbury, earl of— to lady Ann Raw- Beauclerk, lord William — to mifs Carter 

don, XXX. [226] Thelwall, xxxiii. 58*. 

Aylesford, earl of to mifs Louiia Bcckford, William, efq. — ^to lady Mar- 

Thynne, daughter of lord vifcount garet Gordon, daughter of the earl of 

Weymouth, xxiv. [206] Aboyn, xxvi. [227], " ^^ 

Aylmer, lady to Howell Price, efq. Beevor, mil's — to the rev. Miles^cevor, 

xxix. [232] xxxiii. 5?*- 

Aylmer, mifs — to fir John Hort, bart. Bell, mifs. to William Mabfel, efq. 

xxxi. [237] xxxii. [234] 

Bell, James, efq.— to the hon. Louifa 
Fitzroy, xxxiv. 54*. 

jy Bell, mifs Jane — 10 the hon. WHliaift 

^ • Hay, brother to the earl of Ei rol, xxxiv. 


■nACOT, hon. mtfs, daughter of lord Bella^fe, lady Anne, daughter of the earl 

^ Bagot— to Waiter Sneyd, efq. xxviii. of Fauconberg — to fir George Womb- 

[216] well, bart. xxxiii. 58*. 

Bagot, Richard, efq. brother to lord Ba- Bellafyfe, lady Louiia, daughter of earl 

got— to the honourable mifs Frances Fauconberg to Bernard Edward 

Howard, daughter of lady Andover, Howard, elq. xxxi. [235] 

xxvi. [227] Bellingham, William, efq. to mift 

Baker, mrs.— — to vifcount Dudley and Fanny Cholmondeley, daughter to the 

Ward, XXX. [228] hon. Robert Cholmondeley, xxvi. [219} 

Baker, John, efq. — to lady St. Aubin, Bennet, mifs Emma Elizabeth — —to fir 

widow of fir John St. Aubin, bart. John Swynburne, bait. xxix. [231] 

XXV. [233] Benfon, rev. Edward Beckingham— (0 

Balgonie, lord, fon of the earl of Leven lady Alicia Sandys, (Iftertotbe earl of 

and Melville — —to mifs 'I'hornton, Tankerville, xxvi. [22S] 

xxvii. [211] Bentinck, lord Edward, brother to tbe 

Ballendon, lord to mrs, Sarah Cu- duke of Portland — to mifs Cumber- 

niing, xxix. [231] land, xxv. [233] 

Barcier, madam Mary Ami — to the earl Berkeley, hon. John Cranfield— to mifft 

ofMaflWreene, xxxi. [237] Charlotte Lenox, daughter of loixl Geo* 

Barham, Jofeph Fofter, efq. to lady Lenox, brother to the duke of Rich- 

' Caroline Tiifton, xxxiv. 53* mond, xxvii. [211] 

Baring, mifs — to Francis John Browne, Beresford, Marcus, efq.— to lady Fran- 

efq. xxxiii. 57*. ces Arabella Leefon^ xxxiii. 57*. 

Baring, mils— to fir Sidney Strafford Bertie, lady Georgina Charlotte, daugh- 

Northcote, bart. xxxiii. 58*. ter of Peregrine duke of Ancafter, t^ 

Barlow, Hugh, c{\\, — to mifs Crefpigny, the earl of Cholmondeley, xxxiii. 57*. 

xxxiii; 59^. Bewick, mifs, daughter of the late fir 

Barnard, lord, fon of the earl of Dar- Robert Bewick — —to Thomas Bood» 

lington — to lady Charlotte Powlett, efq. xxiv. [20 5] 

daughter of the duke of Bolton, xxix. Bingham, mifs, daughter of lord LocaOi 

[231] — ^to lord A! thorp, fon of carl Spencer^ 

Harrington, Fitzwilliam, efq.— to mifs xxiv. [204] 

Marihall, xxxi. [236] Birch, rev. Charles— to mifs Sej^moVy 

Barton, mifs Margaret — to lord Maffey, niece to earl Cowper, xxiv. r«o6J 

xxxiv. 52*. ^ Biihop, fir Cecil, bart.— <to mifs Sondi- 

Bateman, Rowland, efq. — to mifs Ar- well, xxv. [233] 

rabella Denny, xxxii. [234] Blackman, mifs Mary^^^to the lioiumr* 

Bayley, capt. Paget, brother to the earl * Irby^ xxiv.. [ao^.J 

3 WbH 

Blake, Tnifs— 'to the earl of Errol, xxxii, 

Blake, fir Patrick, bart. — to mifs Pliipps, 

xxxi. [237] 
Blandford, msrquls of— to Lady Sufan 

Stewart, daughter of the earl of Gal- 
loway, xxxi ii. 59*. 
Blencowe, Robert, efq.— to mifs Pene- 
lope Robiriibn, daughter of fir George 

Robinfon, bart. xxxi. [237) 
BlennerhaflTet, mifs — to fir George AI- 

lanfon Winn, bart. xxvi. [228] 
BlenneAaflet, mifs — to the hon. captain 

de Courcy, brother to lord Kinfale, 

xxviii. [217] 
Bligh, mifs, daughter of the dean of 

Elphin — to lord vilcount Jocelyn, xxx. 

Bligh, lady Mary — to Laurence Palke, 

efq. xxxi. [236] 
Bligh, lady Theodoeia to Thomas 

Bligh, efq. xxxii. [234.] 
Blois, Charles, efq. fon of fir John Blois, 

bart. to mifs Clara Price, xxxi. 

Blount, fir Walter, bart. — to mifs Anne 

Riddell, xxxlv. 54*. 
Boddam, Rawfon Hart, efq.— to mifs 

Tudor, xxxiii. 57*. 
Boddin^ton, mifs — to the hon. Frederick 

Lumley, xxviii. [216] 
Boatzlaer, de, dowager baronefs — to the 

right hon. firjofeph Yorkc, K.B. xxvi. 

Bond, mifs to the hon. Chriftopher 

Hely Hu. chin fon, brother to lord Do- 

noughmore, xxxi v. 54*. - 
Bond, Thomas, efq. — to mifs Bewjcke, 

daughter of the late fir Robert Bewicke, 

xxiv. [205] 
Bootle, mifs Wilbrahanv— — to Richard 

Pepper Arden, efq. xxvii. [211] 
Booile, mifs Wilbraham — to William 

Farringlon, efq. xxxiii. 58*. 
Bofanquet, Jacob, efq — to mrs. Grady, 

fifter to fir George Armytage, bart. 

xxxii. [234.] 
Bofcawen, William, efq. nephew to lord 

Falmouth — to mfts Chailotte Ibbet- 

fon, xxviii. [216] 
Boteler, mrs. — to lir Hyde Parker, xxv. 

Bouchier, mifs — ^to the bifhopof Dur- 
ham (Egerton) xxy. [232) 

Bovet, Thomas, efq. — to mifs Seymour, 
daughter of the right hon. and rev. 
lord Francis Seymour, and niece to 
the duke of Somerfet, xxvii. [2x1] 

Boughton, mifs, daughter of fir Thomas 
Boughton, bart.^-to Thomas Lsing* 
lord BroQkcj efq. Toaiif [z^i^l 


Bourke, mifs Mary, daughter of the 

archbifhop of Tuam— to lord de 
Clifford, xxxi. [235] 

Bouverie, mifs, niece to the earl of Rad- 
nor to fir James St. Clair, xxxi. 


Bouverie, the hon. Edward, brother to 
the earl of Radnor — to mifs A. Ogle, 
daughter to admiral fi* Chaloner Ogle» 
xxvii. [251] 

Bouverie, hon. mr. brother to the earl of 
Radnor — to the lady Catheiine Mur- 
ray, daughter of the earl of J^unmore, 
xxv. [23(2] 

Bowes, lady Maria, daughter of thr 
earl of Sti'athmore — to capt, Barrington 
Price, xxxi. [235] 

Bowles, mifs Mary — to fir George Ar- 
mytage, bart. xxxiii. 59*. 

Boyd, John, efq. — to mifs Harley, daugh- 
ter of the right hon. Thomas Harley^ 
xxvii. [210] 

Boyle, mifs — to lord Henry Fitzgerald^ 
xxxiii. 59*. 
' Boyle, lady Louifa Ifabella — to the rev. 
George Biidgman, xxxiv. 53*. 

Boynton, fir Griffith, bart. to mifs 
Parkhurft, xxxii. [233] 

Brabazon, lady Mary, daughter of the 
earl of Meath — to Artliur Knox, efq, 
xxiv. [205] 

Bradihaw,mrs. — to the hon. and rev. mr, 
Cadogan, fon of lord Cadogan, xxv« 

Bray, mils — to vice-admiral fir Alexander 

Hood, knt. xxx. [227] , 

Bridgman, rev. George — to lady Louifa 

Ifabella Boyle, xxxiv. 53*. 
Bridgeman, John, el'q. — to mifs Worflcy, 

xxvii, [210] 
Bridgeman, Orlando, efq.— to mifs Byng, 

daughter of lord vifcount Torrington, 
. xxx. [227] 
Brifco, E. elq.-^to lady Ann Gprdon, 

daughter of the earl of Aberdeen, 

xxviii. [217] 
Broadhead, mil's — to John King Dafli- 

wood, efq. fon of fir John Dafhwood, 

Bart. xxxi. [237] 
Broderick, mrs. — to Thomas Ord, efq, 

xxvii. [211] 
Brooke, Thomas Langford, efq. — ^tomifs 

Boughton, daughter of fir Thomas 

Boughton, bart. xxxii. [232] 
Broughton, rev. fir Thomas, bart.— td 

lady Anne Windfor, xxix. [231] 
Brouncher, mifs — to the hon. William 

Finch, brother to the earl of Aylesford, 

xxJfi. [2j61 

INDEX, 1781 to 1792. 

;Prowneymir&-^toJacobAiUey,erq. XXXI. Calonne, M, de— — to madame d'Har-" 

[235] velai, XXX. [227] 

Bjrown, Francis John, cfq.— to mifs B a- Calvert, Nidiolas, efq . t o the hop. 

ring, xxxlii. 57*. Frances Pery, daughter of vifcount 

Brownlow, mil's Elizabeth, daughter of Pery, xxxi. [234] 

the right hon." William Brownlow— Cambridge, Charles Owen, efq.«— totho 

to the earl of Darnley, xxxiii. 59*. hon. mrs. Cochrane, xxxi. [234] 

Buckingham, mifs— to the Cameion, Charles efq.*— to lady Mai7 

tague, fon of vifcount Hinchinbroke, Hay, daughter of the late carl of Erro^ 

xxxii. [232] xxxi. [230] 

Burgh, de, lady Margaret Augufta, Campbell, lieutenant Duncan*— to hdj 

daughter of tne earl of Clanricarde, Ramfa) reli£V of fir George Ram&y, 

-i-toLuke Dillon, efq. xxvii. [250] bart. xxxiv. 53*. 

Burgh, dc, lady Hefter Amelia, fitter Campbell, John, efq.«— to lady Caroline 
to the marquis of Clanricarde- -to Howard, daughter of the earl of Car- 
William Trenchard, efq. xxxii. lifle, xxxi- [236] 
[233] Capel, hon , Thomas— to l?idy C^liw 

Burford, earl of, fon of the duke of St. Paget, xxxiv. 53*. 

Alban's — to mils Mofes, xxx. £228] Carberry, lord— to mifs Sufannah Wat- 

Burnaby, capt. fir William Chaloncr, fon, xxxiv. 53*. 

—to mifs Elizabeth Molineux, xxvi. Cardigan, earl of-^to lady Elizabeth 

[228] Waldegrave, xxxiii. 58*. 

Burton, Francis, efq.— to mifs Halhead, Carew, Reginald Pole, efq. — to mifs Jn 

xxx. [226] mima Yorke, daughter of the hon, 

Butler, hon. Au^iuftus-! — to mifspanvers, John Yorke, xxvii. [2x1] 

daughter of fir John Daiivers, bart. Carmaithen,ni;)rquis ot-^to mifs Cathe* 

xxxiv. 52*. rine Anguifli, xxx. [228] 

Butler, lady Sophia, daughter of the Carnagie, fjr David, bart. ? ■■ t o m)^ 

JatC' earl of Lanen)orough .;—-»- to Eliot, xxvi. [227] 

the marquis Lewis Marifcoti, xxix. Carpenter, mifs-— to fir Henry Gougii| 

[231] bart. xxvi. [227] 

Buth r, William, efq.-r-to the hon. mifs Carr, mifs— to W. P. Hamond, efiji 

JM. (fay,' daughter of the late lord xxxii. [233] 

Maffay, xxxi. [237] Carter, mifs— ^to John Aubrey, efq. 

Byng, mifs, daughter of lord vifcount xxvi. [228] 

Torrington-.-to Orlando Bridgcman, Cartwright, mifsf— to the hon. Richard 

efq. xxx. [227] Chttwyrd, fon of vif90unt Cheiwynd, 

Byng, lady Ceorgina Elizabeth, daugh- xxxiii, 58*. 

tcr of lord To: rirgton^^to lord John Cartwrig^lt, mifs — to the rev. fir Wil- 

Ruffel, xxviri. [216] Ham Henry Clarke, bart. xxxiv. 52*. 

Byion, hon. mrs. daughter of the hon. Carysfort, lordi— to mifs Qrcnville, fifter 

admiral Byron-r^-to fir Robert* W^lmot, to the marquis of Buckingbani, xxiXi 

bart. xxvi. [228] [*3i] 

]P}rc , — — tlq. — to mifs Talbot, niece Caftieftewart, lordr— to mifs Sarah I«iU| 

to tne ^arl of Shrew(huiy, xxvii. [210] xxv. [233] 

Cathcan, hon^ and rev. Arch. Hani.?-i 

to mifs Freemantle, xxxii. [133} 
(^avan, enil of — to mifs Qould| daugbtec 

Q of judge Qould, XXV. 233, 

' Cave, mifsT-to Henry Otway, efq. Voai% 


#r^ ADO CAN, hon. and rev. mr. fon of Cave, fir Thomas, bart.-T4o lady Lucy 

^ lord Cadrganr — to mrs. Bradftiaw, Sherrard, xxxiii. 58*. 

xxv. [233] Cavent^ifh, mifs, daughter of the rigJ't 

' palcraft, John, efq. — rr-to mifs HateS| hon. fir Henry Cavendilh, hartrf»-tQ 

xxxii. [233] vifcount Valentia, xxvi. [aio] 

(balder, major-general, fir H. bart,—* to (Cavendilh, lord George, brotDcr to the 

mifs Oiborne, xxxi. [234] duke of Devon (hire*— to lady Betty 

Caldwall, fir John, count of the Roman Compton, fole heirefs to thente cai| 

0mpiie, and bart. — to nuf9 Harriot of Northampton, xxv. r*3x] 


fir Henry Cavendifti, bart.— to noifs Clifton, mifs— to the hon. mr. Talbot, 

Cooper, xxxi. [237] brother to the earl of Shrew(bury, 

Champneys, Thomas Swymmers, cfq, xxxi. [235] 

— to mifs C. Moftyn, xxxiv. 52*. Clive, lord to lady Henrietta Herbert, 

Chatham, earl of — to mifs Townfhend, fifter to the earl of Powis, xxvii. 

daughter of lord Sidney, xxvi. [228] [2^10] 

Caulfield, mifs — to the hon. W. For- Clive, capt. to the hon. mifs Archer, 

ward, XXX. [231] xxxii. [234] 

Cecil, mrs. Emma, late wife of Henry Clive, mil's, filter of lord Clive — to John 

Cecil, efq. — to the rev. William Sneyd, Robinfon, efq. xxvv [232] 

xxxiii. 59*. Clive, mifs Margaret, fiftcr of lord Clive 

Chapman, mifs — to lord vifcount Tur- —to Lambert Theodore Walpole, efq. 

pour, fon of the earl of Winterton, nephew to lord Walpole, xxx. [227] 

xxiv. [206] Cobb, mifs— to the hon. H. Pelham, (oa 

Cheihyre, mifs— to ^arl Fauconberg, of lord Pelbam, xxx. [228] 

xxxiii. 57. Cochrane, hon. mrs.'—- to Charle$ Owen 

Chetwynd, mifs, daughter of lord Chet- Cambridge, efq. xxxi. [234] 

wynd-^o Munbee Gelburn, eli^. xxv. Cockburn, mifs Jane Harriot—to John 

[232] \ Nicholas Duntze, efq. xxxiv. 53*. 

Chetwynd, hon, Grenvillc Anfon, fon Cocks, hon, John Somers — to mHs Naih, 

of lord vifcouiit Chetwynd — to mifs xxvii. [250] 

Stapylton, xxvi. [228] .Coker, John, efq. — to the hon. mift 

Chetwynd, hon. Richard, fon of vifcount Marfham* xxxiv. 53*. 

Chetwynd — to mifs Charlotte Cart- Coke, Edward, efq. M. P. — to mtfii 

Wright, xxxiii. 58*. Colhoun, xxxiy. 52*, 

Child, mrs. — to lord Ducie, xxxiii. 57*. Cole, lady Sarah— to Owen Wynne, efq. 

ChoImley> mifs-^-to lord Mulgrav^, xxix. xxxii. [232] 

[231] . Colebrook, mifs Louifa — daughter of fir 

Cholmondeley,earl of— tolady Georgina George Colebrook, bart.— to captain 

Charlotte Bertie, daughter of Pere- Sutherland, xxxi. [237] 

grine, duke of Ancafter, xxxiii. 57*. Colepeper, mifs — to captain Paget Bay- 

Cholmondeley, mifs, daughter of the . ley", brother to the earl o^ Uxbridge. 

hon Robert Cholmondeley — ^to Wil- xxxiii. 59*. 

11am Bellingham, efq. xxvi. ,[229] Colhoun, mifs-— to Edward Coke, efq. 

Churchill, mifs — to the hon. Horatio xxxiv. 51*. 

Walpole, fon of lord Walpole, xxiv. Collier, fir George, knight-*— to mifs 

[205] , , Fryer, xxiv. [205] 

Clanricarde, carl— »— to mifs Povvlett, Collins, mifs Charlotte— to the bon« 

xxvii. [250] Charles Richard St. John, xxvi. [227] 

Clarke, rev. fir William Henry, bart.— Collyer, Charles, efq. — to mifs Sarah 

to mifs Cartvirright, xxxiv. 52** Maria ^ Pratt, niece to fir Edward 

Oavering, noifs— to lord Napier, xxvii. Aftley, bart. xxv. {231} 

[210 J Colthurft, fir Nicholas Conway, bart.— 

Clayton, mifs, fifter to lady Howard de to mifs Latouche, xxx, [227] 

Walden— «r«-to colonel Henry Fox, Cplvill, hon. mifs Catherine, daughter of 

xxviii. [217] John lord Colvill — to the rev. Roger 

Cleaver, rev. dr.— to mifs Wynne, xxx. Frankland, xxxiv. 53*. 

[227] Colvill, hon. John, fon of lord Colvill--* 

Cliffden, vifc.*— to lady Carol. Spencer, to mifs Ford, xxxii. [234] 

daughter of the duke of Madboi-ough, Compton, lord— -—to mifs Smith, xxix. 

xxxiv. 52*. [3131] 

Clifford, lord de — ^to mifs Mary Bourke, Compton, lady Betty, fole heirefs to the 

daughter of the archbiihop of Tuam, earl of Northampton-*<to lord George 

xxxi. [235] Cavendiih, brother to the dv^ke of De- 

Clifford,* hon. Charles, brother to lord vonftiire, xxv. [231] 

Clifford — to lady Ann Maria Aiun- Conliffe, mifs, daughter of fir Robert 

del, daughter of lord Arundel, xxviii. Conliffe, bart.-^to S. Courteney, efq. 

[217] xxv. t»3»] 

Clifford, mifs Mary, daughter of the Conway, bon. captain, fon of the earl 

hon. Thomas CliflFord — ^to Chaiies of Hcrtfari— 't» Vwi^ 'asxt^vva^'^'^r 

Wolfdey, efq. xxxiv. 54n \Q,\i^ ^v^-^^ 

INDEX, 178110179 2. 

degrave, daughter of the duchel's of Crefpigney, mifs — to Hugh Barlow, cfq. 

Giouceller, xxviii. [216] xxxiii- 59*. 

Cooke, Thomas Ivie, rfq. to lady Crefpigney, William Champion, cfq.— 

Amelia Murray, xxxi. [234] to lady Sarah Windlbr, xxriii. [*i7] 

Cooper, mils— rto Henry Cavendifh, fon Crewe, mils— to lord vifcount Falmouth, 

pf the right hon. fir Henry Cavendifti, xxvii. [211] 

bart.'xxxi. [237] Crighton, lady Elizabeth— to viicount 

Cope, mil's, daughter of lord Hawke(bury Mountlluart, xxxiv. 53*. 

— to the duke of Dorfet, xxxii. [232] Croft,mr.— tomifs Sy mthfon, daughter cf 

Cope, mifs, filler to the duchefs of Dorfet fir John Smythfon, baronet, xxiv. [205] 

—to lord Strathavcn. xxxiii. 57*. Crofbie, lady Arabella, filler to the carl of 

Copley, mifs, Juliana, daughter of the Glandore — to— Ward, efq, brother 

' late fir Jofeph Copley, bart. — to fir to lord Ward, xxvi. [227] 

• Charles Wuifon, bart. xxxi. [236] Crolbie. fir Edward William— to mn, 

Cork and Orrery, earl of — to the hon. Dodd, daughter of lady Hcftcr Wcf- 

mifs Monckton, daughter of the late tenra, xxxii. [234] 

lord Galway, xxviii. [216] Crump, mrs. widow of general Crump- 
Cotton, mifs, daughter of fir Robert to lord Glentworth, bilhop of Limc- 

Salnlbury Cotton, bart.— to viicount rick, xxxiv. 54*, 

Kiilmorey, xxxiv. 52*. CufFe, mifs Lucy, niecp to vifcount Dy- 

Covile, Robert, efq.— to mifs Afgill, fart — to William Weldon, efq. xxxiv. 

xxviii. [217] 53*. 

Coullbn, Henry, efq. — to Elizabeth lady Cumberland, efq. — to mifs Hobart, 

dowager Tra6lon, xxxiv. 53*. xxvii, [211] 

Courcy, hon. captain de, brother 10 Xl^umberlind, mifs ■ to lord Edward 

lord Kinlale — to mifs Blennerhaflet, Bentinck, brother to the duke of Port- 

xxviii. [217] land, XXV. [233] , 

Courtnay, mils to Alexander lord Cuming, mrs. Saiah — to lord Ballenden, 

Loughborough, xxv. [233] xxix. [231] 

Courtehay, hon. mifs, daughter of lord Curzon, Pcnn, efq. — to the hon. raifi 

vifcouut Courtenay — to lord Charles Howe, daughter of lord vifcount Howe, 

Henry Somerfet,, fon of the earl of xxix. [231] 

Beaufoit, XXX. [227] 
Courtnay, mifs — to Richard Johnfon, 

efq. xxxiv. 52*. 
Courtnay, hon. mifs Ann — to the hon. 

George Annellcy, fon of vifcount Va- TTv A L L A s, mifs — ^to fir James Foulis, 

Icncia, xxxit. [234] •'-^ bart. xxxiii. 58*. 

Courtenay, S. efq. — to mifs ConlifFe, Dally, mils — to fir Skeffington Smith, 

daugh;er of fir Robert Con liffe, bart. baronet, xxv. '[233] 

xxv. [232] Dalrymple, mifs — to Miles Sandys efq. 

Couffmaker, colonel — to the hon. mifs xxxii. [232] 

Southwell, xxxii. [234] Dalrymple, hon. George — to mifs H?r- 

Couits, mifs — to the carl of Home, xxxii. land, daughter pf admiral fir Robert 

[233] Harland, xxvi. [228] 

Cranllon, lord — to mifs Montolieu, xxxiv. Dalrymple, lieutenant colonel fir Hugh— 

54.*. to mil's Frances Leigh ton,, xxvi. [127] 

Craven, lady to the Margrave of Danvers, mifs, daughter of fir John 

Anfpach, xxxiii. 59*. Danvers, bart. — 10 t'le hon. Auguftu8 

Craven, hou. mifs to John Edw, Butler, xxxiv. 52*. 

Maddocks, efq. xxxiv. 52*. Darell, mifs Lucy — to Edward Hales, 

Craven, hon. mifs £liz. — to vifcount efq. fon of fir Edward Hales, baronet, 

Molyneux, xxxiv. 51*. xxxi. [234] 

Crawford, Janes, eiq. fon of fir Alexander Darker, mifs — to fir George Shuckburgh, 

Crawfcrd, bart. — to mifs Gage, filler xxv. [233] 

of lord Gage, xxxiv. 52*. Darnley, earl of to mifs Elizabeth 

.Creighton, mifs, daughter of lord vifcount Brownlow, daughter of the right hon. 

Erne — to, James, King, efq. xxvi. William Brownlow, xxxiii. 59*. 

[227] Dafhwood, John King, cfq. Ion of f»r 

Crcfpigny, P. C. efq, — to mifs Scott, John Dalhwood, hart.— to mifs Broad- 

xxri, [227] pcadjxxxi. [237] 



M A R R I A ,G E S. 

Davis, mifs Frances — to William Henry Douglas, — , efq. — ^to lady Francet 

Beauchamp, efq. xxxli. [x33] Scott, filter /to the duke of Buccleughj 

Daiin, countefs dowager, daughter of xxvi. [227] 

George prince of Averfpurg — to Geo. Douglas, George,, efq, — to lady Grace 

Sheldon, efq. xxxi. [2 36 J Stewart, xxxi. [236) 

Deerhurft, lord vifcount — to mifs Pitchy, Douglas, lady Helen, daughter of the 

daughtL-r of fir Abraham Pitchy, xxvi, earl of Selkirk — to fir James HalV 

[2x6] baronet, xxviii. [217] 

Deering, Edward, efq. fon of fir Edward Douglas, mifs Ifabella — ^tofir Henry Hay, 

Deering, bart. — ^tp mifs Ann Hale, baronet, xxv. [232] 

XXV. [232] * Doughs, Sylvcfter, efq. — ^to the hon. miff 

Delaval, mifs — to lord Audley, xxiv. North, daughtei' of lord North, xxxi* 

[205] ^ [237] 

Delawarr, earl — to mifs Lyell, xxvL Drake, mifs Charlotte — to George Tal- 

[217] bot, efq. xxxi. [234] . 

Denbigh, earl of ^to lady Halford, Drake, Hon. fir Francis, bart.-— to mifs 

widow of fir Charles Halford, bart. Onflow, xxx. [226] 

xxvi. [2Ti8] Drake, William, efq. — to mifs Rachel 

Denmark, princcfs Louifa Augufta of — Ives, xxiv, [205] 

to the prince of Slefwick Holftein, Drax^ mifs — to Richard Grpfvenor, efq. 

xxviii. [216 J xxx. [226] 

Denny, mifs Arabella — to Rowland Drewe, mifs — ^to John Fownes Luttrel, 

Bateman, efq. xxxii. [234.] efq. xxv. [233] 

Denny, Barry, efq. — to inifs Morgell, Drummond, mr. Andfew— to lady Mary 

xxxii. [234.] Percival, eldeft daughter of lady Eg- 

Dering, Cholmoley, efq. — to mifs Yates,. mont, xxiv. [205] 

xxxi. [236] Drummond, rev. Auriol, fon of the late 

Dc Vifme, mifs to the reverend archbi/hop of York, and nephew to the 

Auriol Drummond, fon of the late carl of Klinnoul — ^to mifs de Viime, 

archbiftiop of York, and nephew to xxv. [233] xxvi. [226] 

the earl of Kinnoul, xxv, [233] xxvi Drummond, rev. Edward Hay, brothcf 

[226] ' , to the earl of Kinnoul — to mifs Auriol, 

Digby, hon. admiral— to mis. Jauncy, xxxiii. 58*. 

xxvii. [211] Drummond, George to mifs Anne 

Digby, hon. mr.— to mifs Gunning, Shottcr, xxiv. [206] 

xxxii. [232] Drummond, Henry, efq. ■ to mif* 

Dillon, hon. Henry — to mifs Grant, Dundas, daughter' of the right hon. 

xxxii. [233] Henry Dundas, treafurer of the n^vy, 

Dillon, Luke, efq.— to lady Margaret xxviii. [216] 

Augufta de Burgle, daughter of the Drummond, John, efq. — to l^^dy Sufan 

earl of Clanrlcarde, xxvii. [-250] Fane, daughter of the late eai*l of 

Dobbs, Richard, efq. — to mifs Nichola Weftmorland, xxx. [228] 

O bins, niece to v;countGo&ford,xxxiv. Dnimmond, Robert Auriol, efq. fon to 

53*. the late archbiftop of York — ^to mifs 

Dociil, mrs. daughter of lady Hefter Harlcy, daughter of the right hon. 

Weftenra to fir Edwai'd Gro(bie, Thomas Harley, xxiv. [205] , 

xxxii. [234] / Ducie, lord — to mrs. Child, xxxiii. 57*. 

Dolben, iir William, bart. to mrs. Dudley and Ward vifcount — ^to mrs. 

Scotchmer, xxxi. [237] Baker, xxx. [228] 

Donnegal, earl of — to mifs Barbara Dudley and Ward, dowager vifcouhtefs 

Godfrey, xxxii. [234] — to Benjamin Jennings^ efq. xxxii. 

Dormer, lady Cottiel to lieuteuant [233] 

Parker, xxv. [232] Dudley and Ward vifcountefs dowager 

Dormer, mifs — to colonel Charles Gould, to captain J. Smith, xxxiii. 

xxxiii. 59*. 59*. 

Dormer, hon. mifs F. — ^to Robert Knight, Duff, vice-admiral — to mrs. Morifon, 

efq. xxxiii. 58*. xxiv. [206] 

Dorfet, duke of — to mifs Cope, daughter Dukenfield, fir Nathaniel, bart.-^to mifs 

of lord Hawke(bury, xxxii. [232] Ward, xxvi. [227] 

Douglas, hon. captaiu— to mifs L:ifcdle»^ Duncombe, mrs. — to the ton. THbmas 

xxvii. [11 1 3 Onllowj xxNv» ^l.^^\ 


DondaS) mifs, daughter of colonel Dun- 
das-— to CiY John Wedderburn, bait, 
xxiv. [204] 

Dundas, mils, daughter of ^he right hon. 
Henry Dundas-^— to Henry Drummond, 
efq. xxviii, [216] 

Duttdas, milk — to Robert Dundas^ efq. 
Solicitor general of Scotland, xxbc. 

Dundas, colonel Thomas—to lady Eli- 

aabeth Eleonora Home, daughter of 

the earl of Home, :pcvii. [210] 
DunJafs, Charles, efq.— -to mils Whitley, 

XXV. [231] 
IXinford, miis— ^o Edward Wheeler, efq* 

XKiv. [20-5] 
Pundonald, earl of— to mrs. Maync> 

XXX. [2^7} 
Duiitze, John Nicholas, efq. — to mif» 

Jaae Harriot Cockburn, xxxiv. 53*. 
Dyke, mils, daughter of fir J. Dixon 

Dyke, bart> M to colonel Hotham, 

xxxii. [233] 
Dyke, mrk Harriot, daughter of fir John 

Dixon Dyke, hart. — to Charles Milne, 

efq. xxxiii. 58*. 
Dyfart, lord vifcoimt — to lady Anne 

Brown. xx\rii. [251] 
Dyiiart, earl of — to mifs Lewis^ xxxiii. 



TjAitDLET, hon. mifs Caroline r-^ to 
•*-^ Cullen Smith, efq. xxxiv. 53*. 
Eden, mifs, daughter of fir J. Eden, 
hart.-— to Henry Methold, elq. xxxii. 

Eliot, mifs— to fir David Carnagie, bart, 

xxvi. [327] 
Eden, fir Frederick, bart.T— to mifs ?mith, 

xxxiv. 51*. 
Eden, Morton, efq. — to mifs Elizabeth 

Henly, daughter of tlie eail of North- 

iivgtoB, XXV i. [228] 
Edgectimbe, hon. Richard — to lady Sophia 

Hohart, daughter of the cai 1 of Buck- 

ingliamfluje, xxxi. [234.] 
Egerton, hirtiop of Durham — to mifs 

Bouchier, xxv. [232J 
Egerton» lieufenant-cofonel, fon of the 

billiop of Durham — to mifs Haynes, 

xxvi. [226-3 
Eglintown, earl of — to n^ifs Twifdeh, 

datrghter of the hte fir William Twif- 
• den, bart. x>;vi. [228] 
Eliot, mifs Eliza — to lord le Deip^pcer, 

1 7 81 to 1792. 

Eliot, hon. John— to mifs Yorke, fifter 
to the earl of Hardwick, xxxii. [234.J 

Elliott, William, efq\ fon of fir Francis 
Elliott — to mifs lluifel, xxxn. [233} 

Eriol, earl of — to mifs 31ake, xxxii. 

Evelyn, hon. mifs Augufta— to the rev. 
Henry Jepkin, xxiv. [205] 

Eufton, earl of, fon of the duke of Graf- 
ton — to lady Horatia Waldcgrave, 
daughter of the duch^fs of Gloucefter, 
xxvii. [21.J] 

Eyre, lord chief baron — to mifs South-. 
well, xxxiii. 57*. 

Eyre, rev. J.^— to mifs Charlpttc Anny^i 
tage, xxxii. [as 3 J 


pAiRFORD, lord — to mifs Sandys, 

niece of lord Sandys, xxviii. [217] 
Falls, James, efq.— 40 mifs C. Herries, 

filter to fir Robert Herries, xxiv. [^05] 
Falmouth, lord vifcouut—^o niifs Cre\ve« 

xxvii. [an] 
Pane, hon. colon^l-^to niUs Lowe, xxxi, 

Fane, lady IJlizabeth, fifter of the earl of 

Weftmoreland to James Lowther, 

efq. xxxii. [234.] 
Fane, lady Mary — to George Fludyer, 

efq. xxxiv. 52*, 
Fane, lady Sufan, daughter of the late earl 

of Weftmoreland rto John- Di'um- 

mond, efq. xxx, [228] 
Farrington, William, efq.r-r-to mifs Wil- 

braham Bootle, xxxiii. 58**. 
Faucoiiberg, eail to raifa Chefhyre, 

xxxiii. 57*. 
Featherltonhaugh, fir T» bart. — ^to mifs 

Catherine Wftney, xxv ^232] 
Fei gus, mifs Maria — to fir Tnomas Gage 

bart. xxvi. [228] 
Fielding, vifcount, fon of the earl ff 

Denbigh ^^ to mifs Powys, xxxiii. 


Fieliling, mifs, niece to the earl of Win- 
chellea — to lord Robert Stephen Fitz- 
gerald, xxxiv. ^3*. 

Filmer, mifs— -to John Chardin Muf- 
^rave, efq. xxxiii. 58*. 

Finch, hon. William, brother to the earl 
of Aylesford— to mifs Brouncber^ 
xxxi. [236] 

Fitzgerald, mifs, daughter of lord Fitz- 
gerald — to fir Thomas* Jones, knigb^ 
xxiv. ^.104! 


Fitzgerald, mifs— to Henry Gratton> efq. Freemantlc, colonel-— to mifs Ooglef, 

XXV. [233] xxxii. [233] 

Fitzgemid, lady Charlotte, fifterto the Freeraantle, raifs — to the Hon. and rev. 

duke of Leinfter to John Holden A«ch. Ham. Cathcarr, xxxii. [233] 

Strutt, efq. xxxi. [2*34.] Freke,.fir John, bart.— to lady CatUcrinc 

Fitzgerald, lord Henry — to mifs Boyle, Gore, xxvi. [227] 

xxxiii. 59*. Fryer, mifs — to fir Geo. Collier, knight^ 

Fitzgerald, lord Robert Stephen-^to mifs 5PUV. [495) 
Fielding— niece of thee^rl of Win- 

chelfea, xxxiv. 53*. ' ' ^ 

Fitzgibbon, right hon. John— —to mifs ^* 

Whalley, ^xxviii. [217] 

Fitzroy, hon. George, eldeft fon of lord /^ag"E, mifs, fifter of lord Gage— .tf 

Southampton — to mifs Keppel, daugh- ^J" James Crawford, ef]. fon of fir 

ter of the late biihop of Exeter, xxvii. Alexander Crawford, bart. xxxiv. 51*. 

[210] Gage^ major Henry, nephew and heir to 

Fitzroy, hon. Henry — to the lady Ann lord Gage— to mifs Skinner, xxxi. 

Weftley, xxxii. [232] [a 34-] 

Fitzroy, hon. Louifa— — to James Bell, Gage, fir Tho. baronet — to mifs Maria 

efq. xxxiv. 54.*. Fergus, xjtvi. [228] ' 

Flower, mifs, fifter to vifcount Afhbrook Gardiner, fir John Whalley Smytbe, 

— ^to the hon. and rev. John Ellis Agar, bart. — .to mifs Mary Newf;oml5e, xxix. 

xxxiv. 52*. [»3i] 

Fludyer, George, efq.— to lady Mary Gafcoigne. mifs— -to the earl of Hadding- 

Fane, xxxiv. 52*. ton, xjfviii.f 216] 

Fludyer, fir Samuel, bart. t o mifs Geary, mifs, daughter of adm. Geary— 

Wefton, niece to the dul^e of Mon- to fir John f*apiilon Twifdon, baronet, 

, tague, xxviii. [217] xxv.[232] 

Foley, hon. Edward— to mifs Hodgetts, Gelburn, Munbee, efq.— -to mifs Chet- 

xxxii. [233] wynd, daughter of lord Chetwynd^ 

Foljambe, Francis Ferrand, clq.— to lady xxv. [232] 

Mary Arabella Lumley, xxxiv. S3*- Gyfford, Duke, efq. eldeft fon of fir Duke 

Forbes, mifs Mary— »to the rt. hon. Johii GyfFojrd, bart . — to mifs Maddock, 

Charles Villiers, xxxiii. 57*. xxiv. [204] 

Ford, mifs— *.to the hon. John Colvill, Gipps, Geo. efq. M. P. for Canterbury, 

fon of lord Colvill, xxxii. [234-] to mifs Laurence, xxxiv. .52*. ' 

Ford, rev. IJenry — to mifs M* L- Yates, Gi(borne, raifs— to the hon. Vefey Ktioz, 

xxiv. [206] xxxiv. 54.*. 

Fortefcue, hon. mr. fonof lordFortefcue Gladwyn, mifs — '—to the hon. captain 

— rto the hon, mifs Grcnville, fifter to Townflitfnd, xxxii. [233] 

earl Temple, xxv. [232] ^ Glafgow, lord — to lady E. Hay, daugh- 

Forward, hon. W.— to mifs Qaulfield, ter of the countefs of Enrol, jpoc* - 

xxix. [23 J ] . ^ [226] 

Foulis, fir James, bart. — ^to raifs DallaS| Glentworth, lord, biftiop of Limerick— • 

xxxiii. 58*, to the widow of general Crump, xxxiv. 

Foulis, fir William, bart. — ^to mifs Mary 54.*, 

Ann Tufner, xx^^i. [236] Godfrey, mifs Barbara — .to the earl of 

Fountain, mifs, daughter of the dean of Donnegal, xxxii. [234-] 

York — to Richard Wilfon, efq. :pdv« Godfrey, Peter, efq. — to mifs Rowley^ 

[204] ^ xxxii. [234] 

Fox, colonel Henry— *to mifs Clayton, Gordon, mils — to fir Thomas Wallace, 

fifter to lady Howard de Walden, ^^vi. [228] 

xxviii. [217] Gordon, lady Ann, d3-;^hter of the earl 

Frankland, rev. KogeT— uto the hon. mift of Aberdeen — to E. Brilco, efq. xxviii. 

Catherine Colvill, daughter of John [217] 

lord Colvill, xxxiv, 53*. Qordon, lady Ann, daughter of the earl 

Frafer, ipjfj— — to Igrd Saltoun, xxvii, of Aberdeen— to Edward Place, efq. 

[2IP] ^ xxix. [231] 

Frafer, hon. mift Eleanor, daughter to Gordon, lady Charlotte, daughter of the 

the late earl, of Salcoux^, to fir George duke of Gordon — ^to lieut,coU C'x'w'j^ 

J^amfay, b>rt» ?«^viii* [»i7j Uxvox> ;wu^. V'^'Vl^ - . ^^^;j^^^^ 

INDEX, 1781 to 1792. 

Qordon^ ixiifs* Diaiia<-»to captain Charles Grenville, mihy Mer to the marquis of 

Irvine, xxxii. [433] Buckingham— to lord Carjrsfort, xm. 

Gordon, fir Jennifon — to mifs Hatton, [»3»] * ' 

xxiv. [206] Greville, colonel to mifs Graham, 

Gordon, lady Margaret, 'daughter of the xxxiii. 59». 

earl of Aboy n— ^to William Beckford , Grey, mifs, daughter of fir Charles Grr y, 
. efq. xxvi. [227] K. B. and Thi ft le— to Samuel Whit- 
Gordon, lady Mary, daughter of the earl bread, eiq. xxx. [i«6] 

of Aberdeen — to Thomas Horton, cfq. Grey, hon. Bt>oth, broth* to the earl of 

xxxi. [235] Stamford — to mifs Mainwariiig, xrv. 

Gordon, lady Mary, daughter of the [2^321] 

duke of Gordon — >to fir. Robert Sinclair, Grimfton, hon. ror, brother to lord vifc. 

bart. XXX3. [235] Grimlton — to mifs Sophia Hoare, xzvt. 

Gore, lady Catherine — to fir John Freke, [226] 

bart. xxvi. [227] Grofvenor, Richard, efq* — ^to mifs Drax, 

Gough, fir Henry, bart.— to mifs Car- xxx. [226] 

pentcr, xxvi. [227] Grote, mifs Charlotte — to Charles Stir- 

iSould, mifs, daughter of judge Gould— ^'i^^gt efq. xxxi. [237] 

to the earl of Cavan, xxv. [233] Gumbleton, H. C. efq, — to the hon.mifs 

Gould, col. Charles — ^to the hon. mifs , Sarah Maffey, xxxiv. 52*, 

* Donner, xxxiii. 59*. Gunning, mifs — to the boA. mr. Dig^, 

Gower, lady Ann Levefon — to the hon. . xxxii. [2323 

and rev. Edward Venables Vernon, 

xxvii. [2103 Yj 

Gower, lady Charlotte Levefon, daugh- H • 

ter of the maj quia of Stafford — ^to the 

marquis of Worccfter, xxxiii. 58*. TTADDINGTON, earl of— to mifs Gaf- 

Grady, mrs. filter to fir G. Army tage, -"^ coigne, xxviii. [2163 

. bart.r-^0 Jacob Bofanquet, e^q. xxxii. Haine, mifs Jane — ^to- the ]\on. Charles 

[2343 Redlynch Strangeways, brother to the 

Graham, marquis of — to mifs Afhburn- earl of Ilchefter, xxix. [2313 

. ham, daughter of lord Aihburnham, Hale, mifs Ann — ^to Edw. Deering, cfq. 

xxvii. [2503 fon of fir Edward Deering, bart. xxv. 

Graham, maiquis of — to lady Caroline [^323 

Montague, iifter of the duke of Man- Hales, mifs — to John Calcraft, cfq. xxsi. 

chefter, xxxii. [2333 [*3^] 

Graham, mifs » to colonel Greville, Haies, fir Edward, bart. — to mifs W- 

xxxili. 59*. mer, xxxii. [234.] 

Graham, B. efq- — to mifs P. Whitworth, Hales, Edw. clq. ion of fir Edw. Hales, 

daughter of the late fir Charles Whit- ' bart. ^to mifs Lucy Darell, xxxi. 

worth, xxvii. [2^13 [*34] 

Graham, mifs Harriet — to fir John Scott, Halford, lady, widow of fir Charles Hal- 

bart. xxxiv. 53*. ford, bart. — ^to the earl of Denbigh^ 

Qraharo, fir James, bart.— to lady Ca- xxvi. [228] 

therine Stewart, daughter of the earl Halhead, milis — to Francis Burton, efq. 

of Galloway, xxvii. [2503 xxx. [226] 

Grant, mifs, to the hon. Henry Dillon, Hall, mifs — to C. W. Boughton Roiife> 

xxxii. [2333 efq. xxv. [2323 

Grantlcy, lord — to mifs Midgley, xxxiii. Hall, mifs F. to the hon. John Rawdon, 

59*. xxxiv. 54*. 

Gratton, Henry, cfq. — ^to mifs Fitzgerald, Hall, fir James hart. to lady Helen 

XXV. [2333 Douglas, daughter of the earl of Sel- 

Gienville, lord, to the hon. mifs Pitt, kirk, xxviii. [2173 

daughter of loid Camelford, xxxiv. Hal liday, mifs — ^to Francis BullerYarde, 

53*. efq. xxxiii. 58*. 

Grenville, hon. mifs^— filler to earl Tem - Hamilton, mifs Catherine Ifabelln — to fir 

pie — to the hon. mr. Fortefcue, fon of James Suttie, bart. xxxiv. 5**. 

lord Fortefcue, xxv. [2323 Hamilton, lady Cecilia — to tbc marquis 

Grenville, mifs, daughter of the late G. of Abercorn, xxxiv. 52*. 

Grenville, efo. and fifier to earl Tem- Hamilton, mifs Jane — to William Flu* 

pic^-ta lord Mahon, xxiv, [104! xmx^ ef<v putviv. $3*» 


Hamilton, fir William, K, B. — to mils Henderfon, John, f ftj. fon of fir Robert 

Harte, xxxiii. 59*. Henderfon — ^tomirsRol)crtron»daugh- 

K amend, W. P. efq. ^to mifs Carr, ter of general KobeitToD^ governor of 

xxxii. [233] New York, xxiv. [105] 

Hammer, mil's Eliza, daughter of (ir Henley, mifs, £liz. dadghter of the earl 

Benj.Hammet, bart. — to Richard Wal- of Norrhington, to Moi-^on Eden, >e(q. 

pole, efq. Ton of the hon. Richard zxvi. [128] 

Walpole, xxxiv. 52*. Henniker, mils ■ t o the earl of Aldr 

jjarbord, mifs, daughter of firH. Har- borough, xxix. [231] 

bdrd, bart, — to fir George Armytage, Herbert, lord, fon of the earl of Pem- 

bart. XXV. [228] broke— to mifs Beauclerk, xxix. [231] 

Harbord, hon. William Afheton, e(q.— Herbert, lady Henrietta, fitter to the earl 

to lady Carolina Hobart, xxxiv. 53*. of Powis — to lordCiive, xxvii. [210] 

Hardy, mils, niece to adni. fir Charles Hereford, fir James to rars. Hopton, 

Hardy — to John Hughes, efq. xxiv. xxiv., [204.] 

[206] Heron, Robert, efq. to mifs Amelia 

Harford, mifs-r-to the rr. hon. William Mann, daughter of fir Horace Mann, 

Wyndham, brother to the earl of Egre- bart. xixiv. 5 1 *, 

roont, xxvii. [211] Herries, mifs C. filler to firRobert Herries 

Harford, Henry, efq. t o mifs Pigou, — to Jame; Falls, efq. xxiv. [205] 

xxw. 53*. Herring, mifs Anna Maria — to the hon. 

Harland, mils, daughter of admiral fir and rev. mr. Lumley, brother to the 

Rob« Harland — to the hon. Geo. Dal- earl of Scarborough, xxvii. [251] 

rymple, xxvi. [228] Hervey, capt.- — to lady Louifa Nugent, 

Harley, mifs, daughter of the rt. hon. daughter of earl Nugent, xxvii. [210] 

Thomas Harley — to capt. R»dney, fon fHeffe Caflel, princefs Charlotte oF — ta 

of fir G. B. Rodney, xxiv. [205] prince Charles of Mecklenburgh Stre- 

.Harley, mils, daughter of the right hon. litz, xxvii. [211] 

Tho. Harley — ^to Robert Auriol Drum- Hinton, lord, ion of earl Pnulet — ^to mifs 

mond, efq. fon of the late archbiihop of Pococke, daughter of fir Gto. Pococke^ 

York, xxiv. [205] . K. B, xxv. [232] / 

Harley, mifs, daughter of the right hon. Hoare, Charles, elq.-^o mifs Robin fon^ 

Tho.Harley — ^lojohn Boyd, efq. xxvii. daughter of fir Geo. Robinfon, bart. 

[210] xxxii. [233] 

Harris, mifs, fifter to fir James Hanis— • Hoare, Richard Colt, elq. — to mifs Lyt- 

to the hon. Frederick Robinfon, bro- telton, daughter of lord Wettcoate, 

ther to lord Grantham, xxvii. [250] xxvi. [228] ^ 

Harpuc, fir Henry, bart, — to mifs Haw- Hoare, mifs Sophia — —to the hon. mr, 

kms, xxxiv. 52*. Grimlton, brother to lord vifcount 

Harte, mifs — to fir William Hamilton, . Grimlton, xxvi. [226] 

K. B. xxxiii. 59*. Hobart, mifs, daughter of the honourable 

d'Harvelai, madame — to m. de Calonne, Henry Hobart, brother to the earl of 

XXX. [227] Buckingham to Montagu Wilfon, 

Hatton, mifs — to fir Jennifon Gordon— efq. xxvii. [211] . 

xxiv. [206] Hobart, mifs — ro . Cumberland, efq* 

Hawkins, mils to fir Henry Harpur, xxvii. [211]' 

bart. xxxiv. 52*. Hobart, lady Carolina — to the hon. Wil- 

Hay, Edward, elq. — to mifs Maria Mur- liam Alheton Harbord, efq^ xxxiv. 

ray, daughter of lord Eiibank, xxxii. 53*. 

[233] Hobart, mifs Henrietta Ann Barbara, 

Hay, lady E. daughter of the countcfs daughter of the hon. Geo. Hobart— 

ofErrol — ^tolordGlafgow, xxx. [226] to John Sullivan, efq. xxxi. [23 5 J 
Hay, fir Henry, bart. — to mifs Ifabella .Hobart, right hon. Robert— to mrs. Ad- 
Douglas, xxv. [232] derley, reli6l of Tho. Adderley, elJ;|. 
Hay, lady Mar)' — daughter of the late xxxiv. 51*. 

earl or Errol — to Charles Cameron, Hobart, lady Sophia, daughter of tiie ear} 

efq. xxxi. [236] of Buckinghamfliire — to the honoura- 

Hay, hon. William, brother to the earl ble-Richard Edgecumbe, xxxi. [234.] 

of Errol-<-to mifs Jane Bell, xxxiv. 51*. Hodges, mifs, daughter of fir James 

Haynes, mifs, to licut. col. Egerton — Ion Hodges — —-to lord Williitaft Murray* 

of the biihop of Durham^ xxvi. [226] xxxi. [23$] 

INDEX, 1781 to 1792^* 

Hodges, Anthctiy, efq. — to mifs Anne 

Atioii, XXV. [233] 
Hodgetis. ir.o's-^to the hon. Ed w. Foley, 

xxxii. [233] 
Hocy^ mils — to the earl of Shrcwibury, 

Roltoid, mifs — -—to Edw. Smythe, elq. 

xjtiv. [laf)] 
Home, eajiof— ^ — ^to mifs Coutts, Xxxii. 

Home, lady Elizabeth Eleonora, daugh- 
ter ot ihe earl of Home— to colonel 

Thomas Dimdas, xxvli. [210] 
H'ood, vice-::dinii*al fir Alexander, knt. 

— to mils Bray, xxx. [227] 
Hopkins, Btrnjaivin Bond, elq.— to mifs 

Knight, xxxiii. 57*. 
Iloptoti, mrs. 10 fir James Hereford, 

xxiv. [204] 
Hort, fit John, bavt, — to mifs Aylmer, 

xxxi. [237] 
HortoD, Thomas, efq.* " -to lady Mary 

Gordon, dau.^hter of the earl of Aber- 

deen, xxxi. [235] 
fiotham, col. — to mifs Dyke, daughter 

of fir J. Dixon Dyke> baronei> xx^ii. 

Hotham^ mifs, daughter of baron Ho- 

tham to John Sutton, efq» xxxiii* 

Howard, mifs — wiece to the earl of Sur- 

ley — to the hon. mr. Petre, fon of lord 

Petre, xxviii, [216] 
iHoward, liernard Edward, efq.— to lady 

Loiiifa Bellafvfe, daughter of eail 

Fanconberg, xxxi. [235] 
Howard, lady Caroline, daughter of the 

earl of Cnrlifle — to John Campbell, 

efq. xxxi. [236] 
Howard, hon. mifs Frances, daughter of 

lady Andovcr— -to Richard Bagot, efq. 

broiher to lord Bagot, xxvi, [227] 
Hovard, hon. Richard, brother to the 

carl of EtTingham— — to mifs March, 

xxVii. [250] 
Howe, her. mi.'s, daughter of lord vlfc. 

Howe— ^o Pt-nn Curzon, tfq. xxix. 

H.we, hon. mifs Louila, daughter of lord 
¥ifc. Howe — 'to the earl of Altamont, 
xxix. [231] 

Hviglies, John, efq. — • — to mifs Hardy, 
niece to adm«ral fir C. Hardy, xxiy. 

HiTichinfijii, hon. Chrlftopher Hely, bro- 
ther to lo>d Doj.oughmore — to mifs 
Bend, xx:<iv. 54*. 

Butchinfon, mifs Miry Hcly, daughter 
of the earl of Doncughmore — <o Tho- 
mas Smith, eiq* auuciii* 5^*. 

I. J. 

JAMEd, mifs, daughter of fir W.^ameii 
bart.— to Thomas Boo;hby Parkyns* 
efq. fon of fir Thomas Parky ns, bart» 
xxvi. [229] 
Ja\mcy, mrs.-*-to the hon. admiral Digjjyi 
. xxvii. [ill] 

Ibbetfon, mifs Charlotte-*— *o William 
Bfcawen, efq. nephew to lord Fal- 
mouth, xxviii. [2t6] 
Jen kin, rev. Henr y ■ t o the hon* mifs 

Aug. Evclyn,^;dv. [^05] 
Jenrings, Benj. efq. « ■ to the do^i^go* 
viicountefs Dudley and Ward, xxxii* 

Jervis, fir John, K.B,— Mx> mifs Parker^ 

daughter of the right hon, fir Thomas 

Parker, xxvi. [428] 
Inc'.iquin, earl of- — to tDiCi PalmeTi 

xxxiv. 53*. 
Ingrr.m, mifs, 'datighter of lady Irwin 

-• to Hugo Meynell, efq. xxr. 

Ingram, hon* Louifa Sufannah, daugl^ 
tcr of the late lord vifcount Irwin-^ 
to fir John Ramfden, baronet, xxixi 

Ingram, mifs, daughter of tfie late lord 

h-vvin — to Henry Harvey A(ton, efq* 

x;xxi. [237] 
Joceiyn, lord vifccunt--^ mifs Bligb> 

daughter of (he dean of Elphin, xxx« 

Johnlbn, Richard, efq.— -to liiifs Cour- 

tenay, :<xxiv. 52*, 
Jones, rev. J. D D.-~to the dowager 

vifcountefs Alhbrook, xxxii [232J 
Jones, fir Tho. knt.— -to mils Fitzgerald, * 

daughter of lord Fitzgerald, xxiv» 

Jones, Thomas TjTwhitt, efq.— to mifs 

Harriet Williams, xxxiii. 57*. 
Jones, fir William to mifs Shipley, 

daughtei* of the bifliop of St. Afapb, 

xxvi. [227] 
Irby, hon. mr. — ^to mifs Mary Black* 

man, xxiv. [20^} 
Irvin^ lieut. col. Paulus— -to lady Ellia* 

beih St. Lawrence, daughter of the 

earl ot Howth, xxviii. [216] 
Irvine, captain Charh s •^-^to mifil Diaiti 

Gordon, :rxxii. [433] 
Ives, mil's Ra^.hel-— te William DrakCf 

efq. xxiv. [205! 



Pitt, daughter of lord Rivers, xxxt^ 

rr ' [^36] 

*»• • Lanefborough, earl of — to mjfs Latouchf# 

xxiv. [204.] 

JT AYE, rev. (ir Richard, bart. dean of Langley, Richard, efq. — to the hon. mifs 

"-Lincoln — to mrs. Main waring, xxxiii, Willoughby, daughter of lord Mid- 
59*, ^ dleton, xxvii. [211] 

Rent, mifs— 'to lord Henry Murray, Lafcelles, mifs*-to the hon, capt. Doug- 
brother to the duke of Athol, xxviii. las, xxvii. £211] 
[217] Latouch, mrs.— to George Vefcy, €C|* 

Keopel, mifs, daughter of the late bi- xxxii. [234] 

mop of Exeter — to the hon. George Latouch, mifs— to the earl of Laneibo- 

Fitzroy,fon of lord Southampton, xxviii. rough, xxiv* £204.] 

210. Latouche, mifs — to fir Nicholas Conwaf 

Kerr, lady Amelia— to capt. Maclead^ Colthurft, bart. xxx. [227] 

xxvi. [126] Laurence mifs— to George Gipps, e^« 

Kerr, lady Mary, daughter of the mar- xxxiv. 52*. 

' quis of Lothian — to the hon. Frederick Law, Evan, efq. fon of the bilhop of 

St. John, brother to lord vifcount Bo- Carlille — to mifs Markham, da^igh. 

lingbroke, xxx. [228] ter of the archbifliop of Vork, zxviir 

Killmorey, vifcount — to mifs Cotton, [***]. 

daughter of fir Robert Salulbury Cot- Lawfon, mifs, daughter of fir J. Lawfcm^ 

ton, bart. xxxiv. 52*. bart. — to Thomas Scrick(aDd,«fq. xxxL 

King, mifs, daughter of lord Kingf- [^3S] 

borough— to the earl of Mountcafhell, Lawfon, mifs Eliza, daughter of fir George 

xxxiii. 59*. Lawlbn, bart. — to John Wright, jun- 

King, James, efq. — to mifs Creightou, efq. xxxi. [234.] 

daughter to lord vifcount Erne, xxvi. Le Defpencer, lord— to mifs Eliza Eliot^ 

[227] Xxxiii. 53*. 

King, John, efq. one of the under (c- Leefon, lady Frances Arabella — ^oMar- 

cretariesofftate— tomifsMofs, daugh- cuS Beresford, efq. xxxiii. 57*. 

ter of the bilhop of Bath and Wells, Legard, fir John, bart. — to mifs Aftpn, 

xxxiv. 52*. XXV. [231] 

Knatchbull, Wyndham, efq.— to mifs Leicefter, Henry Auguftos, efq. -^toraifil 

KrtHtchbull, xxxii, [233] Letitia Sophia Smyth, xxxiii. 57*. 

Knight, mifs— to Benjamin Bond Hop- Leigh, fir Egcrton — to mrs. Beauchamp^ 

kins, efq. xxxiii. 57*. daughteVof fir Edward Boughton,xxx« 

Knight, Robert, elq. — to the hon. mifs [227J 

F. Dormer, xxxiii. 58*. , Leigh, James Henry, efq. nephew to th« 

Knox, Arthur, efq, — to lady Mary Bra- duke of Chandos — to the hon. nuft 

bazon, daughter of the eail of Meath> Twifsleton, daughter of lord Say and 

xxiv. [205] ^ Sele, xxviii. [217] 

Knox, hon. Vefey— to mifs Gi(borne» Leighton, mifs Frances— to licut. coL 

xxxiv. 54.*. fir Hugh Dalfj'mple, xxvi. [227J 

Lenox, li^ut. col. Charles — ^^10 lady Char** 

Llottc Gorgon, daughter of the duke of 

• Gordon, xxxi. [237] 

Lenox, mifs Charlotte, daughter of lord 

T AKE, mifs — ^to John Wigftcn, efq. George Lenox, brother to the duke o^ 

*-^ xxxii. [234] . Richmond — to the hon. John Cran- 

Lake, mifs Charlotte, daughter of fir field Berkeley, xxvii. [211] 

James Lake, bart.— to" Henry Hare Lenox, mifs Georgina, daughter of lord 

Townlhend, efo. xxxi. [237] George Lenox, to lord Apflcy* xxxi. 

Lambert', mifs S. PritchardX-to fir Henry £*3S] 

Tcmpeit, bast, xxxiii. 57*. Lenox, lady Sarah — to the hon, George 

Lampton, mifs Sufan — to John Whar- Napier, xxiv. [206] 

ton, efq. xxxii- [234] Leflie, lord, fon of the countefs of Rothetf 

jLandafF, lord — to lady Catherine Skef- -i-to mifs Pclham, daughter of lord 

fington, fitter to the earl of Maffareenc, Pelham, xxxi. [235] 

xxvii .[210] L^is, mifs— -to the earl of Dyfart, xrxlii. 

Lane^ James FoX| ef^.— to the bon« miiii $%*^ 

INDEX, 17 8 I to 1792. 

Ligouier, countefs— to lord vifc. Went- fon of fir Duke GIfford, bart. xxir, 

worth, XXX, [226] [^04-] 

Lill, mifs Sarah— r-^o lord Caftleftewart, MaddcJcks, John Edward, efq. — to mift 

XXV. [233] 
Limerick, bifliop of — to the. widow of 

gen. Crump, xxxiv^ 54*. 
Lincoln, earl of — to lady Anne Maria 

Stanhope, XXV. [231] 
Lindores, lord — to jfiiifs Jane Reeve, xxxi. 


Francis Pcrryn, daughter of mr.haron 
Peri^n, xxiv. [205] 

Maddccks, John Edward efqi^-to the 
hon. mils Craven, xxxiv, 52*. 

Mahon, lord — to mifs Grenville, daugh- 
ter to the late G. Grenville, elij. and 
filler to earl Temple, xxiv. [204] 

Lindfey, mifs, daughter of lady Balcan-as Mainwaring, mifs — ^to the hou. Booth 

— to the hon. Phih'p Yorke, nephew Grey, brother to the earl of Stamford, 

to the earl of Hardwick, xxv. [233] xxv. [232] 

Lockwood, Thomas, jun, efq. — 10 mifs Mainwaring, mrs. to fir Richard Ka}^, 

Charlotte Manners ^Sutton, daughter ' bart. dean of Lincoln, xxxiii. 59*. 

of the late lord George Manners Sut- Maitland, lord vifcount, fon of the earl 

ton, xxxi. [236] 
Loftus, col. — to lady Eliz. Townfhend, 

xxxiii [233] 
Long, fir James Tylney, bart,— to lady 

of Lauderdale — to mifs Todd> xxv* 

MaWen, lord, fon of the carl of Effex— 

to mrs. Stephenfon, xxviii. [216] 

Catherine Windibi-, fitter to the earl of Munn, mifs Amelia, daughter of (ir Ho- 

Plymouth, xxvii. [251] race Mann, bait. — to Robert Heron, 

Long, Richard, jun. efq. -^ — to mtfs Flo- elq. xxxiv. 51*. 

rentina Wray, filler to fir Bourchier Manners, Williiim, efq. — ^to mifs Which- 

Wray, bart. xxviii. [216] cott, daughter of fir Richard Whichcott, 

Loughborough, Alexander, lord — to mils bart. xxv. [227] 

Courttnty, xxv. [233] Manningham, mifs Harriett to Charles 

Lowe, mifs — to the hon. col. Fane, xxxi. 

Lowiher, James,- efq, — to lady Eliz. 
Fane, filter of the earl of Weltmore- 
land, xxxii. [234.] 

Lumley, lady Maiy Arabella — to Fran- 
cis Ferrand Foljambe, efq. xxxiv. 53*. 

Luttrel, John Fownes, efq. — to mifs 
Drewe, xxv. [233] 

Yorke, efq. xxxii. [233] 
Maniel, Will. efq. — to Mifs Bell, xxxii* 


March, mifs — to the hop. Richard How- 
ard, brother to the eaii of Effingham, 
xxvii. [250] 

Maria Therefa, archduchefs — to the duke 
of Aoft, fon of the king of Sardiniai 
xxxi. [235] 

Lumley, the hon. and rev. mr. brother Marifcoti, marquis Lewis— to lady So- 
to tlie earl of Scarborough— to mifs phia Butler, daughter of the late earl 
Anna Maiia Herring, xxvii. [251] of Lanelborough, xxix.'[23i] 

Lumley, hon. Frederick — to mils Bod- Markham, mifs, daughter of the arch- 

dington, xxviii. [216] y biftiop of York — to Evan Law, eib. 

Lyell, mifs to earl Delawar, xxvi, fon of the bifiiop of Carlifle, xxvh. 

[217] [211] * 

Lyitleton, mif?, daughter of lord Weft- Markham, mr. fon of the archbiftiop of 

coate — to Richard Colt, Hoare, efq, 
5£xvi. [228] 


liirACKDONALD, mifs — to fir John Sin- 
^^^ clair, bart. xxx. X.226] 
Mackworth, fir Robert Humphrey — to 

mifs Miers, xxxiv. 54*. 
Macleod, capt. — to lady Amelia Kerr, 

xxvi. [226] 
Madan, mifs, daughter of the rev. dr. 

Madan, and niece to earl Cornwallis— 

to George Ward, efq. xxiv. [204] 
Maddock^ mil 6 — lo Duke Gifibrd, efq. 

York — to mifs Sutton, daughter of fir 
Richard Sutton, xxxi. [236] 

Marihall, mifs — to Fitzwilliam Barring- 
ton, elq. — ^xxxi. [236] 

Marlham, hon. mifs— to John Coer, efq. 

^ xxxi'/. 53*. 

Martin, William Henry, efq. — to mift' 
Powell, xxxiv. 53*. 

Maflareene, carl of— to madam Mary 
Ann Barcier, xxxi. [237] 

Mafiey, lord — to mifs Margaret Barton^ 
xxxiv. 52*. 

Mafiey, hon. mifs, daughter of the laie 
lord Mafiey — to William Butlei', efq. 
xxxi, [237] 

Mafiey, hon. George — ^to mi . Elii. Seal* 
Jen, xxxiv, 51*. 


M A R R 

Kiafiey^hon.mirs Sarah— to.H» C. Gum- 
bleton, efq, xxxiv. 52*. 

Madefy rev. Str.— to mifs Eiiz; Mofley, 

. xxxiJ. [233] 

Maude^ mifs, daughter of fir John Maude> 
bart.— to John Vaughan, efq. xxiv. 

Maxwell) John^ efq.— to the hotl. mifs 
Annefley, daughter of vi (count Va- 
lencia, xxxi. [236] 

Maynfe, mrs.— to the earl of Dundonald, 
xxx. fai^] 

Mea, mifs— ^to lord Palmcrftori, xxvi. 

Meade, lady Cathariiicj daughter of the 

earl of ClanwiUldm— ^to vilcount Po\v- 

erfcourtj xxxi. [a 36] 
Mecklenburgh Strclitz, prince Charles 

of — to the piincefs Charlotte of Uelfe 

CaflVl, xxvii. [4ii] 
lVIelliih» mifs-^to lord Serhpill^ xxix. 

Methold, Henry, efq.; — to mifs Eden, 

daughter of fir J. Eden^ bart. xxxiit 

Mcxborough, earl of— to mifs Stephen- 

fon, XXV, [233] 
Meynell, mifs Harriots— to fir John Cald- 

wall, bart. count of the Roman empire, 

xxxi. [235] 
Meynell, Hugo, efq.-^to mifs Ingram^ 

daughter df lady Irwin, xxv. [233] 
Michell, mifs — ^^to the hon. T. Weft, 

xxxiv. 52*. 
Middlecon, lady dowager-^^^to Edward 

Miller Mundy, efq. xxx. [226] 
Midgley, niifs-^-to lord Grantltjy, xxxiii. 

Miers, mifs— to fit* Robert Humphrey 

MackWorth^ xxxiv. 54.*. 

Mjldmay, mifs-^io fir H. P. St. John, 
bart. xxviii. [217] 
. Mildmay, mifsLetiiia—ito George Rick- 
ets, eiq. xxxiii. 59^. 

Millard, capt. James — ^to lady Ritrerf- 
dale, xxxiv. 54*. 

Milne, Chailes, eiq.-^to mifs Harriot 
Dyke, daughter of fir John Dixon 
Dyke, bart. xxxiii. (|8*. 

Milner, mifs Louifa, daughter of the late 
fir William M. bart,— ^to rhe rev. Ed- 
ward Townfliend, nephew to the late 
vifcoont Townftierid, xxxi. [235] 

Moleiworth, mifs — to the hon. mr. Pratt* 
fince lord vifcount Bayfaam, xxviiu 

Molefworth, fir WiUlamy bai't.*— ^ nuft 
Ourry, xxviii. [*i6] 

Molyneux, vilcount— ^to the (i6n« mifs 
Elizabedi Cmven} xxxiv. 51*. 

Molyneiux, fir Capel, bart«— ^ mift 
Vol. U. 

I A G E S. 

P'Donel, daughter of fir Neal D'Donel, . 

bart. xxvii. [250] 
Molyneux, fhiis Cornwallis, daughter of 

fir More Molyneux — to gen. Rains- 
. ford, xxxi. [234] 
Molyneux, mifs Elizabeth to capt. 

fir William Chaioner Burnaby, xxvi. 

Monckton, h®ii. mifsi daughter of the 

late lord Gal way — to the earl of Cork 

and Orrery, xxviii. [216] 
Moncktort, mifs Eleanor— i-to lord She- 

rard, xxxiii. 58*. 
Moncri.ffe, lir Thomas, bart. — to lady 

E.izal)cth Ramfay, daughter to the earl 

of Dalhoulie, xxviii. [217! 


Monlon, raiCs, (itter of lord monfon 
fir John Shaw, xxv. [232] 

Montagu, lady Caroline, liltertothedukc 
-of Manciiei^ei- — to the marquis of Gra- 
ham, xxxii. [233] 

Montague, hon. mr. fon of viO:ount 
Hinchinbroke — to mifs Buckingham, 
xxxii. [232] 

Montolieu, mil^ ^to lord Cranfton, 

xxxiv. 54*. 

Moorhoufe, mifs — to k-rd Audley, xxxiv. 

.Morgell, mifs— ito Denny Barry, efq* 

xxxii. [234.] 
Morifon, mrs.— 4o vi<:e-admiral DuflT^ 

xxiv. 206. 
Mofep, mils — to the cirl of Burford, fon 

of the duke of St. Albans, xxx. [228] 
Mofley, mils Elizabeth — to the rev. Str. 

Mailer, xxxii. [233] 
Mofleyj mils Frances Mary— George 

Smith, efq. — xxxiv, 53*. 
Mols, mil's, daughter of the bifliop of 

Bath and Wei is — to John Kmg, efq. 

xxx.v. 52*. 
Moftyn, mifs C.-^^to Thomas Swym* 

mere Champneys, efq. xxxiv, J2*. 
Mount C^fheil, earl of — to mil's King, 
■ daughter of lord Kinglborough, xxxiii. 

Mountftuart, tifcount — to lady Elizabeth 

Crighton, xxxiv. 53*. 
Muirhead,, John Grofett — to lady Jane 

Murray, daughter of the late duke of 

, AthoJ, xxvii .[251] 
Mulgiave, lord— to mifs Cholmley, xxIx. 

Mundy, Edward Miller, efq*— to the 
lady dowager Middleton, xxx. [226]' 

Munter> mils — to lord Aghrim, fon of 
the carl of Athlone, xxxi. [235] 

Murray, lady Amelia — to Thomas Ivie 

Cooice, efq. xxxi. [234] 
^ Murray^ lady Catherine, daughter of the 

• carl oJF Dunmote^ Vti ^<iV««jL,\sv\ ."^wi.- 

INDEX, 1 78 1 to 1792. 

v«i*ie, brother to the earl of Radnor^ O'Donel, nnk, daughter of dx Neal 

XXV. [132] ^ O'Dontl, bait. — to fir Capel Moly- 

Murray, lord Henry, brother to the duke rieux, bart. xxvii. [250] 

of Athol — ^o mifs Kent, xxvii i. [217] Ogle, irifs A. daughter of admiral fir 
Murray, lady Jane, daughter of the late Chaioner Ogle— to the hon. Edward 

dxike of Athol, to John Grofett Muir- Bouverie, brother to the earl of Rad- 

head, xxvii. [251] nor, xxvii. [251] 

Mvuray, mifs Maria, daughter of lord Ogie, miraJ-mima'Sophia — tofirChariei 

Elibank — to Edward Hay, efq.xxxii. Afgill, ban. xxxii. [233] 

[233]. Oliphnnt, Ebenezer, el'q. — to mils Marj 

Murray, lord William — to mifs Hodges, Stirling, xxxii. [233] 

daughter of fir James Hodges, xxxi. I)lmius, mifs, daug'.itcr of the hon. John 

[236] ^ Luttrell Olmius — to fir Sinieon Stuart, 

Mufgrave, Chrift. efq. — to the hon. mifs bart. xxxi. [235] 

Archer, xxxii. [234] Ongley, mifs to cplonel Freenjantlei 

Mufgrave, John Chardin, efq. — to mifs xxxil. [233] 

FiJmer> xxxiii. fS*. Ongley, mifs Sarah Henley, daughter of 

lord Ongley— to William Robert Phi- 

Nlimore, efq.. xxxiii. 58*. 
• Onflow, mifs ^to the hon. fir Francb 

Drake, bart. xxx. [226] 

i^APiEU, lord to mifs Clavering, Onflow, hon. Thomas — ^to mrs. Dun- 

■^^ xxvii. [it o] combe, xxvi. [227]' 

Napier, hon. George— to lady Sarah Orange, hereditary prince of— to princefi 
Lenox, xxiv. [206] Frederica Sophia Wilhelmina,of Pruf- 

Nafli, mifs — to the hon. John Somers fla, xxxiii. 59*. 

Cocks, xxvii. [250] Ord, Thomas, efq.— to mrs. Brodcrick, 

Neft)it, rars — ^to Thomas Scott, efq. xxvii. [211] 

XXV. [231] Ofborne, mifs — ^to major-general ' fir H. 

Revijle, hon. George, brother to the earl Calder, bart. xxxi. [234] 

of Abergavenny — to mifs Walpole, Otway, Henry, efq.— to mils Cave, xxxu. 

daughter of the hon, Richard Wal- [232] 

pole, xxix. [231] Ourry, mifs — to fir William Mokfworth, 

Neville, hon. Henry, fon of the earl of bart. xxvjii. [216] 

Abergavenny— to mifs Robinfon, Owen, Hugh, efq.— -to mifs Owen, xjdx. 

xxiv. [206] ^ [*3o] 
Newburgh, earl of — ^to mifs Webb, xxxi. 

Newcombe, mifs Mary- to fir John x • 

Whalley Smythe Gardiner^ bart. xxix. 

[231] ^ - p AG ET, lady Carolina— to ththon* 

Newman, mifs — to Walter William Yea, 1 Thomas Capel, xxxiv. 53*. 

efq. fon of fir William Yea, baionet, Palk, mifs, daughter of fir Robert PjJk , 
xxvi. [227] — to fir Bouchier Wray, bart. xxjiii. 

North, hon. mifs, daughter of lord North [216] 

to Sylvefter Douglas, efq. xxxi. Palke, Lawrence, efq.— to lady Mary 

[237] Bligh, xxxi. [236] 

>'orthcote, fir Sidney Strafford, bart. — Palk, Lawrence, efq. — to lady Eli» 

to mifs Baring, xxxiii. 5S*. Vaughton, xxxiv. 53*. 

Nugent, lady Louifa, daughter of carl palmer, rev. rar.— to mifs Elii. Payne, 
Nugent— to capt. Hervey, xxvii. [210] xxxii. [234] 

Palmer, mils—— to fir Edward HaOcSfr 
^^ xxxii. [234] . 

U. Palmer, mifs— to the earl of Inchiquin, 

xxxiv. 53*. 

O'Beirne, rev. mr.— to mifs Stuarf, Palmer, fir John Boger, barU— to nuU 
daughter of col. Francis Stuart, Altham, xxxiii. 57*. 
brother ta the eaii of Mojay, xxvi. Palmerfton, lord — to mifs Ma» XJm» 
[;i*9] [226] , . ■ 

©bins, mlft Nichola, niece tovifcount Parker, lieut.— to lady CottttU'DonnCff 

Gosford tg Richwd DvbljSttf<\« xxv. [232! ^ ^ .^.u 

^xxiv. Si** P»xVLW>tc:A%^^w^V^Sk^^ti5ptlioB. 


Hr Thomas Parker-*to fir John Jarvis, Gordon, daughter of the tail of AheCji 

K. B. xxvi. [228] deen, xxix. [231] 

I^arker, mift Aiice — to fir Peter War- Plumer, William, efq. ^t^tniTs Jan9 

burton, bart. xxiv. £205] Hamilton, xxxiii. 59*. 

Parker, iir Hyde — to mis. Boteler, xx7. Plymouth, carl of— —to mifii Archer, 

[231] daughter of lord Archer, XXX, [227] 

Parkhurft, mifs — to fir Griffith Boyn- ' Pocccke, mifs, daughter of fir George 

ton, bart. xxxii. [233] Pococke, bart.— -to lord Hinton, fan 

Parkyns, Thomas Bouthby, efq, fon of of earl Paulei, xxv. [232] 

firT. Parkyns, bart. — to mils James, Ponfonby, Chambrey Brabazon> efq.-* 

daughter of fir Wiiiiam James, bart, to lady Harriet Taylor, xxxiii. 5^*. 

xxvi. [229] Portugal, Infant Don John — to the In- 

Parflow, capt. — to mifs WolflF, xxxiv« fanta of Spain, xxvii. [250] 

54*- Powell, mifs— to. \^illiaiii Henry Mar- 
Payne, mifs Elizabeth — ^to the rev. rar. tin, efq. xxxiv. 53*. 

Palmer, xxxii, [234.] Powerfcourt, vifcount — to lady Catherine 

Pclham, mifs, daughter of lord Pelham Meade, daughter of the earl of Clan- 

— to lord Lefiie, fon of the countefsof williara, xxxi. [236]' 

Rothes, xxxi. [235] Powlett, mifs — to the earl of Clanri- 

Pelham, hon. Geor ge t o mifs Mary carde, xxvii. [250] 

Rycroft, xxxiv. 54*. Powlett, lady Charlotte, daughter of the 

Pelham, hon. H. Ion of lord Pelham— duke of Bolton— to lord Barnard, fon 

to mifs Cobb, xxx. [228J of the earl of Darlington, xxl^c [231] 

Perceval, vifcount to mifs Wynn, Powis, mifs — ^to vifcount Fielding, Con 

xxxiv. 52*. ©f the earl of Denbigh, xxxiii. 57*» 

Perceval, lady Mary, daughter of lady Poyntz, mifs— to the honourable Joha 

Egmont — to mr. Andrew Drummond, Townfhend, xxix. [231] 

xxiv. [205] Pratt, hon. mr. (fince lord vifcount Bay* 

Percival, Edward Southwood, efq .^— to ' ham-— ^-to mifs Molefworth, xxviii. 

mifs Suttdn, daughter of the late lord [»»6] 

George Manners Sutton, xxxii. [233] Pratt, mifs Sarah Maria, niece to fir E4- 

Percival, hon. Spencer, to mifs Jane ward Aftley, bart. — to Charles Col* 

Wilfon, xxxii. [233] Iyer, efq. xxv. [231] 

Perryn, mifs Frances, daughter of mr. Price, capt. Barrington-^to lady Maria 

baron Perryn — to John ^^ddocks, Bowes, daughter of t]»e earl of Strath* 

' efq. xxiv. [205] more, xxxi. [235] 

Pery, hon. Frances, daughter of vifcount Price, mifs Clara — to Charles Bloi^ efq. 

Pery — to Nicholas Calvert, efq. xxxi. - fon of fir John Blois, bart. xxxi. [234] 

[234] Price, Howell, efq. — to lady Aylmer, 

Petre, hon. mr. fon of lord Petre— to xxix. [232] 

mifs Howard, niece to the carl of rrideaux, Humphrey, efij.-*— to mifs St. 

Surrey, xxviii. [216] Aubyn, xxxii. [233] 

Philimoic, William Robert, efq. to Pruflla, princefs royal of— to the duke of 

mifs Sarah Henley Ongley, daughter York, xxxiii. 59*. 

of lord Ongley, xxxiii. 58*. Pi-uffia, princefs Frederica Sophia Wil- 

Phipps, mifs — to fir Patrick Blake, bart, helmina — to the hereditary prince of 

xxxi. [237] Orange, xxxiii. 59*. 
Phipps, hon. Auguftus — to mifs Maria 

Thelluflbn, xxxiv. 53*. 

Pigou, mifs ^to Henry Harford, efq. y, 

xxxiv. 53*. ' XV. 
Pilford, mifs — to Timothy Shelley, efq. 

xxxiii. ,59*. 
Pitchy, mifs, daughter of fir Abraham 

Pitchy— to lord vifcount Deerhurft, More Molyneux, xxxi. [234] 

xxvi. [116] Ramfay, lady Elizabeth, daughter of the 

Pitt, hon. mifs, daughter of lord Camel* earl of Dalhoufie to fir Thomas 

ford — to lord Grenville, xxxiv. 53*. MoncrieiFe, bart. xxviii, [217] 

Pitt, hon. mifs, daughter of lord Rivers Ram lay, fir George, bart. — to the hon. 

— ^^ J?"^^' ^^^ ^*"*» ^^9' *xxi. 236. mifs Eleanor Frafer, daughter of tJiM. 

?lac€, Edward, cfq--*i— IQ lady Annt late carl oC ^^^ft^\^.'*aN%.\>^^^~^ _ 

RAiN$FOitD, general — ^to mife Com- 
wailis Molyneux, daughter of iir 

I N D E Xj 178 1 to 17^2. 

Ramfay, lady, relift of fir George Ram- Rous, fir John, bartw— to mlfs Whitafcefi 

fay, baVt. — to lieut. Duncan Campbell, xxxiv. 52*. 

xxxiv. S%*» Route, C. W. Boughton, efq.— to mift 

Kamfden, fir John, bart.-^to the hon. Hall, xxv. [232] 

Loiiifa Sufannah Ingram, daughter of Rowley, mii's-^to Peter Godfrey, efq. 

the late lord vifcount Jrwin, xxix. xxxii. [234] 

[231] Ruffell, mifs—to W. Elliot, efq. fon of 

Rawdon, lady Ann ■ t o the earl of fir'Frai>cis Elliot, xxxii. [233] 

. Aylefbury, xxx. [226] Ruflell, lord John — to the hon, Geor* 

Rawdon, hon. John—to mifs F. Hall, gina Elizabeth Byng, daughter of lord 

xkxiv. 54*. " Torrington, xxviii. [216] 

Raynsford, Nicoll8,efq. — to mifs Souter, Ruflell, lord William — ^to lady Charlotte 

xxiv. [204] Villlers, daughter ef the earl of Jerfeyi 

Read, mifs — to fir Nelfon Rycroft, bart. ^xxi. [236] 

xxxiii. 58*. Rycroft, mifs Mary—^o the hon« Georgf 

Reeves, mifs Jane t o lord Lindores, Pelham, xxxiv. 54*. 

xxxi* [235] Rycroft, fir Nelfon, bart. — to mifs ReaiJ^ 

Reynolds, fir Frederick, knight-— to mifs xxx^ 58*. 

M. Townfhend, xxiv. t*o6] Ryves, George Frederick, efq. — ^to mifs 

Rjchardfon, William, efqi-\(o the coun- Catherine Elizabeth Arundel, daugb- 

tefs dowager of Winterton, xxxiii. ter of the hon. James Everard AruD- 

57*. del, xxxiv. 51 *• 
Richetts, niifs — -to lord Rofehill, fon of 

the earl of Northeflc, xxxi. [234] 
Rickets, Edward Jeronjrfq. — to the hon. 

mifs Twiflcton, xxxii. [232] C 
Rickets, George William, efq. — to mifs 

Letitia Mildmay, xxxiii. 59*. 

Riddell, mifs Ann — to fir Walter Blount, QT. Asaph, lord, fon to the cdrl df 

bart. xxxiv. 54*. ^ Aftibiirnham — to the honourable mif» 

Ridley, Nicholas, efq.— to mifs Letitia Thynne, daughter of lord vifcount 

Atkins, xxxii. [234] Weymouth, xxvii. [211} 

Riverfdale, lady— to capl. James Mil- St. Aubyn, lady, widow of fir John St^ 

lard, xxxiv. 54*. / Aubyn, bart. — to John Bater, efqt 

Robertfon, mifs, daughter of gen. Ro- xxv. [23 3 J 

bertfon, governor of New York— to St. Aulyn, mifs—to Humphrey Pri- 

John Henderfon, el'q. Ion of fir Robert deaux, ef<i|. — xxxii. [233} 

Henderfcn, xxiv. [205] St. Clair, fir James— to mifs Bouveiie, 

Robinfon, mifs — to the hon. Henry Ne- niece to the earl of Radnor, xxxi. 

ville. Ion of the earl of Abergavenny, [237} 

xxiv. [206] St. John, mifs Charlotte, daught^ of 

Robinfon, mifs, daughter cf fir George the late lord, St. John of Bletfoe— to 

Robinfon, bart. — to Charles Hoare, Jofcph Yates, efq xxix. [231] 

efq. xxxii. [233] ' St. John, the hon. Frederick, brother to 

Robinfon, hon. Frcderirk. brptbcr to lord vifcount Bolingbroke — to -lady 

lord Grantham — to miit irlarris, filler Mary Kerr, daughter of the marquis 

of fir James Harris, xxvii. [25c] of Lothian, xxx. [228] 

Robinfon, John, efq. to mifs Clive, St. John, hon. George Richard— to miii 

fitter to lord Clive, xxv. [232] Charlotte Collins, xxvi. [217] 

Robinfon, mifs Penelope, daughter of fir St. John, lir H. P. bart.— to mifs Mlkl- 

George Rohini'on, bart. — to Robert may, xxviii. [217] 

Blencowe, ciq. xxxi. [237] St. Laurence, lady Elizabeth, daughter 

Rochford, i»on. Robert — to mifs Smyth, of the carl of Howth— to lieuteDant- 

xxxi. [235] col. Paulus Irwin, xxviii. [216] 

Rodney, capt. fon of fir G. B. Rodney Saltoun. lord to mifs Frafcr, xzviL 

— ^to mifs Harley, daughter of the right [^lo] ' ^ , 

hon. Thomas Harley, xxiv. [205] Sandys, mifs, niece of lord* Sandys— 4D 

Rofehill, lord, fon of the earl of N« rthefic lord Fairford, xxviii. [217] 

—to mifs Richetts, xxxi. [234] Sandys, lady Alicia, fitter to the earl rf 

Rous, fir John, bart*— to mifs Wilfon, Tankerville to the rev. 'Edward 

jtxx, [226] Beckingham Benfon^ aocvL [aiS] 


Sandys, Miles, cfq«— to mifs Dalryfnple> Shirley, mif», daughter of the honoura« 

xxxii. [232] ble George Shirley— to fir Tho, Geo. 

Sandys, rev. Richard — to lady Frances Skipwith, bart. xxvii. [251] 

Alicia Aflong, relifl of W. Aflong, Shirley, Evelyn, efq.— to ini(*s Phillif 

cfq. and filter to the earl of Tanker- Byam Wollafton, xxiv. [205] 

viae, xxiv. f^^S] Sbiney, mifs Mary, daughter of the hon. 

Sardinia, princefs Caroline of— to An- George Shirley— to John Smith, cl*q» 

thony, cleftor of Saxony, xxiv. [194. xxv. [231I 

ao6] Shirley, capt. Wa(hing;ton, fon of lord 

Saville, hon. R. Lumlej'— to the hon, Perrers — to mifs Ward, niece to vifc* 

Henrietta Willougbv, xxix. [231] Dudley, xxiv. [205, 206] 

Saxony, Anthony eleftor o f ■■ t o the SHotter, mils Ann — to George Di'um- 

princefs Caroline, fourth daughter of mond, xxiy. [206] 

the king of Sardinia, xxiv. [194.206] Sarewfbury, earl o f ■ i t o mifs Hoey, 

Scallen, mifs Eliz.— to the hon. George xxx«v. 53*. 

Mafley, xxxiv. 52*. ' Shuckbiirgh, (Ir George— «to mifs Darke% 

Scotchmer, mrs.— to fir W. Dolben, bart. xxv. [133] 

xxxi. [237] Sinclair, lady Janet, filler to the earl of 

Scotr, mifs-^— »-to P. C. Crcfpigny, efq, Caiihncfs — -to James Ti-ail, efq. xxvii. 

xxvi. [»2'»] [*Ji] 

Scott, lady Frances, filler to the duke Sinclair, fir John, bart. — to mifs^Iac- 

of Buccleugh — to Douglas, efq. donald, xxx. [226] 

xxvi. 227 Sinclair, fir Robert, bait.-rto lady Mary 

Sfott, fir John, bart to mils Harriet . Gordon, daughter of the duke of Gor« 

Graham, xxxiv. 53*. don, xxxi. [235] 

Scott, lady Mary Montagu, daughter of Sitwell, mifs— irto fir William Wake, bart. 

the duke of Buccleugh — to lord vifc. ^ xxxii. [233] 

Stopfoni, xxxii. 57*. Skeffington, lady Catherine, filler to the 

Scott, Tho. efq, — to mrs. Nelbit, xxv, earl of Maflaieenc— ^o lord I^mdaff, 

231 xxvii. [210] 

Sempill, lord to mifs Mellilh, xxix. Skinner, mifs — .to major Henry G^gc^ 

[230] nephew to lord Gage, xxxi. [234] 

Scnhoufe, fir John, bart.— <o mifs Alley, Skipwith, fir Tho. Geo. bart.— to mifs 

xxix. [232] Shirley, daugliter cf ihe hon. George 

Seymour, mil's, niece to earl Cowper— Shirley, xxvii. [251] 

to the rev. Charles Buch, xxiv. [206] Slefwick Holllein, prince of to the 

Seymour, mifs, daughter of the rt. hon. princefs LouliU Augufta of Denmark," 

and rev. lord Frances Seymour, and xxviii. [216] 

niece to the duke of Somerlet— — to Slini-fby, fir Thomas, bart.-^o mifs M. 

Thomas Bovet, efq. xxvii. [211] S.'in.^lbv, xxiv. [206] 

Shaftefbury, earl o f ■ .to mifs Webb, Smith, mifs to lord Compton, xxix* 

daughter of fir John Webb, baronet, [231] 

xxviii. [217] Smith, mifs ^to fir Frederick Eden, 

Shaw, fir John — to mifs Mon fon, filler xxxiv. 51*. 

to lord Monfon, xxv. [232] Siniih Cullen, efq. — to the hon. mifs Ca- 

Shaw, mifs Maria-^to fir Jacob Wheate, roline Eardley, xxxiv. 53*. 

bart. xxvi. [226] Smith, Gcora^e, efq.- lo mifs Frances 

Sheldon, George, efq.— to the countefs . MaryMofley, xxxiv. 53*, 

dowager Daun, daughter of George Smith, capt. J. — to the vifcountefs dow- 

prince of Avprfperg, xxxi. [236] ager Dudley and Ward, xxxiii. 59*. 

Shelley, lady, to dr. Stewai.t, xxxii. Smith, John, efq.— ^to mifs Mary Shirley, 

[234] daughter of the hon. George Shirley, 

^helley, Timothy, efq.— .to mifs Pilford, xxv. [232] 

xxxiii. 59*. Smith, fir Skeffington, bart.- - - t o mifs 

Sherard, lord — to mifs Eleanor Monck. Dally, xxv. [233] 

ton, xxxtii^3*. Smith, Thomas, eXq.— to mifs Mskiy 

Sherard, lady Lucy — to fir Tho. Cave^ Hely Hutchinfon, daughter of lord 

bart. xxxiii. 58*. Donoughmore, xxxiii* 5^^* 

(hipley, mifs, daughter of the bilhojx of Snaithers,mr3.-F'to fir Edm. Affleck, bart. 

St. Afaph— to fir William Jone^ xxvi, xxx. [2.27] 

fa27] t^A^ Vcw^>i^i 

INDEX, 1781 to 1791. 

Smythy mifs-- to the hon. Robeit Roch** Stirling, Charley erq.-*to mift Chaiiotit 

ford, xxxi. [335] Grote, xxxi. [237] 

Smyth) mifs Letitia Sophia— to Henry Stkling, mifs ]MUry-«to £ben« Oliphantf 

Auguftus Leicefter, efq. xxxiii. 57*. efq. xxxii. [233] • 

Smythe, Edward, efq.-— to mifs Holford, Stoprord, vifcount-p^to lad)r Mary Mon« 

xxiv. [206] tagu Scott) daughter of the duke of 

Bmythron, miiSf daughter of fir John Buccleugh, xxxiii. 57*. 

Smythfon, bart.-— to Mr. Croft, xxiv. Strangeways, hon. Charles Redlyndit 

[205] brother to the carl of Ilchette r ■ i t o 

^neyd, Walter, ^fq.-^to the hon. mifs mifs Jane Haine, xxix. [231] 

Bagot, daughter of lord Bagot, xxviii. Strathaven, lord— -to mifs Cope, fifter to 

[2^6] ' the duchefs of Dorfet, xxxiii. 57*. 

Sneyd, rev. William*^to Mrs. Emma Stret, mifs Sophish— to the hon. Robert 

Cecil, late wife of Henry Cecil, eiq. Walpole, envoy extraordinary to For- 

xxxiii. 59*.^ tugal, xxvii.fzfp] 
Somerfet) lord Charles Henry, fon of the Strickland, Thomas, efq.-- »to mifs Law- 
duke of Beaufort— ^to the hon. mifs fon, daughter of fir John Lawibn^ 

Courtenay, daughter of lord vifcount bart. xxxi. [235] 

Courtenay,. XXX* [227] Strutt, John Holden, efq.-— to lady Char* 

«66uter, mifs-^to NicoUs Raynsford, efq. lotte Fitzgerald, filter to the duke of 

xxiv. [204.] Leinftcr, xxxi. [234.] 

SouihweU, mifs to fir Cecil Bifhop, Stuait, mifs, daughto: of colonel Francia 

b^rt. XXV. [23^] Stuart, brother to the earl of Moray 

Southwell, hon. mifs — to the hon. mr. ■ ' to the rev. mr. 0'Beirnie> xzv;- 

Townihend, xxxii. [233] [229] 

Southwell, hon. mifs— oto colonel Couff^ Stuart, Andrew, efq.-«vto mifs 8tirlii)g« 

maker, xxxii. [234] xxxii. [234] 

fiouthwell, mifs— to lord chief baron Stuart, fir Simeon, bart.«-^o mifs OlmhiSy 

Eyl-e^ xxxiii. 57^. daughter of the hon. John Luttrel OU 

JBouthwell, hon. mifs Sophia^to the earl mius, xxxi. [235] 

of Albcmark; xxxiv. 5a*. Sturt, Charges, eiq . ■ ■ t o the lady Mary 

Spain, Infanta of to the Infant Don Anne Afliley, daughter of the earl of 

Johnof Portugal, XXV. i. [2 |o] Shaftefoury, xxx. [227] 

jSpencer, lady Caroline, daughter of the Sudley,- vifcount, fon of the earl of Arr 

duke of Marlborough— to vifcount ran— to mifs Tyrrel, xxix. [232] 

Cliffden, xxxiv. 52*. Sullivan, John, ielq. — to mifs Henrietta 

jBpencer, hon. John— -to lady Elizabeth Anne Barbara Hobart, daughter of the 

Spencer, xxxii. [232] hon. George Hobart^ xxxi. [235] 

Stanhope, lady Anna Maria--*-to the earl .Sutherland, capt. — to mifs Louiia C«Ie« 

of Lmcdn, xxv. [2^1] brooke, daughter of fir George Cole- 

topylton, mifs—F'to the hon. Grenville brooke, bart. X3od. [237] 

Anfon Chetwynd, fon of lord vifcount Suttie, fir James, bart^-^to mifs Cathe- 

Chetwynd, xxvi. [22S] rine Ifabeila Hamilton, xxnv. 52*. 

Stephenfon, mif&r^to the ^arl of MexbO' Sutton, mifs, daughter of fir Richard 

rough, xxv.. [233] Sutton — to mr. Markham, fon of tht 

:Stcphenfon, mrs.-^to lord Maiden, ion of archbiihop of York, xxxi. [236] 

thcearlofEiTex, xxviii. [21.$] Sutton, mifs Charlotte Manners, dauglu 

Stewart, dr. ■ »to lady Shelley^ xxxii. ter of the late lord George Manners 

[234] Sutton^— to Thomas X'Ockwoodf junior^ 

Stewart, lady Catherine, dau.^hter of the efq. xxxi. [236] 

ead of Galloway— to fir James Gra- Sutton, mifs, daughter of the late lord 

ham, bart* xxvii. [250] George Manners Sutto n to Ed- 
Stewart, lady Grace— -to Geo. Douglas^ ward Soutbwood Percival^ eiq. xaodji 

efq- xxxi. [2^6] [3^33] 

jStewart, lady Sufan, daughter of the earl -Sutton, John, efq . u ' to nift Hbthain* 

of Galloway— ^ to the marquis of daughter c^ baron Hoihant soodiu 

Blandford, xxxiii. 59*. 57*. 

f»tirlin^, mif»-»-to Andrew Stuatty ef^. $wynbume, fir Johii, baroncti '^ . to mift 

:9mP^« i^l^} £mnia SUzabeth Beoaetf nx. {>3>) 


Trafton, Jady Dowager, Elizabeth— t^ 

^. Henry Couifon, efq. xxxiv. 53*. . . 

T» Trail, James, efq. — to lady Janet Sin* 

clair, fiiier to the earl of Caithnefs, ^ 

Talb6t, hen. mr. brother to the earl xxvii. [21 t] 

of Shrew&ury— -to mifs Cliftoit; Trenchaid, William, efq. — toladyHefter 

xxxi, [23.5] Amelia de Burgh, filler of the mar- 

Talboty mifs— niece to the eaii of Shrewf- quis of Clanricarde, xxxii . [233] 

bury, to Byron, efq. xxvii. [210] Trevelyan, John, efq.— to mifs Maria 

Talbot, Geo. efq. to mifs Charlotte Wilfon, xxxiii. 59*. 

Drake, xxxi. [234.} Tudor, mifs — to Rawfon HartBoddam» 

Tayler, lady Harriet— to Chambrey Bra- efq. xxxiii. 57*. 

bazonPonfonby, efq. xxxiii. 58*. Tufton, lady Caroline — to Jofeph Foftcr 

Taylor, Michael Aneelo, efq.— to mifs Barham, efq. xxxiv. 53*. 

Vane, daughter of fir Henry Vane, Tumour, lord vifcbunt, fon of the eai-l 

bart. xxxi. [236] of Winterton— — to mifs Chapmun, 

Tempeft, fir Henry, bart. — ^to mifs S. xxiv. [206] 

Pntchard Lambert, xxxiii. 57*. Turner, mifs Mary Ann^^o fir Wil- 

Thelluflbn, mifs Maria — to the hon. Au- Ham Foulis, bart. xxxi. [236] 

guftus Phipps xxxiv. 53*. Twifdon, mifs, daughter of ihe late fir 

Thelwall, miis Carter — to lord William W. Twifdon, bart.-— to the earl, of 

Beauclerk, xxxiii. 58*. Eglintown, xxvi. [228] 

Thompfon, mifs — to Edward Thurlow, Twilleton, hon. mifs, daughter of lord 

efq. nephew to the lord Chancellor, Say and Sele — to James Henry Leigh, 

xacviii. [217] efq, nephew to the duke of Chandos, 

Thornton, mifs — ^to lord Balgonie, fon xxviii. [217] 

of the earl of Leven and MeWille, Twifleton, hon. mifs — to Edw. Jeron 

xxvii. [211] Rickets, efq. xxxii. [232] 

Thurlow, Edward, efq. nephew to the Twyfden, iir William, hart.— to mif» 

lord chancdior — to mifs Thompfon, - Fanny Wynch, xxviii. [216^] 

xxviii. [217] Twifden, fir John Papillon, bart.— to 

Thvnne, hon. mifs, daughter of lord mifs Geai'v, daughter of adm. Geary, 

vifc. Weymouth — ko lord St. Afaph, xxv. [232] 

fon to the earl of Adiburnham, xxvii. Tyrrel, Mifs-*— to vifcoimt Sudley, foa 

[211] of the earl of Arran, xxix. [232] 
Thynnc, mifsAugufta, daughter of lord 

vifc. Weymouth to the earl of 

Aylesfora, xxiv. [206] 

,Todd, mifs — to lord vifc. Maitland, fon "y 

of the earl of Lauderdale, xxv. [233] * 
Townfliend, hon. mr. — ^to the hon. mifs 

Southwell, xxxiii (233) T7ALENTIA, lord vifcount-^to mifs 

Townfliend, hon. capt.— ^o mifs Glad- ^ Cavendiih, daughter of the right 

wyn, xxxii. [233] hon. fir Henry Cavendiih, bart. xxvi, 

Townfliend, mifs, daughter of lord Sid* [229] 

ncy — te the earl ot Cbatham, xxvi. Vane, mifs, daughter of fir Henry Vane, 

L228] bart. ^to Michael Angelo Taylor, 

Townfliend, rev. Edward, nephew to efq. xxxi. [236] 

the late lord vifcount Townfliend— tp Vaffal, mifs-— to fir Godfrey Webfter, 

mifsXouifa Milner, daughter of t^ie bart. xxviii. [2x7] 

late fir William Milner, bart. xxxi. Vaughan, John, efq.— to mifs Maude, 

[23 5} daughter of fir John Maude, bart. 

Townfliend, lady Elizabeth— to colonel xxiv. [205] 

Loftus, xxxii. [233] Vaughtoii, lady Elizabeth— to Laurence 

Townfhend, Henry Hare, efq. — to mifs Palke, efq.— xxxiv.53*. 

Charlotte Lake, daughter of fir James Vernon, lion, and rev. Edward Venable^ 

Lake, bart, xxxi. [237] —to lady Ann Levefon Gower, xxvii. 

Townfliend, hon. John— to mifs Poyntz, [»io] 

xxix. [231] Vdey, George, erq.F-«to mrs. Latouch» 

Townfliend, mifs M. — ^to fir Frederick xxxii. [234] 

RevBoldS) knt. xxiv. [206] Villiers, lady Charlotte^ daughter of the 

INDEX, I 78 I to 1792. 

eavl of Jerfey — ^to lord William RuflTel, ^yar^on, mifs Sufannab— 'to lord Cart 

xxxi. [136] berry, xxxiv. 53*. 

Villiers, right hon. John Charles to Webb, niifs,daughterof fir John Webb| 

irifs Mary Forbes, xxxiii. 57*. bart. — to the earl of Shaftefkuryi 

Vyher, , efq. — to lady Theodofia xxviii, [217] 

Mary Alhburnham, daughter of the Webb, mifs-w-to th^ earl of K^burgfa, 

lord vifcount Afhbqniham, xxx. [227] xxxi. [236] 

Webfier, fir Godfrey, bart— to mift 
Vaffall, xxviii. [217] 

^^ WecWerburrj; fir John, bart. — to mift 

' Dundas, daughter of colonel Durdas, 

/ xxiv. [204] 

'1X7 AKE, fir William, bart.-T — to mifs Weldon, William, efq.-r-to mifs Lucy 

^^ Sitwell, xxxii. [233] ^ ' CufFe, nie^e to viTcount Dyfart, xzxivi 

Waldegrave, lady Eliz. to the'^earl of 53*. 

Cardigan, xxxiii. 58*. Wentworth, lord vifcount — to the conn- 

Waldegrave, lady Horatia, daughter of tel's Ligonier, xxx. [226] 

the duchefs of Gloucefter— rio the earl Weft, hon. F. — ^to mifs Michelly xxxiv* 

of Eufton, fon of the duke of Grafton, 52*. 

xxvii. [211] Weftley, lady Ann — ^to the hon. Henry 

Waldegrave, lady Horatia, daupjhter of Fitzroy, xxxii., [232] 

the duchefs of Gloucefter — p— to the Weftoii, mil's, niece to the duke of 

hon. capt. Conway, fon of the earl of Montague — to fir Samuel Fludyefa 

Hertford, xxviii. [216] ' bart. xxviii. [217] 

Wallace, fir Thoraais — to mifs Gordon, Whalley, mifsr-^o the right hon. Jbha 

xxvi. [228] Fitzgibbon, xxviii, [217] 

Walpole, mils, daughter of the hon. Wharton, John, efq.^to mifs SuiaiJ* 

Richard Walpole— ^to the hon. Geo. L^bton, xxxii. [434] 

Neville, brother to the eaii of Aber- Wheatc, fir Jacob, bart.— to mifs Mari^ 

gavennyj xxix. [231] Shaw, x:!fyi. [226] 

Walpole, hon. Horatio, fon o{ lord Wheeler, Edward, efq.— to mifs DuBi- 

Walpole— —to mifs Churchill, xxiv. ford, xxiv. [205]. 

[205] Whichcott, mifs; daughter of fir Richard 

Walpole, Lambert Theodore, efq. nc- ^Whichcott, bart.-r-to William Man-?' 

phew to lord Walpole — ^to mifs Mar- . ners, efq. xxv. [227] 

garet Clive, iifter to lord Clive, xxx. Whitaker, mifs-«rto fir John Rous, bart. 

[227] xxxiv. 52*. 

Walpole, Richard, efq. fon of the hon. "SYhitbread, Samuel, efq.-rHto mifs Grey, 

Richard Walpole r to mil's Eli7,a daughter of fir Charles Grey, 'K, B« 

Hammet, daughter of fir Benjamin and Thiftle, xxx. [226] 

Hamniet, bart. xxxiv. 52*. Whitley mifs, to Charles Dundas, efq. 

Walpole, hon. Robert, envoy extraordi- xxv. [231] 

niry at Portugal— to mifs Sophia Whitworth, mifs P, daughter of the late 

Stret, xxvii. [250] fir Charles Whitworth— to B. Gra- 

Warburton, fir Peter, bart.— rto mifs ham, elij. x;(vii. [251] 

Alice Parker, xxiv. [205] Wigften, John, efq.-.— to Mifs X*akea 

Ward, -efq. brother to lord Ward xxxii. [234.] 

— to lady Arabella Crofbie, fifter to Williams', mifs Harriet -?— to Thomas 

the earl of Glandore, xxvi. [227] Tyrv&hitt Jones, efq. xxxiii. 57*. 

Ward, mifs, niece to vifcount Dudley— «• Willoughby, hon. mils, dauj.^.lrer of lord^ 

to capt. Waihington Shirley, fon of Middieton— to Richard Langley^ efq, 

lord Ferters, xxiv. [205, 206 J xxvii. [211] 

Ward, mifs — ^to fir Nathanel Ducken- vWilloudiby, hon. Henrietta— to the 

field, buit. xxvi. [227] hon. R.JUumlcy Saville, xxix. [231] 

Warde, George, c{q -y-rio 'mifs Madan^, Wilmot, fir Robert, bart.— to the hon, 

daughter of the rev. dr. Madan, and mrs. Byron, daughter of the hon^ 

niece to eail CornwAllis,xxiv. [204] admiral Byron, xxvi. [228] 

Watfon, fir Charlej*, bart. — to mifs Ju- Wilfon, mifs, daughter of fir Thomtl 

' liana Copley, daughter of the late fir Spencer Wilfon^ bar^ to lord Ardeiv 

Jofeph,Copley, bart. xjcd, [43^] 3pdx. (230) 


"Wilfon, mlfs— ^0 (ir John Rous, bart. Wrighf, John, jun, cfq. — ^to mifs Eli2» 

XXX. [226] ' Lawfon, daughter of fir George Law- 

''^ilfon, mifs Jane^to the hon. Spencer fon, bart. xxxi. [234] 

Percival, xxxii. [233] Wyuch, mifs Fanny— to fir Williaai 

Wilfon, hon. John, judge of the common Twyfden, bart, ^viii. [»i6] 

pleas— to mifs Adair, xxx. [227] Wyndham, rt. hon. William, brptherto 

Wilfon, mifs Maria — to John Trevylian, the earl of Egremont — to mifs Har- 

efq. xxxiii. 59*. , ford, xxvii. [211] 

Wilfon, MoAtagu, efq. — to mifs Hobart, Wynn, mifs-r-tovifcount Perceval, xxxif. 

daughter of the hon. Henry Hobart, 52*. 

brother to the earl of Buckingham, Wynne, mifs — ^to the rev. dr. Cleaver^ 

xxvii. [211] xxx. [427] 

Wilfon, Richard, efq. — to mifs Fountain, Wynne, Owen, efq.— to lady Sarah Cokj 

daughter of the dean ofYork,xxiv. , xxxii. [2 32] 


Windfor, lady Ann— to the rev. fir Tho- 
mas Broughton, bart. xxix. [231J 

Windfor, lady Catherine, filter to the earl V 
of Plymouth — to fir James Tylney 
Long, bart. xxvii. [251] 

Windfor, lady Sarah-rto William Cham- 

jpian Crefpigny, cfq.xxviii. [217] V^^^E* Francis Buller, efq.— tomlA 

Winn, fir George Allanfon, bart.-^to * Halliday, xxxiii. 58*. 

mifs Blennerhaflet," xxvi. [228] Yates, mifs — to Cholmoley Peering, efq* 

Winterton, countefs dowagier of— .to xxxi, [236] ' 

Wiiliam Richardfon, efq. xxxiii. 57*. Yates, mifs, M. L.— to therev.Hemy 

Witney, mifs Catherine — to fir T. Fea- Ford, xxiv. [206] 

thct-flonhaugh, bart. — xxv. [232] Yates, Jofeph, efq. — ^to mifs Charlotte 

Wolff, mifs — to capt. Parflow, xxxiv. St. John, daughter of the late loixl St. 

54*. John of Bletfoe, xxix. [231] 

Wollafton, mifs Phlllls Bvam— to Eve- Yea, William Walter, efq. eldcft fon of 

lyn Shirlev, efq. xxiv. [205] fir William Yea, bart.*-to mifs New- 

Wolfeley, Charles, efa. — to mife Mary man, xxvi. [227] 

Clifford, daughter of the hon. Thomas York, duke oi' — to the princefs royal of 
Cliffo|-d, xxxiv. 54.*. Pruffia, xxxiii. 59*. 
• Wombwell, fir George, bart. — rto lady Yorke, mifs, fitter to the earl of Hard- 
Anne Belkfyfe, daughter of the earl wick — to the hon. John Eliot, xxxii, 
of Fauconberg, xxxiii. 58*. '[^34] . 

WoTcefter, marquis of— to lacly Char- Yorke, Charles, efq, — to mifs Harriet 

lotte Levefon Govver, daughter of the Manningham, xxxii. [233] 

marquis of Stafford, xxxiii. 58*. Yorke, mifs Jemima, daughter of the 

'Worfley, mifs— -to John Bridgmauj efq. hon. John Yorke — to Reginald Pole 

xxvii. [aio] Carew, efq, xxvii. [211] 

Wray, fir Bouchier, bart. — to-mifsPalk, Yorke, rt. hon. fir Jofeph, K. B. — to 

daughter of fir Robert Palk, xxviii. the dowager baronefs de Boetzlaer, 

[216] xxvi, [228] 

Wray, mifs Florentia, fifler to fir Bou- Yorke, hon. Philip, nephew to the earl 

chier Wray, bart. — ^to Richard Long, of Hardwick — to mifs Lindfey, daugh- 

jun^ efq. xxviii. [216 j ler of lady Balcarras, xxv. [233] 


INDEX, 178* to 1792J 



A Affile AVEN^T, coiintefs of— a 
fon, xxviii. [a 16] — ^xxxi [234] 
Abingdon^ lady — a fon and heir, xxiv. 

Abingdon, countefs of — a daughter, 
xxviii. [215] — XXX. [126] 

Acland, lady, of fir Thomas Dyke Ack- 
land, bait.— a fon, xxix. [230] 

Adam, mrs. — a fon, xxxiii. 56*. 

Addington, the fady of the rt. hon. Hen- 
ry Addington— a fon, xxxi. [133] 

Altamont, countefs, of — a fon xxx."[225] 

Althorpe, lady — a fon, xxv. [230] 

Apfley, lady— a fon, xxxii. [231] xxxiii. 

Arden, lady — ^a daughter, xxxi [233]— 
a fon, xxxiv. 51*. 

Arden* the lady of Richard Pepper Ar- 
den, efq. — a fon, xxviii. [216] — a 
daughter, xxix. [230] — xxxi. [232] 

Armytage, lady, of fir George Army- 
tagc, bart. — a daughter, xxxi. [23 3] ^ 

Artois, countefs of— a princefs, xxvi. 


Arundel, hon. mrs.— a fon, xxix. [229] 
A(hburton, lady — a fon, xxv. [131] 
Aflihurft, lady, of fir William Aflihurft— 

a fon, xxv. [231] 
Aftlevilady, of fir Edward Aftley— a fon, 

xxir. [204] 
Afturias, princefs of — ^afon, xxvli. [210] 

— ^xxx. [225] 
Athol, duchefs of — a fon, xxvi. [126] — 

xxvii. [24.9] — XXX. [226] 
Auckland, lady — a fon, xxxiii. 56*. 
Aylefbury, countefs of— ra daughter, xxvii. 

Aylesford, countefs of— a fon, xxviii 
£21^] — ^xxxi. [233]— xxxiv. 50* 
4iaughter« xxxiii. 55*^ 


BACKBURNE, the lady of John Back- 
burne, efq.— a daughter, xxvii. [249] 

Baden, hereditary princefs of— a prince 

xxvii. (210] 
Baden Durlach, princefs of— a princefif 

xxv. [231] 
Bagot, lady, of lord — a foti, xxiv. [104] 

— a daughter, xxvii. [249] 
Baker, mrs.— a daughter, xxxii. [231]— 

a fon, xxxiv. 5i*. 
Balcairas^ countefs of — a fon,xxvL [215) 

—two fons, xxviii. [215] 
Balgonie, lady, of lord Balgonie, fon of 

the earl of Leven — a fon, xxvii. [249] 

—xxviii. [216] — xxxiii. 56* — adaugh- 

ter, xxxi. [234] 
Bankes, mrs, — a fon, xxix. [230] 
Bayliam, lady — a daughter, xxix. [230] 

— xxxiii. 5*6*. 
Bayham, vifcountefs— a daughter, xxxiii. 

Beaufoit, duchefs of — a (on, xxvii. [216J 

xxix. [230] — ^xxx. [226]— a daugh- 
ter, xxviii. [215] 
Beckford, lady Margaret— a daughtCTt 

xxviii, [215] 
Benfon, lady Frances— a fon, xxx. [216J 
Benyon , lady Frances Alicia — ^a fon, xtviu 

Bernard, lady — a fon, xxx. [226] 
Bernard, mrs.; — a fon, xxxiii. 56*. 
Bifhop, lady, of fir Cecil Bifliop— a fon, 

xxvi. [225] 
Bifhopp, lady; — a daughter, xxxiii. $<*• 
Bofton, lady — ^a fon, xxvi. [225] — xxx. 

[225]--xxxi. [233] a daughter^ 

xxxiv. 51*. 
Blackbume, mrs. — a fon, xxxii. [232] 
Blandford, marchionefs of— -a daughter, 

xxxiv. 51*. 
Boynion, lady — a daughter, xxx. [225] 
Brownlow, lady, of lord Brownlow-— a 

daughter, xxv. [251] — xxixv [229] 
Brownlow, lady — a Ion, ^pcviu [249]— 

xx3^iii. 56*. 
Buckingham, marchionefs of — a daugh« 

ter, xxix. [2 30 J 
Burrell, lady, ot fir William Burrdl, 

bart. — a daughter, xxxi . [a 33] 
Byng, lady of the hon. John Byng — a fon, 

xxiv. [204] — ^xxvii. [2x0] — a daugh- 
ter, xxx. 225. 



Compton, lady— a fon, xxx. f«^5]— * 

xxxli. [231,2 32]— a daughter, xzxuu 

C ^^*' 

• Conyngham, lady — a fon, xxxiv. 51*. 

Cornwall, 'lady of fir George Cornwall^ 

CADOGAN, lady — a daughter, xxiv. bait, a daughter, xxxi. [233] 

. £»o4.^ — xxviii. [2 1 5]— a Ion, xxvi. Courland, duchefs of— a princef8,xxiv/ 
[225] ' ^ [ao3] — xxvi. [225] 

Caiihncis, countefs of— a fon, xxxii. Crefpigny, lady Sai^ a fon, xxxi. 

[232] — a daughter, xxxiv. 50*. [^33] 

Calthorpe, lady— a daughter, xxx. [225] Cunningham, lady—a fon, xxxil. £23*] 

Campbell, lady Caioline — a fon, xxxiv. Curzon, lady Charlotte— a ibn« xxxir* 

SO*. 5»** 

Carlifle, countefs of— a daughter, xxvi. 

Carnagie, lady, of fir David Carnagic^ 

bart, — a daughter, xxix. [229]— xxx. 

[225] — ^xxxii. [232] 
Carysfort, lady — a daughter, xxv. [230] 

— xxx. [225] — xxxi, [233]-^a fon, 

xxxii. [232] 
Carew, the lady of Reginald Pole Carew, 

cfq. — a daughter, xxxii. [231 ] — ^xxxiii. 

Caihtfll, the lady of the archbifliop of— a 

fon, xxvii. [210] 
Caftleltewart, lady — a daughter, xxvi. 

[226] — ^xxx. [226"] 
Cathcart, lady — a daughter, xxxiii. 56*^ 


pVALRYMPLE, lady, of fir Hugh Da!- 
•-^ rymple — a fon, xxvii. [249]«*a 

daughter, xxxiv. 51*. 
Darnley, countefs of — a daughter, xxxir* 

, Dalhwood, lady, of lord Daihwood, a 

daughter, xxv. [231] 
Dafhwood, lady, of fir Henry Dafhwood^ 

bart. a fon, xxix. [230] 
Dafhwood, lady—a daughter, xxvii* 
[249]— xxxii. [23a] 
i^avan*; countefs of — a fon, xxvi. [225] De;erhurft, lady — a fon, xxvii. [210]— * 
—xxxi. [233] — ^xxxiii. 56* — ^adaugh- " xxxi. f*33] — xxxiii. 55*. — a daugh- 
ter, xxvii. [249] ter, xxvii. [249] — ^xxix. [230] 
Cavcndifh, lady Elizabeth— a fon, xxVi. Denmark, princefs of— a Ton, xxxiv. 51V 

Cavendiih, lady, of lord George Caven- 
di(h— -"afon, xxvii. [210] — xxxi. [234] 

Cavendifh, lady George Henry — a daugh- 
ter, xxix. [230]— xxxiv. 50*. 

Charlotte, queen — a princefs, xxvi. [225] 

Chewton, lady, of lord Chewton— a 
daughter, xxvi. [225] 

Chewton, lady vifcountefs— ra fon, xxvii* 

Children, five children at one birth, xxvi. 

Choifeul, marchionefs of — a fon, xxxiii* 

Cholmondeley, countefs of — a fon, xxxiv. 

.Clavering, lady Augufta — ^a daughter 

xxxi. [233] 
Cleaver, the lady ofthebifhopof Chefter 

-—a daughter, xxxiii. 56*. 
Clifford, hon. mrs. — a fon, xxxii. [231] 
dive, lady— a fon, xxviii. [215]— xxxi. 

C«ckhume, lady, of fir George Cock- 

bume^— a daughter, xxvi. [226] 
^Collier, lady— .^ fon, xxxiv. 51*. 
^olquhoun, lady--!-A dattghia> x^U, 


Denmark, princefs Sophia Fredcrica, con- 
fort to prince Frederick^a daughter, 
xxvih [209]— ,— xxx. [225] — ^xixi* 

Devonfhirc, duchefs of a daughter^ 

xxvi. [225]— xxvii. [249]— a ion, 
xxxii. £231] 

Dorlet, duchefs of^— a daughter, xiodr. 

Douglas, lady Elizabeth — a fon, xxxlv« 

Douglas, lady, of fir George Douglas— ft 

fon, xxxiv. 51*- 
Douglas, lady Grace a fon, xxxii. 

Drake, lady of William Drake, jun. cfq. 

— a daughter, xxvi. [224] 
DruminOnd, hon. inrs. a fon, xx3uii« 

Drummond, lady of George Drummond, 
efq.— .a fon, xxv. [231]— xxvi. [226] 

Duncannon, lady, of vifcount Duncannon 
— a fon,xxvi. [225]'-adaugbter,xxvix. 

^ [249] 

Dundas, lady Charlotte— -^a daughter, 
xxix. [230] — xxxii, [a3t] 

pundas, lady £leoaon0>-»a fon» xxxiv. 

. I N D E X, I 

pnndas^ lady Eleanor— -a daughter^ 
xxvii. [249] 


TfARLSFORT, lady — a daughter, 

*^ xx.viii. [230] 

Bden, the lady of the right hon. William 

£<{en«-n>a daughter, xxvii. [no]— a 

ion, xxvHi. [115] 
Edwards, the lady of G. Noel EJwaftis, 
• cfq. — ^a fon, xxvi. [226]— a daughter, 

xxxiii. 56*. 
Egliotown, countefs of — a daughter, xxx. 

JQphinftone, the lady of the hon, Wil- 
liam Elphinftone ^a daughter 

xxxiv. 50*. 

XUiot, lacty of the honourable Edward 
James Elliot — a daughter, xxviii. 

JPrflune, lady of the hon. Henry Efltine— 
ion, xxvi. [22^J ' 


>A L M O u T Hy lady-- ■ -a daughter, 
xxvii. [249] — ^xxxiii. 56*. 
Falmouth, vii'countefs a fon, xxix. 

[230] — xxxii. [231] 
Fane, lady £Hzabeth«-a d.ifughter, xxvii. 

[249] xxix. [230] xxxiv. 


Fane, tfce lady of the hon. colonel Fane, 

—a fon, xxvi. [226] — xxxii. [231] 
Ferdinand, archduke, confort of -^ a 

ion, xxiv. [204] 
Fitzgibbon, lady of the right hon. John 

Fitzgibbon — a daughter, xxix. [230] 
Fitzgibbon, lady — a Ion, xxxiv. 50*. 
Fitzroy, lady Ann — a daughter, xxxiv. 

Fitzwillram, countef? — a fon, xxviii. 

Foley, the lady of the hon. Edward 

Foley — a fon, xxxiii. 57*. 
Forbes, lady — a daughter, xxxiv. 50*. 
Fortefcue, the lady of tlie hon. mr. For- 

teicue — a fon, xxvi. [224] 
Fortefcue, lady — a daughter, xxix, 

Foulis, lady— a fon, xxxii. [231] — a 

daughter, xxxiii. 56*. — ^xxxiv. 51*, 
Fox, lady Ann — a fon, xxx. [226] 
Fox, the lady of the hon, colonel Fox«-« 

£)0^ xxxiii* 56*. 

781 io 1792* 

France, her moft chriilian majefty«»of 
a princeis, named Sophia, xxviiL 


Frankland, lady, of fir Thomas Frank- 
land, nineteenth child, xxv. [230] 

Frederick, lady, of fir John Frederick, 
bart. a daughter, xxix. [229]— xxxiii 

Frederick, lady — a fon, xxx. [226]-i 

xxxiii. 56*. 
Furnour, lady — a daughter, xx^ii.«[25o] 


/^ AGE, lady vifc. a (on, xxxiii. 57*» 
^^ Gallowray, countefs of — a fon, xxvT. 

Galloway, lady -— "a daughter, xxvi* 

[*4-9] , • . 
Gaiway, lady vifcountefs — ^a daughttr* 

xxvii. [axo]-ii-a fon, xxix. [23o]-» 

xxxi. [233J 
Gardiner, lady of right hon. Luke Gardi- 

ner — afon,xxv. [231] 
Gipps. mrs. lady of George Gipps, efq* 

— a daughter, xxiv, [204] 
Glandore, lady, of lord Glandore<^a 

daughter, xxv. [231] 
Glynn, Jady — a fon» xxxiii. 55*. 
Glafgow, countei^ of — ^a fon, xxxi« [233] 

'—a daughter, xxxii. [232] 
Gordon, duchefs of ■ a fon, xxvii, 

[*49] • 
Gough, lady, of fir Henry Gough, bart, 

,— a ion, xxviii. [2x5] — xxix. [»3o] 

Gitifton, duchefs of- a ion, xxvii. 

[249]— a daughte'*,xxviii.[2i6] 

Graham^ par^hioneik of— a fon, xxviii, 

Graham, lady, of iir John Grahanii 

bart. — a daugttter, xxviii. faijl 
Granard, countefs dowager ofr— a fon, 

xxvi. [225] 
Grnnard, countefs o^a daughter, xxi& 

[2a9]T-ra fon, xxxiii. 56* 
Grant, lady, of fir James Grant, bart 

— a fon, xxvi. [225] — xxix, [230] 
Grantham, ladyr— a ion, xxiv. [204]«-<% 

xxv. [231]— xxvi. 22^. 
Grey de Wilton, lady— a d;aughter, xxx, 

Grimilon, the lady pf the hon. Willian\ 

Grimilon**— a fon, xxvii. [249} 

H. ' 

TTA D DO, lady — a fon, xxxiL fa 31) 
•n. Haggerilone, hdy, of fir Carnah^ 
HaggerftoDCj bart*— a 4i»ughter,xxviiu 


tt^e^theladyof lieutenant-general John Kinnoul, countefs— — a datigbter. 

Hale — a fon^ xxxi. [233] ["Sl 

Halifax, mrs. lady of the bifliop of Glou- JKuizlebcn, baroncfs— a daughter, xxv. 

cefter— a daugnter, xxvi. [22 5 ] t* 3 » ] 
fiammond, lady,of fir Andrew Hammond 

-—a daughter, xxiv. [ao 3 ] 

liamiay, lady-^^ daughter, xxx. [2*5] T ■ 

Harbord, ladjr, of fir Harbord* Harbord '*^* 

—a fon, xxiv. [204.] 

Harpur, lady ot fir Heniy Harpu]>-?-a , . ^ - • , • . « 

fon, xxxiy. 51*. . take, lady, of fir John Lake, baru— 

Harrington, countefs— a fon, xxiv. [204] ^ ^^^* **v"^* [*^ Sl ^ 

— xxix. [*3o] — xxxii. {232]— a Lambton, lady Ann— a fcfn, xxxiv. 50*, 

daughter, xxvi. [226]— xxxiii. 56*. Lauderda;.-, countels of— a daughtoj^ 

HattoB, hon. mrs. Finch— a daughter, »«i»- [232]— xxxai. fS*: - 

^ xxxii. [231]— a fon, xxxiii. 56*. I-eeds, duchefs of— a fon, xxxi. [234.] 

Hawke, ladv,af lord Hawke— a daughter, Leiceller, countefs of— a daughter, xxvit. 

. xxvi. [laV]— xxix. [230] [210]— xxix. [230] 

Hcnderibb* lady, of fir John Henderfon-r- ^-^igh, lady, of fir Egerton Lagh, bart.— 

a daughter, xxv. [230] a daughter, xxxi. [233] 

Herbert, lady— a daughter, xxxii. [231] I-elnfter, duchefs of— a ion, xxvi. fzasl 

Hereford, vifcountefs— a daughter, xxvii. — xxxiii. 56*. — a daughter, xxix, 

[249]— xxviii. [216] [230]— XXXI. [ ^33] 

Hill, lady, of fir Rowland Hill— a fon, Lemon, lady, ot iir William Lemon, bait. 

xxvi. [2*5] a daughter, xxxi. £233] 

Hillft>orough, cpuntef* of— a fon, xxxiv. Lenox, lady Charlotte— a daughter, xxxIL 

CO*. [232] — ^xxxiv. 51*. — a fon, xxxio. 

tiinton, lady— a daughter, xxvii. [249] 5^** 

Hinton, vifcountefs— a fon, xxviii. [215] Nellie, lady— a daughter, xxxiii. 56*. 

Hippefley, lady, of J. Cox Hippeflcy, LeUie, lady Frances,—^ Ion, xxxiv. 5 1*. 

«la. — a fon, xxxii. [232] Lewifham, lady vifcountefs — a daughter, 

Hodlon, mrs a fon, xxx. [226] xxvi. [226] 

Hope, lady— a fon, xxiv. [204] Lewifliam, lady— a fon, xxvii. [210] 

Horton, lady Mary- a daughter, xxxi. Liddeli, lady, of fir H. S. Liddell, bait. 

[234] — i fon, xxix. £230] 

Howard, lady of Bernard Howard, Lincoln, countefs of— a daughter, xxvL 

cfq. prefuraptive heir to the duke of [225]- xxxiii. 56*. a fon, xxviiL 

Norfolk-'^ fon, xxxiii. 56*. C^'S] 

Hunlock, lady, of fir Henry Hunlock— Lifraore, lady— a fon, xxix. [230] 

a daughter, xxvi. [224] Loftus, lady Elizabeth a daughter, 

Hutchinfon, lady, of fir Robert Hutchin- xxxiv. 50. 

fon— twins, xxvi. [224] I-ong> ^ady, of fir James Tylncy Long^ 

bart. — a daughter, xxxi. [233] — 
xxxiii. 56*. 
Louvaine, lady-«a ion, xxx. [225].— 

xxxii. [231] 
Lowther, lady Augufta— — a daughter^ 

JARVis, lady--a fon, xxxik [231] xxxiv. 50*. 

Ingilby, lady a daughter, xxxii. Lowther, the lady of James Lowther, 

[232] ^ cfq. — a daughter, xxxiii. [56*] 

Ingleby, lady— a fon, xxxiv. 51*. Lumley, the lady of the hon. Frederick 

Jocelyn, vifcountefs— a fon, xxx. [226] Lumley— a fon, xxx. [225] 

I. J. 


E N N £ D Y, mrs. lady of major Ken- 
nedy — a fon, xxiv. [204] 



Kinnaird, lady — a fon, xxv. [231]— \Jf ACDONALD, lady, of lord Mac- 

XXX. [225] — xxxi. 1^233]— a daughter^ ^^ donald — a fon, xxv. [231] — ^xxvi. 

xxiv. [204]— xxxiii. 56*. [224]— 'xxviil [215]— «ix. [225J 

INDEX, 1 781 to 1792. 

MtcdofnJdy lady Louifa — a fon, xxrii. Neville, lady of Richard' AldworA Nm 
[209] — xxxi, [»33] — a daugbter» ville, tfq.— a fon, xxvi. [216} 

xxxii. [232] Nevile, inrsw-— a fon, xxxiv. 50*.* 

Mahon, laJy — a fon, xxvii. [249] Neville, mrs. -«-— * a daughter^ zan?* 

Maiiland, lady, of vifcount Maitland, 51*. 

ion of the earl of Laiiderdalfr— a (on, Noel, the lady of Gemrd Edward Noelf 

xxvii. [209] — ^xxviii. [215] — ^xxxi. d'q. — ^a daughter, xxx. [225] 

[233] Nolkien, lady, of baron Nolken— m (bi| 

Marlborough, duchefs of-— a daughter, xxvi. [225] 

xxvii. [249] North, the lady of colonel George Au* 

Bdarfham, the lady of the hon. and rev. guftus North — a fon, xxviii. [215] 

Jacob Marihain— -a daughter, xxxi v. Noiib, lady— a fon> xxxiv. co*. 

50*. North, mrs. lady of the biuop of Win* 

Idartin, lady Maiy — a fon, xxxi. [234] chefter-— a fon, xxviii [249! 

Maxwell, lady, of fir WiUiam Maxwell, North, the lady of colonel Nort}ya4i ibi 
bait. — a daughter, xxviii. [215] xxxii. [232] 

Melbourne, lady — a daughter, xxix. [229] Northcote, lady — a foin, xxxiv. 5o** 

-^xxxi . [233} Northumberland, duchefs of— a fon, xxix. 

Mexborough, countcfsof— a fon, xxvi. [230]—- xxxi. t232]— xxxiv# . 5X*«— * , 

£225] — a daughter, xxxi. [233] daughter, xxxiii. 56*. 

Middlcton, Georgina dowager, bardnefs, 

wife of £. M. Monday, efq. — a daugh- ^ 

Xsr xxxi r 2*1^1 
Middleton,* lady, of fir William Middle- Q^ 

ton, bart. a daughter, xxvii. 


Mibn, archduchefs of — a princeis, xxvii. /^ R a^n G E, hereditary pnncefs 

[210] ^^ fon, xxxiv. 51*. 

Miller, lady, of fir Thomas Miller> bart. Orde, the lady of the right hon.Thomw 

— a fon, xxvi. [225] Orde — a fon, xxxi. [233} 

Miller, lady — ^a fon, xxxiv. 51*. Owen, lady of fir Hugh Owen— tfon^ 

Molyneux, vifcountefs— — a daughter, xxv. [231] 

xxxiv. 51*. 
Monro, lady — a daughter, xxxiv. 50*, 

Monfon, lady — z fon, xxvii. [249] ^ p^ 
Montrofe, duchefs of — a daughter, xxxiii, 

c6*. — xxxiv. 51*. ' . 

Moore, mrs. lady of the archbifhop of p a G E, lady — a daughter, xxvii. 

Canterbury a daughter, xxviii. ^ [iso] 

[216] Paget, lady— a daughter, xxiv. [204]— 

^lorgan, lady Frances a daughter, xxvi. [225] 

xxvii. [210] Palk, Iftdy Mary— a fon,^xxxiii. 55*. 

Mount CafTel, countefs of — a fon, xxxiv. Parkyns, the lady of Thomas Boothbjr 

51*. Paikyns, efq. a daughter, xxxiii. 

Miinday, the lady dowager baronefs 55*. — xxxiv. 50*. 

Middleton, wife cf E. Miller Munday, Parma, archduchefs Maria Amelia, wife 

efq. — a daughter, xxxi. [233} of the prince of Parma— a prince, xxvi. 

Pclham, the lady of C. A. Pelhaip, efq. 

— a daughter, xxvi. [224] 
Percy, countefs— a daughter, xxiv. [204] 

xxvi. [225] 
Percy, lady of lord Algenion Percy— a 
daughter, xxvi. [224] — two ions, 
xxvii. [209] — ^xxvii. [249] 
Naples, queen of— a princelV, xxvi. [225] Perrot, lady — a fon, xxvi. 226. 

— xxvii. [210] — a p.ince, xxxiv. Pefhali, lady, of fir John PeOiaN— a jGnit 
50*. xxiv. [204] 

Neville, lady — a fon, xxvii. [249] , Peterborough, the hJy of the biihop 

NeviU, the lady of the hon. rar. Ncvill — a of PeterboiQUg U ■»■■■■> dfiMghter, ?xvi 
daughter, xxvi. [224] [231] 



NAPIER, lady— a fon, xxviii. [216] 
— a daughter, xxxi. [2^<j.] 


fetxtf the lady of the hon, mr. Petre— a St. John, lady— a dau^teTy-xser. lt$i\. 

daughter^ xxxi. [153]— xxxiii. 56*, xxvii.[24^]— xxviii.[2i5]— — xxiu 

Plymouth) countei's of— —-a ^n, xxxi. [225] 

33 6alift>ury,countef8 of— a daughter, xa:riii. 

Pole, 1 

lady, of fir John William Polfr— a [^15] — ^xxxi. [233] 

foB, XXV. [231] — ^xxix. [229] Saii(bury, marchionel's of— a ion, 
Pole, hon. mrs. — a daughter, xxxiv. 50*. 56*. 

Porchefter, lady— a fon, xxxiv. 51*. Saltoun, lady— a daughter, xxxi# £»33j 
Poulett, countefsr-^a fon, xxxi. [233]— -—a fon, xxxiii. 56*. 

* xxxiii. 57*. Sandys, lady Frances — a daughter, xxv. 
Pretyman, mrs. lady of the biftiop of £^30] 

Lincoln— a fon, xxix. [229]- xxxii. Saxony, ele6trefs of— « pnacefe, xxv. 

Pringle, lady of fir James Pringl e a Shaw, lady, of fir John ShaWy bort— • 

daughter, xxv. [230] fon, xxvi. £224] 

Pruifia, princefs ot-— a prince, XXV. £230] Shelburne, countefs o f a daug^rtCf^ 

-^xxvi. £225] xxiv. [204] 

Punres, lady, of fir Alexander Piirves, Shirley, the lady of the hon. WafhiRgtoA 

bart.— -a aaughter, xxvi, £2*$] Sliirley, a daughter, xxvii. [249 J 

Shuckburghj lady — a daughter, 

J> ^ .Sicilies, queen of the Two— a prince, zxvw 

[230] — XXX. [226]— xxxii. [232] 
Signior Grand,, the lady of the— a piiii« 
11 ADNOR, lady of the ^earl of — a fon, cefs, xxvii. [210] 

*^ xxiv. 204.— xxvii. £249] -xxx. Sinclair, lady— »a. daughter, xxxiiL ^6K 

£226] — a daughter, xxv. £231] Smith, the lady of Charles Lorain Smithy 
Ridley, lady, of fir M. White iiidley — ^a efq. — a fon, xxv. £230] 

fon, XXV, £231] Smith, lady, of fir JoSin Smith— a da«igh-» 
Rodney, lady— a fon, xxvi. £225] ter, xxv. 230. 

Rodney, lady Catherine — a daughter, Smith, lady, of fir Robert Smith— » 

mtxiii. 56*. daughter, xxv. 231. 

Rodney, the lady of capt. Rodney*— a Smith, the lady of Robert Smith, efq,— 

fon, xxv.[a3o] — xxvii. [209. 249] a daughter, xxx. £225] 

—•xxxi. £203] — xxxii. £232] — xxxiii. Smith, the lady pf Samuel Smith, ei^^^-** 

57*. a daughter, xxxii. £252] 

Rodney, the lady of the hon. George Smyth, lady Georgina, daughter of the 

Rodney-^a daughter, xxviii. [215] duke of Grafton — ^a fon, xxviii. £21 5 J 

Rofeberry, countefs o f a fon, xxvi, Smyth, lady of fir £.. Smyth, bart—^. 

£«a6] fon, xxix [230] 

Rothes, countefs of, lady of dr. Lucas Somerfet, lady Charles— «~a daughter^ 

Pepys— a fon, xxvi. [226] xxxii. [232] 

Rous, lady— a daughter, xxxii. £231 ] Somerton, mrs. lady of the archbiikop o€ 
Rumbold, lady— a fon, xxxii. £232]— a Cafhel— a fon, xxvii, £210] 

daughter, xxxi, £234]— xxxiii. 56*. Spain, the Infanta Donna Mariana Vic- 
Rafleir, lady John — a fon, xxx. £225]— toria, confort of the Infant Don Ga- 

xxxiii £231]- xxxiii. 51*. • _ bricl of Spain — aprince,|xxviii. £215] 

Ruifia, grandduchefs of — ^a prihcefs, Spafn, queen of* — ' — a prince, xxxiv. 50* 

xxvi. £22^] -—— a princefs, xxxi. £233]— xxxiii, 

Ruthven, lady — a fon, xxix. £230] 5»5*. 

Rutland, ducnefs of— a fon, xxiv. £204] Spencer, countefs^-a fon, xxxL. £233}— 
•—xxvi. £225] xxxiii. 56*. 

Stanhope, the lady of the hon. coU Stan* 
Q hope-^a fon, xxix. 230, 

0« Steele, mrs.— «a daughter, xxxii. £232] 

Btewar^, hon. mrs^ — ^a daughter, xxviL 
r. AsATH, lady of lord St. Afaph, £249] 

fon of the earl of ^^'^^I'nham^ — ^ Stewart, the lady of the hon, Kiath Stew<- 
Ibn, xxvii. [249]— xxviii. £219] ^ art, a fon, xxvi. [224] 


$t« John, lady«»4v fo0f XXVli* £209]-* Stopfbrd, vifcounteiis— aien,xxxiii. 5(*« 
;pQX. (ii]oj ^oriapfiti lady, of lood yife(i^<&L %\s:s^. 

^BCl»C^e— ^ 

t N D E X, t 

itaCnt-^^ ibn» x^v. [204] — xxvii. 

[aio]— a daughter, xxxi. [233] 
Slourtoun, lady, of lord Stourton' ■ a 

daughter, xxv. [230] — a fon, xxviii, 

Strathhaven, lady — a fon, xxxi v. ^o*. 
Strathmore, countefs of-^ — a ion, xxf. 

Stuart, lady M. — a daughter, xxxiii. 56*. 
Stuart, nirs. daughter of lord Camden— <- 

a daughter, xxvi. [224] 
Sturt, lady Ann Mary a daughter, 

xxxiv. 51*. 
Sulivan, the lady of Richard Jofeph Su- 

]ivan,efq.*-a fon, xxxiii. 5^*. 
Sultana of the Grand Signior, a princefs> 

xxiv. [203] 
Summer, mrs.— a daughter, xxxii. [232] 
Sumn«r, mrs.-7-a fon, xxxiv. 51*. 
Sutherland, countefs- of, lady of earl 

Gowcr — afon, xxviii, [215] 
Sutherland, countefs of — a fon, xxxiv* 

Svyeden, queen of — ^a prince, xxv. [231] 
Swinburne, lad^— a fon, xxx. [225] 


TALBOT, the lady of the hon. Francis 
Talbot, brother to the earl of Shrewf- 

bury— a daughter, xxvii. [210] 
Tancred, lady, of fir Thomas TancreJ— 

a fon, xxiv. [204] 
Tankerville, counceiis of a daughter, 

xxvi. [225] xxvii. [249]- ^xxix. 

[230] — xxx. [226] — ^xxxiii. 56*. 
Taylor, lady, of fir John Taylor — a fon, 

xxvi. [226] 
Thornton, the lady of Samuel Thornton, 

efq.— a daughter, xxxiii. 55*.* 
Thorold, lady, of fir John Thorold, bart. 

a fon, xxxi. [233] 
Thorpe, lady Sufannah a daughter, 

xxxiii. 56*. 
Thurlow, mrs. lady of the bifhop of 

Lincoln — a daughter, xxvi. [226] — 

xxviii. [230] 
Thorold, lady, of fir John Thorold, 

bart. — a fon, xxiv. [203]— a daugh- 
ter, xxvi. [224] 
Tichborne, lady, of fir Henry Tich- 

borne, bart. — a fon, xxxi. L233] 
Tournour, lady vifcountefs— a fon, 

xxvii. [209] 
Townfend. lady— a fon, xxvii. [249] 
Townfhcnd, lidy of the right honourable 

Charles Townihcnd — aifon,xxv. [231] 

— ■•- ra2Q7— <i daughter, xxxi, \^l^\ 

781 to 1792. 

Townfhend, the lady of the boo, Johll 
Thomas Townihend — a dau|^)ter^ 
.xxxiv. 50*. 

Traquau*, countefs— 4 fon, xxiv* [ao3] 
—xxvii. [210] 

Turner, lady^ ot fir Charles Turner— a 
daughter, xxv. [231] 

Turner, lad y ■ a fon, xxix* [229]— •« 
.xxxiii. 56*. 

Turner, lady, of fir Gregory Page. Tur- 
ner, bart.^— a fon, xxxi. [233] 

Tufcany, grand duchefs of-— a prince, 
xxvi. [2x6]<^xxx. [2253^8 pni^ocft, 
XXX. [225] 

Tweedale, maTchlonefs of-%->a daugfatert 
xxxiv. 50*. 

Twifleton, the lady of the Hon. Jamet 
Thomas Twifleton-— a daughter^ xxzi* 

Tyrconhel, countefs of— ^a fon, xxv. [230] 


XJ ALLETORTjvi fcountefs— ^^^^ daughter^ 
^ xxxiii. [56*] — xxxiv. fx*. 
Vernon, lady — a daughtci', xxx. [225]-* 

xxxi. [232] 
Vincent, lady, of fir Franci sVincent, ba» 

ronet — a daughter, xxxi. [233] 
Vyner, lady Ti'.eodoiia Mai'ia — a fon**- 

xxxi. [233] 

TT7AKE, lady — a fon, xxxiii. ^^•.69*i 

^ ^ Waldegrav e, countefs of— a daugh- 
ter, xxvii. [249j-=-xx3d. [234] — a &dj 
xxix. [230] 

Walpole, lady — ^a daughter, xxvi. [225] 

Walpcic, lady of the. hon. mrAValpole 
— a fon, xxvi. [225] 

Warren, lady— a daughter* xxxii. [231} 

W^arren, latiy, of fir John Borlafe War- 
ren— a fon, xxv. [231] — a daughter, 
xxviii. [215] 

Wa'*vvick, countefs of — a daughter, zzixt 

Watfon, hon. mrs. — a daughter, xzix. 

Watfon, the lady of the hon. Lewis Wat- 
fon — a daughter, xxxii. [23a]— >a ion, 
xxxiv. 50*. 

Weftmoreland, countefs of— a ibn> xxfiL- 
[209. 249]— a daughter, xxviii. [215] 

Weymouth, lady, of lord viicount Wey- 
mouth — a daughter^ xxiv* [204] 

Whichcote, lady, of fir Thomas Wlucli- 


D E A 

tote, bart.-^ti daughter^ scxviii. [215] 

^-i«xx. [aa6] —-a fon, xxix. [130] 

--^xxxii. [231]-— xxxiv. 50** 

Whitbread, the lady of Samuel Whit- 

' bread, junior, cf<j.— j* — a fon, xxxfc, 

WiUoughby, l»dy, of Ere{by> lady of P* 

Burrelf, efq.-^a fon, xxv. [130]-!- — 

a daughter, xxxii. [a3i] 
Wilmot, the lady of John Wilmot, efq* 

~^ fon^ xxvi. [3^4] 
Wilfqn, the lady of the hon. mr. juftice 

Wilfon-^a ion , xxxi . [233] 
Winn, lady Alanfon— -a daughter, xxx, 

Winterton, countefs of— a daughter, xxv. 

[23b]-«-a (bn, xxxjv, 50*. 
"Wirtemb«rg, princcfs Fredenca a 

daugh. xxvi. [224.]— ^xxvii. [109, 24.8] 

T H S. . 

Wombwcll, lady Ann-^a fqn, xxxiv. so\ 
Worcefter, marchioneis of — a fon, xxxiv* 

50*, 51*. 
Worfleyi lady of fir Richard Worfley-«-» 

a daughter, xxiv. [204.] 
Wraxall, nar8.-r-a fon, xxxiv. 51*. 
Wyndham, nirs.-:— a fon, xxxiv. 51*. 
Wynne, lady of fir Watkin Williama 

Wynne, bart.— a fon, xjCv'u [^25]— • 

xxviii. [115] 


"S^oiatBy lady Elizabeth— a daughter, 
* xxvi. [225] xxxi. [232] 
Yorke, the lady of Philip Yorke, efq.— « 
a fon, xxvii. [299] 



AbdaL Ham id, the Ottoman cmpe*. 
' ror, xxxi. (169. 206] 
Abdy, lady, xxxiv. 62*. 
Abel, mr. xxix. [210] 
Abercorn, earl of, xxxi. [246} 
Abercromby, James, efq. general and 

deputy governor of Stirling Caftle, 

xxiv, [211] 
Abergavenny, eai'l of , xxvii. [254.] 
Abercorn, mai'chionefs of, xxxiii. 67*. 
Accorambani, marchionefs of, lifter to fir 

William Murray, xxvii. [221] 
Achmet IV. grand fenior, xxxi. [243] 
A6lon, Ann, lady of fir Richard A6lon, 

daughter of the earl of Stamford, xxvii. 

Ailon, fir Richard, bart. xxxiii. 69*. 
Adam, Robert, efq. xxxiv. 14*. 
Adams, dr. xxxi, [238] 
Adams, mrs. xxx. [206] 
Adderly, major, xxix. [196] 
Affleck, lady of admiral fir Edmund 

Affleck, bart. Xxix. [23S] 
Aifiabie, William, efq. one of the audi- 
tors of his roajefty's.imprefts, xxiv. 

d'Alembert, M. xxvi, [240] . 
Albany, prince Charles, count of| xX^ 

Albany, duchcfs of, JDcd. [tAjl 

Vol. II. 

Albemarle, countefs dowager of, xxx?* 

Aldebart, nar, John, aged J05, xxxiv. 

Allen, lieut. Alexander, xxvii. [^260] 
Allan, Janet, aged 105, xxx. [196] 
Alms, lieut. killed in the engagement be- 
tween fir £. Hughes and M. Suffrein^ . 
^xvi. 50. ' 

Amelia, princefs, dadghter of king 

George II. xxviii. [2213 
Amherft, lieut. gen. William, xxiv. [211] 
Andr£, major, m America, xxiv. [45] 
An halt Bembourg Schambourg, prince 

Francis Adolphus, xxvii. [220] 
Annaly, lord, xxvii. [220] 
Annandale, marquis and earl of, xxxiv* 

Annett, Mary, aged 163, xxxiv. 26*. 

Antrim, marquis of, xxxiii.. 66*. 

Arouthnot, vifcountefs, xxviii. [220] 

Arbuthnot, vifcount, xxxiii. 65*. 

Archer, lady Betty, fitter to the late earl 

of Halifax, and reli^ of Henry Ai'cher> 

efq. xxxi. [242] 
Arcot, Ameer ul Omrah, fecond -fon of 

the nabob of Arcot, xxxi. [205} 
Arkwright, fir Richard, knt. xxxiv. 37** 

60*. ' 

Armitage, lady, daughter of lord Suf- 

field, xxxii. [243] 
Arroftrong,<Jo)m, aged 90, a woodcuttef 

in Windfof Foreft^ xjmx. 0'<i<i\ 

INDEX, 1781 to 1792. 

Armytagc, fir George, bart. xxvi. [237] Barton, Frances, aged 107. xxJui. [194J 
Armyta^e, lady, XXX. [231] t. .. ^^ 

Arnot, hr William, bart. xxv, [239] 
Artois, nriadenioiiclle of France, daughter 

of the duke d'Artoi^i xxvii. [219] 
Arundel, Hon. Thomas, brother to lord 

Arundel , xxi V . [ 2 X 3 ] 
Aihbuniham, Elizabeth countefs of, 

xxiv, [209] 
Afhburton, lord, xxvi. [239] 
Aftley, Gr Edward, bart. xxxii. [241] 
Aftley, lady, xxxiv. 60* 

Bate, Mary, aged 105, xxxiv. 14*. 

Baugh» lieutenant -gen. Lancelot, xxxir. 

Bateman, Hon. mr. brother to lord Bate- 
man, xxvi. [239] , 

Bavaria, the duchds dowager of, xxm 

Baxter, midfliipman, killed in fuccouriog 
Gibraltar, xxv. [264] 

Baylis, dr. phyfician to the late and pre- 
fent king ot Pruffia, xxix*. [201] 

Afturias, Infant Don Carlos, Ton of the Bayne, captain, killed in the a^ion be 

prince of, xxvii. [221] 
Atiiol, duchefs of, xxxii. [245] 
ii^Aubetorre, marquis, xxx. [232] 
.Aubrey, fir Thomas, bart. xxviii* [221] 
Aubrey, lady, xxx. [232] 
Aubrey, mrs. xxiv. [212] 
Audley, lady, xxvii. [254] 
d'Aguillon, due, xxx. [13*] 

tween fir George Rodney and count de 

Graffe, xxv. [207*] 
Beauclerk, lady Georgina^ daughter of 

the duke of St. Albans, xxxiii. 69*. 
Beauclerk, lady George, xxxiv. 62*. 
Beay clerk, lady H. xxx. [231] 
Beauclerk, lord James, bifhop of Here* 

ford, xxix. [2J8] 

Au(ina, archduchefs Anna Maria, Beaujon, M. king's banker at Parisy 

« r* ^^ •** r i« 

xxxl. [246] 
Ayle(bury, countefs of, xxvi. [237] 
AylofF, fir Jofeph, bart. xxiv. [175] 


BACON, nu*. killed by lightning, xxix. 
Baden Dourlach, princcfs Louifa Caroli- 

xxviii. [2 10 J 
Beard, John, efq. xxxiii. 13*. 
Beckford, mrs. daughter of lord Rivers, 

xxxiii. <5*. 
Beddingfield, Thomas, efq. xxxi. [246] 
Beer, Thomas, aged loi, xxxii. [226] 
Bell, Elizabeth, aged 97, xxxiii. 27*. 
Bellafyfe, lady Catherine, filler to the 

earl of Falconberg, xxx. [230] 
Bennet, hon. Grey, fon of the earl of 

Tankerville, xxix. [237] 

na» fifter to the Landgrave of Heffe Berkeley, countefs dowager of, xjkIt. 

Darmftadt, xxvi. [238] 60*. 

Bagot, Marcus, efq. xxix. [2 1 8] Berkeley, mrs. Anne, relift of the bifliop 

Bain, captain, killed in the vi^ory of of Cloyne, xxviii. [221] 

adm. Rodney over count de Grafle, Bernard, fir Robert, bart, xxxi. [24a] 

XXV- [*S5] Berney, lady, xxxiv. 6o*, 

Bah-ath, baion of, xxvii. [221] Bernouille, Dan. profeflbr of natural 

Bamfylde, lady Dowager, xxxi. [242] ^^ philofophy at Balil, xxv. [209] 
Bancart, mrs. aged 100, xxvi. [220] 
Bangor, Barnard, lord baron of, xxiv. 

Bangor, dowager vifcountefs, xxxi. [242] 

Bertie, lady Montague, relift of lord 
Montague Bertie, xxiv. [an] 

Bertie, lord Robert, uncle to the bte 
duke of Ancafter, xxv. [237] 

Bannerman, Ann, aged 105, xxxii. Berwick, lord, xxxi. [242] 


Barclay, lady, xxxiii. 64*. 
Barker, fir Robtirt, bart. xxxi. [245] 

Bettenfon, mrs.. Helen, xxxi. [193] 
Bickerton, rear adm. fir Richard^ bart' 
xxxiv. 57*. 

Basnabas, a brother of the order ot' St. Biron,duke de, xxx. [219] 

Nicholas, xxxii. [195] 
Barnard, dr. xxiv. [209 j 

Blackburne, mifs Elizabeth, xxviii. [214I 
Blackett, fir Thomas, bart. xxxiv. 60*. 

Barnard, rev- Edward, D.D. provoftof Blair, captain, killed in the vi&ory of 

Eton, xxiv. [215] admiral Rodney over count de Grafo 

Barnewell, fir Thomas, bart. xxxii. ^xv. [255] [2ii»J 

[244] Blair, fir James Hunter, bart. xxix. [237] 

Bairington, fir Fitzwilliam, bart. xxxiv. Blake, widow, aged loo, xxxiii. 33*.;. 

62». Bhkeney, Patrick, efq. aged 1049 xaM» 
Barrow, fir Charles, bart. xxxi. [242] [*9o] 

jjarry, hon. J. Smith, uncle to the earl Blandtord, the infant fon of the marquil 

si Banyaune, xxvii. [221 ] of) 2oauY« ^l^% 


D E A 

!kl;tney> lady, xxxii. [243] 

Blantyic, lady dowager, xxv. [24.0] 

Blantyi-e, lord, xxvi. fa^o J 

Blayney, lord, xxvii. [220] 

Blounty fir Walter, bait, xxvii. [254.] 

Boaz, Tobias> banker at the Haguc^ 

xxv. [259] 
Bolingbroke, vifcount, xxix. [237] 
Bond, rev. mr. and his wife, xxvi. 

Boothby, fir Brooke, bart. xxxi. [24.3] 

Boothby, lieutenant-general fir William, 

bart. xxix. [237] 
Boringdon, lord, xxx. [231] 
Bofcawen, hon. mrs. xxvi. [238] 
Bofchi, cardinal Charles, xxx. [232] 
Boughton, lady, xxix. [237] 
BoUlden, mr. xxx. [201] 
Bouverie, lady Catherine, daughter of the 

earl of Dunmore, xxvi, [239] 
Bowyer, lady, reli6l of fir W. Bowycr, 

3txvii. [253] 
Boxadori, cardinal de, xxiv. [161] 
Boyd, lady, xxxiii. 69*. 
Boyne, vifcount, xxxi. [244.] 
Bradftreet, fir Samuel, bart. xxxiii. 6^*, 
Bramham, major-general James, xxviii. 

Brandenbnrgh Anfpach, Iher royal high- 

ncfs Fredcrica Louifa, margravine- 
dowager, fifter to the king of Pruflia, 

xxvii. [219] 
Bi^andenburgh Bareith, Vi^ria Charlotte^ 

dowager margravine of, xxxiv. 57 *• 
Brandon, countefs of, xixi. [242] 
Bray, rev, dr. Thomas, xxvii. [251] 
Breadalbane, earl of, xxv. [237] 
Brett, fir Piercy, knt. xxiv. [215] 
Bridgeman, Henry, efq. fon of fir Henry 

Bndgeman, bart. xxv. [239] 
Bridges, the eldcft fon of fir Brooke 

Bridges, xxiv. [212] 
Brimer, mr. xxviii. L*3^} 
Briftol, countefs dowager of, xxx, [213] 
Brifto], bifhop of, xxxiv. 58** 
Brook, lord, fon of die earl of Warwick, 

xxviii. [221] 
Brook, Mary, aged tig, xxix. [195] 
Broughton, lady of the rev, fir Thomas 

Broughton, bart. xxvii. [253] 
Broughtcn, John ( tlie boxer ), xxxi. 


Brown, mr. xxx. [201] 

Browne, col. killed in the Baft Indies> 

xxv. [89] 

Browne, reverend Jemraet, archbiihop of 

• Tu'am, 5txv. [236] 

Bruce, lord, xxvi. [2 38] 

Bitlcc, Peter, xxxi. [194] 

Bruere, J, G. xxiv. [207] 

Brudeuell^ lady Aan, xxviii. [220] 

*r tt s. 

Brunfwick Bevern, prince Auguftus of, 

xxiv. [213] 
Brunlwick Lunenbcrg Bevern, duke Au- 
guftus William of, xxv. [197] 
Brunfwick Lunenburg, duke Lewis £i* 

neft of, xxx. [231] 
Brunfwick Lunenburg, reigning duke of, 

xxxiv. 60*. 
Brydges, lady, aunt to the duke of Chan- 

dos, xxiv. [2C9] 
Brydgcs, fir Brooke, bart. xxxiii. 67*. 
Brydges, James, efq. fon of the hon. and 

rev. Henry Brydges, brother to tho 

firft duke of Chandos, xxxix [244] 
Buchan, mrs. xxxiii. 26*. 
Buchanan, John, aged 113, xxxii. [209} 
Buchanan, fir , William, knight, xxiv. 

Buck, fir Charles, bart. xxv. [238] 
Buckle, Matthew, efq. addiral 01 the 

blue, xxvii. [221] 
BufFon, count de, xxx. [231] 
Bull, Daniel, efq. xxxiii. 60^. 
Buller, Edward, efq, xxxiii. 64.*. 
Buller, John, efq. a lord of the treafuryy 

xxviii. [221] 
Buller, Jofeph, aged 114, xxviii. [207} 
Burgh, right hon. Walter Hufley, lord 

chief baron of the exchequer in Ire- 
land, xxvi. [239] 
Burgoyne, right hon. John, xxxiv. 6o*. 
Burgoyne, fir John, bart. xxviii. [222] 
Burgoyne, fir Roger, bart. xxiv. [165] 
Burnet, firThomat, bart. xxvi. [239] 
Burr, mrs. grand-niece of fir li'aacNew- 

' ton, xxxii. [194] 
*Burrad, fir Harry, bart. xxxiii. 65*. 
Burrell, mrs. grandmother of fir Peter 

Burrell, bart, xxxi. [244] 
Burrell, hon. mifs, daughter of fir Peter 

Burrel and lady Willoughby of £re(by, 

xxvii. [220] 
Burrell, fir Merrick, bart. xxix. [237] 
Bute, John earl of, xxxiv. 58*. 
Butler« hon, Edm, brother to the late 

lord Dunboyne, xxiv. [215] 
Butler, Wiliiam, aged 107, xxxii. [223] 
Butterfield, Robert, aged 102, xxiv. 

Byng, mi's, xxviii. [221] 
Byng, hon. George, fon of vifcount Tor • 

rington, xxxiv. 62*. • 
Byrne, Charles, the Irith giant, eight fee t 

four inches high, xxvi. [209] 
Byron, lady, xxx. [^31] 
Byron,' hon. admiral John, xxviii. [221] 
Byron, Frederick George, efq. nephew 

to lord Byron, xxxiv, 57*. 
Byron, hon. Georf^e, brother to lord 

Byron, xxxi. [24^] 
Byron, John, efq. xxxiii. 67*, 

[E] » Ck^i^ 

INDEX, 1781 to 1792. 

Carysfoit, dowager lady, xxvi. [a^fl 
^ " CaflUis, earlof^ xxxiv. 63*. 

V-/« Caftlecomer, baron of, xxvii. [219) 

Caftlehaven, counters dovirager of, narf, 
r^ADB, William, killed in the viaory [»44] 

^^ of adm, Rodney over count de Graffe, Catcby,.Valentine, aged 116, xxv. [114] 
I **^* [*5S] Cathcart, lady Dowager, xxxi. [244], lord, xxx. [231] Cave, fir Thomas, bart. xxxiv. 56*. 

Caithnefs, carl of, xxxi. [243] Cavcndilh, mifs, daughter of lord George 

Calder, major-gcnei-al fir Henry, bart. Henry Cavendifti, xxviii. [221] 

xxxiv, 57*. Cavendifti, lord Charles, grand uncle to 

Caley, fir George, bart. xx^ii. 67*. the duke of Devonihire, xxvi. [238] 

Calvert, right worfhipful Peter, LL.D. Cavendiih, lord Richard, brother to the 
official principal of the arches court of duke of Devonihire, xxiv. [214] 
Canteibury, xxx. [232] Cay, colonel, killed in the Erft ladies in 

Cambray, m. xxxi. [231] i779> ^^^' [^o] 

Cameron, Archibald, aged 122. xxxiii. Chadwick, lady, xxvi. [239] 

19*. Chamberlayne, Edw. ef<j. oneof iheSe- 

CampbeD, fir Archibald, K. It xxxiii. cretaries of the treafury, xxV. [206] 

60*. 65*. Champneys,. lady, xxxiii. 66*. 

Campbell, capt. John, couiin to the five Chandos, duke of, xxxi. [24.5] 
fucceeding dukes of Argyle> xxvi. Chapman, fir John, bait. xxiv. [210] 
[240] Charles, prince Palatine of Birkenfdd, 

Campbell, ladyMai7, x?aiii. 70*, duke of Bavaria, xxxi. [203] 

Campbell, Mary, aged 139 years, xxvii. Charleville, countefs of, xxxi. [244}^ 

236. Challellux, marq.'de, xxxC, [219] 

Campbell, lieut. Peter, killed at the at- Chayton, rev, dr. xxxi..[2 39] 

tack of Cuddalore, xxvii. [257] Ched worth, Henry lord, xxiv. [215] 

Campbell, lady, relift of lord William Cheere, fir Henry, bart. xxiv. [209] 

Campbell, xxvii. [221] Chefliire, mifs Penelope, filler to the 

Campbell, William, efq. brother-germain countefs of Fauconberg, xxxiv. 57*. 
to the late John duke of Argyle, xxix. Chetwynd^ lord, xxxiii. 69*. 
[237] Chetwynd, mifs Louifa, daughter of lor4 

Capell, Edward, efq. deputy-infpe£lor of Chetwynd, xxvii. [221] 

plays, xxiv. [169] Chevalier, rev. dr. xxxi. [238] 

Carbery, lord, xxvi. [238] Chichefter, hon. John, brother to the earl 

Carberry, dowager lady, xxxi. [244] of Donnegal, xxvi. [237] 

Carey, hon. mrs. relift of the hon. col. Child, Robert, efq. — and the difpofition 
Carey, fon of lord vifcount Falkland, he made of his immenfe property, xxv. 
xxvi. [239] [218. 239] 

Carhampton, earl of, father to the du- Chio, Francis JuiViniani, prince pf, xx». 

chefs of Cumberland, xxix. {236] [*3*] 

Carleton, rev. George, coufin to lord Cholmondcley, lady Penelope, relict of 

Dorchefter, xxxiii. 63*. general Cholmondeley, xxviii. [220] 

Carlingford, lord, fon of the earl of Chriftina, princefs, aunt to the ele^or of 
Tyrconnel, xxxJ. [245] Saxony, and grand abhefs of Remire* 

Carlifle, Edward Law, bifiiop of, xxix. mont, xxvi, [237] 

[237] Churchman, fir Tho. knt. alderman of 

Carmichael, Agnes, aged 113 yeais, Norwich, xxiv, [216] 

xxvi. [195] Cipriani, mr. xxvii. [248] 

Carpenter, lady, grandmother of the earl Clanbrafliil, countefs dowager of, xxxir* 
of Tyrconnel, and mother of the coun- 59*. 
tefs of Egremont, xxxiii/66*. Clancy, mifs, xxvi. [212] 

Carpenter, gen. Benjamin, efq. equerry Clanricarde, John earl of, xxv, [238J 

to the king, xxx. [231] Clarendon, earl of, xxviii. [222I 

Carr, lady Mary, filter of lord Darling- Clarendon, countefs of, xxxii. [243] 
ton, xxix. [175] Clarke, mrs. aged 103, xxxiv. 50*. 

Carr, fir Robert, bart, xxxiii. 64*. Clarke, lady of fir Aithur Claike, bart 

Cartwright, hon. mrs. xxxiv. 59*, xxxiv. 62*, 

Caiy, hon. general George, xxxiv. $Z*» Clavering, general at Bengal in 1777, 
CaryJJ, lady, xxri, £240] xxv. [u] 

D E A 

Clavcring, lady, xoat, 61*. 
CJeghotn, George, M.D. xxzi. [132] 
Clerk, fir James, bart. xxvi. [1-37] 
Clerke, fir Philip Jennings, ban. xxx* 

ClifdeDy vifcounty xxxi. [241] 

Clifford, lord, xxvi. [239] 

Clinton, lord John Pelham, fbn of tke 

duke of Newcaftle, xxiv. [2x5] 
4Slive, mrs. Catherine, xxvii. [248] 
Clowes, Ann, aged 103, xxvii. [200] 
Cocks, , 2d Ton of fir Charles Cocks, 

xxiv. [213] 
fCodrington, fir William,, baronet, xxxiv. 

Coets, Philip, aged 104., xxxi. [197] 
Coghill, fir John, bart. xxxit. [239] 
Cole, Jacob, xxxiv« 27*. 
jCoIe, lady Anne, daughter of the earl of 

Innilkillen, xxxi. [244] 
Coles, mrs. who had lerved as a Tailor on 

board feveral men of war, xxv. [221] 
Collowhill, iieut. killed in die victory of 

admiral Rodney overcount de GraiTe, 

xxv. [255] 
Colmer, captain, xxviii. [214] 
Colquhoun, lady Helen, aunt to the late 

countefs of Sutherland, xxxiii. 63*. 
Coniers, Amelia baronefs, only fur- 

viving child of the late earl of Holder^ 

nefs, xxvii. [2x9] 
Colvill, lord, xxv. [237] 
Colville, lady, xxx. [232] 
Coljrear^ hon^ Francis, ix>n of the earl of 

Portmore, xxix. [237] 
Colvill, hon. James John, Ton of lord 

Colvill, xxviii. [22«] 
Compton, lady Margaret, daughter of 

George, 4th earl of Northampton, 

xxviii. [221] 
Coning(by, lady Frances, xxiv. [216] 
Conolly Patricli:, eiq. aged 114, xxx« 

Conyers, firBIackfton, bart. xxxiii. 69** 
Conyngharo, Henry earl, xxiv. [2x0] 
Conyngham, lord, xxix. [237] 
Cooba, a negro woman, aged no, xxxiii. 

Cooke, dowager lady, xxxiv. 58*. 
Cooky, lady Mary, xxiv. [209] 
Coomer, John, aged f02, xxxii. [2x9] 
Q>ote, hon. nirs. fifter to the earl of Bel- 

huDont, xxiv. [209] 
Coote, fir Eyre, dies at Madras two da3rs 

after his retCurn from Calcutta, xxvi* 

[62, X05] 
Cope, firC. bart. xxiv. £^12] 
Cope, fir John, xxiv. [21 6J 
Copley, firjofeph, bart, xxiv. [208. ixi] 
Corbet, mr« xxxi. [239] 
Cornwall, mrs. mother of the fpeaker of 

|he hoqle of coramonsy xxvi. [240] 

T H S. 

Cornwall, right hon. Charles Wolfran, 
fpeaker of the houfe of common^, xxxi. 

Comwallis, dr. archbi(hop of Canter- 

bury, xxvi. [237] 
Cotton, mr. xxiv. [202] 
Coventry, countei's dowager of, xxx. 

Coventry, hon. Emily Elizabeth, daugh- 
ter of vifcount Deerhurft, xxxi. [244] 

Coventry, hon. Thomas Henry, fon ef 
lord Decrhurft, xxxiii. 69*. 

Courcy, hon. and rev. Gerard de, bro- 
ther to loril Kinfale, xxxiv. 59*. 

Courtenay, hon. mils Ifabeila, daughter 
of lord Goartenay, accidentally burnt 
to death, xxvi. [200] 

Courtenay, lady viicountefs, xxv. [238] 

Courtnay, William, lord vifcount, xxx. 


Courtnay, hon. Eleanor, filler of lord 
Courtnay, xxxi. [242] 

Cowpcr, earl, xxxi. [247] 

Cox, fir Richard, xxix. [196] 

Craven, lord, xxxiii. 69*. 

Craven, mrs. Mary, mother of lord Cra- 
ven, xxxi. [244] 

Cree, James, aged 107, xxxii. [231] 

Crew, Iieut. killed at Minorca, xxv. 

Croft, fir Archer, bart. xxxiv. 63*. 

Crofts, rev.Tnomas, chancellor of Peter- 
borough, xxiv. [198] 

Crolbie, lady Theodoi'c, fifter to the earl 
of Glendore, xxv. [238] 

Cuife, hon. Iieut. col. William, xxxiv, 

Cult, hon. mifs, daughter of lord Crown- 
low, xxx. [232] 

Culien, dr. William, xxxii. [196] 

Cumberland, prince Henry Frederickj 
duke of, xxxii. [244] 

Cunha, cardinal don John de, xxvi. 

Cunninghame, Iieut. gen. James, xxx. 

Curzon, hon. mrs. lady of the hon. Nath, 

Curzon, eldeft fon of lord Scarfdale, 

xxv. [239] 

Cuft, rev. dr. dean of Lincoln, xxvi. 

Cuft, Francis Cockayne, efq. xxxiii. 70** , 


"r\ ACRE, lord, xxviii. [220] 
■*-^ Dalhoufie, earl of, xxix. [238] 
Dalrymple, rt. hon. David, xxvii. [220] 
Pahymple, fir David, bart. loid Hales, 
xxxiv. 63*. 

INDEX, 1781 to 1792. 

Dalrymple, Hew, fon of lord Wcfthsdl, Dormer, lord, xxvii. [254] 

xxvi. [239] Dover, lord, xxxiv. 63*, 

Dalrymple, lady Penelope Crighton, fifter Douglas, capt. killed at^ttie attack of 

to the late earl of Dumfries, and to Cuddalore, xxvii. [257] 

James and William carls of Stair, Douglas, Erlkine, M. D. brother of the 

xxvii. [253] late fir John Douglasy bart. xxxiii. 

Dalrymple, William, cfq. xxv. [*37] 63*. 

Dalzel, lir Robert, bait, xxxiii, 68*. Douglas, adniiral fir James^ bart. xm, 

Dalziei, lady Margaret, only daughter of [438] 

the late earl of Camwath, xxiv. [211] Douglas, lady Mary, daughter of Wil- 

Darner, hon. John, brother to lo»d Mil- liam, fir ft earl of March> xxiv, [»io] 

ton, xxvii. [219] Douglas, (ir William, bart. xxvi. [238] 

' Darby, George, rear-admiral, and an Dow, lieut. James, xxvii. [264] 

elder brotiier of the Trinity- houfe, Dowling, Elizabeth, aged 107, xxxiv* 

xxxii. [239] 41*. 

Dailington, earl of, xxxiv. 61*. ' Downe, lord. Ton of the e;arl of Moray, 

Darnley, John Bligh, earl and vifcount, xxxiii. 66*. 

xxiv. [213] Doxat, capt. killed at the attack on Ramv . 

paubenbalke, Catherine, aged 107, xxv. nagur, xxvi. [22] - 

[221] D'Oyly, fir John, bart. xxiv. [2 J 2] 

Davie, fir John, bart. xxxiv. 62*. Drake, rear-admiral fir Francis, bait* 

Davies, Efther, ^ged 103, after being a xxxi. [246] 

beggar for 30 years had faved 160I. Drake, lady of admiral fir Francis, Drakfl^ 

xxiv. [190] bart. xxviii. [220] 

Davies, Thomas, bookfeller, xxvii. [233] Draper, lieut. gen. lir William, K.Bf 

Davies, rev. William, aged 105, xxxii. xxix. [236] 

[196] Drogheda, countefs of, xxvii. [221] 

Davis, lieut. killed at Minorca, xxv. Drommond, Adam, efq. xxviii. [221] 

[246] Di-ummond, lady Catherine, xxxiii. 66\ 

Davis, Ann, aged 102 years, xxviii. Druiina, George de, s^ged 107. xxx, 

[197] [206] 

Dawlbn, hon. mr. fon of lord Cremorne, Dryden, lady, xxxiii. 65*. 

xxix. [237] Dryden. Ifabelia, aged 105. xxviii. [205] 

Day, lieut. gen. Theodore, xxviii. [220] Ducie, lady, xxviii. [221] . xxxi* 

Day, Thomas, efq; xxxi. [226] [*44] 

Dawfon, mifs, daughter ot vifcount Cre- Dudley and Ward, vifcount. xxx. [232] 

morne, xxix. [237] Duff, vice-admiral, xxix. [237] 

Dean, Alexander, elq. aged 100. xxxii. Dulai\ey, Lloyd, killed in confequencc of 

[199] ^ a duel, xxv. [211] 

Deane, SHas, efq. xxxi. [223] Dummer, Thomas, efq. xxiv. [212] 

DeGrey, Thomas, elder brother to the Dunbar, lady, rcii^l of fir James Duubar, 

late lord Walfingham, xxiv. [212] xxxiv. 57*. 

Delaney, mrs. Maiy, xxx. [204] Dundas, lir Laurence, bart. xxiv. [214] 

Delawar, earl oF, xxvi. [237] Dundonald, countefs of, xxvii. [221] 

Delawar, countefs dowager, xxvii. [221] Dunn, mr. xxix. [194. 196] 

Deloraine, countefs of, xxv. [238] Dunfany, lord, xxiv. [212] 

Denbigh, county's of, xxv. [239] Dunfany, lady, xxxiii. 67*. 

Denmark, princefsjubiana Mai ia,daugh- Durham, dr. Egerton, bidiop of, xxix« 

• ter of prince Frederick, brother to his [237] / 

Daniih majefty, xxvii. [221] Durham, dr. Thurlow, bi(hopof, xxxiii. 

DeiTa, Eugene pnncc of, xxiv. [210] 66*, 

pefle, hdy, of fir William Deife, xxvi. Dufign, lady, fifter to the late earl of 

[240] Hyndford, xxvi. [240] 

Devereux, hon. Harriet Emma Mariana, Dyke, lady of fir John Dyke, bart.xxiVi 

daughter of vlfc. Hereford, xxxi. [242] [*io] 

Dcux'pOnts, prince Charles AuguftusFre- Dyfart, countefs of, xxxi. [245] ' 

dtrick, foil of the duke of, xxvii. [221] 

P^g^V? ^^^*"' ^^^ *'^v- William, dean or .« 

Durh'^m, xxx. [232] ilf* 
I^ogi of Venice, Polo Ren ier,xxxl. [201] 

Donegal, countefs cf, xxxi. [245] T^CLlv^^^Voxfc^^^x^^xxxi. [soo] 

I^t^n^i-aj'ie, iprd vifcount, xxix. [»37"\ *-* "E.d^^d,NN\^vMBi»'«k^,\i\\\ 

D E A T H S. 

Bdwards, lady of fir Thomas Edwards^ Fauconberg, countefs of, xxxii. [239J . 
bart, xvvii. [253] ^ Fergufon, coK killed in America, xxiV. 

Edwin, John, Comedian, xxxii« [,223] ^ [52] 

Effingham, countefs dowager of, xxxiii, Fermor, rev. John Shirley, brother in law 
62*. 68*. to loi'd vifc. Conyngham, xxxiii. 69*. 

Effingham, countefs of, xxxlii. 68*. Ferrers, earl, xxix. [237] 

Effingham, earl of, xxxlii. 69*. Ferrers, Catherine, countefs, ;pcviii. [220] 

Egan, lieAit. Charles, xxvii. [260] Ferrers, countefs dowager, xxxiii. 65*. . 

Egerton, lady, mother' of lord Grey de Fetti place, hon. Charlotte, fifter of lord 

Wilton, xxxiii. 66*. Howe, xxix, [237] 

Egerton, lady Caroline, fifter to the duke Field, mr. xxix. [227] 

of Bridgwater, xxxiv. 61*. Fielding, capt. Charles, brother in Jaw 

Egerton, dr. John, biihop of Durham, to the earl of Winchelfea,,xxvi. [237 J 

xxix. [237] Fife, countefs dowager of, xxx. [230] 

Egerton, col. William, xxvi. [231] Fiiher, Elizabeth, aged 103, zxix. 201. 

Egerton, 'William, efq. brother to the Fitzgerald, lady Augufta, daughter of 

bifliop of Durham, xxvi. [237] . the duke of Leinller, xxxii. [239} 

Egmont, counters dowager of, fifter to Fitzgerald, lord Geoi'ge, brother to tho 
' the earl of Northampton, xxvii. [220] . duke of Lciiifter, xxvi. [237] 
Elcliin, la^y, fifter to the late counttrfs of Fitzgibbon, lion, mil's, daughter of the 
Derby, xxvi. [237] lord chancellor of Ireland, xxxii. [242] 

Elcho, lord, xxix. [237] Fitzherbert, fir William, bart, brother 

Elliot, mr. in his way to the court of the of lord St. Helen's, xxxiii, 67*. 

Beran Rajah; xxv. [19] Fitzroy, hon. Auguftus William, Ion of 

Elliot, fir Francis, bart. xxxiii. 66*. 'lord Southampton, xxviii. [221] 

Elliot, lady Harriet, daughter of the ear! Fitzroy, gen. uncle to lord Southampton) 

of Chatham, xxviii. [221] xxv. 239I 

Elliot, fir John, bart. xxviii. [222] Fitzwilliam, lady Elizabeth, daughter of 

Elphinftone, Charles lord, xxiv. [210] John fecond earl Fitzwilliam, xxx, 

Elpbinftone, the lady of the hon. George [*3i] 

Elphinftone, xxxi. [247] Fitzwilliam, hon. George, brother to the 

Elwes, John, eiq. xxxi. 231. carl, xxviii. [221] 

Ely, earl of, xxvi. [238] Fitzwilliam, hon. gen. John, xxxi. [244} 

Erfkine, fir Charles, bart. xxxii. [239] Flack, lady Jane, daughter of the earl of 
Erfkine, fir William, bart. xxxiii. 68*. Wigtoun, xxvi. [237] 

Eldaile,Uady, xxxiv. ^7*. Flannagan, John,,aged 102, xxxi. [210] 

"ESeXy countefs dowager of, daughter of Fleetwood, lady, mother of fir Thonms 
tbe fecond duke of Bedford, xxvii. Fleetwood, hint, xxviii. [220] 
[220] Flemming, lady, xxx. [231] 

Evelyn, Heut.'gen. uncle to fir Frederick Fletcher, lady, xxxiii. 64.*. 

Evelyn, bari. xxvi. [239] Fletcher, col. killed in the Eaft Indies, 

Every, fir Edward, bart. xxviii. [220] xxv. [70] 

Eugene prince of Deflau, xxiv. [210] Fletcher, Dorothy, aged 102, xxxii. [231] • 
Euler, Profeflbr, xxvi. [240] Fleury, duke de, xxx. [231] 

Exeter, birtiopof, xxxiv. 61*. Flood, Henry, efq. xxxiii. 54*. 

Pyre, John lord, xxiv. [214] Flower, John, efq. xxx. [200 J 

Foa, Filer, aged 110, xxiv. [202] 
Foley, rev. dr. uncle to lord Foley, and- 
p dean of Gloucefter, xxvi. [237] , 

Forbes, lady, xxxi. [247] 
Forbes, hon. John, fon to Alexander lord 

FAIRFAX, Thomas lord, xxv. [238] Forbes, xxiv. [213] 

Fagel, Henry, grefHer to the ftates- Forbes, lady Mary, xxv. [238] ' 
general, xxxii. [223] Forbes, hon. lieut. William, fon of lord 

Falconer, James, xxxi. [194] Forbes, xxxiv. 57*. 

Falmouth, Hugh vifcount, xxv. [237] Fordyce, Alexander,' efq. xxx?. [223 
Falmouth dowager vifcountefs, xxviii, Fordyce, fir William, knt. xxxiv. 63*. 

[222] Forreftcr, baronefs, xxvii. [219] 

Fane, lady vifcountefs, xxx. [231] Fortefcue, lord, xxvii, [254] 

Fane, Sulannah, countef« dowager, xxxiv. Fortefcue, rt. hon, James, jpcv, [209] 
58** Fofter, hon. John, xxxiv..57*. 

[E] 4 ^wiSsA^ 

INDEX, 1781 to 179 a. 

Fouke, the l%4y of rear-ad miralFoulke, Glendore, William earl of> txir. [i8e] 

XX vi. [237] Glcniworth, lady, xxxiv. 60*. 

Fi'ance, madame Louifa, daughter of Godolphin, lord, xxvii. [251. 254.] 

the late king of, xxix. [238] 
France, dauphin ot, xxxi. [244] 
Frankland, lady dowager Sarah, xxvi. 

Frankland, fir Thomas, bart. admiral of 

the white, xxvii. [2*1] 
Franklin, dr. Benjamin, xxxii. [201] 
Franklin, Walter Henry, aged 103, xxix. 

Frafer, Hon. lieut. gen, Simon, xxv. 

Frederick, III. king of Pruflia, xxviii. 

Frederiik, lady, xxix. £237] 
Frederick, fir John, bart. xxvi. [238] 
Friend, mr, xxix. [196] 
Froome, aged 125 years, xxvii. [233] 
FVoft, Ann. aged 1 10, xxxiv. 22*. 
Fulfprd, William, aged 104, x^cxiv. 4.3*. 

Qooch, (ir Thomas, bart. xxLv. [214] 
Goodall, dr. Henry, prebendary of ^or^ 

wich, xxiv. [169] • 

Goodriche, capt. killed at the battle at 

Guildford, xxiv. [70]. 
Goodrick, rt, hon. fu* Johoi bart. x»d, 

Gordon, right hon. Alexander, xxxiv. s$*k 
Gordon, lady Catherine, daughter ofthe 

earl of Aberdeen, xxvii. l%^l'] 
Gordon, lady Henrietta, daughter of 

Alexander, fecond dyke of Gordon, 

xxxi. [24.2] 
Gordon, fir John, bart. xxvi. [238] 
Gordon, lady, widow of fir John James 

Gordon, xxxiv. 57*. 
Gordon, lady Ivjary, daughter of the late 

Alexander duke of Gordon, xxv. [239J 
Gore, capt. John, xxxii. [219] 
Gore, hon. Richard, brother to the earl 

of Arran, xxxiv. 59*. 
Gormanilon, vifcouhtefs dowager, xxx* 

Gosford, lord vifcount, xxxii. [243] 
Gough, lady, xxv. [238] > 
Gould, lady Barbai*a, daughter to the 

earl of Suflex, xxiv. [210] 
Gower, dowager lady, xxvii. [253] 
Gower, rear-admiral John jtevefon, xxxiv. 

Graeme, gen. David, xxxiv. 59*. 

f> AGE, vifcount, xxxiii. $%*. 

^^ Gage, lady vifcountcfs, xxvi. [239] 

Gage, hon. gen. brother to lord Gage, 

xxix. [237] 
Gainfborough, mr. xxx. [212] 
Gale, Flora, a free black, aged about 120. 

xxxiv. 19*. 
Galway, dowagef vifcountefs,xxx. [231] Graham, maichionefs of, daughter of the 
Galway, 4owager vifcountefs, xxxiv. earl of Afhburnham, xxviii. [221] 

56*. Graham, an infant Ton of the marquis of| 

Gardener, mr. xxx. [201] xxix. [237] 

Garnet, dr. John, bifhop of Clogher, xxv. Graham, mrs.. fifter of lord Cathcart, 

[235. 237] xxxiv. 60*. 

Gafcoigne, Isdy of fir Thomas Gafcoigne, Graham, mrs. Catherine Macaulcy, xxxiii. 

bart. xxviii. [220] 26*. 

Gafcoigne, Bamber, efq. xxxiii. 46*. 

63*. 69*' 
Gates, major-gen. in the American fer- 

vice, xxv. 227. 
Gerard, fir Robert, bart. xxvii. [220] 

Graham, lady Margaret, xxxi. [246] 
Grandifon, Elizabeth, countefs of, xxv, 


Grantham^ lord, xxviii. [221] 
Grantley, lord, xxxi. [241] 
permany, Maria Terefa, emprefs of, Granville, the hon. mrs. Eliza, daughter 

xxiv. [11] of vikount Lanldowne, aunt to the 

Germany, Maiy Louifa, empreft dow- marquis of Bath, xxxii. [244] 

ager of, xxxiv. 22*. 59*. Grafle, count de, xxx. [196] 

Germany, Leopold II. emperor of, xxxiv. Graves, Samuel, efq. admiral of the whitei 

?4*- 57*- . xxix^[237] 

Gerrard, lady dowager, xxvi. [239] Gray, lord, xxviii. [222] 

GerrArd, fir Francis, bart, xxxiii. 67*. Gray, Charles, efq. xxv. [240] 
pibhon, mrs. E. aged locJj xxxii. [226] pray, lady, reli^l oT fir James Grayi 

Giies, mr^ and mrs. xxviii* [214] 
Glandore, William earl of, xxiv. [210] 

bait. XXIV, [215] 
Gray, Helen, aged 105, xxxiv. 15*. 

'^ ! a fgow, dowajrer countefs, daughter of Green, mr. mortally wounded in a duef 
^'^rdRofs, xxxiii* 68*. with mr. Munro, xxvi. [219] 

nairn, earI^of> xxxiii. 63^. Green j Aima^ aged 113, xxxiii. 19*. 


Green, mr. Richard, xxxii. [239] Harborough, Dorothy countcfs of^xxir. 

Greigy admiraly xxx. [222]-^xxxi. [197] [2'i4l 

Crcnville, rt. hon. J^mes, brother to the Hardres, lady, xxvl. [^37] 

late carl Ttnnple, 3cxvi. [239] Hardwicke, earl of, xxxii, [240] 

Giefley, lady^ xxxii. [245] Hardy, admiral fir Charles, commander 

Greville, mrs. xxxi. [218] of the channel fleet, xxiv. [j ] 

Greville, lady Ann, fitter to the earl of Harington, fir James, bart. nearly allied * 

Warwick, xxvi. [238] to the two royal houfes of Scotland and 

Gi'ey, lady Dorothy, aunt to she earl of Portugal, xxv. [237] 

* Stamford, xxiv. [213] flarland, fir Robert, bart. admiral of the 

Grintton, vifcounttfs, xxviii. [222] blue, xxvii. [219] 

Qrofe, Francis, efq. xxxiii. 24*. Harley, rt. hon. and rt rev. John, D, D. 

Grofvenor, coumefs dbvrager, xxxiii. bifhopof Hereford, xxx. [230] 

66*** Harpe, mr. Frederick, aged 120, xxxiv, 

Grumley, lleut. mortally wounded at the 6*. 

fiege of Gibraltar, XXV. [261] Harrington, lieut. mortally wouuded in 

Guildford, earl of, xxxii. [243] — ^xxxiv. the e