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To His Honor Nathan Matthews, Jr., 

Mayor of the City of Boston : 

The Trustees of the Public Library of the City of Boston 
have the honor to submit herewith their forty-second annual 
report, together with the report of the Committee for the 
Examination of the Library for the year 1893. 

In accordance with the policy that has been pursued for 
some years past, the members of the Committee for the 
Examination of the Library were appointed early in the year, 
in order that they might have ample time to make a careful 
study of the Library, and to formulate the outcome of their 
investigations. That they made a faithful use of the time 
aftbrded them is shown by the result of their many and long 
deliberations, embodied in their report, to which the Trustees 
take great pleasure in inviting the careful consideration of 
the city government. In view of the thoroughness of the 
work of the Committee, it seems unnecessary for the Trustees 
to touch upon many of the subjects exhaustively discussed 
in the Committee's report. 

The Trustees and the Committee have the same common 
object in view, and that is the best use of the Library. Some 
of the matters in the Committee's report have received the 
attentive consideration of the Trustees for years past, but 
they welcome the assistance that is offered them b}^ minds 
fresh to the subject. The friendly cooperation of so many 
scholarly and accomplished persons is of the greatest assist- 
ance, and furnishes a fresh proof of the wisdom of the City 
Council in providing for the appointment of such a body of 

The Trustees desire to call particular attention to the 
urgent request of the Committee for an increase in the annual 
appropriation. The careful examination by the Committee 
of the extent of the work done by the Library, and of its 
increased needs, has convinced them of the necessity of more 
money, if it is proposed to keep the Library up to the stand- 
ard now attained and to extend its usefulness. The use and 
value of the Library have undoubtedly increased beyond the 
greatest expectations of its founders. What twenty years 
ago might have been considered a ver}^ ample and generous 
allowance for the whole institution is now barely more than 
requisite to keep the branches alone in efficient condition. 

A very striking analogy between the need of new accommo- 
dations and the need of an increased appropriation may 

2 City Document No. 21. 

be dniwii tVoin the liistoiy of Iho old Library l)uil(ling. 
When the present Central Library was built, it was thought 
to be sufHcient for the accommodation of the books and of the 
public for a hundred years ; but this building was so far out- 
grown in a dozen years that it became necessary to double 
the amount of shelving. But even with this doubling and 
M'ith all the increase that can possibly be made, there is to-day 
not room for the books actually belonging to the Library, 
and the Trustees were unable, during the past year, to find 
place for a very valuable collection of books given to the 
city. While every possible square foot of space has been 
availed of for the use of the public, there is no room for 
thousands who wish to consult the Library. 

In 1879, the annual appropriation for the Librarj' service 
was $120,000. But this did not include repairs of the 
buildings or the rents of the various branch buildings. Since 
1888, all these rents and repairs, amounting to about $10,000 
a year, have been charged to the annual appropriation. In 
the year 1879, the number of books in the Library was 
.■)45,734 : to-day there are 597,152. The number of persons 
employed was one hundred and forty-one : to-day it is one 
hundred and sixty-one. Since that time there have been 
■established one branch library and eleven delivery stations, 
three of which iiave reading-rooms attached. In 1879, de- 
livery stations were open only a few hours a week : now they 
are open the whole or the greater part of every day. In 
1879, Bates Hall was not open after six o'clock on week-days 
and not at all on Sunday : now it is open until nine o'clock 
on week-days, and from two to nine on Sundays. 

The use of Bates Hall has much more than doubled, being 
163,790 in 1879, and 384,342 the past year. With all this 
increase of use and of demands upon the Library, there has 
l>een no corresponding increase in the annual appropriation. 
Though the Trustees have been enabled, by the exercise of 
the strictest economy, to administer the Library, they feel, 
with the Examining Committee, that the progress of the Li- 
brary has been retarded and its usefulness, in some degree, 
impaired by lack of means. 

The Committee call attention to the unsuitableness for its 
present purposes of the rooms used for the Dorchester 
Branch Library. They have not stated the case too strongly. 
The rooms of this branch are not only wholly inadequate, but 
their location is by no means desirable, being in a building 
occupied in part by the police court and police station. The 
citizens of a large district like Dorchester are certainly en- 
titled to a larger and better-situated library. Under the very 
efficient management of the officer at present in charge, its 

Library Department. 3 

growth and usefulness have increased beyond what the public 
have a riglit to expect, considering the cramped quarters and 
unfavorable conditions. The Trustees will gladly undertake 
to remedy this state of afli\irs, if the City Council will place 
at their disposal sufficient funds for the purpose. They 
recommend also that some different quarters be assigned to 
the East Boston Branch, which is at present situated in the 
same building with the police court and police station. 
Children and others using this library should not be forced 
to come into contact with the class of people who are neces- 
sarily found in such buildings. There is also need at East 
Boston and CharlestoAvn of increased facilities by means of 
delivery stations similar to those in the Dorchester and West 
Roxbury districts, which so fully meet an active public 
demand. Both these extensions have only been delayed for 
lack of means to 'pay for them. The North End Branch is 
also suffering from its objectionable situation. 

There is no quarter of the city that stands more in need of 
a suitable reading-room and branch library than the West 
End. Personal search has been made by the Trustees for a 
place for the establishment of a branch library in this 
quarter of the city. The only suitable building that they 
have been able to find is the old West Church, at the corner 
of Lynde and Cambridge streets. 

The Trustees are glad to see that the citizens, not only of 
this quarter, but of all the city, are taking great interest in 
this subject, and have already brought it to the attention of 
the City Council. The Ti'ustees are heartily in accord with 
this movement, and they earnestly recommend that the city 
acquire this property, since they believe no better or more 
useful investment of city funds could be made. 

The Trustees are veiy glad to report that there has been 
a continued increase in the use of the Library, the details of 
which appear in the appendixes. Special attention is called 
to the remarkable fact that out of the very nearly 2,000,000 
books used by borrowers, only 1 in 31,000 has not been 

The continued interest of the general public is shown by 
the extent and value of gifts, amounting in all to 12,663 vol- 
umes, given by 1,254 individuals. 

Mrs. R. Anne Nichols, of Roxbury, has added to the 
Thayer Library, given b}^ herself and her sisters, 1,435 
volumes of rare and costly books, including many prints. 
Mrs. Benjamin S. Shaw, has given 585 volumes; Mr. 
Brander Matthews, of New York, 482 volumes ; Mr. Frank- 
lin L. Pope, 752 volumes. 

Not enumerated in this list is the President John Adams 

4 City Document No. 21. 

Library, which has been ti'ansfcrrcd to the Trustees by the 
Supervisors of the Adams Temple and School Fund ot 

Another notable gift is that of the Hon. Mellen Chamberlain, 
of Chelsea, who has given to the Library his very valuable 
collection of autographs and historical manuscripts. This 
collection is undoubtedly one of the most valuable of its kind 
in this country. A special room has been assigned for it in 
the new building, to which it shortly will be moved. 

In July, Mr. William C. Todd, of Atkinson, N.H., 
announced his intention of giving two thousand dollars a 
year during his life to the City of Boston, "all of this sum 
to be expended in newspapers," with a further provision 
that, upon his death, the City of Boston should receive the 
sum of $50,000, the annual income of which is to be applied 
to the same purpose. Mr. Todd has notified the Trustees 
that the first instalment of two thousand dollars is at their 
disposal, but, owing to the cramped quarters at present 
occupied, it will be impossible for them to avail them- 
selves of this sum until the new building is ready for 

The correspondence relating to these gifts is appended. 
The Trustees strongly recommend that official action be taken 
by the city government, in recognition of these three most 
important benefactions. 

During the past year, the number of individual persons 
actually borrowing books for home use amounted to 35,000. 
The Trustees believe that this is the largest number of per- 
sons who have used the Library for this purpose in any one 
year ; but owing to the imperfect system of records hereto- 
fore used, no entirely satisfactory comparison can be made. 

The New Building. 
There has been no interruption of work upon the new 
Public Library building during the year. It has proceeded 
satisfactorily, and is now in such advanced condition that the 
building will be ready for occupancy during the year 1894. 
The Trustees hope that they will be able later to propose 
some day in the coming autumn for the dedication of the 

Samuel A. B. Abbott, 
Henry W. Haynes, 
Frederick O. Prince, 
Phineas Pierce, 
William R. Richards. 
Adopted, April 17, 1894. 
Attest : 

Louis F. Gray, Clerk. 

Library Department. 

Correspondence Kelating to Recent Gifts. 

Chelsea, February 14, 1893. 
To the Trustees of the Boston Public Library : 

Gentlemen : I propose to leave to the Boston Public 
Library, by testamentary bequest, my collection of historical 
documents, manuscripts, autographs, portraits, and engrav- 
ings connected therewith, together with a few printed 
volumes, and some matters of personal interest to me, pro- 
vided the Trustees, after a more mature consideration of the 
subject, are still willing to accept the same agreeably to an 
informal understanding expressed at their meeting, January 
17, 189o. That is to say, that the Trustees will furnish the 
room in the new building, connected with the librarian's 
room, substantially in accord with the plan prepared by 
Alex. S. Jennets and set said room apart as the permanent 
home of said collection, to be and forever remain in the sole 
custody of the librarian, under the Trustees. 

From the above conditions are to be excepted the framed 
Address to the King, the Declaration of Independence, the 
Articles of Confederation, and the Constitution of the United 
States, which would be properly exhibited on the walls of 
some more public room. 

While I desire to retain the property of the collection 
during my life, it is my wish, nevertheless, to transfer to the 
Library at once such portions of it as are in completed form, 
and the remainder as soon as it can be completed. 

The collection will need an index and binding ; and as I am 
familiar with the requirements, I think it would be well to 
have one or more volumes of each division bound as soon as 
may be, to serve as examples for the remaining volumes. 

It is my purpose to make the collection as complete as I 
may ; and to that end, after any portion of it is transferred to 
the Library I shall desire free access to it at suita])le times. 


(Signed) Mellen Chamberlain. 

Public Library of the City of Boston. 
To the Hon. Mellen Chaimberlain : 

Dear Sir : It is my pleasant duty to inform you that I am 
instructed by the Trustees of the Public Library of the City 
of Boston, that they accept with gratitude your proposed 
testamentary gift of your unique and valuable " collection of 

6 City Document No. 21. 

historical documents, autographs, portraits, and engravings 
connected therewith, together with certain printed vohimes," 
etc., and that they agree to perform all the conditions set 
forth in your letter of Fel)ruary 14, 181)3, to which the gift 
is made subject. 

Permit me to improve the opportunity to express my own 
appreciation of the great value of your proposed donation, 
and assure you that all the conditions referred to will be 
faithfully performed. The Trustees have already commenced 
the work of preparing a suitable room in the new Library 
building for the accommodation of the collection, as you are 
pleased to allow them present possession of the same. 

Very truly yours, 
(Signed) Frederick O. Prince, 

President pro tern. 

March 28, 1893. 

Boston, Mass., June 16, 1893. 
To the Trustees of the Boston Public Library : 

Boston is a city of rare privileges, but it lacks one now 
possessed by many others, viz., a place where all — citizens 
and strangers — can enter freely, and read the leading news- 
papers of the day ; some such place as the Cooper Institute 
of New York affords. The Boston Public Library is well 
supplied w^ith magazines, but not with newspapers. It is too 
late to discuss the value of newspapers — they have become 
a necessity. The business man, the student in every depart- 
ment, the politician anxious to feel the public pulse, the men 
who, like the Athenians of old, " spent their time either to 
tell or hear some new thing," — all, of every pursuit and con- 
dition, must read the newspapers to learn what has transpired 
the world over. The press has become the great agency by 
which information is diffused, leading questions discussed, 
the people educated, and public opinion moulded. Words 
spoken to a hundred people in the evening are, the next 
morning, read by a hundred thousand. Newspapers now 
form a large part of the reading of the whole community. 
I have heard business men say that they read the newspapers 
daily, occasionally a magazine, hardly a book in a year. It 
is not enough to read one paper, and that partisan, if any 
one would be correctly informed and judge clearly ; yet 
many newspapers are too ex[)ensive for ordinary readers, 
and a large part are desired only for occasional use. All 
this is well understood, and need not have been repeated. 

Library Department. 7 

Free reading-rooms, I have no doul)t, in the not distant 
future, will be even more in demand by the general public 
than free public libraries. 

As the new Public Library building is about to be opened, 
I trust this great want of Boston will be supplied. If the 
Trustees will furnish a suitable room, and provide for all in- 
cidental expenses, I will pay two thousand dollars ($2,000) 
annually ; all of this sum to be expended in newspapers, 
and, sooner or later, will give a fund of fifty thousand dollars 
($50,000) to secure forever this annual payment. Such pay- 
ments are to be appropriated to furnishing newspapers for a 
reading-room in the new central Public Library building- 
only. The aim shall be to select representative papers, 
giving the current thought of different sections of our own 
countrjs and, to such an extent as the Trustees may deter- 
mine, of foreign countries, so as to provide a reading-room 
that shall satisfy the wants of citizens, and also of the 
many strangers always to be found in Boston. No distinc- 
tion shall be made in the selection of newspapers in favor of 
any religious sect or political party. 

I may add that my only interest in this matter is the wish 
to do some good to a great many people. 

Trusting that this proposition may be favoral)ly received ,> 

I am, very respectfully yours, 
(Signed) William C. Todd. 

June 20, 1893. 
William C. Todd, Esq. : 

Dear Sir ; The Trustees of the Public Library of the 
City of Boston have the honor to acknowledge your com- 
munication of the 16th instant. 

They gratefully accept your very generous offer to pro- 
vide the means for establishing a newspaper department in 
the new Public Library, where not only our citizens, but all 
visiting strangers, may learn what is said and done, not only 
in the different States of the Union, but in foreign countries. 

They indorse all you say touching the value of news- 
papers. They think with you that the power and influence 
of the press are beyond estimate. As it directs public atten- 
tion to all those great questions of politics, of religion, of 
literature, of science, and of art, and does so much to guide 
public opinion therein, it becomes one of the chief factors in 
the advancement of civilization and the maintenance of those 
conservative forces which are the safeguard of our free in- 
stitutions. But, as you truly say, it is "too late to discuss 

S City Document No. 21. 

the value of newspapers." It is recognized wherever there 
is constitutional liovernnieiit, and wherever the i)eoplc have 
voice in the direction of public afiairs. 

The want of such facilities as your generosity will pro- 
vide has been long felt, but until other and more i)ressing 
needs were supplied, the Trustees have been unwilling to ask 
from the city government, which has been so liberal in its 
appropriations to this Library for the peoi)lc, the means to 
satisfy the deficiency. 

The Free Public Library — "open to all" — was not es- 
tablished for the sole use of students and scholars, but for 
the enjoyment of the people of all classes and professions, 
especially the " plain people," to quote the language of our 
martyred President. These latter will greatly appreciate 
jour benefaction. 

It is pleasant to know that the gift comes from a citizen of 
another State, avIio appreciates Boston and the " rare priv- 
ileges" which an enlightened public spirit has provided for 
all her people. 

The conditions of your endowment increase its value, for 
they not only show your munificence, but also the broad and 
catholic spirit which prompted it. 

Be assured that your name will always be dear to those 
who enjoy the fruits of your bounty, and that you will be 
associated with the many beneftictors of our Free Public 
Library — with Bates and Ticknor and Everett and Bow- 
ditch and Scholfield, and the many others who are gratefully 
remembered by all interested in popular education. 

Be assured also that the present Board of Trustees, and, 
without doubt, their successors in office, will always respect 
the terms of your gift and faithfully execute the trusts re- 
posed in them. 

Very truly j^ours, 
(Signed) Fredeiuck O. Prince, 

President pro (em. 

Public Library of the City of Boston, 

November 3, 1893. 
To the Supervisors of the Adams Temple and School Fund : 
Dear Sirs: The attention of the Trustees of the Public 
Library of the Q\ty of Boston has been directed lately to the 
very valuable President John Adams Library, which is now 
in the Crane Memorial Building at Quincy. They are so 
impressed with the great interest and historical value of the 

Library Department. 9 

collection that they feel it Avill not be out of place to ask you if 
it is not possible to place it in some position where it would be 
more accessible to the students to whom it would be useful. 

In consideration of the great change that has taken place 
in the country since the Library was placed in your charge 
by President Adams, it may l)e possible to carry out Pres- 
ident Adams's intent better by placing the collection in some 
more accessible place. 

As the new Public Library building in Boston is nearing 
completion, it has occurred to the Trustees that the most ap- 
propriate and useful place for the collection would be in that 
building, where it would be of great use to a great number 
of students who resort to the Boston Public Library from all 
parts of the country, and where its value would be increased 
by the convenience of using it in connection with the large 
collection on kindred subjects already collected, and where 
it might also serve as a nucleus for one of the most important 
constitutional libraries in the United States. 

If this suggestion meets with your approval, the Trustees 
wall put the collection in a separate alcove with a suitable in- 
scrii)tion over it, and will take all proper measures for caring 
for and protecting it. I need hardly assure you that they 
would esteem it a great privilege if they were permitted to 
become custodians of a collection so very valuable both in- 
trinsically and because of its associations. 

I have the honor to be, with great respect. 

Yours very truly, 

(Signed) Samuel A. B. Abbott, 


Adams Building, 23 Court Street, 

Boston, November 29, 1893. 

My dear Sir : Referring to your communication ad- 
dressed to the Supervisors of the Adams Temple and School 
Fund, under date of November 3, I now have the pleasure of 
forwarding to you the following extract from the Records of 
the Supervisors : 

" Communications received from Charles Francis Adams 
and Samuel A. B. Abbott, President of the Trustees of the 
Boston Public Library, relating to the John Adams Lil)rary, 
which is now in the Crane Memorial Hall at Quincy. 

" Voted, That the said communications be spread on the 
records . 

10 City Document No. 21. 

" After due (ionsideration of the request of the President of 
the Trustees of the Boston Pubh'c Library, it was the opinion 
of the Supervisors that the intent of President Adams would 
be better carried out by placing the Library where it would 
be more accessible to students and investigators ; and it wa& 

" Voted, That there being at present no settled ministers of 
the Congregational Society or of the P^piscopal Society of 
Quincy, the Supervisors assent to the request of the Trustees 
of the Boston Public Library, and that the care and custody 
of the Library belonging to the city of Quincy, deposited by 
the Supervisors of the Adams Temple and School Fund with 
the concurrence of the then settled ministers of the two 
societies above mentioned, in the Crane Memorial Hall, 
under vote of the Supervisors of May 12, 1882, be trans- 
ferred to the Boston Public Library ; and that the Trus- 
tees of the Thomas Crane Public Library be requested to 
deliver the same to the Trustees of the Boston Public 

The above extract from the Record was communicated to 
me, as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Thomas 
Crane Public Library of the City of Quincy, in whose 
hands, as depositaries, the library of President John Adams 
now is. 

That Board has no power of control over the collection. 
It is merely placed at their request in the Crane Memorial 
Hall, subject to any disposition which the Supervisors may 
make of it. 

I have, therefore, now to inform you that the Trustees of 
the Thomas Crane Public Library hold the John Adams 
collection subject to the order of the Board of Trustees 
of the Public Library of the City of Boston. We will 
deliver the library to your agents at any time it may suit 
your convenience to receive it, taking your written receipt 

I have the honor to be, etc., 

(Signed) Charles Francis Adams, 

S. A. B. Abbott, Esq., 

Public Library, Boston. 

Library Department. 11 

Public Library of the City of Boston, 

December 6, 1893. 

My dear Sir : I have received and laid before the 
Trustees of the Public Library of the City of Boston your 
letter of November 29, in regard to the President John 
Adams Library. I am instructed by the Trustees to inform 
you that they will accept the transfer of the John Adams 
Library in accordance with the terms of the vote of the 
Supervisors of the Adams Temple and School Fund, and 
will place it in an alcove in the new building as soon as it is 

I will notify you as soon as possible when the Library will 
be sent for. 

I enclose herewith a copy of the vote of the Trustees. 

I have the honor to be very truly yours, 

(Signed) Samuel A. B. Abbott, 

To Charles Francis Adams, Esq., 

Chairman of Trustees, Thomas Crane Public Library . 

Adams Building, 23 Court Street, 
Boston, December 9, 1893. 

My dear Sir : I have to acknowledge the receipt of 
your ftivor of the 6th instant, with enclosure in relation to 
the John Adams Library. 

I see that under vote of the Trustees, the library in ques- 
tion is to be deposited "in a suitable alcove in the new 
Public Library building in Copley square." 

Under these circunistanccs, I presume the Trustees of the 
Public Library will not be ready to make the transfer in 
question before next autumn, as I understand the new 
Library building will not be ready to receive books until 
that time. 

As the library in question is now perfectly safe and w^ell 
cared for in the Thomas Crane Memorial Hall, I would sug- 
gest that it be allowed to remain there until the Trustees of 
the city Library are ready to transfer it to its place of final 
deposit. It would seem to be. a mere unnecessary waste of 
time, labor, and money to have it transferred twice. 

12 City Document No. 21. 

If this suggostion meets the views of the Trustees, there 
would seem nothing more to be done in the matter at 

I remain, etc., 
(Signed) Charles F. Adams. 

S. A. B. Abbott, Esq., 

5 Pemberton Square, Boston. 

The following is a l)rief sketch of the Adams Library 
and its points of interest as existing at the time of the com- 
pletion of its card catalogue in 1884. 

In 1822, John Adams, then in his eighty-seventh year, 
presented the town of Quincy with (to use the wording of 
the deed) " the fragments of ray Library, which still remain 
in my possession, excepting a few that I shall reserve for 
my consolation in the few days that remain to me." Upon 
this bequest he imposed several conditions, the first of which 
was that a catalogue of the books be made and printed. 
This catalogue was made, and may be seen in a pamphlet of 
sixty-seven pages, entitled "Deeds and other documents 
relating to the several pieces of land, and to the library pre- 
sented to the town of Quincy, by President Adams, together 
with a catalogue of the books," copies of which are in this 

As a means of reference, the above-mentioned printed 
catalogue is wholly useless, the titles being arranged neither 
alphabetically nor by subjects, but simply according to the 
languages in which the l)ooks are printed, and to some extent 
according to the sizes of volumes. It appears from it, how- 
ever, that the actual number of books at the time of donation 
was 2,756. 

Another condition of deed was that " none of the books 
shall ever be sold, exchanged or lent, or sutlered to be re- 
moved from the apartment, without a solemn vote of a major- 
ity of the superintendents." Unfortunately this condition 
has not been complied with, for a comparison of the old 
printed catalogue with the present card catalogue shows that 
some of the volumes are missing. One loss, in particular, is 
a severe one, that of Thomas Morton's New English Canaan. 
This rare volume has l)een replaced by the edition edited by 
Charles Francis Adams, for the Prince Society, wherein will 
be found a mention of this theft — as it doubtless was. 

Library Department. 13 

Besides books lost or stolen, many have been badly muti- 
lated, in part by hard usage from frequent removals, in 
part by book rot, but mostly at the hands of autograph col- 
lectors, who, in many cases, have not hesitated to cut or tear 
the top or even the middle of title-pages. 

It was the wish of John Adams that this library should be 
placed in "an apartment of the building to be hereafter 
erected for a Greek and Latin School or Academy," which 
academy was provided for in another deed. After a number 
of transfers from one place to another, this library, in its 
present proportions, was placed in the Thomas Crane Public 
Library in 1882. In 1883, sixty-one years after the dona- 
tion to the town of Quincy, an orderly arrangement and 
suitable catalogue of the library was begun, by the direction 
and at the expense of Charles Francis Adams. This work 
was begun in February, 1883, and carried on at intervals 
until its completion in October, 1884. 


The books are placed in four alcoves, numbered A, B, C, 
D. These alcoves contain, respectively, eight, seven, seven, 
and eight ranges, and the ranges contain shelves varying in 
the ranges according to the slope of roof. The numbering of 
the shelves of each range is from top to bottom, and of the 
books on shelves, from left to right. For instance, the top 
shelf of first range of Alcove A is numbered A. 10, the first 
book or set of books (if more than one vol.) A. 10.1, the 
second, A. 10. 2, the next shelf is A. 11, etc. So far as pos- 
sible, a proper classification has been adhered to, but lack of 
space in the quarters at Quincy made it necessary to prefer, 
in certain cases, an arrangement by uniform sizes, for the 
sake of appearance, to a strict classification. 

Generally speaking. Alcove A will be found to contain the 
classics, Italian works, grammars and dictionaries of various 
languages, and a part of the French works. Alcove B contains 
French and Dutch works, and a part of the English Avorks, 
also several folios belonging elsewhere, but put here for con- 

Alcove C contains English and American works (history, 
geography, etc., of America), also works of travel and voyages 
to various countries, works on the arts and sciences (astron- 
omy , physics, mathematics, medicine, political economy, etc. ) . 
The last range of C and first part of first range of D comprise 
theological and ethical works. Alcove D contains law books 
and works on political science ; the last range is occupied by 
United States government publications and several incomplete 

14 CiTV Document No. 21. 

The number of voliiincs :\t the time of (h)n!ition was, as 
stated, 2,75G ; at the completion of the catalogue in 1884 it 
was 2,804.* There have been added, it should l)e remem- 
bered, a number of books not in the oriirinal collection. 
Some are gifts from other sources, and some few from the 
libraries of the late John Quincy Adams and of the late 
Charles Francis Adams. 


The catalogue contains about 3,800 cards, its arrangement 
is alphabetical, and in accordance with the system usually 
pursued by the Boston Public Lil)rary, somewhat simplified. 
The main title is given under the author's (or authors') name, 
when known, with a reference, when necessary, to the proper 
subject or subjects, and occasionally with a reference under 
the title. The cross-references are written upon the backs of 
the main cards. References are made from pseudonyms or 
anonymous w^orks to the author, when known, and kindred 
subjects are connected by various inter-references. Where 
an author is unknown, the work is catalogued under the title. 

Interesting Features of the Library. 

Though many books have been robbed of autographs and 
otherwise damaged, yet a number remain which contain auto- 
graphs of interest, or which give a special value to this col- 
lection from the fact that they contain manuscript annotations 
in the handwriting of John Adams. It ap[)ears that many 
books were presented to him while abroad, either in France 
or at The Hague, and some of these contain comments writ- 
ten by him at that time or later in life. For the most part 
these comments have never been printed. 

Below will be found an alphabetically arranged list of 
names of persons whose autographs or manuscript annotations 
have been noted. The shelf numbers of books in which such 
autographs occur are placed opposite the names to the right. 


Adams, Mrs. A. J. Belknap, from Mrs. A. 

Adams ....... C.16.4 

Adams, John, Occasional notes on Rousseau's 

Nouvelle Heloise A.84.3 

Adams, John, Many marginal criticisms in 

Rousseau's Discourse upon inequality . . A. 85. 15 

*This includes 57 volumes, containing 26) paragraphs, or parts of books, which have 
been catalogued separately. 

LiBiiAUY Department. 15 

Adams, John, Notes in two copies of Rousseau's 

Social Compact .... A.85.13, A.85.14 

Adams, John, Numerous Comments on mar- 
gins of Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin's 
French Revolution ..... A. 86. 6 

Adams, John, Man}'' notes on Davila's Histoire 

des guerres civiles ..... B.31.2 

The notes written in Adams' Discourses on 
Davila (C.23.2) were reprinted in C. F. 
Adams' edition of J. Adams' Works, 
Vol. VI. 

Adams, John, Marginal notes in vols. 6, 8, 9, 
10, 11, 12, 14," of Frederick the Great's 
GEuvres B.G6.1 

Adams, John, Many notes in Hauterive's De 

I'etat de la France (1799) . . . . B.67.8 

Adams, John, Four volumes of Conyers Mid- 
dletou's Miscellaneous works, have notes and 
autographs B.67.11 

Adams, John, The 13 vols, of this set all have 

John Adams' book-plate . . . . B.72.1 

Adams, John, Notes in vol. 1 of Mazzei's Re- 

cherches sur les £tats-Unis . . . C.14.1 

Adams, John, Observations on Prof. Win- 

throp's Lecture on earthquakes . . No. 1, in C.15.6 

Adams, John, Notes on Disney's Life of Sykes, C.16.1 

Adams, John, Notes on J. Bristed's Hints on 

bankruptcy of Britain .... C.17.1 

Adams, John, Very many annotations on his 
own Discourses on Davila. Repr. in vol. 6 
of his Works C.23,2 

Adams, John, Notes on Priestley's Institutions 

of Moses C.70.6 

Adams, John, In vol. 1 and 2 of Priestlej^'s 
History of early opinions concerning Christ — 
annotations on margin .... C.70.9 

Adams, John, Notes and Autograph in Priest- 
ley's Doctrines of Heathen Philosophy . C.70.10 

Adams, John, Comments on W. Christie's Dis- 
courses on Divine Unity . . . . C.75.6 

Adams, John, Frequent criticisms in Con- 

dorcet's Progress of Human Mind . . C.76.10 

Adams, John, Notes on Recueil des loix con- 

stitutives des colonies angloises . . C.10.5 

Adams, John, Notes on Mably's Legislation, D.15.2 

Adams, John, Criticisms on W. Godwin's Polit- 
ical Justice ...... D.62.9 

16 City Document No. 21. 

Adams, John (^iiiiicv, Autograph . . . A. 41. 4 

Backwell, K. A., " " . . . A.26.5 

Beresforde, Tli., "... A. 33. 8 

Blusse, Pieter, " . . . B.71.5 

Bradstreet, Benj., ' " ... C.73.15 

Bromley, Robert, " . . . A. 73. 2 

Br^an, Alex., "... A. 22. 2 
Calonno, C. A. de, Autog. letter to John 

Adams . . . " . . . . B.2().5 
Cerisier, A. M. B., Vol. 2 has autogra[)li letter 

to John Adams B.71.2.2 

Colman, Benj., Autograph, 1704 . . . D. 10. 1(5 

Dawson, Abraham and Joseph, Autographs . A. 26. 6 

Disney, John, Autograph . . . . C.lB.l 

Fiske, John, 1025, Autograph . . . A. 24. 5 
Gerry, Elbridge, Autograph letter to John 

Adams, placed in Mather's Magnalia . . C.78.9 
Gridley, J., Autograph. (Many law-books in 

AlcoveD contain Gridley's autograph) . A. 36. 9 
Hollis, T. Brand, Autograph .' D.62.15, B. 72. 5, A. 73. 5 

King, Rufus, Autograph .... 0.16.8 
Marshall, John, Autograph note of presentation 

to John Adams of his Life of Washington, 

repeated in all five volumes . . . C.14.2 

Mather, Samuel, Autograph . . . C.71.12 

Otis, James, Autograph .... B.75.5 

Parkman, Eben, Autograph . . . . A. 33. 2 

Plumer, Samuel, Autograph . . . C.73.15 
Prince, Thomas, Many manuscript notes in 

Oldmixon's British Empire in America . 0.11.10 
Prince, Thomas, Many manuscripts in Wins- 
low's Good News from New England . No. 1, in 0.21.11 
Prince, Thomas, Autograph and book-plate of 

New Elngland Library .... 0.5L4 

Quincy, Josiah, LL.D., Autograph . . 0.14.5 
Rush, Benjamin, Presentation copies, with 

autograph, of author's works to John 

Adams 0.63.6 to 63.10 

Smith, Wm., fother-in-law of John Adams, 

Autograph B. 75.8.4 

Thaxter, John, Autograph .... A. 20. 10 

A.23.7, 0.11.7 

Tufts, Cotton, Autograph .... A. 60.3 
Van Murray, Wm., minister of U.S. to Bata- 

vian Republic. Autograph . . . A. 32.3 

Warren, John, M.D., Autograph . . . 0.63.1 

Library Department. 17 

Warren, Joseph, Presentation copy to John 
Adams of his oration on Boston Massacre, 
with autograph .... No. 2 in C.15.6 

Three books once seem to have belonged to Rev. Thomas 
Prince ; and two of them contain the book-plate of the Old 
South Library (now deposited in the Boston Public Library). 
One of these books is a pamphlet vol. (C.21.11) containing 
Winslow's Good News from New England, 1624 ; another 
is L. Robert's Merchants Map of Commerce (C.51.4) ; the 
third is Oldmixon's British Empire in America (C.ll.lO). 

There are several specimens of the Elzevir and Aldus 

Perhaps the most valuable work in the library is Henri 
Estienne's edition of Plato, Paris, 1578, in three folios, finely 
bound and well preserved (A. 41. 4). 

This catalogue was prepared by Lindsay Swift, of the 
Boston Public Library, assisted, for a time, by Edward B. 
Hunt, of the same Library. 

18 City Document No. 21. 

FOR 1893. 

To the Trustees of the Boston Public Library : 

Gentlemen : An account of the many good points of 
the Library would cause not only reasonable satistaction, 
but honest })ride, that the city has, through the munificence 
of its citizens and friends, an institution which deserves lo 
rank so high among all its kind. If the Examining Commit- 
tee seem to emphasize what may be improved, rather than 
what is already perfect, it is because they wish that the 
Library may be evenly developed throughout on its })resent 
lines of excellence. 

That the administration of the Library during the past 
year has been, on the whole, up to the standard which it has 
always maintained, goes without saying. That it may have 
been in some details a little below what the Trustees would 
have wished, also goes without saying. With the over- 
crowded shelves, and with the eager and restless eyes of 
Trustees and employees all turned towards the new building, 
in the hope that the date of removal may soon be fixed, — it 
is quite possible and natural that there may have been, in 
some respects, a loosening of discipline, and a less satisfac- 
tory service than under other circumstances. And yet your 
Committee are gratified to be able to report that, all things 
considered, the public have been well served by a zealous 
and attentive body of employees, and to all great credit is 
due for the condition in which the Library is to-day. 

The Committee, however, feel that each year only increases 
the responsibility of the Trustees and largely adds to their 
labors. The greater work soon to be entered upon in Copley 
square, together with that almost equally important work, 
also increasing greatly from year to year, the efficient carry- 
ing on of the branch libraries, will soon require a different 
system of management, or a new and enlarged application of 
the present system. 

In these new and enlarged conditions there are two matters 
of deepest concern, the i)roper subdivision of duties and the 
fixing of responsibility. Surely a library with many heads 
is as bad as a headless library, and both are attended by 
demoralization. Without meaning to criticise what has 

Library Department. 19 

taken place in the past, under a system which has grown 
gradually as the need appeared, your Committee feel that 
now is the time to make sure that the present system is the 
best one, and should it be deemed otherwise, to make such 
changes as may seem proper. With methods fully elal)o- 
rated and based upon sound principles of business manage- 
ment, the work in the larger building can be begun and 
continued with little or no friction, and with the greatest 
possible efficiency and economy. 

Experience would seem to show that in such a library as 
ours, very nmch depends upon the librarian, and yet quite 
as much upon the wise definition of his duties and authority. 
Two qualities are called for in a librarian such as Boston 
needs, — a complete knowledge of books and all that pertains 
to them, and a very large executive ability, sufficient to con- 
trol not only the work of the Central Library, but to see 
that those most important feeders of our library system, the 
branches and the delivery stations, not only are not neglected, 
but are encouraged in every possible way in which they may 
tend to cultivate a taste for reading among our citizens. 

Few men unite in themselves these two qualifications, and 
yet such men have been found for other libraries, and no 
doubt the Trustees will, by careful search, be able to find 
such a man for Boston, one who will bring with him a judg- 
ment ripened by experience, tactful, and broad-minded. 

It is certainly for their own interest to find him. As the 
magnitude and responsibility of the library system increases 
from year to year, it is not to be supposed that in the future 
busy citizens will accept the office of trustee, which under 
any conditions is one of great responsibility, unless the 
librarian is one fully equipped to undertake the entire charge 
of the work. And yet such a board of trustees should be 
composed of men who, by their success as men of affairs, 
have shown themselves worthy of the trust. Such men only 
make good executive officers, but neither they as a body, 
nor their chairman as their representative, should be called 
upon, as they have been in the past, to give time to all the 
details necessary in the management of a library such as 
ours. They should have the best service under them possi- 
ble, and the detail of management should be so organized by 
them as to relieve them from anything more than very 
general supervision. They should outline the policy, and 
the librarian should have the ability to pursue it. 

In any examination of the Library it is well to consider its 
whole purpose and its reasons for existence. Shall it be a 
means of amusement, or shall it be, as was designed, an 
advanced part of the general education ? Just here comes 

20 City Document No. 21. 

(lis!iiiro(MiUMit in teclinu" and oi)ini()n ; just hero the Trustees 
should liave support in efJorts to raise or to maintain its 
character. Fortunately we have, in the first annutd report 
of the Trustees, wisely reprinted in the Bulletin of last 
July, a clear statement of what should be in this Library. 
" I. Books that cannot be taken out of the Library, such as 
Cycloptwdias, Dictionaries, important public documents, and 
books that from their rarity or costliness cannot easily be 
replaced. ... II. Books that few i^ermns will wUh to 
read, and of which, therefore, only one copy will be kept. 

. III. Books that will be often asked for, 
of which copies should be provided in such numbers that 
many persons . . . can be reading the same work at 
the same moment, . . . when it is living, fresh, and 
new. . . . IV. Periodical Publications." 

How far these ideas of the first Trustees have been carried 
out can be seen somewhat by looking over the weekly lists 
of new l)ooks. A large field is covered by the Library in its 
late accessions. In twelve lists selected at random, and 
containing about 2,200 titles, about 950 books are in foreign 
languages, German and French being the most common. 
The others represented are Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Swed- 
ish, Norwegian, Russian, Sanscrit, Arabic, Greek, Welsh, 
Volapuk, etc. AI)out one-quarter of the English books are 
starred, and therefore not intended for circulation, and many 
of those not so marked are of little common interest, being 
reports or memorials, or treatises on technical subjects. 
The small remainder, probably not more than a himdred, of 
works of a general literary character, is almost hidden among 
the many strange and curious titles. It should be under- 
stood, in criticising these lists, that they include no pam- 
phlets except those of special importance, and that there is 
no indication of books bought by request or given to the 
Library. It is hoped that these latter may be marked, in 
the future, by stars or daggers. Still your committee would 
suggest that more discrimination be exercised in the choice 
of popular books. There are now none too many, but the}' 
might be better chosen. Perhaps it would be well to appoint 
a reading committee for this class of literature. 

Interesting as these lists are to the bibliophile or to one 
who cares for library detail, they are too full and published 
too often to be useful for reference or general information, 
and in no way take the place of the quarterly classified lists 
which they have superseded. Your Committee would urge 
strongly that the publication of these lists be resumed. If 
this is inexpedient, it is hoped that a selected list of new 
books, including only works of general interest, may be 

Library Department. 21 

published quarterly, and properly distributed in the popular 

The work of the catalogue department, which comes 
before the public, is seen chiefly in the quarterly Bulletins, in 
which have been published during the past year various 
special lists, which will be most useful to students, who, 
however, must of necessity form a small part of the public 
using the Library. These special bibliographies seem to 
have represented, of late years, the ideal method of cata- 
loguing ; but, in a library of this size, the labor of preparing 
them is so great that only a few can be printed yearly, and 
therefore only a few persons can be beneflted by them. 
The general reader does not care for special subjects, but 
wants to know what there is interesting and new. This is 
the class of people for which new libraries are constantly 
being founded throughout the country, and which must not 
be overlooked, if it is still true, to quote again from the first 
annual report of the Trustees, that " it is of paramount im- 
portance that the means of general information should be so 
diffused that the Uirgest possible number of persons should be 
induced to read and understand questions which are constantly 
presenting themselves." The finding-lists of the branches 
meet this demand somewhat, but they would be far more 
useful if they were published regularly three or four times a 
year, instead of, as now% at irregular intervals, varying from 
six to nineteen months. 

Your Committee have noticed with pleasure the carefully 
prepared short lists posted in some of the branch reading- 
rooms, particularly at Charlestown and Dorchester, for 
the use of young or inexperienced readers. It is wished 
that such lists could be placed in all the popular reading- 
rooms, for they must save much wear and tear of the card 
catalogue, and help to give an increased circulation of good 
books. Some stimulus to a fuller use of the branch libraries 
is surely needed, as during the past year there has been 
little, if any, gain in circulation, and previous years have 
shown a positive loss. 

It is, however, pleasant to note a decided improvement in 
the circulation of the central departments. Ever}^ year 
shows an increased demand for books in Bates Hall, and 
nearly thirty per cent, more were given out in 1893 than in 
1892. An almost incredible improvement is seen in Lower 
Hall, where sixty per cent, more books have been given out 
this year than last. This is.the more surprising as the gain 
w^as very slight in 1892, only seven per cent., and there was 
a loss of thirty-three percent, in 1891. As there has been 

22 City Documknt No. 21. 

no increase! in the service and a positive decrease in the 
registration, tliis growth is very remarkable. 

Your Connnittec regret, with the Trustees, that, owing to 
the lack of funds, so few hooks have been bought during the past 
year. This economy has l)een felt chiefly in the branches, 
which have had but little more than half as many books as 
last year.* It is to be regretted that a larger appropriation 
could not be made for l)ooks, so that it need not always be 
necessary to exercise economy where the public most feel it, 
in the [)urchase of new books or duplicates. Is it not best 
to consider the greatest good of the greatest number, and 
sacrifice abstruse and curious books rather than the best 
works of fiction, travel, and American history, so much 
needed in the outlying libraries? 

Your Committee have found most of the branch libraries 
in excellent condition. They wish to call attention, how- 
ever, to the objectionable location of the Dorchester and East 
Boston Libraries, which are both located over police courts 
or stations. The limited floor-space at Dorchester is alone 
a sufficient reason for removing that library. The location 
of the North End reading-room is in many respects unsuit- 
able. The stairway is very bad, the floor-room is insufficient, 
and a public hall overhead is often occupied by noisy 
people. Your Committee therefore recommend the removal 
of this reading-room from the North to the West End, where 
a branch is needed, and where both sections could be accom- 
modated. They understand that the West Church, on 
Cambridge street, can be purchased, and believe it to be an 
excellent location for a l)ranch library. 

Your Committee recommend that fireproof shutters be 
placed on all the rear windows of the Charlestown Library, 
and that the walls and ceilings be repainted. 

It is suggested that, on the completion of the new Library 
building in Copley square, the South End Branch be moved 
farther south, to a point about midway l)etween the Central 
and Roxbury Libraries. 

Your Committee have examined into the method of auditing 
in force at the Library, and cannot suggest any point which 
in their minds requires change. They would call attention 
to the fact that the entire work is done by one employee, who 
for many years, without increase of salary, has ftiithfully 
performed duties which, owing in part to the construction 
of the new building, have constantly increased. 

The Committee feel that, in view of the rapid growth of 

Bates Hall. Lower Hall. Branches. 

* Books added in 1892, 17,^06 1,233 5,496 

" " 1893, 15,396 l,2o2 2,901 

Library Department. 23 

the city and the increasing use and importance of the 
Library, the annual appropriation should be considerably 
increased. The apparent increase of the past seven years 
has been more than absorbed by increased administrative 

Your Committee cannot fail to note their own and the 
public appreciation of the gift of a generous citizen of another 
State, by which provision is made for a free reading-room, 
to be furnished with the leading newspapers of the world. 
For this purpose Mr. W. C. To'dd, of Atkinson, N.H., has 
promised $2,000 annually during his life, and at his death 
the noble sum of $50,000. Such an example of public 
spirit may well be commended to our own fellow-citizens. 

In conclusion, we heartily congratuhite the Trustees upon 
the approaching completion of the beautiful Library buikl- 
ing in Copley square. This structure has won the highest 
praise from the most competent critics. Where so much 
detail was required, and the needs were so great and so 
expensive, it is not strange that everybody's idea was not 
reached. It is enough that the Trustees have secured a 
building well fitted to its special purpose, beautiful in 
design and finish, and entirely worthy of our beloved city. 

Augustus Andrews, 
Geo. O. G. Coale, 
John W. Farloav, 
Jas. F. Hunnewell, 
Wm. a. Jeffries, 
Mary Morison, 
Elliott D. Eobbins, 
O. H. Sampson, 
Isabel F. Sherwin, 
a. j. c. sowdon, 
Louis Weissbein. 




I. Extent of the Library (by years). 

II. Volumes in the Special Collections op Bates 'Hall. 

III. Increase op the Several Departments. 

IV. Bates Hall Classipications. 
V. Givers and Amount op Gifts. 

VI. Circulation. 

VII. Registration of Applicants. 

VIII. Financial Statement. 

IX. Library Funds. 

X. Library Service. 

XI. List op Examining Committees for Forty-two Years 

XII. List op Trustees for Forty-two Years. 

Library Department. 











































































































































In the various readins-rooms ; 

the current numbers of 829 periodicals. 


. fBates Hall 






^ 2 <; Duplicate-room 

^« (.Lower Hall 

South Boston 

1 3,-394 

Total, Central Library . 

Brighton . 

15 103 

Dorchester . . 

b^ fFellowes Athenaeum . . . 

JljCity part 

^ " Total, Roxbury Branch, 

Jamaica Plain 

West Roxbury delivery . . . 


North Brighton 



City Document No. 21. 















Patent library . . 














Bowditch library . 














Parker library . . 














Prince library . . 














Ticknor library . . 














Barton library . . 














Franklin library . 














Thayer library . . 














John A. Lewis 11- 








Bates Hall 

Lower Hall 


East Boston branch 

South Boston branch 

Roxbury branch 

Fellowes Athenaeum 

Charleatown branch 

Brighton branch 

Dorchester branch 

.Tamaica Plain branch .... 

Suuth-End branch 

"West Roxbury branch .... 

Ncrth-End branch 

North Brighton Reading-room 


1SS6 1887 1888 1889 1890 1891 1892 1893 




loss 26 






18,428 13,535 12,916 14 


loss 70 



loss 50 






loss 23 

15,519 20,256 



I's 9,143 



loss 352 

loss 455 
loss 542 

Bates Hall 


Lower Hall and branches 





or lost 


J^^et gain in detail, as above. 


(RepreKenting books located ooly.) 

Special Libraries. 

IS.-5S I8«l 1800 ; 1871 187* 187.-i 188<» 188« 

S'O'g.d Total in .= ^ I ^ 
V . Sgs;«i iBateshall S £" | ^ £" 

|i ' I ill lDec.%1 %i ' -^ 

^ n 11 


Cyclopaedias, etc 

' Bibliograpb}* and literary history 

General history, biography, travel, and geography 
American history, geography, biography, travel, an 

English history, etc 

French history, etc 







Greek, Latin, and philology . 

tipanisb and Poitnguese history and 1: 

Other history, geography, biography, travel, and literiit 

Periodicals and transactions 

Theology, ecclesiastical history, etc 

Metaphysics and social science 


Political economy 

Medical science 

Natural history and science 



.XX. , Useful arts 
.XXI. Fine arts . 

I phys 



Bound volumes of miscellaneous pamphlets 
Bound volumes of manuscripts 

Books for t 
Duplicate i 

j 0.717 r W.] 



Claes IV. 

-Class m. includes general history, etc.. 

and collected 

Classes v., VI., VII., aiK 
raerica. Class VIII. inohi.l 
Claes XIV. includes iJoliti. 
Claes XIX. includes nu'_li;i 

, educittion, ptrenology, etc, 

' Includes ail books 

ad voyages, 

I the special libranc'S coin 

I with from the DupHcate-Rooni, have been deducted 

r them belonging to the Barton library, as originally shelved there. 

include the Shakespeare collection of the general library. 
l;ih>es are kept in ranges by themselves, so that for purposes 

of the ranges devoted 
when they were acquired by 

or learning 









John i 

Bales I 



East B. 

South 1 








^\"est B 




Bates E 

Library Department. 



Givers . 




Abbot Acadeni}', Andover, llass. .... 

Abbott, S. A. B. . 

Acaderaia Nacionale de Medicina, Lima, Peru . 
Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Academy of Science, St. Louis, Mo. 
Adelaide, So. Australia, Dept. of Woods and Forests . 
Agassiz, Prof. Alexander, Cambridge, Mass. 
Aguilar Free Library Society, New York City . 
Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station, Auburn, Ala. 
Alabama Geological Survey, Tuscaloosa, Ala. . 
Albany Institute, Albany, N.Y. . 
Alvord, Rev. Henry C, South Weymouth, Mass, 
Alumni Association of the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy 
delphia. Pa. ...... 

American Academy of Arts and Sciences 

American Academy of Political and Social Science, Philadelphia, Pa 

American Anti-Vivisection Society, Philadelphia, Pa. . 

American Antiquarian Society, Worcester, Mass. 

American Association for the Advancement of Science, Salem 

American Baptist Home Mission, New York City 

American Bar Association, Philadelphia, Pa. . 

American Bible Society, New York City 

American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions 

American Congregational Association 

American Geographical Society, New York City 

American Home Missionary Society, New York City . 

American Institute of Architects, Providence, R.L 

American Institute of Civics, New York City 

American Institute of Electrical Engineers, New York City 

American Institute of Instruction 

American Institute of Mining Engineers, New York City 

American Iron and Steel Association, Philadelphia, Pa. 

American Laryngological Association, New York City . 

American Numismatic and Archaeological Society, New York City 

American Otological Society, New Bedford, Mass. 

American Pharmaceutical Association, Philadelphia, Pa. 

American Philatelic Association, Springfield, Mass. 

American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia, Pa. 

American Press Co., Baltimore, Md. 

American Screw Co., Prot)tcZence, i2./. . 

American Society of Civil Engineers, New York City . 

American Society of Mechanical Engineers, New York City 

American Society of Naval Engineers, Washington, D. C. 

American Society of Railroad Superintendents . 

American Street Railway Association, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

American Surgical Association, Philadelphia, Pa. 


City Document No. 21. 

American Unitarian Association . 

Ames, John M., Chelsea, Mass. . 

Amherst College, Amherst, Mass. 

Aiidover Tiieological Seminary Library, Andover, Mass 

Anonymous .... 

Anthony, A. C. . 

Appleton, W. S., Newton Centre, Mass. 

Apprentices' Library Co., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Archaeological Institute of America 

Arclueoiogical Institute of America, Neiv York City 

Arnold Publishing Co. 

Arnold, Howard P. . . . 

Aron, Joseph, Paris, France 

Art Club, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Arundel Society, London, Eng. . 

Associated Charities of Boston 

Associated Charities of Fall River, Mass. 

Association of Engineering Societies, Chicago, III. 

Association of Medical Officers of American Institutions for Idioti 

and Feeble-Minded Persons, Faribault, Minn 
Astor Library, New York City 
Atkins, Hiram, Montpelier, Vt. 
Atwood, John, Maiden, Mass. 
Austin, Amory .... 
Avery, Elroy M., M.D., Cleveland, 0. 
Avery, S. V.,jr., New York City . . . .1 plate 

Ba.hb,Rev. Thomas E., Holden, Mass. . 
Bailey, Joseph T., 2d, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Baillie's Institution Free Library, Glasgow, Scotland 
Baker, L. C, Philadelphia, Pa. . 
Balch, Edwin Swift, Philadelphia, Pa. . 
Balch, Galusha B., i/.Z>., Yonkers, N. Y. 
Balfour, David, Charlestown, Mass. 
Ballou, Maturin M. . . . . 

Bamburgh, William Cushing, Plainfield, N.J. . 
Banks, Charles Y.., M.D. . 
Bannatyne Club, Edinburgh, Scotland . 
Barnes, Arthur J., St. Louis, Mo. 

Barrow-in-Furness, Free Public Library, Lancashire, Eng 
Barton, Clarence M., Olympia, Wash. . 
Bates, Kimball, & Guild . 
Battersea Public Library, London, Eng. 
Bm\e,K.Y., Chapel Hill, N.C. . 
Baumgartel, Otto, Chicago, III. . 
Baxter, Sylvester .... 
Beal, lion. Flavins O., Bangor, Me. 
Becker, George F., Washington, D.C. . 
Belfast Library and Society for Promoting Knowledge, Belfast, Ire 

land ...... 

Belgium, Commission Royale d'Art et d'Archeologie 

gium ...... 

Belgium, Federation des Societes d'horticulture de Belgique, B 

Belgium ..... 

Beljame, A., Paris, France 
Benson, E. F., North Yakima, Wash. 
Berkley, Henry J., M.D., Baltimore, Md. 
Berkshire Baptist Association, Adams, Mass. 
Berkshire County Home for Aged Women, Pittsfield 
Biblioteca Nacional, Santiago, Chile 
Biblioteca Nazionale di Palermo, Palermo, Italy 
Bibliotheque de I'Universite d'Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands 
Bibliotheque de Ste. Genevieve, Paris, France . 
Bibliotheek der Rijks-Universiteit te Lieden, Leiden, Netherlands 

Bruxelles, Bel- 



Library Department. 


Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris, France . 

Bibliotlieque Royale, Copenhagen, Denmark 

Bibliotlieque Royale de Belgique, Bruxelles, Belgium 

Bicknell, Hon. Thomas W. 

Biewend, Rev. A. . 

Birkenhead Free Public Library, Birkenhead, Co. of Chester, Eng. 

Birkmaier, Mrs. Elizabeth G. 

Birmingham, Eng., Free Libraries Committee 

Bishop, S. S., M.D., Chicago, III. 

Blaisdell, Frank C. . . . 

Blake, Frank E. . 

Blanchard, Miss Margaret 

Blodgett, Warren K., y>'- • 

Boardman, Samuel L., Augusta, Me. 

Boehmer, Edward, M.D., Lichtenthal in Baden, Ger. 

Bohemian Society Lodge, Omaha, Neh. . 

Bolton, Charles K., Cambridge, Mass. 

Bolton, Prof. H. Carrington, New York City 

Bolton, Eng., Free Public Library 

Boston Board of Health . 

Boston Board of Overseers of the Poor . 

City Architect 

City Auditor 

City Engineer 

City Hall Reference Library 

City Hospital 

City Messenger 

Committee to Inspect Public Institutions 

Commissioners of Public Records 

Executive Department 

Protective Department 

Record Commission 

Registry Department 

School Committee 

Street Department 

Water Board 

Boston Art Club . 

Boston Camera Club 

Boston Children's Aid Society 

Boston Children's Friend Society 

Boston Daily Advertiser . 

Boston Daily Globe 

Boston Daily Herald 

Boston Fish Bureau 

Boston Journal Publishing Company 

Boston Public Latin School 

Boston Museum of Fine Arts 

Boston Normal School of Gymnastics 

Boston North End Mission 

Boston Post Office 

Boston Post Publishing Co. 

Boston Provident Association 

Boston Society of Architects 

Boston Society of Decorative Art 

Boston Society of Natural History 

Boston Society of Civil Engineers 

Boston University 

Boston Young Men's Christian Association 

Bostonian Society 

Bowditch, Dr. H. I., Estate of . . .1 block and woodcut 

Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Me 

Bowen, Seranus 

Bradlee, Rev. Caleb D. 

404 periodicals, 559 newspapers 

City Document No. 21. 

Brayley, Artluir W. 

Brayley, George .... 

Brewer, Frances W., J/tngham, Mass. newspapers, periodicals, etc 

Brewer, Mrs. Tiiomas M. 

Bridgewater Normal School, Bridgewater, Mass. 

Brigham, Edwin H., 3f.D. 

Brigliam, William T., Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands 

Brlnton, Prof. Daniel G., Philadelphia, Pa. 

British and Foreign Bible Society, London, Eng. 

British and Foreign Unitarian Association, London, Eng. 

British Columbia, Lands and Works Department, Victoria, B. C. Maps 

British Museum, London, Eng. . 

Brock, Hon. S. G., Washington, D.C. . 

Brock, R. A., Richmond, Va. 

Bronson Library Fund, Waterhury, Conn. 

Brookline Public Library, Brookline, Mass. 

Brooklyn, Conn., Town of 

Brooklyn, TV^.r., City of . 

Brooklyn, N.Y., Department of Public Instructi 

Brooklyn, N.Y., Public Library . 

Brooks, Francis A. . . . 

Brophy, Thomas C. . . . 

Brown University, Providence, R.L 

Brown, Francis H., M.D. 

Brown, H., and Updike, D. B., Newport, R.L 

Browne, Miss Alice 

Bruce, Miss Abbie M., Vassalboro', Me. . 

Bryan, Lieut. R. B., Jefferson Barracks, Mo. 

Brymner, Douglas, LL.D., Ottawa, Can. 

BufPalo, N. Y., Historical Society 

Buflfalo Library, Buffalo, N.Y. . 

Builders Iron Foundry, Providence, R.L 
Bulkley, L. Duncan, A.M., M.D., New York City 
Bundy, Mrs. Mary E., Chicago, Lll. 

Bunker, Alfred .... 

Burnhani, George, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Burridge, Rev. Brainard M., Ashtabula, 0. 

Butler Hospital for the Insane, Providence, R 

Calderwood, Prof. Henry, Edinburgh, Scotland 

California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, Cal. 

California Agricultural Experiment Station, Berkeley, Cal. 

California Institution for the education of the deaf, dumb, and blind 
Oakland, Cal. ..... 

California State Library, Sacramento, Cal. 

California State Mining Bureau, San Francisco, Cal 

Callowhill, Sidney, Roslindale, Mass. ... 1 photo 

Cambridge Overseers of the Poor, Cambridge, Mass 

Cambridge Public Library, Cambridge, Mass. . 

Campbell, John A., Trenton, N.J. 

Canada, Department of Agriculture, Ottawa, Can. 

Canada, Geological Survey, Ottawa, Can. 

Canada, Governor-General's Office, Ottawa, Can. 

Cape of Good Hope, Cape Town, So. Africa 

Capen, Edward, Haverhill, Mass. . . .118 numbers 

Carmarthen Joint Counties Asylum, Carmarthen, Wales 

Carnegie Free Library, Allegheny, Pa. . 

Carpenter, Rev. C. C, Andover, Mass. . 

Carpenter & Moorhouse, Messrs., Amherst, Mass 

Carret, J. F. . 

Case Library, Cleveland, 0. . . . 

Casey, Robert, Denver, Col. 

Cash, Miss Emma D. . 

Castilian Club of Boston .... 

Library Department. 


Chagas, Manuel P., Lishoyi, Portugal 
Chamberlain, Prof. Alex. F., Worcester, Mass 
Chamberlain, Hon. Mellen, Chelsea, 3Iass. 
Chandler, Alfred Dupont 
Chandler, Horace P. . . . 

Chandler, Prof. S. E., Cambridge, Mass. 

Chandler, Prof. W. H., Bethlehem, Pa. 

Cliapin, Mrs. E. S., Springfield, Mass. . 

Chaplin, Herman W., So. Yarmouth, Mass. 

Charleston, City of, S.C. . 

Chase, David, Lowell, Mass. 

Chase, George B. . 

Chicago, Board of Trade . 

Chicago, Department of Public Works . 

Chicago Public Library 

Chicago and Northwestern Railway Co. . 

Child, Prof. Francis J., Cambridge, Mass. 

Children's Aid Society, New York City . 

Children's Hospital 

Chironian Publishing Co., New York City 

Chittenden, J. Brace, A.M. Princeton, N.-T. 

Christian Science Publishing Co. 

Church Home for Orphan and Destitute Children 

Chute, J. M., Cambridge, Mass. 

Cincinnati, 0., Chamber of Commerce . 

Cincinnati, 0., Public Library 

Clapham Public Library, London, Eng. 

Clarke, Messrs. Robert, & Co., Cincinnati, 

Clarke, Eliot C. . . . . . 1,093 periodicals etc, 

Clarke, Miss M. E. 

Clarke, Samuel C, Marietta, Ga. 

Clarke, AV. B. . . . . . .3 circulars 

Clarke Institution, Northampton, Mass. . 

Clerkenwell Public Library, London, Eng 

Cleveland, 0., Citizen ..... 7 numbers 

Cleveland, 0., Public Library 

Clinton, Mass., Town of . 

Cobb, J. F. 

Cobb, Rev. William Henry, Newton Centre 

Cochrane, Mrs. Alex. & Richard Sullivan 

Colby University, Waterville, Me. 

Cole, Theodore L., Washington, B.C. 

Collective Exhibit German Book Trade, Chicago, III. 

College of New Jersey, Princeton, N.J. 

College Settlements Association . 

Collins, Fred S. . 

Collins, Holdridge O., Los Angeles, Cal, 

Columbia College, New York City 

Columbian Historical Commission, Madrid, Spain. . 1 silvermedal 

Columbus, 0., Bureau of Labor Statistics 

Commissioners for Public Libraries and Museums for the Parish of 

St. Leonard, London, Eng. 
Concord, Mass., Free Public Library 
Cone, Rev. Orello, D.D., Akron, 0. 
Conference of Child Helping Societies 
Conn, Charles F. . 

Connecticut Academy Arts and Sciences, New Haven, Conn. . 
Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, New Haven, Conn 
Connecticut Board of Agriculture, West Cornwall, Conn. 
Connecticut Bureau of Labor Statistics, Hartford, Conn. 
Connecticut Historical Society, Hartford, Conn. 
Connecticut State Library, Hartford, Conn. 
Constitution Publishing Co., Atlanta, Ga. . . .2 newspapers 


City Document No. 21. 



nee of 


Converse, Parker L., Wohurn, Mass. 

Converse & Valadier, JHessrs., Tucson, Arizona 

Conway, Noel, & Co., Birmingham, Eng. 

Cook, Prof. Albert S., New Haven, Conn. 

Cooper Union, Trustees of, New York City 

Co-operative Banks 

Corey, Deloraine P., Maiden, Mass. 

Cory, Cliarles B., Chicago, III. . 

Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. 

Council Bluffs (Iowa) Free Public Library 

Cox, James, Cambriclgeport, Mass. ... 1 

Crawshay, Mrs. Eose Mary, Bwlch, Breconshire, Wales 

Crosby, Jolin L., Bangor, Me. 

Crowell, Rev. John F., Durham, N.C. 

Croydon Public Libraries Committee, Croyden, Surrey 

Crummell, Rev. Alexander, Washington, B.C. 

Cupples, Joseph G. . . . 

Cushing, Thomas .... 

Cust, Robert Needham, LL.D., London, Eng. 

Cuthbert, Alexander A., Glasgow, Scotland 

Cutting, Andrew, Consul, Argentine Republic, at Bosto 

Cutter, Ephraim, M.D., New York City 

Cyr, Narcisse, Rev., Springfield, Mass. . 

Dairymen's and Creameries Associations of the Prov 

Toronto, Ont. .... 
Dalrymple Home for the Treatment of Inebriety, Rickmansworth 

Herts, Eng. .... 
Daly, Charles P., LL.D., New York City 
Daniel, Hon. John W., Washington, D.C. 
Danvers Historical Society, Danvers, Mass. 
Dartmouth College, Hanover, N.H. 
Davenport, Henry 
Daves, Graham, iVetyJerw, iV.C. . 
Davis, Andrew McF., Cambridge, Mass. 
Davis, Horace A., Cambridge, Mass. 
Dayton, 0., Public Library 
Deacon, Edward, Bridgeport, Conn. 
Dean, John W. . . 

Decotter, N., Port- Louis, Mam'itius 
Dedham, Mass., Town of 
Deer Island Reformatory 
De Land, Fred, Chicago, 111. 
Denison Scientific Association, Granville, 0. 
Denver, CoZ., Board of Education 
Detroit, Mc7i., Public Library 
Detroit, Mich., Museum of Art . 
Deuerlich, Gustav, Gottingen, Ger. 

Deutsche Gesellschaft der Stadt, New York, Netv York City 
Devitt, Rev. Edward J. . . . 

De Vries, J. Hendrik, M.A., Bronxville, N.Y. 
Dick & Fitzgerald, New York City 
Dimmock, George, Canobie Lake, N.H. 
Doggett, Samuel B. . . . 

Dolley, Charles S., 31. D., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Dolph, Hon. Mr., Washington, D.C. 
Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society of the Protestant Episco 

pal Church in the U.S., New York City 
Domestic Monthly Publishing Co., New York City 
Dorr, G. B. 
Dorr, O. . 

Dover, N.H., Public Library 
Dreer, Ferdinand J., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Drew Theological Seminary, Madison, N. Y. 




Library Department. 







Drexel Institute of Art and Science, Philadelphia, Pa 

Drowne, Rev. T. S., D.D., Flatbush, N.Y. 

Drummond, Josiah H., Portland, Me. 

Drury College, Springfield, 31o. . 

Du Bois & Du Bois, Washington, D.C. 

Dupee, Mrs. 

Duron, G., M.D., New Orleans, La. 

Dwight, Henry E., M.D., Philadelphia, 

Dwight, Theodore F. 

Dwight, Thomas, M.D. . 

Dyer, Frederick W., London, Eng. 

Eaton, Rev. Arthur W. H., B.A., New York City 

Edes, Henry H. . . . newspapers 

Edes, William, Charlestown, Mass. 

Egypt Exploration Fund, London, Eng. 

Ehrenfechter, C. A., London, Eng. 

Eichberg, Isidor .... 

Eldredge, D. . . . . 

Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society, Chapel Hill 

Ellis, George H. . 

Ely, Robert E., Camhridgeport, Mass. . 

Ely, William D., Providence, R.L 

Engineering Association of New South Wales, 

Engineers' Club of Philadelphia . 

Engineers' Society of Western Pennsylvania, Pittsh 

Enoch Pratt Free Li'orary, Baltimore, Md. 

Ernst, C. W. . 

Esoteric Publishing Co., Applegate, Cal. 

Essex Institute, Salem, Mass. 

Estes, Rev. H. C, D.D., Jjeicester, Mass. 

Evans, George W. ... 

Everett, Mrs. O. E., Wo7-cester, Mass. . 

Everett, Bon. Wm., Qiiincy, Mass. 

Everett, Mass., Public Library . 

Fall Eiver, Mass., Public Library 

Farlow, C. F. . 

Farlow, J. W., 3f.D. 

Fewkes, J. Walter 

Fick, Wilhelm .... 

Field, R. M. . 

Fiorini, Prof. Matteo, Bologna, Italy 

Fish, W. B., M.D. 

Fisher, George J. . 

Fitchburg, Mass., City of 

Fitchburg Railroad Co. 

Fitz, Miss Louise, Newton Centre, Mass. 

Fleischner, Otto .... 

Fletcher Free Library, Burlington, Vt. 

Florida Agricultural Experiment Station, Lake 

Floyer, Ernest A., Cairo, Egypt 

Folk-Lore Society, London, Eng. 

Ford, William E. . 

Foster, Joseph, U.S.N., Portsmouth, N.H. 

Fowler & Wells, Messrs., Neiv York City 

France, Ministere de I'lnstruction Publique et des Beaux Arts 

France, Ministere des Travaux Publics, Paris 

Eraser Institute, Montreal, Can. . 

Frazer, Dr. Persifor, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Free Hospital for Women 

Free Library for the General Society of Mech 

New York City .... 
Freeman, Miss Harriet E. 
French, John Marshall, M.D., Milford, Mass 

periodicals, etc 

City, Fla. 


anics and Tradesmen 




City Document No. 21. 



vk City 

French, Josepli H., New Haven, Conn. . 

Friends' Book Association, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Friends' Free Library and Reading lioom, Germantown 

Friends' Intelligencer and Journal, Philadelphia, Pa 

Fuller, Francis H., Lincoln, Maine 

Furbcr, George P. .... 

Gallagher, Rev. William, Easthampton, Mass. . 

Gammon Theological Seminary, Atlanta, Ga. . 

Ganong, G. W., St. Stephen, N.B. . 

Garrison, Charles . 

Garrison, Lloyd McK., Orange, N.J. 

Garrison, Wm. Lloyd 

Gatschet, Albert S., Washington, D.G. 

Geisser, Alberto, LL.D., Torino, Italy 

Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia 

General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen, New Yo 

■Geographical Society of the Pacific, San Francisco, Cal 

Gerould, Rev. Samuel L., Ilollis, Nil. . 

•Gibbs, Miss Emily O., New York City . 

Gifford, Wm. L. R., New Bedford, Mass. 

Gilder, Morris .... 

Giles, Alfred E., Hyde Park, Mass. 

Gilman, Prof. Benjamin Ives 

Gilman, Miss E. S., Norwich, Conn. 

Gilman, Rev. N. P. 

Gilman, Winthrop G., New York City . 

Giunta Municipali di Milano, Milan, Italy 

Gloucester, Mass., City of 

Gioversville, N Y., Free Library 

Goddard, Miss Matilda 

Godfrey, Frank, Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands 

Gooday, F., London, Eng. 

Goodyear, Miss Anna F. . 

Gordon, Ernest B. . . . 

Gordon, Rev. George A. . 

Gould, S. C, Manchester, N.H. . 

Graham, Andrew J., New York City 

Graphic Company, Chicago, III. . 

Gray, Louis F. . 

Great Britain, Commissioner of Patents, London, Eng 

Great Yarmouth, Eng., Free Libraries Committee of the Borough of 


periodicals, etc 



newspapers, photographs, etc 


Green, Samuel A. 

Greenleaf, E. H. . 

Greenough, Wm. W. 

Greenwood, Isaac J., A.M., New Yorl 

Griffis, Rev. AVm. Eliot, Ithaca, N. Y. 

Grolier Club, New York City 

Guastavino, Rafael .... 

Guelfi, Dr. Lorenzo Filomusi, Popoli, Italy 

Gurney, George B., Chelsea, 3lass. 

Hackett, Frank W., Portsmouth, N.H. . 

Hale, Rev. E. E. . 

Hale, Hon. George S. . 

Ham, John R., 31. D., Dover, N.H. 

Hamilton, 0«^., Public Library . 

Handel & Haydn Society .... 

Handsworth Public Library, West Bromwich, Eng, 

Hardingham, George G. M., London, Eng. 

Harlan, A. W., M.D., D.D.S., Chicago, III. 

Harrassowitz, Otto, Leipzig, Germany . 

Harshberger, John W., Ph.D., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Hartford, Conn., Board of Trade 

Hartford Hospital and Old People's Home, Hartford, Conn. 

Library Department. 


Hartford Hospital and Training School for Nurses, Hartford, Conn. 

Hartford Library Association, Hartford, Conn. 

Hartford Seminary, Hartford, Conn. 

Hartford Theological Seminary, Hartford, Conn. 

Hartmann, C. S. . 

Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass. . 

Astronomical Observatory 

Law Library 

Library .... 

Museum of Comparative Zoology 

Harvard Medical Alumni Association 
Harvard Medical School Association 
Hassam, Frederick F., Hyde Park, Mass. . . .1 seal 

Hassam, John T. . 

Hatchard & Co., London, Eng. . 

Hawes, Miss C. W. .... 

Hawkins, Rush C, New York City 

Hay den, Rev. Horace E., Wilkesharre, Pa. 

Haynes, Tilly ..... 

Hazard, Miss Bertha .... 

Hazard, Eowland, Providence, R.L 

Hazelton, F. H., Portland, Me. . 

Heaton, A. G., Washington, B.C. 

Heinermann, Prof. Dr. von, Wolfenhuttel, Germany 

Hennighausen, F. Ph., Baltimore, Md. . 

Henry, MissM. A., Washington, B.C. . 

Herrmann, Prof. Br. Anton, Budapest, Hungary 

Hewins, 3Hss Louise .... 

Hibbard, Miss Annie .... 

Hiersemann, Karl W., Leipzig, Ge,rmany 

Highland Club . . . . . .84 periodicals 

Historical and Philosophical Society of Ohio, Cincinnati, 0. 

Historical Library of Y. M. C. Associations, Springfield, 3Iass 

Historical Society of Montana, Helena, Montana 

Hoar, Hon. George F., Washington, B.C. 

Hoar, Hon. Sherman, Concord, Mass. 

Hobart College, Geneva, N.Y.. 

Hodges, William D., M.B. 

Hoepli, Ulrico, Milan, Italy 

Hollander, Bradshaw, & Folsom . 

Holmes, Bayard, M.B., Chicago, 111. 

Home for Aged Colored Women . 

Home for Aged Men .... 

Home for Aged Women . 

Home for the Friendless, New Haven, Conn. 

Home Market Club .... 

Hooper, Edward W., A.B., LL.D. 

Horsford, Miss Cornelia, Cambridge, Mass. 

Horsford, Mrs. E. N., Cambridge, Mass. 

Hovey, Ge7i. Charles E., Washington, B.C. 

Hovey, Richard, Washington, B.C. 

Howard Association, London, Eng. 

Howard, Prof. George E., Palo Alto, Cat. 

Huard, Em. Paul L., Paris, France ... 1 chart 

Huddleston, John H. . . . . 

Huling, Ray Greene, New Bedford 

Humphreys, Arthur L., London, Eng. . 

Hunt, Edward B. . 

Huot, Lucien, Montreal, Can. 

Hlinois Bureau of Labor Statistics, Springfield, III. 

Hlinois Northern Hospital for the Insane, Elgin, III. 

Illinois State Board of Charities, Springfield, III. 

Illinois State Board of Health, Springfield, III. . 


City Document No. 21. 

Illinois State Metlioal Society, Chicago, III. 

Imi)erial University, Tokyo, Japan 

Indian Riijlits Association, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Indiana Department of Statistics, Indianapolis, Ind 

Indiana Geolo,u;ical Survey, Indianapolis, Ind. . . 1 map 

Indianapolis, Ind., Public Library 

Institution of Civil Engineers, London, Eng 

International Committee of Y. M. C. Associations, New York City 

International Journal of Surgery, Publishers of. New York City 

International Maritime Congress, London, Eng. 

Interstate Commerce Commission, Washington, D.C. . 

Iowa Agricultural College Experiment Station, Ames, Iowa 

Iowa Geological Survey, Des Moines, Iowa 

Iowa State Historical Society, Iowa City, lotva . 

Italy, His Majesty Humbert, King of . 

Italy, Ministero dell' Interno, Rome, Italy 

Italy, Ministero della Pubblica Istruzione, Rome, Italy 

Jackson, James, Paris, France .... 

Jastrow, M., M.D., Philadelphia, Pa. . 

Jeffreys, B. Joy, M.D. . 

Jenkins, S. B. . 

Jersey City, N.J., Free Public Library . 

John F. Slater Fund for the Education of Freedmen, Washington, D.C. 

Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md. 

Johnson, Rossiter, New York City 

Johnson, T. H., M.D. 

Jones, C. W., Needham, Mass. . 

Julien, Alexis A., Ph.D., New York City 

Kahler, P., M.D., New York City 

Kaiserlich-Konigliche geologische Reichsanstalt, Vienna, Austria 

Kaiserliches Patentamt, Berlin, Oer. 

Kansas Academy of Science, Topeka, Kansas 

Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station, Manhattan, Kam 

Kansas Board of Railroad Commissioners, Topeka, Kansas 

Kansas State Board of Agriculture, Topeka, Kansas 

Kansas State Historical Society, Topeka, Kansas 

Kansas University, Lawrence, Kansas . 

Kate Field's Washington, Washington, D.C. 

Keenan, J. J. . 

Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station, Lexington, Ky. 

Key, L. E., Cuthbert, Ga. 

Kindergarten for the Blind 

King, Moses .... 

Kinnear, B. O., New York City . 

Kinsella, Rev. W. T., Omaha, Neb. 

Kirkpatrick, George E., Philadelphia, Pa 

Kittridge, Wm. P. ... 

Knapp, Arthur Mason 

Knapp, George B. ... 

Knowles, Mss LydiaF. . 

Koehler, S. R. . 

Koenigliche bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Munich, Oer 

Koenigliche Universitats Bibliothek, Gbttingen, Ger 

Kongelige Biblioteket, Stockholm, Sweden 

Kyle, William S., Plymouth, Mass. 

Lacy, Rowland B., Bridgeport, Conn. 

Lancaster, Mass., Town Library 

Lane, W. C, Cambridge, Mass. 

Langston, Wm. J., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Lanza, Prof. Gaetano 

Lapham, Major Wm. B., Augusta, Me 

Larsson, Prof. Gustaf 

Lawrence, Abbott 

Library Department. 


13 numbers 
3 numbers 


13 numbers 
Art Gailer}' 

Lawrence, Mass., Public Library 

Leader, Hon. J. Temple, Florence, Italy 

Leeds Public Library, Leeds, Eng. 

Lehigh University, South Bethlehem, Pa. 

Leland Stanford Junior University, Palo Alio, Cal. 

Lenox Library, Neiv York City . 

Leupp, Francis C, Washington, D.O. 

Lewis, A. H., D.D., Alfred Centre, N.Y. 

Lewis, Mrs. P. E. ... 

Lexington, Mass., Town of 

Library of Congress, Washington, D. C. 

Lick Observatory, Mt. Hamilton, Cal. . 

Light Line Phonography Institute 

Lincoln, Mass., Town of . 

Little, George T., A.M., Brunswick, Me. 

Little, Co., New York City 

Liverpool Free Public Library, Museum and Walke 

Liverpool, Eng. 
Loekwood, Messrs., Crosby, & Son, London, Eng 
Logan, Walter S., New York City 
Lomax, E. L., Omaha, Neb. 
Long, Ellas A., Buffalo, N. Y. . 
Long Island Historical Society, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Loring, Caleb W., New York City 
Los Angeles, Cal., Public Library 
Lothian, Marquis of, Dalkeith, Scotland 

Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station, Baton Rouge, La. 
Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, La. 
Loveren, Edgar H. 

Loveren, Fred. .... 
Lowell, Mass., City of . 
Ludlow, Thomas W"., Yonkers, N.Y. 
Lund, J. W., Cambridge, Mass. . 
Lyons, James .... 

Lyman, Benjamin S., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Lyman, Mrs. Joseph ..... 445 numbers 

Lyman, Mrs. Theodore, Brookline, Mass. 
Lynch, Michael, West Roxbury . 
Lynn, Mass., Public Library 
Macdonald, Arthur, M.D., Washington, D.C. 
Macfarlane, Prof. Alexander, Austin, Texas 
Macintosh, Miss S. B. . 
MacOwen & Bradley, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Maine Genealogical Society, Portland, Me. 
Maine Historical Society, Portland, Me. 
Maine Industrial School for Girls, Hallowell, Me 
Maine Missionary Society, Bangor, Me. 
Maine State Library, Augusta, Me. 
Maiden, Mass., Public Library . 
Manchester City Library, Manchester, N.H. 
Manchester, ^w^r.. City of 
Manchester, Eng., Geographical Society 
Manchester, Eng., Public Free Libraries 
Manitoba Historical and Scientific Society, Winnipeg 
Manual Publishing Company, Chicago, 111. 
Manual Training School, St. Louis, Mo. 
Marblehead, Mass., School Committee . 
Marsden & Company, Manchester, Eng. . 
Martin Luther Waisenhaus 
Martin, John Biddulph, London, Eng. . 
Marvin, T. R., & Son 

Maryland Agricultural Experiment Station, College Park, Md. 
Mason, Rev. George L., Chehkiang Co., China . 


City Document No. 21. 

Massachusetts Adjutant-General ..... 

Massachusetts Board of Gas and Electric Light Commissioners 

Massachusetts Board of Railroad Commissioners 

Massacliusetts Free Public Library Commission 

Massachusetts Inspector of Factories and Public Buildings 

Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth . 

Massachusetts State Board of Arbitration 

State Board of Health . . . .55 numbers 

State Board of Lunacy and Charity 

State Normal School, Wo7resier, Mass. . 

Massachusetts Agricultural College, Experiment Station, Amherst 
Mass. ........ 

Massachusetts Agricultural College, Meteorological Observatory, Am- 
herst, Mass. ....... 

Massachusetts Bible Society ..... 

Massachusetts Charitable Mechanics Association 

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy .... 

Massachusetts Cooperative Banks ..... 

Massachusetts Emergency and Hygiene Association 

Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary .... 

Massachusetts General Hospital and McLean Hospital . 

Massachusetts Homoeopathic Hospital .... 

Massachusetts Horticultural Society .... 

Massachusetts Infant Asylum ..... 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology .... 

Massachusetts Medical Society ..... 

Massachusetts School for Feeble-minded, Waltham, Mass. 

Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, 

23 numbers 

Massachusetts Society for Promoting Agriculture 

Massachusetts Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, Con 
cord, Mass. ..... 

Massachusetts Universalist Convention . 

Master Car-Builders Association, Chicago, III. . 

Mather, Horace E., Hartford, Conn. . . autograph letters 

Mattack, Rev. Dr. R. C, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Matthews, Brander .... 

Matthews, Hon. Nathan, /r. 

Mayer, Charles H. .... 

McCook, John J., New York City 

McCleary, Samuel F., BrooTcline, Mass. 

McKee, Major James Cooper, Bidler, Pa. 

McGill College and University, Montreal, Quebec 

Mechanics' Institute, Sail Francisco, Cal. 

Medford Public Domain Club, Medford, Mass. . 

Medical Society of the State of New York, Albany, N. Y. 

Meehan, Thomas, & Sons, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa 

MeKeel Stamp & Publishing Company, ;S'^. Lotiis, Mo. 

Mellish, Arthur J. B., Cambridge, Mass. 

Melrose Public Library, Melrose, Mass. . 

Memorial Hall Library, Andover, Mass. . 

Mercantile Library Association, San Francisco, Cal. 

Mercantile Library, Philadelphia, Pa. . 

Mercantile Library, New York City 

Meriam, R. "S., A.M., Worcester, Mass. . 

Mexican Central Railway Company, Limited 

Mexico. Direccion General de Estadistica de la Republica Mex 

Miami University, Oxford, 0. . 

Michael, W. H., Washington, B.C. 

Michels, Prof. John ..... 

Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station, Lansing, Mich 

Michigan Bureau of Labor and Industrial Statistics, Lansing, 3fich 

Michigan Central R.R. Co., Detroit, Mich. 


Library Department. 



6 numbers 


27 numbers 


Michigan Mining School, Hovghton, Mich. 

Michigan State Library, Lansing, Mich. 

Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States 

of Michigan, Z)e^rojY, J/tc/i. 
Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States 

of Ohio, Cincinnati, O. 
Miller, O. E. & Co., New York City 
Millet, Joseph B. . 
Millicent Library, Fairhaven, Mass. 
Milwaukee, Wis., Chamber of Commerce 
Milwaukee, Wis., Public Library 
Minneapolis, J/zra?i., Board of Park Commissioners 
Minneapolis, Mimi., Public Library 

Minnesota Geological and Natural History Survey, Minneapolis 
Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, Minn. 
Missouri Botanical Garden, ^S"^. Louis, Mo. 
Missouri Geological Survey, Jefferson City, Mo 
Mitchell, John L., Washington, D.C. 
Mitchell, S. Weir, M.D., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Mitchell, Rev. William, Kenkallville, Ind. 
Moldenke, Charles E., A.M., Ph.D., New York City 
Momerie, Rev. Alfred W., London, Eng. 
Monks, George H., M.D. . 
Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana 
Moore, Miss Addie 

Moore, Joseph A. ... 

Morison, George S., Chicago, 111. 
Morison, Miss Mary 

Morris, Phillips, & Co., New York City . 
Morse, Charles A. ... 

Morse, Prof. Edward S., Salem, Mass. . 
Mount Auburn Cemetery, Trustees of, Cambridge, Mass. 
Mount Holyoke College, South Iladley, Mass. 
MuUett, Rev. E. A., Charlestown, Mass. 
Murdock, Albert L. . . . 

Musical Courier Co., New York City 
Nannery, William A. . . • 

Nation, Publishers, New York City 
National Academy of Sciences, Washington, D 
National Board of Trade . 

National Civil Service Reform League, New York City 
National Council Congregational Churches 
National Geographic Society, Washington, D.C. 
National Woman's Christian Temperance Union 
Nebraska Agricultural Experiment Station, lAncoln, Neb 
Nebraska State Historical Society, Lincoln, Neb 
Needham, Daniel, Groton, Mass. 
Neill, Rev. Edward D., St. Paul, Minn. 
Nelson, William, Paterson, N..7. 
New Bedford, Mass., Board of Trade 
New Bedford, Mass., Free Public Library 
National History Society, St. John, N.B. 
New Church Messenger, Orange, N.J. . 
New England Conference Educational Workers 
New England Conservatory of Music 
New England Historic Genealogical Society 
New England Hospital for Women and Children 
New England Methodist Historical Society 
New England Society, Brooklyn, N. Y. . 
New England Tariff Reform League 
New England Water Works Association, New Bedford, Mass. 

24 number 
New Hampshire Grand Lodge Knights of Honor, Manchester, N.H. 

3 numbers 




City Document No. 21. 

New Hampshire Medical Society, Co?!Co?(Z, A^.//. 
New Haven, Conn., Free Public Library 

New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station, New Brunswick, N.J. 
New Jersey Bureau of Labor and Industries, Trenton, N.J. 
New Jersey, College of, Princeton, N.J. 
New Jersey Geological Survey, Trenton, N.J. . 
New Jersey State Library, Trenton, N.J. 
New London, Conn., County Historical Society 
New South Wales Commission Columbian Exposition 
New South Wales Government Board for International Exchanges 
New York Academy of Sciences, New York City 
New York City Board of Aldermen 
New York City Board of Education 
New Y'"ork Civil Service Commission, Albany, N. Y. 
New York Free Circulating Library, New York City 
New Y'ork Society Library, New York City 
New York State Hospital, Utica, N.Y. . 
New York State Library, Albany, N.Y. . 
New York State Chamber of Commerce, New York City 
New York State Reservation at Niagara, Commissioners of, Ne^t) York 
City ........ 

Newfoundland, Colonial Secretary's Office, St. Johns, Newfoundland 

Newark Free Public Library, Newark, N.J. 

Newell, Miss M. A. M. . 

Newton, City of, Mass. .... 

Newton, H. A., New Haven, Conn. 

Nichols, Miss A. A. . . . . .24 numbers 

Nichols, Mrs. R. Anne ..... engravings 

Nichols, John Y. G., M.D., Cambridge, Mass. . 

Nickerson, Sereno D. . 

Norcross, Grenville H. . 

Norcross, Messrs. 0. & G. H. 

North Adams, Mass., Public Library 

North End Mission .... 

Northampton, Mass., Lunatic Hospital . 

Northampton, Mass., Public Library Committee 

Northwestern University Library, Evanston, III. 

Norwell, Mass., Town of . 

Nottingham Free Public Library, Nottingham, Eng 

Nova Scotia Legislative Library and Historical Society, Halifax, N.S 

Noyes, Edward H., Milford, Penn. 

Oates, William C, Hon., Washington, D.C. 

Oberlin College Library, Oberlin, 0. 

Observatorio Nacional, Cordoba, Argentine Republic 

O'Farrell, Charles ..... 

Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station, Wooster, 0. 

Ohio Archajological and Historical Society, Columbus, 

Ohio Bureau of Buildings and Loan Associations, Columbus, O 

Ohio Bureau of Labor Statistics, Columbus, 0. . 

Ohio State Bar Association, Columbus, 0. 

Old Residents' Historical Association, Lowell, Mass. 

Olivet College Library, Olivet, Mich. 

Omaha Public Library, Omaha, Neb. 

O'Neill, Hon. Joseph H., Washington, D.C. 

O'Neill, Rev. J. L., Memphis, Tenn. 

Ontario, Province of. Bureau of Industries, Toronto 

Minister of Agriculture, Toronto 

Agricultural Experiment Station, Toronto 

Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station, Corvallis, Ore. 
Orser, Levi ..... 

Osterhout Free Library, Wilkesbarre, Pa. 
Otis, Edward O., M.D. .... 
Owen, Edward J., A.M., Ticonderoga, N. Y. 








Library Department. 


Page, Alfred Baylies, Dedham, Mass. 

Paige, Clinton P., New York City 

Paine, Nathaniel, Worcester, Mass. 

Palseographical Society, London, Eng 

Palmer, Hon. A., Dresden, Ger. 

Palmer, Capt. F. I., Chicago, 111. 

Paris, France, Le Minist^re de I'lnstruction Publique et des Beaux 

Arts ...... 

Parsons, Prof. E. S., Oolorado Spriiigs, Col. . 

Parsons, Frank H., New York City 

Passaic County, N..I., Board of Chosen Freeholders 

Paterson, N.J., Free Public Library 

Peabody, Philip G. . . . . 

Peabody Education Fund, Washington, D. C. 

Peabody Institute, Baltimore, Md. 

Peabody Museum of American Archaeology and Ethnology, Cam 

bridge, Mass. ..... 

Pector, Desire, Paris, France 

Penafiel, Dr. Antonio, Mexico 

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia 

Pennsylvania College of Dental Surgery, Philadelphia 

Pennsylvania Committee on Lunacy, Philadelphia 

Pennsylvania Prison Society, Philadelphia 

Pennsylvania State Library, Harrisburg 

Pennypacker, Samuel W., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Peoria, ///., Public Library 

Perkins, Jolin M. . 

Perkins Institution and Massachusetts School for the Blind 

Perrin, Rev. George L., Tokyo, Japan . 

Perry, Thomas S. . " . 

Perry, Rt. Rev. William S., D.D., Davetiport, Iowa 

Peterson, P. Alex., Montreal, Can. 

Phelps, Miss Fanny L. . 

Phelps, William Lyon, New Haven, Conn. 

Phelps, Dalton, & Company 

Philadelphia, Pa., City Institute . 

Philadelphia, Pa., College of Pharmacy 

Philadelphia, Pa., Library Co. of 

Philadelphia, Pa., Society for Organizing Charity 

Phillips, Philip, y?-. .... 

Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass. 

Phillips Exeter Academy, Exeter, N.H. . 

Philosophical Society, Glasgow, Scotland 

Pliysio-Medical Society of Indiana, Indianapolis 

Pilling, James C, Washington, D.C. . 

Pitt-Rivers, Hon. Lieut. -Gen. A., Salisbury, Eng. 

Plymouth, Eng., Free Public Library and Reading-Roo 

Poole, Murray Edward, A.B., Ithaca, N. Y. 

Pope, Col. Albert A. 

Pope, Franklin L. 

Porter, Rev. Edward G., Lexington, Mass. 

Porter, Jermain C, Cincinnati, O. 

Portland, Oregon, Chamber of Commerce 

Portland, Maine, City of . 

Portsmouth, Eng., Free Public Library 

Posman, Rabbi 

Potter, Hon. William K., Providence, R.I. 

Preston, W. D. . 

Preston, Wm. G. . . . . . music and periodicals 

Priest, Page, & Company ..... 2 numbers 

Prince, C. Lesson, Sussex, Eng. . 
Prince, Capt. George 
Providence, R.I., City of 




City Document No. 21. 




Providence, R.I., Commissioner of Public Schools 
Providence, ^./., Record Commissioners 
Providence, R.I., Board of State Charities and Corrections 
Providence, R.I., Athenaeum .... 

Providence, R.I., Public Library 

Public Reservations, Trustees of, Brookline, Mass. 

Purdue University Agricultural Experiment Station, La Fayette, Ind 

Putnam, E. M. ...... 

Putnam, G. P., & Sons, New York City . 

Quaritch, Bernard, London, Eng. 

Queen's College and University, Kingston, Can. 

Queensland Patent Office, Brisbane, Australia . 

Quincy, Mass., City Hospital .... 

Reale Istituto di Studi Superiori, Florence, Italy 

Reale Istituto Lombardo de Scienze e Lettere, Milan, Italy 

Rebecca Pomroy, Newton Home for Orphan Girls, Newton, 

Redwood Library and Athenaeum, Newiiort, R.l. 

Rennert, Dr. Hugo A., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Renwick, Hon. Arthur, Examining Commissioner for New 

Wales. World's Columbian Exposition 
Republica Argentina Biblioteca Nacional, Buenos Aires, S.A. 
Republica Argentina Department General de Immigracion 

Aires, S.A. .... 

Retreat for the Insane, Hartford, Conn. 
Reyer, Prof. Dr. E., Vienna, Austria . 

Reynolds, W. H 

Reynolds Library, Rochester, N. Y. 

Rhode Island Commissioners of Industrial Statistic 


Rhode Island Historical Society, Providence, R.L 

Rice, H. L. 

Richmond, Borough of. Free Public Library 

Rieu, Dr. W. N. du, Leiden, Holland . 

Richards, Miss Mary C. . 

Rijks Universiteit te Utrecht, Holland . 

Roberts, Thos. P., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Rochester Academy of Science, Rochester, N. Y. 

Rochester Theological Seminary, Rochester, N. Y. 

Rodocanachi, J. M. 

Roffe, William ..... 

Rogers, Thomas L. . . . . 

Ropes, Joseph S. . 

Hosen^ATten, S. G., Philadelphia, Pa. . 

Rothrock, J. T., M.D., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Rowell, B. W. . 

Rowlands, Walter, Allston, Mass. 

Roxbury Charitable Society 

Roxbury Latin School . . . 

Royal Commission, British Section Columbian Expositi 

Royal Observatory, Greenwich, Eng. 

Royal Society of Canada, Ottawa, Can. . 

Rumford Historical Association, Woburn 

Sadler, Ralph, London, Eng. 

St. Joseph, Mo., Free Public Library 

St. Louis, J/o., Mercantile Library 

St. Louis, Mo., Public Library 

St. Paul Dispatch, St. Paul, Minn. 

St. Paul, Minn., Public Library . 

Salem, Mass., City of 

Salem, Mass., Public Library 

Salem, Miss., School Committee . 

Salisbury, Stephen, Worcester, Mass. 

Salter, William M., Philadelphia, Pa. . 


Library Department. 


Sanford, Herman H., Madison, N.Y. 
Sanford & Kelly, Neiv Bedford, Mass. . 
Saussure, Henri de, Geneva, Switzerland 
Sawyer Free Library, Gloucester, Mass. 
Schindler, Rev. Solomon .... 

Schlinke, G. . . . . . 

Schoenhof, Carl ..... 

Schrader, JDr. Eb., Berlin, Ger. 

Schurman, Prof. Jacob Gould, LL.D., Ithaca, N. Y. 

Score, H. Berkeley, Lancashire, Eng. . 

Scranton, Pa., Public Library 

Scripture, Prof. Ed. W., Ph.D., New Haven, Conn. 

Scudder, Mrs. Harriet L. . 

Scudder, Samuel H., Cambridge, Mass. . 

Seaver, Charles M. . . . . 

Seaver, Mrs. Charles M. . 

Seaver, Jay W., M.D., New Haven, Conn. 

Seaward, Mrs. A. J. . 

Seward, Gen. W. H., Auburn, N. Y. 

Seybold, Dr. C. F., Waiblingen, Ger. . 

Shaw, Mrs. Benjamin S. 

Sheffield, £ng.. Free Public Libraries and Museum 

Shinnick, J., Montreal, Canada 

Small, A. D., Brighton, Mass. . 

Smith, Benjamin G., Cambridge, Mass. . 

Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. 

Smyth, Thomas ..... 

Sociedad de Geografia y Estadistica de la Republica Mexicana 

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children 

Society of St. Vincent de Paul. Central Council of Boston . 

Society for the Reformation of Juvenile Delinquents, New York City 

Society for the Study of Inebriety, London, Eng. 

Society of American Florists ..... 

Society of Arts, London, Eng. . . . .13 numbers 

Solberg, Thorvald 
Somersetshire Archaeological and Natural History Society, Somerset 
Co., Eng. ....... 

Soudier, H. Le, Paris, France ..... 

South Australia Public Library, Museum and Art Gallery, Adelaide 
South End Industrial School ..... 

South Shields, Public Library and Museum, Co. of Durham, Eng. 
Southard, W. F., M.D., Oakland, Cat. .... 

Southbridge, Mass., Public Library .... 

Southwick, Miss Sarah H., Wellesley Hills, Mass. 

Southern California Bureau of Information, Los Angeles 

Sowdon, A. J. C. . 

Spain, Minister io de Marina, Madrid .... 

Sparhawk, C. W., M.D. ...... 

Spaulding, Mrs. S. I., Newburyport, Mass. 

Speed, John G., Warrington, Cheshire, Eng. . 

Sprague, Henry H. ..... • 

"^T^r Ague, HomQT^., M.D., Philadelphia, Pa. . 

Sprange, Walter, Beech Bluff, Mass. . . • . 

Springfield, Mass., City Library Association 

^t.?n\i-B\h\\o\.he\i, Frankfurt am Main, Ger. 

Stadtisches Realgymnasium, Leipzig, Ger. 

Stafford, Mrs. H. R. P., Cottage City, Mass. 

Standard Publishing Company 

Standish, Henry, Paris, France . 

Stark, James H. . 

Stebbins, Ciiarles, Cazenovia, N. Y. 

Stedman, Dr. . . . . . .99 numbers 

Steinert, Morris, New Haven, Conn. 


City Document No. 21. 

Stevens, Rev. C. Ellis, LL.D., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Stone, Miss Annie .... 

Stone, Col. Henry .... 

Stone, Mrs. Lucy ..... 

Storer, Prof. F. H. . . . . 

Storrs Sciiool Agricultural Experiment Station, Siorrs, Coi 

Stratton, Charles E. . . . . 

Sturmer, Herbert, Montserrat, British West India 

^uXWv&n, 3. W., Montclair, N.J. 

Sunset Club, Chicago, III. 

Supple, Bernard F. . . . . 

Supreme Lodge Knights of Honor, St. Louis, Mo. 

Surveyor's Institution, London, Eng. 

Swan, Robert T. . 

Swan, Sonnenschein, & Co., London, Eng. 

Swift, Lindsay ...... 6 charts 

Switzerland, Departement de I'interieur de la confederation, Suisse, 
Berne ...... 

Sydney, Neiv South Wales, Free Public Library 

Tacoma Hotel Co., Tacoma, Wash. 

Taldsten, Miss Fanny .... 

Tarplin, Samuel ..... 

Tatman, Charles F., Worcester, Mass. . 

Taunton, Mass., Public Library . 

Taylor, J. R., New Whatcom, Wash. 

Technical Society of the Pacific Coast, San Francisco, Cal 

Temporary Asylum for Discharged Female Prisoners, Dedham, Mass 

Terquem, Emile, Paris, France . 

Texas Agricultural Experiment Station, College Station, Texas 

Texas, Geological Survey of, Austin, Texas 

Textile Recorder, London, Eng. . 

Thayer, James Bradley .... 

Thayer Academy, Braintree, 3Iass. 

Thirteenth Mass. Regiment 

Thomas, Charles ap,/?-., Gravesend, Eng. 

Thompson, Rev. A. C, D.D. 

Thurston, John R., Wliitinsville, Mass. . 

Thwaites, Reuben G., Madison, Wis. 

Ticknor, Miss Anna E. . 

Tiffany, Edward ..... 20 programmes 

Tejima, Dr. S., Imperial Japanese Commissioner, Columbian Exposi- 
tion ...... 

Tokyo Library, Tokyo, Japan 

Tomlinson, Mrs. Frances, Council Blufs, Iowa 

Topographical Survey Commission 

Toronto Public Library, Toronto, Can. , 

Torrey Botanical Club, Lancaster, Pa. . 

Trinity College, Hartford, Conn. 

Truman, Joseph M., yr., Philadelphia, Pa. . . 7 periodicals 

Tubbs, Hon. Charles, Osceola, Pa. 

Tucker, Capt. Cliarlton Tucker, Leamington, Eng. 

Tucker, Thomas W"., Marblehead, Mass. 

Tucker, Willis G., Albany, N. Y. 

Tuesley, Herbert ..... 

Tufts Library, Weymouth, Mass. 

Tufts College, Somerville, Mass. . . .17 numbers 

Turner, A. T. . 

Tuttle, Rev. Joseph F., Crawfordsville, Ind. 

Tuttle, J. H. . 

Tyler, Prof. Moses Coit, LL.D., Ithaca, N. Y. 

United States Board of Indian Commissioners . 

Commissioner of Fish and Fisheries 

Court of Claims .... 

Library Department. 


United States Department of Agriculture 

Bureau of Animal Industry 

Bureau of Ethnology 

Division of Chemistry 

Division of Entomology . 

Division of Forestry 

Division of Microscopy . 

Division of Ornithology and Mammalogy 

Division of Statistics 

Division of Vegetable Pathology 

Office of Experiment Stations 

Weather Bureau . 

Department of the Interior 

Bureau of Education 

Census Office 

Geological Survey 

Office of Indian Affairs . 

Patent Office 

Department of Labor 
Department of tlie Navy 

Bureau of Equipment 

Bureau of Medicine and Surgery 

Bureau of Steam Engineering 

Hydrographic Office 

Naval Observatory 

Office of Naval Intelligence 

Department of State 

Bureau of American Republics 

Bureau of Rolls & Library 

Bureau of Statistics 

of Steam Vess 

Department of Treasury . 

Board of Supervising Inspectors 

Bureau of Navigation 

Bureau of Statistics 

Bureau of the Mint 

Coast & Geodetic Survey 

Life Savhig Service 

Light House Board 

Marine Hospital Service . 

Office of the Registrar . 

■ Office of the Second Comptroller 

Warrant Division 

Department of War 

Adjutant General's Office 

Chief of Engineers ... 21 maps 

Office of Indian Affairs 

Ordnance Office . 

Surgeon-General's Office 

War Record's Office 

United States Interstate Commerce Commission 
United States Naval Aoadem}^ Annapolis, Md. 
United States Naval Institute, Annapolis, Md. 
United States Naval Observatory, Washington 
United States Standard and Steamboat Owners', Builders', and Under- 
writers' Association, New York City . 

United States Veterinary Medical Association, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Universalist General Convention, Manchester, N.H. 
Universalist Sabbath School Union, Chelsea, Mass. 
Universite de Lille, France 
Universite Laval, Quebec, Can. 
University of California, Berkeley, Cal. . 
University of Chicago, Chicago, III. 
University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas 


1 maps 

3 maps 


City Document No. 21. 

University of Melbourne, Victoria, ^.S. W. 

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. 

University of N. Carolina, Chaj)el Hill, N.C. . 

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. . 

University of Rochester, Rochester, N.Y. 

University of Toronto, Toronto, Can. .... 

University of Vermont, Burlington, Vi. . . . 

University of Wisconsin, jVacZt5o?7., Wis. 

Urbino, S. R., Auhurndale, Mass. .... 

Utali Agricultural Experiment Station, Logan, Utah . 

Vassar Brothers Institute, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. . 

Vermont Agriculture Experiment Station, Burlington, Vt. -35 numbers 

Vermont State Library, Montpelier, Vt. 

Very, Miss Lydia L. A., Salem, Mass. .... 

Victoria Patent Office, Melbourne, Victoria, JV.S. W. 

Victoria Public Library Museum and National Gallery, Melbourne 

N.S.W. ........ 

Victoria St. Society for the Protection o'f Animals from Vivisection 

London, Eng. ....... 

Victoria University, Toronto, Can. .... 

Virginia State Library, Richmond, Va. .... 

Wabash College, Crawfordsville, Ind. .... 

Wadsworth, Alexander ..... :^0 map: 

Wagner Free Institute of Science, Philadelphia, Pa. . 

Walker, E. W. . . . . . .6 portraits 

Walker, Gen. F. A. . 

Waltham, Mass., Public Library .... 

Walton, G. L. . 

Walton, J. P., Muscatine, la. . 

Wanamaker, John, Philadelphia, Pa. .... 

Ward, The Misses . . . . . 104 n 

Ward, Lieut. -Col. Chas. J., ICingston, Jamaica 

Ware, William, & Co. . 

Warner, R. M., New York City ..... 

Warren, Charles E., M.D. . . .21 leaves of papyrus 

Warren, Jlrs. Br. J. H. . . . . .83 almanacs 

Wartenegg, Wilhelm von, Gottingen, Hannover 

Washburne, Hon. H. ..... . 

Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Va. 
Waterhouse, Prof. S., -S*^. Louis, Mo. .... 

Watertown, Mass., Public Library . . . . 

Watson, N. ...... . 

Wayland, J/ass., Public Library . .... 

Webb, Seward W., JVew York City .... 

Weissbein, Louis ....... 

Welch, Francis, Paris, France . . . . G numbers 

Weld, Miss Edith ....... 

Wendell, Barrett, Prof. ...... 

Wenham, Mass., Town of ..... 

Wesleyan University, Middleiown, Conn. 

West Brookfield, Mass., Town of .... 

West End Street Railway Co. . 

West Virginia Agricultural Experiment Station, Morgantoivn, W. Va 

Westermann, B. & Co., New York City .... 

Westcott, Mrs. Sarah, Cambridge, Mass. 

Western Reserve Protective Tariff League, Cleveland, 0. 

Wheildon, William G. . . . . . .5 maps 

Whiston, i)r. E. A. . 

White, James Paul ...... 

White, John A., Co., Dover, N.H. 

Whitney, Charles ....... 

Whitney, James L. ..... . 

Whitney, Jos. C. . 

Library Department. 


Whitney, S. ¥., Watertown, Mass., FuhVic'Lihra.ry . . . 1 

Wilkinson, Gartli I. I., London, Eng. ..... 2 

VVillett, James R., Chicago, 111. ...... 2 

William and Mary, College of, Williamsburg, Va. ... 1 

Williams, Henry M. ....... 2 

Williams, Hon. J. F., St. Paul, Minn. . . ... 1 

Wilson, Gen. James Grant, New York City .... 1 

Windsor and Kenfield, Chicago, III. . . . . .1 

Winn, Ho?!. Henry, Maiden, Mass. ..... 1 

Winsor, Justin, Cambridge, Mass. ..... 1 

Winthrop, Hon. Robert C. ...... 4 

Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts, and Letters, Madison, Wis 
Wisconsin Agricultural Experiment Station, Madison, Wis. 
Wisconsin State Historical Society, Madison, Wis 
Woburn, Mass., City of . 
Woburn, Mass., Public Library . 
Woman's Board of Missions 
Woman's Educational Association 
Woman's Medical College, New York City 
Woman's Relief Corps 

Woods, Matthew, 3f.D., Philadelphia, Pa. . . 25 numbers 

Woodward, William, Worcester, Mass. . 
Worcester, Mass., Academy 
Worcester, Mass., Polytechnic Institute . 
Worcester, Mass., Free Public Library . 
World's Fair Commission of Missouri, New Madrid 
World's Columbian Exposition, Department of Publicity and Promotion, 

15 broadsides 
World's Columbian Exposition, Monastery of La Rabida 
Wright, Rev. J. E., Montiielier, Vt. . 

Wyoming Agricultural Experiment Station, Laramie, Wy. 
Yale and Towne Manufacturing Company 
Yale University, New Haven, Conn. 
Young Men's Christian Association, Albany, N. Y. 
Young Men's Christian Union 

Young Men's Christian Association, New York City 
Young Men's Christian Association, Omaha, Neb. 
Young Men's Mercantile Library Association, Cincinnati, 0. 
Youngman, David ..... 

1891 . 



1,928,192 87,416 



I h 

[,016 1,580 
1,268 2,0T6 

Lower Hall. 




i i . 
1 1 







33,838 174,29- 






28,860 191,391 





74,164 300,598 



1 404,643 

South Buston. 











































c f 




37,412 114,361 




34,871 i 120,436 




37,973 1 119,547 




1 ' I i h 

32,600 90,674 ; 298 


I = 

18,349 I 60 
23,407 j 77 I 
21,847 72 



















601 i 







c .2 

585 796 

Jamaica Plain. 

North End. 

Lower Mills. 

MonsT BowDoix. !' Mattapan. [1 North Briohton. 

West Bo.iburt. 









Hall use. 
Daily average. 


i i 




1 I 

w 1 2 

' i 
i i 

! . 1 

1891. . . . 





19,057 63 

[ ,, 

18,381 1 62,412 205 ■ 453 
15,612 81,202 j 202 400 


14.610 j 48 

189S, . . . 

192 ! 421 

24,576 81 9,683 ^ 32 3,883 

■ ■ ■; T • ■; " 

Library Department. 




The first registration, 1854-58, had 17,066 
names; the second, 1859-67, had 52,829 
names; the third, 1868 to April 30, 1886, 
had 227,581 

Central Library . . . 
East Boston branch . 
South Boston branch 
Rosbury branch . . 
Charlestown branch . 
Brighton branch . . 
Dorchester branch . 
South End branch . 
Jamaica Plain branch 

Totals .... 
























52 City Document No. 21. 


General Library Accounts. i Expended, 1893. 

Binding materials $1,342 50 

books 1,572 08 

Books, City appropriation $14,142 84 

Income from Trust funds . . . 17,372 11 

31,514 95 

Periodicals 4.017 08 

Expense (miscellaneous: water-rates, cleaning, ice, etc.) . 3,956 95 

Fuel 2,527 56 

Furniture, etc 538 00 

Gas 3,721 38 

Printing and cataloguing 10,144 21 

Stationery ..." 1,388 61 

Salaries 97,498 62 

Transportation, postage, etc 3,299 28 

Rents 6,034 38 

Repairs 1,585 87 

Electric lighting 3,393 14 

Total $172,534 61 

Note. — The cost of maintaining the branches, $41,276.39, makes part of the general items 
of the several appropriations. 

Receipts from fines and sales of catalogues, $3,854.16. 


City appropriation, .$2,000. 

r Salaries $425 67 

I Books 145 94 

1892 ■{ Miscellaneous expense 677 77 

1^ Amount actually expended $1,249 38 

r Balance of appropriation $750 62 

1 Salaries $231 00 

I Books 30 95 

I Miscellaneous expense 488 67 

750 62 

Cost of maintaining this branch for the year .... $1,10526 



Amount, i Wticn t 

.of Bond. When doe. 


1 Joshua Bates . . . . 

2 Jonatlian I'hilliiis . 

.3 Abbott Lawrence . 

4 Charlotte Harris . . 

6 Henry L. Pierce . . 

6 Mary P. Townsend . 

7 George Tlcknor . . 

8 John P. DIgelow . . 

9 Franklin Chib . . . 

$50,000 00 March, 

I 20,000 OO I April, 

i 10,000 00 April, 

10,000 00 May, 

10,000 00 I August, 

6,000 00 ' December, 

4,000 00 j April, 

4,000 00 April, 

1,000 00 ' August, 

1 ,000 00 ' June, 

f l,.iOO 00 November, 

10 Humii 

I. 500 00 I April, 

U South Boston 100 00 I September, 

12 Arthur .Scholfleld ! 60,000 00 ! December, 

l:; Joseph Scliolfield j 11,800 00 I July, 

14 'I'hoMias B. Harris ... 

,000 00 


,000 00 
,700 00 

1 October, 

,400 00 


,000 00 


500 00 


0,000 00 January, 

April, 1894 

Jan'y, 1906 

April, 1894 

July, 1905 

Oct., 1897 

Jan'y, 1924 

April, 1899 

Oct., 1920 

April, 1894 

Jan'y, 1914 

Oct., 1900 1 

April, 1908) 

April, 1914 

July, 1919 

Oct., 1913 

July, 1920 

April, 1914 

April, 1916 


600 Boolis h 

600 Boolis for Chariestowu branch, published before 1850. 

200 " Booiis of permanent value for the Bates Hall." 

200 I Books five years old in some one edition. 

160 Books in Spanish and Portuguese five years old in some one edition. 

00 ! Purchase of books. 

40 I Books of permanent value, preferably " books on goveniineiit .ai 
political economy." 

I i- Books relating to American history. 

■ books of permanent value 

For benefit of Charieslowa bran 

To hold and apjily the income and so much of tlie princioal as they [the 

"^ ' ■■ — choose to the purchaseof special booksorrcfcrenceto be 

only at the Charlestown Bralich of said Public Library," 

1 Trustees] may choose to the purchase of special booksof reference 
kept and used only at the Charlestown Branch of said Public ' "■" 
350 I For " the purchase of books of permanent value and authority 
matlcs and astronomy," to be added to the Bowdltch collectic 

»9,878 I 

Joibuft Bates, born nCQr Boston, 1788. < 
The luin oftlu.OOO wu • gift in Mr. PI 
Mr. Lawnncc died in August, I8», on 

1 London, os the head of the house 



Thit fund was a sum intcudi^'tJ t'< 
Given by the Trustees of thi' V\t 


!l^Nn,'jrs?Jt.',''l»a'HVdM&o|-Jify,'im ""' ° 

t.l wl'.uni disielion'ory power in making the gift »•«« given by the will. ,,j,,i,i,^„ „ 


Thebcquest of ChwlotteHttrrijlo tlicChurleslown branch. With it her privntr hln ,i , >■ ,; 
The doiiHtionof MayorPicrcp, jirrvifiiMto hip rptireinent fmni oftit-p Thcprin.ii i h^m. 

Par Value Value per Share ' Total as 
Shares. per as received received from 
Share. from Trustee. Trustee. 

•$128 00 
60 00 

6 00 
2.i 20 


16 B. & A. R.R. Co 

6 n. & Prov. B.R. Co 

1 Vt. 8: Muss. K.R. Co 

IS Cambridge Lyceum 

Cash ... . 

»100 00 $179 00 
100 00 ; 179 60 

100 00 : 118 00 

100 00 133 00 
2000 i 3000 

. . 1 . 

$2,686 00 
1,077 00 
1,002 00 

540 00 


\ $5.585 00 
Loss 88 00 

April 5, 1887. The certificates of 9 shares of F. R.U. exchanged for a 
certificate of 12 shares preferred stock in same corporation, par value 
$100. Total, $1,200. 

Less paid May 10, 19S6, to City Collector, per order of Hoard of 
Trustees of Public Library. 

1 B. & A. R.R. Co 

$5,497 00 

100 00 
353 09 

t'asb in City Treasury 

. . ; . 

Library Department. 53 


BiGELOW Fund. — This is a donation made by the late John P. Bigelow, 
in August, 1850, when Mayor of the city. 

The income from this fund is to be appropriated to the purchase of books 
for the increase of the Library. 

Invested in one City of Boston Six per cent. Bond, for . . .81,000 00 

Payable to the Chairman of the Committee on the Public Library for the 
time being. 

Bat:.s Fund. — This is a donation made by the late Joshua Bates, of 
London, in March, 1853. 

Invested in one City of Boston Six per cent. Bond, for . . ^50,000 00 

"The income only of this fund is to be, each and every year, expended in 
the purchase of such books of permanent value and authority as may be 
found most needful and most useful." Payable to the Mayor of the City for 
the time being. 

BowDiTCH Fund. — This is the bequest of J. Ingersoll Bowditch. 

Invested in one City of Boston Three and one-half per cent. 

Bond 810,000 00 

The whole income in each and every year to be expended in the purchase 
of books of permanent value and authority in mathematics and astronomy. 

Phillips Fond. — This is a donation made by the late Jonathan Phillips,, 
of Boston, April, 1853. 

Invested in one City of Boston Six per cent. Bond, for . . §10,000 00 

The interest on this fund is to be used exclusively for the purchase of books 
for said Library. 

Also a bequest by the same gentleman, in his will, dated 20th September, 

Invested in one City of Boston Six per cent. Bond, for . . $20,000 00' 

The interest on which is to be annually devoted to the maintenance of a 
Free Public Library. 

Both of these items are payable to the Mayor of the City for the time 

Abbott Lawrence Fund. — This is the bequest of the late Abbott 
Lawrence, of Boston. 

Invested in one City of Boston Six per cent. Bond, for . . $10,000 00 

The interest on this fund is to be exclusively appropriated for the purchase 
of books for the said Library, having a permanent value. 

Edward Lawrence Fund. — This is the bequest of the late Edward 
Lawrence, of Charlestown. The following clause from his will explains its 
purpose : 

54 City Document No. 21. 

" To hold ami apply the income, and so much of the principal as they may 
choose, to the purchase of special books of reference, to be kept and used 
only at the Charlestown branch of said Public Library." 

Invested in one City of Boston Four per cent. Bond, due April 1, 

1916 $500 00 

Pierce Fund. — This is a donation made by Henry L. Pierce, Mayor of 
the City, Noveniber'29, 1873, and accepted by the City^Council, December 27, 

Invested in one City of Boston Four per cent. Bond, for . . $5,000 00 

TowNSEND Fund. — This is a donation from William Minot and William 
IMinot, Jr., executors of the will of Mary P. Townsend, of Boston, at whose 
disposal she left a certain portion of her estate in trust, for such charitable 
and public institutions as they might think meritorious. Said executors ac- 
cordingly selected the Public Library of , the City of Boston as one of such 
institutions, and attached the following conditions to the legacy: "The 
income only shall, in each and every year, be expended in the purchase of 
books for the use of the Library ; each of which books shall have been pub- 
lished in some one edition at least five years at the time it may be so 

Invested in one City of Boston Five percent. Bond, for . . .$4,000 00 

TiCKNOR Bequest. — By the will of the late George Ticknor, of Boston, 
he gave to the City of Boston, on the death of his wife, all his books and 
manuscripts in the Spanish and Portuguese languages, about four thousand 
volumes, and also the sum of four thousand dollars. After the receipt of 
said sum, the city is required to spend not less than one thousand dollars in 
every five years during the twenty-five years next succeeding {i.e., the 
income of four thousand dollars, at the rate of five per cent, per annum), in 
the purchase of books in the Spanish and Portuguese languages and litera- 
ture. At the end of twenty-five years the income of the said sum is to be 
expended annually in the purchase of books of permanent value, either in 
the Spanish or Portuguese language, or in such other languages as may be 
deemed expedient by those having charge of the Library. These books be- 
queathed or purchased are always to be freely accessible for reference or 
study, but are not to be loaned for use outside of the Library building. If 
these bequests are not accepted by the city, and the trust and conditions 
faithfully executed, the books, manuscripts, and money are to be given to 
the President and Fellows of Harvard College. 

In order that the city might receive the immediate benefit of this contribu- 
tion, Anna Ticknor, widow of the donor, relinquished her right to retain dur- 
ing her life the books and manuscripts, and placed them under the control of 
the city, the City Council having previously accepted the bequests in accord- 
ance with the terms and conditions of said Avill, and the Trustees of the Public 
Library received said bequests on behalf of the city, and made suitable ar- 
rangements for the care and custody of the books and manuscripts. 

Invested in one City of Boston Four per cent. Bond, for . . $-1,000 00 

Franklin Club Fund. — This is a donation made in June, 1863, by a 
literary association of young men in Boston, who, at the dissolution of the 
association, authorized its trustees, Thomas Minns, John J. French, and J. 
Franklin Reed, to dispose of the funds on hand in such a manner as to them 
should seem judicious. They elected to bestow it on the Public Library, 
attaching to it the following conditions : " In trust that the income, but the 
income only, shall, year by year, be expended in the purchase of books of 
permanent value for the use of the free Public Library of the city, and as far 
as practicable, of such a character as to be of special interest to young men." 

Library Department. 55 

The Trustees expressed a preference for books relative to Government and 
Political Economy. 

Invested in one City of Boston Four per cent. Bond, for . . $1,000 00 

Treauwell Fund. — By the will of the late Daniel Treadwell, of 
Cambridge, late Rumford Professor in Harvard College, who died February 
27, 1872, he left the residue of his estate, after paymefit of debts, legacies, 
etc., in trust to his executors, to hold during the life of his wife for her benefit, 
and after her decease to divide the residue then remaining in the hands of 
the trustees, as therein provided, and convey one-fiftli part thereof to the 
Trustees of the Public Library of the City of Boston. 

The City Council accepted said bequest and authorized the Trustees of 
the Public Library to receive the same, and to invest it in the City of Boston 
Bonds, the income of which is to be expended by said Trustees in such man- 
ner as they may deem for the best interests of the Library. 

Invested in the City of Boston Four per cent. Bonds . . $4,700 00 

" " " Three and one-half per cent. Bonds, 1,400 00 

IG shares B. & A. R.R. Co. Stock, par value $100 each, 1,600 00 

6 shares B. & P. R.R. Co. Stock, par value 8100 each, 600 00 

12 shares Fitchburg R.R. Co. Stock, par value $100 each, 1,200 00 

1 share Vt. & Mass. R.R. Co. Stock, par value $100 each, 100 00 

" IS shares Cambridge Lyceum Stock, par value $20 each, 360 00 

$9,960 00 

Charlotte Harris Fund. — Bequest of Charlotte Harris, late of Bos- 
ton, the object of which is stated in the following extract from her will : 

" I give to the Charlestown Public Library $10,000, to be invested on in- 
terest, which interest is to be applied to the purchase of books published 
before 1850. I also give to said Public Library my own private library, and 
the portrait of my grandfather, Richard Devens." Bequest accepted by City 
Council, July 31, 1877. 

Invested in one City of Boston Six per cent. Bond, for . . $10,000 00 

Thomas B. Harris Fund. — Bequest of Thomas B. Harris, late of 
Charlestown, for the benefit of the Charlestown Public Library. 

Invested in one City of Boston Four per cent. Bond, for . . $1,000 00 

ScHOLFiELD FuND. — Bequest of the late Arthur Scholfield, who died in 
New York, January 17, 1883. The interest to be paid to certain heirs during 
their lives, and then to be used for the purchase of books of permanent value. 
The last heir, Joseph Scholfield, died November 18, 1889, and by his will be- 
queathed to the City of Boston the sum of $11,800, whicli represents the 
income of said fund, received by him up to the time of his death, to be added 
to the fund given by his brother. Invested in 

One City of Boston Four per cent. Bond, for . . . . $50,000 00 

" . . . . 11,800 00 

Green Fund. — Donations of Dr. Samuel A. Green of $2,000 tlie in- 
come of which is to be expended for the purchase of books relating to 
American history. Invested in 

5H City Document No. 21. 

Two City of Hoston Five per cent. Bonds, for . . . . $1,500 00 
One City of Boston Four per cent. Bond, for .... 60000 

$2,000 00 

South Boston Branch Library Trust Fund. — Donation of a citizen 

of South Boston, the income of wliich is to be expended for the benefit of the 
Soutli Boston Branch Library. 

Invested in one City of Boston Four per cent. Bond for . , $100 00 

Recapitulation of Public Library Trust Funds. 

Scholfield bequests $G1,800 00 

Bates donation 50,000 00 

Phillips bequest 20,000 00 

Bowditch bequest 10,000 00 

Phillips donation 10,000 00 

Charlotte Harris bequest 10,000 00 

Abbott Lawrence bequest 10,000 00 

Treadwell bequest 10,313 09 

Pierce donation 5,000 00 

Townsend bequest 4,000 00 

Ticknor bequest 4,000 00 

Green donations 2,000 00 

Bigelow donation 1,000 00 

Thomas B. Harris bequest 1,000 00 

Franklin Club donation 1,000 00 

Edward Lawrence bequest 500 00 

South Boston Branch Library Trust Fund .... 100 00 

Invested funds $200,713 09 

Library Department. 




. 11 

South Boston branch 


. 15 

Roxbury branch 


. 16 

Charlestown branch 


Brighton branch 


. 27 

Dorchester branch . 


Soutli End branch . 


. 20 

Jamaica Plain branch 



North End branch . 


'. 14 






Executive department 

Catalogue department 

Book department . 

Bates Hall circulation depart- 
ment . 

Lower Hall circulation de- 

Janitor's department 

Bindery . 

East Boston branch 

At some of the branch libraries occasional extra assistance is employed 
when necessary. 


Messrs. W. B. Clarke & Co., and Messrs. T. Castor & Co., Boston. 

Mr. Edward G. Allen (for English patents), London. 

Messrs. Kegan Paul, Trench, Triibner & Co., Limited, London. 

Deurlich'sche Buchhandlung, Gottingen. 

Mr. Karl W. Hiersemann, Leipzig. 

Mr. Gustav E. Stechert, New York City. 


Allston delivery station, 14 Franklin street, Allston. 

Ashmont delivery station, 25 Argyle street. 

Bird-street delivery station, 6 Wayland street, Dorchester. 

Blue Hill avenue delivery station, 154 Blue Hill avenue, Roxbury. 

Brighton branch, Holton Library Building, Rockland street. 

Charlestown branch, old City Hall, City square, Charlestown. 

Crescent-avenue delivery station, 940 Dorchester avenue, Dorchester. 

Dorchester branch, Arcadia, cor. Adams street. 

Dorchester Station delivery, 1 Milton avenue. 

East Boston branch, old Lyman School Building, Meridian street. 

Jamaica Plain branch, Curtis Hall, Centre street. 

Lower Mills delivery station, Washington street, near River street. 

Mattapan delivery station, River, cor. Oakland street. 

Mount Bowdoin delivery station, Washington, cor. Eldon street. 

Neponset delivery station, 49 Walnut street. 

North Brighton reading-room and delivery station, 535 Western avenue, 

North End branch, 166 Hanover street. 
Roslindale delivery station, 19 Poplar street. 
Roxbury branch, 46 Millmont street. 

South Boston branch, 372 West Broadway, cor. E street. 
South End branch, English High School Building, Montgomery street. 
West Roxbury delivery station, Centre, near Mt. Vernon street. 


CiTV Document No. 21 



The foUowiug gentleraeu have served oq the Examining Com- 
mittees for the years given. The names in italics are those of 
trnstees who have acted as chairmen of the various committees. 
The thirty-fourth year was from May 1 to December, 31, 1885, a 
period of eight months, for which no Examining Committee 
was appointed. 

Clarke, James Freeman, D.D., 1877. 

Clarice, James Freeman, D.D., 1882. 

Coale, George O. G., 1892, 1893. 

Collar, Wm. C. 1874. 

Cudworth, Warren H., D.D., 1878. 

Curtis, Charles P., 1862. 

Curtis, Daniel S., 1872. 

Curtis, Thomas B., M.D., 1874. 

Gushing. Thomas, 1885. 

Dalton, Charles H., 1884. 

Dana, Samuel T., 1857. 

Dean, Benjamin, 1873. 

Denny, Henry G., 1876. 

Dexter, iJei). Henry M., 1866. 

Dillingham, Rev. Pitt, 1886. 

Dix, James A., 1860. 

Doherty, Philip J., 1888. 

Donahoe. Patrick, 1869. 

Durant, Henry F., 1863. 

Duryea, Jos. T., D.D., 1880. 

Dwight, John S., 1868. 

D wight, Thomas, M.D., 1880. 

Eastburn, Manton, D.D., 1863. 

Eaton, William S., 1887. 

Edes, Henry H., 1886. 

Eliot, Samuel, LL.D., 1868. 

Ellis, Arthur B., 1888. 1889. 

Ellis, Calvin, M.D., 1871. 

Ellis, Geo. E., D.D., 1881. 

Endicott, William, jr., 1878. 

Evans, George W., 1887, 1888, 1889 

Farlow, John W., M.D., 1892, 1893. 

Field, Walbridge A., 1866. 

Fields, James T., 1872. 

Fitz, Reginald H., 1879. 

Foote, Rev. Henry W., 1864. 

Fowle, William F., 1864. 

Freeland, Charles W., 1867. 

Frost, Oliver, 1854. 

Frothingham, Richard, 1876. 

Furness, Horace Howard, LL.D., 

Gannett, Ezra S., D.D., 1855. 
Gay, George H., 1876. 
Gilchrist, Daniel S., 1872. 
Gordon, George A., D.D., 1885. 

Abbott, Hon. J. G., 1870. 
Abbott, S. A. B., 1880. 
Adams, Nehemiah, D.D., 1860. 
Adams, Wm. T., 1875. 
Alger, Rev. Wm. R., 1870. 
Amory, 3Iiss Anna S., 1890, 1891. 
Andrew, Hon. John F., 1888. 
Andrews, Augustus, 1892, 1893. 
Appleton, Hon. Nathan, 18S4. 
Apthorp, Wm. F., 1883. 
Arnold, Howard P., 1881. 
Aspinwall, Col. Thomas, 1860. 
Attwood, G., 1877. 
Bailev, Edwin C, 1861. 
Ball, Joshua D., 1861. 
Bangs, Edward, 1887. 
Barnard, James M., 1866. 
Bartlett, Sidney, 1869. 
Beebe, James M., 1858. 
Beecher, Rev. Edward, 1854. 
Bent, Samuel Arthur, 1890, 1891. 
Bigelow, Jacob, J/.Z>., 1857. 
Bigelow, Hon. John P., 1856. 
Blagden, George W., D.D., 1856. 
Blake, John G., M.D., 1883, 1891. 
Bodflsh, Rev. Joshua P., 1879, 1891. 
Bowditch, Henry I., M.D., 1855. 
Boicditch Henry A, M.D., 1865. 
Bowditch, H. P., M.D., 1881. 
Bowditch, J. Ingersoll, 1855. 
Bowman, Alfonzo, 1867. 
Bradford, Charles F., 1868. 
Brewer, Thomas M., 1865. 
Brimmer, Hon. Martin, 1890, 1891. 
Brooks, Rev. Phillips, 1871. 
Browne, Alex. Porter, 1891. 
Browne, Causten, 1876. 
Buckingham, C. E., M.D., 1872. 
Burroughs, Rev. Henry, jr., 1869. 
Carruth, Herbert S., 1892. 
Chadwick, James R., M.D., 1877. 
Chaney, Rev. George L , 1868. 
Chase, George B., 1876. 
Chase, George B., 1877, 1885. 
Cheney, Mrs. Ednah D., 1881. 
Clapp, William W., jr., 1864. 

Lii?iiAiiY Department. 


Gould, A. A., M.D., 1864. 
Grant, Robert, 1884. 
Gray, John C, jr., 1877. 
Green, Samuel A., M.D., 1868. 
Greenough, William W., 1858, 1874, 

1883, 1886. 
Grinnell, J?ev. C. E., 1874. 
Hale, Rev. Edward E., 1858. 
Hale, Mrs. Georsre S., 1887, 1888. 
Hale, Moses L., 1862. 
Hale, Philip, 1893. 
Haskins, Rev. George F., 1865. 
Hassam, John T., 1885. 
Haves, Bon. F. B., 1874. 
Haynes, Henry W., 1879. 
Ilaynes, Henry TT., 1881, 1884. 
Hayward, George, M.D., 1863. 
Heard, John, jr., 1888, 1889, 1891. 
Heard, John T., 1853. 
Herford, Brooke, D.D., 1884. 
Herrick, Samuel E., D.D., 1888, 

Higginson, Thomas W., 1883. 
Hill, Clement Hugh, 1880. 
Hillard, Hon. George S., 1853. 
Hillarcl, Hon. George S., 1873. 
Hodges, Richard M., M.D., 1870. 
Holmes, Edward J., 1881, 1884. 
Holmes, Oliver W., M.D., 1858. 
Holmes, Oliver W., jr., 1882. 
Homans, Charles D., M.D., 1867. 
Homans, Mrs. Charles D., 1885, 

1886, 1887. 
Homer, George, 1870. 
Homer, Peter T., 1857. 
Hubbard, James M., 1891. 
Hubbard, William J., 1858. 
Hunnewell, James F., 1880, 1893. 
Hyde, George B., 1879. 
Jeffries, B. Joy, M.D., 1869. 
Jeffries, William A., 1893. 
Jenkins, Charles E., 1879. 
Jewell, Hon. Harvey, 1863. 
Jordan, Ehen D., 1873. 
Kidder, Henry P., 1870. 
Kimball, David P., 1874. 
Kimball, Henrv H., 1865. 
Kirk, Edward N., D.D., 1859. 
Lawrence, Hon. Abbott, 1853. 
Lawrence, Abbott, 1859. 
Lawrence, Miss Harriette S., 1890. 
Lawrence, James. 1855. 
Lee, Miss Alice, 1889, 1890, 1891. 
Lewis, Weston, 1872, 1878. 
Lincoln, Hon. F. W., 1856. 
Lincoln, Solomon, 1886. 
Little, James L., 1864. 
Lombard, Prof. Josiah L., 1868. 
Loring, Hon. Charles G., 1855. 
Lothrop, Loring, 1866. 
Lowell, Augustus, 1883. 
Lowell, Edward J., 1885. 
Lunt, Hon. George, 1874. 
Lyman, George H., M.D., 1885. 
McCleary, Samuel F., 1890. 

Manning, Rev. Jacob M., 1861. 

Mason, Rev. Charles, 1857. 

Mason, Robert M., 1869. 

Maxwell, J. Audley, 1883. 

Metcalf, Rev. Theodore A., 1888, 

Minns, Thomas, 1864. 

Minot, Francis, 1866. 

Morison Miss Mary, 1892, 1893. 

Morrill, Charles J., 1885. 

Morse, John T., jr., 1879. 

Morse, Robert M., jr., 1878. 

Morton, Hon. Ellis W., 1871. 

Mudge, Hon. E. R., 1871. 

Neale, Rollin H., D.D., 1853. 

Noble, John, 1882. 

Norcross, Otis, 1880. 

O'Brien, Hugh, 1879. 

O'Reilly, John Boyle, 1878. 

Otis, G. A., 1860. 

Paddock, Rt. Rev. Benj. H., 1876. 

Parker, Charles Henry, 1888, 1889. 

Parkman, Henry, 1885. 

Parks, Rev. Lei'ghton, 1882. 

Perkins, Charles C. 1871. 

Perry, Thomas S., 1879, 1882, 1883, 
1884, 1885, 1890, 1891. 

Phillips, John C, 1882. 

Phillips, Jonathan, 1854. 

Pierce, Hon. Henry L., 1891. 

Prescott, William H., LL.D., 1853. 

Prince, Hon. F. 0., 1888, 1889, 1890, 
1891, 1892, 1893. 

Putnam, George, D.D., 1870. 

Putnam, Hon. John P., 1865. 

Randall, Charles M., M.D., 1884. 

Rice, Hon. Alexander H., 1860. 

Robbins, Elliott, M.D., 1893. 

Rogers, Prof. William B., 1861. 

Rollins, J. Wingate, 1888, 1889. 

Ropes, John C, 1872. 
{ Rotch, Benjamin S., 1863. 
' Runkle, Prof. J. D., 1882. 

Russell, Samuel H., 1880. 

Sampson, O. H., 1892, 1893. 

Sanger, Hon. George P., 1860. 

Seaver, Edwin P., 1881. 

Shepard, Hon. Harvey N., 1888, 

Sherwin, Mrs. Thomas, 1893. 

Shurtleff, Hon. Nathaniel B., 1857. 

Smith, Charles C, 1873. 

Smith, J/r5. Charles C, 1881, 1886. 
' Smith, Miss Minna, 1892. 

Sowdon, A. J. C, 1892, 1893. 

Sprague, Charles J., 1859. 

Sprague, Homer B., 1882. 

Stedman, C. Ellery, M.D., 1888. 
: Stevens, Oliver, 1858. 

Stevenson, Hon. J. Thomas, 1856. 

Stockwell, S. N., 1861. 

Stone, Col. Henry, 1885, 1886, 1887. 

Story, Joseph, 1856. 

Sullivan, Richard. 1883, 1884. 
' Teele, John 0., 1886. 


City Document No. 29. 

Tliaxter, Adam W., 1855. 
Thayer, George A., 1875. 
Thayer, Rev. Thomas B., 1862. 
Thomas, B. F., 1875. 
Thomas Seth J., 1856. 
Ticknor, Miss Anna E., 1891. 
Ticknor, George, 1853, 185-t, 1855, 

1859, 1863, 1866. 
Tobev, Hon. Eilward S., 1862. 
Twomblv, Rev. A. S., 1883, 1884. 
Upham, J. B., M.D., 1865. 
Vibbert, Rev. Geo. IL, 1873. 
Wales, George W., 1875. 
Walley, Hon. Samuel H., 1862. 
Ward, Rev. Julius II., 1882. 
Ware, Charles E., M.D., 1875. 
Ware, Darwin E., 1881. 
Warner, Hermann J., 1867. 
Warren, Hon. Charles H., 1859. 
Warren, J. Collins, M.D., 1878. 

Waterston, Rev. Robert C, 1867. 
Weissbcin, Loui.s, 1893. 
Wells, Mrs. Kate G., 1877. 
Wharton, William F., 1886. 

Whipple, Edwin P., 1869. 

Whitmore, William H., 1887. 

Whitney, Daniel //., 1862. 
Whitney, Henry A., 1873. 
Wightman, Hon. Joseph M., 1859. 
Williams, Harold, M.D., 1888, 1889, 

Williamson, William C, 1881. 

Wilson, Elisha T., M.D., 1861. 

Winsor, Justin, 1867. 
Winthrop, Hon. Robert C, 1854. 
Winthrop, Robert C, jr., 1887. 
Woodbury, Charles Levi, 1871. 
Woolson, Mrs. Abba Goold, 1888, 

Wright, Hon. Carroll D., 1884. 

Library Department. 




The Honorable Edward Everett was President of the Board 
from 1852 to 18(i4 ; the late George Ticknor in 1865 ; William W. 
Greenough, Esq., from 1866 to April, 1888; from May 7, 1888, 
to May 12, 1888, Prof. Henry W. Haynes ; Samuel A. B. Ab- 
bott, Esq., since the last date. 

The Board for 1852 was a preliminary organization; that for 
1853 made what is called the first annual report. It consisted of 
one alderman and one common councilman, and five citizens at 
large, till 1867, when a revised ordinance made it to consist of one 
alderman, two common councilmen, and six citizens at large, two 
of whom retired, unless reelected, each year, while the members 
from the City Council were elected yearly. In 1878 the organi- 
zation of the Board was changed to include one alderman, one 
councilman, and five citizens at large, as before 1867 ; and in 
1885, by the provisions of the amended city charter, the repre- 
sentation of the city government upon the Board, by an alderman 
and a councilman, was abolished, leaving the Board as at present, 
consisting of five citizens at large. 

Citizens at large in small capitals. 

Abbott, Samuel A. B., 1879-93. 
Allen, James B., 1852-53. 
Appleton, Thomas G., 1852-57. 
Barnes, Joseph H., 1871-72. 
BiGELOw, John P., 1852-68. 
BowDiTCH, Henry I., 1865-68. 
Bradlee, John T., 1869-70. 
Bradt, Herman D., 1872-73. 
Braman, Jarvis D., 1868-69. 
Braman, Jarvis D., 1869-72. 
Brown, J. C. J., 1861-62. 
Burditt, Charles A., 1873-76. 
Carpenter, George O., 1870-71. 
Chase, George B., 1876-85. 
Clark, John M., 1855-56. 
Clark, John T., 1873-78. 
Clarke, James Freeman, 1878-85 
Clapp, William W., jr., 1864-66. 
Coe, Henrv F., 1878. 
Crane, Samuel D., 1860-61. 
Curtis, Daniel S., 1873-75. 
Dennie, George, 1858-60. 
Dickinson, M. F., jr., 1871-72. 
Drake, Henry A., 1863-64. 
Erving, Edward S., 1852. 
Everett, Edward, 1852-64. 
Flynn, James J., 1883. 
Frost, Oliver, 1854-55; 1856-58. 
Frothingham, Richard, 1875-79. 

Gaffield, Thomas, 1867-68. 
Green, Samuel A., 1868-78. 
Greenough, William W., 1856-88. 
Guild, Curtis, 1876-77; 1878-79. 
Harris, William G., 1869-70. 
Haynes, Henry W., 1858-59. 
Hatnes, Henry W., 1880-93. 
HiLLARD, George S., 1872-75: 

Howes, Osborne, jr., 1877-78. 
Ingalls, Melville E., 1870-71. 
Jackson, Patrick T., 1864-65. 
Jenkins, Edward J., 1885. 
Keith, James M., 1868-70. 
Kimball, David P., 1874-76. 
Lawrence, James, 1852. 
Lee, John H., 1884-85. 
Lewis, Weston, 1867-68. 
Lewis, Weston, 1868-79. 
Lewis, Winslow, 1867. 
Little, Samuel, 1871-73. 
Messinger, George W., 1855. 
Morse, Godfrey, 1883-84. 
Morton, Ellis W., 1870-73. 
Munroe, Abel B., 1854. 
Newton, Jeremiah L., 1867-68. 
Niles, Stephen R., 1870-71. 
O'Brien, Hugh, 1879-82. 
Pease, Frederick, 1872-3. 


City Document No. 21. 

IVrkins, William E., 1873-74. 
I'orry, Lyman, 1852. 
I'lummer, Farnliam, 1856-57. 
I'opo, Benjamin, 1876-77. 
Pope, Kici'iard, 1877-78. 
Pratt, Charles E., 1880-82. 
PiERCK, Phineas, 1888-93. 
Prince, Fuedekick 0., 1888-93. 
PuTNAii, George, 1868-77. 
Reed, Samson, 1852-53. 
Richards, William R., 1889-93. 
Sanger, George P., 1860-61. 
Sears, Phillip H., 1859-60. 
Seaver, Beniamin, 1852. 
Shepard, Harvey N., 1878-79. 
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