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OFFICERS FOR 1924-1925 












Governor of Pennsylvania Mayor of Philadelphia 


Edwin O. Lewis, Appointed by the State Senate 
John T. Windrim, Appointed by the House of Representatives 
John G. Carruth, Appointed by the City Council 
Edward T. Stotesbury, Appointed by the Commissioners of 
Fairmount Park 


To Serve for One Year 

Mrs. Edward Browning C. H. Ludington 

John S. Jenks Thomas Robins 

Gustav Ketterer William M. Elkins 

To Serve for Tzvo Years 

Mrs. Rudolph Blankenburg John Gribbel 
Charles Bond Eli Kirk Price 

James F. Sullivan 

To Serve for Three Years 

John D. McIlhenny J. Stogdell Stokes 

Mrs. Arthur V. Meigs George D. Widener 

Edgar V. Seeler William Wood 



John D. McIlhenny, Chairman; Mrs. Rudolph Blan ken- 
burg, Charles Bond, Mrs. Edward Browning, John G. 
Carruth, William M. Elkins, John S. Jenks, Eli Kirk 
Price, Thomas Robins, Edgar V. Seeler, J. Stogdell Stokes, 
George D. Widener, William Wood. 



John D. McIlhenny, Chairman; Mrs. Rudolph Blanken- 
burg, ex officio, Morris R. Bockius, Mrs. Hampton L. Carson, 
Mrs. Henry Brinton Coxe, William M. Elkins, Sydney E. 
Hutchinson, John S. Jenks, Mrs. Joseph Leidy, George H. 
Lorimer, Charles H. Ludington, Mrs. Frank T. Patterson, 
Alfred C. Prime, J. Stogdell Stokes, Mrs. Edward T. 
Stotesbury, Rodman Wanamaker, George D. Widener. 


Eli Kirk Price, Chairman; Mrs. Rudolph Blankenburg, 
ex officio, Charles Bond, Charles L. Borie, Jr., Mrs. Jasper 
Yeates Brinton, Mrs. Henry Brinton Coxe, Nicola 
D'Ascenzo, John Fisler, Samuel S. Fleisher, Gustav 
Ketterer, Mrs. Robert R. Logan, Mrs. Arthur V. Meigs, 
Mrs. H. S. Prentiss Nichols, Mrs. J. Howard Rhoads, 
William H. Richardson, Countess of Santa Eulalia, Edgar 
V. Seeler, William Wood. Honorary Member: Mrs. Jones 


John S. Jenks, Chairman; John G. Carruth, William 
M. Elkins, James F. Sullivan, William Wood. 

*The President is ex officio a member of all committees. 











Miss Margaretta S. Hinchman Mrs. Edward Browning 

corresponding secretary 
Mrs. Thornton Oakley 

Mrs. Edgar W. Baird 
Mrs. Edwin N. Benson, Jr. 
Mrs. Jasper Y. Brinton 
Mrs. John H. Brinton 
Mrs. William T. Carter 
Mrs. J. Hamilton Cheston 
Mrs. Herbert L. Clark 
Mrs. Henry Brinton Coxe 
Mrs. S. Grey Dayton 
Mrs. William A. Dick 
Mrs. Russell Duane 
Miss Cornelia L. Ewing 
Mrs. George H. Frazier 
Mrs. Henry S. Grove 
Mrs. F. Woodson Hancock 
Mrs. H. Norris Harrison 

Mrs. Charles Wolcott Hehry 
Mrs. Charles F. Judson 
Mrs. J. Louis Ketterlinus 
Mrs. Joseph Leidy 
Mrs. Robert R. Logan 
Mrs. Norman MacLeod 
Mrs. John H. McFadden, Jr. 
Mrs. Arthur V. Meigs 
Mrs. Eli Kirk Price 
Mrs. J. Howard Rhoads 
Countess of Santa Eulalia 
Mrs. C. Shillard-Smith 
Mrs. W. Standley Stokes 
Mrs William H. Walbaum 
Mrs. Albert B. Weimer 
Mrs. C. Stewart Wurts 

contributing member 
Mrs. Percival Roberts, Jr. 


Mrs. Hampton L. Carson 
Miss Margaret Clyde 

Mrs. M. 

Mrs. William D. Frishmuth 
Mrs. Edward T. Stotesbury 
Hampton Todd 


DR. SAMUEL W. WOODHOUSE, Jr., Acting Director. 

Dr. Arthur E. Bye, Curator of Paintings. 

Horace H. F. Jayne, Curator of Oriental Art. 

Catherine F. Woodhouse, Curator of Lace. 

Dr. Samuel W. Woodhouse, Jr., Curator of Old Pennsylvania 

Laxgdon Warner, Advisor in Oriental Art. 

Mrs. Jones Wister 
Mrs. W. D. Frishmuth 
F. D. Langenheim 
Mrs. William T. Carter 

Oriental Pottery 
Musical Instruments 


Leslie W. Miller, Principal Emeritus 

Thomas H. Willson, Assistant Treasurer and Registrar 
Eugenie M. Fryer, Librarian 


Albert Jean Adolph, Cast Drawing. 

Otilie P. Bachman, Costume Design. 

Isabella B. Bailey, Nature Study. 

J. Frank Copeland, Interior Decoration. 

Edmund deForest Curtis, Pottery. 

Victor E. Demers, Drawing and Lettering. 

T. P. Farrady, Interior Decoration. 

M. F. Fleishman, Drawing. 

Helen A. Fox, Design. 

John H. Geiszel, Drawing. 

Douglass Gilchrist, Metal Work and Jewelry. 

Guy W. Green, Drawing. 

Mabel B. Hall, Drawing. 

Edmondson Hussey, Teachers' Training Course. 

John Craig Janney, Drawing. 

Joseph Konetsky, Wrought Iron. 

Elmer S. Lukens, Wood-work. 

Ralph McLellan, Drawing from Life. 

Ellen F. Meehan, Design and Color. 

Louis Milione, Modeling. 

Grace Norcross, Drawing. 

Thornton Oakley, Illustration. 

Ralph E. Ohmer, Design. 

Wm. Henry Parker, Jr., Shades and Shadows, Perspective. 

Austin Purves, Drawing. 

Edmund R. Purves, Architectural Design. 

Virginia L. Ralston, Costume. 

H. Edwin Reiger, Drawing. 

Emily R. Santiago, Drawing. 

John Ray Sinnock, Anatomy, Rendering, Poster-work. 

Mary B. Sweeney, Drawing and Lettering. 

Edward Warwick, Furniture and Wood-carving, History of Costume. 


E. W. France, Director 
Lecturer on Raw Materials, Processes and Fabrics 

Bradley C. Algeo, Assistant Director, Professor in Charge of Weave 
Formation, Analysis and Structure of Fabrics. 

Frank L. Giese, Instructor in Weave Formation, Analysis and Structure 
of Fabrics. 

Richard S. Cox, Professor in Charge of Jacquard Design, Drawing and 
Color Work. 

Ercal Kaiser, Instructor in Jacquard Design and Color Work. 

Harry W. Penrod, Instructor in Free-Hand Drawing and Figured Design. 

Elmer C. Bertolet, Professor in Charge of Chemistry, Dyeing and 

Howard A. Walter, Assistant Professor in Charge of Chemistry and 

Percival Theel, Instructor in Dyeing and Chemistry. 

Joseph E. Goodavage, Instructor in Dyeing, Bleaching and Printing. 

George G. Byler, Instructor in Elementary Chemistry. 

John Lockwood, Instructor in Charge of Wool Carding and Spinning, 
Worsted Drawing and Spinning. 

Alan G. Marquart, Assistant in Wool Carding and Spinning, Worsted 
Drawing and Spinning. 

John Naab, Instructor in Charge of Cotton Carding and Spinning, Silk 
Manufacturing and Hosiery Knitting. 

Frank Goodman, Assistant Instructor in Cotton Carding and Spinning and 
Hosiery Knitting. 

William Pfeiffer, Instructor in Charge of Power Weaving and Related 

Ervin Wilmer and Robert J. Reilly, Assistants in Power Weaving and 
Related Branches. 

Wm. A. McLain, Instructor in Charge of Elementary Weaving and Related 

John W. France, Assistant in Elementary Weaving and Related Branches. 

Watson Bailey, Instructor in Materials Used in the Wool and Worsted 
Industry (Evening). 

Alfred Bcrhouse, Instructor in Wool and Worsted Cloth Finishing. 


To the Members of the Pennsylvania Museum and School of 
Industrial Art: 

The report of the Board of Trustees for the year ending" 
May 31, 1924, is respectfully submitted by the President. 

The reports of the Acting Director of the Museum and of 
the Principal of the School will state in full the operation of those 

Each year the Museum in its enlarged collections and in 
the improved quality and arrangement oi the objects is becoming 
more of an asset to Philadelphia. The staff will at all times 
freely give information or advice regarding works of art, sub- 
mitted for examination by anyone in the community, and is glad 
to be of assistance to collectors or to others when so desired. 

The number of visitors to the Museum from June, 1923, to 
June. 1924, was 311,993. 

The School continues its usefulness to art industry in the 
City and State. It is, however, hampered by lack of room for 
more students and of funds to carry on the work in the manner 
called for in the competition of American manufacturers with 
European products. The practical and effective training fur- 
nished for all art trades abroad can be met only by the growth 
and development of this and other similar institutions. Unfor- 
tunately, the manufacturers affected do not seem to realize this 
fact or they would render 1 the needed assistance and thus benefit 

During the past year, the Corporation suffered a serious 
financial loss through the reduction of the State appropriation. 
The Governor reduced the amount of $120,000 granted by the 
Legislature to $60,000 for the two-year period from June, 1923, 
representing a shortage of $26,250 annually from the appropria- 
tion allowed for the preceding bi-ennial period. This has caused 
the Trustees much concern and has retarded the progress and 
development of the School. It is a pleasure to state that the City 


Council of Philadelphia increased its yearly allowance to this Insti- 
tution by the sum of $10,000. This action by the Council, always 
friendly to the work of the School, was not only much needed 
help, but an encouragement to those engaged in the task of con- 
ducting the School. 

The financial statement for the fiscal year ending May 31, 
1924, will be set forth fully in the report of the Treasurer. The 
net results show a deficit of $35,094.39. 

During the year the membership of the Corporation has been 
increased by the addition of one Benefactor in Perpetuity, two 
Patrons in Perpetuity, twelve Life Members, forty-six Contribut- 
ing Members and five hundred and thirty-eight Annual Members. 

A number of members have also changed their enrollment to 
classes at higher annual rates, thus further contributing toward 
the maintenance of the Institution. 

Since the last annual meeting, the Corporation has lost by 
death a valued member, Miss Anna J. Magee, who became a mem- 
ber of the Associate Committee of Women in October, 1919, and 
so continued until December, 1923, and who was always sympa- 
thetic and interested in the work of the School. Through her 
death the bequests of $50,000 from Miss Fannie S. Magee and 
of $10,000 from James R. Magee became operative, which amounts 
will be received soon and included in the Endowment Funds of 
the Corporation. The helpful generosity of these and of other 
donors greatly increases the efficiency and usefulness of the School 
and of the Museum, and will, for generations to come, serve to 
develop and stimulate the culture and influence not only of the 
City of Philadelphia, but of the Nation itself. 

John D. McIlhenny, 




To the President and Trustees of the Pennsylvania Museum and 
School of Industrial Art: 

Gentlemen: — 

I have the honor to present to you the following report : 

Since April 1, 1923, when my predecessor, Mr. Langdon 
Warner, resigned to engage in his chosen work in China, tinder 
the auspices of Harvard University, it has been my fate to enact 
the part of locum tenens. 

During the period covered by the last report, we contracted 
to purchase the Williams Collection of furniture. The activities 
of the Museum have been curtailed during the present year in 
order to hasten the payment. The report from the teachers con- 
vinces us of the wisdom of this purchase, and its use in the educa- 
tional scheme of the community. 

Following our custom to have two important exhibitions, 
one in the spring and one in the autumn of each year, we 
exhibited Mr. Ludington's gift, the Crofts Collection of Chinese 
pottery, during six months. It attracted most interesting com- 
ment from the connoisseurs in other cities, being as well enthusi- 
astically received by our own public. 

This was followed by the present loan exhibition of furniture 
in the Chippendale style, which it is our hope to continue until 
autumn. Showing the English prototype and its American expres- 
sion has been accomplished with a high regard for the standards 
of such an exhibition and a determination to exclude all but the 
best. Such a group of Philadelphia-made furniture of the 18th 
century has never been assembled in this city since it passed out 
of common use in our homes. 

At the request of the Park authorities, the staff worked earn- 
estly during the winter in arranging the collections in the fire- 
proof museum building at Burholme Park. 


Highboy in the Chippendale Style 

The first move in the direction of our oft-repeated policy 
for educational advancement was made by a series of lectures 
during March and April, when various Philadelphians conducted 
interested groups about the Museum, speaking on subjects in 
which they were experts. Lectures were given in the same way 
during the Chippendale Exhibition. 

Various small exhibitions have been held from time to time, 
most important among which were those of the laces lent by Mrs. 
Rockefeller McCormick and the Wedgwood medallions lent by 
Mr. Roland L. Taylor. 

It is with pleasure that we report the appointment of Mr. 
Frederick King, who since the first of the year has been engaged 
in the work of general assistant to the Curators ; of Miss Elizabeth 
Abel, an interior decorator and a member of the Fellowship of 
the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, who has been install- 
ing our collections and working on the catalogue ; and of Miss 
Margaret Zinser as custodian, to whose care is due the improved 
physical condition of the exposed objects of the Museum. 

The Philadelphia Horticultural Society has been granted per- 
mission to hold its Flower Show in the Museum. 

The policy so stressed by Mr. Warner of acquiring the tools 
of our trade by increasing the Library has been amplified, as the 
report of the accessions to the Library shows. 

During the summer one of our store rooms was completely 
rearranged and made available for proper museum activities 
through the untiring work of Miss Reath. 

An Information and Sales Desk has been established, with 
Mrs. Alberta Devlin in charge, and the following figures prove 
that we were justified in making this departure: 

Proceeds from sale of publications during the fiscal year 
amounted to $737.43. This represents about four times the 
amount sold during previous years. 

We have enlarged the equipment of the photographic depart- 
ment, from which there has been an ever increasing output, the 
great mass of which has been lantern slides prepared for the 


School. In the event of such work continuing", as it inevitably 
delays progress of the Museum Catalogue, it will be necessary 
to appoint an assistant in this department to take care of the 
work needed by the School. 

The report would be incomplete that did not mention the 
issues of the Bulletin devoted to special subjects: Mr. Prime's 
exhaustive treatment of Elliott, the Philadelphia mirror-maker, and 
the last number dealing with the Chippendale Exhibition. Under 
Miss Frances K. Wister, the Bulletin appeared promptly and was 
one of the most creditable publications of any American Museum. 

Many of our collections have been entirely rearranged, and 
their effectiveness has thereby been greatly enhanced. The col- 
lection of Philadelphia furniture, silver and Pennsylvania-Ger- 
man pottery have received notable additions during the year. It 
is fitting that your attention be called to such exceptional pieces 
as the Philadelphia-made highboy, a Pennsylvania saw-buck table, 
a silver porringer by John de Nise, a silver trencher salt by Philip 
Syng I, and a silver tankard by William Vilant ; all pieces of 
great importance, — the four latter made prior to 1725. 

Our collection, so noticeably weak in examples of early sculp- 
ture, has been enhanced by the Romanesque plaques purchased 
by Mr. James W. Barney in Florence, and the gift by the late 
Mr. G. J. Demotte of two Romanesque columns from the south 
of France. 

The most noteworthy gift of the year was that of the interior 
trim from a house on Tower Hill, London. Of carved pine, dated 
about 1760, it represents the beginning of what we hope will be 
a series of Period Rooms. For this important beginning, the 
Museum is indebted to Mr. and Mrs. John D. Mcllhenny. 

It is a source of regret that the physical impossibility of 
providing a suitable place for lectures at the Museum has of 
necessity caused us to forego this very important feature of our 

Mr. Horace H. F. Jayne, who accompanied Mr. Warner on 
his expedition into Western China, returned to the Museum in the 
middle of April, taking up his duties as Curator of Oriental Art. 


Lot and his- Daughters 

By Heinrich Holzhalb, 1530 

Given by Mrs. Frank T. Patterson, in Memory of Mrs. John Harrison 


" *1*V'.; j 





%Of*fe- • 





During" the past year, the collection of pictures belonging 
to the Museum has been appreciably strengthened by the addi- 
tion of the Walter Lippincott Collection, the gift of Walter Lippin- 
cott, consisting" of paintings of such important old English mas- 
ters as Sir Thomas Lawrence and George Morland ; modern 
French masters as Diaz and Jacque ; and American painters as 
Sergeant William Kendall. 

Important among the loans, we might mention a portrait by 
Romney, a portrait by Gilbert Stuart, and one by Copley, two 
portraits by Sir Thomas Lawrence, an "Adoration" by a fol- 
lower of Veronese, and two Barbizon landscapes. 

Of less interest, perhaps, but of great importance, was the 
cataloguing in a form ready for publication, of all the paintings 
belonging to the Pennsylvania Museum. This cataloguing neces- 
sitated the thorough study of each picture. At the same time, 
some needing it were restored and reframed. This work, we 
believe, has resulted in the enhancement of the interest and value 
of many paintings belonging to the Museum. 

We have proceeded with the service of identification ; collec- 
tors and others interested have made greater use of us than in 
past years, and we have constantly some pictures under our 

We have also been of service in advising amateurs in regard 
to the preservation and restoration of their paintings. 

In this same connection we have augmented our collection 
of reproductions for purposes of identification. 

From September to June, the monthly exhibitions of prints, 
engravings, etchings, etc., have continued in furtherance of the 
policy instituted with such success last year. These exhibitions, 
varied as they were, have met with gratifying response. Our 
policy this year was to exhibit as much as possible the work of 
Philadelphia artists. Especiallv successful was the exhibition of 


illustrations by Philadelphia artists held in November, which exhi- 
bition went afterward on a circuit, under the auspices of The 
American Federation of Arts. Another exhibition which made 
a popular appeal was that of the daguerreotypes held in February. 

We have had a number of gifts and loans to the Print Room ; 
of the latter and most valuable is a collection lent by Mrs. Mary 
A. Williams, consisting of engravings, etchings and wood cuts by 
old masters of the German, Dutch and Italian Schools, Durer, 
Schongauer, Raimondi and others. But we should mention a 
cabinet containing a large collection of engravings by Piranesi 
and others, lent by Mrs. Samuel R. Shipley. 

Among the important changes of installation in the Museum 
has been that affecting the collection of Stained Glass. A year 
ago we gave this collection serious study, calling in to our assist- 
ance the advice of experts. We then prepared a catalogue which 
is ready for publication. The collection was installed in the 
Ambulatory, with the result that our collection has been acclaimed 
the most important of its kind in this country. 

In this department, as in others, the lack of lecture facilities 
has been keenly felt. Despite this, we have peripatetic lectures 
in the picture galleries, which have been well received. 


Chinese Pottery Figure, Guardian of a Tomb. T'ang Dynasty. The 
Group Crofts Collection. Gift of Charles H. Ludington. 

O i—l 

w pz; 

w u 


Q S 

W u 



r S 

K p 



The chief addition to the Oriental Department in the past 
year was the second shipment of the Crofts Collection of Chinese 
Pottery, which was selected by Mr. Warner, Dr. Crofts, and 
myself in Tinetsin last summer. When this arrived the first 
shipment had already been placed on view, constituting the 
Autumn Exhibition, for which a special reception and tea was 
held on October 15. The installation of the collection in the 
Rotunda was excellently carried out by Air. Barney, whose wis- 
dom, taste and originality contributed much to the wide apprecia- 
tion it received, and to whom we are much indebted for this 
valuable service. The second shipment was immediately placed 
on view with the first, and so satisfactory and valuable did the 
whole appear, that from the same generous source as enabled us 
to purchase what we now have, assurances were received that it 
would be possible to continue to develop the collection. At pres- 
ent the objects we possess make a foundation collection which 
for breadth and completeness is surely unrivalled in this country, 
and future expansion is already limited to acquiring a greater 
number of exceptional pieces. Hence the growth will be neces- 
sarily slower than heretofore, but it will be all the more important 
and significant, and we may deem ourselves fortunate in having 
the extensive knowledge of Dr. Crofts to assist and guide us. 

The collection remained on view until the exigencies of the 
approaching Chippendale Exhibition required its removal, when it 
was temporarily installed in the Bloomfield Moore Ceramic Room ; 
there it is being studied and catalogued, and thence slowly moved 
to its permanent place in the Oriental section. 

Among other important additions to this department, men- 
tion should be made of the three sandstone figures of Mediaeval 
Devas, which had been on loan at the Museum for some time 
and now have come into our permanent possession by the bequest 
of Mayer' Sulzberger ; and a number 1 of pieces of Chinese porce- 
lain, purchased for us by Mr. Barney in Europe, which satisfac- 
torily fill some of the gaps in this collection. 


During February and March, through the kindness of John 
Frederick Lewis, Esq., we were enabled to place on view a selec- 
tion from his collection of Persian and Mughal Miniatures. 
Scarcely any special exhibition ever held at the Museum created 
so much interest as this, and, quite apart from the popular appeal, 
we were fortunate in being able to show examples of Oriental 
design and color so valuable to the student. 

During by far the largest part of the period covered by this 
report I have been absent from the Museum, when, through the 
kindness of the Museum Committee in granting me a year's leave 
of absence, I had the exceptional opportunity of joining Mr. 
Langdon Warner in an expedition to Northwest China for the 
Fogg Museum of Harvard University. I was, however, for- 
tunate enough to acquire in Sianfu for the Museum a rare and 
appealing statuette of wood, probably made in the T'ang Dynasty, 
as well as a great number of rubbings of stone tablets of his- 
toric and artistic interest, a collection which it would be diffi- 
cult to assemble anywhere but in this capital of ancient China. 
The experience, interest and information gained upon such an 
expedition into relatively unknown regions will, I can only trust, 
be of value to the department of which it is my privilege to be 


THE FISCAL YEAR 1923-1924 

Anonymous — Set of ivory chessmen and board. 

Biddle, Mrs. A. Sydney — Five pieces of Needlepoint lace. Point 

Bradbury, Frederick — Silver spoons. 

Brewster, Mrs. Francis E. — Lady's slippers, Brocade. 

Carson, Mrs. Hampton L. — Photograph of wax portrait of 

Combs, Mrs. John F. — Japanese wood and ivory carving. Porce- 
lain plates. Decorative panels. 

Cowell, The Misses — Daguerreotype of two portraits. Needle- 
work. Silver-mounted scissors. 

Drake, Miss Millicent — Two hundred plaster casts of antique 
engraved gems. 

Ebberston, Per — Swedish hand-woven coverlet. 

Evans, Miss C — Toys. 

Fogg, Miss Helen Moore — (In memory of Emmeline L. Moore) 
Wistarburg glass tumbler. 

Fogg, Mrs. Martha Moore — Miniature walnut cabinet. Amer- 
can, 18th Century. Pewter mug. Bed quilts. Quaker cos- 
tume (woman's). 

Fox, Dr. Carroll — Toy parlor furniture. 

Frazier, Dr. J. S. — Volume IV of Books of Plays. Works of 

Frishmuth, Mrs. William D. — Flax comber. Steelyards and 
weight. Early American. 


Gearhart, Miss Sarah S. — Doll. Woman's dress — Empire 


Gummey, John S.— Child's costume. 
Helme, William E. — Table — Arabian. 

Jayne, Horace H. F. — Wood statue of Buddha — Chinese, T'ang 
Dynasty. Rubbings from the tomb of the Wu family. 
Shantung. Chinese. Han Dynasty. 

Jexks, John S. — From his library. Illuminated Manuscript. 
Book of Hours. 

Johnson, Mrs. Eldridge R. — Cashmere shawl. A History of 
Little Goody Tzvo Shoes. 

Knight, Mrs. Julia C. — Needlework. 

Leaming, Mrs. Thomas — Three covers of lace. Spanish, late 
18th Century. 

Lipptncott, Walter — Painting. Engravings. Embroidery. 
Vases. Ornaments. 

Magee, Miss Anna J. — Collection of eleven fans. 

McFarland, Mrs. Susan G. — Costumes. 

McIlhenny, Mrs. John D. — Three pieces of bobbin lace; Mech- 
lin; Flemish, 18th Century. One piece of bobbin lace; Point 
d'Angleterre ; Brussels, 18th Century. Pair of lace lappets ; 
Point d'Angleterre; Brussels, 18th Century. Piece of bobbin 
lace ; Buckinghamshire ; English, 18th Century. 

Mitchell, Dr. George W.' — Barrel swift. American. 

Prime, Mrs. Alfred Coxe — Mirror, with label of John Elliott, 
Philadelphia. Mirror, with label of Earps & Company. 

Stokes, J. Stogdell — X -trestle table. American, c. 1750. 


Sulzberger, Mayer (Bequest of) — Three sandstone figures. 
Mediaeval Indian Devas. Bronze pitcher. Incense jar. Bust 
of Franklin. 

Thayer, Russell — Bronze bust of Russell Thayer. 

Vanuxen, Louis Clark (Estate of) — Collection of engravings 
and lithographs. 

Waxamaker, Rodman — Silver inkstand. London, c. 1821. 
Maker : John Harris. 

Warner, Langdon — Porcelain plate. French, c. 1770. 


Baugh-Barber Fund — Pottery plate. Pennsylvania-German, c. 

Bloom field Moore Fund — Vase. Chinese porcelain. Yung- 
Cheng period. 

Darley Fund — Four potters' moulds used by Wood & Caldwell 
and Enoch W T ood & Sons, England, early in 19th Century. 
Twenty pieces of French wall paper. 18th Century. Eleven 
fragments of textiles. 

Membership Fund — Sweetmeat box. Chinese. Wan-li period 
and mark. Model of Mediaeval Tournament. Scholar's ink- 
stand. Chinese porcelain. Ming Dynasty. Six Romanesque 
plaques. Mahogany Highboy. American, c. 1770. Chippen- 
dale style. 

Offertory Fund — Pewter teapot. Scotch pewter pitcher. 
American, 18th Century. Pewter basin. English, c. 1775. 
Cover of Needlepoint lace. Spanish, late 18th Century. 

Temple Fund — Silver salt cellar. Made by Philip Syng. Liver- 
pool pitcher. Silver tankard. Made by William Vilant, 
Philadelphia, c. 1725. 


Work of Student of Class in Modeling 

THE FISCAL YEAR 1923-1924 

Biddle, Miss Emily — Oil painting by Thomas Sully. Oil paint- 
ing by Gilbert Stuart. 

Bright, Miss Anne — Fresco painting. Florentine School. 

Coles, Mrs. Stricker — Oil painting by George Romney. 
"Portrait of Mrs. Ticknell." 

Combs, Mr. and Mrs. John F. — Minton Vase. 

Fleisher, Mover — Silver watch. Made by Jean, Paris. Early 
19th Century. 

Fouchee, Robert — French. 16th Sentury. Walnut bed. Wrought 
iron coffer. 

Gest, Hon. John Marshall — Two illuminated manuscripts. 
"Book of Hours." 

Gordon, I. N. — Stained glass panels. Swiss. 

Harrison, Mrs. H. Norris- — Twelve pieces of bobbin lace. One 
flounce Point de France lace. 

Harrison, H. Norris — Two chairs. Sofa. 

Henson, Mrs. Edward F. — Silver sugar nippers. Made by 
Joseph Richardson, Philadelphia. 

Ives, Mrs. Frederick M. — Chinese poreclain vase and dish. 

McClellan, Mrs. George — Oil painting. "The Adoration." 
Italian, 17th Century. 

McCormick, Mrs. Edith Rockefeller — Collection of seventeen 
bedspreads, one tablecloth, and one chalice veil, with insets 
of various kinds of lace. 

McIlhenny, John D. — Six wood panels. French or Flemish, 
16th Century. 


Nuttall, Mrs. Zelia — Terra-cotta portrait head. Roman. 
Republican period. 

Parrish, Mrs. Percival — Chinese porcelain vase and dish. 

Patten, John Williams — Collection of arms. 

Potter, Dr. Edwin S. — Collection of book-plates. 

Saunders, Mrs. Walter B. — Three pieces of bobbin lace. 

Shipley, Mrs. Samuel R. — Cabinet containing- lithographs and 
engravings. Water color by Samuel Turner. Oil paintings 
by Charles Emile Jacque and Julian Dupres. 

Sill, Howard — Mother-of-pearl shoe buckles. Made by Joseph 
Anthony, Philadelphia. 

Staley, Poyntell C. — Part of stained glass window. French 

Taylor, Roland L. — Collection of Wedgwood medallions and 

Washington, Miss Elizabeth Crawford — Doll. American, c. 

Wharton, Mrs. William Moore, Jr. — Portland Vase. 

Wister, Owen — Two oil paintings by Thomas Lawrence. 


Barney, James W. 

Brasington, Estate of Elizabeth, through Mr. and Mrs. 

Thomas S. Ellis 
Burlingham, H. 
Cadwalader, Mrs. John 
Dixon, Mrs. Fitz Eugene 
Du Pont, Mrs. Pierre S. 



Harvey, R. Wistar 

Headman, the Misses 

Historical Society of Pennsylvania 

Howe, Estate of Mary Fell 

Library Company of Philadelphia 

Lock wood, Luke Vincent 

McIlhenny, John D. 

Middleton, Mrs. \\ 'ilmer 

Partridge, Frank 

Reifsnyder, Howard 

Rupert, C. G. 

Smith, Miss Esther Morton 

Wharton, Miss Susan P. 

Widener, George D. 

Wurts, Mrs. Charles Stewart 

Wurts, Mrs. Robert Kennedy 


Bond, Charles Newbold, E. S. 

Browning, Mrs. Ella S. Patterson, Frank T. 

Carson, Hon. Hampton L. Reifsnyder, Howard 

Carson, Mrs. Hampton L. Seeler, Edgar V. 

Denniston, Eleanor H. Warden, Mrs. Clarence A. 

Gribbel, John Wentz, Daniel B. 

Jenks, Estate of John Story Windrim, John T. 
Judson, Mrs. Charles F. 


The following- accessions have been received by the Library : 

Books added by purchase 87 

Books added by gift 29 

Catalogues and Bulletins received in exchange from 46 
Museums and Galleries. 


List of Donors 

American Art Galleries, 

New York 
E. Hamilton Bell 
fltzroy carrington 
Mrs. William Carter 
Grand Central Art Gal- 
leries, New York 
W. S. Hadaway 
Horace H. F. Jayne 
Mrs. Julia C. Knight 

AIiss Nancy McClelland 
John D. McIlhenny 
Clement B. Newbold 
Oriental Ceramic Society, 

Joseph G. Reynolds, Jr. 
John Robinson 
Sara Yorke Stevenson 

Mrs. J. William White 
Dr. S. W. Woodhouse, Jr. 

Iron Balcony Designed and Executed by Francis M. Finnegan and 
Joseph A. Janson, Students of the Class in Iron-work 



To the President and Trustees of the Pennsylvania Museum and 
School of Industrial Art: 

Gentlemen: — 

I have, for the fourth time, the honor of presenting the 
Annual Report of the School. 

The number of students in attendance during the past school 
year is the largest in the history of the School — the total being 

This number was divided as follows : 
Deparment of Industrial Art — 

Day 474 

Evening 372 

Saturday 194 

Summer 96 

Total 1136 

Textile Department — 

Day 213 

Evening 414 

Total 627 

Before the opening of the session the entering classes in both 
Departments reached the capacity of the classrooms and a large 
number of students was denied admission. This was also true 
of the Evening Classes in the Textile Department. The greater 
work which the School might accomplish is hampered by lack 
of space. 

I believe that it may in justice be said that the standards of 
taste, scholarship and technical ability are higher than they were 
a year ago. Those competent to judge who have examined the 
work displayed in the Annual Exhibition seem unanimous in their 






conviction that the School is making a very real contribution to 
the welfare of the Nation. 

Tour of the Graduating Class of the Textile Department 

The tenth annual tour of the manufacturing' districts of New 
England made by the graduates of the Textile Department was, 
as in former years, a great inspiration to the students, so various 
were the problems of textile production and mill management 
which they were thus enabled to study. Mr. Richard S. Cox 
managed the tour : Mr. France, Mr. Cox, Mr. Bertolet and thirty- 
four of the graduating class forming the party. Throughout the 
week's trip every possible courtesy and kindness was shown by the 
officials of the plants visited. These were : American Woolen 
Company, Atlantic Mills, Crompton & Knowles, Everett Mills, 
Hope Webbing Company, Pacific Mills Print Works, S. Slater & 
Sons' Cotton & Converting Mills, Waypoysett Manufacturing 
Company, M. J. Whittall Associates, Carpet Mills. 

Summer School 

The tenth annual Summer School of the Department of 
Industrial Art was attended by ninety-six students — a large num- 
ber of these being public school teachers. We also had a three 
weeks' session in June and a four weeks' session in August for 
twenty-eight students of the Veterans' Bureau. 

Monthly Visits of Members of the Committee on 

We have Mr. Edgar V. Seeler to thank for a proposal which 
has proved most valuable. That the Committee might be brought 
into closer touch with the work being done he suggested that 
groups of their members, in rotation, visit the classrooms twice 
a month : no member to be called upon for these visits more than 
twice in the School year. Thus it has not made too great a 
demand upon the time of busy people; the members of the Com- 
mittee have expressed themselves as being much pleased with 
the arrangement. 


Teaching Staff 

We have been fortunate in securing as Instructor in the 
Course in Pottery the services of Mr. Edmund deForrest Curtis, 
a potter of high artistic ideals and wide practical knowledge, who 
adds to these qualities an infectious enthusiasm and the gift of 
teaching. I confidently expect that within a few years our Course 
in Pottery will be the leading Ceramic School in the United States. 

Other teachers added to the staff were : Mr. Frank Goodman, 
a graduate of the Textile Department, as Assistant Instructor in 
Cotton and Silk Manufacture; Messrs. Demers, Fleishman and 
Green as assistants in Mechanical Drawing — -Mr. Demers also 
assisting in the classes in Lettering; Mr. Austin Purves as Instruc- 
tor in Drawing in the Evening Classes, and Mr. Edmund Purves 
as Instructor in Architectural Design in the Evening Classes. 

Public Lectures 

One of the notable events of the winter was the series of 
Wednesday Lectures given at the School for the members of the 
Corporation and their friends. Those who spoke generously gave 
their services and to them our hearty thanks are herewith extended. 
The wide range of the topics and the eminence of the speakers in 
their respective fields can be realized by a glance at the list given 
below : 

Mr. Ellis Ames Ballard : Prints. 

Mr. Hamilton Bell : The Johnson Collection. 

Mr. John F. Braun: American Painting. 

Dr. Arthur E. Bye: Landscape Painting: I, Early: II, 

Mr. J. Frank Copeland : Interior Decoration. 

Mr. Andrew Wright Crawford : City Planning Accomplish- 

Mr. Xicola D'Ascenzo : Leaded Glass Windows. 

Mr. Huger Elliott: E very-day Art : The Decorative Idea. 

Mr. Wilson Eyre : Simplicity in Architecture. 

Elizabeth Shippen Green (Mrs. Huger Elliott) : The Human 
Equation in Art. 


Silk Brocade in Three Colors 

Motif from a Chinese Porcelain in the Museum. The Design 
is by a Student of the Textile School, where all the Operations 
of Dyeing, Warping, Card Cutting and Weaving were performed. 

Mr. Charles Z. Klauder : Collegiate Architecture. 

Dr. R. Tait McKenzie : Athletic Sports as an Inspiration 
for Sculpture. 

Mr. Thornton Oakley : Illustration in the United States. 

Air. Edward Warwick: 18th Century Furniture Designers 
of England. 

Mr. Harvey M. Watts: "It's Modern, but is it Art?" 

Dr. Samuel W. Woodhouse, Jr. : Philadelphia Silversmiths 
of the 18th Century : Pennsylvania German Pottery. 

Showing of Modern Costumes 

In April the students of the class in Costume Design exhib- 
ited, at the Manufacturers' Club, eighty costumes designed and 
made by the members of the Day and Evening- Classes under the 
inspiring direction of Mrs. Ralston. There were two exhibitions, 
afternoon and evening; more than two thousand persons attended 
and the high professional standard attained by the students was 
noted by everyone. The use of the Hall was given us through 
the kindness of Mr. William H. Richardson. Many of the cos- 
tumes were made from material given by the following firms : 
Andross Worsted Company, F. A. Bochmann & Co., The Bright- 
wood Manufacturing Company, The Cleveland Worsted Mills 
Co., Folwell Bro. and Company, Arthur Joel & Co., Wm. F. 
Read & Son, Walther Mfg. Co. The hats and accessories were 
lent by Gimbel Brothers. To all of these gentlemen we are 
greatly indebted. 

Special Lectures 

The class in Illustration was given an unusual opportunity 
this spring. Five of our leading painters and illustrators criti- 
cized the work of the class and talked on the theory and practice 
of illustration. Elizabeth Shippen Green (Mrs. Huger Elliott), 
Mr. Frank Schoonover, Miss Jessie Willcox Smith and Mr. N. 
C. Wyeth met the class at the School ; in addition the students 
had the pleasure of visiting the studios of Airs. Elliott, Miss 
Violet Oakley and Miss Smith, where they were given further 


insight into the way in which the professional solves the prob- 
lems presented. 

Visits by the Classes in Interior Decoration and Furniture 
During the winter Mr. Warwick obtained for the class the 
privilege of visiting' certain homes that the students might learn 
how people of taste solve the problems of home furnishing. We 
are much indebted to the following ladies for their kindness in 
giving the classes this opportunity : Mrs. Henry Brinton Coxe, 
Miss Louisa Eyre, Mrs. L. S. Hinchman, Mrs. Frank Thorne 
Patterson, Mrs. Edward T. Stotesbury, and Mrs. Charles Stewart 

That the students might gain the inspiration which comes 
from the study of the work of masters, numerous exhibitions 
were held in the School during the year. Among these were : 
Drawings and Paintings by Dr. Arthur E. Bye ; illustrations 
by Mr. Dean Cornwell ; the Pottery of Mr. Edmund deForrest 
Curtis ; the work of Mr. Nicola D'Ascenzo and his studios ; a 
group of Foreign Posters lent by Miss Jessie R. Wilkinson : the 
annual Exhibition of the Photographic Society of Philadelphia; 
a complete collection of the postal cards published by the British 
Museum, purchased for the Library; a large and comprehensive 
group of Posters, a part of the collection recently purchased by 
the School; illustrations by Mr. N. C. Wyeth. 

Lectures by Members of the Staff 
That the members of the Staff are in continual demand as 
lecturers is proved by the following list of illustrated talks given 
beyond the confines of the School : 

Mr. J. Frank Copeland : "Interior Decoration," Bridgeton, 
N. J., Women's Club; West Side Improvement Association, 
Drexel Hill; Women's Clubs of Millville and Patterson, N. J.; 
"The Application of Artistic Principles in the Home," Women's 
Clubs of Conshohocken and Drexel Hill ; "Art in the Home," 
Women's Clubs of Ocean City and Spring Lake, N. J. ; also for 
the latter club, "Industrial Art." 


Mr. Huger Elliott: "Beauty in Daily Life," Eastern State 
Federation of Women's Clubs and the Women's Club of German- 
town; a talk on the Museum and the School before the Women's 
Alliance of the First Unitarian Church of Germantown; "Archi- 
tecture of the Italian Renaissance," Furniss Shakespearian Club ; 
"Survey of Painting," Haddonfield High School ; "Great Examples 
of Decorative Art," Metropolitan Museum, New York; "Mural 
Painting in the United States," Art League of Springfield, Mass. ; 
two addresses before the State Teachers' Association of Wheeling, 
West Virginia; "Art in Philadelphia," Women's Club, Wyncote. 

Mr. Edmundson Hussey : "The Development of the Child's 
Concept of Art," The Friends' Select School and the Washington 
(D. C.) Normal School; talks for teachers at the Pottstown 
Public and the Pottstown Private School. 

Miss Ellen F. Meehan : "Design," Junior Section, Philo- 
musian Club. 

Mr. Thornton Oakley : "The Pyrenees," at the Art Alliance 
and at the School; "Illustration," Shady Hill School, Pittsburgh, 
Pa., and Women's Club of Wheeling, West Virginia. 

Air. Warwick: "Furniture of the Italian Renaissance," Fur- 
niss Shakespeare Club; "Furniture," "Furniture of the 18th 
Century," The Plastic Club ; "Furniture and Costume,'' West 
Town Friends' School. 

Lectures given by the staff in our museum are mentioned 
in the report on the museum. 

Miscellaneous Activities 

At the banquet of the Textile Alumni Association Mr. Cox 
and Mr. Lockwood were acclaimed as members of the Quarter 
Century Faculty Club ; the other members who have served the 
School and the public for more than twenty-five years being Mr. 
France and Mr. Algeo. Upon this occasion the past pupils of the 
Textile Department presented Mr. Cox and Mr. Lockwood with 
handsome grandfather clocks. 

In this connection it should be noted that two members of 
the faculty of the Department of Industrial Art have also long 




records of service — Miss Fox having been appointed in 1891 
and Mr. Copeland in 1898. 

In the Teacher's Training" Class Miss Bell Boaz, of the 
Department of Art, Horace Mann School (New York City) and 
Miss Dorothy Kolb, of the Department of Art, Washington 
(D. C.) Normal School gave talks on teaching problems. 

The Fourth Year students of the Teacher's Training Course 
taught in the following schools : Chestnut Hill Academy, Friends' 
Select School, Kensington High School, Pottstown Private 
School. Accompanied by Mr. Hussey the classes attended the 
meetings of the Eastern Art Teachers' Association at Atlantic 
City and visited Teachers' College, Columbia University and the 
Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

This year the Junior Saturday classes were taught by the 
Fourth Year students of the Teacher's Training Course. This 
gave these future teachers an excellent opportunity to plan and 
carry out problems in instruction and gave the Junior Classes a 
well-rounded course of study. 

A comprehensive exhibit of the work of the School was 
shown, during the past summer, on the Million Dollar Pier at 
Atlantic City, a space 20 x 80 feet having been placed at the dis- 
posal of the School by the management. Thousands of visitors 
inspected the exhibition and the professional character of the 
work received general praise. An exhibit of School work was 
sent on tour by the American Federation of Arts, being shown in 
the following places : New Bedford, Mass., Swain School of 
Design; Dayton, Ohio, Dayton Museum of Art; Ypsilanti, Mich., 
Michigan State Normal College ; Ann Arbor, Mich., Ann Arbor 
Art Association ; Oxford, Ohio, Miami University and Western 
College ; Nashville, Tenn., Nashville State Fair ; Cairo, PL, Cairo 
Woman's Club ; Fayetteville, Ark., University of Arkansas ; 
University, Ala., University of Alabama. 

Other exhibits were sent out, as follows : Camden : Art 
Week, Camden High School ; Junior High School, Philadelphia ; 
Art Club, St. Petersburg, Fla. 


The Women's Rest Room was during the winter much 
improved in appearance through the interest and generosity of 
the Associate Committee of Women. New covers were made 
for the chairs and couches and new curtains placed at the windows. 

The students of the Fourth Year Class, with the assistance 
of some of the other pupils of the School, produced for the stu- 
dents of the School and their friends, a Russian Pageant. This 
represented the Court of Ivan, afterwards known as The Terrible : 
the return of the Czar from the wars and the baptism of his son, 
with dances by the peasants and by members of the Court. So 
great was the beauty and effectiveness of this production, that 
the Executive Committee arranged for its repetition at the 
Museum for the entertainment of the Members of the Corporation 
and their friends. 

During the year there appeared a delightful volume by Mrs. 
Thornton Oakley called "The Hill-Towns of the Pyrenees," illus- 
trated by many superb pen-drawings by Mr. Oakley. 

Mrs. Elliott published a fully illustrated volume entitled 
"Memorial Art" — being a textbook for designers and purchasers 
of monuments and memorials of every description. 

I cannot close this report without a word of praise for the 
instructors of the School. They have worked faithfully for the 
best interests of the students and to them is due the ever-increasing 
reputation which the School enjoys at home and abroad. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Huger Elliott, 




The following' accessions have been received by the Library : 

Books added by purchase 26 

Plates added by purchase 13 

Post Cards added by purchase 66 sets 

Pamphlets added by purchase 3 

Books added by gift 96 

Posters added by gift 22 

Photographs added by gift 86 

The attendance from September 19, 1923, to May 31, 1924, 
was 16,600. 

List of Donors 

T Square Club Mr. Peter Reilly 

Mrs. Bailey Mrs. Robert R. Logan 

Mr. and Mrs. Thornton Mrs. Frank T. Patterson 

Oakley Mr. John R. Sinnock 

Miss Eugenie M. Fryer Miss Margaretta Hinchman 

Mrs. C. F. Judson Hampton Glazed Paper Com- 
Mrs. Rudolph Blankenburg pany 

Mrs. John Story Jenks Mrs. Arthur V. Meigs 

Mr. Dalrymple Mr. Langdon Williams 

Miss Jessie Wilcox Smith Mrs. William A. Dick 

Mrs. Charles Copeland Mrs. Albert B. Weimer 

Mr. William C. Payne Mrs. John P. Green 

The Associate Committee of Mr. Rollins 



U -i 

S < 

< g 



For the Year Ended May 31, 1924 


Operating Accounts 

State Appropriation $7,500.00 

City Appropriation 32,500.00 

Matriculation Fees 1,550.00 

Art School Fees 53,768.50 

Art School Summer Fees 4,970.00 

Textile School Fees 67,656.45 

Membership Dues $11,837.51 

Less Expenses 3,209.61 


Alumni Association Phila. 
Textile School. To 
Textile School Expense $4,500.00 

Freshman Class Art Seals 

To Art School Expense 1,200.00 

Industrial Art League 

To Art School Expense 30.11 

Eldridge R. Johnson to 

General Expense 1.000.00 

Tubize Artificial Silk Com- 
pany of America to Gen- 
eral' Expense 1 ,000.00 

John D. Mcllhenny to 

Museum Expense 897.76 

Income from Endowment Funds 24,385.71 

Total Operating Receipts $209,586.43 



Salaries $15,833.22 

Wages 7,755.43 

General Expenses 12,878.91 


Art School 

Salaries $46,714.42 

Wages 2,590.02 

Coal 1,468.16 

Lighting 1,103.61 

General Expenses 4,577.19 

Textile School 

Salaries $54,501.32 

Wages 3,457.80 

Coal 2,936.34 

Lighting 772.66 

General Expenses 3,073.37 

School Building Maintenance 

Wages $24,840.04 

Insurance 5,353.96 

Mortgage Interest and 

Expenses 34,557.93 

General Expenses 4,808.44 

Museum Maintenance 

Salaries $6,811.59 

Library 1,092.52 

Publication 2,148.45 

General Expenses 7,405.44 




Total Operating Expenditures 244,680.82 

Operating Deficit $35,094.39 



For the Year Ending May 31, 1924 


Membership Dues $11,837.49 

Less Expenses 3,209.61 


Williams Furniture Fund 

Miss Hannah Fox $25.00 

Miss Laura Allen 25.00 

Mrs. Walter Clothier.... 5.00 

Mrs. Walter S. Wvatt. . . . 500.00 

Mr. Henry Fuguet 100.00 

Miss Juliana Wood 200.00 

Mr. G. C. Kuemmerle. . . . 50.00 

Mr. F. B. Bracken 25.00 

Mr. James E. Mitchell . . . 50.00 

Mr. George H. Frazier. . . 1,000.00 

Mr. S. P. Wetherill 500.00 

Mrs. George W. Childs 

Drexel 200.00 

Miss Anne Hinchman 100.00 

Miss Mary E. Converse . . 50.00 

Mrs. Charles R. Hinchman 25.00 

Dr. E. B. Krumbhaar. . . . 5.00 

Miss Genevieve A. Shryock 10.00 

Mr. Gideon Boerecke 10.00 

Miss Anna C. Chace 10.00 

Mrs. John D. Mcllhenny. 250.00 

Mrs. C. Stewart Wurts. . . 100.00 

Miss Gertrude S. Ely 5.00 

Miss Lydia E. King 5.00 

Mrs. Charles W. Henry. . 2,500.00 

Mr. Arthur H. Lea 300.00 

Mr. Sydney E. Hutchinson 1,000.00 

Mr. Daniel B. Wentz 250.00 

Miss Eleanor H. Dennison 10.00 

Estate of John Story Jenks 1,000.00 
Cash through Mrs. W. H. 

Walbaum 11.50 



Mr. E. S. Newbold. 100.00 

Mrs. Clarence A. Warden 100.00 
Mrs. Ella S. Browning. . . 150.00 
Mr. Howard Reifsnyder. . 250.00 
Mrs. Charles F. Judson . . 30.00 
Hon. Hampton L. Car- 
son 100.00 

Mr. Charles Bond 100.00 

Mr. Frank T. Patterson . . 500.00 

Mr. John Gribbel 100.00 


John D. Mcllhenny, Tower Hill Room 3,482.24 

Miscellaneous 5,530.96 

Income from Endowment Funds 27,651.39 

Total Receipts $55,043.97 

Less Disbursements 49,093.12 

Balance from previous report 15,997.82 

Balance as of May 31, 1924 $21,948.67 

May 31, 1924 


Cash on hand and in bank 12.656.44 

Real Estate Cost 550,778.99 

Less Mortgage 500,000.00 

Investments 594,470.70 



Scholarship Funds 

Chapman Biddle 962.50 

James P. Cresson 5,173.23 

Robert P. De Silver 1,007.00 

Edward Tomkins Dobbins. . 2,959.50 

Clayton French 962.50 

Mrs. E. D. Gillespie. 13,100.00 


Emily Leland Harrison .950.00 

John Harrison 950.00 

M. Theresa Keehmle 950.00 

Charles Godfrey Leland 2,000.00 

Georgia B. Mcllhennv 2,000.00 

Mr. & Mrs. John Mcllhennv 4,000.00 

Frank Hamilton Magee 1,000.00 

Charles V. Neuman 5,033.13 

Aspasia E. Ramborger 950.00 

Annie E. Sinnott 2,500.00 

Mrs. William Weightman, Jr. 1 ,069.62 

Rynear Williams, Jr 962.50 

Prize Funds 

Emma S. Crozer 2,087.83 

Frederick Graff 594.13 

Henry Perry Leland 475.00 

Elizabeth C. Roberts 2,321.34 

Annie E. Sinnott 500.00 

Sarah Tyler Wister 4,932.50 

Miscellaneous Funds 

Baugh Barber Fund 50.814.29 

Miss E. E. Foltz 503.13 

Elizabeth Shippen Endow- 
ment 160.000.00 

Endowment Fund 87,955.45 

Fannie S. Magee Fund. .... 9,960.10 
Francis T. S. Darley School 

Fund ." 32,190.11 

Francis T. S. Darley Museum 

Fund 32,568.24 

George W. B. Taylor Fund. 10,312.55 

Harriet Blanchard Fund 29,545.87 

Thomas Skelton Harrison 

Fund 20,000.00 

William Wood Fund 21,700.00 

James Butterworth Fund... 2,500.00 

John Story Jenks Fund 10,163.33 

Mary Richardson Fund 4,624.50 




Temple Fund 51,978.36 

Life Membership Fund 15,936.95 



Temporary Loans 25,000.00 

Restricted Funds 21,948.67 


Balance as per previous report 15,285.00 

Add State Appropriation 1921-23 33,445.13 

Deduct: 48,730.13 

Adjustments during" the 

year 871.94 

Operating Loss 35,094.39 




We have examined the Books and Accounts of the Pennsyl- 
vania Museum and School of Industrial Art for the year ended 
May 31, 1924. 

The actual Securities for the Investments of the Funds set 
forth on your books were not inspected by us, but tests were made 
to ascertain that the Income therefrom was duly received. 

We hereby certify that the foregoing Report of the Treasurer 
correctly sets forth the true financial condition of the institution, 
subject to the above comments. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Chas. C. Hunziker, 
Certified Public Accountant. 

The Auditing Committee of the Board of Trustees reports 
that it has examined the Securities deposited with the Land Title 
and Trust Company and finds them in agreement with the records 
in the offices of the Secretary and Treasurer, making a total, as 
set forth in the foregoing Report of the Treasurer, of $594,470.70. 

John S. Jenks, 
March 27, 1924. Willam M. Elkins. 



To the President and Board of Trustees: 

I herewith present the thirty-seventh Annual Report of the 
Associate Committee of Women. 

We record with deep regret the death of Miss Anna J. Magee 
in December, 1923. Miss Magee displayed a special interest and 
understanding sympathy in the League House and was among 
the first contributors towards its purchase. 

During the year seven new members have been elected : 

Mrs. Edwin N. Benson, Jr. 

Mrs. Edward Browning 

Mrs. J. Hamilton Cheston 

Mrs. S. Grey Dayton 

Mrs. William A. Dick 

Mrs. John H. McFadden, Jr. 

Mrs. W. Standley Stokes 
It was with sincere regret that the Committee found it 
necessary to accept the resignations of the Countess of Santa 
Eulalia as Treasurer and of Mrs. Henry S. Grove as Secretary. 
The Countess has served the Committee efficiently and untiringly 
for seven years and by her counsel and interest saved the Com- 
mittee money and an enormous amount of trouble in the purchase 
of the League House. Mrs. Grove has given her undivided 
attention to the work of the School and Museum for the past 
ten years and we all regret the necessity of her having to with- 
draw from the work which she did so ably. 

The Students' League House : Mrs. Edgar W. Baird 
reported for the Committee that the improvements made last year 
have made everything most delightful. The greatest need for 
the future is a new heating system. This year they accommodated 
twenty-three students. Three lovely large rugs were received from 
Mrs. Logan ; a chest of drawers and some beautiful pictures from 
Mrs. Dick ; towels by the dozen, the gift of Mrs. Grove, and 
a dozen chairs from Mrs. Clark. 

The House Committee, Mrs. William H. Walbaum, Chair- 


w 2 

Q < 

O D ^ 





f- £j 

P Id 


H .. — 





1 tf 

""-•«< ■ 



i / "" 

u P 

























* PQ 


man : During the year the Rest Room was renovated and fur- 
nished to the satisfaction of the students. Airs. H. Norris 
Harrison interested the students in the Class in Interior Decora- 
tion in the selection of curtains and covers and thus a more 
livable and attractive room was created. The donation of a rug 
from Airs. Logan has made the room most comfortable and 

The House Committee has visited the School from time to 
time and has tried to interest the students in the neatness and 
care of the locker rooms as well as the classrooms. A prize was 
offered for the best decorated classroom. 

Entertainment Committee, Airs. William A. Dick, Acting 
Treasurer : This year instead of giving an entertainment, the 
Committee decided to send out a printed appeal for contributions 
to the patrons and friends of the School. From this appeal 
$1102 was received. 

Scholarship Committee, Airs. John H. Brinton, Chairman : 
Airs. Brinton reports that the students holding scholarships for 
the current year have been appreciative and the quality of the work 
has been on the whole excellent. Those who have satisfactorily 
completed their examinations have been recommended for 

Detailed reports from each Committee Chairman were pre- 
sented under the following captions : 

Airs. Henry Brinton Coxe, for the Course in Costume Design. 

Aliss Alargaretta S. Hinchman, for the Course in Furniture 
and Wood Carving. 

Airs. C. Shillard-Smith, for the Course in Illustration. 

Airs. Robert R. Logan, for the Committee on the Library. 

Airs. Frank Thorne Paterson, for the Committee on the 

Airs. Robert R. Logan, for the Course in Pottery. 

Airs. C. Stewart Wurts, for the Course in Textiles. 

Airs. Frank Thorne Patterson, for the Course in Wrought 

ron " AIargaretta S. Hinchman, 

Secretary pro tern. 

Work of Student of Class in Modeling 



General Fund 

Balance in Real Estate Trust Company $1,374.15 

Annie E. Sinnott Legacy : Fellowship Fund : 

$5,600.00, Fourth U. S. Liberty Loan Bonds. . 4,974.48 

Total in General Fund $6,348.63 

Students' Loan Fund : 

Balance in Real Estate Trust Company. . $777.89 
Balance in Phila. Savings Fund Society. . 217.35 
Loans Outstanding to Students 580.00 

Investments : 
$1,000.00 Ohio Connecting 

Rwy. Co $1,020.00 

$1,000.00 Electric & People's 

Rwy 890.61 

$1,000.00 Third U. S. Liberty 

Loan '. 1,000.00 

Total Investments $2,910.61 

Total in Students' Loan Fund $4,485.85 

Entertainment Fund : 

Balance in Real Estate Trust Company 123.05 

Total $10,957.53 

Total, General Fund $6,348.63 

Total, Students' Loan Fund 4,485.85 

Total, Entertainment Fund 123.05 


The foregoing report has been audited and found correct. 

H. N. Williams. 
May 6, 1924. 


U o 


Wood, William 


*Baird, John 

*Barton, Mrs. Susan R. 

Bispham, George Tucker 
*Blanchard, Miss Anna 
: 'Childs, George W. 

Combs, Mrs. Mary A. 

Disston, Henry, & Sons 
*Dolan, Thomas 
; 'Drexel, A. J. 
:: Drexel, F. A. 

Elkins, William M. 
:: Garrett, Miss Julia 
"Garrett, W. E., Jr. 
"Gibson, Henry C. 

Gibson, Henry C, Mrs. 

Gibson, Mrs. J. Howard 
|c Harrison, Thomas Skelton 

Henry, Mrs. Charles W. 

Henry, Mrs. J. Norman 
!: Houstox, H. H. 


*Jenks, John Stor^t 
*Lea, Henry C. 

Lea, Miss Nina 
*Lippincott, Mrs. J. Dundas 

Ludington, Charles H. 
*McFadden, John H. 

McIlhenny, John D. 
:!: Magee, Miss Fannie S. 
*Moore. Mrs. Bloomfield 
*Morris, John T. 

Patterson, Mrs. Frank 
* Search, Theodore C. 
*Scott, Mrs. Thomas A. 
"Temple, Joseph E. 
*Weightman, William 

Whitney, A., & Sons 

Williams, Mrs. Charles F. 

Wister, Mrs. Jones 

B., T. B. 

Brubaker, Mrs. Albert P. 

Carruth, John G. 

Crane, T. I. 

Frazier, Mr. George Harrison 

Hartley, Mrs. R. M. 

Humphreys, Miss Letitia 

Hutchinson, Sydney E. 



Johnson, Eldridge Reeves 
Nichols, Mrs. H. S. Prentiss 
Patterson, Frank Thorne 
Townsend, Mrs. David 
Tubize Artificial Silk Company 

of America 
Wanamaker, Rodman 
Wilson, Jos. Lapsley 



Allen, Joseph 

Alter, Mrs. John Joseph 

Artman, Mrs. Caroline Foederer 

Baeder, Adamson & Co. 

Barney, James W. 

Bartol, H. W. 

Battles, H. H. 

Beck, Miss Adele M. 

Bein, August 

Blaetz, Jacob H. 

Blair, Andrew A. 

Blakiston, Miss Mary 

Boericke, Gideon 

Boger & Crawford 

Bok, Edward W. 

Bok, Mrs. Edward W. 

Bond, Charles 

Bower, F. B. 

Bower, William H. 

Braun, John F. 

Brazier, Miss E. Josephine 

Bready, Edwin K. 

Brinton, Mrs. Jasper Yeates 

Brock, Henry G. 

Bryant, Henry G. 

Burnham, George, Jr. 

Butcher, Henry C. 

Butcher, Mrs. Henry C. 

Button, Conyers 

Caldwell, J. E., & Co. 

Capp, Seth-Bunker 

Carpenter, Captain Aaron E. 

Carson, Mrs. Hampton L. 

Carter, Mrs. William T. 

Chase, Mrs. Mary Justice 

Clark, Charles D. 

Clark, Edward Walter 

Clark, Walton 

Clark, Mrs. Walton 

Cochran, M. 

Coleman, Edward R. 

Coleman, Miss Fanny B. 

Colket, C. Howard 

Collins, Henry H. 

Combs, Mrs. John F. 

Cope, Miss Caroline E. 

Curtis, Cyrus H. K. 

Dobson, John & James 

Drexel, Mrs. John R. 

Duhring, Mrs. Henry 

Du Pont de Nemours, E. I., & Co. 

Dwier, W. Kirkland 

Eddystone Manufacturing Co. 

Elkins, George W., Jr. 

Ennis, Andrew J. 

Evans, Miss Lena Cadwalader 

Fay, Leonard A. 

Fels, Samuel S. 

Fromuth, August G. 

Fuguet, Howard 

Fuller, Mrs. Wm. A. M. 

Furness, Mrs. Horace Howard, Jr. 

Garrett, Mrs. Walter 

Geyelin, Mrs. Emile C. 

Gribbel, John 

Grove, Mrs. Henry S. 

Harrison, Alfred C. 

Harrison, George L. 

Harrison, H. Norris 

Harrison, John, Tr. 

Hatfield. Henry R. 

Helme, William E. 

Helme, Mrs. William E. 

Heppe, Florence J. 

Hetzel, George C. 

Hill, George W. 

Hinchman, Miss Anne 

Hires, Charles E. 

Horn & Hardart Baking Co. 

Horn, Joseph V. 

Horrocks Bros. 

Horstmann, Wm. H., & Sons 

Howe, Mrs. Mary W. F. 

Jarden. Mrs. Mary Templin 

Jayne, David, & Sons 

Jenkins, Charles F. 

Jenks, John S. 

Johnson, Mrs. George K. 

Johnson, R. Winder 

Tusti, Henry M. 

Justi, H. D. 

Justice, Mrs. William W. 

Keen, Edwin F. 

Kennedy, John M.., Jr. 

Klauder, Charles Z. 

Klemm, Mrs. Maria 

Landenberger, J. William 

Lea, Arthur H. 

Lewis, Mrs. John Frederick 

Logan, Mrs. Robert R. 

McCahan, William J., Jr. 

Mcllhenny, Mrs. John D. 

McLanahan. M. Hawley 

McNeely, Miss Florence 

McNeely, Robert K. 

McNeely, Mrs. Robert K. 


Madeira, Louis C, & Sons 

Mastbaum, Jules E. 

Matteossian, Mrs. Herant Baron 

May, Mrs. Joseph 

Meigs, Arthur I. 

Meigs, Mrs. Arthur V. 

Meirs, Mrs. Richard Wain 

Miles, Mrs. M. L. 

Miles, Thomas H. 

Miller, Mrs. Benjamin 

Miller, Miss Doris A. 

Miller, Mrs. E. Clarence 

Millville Manufacturing Company 

Milne, David 

Moore, Mrs. Amory 

Moore, Clarence B. 

Morris, Effingham B. 

Morris, Miss Lydia T. 

Newbold, Mrs. John S. 

Newton, Mrs. Jewett B. 

Oehrle Brothers Co. 

Oliver Knitting Company 

Olsen, Tinius 

Penrose, Mrs. Charles Bingham 

Perot, T. Morris, Jr. 

Pitcairn, Raymond 

Powers, Thomas Harris 

Price, Eli Kirk 

Prime, Alfred C. 

Provident Life & Trust Co. 

Quaker Lace Co. 

Randolph, Mrs. Evan 

Rea, Samuel 

Reifsynder, Howard 

Roberts, Mrs. Charles 

Robinson. Anthony Wayne 

Rossmassler, Walter H. 

Ryan, James J. 

Santa Eulalia, Countess of 

Scholes & Sons, Inc., William 

Sc'hwehn, Harry J. 

Scott, William H. 

Segal, Adolph 

Semple, Miss Helen 

Semple, Mrs. Matthew 

Shelton, Frederick 

Smith, Mrs. A. Percival 

Smith, Horace Eugene 

Smith, Mrs. Jacqueline Harrison 

Smith, Lewis Lawrence 

Spink, William 

Steel Heddle Mfg. Co. 

Steel, E. T., & Co. 

Supplee-Wills-Jones Milk Co. 

Sutro, Paul E. 

Svkes, Brothers, Inc., 

Taft, Elihu B. 

Thayer, Mrs. Sydney 

Thomas, T. Lewis 

Thropp, Mrs. Joseph E. 

Todd, Mrs. Forde Anderson 

Turner, Mrs. Charles P. 

Wagner, Samuel 

Warden, W. G. 

Welsh, Francis Ralston 

Wentz, Daniel B. 

Wetherill, Samuel P. 

Wetherill & Bro. 

Whitall, Tatum Co. 

Williams, David E. 

Windrim, John T. 

Wood, Mrs. Charles Martin 

Wood, Miss Juliana 

Wood, Walter 

Wood, William, & Co. 

Wright. Mrs. Ravmond D. B. 

Wvatt, Mrs. Walter S. 


Atlas Dve Works 

Benedict, Henry H. 

Coral Manufacturing Company 

D'Olier, Franklin 

Erben-Harding Company 

Stead-Miller Company 

Sullivan, James F. 
Wiegand, Henry, Jr. 
Littlewood. J. T. 
Wetherill, Mrs. Samuel P. 
Wood, Edward Randolph 


Ashdaie, Thomas E. 
Bains, Edward 
Beaumont, Charles O. 
Bloch, Arthur 

Bodine, Mrs. Samuel F. 
Boylan, A. J. 
Brinton, Jasper Yeates 
Bromley, Henry S. 

Brown, Landy B. 
Browne. Mrs. John Coates 
Campbell, John J. 
Carstairs, Daniel H. 


Clarke, James H. 
Clay, Helen Maud 
Clay, Mrs. Mary F. R. 
Coales, Edith S. 
Collins, Mrs. Philip 
Converse, Miss Mary E. 
Cowan, Alexander 
Coxe, Mrs. Henry B. 
Cramp, Theodore W. 
Cunningham, Wilfred H. 
Dearnley, Mrs. Elizabeth 
De Frenoys, Le Marquis 
Degn, William L. 
Drexel, Mrs. George W. 

Duncan, John M. 
Dykeman, Lester W. 
Earnshaw, George E. 
Eisenlohr, Charles J. 
Elkinton, William T. 
Ewing-Thomas Convert 

ing Company 
Firth, Joseph F. 
Fox, Hannah 
Freund, Rudolph 
Gilmer, L.H. 
Gilmour, R. and A. T. 
Glover, B. W. 
Grasselli Chemical Co. 
Gray, Wilfred 
Gruishlaw and Sickel 
Hamilton, Richard J. 
Henderson,Mrs. Samuel J 
Hunziker, Charles C. 
Jeanes, Mrs. Isaac W. 
Jeanes, Joseph Y. 

Kelley, John A., Jr. 
Kessler, Adam, Jr. 
Lavino, Mrs. E. G. 
Lea, Charles M. 
Legge, Percy A. 
Loeb, David J. 
Lowry, Mrs. William C. 
MacCarthy, Miss Edith 
Markoe, Mrs. John 
Mellors, Norman 
Miller, Jacob, and Sons 

Royal Silk Dyeing Com- 

Samuel, Frank 

Sanborn, Edward H. 

Schiedt, J. Harry 

Schmidt, Airs. Edward A. 

Schofield, J. Dobson 

Seeler, Edgar V. 

Seeler, Mrs. Edgar V. 

Shryock, Miss Genevieve 

Simon, Mrs. Stephen J. 

Mitchell, Allen R., & Sons Sinkler, Wharton 

Model Mills Company 
Morris, E. H. 
Muir, Joseph Z. 
Murphy, Edward 
Nassau, Mrs. Charles F. 

Smith, Mrs. C. Morton 
Smith, Manning J. 
Sproules, Edwin A. 
Stackhouse, Richard H. 
Stevens, Andrew F. 

Newbold, Captain Arthur Stimson, Miss Anna K. 

C, Jr. 

■Norton, Mrs. Charles D. 
Pearson, Fred, & Co. 
Pepper, Hon. George 

Peterson, Arthur 
Phelps, Henry F. 
Poth, Harry 
Putt, Frank B. 
Rambo, Joseph S. 
Read, William F., Jr. 

Sullivan, James F. 
Tioga Steel and Iron 

Trainor, Joseph C. 
Turner, Mrs. Charles P. 
Turner, John S. 
Vickerman, R. E. 
Walther, John F. 
Walton, Horace 
Warden, Mrs. Clarence A. 
Warner, Mrs. F. A. 

Rinehart, H. P., Sons, Inc.Webb, Andrew S. 
Roberts, Mrs. Percival, JrWilmsen, Bernard 
Robins, Thomas Wilson, James L. 

Robinson, Alexander D. Wood, Clement B. 
Rosenbach, Phillip 
Ross, Adam A. 

Abbott, C. Yarnall 
Abbott, Miss Gertrude 
Abeeco Mills, Inc. 
Abel, William H. 
Aberle, H. C. 
Abmeyer, Gustav W. E. 
Acheson, C. Hugh 
Achuff, Robert P. 
Acker, Mrs. Finley 
Adaire, Alexander 
Adams, Clyde S. 
Adams, Harry S. 
Addis, Leonard M. 
Adger, Miss Willian 
Adler. Margaret 
Adolph, Albert J. 


Ahrens, Ellen W. 
Aichele, Otto W., M.D. 
Alden, E. H. 
Aldrich, William T. 
Alexander, Edward T. 
Allen, Benjamin, 3rd 
Allen, Clifford P., Jr. 
Allen, Miss Laura 
Allen, Leonidas 
Allen, Mrs. Maria 

Allen, Perry S., D.D. 
Allen, Ralph C. 
Allen, William L. 
Allen, Mrs. William N. 
Allman, Justin P. 

Alpern, M. 
Altemus, Airs. Bessie 

Altenender, Theodore 
Alvarez, Miss Aurora A. 
Ambler, William R. 
Amidon, H. E. 
Ancker, Laurence L. 
Anderson, Mrs. David G. 
Anderson, E. H. 
Anderson, Mrs. Edward 

Anderson, Matthew, D.D. 
Anderson, .Ralph 
Anderson, W. S. 
Anderson, Mrs.W. Downs 


Anthony, Roscoe T. 
Apex Chemical Co. 
Appleton, Mrs. Louise A. 
Appleton, W. S. 
Archer, Mrs. F. Morse 
Argentiers, Joseph R. 
Armistead, VVm. M. 
Armstrong, F. Wallis 
Arndt, Mrs. H. 
Arthur, Mrs. Charles H. 
Asam, Henry 
Asbell, Joseph 
Ashman, Mrs. Charles 
Ashman, Charles T. 
Ashton, Mrs. Leonard C. 
Ashton, Taber 
Aspel, Joseph, M.D. 
Assenheimer, C. F., M.D. 
Atkinson, James H. 
Atkinson, J. Powell 
Atkinson, Thomas H. 

Atkinson, W. C. 
Austin, J. Harold, M.D. 
Austin, Richard L. 
Ayars, Sherman E., M.D. 
Ayers, H. H. and A. B. 
Avers, Henry 
Babbitt, Niles S. 
Bachman, Miss Otilie 
Bachrach, Harry 
Bacon, Ellis 
Badenhausen, Phillips 
Baer, B. F., M.D. 
Baile, Robert, Sr. 
Bailey, V. Pinnock, M.D. 
Baird, E. W. 
Baird, Mrs. Edgar W. 
Baker, A. T. 
Baker, Daniel 
Balderston, Eugene P. 
Baldi, Vito M. 
Baldwin, Kate W., M.D. 
Balis, Clarence W. 
Ball, Thomas H. 
Ballard, Mrs. Ellis Ames 
Ballinger, Walter F. 
Baltz, Frank R. 
Barenbaum, Louis, M.D. 
Baringer, Milton F. 
Barker, Walter C. M.D. 
Barnard. Chester I. 
Barnes, Mrs. J. H. 
Barnes, Warren S. 
Barnett, Harry Newton 

Barratt, Alfred 
Barrie, Robert 
Barron, Benjamin 
Barrow, W. Bruce 
Barry, F. A. 
Bartlett, E. F. P. 
Barton, Mrs. Susa B. 
Basford, R. F. 
Bass, Joseph H. 
Baton, H. E. 
Battin, Henry S. 
Bauer, Gustave 
Baun, Louis H. 
Beale, L. T. 
Beath, E. R. 
deBeaulieu, Carl 
Beavis, John 

Bechmann, Mrs. William 
Beck, Charles W. 
Beck, Charles W., Jr. 
Becker, Joseph, Jr. 
Bedford, J. Claude 
Beeber, Hon. Dimner 
Beerwald, Benjamin D. 
Behrer, Mrs. Lovey A. 
Bein, August 
Belber, Aaron S. 
Belding, William S. 
B..T. B. 
Bell, Dudley E. 
Bell, Miss Emily 
Bell, James McK. 
Bell, Samuel, Jr. 
Bell, Mrs. Samuel, Jr. 
Belmont, E. A. 
Belmont, L. A. 
Belsterling, William F. 
Belz, Duncan Co. 
Bement, William P. 
Bemis, R. W., M.D. 
Benkert, W. C, Sr. 
Bennett,William A.. M.D. 
Bennett, Mrs. Wm. H. 
Benson, Mrs. E. W. 
Benson, Mrs. Edwin N., 

Benson, W. John 
Berens, Bernard, M.D. 
Berg, Adolph 
Berger, M. Russell 
Berkelbach, John S. 
Bernheimer, L. G. 
Bernstein, Jacob 
Berry, Ernest 
Berrvman, Robert J. 

Bert, J. B., M.D. 

Bertolet, Elmer C. 

Bertolet, J. Allen, M.D. 

Berwind, Miss J. A. 

Beta Gamma Sigma Sor- 

Betelle, Howard E. 

Betz, Harry S. 

Beury, Charles E. 

Beyer, Erich 

Biberman, Lewis 

Bickel, John 

Bickel, M. L. 

Bickley, George Howard 

Biddle, Mrs. Arthur 

Biddle, Miss Edith F. 

Biddle, Edward M. 

Biddle, Miss Emily W. 

Bihlmaier, Fred A. 

Birdsell, David C. 

Birdsong & Co. 

Bishop, James C. 

Bishop, William 

Bittinbinder, Frank S. 

Blabon, Mrs. George C. 

Black, D. Frank 

Blackburne, Mrs. Ida. P. 

Blaes, Henry 

Blakiston, Miss Emma 

Bland, P. B., M.D. 

Blankenburg, Mrs. 

Blight, Airs. W. S., Jr. 

Blitzstein, Rosalie M., 

Blood, Henry 

Bloomfield, Maximilian 
D., M.D. 

Bloomhardt, S. I., M.D. 

Blum, Charles 

Blumenthal, Moses L. 

Bockius, Morris R. 

Bodine, Cornelius 

Bodine, Samuel T. 

Boeshore, Miller H. 

Boger, Edwin L. 

Boggs, Mrs. William R. 

Bogia, Reuben A., M.D. 

Bolger Brothers 

Bond, M. Florence 

Bonbright, J. S. 

Boney, Morris 

Bonnell, Henry H. 

Bonsall. Rodnev T. 


Booth, Charles S. A. 
Booth, James 
Borgenski, Samuel J. 
Borie, Charles L., Jr. 
Borneman, Henry S. 
Bornstein, Samuel 
Bortel, Samuel B. 
Boston, Frank E., M.U. 
Boulden, C. C. 
Bowditch, Walter 
Bower, Mrs. George R. 
Bower, John L., M.D. 
Bower, Maurice L. 
Bowman, Benjamin, M.D. 
Bowman, C. Horace 
Boyce, Henry S. 
Boyd, Roy Martin 
Bracken, Francis B. 
Bradley, Mrs. Emma V. 
Brady, Franklin, M.D. 
Braley, Miss Elizabeth W 
Brannen, Alfred J. 
Branson, Mrs. Charles F. 
Branson, Thomas F., 

Braude Brothers 
Brazier, Mrs. Joseph H. 
Bregey, Milton M. 
Bregy, Mrs. Caroline 

Brehm, L. T. 
Brennen, G. A. 
Brenner, Harry N. 
Breyer, Henry W. 
Bricker, Mrs. H. E. 
Bright, W. Stanley 
Brink, George 
Brinkman, Mrs. Leon 
Brinton, Miss Amy S. 
Brinton, Mrs. Jasper 

Brinton, Mrs. John H. 
Bristol, F. E.. M.D. 
Brock, Mrs. Horace 
Brock, Mrs. Robert C. H. 
Brodsky, Jacob H. 
Brody, Louis 
Brogan, Charles M. 
Brooke, Mrs. George 
Brooks, Prof. Alfred M. 
Broomall, H. S., M.D. 
Brown, Andrew V. 
Brown, Mrs. Charles L. 
Brown, Clarence M. 
Brown, Clarence W. 

Brown, Claude P., M.D. 
Brown, Dee Carlton 
Brown, F. G. 
Brown, Francis Head 
Brown, Mrs. Francis 

Brown, Mrs. Frederick 
Brown, J. Newlin 
Brown, James Crosby 
Brown, Mrs. John A., Jr. 
Brown,Miss Martha M. 
Brown, Mrs. Wilson H. 
Brown, William Findlay 
Browning, E., Jr. 
Browning, Mrs. Edward 
Bruner, Francis A. 
Bryan, James G. 
Bryant, Cheston M. 
Buchanan, Andrew E. 
Buckley, Edward S., Jr. 
Bugbee, R. W. 
Buhler, Frank W. 
Bullitt, O. H. 
Bullock, Mrs. Horace 
Bullock, J. Maxwell 
Bulmer, W. H., Jr. 
Burk, Henry 
Burnham, E. Lewis 
Burnham, Mrs. Geo., jr. 
Bushnell, Joseph 
Butler, Mrs. Edgar H. 
Butler, Mrs. Ralph 
Butterworth, Charles M. 
Butterworth, George W. 
Button, Mrs. Joseph 

Bux, Julius R. 
Buzby. H. A. 
Byall, Mrs. J. Bruce 
Cadwalader, Mrs. John 
Cadwalader, Mrs. John, 


Carnwath, James 

Carpenter, J. Fred 

Carpenter, John T., M.D. 

Carr, G. Wentworth 

Carr, George P. N. 

Carr, Henry Ashley 

Carraine, Eugene 

Carre, Frank L. 

Carrington, John A. 

Carroll, Louis J. 

Carroll, Peter F. 

Carson, Mrs. Hampton L. 

Carson, John T. 

Carson, Robert, Sr. 

Carson, T. D. 

Carter, Mrs. James New- 

Carter, Mrs. William T. 

Carty, Andrew J. 

Casanave, John H. 

Cascaden, George 

Cascaden, Robert J. 

Cassatt, Robert K. 

Castner, Samuel, Jr. 

Central M. E. Church of 

Chabot, Joseph F. 

Chahoon, Mrs. M. D. 

Chambers, Francis T. 

Chambers, Mrs. J. H. 

Chambers, J. Howard 

Champion, Harry W. 

Chandler, Franklin 

Chandler, Mrs. Percy M. 

Chandler, T. P. 

Channell, Mary A. 

Chapman, Mrs. Lucia P. 

Chapman, Wm. R. 

Cherry, Harry 

Cherry, Isaac 

Chesner, F. M., M.D. 

Caldwell, Miss Florence FCheston, Mrs. J. Hamilton 

Caldwell, J. E., & Co. 
Callahan, Dr. Andrew 
Callahan, Griffin C. 
Calvert, J. S. 
Camp, Mrs. George R. 
Campbell, Mrs. Milton 
Campbell, Milton 
Campion, Herbert G. 
Canfield, John M. 
Cantrell. Mrs. Dorothv H 
Carlton Mills Co. 
Carnill, Mrs. Mary B. 

Cheston, Radcliffe, M.D. 
Chew, Miss Elizabeth B. 
Chew, Mrs. Oswald 
Chew, Mrs. Samuel 
Chew, William H. 
Childs, Isaac R. 
Chodoff, Louis. M.D. 
Christensen. Adolph 
Christensen, Newell A., 

Church, Arthur L. 
Church, Miss Frances C. 


Claflin, Mrs. C. B. 
Claflin, Mrs. Emily 

Clark, Miss Bertha 
Clark, C. M. 
Clark, E. W., Jr. 
Clark, Mrs. E. W., 3d 
Clark, Herbert L. 
Clark, Mrs. Herbert L. 
Clark, Joseph S. 
Clark, Percy H. 
Clarke, Jacob Orie 
Clarke, Joseph 
Clay, Thomas W. W. 
Clever, Mrs. G. Charles 
Clothier, Walter 
Clyde, Miss Margaret 
Coale, T. E. 
Coates, Thomas, M.D. 
Coates, William M. 
Coburn, C. E. 
Cohen, A. J., M.D. 
Cohen, Benjamin 
Cohen, Charles J. 
Cohen, Nathan 
Cohen, William 
Cole, Harry C. 
Coleman, Philip F. 
Coles, George W. 
Colket, E. Burton 
Collins, Charles E. 
Collins, Mrs. Isaac 
Collins, Margaret Hill 
Colton, S. W., Jr. 
Combs, Horace M. 
Comfort, George B. 
Comly, Mrs. Catherine F. 
Comly, Miss Emma Ridg 

Connor, Edward 
Conrad, Miss Louise G. 
Cook, Gustavus W T . 
Cooke, Charles B. 
Cooke, Harry H. 
Cookman, Mrs. Wm. H. 
Coons, Theresa S. 
Cooperberg, Samuel 
Cope, Thomas A., M.D. 
Cope, Thomas G. 
Copeland, J. Frank 
Copp, Mrs. Dorothy 

Corcoran, M. P., M.D. 
Corin, Magnus F. 
Cornell, H. E. 

Cornell, John W. 
Cornish, Wendell P. 
Corson, Alan 
Courter, Bertha W. 
Cousley, Stanley W. 
Cover, Mrs. Thomas, Jr. 
Cowperthwait, Charles T 
Cox, Richard S. 
Cox, Mrs. Walter S. 
Coxe, Mrs. Henry 

Coxe, Mrs. Whitwell W. 
Coyle, John J. 
Craig, John F. 
Crain, Mrs. Edmund 

Cramp, Norman W. 
Crane Company 
Creighton, Edw. B. 
Creskoff, Jere A. 
Cret, Paul 
Crout, William J. 
Crowder, Miss Emma A. 
Crowell, F. R. 
Crowley, H. J. 
Crowther, Charles W. 
Crozier, Mrs. David E. 
Culin, Wm. D„ M.D. 
Culver, Theodore B. 
Cummings, Robert Perry 

Cummiskey, M. E. 

Cunningham, J. Mertz, 

Curran, Charles J. 

Curran, James 

Curran, James F. 
-Curran, Mrs. George 

Curtin, Mrs. William W. 

Custer, Ella B., M.D. 

Cutler, Walter P. 

Dallam, David English 

Dallett, W. P. 

Dalot, Arthur J. 

Dalot, Mrs. Julia B. 

Daly, Joseph A., M.D. 

Dana, Mrs. Charles E. 

Danehower, F. B. 

Dannenbaum, Harry M. 

Dapp, Charles 

D'Ascenzo, Nicola 

Davenport, Elias F. 

Davids, Richard W. 

Davidson, William G. 

Davies, George C. 

Davis, George W. 
Davis, H. L., Jr. 
Davis, Harry C. 
Davis, Mrs. Henry L., Jr. 
Davis, Malcolm I. 
Davis, Nathan H. 
.Davis, Paul A., 3d 
Davis, Percy N. 
Davis, Mrs. S. Boyer 
Davis, Warren B., M.D. 
Dawes, James H. 
Dawson, Thomas and 

Day, Charles 
Day, Mrs. Frank Miles 
Day, Rodney 
Days, I. H. 
Dayton, Mrs. S. Grey 
Deacon, George H, Sr. 
Deal, William L. 
Dean, J. Atlee 
Dean, Mrs. M. V. B. 
Deane, Eleanor A. 
Deeter, Paxson 
Degen, Miss M. C. 
Deitrich, D. W. 
DeLaCour, Mrs. J. Carl 
Delany, Mrs. Charles 
Delany, Miss Sophie H. 
, DeLaurentis, Joseph 

Delta Sigma Theta 

Deming, George E. 

Demming, Mrs. R. O. 

Denney, William F. 

Denniston, Mrs. E. E. 

Descano, Thomas 

Desch, P. N. 

Desmond, Mrs. M. L. 

Deutsch, Samuel 

Devery, Thomas J. 

Diament, A. L. 

Dick, Lewis R. 

Dick, Mrs. William A. 

Dickey, Eloise P. 

Dickey, J., Jr. 

Dickson, Arthur G. 

Dickson, James B. 

Diehl, C. S. 

Diesel, Mrs. Harrison N. 

Dilks, Mrs. Walter H. 

Dillon, James L. 

Dingee, Albert N. 

DiSilvesto, John M. 

Disston, William D. 


Diton, Carl 
Dixon, Harry 
Doak, Samuel E. 
Dobbins, Miss Laura F. 
Dobbins, Miss Mary A. 
Dobson, William A. 
Dodd, H. C. 

Easterbrook, William 
Eberle, Eugene G. 
Eberle, J. Frederick, Jr. 
Ebert, George J. 
Eckels, Howard S. 
Edmonds, Franklin 

Dodge, Mrs. James MapesEdmonds, Mrs. Franklin 

Dodge, Miss Linda G. 
Doering, Wra. H. 
Doerr, F. W. 
Dohan, Mrs. Edith H. 
Dolan, Thomas J. 
Dolbey, Edward P. 
Dolfinger, Henry 
Doll, Miss Josephine 
Domanski, Vincent, Jr. 
Donahue, John W. 
Donaldson, Mrs. H. H. 
Donaldson, Wm. K. 
Donnelly, Airs. Anna H. 
Donovan, John I. 
Dorrance, Mrs. John T. 
Dorres, Miss Mary C. 
Dothard, Walter T. 
Dougherty, Francis P., 

Dougherty, Gerald A. 

Edmonds, Samuel C. 
Edmunds, Franklin D. 
Eham, James 
Eichelman, Peter J. 
Eichholz, A. 
Eichler, Anton 
Eichmann, Miss L. M. 
Eisele, Gustav F. 
Eisele, Louis F. 
Eisenhardt, J. Harry 
Eiseman, John S. 
Eisenlohr Bros. 
Eissler, Miss Louise 
Elias, Joseph 
Elkins, John 
Elliot, J. Mitchell 
Elliott, Harrv C. 
Elliott, Mrs. R. M. 
Elliott, W. Clare 

Dougherty, Mrs. Thomas Ellis, A. M. 

Douglas, Gertrude 

Douty, Nicholas 
Downs, Mrs. Norton 
Doyle, Mrs. Bartley J. 
Doyle, William J. 
Drayton, Mrs. John W. 
Drehmann, Henry B. 
Drexel, Mrs. George W. 

Drinker, Mrs. Frederick 
Drinker, Henry S., Jr. 
Drobile, A. W. 
Dryfoos, Solomon 
D'Sinter, Miss Irma E. 
Duane, Mrs. Russell 
Dudley, F. A. 
Duer, Mrs. S. Naudain 
Dunn, Mrs. Houston 

Ellis, Airs. Frank H. 
Ellis, Joseph Cannon, 

Ellis, Kain 
Ellis, Maxwell 
Ellison, Norman 
Elsasser, (jeorge A., Jr. 
Ely, Miss Anna W. 
Ely, Aliss Gertrude 
Ely, Robert B. 
Ely, Van Horn 
Embery, William 
Emery, Benjamin F. 
Emery, Charles W., & 

Emlen, George W. 
Emlen, Airs. Samuel, Jr. 
England, Airs. E. C. 
English, Airs. F. W. 
Eppler, Elmer D. 

du Pont, Mrs. T. Coleman Eppinger, Harry J. 
Durant, Mrs. Frederick C.Erben, George Kester 
Eakins, Elmer Ersner, Alatthew S., M.D 

Earle, Mrs. George H., Jr.Etherington, Burton 
Earle, Aliss Mary Pardee Ethier, Airs. Alary H. 
Earnshaw, W. G. Eubank, John P. 

Eutermarks, H. F. 
Evans, George B. 
Evans, G. G. 
Evans, Jesse C. 
Evans, M. E. 
Evans, Ralph B. 
Evans, W., M.D. 
Ewing, Miss Cornelia L. 
Exline, Lynn E. 
Eyanson, Edw. 
Eyre, T. L. 
Eyre, Wilson 
Fagan, Miss Emma 

Fahy, Walter T. 
FaipJe, George W. 
Fairchild, Samuel E., Jr. 
Falck, Fred M. 
Falkenhagen, B. M. 
Falls, Mrs. Samuel 
Fancourt, Walter F., Jr. 
Farbstein, Joseph 
Fareira, Joseph M. 
Farina, Pasquale 
Farley, Henry H. 
Farr, Daniel H. 
Farr, Miss Edith 
Fayer, Joseph A. 
Fearon, Charles 
Feely, Wm. A. 
Felin, Charles F. 
Fels, Alaurice 
Fels, Airs. S. S. 
Felton, J. Sibley 
Fenner, James T. 
Ferguson, R. T. 
Fernberg, Charles E. 
Fernberger, Mrs. Hor- 

tense T. 
Ferry, James W. 
Fetterolf, Horace G. 
Feuerstein, J. B., AI.D. 
Fidelity Finishing Works, 

Fielder, H. Walter 
Fife, C. A., M.D. 
Finckel, Conyers Button 
Finckel, Miss Eliza R. 
Finkenauer, Frederick J. 
Finn, William W. 
Firth, Mrs. S. M. Livezey 
Firt'h, Thomas T. 
Fischer, Frank 
Fischer, John A., M.D. 
Fisher, Charles W. 


Fisher, Mrs. Ellicott 
Fisher, H. S. 
Fisher, Maud 
Fisher, James Logan 
Fisher, Monsignor Kevin 

Fisher, Miss Sally W. 
Fisler, John 
Fiss, George W. 
Fitzgerald, Edwin C, 

Fitzgerald, Thomas M. 
Fitzmaurice, Francis P. 
Fitzmaurice, Wm. J. 
Fitzpatrick. Aloysius 
Fitzpatrick, Matthew J. 
Flagg, Mrs. Stanley, Jr. 
Flaith, Gustave A. 
Flanagan, Thomas J. 
Flanigan, Edward J. 
Fleck, William C. 
Fleisher, Alfred W. 
Fleisher, Arthur A. 
Fleisher, B. W. 
Fleisher, David T. 
Fleisher, Edwin A. 
Fleisher, Miss Helen 
Fleisher, Henry H. 
Fleisher, Mrs. S. B. 
Fleisher, S.S. 
Fleisher, Walter A. 
Fleming, Arthur J. 
Fleming, Frank R., M.D. 
Flint, George 
Foery, William 
Fogg, Miss Helen M. 
Folwell, Mrs. P. Donald 
Fonash, Theodore F. 
Forbes, Roger Sawyer 
Ford, Albert E. 
Ford, Mrs. Frank J. 
Ford, Stephen M. 
Fortner, Nelson 
Foster, Albert 
Foster, Frank B. 
Foulke, Mrs. William L. 
Foulkrod, Miss Emily 
Fowler, J. W. 
Fox, Mrs. Alexander, Jr. 
Fox, Miss Helen A. 
France, E. W. 
Franck, Charles F. 
Franck, Wm. L., M.D. 
Frankel, Armin A. 
Frankenfield, S. I. 

Franklin Electric Com- Geiger, Lewis P., Jr. 
pany Geraghty, Micheal J. 

Franklin Sweater Mills Geschick, Emile H. 
Franklin Textile Mfg. Co.Gessner, Howard R. 
Frazier, Mrs. Benjamin Gest, Hon. John Marshall 


Frazier, Mrs. George H. 
Frazier, Mrs. W. W., Jr. 
Freeman, A. B. 
Freeman, Mrs. Frank A. 
Freeman, H., & Sons 
Freeman, Harry A. 
Freeman, M. M. 
Freeman, Kichard J. 
Freihofer, Charles 
French, Mrs. Thomas E. 
Frerichs, F. A. 
Freund, Hugo 
Frick, Charles E. 
Frick, Charles G. 
Frick, John Howard, 

Friedenberg, Solomon 

Friedman, Lionel 
Friedmann, A. H., M.D. 
Frische, Mrs. John 

Gest, Mrs. John Marshall 
Gest, Miss Lillian 
Gest, William P. 
Geuther, H. Walter 
Geuting, Anthony H. 
Ghadiali, Col. Dinshah 
Ghriskey, Charles M. 
Gibbon, Charles E. 
Gibbons, Lewis W. 
Gibbons, Martha L. 
Gibbs, George 
Gibelli and Company 
Gibson, Miss Lillie 
Gibson, Miss Mary K. 
Gibson, Murray 
Gibson, Paul S. 
Gibson, William S. 
Gilbert, William M., 

Gilfillan, Charles R. 
Gill, H. B. 
Gillespie, Miss Kate S. 

Frishmuth, Mrs. William Gillingham, Harrold E. 

D. Gillingham, Mrs. Harrold 

Frizzell, Charles F. E. 

Fry, Wilfred Gilmore, Charles F. 

Fryer, Theodore B. Giloin, Miss Anna G. 

Fuller, Walter D. Gilpin, Mrs. M. M. 

Furbush, Mrs. C. Lincoln Gimbel, Mrs. Benedict 
Gailey, Robert J. Gimbel Bros. 

Galbraith, G. S. Gimbel, Daniel 

Galbraith, John Ginsberg, H. M., M.D. 

Galey, William T., Jr. Girvin, John H., M.D. 
Gallagher, Mrs. Joseph F.Glanz, Charles L. 

Gallaudet, John C. 
Gallen, Edward J. 
Galloway, Walter B. 
Gansman, Harry 
Garber, George 
Gardiner, Mrs. Frederic 
Gardiner, Samuel S. 
Garrett, Alfred C. 
Garrett, Mary S. 
Garrett, Mrs. Philip C. 
Gasslein, Frank A. 
Gatter, Charles L. 
Gauff, John P. 
Gavlev, Samuel M. 
Geare, N. W. 
Gebert, William C. 

Glaser, Louis 

Glassmire, Mrs. Sarah R. 

Glendinning, Colonel 

Glover, Miss Deborah 
Godfrey, Francis V. 
Goebel, Leon Andre 
Goldenberg, Joseph G., 

Golder, Benjamin M. 
Goldman, Moses H. 
Goldner, Frank C. 
Goldstein, Leopold 
Good, H. W., M.D. 
Goodin, Charles Ellis 
Goodman, Mrs. E. H. 


Goodman, Miss Ernestine Haines Hosiery Mills 

A. Haines, Mrs. Howard L. 

Goodwin, Miss Margaret Haldt, Ernest W. 


Gordon, Ellery B. 
Graf, William B. 
Graham, Charles 
Graham, Warren C. 
Grakelow, Charles H. 
Grammer, P. L. 
Grauer, Theodore H. 
Gravenstein, George T. 
Gray, Robert C. 
Gray, Robert L., M.D. 
Gray, William F. 
Greenbaum, Sigmund S., 

Greenberg, Joseph J. 
Greene, A. H. 
Greene, Stephen, & Co. 
Greenfield, Mrs. Albert 

Greenwood, John S., & 

Greiss, William H., 

Gribbel, Wakeman C. 
Griest, Mrs. Thomas H. 
Griffith, G. S., Jr. 

Hall, Jay Lee 

Hall, Miss Mabel Bruce 

Hail, Usher A. 

Hallahan, Mrs. Chas. E. 

Hallar, W. B. 

Halstead, Mrs. David 

Halton, Thomas H. 

Hamill, Mrs. John B. 

Hamilton, H. A. 

Hammersley, William 

Hampton, E. B. 

Hand, Mrs. Clarence F. 

Hanlon, Mrs. L. 

Hanna, William Wilson 

Hannel, Stephen A. 

Hancock, Mrs. F. Wood- 

Harcum, Marvin 

Hardcastle, Mrs. Helen 
V. P. 

Hardenbrook, Charles E. 

Hardock, Benjamin 
Hardt, Frank M. 

Harman, Wm. H. 

Harned, Frank P. 

Griffith, Mrs. J. P. Crozer Harner, Miss Nancy D. 

Griffith, Wm. Oglesby 
Griscom, Mrs. C. A., 3d 
Griscom, William B. 
Groff, Henry C, M.D. 
Groome, Col. John C. 
Gross, Mrs. John L. 
Grossman, Mrs. Isaac 
Grove, Mrs. Henry S. 
Gruber, Charles F. 
Gucker, F. T. 
Guckes, Raymond M. 
Guetter, Julius 
Guild, Frank S. 
Gulick, William B. 
Gunkle, Earle B. 
Gunthorp, Mrs. Wm. P. 
Gurin, A., M.D. 
Gutekunst, William J. 
Gutman, E. 

Hackenburg, Mrs. Wil- 
liam B. 
Hacker, Casper W. 
Hackett, Harry W. 
Hagerman, O. H. 
Haig, A. M. 

Harper, Clarence L. 

Harper, Mrs. E. C. Ran- 

Harris, Frank E. 

Harris, Myron L. 

Harris, Walter C. 

Harris, Wm., M.D. 

Harrison, Miss Gwen- 

Hayward, Nathan 
Hayward, Mrs. Nathan 
Hazelhurst, Mrs. Francis 
Heald, Miss Hannah T. 
Hearn, Mrs. Wm. P. 
Heck, John A., M.D. 
Heckscher, Steven 
Heim, Oscar E. 
Heinkel, Howard F., 

Heist, George 
Helick, Chauncey G., 

Heller & Merz Company 
Heller, Clyde A. 
Hemphill and Co., Inc. 
Henderson, Mrs. George 

Henderson, John J. 
Henkels, Stanley V. 
Henry, Mrs. Bayard 
Henry, Mrs. Charles 

Henry, Thomas, & Sons, 

Henry, Mrs. Thomas 

Hensel, Mrs. E. Caven 
Henson, Edward F. 
Henson, William F., 

Hepworth, John M. 
Herbert, Mrs. E. Ziegler 
Hering, W. E. 
Herman, Maxwell, M.D. 
Herold, Mrs. Milton 
Herrick, Cheesman, 

Herring, Miss Louise C. 

Harrison, Mrs. H. Norris Herzberg, Max 
Harrity, Mrs. William F. Hesse, Mrs. William C. 
Hartley, Harriet L., M.D.Hetzell, William E. 
Hartley, Mrs. Martin E., Hexamer, Charles A. 
Jr. Heymann, Joseph C. 

Hartley, Mrs. Sara E. Hibbs, Mrs. Manton E. 
Hartman, Mrs. John M. Hibbs, Shelton A. 
Harvey, Charles H., M.D.Hiestand, Joseph D. 
Haslett, John J. Highley, Mrs. George N. 

Hastings, John V. Hill, John Parker 

Hathaway.Mrs. NathanielHilleary, E. D. 

Hauck, F. X. 
Haughton. Richard S. 
Hausser, C. A. 
Hay, Erroll B. 
Hays, I. Minus, M.D. 

Hillslev, W. S. 
Hilly, Joseph F., M.D. 
Hilsee, David E. 
Hinchman, Mrs. Charles 

Hinchman, Miss 
Margaretta S. 
Hinkson, T. Edwin 
Hinton, Mrs. Frances, Jr. 
Hires, Mrs. Charles E. 
Hirsh, Harry B. 
Hirsh, Ralph, Sr. 
Hirst, Richard 
Hitchcock, Miss F. R. M. 
Hitchener, Benjamin G. 
Hodges, Harry 
Hodgson, William, Sr. 
Hoffman and Company 

Howell, Cooper 
Howell, Edward I. H. 
Howell, Francis 

Howell, Frederick W. 
Howell, Stacy B. 
Huber, Mrs. Charles 

Hudson, Harry C. 
Hughes, Miss Esther 
Hughes, Francois L., 

Hughes, H. M. 


Hoffman-Carton Mfg. Co.Hughes, Henry Douglas 
Hoffman-Corr Mfg. Co. Hugo, Emil J. 

Hoffman, K. W. 
Hoffman, Raymond H. 
Hoffman, Wm. H. 
Hofheimer, S. D. 
Hofstetter, J. M. 
Ho^g, Mrs. J. Renwick 
Hogue, Mrs. Robert M. 
Hohf eld, Herman L. 
Hollar, Mrs. Wm. H. 
Hollar, Mrs. William H. 

Hummer, Hans 
Humphreys, John C. 
Huneker, John F. 
Hunsicker, Clayton M. 
Hunter, T. Comly 
Hunter, Captain Robert 
Hurd, Mrs. Dorothy 

Hurd, Mrs. Walter E. 
Hurlburt, Frederick B. 
Hurlburt, Mrs. F. B. 

Hollingsworth, Frank W. Hurlick, Miss Susan G. 
Hollingsworth, Mrs. JohnHutchinson, Miss Emlen 


Holmes, Joshua M. . 

Holmes, William T. 

Hood, L. E. 

Hookey, Charles F. 

Hooley, George L. 

Hoopes, Edward 

Hopkins, D. H. 

Hopkins, Sol 

Hopkinson, Edward 

Horn, Franklin S. 

Horn, William 

Horner, Mrs. Dorothy S. 

Horner, Horace Kenneth 

Horner, John K. 

Horner, Samuel, Jr. 

Horstmann, I. J. 

Horstmann, Mrs. Wm. H.Tackson, Ellis 

Hutchinson, Miss M. H. 
Hutchinson, Mrs. S. E. 
Hutchinson, Sydney E. 
Hutchinson, Mrs. S. 

Ideal Shoe Co. 
Illowav, Bernard A. 
Indahl, M. C. 
Ingersoll, Mrs. Charles E 
Innes, William T. 
Irish, J. Theodore, M.D 
Isaacs, Frank R. 
Isaacs, Philip 
Iseminger, John 
Jackson, Albert A. 
Jackson, Mrs. Albert 


Horter, Robert M. 
Hoskins, Albert L. 
Houston, Mrs. S. F. 
Howard- Smith, R. S. 
Howe, Charlton V. 
Howe, George 

Tackson, W. E. 
Jacob, M., M.D. 
Jacobs, Mrs. Edw. B. 
Jacobs, Reuben 
Tacobv. John F., Tr. 
Jaffe.Samuel, M.D. 

Howe, Miss Margaret M. Jafollia, Adolph 
Howe, Paul D. Jaisohn, Philip 

Howell, Mrs. Chas. H. James, Mrs. John E. 

James, William F. 
Jameson, G. L. S., M.D. 
Jamison, Mrs. B. K., Jr. 
Janney, Mrs. Walter C. 
Janney, Walter C 
Janvier, Miss Margaret R. 
Jarver, Albert 
Jeanes, Mrs. Henry S. 
Jefferson, Harry 
Jellett, Stewart A. 
Jenkins, E. W. 
Jenkins, Edward A. 
Jenkins, G. Chapin, M.D. 
Tenks, Mrs. William F. 
Jennings, William J. 
Jerrehian, Aram K. 
John, Rutherford L., 

Johnson, Alba B. 
Johnson, Herbert 
Johnson, Morris W. 
Johnson, Reeves K. 
Johnston, Miss S. Edna 
Joiner, Franklin, D.D. 
Jones, Mrs. Clara W. 
Jones, Bertram H. W. 
Jones, H. H. 
Jones, H. W., M.D. 
Jones, Horace C. 
Jones, Howard I. 
Jones, James Collins 
Jones, Jonathan R. 
Jones, Thomas B. C. 
Jones, Thomas M. 
Jones, William H. 
Jordan, Augustus W. 
.Joseph, Mrs. Samuel 
Judson, Arthur 
Judson, Mrs. Charles F. 
Justice, C. G. Company 
Justice, Miss Marion T. 
Kaelker, Richard 
Kahn, Bernard L., M.D. 
Kahn, Harry C. 
Kane, John 
Karcher & Rehn Company 
Karr, Joseph 
Kase, Edmund, M.D. 
Kaseman, Mrs. Emily V. 
Kassel, Philip 
Katar, Mrs. F. M. 
Kaufman, Frank M. 
Kaufman, Isadore, M.D. 
Kaufman, Nathan 
Kavser & Allman 


Keator, Mrs. Tohn F. 
Keech, H. B., M.D. 
Keen, Miss Florence 
Keen, Harry R. 
Keen, Harold Perot 
Keene, Floyd E., M.D. 
Keith, Sydney W. 

Kneass, Mrs. Strickland 

Kneedler & Co. 
Knerr, Bayard, M.D. . 
Knight, A. C. 
Knowles, Nancy 
Knup, Jacob 

Keller, Charles Frederick Koch, Mrs. George M. 
Kelly, Frank X. Koch, John M. 

Kelsey, Mrs. Albert War- Koch, Mrs. Thomas J. 
ren Kochersperger, George H. 

Kemmerer, E. V. 
Kendrick, Mrs. J. Henry 
Kendrick, Hon. W. Free 

Kennedy, J. N. 
Kent, George R. 
Kenworthy, Frank L. 
Ken worthy, Mrs. Frank 

Kenworthy, Horace 
Kerle, Jules A. 
Kerns, Samuel P., M.D. 
Kerr, William M. 
Kerrigan, Joseph P. 
Kersaw, Fred 
Kershaw, William, M.D. 
Kerstine, Mrs. Harry E. 
Kessler, Max D. 
Ketcham, Howard 
Ketcham, O. W. 
Ketterer, Gustav 
Ketterlinus, J. L. 
Ketterlinus, Mrs. J. 

Keyser, Miss Alice Y. 
Keyser, Howard, Jr. 
Killian, Fred W., M.D. 
Kimber, Mrs. T. W. 
Kimber, W. M. C. 
Kind, Morris 
Kind, Mrs. Paul A. 
Kind, Mrs. Philip 
Kind, S., & Sons 
Kindig, Mrs. Bertha 
King, Mrs. Joseph 

King, Lewis 
King, Miss Lydia E. 
Kister, LeRoy 
Kitchen, William G 
Klapp, Wilbur Paddock, 

Klink, Charles A. 
Klopp, George W. 

Koelle, W. F. 
Kohn, Bernard, M.D. 
■ Kohn v Harry 
Kohn, Irving 
Kohn, Israel 
Kohn, Herbert 
Kolb, Mrs. L. J. 
Kommer, John T. 
Krauss, Jacob 
Krebs, Frank H. 
Kreier, George J. 
Kuehnle, C. Albert 
Kuemmerle, G A. 
Kuhn, C. Hartman 
Kunkel, James E. 
Kurtz, H. G 
Kynett, H. H. 
LaBoiteaux. Mrs. Isaac 
Lachman, C. R. 
Lackey, Frank A. 
Ladd, Mrs. Westray 
Laird, Warren P., M.D. 
Lane, G. S. 
Langston, Samuel M. 
Large, Mrs. James 
Largman, Harry 
Larner, Chester W. 
Larzelere, Mrs. Walter D.Lex, Mrs. William H. 

Lee, Mrs. Elisha 

Leech, David M. 

Leedom, John, M.D. 

Leeds, Arthur N. 

Legge, Henry C. 

Leidy, Mrs. Joseph 

Leinroth, Robert G. 

Lesley, Mrs. Robert W. 

Lester, Joseph G. 

Leuchter, Mrs. Cecilia P. 

Levi, I. Valentine, M.D. 

Levin, Alan 

Levintow, Benjamin H. 

Levis, Mrs. Frederick H. 

Levis, Julius J. 

Levitt, M. L., M.D. 

Levy, Miss Betty Brown 

Levy, Laurence B. 

Levy, Max 

Levy, Raphael 

Lewis, Miss Anna 

Lewis, Miss Anna Ship- 

Lewis, Miss Anna V. 

Lewis, Charles A., M.D. 

Lewis, Edwin O. 

Lewis, Mrs. Fielding Otis 

Lewis, Mrs. Francis A. 

Lewis, Francis A. 

Lewis, Francis D. 

Lewis, John Frederick 

Lewis, Miss Lucy 

Lewis, Theodore J. 

Lewis, Mrs. Theodore j. 

Lewis, Wilfred 

Lewsen, N. 

Lex, Mrs. W. C. S. 

Latimer, Robert L. 
Laudenslager, A. C. 
Lauer, Conrad M. 
Laughlin, Mrs. A. L. 
Lavenson, Isaac 
Lavino, Mrs. Edward J. 
Laws, Mrs. Harry A. 
Lawton, Thomas L. 
Lea, Mrs. Arthur H. 
Lea, Charles M. 
Lea, Miss Nina 
Leaf, Mrs. E. Bowman 
Leary, John R. 
Leavitt, Mrs. Charles B. 
Ledwith, W. L. 
Lee/Edwin A. 


Lichtenberger, James B. 

Lichtenberger, Mrs. James 

Lieberman, Alexander 

Ligget, Craig N. 

Ligget, Howard B., Jr. 

Ligget, Mrs. Howard B. 

Ligget, Miss Jane 

Lillie, Mrs. S. Morris 

Lindley, George 

Lindsay, Hyde & Com- 

Lindsay, John A. 

Link, Miss Harriet J. 

Linson, Edwin 

Lippi, Andrew F. MacGregor, N. R 

Lippincott, Mrs. HoraceMack, Joseph, 2d 

Lippincott, J. Bertram 
Lippincott, Walter 
Lippincott, William A. 
Lipshulz, Charles 
Lit, Col. S. D. 
Littell, A. C. 
Liveright, L. A. 
Llewellyn, William 
Lloyd, Miss Ellen 

Lloyd, Mrs. Horatio 

Lloyd, Malcolm, Jr. 
Lock, John H.,M.D. 
Loeb, Howard A. 
Loeb, Ludwig, M.D. 
Loewenberg, Samuel A., 

Logan, Miss Mary E. 
Logan, Mrs. Robert R. 
Logan, William H. 
Logue, Edwin J. 
Lonergan, John E. 
Longaker, Daniel, M.D. 

Mackenzie, Geo. W., 

MacLeod, Mrs. Norman 
MacNeill, Xeale, Sr. 
MacQueen, Stephen A. 
Maddock, Percy G. 
Madeira, Mrs. Louis C. 
Madeira, Mrs. Louis, 3rd 
Madeira, Percy C. 
Magee, George W. 
Magee, James F., Jr. 
Mahoney, John J. 
Maiers, Walter W., M.D. 
Mainwaring, Arthur P. 
Malickson, Philip S. 
Mallon, Joseph 
Mallon, James P., 2nd 
Malone, Edwin B. 
Malone, Watson 
Mammarella, Settembre, 

Manasses, Jacob L., M.D. 
Mancill, Frank H. 
Manges, Willis F., M.D. 
Manlio, Gennaro Tito 

Longmaid, Mrs. and Mrs. Mann, David I. 

J. Henry Manning, Wm. McD. 

Longshore, William A. Mansfield, Harry K., M. 
Longstreth, Mrs. Howard D. 
Losse, Louis H. Manwaring, A. H. 

Lothrop, Eben W. March, John H. 

Loucheim, Mrs. Joseph A.Marcucci, Vincent, M.D. 

Louchheim, Stuart F. 
Lough, George A. 
Loughran, Edward P. 
Lounsbery, J. 
Loux, H.R., M.D. 
Lowber, Miss Emma W. 
Lowenthal, William 
Lucas, Mrs. H. Spencer 
Ludlow, Benjamin H. 
Lusse, Robert 
Lvnch, J. C. 
Lynch, W. N. 
Lyon, Abraham 
Lyons, William R. 
Mabie, Walter C. 
MacElree, George A., 

Margerum, Miss Bess 
Margerum, William B. 
Mark, Frederick W. 
Markland, George L., Sr. 
Markoe, Mrs. John 
Marks, Albert J. 
Marks, Albert S. 
Marks, Jacob K., M.D. 
Marks, M., M.D. 
Maron, Alfred C. 
Marquetand, Theodore 
Marshall, Mrs. Charles 
Marshall, Mrs. Mary E. 
Martin, Carl Niedhard 
Martin, Frank P. 
Martin, George C. 
Martin, Mrs. J. Willis 

MacFarlane, Mrs. CharlesMaryns, Charles 

W. Masland, J. Wesley 

MacFarlane, William Mason, Edward F. 

Massey, Maurice R. 
Massiah, Frederick 
Mathers, Mrs. Frank F. 
Mathers, Frank F. 
Mathews, Abel J., M.D. 
Mathews, William, M.D. 
Mathewson, Robert J. 
Matthews, Allen M. 
Maulsby, Miss Matilda 
Maus, William H. 
Mawson, John R., Hair 

Cloth Co. 
Maxwell, C. J. 
Mayberry, Dorothy 
Mayor, Charles A., M.D. 
McBlaine & Company 
McCall, Richard 
McCarthy, Henry A. 
McCarthy, J. A., Sr. 
McCarthy, Joseph F. 
McCaulley, Miss Elinor 

McCauslan, Mrs. John C. 
McClatchy, John H. 
McCloskev, Edward W., 

McCloskey, John J. 
McCloskev, M. H., Jr. 
McCloud, Charles M. 
McCollin, James G., M.D. 
McCook, Walter 
McGown, Frank C, Jr. 
McCoy, Mrs. George L. 
McCreary, Mrs. Geo. D. 
McCrudden, Daniel 
McCullen, Mrs. Michael 

McCurdy, A. D. 
McDermott, T. A. 
McDevitt, J. J. 
McDowell, Charles 
McDowell, Samuel 
McFadden, George H. 
McFadden, J. Franklin 
McFadden, Mrs. John 

H., Jr. 
McFarland, Mrs. Sarah 
McGeorge, Beatrice 
McGill, Mary E. 
McGoldrick, W. J. 
McGowin, Mrs. Alice S. 
McGowin, Andrew C. 
McGrath, Louis J. 


McHenrv, H. Cresson, 

Mcllhenny, Francis S. 
Mcllhenny, Mrs. Francis 

Mcllhenny, Miss Selina 

Mcllvain, Mrs. Charles, 

J-. Jr. 
Mcllvane, John Gilbert 
Mclnnes, Mrs. Walter S. 
McKean, Thomas 
McKechney, W. G. 
McKee, James H., M.D. 
McKee, W. H. 
McKeehan, Mrs. C. Wat- 
McKeen, Miss Laura M. 
McKeldin, R. A. W., 

McLaughlin, Henry B. 
McLellan, Ralph 
McManemy, Miss Ella B. 
McMaster, James S. 
McMichael, Emory 
McMillan, Mrs. Leighton 

McMurtrie, Miss Ellen 
McNeal, Mrs. A. H. 
McNeal, Mrs. J. Hector 
McOwen, Mrs. Frederick 
McVitty, Albert E. 
Mechling, Mrs. B. F. 
Mecluskev, John Franklin 

Medary, M. B., Jr. 
Meehan, Ellen F. 
Meehan, Thomas J. 
Megargee, Mrs. George 

Meigs, Mrs. Arthur V. 
Meigs, Mrs. Ruth Averell 
Mellon, A. J. 
Meng, George J., Jr. 
Menzen, F. Paul 
Mercer, Warren C, M.D. 
Mertz, Oscar E. 
Mertz, Mrs. Oscar 
Mervine, Charles K. 
Merzbacher, Isadore 
Mesa, Louis 
Metcalf, F. R. 
Metzger, Lewis W. 
M eyers, John O. H. 

Michael, John E. 
Michell, Fred. J.. Sr. 
Mickle, Mrs. Robert T. 
Middleton, Allen C. 
Middleton, Miss Clara 
Mifflin, Thomas, Jr. 
Miller, Mrs. C. Earle 
Miller, D. J. 
Miller, E. Spencer 
Miller, G. B. 
Miller, George 
Miller, H. X. 
Miller, Henry C. L. 
Miller, J. Franklin, Inc. 
Miller, Manly J. 
Miller, Theodore F. 
Milligan, John C. 
Millione, Louis 
Mills, Mrs. Frances 
Mills, James B. 
Mills, Thomas 
Mills, Vance W. 
Milne, Mrs. Caleb J., Jr. 
Milne, Francis F. 
Milnor, Louis 
Mines, J. Lansing 
Mink, George W., Jr. 
Mirkil, Hazelton, Jr. 
Mitchell, Charles D. 
Mitchell, George W. 
Mitchell, Henry F. 
Mitchell, James E. 
Mohr, Mrs. John Jacob 
,Moll, Mrs. Edward M. 
Montgomery, R. L. 
Montgomery, W. W., Jr. 
Moody, Mrs. Carlton M. 
Moody, Mrs. Lewis F. 
Moon, John W. 
Moore, Davis L. 
Moore, Edgar B. 
Moore, Mrs. H. Mc- 

Moore, Mrs. J. Clark, Jr. 
Moore, Mrs. J. Hampton 
Moore, Tohn A. 
Moore, Philip H, M.D. 
Moorehouse, R. T. 
Morford, W. B., M.D. 
Morgan, George T. 
Morgan, Mrs. John B. 
Morgan, Mrs. Marshall S 
Morgan, Randal 
Morgan, Robert C. 

Morgenthaler Brothers 

Morrell, Richard B. 

Morris, Catherine W. 

Morris, Mrs. Effingham 

Morris, Miss Ellen 

Morris, Mrs. Henry, Jr. 

Morris, Henry S. 

Morris, I. Wistar 

Morris, Mrs. Marriott C. 

Morrison, Mrs. Emily 

Morrison, John C. 

Mortimer, S. H. 

Morton, Mrs. Arthur V. 

Mossell, N. F, M.D. 

Mulrenan, John P., M.D. 

Murphv, Miss Helen B. 

Murphy, T. E. 

Musselman, C. A. 

Myers, Israel, M.D. 

Myers, William H. 

Nalle, Mrs. Richard T. 

Nash, Monsignor James 

Natt, Miss Josephine 

Neal, Mrs. A. N. M. 

Neel, Mrs. Percv L. 

Neff, O. E. 

Neidig, Louis, Jr. 

Neilson, James 

Neubauer, Bernard B., 

Nevin, Mrs. Charles W. 

Newbold, Eugene S. 

Newhall, William Peter- 

Newman, A. G. 

Newton, A. Edward 

Niblo, James M., D.D. 

Nice, Budd G. 

Nice, Eugene E. 

Nicholas, Samuel, M.D. 

Nichols, Mrs. H. S. Pren- 

Nichols, J. N. 

Nicholson, William R. 

Nimlet, Mrs. D. C. 

Nixon, Mrs. Horace F. 

Norn's, Mrs. John C. 

Norris, Richard 

North, H. U., M.D. 

.North, Ralph H. 

Norton, Alice M., M.D. 

Noxon, Mrs. F. W. 


Nusbaam, Elias 
Oakf ord, James W. 
Oakley, Mrs. Thornton 
O'Callaghan, J. C. 
O'Connell, T. M. 
Okie, Mrs. R. Brognard 
O'Neill, Francis A. 
Orr, George P. 
Orton, George W. 
Ott, Mrs. George 
Owen, Elizabeth G. 
Owen, L. V. P. 
Packard, Charles S. W. 
Packard, Mrs. Francis R. 
Packard,Mrs. John H., 

Paine, Mrs. George 
Palmer, John T. 
Paramore, Wesley H. 
Pardee, Mrs. Calvin 
Paret, Edward 
Parker, Mrs. A. A. 
Parker, A. D. 
Parker, John K. 
Parker, Sylvester D. 
Parks, A. M. 
Parrish, Mrs. Robert C. 
Parrott, Sylvester J. 

Partridge, Mrs. H. K. 

Parvin, Mrs. Joseph H. 

Passmore, E. Pusey 

Patten, Frank S. 

Patterson, Mrs. Frank 

Patterson, Mrs. George 

Patterson. T. H. Hoge 

Patton, William A. 

Paul, John Rodman 

Peacock, C. H. 

Pearce, Hollingsworth 

Pearson, Mrs. Davis 

Pearson, J. A. 

Pearson, Mrs. J. T. 

Pearson, R. G. 

Pechin, Mrs. T. E. 

Peck, Arthur 

Peck, Mrs. Arthur 

Peirson, Walter 

Pemberton, Clifford 

Pemberton, Mrs. Henry, 

Pemberton, Mrs. Ralph 

Penfield, Mrs. Frederic 

Pennsylvania Flexible 
Metallic Tubing Co. 
Pepper, Mrs. William 

Pequignot, L. E. 
Perkins, E. Stanley 
Perkins, Mrs. E. Stanley 
Perpall, Harold 
Perrella, Nicola 
Perry, John C. 
Perry, Robert W. 
Peterson, Mrs. Gustaf 
Peterson, R. M. 
Petruska, Louis, M.D. 
Petzold, Adolph 
Pfaelzer, Mrs. Morris 
Pfromm, G W., M.D. 
Pflug, Fritz 
Phila. Book Co. 
Philips, Geraldine 
Phillips, H. H. 
Picard, R. R., M.D. 

Pickering, Mrs. Herbert 

Piersol, Mrs. George A. 

Pike, Charles P., M.D. 

Pilling, W. S. 

Pinchot, Hon. Gifford 

Pincus, Jacob M. 

Pioneer Suspender Co. 

Piatt, Mrs. Charles, Jr. 

Piatt, Mrs. Clavton, Jr. 

Pollock, Elizabeth P. 

Pollock, Roland D. 

Pooley, E. F. 

Porter, Mrs. R. L. 

Post, William 

Potsdamer, Joseph S. 

Potteiger, L. A. 

Potter, Mrs. Beverly R. 

Potter, Mrs. Thomas, Jr 

Potter, Mrs. William P. 

Potts, Charles William 

Potts, Mrs. Harrison I. 

Potts. Horace M. 

Potts, William M. 

Powell, Charles S. 

Powers, Mrs. Fred Perr\ 

Price, Charles E., M.D. 

Price, Mrs. Eli Kirk 

Price, Joseph N. 

Price, Warwick James 

Price, Mrs. James War- 
Pugh, Joseph M. 
Pugh, Richard H. 
Purves, Mrs. G. Coles- 
Pusey, F. S. 
Putnam, Mrs. Earl B. 
Pye, James H. 
Pyle, Robert C. 
Queen, Miss Emma 
Quinto, Mrs. Elsie F. 
Rabinovitch, Joseph J. 
Rabinovitz, Joseph 
Radcliffe, McCluney, M. 

Radebaugh, George O. 
Rader, Mrs. Archibald 

Radford, Brig. Gen. Cyrus 
Radford, Joseph R. 
Raff, Mrs. A. Ravmond 
Ragg, H. H, & Co. 
Raken, William E., M.D. 
Ralston, Mrs. Virginia 

Ramsdell, G. C. 

Ramsden, John V. 
Randal, Mrs. H. L. 

Randolph, Miss Anna 

Randolph, Evan 

Randolph, Mrs. Evan 

Ranken, Harold R. 

Rankin, Charles C, M.D. 

Rapson. George H. 

Rasmussen, Charles A. 

Rattay, Howard F. 

Raudenbush, J. S., M.D. 

Rawle, Edward P. 

Rawle, Francis 

Rawle, Mrs. William 

Rawlins, Miss Sarah Sully 

Rav, C. P., Jr. 

Read, Mrs. W. B. 

Read. W. B. 

Read, Mrs. William T. 

Reath, B. Brannan, 2nd 

Reath, Mrs. Theodore W. 

Reath, Mrs. Thomas 
' Reber, J. Howard 

Rebman, Henry J. 

Reckitt, William G. 

Reed, Jacob, Sons 

Reeder, Miss Ruth 


Reel, Ida Virginia, M.D. Roedelheim, William S. 

Reese, Lewis, M.D. 
Reeves, Theodore B. 
Regan, James J., Jr. 
Reid, H. L. 
Reilly, Mrs. John 
Reilly, Miss Marion 
Reilly, Peter 

Rohn, Peter S. 
Rolle, Herman 
Rosenbach, M. P. 
Rosenbaum, Leon 
Rosenbaum, Samuel 
Rosenberg, Emanuel 
Rosenf eld, John 

Remmy, Richard C, Son Rosenfeld ; s z 

Repetto, A. M. Rosengarten, Mrs. A. G. 

Repp, J. J., M.D. Rosengarten, Geo. D., 
Reuter, Charles W. 


Reynolds, Clarence W. 

Rosenthal, Albert 

Rhoads, Mrs. J. Howard Rosenthal, Mrs. Harry 

Rhoads, Jacob H. 

Rhoads, Lydia W. 

Rhoads, William E. 

Rish, Mrs. Sarah M. 

Richardson, Frederick 

Richardson, Mrs. Fred- 

Richardson, Thomas D. 

Richardson, William H. 

Richmond, George N., 

Rosenthal, Harry 
Rosenwald, Lessing J. 
Rosenwald, Mrs. Lessing 

Ross, Henry A. 
Ross, J. Anderson 
Ross, Joseph 
Ross, Miss Sophia L. 
Ross, T. Edward 
Ross, Thomas C, M.D. 
Roth, David A. 

Richmond, Miss M. LouiseRoth, Edward A. 

Richter, Wolfgang 
Ridpath, Robert F. 
Riehle, Frederick A. 
Rienzi, Luigi 
Riley, Lewis A. 
Ring, Mrs. M. D. 
Ritchie, Joseph H. 
Riter, Mrs. Charles J. 
Ritter, A. Howard 
Ritter, Win. J., M.D. 
Robbins, Charles H. 
Roberts, C. Wilson 
Roberts, Caryl 
Roberts, Clarence V. 
Roberts, Edward 
Roberts, Miss Ellen C. 
Roberts, George B. 
Roberts, George W. B. 
Roberts, Mrs. Howard 
Roberts, Mrs. John B. 
Roberts, Owen J. 
Robinson, Benjamin, 

Robinson, Morris D. 
Rochester, J. Robert, 

Rockett, Francis H. 
Rockwell, F. W. 

Rothermel, P. F., Jr. 

Rothschild, LeRoy B. 

Rowland, Mrs. Henry J. 

Rowland, William C. 

Rowland, Mrs. Wm. O., 

Ruby, Miss Edna Brown- 

Ruehling Gustav 

Ruger, Louis 

Rumsey, George A., Jr. 

Russell, Mrs. C. J. 

Rust, Harry B. 

Rutledge, Mrs. Fred J. 

Ryan, Thomas F., D.D. 

Sachsenmaier, George 

Sackel Dyeing Company 

Sadtler, Samuel S. 

Sage, Ralph V. 

Sailer, Miss Emily W. 

Salom, Mrs. Pedro G. 

Salvas, J. Clarence, M.D. 

Sampson, Allen G., M.D. 

Samuel, J. Bunford 

Sanders, Miss Henrietta 

Sanderson, Charles H, 

Santa Eulalia, Countess 

Santiago, Mrs. Emily R. 
Sartori, Mrs. Frank A. 
Saunders, W. L., 2d 
Savage, Mrs. D. Fitzhugli 
Savaee, Mrs. W. Lyttle- 

Savery, Addison H. 
Savery, Albert H. 
Scatchard, Wm. 
Scattergood, Mrs. J. 

Scattergood, Mrs. Thomas 
Schaefer, George F. 
Schaeff er, Frederick C. 
Schaffer, Walter E. 
Schaffhauser, Charles 
Schamberg, Mrs. Jay F. 
Schamberg, Meyer 
Schaufele, C. D. 
Schectman, Morris 
Schnell, J. Thompson, 

Schenck, J. H, Jr. 
Schlorer, Charles G. 
Schmidt, Frederick 
Schmidt, Frederick W. 
Schmitt, Harry 
Schmitz, Elizabeth T. 
Schnader, William A. 
Schneider, C. J., M.D. 
Schneider, Mrs. Karl 
Schneyer, Louis A. 
Schneyer, M. L. 
Schoettle, Edwin J. 
Schofield, James A., M.D. 
Scholder, Harry 
Scholtz, August 
Schoonmaker, W. P. 
Schranz, Frederick 
Schulte, A. B. 
Schwacke, Justus H. 
Schwartz, Anthony 
Schwartz, B., M.D. 
Schwartz, G, Jr., M.D. 
Schwarz, H. G. 
Schwoerer, R. C. 
Scott, George E. 
Scott, Margaret B. 
Scott, Richard S. 
Scott, William M. 
Scull, Mrs. William C. 
Seabold, Wm. Franklin, 



Segal, Bernhard, M.D. 
Seiberling, Joseph D., 

Seitter, Girard 
Selig, Sol 
Sellers, Alexander 
Sender, Arthur C, M.D. 
Serrill, William G. 

Simon, Caroline F. 
Simon, Grant M. 
Simons, Laird 
Simpers, Thomas W. 
Simpson, J. Coulson 
Sims, Jeremiah Cleveland 
Sinnock, John Ray 
Sinnott, Mrs. John 

Service Heating CompanySisson, Vernon B. 

Sessler, J. Leonard 
Severs, G. Harvev, M.D, 
Sewall, Mrs. Arthur W. 
Shaner, S. Reed, M.D. 
Shank, W. Leslie 
Shannon, Alfred P. 
Sharp, Mrs. Walter 
Sharpless, S. Franklin 
Sharpless, Wm. 
Shaw, Charles W. 
Shaw, Clinton E. 
Shaw, George F. 
Shay, Howell Lewis 
Sheble, Mrs. Frank J. 
Shellenberger, Miss Helen 

Slattery, Joseph A. 

Slaugh, J. Harry, M.D. 

Sloan, Malachi W., M.D. 

Slogoff, Benjamin 

Smedley, William H. 

Smith, Albanus L. 

Smith, Mrs. C. H. 

Smith, Edward B., Jr. 

Smith, Mrs. Edward Brin 

Smith, Ely J. 

Smith, Mrs. F'. P. 

Smith, George P. 

Smith, Miss Jessie Will- 

Shelly, George C. Smith, Mrs. Louis I. 

Shepherd, Samuel G., Smith, Oscar L. 

M.D. Smith, Roland J. 

Sheplan, Sabul & Palmer Smith, S. MacCuen, 

Sheridan, Joseph J. 

Sherritt, Max A. 

Sherwood, Norman S. 

Shilcock, Clarence J. 

Shillard-Smith, Mrs. C 

Shinehouse, Edgar F. 

Shirley, Harold R. 

Shmidheiser, Frank W. 

Shober, Miss Elizabeth T. Snow, Mrs. A. B 

Shock, Miss N. A. Snyder, Walter 

Shoemaker, Benjamin H. Soberrheimer, Mrs. Fred 

Shoemaker, Comly, 2nd erick A. 

Shoemaker, Mrs. Harvey Sochis, Morris S. 


Smith, Mrs. T. Learning 
Smith, W. Hinckle 
Smith, Mrs. W. Horner 
Smoczynski, M. E., M.D. 
Snare, Jacob 
Snellenberg, A. 
Snellenberg, Joseph N. 

Shoemaker, Mary W, 

Shoyer, F. J. 

Shrigley, Arthur 

Shuster, Frank H. 

Shute, E. L. 

Shuttleworth, F. Irving 

Sibley, Miss Florence 

Sibley, Walter G. 

Sickel, Miss E. L. 

Sickels, William Herbert Spencer, William 

Sidebotham, John B. Spivak, J. Henry 

Silverman, Charles Staman, John P. 

Simkins, Daniel W. Stapler, C. 

Soest, O. F. 
Solomon, S. Stanley 
Somers, James A. 
Sonneborn, Geo. A., M.D. 
Sooy, Curtis 
South, Mrs. Walter 
Spector, Maurice 
Spencer, Arthur 
Spencer, Sylvia D., M.D. 

Staton, Walter B. 
Starr, Lewis 
Stecker, Louis 
Steel, A. G. B. 
Steel, Phil. S. 
Steele, Andrew L. 
Steele, David M., D.D. 
Steele, Edward A. 
Steele, Joseph M. 
Stein, Mrs. Emma T. 
Steinmetz, Joseph Allison 
Stephenson, J. Samuel 
Sterling, Louis, & Co. 
Stern, Edward, & Co. 
Stern, Isadore 
Stern, Samuel 
Sternberg, A. E. W. 
Stevens, Benjamin Rush 
Stevens, E. P. 
Stevenson, T. H. 
Stewardson, Miss Eleanor 

Stewart, Dorothy 
Stewart, Frank H. 
Stewart, Rowe 
Stilling, Benjamin F. 
Stinson, C. A. 
Stites, Fletcher W. 
Stoever, William C. 
Stokes, J. Stogdell 
Stokes, Mrs. W. Standley 
Stoll, Theodore P. 
Stork, Mrs. T. B. 
Stotesbury, Mrs. Edward 

Stout, C. Frederick 
Stout, O. M.D. 
Stover, Wilmer A. 
Strassburger, Louis U. 
Strassner, Frank J. 
Strauss, Berthold 
Strawbridge, Mrs. George 

Streeper, Frank P. 
Stretch, Mrs. E. B. 
Strickler, Howard K. 
Strittmatter, I. P., M.D. 
Stroebele, Philip W. 
Strong, Harry U. 
Stroock, Bertram A. 
Stroud, Edward A. 
Strubing, P. H. 
Stryker, S. S., M.D. 
Stulb, Joseph R. 


Stull, Paul H. 
Sturges, Hollister 
Sullivan, Miss Edith 
Sullivan, Mrs. Jeremiah J 
Sullivan, Stanley J. 
Sullivan, Mrs. Thomas D. 
Sullivan, William A. 
Sundheim, Mrs. Harry G. 
Sutherland, Allen 
Swain, Mrs. William 

Swart, M. E. 
Sweeney, Miss Mary B. 
Swoboda, Gustav 
Taeffner, John 
Tafel, Gustav H. 
Taine, Louis N., M.D. 
Talimer, Mrs. Bernard 
Tatum, Mrs. Richard 

Taussig, Richard A. 
Taws, Henry M. 
Taylor, Claude E. 
Tavlor, Florence W. 
Taylor, Mrs. Frank H. 
Taylor, Mrs. Frederick 

Tavlor, John C. 
Taylor, Norman H., M.D 
Taylor, Mrs. Roland L 
Taylor, Roland L., Jr. 
Teaz, George B. 
Teller, W. H., M.D. 
Terry, Henry A. 
Terry, Howard A. 
Tetlow, Mrs. Clara 
Thatcher, A. G. 
Thaver, Mrs. John B. 
Theel, Thomas, M.D. 
Theel, William L., M.D. 
Theis, Albert 
Theobald, B. Franklin 
Theobald, John L. 
Thomas, Mrs. Augustus 
Thomas, Charles H. 
Thomas, J. Frederick 
Thomas, Mrs. George C. 
Thomas, George P., M.D. 
Thomas, Miss Mabel L. 

Thomas, T. Turner, M.D. 
Thompson, John B. 
Thompson, John P., D.D. 
Thompson, Mrs. Pratt 

Thompson, William B. 
Thomson, Mrs. W. S. 
Thorn, Miss Mary 
Tinney, William P. 
Tioga Textile Co. 
Todd, Mrs. M. Hampton 
Torrey, Robert G, M.D. 
Tourison, Ashton S. 
Townsend, J. Barton 
Townsend, Mrs. J. B. 
Townsend, Miss Pauline 

Trainer, Henry J. 
Troemner, Mrs. J. Louis, 

Trompetter, C. P. 
Truitt, Joseph P., Jr. 
Trump, Mrs. C. Norman 
Trump, Howard W. 
Tryon, Miss F. Arline 
Tryon, Charles Z. 
Tucker, Thomas A. 
Tull, Mrs. Montrose 

Turner, John P., M.D. 
Turner, Mrs. Wm. Jay 
Tuttle, William 
.Twining, John E., Sr. 
Twining, William S. 
Tyler, George F. 
Tyler, George H. 
Tyler, Mrs. George F. 
Tyler, Miss Helen B. 
Tyson, T. Mellor, M.D. 
Ulrich, George A., M.D. 
Umsted, Miss Ruth R., Jr 
Underhill. F S. 
Unstead, W. M., M.D. 
Unterberger, Edward 
Van-den Beemt, H. 
VanDyke, Edgar C. 
Van Hall, Julius 
Van Roden, George Con 

VanSciver, J. Bishop 
Vasel, G. A. 
Vauclain, S. M. 
Vellner, Eugene 
Verner, William R. 
Vila, Joseph S. 
Vischer, F. 
Vodges, Russell T. 
Voehringer, John K. 

Von Moschzisker, Mrs. 

Voorhees, Harlow C. 

Voss, Frederick J., M.D. 

Wagner, Joseph C. 

Wagner, Louis M. 

Wagner, Mrs. William M. 

Wainwright, Clement R. 

Wainwright, F. King 

Wait, Mrs. Oliver Bab- 

Walbaum, Mrs. William 

Waldron, B. Franklin 

Walker, James A. 

Walker, Mrs. John K. 

Walker, Robert C. 

Wallace, William 

Walmer, Reed H. 

Walsh, E. Raymond R. 

Walter, Simon 

Walthour, Miss Anna M. 

Walton, John 

W T alz, Edward A. 

Ward, John T. 

Warden, Mrs. W. G. 

Ware Brothers Company 

Waring, Swinton B. 

Warne, Mrs. Edward P. 

Warner, Miss Mildred S. 

Warner, Walter 

Warren, William C. 

Warthman, Albert P. 

Warthman, J. Harris 

Warwick, Edward 

• W'ashburn, Louis C, D.D. 

Wasserman, B. J. 

Wasserman, Mrs. Joseph 

Watkin, Miss Eveline M. 

Watson, David 

Watson, Frank R. 

W'atson, James P. 

Watson, John T. 

Watts, Charles H. 

Wayne, Mrs. Josceph, Jr. 

Wayne, William, Jr. 

Weatherly, L. Howard 

Weaver, John 

Webb, William A. 

Weber, David 

Weber, F., & Co. 

Weber, Louis, Sr. 

W r ebster, A. B., M.D. 


Weckesser, William 
Weeks, Mrs. Horace F. 
Weger, Frank L. 
Weihenmayer, Harry W. 
Weihenmaver, William J. 
Weikel, William D. 
Weill, Mrs. Alfred S. 
Weimer, Albert B. 
Weimer, Mrs. Albert B. 
Weinland, Mrs. J. W. 
Weinstein, G. L., M.D. 
Weinstein, Jacob I. 

Wiederseim, Tbeodore E. 
Wilgus, George W. 
Wilks, John T. 
Willard, DeForest P., 

Williams, Mrs. Caroline 
Williams, Mrs. Carroll R. 
Williams, Mrs. Charles 
Williams, Charles D. 
Williams, Ellis D. 
Williams, F. H. 
Williams, Horace J., 


Weir, William T., Jr. 

Weisel, Miss Deborah D. Williams, J. K. 

Weissberg, E. B..M.D. Williams, Joseph D. 

Weller, Harrv C. 
Wells, Mark P. 
Welsh, C. N. 
Welsh, Robert F. 
Wentz, Daniel B. 
Wertheimer, Joseph 

Williams, Mrs. L. Chand- 
Williams, Leighton 
Williams, Parker S. 
Willing, Charles 
Willoughby, J. L. 

Wesley, Charles Summer Willson, Thomas H. 

West, C. K. 
West, Mrs. Harry F. 
Westervelt, Julien D. 
Weston, Mrs. S. Burns 
Westwood, John R. 
Wetherill, Miss Doris C. 
Wetherill, Samuel J., Jr. 
Wetherill, William H. 
Wetherstine, H. H. 
Wetter, Charles G. 
Weyl, Esther M., M.D. 
Weymann, Harry W. 
Wharton, Mrs. J. S. L., 

Wilson, Alex., Jr. 
Wilson, E. M. 
Wilson, Mrs. H. E. 
Wilson, Hamilton M. 
Wilson, James L. 
Wilson, Miss Jennie L. 
Wilson, Russell 
Wilson, William H. 
Wilson, William J. 
Winslow, Charles H. 
Winsor, Mrs. James D. 
Winsor, Mrs. William D. 
Wintrob, Paul M. 
Wiser, Louis E. 

Wharton, Joseph S. Lov- Wister, Mrs. Jones 

Wheeler, Charles 
Wheeler, Mrs. Charles 
Whitaker, James L. 
White, C. Y., M.D. 
White, Mrs. F. M. 
White, Horace G. 
White, J. Atwood 
White, Mrs. J. William 
White, Mrs. Miles, Jr. 
W T hite, Samuel S., Jr. 
Whiting, William H. 

Wister, Mrs. Lewis W. 
Wister, Miss Mary C. 
Witter, C. A. 
Wolf, Mr. and Mrs. 

Wolf, Benjamin 
Wolf, Louis 
Wolfe, Merritt L. 
Wolfe, Russell 
Woll, Miss Elizabeth 
Wolstenholme, Mrs. 


Whitman, Stephen, & Son Wood, Mrs. Alexander 
Whitney, Mrs. W. Beau- C, Jr. 

mont Wood, Mrs. Charles R. 

Whitwell, John H. Wood, Miss Elizabeth 

Widener, Joseph E. Wood, Miss Frances 

Wood, Mrs. Franklin L. 
Wood, Mrs. Grahame 
Wood, Howard, Jr. 
Wood, Jarvis A. 
Wood, L. H. 
Wood, R. G, Jr. 
Wood, Walter M. 
Woodbridge, Mrs. J. 

Woodhouse, Samuel W., 

Woodroffe, J. M. 
Woodruff, Mrs. Clinton 

Woodside, Mrs. J. W. 
Woodville, Elizabeth 
Woodward, George, M.D. 
Woodward, Mrs. George 
Woolman, Henry N. 
Woolman, Miss Josephine 
Woolston, Mrs. J. L. 
Worrall, Mrs. Nathan Y. 
Wotherspoon, James R. 
Wriggins, Mrs. C. C. 
Wright, Mrs. H. B. 
Wright, Mrs. H. J. 
Wright, John 
Wright, John 
Wright, Miss Lila M. 
Wright, Mrs. Minturn 
Wurtz, Mrs. C. Stewart 
Wurzel, Maurice L. 
Yeager, George C, M.D. 
Yeatman, Pope 
Yellin, Samuel 
Yocum, Stanley 
Young, A. C. 
Young, Claude D. 
Young, W. J. 
Zamustin, M. 
Zantzinger, Mrs. C. C. 
Ziegler, Carl A. 
Ziegler, J. Charles 
Ziegler, S. Lewis, M.D. 
Zimmerling, Mabel 
Zimmerman, Claude E. 

Zimmerman, Mason W., 

Zimmerman, William A. 
Zindel, W. G 
Zion, Peter P. 
Zirnkilton, F X. 
Zulich, Mrs. Sarah Swift 


Bauerle, Rudolph, Jr. 
Bacon, Mrs. George 
Chew, Oswald 
Fisher, I., & Sons 
Gamberg, Abraham 
Grundv, John 
Hutt, J. H. 


Jafre & Karmel 
Kaplan, Charles M. 
Kohn, Alfred 
Lesse, S., & Sons 
Liebman, Charles H. 
Lowber, Miss Charlotte 


Mallery, O. T. 
Piatt, Harry 
Sall, Jacob 
Schriver, N. H. 
Seitchik, Louis 
Snyder, D. L., M.D. 
Weeder, F. Ellsworth 


I give and bequeath unto the Pennsylvania Museum and 

School of Industrial Art the sum of 

dollars, free! of all taxes. 



I give and devise unto the Pennsylvania Museum and School 
of Industrial Art, its successors and assig'ns, all that certain (here 
insert a description of the property) free of all taxes.