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»' • 

The year 1 967-68 was one of decision at 
the College, a time when the Administration 
and Trustees determined on a course of action 
which will without question profoundly affect 
the course of professional art and design 
education and change the face of the College 

It was decided to undertake a development 
program which, during the next ten years, 
Will seek gifts totaling 16 million dollars. 
The funds raised will strengthen and expand 
our undergraduate and graduate professional 
programs, will reinforce these programs with 
the up-to-date equipment and instructional 
resources contemporary practice requires, 
will add to the financial strength of the College 
and, most importantly, will renew and expand 
the College campus. This all-College effort 
—the PCA Centennial Program— will command 
much of the energies of the Board of Trustees 
and Administration, and will enlist volunteer 
leadership drawn from the community at large. 

The decision to launch the PCA Centennial 
Program was not made lightly.* Compelling 
considerations included the growing social 
need for professionally trained artists and 
designers, the increasing numberof young 
people seeking entrance to the College, and 
the necessity to break the bonds of cramped 
and obsolete studios and classrooms and 
give faculty and students the space and 
facilities needed fortheir work. The central 
buildings of the College are more than 100 
years old, and the present physical plant is 
not by any standard equal to the educational 
task of the years ahead. 

The way toward solution to campus 
expansion was greatly clarified by the 
unparalleled opportunity which has come to 

the College to acquire by gift-purchase an 
adjacent towering office building. This 
building will adapt most effectively to the 
varied needs of the College, affording ideal 
space for modern design studios and shops, 
academic classrooms, library and audio- 
visual facilities, and may, perhaps, house 
other schools of the visual and performing 
arts which, with PCA, will make up a 
consortium orfederation of arts colleges. 

In determining to undertake the PCA 
Centennial Program, the College also found 
inspiration in the recent past. The past 
decade, 1 958-68, was one of marked 
fruition. It was in that period that the College 
became autonomous, a full degree curriculum 
was established. Middle States academic 
accreditation was obtained, the College's 
first President was inaugurated, the faculty 
and the administration underwent strength- 
ening reorganization, and the first Masters 
program was established with others in the 
planning stages, PCA was also haopyto 
report that, during 1968, a nearby apartment 
house was acquired and converted to provide 
College supervised residence for approxi- 
mately 175 students. 

By the academic year 1 967-68, PCA had 
indeed achieved a position of pre-eminence 
among institutions of higher education 
devoted to the preparation of the artist and 
the designer. Our reputation is now a national 
one for quality of education. But it also was 
abundantly clear that the College, in a 
physical sense as well as an educational 
sense, had reached a breaking point beyond 
which walls could not be stretched, and the 
growing classes could no longer be properly 

"Since 1957, the Board of Trustees has 
ordered six independent studies, and has 
been guided by their major findings. 

In consequence, the management con- 
sultant organization of George A. Brakeley & 
Company, Incorporated, was retained to 
determine the feasibility of a Development 
program. After months of observation, study 
and key interviews, the Brakeley organization 
submitted a report to the Board of Trustees 
which showed that the College has a sound 
case to present in seeking support from 
business, industry, foundations, trustees, 
alumni and other friends of the College. 

Accordingly, with the full endorsement of 
the Trustees, PCA confidently embarks upon 
the PCA Centennial Program for which the 
Brakeley organization will provide specific 
fund program management and counselling 
services. As the academic year closed, the 
College looked ahead, with good heart and 
faith, to the great task to which it had set 
itself. The challenge is to keep the College 
in the forefront of art education across 
America. To do it now is the opportunity. 

I hope that many of our friends will be 
impressed by the present state of the 
Philadelphia College of Art, as outlined in 
this report, and will be moved to help to 
secure the future of this important Phila- 
delphia educational institution. 
Howard A. Wolf 
Chairman of the Board 

In its undergraduate programs, the College 
continued to provide the creative environment 
necessary to achieve professional and 
intellectual excellence. The emphasis, as 
always, was upon motivation— demanding 
from students the commitment to achieve 
theirfullest potential. If the burdens upon 
students were great, they were equally so 
upon the academic and professional faculties 
charged with the effective implementation of 
the new three-year major and 
elective curricula. 

In the Spring of 1968, the College com- 
pleted the first year of its first program in 
graduate education. Seven students were 
enrolled in the program leading to a Master 
of Arts degree in Art Education. With this 
first program firmly established, the College 
turned its attention to the development of 
several MFA curricula, the first of which is 
expected to be offered in the Fall of 1 969. 
Experimental inter-disciplinary programs in 
Visual Communication and Urban Community 
Design are planned in addition to those in 
single disciplines such as Sculpture, Illus- 
tration and Industrial Design. 

The College's library holdings increased 
by 6,271 volumes and the film and slide 
collections by 51 films and 5,982 slides, 
respectively. This was made possible by 
substantial grants from the U.S. Office of 
Education. Within the academic year, the 
growth in numbers of full-time faculty con- 
tinued, increasing from 50 to 54 percent of 
the total teaching staff. During this period, 
there were 73 full-time and 62 part-time 
members of the faculty. 

Several important procedural changes 
took place. The College launched a pre- 

registration and faculty advisory program in 
the Spring of 1968, providing students with 
more effective guidance in the selection of 
their academic courses. The new three-year 
major and Related Arts elective programming 
was made fully operational, further increasing 
the student's ability to select courses from 
a wide rangeof options to suit his individual 
needs. The subject of experimental inter- 
departmental projects was also investigated 
and some of these are expected to be in 
operation in the nearfuture. 

Registration set a new high forthe Summer 
Pre-College Program, indicative of the effec- 
tiveness and importance of this offering to 
young people hopeful of embarking on college 
level training in art. Three hundred and 
forty-nine students were enrolled during the 
July and August sessions. Additionally, 24 
undergraduate students were enrolled for 
painting and sculpture workshops and 
selected liberal arts courses. 

New instructional facilities include a 
darkroom for photography majors, a graphic 
design production laboratory and full utiliza- 
tion of the new Reinhardt studio building 
for the Graphic Design and Ceramics 
departments. This studio was entirely built 
and made operational by Assistant Dean of 
Faculty Richard H. Reinhardt, and several 
students, during the summer of 1967. The 
Liberal Arts Department also found itself in 
improved and spacious quarters through its 
move to the new North Annex at Broad and 
Spruce Streets. 

The College has acquired a 1 6-story 
apartment building at 301 South Fifteenth 
Street for use as a student residence hall. 
The towering building, formerly the Bellerich 
Apartments, accommodates 175 men and 
women. The new residence hall is located 
near the main College buildings and, in effect, 
returns to the campus those students formerly 
housed at the Seventh and Delancey Streets 
residence. In announcing the acquisition 
of the residence hall, Howard A. Wolf, 
chairman of the Board of Trustees, declared: 
"This is a most significant step in our overall 
development program. It reflects our steadily 
rising enrollment and the expansion of our 
professional programs." The College has 
reiterated that the strongest financial support 
will be needed from alumni, business and 
industry to endowthe newfacility. 

The College continued to involve and identify 
itself with programs having as their goal a 
better life for the community in which it lives. 
This was expressed primarily in educational 
service to the community's youth. This 
community educational service— helping 
disadvantaged youth to develop their artistic 
talent— is not new at the College. For the past 
four years, the College has operated a labora- 
tory school of art for elementary and 
secondary school children under grants from 
The Loeb Charitable Trusts. This project, 
supervised by the Art Education Department, 
has demonstrated that artistically talented 
young people exist in the poverty areas and 
that much can be done to prepare them for 
admission to the College. 

In the academic year 1967-68, the College 
was afforded several additional opportunities 
to involve itself in the betterment of disad- 
vantaged youth. Under a grant received from 
the Philadelphia Foundation, the College 
conducted in the summer of 1 968 a four- 
week art instruction program for disadvan- 
taged high school students. This project, 
under the supervision of the Art Education 
Department, offered intensive studio and 
related studies as well as help in overcoming 
educational and cultural deficiencies. 
Students who did well were encouraged to 
continue their art training with the hope that 
some would successfully qualify for eventual 
admission to the College's professional 
programs. Also, responding to an appeal by 
the President's Council on Youth Opportuni- 
ties asking colleges to share their resources 
with young people during the summer 
months, the College participated in a summer 
cooperative program with the neighboring 
YM & YWHA branch of the Jewish Ys and 
Centers of Greater Philadelphia. Under the 
program, youngsters were given art instruc- 
tion by the College and took part in YM & 
YWHA sports programs. Acting through its 
Community Affairs Committee, the College 
also made its South Annex available without 
cost to the Hawthorne Community Center 

which conducted a summer language, art and 
reading program for disadvantaged 

The College, with much appreciation, 
received from Professor Edna Andrade 1 00 
prints of her work, "Free at Last," done 
as a tribute to the Reverend Martin Luther 
King. The prints were offered for sale by the 
College. Proceeds have been used to 
establish the Martin Luther King Scholarship 
Fund. The College also continued its tradi- 
tional participation in the United Fund. 



Many of the nations most distinguished firms 
have engaged with the College in cooperative 
research and development projects. Among 
those firms with which the College has been 
privileged to work with in "cooperatives" are 
General Motors Corp., Ford Motor Co., 
General Electric Co., E. 1. DuPont de Nemours 
& Co , Ethicon, Inc., Westinghouse Electric 
Corp., Radio Corporation of America, 
Eastman Kodak Co., Aluminum Co. of 
America, Dow Chemical Co., Armco Steel 
Corp.. The Black & Decker Mfg. Co.. Penn 
Central Co., Litton Industries, Inc. (Monroe 
Cal. Co.), Atlantic Richfield Co., Yale & 
Towne, St. Regis Paper Co., Mead Corp., 
Corning Glass Works, Armstrong Cork Co., 
Rohm & Haas Co., Penn Fruit Co. and 
Atlantic Aviation Division. 

The Union of Independent Colleges of Art— 
of which the College is a charter member- 
received $1 02,492 from the U.S. Office of 
Education. The Title III grant, coupled with 
some matching funds from the six member 
professional art colleges, will implement a 
six-point program forthe fiscal year 1969. 
The program includes grants for independent 
study by faculty members, faculty exchanges, 
a visitor-lecturer program, a cooperative 
resources exchange and funding forfour 
institute sessions to study means of strength- 
ening the colleges' liberal arts programs. 
Dean Tollefson, assistant director of the 
Kansas City Regional Conference on Higher 
Education, was named executive director 

The National Association of Schools of 
Art held a four-day conclave in Philadelphia. 
Some 1 00 delegates from 40 art schools 
attended the fall, 1967, meeting which had as 
its theme: "Forces for Change in Art and 
Design Education." President Culler and 
Dean of Faculty George R. Bunker were 
among the group in charge of arrangements 
forthe NASA meeting. 


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With the largest membership in its history, 
the Alumni Association continued to make 
important contributions to the advancement 
of the College. A major event was the spon- 
sorship of "An Evening with Charles Fames," 
a lecture by the famed artist and designer 
which was attended by approximately 2000 
at the Bellevue-Stratford Hotel. This was the 
first of a series of cultural activities planned 
for professional value and public enlighten- 
ment. The Alumni Association also conducted 
its third annual Telethon, placing calls across 
the country seeking new members and 
support for the annual appeal. The results 
set new highs in both membershipand gifts. 
The Alumni Association also began regular 
publication of the Philadelphia College of 
Art Bulletin in a new design and format. 

Annual giving to the College again 
increased in both the number of contributors 
and the amounts given. A total of $228,333 
was contributed forthe fiscal year July 1 , 1967, 
to June 30, 1 968. This was an increase of 
$87,539 overthe comparable preceding 
period. Alumni giving for 1967-68 was 
$30,680.81 compared with $17,842.81 for 
the preceding period. Trustee giving for 
1 967-68 totaled $35,999.22 compared with 
$20,526.80 for the preceding period. The 
College also received supportfrom non- 
alumni, business and industry, government, 
parents of students, foundations, faculty, 
staff and organizations. 

The College conferred three honorary 
doctorates of fine arts at Spring Commence- 
ment. They were presented to Thomas 
Wilfred, founder of the Art Institute of Light, 
a non-profit organization devoted to research 
and education in the use of light as an inde- 
pendent aesthetic medium; Lessing J, 
Rosenwald, former board chairman of Sears, 
Roebuck and Co., and Louise Nevelson, 
internationally-known sculptress. The Alumni 
Award was conferred upon Arnold Roth, 
illustrator and cartoonist and a member of 
the Class of 1950. Miss Kathryn Bloom, 
director of the Arts and Humanities Program 
of the U.S. Office of Education, delivered the 
Commencement Address. She received the 
College's Award of Merit. 

Among the distinguished lecturers and visitors 
to the campus during the academic year 
were Charles Eames, designer and artist; 
Robert Arneson, West Coast artist; Rudolf 
Freund, a member of the Class of 1 936 and 
recipient of the 1 966 Alumni Award; Frank 
Caplan, president and general manager of 
Creative Playthings; Dr. Hsio-Yen Shih, then 
curator-designate of the Far Eastern Depart- 
ment of the Royal Ontario Museum; 
A. Hostrup Pedersen, president of Georg 
Jensen Co. and president of the National 
Arts and Crafts Council of Denmark; Edward 
W. Robinson, vice-president— agency director 
of the Provident Home Life Insurance Co. 
and La Monte Young, composer, director, 
performer and teacher. 

The College's program of exhibitions, held 
for the benefit of the students and the public, 
drew excellent reaction from its audiences 

and from the critics. Exhibitions included 
works by Benton Spruance, designs by 
Charles Eames, graphic arts by alumni of the 
Allgemeineine Gewerbeschule, Basle, craft 
and environmental design by alumni of the 
College, an international film festival, works 
of professional artists and designers selected 
by the faculty, works by students in the 
Saturday Morning program and Student 
Annual, the traditional year-end presentation 
of outstanding student work. 

The College, its faculty and students 
continued to receive national recognition 
and awards. Four individuals received 
Fulbright grants. They were 
Thomas Doulis, assistant professor, English 
and Humanities; William J. Kelly, a senior 
majoring in painting; S. Nicholas Burpulis, 
a senior majoring in sculpture and William 
Stein, of the library staff. In addition, two 
alumni, Arthur V. Sawyer, Class of 1967, and 
Myron Brody, Class of 1965, also received 
Fulbright grants. The nationally-circulated 
professional publication "Design News" 
honored the Industrial Design Department 
for educational achievement and cited two 
of its students for the design of a recreational 
vehicle. The College's Loeb Laboratory was 
awarded a Certificate of Meritorious Service 
by the Thomas Durham School. The 1 967 
Senior Year Book was selected as a winner 
in the 18th Annual Printing Industries of 
America Graphic Arts Award Competition. 
A Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation grant to 
pursue work in silversmithing techniques for 
sculptural purposes was awarded Assistant 
Professor Olaf Skoogfors. Instructor Lois 
Johnson received a major award at the 
American Color Print Society Exhibition in 
Trenton, N.J. Associate Professor Albert 
Gold's painting, "Down Eastern," was 
awarded a Woodmere Endowment Fund Prize 
by the Woodmere Art Gallery. Lecturer Lili 
Blumenau's book, "Creative Designs in Wall 
Hangings," was published by Crown. Lecturer 
Isa Barnett was invited to participate in a 
combat artist program in Vietnam. Ivan 
Barnett, a major in illustration, received an 
award of merit from the Society of Illustrators. 
Associate Professor Kenneth Hiebert received 

an award from the Type Directors Club of 
New York. Instructor Louis M. Riccio received 
a Harley J. Earl Fellowship for graduate work 
in Industrial Design at Stanford University. 

George D. Culler, 

The President, Board of Trustees, Faculty and 
Students mourn the passing of the distin- 
guished artist and teacher, a member of the 
College faculty since 1 934. 

He has set a high mark of attainment for the 
host of students who had the good fortune 
to "sit at his feet." His warmth and spon- 
taneity, his understanding and sympathy, 
mark him as an "homme extraordinaire." 
Lessing J. Rosenwald 


,_ u. 



Ultimately, the quality of a college 
depends upon how much its 
alumni and friends care about it. 
This Honor Roll is published in 
the Annual Report as a tribute to 
those alumni, parents and friends 
who contributed to the College's 
1967-68 Annual Fund Appeal 
(July 1, 1967 to June 30, 1968). 
By their loyal and generous sup- 
port they are helping to make 
possible the broadening of our 
educational programs, the 
strengthening of our scholarship 
resources and the development of 
our physical facilities. To them the 
College expresses its deepest 

Miss C. Jean Aberle 

Miss Gail Abowitz 

Miss Laura Abrams 

Dr. Leonard Abrams 

Mr. Reynold Abruzzi 

Mr. A. Granville Acl<erman 

Miss Dorothy Ackler 

Mr. John Bruce Adams 

Mr. William M. Adams, Jr. 

Mr. Seymour Adelman 

Mrs. Charles R. Adelson 

Dr. & Mrs. Francis Reed Adier 

Miss Zena AdIer 

Advertising Art Production Co., Inc. 

After Six Inc. 

A-G Foods, Inc. 

Mr. John A. Albright 

Mr. Laurence C. Alcott 

The Aldon Spinning Mills Corp. 

Mrs. John Alexander 

Mr. Milton Alexander 

Mr. Clarence G. Alhart 

Mr. Gerald Alton 

Mr. Larry Alten 

Mr. Stephen M, Alterwein 

Mr. F. Knox Altman 

Alumni Association 

Mrs. Dorothy A. Amey 

Mrs. Gustave G. Amsterdam 

Anco Wood Specialties 

Mrs. A. Lowell Anderson 

Mr. Gerald Anderson 

Mr. Rex Anderson 

Mr. William S. Anderson, Jr. 

Mrs. Edna Andrade 

Mr. William Angus 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Ankenbrand, Jr. 


Anro Printing & Letter Service, Inc. 

Mrs. Henry L. Appleton 

Mrs. Peter F. Ardizzi 

Mr. Joseph J. Arico 

W.M. Armistead Foundation, Inc. 

(N.W. Ayer& Son, Inc.) 
Mrs. Carl H. Armstrong 
Walter T. Armstrong, Inc. 
Mrs. Janet J. Arnold 
Miss Joy C. Aronovitz 
The Arronson Foundation 
Art Directors Club of Philadelphia 
Art Directors Club Scholarship Fund 

Mrs. Sydney Asher, Jr. 
Mr. Richard Atamian 
Mr. Frank B. Atmore 
Mr. Robert E. Aughley 
Mr. & Mrs. John Augustine 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Austin 
Automatic Retailers of America, Inc. 
Mr. Louis N. Aversa 
Mr, Theodore Avrami 
Mr. Paul Axler 
Miss Margaret Ayer 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Babecki 

Mr. Harvey B. Bacal 

Mr. Roberto. Bach 

Mr. & Mrs. Edmund N. Bacon 

Mrs. Hortense N. Baer 

Mr. Sterling L. Bair 

Mr. & Mrs. George W. Baker, 4th 

Mr. Warren E. Bakley 

Dr. F, Bruce Baldwin 

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond A. Ballinger 

R.C. Ballinger Company 

Dr. KentF. Balls 

Dr. & Mrs. E. Digby Baltzell, Jr. 

Miss Janette E. Banks 

Mrs. Carole Barker 

Mr. & Mrs. George B. Barnard 

Mr. & Mrs. Terry Lee Earner 

Mr. Carroll B. Barnes, Jr. 

Dr. &Mrs. Daniel H. Barol 

Mr. Herbert B. Barr 

Miss Marion Barraclough 

Mrs. Elizabeth Barry 

Mrs. Donald L. Barstow 

Mr. & Mrs. George Bass 

Mr. James H. Bateman 

Mr. Thomas F. Bates 

Miss G. Caroline Bauder 

Mr. Robert J. Bauer 

Mr. Ronald Baum 

Mrs. Philip J. Baur 

Mrs. Elizabeth L. Baxter 

Mr. Arnold A. Bayard 

Miss Hannah Bayliss 

Mr. George Beach 

Mrs. Donald A. Beadell 

Mrs. Roberts. Beal 

Helen Groome Beatty Trust 

Mr. George D. Beck 

Mr. & Mrs. LeRoy R. Beck 

Beck Engraving Company 

Mr. Gerald Becker 

Miss C. Diane Beckerman 

Mrs. Marianne Beckh 

Mrs. Albert H. Beekhuis 

Rev. & Mrs. Edward B. Beckles 

Mrs. Hester R. Beckman 

Bee Paper Company, Inc. 

Mr. Donald G. Beetem 

Mrs. Ruth Behling 

Mr. & Mrs. George B. Beitzel 

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Belcher 

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick H. Belfield 

Mr. Isadore Belinkoff 

Mrs. Ray Bell 

Miss Sarah B. Bell 

Mr. Mark A. Beltz, Jr. 

Mr. Richard N. Benham 

Mr. Everett P. Bennett 

Miss Margaret N, Bennett 

Miss Patricia A. Bennett 

Mr. J. Barton Benson 

Mr. Morris Berd 

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Berenstain 

Mrs. Allan J, Berger 

Mrs. Marguerite W. Berlinger 

Mr. Edward Bernstein 

Mrs. Raya Bernstein 

Miss Shirley Joan Bernstein 

Mrs. V. dor Bernstein 

Miss Christine Sue Berry 

Mrs. Margaret E. Berry 

Mrs. John W. Bersch 

Mrs. Henry Berwind 

Mr. & Mrs. James P. Beury III 

Mrs. John Beyer 

Miss Marian Bhare 

Bienfang Paper Company, Inc. 

Billirene Fund 

Mrs. Walters. Bine III 

Mrs. Raleigh J. Birch 

Mrs. Louis Birenbaum 

Mr. Loring C. Bixler 

Miss Melanie R. Black 

Miss Harriet I. Blackburn 

Mr. Sanford S. Blackman 

Miss Dorothy W. Blair 

Mr. Warren Blair 

Mr. John B. Blakely 

Mr. Nelson M. Blakely 

Mr. Jack I. Blaker 

Mrs. E. M. Blanchard 

Mrs. Joyce Blumenthal 

Dr. & Mrs. George I. Blumstein 

Mr. Earl R. Blust 

Mr. Samuel Anthony Bocelli 

Mr. & Mrs. Harry J. Bonelli 

Dr. Alfred M. Bongiovanni 

Anthony Bonvini & Son 

Mr. & K/Trs. Lawrence I. Boonin 

Mr. Willard Borow 

Mrs. Jane Borsvold 

Mrs. Otto Boss 

Boulevard Mortgage Company 

Mr. Richard J. Bova 

Miss Frances Louise Boyer 

Mrs. James Brackbill 

Mr. G. Clinton Bradley 

Mr. William J. Bradshaw 

Miss Phyllis C. Bradway 

Miss Marilyn B. Braverman 

Mr. Philip A. Bregy 

Breig Associates, Inc. 

Mrs. Arthur M. Bremer 

Mrs. James W. Brennan 

Mrs. Ruth Zion Bressler 

Mr. Kenneth L. Brewer 

Mrs. Max A. Brewer 

Mrs. James Bricker 

Mrs. Samuel T. Brinton 

Mr. Edward S. Bristol 

Mr. Nathan A. Brockington 

Mr. Myren R. Brody 

Mr. Wilbur Z. Broome, Jr. 

Mrs. John Brosnahan 

Mrs. Albert L. Brown 

Mrs. Gail Brown 

Mr, John William Brown 

Mr. Ted Brown 

Mr. & Mrs, Sherman A. Brown 

Mr, & Mrs. Warren D. Brown 

Mr, & Mrs, Richard G. Brueckner 

Miss Vera D. Bruestle 

Mr. Leonard J. Bruno 

Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church 

Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin E. Buchanan, III 

Miss Diane Paule Buchman 

Mrs. J. Mahlon Buck 

Mr. George M. Buckler 

Mr. Edward G. Budd, Jr. 

The Budd Company Foundation, Inc. 

Mr. Elbert Budin 

Mr. George W. Buffington 

Mr. Franks. Bugbee 

Mr. Joseph J. Bulinkis 

Mr. OrvilleH. Bullitt 

Mrs. Jacqueline Bullock 

Mr. Jeffrey Bulman 

Joseph & Ethel Bulman Family 

Foundation, Inc. 
Mrs. A. M. Bunker 
Mrs. Donald T. Bunker 
Mr. & Mrs. George R. Bunker 
Mr. Peter D. Burchard 
Mrs. Jesse Burdelle 
Mr. Charles H. Burkhardt 
Miss Constance R. Burkhardt 
Mr. Richard Burns 
Mrs. Robert S. Burns 
Mr. David Sterner Burnside 
Mr. Charles Bush 
Mrs. Samuel Francis Butler 
Butler & Ferrigno Lithographic 

Company, Inc. 
Mr. George L. Butts 
Mrs. Jeanne N. Butts 
Mr. Ranulph Bye 
Mr. John C. Bythrow 

Mr. William F. Cadge 

Mrs. Lambert Cadwalader 

Mr. Tillman Cahn 

Mr. Anthony J. Calabrese 

Miss Marilyn M. Calderoni 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Camana 

Miss Blanche G. Camero 

Miss Dorothy E. Camhi 

Miss Edith R.Campbell 

Miss Virginia R. Campbell 

Campbell Soup Company 

Mr. Francis J. Cannie 

Mr. Christopher F. Canonico 

Mr. Albert M. Canter 

Mr. Edward Cantor 

Mr. Matthew R. Capizzi 

Mr. Edward F. Carey 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Cargill 

Major Aaron E. Carpenter 

Mrs. Dawn Carpenter 

Mrs. Helen Carpenter 

Carpenters Machinery Company, 

Mrs. Mary Louise Carroll 

Mr. Alfred Casciato 

The Hon. Meyer R. Gasman 

Miss Alesandra Castellucci 

Mr. Barry R. Castle 

Dr. & Mrs. John W. Cataldo 

Mr. & Mrs. H. Robert Cathcart 

Mr. Richard J, Cattafesta 

Mr, & Mrs, Dante Cattani 

Mr. Daniel V. Cavaliere 
Dr. & Mrs. Henry S.Cecil 
Mr. John A. Cederstrom 
Central Typesetting Company 
Mr. Alexander B. Ceres 
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Chait 
Mr, William D, Challenger 
Miss Mary E, Chalmers 
Mr, & Mrs, Burton Chance 
Mrs. George G. Chandler 
Mr. William Charkow 
Dr. & Mrs. Charles W. Charny 
Mrs. Ben H. Charon 
Mr. Edward L. Cherry 
Mr. Edward P. Cheslock 
Mr. Herbert Chester 
Children's Hospital 
Miss Sophia Chitjian 
Mrs. Willard L. Christensen 
Chrysler Corporation Fund 
Mr. Yand L. Chung 
Mrs. Francis Churchill 
Miss Ellen Chuse 
Mrs. Holly N. Cicooricco 
Mrs. Donald A. Ciocca 
Mrs. Beatrice M. Cirillo 
Mrs. R. Leslie Cizek 
Mr. W. Porter Clanton 
Mrs. J. P.Clark 
Mrs. Joseph V. F. Clay, Jr. 
Miss Sandra Clay 
Mrs. Helene Fox Clayton 
Mr. Clyde Perdue Cleaver 
Mr. &Mrs. N. Bernard Cleff 
Mr. Richard B. Cliff 
Mrs. H. Michael Cline 
Mrs. Florence Butz Cloud 
Mr. Robert T. Clough, Jr. 
Mr. George P. Coan, Jr. 
Mrs. Jan Cobb 
' Mr. John J. Coen 
Mr. Harold Coffin 
Mr. Marple Cohee 
Mrs. Elaine P. Cohen 
Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert B. Cohen 
Mr. Leon Cohen 
Mrs. Ronald G. Cohen 
Inc. Mr. Sol Calvin Cohen 
Mr. Stephen Z, Cohen 
Dr, & Mrs. Herbert Cohn 
Miss Carlotta Colaiezzi 
Mrs. Lewis F. Colbert 
Miss Patricia C. Cole 
Mr. Robert P. Colelori 
Mr. Ralph P. Coleman 
Mrs. David J, Colfelt 
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Colker 

Miss Ann Olivia Collander 

Mrs. Aaron D. Colten 

Mrs. Thomas E. Comber, Jr. 

Concora Foundation 

The Conde Nast Publications, Inc. 

Mr. Loy W. Conley 

Mrs. Mary I. Connelly 

Mrs. James Connolly 

Mr. McCauley Connor 

Mr. Robert Conover 

Mr. William R. Conrad 

Continental Bank and Trust Compa 

Mr. Forrest H. Cooper 

Miss Mildred A. Cooper 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Cooper 

Mrs. Martha Libby Cooperman 

Mr. Maxwell F. Coplan 

Mrs. Raymond Leslie Copson 

Mr. Joseph A. Corbi ' 

Mr. Anthony D. Corcetto 

Mrs. Gribbel Corkran 

Mrs. W. S. Corkran 

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard M. Corona 

Mr. Samuel L. Corson 

Mr. Edward F. Cortese 

Mrs. Ingham Coryell 

Mr. Walter Costenbader 

Mr. Gus Cotey 

Mr. Staats Cotsworth 

Mr. Francis R. Couch 

Mrs. Janet E. Cowan 

Miss Dorothy Cowles 

Mr. Reavis Cox 

Mr. Samuel Robert Cox 

Mr. & Mrs. William F. Cox 

Mr. & Mrs. Weld Coxe 

Mr. Edward Coxey 

Craftex Mills, Inc. of Penna. 

Mrs. J. Thomas Craig 

Dr. & Mrs. A. Reynolds Crane 

Mrs. William J. Crane 

Mr. Edward K. Cratsley 

Mr. Warren Creely 

Crescent Cardboard Company 

Mr. Aniello F. Crescent! 

Dr. & Mrs. Charles N. Cretzmeyer 

Mrs. Donald T. Crispin 

Mr. Eaton Cromwell, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur U. Crosby 

Mrs. Anne B. Cosgrove 

Mr. Joseph B. Crossen 

Mrs. Gordon Crouter 

Mrs. Arthur W. Crouthamel 

Mr. & Mrs. William S. Crowder 

Mr. Daniel J. Crowley 

M. C. Crown Associates 

Mr. Robert R. Crowther 

Mr. George D. Culler 
Mr. H. Edward Curtis 
Mr. Charles D. Cushing 
Mrs. Anna P. Cushman 
Mr. Michael Cutler 
Cypher Press 

Miss Edith G. Daggett 
Mr. Kenneth G. Daley 
Mr. William P. Daley 
Mrs. Joseph P. D'Allura 
Mr. Ronald F. D'Alonzo 
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew C. Dana 
Mr. Vance Danner, Jr. 
Mr. Maurice J. Darlington 
Miss Arleen M. Dascola 
Mrs. Carl Dash 
Mr. Ira J. Davidoff 
Mr. David L. Davis 
Dr. Evan B. Davis 
Mrs. Jean Roberts Davis 
Mr. Malcolm I. Davis 
Mrs. William L. Davis 
Mrs. W. Jonathan Davis 
Mr. & Mrs. William L. Day 
Mrs. Robert W. Deacon 
Mr. Orlando DeBenedictis 
Mr. Peter L. DeBenneville 
Mrs. Anastasia L. DeBerry 
Mrs. Alan DeCherney 
Mrs. Laura Dechnik 
Mr. Ralph DeFrehn 
Delaware Valley Assn. for Nursery 
and Kindergarten Education 
Mr. Frank Jay DeLeno, Jr. 
Miss Mary DelGuercio 
Mrs. W. Haines Delmas 
Mr. & Mrs. Alfred DeMartini 
Mr. James A. Demas 
Mr. Marvin N. Demchick 
Mr. John C. Denman 
Mr. Kenneth R. Dennis, Jr. 
Mrs. Josephine E. Dent 
Mrs. Juliette DeOrnate 
Mr, Richard E. DePaul 
Mr. Thomas DePaul 
Mr. Alexander Derkas 
Miss Rita Dertner 

Mr. & Mrs. Rudolphe DeSchauensee 
Mrs. John Kent Detrick 
Mr. & Mrs. Vladimir DeVadetsky 
Mr. Carmine DeVivi 
Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas DeVries 
Mr. Philip Nicholas DeVries 
Mr. Charles B. Diamond 
Mr. Conrad Dickel 

Mrs. Louis B. Dietz 

Mrs. Olga DiFelice 

Mr, & Mrs. Lawrence DiFiori 

Mr. Louis R. DiJoseph 

Mr. & Mrs, Richardson Dilworth 

Mr. Karl A. Dimler 

Mrs. Charles K. Dillingham 

Mrs. Mildred M. Dillon 

Miss Rose Marie DiMassimo 

Mrs. John W. Dismant 

"Doc" Reiff Associates 

Mr. Donald D. Dodge 

Mr. Roy F. Doerre 

Mr. & Mrs. Fredric Dolgonos 

Mr, & Mrs. Charles S. Domsky 

Mr. Peter D. Domville 

Mrs. C. B. Donaldson 

Mrs. Susan Dooly 

Mr. Ronald Dorfman 

Miss Emma Ashton Dorr 

Mrs. John T. Dorrance, Jr. 

Mrs. Mary Van Doucette 

Mr. Ronald Dove 

Dow Chemical Company 

Mr. Richard L. Downes 

Dr. Arthur C. Downs 

Mr. William S. Downs 

Mr. Wilfred Doyle 

Mr. & Mrs. Allison R, Drake 

The Drake Press 

Miss Caroline T. Drayton 

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Drayton 

Mr, Claire L. Dreher 

Mr. E.Wilkin Dreher 

Mr. Logan B. Dress 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert D. Dripps 

Mr. Robert M. Drobeck 

Mr. Boris Drucker 

Miss Jeanette Dubrow 

Mr. W. Corbin Dozier, Jr. 

Mrs. S. Dubnow 

Dr. ArthurP. Dudden 

Mr. Hugh Duffield 

Jimmy Duffy & Sons, Inc. 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Dufour 

Mrs. Margaret L. Dugdale 

Mr. William E. Duicho 

Mr. & Mrs, Thomas G, Dulin 

Mr, & Mrs, Clarence W. Dustin 

Miss Mary Anne Dutt 

Mr. & Mrs. Harold J. Eager 

Mrs. Elmer Earley 

Mr. Nathaniel S. East 

Mr. & Mrs. Philip Dey Eastman 

Mr, Joseph L. Eastwick 

Mr. Francis W. Eastwood 

Mr. George M. Eberhardt 

Mrs. H. Robert Eckhardt 

Miss Helen C. Eden 

Miss Adeline Edmunds 

Mrs. A. Bruce Edwards 

Mr. Joel W. Egerer 

Mr. George Egler 

Mr. Paul F. Egner 

Dr. George E. Ehrlich 

Mrs. Ruth Lewis Eingorn 

Mr. & Mrs. James Eiseman 

Mr. Barry I. Eisenberg 

Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Eisenstat 

Mr. Philip J. Eitzen 

The Electric Storage Battery Co. 

Mr, Eugene Ellick 

Mr, Paul H. Ellis 

Miss Gertrude S. Ely 

Miss Edith Emerson 

Mr. Robert F. Enders 

Miss Genevieve Endicott 

Miss Elizabeth R. England 

Mrs. Felix L. Englander 

Mrs. Dorothy H. Erickson 

ESB Incorporated 

Mr. George Essayian 

Mr. Charles J. Essig 

Mr. & Mrs. John S. Estey 

Mr. Sidney S. Estreicher 

Mr. & Mrs. Max Ettelman 

Mr. Leonard L. Ettinger 

Mrs. Edward Evans 

Mr. Harry D. Evans, Jr. 

Mr. Robert E. Evans 

Mrs. Helen Lowden Evans 

Mrs. W. Rowland Evans 

Mrs. Richard Ewing 

Dr. Willem Ezerman 

Miss Marcia L. Exmore 

Mrs. Joseph A. Fabiani 

Mr. Daniel J. Fabrizio 

Mrs. Diane L. Factor 

Mrs. Edward Fahrner 

Mr. Samuel B. Faier 

The Fairgate Rule Co , Inc. 

The Falcon Press 

Mr. Claude D. Falcone 

Miss Dorothy Fallows 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Fanelli 

Mr. & Mrs. Victor Fanelli 

Mr, &Mrs. F, W, E, Farr 

Mrs. Leonard Pass 

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond B.Featherman, Jr. 

Mrs, James Feeney 

Mrs. Myer Feinstein 

Mrs. Augusta G. Feld 

Mrs. Ernest B. Feldgus 

Mr. Eugene Feldman 

Miss Janet L. Felton 

Mr. & Mrs. James D. Ferguson 

Mrs. Erode S. Fernstrom 

Mr. James Ferrantello 

Miss Katharine Ferry 

Dr. & Mrs. Ferdinand Fetter 

Miss Mary H. Eewsmitti 

Fidelity Bank 

Mr. Charles F. Fifer 

Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Finckh 

Mrs. Miriam Brown Fine 

Mrs. Herbert Fineman 

Miss Irene Astrid Finkel 

Firestone Foundation 

First Grade Class of the 

Penn Valley School 
The First Pennsylvania Banking 

& Trust Company 
Mr. Raymond P. Fischer 
Mr. & Mrs. William F. Fischer, Jr. 
Mr. York K. Fischer 
Mr. Mac S. Fisher 
Miss Nancy J. Fisher 
Mr. William G. Fisher 
Miss Jane Fithian 
Miss Adelaide G. Flagg 
Mrs. Jean Flaxenburg 
Mr. Robert J. Fleck 
Mrs. Horace Fleisher 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas T. Fleming 
Mrs. Mina Fletcher 
Mr. John Folcarelli 
Miss Cathryn Follman 
Mr. James L. Ford 
Mrs. Leighton B. Ford 
Mr. Lewis T. Ford 
Mr. William L. Ford 
Ford Motor Company Fund 
Mr. Alan Forman 
Miss Beverly Forman 
Miss Lilia M. Formiconi 
Mr. Richard J. Forrest 
Mrs. George Forsyth 
Mr. John Foster 

Fostoria Glass Company Fdn,, Inc. 
Miss Viola Fouike 
Mrs. Diana L. Fox 
Miss Patricia Anne Fox 
Mr. & Mrs. William D. Fox 
Mr. Walters. Franklin 
Mr. Edward Frascella 
Mr. John W. Freas 
Mr. Larry Fredericks 

Mr. Maurice Freed 

Judge & Mrs. Abraham Freedman 

Miss Eunice J. Freedman 

Mrs. Paul Freeman, Jr. 

Graham French, Esq. 

Mr. John A. Fretz, HI 

Mrs. Henry Friedman 

Drs. Sidney & Adele Friedman 

Mrs, Charles J. Firth 

Miss Florence Froelich 

Mr. Otto Fruh 

Mr. Guy Fry 

Miss Ella Fuerle 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward V. Furlong 

Miss Debora Ellen Gable 

Miss Martha A. Gable 

Mr. Samuel R. Gaillard 

Miss Mary B. Galbraith 

Galer and Hulls, Inc. 

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Gallagher 

Mr. John F. Gane 

Mr. Robert F. Gantz -^^ 

Garceau, Hallahan & McCullough, 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Gaskill 
Miss Marguerite Gaudin 
Forrest C. Gearhart, Inc. 
Mr. Edward Geary 
Mr. Arthur O. Gefvert 
Mr. & Mrs. John Geiszel 
Mr. & Mrs. William Gelegotis 
Mr. William T. Gemmell 
The General Electric Foundation 
Styling Staff of General Motors 

Mr. Gary A. Gerber 
Miss Mae K. Gerhard 
Mrs. K. E. Gerlach 
Mr, Henry E. Gerstley 
Miss Barbara Gesshel 
Mr. William D. Getzow 
Mr. Richard B. Gewetzki 
Mr. Robert F. Giandominico 
Mr. Frederic H. Gibbs 
Miss Janet A. Gibson 
Mr. & Mrs.G. Kendall Giffault 
Mrs. Edward Gilford 
Mrs. Gwendolyn T. Gilbert 
Mr. & Mrs. Albert H, Giles 
Mr. David B. Giles 
Mr. Robert N.Gillis 
Mr. H, Gerald Gilton 
Mr. & Mrs. Pat M. Gingles 
Girard Trust Bank 
Mr. Herman Gitlow 

Mrs. Peter S. Given 

Mr. Elwood P. Gtaser 

Mr, Bernard Glassman 

Mrs. Rose daymen 

Mr. Lawrence H. Glazer 

Mrs. Edward M. Glickman 

Miss Virginia Godfrey 

Mr. & Mrs. Albert Gold 

Judge Joseph E. Gold 

Mr. & Mrs. Abraham Goldberg 

Dr. Allen S. Goldman 

Mr. Lester Goldman 

Mr. & Mrs. Morris H. Goldman 

Mr. Alan S. Goldstein 

Mr. &Mrs. M. H.Goldstein 

Mrs. Stanford Goldstein 

Mr. Robert E. Goodier 

Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Goodman 

Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth H. Gordon, Jr. 

Mr. Ronald E. Gornstein 

Dr. & Mrs. Harry Gottlieb 

Miss Laura Gotwals 

Mr. Robert J. Gould 

Mr. Stephen J. Grabinski 

Mr. John C. Graham 

Mr. Edward Grant 

Mr. Ralph K.Grant 

Mr. Zane L. Grant 

Mr. Jerome B, Gray 

Mr. George M. Greenamyer 

Mr. Lewis M. Greenberg 

The Sydney N., Jr, and 

Jessie S. Greenberg Fund 
The Albert M, Greenfield Fdn. 
Mr. Bernard Greenwald 
Mr. Richard H. Greenwood 
Mrs. Nancy Dodson Greger 
Mr. Jack Gregory 
Mr. Peter W. Gregory 
Mrs. Barbara A. Grenell 
Miss Norma Ann Griffith 
Mr. & Mrs. J. Eugene Grigsby, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Grooms 
Miss Liane Gross 
Mr. Jack S, Grossman 
Mr. Robert Grossman 
Mr. & Mrs. Edward H. Grove 
Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd L. Groves 
Mr, Charles Gruszka 
Mrs. Melville Gurland 
-Mr, Ray Guss 
Mr. & Mrs. Alvin P. Gutman 
Mr. & Mrs. Frank C. Guzzi 

F. C. HaabCo., Inc. 
Mrs, Stephen Haas 

Mr. &Mrs. Peter Habib 

Mr. & Mrs. Julius E. Hachtman 

Mrs. John G. Hafner, Jr. 

Mr. John H. Halbe 

Mrs. Sandra Hale 

Mrs. Florence K. Hall 

Mr, H.Thomas Hall III 

Miss Ruth V. Hall 

Mrs. Jules Halpern 

Mrs. Daniel Hamberg 

Mrs, Elaine Shutts Hamilton 

Mr. Herbert J. Hampel 

Mr. Albert W. Hampson 

Mr. Harvey Hanig 

Mrs. Howard Wayne Hansell 

Mr. Bernard Hanson 

Mr. Walter F. Hanson 

Mr. Stephen Harding 

Mr. John W. Harmer 

Mr. Bernard C. Harmon 

Mr. & Mrs. Avery D. Harrington 

Mr. JohnT. Harris 

Mrs. Robert E. Harris 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hart 

Mrs. Bertha Hartman 

Mr. Walter K. Hartman 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward J, Hartmann 

Mrs. Phyllis Clark Harvey 

Dr. & Mrs. Benjamin Haskell 

Dr. Joseph M. Hassman 

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Hathaway 

Mr. John A. Hauser 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Hauslohner 

Mrs. Annabel Turner Hawman 

Miss Elizabeth Haynes 

Mr, & Mrs. John F. Headly 

Mrs. Marjorie G. Hedderwick 

Mr. Meyer Heiman 

Mr, Leo H. Heimerdinger, Jr. 

Mr. Adolph W. Heinrich 

Mr. Edwin Heitman, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Karl A. Hekeler 

Miss Georgeann Helms 

Mrs. Joseph E. Helweg 

Donald Henderson Inc. 

Mr. Leslie Henderson 

Mr, Joseph Hennesy 

Hercules Incorporated 

Miss Mary Herghelegiu 

Mrs. Fred B. Herman 

Mr. Lewis H. Herr 

Mrs. Polly P. Herron 

Mr. H.OberHess 

Mrs. Theodore Heysham, Jr. 

Miss Mary Higgins 

Mr. H. David Hill 

Mr. & Mrs, Roland A. Hillas 

Mr. Arthurs. Hillman 

Mrs. Mildred L. HItlman 

Miss Dorothy Hillsley 

Mr. & Mrs. Meyer Hirsh 

Miss Lena William Hoagland 

Mrs. Rena F. Hochstein 

Mr. Christopher H. Hodge 

Mr. Benjamin Hoffman 

Mr. Douglas W. Hoffman 

Miss Margaret Ann Hoffman 

Mrs. Robert J. Hoffman 

Mrs. Rochelle Hoffman 

Mr. William A. Hoffman 

Mrs. Wray B. Hoffman 

Mr. Paul Hoffmaster 

Mr. Stanley M. Hoffstein 

Mr. Ronald D. Holden 

Miss Sally C. Holden 

Mr. Richard Hollerith, Jr. 

Mrs. James R. Holt 

Mr. Richard Hood 

Mr. &Mrs. Richard Hook III 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Hook 

Mr. Edward R. Hoopes 

Mr. John E. Hoover 

Dr. &Mrs. John W. Hope 

Mr. H. H.Hopkins 

Mr. Gary L. Horley 

Mr. & Mrs. S. Hamill Home 

Mrs. Marilla Horowitz 

Mrs. Selwyn A. Horvitz 

Mr. Larry J. Hoskins 

Houghton-Carpenter Foundation 

Mr. Morton Howard 

Mrs. Richard T. Howard, Jr. 

Mr. William J. Hubbard 

Mrs. Richard Huber 

Mr. &Mrs. R. D. Hudson 

Mr. & Mrs. William Hudson 

Mrs. Ernest C. Hueter 

Miss Harriet Hughes 

Mrs. Bradford F. Hull 

Mr. Donald R. Hulmes 

Mr. Robert C. Hunsicker 

Mr. &Mrs. David M. Hunt 

Miss Shirley C. Russian 

Mrs. George B. Hunter 

Mrs. Nathan Hydemen 

Mr. Alfred Ignarri 
Industrial Valley Bank & Trust Go. 
Mr. Charles E. Ingersoll 
Mr. R. Sturgis Ingersoll 
INA Foundation 
International Business 
Machines Corp. 

Mr. John C. Isely 
Miss Barbara M. Israel 
Dr. & Mrs. S. Leon Israel 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald G. Jackson 

Jackson-Cross Company 

Mrs. Marcia Jacobs 

Miss Mildred Jantzen 

Mrs. Quentin Jaxon 

Mr. Robert L. Jefferson 

Mr. Jerry Jemelyan 

Mrs. Raymond N. Jenness, Jr. 

Mrs. John Jensen 

Mr. Bruce A. Johnson 

Mrs. Dorothy H. Johnson 

Mr. John E. Johnson 

Mrs. Richard E. Johnson 

Mrs. Walter J. Johnson 

Mrs. M. Kathryn Johnston 

Mrs. Dolores B. Jones 

Mrs. Ella Y. Jones 

Mrs. Mildred Jones 

Mr, R. Bruce Jones 

Mrs. Theodore Jones 

Mr. James B. Jordan 

Mr. James B. Jordan, Jr. 

Mrs. William Jordan 

Miss Marion T. Justice 

Mr. Martin F. Kaelin 

Mr. Arnold S. Kahn 

Mrs. Roberts. Kahn 

Miss Margaret G. Kairer 

Mr. &Mrs. Paul R. Kaiser 

Mrs. Thomas L. Kane 

Miss Lucille Kaplan 

Dr. & Mrs. Richard Kaplan 

Mr. Seymour Kaplan 

Morris and Sophie Kardon Fdn. 

Mr. & Mrs. Beryl D. Katz 

Miss Irene L. Kauffman 

Mr. & Mrs, Bernard L. Kaufman 

Mr. Larry K. Kaufman 

Edgar J, Kaufmann Charitable 

Miss Eva Kayden 
Mrs. Joan Chapman Kaylor 
Miss Donna L. Kazaniwsky 
Mrs. William Keddie 
Mrs. Harry F. Keebler 
Mrs'. Betty Kelber 
Mr. Richard A. Kellow 
Mr. William J. Kelly 
Mrs. Arsie Kennedy 
Mrs. Lynne Kennedy 

Mrs. Thomas G. Kennedy 

Miss Patricia Kent 

Mr. Alan H. Kepner 

Mr. Donald C. Kern 

Mrs. Florence Kessler 

Mr. Richard W. Kidney 

Mr. MaxE. Kille 

Mr. &Mrs. Philip Kind. Jr. 

Miss Eileen C. Kindle 

Mrs. Edna J. King 

Mrs. Robert A. Kingsley, Jr. 

Mrs. Rhina Kirshbaum 

Mr. Kimm H. Kiser 

Mrs. Allans. Klauber 

Mr. & Mrs. Alan J. Klawans 

Mr. Gene Klebe 

Mrs. Alfred W.Klein 

D. M. Klein Company 

Mrs, Louis Klein 

Mr. &Mrs. Philip Klein 

Mrs, Julia P, Klemek 

Mr. Stanley A. Klimaszewski 

Mrs. Egbert Kline 

Paul Klinefelter, Inc. 

Mr. Vincent G. Kling 

Mr. John B. Klomp 

Miss Thelma A. Knauke 

Mr. William Walter Koch 

Miss Ursula Koering 

Mr. &Mrs. Harold E. Kohn 

Mrs. Isidore Kohn 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Konzelmann 

Mr. Robert Kopple 

Mr. Joseph N. Kotzin 

Miss Elayne Kracoff 

Kraft Printing Company 

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene J. Krall 

Mr. Joseph Kramer 

Kramer, Miller, Lomden, Glassman 

Mr. Richard Kraus 

Miss Tanya N. Krawciw 

Mr. William G. Krebs 

Mr. Richard H. Krecker 

Mr. Man^in F. Kresloff 

SamuelH. Kress Foundation 

Mrs. Nelson Kriebel 

Mr. Boris Kroll 

Mrs. Joan Kron 

Mr. William Kuchler 

Kuehnle-Wilson, Inc. 

Mr. & Mrs. George H. Kugler 

Mr. John C. Kuhn 

Mr. Roger M. Kumpf 

Mr. William Kurlish 

Mr. Fred Kurtz 

Mrs. Jerome Kurtz 

Mr. William Fulton Kurtz 

Mr. Edward Kurtzman 
Mrs. George C. Kyle 

Mr. Vincent Labadessa 

Mr. Harry E. Labour 

Mr. Gordon H. Lacheen 

Dr. John W. Lachman 

Mr. & Mrs. Reynold Lackey 

Mr. James Lakis 

Robert E. Lamb, Inc. 

Mr. & Mrs. Jule G. Lambeck 

Dr. & Mrs. Austin Lamont 

Mrs. George Landecker 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles K. Landis 

Mr. Dwight Landis 

Mr. & Mrs. Philip M. Landry 

Mrs. Edwin Langberg 

Miss Lisa Langley 

Mrs. Morton A. Langsfeld, Jr. 

The Langworthy Foundation 

Mrs. I Beatrice Larer 

Mrs. John F. Larkin 

Mrs. Benjamin Larsen 

Mr. & Mrs. George LaRue 

Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Laskin 

Mr. John Laudenslager 

Mrs. Irene M. Laverty 

Mr. & Mrs. E. George Lavino 

Mr. Allen Lawley 

Mr. Attila Lawrence 

Mrs. Theodore Layman 

Dr. Walter J. Lear 

Mr. William Palmer Lear 

Mr. & Mrs. Roberts. Lebair 

Mr. Harold Lebe 

Mr. Jay W. Lederer 

Mrs. James R. Ledwith 

Mr. James M. Lee 

James Lees & Sons Company 

Mrs. Eleanor Lefson 

The Al Paul Lefton Company Fdn. 

Mr. James Lefton 

Mr. & Mrs. David Lehman 

Mr. John G. Lehman 

Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Lehrer 

Samuel M. Lehrer, Esq, 

Mr. Abraham Leibson 

Mr. David D. Leonard! 

Miss Marie C. Leone 

Mr. Donald Leong 

Mrs. Raymond Lepone 

Mrs. Marlene G. Lerman 

Mrs. Paul Lerner 

Mr. John Lesicko 

Mr. H. Robert Lesnick 

Mrs. William R. Lessig, Jr. 

Mr. Paul M. Letterio 

Mr. Edward M. Letven 

Mrs. Alvin Levi 

The Levin Family 

Miss Donna Levin 

Mr. Gary Levinson 

Mr. Norman R. Levinson 

Mr. Samuel J. Levinson 

Mrs. Phyllis S. Levison 

Mrs. Herbert W. Levy 

Mr. & Mrs. Lionel Levy 

Hal Lewis, Design 

Mr. James Lewis 

Mrs. Russell Lewis 

Mrs. Scott B. Lewis 

Mrs. Rowland Lex 

Miss Virginia Marie Libere 

Dorothy Liebes Design 

Mrs. Walter Lillie 

Linton's Industrial Cafeterias Inc. 

Mrs. Earl Ford Lion 

Mrs. Bertram Lippincott 

Mrs. John H. Lippincott, Jr. 

Mrs. Marion Lipschutz 

Mrs. Clara B. Lipsius 

Mrs. Sara Lisker 

Miss Dorothy Hale Litchfield 

Mrs. John W. Little 

Mr. Frederick J. Livezey, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Livingston 

Mr. & Mrs. H. Gates Lloyd 

Mrs. Malcolm Lloyd 

Mrs. Arthur Loeb 

Howard A. Loeb Trust 

Mrs. Richard Loeb 

Mr. Williams. Loeb 

Mrs. Alfred R. Loescher 

Louis & Helen K. Loewenstein Fund 

Mr, George D. Logan 

Mr. Meade A. Logan 

Mr. Richard Logan 

Mr, Robert A. Long 

The Samuel Longfellow Alliance 

Mr. Paul R. Longnecker 

Mr. Bill Loos 

Ralph Lopatin Productions 

Mr. & Mrs. D. G. Lovell, Jr. 

Miss Christine Luckman 

Mr. Robert Luebbers 

Mrs, Arthur Lukens, Jr. 

Mrs. Ethel Lunenfeld 

Mrs. Herbert Luria 

Mr. G, David Lutchendorf 

Miss Patricia Lynch 

Lynch Exhibits 

Mrs. Rosalyn Lyons 

Mr, George G, MacClain 

Mr, & Mrs. T. Scott MacGregor, Jr. 

Mrs. David F. Maclnnes 

Mr. Fletcher MacNeill 

Mrs. James R. MacPherson 

Mrs. Shirley N. MacPherson 

Mr. Charles L. Madden 

Miss Lucille Maglio 

Miss Priscilla Magoun 

Mr. Daniel P. Mamieri 

Mr. Samuel Maitin 

Miss Miriam C. Maitland 

Mr. Paul Makler 

Mr. James Makrigiannis 

Mr. & Mrs, Aristides Makris 

Dr. & Mrs, Maurice M, Malen 

Mrs. Lawrence R, Mallery 

Mrs. Paul Maloney 

Mr. Anthony C. Mammarelli, Jr. 

Mr. Herbert Mandel 

Miss Rose Marie Mangano 

Mr. Thomas F. Manns II 

Mrs. Charles A. Manson 

E. C. Walter Mantz 

Mr. Frank N. Marano 

Mr. David Marder 

Mr. Frederick Marhanka 

Mr. & Mrs. Walter S. Marine 

Miss Lillian L. Markley 

Constance Marquis C 

Marsh & McLennan Inc. 

Mrs. August L. Martin 

Mr. Harry S. Martin 

Mrs. Helene Harmon Martin 

Mr. Joseph T. Martin 

Mrs. Miriam Browne Martin 

Mrs. Norman Martin 

Mrs. Robert C. Martin 

Mr. Sydney E. Martin 

Mr, Joseph V, Martino 

Mr. Joseph Marturano, Jr. 

Master Photo Dealers' & Finishers' 


Mr. Charles E. Mather II 
Mrs, Genevieve A, Mathews 
Mrs. O, J, Mathews, Jr, 
Mr, William T, Matthias 
Mr. & Mrs, Christopher G. 

Mrs. William H. Maxfield 
Mrs. Harry Z, Maxwell 
Mazzola and Sons 
Mr. Emory L. Mead 
Mr, George Gordon Meade III 
Mr, James P. Mealiff 
Mr. Keith F. Mease 

Mr. & Mrs. John M. Mecray 

Mrs. James H. Mecum 

Mr. Charles J. Meder, Jr, 

Mrs, George Medici 

Mr, Sol Mednick 

Mrs, John Meigs 

Mr. & Mrs, Irving Meisel 

Mrs, Richard D, Meitzler 

Mrs, Richard Melaragni 

Mrs, Janet G, Mellman 

Dr, William J, Mellman 

Dr. Arnold Melnick 

Mr, & Mrs, David C, Melnicoff 

Mr. Davis P. Meltzer 

Mrs. Frances Mendelsohn 

Mr. Charles A. Mendez 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Mendia 

Mr. Robert H. Menear 

Miss Emily W. Mercer 

Mr. Jesse R. Meredith 

Mr. James Kirk Merrick 

Dr. &Mrs. Keith Merrill, Jr, 

Mr, &Mrs, Karl A, Mertz 

Mr, & Mrs. Oscar E, Mertz, Jr. 

Mr. &Mrs. Stuart M. Mertz 

Mr. & Mrs. Walter Mertz 

Metal Supply Company 

Metalstand Company 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Meyer 

Miss Eleanor H. Meyer 

Miss Edith M. Meyers 

Mrs. Lawrence D. Meyers 

Mrs. R. Meyers 

Mr. Edward C. Michener 

Mr. Nicholas Micolucci 

Mr. & Mrs. George S. Mikhalapov 

Miss Rochelle Milakofsky 

Mr. & Mrs. Noel G. Miles, Jr. 

Mrs. Sylvia N. Milestone 

Miss Katherine Milhous 

Mrs. Alfreds. Miller 

Mr. Donn Jerre Miller 

Mrs. Florence R, Miller 

Mrs. Gordon C, Miller 

Mrs, Isabelle Miller 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Miller 

Mr. PhilipT. Miller 

Mr. Robert Miller 

Mr. Theodore Miller 

Mr. Vincent H. Miller 

Mrs. William Millhollen 

Dr. Earl B. Milliette 

Mrs, Robert L, Millikin 

Mr, Frank H, Mills 

Mr. & Mrs, Robert S, Milnazik 

Mrs. Lilian O, Milner 

Mr, & Mrs, Fred Milstein 

Mr. James W. Minnich 

Mrs. Leannah M. Mir 

Mr. Marvin F. Mitchneci< 

Mr. James A. Mize 

Miss Suzanne G. Mladjen 

Mrs. John T. Mladjen 

M & M Displays Inc. 

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel F. Moerder 

Mr. Ernest F. Moessner 

Mr. Edwin M. Moffees 

Mrs. Herbert H. Mohrfield 

Miss Irene Moll 

Mr. Robert K. Momyer 

Mr. NewcombT. Montgomery 

Mrs. Henrietta Moon 

Mrs. Jotin M. Moon 

Mooney Drapery Studio, Inc. 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Maxwell Moran 

Miss Dollie Jane Morgan 

Mr. & Mrs. Jesse T. Morie 

The Morilla Company, Inc. 

Mr. Burton Morris 

Mrs. Charles M. Morris 

Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Morris 

Mr. Edward A. Morris 

Mr, J. William Morrow 

Mrs. Helen Morton 

Mrs. Gertrude Summerill Moss 

Mr. Stanley Mossman 

Mr, & Mrs. Samuel H. Moyer 

Mrs. Furman R. Mulford- 

Mr. Francis G. Mullen 

Miss Joan Mullen 

Mrs. William B. Mullen 

Mr. Stephen Munchak 

Mr. & Mrs. William K. Munro 

Mrs. William W. Muntzer 

Miss Helen Benson Murphy 

Murphy & Read Spring Mfg. Co. 

Mrs. Mary Murray 

Mrs. J. Margaret Ada Mutch 

Mr. George W. Myler 

Mr. & Mrs. H. A. Myrin 

Miss Susan E. McAninley 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. McCabe 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. McCabe. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. William A. McCaffery 

Mrs. Peter C. McCahill 

Miss Jane B. McCarthy 

Mrs. Edmund McCauley 

Mrs. Claudius T. McCoy 

R. S. McCracken & Sons, Inc. 

Mrs. Samuel McCreery 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward F. McCrossin, Jr. 

Mrs. J. Aubrey McCurdy 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert C. McElroy 
Mrs. Georgidare P. McFadden 
Miss Margaret McFadden 
Mr. James L. McFarlane 
Mr. John Raymond McGahey 
Mrs. Elsie S. McGarvey 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. McGee 
Mr. Robert G. McGovern 
Mr. Douglas J. McHenry, Jr. 
Mrs. J. Gibson Mclllvane 
Mrs. Mary Burton McKinney 
Mr. George R. McLean 
Mr. Joseph D. McMaster 
Robert L. McNeil, Jr., Trust 

Mr. & Mrs. Isidore B. Naar 

Naar Brothers 

Miss Hedda D. Nach 

Mr. Donald L. Nagle 

Mrs. L. Edward Narbonne 

Dr. Yale S. Nathanson 

National Merit Scholarship Corp. 

National Publishing Company 

Mr. Earle R. Nazar 

Mrs. Aliens. Neal 

Mr. Walter M. Neibart 

Mrs. Kenneth E. Neiman 

Mrs. Eugene Nelson 

Mr. Albert J. Nesbitt 

Mr. Joseph Nettis 

Mr. Richard J. Netzel 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Newburger 

Newman Galleries 

Mrs. Phyllis S. Newman 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles N. Newton 

Mr. & Mrs. G. William Newton 

Mr. Thomas H. Nicholas 

Mr. E. Robert Nichols 

Mr. Martin J. Nicholson 

Mr. Marvin J. Nissman 

Mrs. Douglas Noble 

Mr. John C. Noel 

Mr. Frank W. Nofer 

Mrs. Leonard Nones 

Mrs. Warren E. Norden 

Miss Stephanie Norris 

North American Publishing Co. 

Mrs. Lester H. Novack 

Mrs. Maurice E. Novoseller 

Mr. Edward Olds Noyes 

Nursing Staff, Penna. Hospital 

Mr. Andrew Oakes 

Mr. Harry Oakes 

OB-GYN Staff, Penna, Hospital 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Ober 

Mrs. C. Ellen O'Brien 

Mrs. Andrew J. O'Connell, Jr. 

Mr. Charles A. O'Connell 

Mrs. Robert E. O'Donovan 

Dr. Steffen R. Oech 

Mr. Paul Oldroyd 

Mrs. Linda Ominsky 

Mr. &Mrs. Frank A. O'Neill 

Dr. & Mrs. Hugh O'Neill 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael T. O'Neill 

Mrs. George Opp 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Oppecker 

Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Orleans 

Mrs. Herbert Oritsky 

Mr. David Oser 

Dr. & Mrs. Donald Ottenberg 

Mr. William C. Otter 

Miss M. Suzanne Oughton 

Mr. Elmer B. Owen, Jr. 

Mr. Frank J. Owens 

Mrs. Zelda Getzow Oziek 

Mr. John Padusis 

Mr. Ronald A. Paglia 

Miss Theresa M. Pagllone 

Mr. & Mrs. Dikran S. Pakradooni 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Palmer 

Mr, & Mrs. Kenneth C. Panciera 

Mrs. Carol Panner 

Mr. James H. Parcher 

Mrs. George A. Parentl 

Mr. Kenneth P. Parker 

Mrs. C. Allen Patrick 

Mr. Donald W, Patterson 

Mrs. Albert Paul 

Mr. Frank W. Paul 

Miss Frances E. Paulson 

Mr. Lowell R. Patton. Jr. 

Mr. William Payne. Jr. 

Miss Patricia A. Pealer 

Miss Barbara Pearce 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Pearson 

Charles Peberdy & Son, Inc. 

Mr. William E. Peckham 

Mr. Frederick W. G. Peck 

Pediatric Department, Penna. Hospital 

Mr. Duncan Peek 

Mr. James G. Peirce, Jr. 

Mrs. Nancy Pelham 

Mrs. Peter Pellegrino 

Penn Wax Works, Inc. 

Mrs. Evelyn B, C. Pennegar 

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Pennock, Jr. 

Pennsylvania Power & Light Co. 

Mrs. Alice Legge Penza 

The Barry & Marilyn Peril Fdn. 
Mr. Raymond C. Perko 
Mr. Lee Perri 
Mr. Anthony L. Pesini 
Mrs. Alfreda F. Peterson 
Mrs. Louise Rogers Peterson 
Mrs. Ernest Petko 
Mr. & Mrs, Peter F. Petraglia 
Mrs. M. J. Petrosky 
Mr. Robert Pettinato 
Mr. &Mrs. Jeff D. Petty 
Mrs. George T. Pew 
Mr. & Mrs. J. G. Pew 
Mr. Joseph M. Pezely, Jr. 
Philadelphia Paint & Glass Go. 
The Philadelphia Psychiatric Society 
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Phillips 
Phillips & Jacobs, Inc. 
Photo-Process Screen Mfg. Co. 
Phototype Engraving Co., Inc. 
Mr. Charles F. Pickel 
Mrs. Elizabeth Willis Pierson 
Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Pietrzak 
Mr. & Mrs. David N. Pincus 
Mr. Angelo Pinto 
Mr. Biagio Pinto 
Mrs. John Piper 
Mr. & Mrs. Henry C. Pitz 
Mr. Elmer Pizzi 
Mrs. Stewart Plattenberger 
Mr. C. F. Platz 
Mrs. Sharon N. Plochocki 
Mr. & Mrs. W. Kirtman Plummer 
Mr. Clemens J. Poiesz 
Mr. Samuel Polin 
Mrs. Robert L. Pollack 
Mr. & Mrs. Del C. Poore 
Mrs. Pliny A. Porter, Jr. 
Mrs. William H. Potterton 
Mrs. C. R. Powell 
Mr. Francis H. Pozzi 
Mr. &Mrs. Robert A. Pratt 
Presbyterian Life, Inc. 
Mrs, Nathan J. Price 
Miss Joyce Priest 
Mrs. Otto C, Prinz 
Mr. Patrick J, Procaccino 
The Prudential Insurance Co. of 

Mr, & Mrs, Hugh M, Purcell, Jr. 
Mrs, Gerald Putman 
Mr, George M, Pruitt, III 

Quaker Storage Company, Inc. 
Mr. John D. Quinn 
Miss Rita Alice Quinn 

Mr. Sidney A. Quinn 

Mr. Louis E. Rabinowitz 

Mr. Harris W. Radin 

Dr. & Mrs. Edward C. Raffensperger 

Mr. William T. Ramage 

Miss Signe Lind Ramsten 

Miss Bonnie Gay Randall 

Mr. William R. Raney 

Miss Lois Rapp 

Mr. William Jones Rarick 

Mr, Stuart H,Raub 

Mr. Thomas D. Rautfenbart 

Mrs. Val J. Raugas 

Dr. & Mrs. I, S. Ravdin 

Mr. Richard S. Ravenscroft 

Reader's Digest Foundation 

Mr. Aloysius J. Reagan 

Mr. Edgar D. Real 

Mr. Donald R. Reber 

Mrs, J. Howard Reber 

Mr, Donald Reckeweg 

Mr, Clayton H, D. Redwood 

Mr. & Mrs. Emmet L. Reed 

Mrs, Robert H. Reed 

Mr, Donald A. Rees 

Mr, Richard R. Reese 

Mrs, S. Bickley Reichner 

Mr. James Reid 

Mr. Bryce H. Reigle 

Mrs. Doris Reilly 

Mr. Richard H, Reinhardt 

Mrs. Mary W. Remington 

Mrs. Richard Remington 

Miss Elise Remont 

Miss Susan Renard 

Mr. Harry C. Renn 

Mr. Richard L. Renner 

Mr. W, Richard Renninger 

Mr, Stephen Reno 

Miss L, Jane Ressler 

Mr, & Mrs, William C, Ressler 

Miss Dolores Marie Resta 

Miss Alice S. Rhodes 

Mr, Edwin J. Rhodes, Jr. 

Mr. Louis M. Riccio 

Mr, Norman N. Rice 

Mr, Donald O, Rich 

John F, Rich Company 

Mr, Mel Richman 

Mr. & Mrs, Edward Ridgeway 

Miss Charlotte Ridpath 

Mr, William Riedel 

Dr, L. Isobel Rigg 

Miss Dorothy V. Riley 

Mr. John C. Riley, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Russell Riley 

Mrs. Charles N. Rink 

Mrs. Herberts. Rishel 

Mr. Albert Robbins 

Mrs. Howard J. Robbins 

Mr. Ralph J. Roberts 

Miss Sydney Roberts 

Mr, James C. Robertson 

Mr. & Mrs. George Edward Robinette 

Mr. Clayton F. Robinson 

Miss Joan Craig Robinson 

Mrs. Katherine R. Robinson 

Miss M. Adine L. Robinson 

Mr. Rudolph R. Robinson 

Mrs. Ross Roby 

Mr. Bernard V. Rock 

Mr. & Mrs. Adair Rogers 

Rohm & Haas Company 

Miss Nancy A. Romano 

Mrs. Herbert F. Rommel 

Mr. Ben Rose 

Mrs. Barbara Rosen 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Rosenau 

Rosenau Brothers, Inc. 

Mr. Samuel R. Rosenbaum 

Mrs. Frank Rosenberg 

Mrs. Richard A. Rosenberger 

Mrs. Henry B. Rosenfeld 

Mrs. Lessing J. Rosenwald 

Mr, Charles E. Rosner 

Mr, Samuel Rotella 

Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Roth 

Dr. George J. Roth 

Miss Janice Roth 

Mrs. Peter Roth 

Mr. Fred Rothermel 

Mr. Donald C. Rubel 

Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Rubin 

Mrs. Jerome L. Ruderman 

Mrs. Tillie Rudy 

Mr. David E, Rue 

Dr. & Mrs. Karl F. Rugart 

Mr. Eugene C, Russell 

Mr. Calvin H.Ruth 

Mr. Joseph B. Rutmayer 

Mr. James Ryan 

Mr. Richard Sabel 

Mr. & Mrs, Albert Sachs 

Saint Hubert's Catholic High School 

Saint Martins Church 

Mr. Paul J, Salcito 

The George L. & Mary C. Sail 

Mrs. Herbert W.Salus 
Mrs. Edward W. Samans 

Dr. &Mrs. M. H. Samitz 
Mrs. Joseph Samost 
Mrs. Beatrice Sarikianos 
Mr. Morris W. Satinsky 
Mr. Sheafe Satterwaite 
Mr. Frederick C. Savage 
Mr. Arthur Vernal Sawyer 
Hon. Harold D. Saylor 
Mrs. William Scarlett 
Mr. Bernard K. Schachman 
Mr. & Mrs. Jules Schaeffer 
Mr. Stephen Robert Schaffzin 
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence E. Schafle 
Mr. Robert D. Scheffey 
Mr. Robert J. Scheibner 
Mr. William Joseph Scheid 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Scheirer 
Miss S, Gertrude Schell 
Miss Jeanne A. Schemm 
Mrs. Frederick W, Schermerhorn 
Miss Joan D. Schietinger 
Mr. & Mrs. William A. Schilling 
Mr. Alfred Schliffer 
Mr, James P, Schlosser 
Mr, & Mrs. Robert G. Schneeberg 
Mr. John B. Schneider 
Mrs, Harry Schob 
Dr, & Mrs, Chartes C. Schober 
Mr. Francis A, Schock 
Miss Hilda K. Schoenwetter 
Mr. H. Joseph Schoos 
Dr. & Mrs. Edward Schowalter 
Mr. Abner Schreiber 
Mr. Henry Schroder 
Miss Judith M. Schroeder 
Mrs. Rasmas Schroll 
Mr. Donald R. Schudel 
Dr. & Mrs. M. William Schwartz 
Mrs. P. Kay Schwartz 
Schwartz Fire Protection Co., Inc. 
Mr. Alfred Schwarz 
Mr. Frank A. Schweitzer 
Mr, Anthony S. Sciascia 
Mr. & Mrs. Aldred Scott 
Dr. & Mrs, Earl Scott 
Mr. &Mrs. Edgar Scott 
Mr. Harold W. Scott 
Mr. &Mrs. I. M. Scott 
Mr. & Mrs. J. Wallace Scott, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Montgomery Sco 
Scott Paper Company Foundation 
Mrs. Robert J, Seaman 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Sears 
The Sears Roebuck Foundation 
Mr, Ralph Seberhagen 
Security-Columbian Banknote 

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne C. Seeley 

Mr. &Mrs. Barry G. Seelig 

Mr. Leslie A. Segal 

Mr. Steven R. Seideman 

Mrs. Kathryn Selditch 

Mr. & Mrs. Nathan R. Seltzer 

Mrs. Alice O. Bennett 

Mr. Joseph T. Sennett 

Mr. Edwin W. Shaar 

Mrs. Marvin Shackmaster 

Miss Patricia Lee Shaeff 

Mr. Ronald E. Shaffer 

Mrs. Mildred Shalit 

Mr. Ira N. Shander 

Mrs. Luther Shaner 

Mr. Don J. Shanosky 

The Shape Shop 

Mrs. Bernice M. Shapiro 

Miss Susan Lynne Shapiro 

Mrs. Craig M. Sharps 

Mr. Thomas A. Shay 

Miss Virginia P. Sheard 

Mr. &Mrs. Warners. Shelly 

Mr. John E. Shenkle 

Mrs. George Sherman 

Mr..& Mrs. Karl Sherman 

Mrs. Richard F. Sherred 

Miss Barbara J. Shetzline 

Mr. H. George Shimp 

Dr. Irving P. Shire 

Mrs. William E. Shoemaker 

Mrs. Michael Shore 

Miss Lucy Marie Shover 

Mr. Clyde Shuler 

Miss J. Malissa Shupert 

Mrs. Henrietta Shuttleworth 

Mr. Jerry J. Siano 

Miss Rose B. Sichel 

Mrs. Steven Sidew/ater 

Mr. & Mrs. Adrian Siegel 

Mr. Carlos Sierra-Franco 

Mr. Martin Silverman 

Mr. Paul Silverman 

Mrs. Eugene Silvert 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph S. Simboli 

Robert Simmons Inc. 

Miss Ann L. Simon 

Mr. Lawrence L. Simon 

Mr. John 0. Simons 

Mr. Harvey Simpson 

Miss Jean Simpson 

Miss Lettia D. Simpson 

Mr. William Singer 

Mrs. Howard Sipler 

Mr. & Mrs. Olaf G. Skoogfors 

Mr. Arthur F. Skwierzynski 

Mrs. Albert A. Slachowitz 

Miss Cheryl Slavitt 

Mrs. Charles F. Slaw 

Mr. Kenneth W.SIifer 

Mrs. Joseph Slobodian 

Mrs. Ralph M. Smaller 

Mrs. Henry R. Smedley 

Mrs. Boyd W. Smith 

Mrs. Charles Harper Smith 

Mrs. Faith Ewart Smith 

Miss Gwendolyn M. Smith 

Mrs. Irving Smith 

Mr. James E. Smith 

The Rev. Jerry R. Smith 

Mr. & Mrs, Lawrence M. C. Smith 

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond K. Smith 

Mr. Robert A. Smith, Jr. 

Smith Kline & French Foundation 

Mrs. Helen R. Snellenburg 

Mr. Stanley S. Snellenburg 

Mrs. Arthur L. Snover 

Mr. Andrew Snyder 

Mr. Charles W.Snyder III 

Mr. Phillip V. Snyder 

Miss Reba Sochis 

Mr. Abraham Softer 

Mr. Howard Soifer 

Mr. Jesse Soifer 

Mrs, Leon Solis-Cohen, Jr. 

Mrs. Martin Sommers 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Sonstein 

The Andrew J. Sordoni Fdn., Inc. 

Mrs. Susan Spaet 

Dr. John R. Spannuth 

Mrs. Maurice D. Spector 

Mrs. William Spence 

Mrs. Herbert Spigel 

Mrs, Arnold S. Spillman 

Mr, William Spitler, Jr. 

Mrs, Jack E, Spivak 

Mrs, Laurie M. Spivak 

Mr. Layton C, Spraker 

Mr, Stephen J. Stadelmeier 

Mr, & Mrs. Harolld J. Stahle, Jr. 

Mr. Walter E. Stait 

Mr. George R. Stallone 

Mrs, Mildred Stambaugh 

Mr, Walt Stan 

Mr, Ward M, Stanley 

Stanley Hardware Co., Inc. 

Mrs. Frederick Starling 

Miss Kathryn Starr 

Miss Kazmira Stasinski 

Dr. & Mrs, Herbert M. Stauffer 

Mrs. Rose Gimbel Stecker 

Mr, Carl L, Steele 

Mrs, Patricia K, Steele 

Mrs. Walter M. Stein 

Mrs. Wynne Steinsnyder 

Mr. Harvey T. Stephens 

Mrs. Robert L. Stephenson 

Sterling Products Company 

Mrs. Virginia Sterner 

Mr. Wayne J.Stettler 

Mrs. Lewis M. Stevens 

Mr. & Mrs. Hugh W. Stevenson 

Mrs. Elizabeth Stewart 

Mrs. Flaccus Stifel 

Mr. Herbert A. Stiles 

Mr. Paul W. Stitt 

Mrs. Dianne Lee Stock 

Dr. & Mrs. S. Emien Stokes 

The Stonehurst Foundation 

Mr. Albert Storz 

Mr. Brian Stuhlmuller 

Mrs. George D.Stull 

Mrs. Roger F. Sullivan 

The Leon Sunstein, Jr. Foundation 

Miss Loraine Surnitsky 

Daniel E. Sutton Advertising Agency 

Mr. Terre R. Sweet 

Mr. David John Swift 

Mr. William F, Swink 

Sykes Scholtz Lumber Company 

Mrs. Carol E. Taback 

Mr. & Mrs, Lewis P. Tabor 

Mr. Americo J. Taddeo 

Mrs. John P. Talbot 

Mr. & Mrs. Sidney A. Tannenbaum 

Mr. & Mrs. Fred Tarbox 

Mr. Philip V. Tascone 

Tasty Baking Foundation 

Mr. Jeffrey D. Tauser 

Miss Anna Lee Taylor 

Mr. James A. Taylor 

Dr. & Mrs. J. Edward Taylor 

Mr. & Mrs. Jesse S. Taylor 

Mr, Lawrence N. Taylor 

Mr, Robert J. Taylor 

Mrs. Jane Teller 

Temp-Way Corporation 

Mrs. Marian E. Tenaglia 

The Theano Foundation 

Mr. Don Abbott Thomas 

Dr. E. Bruce Thomas 

Mr. & Mrs, James E. Thomas 

J, Walter Thompson Company Fund 

Mr. William H. Thompson 

Mrs. Mabel Johnston Thorburn 

Mrs. Leiand W. Thorn 

Mrs. Chloe V, Thorne 

Mr. Walter T, Tillman 

Mr. Morris H. Tindall 

Miss Mary Lou Todd 

Mrs. John J. Tomalino 

Mr. Stephen A. Tomar 

Mr. Norman Tomases 

Dr. & Mrs. Pendleton Tompkins 

Mrs. William T.Tonner 

Miss Barbara J. Torchin 

Mr. Victor Trasoff 

Mr. Dennis W. Traub 

Mrs. PaulTrescott 

Trinity Club 

Miss Anita N.Troisi 

Mr. Joseph R.Truitt, Jr. 

Mrs. Victor A. Turkot 

Mrs. Louise E. Turner 

Mrs. Lucile P.Turner 

Mr. & Mrs. George I. Tyndall 

Typographic Service Inc. 

Miss Geraldine Tyson 

Miss Natalie Tyson 

Mr. John A. Uecker 

Union Boiler Works, Inc. 

United States Steel Foundation, Inc. 

Mr. Jack Univer 

Mr. Darwin Urffer 

Mr. James Van Artsdalen 
Mr. Donald Van Billiard, Jr. 
Mrs. Joseph B. Vander Veer 
Mrs. J. C. Van Eck 
Mrs. Judy Van Heyst 
Mr. Adolph Van Hollander 
Mrs. William R. Van Leer 
Mr. Joseph W. Van Sant 
Mr. Andrew Vellrath 
Miss Shirley J. Vernon 
Mr. Alfred T. Verrecchio 
Mr. Conrad W. Vogel 
Vogel-Ritt Inc. 

Miss Bertha Von Moschzisker 
Mr. Mark von Zeck, Jr. 
Mr. Thomas F.Vroman 

Mr. Robert M.Wachob 

Miss Joan Patricia Wade 

Dr. & Mrs. Harry H, Wagenheim 

Miss Vivian A, Wagner 

Mr. William L. Wagner 

Mrs. George Wahl 

Mr. J. Michael WaKely 

Mr. & Mrs. Wynn F. Wakeman 

Miss Elizabeth H. Walker 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph 0. Wallace 

Mrs. Roberts. Wallace 

Mrs. Eudora Sellner Walsh 

Mr. Robert R. Walsh 

Mr. & Mrs. Alfred B. Walter 

Mrs. Marguerite Walter 

Mrs. Mark Walter 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry J. Walters 

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Wanamaker 

Mrs. Mary Kimball Ward 

Mr. &Mrs. Philip H. Ward III 

Mr. Hamilton D.Ware 

Mrs. Arthur B. Waring 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Warwick 

Mrs. Edith Stix Wasserman 

Mr. Howard N. Watson 

Mr. Joseph Harold Watson 

Miss Nadia Watson 

Mr. Robert W. Watson 

Mr. Charles A. Waugaman 

Mr. John I. Weaver 

Mrs. Herbert K. Webb 

Dr. & Mrs. Lennard L. Weber 

Mrs. Alva Shive Wehler 

Miss Beatrice Weidner 

Mrs. Robert V.Weil 

Mr. Ephraim Weinberg 

Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Weiner 

Mr. & Mrs. Milton Weiner 

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Miss Ruth A. Wescott 

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Mr. & Mrs. Alexander B. Wheeler 

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Mrs, Thomas Raeburn White 

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Mrs. Daniel Whiteman 

Whiting-Paterson Company, Inc. 

Mr. George D. Widener 

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Francis and Ellas Wolf Fund 

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F.W. Woolworth Company 

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Mr. Theodore Cosmos Xaras 

Mrs. Grace Yarnall 
Mr. Richard A. Yeager ■ 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert I. Yerkes 
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel M. Yoder 
Mr. Stuart Henri Yost 
Mrs. Don Young 
George Young Company 
Mr. & Mrs. John R. Young 
Mrs. Richard Young 
Mrs. Violet Ruth Youse 

Mr. Peter Zaharchuk 
Mr. John Zanchettin 
Miss Emma Lou Zarfoss 
Mrs. Jerome M. Zaslow 
Mrs. Seymour Zeenkov 
Mrs. Lucy K. Zeldman 
Mrs. Edwin J. Zeiser 
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Zeisse 
Mr. C. Donald Zimmerman 
Mr. Walter Zimmerman 
Miss Marie Zimmermann 
Mrs. Rosette B. Zinman 
Miss Gayle Maria Zison 
Mrs. Charles F. Zittle 
Mrs. Elizabeth R. Zogbaum 
Mrs. Brenda B. Zuccarini 
Mr. &Mrs. John J. Zwald 







Philadelphia College of Art 

Summary Statement 

of Current Income, 


and Appropriations 

Year Ended June 30, 1968 

Current Income: 

Tuition and fees 

Auxiliary enterprises 

Appropriation from City of Philadelphia 

Appropriation from Commonwealth of 

Gifts and grants expended 

Endowment income expended 

Other sources 

Total Current Income 
Current Expenditures: 

General administration and general expense 

Instruction and departmental research 


Operation and maintenance of physical plant 

Auxiliary enterprises 

Student aid 

Total Current Expenditures 
Appropriations to: 

Loan funds 

Development funds 

Total Current Expenditures and Appropriations 
Excess of current expenditures and appropriations 

over current income 

1 ,666,022 












$ 4,644 

Notes to Financial Statements June 30, 
1968 1) Property, plant and equipment 
are stated at the following values: 
Land— assessed value for transfer tax 
purposes as of June 30, 1954. Buildings 
and building improvements— current 
replacement value as determined for 
insurance purposes as of June 30. 1964 
plus subsequent additions at cost. 
Equipment and furnisfiings— sound value 
{replacement cost less accumulated 
depreciation) as determined by an 

appraisal dated July 1. 1965 v»ith sub- 
sequent additions at cost Library books 
— $1 .00 a volume. In accordance with 
generally accepted accounting principles 
for a college, no provision has been 
made in the accounts for depreciation 
of plant and equipment. 2) Notes payable 
to bank include one note in the principal 
amount of $182,400 as of June 30. 1968, 
which is payable in semi-annual instal- 
ments of $3,800 with interest at 5%% 
and is secured by a mortgage on College 

real estate, and a second note payable^ 
to bank in the principal amount of 
$224,000 as of June 30. 1968, which is 
payable September 25. 1968 with interest 
at 6% %. The mortgage note payable in 
the principal amount of S568.000 is 
due in monthly instalments of $4,315 
(including interest at eVi %) commencing 
January 1 . 1969 and is secured by a 
mortgage on premises 1432-34 Spruce 
Street. Philadelphia. Pennsylvania, which 
are included in the financial statements 

at a cost of $806,434. 3) The College has 
a pension plan provided through Teach- 
ers Insurance Annuity Association cover- 
ing faculty and administrative staff 
personnel. The total pension expense for 
the year was $27.521 . The College's 
policy is to fund pension cost accrued. 

Philadelphia College of Art 
Condensed Balance Sheet 
June 30, 1968 


Current Funds; 
Cash 91,744 

Appropriations receivable, Commonwealth of 

Penna. 88,494 

Accounts receivable, other 23,777 

Supply store inventory, at cost 42,61 6 

Prepaid expenses 1,108 247,739 

Cash 244,253 

Endowment Funds and Funds Functioning as 

Uninvested principal cash 
Stocks and bonds at cost (quoted market 
value $1,043,577) 
Loan Funds; 

Notes and accounts receivable 
Plant Funds (notes 1 and 2); 
Development fund-cash 
Land, buildings and improvements 
Equipment and furnishings 
Library books 

See accompanying 
Notes to Financial 












Liabilities and Fund Balances 

Current Funds; 
Accounts payable and accrued expenses 148,120 
Student deposits and advance tuition 68,507 

Fund balance 31,112 247,739 

Unexpended fund balances 244,253 

Endowment Funds and Funds Functioning as 

Principal of funds: 

General purpose 671,496 

Special purpose 338,521 1,010,017 

Loan Fundsr 

Student aid funds 332,027 

Plant Funds: 

Development fund 142,754 

Notes payable (note 2) 406,400 

Mortgage note payable (note 2) 568,000 

Net investment in plant 4,199,657 5,316,811 


Philadelphia College of Art 
Summary Statement 
of Changes in Funds 
Year Ended June 30. 1968 

Current Funds 

Balance at beginning of year 



Add (deduct): 

Excess of expenditures and appropriations over 

Endowment and other investment income 
Gifts and grants 

General fees designated for development funds 
Proceeds from borrowing 
Gain on sale of investments, net 
Additions to plant and equipment from: 

Current funds 

Development funds 
Expended endowment income and gifts 

and grants transferred to current operations 
Transfer (to) from other funds 
Reduction in indebtedness 








Balance at end of year 

$ 31,112 

$ 244,253 

Plant Funds 

Loan Development Net Investment 

Funds Funds in Plant 

290,070 120,607 3,953,560 


13,346 - 

53,430 - 

792,000 (792,000) 




" 4,644 








$ 332,027 $ 142,754 $4,199,657 

The Board of Trustees 
Philadelphia College of Art: 
We have examined the condensed balance 
sheet of Philadelphia College of Art as of 
June 30, 1 968 and the related statement of 
current income, expenditures, appropriations 
and current general funds balance and the 
several statements of changes in funds for 
the year then ended. Our examination was 
made in accordance with generally accepted 
auditing standards, and accordingly included 
such tests of the accounting records and 
such other auditing procedures as we 
considered necessary in the circumstances. 

In our opinion, the accompanying con- 
densed balance sheet and statement of 
current income, expenditures, appropriations 
and current general funds balance and the 
several statements of changes in funds 
present fairly the financial position of 
Philadelphia College of Art at June 30, 1968 
and the results of its operations forthe year 
then ended, in comformity with generally 
accepted accounting principles applied on a 
basis consistent with that of the preceding 

Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co. 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
August 2, 1968 

Board of Trustees 

Howard A. Wolf, Chairman 

Edward G, Budd, Jr., Vice-chairm; 

Philip A. Bregy, Secretary 

Rex H. Anderson 

Roberto. Bach 

F. Bruce Baldwin 

Arnold A. Bayard 

George D. Beck 

Warren Blair 

Richard C. Bond 

Edward K. Cratsley 

James Eiseman 

Philip J. Eitzen 

Stephen S. Gardner 

Mrs. Albert M. Greenfield 

KermitJ. Hall 

H. OberHess 

Charles E. IngersoU 

Peter Kyropoulos 

Thomas B. McCabe, Jr. 

Mrs Charles A. tVleyer 

Robert Milnazik 

Robert Buchanan Mitchell 

Ronald K, Porter 

William L Rafsky 

Randal W Reed 

Mel Richman 

Mrs. Lessing J. Rosenwald 

Mrs Andrew J. Sordoni, Jr. 

Robert M Wachob 

Mrs. Otis Walter 

Philip H.Ward, III 

Frederick M. Yost 
Honorary Members 

R. Sturgis IngersoU 

Mrs Malcolm Lloyd 

Samuel R Rosenbaum 

Mrs. Thomas Raeburn White 

George D. Widener 

Mrs, John Wintersteen 

Officers of the Corporation 
President, George D Culler 
Vice-president, Howard A. Wolf 
Secretary, Philip A. Bregy 
Treasurer, Stephen S Gardner 
Assistant Treasurer. Morns Weiss ; 


George D. Culler 
Dean of Faculty 

George R, Bunker 
Assistant Dean of Faculty 

Richard H. Relnhardt 
Evening Division Director 

Jane Flory 
Educational Department Directors 

Art Education, John Cataldo 

Craft, William Daley 

Environmental Design, Joseph McGee 

Fabric Design, Ruben Eshkanian 

Graphic Design, Kenneth Hiebert 

Illustration, Albert Gold 

Industrial Design, John Andrews 

Painting, tvlorris Berd and Larry Day 

Photography and Film, Sol Mednick 

Printmaking, Jerome Kaplan 

Sculpture, Dennis Leon 

Liberal Arts, Bernard Hanson 

Foundation Program, Leonard Lehrer 
and Richard Stetser 

Hazel Gustow 
Film Collection Supervisor 

David Grossman 
Slide Collection Supervisor 

Nancy Glendinning 
Director of Exhibitions 

Richard Hood 
Design Consultants 

Kenneth Hiebert 

Richard Hood 

Joseph McGee 

Stephen Geissbuhler 
Editorial Assistant 

Nancy Smith 
Dean of Students 

Roberto. Weitzel. Jr 
Director of Admissions 

Brian Stuhlmuller 
Assistants in Admissions 

William Matthias 

Kay Matassa 

Charles L. Wilson 
Director of Student Affairs 

Glenn Stroud 
Counselling Psychologist 

Shirley Rubin 
Consulting Physicians 

Charles G. Hertz, M.D. 

Marieanne Collins, M D 

Eleanor Oley, R.N 

Eileen Fair, R.N. 

Student Residence Supervisor 

Betty McBee 
Business Manager 

Morris Weiss 
Assistant to the Business Manager 

William Piatt 
Director of Buildings and Grounds 

Daniel Miller 
Manager of College Store 

JohnC. O'Neill 
Di'ector of Development and Public Relations 

Howard M. Schwartz 
Director of Public Information 

Samuel Gamburg 
Alumni Secretary 

Gene Loos 
Placement Secretary 

Linda Yarnell 
Staff Photographer 

Jack Simons 

^v^i;l.4^=, ^fx-. 



The Philadelphia College of Art was estab- 
lished in 1876, as an outgrowth of the 
Centennial Exposition, to train artists and 
designers primarily for industry. Originally, 
it was a corporate part of the Pennsylvania 
Museum and School of Industrial Art/f. 

PCA in 1 893 moved to its present site at 
Broad and Pine Streets in center city. 
Successive name changes in this century 
record advancements in institutional character 
and purpose: 193Q Philadelphia Museum and 
School of Industrial Art/; 1 94^, Philadelphia 
Museum School of Art; 1959, upon final 
accreditation by the Middle States Association 
of Colleges and Secondary Schools, 
Philadelphia Museum College of Art and, 
in 1964, with independence from the 
Philadelphia Museum of Art Corporation, 
Philadelphia College of Art. 

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree is 
awarded to professional majors in: Graphic 
Design, Illustration, Environmental Design, 
Art Education, Craft, Fabric Design, Sculpture, 
Printmaking, Painting, Photography and 
Film. The Bachelor of Science degree is 
awarded in Industrial Design. A graduate 
program has begun with the Master of Arts 
in Art Education and will be followed by a 
Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture, Painting, 
Printmaking, Graphic Design, Industrial, 
Fabric, and Environmental Design, Photog- 
raphy and Film and Craft and Advanced 
Materials Design. 

The College's Evening Division offers 
part-time study leading to a professional 
Certificate or an Associate in Arts degree. 
A pre-college summer program provides 
studio experience for students requiring 
additional training in art. 

Among the course subjects which supple- 
ment the programs of most major departments 
are drawing and painting, printmaking, 
ceramics, sculpture, metals (including 
jewelry and silversmithing), typographic 
design and liberal arts. All classroom projects 
are closely integrated with developments in 
the contemporary design fields. Problems 
are often organized in collaboration with the 
design departments of leading industries. 
Distinguished guest critics and artist 
designers, closely associated with the 
College, visit the classes regularly. Over 
nine decades, the College has trained 
approximately 1 0,000 artists, designers 
and teachers. 

Philadelphia College of Art 
Broad and Pine Streets 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19102 
(215) Kl 6-0545 

Design, K Hiebert 
Typesetting, Cypher Press 
Printing. Falcon Press 


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