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91st Annual Report 
Philadelphia College of Art 

Philadelphia College of Art 
Broad and Pine Streets 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19102 
Area Code 215 Kl 6 0545 

Opportunity and Challenge — PCA in its Ninth Decade 
A message from Howard A. Wolf, Chairman of the Board 

Embarked on the decade that will culminate in its one hundredth anniversary in 1976, the 
College is in a time of unparalleled opportunity and challenge. The call for the involvement 
of the professionally trained artist and designer in the socio-technological advancements of 
the latter half of this century is a clarion one. If it is an exciting time to exercise creativity, 
it is an equally exciting time to educate the creators. 

Faces hitherto foreign to the art college now are examining it in a search for urgently-needed 
new approaches and techniques. These are the faces of industry, business, science, education 
and government. The art college, they are discovering, has much to offer in helping to solve 
vexing problems in such diverse fields as urban renewal, housing, highway congestion, archi- 
tecture, product design, packaging and, indeed, virtually all of the things that form our en- 
vironment and touch us in our personal and professional lives. 

The professional art college, in short, has come of age since the Second World War. Our 
College has seized new opportunities with characteristic vigor. It has geared its professional 
and liberal arts programs to the demands of a society hungry for beauty and utility. It con- 
tinues to ask ever more of its faculty and students, insisting that they recognize their roles on 
the team of modern day planners and doers. This is no easy task since the artist's personal 
sense of integrity and creativity must never be infringed upon. 

Our College today is ranked among the nation's leading art colleges. Its faculty of artist- 
teachers commands national respect and its alumni continue to gain attention and honors. 
Unblessed by huge endowments and housed in buildings of the Civil War era, the College has 
risen to its position of eminence by virtue of initiative and dedication. 

Despite this record of accomplishment, the needs of our College, both financial and phys- 
ical, are great. One thing is certain. With the growing support of alumni and friends and with 
the increasing awareness of business and industry of the importance of professional art 
training, the College will maintain its progressive record of training young people whose con- 
tributions to society will be both meaningful and beautiful. 


Winds of Change 

Primarily in evidence at the College during the 1966-67 academic year was a broadening of 
educational horizons and emphasis on initiative and self-help in meeting the challenges of a 
growing institution. Not the least of these challenges stemmed from the growing awareness 
by industry, business, science and government of the important contributions of the pro- 
fessional art college. 

This awareness - a kind of "winds of change" sweeping across the world of art education - 
was reflected upon by President Culler in an address to the admissions officers of the 
National Association of Schools of Art who convened at PCA. 

President Culler declared: "We have had the age of reason and the age of technology; 
perhaps the next age is artistic. We shall not be of much help if we continue to think of the 
arts in particular and traditional ways. The artistic activity I am predicting will not necessarily 
be expressed by putting paint on canvas - but already our students are utilizing materials 
and tools never before associated with artistic purpose to achieve results we never dreamed of." 

To Cradle a New Age 

President Culler added: "We cannot know what techniques the revolution will need, but if 
we strive to make our schools arenas where the creative act can take place, we may be, of 
any of the existing institutions, the best prepared to cradle a new age." 

In preparing the College as one of the arenas for the new age, President Culler, the Board of 
Trustees, the Faculty and the Administration continued planning for major implementations 
and improvements. Some of these plans already have borne fruit; others necessarily are in the 
long-range category. 

One of the most notable improvements was the construction of the Reinhardt Studio, a 
single-story building urgently required to house adequately the College's programs in graphic 
design and ceramics. It was financed from the College's own resources and built by the 
Assistant Dean of Faculty, Richard Reinhardt, one alumnus and two students. For these 
reasons, the College was able to acquire a building at a cost of half its $55,000 valuation. 

The College Moves Ahead 

Despite a small budget for construction, the College moved ahead in providing other urgent- 
ly-needed classroom and studio space. Another major step was the acquisition by lease of 
10,000 square feet in a nearby office building to house the Liberal Arts Department. This 

facility will be available for occupancy in the Spring semester. 

A variety of other improvements and additions were made. These included installation of a 
glass foundry, addition of a dark room, more space for a sculpture studio, a new plaster shop, 
new equipment in the Environmental Design, Industrial Design and Painting departments, 
renovation of the Fabric Design Department, additional space for the offices of admission 
and registration, renovations in the student lounge, and enlarged quarters for the mail room. 
Scheduled for early completion are a new faculty lounge, a student locker area and air 
conditioning of the library. 

Expanding Educational Horizon 

While physical improvements were much in evidence, the College also made strides in its 
educational programs. Particularly outstanding was the inauguration of the College's first 
graduate study program -- a program leading to a Master of Arts in Art Education degree. 
Additional graduate degree programs are in the planning stages. 

On the undergraduate level, other significant improvements were effected. Following the 
revision of the freshman year, with the initiation in the fall of 1966 of the Foundation 
Program, The Educational Policy Committee of the faculty, working with the Dean, formu- 
lated a completely new three-year departmental structure. Characteristic of this program is 
a uniform credit distribution which insures a balanced integration of liberal, major and 
related arts courses. Sophomores who manifest a strong interest in more than one field of 
study may elect a dual major thereby postponing a final major choice until their junior year. 
On the upper class levels students are offered a considerable range of electives to allow their 
formulation of more individual programs of study. 

Related to this fundamental curriculum development is the inauguration of a new faculty- 
student counselling program. As freshmen, students are actively guided by their studio 
instructors and section coordinators as well as through a program of career orientation 
offered by the several major departments. As sophomores, entering a new department for the 
first time, they are now assigned to a faculty counsellor who will guide their choice of liberal 
and related arts electives through their next three years. 

New Programs 

Beyond these rather sweeping organizational changes, several specific additions to the 
undergraduate curricula are noteworthy. A new major course in film has been developed by 
the Photography and Film Department; electives in glass-blowing are available for the first 

time to majors within the Craft Department and a continuing enlargement of the Liberal 
Arts Department roster of electives has been effected. 

Increased Faculty 

Over the past two years the faculty of the day College has been increased by seventeen mem- 
bers to a total of one hundred and thirty-five at present. However, the most significant aspect 
of this increase has been the change in the proportion of part to full-time faculty. In 1965-66 
fifty-nine part-time faculty matched a like number of full-time members; while in 1967-68 
the number of full-time members surpasses those who are part-time by a ratio of 73 to 62. 
This kind of increase, which will be continued, has contributed in large part to the growing 
vitality and effectiveness of the faculty and its curricula. 

Board of Trustees 

The Board of Trustees, which includes many business and industrial leaders, was strengthened 
by the addition of Dr. F. Bruce Baldwin, president and chief executive officer of Horn and 
Hardart of Philadelphia; Richard C. Bond, Chairman of John Wanamaker and Robert Milnazik, 
Philadelphia graphic designer and member of the Class of 1951. Three Trustees, whose terms 
had expired, continued their service to the College as honorary Trustees. They are R. Sturgis 
Ingersoll, Samuel R. Rosenbaum and Mrs. Thomas Raeburn White. 


The College has become a member of the Union of Independent Colleges of Art, a national 
association linking six independent arts schools. Among the steps being considered by the 
group are faculty exchanges, a cooperative admission and recruitment program, formation of 
proposals to obtain funds from foundations and corporations and cooperative support of 
graduate studies at a member school best suited for such studies. 


Three honorary doctorates in fine arts were conferred at Spring Commencement. Recipients 
were Edmund Bacon, Executive Director of the Philadelphia City Planning Commission; 
Paul Froelich, painter and teacher and Susanne Knauth Langer, Professor Emeritus and 
Research Scholar in Philosophy at Connecticut College for Women. The College's Gold Star 
in recognition of accomplishments in sculpture was presented to Reuben Nakian. The Award 
of Merit for distinguished support of the arts by a non-artist was bestowed upon Mrs. 
Vanderbilt Webb, chairman of the board of the American Craftsmen's Council. The Alumni 
Award for distinction in his field was presented to Morris Berd, co-director of the College's 
Painting Department. 


The College continued to receive awards and national attention. Dennis Leon, Associate 
Professor of Sculpture, was a recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship for outstanding and 
demonstrated creative ability in the fine arts. Professor Leon also received a $2500 award 
from the National Institute of Arts and Letters. Assistant Professor James McWilliams was 
awarded two prizes for design in a national competition sponsored by the American Alumni 
Council in cooperation with Time-Life, Inc. The Industrial Design Department participated 
in a study sponsored by the Armco Steel Corporation and its student entry of designs for 
ingestive, self-cleaning floors received national attention. Student entries also received 
major awards in competitions sponsored by the National Society of Interior Designers, 
Monsanto Company, National Cotton Batting Institute and the National Association of Bed- 
ding Manufacturers. 

Exhibitions and Lecturers 

Throughout the academic year, the College presented exhibitions for the benefit of students 
and the public. Exhibitions included Polish graphic art, multiple art, works from the personal 
collections of faculty members, displays from the Type Directors Club of New York and the 
American Institute of Graphic Art and a presentation of the best of student work. Among 
visiting lecturers were Dr. Richard G. Carrott, assistant professor at the University of 
California at Riverside, who spoke on Egyptian revival architecture and Dr. Heinrich Schwartz, 
curator of the Davidson Art Center, Wesleyan University, who lectured on 19th century pho- 
tography. The College also was host to a conference of admissions officers from independent 
art schools affiliated with the National Association of Schools of Art. 

Annual Giving 

Annual giving to the College continued to show an encouraging increase, both in the number 
of contributors and the amounts. A total of $141,794.68 was contributed for the fiscal 
period July 1, 1966, to June 30, 1967. This was an increase of $8,849.68 over the compar- 
able preceding period. Particularly encouraging was the increased representation by alumni 
and trustees. Alumni giving for 1966-67 totaled $17,842.81 contrasted with $4,974.04 the 
preceding period. Trustee giving for 1966-67 totaled $20,526.80 compared with $10,130.00 
for 1965-66. 

Honor Roll 1966-67 Annual Fund 

This Honor Roll is published in the Annual Report as 
a tribute to those alumni, parents and friends who con- 
tributed to the College's 1966-67 Annual Fund Appeal 
(July 1, 1966 to June 30, 1967). By their loyal and 
generous support they have placed themselves in the 
forefront of those dedicated to the broadening of our 
educational programs, the strengthening of our schol- 
arship resources and the development of our physical 
facilities. To them the College expresses its deepest 

Miss C. Jean Aberle 

Dr. Leonard Abrams 

Miss Dorothy Ackler 

Mr. William M. Adams, Jr. 

Mr. Seymour Adelman 

Dr. & Mrs. Francis Heed Adler 

Miss Zena Adler 

Mrs. John Alexander 

Mr. Milton Alexander 

Mr. Clarence G. Alhart 

Mr. Lawrence L. Alten 

Mr. F. Knox Altman 

Mr. & Mrs. Gustave Amsterdam 

Miss Bertha S. Amzehuhoff 

Anco Wood Specialties 

Mr. Rex H. Anderson 

Mr. William S. Anderson, Jr. 

Mrs. Edna Andrade 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Ankenbrand, Jr. 

Anonymous Donors 

Mr. Richard Antner 

Mrs. Peter F. Ardizzi 

Mrs. John A. Armezzani 

W. M. Armistead Foundation, Inc. 

Mr. Walter T. Armstrong 

Mrs. Jacob Arronson 

Art Directors Club Scholarship Fund 

Mrs. Sydney S. Asher, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. William L. Aspinall 

Mrs. John C. Atwood, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Austin 

Mr. Theodore Avrami 

Mr. Paul Axler 


Mr. B. J. Babcock 

Mr. Robert O. Bach 

Mr. William C. Badnaruk 

Mrs. Hortense M. Baer 

Mr. Sterling Bair 

Mr. Warren E. Bakley 

Mrs. Charles F. Baldwin 

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond A. Ballinger 

Dr. & Mrs. E. Digby Baltzell, Jr. 

Miss Janette E. Banks 

Mr. & Mrs. Terry Lee Barner 

Mr. Carroll B. Barnes, Jr. 

Miss Marion Barraclough 

Mrs. Donald L. Barstow 

Miss G. Caroline Bauder 

Mrs. Martin N. Baumann 

Mrs. Philip J. Baur 

Mr. Thomas F. Bates 

Mrs. Elizabeth L. Baxter 

Mr. Arnold A. Bayard 

Miss Hannah Bayliss 

Mr. George Beach 

Mr. & Mrs. Noble F. Beacham 

Mrs. Robert S. Beal 

Mr. & Mrs. George D. Beck 

Mr. LeRoy R. Beck 

Mrs. Lillian A. Beck 

Mrs. Pauline L. Becker 

Rev. & Mrs. Edward B. Beckles 

Mrs. Albert H. Beekhuis 

Mr. Donald G. Beetem 

Mrs. George D. Beitzel 

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick H. Belfield 

Mr. Isadore Belinkoff 

Mrs. Ray Bell 

Miss Sarah Bell 

Mr. Orlando De Benedictis 

Mrs. Aubrey C. Bennett 

Mr. Everett P. Bennett 

Mr. & Mrs. Horace B. Bent 

Mr. Morris Berd 

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Berenstain 

Mrs. Sol Berger 

Mrs. Marguerite W. Berlinger 

Mr. George M. Bernard 

Mrs. Raya Bernstein 

Mrs. Robert A. Bernoff 

Mrs. John Bersch 

Miss Marian Bhare 

Mrs. Louis Birenbaum 

Mr. Loring C. Bixler 

Mr. Rodd Bixler 

Miss Harriet I. Blackburn 

Miss Dorothy W. Blair 

Mr. Warren Blair 

Mr. Jack I. Blaker 

Mrs. E. M. Blanchard 

Mr. Robert B. Blum 

Dr. & Mrs. George I. Blumstein 

Mrs. Mary Blunt 

Mrs. J. Griffith Boardman 

Mr. Samuel Anthony Bocelli 

Mr. Paul Bogdanoff 

Mr. & Mrs. Harry J. Bonelli 

Mr. Anthony Bonvini 

Mrs. William H. Bortree 

Mr. William A. Bothell 

Mrs. Frank J. Bowden, Jr. 

Mrs. Martha Bowman, Jr. 

Miss Frances Louise Boyer 

Mrs. Kenneth Y. Brancato 

Mrs. Virginia Branden 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Brasler 

Mrs. Wayne Braverman 

Mr. Kenneth L. Brewer 

Philip A. Bregy, Esq. 

Mrs. Ruth Z. Bressler 

Mrs. James Bricker 

Mrs. Samuel T. Brinton 

Miss Sarah W. Brinton 

Miss Jeanette Brown 

Mr. John William Brown 

Mr. & Mrs. Warren D. Brown 

Miss Vera D. Bruestle 

Mr. Leonard J. Bruno 

Mrs. J. Mahlon Buck 

Mr. Edward G. Budd, Jr. 

Mr. Joseph J. Bulinkis 

Mrs. Richard H. D. Bullock 

Miss Holly Burke 

Miss Constance R. Burkhardt 

Mrs. Roberts. Burns 

Mr. David Sterner Burnside 

Mrs. Samuel Francis Butler 

Butler & Ferrigno Lithographic Co., Inc. 

Mr. Ranulph Bye 

Mr. John C. Bythrow 

Mr. William F. Cadge 

Mrs. Lambert Cadwalader 

Mr. Tillman Cahn 

Mrs. Michael Callahan 

Mr. Francis J. Cannie 

Mr. Christopher F. Canonico 

Mr. Yand L. Chung 

Mr. Edward Cantor 

Mr. Thomas S. Capperella 

Mr. & Mrs. Jan E. Carden 

Mr. Edward F. Carey 

Major & Mrs. Aaron E. Carpenter 

Mrs. Dawn Carpenter 

Mrs. Helen Carpenter 

Carpenters Machinery Co. 

Miss Mary L. Carroll 

The Hon. Meyer L. Casman 

Mr. Barry R. Castle 

Miss Alesandra Castellucci 

Mr. Richard J. Cattafesta 

Mr. Dante Cattani 

Mr. Daniel V. Cavaliere 

Miss Edna Cave 

Miss Mary E. Chalmers 

Mr. William Chandlee 

Mrs. George G. Chandler 

Mr. Herbert Chester 

Mrs. W. L. Christensen 

Miss Sophia Chitjian 

Mrs. Holly N. Ciccoricco 

Mrs. R. Leslie Cizek 

Mrs. Harry B. Clayton 

Mr. Clyde Perdue Cleaver 

Mr. & Mrs. H. Bernard Cleff 

Mr. Richard B. Cliff 

Mr. Marple Cohee 

Mrs. Ellen K. Cohen 

Mr. Leon Cohen 

Mr. Sol Calvin Cohen 

Dr. & Mrs. Herbert Cohn 

Mr. Harold Coffin 

Miss Carlotta Colajezzi 

Miss Patricia C. Cole 

Mr. Ralph P. Coleman 

Mrs. David J. Colfelt 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Colker 

Miss Lucinda Collins 

Mrs. Aaron D. Colten 

Mrs. Thomas E. Comber, Jr. 

Mr. Loy W. Conley 

Mrs. Mary I. Connelly 

Mr. John B. Cook 

Mr. Donald E. Cooke 

Mrs. Henry Cooper 

Adrian Copeland, M.D. 

Mr. Joseph A. Corbi 

Mr. Anthony D. Corcetto 

Mrs. Gribbel Corkran 

Mrs. W. S. Corkran 

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Corona 

Mr. S. L. Corson 

Mr. Gus Cotey 

Mr. Francis R. Couch 

Mr. Reavis Cox 

Mrs. Henry B. Coxe 

Mrs. George Craig 

Mr. Edward K. Cratsley 

Mr. Warren Creely 

Mrs. Donald Crispin 

Mr. Eaton Cromwell, Jr. 

Miss Anne B. Crosgrove 

Mr. Joseph B. Crossen 

Mrs. Gordon Crouter 

Mrs. Arthur W. Crouthamel 

Mrs. Mildred C. Crown 

Mr. Robert W. Crowther 

Mr. Howard E. Curtis 

Mrs. Anna P. Cushman 

Mr. Michael S. Cutler 

Mrs. John Kent Detrick 

Mr. & Mrs. V. DeVadetzsky 

Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas DeVries 

Mr. Philip N. DeVries 

Mr. Conrad Dickel 

Mrs. Louis B. Dietz 

Mrs. Charles K. Dillingham 

Mr. & Mrs. Richardson Dilworth 

Mrs. John W. Dismant 

Mr. & Mrs. John T. Dixon 

Mr. & Mrs. Fredric Dolgonos 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles S. Domsky 

Mrs. C. B. Donaldson 

Miss Emma Ashton Dorr 

Mrs. John T. Dorrance, Jr. 

Mr. Thomas Doulis 

Mr. Richard L. Downes 

Mr. Hugh K. Duffield 

Drake Press 

Mr. E. Wilkin Dreher 

Mr. Boris Drucker 

Miss Jeanette Dubrow 

Mrs. A. G. Dulkerian 

Mr. William E. Duicho 

Mr. E. J. Dwyer 

Mr. Kenneth Daley 

Mr. William Daley 

Mrs. Joseph P. D'Allura 

Miss Edith G. Daggett 

Miss Arleen M. Dascola 

Mrs. Carl Dash 

Mrs. Norris Davis 

Mrs. William L. Davis 

Mrs. Robert W. Deacon 

Miss Julia DeAscentiis 

Mrs. Anastasia L. DeBerry 

Mrs. Alice Parker Deck 

Mr. Richard A. DeFeo 

Miss Mary DelGuercio 

Mr. & Mrs. Alfred DeMartini 

Mr. James A. Demas 

Mr. Marvin N. Demchick 

Mr. Richard E. DePaul 

Mr. & Mrs. Rodolphe deSchauensee 

Mr. & Mrs. Harry L. Eaby 
Mr. & Mrs. Harold J. Eager 
Mr. George G. Meade Easby 
Mr. Francis W. Eastwood 
Mr. George M. Eberhardt, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Ebert 
Mrs. H. Robert Eckhardt 
Miss Helen C. Eden 
Miss Adeline Edmunds 
Mr. John J. Egan 
Mr. & Mrs. Michael H. Egnal 
Mr. Paul F. Egner 
Dr. George E. Ehrlich 
Mr. Mark Irving Einhorn 
Mr. & Mrs. James Eiseman 
Mr. Philip J. Eitzen 
Mr. Eugene Ellick 
Mr. Sol Ellis 
Mr. Frank Eltonhead 
Miss Joan C. Elste 

Miss Helen H. Emgarth 
Mr. Wesley W. Emmons, Jr. 
Miss Genevieve Endicott 
Miss Elizabeth R. England 
Mrs. Dorothy H. Erickson 
Mr. George Essayian 
Mr. Leonard L. Ettinger 
Mrs. Helen Lowden Evans 
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Evelev 
Mr. Louis Ewald 
Mrs. W. Rowland Evans 
Mrs. Samuel Evans, Jr. 

Mrs. Joseph A. Fabiani 
Mr. Daniel J. Fabrizio 
Mrs. Edward Fahrner 
Mr. Claude D. Falcone 
Miss Dorothy Fallows 
Mr. & Mrs. Victor Fanelli 
Mr. & Mrs. Vincent J. Faralli 
Mr. & Mrs. F. W. Elliott Farr 
Mrs. James Feeney 
Mrs. Augusta G. Feld 
Mrs. Ernest B. Feldgus 
Mr. Eugene Feldman 
Mr. Donald F. Felker 
Miss Janet L. Felton 
Samuel S. Fels Fund 
Miss Katherine Ferry 
Miss Mary H. Fewsmith 
Mr. Charles F. Fifer 
Mrs. Irvin Fine 
Mr. John J. Fischer 
Mr. York K. Fischer 
Mrs. Edith T. Fisher 
Mr. Mac S. Fisher 
Miss Nancy J. Fisher 
Mr. William G. Fisher 
Mr. George A. Fithian 
Miss Jane Fithian 
Mrs. Vivian Flaer 
Mr. Robert J. Fleck 
Mrs. Horace Fleisher 
Mr. John J. Folcarelli 
Mr. James L. Ford 
Mrs. Leighton B. Ford 

Ford Motor Company Fund 

Miss Beverly Forman 

Mr. Richard J. Forrest 

Mrs. George Forsyth 

Mr. John Foster 

Miss Viola Foulke 

The Ford Foundation 

Miss Patricia Fox 

Mr. Laurens H. Fritz 

Mr. Leon Fradkin 

Mrs. Robert L. Frank 

Mr. John W. Freas 

Judge & Mrs. Abraham L. Freedman 

Mrs. Paul Freeman, Jr. 

Mr. Arthur L. Friedman 

Mr. Elliott Frizlen 

Miss Florence Froelich 

Mrs. Jay Furman 

Mrs. Jay Furman 

Miss Debora E. Gable 

Miss Martha A. Gable 

Mr. Samuel R. Gaillard 

Mr. & Mrs. John Gallagher 

Mr. Peter B. Gallo 

Mrs. Lola Ball Gansworth 

Mrs. Robert Gardner 

Mr. Eugene J. Garrity 

Miss Marguerite Gaudin 

Miss Elizabeth R. Geary 

Mr. Arthur O. Gefvert 

Mr. & Mrs. John Geiszel 

The General Electric Foundation 

Mr. Carl J. Genna 

Mrs. Edward Gentsch 

Mrs. K. E. Gerlach 

Miss Gail J. Gertzman 

Mr. Henry E. Gerstley 

Mrs. Lester Giambrone 

Mr. Robert F. Giandomenico 

Mr. William Francis Gibbs 

Miss Elizabeth T. Gibson 

Miss Janet A. Gibson 

Dr. & Mrs. Edward S. Gifford, Jr. 

Mrs. F. L. Gilbert 

Miss Gwendolyn Taylor Gilbert 

Mr. Robert N. Gillis 

Mr. H. Gerald Gilton 

Mr. & Mrs. Pat M. Gingles 

Mr. Bernard Glassman 

Kramer Miller Lomden Glassman 

Mr. John D. Glenn 

Mrs. Edward M. Glickman 

Mr. & Mrs. Albert Gold 

Mr. & Mrs. Abraham Goldberg 

Mr. Leon J. Goldstein 

Mr. Irvin Goldstein 

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Goldstein 

Mrs. Shirley Goldstein 

Mrs. Stanford Goldstein 

Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth H. Gordon, Jr. 

Mr. Ronald Edward Gornstein 

Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Goodman 

Miss Laura Gotwals 

Mr. Robert J. Gould 

Mr. John C. Graham 

Mr. Edward L. Grant 

Mr. Sanford Greenberg 

Mrs. Albert M. Greenfield 

Miss Janina Greger 

Mr. Jack Gregory 

Mr. Peter Warner Gregory 

Mrs. Robert J. Gretz 

Dr. Dorothy F. Grimm 

Miss Ida Groff 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Grooms 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward R. Grove 

Mr. Charles Gruszka 

Mr. Hank O. Guarini 

Mr. Ray Guss 

Mr. & Mrs. Alvin Gutman 


Mr. J. C. Haas 
Mrs. Stephen Haas 
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Habib 
Mrs. John G. Hafner, Jr. 
Dr. & Mrs. John Hale 
Mrs. Florence K. Hall 
Miss Ruth Hall 
Mr. H.Thomas Hall, III 
Mrs. Elaine Hamilton 
Mr. Herbert J. Hampel 

Mr. Albert Hampson 

Mr. Robert F. Hannum 

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Hanson 

Miss Margaret E. Harper 

Mr. John T. Harris 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Harrison, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Alonzo J. Hart 

Mrs. Bertha Hartman 

Mrs. Evelyn E. Hartman 

Mr. Walter K. Hartman 

Mrs. Phyllis Clark Harvey 

Dr. & Mrs. Benjamin Haskell 

Jack Hassler Co., Inc. 

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Headley 

Mr. Richard B. Hecht 

Mr. Meyer Heiman 

Mrs. Eugene J. Heisley 

Mr. Edwin Heitman, Jr. 

Miss Georgeann Helms 

Mr. Leslie Henderson 

Mr. Joseph Hennesy 

Hercules Incorporated 

Mr. Lewis H. Herr 

Mr. H. Ober Hess 

Mrs. Theodore Heysham, Jr. 

Mrs. Judy Van Heyst 

Mr. H. David Hill 

Miss Mildred L. Hill 

Miss Dorothy Hillsley 

Mrs. Samuel Hines 

Mr. & Mrs. Meyer Hirsh 

Miss Lena William Hoagland 

Mrs. Rena F. Hochstein 

Mr. Adam L. Hoffman 

Mrs. Rochelle Hoffman 

Mrs. Wray B. Hoffman 

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Hohenadel 

Dr. Frank R. Holter 

Home Promotions Enterprises, Inc. 

Mr. Richard Hood 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Hook, III 

Mr. Edward R. Hoopes 

Mr. John E. Hoover 

Mr. Larry J. Hoskins 

Mr. Morton Howard 

Mr. Ronald E. Hower 

Mrs. Richard Huber 

Miss Harriet Hughes 
Mrs. George B. Hunter 
Hurlock Bros., Inc. Co. 
Mrs. Bernard Hurwitz 
Miss Shirley C. Hussian 
Mrs. Nathan Hydeman 


Mr. Jouko llvonen 

Mr. Charles E. Ingersoll 

International Business Machines Corp. 

Miss Anne W. Ingersoll 

Mr. R. Sturgis Ingersoll 

Miss Rikki Jacobi 
Mrs. Marcia Jacobs 
Miss Mildred Jantzen 
Mr. G. James Jarratt 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Jeitner 
Mr. Jerry Jemelyan 
Mrs. John Jensen 
Mrs. M. Kathryn Johnston 
Mrs. Ella Y. Jones 
Mrs. Dolores B. Jones 
Mr. Horace C. Jones, 2nd 
Mrs. Theodore C. Jones 
Miss Marion T. Justice 
Miss Marion T. Justice 


Mr. Martin Kaelin 

Mr. & Mrs. Hubert Kahana 

Mrs. Paul R. Kaiser 

Mrs. Ethel L. Kaminsky 

Morris and Sophie Kardon Foundation 

Mr. & Mrs. Beryl D. Katz 

Miss Irene L. Kauffman 

Mr. Lawrence K. Kaufman 

Mrs. William Keddie 

Mrs. Harry F. Keebler 

Mr. Paul Keene 

Mr. Richard A. Kellow 

Mrs. Arsie Kennedy 

Mr. & Mrs. John H. Kennedy 

Mrs. Lynne Kennedy 

Mrs. Thomas G. Kennedy 

Miss Patricia Kent 

Mrs. Florence Kessler 

Mr. Richard W. Kidney 

Mrs. Robert A. Kingsley, Jr. 

Mr. Max E. Kille 

Mr. & Mrs. F. H. Klaer 

Mrs. Charles Z. Klauder, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Alan J. Klawans 

Mrs. Alfred W. Klein 

Mrs. Morton Klein 

Mr. Stanley A. Klimaszewski 

Paul Klinefelter, Inc. 

Mr. Vincent G. Kling 

Mr. Neal B. Knobler 

Mr. William Walter Koch 

Mrs. Isidore Kohn 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kosko, Sr. 

Mr. Harry Kosiner 

Mr. Karl-Heinz G. Koslowski 

Mr. Paul Koston 

Mr. Joseph N. Kotzin 

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene J. Krall 

Mr. Victors. Kraft 

Mr. Richard H. Krecker 

Mrs. Nelson Kriebel 

Dr. & Mrs. Samuel D. Kron 

Mr. George H. Kugler 

Mr. Roger M. Kumpf 

Mr. Michael Kuncevich 

Mrs. Jerome Kurtz 

Mr. William Kurtz 

Mrs. George C. Kyle 

Mr. Harry E. Labour 

Mr. & Mrs. Carmine P. LaBrasca 

Mr. Gordon H. Lacheen 

Mrs. Charles W. Laib 

Mr. & Mrs. Jule G. Lambeck 

Dr. Austin Lamont 

Mr. Dwight Landis 

Mr. John T. Landis 

Mr. & Mrs. Philip M. Landry 

Mrs. Edwin Langberg 

Miss Lisa Langley 

Mrs. I. Beatrice Larer 

Mrs. Benjamin Lard 

Mrs. Benjamin Larsen 

Mr. & Mrs. George LaRue 

Mr. & Mrs. Leonard B. Laskin 

Mr. John Laudenslager 

Mrs. Samuel Laverty 

Mr. Attila Lawrence 

Miss Emilia Lazarevich 

Mr. John Lear 

Mr. William Palmer Lear 

Mrs. Eleanor Lefson 

Mrs. Al Paul Lefton 

Mr. John G. Lehman 

Mr. Abraham Leibson 

Lenox, Inc. 

Mr. Donald Leong 

Mrs. Raymond Lepone 

Mr. John Lesicko 

Mr. H. Robert Lesnick 

Mrs. William R. Lessig, Jr. 

Mr. Paul M. Letterio 

Mrs. Phyllis S. Levinson 

Mr. Gary Levinson 

Mr. Hal Lewis 

Mrs. Louise V. Lewis 

Mrs. Russell Lewis 

Mrs. Scott B. Lewis 

Mrs. Rowland Lex 

Dr. Caspar A. Lian 

Mrs. Charles Lichty 

Miss Betty Lide 

Mrs. Dorothy Liebes 

Mr. Charles M. Light 

Mr. Theodore L. Lindsey 

Mrs. Lemuel B. Line 

Mrs. Earl Ford Lion 

Mrs. Bertram Lippincott 

Mrs. Marion Lipschutz 

Mrs. John W. Little 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Livingston 

Mrs. Malcolm Lloyd 

The Howard A. Loeb & Hortense F. 

Loeb Charitable Trusts 
Mrs. Richard Loeb 
Mr. WilliamS. Loeb 
Mr. & Mrs. Louis Loewenstein 
Mr. Richard Logan 
Mr. Meade A. Logan 

Mr. Paul R. Longnecker 
Miss Mary Ann Loughran 
Mr. George Lowe 
Miss Lenore Lucas 
Mrs. Arthur Lukens, Jr. 
Mrs. Ethel Lunenfeld 


Mrs. Florence Macauley 

Mr. William F. MacDonald 

Mr. & Mrs. T. Scott MacGregor, Jr. 

Mrs. William Machold 

Mrs. David F. Maclnnes 

Mrs. Walter G. MacLaughlin 

Mr. Charles L. Madden 

Mr. James P. Magil 

Mr. Samuel Maitin 

Miss Miriam C. Maitland 

Mr. Paul Makler 

Mr. Paul Maloney 

Mr. Herbert Mandel 

Miss Rose Marie Mangano 

Mr. David Marder 

Mrs. August Martin 

Mr. Harry S. Martin 

Mr. Roger C. Martin 

Mrs. Genevieve A. Mathews 

Mrs. Stuart H. Mason 

Mr. Richard S. Massarella 

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher G. Mavronikolas 

Mrs. John B. Maybee 

Mr. & Mrs. Noel Mayo 

C. Mazzola 81 Sons 

Mrs. Shirley N. MacPherson 

Mr. & Mrs. William A. McCaffery 

Mrs. Edward J. McCracken 

Mr. Robert S. McCracken 

Mrs. Cooper R. McCarthy 

Mr. Otis C. McCreery 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward F. McCrossin, Jr. 

Mrs. Beryl McCullough 

Mr. Elwood McDermott 

Mr. Raymond E. McDevitt 

Mr. Edward T. McFate 

Mr. Herbert Kramer McGear 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. McGee 

Mr. Robert F. McGovern 

Mr. Douglas J. McHenry, Jr. 

Mrs. Mary Burton McKinney 

Trust of Robert L. McNeil, Jr. 

Mr. James P. Mease 

Mr. & Mrs. John M. Mecray 

Mrs. James H. Mecum 

Mr. Charles J. Meder, Jr. 

Mrs. George Medici 

Mr. Seymour Mednick 

Mr. & Mrs. Irving Meisel 

Mrs. Alice Meisenheimer 

Mrs. Janet G. Mellman 

Mr. Davis P. Meltzer 

Mr. Charles A. Mendez 

Mr. Oscar E. Mertz, Sr. 

Mr. Oscar E. Mertz, Jr. 

Mr. Martin F. Metzler 

Miss Eleanor H. Meyer 

Mr. Edward C. Michener 

Mr. Nicholas Micolucci 

Mrs. G. Plantou Middleton 

Mr. & Mrs. Noel G. Miles, Jr. 

Mrs. Lenore Milhollen 

Mr. Frank C. Miller 

Mrs. Jacob Miller, II 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Miller 

Miss Marlene E. Miller 

Mr. Neil W. Miller 

Mr. Philip T. Miller 

Mr. Vincent H. Miller 

Dr. Earl B. Milliette 

Mr. Frank H. Mills 

Mr. & Mrs. Fred Milstein 

Mrs. Leannah M. Mir 

Mrs. Herbert H. Mohrfeld 

Miss Irene Moll 

Mr. Joseph E. Mooney 

The Morilla Company 

Mrs. Charles M. Morris 

Mr. George D. Morrison 

Mr. J. William Morrow 

Mrs. Helen Morton 

Mrs. Gertrude Summerill Moss 

Mr. Stanley Mossman 

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel H. Moyer 

Mrs. Furman R. Mulford 

Mr. Francis G. Mullen 

Mrs. Joan Mullen 
Mrs. William B. Mullen 
Mr. Thomas W. Murray 
Mrs. William W. Muntzer 
Miss Helen Benson Murphy 
Mr. George W. Myler 


Mr. Donald L. Nagle 

Mrs. Edward Narbonne 

Dr. Yale S. Nathanson 

National Cotton Council of America 

Mr. Earle R. Nazar 

Mrs. Allen S. Neal 

Mr. Walter M. Neibart 

Mrs. Eva Neiman 

Mrs. Eugene Nelson 

Mr. Joseph Nettis 

Mrs. William Neuman 

Mr. Richard L. Newburger 

Mrs. Phyllis Newman 

Mr. E. Robert Nichols 

Mrs. Douglas Noble 

Mr. Frank Nofer 

Mrs. Leonard Nones 

North American Brass & Copper 

Mrs. Lester H. Novack 

Mrs. Maurice E. Novoseller 

Mr. Harry Oakes 

Mr. Charles A. O'Donnell 

Mrs. Linda Ominsky 

Mrs. George Opp 

Mr. & Mrs. Frederic W. Orfe 

Mrs. Herbert Oritsky 

Mr. Frederick H. Osborn, Jr. 

Mr. Raymond Ostroff 

Dr. & Mrs. Donald Ottenberg 

Mr. William C. Otter 

Mr. Jan Ozog 

Mr. David Pachman 
Miss Theresa M. Paglione 
Mrs. Carol Panner 
Mr. Paul M. Panoc 

Mrs. C. Allen Patrick 

Mr. Donald W. Patterson 

Mrs. Albert Paul 

Miss Frances L. Paulson 

Miss Ronni L. Pearlman 

Miss Barbara Pearch 

Miss Barbara Pearce 

Mr. Allen Y. Pease 

Mr. Duncan C. Peek 

Miss Florence A. Pellegrino 

Mr. William Pence 

Mrs. L. A. Pennegar 

Mr. & Mrs. Wm. H. Pennock, Jr. 

Pennsylvania Power & Light Company 

Mrs. Alice Legge Penza 

Mr. Raymond C. Perko 

Mr. Lee Perri 

Mr. Anthony L. Pesini 

Mr. Jeffrey D. Petty 

Mr. & Mrs. James A. Phillips 

Mr. Charles F. Pickel 

Mrs. Elizabeth Pierson 

Mr. Biagio Pinto 

Mrs. John Piper 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry C. Pitz 

Mr. Elmer Pizzi 

Mrs. Stewart Plattenberger 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Kirtman Plummer 

Mr. Clemens J. Poiesz 

Mrs. Robert L. Pollack 

Mr. Ronald K. Porter 

Mrs. C. R. Powell 

Mr. Francis H. Pozzi 

Mrs. Odell Prather 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Pratt 

Mrs. R. Moore Price 

Mr. & Mrs. Lacy Taws Prichett 

Mrs. Otto C. Prinz 

Mr. Patrick J. Procaccino 

Mr. & Mrs. Hugh M. Purcell, Jr. 

Mrs. Edwin C. Quigley, Jr. 

Mr. Louis E. Rabinowitz 
Mr. Aaron Rapoport 

Miss Lois Rapp 

Mr. S. H. Raub 

Mr. Thomas D. Rauffenbart 

Mr. Richards. Ravenscroft 

Mr. Leonard Raymond 

Mr. AloysiusJ. Reagan 

Mrs. Robert H. Reed 

Mr. Richard R. Reese 

Mrs. S. Bickley Reichner 

Mr. James Reid 

Mr. Richard H. Reinhardt 

Mr. Gilbert M. Reischmann 

Miss Elise Remont 

Mr. W. Richard Renninger 

Miss L. Jane Ressler 

Mr. & Mrs. William C. Ressler 

Mr. William H. Rickert, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward E. Ridgeway 

Mr. William Riedel 

Mr. & Mrs. Norman N. Rice 

Mr. Donald O. Rich 

Mr. John F. Rich 

Miss Dorothy V. Riley 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Russell Riley 

Mrs. Charles IM. Rink 

Mrs. Herbert B. Rishel 

Mrs. Howard J. Robbins 

Miss M. Adine L. Robinson 

Mrs. Rudolph Robinson 

Mr. & Mrs. Adair Rogers 

Mrs. Alban E. Rogers 

Miss Nancy A. Romano 

Mr. Silvio Romano 

Mrs. Barbara Rosen 

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Rosenau 

Samuel R. Rosenbaum, Esq. 

Mrs. Henry B. Rosenfeld 

Mrs. Lessing J. Rosenwald 

Mr. Samuel Rotella 

Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Roth 

Dr. George J. Roth 

Miss Janice Roth 

Mrs. Peter Roth 

Mr. Fred Rothermel 

Mr. Arnold Roston 

The Rouse Company 

Mr. George W. Roy 

Mr. David E. Rue 
Mr. Calvin H. Ruth 
Miss Winifred R. Rumble 
Mr. James Ryan 
Mr. Jerome G. Ryan 

Mr. Richard A. Sabel 

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Sabol 

Mr. Paul J. Salcito 

Mrs. Joseph Samost 

Mrs. Beatrice Sarikianos 

Mr. Sol Satinsky 

Mr. Benjamin F. Sawin 

Mrs. Sue E. Sayer 

Mrs. William Scarlett 

Mr. Anthony S. Sciascia 

Mr. Bernard K. Schachman 

Mr. & Mrs. Jules Schaeffer 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Scheirer 

Miss S. Gertrude Schell 

Mrs. Frederic Schermerhorn 

Mr. & Mrs. William A. Schilling 

Mr. David E. Schmidt 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Schneeberg 

Mrs. Harry Schob 

Mrs. Malcolm L. Schoenberg 

Mr. John R. Scholtz 

Dr. & Mrs. Edward Schowalter 

Mr. Henry Schroder 

Mrs. June Schulkins 

Miss Suzanne B. Schulze 

Mr. F. Schwartz 

Mrs. P. K. Schwartz 

Mr. James E. Schwering, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Harold W. Scott 

Mr. & Mrs. I. M. Scott 

Mrs. Madeleine Scott 

Scott Paper Company Foundation 

Mrs. Robert J. Seaman 

The Sears-Roebuck Foundation 

Mrs. Elaine C. Segal 

Mrs. K. Selditch 

Mr. Jerry L. Sellers 

Mrs. Alice O. Sennett 

Mr. Joseph T. Sennett 

Mrs. Marvin Shackmaster 

Mrs. Luther Shaner 

Mr. Don J. Shanosky 

Mrs. Craig M. Sharpe 

Miss Virginia P. Sheard 

Mr. John E. Shenkle 

Mrs. George Sherman 

Mr. & Mrs. Karl Sherman 

Mrs. Richard F. Sherrerd 

Mr. H. George Shimp 

Dr. Irving P. Shird 

Mrs. William E. Shoemaker 

Miss Rose B. Sichel 

Mrs. Adrian Siegel 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Siegel 

Mr. & Mrs. A. Neal Siegel 

Mr. Martin Silverman 

Mrs. Eugene Silvert 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph S. Simboli, Jr. 

Robert Simmons, Inc. 

Miss Ann L. Simon 

Mr. Harvey Simpson 

Mr. William Singer 

Mrs. Howard Sipler 

Mrs. Joseph Slobodian 

Mrs. Charles Harper Smith 

Mrs. Faith Ewart Smith 

Mr. Frank X. Smith 

Miss Gwendolyn M. Smith 

The Rev. Jerry R. Smith 

Mr. John Smith 

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence M. C. Smith 

Mrs. G. Russel Smith 

Mr. Stanley S. Snellenburg 

Mr. Andrew Snyder 

Mr. Charles W. Snyder, III 

Mr. Martin Snyder 

Mr. Phillip V. Snyder 

Mr. Jesse Soifer 

Mr. Howard Soifer 

Mrs. Martin Sommers 

Mrs. Andrew J. Sordoni, Jr. 

Mr. Joseph S. Spannuth 

Mrs. Marguerite R. Spillman 

Mr. William Spitler, Jr. 

Mr. Stephen J. Stadelmeier 

Mr. Walter E. Stait 

Mr. George R. Stallone 

Mrs. Timothy P. Stanley 

Mrs. Frederick H. Starling 

Miss Kathryn Starr 

Miss Sarah Ann Stauffer 

Mrs. Patricia K. Steele 

Mrs. Laura Sacket Stein 

Mr. Leon I. Stein 

Mrs. Helene R. Stephenson 

Mrs. Virginia Sterner 

Mr. Wayne J. Stettler 

Mr. Paul W. Stitt 

Dr. & Mrs. S. Emlen Stokes 

J. Pennington Straus, Esq. 

Mrs. George D. Stull 

Mrs. Roger F. Sullivan 

Dr. & Mrs. Howard Summons 

Miss Loraine Surnitsky 

Mr. Daniel E.Sutton, Jr. 

Mrs. Harry B. Taback 

Mr. Americo J. Taddeo 

Mrs. Elsie Tamson 

Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Tannenbaum 

Miss Anna Lee Taylor 

Dr. & Mrs. Edward Taylor 

Mrs. Gail Taylor 

Mr. Lawrence N. Taylor 

Mr. Robert J. Taylor 

Sister M. Theodoretta 

Mr. Donald Abbott Thomas 

Mr. & Mrs. James E. Thomas 

The Rev. Warren G. Thomas 

Mr. John Thompson 

J. Walter Thompson Co. Fund 

Mrs. Mabel Johnston Thorburn 

Mrs. Chloe Thorne 

Miss Barbara J. Thorsten 

Miss Irma L. Tilton 

Mr. Morris H. Tindall 

Mr. Paul Tishman 

Miss Mary Lou Todd 

Mrs. John J. Tomalino 

Mr. Norman Tomases 

Mrs. William T. Tonner 

Mr. Dennis W. Traub 

Miss Anita N. Troisi 

Mrs. Lucile P. Turner 

Mr. & Mrs. George I. Tyndall 

Miss Geraldine Tyson 

Miss Natalie Tyson 

Mr. R. C. Tyson 


Mr. Joseph W. Van Sant 
Mr. Joseph Del Vecchio 
Mr. Sam Lewis Veitch 
Miss Shirley J. Vernon 
Mr. Alfred T. Verrecchio 
Mr. Conrad W. Vogel 


Mr. Robert M. Wachob 

Mr. John L. Wade 

Mrs. George Wahl 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph O. Wallace 

Mrs. Edward W. Walsh 

Mr. Robert R. Walsh 

Mrs. Marguerite Walter 

Mrs. Mark Walter 

Mr. N.O.Walter 

Mr. Richard T. Walter 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry J. Walters 

Mrs. Mary Kimball Ward 

Mrs. Arthur B. Waring 

Mr. William Warren 

Miss Nadia Watson 

Mr. Charles A. Waugaman 

F. Weber Company 

Miss Beatrice Weidner 

Mrs. Robert V. Weil 

Mr. Alan Weinberg 

Dr. & Mrs. Joseph G. Weiner 

Mr. & Mrs. Milton Weiner 

Mrs. Janet Borowy Weisman 

Mrs. Herbert Weintraub 

Mr. James P. Weir 

Mr. L. Weinstock 

Mr. Leo Weisz 

Mrs. Harold B. Wells, Jr. 

Mr. William Henry Welsh, Jr. 

Mr. William Joseph Wendt 

Mr. & Mrs. Jules F. Wery 

Miss Ruth A. Wescott 

Mrs. Helen West 

Mr. & Mrs. Allen R. Wexler 

Mr. Charles Weyl 

Mr. John Wheatly 

Miss Emily White 

Mrs. Thomas Raeburn White 

Mr. Wilson Whiting 

Mrs. Daniel S. Whiteman 

Miss Marjorie Whitman 

Mrs. Alfred Wielopokska 

Mr. Arthur P. Williams 

Mr. Joseph Doran Williams 

Mr. Gary A. Williams 

Mr. & Mrs. Oliver G. Willits 

Mrs. Harry C. Winslow 

Mrs. Arthur Wilson 

Mr. W. H. Withey 

Dr. & Mrs. Joseph S. Wohl 

Mr. & Mrs. Albert E. Wolf 

Mrs. Ann Wolf 

Mr. Howard A. Wolf 

Mrs. Robert B. Wolf 

Dr. & Mrs. William Wolgin 

Mr. Michael Wollman 

Mrs. Saul I. Wollman 

Mr. Seymour Woodnick 

Mrs. Sonia R. Woodnick 

Mrs. Suzanne Woodroffe 

Miss Rita Wootten 

Mr. Edward Wormley 

Mr. Howard L. Worner 

Mr. Robert R. Wright 

Miss Nancy W. Wysemen 

Mr. Edward IM. Zanazanian 
Mrs. Jerome M. Zaslow 
Mr. Joe Zel 

Mrs. Rosette B. Zinman 
Mrs. Charles F. Zittle 

Mrs. Marjorie B. Craig 
Mr. Carmine DeVivi 
Mr. Louis Di Joseph 
Mr. James P. Mealiff 
Mr. John M. Stalnaker 

Mrs. Grace Yarnall 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Yarnall, Jr. 

Mr. Richard A. Yeager 

Mr. Russell Yeager 

Mr. Charles W. Young 

Mrs. Don Young 

Mr. Frank L. Young 

Mrs. Richard Young 

Mr. William E. Zabel, Jr. 

The Faculty 

George R. Bunker, Dean of Faculty 

Richard H. Reinhardt, Assistant Dean of Faculty 

Art Education 

John Cataldo, Director 

Elaine Cohen 

John Cook 

Ruth Mavronikolas, Director Saturday Classes Program 

Paul Neff 

Christopher Scadron 

Robert Shaffer 

Craft Design 
William Daley, Director 
Daniel Jackson 
Roland Jahn 
Leon Lugassy 
Aurelius Renzetti 
Olaf Skoogfors 
Petras Vaskys 
Robert Worth 

Isa Barnett 

William Barnett 

Gil Cohen 

Benjamin Eisenstat 

William Erwin 

John Foster 

John Freas 

Richard Hood (Director of Exhibitions) 

Mitzi Melnicoff 

Clarissa Rogers 

Industrial Design 

Marshall Corazza, Acting Director 

William Daley 

William Anderson 

Charles Burnette 

Leon Lugassy 

William Pennock 

George Ramsay 

Louis Riccio 

Michael Rossman 

Petras Vaskys 

Environmental Design 
Joseph McGee, Director 
Edna Andrade 
Noel Mayo 
Walter Moleski 
George Ramsay 

Fabric Design 

Ruben Eshkanian, Director 

Lili Blumenau 

Harry Soviak 

Judd Weisberg 

Graphic Design 

Kenneth Hiebert, Acting Director 

Norman Ives, Consultant 

George Tscherny, Consultant 

Sol Calvin Cohen 

Stephan Geissbuehler 

James McWilliams 


Albert Gold, Director 


Morris Berd, Co-Director 

Larry Day, Co-Director 

Eugene Baguskas 

William Barnett 

Gretna Campbell 

Dante Cattani 

Thomas Chimes 

Jean Cohen 

Benjamin Eisenstat 

Walter Erlebacher 

Donald Fabricant 

Joseph Fiore 

John Foster 

Sidney Goodman 

William Hague 

Paul Keene 

Robert Keyser 

Rodger Lapelle 

Mitzi Melnicoff 

Jane Piper 

Morris Shulman 

Brie Taylor 

Photography and Film 
Sol Mednick, Director 
Martus Granirer 
Al Ignarri 
Lewis Jacobs 
Ray Metzker 
Thomas Porett 
Andrew Rudin 
Murray Weiss 


Jerome Kaplan, Director 

Lois Johnson 

James McWilliams 

Edward Porter 


Dennis Leon, Director 
Anne Arnold 
Natalie Charkow 
Walter Erlebacher 
Jacob Grossberg 
Charles Kaprelian 
Theodore Knerr 


James McWilliams, Director 

Eugene Feldman 

William Anderson 

Harry Eaby 

Edward Porter 

Foundation Program 

Leonard Lehrer, Co-Director 

Richard Stetser, Co-Director 

Edna Andrade 

Fred Cain 

Martha Erlebacher 

Walter Erlebacher 

Peter Erskine 

Eileen Taber Goodman 

William Hague 

Dan Jackson 

Karl Karhumaa 

Edward Kravitz 

Lisa Langley 

Ruth Lehrer 

Kim Levin 
Robert McGovern 
Oscar Mertz 
George Ramsay 
Keith Richards 
Michael Rossman 
Olaf Skoogfors 
Ray Spiller 
Gerd Utescher 
Robert Worth 

Liberal Arts 

Bernard Hanson, Director 

Merle Balsley 

Stephen Berg 

Patricia Cruser 

Lawrence Curry 

Thomas Doulis 

Marian Garfinkie 

Tara Glass 

Nancy Glendinning 

Frank Graham 

Dorothy Grimm 

David Grossman 

Lewis Greenberg 

Ewald Haeusser 

Janet Kardon 

Kenneth Kinman 

Jay Kogan 

Emilia Lazarevich 

Lenore Levitt 

Diane Linderheim 

Paul Makler 

Charles McCready 

John Meister 

Franklin Miller 

Carol Nace 

Yale Nathanson 

James Orlow 

Paul Partridge 

Laila Pauk 

Elide Pironti 

Thomas Piatt 

Robert Shaffer 

Ward Stanley 

Thomas Tritschler 

Fabian Ulitsky 

William Waldman 
William Webster 
Richard Wurman 


Board of Trustees 

President, George D. Culler 

Dean of Faculty, George R. Bunker 
Assistant Dean of Faculty, Richard H. Reinhardt 
Evening Division Director, Jane Flory 
Librarian, Hazel Gustow 
Film Collection Supervisor, David Grossman 
Slide Collection Supervisor, Nancy Glendinning 
Director of Exhibitions, Richard Hood 
Design Consultants, Kenneth Hiebert, Richard Hood, 
Joseph McGee, James McWilliams, Nancy Smith 

Dean of Students, Robert D. Weitzel, Jr. 
Director of Admissions, E. Bruce Thomas 
Associate Director of Admissions, Brian Stuhlmuller 
Director of Student Affairs, Glenn Stroud 
Counselling Psychologist, Shirley Rubin 
Registrar, Walter L. Zimmerman 
Consulting Physician, Charles G. Hertz, M.D. 
Nurse, Eleanor Oley, R.N. 
Student Residence Supervisor, Betty McBee 

Business Manager, Morris Weiss 
Assistant to the Business Manager, William Piatt 
Director of Buildings and Grounds, Daniel Miller 
Manager of College Store, John C. O'Neill 

Director of Development and Public Relations, 

Howard M. Schwartz 
Director of Public Information, Samuel Gamburg 
Alumni Secretary, Gene Loos 
Placement Secretary, Linda Yarnell 
Staff Photographer, Jack Simons 

Officers of the Corporation 
President, George D. Culler 
Vice-president, Howard A. Wolf 
Secretary, Philip A. Bregy 
Treasurer, Stephen S. Gardner 
Assistant Treasurer, Morris Weiss 

Howard A. Wolf, Chairman 

Rex H. Anderson 

Robert O. Bach 

F. Bruce Baldwin 

George D. Beck 

Warren Blair 

Richard C. Bond 

Philip A. Bregy 

Edward G. Budd, Jr. 

Edward K. Cratsley 

Hugh K. Duffield 

Philip J. Eitzen 

Stephen S. Gardner 

Mrs. Albert M. Greenfield 

H. Ober Hess 

Charles E. Ingersoll 

Peter Kyropoulos 

Thomas B. McCabe, Jr. 

Robert Milnazik 

Robert Buchanan Mitchell 

Ronald K. Porter 

William L. Rafsky 

Mel Richman 

Mrs. Lessing J. Rosenwald 

Mrs. Andrew J. Sordoni, Jr. 

Norman H. Strouse 

Robert M. Wachob 

Mrs. Otis Walter 

Philip H.Ward, III 

Frederick M. Yost 

Honorary Members 

R. Sturgis Ingersoll 
Mrs. Malcolm Lloyd 
Samuel R. Rosenbaum 
Mrs. Thomas Raeburn White 
George D. Widener 
Mrs. John Wintersteen 

Philadelphia College of Art 

Summary Statement of Current Income and Expenditures 

Year Ended June 30, 1967 

Current Income: 

Tuition and fees 

Auxiliary enterprises 

Appropriation from City of Philadelphia 

Appropriation from Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 

Gifts and grants expended 

Endowment income expended 

Other sources 

Total Current Income 









Current Expenditures: 

General administration and general expense 

Instruction and departmental research 


Operation and maintenance of physical plant 

Auxiliary enterprises 

Student aid 

Total Current Expenditures 

See accompanying notes to financial statements. 

$ 527,900 


Notes to Financial Statements June 30, 1967 
1 ) Property, plant and equipment are stated at the 
following values: Land-assessed value for transfer tax 
purposes as of June 30, 1964. Buildings and building 
improvements-current replacement value as determined 
for insurance purposes as of June 30, 1964 plus sub- 
sequent additions at cost. Equipment and furnishings- 
sound value (replacement cost less accumulated 
depreciation) as determined by an appraisal dated July 
1 , 1 965 with subsequent additions at cost. Library 

books - $1.00 a volume. In accordance with generally 
accepted accounting principles for a college, no pro- 
vision has been made in the accounts for depreciation 
of plant and equipment. 2) In accordance with an 
agreement effective July 1, 1967, note payable to 
bank, in the principal amount of $190,000 as of 
June 30, 1967, is payable in semi-annual installments 
of $3,800 commencing October 1, 1967, with interest 
at 5%%, and is secured by a mortgage on College real 

Philadelphia College of Art 

Condensed Balance Sheet June 30, 1967 


Current Funds: 



Appropriations receivable, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 

Accounts receivable, other 

Supply store inventory, at cost 

Prepaid expenses 






$ 163,616 




Investments at cost which approximates market 


Endowment Funds and Funds Functioning as Endowment: 

Uninvested principal cash 921 

Stocks and bonds at cost (quoted market 

value $990,610) 995,745 

Loan Funds: 

Cash 7,073 

Notes and accounts receivable 282,997 

Plant Funds (notes 1 and 2): 

Development fund-cash 120,607 

Land, buildings and improvements 3,458,731 

Equipment and furnishings 665,768 

Library books 19,061 





See accompanying notes to financial statements. 


Liabilities and Fund Balances 

Current Funds: 4jc '" 

General: ty/fy-' 

Accounts payable and accrued expenses $ 92,432 <^V> ^P> 

Student deposits and advance tuition 35,428 ^ / ji > 

Fund balance 35,756 

$ 163,616 


Unexpended fund balances 246,445 

Endowment Funds and Funds Functioning as Endowment: 

Principal of funds: 

General purpose 670,894 

Special purpose 325,772 


Loan Funds: 

Student aid funds 290,070 

Plant Funds: 

Development fund 120,607 

Notes payable (note 2) 190,000 

Net investment in plant 3,953,560 


Philadelphia College of Art 

Summary Statement of Changes in Funds 

Year Ended June 30, 1967 

Current Funds 
General Restricted 

Balance at beginning of year 

Add (deduct): 

Endowment and other investment income 

Gifts and grants 

General fees designated for development funds 

Loss on sale of investments 

Additions to plant and equipment 

Expended endowment income and gifts 

and grants transferred to current operations 

Transfer to loan funds 

Transfer to development funds 


Balance at end of year 

See accompanying notes to financial statements. 











Endowment Funds 

and Funds 



as Endowment 










Plant Funds 
Development Net Investment 

Funds in Plant 








Certified Public Accountants' Report 

The Board of Trustees 
Philadelphia College of Art: 

We have examined the condensed balance sheet of 
Philadelphia College of Art as of June 30, 1967 and 
the related summary statements of current income and 
expenditures and changes in funds for the year then 
ended. Our examination was made in accordance with 
generally accepted auditing standards, and accordingly 
included such tests of the accounting records and such 
other auditing procedures as we considered necessary 
in the circumstances. 

In our opinion, the accompanying condensed balance 
sheet and statements of current income and expendi- 
tures and changes in funds present fairly the financial 
position of Philadelphia College of Art at June 30, 1967 
and the results of its operations for the year then end- 
ed, in conformity with generally accepted accounting 
principles applied on a basis consistent with that of the 
preceding year. 

Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co. 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
July 21, 1967 

The 91st Anniversary Report was designed by 
James McWilliams. It was printed by Falcon Press. 
The type was set by the College on the IBM 
Selectric Composer. The report was produced 
under the supervision of the Office of Development 
and Public Relations. 

About the College 


The Philadelphia College of Art was established in 1876, as an outgrowth of the Centennial 
Exposition, to train artists and designers primarily for industry. Originally, it was a corporate 
part of the Pennsylvania Museum and School of Industrial Arts. 

In 1893 PCA moved to its present site at Broad and Pine Streets in center city. Successive 
name changes in this century record advancements in institutional character and purpose: 
1939, Philadelphia Museum and School of Industrial Arts; 1948, Philadelphia Museum 
School of Art; 1959, upon final accreditation by the Middle States Association of Colleges 
and Secondary Schools, Philadelphia Museum College of Art and, in 1964, with independ- 
ence from the Philadelphia Museum of Art Corporation, Philadelphia College of Art. 

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree is awarded to professional majors in: Graphic Design, 
Illustration, Environmental Design, Art Education, Craft Design, Fabric Design, Sculpture, 
Printmaking, Painting, Photography and Film. The Bachelor of Science degree is awarded in 
Industrial Design. A graduate program has begun with the Master of Arts in Art Education 
and will be followed by a Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture, Painting, Printmaking, Graphic 
Design, Industrial, Fabric, and Environmental Design, Photography and Film and Craft and 
Advanced Materials Design. 

The College's Evening Division offers part-time study leading to a professional Certificate or 
an Associate in Arts degree. A pre-college summer program provides studio experience for 
students requiring additional training in art. 

Among the course subjects which supplement the programs of most major departments are 
drawing and painting, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, metals (including jewelry and silver- 
smithing), typographic design and liberal arts. All classroom projects are closely integrated 
with developments in the contemporary design fields. Problems are often organized in colla- 
boration with the design departments of leading industries. Distinguished guest critics and 
artist designers, closely associated with the College, visit the classes regularly. Over nine 
decades, the College has trained approximately 10,000 artists, designers and teachers.