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Full text of "Annual report, [1st]- [1896/97]-"

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OFFICERS, 1901— 1902. 

President, . . Gen'l Francis H. Appleton 

Vice Presidents, . ( Hon. Benj. F, Southwick 

( Thomas Carroll, 

Treasurer, . . Sylvanus L. Newhall 

Assistant Treasurer, Helen C. Allen 

Recording- Secretary, Mary A. Forness 
Corresponding Secretary. Mrs. L. J. Thomas 
Curator, . . Mary A. Osborn 

Librarian and Historian, Mrs. L. P. Osborn 


Daniel H. Felton, Robert H. Gowing, Mrs. John Moulton, 

Abraham C. Osborne, Rufus H. Brown, Adaline A. Little, 

Richards B. Mackintosh, Rev. O. F. Safford, Helen C. Allen. 

MEETINGS, 1901— 1902. 

May' 1. Annual Meeting. 

Reading of Annual Reports; Election of Officers. 

Paper on "Schools." Miss Mary W. Nichols of Danvers. 

May 8. Meeting in Odd Fellows' Hall. 

Address on '"Evacuation of Boston," illustrated. Gen'l Francis 
H. Appleton. 

Aug. 14. Field Meeting at Proctor's Corner. 

Roome and Wilkins houses open for inspection. Walks to old 
mill and other objects of interest in neighborhood. Addresses: 
Welcome by President. " History of the Belief in Witchcraft and 
its Development in New England," Hon. J. P. Baxter of Portland, 
Me., President of N. E. Hist, and Geneal. Society. "Recently Dis- 
covered Reports of Trials of Accused Persons," Wm. P. Uphani. 
Brief remarks by Hon. Geo. VonL. Meyer, U. S. ambassador to 
Italy; Hon. Robert S. Rantoul of Salem, who also exhibited the 
original parchment deed of the farm given in 1700 by Charles Down- 
ing to Thorndick Procter; Capt. A. P. Gardner of Hamilton; Ex- 
Mayor Peter M. Neal of Lynn, 92 years of age; Rev. O. F. Saftord; 
Mrs. Sarah Joslin, a descendant of John Proctor in the seventh 
generation, spoke of her noted ancestor and at the close of her 
remarks presented to the Peabody Historical Society, in behalf of 
the children of Abel Proctor, a check to be used to erect a suitable 
memorial tablet to the memory of John Proctor. 

Nov. 6. " Geology of Peabody." John H. Sears, Peabody Academy of Sci- 
ence, Salem. 

Dec. 4. Discussion, " Where were the Witches Hanged?" Sidney Perley, 
Rev. O. F. Safford, W. S. Nevins. 










Rev. L. J. Thomas, 
Rev. A. P. Putnam, 
Gen'l Francis H. 

"Some Events in the Making of the Nation. 

"History of a Great Colonizing Family." 

"Some Old Gardens of Boston," illustrated 
Appleton, Peabody. 

Graves of Revolutionary Soldiers marked by Peabody Cadets, vrith 
appropriate services, under the auspices of the Peabody Historical 
Society. The Society's rooms were open for the reception of visi- 
tors during the day. 

Aug. 14th, 1901. 
William Armstrong, 
Sarah O. Poole, 


Nov. 6th, 1901. 
Joseph G. Porter, 


Eliz. A. King, 

Emily H. Campbell, 

May, 1902. 
Capt. Wm. F. Wiley. 


Fannie Brown, 

Addie B. Forrest, 
Florence Torr, 
Samuel Osborne Upton. 

George Sterne Osborne, b. Dec. 12th, 1838; d. May 25th, 1901. 
Abraham Clark Osborne, b. Oct. 12th, 1821; d. Dec. 14th. 1901. 
Ellen Osborne Proctor, b. June 18, 1848; d. Jan. 17th, 1902. 


The Treasurer of the Peabody Historical Society respectfully submits the 
following report, ending May, 1902. 

Balance on hand at last report. 
Received for Admissions and Dues, 

Interest from Savings Bank, 


Social gathering in Oct., 

Barge fares (Proctor gathering). 

Electric lighting for room. 

Paid rent of Rooms, 1 year to April 1, 
Use of Holten Lodge hall, . 
Electric Lighting, 
Expenses of Proctor day. 
Expenses of Secretary and Treasurer, 
reports, stationery and postage, 

Balance in hands of Ti-easurer, 


The Treasurer of the Historical Society has in his hands the following funds: 
Balance of the General Funds of the Society, . . $195.13 

Proctor Memorial Fund, ..... 100.00 

Century Chest Fund, ...... 60.10 


S. L. NEWHALL, Treas. 
Peabody, May, 1902. 

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for circulars. 






The Donations to the Society as registered in the Accession Book now 
number 1722. a gain of 357 since last year. These have been presented by 
69 persons, 33 of whom are members of the Society. 

The library today contains 639 bound volumes and nearly 600 pamphlets. 

During the past year there has been a large increase of visitors, 487 of 
whom have left their names in our register. 

Lexington Monument Memorandum. 

In connection with the annual recognition by the Society of the Battle of 
Lexington, the following memorandum may be of interest to our members. 
This was written iu 1835-6 by Dr. George Osborne as Secretary of Lexington 
Monument Committee, and presented to the Society in a manuscript book, in 
1900, by his son. Dr. George S. Osborne. 

Articles inclosed iu a zinc box and deposited within the monument at the 

laying of the corner stone by General Gideon Foster, who was the captain 

of the company of minute men from Danvers on the memorable 19th of 

April, 1775:— 

Copy of the Salem Gazette of April 17, 1835, printed on cotton fabrick. 
Donation of the Editors, Messrs. Foote and Chisholm. 

Copy of the Salem Mercury, April 15, on paper, by same. 

Do. of the Salem Observer of April 18th, 1835, on cotton fabrick. Donation 
of Editors, Messrs. W. & S. B. Ives. 

Do. of same of same date printed on paper. By same. 

Do. of the Salem Commercial Advertizer & Essex County Journal of 
April 15th, on beautiful pink coloured satin. Donation of Editors, Messrs. 
E. Palfrey & Cook. 

Do. of Do. on paper Nov. 19th, 1834. By the same. 

Do. of the Essex Register. Donation of the Editors, Messrs. W. Palfrey 
& Chapman. 

New York Prices Current. Donated by Col. Caleb Lowe. 

Order of Exercises at the Old South Meeting House in Danvers, April 20th, 
1835, 60th Anniversary of the Battle of Lexington, printed on parchment. 

List of the Officers of the Female Benevolent Society, on parchment. 

Copy of the Dinner Tickets, April, 1835, printed on parchment. 

Memorandum of the name of John Upton, first projector of the Monu- 
ment, on parchment. 

Company Roll of the Danvers Light Infantry Company on parchment. 
Donated by the Clerk, J. G. Phelps. 

A Sketch of the Old South Meeting House on parchment, "as it appeared in 
1711, the time of its erection, in 1775 and 1835." Donation of Fitch Poole, Jr. 

List of the Revolutionary Patriots of Danvers, Salem and vicinity invited 
to the celebration, on parchment. 

Lithographic Portrait of Gen'l Gideon Foster of the present day. 

Sketches of persons in the fashionable costume of the day — Costumes of 

List of the names of the minute men commanded by Captain G. Foster of 
Danvers at the Battle of Lexington. 

Sixty dollar bill of the Continental Congress Sept. 26th, 1778. Donation 
of Nathan Lakeman. 

Views of various public and private buildings of the town, on parchment. 
Donation of Nathan Lakeman. 

Constitution of U. States on sheet. 

An Inscription, on Parchment, containing a list of the Subscribers' names 
and names of the Superiutendinj,^ Committee, Committee of Arrangements, 
the Secretary, the Treasurer, Marshall of the Day and the following Caption: 

Erected Anno Domine MDCCCXXXV by the Voluntary Contributions of 
Citizens of Danvers in Commemoration of the Battle of Lexington Apl. IPth, 
1775, and in memory of Samuel Cook, Jr., George Southwick, Jr., Benjamin 
Daland, Henry Jacobs, Jr., Jotham Webb, Perley Putnam and Ebenezer 
Goldthwaite, inhabitants of this town who fell on that day. 


President of the U. States of America 

Samuei, T. Armrtkong 

Lieut. Gov. and Acting Governor of Massachusetts 

(Sheathed in a glass tube, hermetically sealed.) 

A brief and neat history of the town of Danvers, on parchment, containing 
a sketch of characters and things of the present day, written and presented 
by the author, Nathan Lakeman, Esq. 

(Sheathed in a glass tube, hermetically sealed.) 

Annual Report of the Town. 

American Almanac of 1834. Donation of Capt. Wm. Sutton. 

A copper box for coins. Donation of J. B. Loring. 

Variety of Gold, Silver and Copper coins of the U. States from various 

One half of a Cannon Ball that was fired through Monotomy Meeting 
House (West Cambridge) on the retreat of the enemy the 19th of April, 1775, 
picked up by Mr. Andrew Blauchard of Medford. Donation of B. Blanchard 
of Salem. 

Copy of the Declaration of Independence of the U. States America, 4th 
July, 1776, with fac-simile of the signatures. Donation of W. & S. B. Ives. 

On the 18th of October, 183fi, the erection of the monument was completed, 
at which time the box containing the memorials being removed from the 
corner stone was placed in an excavation in the base of the obelisk for better 
preservation with some additional memorials of a date subsequent to the 
laiying of the corner stone, among which were, viz. : 


In October, 18.36, the time of erecting the super-structure of this monu- 
ment in commemoration of the Battle of Lexington, April 19th, 1775, the 
box containing the memorials, which was deposited in the corner stone at 
the time of laying it, Apr. 20, 1835, was removed and placed in the base of 
the obelisk for better preservation, at which time several articles were added 

to the original deposits. ^ ^ c i. 

" '■ Geokge Osbokne, Secretary. 

N. B. General Gideon Foster who commanded a company of " minute 
men" from Danvers at and on the day of the battle is still alive and nearly 
86 years of age, being the only survivor of that truly patriotic band. 

Major Sylvester Osborne of Danvers is now the only survivor in Danvers 
of a company of militia men that were present on the day of battle. 

On the " History of Danvers," one of the deposits written by N. Lakeman, 
it was recorded in addition that its author, Nathan Lakeman, died on the 
21st of October, 1835, previous to seeing this object of his wishes completed, 
much lamented by a large circle of acquaintances ; that he was also an active 
member in projecting and forwarding the work. 

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