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OFFICERS, 1898-99, 1 899-1900. 

President, . . . Warken D. King 

Vice Presidents, . . . j Francis H. Appleton 

I Benj. F. Southwick 
Treasurer, . . . Sylvanus L. Newhall 

Recording Secretary, . . Fred W. Bushby 

Corresponding Secretary, . Elizabeth C. Osborn 


Nathan A. Bushby, Thomas Carroll, Rich. B. Mackintosh, 

Nancy J. Moulton, Daniel H. Felton, Mary A. Osborn, 

Adaline A. Little, Abraham C. Osborne, Robert H. Gowing. 

MEETINGS, 1898-99. 

May 4. Annual meeting. 

Readings by Arthur F. Poole from writings of his father, the late 
Fitch' Poole. 

Aug. 3. Field Meeting at N. W. Felton's, Mt. Pleasant— "Hog Hill." 
" First Felton House," by D. H. Felton. 
"The Study of Local History." Sidney Perley. 

Nov. 16. "Settlement of North-West by Danvers Men," by Rev. A. P.Put- 
nam, D. D. 
Short Addresses by George F. Dow, Hon. Nathan M. Hawkes and 
Thomas Carroll. 

Feb. 1. " Gleanings from Old Danvers Records." Mrs. L. J. Thomas. 

Apr. 19. " Battle of Lexington in America and England." Rev. C. A. 
Staples of Lexington. 
" How the News Reached England." Hon. Robert S. Rantoul. 
Music by children of public schools. Mrs. S. L. Ferguson, director. 

4.75C ' 



Nath. W. Felton. 

Nov. 16th, 1898. 
E. Pope Barrett, 
Alice E. Trask, 
Rev. Lewis J. Thomas, 
Annie P. Thomas. 


Thomas Morrill Stimpson, b. Jan. 21st, 1827, d. 
Theodore Moody Osborne, b. Nov. 25th, 1849, d. 

August 3rd, 1898. 
Lucy T. Reed, 
Harriet Rhoades, 
Hannah Marsh, 
Elizabeth P. Wetherill, 
(Phila., Penn.) 
Mary J. Buxtou, 

April 19th, 1899. 
Eunice D. Folsom. 
Wm. F. Walker, 

May 2ud, 1899. 
Mary A. Cowing, 
Rev. Oscar F. Safford. 

Sept. 30th, 1898. 
Feb. 6th, 1899. 


The Treasurer of the Peabody Historical Society respectfully submits the 
following report from May 4th, 1898, to May 3rd, 1899: 

Amount in hands of Treas., May 4th, 1S98, 
Received for admissions, 

Dues, .... 
Interest from Warren F. C. S. Bank, 
Received for Tablet Fund, 

Paid Rent of Historical Room to Apr. 1st, 1899, 
Lighting room, 
Peabody Union, printing, 
Envelopes and stamps for Treasurer, 
Flags for graves of Revolutionary Soldiers, 
Expenses of August Meeting, 
Expenses of April 19th Meeting, 
Cabinet and putting it in condition for use, 
Tablet and erecting the same, 

Amount on hand, .... 


















S. L. NEWHALL, Treas. 

The room of the Society was closed for repairs from the middle of July 
till Nov. 16th, at which time the addition of a new cabinet greatly enlarged 
the capacity of our small quarters. 

The gifts as credited in the Accession book now number 766, a gain of 351 
during the past year. These include 28S books and pamphlets; 114 articles 
for cabinet, and room, donated by seventy-nine persons, thirty-seven of 
whom were members of the Society. 

A card catalog of the books has been prepared. 

The Local History class is gathering through its meetings (which are held 
irregularly and announced only through The News) such papers as the 
writers feel are not of enough general interest to be presented at the regu- 
lar meetings, but may give a pleasure today and be of some value to the 
Society for future reference. 

The following papers have been given : 
Jan. 4th, 1899. " Columbian Fire Club, 1804," Abraham C. Osborne. 
Mar. 1st, 1899. "A Charmed Circle." 
Apr. 5th, 1899. "Stone's Plain," Andrew Nichols. 





May 3. 

Aug. 2. 

Nov. 1. 

Feb. 7. 

Ape. 19. 

MEETINGS, 1899-1900. 

Annual Meeting. 

" Old 'lection Days and May Training." Nathan A. Bushby. 

Field Meeting at Mr. James T. Flint's, West Peabody. 

" Witchcraft and Giles Corey." Rev. 0. F. Safford. 

" Land Grants of West Peabody." Wm. P. TJpham. 

"Gardner Farm." F. A. Gardner, M. D. 

Remarks by Sidney Perley, J. S. Needham. 

Original poem on Giles Corey. W. S. Lovejoy. 

Supper served by West Peabody ladies in school house. 

" The Friends." Miss Sallie H. Hacker of Lynn. 

"Some old time Quakers and where they lived." Miss Martha 
Osborne Barrett. 

Short Addresses by Hon. A. P. White, Hon. Robert S. Rantoul, 
Hon. Nathan M. Hawkes, Miss Philbrick and others. 

"A Second Gleaning from Old Danvers Records." Mrs. L. J. 

"The Manufacture of Cloth in Early Times." Miss Eliza Phil- 
brick, Salem. 
Antiquarian Supper. 

" Historic Cycle Days in New England." Hon. Nathan M. Hawkes 
of Lynn. 

Short Addresses. Nathan P. Sanborn, Hon. Robert S. Rantoul. 

Nov. 1st, 1899. 
Walter Scott Lovejoy, 
Phebe Buxton, 
Mary E. Conrey, 
Eliza A. Wilson, 
Sophia A. Bodge, 
Alice H. Berry, 
Frank Taylor, 
Fannie G. Taylor, 
Mary A. Foruess, 


Feb. 7th, 1900. 
Charles H. Goulding, 
Catherine A. Goulding, 
J. Benj. Palmer, 
Mary W. Nichols, 

( Danvers ) 
April 19th, 1900. 
Martha B. Pindar, 
Charles S. Osgood, 
Daniel P. Grosvenor, 
Charles O. Warner, 

Alice G. Warner, 
Herbert K. Pevear, 
Calvin Pierce, 
Elizabeth C. Goodrich, 
Bennett B. Humphrey, 
Joseph F. Reed. 

May 2nd, 1900. 
Bessie R. Buxton, 
Alex. B. Clark, 
Edith R. Porter. 



Eleazer Pope Barret, b. Sept. 29th, 1824, d. May 11th, 1899. 

Nathan Abbott Bushby, b. Aug. 13th, 1832, d. Oct. 23rd, 1899. 

The Society has met with an irreparable loss in the death of one of its 
founders, Nathan A. Bushby. His rare genius for relating local history, 
tradition and genealogy makes his loss a personal one also to the many 
members who have received his kindly and valuable assistance in their re- 


The Treasurer of the Peabody Historical Society submits the following re- 
port for the year ending May 2nd, 1900: 

Balance on hand at last report, .... $ 85.03 

Ileceived for admission and dues, . . . 136.00 

Interest on deposit in W. F. C. S. Bank, . . 2.94 

Fares from barges, August Meeting, . 9.25 

Net receipts, April 19th banquet, . . 31.66 

Special contribution towards payment of rent of 

small room, ..... 42.00 


Paid Rent of room, 1 year to April 1st, 1900, . . $60.00 

Rent of Banquet room (six times), . . 22.50 

Window shades, ...... 2.70 

Expressage from Salem, .... .15 

Electric light, ...... 3.08 

Peabody Union, printing, .... 6.65 

Envelopes and stamps for Treasurer, ... .93 

August. Meeting at West Peabody, ) .jo « 5 
Barges, $11, Hall, $1, Supper for guest, $1.75. J 


Balance in hands of Treasurer, 197.12 

S. L. NEWHALL, Treas. 
Peabody, May 2, 1900. 

The number of donations to the Society in the Accession Book is now 
1036, a gain of 270 gifts during the past year, from seventy persons, twenty- 
five of whom were members. These include 81 bound volumes, 149 pam- 
phlets, news sheets and manuscripts, 122 coins, 34 pictures and 72 articles 
for the cabinet and room. 

Many papers given before the Society have been kindly presented by the 
writers, and may be consulted, on application, at the room. 

At the Annual Meeting it was voted that the meetings of the Local History 
Class may be held in the room of the Society, that all members interested 
in the subject to be given may feel at liberty to attend. Among the papers 
given during the past year are the following: 

June 6th, 1899. Old Bell Tavern. Mrs. E. C. Osborn. 
Sept. 13th, 1899. Lawn Party at Mrs. B. N. Moore's. 

" Bits from Local History." Grace F. Batchelder. 

A Walk through Old Roads and Byways with Mr. Nathan 

A. Bushby. 
Oct. 3rd, 1899. " Proctor's Crossing." Mr. D. H. Felton. 

Dec. 6th, L899. " Osborn Farm." Mrs. E. C. Osborn. 

Jan. 3rd, 1900. " U. S. Bronze Medal of Honor." Mrs. M. O. Stevens. 

Mar. 6th, 1900. " Coins, American and Foreign, Ancient and Modern." 

Mr. Arthur Benlield. 

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