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Full text of "Annual report, [1st]- [1896/97]-"

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'T'HE Peabody Historical Society has completed tlie second year of its ex- 
istence and is in a healthy condition, resulting from a steady natural 
growth. It lias taken its place among the institutions of the town, and has 
come to stay. Its influence is beginning to be felt in the community. It is 
pleasing to note that all the papers read before the Society have had some 
bearing on local history. 

A brief recapitulation of the work for the past year follows: There have 
been five meetings, four regular quarterly meetings, one of them a field 
meeting held at King's Grove, and a special meeting April 19th. 

At the annual meeting May 5, 1897, the following ofticers were elected, 
for the year ending May 4, 1898: President, Warren D. King; Vice Presi- 
dents, Francis H. Appleton, B. F. Southwick; Treasurer, Sylvanus L. New- 
hall; Recording Secretary, Fred W. Bushby; Corresponding Secretary, 
Elizabeth C. Osborn; Directors, Annie T. GifEord, Nathan A. Bushby, Nancy 
J. Moulton, Richards B. Mackintosh, Adaline A. Little, Daniel H. Felton, 
Thomas Carroll, Frank E. Farnham, Abraham C. Osborne. 

Ten active members have been elected during the year, and one honorary 
member, making a total membership of 118 active and three honorary mem- 
bers. Since its organization the Society has lost six members by death. 

The following papers have been read before the Society: 

Proctor's Crossing and Vicinity, By Mr. Daniel H. Felton 

The King Family, Mr. Warren D. King 

Old Danvers Fire Department, Mr. Abraham C. Osborne 

Old Volunteer Engine Co., Mr. Thomas Carroll 

Agricultural Societies, Gen. Francis H. Appleton 

Capt. Samuel Flint, | ^ j^ Webster King 
Gen. Gideon Foster, j ^ 

.John Hancock, Hon. B. F. Southwick 

Through the influence of the Society, from which a committee was chosen 
to petition the town to appropriate money to copy the records of Danvers 
down to the separation of South Danvers (now Peabody) from Danvers, 
$500 was appropriated to start the work. At present this town has no 
records of its own back of the time of its separation. 

The erection, by popular subscription from the menil)ers uf the Society, 
of a bronze tablet honoring the unknown graves of four Revolutionary sol- 
diers buried in the Old Burying Ground on Main street, fills every Peabody- 
ite's heart with pride, and work along that line should be continued. 

It is safe to say that the Society is in a more firmly established condition 
than it was a year ago. Its collection at the room has grown wonderfully, 
and judging the future by the past and present, its prospects are very bright. 

The Koom of the Peabody Historical Society has been open upon Monday A" 
afternoons throughout the year ending May 4, 1898, from 2 till 5 o'clock. 
Its care has been entrusted to the ladies of the Executive Committee, who 
have been assisted by Mrs. Sarah M. Moore, Miss Lucy L. Symonds, Miss 
Mary A. Osborn, Mr. Sylvanus Newhall and Mr. Chas. C. Hills. 

Upon the third Monday afternoon of each month an informal meeting has 
been held for the study of local history, which has served to incite a greater 
interest in the work of the Society, and resulted in the addition to its collec- 
tion of many valuable contributions. Our donations now number four hun- 
dred and eighteen, representing forty-live of our members and eighty-three 
friends of the Society not members. 


The Treasurer of the Peabody Historical Society respectfully submits the 
following report for the year ending May 4, 1898: 

Amount on hand May 4, 1897, .... $101.51 

Picceived Fees for Membership, .... 11.00 

Dues from Members, .... 86.00 

Donations from Members, .... 12.25 


Paid Stationery and Postage for '96, '97 and '98, Secretary 

and Treasurer, also Printing for same, . $23.79 

Repairing Show Case, ..... .75 

Gas Bills, ...... .87 

Kent of Hall and Piano, April 19, 1897, . . 9.00 

Rent of Selectmen's Room, two meetings, . 4.00 

Bank Building, 1 year, to April 1, '98, . . 60.00 

Expense of August Field Meeting, . . . 17.82 
Expense of Meeting, April 19, 1898, including Rent and 

Piano, ....... 12.14 

Amount in hands of Treasurer, .... 82.89 


Treasurer of Peabody Historical Society. 

OFFICERS, 1898-99. 

Vice Presidents, 


Recording Secretarj^ 
Corresponding Secretary, 

Warken D. King 
f Francis H. Appleton 
i b. f. southwick 

Syi.vanus L. Neavhall 

Fred W. Bushby 

Elizabeth C. Osborn 

Nathan A. Bushby, 
Nancy J. Moulton, 
Adai.ine a. Little, 


Thomas Cakroll, Rich. B. Mackintosh, 

Daniel H. Felton, Mary A. Osborn, 

Abraham C. Osborne, Robert H. Gowing. 

The Sock;.: 

4 D '05 

Members of Peabody Historical Society. 

Honorary Members. 

Samuel A. Green, June 16, 1890 

Hon. Robt. S. Rantoul, Aug. 5, 189() 
Rev. A. P. Putnam, D.D. April 19, 1898 


*Lydia Mills, 
Susan Mills, 
♦Jonathan King, 
Adaliue A. Little, 
Mrs. Lyman P. Osborn, 
Nathan A, Bushby, 
Mrs. Annie S. Giftord, 
Arthur F. Poole, 
Lyman P. Osborn, 
Franklin Osborn 
Abraham C. Osborne, 
Frank E. Farnham, 
Mrs. B. X. Moore, 
Mrs. John Moulton. 

APRIL 21, 1896. 

Mrs. H. K. Foster, 

Elizabeth C. Kimball, 

Rev. John W. Hudson, 

Fred W. Bushby, 

Robert H. Gowing, 

Mrs. M. O. Stevens, 

George S. Osborne, M. D., 

Martha O. Barrett, 

*Mrs. Sallie O. Batchelder, 

General Francis II. Appleton, 

Hon. Alden P. White, 

Henry H. Proctor, 

Mrs. Mehitable C. P. Baxter, 

Sarah J. C. Needham, 

Mrs. Eliza S. Osborn, 

Andi'ew Nichols, 

Sylvanus L. Newhall, 

Mrs. Edward W. Chamberlain, 

Henry Weed, 

Mrs. Henry Weed, 

Mrs. .7. Hfujamin Palmer, 

Edward P. Barrett 
*James Buxton, 
Mrs. James Buxton, 
Mary Elizabeth Poole. 

May 5, 1896. 

Daniel H. Felton, 

*Cleaves K. Hutchinson, 

Mrs. Cleaves K. Hutchinson, 

Thomas M. Stimpson, 

Mrs. Thomas M. Stimpson, 

Arthur W. Sim, 

Samuel Crane Lord, 

Charles C. Hills, 

Joseph S. Crehore, 

Mrs. Joseph S. Crehore, 

B. F. Southwick, 

Mrs. B. F. Southwick, 

Mary Hall Poole, 

Sophia W. Wheeler, 

Lyman Osborn, 

Mrs. Lyman Osborn, 

Benjamin N. Moore, 

John B. (atlord, 

Mrs. Frank E. Farnham, 

Henry V. Buxton, 

Nicolas M. Quint, 

Charles W. Buxton, 

Sarah F. Kittredge, 

Warren D. King, 

Thomas Carroll, 

Mary A. Osborn, 

Theodore M. Osborne, 

D. Webster King, 

Mrs. Lydia W. Thacher, 

Ellen O. Proctor, 

Charles F. Thorndike, 

Joseph J. Thorndike, 

J. Henry Osgood, 

Mrs. J. Henry Osgood, 

Mary M. Farley, 

Charles B. Farley, 

Lucy L. Symonds, 

Natlianiel Symonds, 



Horace K. Foster, M. D., 
Richards B. Mackintosli, 
Estilla S. yewhall. 
P. H. OXonor, 
Helen A. Harrington. 
Fannie W. Thomas. 
Mrs. John C. Keazer. 
Harriet A. Hardy, 
♦Clarissa P. Jacobs, 
John G. Burbeck. 
ilrs. John G. Biirbeok. 
ilrs. Fred W. Bushby, 
Martha Wilkins, 
Mrs. Sallie B. Osbom. 

AUGUST 5, 1896. 
Mrs. Sarah P. Joslin. 
Mrs. George H. Smith. 

NOVEMBER 4, 1896. 

W. Fred Munroe. 
Mrs. W. Fred Munroe. 
Mrs. Warren D. King. 
Grace F. Batchelder. 

FEBRUARY 3, 1897. 

Rufus H. Brown. 

Grace L. Hayes. 

Mary Crane. 

Alice Marsh Brown, 

Mrs. Daniel B. Lord, 

Mrs. Richards B. Mackintosh. 

AFr<Il. 19, 1S97. 

Mrs. RofiLS H. Brown, 
Mrs. Edward A. Blaney, 
Helen C. Allen, 
Mrs. Lucy A. Davis. 
Orlando F. Xewhall. 
Mrs. Henry W. Proctor, 
Mrs. Herbert K. Perear, 
John Moulton. 

.May 5, 1897. 

Rev. George A. Hall. 

AUGUST, 1897, 
John S. Sutton. 

NONTMBER 9, 1897. 
Mrs. John S. Sutton, 
Mrs. George C. Farrington, 
S. S. Littleneld. 
Mrs. C. H. Tigh, 
Mrs. J. Shanahan. 

FEBRUARY, 1898. 
General Francis A. Osbom. 

APRIL 19, 1898. 
Mrs. Eri Littlefield. 
Mrs. Charles L. Osborn. 

May 4. 1S98. 

Mrs. William X. Clark. 
G. Horace Merrill, 
Mrs. D. P. Grosrenor. 

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