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Wilkes Co., N. C, Board of Education 

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Tiirc irrsTi.rR pvhilirhin^c.- c;o., kcvrth "^TTLBrr^Bono. n. c. 


To THE People of Wilkes CouiiXY: 

Feeling that it is a duty we owe to the piil)lic to give an ac- 
count of the progress of public education in the county each year 
and believing that the patrons of the public schools, the school 
officers and the friends of education will be pleased to receive this 
information, and that a better knowledge of what our schools are 
doing will tend to create more interest in them we gladly present 
to you this, our third Annual Report, trusting that the work done 
and the results achieved merit, and may receive your approval. 

Very truly yours, 

C. C. Wright, 

County Superintendent of Schools. 
Hunting Creek, N. C, June 30, 1906. 


R. A. 8PAINHUUK, (/hairman. - - Wilkesboro. N. 
J. W. DIMMETTK. - - . - Dimmettte. 

V. McGHINNIS, ------ Hoomer, 

C. C. WRIGHT, ^Secretary, - - Iluntiii^^ Crc-k, 
J. H. JOHNSON, Treasurer, - - Wilkcsboro, 


To THE Honorable Board of Education: 

Gentlemen: I herewith respectfully submit to you my Annual 
Report of the Public Schools of Wilkes County for the scholastic 
year ending June 3(i, 1906. 


Antiocli Township. 

White Race. — School census: males, 131; females, 149; total, 
280. Fmrollment: males, 85; females 106; total 191. By grades: 
first, 49; second, 41; third 33; fourth, 30; fifth, 22; sixth, 9; sev- 
enth, 7. Average attendance: males, 40; females, 46; total, 86. 
Tardies: males, 59; females,- 89; totd, 148. Absences: males, 2110; 
females, 2381; total, 4491. Number under 17 not enrolled: males, 
31; females, 32; total 63. Families sending to school, 69; not 
sending, 18; total 87. Promotions, 78. Average age, 13. Illit- 
erates: males 5; females, 1; total 6. Districts, 4; schools taught, 
4; length of term, 83 days. Houses, 3; frame, 3; valuation, $250. 
Average monthly salary of teachers: males, $27. Teachers: males, 
4. Amount expended, $455; due the districts, $4.00. Rank, bas- 
ed on average attendance, 14. Number studying reading, 177; 
writing and spelling, 181; language, 52; grammar, 15; arithmetic, 
88; geography, 52; history, 33; physiolog}^ 1; agriculture, 1. 

Colored Race — School census: males, 28; females, 32; total, 
60. Enrollment: males, 19; females, 18; total, 37. By grades: 
first, 6; second, 8; third, 3; fourth, 9. Average attendance: males, 
10; females, 9; total, 19. Tardies: males, 17; females, 17; total, 
34. Absences: males, 195; females, 195; total, 390. Number under 
17 not enrolled: males, 17; females, 16; total, 33. Families sending 
to school, 15; not sending, 4; total, 19. Promotions, 8. Average age, 
12. Illiterates: males, 1; females, 1; total, 2. Districts, 1; schools 

taught, 1 ; length of term, 7U days. Houses, 1; valuation, $30. 
Monthly salary of teacher: males, $20. Teachers: males, 1. Amount 
expended, $72.50. Rank, based on average attendence, 8. Num- 
ber studying reading, 29; uniting and spelling, 29; language, 8; 
grammar, 4; arithmetic, 20. 

Beaver Creek Township. 

White Race — School census: males, 70; females, 60; total, 130. 
Enrollment: males, 36; females, 35; total, 71. By grades: first, 17; 
second, 9; third, 10; fourth, 12; fifth 11; sixth, 5; seventh, 7. At- 
tendance: males, 20; females, 22; total, 42. Tardies: males, 169; 
females, 218; total 387. Absences: males, 994; females, 956; total, 
1,950. Number under 17 not enrolled: males, 21; females, 21; 
total, 42. Families sending to school, 27; not sending, 24; total, 
51. Promotions, 8. Average age, 12. Illiterates: males, 8; fe- 
males, 3; total, 11. Districts, 2; schools taught, 2; length of term. 
97 days. Houses, 2; frame, 1; valuation, $135. Monthly salary 
of teachers: males, $28. Teachers: males, '2. Expended, $260; 
due the districts, $3. Rank, based on attendance, 13. Rural li- 
braries, 1; supplementary libraries, 1; volumes, 164. Number study- 
ing reading, 60; writing and spelling, 67; language, 23; grammar, 
3; arithmetic, 62; geography, 36; history, 21; drawing, 7: physiol- 
ogy, 2; Latin, 1; agriculture, 17; physical geography, 1. 

Colored Race. — School census: males, 23; females, 17; total, 
40. Enrollment: males, 21; females, 17; total, 38. By grades: 
first, 14; second, 8; third, 16. Attendance: males, 16; females, 16; 
total, 32. Tardies: males, 4; females, 4; total, 8. Families send- 
ing to school, 9; total, 9. Promotions, 10. Average age, 9. Dis- 
tricts, 1; schools taught, 1; length of term, 40 days. Houses, 1; 
frame, 1; valuation, $15. Monthly salary of teacher, $22. Teach- 
ers: males, 1. Expended, $44.50; due the district, $2. Rank, 
based on attendance, 1. Number studying reading, 38; writing 
and spelling, 38; arithmetic, 38; geography, 38; history, 38; draw- 
ing, 38; agriculture, 38; physiology, 20; manual training, 38. 
Boomer Township. 

White Race. — School census: males, 139; females, 124; total, 
263. Enrollment: males, 95; females, 78; total, 173. By grades: 
first, 15; second, 14; third, 23; fourth, 34; fifth, 15; sixth, 21; 

seventh, 2U. Attendance: nidle^, 89; fem.ilerf, 51; total, \)\J. 
Tardies: males, 303; females, 199; total, 502. Absences: 
males, 1,158; females, 587; total, 1,745. Number under 17 not 
enrolled: males, 33; females, 27; total, 6'-. Families sending 
to school, 63; not sending, 26; total, 89. Promotions, 18. Aver- 
age, 12. Illiterates: males, 8; females, 3; total, 11. Districts, 3; 
schools taught, 3; length of term, 84 days. Houses, 3; frame, 3; 
valuation, $2,225. Monthly salary of teachers; males, $30.00; fe- 
males, $35; teachers: males, 2; females, 2; total, 4. Expended, 
$539; due the districis, $32. Rank, based on attendance, 11. Rural 
libraries, 1; supplementary libraries, 1; volumes, 150. Studying 
reading, 135; writing and spelling, 147; language, 30; grammar, 
59; arithmetic, 118; geography, 87; history, 78; physiology, 25; 
physical geography, 3; algebra, 5; Latin, 5; rhetoric, 5; drawing, 
32; civil government, 10. Local tax districts, 1. 

Colored Race. — School census: males, 34; females, 49; total, 
83. Enrollm*nt: males, 27; females, 27; total, 54. By grades: 
first, 23; second, 10; third, 10; fourth, 8; fifth, 0; sixth, 3. At- 
tendance: males, 12; females, 12; total, 24. Tardies: males, 5; fe- 
males, 10; total, 15. Absences: males, 7; females, 21; total, 28. 
Number under 17 not enrolled: males, 2; females, 3; total, 5. Fam- 
ilies sending to school, 22; not sending, 6; total, 28. Promotions, 
10. Average age, 14. Illiterates: males, 3; females, 4; total, 7. 
Districts, 1; schools taught, 1; length of term 60 days. Houses, 
1; valuation, $25. Monthly salary of teachers: females, $22. 
Teachers: females, 1; expendeded, $67; due the district, $27. 
Rank, based on attendance, 10; Studying reading, 41; writing and 
spelling, 31; language, 7; arithmetic, 14; geography, 11; history, 
6; drawing, 3; physiology, 3. 

Brushy Mountain Township. 

White Race. — School census; males, 158; females, 124; total, 
282. Enrollment: males, 118; females, 96; total, 214. By grades, 
first, 64; second, 34; third, 35; fourth, 50; fifth, 30; sixth, 1; sev- 
enth, 0. Average attendance: males, 48; females, 48; total, 96. 
Tardies: males, 216; females, 214; total, 430. Absences: males: 
1,621; females, 1,034; total, 2,655. Number under 17 not enroll- 
ed: males, 32; females, 18; total, 50. Families sending to school. 
79; not sending, 15; total, 94. Promotions, 34. Average age, 12. 


Illiterates: males, 23; females, 25; total, 48. Districts, 5; schools 
taught, 5; length of term, 70 days. Houses, 5; frame, 5; valua- 
tion, $355. Monthly salary paid teachers: male, $27; females, $28. 
Teachers: males, 3; females, 2; total, 5. Expended, $487; due the 
districts, $35. Rank, based on attendance, 11. Studying reading, 
205; writing and spelling, 175; language, 40; grammar, 7; arith- 
metic, 130; geography, 76; history, 28; civil government, 11; draw- 
ing, 58. 

E(brar(l» Township. 

White Race. — School census: males, 503; females, 447; total, 
950. Enrollment: males, 391 ; females, 335; total, 726. By grades: 
first, 230; second, 138; third, 111; fourih. 111; fifth, 73; sixth, 48; 
seventh, 15. Attendance: males. 217; females, 195; total, 412. 
Tardies: males, 507; females, 445; total, 952. Absences: 
males, 6,486; females, 5,602; total. 12,088. Number un- 
der 17 nf)t enrolled: males, 60; females, 69; total, 129. Families 
sending to school, 290; not sending, 58. Promotions, 172. Aver- 
age age, 13. Illiterates: males, 33; females, 24; total, 57. Dis- 
tricts, 12; schools taught, 12; length of term, 67 days. Houses, 
11; frame, 11; valuation, $2,400. Monthly salary paid teachers: 
males, $27; females, $25. Teachers: males, 12; females, 4; total, 
16. Expended, $1,306; due the districts, $118. Rank, based on 
attendance, 6. Studying reading, 623; writing and spelling, 632; 
anguage, 124; grammar, 64; arithmetic, 301; geography, 239; 
history, 128; physiology, 37; drawing, 201; civil govorument. G; 
agriculture, 2; algebra. 4; physical geagraphy, 1. Rural libraries, 
8; supplementary libraries, 5; volumes, 1,050. Local tax distriots, 1. 

Colored Race. — School census: males, i]'-]; females, GO; total, 
123. Enrollment: males, 50; females, 46; total, 96. By grades: 
first, 29; second, 3; third, 12; fourth, 9; fifth, 23; sixth, 9; seventh, 
11. Attendance; males, 34; females, 38; toial, 72. Tardies: 
males, 58; females, 48; total, 106. Absences: males, ISO; females, 
170; total, 350. Number under 17 not enrolled :males. 11; females, 
11 ; total, 22. Families sending to school, 31 ; not sending. 3 ; total, 
34. Average age, 13. Illiterates: males, 5; females, 4; total, 
9. Districts, 1; schools taught, 1; length of term, 77 days. 
Houses, 1; frame, 1; valuation, $200. Monthly salary of teachers: 


males, $22. Teachers: males, 1; females, 1; total, 2. Expended, 
$120. Rank, based on attendance, 2. Rural libraries, 1 ; volumes, 
100. Studying reading, 91 ; writing and spelling, 87; language, 76; 
grammar, 20; geography, 96; arithmetic, 94; history, 66; civil gov- 
ernment, 39; drawing, 82; physiology, 34. 
Elk Township, 

White Race. — School census: males, 184; females, 180; total, 
366. Enrollment, males, 140; females, 118; total, 258. By grades: 
first, 76; second, 45; third, 33; fourth, 55; fifth, 28; sixth, 16; sev- 
enth, 5. Attendance: males, 69; females, 64; total, 133. Tardies: 
males, 58; females, 13; total, 71. Absences: males, 676; females, 
289; total, D65. Num.ber under 17 not enrolled: males, 27; females, 
30; total, f?f. Families sending to school, 91; not sending, 36; total, 
127. Promotions, 36. Average age, 12. Illiterates: males, 11; 
females, 8; total, 19. Districts, 7; schools taught, 7; length of 
term, 69 days. Houses, 5; frame, 5; valuation; $650. Monthly 
salary of teachers: miales, $25; females, 25. Teachers; males, 3; 
females 4; total, 7. Expended $611; due the districts $87. Rank, 
based on attendance, 10. Rural Libraries, 1 ; volumes, 100. Study- 
ing reading, 231; writing and spelling 174; launguage, 46; gram- 
mar, 14; Arithm.etic, 116; geography, 78; history, 20; physiology, 
4; drawing 67; civil government, 5. 

Colored Race. — School census; males, 45; females, 21; total, 66. 
Enrollment: males, 27; females. 15; total, 42. By grades; first, 19; 
second, 4; third, 10; fourth, 9. Attendance: males, 12; females, 6; 
total, 18. Tardies; males, 44; females, 11; total, 55. Absences: 
males, 930; females, 628; total, 1558. Number under 17 not en- 
rolled: males, 7; females, 2; total, 9. Families sending to school, 
22; not sending 2; total, 24. Promotions, 7. Average age, 11. Il- 
literates: males, 4; females, 4; total, 8. Districts, 2; schools taught, 
2; lenght of term 60 days. Houses, 1; frame, 1; valuation, $30. 
Monthly salary of teachers: female, $21. Teachers: females, 2. 
Expended $130; due the districts, $1.00. Rank, based on attend- 
ance, 5. Studying reading, 42; writing and spelling, 32; language, 
23. grammar 9; arithmetic, 42; geography, 23; history, 9; drawing, 
42; physiology, 9. 


Jobs Cabin Tonnship. 

White Race. — School census: males, 236; females, 240; total, 
466. Enrollment: males, 139; females, 136; total, 275. By grades: 
first, 64; second, 52; third, 62; fourth, 51, fifth, 27; sixth, 15; 
sevent.i, 4. Attendance: males, 65; females, 57; total, 122. Tar- 
dies: males, 302; females, 365; total, 667. Absences: males, 1334; 
females, 1140; total 2474. Nnmber under 17 not enrolled: males 
25; females, 28; total, 53. Families sending to school, 103; not 
sending, 23; total, 126. Promotions, 42. Average age, 11. Il- 
literates: males 15; females, 13; total, 28. Districts, 6; ichools 
taught, 5; length of term 75 daj's. Houses, 6; frame, 3; valuation, 
$36. Monthly salary of teachers: males, $28; females, $25.' Teach- 
ers: Males, 2; females, 3; total, 5; Expended, $120; due the din- 
ricts, $1.00. Rank, based on average attendance, 12. Rural libra- 
ries, 3; supplementary libraries, 2; volumes, 400. Studying read- 
ing, 224; writing and spelling, 237; language, 29; grammar, 15; 
arithmetic, 132; history, 28; drawing, 14; physiology, 9; civil gov- 
ernment, 16. 

LeT*ia Fork Township. 

White Race. — School census: males, 266; females, 254; total, 
520. Enrollment: males, 188; females, 197; total, 385. By grades: 
first, 95, second, 53; third 59; fourth, 77; fifth, 58; sixth, 20; seventh, 
19; eighth, 4. Attendance; Males, L 15; females, 123; total, 1,264. 
Absences: males, 2889;females, 3240; total, 6129. Number under 
17 not enrolled; males, 38; females, 25;total,73. Families sending 
to school, 129; not sending, 28;tot:il, 157. Promotions, 64. Aver- 
age age, 13. Illiterates: males, 17; females, 8; total, 25. Districts, C; 
length of term in days, 74. Houses, 4; frame, 4; valuation, $1,250. 
Monthly salary of teacher^: males," $28; females, 24. Teachers: 
males, 4; females, 4; total, 8. Expended, $674; due the district.^, 
$22, Rank, based on attendance, 3. Rural libraries, 1; volumes, 
100. Studying reading, 352; writing and spelling, 357; language, 
65; grammar, 46; arithmetic, 188; geography, 113; history, 80; 
civil government, 13; drawing, 62; agriculture, 9; physiology, 21; 
Latin, 2; algebra, 4; botany, 4; physical geography, 2. 

Colored Race. — School census: maies, 7; females, 15; total, 22, 
No school; due the district, $42. 


Lovelace Township. 

White Race. — School census: males, 192; females, 173; total, 
365. Enrollment: males, 132; females, 123; total, 255. By 
grades: first, 60; second, 53; third, 35; fourth, 58; fifth, 39; sixth, 
4; seventh, 6. Attendance: males, 82; females, 81; total, 163. 
Tardies: males, 119; females, 125; total, 244. Absences: males, 
1,960; females, 1,794; total, 3,754. Number under 17 not enroll- 
ed: males, 30; females, 29; total, 59. Families sending to 
school, 88; famslies not sending to school, 15; total, 103. Prom 
tions, 50. Average age, 12. Illiterates: males, 27; females, 19; 
total, 46. Districts, 5; schools taught, 5; length of term 67 days: 
Houses, 5; frame, 3; valuation, $995. Monthly salary of teachers: 
males, $27; females, $28. Teachers: males, 3; females, 2; total, 5. 
Expended, $491 ; due the districts, $30. Rank, based on attend- 
ance, 4. Studying reading, 233; writing and spelling, 188; 
language, 44; grammar, 5; arithmetic, 83; geography, 59; history, 
35; drav/ing, 57; agriculture, 1; physiology, 12. 
Moravian Falls Township. 

White Race. — School census; males, 154; females, 144, total 298. 
By grades: first, 73; second, 56; third, 58; fourth, 51; fifth, 29; 
sixth, 21; seventh, 6; eighth, 4. Attendance: males, 88; 
females, 82; total, 170. Tardias: miles, 272; females, 220; 
total, 492. Absences; males, 1358; females, 1247; total, 2605. 
Number under 17 not enrolled; maies, 43; females, 35; total, 78. 
Families sending to school, 107; not sending, 35; total, 142. Pro- 
motions, 122. Average age, 12. Illiterates: males, 14; females, 5; 
total, 19. Districts, 5; schools taught, 5; length of term, 100 days. 
Houses, 4; frame 4; valuation, $525. Monthly salary of teachers: 
males, $26; females, $25. Teachers: males, 4; females, 3; total, 7. 
Expended, $971 ; due the districts, $10. Rank, based on attendance, 
7. Rural libraries, 1; volumes, 80. Local tax districts, 1. Study- 
ing reading, 255; writing and spelling, 289; language, 103; gram- 
mar, 46; geography, 97; arithmetic, 161; history, 55; drawing, 91; 
physiology, 8; Latin, 9; algebra, 4; physical geography, 4; rhetoric, 
4; agriculture, 4. 


Mulberry Township. 

White Race. — School census: males, 348; females, 371; total, 
719. Enrollment: males, 241; females, 254; total, 495. By grades: 
first 147; second, 67; third, 56; fourth, 94; fifth, 82; sixth, 28; 
seventh, 21. Attendance: males, 127; females, 125; total, 252. 
Tardies: males, 276; females, 262; total, 538. Absences; males, 
2217; females, 2823, total, 6939. Number under 17 not enrolled; 
males, 46; females, 51; total, 97. Families sending to school, 191; 
not sending, 49; total, 240, Promotions, 107. Average age, 15. Il- 
literates: males, 18; females, 31; total, 49. Districts, 9; schools 
taught, 8; length of term, 73 days. Houses, 9; frame, 7; valua- 
tion, $1,050. Monthly salary of teachers: males, $26; females, 
$29. Teachers: males, 4; females, 4; total, 8. Expended, $1,055; 
due the districts, $171. Rank, based on attendance, 8. Rural 
libraries, 1; volumes, 105. Studying reading, 441; writing and 
spelling, 427; language, 63; grammar, 31; arithmetic, 2G9; geogra- 
phy, 127; history, 72; civil government, 10; drawing, 159; agricul- 
ture, 7; physiology, 57. 

Colored Race. — School census: males, 10; females, 9; total, 19. 
Enrollment: males, 3; females, 4; total, 7. By grades: first, 4; 
second, 3. Attendance: males, 3; females, 4; total, 7. Tardies: 
males, 1; females, 2; total, 3. Number under 17 not enrolled: 
males, 2; females, 3; total, 5. Families sending to school, 3; not 
sending, 7; total, 10. Promotions, 0. Average age, 12. Districts, 
1; schools taught, 1; length of term, 20 days. Monthly salary of 
teachers: males, $20. Teachers: males, 1, Expended, $20; due 
the district, $21. Rank, based on attendance, 7. ctudying read- 
ing, 7; writing and spelling, 7. 

New Castle Townslsip. 

White Race. — School census: males, 197; females, 191: total, 
388. Enrollment: males, 125; females, 132; total, 257. By grader.: 
first, 72; second, 41; third, 56; fourth, 34; fifth, 25; sixth, 19; 
seventh, 10. Attendance: males, 74; females, 83; total, 157. Tar- 
dies: males, 217; females, 237; total, 454. Absences: males, 1294; 
females, 1311; total, 2605. Number under 17 not enrolled: males, 
17; females, 11; total, 28. Families sending to school, 92; not 
sending, 11; total, 103. Promotions, 40, Average age, 12. lUit- 


erates: males, 14; females, ]5; total, 21). Districts, (j; schools 
taught, 5; length of term 67 days. Houses, 4; frame, 4; valuation, 
$405. Monthl.y salary of teachers: males, $25; females, $27. Teach- 
trs: Males, 2; females, 8; total, 5; Expended, $508; due the di;— 
ricts, $211. Rank, based on average attendance. 2. Rural libra- 
ries, 1; volumes, 100. Studying reading, 245; writing and spelling, 
217; language, 36; grammar, 11; arithmetic, 140; history, 46; 
geography, 86; drawing, luS. 

Colored Race. — School census: males, 49; females. 51; total, 
100. Enrollment: males, 32; females, 28; total, 60. Hy grades: 
first, 16; second, 10; third, 13; fourth. 18; fifth, 3. Attendance: 
males, 30; females. 24; total, 54. Tardies: males, 60; females, 20; 
total, 80. Absences: males, 74; females, 107; total, 181. Number 
under 17 not enrolled: males, 12; females, 7; total, 19. Families 
sending to school, 23; not sending, 16; total, 39. Promotions, 22; 
Average age, 12. Illiterates: males. 8; females, 5; total, 13. Dis- 
tricts, 2: schools taught, 2; length of term 71 days. Houses, 2; 
value, $125. Monthly salary of teachers: males, $22. Teachers: 
males, 2. Expended, $157, due the districts, $2. Rank, based on 
attendance, 3. Studying reading, 28; writing and spelling, 57; 
language, 33; grammar, 59; arithmetic, 44; geography. 26; history, 
59; civil government, 3; Dravving, 30; agriculture, 20; manual 
training, 30. 

North Wilkesboro Township. 

White Race.— School census: males, 278; females, 272; total, 
550. Enrollment: males, P14; females, 218; total, 432. By grades: 
first, 131; second, 54; third, 51; fonrth, 68; fifth, 40; sixth, 47: 
seventh 28; eighth, 13. Attendance: males, 79; females, 86; total, 
165. Tardies: males, 356; females, 394 total, 749. Absences; males, 
1950; females, 2374; total, 4324. Number under 17 not enrolled: 
males, 9; females, 9; total, 18. Families sending to school, 42; 
not sending, 12; total, 54. Promotions, 169. Average age, 11. Il- 
literates: males, 15; females, 7; total, 22. Districts, 3; schools 
taught, 3; length of term, 106 days. Houses, 3; frame, 3; valua- 
tion, $2,175. Monthly salary of teachers: males, $65; females, 
$33. Teachers: males, 2; females, 5; total, 7. Expended, $2,919; 
due the districts, $325. Rank, based on attendance, 5. Rural 


libraries, 1; volumes, 100. Studying reading, 127; writing and 
spelling, 120; language, 23; grammar, 9; arithmetic, 50; geogra- 
phy, 36; history, 31; physiology, 26; agriculture, 2. Local tax 
districts, 1. The report of the graded school did not contain all the 
information called for on the regular report, hence some of the 
items do not include the statistics of that school. 

Colored Race. — School census: males, 63; females, 52; total, 115. 
Enrollment: males, 46; females. 39; total, 85. By grades: first, 29; 
second, 19; third, 20; fourth, 5; fifth, 12. Attendance: males, 27; 
females, 22; total, 49. Tardies: males, 10; females, 8; total, 18. 
Absences :males,l ; females,l; total, 2. Number under 17 not enrolled: 
males, 1; females, 2; total, 3. Families sending to school, 43; not 
sending, 5; total, 48. Promotions, 35. Average age, 12. Illiterates; : 
males, 5; females, 2; total, 7. Districts, 2; schools taught, 2; 
length of term, 100 days. Monthly salary of teachers: males, $24; 
Teachers: males, 2. Expended, $244; due the dittiicts, $14. 
Rank, based on attendance, 4. Studying reaaing, S5; writing and 
spelling, 80; language, 73; history, 25; drawing, 25; physiology, 0; 
grammar, 39; arithmetic, 74; geography, 9. Houses, 1; viiluation, 

Rediiies liiver T(^nu^^inp. 

White Race. — School census: males, o9o; females, 348; tctil, 
741. Enrollment: males, 268; females, 2^0; total, -AS. ly 
grades: first, 142; second, 91; third, 84; fourth, 8u; Lltti, tZ; .^-ix^ij^ 
28; seventh, 16. Attendance: males, 118; females, ill; total, J,^j, 
Tardies: males, 856; females, 1,269; total, 2,125. Absences: nicJet., 
3,919; females, 4,258; total, 8,177. Number undtr 17 not eiiro:!- 
ed: males, 66; females, 43; total, 1U9. Families senuii g lo 
school, 196; families not sending to sch(j(;l, 63; total, 251^. Pron.o- 
tions, 75. Average age, 12. illiterates: males, 4i;lemalet, oo'; 
total, 80. Districts, 10; schools taught, 10; length of term 76 days. 
Houses, 9; frame, 9; valuation, $1375. iuonthiy salary of teachers: 
males, $27; females, $26. Teachers: males, 4; females, 6; total, 10. 
Expended, $1,014; due the districts, $183. Rank, based < n attend- 
ance, 14. Studying reading, 427; writing and spelling, 394; 
language, 75; grammar, 34; arithmetic, 235; geography, 125; history 
90; civil government, 1; drawing, 103; agriculture, 2; physiology, 
31; Latin, 1; rhetoric, 1; English history, 1. Local tax districts, 1. 


I^orih Carolina State Librar/ 

Rock Creek Township. 

White Race. — School census: males, 223; females, 222, total, 445. 
Enrollment: males, 169; females, 155; total, 324. By grades: 
first, 96 ; second, 55 ; third 43 ; fourth, 63 ; fifth, 27 ; sixth, 29 ; seventh, 
11. Attendance: males, 74; females, 95; total, 169. Tardies: 
males, 1,182; females, 1,195; total, 2,377. Absences: males, 
7,144; females, 6,261; total, 13,405. Number under 17 not 
enrolled: males, 38; females, 47; total, 85. Families sending to 
school. 123; not sending, 34: total, 157. Promotions, 62. Average 
age, 12. Illiterates : males, 29 ; females, 19 ; total, 48. Districts, 4 ; 
schopls taught, 4; length of term in days, 102. Houses, 4; frame, 
4; valuation, $550. Monthly salary of teachers: males, $30. Teachers: 
males, 4; females, 2; total, 6. Expended, $602; due the districts, 
$186. Rank, hased on attendance, 9. Local tax districts, 1; 
Studying reading, 301; writing and spelling, 300; language, 62; 
grammar, 34; arithmetic, 150; geography, 75; history, 35; civil 
government, 3; drawing, 43; physiology, 8. 

COLDRED Race. — School census; males, 16; females, 14; total, 30- 
Enrollment: males, 10; females, 8; total, 18. , By grades: first, 9 
second, 5; third, 3; fourth, 1. Attendance: males, 5; females, 4 
total, 9. Tardies: males, 17; females, 25; total, 42. Absences 
males, 115; females, 126; total, 241. Number under 17 not en- 
rolled: males, 1; female.s, 4; total, 5. Families sending to school, 
IC; not sending, 5; total, 15. Promotions, 1; Average age, 9. II- 
licerates: males, 3; females, 2; total, 5. Districts, 1; schools taught; 
1; lenght of term 40 days Houses, 1; frame, 1; valuation, $50. 
Monthly salary of teachers: females, $20. Teachers: females, 1. 
Expended, $40. Rank, based on attendance, 9. Studying reading, 
16; writing and spelling, 7; arithmetic, 6; geography, 1; drawing, 2. 

Somers Township. 
. White Race.— School census: males, 231; females, 180; total, 
411. Enrollment, males, 185; females, 142; total, 327. By grades: 
nrst, 104; second, 52; third, 69; fourth, 38; fifth, 50; sixth, 10; sev- 
enth, 4. Attendance: males, 117; females, 91; total, 218. Tardies: 
males, 22; females, 3; total, 25. Absences: males, 2,809; females, 
2,426; total,5,235. Number under 17 not enrolled :males, 28; females, 
29; total, 57. Families sending to school, 137; not sending, 16; total, 
159. Promotions, 72. Average age, 12. Illiterates: males, 11; 

' 17 

females, 8; total, 19. Districts, 5; schools taught, 3; length of 
term, 74 days. Houses, 5; frame, 5; valuation; $740. Monthly 
salary of teachers: males, $28; females, $30. Teachers: males, 3; 
females, 3; total, 6. Expended $625; due the districts, $90. Rank, 
based on attendance, 1. Studying reading, 304; writing and spell- 
ing, 293; launguage, 48; grammar, 11; Arithmetic, 14-'>; geogra- 
phy, 81; history, 99; civil government, 3; drawing, 75; agriculture, 
5; physiology, 22. 

Traphili Townsliip. 

White Race. — »School census: males, -lOO; female?, 330; total, 
630. Enr.)llment: males, 185: females, 208; total, 393. By grades: 
fir,>t, 01; seconl, 92; third, 67; fourth, 74; fifth. :^1: sixth. 26; 
seventh, 12. Attendance: males, 109; females, 111; total, 120. Tar- 
dies: male,-^, 111; f<'males, 106; total, 2 17. .^h.'^enies: males, 3,6-'.'^.; 
females, 3,971; iot'il, 7,604. Number iinil'T 17 imi rnrollcd: male;-, 
44; females, Go; total, 109. Families seiidiiig to sclii^o!, lOCi: ni-t 
sending, 64; total, 224. Promotions, 50. Av(M-a,'j:i" age, 12 llll- 
erates: males, 22; female.^, 2~);t)ta.l, 47. Districts. S; s^-iiool.; 
taught, 7; length of term, 70 Jay,-;. Houses 6; fra-ine. 6; valuation, 
$743. Monthly salary ot;teacher>: malea, .$27; f '.-n,ilo>. $25. Teach- 
ers: males, 6; females, 1; total, 7. Ex;)en]^ I, $1,122; d-.e tae dis- 
tricts, $161. Rank, based on attendance, 7. Rural libraries, 3; 
Supplementary libraries, ] ; volumes, 35(''. Studying reading, 315; 
writing and spelling, 355; language, 04: grammar. 27: arithmetic, 
155; geography, 103; history. 48; civil government. 3; drawing, 
56; physiology, 32. 

Colored Race. — School census: maie.-^, 39; females, 39; total, 78. 
Enrollment: males, 26; females, 28; total, 54. By grades: first, 26; 
.second, 6; third, 10; fourth, 12. Attendance: males, 11; females, 
14; total, 25. Tardies: males, 5; females, 2; totals. 7. Absences: 
males, 280; females, 142; total, 422. Number under 17 not ea- 
rolled: males, 10; females, 4; total, 14. Families sending to.-chool, 
18; not sending, 8; total, 26. Average ago, 12. Illitca-ates; raaics. 
5; females, 3; total, 8. Districts, 2; schools taught, 2; length of 
term, 40 days. Houses, 2; frame, 2; valuation, $105. Monthh' 
salary of teacher: males, $22; females, $20. Teachers: males, 1: 
f em.ales, 1 ; total, 2. Expended, $80. Rank, based on attendance, 


8. Studying reading, 54; writing and spelling, i(); language, 12; 
grammar, 2; arithmetic. 41; geograjdiy, 22; drawing, 41. 

riiioii Tovviisiiip. 

White Race.— School census: males, 858; females, 386; total, 694. 
Enrollment; males, 262; females, 238; total, 500. By grades: 
first, 220; second, 101; third 67; fourth, 73; fifth. 14; sixth, 12; sev- 
enth, 11. Attendance: males, 129; females, 107; total, 236. Tar- 
dies: males, 179; females, 194; total, 373. Absences: males, 
4,594; females, 4,826; total, 9,420. Number under 17 not 
enrolled: males, 34; females, 43; total, 77. Families sending to 
school, 182; not sending, 65; total, 247. Promotions, 64. Average 
age, 12. Illiterates : males, 58 ; females, 61 ; total, 1 19. Districts, 9 ; 
schools taught, 9; length of term in days, 78. Houses, 8; frame, 
6; valuacion, $905. Monthly salary of teachers; males, $28; females, 
$28. Teachers: males, 6; females, 2; total, 8. Expended. $937; due the 
districts, $181. Rank, based on attendance, 11. Studying reading,- 
436; writing and spelling, 309; language, 9; grammar, 23; arith- 
metic, 113; geography, 61; history, 28; civil government, 7; 
drawing, 29; physiology, 29. 

Walnut Urove 'I'ovvnship. 

White Race.- School census: males, 251; females. 244; total, 
495. Enrollment: males, 192; females, 172; total, 364. By grades: 
first, 106; second, 49; third, 47; fourth, 65; fifth, 39; sixth, 35; sev- 
enth, 23. Attendance: males, 122; females, 107; total, 229. Tardies: 
males, 109; females, 108; total, 217. Absences: males, 1888; females, 
1,828; total, 3, 716. Number under 17 not enrolled :males, 41; females, 
35; total, 76. Families sending to school, 151 ; not sending, 37; total, 
188. Promotions, 68. Average age, 12. Illiterates: males, 7; females, 
8; total, 15. Districts, 7; schools taught, 7; length of term 68 days. 
Houses, 5; frame, 5; valuation, $615. Monthly salary of teachers: 
males, $28; females, $27. Teachers: males. 5; females, 2; total, 7. 
Expended, $811; due the districts, $91. Rank, based on attend- 
ance, 3. Studying reading, 321; writing and spelling, 287; 
language,71 ; grammar, 45; arithmetic, 174; geography, 104; history, 
51; civil government, 3; drawing, 21; physiology, 12. 

Wilkenboro Tonnsbip. 

White Race. — School census: males, 320; females, 304; total, 
624. Enrollment: males, 233; females, 230; total, 463. By grades: 
first, 86; second, 72; third, 47; fonrth, 81; fifth, 59; sixth, 51; 
seventh, 47; eighth, 20. Attendance: males, 156; females, 152; total, 
308. Tardies: males, 493; females, 633; total, 1L^6. Absences; males, 
3465; females, 3692; total, 7157. Number under 17 not enrolled: 
males, 23; females, 26; total, 49. Families sending to school, 147; 
not sending, 27; total, 174. Promotions, 216. Average age, 12. Il- 
literates: males, 15; females, 4; total, 19. Districts, 6; schools 
taught, 6; length of term, 96 days. Houses, 5; frame, 4; valua- 
tion, $1,640. Monthly salary of teachers: males, $43; females, 
$25. Teachers: males, 3; females, 7; total, 10. p^xpended, $1,640; 
due the districts, $103. Rank, based on attendance, 2. Rural 

libraries, 2; supplementary libraries, 3; volumes 350. Local tax 
districts, 2. Studying reading, 424; writing and spelling, 
412; language, 148; grammar, 79; arithmetic, 337; geography, 223; 
history, 183; drawing, 76; physiology, 29; agriculture, 16; algebra, 
21; rhetoric, 21; literature, 16; Latin, 15; physology, 29. 

Colored Race. — School census; males, 124; females, 174; total," 
298. Enrollment: males, 94; females, 112; total, 206. By grades: first, 
44; second, 35; third, 42; fourth, 50; fifth, 35. Attendance: males, 56: 
females, 63; total, 119. Tardies: males, 176; females, 230; total, 406. 
Absences: males, 815; females, 837; total, 1652. Number under 17 
not enrolled: males, 5; females, 11; total, 16. Families sending to 
school, 95; not sending, 7; total, 102. Promotions, 66. Average age, 

12. Illiterates: males, 6; females, 7; total, 13. Districts, 4; schools 
taught, 3; length of term, 82 days. Houses, 3; frame, 1; valuation, 
$440. Monthly salary of teachers: males, $22; females, $22. Teach- 
ers: males, 2; females, 2; total, 4. Expended, $335. Rank, based on 
attendance, 6. Rural libraries, 2; sujjplementary, 1; volumes, 250. 
Studying reading, 151; writing and spelling, 130; language, 95; gram- 
mar, 3; arithmetic. 134; geography, 99; history, 59; civil govern- 
ment, 5; drawing, 77; agriculture, 31; physiology, 23; manual train- 
ing, 70. 


White Race. — School census: males, 5001; females, 4745; total, 
9746. Enrollment: males, 3552; females, 3347; total, 6899. By 


grades: first, VMH; secund, 1169; third, 1046; fourth, 1205; fifth, 
751; sixth, 447; seventh, 272; eighth, 41. Attendance: males, 
1926; females, 1871; total, 3797. Tardies: males. 6444; females, 
6914; total, 13,358. Absences: males, 54,028; females, 52,569; 
total, 106,597. Number under 17 not enrolled: males, 686; 
females, 683; total, 1369. Families sending to school, 2,467; 
not sending, 656; total, 3123. Promotions, 1555. Average age, 
12. Illiterates: males, 394; females, 320; total, 714. Districts, 
122; schools taught, 118; length of term, 80 days. Houses, 106; 
frame, 95; valuation, $19,341. Monthly salary of teachers: males, 
$30; females, 27. Teachers: malts, 81; females, 55; total, 136. 
Expended, $17,512; due the districts, $2044. Rural libraries, 34; 
supplementary libraries, 16; volumes, 4400. Local tax districts, 
S. Studying reading, 5836; writing and spelling, 5561; language, 
and grammar, 1762; arithmetic, 3097; geography, 1922; history, 
1,168; civil government, 101; drawing, 1256; agriculture, 62; phys- 
iology, 275; English history, 4; algebra, 38; Latin, 33; rhetoric, 30; 
literature, 21; physical geography, 11; botany, 4. 

Colored Race. — School census: males, 501; females, 533; to- 
tal, 1034. Enrollment: males, 364; females, 351; total, 715, By 
grades: first, 221; second, 110; third, 15('; fourth, 130; fifth, 81; 
sixth, 12; seventh, 11. Attendance: males, 219; females, 218; to- 
tal, 437. Tardies: males, 411 ; females, 393; total, 804. Absences: 
males, 2599; females, 2229; total, 4828. Number under 17 not 
enrolled: males, 68; females, 63; total, 131. Families sending to 
school, 317; not sending, 58; total, 375. Promotions, 161. Aver- 
age age, 12. Illiterates: males, 40; females 32; total, 72. Dis- 
tricts, 19; schools taught, 17; length of term, 60 days. Houses, 
14; frame, 8; valuation, 1120. Monthly salary of teachers: males, 
$22; females, 21. Teachers: males, 10; females, 7; total, 17. Ex- 
pended, $1,137; due the the districts, $130. Rural libraries, 3; 
supplementary libraries. 1; volumes, 350. Studying reading, 598; 
writing and sgelling, 524; language and grammar, 512; arithme- 
tic, 531; geography, 403; history, 292; physiology, 98; civil gov- 
ernment, 37; drawing, 392; agriculture, 91; manual training, 70. 


Certificates Granted— First grade: males, 53: females, [22; 
total, 75. Second grade: males, 28; females, 33; total, 61. Third 


grade: males, 0; females, 8: total. H. 


The Teachers' Association held four meetings during the year. 
These were better attended by the teachers than those of any pre- 
vious year, and more interest was manifest. We have adopted the 
plan of designating certain teachers to prepare talks and essays on 
the subjects for discussion and find that this is an improvement on 
the former plan as the teachers selected for the work give more 
time and attention to preparing themselves for the discussions* 
hence making them more interesting and profitable to the members 
of the Association. After the regular discussion has closed any 
mem.ber Avho desires to do so is allowed to speak. Another new 
fenture is the h-ctures and addresses whicli have been made to the 
body by members of the pulpit and the bar. We feel that these 
talks have done much good in inciting the teachers to reneweii 
efforts and impressing more forcibly upon them their gj-eat duties 
and res]X)nsibilities. 

The programme commUtee is re;]uired at each meeting to re- 
port the questions for dis:ussion at the succee ling meeting, thus 
giving the members ample time for the study of the topics to be 
considered. A copy of the programme is [irinted in the local pa- 
pers and also sent to the absent members. The Teachers' Circu- 
lating Library which belongs to the association has been increased 
by the addition of quite a number of liooks bringing it uji to several 
hundred volumes. This library has been very helpful indeed to 
most of our teachers and it is now a permanent feature of the ed- 
ucational work of the county. We held no regular Teachers' Insti- 
tute in the county this year having been engaged in this work the 
previous year. We held township teachers' meetings in each uf 
the twenty townships of the county. The most of these meetings 
were fairly well attended by the teachers' committeemen and pa- 
trons, and considerable interest was manifested and much good ac- 
complished along the lines of securing rural libraries for the 
schools, better houses and better equipment, etc. One 
hundred and forty-four teachers representing ten counties were 
enrolled in these m.eetings. 


This body held three, iiieetinj^'.:; during the year and ha.j enrolled 
several new members. Mest of the o5 lady teachers of the 
county are now active members ol the organization. Thisassocia- 
tiod has accompliched much for the cause of education in our coun- 
ty. No little of the credit for the strides which our county has 
made in the juist few years k\ building new school houses, in better 
equipment, in the rural library work, etc., is due the members of 
this body. Hundreds of beautiful pictures have been placed upon 
the walls of quite a number of our school rooms, dozens of 
t-ightly stumps have beon removed from the grounds. While most 
if not all the houses and grounds have been improved in some way. 
A great part of this work is directly traceable to the noble efforts 
j»ut forth by this band of untiring workers. May heaven's richest 
blessings rest on them in their ceaseless efforts to uplift and bet- 
ter the conditions around and about them. The prize offered this 
year by the association for the greatest improvement reported was 
won by Miss Mattie E. Sale, of Brier Creek, N. C, who taught in 
District No. 4 in New (.'astle township. 


A most gratifying and uimiistakable sign of the progress of the 
schools and the great interest the people are taking in their wel- 
fare is evidenced in the remarl<able growth of the library move- 
ment in the past twelve months. We have now in the coun- 
ty 33 Rural Libraries, 16 Supplementery Libraries, 3 School Li- 
braries and 10 Traveling Libraries. We have long since taken all 
those allowed to us under the Rural Library act and now have 16 
applications for regular libraries and 4 for supplementary libraries 
on file waiting for the State aid to become available. This is one 
of the very strongest indications that our people are rapidly be. 
coming alive to the importance of placing the worlds best books in 
the hands of their children. Any legislation that encourages the 
establishment of school will greatly aid in arousing inter- 
est of pupils and patrons not only in regular school work but in 
other subjects which tend to awaken thought, develop character 
and make high types of citizenship. Teachers testify that the 
presence of attractive well selected books in the school exerts a 


powerful iiiHueuce upon the discipline. The importance of iubtili- 
ing in the minds of the children early the habit of reading good 
books and a taste for good literature cannot be overestimated and 
the most effective v^^ay to accomplish this end is by placing good 
books withiu easy reach of them, by encouraging their use and di- 
recting their taste in the selection. The child who has access to a 
well chosen library and whose reading is a matter of importance to 
its parents is in the possession of a fund of general information 
and has formed habits of study and concentration of thought that 
enable it to advance much more rapidly in school work than those 
children who are less favorably situated. 

We trust and believe that the good work so well begun will 
go on and on until every school in the county shall have a library 
for the the entertainment and instruction of its girls and boys. 

The most pressing need of the schools and especially the rural 
schools is the providing of adequate ways and means for giving 
every child within our borders a good elementary education. As 
the present inadequacy of our educational system presses heavily 
on the rural population it is high time that our farmers take a more 
active part in the movement to extend and complete the system 
of public education. If we are to improve our agriculture, if we 
are to make the conditions of country life attractive enough to 
keep the bright boys and girls on the farms, if w-e are to equalize 
the advantages of country and town so as to maintain an intelligent 
prosperous and contented rural population we must give immediate 
and effective attention to the needs of rural schools. The farmers 
have this matter in their own hands. They can have a better state 
of things if they will, and now that our educational leaders are mov- 
ing actively for the improvement of the rural schools, nothing but 
the indifference or the opposition of those most concerned can de- 
feat their laudable efforts. With the excuse that we are too poor to 
educate our children we have let hundreds of them grow up in ignor- 
ance. The truth of the matter is we are too poor not to educate 
them. If you plead with a great many people for a local tax you 
will be met with the excuse that four months is long enough for 
the children to attend school during the year, yet if you consider 


tluiL with the hmg vacation of right months the child must furi^^et 
much of what was learned diirin>; iiis short stay at school it is easily 
seen that much of this short ])eriod ai the beginninio,- of the term 
must be taken up by the teacher in rendering the child as well fitted 
for going on with his studies as when the previous turm closed. 
The city child receives mental trainingfor eight months in the year, 
the country child but four. Is it a matter of surprise then that 
so many parents are moving to towns at any sacrifice. I do know 
that among the causes that have operated to dram some of our coun- 
tiy districts of some of their very best citizens the almost hopeless 
prospect of of securing good, long term schools is easily first. 

Th(> thinking people of today are seeing with more and more dis- 
tin(;tnoss that there is little chance for the un^ducaied child in the 
coming years, that his pathway to success is far more rough and 
difiicult than the one pressed by the feet of his better trained com- 
l)etitor. (Jar broad acres can never be made to resume their virgin 
lertilily and yield the most generous returns until we have mixed 
our brains with the soils. Ideas are worth more than acres, they 
are not born in men, they do not come without cultivation. Only 
a man with brain power can develop a country. The development 
of this State must depend at last upon those citizens of the common- 
wealth whose lives are trained to think and whose hands are skill- 
ed to labor. The trained citizen and the skilled citizen of the fu- 
ture must come out of the schools. Wealth from the forest and 
wealth from the mine must be created in the future by the man 
who thinks for Inmself. We are rapidly approaching a period in 
the progress of civilization where ignorant man will Tind no place 
for work, he will simple be branded "not wanted" and pushed aside. 
It is not more certain that in past ages force was dominant than 
that in these latter times, intelligence rules. In the competition be- 
tween section^ the educated will have preeminence, in the contest be- 
tvs-een individuals the most highly trained will be the most sure of suc- 
cess, the best equiped for usefullness. For these reasons the intelli- 
gence and tlie conscience of theState will be satisfied with nothingless 
than a perfect system of public schools where all the children of the 
commonwealth regardless of conditions in life or cicumstances of 
fortune may have an opportunity for the development and the train- 


ing of the powers with which the creator has endowed them. We 
are led to believe that our people are ready for a forward movement, 
for completer lives for higher ideals and for a grander destiny. 
The education of a child is the most profitable investment that can 
be made, an educated mind and an upright character are worth more 
than all the gold and silver of earth. Education means power, it 
means dignity. It arouses and vitalizes all the activities of intelli- 
gence volition and emotion in the human soul. We cannot weigh 
an educated and well balanced mind in the scales as we would a 
quanity of lead, what can we place in the opposite side as an 
equivalent? We may compute the value of gold and silver because 
they are earthly and perishable but by what system of mathematics 
can we compute the value of that elctric spark of intellect that is 
destined to live and grow and radiate when the heavens and the earth 
shall have passed away. A long trial of the existing system assures 
us that if education is to become universal, if all onr young peo- 
ple are to be qualified to assume the responsibles and duties of citi- 
zenship, if illiteracy is to driven from ihe land, an improvment of 
the present sy.stem is imperative. 


It gives me much pleasure to report that the schools of the past 
year have been the best in the history of the county. The enroll- 
ment for the entire county (not including the districts w'here no 
schools were taught) is 73 per cent, of the school census while the 
average attendance for the whole term is 40 per cent, of the cen- 
sus. A year ago we had 13 rural libraries; to-day we have 34. 
while hundreds of dollars have been spent in building new school 
houses and in better equipment; in a word, progress is the watch- 
word all along the line. I know - f no better way to show the im- 
provement in our county than by conditions as we find them to-day 
and as they existed five or six years ago. On the following page 
are a few comparisons: 


1900. 1906. 

- - - Rural Libraries - - - 34 

- - Supplementary Libraries - - ■ - 16 

- - - Travelling Libraries - - 10 

- - Whole number of Libraries - - 60 

- - - Local tax districts - . . g 

$6,589 - - Value of school property - $20,461 

64 - - - Frame houses - - - 103 

$21 - Teacher's monthly salary, male (white) - $30 

19 - " •' " female " - 27 

62 - - Enrolled in school, per cent. - - 73 
23 - - Average attendance, " " . . .40 
2185 - - Pupils studying arithmetic - - 3628 

1265 - - " " geograghy - - 2725 

859 - " " grammar - 1274 

729 - - " " history - - 1460 

16 - - " " higher branches - 247 

J 4 - Length of school term, weeks (white) - 16 

130 - Number of teachers employed - - 167 
13 per cent. - Illiteracy . . 7 

10,054 - Children of school age - - 10,780 

These figures are very gratifying indeed and we feel thankful 
for the work arccomplished. Let us not however rest even for a 
moment upon the laurels already won, but rather let a knowledge 
of these achievements urge us on to still greater things in the 
coming years. This report is necessarily but an indication of the 
real work which is in progress in our midst. Who can measure and 
recount the patient effort, the noble self sacrifice, the lofty ideals, 
the high ambitions, the tedious, monotonous round of faithful service 
of the teachers and the school officers. In conclusion I desire to 
express my grateful appreciation of the assistance and cordial co- 
operation of the members of the Board of Education, the clergy, 
the press, the bar, the school committeemen and the teachers who 
have given to me and to the great cause of education their most 
loyal support. Our teachers are a well deserving, honest working 
loyal spirited band. No worthier can be found' They are rend- 
ering a noble service and deserve better at the hands of the public 


than they have yet received. With the continued support of these 
agencies we can maintain the present efficiency of our schools and 
cause them to progress continually without it we cannot hope to 
accomplish a great deal. 

With gratitude to our fathers for the heritage of a noble past, 
with thankfulness to God for his blessing upon the educational 
work of the past years, anu relying upon Him for divine guidance 
we enter upon the work of the new scholastic year earnestly de- 
siring and expecting the hearty co-operation of all our people in 
the etlort for the educational and moral elevation of the citizen- 
ship of the future. 

Respectfully submitted, 

C. C. Wright, County Pupt. of Schools. 
Hunting Creek, X. C, June 30, 1906. 


^ — lnfor])urated— 

Capital Stock $30,000.00 

No Vacation. Enter Any Time, Individual 

1 ,^ r.,^1 i-n,,,.,i fvi'iv wlim-e ill North Carolina by those who are 

f' '"^ a rrK''''^^^MTiV'-U isTHVsOHO^ L KIGHTSCHOOL, viewed from 

^nfcvrapci.that K1^C^ h >TH^^ faculty, best equipment. 

rhon^'eiV'Xv^^U Mu" .r^'sluonsthunalluth 

L'^o'^s,,:'.. tl 'kKST ItlsihcHieapest. Write today for our^fePECIAL, 

CKFEKS N K\V CATAl,«>arK uiul full inf-ruiatioi.. Address 

Raleigti. N. C, or Ci^arlotte, N. C. 

He .1/so tonch Book-keepin<c, Shorthand, Penmanship, etc., by ma.l. Send for 
Home Study Circular . 

North Wllkesboro 

Marble Works 

For Tnmb^^tones, Monuments, Iron Fences in fact anything in the 
cemetery line see ns. Attractive designs, prices attractive. .We 
order by the car load and wiil give you the benefit of the same. 
Work guaranteed. 


North Wilkesboro. N. C. 

The company of the people by the people and fo^ the people 
Total outstanding insurance ^^V-i '?^;^o ', -- oc 

Assets end of 1^05 ^^r'^s?'^' i ofi 

Surplus end of 1905 • , •^^'\lV,''l.^ 

The daily average of the- company s bnssmess during IWd wa^ 
number of claims paid per day 395. Number of pohcies issued 
6 972 New insurance written $1,502,484.00. Payments of pohcy 
holders and additions to reserve $128,788.29. Increase in assets 

NortK\¥illiesborOj N. C. 


The Elkin Drug 

Elkin, - = - N. C. 

Keeps a complete line of Drugs, Patent Medicines, Toilet Ar- 
ticles, Brushes, Soaps and all other articles kept in a first-class 
drug store; we also take special pains in fitting trusses, of which we 
keep a well assorted line. A full line of school books at all times 
on hand with a nice line of stationery. Call and examine our stock. 

Remember This 

All your wants in School Books, Librar^' 
Books* Stationery and Office equipment can 
be supplied promptly at guaranteed prices by 

Alfred Williams Si Co. 

Raleigh, N. C. 

State Agents for Public School 




All Emitters ,^]i-^®ff!i proinapt att©iatl©si< 

Oscar C. Dancy 

Attorney =at=Law 

I d(t Init one; and that is practice law. 

North Wilkc-^borc, N. C. 

I X s i^ R A X c p:; 

Re])re6entinG;: An old established Life Company, 
Sixteen r,ooi', strong Fire Companies, also Employers 
Liability. Accident. Health. Burglary, and in fact most 
ai'jy kind of Insurance, and at a low cost, and would be 
glad to have you write us or come in and talk it over at 
our office, at any time. 

Patronize home folks. T iiey might be in 
a po^^ition to return the fav^r sometime- 


K W. Gwyu. Pre?. .T. B. ll<irto)i. Vi.-H-Frrs. Jl. W . lluiLcii. 8ef. .t Ti>a 

Capital: $23,000. oo 

North 'WilKesboro, N. C. 

Aloney ileposiced in our aavincjs department is like corn plant- 
ed in the soil — it gnnvs. 

Open an account with us and wa(cli it grow. 

Four Per Cent, interest payable quarterly up' in iiresentatinu 
of your pass book, and you have the privilege of with' [raw in.n; your 
money at any linie. 

Start a Savinsi;s Account with U's \vhi!c y')U ar.; yuun;-, ,-ii)d I '.!''- 
ini;; will bec(_)me a haint, and y(.)ur (dd a|;-cwi!lbe free from r)nanci;d 

Os^e do 

IS aii :>'■©^u oeed to open an 
Drop in to si-o us when in town. 


This is 01:0 of the Lest p^cpaiatory rehi)-;.- h\ 
Western North Candina. It hts yoi n;: :■■(';; ard 
women for the Sopliomoro (.d:i; s in tlic h't:d^> Ihiivi r- 
sity and State colie^^es. lias ;:n excelh.^r.t lacidty "f 
five exi)erienced teachers. Tlic luildin;:; is ;■ r-rde;"! 
one well equippedi. Board can he n'lla'n-'di in Ih-o 
best families for ^G.OO to $7.^'i) ■vermouth. Tid'J'a 
reasonable. Xo better iilace to ,-cni! your i;o}'s ai: 1 
ffirls to school. 

For catalogue or itjithcr in'ormatior, write 
to S-pt. J. H, ALLEN, lilkhv N, C. 

: arc m^^ omv exclusive >lioe 
house in th;5 part of tiie 

vVe ca^Tv 1:1 stodv H)10,000.00 to 

and can 

ST5.000a)0 worth of shoes and can 

fit yon in ihe shoe "^'on wane a 
vour own price. 

e- J- 

Call on us when in need of shoes. 

North WiietsbcrO; 

N. C 

Woodruff & Company 

Dealers in 


In fact you will find here everything? usually kept in a first 
class general store. Highest cash prices paid for produce. For 
genuine bargains see us at the Andrews Building. 

Clothing' ! Furniture ! 

We are headquarters for C-lothing and (Jer.t's Furnishings. Uur 
Fall and Winter Lines of Fine (Tothing have arrived. When in 
need of an up-to-d.ate suit call and see us. 

We also carry a complete line of Furniture, Alat'dag, etc. Wo 
also make tailor-made suits a specialty. Wh 'U in town call and 
see us. 

Absher, Hayes & BfciGkburn, 
North Wslk®sboro,- N. C. 

FRAXIv IX ]1A(\K]^:TT 

Office over Old Doughion Drif^ yiorc 

Practices in State and Federal Courts. I'areful and. promi»t 
attention to all business entrusted to me, Real Estate Transfers a 
specialty, including examination of titles and prci)arati"u of ab- 

Life and Fire Insurance Written in Ecliable Companies. No- 
tary Public in office. 


The Crow Plus The Spurs 

Josh Hillings said of the rooster: 'M luv 
him fer tew thin.4s;the krow thet is in him,and fer 
the spurs which air on him tew back up his krow 
with." You, Ml. Merchant and Customer will 
find back of Vick's Family Remedies unques- 
tioned MERIT and perfect honesty in the 
MANUFACTURE of each Remedy. They are the 
cream of twenty years careful study and actual 
experience behind the prescription desk, and 
each one is warranted to please or money re- 

Every household needs to keep good Fami- 
ly Remedies on hand and this want is filled by 
A^ick's Reliable Remedies. 
Sold by merchants and druggists or write for prices to 


Greensboro, N. C. 

^ualbscrlfoe for 

Tlhe ElMn Times 

The leading paper of the Yadkin Valley. Independent in poll- 
itics. Headquarters for all kinds of job work. Fine job printing 
our specialty. Legal blanks always on hand. Prices right. 

For Lime, Cement, Hardware, 

Tinware, Paint, Oils, 

and New Club- 


In McQee Building, North Wilkesboro, 



People are beginning ti» realize that we give them values 
for their dollars. We put a small profit on the 
goods we sell and make them go. You get 
honest, square dealing from us. Visi- 
tors to North Wilkesboro will find 
it to uh'.-'ir advantage to vis- 
it our store. You will 
find many attrac- 
tive l)argains 

at our 
'place, so why 
not eome along and 
buy your Dry (joods, no- 
tions, shoes, etc., from us? "Money 
saved is mone"s' made." Yours to serve 



Tl:ie C!^eap Casli Store. 

Manufacturer of she.-t ii-on and tin goods. 
Guttering and rtioiing done, if you need fruit 
cans or anytliing in my line call and get prices. 

Mannfactur;^r of tlie •'-^tarr (.■luirn. Agents 
wanted to sell tlu-iii. 

[. STAR-K., WilRoiboro, N. 
Box No. 3. 


Where the largest stock of most fashionable merchan- 
dise are to be found in the way of dress goods., silks, 
mohairs, walking skirts, etc. 




North Wilkesboro, N. C. 

Has always a full line of 

Coffins and Caskets 

From the cheapest to the most fastidious, at reasonable prices. 
When in need you will nnd him at his post of business day or night. 
Call phone iS'o. GO and tell him your wants and they will have 


ii we!! booit m liel 

Twice each year we visit the Northern 
Markets, thereby selecting ])ersonally the bulk 
of our stock. We also have the advantage of 
a buyer v>dio is on the New York market fre- 
quently between seasons, who piclis up many 
good things for us. You cannot afford to for- 
get that no m.ercantile house in the county goes 
to the expense we do in buying our 'stock. 

Does it pay us? We think so. 

Because, we always are in position to show 
our customers a select line of gouds, combining 
quality, style and price. 

L'ecause we secure many things at prices 
our competitors cannot touch. 

Because we always have the nevv^est styles 
and the goods best suited to our section. 

Prompt attention to mail orders or requests 
for samples. 
R. A. Spainhoar & Co., Spainhour-Sydnor Dry Goods Co. 
Wilkesboro, A'. C. North Wilkcsboro, N. C. 

The Lawton Simplex 


Is the simplost, cheapest and reliable duplicating process 
ever invei:ted. 


Over lOO.OOO In Use. 

Requires no v/ashino-; any boy can work it. From an original 
on any ordinary paper, with any pen, lUO copies can be made; or 
with an original written on the typewriter. 

30 Copies can be Produced Quickly and witfiout Trouble in 

15 Minutes. 

The ease with which copies of letters, circulars, price-lists, ex- 
amination papers, drawings, specifications, music, etc., can be pro- 
duced in various colors at one operation makes it invaluable. 

Agents Wanted EverywHers. 

Send for Circulars and Samples of Work. 

59 Dearborn Street 

30 Vesey Street, 


F, D, Forester & Co. 


Wholes de Dealers In Dry Goods and Gi'ocenes 

We carry in our stock none but the best goods and sell at the 
lowest price. Give us a call. 


ATTO RX K V- AT- r^ A W 


Practices in all the State and Federal Courts. 

^ holesale and Retail Druggists 

Is the place to bu}' Purt' Drugs. None but registered 
Druggists allowed to till Physician's Prescriptions. 
Special attention paid to Mail orders. Trusses fitted 
and guaranteed. School books; also paints and oils. 

Yours to please, 

North Wiikesboro, N. C. 



Not Che 



J, A. Atkinson ^ Co.. Merchants, Elkin, N. C 

We carry the largest and com[)letest line of merclian- 
dise in EU-in and we challenge comparirion, price and 
quality con.sidered. 

We shall be pleased to serve our Wilki^s friends and 
ask tiiat you give n'^ a trial. 

Yours to please, 

. s. 



You Had Better Do It. 

We have opened a NEW GROCERY STORE in the \M\h'^y build- 
ing on Market street. A choice stock of heavy and fancy grocen'e.- 
to select from. 

Chop, May, Corn 

When in town get our ftrices lie fore you buy. 

Phone 116. 

North WUkesboro, Af, C. 




Mortgage sales and the collection of all kinds of clainif. 
a specialty. 

Headquarters for Health, Accident and Fire Insurance 
and Corpor.^tion Bonds. 




Snioak Bros, are still at 


miad MrmsTi^ess dirndl Gr"aflSi.raOo 

When .you necl anything- in this line you will do well to see 

pfore you buy. We carry an up-to-date line of buj^gies for 

ricdi and poor, young and old, and prices to suit every one. 

buy buggies in car load lots and can sell as cheap as any 
one, ([uality considered. A¥e also sell the J. I. Nissen Wagons, the 
besi wagon on wheeis— best by test. 

A Sirong Line of Furniture 

Ued room suites, bed steads, dressers, chiffoniers, sideboards, 
w\'ird robes, center and dining tables, cnairs and rockers of all 
kinds and tpialities. Bed springs, mattresses, mattings, window 
sha l(.':; ;ind poles, rugs and lap robes. Now we are here fur busi- 
ness and if fair and honest dealings will bring it. we intend to 
h.iA't-' our part. 

Thanking you for past patronage, we hope to continue to mer- 
it it in the future. 80 come to see us — will be glad to seeyou. 

Yours for business at North Wilkesboro, N. ('. 


he EIMiol 

The way tojiave a bank account is to start one, the first dollar 
yoM depoait is the foundation, and if you will keep adding to it 
evcry^ week it will grow surpisingly. Open an account with us. 
We will allow vou interest on time certificates. 

%o CHATErfAM. C< 

EIvKIN, N. C, 


"W. A» McLIEAM, = iNorth Wiikesboro. 

Dealer in groceries, Manufacturer of harness 
and saddles, etc., a specialty. 

Call and sec lis. Slmli be glad to wait u\)- 
oii old IViendsand custoiuers. 

W. E. Elliott 


Hand=Made Harness, Saddles, 

COLLARS, i-rrc. 

Which I sell at prices of machine tmade goods. 
Shoe and harness repairing neatly and promi)tly done. 
First door east Spainhour & Co.'s store. 
Wiikesboro, N. C. 


Prompt attention given to all legal business. 

A. E- Finney. R. C. Flendren. 

Finney and Hendren 


Also Organs and Sewing Machine.^ repaired. 
North Wiikesboro, N. C. 



The A. J. Showalter Company, 
Dklton, Ga. 

Is headquarter? for the; best Sunday School. Day School, 
SinginguSchool and Church Music Kooks. If you do not 
know it you will only need to send them a trial order for 
one of their new books to be convinced of the fact. No 
books are better tham The Feast of Song by A. J. Sho- 
'valter, Wni. J. Kirkpatfiok and Dr.H. L. Gilniour. 35 cents 
per co])y; $4.00 per dozen^ pos.t paid. 

Songisi of LiR'Ht 

By A. J. Showalter, S. L. Howard, J. W. Dennis and F. B. Smith. 
25 :'per copy; $2.85 per dozen, post paid. 

Round or shaped notes, state with each order which is wanted. 
A lar^e catalogue, tilled with specimen i pages from many books for 
a two cent stamp. Address 

J. Showalter Co. 

Daiton, Ga. . 

Feed the penpls^'. Tlicy iiandle all kinds (ji' ruuntry produce, for 
whiLh tliey pay tiic hiftdiost casli pricc;j. They s.-ll- good:; at the 
lowest possil)le -prices and keep everything found, in a lirst-class 
riTocery store, ''lii'idvens and egg's a .specialty. I'all and see us at 
A. M. Clmrch'd old stand on i; otreci. 


f- h L4/I#lr-.^ «s h 




Wilkcsboro, N. C. 

Practices in State and Fed.eri'd Conrt.^. rronint attention giv- 

ss entrn;-tfd to his !:ands. 

An Invitation For You' 

When you come t') AVilkesboro we will take great 
pleasure in showing you our complete and well-selected 
line ef shoes (entire line new), also the freshest groceries 
and confections. Everything complete and up-to-date. If 
you will favor us witli vour ];)atronage we are positive we 
can please you. 

J. T. Hubbard^ WHkesboro, ly.C. 


Wo Bo Ho Pegipam 

EldvLN, N. C. 
With 23 years experience in the business, will work in Surry 
and the adjoining counties. Will answer calls on two (n* three 
weeks notice in communities where \vork is desired. Copying aad 
enlarging done. Work guaranteed. Four cabinet pictures, $1; 
six card pictures, 75 cents; six smaller pictures, 2o cents. 
Secure the shadow ere the substance fades. 


For Teachers^ 

Professional Study 

and Reading Circles 

■207o discount to Teachers 
Seelev's A New School JManagement. ,. .$1.2o 

Seelev's Foundation of Kducation 1.00 

Gordy's New r.S}-chology ( for teachers) . 1.2o 
Gordv'sA Broader Elementary Education \:2b 
Page's Theory and Practice o'f Teaching 1.00 

;Moore's The Science of St\idv 1.00 

I^ind's Best Jlcthods in Country School.s 1.25 
:\Iistake.s in Teaching (Preston Papers) . 1.00 

How to Study Literature "5 

Tlie Worth of Words 1.25 

Man Who Pleases— Woman Who Charms .73 

Mrs. Uewev's Planners, Morals eacli .7o 

Cliaracter :' A Moral Text Rook 1..50 

Splendid gij't-lwoks all — for a Teacher 


3l-.33-o5 West 15t1i St., New York City 


General }iractiee liefore the State and Fetieral Courts. Spec- 
ial facilities for ctnimereial business and nes^otiation of loans. 


T. r.. FlNLEY 

F. B. Hendren 

Attorney s-at-L-aw 

Special attention giv^en to winding up estates and to land litiga- 
tion. Real estate sold on commission. Careful and prompt atten- 
tion given to business entrusted to our care. 



Is the largest and most accessible institution of learning to the 
people of Wilkes county. It enjoys a large patronage from this 
county. For a number of years, many of the strongest men of 
Oak Ridge Institute have come from Wilkes, Ashe, and Alleghany 
counties. The undersigned principals would be glad to have many 
more such men. The course of study includes preparation for col- 
lege, for business, for teaching, for life. The terms, considering 
the advantages are very reasonable. For beautiful catalogue, ad- 

J. A. <& M, H. Holt, 

Oak Ridge, N. C. 

Cash Store 

We carry a full line of dry goods, nice line of 
dress goods, notions, hats, trunks, shirts, in fact 
everything that is kept in a first class store. We 
sell the Star Brand shoes made by Robert Johnson & 
Rand Shoe Co., all solid leather shoes. No one else 
has them in town. One price to all. call and see us. 

Myers Brothers. 


A Song Book For Schools. 

The Western Teacher Song Book contains the standard, familiar 
songs suited to children's voices that oiiglit to bo used in every 

The patriotic songs in this collection were carefully selected, 
and everything that would give offense to any section of our coun- 
try has been omitted. 

Send 10 cents for a sample copy. 

S. Y. GIL-LAN, Milvkra\iKee» "Wis. 


Headquarters for Hardware 

At C. F. Morrison's Hardware Store. Everything from a carpet 
tack to a reaper and hinder always on hand, and we challenge com- 
parison of the 


We have New Lee st()ves, Steel Ranges and heaters from Wil- 
son's best to any other kind, and c£n please you in quality and 
prices. When j<m need hardware of any kind come to see us; we 
have what you want, and our prices a^e the lowest. 

C. r. MORRISON, WilResboro. N\ C. 

A Q rowing Business 

f>Qr Drug trade has mo»*e than do«Med in the last six months. 
This is the result of keeping the best go©ds in our line and giving 
fair treatment to all. W^e keep a complete line of everything 
usually sold by a first class drag store, Drugs a-nd Toilet Articles a 

Our Cold DrinJvs and Ice Cresm are unsurpassed by any in town. 

Turner & Taylor Drug Company 

Ncrth Wiikesboro, N, C. 

Geo. V. Bro^Mrn^ 


North Wiikesboro, N. C. 

Dr. W. A. Taylor 

Up^tO'Date Dentist 


C. iX GWVN, 

North Wilkesboro 

1 ^ n %^- e 

fi. V. TOriLlNSON 

Wholesale and retail prodiu'e. (Irocerin.^ a 
,spcci;ilty. New Isrick store; near McGee'.s o]<\ 
.-tanii. 'Phone il!'. 

North Wilkesboro, N. C. 


REGZIIT:.Y added, 25,GG0 KL;7 ^70RDo A?0 FH:vAGL.i 

rVow Gazetteer cf ; '.12 World. 2J83 Quarto Pajis. New Ti J2;~-P'^Jcr.' Dictionary. 

1. 'il r ; i i; ;c:', V.-.T. i:.'.:;i;; ■,rti.:i., T.i..!\, I' s. i'. ui. ■.•nLaucation. 

Kj I Chief Justicj i-'ULLEr>, U. 3. Sr. re -.z Ccu;;, ;::yj: 1 r."^:':-J t-.o h:ti!'nai! 1.-.3 of 
p j 1I-.:: utmost value in accuraiy Ci c;„i'in!:ion, cin.i Jiii'O found ii in ::;! rcioect.- cj..r-,)c:e 
|j [ i-^nri Ihorcugh, 

u e s t i c n Books 
with A n s v/ e r s 

For both 'tcacii. is iuid pupils 
20% discount to icaciters 

Craig's C'oinnioa Sclifol Q anc! a $i rrfl 

Hcniy's Hi-ih >chuuHi. ami A I'no 

StierriU's ^o^m:ll bchool Q. unci A l.;o 

(Jutzzism and Its Key iji) 

Keccnt College Entrnnre y-.esiions :;n 

Anstrers to smiie ro 

Civil Service Ksauis., with Q. and A . 2.U0 

1001 Quest, and Avn f:crics 
Eleven vols,, 50 cents each 
Arlth.. Test Examples Arith., JCneli=li Grnm , c,v<\'j , 
U. S. Hist., Geu. Hist., Natural PiiJIo;:.. Pliv.-i.doL'y 
and Hygiene, Botany. J'eiKlins and f)rthCfT;;i>li , 
Theory arid Practice of Teacliins. 


31=33 = 35 W. 15th St. Kcv/ York C:*7 

Sclioolhoohs oj all puhJi!;l!crn at or.c cicrc 



Wholesale Produce, Etc., first Class Groceries 

{T;!;-h cash price.s paid for produce. Call and see us when in 
t.^wii. Y;)U vviil Had us on Tenth Street, North Wilkesl)()r(_). N. C. 
'Phone No. 79. 



Published at \\'ilkesboro, N. C Devoted to the 
Educ3tional and //j</us?r/a/ development of Wilkes 
county. Gives all the county news worth printings 
All home print. 75 cents a year. 

CHAS. M, COWLES, Publisher. 


The Farmers Implement Company 



"We carry only the best in stock, and sell at the lowest price 
possible. Give us a call 

J. S. Cranor, H. A. Cranor. 




H. A. Cranor, Public Administrator for Wilkes County. 


Nice line of drugs, patent medicines, tobac- 
co, toilet articles and stationery at 

The White Drug Company 

Wilkesboro, N. C. 

Hotel Building. Phone No. 51. 

The Chronicle 

R, A. DEALf Editor and Publisher. 

Wilkesboro, N. C. 

Largest local circulation of any paper in the County. Best 
advertising medium in this section. Devoted to local matters and 
the upbuilding of Wilkes and surrounding counties, industrially, 
educationally and morally. Sucscription, $1 per year. Advertis- 
ing rates reaionble. Subscribe at once. 





$8.00 COTTS MAGAZINE $8.00 

For the tirst time Poe's complete ' 
works bave been gathered together 
in a form worthy of their great author, 
and yet at a price within ihe reach 
of all hook h)vers. Thit^ new 

Edition de Luxe, just from the 
press, is complete in every way. No 
lime or expense has been spared 
which would add to its excellence 
and beauty. _ • - 

Complete in eight volumes: Stoutly bound in cloth, with gilt 
tops, and covers stamped in j^-old. 

Beautifully illustrated with Twenty-Four full-page photo- 
gravures, besides portraits of famous authors included in the criti- 

^ ^ Limited Subscription Offer. 

Send us 50 cents to-day, with your full name, and shipping direc- 
tions, and we will at once ship vou (fully prepaid and safely boxed) 
a set of POE'S CQMPLETE WORKS, and enter your name for a 
two years' subscription to Lippincott's Monthly Magazine. Every 
month we will mail you a convenient and safe coin carrier, in which 
you will send us 50 cents, until you have paid $8.00 in all, the 
special price for the eight superb volumes and the two ynars' sub- 
scription to LIPPINrOTT'S MAGAZINE. If you are already a 
subscriber, you may have yuur subscription extended for two years, 
or you may send the Magazine to a friend. 

Lippincotfs Monthly Magazine, 

227-231 South Sixth St., PHILADELPHIA. 


* ' 

The Union School Library 

Consists of a number of voliim-js of the great mastyr-pieces of 
literature, embracing History, Biography, Travel, Poetry, Fiction, 
etc. The books are uniform in s'ze, are very strongly and durably 
bound in half Russia leather, and are printed froai large n«w type 
on the best quality of book jnper. Besides being profusely illus- 
trated each book contains an illustrated title page. The manufac- 
ture of these books is far superior to any heretofore made. Write 
for special literature. 

Books, Maps, Globes- Charts, Diction iries. 
School Supplies, Schoo* Furniture- 
Bookcases, etc. 

Write for catalogue and descriptive matter of our New Uni\er- 
sal Dictionary (just issued from the press). 
Live Representatives wanted in all sections. 

Union School Furnishing Co. 

211-213 East Madison Street 
Mention Vaile's Directory : : CHICAGO, ILLINOIS. 


Til at Fascinating Series of Keadei's 

Has been recently placed on the authorized 
li^t by the School Boards of 

^iw York, PMladeli 

Fo!- circulars, address 
B. F. JoI'^EiiSOiiL F^blisiiing Co,, 



(Jnlv dailv in Noilh Carolina with 10,000 circulation. 


For mure than a generation has been the orthodox exponent 
uf Democratic principles and Democratic policies. It is, for most 
disciples of Jefferson in North Carolina. 

TKe Den^ocra-tie Bible. 

It stands steadfast in earnest supp<jrt of Democratic candi 
dates from Constable to President. 



Best advertising medium in North Carolina. Circulates in 
every county and township. Send for rates. Address, 


Raleigh, N. C. 


Bryce'8 Scliool Histori of Tlie 


";"o other text-book on the history of the Unit- 
ed k:t-2tes meets the requirements of Southern 
schools better than this book by Mr. Bruce, whose 
schnhirship and experience as a writer have ren'lor- 
ed him especially fitted for tliis work. The hook is 
written in an attractive stylt- which make^ the nar- 
rative clear, interesting and concise; emphasis is laid 
upon the great event^^ The tone is always moderate; 
and political issues are ; tate«l dispassioiiati'Iy an 1 
without })itterness. In short it presents a faithful 
and impartial narrative, with full recognition of 
Southern views. 

Prof. S. C, Mitchell, Eichiimnd, Va.: 

Bruce's History is an admirable booU — -fair 
interesting, teaciiable, tinely conceived and ex- 

AMERICAN BOOK CO., New Yoik City. 


Old and Reliable as the Town 
Are A. M. Church & Sons 

The old reliable firm is still in business at the same stand. 
Prices right on up-to-date goods. We humlily solicit your pat- 
ronage and invite you to make our place your headquarters when 
in town. We will take pleasure in showing you our stock of goods, 
which consists of everything carried in an up-to-date store. 

A7/SS Cranor carries the /atest millinery 
line from ttie fashion oenters. 

If you have any to sell it will pay you to see us, for we al- 
ways pay the highest cash price, and will treat you right on in- 

North Wilkesboro, N. C. 

To All Patrons 

And Teachers 

Of the Public Schools of Wilkes county I extend a most hearty 
welcome to visit my store, where you will find the lowest prices, 
bait quality and neatest and largest stock in the county, consist- 
ing of Dress Goods, Clothing, Shoes, Hats, Laces, Embroideries, 
Hardware, Crockery, Groceries of all kinds, in fact any thing you 

Bring me your Cash, Cross-Ties, Locust Pins and Country Pro- 

Yours as ever, 

Clarence Call, 

North Wilkesboro, North Carolina. 



Interferes n'iih }u;.l' basint'.^s, then quit your I'.usiness luuii A'oa 
have qr.eriched y(iur thirst hy tlrinkinfj.' S' me e-f the 

Forester Grocery Company's High Grade Brverr.^es. 

They are universally acknowle'l^e 1 to bt> the !;(Mt on tht' niai'kel. 
whicn is proven ny the increased demand from all ijarts of o::r tf.T- 
ritory. Other fa':torio:3 are tryi]i,o; tc imitit(> our jj,n()ds, l:pcaas> 
they also recoo-nize the quality. 

Koca Nola, Red Rock Ginger Ale, Beerine, I'drch P.ecr. Lt:;av>-- 
berry, Brany Soda, C^ream Suda. Ginger Ale, Jveriion .loda, Lemon 
Sour, Orange Phosphate, (Jherry Phosphate. Chocolate, Raspert, 
Plain Soda, Blood Orange, Sarsaparilla, Iron-Brew and Peach Mel- 
low, a variety of choice flavors sufficient to suit everybody's tasto 
and are equal in body, richness and purity. 

Drink to your health and the health of your friends, that you 
may all live long and pros])er. 

We also handle oranges Lemons and Bananas and will pay the 
highest cash prices for all kinds of country produce. 

Yours very truly. 

The Forester Grocery Go/s Bottling V7orks, 
North Wiikesboro, North Carolina. 


■ed Stoff audi Heavy 





are never captured by him who is careless in dress — thej^ always 
go to the man with a smile on his face and a faultless coat on his 

"ALLEN-MADE" CLOTHES coax a smile to your face and com- 
mendation to other people's eyes — they are an open-sesame to the 
world's good graces. 

Prices $6.50 to $L"..00. 

J. T. 

& Co. 

North WiSkesboro, N. C. 







Just from the press. This great book contains the beautiful 
new songs, "Mother, Home and Heaven," "The Drunkard's Lone 
Child," "The Mother's Goodbye," etc., etc. 

One copy to any address, 25c. 

Specimen pages free. Write to-day. 


Hyde's New Two Book Course in English, the Natural 
System of Vertical Writing, Heath's Readers and Thon:p- 
son's New United State? History. 

Reports recently received from North Carolina 
indicate that a great majority of the teaching liody of 
tko state handsomely endorse the Hyde hooks and the 
Natural System of Vertical Writing, and wish f.n- their 
retention. Doubtless the members of the Stake Hoard 
and the Suli-comniission will lie glad to receive informa- 
tion from the teachers of the State aH) their i)rerer_Mice,^ 
for books. 

- Heath's Readt;rs have been tried by eminent teaciieri 

in North ('arolina and ajijiroved. 

Walsh's Arithmetics have been approved. Correspond- 
ence with reference to these publication, is invite;!. 


D. C. Heath & Company 

225 Fourth Avenue, New York. Ail ant a, Ga. 


Absolutely Free! 

The Greatest Preniiiiiii ever Olfeied ! !<'ree to those wJio buy 

$50.00 worth of goods from us by Dec 1st, 1906. Ask for Coupons, 

G. V. RENFRaW dc CO , North Wllkesboro, N. C. 

V. D. Forester = North 
Wilkesboro, N. C 

A fresh new fine of Heavy and Fancy 
Groceries, Feed Stuff 

The nicest line of Candies in town. Location: Forester GrO' 
eery Co. Building. 

Oh Say, Why Don't You 

Stop at Smithey's Hotel? 

"The Strangers Home.'' Wilkesboro, N. C. The largest and he>t 
Motel in north western North Carolina. Special rates to coanty 
people. We would be pleased to see you. 

N. B. SMITHEY, Prop. 
Register for dinner at the hotel and your name will appear in 
all the county papers. 


The name of our Church Hook indicates much of 
its contents, and we feel that tne many years spent 
in diligent search for the old ami substantial sonj/.v 
were not in vain, for these son,i;,'s possess the same 
old-time power as when they were chanted witli hap- 
hy hearts by our fathers and motiiers. These im- 
mortalized songs are jiroving a great blessing to tlie 
churches now using them. Many of the songs hare 
been hatided down from generation to!i 
and to-day they are being sung with greater results 
than ever l)efore. 


Have been before the public but a short while, an 1 the c glith c !'- 
tion has been made and sold. We are shipping: thr-^ hiok ovor 
more than thirty different states, an! it i.= fa-;t grov/iug in popul ii-- 

We have for a Si in lied tinic 


From 50 cents to 35 cents per copy; $5.60 t > $3.(5 jjer tljz 3a pre- 
paid, or $3.00 not prepaid/ If you have not seen this bn;)k oen 1 
for 35 cents a copy. Every family should have a copy. 

PubHshed in Both Round and Chatacter ^otcs 

J. B. VAUGllA^s, ATin:NH, 


We will give one dozen books for selling six dozen. 


'. \ 





The Postal 

New Excellent Features, 

First-class in material and wurkmanshiYj. 

Use universal key board — writes 84- characters. 

Sample construction — fewest parts. • ■ i* 

Alignment positive and permanent. 

Extra great manifuklin;^ power. 

Unexcelled for mimeograph stencil cutting. 

Inked by ribbon, as in $10(J machines. 

Visible writing — no carriage to lift. 

Style of type changed if desired in few seconds. 

Light, easily carried — weigh only 10 and one-half pounds. 

The lovv^est priced practical typewriter. 

Every machine fully guaranteed. 

Why pay $100 for a typewriter when the Postal which will do 
just the same work as well, as easily and as quickly, will cost you 
only $25. 

Why tie up that $75,00 where you derive no benefit from it. 



Norwalk. Conn. 






ESTABr^lSHKO 1892. 

Bank of North Wilkesboro 


Capital Stock, $25,000 00. Surplus Fund. $12,000 00 Assets, Over, $225, coo oo 

Comparative Statement Show 

Ing Growth of Bank During 

Past Ten Years. 

JULY 31sT 1896. 
Surplus and profits, $ 1,401 81 

Deposits, 37,046 52 

Total resources, 59,133 40 

JULY 3 1st 1901. 
Surplus and profits, $ 3,629 00 

Deposits, 82,006 05 

Total resources, 115,402 30 

JULY 3 1st 1906. 
Surplus profit, $ 13,753 46 

Deposits, 188,178 53 

Total resources, 252,161 76 

This bank is condufted alon^ coiiservativf liiu'.«, and is pii^piiri-d to fmn i^h 
liberal accommoriations tocustomers. Wo cordially invii ■■ you lo op'M .111 
Account with u.s. 

J. E. FiNLEY, Pres. A. A. Finley, Vice-Pres. R. W. ( Iwyn, ( 'sli'r. 

^J9 TKe Ptiblisiiers Of ^ 


Have been tr}^!!;]^ to gwe i) the people of t!io "i>tiU' 
of Wilkes" and the adjoining counties general reading 
iuatter, the requirements of a Christian and {irogrcsgivc 

This paper is printed ever.y Friday, makin?; it so that 
all of its readers will get it not later than Saturday. It is 
the largest paper, all home print, printed in the coiintv. 
For $1.00 you can get all the County anl State news oncp 
a week for a year. 

Job Ptlntinga 

In this department are made Letter Head?, Bill Heads, 
Statements, Blank Receipt Books of all kinds. 

We invite subscription and patronage of advertisers. 

Will be glad to send sample copy of or.r paper to any 
one who will send us their name and address. 

W. E. & R. B. PHARR, Public he- 

Hardware Leaders. 

The E. L. Hart Co. will tell it if you will read a little. They 
will make you smile when you goinandthey make you prices. They 
carry everything that is carried in a first-class Hardware f-tore: 
Stoves, Wilson's Steel Heaters. Horse Shoes, Nails, Ox Shoes, all 
Kinds of Paints and Oils. 

Oliver Chilled Plows. Superior Grain Drills. 

Guns, Pistols, Cartridges, Loaded Shells, Powder, Glassware, 
Crockery, and all kinds of Pyrlor and Dining Room Lamps. All 
kinds of Saws, both Circular, Cross-cut and Hand Saws, all kinds of 

If you want anything in the Hardware Line be sure and see 


North "WilResboro, N. C. 

James W. McNeill 

Attorney and Counsellor at Law 

(ienei'al practice before the State auJ Kederal Courts, Spef^ial 
facilities for commercial business and negotiation ot loans,- 
VVilkesboro, N. C. 

The Only, Only Things Handled 

Are Heavy and F&ncy Groceries and Feed Stuff. 

In an age of specialties, 
I am making a specialty of 
these things. Call Phone 182 

Located in Forester (Irocery Co. Building, North Wilkesbore. N. C. 

J. M. Edwards, 


Appalachian Training 

Boone,' - - N. C. ' t 

Fall Term open^ v^eptemlfpi-'itii.' lOi'ifl. ^: ;.. 

Courses iu'o offered in nuisic. BusiiK ss, 

Normar Methods and College PrepuMtorv. 

Tuition is from $2.00 to $2.50 per montli. 

Board in Dormitories for women $(> (HI jxi 

month. Men get board for $7.50 to $8.00 per 

month, i Address, ■■ -• 

Secretary of the Faculty. 

3 Carofrns Sfate Library 

Bargain Store! 

Brino; us your pro.luce and let us ^11 .you your groceries. 
Our line is' complete, all fresh, clean stock. Come in and see us 
and get our prices. We will do our best to please you. 

Instructive, Interesting" 

"(Enrrfrt iEn9ltslj--l|out to Baf 3It" 

A moiithlv miit;a/iiu^ dn dted to the use cf Kimlish 

Partial Contents. 

Course in (irammar; How to Increase One's Vocabulary; The 
Art of Conversation; vShall and Will, Should and Would, How to Use 
Them. Pronunciations (Century Dictionary); Correct English in 

.the Home; C'ljirerc Kiiglisli in the Sehool; What to say and wh.^t no to say: 
Course iii IiStter-writiu? aiitl Punctuatioti; Alphabetic list of Ahlireivlattons ; 
Business tlnglish for Bii Iness Men ; Compound words; how to write tliem; 
Studies in Euulish Iii ernture. A;^ents wanted. .'fl.dO a vear. Send 1(» cents 

for single i-oipv. ("ORIIP'^CT K XGLISH. Evaiiston, III. 



Read the Advertisements 
Patronize our Patrons. 


J. C. H1^]NRY'S 
North Wilkesboro, N. C, 

Is ll)p ])1;h;'c to buy youi* Dry Good^, Notion.-s 
S)io»-s. Thiwarc. (rl;»ss\v;ii-c. Stoneware and 
ircavv Gi"0('('ri<'s. 

Dry Gonrls: Bleached anl unbleached domestic, bed ticks, 
overall cloth, whitf and brown linen, India Linen, Lancaster apron 
Gincjham, &c. 

[S'oiions. Dress shirts, work shirts, shirts for men and boys, 
i-Didcrwear for m<^n, women and children, nice line of hosiery, 
pockit books, harps, etc. 

Shoes: We have a strong line of shoes for men, women and 
children, including the famous Elkin line and other good lines. i.\ll 
at Rock Lottom prices. 

Tinware: We have a complete line of Tinware: dish pans, 
wash p.ans, pudding pans, milk pans, dippers. Graduated quart 
cups, pint and one-half pint cup, oil cans, etc. 

Enamelled'Ware: Nice line enamelled-ware: Dish pans, 
stew kettles, dippers, pudding pans, milk pans, water kettles, and 
coffee pots etc. 

We have on hand a car load of stoneware made 
at Akron, Ohio; churns to six gallons, with stone lids, 
cream jars 2 to 6 gallons, butter jars 1 to 6 gallons, 1 
and 1 half and 2-gaIlon pitchers; 1-half, 1, 2and3-gallon 
crocks. 1 and 2-gallon preserve jar with cover. Flower 
pots, chambers, etc. Churns, jars, etc., 10c gal. PitcherslS 
and 20 cent; jugs 12 and 1-haIf cts. a gal. 

Heavy Groceries 

Hay, Corn, Chop, Cotton Seed Meal and Hulls, Champion and 
Honest Flour is the best. 



During the Past Five Years Every Full 
Course PEELE Graduate Has Been 
Placed With K'esponsible Firms 
Within less Than Forty- 
Eihgt Hours After Re- 
ceiving His Di- 

Steam Heat. Filtered Water. Elevator. Electric Lights. 
Modern Improvements. 


GC 379.75682 W682r 


Wilkes County (N.C.). Board of Education 
Annual report of the public scfiools of W 

3 3091 00201 9917 





^ Syrocoso, N. Y. 

'^Z Stockton, Colif. 





Wilkes Uo., N. C. Board of Education 

Report of the public schools of Wilkes 

f / ^