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( 1 




I a 









For the Year 1883. 







t M I 

/■ ?' 



V w 


I. \ 


No. 28. 


Januab? 11, 1883. 




University of the State of New Yoek, 
Office of the Regents, ex-6fficio Teustbes of the 
State Library, Albany, January 12, 1883. 

To the Legislature : 

I have the honor to transmit the Sixty-fifth Annual Report of 
the Trustees of the State Library, as required by law. 


Cham^cellor of the University. 

/ * 





HENRY R. PIERSON, LL.D., Chancellor of the University. 
GEORGE W. CLINTON, LL.D., Vioe-Chanoellor. 
DAVID B. HILL, Lieutenant-Governor, . . 

JOSEPH B. C ARR, Secretary of State, ^ ^^^" 

NEIL GILMOUR, Supt. of Public Instruction. 









DAVID MURRAY, Ph.D., LL.D., Secreta/ry, 
DANIEL J. PRATT, Ph.D., Asmtant-Secretary. 

Stomdmg Com/niittee on the State Lihra/ry. 
REV. DR. UPSON, Chairman, 



Library Staf for 1882. 

HENRY A. HOMES, LL.D., LibraHan of the General Library. 
STEPHEN B. GBISWOLD, Lffxrarian of the Law Library, 
GEORGE R. HOWELL, Assistant Librarian, 
FRANKLIN OLCOTT, Assistant Librarian, 
; BERTHOLD PERNOW, Clerk in charge of Historical Documents, 
HARRY E. GRISWOLD, Assistant in the Law Litrra/ry, 
JAMES R. BOYNTON, As»i8tant and Janitor, 

GEORGE W. CLINTON, LL.D., Editor of the Clinton Papers. 



Report of the Trustees of the State Library 7 


1. Report of George W. Clinton, Editor of the Clinton Papers 10 

2. Report of the Librarian of the General Library 5 

3. Report of the Librarian of the Law Library 19 

4. List of Publications received by Donation or Exchange during 1882. . . 21 

6. Additions to the General Library 51 

6. Additions to the Law Library * ^ 124 



To the Honor able the Legislature of the State of New York : 

The trustees of the State Library respectfully present to the 
Legislature as required by law this their Sixty-fifth Annual Report. 

The additions to the library (^uring the year ending December 31, 
1882, are shown in the following statement : 

At the close of the year 1881 : volumes. 

In the general library 83, 4Y4 

In the law library 33, 226 

Total 116, 700 

Added during the yeaf 1882 : 

To the general library 1, 653 

To the law library. . '. 953 

Total 2, 606 

At the close of the year 1882 : 

In the general library 1 . . . 86, 027 

In the law library 34, 179 

Total 119, 206 

Of the additions to the library acquired by purchase 1, 395 

Acquired by donation or exchange 1, 111 

Total 2, 606 

For the details of the additions to the library the trustees refer 
the Legislature to the list of books and pamphlets received by dona- 
tion or exchange during the year 1882, and the catalogue of addi- 
tions which are appended to the report. 

The trustees also herewith transmit the reports made to them by 
the librarians of the general apd law .libraries, giving full particulars 

8 [Assembly 

as to the progress and present condition of the collections under 
their care. These reports will show how much has been accom- 
plished with the means placed at the disposal of the trustees. The 
library has grown to be. one of the most valuable and useful 
in the. country, and it has become so by an expenditure so limited 
as to be quite disproportionate to its value. During the past 
two years the trustees have felt very plainly the inadequacy 
•-of the appropriation for the support of the library. It is 
found impossible in the law department to keep the tables sup- 
plied with the important periodicals which the courts and the law- 
yers call for. In the special lines in which it has been found 
expedient to develop the general library, the "material constantly 
offering far exceeds the means afforded for purchase. Not only has 
the material in these lines become more abundant, but its cost has 
greatly advanced. 

• A supplement to the subject-index of the general library published 
in 1872, which has been for some time in preparation, has been issued 
during the past year. It forms a volume of 414 pages, and it is 
believed will add. greatly to the utility of collection. A correspond- 
ing supplement is in preparation to the catalogue of the law library 
which it is hoped will be completed during the coming year. 

• Under laws enacted at various times, the remainders of the edi- 
tions of the several volumes of the documentary and colonial his- 
tories have been handed over to the Regents of the University for 
the purposes of literary exchange. It is believed that all who by 
any law or right were entitled to these volumes by free distribution 
have been supplied, and that what remain may now be used for the 
benefit of the library. The editions of many of the volumes are 
completely exhausted, and it is no longer possible to make up sets. 
Under these circumstances the trustees have deemed it their duty to 
transfer the entire remaining stock of these volumes to the library 
to form a part of its duplicates, and to be sold or exchanged for its 
benefit under the laws relating thereto. In making this transfer of 
course the rights of those who may still have a legal claim for vol- 
umes of the set have been protected. 

The trustees call the attention of the Legislature to the report 
herewith transmitted of the Honorable George W. Clinton, who 
by appointment of the trustees is engaged upon the work of index- 
ing and editing the Clinton papers. Most satisfactory progress has 
been made during the year, and the value and interest of the collec- 
tion of papers become more apparent as the work progresses. The 
trustees respectfully commend the work to the fostering care of the 
Legislature, and can give the fullest assurance that the material 
which is thus prepared for publication will prove of the utmost his- 
torical interest. 

The historical documents transferred to the custody of the trustees 
of the State Library by chapter 120 of the Laws of 1881, have been 
continued during tne past year in the special charge of Mr. Berthold 
Fernow. They still remain in one of the rooms of the State hall. 

No. 28.] 9 

When the library is transferred to its new quarters in the eapitol, 
the documents will then be consolidated with the other collections. 
Chapter 295 of the Laws of 1882 provided that the commissioners 
of the eapitol should prepare plans for the proper accommodation of 
the State Library, and should submit such plans to the trutitees of 
the library for their approval. These plans were prepared accord- 
ingly and submitted, and after mjiture consideration and the intro- 
duction of suargested luodifications, were duly approved. They pro- 
vide quarters for the library on the west front of the building where 
it is believed it will have ample room not only for its present 
wants but for its legitimate increase. 

The staff of the library has continued without change up to the 
end of the year and will be found prefixed to this report. 

Respectfully submitted, 


David Mubeay, 




By Geoboe W. Clinton. ..:. ^ 

To the Regents of the University : 

The undersigned, to whom was committed the duty of indexing 
and editing the George Cliiaton Papers, etc., is sorry to be compelled 
to report that, with his utmost diligence, he has been able only to 
extract from the Clinton papers full materials for the body of the 
•Index, excepting only assured notes of the contents of two ancient 
Dutch documents, one Spanish and two or three French letters. 
Prof. Pearson, of Union College, has kindlj^ consented to furnish 
translations of the Dutch documents, and translations of the Spanish 
and of the French letters can easily be procured. The by no means 
inconsiderable task of verifying and correcting these memoranda 
and of forming from them a compact but very full index of this 
large collection of papers, remains to be performed. The contents 
of these papers are very various, but, in the main, they present the 
chiefest items of the history of our State during the whole period 
of the war of the Revolution, with innumeruus events and incidents 
which general history is itnable to record, V)ut which tend strongly 
to bring before us the character of our then people and inform us 
of their intelligence and love of liberty. They are permeated by the 
spirit of those dreadful times, and are full of those touches of na- 
ture which make the whole world kin. Not one of the thirteen 
States was an equal sniFerer with New York, and not one was more 
noble in suflPering, or more active, persistent and efficient in devo- 
tion to the common cause. Despoiled of her chief city and cut oft 
from communication with the sea at almost the beginning of the 
war, she was subjected almost continually to invasions from the 
north and from the south so bloody and unsparing that loyalty fal- 
tered in her north east, and Schenectady, near the close of the war, 
became her frontier post uporf the west. From all sides to the very 
centre of the territory that was left to her, and from within herself 
she was harassed by the depredations of organized bands of toiy 
robbers. Surely the wisdom and stern virtues of our people which, 
amid such instant and appalling dangers "plucked the flower safety," 
and the unfailing alacrity with which they guarded the passes of 
the Highlands, whose capture by the enemy might well have pro- 
duced a fatal issue of the war, deserve to be recorded in their uji 
nutest proofs and incidents. These papers embody many suclr 
proofs and incidents, and I doubt not throw light upon the charac- 
ters and histories. of actors, conspicuous and inconspicuous, in that 
eventfuj war. It is not for me to judge the men who were service- 
able to our country in those times, They were an outgrowth of the 

[Assembly No. 28.] 11 

people and consonant with them in spirit. History establishes the 
fact that, with very few if any exceptions, no people has been res- 
cued from oppression, or elevated in the scale of nations, save by 
their own action. In their need they have invoked — I may say 
created — the heroes and the sages who, with their support and the 
blessing of Almighty God, vindicated their rights and led them up- 

The Index, when completed, ought to be clearly engrossed and 
kept with the papers — every item of information in which it will 
make easily accessible. It will be very voluminous, and I can see 
at present no special good to flow from printing it. But it will be, 
if it prove to be such an one as I ain aiming to make it, an essential 
aid in attaining the end the Legislature had in view in providing for 
its preparation. It is indispensable to the easy and thorough exam- 
ination of this very large and miscellaneous collection, for the pur- 
pose of selecting from it such matter as it is desirable to publish, 
and in preparing an index for that selection. That the collection 
does contain a very large number of papers worthy of publication I 
am persuaded. 

It consists of some few private and professional business papers 
of George Clinton, which, so far as they show current prices, the 
habits and customs of the people, the manners and business methods 
of the times, and are connected with his personal history, are of 
some vahie ; of some few purely family and friendly letters, and 
three or four from Du Simitiere, of Philadelphia, a man of science 
and a would-be historian of America, and these have for me at least 
some interest ; of George Clinton's correspondence touching all the 
incidents and movements of the war, and all the great subjects of 

Solicy and government which had to be considered and acted upon 
uring and immediately subsequent to the war, such as the defenses 
of the Highlands, rebelling and returning the assaults of the 
enemy, the embargo of our grain and cattle and applying them to 
the support of the Continental army, the crippling and banishment 
of enemies of the country, the prevention and punishment of illicit 
intercourse with the enemy, the repression of crimes and enforce- 
ment of law, the extradition of fugitives from justice, the finances 
and government of the State and the expedients, often strained be- 
yond plain justice, to enable it to meet the requisitions of the Fed- 
eral Congress, the conduct of the customs before the Constitution 
of the United States was adopted, the defects of the articles of 
confederation, the merits of the Constitution as proposed and the 
need of its amendment when adopted, and the dangerous and im- 
politic secrecy of the Senate of the United States, in short almost 
every thing in which the interests of the people and the honor and 
safety of the State and nation were or were supposed to be involved. 
Then, too, it embraces a portion of George Clinton's correspondence 
with Genet, with the French Consuls in New York city, with our 
own government and ^ith Monroe during a portion of the French 


12 [Assembly 

Revolution. It is no part of my humble duty, in my employment, 
to characterize men or measures, but you will excuse me in remarking 
that this correspondence here gives me great pleasure by satisfying 
me, beyond a question, that George Clinton and his compeers, what- 
ever may have been their errors, were always advocates of the right 
of the people to govern and uncomprising asserters of the dignity 
ot tlie State. The papers also comprise a large number of copies 
of the acts of Congress during and shortly after the war, and some 
of the acts of our Legislature. These, of course, though proper 
and in8tructive in their places among the papers, are mere material 
for connective notes and will form no part of the matter selected for 

I regret to find that here and there a gap occurs in this correspond- 
ence The correspondence during the Prench Revolution, and the 
trampling upon our rights and the embarrassment of our commerce 
during the war that followed its outbreak, is meagre. Letters from 
or to George Clinton are occasionally missing. True it is that in a 
large majority of cases, the substantial contents of the missing let- 
ters is made clearly manifest by the answer to it, but the letters 
themselves are, in almost every case, desirable, and in some few in 
stances are necessary to a certain undeirstanding of the allusions or 
answers to them. Then again we have only the drafts of George 
Clinton's letters, and they are by no means infrequently clouded 
with erasures and interlineations and difficult to decipher ; and I 
need not say that the letters themselves, as sent, would be more 
satisfactory. I have given so much time as I could, without neglect 
of my immediate duty to the index, to the identification of localities, 
persons and events named and referred to in this correspondence, 
and to inquiry as to the sources from which the State may freely ob- 
tain the missing letters and the original letters of George Clinton, 
and so place this correspondence in as full and perfect a condition as 
possible. Our excellent librarian, Mr. Homes, has collected some 
materials for a supplemental volume ; Horatio Seymour has given 
the Library a valuable document towards it, and similar gifts may 
reasonably be expected. Some of the letters we desire have un- 
doubtedly been published, and I propose to ascertain what ones have 
been and when and where. Many others, with documents and 
papers which ought properly to be with this collection, are in the 
possession of collectors of autographs; some are in the stores ac- 
cessible or inaccessible for use, of our historical societies ; many are 
treasured by descendants of their recipients, whose descendants will 
neither value nor care for them ; many are lying in garrets and out- 
houses intermixed with business and other papers which have lost 
their uses. It is very much to be desired that our people should 
search these depositories and consider whether public spirit does not 
require that they should give to the State Library such of these 
desiderata as they have in their control, so that these relics and 
proofs of the honorable estimation of their ancestors may be assured 

No. 28.] 13 

perpetual preservation for public itse. The State has entered npon 
the task of collecting these disjecta membra of its history and of 
the lives of its worthy citizens, and surely every worthy citizen will 
willingly contribute his or her aid. 

My study of these papers has inspired me with the hope that 
among the many who can and will readily supply the deficiencies I 
have indicated and enrich these collections, are the descendants of 
the following learned men and families of George Clinton's time: 

I must undoubtedly have omitted many names in the following 
list with which an imperfect memory, which 1 have no time to 
refresh, supplies me on the instant. Allison, Benson, Clinton (in- 
cluding Sir Henry), Colden, Cantine, Du Simitiere (Philadel- 
phia), JDuane, Duer, DeWitt, Fish, Fonda, Gelston, Hawkins, Hay 
(especially Col. Udnev), Livingston, Lush, Malcom, McClaghry, 
Morris, Monroe, Mifflin, (Thomas, Gov. of Feun.), McKesson, 
Schuyler, Scott, Tappen, Tallmadge, Tayler, Yarick (Richard, 
Mayor, etc.), Van Cortlandt, Van Kensselaer, Van Wyck, Van 
Home, Adjutant-General, 

Would that the press would give its influence and exert its power 
in favor of the donations to the State of these relics of our 

The documents involving our State history, so far as the State has 
them, are properly preserved, arranged and cared for. The State 
has been justly liberal in calendaring them and in publishing with 
indexes a large number, but very many remain unpublished and un- 
indexed, though accessible. From the commencement of George 
Clinton's incumbency of the governorship down to John Jay's as- 
sumption of the office, the proper distribution and custody of State 
papers among the various State officers does not appear to have been 
settled. At least I infer so from the fact that a large number of 
returns and which would seem to belong to the Legislature and to 
the Adjutant-General's and other State officers' departments, are 
found among these papers. If they turn out to be mere duplicates, 
there will, of course, be no need of publishing them : if any are 
necessary to the full history of any department of the government, 
a minute of them ought to be filed in that department. Indeed, if 
such documents be scattered, it would seem to be desirable to cata- 
logue them for each department. 

I have avoided touching upon many particular contents of these 

Eapers which seem to me full of interest, but I will be excused, I 
ope, for stating that it was a grateful surprise to me to find one or 
more of the Vermont leaders whose astute policy was deemed to 
approach if not to reach treason, corresponding amicably with 
George Clinton, after the final recognition of the independence of 
that State, and to see its university in the attitude of a petitioner to 
New York for a grant of land; — that it was a surprise not alto- 
gether pleasant to find Brant admitted to what I will call a qualified 
iriendship by George Clinton, and serving the State and the Ignited 

14 [Abbembly No. 28.] 

States for a consideration, and so dwindling from the fiendish, the 
heroic, the romantic, to a common-place mortality ; — and that it was 
very painful to see the harmony with which onr statesmen and our 
warriors were animated while achieving our independence, changing 
into that spirit of distrust and hate which made our earlier politics 
ferocious. But then it is very cheering to see, however dimly, that 
God did educe good from evil ; to feel that the miseries and reverses 
which our forefathers endured so gallantly prepared the way for the 
adoption of the Constitution of the United States and made its 
amendment imperative. Indeed, the whole course of our history, 
from the first planting of the Netherlands down to our happy day, 
ought to strengthen our gratitude to Almighty God, and confirm 
our humble hope that, in all the exigencies of its future, He will 
continue His favor to our country, raise up men fitted for the times, 
and make its liberty eternal. 

Albany, January 11, 1883. 


To the Regents of the University^ Trustees of the State Library : 

The number of volumes in the State Library at the close of the 
year 18S2 is 119,206, of which 85,027 volumes" are in the General 
Library, showing an increase in that department of the moderate 
number of 1,553 volumes. 

The most expensive of these additions to this department have 
been, as in the previous year, the histories of the counties in the 
States of the Union both at the east and west; they continue to be 
published with great frequency. The number of volumes relating 
to events in the Civil war of 1861 to 1865 has received large addi- 
tions during the past year, the histories of the action of towns, 
regiments, companies and individuals continuing to be published 
to the end of the year. The volumes in the library relating to the 
subject are over one thousand. We have had no opportunity as yet 
to count the large number of pamphlets connected with the subject 
which we possess. In consequence of the necessity of securing by 
purchase such works as these of the two classes mentioned, and the 
payment of the sums due on subscriptions to annual periodicals for 
Doth departments of the library, the sum remaining for purchases, 
especially approved of by the trustees in their ordinances of 1879, 
is very small. Almost nothing can be economized for the purchase 
of books of general reference. To make this remainder oi money 
bring in the largest number of books at the least expense, greater 
parsimonionsness has to be exercised than would be used by tne ma- 
jority of private collectors of libraries. 

By means of special requests by letter, three hundred and fifty- 
six eulogies delivered on occasion of the death of President Garfield 
have been collected and arranged in fifteen volumes. Copies oi 
newspapers to the number of 400, giving accounts of his death and 
funeral ceremonies, have been collected and bound in six volumes 

A donation has been made to the library by Vice-CMiancellor 
George W. Clinton of a valuable collection of twenty-six bound 
volumes of uncommon and rare pamphlets. Purchases have been 
made during the year of very interesting additions to the library's 
collection of Clinton manuscripts; most of them being of an earlier 
date than any we formerly possessed. Our previous earliest date 
was the year 1768. Rev. Dr. Maunsel Yan Rensselaer, of Geneva, 
has given to the library about forty-five manuscripts, letters, deeds, 
etc., of dates ranging from the year 1662 to 1706. The library has 
been so fortunate as to secure a copy of the aqua-tint engraving, 
made in New York city in the year 1780, representing the pi^sage 


of Major Andre from the sloop of war Vulture towards a landing 
in Haverstraw bay on the Hudson river. The engraving was made 
from a pen-sketch m^de by Andre himself while imprisoned. The 
engraving is exceedingly rare ; it has now been hung over the frame 
which contains the papers found upon Andre when captured. The 
library has not been so fortunate as to have acquired possession of 
the Gov. Tompkins manuscripts, the purchase of which the trustees 
. unqualifiedly recommended to the Legislature. Dr. Murray, the 
secretary, appeared with me before the Hnance committee of the 
Senate, and the purchase was warmly recommended, but the com- 
mittee did not report in favor of the purchase. 

The shelving in the library for many years past has been so in- 
adequate to receive the annual additions of books that repeated ad- 
ditions of new shelving have had to be made in every available 
space. For two years })ast unsuccessful efforts have been made to 
obtain a room in the new capitol for the storage of duplicates and 
of such books as are least in demand. Within two months con- 
siderable space has been secured in the room in the new capitol 
occupied by Vice-Chancellor Clinton, in which we have piled up 
many hundreds of volumes of old files of newspapers which had 
been lying upon the floors of the two galleries. In those galleries 
we have built cases of plain unpainted boards, with shelves wide 
enough for four rows deep of books on each shelf, which we think 
will hold over nine thousand volumes, at a cost of less than two 
hundred dollars. By this device we shall be relieved of much em- 
barrassment, although we still shall need a room in the new capitol 
for the accommodation of our duplicates and our stock of books for 
exchanges, which are now chiefly in the old capitol. As the old 
capitol will be torn down before rooms are ready for the State library 
in the new capitol, it is desirable that through the trustees, tempor- 
ary accommodation should be sought for these in some room not 
otherwise appropriated. 

The book- binder who has been employed in the library for fifteen 
years past having left our employment, we are having our binding 
executed by the difterent binders of the city for the past few 
months. Sufficient time has not elapsed to show whether it costs 
the institution more to obtain the same results than it cost when we 
employed a binder; but it is plain that the convenience and saving 
of time to the librarians are considerable when a binder is employed 
in the building. 

The volume forming the first supplement subject-index to the 
contents of the books added to the General Library during the last 
ten years after having been completed, printed and bound, was 
brought into use in the library about the first of November, and 
forms a volume of over 400 pages. If the same amount of analysis 
and classification could have been applied to the contents of the library 
as it existed in 1872, the subject-index of that year instead of filling 
a vollme of 600 pages would have filled a volume of 2,000 pages. 



No 28.] 17 

The titles in this supplement, brief as they are, are more full and 
contain more information for the student than did those in the index 
of 1872. A more full account of the character of the volume and * 
of the pains taken to make it useful, will be found in the preface 
to the book. 

The trustees are aware that a large volume of three thousand 
closely printed columns has just been issued from the press with the 
title of Poolers Index to Periodical LUeraUire^ bein^ an index to 
the subjects of a literary and public character discussed in the Eng- 
lish and American literary periodicals chiefly of the last one hundred 
ye^rs down to the year 1882. This has been done with the co-opera- 
tion of the librarians of fifty libraries in this country and England, 
and they have indexed the subjects treated of in 205 different 
periodicals. It will be a gratifying fact to the trustees to learn that 
the State library in both of its departments already possesses' more 
than three-quarters of the periodicals indexed in this work, while 
those which it possesses are generally the most important ones on 
the list. In anticipation of the demand which would arise for the 
purchase of sets of these periodicals when this great work should 
appear, I have been anxious to secure speedily such as we had not 
upon our shelves ; and T have lately obtained from England and in 
this country additions of important sets of reviews and magazines 
for this portion of our library. 

Looking forward to the time which is gradually approaching when 
the library will have been deposited in its new home on the west 
side of the capitol, I have the feelinff that the library should hence- 
forward be administered on a basis oi fresh regulations, which should 
be conformed to such principles as are the result of the greatly en- 
larged experiences in connection with libraries of all classes, and 
with our State 'library in particular, during the last thirty years. 
The whole body of the new regulations to be drawn up should be 
so complete ana untrammeled that it would be necessary to disre- 
gard the State laws by which the library was regulated before its 
transfer to the care of the Regents of the University. Although 
the legislature has given the trustees the power to make all needful 
regulations for the library, yet the regulations existing previous to 
the transfer have rarely been repealed. As no regulation adopted, 
which would be inconsistent with a statute, would set it aside, and 
as there, are statutes which would conflict with such modes of using 
the library as are desirable, it would be necessary to secure the re- 
peal of ail such statutes simultaneously with the adoption of a new 
code of rules. 

One of the chief embarrassments in devising and applying regula- 
tions for the use of the State library, which has been pre-emmently a 
reference library for researches within its walls, is the desire to 
obtain books from its shelves for home use. Much which is now 
allowed and tolerated under certain forms, and which is desirable in 

[Assem. Doc No. 28.] 3 

18 [Assembly, No. 28.] 

many respects, is without any specific authority under the laws or 
the regulations. 

Hoping next year to submit to the trustees the^lan of a new set 
of rules, 1 desire previously to put upon paper some thoughts for 
their consideration of a new departure witn respect to the State 
library, and without their opinion on my proposal previously ex- 
pl*essedj it would be impossible for me to draft a consistent body of 
rules. I would suggest that a certain sum of money be expended 
every year, commencing with five hundred dollars for the first year, 
to be used for the purchase of books for a circulating library for the 
use of all the officers of the government at the capitol with their 
families. During four months of the year there are three hundred 
clerks in the service of the State at the capitol, and more than half 
of that number continue in Albany during the, whole year. These 
clerks also many of them have their families with them. If these 
persons have privileges in using the library extended to them, it 
will be to them a boon of great utility, and be welcomed by them 
as a great resource for their leisure hours. The value of the library 
in the estimation of the community would be greatly enhanced. 

If a certain portion of the library were made thus easily accessible 
for general circulation with members of the Legislature, State offi- 
cers and clerks, it seems to me that the remainder of the library 
might more properly be treated as specifically a library of books of 
reference which were never to be taken out of the library without 
special precautionary rules. It would no longer be necessary to 
have the provision giving the Legislature, the courts and the trustees 
a poorly defined right to draw books from the library, which really 
excepts from that privilege more than two-thirds of the works in 
the library. Then all concerned could freely draw books from the 
circulating portion of the library, while some of the books in the 
specific reference portion might be drawn for use in the capitol, or 
on the deposit of twice the money value or other similar provisions. 
I could enlarge much upon this new proposed scheme, but am satis- 
fied to leave it at this point for the consideration of the trustees 
without further remark. 

KespectfuUy submitted, 



To the Regents of the University of the State of New York : 

The law department of the library has been increased during the 
year 1882 by the addition of 953 volumes. The additions nave 
been principally continuations of American and British reports, 
statutes, law periodicals and standard elementary works. 

The use of the books in this department of the library has been 

freater than that of any previous year. More than the usual num- 
er T)f volumes have been delivered to the judges of the Court of 
Appeals and to the various State officers, for temporary use in the 
discharge of their respective official duties. 

The assistant in the Law Library has prepared a general index to 
the collection of 786 volumes of cases and points in causes heard in 
the Court of Appeals of this State from 1847 to 1882. This collec- 
tion is in daily use, and with the aid of the index the papers in any 
cause may be readily found. 

The preparation of the subject-index catalogue authorized by 
chapter 306 of the Laws of 1881, has so far progressed that it will 
be ready for the printer in the course of the summer of the present 
year, and will embrace all the treatises, reports and periodicals con- 
tained in the law department at the close of the year 1882. 

Respectfully submitted, 


Lihra/rian of the La/w lAJbra/ry. 
State Library, Albany, Jwa. 6, 1882. 







From Foreign Countries. 


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d. histor. CI., XVI, 1. 4°. 

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math. CI., 1881, 2-4; 1882, 1.. 8°. 

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Tomi rV, pars 4. S*'. 

^22 [Assembly 


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V. 8°. 
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. La ViUe de Verviers, 
Expos6 de la situation de la Ville de Verviers, 1880, 1881. 8°. 


No. 28.] 23 

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Jahresbericht der 1880-81. 8°. 


Cobden Ohibj London. 

England under free trade ; by G. W. Medley. 12°. 
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M [Assembly 


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Ho. 28.1 id 


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Konmhlyke BibliotheelCj ^sGravenhage. 

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[Assem. Doc. No. 28.] 4 

26 [AsSBBfBLT 


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Colombia, Peru y Bolivia. 14 v. 4**. 


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2 v. 8^. 


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No. 88.] 27 

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New York, — Pennsylvania, — New Jersey, Ohio and Indiana, 
— Michigan and Wisconsin, — Illinois, Iowa and Missouri, — 
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38 [AssBKBLr 


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3v. 4°. 

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In 1 V. 8°. ' 

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No. as.] 89 

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12 1. 8^ 
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V. 8^ 


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80 [AsssicdLT 

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Iv. 8°. 


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New Hampshire. 

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New Jersey. 

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New Mexico. 

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City of New York. 

The City Record, from Oct. 1, 1881, to Sept. 30, 1882. 4 v. f^ 

No, 28.] 81 

North Ca/rolma, 

• North Carolina reports. Vols. 86, 86. Raleigh, 1882* 2 v. S*'. 


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• 6v. 8°. 

Ohio statistics, for 1880, 1881. (2 copies of 1881.) 3 v. 8**. 
Ohio agricultural report, for 1880, 1881. (2 copies of 1881.) 3 v. 

Ohio railroad report for 1880. 8'*. 
Ohio school report for. 1881. (2 copies.) 2 v, 8°. 
Report of the auditor of Ohio, 1881. (2 copies.) 2 v. .8°. 
8t. Clair papers. (2 copies.) 4 v. 8°. 


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City of Providence. 

Documents of the city of Providence, for 1881. 8*^. 

Rhode Island. 

Public statistics of R. L, 1882. 8^. 

Acts, resolves and reports of R. I., 1881-82. In 1 v. 8®. 

R. I. manual, 1881-82. 8°. 

South Ca/roli/na. 

South Carolina reports. Vol. 15. Jersey City, 1882. 8®. 
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Lea's reports. Vols. 4-8. Nashville, 1881-82. 5 v. 8^ 

Baxter's reports. Vol. 9. Nashville, 1881. 8**. 

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3v. 8^ 

House and senate journals and appendix of Tenn., reg. and ex. ses- 
sions of 1881, and ex. session of 1882. 7 v. 8^. 


Texas reports. Vol. 55. St. Louis, 1882. 8^. 

Texas court of appeals reports. Vols. 10-12. St. Louis, 1881-82. 

3 V. 8°. 
General laws of Texas, ex. sess. of 1882. 8°. 



Vermont reports. Vol. 53. Montpelier, 1881. 8*^. 
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Revised laws of Vt. relating to taxation, etc. 8°. 

Statutes of Washington territory, 1881. 8^. 

West Virginia. 
West Virginia reports. Vols. 17, 18. Wheeling, 1881-82. 2 v.- 



Wisconsin reports. Vols. 52-54. Chicago, 1881-82. 3 v. 8"". 

Laws of Wis., 1882. ^ 8°. 

Senate and assembly journals, 1882. 2 v. 8^. 

Governor^fi message and accom. documents of Wis., 1882. 2 v. 8^ 

Oity of Worcester y Mass. 

James A. Garfield : memorial observances in the city of Worcester, , 
■ 1881. 8^ 

From Corporations and Institntions, Literary^ Scientific^ Be- 

ncYolent^ etc. 

Academy of Nature^ Sciences of PTiila.^ Pa. 
Proceedings of 1881, no. 3 ; 1882, nos. 1, 2. 8^ 

Academ/y of Science of St. Louisy Mo. 
Transactions of . . .» . Vol. 4, no. 2. 8**, 

American Academy of Arts and Sciences. 
Proceedings of Vol. 9, new series. 8**. 

Am,eriean Antiquarian Society. 
Proceedings of . . . .Vol, 1, no. 3 ; vol. 2, no. 1, 

Amerioa/n Bamk Note Compcmy. 

One engraving, viz. : Memorial vignette of the centennial exhibi- 
tion of 1876. 

Nine specimens of engraved designs of the Arms of New York, 
down to 1875. 

American Bar Association. 

Report of the fourth annual meeting. : . .1881* 8°. 

American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions. 

The Missionary Herald for 1882. 8°. 
Annual report .... 1882. 8°. 

American Colonization Society. 

Five pamphlets relating to the society, 1881-82. 8*^. 

American Geographical Society. 

Journal of . . . . Vols. 11, 12, 13. 3 v. 8°. 
Bulletin of 1881, nos. 2-6 ; 1882, no. 1. 8**. 

No. 28.] 83 

Americmv Home Missiona/ry Society. 

The Home Missionary. Vol. 54, nos. 8-12 ; vol. 55, nos. 1-8. 8°. 

American Museum of NaVwral History, 

Annual report 1882. 8°. 

Bulletin of. . . .Vol. 1, nos. 1-2. 8°. 

America/a Philological Association. 
Proceedings of 1882. 8*". 

ATnerican Philosophicai^^ Society. 
Proceedings of. .^ . .Nos. 109, 110, 111. 8"*. 

Andover Theological Semma/ry. 
Catalogue of.... 1881-82. 8^ 

Apprenticed Libran^^ New York city. 
Supp't to catalogue of 1874 ; additions, 1874-81. 8**. 

Avhwm Theological Serm/na/ry. 
Catalogues of. . . .for various years, 1856-1880. (1^.) 

Boa/rd of Comrniissio^iers of the Oeologioal Survey of Perm- 


Reports of the second geological survey of Pennsylvania, viz. : C 6, 
M 3. 2 V. 8^ 

Boa/rd of Education of city of New York. 

Journal of for 1881. 8°. 

Annual report. . . .for 1881. 8°. 
Manual of .... for 1882. 16"*. 
Directory of.... for 1882. 16^ 

Boa/rd of Public Instruction of ATJbamy^ N. T. 
Proceedings of ... . Vol. 7, 1879-81. 8^. 

Boan'd of Public Instruction of Brooldyn, N Y. 
Annual report .... 1881. 8®. 

Boston Ath^nomm. 
Catalogue of the library of . . . . Vol. 5. 8°. 

Boston CUty Hospital. 

MedicaLand surgical reports of. 3d series. 8°. 

Annual report 1881-82. 8°. ' 

Boston P^'iUc Libra/ry. 

Annual report 1882. 8**. 

Bulletins of.... 1881-3. 8° 

Boston Society of Natwral History. 

Proceedings of Vol. 20, part 4 ; vol. 21, parts 1-3. 8**. 

Memoirs of ... . Vol. 3, nos. 4, 5. 4^. 

Bowdovn OoUegej Brunswick^ Me. 

Catalogus coUegii Bowdoinensis, 1881. 8®. 

[Assem. Doc. No. 28.] 5 





♦ . ' 



< . I I • I 

i-:^;V.';.?: •v• 
t . 




■ y 





Catalogue of 1881-82. 8\ 

Longfellow memorial address, by Rev. D. R. Goodwin, D.D., July 
12, 1882. 8°. 

Brookline Public Libra/ryj Mass, 

Annual report 1882. 8®. 

Catalogue of supp't, 1873-81. 8°. 

Buffalo Society of Na;tural Sciences. 
Bulletin of Vol. 4, nos. 2, 3. 8^. 

Cayuga County Historical Society ^ If. Y. 
Collections of . . . . No. 2. 8®. 

Chamber of Corrvmerce of N. Y. 
Annual report for 1881-82. 8''. 

GhaHtahle Irish Society of Boston^ Mass. 
Constitution and by-laws, 1876. * 12°. 

Chicago Historical Society. 
Collections of ... • Vol. 1. 8®. 

Chicago La/vo Institute. 
Catalogue of library of. . . .1881. 8®. 

Christian IntelMgencer Association. 
The Christian Intelligencer for 1882. f °. 

Cincinnati Public Zdbrary. 
Bulletin of books added .... during 1881. sm. f °. 

Connecticut Academy of Arts amd Sciences. 
Transactions of. . . . Vol. 4, no. 2; vol. 5, nos. 1, 2. 8°. 

Da/oervport Academy of Na;tu/ral Sciences. 
Proceedings of. . . . Vol. 3, nos. 1, 2. 8°. 

Dayton Public Library y Ohio. 
Report of board of education of Dayton, 1880-1. 8*^. 

Drury College^ Springfieldy Mo. I 

Catalogues of . . . , 1876-6, 1881-2. 8°. 

Edison Electric Light Go.y New Yo7*h city^ 

Bulletins of the Edison Electric Light Co., nos. 1-12. 12 pamph. 
^ 8°. 

Essex Institute^ Salem^ Mass. 

Bulletin of . . . Vol. 13, nos. 10-12 ; vol. 14, nos. 1-6. 8^ 
Historical collections .... Vol. 18, nos, 10-12 ; vol. 19, nos. 1-6. 8®. 

Fire Depa/rtment of City of New York. 

Annual report .... 1881. 8®. 

Fletcher Free Libra/ryy Burlington^ Vt. 

Annual report. . . . 1882. 8°. 

Life in camp, by J. C. Williams. 12° . 




No. 28.] 


In memoriara : Dr. S. W. Thayer. 8*^. 

FrcmkUn iThsUtute^ PhUaddphia^ Pa. 
Journal of Vols.^ 83, 84. 2 -v. 8°. 

Friends Free Uhra/ry^ Oermcmtownj Pa. 
Annual report .... 1882. 8^ 

General Synod of the Reformed Church im, America. 
Acts and proceedings. .. .1882. 8®. • 

Har'oa/rd Unwerdin/\f Cambridge^ Mass. 

Annual reports .... 1880-81. 8®. 
Bulletin oi Vol. 2, no. 8, 8''. 

Ha/verhHZ PuhUo IMra/ry^ Mass. 

Annual report .... 1881. 8*. ; 

IndianajpoUs Pvblio lAhra/ry. 

Report .... for 1880-81. 8*=* 

Manual of Indianapolis public schools, 1881-2. 12®. 

Lihra/ry Company of Philadelphia^ Pa. 
Bulletin of Nos! 8, 9, 10. 8®. 

Litchfield Oiservatory^ CUnto7iy N. 7.. 
Celestial charts. Nos. 1-20. 

Long Islcmd Historical Society. 

Proceedings of 1882. 8®. 

Recent additions to library of . . . . 1881. 8®. 

Massachibsetts Historical Society. 

Collections of Vols. 7, 8. 2 v. 8®. 

- Massachusetts State Boa/rd of Health. 
Annual report .... 1882. 8®. 

Massachusetts State lAhra/ry. 
Report of the librarian, 1881. 8"*. 

Medical Society of Covmly of Albany^ N. Y. 
The Medical Annals. Vol. 2, nos. 10-12 ; vol. 3, nos. 1-11. 8°. 

Mercamiile IMra/ry of New Fork city. 
Annual report 1882. 8°. 

Mercantile Libra/ry of Philadelphia^ Pa. 
Annual report 1882. 8°. 

Mercantile lAhra/ry of St. Louis^ Mo. 
Annual report. . . . 1882. 8**. 

Mvnnesota Academy of Nalural Sciences. 
Bulletin of ... . Vol. 2, nos. 2, 3. 8''. 

Missionary Society of the Protestant ^Episcopal Church. 
Reports of committees, etc .... 1881-82. 8°. 

'\ ; 



Missouri HistoHodl Society of St. Louis. 
Publications of Nos. 5, 6. 8°. 

Missowri State I/ibra/ry. 
Catalogue of 1881. S"". 

Missouri State University. 
Eeport and catalogue of 1881-82. 8°. * 

Museum of Gom/paratime Zoology^ Cambridge^ Mas^. 

Bulletin of Vol. VI., nos. 8-11; vol. TX., nos. 1-8; vol. X., 

no. 1. 8^ 
Memoirs of Vol. VII., no. 2 (pt. 2), 3 ; vol. IX., no. 1. 4°. 

National Association of Wool Mam^ufad/arers. 
Bulletin of .... Vol. 11. 8^ 

New Engla/nd Ma/nuf. and Mechanics^ Instil/u/te. 
Catalogaesof annual fairs 1881, 1882. 8®. 

New Jersey Historical Society. 
New Jersey archives. Vols. 4, 5. 2 v. 8®. 

New York Acad&iny of Sciences. 

Annals of Vol. 2, nos. 7, 8. 8*. 

Transactions of Vol. 1, nos. 2-4, 6-8. 8®. 

• New York Bible Society. 

, Annual report 1882. 8*. 

New York City Mission and Tract Society. 
Annual report 1881. 8®. 

New York Historical Society. 
Collections of for 1878. 8"*. 

New York State Agricultural Society. 
Annual report 1882. 8®. 

New York State Bar Association. 
Reports of Vol. 5, 1881. 8 '^. 

New York State Dairymen^s Association. 
Annual report 1881. 8®. 

New York Society for Preventio7i of Cruelty to Children. 
Annual report. . . .1881. 8°. 

Nv/mismatic a/nd Antiqybo/ria/a Society of Philadelphia^ Pa. 

Proceedings of for 1881. 8*^. 

The books of Chilan Balam ; by D. G. Brinton, M. D. 8^. 

Oregon Stale Medical Society. 
Proceedings of 1882. %"". 

Philadelphia College of Pharmacy. 
Annual report.... 1881-82. 8^ 



No. 28.] 37 "^ 

Promdertoe PvblAo IMra/ry^ R. L 
Annual report 1881. 8*^. 

Retreat for the Inacme. Hartford^ Comi. 
Annual report 1882. 8®. 

^St. Loms Pti^Uo School Zibrary. ' • 

Bulletin of ... . Nos. 19-21. 8"*. 

Sa^ Frcmcisco Free Public Ubra/ry. 
Catalogue of 1882. 8°. 

Taunton Public Libra/n/j Mass. 
Annual report 1881. 8°. 

Trustees of the Peahody EdMcation Fund. 
Proceedings of Vol. 2. 8°. 

Tufts College^ Boston^ Mass. 

Catalogue of 1881-82. 8^ 

Annual report 1^80-81. 8"*. 

Unwersit/y of Mmnesota. 

Ninth and tenth annual reports of the geological and natural history 
survey of Minn., for 1880, 1881. 2 v. 8°. / 

Western Reserve amd N. Ohio Historical Society. ' 
Proceedings of 14th annual meeting. . . .1882. 8°. 

Wisconsim, Academy of Sciences^ Arts and Letters. 
Transactions of . . . . Vol. 5. 8°. 

Wisconsim, State Boa/rd of GhariMes amd Reform. 
Annual report 1881. 8°. 

Wisconsin State Historical Society. 

Wis. blue book for 1882. 8°. 

Report of the Wis. state board of supervision, 1881. 8*^. 

Report of Wis. state librarian, 1881. 8°. 

Wis. agricultural report, 1880-81. 8°. 

Report of Wis. dairymen's association, 1881. 8°. 

Wis. railroad report, 1881. 8°. 

Worcester Free Pvhlic Lihra/ry^ Mass. 
Annual report .... 1881. 8°. 

Worcester Society of Antiquity. 
Proceedings of Nos. 16-17. 8°. 

Yale College^ New Haven^ Conn. 

Catalogue of ... . 1882-83. 8°. 

Yale college in 1882. 8°. 

Obituary record, 1882. 8°. 

Pres. Porter's discourse on Mr. J. E. Sheffield, 1882. 8''. 

Toung MerCs Association of Buffalo^ N. Y. 
Annual report • • • . 1882. 8^. 

38 [Abbbhblt 

, G.A.of the JJ. 8. and Oanada. 

of.... 1882-83. 8°. ' 


/". Acker, Albany, N. Y. 

:b of grand lodge of Knighta of Pjthiae of N. Y., 1880, 
1 paniph, 8°, 

Anderson, Ga/rmA, N. Y. 

B of tbe board of supervisors of the county of Fntnam, 
. 8°. ' 

< P. Andrews, Saratoga Sprmffs, If. Y. 
ts of John Porter, of Windsor, Conn., 1882. 8°. 
B. Anthony, Rochester, N. Y. 
woman suffrage, by Mrs. E. 0. Stanton and others. Vol. 

Isaac N. Arnold, Vhicago, lU. 

!)gden, and early days in Chicago; by Hon. Isaac N. 

Bacon, Atlanta, Oa. 
;he railroad commieeion of the state of Georgia, Oct. 15, 


Bain, Washington, D. C. 
of tbe library of the dep't of the interior. Wash., 1881. 

, Bfiker, CobleaUll, N. Y. 

js of the board of sapervisors of the eonnty of Schoharie, 

. 8°. 

8 tfe Brothers, Albany, N. Y. 

of law books, published or for sale by : New York, 1882. 

el L. M. Barlow, New York di/y. 

Columbus. New York, 1865. 8°. 

?. Beatiys, foughkeepsie, N. Y. 

r& of the board of supervisors of the county of Dutchess, 

. 8°. 

Berryma/n, Madison, Wis. 

the state librarian of Wis., 1881. 8°. 

ircuit and county courts of Wis., 1879, 8". 

'. Bourne, WiUeU, N. Y. 

^ of the board of supervisors of the county of Cortland, 

No. 28.] 


^ . * * 

James It. Boyntonj Alhamy^ N. Y. 
Masonic directory for Albany and Greenbush, 1882. 18°. 

Hon. J. 0. Brevoorty BrooTdA/n^ N. Y. 
W^t Indische Spieghel, door A. Inga. Amst., 1624. sm. 4®. 

Rm. WiUiam Henry Broohs^ S. T. D. Hcmover^ Mass. 
A memorial of St. Andrews Church, Scituate, Mass., 1730-1810, 8®. 

Mrs. JoJm Carter Brown^ Providence^ R. I. 

Catalogue of books relating to North and South America in the 
library of the late John Carter Brown, of Providence, E. I. Part 
II, 1600-1700. 2d ed.,.with notes by J. E. Bartlett. Provi- 
dence, 1882. 8**. 

George Bruc^s Son cfe Co.^ New York city. 

Specimens of printing types made at Bruce's N. Y. type foundry. 
New. York, 1882. 4^. 

K N. Brush, M. D., Utica, N. Y. 
Review of the trial of Ohas. J. Guiteau. 8°. 

K B. Cadley, BrooUyn, N. Y. 
Proceedings of the board of supervisors of the county of Kings, 
for 1881.' 8°. 

P. H. Can/n, Schenectady, N. Y. 

Proceedings of the board of supervisors of the county of Schenectady, 
for 1881. 8^ 

T. a GaJUcot, AWam^y, N. Y 

A collection of miscellaneous pamphlets, chiefly Albany city 
doc's. (25.) 

Thomas H. Cam,field, Burlington, Vt. 

Journal of convention of the Prot. Episcopal Church, diocese of 
Vt., 1882. 8°. 

J. A. CavanoAigh, Troy, N. Y. 
Proceedings of the board of supervisors of the county of Bensse- 
laer, for 1881. 8*". 

l^ram^ D. OlarJc, New York city. 
Stevenson's regiment in California, 1847-8. N. Y., 1882. 8°. 

M. H. Cla/rk, Ehna, N. Y. 

Proceedings of the board of supervisors of the county of Erie, for 
1881. 8 . 

Maj. H. W. Clarke, Syracuse, N. Y. 

Proceedings of the board of supervisors of the county of Onondaga, 
for 1881. 8°. 

Prof. George H. Cook, New Brunswick, N. J. 

Annual report of the state geologist of N. J., 1881. 8°. 

A topographical map of a part of northern New Jersey. 1882. 





1 ^^^^ 

Hon. Alomo B. Cornell^ Albany^ N. Y. 

Public papers of Gov. A. B. Cornell, 1880, 1881. In 1 v. 8°: 
New York city directory, 1881-82. 8°. 
Brooklyn city directory, 1881^82. S"". 

T. D. CornweUy Washington^ D. G. 

Memorial of Hon. E. W. Farr, 1880. 8^. 
Poore's cong. directory, December 11, 1882. 8**. 

liefo. Olwer Orcme^ Morristown^ N, J. 

Eecord of the class of 1845 of Tale college. New York, 1881. 8°. 

T. H. Cra/oen^ Albany^ N. Y. 

Proceedings of the board of supervisors of the county of Albany, 
for 1881. 8°. 

T. H. OroAJoford^ Portland^ Oregon. 

Annual report of public schools of city of Portland, 1882. ' 8®. 

J. B. Ouah/mcm^ TJtica^ N. Y.. 

Proceedings of the board of supervisors of the county of Oneida, for 
1881. 8^ 

J. G. DaUony Boston^ Mass. 

Lyra Bicyclica : forty poets on the wheel. By J. G. Dalton. 12**. 

Hon. Chanjmcey M. Depew^ New York city. 

Garfield memorial address, Sept. 26, 1881, by Hon. 0. M. Depew. 

Aliment of Hon. C. M. Depew on railroad commission bills, 

March 9, 1882. 8°. 
Addresses before the convention of the Psi Upsilon societies of the 

TJ. S., and the Columbia college law school, 1882, by HOn. 0. M. 

Depew. 2 pamph. 8**. 

George Dexter , Boston, Mass. 
Belknap's journal of a tour from Boston to Oneida, June, 1796. 8°. 

WHMam D. Dickermwny Albany , N. Y. - 

Annual report of the city registrar of Albany, 1882. 8°. 

Thomas Dickson, Soranton, Pa. 

Annual report of the Delaware & Hudson Canal Co., 1825 to 1880. 
1 vol. and 8 pamph. 8°. 

Samtisl Dv/nham, LitUe Valley, N. Y. 

Proceedings of the board of supervisors of the county of Cattaraugus, 
for 1881. 8^ 

B&o. WiUidmi Dura^t, Morristown, N. J. 

Two discourses on death of President Garfield, and a thanksgiving 
^ sermon, by Rev. E. A. Lawrence. 3 pamph. 8°. 

Hon. 8. B. Dutcher^i Alhamy, N. Y. 

Annual report of the superintendent of public works, for 1881. 8^. 

No. 28.] 41 ~ ' "- ; 

B. J. Egleetm^ Flaibush^ N. T. 
Kings Co. Eural and Brighton Gazette for 1882. f°. 

R&o. William £, Mgenbrodt^ D.D.y Nefw York city. 
Journal of the 98th convention of the Protestant Episcopal church 
in the diocese of N. Y., 1881. 8°. 

Alfred L, Ehjoyn^ M. i?., Philadelphia^ Pa. 
Letters by Washington and others, written to John Langdon. Phila., 

1880. 8^. 

W.^G. Eh/, EaM Worcester, N. T. 

Proceedings of the board of supervisors of the county of Otsego, for 

1881. 8^, 

James A. Emmerton, M. D., Salem, Mass. 

Materials toward a genealogy of the Emmerton family. By J. A. 
Emmerton, M. D., 1881. 8**. 

non. Damd Dudley Field, New York dty. 

Projet d'un code international, par David Dudlej^ Field. Traduit 

de r Anglais, par A. Rolin. Paris, 1881. 8*^. 
Outlines of an international code. 2d ed. By David Dudley Field. 

New York, 1876. 8^ 

Charles H. Fisher, M. D., Providence, R. L 

U. I. registration report, for 1880. 8®. 

Annual report of the state board of health of R. I., 1881. 8^. 

Hon. C. J. Folger, Washvagton, D. G. 

Annual report of the secretary of the treasury,, 1882. 8**. 

A. A. Foote, MorrisviUe, N. Y. 

Proceedings of the board of supervisors of the county of Madison, 
for 1881. 8^ 

Stilhnam, Foote, Ogdensburgh, N. Y. 

Proceedings of the board of supervisors of the county of St. Law- 
rence, for 1881. S*". 

W. H, Fry, Wells, N. Y 

Proceedings of the board of supervisors of the county of Hamilton, 
for 1881. 8°. 

M. Gauthier - Villa/rs, Pa/ris, France. 

M^moires de' m6t6orologie dynamique, par £. Loomis. Paris, 

1880. 8 • 

O. B. Glezen, Owego, N. Y. 

Proceedings of the board of supervisors of the county of Tioga, for 

1881. 8 . 

mf. R. Glover, Oxford, N. Y. 

Proceedings of the board of supervisors of the county of Chenango, 
lor lool. o • 

[Afisem. Doc. No. 28.] 6 

42 [Assembly 

01 T, OoodHch^ Newburgh^ H. Y. 

Proceedings of the board of supervisors of the county, of Orange, 
for 1881. 8°. 

S, G. GouM, Manchester, N. H. 

Manchester city documents, 1881. 8°. 

Proceedings oi the grand lodge of I. O. O. F. of New Hampshire, 
1882 ; also proceedings of 3ie grand encampment, 1882. 8°. 

Scmiuel A. Green, M. D., Boston, Mass. 

Garfield memorisd from city of Boston, 1881. 8°. 

Boston records, 1660-1701. 8°. 

Mayor Green's inaugural address, Jan. 2, 1882. 8°. 

Boston city directory, 1881. 8°. • 

Boston municipal register, 1882. 8°. 

Boston health report, 1881-82. 8*^. 

Boston school report, 1881. 8°. 

Banquet to W. P. Gregg, June 7, 1882. 8°. 

Re-dedication of the old state house, at Boston, July 11, 1882. 8°. 

Second report of the Boston record com'rs. 2d ed. 8°. 

Wayside gleanings for leisure moments. Cambridge, 1882. 4°. 

A collection of miscellaneous pamphlets. (69). 

Samuel 8. Green, Worcester, Mass. 

Eulogy upon the life, character and services of James Abram Gar- 
field, by Hon. Geo. F. Hoar, December 30, 1881. 8°. 

A. Gridley, Penn Yan, N. Y. 

Proceedings ot the board of supervisors of the county of Yates, for 
1881. 8^ 

H. E. Griswold, Alha/ny, N. Y. 
How to shine in society. 12°. , " . 

8. B. Griswold, Albany, N. Y. 
Fifty miscellatlieous pamphlets. 

W. M. Griswold, Washington, D. G. 
Q. P. Indexes, no. X. 8°. 

Estate of Robert 8. Hale, EUzahethtown, N. Y. 

Merrill's history of Amesbury. Haverhill, 1880. 8"". 
Genealogy of John Poore, 1615-1880. Salem, 1881. 4**. 
J. 8. Baring, Oram^geburgh, N. Y. 

Proceedings of the board of supervisors of the county of Rockland, 
for 1881. 8°. 

B. F. HoAJoes, Oakfield, N. Y. 

Proceedings of the board of supervisors of the county of Genesee, 

for 1881. 8^ • 

R&o. Cha/rles Hawley, D. D., Avhurn, N. Y. 

Addresses before the Cayuga county .historical society, 1881-82 ; by 
Charles Hawley, D.D. 8°. 

No. 28.] 


H, O, Henderson^ Westchester^ N. Y, 

Proceedings of the board of supervisors of the county of Westchester, 
for 1881. 8°. 

' Q. D, Henry ^ Johnstown^ N. T. 

Proceedings of the board of supervisors- of the county of Fulton, for 

1881. 8^ 

J, H, HiclcGoXy Washington^ D, Q, 

The National Republican, 1880-81, 1881-82. 2 v. f^ 
Annual report of the U. S. comV of agriculture for 1880. 8°. 

E, J. HiU^ Chicago^ lU. 
Hill's Illinois cases and citations. Chicago, 1882. 8**. 

Rev, J. Hooper^ Lebwnoih Springs^ N. Y, 
Historical address, October 27, 1882, by Rev. J. Hooper. 8°. 

M. W. ffutehins, Malone, N, Y. 

PVoceedings of the board of supervisors of the county of Franklin, 
for 1881. 8*. 

C. E. JameSy Fra/nhforty Ky. 

A short history of Franklin county, Ky. By C. E. James. (3 

copies.) 8°. 

E. H. JenneVj Jamestown^ N. Y. 

Proceedings of the board of supJervisors of the county of 
Chautauqua, for 1881. 8°. 

C. M. Johnsorhy Port Ridhmond^ N. Y, 

Prbceedings of the board of supervisors of the county of Rich- 
mond, for 1880, 1881. * 8"*. 

Hon. John Jay Knox^ Washington^ D. C. 

Annual reports of the comptroller of the currency, 1877, 1881, 

1882. 3 V. 8*^. 

J. E. Krafty Kingston^ N. Y, 

Proceedings of the board of supervisors of the county of Ulster, 
for 1881. 8°. 

e/. S. Juombertson^ Fairfield^ N, Y. 

Proceedings of the board of supervisors of the county of Herkimer, 

for 1881. 8^ 

Vatharvne Ga/nsevoort Lansing^ Albany, N, Y. 
Harwood on naval courts-martial. 8*^. 

D. S. Zathrop, Albany, N. Y. 

Forty-five reports of railroads, and other pamphlets. 8®. 

R. R. Law, Cambridge, JV. Y. 

Proceedings of the board of supervisors of the county of Washing- 
ton, for 1881. 8°. 

44 ' [AfiSBlCBLT 

Hon. Wm, L. Lea/medj Albany^ N. Y. 

Hieronimns Salzedo, coinmentaria in opusc. D. Thomse Aqainas 
de regirnine principum. Franco-Furti, 1655. f°. 

Joseph Leete^ Esq,^ F, 8, /SI, London, Eng. 

The family of Leete. London, 1881. 4°. 

Mme, la Prmcesse de Lesigncmo, BruooeUea, Germany. 

Les constitutions de tons les Pays civilises, par Mme. la Princesse de ' 
Lesignano. Bnixelles, 1880. f*. 

C. Z, Lincoln, Little Valley, N. Y. 

Proceedings of the board of supervisors of the county of Cattarau- 
gus, for 1864, 1868, 1870. 8°. 

Prof. J. A. LinPner, Albcmy, N. Y. 

A new principle of protection from insect attack, by J. A. Lintner. 


W. C. LitOe & Go., Aliany, N. Y. 

Conkling on executive power and political institutions of the XJ. S. 
Albany, 1882. 12"*. 

H. 8. McCaU, AXbam^y, N. Y. 

The Christian Union, for 1881. f°. 

A. McConneU, Howard, N. Y. 

Proceedings of the board of supprvisors of the county of Steuben, 

for 1881. 8°. 

D. McDonald <& Go., Albany, N. Y. • 

Gas engineers' and supt's' pocket manual, 1883. 12°. * 

Frank V. McDonald, Son Fra/ncisco, Gal. 
Biography of Richard Hayes McDonald. Vol. 1. 4°. 

John McQovem, Ghicago, lU. 
Poems, by John McGovern, 1882. 18°. 

J. McLackla/n, Jr., Ithaca, N. Y. 

Proceedings of the board of supervisors of the county of Tomp- 
kins, for 1881. 8°. 

Prof. J. W. Maisch, PhUa., Pa. 

Journal of Pharmacy. Vol. 12. 8°. 

Hiramh Metcalf, Garmndaigua, N. Y. 

Proceedings of the board of supervisors of the county of Ontario, 
for 1881. 8°. 

J. L. MiULa/rd, Rwerhead, If. Y. 

Proceedings of the board of supervisors of the county of Suffolk, 
for 1881. 8°. 

G. A. Miller, Mt. Morris, N. Y. 

Proceedings of the board of supervisors of the county of Living- 
ston, for^lSSl. 18°.J 

*• ■•■/ "■■■■ 

. f 


Ko.28,] . ~ 4& .>. 

N. C. MoaJc^ ATba/nyy N, T. 

Gould's law catalogue, 1882. 8''. 

W. H. H. Moore^ New York diy. 

Three volumes and twelve pamphlets relating to the Geneva 
award. 8*^. 

Hon. E. D. Morgom^ New York cily. 

A sermon by Rev. 0. W. Hodge, D. D., September 25, 1881. 

(2 copies.) 8*^. 
U. S. public documents. 78 vols. 
Annual reports of N. Y. chamber of commerce. 14 vols. 

8. MosJier^ Ccmajoha/rie^ N. Y. 

Proceedings of the board of supervisors of the county of Mont- 
gomery, for 1881. 8°. 

Damd Murray^ LL. />., Albany^ N. Y. ^ 

All that glitters is not gold, by Mary J. Salter. 12*^. 

They are not dead, by T. S. Lambert, M. D. 12°. : 

Hev, F. J. Maynard^ Damenport^ la. 

Twenty-ninth convention of the Prot. Episcopal Church in diocese 
of la., 1882. 8°. 

H. E. NichoU, Fulton, N. Y. 

Proceedings of the board of supervisors of the county of Oswego, 
for 1881. 8^ 

George S. NicTwhon, EUzahethtown, N. Y. 
Proceedings of the board of supervisors of the county of Essex, for 

W. OH/ver, Rochester, N. Y. 

Proceedings of the board of supervisors of the countv of Monroe, 
for 1881. 8°. 

John OrdTonoAm, M. Z>., MosVyn, N. Y, 

Nineteen reports of the state charities aid asBociation. 8°. 

Guiteau's case, by W. R. Smith. 8°. 

The Walworth parricide. 8°. 

Reports of the state com' r in lunacy, 1874-81. 8°. 

Twenty-five miscellaneous pamphlets. 8°. 

H. D, Paine, M. D., New York city. 

Paine family records. Vol. 2, nos. 4-8. 8°. 

Ivan Pa/nin, Cambridge, Mom. 

Le developpement de la vie commercielle, indnstrielle et politique 
en Russie. Boston, 1881. 8°. 

John R. Pa/rk, Salt Lake city, Utah, 
Utah school report, 1880-81. 8^ . ^ 

' -- - ■ ' 46 [ASBBMBLY 

C. p. Patterson^ Newa/rh^ N. Y. 

Proceedings of the board of supervisors of the county of Wayne, 
for 1881. 8^ \ 

S. 8, Pehuhet <& Co,^ New York city. 
Exonerative insanity, by John A. Taylor. New York, 1882. 8°. 

Hon. E. O. Perrin^ Albany^ N, Y, 
Portraits of Sanford E. Church and E. O. Perrin. 

John S. Perry, Albany, N. Y. 

Massachusetts agricultural reports, 1856, 1868-9, 1871-2, 1874-5, 

1879-80 ; and three duplicates. 8 v. 8**. 
Massachusetts educational report, 1873. 8^. 
U. S. agricultural reports, 1876, 1877. 2 v. 8°. 

Rev. Willicmi Stevens Perry, D,D., Davenport, la. 

The Iowa Churchman, for 1882. f°. 

Argument for appellants in French v. Trustees of Griswold college, 

et al. 8° 
A collection of miscellaneous pamphlets. (7.) 

Gen. J. Watts de Peyster, Tivoli, N. Y. 

Mary, Queen of Scots. By Anchor. 1882. 8°. 

Mrs. Emily Pfeiffer, London, Eng. 

Under the aspens, lyrical and dramatic. By Emily Pfeiffer, Lon- 
don, 1882. 12°. 

Hon. E. J. Phelps, Burlington, Vt: 

Report of some members of a committee of the American bar asso- 
ciation on delays in the U. S. court. 1882. 8®. 

J. S. Pierson, New York city. 

Four volumes. 8®. 

A collection of miscellaneous pamphlets. (324.) 8**. 

. Hon. John K. Pm'ter, New York city. 

Closing speech to the jury in the Guiteau trial, by John K. Porter. 


Da/niel J. Pratt, Ph.D., Alhamy, N. Y. 

The Christian World for 1882. 8°. 
The Sunday School Times for 1881. f°. 
The Foreign Missionary, 1881-82. (14 nos.) 

Hon. 0. D. Prescott, Rome, N. T, 

The Congressional Record for 3d session of 46th congress, and special 
sessions of the senate, during 1881. 5 v. 4®. 

W. F. Ramdall, Walton, N. Y. 

Proceedings of the board of supervisors of the county of Delaware, 
for 1881. 8°. 

Charles. Reemelin, Cvnoinnati, 0. 

A critical review of American politics, by Charles Reemelin. 8^ 

No. 38.] 4Y - " V ' 

EUia H. Boberta <& Co., Utica, N. T. 
Utica Morning Herald, for 1882. T. 

S. a Eodgersj Troy, N. T. 
Proceedings of the N. Y. state stenographers' association, 1882. 8**. 

Dr. Ja/mes H. Salisbury, New York diy. 
Original investigations in diphtheria and scarlet fever, by James H. 
Salisbury, M. D., 1882. 8°. 

John W. Sanb(fm, Bata/via, N. Y. 
Legends, customs and social life of the Seneca Indians of western 
New York. By John W. Sanborn. 8^ 

a. Seabwry, Hempstead, N. Y. 

Proceedings of the board of supervisors of the county of Queens, 
for 1881. 8°. 

J. Montgomery Sears, Boston, Ma^s. 

Oatalo£;ue of the library of J. Montgomery Sears, including the 
poetical library of F. Freiligrath, Cambridge, 1882. 4°. 

Robert Sewell, New YorJc city. 

Title to the beds of lakes and ponds in the State of New York. 
By Robert Sewell 1882. 8*". 

Argument of Robert Sewell in Williams v. Western Union Tel. 

Co. and others ; also opinions of the general term of the superior 

court of city of New York in the same case, 1882. 2 pamph. 8®. 

jBon. Horatio Seymour, Utica, N. Y. 

Deed of laud in Montgomery (now Oneida Co.), N. Y., from Geo. 
Washington and Geo. Clinton to N. Griffen, dated July 22, 1790. 

Lieut.' Gen. P. H. Sheridan, Chicago, III. 

Record of engagements with hostile Indians, 1868-1882. 8®. 

J. A. Skiff, PottersviUe, N. Y. 

Proceedings of the board of supervisors of the county of Warren, 
for 1881. 8^ 

Hon. Cha/rles R. Skvrmer, Watertoum, N. Y. 
Report upon forestry. Vol. 2. By F. B. Hough. • 8°. 

Hon. W. L. Smith, Lansing, Mich. 
Historical sketches of education in Michigan, by W. L. Smith. 8°. 

E. M. Snow, M. D., Providence, R. I. 
Providence registration report, 1881. 8®. 

J. J. B. Spo&ner, Lockport, N. Y. 

Proceedings of the board of supervisors of the county of Niagara, 
for 1881. 8^ ^ -s. ^ 

J. Stevens, OreenviUe, N. Y. 

Proceedings of the board of supervisors of the county of Greene, 
for 1881. 8^ 



FtwhTc 8f;ewa/rty jiinghamtony If. T. 

Proceedings of the board of supervisors of the county of Broome, 
for 1881. 8°. 

Charles SiUlman, Alfred Centre^ N. Y. 

Proceedings of the board of supervisors of the county of Allegany, 
for 1881. 9>\ 

F. A. StoweU^ Elmiray N. Y. 

Proceedings of the board of supervisors of the county of Chemung, 
for 1881. 8». 

John A . Taylor y BrooMyriy N. Y. 
Charter and ordinances of the city of Brooklyn, 1864-1877. 8**. 

Wm. jP. Thompson^ Li/oerpool^ JEhg. 
Hand-book of patent law of all countries. 5th ed. London, 1882. 8**. 

Rev. A. Titusy Jr.^ Weymouth^ Mass. 
The Sabin family of America. By Rev. A. Titus, Jr. 8°. 

C. W. TrimpeTy HudaoUy N. Y. 

Proceedings of the board of supervisors of the county of Columbia, 
for 1881. 8^ 

P. F. Vamderheydeny Troy^ N. Y. 

Troy city directory, for 1881. 8°. 

Elias W. Yam. Voorhisy New York city. 

Notes on the ancestry of Maj. Wm. R. Van Voorhis By Elias 

W. Van Voorhis. 1881. 8^ 

.C. O. Ya/meyy AuaterlitZy N. Y. 

Proceedings of the board of supervisors of the county of Columbia, 
for 1881. 8^ 

E. L. Wage^ Albion^ N. Y. 

Proceedings of the board of supervisors of the county of Orleans, 
for 1881. 8^ 

B. H. Wordy M. i>., Tray^ N. Y. 
Proceedings of the American society of microscopists, 1881. 8**. 

Mrs, S. JR. WeUsy New York city. 
The Phrenological Journal for 1882. 2 v. 8**. 

Qyrenus Wheeler^ Jr.y Avhy/m^ N. Y. 

Inventors and inventions of Cayuga co., N. Y. By Cyrenus 
Wheeler, Jr. 8^ 

J. R. Wheeler y Fa/rmer ViUagey N. Y. 

Proceedings of the board of supervisors of the county of Seneca, 
for 1881. 8^ 

Q. W. Whitakery ZovyviUey N. Y. 

Proceedings of the board of supervisors of the county of Lewis, fo^ 
1881. 8^ 

No. 28.] 


White, Smith cfe Co,y Boston^ Mass, ' 

The Folio, for 1882. F. 

Aleoaander Wilder, M. D., Newark, N, J. 

Transactions of the national eclectic medical association, 1881-82. 
8^ ■ ' 

George H. WiUia/ms, Utioa, JV. Y. 
Williams family genealogy. 8**. 

Robert S. WiUiams, Uiioa, N, Y. 
Semi-centennial of the city of TJtica, March 1, 1882. 8°. 

Just/irh Wi/nsoT, Oamhridge, Mass. 
Massachusetts. By J. Winsor, 1882. 12"". 

[Assem. Doc. No. 28.] 7 




[The periodicals and newspapers received at the library, and recorded in 
previous reports, still continae to be received if published, even when not 
mentioned in this report.] 


Abbott, Charles 0. Primitive industry. • . .in stone, bone and clay, 

of the native races of the northern Atlantic seaboard of Anaerica. 

Salem, 1881. 8^ 
. Academic Rovale des sciences, des lettres, et des beaux-arts de 

Belgique. 'tables des memoires, 1816-78. Bruxellefi, 1858-87. 

In 1 V. 18^ 
Adams, D. The understanding reader Tenth edition. Leicester, 

Mass., 1821. 12^ 
Alabama. Annual report of the Alabama Insane Hospital at Tus- 
caloosa for 1872, 1874-76, 1878, 1880. In 1 v. 8°. 
Albany Daily State Register. September, 1850-September, 1852. 

Imperfect Albany. 3 v. f°. 
Allen, James T. Digest of agricultural implements patented in 

the United States from 1789 to July, 1881. New York, 1881. 

2v. 4^ 
American and Foreign Sabbath Union. First annual report 1844, 

2nd, 1845, 5th, 1848, 6th, 1849. Boston. In 1 v. 8°. 
American Antiquarian. A quarterly journal devoted to early 

American history, ethnology and archseologv. Ed. by Eev. S. D. 

Peet. Vol. 1, 2. 1878-80. Cleveland and Chicago. 2 v. 8°. 
American Bible Society Record. Monthh/. July, 1849-December, 

1855. New York. In 1 v. f**. 
. [2d series.] Vol. 1-25, 1857-80. New York. In 5 v. 

roy. 8°, 

52 [Assembly 

American Preacher : a collection of sermons from some pf the most 
eminen't preachers now living in the United States .... Vol. 1. 
Elizabeth town, N. J., 1791. ^ 8°. 

American Public Health Association. Reports and papers presented 
in the years 18Y3, '74-75. New York, 1875-76. In 2 v. 8°. 

American Quarterly Register. A general index to the first ten vol- 
umes from July, 1827, to Maj^, 1838. Boston, 1839. 16 p. 8*". 

American Social Science Association. Proceedings of Conference 
of charities and corrections, 1880, 1881. In 1 v. 8°. 

Amsterdam, N. Y., directories. For 1871-72. See Schenectady 
and Amsterdam directory. — For 1882-3; including tJioae of ad- 
joining villages, Amsterdam, 1882. 8°. 

Anderson, J. C. The Roman city of Uriconium at Wroxeter, 
Salop .... London, 1867. 16°. 

. Chronicles of the parish of Croyden, Surrey. (4 in 1 vol.) 

1874-79. 4^ 

Anderson, J. P. The book of British topography. A classified 
catalogue of the topographical works in the .... British Museum 
relating to Great Britain and Ireland. London, 1881. 8°. 

Andrews, H. P., and P. P. Wiggins. The descendants of John 
Porter of Winsor, Conn .... Saratoga Springs, 1882. 8°. 

Andrews, S. P., and A. F. Boyle. The complete phonographic 
class-book, containing. . . .Pitman's phonography. Second edition. 
Boston, 1846. 12°. 

Annual Register and Virginian Repository. Petersburg, 1882. 12°. 

Appalachia. The Journal of the Appalachian Mountain Club. 
Boston, 1879. 8°. 

Aquinas, Thomas, R. P. Hieronyrai Salzedo Matritensis clericorura 
rcgularium minorum . . .Commentarii et dissertationes. . . .in 
opusculum D. Thomae Doct. Angelici de regimine principum .... 
Franco-furti, 1655. f°. 

Arnold, I. N. Writings (4) collected. Chicago, 1864-82. In 1 v. 

Art Journal. New series. Vols. 5, 6, for 1879, 80. New York. 
2v. f°. _ 

Assembly's Missionary Magazine; or. Evangelical Intelligencer. 
Monthly, Vols. 1-3. 1805-7. Philadelphia. ImperfecL — 
With Israel's Advocate; or. The Restoration of the Jews con- 
templated and urged. Monthly. Vols. 3, 5. 1825, 27. New 
York. Imverfect, In 1 v. 8°. 

Association ot the bar of the city of New York. Charter, consti- 
tution. Reports, etc., 1870-76. New York. In 1 v. 8°. 

Atkinson, E. Writings (3) collected. New York and Boston, 
1880, 1882. In 1 v. 8°. 


Baccius, Andreas. De naturali vinorum, de vinis Italige et de con- 
viviis antiquorum libri septem Accessit de f actitiis ac cervisiis 

No. 28.] 53 

deque Rheni, GalHse Hispaniee, et de totius Europse vinis et de 

ornni vmorum iisu compendiaria tractatio .... Romse, 1596. f °. 
Baker, Anne E. Glossary of Northamptonshire words and phrases 

.... London, 1854. 2 v. 12°. 
Baker, W. S. The engraved portraits of Washington, with notices 

of the originals and sketches of the painters. Philadelphia, 

1880. 4°. 

Baldwin, 0. 0. The Candee genealogy, with notices of allied 
families of Allyn, Catlin, Cooke, Mallory, Newell, Norton, Pyn- 
chon and Wadsworth. Cleveland, 1882. 12°. 

Ballantyne, E. M. Black ivory. A tale of adventure among the 
slaves of East Africa. NeV York, 1873. 16°. 

Baltimore, Md. Memorial volume. . . .of the celebratiofl of the one 
hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the settlement of Baltimore, 
October 11-19, 1880 Edited by E. Spencer Baltimore, 

1881. 4°. 

Baltimore directory for 1875. Baltimore, 1875. 8°. 

Baltimore and Susquehanna Kailroad Co. Reports, 1827, 35, 36, 
42, 45, 54. In 1 v. 8°1 

Barrus, H. History of the town of Goshen, Mass.... 1761 to 
1881. With family sketches. Boston^ 1881. 8°. 

Bartlett, J. E. History of the Wanton family of Newport, R. I. 
See Ehode Island Hist. Tracts, no. 3. 

Bates, E. The doctrines of Friends. . . .commonly called Quakers. 
Second edition. Mountpleasant, 1825. 8°. 

Bates, S. P. The battle of Chancellorsville, Meadville, Pa., 1882. 

Battey, T. C. Life and adventures of a Quaker among the Indians. 
Boston, 1875. 12°. 

Bavaria: Eoyal Library at Munich. Catalogus codicum Latinorum. 
Tomus IL 1874-81. In v. 8°. 

Beeson, J. A plea for the Indians : with facts and features of the 
late war in Oregon. Third edition, ^ew York, 1858. 12°. 

Belgium. Exposition universelle de Paris, 1878. Catalogue officiel 
des oeuvres d'art, des produits de.l'industrie et de I'agriculture. 
2e Edition. Bruxelles, 1878. 12°. 

Belknap, D. The Harmonist's Companion, 1797. See Holyoke, 
S. Harmonia Americana. 

Belknap, J. Sacred poetry ; consisting of psalms and hymns, 

adapted to christian devotion Selected from th^ best authors 

A new edition. Boston, 1820. 18°. 

Bible. English. Eevised version of the New Testament .... being 
the version set forth 1611 and revised, 1881. And the au- 
thorized English version of the New Testament, with introduc- 
tion and various readings from the three most celebrated manu- 
scripts of the original Greek text. By C. Tischendorf. In / 
Parallel columns on same pages. New York, 1881. (Seaside 
library.) f°. 

54 [Assembly 

Bible. English. The New Testament being the version set 

forth 1611 . . . .revised 1881 .... Showing what is comnion to 

boih By Rufns Wendell. Albany^ 1882. 8°. 

Biblioth^que americaine, contenant des m^moires sur I'agriculture, 

le conomerce, les manufactures, les moeurs et les usages de 

1' Am^rique Par une societe de savans et d'hommes de lettres. 

Paris, 1807. 3 v. 8^ 
Biden, W. D. The history arid antiquities of. . . .Kingston -upon- 

Thames Kingston, 1852. 128 p. 8°. 

Bingham, C. The Columbian orator. Third edition. Albany, 

1811. 12°. 
Bliiis, J. H. Genealogy of the Bliss family in America from about 

the year 1560 to 1880. Boston, 1881. 8°. 
Bond, A. A discourse on the life and character of deacon Joseph 

Otis Norwich, Conn., 1856. 18°. 

Boston, Mass. The memorial history of Boston, including Suffolk 

county, Mass., 1030-1880. Edited by Justin "Winsor. . . .Boston, 

1881. 4v. 4°. 
Boston. Manual of the public schools of the city, 1881. Boston, 

1881. 18^ 
. Report of the fire department for 1854, 1866, 1866. Withy 

Eeport of the fire commissioners April 30, 1880. And, Report of 

the commissioners to investigate the cause and management of 

the great fire in Boston, 1873. In 1 v. 8®. 

. A memorial of James A. Garfield from the city of Boston. 

Boston, 1881. 80 p. roy. 8°. 

•. Annual report of the harbor commissioners, 1869, 1870, 

1872. Boston, 1869-72. In 1 v. 8°. 

-. Annual report of the superintendent of health, 1861, 1867. 

With, Annual report of the city physician, 1866-68. And, Annual 

report of the board of health, 1876, 1877, 1879-81. Boston, 1861- 

81. In 1 V. 8°. 
Bouquet, M. Recueil des historiens des Gaules, et de la France. 

Nonvelle edition publiee sous la direction de L. Delisle. Paris, 

1869-79. 18 V. f°. 
Briggs, S. The book of the Yarian family. . ..Cleveland, O.^ 

1881. 8^ 
British Review and London Critical Journal. Quarterly. Vols. 1- 

21, March, 1811-February, 1824. London. 21 v. 8°. 
Brooks, C. T. William EUery Channing: a centennial memory. 

Boston, 1880. 16°. 
Bruce, G., Son & Co. Specimens of printing types N. T., 1882. 

With, The invention of printing. A collection of facts and 

opinions descriptive of early prints the legend of L. J. Coster, 

01 Haarlem, and the work of John Gutenberg. . . . Illustrated .... 

New York, 1878. In 1 v. 4°. 
Brune, F. W. American education. An address .... Baltimore, 

1852. 19 p. 8^ 

No. 28.] 55 

Buchanan county, Iowa. History of, with illustrations and bio- 
graphical sketches. Cleveland, Ohio, 1881. 4°. 

Buchanan county, Missouri. History of, containing a history of the 

. county biographical sketches .... history of Missouri etc. 

Illustrated. St. Josephs, Mri., 1881. roy. 8°. 

Bulwer-Lytton, Sir Edward G-. The last days of Pompeii. New 
York, 1834. 12°. 

Bundy, J. M. The nation's hero. The life of James A. Garfield 
....New York, 1881. 12°. 

Burat, A. Geologic appliquee. Traite du gisement et de exploita- 
tion des mineraux utiles. 4 me edition. Paris, 1858, 59. 2 v. 

Burke, J. A. A selection of favorite conference hymns, with his- 
torical sketches of church history through every century of the 
christian era. Together with the articles of faith .... of the 
First Baptist Church in Albany. Albany, 1829. 12°. 

Buskirk's Bridge, N. Y., directory, 1881-3. See Hoosick. 

Butterfield, C. W. History of the discovery of the northwest by 
John Nicolet in 1634, with a sketch of his life. Cincinnati, 

1881. 12°. 

Buxtorf, J. Lexicon Hebraicum et Chaldaicum . . . ; accessit lexicon 
breve rabbinico-philosophum . . . .Editio nona. Basilise, 1689. 
xvi, 976, 74p. 12°. ^ 


Oallender, E. B. Life of Thaddeus Stevens : commoner. Boston, 

1882. 12°. 

Oallender, J. T. The political progress of Great Britain t or, an 
impartial history of tne abuses in the government of the British 
empire, in Europe, Asia and America. , . .second edition. Pt. 1. 
Philadelphia, 1794. 8°. 

Campaigns of the civil war. 1881. 10 vols. 12°. Contents : 

1. Nicolay, J. J. The outbreak of rebellion. 

2. Force, M. F. From Fort Henry to Corinth. 

3. Webb, A. S. The peninsula. McClellan's campaign of 1862. ; 
i^4. Ropes, J. C. The army under Pope. 

5. Palfrey, F. W. Autietam and Fredericksburg. 

6. Doubleday, A. Chancellorsville and Gettysburg. 

7. Cist, H. M. The army of the Cumberland. 

8. Greene, F. V. The Mississippi. 
i^9. Cox, J. D. Atlanta. 

10. Cox, J. D. The march to the sea. 

Canada. Annual report of the department of the interior for 1876, 

76, 77. Ottawa. In 1 v. %\ 
. Report on the meteorological service for 1877, 78. Ottawa 

and Toronto. In 1 v; 8°. 

. Annual report of inspectors of asylums, prisons, etc., for 

1860, 66 Annual report of the directors of penitentiaries 

for:1868. Ottawa, 1861-70. In 1 v. 8^ 

56 [AsSElfBLY 

Canadian Parliamentary Companion and Annual Register, 1881. 
Edited by C. H. Mackintosh. Ottawa, 1881. 18''. 

Carey, H. C. [Writings (4) collected.] In 1 v. 8°. 

Carrington, Mrs. M. I. Ab-sa-ra-ka. Land of massacre : being the 
experience of an officer's wife on the plains Fifth edition, re- 
vised Philadelphia, 1879. 12°. 

Carroll county, Indiana. History of, with illustrations and bio- 
graphical sketches. . . . Chicago, 1882. 4®. 

Carroll county, Missouri. History of . . . .including a condensed 

• history of Missouri .... biographical sketches Illustrated. St. 

Louis, 1881. 8°. 

Cass, F. C. South Mimms, Middlesex county, England. With 
genealogies. Westminster, 18Y7. 121 p. 4". 

Cassard, A. Manual de la masoneria o sea el tejador do los ritos 
antiguo escoces, frances y de adopcion .... Decima edicion. Nueva 
York, 1876. 2 v. 8°. 

Caverly, R. B. Heroism of Hannah Duston, together with the 
Indian wars of New England. Boston, 1874. 12°. 

. Genealogy of the Cavferly family, from the year 1116 to 

1880. Lowell, Mass., 1880. 12°. 

Life and labors of John Eliot, the apostle among the In- 

dian nations of New England, together with an account of the 
EUots in England. Lowell, Mass., 1881. 12'». 

Cayuga county (N. T.) Historical society. First annual meeting, 
with constitution and by-laws, February 12, 1878. Early chap- 
ters of Cayuga history. Jesuit missions, 1656-84. By C. Haw- 
ley, D. D. Fourth and fifth annual addresses, 1881-82. By C. 
Hawley. Collections of C. Co. Hist. Soc. No. 2. 1882. " In 
1 V. 8°. 

Centennial celebration of the battle of Rhode Island at Portsmouth, 
R. I., August 29, 1878. See R. L His. Tracts. No. 6. 

Century, A, of dishonor. A sketch of the United States govern- 
ment's dealings with some of the Indian tribes. By H. H., i. e.^ 
Mrs. Helen Runt. New York, 1881. 12^ 

Cesnola, A. P. di. Salaminia. The history, treasures and antiqui- 
ties of Salamis in the island of Cyprus. . ..London, 1882. .8°. 

[Chamberlayne, Edward.] Angliae notitise, or the present state of 
England In the Savoy, 1669. 18°. 

Chamberlayne, John. Magnae Britannise ; or the present state of 
Great Britain 30th edition .... London, 1729. 12°. 

Chambers's Encyclopaedia. American additions to the Library of 
Universal Knowledge. ' New York, 1880. 4 v. roy. 8°. 

Champlain S. de. Voyages. Translated from the French by C. P. 
Otis. With historical illustrations and a memoir by the Kev. E. 
F. Slafter. (Pub. by the Prince Society.) Yol. 1, 3. Boston, 
1880, 82. 2 V. sm. 4°. 

Charitable Irish Society of Boston. Constitution, by-laws. . ..list 
of members. . . act of incorporation. . . .Boston, 1876. 12^ 

No. as.] 57 

Chautauqua county. New York. Illustrated historical atlas of. 

New York, 1881. f°. 
Cheltenham, Eng. Monumental inscriptions in the parish church 

of Cheltenham. Transcribed by the Rev. B. H. BlacK^r. London, 

18Y7. 36 p. 4°. 
Cherokee Indians. Memorial of the delegates of the Cherokee 

nation to the president of the United States and Congress. 

Washington, 1866. With six other documents. In 1 v. 8°. 
Chevalier, M. Cours d'^conomie politique fait au College de 

France. Seconde Edition. Paris, 1855, '58. 2 v. 8°. 
^. Examen du syst^me commercial connu sous le nom de 

syst^me protecteur. Seconde edition. Paris, 1858. 8°. 
— . De la baisse probable del'or, des consequences commerciales 

et sociales qu'elle pent avoir et des mesures qu'elle provoque .... 

Paris, 1859. 8°. 
Chicago, (111.) Business directory for 1873-74. 8^ 
Chicago directory for 1881. Chicago, 1881. 8^ 
Children's Hospital, Boston. Annual reports, 1869, 71, 75, 78, 

Boston, 1869-78. In 1 v. 8^. 
China directory for 1863 ; for 1871. Hongkong, 1863, 71. 2 v. 8^ 
Chronicle, The. A journal devoted to the interests of insurance. 

Vols. 23-26. January, 1879— December, 1880. New York. In 

2 V. sm. f ''. 

Churchill, C. Apology and night. Poems London, 1763. 18"^. 

Chynoweth, W. H. The fall of Maximilian, late emperor of 

Mexico London, 1872. 8°. 

Cicero, M. T. The Tusculan disputations of. Oxford, 1840. 8*". 
Cincinnati, Ohio. Bulletin of books added to the public 

library of, during the year 1881. Cincinnati, 1882. 4°. 
Cincinnati Advertiser. Semi-weekh/, Vols. 1-4. January 6, 1823, 

May 10, 1826. — WitK Inquisitor and Cincinnati Advertiser. 

Weekly. 8 nos. 1821', '22. Cincinnati, 1821-26. In 1 v. f°. 
Cincinnati Emporium. WeeMy. Vols. 1, 2. February 12, 1824- 

December, 1825 ; vol. 3, January-June, 1826. Cincinnati. In 

1 V. f^ 
Cist, H. M. The army of the Cumberland. (Campaigns of the 

civil war, VII.) New York, 1882. 12^. 
Clark, F. D. The First Regiment of New York volunteers, com- 
manded by Col. J. D. Stevenson, in the Mexican war New 

York, 1882. 8^ _ ^ ^ 

Clark, Mev. S. Antiquities, historicals and graduates of North- 
ampton, Mass. Northampton, 1882. 18°. 
Clarke, James F. Orthodoxy : its truths and errors. Boston, 1866. 

Clarke, Walter, D. D. [Writings (5) collected.] Hartford, etc. 

1844-62. In 1 v. 8°. 
Clay, Henry. Monument to the memory of. Being his life^ 

[Assem. Doc. No. 28.] 8 

^ 58 [AsBBMBLir 

speeches omd eulogies. By A. H. Carrier. Philadelphia, 1858. 

Clichtovaeus, J. De verd nobilitate opusculam Parisng, 1520. 

122 p. sm. 4°. 
Clinton, De Witt. [Writings (4) collected.] New York, 1809-22. 

In 1 V. 8^ 
Club cameos : portraits of the day .... London, 1879. 8®. 
Clyde, J. C. Rosbrugh, a tale of the revolution, or life, labors and 

death of Rev. John Rosbrugh With genealogy. Easton, Pa., 

1880. sm. 4°. 
. Life of James H. Coffin, LL.D .... professor of mathematics 

and astronomy in Lafayette college .... With Gojffm genealogy. 

Easton, Pa., 1881. 1?\ 
Collection, A, of letters and essays in favour of public liberty, first 

published in the newspapers in the years 1764, '65, '66, '67, '68, 

'69 and 1770. London, 1774. 3 v. 12^ 
Collection, A, of psalms and hymns for social and private worship. 

New York, 1820. 12". 
Columbian Centin^l. March 17-September 8, 1790. Boston. f°. 
Comerf ord, J. Catalogue of the library of containing county 

histories heraldic and .genealogical publications voyages 

and histories. London, 1881. 8®. 

Cone, A., and W. R. Johns. Petrolia: a brief history of the 

Pennsylvania petrolium region^. . . .New York, 1870. 12®. 
Congregational order. The ancient platforms of the Congregational 

churches of New England Middletown, 1843. 18**. 

Connecticut Industrial School for Girls. Reports, 1870, '78, '80. 

Hartford. In 1 v. 8 ^ 
Conover, G. S. Early Seneca history. Newsp. slips. 1882. 28 

p. 8®. 
Cooper, J. F. The pioneers, or, the sources of the Susquehanna. 

New York, 1823. 12". 

. The prairie ; a tale. Philadelphia, 1827. 12^ 

Cooper, Peter. [Writings (4) collected.] New York, 1866-77. 

In 1 V. 8°. 
Cooper, Rev. Samuel. A sermon preached in Boston, before the 

society for encouraging industry and employing the poor, August 

8, 1753. Boston, 1753. 8°. 
Cooper, Thomas, M. D. Two essays. 1. On the foundation of 

government. 2. On the constitution of the United States. 

Col umbia, S. C. , 1826. 71 p. With, The case of Thomaa Cooper. 

In 1 V. 8^ 
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ecclesiastiques Francf ort, 1684. With, Histoire critique de la 

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No 28.] 


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Bridge, "Walloomsac, West Hoosic and Potter Hill. With his- 
torical sketch of Hoosick. Albany, 1882. 8°. 

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Wyandot and Luray. Together with. . . .notices of caves. . . .in 
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guide .... to the counties of Boone, Cook, DeKalb, Du Paige, 

Jo Daviess, Kane, Lake, McHenry, Stephenson, Winnebago. . . . 

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No. 28.] 65 

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alle de eylanden, provintien, lantschappen, het machtige ryck van 
Mexico, en 't gout en silver-rickelandte van Peru .... Amsterdam, 
1624. sm. 4°. 

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special departments of study, etc., of amateur and professional 
naturalists, chemists, physicists, astronomers, etc., in America, 
Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceanica. Compiled bv S. E. Oassino. 
Boston, 1882. 12°. 

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mittees, etc., of the 19th general assembly, for 1882. Des Moines, 

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Cornwallis, 1781. New York, 1881. 8 . 

[Assem. Doc. No. 28.] 9 

66 [Assembly 

Johnstown, N. Y., directory, 1879-80. See Gloversville directory, 

Jones, C. C,,Jr, Hernando de Soto Savannah, 1880. Wiihj 

An address delivered before the Confederate Survivors'. Associa-. 

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• K. 

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asylum for the insane at Osawatoniie, 1873, '74, '76. Withy 
Biennial report of the board of trustees and officers of the Kansas 
state insane asylum at Osawatoraie, and board of commissioners 
of the Topeka insane asylum, 1st, for 1877, 78, 2d, for 1880. In 
1 V. 8°. 

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history of Michigan .... prehistoric races .... Illustrated. 

Chicago, 1881. 8^ 

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written during the revolution, to John Langdon. Philadelphia, 
1880. 8°. 

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trinal and homiletical .... edited with additions by Philip Schaff 

No. 28.] ^ 67 

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Test, apocrypha 1 vol. Complete, New York, 1865-80. 25 

vols. 8°. 
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now first translated, with notes, Jby John G. Shea. New York, 

1881. 2v. 8^ • 

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statistics, etc Illustrated. Chicago, 1881. roy. 8°. 

Leemans, C. B6r6 Boedoer op het eiland Java. Afgebeeld door 

en onder toezigt van F. C. Wilsen, met toelichtenden en ver- 

klarenden tekst, naar de geschreven en gedrukte verhandelingen 

van F. C. Wilsen en J. G. Brumend en andere bescheiden . . . . 

Leiden, 1873, 74. 2 vols, plates. 1°. 2 vols. text. 8°. 6 vols. 
Leith, Scotland, directory, 1832-33. See Edinburgh directory. 
Letters on the origin and progress of the New Haven theologv. 

From a New England minister New York, 1837. 18^ 

L'Hospital, M. Oeuvres completes, ornees de portraits et de vues 

et prec^dees d'un essai sur sa vie et ses ouvrages, par P. J. S. 

Dufey. l*aris, 1824-26. 3 v. 12°, 
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Portland, Me., 1882. 8°. 
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In 1 vol. 8°. 
. [Lives of, collected.] Vol.1. 8°. Oontents: 

1. The aseassination and history of the conspiracy .... Cincinnati, 1865. 163 p. 

2. History and evidence of the passage of A. L. from Harrisburgh to Wash- 

ington, February 22 and 23, 1861. Chicago, 1868. 18 p. 

3. Trial of Abraham Lincoln by the great statesmen of the republic New 

York, 1863. 29 p. 

4. Hanes bywyd A. Lincoln o Illinois, a Hahnibal Hamlin o Maine Utica, 

1860. 16 p. 

5. Life of A. Lincoln (Tribune Tract No. 6). New York, 1860. 32 p. 

6. The real life of A. Lincoln by G. A. Townsend. New York, 1867. 15 p. 

7. Opinion on the constitutional power of the military to try and execute the 

assassins of the president. By Attorney-General Speed. Washington, 
1865. 16 p. 

8. Arrangements for the memorial address on the life and character of A. 

Lincoln, to be delivered by G. Bancroft. February 12, 1866. 

. The Lincoln Memorial : album-immortelles. Original life 

pictures, with autographs, from the hands and hearts of eminent 

Americans and Europeans together with extracts from his 

speeches, letters and sayings. Collected .... by O. H. Oldroyd 
.... New York, 1882. 8°. 

Linn county, Missouri. The history of . . . . with a condensed history 
of the state. .. .biographical sketches. .. .Illustrated. Kansas 
City, Mri., 1882. 4:^ ^ ^ . 

Literary and Historical Society of Quebec. Memoire du sieur de 
Kamezay, commandant £L Quebec, au sujet de la reddition de cette 
yille le 18 Septembre, 1759 .... Quebec, 1861. 8°. 

68 [Assembly 

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1882. 16°. 

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the acts of the town from 1765 to 1783 "Worcester, 1876. 8 . 

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ton, 1853. 18°. ^ 

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archaeological and anecdotical Lewes, 1870. 2 v. 8°. 


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.... Chicago, 1881. f °. 
McDonald, F . V. Notes preparatory to a biography of Richard H. 

McDonald, of San Francisco, Cal,. . . .Vol. 1. Cambridge, Mass., 

1881. gr. 4 . 
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Kio de Janeiro. 2 v. 12°. 
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sq. 16°. 
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1881. 16°. 
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New Testaments .... For the use of schools. Second edition. 

Boston, 1815. 16°. 
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Salem, N. Y. Historical sermon, delivered October. 29, 1876. 

See Sprague, E. P. 
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ery of Trigg Minor, in the county of Cornwall. London, 1873, 
• '76, '79. 3 V. 4°. 

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McNemar, R. The Kentucky revival ; or, a short history of the 

late extraordinary outpouring of the spirit of God in the western 

states with a brief account of ... . Shakerism New York, 

1846. 12°. 
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of important political action, national and state, from July 15, 

1876, to July 1, 1878. Washington, 1878. 8°. 
Mahoning county, Ohio.. History of. See History of Trumbull 

and Mahoning counties. 
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Man, Thomas. A picture of Woonsocket, K. I to which are 

added translations from the best French, Spanish and Italian 

writers. 1835. 12°. 
Mann, Horace. Dedication of Antioch College, and inaugural 

address of its president, H. Mann : with other proceedings. 

Yellow Springs, Oh., 1854. ' 16°. 




1 V 

No. 28.]' 69 

Margry, P. D^converfes et ^tabliBsements des Pran^ais dans 
I'ouest et dans le snd d rAmeriqne septentrionale (1614-1754). 
M^moires et documents originaux recueillis. . . .Quatri^me partie. 
Decouverte par mer des bouches dn Mississippi et 6tablissements 
de Lemoyne d'Iberville snr le golfe du Mexique. 1694-1703. 
Paris, 1880. 8°. 

Marion and Clinton counties, Illinois. History of, with illustrations 
and biographical sketches Philadelphia, 1881. 4°. 

Maritime Association of the port of New York. Its charter. and 
by laws, lists of oflBcers and members, annual reports, statistics^ 
etc. New York, 1882. 8^. 

Marvin, William T. R. The medals of the Masonic fraternity de- 
scribed and illustrated. Boston, 1880. 4°. 

Maryland hospital for the insane, Baltimore. [Reports and docu- 
ments (9) collected.] 1848-64. In 1 v. 8°. 

Maryland state gazetteer and business directory, 1867-68. Balti- 
more, (1867). 8°. 

Mason, George. Supplement to Johnson's English dictionary. . . . 
New York, 1803. 8°. 

Mason, William. Poems. . . .Dublin, 1764. 16°. 

Massachusetts. [Governors' messages (9) collected.] Boston, 1812- 
1877. In 1 V, 8°. 

. Idiocy. Annual report of the Mass. school for idiotic and 

feeble-minded youth, 5th, 1853-7th, 1855; 28th, 1875; 29th, 
• 1876 ; 32d, 1879. Cambridge and Boston. In 1 v. 8°. 

. Insane. Annual reports of the trustees of the state Lunatic 

Hospital at Northampton, 1859-61 ; 1863, '66, '67, '79-81. With, 
Annual reports of the trustees of the State Lunatic Hospital at 
Taunton, 1861-63, '65, '67, '72. And, Thirty-fifth annual report 
of the trustees of the State Lunatic Hospital at Worcester, October, 
1867. In 1 V. 8°. 

-^. Reform School at Westborough. Annual reports, 1852, 53, 

57, 58, 61-66, 68. Boston. In 1 v. 8^ 
Massachusetts Historical Society. Tributes to Longfellow and 

Emerson. Boston, 1882. sm. 4°. 
Matson, N. Pioneers of Illinois, containing a series of sketches re- 
lating to events that occurred previous to 1813 Chicago, 1882. 

Maynard, 0. J. The birds of eastern North America: with original 

descriptions of all the species which occur east of the Mississippi 
. river, between the arctic circle and the gulf of Mexico, with full 

notes upon their habits, etc Newton ville, Mass., 1881. 4*. 

Meech, L. W. System and tables of life insurance. A treatise 

developed from the experience and records of thirty American 

offices New York, (1881).' sm. f°. 

Meeker, N. C. Life in the west ; or, stories of the Mississippi 

valley. New York, 1868. 12\ 
Men of the time .... London, 1857.* 12®, 

70 ' [AsSBMBLf 

Mendenhall, T. C. Measurements of the force at gravity at Tokio 
and on the summit of Fujinoyaraa, amd other writings. See 
Tokio Daigabu university. 

Menefee, C. A. Historical and descriptive sketch book of Napa, 
Sonoma, Lake and Mendocino Napa City, 18Y3. 12^. 

Merrill, J. History of Amesbury, including the first seventeen 
years of Salisbury, to the separation in 1654 ; and Merrimac from 
its incorporation in 1876. Haverhill, 1880. 8**. 

Metjiodist Episcopal church, U. S. : Book concern. Reports '(e). 
New York, 1872. In 1 v. ^ 8^ 

Michigan. Michigan in the civil war. Compiled by John Robert- 
son, adjutant-general. Lansing, 1880. 8°. 

• — . Historical sketches of education in Michigan. Written and 

compiled by William L. Smith. . . .Lansing, 1881. 8°. 

-. Geological survey. .Vol. IV. Upper peninsula New 

York, 1881. 8^ 

-. Catalogue of the Michigan State Library for 1869 ; for 

1870-71. Report of the state librarian for the years 1869-1880. 
Lansing. In 1 v. 8°. 

.nnual report of the inspectors of the state prison for the 

year closing September 30, 1880. Lansing, 1881. 8°. 

•• Michigan and its resources. Sketches of the growth of the 

state, its industries .... productions . . . .its soil, climate financial 

condition Lansing, 1881. ^Second edition, Lansing, 1882. 2 

V. 8°. . 
Micfdlesex collection of church music : or, ancient psalmody revived 

Boston, 1807. ob. 8''. 

Minturn, R. B. Memoir of. New York, 1871. 8^. 

Mitchill, S. L. [Writings (5) collected.] New York, 1818-1826. 

Inlv. 8°. 
Moni, Signor de. Histoire critique de la creance et des coutumes 

des nations du Levant. 1684. See Costa, Jerome 4. 
Monro, H. Articles on reform in private asylums. London, 1852. 

8°. _ 

Monument Association of the capture of Andre. Centennial 

souvenir of prepared .... by N. C. Husted, M. D. New 

York, 1880. 8°. _ ' 

Morgan, JI. J. The dominion annual register and review for the 

fourteenth and fifteenth years of the Canadian union, 1880-81. 

Montreal, 1882. 8°. 
Morgan, N. H. Harris genealogy. A history of James Harris, of 

New London, Conn., and his descendants from 1640 to 1878 

Hartford, 1878. 8°. ^ 
Morris, R. The Masonic martyr. The biography of Eli Bruce, 

sheriff of Niagara county, N. Y . . . .Louisville, Ky., 1861. 12*^. 
Morse, E. S. Shell wounds of Omori. See Tokio Daigaku Uni- 

No. 28.] n ~ 

Morse, J. T. American statesmen. John Q. Adams. Boston, 
1882. 16°. 

Mueller, F. Max. The sacred books of the east, translated. Yol. 
8. The Bhagavadgita with the Sanatsugatiya and the Anugita 

Oxford, 1882. Vol. 12. The Satapatha-Brahmaria Part 

1. Oxford, 1882. Vol. 13. Vinaya texts. Part 1. The Pati- 
mokkha, the Mahavagga. Oxford, 1881. Vol. 16. The sacred 
books of China. The texts of Confucianism. Part 2. The Yi 
King. Oxford, 1882. 4 v. 8°. 

Munsell, Joel. The Annals oi^ Albany. Vols. 3, 4. Second 
edition. Albany, 1871. 2 v. 12°. 

Myrthe, A. T. Ambrosio de Latinez, or the first Texian novel. . . • 
with incidents of the war of independence. New York, 1842. 
2v. 12°. 


Natalie ; or, a gem among the sea-weeds. Andover, 1859. 12®. 
National Academy of Design. Ceremonies on laying the corner- 
stone October 21, 1863. And the inauguration of the building, 

April 27, 1865. New York, 1865. 8°.* 
National Board of Underwriters. Journal of proceedings, 1867, 68. 

With^ Addresses of the president H. A. Oakley, at the annual 

meetings, 1874, '76. New York. In 1 v. 8°. 
National Insurance Convention of the United States. Proceedings, 

first 8es8ion,1871. Fifth session, 1874. New York. In 1 v. 8°. 
National Republican and Ohio Political Standard. Semi-weehVy. 

Vol. 1-4. January, 1823-May, 1826. Cincinnati. In 1 v. f°. 
Neil J, Bev. E. D. Minnesota explorers and pioneers from A. D. 

1659 to 1858. Minneapolis, 1881. 4°. 
Nepos, C. Vitse excellentium imperatorum : cum versione Angli- 

cand or, Cornelius Nepos 's Lives of excellent commanders 

with an English translation by J. Clarke. New York, 1806. 

New England Business directory for 1873, '77, '79. Boston. 3 v. 

New England hospital for women and children. Annual report, 

1864-68, '70, '71, '75, '78. 'Boston. In 1 v. 8°. 
New England Manufacturers' and Mechanics Institute. Catalogue 
, of the first exhibition, 1881. 2d., 1882. Boston. In 1 v. 8°. 
New Jersey. Documents relating to the state. Vol. 2-5. 1687- 

1737. Edited by William A. Whitehead. Newark, 1881, 82. 

4 V. 8°. 
New Jersey atlas. Historical and biographical atlas of the New 

Jersey coast Philadelphia, 1878. gr. 4°. 

New Mexico. Resources of N. M. Santa Fe, 1881. With, New 

Mexico. Its present condition and prospects, 1881. And s&oen 

other documents on N. M, collected^ 1881. In 1 v. 8°. 

73 [Absbmblt 

New South Wales. Annual report of the department of mines for 

1877, '78; forl8Y9. Sidney. In 2 v. 4°. 
Newspaper carrier addresses, collected. Vol. 2. In 1 v. 8®. 
New York. Annual report of the bank commissioners, transmitted 

1834, '36, '37, '38, '41, '42, '53. Albany, 1834-53. In 1 v. 8°. 
. Public papers of Alonzo B. Cornell, governor of the state, 

1880, 81. Albany. In 1 v. 8°. 

-. First-third annual reports of the superintendent of public 

works, transmitted, 1879-81 ; 4th, 1882. Albany. In 2 v. 8°. 

New York Central railroad. [Documents collected.] Vol. 4. Al- 
bany and Buffalo, 1847-66. In 1 v. 8°. 

New York city directory. Trow's, 1875, 1882. Goulding's 1876- 
77. New York. 3 v. 8°. 

Ne\v York city ^lite directory. The ^lite private address and car- 
riage directory and ladies visiting and shopping guide for New 
York city, containing the names of the upper classes of society 
arranged in street form.. .^. .New York, 1876. 12°. 

New York Eclectic Medical and Surgical Journal. Vols. 5, 6, 1879, 
80. New York. 2 v. 8°. 

New York Society Library. Annual reports, 1861, 62, 67, 70, 71, 
74, 77, 79-81. With^ A lecture on the past, the present and the 
future of the N. Y. S. Library. New York, 1856-82. In 1 v. 

New York State Charities Aid Association. Reports. 1873-1881. 
New York. In 1 v. 8°. 

. Visiting committee's reports, 1873-78, 80. New York. 

In 1 v. 8°. 

New York Sunday School Teachers' Association. Proceedings of 
conventions, 1874, 75, 77, 78. In 1 v. 8°. 

Nicolay, J. J. The outbreak of rebellion. (Campaigns of the civil 
war, 1.] New York, 1881. 12°. 

Northern Wisconsin Agricultural and Mechanical Association. 
Transactions, 1880-81. Madison, 1881. 8°. 

Northrop, B. G. Rural improvement. New Haven, 1880. Withy 
other writings. New Haven, 1881. In 1 v, 8°. 

Norton, J. Memoir of John Cotton New York, 1842. 18°. 


Oberlin Quarterly Review. Vol. 2, 1846-47. Oberlin, Oh. 8°. 
O'Hart, J. Irish pedigrees : or, the origin and stem of the Irish 

nation. First and second series. Second edition. Dublin, 1880. 

2 V. 12^ 
Ohio. Reports of board of state charities, 1868-71, 77. Columbus, 

1869-78. In 1 v. 8°. 
— . Annual report of the board of trustees and officers of the 

Ohio institution for the education of the deaf and dumb for 1864- 

66, 68-75, 76. Columbus, 1865-78. In 1 v. 8°. 

No. 280 73 

Ohio. Annual reports of the state commissioner of coinmon schools 
for 1859, 18Y4-77. Columbus, 1860, 75-78.' In 1 v. 8°. . 

. Governors' messages, collected. Columbus, 1863-78. In 

Iv. 8°. 

. Annual report of the insurance department, 1868. Part 

II, life insurance, 1872. Columbus, 1868, 72.- In 1 v. 8^. 
•. Annual reports of the adjutant-general for 1868-75, 77, 79. 

Columbus 1869-80. In 1 v. 8°. 

-. Annual reports of the board of public works for 1860, 1864- 

75, 77. Columbus, 1866-78. In 1 v. 8°. 

-. Annual reports of the commissioners for reform schools for 

1860, 63, 64, 66-75, 77. Columbus, 1861-78. In 1 v. 8°. 
0/hio Falls cities. History of the Ohio Falls cities and their counties, 

with illustrations and biographical sketches. {Being the history 

of Jefferson county^ Ky,^ Louisville^ Ky.^ Clark and Floyd 

counties^ Ind.^ New Albany^ Ind,^ and JeffersonviUej Ind.) 

Cleveland, Oh., 1882. 2 v. 4°.' 
Oil City, Pa., directory for 1874. See Titlisville. 
Oliver, George. Masonic institutes, by various authors. . . . London, 

1847.^ 12°. 
Oppression. A poem. By an American .... Boston, 1765. 8°. 
Ormerod ^George. The history of the county palatine and city of 
*" Chester. .. .Incorporated with a republication of King's Vale 

Royal, and Leycester Cheshire Antiquities. Second edition . , . , 

London, 1882. In 6 vols, f^ 
Ozaukee county, Wisconsin. /Sfe^ Washington county, .Wis. 


Palfrey, F. W. Antietam and Fredericksburg. (Campaigns of the 
civil war, V.) New York, 1882. 12^ 

Palfrey, W. The Evangelical Psalmodist, 1802. See Holyoke, S. 
Harmon ia Americana. 

Palmer, A. G. A discourse delivered on the one hundreth anni- 
versary of the .... Firat Baptist church in North Stonington, Conn., 
September 20, 1843 Boston, 1844. 18^. 

Parrish, R. A., Jr. Details of an unpaid claim on France for 
24,000,000 francs guaranteed by the parole of Napoleon III. 
Philadelphia, 1869. 8*". 

Parsons, C. W. The medical school formerly existing in Brown 
university, its professors and graduates. See R. I. Hist. Tracts 
No. 12. 

Passseus, C. Effigies regum ac principum, eorum scilicet, quorum 
vis ac potentia in re nauticd seu raarind prae cseteris spectabilis 
est. Quibus. . . .adjectae sunt et imagines praestantissimorum 
ac maximd illustrium heroum . . . . Coloniae, 1598. 18 portraits,^ 
3 maps, 8 plates, f "*. 

[Assem. Doc. No. 28.] 10 

\ •■■ 

7^ [Abbbmbly 

\p. Patten, William. Memoirs of Ruth Patten, of Hartford, Conn . . . > 

^^ • Hartford, 1834. 12", 

rf r [Paulding, J. K.] ' Chronicles of the city of Gotham New York, 

?;''-! 1830. 12^ 

Paz Soldan, M. F. Historia del Peru independiente, 1819-27. Lima, 
1868, YO, 74. 3'v. 8\ 

Pekrson, J. The life of William Hey. London, 1822. 2 v. in 1. 

Peck, P. Memoirs of the life and actions of Oliver Cromwell .... 
to which is added a collection of divers curious historical pieces 
relating to Cromwell and a great number of other remarkable 
persons. .. .London, 1740. 4®. 

. New memoirs of the life and poetical works of Mr. John 

. Milton and other writings. Lonaon, 1740. 4®. 

Pedder, H. C. Garfield's place in history. An essay. New York, 
1882. 12^ 

Peissner, E. Elements of the German language. . . .with exercises, 

reading and dictionary. Revised and enlarged. New York, 

1859. 12^ 

Peloubet, F. N. The international question book, on the uniform 
series of sabbath school lessons. Part 1. For youth and adults 
Boston, 1875. 18^ 

Pennsylvania, Penn., hospital for the insane at Philadelphia. Re- 
ports 1846, 54-56, 58-63, 67, 69, 71, 72, 75-78, 81. Phila- 
delphia. In 2 V. %^. 

. Western Penn. hospital for the insane at Pittsburgh. 

Annual reports for 1863, 72-74, 77, 81. Pittsburgh. In 1 v. 8''. 

Pennsylvania hospital, Philadelphia. Some account of the origin, 
objects and present state of. 1828, 1831. Report of the board 
of managers, 1868, 74. Charter, laws and rules, 1837. In 1 v. 


Pennsylvania training school for feeble-minded children. Annual 
report, 1856, 57, 59-65. In 1 v. 8^ 

Penobscot county, Maine. History of, with illustrations and bio- 
graphical sketches. Cleveland, Oh., 1882. 4°. 

Perrin, William H. History of Bond and Montgomery counties, 
Illinois. Illustrated. Chicago, 1882. 4®. 

. History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison and Nicholas counties, 

Kentucky. With, An outline sketch of the blue grass region by 
R. Peter. Chicago, 1882. 4^ 

Perry, W. L. Scenes in a surveyor's life in South Florida. 

Jacksonville, 1859. 12*. 

Pettengill, S. M. & Co. Pettengill's newspaper directory and ad- 
vertiser's hand-book for 1878. Comprising a complete list of the 
newspapers and other periodicals published in the United States 
and British America : also the prominent European and Austra- 
lasian newspapers. New York, 1878. 8°. 





No. 28.] 75 

Pfeiifer, Emily. Under the aspens, lyrical and dramatic: Second 
edition. London, 1882. 12*. 

[Pfinzing, M.] The Holbein Society facsimile reprints. Tewr- 
dannclh. Die genrlicheiten und eins teils der geschicbten des 
loBlichen streitbaren und hochberiimbten helds un Ritters Tewr- 
dannckh. Part 1. Manchester, 1882. f®. 

Philadelphia First cavalry. By-laws, muster-roll, and papers 
selected from the archives of the First Troop Philadelphia city 
cavalry from November lY, 1774 to January 1, 1840. Philadel- 
phia, 1840. 8^ . 

Phillips, H., Jr. Some observations on the early currency of Mary- 
land. Philadelphia, 1867. With six other papers, Philadelphia, 
1867-32. In 1 V. 8 ^ 

Plantation work, the work of this generation. Written in true love 
to all such as are weightily inclined to transplant themselves and 
families to any of the English plantations in America. . . . .By W. 
L. London, 1682. 4^. 

Plato, De rebus divinis dialogi selecti Greece et Latine, Socratis 
Apologia, Orito, Phsedo .... Ed. secunda. Cantabrigiae, 1683. 8®. 

Poore, Alfred. A memoir and genealogy of John Poore. Ten 
generations, 1615-1880 Salam, 1881. 4'". 

Post, J. J. Old streets, roads, lanes, piers and wharves of New 
York. Showing the former and present names, together with, a 
list of alterations of streets. . . .New York, 1882. 8"^. 

Poston, C. D. The Parsees : a lecture. 1871. 8°. 

Potte'r, E. R., and S. S. Rider. Some account of the bills of credit 
or paper money of Rhode Island. See R. I. Hist. Tracts No. 8. 

Pratt, S. J. Gleanings in England : descriptive of the countenance, 
mind and character of the country. ( v ol. 1. Second edition.) 
London. 3 vols. 8®. 

Presbyterian, The, church throughout the world : from the earliest 
to the present times. . . .New York, 1874. 8°. 

Presbyterian memorial offering, 1870-71. Being a report of a com- 
mittee to secure a special fund of $5,000,000 in commemoration 
of the union of the old and new schools. New York, 1871. 8"^. 

Presidential counts : a complete official record of the proceedings of 
congress at the counting of the electoral votes in all the elections 
of president and vice-president of the United States .... New 
York 1877. 8". 

Preudhoiiime de Borre, A. Notes sur des empreintes d'insectes 
fossiles d^couvertes dans les schisteshouillers des environs de Mons. 
Bruxelles, 1875. 10 p. With 23 other papers. Bruxelles, 1875- 
81. In 1 V. 8^ 

Priestley, Joseph. The theological and miscellaneous works of, 
with notes. Yols. 17-21. Hackney (1820-22). 5 v. 8^ 

Protestant Episcopal church. Diocese of Iowa. Journal of annual 
conventions, 1878-81. Davenport. In 1 v. 8*". 

— . Diocese of Minnesota. Journal of conventions, 1857-59, 

61-65, 67, 68, 70, 71, 73-79. In 1 v. 8". 

^ irl.--' • ,^ 


^y^^'D^-'- y 




76 [AsSlSMBliT 

Protestant Episcopal church. Diocese of Central New York. Journal 
of the 8th-13th annual convention, 1876-81. Utica. In 1 v. 8*^. 

. Pennsylvania. Account of the proceedings at the laying 

of the corner-stone of the hospital of the Prot. Epis. church in 
Philadelphia, May 24, 1860. Keport of the board of managers, 
1856, 60, 63, 69, 73, 77. Philadelphia, ^856-77. In 1 v. 8". 
United States. Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society. 

Keports of standing committees, 1878-9, 1879-80, 1880-1, In 

I V. 8^ 

. . General Theological seminary. Catalogue of 

the officers and students, 1855-6, 57-8, 60-1, 61-2, 62-3, 72-3. 
With, History of the Gen. Theolog. Seminary and other reports, 
documents. New York, 1862-76. In 1 v. 8^. 

Diocese of Yermont. Journal of annual conventions, 1878, 

' 79, 80, 81. Montpelier, 1878-81. In 1 v. 8' 
Providence, B. I., Vital statistics. Vol. 4. Alphabetical index of 

births from 1851 to 1870, inclusive. By E. M. Snow, city registrar. 

Providence, 1882. 8^ \ 


Queens county, JSlew York. History of, with illustrations, portraits 
and sketches of prominent families and individuals. New York, 
1882. 4". 


Rae, W. F. Westward by rail : the new route to the east. New 
York, 1871. 12^ 

Railroad Youtlg Men's Christian Associations of the United States 
and dominion of Canada. Proceedings of the first international 
conference, 1877 ; second, 1879. New York, 1877, 79. In 1 v. 

Rand, McNally & Co.'s indexed atlas of the world, containing large 
scale maps of every country and civil division upon the face of 
the globe, together with historical, statistical and descriptive 
matter relative to each Chicago, 1881. f ®. 

Randall, M., Jr, The Canadian reader, designed for the use of 
schools and families. Stanstead, L. C, 1834. 12"*. 

Rapin de Thoyras, P. The history of England . . translated into 

English with additional notes, by N. Tindal The second 

edition. London, 1732, 33. 2 v. f ^ 

Raum, J. O. The history of New Jersey, from its earliest Settle- 
ment to the present time. . .• Philadelphia, 1877. 2 v. 8°. 

Reemelin, C. A critical review of American politics. Cincinnati, 
1881. 8". 

Reformed (Prot. Dutch) church of N. A. Annual reports, 1874-81. 
In 1 V. 8^ 

Reiss, W., and A. Stuebel. Peruvian antiquities. The necropolis 
of Ancon in Peru. A series of illustrations of the civilization 
and industry of the empire of the Incas, being the result of exca- 
vations made on the spot by Parts 1-8. 

No. 28.] 77 

Rhode Island. Second annual report of the state board of health, 
. for 1879 ; 3d, for 1880. Providence, 1880, 81. In 1 v. 8% :'. 

Rhode Island historical tracts. N/)8. 1-4, 6-15. Providence, 1877- 
82. In 8 V. sm. 4:"^, Contents : 

No. 1. The capture of Gen. Richard Prescott by Lieut-CoL Barton. By J. L. 

Diman. 1877. With, 
No. 2. Visits of the Northmen to Rhode Island^ By A. Farpum. 1877. 
No. 3. History of the Wanton family of Newport, R. I. By J. R. Bartlett. 1872. 

With, , ^ 

No. 4. William Coddington in Rhode Island colonial affairs. An historical inquiry 

by Dr. H. E. Turner. 1878. 
No. 6. The Centennial celebration of the battle of Rhode Island at Portsmouth, 

R. I., Augusti29, 1878. 1878. With, 
No. 7. The Journal of Rev. William Rogers, D.D., a brigade chaplain. 1879. 
No. 8. Some account of the bills of credit or paper money of Rhode Island from 

the first issue in 1710 to the final issue 1786, by E. R. Potter and S. S. Rider. 

^ No. 9. A true representation of the plan formed at Albany in 1754, for uniting all 

the British northern colonies. . . .By S. Hopkins. . . .1880. With, ' ' 

No. 10. An historical inquiry concerning the attempt to raise a regiment of slaves ^ 

by Rhode Island during the war of the revolution. By S. S. Rider 1880. \ ': 

No. 11. Bibliographical memoirs of three Rhode Island authors, Joseph K. Angell, 

Frances H. (Whipple) McDougall, Catharine R. Williams. By S. S. Rider. 

To which is added the nine lawyers* opinion on the right of the people of 

Rhode Island to form a constitution. 1880. With^ 
No. 12. ThO/medical school formerly existing in Brown University, its professors 

and graduates. By C. W. Parsons. 1881. 
No. 13. The diary of Thomas Vernon, a loyalist banished from Newport by the 

R. I. General Assembly in 1776. With notes by 8. S. Rider. To which is • 

added, the Vernon family and arms and the genealogy of Richard Greene of 
% Potowomut. 1881. WUh, 
No. 14. Roger Williams's ** Christenings make not Christians," 1645. Edited by - 

H. M. Dexter. Followed by certain letters written by Roger Williams. 1881. ' 

No. 15. The planting and growth of Providence illustrated iu the gri^dual 

accumulation of the materials for domestic comfort, the means of internal . 

communication and the development of local industries. By H. C. Dorr. 1882. 

* Richardson, 0. F. The choice of books. New York, 1881. sq. 12"^. 

Richardson, N. S. The churchman's reasons for his faith and prac- 
tice. Second edition. New York, 1863. 12®. 

Rider, S. S. An historical inquiry concerning the attempt to raise 
a regiment of slaves by Rhode Island during the war of the revo- 
lution. See R. I. Hist. Tracts No. 10. 

. Bibliographical memoirs of three Rhode Island authors, 

J. K. Angell, Frances H. W. McDougall, Catharine R.Williams. 
See R. I. Hist. Tracts, No. 11. 

Rigg, E. The new American Latin grammar. . . .New York, 1807. 

Riggs, S. R. Model first reader. Wayawa Tokaheya. • Prepared 
in English-Dakota. Chicago, 1873. 12". 

[Ritson, J.] Ancient songs, from the time of King Henry the , 
Third to the revolution. London, 1790. 8". 

Roberts, Emma. Scenes and characteristics of Hindostan, with 
sketches of Anglo-Indian society. London, 1835. 3 v. 12". \ 

Robertson, William. A dictionary of Latin phrases for the more 

speedy progress of students in Latin composition. A new edition ♦ . 
. . . .Londqn, 1824. 8". 

■> ■.• J 

• K 



78 [Assembly 

Rodgers, C. T. American superiority at the world's fair. De- 
signed to accompany a chromo-lithographic picture, illustrative of 
Prizes awarded to American citizens at the great exhibition .... 
Iiiladelphia, 1852. 8". ' • 

Rogers, William. The journal of a brigade chaplain in the com' 
paign of 1779, against the Six Nations under the command of 
Maj-Gen. John Sullivan. See R. I. Hist. Tracts, No. 7. 

Rolt, E. The lives of the principal reformers, both Englishmen 
and foreigners, comprehending tne general history of the reform- 
ation from its beginning in 1360, by Dr. John WicklifFe, to its 

establishment in 1600 under Queen Elizabeth Jjondon, 1759. 


Roman Catholic Church. Diocese of Baltimore. Synodus dioecesana 
Baltimorensis 1831 ; 1857 ; 1863, sexta, 1865 ; septima, 1868. 
With other papers. Baltimore, 1858-68. In 1 v. 8®. 

Rombert : a tale of Carolina. New York, 1835. 2 v. 12"^. 

Rome, N. Y., directory for 1878-9. Hudson, 1878. 8*". 

Root, George F. Sabbath Bell : a collection of music for choirs, 
musical associations . . .and the home circle. . . .New York, 1856. 
ob. 8^ 

Ropes, J. C. The army under Pope. (Campaigns of the civil war, 
IV.) New York, 1881. 12". 

Rousseau, J. J. A dissertation on political economy: to which is 
added a treatise on the social compact ; or, the principles of politic 
law. The first American edition Albany, 1797. 12*. 

Royal Dublin Society. The proceedings of. New series. Vol. 1, 
1878; vol. 2, 1880. Dublin, 1878, 80. 2 v. 8^ 

Royal Geological Society of Ireland. Journal of. Vol. 13, 1&70- 
73 ; vol. 14, 1873-77 ; vol. 15, part 3, 1879-80. Dublin, 1873-80. 
In 2 y. 8". 

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betical index of the matter contained, and of the writers, in the 
philosophical transactions. 1821-30. See Royal Society of London, 
List of Fellows, 1862-80. 

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earliest period to the present time. Cirencester, 1781. 8*^. 

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ing sketches of prominent families and distinguished men, with 
an appendix. Salisbury, N. C. 1881. 24®. 

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V, VoL II., Genealogies. Boston, 1881. 8**. 

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lications, voL 10.) London, 1881. sm. 4®. 


St. John, M. The sea of mountains. An account of Lord DuflEerin's 
tour through British Columbia in 1876. London, 1877. 2 v. 12*^ . 

No. 28.] ' Y9 

St. Louis. Annual statement of the trade and commerce of St. 
Louis for 1858, 1867, 18Y8. With^ Annual report ot the comp- 
troller of the city, May,' 1874, August, 1877, May, 1878. And, 

Essay on the advantages and adaptability of St. Louis as a 

manufacturing city. By J.Maguire. St. Louis, 1867. In 1 v. 8®. 

St. Louis Mercantile Library Association. Annual reports of the 
board of directors, January, 1849, 50, 53, 59, 63, 64, 70, 71, 72, 
77, 79-81. With, Additions to library from January, 1874, to 
April, 1876. In 1 v. 8". 

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1879-82. In 1 V. 8 ^ 

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Boston, 1882. 16^. . 

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and other official documents, together with some account of the 
rise, progress and present state of the kingdom of Hayti. Boston, 
1818. 12^ 

Sandusky county. Oh. The history of, with portraits and bio- 
graphies of prominent citizens and pioneers. Cleveland, Oh., 
1882. sm. 4*. 

San Francisco. Catalogue of the San Francisco Free Public Library 
No. 3. June, 1882. Short titles. San Francisco, 1882. 8^. 

Sangamon county, Illinois. History of ... . together with .... his- 
tory of Illinois pre-historic races, aborigines. . . .and a brief 

review of its civil, political and military history. Illustrated. 
Chicago, 1881. 4^ 

Schouten van Hoorn, W. C. Journael van de wonderlijcke reyse 
gedaen door, in de jaren 1615, 1616 en 1617. Verhalende hoe 
dat hy bezuyden de straet Magellanes, eenen nieuwen doorganck 
gevonden heeft, streckende tot in de Zuydt-zee. .. .Amsterdam 
(1618?) 48 p. sm. 4^ 

Schuyler, George W. Historical sketch of Esopus, N, Y. Newsp. 
slips. 1880. 33 p. 8^. ^ ^ 

Schuylkill county, Pennsylvania. History of, with illustrations and 
biographical sketches. . . .New York, 1881. 4®. 

Scott, J. Papers (6) relating to charges preferred against Judge 
Scott: 1838-42. In 1 v. .4^ 

[Scotr, M.] The cruise of the Midge. Philadelphia, 1835, 34. 2 
V. 16". 

Scott county Iowa. History of : together with. . . .history of Iowa 
Illustrated. Chicago, 1882. sm. 4°. 

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1882. 16". ■' . . ' . 

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library of Ferdinand Freiligrath. By J. L. Whitney, Cambridge, 
Mass., 1882. 4". 

Seven champions. The renowned history of the seven champions 
of Christendom. . ..and their sons. London, 1808. 24®. 



*".• •*■.■ ,■•... V-'- •■ " Iv 

. Jl* 

\ . 


* • A 

t'1 .'. • 




^0 [Assembly 

Shanghai exchange tables for the conversion of taels into dollars. 

• And vice versa. Compiled by C. T. Jones Shanghai, 1870. 


Siebke, H. Enumeratio insectorum Norvegicornm fasiculiim V cata- 
logum hymenopterornm continentem. Pars 1. See Kongelige 
Norske FrederiKs Universitet Papers, 1880-81. 

Siege, The, of Quebec, and conquest of Canada in 1759. By a nun 

of the General Hospital of Quebec In English and French. 

Quebec, 1828? 8". 

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New York, 1853. 16^ . 

. Lucy Howard's Journal. New York, 1858. 12"". 

Skeat, W. W . An etvmological dictionary of the English language. 
Oxford, Eng., 1882!! 4^ 

Sketches of the war between the United States and the British isles 

1812 to 1815 Vols. 1 and 2. Eutland, Vt, 1815, 

In 1 V. 8^ 

Slafter^ E. F. History and causes of the incorrect* latitudes as re- 
corded in the journals of the early writers, navigators and ex- 
plorers relating to the Atlantic coast of North America, 1535- 
1740. Boston, 1882. 20 p. 8^. 

Slocum, C. E. A short history of the Slocums, Slocumbs and 
Slocombs of America, genealogical and biographical .... 1637 to 
1881 .... Syracuse, 'N. Y., 1882. 644 p. 8". 

Smith, Jiev. James. The coming man. London, 1873. 2 v. 12®. 

Smith, Joseph. The book of doctrine and covenants of the church 
of Latter day Saints. . . Liverpool, 1854. 16°. 

Smith, Samuel F. History of Newton, Massachusetts, town and 
city from its earliest settlement to the present time, 1630-1880. 
Boston, 1880. 8''. 

Smith, Sir Thomas. The life of the learned Sir Thomas Smith, 
Kt., doctor of the civil law : principal secretary of state to King 
Edward the Sixth, and Queen Elizabeth . . . with . . . .some works of 
his, never before published. London, 1698. 12®. 

Smith, William L. Historical sketches of education in Michigan. 
See Micjiigan. 

Smithsonian Institution. First annual report of the Bureau of 
ethnology to the secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, 1879- 
80, by J. W. Powell, director. Washington, 1881. sm. f "*. 

Southern Review. {Quarterly.) Vol. 1-24. 1867-1878. Balti- 
more. 24 V. 8®. 

Southold, N. Y. Southold town records copied and explanatory 
notes added by J. W. Case. (Vol. 1.) JVew York, 1882. 8^. 

South-Side Signal. Newsp. WeeUy. May 3, 1879-December 25, 
1880. Babylon, L. L In 1 v. f^ 

Sparks, Rev. Jared. Letters on the ministry, ritual and doctrines 
of the Prot. Episcopal Church. . . •Baltimore, 1820. 8°. 


-t ' 

..^■' ■■■ -•f^'-^ 




No. 28.] 81 

Sparks, W. H. The memories of fifty years : containing brief bio- 
graphical notices. . . . and anecdotes of remarkable men .... chiefly 
in the southwest. Third edition. Philadelphia, 1872. 12*^. 

Spear, S. T., D.D. [Sermons * collected.] New Tork, 1864-Y9. 
Inlv. 8". 

Spinoza, B. de. The ethics of From the Latin. ^\\\\ an intro- 
ductory sketch of his life and writings. New York, 1876. 8®. 

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Salem, N. Y Salem, 1876. With^ The Uiiited Presbyterian 

Church of Salem, N. Y. Historical sermon by Rev. W. A. 

Mackenzie. Salem, 1876. In 1 v. 8®. 

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Vol. 6. New York and Albany, 1821-60. In 1 v. 8^ 

Springfield, Mass., directory for 1870-71. Springfield, 1870. 8^ 

Spurgeon, Rev, C. H. [Sermons (7) collected.] London and Phila- 
delphia, 1857-67. In 1 v. 8^ 

Standard, The. Weekly, Vol. 4. September 5, 1839-February 
6, 1840. Coxsackie, N. Y. f ^ 

Stanley, A. P., D,D. Supplement to the first and second editions 
of historical memorials of Westminster Abbey. With illustra- 
tions. London, 1869. 8°. 

. Memoir of Edward and Catharine Stanley. London, 1879. 


Stanton, Mrs, Elizabeth Cady. History of woman suffrage. Vol. 

.2. 1861-76. New York, 1882. 8°. 

Stevens, Henry. Sebastian Cabot — John Cabot. Boston, 1870. 30 

p. sq. 16*^. 
. Stevens's Historical collections. Part 1. Catalogue of the 

first portion of the extensive and varied collections of rare^ books 

and manuscripts relating chiefly to the history and literature of 

America London, 1881. roy. 8"'. 

Stevens, John A. Yorktown centennial hand-book. . . .New York, 

188L 12^ 
Stevenson, William G. Thirteen months in the rebel army ... . 

New York, 1862. 16^ 
Stillman, W. O. A guide to the use of the Saratoga mineral waters. 

New York, 1881. sq. 12^ 
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Stoddard, S. R. The Adirondacks illustrated. Albany, 1881. 12°. 
Street, A: B. The Beverwyck mystery A New Year's story. 

Newsp. slips. 45 p. Wiih^ Poems collected. Newsp. slips. 

24, 5 p. In 1 V. 8°. 
Suffolk countv, Massachusetts. Suffolk deeds. Liber I. Boston, 

1880. 8^'' . 

Suffolk county. New York. The history of, with illustrations, por- 
traits, sketches of prominent families and individuals. New York, 

1882. 4^ 

[Assem. Doc. No. 28.] 11 

82 [Assembly 

Sutherland, T. J. Loose leaves from the portfolio of a late patriot 
prisoner in Canada. New York, 1840. IS"". 

Sweden : Commerce Bidrag till sveriges officiela statistik. Statens 
jernvagstrafik. 2. Trant-stjrelsens underdaniga berattqlse. For 
aren 1863-67 ; 1868-Y8. Stockholm, 1865-79. In 2 v. 4^ 

: Justice. Statistik. Rattsvasendett, Nyfoljd. Sammand- 

rag statsministerns upderdaniga embetsberattelser for aren 1830 
tilT,och med 1856; 1864, 65, 66; 1867-70; 1871-73,; 1874-77. 
Stockholm, 1867-78. In 4 v. 4^. , , 

: Population. Befolknings-statistik. For 1865-^70 ; 1871- 

78. Stockholm, 1867-79. In 2 v. 4^ 

: Postoffice. Statistik. Postverket. Generalposts-tyrelsens 

den 20 december 1865 i underdanighet afgifna. Berattelse om 
postverkets forvaltning. Fpr 1865-71. Stockholm, 1866-73. 
In 1 V. 4^ 

: Prison^. Statistik. Fangvarden. Fangvards-styrelsens 

underdaniga berattelse. For 1865-78. Stockholm, 1867-80. In 
Iv. 4". 
Sylvester, N. B. History of E-ensselaer county, New York, with 
illustrations and biographical sketches .... Philadelphia, 1880. . 4**. 


Tancock, O. W. An English grammar and reading book for lower 
forms in classical schools. Oxford, 1872. 12®. 

Taylor county, Iowa. History of the county. .,. .history of Iowa 
and the northwest etc. Illustrated. Des Moines, 1881. 8°. 

Temperance tracts, Birmingham. A selection of tracts and hand- 
bills, published in aid of the temperance reformation. Birming- 
ham, 1839. 8"*. 

Tennessee State Medical Society. Transactions, 1858, 78, 79, 80. 
Nashville, 1858-80. In 1 v. 8^ 

Tewrdannokh. Poem in Qermcm. See Pfinzing, M. 

Thayer, William M. From the log-cabin to the white house ; life 
of James A. Garlield Boston, 1881. 12®. 

Thirty-fourth Street Reformed Church of New York city. Jubilee. 
The fiftieth anniversary of the organization, December, 1873. 
New York, 1874. 8^ 

Thomas, C. W. Adventures and observations on the west coast of 
Africa, and its islands. Historical and descriptive sketches of 
Madeira, Canary, Biafra and Cape Verd islands With illustra- 
tions New York, 1860. 12*. 

.Thompson, George. Lectures on British India, delivered in the 
Friends' meeting-ho\ise, Manchester, England, in October, 1839. 
With a preface by William L. Garrison. Pawtucket, R. I., 1840. 

Thompson, J. B., D.D. The christology of St. John : a synodical 

sermon New York, 1877. With (2) other sermons. 1880-81. 

In 1 V. 8". 

No. 38.] 83 

Thompon, Mary W. Sketches of the history, character and dying 
testimony of beneficiaries of the Colored Home in the city of 
New York. New York, 1851. 16°. ' 

ThrockraortoD, Sir Thomas. The legend of Sir Nicholas Throck- 
morton, 1740. See Peck, F., New memories of John Milton. 

Thursday's Post. Weekly. 31 noa. of vol, 1, 2, from October 19, 
1836, to January 17, 1828. Watertown, N. Y. f°. Newsp. v. 

Timbrel, William H. Practical observations on the management 
of ruptures From the last London edition. Boston, 1809. 16°. 

Tio^a, Chemung, Tompkins and Schuyler counties. New York. 
History of, with illustrations and biographical sketches Phila- 
delphia, 1879. 4°. 

Titusville, Pa. Oil City and Franklin directory for 1874 To- 
gether with a business directory of the new oil regions. . ..By J. 

' H. Lant. Titusville, 1874. 12°. 

Todd, A. Parliamentary government in the British colonies. 
Boston, 1880. 8°. 

Tokio Daigako. University of Tokio, Memoirs of the science 
department coUeoted. In 1 v. 4°. Contents : 

Vol. 1. Pt. 1. Shell mounds of -Omori. By E. S. Moras, 1879. 

No. 4, Geology of the enviroLH of Tokio. By D. BrnnnH. 

No, 6. Measurementa of the force of gravity at Tokio and on the summiC of 
Fujinoynma. By T. C. MendBuhall. 

No. 6. The chemistry of Bake-brewin^, By R. W, Atkinson. 

No. 7. ^Port. on the meteorology of Tokio for 1880. By T. C. Mendenhall. 

No. 8. n'he Trave 1enf;thH of some of the principal Fraunliofer linee of the solar 
apectram. By T. C. Mendeahall, 

Tompkins, Daniel 1). A letter to A. M'Intyre, comptroller of the 
state of New York. Second edition. New York, 1819. With, 
A letter to his excellency D, D. Tompkins, late governor of the 
state of New York. Albany, 1819. In 1 v. 8^. 

Toner, J. M. Address before the Kocky Mountain Medical Asso- 
ciation, June 6, 1877 Washington, 1877. 414 p. 12°. 

Townend, William. The descendants of the Stuarts .Second 

edition, with additions. London, 1858. 8°. 

Torp, Alt. Die Flexiou des Pali in ihrem Verhaltniss zum Sans- 
krit, Se€ K.ongelige Norske Frederiks Universitet. Papers. 

Tourgee, A, W, John Eax and Mamelon, or, the South without 
the shadow. New York, 1882. 16°. 

Traits des sidges, 1. Avissurla defence, ,.;2. Del'artd'attaquer. 
1810 i In 1 V. 18°. MS. 

Trask, George. Notes from anti-tobacco campaigns. Boston, 1871 ? 
Wtth, Twenty-nine tracts on the use of tobacco. In l,v. 12°. 

Travelers' Ollicial railway guide tor the United States and Canada 

Compiled and edited by W. F.Allen, February, August, 

September, 1880. Philadelphia, 1880. In 1 v. roy, 8". 

Trenton, N. J., directory, 1870 by E. S. Metcalf . Providence, 

^. L, 1870. 8°. 

84 [Absbmblt 

Tribes' Hill, N. Y., directory, 1882-3. See Amsterdam, N. Y. 
Troy, N. Y., directory for 1849-50 ; -for 1881, Troy and Albany.' 

2 V. 12° and 8°. 
Trumbull, James H. Indian names of places, etc., in and on the 

borders of Connecticut: with interpretations of some of them. 

Hartford, 1881. 8°. 
Trumbull and Mahoning counties, Ohio. History of, with illustra- 
tions and biographical sketches. Cleveland, 1882. 1 v. 4°. 
Tucker, H. W. Memoir of the life and episcopate of Edward Feild, 

D.D., bishop of Newfoundland, 1844-76 .... London, 1877. 12°. 
Tucker, J. An essay on the advantages and disadvantages which 

respectively attend France and Great Britain, with regard to trade 

The fourth edition. Glasgow, 1756. 12°. 

Tucker, P. Origin, rise and progress of Mormonism. Biogi'aphy 

of its founders and history of its church .... New York, 1867. 12°. 
Tunnard, William H. A southern record. The history of the 

Third regiment, Louisiana Infantry. Ba*ton Rouge, 186Q. 12°. 
Turner, H. E. William Coddington in Kliode Island affairs.... 

See R. I. Hist. Tracts, No. 4. 
Twelve years' military adventure in three quarters of the globe : or 

memoirs of an officer who served in the armies of his majesty 

and of the East India Company, between . . . 1802 and 1814 

New York, 1829. 2 v. 12°. 
Tyng, S. H., Jr. [Writings (4) collected.) New York, 1867-^77. 

In 1 V. 8°. 


United States : Cattle disease. Contagious diseases of domesticated 
animals .... Special report. No. 34. Washington, 1881. 8°. 

: Engineering. Analytical and topical index to the reports 

of the Chief of Engineers and the officers of the corps of engineers, 
U. S. Army, upon the works and surveys for river and harbor 

improvement, 1866 to 1879 Washington, 1881. 8°. 

Entomology. Second report of the U. S. entomological 

commission for the years 1878 and 1879, relating to the Rocky 

mountain locust and the western cricket Washington, 1880. 8®. 

Exhibitions. International exhibition, 1876. Report of 

the Director-General, including the reports of bureaus of adminis- 
tration. Washington, 1880. 8 v. 8°. 1 v. 4. 9 v. 

.eports of the United States commissioners to 

the Paris Universal Exposition, 1878. Washington, 1880. 6 v. 


International cotton exposition. Atlanta, Georgia, 

1881. Report of the Director-General H. I. Kimball. New 
York, 1880. 8°. • 

Geographical survey. (G. M. Wheeler in charge.) One 

hundredth meridian. Yol. III. Supplement. Geology. Vol. VII. 
Archaeology. Washington, 1881, 1879. 2 v. 4 

No. 28.] 85 ' 

United States : Geographical and Geological survey. (J. M. Powell 
in charge.) Rocky Monntkih region. Vol. IV. Contributions to 
North American ethnology. Houses and home life of the Ameri- 
can aborigines. By L. H. Morgan. Washington, 1881. 4°. 

: Geological and Geographical survey. (F. V. Hayden in 

charge.) Bulletin of the survey of the territories. Vol. 5. Nos. 
1-4. Washington, 1879, 80. 'in 1 v. 8°. 

: Interior annual register of ... .persons employed in the 

department of the Interior, cdrrected to January 1, 1879 ; to 
October 10, 1881. Washington, 1879, 81. 2 v. 8°. 

: Report of the Secretary of the Interior for 1879. Wash- 

ington, 1880. 2 V. 8°. 

: Lands. Rapport du commissaire du bureau general des 

terres publigues pour I'ann^e 1867. In Oermoun^ French and 
Swedish. Washington, 1868, 69. In 1 v. 8^ 

: Library. Index-catalogue of the library of the Surgeon- 

General's office, U. S. Army. Vol. 3. Choice — Dz. Washing- 
ton, 1882. 4^ 

Catalogue of the library of the department of 

the Interior Washington, 1881. roy. 8°. 

-. Catalogue of the library of the treasury depart- 

ment. Washington, 1878. 8°. 

■I Life saving service. Annual report of the operations of, 

for the year ending June 30, 1881. Washington, 1881. 8°. 

: Loans. The national loans of the United States, from 

July 4, 1776, to June 30, 1880. By R. A. Bayley. Washington, 
1881. 4°. 

: Naval. Report of the secretary of the navy for 1879. 

Washington, 1880. 8°. 

: Naval observatory. Astronomical and meteorological ob- 

servations made during 1877. Washington, 1881. 4°. 

: Navigation. Papers on the eastern and northern exten- 

sions of the gulf stream. From the German of Dr. A. Peter 
mann. Dr. W. Von Freeden and Dr. A. Muhry . . . . Washington, 
1871. 4°. 

: Office. Register of officers and agents, civil, military and 

n^val in the service of the U. S. July, 1881. Vol. 1. Legislative, 
executive, judicial. Vol.2. Post office department. WaSiington, 
1881. 2v. 4°. 

: Rebellion. Report of the joint committee, second session, 

38th congress. Vols. 1, 2, 3. Washington, 1865. 3 v. 8°. 
: Signal service. Annual report of the chief signal officer 

for 1879. Washington, 1880. 8°. 

: Transportation. Report of the select committee on trans- 

portation-routes to the seaboard. Washington, 1874. 2 v. 8°. 

: See United States : Wisconsin and Fox rivers. 

: War. Report of the secretary of war for 1879. Vols. 1, 

2,3,^4. Washington, 1879. In 6 v. 8°. 

86 [Assembly 

United States : Wisconsin and Fox rivers. Report on the transpor- 
tation route along the Wisconsin and Fox rivers, in the state of 
Wisconsin, between the Mississippi river and Lake Michigan. By 
G. K. Warren. Washington, 1876. 8°. 

Universalist, The, Union, devoted to the doctrine of universal 
benevolence, the defence of liberal principles generally in religion 
.... By P. Price. Weekly. Vols. 7, 8, 9. November 20, 1841- 
November 9, 1844. New York. 3 v. roy. 8°. 

University of Michigan. Michigan University book, 1844-1880. 
By T. R. Chase. Detroit, 1881. Historical sketch of the uni- 
versity by C. K. Adams, Ann Arbor, 1876. Laws and by-laws, 
1864. In 1 V. 8°. 

Utah Territory. The resources and attractions of . . . . Omaha, 1879. 
74 p. With^ Salt Lake city and the valley settlements. By C. 
Marshall, 1871. 11 p. In 1 v. 8°. 

Utica Evangelical Magazine. See Evangelical Magazine. 


Yanderbilt, Gertrude L. The social history of Flatbush, and man- 
ners and customs of the Dutch settlers in Kings county. New 

York, 1881. 12°. 
Van Voorhjs, E. W. Notes on the ancestry of Major William Koe 

Yan Voorhis, of Fishkill, Dutchess county, New York. . . .1881. 

8^ . 
Yelasco, F. Sonora: its extent, population, natural productions, 

Indian tribes, mines, mineral lands, etc. Translated from the 

Spanish by William F. Nye. San Francisco, 1861. 12°. 
Venezuela. Documentos para la historia de la vida publica del 

libertador do Colombia, Peru, y Bolivia . . . Caracas, 1875, 77. 

14 vols, f . ^ 

Vermont. Legislative manual for 1832, 1859-64, 69, in 1 v. : for 

1880. Montpelier. 1880. 2 v. 16°. 
Vernon, T. The diary of Thomas Vernon, a loyalist banished from 

Newport by the E. I. Gen. Assembly in 1776. With notes by 

S. S. Eider. ...See K. I. Hist. Tracts, No. 13. 
Verrazano, G. da. Elogio di Giovanni de Verrazano fiorentino 

scopritore della Nuova Francia nel secolo XVI. Signed G. P. 

Firenze, 1769. 10 p. sm. 4°. 
Victoria (Colonv). Catalogue of the public library of Victoria. 

Melbourne, 1880. 2 v. 4°. 
Villerm6, L. R. Tableau de I'etat physique et moral des ouvriers 

employes dans les manufactures de coton, de laine, et de soie. 

Paris, 1840. 2 v. 8°. 
Vinton, F. L. The guardian, a diversion in rhythm. New York. 

1869. 8°. 
Virginia. Report of the directors of the Central Lunatic A.sylum 

for colored insane for 1874 and 1875. Report of the Eastern 

Lunatic Asylnm for 1872-74, 80-81. Report of directors of the 


.■ y 

i ■ :■• ,■■■ , V. •. ,>i 1,' 

No. 28.] 


Western Lunatic Asylum for 1871-2, 72-3, 73-4, 74-75. Eich- 
mond, 1872-81. In 1 v. 8°. 
Voice, The, of Humanity. Quarterly. For the Association for 
promoting rational humanity towards the animal creation. Vol. 
2. London, 1832. 8°. 


Walcott, Charles D. Notes on some sections of trilobites from the 
Trenton limestone, and descriptions of n'ew species of fossils. 
1877. With other writings collected. Albany and Cambridge, 
1879-81. In 1 V. 8°. 

[Walker, C] Relations and observations, historical and politick, 
upon the parliament begun anno dom. 1640. Divided into II. 
books: 1. The mystery of the two juntoes, Presbyterian and 
Independent. 2. History of Independency. . . .1648. With^ An 
appendix to the history of Independency, being a brief descr ption 
of some few of Argyle's proceedings. .. .London, 1648. !A7id, 
Anarchia Anglicana: or the history of Independency. The 
second part. . . .1649. Also, Part III., being, The high court of 

Justice : or, Cromwell's new slaughter-house in England 1651. 

In 1 V. em. 4. 

Walworth county, Wisconsin, History of. . . .preceded by a history 
of Wisconsin Illustrated. Chicago, 1882. sni. 4°. 

Ward, E. The Hawaiian treaty. . .'.Speech Washington, 1876. 

With, The financial problem Speech Washington, 1876. 

And three other speeches. Washington, 1876-77. In 1 v. 8°. 

Warner, C. D. American men of letters. Washington Irving. 
Boston, 1882. 16°. 

Warner, George E. History of Ramsey county and the city of St. 
Paul, including the explorers and pioneers of Minnesota by Rev. 
E. D. Neill, and outlines of the history of Minnesota by J^F. 
Williams. Minneapolis, 1881. 4°. 

. History of the Minnesota valley, including the explorers 

and pioneers of Minnesota by Rev. E. D. Neill, and history of the 
Sioux massacre by C. S. Bryant. Minneapolis, 1882. 4 . 

Warren county, Ohio. The history of, containing a history of the 
county . . .^. of the nortli west territory .... of Ohio .... etc. Illus- 
trated. Chicago, 111. , 1882. 8°. 

Washburn and Moen Manufacturing Co. Galvanized iron wire as 
employe) in the telegraph and telephone. History and principles 
of the world's electric aerial land service. Worcester, Mass., 1881. 
82 p. 18°. 

. Galvanized iron wire as employed in the telephone.... 

Worcester, 1881. lOOp. 18°. 

Washington, George. Washington-Irvine correspondence. The 
oflicial letters which passed between Washington and Brig.-Gen. 
William Irvine, and between Irvine and others concerning mili- 
tary affairs in the west from 1781 to 1783 .... Illustrated .... 
Madison, Wis., 1882. 8°. 

88 . [Assembly 

Washington, D. C, directory (Boyd's), of Washington, Georgetown 
and Alexandria, 1871. Washington, 1871. 8°. 

Washington Academy, Salem, N. Y. Centennial anniversary pro- 
ceedings, 1880. ^ewsp. slips. 8**. 

Washington county, Ohio. History of, with illustrations and bio- 
graphical sketches. Cleveland, Oh., 1881. 4°. 

Washington and Ozaukee counties, Wisconsin. History of pre- 
ceded by a history of Wisconsin Illustrated. Chicago, 1881. 4^ 

Washington Monument, Baltimore, Md. An authentic account of 
all the proceedings on the Fourth of July, 1815, with regard to 
laying the corner stone of the Washington monument, now erect- 
ing io the city of Baltimore Baltimore, 1815. 12°. 

Watford Natural History Society and Hertfordshire Field Club. 
Transactions. Vols. 1, 2. January, 1875, to July, 1879. Wat- 
ford, 1878, 80. ^ 2 V. 8°. 

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TO JANUARY 1, 1883. 

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92 [Assembly 


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' - / ■>.•vF^''' 

No. 28.] 93 

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■f ■■ w 


94 [Assembly 

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No 28.] 95 

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^:|J^^V: -•'•.•-•'J• 

96 [Assembly 

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No. 28.] 97 

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[Assera. Doc. No. 28.] 13 



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i ■ 

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Candid reflections upon the jiidgment of the court of king's 
bench in the negro cause, fey a planter. London, 1772. In 

1 V. 8^ 

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, 118 [Assembly 

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1681. 4 V. f ^ 
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and 2d trials.] Edinb., 1747. 8^. 
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circuit court of justiciary held at Inveraray, Sept. 21-25, 1752. 

Edinburgh, 1753. 8*. ^ 
. Supplement to the trial, containing matters omitted by the 

publishers, observations, anecdotes, Stewart's dying speech, etc. 

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V. 90. ^ 

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Law pam. v. 90. 

-. Catalogue of the law library of sold, N. Y.,1882. 8®. 

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the appellate high court [of Bengal] in all its branches . . Vols. 

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. Same. Special no., containing full bench rulings from July, 

1862 to July, 1 864. Calcutta, n. d. 8^. 

•. Same. Extra vol., containing decisions from January to 

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r * 

No. 28.] 119 


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the high court of delegates. London, 1855. Report of the judg- 
ment, in the consistorial court of Dublin ; with observations. ... 
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Paget; with report of the judgment of the high court of dele- ' 

fates. London, 1855. A statement of facts, by T. T. Paget. 
lOndon, 1855. Letter. . . .on the judgment of the high court of 

delegates, by T. T. Paget. London, 1856. In 1 v. 8' .^ 
, Talbott, A. P. cmd C. E. Trial, for the murder of their father; 

before the circuit court of Nodaway co.,Mo., January, 1881. ' 

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8^ Catal. y. 16. 
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at the Old Bailey, December, 1794. By J. Newton. London, 

[1794:.] 12^ 
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8°. Oo7itent8: 

1. Further proceedings of the new Scottish congregation, Liverpool. Glasgow, 

2. Constitution of St. Andrew's church. Liverpool, 1824. 

3. Correspondence of the committee of management of the New Scots Church 
with Rev. D. Thom. Liverpool, 1824. 

4. Correspondence, — continued. [Liverpool, 1825.] 

5. Further correspondence. Liverpool, 1825. 

6. Remarks by Rev. D. Thom on a series of charges recently preferred against 
him. Liverpool, 1825. 

7. An expostulatory letter to Rev. D. Thom. . . .By a moderate Calvinist. London, 

8. Proceedings in the case of Rev. D. Thom of St. Andrew's church, Liverpool ; 
before the presbytefy of Glasgow, June-July, 1825. Glasgow, 1825. 

9. Memorial by Rev. D. Thom regarding the theological points of his case. 
Glasgow, 1825. 

10. Three questions proposed and answered. .. .by Rev. D. Thom. Liverpool. 

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St. Louis, 1882. 8°. 

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Thoughts on the constitution ; and strictures on the court of chan- 
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120 [Assembly 

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September 19, 1821. 2d ed. Witli a memoir, etc. Montrose, 

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y. 71. 
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respective titles. 
-. . [Collection in f°.] Vol. 10. Contents under their respec- 
tive titles, , 
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and the law of nations. London, 1846. 8°. 
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vising the president and heads of departments in relation to their 
official duties, and expounding the constitution, treaties .... and 
the public laws .... vol. 16. Edited by A. J. Bentley. Wash- 
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-. Catalogue of the works relative to the law of nations and 

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No. 28.] 


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8°. ^ • ^ ■ 

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8°. ■ . ' . 

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1878. 8^. In Geneva award coll. 

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remarks on the dislocation of the hipjoint, occasioned by the pub- 
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sessions. By J. Coffey. Dublin, 1838. 8°. Trials, v. 73. 

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gan in 1826; sworn to, Sept. 28, 1882. With a sketch of Mr. 
Weed's life, etc. [Newsp. slips.] In 1 v. 8°. 

Weekly Notes : Part I, containing notes of cases, heard and deter- 
mined in the [courts of England], during 1881, '82. Part II, con- 
taining rules and orders of the courts and miscellaneous legal 

information for the years 1881, '82, with alphabetical list of bank- 
rupts, etc. London, 1881-82. 2 v. 4''. 

Weekly notes of cases, argued and determined in the supreme court 
of Pennsylvania, the county courts of Philadelphia, and the U. 

[Assem. Doc. No. 28.] 16 

122 , [Assembly 

S. district and circuit courts for the eastern district of Pa. Vols. 
10,11, By members of the bar. A. A. Outerbridge, editor. 
Philadelphia, 1881-82.^ 2 v. •S^ 

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judicature, and in the court of bankruptcy, with appeals to the 
house of lords and privy council Vols. 29-30, 1880-82. Ed- 
ited by T. J. Edwards and C. A. Cook. With, Digest. . . . 

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West Port murder^. See Burke, W., et al., trial. 

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of Dr. Lushington, in the consistory court ; the judgment of Sir 
J. Dobson, dean of arches; also the judgment of the privy coun- 
cil. Edited by A. F. Bayford. London^ 1856-67. With, Stric- 
tures, on the judgment of the consistory court. ..By J. D. Cham- 
bers. London, 1866. In I v. .8®. 

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V. 90. 
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London, 1877-82. In 1 v. 8*. 
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of rep.] appointed to inquire inix) the conduct of ; May 1,- 1810. 
Washington, ISm 8*". 

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by T. C. Williams. London, 1882. 8^ 

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summer assizes, Aug. 6, 1822. With a report of the prelim, proc. 
in the court of king's bench at London. Durham, 1822. 8*^. 
Trials, v. 72. 

Williams, Sam. Trial, for the murder of J. Hall ; before the su- 
preme court of N. Y., at the Wayne oyer and terminer. May 29- 
June 7, 1882. As reported for the Zyofis BepuhUoan. [Newsp. 
slips.] 8^. 

Williams, T. C. Editor. See Williams on real prop., llth ed. 

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the superior court of city of New York in the case of : Nov., 
1882. 8^. Law pam. v. 91. 

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No. 28.] 



and forms, .with notes. 3d ed., by M. D. Chalmers and H. Lush- 
Wilson. London, 1882. 8*. 

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assassin of the Hon. S. Perceval, on the day previous to his exe- 
cution. London, 1812. 8*. Trials, v. 72. 

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sale by : 1876-1882. K Y., 1876-82. In 1 v. 8^ 

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U. S. 2d ed. New York, 1882. 12^ 

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of the court of vice- admiralty of Nova Scotia, 1865-80. Edited 
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for 1881. Albany, 1882. 8^ 
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2 V. 8". 


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1881. 8^. 
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In 2 V. 8^ 

r— . Senate and house journals, 1882. Hartford, 1882. 2 v. 8®. 

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In 20 V. 8°. 


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. Senate and house journals, 1880, '81. Atlanta, 1880-81.. 

In 3 V. 8*. 


ASBBMBLT No. 28.] 


Great Britain. The public general acts, passed in the 44th & 45th 
Vict., 1881. (Law Journal edition, 1881.) London, 1881. 4*. 

. Public general statutes, passed in the 44th & 45th Vict., 

1881. (Law reports, statutes, v. 17.) London, 1881. 8®. 

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London, 1880-81. In 1 v. f **. 

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136. London, 1880-81. In 1 v. f*. 

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V. 257-265. London, 1881. 9 v. 8^. 


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. House and senate journals, 1881. Springfield, 1881. 2 v. 


'. Report to the general assembly, 1881. Springfield, 1881. 

4 V. 8^ 

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V. 8^ 

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Jamaica, 1805-15. In 2 v. 4°. ^ 


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and passed by the 5th legis. council, 2d session, 1833. Detroit, 

1833. 8°. 

126 [AsssaiBLY 

Michigan. Public and local acts, ex. sess. of 1882. Lansing, 1882. 

In 1 V. 8°. X 

^. Local acts, 1881. Lansing, 1881. 8*. 

— ', . Journals of the legislative council ; Ist sess. of Ist council, 

1824 ; 1st sess. of 3d council, 1828. Detroit, 1824-28. 2 v. 8°. 

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■• School laws, ed. of 1881 ; with notes, etc. Lansing, 1881. 

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V. 8**. ' 

1— . Special laws,' 1879, 1881. St. Paul, 1879-81. . 2 v. 8°. 

. House and senate journals, 1881. St. Paul, 1881. 2 v. 


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1882. In 1 V. 8°. 


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By G. A. Brown. Omaha, 1881. 8°. 

^. Laws, 1881; extra sess., 1882. Omaha, 1881-82. 2 v. 8°. 

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1880-81. 2 V. 8°. 
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— . Senate journal, 1881. Burlington, 1881. 8^. 

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3 v. 8°. 

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•. Senate and assembly journals, 1882. Albany, 1882. 3 v. 


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81. 2v. 8°. 

•. Assembly documents, 1880, v. 4, 8. 1881, v. 6. Albany, 

1880-81. 3 V. 8°. 

Ko. 28.] 127 

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82. 6v. f°. 
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New York city. Proceedings of the board of aldermen. Vols. 

137-148, 1875-77. New York, 1875-7?i. 12 v. 8°. 
. Proceedings of the board of aldermen approved by tlje 

mayor, (ordiiianeeB.) Vols. 43-45, 1875-77. New York, 1876- 

77. 3v. 8". ; 
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New York, 1875-77. 6 v. 8°. 


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2 V. 8°. 
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1882. 4 V. 8". 
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4 V. 8°. 
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. Sessional papers, 1882. Toronto, 1882. 7 v. 8°. 


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1881. 8°. 

— . Journal of the common council, 1880, v. 2. Phila., 1881. 


Providence. Providence city documents, for the year 1881. Provi- 
dence, 1882. 8'. 

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, Assembly and council journak, 1882. Quebec, 1882. 2 

v., 8°. 
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Bhode Island. The public statutes of the state of R. I. and Provi 
dence Plantations, [in force Feb. 1, 1882.] Providence, 1882. 

. Acts, resolves and reports of the general assembly, May and 

Sept., 1881, and Jan., 1882. Providence, 1882. In I v. 8". 

South Carolina. House and senate journals, 1881-82. Columbia, 
1881.^2 7. 8'. 



128 [Assembly 

South Carolina. Reports and resolutions, 1881-82. Columbia, 
1882. 8". 


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Nashville, 1881-82. 3 v. S\ 
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•. Sketches of debate in the first session of the senate of the 

U. S., in 1789-91 ; by Wm. Maclay. Edited by G. W. Harris. 
Harrisburg, [1880.] 8^. 

' V,* ' 'f ". ' ' / " ' 

No. 28.] 129 

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In 1 V. 8^. 
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[Assem. Doc. No. 28.] 17 




• ' 


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