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.; : • ; ; $NqL:pií-^jtíasíi. 


1826u Digitized by L^OOgle 






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'^D3 4- 


Trx QtiEtj of Pocket Dictionaries of tlie living laoguigee is too 
evident to require much remark, since it nustbesofliciendy obvioas 
firom^the increasing demand for those already extant in the Englisli« 
French, Italian, and German langnages. To these is now added^ 
for the first time, that of the Spanish,— a language which, fbr 
copiooffliess, harmony, and dignity, may be said to stand nnrivalled 
aoKHig modem tongues. 

A variety of circumstances have, within the last twenty years, 
concurred in lendermg this language more familiar to the English 
ear ; among these, the two most promineot may be said to be, first, 
the lights which have been transfused over the varied beauties of 
Spanish literature, through the researches of critics and scholars ot 
our own country, of the roost refined taste and judgemoit; ami 
seccnidly, by the long duration dH the peninsular war, wliich r«i- 
dered the acquisition of the language at once requisite and easy to 
that large portion of our countrymen, whose duties called them to 
be sojourners in Spain or its dependencies. But a new and im- 
portant era now presents itself, in the emancipation of New Spain 
from t|ie mother country; an event which cannot fail to excite the 
conHñerdal enterprise of Britons, and bring them into immediate 

Digitized by VoiOOQlC 


contact witR the Tast popolatioo of those reg;ioiis. How mach the 
advantMs of trade are fiKálitated and increased by a knowledge of 
^Ih^to^^es of those forei^ natkMis with vHiom traffic is oondoeted, 
merchants are fidly aware ; and to this class of persons the present 
Dictionary is particnkuiy reconunended, it having been the object of 
the compiler toiachide-in it aD sttcli terms as are ia any respect con- 
nected with commerce, as well as such as oonld, by possibility, occur 
ia the ordinary course of trevel through the country : but being li- 
mited, in size, to the pocket or to the portmanteau, it processes to be 
no other than an Abridgment» in which, though a ¥ast number of 
words are included, the explanations are of necessity concise. To 
those readers who require a full kaowledge of Üie language, the 
Editor refers with confidence to the source from whence this tin- 
tóme is derived, m^ the DiCTiovA&T OF Nedman akd Ba- 
EETTI consolidated, to the last edition of which, important cor- 
rections and additions have been made by a lexicographer of very 
considerable judgement and diligence ; who has consequently pro- 
duced, it is believed, a Dictionary more copious and correct than any 
other that is extant of two languages. This work, which is in two 
ectavo volumes, may likewise be had of tlie publishera of this 

The abbreviations used in this Work are such as will be chiefly 
obvious to the reader ; they are the following : 

•m. tlandt for fabstantiTe masculine 

<f. subBtantiTe feminine 

«0. Terb active 

«. ttaads fcr a4)aetive 

ad, adverb 

p prepodtion 

e. oonjunctioD. 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 




Español é Inglés — Spanish and English. 


A' f-rrp. li^iAcs lo, tni tU [ 
> mcnanímg tv, vñt tVi tt¡r, , 
ñd of 
A'ba, fT. ■ EtMBUn to bmdi 
AWIm* íT- red t»PW 
,Ate«riif tr ■ clundkTll 

' Alnnra, rk. r k retaUET uf 



A1»oo, 1^ ibacni 
AW4. 1*1. u *t]M> 1 t:untc 
A háÚA^ tf- itÚntKiTÚt 
Abadfjo, in-f cW'iUh 
A1ddAi«a> I*- fl. MMift^nf 

lo &a BbbQl 
AUd(». ^mrpi- ctniharidm 

AlwIadA, da. a- i}wn«j 
AtMluirlTp í-a. tti tKUuu:« 
AlMitdii'ú^i iu-f4 JrtqaCj IV- 
^í\et nf|ííii*cti 

Abilist^i ni' hcoE a cable 
Abaüfrlo^T t^r^- >«»**», 
AbnuieriJoír **n- 

L tA cibui 


At^arcidúr. m- i, ruthnra | Ab^fC, «tr Üm i . 

AbJnrdr, lu. tn-claipi tdiUln tHwk, 4 i>t]tc eí ccTDtnil» 

AbiTlftir* i-^tr to b«r up MTth 

AliHiitiLLár,iui'» bullüboAt* ' AHKp tf ' ■ 1>" 
AlumcáTW^ rr- tDwltbdr»» i Abvjir, ■- ■ gntj* rf wbicti 

inta buracltk i *•** »« ttpví 

Abtkrráúaf Al a- itripfd i Ab^amún , #m- t bant-rOj 

AluiracaDln»^ tt. ta LITe in AH^arílfo, r¥i. Ü\t bcT'tllTp 

tAáto, tm* *7 


• rr*c3- 

AlP^r^» ^^ halm-mlnt 

Abíjria, dm. idfme, i Hatüt 

pIij irf l^aulng in th* ear 
AMucirwi DT. LO bv n 

vr, lDdt*pt)Éul, d«|iaJr 
Al^ti^cáif V4- tq Atii 
Abaní'=Awit ík*. iDúkviritli a 

AbAnimí Mb ji f^r ^jirlr-aaD 

AWrHiH, «nK. a larf^ fon 

Abanto, fn- 1 btMi tKliMgia^ 

ti» uta f ultuir tiit« 
Atnrv4Tr ">■ ^ alMTe 
Abé^ci^ ^+ A Jil«r4 of tiucw 

tHlhEr lUl an Ibt fnt uf 

AÜaTruicunl^tn, fi^i *A of 

AburaneiJr »' *» tf*k up 

a rrdiL; LT. k) U] tntoA ptt ,^ 

Ab4Tr«Z:r tm^ igiut waH ¡ Ab*ni«UT, va- lo Mftlen 

Ab*rTJaCú^n LiidúcTimJínitEl j Aben^, i"v. «1»ri tr^ 
AbarroCir. im, to Ued4«D, tff ' AtwreBgíftado, d»* w^ turli^ 

ti-int ili« IiéíUI, to (Lov ttw ihrif EüelflUT oTUv «Kff ptant 

jUmlj Aberozjéra^- Üw itruftoni ■ 

AbumwWr, *. atmr trt* ^ r. r ^ 

Abufecár, liu- IV priMck I A bnrugMoi j . niH *5f^ " »"* 
AliUtti:imLAi.lOp MI- oSim^r ,'^bcrnlT»*frr thr n-t-ufflpen- 

pUTYCJOr, pTflTllilJIll 

A IvcilcHiítr, EKín lu 4?oiutrui:t AlKiüi t 

bsatirmí cUrt,b 

AUVtiH *™. wpp]; of a town ^IrfiD, **"*- the ilttrt'lT» 

witb pnmiionq, uiiill tua- A be-mníiin, rt. rtwHnblúig bi' 

brMdMHs ' íumtn 

Abatdnftr„ ■«!- fo tit^í clofh ¡ AlH-uiriiat ^. nuk uml In 
Abjii^ iFím. tMkc víti I ¿«Jjínatt prufwrtT >n Iitírf 

Abittdc^p da- fl- mean, liw* Abc^ná. 4/. «íver^ jo*» of 
AE)«ilJtiitifl'[(], *ín. oTFrtlirijw, OBon ploujthirif ig^fstlitr 

Ibvnm ^Aflrit' Abruan^ Am. iLLt 

AImeít, iu- to tlvu« dowu: Abl^rlnii m. a- u^^t mndld 
4lrM::Eüil¡ tr, be ilii- AUjíiJTAr» vm. la palnt wHh 

!lbt:u< in. taoef ^ tkoJdin^ 

AteiAJ^^F ^^- EU>,Mr-bvf In 

mlnc^^ an ».ti*i«i 
AluATnLbiiu, .™i. Je3*t'i<in 
i Abd«0. ■'f" utijdiTt hviQw 
AUlIrrir, pu- in nlHlLi 4te 
AJidifsirni. n* «icliMif e 

- Digitized b) 

a (ti f mi I J f^ cnlauf I 
Atitptt^bh ""- **>»« ^ fJiItlt 

übkfijjtiítnK d». a- » periMi 

wEirintf Lu^ whlakei» 



doM ttOM cTUm ooloiirer 

AbltfM.^f. boflálo OMk* 
AUmtflM»*. clMpnaib 
Abismar, m. tp dcprcM 
Abbmo,**». «bjrM* that wU 

Is iinm«nM. heU 
AUspón« «NI. a homet 
AMtadú», </: a ton «f Om 

cable around Ow bits 
Abitáqaa, tm. a rafter 
Abitar, M. to bite ttie cable 
Abittfiias»«iN.|i/.top-saU ihaeti 



AUoracIdn» <f. aUuratloii 
AUiurtfr. «c to aldiure 
AMaadw, va. touAea; «n. 

to grow mild or teqaperate 
Ablano, «N. the hazd*tree 
Ablativo, tm. ablatlire 
Abluci<fn, 4f. aUotioQ 
Abnesacidn, «f. lelfdenial 
Abofotfr, «a. to renonnoe 
Abobado, 'Vu a. simply sUIj 
Abobar, ^.tostvwi^ 
Abocado, agreeable 
AboountetttOf tm. a meeting 
Abocar, va. to catdi withihe 

•moath i or. to 

Abocardado, da. a. tride- 

Abochom<r« va. to swelter, 

provoke b7 abosiTe lan- 

Abodnádo, «. bent, applied to 

an cüH j^üc arch 

AbQNteaddr> nu «• 

Aboisteár, va, te slap one's 

ünot, to oiRr a great Insult 
'k4A pnmsslan ofa 

tawrcr or advocate 
Abcgido» «m. an advoca!» 
Abflgáde, 9. a mediator 
Abogtfr, vn. to follow the pro- 

ftssioa of a lawjcr, plead. 

Abohetádo» dm. a. swollen 

Abtffr, «a. to abolish 
Abolladura, <f. Ineqnalityj 

embossed work 
AbolUr, va. to emboss, stun 
AboUtta» tm. a bud, in parti- 

enbrorthe vine 

Abo&iUtr,Mr. to emboss ; vn. 

ie taid, aiylied to tbe vl 
'- • — >, da» «.puckered 

Abominar, va. to detest 
Abonado, da. a. creditable, 
tkSi, fit, commonl; ^pder- 
steed in an ill sovíe 


Abonada, 6n, «. a per 
who Is ball Sk another 
Abooansdr, «n. to dear op. 

Abontr, «a. to bail, improve, 
make good an aoertloo; 
wr. to subscribe; «m. V. 

Abonare, am. he who Is sure- 

^ for another 
Abono, Ml. leiuillj given ior 

a person, receipt in fhtt or 

Aberdsddr, <m. he that 

Abordar, va. board a si . , 
run fbnl of a ship, put into 
AlMrdo, fli. en board 
AbAcdo, m. address attack 
Abordonár, en. to walk, sup- 
ported I» astaff 
Aborradiáda, da. a.high 
loured, fiery 


Aborrecer, va. to hate, abhor, 
adventnre or spend money 
Abortamiento, tm. abortion 
Abortar, va. te miscarry 
Abortive, Ta. a. abortive, pro- 

Abdrto, «m. miscarriage 
Abortdn, tm. abortion of a 

Abor^itfrBe, vr. mnflSed «r 

Abotaguse, vr. to be mflated 
Abotinado, da. a. made in the 

fbrm of half-galtcrs 
Abotonador, tm. an iron oaed 

fiir buttoning niters 
Abotonar, vo. to Imtton ; i 

to bud, fbrm a button 
Abovedado, da. a. arched 
Abovedar, va. to arch, vault 
Abovedo, da. a. a term i^ 
plied to a fiarm rented, with 
oxen fbr ploo^ilng 
Aboyir, iw. to lay down butqrs 
Alñ, <A bay, cove, dale, a 

fissure in mountains 
Abracijo, tm. an embrace 
Abrasadaménte, ad. eagerly 
Abrasador, ra. t. one who 
consumes, one who in- 
flames fay passion 
Abrasamioito, tm. act of 

burning, hot of passion 
Abrasar, va. to burn, dissi- 
pate, provoke 
AbtasUido, a. of theooUmr 
of Buoilwood 


Abrasadora, <f. aTtngaromidl 
a thing to prevent its cnek 
Ing, piece of timber wUcfc 
&stens the ploo^-taii 

Abrazaddr, ra. t. one that 
embraces, a thicftaker, a 

Afaiaxamléntoi «n. 


Abrasar, so. to embrace 
Abrtfao,Mi. an cn^rae» 
AliregD, MM. seath-WMt wind 
Abrevadero, tm. a watering> 

place fbr cattle 
Abrevddo. «.softened ia wa- 
ter, applied to skins 
Abrevir, va, to water cattle 

or lands 
Abrevtaddr. ra. «. an abridg • 
er, an offioer employed &i 
expediting tbe Poue^ baUa 
AbrevUr,tw toafaridge 
Abreviatura, ^.abbrevlatiott 
Abrevlatnria, <f. office of m 

Abribonarse, vr. to act ti» 

sooundr^, stroll aboaC 
Abridero, tm. a sort of peadl 
Abridero, a, easily opened 
AbridiSr, tm, one who opens. 

Abrigada, «m. sheltered place 
Abrigtffto, tm. a shelter te 

Abrigar, va. to shdter 
Abrteo, tm. shettcr, aid 
AbriL tm. April 
AbrUUuitár, vn. to shine 
Abrimitoto, «m. Úie act of 

Abifir, va. to open, unlock, 
enerave. Abrir á cfkaseo* 
to Jest, mock 

Abrochador, tm. an instru- 
ment used to button dothea 

Abrochadura, «. the act ef 
ladns or buttoning on 

Abrochar, vs. to button on, 
^ buckle on 

Abroeicldn, 4f. tfie act of se* 
pealing a law ^ 

Abrogar, va. to abrogate 

Abrdjo, tm. a caltrop, crew- 
foot, caltrop fixed on a 
whip; pi. hidden rocks tas 

Abroroddo, a. dark, worm- 

Abromiise, worm -eaten 

Abroquelarse, vr. to cover 
one's self with a shield 

Abrotondr, vn. to scud a-litill 

Abrumador, ra. «. a t) 

Digitized byGiOÓQlC 


Snit ívha m troubJe 
AbrutHOy da. ü^ ^ruit^iA 
Ataorfio, MíK, an aburen 
JiNalAto, ijif'. ilfjfmí 

Al^<m [Uj tA. ii. cóAftiiiimaJ 
AINDtflt<i/r La,j]n. aji absaluiorj 

of riving BlKDtVIl bull 

AbHlraddar, rm, he tbat ab- 

At hMTU Tj m+ to Ktrihc vllii 

Aladno^ 14. o^ anisxed 
AimxttaciM, </; tbc act of »b- 

Ab*ar¥¿r, va. tq abtorb» im- 
bibe, V. KmpmpiO' 
A'btVémiitj mi*. «, llwtcmi- 


.Abfli€í|^tD, d AbuteníTp, v». 

a. at»terg¥nl 
A l>stiítg<¡r^ (la, todwue 
-'t b€tcTiJcíii,4r, 4b»ttrs1on 
Ab>Lractfviitviiitef aí. a])- 

a^tTad ípíy 
. A bKt raaTj to, to «bEtxift, ^a&( 

Abstrajda, da. a. abstractnl 
AhirAif)^ SB' a- «bsLntuC 
Absúrdís, iLir a- áb&ard 
A ba^fíls, f/, hoop pir hoopoop 
Abochdm^jTB», lt, to b^ mai- 

<Vxi or wrapt u|i 
Abu«la^ lo. J, graiii4inptht.r, 

A&ilt^doji d^ 0. buLb;fj laz|^ 

I9 !■« Imlk; or Urge 
Abundancia, ^, abund-aftC^ 
Ahvnddr, tit, to ¿bound 
Ab^ncLJirr I'tfr to i»<ike mna- 

thfof lit Hk atupe <jr 

Aturdrj -is, to liiiirm 
Abt»rel4dD^4ai.(i^ ol-agn^Mi 


A biinlrrtlent^ n^- niwaslneu 

fl^mpMiIj diction 
Aborrir, tin. tavtxt periil^m, 

Abnf'vjádp, dá. 4n vrv^td) to^ 

Abtimj^r, nn., in |)Fir«4 

A tfLUUiTp i<a. ta abiijic a thtni 

AbusJdn, jif- abutt, dlgigMitin, 


Acabiblfi. Bu That majr "bt: 

AcaligSdini» ¿t». H. ¡wrfHTt 

AcabaUr, «s. to r^fnniErtc 
A c-aiUaEladiFTOv jm. tW time 
and p\iKV Than iiono 

AniabalUr, tii. tü e^y^ninsK 
AcilM]]<f4dm fi, EmticTrarL' 

AjcabaJlcTjtr^ ro^ Bcntptl, t« 

t^t a enllentan 
AcvbamLHitOp «n, end 
Aún.t}ártia. Eú llnEitp «lie ; VTr 

groT *«ak or foe-btr 
A t^biiflladamcntL^dd'. úrdfrlr 
Acabettláoj da, a. of a blight 

Atsbmrtlláj. fWh to fowt vl: 

É EtalUng. Wk« pt lOl. 
Acahn^nádo, di, a. botd 
A ochárscp vr. to crouch 
Acj^iuittATp tu. to tap, fkm 
Acácíi, tfL a ahjub of the 

thorn lind 
A ca^inj a, jtf, jcadjemji 

%un] dui^ec) from TiAtuIv 
Acadinticcr^ fm. ¿ memtiCT af 

Acas^Aléro'^ ra. s. Incidcnta] 
ACwcir> tji. dtq/: 10 happen 

Acdl, «M. A canoe 
AcaJJ^Ti i!a, tú^uíirf 
AraloriftiiÍTito, im- atdour 
AtTiiLonfr, t^, ta warm, i: 

flattie^ urrr «m ; i>r. e« jiFt 

wum in deEtace 
Acatnd<l<ip lU. a. laj J flat 
.V>^»n brajido, da- o- Unm^ d^ 

AjL'ATnffUidOr da^ a- ramrl- 

AiiirtipaitientOj. im. camp 
AcjHnpár, vti. to niraiih|i 
Acdmfiü, tin, portitra of 

Al'ainui;IdD^ di. d. khitmoil- 

A c4na, ^ a ^lulL wood , 
Ac.&rLalld((to, da. s. w Kjit p^:£4 

tbrouj(h a pa«s3^, rLLit«l 
Acanafidoij nn. ij. thcrldgt 

of a hnrWa back 
Acanaladiir^ jrnr- an Itn^rni- 

mcnt us€d I0 cut ^ouvr» 

In Umbt» 
Acanalii ^la. to Tn^t st canal, 

Acaiuliládo, da. ii. ^^mbrtre 

acii7¡iiilüi!n¡ A hilt djCl 

with lh»Tp PaiiLt;^ 



AcBBcl^i'i, itap c. of a cina»- 

A canprcnArMT, i':". Eo nmrii^ 

)i i^anilJádoK d^. ^ an; hifiAf 
¡nloth vhk'h Aii^OWa f^Kwn 
thi: itnrrmftfik^ tif i la \ hr«^d> 

Acantarir^ to. to rn^r-^iii^ l^j 
oallon r«H»ti 

A Dan tj radii, A^ ¡r- €itttaiiK^T^ 

Acáati\ tm. ^richlj liiail» 
Aranlaumlentii, mir cantan - 

Acan.t«iÉr, va. tr^' «nid trooipt 

ihta ii*a.Ti Ennmcnl » 
A<afiavcníár, vú. Ii^ prick tfat 

ílnh wlUn pointed cana 
AcalVaneaTp ru. tú cannonadÉ 
Auparr4rw,TT. to take infu^ 

under inií^thsr'x cloak 
Áca-paiTo^do, da^ o- 4>f 4 

A [r-apoiȇiIOi da. a-t rspon^Eike 
AcAxát, Hit. tú [íopf cHtt 
Acardrnalár^ va. t'' tiinch 
Arircainl^lo, *ri' fltiínwifr 

^ itm 

AcRTiint^ vf. Eo kbdtvr onc^'s 
gctf trom lirai 

A cjirrteajddr, ra- 1- a cimtirr 
A r.^T rc^^f 1 y Af arreami - 

{Hnto, f. carriage 
Ac2JfeÉJ, «d. tú caiTj saTE.^ 

ihing in a cart^ to caiup 
AcuiTte^ jvp. i^jírrla^, Cutat 

by iíuid -cairiji^ 

r^Dj, pack'tlirnd 
Aizjiü, tTtt. cijanca 
Aca^tLiligP:, nn, iUk appcT 

WDtL¿ irf i^iblp 
Ac^Ljlorldo, d^ a* beavvred 
Acatamiento, íTn-wHxmjTrlíw 
Ai;«Ur, va, to rapÉCt, ac- 

knnwlRj^^, in^peot 
Acatair?áTE«» vr. tii catch cM 
Aiua4al<t40f áa. a. rlirh 
Acaudalar, vti- lo boanl a.p 

rii,-h«, u^iiLrie r^Kvtition 
Aciniiillaíldr, #CT. a tlnH" 
Acaudillar, fui. to head üí 

í rnand trno^ 
AüCHléntíj p. ac■l-^^ding 
ACnri^p tu. la trc^^ gt bfi- 

cufna a^[;n.'sory to 
Aciccildn, ^'r :ii paroi^r^tn of s 

AccííPi *Bi- ai:cT«í tiimiA 

cfflomiiTiicati'm ► mode oí 





with a fit 
Accidéntalo, mi. a Mvare fit 

Aocfahi, «f. action, lavniit. 


Accionar, vm, to g<rtienli»a 
Accionista, fM. a stock holder 

contracted _, _^ 

Acebedo, <m. a plantation of 

Actfbo, «m. iMllj-tree 
Aoebucbál« «m. a plantation 

ofwild oUvetfcee 

wild olives 
AoeMche, «m. the wild oUt»- 

Acebochina, <f. fruit of the 

wild oUTe-tree 
Acechador, ra. «. one lying 

in ambauh, an introder 
Acechar, vs. to He in amboah, 

fry into 
Acédie, «m. a black earth 
AcédM, mi. the act ef laying 

iu amlKish 
Acecinar, «o. to salt meat, 

and dry it ; «r. togrew old 
Acedamente, ad. sonriy 
Acedar, «a. to sour, di^eas^ 

Acedera, if. sorrel 
Acederflla, tf. wood-iorxd 
Aoedte, 4f. acidity, aqpcrt^ of 

meaning m which a word 

Acéfta, ^f. a water-mftt 
Aoefléro, ti», tím keeper oía 

Aoeptfr, tm. totakereot 
Acepci^ta, «r. 

mfenlwa ™ 

is taken 
AceirflladAni, «f. the act of 

smootliing with a plane 
Aoqiilltfr, «a. to plane, dm 

clothes with a bmah 
Aceptable, a. aooeptaUc 
Ao epta c i tfn, tfi acoeptationi 

acceptance of a bill «f es- 

Aoeptaodr, ra. «. accepter 
Aceptante, p». he who ac 

Aeepttfr, «a. toaooept. Aeep^ 

teriMclafra, to aec^ a UL 
Acequia, if. eanal, diannel 
Acequiar, tw. to inake canals 


ontfMr AcácuAo^rat. asert «famd 
Acerve, M». a lieap 
'cetdb uto^m. cruet; n Ro- 

«etosflla, if. gUlillowcr 
Acetre, «m. a small badMC 
Aoeytár, va, te oU 
Ao^ft^ Mi.aU( reetn 

distlb from tiM Or 
Ao«yttfra, ^f. an oB Jar 
Ac^tém, ra. «. an ail-nai 

vessel Cmt hoUinf oa 
Aceytdso, sa. «. oli^ 
Aoqrtdna, if. olive 
Aoeytunáda, sr.the seaMm te 

gathering oUves 
Aosy tuná de, da. «.anoUva- 

AosTtandn», «nc a person «bo 
gatíiars or stfb olives 

Aoqrtdno, «IK. oiive-tme 
Acfaaodr, eo. to impute, fhn 

anascuse; vr. toawarilM 

thing to one^ srif 
AdMcdM, sa. a. slckfy 
Lchaflandr, «a. to lower a 

end ofataUeorplaak 

Acedo, da. a. add 

Acéftlo, la. a. headiest ; ap- 
plied te a sodc^ whidi 
wants ahead 

Acderkdamentoi ad. ^eedUy 

Acderár, «a. to acodérate 

Aodfk, 4A beet 

Aoémla, 4f. beast of barren 

Acemilería, ^f. the stab 

where mules are kept 
AcemiWro, «m. a muleteer 
Acemilero, ra. a. bdongtaig 

mules, in partiettlar to the 

king's mules 
Acenfta, if. bread made of 

fine bran 
Acemite, «m. fine bran 
Aoendér 6 Accendtfr, «a. to 

kindle, inflame, fiment 

Acemüéro, «m. a person ap- 
pointed to make and pre- 
serve canals 
A'oer,«m. maple «tree 
Aoéra, if, a foot-path, #tonas 

wbid» form the ftoe of a 

Acerado, da. a. made ofsted 
Aoerir, wo. to sted, edge with 

sted, impropíate with sted 
Acerba mente, arf. harshly 
Acerbo, ba. a. rou^ to the 

taste, severe 
Acerca, prip. about 
Acercar, «a. to a 

place together 
Acerico, y Aoci1Uo,mi. a pin- 
cushion, snuil i^llow 
Acerftio, na. a. made of sted 
Aoenadir, na. to cover with 

Aotfro, Ml. steel. Aeero eo- 

laáOf cast sted 
AoerA^ 4f. the fruit of Úm 

panley-leavad hawthorn 
AoéRünaii " " — 


sise of a shniil». Bo 
aekoparrado} a short 
lusty man 
Addme, mi. 

A^aquéro, mi. he whofiurma 
the fines idd on masters of 

AdiaroUr,«a. topaintin Imi- 
tation of varnish 

skeet fMT baling boats 
Achicadura, if, reduction 
Aducir, «o. to dmilnldi, bole 

Aovidrfr, «a. to purt^ 

Adildiandr, «a. to fry meat 

too mndi, ovcr-haat 
Adiichfnque, mi. atnmer 
AdüoMa, if. wild endive 
Adunar, va. to Intimidate 
*^ Z^MfoocMia. 

Adiidte y AdMfte, mm. tike 

heart-leaved bUa 
AdMMdr, «a. to throw ana 

-, ra. «.on* who hits I agakut the vrall, break a> 
aiicf thing I sunder, hoard money 

tohit the mart:, AdMTlsádo, da. a. slaihed 
meet; «a. totamoattni«,|Adniditfry AdMidniiMlr,Mi. 
takaroot L te crush with tte weight «f 

Aontgo» «M, a lUdl^gtzed by^ii thioff 


i Aiim«, da. •. wagiih 
AtUma, a». •• nafbrtDsat 
A^7 AóUXtim, an inn 

Bent wliicfa Cunlm pot 

«pon tb» BOM of a hotw 
Adbw, tm. tb» Julo* |iw«iJ 

Ikomalon» aloct ti«e 
Acibara^ no. to put thcjoioe 

of alon into any tfaii^ 
Acicalador, ra. «. a polfataar, 

taol fiir bonilshinff 
Adcafauttn» 4A Aciealami- 

eauh^m. Uic act of Imm* 




A'cido, «m. add 
A'ddo, da. «. add, war 
▲dCrto, M*. the act aadoAct 

of Mttliw, flood htt 
Adgnatádo, da. «.jai 
AdfmatánoL «w. to be adaed 

tHth ttaeteandioe 
AcMdok da. a. of the ooloor 

oKtha \- -■ ' " - 

Admbdga, «f. the dtron-tne 

oiie% Mlf In an any place 
Adrfn, tf ttimqi'leather 
Adonéro» tm. a maker of 


Adnt^ Ml. a-Undmark 
A^n,Mi. atktowall 

Adamadtfr, ra. «. aoclaimer 
Adamar, «a.toapplaad,cr]rj 

•p; 9t. «a oomplain 
Adaradtfn, 4f. Ulnatration 

Mated at afli«b tabla, Jkc 
Adocáne^ brood, etreidi 

one^ ielf et ftaO lencth 
Acobardar, «•. lo tenrflty 
Aooccamláate, mi. the act 

Md eflhct of UcUng 
Aeocedr, vo. to kick, wind» 

Aeoditndr, «e. to murder, 

had» op 
Aoodadtea, 4f. flesare of the 

arm, bandlBc úm dbew 
Acodalar, ae. to put Uateb In 

m walJ to ' -.-^ 

Aoedir, tw. to lean tlie d. 

• kow upoo, lay layen of 

«inM to tíM oeaad, take 

upon a fable 
Acodirbbr, va. to etlniillatei 

vr. to be pwrefeadteanMar 
AoodilUr, «a. «o bend any 

thing to an angle, sink 

down under aburaan 
ActfdojMi. aihoot 
Acogir, iw. to admit one into 

our houMi vr. to take m- 
•wof a pretext 

Aoo^da, <f. loceptk», oon- 
ewneaoe of a maltitade d 
thlui in the MBe plaoe 

AoQgdó, Mb biaedioc ame» 
given to keep diem at a 

' nnss 

Aeo^nlénto, tm. V. Ae^Oé 
" «a. to cover^ant» 

Aeafdlaidan, if. earúiini 

up plants 
Acogomb»dr,««. to dig op ÚM 

ground abeat plants 
Aeogotá^ no. to klU by aUow 

upon the pell 
Acdalin, mi. en iuMct in 

Maáa g ss c artikeabug 
Acdár,M. to unlM twoooati 

of arnis under the sama 

crown, shieU, Ac 
Aooldutr, «a. te vMt 
Aetflito, MbAcdyte, aasittaal 

to a mass priest 
AooUad(Sies, lanlaids 
Acollarado, da. «. J*<laiaf«i 
"iradatf Wads hártala 
t thár aaeks a rkig 

Acdlar<r, «e. to yoke hene^ 
oxen, couple hounds 

AcMMtér, «a. to attack, ua. 
dertake, tempt 

«. an attack, enanlt 

Aeomodadow da. a. c 

aient, rid», Ibod of accom- 
modation, moderate 
Aoomodaddi; ra. t. boafceeper 

Acomedir, tw. to aocommo- 
date, provide; «a. to fit. 

adf to Uieoplnion of another 
Aoomodatfdo, da. a. flgu- 





A<wrfvéf\*ñar, r«r j. an ■&■ 
tcnaanl^ umfivíki'i 

iiail^p ynn I cr» t£' CulUUlI 
with itthHT» 

Ac«nv«dilc±^ AM. Q. movui^ 

A{-umE'l^^iiifiJ<Jt<, da. a, et a 
|Kjiid iW b^ii nmltolctlar} 

¿ t'JtEnuntUr, I'ri. tb itonuDQ- 

njcata, tr^aif frith 
A L-iTiiirtMlr r 44- \u ñi mA 
A Ci/IulhflAn£fllD, ÚL m. ^ M. 

fond CT b^ futidil>v) 
A nj»lk:l«Mi4f p iH. In t-lJ* pr^ , 

Mtifi!; lii-. CD s^uhv a 

ctfTtain ^imJU^ 

Acoqv^Fi 1«<. to waj, «niprt 

lu/teepubie tufad 'tI^v 
Ac«aM|faiJdr| rsr j. nid'f iicr 

14 iMv i 

an lm|frD|wr uie of ca 

Afumar K m, toctnni, pn 
Accntponl^d, JÉ. ji. I 

Aironlcclmuifliq, jm^ tTttit 
At.'ti^r^ ua. lo EKin a rA&nd 
brad la Etkc tíiapcí of a 


Atoyeiida^ M. a- Ihrrneil In 
An'pLamiénig, nc. Uh an af 

Acoplar, fd. tAfatiwf 
Al-mt{i1^c}, djn a. iL|i«4 

Ai'vliliTj. t'd. To Ki;j¡uit, ietEJ« 

Jt DQ<|iuini7, m. lu libilmidalie 
Acorar, t». «■ afflirt, V+ 

Ai'WcMriitf, fr. ta rii7 up 
from the lou «f tap, b«^ 

^'L4U4i larpLl 

AtiAnlnckin, ^. teniarti'b4VKa 
AiTUTlidanicotef oJ . j'Hnil J 

Ai'uPdddtp, Ja- 41- ff^' ^"^^ 
with rnaiur<-tH^»*«'"'°w 

„r{*rtlit. 111. tP MMlTt by 
cooucufi crtTMifitp r*ntn ¿ 

)igitilWieV*Hi0©gt(Í ^* * 


wbmti vr.§ 

Aoofds^ Aa oop pw i TiiiM* ! coin* 
diUng in opiakH, accord 

ActttáSUx, vm. " 


AadidaoMUte, mi, Ig < 

Acornear, w. to kUrike with 

Acdro, «m. twe«t-«indling 

flagf caacorgraM 
Acorralar, «a. to thut up 

cattle in pans, intimidate 
Acoirrueáne} w. Y. Aeurru- 

Acortadteot» « paringi 
Aaortár, va. to abridge, ob- 

•tract) tns to thcivel» fall 

Acentfr, na. to drav a child 

in short clothes 
AcoMddn ra. «. portaer 

Aaostádo, da. a. stretched, 

laid down, having a certain 

Acostamiento» «m. the act of 

Ijing down.a fixed salary 
Acostar, oa. to lay down i- vm. 

y vr. to incline to one side, 

adhere, uipvoadi 
Acdsti(«, ^ acoustics 

tamt «M. tobeaocustomed 
AcotauMn, «f. limit, setting 

beundSf <iBiitatian 
Acotada , </[ c itation 

Acotar, 9tu to limit, lop olT 
ivandicsv quote, aoo^ for 
a certain price» attea 

AootfUe, «M. a large hammer 
osad by smiths 

Acoynndir, «a. to yoke oaaa 

A'cre, a. sour to the tasto 


ciedi^ pM«a; 

vr. 'to acquire oeoit 
A'ereedtfr, ra. a. a creditor 
A'ciemente, md. sourly 
Acribadura, tf. sifUng 
Acribtfr, v«. to sift 
Acribillar, t». topiercelike a 

sicv^ molest, torment 
Adiminaoidn, *#• crimina* 

tien, die act af accusing 
Acriminaddr, ra. «. accuser 
Aaiminár» na. to ezaggecato 

Acrimdnia, 4f. sourness 
Acrisoldr, no. to refine 


Acritud, ^f. V. Acrtmlmia 
Acromidn,<f. Acromion, the 

rerpart of the spine of 
Aeronicto, ta. a, Acnnical ; 
tte rtsing ef a star when 
the sun sets, or its setting 
when it rises 
Acróstico, ca. a. Vtrto» acrt' 

tieot, acrostic Tenes 
Acrdtera y Acrotéria, ^f. a 

ling to 

support figures, the hlgbest 

put of conunns 
A'cioy, tm. a gentleman of 

the king's" ^ • 
A'cta, <r. - 


act; fL acts or 
of eommunilies. 

Acttoot «m. tlie tw>rifBa part 

of a meesure called j«ttMto 
Actltadéro, ra. a. actienable 
Actitár. va. to enact, sue 
Actitdf^ tf, attitude 
Actividad. ^ fiacti Tity, quick- 

nass in peifimning 
Activo^ va. a. actm. Fob 

•ctfae, the ri|^ of electing 
A'cto, fM. act or actfen, act 

of a play» carnal oeini 


ActdTf Ml. performcrf 

tiir, ptoct - 


Actiis, <f. a 

Actuado» da, «. 

oUeng pleoaa In 

Acuchilladdr, ra. «. holly 
AcachilUr. «a. to cut» give 

cuts with a sabre 
Acndlmlénto, «m. aid« aaabt. 

Acndfr,tm. to assist, support. 

Acoénto, mi. NomttU mem- 
ento, that dees notcuit me 
Acuerdado, da. a.-ooBstructed 

by line or rule 
Acuerdo, Ml. result ef thcde* 
liberation of an sssambly». 
body of the members of a 
tribunal, opinian» advice 
Acuemár, va. to strike vrith 

the horns 
A'cu4stas,«ir. on the bade 
Aculddo^ da« a. ratized 
Acttlebruiádo, da. a, made i» 

the fbrm of a culverln 

Acullá, od. on the other side 

Aoumuladdr, ra. «. acounra» 

lator, an officer ai^ointed^ 

to file records 

'Acumular, tie. to accumulate 

impute, file records 
Acu fi a c ton, if. coining 
Acufiadtfr, ra. «. coiner 
Acufitfr» vm. to coin» wedga. 
AaOar ttínín, hoard np- 

Acumicárse, vr. to i 
one's self up in clothes 

AcurruIUbr, ta. to take down 
the eaiU of a ^ey 

knowledge the receipt ef » 

Acusativo^ Ml. acensallvu 
Acnsatdrio» ria. a. bdei^hn' 

to an accusatlan 
Actts^ Ml. acertain n nmh s r 

down procacdiafs flCaaeun 

AeuttfngnlQ, m. widi aoaic 

A'da. «rasmjUappla 
Ad7fnad adsftaa. tf.uMml 

stewed meat or Moaaea 
Adagio, Mk adage 
Adate, ^f. pump-daal 
AdaUd» m. a band ef «iMd. 

AdamadUlo» U. «. Blw 



hiñe tf — "'"" 

Adapc^, rd . td adutj H 
Eefl Ut ii/aliniiam nil 

AdiiTD^ nt' <aK Irotli of tin: 

Adatar ^- « ^idd tif ^ (r>al 
fcfw , in*de rf h»UnT 

_ __f wUh » thJeJd 
Adlmu, m, 1»Lf \ drachm 
Adam J wUrbe, im^ thr tlüt 

tof} Ufa vb]1, a itJiipu't 
Adiddj, iwi to plbcv parrrii t<! 

■erred Aia^ibiu' nut-tnn 

br tm ani tai 
Ad^nnJj, lis» t«feirni FeaplF 

AdflMlfl» if. ftiBliJitv g|T«ti 
a.1iiHr the Eti^uEatod price 

AddMn^t ui. tacontnt UjhI 
li^tv juisriiie 

Ade^Antádame^te, oJ. be^wv- 

Ad^lBntadfilOf a- red vine 

Adelanta dt), í^al. &ci «ppeita- 

lion fufjnerlif ¿iiren 1q Uk 

ifcveTiuiT of fl pftMiiai* 
Aorljtntsddrj ra. j. odc ttaat 

■dTMEUKs, emuttdi 
AdcMmUmi^Bta^ tm. pro- 

(tefls, aiaLiclpatiati, tUc di^^ 

aH;f «f « guVernAT 
AOcUntái, iw. to advUK^ 

«nLkipiVp impravi? 
AdeUule, ad^ fatÜtKt olT^ 

lúf^tn upp ^KTU^-lorwaid 
AdtUIlii4/'. Kne'hnj 
AJeJCIL, iTCh planUl^ of 

Ttse-bn trefet 
AdtínbüUtj n. «F one Hut 

muei Ukfn 
Ad<%iil:^» mo. to OMlke thjiij. 

■ ~"flne¡ Br. to b#- 

I T ■ 

wllh v^bich tin Mida or 

Hoysi in tüiioc tí» lUw 
of miojAt 

Adcmáfii tm^ ■ mtAtan tHkt 

miLulei, attitude 
Ad«miz« t«r. to Lini! or MCOR 

ÜU fide» «pf fflJtnei with 


Ad^r^w, nm. a tort dl' ixttan 
AdenttiOf ti. a. j^landuJoOS 
AdontelÚr, trOr lebLle 
Aci^nitai Oil' vLiian ;: Of to* 
U/itit tídftí'Vt in nij hcnt 
Aili^iiu-Jdn, ^f. litnnA 
Adequádo, da. i. adequate 
Adcquij', IV. tu tit, i^«e 
Aderezar^ la- teadúm 
Adcr«i«^ fm. v^of É^líiming, 

¡wrriv* fiff the !*tile ; ilde- 
tvas rJf cultMiitt, trB[n:i I np of 
A «adilJr'lianc ;, Aét-rexo dt 
£040^ fum i Eu re ¡ Ad/rrexo At 

ftfHvt^, lqj]ti*n. bfn sword 

A'detidfOf aih tnuesusablj, 


AdcAtrádüj. d^. n. Iiutmctldf 
tifKskc jr>, on thf clril^iide 
'üf the acutchetni 

Ai$e«traddr, _ rdi- i. ti'sdier, 

tn&CTU[;lp |)enanri In- a skll- 

fu] iTHiTiincT ; IV. Eo ezcr< 

cbe one'si self 
A<U^di<toi da» d^ Inicbtad 
Adeudir» nd. ía pair dutj ; vr. 

^ tniie4}4«d 
Adtter^iulSj ^. adhéúim, al- 

liaDcv, wí^yeKsv^c Va % tmcX 

\. pi. [ngre- 
dJenti or tagli nwemiy 

Adhertr, tUn ta aáhere to a 
eect^ e¥{iwi9r in opinUm 

Adhe^hJAf ^. adhtdjtdi 

Ad lido, da. a. Fin-j at dia 
Ddiioiaj lieouTt? un úte day 

.\dijMTivit4kl«i da, a- ada* 

Adkidi^j ^' AdjiLtiun* note 
Mil to HccH^uEiii; AdtcUmde 
fa Sermñítr icfcptaooe of 
All ¡DherJtanfie 

AdlriDoixdrir, ra. t. anethit 
tnatfei adaitlcmt 

Adkiom^lVf va. to make ad* 


AdC{:lo, m. a, sddktird 
A41eiirá74 t>a. V. Ailatrdr 
Adietdz, vsk to diet 
AJinrr^Q^ da' dL< rkh 


IrOiii Sn ttrcb I 
Into a itraii^t Une 

AdipdHH M' •• Ü' 

Aditamento» «m. 

AdlvinacMa, tfi divln 
Adivinado, da* o. foretold 
AdiYlnwldr, ra. «. a diviav 
AiBvintftua» <f. enigma 
AdÍTln4r, va-toftiretelftitai» 

Adivliiof na. «. tootlianer 

Adjetivación, ^f. act of unit- 
ing one thing to another» 

Adjetivar, ea. to unite and 

thing to anodier 
Adktivo, «N. affective 

A4}adic<r, va. to ««Undge ; vr. 
to iqrpropriate to on^* lelf 

A<^)únta, ^f. a letter endotod 
in another 

AdiAnto» ta. a. united 

Apunto, «m. V. AiHtHvo, and 
AdUamtnio; Aé'.tdot, a 
body of Jod^ck appointed 
Jointly to try a cauie 

Adminículo, «m. collateral 
aid, additional help 

Admini^tradiir, ra. «. admi 

Administrar, va. to adminis- 
ter, govern, serve an office 

ing to an administration 
Admirable, a. admirable 
Admirable, «m. a hymn in 

praise or the evcharist 
Admirante, j«. he who ad- 
Admirar, «o. to caaae admi- 
ration; «r.tobeseitedwith 
Admirativamente, «f. in aa 

admiring manner 
Admirativo, o. admiring 
Admisible, a. admissible 
Admisidn, ^f, admission 
Admitir, «0. to giveentrance, 
accept, admit, permit t 
«M eAHMto, well recei%. 
ed; Btamnto no adnnUdi- 
the aSUr admlu at 

lOBiiar, m 
, Od. V. i 


... .Jckled pork, 

any sort of dressed meat 

Add. od. V. AdsNds 
AdoMdo. Mt. pickia 

Addhe, «M. a l»ick nqt yet 


Adotate, tf. a Mek.fidd 

nMkDto far dnvliig !■•• 
&« or doth 

mt by 

diaMMt ««• to pradoo* 
MlD or diMOM 
A dolwc tf n da , 4f. youth 

firffra. to wh«tevK plaot 

Adofttadtfr, n. «. adopter 
' ' - Int^ jw. adopthig 
br, va. to adopt, ¿nñ 

AdoptÍTO, va. «. adoptive 
* ■■ — % «I», long itoo — 
Id tho flagi 

Addr. «m. the time a 

Adatad*» ra.«. adorer 

Adortfr, va. to adore 

Ad a r atd ri Ot *a*» naaBc given 
In the Spaniards to the 
«empiai efldoli In America 

AdonneoeddTy ra» a* soporl- 

catan : vr. to All ail e e p. 

Adermidéia, ^f. poppj 
Adornar, vo. to beaatify, to 

adorn with talante 
Adomirta, «in. painter of «r- 

Addhnoy «ai. ornament, da- 

ooratlonf ftunitai» 
Ad^oMr^ «a. to acqpft» 

A^l^^ if. tarn, time 
Aáttím,«mt.pL hoidkavhicb 

an put In oarts 



Adrixár, va. to.right 
Adacribfrt «a. to appoint a 
clergyman to the mvioe of 

«•mideigo a doee 

Aduanar, vo. to enter gooda 
at the oHtom-houaCt — 
the duty 


lagedF Arake, oftti^o ef 

AMcar, mm, a coarte eort ef 
■Ok itufrfiiraMrly OMd 

Adaendádo. da. a. laMm- 

Adufe, 4A thnbiaL V. Pm»^ 

AdoMve» ra. «. timbrel er 

AdiMr, «a. tocoO a cabla 
Adala, tf. a pleoe of gvowid 
«hidi hat no particular Ir- 

rigation allotted to It 
Aduladdr, ra. «. flatterv 
Adular, va. to flatter 
Aduléar, v».tobewl 
Adttl«rb, «m. driver of henai 

or mules 
Adulterador» ra. «. one «ho 

Adulterfioo, na. a. adnltarane. 

Adulterio» am. adallery 
Adúltero, ra. «. adulterer, 

Adulto, ta. a adult 
Adlnidr, «a. eweelen, Mfkcn 
Adumbraddnt <f. adumtea- 

Adtmdr, «a. to 
Adustidn, <f. an i 

flammatiaa of the uooa 
AdnstfTo, va. a. tiiat «hidi 

has tbepovar of burning vf 
Adusto, ta. a. adust ; burnt 

up; exposed to the scorch» 

ingheat of the sanj i^oomy 
Advéna, m. a fiwciñer 
Advenedfeo, za. «. a liralgner 

who comes to fiteblldi Mm* 

self in a country 
Advenimiento^ «ai. arrival 
Adverbio, tm. adverb 

Adversario, «m. advenaiyt 
opponent ; pf. notes in a 
ooromon'plaoe IhmA 

Adversativo» va. o. adversa- 

Adversidad, 4f. adversity 

Advdraob sa. o. adversa^ op« 

ragard to, advie^ ad 

ment to the 

Advertidamente ad. advi- 

Uver&iitelo, tm. yr. Aé 

Advertir, «a. to taka notice ef 

hutraet, advise, perceive 
Adviento, aai. advent 

given to a place orwonhip» 
profeasion of a lawyer 
Advocatdrio, via. «; CmU ad- 

letter of oonvocatiaB cal- 
Ung an aaaembly 
Adyaodnte, a. mdiljuBeaX 

where grain iawlmewod 
Aachadrtr, ra. a. wtamower 

AediA, va. to wfimow 
Add», am. winnowh^ 
AdreD,rea.a. atrial 
Aerlfifrma. a. atato ef air 
Aerología.^, aft ' 
AeswididesT á 

oif. private 
Aftbifiddd, «f. aAbillty 
AflOde, a. aflbble 
AAgdsmo, «Ni. a sort of talk 

a£i, aai. anxiety, eegemeas 
in pursuit of worldly afiain 
Aftnádamcnte, ad. anxiovsi^ 
Afanaddr, ra. a. ansióos pur- 
suer of riches 
Aftnár, va. to toll, laboor 
Afendsok aa. a. aoUdtous 
AlkaeaUr, «a. to stack . 
Ateddr, ra. a. one that de- 

fiynns or disfigures 
Afcamldnto, a«K deftrmatto». 

ugHnesB, cahunny 
Jdebt va. to deform, fiad 

Af eodon, ^. aiihctlon 
Afectadamente, ad. affectedly 
Afectado, da. V. affected 
Afbetdr, «a. to feign, unite 

benefices, aim at 
Afectivo^ va. a. proceeding 

fkom orbdonging to attcc- 

paaskat, pahi. 4/ketof d#«- 
ordtmadot, Inordiaate de- 

iuhiect to so 
charge or obl lg a H o n for 
lands, rents 


u >>agKr 



AfeiBliiJii fi- 

ujtTfiJffLf debilitate 

Abmiddr, f^ i- Qoc Ihat 
tcnpplti _ 

Tar, tii^ fg j 
Aii-I, tMAil the 
one Koo^KT i{7H;irti|(l]t 

pJ- fuiiinA-ii'iffjii'ope-l^^ 

A&jrtlF. Pm- to the**, pti&t, 
clip tlii Ire»! Ac. cut (^ 
tJiU 4Ad lUknH of honei 

Affjrte, #4it. faint 

^AiMtkr, m. to blU^ fv^, 

irt, BTc^rv 

iiki} V*- 


Aficionári bd. t& 
Atilvl^^,, (/: 

A hlBllÚ n, ^f. ÚiMjptAlYlf 

AtiLiimlétiíaj fm. nitcnLiL^ng 
AfiI4r> IV, lo ThetT midcr] citnurdiiuiT tf- 
AiTt of ikJJI^^pr. to fnw 

Afílófi^ m, ^httstoof, an In- 
ntrnment itu/dn oí UiHl 

AG]i«7Í4a, tf: cflnylAioa^ r^ 
fimn^p tooii^ of ilUITXl- 

AAnddmiearej. j^. p erf g Ü J 

A^njir, lu; tp completej jh^ 
biüL, tiuM mmiciJ intiru- 

A^(Krido> da. d, widwl (or 

Afinidad, ^, «ffinJtr 
AUt, tm. hone - mMtdtHr 
rnidi op tá ¡vntptT-btrtíet 

ABiTmKciiiCtiita, r 

AEmnir, «4, tOBike&Btj MT- 
Am; vnf. 10 InhjiMi 

Aflno, xir d. tfflx 

AjllCtJV<n, JMt L ~'' 

to J 

Alioi;(r4 hi- Id lowmij iHei 

Aflu£n[«^ fl' iffllKDI 

AfoHidn, da, di, kc-ajia| Hup 

or ifldif rrowARfc 
AfuJUir, nk tu txlvwwJib bel- 

Afin^diir, tu, to put Unctn va- 
ter, iblk; in. fiUIldB' 

Afk>r&iirt, s. [iTivWt^gvá person 

/ífcfiañól , iTn. j^augVI 
AbffAcniifnlOt iln. gUQ^ng'j 

dutj' Oil fafclltn fOu^f 
Arorár, vt¡^ to gautje 
A^mLsina, </". a Nwrlline In the 

ameiii^ oT bcaiU 
Aliin>+ jtn- ^u^tig 
AforFuTf vn, to Line 
Af[jrTo, ^m, lining 
Afortu^iilcr, ¿la- u. ftirmnatr 
Afonunári va. m maV^ lupfjr 
AfiKárse, IT. to ílíftdJ oiic'x 

Afrancbátio, «l f'rprvTi Lited 
Arr«i«liinv, (IÜ. ta Eitau;mizc 
AiTnulLdri L>n l ui lirid^E tLe 

AlWnCa, 4r dJihonour or r*- 
ptoach, #n tiuollr LiiCijnTt 


A|t*rlMRtát, 1-». (c b«d 

Ajjirtir.*, irr. 14 Uto— 

■*4»rr*ddT, n. i, out thn 

A f^eDtJT, vnt t« tftronr 
AAieuuisQ^ M. a, ifitiiinjilni oni 
AA^itf i»r ta cItiEn thti b^t- 

t«D ufa ro^-^]^ 
Afti'MWJidaf' da. a, m^mliEinfe' 

a P'ribluiil djauf hc-hon: 
Aii'vnLfdamicnte, M. T^c^ co 

A fri7iic4r, lUr Lo cúAfnnf 
Afn4*r, an', Li¡nin tbc woxd of 

a ftn — ' 


Afrirat, «ii, fL nlTirmu ^3 

AíLiÍTW, rtn. jf/. faieiea. On- 

Aiudr J .Kfvfir^, vn. j r- 

to jlHp riLii ^wBjfp CKc^pe 
Af<liFie> rm. a gu^ it-attIzm 
Agachadla V'. HibntiiuigD 
Agach«dÍEfl, <r n £n^pe 
Aovhine^ tr. to ^to<ip, u^uit 

Apíinrü, ""' sr^Mp 
Ait^tTTTochaddr^ «ri, pHckct- 

A«IlJTtM:hlI- J A«UTDi:tKdr 

Agarrotit, va^ to tk ind can - 

AfrUjdr, iq. ID TttXiVB MOA 

LrA*t Undljr 

■ (riendlj ¡►fnunt 

A 'iraca. If. U3!? 

AR-Alaii^ 4dr ^U liptiir« 

A^vJLláMw. tabind Lirni kn 

A''^^ firt, iihronic diicwe 
Ajciair, rp^, to ciry t|he a pir- 

inii^ irliKvlf puiMliTii 
AfftMAiim., tf, njjérHTT 
Agmridr, rd, ig Mtluitt 
Ap^nciúw», Ml- a. dilijprnt 

in the [hrúai^KJILi ofH^hes 
i£a.II jJd, da- iir 'Vt^MT^nd tn ah 

Infitsjon of ^aLPj. 
A^LriJn^ jiTi. a laF:^ gall-nuT 
AgBllueJa,^ » imaEI ^1-Tiut 
-IjtaiiiitdT, 141. to ¡iciEtte the 

Toice of a ft*n 
A|piniuz4dO} dn. d< 


.l^^g^ na. Cr I 

A|jenú7^ m. tidd famel 

AutYito, Jirtr »*rrt milfiiil 
A (¡enneii^ne^ it. Id enter thf 

Afct^g, da. {tiitn \i rnat. j 4. 
wtLt gr ill EurAl ar balur^d. 
Agi^EOi fwiL North -#&it wind 
AglaL4idior^ tm. InLCbtoket 

i. gtjrantiL: 

.Igfble^d. fbisiblfl 
i^gUuiládo» da. d. I 
--^'gil^d. nirriblEi le^j 
AjílUdáii» .^r. at(3J¡LT 
ApJJiír, tff. mike»Hj!rr 
A'giLcnniii, oi^. nimliij 
Ajtiotbta, at^ maner-Mthjinrer. 

bill.tiTgka- ' *^* 

A jfllJble, d. cajubte of urlEa^ 

Afti Unido, da. 9- jcT^tUíé. 
Agltír, ya. tQigiiatr 
Aj(Juríndnle, a. >f[^tt)rL[Lun.t 
Afniciüfi, 4/1 H'onumjpi InLlj 
AgnAdo, Ql cdTuani^J i]4^4ni4 
A^gn^Ito, Jin. ^ha^i«-im 
AgablAr* ii^- tn b^nd ih^bodj 

to the grmJnd fV^- m Tgw 


Asooíft, ^f. agtBj 
A¡^ln(hlr^ PHI, ont that ti- 

Afiau.ui, !■«. tih Milit dying 

tg be ^n il^ ^ipinj if ÜEíiJn 

Ajjorrrfi, if. ui||LrtiitiDD 
A|{DT«[dp m, «H EiiTlnes- 

Agfitff^v^, \.t, to bff ^IC" 

^trv^nl by grubi 
AgMidT. T». tB be iJBrrhihl 
wtüi ínt 

to afetiit uid wnlit Upun itJi- 

iVlJotír, M+ to drutn pfl' 

fail» iic^e It ii rji« 
AKiaHl», [^ H^ nwifkUtcu 

•AfW^B, t/: w«Hl ID bold 

Agmtiiliilcs dL t. wtv^tful 


*grni lár^ ^ni. to 

Ajftadrfltle^ n. AjcOflubJi 

Agtidn^rj, e.'*. to BrLpdv- 

Airrjdccliju, da. Hr enttiAil 
Aj^drcimién i«, ^lyw gritd" 

tilde* ^ariifurn«.i 
AjiTBiia. ,m. iitjiliilltj, v3U 

iniLfidjnnit Tur drunhig flu 
A ^rimrf r, i>a. to drear (Iail 
AgnmLLdir, i^, \o poLni uul 

ciiJjiUT a lifUk >v4tl 

AinIl^}ád|¡lt <U. ■■ au«a wjiii 

A|fnvnn[f r,. ra. i^ opprB^dor 

.4^AvldTj PH. tu «Jt^Hip 

Agra Mill, ÉVL qifViice 

A|[nf^p iin. tfr bo^'innie LblLC 

Agtaxán, fiMr Tílii fTitpe 

■AütflÉÍT, tt(, ta fljtSnrgat»* 

AjCHidr, n. 
ARtÁitCj, 4« nLid< 
Agnte, #« _ 

Dl) IL11T« of 4veH 

Ai;»«l«, n. mvntifh 
AgiUvi vm, tii iaak« atsai 

Afpimluk^ 4, tiufbiinilciLiiii 
■AK^rnltilt.ij, ij. huitijMHlr? 



AgfiffiUn, «n. boUy-tMe 

A^iiiidüT dL d. chaintd 
Ai^fllut i-1' '!• Hmiiah 
AitriincRbúr, t-m. surveyor 
.AirriniiiEuür^, ^. ut of sar> 

Vrj tn^ ]¿jld 

AKtiiDii'flUp iT' agrimony 
A^grio, hjn, a jour, ahjurp 
AjfrUtrv, im. tuioottr in the 

l^itnt of 4 liune's knee 
A^ili.ilm&, ir' tDoUMTwort 
^tTi-HiWiltt, 4ii. a. flowered' 
AftEtuFiiin, rnii.if«rman beiotf 
A^uiiJlr, lu. tooroap 
.^(friii^ tf. AjLJiUty 
A'Kua, Í/: h^iVCT. 4gi<a /W- 

frlr, ¡ir]U.l fortis. ./4¿ll« 

ví'V, ruiu.Jrtg water 
A'jitu Abijio^ id. down tíie 


ATf^A A mluj dd. agalmt the 

AguBcira, /■«, a abort heary 

bbrnv Iff ai rain 
Ai^^riiiLrlF» áif: small wine 
.1 (ius^ tl, ™. Vk Algumca 
AiC^üi^ (r, wjitsr proTiaiooa. 

IfiMt r in^uadfi, to water 
AifuíJínM. j[r. jA. Frames in 
vhlf h ¿ui qF water are car- 
rlAl hi faoKeü 
j|.EiuiiiVf Op iiiVf waterins-place 

lát H-*tile 
Aguadija, ir- limpid humonr 

In tiiii.1 pltA or (ores 
Agt]«lL¡Ti 'N». V ater-carrier 
A ^AdiiL'liú, *m^ water-course 
Aiti^vlüj-a p tf. disease in hor- 
bn, arihlu^ bom a sorfint 
of "liter 
AffudJiM^ j|/. pi. ulcers atwre 

LlkE ]io<i4^ E>r lunrses 
A KUiui^uulp mu water Jog of 
inifL^l or raith &r a wash- 
ikftnd hlaiid 
AguiLrtttUdt^r do. a. washed 

wMy\ viuj:r«Jid honej 
AgubnifL, V' hjrdromel 
Aifujnóftúk Mi. a. aqueous 
Aj^Aftidf , rti-r tü sustain 
Aftudiiitfp i7h. fortitude 

ullún, «n. Fonstructor of 
L:ydrALiFSc machines 
AgiutiTi;, tm- Hmall wine 
Apiar, t'd. Ln mi K water with 

wln^ DF Dttter liquor 
Aifnqj-dada^ Ji/; expectation 
Apuiidirt T*+ expect, await 
AfiUanHéütÉ, m. brandy 
Affuirdo^ JPH, pUce where a 
iPartiTiidn Waits to fire at 
uu BBme 


AgEiénrt i;*. tc be x 

wteb «itii 
A^tirbtijcha^ it ñte-engine 
AjiuBttik'hn, fifik Sre-engiac 
AiniAi J^at, jnv, a sort of am* 

Aj^ajtqddr^ n. if. a qpy 
AjpiAjmnJ«t<itap fm. the act 

At^jj.- ■ discover by 

i^Hjii M,.r . ^ ■ jbe covered 
Afn'4irtM3^ (Oj d. iqaeoua ' 

Af,'llcJ4rp irtt. lu solicit with 

A^i^i^ ^^^ Licnncss, witty 

A rudj», tia. a. ilLMrp-pointed 
AR.Ui!nLf j^. BUi{iiry 
Aj^pTTÍt, I'll, tu «cciutom ta 

A^iJ¿4lA, ^- spur, goad 
A^ljiOor^ r*, #. one that 


LnJTof abee 
uurust with a 


A\;!j:I*, j;i^ K3f;^ 

A If .! ■ i*^ ñc», Til, ri. aquiline 
Aljuu-, ,:i,ti, J,,,. ,-Bglet 
Ai,^lt■J.l.,l,,, jT'.r. new-year's 

»:iH, Ljji-L'.LiviJH-box 
Ail uj t J , 4:?.. J nV^. .It agua, A 

Uil]» fUii ^r -.-Ait 

AiiiJiip (ft ni....die, need!f- 
fi*h. iV»!.pJ ■J'" wwraar, a 
mi.rtnL-r'!> kMnifiosR. .<l|ftf^ 
dr- prtí^^,f^ iheiijierd'x needle 

-Agiiiirp Hi, |{, prick with a 

AfíuJUíij, rm. prtck with a 

A luHJiJ^T.-L/O, #n] . «ride liole 
* ií-.i.lÉ;f tjir y Aji^üjafár, tw. to 

pierce, bore 
-.gujéro, «M. hole in clotlw} 
Agttléta, ^f. a lace 
mjeterla, if. shop wheie 

laces, or girths, are made 

or sold 
Agnldn» m. a laiige needle 
Aguosidad, 4f. lymph 
Agodso, sa. a. aqueous 
Aguzadera, <f. whetstone 
A. ji^- «m. haunt of wiW 

Aguzadura, ^f. whet 
Agttzaniéve, 4f> vi«taB 

l>» tMk to whet a toar or 

^patton. Aguaardinginio, 

•o ttvpcn the wit 
aiMliKilii, lie II rnmrimfl tf' 

B«m like thraads or ftbres 
ilinlfir, wo. to give nU t» 

dafnlt— m. to taste bitter 

áliHíuJiiiiiénto, «m. cfai 
Ahtsnoiár, va» to chain 
AbcrrumbráiM, vr. to be- 
come fcnragiiuMu» be ftill 

übervoráne, «r. to be heated 
Allí, orf. them, hi that plaoe 
Ahidalgado, da. a. noble 
AhHtfd^da. «.godchild 
AtaafrTVo. adopt as a diild 
AUbbM, «r. to grow fidnt 
Ar want of nonrishncnt. 

Ahitar, iw. to smfcit 

Ahitera, Af* Tiolent or con- 
tinued indigestion 

AhlUK ta. a- ene that laboun 
ODder an indigestion 

Ahito, m». indigestion 

rtlirfgar. Mb to choafc, suffb- 

Ahdgo, Ml. «pprassion 
Ahoinflo, m. a qoinw 
Ahojpfo, «M. eróressien to 

the breast 
Ah^, m. to eat the laavei 

penetrataflor intoa tiling 
Ahdra,«(. new, at piesent . 
AbMTcido, «Du hanged I 

AheMadttn. ^f- th» act of 

Aheec^ine^er. to sU Mtride 
Ahorctt, «a. telkang 

AhoniAr, vo. pot totoaa oven 
AhonialÜádo, da. a. telMd 
AhoraailUr, as. to pvop un 

with §Hin mr, to become 


4hemuniéot«k m. cBMad- 


eí-OHO^níií-, ihiui ítHnrm tu 

A'htirTn:[ívo, tü* t* fnipi^l 
AliomUTa j AbJriú, «. x>si- 

Abu^ÍTt ru. IciniÉie hátlcn in 

ATtiurliadáíi, Jí. 4. ""' 
Atiocltdr, D^. tit 

onj úúrtE umd 
AlltUarimKmtp» 4nu 

Alvu«i'át, hg:, lo t tt:av>te 
AbuniádSf ^. bjgnal f¡X*vn 

AhijjTwfT, no, to ATTi^kc 
AbuüdÜD, dA. ff. fünDHi ñh a 

Ahiuár, i'o. te makí aA iIcd- 
ü«r u a i]]tDUlr.-^l'r. 10 

A>ni;yTAt&ilrfr| VÉr ^. dae tti4t 

Hii—" ™r frFctitoru awij 
Aii ^i ', ' ' ' "> Elrlne BM^J 

Aij >: . r, 4£^Mi<] 

. bltnUlatPQ 


AkhiiiiJ'j, h^iir Vt tntTiliilf 
Aiáda, J:<t a éM.\i\->i 
A}uhlJfli:4j^ 4TC. akiOjEursM^n, 

AJáf,4d,lDFpill1, inkffEUTltaei 

J^jíi?, «m. a LÜ^ '^''^■^ ^ 

i^iATt^jCe^, Jin.' luiílurr al' 
tf¿rllc aaú oil 

AjpcLULl^ J/' ^lU^t UTII|4 oT 

h.iathin- boilttL iriih f¡>a: Lie 

AjjiUaiSffEi d AJíLlindiclll, rp». 

ALJl^rimr under juui^ gulii: 
AV})«i^rYg, «HI. l«í* 
Aid, íttí, icasUc 
Aj^búr^ vfu tD earn deimi 
«te'» hoi^i loB^ of p*!H 
i wvki^hc 

Aj¿t», f n- a iwavf Iwl 
Ajfi^U^p JiHx EducB mulc d 

■Ul «tu] g|T^^ 

AJirin>^ x#i. blniUme 
AjDqóf», m- diib mAdv t/ 
f> ){arllf ind {^luoie 
AJ«A, vsf lo Cirr; «(T b> 

A j«n3aUtr> T«P to 1íll4 bf the 

Alo^gu, 4/. pl. *paTin 
AjaiUieLidiai üs. Sl barvjni; 

bmj ptOtulMVAOSt Bb tívt 

í»' ■ Di. 


A Juan «"14 f\ii:<nitn* whJelí a 
bti'k k»rlii][<i tD hH Ouibi " 

Í'ud^svini^t ■]■< 
titjulitr, j»Pi>. jiL'kft 
Ajui^tunl^i COi#n- «t;^ 
A^uMir, ti^ i(» siijiut 

Ajfu.'f.tkijr, 1^4 1« ««cut* m 

A^B> </^ vin|;, tarlm «f tiu 
Jnati surk't*, fin of a ü^ 

AliÍMnr\^iv>f iL o. booidHiI 
AliliBíulít^ tj'. ntmiftítttit 
AUMnE*> ^- pntH 
Al^ti^t td. to pral4r 
AlaMrdi, «/: baUwrd 
AlalianiAiOj «m. t ti/iW WWL 

Aishuáérüi, «n, hilbvrdlCf 
AlalHiudiilv,. d*, a. man- 

li\±nf B]4tHctirT 
ALat-^ttrna* ^- t Ihifí thact 

«r ptatc ol «Intuctíi 
A I abs^tf (lur [ls. a' niadtd!' 

or I Lkí alabdJfivr 
Át>lMÍ4M'ü, ttn . sÍJkbutB 
AIaíki. >n* l)f«ti.'h ^ an 

oUvf ^ b«t IhuI doTH iv l}br 

Arábeán*, «r. to Irtxp 

Alabea, JTiir wacpfng 
AP9l^a< j(/: a mn of pUf 

üanitErlj inrd 
AJabiddo, diu 11' ll|ijacd 
Ala^nd ¡ A[ba£4ni4 ^^ ctip- 

bvará, iDCher 
AliJchiiH i^r. liudí m>l'^ri«lt 
AlaiLTm, i*t. ic^ir^lV. ring 

iS I he rawlUi^iirfcT «f a 

AlAcruiMo, da. ó^ bit bf m 


Aiarraní^ra, |/. «coT|iídn-ffi4k 
Alait** ^. fliiHcrJng 
Alidii^n, tB%. pl. locli tf- 
IkBJf «itliLh hong «TEr fit* 

AladriAa, if. ftimur 
Aladrar, mi. Ia filmigli 
AULlrD^ *™. i iHoufb 
A'Eai^, tj, B ii^cIthE of jelliiv 

JLlmf-artiMt *■•■ P*"T *íf hor^f 

an niirtuf^ cnuutnr 

AlAW. ff"^ PM»nb«l* oíaJ 


AUnu, <r> fold er ailvcr doth 

r> ■■■■■■>» mn%» umium^ m «ua* 

broidered botton-holt 
AluaUdr, m. to distU 
AUmMque, «m. alanMo 
Alambre, tm. ooppcr, fll* oa 

whidí ñapen aic ■tnoiig 
Alameda, ^.r, pablle walk 

with TOWS «rtreet 

dert: of Ac 

weüita and nú ^ 

AlamTnilge, «m. office of a 

dcrk, mrveyor, Ace» 
Alamina «m. murical ticn 
A1amoi«m. elm-tice ; Sin» 

Uatim, white poplar ; A'lo* 

«NOMrro, black poplar tree 
Alamptoe, vr. to £Mif te 
Alamud, «m. a bolt te fhat- 

Alancear, «o. to dait, to 

wound with a dart 
Alcndretoe, er. beeome diy 
a. 4. mastiff of a 

large Uad 
Alanafda, ^. acre of ground 

Alaqoéqaest «m. f¿ tl 

WHO ransom slaves 
Alar, «m. part of the roof 

which overtiaagB Oe wall 
Alar, «a. tohawl 
AUra (hwfvo en), «gg laid 

before iu time 
AUrbe, «m. down 
AUrde, Mt. review of soldiers 

Alargaddr. ra. «. one who en- 

lariel, delays, or protracts 

A tning 
AlananStfnto, ««. the act ef protracting 
Alargar, va. to Icngthsn out, 

proCNct, reach a thing to 

another who Is distant 
Alargues, «m. dqg-Mse 
Alaru, 4^ a flat firon Instm* 

ment used by potten 
Alarida, tf. Imeandcry 
Alarido, Ml. outcry 
AlaiA» «M. an anaitect 
Alarfzes, if.iL% large Mrt 

of grape* 
Alarmir, ««a. te alarm 

Alatonéro» «m. nettle 

of eai^tre 
Alaxdr,**. granad lent 
^o«i<n« na. a. safrri<oleiB 



Alito» tm. stnAe with the 

AlasAr, «M. bastard sallVon 
Alba, tf. dawn of dv 
Albaca, 4f. sweet basil 
Albacéa, «m. testamentary 

Albacekxgo, mi. office of a 

testamentary executor 
Atbacdra, mi. a sea-flsh modi 

resembltaig a tunny 
Albaháea,^. sweet basil 
Albahaquflla dd rio, tf. enl- 

Albalá, «. oocket,a warrant 

of entry, certificate 
Alban^u, 4f. net te <nclo> 

sing uie hare, 

Albafitfl y Albankr, mi. sc 
Albaftil, «m. mason 
Alhaftltoría, cf. maaoniy 
Albtfr, a. white, whitish 
Alberto, mi. biU advertising 

that apartments are to let. 

Albarazida^. a marMe co- 
loured grape 
Alberáxo, mi. white lepron 
Albáica» AT- V. Abana 
Albania, ^f. pack saddle 
Albardár, vL. to put a pack- 
saddle on 
Albardéhu »f. tmaU saddle to 

tame colts 
Albardéro* mi. peck'Saddle 

Alberdflla, </*. noall pack- 
Albordúi, Ml. matwced 
Albarddn, mi. pannel 
Albarlctfque, tm. apricot 
Albardlo, «m. a tune played 
on the guitar, te counfecy 
Albanrrfda, i>f. a dry waU 
Albarráz, mi. louaewort 
Albattfia, tf. a small covered 

Albayaldádo, da. a. covered 

with ceruse or whtte-lead 
Albayáld^ mi. white-lead 
Albasáno, na. <(. of a dark 

chetnot colour 
Albetfr, va. to whiten 

intola. <f. a sUg^ net, 
made of a very thin thieadf 
fbe ratrhit*g — y** <^t^«^■ 

tie ¿talk 

AlbcfodD^ Ml. a laifi pood D|¡t¡zl^V^«*'* ** wm mm. 


Albeiengéna, <r. inad-a|iple 
Alberga, vtu to kidge 
Albergue, mi. lad|dng'4Mnse 
Aibe^xfque, V. Mbmrkttm» 
Albéro, Ml. whitish eaiQi 


takes care of the pond 
where flax Is steeped 
Albeyterla, *J. teriery 
that whidi 

Albihár, Ml. ox-eye 

Albfllo, «. applied to the 

wine of a white grape 
Attain, Ml. Uoodstone 
Albúiá, «f. a marshy piece df 

Quedarse in «IWr, to 

Albo, ba. a, white 

Albdgne, mi. a sort of paB>- 

tord flute 
Albohd, tm. á tpeciee of 

Albdndigas, </: ft. balls made 

ef teroed meat, with tggt 

AlbaráSaTcf. twUig^t 
Alborear, va. to dawn 
Albdrga, ^f. a sort of sandal 

made of mat-weed 
Albémla, «f. a large leased 

earthen Jug 
Alborada, mi. aaort of conree 

AlboronAi, 4f. fried tomates 
Alboroque mi. regalement 

given at the conc Ta st en of . 

a bargain 
AlberotapatfUoa. mi. a dis- 

Aiborotár, «a. to dietnrb 
Albonfto, Ml. noisa, riot 

of mirth or merriment 
Alboroaár, vo. to exhilarate 
Albonteo, «Nk Joy, gaiety 
Albridas, <f. pi. reward given 

for some food news 
tf. pumpkin 

Albuftnu <f. a laSce 

Albuhera, 4f. flredi water lake 
Albdr, Ml. dace 
Albura, <f. whiteness 
Albdias, Ml. pi. a game at 

Alcabd<ro, mi. a tax gathem 
Aleabtfr, mi. a flue 
AlcabAs, Ml. a hand*gan 
Alcacdd Alcao^Mi. green 


xrUctbotiH sir mml 
J^caeÍMitiÉs^f if. inJcfaiihA 

I'd. túffaut up jfl 



AlcAhuitc-t tL r. pimp, bftwé 
tw. t(^ turd 

AlcumDém, üh. a h^wh r illd^i ^ i hLitxik* 


Ai«ld^»j 4f, the wife oT mq 

AJcaldfB, cF'-' ^ce and Jdxü.< 

dJetldn af ui útctíl\ÍM 

uJe üf good), V. Aiktna 
AlirJnri, 4/^ [he t£t of cirEr- 
taking a prnson» b(tlui£c 
^:á an accúaat, ura^ lei^tli 
AlcáncWj <^- |W- 1IT9AE» 
Alcsncia, ^ numeif-bax 

of a falcon 
Alf^iidUp^. millet 
AI^BodiJIi «n- fresad a<nm 

wltl> luillet 
AlcanfiJr, «n. rampAor 

fix vdmi wvtifl >n ÜK loncn 
Aluntarflla, ^, a in^tli 

brldflcs, a dnlq. 4 ic^cr 
AlcuitarlLtidOi; #pl «úvh 

made in ttw fomi rf an 

arch under ETOund 
AldnnHUfvit la^^ i]iat wbitih 

li vblhin rcacli^ to feign 

AlesnzadiJrp rm. f- pnrsuer 

A ti^táad^m. ^f'^ » tumoELi En 

1^* btfl of a liDTtic 
AJitammÜíntoj AH. V. AI- 

AltuiláI^ t4, td fbllow pcff' 
E«i* until Ú3VJ CTT mmd 

Aka|><rTa j Alc«pllT«<» '' »■ 

Xufurrado, d^ a. Ar^mti 
Whh cnnetK 

A IcJtpwrd^ ■Bi-ptrmutil plaml- 

«1I wLth<.ÉfiU'tHishn 
A kagiarf dii, tm. larp^ caper 

AEcarihu^ta, ^f. «arm^raj 
Atotriviin} fBf» bftnn 

tmlncd ro panne IheMttem 
AlCATThsSA, iTL V. jf ^rddti^fa 
AlL:ami.-¿n), ra- *, (^^icr 
A IcafTdza, ^. Jug nut f^laied 
AliiMiSÍÁf ^f. H *irtt nf ñne 

f^TTVtB, rwif of a houHi 
Alcaucí], Ml. vLId 4itkhvkei 

AJirajdiAp xf, a bach 
Alt4ji*Tl*, if- raaf^ri-plici 

fdT raw f il k 
AkljidE, jm. ^vpmar of 1 

r^Mle or fan, jailer 
' Alcázar, rm. tuLuT'^ fnft 

Alec* "H^ Jt H?ardi 
Atceddn^ nn. lulc^'cin 
A Ichínüa, %^. alchan j 
Alciad, nti- ^líá basil 
AJriiinj. fw. hB[cjr<ni 
Alc^a* ^f. jdL-«vt 
^l<n)}i<np Jw- antimonf 
AlcoboJaddr, ra, i- one ini' 

Alc&lHtár, va. lo paint otr 

dje wltl) jjjLllniQayj rectJ^ 

AltÑitidLérB, 4f. «euf] for an- 

Umonj fff aiCvhDl 
AlcúbolJitiri i7d. tD &lco1tQEÍ9e 
AtcHjn, «n. (alciMl 
AlcomcK'tfl^ 4m. plantartcsi of 

tisti • LrcA 
AJconuSquíp iiVr rork'troe 
Ali^n^ ^f. a jj»iili0 Gh Awe«t- 

]qEwal»K piece of swevt-mcat 
Alcorzar, ttu. tú catít wlih 

• liarte of xu]car >juI fUu^h 
AlceUni ^m. abLrd of pr^j 
AlcaUSita, if. B p|rk.£ae 
A icotaruÜlúytM.^oung tanner 
Alcr^itr, wm- mliitiuT 
AlíTÍTíí, mt, a Mn-HLi 

tlw ba^k pf 1 ibvge 

vfíjrh rum the ihpc 

Ak-ultfltip f/: f^frmir 
AIctic^Ij, ^f. an oil -cruet 
Alicúxi., if. ojL.'baLtle Thlch 

CO cv taint dU 
AkniA^ra, Rh 1' btlon^g to 

An oil -battle 
Alcuuhi, nn. a Jajfe úLt-batlle 
Aldaba, tf. lD>vkn 
Aldabada, ^f. rap |H'«^ v'^b 

thü knocker 
A hlaMtOr^m.* lalent rap with 

ÜM knKhcr 
A J dj,t)ic!íír, ra, rap at tbr dtwt' 
Aldjibfsi, ^/l pT. t)eiftiji IiotI- 

xiHitalJif placed OH- t«'iaT>]lM 

A Idr^nannrnif, «i, rvitir 

AldcanJéííLh, ¡{ar a. bel«ngbip 

Tq 4 hwnlrl 
A Idcdno , na» «• t1I Cuvr 
AldeJirp tsi. V. H^fittar 

AklrhDI^til J^ Ald«^UAt ^ P 

PitI \t vlUage» a fniaJJ hanii<* 
A]rie<drrdi>, im.. n^wi) TiJ]^^ 
A 3^174, ff- a H«rt of kiTtall i««l 

vlIboüE kncru 

U> Etii^herdt in pa^tiir^ 
Ald^^p ila. a. V^ fliiMtulit 
AlKcItfn, ^É the art of alJu;- 

AMt^ vn, to (iuttet 
Aleiirilnef A lebrajtlr^rWp j 
A IrbraAiriuri it. io Niuat 
AlabronáTK, vr. la be (]i<^il> 

AlKhui^, t<a. to curl like Üie 

leaf üf a Ikieucé 
Alédij */. tha fiTrt »am 
Atcdafiot Aa. d. adjacent 
AlafanKfnJds if. pJ* purfa-ti^i 

jiilli mad4 of kpic^v 
Alen tí, Jm. }alnL mailr I17 

paring two piewjs of vomI 

BO thai dtQ wrap over eiihr 

A l^gArg tMi- to allele 
Aleü^td^ MH, alleifalion 
Al«||<arlaj, i/; Bli«|[urT 
AlegdrlcOj ca. On allef^tjrit'al 
AlqtúrlLár^ n?. a]LF^«i4e 
A livrad^.ra- r.a je^t^Tpt wlii ^ 

eS dip fif jjaiierto Wm 
A>c;gt^, vor 10 mat*? ntcrr; ; 

i-f. ta rijakT 
AI^KTV:^ a, merrjp teütkantp 

iuckf^ fuTiiuiatc 
Alegría^ 4/h mirth 

mbe at Ale^fJEin im. iudd«ijn]r 
UiTouab ' Ai^nid^nto^ im. renia^al t 
JC of the a distance 

Alejdir^ I'fl^ ifl remoce la . 

grral^ dlitanci; 
Ale^r, im. V". ^íajü 
AlrtiCrse, it, to becuiiiit biuplü 
AkUj, nn. glliillawHr 
Atl^ma, 4/' the allaited qunn- 

Ittjf of «jter foe irrig^tin{r 

p piw:e of firaund 
Aknftiiár^ i-al to 34^^*4.' 
A K-nt^tda, ^fl Ifnterrai bei^rnrr 

l»o rHpiratimMM 
A Lenljitio, UHi Or «piriled 
A tintar, i-«. !□ rrtplrie 

ttr^atlvj I'd. to anltnihtc 

Alerilort. j/, pir haanbaiecnst 

datKin, *m. a Ivfc knt^cker I Altrit, *rn- lari-Ji l 



A)Arta, «m. watdi-wotd 
Akrtár, no. to put ene on his 

Alerto, ta. a. TigUant 
Alesna,* . awl 
Alesnado, da. a. awI-sh^pcd 
Aleta, ^. a small wlog 
Aletada, 4f* motion «f the 

Aletazo, tm. stroke of the wing 
Aletear, vn. to flatter 
Aletdn, «m. a large wing 
Alctri*, «IN. a kind of |)Mte 
Aleve, a. treacheroas 
Alcvdsa, <f. a tumour under 

the tongue of cows 
Alevdra, sa. a. treacherous 
Alexfias, <f. pi. soup made of 

barley peeled, cleaned, and 

Alfiibega, <f. V. Albahaea 
Alfkbéto, m. alphabet 
AlñKlía, tf. bribe 
AI£igia, <r. piece of wood fiar 

making windows and doors 

Alftna. 4^ a large, strong and 

spirited horse 
AUlméque, tm. white eagle 
Alfiinge, 9m. hanoer 
Alfkntrete, tm. a Uttle hangi 
Alfanjazo, tm. a cut w wound 

with a cutlass 
Alfiuijdn y Alfbnjonico, tm. a 

large hanger or cutlass 
Alitfque, tm. sand-bank 
AIfi(r,<m. pottery 
Alfifr, va. to raise the fbrAead 

too much 
AUbrdéro, tm, a collector of 

the dtt^ fbr watering la^ ' 
Alfkrdilla* ^f. gahxn 
AUhiddn, tm. ring at the end 

of an axle-tree 
AUkrárO( tm. potter 
AIMUcárse,tT. to aflbct nicety 
Alferecía, ^f. cpilepky, m en- 
sign's commission 
AMerez, tm. ensign 
Alfictfz, Ml. the serpent eu- 

Alfiler y aMlél, «m. pin used 

ar women to teten their 
Alfiléralo, mi. prick of a pin 
Alfiletero, «m. pin-case 
Alfilete ó alfiletéte,«m. paste 

made of coarse floor 
AUbli, tm. grananr 
Alfoliero y Alfidtoéro, tm. 

keeper ef a sranaiy 

AUUmbra, tf. floor-carpet 

AlftmbTár, va. to «arpet 



Alfmnbraza, tf. a large carpet 
Alfombrero, ra. «. carpiet- 

Alfonsl, tm. a sort of maravedí 
Alfi5ni>lgo, «IN. piiitarhio 
A]r<}rja, </-. saddle-bag 
Alfonéro, tm. malter or seller 

of uddle-bus 
AlforiiUa, Al^ta y Alfer- 

juAa, ^. a small saddle-bag 
Alfdrza, 4f. plait made 4n a 

petticoat which is too long 
Alrronitro, tm. V. Afatron 
Algadonira, ^f■. cudweed 
Algalia, Kf. civet 
AlgtfraKf.thetlün integument 

which covers an egg 
Algarabía, </*. Arabic tongue 
Algarada, tf'. a loud ciy 
Algarero, ra a. prating 
Algarrada, tf. the act of driv- 
ing bulls into the pinJbid fiir 

the boll-feast 
Algarrtfba. tf. smooth tare 
" ' 'da, tf. a ridge of sbift- 

^do, da. a. thatched 
„ebra, tf. algebra 

Algebrista, «in. Algebraist 

Algecería, tf. placefor prepar- 
ing or sellfaigplaster of Paris 

Algecero, ttu i. plasterer 

Algente, «. extremely oold 

Algtfz, tm. gypsom in itscnide 

Algezdn* tm. «rpaom, plaster 
of Paris. V. Ytion 

Algib^ tm. oistem 

Algibéro. tm. one who takes 
care of cisterns 

AIsinsifMdo, da. a. dressed 

AHgOto .vro. somewhat 

Algodim, tm. cotton-plant 

Algodonado» da. a. fiUed with 

Algodonal, tnt. a cotton-plan- 

Algorlh, tm. a partition of 
boards in oil-mills fbr re- 
ceiving the olives 

Algtfso, sa. a. weedy 

AIcrinAI, tm. veil worn by 

Alguacil, tm. an inferior oifl- 

cer of justice 
Alguaza, tf. hhige 
Alguien, pro. somebody 
Alguno, na. a. i«ome 
Algún tanto, ad. somewhat 
Aih<beKa, tf. V. Albahaea 
Alhadids. tf. burnt copper 

from which the saffiron of 

copper Is extracted 
Athii^,«a. to ftunish 


Ath4)a» tf.Oiamj fiunMoe, & 

ARMMr, vñ. to adorn 
Alht^^a, tf. a little tegr 
Alhamtfl, tm. a beast af InT" 

then; porter, carrier 
Alhandá!, tm. bitter-apple 
Alharaca, tf. clamoor 
Alharaquiento, ta. a. nob^ 
Alhárgama y Alhánna, ^ 

Alhelí, V. AMt 
Alh^a, tf. privet 
Alheñarse, vr. to grow amotly 
Alhddgo, mm. V. Alfint^ 
Alhdja, tf. a species of smaU 

birds, resembling a lark 
Alhdlva, tf. fenugreek 
Alhdudiga, tf. a pnbUc grana- 
ry. V. PótUo 
AlhdT]na,<^royalMoosrish tent 
Alhdrre, tf. eruption in fhm 

skin of new-bom children 
Albdstigo, tm. V. A^fil^tigo 
Alhdz, «m. lot of land 
AUnuéma, tf. lavender 
A licán y Allacr¿n,«iN.jaundÍo« 
Aliacanado, da. a. Jamidiced 
Aliólo, da. o. y «.allied 
Alj^, tf. furze 
Aliüár, «m. place covered 

Ali4nza, tf. alUance 
AUára, tf. gobiet 
Aliarse, vr. to be allied 
Alíca, tf. a small wing 
Alica, tf. pottage made of 

sp^ and other pulse 
Alicaído, da. a. with fiOIca 

Win;^ ; weak, uncocked 
Alicante, m. a kind of ftA- 

sonou« snake 
Alicantina, tf. artifice 
AUcatido, «m. work inl^d 

with Dutch tiles 
Alicates, tm. pi. pineexawitb 

very small points - 
Aliciente, tm. attraction ^ 
AUdontfr, vo. to teach T 
Alidada, tf. geometrical ruler 
Alidtfna, tf. stone in the ioteft> 

tines ora swallow 
AUénto, tm. breath 
Aliér, tm. rower on board « 


, tm. a callous tomoax 

growing on the hind part 
of a horse's hock 

Alif<r, va. to piriish 

AUfibra, tf. collatian 

AligamKnto, tm. act cttjin^ 
or binding together 

Aligiir, vo. to & 

AUg«rianiénto<«in. lUtriattoa 


AürntÉi, vm. to U|jlttai' 
AXmáát,im.aat Who IiriiteDS. 

£nw*M oHiador, lisfter 
AlHÉr, 1W. to lighten 
AH*» 0m. lirfitcnfaig «fa ship 
Alfanifta, iQr. aiunuu wfaieb 

ABmcntacloiit ^. act oTnoa- 

Aumentar, va. to nonrith 
AUmenttfrio 7 AUmentfata, «. 
one vho ogojrs a otttaia al- 
lowance ñ¡K maintenance 
AIlméRte> «m. aUment 
Attmentdio, sa. «. nutritioac 
AUaA^A^ da. a. afBactedlj 

nice or degant 
AUndár. «o. to fix Umltc 
Alfade, tm. mercury piepared 

tat iiiliims 
^IMiadtfr^M. t. one vho adimu 
Am^, va. to arrange 
AUfioy fin» dren 
AUonfn, «m. Úw btoe-iéat] 

Alfdz. ém. maiUei V. JMr 

Aliqn^irádo, da. o. broken- 
winced; d^ected 
Allaad<»r,ia.«. polisher 
Alisadura» <f. planing 
AUsadúras, ^f. pt. ihavingi 
ABsaTf tw. to plisne 
AUsár 7 Aliseda, «. plantation 

«r alder-trees 
Altena» ^f. water-^antain 
AUm, Ml. aider-tree 
AUstido, da. a. cnUsted 
Albtaddr^nM. a recraiting offi- 
cer; one who keeps accounts 
AUstamieatOk «m. anrolra 

AUviár, US. to lighten 


Alisar, «m. an rnicultivatedi 

low, stony groond 
Alixarlr, m. to divide waste 

lands to be cnltiTated 
AUxari^gis ga. a. belonging or 

relattog to uacnhivated 

AHába,<f. qoivar 
A$úrfii 6 A^üte, <f. a tarred 

net with saaU meAes 
AQofifr, JM. pearl «T an hr- 


to adorn with 
Ayafiina, tf. an 
fbr deaniag 

ABoflfir^ cw« to mop 



1,0. bclflngfaif evi» 
o the carllne thistle 
u a. alkaline 
AlkaUzár, va, to alkalize 
AIU, ad. there 
Allanad4ír, tm, leveller ; gold- 
beater's piq>er which con- 
tains the beaten gold leaves 
Allan amianto, «m. lerelling 
Allanar, in», to lev^ 
la. o. I 

Allegado, da. a. near 
Allegados, friends 
Alleiiamiénto, tm. collecting 
Alleéár, va. to collect 
Allí, ad. there 
Alldza, 4f. a 
Allozo, tm. t 

Alinda, tm. earthenware wa- 
Alma, if. sool ; conscience 
Almacén, tm. warehouse 

Almáciga, <f. mastich 
Almacigo, tm, mastich -tree 
Almadma* éna 6 foa, tf!> a 

large hcmvy hammer 
Almadía, <f. raft 

Almadiero, set. a raft pilot 

Almadiaba, tf: twmy-ftdiery 

Almadrifl^ tf". woodisi shoes 
oscd In the mountains of 
Leon and Castile 

Almagral, tm. place abonnd- 
bag in odure 

Alm^rtfr, va. to tinge or co- 
loar with ochre 

Almigre, tm. ochre 

Ahnanaqoéro, tm. a maker 
and vender of almanacks 



poniard'withoot an „ 
Abnircha, if. a town dtuated 

on a low marshy gronnd 
Almáijo, tm, glass-wort 
Alm^ro, tm. common clary 
Afanarries, mi. vI. instru- 
ments with whidi cotton 
wool is separated fkom the 
Ahnarráxa 6 Almanttea. if. 

a glass phial with holes 
Almastigado, da. a. oontdin- 

Almatréro, mi. a fsherman 
fishing with shad-fish nets 
an «foedact 

fishing with si 
Atanatridi^ Ml. 


fbr farrlotlsv lar 

Almaiarerck «m. ol 

Almeártf Almiar, mi. a stack 

of hay, Jcc made in the 

open air 
Almeja, if. muade 
AlmMa, if. a turret on the 

ramparts of ancient fiwt* 

Afanentfr, va. to crown a ram* 

part or castle with turrets 
Almendra, «f. dmosid 
Almendrada, if. aUnond mUk 
Almendrado, da. a. alnMn4> 

Almendral, mi. a pJantation 

of aknond-ftraes 
AhnendrOla, if. a ledc-emidi's 

Almenilla, if. small tunet 
Abn<te^ Ml. hetanet 
AlmflMT, Mb simple sirup 
Almibarir. vs. to preserve 

fruit bs baikd sugar 
Almidón, mi. starch 
Almidonado, d*. a. starched 
Ahnidonár, va. to starch 
Almflla, if. an under waist- 
coat, military iaclwt 
Ahnhninta, if. the admirals 

ship, the admbral's lady 
Almirantazgo» Mb adoibnüty, 

Ahnfarinto, mi. admiral 
Almirantia, tf. rank and oS- 

fice «fan admiral 
Almirez, mi. a brass mortar 

in which oiy thing ie 

pounded with a pestle 
Amilzdár, va. to pcrft 

with musk 
Almizcle^ mi. musk 
Almízclate, if. grape Iqra- 

cinth ornower 
Atmizdéfto, fia. y re, ra. a. 

that which smeUs at musk 
Almitcléra, if. musk-rat 

Almecéda, if. brnptft on water 
fiw inigittion 

Almoortke, mi. sal ammoniae 

Almofréx, Ml. a friew bag 
for coarse clothes 

Almogáma, if. the binder- 
most piece of timber hi ibm 
stem of a ship „ 

Almohada, if. a pUlow 


bna «fa aubion 

Almohatre y Alm<t|<tre> «m. 

Mi ammoniac 
Almoháu, Af* cuRy-oorab 
Almohazado, da. a, cnnkd 

Almohasár, va, to rnb a bone 
Almq}ába, <f. tmoked tunny 

Alnu^tfbana, tfí 
of chflcw and 

Almonedear, «o. to sell by 

Almoradux, tm. sweet mar- 

knm, V. SiiMiíalo 
Alindrl 6 almúri, «m. a oake 
Almorranas, qf, pl.jpUm 
Almorréft, «f. a Moalc tUe 

, ^. •<. bhíe or 

chickling retch 
Almorzada, ^. V. Mmutna 
Almorzada r,Mn.bnakfiut eaw 
Almonár» «o. to bicakfiMt 

o inapaett treinta 


AliMUit tf» womweod 
AMsa, 4f. methcgUn 
Aloxtfro, «m. one who aiUs 

Alpargata, 4f. a tort oTihoai 

nemucn lai 

a. wearing 

liee who i 

Almotázaf j Almvttfza^ «m. 

Úie wdner ti wool 

■•«•M«MA«u«9 ^/» a pieoe oC 
■round which takes half a 
Jaatga of grain for sowfaig 

who kMpe the standard 
measuree flf dry tUnn 
Abnu<na, «/*. the portton of 
grain or fhdts between the 
two hands 
Almuerzo, «m. breakflnt 
Alnado, da. «. a step-diild 
Aloária, <f. a sort of rault 
Alobadádo, da. «. btt by a wolf 
AlobonadlUo, la. •• rewm- 

Alobanado» da. a. odUmr of a 

Alocadinaménte. od. rashly 
Aloctfdo, da. «. fcoltah 
A lloditfl, a. allodial 
Aloe, «m. aloes 
Aloiamiénto, «m. lodging 
Al^, va. to lodge^^ 
Aliin, «m. tiie wing of a fcwl 
or bird sttipped of Ito An- 
A.longár, va. to dilate 
llopOdo, da. a. conVMCd «f 


Alpargatar,!», to make hemp- 
en sandals 
Alpargatfllat <f. a small hemp- 
en sandal 
Alpechín, «m. water which 
oozes firom a heqp of oUves 
Alpiste, tm. canary-seed 
Alplstéro, «IN. a sieve tat sift- 
ing canary-seed 
Alquería, ^f, house in a ftnn- 
yard where tillage tools are 
Alqu^rmes, mi. a sweetmeat 
Alqutfrqne, «m. place in oil 
milU Cor laying the bruised 
Alqués, «m. a wine measure 
Alquilador. ra.«. one who 

lets coaches on hire 
Alquilar, va. to give or tike 

on hire 
Alquiler, tm. wages or hire 
Alquildn, na. a. that which 

ean be let or hired 
Aln'"«<~- <r. char-woman 
Al< tf. alchymy 

Ak ^. ladies' mantle 

Al<:> ' ', tm. alchymist 
AUi^^.:- .1. sm. aveiiarhead- 

dTv-i r.iT women 
AUjuii^iAr. wb todistil 
Ali,<jiii.] . «m. tar or pltdi 
Al<; I ' r, tMbtotar 
Air ' ' : I ' I, tm. 

Alnfta, tf. a v«y coarse sort 

of tow 
Alstoe, tf. soorplan-grau 
' atabaque, tm. a small basket 

in which women keep thdr 

<f. the towering 
flight of some birds, am- 

Altanero, ra. a. soaring 
Altarfco, «nt. a little altar 
Alt4Ía, ^. eommon mallow 
Alterado, da. a. alterative 
'Iteniddr, ra. t. oam who 

alters • 

Alterar, va. to alter, dumge 
Alterativo, va. a. alterative 
AUercár, va. to contend 

Digitized by 


Altsni ti^ va . to s ^samate 
Alter nativa, ^. allKiHtivs 
Alteza, tf. \MAn 
AMUo, la. a. aUttla hUh 
AltilUv «m. hittock 
Altimetria, tf. altimctiy 

lántey AlU 


Altitud, V. AJMra 
A ltfcrárse , vr. to grow cv be 

avuMint end **H"eti*j 
Altivez, tf. haughtinesa 
Altivo, va. o. haughty 
Alto, ta. o. hi^ 
A^to, tm. hdi^t, story 
Alto. inf. otto oiW, stop diere 
AltoKáno, tm. a height or lit 

Altramuz, tm. lupine 
Altura, tf. hei^t 
Aluár 6 Tomar por la hia, to 

bring by the lee 
Alubia, tf. Frsnch bean 
Ahidnir, va. to blind, to lead 

into error . 
Aludir, tm. to allude 

relating to alum 
Alumbraddr, t. link-boy 
Alumbramiento, tm. lunmi 

nation, illusisn, deceit 
Alumbrar, t«. to Ug^t, light 

Alumbre, « 

Alumbrtfra, tf. alam-mioe 

Atmnbrera art\fidal, alum 

Alusivo, va. a. aUnsivc 
Ahutrár, va. to give lustl» to 

any tUns 
Ahivldn, tf. a great swdl ef 

Alveo, «m. source of a river 
Alvedlo, tm. socket ef the 

Alvldriár, vo. to gjaee eartt- 

AJzacuAlo, tm. a black caOar 

Alzada, tf. a town er viD^a 
-~ an eminence, appeal 

lamente, ad. wholesale 

Alzado, «m. a plan of a baild- 


.A^XMEnáÉDUt, rm. liw 4£t of 
AlJAt«Bm«j V- a War 

roflttni of 4 ■«■'«r 

BtmCI ; VT. i* rime In IV- 

Amxiofíáxtri irr. %it ílírow out 

^tntUÍTjffií'iie, iHf. lo TmiTflW 

^liníFi4í^uTi¿ilOf da. a, intrm- 

hÚiig straw tj«Ti** 
A ms^Nir^o, d&r i£- Catiftit 
. Amaeitrari f^ t« If ¿[^n 
Jlmaiijí't ltd- t^ Ufl vp the 

huid In a tlme^etiiMí^ il- 

Aniüivli^p 11*. to becuJrcEbiTp 
in afuld 

AHüAikiTirdr, iKk to Hit:k1« 
Ainamblui^^ji^ ^. i. *ofi of 

CQicdfi Mvtr 
Anunrrt)ddi»t d«. o. ¡¡.ttitched 
AAHnocbamJ^>^ «m. can^ 


ATnviL^«b±rWr ir, to Üvt tU 
AnmneilUT, nin ro itam 

AmajuBddTj ra^ «< me lha< 

A imn&uní'éQEo^ PlRr thf act ar 

Ám^nE^, va- ta tune 
Amaivt^i r^ t4 «vnrr widí « 

tilín ket 
Amáutfh jf. J *. \(yt'in0 
A nunteoliéntí, a^ firmlj 

AiU9ñ^, iNt. tq do ■ IhJd^ 

clifveil^, be hmdj 

Amiñriu(^, tmtt 
AinaiJtaü,,^. pvpFT 

Amarii-Ob l^- Jf^^nc 
AnurjE^i^Ja, ^. tbv £iitt«r w 


ABiarfúTf i^' to tn4^ bmm 
AmUifO, gm^ d. bhter 

A in*irjri«ji^ hA, a, bJttCT 

AmarsvüJo, Ub^ «■ biitcriih 

AtnarilX^Dj ES. d. <]f a paií 

jfellow rolwjT 
AmATíHeti*» tTH. i<3 íútUnt to 


AinaiJHiínlQ^ ta. ú- mdinJnf 

Ip T^LlipW 

AirmrfUo, ] La. a. v^l íow 
[üari|>n4éil(?j día' i- butter- 

ATiaiTOr »iB- hiltff^ort 
AmiTTéf tf. a uable 

A iJlaTTadiiiTD, rm.. fl pIKl lO 

Anurrii, va. i9 iJ^á, fatíai, 

AnLai^hlj], |ja. d. Af^CliA 
Aiu¿fleLu, i'a, lo {-nürt 
A?natti] UItj í'ü' tú bammrr' 
Amasadera, ^^, a irciMtr^ kn 

whirh the tJAush is kntia4r>i 
Ama-iadür, fa, *- on? ^hrj 

^rifnd» dougS Into bi«ad 
Amaiadürai <fn knaodiAj 
Arn4Ví*mi¿íitrt^ mn. [he art of 

uniting or Je-íniíiK tog^nfífv 
AiY)«4^, rs. t(» fcn¿ad 
AiuaLúríü^ Tia, Ar amníninr 
AnjjijTiíFi TM. tiS itrike r^r 

LúireT ihe ulls 
AiíinjUnír, tví- fo w»tth with 

elide aii[entj«^n 
Amatóna, a^- mtí vnamn 
Amabirc£do,da. a, itinn^ched 
Amháfi^» jwi- pT^ ciTcull 
A tnltlgídsO, la. H. ■nibi^ll'nl!) 
A'n'bar, i™- anuíieT 
ArnhpíXtLíL^ ^. maalvnlrRklnW 
Anilnnno, iu„ «t- r«latlii|[ h 

Ambi4:li(ni tf. ambluun 
Ar?)hi'< kni4i]. i:a< iü cfaie 
A mbLcid^f^i lar ^' afi]biti>nui 
Amljf^ntV, 4- ^rtlpk?nt 
Auibieüle, «m, th^ juat'i^nt 

Aml4|tu-¿<d^j 4^- amtiiKtiti? 
ATnljágUrOi- ^p^- '^ ikjinitil^^'iii 

A'4llUtM> mn. LLrCO'it 

AmLLd^, *Pf- 9 tSviñ Ib ck 
«Aa-cai&iittf Tlth ctii^ «ick 

A'mbó^, hv\ • pri>. botb 
AitrtirulJáT, lA. to — * 

I Anibríaia, cf- íHÑljnoJ* 
I ^ inballñlep d. ambalatiinr 


Amtml BtlVp,Ta i a. ofa lío* Lng 

Anwbéo, jm, a dlUogiH ia 

AmidJfnUddTf i^ ra^crtí^ \hit 
IhrtAten» lír ftl^Jiteiin 

Atnadrnitij', i^. lo fri^htrti 

AlDtiRlidQ, ñn. 3 lÍM.i; llH- 
IdcIi to mark Ihr hmuiiiLa- 
rit» uf a ñelíil 

AmelfáJi va. lo ívj-i^ri fur- 

raWi Vitta L|U! ItlQM^ii 

A m^lo, íPí. íolden vr^ r- ■ *yr\ 
A inirtcHn44u, o*.. «. klinpAlialie 

AmiPnái4] í^. & thmit 
Ameaaiaddr^ ra. t- «nr f*^; t 

AnHüuzdT, r^t Eo thrrafm 
Adicrutv^r, nu-' tu d.EipLiiü»ih 
A tiíiifLid¿dT 4/. ame^St T 
Aiiu-ni?4rp i=fl+ iDTMder plfa- 

lant L'^ «^eealnle 
Am*nn, ni- d. |»Ltr«Aimt 
^«lefaTj t'u. lo mi.'", wirir or 

CltwT ]¡llinr wiífl ^iI'-T; 

VT. tAsnak. tnlcí rhc o,» I'MMid 

AlT1CTO(*ndrtT, rwi, Ui f;iLdLiiT 

Atiiiícal^dcvK da. a, }<i^TiriK the 

coloor of \itv.M 
A'"ii¿di», údr fnr fi':«J" 
AmJi'Tito, J<™.ii Lewtíier itF»p, 

wiih whU'h líw liL'Lmcl i* 

li«l uTKÜtT ihü chin 
A (fiíjíatfleK d. fTirndlT 
AmSffo, jfíu '* a frbtflíi 
Amii^p éa. d. frÍETidlr 
An)l£llÍKo, f. lÜtlf friiTid 
Aiüíliináf . lífj. tu fT'jfthiün 
AmlU^LFár» ru. Te>ae«F^ » tax 
AmiMádi i(f< ainlf]? 
AmUtir, lU. J í-r I^J n? (■níÍL:jle 
AmiEldío, *a- o. ft tendí j 
A n Liiiu, iTh. íin1f« 
A'^mOp ma- i- inJj'ter oi mis- 

tr«Kit Af gt húUFe 
Amodlta, ji/*a mwi oí small 

Amoftiirrádíi, i^a- &. hí'avy 

A modúTrárKf^ i?r. hí tira vsj 

AiTi^otadvn da. a. hite^ with 

Amoheo^r"*-, tT. prnw tutty 
An>nhirar, t>íf-y r. u-- ¡Tíllate 
AtuKTjcfíiartórt tmr eme who 

ivtb. lüiidiJiaírtt 

Amf^nárp 3'.J, M* l:!Ulrtfi1.!MrlU 

Amnladerjí if. mluTitímt 
AcnoladunTp tm- í^iridef 
Aftii)l£r. J'rt- 1° *rlirf 
Ai^oItlAddfp n»- *no *be 


I. «. haviaf tfw 

thap* of • loaf of bxMd 
Amdino, ««<. ■toBC-panlor 
ABMHidaagado, da. a. MUow 
Amonedar, va. to coin 
AmonastacitfB, tf: advioa 
Amoocftadtfr, ra. i. moiüAor 
Amonesttfr, va. to adviac 
Amoniaco» «m. ammoniac 
Amontar, vn. to fly or tttketo 

Amontonadtfr, itu «. one tttat 

Amontonamíéntn» «m. aoea* 

Amontonar» m. to baap» fly 

into a paiiioa 
Amtfr,«m. affkctlon» love 
Amoratado y Amóietádo, da. 

AmordUo, m. ili«|it ¡ove 
Amorgádo, da. a. atiipifled 

finom e¿tlng die hiuu of 

gwned oUtbí: applied to 

AnMiríOf «M.frlenddilp 
Amorlactfdo, da. «. r 

bUngthe Mooia 
Anwrmido, da. «. applied to 

bones bating the glandert 
Amordso, ca. a, afiketionato 
•Amorrir, «a. to bold dtfwn 

die bead; to mute 
Amortajar, «a. to ahrovd a 

Amortecéne. «r. to fU 
Anuntecimiéito, am. % 

Amorticutfr, vo. to morti ^ 
Amoftiiacldnf 4/* nuartmain 
Amortlair, «o. torenderaa 

Amoscar, va. to flap fliae 
Amouuiládo, da. m. tocmcnt- 
edwith flies 

AmostacérsO) vr. to fly-into* 


AlHpltiinetttC:^ 4>f- Erojiiavdy 
AnpUáir, t-a. tu «üaripi* 

Apj»iJJir«t:iL<Pi ^f. cEviürge. 

tufnt , 

AmiotiiifiiJtfFj r«' rr. HtnnUScr 

A'inli'i'll-rj, 111. a. Bjnptr 
*~ |i. <ir ÍJ pdA-e^ ifhitnOS 

I'.jdlii, V*' • l'll»ter, phial 
Anj|io^kdr, f^. ta brtiltíf i vr. 

AiD|wll4tA, tf. A imall T^lal, 


Amo^onadiir, tm. «. one wbo 


Amura, tf". tack of a sidl ; 
AfNimi d eterihir, aboard 

Amuridas, tf; riklng 
Amnrir, tw. to banlúietÉdc 
Amnrafr, «e. to strike witb 

the boras 
Amuigtfr, «•. to tbrow back 

Anaoalffit, tm. 

Anacarado, da. a. «Ta pearly 

wbite colear 
Anacardil, «m. a kind oTM a- 

Ametinadtfr. ta. 1. mutineer 
Amotinaraieato, sm. maibn 

-amotinar, no. to excite rebd- 
lion, pertnrbate die nünd 
Anunér, re. to remove 
AmovfUe, a. wUst en be 

moved at «ffl 
Arapán, tf. teicore of goods 

«Amparad«r,Ta. «.pr ut ec l wr 

• Ampav<r, va. to shelMK 

- Ampiio, Ml. £ivoar 
A'mplamente, ad. amply 
•NATupUiultfr, ra. «. one wat en- 

- '■„,{ 
All r > ii,.^.tn.« 

All-ikrilf*'Ta, frrt. riTir'nUTitie 

AllMxir&iieOrirt.a. reinli^f or 

ím3on|in(T taJi rTctiue 
A:n:aL'd«lq, ^. M. IPftof 

Anod^a^ 4;-. b AurklltiH 

Atmdfno, lu. ». a itiflncdofk 

AnaHandllfii «h. b pvwa 
Anáft^ j^ , A purtatjfee (iimacej 

at EtpT* I 

ijd wiih «culpnin in 

Digitized b; 



Anagnmat tf 

Anales, «m. fL annals or bin 

torical aooottntadigeatedia 

tbe'teder of years 

Analítico, ca. k. analytical 
Analizar, va. to anal^rs* 
Analogía, tf. áttUogy 
Analdcieo, ca.Análi^,ga.« 

analogical or ana l ogóna 
Aniñas, «nt. pine-app^ 7* 
Anapélo, tm. woirs-b«ie 
Anaquel, «m. sbelf or boaid « 

fixed against or supported 

In book-cases 
Anarangeár, no. to pelt wiA 

SLnanoMdo, da. a. u r aiM » 

Anárquico, ca. a. confttaed 
' nateniatteár, va, toexcom. 

mnnicate, onxae 
Anatoclsmo, Mk'die aecomo- 

Anatomtt, tf. anatomy 
Anatómico, ca. a, anato m ic*! 
Anatomista* «m. anatomist 
Anatomistfr» oo. to anatowntf 
A'nca, tf. croup» the buttocks 

Aduchamente, ad. widely 
Andiária, tf. • (among mer- 
chants and tradew.) H» 
widdi of stttfTor cloth 
Ancheta» tf. venture, goods 
which a person» not ia 
trade, sends on his own ac- 
count to India 
A'ncho, cha. a. broad 
Anchova y Andida» tf, «a- 

AnchuAo!, la. a. aomewhát 

Andiára» tf. width 
Anchnnko, sa. a. l«ige»wM|e 
Anchúsa, tf. alkanét 
Ancidno, na. o. old 
A'nda» -^ antbor ; PmUr 
MM aneb, to drag for en 
andioTi una* dtt amda, 
the andi6r anns; At on» 
da 6 amelado, «t anchor 
Ancladero, «m. anchorsniitb 
AacUgc» «m. die act of caa»> 

iiw anchor 
Ancur, «M.'to anébor 
AacMi, Mi. stream aacbdr 
Apaaat im. m egpe» -teai^'* 


eatifM, tut cael AudMiif ; Uf 

tii»-ritlWriM|tD wiÓJtblJH:tWI 

' Aiiii^*^ l/*- »'HiJi huTxl bakfid 

AMA lit aa, tTi. f'- gfl-tata 
AniUiiérq, ra, a- uceuiblc 
AuMLááa, nm-. a itsp^H^ 
And«kii da. a> IftüteD 
. Aa-ÚMáÓTt í' » «»i *iak« 

¿ilcTg In B garden 
AndsilftriL, 4/- ff^N amble 
Aúdalio, 4/1 4ijda,1 
AiuUniiOi «Hi- hcaffuM 
. AoiifiMt fJT- P*^3 rantp '«ti* 
Aj3d0MPk»j «n. pJ. lc*liiV5 

AiHl»iite»c<v ca. iP Üi*t wliicb. 
bclúiLES to Lnijthrho<9il 

b»Tt ; A-tdsf tu tariwr, to 
gp ntflrt fiatid i vfudijr tie 
saa. m «««Id tt> -^ iwTlrtS 
ati«at ii ^' «»^fO ' «niiiirr> al 
b«td *t mw* ! -^' P*""" ^"" 
Jdr^ it "wrtt ; A*^ i*na ■*!- 
ifoF, In FjIP <P<^^ 
A puíjir %.i, fwi. tfav *hetí «r a 

bufket aiw Efutencd 
Andariega', (ffl. 0- ftoüest 
-Andin^, irti. » r>At-w Biter 
^ndansi **.. "Whin." wagt*3l 
A'nil>«i 4/". p{' » ''•5r„ ^ 
. A n4*^ "p *wi- a EfacU- v. jijía- 

''Anii*n>, w^ '«le ">"* ciTTte 
th« ilwiis of K luier »n hii 

-Aniblúi *'«■ • barriLiJiiivf 
ttiitk iifi«l b^ fJioit^ni&kcrti 

AnddBcv, 01. ffl. two yewi vld 

. JiaáiMot P*i- iJ»H "Í '**™ 
Andr^d»! i*^ a. TBfiyen 

fgi'iueTl; wtrtTi t*j *onicn 
. AndiJnif ^^ « ilc*. V. £n- 


ATudfdginp jr Antuupftflp *»*► 
. Aníiro8Írti[i> «I. Si. Jühn\ 
JlndtMx, "«- * kindofiunLU' 


iri^ gA-wn 
Andullo» iR^ D&ret if eobacoD, 

V. PandfTv 
Anduirriál«sip m. p/. bj-roaiU 

Ane%T» 'M. «11 m#a»ar^ 
AneáTH ta, to nteiktire by cÜs 
AMbUtf] ivi.. to cloud 
AiififBf Idn, Mf- gVcTlluvln^ 
AucgadliPj i.a, «^ [labW 1» be 
pverflcfwed or iríiuidattd 

AD.egibi^ á»- Q' one jtlnV fi 

j^n„^^va~ toNiuodblc 

whiLmtd with Nuülnou 
■AjMiArt 1'^^ tp aiinex. 
An^ild^aiit if- pf- -uine^ci 
AiHik»:\, iiil flirmeiion 
An^fúf lA. a. anne^^ 
Aaiitfiai l^la- d. JunphJb'ipat 
AnfíbcJdgica^ <:n. a- tkjuüliul 
AbHc^^P] *«. a bed wii M wa 

bokten op^iúALEo to each 

A'ri^, ith. opiiun 
AnílieátiP, ífjr. ajnphi<b?alri! 

b^^kclA huüK to a JiprjCr'l 

iiidiS CTU«t-1tanil 

ATVgTu-iJlJfij iTHr a lar|[c w ¡<- ttr 
li^ikcL , a largi! Il-uicI - tMrt ow 

Aoí[;ir¡|J<5La, i/. a tiin^ sf 

cit,aie Linrn- ^ n^ti h'jkjíiHj 

gaa4j MTílAütent!. oi 1 f ÍLUtlit» 
MüifiTO, 'm. i íigtitp 1 líe or 

unotüp li^ed aíi a íj^kitj 
A'iig]t]| un. angul 
Ang^Fli<:£l í ALLfjtihcnt ca- a- 

anuíLlcal orangi'EK 
Angic\ív(H j Itjp <JJi. a íi't'« 

An^lotr, jm^ a Iarj5c rij;.iife 

íir an anpfcE pl^Awi *!« al lar* 
Aifij^n^t ift iiisinijf 
A^Tigtip ^. a ciiic 
AAKkKtdr» 1 tt. 10 níirrow 
Anfé^Kíf ta. dr p^iirTüv, cL«e 
Aci/i>Eúrai *fl tiarrowrvoi 
,\'nf[T>.j 4/^ a nmeiJL ¿a^r 
Armuarí t'n a (ooííp roat 

hanging down latí* iwias 
Aiiffu^a, r/. nkb««J 

pjttuko Tirtí * t»*^! rüth> 
AnjíniJ^Uí í" tabltct for i^l* 
An^il¿r,ji, anjíiilíií 
Anpilanniinl^T «J. ^ilí» *"" 

A'itifulo, jwi- a^ü'^ 
Anguiri*:!^-^!. tí- iiTipLlnr 
Ani^úJT^JAp V, íiiíipiiüj 
Ani^&ciAi '/. aniTiiííi 
Ancti«tLádoj dd. a. pAlnriil 



AofiMtUrj «o. to «fliot 
A^lár, trn. to bnuttic «Ufe 

AnMUto, «m. nmiratlm 
Aabflo, «m. «axMmncM 

Anidar, tw. tonotte. raid* 
AnüfebUr, va. to darken 
— í, <f. bread made «t 

Anillar, tps. to Conn rinfi « 
«irclM in work, wmA bf 
cutían _ . 

Anillo, tm. a ring, rcair 
fn the very nick of timo 
A'nlma, <r. foul. V. Almm. 
A' iM didmtu m» vUvt -4 
xatat at wn-MMlag I n< 
tnmed home 
Anlmackto,<f. cnlmatíoa 
Animador, ra. : animator 
Animadvcfiidn, tf. remark 
Animadvertteeia, tf. adt lot 
Animal, <« J a. animal 
Animaiádo, da. o. animallfad 
Anhnaláao, «m. a laii|e or big 

■AnimaMn 7 Anlmaldto, m» 

--a large or big a 
AnimaloclK», mm, an 

Animar» va. to animato 
Animém, «m. one that atks 

charity At tiie sottb in pur» 

A'nimo, «IN. soul, 

Animoddád, tf. Talour 

Aniftádamente, od. in a düM- 

ish, pnerile manner 
AnigárK, vr. to grow child- 
Aniquilóle» a. amdh.Uble * 
Aniquilador, ra. «. destroyer 
Aniquilar, va. to annihUato 
Ani>, ««. aniw 
Anisado, da. a. applied to 
•pirita tinctured with anlae 
Anidllo, mi. nnall anise 
Anivenário, ria. a. annual 
Aniveraárlo, mi. anniversaiy 
A^o, mi. anus 
Andcbe, a '. lart light 
Anochecer, vn. to grow dorJt. 

M anocheeer, at nig^t faU 
Anodinar, va. to apply an». 

dyne medicines 
Anodltao, na. a. anodyne 
Anomalía, if. irregularity 


Antít»ciúa, if. not* 
Anotaddr, nu «. oommoitator 
anotar, va. to writ* notes; 

««(.to not* 
Anqueta. S«t9r ét nuüa 

onyiMte» to be incomtno- 

diooaly aeated 
* ~ ' ' I, ca. a. lean croup- 

Anquiséco, ( 

A'asar, «m. • gooae 
4Aumia, 4if. tbe pUo* vher* 

gtttm are reared 
Amaréro, mi. a Roose-hcrd 
Amarino, «m. a gosling 
Ansarón, tm. a large gooae 
A'nsia, ^. anxiety 
AnsUr , va. to desire anxiously 
Aaaideo, mu o. anxious 
Antagonista, tm. antagonist 
AntaiKiea, </; a security which 

a ad>tor gives to bis credi- 
A'nte, «m. a dressed buck or 

A'kkte, pnp. Ante wd, bef«rc 

Aateáde, da. a. boflT-coloured 
AnteanteuHiche» md, three 

Anteanteliyert «f. tkte* days 

Anteayer, a<r. the day before 

Anteliráu, «m. tbe tan arm 
Antecama, <f. a carpet laid 

along side «r a bed 
Antecámara, qf. 

Antecedente, «m. antecedent 
Anteceder, va. to precede 
Antecesor, ra. a. prcdeceiMr 
Antecoger, vm. tobring aper- 
•on or thing before one, to 
gather fruit befiwc the time 
Antectfro, am. the entrance 

vhich leads to the c^Mir 
Antecritto «at. antichrist 
A#edatár, «a. to antedate 
Ant^lésia, 4f. theponicoat 

tbe entrance of a church 
Antelacidn, ^. pr«ferenctt 
Antelucáno. na. a. about the 

dawn of day 
Antemano, ad. De atrfnnaao, 

Antemúlas, «m. foremost mu- 
Aaterourii, tm. a fort 
Antena, ^f. a lateen yard 


A|tten<Uae,^.p(. pincers 
Antenoche, od. tbe night be- 
te* last " 
Amo¿yo,Mi.aspjgla«. An- 
taye d* larga vU/a, a tel*> 
AnUtfio de fuHo, 

va. top^betee 

An tep a s ados, waom 
Antepecho, tm. breastwork, 

parapet, ibotstep of a coach, 

harness for the brewt tin 

drau^t horse 
Anteponer, va. te prcAr 
Anteptfrtico, «m. vestibule or 

POTch at th* entrance ofa 

Antepuerta, <f. a cortatn er 

screen placed before a door 
Anterioridid. ^f. priority 
A'ntes, p«p. before 
A'ntes, ad. rather 
Antesacristla, <f. an apart. 

ment which leads to th* 

Antesala, <f. i _ 

which leads to th* principal 
hall (tf a building 
Antetemplo, em. portico 
Antevtfr, va. to foresee 
Antevíspera, 4f. the day bete* 

Antia, 4f. mutton fish 
Antioardendl, «m. a sdiitau* 
tie cardinal 

thrust or 1»L. 
Anticipaddr, ra. «. anticipator 
Anticipante, jM. antk-ipated 
Anticipar, va. te antkfaiate 
Anticritico, tm, aaHcrUic 

Antler, «d. tt* day before y«». 

Aatitti. ms. a v«U wUch co> 

Antífona* <f. an anthem 

Antiguilii, tf. amonan 
antiqui^i antiqai^ 

Antiguamente, «d. anciently 

Antiguamiénto, «m. the act of 
maldng old 

Antigua», vn. to obtain icnio- 
ri^, as a member of a tribu- 
nal, dcc—wa. to antíquate 

Antigüedad, <f. antique 

Antiguo, gua. a. ol' 

Antimonial, a. ani 

Antimtfnlo, tm. antimony 
Anting, em. Antiaoua 




AntiBára, <r- a seiccn placed 
before another to ooMT It; 
agaitcr. whidi ooven anem' 
ly the fore part «r the 1*9 
Antipátea, im. a sort ofUaA 

Antipatía, ^f. antipathy 
Antípodas, tm. pi. anthwdes 
Antipddia y AntijnkUo, a. an 
extraordlnaiy £sh added to 
the usual meal 
Antipútrido, da. a. anti»*|i«ic 
Antiquádo, da. a. antiqturtcd 
AntimUrio, tm. antiquary 
Antitipo, tm. an image - 
Antojadixo, za. a. kmgfaig 
Ant(riamiénto, em. a longing 
Anttnárse, vr. to long 
Antojera, 4f. a spectacle^:»*» 
Antojero, tm. maker or ven- 
der of spectacles 
Anttfjo, em. a longing ; apee- 
tacles ; eye>d^i for banca 
Antonio, tm. a sUgbt dcilre 

ofa thing ^^ 
Antorcha, V' torch 
Antorchero, tm. a candlesti^ 

for tapers, &c 
A'ntras, tm. vermiltioo 
A'ntro, «IN. cavern, den 
Antr^dfogo, tm. cannibal 
AntnuJiio. ««. the three last 

d^rs of the carnival 
Anual, a. annual 
Anualidad, if. state «r qoalfly 

of being annual 
Anubarrado, da. a. clouded ; 

applied to linens, &c 
Anublir, ro. to cloud, darken 
->vr. to be blasted or nail- 
dewed; applied to com and 
other plants 
Anndár, va. knot, nnU^—ws. 

Anoteda, ^. oondeseenteno* 
Anuente, a. courteous 

AnuladcSn, if. oessatian 
Annladdr, ra. «. one «h» 

makes null or void 
AnuUr, va. to annul 
Anulativo, va. a. derogatory 
Anuldso, sa. a. camfimtá of 

manv rings 
Anunciador, «. a mrmnget 
Anunciar, «a. to announo* 
Anuncio, tm. omen 
A'muvua. «. V. AntuU 
Anverso, tm, obvene 
Anzolado, da. «. bookod in 
Anineifto «au a small fiiJh 


Anzuelo, «m. fiah-boek 

, ^. the Bosd - 

B trhich napp 


tppensiii • 

Afiadir, im. to add, suM«ia 
Afiafóa, «. Pmpét deaO^fiíh 

brown paper 
Afiafll, tm, a muaicid pipe 

aaedbjthe Moan 
Afiacáza, ^f. a UtOmmU 
Afiáf, o. ammal 
Afiáxa j Añacea* <f. annval 

liMSt or festina 
Afijar, va. to make <M— er. 

to grow (^ become Male 
Aftéjo. ja. a. oíd, stale 
AtUcos, A namber of 

vean. Ya tiene tu ofUn 

be is of a good imuad afa 
Afifl, «m. t£e indige-plaat 
Afiin«R>, em. skinnor 
Afiínes, ««•■ ooanetow 
ASfnes, «m. pí. the fleecy 

sUns of yearlinf lambs 
AKinido. da. a. dyed blue 
A^&o, em.M ycarj Mai eHo, 

Añoiílt «m. piece of land 

cultivated smne 7ean> and 

then allowed torea 
AfitSo^ ja. «. a yearling calf 
Afiitts 7 Afiofia^ ^f. draw- 

Afidso»». a.oU 
AfiabUde, da. a. tdindfdded 
AfiabUfarse, vr. to be afiRicted 

with grief in the midst of 

prosperity and Joy 
Afiúbio,MN. mildew ; V.Tiara 
Afiudádo, da. a. knotted 
Aftudad4ir, ra. * . one who ties 
Afinagtfr, «a. te ohoak, vex 
Aooádoy da. a. h<dIowed 
AqiMo» da. a. bevitcbed 
Aoladdr, ra. : a con^jurtr 
Acqadúra y Acijami4ntOf «. 

Aoklr, PA. tofiMdnate 
A^Mn.fbe act ofhwwltrhlf 
AoVádoi da. c. fimnetf fa» (he 

shape of an egg 
Aovar, «o. to laj 9gi^ 
AovUÚTM^ vr. to grow 

tte t**e p^ of a clew 
Apébtlár, v. te ptepara the 

wick of a w«s.csodlc, te 
ApAoeataMo, «M. nstare 
Apacentada, amt. a iMBÉmua 
Apacentamiento, awu the act 

of taadi^ gradng caMt, 

ApacigHMdr^ra. e. padfieator 
Apaciguanriánto, «m. pacifi- 
Apacignár, eo. to appease 
Apadrinador, ra. ». patnat 
Apadrinar, va. to support 
Apagado, da. a. snbmissiTe, 

Apagador, mi. one who 

Apagamiento, #m. extinction 
Apagar, va. to eatiaguiah 
ApagoSir, va. te strike an 

uneapeoted blow 
ApaimUdo, da. a. made in 

imitatlen of half an eUipsto 
Apalabrar, va. to appoint a 

meeting ibr cooinrrlng on 

somesuliject or ether 
Apalancar, vo. te lift or move 

with a lever, supplant 
Apaleaddr, ra. «. «ne who 

Apaleamiento, am. drubbing 
Appear, v«. to cane, drub. 

Apacantdr, «a. to tend eattk 
ApaclhiliiKd^ <f. oflMduty 

bdng V 

Apancora, itf. the 

Apandillar, vo. tana ftittkm, 

Apantanar, ve. te make a 


shoes made la Ae sUpper 

Apañado, da. a. «mwn b 

woollen doOi 
Apafiaddr, «. one who grasps 
Apañadura, <f. the act Of 

Apañar, vo. to gra^; vr. 

submit te 
Apdfio, emu a patch or eche 

way of roen«yng a thing 
Apaftuscdr, «a. to rumple 
Apapagayado^ a. parrot'Uke 
\papagayarse, vr. to be of a 

Aparada, «m. sideboard, 
dxeaser in the kitchen, 
werliAep» wardrobe 
Aparar, va. to strett^ oat the 
hands or sUrU of clothes 
for receiving any Odng 
thrown ky^ another ; (among 
dkoemakars) toclose flie up- 
per and hind^iaarters of a 
Aparatado, da. e. prepared 
Ap«trito,Mi. qipantus, show. 
Hatf apartilM ie UweTf it 


koln to if It iretvgeiftg ta 

Aparatóse, sa. a. pompous 
Aparcarla, ^f. partnership hi 

Aparear, va. to natch 
Aparaeér, vn. j vr. to appear 

Apartado, da. a. prepared 
Aparejar, va. to prepare 
Apar<^ em. preparation 
Aparéloft, p/. tooiK 
Aparcjuélo, tm. a small appa- 

tas, small-tackle 
Aparentár,t)(i. to make a fkka 

Apariencia, *f. appearance 
Aparrado, da. a. rrooKed or 
spreading like Tinen ; appU- 
ad to trees and plants 
Aparroquiado, da. a. belong- 
ing to a parish 
Aparroquiar, va. to attract 

eustomers touiihop 
Apartadero, $m. parting- 
place, cross-roads 
Apartadlo, em. a small part 
Apartadteo,«m. a small room, 
taken fit»n another apart- 
ment of which it made a 
Apartadizo, a. shy, retirad 
Apartádo,«m. a reúíed room ; 
a smeitlng-honse, where 
gold is separated fk'om sil- 
ver; a imall box at the 
Apartad(5r, ra. t. one who di* 

vides or separates 
fbrmal renunciation of a 
Apartar, va. to part, avid* 
Aparte, em. break in a lint 
Aparte, ad. apart 
Aparvar, va. to arrange oom 

for bebg threshed, heap 
Apasionado, da. a. pasaionato 
Apasionar, va. to excite or 

inspire a passion 
Apático, ca. a. apathetic 
Apatuscar, w. to do things la 

a fann^hig manner 
Apays<do, da. a. resembUng 

a landscape 
Apaztfte, em. American basil 
Apeadero, em. a block or 
step, with the aid of v^ch 
a person mounts ahorse or 



Al^Mddr. fm. • Uaá-mmjm 

peunlénto, «m. V. Jwt» 
Jmtfr, *a. to aU^ firom • 

botM^ in. mMMure landa» 

&c> aooMt a wheel 
Apechugar, va. to posh with 

the breast 
Apedazir, va. to patch 
Apedernalado, da. «. flinty 
AM>«ddo, da. 

Apedreamiento, «m. lapida- 

Ape^bvir» va. to stone.— «m. 

Apedrio, tm. lapidatíon 

Apegamiento, tm. adhesion 
Apego, «m. attadunent 
ApebK^> Af- appc^ 
ApeUdo, da. pp. appealed 
ApeUdOf da, a. or the sax 


Apcrcite, <f. act orepeBinc 
Apetdigtfdo, da. a. broiled 

Apeidliir, ««.V. 
Apeiitlre, va. a. apcrtttW 
Apcmtfr, no. to sieie bj Om 

ham; applied to dogs 
Apero, MR. the whole of the 

Apdambrár, va. to steep 
skinsorhidcsin pita filled 
: wlA lime-water, that the 
' hair m«j come off 
Apelante^ a. appellant 
Apelar, ,vn. to apueal,' hsve 
recoarse to, be M^the same 
colour, applied to the hair 
of honÍBaor mules 
Jl^lde, «m. flij^t, escape 
ApcllgFádo,da. a. in danger 
Apdigrár, «o. to endángei 
ApeHótes,>rth-cast wind 
Aprilár, va. (among curriers) 

to dress leather 
Apdlid^do, da. a. named 
Anrilidir. tw. to caU one I9 
nis name, proclaim 

Aperrear, vm, to throw one to 
the do§Sr_«r. to toll ; ap- 
pUed to hounds 
Apesadumbride, da. a. vexed 
Apesadumbrar, va. to vea 
. .__ „B.tí>eactoí 

Apesgft, «e. to overload 
Apestado, da. a. pestered 
Apesttfr, Mk to iaibct with 

the plague or pastUance 
Apeteeér, va. to long 'Sat a 

Apetedble, a. desirable 
Apetencia, if. appetite 
Apetito, «M. appetite 
ApeUtdso, sa. a. pleasfaig to 

the taste 
Apeynaxido, da» a. made of 

cross pieces 
Apecnfiar, vn. to trwd finn 

on thetioof 
Apiadarse, vr. t»pit]r 
Apicarado, da. a, rocuish 
A'pio^ sm, summit; Bttar 

tn io$ áficHt to have a 

eomplete ¿id minute 


Aplaoar, va. t^ieni 
Apleneháde, da. o. M 
Aplanchaddra, «f. a wonnr 

whoae trade Itia ta Uoi^ 

andget up Umb • 
AplaBidtár« ve. to iron Uañn. 
Aplastado, da. a. caked ' 

ApNuttf. «a. to caSe 
Aplaudido, da. r ' "^ 
Aplaudir, va^ to 

ApHHtar. «a. 10 cu_ . . . 

Aplau^do^da. a. raMinded 


ipfaqrár, «n. to ovémü 
Iplanni^nto, «iH. ¿bi 

Ap^hugádo, da. a. modelled 
Apdluzgár, we. to model 
Apelmazifc, va. to compress 
A'pflo, md. apropos 
Apenachado, da. a..adflmed 

with plumes 
Aptfnas. ad, scarcely 
Apéndice, am. appoidil 
Apeo, «m. boundary, props, 

stays, &U. , 

Apeonar, ve. to walk swiftly 
Aperador, mi. one who has I 

the care of a fiirm, a cart- , 

Apcr£vffa. to buUd carts { 
Apercibido, da. a. provided 
ApeidbimMnto, «m. the act 
of noviding* a4iustment, 
oracr, advice, summona 
Apercibir, va. to prepare I 

knowledge of a thing 

ApiUr, BO. to pile or heap 

Apimpollarse, vr. to shoo 

applied to trees 
Apifiádo, da. a. pyramidal 
Apifiár, vo. to preu clos^ 
A'l^Mit. celeiy 
Apiolar, v«. to gyve a hawk 
Apique, ad. almost 
Apisonar, va. to ram down 

earth or other things with 

a rammer 
Apitonar, tm. to put teüi the 

Aplacáble, v. placable- 
Aplacación y Aplacamiinto» 

«. act of appeasing 
Aplacad<Sr,. nu t. one who 

Aplacar, MU to appease 
Aplaciente, a. that which 

Ai^anadijr, «m. a leveller, 

one who makes even 
Al^lanamiénto. m. th^^^ 

tion, actef een^rnlng* 
.ptaiár, va. evo^isiMavé^ 
Aplicable, «.nipUoi^ . 
Aplicado, da. a. studieaa 
Aplicar, oe. to t^^iy / T 
Aplomado, da. Oé^í/t '(b9 1»~ 

Avlwnix; va. Ui oveciofd'.' ^' 
A'poou <f. receipt. ; 
Apocado, da. pp. leseencd 
Apocado, o. p nsUl a nftno üa' 
Apocaddr, ra. «. one who 

lessens or dimttdsbe» 
Apocal^sis y Apiod^psi, Mr. 

Apocamiéntot «M. ri>j>ctneM 

of mind 
Apooér, ve. to lessen 
Apodaddr, «vi. a wag 
Apodar, va. to scoff* 
Apodencádo, da. a. póbOuc- 

Apoderado, da. a. erapowcttd * 
Apoderado, «m. an attomcj» 

Apodo, tm. niok-name 
Ap($grafb, tm. copy of some 
book or writing 
' ApoUUádo, da. a. moth-eaten 
¡ ApolilUr, ra to eat ckrtbes, 
or other things » applied t« 
I moths 

' Apologia, <f. apology 
Apológico^ ca. a. that whlcH 
rdatcs or bdongs to an 
Apologista, tm. apologist 
Apoltronado, a. intimated 
Apatronarse, ra. to loiter 
Apomazar, ra. to glaze print* 
ed linens with pumice- 
stone Ibr the pnrpoee ot 
painting on them 
Apoplético, ca. a. ofOfttcOc 
Aporcadára, <f. the act of 
. raising earth aroiúid oriciy 

or other planto 
Aporcar, ra. " 

with earth fiar the purpose > 
3y 1^ ^endt ring tbem ripe andki 


Aporramiénto, «m. the act 

efbeatinf or ptHnm^ing 
ApamáMOe, pa, cndgeller 
^poRiMir, va. to beat.— vr. 
to study with clow anplica- 
tion ; Apontttne *n lajau' 
la, to cngagp in fhrnlea 

Jí-ponéo, m. the act of beat- 

Aportaderas, <f. vt. a sort of 

chests in mien vrovislons 

Aportadlo, «m. a place where 

a ship or per«m mi^ stop 
Aportar, vn. to atrire at a 

Aportillar» tic. to make a 

breach in a rampart or 

wall.. — vr. to tumble down 
A'pos, «m. sea swallow 
Apooentaddr, ra. •. one who 

lets lodginp; ApMtntaddr, 

quarter •master 
Aposentamiento, «m. the act 

of locking or takhig np a 

temporary habitation 
Aposentar, va. to lodge 
Aposento, «M. an apartment, 

an inn, a box in the play- 

Aposesionirse, vr. to take 

possessian of a thing 
Apdsito, tm. any external me* 

dicinal application 
Apospélo, md. against. Che 

A^fstay Apostadamente,, od. 

designedly, on purpose 
Apostadero, im. a place 

where soldiers or other per- 
sons are stationed, a station 

Apostadtfr, mi. bettor 
Apostitoos, am. pt. planks 

from 5 to 7 inches thick 
Apostar, va. bet, laj a wager 
AptMata, tm. apostate 
Apostatar, VH. to apostatise 
Apostelar, «a. to write short 

Apostema, ^f, an apostóme 
Apostemar, m. to swell and 

Apostemero, «m. bistoon 
Apostcmina, tf. a small ab 

ApMtlUa, <f. a brief note pat 

ta a book or writing 
Apo^Itfr, va. to pot Mcf 


aolct to a book or wtUag. 

~«r. to break ont in pfan- 

ples or pastales 

A p o att o flfr , «a. to.. 

Apdstroib, tm. the contrac- 
tion of a word by the use 
of a comma ; as, f amistad 
fat la amiMtad; bat th^ 
low disnsaii 

Apdte, a 
Apotema, tm. apethMn 
ApoteSsis, «T. apothcod» 
Apoyadéin, «i^. •««>««. 
Apoyadúra, ^. flow of the 
milk which comes out of 
Úie breast when mines give 
sock to dUldroK 
Apoy0', va. to protect; Afoy- 
ar lot eapueUu, to spqr. 
Confirm. — vn. to rest oo; 
Apoyarte en lot tUribot, to 
bear npon the stirrups 
Ap«^o, tm. prop, stay 
Apreciáble, a. worthy of es- 
teem, that which can fetch 
a price 
Aprecifcldn, ^f. estimation 
Apreciador, ra. «. estimator 
Apreciar, va. to estimate 
Aprecio, tm. appraisement 
Aprehender, va. to «ppre- 
hend ; Aprehatder la pott- 
tion, totake pouession 
Aprdiensitfn. rf. tlie act of 
seizing or taking up a «ri- 
minaU perccptiwt 
Aprehen&ivo, va. a, appiyihen. 

si ve, fearful 
Aprehensdr ra. t» one who 

ria. a. j^ppre- 


Apremiador, ra, i, one who 
. compels or forces to do a 

Aprontar, va. to press, urge 
.\premio, tm- pressure 
Aprender,, va. to learn 
Aprendiz, za. t. apprentice 
Aprendizáge, tm. i^>prentioe. 

Aprensad((r, tm. presser 
Aprensar, va. to ^¡nu cloth. 

Apresaddr, ra. e. privateer 
Apreajtmi^nto, «1*1. capture 
Apresar, va. to seize 
Aprestar,, va. to prepare 
Apresto» tm. preparation fer 

a thiú 
ApcesUfwIo, da. brief 
A pre s ni á r, ve. to hastm. ^ 


Apretadera, ^. a stxqp im 
bind any thtog.wltb 

Apretadero, «tn. baadafli Vj 
which ruptures are !•• 
strained ih> m jrlaprhig 

, da* Ot mean, naiv 


-, tm. one who betta 

down. «D waaamr wiwtw» 

Apretaat^a, <f. comprisioB 

conflict, avarice 
Apreté, iMi. to compresa. 

1,1 1 fi.^diJT, la ruti aWj 

Apri-tura^. a L'mtrdj, ilUtnau^ 
ai'ifji^h, confined fJ^c» 

Apr3i",9t4 iid. in hulL' 
AprÜétDp fVtr CT^QWd 

Aprlmfr, tv- lo 'PPmpms 
Apri^. sKÍn 4>>inFv 

Af ■ «m 

(.. I , |. I , ■ . , I ..[ 

Aprisionar, tw. to confine 
Aproar, on. to turn the head 
of a ship towards any part. 
,~va. to benefit 
Aprobariiki, «f. approbatJoa 
Aprubad<ir, ra. i. approver 
Aprobante, tm. a probationar 
Aprobar, va. to apinreve 
Aprobativo, o. arórobative 
Aprdn, tm. a small flresh wa» 

ter fish 
Aprontar, va. to prepare 

Ardnto, «m. a sncedy espedí* 

tinas preparation 
Apropiadamente, ai. fitly 
ApropiadfSr, tm. appropriator 
Apropiar, va. to appropriate 
Apropinquacidn, tf. qiproach 
Aproplnqn^rse, vr. to ap- 
proach, to draw near 
Aprovecér, vn. to make pro- 
Aprovechable, a. profitable 
AprouecbAdo, da. pp. im- 
proved.— «. q>aitng, parsi- 
Aprovechamiento, tm. profit, 
utility, progress made in 
an art 
Aprov«clUbr, tm. to make pro- 
gress, advance.— v«. to pro-, 
fit of a thing 
Aproximar, v«. to approach 
Aptitud, <f. apütade 
aW» *•. a. apt, fit 



Apuncbiirt Wb («mcnf comV 

m«lMn) <o eat «ot oe 

tcetk of • comb 
ApuntacMn, <f. uuioutkn 
AptinUdifr« «in. ateervw 
ApimUUr, ua. ta prop 
ApunUmUnto» mu «btorvft- 


, va» to aim> mark. 

\ dia «e apuHtOf the day 

p«eps ; *r. to bcgia to torn ; 

applied to wine 
Apunte, «m. V. A p ut Uamit nio 
ApAnto, tm. the words mw- 

gested bj a prompter on tSe 

ApoMtetfr» «a. to itrike re- 
peatedly with the hand 

AparádanMnte, a<L atthe nick 

of time; ponctuallj 
Apunldo, da. a. poo* 
AporadiSr, tm. re6ner; one 

who «pcnds oro 
Aporamlénto, «m. 
Aparar, «e. to puylfy, clear 

gp.eihentt. Apurar d mho, 

to taMt and penlez one. — 

vr. to grieve, to be afflicted 
ApttrOf tm, want, ancaiah 
Aonartrillár, «o. to rarrn or 

Aqaartdádo, a. quartered 
Aqaartelaniiénto, tm. the 

quartering of troop* 
AqaarteUr, vo. to qoarter 

Aquatico y Aquátil» a. aqaatic 
Aqlieducto, tm. aqaedact 
Aquoár, to. to complain 
Aqaél, Ua, Ho. he, Ae, that 
A'qtteo, ea. a. aqueoot 
Aquerenciarse, i<r. to be fimd 

of a place; applied to cattle 
Aquése, sa, to. a demoistia' 

tive pronoun, relating to a 

person «r thing somewr 

Aqaestár, va. to conquer 
Aquí, ad. here, now, then 
Aquiescencia, ^. consent 
Aquietar, vo. to quiet 
A'^uila-alba, tf". corrosiTe sab- 

límate mixed with fk-esh 

Aquilatar, vo. to assay cold 
and sihrer ; examine CMse- 

AquiMe, 4f. miUUl 
AqulMfU, «f. cohimbine 
AqniUoo, na. a. aquiline 
AquifanA^ J aqaUonar» noi 


«m. Titmf o afi tt i m t lt ltm 

AquosttUUI, <f. aqpeiHy 
Aquóso, sa. a. aqveooa 

A'ra,<r. altar 

Artfbigtf ^f. a stone reiem* 

bling spatted ivoiy 
Arábigo, ga. y ArtfUco» ca. «. 

Arabic, Arabian 
AirAdn, tm» a plough 
Aradtfr, «m. a ploughman 
Aradorcico» tm. a small band- 
Aradura, <f. aration 
Aragán, tm. idter 
Aramia, .tf. a piece of ploogh- 

cd ground tit for sowing 
Arancéi, tm. the fixtd rate of 

Arándano, tm. bilberry 
Arandela, »f. the pan of the 

socket of a candlestick; 

nave-box of agon caniage ; 

Aranzada, ^f. acre of ground 
Arafiadrfr, ra. t. one who 

ArañamiéntOi tm. the act of 

Arafiár, scratch. Arañar 

riautMoif to gather riches 

with great eagerness 
Arafiáxo, «m. a long deep 

Arancll, «m. tariff 
Arañero, a. V. Zahartflo 
Araño, tm. a scratch 
Arafidn, tm. sloe 
Arapénde, tm. ancient mea- 
sure of ItO square feet 
Arar, m. to plough the land 
Aratdrio, ria. a. belonging to 

a husbandman 
Arbelldn, «m. gutter fiírdnün- 

ing off* the water from 

twdi and t>ridges 
Arbitrable, a. arbitrary 
ArUtraddr, tm. arbiter 
Arbitral, a, V. Arbitrario 
Al bitraraénto. Arbitramiento 

y Arbitrage, «m. the award 

of an arbitrator 
Arbitrar, va. to adjudge 
Arbitrarlo, ria. ArbitratÍTo, 

▼a. a. arbitrary 
Arbitratdrio, ria. a. that 

which r^tes to arbitra- 
Arbitrio, tm, free and uncon- 
trouled will and pleasure, 
means, arbitration 
Arbitrista, tm. schemer 
A'rUtro, tm. artiiter 
Arbozii4do« a. arboresc^t 


AVbol, «fM. a trecf maat of « 
ship: r. Pml0 

tre«i, masted 
Arbolar, ra. to hoist ; ArAo- 
tar d navh, to mast a Mf 
Arbolado, «M. V. Jfiifcalmiii 
Arbola^, tm. a large tree 
Arbola </•• grove 
Arbobijo, tm. a sraaU tree 
ArbolÍKta, «m. arborbt 
AtboUdn, 4m. Hood-sat», dam 
Arbd«eo. rea. a. rtáating or 

belonging to trees 
Arbotante, m. arch of ütone 
or brick raiaed agahut a 
wall to support a vault 
ArbAsto y Arbusta, t. a shrub 
A'rca, <f. cheat ; Artat, cof- 
Arcabucear, ra. to shoot with 

the cross bow 
Axcabucerfa, if, a troop of 

Arcabucero, tm. archer 
Arrabúx, «m. arquebuM 
Arcabuzázo, tm. a shot from 
a gun, and the wound it 

Arcada, </". Tiolent motion otf 
tbe stomach, arcade 

Arcaduz, «in. pipe for the eon- 
Teyanee of water, bucket 
for raising water out of a 
dnw-welT; LUvar itaa cota 
par tut arcaducetf to con- 
duct an atTiür through its 
proper channel 

Arcaduzar, va. to convey wa- 
ter throu^ conduits or 

Arctt^, tm. archangel 
Arcamdád, <f. a prc^ound se- 
cret of great moment 
Arcillo, na. a. y «. secret 
Arcáz, tm. a large chest 
A r caza, if. a large chest 
A'rce, tm. maple-tree 
Arcediánato, tm. archdeacon. 

Arcediano, tm. archdeacon 
Arcén, «m. border, edge 
Archéro, tm. archer 
Archiducál, o. that which he- 
longs or relates to an arch- 
duke or archduchy 
Archiduque, tm. archduke 
Archilaúd, tm. a musical in* 
Btrument slumed and string- 
ed as a lute, but of a larger 
Archpiélago, tm, arch^pe- 

U va. to deposit « 


thiiif at vntlng in «a ar 

A rehiro, tm. vtiú.rm 
AroOia, ^f. white earth 
Arcilkiso, ta. a. cbcriah 
Arcipreste, HH. arthlMlest 
A'rco, tm. arch, fiddle bow 
A'rcola, tf. a ««rt of ecarte 

ArcTin, tm. a larga oh^ 
A'rctico, «. arctic 
Araxátlo, da. a. K°4i«d 
A'nla,<^ tquirrel 
AnUJcádo, da. ff. made thin 
Arúaleár, va. to thin 
A rUáM*. .'/.p/. the ceanar aart 

Ardasmaa, <f. p/. the6netacNri 

of i'rbi&biU: 
Ardedói, tm. a kind of ter- 

Ardentia, ^f. heat 
Arde<51a» <^ a tmall kind of 

Arder, tm. to bom, flame 
Ardéro, a. sqnirrel hunter 
Ardid, tm. stratagem 
Ardido, da. o. heated, vnütá 

to KTÚn 

A rdimte, o. that vhich burns 
CitletUura ardUuir, a bum* 
irifi fever 
Ardilla, ^. «qnirrel 
Ardite, tm. an ancient ooia 
Aidór, tm. great heat 
Ardon(««o, ca. a. fiery 
Arduidád, 4f. es treme diffi- 
A'ida<h du** o* arduoua 
A rea. •/. area, a balo 
.\rena, tf *and 
Arenáceo, ea. o. fcraTcOy 
Arenal, tm. a sandj ground 
ArenalOo y Arenalíllo, tm. a 
small aandy |>iece of «ound 
Arenar, cover with «and 
Arimvro, tm one who deals 

in «and 
Arenga, ^. harangue 
Arengar, vn. to liarangue 
Arvnica y Arenilla, ^ small, 

Arenisco j Arendno. «. sandy 
Artaqoe, «as. herring 
Ar^tin, tm. ftukh. a disease 

in horses 
Arfilr, va. to pitch; applied 

Argadijo y 
reel. V. X 
Aigádo, MH.nrank 
Antflln,^. vTiCteBlta 
A^U^r», <r. a &Ml of •«« 


A.ffainaaidA, tm. ng, UMtt 
Argamasa, if. mortar 
Argamasar, va. to make mor. 

Argamwdn, tm, a large piece 

or mortar found aroonf the 

Argamúla, </*. starvort 
il'i^cna, if'' a machine n. 

•emhllng a crane,tarrai.NÍng 

stones aiMi other wei^ty 

Arganél, tm, a «aaall btam 

Argatvéoi tm, anchor-ring 
A'nnno, tm. an aadcnt war- 
like machine 
Afrii^, a. unlucky 

Argdfno, na. a. al., 

Argtfma, tm. a thin skin fñnn- 

ed in the pupil of the eye 
Argentar, mi. to pUle or cover 

with silver 
Argentería. <f. emteddoyis 

gold or silver 
Argentifbdinat 4f. süvwmine 
Argento, tm. silver 
Argilla, 4f. V. Anilla 
ArgirogMa, ^. phUoaoplMC's 

Arftflla. ^ a staple 
ArgoUdn, tm. a large staple 
A'rgoma. <f. prickl^ broom 
Argomtfl, tm. plawtatian at 

Argomdn, mm. large pHckly 

Arguaxiquc^ tm. gam am- 

Argucia. </*. subtilty 

Argue, tm. windlasa 

Arguellarse, be emaclat' 

Argu^Io, tm. feintnesa 

Arglkir, I'M. to aisue 

Argumentadtir, ra. t. argner 

Argiimentnio, tm. a sU^t 

Argumento, tm. objection 
started against the opinion 
of another, sign, token 

Argumentoso, sa. a.ingenious 

Ar}(uyénte, pa. arguer 

A'ria, if. tune or air 

Aribár, pa. to reel yam into 

Artbo, tm. reel fbr making 

Aricar, va. to ploogh acrasa 
groins sown with com 

Aridez, 4f- drought 

A'rido, da. a. di^ 

Ariénzo, tm. a little ram 

ArMta, ^ a short air, aaonf 



Arictlno, na. a. ^ 
the bead of aram 
</*. roill-duat 
^ . Ja. «. light 
Aifllo. tm. a small heo» 
Arimtfr, ^f. part ofabaTlilia| 

wMch JuU or staadb cut 
Ati»dl^ tm. aiay 
AH^uu'o, tm. wake.robln 
Arlico, ea. a. fierce, ruda 
Arismética* tf. arittaactie 
Arista, «wi. awn, baaid of com 
Aristarco, tm. a severe coi- 
sorer of aitothcr*s writing, 
the third spot «f the moon 
ArisUno, V. ArrtHn 
ArUtscnicia, V- aristocracy 
Ariaocratioo, ca. a. aristocrá- 
Aristoldqoia, if. birtfawcrt 
Aristdso, sa. a. having many 

prickles lai the ear 
Aritmética, if. arithmetic 
Aritmético, sm.ariihracliciaA 
Ark-quln, tm. a buffoon 
Arlieninse, tm. a sort of linea 
A'rio, am. barberry 
ArldU 6 AIrtfta,<r. tow «fflax 

or hemp 
A'lina, if- alarm or arms; 
Amutt arma ó 4 lot arm»at, 
to arms ; Arma it fiitgt, 
fire-arms,— p/ troof* 
Annaci<5n,<f. conceit of flotea 
Armada, if. fleet 
A madia, </. raft 
Armadijo, tm. trap or snare 
for cntching game or lurda 
Armadilla, if. a small squad* 

ron of mea of «ar 
Armado, da. op. armed, gold 
at silver placed on other 
Armi<!o, tm. a man armed 

with a coat of mail 
Annaddr, tm. owner, priva- 
teer, cruLier, jacket 
Armadura, if. armour 
/armamento, «tn. armament 
Arrair, va. to arm with of- 
finisive or defensive weap- 
ons ; Armar fltyto 6 ruiao, 
to stir up disturbances 
Anaário, tm. a press 
Armatoste, tm. an nnwiddy 
niece of fomttore, which 
M more cumbersonoe Aaa 
convenient, a trap 
ArmauSn, tm. armoor 
Armellna,4f. «— — "" 

eoriran vraamKmmm 


Armería, <f. annoarj* trade 

of an arnHwrcr or gon» 

Annéto, *m annoarar 
ürmília, ^f. prindpal part of 

the base or a colanm 
Amino» «m. ermine 
ArmipoCénte, o. mighty in 

Armisticio, «m. armlstloe 
Armonía, if. harmony 
Armoniaoo, tm. gum ammo- 
Armónico, ca. a. harmonic 
Armonldso, ta. a, harmonioiu 
A'roa, if. bee-hlve 
Amad», tm. reat-harrew 
Amé*, am. coat of mail, ar 

Amula, <f. a nnall bee-hire 
A'ro, «m. hoop of wood, iron 

or other mctak. Iron itaple 
Aromátiot^ ca. a. aromatic 
Aromatizar, vo. topcrfbme 
Arúmot am. the aromatic 

Ar<iza, tm. foreman In iron- 

worin or finrget 
A'rpa, 4f. a harp 
Arpado, «. serrated, toothed 
Arpaddr, tm. harper 
Arpadúr^, if. V. Araño 
Arpar, va. to tear clothes to 

pieos, claw 
Arpeo, tm. grappling iron 
ArpUléra, tf. uck ckMh 
Arpista, tm. vUjftt on ttie 

harp by proRttian 
Arpdn, ha^oon 
Arponero, tm. harpooner 
Arqaedda, if. stroke with «he 

Arqueado, a. arched 
Arqueador, tm. ship-guager, 

one who forms arches, 

Arqneáge, tm. the guaging of 

a ship 
Arquear, «o. to arch, (among 

clothiers) lo beat the dust 

out of the wool; vr. to 

grow hog-backed 
Arqueo, tm. the act of bend- 
ing any thing into the form 

of an arch 
Arquería, if. series of arches 
Arquero, «in. one whose trade 

is to make arches, tiea- 

snter, archer 
Arqueta, if. a Uttle chest 


Anialbánce, tm. a bench or 

seat witti drawers 
Arquillo, tm. a small ardi 
Arquimesa, if. «crutnire 
Arquiiina^iiga, «m. principal 

in the synagogue 
Arqufta, </*. a small dtest 
Arquitecto, tm. architect 
AMfuitectura, <f. architeotnre 
ArrabO, tm. suburb 
Arrabalera, ^. V. Rabera 
Arrtfbio, «9. cast iron 
ilrracáda, if. ear-ring 
Arrac^, tm. causeway, reef 
Arradmárse, vr. to be clus- 
tered ^ogetfier Uke ahmidi 

Arrao, tm. captain or roaster 
of a Moorish ship 

Arralar, va. Ralear 

Arramblar, va. to cover with 
sand and gravel ; applied 
to torrents and rivulets 
whidi overflow the adja- 

. Arquet^i, 

tm. a large trunk 
aio, tm. a ttr- "- - 
A middling ■ 

Arrancada, if. sudden depar- 

Arrancadero, tm the thick- 
est part of the barrel of a 

Arrancado, da. a. Bn/ia ar- 
rancadOf strong uniform 

Arranc&r, va. to pull up by 
the roots, force UD phlegm; 
Arraf%ear ta etpaaa, to un- 
sheath the sword 

Arrancasiega, ifi poor com 

Arrancharse, vr. to mess to- 

Arranciarse, vr. to grow ran- 

Arrinqne, tm. extirpation; 
Caritm de arranqtu, char 
coal mad» of the roou of 

Arrapar, va. to snatch away 
* rrapiézo y Arrát 
tcrorrag; wortl 
cable person 

Arrasar, va. to level ; Arra»ar 
tm v<wo de alrun Ueor, to 
nil a class with liquei up 
to the brim ; vn. to clear up ' 

Arrastradamente, ad. imper- 

Arrastradéi<o, tm. a place on 

Arrastrado, a. dragged along 

._. — '-'- Mm. cUimanttf 

in coUeces 
Arrastrar, va. to m>ag along 

the ground 
AxTistre, m. tlie aetof laad- 


ingatrunp at caris, tte» 

act of dragging a laasgov»« 

in some oniversitieB 
Arráte, M*. a pound of 16 o» 
Arrayán, tm. myrtle 
Arrayanal, tm. piantatioo of 

Arraygir, vn. to root 
Arráygo, tm. landed propert^t 
ArTeár,« drive horsest&c . 
Arrebañadór, nu t. gleaner 
Arrebañar, va. to giesn 
Arrebatado, da. a. rapid, rails 
Arrebatador, ra. t. one who 

snatches away 
Arrebntár, va. to carry ofi« 

take away by force : vr. tm 

be led away by paalon 
ArrebaHTia, if. the act of car- 

a off* a thing predpi* 
out of a crowd 
, tm. the red appear- 
ance of the sky or doods, 

ArrebeUr, va. to paint red 

Arrebolera, if. a woman wbe 
sells rouge 

ArrebolUbrse, vr. to preoip<> 
tate one's self 

Arrebozada, if. swarm of be«a 

Arrebozar, va. to owerlay 
meat with a Jelly; vr. t». 
routtle one^ self up 

Arrebujadamente, ad. confii- 

AnebHjar, «a. to throw toge- 
ther with confusioB; vr. 
to cover and roll one's selC 
in the bed-clothes 

Anrecáfe, «m. cardoon 

Arreciar, vn. to t 

Airecifo, tm. cauteway. reef 
Arrecil, «m. a sudden flood 
Arrecirse, vr. to have one'a 
limbs benumbed with cold< 
Arreoogér, V. Rtcoger 
Arredondear, va. to round 
Arredramiénto, tm. the act of 
removing to a greater dis- 
Arredrar, va. to remove to a 

greater distance, terriiy 
Arredre, ad. backwarda 
Arregazado, da. a. having Úm 

p<Hnt turned up 
Arrcgazár, «a. to trusa 
ArregUdo, a. regular 
Arre^ir, va. to regulate 
Arreglo» tm. rale, order 
Aitegostáne, vr. to reUsh «l^ 

have a taste for a thing 
Arr^acár,va. to pIou|^ ncnaa . 
a place of ground sown wi^^ 
cero to ckar it^af vc«4|. 


ArttmangáTt no. to tuck op 
d«chc» ; vr. t« be ftilljr ra- 

Aironelér» va. to tOTJI, leixe 

teMkljr. otfTflBd tha ai^t 
AmnMtkU,4r. attMk 
AncfDoUnida^ da. a. whirled 
Airempajár, tie. to move 

Anrendáblc, «. rentable 
Anendacirfn» tfi the act of 

Arrendadero, «m. an taran 

ring fiMtcoed to tfaeinanaer> 

to which hones are tied 
ArxaidadAr, «m. renter, who 

hold» lands, uc V. ifrrm- 

▲rreadadorcmo, «m. a iwtty 

renter or tenant 
Arrendante, am. tenant 
Arrendar, vo. to rent, mimic 
Arrendatario, ria. «. levee 
Arrendatario, ria. «. a leaar 
Arreo, tm. dicM 
AncfiilMlo, tm. a sort of frit 

tent or bom 
ArrepenUdau, ^. pi. penitenti 
Arrepentloüéato, sn. repent- 

AnteiMntine, vr. tonyent 
Arrepistar, ee.. (in paper. 

mills) to grind or pmuid 

rags into a fine palp 
Arrraticie, cia. a. po»eMed or 

influenced by Oie deril 
Aneanesonáne, it. to chum 

miu in order to separate 

«he batter ftom it 
Airvqolliey «m. tíngOng bean 

tea takmg otfTthc down on 

cottea goods 
Amqalres, *m. plumuunents 
Arre^áifc» da. pp. y. a. con- 
Arrestar, ve. to arrest 
Arrénto, «m. botducas 
Arretto. tm. V. FiHuiehm 
Aneaáco, «m. V. Vtme^ 
Ancxáqwe, «m. fork with 

Arrexáfb, am. a place ftall of 

thiMles and brambles 
Arriada, tf: aweU of waters 
Arriar, va. to lower, strike 
Arriata, ▼ Arriate, «. abater 

itf^ 9d, 91)999, U top 


Arrüiáge, «m. arrival 
Arribar, tm. to patintoa h«r- 

boor indistrwa 
Arribo, «m. arrival 
Arricete j ririétc, tm. shoal, 

Arricfse^ «m. pf. the saddle 

ArriéAro, V. Arrarfrow A<r<fa 
Arriería»,*/', the trade oC a 

driver of males 
Arriero, un. maleteer 
Arriesgado, da. a. ueriloos 
Arriesgir, v«. to risk 
Arrimadero, tm. scaffbid 
Arrimadiio, «. j tm. that 

which is destined to be q>. 

plied to any thing 
Arrimadúra, ^f. ^>proach 
Arrimir,va. to approach, dis- 

misa ; vr. to lean upon a 

Arrimo^ tm. apiAroxInaatlon, 

Arrinoonár, pa. to pot a thing 

in a comer 
Arriacido. dá. a, bold, brisk 
Arriscada, tm. i^eaner of 

Arriscarse, vr. to be proad 
Arritranca, if. a sort of crup- 
per, beasts of burthen 
Arrisar, va. to reef, lash 
Arn5ba, <r> • Spanish weiriit 
Arrobadiro, ta. a. feigning 

ec-stasy and rapture 
Arriciado, (Por) ad. by wnole- 

Arrobador, tm. one who 

treats bgr arrobes 
Arrobamifoto, tm. ecstatic 

rapture of die mind to Uod 
Arrobéro, ra. i. one who pro- 
vides bread for a religious 

AmJbo, tm. 

Arrocero, tm. dealer in rice 

Arrocinado, da. a. stupid like 

an ass 
Arrocinarse, vr. to beeome 

dull and stupid 
.Arrodelárae, vr. to be armed 

with a shield or buckler 
Arrodillar, vn. to bend die 

knee down to the groond ; 

vr. to kneel 
Anrodrlgonir y Arrodrigar, 

na. to prop vines 
Axrogador, tm. one who 

claims in aproad manner 
Arrogancia, v* arrogance 
Arrogante, a. hi^-mlnded, 

*■ — ^, proud 

■, w. to arrogate ^ 


ArraMdamente. ad. hotdiy 
Arro adnio, tm. handkerrhlef* 
Ann *i^ da. a rash, bold 
Am; addr, tm. thrower 
Arrq ár, va. to dart 
Am^ o, tm. btddneas 
Arrdladdr, am. roller 
Arrollar, ve. te roll up 

Arromar, «e. to Mont 
Arromper, vo. to break up the 

ground for sowing 
Arrompido, da. e. broken up 
Arrompido, tm. a piece of 

ground newly broken op 

ftir culture 
Arropddo, da. c ceverMl wtth 

Arropar, M. to cover the body 

ArrúpOf tm. new wine pre- 
pared fct the fire, a daooc 
tion by apothecaries 

Arropeas, «^ pi. iron», fctters 

Arropéra, i/. vessel liar bold- 
lag must, sirap 

Arrostrar, m. (a perfbrm • 
thing in a éheeirftü man- 
ner ; vr. to close with tlie 

ArTos;ár, ve. to make red hot 
Arroyar, ve. to overflow sown 

ground : vr. to be sroatte4 
Arroyico y Arroynélo, aei. fiT 

a small brook 
Arroyo y Arróyate, tm, rlvti- 

let, a small rivev 
Arrtfz, am. rice 
Arrozal, ttn. field tewn with 

Arrosár. do. to Ice a liqnidia 

a s»g^ manner 
Arruir, va. to grunt like a 

wild boar 

ArmOdo» da. op. shec 
Arm&dúra, <<sheer of a ship 
Anufaldido, da. a. having 

the clothes tucked np 
Airufilr, va. to incorvate 
Arrufianado» da. a. impodent 
ArrAfo, tm. V. Amtfbámra^ 
Arruga, </". wrinkle 
Arrogar, va. te wrinkle ; «c* 

Arrugia, tf. a cavity dag m 
the groond to diacover gold 
Armgon, tm. prominent de- 
coration of carved work.. 
Amiinad<fr, t. ruiner 
Arruinamiento, tm. ruim . 
Arrulntfr, va. to dMOoUsb 
Arrollar, va. to hdl babes I» 


Arrullo, tm, the cooing and 

blllinK of pigeoot or dovet 
Arrumico, «m. careu 
Arrumar, va, to stow the 

Arrumbadas, <f. pL wale» ofa 

Amimbadtir, ra. ». one who 

heaps or piles, steersman 
Arrumbar, va. to put any 

thing awaj in a lomlwr- 

Arrunfláne, vr. to have a 

fltt&h of cards 
Arsenal, tm, arsenal 
Arsénico, ttn. arsenic 
ArtaWJo, /m. a little pie 
Artaléte, tm. a sort of tart 
Artanita, ^f. aow.biead 
A'rte, 4f. art, trade, skill 
Artccillo, 11a. «. petty art 
ArteOctOk «m. mechanical 

work performed by the rules 

of art 
Artejo, tm. joint or knnckle 

of the fingers 
Artemisa 6 Artemisia, tf: 

Anéra, <f. an iron iastnuneat 

for marking bread 
Arteriole, tf. smaU artery 
Artesa, 4/". a treoj^ in which 

douÁ is worked, canoe 
Artes&o, tm. artisan 
ArtesiUa, tf. a small trougji 
Artesttn, tm. around trou^, 

ornamented vaulting 
Artesanado, da. a. shiqpad in 

the fbrm of a trou^ 
Artesnéla, <f. a small knead» 

Artética, if, gout 
Artético, ca. a. aflUctad with 


mtci 0d. dis< 

ArticnlM, va. to articulate 
Articülér y jjtlcvtlario, ria. 

a. bdonging to the joints 
Artfctilo, tm. article. AHkv' 

to dt Im mmtrUt point of 

Artifice, Ml. artifice 
Artificial a. artificial 
Artificiar, vo. to act or do a 

thing in an artftil manner 
Artificio, tm. art with wUdr 

a thing is performed 
Artificidso, sa. a. skUM, faa- 

geniotts, artfUl 
Artiga, <f. land new^ brolten 

«f fte ooltivation 

eo. tobre^and lefd 


Artillar, va. to moont eannen 
Artillería, ^. artillery 
Artillero, am. artillery-man 
Artimaña, tf: trap, snare, gin 
Artimtfn, tm. mizen-mast 
Artista, fiM. artist 
Artizado, da. a. sUlftal 
ArttfUtos, tm. a concave stone 

of the nature of a tponm 
Artúfia, if. an ewe wboae 

lamb hM perished 
A'rula, if. a small altar 
AruQázo, tm. a large S( 
Arafuin, tm. tcraXcna 
A úniice, tm. augurer 
Arveja, if. vetch, tare 
Arv^, tm. field sown with 

vetches or tares 
Arvejo, tm. bastard chick-pea 
Arzlcáyo, tm. oxygen, of the 

Spanixh chemists 
Alrza, </: fUl of a tackle 
Arzf»bispádo, am. archMsbop- 

Anob&po, «m. archbishop 
Andn, «m. fore and hind bow 

ofa saddle 
A'$t tm. ace, Roman coin 
A'sa, ^. bailee of a veuel 
A'sabiéndas, ad. wUlingly 
Asacién, if. the act of roaming 
Asado, da. a, roasted 
Asaddr, tm. spit, jack, hook 
Asadura, if. enltaila of aa 

Asadura y asadurla, ^f. toll 

paid fbr cattle 
Asadnrilla, \f. small entrMla 
Asaeteaddr, tm. archer 
Asaetear, «o. to attack 
Asaetinédo, da. a. like satin 
Asalitida, if. assafoetida 
AsalaiMr, va. to give a salary 
Asaltador, tm, assailant 
Asaltar, «a. to fonn an as- 
sault, storm 
Asalto, tm, assault formed 

against a place; assai ~ 
AAambléa, if. assembly 
Asar, va, to roast 
Asarabácasra, if. wild ginger 
Asargádo, da. a. serge-like 
A'saro, tm. V. Atarabaeara 
Asativev va. a. dressed or 
. boiled in its own juice 
Asbesto, tm. asbestos, afixsll 
sort of cloth made of the 
filaments of asbestos 
Ascalésila, if. a seed onion 

Ascender, m». to ascend 
Ascendiente, tm. jf. an as- 
Asccnsién, if. ascension 


Ascenso, MN. promotfon 
Asceta, tm. hermit 
Ascético, ca. e. ascetic 
A'schia, if. a grayling 
Asdepiáda, if. swallew^flct 

A'scua, if. Md-hot coal 
Aseado, da. a, clean, elegant 
Aseér, tM. to set off, adorn 

Asechar, va. to wtj-iaj 
Asechdso, sa. a. indmed to 

insldions artlficea 
Aséela, fm. ftllower 
Asecucitfn, if. V. Cunteenaan 
Asecunickfn, if. certamQr 
Asedado, da. a. silky 
Asedar, va. to work flax, ao aa 

to fnakc ft feel like silk 
Asediar, tw. to bestege 
Asedio, tm. siege 
Aseglararse, vr. to secnlarixe; 

applied to the clergy 
As^rnndár, «a.torepeatwit]i 

little or no intormiasion of 

Asegttraei<to, if. security 
Ascgnradiir, tm. insurer 
Asegurar, m, to secure, bail 
Asemejir, tw. to astimilato 
Asendereédo, da. «. beaten ; 

applied tonada 
Asenderear, va. penecnte 
Asenso, tm. assent 
Asentada, if. a stone tanged 

in ia proper place 
A' sentadillas, a<f. sitting on 

horseback, like a womam 
Asentado, a. planted, clear 
Asitaddr,—!. astcne-mason 
Asentar, va. to place on a 

chair, bench, &c.¡ aup- 

poae, a4}uftt, note; vn. to 

fit, take a seat; vr, to set< 

Asentir, «n. to coincide 
Asentisto, «m. a contractor 
Aseo, tm. cleanneas 
Asequible, a. attainable 
Aaeñ:i<$n, if. assertion 
Aserradero, tm. saw -pit 
Aserradizo, xa. a. proper to be 

Aserrado, a. serrate, dented 
Asenraddr, tm. sawyer 
Aserradura, if. sawing 
Aserrar, va. to saw 
Asertivo, va. a. assertive 
Asertorio, V . Juramento 
Aaesar, vn. become pradent 
Asesinar, va. to assassinate 
Asesinito, tm. assassinatioo. 

A um tno tim. aasasrin, tbm^ 


. e'. Sí* tfiftc* of an 
r. «m-jpnit 

^jptAdúTi iiti. ah Lnitrcnwnl 
r«ir |)9lS^¡np iron 

Ah(alC«, aii*. ] kind of latinmi^ 

Am, «kÍx Ibus, thifrefi^ej bI-q 
AMiMrn^ p^mriií C'i'^^ü^T 

A <^í.1t (f, a ¿TQnif 113 All* 

A «Lfli^ro, #MT. huulJf 

A ^d-if Úí. |ip. ^iTéd I tled 
detii^e^ Hit 

1¿ nAUTtpJ 

AH<p:i¿türv« ff- CJlalJif^e üf 

Tfit kí-tUttí .ik'lltirmj l3l 

Mili Ti?iitL>e íii tht Nnnm •nC 
J. Stmt 

HT [atibes, unnl] buéi 
A^iin, Ji^. M.uum 

AiímlLUti F4in tu tcscmbCí 
Aht:niUií¥^ Td. c «Mjmital- 

A ^Iinj bAp, nj. F\lct]5 ui 
Ai^ini'láduK da. tf . lu r | üi^ Ibr 

AicLnA]<V, lU- Ci bUniut 

A blft^iHit, ^.Artu^ ]^ir«:^rFj 

A MJli^ECj fw. KKkUlfinl 
A^ifi^r, ■«. to bv |WHír>li ra. 

accnhon of stinu puuk 
A/uTIAi 4^''; ttlbmA 

A «tnJ:t] exih. ca. a- mO 

A'«A4|i f r . * CfW BH 

AiJiiÚBr íí^ a líiutal »rt 


Awtñco, *, litikií *i*í, iin¿ir..'<i 

i/ ^ 


A.UbíaTt(máiU\t dn- H. OT4fl3 

A«l^dTp E«r tC^ Jt^Cl tefik Me 

jeTiíund, (yHt'tTflj; '^' lo 
«ftllit anc] ^ L~íf#r 

A.H'ELñl't r4.. Eo FUII 

AmiItít^, t"*. la N; 'i:l<jm"-'1; 

AMUT^j,i7n. m tHgtn ia ap- 

Acimtbr^dC'Q, jB- a. fearful 

AuHnhradar, im. t^rrifirr 
A«4rEnbrdr, m. tti fr^t-tt^ 

AHHTitanMX^ la. a. iP^mulfrín 1 1 
Atalínt». *wr. m* r It , t(ifc ti 1 , uirn 
Aiirasn- ']% ^f; íiip.r„ mpfw 
AMinvlr^ 1 Kh tí» aíTijrd 

i44dt¿11dTf Vfl, KrT^alt 

A'<|kni ^,''. cnMi, r(«k 
vaieíidiid tit ttit fí<in uE a 

ARpadLr, «ft. ntj 

AijjBí'ijr, Ti- frm]«r 

X4]U«lM1Í4!p >Hi. lIit^, Ttaír 

A'ajhTtiPttTrtifj Bi/i, rii'SrJ^r 
<^q«TTArhi'«, ijilMiLib^N^ 
HlL4|7f:rf T'i íir Vp A'prfiHm 
\Htpw^taj \f, afL]i^et> 

A»vf*nLu, 1Li #. tari 

^^'xp^^^ tM' a, Twiifhp tul!í:'(I 


AqrfriBé»» pe auplrint 
Aspirar, va. to inspire titc alr, 

Aaqueár, va. to diMlain 
Awjiierotklid, </. nastine» 
Asqueroso, sa. a. nastT 
A'sta, ^f. lance, handle of a 

pencil, brush 
A»u(co, nn. lobster 
Aster, «m. 4tar>voTt 
Asteria, ^. star-!»toa« 
Astn, «m. handle of an ax#, 

shaft of an arrow, Sic. 
AstiKco, Ml. a small handle 
Aaflia, <f. chip of «o«l 
Ast¡|i;ír, ra. to chip 
AstilUro, #«i. crack 
AslilWro, «M. rack on which 

lances, «src. are placed 
Astral, a. that which belong 

to the Stan 
Astráncia, 4/I a mastnr-worr 
Astrlcddn j Astringencia, /f. 

astriction, compreMion 
Aatiletivo, va. a. aatrictltre 
Astricto, «a. a. contracted 
Astrífero, ra. atan; 
AstrÍB0éBt^ a.actiingent 
Astringir, va. to astringe 
Austro, «m. tmniaons body of 

AstraUbio, tm. ••troiaba 
Astrología, 4f. aatrologj 
Astntlofo, tm» aalrologer 
Astntnonoo» mn, «aCranomcr 
AstvAMnaitt, ad. tloeenly 

Aattteiay tf: oiui«lngn«w 
Astnrkfn, jwi. a anall hone 
Aatúto» ta. a. cunning 
Aautfto, «m. vacation 
Asulcár, V. 8wrcar 
Anmér, va. to ascend 
AstmcMn, ^f. assumpilioB 
Astoto, «MI. a sul^)ect 
Asurarle, vr. te be \nant in 

the po* or pan ( applied to 

Asareár» «« fiirrow iow« 

Asustar, «s. to frisen 
Atabacado, da m. navúxgthe 

coloíar oftebacco 
Atthál, «tn* kettle-drum 
AtiAaleár. vm. te imitate the 

noiKe of kettle-UruDis 
Atabak^ 6 AtabaKlkOb <■•• 

a small keule-drum 
Atatwli-ro, am. kettle-^rom 

Atabanado, da. a. hatrlng 

white spot» abo»\t the head, 

t<c., ayj'lJed to horses 
Atabardillado, da. «. appUcd 




spotted fevcri 
'Auíbe, mi. s tmall TMit Iflft in 

AtertmnáOo, da. a. ntdkd la 

Atabladera, <f. roller 
AtabUr, «a. to iertí land MWB 

with com 
Atacadérat if. rammer oaed' 

in tplitttog «tonet with gun* 

Atacado, da. pp. attacked 
Atacaddr, <m. aggrtswr 
Atacadura j Atacamiento, «. 

stricttti«;act. " 



«•.tolajatoaaohl AtBBtir» eo. to 

irine in tiie groond to 

Attfr, M. to ti« bind, fitttea. 

— vr. to be embarraieed 
Atáraoeár, «o. to ohequr 
AtaranttfdB, 'da.< a. bit by a 



e-arnu with a nun- 
Ataderas, if. ft. nrten 
Atadero, «mi. corcU rope 
A<adi)o, im. an ill-«hapcd 

little bundle or pared 
' Atadito, ta. a. somewhat 

cramped or contractod 
Attfdo, m. a bundle 
Atado, da. a. pnsillanimans 
Ataddr, «m. he who ties 
Atadura, tf. alligation 
Atafiígár, va. to stnpify 
Atafetanádo, da. a. a U^t 

thin silk 
Ataharre, mi. the broad cmp^ 

per of a pack saddle 
,Atairár»«a. to cut monldingt 
Ataire, «m. moulding in the 

pannels and frames of doon 

and windows 
Atajadiio, «m. partition of 

boards, hc. by which a place 

is divided into parts 
Atajaddr, «m. one that htter- 

cepts or stops a passage 
At^, vn. to go the shortest 

w«y i «a. tointeroept 
At4)q, «m. cut bl which 

road is diortened, diTisio 
Atalantar, «a, to Btan->c 

Ata!4yay«f. watdi«tower 
AtalajradW) ra. $. guard sta- 
tioned in a watcb*tower 
Atalayar, ne. to overtook the 
ooiintiy andsaa-coast ftnm 

1. to cat meat into 

Atamfaini. ad. V. T^aiMtn 
AtamiAito, «m. pnsilbmimity 
Atanisia, <f. tansy 
Atancáne, «r. be perploed 

A * .. ^ ^ depH|rt«y. mix. 

orpiment «a¡aUme> 

Atañido, da. a. barfed 
Atarear, «a. to task.— rr. to 

labour or work with great 

AtsSrquinár, no. to bemire 
Atarragar, oa. to fit a shoe to 

a horse's fiiot beftre it is 

AtamiJtfr, «a. to form the 

thread via screw 
Atanwtfr, «a. to fksten with 

wedges, stop with wedges 
Atarz«s, tf. a small vault 

made of toick, a small 


across a< 

Atascadero, «n. a deep miry 

Atascar, «a. to stop or father 

a leak.— «r. to stick in a 

deepmiiy place 
Ataúd, «m. coffin 
Atanxia, <f. damaakanina 
Atamdado, da. a. worked 
AtovUr, «a. to trim, ad<»n 
AtedMrs^ vr. be disgusted 
Ateísmo, «m. atheism 

Atemorizar y Atemorar, va. 

Atémpa, ^. a place for pasture 
Atempenír, va, to temper, 

- '^ moUlfSr 

_jt6 Atanaiár, ua. to 
oir the flash with 

a attempt «ly 
»praeaed wMi 

Attfnte, a. attentlv*^ 
AtmirfT, tw. to ran 

Atercianado, da. a. afflicted 

with a tertian fever 
Aterdopdido, da. a. vdvd- 

AterUUdo, da. a. cnunbled 
Aterinc, vr. to grow atáC 

with cold 
Aterramiánto, «n. ruin, temr 
Aterrar, «a: to destroy, a^al 
Aterronine, «r. to clod 

Atetar, «a. to harden 
Atesorar, «o. to tt4 

Atenddn, tf, attention 
Atender, vn. to attend, wait 
Atener, on. to walk at the 
same pace with another, 
guard; vr. to adhere to 
one for greater securl^ 
Atentación, tf. procedure 
contrary to the order and. 
form preacribedby the laws 
Atant<damento,ad. prudently 
Atentido, da. a. discreet 
Atentado, am. proceeding of 
a Judge not wanantca 1^ 

tDelaV^aUCM •n¡n¡t¡zed 

a. attested 

Atestados, «m. ft. certificates 
Atestar, vo. to cram, stufl^ 

attest, witness 
Atestisuir, vo. to depose 
Atettfdo, da. a. mammfllatad 
Atetar, na.tosnckie 
Atetillar, va. to dig a trench 

around the roots of trees 
Atezar, va. to Uacken 
Atiborrar, va. to stuff* «r 

A'tico, ca. a. attic, elegant 
Aticúrga, ^. base oc an attic 

A'tléntas, od. in the dart 
Aties<r, va. to make hard 
Atlfle, instrument used 

by potten 
Atlgi^o, va. tloer-ecrioaiad 
Atildadura, </". dreís, attire 
Atildar, va. to put a dad» 

over a letter, oensure tiia 

actions of others, deck 
Atinadamente, ad. cautiously 
Atinar, vn. to toudi the mark 
AtipUr, vs. to rahe the sound 

cf a musi< ' 

. to grow Jam- 

vr. to grow acute 
Atirantar, «a. to fix ooUar 

beams ini 

Atiriciarse, I 


Atiütiar, va. scrutini», nnr 
Atisuádo, da. a. tlasue4i& 
Atiíadéro, «ni. exciter 
Atizador, ra. «. one who fli> 

cites others, poker 
Atixtfr, vo. to stir tlia fiw 

with a poker 
Atizonáf, vs. to Join bricks 

and stones tQgewer; «r.4a 

be smutted 

Ata ' 

Atíéist "^ w«-aíef 

AtA^i DI' to taw AT b^ol É 

AtotadTi, [«■ to ipttofufib 

• Aln±dl d Atocbjr. tm. a. t*]d 

AI»cfaár,iH, tQ ful Willi tiui- 

A-tmáiiátt m^ tg cut up a ^L^ 

íii for ialüngaaii c)r3rtiiif 
AtuHiidéroi nk a dHp mLir 

AtolMrp, in4. 14 JUl inlo U» 

Atflkmdrifj^ lU' t0 «tun 

AtOIDÍStiQ^, <:*■ m. V^nciCAl 

Aii^it^p 1^ <■■ s&túnlÉTVnl 
AtoatdjiúniEsilE, Ji¡t- fcvEMilj^ 

Atoriz, Tti* to »iKk 1.a the 
A.tofTmmvn¡üi, JO. t. túnuoin 

ut-, te tañes 


Ki^n^Ur, lu- tA ctgiiroiiHi4 
AloTttíláít iu- to frB|K- a thlFi 
A Ii>tV3AárBV| vr, lo Iv gfí^ifd 

AtiSti, íw^ *n AiiiEnfiojí planl 
'ATñil'snrJr, L«, l0 huddJch 
AtiabUáriun lin. ]f A tf *t)l]nd«a^ 

tei^K atr^bUfl^iuiiti p lilack 

tjacr liüji, cram 
AtrictlTKV TI. a- tí'trfctiH 

Atium, ^f. Lhe pflfwvf «f It' 

An^Tf itf, to a!ttl^i 

A I rflJj|[Ailut (La, a. I&bflíiwii 

A tTBI^Itdr»^] 17' I4 lítiCk ÍD 

AtfaílUr, na. l« j«u¡)i 



whiij) lu* tl*e lipwH- «Ti 

djing blMck 

Ali'prnp^^k t-r. tó b« i=411^t 
in A boarvn be (4ii3,ik(.-d 

Atrapar, i'd, To £>T(>rt3JLí 

AtrA£á(£«>< jnoT, ^. airean 

i-r. Id refnaLck bthLiid 

AUdk<«iJ.4ot da. ir. equint' 

AtrmT«^iád«i *m- one of I hi 

mturl-™ nf ihe hcct 

AtratiAuyT, m. aiHniber 

AtraTe«iiño> ím. noM-i; ¡ m brr 

AlTAVÉ^ár, Til. lo La| a pi^re 

of tJimScf, of v^B^^i B' 

iSiwaTL a place ¡ tú run 

througtt wiih a iTorilT bri t 

tT. tí» be bbSirUi'liKl b; 

jomethii^ig Ihrwn in Üx 

it tr^ícuáctü , da. r- rash 

AuKCiial^lT^ úf¿r. tA r£>]]eL'i 

i-hcaviN of rom inm twjjJ» 

Yudf vrntune 
A tr«t JdQ, d¡£. IE. füfiranl 
Arrecido, «vkB muscle of thti 

AtrevimifatOj rin. boldncu 

AttUniirt vp. ÍO ilirilAile 

AtTitlUiÜT, VÜ, to TCI 

Atriifudvo, ■»!!. a. atti^ibvitJTL- 
Atrlbúio, M«. anjlliult 
AiTÍ4'f^«ii 1*1, pi. ttwr tíaplck 
or iTtiti riu|^ 10 wtilch the 
stirntp-itrap^ ^t* iuitentd 
AlTifl^p ^f. itiritit/n 
AlT¡n^:hcr¿trh í'K. iíj inurtaííb 

A'llÍD.;r in. ¡iDT^'h, ptirüf} 

Atn'tO;, la. d fbetinK altrüLpn 
A'lig, w^ (t. dfakj\l»ct 
Atrochar, t-n, to go Li;t t>?' 

A'lTiíKhe tndclKp o'^' in ^ 

AtFücLdAd, ^f^, Btrocjt^ 

Atitlñc^D. ca. a. aflectt^ vitlt 

A U un]>eti<dOi dftr ü . tramprl 


Atrefiaddr, ra- 4- Ftmfidig'et 
Atron^i ^'ü> lo make a j^at 

nüiíe 1 't\t t^xa i>Ikt ; iT' l-o 

br líiiaTidefstnic k 
AEiEinefriTi vf- to maki! cm- 

tmasuffi >n « wdU Di 


ÁtnrfááOf Am, m. fivupád 

.\tr4>|nir, vir. lü «kWTDÜtc «• 

AtH3|irf]iW*fPTTjt*^ ffi/. 1:41^ 

AirofM']|4do, di. rii. 4j*9k¡i^ 

cu Bcltn^ln thailjr ini.riii«r 

AtTPfivILAiiüi', n. f. twmnfiVwt 

AtTo^llait tíir td titai^Aei 

muc^h hi í.j.i!eech of ixtioa 
^ iTiíi, «L Hl-orincí», himE 
AlTúzar, itif, tu tTiiü a >w4 

t? ThcniBiil 
A Inthanáda p da. a, irtirTbLiVBS 

AiufjliiaKi eote, a*/- |ier> -ulniyt 

Atuf4j'p lia. to vei, plaifke 
Atún, tm- lvnm-V\ihr u ig- 

ItDháfit blUpLd fdLaW 
ArumáTX, tí- pl^str for the 
lunn} lihlierte^ 

n)i> I11J1Í17 
AtiixséTíif jw. a :^Í4bcTFnBn en- 
gagnl 4x1 thi: turui^ lüilirf^ 
A turar j vn- to >t9}i up 
AturdnnlÉnia, tm, ilulInGát 
Aturdir, 1*0- \fy pvti-iiirkt 
AtlITruUÁrj tir to rníijl-niind 
Aiu^adur, rm.. Ik^ií dreíA^r 
Aluj.¿r; ba-r lo Lt^E iIji: hjttr 

Aíir»p tf. B ItOD». V, lOriTr 
Auddcia, i^f' tMUmtliy ^ 

Av^^i A- IbrvBjd, Liold 
Audiencia, ij- Rii^lniH-e 
AudicfrV] 4a. «f. ln^cM^'WH(iJ 
ibe TL¿Lt of fi^iíjg an ftu- 
Audirdr^ fíii. BiH^JtoFj BJudgí 
Audi|i.^B^^<;. Uii" i.L*c;t lad 

iifflce of an audJ cor 
Auditorio, t»T. BtiiJirífT^ 
AuiUtúrii»^ ría, u- autSitnr^ 
A'u|fie, 'n< ffT*A[ clrT3líon io 
paLnt wf a:^Jtjr úw hítEUnC 
A E]^ür£.<rÍQT] , f/. Au^unjiÉiUm 
Au-tfv^r o, Bu^urüJ 
Au^urdr, V'- A^!fra* 
Aup^lrfip trn. |i/- dUj^ri 

Au^hta, tA. d. iiugu:»! , grand 
are Kt^ui on a u:krn<E« 9t 


A'uli^cOp ca. a, belvitgúijf to« 

CDffTt íir fiBlpi-e 
AuLlad+túi íiti. o |iliíe wlMM 

WDlTVt a.-^'vrniL'k Al V|pM 

«mi ho>iil 

AitllatlriT, ra. *- tiüwlíx 
Aullár;r-«". »=' tiPf^ 


Aumcstaddr, n. t. cnlargw 
Aumentar, «•. to augment 
- Aumentativo, Ta. a. Incieat- 

ine, «nlargiuc 
Aum^to, «m. iner«aM 
Aún, md. yet, nercrthelea 
A'una, ad. jointly 
Aunar, va. to unite, to mix 
Aunque, mi. tboagh 
A «reo, MR. an ancient coin 
Aéreo, rea. a, golden 
Aurctfia, </". glory 
Aoricálco, «m. aurichalcutn 
Auricula, <f. auricle 
Auricular, a. within the aente 

or reach of hearing 
Auriga, tm. a coachman 
Aurora, tf". the fint dawn of 

Aurragado, a. badly tilled 
Ausencia, <f. abaenct 
Ausentáne, vr. to ahiint 

one'i self 
Anaénte, a. absent 
Auspicio, #m. auapicc 
Austero, n. a. austere 
Austral y Austríno^ na. a. 

austral, louthem 
Austro, «m. tooth wind 
Auténtica, <f. a certifícate 

Autenticado, da. pp. 
Antenticacidn, ^. the act of 

le idering authimtic 
Autenticar, va. to attest 
Autenticidad, «f. authenticity 
Auténtico, ca. a. authentic 
Auto, «m. a Judicial decra^ 

a writ, edict 
Aatdgene, «m. daffodU 
Autograft, «m. fint copy 
Autdmato, tm. automaton 
Autdr, ra. «. author 
Autoría, ^. the empioynem 

of a manager of a theatre 
Autoridad; 4f. authority 
AutorltatíTo, va. a. arrogant 
AutorixáUe, a. that itbidi 

can be anthorised 
Antortsédo. dtí. a. icnect^Ue 
Autorizado, ám-pp. authoriaed 
Avtoriaaddr, tm. he who an* 

Aotoriiér, ve. to anthortoe 
AnlUaddr, ra. t, auxiliary 
Auxiliar, va. to avd, antot 
AuxUlir, o. auxiliar 
Auxilio, im. aid. lielp 
Avacádo, da. a. cow*Uke 
Avadarse, «r. to become ferd- 

able; appMed to rivers 
Avahar, va. to irartn with 

the breath, or steam, wither 
> vaWntido, ds. a. bfwjging 
A « alUr, «a. to endow * piece 


of gtooad wlHi pales 
Avalo, Mb a slight shock 
Avalorir, m. to estimate 
Aviddte, tm. commotion 
Avaluaciiin, </; valuation 
Aváaoe, tm. advance» sttai^ 
Avantál, tm, apmn 
AvBtttallUo, tm. a small tiptoa 


Avantrén, tm. limbai of a 

Avaniido, da. a», advanced 

Avanzar, va* and «o. to ad- 

Avanzo, tm. an aecoimc of 
goods received and sold 

Avaricia, ^. avarice 

Avaro, ra. a. avaridoas 

Avasallar, tm. to subdue 


Avecinar, ra. to bring near. 
V. Avecindar: vr. to ap- 

Avecindar, va. to admit to 
the fnivilcges of a denizen, 
to Join 

Av^entédo, da. a. appearing 

Avejentar, r«. y r. to look old 

Avelár, tm. to set sail 

Avellana, ^f. f-lbert 

Avdlanádo, da. a. at the co- 
lour of nuts 

Avellanar, tm. a plantation 
of hazels or nut-trees 

Avdlanárse, vr. to shrivel 

AveUanéra, <f. V. AvMtno 

A'vdlanéro, ra. t. a deater In 
nntt and filberts 

Avellanica. <f. a sm«Il ntit 

Avellano, tm. nut*tree 

Avena, «r. oaU 

Avenido, da. a. bdMiglng or 
relating to oats, Iniuttic 

Avenal, tm. a fWd sown with 

Avenar, va. to drain or dfaw 

Avenate, tm, water-gUMi 
Avenenar, va, to pontm 
Avenénda, <f. agreement 
Aveníceo, cea. a. oaten 
Avenida, 4f. a sudden im- 
petuous overflow tn a rivcr 
Avenido, da. a. agreed 
A venir, ««. to recondle patties 
at variance; vf. to join, 

I, da. a. eteottu aven- 

flowing sheets 

Aventaddr,'«tn. winnower, a 
wooden f<irk Used ibt win- 

AventadOrsyiir. wind-gijlized 

ivent^ádo,* 4 

Aventajar, va. to acooiic or 
e^joy advanta«BB, to im- 
Aventar, ««. to bknr, «zpcli 

tr. to be inflated 
Aventura, tf. advvRtuzc 
Aventurado, da. pp. citked 
Aventurar* va. to venture 
Aventurero, tm. adventorer 
Aventurero, ta. a. undisci- 
Averámia, tf. a kind of duck 
Averdugado, da. a. having 
manr pimples or scars in 

Avengonzár y Avemolidr, va. 

to abash, make ashamed 
Averia, <f. damage sustained 

by ships or careocs 
Averiado, da. a. oamaged 
Averiarse, vr. to sustain da- 
AveHgiuible, a. investlgable 
Averiguádamente, aa. cer- 
Averiguador, ra. <■ a searches 
Averiguar, va. to inquire 
Averio, ttn. bea»! of burthen, 

flock of birds 
Aver&idn, 4/: aversion 
Avérso, sa. a. averse 
Aviar, va. to provide articles 
tbr a Journey, hapten Ui« 
execution of a thing 
A'vido, da. a. gnady 
Avi^jrse, ta. to grow old 
Aviento, tm. a fork with two 
or three prongs. V. Bieldo 
Aviesamente, ad. perverady 
Avíéüo, sa. a. fortuitous 
Avigorar, va. to invigorate 
Avilantes y Avilanteza, if. 

forwardness, boldneu 
AvfÜKnédo, da. a. clownish 
A -. ; ' '/.o I, vr. to gtow mean 

r>, ihject 
Á-r:T2i rádn, da. pp. souzed 
Á '■ lu^jriar, va. to sour 
Á : uj, '.>rt. pre|>aration 
Á<.'. -1 1'-!, da. tf. prudent 
A T : K-irl i ,T, «I», adviser 
A ^ Lhü r H wi. to inform 
A VI . f . "U. infoitaation 
A^L ¡-.I. </. wasp 
A . ' .-< .1 .1 0, pp. stung ; a. lÁi<ifc 
A'' •: ni . tw. to spur ; vr. to 

A^ I'.'i-Ti^ tm. nest made b^ 

yAxsi^ml^. a laigc wasp 


Avistar, eo. to desary at a 
áistance; vr. to bave an 
Avitár, t*a. to bit the cable 
ATitnalIár, va, to Tictnal 
ATividaxnente» ad. briskly 
AviradiSr, ra. t. <me that cn> 

livens, a plane 
Avivar, Ml. to quicken 
Avizorar, va. to watch with 

care and attention, to tpy 
A'vo, «m. one of the parts 
into whidi a fraction is 
Avncásta, ^. widgeon 
Avutarda, if. bastard 
Avutardádo, da. a. bustard- 
A'ze, tm. an habitual cacn- 

Axéa, 4f. a sort of brush- wood 
Asedréa, if. winter-savoury 
Axedréz, im. chess, a game 
Aaedrezádo, da. a. chequered 
Aienábe, «m. wild mustard 
Azénjo, «m. wormwood 
AxedúZftm. the fennel flower 
Axi, tm. the red Indian dwarf 

Axioma, tm. axiom 
Axnár, «m- articles of dress, 
Ac. whjdi a bride brings 
at the time of marriage 
Ayer, ad. yesterday, lately 
A'ye, ya. «. tutor or gover- 

Ayrázo, «m. blast 
A*jTe, tm. air, wind, aspect 
Ayreárse, vr. to take the air 
Ayreclco, Uo. y to. tm. a gen- 
tle breeze 
Ayrdn, im. violent gale, or- 
nament of plumes 
Ayrcaldád, ^. graceful de- 
Ayrdto, sa. a. airy, graoefiil 
Ayuda, if. bdp, hijection ; 
«Ml. aoistant of one ci the 


',ra. t. assistant 
Ayudante» tm. adjutant 
Ayudar, va. to aid, assi5rt; 
vr. to adopt the most pro- 
s for obtaining 

Ayunaddr, ra. t. one who fittts 
Ayunar, vn. to fast 
Ayunas. (En), ad. fasting 
Ayuno, tm, nut 
Ayunque, tm. anvil 
Aynntaddr, nu t. one who 

Ayuntamiento, m. union 
Axtlmrhéjfi, da. a. Jetty 


mi. jet 
Aatfbara, </; the Barbadm 

Axábra« if, a small cfdmSng 

Azacáya, if. water-pipe 
Acache, a. of an In^farioi 

quality ; applied tn «Lt|t 
Azadica y Azadilla, ^.a fmsU 

Azadón, tm. pick-axe 
Azadonar, no. to die w Uttmk 

up the ground with n t^adt 

or pick -axe 
▲zadonázo, lat. strn^e wllti a 

Azadonéro, tm. diegEi 
A%a&tA,if. lady of ttw iuces'i 

Azafate, «m. a low ii^t UA- 

toraed basket 
Azairán, tm, saffiron 
Azaftanádo, da. en» uflriid^ 

Azafiranil, tm, a plant^tliu qf 

Azafranar, «a. to tin^ qf d je 

with saffron 
A zaf ranero, tm. dealer in «af- 

Azagaddr, tm. the piJh f»K 

Azagaya, ^i/*. javelin 
Azagayáda, 4f. cast or,i jii^i-] j n 
Azahar, tm. orange at Ixtanu 

Azaldn, tm. a smaU iiird 
Azambdo, tm. the nmboa^ 

Azandria, if. carrot 
Azanoriitej tm. prefdzcd cv- 

Azár,«m. unCoceaeen iújutt^^r 

Azarctfn, tm. bluish 4alm nr 

earth made of calcined letuí^ 

earthen pot 
Asaría, if. a kind oT roral 
Azáija, rai. imtrurwnC far 

winding raw silk 
Azardso, sa. a. unlucky 
Azaróte, tm. styptic 
Azáya, if. instrunviait uned 

for reeling silk 
AzaynádaniAite, ad. pcrfldl- 

Azconflla, tm. a snudl áart 
A'zimo, ma. a. unknvnwd 
Aznácho, «in. tree rennnUini^ 

a nine 
Azófar, tm. latten. V. t^nri 
Azofayfa,^. V. Axt'S^^ifti 
Azogadamente, ad. Ln « riiLLct 

and xcitle» mmam^ 


AHCamlánlo, in. tía hI af 
«varia? Ir»^ iiifnHh^g with 

Ai<if^r, vt- to ov(TT|fy ^ah 

nil a laUvaluin 
Auiffwrr «m. i^Miirliiirvev 
A uwD^j AM. a — ' ■ — — 

A idduf r<3i,<*fMlealfei knqalek 

AinMt, r4. 10 niHllal Ufflb» 
with on adz 

A lordflil^tii» tm. tnptdaüpn 

A)Lp4r^ |ia+ tq f^gt^EC^ ; sp- 

plkd bh hlrdv 
A 7firrjn3Í^rÉ<e, ^«4 gnAI bei- 

viM^ of ilui ImA 
A Hnr^yüf 1-r. lu be dull 

Abatido, rnn- a ^min^l w>w 

Li fl^litliti}' vhlyped, he wImi 

Uu3« himselr í>y mvj D>f 

Aint^^T» [Ar r. whbt()^r 
Ar«itár, va- lo *Im|it luh 
A^otói'jk, itti, a^vcrr liinw On 

A íJÍUíj (Tfrt. wllip Í l»nid ffe 
■¡(¿<3^rv, Jt |jiiili]Í4. Wikipplng 

AiüUí^i ^- Mv dat rotrf ef a 
hnuie, a plaiforcrt 

A^ücaTi «Mr vmfiíx, ,4tif>m 
lu^nj, reafW Viruvn kUgir 

iiu|¡ái rtf iaad 
á Tucarddi?, Ct>- a. tuf, 
A iijt;«riii]ai tift^ i- kind úF 

pniac for ladin 

AturarflTj I'Dl to tUflV 

Aaucarño, tifu 4V|^r>dJ4i 

Azui'^Tfl1<i, iwi< ■.^Mrtmeit or 

A z^dq r fT" Fn^Jan wbcd 
Aiuf la, ^j uldlca 
A »n:^i fa, jf- jij*»!' •* iuj«ibes, 
ihi rr u[L ul lii« jujinb- trar 

I rtrfrádiPj da- 

fij'r J tf. fumi= 
^i«d ^ilh iu||»huT 

Arpfradrin^mr iimsll*t*>* 

fnr tilciH'lLicU! i*x)OJ *itll 

lh*f fiunci ci ¿rt»k»; »* lu^- 
AiWiT4iy4ifln w bjdCb wilh 






AavMtt ««. C0 ^ «r ooknr 

AsuMt. <f. btabhM» 
Asidctfrf «a. tcluiM a btaJch 


eDl«m,bliM bottle 

Anunár, •■. t0^ tbe liair 

a river to diaiMi Iti a 

A«Mé%4r- «««•«»• v./ 

Attttero, ««. sliM 
Asanddv, la. «. 1 
Axaxár* vo. to «at on ^ 
irrltatct pvevoka 


" Bakabol, m. tha auck* 

In. bird 
Babadfto j Brt a d d r , «m. a 

Bibara, ^f. a laadan, kind of 

couBtry daaoa 
Babaza, tf. fkoU» hamaur 
. ^_ "^ mth. 


mocar, vM. tedtivtf 
Babeo, «M. the aot of drlvd- 

Babéra, tf. fait part of the 

helinet whk^ <v»Mr* *tt» 

dieeks. Seca 
Babertfl»fm. V. 
BaMcaidOt da. «. HWfana 
Babieca, tm. Es un batieem» 

be b an ignotant felk>« 
BabflU. tfi thU tkin about 

the flank of a heoe 

toBabjrkm, conftued 
BeWfitw. larboard 
BfbiSsa, <f. a TlMoiMiwonn 

ot the mail Und without 

BaboMár» ve. to drivel 
Babotflla, tf. a imall vw 

worm of themaU kind 
BabtfM, sa. a. drivdliag 
B<ea, ^f. hmtj, hole in a 

dyke or dam 
BacalUo, tm. Hva, cod-fi«h 
Bacante, 4< baccnanto 
Bacará 6 Bacárb, «m. great 

Bácfaei Ml. a deep wary hole 
In a road, a place where 
iheep are drat up to sweat 
previoudy to their behig 

Badiico, ca. «• relating er 
ii.tM»h» to Bacdkiis 

. ^. a ^ __, 

fiir leveral pnrpoM* 
Baofga, ^. a gamt ptoyad 

with three cards 
Bacte, «M. a l«rgep«i vhich 

•erres at a dosenrtool 
Badha» ^. poor4iox la whicl\ 

alms are collected 

ro y , 

pcnon who cazrias about 
the poor-box in a chnsch 

BadnAa, <f. a small poor* 
box in which alms an Ml* 

Bacin<to, ««. a head-pjeoa 

> v.. 

Badj^áda, ifi a stroke of the 
clappor against the belL 

Badajo, m. dapaar «r a beO 

Badal, tm. muzdf 

Baddna^Mi. a dressed sheep- 

Badea, ff. pompion or pnni- 
Un, aduQ, fatsi^ being 

Badtfn. m. channel made bl 
a sudden ftll of water 

BadUna, «f. Indian aniseed 

Badfl, «as. fire shovel 

B a ton, «f.apoolof watorin 
die roads 

Baddmia, <f. nonsense 

^-' "- - «Ni. ragout, « ttu. 


va. to 


¡igitized by 



I» ^. a asrvioe 
la,<f. bay 

4f. «rtUaotloB i 

w^ swrw» to beiB^je 


dirty wi^' '^ 

Bahúno, na. a. vile, lew 
BtfU,<f. baU,shot.bJp 
Bagdad Bal/ta^V^TCu^ 
Baladf , 4. mefn --^^ 

AOed^, rf. a. ipimal i^ 

Baladñmdda, tf: hbast 
Baladronear, Mi. toboaat 

g^jreservfd'fcr ^t^f^r 

Bálago, «m. h«j-ric| 
Balaguérok'«8K tick ofainif 
Balance, «»|. Quct^átie» 

dancfAr, m. tobi^aaee; 

wo. to wdA, settle «ocaunis 
Balancéro^ V. Bolmaarie 
Balandh, mi. ipunter oar ef 


•Undra, ff. hOaadf^ • 

small vesfel 

dandrán, m- a lopai a•^ 

tout worn by priei^ 
Balante, pa. bkating 
Ba!anxa, ^. acale,%«laBc» : 
ki«d«!rfi< "*''^* 



jm, ctwifV-T pan 
\X, tm^M. 'kind atí^m 

d. ma^tn tb* form of ÜA" 


BHÍiüit», rm^ «mull fill] :» 
irith whtc^ liAlustraou are 

£b1íx, «Bt^ ipliiel mbj 
Baiáiéo^ rm. m Ebdt 
Bfllbiu^n'tUL» 4/*. «tiit1«ríng 

£Mnicüilt<» <^ it&iDincnnf 

OT vin i nrkk, hLndiLT 

£Alcltir> vji* ta ihrffw w&ter 
oA tlu dfick m4 vük» of a- 

BaltltciH dlL c unEilInl 

BcUonár Cf BoJdaacdT i'f. 
(v ¡A«i3t witb ilnUiTG Ean- 

BJd4«4, 4/*. a ñn« sijtiA» luí 

ét báitv, lnill<^^, fir iJiH'E 
bnvcd togctber 
Aúéte* ^> B uiull biitf 

BklOli, «i^pqrtiiMzitsviim^ 


StUffiÉta flPi. cofa 
Ballinit'j 'M. a «nt of b tcí^ 

Bkíle^i cÁd/ir, rm- croha-bvwer 

Ihrmí^ «Iticta oroH-lriiv* 
ircr^ diuchargnl 
B^i^^^rU, *r. are lictT 

Bal Lies j f«- thI djm«l 
BaIcSn , #ni. lATgv ivoi'baUy 

tdT)^ ImlIe 
BaEcittclu, ^í'- AAve<Ali 

It4Í3^nti<TllA, #/; í. Illicit &mel- 
Uf^ iHritle fin- ba'bUTi 

U<Í]^IA^J1D, W» liuit-.UTi Lií bíJm 
Bfil^d^r nn. a ni4iTih]r pk-s? of 

orautid «tkth farsJ1lLJ3«'^ 
Rai^r, Vil- tQ croiíi ri^e» 

on flmth dr r:d'tK 
RiitÍTCi, rm, firTT^ -tnaii 

Bdlaula^ J Fkddinj., tt', bulk 
or quanLEty orttung&hriiKii 

hvdp ídF Lhiiig« iftikh lake 
up muirh Jtntin 
Ráiiii^^L bannfr 

tUintKuKn^p if- tlHi u-fipéT [lait 
of the WÉnes Ini thesdTUrt 

Bambcieár i^ UdiinbúFU.'ár, VHt 

Bombóla ú líimbanéQj. raí. 

Etaml^llij 4/; cr&cdtc^cLún 
lííti, *i". a sprt Htr iinc ipil»* 

llñ brütu(lu frútik China 
Kanána, ^ the JruiC ol^' tb« 

íianAsíí, a largt; tivsttt niadt 

df cwL^nf Ulhb 
Ranahtiíro, nnn basket- maker 
BaiUAtvj^ tul. íl LiirgHi- rúoiid 

KafLL'-a, tf. a fuim, ba^U't 
Hanc-j]> íwir íin nlklíinjí [jIo^ 

of f^imd (br raL^Lng rootoj 


B^iifiumliLa, 4^< li^n km ptoy 

luritt úr bencti 
Bincu, *i^ fiwtrt uT tiKTtch 

^íLhojí A backj B plEining 

Bandada^ «f- fli^k «r birds 

rij In^j top^íhcr 
^rid±rti4, i/L JM> irpii maul 

with m. jrQoáf^ haiiiclle 



Bandear va. to tr a Tetie • vn* 
to fonn partia; or. to 
thm ibr one's wlf 
andéfa, <f. a silver waiter 
uidera, </*. a pair oFcoloon 
of a regiment of tnCmtry, 
infantT>, fla^ or colours 
Banderéta, if. « cnull Pag 
Banderillear, ra. to put suiall 

flu{s on balls 
Banderniéro^ who sticks 
bannerets in a bull'H nvck 
Banderizo, za. a. factious 
Banderolas, if. vl. bannerols 
BandibuU, <f. the Jaw 
Bandido, «mi. a htKhwa/mAi 
Band/n, im. seat in a row- 

Bandfta, <f. a small band 
Bando, «m. edict 
Bandola, </*. a small musidal 

iDstmnaent, Jury-mast 
Bandolero, tm* highwayman 
Bandurria, ^f. a musical in- 
strument rewmbUng a ftd- 
d!a ' 

Binge, mi. a tort of stuff 
Banquénu tf. small open bM- 

house, frame 
Banquero, «m. bnnker 
Banqueta, ^. a stool with 
three k^ 

'*- im. banquet 

t,vn. tobanqncC 
broidertng or qniltingfraoM 
Bafia,«r-V. Bailadero 
Bafiadéfo, «m. pad 
Bafitfdo, «M. V. Baebt 

«. OM vhe 

BalUr> twi. to bathe, water ' 
Bafién», «m. keeper of batlK 
Baflil, Ml. a small pool la 

which daer bathe 
BafUrta, mi. he who drfaifca 

the mineral waters Inwhkti 

Báfio, «m. bath* bagnio 
Bafin^o, Ml. aUttíebath 
Bads, Ml. p/. beams 
Baptimo, am. V. Bamli$m» 
Bi^tério, Ml. bqptisteiy 
Baqueta, ^. ramrod; ft. 

oumsticlu, gantlet 
Baquetazo, mi. violent fidl 
Baquetear, va. to inflict the 

punishment of the gantlet 
Báquico, ca. a, b a c d i a n al 
Baradúra, <f. the groundiqg 

of a vessel 
Bwrahúnda, </*. hurly-burl^y 
]|artó$*%,f!?gV^ Beioaifre 


fiirShiutfUot, «M. jrf. «maU 

BUiUa, ^. a complete pack of 

Bar^ladúra, 4f> •huffling of 

card», dUpute 
Barajar, va. to thuffle the 

cards; vm. to wrangle, coo- 
Bará)id;i, ^f. railing of timber, 

iron, or brass, around al- 

taw, ate. 
Barandado, «m. balustrade 
Barandal ,««1. the under-pieoe 

of a balustrade 
Barangáy, «tn. an Indian fes- 
sel, worked with oars 
Barata, <f. barter, an after 

game in backgammon 
Baratas, «m. a kind of sea- 

Baratero, «m. be who bv at 

or force obtains money ttom 

the fortunate gamesters 
Barateas, tf. ft. trifles 
BaratfUo, lla. a. cheap 
BaratfUo, «m. trifles sold in a 

public place 
Búáto, ta. a. cheap 
Baratura, </*• cheapnea 
Baraúnda, ^f. noise 
Birba,^. chin, beard, the 

roof dr the bee-hive; tm. 

player who acts the paru 

of old men on the stage; 

pf. hawse, fibres. Bmrheu 

enredadat, a fbwl hawse. 

Hmcer ia barba, to shave 
Barbada, 4f. beard ofahorae, 

BarbadiUo. Ua. a. having lit- 

tie beard 
Barbado, da. a. bearded 
Barbado, «in. man 

vine transplante 


Barbánca, ^f. 'confusion 
Barbar, vn. to get a beard, 

begin to strike root 
Bárbaramente, ad. in t omd 
' manner, rudely 
Barbaresco, ca. a. bdongmg 

or peculiar to barltarians 
Barbaridad, <f. barbaric, 

Barbarie, <f. barbarousness 
Barbarismo, tm. barbarisrot 

crowd of barbarians 
Barbarizar, va. to make bar* 

barous or cruel 
Bárbaro, a barbarous 
Bárbaro, $m. a Barbary hone 
Barbardte, nn. great savage 
Barbate, ta. a. bearded 


Bartwsa, <f. a long beara 
Barbear, mi. to reodi with 

the beard or lips 
Barbechar, na. to pioo^ 
Barbechera, tf. seiies of dif- 

fbrent successive plo«|^> 

Barbecho, «in. first ploa^* 

ing of the ground 
Barbera, ^f. a barber's wife 
Barbería, tf". trade of a barber 
Barbero, tm. barber 
Barbeta, <r. ring-rope 
Barbiblánco, ca. a. having a 

beard grey or white with 

Bwhicáno, na. o. having a 

grey beard 
Barbiaspéso, sa. a. one who 

has a thick beard 
Barbihecho, cha. a. firesh 

Barbilampifid, fia o. having 

a thin beard 
Barbilindo, a. well shaved 
Barbilla, <f. a small beard 
BarbíUéra, <f. tuft of tow 
Barbihicio, cia. a, pretty 
Barbinegro, gra. a. black- 
Barbiponiente, a. having the 

beard growing 
Barbiqu^ «m. handkerchief 
Barbirúcio, cia. a. having a 

black and white beard 
^arbiteñído, da. a. having a 

painted beard 
Btúrbizaéfio, fia. o. having a 

rough beard 
Barbo, «m. a barbel 
Barbtfn, tm. an old man of 

a grave and austere aspect 
Barbotar, va. to mumble 
BarlxSte, tm. fore part of a 

hdraet. V. Bobera. 
Barbudo, da. o. having a long 

Barbudo, «m. vine transplant- 
ed with the roots 
Barbulla, </*. loud noise 
Barbullar ««: to talk loud 
Barbulldn, na. a. talking 

loud, Uat, and confused 
Barca, 4(f. boat, barge 
Barcada, ^. passage in a 

Barcáge", tm. fare paid at a 

f^rry for passing over water 
Barcaza, ^. a large fim^-boat 
Barcáxo, tm. a large bvge 
Barcéllsí, ^uneaanrefbr grain 
Barcéo, tm» dry «edge for 

maktaig mats, roues, etc. 

* Digitized by 


BarctnA, ^f. net, frngb tnm 

Barcinár, va. to load a gmC 

with sheaves of com 
Barcino 6 Barceno, m. md^ 
Barco, tm. boat, barge, bark 
Barcdny Barctfte. «m. a large 

boat, a kind of beat 
Barda, ^f. straw, brashwoad« 

laid en fences, mud- walk, 

Bardado, da. a. caparisoned 

with a defensive armour i 

applied to a bone 
Bardaguera, <A a sort of 

sedge uned in making ropes 
Bardal, tm. mud-wall 
Bardanza, </l Andar de bar- 

dama, to go here and these 
Bardar va. to cover tfae tops 

of fences, or vralls, with 

straw or brushwood 
Bardixa y Bafdáxe, tm. V. 

Bardílla, 4/. small brushwood 
Bardo, «m. bard, poet 
Barddma, tf. filth, dirt 
Bá»a, tf. the steepest part 

of a declivity, thatched hut 
Barillo, tm. an inferior watt 

Baripto, «m. a precious stone 
Barítono, tm. voice of a low 

Barjuleta, 4f. knapsack 
Barloar, vn. to grapple 
Barloventear, va. to ply to 

windward, beat about 
Barlovento, tm. weather-gage 
Barniz, «m. varnish, piiat, 

Bünizár, va. to varnish 
Baro, ra. a. thin 
Barómetroi tm. barometer 
Baronál, a. baronial 
Baronía, <f. barony 
Barosánemo, «tn. aerometer 
Barquear, tm. to croc» in a 

Barquero, tm. waterman 
Barquéta, 4/** * small boat 
Barquilla, ^. a little boat 
Barquillero, tm. one whe 

sells waf^ 
Barquillo, «tn. cock-boat, thin 

pastry cake 
Barquín 6 Barquin«ra, «. 

large bdlowsfiMr>on works 
Barquinéro, tm. bellows-ma- 

Barquino, am. wine-bag. V. 

Barra, tm. iron crow, bar of 
^g^tsilver &citick, Usi^ 


. f>e ham. d harrat firom one 

|ioint to another 
Búrabasáda, <f. perplexity 
BarrAca, ^f. hvt for soldiers 
BarracfMS, tnu head constable 
Batraco, im. V. Verraco ; a 
boar; an ancient kind of 
Barrado, da. «. corded 
Barraganería, «T- amnarried 

state, concabmage 
Banraganétes, «m, p/. top- 
Barrál, mi. a large bottle 

containing an arnba 
Barranca, if. a deep break at 
hole made by mountain- 
Barranco, «m. V. Barranca 
Barrancúao, sa. a. broken 
Barraquear, va. to gnmt like 

a boar 
Barrar, va. to daub, smear 
Barren, va. to bar, barrl 
cade; rr.V.Atrinchcrarm; 
to «allow 
Barreda, <f. V. Barrera 
Barrederas, ^f. pf. studding 

Barradéro, m. a mop 
Barredero, ra. a. sweeping 
along any thing met with 
Barredura, ^f. act of sweep- 
ing ; pi. sweepings, remains 
Barrena, 4/*. simlet 
Barrenado, oa. pp. bored 
BanenadiAr, am. auger 
Barrenar, va. to bore 
Barrendero, ra. «. sweeper 
Barreno, am. a large uarcr, 

hole made with a gimlet 
Barrar», an. earthen pan 
Barreñdn, am. large eartiMo 

BÚrrér, va. to sweep 
Barrea, </*. clay-pit, mound 
of earth ftom which salt- 
petre is extracted, a cup- 
board, parapet 
Barren, mi. potter 
Barreta, ^f. small bar, lining 

bars, line the inside of 

Bartetfllo, am. snuU hdmct 

Banetdn, ^. 

Barriada, ^. suburb 
Barrica, ^f. a keg 
Barrido, sm. sweep 
Barrljga, ^. abdomen, p«cg- 
naonr, nüdd^ f^n •«€ a 



Barrigudo, da. a. Ug MUed 
BairíH *m. banel, jug 
fiarriléjo, $m. a smallbarrel 
Barrilería, if. a number of 
barrels collected in one 
Bturriléte, am. mouse; Bar- 
rilete de eatay, the mouse of 
a sUy ; h(^-fa»t 
Barrilla, 4f. a little bar 
Barrio, am. one of the dis- 
tricts into which a larae 
town or city is dirlded, 
Barritindo, da. a. sharp, sour 
Barriscar, va. to lump 
Barrita, tfi a small bar 
Barrizal, am. place ftUl of 

clay and mud 
Barro, am. clay, lock of wool 
put into the comb, pi. red 
Barrocho, am. V. Biriocha 
Barrúso, a. muddy, pimpled 
Barrdte, am. iron bar with 
which tabku are made fast 
Barrueco, am. pearl of un- 
equal form 
Barrumbada, <f. great ex- 
pense made ^ way of os- 
Barruntaddr, ra. «. coi^- 


coi\jectiire by signs or tokens 
Barrunto, «m. conjecture 
Bártulos, am. pi. affairs 
Barztfn, am. idle walk, the 
strap with whidi oxen are 
yoked to the plough-beam 
Búrzoneár, vn. to loiter 
Btfsa, ^. pedestal of a cirtnmn 

or statue 
Basar ó Batir, am. Turkish 

Bascas, if. pi. sqneam shness 
Bascosidad, <f. uncleanliness 
Báscula, </*. lever 
Base, ^. base, ground colour 
Basilica, if. royal palace, pub- 
lic h¿l 
Basilicdn, rai. an ointment 
BasUlBoo,«m. basilisk 
Basquear, vn. to be squeamish 
Basquflla, ^. disease in sheep 
Baaquffia, ¿T. upper petticoat 

worn 1^ Spanish won 
Basta, od. enough, halt 
Bastáge, atn. a porter 

Bastardear, vn. to degtiitrate 
Bastardía, af. bastudy 
Bastardo, da. a. spurious 
Bastardo, «m. a son bom o«t 
of wedlock, a poisoneu* 
snake, rope 
Bastear, ra. to baste 
Bastero, am. one who makes 
or retails pack-saddles 
BsUddr, am. frame for 
Bastilla, if. lelTage, ben) 
Bastimentar, tta. to victual 
Bastimento, am. supply of 

Bastidn, am. bastion 
Basto, am. pack-saddle; Bd$- 

toat clubs 
Basto, ta. a. coarse, rude 
Bastdn, am. cane, truncheon 
Bastonear, va. to stir with a 

Bastonero, «m. master of the 

Basura, if. sweefrings, dung ' 
Basurero, am. be who carrief 
duns to the ñeld, dung- 
yard, dung-hill 
Bata, if. ni^t-gown 
Batacazo, am. violmtt contu- 
Batahdla, if. hurly-buily 
Batalla, sf. battle, fencing 

with fbiJs, tournament 
Batalladdr, ra. a. combatant 
Batallar, vn. to fight 
Batalldla, if. V. hatayotaa 
Batalldn, «m. battalion 
Batanado, da. a. fulled 
Batanar, va. to full cloth 
Batanear, va. to beat 
Batanero, «m. fiiller 
BatáU, ff. Spanish potatoc 
Batatal, am. common potatoe 
Bataydlas, if. pi. rails 
Batea, if. painted tray,' boat. 

. V. Bautixar 
Bategttélay.^r. a small hamper 

or tray 
Batel, am. small vessel 
Bateléio, íao, filo, y íto, am. 

yawl, a small boat 
Bateo, am. baptism 
Batería, am. battery ; Batería 

enterrada, a sunk battery 
Batéro, ra. a. mantua-maker 
Batida, if. a hunt'mg party, 
made by huntsnten 

Bástago y Bást¿[a, V Vdatago Batidera, if. beater, an in- 
Bastante, a. sufficient bcrument used by brick- 

Bastár, vn. suffice, abound layen, and glass makers 

Bastarda, </*. bastard tile. Batidero, *m. colU>ion, uu- 
pieve flf ordnance _ I evtf» gí<w«víiJ*í5»^'"^*'^ 

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)<a*íiU>, da. a. changeüUe, I 

beiaen, M ruads 
ftdttdo, nm. batter of floor 

aad water 
Batidtir, «m. srout, ranger 
itatiénte, »tn. i»o»t of a úoM 
Hati)u5Ja, «m. gold beater 
Batiportár, va. to house s 

gun on board a ship 
Batipdrtes, am. pi. port-celk 
Batir, va, to beat* demoUsbi 
move in a Tiolent manner, 
I o strike the colours, to lo«e 
Ratitta, ^f. cambric, lawn 
Batojar, va. to beat down the 

fruitiva tree 
Batucar, ra. tu beat lienors 
and other things in a yío- 
lent manner to and firo 
Batuqnério, tm. a^tation 
Baturillo, «m. hotch-)<otGh 
Haul, *m. trunk, bellj 
Baulfllo, tm. a small trunk 
Bauprés, tm. bovsprit 
Bausán, na. s. effigy, a fool 
Bautismal, a. baptismal 
Bautismo y Bautüo, tm. bap- 
Baitistério, tm. baptistery 
Bautizar, va. to baptise 
Báxa, mi. bashaw 
Báxa,</: diminution of price 
Baxida, \f. inclination of an 
arch with regard to the 
norizon, descent 
Basado, da. ««. descended 
Baxamár, ^f. low water 
Bazamente, ad. basely 
BajUbr, VN. to descend ; t 
lower, to bend, abate the 
price, humble ; Bajcar ta 
tierra, to lay the land 
Baxc<l, «in. Tessel, ship 
Baxeléro, »m. owner or mas- 
ter of a Tessel 
Baxéro, ra. a. ti>at which is 
ndcr ; Sábana baxera^ the 
under sheet 
Básete, «m. person of a low 

Baxéza, Mf. a mean act, deep 
place; Baxasa de animo, 
lowness of spirits 
BaxillOf tm. wine-pine 
Baxfo, tm. a shoal, shallow 
Baso, xa. a. low, dull, mean 
Btfxo, ad. under, V. Octem 
Báxo, tm. baas, low situaticm ; 

Baxo monie, coppice 
Baxdn, tm. bassoon 
Baxoncillo, tm. coanter-bass 
Baxaéio, la. a. somewhat low 
Mya> ^. benry, pde n^ed to 


«leparatc horses in a stable» 
Bayál, a. not steeped 
Hayal, tm. a lever 
Bayeta, <f. baize ; pi. a pall 
Hayetdnes, tm. pi. coatings 
Bayladdr, ra. s. dancer 
Baylár, fn. to dance 
Baylarfn, na. i. dancer 
Báyle, «m. dance, ball. Curce 
Baylecito, tm. little dance 
Bayléte, tm. cavalcade 
Bayo, tm. y a. a bay horae» 

brown butterfly 
Baydco, tm. a copper coin 
Bayoneta, ^f. bayonet 
Bayonetazo, tm. thrust or 

stroke with a bayonet 
Baydque, V. Bayko 
■Bayuca* tm. tippling-honse 
Baysáre, tm. large sen-fiith 
Báxa, ^. trick at cards 
Baxáo, tm. fine sort of cotton 

brcupht from Jerus^em 
Bazo, *m. spleen 
Bazo, za. a. brown inclining 
to yellow ; PanbazOf brown 
Bazdfia. <r. oiTal, reñise 
Bazucar, t*a. to stir liquids 

by shaking the vessel 
Beata, ^. woman who i:i en- 
raged in works of charity, 
Beatería, nf. act of aif^ted 

piety and reliijion' 
Brátério, «m. building in- 
habited by pious women 
Beático, ca. «. a little hypo 

Beatlflcár, iw. to beatify 
Beatífico, ca. a. beatific 
Beatilla, ^f. a sort of Utieti 
Beatitud, tf. beatitude 
Beato, ta. a. hafipj 
Beato, ta. t. a pious person 
devoted to worlw of charity 
Beatdno, na. j Beaton, t. 

Bebedero, urn. drinking ves- 
sels for birds 
Bebedero, ra. 6 Bebedizo, za. 

a. potable, drinkable 
Bebedizo, «in. love potion, 
physical potion for brutes 
Bniédo, da. a. drunk 
Bebeddr, ra. t. tippler 
Beber, va. to drink, toast; 
Bdter lot vientot, to solicit 
with mnc^ eagerness ; Ut- 
ter como una cwa, to drink 
as a fish 

Bebfda, tf: drhtk 


BebUo, da. «. btlvúaABÍ 

person; Bk» btUá», bait 

Bebistrajo, tm. an CBctravsi* 

gant mixture of dciaka 
Beborrotear, vo. to s^ 
Bebrige, itn, beverage 
Beca, <f. part of a atadcnfs 

dress ; Béeatt stripes of Tcl* 

vet, die 
Becahúnga, tf. brook-lime 
Becada, ^f. wood-cock 
Becaflgo, «m. fig-pecker 
Becerra* 4/I snan-dragoa» 

earth swept dowa liy 

mountain floods 
Becerillo, Ha; to, ta. ». rslf 
Becerro, ra. *. a yearling 

calf, coif-skin tanned anil 

d rested 
Becoquín, «in. ca)^ tied under 

the chin 
Bedel, tm. beadle 
Bedelía, ni'- the place at»d 

eirpkoyment or' a treadle 
B«d<5lio, sm. hdelUum 
Bedfj*. ^. flock 
Bedijéro ra. *. a person wh« 

i>icks up and gathers the 
ocks of wool 
Beta, ^f. irrisión, garlnnd 
Befaliemí, tm. miwdcsil s^ 
Befar, •«/. to mock, HCott' 
Befo, am. iip of a horse, or 

other animal 
Bt^'n, »w. common ptifT-bAll 
Behetría d Hienl«^tr(a, ^: con- 

fu#on, diMirder 
Bejucal, am. a place where 

reedi« grow 
Bejuco, tm. tMn or jtlial'e 

feed or cane growing in 

Beldiil , sf. beauty 
Beledin, *f. M»t of ootton 

Beleño, im. hen-bnne 
Belfo, fa. «. bl<^-livi>ed 
Bello, tm. thick under-lip of 

a horse 
Belhéz, iff, a large Jar 
Belhézo, tm. a Urtx jar 
Bélico, ca. <i. wariike 
Belicdio, sa. a. warlike, quar- 
relsome, irascible 
Bdicosidád, ^f. warlike state 
MIgertfnte, a. belUgerent 
Bellacáda, tf. á set «f villains 
Bdláoú, a. artAil, cunning 
BelUco, am. rogue 
Bellaconázo. tm. gnat kngre 
B^acuélo, «IN. ariAil 
Bfilamentet atf.pcettúy 
B«llaqa«ir, vc lo chut 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 


prrfrfffaj. fine jffwtli 
BclliriiNiA.a, mmLhC-iTfhlíiOítJ. 

parftlIZV tiiTrij, ik tbc illApí 

afín ■i^om 
Srlfoteáj} ifih to Iw fed "wirh 

£cUatiáTbtr^ i. one t1u> ga 

£tp1«nab> lif- jíi. íiCTtv^ ifith 
^titi^h itir 14^ <^ The 

ÜHin ú hrh^,ti. iVuít oí tji* 

£tnA!|J4qDC, fvín h«vi« «f huí 

in A vliwjiril 
Jleii(hTl>H »'o- to rííníPff <l* 

Benedírca. i^. b«HtdL.'L 
JWmrfií-tdrp tm* tieinfortoir 

ItenoH rlidiir, jk i. «dnjínli < 
B'eaeüciáit a, Ttlatiug lo írt^ 
PenetlciáT^ fd. fo do (;«<1^ 
BaiicItrtiT lift 1H.. bCntrñ^i^Tj 

dciít«d ttTjta Liiarter, yra 

&t, berietiiL'v 
I|nlef<iLÍ^i>^ M- T- becjdiclLl 
B«iífwo, 4f . tjeiH-'Eicmr 

3aiFii]:4c1to> tma EOTid-wJLL 

BadAf JOf ts. d. iknd 

Aan&Hf DB.. Jr bmij^i mlld 


Tttrgim*! rm-a 

ík'ri^nt in í^rij «wt. unall \tA$ 
lJ«i;&ní4Ki« h4.. '. braaco 

Bi'YcBriiutiá^*., iin. tnnt Ion- 

[luden! ruH5Aii 
B«J-Liu r £U:-rL],nn. U17I 
lIcTtCna, t/- l^iTitliau 

Berni^r, 1», te be «f a 

f^chx^ ruíu'^r 
Uemii'jiio, ¿a- n- Tcddbh 
bmt.éjn, j». ^. Df A tarfgirt 

»duj!^h LvLouir 

HerniquulOj Ja. a. a little 

Beque, fwt. beaJ of Ü:£ »hl|i'r 
SH|uébo4 im. wuod-ftprker 
IfcTttfi ntL « Bort 4f V Muí Inu 

n£T£n|ten&, tf. CfX liUnf 
liifrrTvgHVJI , tm, a nud'Bp^le 

l^íjltl Eatioti 
fier4:íj^nata, ^- bergunal 


BcrmrHan, *tn. ^«mlliort 
3«vnauiLlfiu^ Mfr ft. fidse 

HtimAtiJH^ düL. i, Itcrnardine 

lUmla^jf, nif, Ltoal 
B¿fTa, f/. vrAiH^r |i«vlnep 
ZlATedr, i'N, Eo crj like a calf 
Btn «m'^Líj. ini , I vn^ rage 
Bvrmthlin, ntr . t^ru FilniK» cry 
tA aikuTj wtlv^i atlI children 
ikrirnao, da, «i - niolned with 

Il<nTfd<i^ «Mr I ti u lT7 and bel- 
La-win¿ t)f a j;tH'j or other 

B^acríít, rirt. c)\i\A HKf pcrionin 

a v1oIk.-tiE p.t^-tnn 
n^nii, rm, vai4-r tnrnet 
iiwcaríU m, [lla*.^e fiíU of 

IlerrffquJFiat ^- -j^yauite 
bi;injét;t>, ji?E. r4K'h, pin 

HwTiijraf V' "arl 

ütfjas'iso-, íb., '.'- warty 
}lf rriMlL, tf. • rin tyt atiuf 

lií^J.Í, t.t'- [nlr1i:iL;e 

UsLiJiir.ikt tf. *. Út|^ head d 

.8ehiüdr,ta. Li, ktUitng 
tlefBmáj'm:^ , tiN . tcvee-dayí 

«3Í in I 


t Itk? [jT^i'^nd Til 


y >:i:^í any thilIK 
]?ji, ¡& a mark m 

wich Th« ll]?ji, 
htndnm or rr^pn^t 
Be^dt:1ú ^ iWfCx?. nrt. a little 

(éMi, jm. kL», f iAl«nt knock Bidente^ 
of |)CTs«Ti^, Dr ihingü agatest muA», 


Btttsxotfla, tf. • ItttletaM» 

Crea btitimf an elk 
Bntláfe^ «m. an aMMiblyef 

BewWhnente, mHm % testal 
BntidD, m. la» beaat 

iWKvrin, Mu. 

fieancdr, va, te gl^ mangr 

BeragAda, <f. a hmch 
Beniguéto, ^ " •^- 

Betaquáo« «m. embraciag Um 
Betarraga y Be i áilal a i <i 


Batanar, ««a. to pav or eever 

any Aing with pttch 
Bett, «m. a kind ofiea-lldi 
B0«p«ra> ^f. a large kind of 

Bezaártico, ca. «. V. Bnoáf 

Beaár y Bezaár, iff. bexoar ' 
Bezo, «m. a thick Up 
Bezoárdico, ca. «. beioardic . 
Bc2«)n, «M. battering-ram 
Be/údo, da. a. blubber-Upped 
Biá«a, <f. a kind of coarse silk 
Biáuu, 4f.^. sadúlebega 
Bíbaro, mi. beavior 
Blbero, «m. a Mnrt of linca 
BíbUa* Kt. bible 
Bíblico, ca. o. biblical 
Bibliófilo, «N. book-loTcr 
Bibliografía, ^f. bibUograpby 
Bibliomanía, tf. book-nuKl* 

Biblidtaib, mm. one who lend» 

hit books to no person 
Biblioteca, ^f. Ubrary 
Bibliotecario, tm. librarian 
Bicerra, ^f. a kind of wild or 

mountain goat 
Bichero, «m. a long pole with 

a hook fixed at the end 
Bicho, cha. •. a gOMxal name 

for unall grubs or intccts 
Bicdca, 4f. lentiy box 
Bico^uéM, «M. a bonnet er 

head dress formerly worn 
Bico^UiR, am. cap 
fifcoB, tm.^. small gold points 



Jía'íflo, da. a. changeüUe, 

beaten, u roads 
ftdtido, nm. Latter of floor 

and water 
Batidiir, «m. srout, ranger 
iiatiénte, «m. \kbX of a door 
Hati)u5ja, ttn. gold beater 
Batiportár, xm. to house a 

gun on board a ship 
Batipdrtes, am. pi. port-celk 
Batir, va. to beat* demoUsbi 
move in a violent manner, 
to strike the colours, to lo«e 
ftatíüta, ^f. cambric, lawn 
Batojar, va. to beat down the 

fruit of a tree 
Batucar, va. tu b«at lienors 
and other things in a vio- 
lent manner to and firo 
Batuqnérto, tm. agitation 
Baturfllo, «m. hotch-potch 
Baúl, nn. trunk, beUy 
BauIiUo, tm. a small tnmk 
Bauprés «m. bowsprit 
Bausán, na. s. efligy, a fool 
Bautismal, a. hal>ttsmal 
Bautkmo y Bautice, rat. bap- 
Bautisterio, «m. baptlstety 
Bautizar, va, to baptise 
Báxa, mm. I>ashaw 
Báxa,^. diminution of price 
Baxida, if. incUnatiMi of an 
arch with regard to the 
norizon, descent 
Baxádo, da. i>p. descetMled 
Baxamár, </. low water 
Káxamente, ad. basely 
BiuUbr, tm. to descend ; va. 
lower, to bend, abate the 
pritse, humble ; Baxar la 
tierra, to lay the land 
Baxdl, *m. remiel, ship 
Baxeléro, «tn. owner or mas- 
ter of a vessel 
Baxéro, ra. a. that wftlch is 
nder ; Sdbana baxtra^ the 
under sheet 
Baxéte, rat. person of • low 

Baxéza, Mf. a mean act, deep 
place; Baxeza de animo, 
lowness of spirits 
Baxfllo» rat. wiiw-pipe 
Baxfo, tm. a shoal, shallow 
Báxo, xa. a. low, dull, mean 
Btfxo, ad. under, V. DtAaxo 
Báxo, tm. baas, low situation ; 

Baxo monte, coppice 
Baxdn, em. bassoon 
Baxoncfllo, em. counter-bass 
Baxaálo, la. a. somewhat low 
Baya, <f. benv, pde used to 


«leparatc horses in astable, 
Bayál, n. not steeped 
BayáI. tm. a lever 
Bayeta, </l baize; pi. a pall 
Hayetónes, tm. pi. coatings 
Bayiaddr, ra. t. dancer 
Bay lar, tm, to dance 
Baylarin, na. t. dancer 
Báyle, rat. dance, ball, fiurce 
Baylecito, am. little dance 
Baylete, raí. cavalcade 
Bayo, rai. y a. a bay horae» 

brown butterfly 
BaycSco, em. a copper coin 
Bayoneta, ^f. bayonet 
Bayonetazo, tm. thrust or 

stroke with a bayonet 
Baydque, V. Bayieo 
«Bagrttca* tm. tippltng-hoase 
Baysáre, am. large sea-fíüh 
Báxa, tf. trivlL at cards 
Bazáo, rat. ñne sort of cotton 

brought from Jerusalem 
Bazo, *m. spleen 
Bazo, za. a. brown inclining 
to yellow ; PanbazOf brown 
Bazofia, 4f. offal, reñise 
Bazucar, va. to stir liquidit 

by shaking the vessel 
Beata, ^. woman who L> en- 
gaged in works of charity, 
Beatería, nf. act of affteted 

piety andre1ÍKÍon* 
Brátério, em. building in- 
habited by pious women 
Beático, ca. e. a little hypo- 
Beatiñcár, va. to beatify 
Beatífico, ca. a. beatific 
Beatilla, 4/*. a sort of linen 
Beatitud, i¡f. beaütude 
Beato, ta. a. hapjty 
Beato, ta. t. a pious person 
devoted to worlw of charity 
Beatdno, tuu 7 Beaton, «. 

Bebedero, >m. drinking ves- 
sels for binla 
Bebedero, ra. 6 Bebedizo, xa. 

a. potable, drinkable 
Bebedizo, rat. love potion, 
physical potion for brutes 
Bniédo, da. a, drunk 
Bebeddr, ra. t. ti|>i4er 
Beber, txt. to drink, toast; 
Bel)er loe vtenioe, to solicit 
with much eagenMss ; Itc- 
ber como una cuba, te drink 
asa fish 

BcbMa, If. drink 


da. *. inioxkslctf 



BeUstrtyo, tm. an extrava- 
gant mixture of drinks 
Beborrotear, «o. to ^ 
Bebráge, rat. beverage 
Beca, <f. part of a students 

dress ; BAaa, stripes of vd» 

vet, etc. 
Becahdnga, if. brook-Unie 
Becada, tf'. wood-cock 
Becaflgo, rat. fig-pecker 
Becérm, tf. snati-dragoa» 

eaith swept down by^ 

mountain floods 
Becerillo, 11a ; to, ta. a. calf 
Becerro, ra. «. a yearling 

calf, calf-skin tanned and 

Becoquín, tm. cap tied under 

the chin 
Bedel, rat. beadle 
Bedelfd, tf: the place and 

employment or' a t>eadie 
Beddlio, rat. bdellium 
Bedfja, tf: flock 
Bedijéro ra. *. a tiermn who 

i>ick)> up and gatheirs the 
ockst of wool 
Beta, tf: irrisión, garland 
Befahetni, am. muidcai sign 
Uetár, V4$. to mock, t<coit' 
Befo, ra?. lip of a horse, or 

other animal 
Bepn, *nt. common pnff-br^ 
Boietria á Bientetria, tf: con- 

fu#on, tlLsotder 
Beju(-ál, urn. a piace where 

reedii grow 
Bejrtoo, am. thin or jíUdl-í* 

feed or cane growing in 

Véíáá beauty 
Beledin, tf: M»t of cotton 

Beleño, im. hen-banc 
Félfo, fa. «. blop-lii'ped 
Belfo, rat. thick under-lip «f 

a honte 
Belhéz, tf. a large Jar 
Belhézo, tm. a large Jar 
Bélico, ca. a. warlike 
Belicdf o, sa. a. warlike, qtur- 

relsome, irascible 
Belicosidad, tf. warlike state 
Brtigeránte, a. bdligerent 
Bellacáda, tf. a set «T villains 
Bellaco, a. artibl, tnuming 
Bdláoo, rat. rogue 


Bellacuélo, t 

Bdla^eir, inl to cheat 

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bMnraécv, #«. rock» fia 

Ehmcii^r iTr IsTi^ «art 

Mn ifcíMs vitb piBck 

Et7«p«n.4f. ai«i»káior 

Bnaáitin, ca. «. V. iMiár» 

Bexir t Bnair. tf. tan« * 
Bex». rOT. ■ tbjck kp 
fic-MániU-o, cft. *. 1 llMJIk . 
Bcvór, ««i. fc tt w u- y-w 

P<tzudo, da. a. binbfatr- U fp ul 
L^asa, 4/. a hMMi ot . oanc idt 
L laza», ^. ^. ntfiMfh^i 
Bibai*» Mk beaver 

Bib«re, am. a uvt rfTfp^ 
Bibfia, sf. biUc 

Bibi.ódlo, MM. kook-:*n«r 
Bib, i. «rafia, if. UWi^jgrapfcy 
Btbbotnasáa. 4^ ^ 

Bibliúiafc, mm. mmt wh* IcaÉb 

Vut books to ■» pcnoB 
Bibltou'ca. «/. liWav; 

Bibliotccirto, m •■' 
LUérra, y. a k 

Birfaéro, «H. a kaf pals «itt 


fiiotfca,<f. i wtij bos 


BMdár, «m. to wiaoam^ 

BWb, fm. roiim 

«Utct of lore, nod 
JBMn, ad. well, rl^t, handW, 
wUlingl; t Bim tl. bat If : 
Mm e<«i, Tcry wdl 
Bianál, a. MennUl 
Btanandinu. ^. MUAtj 
Bieaaveaturádo, ia. a. blca- 

Bien«Tentttránza« ^f. beati- 
tude, prospcrl^ 
Bienaitár, «m. weU>being 
Bienestánte, «m. one who pos- 

BienbaUádo. da. a. «dl and 

civilly spoken 
Bienhechor, ra. t. beneftctor 
BMnifl», Ml. term of two yean 
Bienquerer, «o. to esteem 
Bienqnerér, ««. esteem 
Bionqolsto» ta. a, generally 

esteemed and respected 
Bienvenida, «f. wdcome 
Bi6u«, <f. the thin film in- 

Biéno, «M. a sort of " 

BifMnto, a. douUe-fronted 
ttga, if. the traces of two 

Bigamia, <f. bigamy 
Biiamo, am. binmist. a wi- 
dower, who nas married 

Bigardear, va. to be a biga- 

Bigardía, if. jest 
Bigardo, MU an opprobnons 

appeliation given to a friar 
Blgaro, M». a larse sea snail 
Bigáto, ta. a. ancient coin 
Bigndnia, if. tmmpet-flower 
Bigométo, «f. a small anvil 
BigiSmia, i/T anvU 
Bigotáio, Mk large whisker 
Bigdt«> Mt. whisker 
Biaottra. m ' "" 

Bfla,V. ^4dUo 


BUbaino, na. a. native of Bil- 

Bilbilltáno, na. o. native of 




BUUr, Mk Und of fUM of 

bUluids, or bildttd-table 
BttMte,Mi. biUet 
Billetk», Mt. a sman billet 
BUdrta, Ml. ring made of a 

twisted wUlow-twIg, flying 

report, a game 
Bildrto, Ml. bat having a 

crooked bead 
BUtroteér, vn. to ramble 

about the streets 
Bimáes, if. a kind of Brasil 

Bimestre, o. of two months' 
continuance; mi. two 
months' leave of absence 

Binaddra, if. instrument with 

Binador, mi. diager 

Bindr, va. to dig a piece of 
ground the second time 

Binario, mi. a nuihber which 
conUsts of two unities, time 

Binatéras, tf: pi. beckets 

Binazdn, mi. the act of dig- 
ging a piece of ground a 
second orne 

Btnza, if. pelUcle 

Biografía, if. biography 

Bid>nbo,Mi. screen 

Bipedal, a. bipedal 

Birabiqni, mi. borer 

Biráda,if. tack 

Biraddr, mi. a top rope 

Birár, va. to wind, tack 

Birazdnes, mi. pi. land and 


Biricú, Ml. sword-belt 
BirflLi, if. ornament of gold 

Birla, V. Bolo 
Birlador, mi. one who knocks 

down at a blow 
Birlar, va. to knock down 

at one blow, to dispos- 




Birldn, Ml. Urge middle pin 

in ttie game of nine pins 
B'~'"^Ti, '■■T. tnnrtr nf plying 

Bif^K ifr floTuie Jlsed on 

KmiB., 0". cudiD^ki'eredcap 

BiiTiMriá, tf. fjKoxHa^i cut 
Bj wthttiLIti, ha- i' nnstgrawf- 

f jih(2, or j;r.ii3(In:i'jitner 
BisiWra. i/: iúnge, piece of 


Blatfjo, a. squint-eyed 
Bisdnte, -m. Uson 
BisofUda y Bisoliería, «f. a 

rash speech or action 
Bistftio, ha. a. raw, novice 
Bispdn, Ml. roU of oU cloth 
Bistdrta, if. bistort 
Bistréta, if. payment made 

tiefiore themoncy becomes 

Bisunto, ta. a. that whii^ is 

dirty or greasy 
Bisurcado, da. a, fiirkcd 
Bitdcora, if. binacle 
Bitadura, if. cable bit 
Bitas, if. ml. bits 
Bitdncs, Ml. p/. pfau of Oie 

Bituminoso, sa. a. bitn m l n oM 

Bivir, Ml. gander 

Bivério, V. Vivar 

Bizarramente, od. courage- 
ously, gallantly 

Bixarretfr, vn. to act in a spi- 
rited manner 

Bizarría, if. gallantry 

Bizarro, ra. a. gallan . 

Bizazas, if. pi. saddle-bags 

Bizcar, ve. to squint 

Bizco, ca. a. V. fiMjfo 

Bizcochar, va. to make or 
bake biscuit 

Bizcochero, mi. biscuit-cask 

Bizcdcho, Ml. sea-bl!>cuit,> 
pasto made of fine flour,dic. 

Bizcochuélo, Ml. small bis- 

Bizma, if. a poultice 

Bizmdr, va. to anply a eata- 
plaun or poultice 

Biznieto, <. great grandson 

Blanca, if. copper coin 

Bldnoo, ca. a. white 

Blanco, tm. white mark, 
mixture of whiting, ¿cc; 
Labor Naneot plain work 

Blanodr y Blancura, t. white- 

Blanddles, mi. pi. backstays 

Blandamente, ad. softly 

Blandeaddr, ra. «, one who 

Blandear, va. to soften, bran- 
dish ; vn. slacken ; vr. be 

Blandengue, Ml. a soldier 
Blandeo, mi. the good or bad 

quality of pasture land» 
Blandiénte, a. having a tiVk 

rauloui motion 

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tM^V apúlL'C-líliHi, rrllikt 
Blwi^larilila, t^^ a ivrt of fine 

U,*^tLLnf or 'tutoiltiff 
Hluiq jcdr, r^. ro ti|<^L h^ gfvir 



fm plowed Jn l&c minf^ to 

BlemeOi V4. (p 



Di^r ir liii< ■iMr'ti'T 
fill. M^4. ftn, t tHiiiit ^lav p ii l#*<a 

Boañrilt» Mm. Étatwtt 
B4UDL» tm* mcntJiikio 

t»l(f <>t ran, fíMlt^íilj 

KolKÉr. riTrUiMi «ir ulh in ■ 

IMwrUr^. Cwlfrr lll>ln#rii^ i^r irvrnji*** 

BaííOlü, ÜM.; t'ti Ikrif, ftllLtlv ' |iih<'huri, tf fh^iii^-tt* «t ^. 

Jioblihw,, f /. fif. boLlAr» \ lif*.*i*tM fm, t. *iA* n:.>mttiA4 

BoLrfhLmilf i^«n U iirf+ nu* I f mil > L l*i<^m, lr/*gf*rt 

^rja,CM' Jh[):«ni^i virt. 'VtT ruff' L |Í444>t rm • |to'^i«a( 

lUidEir, IRL. iji[i|flririn L felv^twtail»! tl444il|^, i H m ■ 

Hita iKiFd ia(Ti<*ltlín^> W^r, I |i"iilw^. li.iv' ►'►« 
kfarhcnii; Vk^n.á'Afiii'mukfi', " ' ~ 
pit of i^ie «itrnU'Tlij I II UhW^ 
Vk^ [ rVHrrir /a ¿ucu, t'' 

Jr í^^■^r^Hí^, Ittnttl. Ili^ t^^ 

Barjt. Jpi- bj »mJ qf 4»W1 tit t 

< vhittih kfarhcnii; 11<kh fir/ ^J^i4nMl(r', J|uL«<^Kt»p H U i, ««. 't4i« '4p4|^ 

fitlTH^páfu, fiK. UnArf n<^[ Ciurrnr ta ¿ucu, t'« IbwUf.i'ltdi p 4 4. Tit r>i.n tfiMn 

lIutfnEAf tf. tt¿ act dfUfmdln &rj|. ifJu bj TDri qf flWU (Ii t ^ '^''•^ ' ''^^ * '^* -Wm^é* 

iftif Ü»# ni«aí bciJfit Jt 1« inc^*™, ytTtM.\>j h,^u■^¡;t^*n', f*- >■■ Ii.ní4w 

BLviqullLi^ <r doitv tort at B4kvíí^ hi- >J<up» ii'■''liJ^^, ***. tiiwtuaJ ^itf4rt 

pLiUi), whlLf ip^Afir Rurai-I j lio4=v4ii, im. ti«* JIuhiIí» 4J . ^ - ^l^t''*^*^ *^ ■ ^Iri4 
SUa^iuIId, 11a- d. wlulikb I kIajcI tmrtrwn I ^rt iAi^' k i£F«g«. 

" — > Japcb 

I ncKi'f'l'^, int. fifij M tti^ . kuiK'T'' 
JltjBafilÜftifth, k^. ¡ iTP-il" o* « rri^wt^^V,. 

rva I Jl<j4kd4H »^i: A«d. id pnnvirf 

I' . iS,*^tMr I liufltk ) K'jM^hM , I- V 'hm la 

lljli». rf4lf M«n»t| 

fW&4ada, ^. miaf, ímiAh: , Uw 

(lu- Im* , iVUit^ fb^'-'n HLkiMi 

lit piafi -H I E^u- U' t 
lt'.pij. »i in-r .j1 TLiwkfkr 
hri^njd>, ii. tiiww* »Mi"fc* 
JtqFUiUi, #*» rwiifrf 
ipbY* til* 1«{n I U','^*'. »■"*- " 

I £h4«ip, '^ 

Digitized b; 

1 ErsBwiJ 



B(4iordir,tw. to throw vapda, 

fiobtf Ido» am. blKlc of flag» 

Ban, «m. os-«t«U 
BoitTine, «m. a kind offiah- 

Bol, am. Armenian bole 
JBdla, 4f. ball, fal i rf i ood 
BoUda, ^f. throw or cast of a 

Bolantín, •m.ñnesort ofpack- 

Bolarménico, am. V. Bol. 
Bolcháca d Bolcháco, a. pone 
-Bolea, <f. swing -tree bar of a 

Bolear, vn. to play at binUrdt 

without «takhig moiuey ; 

vo. to dart 
Boleo, am. the plaoe where 

b-dls are tbrovn 
Boleta, 4f. Ucket ^vlng the 

ri^t of being admitted into 

a place, small paper with 

Boletár, «ff. toroUup tobacco 

in small bits of paper 
Boletín, am. warrant given 

far the pajrraent of money, 

BoUche, am. all the snuOl fish 

ctfi^t at once near the 

B<^chéro, ra. a. one who 

keeps a pigeon-hole 
Bolilla, ^. a small baU 
Boinio. am. Jack, bobbin, 

mould or frame ; pi. paste 

Bolín, am. a smaU baU 
Bolinear, tic. to haul up the 


a moveable cm>- 

Bolisa, ^.embers 
Bollar, va. to imboas 
Bollero, ra. a. pastry-caok 
Bdlico 7 BolHto, am. small 

loafmade of sugar, &c. 
BoUido, da. A. boUed 
Bdllo, «m. sroaU loaf made of 

sugar, flour, &c. a morbid 

Belkin, im. brau-headed naU, 

button wbkh shoots firom a 


Ido, da. a. adorned 

with brasb>headed naib 

Bolluélo, am. V. BoUico 

Bdio, am. oine rf the nine pim , 
la^ piece Of timber 

Bbltfaes, am. pi. square boUs 
ot tnertar-bed plntlfla 


Bo!iiiüo,mjbi lgnaraitftUo# 
RdUa, if. purse, pouch, bag 
IMUa-reél, qf. iU^al Ex- 

Bolsero, am. cashier 
Bol«ica y BoWta, ^. amall 

Bohico, am. poke, podeC 
Kdlso, am. money bag 

, am. large yiuse ; pf. 

large bars of iron, stones osi 

«rMch a vault Is sprung 
Bdmba, «/. pump, bomb 
Bombarda, <f. ancient thick 

>ieoe of ordnance called a 

Bombardear d Bombetfr, va. 

to bombard 
Bombardeo, am. bombard- 
Bombardero, cm. bombardier 
Bombasí, sm. bombazeen 
üorobázo, «*N report of a 

bomb which bursts 
Bdmbo, am. humming ofbecs, 

&c. lareedrum 
Bonanchon, na. «. y «. good 

natured, ea^ person 
Bonancible, a. moderate 
Bonanza, if. fair weather at 

sea, praM|>erlty 
Bondad. ^. goodness 
Bondaddso, »a. a. kind 
Bondtin, amé a bung 
Bonetada, ^f. a salute 
Bonete, am. cap, secular cler> 

gyraan who wears a bonnet 
Boneterid, af. shop^t where 

bonnets are made or sold 
Bonetero, ra. a. ca)) and bon- 
net maker, prick wood 
Bonetillo, «IR. small cap M 

Bonico, ca. a. ¡iretty ittoá 
Bonificar, va. tojcredit 
Bonillo, Ua. o. somewhat 

Bonína, ^f. a kind of chamo- 
Bonito, ta. a. pretty gooü, 

neatness, graceful 
BofUga, if. cow-dung 
Boñigáíe*. am, pi. round 

white figs 
Bodpe, am. a Und of wh^ 
B<iqDe, am. he-goat 
BoQueáda, if. act of opecUng 

the mouth, a gasp 
Boquear, vn. to gape, expire i 

va. to pronounce 
Boquera, if. sluice made in a 
canal, iqiwning made in in- 
, Boqueren, am. wide epHilng 

Digitized ' 


Btt^tiClfc MS. nafta* otfMi 

BoeuiahMto, ta. a. 

themowttl ouen 
Boquiancbo, duu «. 

BoquioMujdno, tia. «. A ttb- 

Ut-mouthed hMne 
Boquiduro, ta.«.hatd*iiioiiai- 

luifirésco, ea. a. 

Boquihendido, da. «. latgt' 

Boquilla, if. littl* mMih, 

openfaig of * pair of 

breeches at the fcaMb 

Boenirauélle, «. tender bmu- 

thed, unwary 
Boqtila, «lA. coarse son «T 

Bdqnin^nro, mi. a bteukisft 

sort er snaib 
BoqidraigMo, da. a. deep- 

Boqulrtfto, ta. a. loquadieM 
BoquiraUtf, bia. a timpim 
Boquiseco, ca.a. dry-mottúied 
Boquíta, if. small mouth 
Boquituerto y Bogui tu e cÜ e » 

da. a. wry- mouthed 
Borbollar y BoirtM^Ione«r, vn. 

to boil 
BorboUdn d BorboMn, am. 

Borbotar, vn. to boU up ia 

Bdrda, if. hut, gunnel 
Bordada, af. board, lack 
Bordadillo, mi. douMe fl«wer> 

ed tafeta or tafety 
Bordado, da. yp. embroidaNd 
Bordado, am. crabrddery 
Bordador, ra. a, embroidaret 
Bordaddra, if. embroidery 
Bordar, va. to ambzoidcr 
B<Srde,«fN. border, brim, a bet 
Bdido, am. border, ship 
Borddn, am. ptlgrim's stair, 

l>aaa, vicious repetition 
Bordonear, v>». to try the 

ground with a MaflT, f*ve, 

play well on the thir M ^ 

Bordonero, ra. «. vagtaM 
Boreal, a. doMlMA 
Bdreas, am. the iinrth«win« 


BtfrU.^. ta«el 
Kcvidtt* «m. larg* tasiel 
BámB, tm. fbeendofklanoe 
Bomndfco, za. a. pliant 
Bornear, iw. to bami i vn. to 

Borneo^ sm. act of tumhig or 

winding a thing 
Boméra, tf. thlackUbtarX of 

Bottmia, <f. dliih made of ap- 

pica, pumkhn, Ac. 
Burra, «f. yearling ewe, goat's 

hair, nap, dng», a tax 
Borrdrha, qf. leather hag 
Borraciieár, m. to he often 

Borrarh^ni, Borrachería, y 

Borracbáda, «f. drunken- 
ness: Indian tree 
Rorrarhéz, j»f. hatozication 
fíarrérho, cha. a. drunk 
B«rrach(5n v Borrachonaxn, 

#iM. great drunkard 
BorracSiuélo, «m. Uttle tl]n>ler 
Borrad<5r, dm. rough dr^ft of 

a writing, wa:4e-baok 
Borrageár, i>i». toM-T<W>le 
PfMTdr, va. to Wot, emu« 
Porrásca, Mf. storm 
Borrascdiio, sa. a. kttmny 
iíorrái,nn. V. Atiwar 
PamgáAa. <f. large flork 
Jttrrr^go. ga. «. lamb not jet 

a jcar old 
Borrvfr^éro, rm. shepherd 
Uorrfo, tm, nannH nf a «nddle 
Borriba, 4/*. kind of engine 
Borricada, tf. drove of attes 
Bntrif n, ca. *. ibw 
Borri-<in y Hortlcdte, tm. 

large fack-aas 
Borriqn#r.t,«t..'. tme whokeei<s 

or tends a»e> 
Borriqufüori, p/. nro^^.'iar» of 

the flmmc of n tah'e 
B^rro, tm. vether not yet 

two years nid, dolt 
fír^nón, tm. blot, rouch draft 
Borrdso. sa. a. fVilI of dregs, 

done in a had manner 
Borrdso, tm. bungler 
Borujdn, «m. knob 
Borusca, ^f. withered leaf 
Bosár, ««. to run over, rorait 
BoM;áge, em, tuft, clump 
Bdalbro, «m. a ttrait 
Bdnquc, «wi tract of land 

planted r-lth trees 
Boaquecfllo, tm. aoopplce 
Bosqu^iar, va. to make a 

sketch, derign 


fiMteraddr, am. pcnw vbo 
B4 ra 


Bt-^r'j- -»iu.. jr.iertaagte 

LMtfj i>itie, llaM, boot 

Btitiuüótf tm. diLi^T a punch 
Boe aTií'-g'^, *vi- Lrn.rjck 
B(iEj]ilLÍDf im, btivti.. 
BcOki-m-r t¡í- t'Ui^ ia>(d to tlap 

up lAirkf; -titrl*^ . M'ar 
RotinI c.(»T f ' iKitiTi I 
Botánico, ca. a. b«ünic 
Bot<nlco 6 Betan&ta, «m. bo- 
Botantes, tm, ft. sbocci 
Botar, ««. to cast, vow 
Potantto, sat. thougihtlcBa 
Botdrga, <f. gasklns, btHToail 
Botavante, tm. pike «ued by 

Bcitav<n, «r. a small boom 
Bdte, «IN. thmst with a pike, 

&c. rebonr.d, gallinot, ca- 

nixtcr ; fJ. bcsips 01 wool 
Boterico y Botecíllo, tm. skiff* 
Botella, ^f. bottle 
Boteqnfn, tm. small boat 
Botero, tm. ene who '*~' 

and makes wine 
Rot^za, '/. V. KmMamimto 
Botira, ^j: apothecary's shop, 

Bc«ir<(ge, tm. rent paid ft>r a 

noti<>ário, tm, apothecary 
Bnt(gu(^ro, tfm. shop keqier 
Bollfc», »/. nirthen jfr 
Bntijérn, .trr. one wl o make* 

or .elU '•&» 
Botilta. 4'! a srall Wns bag, 

M. on- an*, liair lM>ot 
B«tin*Tla, <*; il-c-huu'^e 
Boíi'lér», Tti. one who pre- 

pare* jfllin 
Botf !o, *m. a «mall wine-bag 
ISotfr, tm. IniKkin, a booty 
Botinero, tm. a loldicr who 

take* rare of ihe l>ooty 
Botu]ueria,«j:perfumer'8 shop 
Botiquín, tm. travelling me- 
dicine che^t 
Rdto, ta. a. blunt 
Bdto, tm, large gut filled with 

Botdn, tm. bad, bit tt wood 

or bone, eovared with silk, 

thread, |tc«» buttosi 
Botonadura, i(f. set of buttetu 
Botonero, ra. t, button-maker 
Botonoffa, ^f, button-maker's 

l^oatár, tm, os-ftaU 



eef U- 


BevUfigtint SU—— WW ....p-w 
OdVedaf rf, vaultf eavo 
Bovodtfr, ve. to vatilt 
BoTfBo, »«. a. Whiugltig to 

Mack cattle 
Bda, tm. bes-trae 
loBir, M. to sail fmnd at 

island! «fa. to memM 

around, to eentaia 
losedál, tm. plantMleB «f 

Bdya, ^f. buey, band, ptoo» 

of c«ek 
Boyada, <f. drove of osea 
Boyal, a, relating to blacb 

Boyante, pa. buoyant, UdM 
Boyar, va. to be a-fleut 
Boyázof tm. large os 
Boyara, </*. ox-Mall 
Boyero, tm. et-herd 
Boyexnéln, tm. a yoimg os 
Boyuno, na. a. bdenglng !• 

black cattle 
Bozal, tm. a mustie 
Bozal, a. muzzled, ttovire 
Boxal^, Km. a small muzzle 
Bdzo, tm. down, heodatal 
Brabera, tf. air-hole 
Bribio, tm. prize obtained al 

public games 
Braceada, 4/'. violent ezten- 

nion of the arms 
Brareáge, fwi. a<-t of beating 

the metal fta coining la the 

Bracear, vn. to move m swing 

the arm» ; «a. to braoe 
Brai-^m,Mii. gentleman-usber, 

Prac<:te, im. a small am 
Bra'-illo y Bnuíto, tm. the 

fleshy part of the arm 
Hrág^, <'; c>iiW, clout 
Brag:<da. /. the flat ef tlM 

thi^h in beasts 
Bragado, da. a. having the 

flankji of a dlflVrert colouf 

ft-nm the rest of tht; body 
Bragndtira, ^. part of the hu- 
man body ; flat of the thigh 

in beasts 
Bragii/as, tf. pt. 
Hrainií^o, tm. tru« 
Bragueta, </*. opening of Íh9_ 

fore- part of a pa 

"pair «tf 

Braguetdn, tm. large openlnt 
in the fore-part of the 

BfaguiUa«^.p<. Mttle b eeec h ai 

Branradira, 'jrattíe 
Bramadero, «*•• rotttng-pttta 
Bramador, ra. *• rearer 

Digitized by dOüglC 


• sort of linen 
Bramar» vn. to ro«r, groan 
Bramido, tm. cry uttered by 

wild beasts^ clamour 
n*ánc«. 4f. Rland of the thniat 
Brancada, ^f. dra«-net 
Bnlndias, <f. pt. gUk oTa 
Brandccér, va. to «often 
Brandembúrg, tm. large and 

wide riding-coat 
Brandis, tm. great coat 
Brando, «m. tune adapted to 

a dance 
Braqufilo, Ila. «. small pointer 
Braquildgia, </*. laconlsm 
Brisas, «f. vl. cinders 
Braserico, Ilo j to. «m. a u 

pan to hold coals 
Brasero, tm. brasier, places 

where criminab are burnt 
BnuiUdo, da. a. ruddy 
Brasiléfto, fía. a. Brasillan 
Braúlis, (f. cloth or staff 
Brava, tf. heary swril of the 

Bravamente, ad. bravely, cm- 

eUy, gallantly, finely 
Bravata. <f. bravado 
Braveaddr, ra. t. bully 
Araveár, va. to bully 
Bravera, tfi vent 
BravfUo, Ua. a. rather wUd 
Bravio, vía. a. ferocious 
Bravio, tm. fierceness 
Bravo, va. a. brave, bullying, 

savage, sumptuous 
aravosidád, tf. V. OaUarMa 
Bravura, </: ferocity 
Braza. <f. a fethom 
Brazada, <f. movement of the 

Brazado, tm. an arra-ñill 
firaságe, tm. number of fe- 

Brazalete, tm. bracelet 
Brazázo, tm. long-arm 
Brazo, tm. arm, each end of 
a beam Bron dt mar, arm 
of the sea 
Brazuelo, tm. small arm, 
shoulder or fore*thi^ of 

Bitfi, tf. pitch, aatAcloth 
Hreér, «o. to pitch, vex 
Ktíiáge, «Nbheveraoe 
Breca, tf. a UeakorUay 
Brtfcha, tf. a teeach 
Brega, tf. strife 
Bregtir, vn. to contend ; va. 

to work dough 
Brtfn, cm. bran 
Brenca, tf. maidenhair; pf. 

•hake posts, filamento 


BréHa, tf. craggy ground 
Brefiál d Breftjir, #m, place 
foil of briars and br^mbln 
BiefWtso, sa. a. craggy 
Hréque, tm. small river fish 
Ere. «adulo, tm. a small tube 
Bretad4Sr, tm. a whistle 
BrHáña, tf. a sort of fine U- 

Bn^te, tm. fetters, 
Mrptdn, tm. young 
Breva, tf. early fig 
' rere, a. brief, concise 
Brevedad, tf. brevity 
'írévemente, ad. briefly 
Brevete, tm. V. Membrett 
hteviário, tm. brevier 
Brezal, tm. place planted with 

Brezo, «m. heath 
iiriága, tf. rope made of bass- 
Briba, tf. truantship 
Bribár, vn. to lead a vagabond 

BribtSn 6 Bribidn, na. t. y a. 

Bribonada, tf. beggar's trick 
Bribonázo, tm. great cheat 
BribonciUo, tm. little gull 
Bribonear, vn. V. Br&r 
Bricho. tm. spangle 
Brida, tf. reins of a bridle. 


Brigada, ^. brigade 
Brigadier, «m. brigadier 
Brigrfia, tf. ram 
BrilladiSr, ra. a. brilliant 
Brilladúra y Brillantez, tf. 

Brillante, tm. a diamond 
BtilUr, vn. to shine 
BrOlo, tm. brilliancy 
Brih, tm. sail-cloth 
Brincador, i. one who leaps 
Brincar, vn. to leap. Jump 
Brincia, tf. peel oran onioa 
Brinco, tm. leap, jump 
Brindar, va. to toast, pledge 
Brindis, tm. act of drinkuig 

Brinquillo 6 BrinquIRo, tm. 

-- !WgaW, ^ 

Brio, «m. .„ , 

Bridles, tm. pi. bunt-lhies 
Briolfa, Ml. slab-Une 
Brioso, sa. a. vigonias 
Brfsa, tf. breeze from the 

Brisca, tf. a game at cards 

goM or sUver twist mluA 

with silk 
Británica, tf. water-dock 
Hrizna, tf. franncnt 
Brizn<5so, a. full of soraM 
Uráca, <f. reel fiir twia^ &c 

drill, button 
Bro adél d Brocatel, am. bco- 

Brocado, «m. gold or cQ^ar 

Brocado, da. a. embrolderad 
Brocadúra, «f. bite of a bear 
Brucál, «m. stone laid roond 

the brim of a w^ metal 

rim of a scabbard 
Brocamantón, tm. crotchet «f 

Brocárdico, tm. axiom at law 
Brocatel, tm. ordinary kiad 

Brdcha, tf. painter's bnish 
Broctiádo, da. a. relating to 

Brochadúra, tf. set of claqas « 
Broche, tm. clasp 
Brochica y Brochuéla, tf. 

small cla^ip 
Brochdn, tm. large cleq>» 

Brochara, ^. act of putting* 

book in boards 
Brdcula, tf. a dtlU 
BrdcuU, tm. broccoU 
Brtfdio, tm. hotch-potdi 
Brdroa, tf. rubbish mixed 

with mortar, watcr-grud, 

a dull person 
Bromado, da. a. worm eetau 
Bromar, va. to gnaw 
Brdmo, mn. wild oats 
Brdnce, tm. bronze, a tnUD- 

pet, any thing strong 
Broncear, va. to give a oronae 

or brass colour 
Bronceria, ^f. collectloa of 

things made of bronze 
Broncha, tf. kind of poniard 
Broncista, tm. a worker la 

Brdnco, ca. a. rough, hanb 
Broaqvedid, tf. hanhnesa 
Broquel, tm. shield or buck- 
ler of wood, iion, ¿EC. 
BroqueUzo, tf. stroke with a 

aUeld or buckler 
Broquelero, tm. one who 

makes or wears shields or 

Broquelóte, mi. a smaU buck. 

Broquelillo, m». smaU shieftl, 

sort of ear-rings 
^5PQ^£M.. sheep-f^ld 

lo, dSTa. budOed 

BraUdúta, if. bodding 
BrótaiMf «m. loa them -«rood 
Bratáx, ni- to bud, bteak oat 
BnMe j Brdto, tm. genn of 

vines, tngment 
Biottfn, n*. Urge clasp 
~ . remains of leivn. 



thicket, printer B bcuh 
Bnwdao* ■». a. full of rubfaish 
Bracero, «n. bnuh- maker 
Bruces 6 Bruzas, <r> pi- ^^ 

Bmcaódáát^f. tosmage 
BtvAa, <f. whed-bMTow 
trocir, «a. to pare ofT the 

con iCT s and edges 
Brügo» «MB. a sort «f grab 
Bnda, V. Arena 
RmMte, «MS. fire-ship 
Bruma, if. V. Brvma ; winter- 
Brumal, a. brumal 
Bnunaroiénto, tm. wearincM 
Bmroazdo, tm. thick fog 
Brúrao, MS. ñnest wax 
Bmnéla. if. «df-he4l 
Branéta, ^. sort of black cloth 
BrttBo, na. a. of a brown dark 

Brufiido, da. a. burnished 
RrnfUddr, n. t. bomisher 
Bmfiimiénto, $m. met and ef- 
fect of poIi^Odng 
Brnfiir tw. to bornish, paint 
Broacite, am. a sort of bash 
BrAsco, MS. knedMUy, rcAue 

•f wool 
Br4aco, ca. a. rude 
Bruseks, «m. pi. pin or like 

to mix drugs 
Brutal, a. brutal 
BrutaUdid, <f. bnttaU^ 
Brutisa, ^. ron^UMM 
Br«to, MS. brute, rude per- 

Brúto, ta. a. coarse, rough 
Bruxeir, tns. to practise 

Bruxcfia, if. witiAtcraft 
BrAxoxa, «m. sorcerer, wltdi 
BrAxula. if. sea-compasa 
BrttKuleár,«a. toexamine cue 

Brikia, •/. round brush «ar 

Boa. ^. pásenle 
Bnár, va. to limit 

Bu4ro7B«unUo,«i«<b« ^ 

BaUito. ^a. c. aflUcted with a 

dl-^ue m the «roin 
Búcaro, tm. vessel made of 

ñne odorifcrous earth 
But-éar, vu. to divo 
Buceo, fm. diving 
Bocéro, a. Uark nosed 
Búce^ (de), ad. V. Oe Btskm 
Budta, ij. larire cheat or box 
Bncbár, ra. to hide 
Búciie, #m.craw,niaw,nwjuth- 

ful of water, young wcklng 

ass, pur»e, breast 
BuchcctUo, tm. little craw 
Buchéie, tm. check pnflrd 

widi wind 
Bucinadór, mm. tr u m peter 
Budnár, ««. to p-blish 
Bdde, tm. buckle, hair curled 
Bdoo, tm. a ship, buck 
BoctiUca, if. ^akoral Poeti7 
Bucólico, ca. a. bnoritc 
Budiál, tm. marsh, Sen 
Buéa, a. V. Bfteno 
Bo«na. «f. peepcrty 
Buenabtfja, tm. seaman who 



Buenandánzik,<f. the good fat. 
tune of anv one 

Buenaventura, <f. ibttnne 

Bueno, na. a. good or perftet 
in ita kind, simple, soda- 
bie^ great, aouñd, uacfkL 
Bmenot diat, good day 

Bueno, ad. enoo^i 


Boenpasár, tm. 

Bnéfia, if. black 

I. ox, 

ek puddiii 

Bocxeiuélo, tm. stalking ox 

Bueyúno, na. a. belonguig to 
black cattle 

BAfk, if. breaking wind with- 
out noise, Jnt 

Bufido, da. a. bursting wid» 

. vn. to puff and blow 

with anger, snort 
Buliite, «m. desk 
Bu&tfllo, «m. smaU dea 
Buft, <M. kind of watered 

Buf «do, tm. hlowinc of « 
animal, «zpteniosi of anger 
BAfs fiiu a. Opera bi^ ooar 


^Srda, if. window In the 

roof, garret 
Buharro, tm. eagle-owl 

if. „ _ 

low lest, ridicule 
Jufcnázo, «es. great baflban 
Bufimairs^ *r. toleot 
Uúit»,tm.pL mcimt head- 
dress of womesi 
Boaida, tí. buck, a a f il l 

fat washing 
Bugaoéta. if. a saaall «easel . 
BugálU, if. gaB-nnt 
BCm, tm. fmo ring fixed in 

the biside of each end of 

the nsve hole 
Bugeiláda, v. kind of paint 

Bugfa, if. wax-taper 
Bogi^, tm. gentleman usher 

^thek¿n^* household 
Bugleria, if. oHUx at court 

where the wax-caadles are 

Bo^a, 4/*. wild buglet» 

Buhédo, «ai. marl 

Buhéra,«as. embrai 

BtUttfro, tm, owl-keepcr 

BOho, MS. owl 

Balumerfa, if. pedlar's box 

Buhosiáxo, «as. pedlar 

Buir, vm. to pcdish 

Buialaziir, y Buiarasdl, «as. fig 

B^jaRdn, m. VTsadsntla 


BuUr, DO. to mark or brand 
with a red-hot iron 

Baldrio, Ml. coUection of pa- 
pal bolls 

Bdlbo, tm. bulb, earth-not 

Bttlbtfso, sa a. bulbous 

BAlda, if V. »tda 

Bulla, if. shout, crowd, mah 

Bulladdr, MS. cheat 

Bullige, MS. crowd 

Bull^úlle, Ml. busy-body 

Bullido, Ml. clamour, tumult 

BulUddsamentis oA in a 
noi^, tumultuous manner 

BnlUcldeo, sa. «^lively, rest* 

Bulliddr, ra. a. V. BuOidom 

BulUr, va. to boU; oo. to 

BuUte, Ml. kind of knife 
Bultillo, Ml. little lump 
BdlwT^is. »~»k, iwelling, 
bust, pillow 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 



BavátOf «M. sort of woolten 

■tuft, tnowarmt v«U 
Biirba, tf". Afiican coia 
BurbalAr. tm. wludc «T a 

Urn kind 
Barb^U, ^f. bnbbte 
Burboleár, vn. to babble 
BurbujlU. 4/; smaU bubble 
Burcho, tm. aact «f largt 

kloop or buge 
BOrdu, <f. U. back-cti9« 
Burdtfl, m. twothd 
BurdeWro, ra. «. V. jUaUmtU 
Burdo» da» a. coarse 
Bureo, tm, court pf ^utice 

«ntartaiamvBt, dtvaiiion 
Burga, if. hot q^ng «f mi- 

BOTal vatws 
Btttgaldt. tm. wficleat cola 
Bdi^M, «in. native of a vUlagt 
Burn», tm. borou^ 
Burftfl, a. reddish 
Buriel, tm. kersey, rope>valk 
Buril, tm. a burine, «r graTer 
Burilada, ^f. etroke of a burlne 
BoriUr, ««. to en^rtre^gRate 


BdrU, tf. tnaer, trick. Bdr. 

Ia«, fakdtiae advanced In 

Burladdr, ra. «. wag, aerúien 

Burlar, ve. to ridicule* de- 
celYc, ftiutrate 

Burlería, </; Am, deceit, de- 
rision, rcioroach 

Burlesco, ca. •• burlesque 

Burldn, na. <. great wag 

Burra, ^f. a she-ats 

Burnida, <f. drove of asset. 


•tuptd saying 
Burnuo, Mk^ttabl 
Burr¿u>, la. ». large 
Barrero, tm, tm-kieptt 
Burro, tm. ass, stupid, wheel 

which puts Áe machine in 

Bunrdcho, ws. little ass 
Burt\)o, «m. dregs «f pressed 

olives or grapes, lump of 

pressed wool 
Bunion 7 Burulldn, «m. large 

lump, protuberanee 
BusáriMs, if. ft. breast-hooks 
Busca, 4f- terrier, troop of 

huntsmen that overrun a 

teest to rouse the game 
Buscador, ra. i. searcher 
JHiscamiéntO!, tm. search 


Bllsc^4d^ >w.etaft nienftB 
about between peepue^ltw 
Buscar, ve. to seek, aeevda 
Buscaruidos, «m. xesÜcM 
Uu sr a Tfd a s , tm. a ftylng p— «» 

Bdstn, tm. bust, tomb 
Btttiiifrra, 4/: gaskins 
Butillo, Ua. a. of a pale jfA- 

lowish colour 
But4>tio, tm. bittern 
Butrino, *wu fowliag-iiet 
ButnSn, tm. net ftit Urde 
Baxeríá, rt: gewgaw 
Buiéta. tf. box made of boa.- 

wood, petfiinte-box 
Buxéto, UN. burnisher 
Búxo, tm. wooden fhune e« 

which painters As dwir 

BÚ70, tm. hut 
Búytre, tm. vulture 
BuytrÁv, «Ml. vulMxe-iovler 
BuytffSn, tm. bekket w*e of 

osiers to catdi fl<h, part- 

Bus, tm. kiss 
Buzo, tm. diver, kind «f 




#Hlb 6 Cibe, tm. oon-i 

Cabdoo, «es. end of wood 
Cabal, m. Just, peiCBCt 
Cabala. <f. cabal, totrigui 
eabalgádaKf ^cavalcade, b( 

taken yanesourslon 
Cabalgador, «ei. a horsei 

who goes in prooastion 
Cabalgadura, tf. tamptee 
Cabalgar, «a. to parade 

har whack; loooveran 

Cabalhadktc, «m«. kiad of 

Caballa. 4f. 

CabaUdda, 4f. ctud of ¡Mtsas 

Cahaimok tm, a^, w« 

f^ame Ifar theeing u: 

Caballerear, e». to set up fur 

CabaUeréscok ea. a. having 

the vpearaaceora gentle 

Caballerete d (te, «wi. sfrace 

cavaltj, art of managing _ 

hone, mttbaiT «cder, lot of 

Caballaiia, <r. stable 
Caballerizo, tm. head< 

of astaUe 
CabalUio, tm, knight. 

Digitized by 


man, noUeDian, cavdter 
Caballñrdao, sa. m. noble» ge- 
nerous, gentlemanlike 
Caballerdle, tm. gnctítem 
Caballeta, <f. tieldcrMAeC 
Caballete, tm. ridge of a hooee 
Ibcming an acute aaglc^ 
horse, an instrument af 
torture, brake, brlige o:' 

CabalUco, 9 fto, tm. pony 
Cabdllo, tm. horse. CeteOb 
dtfrHi^ Chevaaz-de-«ite. 
CabaUo NMM-Jae, hippopota- 
mus, trestle, kn* At in the 
nme of chess, tmbo 
'aballdn, tm. dumsgr hecaeh 

rid» of ploughed land 
Cabaa^^|«i<n ill *e 


CabAltnélo, #n. Uttle hoTM 
OrttaUdno, na. «. beloofing 

loa bone 
r«bálroent«, md. exartly 
OaUhfertc, am. kind of laddle 
(1ab4S«, <f. ahcfdicnt^ trot, 

flork of •««», diow of 

Cabafiál, mm. road for AMp 
and cattle 

CabafWro, ra. a. belai^iag to 
the 4to*« of mnlo amd 
aMca vUchgowhh aAock 

C«lMfUl Ó Caba&ál, o. V. Ca 

CabafiO, tm. herd or keeper 

•f mmJe» and aue*, wMck 

a« kcft for cariTing 
Cabañuela, «f. sooaU b« 
<:abdsa.^, lane cloak 
CabdUUr, t>«. V. 
etfbe. mn. atroke given by 

balk, in tlw game ef ar- 

cAeaerfr, im. to nod vitb 

aleep, tbakc tt 

pitdi, head wine 

Cawecéo, tm. act of 

ihj^tng the head 

loira, ^. upper end of a 

ecutor, eaptain 

jCabeeéro, tm. lintd, head of 

a branch of a aoMe Amily, 

€abecUndio, dia. a, broad 

«V flat h^^^*^ 
CmbOUMO, tm. Urge buh ef 


CabdUHo, «m. little 

CabolWra, ^f. long hair, CdM 

eabéUo, «M. hair efthebcad ; 

S large tlaews la mutton, 
«■heUúde,da. o. harbigkng 

and thick hair 
fab«D«d«wMi. khid ofeea-fleb 

e«b«r, tw. to be abl« to oeo* 
lai% be entitled to • tiling ; 


makes or retai 

Cabeatrtfre, ra. a. being 
tame a» to be led bjr a haher 

Cab*4Tflle,«m. iUfig nia|icnd> 
cd «ram theoeck, in wWdi 
a tore aim or hand k 

Cab««re, m. halter, beU-ox 

Cabeza, ^f. the head, a fee- 
cioos ttone, a penan, 
dMpter. Jndónent, head 
of cattle, chMf governor. 

titlo-page, prir.cipnl town, 
map dragon 

Oafaeiibla, <f. stroke or butt 
given widi the head, baiter, 
neadMtali, pitching of a Ain 

Cabezal, tm. head-picM in a 
powdeT'rmill, small sanare 
pillow, compress, beisCer, 
■est of a door, mattraM 

CaMfOb ttm. sommi: of a hül, 
•birt collar 

Oabeatfn,<in. coUarof adiirt, 
- the 

bead to pass throngb 
Cabecitfrro, tm. larae liead 
CabeiAdOf tm. chn» 
Cabezudo ,da.a. large>beaded. 


eabestrig», «m. halter, money 

mud to a driver fir eon- 

dneUng cattle to market 
Oabestrér, va. to haher , vn. 

to fbwl with a «talking- 

Cabestrear, mu to fellow 

«Ulingly when lad^a 

Cabezuela, tf. small hei 
blockhead» coarm floi 

eabaznélo, tm. little head 

Cabial, am. caviare 

CaUda, ^f. space or « yc i ty 

CaMWMnfe. «St. he who has a 
vote in a chapter 

Cabildear, tm. to 

Cabildero, a. bdonging to a 

Cabfloo, tm. chapter, session 
Ufa court of justice, meet- 
ing af a chapter 

CabOIo, tm. small end ef a 

Cabio,«ni.lintd of) 

Cabfto, tm. small lin„ 

Cablzbiso, xa. «. crest- fUl s n , 
tfMMii^tfy, pensive 

Cabiteildo, da. a. applied to 
penons who hang their 
bead on their breest 

CabittuArtOt ta. *. wry-headed 

Cable, «Nk cable 

Ctfbo» «Ml. end of any thing, 
cape, pivce, requisite, low- 
est card in the game called 
parag^qph» dúef 


head. haA. cord^k <Ms^ 

MTMoifrB, corporal. Cates 

híamem, nntnrred eadag». 

ceA«, at last 

Cabra, t¡f. goat, engine 
nerly wed to throw ste n n ; 
fl. red marks en die len 

_ ___JlnAe_- 
Cabrahi^dára, ^f. eaptiáca 

Cabrahigal 4 , 

grove of wild flg-trees 
Cabrahlg<r> vm. to improve a 

Cabrah%», «m. «he asale wUi 

Cabreo, rai. registe 
Cabrera, tf. fcnrd of fsalt 
Cabrtfro, mi. gaat-herd 
Cabrest éate , sm. eapstan, a«- 
■levtng and nia- 


Cabrfk4f H 
Oabtflfai,^. Uttle 

\ J* 

Cabrillear, ve. to threw stones 

along the susftce ef water 
Cabrío, tm. rafter 
Cabrio, a. rcaeniMing goals 
Cabridia, qf. a caner made In 

dancing, nimble leap 
CabrioMr d Cabriolear, «n. to 

CahrkUa, tm. kind of daak 

used kf ladies 
Cabrfta, ^. Uttle «hekid 
Cabrit^ro, tm. dealer in kids, 

one who dres&cs or sell» 

Cabrlt/lla. <f. a draiscd of 

taAnad Iamb or kid skin 
Cabrttillo y CabrMo, sei. kid 
Cabsdn, tm. bock* one wb* 

consents to the «dnltory of 

Oabaonáso, sm. one who psos- 

titutes his own wife 


een bnsbend, «itid herb 
Cabrtoo,na. a 

Cabd/mi* l>«n«B IP«""^ 
CaboUda, tm. hunOag-saddle 
Cabum» '"*. soo^ 
Cacahual y Cacaotal, «ni. 
plantation of dM>colat«n-es» 
CaoUiaáte, so». American 

> Cacao, «m. diocotate-twa 

Digitized by VjO(5*?1C 


Oacarwdtfr, «. a cock that 

crows, boaster 
Cwai«ár, vn. to crow, bras 
Caretfr, la. to toss or shake 

Mmiethfaig in a pan 
Cacera. <f. canal, sort of pig- 
Cacería, <f. hunting or fowl- 
ing party 
Cacerflla, ^. small drain 
Cacerina, «T* cartridge box 
Cacerola, ^. stewing pan 
Caceta, if. small pan used by 

Cá<^a. **: handle of a kniie 
Cachada, <f. stroke of one top 

against another 
Cacharádo, «m. kind of linen 
Cacharro, tm. coarse earthen 

Cachaza, <f. inactiri^ V 
Cachera, <f. coarse shagged 

cloth or baize 
Cachetas, « teeth or wards 

in a lock 
Cachete, «tn. cheek, fist 
Cachetero, «tn. short and 
broad knife with a sharp 
Cachetudo» da. a. plump 

Cachicán, «m. overseer of a 

Cachicuerno, na. a. having a 

handle or haft of horn 
Cachidiablo, «m. hobeoblin 
Cachifollar, iM. topuftor blow 

with the che^s 
Cachi<Mrdétc. U ; y fto. ta. c 

squat, thick and plump 
Cachipolla, af. white butter- 
fly on the banks of rivers 
CacMp<5rra, tf. stick, used by 
country people, vulgar ex- 

Ctfcho, «m. slice, applted to 

i, oranges, or melons 
(?<cho, cha. a. tent, crooked 

Cachonda, a. Ptrrm 

a bitcto which is noi or 

Cáchdpo, tm. gulph of the 

sea. trunk or stomp of a 

Cachorro, ra. «. grown pappy, 

pocket pistol 
€aichticho» tm. oil-measote. 

cartridge, place for each 

arrow in a quiver 
Cadraéla. <r. a fricassee 
Cachuelo, «m. small river fish 
CachOmbo, «m. Und of hard 



Cacfllo y Cacito, «m. smaU 

Cacique, am. prince nr noble- 
man among the Indians 
Cioo, «Ml. pick-pocket, a 

Cacofonía, <f. «aoophony 
Cacoquimia, «f.cacochymv 
Cacoquimico. ca. a. caco«y- 

Cacoquimio, tm. he who sof- 

fers nielanch<^ 
Ciá^part. every. Caia into, 
each onCé Coda vcs. every 
Cadalecho, «m. bed made of 

branches of trees 
Cadalso, tm. scaffold^ 
raiy gallery or stage 
Cadañero, ra. a. annual 
Cadarzo, «m. coarse silk not 

to be spun with a whed 
Cadáver, am. corpse 
Cadavéra, tf. corpse, skull 
Cadavérico, ca. a. cadaverous 
Cadejo, am. entangled skein 
of thread, many threads 
pnt togeúier to make tassels 
Cadena, </*. chain, mortice, 
malefactors chained to- 
gether, bar of iron, turn- 
ing handle 
Cadenádo, tm. padlock 
Cadencia, <f. cadence 
Cadenciado, da. y dso, sa. a. 

belonging to a cadence 
Cadeneta. </. lace or needle- 
work wrought in form of a 
Cadente, a. decaying, having 
a «orrect modulation in de- 
livering prose or verse 
Cadera. 4f. hip 
Caderillas, hoops worn 

by ladies in mil dnss 
Cadete, tm. cadet 
Cadillár, am. place abound- 
ing with burdock 
Cadfllo, am. common burdock 
Cadiz, am. kind of coarse stuff* 
Cádmia, ^f. calamine 
Cádo, am. ferret hole 
Caddce, tm. gudgeon 
Caducan vn. to dote, be worn 

out of service 
Cadnéeaddr, «it. king at arras 
Caduceo, am. herald's :«taft* 
Caduco, ca. a. worn out with 

fetigue, perishable 
Caduquez, ^. weakneu 
Caedizo, za. a. ready to fell 
Cacdúra, af. loom threads 
dropping from the waaw's 
loom when weaving 


Cadr, «ft. to ftU to diemsnd» 
lose oae% Bltuatfaiii,fldUato 
an error; Co^^ aetawoito» 
to drive to leeward.} Omt 
at atu/lo, to feU aataipi 
Cmt W eobr. to ftda; «a. 

Cafe, ^. cottoD ttnir 

Caflfrd. «m. a kind flf doth 

Caferéo, am. abyss 

Cafe, am. coffee, ttiñ^hcmm 

Cafetáraf 4^ ouífee-poty oofr 

Cafetero, am. aoflTee-maa 

CáfíU, Ml. multitude arp«o<- 
ple or outer thing^ caravan 

CaBfCfC savage 

Caga-acéyte, am. a little Mvd 
whose excrements are of «a 
oily substance 

Cagachín, «as. kind of gnat 
or fly 

Cagada, 4f. excrement, ridi- 
culous actioD 

Cagadero, am. place where 
people resort to for tti» 
purpose of exonerating ttw 

Casadillo, «at. a sorry Uttte 

Cacado, am. a mean-spiritaá 

Cagafiérro. am. scoria 
'Cagdjdn. am. dung of nuüca» 

horses, or asües 
Cagalar, am. tripe 
Cagalera. 4/*. diarrhoea 
Cágamelos, «as. kind of mnsh- 

lagar» vn, to exonerate tiia 

Cagardpa, am. V. CagaiMtt 
Cagarrache, am. one trfao 

washes the olives of an oiI> 

mill, bird of the starliBC 

Cagarria, if. kind of mnih* 

room ' 

Cagarruta. <f. dung of ibaif 

and goats 
Cagatorio, am. V. Cagadero 
Cagón, na. a. person alBicted 

with a diarmoea, cowardlj 
Cagué, am. Dutch vessel 
C^is. am. nominal measoic 

if. tract of land 

Caída, if. fell, decUviti 
thing whtdi hangs <£awn ; 
A' la eaida ddaol^mtoan 
set; »/. that part «f a 
head-dress which baqga 
down loose 

Caídos, am. ft, rents not pajtf • 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 


Caimiento, «m. lovne» of 

CaÁpie, tm. kindaf «UfF 
Cal, «m. tNimt linwatoae «T 

wliicfa mortar Is made 
Cala, <f. small bay, «mall 

piece cut out of a melon, 

or other fruit, to tr^r its fla- 

Toor, probe 
Calabacera, ^f. pampkin 
tTalabacéro, «m. retailer of 


pompionBorp^ . 

CaJabocflla, if. apiece of wood 
In úwdiápe oragoanl, ear- 
ring in ttieahapeof a pear 

Calabacín, «m. a small, yoimg, 
tender pnmpUn 

Oriabacináte, tm. fried pnmp- 


Calabaza, <f. . 

bash, small 

the ring of a key 
Calabaxi£i, if. knock with 

the head against some- 

thhig, liqaor drank out of 

a calabash 
Calabazar, «m. piece of groond 

sown or planted with pom- 

C£bazáte, «m. preserred 
pnmpkin candied with su- 
gar, knock of the head 
against the wall 

Calabazdna, if. large winter 

CaJabóbos, M 

I, am. smaB, gentle, 

continued rain 
Calabdzo, «M. dungeon, pm- 

ning-biook or pruning-knifé' 
Calabrdte, tm. stream-cable 
Cálacántót «m. flea-bane 
Calada, Jr- n^id fli^ rf 

birds tapnjt introduction 
Calád<H open work la metal, 

wood, or Unen 
Caladtfr, «m. tae wl:» pJGJ^ca 

or perfbrates 
OaUdre^ if. a bltti Urloftfiiitf 

totbefiunUy of lirkk 
Calafiite j Cala&tcoddt^ tm^ 

Calafatear j CataftiMrp «^ t» 
fill up the seam* ar Atíim 
of a ship with (u'feum or 
pitch, to canlk iit t;m\k 

Calafcttn, mi. aikr^'f. bay 

Calagozo, im. hedt$Lti¿ bu4; 

Calagraña, <f. ki»i^ «Ir pap» 
only fit ior eating 

Calagurritáno, na, a. tüoam- 
ing to the diy oC Cal- 

Caiahdm, 4f. arnbUc qfiadt 

in times of scarcity 
Calamaco, «m. catimanco 
Calamar, «m. sea-sleeve 
Calambre, «m. qpasm 
Calamidad, if. misfortune 
Calamita, if. laad«tone 
Calamite, «m. kind of small 

green nog 
Caiamitdso, sa. a. unfortunate 
Ctflamo, Mb reed, sort of 


Ettar ó ir 

taiamoeamo, to be some- 

*what fuddled 
Calamdco, am. icicle hanging 

from the eaves of a house 
Calamdn, tn. purple water- 
hen, round-headed nail 
Calamorrada, if. butt 
Calamorrár, va. to strike with 

the head as homed animals 
Calándralo, m>. rag hanging 

down frmn a garment, r ' ~ 

Calandria, if. calender 
Caláfia, if. pattern, sample^ 

CalapatUlo, Mt. maggot 
CaUr, va. to penetrate, 

place; vn. to sink into the 

water ; vr. to enter, stoop 
CaUr, a. calcareous 
CaUTéra, if. skuU 
Calaverada, if. ridiculous 
Calaverear, vn. to act in a 

foolish manner 
Calcamár, mi. sea-fowl 
Cakafiár, mi. heel-bone 
Calcáneo, mi. the heel 
Calcafiudo, mi. a disease of 

Calcedonia, if. chalcedony 
Calces, Ml. mast-head 
Calceta, if. under stocking 
Calcetería,^, hosier's shop 
Cál£f>[^T4?^ ^.1. I one who 

matps pr •^íHf thread stock- 


CalctfCdji^ jm. IjiT^ stocldng 

*orri u niJ*>r Ikhj!» 
Cáldile Hi CjJlIiIcs, if. kind 

DÍ ^J l€:hartls 
Calcina» Mf- fnrrttir 
ColcicLár, va. tú ralcEne 
C^oDftrai^fn. ^' T^&lcography 
GalcUtfJJbj tm. I'ti^aver 
CalcuXálilir> n- ralciiJable 
Calculfrdiúr^ rm, itiii[»lator 
Cn-koliir, ve- \ü czEdilate 

C&ifUla, ITK. LialtUl^ 
Cálda^ ifi wunuch 
C»ld&(r, Lvp. w ^tAA iron 
CaJd^a, 4f< csJ^sn* pot 


Calderada, if. a ealdven foil 
Calderería,^, brazier's shop 
Calderero, mi. brazier 
Caldereta, if. small-caldron 
Calderilla, if. holy-water pot. 

Calderdn. mi. large caldron 
Calderuela, if. smaU kettle 
Caldillo y Caldíto, mi. sauce 

of a ragout, light broth 
Caldo, Ml. water In whieh 
meat has bean boiled, 
broth; CoUot, wincw oii, 
Ac. > -^ , 

Calddso, sa. «. having plenty 
of broth 

Calefaccidn, if. calefactlon 
Calerobúo, mi. kind of tree 
Caléncas, if. kind of caUco 
Calendario, mi. almanac 
Caléndula, if. wild mavygold 
Calentador, mi. one who 
warms, or beats, warming - 

ri, watch 
tamiénto, am. calefbc- 

tion, disease in horzes 
Calentar, va. to warm, heat ¡ 

vr. to be proud, dispute 

Calentura, if. a fever, warmtli 
Calenturiento, ta. a. frverish 
Calenturilla, if. slight fever 
Calenturdn, am. violent fever 
Calera, if. a lime-kiln 
Calerúi, af. place where lime 

is burnt and sold 
Calero, ra. a. calcareous 
Calero, am. one who breaks 

and bums lime-stone 
Calesa, if. a calash 
Calesero, amu a driver of a 

Cal(!sin, am, single horse 

Caleninéro, am. owner of a 

single horse chaise 
Caleta, af. a cove or creek 
Caletre, mi. understanding 
CaUblta, am. inhabitant of a 

Calibrar, vn. to examine the 

caliber of a ñre-arm 
Calibre, am. dimensions of a 

Calicúd ó Calicut, if. silk 

stuff* imported from India 
Calidad, if. qualify, import- 
ance of a thing, terms of 

an agreement 
Calidez, if. heal 
Cálido, da. a hot, crafty 



eaUéta, 4f- Und of oMMhnMD 

Calififto, MtTthe disnltr of 

ealiph ^^ 

Callficacfafn, <f. qualiflcatkn. 

Judgment, pniof 
Calificado, da. a. qoallflad 
Calificador, am. aaa who b 

CaUfietfr, m. to qualify, an» 
thorlie, lIluBtrate; vr. to 
pnwie one^ ooMe birth 
Cabgnidád, V. ObMtrMM 
Caligintfso, sa. a. dark 
CaUn, Ml. kind of metallic 

Cal/na, nf. thick raponr 
Callz, «m. chalice 
CaUio, am. a. calrareoiu 
Hi^ a dWndo, ad. priTstd; 
CaJMda, *f. dish of tripe 
De Callada, d á las CaiUdat, 

od. withont nolle 
ralladamente, ad. dlaatlT 
CaUadárlo, tf. red or black 

cotton stuflT 
Callddo, a. silent, discreet 
Callandico, ca. y Callandito, 

ta. a. in a low roioe 
Callar, m. to keep lllence 

Calle, tf. street, pretext ; CalU 

majjor, main street 
Callear, va. to clear the walks 

in the vineyanl 
Callejear, va. to walk the 

Ca'leiéro, ra. t. street-walker 
Callijdn, tm. narrow lane. 

kind of 


Calléela, ^. a lane 
Callemándra, tf. 

woollan stuir 
OUlo, «m. hard or caUoot 

substance, a com, wen, ex> 

tremity tíí a horse's shoe 
CaUón, Ml., big com or wen, 

(among ihoemalLers) rubber 
Calltfso, sa. a callous 
Calloú, «m. wine extracted 

from painu and cocoa 

Calma, tf. a calm 
Calmante, p« y #. mitlntlag 
Calmar, vn. to fUl caua 

Calmdso. sa. a. G 
Caloctfr, «m. kind of day 
Calddia, ^f. clog 
CalofHado, da. a. chilly 
Calofriarse y Calosfriarse, vr. 

Calofrió, y Calosfrió, m. in- 



<S^n^ 4/- home of canons. 

Cajoolár, M. to fine 
CaMfta, ^. V. Calumnia, a 

fine fiir calumniating 
CaMr, m. heat, brunt of an 

CakHo, m.ametal 
Calpiiqne^ «m. a steward 
Calumnia y Calúnia, ^. ca- 
lumny, fklse charge, slander 
Calumniador, t. calumnia- 
tor, a slanderer 
Calumniar, oo. to calumniate 
Calumnidso» sa. a. calumnious 
Caluroso, sa. a. warm, hotfaig 
Calva, <r. Uld head, ganM 

CalTár, «2^ hit a stiie In 

the game of Caiva 
Cahr<rio, ntu a cfaamd -house, 

Calvatrueno, tm. baldness 
Calvixa, jr. large bald pate 
Calvero, CalvnZr, y Calvitlr. 

am. piece of barren ground 

among fhiitfni lands 
Calvete, «m. little bald pate 
Calvez, <f. baldness 
Calvo, o. bald, barren 
Ctflys, tf. alkanet 
C^ba*, <f. fL long kgose 

Callada, ^. a causeway 
Calzadera, af. hempen cord 
Calzado, im. all sorts of shoes, 
fcc. hone widi 

Calaaddr, tm. horn used to 

draw up the Mnd quarters 

of tight shoes 
CafaMdüra^. feUM of a cart 

wheel, mlnk-moncy 
Calz<r, OS. to put on shoM, 

-^ '*-— with In» or 

Calzonizo, tm, big pair of 

Calzoncillos, tm. pi. 

orawcts, a nme 
bo4y of a car^ 

car^ piece of 


the posts of a wine-press, 

branch of a bridle 
Carnada, ^r. a litter 
CamaMo, «m. cameo 
CanUD, «M. hempen halter, 

chain fn slaves 
Camaleopardo» tm. camelo- 

Caouunila, tf. dnonomile 


Camandulero, ra. a. y t. (uU 

of tricks and artiHi-a 
CamaiHteca. ^. kind of sttin 

formerly used for linings 
CAmara, ^: hall, alcove, gra- 
nary, Mool, cabin of a ship, 
chamber; Ciimara aüa ú 
dt lot part*, the bouse m 
CamarMa. ^. partner, aocletv 
Caraarágo, tm. granary rent" 
Camaranchón, tm. gnrvt 
Camarera. <f. headwaitiiv. 
maid, keeper of the queen's- 

Camarería, <f. place and 
ployment of a valet 

valet de 

Cunartfro, «m. valet de cham- 
bre, steward, loiddiambOT. 

Camareta, if. small bed- 

Camariento, ta. a. troubled 
with adiarrfaoa 

Camarilla, <f. small ivom 

Camazfo, tm. doset, aladly's 

CamariKa, ^f. copse 

Camarita, ^f. a small tibaaiba 
or room 

CamarOn, am. shrimp 

Camaronero, tm, one wh» 
catdtes or sdls durimps 

Camarote, tm. room on board 
a ship 

Camasquince, am. » nick- 

Camastro, Mt. a post nd«ra. 
ble bed 

Camastrón, mm, sly artfid 

T Camaladiár, n 

Cánbas, <f. W. , 

Into a cloak U 

hang round 

CambayOs, <f. pf . kind of art- 
ton stuff 

Cambiflile^ «. fit to be liar- 
tared or ezduu^ed 

Cambiador, tm. ant who bar- 
ters, a banker, naoney- 

CamUamlOnto, tm. diange 

Cambiante, o. bartering 

Cambur, «o. to barter, 
change, giveor take money 
on bills, transit, carry on 
the bosfaiessaf a banker 

CambQa, </*. a reservoir, pmr- 


pendt rnl ar Une intosect* 
tag another, » square 

Gimbie, «m. barter« slvingor 
taUng of bUU of exchange^ 
ilae and fall of the oourtie 
trf" exchange, jmbllc or pri- 
vate bankir return of a fit- 

Canillita, «m. banker 

CaniUánte, tm. a kind cf 

Cambmay, tm. cambric 
CambraT^do, da. a. resem- 
bling cambric 
Cambiajr«in,Mi. coane cam- 
Camfan^ tm. bockthora 
Cambronal, tm. Oúcket of 

ntfm, «f. thorn 
€ambúi, mi. American myr- 
Cambtts, tm. child's cap tied 
<do«e to its head, mask, toU 
Camedris, tm. gernuoider 
Cameléa, tf: widow wail 
Gamriéti^ tm. kind cf great 


Camdedca, <f. colfs fbot 
CameWna, tf: purging flax 
Camella, <f. she-camel, ridge 
in nlt^ied land, a miK 

Cameli^ tm. small camd, 
■mall itteoe of ordnance 

Camelleria, tf: stable or stand 
lor camels 

Camellero, tm. keeper or dri> 
varof oamds 

Camello, aw. camd, ancient 

CamelVta, tm. ridge turned 
1^ bjr die ploogb, carpen- 
ter's horsey bed of flowers 
in a garden, camblel 
CaraidMe, am. camMet 
C«mem4rok «"(• cIoud->benr7 

ground pine 
Camero» tm. upholitterer 
" belonging to a 

CamfUa, ^. small bad, horse 

on wUdi linen is aired 
Cmaíaaáárt <"(• good walkex 

Caminar, VI». totravel 
Caminata, <f. kMig walk for 

the sake of eserdse 
Camfoo, tm. high road, Jour- 
acjf Awn onei^aceto ano- 
ther; Camiii»earreUro,3neá 
Ar canriMes and waggons 
4r..ibirt, shiCs». 


pllce, thin skin of almonds 
and other fVntt, tide of a 
rampart, stock of counters, 
rough plastering of a wall ; 
Camita de una vera, the 
body of a sail; Bsidttnim 
eamitat Are jou in jour 


Camlstfla, ^f. ruffled sldrt 

Camisón, tm. long, and vide 

Camisdte^ tm. annonr ten the 
body worn In ancient tin 

Camiu, 4f. small bed 

Carooniila,.V. MafuaMOIa, 

Canuta,, «tn. lane bed, irame 
of laths, whtdi scrvct to 
Ibrm an arch, incurrated 
pieces of timber in the 
wheels of com mills 

OamonciUo, tm. traite stool in 
a drawing room 

Camdte, tm. Suani . . 

Campal, a. belon^ng to the 
field and en '- 


Campana, tf: bell, anj tfting 
which has the shape of a 
bell, iroo hoop, ^asa ves- 
sel; Camaaita itbtaot di- 

Campanada, ^f. sound pro- 
duced by the dmiper of a 

Campanario, tm. belfty 

Campanear, va. to ring the 
bell fluently, divalge 

Campanéla, <r. sudden cir- 
cular motion with the feet 
in dancing 

Campaneo, «n. ^ilme, can- 




Campanil, a. Metal eamptMÜ, 

Campanillázo, tm. violent 
ringing of bellü, signal 
^ven with the' bdl ' 
CampaniUeilr, va, to ring a 

stnall beli often 
Campanilléro, trn. bdlman 
Cainpanino,«»i.kind of marble 
eampánte,. pa. excelling 
Campanudo, da. a. wide, 
cainpaniforro, pompous, 
lofty, high soundine 
Catnpibiula, <f. bell-flower 
Campaña, </*. flat, level coun- 
try, campaign; Campaña 
naval, cruize 
Campar, vn. to encamp, ex- 
cel In abiUties> &c 


Campaur* va< 

v». to be ia tba 

Campero, ra. a. expoaad to 
wind and weather in Úm 
open field 

Campero, tm. ttlwt who M- 
perintands the minage- 
ment of a fkm, pig teeu^it 

Campesino, na. y Campestre, 

a. mnd 
Camptta, tf. flat tract of am- 

tract of latand 
covntry, field, «tops, 
grannd of a piece of 

caw|^ gra 
Ibv fliniwo 

M campt, one who culti- 
vates the ground, and leads 
aoonntty life 

Camuesa, tf. pippin 

Camueso, «as. plppin-tiee 

CamúAasf iff.w. all seeda 

Camúza, if. cotxanU 

Camuidn, tm. large cham el fc 

Can, tm. ancient picee of 
ordnance; Can fus meta 
at lobo, w^-dqg 

Cana, tf. longmeasoic 

CanabáUa, ^ kind of fiih^ 

CaniB, tm. a chamid through 
which water passes, trough 
fbr cattle to drink out of, 
gutter, hemp, channel 

Canaula, <f. small tnNU^ Ibr 
cattle to drink out of 

CanaWte, rai. paddle 

CanaUzo, tm. narrow dian- 
nel between two idands 

Condlla, <f. mob 

Canallúxa, ^f. roguery 

CanakSn, tm. large gutter or - 

Caiiapé, tm. couch 

Canario, ria. t. canaiy-Urd». 
k ind of quick dance 

Canasta, ^. basket, hamper, 

Canastilla, tf. small basket, 

Canasto y Canastro, Ml. large 

CancabúK, mi. v^ for cover- 
ing theface 

Cincamos, mi. ]rf. bolt-rinyt 

Cancamusa, tf. trick or firaud 
made use of to dec«iveon« 


CancanílU, <f. play-tfaing to 

plaj a txlck with 

Cancel, «m. wooden icnen, 

to obatract the cold, wind, 

limits or extent of a thing 

CanoaUr, va. to cancel 

Cancelaría, y Cancdcría, <f. 

papal chancery 
Cancelarlo, tm. chancdlor In 

Cáncer, tmu cancer 
Cancerarse, vr. to be aíBieted 

with a cancer 
Cancerdao, sa. a. cancerous 
Candila, «f. wickcr«door 
Canciller, tm. chanceikr 
Cancl!leréKo,ca. a. beloogiiif 
to the writing «dtaractert 

used in chancery '^~ ' 

Cancitfnt <f. iong, 
CandoneflUf <f i 
Cancionero, «m. song-bwA 
Candoniita, tm. aathor oi 

sinset of songi 
Candado, tm. padlock^ pen- 
dant, ear-ring 
Cándamo, tm. ancient rustic 

Cándara, if. frame of laths 
for sifting sand, earth, and 
Cande, a. V. Atticar 
Candeal, a. siliginose, made 

of fine wheat 
Candeda, </*. blossom of the 


Candela, </*. candle, flower 

of the chesnot-tree, can- 

dlesUck, fire 

t'andúlábro, tm. candlestick 

ilandeládat At'- sudden blaze 

from straw or 
Candelaria,^, candlemas 
CaiMlel(!rázo,«m. large candle- 

Candelería, ^. tallow and 

wax-chandler^ shop 
Condeléro, tm. candlestick, 

lamp, fishing-torch 
CandeletiSn, tm. large stan- 
Cauilelilla, </*. the blossom of 
white poplars, asps and 
other trees 
Candencia, 4f, incandescence 
Cundiál, a. making fine flour 

and bread 
Candidamente, ad. in a sin- 
cere, candid maimer 
Candidato, tm. candidate 
Candidez, </*, whiteness, can- 
dour, simphcity 
Gindido, da. a. white, can- 
did, inexperienced 


Candd, tm. a Utdien or sta- 
ble lamp, lamp, cock of a 
hat, fishing-torch, top of a 
stag's ham 
Candllázo, tm. blow or stroke 

given with a lamp 
Candileja, ^. inner part of 
the lamp which contains 
Candil^, *m. snoall lamp 
Caudiléra, tm. bastard mul- 
Candildn, tm. large open lamp 
Candiifta, «f. hmti or keg, 

large eartiben jar 
Candiotero, tm. ant wbow 
trade it Is to make barrels 
mddnga, <f. mean, merry, 
old male no longv fit for 
Canddngo, tm. wag 
Candonguear, vo. to ieer, 

sneer, turn into ridicule 
Candonguero, tm. wag 
Canddr, tm. supreme white- 
Canela, ff. cinnamon 
Canelo, ttn. dnnamon-tree 
Canelón, tm. gutter, sweet- 
meat, icicle ; CaneUnet, end 
of a cat of nine- tails 
C*»**^" -'" »••''- hoary 
C a,V. Aieat{for 

C to exchange 

I , ■; tat 

Cj .>;.^.,.j ... Liarthen jar or 
|.s;. {,. .-, .ii.iOTg earthen 
jir, i.sukard 
Caí i(£i tjij.^ Vi liingrene 
C^^-fliir^, T-r. to be afflict- 

wilh a f^^itfu^e 
C<Eiib,i, fr^núitlt 
Caul^'u U'lnia» tm. pt. dog-days 
Coiiiili^, «wL, kind of parrot 
Caiilirj, j». y. J *, weak, infirm 
Ciid Au,. nv.r-e bread 
Cu " ,1 wooden pli>e 

I ca^k or Itarrel 

r juor, quill 

Cteuiiiuru, V «"fient armour 
for the shinbone, woman 
who distributes skeins of 
thread to be wound on 
CanillL^o, tm. hole made In 
a cask or vat to draw oil' 
the liquid, a weaver's quill- 
Canina, ie/*. excrement of dogs 
Caiiinainente, ocf. in a pas- 
sionate, snarling manner 
Caninéro, tm. one who ga- 
thers the excrea^í|,e<íifi 


Caninez, ^. inordinate appe* 

tite or desire of eating 
Canino, na. a. canine ; IN- 

tntei caninot, dog teeth 
Caniqui, 4/: fine muslhi, kind 

of glass phial 
Cano, na. a. hoary 
Canda, <f. canoe 
Canoero, ^f. one who con- 
ducts or steers a canoe 
Candi, mi. basket used by 

the Indians 
Canofta, Af. smidi canoe 
Canon, tm. canon, a fee, list 
Canonésa, tf. canouess 
Canongta, ^f. prebend oT a 

Candnioo, ca. a. canonical 
Candnigo. tm. a canon 
Canonista, tm. canonist 
Canonizir, so- to canonize 
Candpo, tm. miner 
Candro, ra. a. canorotis, loud 
Candso, sa. a. hoary 
Cinque, tm. kind of cottoo 

Cansadamente, ad. impor- 

Cansado, da. pp. wearied, m. 
tiresome, performed with 
much pain 
Cansado, tm. troublesome 

Caniuir, imi. to weary, exfaanst 
land ; vr. to tire one's sel£ 
Cansera, </*. fiitigue 
Cantable, a. tunable, pathe- 
tic, affecting 
Cantiida, </*. a musical com- 
Cantador, tm. V. CaiJor 
Cantaleta, </*. pun 
(Untar, tm. song set to music 
Contar, va. to sing, tedte, an- 
nounce the trump ; CánUlr 
mita, to say ma^s 
Cántara, «f. large narrow, 
mouthed pitcher, wine 
Cantaral, tm. kmd of press 
Cantarera, <f. slielf to pat 

Jars, pitchers. See. 
Cantárida, </*• Spanish flies 

Cantarín,*!», continual singer 
Cantarína, if. a woman «^m 

sin(;(S on the stage 
Cántaro, tm. largp narrow- 
mouthed pitchier, wine- 
measure, vessel into which 
the votes are put 
Cantatriz, 4f. V. CoatariiHi 
(Qantázo, tm. a wound given 
by flinging a stone at one 



CutéTM» mu- pt. sub v£ 1 .14I < small mcarans fbr -vine 
Topta. pul aiidvr «Lbkit on CiñafítUAa, if, the fVuit vt 
tptuMi n xJitii tl>e casKiatree 

OnUTd^i ffr qaanrr Cañal, «wu wear for fbihing, 

- -- L — ___ Binall sluice for catchii^; 

físh, conduit of vater 
Ciñama, ^f. atíseument of 
taxes. CoMa cei^amat house 
exempt irom taxes 
Cañamar, nn. field sovn vlth 

Tafiamázo, «m. tow of hemp, 

roarse canvas 
Ijañaméño, fla. a. hempen 
"«AUcio, «m. [^«iTlimr iingi'np 1 Tañamiél, rm. sugar-cane 
.'liá^t jc^ «n. r-4n^t[::L<: , CafUuniz, <m. kind of Indian 

of tiftierwcn in j'nintiuni-- ^' 

ilitf liM of twcon 


of A hard cabduice which 
f^ali It? es^il; Mpantcea fr«m 
the rr^l 
CATi^n-fifv, jniH tar^ tract ní 

CÁtiiJ tp, if. V, CQniar 

Ctt<Tini4rúnaiT '*'' 1^" ^Q*^ ^J 

CaHitiiUDlOra, 1Í, ■mihflni í 

V^iMl íbr £^9a| irif^ ¡Íl-^UhN 

THinKltliiiti' of a iuhjecl 

C-BBtlfia, if, a. irnlcir Mtin in 
^ fÍHlfría 

(.'antiü^l, rm. i|nnf i|i*u ml 
t'^nln^MK. ttonri a^^t of tilt:: 

KEp? w ana 
ráfl-TiJ-rt, -im- fantET 
CMntísttürt, ^l/■. Miuj'ra jjliii- 

nalkad ro ttw oiu I nidr cir 1 ■■ r 

df 4 Chrinitj tniuk, ^r. Erh 
VEl^r^I^Hi It 

Lj3tTÉin<*ro , rjL p^ «rTmrlini; 

i<]]e «t ihKJ. TTKT úf 3. itfL-iLl 

cMHnjipMS bjTEnn'' hi ^^ilsi 

'iñamíza, ^. stalk of hemp 
Cáñamo, am. hemp, cloth 

made of hemp 
Tai^amiin, tm. hemi 
Ciñár, tm. plantation of canes, 

wear for catchhig ñah 

Cañariégo, mM,Peñ^jo$ o 
riegos, skhu of sheep whi 
die on the road vrtien t 


C.»Rixrájñ, ^. wall -wort 
Cafiaréra, </*. common reed- 

Cañaveral, tm. plantation of 

Cafiavererúi, tf: place where 

. reed>grass grows 

Üf C4i'^ii\ ini 111!.; . Cañaveréro, tm. retailer of 
canes or reeds 
Cañavéte, tm. penknife, small 

Cnfieria, if. conduit of water 
Cañero, tm. conduit-maker, 

r:añuaTádo,da.a.small limbed 
Cíiñíza, *f. kind of coarse li- 

. , __ ^ . VsñiiÁl, tm. V. Canaveral 

f-jjirorcUJo^ #jn, fipttj *tft^^ir ' !^%fiizo, tm. hurdle 
4.-A»tarT4i, tin- Í ¡'Jeer ii| ill \jtt ' C jflo, tm. tube, common 

p aanñ ' sewer, spring, cellar 

CiütHiiUjf/; pf. tirgc i:iM,h.L^ Cnñdn, <m. tube, tube or pipe 

knitrt fi>r blowing glass, quill, 

CiTitLicM, ^.1, f'^nMiL'ti Uvvn - \ down, hollow folds, strong- 

áit t est pturt of the bewd, caii- 

r inturin» tf, tqc^I Pfiu^l I'l mu ■■ nan. Cation de campaña, 

iistl ■campt^linii I field-niece 

t4ntwUr« PB. ia enchant Ciñoneár, va. to cannonade 

r.Lfiüdo^ da, d. hmrji (pirj | Cañoneo, tm. cannonade 
IIjiM, 4f' t'Jinu, sle^iif ItidL^ui I Cañonera, <f. an embrasure 
rped u«d Sit w bJIchjc-^i k .t^, | through which a cannon is 
9i(ibt«rr»fLitnirf ¡KSoF^ei^ Lit ! ]>oint«l, large tent 
rTiiiiUf hhiit ni 4 'notniíin. Oponerla, ^f. the whole of 
mBirtun, inuTLiameiit. CjJjg I (he pipes rf an organ 
Je péMuar, íMúnf-mi \ Cañutillo, tm. bugle 

Céf'í<í^ ^f- f^wri, . f Cañuto» «M. pact of a cane, 

C^aiticai d Ci/fkadl^, ff, pJ. > pln-cate, bunt) informer 



Ca<iba ó Caobana, <f. nuho^ 
gany tree 

Caos, tm. chaos, conftislan * 

Caoúp, tm. caottp, a tree 

C^pa, «f*. cloak, cover, coat or 
nair of a horse, property. 
V. Caudal. Large quadru- 
ped, coat of paint put over 
another. Capa del Hmon, 
rudiler-coat. Hombre de 
buena capa, a man of gen- 
teel address. A' la capa, 

Capacete, tm. helmet 

Capacha, ^f. ñraU, hamper 

Capacbázo, «tn. blow given 
with a basket 

Capachero, tm. he who car- 
ries things in baskets 

Capacho, tm. ñrail, large ban- 
■et, bass-firail, mendicant 
hospitaller, common owl 

Capacidad, ^f. capacity, ex- 
tent of a place, opportunity, 
bulk of a ship 

Capada, </". any thing wrapt 
up and carried in a iienou'i 
cloak, lark 

Capado, da. pp. castratctl 

Capadiir, «m. one whose bn»i- 
ness is to castrate, instru- 
ment used in castrating 

Capar, va. to geld 

Caparazdn, tm. carcase of a 
fowl stripped of all iu flesh, 
caparison, cover of a coach 

Caparra, tf. &heep-lou8e, ear- 
nest money 

Caparilla, tf. a small tick 

Caparrtfsa, y CapamSs, *. cop- 

Capataz, tm. an overseer, one 
who is charged with receiv- 
ing the marked metalwhich 
b to be coined in the mint, 
steward, a warden 

Captfz, a. capacious, ample 



*tM. llVOf» 

frííl or 


■ ■.ems- 





r, .rf,:¿.l.,,k. 

ü.ilr, la* la 

■-.. -.r. im-v,:.' 




blishedby some person 
Capellür, tm. Moorish cloak 
Capellina, ^f. head-piece of a 

helmet, hood 



flrotn thsir clnjDt "^ iuA 
€apéo, «M. act olchallMiging 

• boUvithackwk 
Cápete, tm. ycurllns chai- 

ÍBngcd vHh a cloak 
Capero, «m. print «be ear- 

rln the cope 
CapenSlet, tm. ft. V. Corona- 

Caperuza, <f. cap ending in a 
point, hood of the coelk' 
Capwnz^, flH. large hood 
Capiaiiiilo, «m. an arch 
Capibara, am. a kind oflUh 
CaiiichoU, ^f, kind of silk 

Capidengue, «m. email cloak 
Capifon^, tm. vagabond 
Capilar, o. capillary 
Cutflia, ^f, hood to cover Che 
bead, oonrl, chapel, band 
of mociciana» aiiembly of 

CapUUda, ^. a hoetfol of a 




lN. Jfrrar eepMal» cantal 
CapitalíÉta, «m. 


Capftdhnente, ad. capitallj 

Capita, MM. captain, com- 

mander-in-ciiief, ringlcad- 

— CapltaM d« pÑerto, port* 

Capitana, ^f. admirals ihip 

Capitanázo, m«. great variior 

Capitanear, ve. to have the 

oomnuoad hi chief of an 


Capitanía, tf. coromlMlen, a 

cantain. cotnpany of offican 

ana wkiien commanded by 

a c^itahi, military govern» 

Capitel, MM. spif* over tiie 
dome of a dnirch 

'or relating to the capitol 
Capitolio, tm. capitol 

Capillar dCaplUén,!rk 
or eezton, a churchvarden 

Capfllo, «M. chUd*» cap, fte 
paid to clergymen fiir bap* 
tixfaig a child, hood «f a 
havk, bud of a rose, net 

CapiUddo, da. a. reiembUng 
the hood or cowl ofa monk 

CapingiH, «M. riding coat 

CaplroMda, 4f. iortofAmeri* 

Caplrdte, «m. ancient cover 
fat the head, tort of half 
gown, tharp-pointed cap. 
V. PajAnU 

Capirotcro, m, acciutomed to 
" ^, applied to a 

carry ah 

Capi*4yo, am. garment whidi 
•ervee both a« a cloak and 
riding coat 
CapUooUa, <r* office and dig- 
nity of a precentor 
Capita, If. small cloak 
Capitacidn, <f. poll-tax 
Capital, am. turn of money 
put oat at intcreit, fortune 
of a hatband at the time of 
his marriage, capital stock 
of a merdiant: </*. chief 
eity of a ooaatry 

Capitula, ^f. part of the may- 
ors read at divine tcrvioe 
Cai>itulacion, af. agreement 
CapHulár, Mt. «me who has 
UM ridM of voting in a civil 

cT^ - 

Ca— '"- n. ^-longlII 
: apter 

Car-'L>'"i, f-j- El» conclude an 
¡t^TE^meut ; vn. to king 
CaEiiiu'^rLu, k-m. prayer-book 
CapfL4]k^riJ, «iTi.. y a. capitular 
im. ifaaptcr, meet- 
iL^:4Mn bly of any se- 
-I'liT.iT <.'H.iTiiiiL'.nltyi chaptoTt 
iU* <aivi.kio or section ofa 
book or writing; charge 
against a penon 
Capnitis, <f. sort cf cadmía 
Caimomdnta, «m. fortune-tel- 
ler by the help of smoke 
Capdc, am. hark of the capoc- 

Capolddo, am. aainocd meat 
CapoMr, CO. to mince meat 
Capdn, m ' " 



Capotera, im. ana wbo aiakcs 

or sella doaka 
Capotillo, am. short doak 

worn by women 
Capotifn. MN. wide coat 
Ca| da. a. frowning 

Cai m. Aprica 

Cai ), da.a.0 

Ca| », «at. cmAold 

Cai I, af. goat-sucker 

Cai M. one who guards 

t vjet of persona wba 

are going to bathe 
Cápsulas,^, ft. semlaal cap- 
sules of planta 
Captar, va. to captivala 
Captivdr, m. V. Coatfaar 
Captura, <f. capture 
Capturar, taa. apprehend 
Capucha, af. hood of a wo- 
man's cleiak 
Capullina, Mt.capachln wan, 
Indian cress 

stopper at the cat-head 

Capdna, <f. sort of Spanish 

Caponada» da. pp. tied toge- 
ther, sach aa btancfaas of 

Caponar, ao. to tie up the 
branaws of vines, cut 

Caponera, ai* coop to firtten 

Gralttl, a. belonging or re- Caporal, «as. a chief 
iatíi»tathahw5ri»ri«>c» -"^ "^ " 


Capucho, «ai. cowl or hood 

Capulín, «M. an Americaa 

Capullo, am. pod of a silk- 
worm, flax knotted at the 
end, bud of roses and odier 
flowers, coarsa stoff^ shell 
of an acorn 

Caquimla, ^f. an impexftct 
metallic substance 

Car, af' extreme «nd of the 
mlzen-yard and misen 

Cáia, ^f. nee, cover of melted 
su«ar for pastry, presence^ 
surface of a thing. Car» 
■4a paaqua, smiling counte- 
nance. Crtra da poeot ami- 
r, churlish lo(A. Cam 
cebp, pale face. Haetr 
com, to fkoe an enemy. 
Cara d cant, fiice to £koe 

Caraba, af. khid of vessel 

Cirabc, «at. amber 

Carabela, af. namw, 
masted ' 


Carabeldn, «at. brig 

Carabina, af. finrUng-pleca 

Carabinazo, sai. r^rt of « 

Caraldnéro, «ai. carablnier 

Ctfrabo, «at. sort of crab or 
cockle, laifehom owl, kind 
of setting dog, earth beetle 

bfet^g «"^^ tew-haige 

vcsoet, large bas- 


Lboli ici^J 

C^nCUÜÍTD, Cd' J ■ nnf^ «¿di gt- 

tftstftt And bf l]i AnuJí 
CAfmcflJ jilo, jm» sii&II-dpwrTCd 

n»fk pat up™ hh^tf 

fur «nil 

eDnilDrfmenl, mürk 
l'&nitdfhi rxi. kind aíciAian 

t;afjabAj|^ ^ maDDCf of 
■na K Cbi gimFDf <:4rflii 

i» im. tUIdw t«sA 

ínmurtj worn 

ClTutiüUi'i iiTh MffiLKjiwtbr 

f:»t<pqiM^> Am- Und of Itai 

4".j]alituc£l]l,^ {f, h UllWiM 

In order hj plifUvP 


Ludí^ i^i act [if drínklfiB « 

€ñrífm, ff. t>iL oT a ci ui 

CirwrfiiiiUi, *t^ Jp4t»j3 «.hruit 

ClTBl niíf O, Í>F1 - C^C » time 
ITuií ti ttl IK»Jl4. lir ivU 


(liturtlin, ff, nr»^»n 
CarBfi«U^4f,ilnd(if Jii{hi -nm- 

CA^TfTiT, 4^. luiinrr 

CiUlxlCí, jnr. iihu-y^'oaj. i'or- 
¿un. d« i^íAf PiiTi iiil-L'iailj liLock 

fttrbfmidd, ^t. broLIrd í.fuíp 

Cirbt^ni'CU^ tWr dimil ccnlt 
blücit cntfhín 

rlLBtx'Ufll la Tnáám 

VjutvrrtT4|,«rH. Cluri'it:il . 11» 

ktr, dlt^g^r uf roabí di^iJer 

En ctali 
Cti^Miiúiiéoi 1. cflj'lmi&EL-d 

CariíLuvTü } r:vljiiiiri-i, «mi 
c&rEMinclcp red inj^iuli; 

aid i)iA«>ij]r 

l£»til^ • CVHp 

f^ircKTifi^i ^. tullir ^toUj- 
tui¿ 3bov.l dJtclm 

C JTCdvdiij. 4 m, lafor Ai](J d«s 

Cucú 5 Car^]áía., ^f. I:iridi_ 

L'niTj|]j ¡thñt día prJntiBf 


CATvitilmIa, ^. iiu|v Liniiiiient, 

^ tusl 



Jo, da. a.w« 

Calda, <f. twnd, card 

Cardadura, ^f. act oT a 

or combing vool 
CanUmiiio de prados, «m. 

Cardamóuri. ni. kind of drag 

us«d fbr aying 
Cardar, m. to card or conb 

wool, raUe the vool on 

cloth with a tattd 
Cardelina, ^f. goldfinch 
Cardenal, <m. cardinal, disco- 
loration made hj a lath or 

Cardenalato, «m. dignity cf a 

Cardencha, rf. «nller's thistle, 

caTd or cooib 
Cardenchil, am. place where 

fuller's thistles grow 
Cardrnillab «m. verdigrise» 

Cárdeno, na. a. of adark por 

pie colour 
Tardéro, urn. card-maker 
Cardiaca, <f. moUier-wort 
Cardiaco, ca. a. cordial 
Cardialgko, ca. beloDgteg to 

Cardillo, «m. golden thistle 
Cardinal, a. cardinal, prtaici» 

CánUne,m. hinge. Cár4iiu», 

Cardíta, ^f. small vessel 

Ctfrdok «M. «Ktidioke 
Cerddn, am. taOutt thMe, 
the act and cfitet of card- 


[^vdoocOlo!, «m. 

Cardddta, <^ lai]ge iron oomb 
Cardume 6 Carddment tm. 

shoal of fishes 
Cardnxaddr, am. carder 
Cardttxár, «o. to card wool 
Carcdr, eo. to confront crimi- 
nals, compare, tend a drove 
of cattle ; vr. to assonbla 
Carecer, vn. to want 
Carecimiento, V. Cmrtneia 
Carenige, tm. V. Caremro 
Carenar, no. to careen a ship 
Carénda, tf. want, need 
Carendn», fm. careáiini pl*c« 
Careo, tm. confrontation 
Carero, ra. a. being in Úm 
habit of selling OSnas daar 
Caraetia,^. sca>at7,di 



mask nude of 

, d, wlre-co««r of 

thefiMCf won bjr bM-keep- 
Caréto, u. a. baTing the fore- 
head marked with a white 
spot or «tripe, «H^pUed to 

Carey, tm. tortoiae-thrU 

Oaréxa. if. V. CareMi 
árga, ^. load, tiuargt of a 
camion or other fire-arm ; 
Carga mmerta^ OTer •loading, 
cam measure» Uz ; Carga 
reai, king's tax; Volver d 
la carga iobrt «/ emanigo, to 
return to the charge 

Targádas, if. ft. game at cards 

Cargadoras, if. pi. down- 

Cargadero» «in. place where 
goiods axe loaded at unload- 
ed, shipped or unshipped 

Cargadilla, if. mcreaae of a 
debt newly contracted 

Cargado, da. a. loaded 

Cargaddr, «m. fircighter, ram- 
mer, he that loads great 
guns { p/. tacUcs, plates of 
copper used in gUaing 

Carpunéntoy tm. cargo 

Cai^ár, va. to load, charge 
the enemy, ship goods, 
charge of a gnn, overload, 
book, lay on taxes, Imirate, 
crowd; vr. to incline the 
body, maintain 

Cargo, tm, boithcn, loading, 
fkult or deficiency in the 
performance of one's duty 

Cirgue, «m. loading a tcsmI» 
license to load 

Carguero, ra. a. having an 
office or employment 

Carguío, tm. cargo of mer- 

Cariacedo, da. a. hating a 
9oar4oaking coontenanoe 

r.-uriacontedno, da. a. sad 

< '.uriacuchiUádo, da. a. having 
the £ice matked with cuts 

Caiiádo, da. a. carious 

Cariaguiléfio, ña. a. long-vi- 
saged, with an aquuine 

Cariampollado, da. a. round< 

rariáncho,dia. a. broad-£iced 

Cariátide, if. caryatides 

f:arfbe, tm. cannibal 

CariUto. tm. a river fish of 
the bream species 

Caribobo, ba. a. having 
stupid look 


Caricattira, if. caricatura 
Caricia, if. carea 
Cariddso» sa. a. endearing 
Caricuerdo, da. a. havii^ a 

Caridad, if. diarity, 

Caridelantero, a. impudent - 
Caridoliente, o. having a 
moumflil countenance, ex- 
presüive of grief 
Carldtfso, sa. a. V. Caritativo 
Caries, if. caries, prilicle 
wliich surrounds the bone 
Cariascrito, a. shrivelled; ap- 
plied to a melon 
Cariexento, ta. a. impudent 
Carifiruncido, da a. havinc a 
fiu» eontraeted into wrin- 
kles bv age or affliction 
Carigordo, da. «. hav ing a full 

or plump Ihoe 
Carilargo, ga. a. long-visaged 
Carflla, <f. mask used by bee- 
keepers, a silver coin 
Carilleno, na. a. plump-&Md 
Carillo,lla.a. dear, high price; 

Carilucio, da. a. having a 

shining at gloaqr ftce 
Carill4do» da. a. plnmp- 

Carlha, if. hard shells of 

Carincnrtoi, tm. an Tim^Im» 

Carinegro, gnu «. being of a 

swaithj complexion 
Carininfo, fiu a. havhig a 

womanish face ; applied to 

cñíBo, tm. love» «oft or en- 
dearing exprestfon» anxioas 
desire of a thing 
Cariñoso, sa. a. afihctiaaate, 

anBioualy desinms 
CarfaSU, if. wild carrot 
Caripándo, da. a. idiot-like 
Cariparéjo, Ja. a. y t. resem- 

Uarinudo, a. brazen -üseed 
Carireddndo, da. a. round- 

Carls, tm. kind of ragout 
Cariséa, if. kind of kersey 
CarlsMa, tf. a small bird 
Caritatéro, tm. a distributor 

of charity 
Caritativo, va. a. charitable 
CarUnca, tf. a mastiff's collar 
Carlear, vn. to pant. V. Ja- 

Carlfn, «m. an ancient silver 

Carlina, if. Carline thistle 


Carlina, ^f. tttp of • bmcC 
CarioA, «m. kinddf lsii^^«a 
Carm^ tm. xiltman 
Carmelita, if. Carroelite 
Carmenador, tm. teaser 
Carroenadún, if. act of teas- 
ing or scratching doth 
Carmenar, va. to prick « 
card wool, scratch cloth, 
villi out the hair of the 
bead, win another's money 
at play 
Ctfrmes. «in. kermes 
Carmes^ tm. cochineal pow- 
Carmin, tm. carmine, pale 

Carminar, va. to expel wind 
Carm^pative, «m. carmina- 
Carnada, if. a bait 
Carnage, tm. salt beef 
Carnal, a. carnal, seiwud, 

united by kindred 
Carnalidad, if. carnality 
Carnálmente, ad. carnally 
Carnaval, tm. carnival 
Carnaza, if. fleshy part of a 

hide 01 skin, a meal 
Came, if. flesh, meat, pul* 
pons part of ftuit, a boyish 
play : Came de pluwta. flesh 
of all sorts of fewb; 


momto, mummy; Con 

tangre, flesh and Uood 
Cameciea, Ua. y ta. «f. small 

excrescence of flesh rising 

in some part of the body 
Camertfda, if. flock of s hee p 
Camctáge, «m. tax or dnty 

laid on sheep 
Carnerario, tm. dumd-honae 
Camersdr, va, to fine die pco- 

prietor of sheep whidi hav* 

done damage 
Carnerero, tm. shepherd^ 
Cameril, tm. aheep-waUr 
Camero, tm. sheep, fionfly 

vault. CariMTO dt timientet 

ram kept for breeding 
Carneruno, na. a. resembling 
,^ or belonging to sheep 
^C«nie*toIá)das, <f. pf . Úuree 

carnival days before shrove» 

Carnicería, if. shambles, car- 

Carmcéro, tm. butcher, one 

who delights in carnage 


Carnicero, a. carnivorous 

Camicdl, «m. hoof of doven- 

tooted animals. V. Taba 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 


Canrfworo^ a. camivonras 
CamA, «111. ooomb 
QvmoñááAftf. prood flesh. 

Cunáio, sa. y CtfnúdtH da. 

•. ñtáíj, pulpóos 
Gixo, ra. o. dear, beloved 
CáiD» «f. dearl; 
Caitfbo, «IR. kind oTvcHel 
Caitfcas, ^f.ft' carct t c» 
Cank^, ^ seed or ens, 

which the queen or mother 

bee depoaiu in the cells of 

a bee-hiTe 
Carochar» no. to laj and hatdi 

C¿otoi« tm. aneient Flemteh 

CaxtAia,i(f. inward part of the 

saddle, part of the animal's 

bn^ on which die (addle 

Caroqoérot ra. «. wheedler 
Carotíéra, if, species of the 

palm-tree, d¿e 
Cardtw, ^. pi. roDs of tobacco 

ground to powder 
CartScidas, <r. p/. the canitíd 

Cartfzo» mi. pdUele whidi 
covers the grains of a po- 

C4rpat 4^ cup, part of a 
bunch of grapes 

Carpanél» tm. arch made in a 
semi-diipUc fi>nn 

Garpenteir, m. V. Arr^aeár 

Carpeta, <f. taUe-covoring, 

Carpintear, tMC to do carpen- 
ter's or Joiner's work 

Carpintero, mi. carpenter 

Carpldn, mi. large cap 

Caspfr. VII. to tear 

Ctepdngo, tm. one who lives 

Carqoén, 6 Carqnéiia, tf. an- 
nealing fimtaoe Ar plate- 



imica. <f. larn and i 
sailing sh^ orborthcn. 

Carraco, ca. o. old 
Garraodn, wMhip of bortbeOj 

larae rattle 
Carral, rni. barrel, butt, vat 
Carral^ ^. bladc-beatle 

with ytUow rtrtgai 
Camuero, mi. cooper 
Carranclo, mi. a bin» 

Carrancudo^ da. a. stardwd 


Carrasca, <f. kermes-oak 
Currasrál, «m. plantation of 

Carrasco, mi. evergreen oak> 

Carraspada, tf. a beverage 

Carraqtánte, a. harsh 

Carra4>éra, 4f. sore throat 

Carraqrfqaa <f. rock-cress 

Cara8qnefio,fia. a. harsh, rude 

Carrera, <f. quick movement 
of man or beast from one 
place to another, race- 
ground, hi^-Toad, aller, a 
walk in a garden, row of 
things ranged in a line, 
girder, stitdi in a stocking, 
course of life, profesión of 
arms or letterst Af carrera 
abierta, aXtoSX speed 

Carrerilla ta. <f. rapid motion 
with the bed and toe in a 
Spanish dance 

Carreta, tf. long narrow cart 

Carretada, tf. cart-fiiU, great 
quantity of any thing 

Carrettfge» mi. cartage 

Carrete, mi. small reed fer 
windkg off silk or gold and 
silver twist, fishing pulley 

Carretear, va. to convey in a 
cart, drive a cart; vr, to 
draw unevenly 

Carretel, tm. whed or pull» 
of a fishing-line, log-red, 
nqpe-walk reel 

Carretera, tf. public road 

Carretería, </'. number of 
carts, cartwri^t's yard 

Carretero, mi. caxtwri^t, 

Carretilla, <f. go-cart, squib, 
cracker, wheel-barrow; De 
carretíiúif^ custom 

Carretón, mi. small cart in 
the sh^te of an open cliest, 

Carretonero, mi. driver of a 

Carricoche, tm. old-feshioned 
coach, muck-cart 

CarriooU, <f. kind of Phatton 

Carricuréfla, if. carnage of a 
light fidd-piece with sbafU 

Carneo, mi. osier basket, 
large rough basket 

Carrl^ mi. rut, narrow road 
where one cart only can 
pals at a time, furrow 

CanUUda, tf. «ty 


Carrillár, inz. to hoist li^t 

things out of the hold by 

I nMKHorfttackle 


Carrillo, mi. che^ 

Carrilludo, da. a. plnnn» «r 
round chedud 

Carritfla, <r. traokle-bed. car. 

Carrizal, mi. land which m 
full of reed-grass 

Carrizo, mi. common reed- 

Carro, mi. cart, carriage of a 
coach without the body ; 
Cam deoro, Brassdls cam- 
Met ; Carro trhtufai, tri- 
umfdud car. 

Carrdcha, rf. seminal sub- 
stance in bees and otlicr 

Carrochar, tm. to shed the se- 
minal substance 

Carrocflla, ^. small coach 

Oaarrocin, mi. chaise 

Carromato, tm, kind of law 
cart with two wheels 

Carrometéro, tm. carter 

Carrrfña, ^f. carrion 

Carrofiir, va. to infect a flock 
of sheq> with the scab 

Carriifio, fía. o. putrlfied 

Carroza, if. large coarh. 
awning, to ken» off the 
weather, kind of cabin 

Carruáge, «m. all sort» of car 

Camiagéro, mi. carrier 

Carrujado, da. a. corrugated 

Carsáya 6 Cteaó, t. kersey 

Carta, if. letter, royal ord- 
nance, map ; Carta de ma- 
rear, sea ohart, order, play- 
ing cards; Carta cania. 
written evidence ; Carta dr 
crédito, letter of credit: 
Carta de guia, patftport ; 
Carta de pago, receipt ; 
Carta de venia, bill of Sdle 

Cartabdn, mi. a square quad- 
rant, a gunner's square 

Cártama y Cártamo, f . wild 

Cartapacio, tm. memoran- 
dum-book, portfolio 

Cartapd, mi. memorandum 
fiUed with usdess and toi- 
fiing matter 

Cartazo, mi. letter or paper 

Cartear, wi. to play spine tow 
cards ; va. to steer by tbe 
sea-diart ; vr. to be In the 
habit of an epistolary cor. 
TC^poodence with each 


Cartel, Ml. edict, agiMB 
made by bflUigúrent powers 
rplative to the exchange of 
inriMnen, flag of trace 

Cartela. </; alip of paper, or 
other materials on whidi a 
memorandum U made, 
bracket, iron stay 

Cartdiin» «m. long edict 

Cartera, tf. portfolio, letter- 

Camerfana, ^f. sort of dlk 
Cartero, «m. letter-carrier 
Cartéta,<r. kiod of game at 

CarUbénas, 4f. pi, pieces of 

paper glued t< 

Cartfca, ^f. 

CartiIagia<fso,'sa. «. cartila- 

CaitUigo y CartUágen, mu. 

CertíIU 6 Cartfta, 4f. short 

letter, small prayer-book 
•Cartiin, tm. pasteboard, kind 

of iron ornament, cartoon 
Cartuchera, </: cartridge-box 
Cartúcho,<m. cartouch, small 

Cartulario, tm. cartulary 
Cartulina, tf. piece of paste- 
board or mirchment used 

by embroioerers 
Cartúxa, tf. carthuaian order 
Cartuxáno, na. a. carthusian 
Cartúxo,mt.caithn>dan monk, 

kinder skin 
H3arúncula, ^f. small protu- 

-beranoe of flesh 
Carrállo, tm. kind of ever- 
with rou|^ 


Carvi, tm. canraway 
Casa, <f. hobs^ Cunily resid- 
ing in a house, line or 
ttfdnch of a family, check- 
ers; Com dt lout, mad- 
house; Cata de moneda, 
mint, ^parfercoM, to take 
a separate house ; Guardar 
la cata, to stay at home 
CasAca, <f. coat or jacket 
Casacidn, tf. abrogation 
Casacón, «m. great coat 
Casadero, ra. a. marriage- 
Casadilla, qf. a young bride 
Casamata, ^f. casement 
Casamentero, ra. «. match 
Casamiento, tm. marriage 

portion, a w.fe'x fortune 
CasapHérto, ^f. porch 


Casar, tm. hamlet, country- 

¡Hmsefinr labourers to slc^ 

Casar, m. to marry ; oa. to 

many, tornpeal 
Casatienda, rf, tcadesnan's 

Cásea, qf. husks of grapes, 

bad liquor, bark for tanning 

leaúier, kind of sweetbread 
Cascabel, tm. bell, button at 

the end of A cannosi, rat- 

Cascabeleár, vo. to find one 
with vain hopes; to act 
with levity 

Cascábalo, tm. hawk's beO, 
chaff, husk 

Cascaciruelas, «m. meaniel- 

Cascada, tf. 

Cascado, da. m. iw^ten ; Cat- 

eadof, small broken pieces 

of land 
Cascadura, qf. act ^bursting 
Cascaiál ó Ca80^,nN. place 

tau of gravel, place on 

which the husks of grapes 

are thrown 
CascáJo,«m. gravd, firMments 

of broken vessels, bit of a 

Cascaidso, sa. a. abounding 

Witt) gnvel 
Cascamiénto^rai. actefbreak- 

ing or bruising 
Cascanueces, tm. nut-cracker 
Cascapiñdnes, tm. one who 

shols hot pine-nuts, and 

cleans the seed 
Ca.scár, tMi. to crack, beat or 

strike with the hand or 

weapon ; vr. to be broken 

into pieces 
Cascara, <f. rind of various 

ftuits and other things, 

bark of trees, lan«quenet 
Cascar^ </. lutu>quenet, a 

game at cards 
Cascarflla ó Cascarita, ^. Pe- 
ruvian bark 
Ca»car<^a, qf. ehlp-worm 
Cascanin, tm. e({g-ftbeU of a 

fowl or bird, arch or vault, 

trick won in the game of 

Cascarrón, na. o. rough, rude 
Cascarudo, da. o. having a 

thick large rind oi^^^^^y 


Cisco, Ml. aknU, potsherd, 
coat of an onion, he^net. 
cask in vrhich wine ia pre- 
served, crown of a hat, 
ivinterli ball, sheep-aT ' 
, sh^ . 

Ctueo dt I 

of a 

Cascdte, Ml. rubbish 
Cascotetia, <f. wall or work 

made ef nibbith 
Cascudo, da. m. large hoofed 
Caseifao, «a. a. oaaeoos 
Casera, ^f bonse-kcqier 
Caseramente, ad. homdy 
Casería, rf: mesKuage 
Caserío, tm. a series of houses 
Caserna, ^. barracki>, mag»- 

Casero, «. landlord or stevrart 

of a house 
Casero, ra. a. domestic ; Bayh 

eattro, family dance 
CaséU, qf. small boose, pea- 

Cisi, ad. almost 

Casfllas, «f. pi. points or 
houses of a liack-gamman 
tabljk squares of « draft- 

Casfllo, Ml. trifling or slight 

Castoibas, <f. p/. backets 

Casimiro y Casimiras, «. pi, 

Casina, <f. fitfmhouae occu- 
pied by soUUcrs, cottage 

Caso, Mb event, oontingenrj^ 
occasion, case stated to per- 
sons, to d em and their ad- 
vice ; Em eato it tto, in 

Case, sa. a. V. Nula 

Casdrio, tm. inoonsidarate 

Céspa, V^ dandruff 

Cáspiú, int. expressive of ad- 
miration or wonder 

Cesqnetáao, mi. blofw ^ven 
with the head 

Casquete, tm. bdmet, cen- 
cavecovoring of the head 

Carquiblándo, da. a. mSt- 

tm. g _ 
<f. a oeU in wtakts 

Casquijo, tm. gravel 
Casquilla, " ^ 

the queen see resuws 
Casq\ifllo, Ml. cm^ " i 

helm, point «^ an ai 

shod with iron 
Casquilucio, ela. a. gay 
Cai>quim(ildio, li»> a. mat 


CáiU,4f. nce, kind or quality 
of a thing 

Cutamente, ad. chastely 

-CMtáfia, <r. chesnnt, bottle, 
hair tied up bdtind 

C^f ti*** ¿ CastalUir, «m. fP'ove 
«r plantation of cfaesaut- 

Castaftéroi ra. t. dealer in 

CastafitfCa. <f. castaaet 

Castañetazo» «m. crack or a 
«¿MBWt vhich burst» in 
the file, crack giren by the 

CattaftftrtMo, <m. rattling 
•onml of caitanet» hi danc* 

Caatafieteir, va. to rattle 
die caatanets in dancing, 
crackle, to dry 

Castaño, MN. chesmtt-tree 

CattafinüSa, tf. castanat, 
prickly oz-cye, cleats 

Castañatflo, la. a. being of a 
üAt dmnnt-coloiirf ap- 
plied to horses 

CastelMn, am. warden of a 
fas tis 

Caatdlanla, tfi district be- 
longing to a castle 

CMteffáno, am. ancient Spa- 
BiA coin, mole got br a 
jack-aas and a mare, Spa- 
nish language 

Castdlino, na. a. bcloD| 

e«tidád, ^. cbasttty 

Castilicadtfr, ^f. one that 
lenders chasta 

Castificár, «0. to render chaste 

CastSgaciiin, «/. castigatlon 

Caatigadéra, tf. rape with 
which 4 beU is tied to a 
beast of burthen, small cord 
with which the ring at a 
stirrup b tied to the girth 

Castigar, «a. to diastise 

CastigD, SMI. chastisement, 
eensorc^ ooRcction madein 
a work 

CatfUletia, ^. toU paid on 
passing throu^ a district 
which belongs to a castle 

Csstfllo, *m. castle, whole of 
the mounting of a velvet 

Castizo, za.a. of a noble de- 
scent. CoAallociwfiso, blood 

Casto, ta. a. pure, dmpic 
Castdr, mu bearex 


Castorcillo, tm. khid of rongh 

serge like cloth 
Castóreo, tm. castoreum 
Castra, if. act of pruning 
Castrada», tf. iron in- 
strument with which honey 
is taken out of the hive 
Castradiir, mt. one that per- 
forms the act of gelding 
Castramctacidn,^'* -— 

Castrapuércas, mu sow-aeld. 

er-8 whistle 
Castrar, va. to castrate, cut 

Caatnaótif tm. act of cntthig 
honcy-oombs out of the 
hives, castrating or gelding 

Castrense, a. briengfng to the 
military prafiession 

Castro, tm. game played by 
boys, act of taking honey- 
combs out of blves 

Castrtfn, rai. castrated he- 

Ca ^'a.■;ual 

Ca .. .i.i!í, \f^ ra^aall^ 
Ca>ur.n i „ tf- ihmr lint 
Ca^üfl, «n. i:aH4iw«r7 

Ca!im£>L», im. LiOkULit 

Caj'i^LLa^ tJ". TVsliTHait irom by 

:áii, tf. 

tak!£j of 

act- [^ uj \Bg A ih Log 

CáUi <j4r nuzk'» bcvnre 

Cntiu'-AiAajfif rm, 

CaEJtiilLiinn, Im. LLdii|^ 
Cac^i ujntu-.. '1. i-l. L'Uilbrvrabs 
Car .... , . . ■ ■ ■ ,r 

Cat ouuiS, Hf, wMrr-fiOl 

Catadura, if. act of trying by 
the taste, gesture, mode of 
guarding crindnsJs 

CaUl^, tm. telescope 

Catalnica, ^f. parrot. V. 

Catálogo, «M. catalogue 
CatalúZá, ^f. Und of floor 

Catán, «m. Indian sabre 
Cataninca, <f. lion's ibot 
CaUpUsma, <f. poultice 
Cati^da, tf. lesser or caper- 

Ci^, va. to ta^ view, 

jodge, erteem, bear in mind 

Cataba, tf. iheUrake 


Cataribéra, tm. man-servant 
appointed to fellow tlw 
hawk on boneback 
Catarral, a, catarrhal 
Catarro, «m. ooM 
Catarroso, sa. a. catarrhal 
Catártico, ca. a. cathattio 
Catastro, tm. general tax laid 

chiefly on land 
Catástrofe, tf. catastrophe 
Cataviántó, tm. dog-vane 

cup nae( 

Catavino, jim. small Jug ar 
used to taste wine in 
trs : pi. one whose em- 
ployment is to try wine I9 
the taste, tipplers 
Catear, va. to investigate 
Caivcbtno, tm. ca te c h ism 
Cátedra, tf. seat hi which 
pr ofe M ors instruct their 
pupils In tiie sciences, office 
and functions of a pro' 
Catedral, tf. oathedral 
Catedralidád, tf. digniqr of a 

cathedral cburch 
CattiOrár y Catedreár, va. to 
obtain a professor's chair in 
an university 
Catedrático, tm. professor in a 

Categoría, tf. class, rank 
Categdrico, ca. a. catM orical 
CatequÍKmo, tm. ratecnl«n 
Catequista, tm. catechist ' 
Catequizante, jm. he who 

Catequizar, va. to catechise 
Caterva, tf. confused multi- 
tude of perscms or things 
Catici^go, ga. a. pur-bllnd 
CatiniMiin, tm. Indian rail 
Catite, tm. loaf of tbe bast re- 
fined sugar 
Cato, tm. japan earth 
Católicamente, a<i. in a catho- 
lic manner 
Cat451i¿o, ca. a. general oir 

universal, true, catholic 
CattHlco^ tm, one who pro- 

Catdptrica, tf. catoptricks 
Cattfptrico, ca. a. catoptric^l 
CatiSroe, a. fourteen 
Catorceno, na. o. fourteenth 
Catre, MM. small bedstead 
CatriciMVe, tm. press-bed 
Cattequi, tm. kind of blue 

cotton stuff 
Catdics, tm. kind of armed 

vessel of Bantam 
Cado^ Ml. drain 
Canchil, tm. small bason or 

iCMTVoIr of vra^er 

Digitized by 



CancUn, tf. lecarity given fir 

tfM pcrlbrmanoc of an a- 

greeincnt, cantiao 
Caucionar, va. to guard a- 

gainst an evil at mm 
Cauda, <f. train ofa biabqft't 

Caadál, «m. proper^ 
Caudal, a. rich 
Oaudal^ «m. middling fir- 

Canda]4$ao, Mu a. earning 

Candatirio, im. dcrgjman 

whote buiincw is to carrj 

ttie train ofa Mshop's robe 
Caudáto, ta. a. having a tail, 

CandOlo, tm. commander of 

a troop of armed men, 

diief or directoirofa 

CauUcnkte 6 CanUbolos, «m. 

p/. ornaments of üit e»i- 
'tal of columns of ÜM Co- 
rinthian order 
Cattro, «m. north-west wind 
Causa,- 8f. cause, motive, af- 

iair in which one takes an 

interest, law-suit 
Causador, ra. «. one who 

Causal, «IN. grodnd on which 
something is done 

Causalidad, <f. connexion be- 
tween cause and éñ^ct 

Caosinte, p. 7 «m. lie who 

Causar, va. to cause, sue 

Causídico, «m. advocate 

Gatt^idico, ca. a. forensic 

Cansen, »m. bumins fever 
which lakts several hours 

Caustico, «m. caustic» ray of 
reflected light 

Cautela, ^f. precaution and 
reserve, artftilness 

Cautelar, va. to take the 
necessary precaution 

Cauteloso, sa. a. cautious 

Cauterio, sm. cautery, cor- 
rective remedy 

Cauterlzadtir, sin. he who 

Cauterizar, va. to cauterize, 
to correct with severity 

Cautivar, va. to take or make 
prisoners of war 

Cautiverio y Cautividad, t. 

Cautivo, va. 1. captive 

Catkto, ta. a. cautious 

Cava, tf, «tigging of vines. 


water axe kept for the use 

of the royal ttmily 
Cavadizo, za. a, dug out of a 

Cavado, da. c hollow 
Cavaddr, «m. digger 
Cavadura, ^f. hole dug in the 


CavalUllo, «m. water-ftinrow 

between two ridges 
Cavar, va. to dig or turn up 

the ground, paw ; vn. to 

Caverna, ^f. cavern» hoUow 

inside or depth of wounds 

Cavernoso, sa. a. ftill of 

Caví, 4f. a Peruvian root 
Cavid4d, tf. cavi^ 
Cavidos, «m. PortugUM* m 

sure of length 
Cavilar, tw. to cavil 
CavflUr, ^f. iron pin 
CavlUa, tf. sea-liaU7, ti 

nail, belaying pin 
Caviiladtfr, «m. tret-nail 


CavilUr, tio. to use tree-nails 

Cavildsot sa. a. captious 

Cáxa* <f. box made of wood, 

metal, or stone, cotña^ 

warduNise, drum, printer's 

case, room in a post-office, 

cavity in which a stair-case 

Is raised» wooden case of an 

organ. Coxa de lattre, 

bulast-caae. Caxa de mar, 

sea chest. Bttar en eaxa, 

to equilibrate 

Caxa-méngala, <f. kind of 

linen maiM&ctured in 


Caseras, cavities in 

Ca&éro» «m. cashier 
Caxéta, if. SDutf-box, poor's 

Cazetin, rai. very small box 
Caxista, sm, a compositor 
Caxdn, tm. chest o« drawers, 
mould for casting the pipes 
of an organ, space between 
the shelves of a bookcase, 
wooden shed fbr telling 
Cayado, «m. shepherd's hook, 

crosier, walking staff 
Oajánto, am. kind of stuff 



Cayeput, «m. caieput oil 
Cayman, tm. ailiraitor 
Cayo», im. pi. roas 
Caydte» mi. oitnn 

Caytfa, tm» cashew-mt 
Cayrél, «m. peruke ftarbrfovv 
silk-threads to whick wig- 
makers Ikaten the haft of 
which wigs are composed 
Cayrelár, mi. to adorn wo- 
men's garments with fiir- 
Cayuco, tm» small fidiiog 

Cas, mi. canal or trench 
Caza, <f. chace, game, chase, 
tmrsttit, the act tt puna- 

CaJÉábe» mi. bread made of 
the cassada- plant 

Cazadero, »m. place fir par- 
suing ^mie 

Cazadtfr, ra. «. htrntaman. 
one thing in pmsuit gr 

Cazamoscas, tm. fly-eatdicr 

Cazir, ro. to chase, give 
áuát to a ship 

Cazcalear, vn. to run to and 
firo with afnsctod asaidaity 

Cazcárrias, 4f.pL flashings 
of dirt on cloQies 

Cazcarriento, ta. a. splashed 

""-' — r saooe-pen 

ndle, comer 
or iron laoie fiiT taUng 
water out of a large earthen 

Caz(^éta, «f. panrf a mnricet- 
lock, ddknoe of a shield, 
kind of perftmoe , 

Cazoldn, mi. large earthen 
pot or stew-pan 

Cazonete, tm. a toggel 

Cazudo, da. a. ha^^g a Ubick 

Caxu^a, if. an earthen pan 
to dress meat in, meat 
dressed in an earthen pan. 

Und of pH in the play- 

- " lin.pan fir 


houses in Spain, 

bakingtarts. V. : _ 

Cazumbntr, va. to join staves 

t(igether with hempen cods 
Cazumbre, tm. hempen card 

with wbidi the stavee of 

wine-casks are Joined and 

Cazumbran, mt. cooficr 
Cazurro, ra. a. silent 
Ceático, ca. a. aflhctcd widi 

rheuinatic palm in dte 

thigh or hip 
CÁáda. if. barley 
J C^adS, mi. fidd MWB with 

Digitized by VfjCfCWlC 


Cctadén, ^. kind of bag in 
wUch tt» teta is |^T«n in 
«he fidd to working cattle, 
evaden» an. iriac* where 
§iuam «r fiywk «re fisd, 
a mule wlii^ on a joome} 
cantekliarlay fee t£e rest, 
bdl-orale^ dealer in barlcj 
Cebawtnia, 4f. meeze-wort 
Cdadára. <f. act of feeding 
Ctíbár, «a. to fieed animak, 
prime, let ofl' a rocket or 
afuib; «r. to be fiiml; 




■«■■/■■■»i«j lore far wolve 
and birds of prey, kind of 
monkey, cart-grease 
CcbóBa, ^f. onion, anj bal- 
boas tanicated root, squill 
CchoUána. <f. a large niyro- 

balan, retembling onions 
Cebtdlár, m. plot of ground 

soivn with onions 
CebolMro, ra. s. dealer in 

Cebolleta, <f. a tender onion 
Ceb(rfli$n, «M. a large oninn 
CébtMúáo, da. «i. illnJuped 
Cebdn, rat. a fat bullock or 

CcboociUo, «m. a yonng ftt 

Cebra, <r. zefan 

Cebratana, •/. a kng wooden 

tube or pipe 
Cécha, 4f. kind of rcMri far 

drinking water 
Ccciil, «m. cod or oúier fidi 

cured and dried in ibeair 
r^ias, «M. north-west wind 
Tecina, </*. hong beef 
Oectnir, we. to aaake hang 

beef. V.Aadnmr 
Cedacería, ^f. ibop wbeie 

sieves are matle or sold 
Cedacero, tm. out who makes 

Ceder, vm, to grant; va. to 

Cedixo, za. a. tainted 
Cedria, <f. rerfn 
Cédride J Cédiio, m. frattsf 

CmtrÉno, na. a. bekngini 

the oedar.tree 
eédro,«iit. cedar 


Cédala, «f. iBv^f pardwient 
or paper wr kte norto write 
upon, schedule, order 

Ccdulááe, «M. fees paid far the 
expedition of decren 

CedoMn, «m. along «diet 

CefiCUca, ^. ceplttUc «ein 

C«£aico, ca. m, cephalic 

Célalo, «M. mullet 

Céfiro, tm. zephyr 

LéSÓ, tmu 

Cegi^o, rat. a he-goat two 
yean old 

Cqcajóbo, sa. a. blear-eyed 

Cegar, m. to grow blind ; va. 
to Mind 

C^arrita, «m. one who con- 
tracts the «ye to tee at a 


large kind of 

C gato, tau a. sbort-d(^ted 
C^eguedid, ^. blindness 
Cegoén, $f. infirmly or dis- 
order in the eye 
Cegneries, «m. kted of martens 
Ceguinoéla, »f. whip staff of 

the helm. V. PinxaU 
Ceja, ^f. eye-brow, edging of 
clothes, sommlt of a moun- 
C«^ad¿ro, «iR. rope or traca 

C^ár, vn. to retrwrade 
Cnijúnto, ta. a. baring eye- 
brows whidi join one 

Céio, tm. thick mist which 

ueually arlics firora rivers 
Cdida, 4f. ancient piece of 

armour, amboscade, artfiil 

trick to deceive ot>e 
Celadcir, ra. $. curator, nwni- 

tcr in schools 
Cdadfira, irf. cnamd 
Cdáge, «OT. colour of the 

clouds, small cloud moving 

Celir.M. 7 a. to fidfil Ote 
duties of an office with 
care, watdi am pcnon^ 
m o t ions from fear, en- 

CAla, <r. ecu, snail cavities 
or divisions in bee-hives, 
small caifio, small room 

Cdebradtfn, <f. cetebcation, 

Cciebraddr, rat. one who ap- 
plauds or praises a thing or 

C ele b ran te, sm. a priert in 

I the act of odeteating the 

praise, revcf» 

Célebre, a. edebrated 
Celebridad, ^. oetebrltj, re- 

nown, pon^ 
CelebTilie,rai. oocbei 
Celebro, ra^ skuU whick oon* 

tains the brain, brain, col 

lectioB of vessds and organs 

f >lc min, ra » .d r y masetne, peck 
Celeridid, ^. celerity 
CtAÉtUf a. celestial, relating 

to the seat of the Messed, 

Celestial, a. celestial 
filfo, rat. V. t>/o 
Celiica, «/. ceUac artef;, kind. 

Celiáoo. ca. a. relating to tba 

lower belly 
CelibUoy Ciaibe, rai. ceUbary 
C^ico, ca. o. cricstial 
Celid^inla, </*. celandine, swal-, 

low -stone 
Cdindrite, mi. ragout 
Celita,4f. fish cai^ in the 

straits of Gibraltar 
Ctíla, tA V. Ctlda 
Cellenca, <f. a common pBOS^ 

Cellenco, ca. m, decrepit 
Ceitfica, <f. V. Vtntiaca 
Cello, rai. hoop 
Celosa, <f. lattioa ef a wm- 

CekMo, sa. a. light and swift. 

ailing, cr 

^f. cebitnde, hi^- 

Céhico, ca. a. cdtic 
Célula, ^. a «mall oei 
Cembelltoa, tf. hart's ham 

Cena, jf. act of suppini;. 

»m. basket or 
hamper made of ba»weed 

Cenador, tm. one who u £>iid 
of fupiiers, nimmer-hcu^ 

Cenegil, «m. quagmire 

CenagiíM, >a. a. moddy 

Cenar, ro. to sup 

Cenoéfio, ha. a. lean 

Cencerra, rf. bell worn by the 
leading mule, clack of a 
mill, the meat between the 
throttle and the rib« «t that 
part of mutton which is 
commonly called the saddle 

Cencerrear, vn. to jingle a». 
ttouaUy, play, on an ui:. 



Ctaícrntéot tm. nok» made 

by wctfacr, nuitet or bone 

Oanoerrfl, m. rm mb t in g the 

noiM at weÜMT or hone 

Cencerro, «m. bell worn by 

the leading mule, ilUtuned 

gulur, wood-crow 
Oimtt i tfu, UK. a Baall bunch 

after the vintage 
Cenddo, da. a. ontiUad 
C^ncit» tf Céncro» m. kind rf 

Cendal, mi. light t 

Cendra, ^f. Mate mad* of 
bollad pot-aah 

Centfft, tf, firameof a pictture» 
printador painted border 
ofaay kind otttntF, valance, 
oantre of an awning 

Ccnlo^ro, «m. aah-hole 

Capkfcnto, ta- o. aah-cohmrcd 

Ccnisa» tf. 



-.-_ jav«Nrj 

Gcniso, la. a. V. CenkUnio 


Centauro. $m. centanr 
Centella, ^f. lichtnlng. flash 
struck out of a flint with 
•teel« remaining- q>ark of 

Centellador, ra. a. brilliant 
Centdlár, y C'Ont^leir, va. to 

Centello, tm. qwrk 
Centena, 4f. oenteoaij» ban- 

Centenil, «I», field town with 

Centenario, ria. o. Mcalar 
Centenario, tm. a ftaat which 
la oelebrmted erc^r hnndrad 

to rye 
Centeno, tm. rye 
CScnténo» na* a. a numeral 

atUective, which •ignifiaa 

Cmttaúto, n. a. miud with 

Centésuuo, ma. «. hundredth 
Ccntiktoulo, «at. a work di- 
vided Into a hoadred parte 

Ccnaatário y Camero, ««. one 
who pays an annuity oitt of 
his estate to anodaar person 

Oénso» «m. money rcrdved by 
the proprietors for the use 
«f their pvopatty, poll-tax 

Oena4r,Mi.oiie appointed by 
public anthonér to «z- 
amina new pufalioaticau) 
orltie, censorious person 

CcnsoKte, ^. oAoe of ooMor 

CcnsortM,a« oansorian 

Censual, a. belonging to law- 
fbl interest 

Cenanalfsta» «m.ap«rHiii in 

Censura, ^. a critical levicw 
«f literary piodnctions» 
It, laproaA without 

Centinela, tf. sentry. CetiH- 

Mia «voJuAte, advanced 

Centinddia, tf. knot-grass 
Centiplicado, o. a hundred 

times more 
CenbSUa, tf. center fish 
Cantón, MS. a coarse covering 

of warlike machines in an 

dent times, cento 
Centrdi y Centrtcdl, a. central 
Céntrico, a. Puml» téntrieo, 

CentsíAigo» ga. a. centrifiigal 

Centi^icto, ta. a. centripetal 
Céntn». Ml. oantre^ height 
and depth of a ¿lng,4fisk 

Centuplicar, tw. to centupli- 

Céntuplo» pla. a. hundred- 

Centuria, tf, century 

Centurión, tm. centurion 

Cénzalo, tmu gnat 

Cenx^ya, tf. a govcmcsa of 
children* nurseiy-maid 

Ceftár, VN. to fVown 

CefUdo. da. m. modante, 
ringed, applied to bees and 
other insecte 

CetUddr y CefUdúra. t. bolt 

CefU|^o»Mi. gooae-Riot 

CafUr, «a. to gird, environ j 
«r. reduce onct cxpe&Ni 


CdSo, tm. a sopercUion&lonk, 

iltig or ferrulo 
Ceñ a. hoof sorrovBd- 

cd with elevated rings 
Ceñudo, da. m. frovnaiff 
Cepa, tf. that part of tlw 

trunk of a tree which Joins 

the root, stock of a vine. 

root of the wool 
Cm^n, ««. the highest and 

largest branch of a tree toen 

firora the trunk 
Cepilladuras, tf. pf ■ shavings 

pared off with a plane 
CcpUUr, «a. to plane 
C^ifllo, «in. plane, a braah, 

Cepfts, tf. a small poor-box 
CéiN», «iN.a Mock on which an 

anvil is pot, stoc^ Und of 

red on which silk ia wound 

befbn h is twisted, chari^- 

box. Cm« dH a metm, an- 

Cepón, tm. a laroe tnrak of 

a tre^ an old ^ne stock 
Ceporro, tm. an old viae 

palled up by the roots 
C«qui 6 Cequia, tm. a gold 

Cera* tf. wax, tapers and 

candles made of wax, fiiot- 

path in the street. V. Acer*. 

Ctra da lot tidot, ear- 
Cerachátcs, tf. pt. wax-stonca 
Cerapéx, ^. cerate 
CeraÁúm, tf. beverage made 

of ri¿e 
Ccrdtta, Coraste, tf Ccrtfatcs. 

f. horned serpent 
Cerástío, de Qranádat tm. 

Ceratdfilon, tm. hom-wort 
Cerbatana, tf. tube made of 

wood or metal, aconslic 

trumpet, ancient cnlvacia 

of a very small caliber 
Cérea, tf. indosure 
Cérea, od. near at hand, with 

regard to. Sh etrt^ nmnd 

Cercado, am. an mdoaoie 
Cercador, tm. out who in« 

closes or suneunda 
Cdrcinamente, ad. nlfl^ 
Cercanía, 4f. ptoximi^ 
Cerceno, na. a. near 
Cercar, «a. tefakdoae, iawMt • 

Cercén dáCcteAttod. aft «m 

Ceroanddamente, mi, ta ñ 


cBps and lops oír the end* 

of tUii^ 
Cercenar, va. te ^ off the 

cndft or eztvemitieh nduoe 
Ccecéra, 4f* air-tabeé to «• 

tract the fool air 
Cerceta, ^f. a widgeon 
Cécdia, ^f. a veoden rale fiar 


CcRfa<r, V. ilMdar 
Cacfadn, i«i. V. OiHiMe 
Cnrcfilo. «m. V. ZareCO», 

tendril of the Tine 
Cércie tf Cerekfn, «m. an In- 
dian mockinf •Usd 
Cerdacir, «a. to 

__;, drcQlar motifla, 
I, ftáme of a door or 

Cvcopitécok ««(• Uad oTIoiv* 
tailed manikqr 

Celda, <f. ttrong hair grav- 
ing in a bone'a ti3l or 
man^ com joit cut down, 

Ccfdámen, mu. handftil of 

CenUna, «f. kind of dance in 

Cerdear, «n. to be weak in 
the fiMre-q[aarter on accoont 
of a wofiuod, to decline ~ 

0érdo J CertAdo» mi. hag or 

I, ML 7 Cerddd^, da. a. 

•erccfila, <f. V. OtOndU 
Ccreuidnia, tf. rite, fbnn of 

Ciareraenlál, «m. a book of the 

Ceremonial, a. ceremonial 
Ccretnoniáticok ca. a, ccn 

Ctfreo. «m. tOKh-thistle 

Ceretia, ^f. wax-chandlers 

■hop, office In the royal 

. iMlace 

Cerero, o. idle 
«^eréxa, <f. cherry 
Cerexál, tm. plantation of 

eeréao, tm, chenry-tvee 
emitan, tm. rock-rose 
ir, M*> liOBty-wort 

Oetflla, <f. tidn wax^tapen, 

wax OT the ear 
Ccrftea, «m. wax -stone 
- - ff. a 


Cemádo, 4f. oeane ashes 
which remain in the strain- 
er after the Ije is pat on 
Cernadero, «m. coarse linen 
Cernedero, mi. apron worn 
by penens emplogred in 
slMng floor 
Cernedor, m*. one who sifts 

flour widi a sieve 
Cem43as, ^f. ft. fetlocks of a 

emér, «a. to sift x m. bod 
and blossom, drmle; vr. 
to wugle 

Cemfcalo, n 

CemidiDo, mi. thick misi or 

small rein 
Cernido, Ml. the act of sifting 
Cernidura, «f. the act of sift- 

Ceiw, «a. to ex.amine 
Cero, Ml. cipher 
Ccroferário, Mb aoolothfit 
Certfllo, Da, m, applied tc 

grain reaped rather green 

and soft 
Cenfn, Mi> dregs of pressed 

wax formed into a cake 
Certfte, mi. shoemakei's waXj 

panic, cerate 
Cerotéro, mi. piece of an old 

Cer.-.!^.. in 

uf <j)1 AJiiL >vax 
Cef^sA, </. crops of com 

w hjch tNi^^l Ik to grow ycUow 
Ceñ]vJii4N tm-. a small circle, 

3 tw ^ cl t tf a shoe 
Cetrpf t4, 4HÍ. at a small dis- 

Cc'" "«strongest part 

liieh coven the 
tMHw.uone <if an animal 

Cerradero^ ra. «. sUple whidi 
revdres the bolt of a lock 

Cerradizo, xa. a. that which 
may be fastened 

CenádOfda. a. dose» secreted, 

Cenraddr, mi. porter or door- 
keeper, tie, bond 

Ccnradtkra. <f. the act of shut- 
tine or locking up, lock, an 
incToaed piece of ground 

Cerrt^ tf. lock of a 

C«rn))afr,vii. to make locks 


Ccmderia, <f. tradeef a lack 

Campero, «in. locksmith 

Cerramiento, mi. the act of 
shutting or locking nu, in- 
closure, partition walls 

Cerrar, iw. to shut up the in- 
leu ut outlets of a place, 
lock a door, include, in 
cloie, to stop op, prohibit. 
Al cerrar del diot at the 
dose of the day ; vr. to re- 
main firm in one^ opinion, 
beilrat or locked up, grow 

CerraidniMi.dark and doody 

Cerreidn, mi. hi! 

Cerrno, ra. a. nmning wild 

from one hill to anouier 
GcRfl, a. meontainons, wild 
Cerrilldr, m. to miU coined 

Cerrión, Ml. idde 
Cerro, mi. high land, neck of 

mantand, baek'bone. Bn 

Cirro, baiely 
C«rrdaie,Mt. a wagtail 
Ccrimu, Ml. bolt 
Cerrdo, mi. kind of Ihun 
Cemimddo, da. a. having. 

weak ^nartcn, applied te 


Certamen, mi. cosrtrarerqr 
Certero, ra. a. dexterous or 

skiUed tal shooting and 

Certeza, nf. certdnty 
Certidumbre, «f. V. Ccrfexa 
Certificacidn, <f. certiücate, 

return of a writ, certdnty 
Certificador,, mi. one whe. 

Certificar, «a. to aarnre 
CcrtlficatAio, ria. a. that 

which certifies 
Cerúleo, lea. a. sky-blue 
Cerval, a. belonging to adeer> 
Cerrtfrio, ria. a. V. Cerval 
Cervatica, «f. V. LangmKm 
Cervato, Ml. a voong deer 
Cerveceiria, ^f. twewhoose 
Cervecera, Mb one who bntrs 

or sells beer 
Cervéda,^. extremity of the 

ribs of pork 
Cerveza, <f. beer or ale 
Cervicabra, d". gazdie 
Cervigudo, da. a. high or 

thick marked 
Cervignlllo, Mb nape 
Ceivfiio, na. a. resemblmg a 

Ceriidas,^ <f. p^cat-head» 



tai. m. membUnf or 

CtUx, vn. 

Cesáreo» rea. o. imperial 
Céae, «m.oe«e 

Cesible, a. that which ma; 

CcaWn. «r- cession 
Cesionario 7 Cesonario, ría. «. 

«me in whose flivoar a 

transfer is made 
Césped 6 Céspede, nu that 

part of the rliid of a Tine 

where it hat been pruned, 

sod, common thrift 
Cespedera, ^f. fields where 

green sodft are cut 
C«tta, 4f. bailcet, pannier 
Cestada, tf. a buketftiU 
Cestería, ^f. place where 

baskets are made or sold 
Cestero, «m. one that makes 

or retails baskets 
Cesto, im. a hand-basket 
Cestdn, mm. a large pannier 

or basket, gabion 
CefttoMlda,^.range ofgabions 
(.'etdceo, cea. o. cetaceous 
('étis,« (}alliclan coin 
cetra, tf. a leather shidd 

formerly used ,bj the Spa- 
C étre, «m. a small brass or 

c<qiper bucket. V. Acetrt 
r;etrerla«<f. falconry, fowling 

or sp<nrting with folcon» 
iJetréro» tmu \et^ia, bl- 

Cetrifero, «m. one who bears 

a Kceptre 
Cetrino, na. o. citrine 
<'étro, nm. sceptre, wand or 

staff*, perch 
Céyba, ^f. sea-weed, large 

tree in the Indie» 
4'^há, «r. a very thin kind of 

htufr used hj the Chinese 
ObabAcána^/*. an insipid kind 

of plum 
Chabacancriat 4f. want of 

cleanliness and elegance 
Chabacano, na. a. coarse 
ChabéU 6 Chapeta, ^f. ibre- 

Chabn<m, tf. sort of muslin 
Chacü, «iN.JackaU 
Gfaacárt, 4/*. kind of cotton 

Chachara, tf. idle prate 
Chacharear, vn. to prate 
Chacharería, tf. verbosity 
Chacharero j Chachanta,«in. 




Chicho, «m. stake at the 

game of omftrs 
Chacolí, ^. a lif^t red wine 

of a sourish taste 
Chacolotear, mi. to cU^, as a 

h<vse-shoe does for want 


Chacoloteo, mm. the clapping 
of a horse-shoe for want of 

Chanioa, «m. tune of a Spa- 
nish dance of that name 
Chaidta, ^f. noisjr mirth 
Chacotear, ««. to scoff. Jest 
Chacotero, tm. a wag 
Chacotero, ra. a. waggish 
Chicia, ^f. an Indian rustic 

Chacuaco, «IN. clown 
Chafaldetes, mm. clue-lines 
Chattlla 4f. an tiíá tattered 

suit of clothes 
ChafsUár, va. to botdi 
ChafiUlo, mm. coarse patdi 
Chafallón, na. «. a botdiing 

Chattr, va. to make velvet 
lose Ita lustre bj pressing 
the pile 
Chafarote, mm. a short broad 

Turkish sword 
Cha&rrlnáda, 4/*. blot or stain 

in clothes 
Chaftrrinár, ««. to blot 
Chafarrinón, «m. blot, stain 
Chaferooneás, ^f. pi. kind of 

printed or coloured linen 
Chaflán, mm. bevel 
Chaflanar, va. to fimn a bevel 
Chalán, na. a. dealer, jobber 
Chalanear, va, to bnj and 

Chaleco, mm. an buide waist- 
Chalón ó Chalún,«m.shalloon 
Chalupa, if. sloop 
Chamarasca, </*. a brisk fire 
Chamarillero, «m. a broker 
Chamarillón, tm. a bad play- 
er at cards 
Chamarra, <f. garment made 

of kheep skins 
Chamarreta, <f. a short loose 

jacket with sleeves 
Chamberga, nf. a long and 
wide cassock, kind of Spa* 
nJ»h dance, a narrow ^dle 
Chambéigo, ga. a sloudhed 
Chamelote, «m. cainblet 
Charaelotón, «in. coarse 

Chamerlúco, «m. kind of 

close jacket 
Chamicera, <f. . pi^^.^^^ 

black by fire 
- ', 4/1 kind of 

CbamÍBov «m. a pleoe of wood 

Chamorrada, rf. butt gtwta 

with a shorn head 
Chamorrar, vo. to cut the 

hair off with sheaas 
Chamorro, ra. a. shom 
Champada, if. a large statdy 

tree in Malaga 
Champán, if. kind of Ameri- 
can ves&d 
Champurrar, tw. to mix on« 

liquor with another 
Chamuscado, da. a. tip^ 
Chamuscado, da. pp. singed 
Chamuscar, va. to singe 
Chamúiico, <m. V. Chammi- 

Chamnsoón, «m. a large singe 

or scorch 
CharausQuina, tf, the act of 

scorching or dngeing 
Chancear, vn. to JMt 
Chancero, ra. a. jocose 
ChanciUerésco. ca.a. bdong- 

ing to the court of chancery 
Chancilleria^/*. chancery, the 

rights of a chancellar 
Chancleta, if. slipper 
('hánclos, «wt. pi. pattens 
Chanfáyna, if. ragout of 

liver» and lit^ts, a trifling 

worthlets thing 
Chanflón, na. a. made in a 

Coarse and dtun^ manner 
ChanfldnT'hn. money beaten 

out to iqipear larger 
Chaiuóte, MS. an Mdong bar 

Chantar, «o. V. VetÜr 
Chantre, mm. precentor 
Chantría, ^. the oflb» or 

digni^ of a precentor 
Chánsa, <f. joke. Jest, f^m 
ChanzonéU, if. Joke, ballad 
Chanxonetéro) tm. sonnetteei 
Chana, if. a tlUn metal plato 
which serves to strengthen 
or adorn the work it covers, 
rosy cheek, rouge, a small 
bit ¿f leather used by shoe- 
Chapaleta, if. a Und of valve 
Chaparra, if. species of oak, 

a coach with a low roof 
Chaparrada, if. V. Chaparrón 
Chaparral, «m. plantation ot 



. . , ••• to «íiiTm út 
gnnjah with mctaJ pliji» 

rittinc of a ñau I bis <rf. 

4V oovl 
Clapetto, «m. an Eíudfcan 

CfaapeCanáda^.adiM^ke iti' 

cidcnt to Eimpeao»! wba 

settle in Pera 
Chante, am. ckg viTh a corfc 

Mié lined wMi Mt/tve^íM 

rf. shop vhero 
^ i patteru an 
Chapioáro, «m. one wbue 
trade is to make «nd i«|] 

I a pj- 

f a nillar ridng 
lamiaal form 
Chipie, «M. graver 
duwodár, vo. to eat «r l«p 
off the fanaches *ii erÉC* 
and Tine» 
Chaptfte, tmu kind of Mack 
' grae or wax In An^ric^ 
C h apo t ea r , «o. to w«t viih » 
prance ev wet cloúi ; l'h. 14 
padcUeintbe vattTHi uio 
splash orseatterit ¡ititim 
Ompaceatf va. to botcli 
"* ^ 4^ a dutrifr pef - 

Ch^úz,««t. die act ofdibclc' 

Cbwmzir, «0. to dn<;k, pad^ 
die with tbo «an; iir. ts 

i «f purL 


wbite.glatB •!««> 
Charadrio, im. common nia.[a 
Charánchas, 4f. pi. bai irm» 
Charanguero) ra. a. #iü«; 
Charanguero».*!», ped'nr 
Chárcanas, ^f' kind of ^tufT 
Chárcc»! •**• pool of hLamlm^ 

Charla, ^. BohemIac>.a(inxr 
Charladdr, ra. a. V. C'iiiFí4iiiit 
Charlar, «a. to prattlir 
Charlatin, na. ». prai.€T 

'^ — •-" '- vn, V. VhawUr 

tf. gairutilj 


úü¡ti at t prfiíür 
Cturmilla, tf, tuim-tieiiii 1 
{Tb«f n^if ^', lus^iif -tree 
ClLKmccalt fift^ p{vktai|<3D tí 

Chjim^lap i»i- hir|T ^ ^ box 

CtuToliT, bo^ to vmisb 
CtoT^illMMf mm. ^Iilf r 
Chirfta, ^f. bch with a hwk 

m tlw frtd qa «ticb tit- 

aims. ajchoBf 

Charridk, ^, qwech or ic- 
tiol tf ■ «lewu 
ChamUta, 4^ ürlpe ^ cluCh 

Chdmij r*^ «, UTfand 
CtikTTV, ra. d- i^aadT 
Chdii^^ #n. fan , «n unr i;]i«4-t^ 

«I coafnr^ «rent, Is^ 
ClutqiicAr. TO- in trotli wUh 

ftt Eashj crack 
CMtSp jj: a Rat bottflnal 

CMCt>; ts. du ftat 
Ch^THi, mu kind of Einen 
Chat^ia, tP rorehick ker* 

biT«loeli pLit« 
Chavdnú, iff . « ^ LtmI of muilln 
CIWÚI, #m, a ktod ni blp« iJIk 

CMt-3, ^ ptúnt whjffr ih* 

tall iidrftrp baffc or whe» 

H ttopi^ birth on IxMitd a 

CKáxádfÍT, «m, a )j<?iaQ eni' 

pktytA tt¡ Ttop ibe boli ind 

>3iark Um caiW 
Chazar, ut. ld ito^ ibe trail 

ti^oiv jt reaebtt itac •in' 

runic |MMit 
CM«3, tm-pl. a kin^ of íjoí. 

ton itulf 
Chelto, «a. «hLllifl^ 

ChálTIJL, ^ a ruflt 

CherquéiiiúlsH r/. kind of s-tnlT 
Chía 4,1'L K »h(Ri bl^ck man- 

ttr, cowJ, a irhlie ir^Aiti' 

na] eqrth 
í^hiír^ PH. chJrp 
Chjbii, #/. li™iE. V, Tí/A™ 
l.^MbáJ , «Mn hiíTd of A Vi 
drfhaJiir, im. cbcvt of draw- 

and rw-ike nníritlii» old 
Chitetéi™ I [ : hi h\ l.U ,Hn^ a fijld 

OF |I*T1 Whcr* LltU ilTf {lili 


PIruwl, t^rf of fptm 


L'hicÁ^ tf. hrrd of 

ChfruTira, nw. V. Z^fmHUtm 
€itlcét ^' rhildftm'i me^i 
OUclHrii^ «Mr j«a 

Chktt iJTvm. im. a hoi plaro 

Cfc-i.L-h4m5h §m- J jinjTi^ lun- 

4tc4 Mt ore ctid and imakfíd 

at th« alíiñ 
Chl(iaiT4n, imr dnid manrJ 

(?r lard IHfd to a (ijinf-paa 
ChlchiiTa^für^ nc i^Uani 
Chte-hbiT«4tp T9- to vim 

tondiiK-c paid to a Isdr 

f^MrtlOTlf tn, lump on ihe- 

Chichota, tf- Ji iriim|>l«tr af 

pttÍKt thin^ nr tmriiK-vi 
Chico, ra. ii* Uttle, «mafl 
Chh», Chica. 1, 4 ijtik (uY or 

ehlcslMiH IV. i:^ iokr or i«il 
ChicoJ«Op Jw.jokF 

vt ^r1 H in>d of a f p|w 
Cliie<ua^iE, in. sfv Amo^' 

tan fniU 
CI) initio, Í1UÍ. a Lltlkf child 
Chlili, ^t. whtsUt 
Cliiflacfljiitr^ ii*f. a ixtft kinif 

of pompkin 
ChifUdÉs-A, tf, Thistle 
IJblltariara, ^. wh|j[L|to|7 
Cbiñátf va, U> ]}arv IcjiLhvT &r 

ispwHin^ Jiog*i4 Til. to 

VhittPe, mCK'k, lltrpt^ 
CtJftff, *m, mhlftto, (411 

Ite breaiJ 
Chi 1^ It 4^*' Ttrw-lnek bolp 
CblUfidrfnat fl^. trifle 
ChiJLndrúii, ji«i. kind ofi^ama 

ai r^rds, áuvnihL^¡t-,^Jt 

in thiheAil 
rhC]J4, ,f. call for fgitt, JI¿r. 
ChilliMo, JmL rrvif 
ChiJLidoTi rir ÍL jicrNiin who 

liirMtrt», ilijii^t hhat cncakb 
Chi>]Jf» v^ ta Hcn^un K E^fcokt 

Imil^itÉ the Tioteb <if tilnLn 
ClijUjÍTM, tf. pf. ihirt turkm' 
I li i I [ihlo.nti . M^ur^l fir «hriek» 

li^T» HnK iff a «om nn oí c híld 
CkCltonMi. c.k]]. v. CAir/d 

criiT, Twiii 
Chfl..., «*.iji5^' X'j^yJíí- 


Chln^nt <f chimc- 
CUmiav Chlmica, ^. die- 

mittry. V. ^ufmUa 
Chins, <r. pebbl«,a tat ^ 

root, poroeUin, china 
Chinár.vii. V. JtecMiMfr 
Chlnácro, «m. a luge pebble 
Chinateido, «in. «tratnin of 

pebble* or small ttones 
Cmacharrázot tm. thxatt with 

a nrord in an afftay 
Chincharrero tf CMnchorréro, 

•m. place «vanning with 

dUhdiCt Ml. bog 
Chinchero, «in. Mf-trap 
Chinchorrería* ^f. a whinoer 
Cliinchorréro, ra. «. iuialoiu 

Chinchorro, «m. fiahing>bo«t, 

kind of flthing-net 
ChinchtfM, *a. a. peeriih 
Chinéis, ^. dipper, kind of 

Chino, na. «. Chinese 
Chío Chío, tm. chirping of 

Chiquero, tm. heg-s^ 
Chiquito, ta. a. little, small 
Chiribitil, tm. a narrow and 

low little hole or comer 
Chirimía. ^. clarion; tm. 
clarion-player ^ 

Chirimdja, if. a kind of Ame- 
rican pear 
Chirinola, ^f. game played by 

boys, trifle 
Chirivia, tr. pannep, wagtail 
Chirla, <r. musde» V. Alm^ 
Chirlador, ra. «. a clamorous 

CMrlir,tii. to prattle 
Chirlo, tm. a large wound in 

Chiromantice, «m. chiroman- 
. Chirriaddr, ra. a. hissing like 
bog's lard, oil, drcfai which 
something is fried, creak- 
Chirriar, m. to hiss, as hog's 
lard, oil, Scet¡ sing out- of 
tune or time 
Chirrichdte, ««ii.a presnaap- 


Chirrido, «nuchirping of Mrds 

Ghirritfn, tm. a strong nrack 

or dung cart which creaks 

▼ery loudly 

Chirrionérb, tm. one who 

drives a dung-cart 
«hirúr^ico, V. Qmnirgieo 
Vhñ-garavis, tm. an insignifi- 
Qint. noisy fellow 



Chisme, tm. tale to excite dis- 
Chismear, m. to taftle 
Chiarotfso, sa. a. tattUng 
Chispa, 4f. spark, a vary small 
diamond, small particle, 
Chispas I intetj. fire and tow 
Chirac, «m. the act of a 
nmrk flying off from the 
nre, and the damage it 
Ch lsp a dr, mu to ^arkle, rain 

tm. smith who 

makes kitchen utensils 
Chispero, n. a. emit^ig a 

number of q>arts 
Chtsporroteár, va. to hiss as 

bsñning oil or tallow mixed 

with water 
Chisporroteo, «m. hissing 
Chi^idso. sa. a. qwrkling 
Chistar, tm. to mumble 
Ch<ste,«m. a fine witty saying, 

Chistera, ^f. a narrow basket 

fiw fish 
Chistoso, sa. a. gay, livdy 
Chita, if the ankle^booe _. 

sheep and bullocks, game 

with the bone 
;hite^ tm. kind of. ootton 

Chiticálht, «M. one who keeps 


ChitiealUr,«ia. takfep tíleace 
Ciiito, tm. a piece of wood, 
bone, &c. on which tlie 
money is put in the game 
of c*Üb 
Chito ó Chitdn, inítrf. hush 
Chtfca, if. part of ttie game 
given to a hawk ; stick or 
paddle used by soisp-boUers 
Cbocadtfr, ra. «. one that irri- 
tates or provokes 
Chocante, a. pcovcktag 
Chocar, vn. to strike, fi^t; 

Chocarrear, vn. to joke 
Chocarreria, if. bufTooneiy, 

decri^. V.PuUeria 
Cbocaiiéro, tm. bnfibon, 

cheat. V.Fmlltro 
Ghocarrtfro, ra. a. practising 

indecent raiUery 
Chdcha 6 Chodtaperdfi, <f. 

Ohochaár, vn. to dote 
Clv>ch<ra d Chpcbéi, if. do- 


Chddio, cha. «.doting 
Chdcbo, tm. lupine. V. At- 

tramuM; a sweetmeat 
Chocolate, tm. chortiatm 
Chocolatera, if. dMOoUtc- 

Chocolatero, «m. one wbo 
grinds or makes chocolate 
Chdde, tm. paste made of 

müb, Mgs, &c. 
Chdfr, ifrbisOiooA 
Chofeár, va. to utt«r falae- 

hoods. V. MenHr 
Chofiiro, tm. V. Chofitt* 
Ch<$fes «m. fL lungs. V. 

ChoAita, if. chafing-dish 
ChofisU, tm. one who lives 
upon livers and lights; one 
that tells blsdtoods 
Cholla, if. skull or nppejMkart 
of the head •'•^t^ 

Chdpa, if. kind ofaea-farcMn, 

top-gallant poop 
Chdpo, «m. black poplar-tre»- 
Chdone, tm. shock, Finnish, 

Chdrca, if. pit or hole dug in 

tte ground. V. Hoyo 
Chdrcha, if. V. Ckocharerdix 
Chorddn, tm. raspbenryjami- 
Choricero, tm. one who sells 

Chorizo, tm. pork -sausage 
Chorlito, «m. curlew 
Chorreado, «m. satin 
Chorrear, vn. to &U or árop 

from a spout 
Chorrera, if. spout or place 
from whence liquors drop» 
mark left by liquids ; friU 
Chorretada, <f. water or other 
liquid rushing from a spout 
Chorrflloy Chorrito, tm. tb« 
continual coming iii and 
out-going of money 
Chdrro, «ni.wat«:, Ste. itgiuag 

from a narrow place 
Chonrdn, «M. hackled or dres- 
sed hemp 
Chotacabras, if. goat-sucker 
Chdto, tm. a sucking kid 
Chotuno, na. o. ^ucUÓg; poor 
Chdva,<r.Jay ^^ 

Chrfya,<f. Jackdaw 
Chds, «ni. sound whidí is the 

efGkt of a blow or stnrite 
Chdxa, <f. hut 
Chdmo, «. great grandson 
Chozuéla, if, a small hut 
Chubtfrba, </*. stone-crop 
Chubasco y Chubazo, «m. 



fhúea, tf. the ooncave put 

of a ban 
nmoére,«ai. pikaman 
Chü^ia, ^. opouam 
Chncfacár, ro. to fowl with 

calk, gins, and net»; whi*. 

Cbadaerta, tfi gtrmgfnr ; ._ 

bit which Is nice bnt not 

Chndiét«,MK. bird<cateb«r 
ChOdio, «m. long-eared owl, 

a wotd wed to call a dog 
CbadnuDéco^«in. mtanj ut> 

Cbmántnátp va., to prat a 

tiüMMas lo make it *~ 

itaAape, tmiiae 
CbüécMt 4f. pan or hoUov^ of 
^tejoiatsflf bonei; Am 

w e ek ; beetot^ bony 
Chnifta, if. jett i «naU pan 

wiúi feet and« handle 
CbaJléta, ^. a Utmt 
Chnflrteir, nt. to m eer 
Cha l ada , «r. droU qMcda «Mr 

•ctiaa; caotemptumuwonr 
Chnle<T, DO. to j«t» aneer 
Chni ét a , <f. Teal steak, a 

mntton-chopt fried or bell- 

ChAl^ la. ». ponster; an 

artful and ily petiun ; bat- 

dier^ mate. V. Itean 
Cho macara» ^. cloth put on 

the tide of a boat to pie- 
vent the eon from weaiiug 

Cli«nca,<r. jest, joke 
Chttpat V. waiatcoat 
Chupadérck ra. «. sacUag 
Chupado» da. «. lean 
Chnpaddr, nu «. one who 

sucks or draws ont with 

the lips : a child's coral 
Chupadura, <f. the act and 

cfliect of tucking 
Chupaland^ro, «in. a kind of 

Chnpir, fl«. to suck 
Chnpativo» va. a. of a cnckinff 

Chupetear, ve. to sock 
Chuftctln» am. a roan's innes 

garment or doublet 
Ompetdn, am. suction 
Chupdn, am. sucker, the act 

of sucking: doublet 
Chupón, na. a. one who whh 

conning and dec^t deprives 

another of his monejr 
Chupdna, 4f. a mean, blood- 


Chunkfn, tm. raiqibenr; jam 
Churra, <f. the little pin- 
tailed grouse 
Churre^ am. thick dirtjr art as* 
Charretifeo, sa. a. guaMng 
Churriburri, am. a kiw doni- 

cable fidlow, tabble 
Chmriénto, ta.a. 
Churro, ra. a. appbea lo I 
that haivooanewool. 


«Í < 

Ohnrrtfs, «m. kind of silk stuff 

Cln»mscáne,vr. to be scorch- 

Churrtico, am. bread whidi 
is too much toeeted 

ChurumbOa» tf. wind inotm- 

. am. Juioc m sab- 

'•tanoe of a Úihig 
ChtttciOk <r. pWMJiilrjr 
Chusco» ca. «. pleasant 
''liúsnia, <f. me crew and 

slavesof arow-goUi^; rab- 

Chtttedr, va. V. Cmdmckaar 
Chuxixo, am. a pike 
Chuto, am. pike used on 

booed a ihip ; A' tkuaoa 

abundantly; Eehar aktaoa 

to brag 

luadn» na. «. a crafty per. 

Mn, wag;.a large pike 
Cla. <f. hip-bone 
Ciab(%8,^. the act of tackbig 
a row-galley 

CiaeKüne, ^f. the.nct of put- 

row .galley 
CUno, am. the blue bottle 
CUr, va. to hold water 
CUtlea, V. sciatica 
Ciático» ca. a. Kiatical 
Cibário, ria. a. concerning all 

species of food 
Cibera, ^. quantity of wheat 
which is put at once into 
the hopper,aIl sorts of grain 
fit for animal inbstance, 
hopper in a corn-mill 
Cibica, <r. clouts, iron plates . 
Cibicdn, am. a large kind of 

bolo, la. «. a «niadmped cal- 
led the Mexican bull 
Cicatear, tm. to be aotdidly» 

Cicatero, ra. a. nUytardly 
Cicateruélo, am. a Uttle mbier 
Cicatricilla, 4f. a small scar 
Cicatrix, am. cicatrice 


cicatrizal, a. liclon«irg to t 

cicatrice or «car 
Cicatrizar, va. to heal a 

CicatrizatiTo, ra. a. that 

which has the power ofd- 

Ctoedn, am. mixture of mealy 

honey, water, 6cc. 
Cicercha» <f. smaU kbid of 

chick pea 
Ciciladn, «ei. bitter retch 
CicUin, am. an intermittent 

CicUda,<f. kind of undrew 

Ciclan» am. a male animal 

which has but one testicle 
CMit, va. to clean 
Cfdo, am. cycle 
Ciclope am. Cyclops 
Cic«ta» <f. hemlock ; a flage 

Cfdra, af. fruit which has the 

stnelC tast^andahapeof a 

Cydracaytfte, am. the Ameri- 
can gourd 
Cidral, am. plantation of ci- 
tron trees 
Cidro, am. (Bot.) citron-tree 
Cidronela, V*. common balm 
Ci^, ga. a. blind ; CUgo de 
ira, blind with pandon ; 
large black podding 
Ci^Io» am. hear«in. the su- 
preme power, limate ; El 
dalo dt eotke. the roof of a 
Cien, a. one hundred 
Clencabézas, if. common 

Ciénda, if. science, know- 
Cieno, am, mud, mire 
Cientiflco, ca. a. scientific 
Ciento» a. one hundred 
Citfnto, am. a hundred, a 
hundred weight. V. ^Ñ/n- 
tat : pi. tax asseMed at m> 
much per cet t ; piquet 
Ciento)iiés, 4m. wood loose 
Cierra España, the »-ar-hoop 

of the ancient Spaoiardfi 
Cierro, am. the act and ettéct- 

of inclosing 
Cierto» ta. a. certain 
Cierra, if. hind, the female to 

a stag 
Cierro, im. deer, here, «tag 
Ciento, am. a coid norttierly 

CtfVa, if. a «ecret or occult 
manner of writtag, totelli- 


gblt to those only who 
!«• a kqr to It, ciph«r 
Clfirár, m. to cjriifcMr, " 

a diicoarte 
C'tfíAno, «M. a tmall roll of 

tolMCco, kindled at one end 

and smoked at the other 
Cigatéra« if. prottitote 
Cigoñal, am. machine in the 

shape of a stork's neck 

Cigoñino, «m. a young stork 

Cigoñuela, <r. a small bird 

reticmblinf a stork 


Cimbreo, «in. 

moulding of a plank 
Cimbronazo, «m. blow given 

with a foil 
Cimentado, tm. refUwnMnt 
^ of gold 
Cimentar, t>a. to lay the tboa- 

dation ef a building; to 

Cimenterio, «m. cemetenr 

r of a helmet 

Cignat^ra, if. kind of Jaun- 

Cigiuito, ta. «. V. 

Ciguénte, nn. kind of white 

CigiMfta, tf. whito stock; 
crank of a bell 

('igUéRo, «M. a male stork 

Cipiqae, tm. figug 

CQi, \f. dungeon 

Cilantro, «m. coriander 

Cilicio, tm. • habr doth ; a 

('ilfndrico, ca. a. crllndrio 

Cilindro, «m. cylinder 

<^iiia, \f, granary for tythee 
and other grain 

Cllláxcn, tm. store-home Cms 
paid by the persons con- 
cerned in the tythes which 
are keiit in a granary 

Ciilerero, tm, steward 

Cillerixa, tf. a nun who has 
the direction of the domes- 
tic affUnt of the convent 

Cillero, «M. a keeper of a 
granary; vault 

Oimn, qf. summit of a moun- 
tain or hill, top of trees ; 
tender sprouts of caidoons, 
end of a thing 

Cimácio,«m. moulding whidi 
is half convex and Iwlf oon- 

Oimarrtfn, na. a. wild, unruly 

Cimbalaria, «f. i»y-wort 

Cimbalillo, tm. a smaU bell 

Címbalo, tm. cymbal 

Cimbel, CM. decoy-pigeon, 
ro|»e with which decoy-pi- 
geons are made fiut 

Cimborio 6 CImbtfrrlo, tm. 

Cimbonunes» tm, pt. scupper- 
holes. \ . /mAuriMf 

Cimbra, <f. a wooden frame 
Ibr constructing an arch 

Cimbrtfr y Cimbrear, va. to 
brandish a rod or wand 
«r. to bend 
Cimbrffto, na. «. pUmt 

Cimera* if. crest o 
Cimério, tm. . 

Cimero, ra. a, placed at tite 
....... -'■ seme derated 

dmiénto, tm. grannd-work 
or fiwndatian of a build- 

CimQlo, cm. d 
Cimitarra, 4^ 
Cimdrra, qf. glanden 
Cinabrio, cm. Idnd of gum. 


which a priests alkia tt«d 

Clnáoo,ca.a. cynio 

Ctnioo, CM. tvasm whith 
causes oenTukions 

Ctnife, CM. the loe^-shaBked 

Cinocéfato, cm. kind of mon- 
key or baH>ii 

Cinquén* d ChiqufDo» «m. 
game at cards with five 

CAita,4f. ribbon, sd _ 
used in thetara^ fishery} 
tímiat galMMC, bewr-wales ; 

CinamdmIno, «m. an aroma- 
tic ointment 

Ciiuundmo, cm. the bead-tree 

Cinctfl, CM. chisel 

Cincelador, cm. engraver 

Cinceladura, if. fretwork 

CiaoeUr, t». to cut with a 

CinoeWto, cm. small chisel 

Cinch 6 Clnck, cm. sink 

Cincha, <f. girth 

Cinchar, na. to girth 

Cinchera, 4/*. giiih-j>laoei db- 
" toiMMTsesand 

Cincho, CM. girdles used by 
labourers to keep their bo- 
dies warm, vesse l made of 

affects t|»e hoofs of horses 
Cincbdn, cm. a broad girdle 
Cinchaba, 4^. aunalfgirth. 

Cinco, tm. an arithmetical 
diaracter, by which the 
number of five is denoted ; 
a. five 

Cincoaflál, o. five years' old 

Cincomesino, luu a. five 
months' old 

Cincuenta, cm. fifty 

Cincuenteno, na. o. fiftieth 

Cingaro, ra. <• gipsy* V. Oi- 

Cingladora, tf. one day's run 
or sailing 

Cinglar, na. to sail with a fafar 
wind and ftUI sails, brand- 
ish a wand 

Ctagttlo, m. Ktrdi» win 

Clntadérob «m. that part i 
the croMbow to which the 
string is made ftst 

Cint^ios tf Chítateos, tm. mL 
knot or bunch arribbénd* 

Cbitár, tw. toadom witb rib- 

Cintaráso, tmt. chastisenKM 
given to a bone widi the 

Cintarcar, »e. to strike -with 
flat part of a hroad- 

Cinteado, da. a. adorned widi 

Cinttfre, «m. one who wnavcs 

«r sdls ribbands, ripe with 

a running knot thrown on 

Cintillo. CM. hat-band 
Cinto, CM. belt^ girdle 
Cintrél, CM. rule or line 

placed In tlie <xntre at a 

dome to adjust the ranges 

of brick or stone 
CintAra, 4/*. waist, narrow 

part of a chimney 
Cintunin, cm. a betwd-swohl 

Cipero, CM. sedge 
CI|»olini. «M. kind of graenhh 

Cippos, CM. pi. mile-stones, 

Ciprés, CM 

Cipresal, CM. grove or planta- 
tion of cypress-trees 

CIqoirtcáta, if. cares* 

Clráto. CM. a hill or small 

Circense, o. belonging to a 

Circo, CM. a circus 

Circuir, vo. to su rr oun d 

Circuito, CM. circuit 

Circulante, «. «hat which cir- 

Circular» a. circulat 

Clrcunvml^, tw. to narraiHMl 

Clriál, «Ni.aUn«eei 
flMa In dumam 
CnuiéOi fM« hmCc 
Cirio, «N. a thick and long 

Claltfnuy 4f« ciitsii»! 
tkm of th* fiim> of a 

iIm'MBi ^( WMtatfoB 

Cttino,«M. V. 

Cftarat 4^ciuianer 
yaitldao wan of tfac thick- 

wmn wi m to tppoar In 
tribunal of Hutiea 
ntiM, Ml. ibmbmcfta 
CHocmdénto. a. GMdnlou 
Cit<tt«, «M. I 


daoiar, a^ to cqr «at in I 

tern, to lai|ilaw at 


«^ to tott the 


dato mé n- 

fcir «aaitar «B a rainy day i 
Olera at kmm, «Mto «T an 



Clarea. <r. tambaaao 
Clar tor, <n>. to da wn ; »r. to 

Clarecer^ «n. to dawn 
ClarMo,a. balng of a colour 

Clarididydartfaa, ^.timttj, 
_. _ ^ ^^ 

CtrUh tm. toft of mane hang' 
ing down over a hone's 
fkoe. fibre ot the roott of 

CináMt, ta. a. acirriioas. 

CbvAa* ^f» prune 

CiTMiUr, «N. a laiKa plairta- 

tlon ofphim-trcoi 
CiroA), «Ob ^um-tree 

Cirogfa, 4r- m 

Ciaalptftto, na. 
ClMa,^. kind «f re«l irith 

Clacár. iw.tobi 


ri^dn, ^f. incklen 

CísBUíf >M« tchimii fictniH 

ancc in a coniniaoi ^ 
Cismdtice^ ca* «.«chlMMtic, 

Qtramontino, m. a. on thli 

iidc ofdM OMDOtaiM 

Citrfi>o,na.a.le—> colonred 
Citnm, «m. beverage nade al 

Ciudad, <f. citj, corp«vati 
Ciodadtfao, «M. Uterrnwa ef 

of a city 

CindadAa, <f. a dtadd 

CÍTÍ00» a* civic 

Civfly u, dril ; dvil. not mi- 
litary; bk Uw, dril, not 

Clarlfictfr, na. to brt^ttOD, 

Clariflcatlvo» va. a. foriHea- 

Clarimicnte,«iii.andcnt latien 
Ciarla, tmu trumpet, r 
'rj - 


clarkMt, flayer 

Claridn,Mt. crayon 
Clariu, «f. nan or^the «rder 

of St. Clare 
Claro, rm. a. clear, pdlodd. 

U^t, evident, eocB 
CUro, Ml. li^t i break in a 

ditcoone or writing ; ray» 

of light fUUng an a pic 

CivnkUd, if. dvUity 
CMlixackfn, ^. act of joatiee 

by which a oiminal pro- 

oaia is converted into a 

Civilizar, no. to civilixe 
Civilmente, otf. in a dril or 

polite manner; accwding 

to the common law i»ui«. ... 

Cixtilla, 4f. ftagmentaor fil-lCládce,ca.a.ela«lcal prtn 

inp of «old, «liver, ftc D¡gLd*b^OQgle 

cloth; sagacity 

Clantt, MtTtolatdworfc 

CUm, <f. dais or rank of ÚM 

''^ divisicn of Bchad> 

a sac of bdngs «ir 


bly ormeeting ef the prin- 
cipal mcmben «f an uni- 

CUusola, if. period, daoie 

CUusAn, rf. cloister» < 

CUfa, <f. club; 
Clavado, da. a. esaci ; naiwa ; 
belonging or rdatlng to a 

Clavadura, <f. the act of driv- 
ing a nail to the qnick of a 
horw'a fiMM in ihcieinf 

Clavar, va. to nail, stick. Me 
davi una —pimat I pricked 
mjsdf widi a tbom. Cla' 
var la artUUHot to spike or 
nail up guns; to cheat 

Clavirio, «m. treasurer 

Clavaidn, «m. set or parcel of 

<Cláve, <f. key-stone, key to 
any work or writing ; chime; 

<3av«. «m. pink, a flower 

Clavellina, ^f. Jamaica pep- 
per-tree, Spanish 

Clav<aue, tin. sto 
semblinga diamon 

Clavera, «T. mould for nail 
heads, hole in a horse-shoe 
for ftstenlng the latter to 

Claveria, if. office and dignity 
of the k^-bearer in military 
orders in Spain 

Clavero, rá. «. keeper of the 
■keys ; dove-tree ¡ key- 

Clavete, «m. tack 

•Clavetear, va. to nail 

Clavicdrdio, im, harpsichord 

Clavigéro_fM. bridge of a 

•Clavga, tf. pin, peg of a 
musical instm- 

<;Uvfllo 6 CUvito, m. ClavUlo 
dt hMUa, rivet of a bockle 

^lavidrgano, «m. an organized 

CUvo. tm. nail. Claw pla- 
ieoiof tinned n^ ; a com ; 
qpotin the eye; lint ; clovet 
rodder of a ship; head- 

. 4f. clemency 
a. clement 


Ckmenfitaas, ^. pL eonectkn 
of ttiecaiMina 

Cleptfklra, «f. water-dock 

Clerecía, <f- deny 

Clerictfl, a. clerical 

Clericato. MS. state and dig- 
nity of a clergyman 

Clericatura, ^. state of • 

Clérigo, «m. a clergyman. 
ClMgo da tnUa, a presbyter 

Cleriztta, rat. diorister 

Cksriaitete, tm. «oe who wean 
a mean clerical dress with< 
oat being ordained, ill' 
dreiied priest 

Clero, «m. clergy 

cubano, tm. a small move- 
able oven 

Cliente, tm. client 

Clientela, if. cUentship 

CMntulo, la. «. V.Ounté 

Clima, tm. climate 

Ciimattfrico, ca. a. climac- 
teric, gtiar cllmaterieo at' 
gun9, to be ill-humoured 

Climax, if. climax 

ClinomSdio, tm. large wild 

Clistel ó CUOét, tm. dyster 
Clisterizar, va. to adminiita- 

Clivdso, sa. a. declivous 
Cloica, if. sewer 
Clocar, va. to duck 
Clodeár, «n. to cackle like a 

CkSqne, rai. grapnel. V. Coeit. 

Cloquear, va. to duck 
Cloquera, if. the state of 

hatching in fowls 
Cloquero, MB. a person who 

has the management of the 

harpoon in tlw tuniwy- 

Cldris, tf. greenfinch 
Clúda donosa, if. the balsam- 
Clueca, o. ducking and 

Clu^o, ca. a. decrepit 
Coeordn, tm. widow-wail 
Coacción, if. coaction 
Coacervar, va. to coacérvate 
Coactivo, va. a. coactive 
Coadjutor, ra. «. coa4}uto' 
Coadjutoría, if. hdp; right 
of survivorship of a CMd- 
■" of a coad- 


CMdnair, m. to miz «r Jam. 

ble things tegetfaer 
Coadyuvaoiir, rai. assietant 
Coadyuvar, i». to b^ 
Coagulante, a. that whidi o»- 


CoadministradtSr. tm. oi 
who governs a diocese 1 
vlrtueof a bull 

Coágulo, rai. ooagulnm 

CoáUa. if. woodcock 

Coapdstol, tm. co-apostle 

Coaptacittn, if. coaptation ' 

Coapttfr. M. to fit 

Coarrendadiñr, «m. a joint 
partner in renting waj 

Coartada, if. an aUbi 

Coartar, va. to linüt 

CobdU, m. cobalt 

Cobanillo, tm. a small basket 
used by vbitners during the 

Cobarde, a. cowardly 

Cobardear, vm. to bea coward 

Cobardía, if. cowartlioe 

Cobertera, if. pot-lid 

Cobertizo, tm. a small roof 
jutting out firom tl>e wall 
to shelter people firom the 
rain, a covered passage 

Cobertdr, tm. coverlet 

Cobertura, if. cover 

CobQa. if. the part of ú>e 
roof which projects f^rom 
die wall to throw off* the 

Cobijar, va. to cover 

Cobradero, ra. a. that which 
may be recovered 

Cobrado, da. a. recovered 

Cobrador, tm. rece i ver or col- 
lector of rents and other 

Cobranza, <f. collectien of 
money ; act of fietchiiig the 
game which ii lülka or 

Cobrar, va. to recover, firtch 
the game, gain afBectia^; 
vr. to gain celefañty 

C<ibre, tm. copper 

Cobrizo, za. a. coppery 

Ctfbro, «m. V. Cobranza 

CtSca, if. plant in Peru, seed 
resembling the berry of, 
laurel, sort of small vessel 
kind of gum 

Cocár, va. to make grimaces 

Cocarár, va. to gather or col- 
lect the leaves of cocoa 

Coccíneo, nea. a. of A purple 

Coccidn, if. coctlon 

Coceaddr, ra. t. one that kidu 



CMadéns n; J Coeedte» ka. 

«. «Mily boiicd 
Cooadáro, «m. place when 

bMwl b -^ - - - 


new w 
Coccdréra, <f. a laige tether- 

Cocer, M. to boUfdigert; vn. 
ta b«dl ; vr. to soinr in- 
tense and continued pain 

Cdcha, ^f. a small reeerroir 

t '-jvhiv^lii'ciitnT «dj d. nJAtJ 

l'miíülTij, rm^ ft UttJitMi^klnir 

m«icls|f IdT^ 
Cochiffrii m^ to ilrivf A tD4f h 
CTothfra, tT rtp»cti-hiiuie, 

ctMchJnMn 'a - w 1 rv 

1 fPTAeru, n, m. Ttkul whScb ik 

tiUÜT (uilfd 
tcK-btfÉíCo.jirb fric^HTc iTiKlr 

L^ IjáOt^ matlun^ ^ ki4 

Cvi-fHíW(Í4a± if- hird of iwin*^ 

e lueui ÉCtiím 
roclijbvtrj I'M. 10 tu ijiltj 
C PcliiniUiL, f/i « md'tiNar, 

C4CfaÍDlUfi, «nir ITI HBIÚlJ- 

Mifniillsif K pl# 

*''^]chino, #Pi. pi|. V. Pittrttí 

ITEjctiOn, f^ H7f uT ImUln^ 
4cngti nude ii» J ÍHJdi ttf 
4^od^dO| d^ m- bnJtd 
I '«.ido, f»i. boilaéi trt^t 
& rn'LcnJénK]» r«i. CUCtJUil 

niKd« o^f i^TMnu hnil úcTÚif 

hlj^ivdünii I, t;f(Kh 
C^^WtTi ifl. tí» cf^k tlctülJ* 
riftrhilTni. TA, i- cubk 

fui T»LitiL{|t w«l9^ ml] BidlesM 
li-tx^j inner uvi^ dT ü¡9 


fToiíltfár^ nti, tti ittíkt mi 
i;mte3i viih m ' 
ta cluck «* Iwtcb 


and flmit. Onot, teadt 
made of cocoa-nnta 
Cootflxrfo, im. a species of the 

cocoa tree 
Cocodrilo, «m. crocodile 
Cocoliste, tm. fewer peculiar 

to New Spain 
Cocdeo, sa. a. warm-eaten 
Cocotriz, am. V. CoeoMto 
Cocuyo, «m. kind of fl^w- 

Cdda, 4/: taU. V. Cofa ; bar- 
then of a song 
Codal, tm, piece of ancient 
armour, shoot ficom a Tine, 
:,.Lj^:^ ^a' lJu: wiist, firame 

Qt' .L Ji^LbJ-UW 
CoihU^ .1. Li>1tHAl 
f:oüÍEtir, jm. Éili<m-poct 
i'üdt^tf r'j. i|j dbow 
< LKlrr.!, 4/1 un the dbow 
Cijdf'Tit, *pn- lalvfnnm 
4 'i^nr^t "^-^ 1^ manuscript 
Cúáh- La , (,''■ sawBtousneis 
l'gdLcLatLr^ ii. «netable 
CúAi c\aúar, *tn- be who covets 

Coriit-iir. fii. to covet 

Cqüirlidr, u. jtpiaining to a 


[ 'lid k' Uii, jwu codicil 

{ 'oJjijjimji D, I a. o. somewhat 

Cuill'iAMt la- a> greedy 
r4»d>|ctt, ain. cddeof laws 
C£<liLE^n, ^f-, tamor on the 

k:ntt at huftta 
Cuibiio, tm. kiue of horsca 
uleI ijicim- qnadmpeds, 
«nEteit tJXÜOef stitmp of» 

€4U<r, jM, cilHW, cubit. Cpdb 

nrü/, rersa] CDUt. Hablar 
t'^m i,*! ri/4\it^ to chatter 
[:iHlA[i, twt. a leadicr coTer of 

H. UüTtm'í IJJI 

TcxiGimii. Mf. [|uail 

cVjtfiüL^riMT iM. cdeffident 
Cuepl^'ugtu, jnn.DOntemparary 

Coerckin, tf. coercion 
Lo^cEifvo, VI» •. coercive 

rtEtn^ «iih another 
Coevo, va. J. corral 
CwiUt^]cJ4i, tf. co-ezlst- 

C4iexl£tfTp tn* lo co-exist 
Cu^ittTMJt:!^, irr-to co-extend 
C^^, <^. tup ta round-house 

□f t|u; luMícr masts 
&uitk, 4/- A «xi, a kind of 

HiwP, V) umi case in which 


the dye is tkittntA fat 

Coftexu^* ^f. a small net 
Cofín, tm. a small basket ftr 

Cofrade, da. «. member «f a 

Cofiradia, <f. confratemi^, an 

Coftadria, <f. nel^boorhood 
Cdfire, «tn, trunk, coflhr 
Cofrero, tm. trunk-maker 
Cogedéio, ra. t. collector 
Cogedixo, aa, a. that which 

can be easily coUectad 
Cogedor, tm. collector, dott- 

Cogedura, ^f. act «Tgatherlng 
or collecting i 

Coger, va. to catch, imbibe, 
gather fhiit or the produce 
of tlie ground, occupy. And, 
surpiijie, intercept. Cpgvr 
la» caliet, to stop the streets 
Cogimiénto, tm. the act «f 

gathering or catching 
Cogitabundo, da. a. i — 
Cogitar, va. to reflect 
CogitatíTO, Ta. a. co^tativa 
Cognación, (f. cognation 
Cognado, da. a. cognate 
Cognomento, tm. surname 
Cognominár, mi. to gi«e an 

additional name 
CognoscitÍTo, Ta. a. cognitiTe 
Cogdlio, «m. heart of garden^ 

plants; top 
C<^lmir, a. te fill op a 
-isseL V. r-' 

CMOtéra, 4/-. theh 
^ Gombed dow« on the 

Cogucho, tm. the moat infe- 
rior sort of sugar 

Coguláda, <f. crested lark 

Cogtjtfn, tm. comer «f a 
mattress or bolster 

Cogulla, 4f. cowl 

Cogullida, ^f. neck of a hog 

Cohabitar, vn. to dweU wUh 
ther faa the same place» 
tooether as hmband 

Cohechador, tm. briber 
Cohechar, va. to bribe ; fbrce; 

on. to accept a bribe 
Cohechauin, tm. act of break- 
ing up the ground fiir 
Cohecho, tm. bribery ; season 

for ploughing the ground 
Coheredero, •• coheir 
Coher^A£ia)L «/"-crfierence 


CoMVÍlltCt a> colwNDt 

Cobttttíiít ^f» ihop wlim 
rackets mi other lortí of 
artificial flre-works are 
Cohetero, «n. rocket-maktf 
CohlWeitfm ^. pnMUtian 
CohiUr» va. to prohibit 
Cohobadtfn, <f. cohobation 
Coh<fl.M(. V. ii; ■ • 
GohombnQ, tm. 

Cohombro, 4 

Cohonestar, «o. to give an 

honatt or deont appear- 

anoe toan action 
Cohdrte, m. cohort 
(M, «M. CdfM, vL hammock 
Cotaa, ^f. pcrquUite r ece i ^ad 

by the hocper of '— 

Coiackléiicla, 4f. eelnddenoe 



Cdlcha, tf. ooTcrlet 
Colchadura, <r> qullting ; Ut 

log or twisting ropes 
Colc£ár, no. to quilt 
Colchen», MN. quilt-makar 
Colchón, «M. a mattress 
Coldionéro, ra. «. a mactictsr 

Coincidir, «a. to concur 
Cofaiquindne, «r. to lie stained 
Goittoei, vr. to accelerate 
Colfivo, va. a. lalatiDg to the 

\t^f. spedes of cabbage 
Cdia, «M. tdl, train ; glue ; 
word of repneach among 
students. Cote de foeado, 
isinglass. Cubrirte eon to 
eote, to make use of frivo- 
loos evasions. Af U oofo, 
Colachdn, mm. kind of a gui- 
tar with a long handle ' 
Oolacidn, ^f. collation ; con- 
ftrence between the ancient 
monks; a slight repast; 
potation, precinct 
Colacionar, va. to collate 
Colada, tf-. the bucking of 
clothes or linen with lye 
made of ashes, the linen it- 
self thus bucked; com- 
mon ; road Cor cattle 
Coladera, ^f. strainer 
Coladero, tm, colander; 

r. Ml. C-ffT flwyif : 

it niattw : ipwad lUet t CoMCo^ m- dmblet m Jarket 
s ; «a. to pass tfaronglh I wlthtHii tUri* j bodf «/ a 
ait place; m. to steoiL • mnm 

_ a place | t^ltMáitu, m. a bcwh i^luBC 

Colateral, a. collateral ukin» uftia ^^ 

ColatiTo, va. a. brion^j; , Colgi^Hv, Ta. a fit to be fann^ 

which cannot be cq)oy*<l I i;4]i|jsil:i:«üp mi. _. 
alcoUn [ Tuli^sii), r-m^ii. 

without a canonical 
tion; that which 
Coloedxdn, tm. a largp ftath^j 

Colrtde, ^f. wag or n 
of the tail of fishes or 

[n^i tiuiMUí af grppes 

« U|f Id t)*^ IftTtTf-nd 

t«, o. hanging 

hiU,rL|{ I 
Ci:l|f jLntfl, 1 
Collier, la. in h¿iíf%p, má^tn 

*iüj lapotr? i im. rn hiag 


Oáll« li C-oi'oEj I. a un«II fldk 
("alllm^, j*«L coUbas 
Cf^íL^B. c7'C«Lic 
t^aiiciiiOr n^ 4- haiiflf gray 
h^Jr jn thv tail 

Cuü^^LL'^B, V"' L-j^mii^Bj of 

u[i« iliJBg with izhhIht 
{ iol LfáDciSj, tf. cAnfietluD 
i uli^^fic, TF^ in b« unfticd bv 

iKime iniriHBi 
CallJUiij, ^, iTÚn ufa nrm 
Cotilla, */. hill : BHd of 

CplSnUf tm.. litBiil CñhiiM^ iSflt 


CoiaAira, «f. collation 
Colanilla, tfi a small bolt 
ColdntC!, a. filtering 
Calapés y CoUffíscrs, ^f, isin- 

Colfe, «a. to strain throogfa a 
obtain tome dif- 

, ^.wagging of th« 

taU, wriggUng^^ 
Cola<r, tm. to wag or mo^£ . _ 

the tail as dogs no, wilggJf rD3i4t&i:J«dap <f. tikLUcnUifa 
Coleccidn, ^. coUectian CuHj^dd, 4m' pjt, uniial 

Colecta, tf. distribution of 3 j^iiud tut^fidur i 

tax lariedonatown: coi' t'l^cvd íbr 

lect; wacmblaae of tl^r ^ 

fiuttohl in chorchas 
Colectaddn, ^. the act of col - 

kctit^ or gattiering icnt^i 

taxes, or oiher dues 
Colecta, va. toaather or col- 
lect tasca. V. BiwHmfui 
Coleetlcio, da. «. coDcctitioiu 
ColectiTo, Ta. a. collective 
Colectdrj tm. ooUeelor» tax or 

" """ LgllttUdJj rui to íflílt Í tT. to 

fcrcomr IJrjiiid 

CgLikrg, MM operm^bQuit OC mUk&loD 

ColLti»Ji. i/^ JudAiP-ITH 

Ci}] i t JJH^BtP, tm. oni who 

csrri>»:>(m «¡aw-^iúlssalnst 

Coliíime, íth, h^poOri» 
CfiLUdUi iFhr bill 

Cdilv^^, npf. n laukU odiar 

'Pr íbam 
ColL^rut, «Nv d hiack mUar, 

edipNl »itb wlutF. Vr Jttta' 

din^ri'j, ton i nlou^hiAani 
iptiiuil asftii^nl lo i^ Uad 
di' tbe iTumia with Ü» lands 
b« cyiEtlifaleí 

Colecturía, «f. offiot or em- 
ploy of a tax or rent ga- 

Colega, tm. colleagne 

Colegial, la. «. the person wl-m 

has a place in any tioUegi' 
• '-^11,a.colle»ial 



Colegiatura, tf. burse aud 

dxess of a collegian 
Col^o, rat. eoOeae 
Col^, «a. to deduce, infieir 
Cdlera, tf. büe ; anger 
Colérico, ca. a. choleric, paa^ 

Coleta, tf. cue, the tail of haj r 

tied with a ribbon 
Coletéro, tm. one who malL«; 

bufr-doubleU, breeches 
Coletflle, tm, a small doublet 

made of boffor gtha skuia 




CoIIera« «/. ooUar; muniíer 
cf indlcfacton chained to- 
eeUier; number of breed- 

mg I 

CoUéta, ^. a small ¡dad of 

ColkSn» a. dastardly 
CoUonería, </*• covanUc*} 

Ckdmádo, da. a. fitted 
Cotmár, «o. to he^ op 
Cotménat ^f' bce-hiT« 
Colinenár, mi. apiazy 
Colmenero, mi. liee keeper 
Colmenilla, 4f. kind of muah- 

Coltniliázo, «m. grinder or 

back tooth 
Colmillo, m. grinder or back 

Colmilludo^ da. a. having 

grinders, Uagt, or tasks, 

applied to pcnons and anj- 

mab; sagaciaos 
etflnoo, «m. lieqi; conple^ 

Cdüno, ma. a. V. Cbmm¿> 

Calo, «m. colon ; a chub 
tfolocacidn, 4f. empknr ; ar* 
rangementof the dlfibent 
|iarts of a building, speech, 

eotocir, vo. to arrange 
Colocisla, ^f. the J^jrptian 

Oolocutdr, ««I. be who holds 

Golddra, tf. mUk-paU, a 

eolodráxgo, «M. tax laid on 

wmesoldin small qüaaU> 

Golodrfllo, Ml. oceipat 
CoJofónía, Ml. colophony 
<:olorabrtfflo, mi. namesake 
Coldnia, <f. colony; the 

country planted 
Colonial, a. colonial 
Coldno» Ml. Inhabitaut of a 

colon J : labourer 
Cobiquio, mi. colloquy 
Goldr, tm. the app-^dran ce oT 

boiucs to the «^f : coL^Air, 
ongc. Color po^-rhín ,1 ftu- 
rMO,awanor fkided ruLunr. 

Cotm de a¡frt,m.] 

Cotomrián, ^f. 

blush, preten» 
Colorado, da. a, ru<lif;, co- 



eobnidv, to pot ene to the Comarcar, va. to plait tiMi 

btnsh in a strai^t Unci ini. to 

Coioraniiénto, mi. V. Sneeñ' «^ --•— 

Colonir, va. to ájf, make 

trith thaóie 
Colorear, va, to colour j 1 

Colorido* Ml. cokwring l pre- 

Colorín, Mb lionet; brlg^ 

Colorir, va. to ooloor 

Colorista, Ml. colourist 

Coloso, «m. colossus 
Coldstro, Ml. colostrum 
Ctflpa. </: a whitish sort of 

Colpár, wo. V. Herh 
Colpéz, Ml. isinglass 
Colodir, va. to collude 
Columbino, na. a. dkiTcIike 
Columbrar, vo. to discern at a 

CotumeUres, mi. pt. incisors 
Cidumnário, ría. a. columnar 
Columnata, </'. colonnade 
Columpiar, vo. to swing to 
and fino a person sitting on 
a nqie or cord; vr. to 
Cdúm^o, Ml. swing 
CoMnad Columna, if. co. 
lumn. Coluna fotforiea, 
light-house. Colufta miliar 
6 itdUaria, mile stone; a 
long file of troops; half a 

ir butcher- 




Coluros, Ml. fi. colures 
Colusidn, <f. collusion, shock 
Colzál, if. colewort-«eed 
Cdma, if. each oUe of the 

parts into whioh a tone is 

Comadre, tf. midwife; god- 
Comadreja, tf. weasel 
Comadrero, ra. a. running' 

about gosdping firom hftuae 

to house 
{^ofiiAHlrón, Mt. man-midwife 
I. [in)andamiéntó,«m. V. Man- 

dii V Mandanáerdo 
UnMiiaiidánda, <f. command 
CcrTi\)Tidánte,«m. commander . 
Í ViiT' 1 1 i'iár, va. to command 
f i.m ill 1 ilo, tm. command 
L L.i, «/. territory 
CorPAr^^áno, na. o. neighbour' 

Comáya, 4/. a large bttkct 

the white owL^ 

COfM , 

Cdmoa, tfi curvatura or in. 
flexion of timber whoa 
warped, or iron when bent 

Combadura, tf. V. Bóveda 

one's self into a round ball 
Combar, va. to bend; vr. 

Combate» Ml. combat; agita. 

Combatible, a. fit tobe cola 

CombatidiÑr, mt. combatant 
Combatiente, mi. combatan* 
Combata-, en. to combat; va. 

to attack, contradict 
Combeneficiidos, mi. s/. pre 

bendaries of the same 

Combés, mi. waist of a ship 
Combinable, a. that which 

may be combined 
Combinacidn, <f. amcgateof 

several words irhkh begin 

with the same qrllable 
Combinar, vn. to combiae. 

Combinatorio, lia. a. com- 

Cdmboi, ba. a. bent 
Cdmbo, mi. stand or frame 

fiir casks 
Combdy, mi. convoy 
Combustible, a. y «. combas* 

Combustidn, ^f. combustiop 
Combusto, ta. a. bumt 
Comedero, mi. dining-room, 

afieeding troo^ 
Comedero, ra. a. ««table 
Comedia, if. comedy 
Comeüiánte, ta. ». player 
Comediar, va. to divide into 
Coequal shares, regulate 
Comédico, ca. a. comical 
Comedidamente, ad. gently 
Comedido, da. a. dvil 
Comedimiento, mi. civility 
Comedio, tm. centre of a 

Comedfr, va. to think ; vr. to 

govern one's sdf 
Comeddr, ra. «. eater ; dining- 

Oom^n,«. Undofmoth 
Comendador, am. knight of 
military order | pro- 



tomendsdiír», ^f. the superior 
of a nunnery of an order 

*<i:<nneodatfcio. da. a. recom- 

mendatory letter given bj 

a prelate 
Comendatario, ria. a. rdating 

or belonging to letter» of 

•Jomendéro, «Vn. he who en- 

Jojs a benefice in a place 

<'oinentár, va. to conunent 
t^^omentário, tm. commentar; 
ComéntOi «m. comment 
ComentuÜ, o. relating to a 

Comenxadür, «m. one who 
commences or makes a be- 
ginning cf any thing 
Comenzante, fa. beginning 
Comenzar, vk. to b^n 
Comer, va. to eat ; be in pos- 
session of an income ; run 
throu^ a fortune ; take a 
roan m the game of chess. 
Ganar dt comer, to earn a 
Comerciable, a. merchant- 

able, sociable 
Comerciante, tm. merchant 
Comerciar, va. to trade 
Comercio, tm. trade, commu- 
nication, body or company 
of merchants, exchange ; a 
kind of game at cards 
Comestible, a. eatable 
Cometa, tf. comet ; a p^per 

Cometario, «m. a machine 
Cometedor, tm. offender, as- 
saulter. V. Acometedor 
Cometer, va. to commit to 
one's care; commit some 
' criminal act or oror ; vr. 

to expose one's adf 
Comezón, tm. itching in the 

Comicios, tm. p/. Roman as- 
semblies for business 
Cdmico, ca. a. comic 
Cdmicof «.player, actor 
Comida, if. eating, dinner. 
Haeer mm buena comida, to 
make a good meal 
Comidflla, tf. a slight repast 
Comido, da. a. sattiate 
Comilitón, «m. narasite 
ComiUttfna, tf domilónat <f. a 
splendid and plentiful re- 

ComiUn, na. #. a glutton 
Cominero* a. y •• nuicnbl* 


Comsio, tm. cumjn 
Comisar, va. to confiscate 
Comisaria y CcniisarUto, «. 
office or enploymcnt of a 
Ciknisário, tm. oommisaiy 
Comisión, <f. trust, act of 
committing a CTime, coin, 
Comisionir, «a. to coomüs- 

Comisionista, tm, commia- 

Comiso, tm. confiscation «f 

prohibited goods 
Comistión, 9f' V. ConmátHon 
Comistrajo, tm. bodoe-podge 
Comité, tm. count. V. Conat 
Comitiva, <f. suite, retinue 
Cómitre, tm, boatswain 
Comiza, tf. a river-fish 
Cómo, ad, how, as, why, in 
such a manner, in what 
manner, IL Como eUo tea 
bueno, if it be good 
Cómoda, tf. press 
Comodable, a. that which can 

be lent or borrowed 
Comodatario, tm. borrower, 

Comodato, tm. loan 
Comodidad, 'f. ease, conve- 
nience, profit 
Cómodo, tm. utility 
Cómodo, da. a. convenient 
Como quiera, ad. however 
Como quiera que, ad. not- 
withstanding that 
Compacto, ta. a. compact 
Compadecerse, vr. to be com- 
passionate, agree with each 
Compadrir, vn« to become a 

Compadrazgo, fm. connection 
contracted by a godfisther 
with the parenta of a child 
for which he stands sponsor 
Compadre, tm. godfather, 

ompadreria, ^f. friendly in- 
tercourse between godfo- 
Compáge, <f. compagas 
Compaginador, tm. one who 

Compaginar, va. to join 
Compaña, tf. out-hcnise 
Compafierta, «. V. Maneebia 
Compafiéro, ra. t. companion, 

comrade, partner 
Compafiia, tf: company or so- 
ciety of persons, company 
of persons united in part- 


aershipt abody of soldten 

under the oommand «f a 

ciqttain; compaav 

Compafión, tm. tceticle 

. iparáble, a. c 

Comparir, tu. to compare 

Comparativo, va. o. courna- 

Comparecencia, <f. aiipaT- 
ance befiíre a Jucige m obe- 
dience toasummoiu 

Comparecer, tm. 
bobre a Judge 

Comparendo, tm, s 

Comparsa, tf. retinne of rreat 
personages rqwcsented on 
the stage 

Compartimento y Compartí- 
iénto, tm, compartment. 

Compartir, va. to divide int» 
equal parts 

Compás, tm, pair of com- 
passes. Conñdt de rthxc 
ro, clock-maker's compass. 
X^pdt de muetle, qpring 

Compasadamente, md, by míe 

Compasar, va. 4 
vrith a rule and cotnpass. 
Compatar una carta de ma- 
rear, to prick the chart - 

Compasible, o. lamentable, 

Compasillo, tm. quick musi- 
cal time 

Compasivo, va. a. compas- 

Compaternidad, tf, V. Com- 

Compatia, tf. sympathy 

Compatible, a, compatible 

Compatriota, t. a countryman 
or woman 

Compatrón, na. «. a ftUaw 

Compauonáto, tm. patron- 

Compatrono, tm. Joiitt guar- 
dian. V. Oampairon 

Compeler y Coinpelir, va. to 
compel, extort 

Compendiador, tm. epito- 

Compendiar, eo. to shorten 

Compendio, sm. compendium 

CompendiÓM), sa. a. brief 

Compensación, tf. compensa- 

Compensar, va. to compen- 
sate; m. to «noy an equi- 
valent for any loss 

Conpenzár, va. to oommeoce 



-t.^hrapÁAclMi •' tMiUHn-lTflffld 

LkHuplA'^ftj, va. Id pleoH 

'^BqAAT 1^5 ó^tf^Ülif la 

him : rr- twi Éjc pttAith] W ¡ tli 

Conipti^ÍF, ir-^1 ill w«f|i 

men I 
rarniilftaF, UM. la ^«f|pke$c 

<^^ipUCll^ Iff. fit' IlWDIlliRB 

Odnpluhm^'d. cumpla j Liu^ 

ContpIAi'Ój Jim, coniptim 
lZ(!vti|áki4r, wi. la c<M]],i>l¿abe 
C!ri«n^UEV| «. aciMttiilkw 
ConpUmMkil^ m. mayfij of 


to Utbfve ÚV ittiftdiict fuitf % 


plWHttlllÚf Í 

Jafiu 1^ iwr*«d bp tft tb* 


jniy tr Lvu^ftiE nr pnT- 

{^ani|.<ráttiir c^ V, CWmuTw 
CmnfirÉiifzaj Uu m. Vt I'tmi^ 

ComjMTAát^t i. Ivutrr, fitsn 
r-ttrnpr!uiitj e- limrng 
C-ampiUr, hr. Ill Li'iT 
LVnilf t^urxtilMiliJr, ri. w. Q(ir 

vha 4^(11 FTP riib«n(ti« 

liracPn «"Mujiriáej uekIit^iumI 
CiiakprrhMi^itiLiitlad, ij. lapH' 

ComprctH4i-i1ii<tt, i^. ctir^ijnc^ 

Cfmiprctipcul ^ D, »i. a. com^ 


f3«irf|n^jnft Jp, fl^ f unn | iTiairitbIt 

['^TipTc^va, [10. ii. rrdudnf 
rQiiijjrljnlf J 'ht, lu r4krp|'Tcii, 

Tip'^sk j irr, t,K «:ui1i|lHtr 

ratripraudiiitp') ^. pro-n |jt^ 
[ ' rjFniFTüUirn rd< Tl^ ««rilj 
Ccíinprafíndlri n«p, tn1|{-ii^¡lie 



. HftrfEFa- 


I'dmprcittclOrj tM. M.yitiiú pr«^ 

rnffi|'in«iii''j,,j1i Ii. urüij ->4t4t 

njrlru|^ütÍ[,Ui L tiuri |i 
Ck»Fr |iV(!rEA, ^. h^Ub, búcJiüt- 


K in m.ili. *n 
«lii tvcflt tL 0>pi^ ur r I . ■ '■:-\.r. 
roiripuUiiitt, TjT. ^inni-. .n 
QflifipLilHtrl B, ri*- Ur ■ ■ ul 

cftpy to t>p mult 
CDttipLulrLun, f^'. citn tiiiiictim 


Compungivo, va. «. pvickiii« 
Üomporgaddr, ««.compank- 

Comimi]^, M. to pt ovc em's 

TCTacitv or innoccnc* by 

the oath of another 
Computar, va. to compute 
Compui&U, tm. computirt 
Cdinpato, tm. computatiaa 
CorauJaciiin, tf. caronJation 
Comuictfr, va. to admiiiijt» 

theblcMcdtacraincnt; vn. 

to recehre the tacnunent 
Comulgatdrio, tm. commn- 

Común, a. common. PattoM 

mon, vulgar 
C<»nún, am. coomiunity 

Comunal, «m. commonsltr 

Comunero, ra. a. popular, 

Comunero, tm. a Joint holder 
of a tenure of lands 

Comunicabilidad, ^f. com- 

Comunicable, a. coaunani- 
cable, sociable 

Comunicante, pe. commimi- 

ComunMár, va. to communi- 
cate, consult upon a sub- 
ject; vr. to te joined to 
each other 

Comunicativo, va. a. oomma- 

Cumunicatárlo, ría. a. that 
which must be communi- 

Comunidad, ^f. oommonncw, 
commonalty, community, 
a rebellious crowd 

Comunión, ^f. communion 

Comúnmente, ad. commonly, 

ConiüAa, ^]■. meslin, contract. 
^ Comufiat, seeds 

Con, prep, with, by. Con 
qut, so that. Con que, then 

t'on que, tm. condition 

Ton tal que, ad. so that 

Conato, «m. endeavour, crime 
attemined but not executed 

Co-naviéro, tm. copartner or 
part-owner In a ship 

Concambio, tm. exchanse 

ConcandnigOi sin, a kUow 

Concatedralidád* ^f. union of 
two cathedral churches 

Concatenaciiin, 4f. concatena- 

Concatenar, va. to link or 

Digitized by 

v. Stuadcnar 


CoBcaAaa, tf. «ddnc c«k« 

coQcavUy v 
f^fncavo» «a. «. boUow 
CdncaTO» am. cancavlty 
Concebir, on. to concdv*, 

think, fbrm, czpran 
ConcMMnte, «. conceding 
Conceder, «a. to ^ve, 

ailov, bcttow, grant 


Coaet^t «m. member of • 
council or public lioard 

eaoM^, a. rriating to puUic 

ConiMiiénunflnte, ad. publicly 

Concejfi,rat.a troop m bodj 
«if armed men 

Conc^, m. beloogkig to a 

Concejo» *M. oonrt of magi- 
strate* of town-ball 

Concento, tm. concent 

Concentrado, da. a. concen- 

Concéntrloofca. a. having on* 

Concepcldn, tf. 

power of coBceiTlng 
Conceptear, vn. to give smart 

Conceptible, a. oonceivahle 
Cunceptfllo» tm. awit^ trifl* 
Conoñtísta, «m. one who 
speaks or writes in a witty 

Concepto, tm. conceit, fatas. 
V. Feto : sntioMnt, Judg- 
ment, opinion 
Conceptuar, oa. to conoeive 
Conceptudso, sa. a. sharp 
Concernencia, tf, ccmotfn 

Cmicemitete, pa. concerning 
Concernir, v. unp. to rcgaia 
r^maertadiír, tm. regulator 
Concertar, va. to regulate, 
bargain, adjust difTetences» 
tune musical instruments. 

Concedonário, tm. he that 

Cdncha, tf. shdl, ogrstcr, tor- 
toise-shell ; an ancient cop- 
per coin; shetlof a dagger 
or cutlass 

Conchábanla, tf. the manner 
of makhig one's self easy 
and comnrtablei the act 
of meeting in onlawful as- 

Conchabar, va. to mix inft- 
tior wwA with the sopcrior 

time; vr. to 

Confuido, da. «. scalr 
Conchfl, tm. rock -shell 
Conchudo, «. scaly, crafty 
C«ncibimiéttto, tm. conceit 
Condénela, if. conscience, 
scrupulosity. BncondAuiat 
In good earnest 
Condenzúdo, da. a. conscien- 
Concierto, tm. the gord order 
and a rr a n g ement of things, 
bargain; concert 
Conciuábnlo, tm. conventicle 
Concillacidn, ^f. rewmblance 
or afHnity whldi diflhrent 
thinn bear to each other ; 
act or obtaining esteem 
ConciHadér, ra. «. eondliator 
Conciliiir, tM. to conciliate. 

Conciliar, a. „ 

relating to councils 
Conciliar, tm, member of a 

Con c ilia t ivo, vm. «. concilia- 

•Concilio, Ml. oooncfl, collec- 
tion of decrees of any ooun- 

|L cil, oonventlole 
Cencintdid, tf. hamonv 
Concino, na. a. harmonÍDOS 
Concitfn, tf. v. Strmim 

Concitaddr, tm. Instigator 
Concitir, vo. to excite 
Concitativo» va. a. inciting 
Condudadiaei, tm, ftllow-ci- 

Cdndave, tm, room m which 
die cardimds meet to dect 
a pope^ a private meeting 
Conclavista, mi. one who 
walu upon the cardinals in 
the conclave 
Condnir, va, to conclude, 
complete a thing suddenly, 
decide, infrr, deduce, dose 
Judicial ptoceedingi 
Condusfate, tf. conclusion, 

th* final detannination 
Condúso, sa. a. concluded 
Conduyénte, pa. concluding 
Concluyéntemente, od. in a 

convincing manner 
ConcolMde^ tm. he who lives 
with another in confrater- 
ConcoKga, mi. feUow-colle- 


M>me itching sensatkn, or 

by wiqrof a>ilte. 
ConoomUánda, ^ conceni- 

Concomitante,»*, ooooonü- 

Concomitar, m. tn cvtcami* 

Concocdáble, «. conoordant 
C«ioordacidn, ^. co-ordiaa- 

Conoofdaddr, tm. coneiHatar 
Concordancia, ^. conoord- 

anee, harmony ; graaom- 

ttcal concord 
Concordar, accord t an. 

to agree 
Concordata dCooemrddto^ «. 

compact, concórdate 
Concdrde, a. ooneordant 
Conodf demente, ad. widt one 

Concdrdia, 4f. concord 
Conooipdreo, rea. o. concor- 

ConciMár, va. to conbiae 
Concreto, ta. a. concvate 
Concreto, MS. a concNtebo^ 
C<nioohina,</*. oenmbine 
ConcuUnárie, mi. «n« wb» 

keepaa miatreaa 
Concubinato, mi. ooDonbi- 

Confio, MS. dead of aiglht 
Concúbito, MU. coition 
Conculcar, va. to concúlcate 
Concufiádo, da. «. broAer er 

Concupiscencia, ^. concu- 
ConcuplseíUe, o. conoupis- 

ConcurrtfnciaKf. conventioR. 


Concurrente, a. ooncurrent 

Concurrir, v». to concur 

Concursar, oo. to award « 

commission of bankruptcy 

against an iasdvant dcMor 

didates iar a caraoy, Ac. 

Concusión, ^f. ooncussian; 
abase of power ceanmitted 
bv him who holds a public 

Condado, tm. conntyt dig- 
nity of a counter earl 

Cdndc, «m. eart, ooont, ov«r> 
seer, chief of gypaica 

Condecente, a. coavenlMit 

^«idfi^facidnMf. dMoratton 


Condenable, o. condemnaMe 
Coadknacúta, aÍ' ctundemna- 

tkín i puiLúaoicnt inflicted 

«ai a malcCurtor ; mulct 
Condenado, da. «. one con» 

demned to eternal puniali* 

CondenAdo, da. fp. caaáemor 

CondenadiSr, r». «. cendemn- 

er. blamer 
Condena, vtu to pranoonce 

^aágmeat against a person 

taanA gnilty of a crime; 

dislike ; vr. to condemn or 

blame one's self 
Coidenatório, ria, a. condcra. 

Condensaddr, «m. cooderaer 
Condensar, vm. to thicken 
CoadOBsativok no. a. posses». 

fa^ the power m virtue of 

Condesa, <A ooimtes* 
Ccodesáde, m. estate from 

vhich an earl or count 

take* his ütle 
Condesar, va. to spare 
Coidescendénda, tf. coaát' 


CondestáUe, am. constable; 
Segundo emiettaUei gun- 

Condeittablia, qf. the dignity 
of aconstaUe 

Condesméro, tm. part-owner 
«r the tithes of a parish 

Condicicin, ^f. the natural 
quali^ of things; rank; 
terms on which anj thing 
is promised to be done 

Condicionido, da. a. condi- 
tioned, eonditional 

Condicionir, vm. to agree; 
rr. to be of tíie same condi- 

Condiciontfza, ^f. a strong 
Tiolent dispositkn or tem- 

Condidoncflla 6 Condición. 
cita, Af. a hasty or passion- 
ate diqiosition or temper 
Coodignidád, <f. oondigmiea 
Condeno* na. o. condign 
Condimentar, va. tocondite 
Condimento, «m. eondiment 
Condiscípalo, «R. cendisciplc 
Condiatinfub't va. to diton- 

CoodoWne ó Condoiccént, 
rr. to condole 


Copdonacida, <f eondonatien 

Condonar, ra pardon 

Conddr, am. condur 

Condrila, tf. common grnn" 

C<«dttcrldn, tf. conduct, re- 
ward far conducting 

Conducencia, 4f. the condu- 
cing to or promoting any 

Conduddtfr, am. conductor 
Conducir, Jtf. to convey, iiulde 

to a place; vr. to coriduce 
Conducta, ^. conduct, go* 

vemment, way of living, 

party of recruiu 
Conductivo, va. a. having the 

power of conveying or 

CondúctjO, «m. conduit 
Couductdr, am. conductor 
Condutal, am. spout to carry 

«fi'the rain-water &oro the 


onejál, tm. rabbit warren 
Contar, am. rabbit warren 
. "M 
. ), ra. a. that whldi 

hunts rabbits 
Cc—**- -r r^Affo 

Cfl:- ■]■■. J . ' TibWt 

Ccii'kiriii, »i^ rsbbit down 
Conrj , II .1. .|. belonging or 

r^UiLFh(f iLi [iierabbtt kfaid 
CorwTliiAd^f <f. jrf. lights or 

otfa^ [htntf'i annexci* ~ 

thu |»rinnTial 
Conslisiif #/, i-onnexlon 
Conpjilvot, vfl. 8. having the 

fíjfít' grT i|iPM-er of coor '^ 

Co»ii<iri. %.\. d. cannectad 
Conr^l^Effr, iHi. to 

Ijite, clMt 
Coe^al^, am. standard 
Coj-itiC.nFiÍTt rra. title of the 

ItSnp. of Arfl^on 

Conftcclonir, va. to confiset 

CooMeración, tf» confede- 

Confederado» da. o. y #. con- 

ConfiBdertfrte, rr. to be confb- 


«pinion, eonfas, hMT or r*. 

ccive confessions 
Confhsidn, tf. confiBSsion 
Confesiandrio, «m. a treatise 

which teaches or lays down 

rules ibr confessing or hear- 

Confiise. t 

Conséréncia, ^^. conference 
Conferenciar, va. to confbr - 
Conftrir, va. to compare 
Confesado, da. a. penitent 
Confiesánte, jm. declaratory 
Gonfair, va. to manifiwt one'* 

y«..«w, sa.*. Jewish convert, 
layman or woman that en- 
ters a religious order 

Confesonario, am. confiatsional 

Confe«5T, am. one that hears 
confessions, lie who confes- 
ses his sins 

Confiable, «. trusty 

Confiadamente, eá. honestly 

Confiado, da. a. presump- 
tuous, confident 

Confiadftr, am. a Joint suretv, 
he who confides 

Confiánxa, tf. confidenee, 
honest boldness, prchump- 
tuousness. Bn eomftdnxa, 

Confiar, VR. to confide; va. 
to commit to tibe care of 

Confidente, «. confident 
Confidencia, if. confidence 
Confidencial, a. confidential 
Confidente, am. a confidant 
Confidente, a. true 
Configurado, da. a. aonfigu- 

Configuttfr, t». to configure 
Confm, am. limit 
Confinar, «o. to border upon; 

va. to abut up 
Conflrmaddn, ^. confirma- 
tion, evidence 
Confirmádamente, ad. firmly 
Conflnnddo, da. pp. confirm- 
Confirmaddr, am, cenflrma- 

Confirminte, pa.- conflrmcr 
Confirmar, va. to confirm 
Confirmatdrio, lia. y Confir- 
mativo, va. a. oonfimutory 
Confiscar, va, to confiscate 
ConAtdr, va, to oonftct . 
Confite, am. confit, confect 
ConStér*, 4f. vessel or pot in 
which sweetmeats are iccpt 
and preserved 
Confiteiia, qf. a oonfectioner's 
shop ; street In which con- 
.fbctioners Uve 
Confitero, ra. a. confectioner 
Cfmfitioo y Confitflle, am. a 
coverlet which has oma- 
menta wrou^t on it in the 


€mRtáo, m. «Urge (WMt. 

Confltúra, 4/*. confitare 
Conflacldn* ^f. conflation 
Conflagracldn, «f. conflagra- 
tion, a general fire 
Conflátil, a. ftuiblc 
Conflicto, tm. conflict 
Confluencia, 4f. conflnenoe 
C:onfluir, VM. to join or meet ; 

a.1 currents 
(?onfondfr» mi. V. Coitfkndir 
Confiarmár, vm. to corabrm ; 

«A. to suit, complj with , 

vr. to yield 
ConfiSrme, a. co nfi g m able, ii> 

milar, compliant 
ConfiSrme, ad. in proportion, 

Confiirmemente, ad. conlbr- 

Confiínnidád, ^f. simiUtode, 

anion, (jrmmetry ; a cloae 

attachment of one person to 

another, resignation 
CMmfbrmista, tm. confbrmiat 
Ckmfortación, </'. comfiirt 
Confintaddr, ra. «. co mi tprter 
Confortar, oo. to condiMrt, 

Confortativo, va. o. comfinrt- 

Confiirto, «If». V. OntfbrtaeioH 
ConfiraccMn, ^f. fraetien 
<^onfragóso, sa. o. V. Fragoto 
UoDfragaaddn, ^. the act of 

nüx&ig or uniting metals 

with each other 
Confraternidad, tf. conftater* 

ronfíricár, va. to mb 
Confrontación, ^f. oonfironta- 

tlon; the act of co m p arlu g 

one thing with a — ^— 
Confrontiiitek jm. 

CÓñStmtár, va. to eonfhmt, 
compare one thing with 
another; vn. to «erae In 
sentiments andopiiSon 

Confugio. tm. reAige 

GonfÚ&, V». to flcein 
ny with others 

Contundir, va. 
confute or refbt* by dint of 
argument; vr. to be per- 
plexed, be humbled by the 
Knowledge of one's own 

Conftasidn, 4f. oonfiislaD, per 

plezity, shame 
Conff&so, sa. a. oonfnaedt ob- 

Confiittbr, tw. .to conftit* 


Congdár, va. to tun gaaJ ; vr. 

to ooncrete by «^ 
Congelativo» va. a. congeal- 

Congcniü, a. congenial 
Coiweniir, «a. to be oonge- 

Congtfnito, ta. a. eongenite 
Cosigérie, «f. congeries 
Congestión, <f. congestion 
Congiário, «M. eongivr 
Congfo, am. ancient Roman 

liquid nwasuie 
Conglobar, va. to conglobate 
Congloriár, m. to fill or cover 

with glory 
Conglutuulr, va. to cosig^nti- 

nate, to cement, to reunite 
Conglutinativo, va. y Con^u- 

tindso, sa. a. viscous 
CongtHa, <f. anguish 
Congcgár, va. to oppress 
Congq{dsam«site, ad. wax- 

Caagojáiso, sa. a. aflUetivc, af- 
Congdsto, tm. pleasnrableness 
Congraciador,, «m. flatterer 
Congraciamiento, tm. flattery 
Congraciar, va. to flatter 
Congratular, vo. to congra- 
Congremcidn, tf. 
tlon, natemity 
Conpcgfate, ta. «. 
of a congregation 
Congregar, va. to assemble 
Congreso, tm. a congress 
Ctfngrio, tm. conger-eel 
Cdngrua, 4'. a competent sus- 
tenance anigned to him 
who is to be ordained a 
Congmáncia, 4f. convenience 
Congmtete, a. congruent 
Congruidad, <f. VT Cmgru- 

Cdngruo, na. a. congruous 
Cdnico, ca. a. conical 
Coniza, <f. flee>bane 
CoiOetúra, tf. conjecture 
Cordeturtfble, a. conjectur- 

raddr, ra. «. conjector 

xix, va. to coi^Jectuie 

X, tm. a brotlier judge 

. .-.addn, <f. conjugation, 

the act of compiuring one 

th*ng W1Ü) another, union 

Coiriugido, da. a. conjugated 

va. to ooiOagatc 
vaus, compare 
Canionekfn. if* imidB 

vwgwKWH» V* '•"'"Digitized t 


Coq^mtfvo, va. «. ohi|bb«> 

Cot^jontivo, «m. die oof^oac- 

tiva mood of a verb 
Coi*j4nto, ta. a. united. alUed 

by kindred or friendship 
CoBJiánto, tm. co^Junctness 
CoiOuntúra, </. V. CoymitMrm 

y Comjtimekm 
C<mjaraci($n, ^f. oonniracy, 

conjuration. V. Conjuro 
Colorado, da. t. oosuplrater 
Conjuraddr, tm. cai\)urer 
Conjnnunentár, va. to bind 
by an oath, take an oaOi to 
Conjurante, pa. c o s ^u ring 
Coiyurár, vn. to conjmre, join 
in a conqtiracy ; va, to ex- 
orcise, conjure 
Conjuro, tm. conjuration 
Conllevaddr, tm, helper 
Conllevar, va. to aid and as- 
sist another in hie labours 
Conllorir, va. to empathize 
Conmemoración, if. remem- 
brance of a pcTMn or tl^ng 
Conmem<wár, va. to cooune- 

Conmensal, (. one who lives 
and boards with another at 
his expense 
Conmemalía, tf. conuncma- 

Comnensurár, va. to com- 
Conmensurativo, va. a. com- 
Conmiso, prtm.pert. with me 
Conniilitrfn, tm. comrade 
Conminar, va. to threMen 
Conminatorio, ria. a. commi- 

Conmiseración, <f. commise- 
Conmistidn d Conmixtión, y 
Conmistura, <f. oommix- 
Conmisto, ta. y Conmixto, ta. 

o. mixed 
Conmonitorio, tm. common!- 

Conmover, va, to disturb 
Conmutable, a. comnrataUe 
Conmutar, va. te change 
Conmutativo, va. a. oommn* 

Connatural, a. connatural 
ConnaturaUxárse, vr. to inure 
Connivencia* <f. connivance 
Connombnir, va. V. Ntmtrmr 
Connotación, <f. connotation, 

a distant rriation 
94ian«tádo, «m. kbidTC4 


Coonottfr, va. tocannote 
Counorkio, cia. «. fidlow no- 

Connulnál» a. CMurabial 
Coannnienír»i) oramerate 
Cañnúsco, pron. with os 
C<ínot m. cone 
CaaxieedÓT, n. «. caanoimear 
Conocencia, «/. knowledfe 
CoDocér, va. to know, per- 
oeive, experience, ooióec- 
ture, emwaoe a person of 
amover wz ; »«■• to " 
one another, 
onc't own qnalities 
Conocible, o. cognoscible 
Conocidamente, ad. know- 

Coawrfdo, da. «. acquaint- 
aftice, perKm of fiunily cr 
Conocimiento, «m. acquaint 
anee; note of hand, bill of 
lading, cognizance 
Con^de, «m. conoid 
C4toqae, tm. conditi<m 
Conqaeridtfr, «a> «. conqueror 
Conqofeta, ^. conquest, ac- 
quisition bJ 'Victory, act of 
gaining over another 

Conquistaddr, am. conqueror 

Conquistar, v«. to conquer, 
acquire, seduce a woman 

C<Bir^nánte, a. reigning at 
the same time with anouei 

Conrqmir, viu to reign at 
the same time with another 

Cantabér, vn. to. hare the 
knowledge of a thing joint- 
ly with others 

Consabido, da. a. con9Cious 

ConsalHdór, ra. «. one who 
poanetses the knowledge of 
a thing JohitI> with o£en 
r y Conugránt^ 

Consagrar, va. to co us e t r ate , 
canonize; dedicate mvio- 
lably to some particular 

Gonsangutaiidády ^f. oonsan- 
guinity ^ 

Consectario, fin. craiMctary 

Consecncidn, if. attainment 
of a benefice, or employ 

ConseentiTo,Ta.a. oenseeotiw 

Conseguir, va. to attain cr 

C«as<9a, <r. ftble 
eoBMJible, a. oapaUe «T re- 

cdTiaf advice ^ 


Com^addr, a. V. Aeoturíaáor 
Consejar, va. V. Aeotuefar 
Conejera y Consejadriz, <f. 

counsellor's wife 
Consejero, ra. «. cotmsellor, 

confident, magistrate 
Consejo, tm. counsel, council 
Conséllo, V. Cotu^ 
Consenciénte, pa. consentios 
Consentido, tm. a spoUea 

<^U1, a wittal . 
Consentidor, ra. «. one who 

connives at something 
Consentimiento, am. consent 
Consentir, va. to.consent, rely 
ConseqOéncla, «f. conse- 
quence, consistence,, im- 

ConseqOénte, ttn. consequent, 

Conseqflente, a. conaaqnent, 
following, consistent 

Cons<rge, am. keeper or war- 
den of a royal palace 

Consergerla, if. office of the 
keeper of a royal palace 

Conserva, <f. conserve, fleet 
of merchantmen sailing 
under convoy 

Conservador, tm. conservator 

Conservadonta, ^. a place or 
dignity in the iwder of 

Conservante, pa. conserving 

Conservar, va. to conserve, 
guard, candy firuit 

Conservativo, va. a. conser- 

Conservativos, tm. pi. spec- 
tacles with poreservative 
lenses to preserve the sight 

Conservatoria, ^f. indult 

Conservatorio, ria. a. conser- 

Conservero, ra. t. consrrver 

Considerable, a. considerable, 
great, large 

Consideradla, <f. considera- 
tion, contemplation, claim 
to notice 

Consideradamente, aá. conai- 

Conaidcnido, a. prudent 

Consideradle, ra. «. coiui- 

Contideránte, pa. considering 
Considerar, va. to consider 
Consiérvo, «m. a fdl«w-ser- 

Consignaeidn, ^f. censigna- 

tioQ, consignment 
Consignaddr, tm. one who 

consigns merchandise to a 

ftrelgn cortetpondent 


Consignar, va. to consign oi* 
assign, yield, lay by, «eti- 
ver, give a centinri his or* 

ConsignatiMo, tm. trustee, 
mortgagee, consignee 

Consteo, pro. pert, with one'» 

Consiguiente, «. consequent 
ConslUáro, am. counsellor. V. 

Consistencia, <f. consistence, 

Consistente, a. c onsist ent 
Consistir, vn. to consist 
Conixtoriál, a. oandstorial 
Consist<irio, tm. consistory; 
meeting held by ttte magi- 
strates of a city or town to 
administer justioe; town- 
Constfc o, «m. partner 
Consolable, a. conwlable- 
Consolacidn, 4f. oonxotation 
Consolador, ra. t. consolator 
Consolante, pa. consoling 
Consolar, va. to console 
Cunwlidtfr, va. to consolidate 
Consolidativo, va. a. consol! - 

Consonancia, ^. consonance, 

Consonante, a. conMnant. 
Letra» amaonanUt, conso- 
Consonar, vn. to make any 

body sound, rbyme 
CuoaotiKs, tm. pL ccmcordant 

Cónsono, na. a. consonóos 
Cons(Srclo^Mn' consortlon 
Consorte, a. coasortf accom- 

Cmispicuo, cua. a. conspicu- 
ous, eminent 
Coospiracidn, <f. conspiracy 
Conipiradrfr, am. con^iirator 
Conspirar, va. to Implore the 
assistance of another ; vn. 
to conspire- 
Constancia, </*. constancy 
Constante, a. constant, mani- 
fest, cMnposed of 
Constante, atn. a steady man 
Constantemente, ad.constant- 

ly, evidenUy 
Con»tárk V. imp. to be clear, 

be composed of 
Consteladdn, ^f. cluster of 
fixed stars, climate, prog-^ 
nosücation of the stars 
Consternar, vo. toterri^r 

Digitized by V!?OOg le 


Coutiptfr, víu to coMtlpste 

Constipativo, Ta. a. conctrlc- 

Constítuciifa, <f. itate at be- 
ing, ertabUshcd form ofgo» 
▼oriuncnt, particuUr laws 

CoDstitiiir, va. to comtitute, 
erect, apptdnt. Con»tthdr$e 
tm olttgachn de mlgvma eota, 

■ to bind one's sdf to per- 
Ibm any thing 

Constitutivo, va. a. camtit«< 

Constituyente, «m. constitU' 

ConstKfUmiénto, tm. con- 

CoBStrefUr, va. to constrain 

Constiicciiin, tif. oonstrictlon 

ConstrictírOf va. a. binding 

ConstrictiSr, «m. constrictor 

ConstmcckSn, ^f. comtruc' 
tion, the act of arranging 
temns in their proper order, 
the seme; ship-buUdlng 

Constructor de navio, tm. 

Construir, va. to ibrm, ooD' 
strue, translate literally 

Construpaddr, «mi. a defiler 

Constnipir,i<a. to constuprate 

Consub^ancMl,' a. consub- 

Ccuixubstanclalidád, ^f. coa- 

Consuegrar, vn. to become a 
fiftther m-Iaw, or mother- 

Consuegro, gra. $. fetber-in- 
law, mother-in-law 

Consuelda, <f. coinfrey 

ConHUélo, «m. consolation, 
Joy, charity. Sin eontuHo, 
out of rule or measure 

Consueta, «.prompter on the 
stage. CotuuetoM, short 

Gonsuetudinário, ria. a. cus- 
tomary ; being in theliabit 
of sinning 

Cdnsul, «m. cmtsul, member 
uf the tribunal of commerce 

Consulado, «m. consulate, of- 
fice of consul 

Consulage, «m. consulate 

Consular, a. consular 

Consulta, <f. consult; a 
question proposed; reiHMt 
made and advice given to 
the king in council 

Oonsultáble, o. worthy or ne- 
cessary to be deliberated 
Consultante p«. con,- ultlnf 


Cowahir, ««.toeoQialitad- Oantfctt» —i. w^b 

Ccnsulthtai^ torn, a, rap. 
eminently wise 

Consnltivof va. a. advisable 

Consultdr, ra. a. consultor 

Consumaddn, if. consnmma- 

Consumado, da> a. consum- 
Conaumádo,«iR.a strong broth 
Consumaddr, ra. «. one who 
consummates or finishes 

Consumativo, va. o. consum- 

Consumición, <f. charge 

Consumido, da. a. lean, easily 

Consumidor, ra. «. consumer 

Consumiénte,]N(. consuming 

Consumimiento, «m. con- 

Consumir, va. to consume, 
CoMundr el caudal, to run 
out one's fortune; vr. to be 

Consumitivo, va. a. consump- 

Consumo, «m. Cmmmott the 
consumption of naval storeK 
in the course of a voyage 

Consuno, (de), ad. V. Jtmta- 

Cdnto, <f. V. Cuenia 

ContdCto, tm. contact 

Contadero» ra. a. countable 

Contadero, tm. a narrow pas- 
sage where sheep or cattle 
are counted 

Contado, da. a. searce. Ve- 
cotdádo, instantly 

Contaddr, ra. «. computer, 
accomptant; counter, the 
taUe in a shop, desk 

Cantadorcite,«m.a petty rlerk 
or accomptant 

Contaduria y Contadoria, ^f. 
accomptant's office at the 

Contagiar, va. to infect 

Contagio, tm. an infiectious 

Contagidn, tf. V. Contagio, 
the progressive maliguity 
of a distemper 

Contagioso, sa. a. contagious 

Contálde cuentas, «. a string 
of beads for counting 

Contaminar, va. to contami- 


Ceotant^ «m. a «bmU cwm- 
ter to ra^om «Mk 

Contar, «o. toooont, calca- 
late, daaa, oesttider 

Contempectfr, «c to tcnmer 
Coatcmplacidnt tf. nacdita- 

tion, holy meditation 
Contemplador, Ms. cswntcm- 

plator ; V. Contem/Jatiim 
Contemplar, m. to view, as- 
sent, condescend 
Contemplativamente» mi. at- 

Contemplativo, va. m. oen- 

Contemplativo, ««i. c o a t em- 

piator, adolatOT, a pious 

Contemponlnco, nea. a. con- 
Contemporiáár, int, to tempo- 
Contencidn, «f. contention 
Contencidiio, sa. a. being the 

ob}ect of strili> or di^iute 
Contender, va. to contend 
Contendiente, pa. disputant 
Contendor, tm. contender 
Contenddfio, sa. a. V. Canien' 

Contenedor, ra, «. holder 
Contenencia, tf. supcaslon in 

the fli^t of birds 
Contener, va. to contain, 

check the motion of any 

Contenido, da. a, moderate 
Contenido, tm. teooi 
Conteniente, pa. oontainiiut 
Conténta,<r. endorseaient. Vf 

Sndoto', certificate of good 

Contentadizo, za. a. Bim cea- 

tentadixu, easily contented 
Contentamiénto,4iii. content 

Contentar, va. to content* en 

dorse. V, Bn^tar; vr. ta 

be contented 
Contentible, a. oontamptibfe 
Contentivo, va. q. oontainiag 
Contento, ta. a. modcsafee 
Contento, «m* eqnteaímatA ; 

Contera, tf. a piece of bnss 
silver, &c. put at the «ad 
of a scabbard, to prevent 
the point of a sword firn» 
piercing through it. 

Contérmino>na. a. oontiguotts 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 



deposition <rf' aaafhet, 
prove, «mver ; ni. to agree 

Contaste, a. ooafinniíig the 
eridenoe of another 

Contexto, ra*. intertatme, 

Contextura, V** *^ respectíTe 

union of me parts which 

compost a vbole, context 

Conticinio» «m. dead of the 

CoaUénda, <f. 4 
Cofitignacitfn,^. contJsnatio 
Contólo» orón. ¡frt. with the 
ContígOidád, </: oontignity 
Cont^o» ena. a. contigaoiu 
C<mtinéacia« tf. continence, 
abatinence fVom carnal 
pleasures, continuity, coaa- 

Continénte, mi. that whidi 
contains any thing; mien 

Continente, a. continent. Kn 

QmthkéHttf inwneritatejy 
CoRtingénoia, ^f.contingcBoe 
Contingente, o. contingent 
Contingente, tm. contingent 
Contfoo, «m. ancient ofliee hi 
the Tojal house of Castile 
CoBtino. ad. continually 
Continuación, ^f. continua. 

Continuar, vh. to continue; 

TO. to continue 
Continuidad. ^. continul^ 
CoDtinuo,nua.a. continuóos, 

constant, assiduous 
Contfono, «m. a whole 
Contonearse, vr. to walk wiqi 
an ai&ctedair or mtaner 
Contoneo, «m. an affi>ctcd gait 

or manner of walking 
Contorcerse, vr. to distort 
Conloccidn, ^f. contortion 
Contornar t Contornear, va. 
to trace the outline of a fi- 
Contorneo, «R. V. Rfíáto 
Contorno, *m. environa, con- 
tour ; Sn toMtámo, round 
Contoraldn, <f. contortion 
Cdntra. prep, agafaist 
Cdnt»s,<r. pi. tfiebasepipei 

of a large organ 
ContnaJétas, 4A p^ 


CoBtraimantfllas» ^f. pC pra- 
Tenter 'braces 

Contraamttras, tf. ft. pre. 

Contraapróches, «m. W. coun- 
ter-approaches made by the 
bcsicsed against the bñieg- 

Contraataques, «ui. ft. oonn- 
ter-attacks made Iqr Ibc be- 

Ccntrabalansafr, na. to couU' 

Contrabando, «m. a pnUl 

od oonunodiiy 
Contrabatería, <f. 

Contrabatir, va. te fire upen 

the enemy's batteries 
Conteabáxo^mi. counter bats, 

Contrabitas, tf. ft. 

of the bita 
Contrabranque» am. ttemson 

Contracanil, tm. eonntcr. 

Contracambio, «m. re-ex- 

Contracción, ^. contraction, 

Contraeebadára*4f. sprit-top- 

Contracedula, ^f. a decree 
whidi annuls another of an 

Contracifira, tf. conntcrcipher 

Contracodáste interior, «m. 
the inner stem post 

Contraofsta, itf. coast oppodte 
to another 

ContracuArdas, <f.o/. the out- 
ward deck-planks ox plat- 

Contradanza, «T country- 

Contradecfr, «a. to contradict 

Contradiccian, </*. contradic- 
tion, hostile resistance 

C<Bitradict(fr, ra. «. contra- 

Contradict<MO( ria. a. oontra- 


Contradizo, ca. a. V. Bticm- 

Contradriza, ». aecond-hal- 

Contradurmente é Contra- 
durmiente, «m. clamp 

Contraemboscida, <f. coun- 


Contraer, va. y n. teeentract, 
to bring two parties toge- 
ther, to procure 

ContraesoMa, 4f. 

Contraescota, «m. preventer 

Contraescritéra, tf, conntcr- 

Contraestambtfr, im. a knee 

which fiwtens the stcmpoat 

Contrafiraccidn, <f. V. Infiroe- 

Contra&llár, «c to |^y a 

wrong cara 
Contrafioér, V. C 

ContrafiAtxas, tf. fL indem- 

Contrafuáro, am* iuuiuge- 

Contrafüértcy «m. 

Contraguirdia, tf. 

Contrahacer, «o. te ocunter- 

ContraháZfMi. únt wrong side 
of doth 

Contrahédio, cha. a. hump- 
backed, counterfeited 

ContnO ,mi. sort of fine cotton 

Contraindicar, «a. to con- 

Contrafr, vo. V. Ofoner 

Contralládór, ra. «. V. Conira- 

Contrallo, tm. V. Comtradie- 
eion. For el contruilof on 
the contrary 

Contralor, tin. comptroller 

Contralorear, ra. to control 

Contralto, tm. middle »<>uiid 
between the treble aiiJ te- 

Contramaestre, tm. boat- 
swain ; oreiieer of a manu - 

ContramaUár, va, to make 
nets with double meihei 

Contramandar, va. to coun- 

Contraroángas, ^/Ip/.connter- 

Contramarca. <f. counter- 
mark; adutyto1>epaidim 
goods which hare no rui- 
toro-house mark 
Digitized by VjQRDQlC 



Contramarcha, </*. a coanter- 

march ; part of a weaTcr^ 

loom. V. riaáera 
Contramarchár, va. to ooon- 

Contramarco, tm. a countar- 

firamc of a glass window 
Contramarea, <f. spring tide 
Contramina, if. co<uit«minc 
Contraminar, vm. to oounttr- 

mine, to ooontor-work 
Contranaturtfl, «.ooanteraa- 

ContnuMan, sm» ooimter» 

Contrapalanqo&i, «m. jn- 

venter •cicw'gamot 
Contrapares» tf. pt, coimtcr- 

V«fters in a buMing 
Cootrapasamitfnto, «m. the 

act and effect at passing- 

to tlie opposite side or pai^ 
Contrapasar, en. (o Join the 

opposite paxtf 
Cflotxapiao, tm, s back step 

in dancing 
Gontrapechar, va. to strike 

breast against breast 
Contrs^iélo» (AO «'• agaiaM 

the grain 
Contrapesa, mu to counter- 
Contrapeso, mi. coanterpoiae, 

Ccñtrapéste, «in. remedy 

against the pest 
ContrapiUstra. <f. moulding 

laid on the Joints of dooct 

or shatters to keep the wind 

Contraponer, ve. to compare 
Contnmosicidn» ^. contra- 

Coüitrapruébe* tf. oonntcr- 

Contrapnérta, </*. the inner 

large door of a house 
Contrapuntante, tm. be who 

sings In oeonierpoint 
Contnipnnteár, va. ta sing 
- in oooaterpolnt, compare, 

taunt } vr. to wrangle 
Contrapunntn, mi. puncheon 

for driving a nail 
ContraqulUa, ^f. frise keel 
Contraracaménto, mi. pre« 

Contrarepáro, mi. a countar- 
€aatrar«pUca« «f. rebnttar 


Cen t t ai aa tii . ««.tealxikeback 

a ban, resist 
Contrartfsto, mi. a player who 
U to strike back the baU, 
Contriria, ^f. V. Omottdon. 

Comtrariat, coutranea 
Cootrariaddr, y. Omtra^ietor 
Coatrariedád* if. contrariety 
Contrario, mi. opponent, rival 
Contrario, ria. a. contrary» 
ríMipo ooii6«rio, fiml wea- 
Cootrartfoda» </*. covntar- 

Contraséfia, <f. countersign, 

Contrastante» pa. oontrasting 
Contrastar, va. to contrast 
Contraste, mi. assayer of the 
mint, assayer's crfHca, a 
public office where raw silk 
is weighed ; impediment 
Coatristo» mi. V. OpotUor 
ContráU, </*. writing in which 
the terms of a contract are 


Contrayente, pa. centractins 
Contrayérba» ^f. gpuüm. vt 

Contrayúgo» mi. inner Craa- 

Contracto, mi. V. f-nfnrHarts 

ContratacUfn, <f. trade 
Contratante pa. trading 
Contratar, va. to trade, con- 
Contrat^a, <f. saoosid Inclo- 
sure of canvas within which 
game is enveloped, or wild 
boars are fought 
CentratUmpo»Mk diaappolt^- 

Contnit«^ Ml. contract 
Contratraacaniles, mi. pi. In- 

Contratreta» 4/* stratagem en 
idaieh anodiar arttuoa to 

Contrail IndiAa» tf. 

ContravaUr, va. to form a line 

of contravallation 
CantsKvencidB, ^f. contravaa- 

CoQtravenldar, mi.V. Comtra- 

Contravenir, vn. to contra- 
vene» to oppose 

Contraftfnta, </*. V. lUtravtm- 

Contcmventtfna* «f. window- 

Contraventdr, ra. t. oAkoder 
Contravidriera, if. « second 

glass window to keep off* 

Sec<M or heat 
C<mtravolftias, if. pL brails 
Contrtfy ,Mi.a sort of fine cloth 

Contribuir, no. to cootrifaut» 
Cootrifoaláde, da. a. grtefv«d 
Contrib uye nte» pa. co n tr l b u t» 

Contrlciiiin» if. cantrltton 
Contrincante, mu rival 
Contristar, va. to afflict 
Contrito, ta. o. worn vrith aor- 

Controversia, mi. controvern 
Controversista, Ml. oontrowcr- 

Controvertible^ a. oontrowrtl-' 

Controvertir, tw. to cootnK 

Contubernio, tm. oohabitA 

tion, ooncubinaae 
Conturoáce y tJaatumtfe*. 

Contumacia, if. obatína^ in 

asserting one's own opiaioo» 

Contonute, a. obs tín a te 
Contumelia, <f. onsitnmnly 
Coatuir«U<)so, la. ousantiune» 

Contundtete, «. prodncb^ a. 

Contundir» va. to brviae 
Conturbación» if. pa rtiulia . 

Contarbaddr, mi. pcfturber 

Contuiliativo, va. m. that 

wbidi peiturbataa 
Contosidn, if. oontnakm 
Contuso, sa. a. bruised 
Contntdr, mi. assistant tutor 
Convalecencia, if. oonvate* 

oence . 
Convalecer» m. to iccvvcr 

from sickness 
Convaleciente, pa. oenvales- 

Convalidacidn y l^onvaUdád, 

if. confirmatíMI 
Convecino» na- a. n^ghbonr- 

Convelerse, i>r. to shrink 
Convenceddr, ra. «. one who 

demosutrates and convinces. 
Convencer», ra. to coCtviise* 


CoBvencíbl^ «. oooTlncIble 

OvivaiUlrtHitv* ij¥, L? eom- 

Cmrt^ñfle, d, decile 

fennitjf Ji|gT«HDentf « - 
"ftefe Jtr h^fide amvrrti- 
ndé, 1 brnTV gpl « plan 


«^OmitlílDt tm. Isothtl 

m^iks Jsm nnnf, a avmuti- 
tiím ^n^UCÍKis mm uid 

Gm^vtiflaáX, tí. Conmuta 

oT UtÍqi 

t«BHfw u j 

Coiffnáhle^ a. caamviLiñ 
Commit, (^ iJufvgp IVvrn 

r.pftnnJ>TA, vm* c. havhi^ the 
PDTGT cfoHítcnlns 


Cfluvidáddr, n. «. Invltcr 

tij oíftr Dnt't iüTTin «i^Dn- 


Toke, ■boDi LO tfitumph 
CmvAiimúrts^ íf. letiet of 


CotUfürifiía-^ mi. lA rotirtii 

kusaE4i7 niutr^-tton oTOh 
iwneii, he o^otrntli^ 
CotiTtiliidnt if- c^KT-wuisitín 

rianjiflflntí, ¡yj. íriJopíTitlBf 
r.'í>í3t*;t4rj uj. líi 4:wi}AeiaLF 

Cw|HM.¡cur, lütr ainirnn4.-n«[ 

Ciwfilwidn, V"' Ml-pliun 

r«if¡lln*:ií1n> V-L'^arctiodllAa 

íüoqf diClár, Evi. to úTbnp^ 

fT&Tn uf a Lif i fira¿ier : 
fi. tiesTü 

CíTáJ, íi^, co|4iii 

CíP|*£*£ldTq, 4/. [>,c acl g/ re- 

ñnlng [fifUJí 
Coptlu:, f j, lu nHjflie ür uiirf- 

ff rne[iLE 

I Oft^O, j-m, íuptMíArL-r 

wurfc- of ft Éta.t¡hi!-i;J3Hj 
tup. fí,:rmlrrf dt ñ.jhíÍT * 
mart uf tr^phítjJifSJtT únl 

CmEÜtJtP, dfl- d. íLtiuiiUJMMi, 

Cííi'i*, H^l i;Eíj.kri.i.nt^£ t cítM, 
purtriiE taliini Tttiri! t\T\ orí, 

(t^^l dtí.J(;h í Tallin tjtni rf 


Cffííri wíi. 1u tcT? 

» copy- 


CopiUeiAi, tf: eompiUtlm 
Copilador» «m. coaa|rilcr 
CoftlUr, t». to compile 
C«^kÍM>, M. a, cooioos 
CofUt», im. copyist, • c 

uig machine 
Ctfpla, if. • cert^n mmibcr 
of consonant venes, a sar- 
castic hint 
Coplear, vs. to rmtúfy 
CoAMro, MN. poetaster, bal- 

CopUMa, «m. V. Coflero 
Copldn, «m. low vile poctiy 
Otfpoi *«•• a «an bondle o« 
cotton, ftax,or sUk, pat oa 
the distaírto be qian ; flake 


drÍAkin4 irt*íd ; íniiTl .laí.ls 
iw v«i^4m «p ib* juxL Mc 

Cop*M», SiÉ, ft, V. Ci^élán 

OHmtji, íT. the ^ciHÍiitf two 
thf HB loftdher» i^mi] unl^ 
an ; Lej '^tgrtr r^ «.n áfiJt 

CopuláTp itf. Id [{rnnect ^ 1'P+ 

Coj'afftiívo, Ta. a, copaiMifm 

Coquina, <f. cockle 
Coquinéro, «m. fishmonger 
Coquito, «m. a small cocoa* 

nnt; grimace 
Coracero, Mt. a ctüraMíer 
Conidia, ^f. a leather bag 
Coracfaín, «m. a little lacdier 

Coracfoa, tf. a small breast- 
Corada j Corad«la, 4f* V. 

Conige, «m. 
Corrido, ds 

- , da. a, angtr 

Coral, «m. coral ; a lane 

knee which flutens the 

slempost to the keel 
Coral, a. thanl 
Coralero, im. a worker or 

dealer in corals 
CoraUIlo» «M.the coral-cokmr • 

ed snake 
Coraltea* ^. a coral fishing 

sembttng coral 
Conüíno, a. coralino 
Corambre, iff. aU hides of ani' 

Corarabiéro, *m. dealer in 

hides and skins 



iloritM, tf". cnirMi. Coraas 
ó eabalh eoroM, cniraailcr 

C«nznáda> ^. pith of» pine- 
tice; frtcMMe 

Coraain. «m. b«urt, qririt, 
will, beut oTa thfatc 

CuraidD, (De) ad. hwtily. 

Corazonada, <f. conrage 
Corbacho, «m. the grutly part 

of the penis of a boll or oa 
CoiMu, tf. cravat i tm. m*' 

cistrate iMt broogbt op to 

Corbatín, «m. ttock 
Corbáto, tm. cooler 
Corbata, tm. tmaUkneeoMd 

In difiRartnt parts of a ship 
Corbeta, ^f. a Uf^t fessel 
Coreé!, Ml. a steady hmne 
Corcesca, <f. andcnt pike 
Cdrche, «m. a Mnrt of sandal or 

Cordiéra. if. tcasd made of 

^tched cork or staves 
Corcheta, if. eye of a bodt 
Cordtéte, tm. clasp. Car' 

cMsf, books and eyes; ran- 

ner; bench-hook 
Cdrcho, tm. cork ; ioe-Tes s e l ; 

bee-hiw; V. Cobmemm ; box 

made of cork ; pi. clefs 
Corcino, «. a small deer 
Corcova, if. hump, convexity 


Cofderfllo, tm. lamb-skin 

dressed with die fleece 
Corderina* tf, lamb-skin 
Corderino» na. a. of the lamb- 
Cordera, ra.«. lamb, a dressed 
larabskki; meek. Ctrderoát 
eoettto 4 I tAa t, boose-lamb 
Cordemélo, la. «. a small 

Corderuna, if. lamb's skin 
Cordial, a. cordial, reviving 
Cordial, tm. a cordial 
Cordialidad, if. cordiality 
Cordfla, if. spawn of a twmy- 

Cordilla, if, guts of sheep 
l^ordilltfra, if. rldoe of mean- 
tains, a long, €Mvated, and 
straight tract of land 
Cordllo, tm. an amidübion 

Corcovear, vn. to curvcC 
(Corcoveta, tm. a crook-back- 
ed person 
Corcovo, tm. 

Cdrculo, «m. heart-shell 

Corcusir, oo. to patch 

Cordage, «m. cordage 

Cordal, tm. double-tooth, 
CordeUtf grinders 

Cordato, ta, a. wise 

Cord^, tm. rope made of se- 
veral strands, a thin line 
used on board a ship. Cor- 
del alquitranaáo, a tarred 
line. Bdtar del lordel, to 
mark with a line 

Cordelado, da. a. twisted for 
rilibons or garters 

Cordeláxo, tm. stroke or lash 
given with a rope 

Cordelejo, tm. ftin, joke 

Cordel^ia, if. cordage, rope- 
walk, rigging 

Cordelfiro, tm. rope-maker 

Cordelláte, tm. grogram 

Cordela, if. ewe lamb 
Cordería, if', corda^ 


Corfrta, Ml. ciMMriafc 
Corfto, «m. timid m«i 
Corlsa, if, « kind oT rikoej 

muetsoftbe note 
Corladura, if, gold- varnish 
CorWr d Corlear, «w. to pu 

on ¿eld-varnish 
Ctfrmaa,4f.p«. fetter* 
Canaáoo, nm. «. cooain- am - 

HMn. Co r mémm , eibü&tB 

begotten in ma aatariee 

Cornada, if. thraat or atxoke 

with a buUls or cow's bom 
Cornadillo, «m. a snudi piece 

of moncgror litde Taine 
CorwMo, Ms.«n okl copper 

Cornadura, «f. bona 
Comal, Ml. n atrap or Oiaag 

Cordobán, mi. BCorocoOf or 

Spanish leaOier 
Cordobana, if. nakednesa 
Cord<l|jo, Ml. anguish 
Corddn, tm. card or string 

made «f silk, hemp, tte. 

girdle wiúi which mcaiks 

tie up their habits: strand 

«f a cable ; pt, sbouJder- 

knots, haruesB cords of a 

Cordonazo, mi. stroke or lash 

with a cord <Hr rope 
Cordoncillo, mi. a twisted 

cord put on the edge of a 

coat; milling round the 

edge of coin 
Cordooeifa, <f. a Uce-maker*s 

Cordonero, ra. t, laoe-maker, 

CiMula. if. V. CardUo 
Cordura, if, prudence 
Corea, if, dance accompanied 

with a chorus 
Coretfr, vn. to sing or play in 

Co-regéncia, if. co-regency 
Co-regénte, mu co-regent 
Coreo, raucorrected harmony 

of a chorus 
Coreutflo, mi. sucking pig; 

small hide ci leather 
Cdri, Ml. cOTis, a tíná of 

shells which pas» ifar money 

roríándro, mi. coriander 
Coribdnte, «m. priext of Cybale 
Corifiéo, Ml. roT>phonu, lead- 
er of a sect or party 
CorinUou, »;a. y Corintio,, tia. 
a Corinthian Digifizecfby"«w 

with whkSt ox< 
Comamokta» ^ 

Cornamusa, <f. c 
Comas, <f. pi. - 
Cornatillo, «ns 
Cdmea, 4^oot 
Comeaddr, ra 

Comear, vn. to batt 
Camela, if.crow 
Ccm^,tm. emmlU 

bonis of any 



Cometa, if. y m. 

~ h bora, a 

, an «u^n'oT 

troop anM«ae,broad pt__ 
Comete, Ml. bugle- horn 
Comezotlo, «m. an inson^ 

oient fiar Ueedinc berses 
Cornial, a. made in tbe shape 

of a horn 
Cornicabra, ^f. torpe 

tree, a sort of olives 
Comicnláta, a. homed 
Comifitrme, a. in ttw sh^ 

of horns 
Comfla, ^. eomioe 
Comijjdl, Mb aoa^ 

ComQuda, t 

Cámo, tm. oomdiaa dMSi?' 

Comucdpia, if. bom eTptaf 

^, sconoe 
Coraudázo, mi. a very giwl 

Comnderia, if. coekold!^ 

quarter, enckoMosn 
Cornudo, mu cuckold 
Cumnpéta, tm. a wudiQ* 

trained oi 


«, « ukúu^ wind I 

UTH ; l»urel with «biuih 
«Aintx are cvep^tíaI \. lop of 

Qow»-^ nvfvor 

f^fd or uilTrALI 
C«ndr. va. to imriC with 

fbc CM*»: ü" » e'iM op 

CvvpAtBt ^* Vt'iTi bncSiid 
CsicndrÍD,. rlA. jt, nailing «o 

wUÁ fb«^ cobuH h cap. 
OVttiuE^ttt '/> »■ i%t»nid'E cooi' 

sof tü¿ 

CurptKo^lDif «Ml Ife under 

Cv^F-ir^liiÚI, *,f- ¿«IpdrAlilj 
C^OVV^K-i^nkii, t^ a., y. CWjito' 


CoryHlftcii, ^^ {«rpnl^cw 
CtwvtiL^»!^» t*^ «~ Dur^ft*lfevit 

Cflr\]üirDlii , *^- L-iirpuulf- 

Cqrril, #»!. Ti^tl, CffllYl, flh 

tn pli7'hip«UM 
CptrAlmi» í™. keeper rf m 

Cnn^, V^ leftdiH- >ttlif> or 
CorreAtsti» «m. ^H.-a^i DrtuLhK 

Correar, ikl to draw ¡Til "f*»* 

IfiK by nwdm of iJw^Tiitiíiri 
C<fT»c^t4^ v«. d. L-orreeikve 

CiiTYectdi, im. ciirTBrMTN re- 
vbvr di' irWer iif Fr<'pgf 
»heeit., uÜMT 

Cwt^nsiur^ m, t. one wlu» 
rutsiimf frjrn r4|iuv4i]r., 

plmpí luf;. Eihmf to r*»- 

r«<ifpap lo h«AVr [hi lead i 

Cwreiidn, uíh a+ ettj lu be 

Corredni'K r*. 4. nuutirrj rare. 

hof V? : t:arTkiliir j cn^en - 

wmy i tariAvr; piin¡t 
Owiwar^, t*\ Uquurf which 

n»Wk ner Uw ).>r49» d'' 4 

Cor roJuitir i/"- brnitr«gt t Ln ■ 

Corrígela rf- nlAlüi^ lo fCng- 

CerK^hWláiáttfr tine qu al ttj 

CúrrefitiJe, •- cunr'jJLil'e 
CuiTcgi.iLir, ÍWI- -swrtctoT 

[aícií M4}">ra fiu^Lrkt? in 

';«rh^idJ4haT[V tin. tiAk» ¡uní 

dhtri^ of a a^^f^nf 

CofTDfJt It, ^ 1>l4T iiH-d t^ 


Corrdativo, va. y Coercíalo» 

U. «. oorrdatlTe 
CoRiénciiL4f. kwaaMU 
CorrandflU, ^f. ioconion 
Correntio, ti«. a. cnrrent 
Correntín, na. a. gKj ; taking 

a.p«at deal of ■inff' 
Correo, «m. pott-boy. Conta 

de gaUmtU, a king's nm- 

leneer, pwt offlce 
Corredn, tm. a large 


Corretfao, n. a. ductile 
Correr, va. to run; flow; 

blow, paM awaj ; loUeit 

wajr ; extend; put one to the 
blucb; arrive. Corrtr Itt 
mare», frequent the Mia. 
Cofrer kdeia la tierra, to 
stand in shore. Correr ta- 
bre un baxelt to chase a 
Teiael. Correr 4 rienda n- 
Oia, to ride fiill speed. Cor- 
rer monte, to hunt 

Correría, <f. an hostile In. 
curdon; leather strap 

Correspondencia, ^f. caam- 
pondence, frlendahip, pve< 

Corresponder, va. to return a 
favour ; vn. to coRaspond, 
agree ; vr. to conunnnjeate 
with another bf Ictten 

Conrespondiénte, a, eocict- 

Correspondiente, tm, a oor- 

Correqransidn, ^f, conftrmity 
Corretáge, «m. t" "^ 

money paid to a 
Corretear, ve. to 

Corretera, tf. a 

Corretero, #m« gadder 

Corretdra, ^f. the mm who 
directs the choir 

Conerédile, «ei. tale<beaier, 
procurer, pimp 

Corricorriáido, ad. la haste 

Corrida, ^. couth; incur- 
sion. Corrida da torott bull- 
baiting: flow «Taay liquid 

Corrido, am* romance, tor- 
rUos, rents due and not 
paid. V. CaUos 

Corrido, da. a. expert 

Con lente, /m. stream ; course 
or dispatch of business 

Corriente, o. current; ac- 
cording to custom 

Corrillo, #m. circle or prlrat» 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 


C»TriiküáDte,Mi. sn acrid ha- 
moar; act of nmnlng or 

CoRtodio, «m. tneetlog «now 
▼ulgar people 

Cono, tm. circle finrmed bj 
people who meet to talk or 
•eeathowi aort ofdance 

Corrotwrtfnte» a.j : oonobo- 


coiMJiuiaQ of a 

Corroer, tu. to corrode 
Corromped«te, ra. «. oonrnpter 
Corromper, va. to cotrupt* 

CoRompimlénto, «m. cormp- 

Comsidn, <f. corrosion 
Corrosivo, va. a. conrmive 
CoRojréate, pe. corroding 
Corrúda, qf. tparrow-grau 
Cormgacidn, </: corrugation 
Corrugar, «a. V. Arrugar 
Corrugo, «m. channel to con- 
vey water flnom a river 
Corrulla, ^f. room under deck 

in a row-galley 
Corrnpckin, </l corruption, 

iooeeness, depravity 
CorroptéU, V". corruption, 

bad habit 
Corruptibilidad, <f. corrupt]- 

Corruptible, a. ctHrruptibIc 
Corruptivo, vs. a. corruptive 
Corrupto, ta. a. corrupted 
Corrnptdr,rai. corrupter 
Corrúaco, «m. oflkl 
Cdrsa, if. a cruise 
Cortarlo, am. the commander 

of acruiier 
Corsario, rla. a. cruising 
Corsé, mu Jumps 
Corsear, va. to czuiae agaiut 

the enemy 
^:óTüat^f passage between the 

sails in a row-galley 
Crfrso, tm. cruize 
Crfrta, jf. fisUtng 
CortaUnsus, tm. pick-pocket 
Cortadera, ^f. chisd fat cut- 
ting hot iron, knift or In- 
strument used hy bee-keep- 
Coitiulillo, tm. bombast 
Cortado, tm. caper 
Cortado, da. a, adapted 
Cortaddr, ra. a. that which 



Cortadrfr, mm, hatdxr; 


boa rds in a velvet loon 
Cortadura, tf. fissnre, work 


direds of doth 
CertalHo, tm. a cUsd for 

>, «m. athickwaU, 
b e t wee n the rooft 




Cor t a nUtf n t o, «m. the act of 

Cortan, tm. oO-meMora 
Cortante, tm. cutter 
Certánte, o. cutting 
Cortapies tm. thmat made 

atOwiegstaiftnclngt de. 

gance and grace with whldi 

any thing is said 
CortaplúnuM, mi. pcn-kniik 
Cortar, va. to cat, áb^On, 

cut off* part of the enemy's 

army, intemtpt, arbitrate, 

cut away a mast or cable; 

tfr. to be daunted, to open 

out the fiilds in cloths 
Cdrte, Ml. edge of a sword, 

^ •' hi- 

of trees, resident town, 
suite, yard, stable fbr cat- 
tle, step taken in an affair, 
art of pleasing; CMm, the 
states of the realm 
Cortedad, «f. smailness, dull- 
ness, pusillanimity 

if. hazel-giousc 
5r, tm. wooer 
Int^ fa. courting 
{ár, va. to court 
. «m. court, gift, gal- 
•ani, wooer 
Cortés, a. courteous 
Cortesánázo, la. a. awkwardly 
Cortesania, if. courtesy 
Cortesano, na. o. court-like. 

Cortesano, raí. courtier 
C<ntecla, if. eonrtesy, cora- 
pliment, gift, days of grace 
- allowed fy custom fi» the 
payment of • bill of ex- 
change, mercy, abatement 
Corteza, if. bark, a wUd Cowl 
Cortexdn, mu thick bark 
Certezoncito,rai. thin Imi^ 
Cortezudo, da. a. having a 

I strong rough bark, rustic 
Cortezuéla, if. thin bark 
Cortico, ca. a. somewhat 

Cor- CortflOfim. 

Cortlnág^ rau scsttm 
set «r curtaina far a 

Cortfaiál, Ml. • ptec« 

«round near • vUlage 

Cdrto, ta. a. sbaft,enaall, 

of long duration. 

ftct; Co?«9^ vM« 

Cortdn, tm. a worm, fidd- 

Corúila, if. bi galleTs, plaor 

fiar ttie stoppers of cables 
^rva, if. j<tot of Om knee 

which bends inside, curb 
Corvadura, if. cur»sntrr, 

bend of an tnii or 'vault 
Corv<l,« of an obloog sbap« 
Corvar, «o. to bend 
Corváto,Mi. a youngvrmr ov 

Corviza, if. curb 
Cervedid, if. V. Corvadmrm 
Corv<d(in, Ml. Joint at tbe 

*^ -" leg of beasts, coctno- 

Corveta, ff. < 
sloop of war 

Corvetedr, tm. to earvct 

Corvillo, tm. biU, a klztd ol 
hatchet; CorviUa dt padom^ 
zoning knife: MUtrcoU» 
eorvUlo, Ash-Wedncñday 

Corvina, if. a kind of om^far 


Cerro, va, a. bent 
Cdrv^ Ml. craw-fish. 

Cano, MM. t. roe deer 
CoRuélo, Ml. wheat wbich 

has been left In the hoaka 

Cesa. if. thing, suit 
Cesa d«^_fMr about; | «ite 

COM t Whaf s the matter é 
Cosario, Ml. privateer, car- 

w ^ J 

CoaMdo, ria. a. belonging or 
rriating to privateets or 
corsairs, beaten 
Coscavina, if. cracknri 
Coscdrae, vr. V. C wM ea w i- as 
Coso^a, if. kermes, ring or 
knob on the cnea-bit oT a 
Coscojal éCosc«^, MS. plan- 
tation of kermes or icarlac- 
of iron 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 


braise in a kMf 
CotcoKtUdo, m. taraited 
CoécáTto, am. flat loaf 
COtet tf. kind eTmcaMur 
Cwtfcha, tf. crop» harv«t« 

nt. fl, plank i 

Cowduoi ca. a. that wMdi 

can or most bestttdMd 
CaMddTa, <f. Man 
Co«ritft», Ml. aadcnt ooat of 

Coiéra, ^. pteci» of grooml 

whidi can to inl^tad at 

CoriUe, a. that «hidi au^ 

Codofta, ^. V. Qnirfeota 

tooecho', given to to «aih. 

«^ hone grown thin la 

oo m eqoonce of hard iatonr 

CMdútat, <f. »/• iMUnfp 

Coanogonte, ^. coMoogoi^ 

CoB i i mgi' M n t f tft counagiopny 

CowioptfUto, *in. 

C B Wi op jUt o , *in. ootmapo li tt 
Cito, am. Plaoa or •qnara 

vhcrabolii arefiMigfat 
Coiqníllai, tf. pi. titil&ti«i 


C«Mro. ^. iide of a bala «f 
floodi, afithemaDii htakwt, 
Atnk of a todjr «f troa|»> 

Coittfro, mm. fint plank cut 
ftomaptoot wa 

CodéiUf n< •• oatvaidt ob- 

Cortflla, <f. rib» propvt;. 
ctava, fturr, the triú(M 
partof fltgui^btflewt; Cm- 
SUM, thoaldm 

CortUUgay CottUUr, m. tha 
whole of ttw fAM» the tim. 
ton cr «hale frame of a 

CertllMr, m. ant 

the bed-chaniber 
Coctlllúdoyda^ bi 

dcnd> dewnlih 
Coitino, na. a. briongtng to 


Cetmára» «••. et^r-naker 
Cotfti, «Ml. a back tttoka glTCB 
- - ¡air, ticking 
,da. a. band 

Cotoatfdo, da. a. banded 
Cdto, Ml. incloMireof paetate 
groondt, lend-mwk, tanl- 
iocy. diatnct, meaMire of a 
handkbraadth, rateorflsod 
peioe ol any thii^ aaortdd 

CditOfMi. cortyd utf gB i 

Cditra, 4f. cruet, cnut of a 

Cottrdda, 4/: wedHake 
Cortreftir j CoetrilUr» «a. 

V. ComHnmr 
CortribMidn, ^f. V. EatrtU. 

Coctribár, va. to indurate 
Cortringlmiénto» mi. ca 

Ceetringfr, «a. 

Cocta, ^. cost ; Aftoi»eeata, 
a» aU haanUi Cade éa 
ao«a«M<o» Ice-ahoK 

Costrivo, Mk V. ifpoyo 
Cottrdeo, M. a. crusty 
Coetrufr» «a. to constnict 
Coetúmbre, Ml. ciutoin { Coa- 

O.dn, Ml. printed cotton 
Cctoindda, tf. tort of cotton 

CotonciHe» Mb button of a 

moetick or painter*» ataff 
Cotonía, ff. dimity 
Catotttna* 4f» eort of ptadaaa 

Cotdrra, <f. a parrot of tlie 

■mallcet kind, magpiet « 

UiatiAcloas woman 

Cotorrtfraf tf. a hen-panoC 
CotTdi, Ml. MTt of linen 
Cotral, Ml. an old OS 
Cotdfl^ ^f. ieiwaaima aiti. 

dMke, tid-bits 
Cotutiro, ra. a. prodnciag 

tid'biti or deUoata fbod 
Cotdmo, Mklrtukin 
Conrdu, mi. tlie name et a 

onall Tcsael 
CotttcUna, ^f. a bluaorwhlla 

cotton cloth 
Covédia, Ml. a mall cava 
' - ' — 1 of ae* 

back part, side of a ohiu ; 
HmvUt at eaatai» JUao-, a 
lap-ddcd ahip; QmAMm, 
Costal, Ml. sack or larfe tog, 

Ml. a very large 

Oostaldro, mi. porter 
Costandras, nf. ft. nf 
Castantfvo, ra. a. declivous 
Costanilla, <f. gentle decUvity 
Cestár, *a. tocost 
Cdste. Ml. V. Caata 

na. to pay tto cost, 
andutnes of what 
Ik to to sow ^|HB, eoBM 


cloth, see- 

ing cfatape 
Costurera, if. seamstress 
Costurero, mi. tailor 
Costardn, Ml. seam, large M 
Cdta, qf. coat cf mail, o 

of arms. Jacket; 

Cotana, </*. morttie 

Cotdnza, <f. sort of linen 

Cotdr, va. V. Acolmr 

Cotairdra, tf. a gadding wo- 

Cotarro, Ml. charity'hnt for 
the reception of beggars 

Cot^r, va. to compare one 
thing with another, to con- 

Cot^ y Col^amiénlQ, mi. 

Cotf, MU sort of Unen 
Cotidiana, na. a. daUy 
Cotilla, V*. *tay* 

Covachndista, mi. a clerk in 
one of tto olBcn of tto 
secretaries of state 
Covanflla y Covanillo, a. bas- 
ket with a wide mouth 
Cdsa, tf. a lewd woman 
Coxcdr, vn. to limp 
Coseddd, <f. V. Coxarm 
Cozéndico, Ml. hip-bone 
Coxdra y Coxdr, tf. la men es s 
CoxOo» <"•• complaint of some 
■light it^ury xoceivad, in- 
Coxydio, sa. a. peevish 
Cexin, Ml. ouhion 
Cosixo, Ml. a small insect 
Cdxo, sa. «. a lame penan or 

beast, unsettled weather 
Ctnquedive, mr. to to dis- 

pleased with any thing 
Cdy, Ml. hammock 
Cd*a, if. a very small snider 
Oórdcho, cha. a. V. C>giJo 
Cdyroa, if. the price paid to 
the master ot a gaming, 
Cdy me yC<iymero,Mi.a ke^er 



Cojtdao, «u m. V. Apremrmdo 
Covünda, ^. • cord with 

urtddi osan ara tied to the 

yoke, matrimonial union 
Coyundado, da. «. tied to the 

yoke with • ttiap or coed 
Coyuntura, ^. Joint 
Cox, nf. klekinf with the hind 

leg, recoil of a gun, flowing 

back of a Hood 
Crabrón, «tn. tiomet 
Crálo, U. a. V. Ctoro 
Cráneo, «m. tkuU 
Crápula. 4/. inebriation 
Crasritjir, vtu to cackle 
Cratifcia, ó Craifcie, ^.greue, 

Crasitfnto, ta. a. gmaay 
Crasitud, tf". araaae, ignor» 
Criao, M.o.&t.thicK 
Crea, 1^. linen of • middling 

c:retfble, a. creative 
Creacidn, <f. creation 
Crear, va» to create 
Creativo, va. a. craativr 
Crebantftr y Crebrantár, «a 

V. qtubrmaar 
Crebtfl, am. holly-tree 
Crecedero, ra. a. able to grow 
Crecer, vo. to augment the 

eatrinaic value of money ; 

VH. to grow, swell 
Cr«ces, < . I»', augmentation 
Crecida, if. twdi of rivers 
Crecidamente, ai. plentifully 
Crecidito, te. a. somewhat in- 

Crecido, du. a. grown, gravcj 

Crecíaos, sm. ]»f. stitchci with 

the knitting-needle 
Creciente, </'. swell M rise of 

waters, crescent 
Crecimiento, tm. increase of 

any thiiw, increaae of the 

value oTmonqr 
Credencia, if. side-board of 

an altar, credentials 
Credencial, if. credential 
Credenciéro, tm. king's bat. 

Credér, va. V. Cner 
Cradlbilldid, if. credibility 
Crédito, Ml. credit, bdief, re- 
putation, note 
Credo, tm. creed 
Credulidad, «f. oeduUty, V. 

'Jiéduk», la. a. credttimu 

""xteru, ra. a, credible 


Creedor, ra. a. credaloos 
Creencia, if. credence 
Creer, va. to believe 
CrcgOéla, if. sort of linen 
Crdble, «. credible 
Creíblemente, «I. in a credi- 

Crémor, tm. cremor 
CrepusóiUno^ na. «. CKpu»- 

Crepúsculo, «M. erepnacule 
Cresa, if. maggot; eggs «T 

the queen bee 
Crescentár, vm. V. Aertetitímr 
Crespár, va. to curl ; vr. to 

grow angry 
Cretpflla, if. an agaric 

mcnt worn by 

Crespino, tm. the bacbetry- 

Crespo, pa. a. crisp, crisp- 

Crespón, *?*. crape 

Cresta, <f. *- 

Crestado, da. a. crested 
Crestdn, tm. crest of a helmet 
in which the feathers are 

Creta, if. chalk 
Cretdna, «T- wrt of Unen 
Creyente, pa. believing 
Crezneja, if. streak of blanche 

bass- weed 

Cria, rí". brood of animals; 

Criada, if. female servant; 

Criadero, tm. plantation of 
young trees taken out of 
the nursery ; place destin- 
ed to breed animals 

Criadero, ra. a. fruitful 

Criadflla, if. tcstíde, a smaU 
loaf in the form of a testi- 
cle; truffle 

Criado, da. t. servant, client; 
breeding, manners 

Criado, da. a. educated 

Criaddr, nu t. creator; one 
who rears and trains dogs ; 
breeder of horses 

Crianza, if. breeding ; act of 

Criar, va. to create, nurse, 
educate, pursue any expe- 

Criatura, <r. creature; a hu- 
man ietus ^ -,. 



Criazdn, if. breed or brood of 

animals; Aroily 

Criba, ^.cribble 

Cribaddra, if. ctifanukc 

Cribar, va. to sift 

Cnbo, «m. sieve 

CridM, if. \.Prfgtm 

Crimen, «m. crime 

Criminal, a. criminal i crimi- 
nal, not civil 

CrinUnalidid, if. criminality 

««.«iiimii»!», «ft. tmt Buiaaai 

who has written on crinki 
nal matters 

Criminar, tw. to aocoso 

Crlmindso, sa. «. d 

Criminoso, sa. a. t 

Crin d Crines, <r. n _ . 

Crinado, da. y Crinfto, tn. a. 
having longhair. Cómate 
ermita, a iwig-b e a r ded co- 

Cridllo, tm. creóle 

CTÍi>ta, if. crypt 

Ciiaálida, if. durysalls 

Crftis, if. crisis 

Crisma, tm. chrism 

Crismar, va. Xo perlbrm the 
ecdesiactie riU which U 
called contirmation ; break 
one's skull 

Crismera, if. pblal which 
holds chrism 

Criaoberllo, tm. chrysoberjie 

Crisdcola, if. borax 

Crisdl, tm. crucible fer roelt- 
Mg metals 

Crisolada, if» crucible ftdl oft 

Crisólito, tm. chrysolite 

Crisuptfsio, tm. cbrysoprase 

Crisopeya, if. alchemy 

Cri!>tiU. tm. crystal, looking. 

Cristalino, na. a. erystailne 
Cristalixáne, vr. to crystal - 

Cristel, «m. clyster 
Cristianamente, a Chria- 

Cristianar, va. to baptize 
Cristiandad, <f. Christianitj 
Cristianésoo, ca. a. after the 

Christian manner 
Cristisnismo, tm. Christen- 
dom, christening 
Cristianizar, mi. to confbrm 
to the rites of the Christian 
Cristiano, na. a. Cluristlan 
Cristiano, na. s. a proftsaor or 
belierer of the religion of 


Isv and love of Cbdit in 

aim's beart 
CiFfrto, tm. Christ 
dktns, tm. croMjiriBted al 
- gofthealpha- 

^f. the pan of a 

laaip £cK bahUnc die oO 
tfnt draw finora ¿be wick 
CñmBo, aou V, Cmnda 
cm, «in. s«t of poniard 
Qrftica, <f. oitidHn, a ccn 

Criticar, em. to criticiae 
Critietfatro» Mc animadverter 
Ciftico, «M. orltlo 
Offtioo, ca. a, oritieal 
Cnciodn> «m. • peat critic 
CrM^itéar, oa. to criticiie 
Cgixáé¡*t 4f. trace or rape 
■B«de of twitted twi^B joto- 

Crocitar, tm. V. CratcUar 
Ctweadlle» am. crocodile 
Croooaa4gaM¡4f4 an ungnant 
pr ep ar ed of saffron, mjrrfa, 
red roaw, itarch, aóid fum 

Cremirico, ca. a. chromatic 
Crtfoica^^f; chronicle 
CrdÉúce, ca. a. chronic 
Croitfetfn, «m. chronicle 
CronSita, tm. duronicler 
Croaofsafl», tf. chranofm^ 


Cromfpralb, «m. annalist 
Cronofogia, <f. (dnronology • 
Cronolo^iitatf Cromflege, «m. 

cfaronologist, time 
Crotorar, «a. to crank 
Crucera, ^f. withent of a bone 
Crucería, <r. goChic architec- 
Crucero, sm. cross-raalt t£ a 
church under the dome; 
croes-bear»; cron of a 

laaeh-lincs «f the top-saib 
Cmoétas* ^. ft. cross-trees of 

the top-masu 
Cruciáta, <f. cro«-wort 
CrucÜbrário, j Crucfftro» tm. 


Cmc^lieto, ra. t. caxrjing or 

bearing the sign of me cross 
Crucilln, tm. )iash-pin 
Crúdainente, ad. rudelj 
Crudeza, ^. cruditj, T^KNir 
Cmdfo, dia. a. rou^, rude 
Crudo, da. a. raw, onripe, 

mde, crude. Liento erudof 

unbleached linen ; tm. 

packing doth 
Cruel, a. cruel 
Crueldid, 4f. cruelty 
Crueleza, Cruentidad, j Cm» 

eta, <f. V. Crueidad 
Cmentaclón, ^f. bloodiness 
Cruentar, va. V. Biuangren- 

tar ¡/ Bncndtetrte 
Craénto, ta. a. bloody 
Crural, a. cmral 
Crttréo,«m. muscle of the calf 

of the kg 
Cmstáceojcea. a. crostaoaous 
CrAstico,ca. «. beating: V. 

Cruxla, <r. the midship-gang- 

waj ; a laige open hall or 
~e in a boDding 

Cructfiero, ra. a. bcaxfng or 

carryina a cross 
Crucificado, da. a. cnicifiad 
Crucificar, va. tocracifyrto 

Cmcif ÍSO, tm. crucifix 
Cnicifiju)r, tm. cruci&ar 

CriuKido, tm. crack 
Cruxlr, V». to crackle 
Cruz, if. cross, toil, withers. 
Cnu de lot titat, cross- tree 
of the bits 

Cruzáda,<f. crusade» tritiunal 
«f the crusade 

Cruzado, tm. an old Spanish 
coin ; a Portuimese coin ; 
a soldier enlisted under tlie 
banners of the cruMde 

Cruzaddr, ra. t. crossing from 
one side to another 

Cruzar, ra. to cross, cruise ; 
vr. to be knighted; cross 
and trip 

Cuajada, ^f. hotter 

Cuajadillo, tm. sort of silk 
gauxe with flowers 

Cuajado, tm. a dish made of 
meat, herbs or fhiits, with 
eggs and sugar 

Cuajamiento, tm. coagulation 

Cuajar, tm. runnet bag or 
stomach of a calf or suck- 
ing animal 

Cuajar, vh. to coagulate, suc- 
ceed, pleaM 

CuBJaréjo, tm. V. Cw^ar 

Cuajaron, tm. grurae, gore 

Cuajo, tm. a lacteal substance 
found in the stomach of 
animals before they fieed; 

Cuba, <f. cai,k tot wine or oil, 

Cebáza, <f. a large pipe 


CnbAa,4f. cnbdt 
Cubáv, rai. coo 

Cubertáde, da. a 

Cubertura, <f. cover 
Cubéu, tf. a small hartal «r 

cask, bucket 
Cubeto, tm. a small bavrri 
Cubidiéte, tm. water-boards 
Cúbico, ca. a. cubical 
Cubiculario, Ml. groom ot 

the bed-chamber 
Cubi^tat if. cover, deck of a 

ship ; cover of a letter 
Cubiertamente, ad. private- 

Cubitfrto, Ml. cover, roof of a 
house ; allowance of a sol- 
dier billeted in a house; 

Cabfl, Ml. lair or conch of 

wild beasts 
Cubilar, vn. to take shelter. 

Cubilete, tm. a copper-pan ; 

tumbler ; dice box ; a small 

Cubiletero, tm. paste-mould ; 

a large mug 
CuUlIa, 4f. Spanish fly 
CubOlo, tm. Spanish fly ; a 

small box near Die stage 
Cubital, a. cubital 
Cubito, tm. a small bucket ; 

Cubo, tm. cube ; millpool ; 

barrrel of a watch or clock 
Cubrepán, mi. sort of fire- 

Cübríl, Ml. CubU 
Cubrir, fa. to cover, cover or 

protect a post; roof a 

buildii:g. CubiHr la meta, 

to lay the Uble ; vr. to be 

Cuca, </; a kind of firuit ; a 

Peruvian plant 
Cucaña, qf. a pubUc amuse- 
Cucañero, mi. parasite 
Cucar, va. to mock 
Cucaracha, tf. wood-louse: 

kind of centipede; baid 

coloured snuff 
Cucarachera, <f. luck 
Cucátda, <f. V. Btcarapela 
Curárros, mi. pi. harpings 
Cuchar, Ml. tax or duty laid 

on grain ; spoonful 
Cuchara, ^f. spoon, an iron 

Cucharada, <f. spoonful 
Cuchará!, mi. bog in which 
stiepherds preserve their 



XJnduNTD, mm. he tiat wnakn 

at wiXU tfoaoM 
-Cuchareta, <^: a imall qpoon 
Cochareletfr, vn. to Mir with 

Cucharetero, mi. midRr or 
retailer of wooden spoons ; 
list nailed to ahoard, with 
small intcrstkat to hold 
Cucharón, tm, ladle Ibr the 

Codiirros, tm. pt. hafvlngi 
Cuchichear, va. to whiqpei 
Cuchicheo, ra». whinicr 
Cuchichéro, ra. t. wmsperer 
Cuchichiar, tm. to call like a 

partridge; whisper 
Cochillay «m. a large kitchen- 
knife, sort of ancient poni- 
ard; hocAUnder» knife 
Cachillada, 4f. cnt or slash 
wUhaknife; rent in cloth; 
pL wrangles 
Cuchillar, o. beloa^ng or re- 
lating to a knife 
CuchlU^KS «m. a small 

Cuchillería, ^f. eotleris shop 
Cuchillero, «m. cutler 
Cuchillo, tm. knife, goar; 
piece of ground which can- 
not be tilled. CuchUhi de 
una vela, gorlngi of a sail 
CuchilkSn, «m. a largi 

Cuchitril, «m 

Cuchuchear, vn. to whisper 

Cuchufleta, if. Joke, tan 

Cttdear. va. to shig as the 

CttcUlas (En), oJ. in a cow- 
ering manner 

Cuclillo, sm. cnckoo 

Cuco, «m. sort of caterpillar; 
penon of a swarthy com- 
plexion; cuckoo 

Cucüfi^ if. cap lined with oe- 
phalic drugs ; wild fowl 

rucrtlla, if. cowl 

'Cucurucho, tm. f 
up in the form 

Cudria, <f. a flat woven bass- 

Cuébano, tm. basket for car- 
rying grates to the wine- 

Cuelga, if. cluster of grapes 
or ottiet f^uit hung up for 

CuelUerffttldo, da. a. stiff*- 

Cuéilo, tm. neck ; cdlar of a 


priestns ganneBt I aaall end 
ofa wax-caadla; ooUagrofI 
a shirt 

Cuelmo, M 
V. Tea 

Cnémbas, ff. sort of sOk 

Cuenca, if. a wooden bowl; 
socket of the eye 

Cuenco, «m. an «aifhen 
bowl; hod 

Cotfnda, ^. ená «f a ikdnof 

Inénta, if. computation, ac- 
count ; one of ttie beads 
which compose a rosanr; 
Indian-reed; answerable- 
nesB ; CuAUa eorrtttUe, ac- 
count current 

Cuentero, ra. a. haggling 

Cuentista, tm. talebearer 

Cuento, tm. a miilion, Tarl- 
ance, fable, aooompt, J<rint 
of the wing 

Cuera, if. a leather Jacket 

Cuérdis, if. rope made of 
hemp, string for musical 
instruments, match umt 
firing a gun, chain of a 
watdb, fishing-line, drag- 

Cnerdecito, ta. a. somewhat 
prudent or discreet 

Cutfrdo, da. a. prudent 

Cuerezuélo, «m. a small and 
thin skin or hide, a rack- 
ing pig 

Cuerna, if. a horn v es s el , 
stag's or decfs ham, ^orts- 

Cuemexuélo, ras. a snudl 
horn, a flarriet*s paring 

Cuerno, «at. horn, feeler, 
side, comet* 

Cuero, rai. hide or skin of an 
animal. JSn eutrot tf ra ev- 
erof vt'txM, stark-naked 

Cuerpo, rat. body, matter, 
corporation ; floor or story 
in a building; c<rilcction 
of laws ; size, body, a col- 
lective mas*. Cuerpo de ¿a- 

. taUa de una etquadra, the 
centre division of a fleet. 
Cuerpo de guardia, a guard- 

Cuerva, if. crow 

Cu<rvo, tm. raven 

Cué«co, tm. kernel, millstane 
of an oil-mill, wind from 

Cué«ta, if. derlivitv 

Ca<va, if. cave, cellar 



Cuevero, rat. one who makes 
. caves and grottoes 

Cuéta, if. ancient meacnx« 
Xuéso, rat. hod I tenga; 

Cugtilla, 4f. cowl 
, Cuidado, mi. care, fsar, trust 

conferred, distraes 
Cuid4ddr,rat. a very thon^t- 

fhl peraon 
Culdaddso, sa. m. careftal 
Cuidar, va. to heed 
Ctilta. if. care 

Cuitadamente ad. slatfaAilly 
Cuitido^ da. a. anxious 
Cuitir, va. V.ineotmodmr 
Cuitdso, sa. a. ufent 
CuUda, if. stroke wiúi ttte 

backside or hreedt af mot 

thteig { fan on ends back- 
Culantrillo, mi. mai d en 'a 

Culantro, mi. ooriandei 
Culata, tj. breech of a gim; 

Culatáxo, mu a larga bnck- 

side; teooU of a gun 
Culcuside, mi. botOA-worlc 
Culebra, if. snake, Joke 
Culeteeár, tm. to move tiong 

like a snake 
Culebrilla, if. tetter; rocrk- 

ing-stafFofaloom; fissare 

in the barrel of a gun 
Culebro, rat. a male snake 
Culebrón, mi. a large snake ; 

a cmuüng, crafty Mlow 
Culero, mt. clout ; dlaease in 

Culero, ra. «. sloOifol 
Culminar, tm. to culminate 
CtUo, rat. breedi, lowest part 

of athiiw 
Culpa, if. feult 
CulptfUe, a. culpable 
Culpddo, da. a. one who has 

committed a feuit 
(^ulpdr, «a. to blame 
Cultamente, ad. neatly, «f- 

Cultedad, if. aa affected de- 

aanoe and purity of s^le 
Culteranismo, rat. sect of 

Culterano, na. «. purist 
Culterano, na. a. belonging 

or relating to an afflncted 

Cultmrla, if. an affected rie. 

Cultero, rat. purist 
Cultíéllo,rat. V.CaMiUa 



CiiMnrlár, ««. to tpMk 

Cahipktffio. fia. «. lyeakinff 
with afffected depmoe, and 
in a jeering numner 

ColtiTackta, ^f. cultiTaHao 

Coltivadtfr. «IN. cultivator» 

CuMvár, iw. to cnltlTate 

Cultivo» *m. cohiTatiflQ 

Cáho, «Nt. ropect and vene- 
ration paid to a parsan, !«• 
Ilciaas «onhip; Cuito in- 
«iSUo, illegal irorihlp 

Cttko, ta. m. pure, aActadl; 
elesnt* pomhed 

Cultdr, «M. cnltiTator 

Cúkro, «m. plough 

Cultura» «f. cahuie» dcganoe 

CmttM, «m. aort of daaoe 


Oinilire j Comtoiera, tf. tap 
Cnmpleifioe, «m. Urth-d«y 
CwnpUdaiucnti^ »d. oom- 

CitmpUdéro, nu a. that must 
b* ftüfiUed or esecnted» 

Cumplido» da. a. large ; Una 
tornada cumaHda, a plenti- 
ful dinner; poUUhed 
Cumplido, «m. compliment 
Comiriiddr, «m. one whoexe- 

CnmpUment^ro» ra. a. ftiU of 

Cumplimiento, ra». act of 

CumpUr, va. to execute, pro- 
vide any one with what be 
wants; »«. to befit or con- 
venient» sufBoe 
Comnlár» co. to accumulate 
Cumulativamente^ ad. in 

Ctencuo» rai. heap of many 
things thrown over one 

C«na, 4f. cradle, IbondUng- 

Candido, tm. ttie provision of 

oil» vinegar, and salt, given 

Cundir, va. to q«Rad «bud. 

dantlj, grow 
Cúneo, tm. sp^ux 

Cunara, tf. tucker 

Cunero» ta. «. rocker 

CAfia, ^f. wedge ; CmHúi it 
•MÍ^o, hornng.irons 

Cufiaderia, <f. goaslptud 

Cufiadfa tf CufUdle» $. kin- 
dred by affinity 

Cufitfdo» da. ». a bratber or 

Cnftár, va. V. Acinar 

CuMte. rakkeg 

CuAo» rat. die Ibr eoiniiig 
money, mark put on silver 

Cupé, rat. landau 

Cupido, rai. bit of steel taken 
out air the eye of a n eedle 

Cúpula» 4f. cupola 

CupuUno, rai. lantern 

Cuquillo, ra». cuckoo, inaeet 
which consumes tiie vtaes 

Cura» rai. parish priest, d er- 
0tDen hired to permrm the 
duty of another; if. euxt, 

CuriMc» if. curable 
Caraeidn, 4f< «are 
Curadillo» «m. cod-fish 
Cunido, da. a. ourcd» bdong- 

ing or relating to a curacy 
Ciu«d<$r, ra. «. overseer, 

guardian, physician, cura» 

Curandero, raí. quadc 
Cur^, m. to recover ftom 

sickness; vo. to administer 

medicines» seat 

Curativo, va. a. curative 
Curato, ra». curacy 
Curixgo, tm, V. Curato 
Curcuma, if. turmeric 

Curéfia, if. gun - carriage» 
stav of a cross-bow ; snn 
or bag with coacoa-nuts 
Curia, if. an ecclesiasMc 
court where dmrrh affUrs 
are examined and decided ; 
care and skill in performing 
a thing 
Cinritfl, a. expert, skllftiU 
Curial, tm. one in a subaltern 
employ in the tribnnaüs of 
Curiana, tf. kind of black fly 
Curiosidad,^, curiosity, neat- 
ness, rarity 


CArro»n.«. ai 

Cnmiuk <f. Um 
CnnMo» da. a. m ■ iwum— 
Cnrsdnle, pa. f^uqussitlng 
Cunar» na. toframant» to ft». 

qvom «niversMos er sehools 
Cursario, rat. V. PireCa 
Cursillo, rat. a short walk, a 

short course of lectures in a 

Curse. Ml. course, u 
Curtido, da. a. accni 
Curtlddr, rat. tMU 
Curtidos» m». ft. ( 

Cartidnria, if. tan-yard 

Curtir, va. to tan leather» 
Inure to haidriifais 

Curtimiteto» rat. the act ef 
tanning leather 

Curttcay Curt^ <f. eagle- 

Curdl, a. cunle 

CArva» if. curve» 
building. Curva ) 
square knee 

Cnrvatdn, rat. small curve 

Curvatura y Curvidad» if. 

Cttrvllfoeo,nea. o. carvIUnaar 
CArvo, va. a. curve 
Cuscuta, if. úm dodder of 

Cusir» «o. to sew dnmsily 
Custddia,j^ custody, guard, 

Custddio, m».guaad 
Cutáneo» nea. a. cutaoeou* 
Cute, if. V. Cutít 
Cúter, rat. cutter 
CutUtto, na. a. V. QuatUim» 
Cttticula, if. cuticle 
Cuticular, a. cuticular 
Cutir, va. to iinock er dash 
one thing against another 
Cutis» t. ¿in 
Cuto, rat. hannr or saine 
Cutre, rat-apitiftiin 

Cúxa, if. t 



y Mutto 

Cuyo, ya. yrim. pot. of which 

Cuyo, rat. a gallant 

Czar, rat. rxar 

Csarlna, if. oonsort ef the 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 




TVU>le* a. CMj, ponible 
^^Dtibó^iát <r. sort of cotton 

Daca, t«. dtf. give here 
DáctUo, «m. kfand of shdl 
Dtfda, <f. poMeuloa of anj 

thing given or delivered 
Oadéro re. o. that which 

should be given or ii to be 


Dadlrádo» da. a. bribed 
Dartivosidid, ^f. UbcraUty 
DadivdM, Hu a. boontiflil 
Dado, «m. die; ^ dice 
Daddr, ra. a. donor, dbrawer 

of a bill of exchange 
Daga. ^. dagger, stove of a 

Dagrfn, tm. a lancdagcr 
Dala, if. pump-dale era thip 
Déle, Sifcr^. hold 
Daléra, if. doUor 
Dalgo ; Facer wimeko dalgOt to 

receive any one widi ^mt 

attention and raqpect 

DalUr. va. to mow 
Dálleí «m. «oythe 

Dima, <f. a fine beantilhl wo- 

Dami^uána, <f. a large slait 
bottle ttaed on boara of 

Danuaoéna, </*. damson 
Damasco, im. damask, the 

Brussels* apricot, damson 
Damasinat </; light silk stuff* 
Damasqutfta, ^f-sort of chintz 

with gold sprigs 
Da ma squ il lo, «m. kind of 


Damása,^. a fine, handsome 
portly woman 

Damería, if. excessive nicety 
in coaidttct 

Daraiteto, im. V. Dádiva 

Damisela, tf, a young gentle- 
woman, lady of pleasure 

Damnable, a. damnable 

Damnár, va. V. Oomd«$tar 

Danuiificaddr, ra. «. one who 

Daumificár, va. to hurt 

Dango, if. V. Flanga 

Danta, #/. tapir 

IXnte, pa. giving 

Danta, 4f. dance 

Oansaddr, ra. «. dancer 

Danzinte, ta. «. dancer; • 
fickle person 

Danzar, «a. to dance 

Hanxarte, «m. a fine neat 

Dañable, a. prejudicial 

Dafiaddr, ra. «. offender 

Dafiár,M. to hurt 

DalUno,na.a. noxious 

Oáfio, ra». damage 

DafMso, sa. a. huitflil 

Daqoen, ad. amir, tkoax de 
ofttfiMic. hither 

Daqoi, od. cuiUr. tram ds aqut, 

Dar. va. to give, strike, eon- 
ftr: Dar parte, to share 
with, appoint, explain ; 
Dor á llorar, to fiül a cry- 
ing; OariWgo.tobreama 
ship; Dar calda, to heat 
the iron; Dor «f «i, to con- 
sent to marry a person; 
Dar «M M» hQieio, to strike 
agrooad; Dor Mm, to miss 
fire; Dar xapoMu, to leap 
with Joy; Dar ftíya, to 

Dirse, vr. to conform to the 
«iUof anodier; Dar$edla 
Vila, to set sail; Darn la» 
mamoc, to shake hands 

Dardabasi, rau hawk 

DanUda, «f. blow given with 

Dardo, rau dart, • serpent 
which darts upon its prey 

Dársena. </*• plaoe in a har- 
bour for preserving and re- 
pairing ships 

Data, i/f date, item, condi- 
tion, wrtttm permission to 
do any thing 

Dataría, if. datary 

Dttárío, tm, the principal of- 
ficer of the datary 

Datil,«in. date 

Datilado, da. a. resembUag or 
like a date 

Dativo, tm. dative 

Dáuco, «m. carrot 

DáyCs, if. mistress 

Dáxa, if. lucem 

De, pr«p. which being prefix- 
ed to verbs, adverbs, or 

La Uvdt Dio», the 


law of bod : "bo imientó, on 
purpose; D« miod-», mm 
fear; De dia, bj ÓMJ 
D«|n, «m. dean 

Deanito y Denisgo, tm. 

Debálde, ad. tar nothinc 
Debate, rai. a debate 
Debatir, va. to debate, axgae. 

Deháxo, ad, under, brtow; 

prvp. under, dependent 
DdMUr, va. to debellat« 
DtbéT, tm. duty, debt 
Deber, va. to owe 
Debidamente, ad. Jnstty, dnly 
Debid<6r, tm. DeaJor 
Debiente, pa. owing 
Detail, a. iéeblc, pusUlani- 

DebiUdád, if. debUity 
DebiUtár, va. to debUitate 
Débito, tm. debt 
Debo, tm. instrument used 

tta scraping skins 
Debroc á r, va. to be sick or 

Década, ^.decade 
Decadencia, V. decay 
Decaer, vn. to decay 

Decampar, vn. t* decamp 
Decanato, tm. dignity of the 
senior of any community 

Decantir, vo. to ciy up, de- 

Dacemvirtfto, «m. deoemvi- 

Decena, if. number of ten 

Decenal, a. decennial 

Decenario, ria. a. 

Deoénoia, if. decency. 

Deoénio, ««s. space of ten 

De(Déno,na. a. decennial 

the use of things not bejbctf 
used ; vr. to wound 
Decente, a. decent, conveni- 
ent, modest 
Deceso, «m. decease 
Decesdr, ra. «. V. Anteeetor 
Dechado, tm. sample, exam- 

Decfble, a. expressiUe 
DtTidens, if. pi. doqucnce 
! '-iidért^ ra. a. modest 
Df jidtr, va. to decide 
Decid<ir, ra. t. one that speaks 

with fluency^ M ' " 


I>eciéBtc, «M. he who fililí or 

Bécinu, <r. Üthe 
Decimal, a. de ' 

lug to tithes 
Becixnanována, tf. one of the 

Rgistcn or the pipet of 

TiexAxaot ma. a. tenth 

Seámoqnfiíto» ta« a, fifteenth 

Decimotercio, da. «. thir- 
Decioefaéno, na.«.ei^teenth 

kind of doth 
Decfr, vo. to Mj or utter anj 
thing. Oecji* mita^ to lay 
msM» to auore, to name, 
corrápond ; declare upon 
oath. Digol I My. Dttír de 
«p, to deny 
Dcdr, tm. a notable laying. 

Dtcfntf idle ttlk 
Dacisido, ^f. decision, dinpo- 

Deciiiro, va. a. deddve 
Dcdadrio, ria. a. dedaive 
Dedamacidn, ^f. oratoiial In- 

Declamaddr, ra. a. dcdaimer 
Declamar, va. to declaim 
DeclaradiSn» <f.interpretatfoo 
Declarado, o. declared 
Dedaraddr, ra. : declarer 
Dedaránte, «m. one that de- 
clare* or crplains 
Declarar, tao. to declare, ex- 
pound : vr. to dedare one's 
Declaratdrio, ria. a. dcdara- 

Dedinánte, o. decUnhig 
Declinar, «a. to decline, dnk) 

UadlDaJdriji, f^r pica irhtcb 

Tlec:JÍ!i4tJriiii, iHf. AtcYin^ita 
Ilvriri?? 6 Dedjiidt» rn. de- 

Italic UUd> if. decUrlLj 

Dccelgdr, ™- V. f4i£ea»' 
ttteáxt «PI. V. i<dr.7Fi«r 

itif j^ deciiTfltJtMi 
V iw« to dcturat^t II 
üulrate, leAm liy beart 

■D«:r>r[SKi, **- a- 


Decrepitar, «a. to decrepi- 
Decrépito, ta. a. decrepit 
Decrepitud, ^f. decrepitude 
Decretaddn, tf. determina* 

Decretal, <f. letter or rescript 

of the pope; a. decretal 
DecretaUsta, «m. decretist 
Decretar, no. to decree, inter- 
pret a decree 

collection of decrees 
Decretlsta, ttn. decretist 
Decreto, am. decree 
Decret4h1o, ria. a. decretory 
Decumána,<^. the tenth thing 

in the numeral order 
Décuplo, pla. a. decuple 
Decorláto, am. a student as- 
signed to tlie decurión to 
tdce his lesson 
Decurión, am. decurión ; stu- 
dent who has the care of 
ten other students, and 
gives them lessons 
DecArsas, <f. ft. arrears of 

Decurso, am. coutee 
Dedada, af. that which ean 
be taken up with the finger 
at onoe 
Dedal, am. thimble, a very 
small drinking glass or cup 
DedalWmo, «m. a very large 

Dedalera, 4/*. fox -dove 
Dedicante, pa. demcating 
Dedicar, va, to dedicate 
Dedicatoria, <r. dedication 
DedignAr, ini. to disdain ; vr. 

to scorn doing any thing 

Dedo, am. finger, toe ; hand 

of a clock or watch. Ihdo 

fvlgar, thumb 

Deduccidn, af. deduction 

Dedudr, no. to deduce, allege 

in pleading 
Deesa, </*. g^deia 
Defamar, va. V. Infamar 
Defeccidn, nf. defection 
Defectible, a. defectible 
Defectivo, va. «. defective 
Defecto, am. defect 
Defbctudso, sa. a. defedive 
Dcfendedéro,ra.a. susceptible 

of defence 
Defendedor, am. defender. V. 

Defender, «a. to defend, as- 
sert, vindicate, prohibit, 
Defettdinilénto, am. defence 



Defensa.^, dd 

Defensáble, a. 

susceptible td 

Defensár, va. V. Defndtr 
Defensible, a. defensible 
Defensivo, am. defence 
Defensivo, va. a. defensive 
Defensor, ra. a. defender, 
lawyer appointed by a court 
of justice tO| defend the 
estate of a bankript 
Defensthio, am. a ddence 
Deferente, a. assenting 
Deferir, va. to defer; va. to 

Defeca, af. V. Dtheaa 
Defiánza, af. V. Dr$cimflanta 
Defiir, vn. V. Ikaconñar 
Deficiénda, 4/*. detidency 
ÍJefídénte, a. defective 
Deñdaci(h>, if. V. Fealdad 
Definición, if. decision 
Definidor, am. definer 
Definir, va. to define, decide 
Definitivo, va. a. definitive 
Definitdrio, am. chapter or 
assembly of the chiefs of 
religious orders, hall where 
the above assemblies are 
Deflúxo, am. defluxion 
Deformador, am. one who de- 
forms or disfigures 
Deformar, va. to defenn 
Deformatorio, ria. a. deform- 
Deforme, a. deformed 
Deformidad, ^f. deformity, a 

Dei- . .rrfr-iiMl 

Der . . f<fi. úrfraudtt 

De • . r. 1.1 []'Hi>dDd 

Det ■, r.v. ' Ji[«!TrtaJl^ 
De! ' -, !¿j y. »vir 

Deíü nfl Jn, jf . faTittal 

Def ■ criir. in, ts d*ip:3iefatr 
Dq t^r,. IHrmik Í 

Degdladiir, tm. executioner 

D^oiladúra.^. cut ur wound 
in the throat ; slender part 
of balusters 

Degollar, va. to cut one's 
throat, behead, destroy 

DefH'adAc.dn, tf. diminution 
¿if value 

Degradar, va. to degrade ; vr. 
to demean one's «elf 

Duello, am. decollation, de- 


DdMndimlénto, m. the act of 

DeMw, ^. pasture-ground 
Dehesar, va. to turn arable 

land Into paiture-gronnd 
Dehen^o, tm. keeper of a 

Deicida, tm. dcleidc 
Deicidio. ra». murdar of' 

Deidad, </*. deity 
Deifero, ra. «. one who bean 

God at heart 
Dcificdr, va. to deify 
Deíñco, DeifiSrme, a. godlike 
Deísmo, «m. deiara 
Deísta, am. deUt 
Deladdn, Af- deUtion 


In preference to 
Delantera, if. the forepart 
anj tbinfo fore<skirta 
olothes, firontiert 
Ddantéro, ra. a. foremost 
Delantero, «m. the first, pos- 
DelatáUIc, a. accusable 
Delatir, no. to inform 
Delate, am. highwajman 

Delaxár, ua. V. Cam$ar 

Delectar, va» to delist. V. 

Delegado, «m. ddegata 
Delecto, pa. one that ddc- 

Dtíegár, va, to delegate 
Delctrcaddr, tm. speller 
Ddetreér, tw. to spell, sera' 

Deleitable a. ddectabia 
Odejtaeión, y DatcytabUidid, 


Ddgido, rai. a strait place 
Dd^azár, vo. V. Adetgtuar 
Deliberación, ^. resolution 
Deliberaddr, am. deliverer 
DeUberami^nto, am. delirer- 

Deliberar, va. to deliberate ; 

vo. todc.iberate, emanci- 

D^torativo, va. a. deUbera- 

Dktlbracldn j DeUbránza, 4/. 

V. Rateóte 
DeUbrAr, va. to IHierate 
Delicadez, tf. delicacy 
Delicadeza, «f. delicatcneu, 

subtlety, exiUty 
Delicado, da. a. delicate, 
weak. Dice, thin, beautlñil 
Delicadúra y Delicamiénto, 

V. Ddieadex 
DcUcta, <f. delight 
Deliciarse, vr. to delii^t 
Deudoso, «a. a. delicious 
Delinear, va. to delineate 
Delinqüftite, pa. delinquent 
Delinquimiento, am. delln 

DeUnquír, va. to traasgreK 

the law 
Delinái,tNi. dress 
Deliquio, am. swoon 
DeliraméntOt am. (ieliriam 
DeUrár, tm. to delirate 
Delirio, «NI. delirittm 
Delito» am. tranagrc«Moa ef a 

Delúbro,Mi. ttmple or altar 

dedicated to an idol 
DdnsiTo, ra. a. dalusire 


Del^rtir, va. to deiig^ 
Ddiéyto, am. pleasure, hut 

Delexnadte^ am. a slippery 


. <f. excess in the 

price of a thing, an unjust 

claim, abimdance 
Demasüdo,da.exoes«ive, bold 
Demasiado, aá. cnou|^i 
Demediar, tw. to part asunder, 

wear at» thing until it has 

lost half its value 
Demencia, <f. madness 
Dementar, va. to render mad 

or frantic 
Demente, a. mad 
Demérito, am. demerit 
Demeritdrio, ria. a. without 

Demiéntra, ad. V. MUmtraa 
Demigár, tw. V. Diaipar 
Deicisidn, tf. iubmissiaa 

Delusorio, ria. a. deceitful 
DemudgOfSm. demagogue 
Demuda, ^f. demand, re- 
quest, charity-box; inter- 

Demandáble, a. V. Apatadble 
... ^^ ^ defcnd- 

Delezndr, tm. DaaHnar 
Delfin, am. dolphin ; «^^wphin 
Ddfbia, ^. sort ol light drug 

DeSdo, «Ni. lark-spur 
Odgaoéro, ra. o. V. Daigado 
Delgadtft, 4f. tUimesa 
Deli<do. da. a. tiiin, short. 
«faU» da wuialtoa rf i ira to. a 
-*- ^-ttomcd ddp 

pious uses, claimant 
Demandar, tw. to demand : 
requite more water to sail 
Denuuilál, o. originating in 
De m a r c a ción, ¡f. demarca- 
Demarcador, am. designator 
Deinarcár, va. to mark out 

oonHnes oar limits 
Demarrirse, vr, to mislead 
Demás, ad. BaUtr damaa, to be 
over and above 

INunocriria, 4f. ( 
DemocTátioo, em. a. demacra- 

Demolér, va. to demolish 
Demoniáco,-ca. • demonlaeal 
Demoniido, da. a. V. B»if 

Demonio, «m. demon 
Demdra y Demoráaia, tf. de- 
lay, demurrage 
Demorar, va. to remain 
Demostrable, a, demonstrable 
Demostrador, ra. y, T 
traddr, ra.«.4*' 

Denáriq, am. a tmaU dlTcr 

coin, decimal 
D«a<le« Olí. heií». V. üfWf 

Dtndnce, i', dendfflM 

Di-ni-jfiF, ir^r to di-ny 
Dfern-VTV^r, 11». 10 bl«?b«l« 

rh&nf¡K' th:t ctfUAten^h» 
De-n^-^riJfl, J J. ,9. I4afte*i#d 

Dmijiji*, tf. |tfiHl« 
Den):u«, atH.yruátaj 
L>rr.¡ju^r«i ca. s. pnuilsh^ dk< 

Dmigtdr, iw. to denigrate er 
blacken úte chatactev ef a 
Denigratfro, va. a. Uackaa- 

ing, Btigtnatiiing 
Denodado, da. a. bold 
DenominnCfiw. to denominate 
DcMstiridr, m. vUifitf 
Denostar, tw. to revile 
Denotir, iw. to denote^ ex- 
Denotativo, va. a. «*•"«*«*> 
Dcns<r, «0. to c— ^ — -^ 




Dwtádo, da. a. foniiahed with 

j(f. • let of 
Dmtál. Ml. bed to vbkh the 
plongtwharfc U fixed; a 
voodn fork ¡ tooth tbeU 
Dentar, va. to uet teeth 
Dmttfria, «f. tooth -wort 
Sentccér, nt. to teeth : 

Oentrite, «M. Toke-trae 


DitriKn, mm. mouldiag ef 

the Cerlirthian cornice 
Hwrtrij <f. an unpleaMnt 

ieiHtktn or tingling pain 

la the teeth 
Dmticida, ^f. dentition 
Denticular» a. belonging or 

rriating to the teeth 

D t Mi f in o» as. m. haTlng long 

Onudn* na. «. having large 


divide, di»tingufth by note» 
of <'iter»ity, argue 
Devzu->«rár, va. to depaupe- 
ra e u.bUiUte 
Depm. > ncia, </• dependence, 
bubbr>1ination to a superior 
potivt, relatienAhip 
Depender, vn. to depiend 
Dependiente j Dependente, 

pa. a dependent 
Deplorable, a. deplorable 
Deplorar, va. to deulove 
Deponente, a. makiiig a depo- 

titioo, giving evidence 
Deponer, depose, declare 
Depopuládúr, « .depopnlator 
Deportir, va. to transport to 
a certain remote part of 
the dom i nion» ; «r. to take 
• diversion 
Deptfrte, «m. dlvenion 
DeportdM. wu a. V. DivtrlUo 
DeÍMaánte, pa. deponent 
Depokár, «a. V. Depomtr 
Depoalddn, V** tb« act of re- 
moving nrom a plac^ depo> 
tition, auertion 
Depositdddr, «m. one who 
leave» any thing in tnut 
with anotiier 
Depositante, pa. depositar 
Depmitdr, «a. to deposit, gire. 

X)«nt«do, da. «. haring laige 

Anraádo, «m. bolda 

Sipartfr, ■■.toafliBr 
OapartaiaCnto, tm. depart» 

OMartiddr, am. distributor 
Oerartlmlénto» «m. divHiMi, 

distanoe» diente 
Sq^artír, m. to speak; tu, 


I recti tud# 
Dvnk liu, cha. a. ri^t, Juki , 

Htcho jf dertffu), upriRDtly 
Derecho, «m. lieiit, a jutt 

cUirn ; Derichtu, taxes 
Derechor^o, ra. a. jujrf and 

right or Uwftl 
Deractiúra, rf. rectitude 
Dsrerár, va. V. SacafNMor 
Deriva, </". khip'» cource 
Denvacidn, tf. derivation, 
tlie act ti icpaiating one 
tlüng flrom another, descent 
Deri v;ir, va. to derive, deduce 
an:r thing flrom it» origfai i 
conduct, oonmy; vn. to 
proce ed ft em an original 

Derivativo, va. o. derivativa 

Depositaría, tf. depoeitory 
Depositario, ra. «. depositaiy 
Dqiositário, ria. a. rdating to 

DepdsUo, tm. deposit, deposi- 
tory, coflin 
Depravado, da. o. bad 
Depravador, mudeinraver 
Depravir, «e. to deprave 
Depncacidn, 4f. pcütion 
Depreoir, va, to entreat 
Deprecativo, va. y Depreca- 
torio, ria. a. deprecative 
""- to learu, V. 

Oqmiytfn, «f. demesdon 
Deprete rlc id n , ^f. preteritian 
Deprimir, «a. to depress 
Depnraddtt, tf. depuration 
Depurar, na. to depurate 
Dqmratidrio, ria. «.that wliich 

DiviTgamidnto^ mm. extirpa- 

Darayaár, «a. V. Detarrffygar 
Dcfeo«a, tf. hicfaway 
Derédia, tf". right hand 
Der¿chame>ite, ad. directly, 

rightly, expressly 
DerMhéz, tf. rightness 
Darechéxa, ^f. straigbtness. 

Dcrofatdrlfl^ ria. a. derogs- 
toiy ^^ 

Denrabadúra, ^. the act of 


tax, duty, or impost 
verranuf-* '- 


Derramador, mi. prodigal 
Derramamioito, tm. me act 

of scattering er wasting 

any thing 
Derramar, na. to dndn oiT 

water, publish, spill; tr. 

to be scattered 
Derrtfme, mi the pectloa at 

Uquor or teed lost In mea 

suing; declivity 
nerrdmo, tm. profiMlon, the 

sloping of a wall in úte 

aperture fiir a door or win» 

Derranchtfdo, da. 

ed, deranged 
Derranrhtfr, mi. to desari 
Derrakpiido, a. beardless 
Derredor, tm. circnmfcra 

Derrengado, da. a. incorvatad 
Derrengadura, qf. weaknen 

in die hip 
Derrengar, va. to hip 
Derrería (A' la) od. at lei^th 
Derretimidnte, tm. thaw ; vio- 
lent allectlon 
Derretir, t».to liquefy, tdiange 
money, consume ; vr. tobe 
deeplj in love, grieve 
Derribar, «a. to demolfyh, 
depow.ruin; or. to tumble 
Deniho, tm. d«(nolltion 


DdMndimlénto, MU the act of 

DeMw. ^. pastura-groond 
0eheaár» va. to tam arable 

land into pattora-groond 
Dahotéro, mm. keeper of a 


IMcida, im. drieidc 
Daicidio, «m. mm 

Deldid, </*. ddty 
Baffero, ra. «. one vho bean 

God at heart 
Deificar, va. to deify 
Detúcot DeifiSrme, a. godlike 
Deísmo, mi. deism 
Deiita, nm. deist 
Delacitfn, </: delatlan 
DelanUU, rauaoroa 
Ddánte, ad. befare, imrard. 

In preference to 
Delantera, ^f. the fore part of 
any ttüng, fore-skirta of 
olothes) frontiers 
DdanttfiOt ra. a. foremost 
Delanttfio, «m. the first, pos- 
DelaUble, a. arcnsaMe 
Delatar, va, to infbrm 
Delate, «m. higfawajmaa 
Delator, «m. accuser 
Ddaxár. va. V. Cantar 

Delectar, va. to delimit. V. 

Del^^, «m. ddegate 
Delecto, pa. ene that dale- 

dJS^, va. to dd^gate 
Dele traaddr, «m. speller 
Ddetreér, tw. to snelL mam- 

Deleitable, a. ddectable 
Deleitación, 1 DrieytablUdid, 


Ddgido, ra». a straU place 
Delgazár, va. V. Adel^atar 
Dellberacltfn, tf. resolution 
Deliberador, am. deliverer 
Deliberamitoto, tm. delirer* 

Deliberar, va. to deliberate ; 

va. to dc.ibcrati^ cntanci- 

DdUbaatívo, va. a. ddlbera- 

Dkitbracldn j Dellbránza, ^f. 

V. Bucaíe 
Dellbrtfr, va. to IDicrate 
Dclitadéz, Jíj. delicacy 
DeiicMléza, ^f. delicateness, 

•nbtlety, eiility 
Delicado, da. a. drUcate, 
weak, nice, thin, beautiful 
Delicadúra 7 Delicamiteto, 

V. Ddieadn 
VUcim. <f. delight 
Deliciarse, vr. to deil|^ 
DeUciiite, tu. a. delicious 
Delinear, va. to delineate 
Delinqüénte. pc. delinquent 
Delinquimiéoto, «m. delin- 
Deunquur, vn, to transgrcss 

Dellfiái.tNi. dress 
Deliquio, «m. swooo 
Dellramánto, tm. cidiriam 
Delirar, vn. to delirate 
Delirio, «IN. delirium 


Demasía, <f. excess in Cb« 

price of a thing, an oi^just 

claim, abundance 
Deniasiádo,da.exoes«iTe, bold 
De m asiado, aá. enough 
Demediar, tw. to part asunder, 

wear am thing until it 1b«s 

lost half Its YaTue 
Demencia, 4f. madness 
Dementar, va. to render nukl 

or franUc 
Demente, a. mad 
Demérito, tm. demerit 
Demeritorio, ria. a. without 

Demiéntra, ad. V. Midmtrma 
Detnigár, no. V. Ditipttr 
Demisión, <f. submlAloa 
Domo, tm. demoD 
ftemoantrla, 4f. damocraqr 
DemocTátIoo, ea.«.dera«Gm- 

Demolér. va. to demolish 


Demoniádo, da. •• V. 

Demonio» «m. demea 

lay, demvrrage 
Demorar, va. to remain 
Demostrtfble, a. demonstrable 
Demostrador, ra. 7, Dement 

tradór, ra. «. dmenatratov 
Demostrar, «o. to demon- 

ample or altar 
Ddnsivo, ra. a. deluslTe 
Ddosór.sin. dieat 
Delusorio, ria. a. deceltfiil 
DemudgOf Ml. daroagogoe 
Demuda, ^f. demand, re- 
quest, chi^t7*boxj Inter- 

Del^rtir, «o. to deiia^ 
DsMTte, Ml. pleasure, hut 
DoicTtóso. sa. a. agreeable 
DelesnáUe, a. slippery 
D e l em adéro» mi. a slippery 

OdentamMnto, mi. i 

Ddezndr, vn. DssKsar 
DeUbi, Ml. dolphin ; «^mphln 
Ddfbia, 4f. sort ol lig^ drug 

Da!ianlo,Mi. lark-spur 
Odgaoéro, ra. «. V. Dttgado 
Delgados, 4/I t H"w— « 
Dele<do. da. a. tiün, short. 
■2vav<sd«mtM*o« dtigodM, a 
diaip.bottoincd dup 

Demandáble, o. V. ApeUdble 
•>. ... ^^ . - . 

sm. one who 

coes about asking charity 

for pious uses, claimant 

Demandar, va. to demand : 

require more water to Mdl 

Domanial, a. originating in 

De m a r c a ción, i¡f. deinarca- 

Demarcador, mi. designator 
Demarcar, va. to mark out 

conrines or limits 
Demarrirae, vr. to mislead 
Demás, ad. BiUtr dtmat, to be 

over and above 
Demisei, mi. ft. abundance 

<f. change 

DemuiUr, vo. to alter 
Denário, mi. a small tíbiwr 

coin, dedmal 
Dénde, ad. hence. V. Dasde 
Dendrite, <r. dendrites 
DeiMgadon, <f. denial 
Dcnegir, co. to deny 
Denogreotfr, oa. to t 

dianae thi ■ 

DoiMgiiilo, d^ 
Denegrir, va. V. I 
Dengosa, <f. prado 
Dengue, Ml. prudery 
bengtttfro, ra. a. prudlih, dia- 

Denigrar, va. to denigrate or 

blacken úte chaiMÜr of a 

Denigrativo, va. o. blackaa- 

Ing, stigmatliing 
Denodado, da. a. bold 
Denominfer,va. to denomlaata 
Denostiridr, Mk vUlfier 
Denostar, «u. to revile 
Denotir, oa. to denotes cs. 

Denotativo, va. a. «*•«'**««> 
Densdr, «o. to oandaass^ 


I>nit¿U rm i^\ to vhiLh ibr 

WMxLm fork ^ toolh tJtrM 
I>ínLlJ| ¡■■■J- Iv itA cerLh 

, tf- Inrli^^Hjn 

PtnEcLlifJ^i i/' ffnuuhfiv of 
the iwtii, impnwhgti mide 
bí » bite tftuw imnrih 
DntellEdii^ da. a. dftml 
Dhb^Uti, tb^ to giuih 

tathJLui i;«>iEi,i'-* 

jicniujcn- ¡If ilEL§:ljjig poLn 

ia th* turf h 

Ddjlltij^ii. if. dnnL^tlnn 

nj Aün^ iti [Iw Item 

iHokhli, HH. dMlCkT 

Dinm», dd. wid^n 
JlvtiuMA, * 

'Of fatfOt mir anew 
lhínuhfi4b]r> d. ñt w br de- 

Inf od ■vJvJJoft tff 4nt(nci> 

Ilh]SrfclU|4-M|EUHl ELUaliAO 

nrparUnrfuU, rm, depute 
DFfurtídlUin«ni¿^ afn nrpi. 

JJciUTl^dCtf , «t. HltiVtbutqt 


4itJ«Vt i3l.r3.n¡riil*i] hi n«tn 
tT ir" nntr lit J, Ér^Lic 

De-íírfi :irt^, *', d«vitTiJi,i,ce, 

D«|i|i]rdhlL>> 4. il'vlo^'iijl* 

lJ«]|i«i«n4 » , A. rri JLk L I K 4 rj rpO' 

DF|nti ff , 1^.' . tu ui^HMT. ^ Jare 

DcfKiCUtH f.J. 149 lr4TL<.|>ort to 
K tCTi.iirv mriütf ¡^nít of 
ilif LluiitÉniupi ¡ irr^ tu lake 

■ di T^i-i^ rjf I 

ÍV|JCirti>Mí, t4. iL, V. liivrrtUo 

I»Pihi»kbdFv, ^/. thF iii:t [if re- 
movinjfriim ^ i^iuurr, d(i>o- 
-t-llLrjnT oh^rtii^n 

Die]NAL[ iilttT T IW' rmn ^rho 

i*si-.\t-r in* (bliii; LiL urutt 

DrfNiwlfárí m. inilqiOMi, (^Ire, 

Dr|t4>iE^rlJt , ^!.ili.']''r iNFTi 

iLh^MMítir», T«&. a. rtdiAtiJig to 
a üe|»ruiiiii^ 

íhl^mv^ldu da, a. Lhid 
nE|iFBV«dLÍr, jpru ríriJri*rT 
fhri^avár, l-flv [jj db jlfjlfi: 

mnu, rlir d. dtpfti-jit tve 
iJvtfnruli^r. HI- Eu Jkirv, V. 

I^flimCTiLll]*!^ if. Ifrtfb'LElon 
£)«fpirbnir; T^f, Irtdi.frtUi.^ 

Dqpurlr» TQ. T'l d^t'urtlEi- 

ilipunniliMrj^ Ttjkr 4in thai t<trl lich 

D«rajii;feini«nto, im. iiiLipa» 

Dm^ff^i^ IS. A'. &►! J F rif ij^ar 
JjenL'Ctrm, if. ln^Er?;»^ 

litTKrhiaiii...:*, (i,i. (Si^^^ lly. 


DtrrCvliu, cha. a. ri|iht, Im»! . 

Heeho jf áererhtt, upríKntl* 
Derecho, «tn. light, a jiut 

claim ; Deréchus, taxu 
Derechor^o, ra. a. ju»t and 

right or Uwftl 
Derechura, ^. rectitude 
Dereiir, na. V. Bmcamhim 
DtfríTa, ^f. hhip'K course 
DerivacMn, tf. derivadon, 

the act ct icpaiating one 

thing flroin another, deaccnt 
Derivar, va, to derive, deduce 

anv thing flrom It» oiifin ; 

conduct, ooBVOfj tit. to 

DwivaMTo, va. a. derivative 

Derofatdrio^ lia. a. deroc». 

t«j ^^ 

Derrabadúta, |f. the act of 

DmaMr. «o. to do^ «r art 

Derrama» <f. aw e M n i w t of» 

tax, dutj, or impoat 
Denranuidamonte, úá. pn». 

ftweiy ' 

Derramaddr. tm. predini 
DerramamiAito, mi. the act 

of Bcatferlag or wattiEac 

any thing 
Denramir, tm. to drain ofT 

water, pubilih, ■pill; w. 

to be Kattered 

theportiea of 

•nring; declivl^ 
Demiino, tm. profnaion, the 
■loping of a wall in die 
aperture fiar a door or win- 
Derranchado, da. a. diaordv 

cd, deranged 
Derranchtfr, vu. to desert 
Derrakpádo, a. beardlew 
Derredor, tm. clrcamfcrenee 
Derrengado, da. a. ineorvated 
1»emngadúra, tf. weaknan 

in die hip 
Derrengar, v. to hip 
Denrerft (A' la)arf. at iai^th 
Derretiniiénte, m. thaw ; vio- 
lent alKctlon 
Derretir, ««.to Uqueiy , dbatrnt 
monejr, conanme ; vr. to be 
deeplj in love, grieve 
Derrihár, va. to demolfsh, 
depooc, mln ; vr. to tumble 
Denibo, «m. damolHlon 
Pe^P^lt tw. ^to pr«:ii,iUto 


firoin a rock, poli down; 

v». to tumble 
Derrochador, «m. a prodigal 
Derrochar, «o. to diMlpata, 

&ce disfigured by blows 
Derrota, <f. «hip's coorw 
road, rout of an annj 
opening made in feneet A 
Derrotitr, vm. to canee to drive 
or fall off, roat; «n. to ar- 
rive in a place in a mined 

Derrubiar, va. to drain Ineen- 

Derrubio, «m. the inaendble 
drain of water from arirer 
or surrounding naanh 
Dermecár, ««. toonhorae 
Derruir, vm. to demoUah 
Denmmbadéro, am. precipice 
Dcrraml>amMntO( ««•• pre- 

Derrumbar, va. to precipitate 
Demiviár, va. to undermine 
Deaabarrancar, va. to drag 

from a ditch 
Deaabactee^r, m. not to nip- 
ply aplace with proriaiem 
net¿M>)ár, va. to remove or 
take away the beea from 
their hive 

DoMbilW, tm. dithaUUa 
Desabitar, tMi. to unbit 
Itesaboiladdr, tm. an instru- 
ment used by tin-workeis, 
Desabollar, va. to take bulges 
out of pewter dhbea or me- 
tal TBMels 
Desab-)no, «m. predice 
Desabiir, $m. insipidity 
Desaborár, va. to render any 

dilng tasteless 
Desaborrfdo, da. «■ e^eemed 
Desabotonar, va. to unbutton ; 

VM. to blow 
Desabridamente, ad. bitterly 
Desabrido, da. a. tasteless, 

sour, hard, bleak 
Desabrifftfdo. a. uneovered 
Desabrigar, «m. te be naked ; 

Desabrí^, im. nudity 
Desabrimiento, tm. iasipidJ' 
ty, fttperity 


Databttr, va. to be Insipid 
DNabrochtfr, va. to unclai 

Desacabalár, va. to pilfer 
DesacalortfiM^ vr. to take the 

fresh air 
Desacatado, da. a. acting in' 

a disrespectful mamier 
Desacataddr, ra. «. a dlsres- 

pectftil pmon 
Desacatamiento, tm. disres- 
Desacatar, tm. to trnt in a 

disrespectful manner 
Desacato, «m. disrespect 
Desacerbar, va. to dolcorate 
Desacertado, da. a.inconsider- 

Desacertar, tw. to err 
Desacierto, tm. error 
De«acobardár, va. to inspire 

Desacollar, vo. to dig up tfie 

ground about rines 
Deaacomodido» da. a. desti 

tute of the eonvenienoes of 

life, being out of place 
Desacomodamiento, tm. bi' 

Desaoomodtfr» m. to incom' 

mode; vr. to lose one's 

Desacompafíamiénto. «m. 

want of company or society 
DesaoompaAár, va. to retire 
DesacotM^ido, da. a. acting 

without iHrndenoe 

', «e. to diss u ad e 
- «m. V. Dt 

Desacordar, va. to discord; 

Desaedrde, a. discordant 

Desacorralar, no. to let the 

flock or cattle out «f Oe 

DeMcoBtnmbrido, da. «. tm- 

Desaeoslmmbrar, va. to disuse 
Desacotado, tm. V. Dftaeato 
Desacotar, «o. to raise the 

prohibition of fowling 
Desac«ito» «m. the act of rais- 
ing the prohibition of fowl- 
ing at a certain time 
Desacreditar, mu to discredit 
Desacuerdo,**!, forgetftiiness, 

discordance, error 
Desaderezar, po. to undress 
Desadeudar, va. to pay ooe^ 

Desadorar, va. to lore no more 
OesodurmM^ér, va. to wake 


Desadornar, vm. to JHaat ,oC 

Desadvertido, da. «. Inoon- 

Desadverttmiénto, am. wwst 

of prudence 
Desadvertir, ue. to act incon- 
Desandar, va. to make nulj 
Desafectacidn, ^f. r e se rv e 
Desafecto, lak a. disaffected 
Desafecto, tm. disaiTectioa 
Desaferrar, va. to unfterl the 
sails, make loose any tblnc 
Desafeytár, m. to dirty 
Desafiadero, tm. a prfvate 
ground on which duela axe 
Desafiador, mi. one u 

Desafiamiento, «m.V. Dt»t{Jto 
Desafiir, va. to cliallai«e> 

rival, decompose 
Desafici<(n, tf. disallbctiarn 
Desaficionar, to. to destroy 

one't desire 
Desafinar, tm. to be inhar- 

Desafío, «tn. challenge, stni£- 
gle, dismissal 

D¿afor4do, da. a. hog^ dis- 

Desaforar, va. to «ncroarh 
upon one^ rights; vr. to 
rriinquish osie's rights 

Desafomir, «a. to take off the 
lining of any thing 

Desafoitunádo, da. m. i 

a. vnfiir- 

Desj^<áamléirto,Mi. T. Dot- 

Desafuero, tm. ezccM, act of 

Desagarrar, ««. to release 
Desagotar, va. V. D t ta g mmr 
Deswiaciddo, da. «.nngrace- 

Desagraciar, vo. to deferv 
Desagradable, a. dlsagreeahle' 
Desagradar, va. to iHiipleasr 
Desagradecer, va. to be m- 

Desagradeciraiénto, ens. in- 
Desagrado, tm. asperity, db- 

Desagrariár, va. to give satia- 

Desagravio y Dcsagraviami- 

énto, tm. sa t b fe et i on 
Desagregar, re. to H4eltn 
Desaguadero, «m. channel 

Digitized byLaOOQlC 


OeMfsár, ftM. to urain j vm. 

toemp^ into tbe kcm 
PwifiiiTtfrí ra. to drain or 

draw tíM «atcr Crwn aaj 

DcUfOok «m. ciMDnel, esta- 

orainary espcm* 
Itaagtmádo, da. «. dispio- 

portiotvate, bold 
OfngoisaUo, «M.offienoe 
Ilf hijÉr, t«. to wean ; rr. 

loiwann; api>lied to bee» 
Danhittfrae, rr. to relieve in- 

DttAagiAo, da.a.ft«e, hav- 

loc Ma-room 
Deai b og^ r , «s. to ea» pain ; 

rr. to recover, anbotom 
DenMgo y D wahq ff im iénto, 

«OT. caw, the act of dja- 

cUmIbk one's trooMet 
DesalnuaÉdo, da. a. civeoower 
OcMhnciár. vo. to ckapair of, 

drive awj^ cattle from a 

ptetwe itroand 
Daafanmédo, da. a. miU 

Dcvsinár. no. to extenuate tbe 

fiu of an animal 
DeMi«lán«, «r. to oeaaeto be 

Desajostár» na. to d{s|nriapar- 

tion ; vr. to diaapce 
DeM4«ste, «m. the act ofdia- 

Danlabtfr, va. to di>praÍM 
Oeuüabeár, ra. to strai^iten 
- \ mhiA is warped 
«w. to oot off the 

a plank 
DeMlár, m 

Deaalhardár, take oiTthe 

pack-«addle from a beact of 


o« of bnath bgr d 

It of la- 

Denllbijár, w. to take offtlM 

aaddle-hagi from hone» «r 

DetaDuJár, •«. to nnfjmtih 

a hoD>e or room 
Desaliento, *m. diiun» 
UeaaliMdarocnte. «/. ilovenlj 
Desaliña!, iw. todiwompose 
DesaHfio, am. klovmlioas 
Desalistar, ro. to quit tbe ter* 

I>esalivár, va. to salivate 
De« ilmádOf da. a. cruel» im- 

piovSf inanimate 
lK>«alinamiéato» »m. cruelty 
Uc»alii>tfr« va* to take away 


one'* lüiítn a violent man- 
ner ; to desire any thing 
very anxiously 
Deuümcnádo, da. a. without 
tarrcts, warning an orna 

Peíalmidonár, va. to take tbe 

starch out of linen 
Desakjamiénto, «m. expul- 

ánn* divlodging 
Desalojar, ra. to d-slodge the 

enemy's troo s; tn». to quit 

one's house ' 
Desalterar, «c to atlay 
Deahunbrido, da. a. denied 
Desalumb ra m i ento, sm.b&ml- 

ncBs, error 
DetaraÑIbie, a. hateful 
Desamaddr, «ut. hater 
Desamar, tw. to love no more ; 

hate, detest 
Desamarrar, «a. to u nmo n r a 

ship, untie 
Desamasado, da. a. ^ssoHcd 
Desamigado, da. «. ctawd to 

Desamistid,^/-. nafrfendllncw 


Desamodorrar, na. to rem 

Desamnidiir, va. to nmM 
Desamdr, *m. diattord 
Desamonido, da. o. hanh 
Desamorar, «a. to exi 

love, cease loving 
Desamorrfso, sa. a. unloring 
Desamemir, no. to dieer op 

draw from mutiny 

I>esampaiár, w. to Corsake, 
quita ' 

Desanóirar, na. to wei^ an- 
Desandir, ra. to retrograde 
Desandrajado, da. a. ragged 
Desangrar, sia. to bleed one U 

Desanidar, «a. to femke the 

De . n «.to deprive «f 

DC .1.: 

DS.J, : 

I. to untie 

, ^f. explica- 

fle-.|.ií,:!.i¡idid, ^f. 
De^ i|MC' 
De^ . [ijTL^r, va. to nnmatch 
De- ip.jrtrer, ro. to hide ; va. 

y f. tti dl.\ippcar 
DÁ ^l• 'crimlénto, «m. the act 

ofdL 3|ijhc*ring 


beasts, unrig a ship 
DcsaparraqnUne, rr. to 

chjni^ ones parish 
Drs»iM7tár, va. to part 
Desapa^Wmlr, ra. to l a na ve 

or root out a pa»«ion 
Dcsa]ic:^r, ra. to diij-ii» ; vr. 

to be impartial 
De.aiM'-go, >«i. alcnatioD of 

lotr ; impartiaiity 
DbaitrribJdo, da. a. onguard- 

1x1, carelevs 
Dev-;v«>tár, r«. to rure per- 
sons infcctcd with the 

n<sa|ttad¿do, da. a. ifTip-ont 
Desa|>ila(li.r. «m. »l-o 

taket clown the pi'ft ol 

wool ;n a sheering j.lic*- 
DesaiioUr, ro. to \<y*^- tbe 

string» with wh;cb>e is 

Dcsaplicaddn, tf. ina|n>Ika 

tion . 
I>esaplic<do, da. a. faidoi.-nt 
I^aapoderádo, da. a. far ou. ; 

DeMpodeT8miénto,«iN. exe^ 

sire boldncM 
DesajKjderár, r<i. tofl:.'.''**^-. . 

revoke a power of .n . . i . . 
DesapnIilUr, r«. to c .'.-..r 1 1 

moths ; vr. to t\ke '.he rjr 

when it l« cold 
Desaposentar, t a. to turn m t 

out of his l«d|ring* 
DetapoMsionir, ra. dlp^.- 

Desapnstár, ra. to d¡:-xl^;i' 

the enemy from a i«r t 
Desapoyar , ra. to r«t.. -.c :S^ 

foandatioo of at o,''."!' -^ 
DeMiprer;ar, v<i. to «lc,.te- \<r 
Desaprck to, mt. desire, i^.- ■ -i ' 
Desaprenda, i». :<, unlr-ar-i 
Desaprensar, ra. to laki i- 

war theglo^> wl.jrh c! .«► . . 

or any other tbing» oU^iu 

in the prew 
Desapretar, ra. to «larken 
DeiapriMonár, va. to relctf^t» 

from coRtinement 
Desaprohár, ra. to dis.ipfror'» 
DrsaiMtipiamic^ito, nN..iliena. 

DeiapropMrse, rr. to aMr^iintr 
Desa(iT«ipio, la. alienation 
Dfeaprovetdvfdo, da. a. use. 

lesa: backward 

Desaprovechar, «a. to \ 

)¡g¡tii8 §f i^ *^^ 




waj the pr<^ or mppottt 
Deiapuntár, va. to mudtdi ; 

lote one's aim ¡ to cMoe tbe 

dajrt of alwcncc firom the 

Dcurbolár» va. to nnmatt a 


51o, «m. the act of on- 

roaftting a ihlp or laying 

her up in onlinaxy 
Desarenar, va. to take awaj 

the sand 
Desareno, tm. the act of cleai- 

ing a place of «and 
Desarmador, tm, he who dis- 

Desarmadura jOesarmamMn- 

to, «. the act of disarming 
Desarmar, va. to disarm ; oh* 

do a tiling I dismount a 

cross-bow; butt 
Desarme,, anu disarming of 

Desarrapádof da. a. ngKed 
Dedkrraygár, ro. to eradicate 
Desarraigo, tm. eradica ti on 
Desarreboiár, va, to wimuf- 

Desarrebt^r, va. to unfold 
Desarrq^UdOf da. a. immo- 
Desarreglar, va. to disorder 
Desarreglo, tm. disorder 
Uesanevolvér, vo. V. Dttem- 

Desarrimar, va. to remove, 

dlisuAde, dehort 
Desarrimo, tm. want of props 
DeMtrolMr, vci. to unroll 
Deiarroraadizár, va. to cure of 

a cold 
De<«rro|<ár, imi. to uncover 
Desarrugar, vo. to take out 

De^arrumár, va. to unload a 

De»aitlllár, tu. to take tlie 

guns out of a ship 
Desasado, da. a, without han- 
Desasear» vit. to make dirty 
Desasegurar, va. to lose the 

•ecurhy of any thing ; v 

to arise bom one's seat 
Desaseo, tm. undcanllneas 
Dcsascsádo, da. a. senseless 
Desasimiento, «m. Úm act of 

Seasir, va. to looseod «r. to 

di(«ngage one's eetf 
D^', r«. to deptSve en 
'of his asses 
^ Desasociable. «.' nnioeiable 

Ttnmmmix, va. to dliquiet Paa atunBr, no. to mtinmf 
Desasosi eg o, tm. restlessness DesaulorMÚd, <f. want ofmia- 

Desastrado, da. <u wreU^ed, 


Desatacar, va. to loosen 
Desataddr, tm. he who unties 
Desatadún, Desatamiénto, t. 

the act of untying 
Desatancar, va. to clean the 

sewers and conduits 
Desatapadtbra, ^f. the act of 

Desatapár, va. to uncover 
Desatar, ta. to untie ; UqoeQr : 

vr, to give loose to one's 

Desatascfa, na. t»drair out of 

lie mud 
Desataviar, M. to strip offde- 

Desauvio, tm. undeanliness 
Desatencidn, ^. want of at- 
Desatender, va. to disregard 
Desatentado, da. a. inotmsi- 

deiate, acting in an absurd 

Des&tentamitfnte, tm. V. De- 

Desatentár, v«. to pertúrbate 

the mind 
Desatento, ta. a. inattentive, 

Desatcsádo, a. weak 
Desatesorar, va. to spend ttte 


Desatinado, da. 

Desatinado, tm. idiot 

Desatinar, derange one's 
mind ; throw into a violent 
passion; talk 
reel, stagger 

Desatino, «m. red! 
ing; madne^ 

DcMtollar, va. to pull out of 
the mud 

Desatolondrado, da. a. reco- 
vered from stupor 

Desatolondrirse, vr. to re- 
cover one's senses 

Desatontarse, vr. to recover 
one's self from stopefkction 

Desatracar, va. to sheer off 

Desatraer, va. to dbjoin 

DesatrtUlir, va. to uncouple 

Desatrampar, va, to clear or 
clean any conduit 

Desatrancir, va. to unbar 

DesatoClne, vr. to grow calm 

Desaturdidér, tm. he irho^I 

Desautorlatfr, va, to dJsMi. 

Desavahado, da. a. uaomrtamA 
Desavahár,^ m. to evapcraM; 

vr. to grow lively 

Dttavecindátse, vr, to be de- 
serted by the i nh a b i t ant» 
Desavenencia, tf. discord 
Desavenido, da. a. disoordaaft 
Desavenir, re. to disagree 
Desavents^o, da. a. dlsai- 

Dckavezár, va, V. Deaecoe* 

Desaviar, ««. to ge aatraT 

Desaviltádo, da. o. V. Darw 

Desavío, tm. the act of geiac 
astray ; want of the neeca- 
sary means for any thine 

Desavisado, da. a. unadvlaed 

DcMvisár, va. to give a con- 
trary account 

Desaytádo, Aa. a. unlaBd« 

Desayrar, va. to disregard 


ussBjre, rm. kuhh 

Desayud-'r, pa. not to «adM. 
but oppose one with regard 

to his claims or 

to t>e negligent 
Desayunarse, vr. to hreak- 

Desayuno, tm. breakfiMC 
Desayuntamiénto, tm. disae- 

Desayuntár, va. to disunite 
Desayustar, imi. to unbend a 

Desaxogtfr, va. to take o<r die. 

quicksilver from a looking^ 

Defazón. tm. insipidity, dS*^ 

gn&t ; unfitness of a kOSi 
DesasonKdo, da. a. iU-««da^-. 

cd. peeviih 
Desaionár, va. to rende* taale^.. 

less; disgust; vr. tobe dck 
Desbabar, m. to drivel ; vr. . 

to be in love to •«.tremlqr 
Desba^, va. to extract »e . 

flax seed from the capsule 
Desbaiyamiénto. rm. the act. 

of plundering a portman. 

igitized b; 

»«. te got eMii. 



nxin of the bcndm vhlcli 

DtdkandáiMe, tr. to disband 

Pwtfi at axi a '"*****! ad. ditor* 

Oaibanitddo, da. a. de- 

Dctharataraiénto^ tm. pertnr- 
basiont commatimi 

OtihanMadór,n^ a debaaeh- 

DeAanxár, va. to destroy any 
thing; defeat an army; 
waite; m. to «peak fbol- 
ishlj ; vr. to be oeolbund- 

Dnbartfta y Deriierdte» am. 
the act of mating or defeat- 
ing; Igno anee 
Dnberaiutdi, «a. to diaooin- 

Dnharbádo, da. a. beanUev 
DBrtiarbdr, va. to shave 
Dcabarbillár, va. to pnue tiie 
not» whiCTi spriuK from die 
•leqas of yoanf vinet 
Stobanldr, vm. to anoovar a 

wall or fence 
Ptibjirtfr, m. to sUp 
Desbarretar, va. to «nbar 
Dwbarrigir, as. to evcnterate 
Dcabárro, am. the act of «Up. 

Dcsbastádúra, </: the act of 

DadMAtir, as. to plane, trim, 

poliiihi waste 
Ikabd.te, nt. the act othfm^ 

log or poiishinK 
Desbastecido, da. a. that 
> which i» without soffivient 
Desbazadero, ras.hamid 
Dcsbecenrtfr, ra. to wean 
Dea>.anqae^do, da. a. V. 
( Btanquediw 

Desboi^o,da.a. open-moutb- 
, ed; broken-lipped 

) Dcibocarai«uto, am, imper- 
Dpibocir, va. to break the 
brim of a mog or other res- 
set; vm. to dlscmboiiue ; be hard-motObcdt otc 
abusive language 
Seabomilár, tM. to pomp out 

DckbcAetárse, or. to take off* 

the c*v or bomiet 
Do^iiúiár, «a. to break die 


Desbordar, «a. to awflow 

M. V. Daawu- 

DesborrKr, m. to cat off the 

looae threads of stuff 
Desbocar, va. to take off the 

moaldbtgs of a statae 
neihrfcgddoida. a. onbree ch ed 
De^ruuetádo, da. «. having 
the fore part «f the breeches 
nnbatteoed and opened 
Deabravtfr y Desbravecer, va. 
tétame: lesaen or diminish 
the strtagth of any thing 
Dettbraaárje, »r. to extend 

Desbrevarse, vr. to evaporate 
Desbriznar, va. to mince 
Dekbmár, va. to clear aw«y 

I. to dean doth of 

Dtohrujár, «e. V. fl w iwaroa a r 
Desbuchar, «o. to disdoae 

one^s secnts ; eaae the sto- 
Desbulla, ^f. dw pert ef an 

oyster diat remaint oa the 

DesbaUár, va. te extract an 

oyster from Its shell 
Desea, 4/. tar-pot 
DeicabiU, a. imperfect 
Descabalar, va. to pilfer 
Dascabalflir, vfi. to dismount i 

va. to disÓMNint 
De^cabelUdo, da. a. dlshevd- 

Deacabeiladúra* <f. the act 

and. eflbct of tossing the 

DdScabcUamMnto, «m. V. Ds«> 

Descabellar, tu. to 

nndress the hair 
Descabefiárse, vr. V. 

DascabrestrAr, va. to onhalter. 

V. Deatneaheahar 
Desrabetádo, da. a. beheadedi 

Detcabexamléntoi am. the act 

of behetdmg 
DjM-abexir» uo. to briiead; 

ptit an end to ; surmount. 

Dtteabnar tl ava.o, to take 

a nap; va. to terminate; 

vr. to screw one's wits 
I)e>cabritir. va. to wean goats 
Descabullirse, vr. to sneak off 
Detcaderár, va. to sprain or 

diJocate the hip 
Descaldilár, va. to cut off the 

loose threads of the warp 


Descaece, va. te decline, 

droop, decay ; edge awi^ 
Descaecido,, da. a. week 
DoscaecimMnto y Daseafmi- 
'^^' — weakness, des- 

Déscalabazirae» vr. to imzzle 

one's brahu 
Descalabrado» da. a. injured 
De4ealabrad6ra, </*. oontoslon 

in die bead 
Descalabrar, «o. towoond die 

head with a Mow { tmpead» 

one's character 
Descalabro, am. a oalamlteoa 

DesealandraUr, «a. to nnd 

one's clothes 
Detcalcafialár, va. to tmood» 
Dekcalcafiár. va. to cut off die 

talons or heels 
Descalcez, ^f. nodi^ of H^ 

DescaUaddr, on. V. Harrador 
Deacaloatitfd<v da. a. havfaig 

past the day» of the fint 

Descálzalo, da. a. barafeeted 
"^ - r, vo. to pull off the 
Mid stockings { re. 

tobe barefooted 
Descálzw, sa a. bordboted 

' ' m. V. Aw- 

Descaminár* ve. to 

seise upon goods not havi 

Descamino, am. selsore of 

goods for which no doty 

was paid ; the goods thus 

Dekcaraisddo,da. a. naked 
Descampado», da. a. dlacn» 

Oescanniár, vo. V. ^ ae— l ae r 

Decanuilamante, ad. amuj, 

Descansadiro, am. place «f 

Descansan, da. a. procorfng 
rest or rqiose 

Descansar, vn. to re;.t from 
labour, pause In the exeeu- 
tionof a thing; ra^t, re- 
pose; be interred; vo. t». 
aid another in laboat 

De.cán-.a (A') Harriero, ad. 
conveniently, handsomely 

De^c!Ínso, m. re>t ; cau*e of 
traiquimtyi u.idre>« of 
l.vdie • diiv of rea ; halting 


Descantear, va. to oneoth an- 
glwOT coman 

DÑcantcrár, va. to take oflT 
thecrmt of any thing 

Descantillar j Descantonar, 
ra. to pare otF; sulitract 
part from a total 

Descañár, break the arm 
or leg 

Descañonar, va. to pinck oot 
the feathers of a bird; 
shaTe close 

Descapár, va. to strip one of 
hi* cloak 

Desc^qperuzirse, vr. to nnco- 
ver one*» head 

DescapUUr, va. to shake off 
the hood 

Descarado, da. a. impudent 

Descararse, vr. to brtiave in 
an Impadent or Inselcnt 

Descáisa, ^. the act of di«- 
burtbening ; volley ; on- 
loading of the cargo of a 
ship. Descarga át admana, 
clearance at the custom- 

Descaigadéro, «m. wharf 

Descargador, va. wharñnger 

Dexcargadúng </*. the act of 
taking bones out of meat, 
to render it mora useful 

Descargar, va. to alleTiate a 
burthen ; unload ñre-arms; 
to unship a cargoj vn. 
disembogue, vr. to assign 

a cause of non-ap])earaiice 
when summoned; 
one's place 


DvMArifo, Mm. exoneration. 

acquittance, pica 
Dc^argúe, #m. alleviation 

irnin any burthen 
Ucsrarifiárse, vr. to lose the 

lore or affection for a 

Descariño, «m. coolness 
Descamaddr, <m. instrument 

with which the ile»h is re- 
moved from a tooth 
Descarnadura, •;: the act of 

removing the flesh 
I>e:<camár, tw. to separate the 

flesh tton\ tlte bone ;' take 

ftwaj part of a thing ; vr. 

\o fun through one's for- 

liu^e to the advantage uf 

«not her 
I)«'4Ciiro, im. impudence 
DeM-arfiaii^iénto, «m. the art 

of losing one's way 
Descarriar, va. to lead astray ; 

separate cattle one ftoni 


; vr. to be dit- 

DMcarrilUr, «a. to tear the 

Jaws asunder 
Descanto,*»!, the act of go- 

Ing astray 
Descartar, «o. to discard; vr. 

to excuse one's self 
Descirte, «m. the cards dis- 

carded, the act ofdiscarding 
Descasamiento, tm. divorce 
Descasar, va. to dWorce 
D«cascár, va. to decorticate ; 

vr. to break into pieces 
D»cascarár, ro. to decorti- 
cate ; vr. to come off 
Descaspár. va. to scrape off 

the fleshy parts of « hide 

which i« half dressed 
Dwcisque, *m. decortication 
Descastar, vo. to loae ttie cast 
Descaudalado, da. «. applied 

tothose who have lost their 

Descaudillár, va. to be cm- 
Descebar, va. to nnprime fire- 
D«cendéncia, <f. descent 
Descendente, «m. descendant 
Descender, vn. to descend; 

expatiate on a subject : let 

Descendida, <f. descent 
Descendiente,*/, a descendant 
Dwcendimiénto, «m. the act 

of descending 
Descensión, ^f. ilescemion 
Desceiuio, tm. descent 
De»Génu, <f. descent 
Desceñidúra, ^f. dii^unction 
Desceñir, na> to ungird 
Descepar, na. to eradicate 
Descerar, va. to take the emp- 

ts combs from a bee-hive 
Descercado, da. a, open 
Descercaddr, tm. he that 

forces the enemy to raiae a 

Descercar, vn. to destroy a 

wall ; to oblige the enemy 

to raise a uege 
Descerco, «m. &e act of nis- 

ing a 6- ego 
Descerrajado, .da. a. corrupt 
Descerrajadura, </: tbe art of 

taking oil" fii^tenings 
DeM»rraJar,ra. to uke off the 

lock» of a door, chest, or 

Desocrrumárse, rr. to be 

uireiiched or distorted 
Descervigar, va. to twi»t tbe 



I>«e?t»nár, •«. to kn*w Um- 
ber to its very heart 


DeKdmentár, vo. &»uU dinm 
_ to the ground T "**'^ 

Desclavaddr, «M. an instra. 

ment fbr drawing naUs 
Desclavar, vo. to uimaU 
Descoagular, f«. to UqnefV 
D«^J*br, va. tolSr^ 

stem from a grape 
líeacobHír, «o. to tnacdver 
Descocido, da. a. bold 
D»coc*r, ne. to *ee tree. 

from insects; vr. to be im- 

DetcocAr, tw. to digest 
Descodir, va. to rip 
Descoger, va. to unfold 

De«ogotár, vo. to kiU a hmmsX 

by one blow on the naDe: 

knock off the boma^r ¿ 

stag at one blow 
Descular, va. lo dock 
Descolcbár, va. to ontiriat • 

Descolgar, iw. to take down 

what haü hunf; up ; wr. to 

come down genr^y 
Descoligido, da. a. withdrawn 

from a league or coalit < on 
Descolladamente, ad. loftUv 
Dncjüamiénto, tm. V. I>m- 


Descollar, vn. to excel; vr. \ 
exceed, outdo * ' 

DeK»ilraillár, vo. to draw or 
pull oot the grindent 

Descoloramiento, tm, pale- 
ness '^ 

De^colarir, va. to discoloar 

Descolorido, da. a. pale 

Deacoloruniénto, tm. palenesa 

Deitcolorir, va. to discolour 

UeticoKibrár, vo. to remove 

Descomedido, da. a. han^ttr. 
rude, impudent ^»~"'» 

Descomedimiento, ttn, rude- 
n««, incivility 

Descomedirse, vr. to be rode 

Dejicomimiento, nn. an af- 
fected disdain of a tfalrur 

Desoumodádo 6 D«crfmSdo. 
da. a, incommodious '~'' 



DescompasATMy vr> 

Dewompaoér, «o. to discon- 

pos», dertrav lianiiany •• 

aaoBg friends; or. to be 

oat of temper, lie indlspoe* 

cd or out of order 
Devorapoaáoión, 4f.ditarder 
Descompostura, <f. duooai- 

posare, «levenlinen» Impo- 

dence * 

Descompuesto, t». «. anda» 

Do Gocnn^ádo» da. «• per- 

DeicornuI|atd(tr, «m. he that 

proclaims an excommoni- 

D>e3malgir, no. to ezoon» 

Dcaoonmnili a. moomman 
Dtscomuaiáa, tf. ezconuna- 



Deaooncertaddr, ««. diaturber 
DeicuHCBitadttHj ^f. diaoom- 

e; «r. to 


, vo. to iimcale 

Deaconciérto, «m. disorder, 

want of pradenoe, Indo* 

Desoonoírdia, ^. discord 
Deaconc^, no. to kill a niun- 

Desconfiinte, pa. distrusting 
DeKooñánxa, ^f. diffidence, 

Dcscon^, tMUtodifflde 
DeKonfbrmár, vn. to dissent 
Dei outiftrm e» a. discordant, 

unequa l , unlike 
Desconfionrmidád, </: dlsagne- 

ment, inequality 
Desconocer J Detconflsoér, no. 
to disown, be totally igno- 
rant of 
Desconocido, da. a. ungrate- 
ful, <li«gulwd 
Desconociiniénto, «m. igno- 
Desconsentir, va. to diacoit 
Dnconsiderádo, da. a. ioooD- 

solate, sick 
DesoonsoUr, oo. to afflict 
Desconsuék^ tm. affliction, 

disorder in the organs of 

Descontagiir, va. to purify 
Descontamitfnto, «m. V. Dm- 

Descontar, va. to discount 
Desoontentadíto, za. o. dis- 

Discententár, va. to diKon- 

tent, dissatisfy 
Descontento, «m. discontent 
Descontento, ta. a. discontent 
Descontinuar, on. to dL>oon 

tinne, leave off 
Descontinuo, ua. a. diijoined 
Desconvenible, a. discordant 
DesconTenitfncia, ^f. incom- 

modity, discord 
Desconveniente, pa. discord- 
ing, inconvenient 
Desconvenfr, vii. to discard 
Desconversable, o. unsocial 
Desconvenár, vn. to be unso- 
Desconvidar, va. to revoke 
Deácopár, tu. to lop off the 

branches of a tree 
Descorazonir, va. to puU out 

the heart 
Descorchadtfr, tm. one who 
rips off the bark of a cork- 

Dncorchár, M 
a cork tree; break a bee- 
hive to steal the honey 

Descordar, va. to uncord an 

Descorderar, va. to wean 

Descornar, va. to disliora 

Descorrear, vn. to loosen the 
akin that covers the tender- 
tiuffs of a deer 

Descorregido, da. a. inconi- 

Descorrer, vn, to flow, retro- 

Descorrlmiánto, «m. the fluz- 

. r Vnuld 

E polite 

£ tncivillty 

D ■:?..♦»». one who 

- á Nid tMrk 
r i.ix, til. to decorti- 

, ^>rirjik Jn a h(»rse; vr. 

i^ -<! ruUe 
Descosedura, <f. unseaming 
Descoser, va. to unseam, rip 
Descosidamente, ai. exoei< 

•ively .' 


Descosido, fin. ripping 
Descoiido, da. a. uiiscamed 
Descobtillár, va. to take out 
the ribs: vr. to fall with 
great vi<Mence on one's back 
Descoctrár, va. to take off tlie 

Deitcostúmbrc, mi. disuse 
Deacotár, ra. to remove a re- 
striction from the use of 
any road or proper y 
Descoyuntamiento y Desroy» 

unto, tm. luxation 
Descoyuntar, va. to luxate the 
bones, vex ; vr. to experi- 
ence some violent motion 
Descrecencia; if. decrement 
Descrecer, »»i. to ^^creane, 

fiiil, grow short 
Deiicreci miento, m. decrease 
Descrédito, tm. discredit 
De»crcpusculár, tu. to re- 
move the twilight or dawn 
Descreer, va. to dlkbelieve 
Descreído, da. a. incredulous 
Descrestar, va. to take cK the 

Descriáne, vr. to 

extenuate, pine 
Describflr, va. to draw, de- 
Descripeidn, ff. description 
Descriptivo, va. descriptire 
Descripto y Descrito» ta. pp, 
_ described 
ncriiunir, v 
blow on the h 
Descristianar, twi. to e 
DescTucificár, t«i. , _ 

from a crucifix or cross 
DescTuzár, va. to undo th« 

form of a cross 
Desca^, va. to dissolve 
Descuajo, tm. eradication 
Deaculdérta, ^f. pie without 
an upper crust; leoopai- 
Descublártamente.ail. openly 
Descubierto, tm. the whole of 
adiscovery; theimcoveied 
part of a house; balanceef 
Descubierto, ta. a. nnoorered 
Descubridero, tm, eminence 
Descutarlddr, ra. t. discoverer, 

De^brimiénto, tm. disco- 
very V 
Descubrir, va. to uncover any 
thing. discover,find out,ex- 
pose the sacrament to pub- 
Uc worship ; DeteuMr ta tí- moke the land ; Dea. 
)¡g¡te«édr<¿<»««g»'t»« ' 


r one's 

Xnj vr. to 


Dawoéllo,< m .e»coMive height 

of an animal 
DcKaénto, «m. nun paid in 

part of pajrment of a debt, 

Detctternacábrai» «m. cold 

north wind 
Descuerno ; Descoétro, tm. 

V. Detayre 
Descuidado, da. a. cardeas» 

care, render careless; vr. 

to be finrgetftU of one's duty 
Descuido, Ml. indolence, want 

of attention. Imprudence 
De«cuitácto, da. a. liTing with 

out trouble or care 
Dearultizár, va. to free the 

Descumbrtfdo, da. a. lerel 
DeacumpUr, va, not to fiilfU 

one's duty 
Descúra, <f. V. Detaddo 
Desdar, va. to untwist a rope 
Dómie, prtp. since,aft«r4Vom ; 

DteJeaquig from this place ; 

DeedeÁlí, thence; M. V. 

Detpuet ae 
Desdecir, tu. to give the lie 

to ; vn. to d^enerate, dif- 

ftr; vr. toBunsay 
Desdén, mt. xOsdain, aflñrant 
Desdentado, da. a. without 

Desdentar, va. to draw or 

pull out teeth 
De«de&áble, a. contemptible 
Desdcfiaddr, ra. *. one who 

scorns or disdains 
Desdoñár, va. te disdain; tr. 

to tie disdamful 
Desdeño, «m.soom 
Desdefuteo, sa. a. dlsdainftal 
Desdevanar, no. to unwind or 

undo a clew 
Desdidia, if. misfortune 
Dexdichádo, da. a. unSurtu. 

DesdixvTár, vn. to rob of mo- 
Desdoblar, va. to take oat the 

felds; resume the thread 

of a ápeech, explain 
Dasdón, tm. silliness 
Desdonádo, da. a. graceless 
Dcsdonár, va. to talie back 

what had been given as a 

Desdorar, va. to take off the 

gilding of any thing 
DesdwmSdo, da. a. aUnned 


DeiddR», tm. dldMaowr 

Deseadtfr, tm. 1 

siret or wiahea 

Desetfr, «A. toded 

who de- 
), claim 

Desecante, pa. dijlof 
Desecar, tw. todi7,step 
Desecativo, va. o. dedcca- 

Deaechádamente, ad, vile^ 
Desechar, imi. to dqpreciate, 

r^ect, reftise, expd 
Desecho, tm. residue, refliae 
Desedificar, vo. to demolish, 

Desesulda, ^. a prostitnte 
Desellar, va to unseal 
Desemballcstár, va. to diqwse 

to a descent « 
Desembanastar, t». to take 
out of a basket what it con- 
tains ; draw the sw<ard ; mr. 
to break out or loose 
Desembarazado, da. a. free 
Desembarazar, va. to free, un- 
burthen; vr. to be extrica- 
ted from düBculties 
Desembarazo, tm, freedom 
Desembarcadero, «m. land- 

Desembarcar, va. to undUp : 

vn, to disembark 
Desembarco, «m. disembarka- 
tion ; landing place at the 
top of a fli^t of stairs; 

Desembargidameotcod. free- 

Desembargar, wi. to ronove 

Desembargo, mi. the act of 
removing an im pedi me nt, 
the act of raising an em- 

Desembarque, «m. dJaembar- 

Desembanrdr, va. to dear any 
thing of mad 

Desemba&lar, va, to empty a 

Desembebecerse y Dasembe- 
bér, vr. y ». to recover the 
use of one^ senses 

Desembdesárse, vr. to teco- 

Desemblanza, tf. V. Osreiiw- 

Dnembocadtf ro y D esemb o ca - 

dura, «. the mouth of a 

Desembocar, tm. to diaon- 

»»««• Digitize 


DHembolsár, m. to empty a 

parse, disbarie 
Desembdlso, tm. dikburse- 

Desemborrachar, ra, to grovr 

Desembdlcáne^ vr. to get cut 

of the woods 
Desembosár, remove the 

silk -pods from the southern 

Desembozar, va. to unmufBe 

Desembtfro, tm. the art of nn- 

muflling the fiu:e, freedom 

of speedn 
Desembravece^ va. to tame 
Desembravecimitfnto, tmi tlie 

act of taming 
Desembrazar, va. to d^rt car 

throw weapons 
Desembriagarse, vr. to grow 

Desembridar, vo. to unbridle 

Desembuchir, i». to disgorfce 
Desembudár vn. to draw ouc 

any thing as if it were 

tbrou^ a funnel 
Desemejóte, a. dissimilar 
Desemejanza, i(f. diuiimili- 

Desemejar, vis. to be dissimi- 
lar ; va. to mask 
Desémpacir, va. to unpack ; 

vr. to grow calm 
Desempacharse, vr. to día- 

chaige indigestions from 

the stomach 
Desempdcho, tm. ferward- 

Desempedrar, va. to deprive 

one of his other 
Desempalagar, vo. to deaa 

one's palate 
Desempañar, t». to clean a 

looking-glass whidi is tar- 

Desempapdár, v«. to take any 
thing out of the fvptr in 
which it was wrapped up 

Desempaquetar, vo. to un- 

DÑempar^lárf va. to on- 
match; v«. to part 

Desemparvir. va. to heq> or 
store up gñin 

Desempatar, vo. to make on- 

Desempedraddr, «in. dilapl- 

Desempedrar, vo. to ondos 
break «V tl» pftvemeiits 



Oe pitch ftam «V thtng 


t af anob&gaMB, 

. n 

TI— ii|iiii<fif, vr.tdSHotW 
team ulcfriw 

%atafa habito of b 

props whidí siqvport 
pocmir, «•. to ezptf 

DeMnalbanUr, «o. to take «ff 

Dtacnamonir» va. to detteoj 

Ivve: »r. to •• '^ 

itMlffádo, diu 

«. V. 

entangle • beaat firom tbe 

Doeitcaüabrinár» va. to re- 
more dizziness 

Deicndaleár, ra. to lomen 
wliat «ras caked 

Sfeicncallár, «a. to aet a ááp 
afloat which ha» ttcuek on 
a rocky groond 

Desencaminar ,wa.ta ge ••tnqr 

Diatencantár, va. to diaen- 

Desencatarár, va. to draw 
firom s ballotinf-boz the 
names of persons fiir an<rf'* 

Deiencánto» tm. disatdumt- 

Desencapotar, va. to strip one 
of his great coat ; rr. to lay 
aside looks of di^leasuie 

Deafaicapri<^r, i». to dis- 
wiade firom error 

Desencarcelir, eo. tordeaae 

Desencarecer, va. to lower 
ttie price of way tiaing 

Desencamár» va. to take the 
&t fromdogfs meat 

DeMncastár lose die cast 

DesencastiUár, va. to drive 
out of a castle 


* aet of d 

«0, to IiIh a 


Dar. ••. townaek 
ir, ao. to firee bvm 

Desencintar, iM. to ontíe 

Descndaviitfr, to take out 

OeMucogér, va. to speead 
De a mo ogi ni ii jnt e» «m. osp*. 

Desenoowr, «o. tooaglae 

Desenconar, va. to c«re an 

Desencordar, vaí to «nstziss 

r, va. to oncurJ 
iák^ 7 Dea - 
ablái^ no. toexordse 
Desendiosar, ua. to bumMe 

Deseri&dadétas, ^. pL Tener 

to extricate one's 
self fiwn difficulties 
Dsionfatiádojda. a. ficee, wide 
Desenfadar, va. to abate an- 
ger; vr. to be entertained 
Desenfiido, «m. freedom, 

Daseo&idácw, «r. to let fUl 

the train ocannm 
Das anfan uir, va. V. Di^tmiar 

Desenfttodr, vo. to onde- 

DeienftcnuaUnto j Desen- 
freno, tm. unniliness 

DassnWrsnir, va. to unteidle ; 
vr. to gire a ioeae to elte's 

Desenfundar, va. to take out 
of a bag, bolster, pillow- 

DtmifiiKi <?i ifl, tr. to grow 

„ J vo. to diaen- 

• froro tbe grasp 

o J Dcaengaftsmian- 


«9* «■• the act «r mi». 
cdring» tfte mere tnid^ 

Desengairañir,v. to un fc st ea 
fkom cUwt or c l en c h ed fin» 

Decenganir, va. to unravel 

Desengastar, va. to take a dia- 
mond out of a ring/nr other 
thing, «here tt was set 

D eseog ocidr, va. to unhinge 

Desengrasar, va. to take out 
the grease 

Deseryosir. va. to extenuate 

Desesgmddr, va. to scrape 
or rub otf* the paste f^on 
any thiftg 

Deaenhadw, va. to remove 
the disgust of any thing ; 
vr. to be tendered pleased 

Desenltebrár, va. to unthread 

Desesibetnible, a. extticable 

Descnhatrár« no. to dikentan* 
gle the hair 

Desenhctnár, va. to take out 
of thu oven 

Desenjaezar, va. to unsaddle 

De»en|.iul4r, va. to &ee firom 
a cage <* 

Desenlabona, vo. to unchain 

DesenladrilUr, va. to take up 
floes' tiles 

Desenlazar, va. to unlace, dis* 

Dexealosár, va. to take op a 
floor rmule cS flags 

Desenlatar, va. to leave ofi' 

Desenmarañar, va. todiáen- 
tangle * 

Desenmohecer, va. to rob off 

Desenmudecer, va. to remove 
an impediment of speech 

Desenojar, va. to appease an- 
ger ; vr. to recreate 

Desenojo, ttn. abatement of 

Desenojoso, sa. a. that which 
canaasuage anger 

Deséño, tnuV. Designio 

Desenqjiademár, va. to un- 

Desenredár,va. todisentangle 
Desenredo, tnu disenungle- 

Desenndlár, va. to unroll 
Desenroñecér, va. to take off 

the rust firom metal 
Deaenrowwo^^va. to fine 





the sheets 
Desens«£i4r, «o. to mut» 

Üesensaitár, va. to imthnad 
DeMDMfbtfr, I», to atrip • he- 

goetof hiaftt 
Desentmár, tm. t» tako out 

of the breast 
Deienseftádo, da. «. untan^ 
jjg^ * — ,^>._ — . 

Desenaeflár, va. to nnkaní 
Desentillár, va. to unsaddle 

Dese nTolvér, no. to unfotd 

or. to be ftrward 
Deee n vuelta, if. a fúrvazd 

come humble 
DesensortUádo, da. o. luxated 
Soentabub-, oo. to rip off 

pUnks ; embroil an «mdr 
O^entalcngár, «o. to unbend 

a cable 
Desentendér d Desentendéne, 

«a. 7 r. to fsian not to nn» 

dentand a <huBg 

Desenvuelto, ta. a. ftrwazd 
Desenaalmár, va. to unhar- 

Deeenaanár, tMu^to dbentan- 

^ ftom bramble 
Des eft ár, va. to make signs to 

e any thing 

desire, wish 

Sceentcrtaddr, «as. he who 

Oesentcrrár, tus. to unbui7 
Desentierramuertos» «m. ca- 

lumniator of the dead 
Dckento'dár, «a. to take away 



Desentonar, va. to humble; 

VM. to be out of tune ; vr. 
' to be of a ooarw address 
Deoentdno, tm. disharmony 
I)esentomllkfr,M. to unscrew 
D«entarpecérse, vr. to be 

treed from torpor, become 

Detentrañaraiénto» sou the 

act of giving any thing as 

a proof 0/ love 
DttentraRár. us. to eviscerate 
Desentristecer, va. tu banish 

Deaentronisár, va. V. i>M<r»- 

DesentropcKár, va. V. Descm- 

Desentumecerse» vr. to be 

Desentumir, va. to free from 

De^envaynár, ve. to un- 
sheath, espese to view ; 
vn. to strip 

DekenvekMr, va. ta strip a 
vessel of her siOls 


lets oe bands 
Desenvergar, va. to unbend a 

Desenviolár, m. to cenes nreti 

Desenvoltiia, if, wpsifixOi- 

Desetjuido, da. a. dry 
Deserddn, </*• desertiaa 
Desefrtfdokda.e ~ 

Desertar, vo. to desert, to se- 
parate from a body 

D e s ert <fr, tm. a des erter 

Deservicio, am. disloyal^ 

Deserviddr,Mi. he who ftUs 
in serving another 

Deservfr, vo. not te p eifa m 
ooerk duty to the sovereign 

Deseslabonar, «o. to cvt toe 
links of adiain 

Desespaldar, va. te wound 
the shoulder 

y DiesespeMbua, v 
dency, despair 

Desesperanzar, va. to 

Desesperar, vn, to im«|wu , 
va. to make one de^air, 
vr. to sink into the utmost 
deqpalr, flret 

Desesterar, «e. to takeoff the 

Desestero, «m. the act of tak- 
ing off* the mats 

Desestimacidn y Desestima, 
</; disrespect 

Detestimadór, ra, ». contem- 

Desestimar, va. to disregard 

Desestivir, va. to alter the 

Deo&oeddr, «m. destroyer 

Desflocar, na. to deAJcate 

Dasfrtlcauir, va. to untwist a 

De^BUeo, nt. dimlnutian 
Desfrllecér, vu. to pine 
- -•■ ito,m.' 

• to 
DesftvoncedUr, ra. a. cock 

Desfavorecer, «o. todls^Toar, 

defcptse, injure 
Deifioár, va. to nnghrd 
Des£errtfr, vo. to free firoen 

DesfiguracUte v Desfignxa» 

mMnto, ». denrmation 
Desfigurar, va. to disñfrur»^ 

diiguli«; rr. to be dssfi- 

gured by passion 
DesfilacbA», va. V. Dt^UU- 

Desfiladero, am. a defile 
Desfilar, va. te ravd ; vm, tm 

decrease the front 
Dbfiaár, unsettle 
Desflaquecérse, vr. to be «ma« 

Desflaquedmiénto, «m. Ian» 

Desfleca, vo. to remove tfie 

flakes of wool 
Desflemaddn, <f. d ep h k gw». 

Desflemar, no. to flfphlsfiii ; 

«a. to brag 
Desflocar, va. toravd oat the 

ends of a piece of stuff, y. 

DesfloramKnte, $m. vitdatioa 
Desflorar, «o. to pull out the 

flowers In a garden or flow- 

er^pot; deflower, tarnish 
Descrecer, va. to lose tbe 

De s florec im iento, «ai. fUlfaif 

of the flowers 
Desfogar, va. to vent, mode- 
rate passion or desire 
Dcsfbgooár, va. to burst the 

vent of a cannon 
Desfegue, tm. the act of ibam< 

ing out oiM's passion 
Desfillonár, va. to strip oCT 

the uselOM leaves 
Desfondar, ra. to break it» 

bottom of any vessel 
Desformar, va. to disfigure 
Desfortalecer, «a. to dlunaa^ 

Desfrenir, va. to unbridle 
Desfhítár, va. to gaúier or 

collect the crops» exhaast a 

sdl ; profit by 
D eefl ttte, «m. use 
Desftmdár, va. V. Descn/lus- 

Desgajadura, <f. disruptiea 
Desgajar, vo. to lop off the 

brmchesof trees, break la 


OMsIgadéro, tm. i 
Utcd; light 


Dcig«]4{ár, va. to prccipitet* 

Db^MiA, «f. dii^nst 

Oe^cuírt va. to deprív* of 
thcdcure cf doing fome- 
tbin^ ; vr. to do vith n- 
loctance that which waa 
before dose vith pleasnre 

Baspinchái, ni. to lop oft' the 
branches octrees 

De^ofifrse, DeagafUttfnc, y 
Desgañírse, vr. to shriek 

OesKargamilUdo, da. a. cow> 
ardly, e0érainate 

lioan« by bawling 
DmgtrgoUx, va. to shad the 

Dmffuitán; vr. to los* the 

Deigairtdo, da. a. Ucentloas 
VrntainOoTf n. : tearcr 
D.igucrietvm. toread i 
netiie; to gire a loose to 

a embdess 

Desgarro, «at. 

impudenoe, idle beast 

Dvaginoap mi. a large rent 

Ilesgastár, tw. to consuma, 

corrode ; vr. to ruin one^ 

•elf by «jitraTigant czpen- 

Desgatár, va. 

mieflf gesture 

DeegfaMár, «o. to blot «nt the 

Deai^tfse, am. act of blottiag 

or taking awM a comment 
Desgobernado, da. o. ill go- 

Desgobernar, im. 

the order of (, 

diclocato ; vr. to aflkct ri- 

dlcnloaa rootiom in danc- 

D<eg,uM<^mO| «w. mismanage. 

DeMollet<r, on. to break off 

the neck of a veicel 
Dcigonzár, va. to «nca 

Desgra c ia r , m. to displease; 

vr. to diigraoe, be out of 

Dcsgrádo, da. a. degraded 
DcRgramár, va, to pñll up the 

grav b> the root 
Desgranar, va. totakeoutthe 

gnlnftom the ears of coin 
Desgrsnzár, vo. to separato 

ttie husks from úae grain 
DesgrcfUr, vo. to disherdthtf 

hair, discompose 
Deaguaniec^, ro. to strip 

dotbes of trimmii^ii, de- 

ivive of ornament ¡ unbar* 

one's hat 
Desgotár, «a. to drain offwa. 

Desgotnár, vo. to unUngt; 

vr. to be dislocated, be ton 

in pieces 
DoKin^kUa, <f. 

mtj, HJ 

Desñíno^ mn. tbe knifc 

which cats ragi in paper. 

Deaguhidárs^ vr. to slide 

down by a wpe 
Dregnlnsfr, vo. to cot >«gi la 

Dcigiüsádo, da. «. •JumAf 
De^abtfdo, da. a, unfiirtn- 


nbaUtádo, da. a. deserted 
Deshabitar, va. to quit one's 

D w ha b i to ir, va. to dknse 
DeshaUtuaddn, <r. disuse 

ieagrmvua, repairer 
D eshac e, vo. to destroy the 

ftrm of a thing, consume, 

cancel, melt, diTide, loMcn, 

disdiargefromserrioe) vr. 

to grlere, excúlpate one's 

sei^ disañiear 

tion. V. Dtnuotitgo 
Desbaldo, «m. V. JforsM 



DeshebilUr. «a. to unbuckle 
Desbebrár, unthread 
Deshtfcba,4f. simnlationi is- 
sue of a toad 
Desbediixair, oe. to dk 

Deshecho, dia. a 

perfectly mixed 
Dsshcdiúra, qf. <lestruction 
DesheMr, va. tr 'haw; to 

overcome one's -'stinacy 
va. to ptwal' up 


Dcsharedir, va. t dUsMrit ; 

vr. to dcgenerato 
Deshermanar, vr. to vM«ato 

the love doe to a brother 
Deftherrir, va. to unchain 
De»herrumbrir, vo. to ele» 

any thing of nut 
Dekhllachár, va. to ravel 
DtoOiiUdiz, MkrcftneofsUk 
Dskhilido, Ml. open-work 
D w > bil ádo,da. a. marching la 

Deshiladtfra, <f. ripping 
Deshilar, vo. to ravel, reduce 
Deshilo. Ml. act of obstruct- 
ing the communication of 
Deshincadúra, <f. act of draw* 

ing iny thing fixed 
Dcbhincir, vo. to draw a asli 
Desbindiadúra, «f.act of abat- 
ing a swelihig 
Deshlncbir, va. to rednoc a 
swdbng; vr. to be remov- 
DesboM^* MK. a strapper ef 

Desbq)ir,.va. tostrlp olTttM 

Dcsholk^, va. to deoortlcato 
DesboUinaddr, mi. chimney- 
instrument ior 

sweeping chimneys 
Desholl in a r , vo. to sweep 

Dadiombrecérse» vr. to sbtog 

up tbe shoulders 
Deshonertár, va. to diahe. 
nour, disfigure 

Desheredamiento, mi. disin. 

DesbotKlr, mi. dishonour 
DeJiononir, va. to dishonour 
Desb«iiura, «f. dishonour, dis- 
grace, seduction or deflo- 
ration of a woman 
Deshonrabnénas, mi. calum- 


Deshonrador, mi. dishonourer 
Dehhonrir,va. to affiront,du.- 

De s h o nr dso , sa. a. dishonour. 

Desbdra, «f. an « 

time. A' IMhira, untimely 
Deplorado, da. a. untimely 
Deshomár, vo. to take out of 

the oven 
Deshospedado, da. a. destitute 

of lodgings 
DeslxMpedamiénto, mi. Inbos* 


the sheets 
Oesemaúár, «•. to mut» 

Desensartar, va, te imthnad 
DeseoMfbár, va. to strip ahe- 

Desenseñar, vn. te take out 

of the breast 
Desensefiádo, da. «. untan^ 
Dbj^x"-* — i-i—-^ — • 

Desensillar, M. to unsaddto 
JDekenMberbecéne, vr. to be- 

come humble 
PcsensortUádo, da. «. Inxatad 
des ent a b la r , na. to rip off 

planks t embroil an atMr 
DñentalcngáT;, «o. to unbend 

a cable 

vn. 7 r. to feign not to 

dentanda fhSng 
Desentendido, da. a. feignea 
Dceentcrtaddr, $m. he who 

Oesentcrrár, vm. to nabnry 
DesentienramuAtos, «nt. ca- 

lumniator of the dead 
Desentoldar, Mb to take away 

the awning 
Desentonacidn»4f. disaenanoe 
DeKntonamiénto» «m. disso- 
Desentonar, va. to humble; 

VII. to be out of tvme ; vr. 
' to be of a coarse address 
Dteentdno, «nt. disharmony 
J)eseiitomlU4r,i>a. to unscrew 
l>(»entorpecérse, vr. to be 

freed DTom toipor, become 

Desentrañaraiénto» «in. the 

act of giving any thing aa 

a proofof love 
Desentrañar, vs. to eviscerate 
Desentristecer, va. tu banish 

Desentronixtfr, «a. V. i>M<r»- 

Desentropecir, va. V. i>sscin- 

Desentuniecérac» vr. to be 

freed from numboesa 
Desentumir, v«. to free from 

De&cnvaynár, v«. to un- 

aheath, ezpoae to view; 

vn. to strip 
DetenvekMr, va. U itxlp a 

vessel of her sails 


DMBvcadár, v«. tak» off fil- 

lets «band» 
DeseoTeigtfr, vo. to nnbenda 

Deaeiiviol^, «a. to tosiaacrau 

V* qprightU. 

Deae nvolvér, no. to unfold; 

vr. to be forward 
Desenvuelta, if. a forward 

DeicBvuéltOk ta. a. forward 

Deaenaanár, vs.. to disentan» 

^frgm bramble 
Des eft ár, va. to make sign» te 

announce any thing 
Destfo, «m. desfre, w&h 

. «.dry 

Descrddn, 4f. 

Desertar, «a. to desert, to se- 
parate from a body 
Deeerttfr, «m. a d es e rt er 
Deservicio, am. di^al^ 
Dcserviddr, mi. he who fluís 

in serving another 
Dese rv fr, va. not te perform 

onefs duly to the sovereign 
DesestabonAr, vo. tocwttbe 

links of adiain 
Desespaldar, oo. te wonnd 

the shoulder 
De s es pe raci<ht.Deseaaperincia, 

y Desespenfnza, «T* dcqpon» 

dency, despair 
Desesperanzar, vo. to despair 
Desesperar, vm. *^ -» •-■ 

vr. to sink inte 
deqpahr, fret 
Desesterar, ««. to takeoff the 

Desestero, «m. the actof tak- 
ing off the mats 
Desestimacidn y Ikewtfnia, 

if. disrespect 
Iksestimaddr, ra, «. contem- 
Desestimar, va. to disregard 
Desestivir, vo. to alter the 

Des&oedtir, «m. destroyer 
Desfolcár, vo. to defolcate 
DerfUcazár, vo. to untwist a 

DcnUee, «et. diminution 

DtrfüleriinMnte« m. lasfoor 


', vo. todeAme 

Desfovoiecedtir, ra. «. coi»- 

DeíAivotecér, «a. todisflivonr, 

dokpis^ ii^Jure 
Desfoxár, va. tonngird 
Desforrar, oo. to free froen 

Desfiguración v Desfigura» 

miento, «. denmnation 
Desfigurar, ve. to disfigure^ 

di^guike; vr. to be ditfi- 

guied by passion 
DeafilacbA», vo. V. AssMI*. 

Desfiladero, m. a defile 

Desfilar, »c te ravd ; va. t* 
decrease the front 

Dbfixár, nw— ««i^ 

Desflaquecérse, vr. to be ema- 

Desflaquedmiénto, am. lan- 

Desfleca, ve. to remove the 
flakes of wool 

Pesflemacidn, <f. i 

Desflemar, ««. to i 
vn. to brag 

Desflocar, ve. toravd oat the 
ends ofa piece of stuff, y. 

Dasfloramiénte, »m. violation . 

Desflorar, vo. to pull out the 
flowers in a garden or flow- 
eT'^pot; deflower, tarnish 

Desflorecer, vn. to lose the 

Desflorecimiento, m. fUUag 

of the flowers 
Desfogar, vo. to vent, mode- 

DcBfogooár, ve. to bunt Ole 

vent of a cannon 
Desfogue, «m. the act of foam- 
ing out oiM's pasidon 
Dediaionár, vo. to strip off 

the useless leaves 
Desfondar, re. to break ib» 

bottom of any vessel 
Desformar, vo. to disfignre 
Desfortalecer, «o. te dJaman^ 

Desfrenir, ve. to unbridle 
Desfintir, va. to gather or 

collect the crops» exhaust a 

ttál : profit by 
Desfttkte, «m. use 
Desftmdár, vs. V. JDean|/lm- 

Desgajadlira, <f. disruptiea 
Des^m}^* vo. to lop off the 

branches of trees, break ia 




tatcd; light 

Dvsfpüj^i va. 

DckfcaMa» <r. difeguM 

Dw^anár, tw. to depriv* 
the deóre cf doing «oo 
tl3ln$ i do irith re- 
Inctance duU which waa 
before done with pleanire 

DoB^canchái, va. to lop ofl'the 
branches o/ tree* 

DeHE&^'ifiirse, DeagafUttfnc, y 
iMateaLSxse, vr. to shriek 

DesK^gáxtúllááo, d». «. cow- 
ardly* effiemtnate 

rtemirjtiTtfrif. rr. to become 
boon.» by bawling 

Deagargolár» va. to ihed the 

Dcigaritáne, vr. to kM the 

Deigarridai, da. a. lioentioas 
ntKgurmáór, n. : teenr 
D.tgazTtr, ««.teraid; 

«etiie; to give a looM to 

Seigárro, «at. UceraUon; 

impudence, idle beait 

fMgamfot Ml. a large rent 

Iles¿astár, tw. to cooMuna, 

connode ; vr. to ruin one^ 

•elf by extravagint expen< 

. to 

Deqgay're, tm. 

a grabdCM 

DaegfaMár, m. to blot «vt the 

Deigldw, am. act of blottiag 

or takhia awM a comment 
Deegobemaido, ¿u a. iU go. 

Desgraciar, m. to displease; 
vr. to diigraoe, be out of 

Desgramár* ro. to pan up the 
gTa« b) the root 

Desgranar, «a. totakeootthe 
grain ftom the ears of coin 

Dcsgranzár. «a. to separate 
the husks from the grain 

DesgrcfUr, vo. to disherdthtf 
hair, discompose 

Desguaniec^, ro. to strip 
dotbes of trimmings* de- 
prive of ornament ; nnhar. 

TVig niTDfr , va. to nmig the 

Desnino^ «m. die knttk 
which cats ngt in paper- 

Desguhidárse, vr. to slide 
down by a «ope 

Deagoinxár, «o. to cat >«gi la 

Deigáisádo, da 
DcsbaUdo, da 

I>abal>Üádo, di 
Deshabitar, «a. to qnít one's 

vr. to dcgenerato 
Deshermanar, vr. to natttt 

the love doc to a brother 
De*lierTir, veto nnchain 
Denlierrumbrir, no. to ele» 

any thing of nut 
De»hilathár, va. to ravel 
DtoOiiladte, «vbrcftneof silk 
Dtkhilido, «m. open-work 
Deshilado, da. a. marching la 

DeshiladAra, 9. ripping 
Deshilar, va. to ravri, reduce 
Deshilo, «m. act of obstruct- 
ing the commnniration of 
Deshincadúra, <f. act of dtaw> 

ina iny thteg fixed 
Dekhinc4r, va. to draw a noli 
Deshincfaaddra, ^.act of abat- 
ing a swclUag 
DeslOnchir. no. t 
cwdlmg; vr. tobeK 

Drshabitoir, M. to disosa 
Deshabituaddn, </*. disuse 

Desgobernar, na. to 
the Older of govei 
dLJocato : vr. to aflfect ri- 
diculous motions in danc< 

DeMolIetár, «o. te break off 
the neck of a vessel 

Desgonrirse, vr. to pull off 

Dmgotar, «a. to dntaoffwa- 

Desgomár, va. to imhtage: 

vr. to bedislocat«l,be ton 

in pieces 
D««gi^[cia, <f. misftvtoae, m- 

«aitjj ' ' 

Deshqfar^M. tostrip off ttM 

Desholk^, va. to deoortlcato 
DasholUnaddr, tm. chimney. 

sweeper, instmmeat nr 

•weeping dUmneys 
Desholl in a r , va. to swea^ 


D eshac e, no. to destroy the 
form of a tiling, consnme, 
cancel, mdt, divide, loMen, 
disdiarge from service» vr. 
to grieve, excnlpaM one^ 
itUf disappear 
Dcsfaacfmiénto, «w. destruc- 
tion. V. D9ta»o*Ugo 
JDesháMo, «m. V. Maneo 
1)eiharrapádoL da. a. shabby 
Desharrapamiento, tm. mi- 
DeshebUUr, «a. to unbuckle 
Deshebrár, unthread 
Deshtfcha, <f. simulation | is- 
sue of a toad 
Deshediixair, «m. to disen. 

Deshecho, dia. a. undone, 

perfectly mixed 
Deshediúra, <r. <lestraction 
""•sbdar, va. tr 'haw; to 
over co me one's -'stlnacy 
va. to ptwol' ap 

Desheredamiento, «m. disin- 
heriting Di|iti; 




Deshonesto, ta, a. immodea. 

Deshonilr, tm. dishonour 
DeJumonir, va. to dishonour 
Desb«inra, 4/: dishonoor, dis- 
grace, seduction or deflo- 
ration of a woman 
DeshonraboéMs, «la. calum* 


Dehhonrir,«a. to affront, du.- 
hoaoor, scorn, seduce 

Deshdra, «f. an 11 

time, A' Dtthára. untimely 
Desborádo, da. a. untimely 
Deshomár, va. to take out of 

the oven 
Dwhospedádo, da. a. destitute 

of lodgings 
DeslxMPedamiénto, tm, inhos- 



embornar, va. to rid oTbonci 
nMbamiao, na. a. inhnman 
Seihuracdeoér, ii«. to euiC' 

Déside, a. V. DetUBoto 
Desirable, a. dedrable 
Desidia, ^f. idleneu 
Desidiiiso» sa. a. laaj 
Desierto, ta. a, desertad 
Desierto» mu deaert 
Designar, tMi. to design 
Designio, «m. design, road 
Desigual, o. uiieqiul, unlike, 
uneven, arduous, «xeealive 
. Desigualar, va. to make un- 
equal ; vr. to excel 
Desigualdad j DeUguaMzaf/rf. 

iiKquality, wrong 
-DesimagiTMir, «a. to Uot out 
of tlie mind; im. to be 
Dcslin)«ieslondi^ «a. to un 

'DesincUnir, va. to disincline 
-DesincorpMrárte, vr. to sepa- 
rate one's seir from a so- 
Desindiciár, va. to efface 

Desinflcionár, va, toftee from 

Detintlamir, va. to cure or 

remove an inflammation 
Desinsacular, va. to draw lot» 

for M>me place 
Deiiinterés y Dexinteiesamién- 

to, tin, dLiintcresteduess 
Destntereiiádo, da. a. disin- 

Desinte^tinár, vn. to evisce- 
Desíño, «m. V. netignio 
Desiütimiéntoy Desistencia,/. 

Desistir, vn. to desist 
Dekjarretadéra, ^f. a hooked 

Desjarretar, va. to hough 
Desjarrete, ««. act of hough- 
Desjuntamiento, tm. separa. 

tion, diiijunction 
Desjuntar, va. to divide 
Depurar, va. to retract an 

Deslabonar, tu. to unlink; 

vr. to tetire 
Deslaniár, va. to cleat of mud 
Dcslángnido, da. a. lanzuld 
Deslastrar, va. to unballast 
Deslatár, va. to take the laths 

out of a building 
Deslavado, da. a. impudent 
Detlavadúxa, </*. wasMng 

JMtKfitj Deslartfir, M. to 
wash, take away the ooleiir 
Deslazar, va. to unlace 
Desletfl, a. dialoval 
Deblealtád, </; disit^al^ 
Deslechugaddr, tm. prunar 
Desleidtira, ^f. dilution 
Desleír, va. to dilate 
Deslendrar, oo. to ctear Úie 

hair of nits 
^Deslenguado, da. a. loqua- 

DeslenfuamSéoto, «m. loqua- 
Deslóigaár, va. to cut out the 

tongue ; vr. to slander 
Desliar, va. to untie a bundle 
DesUgadúra, 4/; dl^)uncti«n 
Iie>ligár, va. to loosen 
Deslindaddr, m. be wh< 

marks boundaries 
Deslindar, vo. to mark the 

DesUnde, Deslindamiento y 
Deslindadúra, «. demarca- 
DwiliñKr, va. to dean cloth 

before it goes to the press 
DesUz, «m. sUp, the act of aUp- 

ping; meruuiy 
Deslizáble,a. that which can 

Deslizadero^ tm. a. slippery 

DesUzadizo ó Deslizadero, ra. 

a. slippery 
Deslizamiento, tm. act of 

making slippecy 
Deslizar, va. to slip 
Desloar, t>a. to blame 
Deslomar, va. to hreak the 

Deslucido, da. a. nnadomed, 

Deslucimiento, tm. disgrace 
Deslucir, va. to tarnish 
Deslumbramiento, y Deslum- 
bre, *m. confusion either of 
the sight or mind 
Deslumbrár, va. to dazzle the 

Deslustraddr, tm, tarnisher 
Deslustrar, va. to tarnish 
Deslustre, tm. spot which ob- 
scures the lustre of a thing. 

Oe&lustrrfKO. sa. a. ugly 
De^mad^amiénto, tm. Ian- 

Desmadejarse, vr. to languish 
Oesma^joÚr, va. to pulí out 

vines bj the roote; untie 

the ihoe-stiings 


'OaMVUaddr, tm. he who 

breaks a coat ofmaO 
DesmaUadttra««r. act offatcák- 

tng a coat or mail 
Desmallar, va. to destroy » 

coot of mail 
Desmamar, vo. V. Dtttetar 
Desmamonar, vo. to cut off* 

young shoots 
Desmán, «m. mididiavioara 

Dcmanárse, vr. to stray ftoot 

a flock or herd 

da.ii.V. _„. 


Desmandar, va, to repeal «k 
Older; vr. transgress the 
bounds of justice, disband, 
stray fVom the flock 

Desmanear, va. to unfetter 

Desmangorreár, va. to take 
the handle off* any thing 

DcsroanotAdo, da. a. con- 

Desmantecar, vo. to take off 
the butter 

Desmantdido, a. disman- 

Desmantelar, va. to di&maa> 
tie, abandon, un mast 

Desmaña, ^f. awkwardness 

Desmamado, da. a. unhandy» 

lazy, idle 
Desmarañar, «o. to disen- 
Dcsroarqiaddr, «in. he who 

takes the rind off* olives 
Desraarojir, vo. to take the 
glutinous rind from olivec 
Desmarrido, da. a. sad 
Desmatar, va. V. DcMiiq/ar 
Desmayado, da. a. dismayed 
Desmayar, vn. to be dispirit- 
ed ; va. to dispirit ; vr. to 
Desmayo, tm. swoon 
Desmazalado, da. a. weak 
Desmedido, da. a. unpropor- 

Desmedirse, vr. V. De tmtm 

Desmedrar, vn. to decrease 
Desmedro, tm. diminutioa 
Desm^forár, va. to debase 
Desmdanc^zár, oa. to cheer 
DesmeUr, va. to take the 

honey from a hive 
Desmelenar, vo. to disherel 
Desmembracliin y Desmem- 
bradOla, if. division^ 


BMBcmbramiento» am. the 
act of disinctnbarin|( 

Smnembrárt va, todwitiein- 

Desmemotiáne, vr. tobe tea- 

if. the mat ae 
giving the lie 
DHtnwTitidár, «m. be wtio 
of a fake- 

va. to gire the 
"iWt, excel 


Batmenazádor, ra. «. a >cru 

J tw. to crumble 
Desmeollar, va. to take out 

the manrov 
Sesmereccddr, «m. one who 
is unworthy or uxulcterrfng 
of a thing 
Dennerecér, nt. to be un- 
worthy of a thing 
DBBmckára, ^f. exccM, impu- 
dence, initolence 
Desmesurado, da. a. huge 
DcuncKurinCi vr. to be fbr- 

I>euniga|tfrt va. to crumble 
Dannigár, txu to crarnUe 

bread* to ft y in a pan 
Desminuiiv va. to diminish 
Desmirriado, da. a. lean 

o wipe the 

Ztesmdcha» 4f. tha act of lop- 
ping off; dimiantion of a 

great put of a thing 
" ^^~ ^. ^. Oct. 

Desmodiár, «o. te lop off 
Desmdche^ am. mutilation 
Detra<fcho, am. heap of things 

DesDtoKár, m. to moi 

catting the head, in deen 

nesmoUao^ da. a. toothless 

DirsmoMr, va. todigest 

Desmontar, ca. to all wood ; 

oncoek fire>arma; dibiatMjtiT 

a troop of hone ; vn, lo dl'^ 

Danndnte, am. that whkrh 
has been cut down 

Desmoronar, va. to dntnr bj 

UtUe and little 
Deunotktár, va- tobcpsr.iti- íl,c I 

must firom the gnu h-. \ 

"Pcunoitol&t, va. to fbinJukb i 


Desmotar, tu. to clear cloth 

of knots and coarse naps 
Desmuelo, am. inu of grinders 
Desmugerár, va. to separate 

iTom a wife 
Demnugradór, am. an in«tru- 

meiit wUch •erve» to dean 

cloth of grease 
Desmuffrar, ra. to clean wool 

or dcth of KTease 
Desmnlllr, ta. to discompose 

any thirv soft or bland 
DeunuradOTt am. mou.'«r 
DekinUlr, va. to pick oUves 
Detnarif^, va. to cut oS'tfae 

De^natdr, va. to skim milk, 

take the choicest part of a 

Desnaturaliuir, va. to divest 

of the rigbu df naturaliza- 

DcMieoesário, ria. a. nnne> 

r*esnegár, «a. to contradict 
Desnervár, va. to enervate 
Desnevarlo, da. a. without 

snow; thawed 
Desnevar, r&. to thaw 
Desnivel, am. unevcnness 
DesniveUr, va. to make un 

even or unequal 
Desaacir, va. to bicak the 

Desnudaddr, am, one that de- 
Desnudar, «a. to denudatc» 

unrig; vr. to undress 
Desnudez, if. nudity 
Desnudo, da. a. naked 
Desobedecer, va. to disobn 
Desobediencia, if. diMibe- 

Desobediéate, pa. disobedient 
Desobligar, «o. to release ftm 
an oblivion 

Desocupación, if. leisure 


in the pound 
Desopilar, vtt. to deoppilate 
Dcbopindr, eo. to defame 
Desoprimir, va, to ftee frota 

Desorden ó Deserdenacidn, «. 

dÍM)tder, eacess 
Desordenddo, da. a. disorderly 
DesorduaAr, «e. to disturlK 

V. ntgradma; »r. to be Ir- 
DtMWi^Bdtfr, ra. «. «ne wh« 

crops otf" the ears 
Dasoe^laroitfnto, «as. act ef 

cutting off the ears 
Desoi-^r, va. te crop or cat 

•a. te diser. 

Ossorienttfr, «a. to dcprtvoef 

Des>orillár, «o. to eat off At 

selvage of cloth 
DeMNliJár, ve. toil 

the first time 
Desosar, va. to deprive of the 

Desovar, va. to )^wn 
Dc«}ve, tm. act of spawning 
Desov lUr, va. te unclew 

HpahUad^ns, if. ft. snuf. 

Despabilado, da. a, snuiTed i 

DespaUladdr, m. he whe 

Deumbiladúra, if, a nuffof 

the candle 
Despabilar, «a. to snulT a 

D es pa r h ed ér ae, if. fU sarty 

. „ j^ self 
fimm abusmess 
rk''...ii , va. to pretend net to 

J. . I se, vr. to look inl 

: ireak 
Do. .1 !ilo, tla. a. desolate 
fh- ■.l.riJár, ra. *. V. 

<l^p , va. to dcaoLite 
[Jt .Lrido, da. a. forward 

■i'.fi'Xór, am. one who flays 
1 >, II Kddra, if. escoriation 
]Jr,:4I.U, va. toHay, «kin 
LK^im^ár, vo. to dlicouat or 

ddr, am. expediter 
«, no. to dispatch, 
and expedite suits, 
sell, expedite 
Despacho, am. expedient, dia- 


Despachurrado, da. e. pnsssed 

Dcs|Md>urrár, «o. to press te- 

Despacio, od. bisensibly, coa- 

t nually 
Despacio, intetj. soAly 
Despacito, ad. very softly 
De6[<arito, inter}, gently 
Dnpagádo, da. a. inimical 



AúrtLt ^f. vinnowiag 

r-*-*» •"•• *o «rtnnow 

bespájo,«M. act of winno ving 
'JetiMldáne, vr. to dMiuint 

the shoulder blade 
DetpaldilUr, va. to dislocate 

or break the shoulder or 

back of any animal 
Despalmaddr, «m. careening- 

Despalmir, vo. to clean and 

I>aj the bottoms of ships 

Séfcpampanadtfr» mi. 

Despampanar, va» to prune a 

cut oft* the shoott of Tinea 

DapanadOfda. a, breadieas 

Despenar, wu to remove the 

com from the fidd after it 

tÑkto burst the _ .. 
Despapar, vn. to cany the 

head too hi^; applied to 

Daspadr, va. to scatter 
Desparecer, vn, to disappear j 

vr. to be unlike 
Desparejar, vo. to make un- 
OesparpiOitr» va. to undo in a 

disunlerly manner 
Desparpiyo, «m. pertacM of a 

speech or action 
Desparramtfdo, da. a. wide 
Desparramaddr, nu «. dlf* 

Desparramar, va. to scatter ; 

vr. to be dissipated 
DespartidiSr, tm. pacificator 
Despartir, va. to part, divide 
Desparvar, va. to take the 

sheaved of com out of the 

stack to be threshed 
Deqiasár, va. Detpasar un 

cabo, to unreeve a cable 
Despasionárse, vr. to aU«y 

one's passion 
Despasmarse, vr. to recover 

one's self from a stupor or 

Despatarrado, da. a. Quedar 

MHO 6 iuear It detpaiartado, 

to leave one astonished or 

Despirtarrár. va. to silence; 

vr. to sl^ and fiOl on the 

ground, be stupified 
peípatülár, vo. to cut grooves 
uespavestfr, va. to snuff the 

Dwpavorir y irae, vn. y r. to 

be terrified 



if. the state of 

ll ■ .i-TJr.f J rr, Kj. Im iitrl>ated 
li^' j^i'^^h^iIiiT, *ki- eiloniaoer 

I »*'*3FrTjiár, iw- tD RUagi' 

tu TcvL, deit}Mtr 
Dctl<iik-]u>» fiH- IjuU^ulion, 
a'-EiieriE^ , difjÉflEan, ánttxit 
DeKrv^huifadtirai if, act of 
cuJlLhi^ uFT tx UfícarBrmg 


DriHAzlliaiáf , no- H3 cul 

Dn}>nlai¿diST , tí. t, dL.iector 
ÜQifAliuiiriit^to J l^k^rpcda- 

f aJÓJ-A, i. Iti.'«rmf^v) 

J>^í>viM.tért v<t. tú iiüt into 

Dt^J^ndlda j Detprilíwáénto, 

f. ÜU aiji of jRkinff iMve 
De^iwttlr, im. tu i:in\tt¿\ ¡•■ixd, 

itnaii»P, p#j iJt" ,1 -nip's 

crew : trx tu laic ii:ihc 
Dt/prtJiir, J Dr^iHTcfr^at, vo. 

In LÍ€Mi ajitoLit: «iF^tonM 
rnjJiJP-gabti, a, dtiiMjlubÍÉ 
ft'n'*^-<'li-i, Éla. «^ ílIí^ruaUlng 

IWijinpiniMiTito^ IJB. V. litia. 

De>|i*¿i£r, rlI^ to ungl'Of ; vr. 

M' sffLhW dLii||>WiL-d 
D&L'/#?p tm. uiwriE^f, dis- 

Dc^t>i;jádAiihEnu.-, .Jdf. reitillly 

D.-| yJr^ lu. tu TuriiiiiTr* Im- 

• ■<! I -meriti f [T. rih^^cirrup 

Di^ 1 iLj¡i] , UN. "ihx.- 4ct of d^ar- 

nif awd> inlimdLjiiUbts ; 

■¡ITÍíhTÜiK _ 

D«p«E^iadariat ^, lentch 

DiL<spkl luAr y D«|K!u£ndiri^ va. 

ut iiMke Ü)^ lia,ÍT ^tand on 

Dt-i^pvlaEOitin' i?Tt£!tion of the 

Dttpeitdtf !»► t« rKlJrrTiriom 

Dá|>etiilAMrH ra. ^ . j» snend- 

Deiiiiendi^t vo- lo i^w^d 
Dí?(íit4i*a, ^.i-nsit^í^ market, 

,1rwHj^4> rocnn, Unlia- of 

DcfctKiLvLr, in. lii 1* Mxrr. lor 
Dt'.piku&riii, '/. AflVtrt 4}f II4ZW- 


Despcfiadáro, «in. precipice 
Dekpef.adáro, ra. o. fit to be 

Deutefiadizo, za. a. cj^aUe 

of being precipitated 
Desper'.ár. vm. to precipitate 
Despeño y Despeñamiento, 

«m. a precipitate &11 ; di- 

Despepitarse, vr. to vociferate 
Oespenir, va. V. Detetpemr 
Despercudir, va. to clean ot 

wash vhat is greasy 
Deapesdidádo «iDesperdici. 

addr, ra. a. spendthrift 
Desperdiciar, v«i. to squander 
Desperdicio, «m. prodigality* 

Desperdigar, «o. to separate - 
-Desperecerse, vr. t» crave 
Desfierecáiie. vr. to stretdi 

out one's limbs on Itein^ 

ronaed from sleep 
DesperfiUr, vr. to kiee ÚM 

poMtnre of a profile line 
Dñpemáda, rf. a mottoa in 

Despernado, da. a, weary 
Despernar, «a. to cut off one% 

1^, prevent the use of the 

Desperpentár, oe. to cut off 

with one stroke 
Despertador, ra. «. one who 

awakes, alarm belt in docks 
Despertar, va. to awake, en. 

liven ; vn. to awake, revive 
Despertóla, tf. cognition 
Depesár, tm. displeasare 
Despesta&arse, vr. to plock 

oat the eydashes; look 

steadfitttly at any tiling 
Despeynár, vn. to entangle 
Dnpezdr,«a. to arrange stones 

at a proper distance 
Despéao, mi. diminution of 

one end of a tube or pipe, 

Duptxot, tnoet of stones 
Despezonar, va. to cut off the 

end of a thing, divide ; vr. 

to break off 
Despicante, vr. to take revenge 
Densicarár.vo. to clear a place 

of thieves or robbers 
Delpicarazdr, va. to begin to 

pick the figs 

— •-•—- tw. toexpelordi*. 

Despidida, <f. gutter 
nespidiénte,rai. V.SxpedienU 
Despido, mi. dispatch 
De piérto, ta. a. awake, vigi* 

lant, strong, Inisk 
De«pilftrr<do, da. a. ragged 


t>eq*ilfivrár» na. to áeUnj 
trith üovenllocss 

Despilfarro» «ai. Uovenlina*, 
waMc, miiiinanageinciit 

Delinees y Despinzas, «. fl. 
tweezer». V. Pinta» 

Despintar, va. to efface what 
is painted ; vn. to degene- 
rate; to be deceived b; mis- 
taking one card for another 

Despii>zadéra»</'. woman that 
plucks the knots off* cloth ; 

Deqt^nzár, va. to pick off the 

Despiojar, va. to loutc 
Desfiique, mi. vengeance 
De»piritádo, da a. langaid 
Despizcar, ra. to comminute j 

rr. to nsc one^ best en- 
Desplacer, mi din>leasare 
Desplacer, va. to displease 
Desplantación, ^. eradication 
Desplantar» vo. to eradicate 
Desplante, «m. an oblique 

Desplatar, va. to separate 

silver firom other snbrtances 
Desolate, Mil. the act of sei>a- 

rating silver ftom other 

Desplayar, va. to retire from 

the shore as the tide 
De>plagadtira, <f. explication 
De>plep<r, ra. to unliDld, ex< 

pand, unfurl 
Jic-plégot •"•• op*B declara* 

Dcsploroáne, vr. to bnlg» out 
Dcspkinio, tm. the bulgbg or 

Jotting out of a waU 

Desplumar, va. to deplume 
Dckpoblacidn j DeqtobUda» 

^. depopulation 
Despoblado» «m. desert 
Des]>ol>Iaddr, «m. depopulator 
Despoblar, va. to depotmlate ; 

vn. to withdraw nam a 

Despoiaddr, ra. «. despoiler 
De^pc9áT, ra. to despoil ; vr. 

to undress, rettnauisb 
DetptSjo, mm. «iwhation, plun» 

der; j<J, (^iWeii, r^Uet 
Despolvar, I'll, [u rrmo^e ttnf 

Dbqwlv^'T^'ii'. rri. to i'mH 

De»]*on« r . 1.- , ! r. Ur t-Mi e l^intf 

Pe^|•ortl^lá^^ ni. to trp*k ibe 
neck c4 a bstti^, A¿. 


DeqMM^jM, if. pi. V. Btfoit- 

Dmosádo» da. a. hand-cuff- 

D<^n r.^ tarry ; rr. to 

Despreciable» a. contemptible 
''"■'■ «. depre- 

D tm. act of 

Dcsinaorio, «in. a mUtual 

promise of marriage 
Dfepota, tm. a despot 
Dexpdtico, ca. a. despotic 
Despotiqaéz, ^f. despotic 

power» pridv 
Despotikmo, tm. dcspollAm 
Déspoto, «m. despot 
Despotricar, vn. to talk inoon- 

^ jle»a. 


DcprtrUr, «a. to depredate ; 
vr. to disdain 

Desprecio» mi. disregard 

Desprender» va. to unftatan ; 
vr. to si«e way 

Desprendimiento, mi. aliena- 

Desprevencidn, «f. impru- 

Desprevenido» da. a. nnpro- 

DesproporcJondr, va. 

Despropoaitido, da. a. absurd 
Despropósito, tm. absurdity 
Desproveer, t-a. to deprive of 

Desproveído, da. a, unprovi 

De!>proveimiénto, mi. penury 
Despueblo, «ni. depopulation 
DeipuAite, tm. V. Jfaraeo 
DespoéK, ad. after 
Despulsar» va. to leave with- 
out any vigour ; vr. to be 

sorely vexed 
Detpurodr, ra. V. Apmnar 
Despuntadtba, <;'. the act of 

Desi>untár, va. to bhmt, doU' 

Ue a cape ; rn. to advance 

talents and knowledge 
Dcaquademdr, tw. to unbind 
DeM)uadrillddo, da. a. sepa< 

rated ñera the ranks ra 

DesquMlrillárse, i-r. to bt 

sprained in the haunc-h«> 
DeMjuarti/ár, tu. to quarter, 

Desquiciar, va. to uihinge 
l)rsqait;rao, da. «. Itll Digitized 


Diaquijcrár, va. to e«t tiaÜM' 

on both sides 
DesquUaddr» tm. V. StftdlM' 

Desquilatar» va, to dimhiisfa 

the intrinsic value of gold 
Desquitar, va. to retrieve or 

repair a loaa ; vn. to be a» 

Desquite» mi. compcnaatiai ; 

Deeqnixarár, va. to break the 

Desrabotir, tw. to cut «if (be 

tails of lambaor sheep 
Desraj^r, va. V. Ratfor 
liet razonable, a. uireasonabla 
Desregltfdo, da. a. diaoidcrly 
Desreglarse» t;r. to be irregu- 
DcfTeling^r, vn. to be blown 

from the bolt-rope by a 

resrtrputaddn, ^f. dishonour 
Lesii- carte, vr. to tumble 

headlcng on rocks 
De&rizar, va. to uncurl 
Düsrof ár, va. to Uip dec vrd 

Desrohtrár» va. to maim the 

Destacamento» mi. detach- 
Destacar» «a. to detach a body 

of troops from the main 

Dettidaddr» mi. a kind ef 

feroith's hammer 
Destajamiénto» tm, current 

taking a new course 
Deatakfr, ra. to do task work 
Destajero, tnt, one who undt^r- 

takes a work by tack 
Destajo, tm. undertaking of a 

work by task ; partition of 

brick, &c. 
Destalonir, va. to deprive of 

talons or heels 
Destapar, va. to uncover 
Destapiar, va. to pull down 

mud walls 
Desttfpo» Ml. act of uncover- 
Dertarár, ro. to diminish the 

tare allowed in weighing 

»ny '»'»"« ^ . 
Debtayai'vr tm. he who outs 

dead xVmfi.s in Rieres 
L«)4a/^r, t-o. to out any thing 

in I'iece» 
1 >c' tet Ixii • f- *" unroof 
l;e^tfjí^r, ra. to untile 
1 t>ull«r, ra. to jour out 


Despagár, va. to dlipleaw 
I)e:;pajad&raf ^f. winnowing 
Despajar, va, to winnow 
I>egpá o,im. act of winnowing 
IteHpaidane, vr. to dLuoint 

the shoulder blade 
Despaldillar, va. to dislocate 

or bréale the shoulder or 

back of any animal 
DespalmadiSr» «m. careening- 

Despalmar, va. to clean and 

pay the bottoms of ships 
Desuampanaddr» am. pruna 

ot vines 
Despampanar, va, to prune or 

cut ott* the shooU of Tines 
Despanádo, da. a, breadícss 
Despanár, imu to remove the 

com from the ñtíá after it 

bu been reaped 
Oapaocijár y DespanKorrár, burst the belly 
Despapar, vh. to cany the 

head too hi^; ^plied to 

a hone 
Daspacir, va. to scatter 
Desparecer, vn. to disappear ; 

vr. to be unlike 
Desparejar, vo. to make un- 
DesparpiO<(r» va. to undo in a 

disoraerly manner 
Desparpajo, m. pertacM of a 

speech or action 
Desparramado, da. a. wide 
Desparramaddr, nu «. dls- 

Desparramar, va. to scatter ; 

vr. to be dissipated 
Despartidór, tm. pacificator 
Despartir, va. to part, divide 
Desparvar, va. to take the 

sheaved of com out of the 

stack to be threshed 
Despasár, va. Detpatar «n 

cabo, to unreeve a cable 
Despasionárse, vr. to aU«y 

one's passion 
Despasmarse, vr, to recover 

one^s self from a stupor or 

De^Mtarrádo, da. a. Qued4tr 

MM ó iuear le detpatarrado, 

to leave one astonished or 

Dei^atamir, va. to silence; 

vr. to sl^ and &11 on the 

ground, be stupified 
DespatUlár, va. to cut grooves 
Despavesar, va. to snuff the 

Despavorir y irae, »«. y r. to 

be torrificd 



Despead&r i, ^. the state of 

one's feet being bruisad 

with travel 
Despeamiénto, «m. act of sur- 

Dspeáne, vr. to be snrbated 
Despechad^Sr, am. extortioner 
Despechar, va. to enrage ; vr. 

to firet, despair 
Despecho, am. indignation, 

asperity, dejection, deceit 
DcspechugMlúra, <f. act of 

cutting off* or uncovering 

the breast 
Despechugar, no. to cut off 

the breast ofa fowl ; vr, to 

uncover the breaot 
Despedazadtir, ra. a. dissector 
Despedazamiento y Despeda- 
zadura,*, lacoration 
Despedazar, va. to cut into 

Despedida y Despedimi¿nt< . 

«. the act of taking leave 
Despedir, va. to emit, discard, 

remove, pay off a ship's 
. crew ; vr. to take leave 
Despedntr, y Despedregar, va. 

to dear aplace of stone* 
Desp^gáble, m. dissoluble 
Despegado, da. a. disgusting 
Despegadára, <f. dissolving 
Deap^amiénto, «m. y. Dua- 

iue; vr. 

Despegar, va. to 

grow disf 
Despego, am. asperity, dis- 
pleasure, aver&ion 
D«?>r''irf~-^»^*'' -rf readily 

Tl' ~| icjiiT, 1,-tf. li» ibFttave im- 
1 'k.'iliiTncn! i t vr^ tu I'heer up 

Di> vcju, cm. [Jim^w:! iif dear- 
'-Ttii t-a^^ im^niLiaents ; 

■.J rl^htiiiicw 

DL-iJí'.liíjjLl'irat >f' scratch 
Di-.]ic-IEc-j;Lr^ ua. Iq ^kitl 
Dl-iI-il-Ilit^-i? jr Defpe3uxnár, va. 
úi make tías hxa stand on 

Df : I icI aaii,i*i , cT^«lioQ of the 

Despenar, va. to relieve from 

Despendedor, ra. f . a spend- 

Deiqpendár, va. to spend 

Despensa, <f. pantry, market, 
steward's room, larder of 
provisions for daily use 

Despensár, va. to be sony lor 
one's thoughts 

De<penseria, »f. office of stew- 
ard, dbpenser 


Despefuidáro, am. precipice 
Despef>adéro, ra. a. iit to be 

DeMjeñadízo, za. a. capable 

of being precipitated 
Desperar, mi. to precipitate 
Despeño y Despeñamiento» 
am. a precipitate &U ; di- 
Despepitarse, vr. to vociferate 
Desperar, va. V. Dete*f,crar 
Despercudir, tNs. to clean or 

wash wtuú is greasy 
Deaperdidádo ó Desperdici- 

aodr, ra. a. qiendttuift 
Desperdiciar, va. to squander 
Desperdicio, am. prodigality* 

Desperdigar, va. to separate - 
-Desperecerse, vr. t» crave 
Desperoáise, vr. to stretch 

out one's limbs on b^ng 

roused from sleep 
Desperfilár, vr. to loae die 

po!,ture ofa profile line 
Dñpemáda, af. a mottaa ia 

Despernólo, da. a. weary 
Despernar, vo. to cut off one'k 

legs, prevent the use of the 

Desj^pentár, oa. to cut off 

with one stroke 
Despertador, ra. a. one who 

awakes, alarm belt in clocks 
Despertar, va. to awake, en. 

liven ; vn. to awake, revive 
Despertéza, <f. cognition 
Depiesár, am. dispieasare 
Despestafiárse, vr. to plock 

out the eyelashes: look 

steadfiutly at any thing 
Despeynár, vn. to entangle 
Despezár,va. to arrange stones 

at a proper distance 
Despezó, am. diminution of 

one end of a tube or pipe, 

Duftzaa, faces of stones 
Despezonar, va. to cut off the ■ 

end of a thing, divide ; vr. 

to break off 
Despicarse, vr. toUke revenge 
Despicarár,va. to clear a place 

of thieves or robbers 
Deipicarazár, vo. to begin to 

pick the figs 
Despichar, vo. to expel or dis- 
charge moisture or humour 
Despidida, af. gutter 
I>espidiénte,«m. V.BxpedianU 
Despido, am. dispatch 
De.piérto, ta. a. awake, vigi- 
lant, strong, brisk 
Despilfarrado, da. a. ragged 


t>e0r Utatiá r, va. to dntrqj 

«üh Klovcnlincss 
DcspUfiinro, «m. slovcnliiMn, 

De»|><i>ccs 7 Des|rfnzaa, «. ^. 
tveezen. V. Pinza» 

Dopintár. tu. to efface vhat 
is painted y vm. to degene- 
T8te ; to be deceived b; mis» 
taking one card for anotber 

Dc»l>inzAdérat<f. voman that 
ptacks the knots off* doth ; 

T^txiAntár, va. to pick off the 

Titspiojir, vs. to lontc 
Desque, Mm. vengeance 
De»t>iritido, da a. hmgaid 
Ue^iiixcdr, ra. to eomminutc s 
rr. to <uc one's be»t en» 
Desplacer, «M difltleasure 
Desplac-ér, va. to displease 
DcKplantacifin, <f. eradicatioD 
Desplantar^ va. to eradicate 
De4>ldntet «m. an oblique 

Denplatár, v«. to separate 
silver from other substances 
Deflate, Ml. the act of sepa- 
rating silver ftom ottier 
Dnplajar, «a. to retijre from 

the shore as the tide 
De>plegad4ra, «f. explication 
Despkxár, vo. to unfold, ex- 
pand, anftirl 
De-plégD, mi. «pen declara- 
Dasplotniise, rr. tobnlg» oat 
Despltfnw, tm. the baling or 

Jotting out of a waU 
Dñphunadúra, </. dephnna- 

Desplumar, va. te deplome 


Deqwsájas, if. pi. V. Etfo»' 

Dtmo8<do, da. a. hand-cuff- 

Desposár, «a. to man? ; rr. to 

be betrothed 
Deqioseér, mi. to dispossess 
Desposeimiento, «m. act of 

Dei^KMirio, «IN. a mutual 

ptomike of marriage 
Déspota, «m. a detp^ 
Detipético, ca. a. despotic 
Despotiquéz, tf. despotic 

power, pride 
Despotlbmo, «m. despotiijn 
Déspoto, im. despot 
Despotricar, vn. to talk Sncon- 

Despreciable, a. contemptible 
Dekpreciádor, ra. «. dcpre- 

De prarUr, va, to depredate ; 

VTv to dÍMUün 
Dopírécio, «IN. disregard 
Desprenda, ra. to unftstan ; 

vr. to give «ay 
Dc^renJUmiénto, «in. aUcna» 

Deq>revcnci4te, «f. inpra- 

Desprevenido» da. a. nnpro- 

Desproporcionar, va. 

Despropuaitidf^ da. a. absurd 
De)tprop<$sito» tm. absurdity 
Desproveer, to. to deprive of 

De»provcido> da. a. nnprovi. 

Desproveimiento, «m. penury 
Despueblo, tm, depopola ' 

^. depopnlatiea 
DeqiobUdo, «M. dc 
Des|iol>laddr, «m. depepulater 
Despoblar, no. to depopulate ; 

VN. to withdraw mm a 

Dckp(4>ddr, ra. «. despoHer 
De»p(jár, va. to despoil ; vr. 

to undress, relinouish 
Dnpdjo, am. ft|ioliation, plun» 

der; p/. giUets, relics 
De^wlv&T, va. to tcmove the 

Dft>polvoreár, ro. to dust 
DekponéTkC, rr. to cease lading 

J)eh)>orti'lár, va. to brfak tbe 
neck oT a Lottie, &c 

to di». 


DMOuiJerdr, -it 'trmtflMfcr' 

on both sides 
DesquUaddr, «m. V. RfMa 

Dcaqnilatdr, vs. to dimlniifa 

the intrinsic value «f gold 
Desquitar, va. to retrieve or 

r^>air a loss; va. to be a- 

Desquite, tm, ceaopenntiai ; 

Detpuénte, tm. V< 

Despué«, ad. aSiet 

Despulsar, «a. to leave with- 
out any vigour ; vr. to be 
sordy vexed 

Despumar, va. V. JSiptnaar 

Despuntadttaa, 4;; the act of 

Desi>imtár, va. to Munt, dou' 
Ue a cape; vn. to advance 
talenu and knowledge 

Dcsquademir, vo. to unbind 

DeM|Uadrilüdo, da. a. sepa- 
rated ñtAn the ranks or 

EeMiuadriDdrse, rr. to be 
fprained in the haunches 

DcMjiiartizar, m. to quarter, 

De»qoiriár, va. to uthinge 

Detquiérdo, <la. «. id'i 

Digitized by 

Dcsqui&ardr, vo. to break the 

Desrabotir, va. to rut «if the 

tails of lambsor shaep 
Desraspár, va. V. Raspar 
L'ef razonable, o. «utrcasooable 
Desreglado, da. a. disoidcrly 
Desreglarse» vr. to be irregu- 
Dc»Tettn0|r, va. to be blown 
from the bolt-rope by a 

Pesrepitaddn, tf. dishonour 

DcstLcárse, vr. to tumble 
headlcng on rocks 

De&rizir, va. to uncurl 

Dtcsrof ár, va. to k^ dee yré 

Desroorir, vo. to maim the 

Destacamento, tm. detach- 

Destacar» «a. to detach a body 
of troqps from the ntain 

DestiJaddr» tm. a kind of 
kroith's hammer 

Destajamiénto» tm, current 
taking a itew cotirse 

DestaWr, ro. to do task work 

Destijéro, tm, one who under- 
takes a work by taik 

Dest4)o, tm. undertaking of a 
work by task ; partitum of 
brick, &c. 

Destalontfr, vo. to deprive of 

DesUpár, va. to uncover 
Destapiar, va. to pull down 

mud walls 
Destapo, «1*1. act of uncover- 
Dc»tarár, ro. to d-minish the 
tare allowed in weighing 
any tMng 
De^tayal or «t». ne ^00 «Tits 

dead tbtniiN In !.'«<■•» 
L«>ta-Aár, i-o- 10 oMt any thing 

In viec*% 
1 ke- !«.•* I>«» • ^■«' *** «n"wf 
l.est«*ir, ra. to UHtllo 
1 ^u^nr, r«. to lour oat 
I orci- hy drov ; vr. to ftay^l 


I. the act of fl«irinf 

eat by dro| % ¡ ^«rM« 
DMtcmpUnxat </. «ntMson* 

•MaMaft, dL'.ordcr, altera- 

tioain thepabc 
X>a»teni|iUr, tvt. to distemper» 

dictort; vr. to be raffled, 

prow blm\t 


JUettentár, '" 


Bette&ir, vm, to &d* 
DenctTMlláne, vr. t 

DmtmáéTo, am. • 

part of the town 
DNtciirir, va. to baaUh, expel 
Dertcrronár, va. lo break the 

dodk in lidds 
DaitetAdAra, V- Plated la- 

•trnnient placed on the 

teats of ix>w8 to prevent 

the calvch from sucking 
Ocstecir, M. to wean 
Dckiéte, am. aMactatkm 
Desteto, am. number of wean» 

lingb, the place where new- 

l7-weancd mules are kqpc 
DeeteEér, va. to nnweave 
Saktlémpo, am. an u n saase n - 

able time 
Destiento, am. snrpvise 
¿••stjerro, am. eailc 
Destilacitiii, 4/. dlstiMation, 

the act of extracting by the 

ñre or still 
I>estiladi^rs, ^f. a itiU, an In» 

genious de^oe 
DestiUddr, am. dlHtiHer, fil- 

teriiig-«tone, alembic 
Destilar vn, to drop extract 

b> the tire or sail, filter 
DeottUtdno, am. distillc«]r« 

Desunacidn. <;. dcctinjr 
Destinar, va. to destine» sta- 
tion shi|w 
Destino, am. destiny, fate 
Destifto, am. piece cf nnfinidt- 

ed honor comb in a bediive 
Destirir, va. to slacken 
Destitución, if. destitution 
Destituir, va. to deprive 
Destocar, va. to uncoif 
Destorcer, ra. to untwist» 

rectifv what was not rigjit j 

vr. to lose the way 
Destomil!ad<ii ,»m. inhtrument 

u»ed to unscrew anj thing 
Destornillar, va. 10 umcrew 
DestOHérse, vr. to feign a 

Dcatrabár, «o. tounfisttcr 


Scstridos, «m. p/. a ooMM sbrt 

ot woollen car]>ets 
Destral, sin. a «malí axe 
Destraléro,<iN. one who makes 

axes and hatchets 
De-tramar, mi. unweave 
Destn;}*» vn. to wrestle 
Desttenstfr, v«.to undo a titss 

D«Btr£ro, ra. a. V. Dieairo 
D«Btr<u y Ataltiéi^ ajV dexte 

rity. skiUin fiencoig 
Destrip*» va. to unbowel 
DcstripatcsnSnas, am. harttiw- 

er, clod beater 
OesttiuaMr, va. to extract all 

the trumps la some games 

Destrizár, vo. to minoe ; vr. 

to break the heart 

thing bartered 
Destrtüiy am. a blind man'i 

r estrunár, va. to de th rone 
Destroncamiento, «in. detrtm 

Destroncar, ««. to detnmcat^ 

Destiofidr. vm. to separate 

trooi» or flocks Into sin^ 

Destrozador, ra. a. debtrojrer 
Destrocar» vo. to destroy, rout 
DeKtrdzo, am. the act of de- 
stroying, havoo 
Destrucción, ^. destruction 
Destructivo, «a. a. destructive 
Destruvtono ria. a. destroying, 

that which destroys 
Destruible, a. destructible 
Destruidor, ra. *. destroyer 
De-trufr va. to de»iroy» reftite, 

dLjirive one of the means of 

eaiiiing a livelihood 
'. estruyénte, jm. destroying 
DestuTbár, va. to turn out 
Desubsiancidc, va. tu enervate 
Desucaciün, \ . act oT extract- 

iTit the jaice 
Desudar, va. to w^ off* the 

DesueliacAras, ««.impudence, 

an impudent person 
DofUello, am. the act of flay- 
ing, extoitiun 
I -v suerte, ad. thus 
Desuncí! , va. to unyoke 
Disunion, <,. . separation, dis- 

Desunir, va. to separate 
Desbíiár, va. to tear off the 

nails i vr, to plunge into 




Desaveir, va. to remore fcr- 

Aesurdir, vs. to unvreave 

cloth» unravel a plot 
Desasar, vd. to diiuse 
Desú8o« am. disnse 
De suso, aé. firom above 
Desustanclár» va. to enervate 
Desvahár, i*a. o take away 

the withered part of a plivit 
Desvaido, da. a. taU 
X)ekvalido» da. a. hdplesa« 

eager, ardent 
DasvaUmiénto, am. derelic- 
tion, ¿bandtmrnent 
Desialtfr.Mt. cowardice 
Dt»ván, am. garret 
Liesvanecér» la. to divide Into 

imperceptible parts,temove; 

vr, to vanish 
Desvanecimiento, mi. foide 
Des-vanu, am. a garret 
Desvaporizad^o, «m. place ite. 

evaporating any tltúig 
Desvarar, vm. V. Ht* aiar, to 

put a ship in motioa tha*. 

was aground 
I'ttvariáble, a. variable 
Desxariádamcnte, ad, raving- 

ly, ditteiently 
Desvariádc, da., a. ddirloos». 

disoiderly, unlike 
Desvariar,, i-n. to delixatcy de- 
viate, u supite 
Desvarío, »m. delirium. In- 
equality, disunion 
Des«ayiuir, va. to umhaath 
Desvedado, da. a. unprohttit» 

Dekvedir, va. to revoke a pre- 

Desvelado, dai. a. watchful 
Desvelar, va. to keep awake { 

IT. to be watchfm 
Desvelo, am. want of sleep» 

Desvtonár,!». to dear the Ydat 

of ilesh 
Desvencijar» va. te . disunite i 

V». tobe ruptured 
i.'esvendár, va. to take off • 

DesventAJa, <,. dixadvaat^e 
Desventar, i-o. to vent 
'1 e.venttira, »•. mlsfiortune 
Desveniurádo^ da. u. unfiotts- 

nate, i>iup.d, niggardly 
DesxergMuádo, da. a. inpu* 

Desvergonzarse, vr. to act m 

an impudent maimer 
Desvergüenza, tf. Inqm- 


D^fB^^^ *• "»' *** '*^* 


■haats or <viBCi vht A» 

theact of diTCTting, aver- 

■iofit diaplcasart 
BMvirár, tto. to pare off* the 

fore put ef a aole 
Dtf'^Titr, va. to deflower a 

Ofeiv rtaár, va. to tain; the 

rabstanoe fttan any tldng 
Br^iTfrw, vr. to lore eace*. 

Bckvotvaddr» «m. InetTiuncnt 

Bs-d bysmJfhi 
1IC»Tol«-ér, «a. to oofbld, 

Datsm^lr, «a. to extract the 

jui*^ Bpooi any th'tig 
Imyu'.rfr y Deaynngfr, vo. to 

1>etzo-<r, Fo. to «ennd or 

hart ttte foot 
Decxfimir. «a. to extract the 

Jaic(> or solMtetM* 
BetaUár y Detayar, m. to de- 
IVt¿i!e. m. detail 
Deteredtfr ra. ». detalaer 
Dete>«<r, «a. to «top, «rett, 

refa-n ; i^. to he detained 
Detevfdo, da. a. «pwiiif. 

nii^ATd^y, iknr 
Detantacidii, <f. entbetstfc. 

Betentaddr, tm. detainer 
Detentar na. to detain 
Detergente, a. detergent 
Deteri($r, a. wor<« 
Deteriorar, ««. to deCeriovate 
Deterioro, nn. tbinc Impair- 
ed or deteriorated 
Determinación, ^f. fbrwatd- 

Dcterminrfdo, da. a. rcaolate 
Oet<>miimíBta, •m.detemiiner 
Determinar, ca. to determine, 
dbtinsonh, appidnt, decide 
DettermlnatÍTO, ra. a. deter- 
in tnntire 
Dcterkidn, <f. pitreftctioa 
Octrrvfrio, ria. a. datcnive 
Dete^ttfr, va. to deteit 
Dctleneliiiéyt mm. reet -barrow 
Detonacitfn,.^. noiee 
Detrarr.i(5n , ^ dMraeUon 
DetracUr, vm. to detract 
Detr»ct«:r, «m. dttraetoe 
Detraer, m. to detrae*, ilan> 

dar. rUiiy 
Detri», atf. behind 
De través, mi. athwart 
Dftrintoti^ «w. detrfannc 

iM**>*> <^"^* *i>^ 

which has aflfaüty 
DeofMlaa» 4f. p/. petty debt» 
DeAdo» da. /. par*nt,klndred 
Pevd^-, ra. «. debtor 
Devalar, aa. lo be driven out 

of the rl^t coiine by the 

fNc- of a cortant 
Deraaadtfra. ^. reel. Orrw- 

nmiitra tie gitpe, docit-icel 
Devimadtfr, «. winder ; qaiU 
Devanar, «a. to red 
Devanear, tm. to rave 
"e vaneo, twu dc^irntni 
Devantál, «at. apron 
DevactaeldB, ^f. d*va<tatlon 
Dev«t<r, dcKoIate 
Devenctfr, va. to obtain ai the 

reward «if laboar 
Devino, na. «. V. Aélvim 
DcvocKfn, tf. devotion, prayer 
Devoei<ináTÍa,«wi. prayer-book 
Devocionéro, ra. a devotional 
Devolver, t«. to retam a 

canae to an infieriar coart to 

be triad anew 
Dpvoradtfr, ra. t. dea wu e i 
Devonir, vw. to devour 
Devorii* a. voracioiu 
Devdto, ta.a. devout, exciting 

Dé«a,4f. prominence be t wee n 

two fissorefi I 

Dexaci<te, tf. abdieatien 
Ocxadtfz, ff. state of being left i 
Dpxádn da. a. slovenly, de- 

Dex «".'r, *ai. procveator 
Dexamiénto, am. abdication, 

in'iotenoe, lanipior I 

Dexár, «a. to leave, permit, I 

for ake, commit. Dtxar et- ' 

erito, tn leave in «rriting, ' 

leave off*, leave a lefcacy. 

DeMor atrat, to excel ; vr, 

not to take care of one's self, 

abandon one's self to. Dkt- 

ant ver, toapi>ear 
Dexativo, va. a. lazy 
D4xo. em. abdi< ation, end, 

negligence, re>-ult 
Detaf:ár,. va. to extract Use 

}olce or Mibetance of any 

DIB«-days. tüééem^ 

na, Cwt-day. t» día, by 
day. Dia par*o, a clendy< 

Diabla. Oil. cartíet^hr 
Diahiár, «a. to act the part «T 

a devil O 

DiabUxo, tm. a givat devil 
Ditfilillo. *m. an avate clever 


. devil, an ugly per- 

Dcxmw, t 

va. to pay tithes, col- 
lect tithesi 

Dermatdrio, em. place in 
which tithes are collectad, 
Uthing, tithe-gatherer 

DezroerU, y Dezmia, if. tithe- 

Detméio, sm, one who pays 
UtiMs, atitbcr 

Dte, «m. day. Dta» camU^^.^ 

Dtahol.n, «at. a 

•ort of <weet-meat 
Diabirtra. {f. a diabolical an- 

Diabtflica, ca. a. dia^ol(cal 
IhuaCúicón, emi. a nr ¡versal 

Diacitn^, «at. lemon-pad 

preserved In sngar 
Diamréto y Diaconádo, «ai. 

DiacoTiía, V- deaconry 
Dia^oní««, <f. deaconnaaa 
DÜvmo, «ai. d«acon 
Dia''tfma, if. a diai*em 
Diáf jno, na. a. trar ►parent 
Dialbrétloo, ca. «. Hiapboretie 
Diafr á^nna, «m diaphr-tgos, 

dlvisini< of the nȒtrlU 
Dléigrmál, a. á airmal 
Diaciilñra. <f. xketch 
Diaí<^cttc«, ^jr. loffic 
Dialéctico, tm. prafinser af~ 

Dialéctico, ra. a. lo^cal 
Dialecto, «m. dialect 
Dialogal, a. rotlonuial 
DMoelráT, va. to irrite día- 

Diáloao, em. dialogae 
Diamantado, da. a. belmging 

to a diamond 
Dianuinte, tm. diamond 
Diamantino, na. a. a d a m ea- 

Diametral, a. diametrical 
nimetro, ««a. dlamett-r 
mnnuSm. em, a ktnn of ydtow 
Diana, ^. kind ofbeat of dram 
Diaprea <fl a «ort of rooad 

Diario, em. joomnl 
D'ário, ria rt. daily 
Diarist», rm, diarist 
Dinrréa. ti. diarrhoea 
DiáíPíto ó Diáspm, «I.. Jasper 
Dibuxad'r.*. o«e*hod<sijp» 

hirur»?*, nr»**' 
Dibuxánte, p^- dtlineattog 
Dibuxár, «tf-tocteaw 


Dieaeidid, «f. pertnev 
Diccidn, if. diction 
Diccionario, «m. dictionary 
Dicha, V- happlneit 
Dichartcho, tm. a ▼nlgar, 

low exprecsion 
Dicho, *m. say iitf, declaration 
Diclidao, M. a. happy 
l)ieii<mbre, «m. December 
DicipHna, ^f. di5icipline 
Dictido» m. a title of dignity 

or honour 
Dictaddr, «m. dictator 
JVítadúra, tf. dignity or oflke 

of dictator 
'D'xtátnen, «m. an opinion, 

" .rtár, m 

thoughts to another with 

Dictatdrio, ria. a. dictatorial 
Dicterio* fm. Barcasm 
Didictico 6 Didasc<lico, ca. a. 

Diente, tm. tooth, fcne or 

tusk of wild boars. IHtnh 

iiteUivo, fore-tooth. DimU 

de lobo, bomÍ!>her ; pt. the 

indented edges of instru- 

Diestra, <f. the ri^t hand 
Didfttro, tra. a. rights not lef^ ; 

dexteroas ; sly ; faToorable 
Diestro, «HI. a skilfal ftnoer 
Ii\éUí,Íf. diet : daily salary of 

Judges and other oflkers of 

the law 
Ditfc, «m. ten 
Diexiochéno, tm. an «ndent 

silver coin 
Piezmál, a. derimal 
iHexmár» va. to chastise every 

tenth one of many ddln- 

Di«nmérO| tm. he who pays 

or receive» the tithe 
T>!e7.mes<no, no. a. that which 

is ten months 
Diezmo, tm. tithe, duty often 

per cent, paid to the king 
r>'f!uaaddr, «m. a defamcr 
Difamfir, va. to defome 
Difamatdrto, ria. a. deftma- 

Diferencia, </l dilferenoe» the 

disproportion between ona 

thing and another 
DifcrenciartrctodifFer; m. 

to dissent ; vr. to distin- 

fnilsh one'i self 
Diferente, a. different 
Diferir, va. to defer ; vn. to 

Ii:fica a.diff?<niU 


Dlficultaddr, tm. one who 
starts diflicuities 

Düicuitár, va. in raise diffi- 

cnltie<, render diffiralt 
•Difi'nilt'^, sa. a. difficult 

Difídacidn, if, manifekto 

Difidencia, if. diffldenc* 

Difidente, a. diffident 

Diíinír, y Difinecér, va. V. 

Defríge, tm. droas of ibdted 

DiMgio, im. V. lifiígio 

Dif\indfr, va. to diffuse 

Difunto, ta. a. dead 

Dlfosidn. </: diffusion 

Dffusívo, va. a. diffVialve 

Difi^so, sa. a. diffuse 

Difcerfble, a. dlgatíbl* 

Digerir, va. to digest 

Digestible, .1. digestible 

Digc~«tidn, tf. digestión 

Digestivo, va. a. oigestive 

Dig<<sto, tm. digest 

Digito, tm. di^t, any of ttM 
numbers expressed by sin- 
gle figures 

DigladUr, no. to fi|ibt with 
the sword fai sfat^ coov- 

Dignacldn, if. eondeaccntion 

Dignarse, vr. to condescend 

DignidM, <f. dignity, ad- 

Dignificar, «0. to dignUy 

Digno, na. a. nur' — ' 
condign, suitable 

Digressidn, 4f. d grcssion 

Dllaccrái, va, to lacerate 

DiUcidn, tf. delay 

Dilapidaddr, tm. dilapidator 

Dilapidar, va. to dilapidate 

Dilatable, a. dilatable 

DllatacidnKf«dilfttatlon, even- 

Dihitádo. a. V. Nvmeroio 

Dilataddr, ra. « one wIm di- 
lates or extends 

Dilatar, va. todilate,defer; vr. 
to expatiate on any subject 

D'.latativo, vs. a. that wlilch 

Dilatorio, ria. a. dilatory 

Dllecridn, tf. dilection 

Dilecto, ta. a. loved 

Dilema, tm. dilemma 

DiUgfocia, tf. diligmce, acti- 
vttj¡ return of av" 
ty, love, dilection 

Diligenciar, vm. to endAvoor 

DUiindéro, tm. agent, ap- 

Dilig<nte, m. diligent 

DlhiddacidB, ^f. txpl 

Digitized by 


Dihieldaddr, tm. he vbo di- 

Dilucidar, «a. todihicidate 
Diiuddirlo, tm. explanatovy 

Dilúculo, tm. the sixtii part 
in which tlie ni^ Is di- 
Diluénte, pa. diluent 
Diluir, M. to dilute any thins 
Dilusidn, if. V. Uutitm 
Dilusivo, va. a. ddusive 
Diluviar, va. import, to rain 

like a deluge 
Diluvio, «m. dduge 
Dimaiucidn, tf. actof issuing 

Dimanir, vn. to s; 
Dtmensidn, tf. din . 
Dimensional, a. belonging to 

ttie dimension 
Dimidiár, v«. to divide into 

Diminuddn,<f. contraction of 

the diameter «F a eohnnn 

Diminuir, vo. to diminish 
Diminutivo, va. a. diminutive 
Dúninúto, ta. m. defiaettv* 
Dimisidn, tf. dlmiasion 
Dimisdrias, tf. pi. dimissoiry 

Dimite, tm. ditalts 
Dimitir, M. to give op 
DhUKtla, tf. dynasty 
Dineral, mi. weight VMd by 

Dineritlo, rai. a small copper 

Dinerftta, tm. money-htmtcr 
Dinero, tm. coin, standard of 

silver. Tener id'aero, to be 

Dinerdso, sa. a. moneyed 
Dinerudlo, tm. small coin 
Dingolodángos, tm. «oté 

without meaning 
Dintel, tm. lintel 
DinteUr, va. to make lint^ 
Diocesano, na. a. belonging to 

Didcesis y Diócesi, tf. diocess 
DionikU, tf. a kind of Made 

Didptrica, tf. dioptric» 
Dids, Ml. God; an idol, wf 

Diet d andm eon JMos, An- 

weU. Por Diot, tot Ood'a 

Didsa, tf. goddess 
Dioscár, on. to claim divine 

Diosecfllo J Dimecfí« m 


Ilf^ina,«in. diploma 
Dildeniática, af. diploouuij 
Di^omático, ca. o. diplo- 

matic: privileged 
iMpiáco, MM. teasd 
Sfpsas* 4f. kind ef sorpent 
D^tica, CO. «. diptych 
iJ^ongár» va. to unite two 

Oipttfngo, mi. diphthonc 
Diputacldn, </*. depotattoa 
Dipotido, «m. depoty, asaig- 

IMpotir, va. to depute 
Dlqac, «m. dike 
DiRocidn, <f. direction 
IKr^ctamente 7 Dirécte, aí. 

OinctÍTo, va. a. diitective 
Directo, ta. a. direct, clear 
Diract/(r, «m. director, prcsi- 

Direcntiio, ria. a. directive 
IMrectdtio, tm. directory 
Dirigir, va. to guide; dedi- 
cate a work ; Ko^em 
Dirimir, ra. to disHolTe ; ad- 
just differences, aroral 
Diruir, i-o. to ruin 
Discantar, ra. to cbaunt, com- 
pose verses ; descant 
OlKcánte, am. treble, concert, 

a small guitar 
IMsceptacidn, ^. RTjrument 
Disccptár, vtt. to dUpute 
Dbcemiddr, «m. lie who di«- 

Discetnimiénto,. ftn- dUcem- 
nient; appolntineut of a 
Di^emfr, va, to discern; 

ap|>oÍDt a guardian 
Disciplina, ^f. diicipllns, or- 
der, correction inflicted 
upon one's self 
Disciplinable, a. disciplinable 
Disciplinado» da. a. marbled 
DlacipUnánte, pa. diacipliner 
Ditdplinár, va. to dj;scipline, 

drdi, chastise 
Disc^Udo, «m. number of 
scholars who frequent the 
same school, education 
Biacipulok la. «. disciple 
DíKpsi tm. ^Usk, a quoit; fiice 

of the sun or moon 
D>sc(^o, Uh n. unteachaUe 
Discolor, a. variegated with 

different colours 
Discontinuóla, «•disconünu- 

ed, sepantecl 
JNsconUnofai,. if. disagree- 


1, m. to diacerd 
Oisciftde, a. discordant 
Diac^'dia, ^. discord 
Diacrecidn,.<f. dlsaretioa, •- 

cueeneis of mind 
Discrepancia, ^j: dlacrepanre 
Discrepar, vm. to diffW- 
Discretear, vn. to be dis- 


Disgvstino, Ml. dlipliwii 
Diigústo, fm^diagBst, IU> 

humonr, sorrov 
Dtsgustifoo, sa. a. diagn»tAd 
Di^dénte. a. y. «. dis^idmt 
Disflabo, tm. a word of two 

Dktmil, a. disimilar 
^)i^imiUür, a. unequal 
Discreto, ta. a. discreet, in- Pit imulido, da. a. diasenUcd 
genious, sharp DÍ!>iinulad(Sr, ra. «. a dttaem* 

Discretório, rm. meeting of | bier 
tíie seniors of religiook bo- | Disiirular, ra. to dtascrobler 

Discrimen, tm. hazard 
Dincfilpa y Discnlpacidn, tf. 

apology, plea 
Di^icitlpár, ra. to excuse 
Discorrir, vn. to sad ; discuss ; 

t>a. invent, deduce 
Discursár, vn. to discourse 
Discursista, tm. one who dis- 
cusses any subject 
Discursivo, va. a. discursive 
Discurro, tm. ramble; ratio- 
cination, dissertation 
DismsÍ4Ín, <f. discussion 
Discutir, va. to discuss 
Disecación, tf. diásection 
Diáec.'.dtír, *m. dissector 
Disecar, va. to dissect 
Disector, tm. anatomist 
Diseminar, va. to dissemi- 
Disensión, tf. dissentlon, the 

cause of disscntion 
Dis^so d Disentimlthito, tm. 

Disentería, nf. dysentery 
Disentérico, ca. a. belonging 

to the dysentery 
Disentir, tm. to dissent 
Disefiaddr, «m. designer 
Diseñar, ra. to dtaw 
Diseño, tm. de^Jcn, delinea- 
tion, picture. V. Dtnguio 
Disertación, tf. dissertation 
Disertádor, tm. dissertator 
Disertar, va. to disfrute 
Diserto, to. a.-elcK|uent 
Distamacidn, ij'. Mt'amation 
Dis&maddr, «m. defamer 
Dis&raár, tia. to dt^fame 
Disf^mia, tf. defamation 
Disfavor, xm. disregard 
Dij>fi5rme, a. detbnn, hu(ie 
Disformidad, $f. deformity 
Dia&^z, tm, mask 
Disfrazar, ra. to disguise 
Diagtegaddn, tf. separation 
Di^regár, va. to separate 
DiagregativOfVa. a. disjunctive 
Dit^stár, va. todisgu&t ; vr. 

cloak, hide, colour 
niiimnio, «Ml. disfiimatation 
Ui^ifáble, a. easily dissipated 
Di)-¡i>aci<5n, tf. diMipation; 

le^vcax^an of the parta 

which composed a whole 
Disipado, da. a. dissipated 
Pisipdddr, ra. t. qtendthrift 
Disij^ir. ra. to dissipate 
Disipulánie, vr. to be diseased 

with the erykjpela* 
Dislate, tm. nonsense 
Dlslocacldn y Dislocadura, 

if. dlilocation, hixation, a 

joint put out 
Dislocarse, vr. to be dislocated 
Disnrinncliln, ^f. diminution ; 

disease in hiirücs' hoof^ 
Disminuir, ra. to diminish 
Disociacidn, tf' disjunction 
Disociar, ra. to disjoin 
Disoluble, a. dissoluble 
Disolución, 4/*. dissolution : 

looseness cA' manners and 

DisblutÍTo, va. a. dissolvent 
Di.'oliito, ta a. dissolute 
Disolvente, tm. dLssoIv«nt 
DiwWvcr, vn. to loosen, dis» 

solve, melt, biterrujit 
Di^un, ttn. harsh ditsonaut 

Disonancia, tf. dissonance 
Disonante, a. dissonant 
Disondr, vn. to disagree in 

sound, discdrd 
Dísono, na. a. dissonant 
DLs|>ár, a. unlike 
Diiuaraddr, tm. one thtt d!>. 

charges a gun; ratch in 

clock -work 
Disparar, ra. to discharge a 

^un ; m. to talk nnrtseiisc; 

%r. to run headlonp ; stoop 
Disparatado, da. a. absurd 
Disparatar, ra. to act or talk 

in an absurd manner 
Disparate, tm. nonsense 
Disparatorio, tm. speech 

of nonsense ,. 

Dtai«rcUHdá^<f- •ep"«Mon 

Digitized byLjO-OQlC 



DbpMldád, <f. dhpwHy 
IMqiárok «m. dbcharge; nan- 

Diqíéndio» mn. txottakwm ex- 

Dicpénu, if. di^wnic 
Dlnauáble, «. that maybe 
^¡apernad with 

Diqiensaddri nu «. on* who 
a diQMnMttoo 


DispUoencia, </; dlqtleanuw 
DbpUcánte, o. dt^Jáatinfr 
Dlaponeddr» nu ». one who 

Dimoaét, va. to anranga. 
diqíow of; on. toactfree- 
ty; vr.topraiareonc^Milf 
DbponAde* o. dlspoDibla 
D topotJdí^, 4f. dispoiitíoii ; 
praportkio ; powor j ten- 
dancj; trimofaihtp 
Diapoaitfvo, va. o. dlmattlva 
Di^m^sto, ta.a. eomáy 
IN^ta, 4f. dispute» contart 
INqmUlble, a. dWutable 
Disputador, «m. dUpotant 
Vkúntix, «a. to diqmta» le- 

si«t; mbtoargae 
DisUtada, 4f. d&Umoa» dlf- 

Diattfnte, a. distan^ oír 
IMcttfr, ni.tobedlttaiit; be 

IHatannfaiár, «a. to divide a 

BMeo, im. ütlÜxSti 
XMatinciáB, tf. ' 

prlvOeoe; oréer 
DiftingQwlc» a. dlatiagniUi» 

IMttingaldo, a. diatingnlihed 
SiitingnÍT, va. to diattagniah» 

dlsoent; Mt a peculiar 

value on ; dear vp ; tw. 

to distinguish one^B telf 
DistintlTo, va. a. distinctive 
Diatíntivo, mm. a diatiiiotive 

Bls'fnto,ta.a. diMinct 
INsttoto, «m. Instinct 
jNatrácto, «m. diiMlutton ef a 

DiMraér, «o. to dlttracti w- 
duoefímn an honc»t lift 

jMatraído, da. a. dissolote 

DiMxaimiénto, m. diatcao- 
tion: alicantloaalift 

jcofer cdlecatkm 

Diatribuiddr, mm. distributer 
Distribuir, uo. to distribute 
Distribuyante, su. distributer 
Distrito» tm. dlstilct 
Distnrbdr, o«. to dlAurb 
Disturbio, tm. disturbuioe 
Disuadir, tía. to dissuade 
Disuasivo, va. a. dissnaalve 
Disuria, ^. dysunr 
Diqmnciáfif ^f. cUañmctioo 
DiÓ'nntívo, va. o. dit^nctive 
Di^dato, ta. «. aqparated 
Ditiidmfaíoo» oa. a.^dMi7iam' 

DinrétioQi, ca. o. diuretic 
Diurno, aa.a.dlnraal 
Diurno, ««. a catholic praarer- 

DiutnmUád, «f. dluttiml^ 
Diutúmo, na. a. being or a 

long duratian 
Diva^bite, mm, vagrant 
Divagar, va. V. Vagar 
Diván, tm. divan 
Divergencia, 4/*. the act or 

rtato of dlv^l fag 
Dlvergénto^a. divergent 
Divnildád, 4f. d.verütj 
Diversifica*,, vs. to divmlQr 
Dlvenl«ki- tf. aversion 
Divorsivo, va. a. divertive 
Diverse, la. a. diverse 
DIveradrio, «ei. tan 
Divertido, da. a. aroused 
Dlvartlmliteto, tm. amuse- 

meat, avocation 
Divertir, va. to divcttthe at- 
tention, amube 
Dividendo, mm. dividend 
DividMéro, ttu^a. divisible 
Dividir, va, to dlHde^ distri- 
bute; vr. to withdraw 
ant's aelf from the compa- 
iM of another 
Divieso, tm. a morbid iwd- 

Divinaddn, <f. divination 
INvinat^o» rla. a. belon^g 

to the art of divination 
Divinidad, ¡f. divinity, the 
Hupreroe Being, &lse god ; 
wMoan of exquisite bMuty 
Divlniíár, os. to dei^ 
Divino» na. a. divine 
Divino, na. «. V. AiMm 
Divisa, tf. Inheritance} de- 

Dlvlsár,»a. to deMty at a dis- 
tance; to varr 
Divisare, tm. 


Dlvisflile, a, divmhie 

DlvMdn, tt. dlvL<iiflo 

Di visivo, va. a. divfeibte- 

Divfio, sa. a. divided 

Dlvisdr, tm. Hbm nianbar 
given In which the divi- 
dend is divided 

Divisorio, ria. a. brieqgfa|£ 
to divisions 

Dfvo, va. a. divine 

Divordtfr, na. to divorce 

gvtfrcio, tm. divorce 
vulgtfble, a. that «bleb 
may be divulged 

avulgaddn, «f. pnbUcatian 
vttlgadór, ra. t. divwiglr 
Dlvul^r, oo. to pnUUl 
Dis d Dize, tm. rdica. JMcee, 

Ddbfs, ^. an ancient 9paa6h 

gold eoin 
Dobladamente od. doably. 

Dobladillo, 11a. a. ahert nd 

Dobladme, tm. hem 

Dobladura, <r. ibid; ledhene 
in battle; maUdoas fiibtri- 

DobUr. OB. to dooble^ Ibid, 
bod; toll the passinic 
b^. Botiar la roéOa» to 
kneel; «a., to swerve fVMn 
Justice, vr. to be li^away 
by the optn .00 of another 

Ddble, a. double, strong 

Difble,«in. creese; t«D oTttie 
pas! tag bell 

Doblegdiile, a. ÚMt which 
muj be doabled or lUdcd 

Dohl<itadfse, sa. a. flt to ha 

DoU'erO va, to Uend; m. 


D bMte, a that «hSdi IsW. 
fween double and sin^; 
tn\ fiK^itloos gem 
oUé7,«in. orease; dlMlm»> 

Drfblo, tm. donMe 

Det>l(5n, tm^ douMon. its». 
IM de wora, (enadi «r • 
buOecker Mw 

not of a noble estraetion 

DHiiibilfdid, ^. dlvtatui . 

Digitized by 

Doblonáda,^. MeaperlKifr 
qtiantlty os doUsns as 

Ddce, «m. tird 

Deetea,^. dé 

Docenal, a. tW 



OoceBál, m. that «Mdk e«n- 

McU at 12 jean 
Dtfcil. «. docfle, dactíle 
noctlidid. itf. docility 
Stfctamentet ad. leatnecDr 
Docto, ta. o. learned 
Deetdr, nu «. doctor; wtfeof 

• ptaysidan 
noetdra, cT- « »•*« woman 
Doctoral, a. rélatíng to a 

Doctoramiénto, «m. the act 

ci graduating as doctor 
Xkoctoráadts im. one who Is 

«B the point of takteg eat 

Ooetorar. va, to graduate 
Poctorcfllo, 'tn. qnack 
P ectnre á r, vn. to doctor 
Doctrtea, <f. doctrine, science 
Doctrinador, ra. «. Insemctor 
Doctrina, m. ratachlgm ; 

Doctrinar, ra. to teach ; break 

in ho-ses 
Dortrinéro, «m. teadur of the 

Christian doctrine 
Doctrino, mn. an orphan eda- 

cated in a college 
Documento, tmu instractiao ; 

docnnaent, writing 
Dadr<nte, fwi. be?a«ge pre- 
pared horn nine dM^rent 

Ingredients ; taetsare of 

twelve Inches 
Do^ «m. rope tied rotnid 

Dogma, na. dogma 
Dagmat&ta, «IN. dogmatist 
Dogmatizaddr j Dogmatl- 

xinte, im. dogmatist 
Dtynatisár, «m. to dogma- 

DiSgo.«M. tenier 

Doladera, a. qvpUed to a 000 

Doladdr, *m. Mner 

DoUJe, gnu the wine whl<ii 
the «aves of pipes im- 

DoUmM J DoUmcs, ». pi. 
Hidden vires and defects bi- 
ddent to hordes 

Dotal, va. to plane wood' or 

Dolencia, »/. disewie 

Doler, m. to fed pate; he 
unwl.lirg to act ; vr. to 
be son J, lamvnt 

l»oIié"tc, o- sutfMng or la- 
bouring under a complaint 

Dolimán, tm. kind ok long 

DuUúso, sa. a. tarry 


DoMita, sm. sQÜhrar 
D^ rat. fraud, deceit 
IVtMr, «n, pain. itfUlcthm, !•• 

D i.l"rf45o^ da. «. dtdrlVl 

D. 1 iiiriJo»jwt, the chief ^pom- 

*T i MM In |tiin 

Dii'u^MiTB, rsr'i. £AS}.iinw Data 
^ .T pirf ^ "^^ 

D<tlMid»q T DdloKkka, «a, a. 

D .(aw, 19. 41- diilYltfuI 
Dc;nálf1e^ «. iMtnrmtt}t 
Diaioaddr, ra- *, tunvf 
DumAdaM, ^^ wt rf 
D43ináAÍ«>» rm. Anumín 
Duinír, m. ifr tame* 
DümlM, m. doftie 

DtNnef.i/-, va. tDTCirblni 

IXc)iinM!iiil|.|tf^ d. u^kfthTc of 

It^Jnit damdlrÉled 

Domesti(idád, if. domesticity 
Doméstii-o, ca. a. belengtag to 

the house 
Dom^lco, tm. mnant who 

Uves in the house 
Dome tiques 7 DomMtIfuéca, 

<f. medcncss 
Domiciliado, da. «. fMcivwl 

asacitixen oTapIar* 
Domiciliarle, tm. Inhabitant 
DomicUiáne, vr. to catabtisb 

onc^ Mlf in a residence 
Domicfiioy tm. hahitatioo 
Dominación, ^. donünien 
Dominadih-, «m. dominator ■ 
Dominante, o. dominant 
Dominar, va. to domineer; 

to rise above otíiers 
Dtfmlne, mi. master or tea- 
cher of prammar ' 
Domingo» *m. Sondar. Do- 

mingvdtramio», P^OmSon- 

Dominguero, ra. a. heknging 
to the Sabbnth 

Dominica, ^. Sunday 

Dominical, a. belmglng to the 
Lord's day 

Dominicano, na. y Dominico, 
ca. a. belonging to the Do- 
minican fmrs 

Dominio, »m. dominion 

Don, $m. a don, title ; gift ; 

Don de gentes, tm. national 

Don de acierto, «m. gift of 

Ddna, <f. lady 
Donacidn, «f. donatk» 
Donado, «. lay-brother 


Donaddr, ra. i. donor 
Donir, ra. to bestow 
Donatario, tm. donee 
Donatifita. a. donatist 
Donativo, tm. donativo 
Dona/re, tm. grace, witlj mg^ 

Ing, pleasant Jrtt 
Daniqrrtf«>, sa. a. pleasaa» 
Donrtfl, tm. a man who has 

not carnally known a w^ 

Donc#lhi, (f, TTifljil, Lfcjj'i 

riLi-ld i^Aii:» . A«h i úif bmiri * 

b> tararí.! 
DonL-etiec^ ,r^ ririoaitj 

mild -mita m^rHt* 
DwK5rilA,a,jFr a^lbjl 
Doncefla^^.^ if. «n ^ iruüd 
DimoílidiÉl*, V"- a^Minf mild 

wtilthf/ ? D-t riiMti^r P frtn» 
mint [l-ut ' jfji-f-T 4ídj>iííf Í 
W*aru* wuBt piBcv r 

Don di^ de nedie, «m. 

>dan. marvelefPem 
poncffillero, sm. a swhidtav 
'^^^, tf. graoclWnesi 
^. piece of plaltii 

Dondso, sa. a. gsgr, wit^ 
DenoeAra, <A wltti saymg 
Ddfia, itf. tody 
Dofiaár, «a. to paas Úm Uta» 

much with 1 



DoradiI10|«m. 11 

Dorado, da. a. gilt 
Dorad4ir, «n-gOdar 
Doradura, tf gilding 
Dosrál, «m. fly-cardiar 
Dorar, iia.toglld 
Donias, </*. a sortof hhmBb 
*N]>emál, tm, a sort vtikm- 

ered muslin 
Ddrioo, ca.a. dorfe 
I'ormwB, ^. repose 
Dormideras, tf.fLá 

tm. place where cattle re* 

Dormiddr. tm. a great dasp- 

Dormidos, t. pt. clamps 
Dormidftra, <f. sleep 
Dormiéates, tm. pt. V. Dur- 

DormHdn, na. »• a dull sleepy 

iJ^U^vn. to «>¡*P5 «'""^ 
a TCRtel J rr. to be ovea- 

come by •'^j.,^ 
DormiUr, w^ \®****- 


DormiUvo, m. * loparifienras 

Dormitdrio, «m. dormitoarj 

I>un^jo, tm. trough 

Dorsal» a. dorsal 

DJno, tm. the back part of 

Dos, «m. two. A' dot mano», 
with both hands. Dotddoi, 
two by two 

Doaañáii a. biennial 

Dosciénto*, tas< a. pi. two 

Dosel, tm. canopy 

Doselérai if', valance 

DiSiiis, </*. a dose 

Dotación, 4/*. foundation» do- 
tation» munition of a for- 

Dotador, ra> t. donor 

Dotal, a. relating to a portion 
or dowry 

Dotar, tio. to portion 

Ddte, «. portion given with a 
will!. pi.pfu 

Dottfr» tm. £)ctor 

Dovela, if. keystone 

DoreUgt^ tm. series of curved 
stones fw an arch 

Dovelar, va to hew a stone in 
curves fbra keystone 

Dozabádo, d&. a. twelve sided 

Dozavo^ va. «. the twelfth 

Drába,<f. whitlow 

Drácina, if. a drachm 

Dragante, tm. goat's thorn. 

Drago, «in. dragon-txee 
Dragón, tm. an old serpent. 

Dragon marino, sea-dragon; 

white »i>ot in the pupiL of 

horses' eyes 
Dragona, if. beat of tl>e 

drum peculiar to dragoons, 

témale dragon 
Dragoncflio» tm. kind of 

ancient gun 
Dragonear, vn. to dxagoon 
Dragontino, na. a. bdonging 

to a dragon 
Drama» tm. drama 
Dramático» ca. a. dramatical 
Dreito, tm. V. Derecho 
Dríada ó Dríade, if. Dryad 
Dtíao,tm. a kind of venomous 

TItUas, if. pi. haliards 
Drix ir. lao. to hout or haul 

up the yards 
Droga, if. driig 
Droguería, ifi a druggist's 

Droguero» tm. dniggist 


Droguéte, tm. drugget 
Droguista, «m. cheat 
Dromedario y dromerto, tm. 

Dropac&mo, m 

far taking off hairs 
Druida, tm. Druid 
Dua, if. kind «f 

Duin» tm. V. Diva» 
Duba, if. wall or endosure 

<^ earth 
Dubdánza, if. V. Ditda ; finr 
Dubiedád» if. doubt 
Dubitable, a. doubtful 
Due, tm. V. Dwy* 
Ducado, tm. ducny» ducat 
Ducal, a. ducal 
Ducatdn» «m. an ancient gold 

Ddcha, if. list; straight piece 

of land rei4>ed by a 

Ducho, cha. a. dextrous 
Duciéntos, tas. a. two hun» 

Ducir, va. to guide 
Ductfl, a. ductile 
Ductilidad, if. ductility 
I>uct<Sr, #m. guide ; probe 
Ductriz, if. conductress 
Duda, if. doubt 
Dudable, a. dubious 
Dudar, va. to doubt 
Dud«t(so, sa. a. doubtftal 
Duela, if. stave 
DueUita, tm. duellist 
Duelo, tm. duel, sorrow, 

pain ; Duélot, troubles 
Duende, *»«. elf, feiry 
Duendo, da. a. domestic 
Dueña, if, maiden lady 
Dueñáza, tf. an old widow 
DuiSño, tm. owner 
Duémo, tm. double sheet 
Dula, if. herd of black cattíe, 

bordes and mules which 

graze on the same pasture 
Dulce» a. sweet» tasteless, 

ple¿ísant» soft; tm. conii- 

Dulcedumbre» if. sweetness 
Dúlcemele, tm. dulcimer 
Dulcificante» pa. dulcifying 
Dulciücár, va. to sweeten 
Dulcísono, na. a. iweet-toned 
Dulcir, va. to grind plate- 
glass . 
Dulia, if. worship of the 

Duliaián, tm. long robe worn 

by the Turks 
Duizamáta» «. woody ni^t- 

shade t 

Digitized by ' 


Dulz<yna, if. a musical «ind 

Dulzázo, E9. a. nauseoüisty 

Dulzorár, va. to sweeten 

Dulzura y Dulzdr, t. aweet- 
ness, pleasing manner of 
speakuig or writing 

DnUurar, va. to duldty 

Dunas, if. fi. downs 

Duneta, if. the hi{^wst pot 
of the poop 

Dungárras, if a sort of white 
cotton stun* 

Duodecimo, ma. a. twelftli 

Duodécupio, pla. a. twelve 
times doubled 

Duodeno, na. o. twelfth 

Duomesino» na. a. relating to 
two montlw 

Dupla»' </; a doable portioo 

Duplicado, tm. duplicate 

Duplicar, va. to double, rB> 

Ddplioe, a. double 

Duplicicüid, if. duplicity 

Duplo, tm. double» duple 

Duque, tm. duke 

Duquecito, tm. a petty duke 

D>iqiié:ía» ^.durliess 

Dura, tf. duration 

Durable, a. durable 

Duración y Durada, if. dura- 
tion, continuance 

Duradero, ra. a. lading 

Duradór, ra. a. durabl 

Durando, tm. kind of doth 

Durante, ttn. during 

Durar, VN. to Lut 

Ouiamfto, tm. a small peach 

Durazno y Duraznero, «m. 

Dureza, if. tiardness, stesdi* 
ne«, dure^e, want of soft- 
ness, tumour 

Duriágra, if. a sent of cotton 
striped stutT, white and 

Durillo, 11a. a. rather hard 

Durmiente» ttn. cruet-stund» 

Durmüntes y Durmientes» am. 
pi. clamps; Sota-dumú- 
entett thick-stntf 

Duro, ra. a. hard, hard-heart- 
ed, stubborn, rude» carry- 
ing a stitf sail 

Duro, tm. dollar 

Durs ti Dutidungai>drts, am. a 
Kind of cotton Ktuff 

Dntrda, if. thorn-apple 

Duunvlnito, tm. duomvi- 

^S^iW- *»ke. dose 


£a Pti», iMerj. «f infetaiee 

or inquiry 
E«l, MI. ATX arapUbioM ani- 
mal c^ India 
Ebanificar, va. to poliih like 

Bkmníttm,fin. cabineC-maker 
Ebanistería, 4f. cabinet work 
E'lwno, *m ebony 
Ebriedad, <f. ebncty 
B'Vrto, rfau o. inebriated 
EbridMfSa. m. intoxicated 
Ebdmo, stm. iwmj 
Bcnetnhno, «h. iniage of Je- 

nu Christ 
Eoetaár, t)». V. Bjoetftmáir 
Echacorvear, «o. to pimp 
6»idii of a ybap or pro- 
Bfhacnérros, «m. phnp 
Bcháda, Kf. cast, the act of 
throwing one's self on the 


Ectfpo, Ml. ac^rpe 
Ecuniéaico, ca. oi nhiTcmd 
Edad, <^ ae% any period of 

Edecán, «m. aide-de-camp 
Edema, tf. a white, soft t«- 

Edematoso, ta. a. oedematotu 
Ediddn, if. edition 
Edicto, «wi. edict 
Edificación, «f. constniction. 


cm. a place fbriest- 

Echadillo, «m. inhnt expos- 

Echadizo, xa. o. mbomed to 
pi7 into other people's ac- 
tiooa; supposititious; ex- 

E(Sa^, ra. #. one who casts 

Ediaddra, 4^ the act of I^- 

ing one's self down in any 

Place, squat 

Echamiento, «m. projection 

Echar, to. to cast, torn or 

drive away, thoot, iqpply, 

bahUe, irapate, Incline, 

distribat^ iiabUsh, propore, 

takaarowL BdUráJbnéo 


Bekar á tnmifa ^ taUgm, to 
Calk nonsense. Edkor a/ 
w mw J o , to create. Bckar d 
mnda. to cast anchor. Behar 
«» (wrm, to land ; t. to lie 
down on one's bed, yield 

EdesUst ioo, «m. clergyman; 
a. aodedactical 

XcUmible, a. that may be 

■cHpsar, tw. to eclipsa 
Bdfpse, «m. ecUpse 
EcUfwIs, ^. dlipds 
Eclíptica, ^f. ediptio 
E'cloga, tf. eclogue 
B^co, tm. echo; hole la a 

Boonomla, <f. economy 


Edhicaditt, ra. : one who adl- 

Edificante, a. edifying 
dj:^-^_ ,^ ^ construct ■ 

EdifieatiTo, va. a. exemplary 
Edificio, m. edifice 
Edfl, m.edile 
Edilidtfd, 4f. edileship 
Üdltór, tm. editor 
Edredifn, Ml. cider-down 
K du ca c idn, <f. ednc at i en 
Edncaddr, nu «. instructor 
Educánda, <f. young pcnoa 
"diat enters a coUcfge or con- 
vent ta be educated 
Educando, da. «. y o. adnoat- 

ing, instructing 
Educar, va. to educate 
Ednccttfn, <f. eduction 
Eductr, va. to educe 
Efiectivo, va. a. efiectlve 
Efecto, m. e^ct. porpnae; 
p/. assets, goods. En i^fieta, 
m fact 
E&ctuál, o. effectual 
Efectuar, va. lo eff'ectaate 
Efeméildes, </; pi. ephemeri» 
Efímero, tm. a thing which 
begins and ends in one day 
Efeminár, va. to Geminate 
Efervescencia, ^. etf^tes- 

Eficacia, ^f. efficacy 
Eficaz, a. efficacious 
Eficiencia, tf. efllclenoe 
Eficiente, a. efficient 
Efimera, <f. ephemera, any 
thing of a short duration ; 
an insect that lives but one 
Eflorecéncia, tf. cfDoresceace 
Bfluéncia, ^f. effluence 
Bflávlo, im. efBuTlum 
Bflnxldn y Eflúso, «. exhala- 
tion, evaporation 
Efftglo, tm. sobtcrftige 
BMgtada, V; «OVügenca 


Bfkndir, «a. to cinise 

EAisidn, <f. efTuMon} cenA- 
dantial disdosore af senii- 

Bfl&so, sa. «. efTtased 

Egertid, <f. nacewiiy 

Effeititfrf, If. ezefttion 

Egílope, rf. wild bauard aat 

Egipoaco, Egipciano, y egip- 
cio, o. E|ar)Mian 

Eafra, ^f. hcgira 

^ Sibga, 4f. eclogue 

Egofcmo, cm.aKOtisn 

Egofita, Mt. «gotist 

Egresidn, <f. cgroMlon 
Egrliir, va. to grind and po- 

lish diamonds 
Kguál, a. V. Iguai 
Knalár, va. V. Igualar 
m, Ella, EUo, pwn. he, she 

BHa, ad demom. thera she is 
Elabattt:, va. to alaborata 

Baeitfn, «f. elation, augnaoi* 

mity, rtevation 
EUsticidid, <f. elasticity 

Elástico, ca. a tlMüc 
Elatfoe, <f. smooth speedwell 
Eláto, ta. a. praumptnouft 
BTlche, MI. a;KwUte 
B'le, ad. demon, see «his 
Eletíortna, ^f. helleborlne 
Eleorfate, tf. el«.ctit*n, volun- 
tary prefinence, cl.oice 
Electivo, va. n. e'ectire 
Electo, ta. a. elect 
Electo, MI. an elect 
Elector, int. e'ector 
Electora !o, mi. electorate 
Klectorál, a. eljctoral 
Electr cicád, •/. electricity 
£!éctricj, ca. a. «lectris 
£l<>ctriz. ^f. elect-ess 
Electrizar, va. to electrify 
Etéctro,' tm. eloctre or am- 
ber : a mixed metal of four 
parts gold and one of silver 
Blectrtfmetro, mi. an dactro- 

Elertuário, mi. electuary 
Elefante^ ta. 1. «de «huit 
Elefantino, na. a. clOi hantine 
Elegancia, tf. elf g nee 
Elegante, a. elet;ant 
Elegía, 4f. an elecy 
Elegiaco, ca. a. efegiao 
Elegible, a. ellcible 
Elegidos, Ml. p/. the elect 
Elegir, va. to átooim 
V'Xatm. VA. a. luonrntni 




.ttüng «liloh 

» the 

EUnco, «Ml. index; • Mvt of 

Bléto. «A. a. «rtonbhed 
Bleraddn, ^. devaticn, rte, 
•ztasy, altttode 

Bleramlénto, ^ 

Elevar, no. to «aiwt vf.tobe 

nfrntoTCd, be dated with 

ElMte, ta. c elected 
EUdir, M. to veeken 
Bligfr, vm. to choose 
£Uptico» ce. m. elliptie 
Elistios Campot. «ei.rl.ely* 

pf^n field* 
EUitiible, a. capable oTbeaig 

nude an elixir 
BUiár, «L to beU n^ e t a bU 

Eno, «d. dcNMA. baboldit. v. 

Blogiaddr, ««. eak^ 
RlogUr, M. to praiie 
Bidgio, «m. an ealqgy 
líloitbta, tm. «noemlati 
Kioqdéncia, ^f. eioquenee 
Kioatténte, «. eloqnmt 
Bluoir, va. to elude 
Bmanad<re, tm. aource 
Kmandnte, a. emanating 
Kmanir, «». to emanate 
Kmandiiár, vm. toemanclpate 
Emanuel, «m. Inunanud 
Embabiamiento, «M. atupid' 

it7; distraction 
Embachir, va. to pen aheep 

lobe shorn 
Embadurnar, tw. to besmear 
Embaidfk, ra. «. ¿larper 
Embaimiénte, ««b delnsiaB, 

illuiiion, deceit 
Kmbatfr, ne. todecflve 
Embaladdr, «. packer 
EmbaUge, «m. paoUag 
Embalar, tw. to embale 
Erobaldaiddo» fnu tile>floor 
Embaldosar, tm. «o floor with 

Embolijtfr, va. to p«^ up into 


Emballestado,**!, contraction 
of the nerves in the ftet of 

EmbalsadénMin. pool ofatag* 

mero, «m. one «ho profiM- 
•es the art of embalming 

into a pool of stagnant va- 

qniOfyi vr. to embarrass 
one^ self with bostaMss 
Embanastar, no. to pat into a 

to stupefy hsh( «n to be 
entangled among the roots 
of plants 
Bmbarbeodr, tw. to have • 

BmbujUlUr,ee. to jola planks 

or beems togethsr 
Embarcación, 4f. vesari or 

ship of any sixe, embaiea- 

tion, navigation 
EmbarcadAo, — 

rharf, port, 
enrinrks or ships goods 
Embarcar, tw. to embark ; vr. 

to go on shipboard 
Embarco, am. embarcaban 
Embargaddr, tm. one who se- 
Embargante, pe. arresting 
Bmbaigánte, (No), mC not- 

a portmanteau 
mbalienadiSr, «m. 

Emballenar, tw. 



Embargo, mi embargo 
Embarnecer, vm. to grew 

Bmbamisadúra, ^. ttie act of 

BmbamlKdr, va. to vaaiah 
Embarque, am. e ai ba r catioB 
Embarrador, «m. plasterer 
Embarradura, 4f. the act of 

overlaying with plaster 
Embarair, va.tooTerla3r wtth 



plaster or mortar; wr. 

mount upon trass 
fimbaiTÜir, tw. to band 
Embasaménto, am. basis 
Embastar» tw. to put a pack» 

saddle on a beast of boTthen 
Embastecer, m. to twnonif 

Embate, tm. the dashing o< 

waves against rocks ; amah 


ito,««i. dncp^ 

tion, Ulusion 
Bmbanetfr, tw. to delude 
Embauco, «ni. artñil delusion 
Embaular, «a. to pack op ia 

kk, ra. «. hnnoctor 
, tw, to deodve 
Bmbeléoo. am. fraud 
BmbeMWido, da. a. emaptnr. 

ed, stupefied 
BmbeleRar, tw. to stupefy 

object of ai 
Bmbdlaaoecéne, «r. to W 

low minded 
Embellecer, »a. t o yAeM A 
Embeodar, tw. to tntoKJcaie 

a ripe eetonr 
Bmberm^fdr, tw. to give a 

red colour 
wnberm^fecer, tw. to úf^ 

red } tw. to blush 




e,«r. to 4y ta- 
tos «4oicnt fmaáaa 

iBbeftidúra, ^. act of im- 
■¿botfr. no. to «Mil 

Bhnbcodir. w. V. Bn^orrw 

Bmfa^, w. to piüiit vith 

tm. TOsMth. ttñ channel 
MmbocáOo, dm. m. appütd to 

vine which is pleátant to 

Ibe tasto 
SBkocadán^. act of getting 
^ In b7 a oarrov paaag» . 
to tobSr any 

ttikigl^ diei 
Btobodine, vr. to he married 
Btaib«Ur, M. to pvt baUa on 

the ends or ti|K of a boU'» 


DhoUsmaddr. nuMletractor 
' , tw. to propagate 

^boUsmo» ma. 
B'mboloirai. c» 

falto apurse 
^nU>a^, OS. to aaak* good 

•rfirm *^ 

Eabtfoo, fai. the act ef doo- 

ttag a «hip's bottom and 

•Met «itb pbnkt; Dning 
JBmbofci^ plastor «bh 

Emboque, «m. fiiiigt of a 

ball throuf^ an atdi or 

•tndt |<art 
Ctobumálest «m. pi. tempptr- 

BmlxMracfMridr nuauintoz- 


Bmbacracfaár, •■. to fartoxi- 

's iMir ; comb the wool 

joad time 

Emborrascar, ím. to provoke 

nborrasár, «a. to tie pieces 
of ftt pork on the body of a 
fcwl to serve as bastmg 

Emborricáis^ vr. to be stu- 

£mbamztfr, vs. to give the 
ftrst combing to wool 

Emboscada, tf. ambuscade 

EmlMMcadúrm, ^. act or «itn- 

Ir, vr, to retire intu 
the thickest part of the lb 

£mbotaddr,finJie who Uunt» 

the edges of swords, Slc. 
Embotadura, ^f. the act of 

Embotamiento, «m. the act of 

Embotar, vm. to blont 
EmijbtdUr, «a. to bottU U 

Emboticar, «w. V- Ahmmte- 

Embot^, ma. to lay a stra- 

Emboxár, «a. to arrange 
branches te silk-womu 

Embtfxo, «at. the shed erected 
ibr the ¡üfc-worms 

Emboza. ^J. inequalities in 
the bottom of barrels 

EmbozádOf da. a. covered 

Embocar, ra. to muffle the 
greatest |>artof dieflice 

Embdxo, sm. covering for the 
face, rlie act of muffling 
the greatest part of ttie face 

Embdzo (1*^,) ad. incognito 

Embracilado, da. a. carried 
about in the arms 

Embra^T, va. to sUng 

Embra\ecér y Embravar, va. 
to enrage ; ra. to becc«ne 
strong ; vr. to become furi- 

EmbrarecimWnto, «m. fury 
EmbraxadÉra, «/. clastping of 

aahidd or bockter; em- 

Embrazar, va. to daap 


B«hr«<r, aa. W paf • *^ 

with pitch 
Erabve¿ánct •<^« *■* ^oamü 
Embretarte, »r. to hide «M"» 

Mrif m thicfcati 
Embria^tr, sa. to intoaleato 
Embriago, ga. a. intoiicatcd 
Embriagmfo, ^f. intoxi^atioa 
Lmbriár, m. to toss in th« air 
Eit.brVtár, va. to bridla 
i.mbrión, un. embryo 
Embrocar, as. to put oat «# 

voe TeMd mto a poc hrr 
Embrochido, da. a. cmbtal- 

dered with gold or silver 
Erobr<iUa 6 EmbrtiUo, «. fraud 
Km brollador, ra. y Km broi- 
ler, *. one who tt-.tjjifflea 
EmbrolUr, va. to «ntangia 
Enibromido, da- «■ mtuy 
Embroniad<ir, ra. «. one wb* 

decnv» by artibl tricks 
Embromar, so. to rxci'e dis- 

fuie», deceive with failaci* 

ous wordt 
Einbroc.ueUrse, ar. V. Abrt' 

Embro^uüár, xa. to pat cat- 
tle into a fold 
Embrujar, to. to bewitch 
E.Dbru e er, ra. to Uupcfj 
Kmbucbáilo, na. a sort 4f 

large tauaages 
Embuchar, va. to ^toff with 
minced [«rk or other meat ; 
to cram or stuff' the sto 
inach of animal« 
Embudadiir, *m. filler 
Eii)budár, na. to putafiumal 

in a wine bag 
Embudo «m. funnel 
Embuduta, «m. man wfaa 

make- funnels ; deceiver 
Emborujar, va. to juiciUe 
Embornar, va. V. Empt^ar 
Embuste, sm. fraud. Emi- 

bviU», gewgaws, baubles 
Embustear, vm. to make fire« 

quent use of frauds 
EmbuOeraxo, fm. a great im- 
Embu&ttfro.ra. y Bmbostiddf^ 

s. impostor, hy(KKnt« 
EnibUí'ír, •«. lo cheat 
Embutido, tm. inlaid work 
Embutir, DO- to mUy.jumbla 
Ern. !ga, ^f- a Urge furrow 
Ktnel^, va. lo make ux^ 

furrow» . . , 

Eroendable, a. w«»«[i^™V^ 
Emendacl<5o, <f. w^*^™^ 
EtoitndaáóT, *m. he who m- 



Kmet g tutAiL, ^. «mergaocj 
Bmenfnta, a. cmemait 
EméMtOi o. ementus or «n* 

Emgnláa, <r. «mersian 
Emético, ca. a. emetic 
Kmiénda, if. amendment, 
chastlaement, compeiua» 
tk», MttaCtction 
Emigrado* da. o. y «. emi- 
Emigrar, vm. to emigrate 
Emina, <f. measure ; ancient 

Eminencia, <f. eminence ; ti- 
tle given to cardinal» 
Bminenciál, a. eminential 
Eminente, o. eminent 
Eminentiaimo, m. title of tbe 

Romish cardinal! 
Emiüárie, ffwi. emiaary 
Emi4(>n, tfi emiiti<m 
Emitfr, «a. to emit 
Emoliente, o. emollient 
Emolumento, «m. emolument 
Empacir, t». to pack up in 

chesti ; vr. to be rallen 
Brapachido, da. a. rarfeited 
Empachar , Impede, per- 
plíBx, aúrfeit ; «r. to he a- 

Empádio, *m. bashftilneu, 
embarrastment, rarfiiit 

Empadronador, tm. enrdler 

Empadronamiento, am. list 
or perMms liable to pay taz- 
m. V. Padnm 

Empadronar, va. toenter in a 
x^gtn the names of those 
who are liable to pay cer- 
tain tase* 


Empalagar, vs. to dojr 
Empalago, «m. «urliiit 
Empalagoso, sa. a. squeamish 
Empalar, va. to empale 
Empaliar, va. to bans with 
tapestry a church, cloister, 
or other place, through 
which a procesdon passes 
Empalizada, ^f. palisade 
Kmpalletiido, «m. netting 
Empalmar, va. to Join the 
eudi of two pieces of tim- 
Empalomár, tMi. to sew the 

bolt -rope to the «ül 
Empundda, «f. meat-pie 
HiitpxiJdo, $m. centre- room 
Kin)i»o^<ii-, va. to cover with 

p ute ; sow grain 
K'apnnü.'ír, r<i. to bend into 

an arch 
Ei^i'^HiUlLir rii. to hide 


Empañicar, vm. to Airl 
Empantanar, va. to sub- 

raeive, bemire 
Empañar, va. to swaddle» 

corw with clouds 
£m uapagayáne, vr. to be bent 

like the tieak at a parrot 
Empapar, oa. to soak ; t>r. to 

imbibe, be in a trance 
Empapelador, Mm. paperer 
Empapelar, va. to wrap up in 

EmpÁpiroUdo, da. a. fhll 
Empapir<>t,ido, da. a. kifty 
Empapirotar, tw. to adorn 
Empapujar, do. to fill up to 

Empa>{ue,«in. the act of pack- 
Empaquetador, tm. packer 
Empaquetar, va. to pack 
Brapaxamentái, «a. to adorn 
Emparamento 6 Empara- 

miénto, tm. sequestration 
Eraparár, vo. to sequestrato 
Emparchar, tw. to cover with 

a plaster 
Emparedado, da. «. cloisterer 
Emparedamiento, tm. con- 

flnement; cloister 
Emparedar, va. to confine 
En.par^)addr, tm. he who 

Empar^ladúra, ^f. equalisa- 
Empax^aCf va. to natch ; 

«n. to put abreast 
Emparentar, on. to be related 

or allied by marriage 
EmpanEtfdo^ «m. arbour made 
with the branches of prop- 
ped vine* 
Emparrar, oa. to embower 
Emparvar, vo. to put gnin in 

order to be thrashed 
Empastar, va. to pasto ; co- 
ver plentifully with colours 
En^iatár, oo. to equal, chec^, 

cut short a speech 
Empate, tm. equality, stop 
Empavesada, <^ waist clothes 
Empavesar, vo. to spread 
waist clothes on the sides of 
a ship 
Empecer, va, to hurt 
Empechár, va. V. Impedir 
Empec(ble, a. hurtful 
Empedernir, va. to indurato, 

vr. to be petrified 
Empedrado, tm. pavement 
Empedrador, tm. paver 
Empedrar, va. to pave 
Empega, cf. vanii^ of pitch 
Empegadura, ^. the ramith 


of pitdi which la pnt e» 

Empegar, va. to pitch 
Empeguntár, «o. to mark 

with pitch 
Einpelár, vn. to set b^r 
Empt^lla, tf. the at of fimla s 

upper leaúier of a shoe 
Empellar y Empeller, vo. Ca 

Empell^}ár, va. to cover witb 

Empelldn, tm. posh 
Empelotjlrxe, vr. to quarrel, 
to be vexed 

with plumes 
Empenta, /¡f. prop 
Empentar, va. to push 
Eropéfia, if. upper leather of 

a shoe. V. POla 
Empefiár, va. to pawn, en- 
gage ; vr. to bind one^s urif 
to fulfil, conuact, persist, 
intercede ; be anlMiyed on 
a lee-shore 

tracked by pawning; en 
gagement, earnest destare, 
boldnass, firmness, protec- 
Empeocár, wo. to impair; tm. 

to grow worse 
Empeoueftecér, on. to gcov 

Emperaddr, tm. empetor 
Emperatriz, <f. empress 
Emperchar, «o. to suspend 

Emper^lárse, vr. to be •• 

Emperezar, «a. to belaiy, be 

Empericado, da. a. to b« 

dressed in style 
Emperifollado, da. a. covered 
with ribbons and orna- 
fimperifblUr, va. to deoomte 
Empernado, a. Bien ó mal <m- 
pemadot weH or in nailed 
Empernar, tNi. to hoit; to 

mend stockings 
Empero, eon), yet. V. Pero 
Emperrada, <f. a sort of game 

at cards 
Emperrarse, vr, to grow mad 
Empesaddr, tm, handfol «^ 
rushes used by weavente 
trimming their yam 
Empetro, on. crow-b mj _ 
Erapéyne, tm. groin, insiepk 
hoof of a beast, ringwonn t 
flower of the cottpn plant 


Einpeyiidaoi a», a, fbll of ring- 

Empezar, va. to begin 
LiB}iJcár, va. to haug ; vr. to 
be too orach attached to 
mny tlJng 
Empicotar, va. to pillory 
Empiedro, *m. paring 
Eini<inddo, da. a. derated 
JSmpiiiadtira, 4f. exaltation 
BmpinaTuitoto, «m. erecUon 
£ropinár, va. to raise* drink 
much ; tr. to %tsaá on tip- 
Cntptao» tm. elevation 
Ümpioiár, va. to tie the leg! 

of bawka with JeMet 
Bntpfrro, «tw. empyrean 
Empíreo» rea. a. empyreal 
Bmpirico, tm. quack 
Emiñzarrir, va. to slate 
JSmplaütadúra y Emplasta- 

miento, ». plastering 
Emplatt^, va. to a^My plas- 
ters, paint the face 
EmpUi>tico, ca. a. gintinoi» 
Emplasto, «IN. plaster 
Emplazaddr, «in. nunmoncr 
Emplazamiento y Emplazo, 

»m. summcms 
Emplazar, va. tosomnon 
Kmpioí to purchase, en* 

ploy, conMune 
Emplénta, </*. pieoe of mod- 
wall made at once 
EmuMo, tm. pnrdiaae, em- 
ploy, tveethcaxt 
Einpley'ta, if. V. Pltj/ta 
Enairicytéro, ra. «. one who 

plaitft and tells baas-weed 
Eroplomido, am. roof oorered 

with lead 
Emplomaddr, twi. he who 
corers with lead 

-, OS. to corcr with 

Bmphuttár, va. to adorn with 

plumes; m-touumlt 
Emplomeoér, im. to bcj^ to 

Bi ii p oiiwcéi, VQ. to impo- 
▼erish; vn. to become poor 
Empodrecer, vn. to cutiupt 
« - "u a. hatched 

Empolladura, <f. brood of 

■mpolrtfr , «w. to powder 

»««. topoi«m 
a. to Mir 

- , »• • gfeat ma., 

te Üie«da«rinerckandiw 


EmpotramMiito, mh. fht act 
of fcarfing two timbers to- 

Empotzár, va, to mortise 
Empozar, va. totfarow intoa 

Empradizarte, vr. to become 

Emprendedor, «m. one who 
attempt» an ondrrtaUng 

Emprender, tw. to enterpiu^ 
take, teizc 

Emprentar, va. to pms 

Bmpre&ár, va. to imprcc- 
n^e *^^ 

Emprtfsa, tf. symbols, enter- 

mirestádo, Empréstido, 6 
Emprteito, tm. loan, tax, 

SmprectUlad<fr y Emprcstil- 
idn, $m. borrower 

EmpKstilUr, va. to borrow 

Emprimido, am. last comb- 
ing to wool 

Emprimar, «o. to nrfait linen 
or cotton, «««inf n^ 

Emprimcrir, tw. to place one 
in the fint rank at a feast 

Empochár, va. to pat tkeint 
of thread into a lye 

Emrw^ita {Ht}, ad. v. p^ 

-t j U-J 

> Ml. the act 


■> more or re- 
- - '■ P, shore off 

Ettifr.ii' 1 É ir.|;.i jo, «m. in». 

^ npulae 

Í' o stretch the 

'■ i-bow 

■ p/. wings of 

w.U. 'i.'i.M^i Ute thumbs are 

tied together 
Empuñadiír, nu «. grasper 
EmpuBadtira, <f. hilt of a 

sword; EmptilUuhtnu dtl 

grain, hcad-eariiiKs 
Empollar, va. to uize by th£ 

handle, obtain an employ 

npuyárte, vr. to prick one s 

self with nails 
Emuladdr, ta. «. emulator 
EmoUr, va. to emulate 
Emnlgénte, a. emulgent 
E'mulo, tm. compstitur 
EmuisiÓB, tf. emulsion 
lunoncttfrios, tm. pi. emunc* 

Emundacitfn, ^f. cleansing 
Bn. " — "^' ' • 

«. Prep, of Ünie and place, Enarrir, ra. to narrate 
In. JBsear en Undr'it, iWgiS»*^. *«• »» ^•«=**'« 


beta London ; £n mtalamit, 

te the future 

oaeerár, no. to atad 
Enaoeytártc, tr. to ^t1'1mrt 

oUy or rancid 

nagimáblc, a. alienable 
Eoagonacidn y Enagenami- 

énto, «. alienation chimar 

of aflection, disorder at iW 

Bcntal feciütio 
Enagcnár, tw. to alienate» 

traniport ; tr. be ¿eprivcd 

of the use of raasvn 
Enaguarehádo, da. a. kMidcd 

with water 
Enaguarchár, m. to fill oi 

load with water 

niguas, ^. ft. a sort of 

linen under-pctticoat, on- 

der- waistcoat of black bail* 
Enaguazar, iw. to irrigate 
EnalWr, va. to beat iron to 

such a decree as to make it 

app««r white 
Enalbardar, t 

va. to lay a pack • 

saddle on beakts of burthen 
Enalfnrjár, va. to put into a 

EnaUonible, a. nnaücnable 
Enalmagrado, da. a. coloured 

with ochre ; rile 
Enalmagrár,ca. to cover with 

Enalmenár, va. to crown • 
wall with indented battle- 
ments or small mi rets 
Enamarilleceré, vr. lo be- 
come yellow 
Enamorada, «.'. prc»tUu(e 
Enamoradizo, za. a. iiiclii^ 

to lore 
Enamorador, «w. lorer 
Enainoramitnto, tm. act of 

Endir>orár,rc. to excite, or in- 
sj'he lüxe, make Wej vr. 
to be in lo>e 
Enanchar, ra. to widen 
Enangoslár, va. V. Aigottiir 
Enano, tm. dwarf 
Enarbolar, ta, to lioKt 
Enarcar, va. u> hoop barrris 
Enardecer, va. to frc with 


Enarenacidn, ^f. pltater, used 

to whiten wails b«fore 

painting them 

Enarenar, ta. to fill with 

sand ; vr. to run on shore 

Enarmonar, tw. to raise i vr. 

lo I i*e on the Wnd feet 
Enarración. <f. narration 
- to narrate 


Eiuutár,«iw. to pat a handle 
to anjr instrument 

En Ayunas, ad. without hav 
ing taken any food 

En Balde, ad in vain 

Encabalgamiento} $m, gun- 

Encabalgir, va. to parade on 
horse hack; tio. to provide» 

Encabellár, take a wig 

Encabeltecér, vh. to hare a 
nice head of haii 

Encabestrar, va. to lead a 
beast b> the halto^; vr. to 
be entangled in the halter 

Encabezamiento j l¿ncabezo> 
namiénto, «m. list of per- 
sons liable to pay a certain 

Encabezar y Encabezonar, tu. 
to register taxes; vr *- 
a!:ree to pay a cei' ' 
by war of taxes 

Encabriar, va. to 
ti.iiber for roofíng 

Encabritarse, vr. to rise on 
the bind feet 

Encabronar, va. to cuckold 

Encachar, va. to fíx any thing 
in a Wiill or box 

Encadenadura y ., — ,^rT..a- 
miento, #. catenation, state 
of being linked or connect- 
ed together 

Encadenar, va. to catenate 

Encaccér, vh. V. Parir 

Encalabo/ár, va. to put one 
into a prison 

Encalabriár ó Encalabrinar, 
va. to affect the head with 
some unpleasant smell 

Encalada, <f. piece of the 

trimmings of a saddle 
Encaiaddr, «m. pit into which 

hidt» are put 
Encaladura, <f. the act of 

whiten ng with lime 
Encalar, va. to cover with 
plaster ; thrust into a pipe 
Enc.illadéro, tnu shoal 
Encallar, vn. to get on shore 

on a sand-bank 
Encallecer, va. te get corns 

on the f^t 
Encallecido, da. a. troubled 

with corns 
Encallejonar, va. to put any 

thing into a narrow street 
Bncalletrár, va. to under» 



out with fatigue; be he- 

Aicalmadúra, <f. suffbcation 

isnoalnulne, vr. to be worn 

Bncalostrárse, vr. to make the 
young sick by sucking the 
first milk 
Encalvar y Encalvecer, va. to 

grow bald 
Encamarados, «m. pi. cham- 
bers in cannon 
Encamarar, va. to store up 

EncaniArse, vr. to go «o bed, 

EncambUár, va. to conduct 
water by means of arched 
Encambrar, vs. to put in a 

Encambronar, ua. to endose 
with hedges of brambles, 
strengden with iron; vr. 
to walk stately 
Encaminadura ó Encamina- 
miento, «. the act of pnttiiur 
in the right road 
Encamin((r,ua. to guide; vr, 
^ to proceed 

Encamisiida, <f. oamisado 

Encamisarse^ vr. to )Hit a 

shirt over one^ clothes, In 

order to make a camisado 

Eneamonrárse, vr. to embroil 

one's self in disputea 
Encampanado, da. m. bc-U 

Encanalar 6 Encanalla^, vm. 
to convey tturough pipes or 
Encanarse, vr. to grow sense- 

less with fbar or ciTlng 
.encanastar, va. to pack up in 
canisters, baskets, or ham- 
Encancerarse, vr. V. Cance- 
Encandecer, vo. to heat any 

thing to a white heat 
Encandelar, v». to bud, as 
trees, instead of flowerins 
Encandiladera d Encandila. 


Encatadéra, </: sorceress 
£<ncantido, da. ». haunted 
Encantador, ra. «. enclianter 
Encantamento o Encanta 
miento, tm. enchantment 
Lncantár, va. to enchant 
t^ncantarár, va. to put into a 

Encanto, tm. charm, spdl 
Encantusar va. tu coax 
EncaAádo, tm. conduit ofva- 

Encafiaddr, ra. *. one wh* 

winds the silk an quills 
Enca&adúra, <f. hedge made 

of cane or reed»; conduit 
Encañar, va. to enclose a 
plantation with a hedge 
made of cane; convey wa- 
ter throu^ conduiu or 
pipes ; I'», to form or grow 
into stalks; applied t« 

ddra, 4y'. procuress, bawd 
Encandilado, da. a. hiith 

cocked ; appUed to hats 
Encandilar, va. to dazzle With 

the light of a ca.idie 
Encanecer, vn. to grow grev 
Encanijamiénto, *»i. ^eak- 

EnoaniíáKe, vr. to pine 
Encanlflár, na. to ravel silk, 

woollen, or linen tlm»d i 

uneven { 

Encantación, 4/*. e 

ment, chaxn^ qpeU 

Encañonado, tm. wind blow- 
ing through a narrow pa* 

Encañonar, vn. to begin ta 
«TOW fledged; va. to put 
Into tubes or pipes 

Encanutar, va. to flute ; vm. 
to form strsw 

Enini-.arTT3 Uv.. da. a. eov«ed 

lSn'n|ij, ^, >íí. to put into 

£i t'r„:sl i,r,ket 
Eru.^Tu i4j. iIl, a. cloaked 

''it-, I-.J. to collect or 

. -r.lri.iti.lket 

jsf.l; pt I.. .. ,-: I ^v , vr. to cover 
_' thahood 

*" ^. tie of a 

Encapillar,' rá. to fix the 
standing rigging to tlve 
mast head 
Encapirotado, da. a. wearing 

a cloak or hood 
Encapirotar, va. to hood a 

Encapotadura y EncapoU- 

miento. V. Sobrecejo 

Encapotar, to. to cover with 

a cloak or «reat coal ; vr. 

to lower, applied to the sky 

Encaprlchárje, vr. to indulge 

in whims ° 

Encapuchar, va. to cover any 

thing with a hood 
Encapuzdr, va. to covei with 

a lung gown 
Ercarádo, da.o. faced 
Encaramathira, nf. height 
tncaramár y Encaramólo. 
Ur,ui. to raise extol 

•unAUy t tetfcoivcafaeeafaBimait «ttfc »4»m 

giic «r uk« al tewtt t^ 
IcretC; i* kaw 
birmeirap n a caMe Eoc^, «m. V. tn-itmm 
Eirmriltanii^nl, mh. act «T Kn enu<liir, «m. Wc i xa tr 

»,•«.«. oTa mA> EwMtáU^, w. t»«Mtiiy vMi to, «. th* Ara ananf* al 

«ell «iikm *fBmu-bm ia bee- , Enctntdz. m. m hagta -^-r-Mi 

hire* ; *r. t* ttoot anr'* oí v>7 tl<infb ta c«t 

■ncanudAn, 4f. Ae aatasri «df ao ia a caMl*^ h; va; E-'cvrailur. «w. Mackcr 
autc of Ikab ia tMaf b». oT <l«4nee E«k>.c>^. «a. •• pat ia Ae 

dich, waand I Eac»>trár, «a. la awi Hw ar ac* k», táock a («a ; aa. 

_ In« Oah Boeattt^, pc V. «ifateaar | Ennr^lo, ma. oU-dalh. ift. 

faeariiár, va. lo iacam { aa. Eor^uk», ea. «. etcattvtic 
le taf a rnaJin a , wiaa d, , Eitcáa to, mi. caaiaaiUnK 
cmbodj ; wr. ta aaite aa* . Eacaváa% »r. to incas* aac^» 
thtng vWt anadMr «alf 

Kncánie, ««. ftnl *ad gf«an • Eaortn, «f. «aka tian4» 
ta da^ af dw aMab aT! BnraiarWW, «a. Iw wIm ca< 

auan or iaaefU 

Rfa«a<l*ra, ^f. tfaeact af ■». 

acaaár, aa. ta mchmt , m- 
Cnrfaoa ttnmOúftg villi 
c«aft,áa <aiM ;wr. toifawwt 

kiirf oT UU ataír 
'Cncarrajéiw, «r. to be cana. 

gated, csfled, «r viteUad 
Encartaddn, «'; twmliaiai, 
f¡. ptaeai ad. 

Bncaaartfii0,da.«. «wanAd 
an *• thcave «r a Uacior 
ylhj; appUed to a rofe 

iTaiaaiihi, ««a. man vaH 

Bacaxoaár, M. (0 pac ar pack 

Bwchadaariteto, aa. aaHcte 

ad, tiJM^ 

Ea.efMdÍK,aa.V.^ trfar 

Eaccrolár, aa. ta «as tbrcai 

ra, aa. ataca I 
*h««p kdaaaar ■ 

•hati or lodk» oa 
EocCTTddara, ^. ckáoer 
BacammiéDto, «m. cUirtw, 

prl*oo.>wU «acl*«n 
Eocerrir. r«. ta lock ar shat 

a. to fM) 


ünehancIcUbr, va. te pot on 

Enchapintfdo, da. a. made in 
the manner of pattens 

Encharcarse, vr. to be cover- 
ed with «ater, to be inun- 

Enchavetár, on. Enduxvttar 
tin ftmo^ to forelock a bolt 

Knchicár, tu. V. Achicar 

Kncias, </*. p/. gums 

Enrfclico, ca. a, encyclic 

Enciclopedia, ^. encyclope- 

Rnci<5rro, «m. cloister, prison 

Encima, ad. above, over, at 
the top, besides 

Encimar, va. to raise higji ; 
vr. to raise one's self upon 

Enciméro, ra. a. that which 
is placed over or upon 

Encina, ^f. e\-er-ffreen oak 

Encinal 6 Encinf&, «m. wood, 
consisting of ever-green oak 

Encintar, ra. to garnish or 
adorn with ribbons 

Enclaustrado, da. a. shut up 
in cloisters 

Enclavacidn» tf. act of nailing 
or fixing 

Enclavar, va. to nail 

Enclavijar, va. to unite or 
join closely 

Enclenque, «m. one who is of 
a weaik or iieebie constitu- 

Enclodirse y Bncloquecérse, 
vr. to cluck, m>pliea to hens 

Encobar, vn. to cover or 
hatch Qggs 

Encobijar, va. V. CMjar 

Encobrado, da. a. coppery 

Encoclar, vn. to be 
to cluck 

Encoger, va. to cMitract ; vr. 
to be low spirited, humble 
one's sdf 

Encogido, da. a. pusillani- 

Encogimiento, mi. contrac- 
tion, lowness of qtirits, hu- 
mility, submission 

Encohetado, da. a. covered or 
overlaid with squibs 

Encoheta, vo. to cover with 

Encoladura d Bnoolamitfnto, . 
«. the act and effect ot 

Encolar, va. to glue 

Enarierixárse, vr. to be in a 


Encomendado, Mt. vassal «f 
a chief oTa military order 

Encomendamiento, «m. V. 

Encomendar, va. to recom- 
mend, praise ; vn. to bold 
a commanded in a mili- 
tary order; vr. to commit 
erne's self to another'^ pro- 

Encomendero, «m. agent 

Encomenzár, va. V. Cometí' 

EncmaUstioo, ca. a. enco- 

Encomienda, <f. commis- 
sion, charge, message, com« 
mandeiy m a military or- 
der, patronage ; Eneamim. 
da de tatitiago, daffodilly 

Enodmio, #m. praise 

Encompadrar, vn. to contract 
affinity by go 


Enconar, va. to inflame 
Encrfno y Enoonía, t. male- 

volenpey rancour 
Encondso, sa. a. apt to cause 

an inflammation, hurtftil 
Enconreár, va. to put the 

proper quantity of oil on 

wool to be carded 
En Contra, ad, against 
Encmitráble, a. that which is 

Encontradizo, za. a. meeting 

each other i>y appoint- 
Enccmtrtfdot da. a. opposite, 
Mn front 
Encontrar, vn. to meet; va. 

to find 1^ chance ; vr. to 

encounter in an hostile 

manner, meet at the same 

Encontrtfn, am. pudi» shock, 

violent concourse 
Bncopentdo, da. a. boastflil 
Encopetar^ va. to raise the 

hair hi^, as in a toupee 
Encorachar, va. to put in a 

Encorado, da. a. wra^ied up 

Encongo, da. a. excessively 

haughty, lofty, arrogant 
Ekicora}ár, va. to animate - 
Encoi3(r, va. to cover with 

Encwazádo, da. a. covered 

with a cuirass 
Encorchar, va. to hive bees 


Encordar, va. to string nost- 

cal ini-truments 
Encordelar, va. to tie or Und 

with cords 
Encordonado, da. a. adornad 

with cords 
Encord'jnár, va. to put run- 
ning strings to a purse or 

other thing 
Encorecer, oa. to skin 
Encoriacidn, <f. act of skin« 

ning over a son 
Enoomijaménto, «m. V. Got*- 

Encornudar, vn. to be^ tm 

get horns ; va. to cuácid 
Encorozar, va. to cover the 

head with a corota, worn 

by criminals condemned 

1^ the Inquisition 
Encorperir, vo. V. Ineorporur 
Encorralar, iMt. te keep in. « 

yard, applied to cattle 
Encorrér, vtu V Incurrir 
EncMtár, va. V. Acortar 
Encortinar, va. to provide 

with curtains 
Encorvada, </*. the act of 

bending or doubling the 

Encorvadura y Encorvami- 
ento, «. act of bending to • 

crooked shape 
Encorvar, vo. to incurvate 
Encostarse, vr. to stand in 

Encostradúra, <f. crust 
Encostrar, va. to rou(;h-ca^t 

with mortar, incrust 
Encovadúra, </*. act of depo> 

siting in a cellar 
Encovar, tu. to put or by up 

in a cellar 
fincoiulrse, vr. to grow lame, 

be seized with a fit of ill- 
Encrasar, va. to fiitten 
Encrespaddr, tm. cri^iing- 

Encrespadura y Encrespa- 
miénto, «. crLspotion 

Encrespar, va. to curl ; vr. 
become rouuh and boister- 
ous, applied to the sea 

Encrespo, nn. the act and ef-. 
feet of curling 

Encre&tádo, da. a, adorned 
with a crest, lof^y 

Encrestarse, vr. to get the 
comb, applied to a young 

£ni Tinado y Encrisnejáde». 

da. a. plaited, braided 
^4rucyáda, ^f. eum^ncf 


woond wane» iiiilate ; vr. 

tobe enraged 
Ebcradccér j Bncraddectfr, 

aM. to excite to crneltica 
BacaMr, vo. to pot Uqiiid* 

with a ooTcrlnf of cloth 

•r tilk ; vr. to drcu and 

ana onaCa idf fiir dcfoMC 

of the body 

EtocnUérta, <f. flraDd,d«»it 

Bncnbitfrto, ta. a. V. CmUerto 

Ebcabredizo,za^. tbat vbicfa 

can be conoealad or hidden 

Eocobriddr, ra. «. eooccaler 

and filbotty aaostore thea 

act of 
any on . 

-^--- teniplai of a kwio 
f vTm to ipneva 
. M. toftaoaln a 
Iti^e honey-comb vbJdi 
vM fonned after it vasfaD 
Xncntpar, «a. V. Oiitmr 
JBneumtnMo, da. m. nifh 
Ebcurabramiteto, «w. dM 

act of raWnf » bcigbt 
Encumbrar, «a. to raiée, «te- 
vate; vr. toberaiaed 

Ihdechár, tx. teiincfiineral 
•onn in lianaar aid prates 
fli iSm dead ; vr. to friera 
Bndachtfao, la. a. moamflil 
Bnd^onoih ca* a. endemic 
SndeaaoaMdo, da. a, ytmm 

aed with the devU 
Endemldrt oa. to poaMia 

. ««.tojoiavMis 


', v». to cat MMh 
^m ^ danacad 
Enderecen, tf. direct way to 

any place ei thing 
Etodevñadór, «m. guide 
Endcrezadtea,4f. the i 


tify, addrev ; va. to take 

tlie direct road ; vr. to lie 

Enderezo, «m. the act of di« 

rcctinga letter 
En Derreddr, a^ romd abaot 


Endiablada,^ ma 
EndlabUdo, da.«.iigly 
Endiabtir, vo. to^ 

Endfbia, «/. cndiva 
Endilgaddr, ra. «. pander 
Endilfpfr, m. to paÍMlar, fro- 

care, fecilitato 
BndioMuniénto, tm. hao|^- 

noM; ecsta^, abstraction 
Endiosar, va. to deiiy ; vr. to 

be elated with pride 
E nd o n a r , «a. V. tknimr 
Bndoaár y Endorsar, na. to 

«ndorw a bfll of exchange 
Bndoadár, «a. to hang cnr- 

of aUn of ex- 
Eodriigo, MR. ftbolow mon- 

Ekidrtea, ^. sloe 
Etodrfno, nt. tloe-tree 
Endrino, na. a. ot* tloe co- 
Endrtfads, «m. V. Arraia 
Endocfr, na. V. Jndmdr 
Endolzamiénto, «m. duld6- 

Bndaltár y Endohrorár, va. 

Endorir, m. to harden, en- 
dare, driay, pot <rfr 

Sndarecér,va. to make hard ; 
«r. to become rigoroua or 

. da. a. harúencl 
Eudnrecimiénto, «m. hard- 

neaaj obstinacy 
Enea, ^f. cat's-tail 
Kneático, ca. a. belonging to 

the nnmber of nine 
EaebnU, am. plantation of 


Enechado, da. a.«ap«aad, m 

Entfldo. «m.diU 
Enemiga, af- «amity 
Enemigáble, a. inimical 
Enemigarse, vr. to be la • 

•tato of enmity 
Enemigo, ga. a. mimical 
Enenil^. tm. enemy, bend 
Encmutid, ^. enmity 
Enemistar, va. to make an 

E'neo,ca.a.b . 
Eoergfa, </; energy 
Enérgico, ca. «. e*terg*tir 
Energúmeno, na. «. j-*rrmn 

po% rMcd with a drt il 
EnerUár, vu. V. Enxar 
Enero, mi. Jaaxurj 
Enervar, ro. ta merrate 
línesár, no. to «biie-w«*h 
Eneiár, «M. to put an ps'e 

tree to a cart or ram^'ire 
Enfadadizo, za. a. irrt(.t'»ie 
Enfadar, vo. to vex, moXeJt 
Enfa^u>, ««•. troabttf 
hníáá&M, (a. a. vex8tiaii4 
Enfaldar, va. to lop trft' tY*t 

lower branclun of tirc^ ; 

vr. to tuck or trius up the 

skirta of one's clothe» 
EnfiUdo, tm. act of tackfni; 

or tnuaing op one's cUnht% 
Enfangarse, vr. to touch 

ground in a mify or mud- 
dy place 
Enfarciaddr, tm, a packer 
Knfanlár, va. to park 
Enfarilelad/{r, *m. packer 
Enfordrl^ára, */. act of 

pa> kint; or embalirg mer- 

Chan*' i -e 
Bnf ird^-Lir. wi. to bale 
K'nfi«i*, tm. ein]>h.isi» 
Enfático, ca. a. cm|>li;tt5<"«l 
KnfWr'nat, rn. to fall ill ; »«. 

to mate -«ick, cau« da- 

m.nfe, <»eaken 
Enfermedad, tf. infirmity 
Ei:f«;rincria, </". mf.rniary 
Lnf«Tm«?ro, ra. •. p«'ri>n who 

har, the rare of tht i-ick 
Enfetmi/ár, ro. to make sick 

or inUnn 
Knlermiio, xa. a. Infirm 
Enfermo, ma. a. inArm, 

Enferraoaadr, va. V. Bern»- 

Digitized fayOOO^HC 


B ufa r t u tt c éi J EuftrToritir, 
va. to beat 

Bnfttttir. va. V. MnkoMtar . 
vr. to rebel 

Enfeudackin, tf. ¡nftudMion 

EaSevdiT, vtuto téaff 

Bnflár.tMi. to trust in another 

Eoñeltfr, «o. lo pat in a ba- 

Enfierecido, da. a. tat.oKa 

BnfiUr, va. to continue a> if 
united in a tile or line; 

■■ Pin, aA in fine 
Snf fta, <f. fraud, deceit 
Enflteúta, «m. Emphyteuta 
■afiteuticário» ria,y Eníltéu- 

tico, ca. m. erophTteutio 
Enflaquecer, va. to weaken 
Bnflaqueriiniénto»«m. «tten- 

Enflautado, da. a. turgid 
Bnflautadtfr, va. «. inciter 
EnUautár, va. to inflate 
Enflechado, da. a. applied to 

a bent bow or arrow ready 

Ehiflechá:ite$, am. pL ropes 

which lie acroM the dumids 
Bnfloreoér, va. to adorn or 

d^ck with flowers 
Bnfisnaádo, da. «. free and 

esempt from all charget 

and taxe» 
Enfórda, <r. violence doot to 

any person 

Enfomdr, va. 

Enfortalecér, «a. V. Pórtale- 

Enfbtcádo, da. a. brow -beat. 

en, confrited, entangled 
Enroscarse, or. to be uneasy 
Enfranquecer, va» to tank 
Enfraquecér, vo. V. B^fia 

Bidiraxcamiénto, tm. the act 

of beinc entangled between 

brambles and briers 
Enfrascarse, vr. to be entan. 

gled between taramUesand 

Bnfraylár, tu. to Inake one a 

monk or friar 
Enfrenad(Jr,«m. bridler 
Enfrenamiento, tm. the act 

of bridling a horse or put- 
ting <m ttie bridle 
Enfrenar, va. to bridle, curb 
Enfrente, ad. o\tt against 
Enfriadera, ^f. cooler 
BnfrMd<ro jr Bnftladdr, «m. 

BoMa^énto» «m. refrifera- 


EnftUr, va. to cool 
EnfroKoirsc vr. V. BufltU' 

Enfucitfr, va. V. Confiar 
Enfundadúra, rf. the act of 
casing or patting into ca- 
Enfundar, na. to ease, fill op 

to the brim, include 

Enft>rci«5n, ^. V. h^fitnekm 

Enñirecér, va» to irritate; 

vr. to mse, ^ipiied to the 

wiitd and sea 

Enftirruñárs^ vr. to grow 

EnFurtfr, tw. to fbU or mill 

Engabanido, da. mu. covered 
with a gaban 

Engace, tm. connexion 

Ei^fif r, va. to bend a crosa- 
Imw with a hook or lever 

Engalandr, vo. to adorn, 
dress a dxip 

Engalgar, va. to porsae close- 

EngalUdo, a. erect, haa^ty 

Enganchaddr, om. a '-* — 

«MUBCt of entrappiiw 
Engandiár, va. to hoMj^en' 

trap, crimp 
EnganÁUo, «m. twitted 

mreadbaiiglagfran Mnge 
EngaAabdbos, tm. Impoittor 
Engafiadiso, xa. a. daoepti- 

E n g aJt ad d r, tm. cheat 
Engaflamlénto j ~ — 

EngaA4q>8sttfr, tm, kind of 

Bngafidr, tw. to cheat ; «r. to 

EngafUfiu 4f. daodt, tridc 
Bngáfio, tm. deceit, fraud 
EngaMso, sa. a. deceitftil 
Engarabatar, oo. to hook; 

vr. to grow crooked 
Engarabitarse, vr. to climb 
Enoarbdrse, vr. to perch on 

the hii^wst branch of a 

tree ; applied to birds 
Engarbullar, va. to entangle 
Engtfrce, tm. catenation, 

clojie union or connexion 
Engargantar, va. to put any 

thing into the throat 
EngargoUr. tw. to fit the e^d 

of one water-pipe into 

that of another 
Engarltdiio, da. a. cheated 
Engaritar, va. to fbrtify . 
Bngarrafaddr, mh. grappler | 


Enf^arranr, tw. to daw, gran* 

pie with hooka 
Engarrotar, va. to a^aeec* 
and press hard. V. A^mr- 

Iinkfc or e» 

Engarzar, va. to enc hai n 
EngasAjAr, va, V, Agat^far 
Engastaddr, «in. en<uiascr 
i¿ngBstár, na. to anchaae 
E n aá t te y Engastadura, a. 
the act of enchaéing or in- 
fixing ; tlie hoop or enve- 
Engatado, urn. a petty robbcv 
Engattfr, vo. to thtat in an 
arti\il I ' 

EngatilUdo, da. a. Mgh- 

necked, MpHed to h 
BngatusamMtoio, tm, i 

uon, cheat 
Eacatnsdr, va. to trick with- 
out Intention to rob «r htart 
BngaTttUr, iwt. V. Agavillar 
EngaytadiSr, tm. deceiver 
Eniajtdr, vo. to clieat 

EagaxamMoto, tm, V. 

kpUoe aa end of 
fat a circular ftrai alKmt a 
Engcndrdble, a. that aoay be 

Engendraddr, ra. *. one wfaa 
engenders or prodooea 

Engendrar, mu to begot, fca* 

Engfodro. tm. netus 

Engéfio, tm. V. 


Engibar, va. to crook 
Engtbnir, oo. to nick up a 
mast which i» flaaUi^ In 
tíne sea 
Enghnelgdr, «a. to Mk a 

Engine, ^f. qainqr 
Engolado, da. a. collared 
EngoMfr, vn. toenter a guiph 
or deep b«qr ; tv. to be en- 
gaged in ardaoaai under- 
EngoIUr, vo. to make a hen» 
carry his head and neck bf 
means of the bridle 
Engolletarse, vr. to elate 
Engolosindr, va. to inspin a 


longing fcnr 


togomaiúx»,^f. act ctgmm- 

KngotDár, no. to CBin 
Engonlr, «a. to aadle 
Ekigordadéro, am. a stall «r 

sty to fktten bogt 
BtmardmáóT, «m. on* who 

makes it his sola tNMiocM to 

«R. t* fTDV Ikt, 0st rich 

'BngitxOf Mi> impacUioait 
Bnffocnár, «a. to hinga 
bfraDdar, va. V. Agntmdmr 
Bagnadeoitt no. to aagmcnt, 
pitnnote to a hi^Mr «taüon 

crease, exaggeñtiont am- 

Kugrmnnjir. «a. to bo titea 

Engrapar, va. to tacan 
Eagraair, «o. to gRaae^ iiaiñ 

with greaMt drew dodi 
ncwtdetf «a. to asuimean 
r of «UgnitT, to aflbct gra- 

Engredar, m. to bedanb with 

«Ti or ihller^ * ^ __ 
ftgjnlfato, sau pra^np. 

£tagrcfr, cw. to aaoaoxageany 
one'» pride aad pettuanoe; 
vr. to deck mar» nlT In 

Sngrifiiraa, «r. to be in a p«t 
" "^» «a. to maka any 

va. to grow strong 
Ekagrodaotfr, «M. paster 
AiprudainiéDto» aas. act of 

Ea^ndtf, no. to fioten widi 

fiagr^do» nm. pasta, centeot 

nscd to stanch the planks 

EngrumeoÉrae» vr. to clot 
Hngua Mra pár, va, toc^ari- 

s«n a iMNne with rich trap» 

añnantido. da. «. wearing 

Enguantan*, vr. to maka too 

mudti ose of atores 
Enguedejado, da. o. , 

iS «lyla, fttU dmsed 


«nnteffar, aa. w p«va «uh 

Engoitlir, t«. towindatUn 

rope aroond a thirker one 

EnguimaLido, da. a adumed 

with garlands 
Enguii¿(r, tu. to asdte 
EnguUid<ir. ra. t. derourer 
Engullir» va. to deroor and 
bwallow meat widiont 
EngurrufUiise» «r. to b* me- 
E nh aci n ar, va, V. Satinar 
Bnhadár, va. V. Enfada' 
Enhambrcoár, tw. to be Ima- 

Enharinár, «o. to cover or be- 
sprinkle with flour 

Enhastiar, tMt. to disgust 

Enhastimhr, no. to pm arr 
in a quiver 

Enhebra^ va. to thread 

, va. to cover with 
h^y, to wrap up in h«y 

EtahefhoUn iw. to peÍM« 
with venomous herbs 

Enhestaddr, mm. ha who •• 

staddray J 
«. erectioo 

Enhetiadúray Enhetsamlán- 

to. «. entangling 
Bnhlridr, va. to mis witt 

gen or bil* 
BnhUtfdo, da. a, wdl antang- thread, direct 
EnhoratNidai^ ^f. ceoyratula- 

Enhornar, tw. to pot into m 

Enhotdr, «0. V. Amaar 
Enhuecar, va. V. ^Antear 
Enhoerár, addle 

Ealgniáüco, ca. a. enlgmatj. 

Enigmatiza, «m. enigmatlst 
""' — '^ va. to caparison a 

, «o. te rinse die 
month and teeth. V. Em. 

ra. «. white- 


', w. to white-wa&h 

r,va.Xo pot a bM 

of prey into a meadow 

Bidaretádo, «at. gratings 

Bnjaiaár, ««.tocage 


Cmoigoiaaap. vr. m va 

stain«id with soot 
Enjoyar «a. to adorn with 

EnJOTrelido, da. a. applied to 

gcAú or silver tued in Jew. 


EpJoyeUddr, mm. enrtiaser 

Enluagadi^iKcs, mm. mouth. 

ral at water or wine Ar 

Enjuagar, «a. to rinse the 

month aad taeth, rfas« 

Enjaigoe, mm. a liquid ueed 

lo rime die month aad 

Enjaanctádo, da. a. irouliM 

widi corns 
Enjuiciar, va. to prepaaa a 

cause or law-snit tat judg- 
Ei^llo. «Ml. the doth beam 

of aloom 
Ei^ncdr. vo. to tie with 

roi-es made of rush 
Enjuramlénto, im. a legal 

Enlabiaddr, ra. t. wheedler 
Enlabiar, va to wheedle 
Enlabio, «Ml. suspendoo 
Ehiláce, sin. coonesion 

EnladrllMde, mi. pavi 

tade of Ulm or bricks 
Enladrillad!», mm. tiler 
Enladrillar, no. to floor er 

pave with tiles or bricks 
EtOamár, va to cover laad 

supplied widi wool 
Enlardar, va, to bMto 
EnUrgnn, mm. al. rope-cnde 

ftstened to the head of • 

Enlazaddr, ra. ». binder 
"nlaxamifntft y Enlazaddra^ 

«. connexion 
Enlaiár, va. to bind 
Enlevár, vo. V. B'tvar 
Enlexiár, ««. to make lato 

EnUgárae, vr. to be united bf 

a Mutinous substance 
Enlixár, va. to vitiate 
Enli2tfr,va to provide a loam 
ithU • 


fealodár» va, to b<mirih stop 

up a Teud with clay 
Enloquecer, ro. to enrage 


EidoquecImiéntOk tm. enrag- 
Bnlosár, «o. to flag or lay a 

floor with flags 
Enlozanarte, vr. to tMNMt of 
one's dextcrl^r or strength 
Enlucemir, vo.V.D.'a/uiwrar 
Enlucidiir, «fN. whltener 
Enlucimiento, tm. the white- 
washing of a wall 
Enlucúr, va. to whitewash a 

wall ; to clean plato 
Enlustrecer, va. to dean 
Enlutar, vo. to put In mourn- 
ing, Tell 
Enmachambrár, va. to scarf 

pieces of timber toi 
E nmaderamiento ó &im»(Ie- 

racftfn, «. cover at wood 
Enmaderar, va. to roof 

house with timber 
Enmagrecer, vh. to srow lean 
Enmalecer, vm. to fall ñck 
Enraatletádo, da. a. fouled 
Enmantar, va. to cover with 

a blanket 
Enmár, vi. to wet the sails 
Knmaranár, va. to entangle 
Enmararse, vr, to take sea- 
EnmarftiaTt vn. to marry 
£nmarillecénie,vr. to become 

pale or yellow 
Enmaromar, vo. to tie with 

a rope 
Eamaiuarár, va. to mask 
EmnechAr, va. to rabbet 
Enmelar, t«. to bedaub 
Enmendádamente» ad. ez> 

Enmendadrfr, «m. corrector 
Enmendadura y Enmoida- 

miento, V. Snmietula 
Enmendar, tw. to correct» 

repair, compensate 
Enmerdár, va. to dirty 
Enmienda, tf. emec * 

reward, premium 
Enmiénto, if. V. Mi 
Enmocecer, vm. to recover 

the vigour of youth 
EnmochiguAr, va. V. JTwIN- 

Enmohecerse, vr. to mould 
Enmollecer, va. to soften 
Enmondár, vo. to clear off* 
the knots from cloth in 
woollen manuCsctorles 
Knmontadúra, if. deration 
Enmordazar, vm. to g«g 

dumb ; va. to hush 
Ennesrecér, va. to blacken 
Ennoblecer, tw. to ennoble 
Ennudecer, vn. V. Amtdarte 
Enodacitto, if. illustration 
Enddio, «<n. fiiwn 
Enodrida, a. barren hen 
Enjjadizo, za. a. fretnU 
Enolánte, pa. he who vexes 
Enojar, va. to vex, molest, of- 

fimd ; vr. to be fretful 
Endjo, tm. flwtflilness 
Eaoid2,o, sa. a. offensive 
Enojuélo, tm. sll§¡bt peevish* 

Enorfisnectdo, da. a. V. 0n- 

Enorme, a. enormous, wicked 

beyond measure 
Enormidad, tf. enormity 
Endtera, if. primrose 
Bnoyár, va. V. Bmnjar 
En pos, ad. after 
Enquademaddr^m. bodc-bfat' 

Enquademár, vo. to bind 

Enqutfsta, <f. . _ 

Enouiciádo, da. a. hung upon 

Enquiciar, va. to hinse 

Enquillotrarse, tn^. tobe jum- 
bled together 

Enoulridioa, tm. 

Enramada, if. hut covered 
with the branches of trees, 

Enramar, vo. to cover with 
the brandies of trees. 

Enranciarse» vr. to grow ran- 

Enrarecer, «a. to thin 

Enrasado, da. a. smoodied 

Enrasir, va. to smooth; vn. 
to be bald 

Enraytfr, vo. to fix spokes in 

Enraygonir, «a. to flx bass- 
weed in silk-worm sheds 
fbr the worms to b^in to 

Smdadéra, <f. bdl-Und 

Enredado, a. entangled, fool 

Enredador, ra. t, one who en- 
tangles, tattler 

Enreiumiénto, <i 

Enredar, va. to entangle, play 
tricks, sow disoonl 

Enredo, tm. the act of in- 
•naring, perplexity, £il$e 



Bnreddso, a. taU at snares 
Ekn^jido, tm. trellis, kind oT 
r. open lace 
sarjar, «a. to fix a grating to 

a window, fix the plou^* 

share, make a trellis 
Enrevesado, da. a. V. Reve- 

Enriadtfr, tm. one who steeps 
Enriar, va. to steep or ptit 

hemp and flax in water 
Eorielái, va. to make infoto 

of gold or silver 
Enripiar, va. to fill up the 

cavities of any thing 
Enriqueoeddr, ra. «. one wjho 

Enriquecer, va. to enrich, 

adorn ; vn. to grow rich 
Enrimiéno, fia. a. bdon^ng 

to Henry 
Enriscado, da.a. mountainosu 
Enriscar, va. to place on the 

top of mountains; vr. to 

take refuge among rocks 
Enristrar, va. to fix the but- 

end of a lance in the rest 
Enrizar, va. to curl, to irriute 
Enrobresddo, da. a. hard «ml 

Enrobustecér, va. to make 

Enrodir, va. to break on Úie 

Enrodelado, da. a. armed 

with a shidd 
Enrodrigonar, va. to prop 

Tines with poets 
Enromar, va. to bluat 
Eiir(5nar,va. to throw rubhish 

in any place 
Enronquecér, vo. to make 

hoarse ; vm. to grow hoarae 
Enronquecimiento, tm. V. 

Enroñar, va. to fill with acabe 
Enrosar, va. to unge 
Enroscar, va. to twine 
Bnroxár u Enroxecér. va. to 

make iron red hot, tinge 
Enrubescér, va. to make red 
Eurubiaddr, ra. t, that which 

has the power of making 

Enrubiar, va. to tinge 
Enrubio, mi. rubeuctloa 
Enrudecer, va. to make dnU 
Enruinecer ó Enruincsoér, 

vn. to become vile '- 
Enruinecido, da. a. mined 
EnMibanár, va. to wrap up la 

Ensacar, va. to cndoie or put 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 



tai hutniclbm 

, CO. to IímTIí htviKir 

lb» VAJ j^ CT. ti» lit iziUTid 



f^nt^jmsdan, cT- tvtOAfltff 


jjTi' dlliLALkou, outlet ^ 

HnfeALiümtif , pj^ 10 n»rrM« 

ÚÍ LÍnod 
CnungrmtaTi «a, to imbri»^ 

CtWbUlO^ JUL V. DíMAEidú 

*«, to («t thu 


ItrDntpter 1^ th« ft^RV 
M^rtJixyii,v<i- toHHj ' 

A pii^F cximLDV 

]^iA}'ü» «Ml, aoiaj, tFlMÍ, T4- 

bc«rw4l at A yU-^ 
Mnmbáx. wi^tq pi 

■iiiiiiUfl * «■ luilui thc^nn 

_ H iim. pi. rftitttSi 

Igiuri rLrU,T, !«- ti> TnmiKh 

in n pLufe uatkr ¡Jinaml 
Ert^ll^d, e1^ a. LolLov- 

£(i:>k iLAiifir*, ^r. the pazt an 

which ■ uddk! li p1jiT«il t}wi 

EtuilidT, va. to ikddlf, vtilt 

BiuQbcTbH^rp tw. tn rnjike 

pTdLid ; trr. tú bccqtme boU^ 


Eiurh(*r, Em. tA Li« irtih 1 rúipe 
í^nioltírár, tu. lo ñx éIodíi tü 

£ntclT«ri<Sr, tí- *• reMÍrer 

Uf t* ¡ticl!a4ed 
iLaaOpir, tKÍ- 14 inikr MTLi p Ut 

iteefidD^ br£^ Lci t¡i:i« 
£u.wrdjJTÍhÍFilOr íkt. dK«^r» 
EtLiinrdibí.'fir, ca. iij iuaÍk 

deaf i t'N. ta grow cUraf 
£Tui>TtiJ4r, L^i. ru rJng 

íilUOtline, Vr. to COAlX'^ qpTj 

«fjf in i, ihlcKrt 
EcLMicladidr, n. t. it>in«r 

En^rLíimiínliS, JTM. iCt oT 

ETiti]q{if, I'd. lo put ialot 
EnrAkiit|íir , m. to rllnchlte 

EfitallibLe, «. c«{>ahLcof bdlf 

EnULIftdúr. m. »n?il|»tfir 
KntAlijKlúraj EnulLxniáúlOt 
j. ».-ukptiuT 

l^nEflU^r, Mr tOH'UllilUTe, «(' 

Itfave: v n. tn híLaiM^ « itiinf 

VI Vi lo fit ir ED 11» ümIj 
EnULlt-j «H. itic moTt gf r. 

voalptar al «n^aifíf 
I^nuillri^r', t-B. 141 ^h(wt ont 
£n lánto, «tii. Lo lh« rueati 

Enupííár, vij. la h^Afr *5t]i 


I^iuucidr» i'it toHtain ; lt. la 
ttjrtí íiAfi <-líiih*B. *c. bI- 
]aw «le'i lelf ECh li» tH-Lt>«l 

ElbU^ñq, Jm. nJwp 

En tflnu, oda in ihart 

E^ntS^ V . JJrJiJi: V lífjínji 
EnldbLuirOnj. ^f. rcf!L>t*T 
Enubládcii «m. ftwr rriüili: 
(i/ Iki^irdi 

EfitAbUiDéntD, m. túuí üIT 

bcMrdlft^ llietl 
Entibtír, wí, to cüver with 

IhArdi;^ taiCiTiK iin AítLi: r <7n 

the uvh 
EeiI Jbli1 LáT, 1». tuieciLi? wLib 


Digitized by 

KnUijiwiti toJ. to CRT Ft A iiaoT 

Tilb boai4« 

KntBn),aiiilrp 4.4. ti> telnj»« 
E'atGj *IN- mUTJ 

h^riU-TUxIú, da, 'T. mia^ 
Eatécot ca- a. Inlirm 
br^tr^iiü, da. 4, made En Ihe 

(itJTEi- i3f Jiaf* of tiLpk 
l^n LrLiraUr^, ct . U> be c:loa.A' 

cfl orovcTiirt 
EntrCerlila, cLv. 4i. -Itvfi]. 
EnE^a» 4^'- latt«r] ^arJ 
hntmidp, ciii. *. ctúlá of £ 

rartioa rtimUm • 

Kmcnck'Taji, */: ¿J, jad^nienl 
R:Ll«nClnli3r, Tü. «. h^tu!' * tvo * 

Entínilí'T, Tri. t£i uniVfUanii, 

mica.i^ hn an^ thin^ ; tu 

LnEOnLl : ir. tu- hqtt: K„ittt fíjTdi-jíní an) eJlLh^ 
^triwUt]*!^ ibi. □. wi^c 
EntcniUi UnUt^ ttn. iKiib'C- 

EntBncíinet'írj tu. to oh^cuie 
RcjEfrtir, nt. to nptmljur-t- i 

bnfornit acqu^lm 
finEt-T^n, 4/: i-nlkr^ti:^, reiri 

luJ^', EorUI ulUt, hHütílí'r- 

nfaXf iiir«ucii|itJon 
t-lnEtriiO, la, (1. rnilre 

1 K. ti> !»■ icujVBd 10 C£HHP»4- 

PHlírniM-lmifrí'"-™- V^^J 



M/fect, sound, faist, stroag, 
infbrroed. CuiaOo eniero, 
•tone-hone, constant. Por 
emtíro, mtirely 
Enteiraddr, ««n. grave-digger 
Enterramiento, «m. inter- 
Entenir, cw. to inter 
Entesidamente, ad, intenteljr 
Bnte-ár. va, to extend 
Entibada -r, «* who ahons 

«i> mines 
Entlbdiy I'M. to rest; va, to 

EntJbiadéro» tmu cooler 
Entibiar, va. to cool 
Ehtibo, sm. Ktay. bhore 
Entidad, <f ertitv 
Entierro, sm. burial, tomb 
Entigiecérse, rr. to tw ai en- 
rafted as a tiger 
Entinar, re. to tinge 
Entintar, vc. to stxia with 
ink, tinge a different colour 
Eh'iznár, va. to revile 
Entoldar, va. to rover with 
an awning ; vr. to dress or 
clotlw pompously 
Entomecér, im. to swell 
Entomixár, ihi. to tie bass 
cords around pobts or laths 
Entomología, ^f. entomology 
Kntonacldn, «C modulation, 
the act of blowing the bel- 
lows of an organ 
Entonadtir, »m. organ-blower 
Entonar, va. to tone, blow the 

bellows of an organ 
Entonces y EntJnce, ad. then 
Entonelar, va. to barrel 
J^ntdno, Ml. the act of hi- 
, 'Entonteoérse, vr. tognnr fiwl- 


a twiatea 

Entorcbár, va* to twist a 

- cord 

fintormecimiénto, «m. torpor 

Entornar, «o. to turn 

EntomlLUr, va. to make any 
thing in the fiNrm of a 

Entorpecer, vo. to benamb 

Entorpecimiento, «m. torpor 

Entortadura, <f. crookednaw 

Entortar, «M. to bend; poll 
out an eye 

Entosifiáry Entosicár, «o. V. 

Entrada, ^f. entrance* entry ; 
concourse of persons ; in- 
timacy ; a leak ; a good 
Kaiid at cards; rtcnpts. 


EnirédM, the t e nif h a 
Entradéro, «m. a narrow en- 
trance .nto a place 
Entrambos, baa. both 
Entrampar, va. to entrap; 

rr. to borrow utun&f 
Entrinte, «m. angle ; ene vbo 

Entrafiille, a. intimate 
Entrafiár, va. te receive in a 
> friendly manner; va. to 

penetral» to the core; vr. 

to contract intimacy 
Entrañas, <f. pi. entrails 
Entrafiizár, sm. to love 
Entrapáda, ^. a coarse sear- 
let cloth 
Eatrapa}ár,tw. to tie with rags 
Entrap¿, va. to «rwder the 

hair to clean it ; vr. to be 

covered with dust 
Entrar, vh. to enter, 

menee ; be clasoed ; va, to 

put one tiling into another ; 

to invade; to gain upon a 

vessel steering the same 

coune. Btérar 4 umo, to 

prevail opon one 
Entiático, «m. entiuaoe «f a 

friar or nun 
B'ntre. in-ep. between ; in 
Entreabrir, «u. to half open a 

Entretfnebo, du. a. neither 

wide noz strait 
Entrecano, na. a. between 

black and gray 
Entrecavar, «a. to dig Ihal- 

Entrec^o, twn. the naoe be- 

tweoi the two eyebrows 
Entreotrca, ^f, spaoe between 

one «icloBUTe and another 
Entrecielo, Mi..awning 
Entreclár», ra. a. slightly 

Entrecoger, va. to catdi 
Entrecdro, «m. dianeel 
Entrocortár, va. to out ia the 

Entreddr, va. to raar plants 

among others 
EntrenOéártas d Entiefwaat* 

es, «. pL between deck* 
Entrecuesto, am. back-bone 
Bntredecúr, vo. to interdict 
Entredicho, tm. interdiction 
Bntreddble,a. nattfier dooMe 

nor single 
Entrefilno, na. t 

Entrega, ^f, deUveiy 
Entregaddr, «m. ddlverer, 

Digitized by 


BB«n;gaBiiAito, «m. ddivory 
Entr^dr, •«. todelivex, c«m- 

sign to prison ; vr, to de- 

liver one's self vp; to take 

Entrte), MN. deUteqr 
Batrc^ntár^ v«. to nail the 

panneb of a door to the 

cross-bars ta ledgea 
Entrelazar, vo. touteriaoe 
Entrriffio,«iN. spaoe of grooikd 

between the rows of Tinea 

or olives 
EntrdistádiD» da. a. that 

which is striped 
Entre)ucü-,Mi. to gflmmcr 
Entre minos, ad. fat hand 
Entremedias, od. in the mean 

Entremés, tm. an taitediide, 

Entremesear, vo. to act apart 

Entremesista, tm. tiajer of 

Arces or interiudas 
Entremeter, vo. to pot one 

thing between othieEs; vr. 

to take charge o^ inter- 

Entremetido, tm. an inter- 
Entremetimiento, tm. inter- 

pmition. Intermeddling 
Bntremezcladúra, <f. Inter- 
EntreaexcUh, «a. ta IntaT' 

Entrem&o ▼ fintrenmo, am. 

a long bench on whidk 

cheese s are ftwned 
Bntremorflr, vm. to die away 

by degrees 
Entrencár, va. to pnk rods in 

a bee-hive 
Kotrenzir, vo. to plait hair 
EntreoAr, vs. to hesr wlthou' 

perfectly undeotaadina 

Entreofdindrio, xla. a. ndd- 

Entrepafiddo, da. a, compel» 

ed of several pannA 
BotrepáfíD, «at. pannal 
E ntrep areoérse> vr. to ba 

Bntrnediúga, tf, smaU piece 

of flesh on tb» brewt of 

Entrepdár, va. to Tariagate^ 

Bnttreytndr, va. to put the 

1^ between those oL 

fcr the ease of sitting 
Votwa»^, «M. /I. the wool 


■whkh teisaiitt In the coab 

tftcr combing 
Eatxeplémat, i^. pi. apttáag 

between the legs 
Entweponér, va. to interpon 
Ealrauéntes, betwca 

Bntrcptmzadúnif if. pricking 
pain of an unripe tumor 

Entrrpuuzifr» va. to ptick 

Easnreuglán, tm, interline 

Eotrercn^onadára, if. in- 

Entnrenslooár, tu. to inter- 

JBntKwcalr, vtu to choece oat 
«fa nonibcr of thing» 

EntrcscüTo, vm.«. wnewluS 

Batre>Qo, if. meacntcrr 

&fiCresnélo« rm. a Kroalf room 
between two itorie* 

Bntrckurco, tm. »pace be- 
tween ftirrows 

EntvcttfUa y Entretalladura, 
if. acalptnre in bau-reiief 

EittTCtalUr, va. to Kmipture 
In baMO-rebero ; to cut 

Entretela, if. buckram 

Entretelar, m. to nut buck- 
ram between tlie unnigaod 

Entretenedor, «in.oiie who en- 

Entreten*^, m. to delay; al- 
lay pain : >t. amnae ; to 
amiMe one'» self witb play- 
ing at cards; jcAe 

Entretenido, da. entertaining 

Kntietenimiénto, ««.antuie- 
joent ; pay ; delay ; Ain 

Entreteaedúra» if. intertes- 

Eotrctexér, m. to tiarae, in- 
termix, inaert 

BntrHekimiénto, *m. infar- 
tes tore 

Entreuntar, va. te anoint 

Entnvcndise, vr. to difRixe 

Entrrvettir, ra. V. Inttrttnir 

Entrrrentana, »y. qiace lie- 
tween windows 

Entreva, va, to lure a 
glitnpae of 

Entreverado, da. a. iiiteiliBed 
with tat and lean 

Entreveiir, va. tointennls 

Bntrrvitta, 4/: interview 

Entre «erir, re. to inaert 

Bntrlcádo^ da. a, pcrpletcd 

Ea^rlcAr, va. to entaugl* 
Eotricádo, d«. a. liOtlett* 


Etttrtuddo, da. a. 

in tbe entraila 
Entripados, nufl. dlsMmbled 

EfiñrUtecér, ra. to sadden i 

vr. to grow sad ; wittwr 
EBtri»tc(%ni<nto, «m. be- 
coming melancholy 
Entronar, ««. to eu t hi oi w 
Entroncar, vn. to be de^eend- 

ei firem the same stock 
Entronerar, ra. to drive the 

ball into the bole of a Ui. 

Entronizacldn«4f. devatioa to 

a ttnriine 
Entronizar» ve. to «t h rone» 

eiaU ; vr. to be dated 
Eatrünque, am. cc 
Entroxár, «a. to 

put up nala 
Entnich4aa,<f. a 

Entruchar, •«. to decegr 
Entrucbdny am. áeeoya 
Entuertos, tm. pi. after-pains 
Entullece, im. to be crippled; 

va. to stop 
Entumecer» va, to gwell. be- 
numb ; vr. to rise hi^ 
EntumerlmiéntOf tm. swd- 

llng, torpor, dñdneas 
fintumírse^ vr. to become tor> 

Entupir, tw. to make torpid 
EntubUr, ra. to muddle; 

obacure ; vr. to diaorder 
Entusiasmar» va. to enrap. 

tme; vr. to become e» 

BntUkiaamo, tm. enthusiasm < 
Bntuiiiásta, tm. enthusiast 
Enúla, if. starwort 

EnuncMr« no. to enunciate 
Enunciativo, va. a. enuncia- 

Envalentonar» ra. to encou- 
rage; rr. to become coura- 
EnvanecAr, tvi. to make vain 
Envarado, da. a. deadened 
Envaramiento, tm. deadnew ; 
a number of petty ofHoers 
Envarar, va. to benumb 
Envasaddr, tm, filler, fun- 
Envasar, «a. to tun ; drink to 

f^nvayndr» va. to sheath 
BtivcdiJtfrse, rr. to get en> 
tangled; wrangle 
KVfeMoér. «o. tomakeeUlt 


vn. to grow eM; vr. take 

of an old date 
bvijeddo. da. «. grafvn aH; 

Env^^eeimMnto, am. oMtcm 
Envenenador, ra. a.a poÉsonev 
B a vaentr, ■•. to envernen ; 

to rnMPoach 
Envcrdeeir, vn. to grow 

BnverdfTt ne. to tinge vnMn 
Envergar, va, to bind thn 

silh, to featen tbvm to fhe 

Envergoniár, m. V. Aver» 

Entérgam, nn. j>^wfn -banda 
Ctivds, am. the wrong side of 
any thing; shoulders 

Bnmtfr, ro. toevwwt 

to investf a- 

vr. to accimwH «»«■ ■« 
Kavidda, if. M«age 
EaviadiM, la. e. nUasive 
Envldde,«tn. mmnngir 
Enviar, va. to send, tfhiv 

n^> flv*» •>>>• 
Envicia, M. to vitiate; vn. 
to have laxurious fsliMe 
and little ftnlt; vr. tobe 
be excetiiTely md of 
Enviciosirse, vr. to titlato 

Bav<dl% if. envy 
EnvkhdUe, a. enviable 
" '" *' ra.#. «neni 

Envidiar, va. to envy 
Envididso, sa. a. cnvleaa 
Envilecer, va. to vilUy; 9r, 

to dcorade one's tdr 
Envinado, da. a. tutftag O* 

taste of wine 
Envinagrár.vo. toput ytn^pr 

in any thing 
Envinar, mis wine with 

Envirtfr, va. toclaspernnlto 

togetlMT cork-wood to fnon 

Enviscar, ^ue ; irritato ; 

vr. to be ^ued with bird- 

Bnvfte, tm. invltatiMi 
Enviudar, va. to beootna a 

widower or widow 
Envolcarse, vr. V. 

Bnvoltdrio, awu _ 

i fbnlt In cMh 


Bnvolvfldén 6 ErvoItitiMt, 


Envolver, «a. ín inwnp ; 

EnvalvUniér tu, rm. the b^ of 

inwrappinf? m vnritíaitlng 

BnvaéItO, U- pp. irre¿. Ül. 


Xnxálma» V^ iia'l uf iiBck« 

Enzalméro, jMn [lacL-uildJc- 

JBnzwnbndoré, m. pHct 

whore bee* cn'llcf t 
BBxambrár, i-tt. ta ga.üuf ji 

acattcred EiUdimi uF bw^ r 

«A. to bteei í m^vt h.»ff tt 


RnmfnhfMi^i 1 1 jJ'l 

of bees 
Enzámtare, f». swarm ot 

EnxarcUr^ vt. ^o vnt ihr 

tackle abonnl ihif ^^iip 
Jiosebár, utr lo «tL^eti in lEn 
Bnxébe» «m. iu'l of tmt-li iitR 
Enxéfio, tm. klml ufjuL fur 

taming >.]Mt 
Enxergár» r^i. tu «jt sLolii ü 

JSnzcrtdo, dan a. tienuniliai 

with cold : huúíl^d 
Enttriddr,44N^ ime whu Itutl* 

trees hy in««ti icm . 

Ens«rid¿raj< EnxcrlmSiJiitb, 

«. act of bLiiJiíLiii? TtYTi 
Enserlr, va. eo liud, gnift 
Enxertacldn, ^f. htn-nian 
SuxertUftnu numrj t¿ iaer- 

culatedfiníJE tn» 
Ensartar, va. W trutcriur 
JBnxiiKadd't>'a< *^ iIt^f, round 

hone fiar d\tjÍT}g Linm 
Enxogir, t^t. to triAke tln-^ 

wipe off IctuL4ur« ; 1"-, L« 

dñ up 
Enxúllo, «m. m wbhtft ü Iwíiji 
i¿nzúndia, 4;: Tji in Lh« jpi¡«]r 

of fewb 
EnzandidM, ^d. q. Eit 
Enxutár, va. irj dr^ wltii lijut 
Enxutés. ^. ^ik^riij 
Enxúto, ta. j. diltA 
Eu^útoc» tm. i>í- irnaJf dry 

bnish-wooil ür Uj^htiag a 

EnjfcaAr, «a. 10 yhtpiez \ 


. frx t9 jecotí» 

KnjtifÍTi vfi. tfl y**E caltle 
RiiiÉ^rrJJúiji dir t;iirl«l 
£nu]TUj ra. lo lliitnf «jnoii« 

to be anrui«]rd amtíof 
hw^.m lú^ 
KoiMjaiSÉie^ rr. tu Imk s^lde- 

Bniurrutiir, va, ia pDt ¡^ a 

EjiílIa, ^. ifa<:E 

KfiSjint rwf. pDTl hf voicnal 

dlA«¿i« in America 
E'plcammir, "rf. In in epic 

Df hwaic ruuiner 
Ct^lE^iLín, íwj, Tpicisllurn 

£ piris i-a. ti. üpir 
l3plLilreci| na, 41' ffitmnean 
R|hiú^ni4«i Mf- 4n epíd«nlo 

Ep(dímf43í d. ÉítiidHulc 
EpIilánuLk, V- «pidprmls 
Ept&nfi, ^ ri'tiilun; 
ElfijflAlTloo, ex, tí- ^igoÉitia 
Eniliiiltl*, tí' fiíülap! uí ÜM 

E]ií(ÍTart'rfl/r lili* 

EpLJétnía^ tf. eijlnrtj 
Epit«]ir1.Jo, 1:^ EpLiccticroi M- 

dn E:pLLp{itl<: 
J!.pil(|^^ n, ccnrip«nltoku 
fipjlú^r» riii. ro rerjipEtul^ü 
Eplfogíiiniíi rm^ caJíMildlImí 
^ [1 ÍLu^ nn, epili^gov [ rcn- 

JípiULn^j n, ^r. fl ifi Lid and pm- 

denr liitcrprrme^j on oT tJit 

E}iíiicDpili]Oi ñim. Ei^tvirpiTE 
EpiurqprfJ, u. flpbicú|<aL 
Epls,copoUíg\o, rm- a chrons- 

logical rut iTrtiEJitííH 
E]iik[ki!ottp E'a. 0r rp\Mdic 
vpthKtici, 11^ Ppt*Ál« 
¡LpUcnUp mJ. ijputte 
Kpktolir, ü-cpíj^iilify 
Kpl^tolÍFiü, jm. culk^üíBi j;ir 

cfsbtl^ Tinlamn nf UHtcn. 
►■[iktEniiTO, ta. «u «lauí^iar? 
EiH^ttVllcDp Jhti. prieiL who 

iini^ ibt «i>L0m 

£>i3tiíti4i^ m. Ptuta|]li 

lí'lilulá mln^irr.rpjthalamlllin 

£r<li«(o, tm- ci¡iiht* 
Eintírna, tf, vpilbHn 


HBttonAdaiücnttt a^ b*lrflj< 
B^ltnnij, 14. lo ej^lam$a« 
KpItAArj tm, trpitinn* 

E'poca, tf. «piuh 

£tiop^Tii tfa lepa^ee 
Kpriin» 1^ ity intoKk^ivd 

F'^Uldn, fM, Ul «UiCUE* 

Equ.uiimidád, ^. . *]¡autt. 


EquáJitEi m* equil 

Equidad, ^, cqUirx 
EquF'dbi^'nd:!, íf. no v^tt 

EqnJdífl^i mb to bt e%qS4li- 

t^quLldrtTO, Ta. 0+ B^l*t«»l 

lü|uUíbrv, ir. balan «ty V 
atiwíUtrid, im. eqnlltbrtttfll 
tonino, mtH, a iic(l((Mi>>c i m 

EquiniJcrio, inn.cqulnoa 

Riiuipteer *« ^uppijf of <«rr 

th5iií n«T«*D(rí ftir 4 wsü - 
ugr-, khljjSfunipanr 
Ei|u1|iaj, i'iT. inStvuf 

l^guipfiTirt lU. ta rompan 
Eijuljioléni^, ^f, «|t(l^l«Rn 
l^uipo^fnlPí *. fl^uivalmt 
FvqUJpúndBkr, va, to «q^tlipon - 

|->|v1|9í-1iiQt If. bW!^7MRCllÍp 

E<3uJtaUviv, vt* ^. tmfííit^tílr 

EtiuÍT^ilín ICp ff. «iiilvalHil 
EijUJv^^, pa. tuba dTfqvaJ 

vkIui! and ¡nica 

I::gUlvuCiunAiter ai. aiabl«t><' 

Eqvivi^dT» na, ta ■am anfah 

£<]ii]rocü» A. o. «mblaurift 
B^ufiriHH^ tm. an aXñSíl^liiKM 

E'rih if. <T», Bflv. ip* 6/ 

rruund Ikir tbrtihiiij cmo.i 

b«l in q. nrdea «wa vlUí 

^iJad>ieicd»„ ^c i^^ 
Krilt íw. two-j^r oM u 

£]0tkm«t, wk 



faMskilA.*. Halite to Mr 

IhtK SétkmMf» fknmdatlan nd 

«KcClMk of» bnildiag 
Znrtdr, «n. cractcr 

&tmfta,«in. licnnit 
SriBoitico, cs. «• Mtitnj 
bcniMrk», «<*•• bamiitage 
Iqpiii, «a. to enct ; vr. to 

Britfl y BrUxo. «a. a. on- 

Briosa. ^. IdBdoT lint with- 

OBt a Toef 
Srlg&r, vo. to «wet 
BrtB, Ti». a. mi ploag h cd 

Brtüdo» da. a. Úiat wbldi h 

ooveicd with bricUa 
Biizamiénto, im. act of Mt- 

to stand on end 
ErfBO, Mt. lMdg».lMs; ti» 

forickly tansk or a dbmaX ; 

roM^h watcT'Oibtle 
Brroaddr, «M. dotragrar 
Bnillr» ma. todertragr 

^«^¡M. to distribota 

Brttieo, ca. a. brtonghig to 
tiio p a wlop OB love 

Bmdlcár» «o. to oadicata 
Hrradiio» n. a. wandaring to 

Brráate, fo. cmmt 
■Rár,M.tocR; «ii.toram> 

bla about witiioat knowing 

one's way 
&sálai 4/1 trtat in writfaig 


ca.a. wandering 
■KiMU) «u warcxing 
bras, «m. cool nude of tha 

■tones of olivet 
BmSneo) nca> a* ciiuueous 
BRitfr,Mi. deceit ; defklency; 

«ror of ttie press 
■nbesoéncla, ^shama 



Bradicidn, <f. endhifla 
BrnditOp ta> a. eradite 
Brngfaidsot sa. a. that which 

is tliick and knot^ .- nistjr 
Emmndso, sa. a. laborious 
Kmpcitfn, cT* «mpCion 
Eruptivo, va. a. eruptive 
Emtar, vn. to enurt 
Eruto, am. belch 
Krváto, «ai. hogVfnmel 
ErveUáda, «f. bent-tieCbil 
ErvflU, ^f, seed of the bitter 

£sbetimcntár»tia. to ddineate 

a shadow ; im. to cast die 

shadow «iir one body on 

Esbatimléato, «ai. shade hi 1 

<f. a tali and ela. 
p«nt stature 

Bsi .-. -. i.j.Jiir 

Bsrs.bei:klrp ro, (a 4<.'hiiie 
BscjiMrhFijn- H!t»i plskled 
fi h 

BscaJfiU i*"^ rrK)t-*tnfll 

fiscJl»rt^K jm. * klM cirseab; 

th? Ivfp uni'tuttiuoi oab 
S»t=<dinMeútvít IT. Kf b« of- 

BsnbnHlitld, 4^. «ntaiultty 
Esr4tfnJw>. is. a. TBsifpi^ mda 
Ea jt:'.ii^ímrríi;i£3, I- . «va- 

EacabolUrse, vr. to escape 
Eseacádo, da, a. checkered 


Escalentar, re. to finent «hi 

Escalera, «r* atairs, laddflr 
EscekHTflU, u. <f. drencUag 

Escaleta, ^f. 

en^na Ibrrais» 
1 and mortars on 

their earriaites 
EscaUeddr, m. ■ berber's pan 

for keeping water warm; 

Escalfar, vm. to warm 
Escalfiurtftcs, sm. pi. a kind of 

wide boots 
EscaUiiU, 4f. chafing-dish, 


Escala, <f. stair-case, ladder 
made of ropes. Sicata de 
la toUiOm, poop-laddar; 

A, if. 

Escalado, da. a. appUed to 
fiih cut open to be cored 

Bwa l adtfr, «m. he who scales 

Escalamiento, «m. act of 

Escálamo, tm. thole or ttioal 
Escalante^ 00. scaling 
BscaUr, oa. táscala 
fesealdáda, <r. 
EMaldádo, da. 
Bscald<r, va. to bum 
Escaldiántes, «m. pi. feaveil 
Etcaklrfdo, da. a. conning 
Eboaldoftr, va. to Uke broth 

out of Oe pot when it is 

Escakntamiénto, tm. inllani« 

Escalimáne, vr. to be worked 

OQt of the seams of a «hip 
Escalofriado, da. a. shivering 
Escalofrío, *m. indlspositioo 

attended wHb shivering 
Escakbi, tm. step of a stair 
Escalplo, tm. conrier'é knife 
Escama, «T. scale, a small 

scaly piece 
Bsrsníáda. if. embroidavy In 

figure or scales 
Escamido, am. work wrought 

with the figure of scales 
Eseamác, no. to scale fish; 

VH. to embroider scale or 

sheU iSuhion; vr. to beof- 

Escambronál, «a», plantation 

of buck thorns 
Escaniél,mt. Instrument used 

by sword-makers 
Escamita, if» a U^it cotton 

Escamttchos, « leavings 
Escamonda, if. pnming trees 
Escamondadura, if. nsaioM 

branches of trees 
Escamondar, va. to prane 

trees at noxious axcrescen. 

ces ; to clean 
Escamdndo, tm. clearing 

trees of their asdev 

Escamonetfdo» a. rriating ta 

If vr. to ba ti- 
Bscamdso, sa. a. scaly ° 
Escampado» a. V. DesMm- 

Escampar, oa. to cease rain- 
ing, leave off working ; va. 
teclean out a place 
Escampo, «NI. cessatton 
Escamujar,!», te pi«na^va> 
I DifMlbyíjj^Ogle 


Enamtífh •«• • iapptá-off 
branoi of an olive-tree 

EK M oe U Xf vn. to pour wtm 
firom ooeveatd into ano- 
tticr; vu. to drink wine 

Btoinda, ^f. spelt- ' 

Ktcanduár» tm. 
for the oompAM 

EtCAndallxadwt m 


. tcdaiU- 

lUe ; «r. to irritate 
EecandalizatÍTOk va. a. tcan- 

Ecoandallár, va. to tound 

Escandallo, «m. deq> iea-1 

£tc4ndalO( (m. (cañdalj ad- 
miration, turaolt 
Btca n dakto , «f. gaff-wil 

B«candecéncia, <f. annr 
Escandecer, tw. to irritate 

cabin in a row-galley 
Etcantár, v. V. Bmeantar 

on walls to make them at 

EscaAéro» tm. seat-keeper 
Bsoáfio, «m. bench with a 

bdck; sheerraU 
Bscaftutflo, «Ml. small bench 

placed at the ftct 
Escapada j Escapamiento» «. 

escape, flight 
Esoante, m. to escape; m 

to liberate ftom danger 
Escaparate, mn. cupboard 
Escapatoria* if. escape 

EsoúnunuTár, tm. to skirmish 
BscarapAa j Etcarapúlla, if. 

in blowc ; cockade 

Escarapdirse, vr. to dlap«»e 

Escarba, if. tcaif 

Escarbadéro, tm. plaoe wh«K 
boan* wolves, and oÚmi 
a n i m als scratdi the ground 

Escarbadientes, Ml. vTum- 

Escarbador, tm. scratcher 
Esoarbaotéjas, tm. ear-pick 
Escarbar, va. to tcratcsi the 

Escarbo, tm, act and effect 

of scraping 
Escarcela, </*. a la^t pondi 
fiwtened to the girdle; ar- 
mour whidi coven the 
Escarceo, tm. small broken 
■ by 

u Bteara 



Escarcha, if. white frost 
Escardiádo, mi. 

kind of 

ftaóe, esca. 

Escapo» «m. bhaft of a colomn 

without base or capital 
Escapulái, vs. to double or 

clear a cape 
Escapulario, mi. scapulaiy 
Escaques,*»!.*/, dieckerwork 

of a dranpit-board 
Escaqueado, da.^. checkered 
B s caqueár, va. to play at 

chas or draughts 
Escara, if. the «curf or scab 

which rorms round healing 

Escarabajear, vn. to crawl to 

andfirolUe' ' 

Escarab^o, mi. nickname 

given to an ill-shaped per- 
son ; twisted threaas in the 

warp of doth 
BscarafUlUr, vn. to deceive 
Escarunújo, mi. dog-roM 
B«caramuceár,t) skirmLJi 


Escarchar, «n. to be froic»; 
ue. tocnri 

Escarcho, Ml. red surmullet 

Escarchdsa, if. ioe-plant 

Escarcina, if, a kind of cut- 

Escarda, if. weed hook, die 
act of weeding com-fidds 

Es c a r d ad era, i^ woman em- 
ployed to clear corn-fields 
of weeds; hoe 

Escardador, mi. weeder 

Evcardadún, if. hoe 

Escardar, va. to weed com. 

Escardólo, Ua, : thistledown 

E6cariaddr,Mi. kind of pundi 
used by oeppersmiÚM 

Escarizar, va. te dear from a 

Escariador, tm. Iron instm< 
ment far palaMng combs 

Escarlata, ^. scarlet 

EscarUtfn, mi. a ooaive kind 
of velvet 

EkcarroenadOr, tm. V. Eteat' 

Escarmenar, vn. to pick wool, 
to fine 

Escarmentar, vn. to be tutor- 
ed by experience t va. to 
correct sevend, ^.g.,,^^^ ^j 


Escarnio, «m. aeelF 
Escarola»^. CBdive 
EscaroUr, va.y.Ah, 
KscanMoo, ca. a. oawtio' 
Eec4zpa, ^. scarp 
"icarpddi^da. m. sloped 

icarptfr, va. t» jetettrob«M>; 

deaaae works of scu lp fa 
Escarpólo, «m. a rasp 
Escarpia, if.imktm 
Escarpiár, va. to flnlen irttb 

hook-headed nails 
Escarpidor, mi. comb' wltf» 

la«¿s wide teeth 

Escarza, ^. a SON in Oie hoofii 

EscanOno, na. «. applied to 

an ardi 
Escarzar, va. to castrate fca». 

Mves in February 
Escirro, mi. blac ki d i gnmi 

Escirfe, ca. a. lame on nc- 
co«tU of aores inthe hoof 

Escasear, va. to give sparing- 
ly, spare^vn. to grow Icea, 
grow scan^ 

EscasOi y Es cmOsi, if. «csm- 

scanty, daftotive 
Escathnádo, da, a. Uttle 
Escatimar, va. to curtail, ▼!• 

«ate. examine closely 
Escatimoso, sa. a. osnniaf 
fiscaupA,s«i. arrooor of quilt- 
ed cotton 
EsoayOla, if. paste whidi i»- 

srmbtes marble 
EscOna, if. stage, scene; bed 

and shepherd's hut 
Escénico, ca. a. soenio 
Esoeiiita, ttm, oae who Uvea 


ment for representing per- 
spective views 

EM^itidsmo, MS. seepticiKai 

Bsoéi>tíoo, ca. «. scefitic 

Kürlatério, tm, an inktrument 
f*r making «wn-dials 

KsciOna,^^ a üFecia of cravs- 

EsciOlo, Mt. sdoUst 

Escítico, ca. a. nnUve or be* 



^. lMromi>kiM|>*un; 

«id iMfth-wcit wind 

B i f ohád a , 4f. üieact of sw«q>- 

^' .,«M.theran«iM «T 


Etcoliár, «m. a piare vhoe 

E«cehár, t «. to pick gnpt» 

from the Tifw; to sweep 
ttcríbmzáx, vm. to fprteUe 
* In dnpa viQi a 

EMwliéra, ^. broom 
EsGoMnes, 9m.pi. haiTM» 
fiaceMta 7 EKñliina. tf. 

bnuh; tweeptnga of 

or silver in a work aba 
Etcoi^na, ttn. cYApt mam in 

boring any thing 
Eacotitfn, rm. an old bair 

broom, bnuh 
Escocár, va. lo 1 

ÜTcly pain 
B ic océt, sa. a. Scot, Scotch 
Etcocimiénto, ««n V. Sseomr 
Btofda, if. an edged hammer 
bcoddr, xa. to hew ttmie* 

wittian edged hammer 
EMJofta, <r. V. t^a 
£acofiár,eia. to adorn tliehead 

wfúi a net 
£too6éte, <f. woman*! head- 

rtwi of gauzet &c. 
EtcofiH^ro, ra. «. milliner 
EMolfaia, itf* n>Pt wire-lHnuh 
fisooffnár, «a. to rasp 
E s c o o opy SHI» ▼ • Ooraia 

¡r, ««.to 

EscoKlmitfnto, «m. choice 
£scoIiir, «m. scholar ; «.scho- 
EscoUr, vn. V. Color 
Escoláctieo, ca. a. scholastic 
EscoUstioo, MR. a proAssor of 

Escoliadtfr, «in. «nnotator 
Bscolidr» r«. to gloss 
Esooi;«mdeo. M. «. baMh 


BsoolfanádA, da. «. weak 
BsDoltmdso, sa. a. dffflcolt 
Escollo. Ml. sdMUan 
&colUr, M. to strike npoa a 

BsMrtMra, <r. rocky place or 

EsotfUOfMU ahlddenrock 
E«»lopéndra, <f. fish 
Esctflta, ^. escort 
Escoltar, oa. to escort 
Escombra* <f. purgation 
Esoombidr, vs. to remore cfc- 
atacles, purify 

•, «I.V. 

, vr. to be worn 
with ase or time 
Escdncc, Am. comer 
Escondedero, im. a hiding er 

larking place 
EscondeS^o - 

teoodedQo j ac 
••n. concealment 
',t». to hide. 


Escondidas (AO j A' Esoon- 
dadúlas, ad. priTatety 

Kscondldfjo, «m.V. E»amdr\¡9 
Escondido (En), ad. privately 
Esoondimiento^ tm. conceal- 


Escondite, «f». conce-ilment 

Bscondrflo, tm. concealment 

Escontrete, im. piop, stay 

Esconzado, da. a. angular 

EscoperadánM, ^f. p/T planks 
nailed to the sides of the 

Escot>éros, pitch-brush- 
es for paying slnps 

Escopeta, If. Srelock 

BKopctAr, va. to dig or IttA- 
low oat gold mines 

Escopetizo, tm. gun or mus- 
ket ihot 

Escopetearse, vr. to dUdiaffe 
firelocks at each other 

EMwpeteria, <f. inftntry arm- 
ed with muskets 

Escopetero, tm. musketeer 

Escopir, ra. V. Eieuyir 

EscopteadOra, ^. mortlaa- 
iMie made in timber 

Escoplear, no. to chisd 

Esci^o, tm. chisel 

Escdpo, tm. scope 

Eficdra, tf. that part ofa ship's 
side which makes tl>e most 
redstanoe. Bidrat, shores 

Escorar, va. to prop, wedge a 
I chest, Stc 

Escorbútico, ca. «. person af- 
I ftcted with scurvy 


Bscorbitioo, ca. a. so^rbutic 
Etcorbdto, tm, scui vy 
Efccofxi iaiMin , mi. p a sia gc- 

E<corrhár. tw. V. DttalUr 
Ekcdrtlte, «in. dcoreaae of a 

EscdrU, 4/-. dross 
E&rorÍM-t¿ÍH ^r. incrustatJon 
Escorial, tm. an tnhanstad 

mine of gold, silver, he 
Escoriarse, w» to caooriat» 

one's self 
Esc wrptoa y Escwpéra* ^. 

EMx^pSlte, «M. scorpion, kind 
oflisb, sign in the Bodiac 

Escorzar, m. to cositract the 
size of a figura; fcrm a 
deprwised ardi 

Escorzonera, tf. viper-root 

EscoM-árse, vr. to scratch 
one's self 

Escóu, 4: sheet rope 

Escotado, «NI. a sort af drass 
fornterly worn by women 

EtcoUdúra, <f. sloping of a 
Jacket or }HÜr or kUys 

E«cotir, va. to cut out dotliet 
so as to make them Ht t 
pay one's ihare of taxes; to 
extract water 

Escdte, «tn. sloping of a Jack- 
et, tucker; onesstiareofa 
reckoning at a feast, dec 

Escoteras, If. fl. slwet-holes 

Escotero, la. a. fkee 

Escotólas, if. fL batchea 

EscotWtfn, am. scuttle 

Escofines, «at. p/. ' 

Escotomla* </*. dizziness 

Escoiair,«ai. a. smart piWi 

Escriba, «M. scribe 

Escribanía, </*. office or em- 
ployment of a notary j scru. 

Escribano, «m. notary, dark 
at a public office, penman 

Escríbante, tm. amanuansb, 
autlior, writer 

EicribAr, va. to write t com- 
pose literary works ; enrol 

Kscrifio, tm. sort of hamper 
made of straw, \-c 

Escrita, <f. a kind offish 

Escritfllas,^/'. pi. lambs' stone» 

Escrito. Ml. book, a signed 

Escritor, sm. writer, copyist 
Bscritdrlo, ms. somtoire. 

press, office, study 
Bscritúta, if. writing, deed 


Mif byapaUic 

Swtitttsário« «m. a proftiMr 

of divinity 
BacnfftiU, if. KrafkiU 
BtcroAil^flo» Hu a. •arofuloiM 

BtcnidiAir, va. to inquire 
Btcnipulétc, «m. a «light 

doubt or scruple 
BKnipuUllo, am. lUgtA hesi- 

■•cnipullaár 6 Eacmfnlair, 

vm. to scruple 
Jherttpnlo, mi. doobt, scm- 

pulosity, scruple 
Sacrupnltfsok sa. a. serapuloas 
Bscrutadtft, «m. serutttor 
Bscrutlnio. mi. scrutiny 
Bscrutinaddr, mi. samta 


BKOchaddr, ra. «. hearer 

Bseuchánte^ pa. listener 

" ^"" " nj tobe 

Bseaderte. Ml. «ecttage 
Bmidanfc, «a. tohoid^ti 
nants by esenage 

rfa, «f. service of a 
• er ddeldbearer 

gesitleman descended from 

some ilhutrloiu flunily ; 

paa» who attends a lady 
&eoderdn,Mi. squire pofibd 

«ith vanity 
BKudéte, Ml. gusset i white 
• . V. Nmt ' 

water-lily. ^. 

Bs c nd i Ua, ^. porrlngsr 
Bsendillár, ve. to pour out 

broth into porrlngan 
Esendito, mi. a gold coii 
SKttdou Ml. shMdTKuU 

of a lock« patronaget 

of a wild boar, gosseC Ea- 
' «ndo d* popa, stera-scu 

XscvSrlfiáble, o. ineestigaUe 
Seeudrifiaddr, ra. «. pricr 
Becudrifidr, •■. to search 
Escuela, 4f. sdMwl, onivcnity 

Sscuéto» ta. a. disengaged 
BscuftiUtla, <f. llgwort 
EscnUaddr, mi. in oU.milli 
Bseniteie, T. to sUg^ 
^ncB^plddhy Ml. V. asmUot 
Mca^y «a. to aoatetan 


Bsoiil«dr,Mi.scnlpter ' 
Bscultdra, ^f. female seal. .,- 
Escnltdra, if. sculpture, car- 
ved work 
Escupidera* <f. spitting-box 

Escupido, Ml. V. ¿JpMto 

Escupidor, ra. «. a great splt- 

Escupiddra, <f. the act of «it- 
ting, spittle, eiBorescenoe 

Escupir, wi. to spit; break 
out In Üie skin. Bteupirla» 
tttopa», to work out the 
oakum flrom the seams 

EsT—r"*» Y K»r.Tpitfnti,j'; V. 

Esndr'1,T, i<o, to uour dütfa 

EllC^lIl^ {K% *i- btJMnifiij 
EsRurira J Ea^urúlid^ ^. V. 

Escurra, if- hsSaaa 
BsctifriL..írni4< *f. litanrbceaf 

uruttlv. L-uidlfl 
Bscnrridizo, sa. a. slippery, 

hard to hiald 

<f.p/. dregs 
EscurrlmlAito, Ml. V. 
EÍK:urrfpa.<f. (Bot,) 

Escurrí», va. to drain off li- 
ouor to thedr^gij ««.to 
drop, sl^ 


«r. to «Kflrc OM^ Mif } be 

Biftaniádo. Ml. the first skecol» 

of a painting 
Esffunbéte, mi. V. Qamhdm 
Eigoardir, va. V. Attmdtr 
Esgrima, <f. fbncing 
Bsgzimidiir, mi. ftnoer 
Esgrimir, va. to practise the 

use ot weapons 
Esguardir, va. V. Tocar y Jfi* 

EsguazaUe, a. fordabla 
Esguazar, to. to ford 
Esgúcio, am. concave menld- 

Escuj^, Ml. purveyor of meat 

to the palace 
B'sc^f. linkorachainoi 

figwe of this letter 
B'se, £'ia« fio, pnm. Urn. 

E»iin-1*, tT' ti*ci?w 
Bsl*im:uíL, ii. eSi«ntiBl 
Esniiruirw, VF. tú tM Intimate. 

]> unkl«l^ %a grow eiBHi- 

Bsfi£ra^.ciibcrv, g]otiC>qiMB- 

Esrbn^ Idltd. if. splifllcili 

E|i't>rdr'iq fa. q. ■jlllrriCflJ 
Ei'VUilflF m. ¡ulTcrnainnr 

Eaiv^'ijile^ ^f. -i^ihemiid 
EiOiifr, fBin ij-ihlnm 

Enñvi'.'-'i i&f\vrK!*rtwm, to 

Escuín, Ml. young salmoi 
tore entering tEe tea 

Esguince, mi. movement of 
the body to avoid a blow j 

Esguixaio, Ml. a poor raiser- 
able fidlow. V. Smiso 

Eslabdn, Ml. link, stad iar 
striking fire» steel Sat ed(. 
ing knives 


Eslabonar, vo. to link 

Eslfoga, 4!f. sling-rope 

Esliniár, vo. to sling 

Esldra 6 Esldria,^Icngth df 
a ship fltmn tlte stem to th« 

Esmatoquén, Ml. I 

w. Ml. sprig shoot- 
ing out of the trunk 
Xsfbnádo, Ml. one of the 

books of the cIvU tew 
Etfintfdo, da. «. strong 
Esfonaddr, ra. : esoiter 

Esmandiáao, Mi^ buUy 
Esmaridot Ml. a small sea-fish 
ief«)^fl^^yilfi.«, hi¿h*finishaá 
Esmerüda, ^f. an emerald 
Esmerar, va. to polish ; vr. 
to endcaveor to attain emi 

Esmeril, mi. emery; tmaD 

piece of ordnance 
Esmerilar, va, to burnish 
EsmeriUzo, «in. shot of agnm 
Esrodro, Ml. careftal attentiosi 
Esmoladera, ^f. whetstone 
Es**?!"^. m. t»ir throat 
Es . ■ , '^.r., tl*« 

ElífítuLn4iír«.^ tf^ fl 

Ein^billr. wi, to wuif a 
(Lie. V. O^w^tUf 

iLi wnak [,. *n<l fru 
Bsr'<i^'ik». ci^ J- v. AiA^a^ 

by ^STÜCJ^Ií"""'^ ***Wi 


Eop^Udo, dk- {t. umed vitU 
A fwjxd 

litp^áaT^diH ^' fítywt^ lienta 

out of A Toa^i 
HiMOaf^ir, t^. todiTidcfuta 

kiac tbñn ia}pi 
Üvpuuát, va. to tjífik hrmp 

HT nuL 
l^'ipidJnf ^ jm. iTfíi*d-fKN 

KtHeh h«np gr ft»» vUh a 
1:^1^ al coni* 

Ki|mailrJ|», *rt. tind of cm»- 

tatt»ean rfctwmütrj 
Evpñh, ítü, yl^ upshift 

ií#ns.. SJTUffí'JJrtí', piece» 

dwit ufiinnir 

moni fi:>í ihe ihouldeí* 
Uifuiú^rj íM' tile íkttí <m cr 

BtnaldfllA, ^.dimUjBr-lri: 
Jfafikld^tBHUdOp d^ 0- i^«t 
ed «I 0Qd hKl 

Jhpaldddo,d4^ brDid-Ih9ü^ 

;. ft(ece oí ii 



¡j*y A íhl y»'R twti Liht 
EipHLiit, jm. dirk-cvtobiYf) 

¡laint; tAlr 
E$|Káxiill]lt, a. lTÍ:!;hiñil: Ci- 

Eipuitaíkír. tIU <■• tniE-be^T 

Kira.TitimJÍi«*i, ™t. iSEt pul 
on hnf s& to ic*rT flw*:;' P 1^ 

EupanriTiulilüiii», i™^ * rakf 

Eipaniár, va. Xa fti^tpq j pr. 
tu be suqiTJi^ 

Esj»anii*3JlirlUaH f»*- sírtl of 
itlitteiiii^ S^LiJji »[jrt' 

admiritiori, vtmdir 

E^uüüftcúidp El. Q. nrigiarrui 

E^1^31ñr!j^^ «Dt. SpjniElí Un 

íkiiAn^l. U' a. Spmlsh 
£l^oUr,ifl' V-jEjjPíiíaíiMr 

EijJiJioUTEaiptr^ pí. Bpíniíh 

EsiHRDlí+ap tfl anctKit Sp»^ 

nixn d*itu8 
EttidFiaUEáT, lí*. lo talk <hje 

HfUniKl) lATipiBf^i íd"Jpí 

th- cuitoms MÍ Spain 
Ef]j*Li ím- »V=^ 
Eijjafaipiji, <pi- poRTBjn 
EkspiJ^mürfn, -mi- » rtílient 

«rhkh mMinU tie« to dart 

on it* I-Ttrj 

Eáit^rj^Tánifn- HpajraiF-hATík 
HirajiiiiTal, #m- liinLÍ of tiJi 

Eajiu-i-Lilo^ do. Sh itjiLttnal 
Jíuwart.^Lmiéntoi'm. «attprjini 
E^pBTc:er, iíü. ID traHfif ; f ' 

1q *rtm» onÉ'í rflf 
Eq.inreinio, *!«. twr-r reel 
E^rú, jTrt. gUt-head 
LH '■'■^p -ítH- *■ dUr ot 

EcpKTTBIpvr, tM. ts BHard or 

CdLteet JLiftar^i^ 
E^rárrajín, íwi. hpioul of mi- 

Fár»){Lis I iwie to fiuppon 

an awnj]4g 
EspirriiR^ni rwH silk «lilr 

that ftirrn* * cord ihicter 

and aronger Uia^i taifiCy 
Ei|hazraf^«rit V- a*F*ia^(us 


iparraf^U ÍTO, FB, In cmewhu 
(¡alhrri aM?ana'^^ 

EíPaTíaniiédo, da. d^ wílIí. 

|i$«uairTancdnet vf- lo »""!* 


■kpuiálJii«,fkMofliÉM WM 

Em lar! iMÍa r í-w ■ -i snTi of lan» 

bl,S*-n;4li ara c:!a»^Je 
Eif>«j'i'ntr Í*' '" "^" ■"• 

Evp«nril>>^. haridtvJ of liao»- 
we*l whJ^-h »»:+v« H a 
tiriiih Cipr deáTunfl ínlrrul" 

Ei.]jartlíilif im. f\fMí%ifi. whlch 

EvpáTTí», iwií {«]#« 

K^Aiul.i, ^f. «Lie* wsciJ ^ 
ap.H tKTJiTini and tJí^fMm* 

El,PB«3«]1ta^ #rM- V. ^4|i4r^rtmAa 

E],jj'*OTJ^d<> V E^patoTFcidDb 

dd, :i. ftE,|;ht?ned 
Eijif^tf^i fa^ ^f. khop *h«« 

ip{c«-j are told; »p1ú«a 

E^petr^iTu, rtL MU wha dnl* 

in E,pLcei 
Eiii'^iiiA, ^. spEcB 

of food 

Kspicic, J[f. ipeciei ; »mii« 
ufanj hubJKTi In lKc jnknd ¡ 
eirnl; huttJetl oT d Lrim - 
NiEi« f lüauK j feinl In fasC* 

E^]NrL:i¿ro,«ii. LÍealtrln ípIC» 
E^paititJtciíSnj ff. ij»«iftí»- 

^°" _h*. 

KiiHK'iflii.-áifp iw. to Éperliy 
K-,| >f L'Liií.'Op #1"- n»fcaiic 
E iiíTíitcoj ca. a. ipeclAC 

K-íliíi?iínenj ím, íIm^Jihhi 

t¡L-ral S}>ei:¡olí.) 
Ki]«?riííjLc, a. consiiitniWi 

^ DbJKt erainenlij K- 

ní^r kablí: 
K.pitclad'JT, rrU- bpecUlor 
Ei^iHJM'irvp Tin. i|)«cire 

EipetuLaridüip 4/- ipeculatJ* 
)v)iLio^idadiJr> ra. <■ apccutAior 
E^IHCulrfT, na, la t3iíw, ustáL- 
talo, t:™flte«nplalo 

ÍL .jiec^ilírlo, ria. n. n^MiliT 
Eiiircul*tir»p ^. fasuíij flf 

EipfCuLairvoiTa. a, ip«Hla. 

H.iMídln*, rr. V. D Fp*fi>M 

>-SlHÍidút (la. Jr WLrT4i.r-at» 



SiqielMr, vn. to (hlnc ] 

Espejero, «m. one whote trwli- 1 

is to make looking-gl>ub 
En»éjo, «m-looking-gla» 
Ksp^uél», <f. arch with two 

openliHp In the interior 
K<>peJuélo, tm. a small Im^- 

ing-fclau; tiamparenl leaf 

ot'talc; a kind of transfft- 

rent sweetmeat; dirt isat- 

Iect«Nl round the comlw of 

bee-hives in winter 
Espélta, if. spelt 
Espélteo, ea. a. belonging tu 

KspelAnra, 4f- V. Ctieva 
Ksiielu/nárse» »r. to ha»t Ihi' 

hsir disheTelled 
£s]>éques, «m pi. handspikn 
K>péra, </; stay, reunite j a. 

kind a( heavy onUumct; 

£«t>-.ráble, a, that which tnuj 

Ksperadcir, «m. expectant 
Kkiteránza, ^. Jiopa» anubjuir 

of ho|ie 
Ksiteranzar, fo. to give liii|* 
¿aperar, va. to hope, «taVr 

KsjteréKO, tm. the act laT 

stretrhing one's self attrr 

beinff roused from ali*}i 
K.^IieriéRo, <i. tart apple-^ticv 
JCnfiérma, </! .sperm 
tósix^nacéti, $m. s)icrmiúxib 
K<>|termHiico, ca. a. iqttrmslir 
Espernada, if. end of a chubn 
E^iierún, nu the fbreautk^^ 

£-.|>er(Snte, «m. kind of ani?[' 

ent fortlHcatiim • 
Es|ie^r, ra. to tIiioken> clow ; 

vf. til i^row thick 
Kiiiesativo, va. a. that w!i1ch , 

has the jiowe^ of thickeitlnit : 
Espé-io, sa. a. thick, buU^. I 

cl'we, frequent, slovenl; " | 
Espes.>r, tm. thickness i 

E^i»e»úra, \f: thickness, thitt- 

et, slovenünew | 

E^itetamivnto, tm. ttiti>iei>k 
Esi>etdr, tut. to spit; tv» 

thi-oiitcli with a swoid; ^o 

tell ; ir. to be stiff* 
E-.iietéra, */. rack, kitci^m 

E.>pOto, tm. V. Afidor 
E<|»ctün, am, a spit, a \At^ , 

pill, wa 4ke 
E^pia, «. aJi»y, warit-roi« 
E .p.atlor, #M. spy 


EtpUTi f J. to i[j(y, w^rp 

E-pIchár. ra- lo jir>tk 

JíüintWÍ Wttfnrt 

Ei|iIf^ j/ fix ^h« .-"p^ike of 
cEtra ; fifnirf», 6*11*1, l^pce 
nf É tumb, '.pUcn Etpijpt 
rfi i^jTva. pi«H).-weed 

EvtiiKurfera il Kipl^Jur^, i¡f. 

E4|hlgjUlii>, da. If. t^Li> ¡t^wo 

EipLedr, in- to tinri v-a, to 
Ifl^diij iikjCkr a Inunt 

E>*l»ll!tl*i, r»Ér cw of oDm; 

^littpi (faint afa ilart 

l^-l'i^u' I La, ij. lirnnll ed^ng; 

lluWtff Cif MLfOe irrn 
K-.pilriihtiii '«I- fiar 
Eipi]un4k.tia F ^ «n\lLil nw 

&>pln, 4M. |Mri»i»liif 

tilt ^iüi n thm-n 

tuLt or iluim^builib 
l^i^nriin \i. qiJiifll, dorcal 
E^]i|tl4r, LSI. m ]ifirk it-lth 

thnrrb ; ¡tuTtLiQibd trcMS fiitfa 

EíipLniíú, tm. hpi[vt 
]¡..\>\nfít Mtft. a. ]i4}uii£-1lne 

whii fnii»Lj thuaki 
E^|4rk^^ ^f. m. plipiT uf Spa- 

itlili ¡HjrCr? J fv^iliit^l-rülqf 
R'^piLLIni, Ci ÍJ. «u»ili.rjf tiMntt 

EsiKÉit^iít. ^r. -iHiM 

K .plnpárílA, i.t n kFOiU Tiiewe 

E-jiljiirariblilA. w*'. «minü iff a 
lull rr»n] an rtpUi^reA 

Kn-piritELir^r. hhJij^ljtüiH 
Kn.l'Iüu. «H- !uir-tf«i; 

E^iiJinKn, tm, thnw' 

G -plitfJErt iHt, t£> [siirl 

K ipii^m , iHt. '■■"^ V. i^'/iii^ 

Eifj'Uttv, im. a íJiaF|» — — 

Eilrfrn, f Í, kpltiL- 
ií*iiifaiiiírtt tí' tWtif^Llnt» 
iikl'IrailéfD^ tm. \\ Ha^^ra* 


K-ipl raüA, jiH. 1)i who «Ji pina 
ur bnptiE'l'K^ 

K:plranle, |iu. n (¡i ring 
E^LiltiiT, -lu Ki r huitín -^-'-^ 

tijT Opl ^ ilFt 4 t>Uk>T I 

■y mn^mh 


exhale, Inftue a divine ^. 

rlt, inspire 
Espiré»,^, d iuy war t 
Espirénque, Mt. smelt 
Espiritar, ra. to inritat»; «rr. 

to be poasCMcd with an evil 

Espiritdso, sa. a. spiritnoos 
Espíritu, tm. spirit, aonl of 

man, genius, that whidt. 

cives vigour, inclination, 

mflammalile liquor. Btji- 

rittUf spirits 
Espiritual, a. spiritual 
£spiritualidád,<f. spirituality 
E8pirituali<(ta, tm. he who 

treats of the vital spirits 
Espiritualizar, va. to spirit. 

ualize, reñne the intellect 
Esi^ritudao, se. a. spirittious 
Espita, 4f. faucet, tippler, 

Espitar, vs. to put a fisncet in 

a tub or other vessel 
Espito, *m. )iecl 
£^>lendér, vu. to shine 
Esi>Iendidéz, if. splendonr 
Espléndido, da. a, splendid 
Esplenddr, tm. lylendoiir, 

Esplénicu, ca. a. splenic 
Espliego, tm. lavender 
Esplinque, tm, machine for 

catriUng sparrows 
Espddio, tm. calx ibond in 

Espolada, if. prick with a 

spur ; a large drau^t of 

Esiraiázo, tm. a violent prirk 
Espoleaddra, if. wound made 

with a spur 
Espolear, va. to spur, Incite 
E^Hiléta, if. flu>eeaf a bomb : 

small bone between the 

wings of birdi 
Espolín, «Ml. a small spool for 

raising flowers on atuH; silk 

E^HJiuido. Am- 4h flowered 
l^i]imr9i»iiir, Fu. tiit Y^uaveslik In 

gipiltin, rm, I^t ptO |i erl y 
whSr'h a prvlatc waves at 

hit óf*ú\ 
V^i-ti^ii^iitt, *r«- inoftrty of a 

ril<tTHl^«nl pífente 
E^riuEklf, tm. iNIC whO ftlMt 

the frultk oF -•--•^ — 

Ei^Kii^Jii, iTu- ^^att ihe acole 
angle of the pier of a stone» 
it%e; ItMttMüd afsiiiU 


lejr ; chilhlain ( angular 

point of a ruck 
Espal\anát, na. Ui jnTLkí 
Empolvoriza, va. la bcalExr 

E^Modíl, #m. V. füWr^íJ 
KipoDciasidád, <f. spun^niíta^ 

Sspon jidAra, ^. art nf ¡tgNiujt- 

ing ; caviór In 
JEEsponjár, na. to sputif^ ¡ i«r, 

to be pofAd up wiih ¡irídc 
E»ponjii«o, Ba. a. tfucw.'r 
EápaoaáJe», tm. frf. tR]tai<:i>j«j>i 
EüPoo&aUcio, cia. n. bcüm^ 

" ' — — «. a. ^(partri). 

Ei^Kmtihi, «m. sponluM 
Eipontonáda, <f. ulul» ta 

E«|wrtá£^. that vtaitb cuds 

fan a basket 
£»p(Rteár, ««.tocsfr^r in ppo- 

E^ptartínéro, «m. portrr 
Esportillo, «m. pannktr 
E»p6rtala«, ^. p/.>diJ:i ¡il tesa 
Esposas» ^f. pi. lOuuiKlei. 
Esposáyas, V*. jil. 'e:k}><.nuiLi 
Espdso« sa. a. cpouH 
" - ^- a - Balas, ^f^ pataii' 

Espaélti, Mf» gpmtu JTinu if^r 

ujnutiu, groom 
Enaénda, <f. Tnarsfn oj bw- 

der of a rivCT 
Eqniíérta, </*. pannier 
£spulgad45T, ra. «. d;ii* *b^ 

clevis oflTIiceor ñv%:i 
Espulgar, va. to Iou>^ 
Espuma, ^f. froth, hpi,;ilF 
Ec|iamadéra« ff. suLrNrner 
Espuma ear, vs. ta frciü» at 

the (luth 
Espomájo, tm. frolti 
Bñomajóko, sa. a- fuU ef 

Broth or spume 
Bqmmánte, pa. fiwrning at 

the mouth 
Espumar, va. to skim ; rq, ta 

throw out spittle üt >|f4tqe 
Espumarajo, «m. foajT> 
Eqmméro, ttn, pJxc^' ia hav 

salt-water is coílfi-teü to 

Espuraflta, <f. thm^cniv 
EnrpumUMn, tm. ^Tk^crupe 
Kspumtfso, sa. a. «iImisq^ 
E^rftrle, ria. a. spndEioi 
Espurritfr, vo. to «vurl 
Espnrrfr, v$t, to rtzvuai oat 


l£:iituÍ4lr^ i.r pHiiiiPf^ H^'ket; 
tnoiutioiip^tiiiudciin £/Jtip« 

l^iqbacln^, ^m. d h I UTfii^kxi 

SHUitHklTUF rWr ^1«l:L'a flf [iog- 

BaquaiifiJiliij-, I'l;. t.i rir^W up 

fi^iL^^, in. lI i|t ü .h 

líu(L]<i,<4ritJráTVi.' tr. Ill lAoiaae 

Emjli^é, xf, faiilitt, 1l<ite 
f^ufLtH}, Th.1. i,fcp!«„ per- 

^Pi whu t. vier^ {lij ij , ii«tch, 

rsfub [jf a fu ill 

E^íjinjria, */, í|' lUbes 
BMjutfro, .Cm. ,t lifAchcr bag or 

Eaq-uk-tííl"* íla^ íí, hkr-trtiel 
EMlljJiriO, iiri, d »lmrli 

iif£|, ,ij: Bi liiiF; nuilt 

oí n rhun-n 
Biqmfjr, tvo. In Tvmi a liont 

mUh nmn i Ut Tit ouL a ship 
EmiuíIIi, hil, a Abtfl^ 
EM{kida, */. d wiaJl beD ; the 

art tit ili**p ' *l343artog ; 

£-c|aLEaü[í!r, tm.. ^ThL>i<ik 4i(^rer 
utcfvirUtH \-ür til ^tR'^r Jitpp 
l£i*ÍLill¿jj47n. !i]jíi?vi- JLieuring- 

B^Dtl^jú^, I». ,>. fasüdl- 


fivtnklmir^ 1 N, tFí Df^aiiAr and 

in ThrhsiT^l 
8H<fEiijji.',ti, íHi. Imuve^i inro- 

Ettiuftu, iHi. L>Mt¿.i=i,|g tiííie; 
kind ar líjnlmJ 

üiqilfiai r" CiJffiCr 

EtaiitlTH.-Tdo, di, ^. i-..ifTWítf 
£^M'nL'iiiT "i^ bkncljit'jíjrjíent 

<?r rrimíKliJt 
EM1ii1n<eLa , V". »rn„m r (br tfie 

^iinliii^nr(4 í JÍJjuJnáTicia, 

if' ^^\\n•,•s 
8«ia ináii 1^ d E',q ulrt^irifi- «n. 

kiEid iir iiTomaüii.' or nmli- 

ctnnl rti^h 
Bfcquiínirij, ['.if, tu moke a uor- 

B&quJi34to. tm.. roTíiOT 
Stt^uLnjaLkír^'in. b rm^ Ofiart- 

[üHfíil Un r af.«¡T -Jí 1 1 Lia 

£i^,u Lni:.lir , i'^ . En irui rap In 


Eüquipár, va. to eonip 
Esoulráza, ^f. kind oTi 



Esqu/rid, <f. splinter ofaboac 
Esquitar, tu. to pardon 
Esquivar, va. to shun ; «r. i» 

E«quivéz, <f. disdain 
Esquivo, va. a. icomftil, sh7« 

large, strong 
Esquizádo, da. a. applied to 

spotted marble 
E'st, tm. east 
Estabilidad, <f. stabllitj 
Eatable, a. sUble 
Establear, va. to tame 
Estableced^, «m. fimnder 
Establecer, ini. to establish ; 

vr. to fix one* s self in a 

Estableciente,}», cstablishcr 

Establecimiento, «m. esta- 

Establemente, ad. stably 

Establero d EsUbletiao, «m. 

Establo, «m. stable for horses 
and mules, cow>house 

Estaca, tf. stake. A' estaca, 
copiously ; slip of a tree, 
stick; p/. tholes, divltians 
made in mines 

Estacada, y. palisades ; place 
fur a dud 

Estacado, tm. field of battle 

Eütacár, va. to put stakes inte 
the ground, tie to a stake ; 
vr. to be incloiied 

Biktácha, <f. rope atened to 
a harpoon, to give the 
whale room to dive 

Estaciiin, *f. state, season of 
the year, hour, station, vi- 
sit paid to a church in or- 
der to ptay, bu^ness 

Estaciona], a. belonging to the 

Estacionario, ria. a. station- 

E^tacionéro, ra. a. one who 
frequently pcrfomu the 
Estácte, ttn. odoriferous li- 
Estada, ^f. stay, sojourn 
Estadal, tm. land-measure; 

kind of ornament 
Estadio, tm. race-course 
Eiitadrsta, tm. statist 
Etáadizo, za. a. stagnant 
loHo, tm. state, rank, sta- 
ture, stateroent,»«- 
Digitized by^O&QlQ 


br« lit ettado, statwman. £•• 
tddot, states of a countiy 

EttaikSjo 6 BttmdóñOf «m. 

Kstda, ^f. trick, dcodt 

KstafiMlór, ra. ». im\ 

Estafisro. «m. foot-boy 
Kütafóta, ¡if. courier, general 

poKt-office for letters 
Estafetero, tm. post-matter 
Estafetiforo, ra. a, carrjring 

Estafetil, a. beloaging to a 

courier or post 
Esuimbtfuc, «r. a kind of 

shamois-skin dressed 
Estala, if. suble ; sea-port 
Bstalacidn* <f. class, rank 
BstaUge, «m. stay, sojourn 
£staliDg<r, va. to bend a 

Estallar, tm. to crack 
EsUlUdo 7 Estallo, tm. saaod 
of an; thing bunting or 

Estamátes, tm. a sort of cloth 
EsUmbth-, «tn. stern-post 
Brtambr<r, tMi. to twM wool 

Bstimb», tm. fine wonted, 

fine wool i warp 
Estamento, tm. aaembly of 

the corta, state 
Bstam<<fia, ^f. serge 
Estamefléte, tm. kind of serge 
Estampa, «m. print, the ñrtt 

sketch of a drawing, press, 

track, pattern 
Estampiido, tm. impreeslon 
Estampido, da. a. stamped 

linen, cotton, &c. 
Ettampadtfr, tm. one who 

makes or sells printo, 

Estampar, m. to print, leave 

in the ground an impres- 
sion of tliefeot 
Estampería, <f. oflBoe for 

Estampero, tm. he who 

nultes or sdls sHmpe 
Estampida, tfi report of « 

Bwa m ptdo, mi. report of » 

^^-,JUa,<r. a signet 
Bstanc<r, va. to stop, fothcr a 

R wa nda , ^. mandón, a út- 
_ ting-room, stanxa 
Batanciéns •«•. bailiff ate 
form ^ 


place where patent goods 
are sold exclnsivel; tj the 
patentee; stop ; repositoijri 

Estanco, ca. a. water foil 

Bstand^t^ «m. t 

Estangtirria, ^. 
catheter, qiring 

Estanque, tm. pond, bason 

Estanquero, «m.keqpcr of re- 

EstanqniUéro, tm, wholesale 

Estanttfl, tm. buttress 

Estante, tm. shelf; «. bdag 

Estantartfl, «in. centre of a 

Estantigoa. tf: phantom 

Estantío, tía. «. standing im- 
moveable on a spot 

Estañado, tm. vessel with 
melted pewter in which 
copper or iron plates are 
immersed to be tinned 

Estañaddr, tm. tinman 

Estaftár, Ml. to tin 

Estañero, mi. he who works 

11. tin, iron plates 
with tin; pond 

Estaqntfro, mi. buck or doe of 
a yearotd 

Estaquilla, 4f. a p«g, beam of 
a velvet loom 

Estaquillador, mu an awl to 
bore for pegs 

Estaqnillir, tio. to peg 

Estar, vn. to be in a place, 
undentand, be security, be 
of opinion. Bwtojf en qut, I 
am of opinion that ; to be, 
undertake. Btiar tobrt tí, 
to be tnnquil, to cost. 
J¿rlar yaripara partir, to 
tm ipadj to set out — Es- 
tirpe, r r, to be detained 

EiT.irrif]'}, tm. outline of a 

Eii.iT-jr, 1^ to chalk the out- 
liiK- 'jf I drawing 

Eit^m:i, if. kind of smaU 

f nrr fh1 lit 

Ei-t^i'Tjii, V- B balanoe 
E»iA[i;.T, ir. ctatics 
EiHcTii.1, ^r. itatne 
Ei-iiiiuJiria^tr. statuary 
EiiAiuAirtri, tm, statuúy 
Eti.^tTUr, im. m establish 
Ettnt^r*. if* statore 
Bt.tkmiáje\a, ria. a. belenging 

tih » .sUEuti! or law 
Bularata, n^tX$mit, Ann «f 


Estay, Mb stay, a cope' 

E'ste, tin. east 

E'sta, E'sta, E'sto, frm. J.m* 

En fi'stasy en Bstdtras,arf. in 

the mean while 
Estiba, ^f. snake-weed 
Estebár, out the ckKh in- 
to the caaloron to dye it 

EsteUenáto, mi. stellionate 
Estddn, Ml. toad-stone 
Estemenáns, 4f. pL fiittock 

Estepa, ^. rock-roae 
Estepir, Ml. place filled with 

Bstcpeniles, mi. pi. scupper- 

Estera, ^f. a mat 

Esterar, va. to cover with 

Estercár, m. durg 
Estercoladura y Estercolami- 
ento, f. the act of tweeting 
excrements; the act ot 
Estercolar, va. to dung ; rn. 

to void the excrements 
Estercolero, Ml. servant wha 
drives the muck cart, dung- 
EstercoUzo^ >a. a. stercora- 

Estercuelo, tm. stercoratlon 
Estereografía, if. stereogra- 
Estereométria, rf. stereometry 
Estereotljpia, ^. the art of 

printing in stereoQrpe 
Estereotipir, va. to stereotype 
Esterero, mi. mat-maker 
Estéril, a. barren 
Esterilidad, if. steriUty 
Esterilizar, va. to sterillza 
Esterilla, if. ftarret laoe 
Esterlin, mi. V. Bocaei 
Esteriino, BB>r d, ^lerl^f 
EatenMto, Mi. brra»t ^bon* 
Estero, tm- n Vt^tn iakff 

matting; i ursJ] tTceW 
Ester qu érOi !>m. V. A-irrtmtiíra 
EsterqnUín^-^, t-m. dunsfaUl 
Estertdr, tm, t-iiii'if En tjtiti 
throat of nj^i Ti) / Jr>^ fmMna 
Esteva, if. piuu^h-hiA^ltj 
stowage; rur^ffil bur of 
wood on iVm^ Mivtn of 
Estevado» da. «. bow-)«nd 
Estaaádo, Mb V. CvrnST 
EstUr, vibtostep 
Bstlhia, if. luxation 


JbtJaKol, «M. dtaig, fUUa 
Krt%lo» gU. a. s^gian 
BMUr, V». to OM, dnw up 
ia writing aeooidinc totlM 
ul irjrle or practice 

Bttfloy MK. mle, atyle of • 
dial, tam or proceeding ia 
■Mile a* law. WW 

Estimular, va, to sting, incite 
Eetimulo, «m. sling 

Bstiosneiutdo, da. a. mortlfted 
JteiomcBir. M. to corrode 

Bstlpendiár, va. to give stl- 

BstiprtcáT, va, toase or apply 

BNJp3S£f, «r. styptidty, 

c u e d TénMs 
JBMijpcioo, ca« e« styptic, coa* 

Sstlptiqués, 4f. oeaUvcnesa 
BstliNilacitfn, ff. stipulation 
Bsllpttlánto, pa. stipulator 
■sttottlar, «a. to stipulate 
man, <f. kind ofknifie need 

hy tanncis 
BsurtfdamentCk od. scaroaiy, 

▼ielentiy. iBKibly 
■sdrdd o, «fa. g. extended 
Biliidr, vo. to dilate, fit, ex> 

tonda diseoone ; vr. to be 

stretdMd out 
Bstifdn, «M. pull 
Biliipe, tfi laee, origin 
Batftko, ca. a. V. SitifHeo 
EctitiqaéE, <r. costlvenesa 
E«iva,<r* nnuncr, stowage 
Xttlvacidn, 4f. tlie boneUteg 

■Mhraddr, m. packer of wool 

■stivdl, a. cstiTal 

gsg^, M. to stow,eompnss 

e, ^m. Modt'fiih 

dssssad ^di Bnwtaid 
AtOGir, tv. V. g i > i |M s a r 


Bstdft, «f. «(uilted stafT 
fistoftdo, da. a. quilted 
Bstofádo, «m. stewed meal 
BttoAddr, «m. qnilter 
Estofir, tw. to quilt ; paint 

rcUevoes on a gUt ground ; 

stew meat 
BttdU, rf. stole 
Estolidez, ^f. stupidity 
Bstdlido, da. a. stupid 

Estomagar, va. to diiordrr tiM 

Estduago, «m. stomach ; tmI* 

our, reBolntion 
Estomaguero, «m. stomacher 

Estdpo, tf. tew, coarse cloth 
nuMie of tow, oakum 

Estopada, rf. quantity ti tew 

Estopefio, Aa. a. bitonging to 

EstoperdI, tm. short round- 
headed taipawling nails; 
match macCe of tow 

Estopúla, tf. the finest fila- 
mentous substanoe «f hemp 
or flax, long-lawn 

Estopúi, «m quick -match 


Estoptfso, j«. a. belonging to 

Estdqu^ tm. tuck, corn flag 
Estoqueador, tm. tlvubtcr 
Estoquear, va. to thrust with 

a tuck. 
Estoqueo, tm. met of thrusting 

nr atahMn* 

Estoraque, tm. gum of tiM 

Estoibaddr, ra. t. hinderer 
Estorbar, va. to hinder 
Est()rbo, «Ml. binderance 
Estom^, tf. an iron ring or 

Estornfoo, «m. starting 
£<>tomudár, vn. to sneeze 
Brtomúdo, tm. sternutation 
EktomutatdrlOk tm. stcrauto- 

Estovar, va. V. Ahogar 
Estoycíáoto, mi. stoicism 
Estóyco, ca. a. stole; «m. 

Estracilla, qf. kind of fine 

blotting paper 

stnida, <f; causeway 
sstndtdta, tf. ancient mode 

of riding, kfaid of lance 
Estradidto, ta. a. rdaling to 


Estrtfdo. tm. drawlng^aam» 

embefUshmenU «f a draw. 

Estnflüário, rla. «. slercnly 
Estragado, da. a. emaciated 

by criminal excesses 
Estragaddr, ra. t. corrupter 
E»tra|puniénto, tm. ravage 
Ktktrasár, va, to destroy, spoil, 

Estrago, tm. ravage wicked- 

nm, depravity 
Estragan, tm. m u gwor t 
Eurambosiddd, ^ distortion 

of die eyes 
Eatrambtmco, ca. a. strange 
Estramdnio, tm. thom-apnio 
" ^^smm atfnn 

in anone's 

Estrangul, tm. month-piece 

Estraponttaa, ^. kind ef 

Estratagema, if. stratageni 
Estratificar, «a. to stratOr 
Estratidta, «m. water stOdier 
Estrave, tm. kind of wheri M 

the ship's head 
Estrtfza, ^ 
Estrazár, va. totear or break 

into pieces 
Estrechadúra, if. act of aar* 

rowing or straitening 
Estrédwmente, ad, nanuw- 

EstrechamWntoy tm. tight- 
Estrellar, «o. toti^iten } vr. 

to bind one's self sctietty, 

be intimate with 
Estrechez, if. straitaess 
Estrecho, tm. strait or frith, 

Estntcbo, cha. a. narrow, 

tiriit. if/ es/rrcAo, nccessa. 

Estrcchdn. tm. strait, pase 
Estrechura, if. narrownc*, 

intimate teniliarity 
Estreptdéra, if. brukh 
Entre^adéro, «wt. |!lace where 

beasts are acruttomcd to 

BstTH'^-iiliirii, ^f: ihktiim 

EstK^AJi I Lrri (a, inn. frlcalltm 
EstTF-LTiT, ^4^ t« rvti ofw Ibirj 

atü.nrii^l sriOlliU ^ M'ntlrll 
EktTvii'', mJ, vtVfiÉtrrnk 
Estri-llridirrci, rm- iindorfni- 

ÍBi£-;:^aji Ajt tirc^t^tif *^m 
EstMrlin.if», Jft. f- itarry 
Estrvhdr, 0. iiriLaFt^ 
EstrcLUK. w. T6d,iiti IB fine» 


«mifound. Eríndam ton 
una, to £ill out with one 

E>trelléi>a, *f. plain rigging 
without runners 

EN«r lé.-o, »m. fctar'gazer 

E -trel itíir, va. to emt)eUiah 
with star» 

E^trell<in, «Ml. Urge star, star- 
hall. EUrrUoneMf crow- 

Eitiemecér, va. to shalce, to 
work hard ; vr. to «halie 
w th fear 

Estremecimiento, am. trem- 

EMréna 6 Estrenas, if.i new> 
>car's K>ft> handsd, treat 
on wearing a new suit of 

Estrenar, va. to commence ; 
rr. to begin to put an; thing 
in execution 

Bfttrenu. «m. commencement 

Estrenque, ttn. rope made of 
ba<M or sedge 

E:rtreftido, da. a. dote bound, 

Estreñimiento» tm. obstruc- 

Estreñir, va. to bind ; vr. to 
restrain one's self 

Estrépito, tm. noise 

E»treiiitf$so, sa. a. nolqr 

Estriar, va. to flute | vr. to 
be grooved 

Estrías, </*. jp/. flutings 

Estribadero, tm. prop, stay 

Eitribár, vn. to prop 

Estribera, rf. buttress : Join- 
er's bench 

Xstriberia, tf. place when 
stirrups an kept 

EOribenin, «m. promlneiioes 
made on earth or wood bjr 
croKs bars, to serve as stops 

Estribillo, tm. beginning «fa 
•ong, tautology 

Estribo, tm. buttreK^ stirrup, 
step on the side or a coacfi, 
staple fixed at the end of a 
cross-bow. Bttnbot, stir- 
rup« of a ship 

Bctribtfrd, tm. starboard 

Estribordários, «in. vl. people 
on the starboard hand 

Estrictfte (Al), ad. without 
rule or order 

Estn^e. tff. ni|dit-bird 

Estringa, f/*. V. Agt(¡Ha 

Estropi^Jeár, tu. to clean a 

wall with a dry brush 
Bstropaiéo, tm. act of rubbing 

JSstropálOb nt. disbdoot; I 



brush to clean culinary 

Es* r 'I' .\-,¿v. -a. a. ragged 

Estr u:\ ,.i\ Jif. refíiie of wool 

E»<r"t"-- uto, tm, act of 

E»ir \>'.\.7. i i.tontuüm; mis 

Est.. <|... :':,,. tm. a sli^t 

Esi;ii I ., -iif, maim . 
Esi.,'[W¿aü.iF«, tf. V. Trty. 

Estropiézo, tm. stumb'e 
Estructura, ^f. 

Estruendo, tm. 

fusion, pomp, feme 
£«teuend«SM>, sa. a. nai9, 

Eatruír, i*a. V. Datndr 
BstruxadAra, tf. pressing 
Eatruxamiénto,«m. oompnss- 

Estruxár, va. to press ; 

be hard pressed 
Estruxdn, tm. the last 

Estuacitin, <f. flow of the 

Estointe, a. retj hot 

Estuario, tm. a low „ 

Estucadtfr» tm. a stucco-plas- 

Estucitr, va. to stnoco oi 

white-wash anr thing 
Estuche, tm. sosson or in- 
struments contained in a 
case; small comb. Bth»ehe 
4tl rey, surgeon to the king 
Estfiook «m. stucco 
Estudiador, tm. student 
Estudiantazo, mi. he who is 
reputed «great «diolar 

prompter to playen 
Estudiantino, na. a.bdanging 

to a student 
Estudiar, na. to study, muse, 

draw after a modd, or na- 

Estudio, Ml. study, room 

where lancuages or sciences 

are tan^t, hatl where 

models, and plans, are keut. 

Jwa du eftudio, chancellor 

of a university ; jd. sciences 
EstudÍ4Íso, sa. «. studious 
Estúfs, «r a stove, bath, 

brasier for coals, stove 

where pitch and tar an 

heated fur use 
Estufar, va. to warm any 

*^* Digitzedby^tTOBgle 

EÜ3 * 

EstniVn, em. he who make» 

Estufilla, if. mtfT; a small 

EstulUcia, tf. foliy 
Estulto, a. a. fboitsh 
Estuosidad, tf. bumiog 
Estuoso, sa. a. vary hot 
Estupe6cdtfn* tf. stupefiic- 

Esl-iHWUttnfO, Tap a, flnpe 


Est-Ljií^Fido, ilii a. THipnvácms 

Eslr.i.ictlííí líf. EltJ|ild±t¡r 

Bs(u|, eiH^ ji. «tinpiJ 

Estui-iT, i*r, -(uimh: 
Est u 1 ir.3íLiT, im. fivbjarr 
Estup^r^r, i-a. to n^bh 
EstuiifD, rm. r^Tiafamcnt 
Bstiü^uí. ii«. V. Bfluí» 
Es! ,h.|Lif-ta., tm. \>[íi^tsTrt 
Bíf.iinr, Ej. tn dfy l^y flie 
ffif t^t L.f linf n Tn üt mlD iDeat 
Esi'>ii-ü7lr;r *^^ l« ív¡íiA delft 

Bst .L r| Dn , f m, Elmf«gt] 

B'iiiU. cT- *yv.rf:c 

Et 1-^i.r-r^, a'{. tsú ¡a m% 

E^i'U, Id, Jit. nii^. ■,« 

B'U'ii, jh^. FihHfir ¡ciluf>r,the 
n.Aitif id Lhc hi|;}iest re- 


Et - . . I 


Bt: ■■'■ ■'■ ■■|'t:ií<7, dura- 

tifln, continuance 
Eternizar, «o. to etsrnixe, 

ptdong fbr a kngfh of 

Eterno, na. a. eternal 
Eteronóanctef tf. divinatfoa 

by birds 
Ettfaio, a. applied to wfaid 

which be^ t» blow in 

April, and oontinnes to 

B^ca, tf. ethics, monis; 

hectic fever 
E'tjco, ca. a. hectic ; ethical 
Etimología y B'timo, t. ety- 

mdogy, origin 
Etimologiitta, tm. etymdo- 

Etf moiogizAr, ttr. to etymdo- 

Etiópico, ca. a. Ethiopian 
Etiqueta, tf. etiquette 
Etiquetero, ra. a. y t. relating 

to etiquette 
Etites, tf. eagle sfone 
E'tnico, a. eUmic V. GnM 
Kubdlia, tf. the act of ex 

pressing one's thoughts with 


b V- eu<**rf«t , 

Enoflogio y Ettcdk>go, $m. 

Eafimi^y Af' eophon; 
EofiSrbio, im. OfBcinal spurge 
EunAcOf tm. ennuch 
Emipo« am. strait of the sea 
E'uio. sm. the east wind 
Eaxapéo,a. European 
. Eatiquiá a. belonging 

to the sect of Eutycbe^ 
Eutrapelia y Eutropelia, ^f. 

moderation in jests, pas- 
Eutropélico, ca. a. moderate 
Bracnár* va, to evacuate, 

veaken, fiíüsh a bn&iiiess 
Eracuatívo^ va. o. that which 

ha» the power of eracu- 
* ating 
Evacoattfrio, tia. . a. that 

which evacnates 
Evadfr, va. to evade 


Evsn^lioo!, ca. a, evaagdlical 
STan¿éUo, <m. goipel 
STangéUstat mi. erangeliat 
EvaDiseUstésio, «m. priert or 
^Ifeu-nn who chants the 
books of the cvagogeBsts, 
gospel book.ttand 
ETangelizir, va. to erangdiie 
EvajKnracitfn, tf. ev^wration 
Bvaponir, vn. to evaparate 

ETj^poratdrio, n. having tlie 

power of ev^Mvatii^ 
Evaporicár, v». o. y r. to eva- 
B^idtin, ^. evasion 
Eváta, ^. kind of Mack wood 

wnm bling ebony 
Evinto^ am. event 
Eventual, a. eventual 
Everskfn, «f. destmction 
Evicción, ^. eviction 
Evidencia, <f. evidence 
Evidenciar, tu. to prove 
Evidente, a. evident 
EviUsa, ^. kind of ebooy 
Evitable, o. avoidatile 
Eviucidn, ^f. evitatian 
Evitado, da. o. v. Bxeommlr 

EtítáTt va. to avoid; vr. to 
firee oneli adf from vassal. 

Eviterno, na. «.durable 
Evocacidn, ^f. evocation 
Evocar, vo. to call out, in- 
EvotoddDy ^ evolution 
ExabrAptOy ad, abruptly 

■\ exaction, im* 
w. to irritate 


u. exact 

tax -gatherer 
ra. t. cxaggera. 

. to exaggerate 

Ex L ■ ' . a. hexagonal 
Ex (f. exaltation 

Exo.»., .... toexidt, praise; 

vr. to irritate one's self 

ExáMCM. «m. examen, case 

and diligence exerted in 

searclimg out atqr thing 

Exámctioy am. hexameter 

Ezáminadfír, «m. examiner 
Examinando, am. lie who has 

tobe examined 
ExaniioáBte,im. he who cs- 

Examinar, no. to exanrine 
ExftngUe, a. bloodless 
Exftngulo, la. a. having six 

Exi'nime, a. qiiritless 
Exarcado, aim. exarchate or 

vice royalty 
Exá'rco, am. exarch 
Exasperar, va. to exaspe- 
Exftudible, a. grateflil 
Ex&udir,va. tohear fiivorably 
Excavar, va. to excavate 
Excedente, a. excessive 
Exceder, va. to exceed 
Excelencia,^, excellence, ex- 
Excelente, a. excellent 
Excelentísimo, ma. a. auperl. 

most excellent 
ExceUittid, <f. excelsitade 
Excelso, sa. a. elevated 
Bxcemarícidád, <f. deviation 

from the centre 
ExcAitrico, ca. a. eccentric 
Excepcitfn. ^f. exception 
Exoepcionár, va. to except 
Excepto, ad. except that 
Exceptuar, va. to except 
Excesivo, va. a. e^ccessive 
Exceso, am. excesij intempe- 
rance, transport 
Excidio, am. detraction 
Excisa, ^f. excise 
Excitar, va. to excite 
Excitativo, va. a. exciting 
Exclamar, vn. to exclaim 
Exclamativo, va. a. exclaim- 


Eiclamatóno, ria. a. ocla- 

Bxrlufr, I'd. to exclude 
Exclusion, ^. the act of dmt- 

ting out, exception 
Exclusiva, \f. rerusal ot place 
Exclusivo, va. a. exclusive 
Excogitáble a. imaginable 
E\cnp;tár. va. to exc<^Ute 
ExcomolgMo, da. a. cxcom- 

Exoomulgaddr, am. excom* 

Excomulgar, va. to exeon^ 

£xcomunion, ^f. exoonunti. 

ExcoriacUfn, tf. excoriation 
Excrecencia y Excrescencia, 

<f. excrescence 
Excreeidn,4f; excretion 
BxcreroentÁ, o. excremental 
Excrementicio, cia. a. excte- 

Excrementar, va. to pnrge 
Excremento, am. excrement, 
particles separated from 
plants by putrefaction 
ExcrementdsiD, sa. a, excre- 
Excretar, vn. to tject the ex- 

Excréto, ta. a. that wtiidi is 

Excretdrio, ria. a. excretory 
Excursidn, <f. excursion 
Excúrso, am. digression 
ExcAsa y Excusación, tf, ex- 
cuse. Bxeuaaa, exemp- 
Excusabaráj.{,«m. basket with 

a cover or lid of osiers 
Excusable, a. excusable 
Excusadamente, ad. uselessly 
Excusado, da. a. superfluous, 

preserved, exempted 
Excusaddr, ra. j. one who 
performs anclmer's func- 
tions in his stead, vicar 
Excusali, am. small apron 
Excusar, va. to excuse, ex- 
empt from taxes, shun ; vr. 
to oecline a request 
E'xe, am. axis, axle tree, cen- 
Execrable, a. execrable 
Bxecraddr, am. execrater 
Exécramento, am. supersti- 
tious imitation of the sacra- 
Execrando, da. a. execrable 
Execrar, vn. to execrate 
Execuci<$n. <f. exe^muon 
Executable, a. performable 

Digitized byLjOOV IC 


Xncatadtfro, ra. a. Oat tUf 

BuGUuLntfl^ oc esMator of 
any thing JodlciaUy 

oblige on* to pM what he 

owe», attack withfiml laa- 

guagr or ocher ill mage 

Bzecutffo, vo. m. «xecuUTe 

Esecutdr. t. an executor 

£&ccuttfria, <f. wanrant oCat- 

torney, letten patent ofno» 

billet executonhip 

SxecutorUr, vm. to obtain a 

Terdict In one's ftvour, 

render evident die truth of 

a thing 

Executdno, ria. a. „ „ 

to the appreheniion of a 
£x£g6tioo, ca. «. excpetlrel 
E&eniplár,«f>t«xanplar, com- 

paruon, copj of a work 
Exemplar, u. exemplar; 
ExempUr, «a. to tran» 

Exeropliñcacidnj ^. declara» 

ExanpliftcaTf va. to exempli- 

Exémplo, «m. «xampl^ pat- 
tern. Por exempiot tat in- 
Exéncidn, if. exemption 
Exentar, co. to exempt ; «r. 

to except one's sdT 
Exento, ta. a, exempt, clear 
Exento, tm. officer in the 

Spanish lifi^^[uards 
BxéquÜI. a. exequial 
Exequias, if. pi. exequies 
Exequible, a. attainable 
Exeroér, «a. to exercise 
Exercicio, tm. exercise, cm- 
ployraent, military evolu- 
Exercitaddr, ra. s. exerciser 
Exercitáiit^ mi. exerciser 
Exercltár. va. to exercise ; vr. 
to apply one's self to the 
functions of an office 
ExercitatÍTo, va o. that 

which may be exerciked 
Exército, «m. army 


Exheredar, va. to disinharit 
BshiUddn, ^.exhibttien 
Exhibár, «o. to exhibit 
Ejdiortadtfr, ra. «. «xhortar 
Exhortar, «a. to exhort 
Ezluxtatdrio, ria. a. exhorta- 


Exldü, a. mortal, fatal 
ExidOfSm. aanalilerelipot, 

commonly intended ibr 

threshing com 
Exigencia, if. exigence 
Bslgfble,*. citable of being 

tijgeema ftitM» üáog, hojm 
olobtaining a MvanL 

BxlgldéRs ra. a. that which 

may be i ^iP iBHhil 
Exlgur, M. to exact, desire 
BslgtUihkl, if. exigaity 
Exrguo, goa. a. exiguous 
Ex hn icidn, if. exemption 
Exfmio, miau o. eximious 
EsSmír, t». to exempt 
Bxtaaniekta. if. drtdUty 
Exlnanfdo, da. a. debilitated 
Eilsténcia, if. exittenoe 
Exististe, pa. existing 
Exlstimtfr, vo. to hoQ 
BxlstAr, vm. to exist 
B'xlto, «m. deputnre 
B'xMo, MS. Bxodus 
ExOnenlr, va. to exonerate 
ExApilatlTO, va. a. deobstm- 

BxArtfble, a. exorable 
Exorbitancia. <f. exorbitanoe 
ExArbitint^ a. exorbitant 
Bxtecismo,. «m. exorcism 
Extocista, «m. cxorciser 
Ex6rcixénte, pa. exorcising 
Bxtecixár* va. to exorcise 
ExOrdio, «m. exordium 
ExAmacidn, if. ezomatlon, 

elegance of style 
ExAmir, no. to adorn 
ExArtaddn, if. exhertatian 
Bxfitérico, ca. a. exoteric 
ExAtioo, ca. a, exotio, odd 
Expal m ádo, da. a. worn out 

US ose 
Expansidn, if. expansion 
Expansivo, va. a. expansive 
Expenso, «M. expanse space 

l>etweea tlie superior B[^iere 

of the air and the empy- 

Expectorir, «s. to «gift ». 

Bxpediddii, if. wpedHlon ■ 
Eipedidonéro, «m. he whm 

•npcrintends cipeditioiia 
Expedido, da. a. expedjf 
Expediente, «m. affidr tttmj 
(Uscussion, úúñ, dimpmttib^ 
fiwiUty. title, pnparatien 
E xp edi en te, a. convenient 
Expedúr, va. to expedite, dia- 
patch ; vr. to retire ftoa» 
the military pioftaslen 
Expeditivo, va. a. apt in «■» 

Expedita, ta. a. pnimpC 
E^elér, «o. to expel 
Expeliente, pa. cxpcUli^ 
Expendeddr, ra. a. s|wnd- 
ttirift, one who pa s se s cona- 
terfeit money, reocswr oF 

Expender, va. to expend 
Expensas, if. pi. e^ensea 
Experiencia, if. experieno» 
Bxpctimentaddrf ra. «. eaye - 

Experimental, a. cxp at l - 

Experimentir, va, to «&p«- 

j^térmo, tm. exergue 

Exfolt&citin, if. exfoUaUon 

Exfoliar, va. to exfitUate; vr. 
to become exfoliated 

Exhalación, if. exhalation 

Exhaladdr, ra. •. exhaler 

Exhalar, ra. to exhale ; vr. 
tu becoasamed,beexhau»t- vowsaou 
cd by violent exerciifi of Expectable, a. iUastrions 
tlie body i Expectación» if. ex|wct«ti 

»•* Digitized by 

ExpatrUr, va. to expatriate; 

vr. to be exiled 
E:qHiveotfrse, vr. to alarm 

Experto, ta. a. expert 
Bxpiacidn, if. óqjilatioa 
Expiar va. to expiate 
Expiativo, Ta. a. that wtal^ 

serves for an expiation 
Expiatorio, ria. a. expiatory 
Explanad*», if. explanation 
E^Unár, vo. to lem 
Explayar, va. to extend : «r. 
** to enlarge upon a snlaect 
Expletivo, va. a. expletive 
Explicables a. expUcable 
Explicaderas, if. pi. manner 

in which any ming is ex- 

Explicar, wo. toexplain ; vr. 
to ex^^n or apeak ooc^ 

Explicativo, Tfu a explicative 
ExpUdto, ta. a. explialt 
Exploraddr, rs. «. («ploratar 
Explorir, oa. to exploro 
Exploratdriu, «m. nrebo 
Bxplosidn, if. explosiott 
Expolicidn, 4^. Ulostratioa ot 
any seotencr or mfiag 



BMfttUKttf f0» y fa •Jt|iwaitwi I 

Hipan^r. «a. to cspoM» n- 1 

poood, Uy open to danger 
Stpokiddn, «/. cxpo«iti«a 
Eipoatiwo, Ta. «. expl«n«t<a7 
£x|»tfiito» ta. a. «xpoMd 
Espgsittfr, «m. «raoandcr 
Sipranti'M «<■•■ cn ae M -y«t 
Bspicvir, t«. toM|nr«H, ddl- 



£sp(«ktn»4f. «Hir Mnk m^ the 
act of tqneeiiag oat Úie 
Jaioefram soccolent ftutt. 

Rmwjt TO, va. a. «xptcMlre 
E«prtfiOv M. a. dear 
fexpré», «IN. cxpTCM, padtet- 

ET|«1nÜd4rat ^. a •maU 

praM used tqr apotíMcarin 

to «faene oat the Joioe of 

E\prfnUdán>. «m. a |iren 
E«prtin<do, da. a. diy 
Sxprtintry oa« to iijiieeief cs< 


Exprovinciál, «m. ezptorui' 

£iq«a«naAifr, «■•• be who 

takes by a«ianlt 
Bxpoontfr, vs. to oanaaer 
KxpuJtiár, va. to expel 
£spabidn, ff. expulsion 
BxpuisÍTo, ra. a. expulsive 
Espultrfs, a. that vhich ex- 
pels or has the power of 
Rzpungfr, «a. to expunge 
Kxprangar, «a. to cleanse 
Kxjtuiiattfri o, m . index at 
torn book* prohibited Iqr the 
IfMiuisltion ; a. ixpurgatory 
Exquisito, ta. a. cxquiaite 
K'ztasi ó E'stasto, m. entfan- 

Kx tdtlco,^ a. ecfWkal 
Bxtcaipafdl( a» extcnponl 
Baiempusá nea^ nea. a. abd» 

to beeaMnded, swell} cem* 

BxtenstUUdád, if. extndU- 

Etaidda,<f. eztaaslea 
BxtensiTo» va. a. extensive 
Extenso, sa. a. extensive 
Extenuar, va. to extenuate 
Extenuativo, va^ 4wt«hld» 

Bxteridr, a. exterior 
Exteridr, int. outward ap- 

Exterioridad, tf. mark, pomp 
Bxtcminaddr,ra. ». estemal- 

Bxterminár, «a. to banish. 

root out, ten up 
Exterminio, «m. expulsion 
Bxtémo, na. a. axteraal, 

ExtindSn, ^f. extinetion 
Exthi«uible,a. extin«nishafale 
Extinguir ,tw. to (pseóch, sup- 

Extinto, ta.|i>p. extinguished 
Extirpañdr, «m. extirpator 
Extirpar, na. to extirpate 
Extorsitfn, tf. extortion 
E'xtra, frtp. out, without 
Bxtraoddn, <f. exportation; 
drawing numbers in the 
Extractaddr, Mb extraoler 
Extractar, t». to extract 
Extractivo, va. o. extractive 
ExtFioto, am. extract, sub- 
stance extracted 
Extractih-, twu cxtraeter 
l?i lia< im, pa. cxtractinc 
Extraer, va. to extract, draw 
out the dUtt parts «T a 

Extntfudiciál, a. extn^judlcial 
Bxtrangeria, <f. the quality 
of bring a straneert the 
custoou of a inc^SBer 
Bxtrangtfro, nu «. strancer 
BttraflamWntO!, rai. allana- 

BxtraMr, «a. to alienate^ ad- 
mire, censure; «r. to re* 



gulari^j wander 
Extrifio, na. a. ftreign, rara^ 

extravagant, nnwricome 
Extraordinario, ria. a. extra- 


Extravagfoda, <f. extTava* 

Extravagante, a. extravagant 
Extravasirs^ vr. to extrav»' 

Extravcnddcda. a. Arcad eut 

of the veins 
Extravenarse, «r. to let ant 

of the veins 
Bxtraviár,«a. to mislead ; vr. 

todevlaielVom rectitude 
Extravio, tm. deviatian, tara» 

Extremadas, ^f. pi. tbt time 

of malting eh ai w 
Extremado, da. a. extraña^ 

ftottious, c h eer fa l 
Extremar, va. to reduce to an 

extreme, finish, separato ; 

vr. be punctual^ persist obs- 
tinately in an enterprise 
Extremauncidn, tf. unction 

Extreméfio, fta. a. bdonring 
or rriatina to Extremadura 
Extremidita, tf: extremity 

trémc^ ma. a. < 

Extremo, tm. extrema^ the 
winter or summer of mi- 
gratinc flocks 

EnrerooÁo, i 

Extvrbtfr, va. toexpel 
ExMerincia, ^. exuberance 
Exuberante, a. exuberant 
Ex&berár, va. to be exube- 

ratiKl ; vk. to exuberate 
Exulcerar, va. to ulcerate 
Exftltaciiin, tf. exultation 
Exvtfto, tm. offislna to Uod 

in couMquenoe ora vow 
B'zula, 4f. qmrge 





'^FWila.V. AOmIs 

Fabdt, tm. a Und of wind 

Pihrica^dUiricatieti, tirtie< 

ture, manufitetory, a fkn- 1 Pabricdttt«,«m.builder, maker 
tastfc idea; Porta lie Jh. Pabrtaár, «a. to build, maau- 
brtm, briek-wril I Ikcture, contrive 

FateloBdtfr, ra. «. auBMftc- Fabril, a. bU6U|^tanaau- 
turer I fiwturen JDg IC 




, parMO charged 
taUng can or c 

WwJ»6co J Fabúca, «. bwch- 

Tabuéaot tm. westerly wind 
FábuU, </. nunour, fictloo, 

fiible, Uu^ing-wock 
Fabttladon, ^f. con venation 
Fabulador, tm. antbor of &- 

FabuUr, no. to &ble 
Fabulista, tm. finbuliat 
Fabuióso, ta. a. fabuloiu 
Faca, </. V. Haca 
Faccénda* «m. busj-body 
Facción, <f. military exploit, 
Action, people of the «ame 
trade» fiioe ; Foccíonm, &a 
Faccionario, ria. o. belonging 

to a party or faction 
Faccicnto, sa. a. &ctioiu 
FacccitSso, sa. a. Cact-tious 
Fac^dor, ra. i. V. Bactdor y 

FwttíA, 4f. community of 


Facéro». nu a. rdating to pat- 
Faces. A1. pi. V. MexillM 
Fdcéto» ta. a. merry, witty 
Facha, tf. face: V. Troaa 
Facha á Facha, od. ftce to 

&ce. £m Facha, backed 
Fachada, ^f. fiícade, frontis- 
piece of a book 
Fachenda, a. vain 
Faoheud(;ár, imi. toalTecthaT- 
ing much important bu^- 

I- 1 Tmeifir\ito, - 

one vain 

Fac . , ' « 

Fae ..r. 

i\-i, \l- liTijbt i)Hit [in the 

Fmc-.y.i¡l, ^ fj|CMlT]r. furce, 

Faiu3:.:tivi^ Ti, d, WtoinxiDg 
" . -iiU't lu'uitjr or vAtnire, 
t L'lMr^g ^mi*ri ; iksl may 

Fachendista, a. y «. 

and oktentatious 
Fachf n, «m. a porter 
Facial, «. intuitive 
Fácles, <f.p/. faces of crystals 
Ftfcil, a. facile, pliant, euy of 

acce&i, frail 
FacUii*^, «r. ihdUty, incon 

FaciUtacitfn, tf. fiicUity 
Facilitar, va. to fecilitate 
Fácilmente, md. easily 
FacinenSfco 6 Facinordso, a. 

fitcinoroas wicked 
Facutdl, tm. cboristcc's desk, 

stand ^ 

F4co, tm. a pony 
FactOde, a. feasible 
Facticio. c;a. a. fiKstitioos 
FacT<Sr, tm performer, fiKtor 
Factorage, tm, &ctoiage 
Factocia, ^. fiKtoiy 

'1..^, in. ii, rich 

il]jr J'- i:kpiueiaii« 

■■/. J lanajj i|iii(fl afilie 

^- V^ wnrt fuífí^e, 

1 ..ríl üuftTTi uf ahij 'b 
1 1/ tvi-lllV, rtuípuT 

J'' J., I.'. 1411^-4.' lull of 

4.-,, V- ii^- 
ii v'. fill I jc y 

^r, va. ru -^jañrn 

üvíiq, Fa. i«, ]u«d^ 

.1 . < ' ü PÍiAlari» 

a.í i3 t-^-aii^iti, xy a Te- 
ll. 'US bfiJdET 
-W, ij'- t' (rtlH-J ■ BTBl-i 
.. .> FüJuíW^ r. hbnil of 

n, -.3 Llurll 
FaliL. : K^vUl-i-, ^. Jt^-L-iif-,il 
Fa .i;^, rfti. I]iiiin(¥ 
Fál ... /■- i ^aall wíHlj.c- of 

'^ I.-. I Lj*ril bi i-ifiwiU-r, 
Fa -ill J tU. ^i. hmArú 
Fal . r. .if. lu etiip 
Fal- 1 1 1 u *. I ■ , itüHtAií Miid mil his faJfillMI 

l^ak^ur, to, m vfbi]i n td(i«'s 
enM with }Mirki^tlkriiiul or 

Fall I-, i-c. -\ikW, &Vb]iin 
Fa!. ! ..é, if. fii\^ttiv ]mxt oi' m 


Fai- Ji., iTffl. iHirknt ytwi- ol 

FaJjTiinfte, «m- falconci 
FáiktiWfir. sUfiT, ti-uiFi, ]itLiti 
ni A liiir, IvLii uT a. Int, 
( ■ . ■. ■■ •'.. treiJj wlucl 
t■••^. . ;:.. u.H»0f Ullinnb; 
é-aiaas, pctUcOBtS 

Faldamento, «in. fi>ld, flap 

Faldir, tm. tasMs 

Faldellín, tm. a short uniler- 
petilcoat, an ornamental 
oovcrioc ftur bcaati efbiur< 

Digitized by 


Faldero, ra. a. belonginc to 
the Up ; Perrillo faUervf 
Up dog 
Faldéte». </*. p/. tacads 
Fat iiikif lE,, la. n. thúf t Bklrt > 

»kirt, U:^^, a w^rn one 
njjll-ittiivt iif J hdtv^iTiLLl 
FaUli-eii u^rrd . «/; |hK'I ^ 
FaldulitrlLi, í*í. 4n rfil Mttcr 

FaliALLHd, -f. W.UII oTiecuiity 
FalifK LiílíiiJ:, ...1. r.aLiliUil^ 
FalfbJfi, iL, ¿tiJlblü 
Fahejfl n níTiHf J iiifr Tain] J 
Fal LI 1 1 .C'r.i 1 1, jtpii. 'JLH.-i:[»iLa« 
FaLu, .1. [o hid hi th« ^er- 
fiormancc of one's pronüse 
FálU. <f. a defect, a sort of 

lidit loo^ cover 
Falladtir, ra. t. V. Battador 
Fallar, va. to tmmp ; v. tm- 
pers. to be defici«nt» V. 
Falleba, %f. an iron htttru- 

ment foot fhsteuing 
Fallticediir, nu a, perishable 
Fallecer, im. to faU. die 
Fallecimiento, «h. fimlt, de- 
cease, death 
Fallido, da. a. deceived 
Fallo, j«if. •«ntcnce 
Falsa Amarra, </: prwenter- 

Falsáda, qf. V. Calada 
Fakário, ria. a. ühÁ^ing, 
accustomed to tell nüs«- 
Falseador y Falsaddr, «at. 

Faldear, va. to falsify, pieroe ; 
Faltrar la Have, to coun- 
terleit a key ; in. to slack- 
en, not agree in sound, hol- 
low left in seats to make 
them ea^ 
Falsedad, ^f. fabefaood 
Fabéte. tm. ftlnt treble in 

FalsUiradtfr, nu t. fahdflcr 
FaUificár, va. to ftlidfy 
Falso, sa. a. fislse, antme, 
vicious, produc'm;; nofinsit, 
defective ; Dt jtOio, Eüsdy 
FjUU, ^f. ftult, deficicney in 
the weight of coin, defiiuU ¿ 
Sin .alto, without fail 
Faltar, m. to be defidcnt» 
not to ñilñl one's pcsmitc, 
need, to die 
Faltflla, </: a slight üsolt 
FiUto, ta. a. wanting, misani» 

4/«il»is«^ IB. «. pickp«ek«t 


Fúartauén, af. pocket 
FahU 7 Paíúca, ^f. boat, 

Fama, iff. report, fiune 
^mélico, ra. a. hungnr 
FanOia, «/. fiunilj, religioiu 

order, number oTsenranU 
Familiar, a. fkaaiOar, weO 

kiHnm, agreeable 
Pamihár, tm. Msrant, officer 

«r the iDquteition, coltaKe- 

•errant, demon, intfmatr 

baw» one who aSteta great 

Familiaridad, ^. ftmilUrtty, 

Fmillariatr, na. tofiunUlar- 

ke; gr. to become f a m i l ia r 
P«Dils, ^. a kind of gold 

doth or brocade 

Fámulo, «m. tenrant of a 

Fanal, tm. poop-taMem of a 

coounodaare'» ibipk lantén 

Fanático^ ca. a. tatatíc 
WmntUamo, tmu finatieism 
Fandáp», urn. a Hrcljr 8pa 

■ikh cumoe 

Fanéo, 4f. maatore of gialn 
ef about a hundred «debt, 
«xtant of tiUed gnmno 

Fanegada, </*. citent of ara- 

nnoe of a fangpr or 
* boaster 

Fanikmin, «m. a boUy 
FanCunte, na. «. boaabng 
Fanftnonáda, ^. boMt 
Fanfurronáxo, sa. a. ffri 

Fanianroneár, tm. to bully 
FanGurroncríá.4f. finfitronade 
Ftafiurraoéica, ^. mannar of 

FtafUncfAa, 4f> peMkm or 

Fkngar» tm. mire, ftn 
Fango, mm. ooaj bottom of 

Fino, «m. templa 
Fkntaacdr, ra. to fimcy 
FantairfA, nf, tuacr, Act 


a vain preHimptaocu 
Fantaondn, — 

tuous roxcomb 
Fantasmonázo, mi. a hoge 

Fantasticár, vn. V. ^ontaMor 
Pantástioo, ca. a. fimtaatic 
Faqoin, «m. porter 
Fára, <r. • khid of. _,_ 
Fandiár, vo. to beat er clean 

Farallón, «m. Hnal 

Uland to the tea 
FaramaráUa, 4/*. 

tale caimlated to adte 

wrangling, prattling; «m. 

tale bearer 
Fara mnH edr, tm. to tattle 
Faramallérd j Fluamalldn, 

«n. tattler 
Farándula, ^f. 

mean trade, ilialagwii 
Farandulero, Ml. actor, Idle 

Farandúlicok ca. a. rdating tc 

a low comedian 
Parado, «m. game at cards 
Fariute, tm. mmnengu i in- 
terpreter; principal ma- 
nager; a meddling fcUow 
Farc.naddr, tm. one win 

stufB anr thing 
i-'árda, tf. duty, tax 
FanUge, tm. equipage 
FanUr, 1». to fvrnish a 

uijpwly with clothes 
Fardtfl. tm. bag, km-psack 
Fardeterla. ^.baggage 
Fardfllo, tm a small bundle 
Fardo, tm. bale of good:i 
Farelldn, tm. cape, rock 
Fares, «m. W. dtnrch tcnrlct 

sung to the holy week 
FarlbUt, <f. flounce 
FariUldso, sa. a. stammering 
Farttnte y Farfentdn. tm. a 
boasting, bracging lubbler 
Faiftntonáda y Parnntoneria, 

</: idle boast 
Firfkra, ^f. membrane which 
oovcTH the white of an egg 
Fatf&lla, tm- a stammering 

talkative per>ott 
F irfulladrfr, tm. stammerer 
Farfullar, va. to talk quirk 
and btammcrhiKly 

'•'aiináceo, CO. a. ion. 

Fartntf tas, ^f. jtt. fritters made 

ot flour, honey, i * 
Farfnije tm. gullet 
Farbaiuno, «m. úm Met ol 


Farisajf'co, ca. a. Phavtalaal 
Fariseo, tm. Pharisee 
Farmacia, <f. idiarmaey 
Fármaco, m. V. ITsdfea* 

Farmacopea, tf: phamuce» 

Farmaodpola. «m. a 
Faro, tm. a Ugbt-houia 
FardI tm. lantern 
FaroWro, tm. oat who makm 

lanterns, Ump-Ughter 
FareUUo^ to. co. tm. Indias 

Panto, tm. lantern 
Parotdna, tf. b taü slovenly 

Farpado, da. «• •ooUopad 
Farpas, rf. pi. notches 
Farra, ^. kind offish 
Fárrago, tm. Currago 
Parragulfta, tm. one woo 

disordets tilings 
Parro, tm. peded barley, • 

sort of wheat 
Farsa, tf. tuce, company ft 


FaiBálloo, ca. a. 

Farsante, ta. t. low oomio 

actor, or actress 
Far!.«o,«m. quilted JackM • 
Fartár, va. V. Hartar 
Fárte y Farfeil, «m. flruit-^Kt 

or (de 
Fartriquéra, «f. pocket 
Fas (For) d por Néím» ai 

Justly (V unjustly 
Fsícál, MI. shock 
Fáícas, atf. V. Baitm «4 

Fi^e». tuce» 
Fa&cinaeitfo,^. imposition 
Fabcinaddr, ra. t. ^cinatnr 
F&<icinánte, po. ftscinater 
Fascinar, va. to fiucinata 
FáhOies, MI. pi. French.beans 
Fa^iuía, tf. ledge of bt ' 

fbur or fire hK^ies 

and one toch thick 
Fatqulár, va. to loctthe 

Fasta y F¿a, prep. V. Battm 
Pastiál, MI. pyramid placed 

on the top of an edifice 
Fastidiar, nt. to loathe 
Fastidio, Mt. squearai&haaM, 

distaste, disgniit 
Fastidldso, sa. a. fastidious 
Fa»tlgio,Mi. pinnacle, firoa- 

tUpiece of a building 
Fá lo, Ml. han^tincM. splea 

door; " ' *" 

utdso y, Fastudaoij aa,. 




Fatídico, ca. «. btidkal 
Fall^ T Patiáadtfn, ^. ioU, 

fMgaddr, a. «. motetar 
Fatigar, va. to fiitigne, la; 

waste bj warlike incuniun. 

«r. to be ia a horrjr 

v> . »w uv in ■ uwrrj 

nttir, rat. perfenncr 
Fatona,<f. factory 


Fatuidad, ^. btaUr, a itoiiid 

Fatuo, tua. a. fktuoos 
Fatúra, ^f. invoioe 
Fauces, 4f. pi. Euicce 
Fáufau, «m. nftrHneM of (k 

nusto, ta. a, luqmj 
Ftfusto, «m. ■plendonr 

. _a. a. fástuons 

PauUir, ra. s. fautor 
Fautoría, 4f. aid, favour 
Favo, tm. cake of yellow wai 
Fatóiüo, «m. westerly wiind 
Favtfr, «m. fiivoor, honour^ 

ooitoplimeot; A'ftmár, Ly 

favour of 
FavoMble, a. favourable 
Favorecedor, ra. «. fautor 
Pavortirér, va. to favour, 

£m>t favoun} vr. toeii>^j 

Favorito, ta. a. favoured 
F4xa,^. bandage, borda 
r axadúra, ff. uatched doihe 

rolled roimd a robe to t'-rc- 

Pisas, </; pi. stoff-roUera 

round the Itg^ girdlet 
PíXár, tw. to «wathe 
Paxárdo, «M. kind of mc^i 

Faxeddo, da. a. that whLh 

Fa&tfro, «M. a knitted nM- 
_ dling band far children 
Fáxo, «m. bundle: Fduiot, 

•-"•-. clothe» 


Fayiir, tw. to bind with a 

Paí, tf- face, ft^mt 
FiíÁfxí, ^. V. BuaJk) 
VtxoiétUf twí. hacdiercSiicf 
F^, 0'. faith, «intidnic:^, pro- 
m]v« gii«ij aaaevi-ridon, 
[i^rtiftcatr, bonour; Dor 
ft, to attett E fin fi, coa- 

Fe i:jL'|í oJ- in IvniN 
>-#*liiaii, tr, uilines* 
F^amente^ 94. i» ft» og^ 

F^^Uj li- a- TtTJ ogJj t* de- 

Fébie. a. weak 

yihh\ m^ frjtíttyi llftii mo- 

niej 91 coin 
Frtlflild4l^ If. drtrtütj 
Fíba^Afn, Fba'liui 
Fcbrd», ^/^ V. TiH* rm 
FubNfu, tm. Felimarj 
f übrifúfio» an. ir £rbf Lfuje 
Fiitrt^ u. ibbriic 

Féchi, </i ilati^ [if a ]L-4ter «r 

wtd 4*tv 
Fecb¿r, MUn ta bfaat up. date 

pDghnrla ü Fei:burLi, tif. ac- 
tion, f4it 

FrL-mdrttDf la, a_ fcruJmt 

FttudiLlliiail, ^r- ñftu,n.]!.íy 
FecunLll£4Tt tu. !□ r^Ttindate 
pLTOndííH dü. a. t-tu tid 
Fi'di^riLUvú, V*. a-fcácTiálrt 
Ftrfaa, ^í: u;:ti]itn« 
reLind]:^{7, i«. V alter rhem- 

twaddling c 

FtyMo, «N^aanun garrcT n 

Fnyltaoa, ^f, potltlon of the 

Fayiaoo, «n. a flat baslit 

niyM, 4f. band : ▼. Pom 



Fcüiüiidil, tjl ^Umj 
FdUitiT. iTj. to tuAke happyi 

Ft,'UciiJt:icj0, if. con^atnla- 

Ft!t^itya, ^. fdliortcl of a 

Ff1i<,ij. hap(tf 

FeJcklTb, ^f. ev(T«m;h~aak 

FclniTA, tf. itcadÍMrry 

riil|M.p ^. plu&h 

Ftljuido, a«. J Felpudo, da. 

FdiiJlli, ^. cmrdeil illk far 

P#menlij q.rnnlnuia 
PTtocTiiiMi, mi. B. frmljiine 
I'lacCnliilO^ a. l^lSigitizicI lUb^ 


«r» mD, nea. a. fantininc 

Fendiáite, «m. gash 

BDecér, vw. to tcrmiiurtc« 

de g e n e ra te, die; oo. to fi> 


enecimiánto, «M. doee 
. enedil, tm. hay-loft 
Fenigeno, na. a. haviac the 

nature of hay 
Fénix, sm. Phoenis 
Fendmeno, tm. phaenomcnoa 
Feo, ea. a. ugly, immodetf 
Fertfl, a. ¿oataj, lad 
Ferds, a. ttrtile, abnndatit 
Féretro, tm. bkor, cofBn 
Feria, tf: any day of the 

wa¿, cxceptiag Sanoday 

and Sunday; afalr,rcrt 
Feriil, a. belongiag to fain, 

reliving to the days of the 

Feriante, tm, one who tiadca 

at fairs 
FerUr, «a. to sdl, give fair- 

Ferino» «a. a. wild, «avaoe 

Fcrlfa, tm. an ancient ooin 

Ferlingotoi, tm. pi, kind of 
paste ao called 

Fermentar, no. & on. to ftr- 

Fermentativo, va. a. fermen- 

Fermento, tm. ferment 

Femandina, «f. klqd of Unen 

Ferocidad y Ferocfa, ^f. fe- 

FenSz, a. ferocious 

Perra, ^. V. Farra 

Perrada, ^. Iron dub 

Feítár, uo. to gaxnldi with 
points of iron 

Férreo, rea. a. fciTe uws 

Perrería, tf. iron-work 

Ferreruelo, tm. a lotv doak 
with a collar 

Ferrete, «m. burnt copper or 
bras» used to colour or stain 
glass, marking iron 

Perretaildo. da. a. gamiabed 

Ferretear, va. to buid 

Perrificátse, vr, to be con- 
verted into iron 

Ferro, tm. andMV 

Perron, tm. iron^manufac- 
turcr, iron-monger 

Fermgineo, nea. o. femigi- 

Pemiglénto, ta. a. bdenging 
to or containing iron 

Ferrugindso»sa. a. iieaiy 

PértU,.o,feríUe . 

Fettillátfd,^. fartlfiiy, plenty 


ffMBiár, ««. to tetniM 
MraUoe^ «a. a. like • ferala 

tmyur, «m. fcrvoiur 
HerTorcdloy «m. a all^ ftr- 

Fflrrortx^» vo* to heat 
fti ><»<toO f la* a* hifuit 
FwtriMlitr, ra. «. fcifff 
r «i O<i 7 Petteir, «a, to cb- 

Pau^o V Fea«e, «m. a civil 
«r r^ant «xpumSaa étjey 
'— "dha hafMiMH «r •»»• 



af otob if a t I n g. 

Pamvo, Ta. «. fertiva, AMi- 
▼al; DiafetritBOfhóádMj 

Ptuán, «m. girland 

Fétido, da. a. fetid 

Ptffo. •m.foetiu 

FcodúU, Osindal 

Ftedalidád, ^. ^naU^f of a 
fief or feodal ertato 

FcwUr, vm, V. Si^^dar 

Vcodatárlo, Mu ftoditoiy 

vTittan on fcto I9 vhich 
bndt ara iMld of asapodor 

Patfdok «m. ficfor fee, tiibnto 
paid toaftudal lord 

Ftfdo. «i«.baU 

FladAr, ra. t. one who tnuts 
anottwr, soietyf kind of 
•mall laotb iattnunent with 
which aqy Úiiuc Is made 


Fiamhrtfry «a. to flry meaty 
and leave It te ood te 

Fiitabn, am. AtuuA meat 
a. of a laog 

Flamtarira, ^. cold meat. 

Fiambfevo» «HI. floe who takat 

care of the lardar 
Viánsa, tf: 

af a Jodae 0* niacUtrato 

Fibra» 4f. nbn 
FibniM» M. e. fl 



Fleddn, «f. fiOion* fclwhcod, 

Floe, flak whiting 

Ffaha, ^. iDull pkoe of ÍT017 

Ficticio, "U. a. fictitioae 
WictOf ta. a. feigned, vain 
FidadlaM, gna. a. worthy of 

Fldettdtf4 <r. fldeUty 

FUéoi, am. fl. paste 00m- 
powd like vcnnioriU 

PMbre, «f. fever 

Fid, a. felthlU, true 

FUi, m. olark of the market, 
medie of a balanoe, i^vot 
of a ■taib'ard, pin which 
kaepa the two Uade» of 

FWáago, «ai. the oflBoe of 

Pialdid, ^. plaea and em- 
fdoymant of úm inspector 
of weights and maasuns. 

Fidtrár, tMi. to felt, stuiF a 

saddle with short hair 
FKltro, am. felt, stutout 
Fiemo, am, dang, man 

Fierahrás, am. baUy 

Fio^ia, if. Sercenest, defer» 

Fiero, ra.a. fierce, ngly, huge 

Fieros, am. pi. fierce threats 
and bravadoes 

Fierro, am. iron 

Fiesta, tf. feast : Fiaata áehU, 
a double feast in the 
dmrch ; fL hoHd^s : Pi- 
eataa raataa^ rajad fiáttivaU 

Flgménto, am. any tiling 
made of potter^ cb9 

F%o, «m. fig 

FIgtfn, am. eating-house 

1flgaaét% «m. one who keeps 
an eathig-house 

Flgnéra, ^f. fig-tree 

Pigoerál, am, plantatioo of 

Figulino, na. o. made of pot- 
ter's day 

Figtea, tf. figure, fiwe, sta* 
toe ; Figura de pnté, hmsi 
of a ship ; a. eem, person 
of a ridiculous R|tpearancc ; 
4f. pi. characters represent- 
ed on the stage, mubioal 

FiBur4l>l«. «• that which may 
be figured 


FlfUFida, «r. an antic p<»tMr« 
Figurado, oa. a. figurative 
Figura!, a. belongiiig to fi- 
Plguninza,^. retemhlanre 
Fignrtfr, m. to fi|jure, adorn 
with figures; vr. to con- 
Figurativo, va. a. flpirativ» 
Figurería, tf. V. m^tra 
Fieurtfro, am. mingle 
Figurón, am. a huge figure 
of a ridiailous aiijiearnnc*» 
FO, «m. needle of a balAiice, 

Ffla, rf. a long row of per- 
sons or things, a line U 

Filadgs, ^f, rope-yam 
Filactiaria, 4f. phylactery 

, am. a small tmat 
used on the river Ciaruni'S 
FUadii Ú FiUro, a. fenret-kilk. 

Filamento, aai. filament 
Fllamiénto, am. spuming part 

ef a manufactory 
FiUndrias, ^. yH. worms hreJ 

in the intestines of birds 
Filantr^ia, af. philanthropy 
Filar, a. thieaden 
PUaréto, «in. netting 
FiUstica, ff. ro|)e-yam 
Filatería, af. verbosity 
Filatéro,<m. a verbose speaker 
Filáucia, af- sef love 
Filderret«ir, am, sort of super - 

Fileli, am. a veiy thin woollen 

Fileno, na. a. delicate 
PUéra, If. row, line 
Filete, am. hem, a small spit 

fi» roakiing, welt of a shoe 
nieteár, *a. to adorn with 

Filct(fn, «IN. kind of em- 

FiUaobiii, 4f. 
tion ef a co mmu nity to a 
soneriflv load 

PUUl, a. filial 

FUUr, t>a. to prove ont'k de- 
scent 1 t«. to enrol a sol- 

FlUbtfte, am. fly-boat 

Filicida, am. murderer of 
one's own son 

Filipichín, tm. kind of sUmp- 

•d woollen cloth 
Fil«, xf. grace, gewgaw made 


Pifff|!a » FoÜwUn, Vi »*il, 
wntc by wrirlIlttiTimiitkHi. 

Vf. tn liff in » hu ITjf 


FaiotéCu^ <in. haniIkiTchicr 
F¿> ^. f&Ith„ cQdt] JniLVj nro- 

úsftiacai«» lumuiLLr i Dar 
ft, [o ictut i JE« jí>, coa- 


F«(Á'^ ihL Inmitli 

FíSwrün 4/: pí. fiui-H 

F JtkTvi» j«i. sttiUdiUen of d« 

rúAíAOf m. ip.k>iiiviar 

F^uiilf. rt^ t.f^uEár 

F<lt Uf m. izaie crf jüUsí íf WBi 
Fji*uni4Pj cm. weii(«rt^ ^ítuí 
FikiPDT, »i. fii-KCiar, bimour, 

i'^AifúrL-íiér» tu. tíí fitfúUTt 

íiAixá TEhiihi a rvic lo ]^rp- 
k«rvc rt 
Fdxu, <f. pí. 4iiiFr-irnlI[!n a- 

l-^ajL.1in1^, iHL kidiJi of umi 

FiíXridci, d&, ow t]^i3l which 

hiu |!l±4lA 

41 Hiir buHJ rirr LhUilrvti 

FokucUt ^ kcnall IuguIji^- 

Fajado, fWn A ututt g«frt1 íif- 
lucibcT Eomn 

FAyiiH», JM. 4 fkt buket 

1^>4, ^. bud ; V. ^u 
Fah^h^ Q4, 1. pbCkunl 


F<blj^, ui. vedi 

FAk% m- FtaUii, %bt mo- 

Frblevyd. tf, debUltj 

F|ilrrín>h ^nij Fehniiij 
Felnririli:^! an. n. ri'bnfuBe 
FctHll< ff, frbril» 

F«cha, 4|. dAEe «if a Ectlcr <■ 

oÜMi*- wiiting i largnjtdM, 

4Jd dalií 

Pechar» ve- lo íhu 1 gp , date 

F*i.-lm, nq. íítiun i Firrho de 

Jfliiilr, L host iJ'tuitTt 

FerhoTiii í F«±uj-ía, ^/, ac- 

iiinip fAf t 
FcíThoravf/; ttruniire 

Fn:M]>inT4>„ Ui, ó^ füiulFHt 

F^wnJlttiíd, iif'rfiLijj'iJity 
FiieundliLiiii, w. |d fi^iiulate 
Fif-Oijila» da. d. rt^L-ünd 
FedertiÍTí tí, V*^ ff, Cnlcr^tlTC 

FímiikEia, iiH, wali?rhein- 

F«11bift«. #«i,f]j-húat 

Fí^lLfiidíridcv, ^, congratnla- 

F^llgrek, f+porEiMoim 
FdJjf^n^É, ^^ liUtnmi of • 

Fídít, i|. hippj 

Frlddrbjp t^ 1 irvrmtcn -nek 

Frfontn, ifr IfeaciMay 

Fi?l|taj V". plttjli 

FtliniKtn» da. y Fclpiidn), da. 

Fílplllap ^._LW£Í*J ijikfiMr 

Fnneníno, tka. d. Eew^tiJiM 
Faqtmldoj B, úJí* í í. liar 


FamfiMe, nea. «. tednine 
Pendiente, «m. gaah 
Fenecer, vn. to termínate» 
degenerate» die; uo. to fi- 

Pened miento, «m. doee 
Pen%eno, na. o. havliv the 

P<nix,«m. Phoenix 
Fenómeno, «m. phaenomenoa 
Peo, ea. a. uglv, inunodet» 
Poraoldád, ^j. faadty 
Pertfl, a. Áoamjt <ad 
Penis, o. ftrtile, abundant 
Féretro, «m. Uñ* ooffin 
PérLt, 4/*. any div of the 

"mmAt eiLoeptina Saturday 

andSnndavj anür^rest 
FerUl, a. bdon^ng to CUn, 

reii¿in(to the dijrsoftbc 

Feriinte, «m. one who trades 

Periár, «o. to sdl, ghre ftir- 

Pkriho»ea. «. wild, «avaae 

Pcrlfia, *m. an ancient 0(£a 

Periingótos «m. jil. kind of 
patteao called 

Pennentár, no. & on. to ftr- 

PennentatÍTO^Ta. a.fienncn- 

Fermento, m. fannent 

Pemandína, </: kipd of Unen 

Perocidád y Ferocía. ^f. fe- 

FenSz, a. niorioiía 

Pena, ^. V. fterra 

Ferrada, ^f. Iron club 

Ferrar, tw. to gaxnidí with 
points of iron 

Pérreo, rea. a. fiaTe uus 

Perrería, tf. iron-vock 

FerreruÁo, iwu a lot^ doak 
with a collar 

Ferrete, «m. burnt copper or 
bras» used to cdonr or stain 
glass, marking iron 

Ferreteado, da. a. samiihed 

Ferretear, va. to buid 

Perrifiaürse, vr. to be con- 
verted Into iron 

Perro, «m. andior 

Perron, «m. lran.manu£>c- 
turer, iron-monger 

Perrugineo, nea. a. fpnmgi- 

Pemigiénte, ta. a. bdonging 
to or containing iron 

Femigindsotsa. a. irony 

Pértil,.o,fertUe ^ 

FettiuiUd,^. fioctiW» plenty 


fMniair« ««. to tetniM 

FmraniiUo, «m. a tli^ fer- 

Porvoiteir, vo. to h«*t 
ftnortfso, a. a. fivrent 

FMt^}«r 7 Pestctfr, t«, to cb- 

toiiain » court 
P«Kt4o jr'Fe »tég, *« i« ft elvU 

or ptutte expnyion of Jogr 

Jfar Ac hapvincM «f «no- 

thcr ; c wu f ú jiip 
FMtén»,«i>udlnetar of chaorch 


FcsdTSdid, 4f. festfTi^, lo- 

Fm d u , am. garland 

FtfCido, da. a. feud 

Fito, «m.faetiu 

Feud^, a. ftndal 

Feadalidtfd, ^. qnaUtr of a 
fief or íéndal otate 

Fmddr, vm. V. Si^fkdar 

Feudatario, «m. ftndaiofy 

Feodürta, «m. aathor «ho ha* 
w ritte n on tea by which 
taads ara iMld ofasapartor 

Fattdo» «m. ficTor fee, tdboto 
paSdtoafeudal lord 

Fkádo. «It. baU 

Fladdr, ra. t. one who tmita 
another, aoraty, kind of 
«mail laoab iastrnment with 
whlA any thing is made 

Fiamhrtfr, «a. to flry meat, 
and lesva It to coot fbr 

Fiinibn, «m. liriaaad meat 
aat to Gooli a. of a laog 

Pfamlwéra, ^f. cold meat, 

fboUah apecdi 
Fiamhrtfro» «m. one who takat 

care of the larder 
PUnxa* ^f. cantfon, tcf er> 

Flár, Mt^ bail, traat; «n. 

to coinMe 
WtUfSm. cfloaent, brief order 

era jndnor magiatrate 
Fftra» 4f» fitot 
rilwdao, Mt a. ttbrau 


neddn, tf. fiOion, .. 

grimace, rtiatagem 
Ffoe, mm. whiting 
Ficha, ^. tmall ^eoe of iroiy 

tar monnting a cane 
Ficticio, HU. a. fictitlooa 
Fictiv ta. a. feigned, vain 
Fidedicao, gna. a. worthy of 

Fidelidtf4, «f. fideUty 
Fidéoa, MU. pi. paste com- 
^ like vf— *- "* 

Fiebre, tf. fever 

Fiel, a. bithlbl, true 

Fiel, «m. fliark of the market, 
needle of a balance pivot 
of a atedyard, pin which 
kaepa tha two Uadea oT 

FicUago, nn. the ofBce of 

Fieldad, if. place and em 
fdoyment of úie inspector 
of weighta and meaanxoa. 

Filtrar, va. to felt, átuiF a 
aaddle with short hair 

Fieltro, tm. felt, autout 

Fiemo, «M. dang, man 

Fiera, if. a wUdbeaat 

Fierabrás, tm. bully 

Flerétt, tf. Berceneaa, defer- 
mity, ngünesa 

Fiero, ra. o. fierce, ugly, huge 

Fieros, am. pi. fierce threaU 

Fierro, #vit* iron 

FKsto, 4f. feaat ; fíMa dobU, 
a double feast in the 
church ; pi. holidays ; !>{• 
cates raulaa, royal fiÑtivals 

Figméntov Mt. any thing 
made of potter's day 

Figo, am. fig 

Figdn, «m. eating-house 

FÍgonén% nn. one who kaepa 
an eatiog-house 

Flgnéra, ^. fig-tree 

Fiñierál, tm, plantation of 

Figulino, na. o. mode of pot- 
ter^ cfaor 

Figtea, ^ figure, £we, eta. 
tue ; Figura de proa, heiá. 
of a sliip ; t. com. person 
of a ridiculous a|ipear«ncc ; 
^. pL characters rqnresent- 
ed on the sta^e, mubioal 

Fteur4hle. a. that which may 
be figured 


ngordda, «T. an antic poMHre 
Figurado, da. a. ficuratire 
Fignrál, a. bclonguig to fl- 

Figurina*, if. retemhiance 
Figurar, va. to figure, adorn 
with figures i vr. to con- 
Figurativo, va. a. fipirativ» 
Figurería, if. V. HSwca 
Figurero, tm. mimic 
Figurón, am. a huge figure 
of a ridiculous at>iiearanc» 
FO, am. needle of a balance, 

Ffla, if. a long row of per- 
sons or things, a line U 

Filádga. if. rope-yam 
Filacteria, if. phylactetr 
FiladiAr, tm. a small boat 

used on the river Ctaromio 
Filadia <i FiUro, a. ferret-silk, 

Filamento, am. filament 
Filamlénto, tm. spiíuüng part 

ef a manufactory 
FiUndrias, if. pi. worms bred 

in tlie intestines of birds 
niantr^ia, if. pbilanthropy 
Filar, oT thieaden 
Pilaréte, am. netting 
Filistica, if. rope-yam 
Filatería, if. verbosity 
Fllatéro,am. a verbose speaker 
Filáuda, if. se'f love 
Filderretdr, tm, sort of &uper ■ 

Fileli, tm. a veiy tbin woollen 

FiMno, na. a. delicate 
FUéra, if. row, line 
Filete, tm. hem, a small spit 

tor roasting, welt of a shoe 
Filetear, vu. to adwn with 

Filetdn, am. kind of em- 

Filiacidtt, if, filiation, rela- 
tion of a community to a 
superior lord 

PiU<L a. filial 

FlUAf, va. to prove one's de- 
scent i va. to enrot a sol- 

Fllibdte, am. fly-beat 

Filicida, tm. murderer of 
one's own son 


FilUi, tm. fineness 

FiliiiiBhiQ, ar*. kind of sUmp- 
ed woollen cloth 

Filis, */ grace, gewgaw made 


rao, m. thwa- 

«dgeof a sword; 

MoM, wiraedge 
FUoddsA, «in. parson 

to hU own apinion 
FUoloaíft y FiloMglca, ^f. 

PUonfo, tm. kintfof opUte 
Filoseda, »f. silk andwotsttd 

FikMoEukfr, ra. «. phUosapher 
FlkMofir, «a. to pbikMopMse, 

play the phUosophar 
Fiiosoftstro, tm. a pwl 

FifoMtia, <r. philosophy 
FUosiSfloo. ca. FlMsofo, flu a. 

nSówto, im, philosopher 
FilotCmia, <r. a moderate da- 
sire of honour 
Filtrar, vo. to filter 
Piltro, «m. filter, philter 
Fimbria. ^. edge or lower 
part or any garment doub' 
led in 
Fimo, tm. human excrement 
Fin. tm. end; aIJIh, at last 
Finido, da. a. dead ; ». per- 
son aead 
FbuU, a. final 
Final, Mw. end 
Flnalixár, tio. to finid») «n. 

to be finished 
Fftiamente, otf. findy 
Finamiento, «m. death 
Finar, va. to die; vr. to long 

Ffnca, </*. security 
Fincáble, a. existing 
FintiCr, vn. y a. V. 


Ff^o^ «m. a filaceous Mb- 
stanoei resembling hemp 

Firma» «f. sign-manual, col- 
lar of a shut 

Firmamento, mi. firmament, 

f-ron, support 
■rmante, ju. supporter 
trmtfr, vs. to sign, aflfarm; 
vr. to style one^ sdf 
Firme, o. firm 
Firméca, <f. fir 
or silTV clasp 
Fiscal, «m.atton 
Fisctfl, a, beianging to the 

Fiscalía. <f. office and host- 

nessof a fiscal 
Fiaealklád, ^f. state uf the 
arjr Fiscaleár, wu to 

'of a criminal olihncc 

Fisco, tm. fisc, fisoal 
Flsettfr, tm. the small Uont- 

h««ded whale 
Ffsga, ^f. harpoon with tfara» 

iMMÁsfiír catching fish 
Fisgaddr, isu «. harpooner 
Fisgar, va. to mock; fit 

with a harpoon 
Fi^n, na. tm. y /. punster 
Física, 4f. physics 
Físico, ca. a. i^iytical; m 

FUoo, tm. naturalist 
Fisil, a. brittle 
Fisonomía. <f. ¡^yi 

Fisonomista y Fistfnomo, 

F/— ''^- 



Fl<e«,ea.a.lank; d^eetcd» 
firdl; Hooer sm Jlaoo str- 
vietot to do or serve «a ill 

Flacura, <f. meamness 

Flagrante, tm. flagrilant 

FU^lo, «m. lash 

Flagicio, tm. flagitioasn«sa 

FlagiciiSso, sa. a. flagitioax 

ffiagrtfnt^ pa. flagrant 

FUgrár, vn. to bum 

Flama, ^. flame 

Flamante^ a. flaming ; qnSte 

Flametfr, m. to shiver 
Flamenanil l a, <f. dish cf a 

«witi^ iii n » siie 
Flámao, «m. a kind of yellow 


a. physfa^ 

Ffttigo, tm. fistic-nut 
Fistol, tm. a crafty etumine 

^. sw< 

▼irgin's bower 
Flánqo, MS. flank of an amij 

side of a ship 
Flanéla, 4/: flannd 
Flanquear, «a. to flank 
Fladn, tm. custard ; piece of 

gold or sUrer ttmet' to be 

Plaquear, vn. to flag; grow 

spMtlesst slacken bt the 

Flaquecér, vn. V. Brtftaputfr 
Flaqnéaa,^. leanness} weak- 

ness; importunity 

FinéM, <r. fineness, expres- 
sion of IHendahip or love, 
delicacy, flriendlyical 

Fhtgfdo. da. a. feigned 

Fingiddr, tm. 

Fingir, va. to feign, fen^ 
Fünlble, o. capable of being 

Finiquito, tm. dose of an ac- 
count, final 

Finftimo, ma- a. bordering 

Fbiito,ta. a. finite 

Fteo, na. fine, deli ca t e» ex- 

Finta, ^. tax paid to govern- 
Fio^a, <f. fineness 
Flo, ««. son : V. Hih 

Flato, «m. btwt of wind. 

Flatoso ó Flatudso, aa. a. lU- 

tnous, windy 
Flatulénto, ta- a. flatulent 
Ffaiuta, <f. a Dutch flight; 

*•- — pipe of an organ 

0, da. a. resembling a 


Flautado, «m. stop in an organ 
Flautero, tm. one who makes 

flutes, player on the flute 
Flautista, tm. fdayer of the 

FUvo, va. o. ofafidlow er 

hoo^ colour 
Rébil, a. moumfiil 
Flebotomía, </*. irfilebotoinj 
Flebotomiáno, mi. one whoee 

proAiaion is to bleed 
Flebotomizár, vo. to bleed 

; any thing 

Fistola, 4f. flstnia, a slnnou 

uleer callous within 
Fistula* <r. pipe or conduit 
throogh which water runs 
Fistulosa sa. a. fistulous 
Fisura, tf. flissure 
Fitéte, «m. a sort of cake 
Ftto, mm. V. HitoÓ M^m 
Fixa, ^f. kind of hinge 
Fixacton, <f. fixation; üie 

act of posting bills, 6tc. 
Fixamente, oo. firnoly. In- 
tensely, attentively 
Fixár, «a. to fix, establish, 

fix volatile spirits or salts; ^ 

vr. to fix or settle itsdf in I FIechad<ir, tm. archer 
a place Flediadúras, if. pi. ratlings 

nxfoes, tm. pL dieeks of a Flechar, va. to dart, wound 
.. in^Bss or bill with a bow and ar- 

Fix<sa, if. flrmnen row ; va. to hare a bow 

Fixo, xa. a. fixed t drawn ready to shoot 

FKcha, tj. I 


If tut. pi. T-áLlingí 
tf. bodjf Off p«rt 

W^v, nm* flock 

, tj. iihJrgm 

'^ - I, El. a, ph 

4nll, oold, dugglsh 
Fléaie, 4[f. fleam 
Flaaóa, am. phlegm, phl^ 

Flet tf Pies, «IN. hoUlmt 
neCadrfr, «m. fireighter of a 


Fletar, m. tofimi^ ; fioliat* 

FWta, MI. frei«iht 
FleiStAidád, «f. fiexibilitr, 

FlnlMc, a. flexible, doeUe, 

FknEttfo* -^. fleiion 

Fléxo* «m- movement of the 

Itos \n lb» pranmcUtian 

FlH»tfee, nm. fly-boat 

FUn» «n. sf one uaed Ibr edg- 

faw and polLUiing steel 
FI tatfltfn . sm. a fteA-cotomred 

oorpulent man 

FUÍT, ,f. 
csceHent or váloable part 
of any thing ; most sopple 
part of minerals ; Tirgini- 
ty : grain ; trick ; beauties 
<€ poUte literatuTe; Fhr 
dt la harina, raperfine 
fkrar; Flor it viemto, id- 
netkn of a gale of wfaid ; 
Ptortt de mamtt, artificial 

Florales, o. pt. floral 
FlOTdeli£4do, da. a. adorned 

with flowet-de-lnoe 
Flonttdo, da. a, flowered, 

the finest ñata or meal 
florear, «a. to adorn with 

nowen ; bolt, sift 
Florecer, vn. to bloom, flon- 
. rish in any age; er. to 

I pa. flonialiing 


FlorAro, «M. flower pal, «ne ~ bj fcwpwi c/dankMii 
whodeablaartifleialflow. P&!n!rSctu.tlSSXai 

Florescencia, </: hiflataseeaoe 
Floresta, <f. fiireet 
Floresta «m. fcrester 
Florete, ^f. border of Moroc 
CO leather pat on the edoe 
of a girt; a pecoHar mova- 
' in " — '-" 

Fogáge. flat, hearth-n 
Fogár, «at. V. Bogar 
Focáta, ^f. blaze, heat oeea- 
uooed fay the fiimes ok 

•USUI, tu imiii;mg Winc 

Flgetída, ^f. tUf <n fbm Fogdn, m. hearth, vent of a 

Florete, m. foU 
Florete, o. very white and 

Fknet«», «s. teganaisb with 

Florido, da. a. flotld; choice; 

Flotffero, ra. a. florlféroas 
FlorrO^^, mm. florilegium 
Floarúi, «m. a florin 
Floripondio, «m. huge flowen 

on cloth of a bad taste 
Florista, am. florist 
FIortfn.Mi. ornament resem' 

blinga large flower 
Fk»ta, ^. fleet of merchant 

ships whidi sail in com. 

FloUdúra y Pióte, «. the act 

of stroking 
FloUraiénto. am. stroking 
Flotar, rn. to float; va. te 

stroke, rub gently 
Fltfxainente, ad. slowly 
Floxeár, no. to slacken 
Floxedád. cf weakness 
Floxél, am. wool shorn flmn 

cloth hj the shearer, down 
Floxéra, 4f. weakness 
Fltfxo, xa. a. feeble, hu^ 
Flnctuacidn, if. nncertainty 
Fluctoánte, pa. fluctuating 
Flaetuár, vn. to fluctuat», be 

in danger of being lost, 

in danger w 
hesitate, be in ■ 

I uncertain 

Floctndso, sa. a. flnetoant 
FInéco, am. Mage 
FluAite, pa. fluent 
Fluidez, if. fluidity 
Fluido^ da. a. fluid 
Fluir, vn. to flow 
Flosléra, if. latten 
FluvUfl, a. fluviatie 
Flux, am. flush 
Fhixiiñlldád, if. fluidity 
Fluxtble, a. fluid, liquid 
Fluxión, if. fluxion 
FMxo, am. flux; Fluxo de 

palabraa, flow of words 
FodCao, MS. Und of goad used 

gun, caboose, I 

F<^^^o, «in.'fluM of the 

F<«gtfso, sa. o. fiery, lively 
Fogóte. «m. a Uve coal 
Fcm^CMin, <r. enumeration 

of hearths 
Foguear, tw. to foment ; fir 

or discharge a gun 

?»&''• ^^ 

FoSgánza, if. V. Holsnra 
F<$lgo, mi. a beg made of sUn 

to cover the feet and Icfi 

when sitting, reading, or 

Fohatúra, if. state of beii« 

in leaves 
Foliar, va. to number the 

leaves of a book or writing 
FoUculo, am. follicle or see£ 

vessel of plants 
FoUJdnes, am. pi. CastilUan 

dance to the guitar and 


FdUa, if, an irregular con- 
flict in a toomament; 
medley of things 

Folladas, ^.p<. sort ofholbnr 

F<dll^s, MS. pt. andeot kind 
of trowsen 

Foliage» «m. foliage, gaody 
ornament of trifling value 

Follar, va. to blow with bel- 
lows; ferm in leaves; vr. 
toó^aduagB wfaid without 

Folléro ó Pelletero, am. one 
who makes or sells beUows 
Folléta, if. a wine measure 
FoUéto, am. a small raanu- 

script newspaper 
FoIItfn, na. a. Beéble, lazy 
Folldn, am. rogue; rocket 
which discbarges without 
noise ; branch sprinpin« 
from the root or trunk <3' 
a tree ; breaking «ind 


FolIofierU, tf. idleoeta 
Fomentádok, «m. ftmentar 

fomentar, m. to Ibmmt 
amento, «m. fiMifaitatioa, 
ftid, patraojge 
Ptfmcs, m. inccntiTe 
Ptfmite, «m. motive 
jr<teas. 4f. fl. ptoo« •••rf to 

Fdnda. tf. Inn, t««rn 
FomUble, o. that may be 

iounded with • plummet 
Fondado, da. o. appUfld to 

pipes o* barreb 
Fondeadero, m. aneboring 

Fondear, va. toaoimd, March 

a ship, examine cloadj; 

hring np any thfaig from 

the bottom of water 

FandiIMn,4ii*.the dren at the 

bottom «fa oaak of liquor 
Fondine, vr. HumOrM 
Fondfeta^Mi. victualler 
Fdndo, mt. bottom of any 
hoUow vend, bottom of 
the tea; plain or cut vel- 
vet; any thing principal; 
Darfiniot to caet anchor ; 
iT /tolde, peiftcüy 
Fonddn, «m. ground of aUk 


FordmeHf «m. lyile In the 

under flone of a miU 
Porineo^ nea. a. Ibccign 
Poráno, na. «. exterior 
F^irartctia» ^f. ¡dace tat ttxm- 

Forniatria, a, tf 
Forpi4ár, vo. 


a, l^Mmine 

Forastero, ra« 

Forastero. «M. stranger 
Pdrca, ^.btk 
Porcadtfr, «m. ^voamlth 
ForceUr, vn. to endeavour 
Porc«0( «m. act of fiircing 
Forc«dD« am. strug^e 
Forc«gúdOy da. a. strong 
Forchinaf ^f. warlike instm> 

meat In die shape of a 


Porcina, <f. trident 
Forense, «. belonging to the 

Forero, IB. d. 

Pdrfolas, 4f. pi. scurf 
F< ^ - ' — 

to arranies 

every diing. in, due order 

on board, of ships 
For m eros, tm. pi. side arches 

of a vault 
Formicante^ o. applied to a 

low, frequent uu£se 
Formidábleí «. fonnidaUe 
Formidoldso, ta. a. timorous 
Formdn, tm, a paring cbLni/» 

a punch 
Fdrmula» tf". fiMooule 
Formulario, «m. formulary 
FomáMa, tf, V. Horn» 
Pomáza» 4f- V. Bvrnmim 
Fom^eimléntcb «as. profi> 

slons of á place 
FoniecfDo, na. a, bastard 
Pomelo, «M. a "- "" 

^<r.v. _ 

Ftknge, «. Mand, soft 
Fontt, «m. finmel 
Fonsadéra, cT* sneient tax 
Fenatfdo, va, V. Fbatmierm, 

work of albas 
Fontal, o. main, diieC 
Fontanal, tm. source of wa* 

tcr, place abounding in 

tpiiiigs: a. belonging to a 

Fontándie, tm, enuunent 

worn In the front of ttic 

Fontanerfa, ^T* the art 

making wells. 

Fontanero, ai 
Fontaníl, o. I 
Fontáno, na. 



Peradár y Foractfr, m. V. 

P ewgae » da. a. lobtiag in 

For«l, a. bdonging te courts 



Fdijh, tf. finrge, 


Foijádo, am. piece of gold 

or silver beaten into a laaf 

Foriaddr, tm. smith 

Forjadura, ^. the act of beat- 

ing a&y metal luto fiicmi 


Forjar, IMS. to txge, 

Forldn, am. Und sf chaise 

wifli gmr seats ^^ 
Fdrma* ^. tem» being, nie- 
tfaod; host to be conse- 
crated by a priest. J^lsnna 
tfjt, cheese-vat. 
fut. In soch a 
FormiUe, a. that which nuy 

be fbrined 

Fermacldn, ^f. 

twitted cord 

silver, iec 

Fonnador, ra. 

Formadúra* tf.tartti 
Focmáge, «ei. " 
Formal, a. re. 
serious, grave 

ceremeiM, ^Avity 
r, va, toftrmalii»; 

Pomlcaddi, tm, finmicator 
Fornicar, iw. tofamtcate 
Focnictfrlo» ria. m. bwlanglBg 

to fiwniáttioa 
Fomídek da. o. fltmidied» ro- 
bust, corpulmt 
Pamir, ea. te ftunlah 
Fornitura, 4/** leather strap» 
ween by a<ddicn; types 
cast to complete scots 
Fdro, am. court of justloe^ 
bar, lodtdship ; baA ground 
«f die theatre 
Focragatair» va. to scribUe 
Forrtñ am. fangs; abun- 
dance of tfainp of Uttts 

Bora Jo* guana, 

M}t J&rma —- 

of silk, gold. 

up troops; «n. to a^lnst 
the edges of embroidery 
Pomativo, va. c. fimuUlvt. 

Foeia gair, va. to fimg» 
Fenragéro, am. a&rager 
Forrtfr» •«. V. Af^ér 
Fdnok«a>* lining i furring «r 
a ship, s bea tt t ln g; JAmw 
or fbotrvraling of a ship 
Fortadidn, na. r 

Fortalecedor, ra. a. fortifier 
Fortalecer, ««, to fbrtUy, to 

1 ^ ale 

Po ■ ■■ ■ raw set of 

ForLLi<£Ek, ^: tHiiiaáe^ vs* 
Iciur, itrWuit^ filing bald 

F^rCr, ATtkl" 

Po^Cií^;ltdI1a, jw. piane-ftet» 
Pot F£iu«]«, tm^ ir lOiall ftrt 

ForlifÍ4:4i-kbtii, nf. fbrtlflfletl» 

ForilfiiiAiiu, pa, trtti ^fing 
Foiúiu^, ea. to oca^IMB 
Fortte,am,aa«iaUtat, ti» 
porary tetlfieationsfirtt' 



fmuitm, ta. o. ÜiiTuití-iu 
Psttúiw, <f. füMiine-í gi*d 

jMtHM, to try unir't iWtuAv 
P«tBa<br« «a« tu t^tid) 
Posido, da. o. taKtát inÁ^ 

pcosablc, stornir 

" * «m. ^Tinünil jHk- 

1 ta tltr RKJIi^s 

«bo fiíroM or cotmoJit* »ct* 


Farafr» «•• to fs^roc, ^ifi3t«i 
w by fcrce+ r**iiJí 

coriqr of •':tífL^ ag.Lkm 

Pontfw» tm. «. lodM4H39.iAblc 
P«Ráda^ da. a- ftunaf 
Pda, 4f. pit, pura 
FwÉdo, «i*k a 1»^ |iti 
P«Hdftfm,V.V. Z^M 
FnO, mm. autrch-jvd 
P«ár, ««. to tn^M* k pLr 
F ^oca» y . a ItaJick vivd tf 

Foscos ca. «. bnnr-lKBiHa 
FtfsfiMTO» «M> pTwifAciru» 
Foaiteiook ca. a ^búbphnrfc 

FauáOOf Mb « ilILJt [TMmI:, 

Fo^io, «m. a &I LnnoT 
Fdw» «n. pit, 1h^ 
FáKM, 4/*. kind of dock 

F^ ^. an oven fui «I Úw- 

Fracáio, *m, úaw^t cald- 

FractAfa, <f. IhiirLim 
Fractoiár, va. "~ ^ 
Fcacúca, «T* V 
" • tr, w. 

y PrasáilJHV'- 


Frapiinrla,4f. a'.iTJii 

don oía crin^ 
F»^|<ii»ii, a. fiwtfraitf^ MMHit 
Fta^ta, ((f. itdpi nasd; f^^ 

cata ^ (■crr.i^ M«>t« 

FtagHMiljtf. «>«] IííTp í lAbl^ 
naMteaCnill^ lin otlafir- 

^ _. </: üní-wmnaia of 

Ft^Kiu. I/, fiftív. tiiv» whare 

Frafulr, i'u. iv fatffc nMtab ; 
^m- t,ri unitv |rL ,1 nuM 

Frua bM#M»,íí#v. r A-vtt*TT7-trBe 

PtbAicj^ jf. jáTrL'.rtj dLárt 

Vtñitctúibí^ rwt' itrap 
f'rinciintiiíM:^ a^ll. fnntdj 
Frmn4.Vi^r4> Afr ÍTJU^t 

Pruicí^, la. d. Ki«nch, 

l^Trinc^iFcdnCp ría. j, liranci*- 
Fráiuo, iTM. a ÜJíiCt hit- 

FruidU. i/, «iJcMl ETTrtni wool- 
len 4:Tofth 
Fr^Pfp'-iT, i-ü, tiJ fringe 

Fr ATif^^nl ÍÉ', An. aí:c ¡libit 

FriAji^r, 1 13. La \pri.'ak «r dl- 

*bdi> £ ihlF^ Liiid leveral 

Fr.mcullXr, vtt. ii> ihall or 

t>iimi5Unf im. pfltiife made 
HTirhnl biitlbl. in milk 

PranSÚn^H rrrt. bü liMHli'Modl 

Pf&nKuli^ iT Ih'rrr-boarlng 


Fr,iTiJij yr íriK'KC 

Prajijilr } Fninicái'j «A. to 

FriLprftac^, td. to vumpt, 
jSraiiffr <!J*«n(i«ir ¡ vr. to 
Mif? EidiE'« d1Ji ÜV eurly to 

Friui(j.iiiclai «/. rwmptian 
enwn U*fir\4 ti+íeíí » pri- 
Tile^ jilai» 

Frilw»t t/^ úrj iRiT» ticaiiall 

liT4Jli:liVi Ell I tüíTí 
ftÚKQ, fftr fllUk 

Ffd«f y Friibt», JJ. VisiMO 
FrulA^ ^f. iUj.ü made of 
iTjpea uilL iKtuej ki^adi- 


PraaMa, *m. on» who h c«. 

treméis nice in tbo oae of 

Praviaéra, ^f. faottloM^w 
Frasqueta, if. frkket of a 

Fratacár, vo. to Uy a mortar 

eating on a wall with a 

iquare wooden tnmd 
Fratétna, tf. a aevero icpri» 

PnUernil, «. fraternal 
Fraternidad, ^f. fraternity 
Fraterno, na. a. fraterna 
Fratricida, «. romp, nnuder* 

cr of a brother 
Fratriddk), m. frafrickia 
Fraudador, Ml. V. Diftamdm' 

Fraud*, Mt. frand, deceit 
Fraudnlenda, ^f. fraudolenea 
Fraudulento^ ta. a. fraudo- 

Fraxtoéla, ^. white dittany 
PrayUda, ^f. a monkish triok 
Fnljrle, «m. friar, plait in pet. 

ticoau : that part ofa pdnt- 

od page which U whjt* er 

pale for want of ink; kind 

of lea-fish ; p/. a sort of 

pulse rebembiing kidney- 

beans; fraiaes 
Fravlecico, Uo.dfto.Mb wild 

pigeon; wedge tecoxinf 

the spindle of a silkroei 
Praylecfllo, mi. child whioh , 

wears a friar's habit 
FraylerU, tf. number of 

filara assembled togedier 
Frayléro, ra. a. frlar4ike 
Frayl-Hco, ca. a. monkish 
FrayUa, «/. roooastic lif^ t«- 

guiar clergy 
Prayldte, mm. a Hcmtioaa 

Fraylttco, mi. a despicable or 

contemptible flriar 
Frazada, ^. blankrt 
Frechár, tw. V. FUikar 
Fregackin, <f. friction 
Fn^éro, Ml. scullery 
Fregado, Ml. the act of dean. 

ing kitchen- utensils 
Frcñddr, m. scullery, dish. 

Fregadura, </*. the act of rah- 

bing or scoorins 
Freg^o, Ml. V. Bttroptij» 
Fregamiento, mi. V. fWca- 

Ficgár, «o. to rub otte thing 

against another, to scour 

Fre(attls,<r' kUcheiVBMi* 



[U 7 Vrtgám, if. Ut. 

Frcfoofl, m. bcloni^inf to or 

becoming a UtcneO'Vench 

Freidura, tf.ucX tX flr^tng ot 

drCteiogin a pan 
Picfr M. to ftjr oi dren in a 

Fréndtot «n. a loud noiae 
Frdnár. na. to curb 
Frendiénte, a. enraged 
Frcnerta, W*. buiincM of b«l- 

Trenéro, «m. a bridle^maker 
FreneO» rat. ftenay 
Frenético, ca. a. road 
Frenillár, «o. to bridle the 

Frenillo, m. impediment of 
the tongue; bridle of the 
Frtfno, m. bridle or bit of the 

Fventil, a. firontal 
Frentáza, <r. a broad fiorrtiead 
FrtfntcL <f. fbrcheadj the 
blank space left at the be 
ginninj of a letter; Cart- 
part of a building ; obverse 
of «dm 
Freo, «Nk «ar 

for die passage of boats 
Ftcqtténda, ^ftequenc; 
Ffeqttentación, ^Z*- ^" 

or Tisiting often 
Freqttentaddr, ra. «.fteqocnt 

FreqOentdr, tw. to frequent 
FreqUéntc, a. frequent 
Fresa, <r. strawtierrjr 
Fresal,^, stravbenrr-plant 
Fresca, ^f. Tomar la fntt 

to take the air 
Frescachiin, na. a. very fresh 
Frescál» a, not tct; frcith 
FtétcOf ca. a. fnai, plump, 
brisk, serene. Diners frttco, 
temij money. Viento firu- 
M» a firesh breeze 
Fresco, «m. cool refreshing 

Fresctfn* «m. blooroj 
FrcBotfr, tm, freshness 
Frescura, ^f. flrestuias, firank- 

ness. serenity 
Fresneda, ^f. grove or planta- 
tion of ash-trees 
Fresno, mm. axh-tree 
Fresquisia, «m a painter par- 
ticular W emidoyed ifa pawt- 
ing inimco 
Freddo, a. banded 
Ftatár, vn. V. FItiar 
Iftém, tf. p/. frets 


Fmtfl, «M. V. Judikatio 

Frey, from. app. fkiar or bro- 

Fréyla, ^f. a religious woman 
of a military order 

Freylir, tu. to receive or ad- 
mit in a military order 

Fréyle, «m. knight of a reli- 
gious military order ; pries:^ 
beloogii^ to the regular' 

Frez y Fréca, ^f dung, 
ground turned up by the 
snout of a liog or other 
animal ; rustling of silk- 
wonns when they are feed- 
ing on mulberry leaves 

Frezar, va. to tject excre- 
menu; gnaw the l«av«s 
of mulbcny trees; rub in 
order to spawn ; approach 

Friable, a..fHable 

Frialdad, <f. irigiditv, cold, 

Friático, ca. a. fkeakidi, chilly 
Pricaddn, <f. firiction 
Pricandtf, «m. Scotch coUop 
Fricar, «o. to rub, scour 
Fricasé, «m. fHcassee 
Fiiccidn, if. fHction 
Fri^, 4f- the act of rubbing 

with flannel tat medicd 

Friera, tf. chilblain 
- ■ - ' y Frléza, 4A V. Pri- 

Frigidez y 

Frigtfn, am. fire-flaire 
Frigorlénto, ta. «.V. FrioUmto 
FrinfriMgo, «m. V. Mange 
Frio, u. a. cold 
Frio, «m. cold, cool, cancreted 

beverage, dullness 
Friolento, ta. a. chilly 
Friolera, 4/*. an insi^üficant 

speech or action 
Friolero, ra. a. chilly 
Frisa, itf*fHeze 
Friiiádo, «m. silk plush or 


FriUUria, «f. firitaOaiy 
Fritillas, ^. pi. frittcn 
Frito y FriH&a, ». V. " 
FriAra, <f. frigidity 
Frivolidad, ^; frivoUty 
Frivolo» la. a. frivolous 
Fr<Sga, if. brickwork 
Frosár, va. te make a trail 

of brick and mortar; vm, 

to lay a coat of mortar oivtv 

the jofaits of bricks 
Frondosidad, <f. fialiage 
Fronddso, sa. a. traamtaeaa» 
Frontal, «m. frvnt-ornansettt 

of an altar 
Frontatera, <f. ornament ft* 

the front 
Fnfnte, tf, front 
Fronte «'. flrootlcr; filtet 

Fronterizo, ca. a. bordertag 

upon, fVtmting 
Frontero, awu governor of a 

fitntier town; ad. infirunt 
Frontero, ra. a. frontier 
Frontino, na. a. applied ta 

animals marked in the fine 
Frdntis, mi. frontispieoe 
FrontbipCeio, anu fkoi it h p iece 
Frontdn, «m. wall from 

which the bowl vAonada 

at fives; firontispiaoe 
Frontudo, da. a. bmad-fincai 
FrontAra, tf: front of a slo^- 

Frotaci«fo y FrotadAta, tf. 

Frotar, «o. to rub or stroke 
it^ with the hand, V. 


. sm. frizzier 
Frisadura, ff. act of frizzling 

or shagging 
FrL«ár, va. to fHzzle ; vm. to 

resemble, approach 
Frisdl, «m. French or kidney 

Frisdn, tm. a large draught- 

hors«. any animal of a l«rgp 

Frisuélofl>, tm. pi, dry Frendi- 

Frit*, if. firit 
Fritada, ^. dish of frifld meat 

orfish Digi" 


Fructéro, ra. a. V. ^r iMt 
Fructífero, nu a. fructifctaai 
Fructificaddr, ra. «. ferttUzcr 
Fructificar, M. tbfiractlfy 
Fructuoso, sa. a. flruitfU 
Frugal, a. fhigal 
Frugalidad, <f. frugality 
Fruididn, 4f. firuitiaa 
Fruir, tm. to live in happi- 
ness, toci^ 
Fruitivo, TA. a. firuitive 

Frumenticio, cia. a. bdoof • 

ing to wfaaat 
Fruncido, da. a. firiczled 
Frunciddr, ras. plait« 
Fruncimiento, rai. tbt act of 

pursii^ up into oomga- 

tinns; üctíon, daoeit 
Fruncir, va. to gathv tím 

edffe of staffer doth inta 

plaits - 


Ptoslérm, ^r. metal nuM» tt 

Fhulerfa. nf. trifle 
finulére, r«. a. trifUng 
PrasCrir, va. to ftxwtnte; rr. 

to be dlitapMintcd 
Prtta, $f. ftíütage ; ^mte dé 

aartrm, pancake 
ftotáae, tm. fruitfe 

YrmxÉx, «e. te frnctifr 
Frutea, 4f. fhdt-woman 
Fnitefla, ^f. place where frnft 

is kept 
Fmtéro, mi» fruiterer, frnlU 

basket aerved np st taUe 
Frtktio, am. any perennial 


t to a 

^ ^- -I lU root 

ftutiér, «IN. porvejruv of frnit 

Ibr the njral ftmUj 
F^ratiUa, « '. Msall finiit, round 


FmtiUár, tm. strawberry-bed 
Fr6u>, *m. froH ; benefit ; pi. 
«eeda, prodooe tX an estate 
Fücar, nu a neb 

Ftt^FV mm. ñrtt 

kunhif, oenflat . 

rapdvn of bameur» in 'the 
Bktai; 6rfn« of s<«Uen; 
hearth, ardour; Dmrjiitgo 
4f MtisaMo, to bream a ship ; 
F^^ot, liirbtB 

Fam 1 Fnego d« dios ! imUr}. 

Foelltfr, «iM. paper ornament 

ontain of an open diaisej 
FmOa, pnóben 

Faénte, mm. feuntafait a spout 
of water, dl Ji 

Foéra. md. without, over and 
above ; Futrm ée at, abaoit 
of mted; Dt JUtra, ext*- 

Fu4ra, inter}, out of the way 

Fuáro, «as. statute-law of a 
country. Jurisdiction; Fué- 
roe, diacters granted to a 

j^J^ero, aeoonlinf to law 
Futffta, «m. IbrtifieaUon 
Fuerte, a. aitm§, hard, esar- 

Fi »to,V. '&m, fbititude, 

JiraMMMy ViOMBO^ ia|ief 


tn e nt al power ; Ibrtrtis, 

buckram, power, Hmetr 

flierxa dt vrUui to crowd laii 
Fúna, <r. flight, state of the 

utmost peri^ioBi of a 

thing, prop, fugue 
Fogactdid, sf. fhgaclty 
Fugada de viento, tf. squall 

or gust of wind 
Fugtfz. a. ahy, fugitire 
Fugitivo, ra. o. fugitive 
Fi^, if. V. BmUa 
Fumiénto, am. 

iheep walks 
Fufna, <f. V. Omrdunm 
Fulanito, ta. a. little 

little miss 
FuUno, na. <. such a one 
Fulgdr, am. resplendence 
FuSúra, tf. V. Holgmrm 
FulIeréM», ca. a. briflnging 

to «harpers 
Fullería, <f. dieatinf, cun- 
Fullero, tm. sharper 
Fallot, am. a very small saw 
FaUgintiso, aa. a. foiiginouM 
Fulminado, a. woun&d with 

Fulminadór, <m. thunderer 
Fulminante, pa. fiilminating 
Fulminar, va. to ftUmlnaie, 

throw out as an object of 

Fumida. {f. the act of smok. 

ing tobacco 
Fumante, pa. fuming 
Fumtfr. va. to smoke tobacco 
Fumarada, if. blastof smoke^ 

a pipeAil of tobacco 
Fomentar, va. V. Fomentar 
Fnmigacidn, rf. ftimigation 
Fumigaddr, sm. fumigator 
Fumigar, vn. V. Humear 
FomonSlas, if. pi. cavities in 

the earth which enoit a sul - 

phureous smoke 
Furoo>adád, if. fumidity 
FumóM», sa. a. fiili of smoke 

or fbmc 
Punimbolo, tm. rope dancer 
Foncidn, if. empIo^Mient, 

solemnity, festive con- 

course of people, compli 

ment. fli^t 
Funda, ««; pillow case ; ftmn- 

dation, mould of a button 
Fundacitfn, if. fiiundation, 

ongin of a thing; revenue 

established for any purpose 
Fundaddr, ra. «. fiMuider 
Fundigo, tm. magazine 
Fundamental, a. fundamen. 

tal, «sMntial, principai 


Fundamentar, na. to lay the 

foundation of a building 
Fu n da men to, am. fcund^ 

Fundar, ra. to fcund 
Fundóte, «m. flus 
Fnndcrfa, if. fburtdery 
Fnndiblf^ a. fi.>iblc 
Fundíbulo, tm. an anci et tt 

wariike marfaine for throw. 

ing^tonesi n .-ling 
Fnndicidn, if. fusion, feua* 

dery, a complete Mt of 

Funicular, a. fhnicnlar 
Fundidor, am. fMinder 
Fundi ário, am. dinger 
Fundir, va. to fbund or aMf t 

Fiteido, tm. a piece of arable 

land, »et apan ibr the nw 

of theownar of afkim 
Fúnebre, a. monmfUl 

Funeral, a. funeral 

Fnner<lias d Funertfrlaa. 

if. pl. V. Fmuraie» 
Funeririo^ ria. a. funeral 
Funestar, «o. to sadden 
Funesto, ta. a. mournful 
Funestdeo, sa. a. mHandioly 
Fungdio, sa. a. ISingous 
Furia, if. fury, hurry 
Furibundo, da. a. furious 
Furidao, sa. a. fiirious, ook- 

FurUn 6 Forldn, am. a eoadi 

with four seats, hung with 

leather curtains 
Furdr, am. fbry, rage, eialta- 

tion of fancy 
Pnnriéla, if. V. Fwrriara 
Furrier, am. quarterHnastcr, 

clerk of the king'k mews 
Furriera, if. phKseof the keep- 
er of the keys of the kli«-s 

Furriéta. if. bravado 
Furtár, va. V. üfarfor 
Furtíble, a. liable to be stolen 
Furtivamente y Furtivol- 

mente, ad. by stealth 
Furtivo, va. a f\irtive 
Fúsa, tf. note in music 
Fusca. <f. a kind of dark ce> 

loured duck 
Fú&co. ca. a. dark 
Fu&ibilidid. 4f- ftuibUitr 
Fusible y Pnsfl, a.ftislble 
Fusfl, tm. ftuU, firelock 
Fnsiláso, am. musket shot 
Fusilería, tf. body of ftHitan 


Pittiléro, m. ftirilcer 
usiiín, rf. ftision _ 

FWque, «m. kind of mulf. 
box in the ahape of « smaU 

Fú«ta, 9f. email vessel with 
lateen sails; thin boards of < 
wood, kind of woollen cloth 

Fustán, <f. ftutian 

Fustanéro, «m. ftutian manu- 

FOctr, «m. tree and bows of 


a saddle; «haft of alance 
or pike; foondation of any 
thingf substance of any 
thing; a vessel of burthen 
with a flush deck 

Fustero, ra. a. belonging to a 
fust, foundation, &c. 

Fustero, «m. tnxner or car- 

Fustete, «m. red or Venice 


Fusttaa, rf. office or place 

destined to ftising metala 
Fnstóc, tm. ftutic 
Fútil, a. futile 
Futilidad, <f.fatiU^ 
Futura, 4f. survivonhip 
Futurario, ria. o. ftituie 
Futuricidn, ^.fhturitiwi 
Futuro, ra. a. fliture 
Futuro, Mf. future 
Fuyr, vn. V. Hmr 


Qabacha, ^f. kind of loose 

Oabácho, «m. sloven 

Gabacho, cha. a. applied to 
persrau or their property, 
residing at the foot of the 

Gabán, tm. great coat with a 
hood and close sleeves 

t Jabánio, «m. dug tose 

Gabardina, if. kind of cas- 
sock with dose buttoned 

Ottbarra, if. lifter 

Gabarrero, «m. dealer in wood 
and timber ; lighterman 

Gabájrro, «m, a morUd swel- 
ling on the pastern of hor- 
ses; defect in cloth; de- 
fect discovered in goods 
after they have been bought 

Gábata, <f. bowl 

Gabazo, m. bruised sugar- 

Gabdla, tf". tax paid to go- 
vernment ; an open public 

Gabesfoa, tf. ancient kind of4 

Gabinete 6 Oabinéto, «m. ca- 
binet, dressing room 
Gabitfn, am. sort of clouded 

stuff made of sUk. mixed 

with wool 
Gabtfte,«m. shuttlecock 
Gachas, ^f. pi. sort of flritters, 

any sort qf soft pap; A' 

gachat, on all fours 
Gacheta, $f. spring, in large 

Gacho, cha. a. carvated, 

Gachdn, etna. a. y «. pamper- 


Gachonería, </". caress 
Gaditano, na. a. belonging to 

Gafa, ^f. a kind of hook, used 

to bend a crossbow; p/. 

can-hooks, spectacles 
Gafar, va. to hook 
GaGsdád, «f. kjnd of leprosy, 

contraction of the nerves 
Gafiári 6 Q1S6Ú, «m. agri- 

Gafiite, rai. clasp 
Gáfb, fk. a. iiiftcted with • 

]««»»«, |ndi<POi^ with a 

<■>,,■ ■••.-■!''.■■ nuTiea 
Gaf. II. .-.. .:r.-„i...iti 
Ga#4MU' l1 Jj d¿ ji^, tm,- y* Aaa- 

6á{^4:, ink chnlltntfe, »aluy ; 

ÍI- pef^uikites 

fai-ii tf. pi. wiflei 


GajfiiO', IB' ir bramriij 
Gal.i, ¡if. Ksln DT ouun^dress ; 
lfi,i 4i gala^ ccHiTirday, 

uN.-.i'-Lni^ nutHrej 

Gauvüce, V- -«-i^'s «uth 
Galafilte, «m. an artfhl thief, 

hangman, a porter 
Galaméro. ra. a. dainty 
GaI4a* <m. a fine and well- 
made man, gentleman in 
ftUl dress, gallant, actors 
who perform serious cha- 
racters in plays 
Galana, tf. a kind of chick- 
pea ; gay dressing woman 
Galancete, «m. a little gallant 
Galano, na ; ó Galán, na. a. 
splendidly dressed, elegant 
Galante, a. brave, el^ant 
Gala nt eador, «m. wooer 
Galante, t^, to-court Digitize 


Galanteo, «in. the act of so> 
liciting favour, courtship 

Galantena, <f. gallantry 

Galanura, ^f. a showy mlcn- 

Galápago, rai. firesh-water 
tortoke; bed of a plon^- 
share; a convex ftrame; 
cleft in á horse's foot; an- 
cient military machine ^ 
^. spring hooks of a wai- 
ver's bench 

Galapo, «m. frame for tsvist- 
ing ropes 

Galaiddn, am. reward or re- 
compense for naefhl senicea 

Oalardonaddr, ra. «. remnne- 

Galardonar, va. to rewsard 

Galarin tf Oallarfii, Ms. a 
mode of counting iV dou- 
bling tlie numbers 

Oálata. o. native cfGalaUa 

GaUvárdo, «n. a taU, len, 
and weak man 

0«lu^ <f< giey clagr 

Galbana, tf. a amaU sort of 
peas; sloth 

Gal b anado, da. «.of the co- 
lour of gatlianum 

Galbanero, ra. o. ia^ 

Gáibnlo, «m. the ant of tile 

Galdrecfllo, «m. a Und <£ 
tight great coat 

OaUürdñ «m< wheal-vope 

OaldrtOk, ^. a top 

Galeáto, ta. a. appUed to the 
prologue or prAce of wnf 

Galeáxa,4f. galleass 

Galena, if. galena 


«. nrord-íbh ^^ 

Galedta, «f. galUot, a imaU 

gal'ey, gntter-tedge 
G^eiítek tm, oüe/slcve 
Ualén,^. gA«T> ▼««« wltíi 

a net, vaicgan, rov of beds 

in tbetni£Íte(rf^aroaRifor 

the reception of tbe sick ; 

pi. ponKhment of rawing 

oa board of galleys 
Galerida, «f. ^ey of typM 

Galoréro, tm. waggoDcr 
Galena, <f. gallery 
iJalerfsta, «m. soldier voo 

does duty oa board of gal- 

Galerita, rf. crested laric 
Galfifrro» wm. rogos, swin- 
dler; jd. bombaiiiffi 
aOg*, tf". jBceshnaad Midi; 
stone rolung down a steep 
Wüj kindofitdi; bar'--' 

Ch^aetio, uu «. resenblinc 
ov concerning a gnyhoond 

_ pej» 

Galiámbo, tm. song of i 

Gálibos» ftn. pi. 

Galicado^ da. a. Infrded with 

fbe renereal desease 
Galicir, va. colnfiect wiüi the 

T^endi diieaie 
Oalicinio, rni. cock-cto*i»g 

Galiciimo» Ml. ganicisni 
Gálico, im. venereal dJsene 
GaUraa» «f. pilfierine 
GtUraar, va. to püftr 
GtfKo,«in. Ia*f*ibr"^ 
Galidp^ 4f. dead 1 
3G•liptf^ «m. 

GaUitfbra, ^kfak 

with l&en sails 
Galladura, 4r- tn«^ 
QalUrda, tf. a kind of aiiy 

Spanlrii dance 
GiOlardeár, va. to plaj wOd 

GriDardfa, tf. a gnneAU air 

snd depoithient, activi^, 

Ubsattty of seatiments, 

GaOMs da. a. gay. tngna. V 

■ fc iÉÉÉii ' ■■ii ^ ii n ii^ftrtf I 


GaUarátSt <f. wldceon 
GaUartet «m. cxoessire gain 

Gallarda, mi. a kind of bos* 

GalUoitOfMi. tonsewort 
Uallardza, if. a coarse gar- 
Oalleifr, •«. to tread ; va. to 
r^se the voice wiúi a me- 
nace or call 
Gallega, </-. matt me 
GaDcgáda, «r. mimber of na- 
tives of Galicia assembled 
Oan%>, ga. «.peeoHar tothe 

neoi>Ie of Gabcia 
Oatléta, <r. a small copper 

pan ; biscuit, mess-bowl 
Oallicfnio, m». coek-crowit(g 
Gallina, 4f. hen 
Gallinaza, tf: hen-dmig, ear- 

rinn vultuie 
OaUiaerfa, «f. 

¿hop. hcfl-coi^ 
Gallinero, rai a. preying npon 

Gallinero, m. poalterer, Imb 
yvd, basket in wliich fiiwb 
are carried to market 
Gallin<)fo, sa. o. tlmoroas 
Gallipavo, «I. turkey 
Galliptténte, «at. brl^ with 

out raik 
Gallito, tm. beau 
Gallo, tm. cock, doree; Pala 

degatP*^ an artñil device 
Gallo • bdáqne, tm. wooc 

QS!^if. morsel of brea 

gven to pilgrims; pulse, 
zy Indolent life, idle tale 

OallcJMr y GaHofitr, vn. to 
saunter about and live upon 

GalléKre, ra. «. begsar 

Oalhfib, fa. a. }dle,laxy 

Galldn, mi. aofíima, fisitoons 

Gannndéro, ra. a. applied to 

Güo, Mi. sweet gall 

GalOdia, <f. cl«g, patten, ca- 

Giddn, Ml. ganooB ; wooden 
ornament on the sidck of 
ships; Oatiiut, raüs 

Galonázo, mi. large gaüooii 

Galonear, va. to lace 

Galonero, mi. laceor^aÜbM 

ir y Galopear, en. to 


Galopeado, da. m. doae la • 

hurry; mi. whtopfaig 
Galopín, Mb swabber, a oMa 
boy. scttUioB, boy meanh 
dressed, an «pericDcaá 
and rlever knave 
Galdta, if. V. OaMkm 
Galpíto, MI. sickfy chickan 
Gslvantano, mi. galvanim 
Gama, if. gamut, a doe 
Gamárra, if. a irtartlngal 
Qumáxr»fif wftd Syrian fM 
Gambalúa, mi. a taU, iO. 
shaped man without spirit 
Gámbaro, mi. a Und of soiaU 

Gambeta, if. erosa-eaper In 

Gambetear, vn. to cap« 11 

Gambeto, mi. a kind ofqailt* 

cd gieat coat 
Gambo y Gambdx. mi. cap 

for a new -bom child 
Gambtftes, tm. f 

Gambia, mi. a ■ 

far children 
Gamela, if. kmd of basket 
Gamella, if. yoke for oac% a 

large wooden trough 
Gamma, if. gamut 
Gamo, Ml. bockof tbefUlew 

Gamologia, if. discoorst «a 

Gamdn, *m. white and yéOow 

Gamonal, mi. pUet in wtJdi 

asphodels flourish 
Gamonito, tm. young shoots 

springing round trees 
Gamúno, na. a. applied tottie 

sUna of deer 
Gamdza, if. chamois 
Ciamuzido, da. a. diamoia 

Gina, if. appetite, a healthy 

dispoMtion of ttie body, in- 
clination; 2>e «It gdiui, vo- 

Ganadería, tf: stodk of citelc 
Ganadero, ra. a. belon^ng te 

Ganadero, ra. «. «rarier 
Ganado, tm. head of ca^ of 

the same kind, ,'-,j—. 
eotkctlOD of btts of a W 


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GaajnckSso, ■•• «^ locrativc 

Ganapán, «m. a porter 

Ganapierde, éuu a mode of 
playing drafts 

Ganar, «a to gain, attain» 
conquer, eaoeed. Gaaar el 
viento, to gain the weatber- 

Ganchero, «in. condoctor «fa 
rafi of timber 

Gancho, «m. hook, crook, al- 
lurvr, pimp ; an iron hook 
with an eye. Guneho de 
bitktro, boat-book. Gancho 
ie la gata, cat-hook. Gan. 
dun d* revirar madero», 

Ganchdw, sa. a. hooked 

Ganilara </*. lazineM 
• GantUdo, da. a. leduced fi>r 
some evil 

Oandu^, va. to bend 
Oanfalonéro, «m. ganfi 
GanCmdn, «m. gan&ion 
Ganforro, ra. a. vagrant 
Gtfnga.^. the little pin-tailed 

OangailUa, </". ancient com- 
paña of ttrolUng players 
Oangtfso, sa. a. speaking 
, throu^ the nose 
Gangrena, ^f. gangrene 
Gangrenárse, or. to become 

0angrenóso,s4. a. „^ „ 
Ganguear, ca. to snul 
Gánguil, «IR. a sort of large 

Oani$:.o, sa. a. desirous 
Oamardn, tm, fObling; tail 

thin man 
Ganso, sa. «. gander, goose ; 

tall ¡«lender person 
Ginte, «1*1. a kind of linen 

manufactured in Ghent 
Ganzúa, </*. picklock, thief 
who picks loclcsi «ecu- 
Ganxuár, «o. to pick a lock 
GaKán. «ns. servant of a shep- 
herd, day-labourer 
OaAanla, 4/*. number of day- 
Gañido, «m. bowling of a 


9, «M.p/. fikuoes 

Oafiir. no. to yelp, croak 
OafUrét^ «m. penknife 
Oafidn 7 GaBdte, vn, organs 
in the interior of the 
throat; kind cf frittcn 
Gitpa, if. hon^flower 
OanbiMr, wut» iMoki 


•crawl ; use ttrgivenalions 
Garabatfllo, sm. diflScolty of 
•vacuating any peccant 
matter from the lungs 
Garabato, tm. pot-hook, hook 
to hang meat on ; an at- 
tzactive graceful ffsit; fl. 
Ulformed letters 
Garabatdfo, sa. a. elegant 
"arambáyna, ^f. eatravagant 
finery in drass; yl. gri- 
maces; pothooks 
Garante, im. guarantee 
Garantía. 4f. warrantrv 
GaraKtfn, im. Jack -ass : lecher 
Garapacho, ras. lund of dress- 
ed meat 
OazapOia, <f. the congealed 

Krticles of any Uquid ; a 
sd of black lace 
Garapiñar, va. to ice 
Gar^üfiéra^f.veMel in whidi 

liquids are congealed 
Garapita, <f. fisblog-net with 

Ganpito, «as. small insects 
GarapúUo, «m. dart made of 

Ofuratüsa, ^f. a sart of game 

at cards; caress 
Garavlto, «m. a stall 
Garba, </*. a sheaf 
Oarbanxál, im, a place of 
ground sown with chick- 
Gu-bánxo, «m. d)ick-pea 
Garbár 6 Garbear, va. to finro 
sheaves; seize; vn. to af- 
fect an air of dignity 
Garbtffia, .<fl common heath 
Gárbia», «m. ft. a sort of ra- 
GarbOladdr, tm. riddlcr 
GarbiUir, tw. to garble 
GarUllo, «m. rid«Ue 
Garb&i, «nt. coif made of net- 
Garbino,«m. south-west wind 
Garbo, «IN. a genteel way of 
doing things, a gentleman- 
like air; frankneu 
Garfodso, sa. a. genteel 
Garbúllor tm. crowd 
Garcero, «m. heron-hawk 
Garcés, «m. main-top-s«U 
Garceta, .ff. a young heron ; 
hair which felU in locks; 
point or reef- band 
Gardúja, tf. barren stone 
thrown away in quicksilver 
GardU&a, « . martin 
GanUtAo, «m. he or male 


Garfia tf. claw 

GarfSido 6 Garfiada, ^. tbe 

act of clawing 
Garfear, va. to use a draf- 

hook tar gcuing any thing 

out of a well or river 
Oárño, «tn. hook 
Gargageáda, tf. spittinc 
Gargagcár, vm. to siiawl 
Gargagéo, «m. ^tting 
Gar^aJAl, «m. place IbU of 

Gargajiteto, ta. a. iqpittiac 
Gaiiijo, «m. spittle; an 111- 

fbrmed child 
Qwgajfiiio, sa. a spitting 
Garganchón, «in. V. 0€r' 

Gurgánta, <f. throat ; inst^; 

mountain-flood; sweet m«« 

dulatlon of the voice 
Garganteadúras, ^f.vl. throat- 

selxing» of the blocks 
Gargantear, vn. to quaver 
Garganteo, «ni. Duaver* — 
Gargantéza y Garga 

^ V GUjtoiuHa 
Oargaiitílla,<f. necklace worn 

Gargantdn, na. t „ 

Gállara, 4'. nolse made bgr 

Gargaiísmo, tm, ga rgari sm ; 
the act of waüüng the 
throat with medicated li- 

Gargurizár. va. to gar^ 
Giir):ol, em. groove 
(>tft)[ol, 8t empty, addle 
Gárgola, tf. spout of a gattcr 

in theferm of «n anunal; 


gullet, windpipe 
Garffo, &. a. V. Xarijb 
(iariófilo, tm. clove trt« 
í-aríta, tf, sentrv box 
Garitero, «m. master 1 


arftcsm. garni 

arladór, ra. «. I 

Garlar, va. to babble 
Garlito, tm. weel, snart or 

trap in general 
Garldcha, 4/. good 
Garldña, if. Jack ylane 
Garnacha, ^f. wbt, dlgnUy 

of a oounMUor ; a liqaor 

made «f honey and wine ; 

company of strolling pl«j- 

GaraátOk «•!. garnet 
Gáro, «m. a kbid of lobMr» 



Gtea, ^f. daw of a vildlMMt. 

Qtmte die lagarta, ñk^ien 
GaiTáik, ^'. vessd for cootiiig 

MamS&t a. great, vast 
Gsrrafifisr, no. t»gnpple 
üuTáma, 4f. daty anciently 

paid by the Moon; inipo- 

Oanam^» ««• ta rob 
Qacxáncbo, ««•. branch of a 

Oanr^uita, ^. tksk, the krate 

of ODea and sheep ; a »hort 

Uttle i^nton ; bambaUifT 

Garrapatear, vs. to acrlbUe 

Gaxrqiáto, m. a kind of 

moths; fl. potbooka 
Gantfr, vn. to dray 
Garrldéza, tf. ele^nce 
Garrido, da. a. bvtdaome 
Garrobal» mu plantation of 

Qarrobflla, if- chips of caiob- 
trees nacd to tan leather a 

Garrobo, am. oarob-tiee 
Garrdcha, ^. goad 
Garrochada, tf. prick with a 

goad or spear 
6OToche«ddr, im. goadcr 
Garrochdn. am. spear 
Ganrdfii 6 Garrtfba^/'.aoiooth- 

tare; fruit of the carob- 

Gamin, «M. spar of cocks and 

other btrdSf t^on of a bird 

GanrotlUo, «m. blew with a 

GarroUI, m. a bu^ge hazel 

Garrdte, «tn. cndori ; ttran- 

guli4Í4m; haza basket 
Garrotítlo, tm. quinsy 
Garrucha* <f. pulley 
Gamtchtfu, «m. body of a 

coach without straps «nd 

Garrtchoa, «m. f¡L crüt^ 
Garando, da. a. ocrreus 
GarralacKin, ^f. gamiHty 
Oamiladdr, la. <. a garrulous 

Garrulir, va. to chatter 
Gárrulo, la. a. chirping, chat> 

-. — ..._ ^.npegrí 

(ket; rab- 

Gárzat iS' heron 
Gárxo, <«. agaric 
Garzo, sa. m. blne-cyed 
Gante» m. lad. bof ) %^- 


I tMt ia the lif»«Dafd» of 
tbe king of Spain 

Garzoneár, ra. to make a pa» 
rade of boyish actions 

Garzonía, <r. boyish action 

Garidta, ^. night -heron; 
plamage wein as an orna- 

Gasa, ^f. gauze 

Gasconada, tf. ^amooammm 

Gasdn, tm. V. Fmon. Large 
clods of earth unbroken 

(hKtéble, a. that may be 
wasted or spent 

Gastadero, «m. wasted 

Gastador, ra. «. spendthrift ; 
pioneer ; }>ecBon sentenced 
to public labour 

Gastunitfnto, am. V. Oatto ; 
oomumirtion of any Úiing 

Gastar, va, to expend, wear 
out gradually; apply to 
«onie purpose ; plunder ; 
digest ; vr. to be soid ; grow 
old, become rotten 

üáktn, «m. ttie act of spending. 
GdrtM, expemes 

Gata, 4f. she-cat ; dragon- 
wort; kind of ship; clonu 
covering the top of a moun- 
tain. A' gattUf on all fours 

Gat4da» ^. clawina; theft 
effected in an artnU man- 

Gatafi&ra, ^'. cake made of 
herbs and sour milk 

Gatatumba» ^/: affected ctvi- 

Gatázo,«m.a large cat ; clum- 
sy joke, artful trick 

Gateddo, da. a. fHuve 

GatcainiénXo y Gateado» im. 

Gateir, an. to climb up; 
scratch ; «teal 

Gatera, </*. a catN hole 

Gatetia^ tA number of cats 
brought together in a place 

Gatesco, ca. a. feline 

Gatillazo, tm. grasp of pin- 

Gatillo, tm. an instrument for 
drawing teeth ;. cock of a 
gun ; cramp-ircMi ; filcher 

G«o, tm. cat, skin of a cat ; 
a petty thief ; cramp iron ; 
Jack. Ga/u(<cai^afMi, civet- 

Gatuno, na. a. catlike 

Gatuperio, tm. mixture of li- 
quors without art and pro- 

Gaudeámuad Gaoddtc, «m. 


Ododio, «m. V. 0«aa 
GauuivU, <r. a white cattao 

Gavanza, <f. flowct of the 

<; avanzo, «m. dog-roae 

Garisa, tf. harlot 

Gaveta, 4t. drawer of a dak« 

ring in silk- worm kheds 
Gavia, <f. main - top - sail ; 

place where madmen are 

Gaviero, «m. seaman wb* 

work» at he to|>-maatt 
OaviifU, <f. scuttM 
Gavilán, tm. sparrow-hawk ; 

fine haur-stroke in letters i 
pt. croto bars of the game 

a yotuif 

of a swoird ; 

Oavflla* «f. (beef of com; 

gang ofsospicious persona 
Gavillero, sai. place wbare 

suspicions persons aÉsem" 

Gavina, <f. gull 
Gavión, tm. gabion» a Uffe 

Gaviota, 9f. gull 
Gá>a, </*. stripe o 

colours on stutfs, &.c. trg» 

Gayadura, 4/'. gamitare 
Gayar, va. to gamiUi with 

trimmings of a different 

colour from the stuflT 
ííayáta, tf. crook 
Gáycano, tm. sea nib used fcr 

catching other* 
Giyo, tm. jay 
Gay timba, <jr. swe»t>sccntad 

OiLju,^. bag-pipe, flageolet, 

hand-oi*gani neck 
Gayteria, tf"- a gay drasa 
Gayt^o, ra. a gey 
Gaytéro, tm. piper, fbp, back 
Gayuba, ^f. bear-berry 
Gaza, ^f. straps used to fiMtcn 

blocks to the roasts, yards» 

and rigginc 
Gaza£st<in d Gazapetdn, tm, 

Gazapela, tf. clamoroQt 

Gazapera, tf. warren 
Gazaufna, tf. ai^mbly 

vulgar vile people 
Gazapo, tm. a young rabbiti 

a d;s«etnbUng arttul h 
Gaze!, tm. V. Gofiio 
Gazéia, tf gazdie 


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üstetéto, $m. condnctMr or 

vender of a newspaper 
Gawttfra,, <f. the who sells 


Guetísu, ttn. one who de- 
lights hi reading newspa- 
pen, news-monger 
Oúíes, *m. fi. oonTcrted 

Moors in Spain 
Gazmiar, ra. to steal and eat 
tid-bits; vn. to complain 
Oazmdii «m. kind of cancer 

on the tongue of hawks 
Gtmnoftáda J Oazmofieiia, tf. 

Oasmoftero, ra ; y Oasmtfño, 

fia. a. hypocritical 
Oauíár, vm. V. Qraxnar 
Gaznate, «m. throttle 
' QvcoMXaa, «m. blow en the 
throat; pancake 
«TAzdn, «m. common thrift 
Gacpachéro, «m. he who car- 
ries the dkiner to workmen 
<}azúza, ^. vi<dent hunger 
f Tefe, «m. diief. V. Xifk 
Ocinibriél, am. a Und of seal- 
ing wax 
Gelasino, na. «. applied to the 

teeth seen in laughing 
Gelatina, »f. Jelly 
«ielatindso, sa. a. gelatinous 
Gelfz, «m. overseer who 

weighs or selb silk 
íMosía, <f. Jealousy 
(i(5ma, <f; beam having some 
bark owing to its b^ng ill 
Gemál, a, beiiwof the length 

or breadth of a span 
Géme, «m. a span 
Gemela, tf. flower exhaling 
the odour of orai^ and 
Gtemecár, va. to sob 
Geinéies, am.»/. twins; side- 
beams of the masts 
Gemfdo, «m. groan, howl 
Gemldtfr» «m. lamenter 
Germinacktn, 4f. repetitlon 
Germinar, va. to double 
Géminis, «m. gemlni; a kind 

of healing plaster 
Gemino, na. a. double 
Gemir, vn. to groan, howl, 

Gem«5so, sa. a. barky 
Geiiealogúi, tf. genealogy 
(tenealogfita, «m. genealogist 
Geneárcu, «m. head or düef 

of a fiwaiiy or race 
Oeneático, ca. a. goaeÚiUa- 

<jcnerábie« «.«amable 

generation, nation 
Gmerál, «m. room in a public 

scho<ri ; a general officer 
Íi9uaá\t a. general 
Gcnenaa,</'. beat of the drum 

which calls troops to arms, 

signal to Join convoy 
Generalato, «m. generalship 
Generalidad, tf. generality 
" "'" ' Generalflfe y «m. 

Generalísimo, «m. generalis- 
Generalizar, «o. to generalize 

Generativo, va. a. generative 
Genérico» ca. a. gmeric 
Género, «m, genus, sex. Ge- 

nero», goods 
Gencrosidtd, tf. hereditary 

nobili^, generositf 
Genérese^ sa. a. noble 
Génesis, «tn. Genesis 
Genetivo, «m. V. OonwofbHi 
GcnetUaea, tf. genethliacs 
Genetllaco,ca. a. genethUacal 
Gmgfbre, mi. ginger 
GcnuU, a. comwnnable to the 

genius or natural di^osi' 

Genialidad, ^.cer 

Genio, tm. genuts 

Genital, a. genital 

Genitivo, va. o. having the 
power of generation 

Oenitdr, «m. begetter 

Genitúra, tf. generation, seed 
or matter of generation 

Genizaro, ra. «. begotten by 
parents of diffurent na- 

Genfzaros, m. pi. correctors 
and revisors of the Popéis 
bulls; Janizaries 

Oénoles, sm. vL ftittocks 

GénoU 6 Génuli, «m. a light 
yellow paste made of san- 
darac, used by iiainters 

Gentálla, tf. rabUe» mob 

Gente, <f. people, nation, ar- 
my, character. Qntte ie 
Ucn ó dt ttun preetdeTf 
honest people. Oenie dt 
into, tradmmen. Gm<e#, 

Gentecilla, tf. mob, rabble 

Gentil, sin. gentile 

Gentil, a. gented, spirited. 

Gentil he mbre, tm. nobleman 
Gentlléaa, tf. genteel depart- 
ment, easiness, civiHtj 



Gentilicio, ia. a. gentile 
Gentflloo, ca. a. he a O n n 
Gentilidad, reUgum of the 

Gentilisine, «m. gentiliam 
GentUialp, vn. to observe the 

rites of the gentllea 
Gentío, tm. crowd 
Gentualla tf. rabble» mob 
Genuflexldn, genuflexion 
Genuino, na. a. genuine 
Geodesia, tf, geodsesia 
Geografía, </; geography 
Geográfico, ca. a. geogn^hkal 
Ge<Ignifi>, «m. geographer 
Geoméncia, tf. geomam^ 
Geomántico, tm. geomaaoet ; 

a, geomantic 
Gedmetra, tm. geometer 
Geometria, <f. geometry 
Geométrico, ca. e. geooaetri- 

Geometrfzár, vn. to geome» 

Gec^Ktaiico, ca. a. geoponic 
Geosodpia, tf. geoseapj 
Qeátíco, ca. a. geotic 
Geránlo,«iii. craned bill 
Gerárca, «m. hierarch 
Gerarquik, tf, heirarchy 
Oerárquico, ca. a. iáeaadú- 

Gerifitlte,«m. gnfidoon 
Gérga, tf. coarse frieze 
Gerlgdnza, tf. Jargon, ridlcn» 

lous and extraordinary wit 
Gerigonzár, va. to spedi * J*r~ 

Germanéseo, ca. a. bekmgtng 

to the jargon of the givsiea 
Germania, tf. Jargon of the 

gipsies: concubmage 
Germánico, ca. a. Gcnaanic 
Germano, na. a. pore 
Germen, tm. gnrm 
Germinar, vn. to germinate 
Gerogliñco, tm. hteroglyphies 
GerogMfico, ca. a. hiñrugly- 

G«nMi, tf. small sterile shoot 
^ ora vme near the root 
Gerricdte, tm. didi made of 

blanched almonds 
GerviguOla, tf. kind of short 

Gesta, tf. commen broom 
(iesteár, va. to gesticulate 
Gestero, ra. «. paying aotie 

Gesticular, a. relating to gei- 

Gestidn, tf. cottdnet 
G ^,»» ». &ce»gettioDtoti>a, 

«uta, <f. blobbor-Up j moah- 

«Mco, ca. a. thick-lipped 
iieOdo, da. a. baTing thkk 

Oialotnfiaa, ^. sort of jell«v 

Giba,^. Kninp; impettniiity 
GibádOf úm. a. crooked 
Hibár, va. to oppms» troaUe 
Gibdw, sa. a. ¿Ibbotu 
GifMda, <f. cut with a bot- 

(AwT's knife 
Qtga. 4^ »S> M^y *"»• „ 
Oifl^fata ó Gigantéi^ <f. V. 

Olgaatázo» uu t. ahage|^aMt 

■Gigante, ta. $. ^ant; onesa- 

pcrior in oovrage or tir- 

7 Gigántico, ca ; Gi- 
gantfnoy na- a. gigantic 

Gigantflla, <f. a jtrj diait 
and lusór woman 

<jigantixdT, vm. to grow a* Irig 
as a giant 

Oigantnt, na. «. giant of an 

Gigdte, tm. minced meat 
Gi^ ^- pi' straagth 
Gübo, iu. a. applied to a co> 
lour between wUte and red 
<silecuAco, Ml. a kind of 

ihOVt OKlt 

Oilgnéro, tm. linnet 
"• -• », <f. fish, a piece of 
rin ships 


] frtr! exercises 
Gimnástico, ca. a. g^ranastic 
^ifinnica, <f. science of gym- 

Obnnico, ca. a. gjmnastical 
OinmosoAsta, * 

IMntfbn, tf. rattle, aoonfiised 

damonras noise 
Qineliráda, ^f. sort of poflT 

Oinecocracfa, «/. gynsecocracy 
Ginesta, <f. common liromn 
Gineitáda. if. kind afiance 
tíinéta,<f.omce of a sergeant ; 
ancient kind of lance ; ge> 
net; ancient tribute paid 
far cattle; art of honeman- 
Ginéte, tm. trooper, any per- 
son who gees on horseback, 
small fiaaJione 
GingUr, m. to vibrate 
GipMfMb a. a. gypKO^u 


Gira, 4A sam^ of staff ot 

doth; I N ist 
(jiti^tf. gyration 
Girifii, 4f. camdeopard 
Giralda, <f. weathercock bi 

the Ibrm of a statue; com 

Ginüdéte, «m. surplice wiOi. 

Girante, tm. V, NovUtmio 

Girapli^ <f. a sort of medi- 
cal connction 

Girar, vm. to turn ronnd; to 
remit by bills of exchange 
from one place to another 

Girasál, im. fhüt of the lac- 

Oiras^ «M. sun-flower 

Girfl, «in. c^ariaon 

Girino, tm. embryo of a frog 

Giro, ra. a. handsome 

Qiio, tm. gyre; circulation 
of spcci 

lihóñBf tm. ckrfe-tree 
Giromincia, <f. gyromancy 
Ginfn, tm. feeing of a gar> 

ment; standard 
Qironádo, da. a. garnished 

with triangular pieces of 

Girovto), ga. «. V. Vaga. 

bmtM ; tm. wandcmg 

to dig alxrat a 

Girpeár, «u. 

Gfste, tm. barm, yest 
Gitanada, tf. blandidiment 
Gitanear, »«. to flatter 
Gitanería, tf. wheedling 
Gitano, na. t. gipsey 
Glldn, nn. ancient copper 

Glacial, a. glacial, icy 
GladUt»5r d Gladiador, tm. 

Gladiattfrlo, ia. a. relating to 

Gladiolo, tm. corn-flag 
Glagbir, va. to gaggle 
Glandffero, ra. a. glandifierous 
Glándula, <f. gland ; tm. pi. 

Glanduldso, sa. a. glandnlom 
Glaréa, </: coarse gravel mix- 
ed with sand 
Glasé, «IN. a sort of bright 

shining silk 
G l as ea do, da. m. variegated 
GUsto, tm. wood, dyers' woad 
Giáuclo, tm. a sea-green plant 
Giánco, tm. a kind of bludsh 


(Naba, ^. sod ordodofcMtli 
^rned ni ' ' 

i,sa. o. glbbolar 

6Mra,<r. 1 
Gliorfnlco, «m. akiadof LMhi 

GWb, t 


Globdso, sa 

GldbBlo,«m. globule 
Gkibubiso, sa. a. i^obnloas 
Gkiria, tf. ^arj, p l e asure ; a 

sorter tart; a kind of oven 
Gloriarse, vr. to glory in 
Glorieta, 4A summer-hooaa 
Glorificada, tm. ^orificr 
Glortfiránte, p«. ^ortfying 
Glorificar, va. to ctori^r 
Gloridso, sa. a. ¿orlous, en* 

Joying the bliss of heaven 
GUia, <r- gloss; note added 

toa document 
Glosadár, tm. commentator 
Gkeár, va. to gloss 
Glosario, mi. ^ossary 
Glóae, tm. act of glossing 
GlosogratXa, »f. descrlptioa of 

the tongue 
Olotdn, na. «. glutton 
Glotonear, vn, to htdnlge one's 

self too much in eatnig 
Glotonoia y Glotonía, ^f. 

Gluten, MM. gluten 
Glutinoso, sa. a. glutinous 
Gnafálio, tm. cudweed 
Gndmo, tm. gnome 
Gndmon, <m. gnomon ; beirel 

Gnomdnica, ^f. gnomonics 
Gnomdnico, ca. a. relating to 

GobemacitSn, tf- government 
Gobernado, da. a. governed 
Gobernadfir, ra. t. governor 
Gobernalle y Gobemáculo, 

tm. rudder 
Gobernar, tvi. to govern, en- 
Gobierno, im. govfmment, 

distrirt under the romraand 

of a governor ; the act of 

Gtfbio, tm. gudgeon 
Gdce, tm. enjoyment 
Gócete, tm. yñece of ancient 

armour for the head 
Gociáno, na. a. gothie 
(Mcha, </". sow 
Gdcho, tm. pig, hog 
Gddo, da. a. gotbic 
Gdfo, fb. a. stupid 

their f 

Gdja, <f. 





tí^dre, «m. quiver 

OoWtat $f. a kind of muU 

0«lftn, «111. V. KcNit/br 

GolfiUOk tm, a nnaU gulf 

Golfin, «m. V. 2>e(/lM 


GoUlla, </;%onnwIlor 

UolUI«ro, ra. «. rollar-maker 

GoUete, tm. throttle, the nar- 
row part or neck of a bot- 

OdU(zo, «Mb narrow p««age 
of mountiünb or river* 

Ooloodrinat <f. swallow ; tub- 

Oolondrlntfra, ^f. swallow - 

Goloudrteo, «m. a male swal- 
low ; vagrant ; tub-dsh ; 
• large tumor in the arm- 

Oolóndro, «m. desire 
Oolosázo, m. glutton 
Uolott^tfr, va. to guttle 
Oolo^na, <f. gluttony 
OoloOnár, Golosinear y Go- 

kwneir, mi. to guttle 
OoI<54o, sa. a. gluttonous 
Oolpázo, un. a 'great blow 
Odlpe, «m. blow, wound; 
crowd ; an unfortunate ac- 
cident. Oolpedc ma», surge. 
De %tn golpe, once. Octptt, 
OoIpMdérOf am. place much 

<>oipeaddr, ra. «. beater 
Golpeadura, if. percuuion 
Golpear, va. to beat 
Ooltschút, «m. ingot ofgtdd 
Solusmiéro, ra. c gluttonous 
Gdma, if. gum 
Gom4r, va V. Bngomar 
GomecflloKf -— — 
Oomia, if. glutton' 
C^omoKidid, if. gummineM 
Qomáfc, sa. a. gummy, fbll 

of T'lBcouit humours 
Odnce, tm. kind of hinge 
Gdndola, <f. gondola 
Goniometriat if. gonlometry 
Gonufmetro, tm. goniometer 
Gonorrea, ^. gonorrhoea 
Govbldn. «m. a kind of flow- 
ered taffttv 
Gordal, a. (at. big 
Gordánai if. oil extracted in 
IndU ftom the testicles of 
Gordázo» ca. a. very fat and 

da. «. fiit, rich , oil^ . 
gnrdOf Ctt weiib 




Habtar eot-dn^ 


Gdfdo, tm. fait met, lard 
GordouMw, tmu great-mullein 
Gord<tn, na. a. very &t and 

Gordor, tm. corpulence 
(iord&ra, if, grosse, fttness 
Gdrga, if. food of hawks 
Golpeador, ra. «. warbler 
Gorgeár, vn. to warble; vr. 

to gabble 
GoirgSo, tm. trilling 
Qoraeti^ if. chatter of a 

child which begins to talk 
Gorgdio, tm. grub 
Uorgojtfso, sa. a. full of grubs 
m. sort of silk 

(lOfKoreár, tm. to cry like a 

tuikejr cock 
Gorgoilta, if. bubble formed 

on water by the fidl of 

Gorgoritear, tm. to warble 
Gorgoritos, tm. pi. quivers of 

the voice 
Gorcorotáda, if. the quantity 

of liquid swallowed at onc«f 
Goigotéro, «m. pedler 
Goiguéra, i), a kind of neck- 
cloth ; armour of the neck 
(TorgúZf tm. javelin 
G<Sija, if. throat ; i 

bead of the keel 
G<njál, tm. collar of a coat; 

piece of arroour to deümd 

the neck or throat 
Gormar, ra. to vomit; re 

turn what belongs to an 

Gdrra, if. cap ; Intrusión at 

festivals; pwasite 
Gorrada, if. V. Oon 
Gorrero, tm. cap-maker ; pa- 
Gorretada, if. salute with a 

(TUiiete, sei. cap 

Gerrta 6 Gorrino, tm. asmall 

Gorrión, tm. sparrow 
Gorrionera, <f. rendexvona for 

Oornita, «us. parasite 
Gdrro. tm. a round cap 

Bmm, «in. a MOT Student ; 
spindle: unhealthy fdlk- 
worm ; round smood) peb- 

GorT(<na, if. stmropet 
Gorronal, tm. place ftiU c£ 


Gorronázo, «m. a great lecher 
or rake 

(idta, ij. drop, a small quan 
tit> of an> liquur ; gout- 
Q%>t I d gUu, dray by drey 

Goleado, da. a. s}<ottied 

Gotear, vn. to drop, give by 

Gotera, if. gutter, mark left 
by the dropiiing of rain; 
fringe of l«d-hanglngs 

Gotfra, GotllU, 6 Gotfta, <f 

Gdtico, ca. a. gothie, notde 

Gotdso, sa. a. goaty 

(4oKánte, pa. c^Joyer 

Go;(ár, i-a. to ei^oy 

Gdzne,«m. kind of hinge; the 
first vertebre or jctet of the 

Gdzo, tm. Joy ; a snront 

(iozdso, sa. a. Joyfbl 

Gdzqney Gosq«^,Mi. «small 
kind of dog 

Hrabddo, twu art of engrav- 

Grabaddr, tm. engraver 

Grabar, ra. to engrave 

Grabazifn, tm. engraving 

(iraccjánte, pa. Joter, j^er 

(iracf^, vn. to ioke. Jest 

(iracéjo, tm. Joke, Jeit 

Gr<cia, if. grace, elc^gance; 
sift ; remission of a debt ¡ 
^Mnevolence; a wit^ say- 
ing; name; gratttade for 
fikvours receivwl. Dar gra- 
dot, to give tiumks. At 
fráeiih gratis 
raciáble, a. 
easily obtain* 

Gracfl, a. gracUe 

Graciosidad, ^f. graocAúnev, 

Grariiibe, sa. a. graceftü, &• 
cetlous, benevolcBt, gur 
tuitous, ridiculous 

Gracidso, sa.«. merry-andrew, 
comic actor or actrcas 

Grada, jf. step of a staircaae ; 
steps round an altar; hat 
row.. XovJo M fa gradi^ 
ship on the stocks; pf.hati 
seat!) of an amphithcatn 

Oradacidn, if. a narmanlntt 

Gradido, da. a. gradnalid 

Gradar, no. to hanow 

Gradería, if. arriaB of aHili 

Gradinár, m «• para «way 
with a chisd 

Gradfno. tm. chisel, gnivtr 

«irado, tm. step of a atair- 

»*^-*«~«?Szedb!<Jff6if— ''«*»«'• 


thiiifc dflgree of Uudnd; 
plcaraic GrodM, mtoor 
•nlan in retlAlaiu oooiaui- 

Onduédo, da. a. fradaUed 

Qtmuiál, a. gradual 

GnduaU «M. a vow i««d 
b tw en the epictiemd cm- 
pd ai tLe odetoatiaa orttae 

Gradiiár, «o. to oompare dif- 

fenntüüii^; graduate 
Graf; am. graver 
Ortfioo, ca «.graphic 

Orafidtai, «m. pi. kind of Us- 


Granbértia. ^. dk 
Otandária, ^. m^BttmW 
(Iraadáxo, aa. a. «ary graaC 
Oriikle. a. great* grand 
Oránue, tin. g^aoáea 

QnaáétM,^. greataaM,gnn- 
¿aajTi I — — ?— — — -. 

Oíandillon. I 


smaU ogv-ff 

a l£d of «0^ 

, rabtsp of die md- 


OraiiI.«. hH n n g hi g toOMWs, 

fBTcna, OK aaagplBft 
Ox^éro, ra. a. appUei to 

Ore»o, am. jack-daw 
On^úno, na. a- belouiu to 

jack-davs "^ 

Onbna, «A brake 
tíramaíléra» 4/: pof hnngii 
Gramática, ^f. iprammar 
O r a m a t i cál . a. grammarlca. 
Qraoiátiro, tm. gramotarian 

a. pnkmat of 

L ^f. a wooden imCru* 
tat drawing lines 

JMtao, !>a. a. gnaty 

Otan. a.gfMS. V. On 

Orina, af. grain; the time 
whá oom, fla&« ^c tem 


. large, prin- 

Oranár, «a. to grow to ma> 

"" ' i.«iii.a pceeiaBs ' 
toiraklnndof an 

large and b^ 
Orandikiquo, qua. a. making 

tue of a lofl^ or pompuo» 

Onadioaldád. <r. , 
UrandidM, aa. a. grend 
Grandor, «m. lUe awi bi 

of thingi 
Uwneddo, da. a. redooed 10 

Urwieaddr, «at. a kind of 


the earth ; engrave 
Otanél, «at. heap of com 
Granero, am. ifranarj 
Graneváno, «m. goat's-thorr. 
Grangeár, iw. to till ; r.'uí> 

the guod-w U of another 

Grangtio, am. cuttivation of 

the ground; flattery 
Grangerie, <f. gain, profit 
Orangtfro, ra. a. Cumer, dea- 
lor In piraAtable com m od. 
Granguánlia, tf. gnnd-gaard 
Uiantbo» am. amaU grain 
Granflla» ^f. rough nap on 

. M. a. applied •» 

grain having macn refaaa 
Olio, am. atrnd, than 
Grtfpa, 4/*. cramp-iroa 
Grte, 4f. Mwt, vaaa€; gam 

of Juniper treai; ink potto 

fvr writing 
GnaHba,^. vcMd brholdiiv 

Ink-peate, voHel far fet or 

Granito, aai. granite 
OraniMda, 4^ cepioaa Cdl of 

Granljdr» «a. to hail 
Graniso, «Ok hail; < 

web in dwejro» 
Gn(^ia,4f. grange, ft 
Grdno, am. grain, anj minute 

particle; dimction of tlie 

nbrei of wood ; pimple 
UrrflSdn, aai. pep made- of 

boiled wheat 
GraniiiOfSa. a..granaloM 
Grauttgi^ntak ta. a. Aill of 

Onn«^^. ripe grapes «- 

paiated tnm the branche», 

•tone» of gruot and othet 

Grani^iilo, da. a. ftiU «f pta 

phn, AülaCMids 


iítaaétM, 9f, qaallty ef ftt m 

Orasiénto» ta. a. gWMj 
Grakflla, tf. ponnoe 
iitftoi Mb a. Iht, oily 
UnUo, am. fax, graaee 
' raíMÍaai, am. fi. fcrt^dkh 
Grtftaa y Gratag^Jas. af» kl> 

Btmment for bumiahing dl* 

ver, or silver gUt 
Gratar, ■•. to burnish 
Gratiflcaddr, aai. gratitar 
(iratibcár. ma. to reward 
Gratll, am. head of a *idl 
Gratis, md. giatis 
Orati«Uto, ta. a. gratattow 
•iratitúd, t}'. gnatmdm 
iirdto, ta. a. gncelU. paM^ 


ratonada, 4f. kind of ra^ntt 
Gratuito, ta. a. grat ' 
Gtatn:acidn, if. 


I'-ffjTfn V1J ihinji 
■ 'i+'i.i/, LlI til hufliicn 

rraw^ ff. Wright?, gnat 

UrsiTBlr. M- iii «iish 
(f ravidid, ^f. ¡tnvJi) 
G'r4ftpliHat 14, J- hwufiitj 
(|r«ít[iíí iMi. t* patríate 
GriT*^ y^ tí gnayaiM. 

Gtt( - 


Graciano, m; tíráeo. m) y 

Oreeáno, m. «. tíndaa 
Oracüeo» a. Oreefc 
Gracísmo, «m. Gradun 
Gracizár, vn. to afitet to tptak 

~ I, </-. chalk, marl, ftdlWs 


Gndál, «m. pit whne chalk, 

or ftilla'i. «arth ia fioand 
QnóMo, n. «. chalky 
Grdiér, «m. keqwr of the 

Grcctfl, m. north*eaM wind in 

wie M «diteiranoan 
Gngtfl, a. gragaiioiu 
<jngalix4r, vn. to be north- 

Gragário, ria. a. gregarious 
GregorUno, na. <u |{r«^{arian 
Gr^orfllo^fM. neckcloth worn 

GregQcrla, «f. oatory 
GiegtMcco», «m. pi. a wide 

sort of breeches 
Greguizii. t«. to talk Greek 
Gremio, «IN. tail, society 
Greña, ^j: clotted hair, any 

thiiur entangled 
Orefiúdo, da. a. dishevelled 
GreT.uéla, <f. the fir»t sbooU 

of a >ine 
Gréhca, if. clatter, wrangle 
tiretible, a. moveable 
(inflas, <r> !>'• greaves 
Grtfy, 4/-.adoik 
Griliár, m. to £<11 to leeward 
Gflda, <f. signal to caU soldieTk 

to aims 
<}rl<go, ga. a. Greek 
Grieta, if. crevice, scratch in 

Grietoso, sa. a. lull of cracks 
Grifltdo, da. a. applied to a 

oertain kind of letters 
OrifiUto, am. smaU kind of 

Grtib, #M. griffin or grifRn. 

CrVlw, fHided hair 
Grifbn, «m. a cock tat water 
GrUUr,vii. to chirp or squeak ; 

vr. to shoot 

<kUléra, if. cricket^caot 
Grillero, «m. he who takes 


Irons oir prisoners 
GrtlMtas, mn. fl. shackles 
GriUo, «m. a cricket i shoot 

cartii. OtWm, irons 
Grillotalpa, «m. mole-crkkei 
Gtlma. 4f. firi^ 
ürimáioi «M. a grotcsqiM pee- 


Otfmpola, ^f. van* 

Grinálde, 4/> madifaM of arti- 
ficial are-work 

Griftdn, tm. a sort of cowl 
worn by religions women ;' 
mnricot in^raflad fan a 

Grtpo, if. a kind of vessel 

Gris, «m. mixture of white 
and black; a grixsie-oo- 

Gris, a. gray 

Griseta, if. kind of, flowered 

silk . 

Oria, if. clamcnr 
Gritador, ra. «. crier 
Gritar, vn. to shout 
Gritería, </*. confused cry of 

many voices 
Grito, tm. clamour 
Gritdn, na. a. voeUerous 
Grtffs, if. vile prostitute 
Grdmo, «m. the neart of plants 

or trees 
Grtfpos, tm. pi. cotton put in 

Gros, tm. ancient mei^y 
GrdKca, </. kind of venomous 

Grosedad, if. V. Oronira y 

Orukélla, if. currant 
Grosería, if. rudeness 
(fosero, ra. a. gross, rude 
Groséxa, if. corpulence 
GnSso, a. coarse snufi* 
Grosdr, «m. crassitude 
Grosura, if. suet, extrami- 

Grúa, if, crane, bend of an 

incurvated piece of timber 
Gruirás, </*. pi. rope-holes 
Gruéro, ra. a. belonging to 

birds of prey for cranes 
Gruesa, if. a gross 
Grueso, sa. a. bulky. Urge, 

coarse, rude, dense 
Grueso, «NI. corpulence^ oialn 

part of a whole 
Gruir, VH. to crankle 
Grulla, if. aunt 
Grullada* if. mob, crowd of 

GruUéro, ra. a. applied to 

birds of prey in cluuie of 

Grumete, mi. ship's bov 
GrAmo, tm. grume, duster, 

pith of tree». Gr 

Gmnuiao, sa. m. grumy 
Gntfil(jo,«in. grunt 
Grufilddr, ta. «. 
GruAitniéntOh n 


QralUr, «n. to grantf enalCy 

Grupa, <f. ettimp 
Gruudda, if. squall or goal cC 

Grupera, if. crupper 
Grupo, tm. group 
Gruta, <f. cavern 
Grutesco, «m. ghitesque 
Gruyera, mi. a kind of rich 

c h e e se 
Guaycamáyo, mi. macaw 
Gnarhapear, «m. to paddl») 

vn. to clap as horses' sheaa 

when loose 
Guachapelí, tm. solid strong 

Guácharo, ra. a. whining. 

sickly, dropsical ^ 

Guachanrida, if. a sudden 

fall or plunge of a thing 

into mod or water 
Guachichics, if. jL Und of 

Guada, if. the trae or gnm 

niHfd am i*! a 
Guadafiones, mi. pi. fetters 
G«iadamacfl, mi. printed 

Guadamacileria, if. manu- 
£sctory of printed leather 

Guadamaciléro, tm. manu* 
fiscturer of printed leatíier 

Guadaña, if. sithe, a knifr 
usetl by manufacturers of 

Guadañar, vo. to mow 
Guadañero, Guadafieaddr, y 
■""""* Ml. mower 

u grunting 

Guadapero, tm. 

tree; a boy who carries 

victuals to reapers 
Guadarnés, «m.hamesS'ruom, 

Guadixéfio, tm. poniaxd 
Guadramaña, if, trick 
Giiadtta, tj. kind of large 

cane or t«ed in Peru 
Guaduál, tm. pla n tatio n cf 

large reeds 
Gtudaca tj. kind of cocoa 
Gualatina, 4/; dish made of 

boiled apt>las, ttc. 
üualdádo, da. a, yellowish 
Gualdo, Ua. a- gold colour 
Uiudtiripa, ij. hursecloch; 

Oualdraiiázas, mi. pt. slaps ctf" 

the hails againtt the masts 
(iualdritpeai, «^. to put one 

thiiti; upoit anothcor 
Gualdra|Jt'i(i, «*v. ngpafí^T- 



ffBllltrihft. MR. ^. IMt of 

t. kind of Amcricaa 

fivasin, a. a|>pUed to gold 
under tbe ImsI atandard 

Guantada, ^f. btov given wHh 
the palm of the hand 

Snánte» «it» ~' ~ 

EunUiarly t 

Guantdéte, ««•. ganntleC 

f ioantcrta, <f a glover's ah 
N. gToTcr 


«TelelhOT leather to gvaM 
agalmt the dust 
Uoardár, «e. to keep, goard, 

Uoanterot mm. 
Guapaco, za. a. brave 
G«aiiei(r. xm to boast of coO' 
ra^ take a pnde in fine 
Gvapetdn, rm. boaster 
Goapéza, if. bravery 
Guapo, pa. a. (tout, spruce, 

neat, gay 
O^aarápo. «m. mb-acid drink 

náaoe in sugar-mills 
tinárda, t. cmm. guard; 4f. 
•ustody; observance of a 
law ; sheet of paper placed 
at the beginning and end 
of voluniek Guarda ahma- 
CM, «tore keeper. Ouarda- 
cofrnu, goat-herd. Ouarda- 
eademu, laths of the chain, 
wales. Guardacartudtot, 
cmrtridge'Cmae» ; fender. 
Guardalado, battlement of 
a brid^. QuardafHonctbo» 
de Uu ver^a$, fivot- 
ropes or horses. Oiiarda- 
mangier, pantry. Guarda- 
mano, guard of a sword. 
Guardamecha, match-tub. 
Ouardamontt; forester. 
OmtrdoMllo; keeper of the 
privy teal. Quardaaol, pa- 
ras<u. Guardas, waids of 
• lock 
Gotfrda, intaj. take care ! 
Goardadtfr, ra. : keeper, one 
who observes a law, miser 
tidardalnfilnte, am. finthin- 

Guardamángel, m. pantry 
Guardamateriáles, tm. person 
wpointed to purctiase bul* 

Guardarolénto, tm. custody 
Guardamonte, tm. guard of a 

g<in-lack, sword, &:c. 
Gnardaraogér, ^f. servant of 

the que«n 

Guarda',>ipo, am. anoient 

piece ot armour to protect 


OnardRpiés,«m. ^k petticoat 

fluard^lvo, tm, any pl«ce 

. «r. to be upon 
one's guard 
Quardino, ttn. king's fiaher 
GuardérUf <f. the occupation 

of a gutfd 
Gvirdia, <f. guard, watch. 
Guardia di oMbar, ntar- 
boanrd watch; tmu soldier 
beiongtng to the guards 

beionctng t< 
Guardia, na. 

GuaTilianía, <f. gu'^tdianshlp 

Guárdala, if. garrH 

Guardin de la cafia, am. tiller- 

Guardiiso, a. trugal, stmgy 

Guarecer, vn. to grow well ; 
va. to aid, guard; vr. ti 

Guarcscimiénto, mr. healing 

Guaiida, ^f. dm, haunt 

Ouarin, tm. young pig 

Guarir, tm. y o. to subsist 

Guarismo, am. figure 

Guarismo, ma. c arithmeti. 

Gnameceddr, tm. hatter who 
cocks hats; one who gar- 
nishes a thing with orna- 
mental appendages 

Guarnecer y Ouainescér, va. 
to corroborate, garnish, 
trim, hazcess horses, garri- 
son a town 

Guarnés, am. parts or turns 

Guarnición, tf. flounce, guard 
of a sword ; garrison ; gar- 
niture; fd. ancient steel 
armour of defence; har- 

Guiumicionetia, tf. shop of a 

Guarnicionero, tm. hamoas- 

Guaml^, . . 

used by carriers 
Guamfr, va. to reeve 
Guárra, tf. sow 
Guarro, tm. hog, pig 
Guastár, va. V. Contumir 
Quay, irnterf. oh ! 
Guaya, tf. grief 
GuayálM, <f. firuit of 

Guayaco, tm. lignum vitae 
Guayadéro, tm, 

Gnayapfl 6 Guaypint 

loose Iikdian dress for wo- 

Guayar, v*. to meatn 

ttuiyco, tm. mgvad 

(hibemativo, va. a. admintv 

Gubia, tf. goujm 

GuMadAra, tf. notch, chan- 

Guedeja, tf. lock of hair <UI- 
Ing on the temple, lien's 

Guedeiár, tw. todnMs the hair 
Guedtjtin, na; y Good^)<Ho, 

sa. a. busby 
Gu«d<jú<lo, da. a. bushy 
Guélde, tm. «ater-eidor 
Gutfrra, </'• war, art of war, 
profeMion of arms, opposi- 
tion. Guerra ga/ana, can* 
Guerreadfir, ra. t. warrior 
Guerreante, pa. warrior 
<4uerreár, I If. to war 
Guerrero, im. warrior 
Guerrero, ra. a, martial 
Guerrilla, if. skirmish 
Gula, tm. a Ruidc, permit ; 
young »hoot of a vine ; per- 
son who leads down a 
comitry dance ; directory ; 
guard of a fon ; jU. trains 
of powder in fire worki.; 
the two stiif bones of stays 
Guiadera, *f. guide or eon- 

ductmr in mlUs 
Guiado, da. a. guided 
<Tuiad($r, ra. a. guide 
Guiami«nto, tm. guidance 
Guiar, va. to guide, teach, 

lead a dance 
Oufja, tf. pebble 
Gujarrál, tm, htap of pebble 

Guijarreño, fia. o. pebbly 

haidy, strong and rude 
Guijarro, tm. pebble 
Guijanrdso, sa. a. pebbly 
Guijeño, na. «. fVillof pet 

hard, difficuU 
Guijo, tm. small pebbles 
Guijdn, tm. a worm that cor- 
rodes the teeth 

place of 


Gudla. tf. a plentiful harvest 
(iuilMme, tm. rabbet-plane 
Guilledin, tm. gelding 
Guillóte, tm. husbandman 
who enji^s the jirodilce of 
a form; treenail; vagrant 
Guimbalete, tm. handle of a 

Guinchar, va. to prick 
rm. gull 

Guincho, tm. „ 


4iaindádP, da. a. 



OttimUléta* ^. erank-roiie 
OnindiOéza, ^. hswwr 
Ouindamaynaf <f. tálate be- 

t ^ mu shipi 
Oaindár, oo. to lift, snatch, 

make fiMt with hawten, 

hoist ; vr. to be raspaid- 

Guindilla, ^. nnall kind of 

Onlndillo, mn. Indian cIicr;- 

<iVtoáo, am. cherry-tree 

Oninéa, tf. gninea 

Ottin^ns, «A • Und ef cotton 

Oniftáda 6 Oniftaddra, tf. 

Otiiflatltfr, ra. «. winker 

Ooifiápo, tm. a tatter, ngga- 

OolfUr, va. to wink ; malw 

Guffio. tm, V. OuMttla 

Onitfn, «M. CTMs, royal stand- 
ard, master of ceremonies ; 

tíuirigáy, Mm. gibberish 

Guirindola, </; bosom of a 

Guirnalda, ^f. garland, pud- 
dening. Guirnalda rfM a»- 
clii, puddening of the an- 

tiulmaldár, va. to sarroand a 
thrashing-place with trees 

Guisado, «IN. ragout 

OulMuidr, ra; y Guisandero, 
ra. «. cook 

Guisante, rat. pea 


Gnistfr, «a. to oook or dresi 

Onbo,m*. the seaaoaing of a 

Ouistfte, «m. dish of meat 

dressed country-fiuhlon 
Guita, af' a small hempen 

Ottitifar, «a. to sew with a 
hempen cord 

Onitirra, 4f. guitar; pounder 

Guiurréro, ra. a. guitar- 
maker, player on the guitar 

Onitarrisu, am. player on the 

ail *rkHt- LnAi« 

Ou£lii, tl, a. LreuCb«tLlli4 

Guiii^n, da- t mtiidirAnt 
GuiLuiiidjrj x-fi, Va \di\vx or 

i(Ur ilnut 
Guit.meTLS, Mf. idii-nm. 
GuU|E<Lri va, Ut «c>r« 
GtU* If* Arm uvii inj «TTjiers 
Guk. <r. gullet, cluttmji 
GniJ««<a, rf. 4laini> ¡ excess 

in Miii^ and «irknldng; 

luiiú «if luk 
OnUfso, sa. a. gluttonous 
Gúmena, <f. coble 
Gumia, ^f, kind of dagger or 

Ourbitfn, rai. twisted silk, 

•ilk stuff 
Gurbionádo, da. a. made of 

twisted coarse silk 
Gurrár, va. to get clear of 

another ship 
GurrufSaia, if. a worthless 

Gurrufihro, am. 

nag or horse 


Gurrumina, <f. uievlovsnesa 
GuruIUda, ^f. a club, crowd 
Gurüllo, «IN. lump or knot 
Guruméte, rat. ship'it boy 
Gurupa, <f. rronp of a bone 
Ourupéra,<f. crupper 
Gurvio, va. a. curved 
GuMneár, vn. to itch 
Gusanera, ^. place where 

vermin are brad 
Gu.anitfnto. ta. a. troubled 

with vermin 
Gusanillo, mi. a kind of cm- 

Gutáno, rat. maggot, worm ; 

meek person 
Gusarapiento^ ta. a. wormy 
Gu«aiápo, am. w^ter-wonn 
Gu«épe, rat. kind of polypus 
(Mstábie. a. testable 
Gustadura, af. gusUtion 
Gustar, tMi. to taste, enjogr a 
thing with pleasure, expe- 
rience, take a pleaouie in a 
OusUtivo, a. lingual 
Gustazo, rat. a great plea-sore 
Gú»to, rat. taste, pleasure, 
one's own will, election, 
caprice. Gtwow, sensual 
Gust<fso, sa. a. tasty, cheerful, 

Gntagámba y Gutiámbar, rat. 

Gutunil, a, guttural 
Guzmánes, rat. p/. noblemen 
who serve as midsbipmca 
in the navy 
Guzuatárra, tf. ancient play 


Uába, <f. bean; a kind of 

mange In horses and oxen 

Habanero, ra. a. native of Ha- 

Habano, na. a. applied to to- 
bacco of Havannah 

Habar, rat. beanfield 

Haber, t>8. to possess, have, 
take, happen, exist ; vr. to 

Haber, rat. property 

Habichuela, sf. common 
white kidney-bean 

Hábil, o. capable, agile, apt 

Habilidad, ^f. haUUty, nlm- 
bleneis, instinct 


HabOitaddn, ^. habiliutloa 
Habilitado, rat. commissary 

of a regiment 
HabUitádor, ra. «. qualifier 
Habilitar, va. to qualify, pro- 
vide, supply 
Habitable, a. habitable 
Habitación, <f. habitation, set 

of rooms 
HaUtadtfr, ra. a. faihabitant 
Habitante, p«. tahabitant 
Habitar, ue. to inhabit 
Hábito, rat. dress. BabUoa, 
dress of ecclesiastics, haUt 
Habituaoidn, </*. habitude 
Habitual, «. habitual Digitiz 


Habltualidád, ^. i 

Habituarse, vr. to be accus- 

Habitud, <f. habitude 

Habla, rf, speech, diseoone, 

Habladdr, ra. a. an impudent 

Habhiduiia, ^f. an imperti- 
nent s p ee ch 

Hablantfo 6 Hablanchfti, na. 
a. a talkative person 

Hablar, «a. to speak, reason, 
harangue, advise. BaUtr 
d.tnMo¿AHeato, to talk at 

d b^AiábADkjrabfar tHa, to 




t» apeak muUnasly 
Babte, «m. lazse Idiid of 
Háea»«f. pony 

Haoedéro» ra. «. Avlble 
Haceddr, n.<.nMker; stew- 

Hwendado» da. «i. applied to 

■enom OTpropotji 

Hacendé, m. to tmufar the 

pr op er ty , oT an «ttatej vr. 

to make a parduie uT land 

in order to settle in a place 

Hacendera, «f. pobUc work 

Hacendero, ra. a. indostrioas 

HaoendiUa j Hacendosa, «f. 

a trifling work 
Haeend<iM>, «a. a. ashldoona 
Haoér. va. to make, put in 
«■ecation, nuke np a nora* 
ber, agree, give, include, 
eaaae. recolve, dlspoae, aa- 

Baotr v€uir, to oblige to 
canoe ; dreu, grow. Hour 

eantCt to 

Baeer d battanio, to veer 
■o a* to bring the ship be- 
fcrcthewina. Baeerjte$tat 
to natter. Bacer Jvej^a, 
Iw well oiatdMd. Hac?r 
tcnM, to Join in a toa&t. 
Hour moritqueUu, to play 
pranks. Haeer p£crf9, to 
carve. Hacerte ala vela, ó 
hacer veta, to set sail. 
aaeerae de mid, to treat 
one gently. Hacer fiierza 
dcvda, tocrowdsaiL Hacer 
apia, to sprint. 
Hacer eamiw para popa, to 
make stemway ; vn. to im- 
port, be. exist. Hace JHo, 
it is cold { vr. to separate 

lUcha, ^r. a large taper with 
fcar wicks } hatdiet. 
Hatha 4c arma», battle- 

HadMdr, «^ to cnt with a 
hattáiet; en. to strike with 
• hatchet 

HacAaére, am. tmrdi-etand ; 

Hácbo. «m. Ci^got 
Hacbdn, tm. a laige tordi 

made of pttdi; khid of 

S«cbn<ta, «M. a Bnall hat- 

•chetar axe 

fUicUt ai. towards. Hiém HiBdtla, «m. cake bakit «• 

doi«f«, whi 

ertale. HaeUnda* opola- 

HacMnte, pa. agmt, doar 

Hacfna, ^. ifack of corn piled 

up m sheaves 
Hacinador, ra. «. stack-maker 
Hacinamiento, «m. aocnroa- 

Haciitár, va. to stack ap 

shcavei of com, hoard 
Hacine» na. o. v. Avaro y 

Hadas 6 Hadadas, ^f pl. 

Hadado, da. a. ftartonate 

Hadar, va. to divine 

Hado, im, Ikte, deitiny 

HadrrfUa, tf. fraud hi sdlhig 
and baying 

Halacabdla» y Halacuérdas. 
»m. freih-water uülors 

Halagador, ra. «. c^ler 

Halagar, va. to cajule 

HaUgo, em. cajolery 

Habgúéfío, ña. a. endearing 

Halar, va. to haul 

Halcdn, em. &lcon 

Halconado, o. £ücon-like 

Halconear, tu. to look and In- 

Halconera, ^f. place where 
lUcons are kept 

Halconería, 4f. falcoory 

Halconero, im. iklcon er 

Halda, ef. bag made of sack- 
cloth, slürt of a garment 

Haldada, </; skirt flUI of any 

Haldeu*,»!. to mn along with 
the skirts flying loose 

Haldádo,da. o. having flying 

Haléche,rat. kind of mackeid 

Halieto, tm. sea eagle 

HáUto, m. breath . 

Hallado, da. a. found, film 
haUado, very ikmuiar, wel- 

Halladdr, nu s. finder 

Hallar, va. to find, obsCTvc, 
manifest ; vr. to meet oc- 
casionally in any place, be 

Hallazgo y HaUaraMnto, «vi. 
the act of finding, thing 

HaUdlla, <f..ktaid of paste for 

or andar cinders 
Hakt d Hauin, «m. balo 
Haldz.i, 4/*. wooden «hoe 
Haniára, ff. hoiamock 
Haroaqoiero, *m. perton who 

conducts a hammock 
Hamáoo, cm. a kind of pink 

cotton staff 
Hambre, ef. Imnger, scard^ 

and dearth of provisions 
Hambrear, ni. to be hungry ; 

oo. to came hunger 
Hambriento, ta. a. hungry 
Hambrón, na. «. a hoigry 

Hamédis, tf. a Mnt of muslin 
Haméz, ^f. a dikteropor in 

hawks or f dconi> 
Hampa, tj. boii> , bragser 
Hampesco, ca. a. va^bond 
Hampo 6 Haropc^n, a. buld 
Hanega, t, . a dry roea<.ure 
Han«-g4ils,4r-. quantity uf land 

wvn with a (/>!%"( of com 
Hanquflla, tf. a kind of iKMt 
Harai^án, na. «. idler 
Haragatnzo, za. a. verv idle 
HcVAic^n^T, vn. to Mad a* 

i.llf iiff 
Uara^-aitc-ria, *f. idleness 
Hará|>o, «tm. ra^c hanging 

down f^om torn clothes: 

Harbar, no. to huddle 
Harem, tm. harem 
Harija, ^f. miU-dust 
Harina, <f. flour 
Har nado, tm. flour diasdlved 

in water 
Harinero, am. meatman 
Harindro, ra. «• mad* of 

Harlndso, sa. a. mealy 
Harmága, tf". wild rue 
Harmonía, </*. luurmony 
Harmonista, tm. musiciaa 
Harnero, tm. a sieve 
Harón, na. a. slow, Inactive, 

Harpagdn, tm. luurtow 
Hazpéo, tm. grappling-iron 
Harriero, «m. carrier 
Hartar, va. to stuff with eat- 
ing and drinking, satiate 
Hartáigo, tm. satiety 
Harto, ad. enough 
Htfrto, ta. a. sufficient 
Hartdra, tf. satiety, plmty 
Hakiz, tm. guard or keepar<^ 

Hasta, ad. until, also, even 
HastUr, va. to loathe 
"" itle, tm. loathing 

Digitized by VjOO^C 


Hatáflt, <f. • Inge kind of 

wooom ladle, a rolling-pin 

HaUjax, va. to dlTid* cattle 

nau^jar, ._. „ _ _ 
into flocks or herds 

Hat4)o, «m. a small herd of 
cattle, aMemblage 

Hatear, vn. to coUect one's 
clothes neceasarji for tra- 

Uattfro, «m. a person who 
carries prwviskÑis to those 
who attend a flock of 

Hat^o, ra. a. applied to the 
animal» that carry the 
sheirfwrd's baggage 

ifatflo, tm. coToiug of cr bee- 

Hatillo, «m. a few clothe* 

Hato, «m. clothtis; a large 
herd of cattle; provUlon» 
for shepherds i crowd 

Haya, <A beech-tree 

Hajál y Hayedo, «m. planta- 
tion of beech-tree* 

Hayo, «m. Indian shrub 

Hayuco, tm. beech mast 

Haa, «Ki. foggot i 4f. bundle, 
fosees ; outside or ri^t kide 
of cloth; surfooe of the 
ground ; front of a wall 

Háita, <r. piece of cultivated 

Hazábra. <r. a unall kind of 
coasting vessels 

Hazáda, </*• spade 

Hazaddn, tm. a large spade 

UaiAlOa, «/'. a towd 

Uotáfta, if. exploit, foat, ig- 
noble action 

Hazañería, </. show of scru- 
pulosity and tenderness of 

Hazañero, ra. a. prudish 

Hazañero, ra. «. affected pru- 
dl»h person 

UazaCdso, sa. a. valiant 

Hazcdna, if. dart 

Uasmereli, ttn. ridiculous 


minerals ; fibre ; tough- 
ness. Hebnu, filaments 
Hebraico, ca. a. belonging to 

the Hebrews 
Hebraisánte, tm. hebralst 
Hebraísmo, tm. hebraism 
Hebreo, ea. t. a Hebrew 
Hebreo, ea. a. hebralo 
Hebniso, sa. a. ñtirous 
Uecaldmba 6 Hecatombe, tm. 

He, ad. behold 

He. iiUerJ. ho, what ? 

Hebdómada, if. wetk. V. 

Semana, seven years 
Hebén, a. applied to wUte 

grapes i empty 
Hebetár, vn. to hebetate 
Hebflla, </*. buckle 
HebiUáge, «m. collection of 

HcbilUr, va. to buckle 
Hebra, if. thread of linen 

yam ; capillaraent of the 

Vioksom of plants ; vein of 

Hechiceresco, ca. a. relating 

to witchcraft 
Hechicería, if. witchéraft, 

Hechicero, ra. a. y t. witch, 

charmer, attractive 
Hechizar, va. to bewitch, 

charm, please irresistibly 
Hecliizo, tm. bewitchment, 

enihantment, entertain- 
Hechizo, za. a. made or doae 

Hecho, cha. a. made, done, 

used. Uedko un teon, like 

a lion. Vienlo AccAo, steady 

Hecho, tm. action, event,. 

subject discussed. A' AccAo, 

Hechdr, ra. t. factor 
Hechura, if. act of perfonn. 

ing any thing, the work 

done, effigy, workmanship, 

Haciénto, ta. a. full of lees 
Hecttiroo, ea. a. belonging to 

Ilettentina, if. stench 
Heder, vn, to stink 
Hediondez, if. a strong stench 

or stink 
Hedldndn, da. a. fttld, iras- 
cible, pettish 
Heddr, tm. stench, stink 
Hednir, va. to dig a second 

time about the vines 
Hegira, if. Hegira 
Helible, a. congealable 
Helada, Af- irost 
Heladina, if. Jelly 
Heladizo, za. a. easily con- 

Helado, da. gelid, frigid 
Helado, 4m. Ice-cream 
HelAiiiiráto, tm. congelation 
Helar, m. to freeze, be stupe- 
fied; vr, to be congeal- 
Hele, Hétele aqiri, ad behold 

Heledr, va. to pout with the 
fi-'gW Digitid 


I Helécho, tm. male and. té- 
male tern 
Helenfemo, tm. hellenl>>ra 
Heléra, ií'. pip, diaease its 
I' fowls 
Helgado, da. a. jag-toothed 
Helécidúra, if. irici;ulanty of 
the teeth 
(Helidmetro, tm. helionjrter 
HeliosciSpiu,. (wi. wart-wort ; 
tele>ro|>e peciiüarly fitteU 

for viewing the sun 
Hdiotrópio, «M. previoua 

Helxine, if. peUitoty 
Hematites, tm. tuematites 
Hembra, tj. female ; head of 

hair of women ; nut of a 

screw ; eye of a hook 
Heinbreár, vn. to be inclined 

to female*, generate fe- 
males only 
Hembrila, if. a sort of wheat 

of very fine grain 
Hembrúno, na. a. belonging 

to the female sex 
Hemiciclo, tm. V. Semkir' 

Hemicránea, <f. henoicra- 

Hemi<mite, if. qtleen wort 
Hemisferio, «m. hemisphcra 
Hemistiauio, tm. hemistic 
Hemorragia, if. hemorrhage 
Henu>rrordál,a. hemorrtaoloal 
Hemorréo y Hemondida, «. 

kind of serpent 
Henar, tm. meadow of hajr 
Henchiddr, ra. «. filler 
Hcnchidtira, if. repletion 
Henchimiento, tm. «bia« 

Henchúr, vo. to fill up, tow 

discord, prodoce mladdcf { 

vr. tofiUone^saelf 
Hendeddr, ra. t. divider 
Hendedtirá, if. fissure 
Hender, va. to split, to break 

into pieces 
Hendible, a. fissile 
Hendiénte,^tN. down-strokt «T 

a sword, or edged tool 
Henil, tm. hay-loft 
Heno. «m. hay 

Hcfilr, DO. to knead , 

Hepático, ca. a. hepatic 
Heptágono, «m. heptagon 
Herál£co, ca. a. hcrafiUo 
Heraldo, tm. herald 
Herbáceo, cea. a. herí 
Herbage, «in. herbage, pay- 
ment fiir pasturage 
Herbagéro, tm. one who rmta. 

Rcrti^tfr,m.topa«twei va. 
to indoae a field for pastare 

Herhár, va, to dren skim 

Herbario, «m. herbal, herba- 
rium ; a. herbarkm» 

Herbazal, «m. paüture-gromid 
for cattle 

Herbecer, vn. to prevent the 
croivth of herbs 

Heib<dádo, da. a. applied to 
Údngs jpoisoned vlth the 
juice or plants, as daggers 

HerboUrio, tm. borbaliift. 

Herborixacúín, rni. botanizhig 
Herborizaddrd Herborizante, 

«m. herbalist 
HertMioriz4r, vn. to h^ b or i» 
H«rb(tso, sa. a. herbous 
Hercúleo, ea. a, Herculean, 

Hércules, tm. epUepqr 
Heredad, «T. piece of ground 

which Is cultivated and 

bear» fruit, hereditament 
Heredado, da. a. V. Hacendado 
Heredamiento, «m. V. Heren- 
Heredar, va. to inherit, make 
over any kind of property to 
Heredero, «. heir 
Hereditario, ria. «. hereditary 
Herege, t. com. hetetic 
Hetegia, tf. heresy, literary 

error, injurious expression 
Herén, tm. retdi 
Herencia, ^, inheritance 
Hereúárca, tm. heresiareh 
Herealdlogo, em. vriter i 

Heretical, a. heretical 
Hereticár, va. to believe and 

defend pertinaciously any 

Hecético, ca. a. heretical 
Héria, f/l strolling vagrant 
Hcrfda, <f. wound, dalictJa 
Ueridéro, «k. place where a 

wound is inflicted 
Herido, da. a. wounded, 

Herid<ir, ra.f. wounder 
Herimiénto, «in.act of wound- 
ing, conjunction of vowela 

in asyliable 
Hcrfr, va. to wound, knock 

at strike, infest; vn. to 

Hermafeodita, to. em. an ani- 
mal «r plant uniting two 

If «rn>vi<ble, a. fraternal 


\ lleaataáL, a. t>rotherly 
Hermanar, va. to match, own 
for a brother ; vh. to frater. 
nize ; vr. to love one ano- 
ther as brothers 
Hermanáetro,«iN. half brother 
Herroanázge, em. fraternity 
Hermandad, <f. fraternity, 
conformity, amity, brother- 
Hermanear, va. to treat as 

a brother 
Hermano, na. o., matched 
Hermano, na. e. brother, sis- 
ter, brotber<in-law, timi- 
lari^ ; Hermano de leche, 
foster-brother; ]rf. mem- 
bers ak the same rdigions 
Hermanuco, em. a great bro- 
Hermético, ca, o. hermetical 
Hermoseaddr, ra. t. beanti- 

Hermo!>e4r, va. to beautify 
Hermotilla, tf. Miw throat- 
Hermcíso, sa. a. beaatlfiU, 

rare, uncommon 
Hermosura, tf. beau^ 
Hernia, tf. rupture 
Hemísta, em. surgeon who 
^)pUes himself in particu- 
lar to the cure of ruptures 
Herodiáno, na. o. herodian 
I Héroe, tm. hers 
Heroicidad, <r. character 
which constiitttes a heroic 
Herdico, a. hemic, hOTolcal 
Heroína, tf. heroine 
Heroísmo, em. her<riam 

Herpes, em. pt. 

Herpético, ca. a. herpetic 

Herrada, ^f. pail 

Herrada, a. iqmlled to water 
in which rea-hot iron has 
been cooled 

Herradero, tm. place destin- 
ed for marking cattle with 
a hotiron, the act of maik- 
ing cattle with a hot iron 

Herraddr, em. farrier 

Herradura, if. hone-dioe, 
cidlar or necklace in the 
form of a horse-shoe 

Herr4ge,«m. inmwork, hoiae- 

Herraraentáli em. pouch with 
instrumenta for shodng 
Herramienta, ^. set of tools 
for workmen, ironwork, 
hormofabeáat _ ..„ 



Hem>n, tm. mixed corn for 

feeding horics 
Herrenáf ú Herrañál, em. 
piece of ground in which 
mtiftlio is sown 
Herrería, <f. ironworks, cla- 
Herrero, tm. a smith 
Herrer«5n, #«. a bad smith 
Herreruelo, em. ttune-chatter 
Hervéto^ em. tin; 
Herretear, vs. to tag a lace 
Herretéro, ra. «. tag-maker 
Herreruelo, em. light piece of 

Herriál, a. applied to a kintf 

of large Mack grapes 
Herrín, em. rust of iron 
Hemmida, 4/* a violent blow 

or stroke 
Herrugiénto, ta. a. rusty 
Herrumbre, tf. rust of itgm 
Herrumbnfso, sa. a. rusty 
Herventar, oa. to boil tarn 

Hervitíéro, tm. ebullition, 
kind of water-dock whence 
water bubbles out, mul- 
Herrtr, va. to boQ, be fervent, 
bev' " 

Hervordso, sa. a. fbrvent 
Hesitar, vn. to hesitate 
Hespéride y Hespérido, da. «. 

relating to the Pleiades 
Héspetot ewu the planet Venus 
HeteroddxA, xá. o. heterodox 
" erogéneo, nea. a. hetero- 
Hética y Hetiquéz, tf. phthi- 
Hético, ca. o. hectic 
Hexaedro, em. hexaedro» 
Hexágono, em. hexagon 
Hexámetro, em. hexameter 
Hexápeda, tf- V. Totta 
Hex, tf. lees, droce, grains of 

Hiidas d Hiádes, <r. pi. V. 

Hlánte, a. applied to a verse 

with a hiatus 
Hiato, em, hiatus 
Hibernal 6 Hibemizo, za. a. 

Hibiemár, vn. to be the wla. 

Hibierno, tm. winter 
Hibisco, em. Syrian mallow 

Digitized by LjÓ^QIC 


HíMfáM, <f.liybrtdoo»«nuiul 
HtcoGérre, «n. &bol«iu «nl- 

Hidalgo, ga. a. noble 
HUál«o, ga. «. noble man or 


Hidalguía. 4f. nobUitj, nobie- 

neu of mind 
'Hfdra. «r. hydra, poiaomm» 




lUca, </•. the Kience of 
Hidráulico, ca. «. hydranUcal 
Hidriulico, «m. |wafeator of 

Hidria, Mf. Jar ibr water 
HidrocéAiio, am. drop^ 

the head 
Hidrodinámica, tf. science of 

Hldroñlácio, tm. great caTom 

ftill of water 
Hidrofobia, tf. hydnfihobia 
Hidrófobo, tm, person suflbr' 

ing hjdrot^iobia 
Hidrografla, ^f. hydrocraphy 
Hidrográficoy ca. a. nydro- 

HidnSgrafb, «m. hydrographer 
Hidrománica* 4f.Kuperstitioas 

divination by water 
UidnSmetra, tm. professor of 

Hidrometría, <f. hydrometry 
Hidnimetro, «in. hydrometer 
Hidropesía ^f. dxopty 
Hirlrúpico, ca. m. diseased 

with the dropsy 
Hldr<|>o, tm. hydrosoope 
U.dro»táiica, </'. hydrostatics 
Hidro»tático, ca. a. hydrosta 

Hidrotecnia, <f. the art of 
malcing engbies fbr moving 
and ruung water 
Hiél,«^bUe¡ So tour 
kM, to be simple and 
Hiéio, tm. frost, congelation, 
coolness, astonuhnient , 
Hitlot, ice-cream» 
Hiéltrn, «NI. kind vX measore 
Hiemal, o. byemal 
Hiena, tf. hyen or hyena; 

fi«h in the Indian sea 
Hienda, tj. dung 
xlierácio, tm. hawk-weed 
Hieroglifico, ca. a. hierogly- 
HleroMlimitáno, na. o. na- 
tive or belon(^g to Jera- 

Hierro, tm. iron, brand, an 
tedn inttnunent to wound 

Hierro eolado, cast 
iron ; Tienda it hierro, an 
ironmonger's shop : Hier- 
rwr, irons 

Higa, tf. amulec, ridicule 

H%ado, «wi. liver 

Higáte, «m. kind of pottage 

H%o, km. fig 

Higrometría, tm. hygrometry 

Higrtfmetro, «m. hygrometer 

Higuera, <f. fig-tree 

Higueral, tm. plantation of 

Higuera, tm. large tree in 

H^ d IJar, «m. iBa, the 

Hiiáatro, tra. «. step-child 

Hijézna, «m. the young of any 

HHo, Ja. «. child, young tíf all 
living animals, native of a 
place, a happy man ; S|fo 
ati agua, a good sailor, any 
product of the mind 

Hiluéla. </*. piece of cloth or 
Unen joined to another 
which u too short or nar- 
row, pall, a «mall drain fixr 
drawmg off water ; inven- 

Hila, tj'. row, line, thin gut ; 

act of qiinning, lint scraped 

into a «oft woolly tubstance, 

small trench 
Hiladla. <f. threads ravdled 

out of clodi 
HilachdM», sa. a. filamentous 
Hilada, ^f. row of bricks oi 

stones In a building 
HUadiUo. tm. ferret »ilk| 

narrow riband 
Hilado, «m. spun flax 
Hiladdr, nu *. spinner 
Hilandera, </*. spinster 
Hilandería, tf. place where 

hemp is spun 
Hilandero, tm. spinner 
Hilanza, ^. thread Une 
Hilar, DO. to spin, argue, fbrm 

the pod 
Hilaracha, tf. filament 
Hilaza, 4f. any thing spun or 

drawn out into thread, 

yam ; Hilaxat, filaments of 

¡Wa, «r. 

row of several 

another, hollow part of a 
spindle, iron plate with 
holeit, beam which forms 
the top of the ro4if 
Hilero, tm. Offi of ourrents 
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in the tea. «rewI-etOer 
Hflo, tm. thread, wire; Hitm 
d kUo, drop by drop . MU0 

de «na corriente, dbcctlan 

of a current ; At kilo, di 

Hilván, i 

HUvanár, va. to 

Himeneo, tm. epithalamiuin 
Hlmnísta^ tm. composer of 

Himno, tm. hymn 
Himplar, va. to roar 
Hin, tm. voice or aoaikl 

emitted by mules or horsea 
Hincadura, <f : act of fixing 

any thing 
Hincaiiie, «m. an effbrt made 

with the foot by fixing U 

firmly on the ground 
Hincar, va. to thrust in, plant 
Hincha, tf. hatred 
Hinchado, u. vain, inflated 
Hinchar, imi. to fill a rausicid 

instrument with air, swtdl 5 

vr. to swell, be elated with 

arrogance or anger 
Hbichaxtfn, tm. swelling, oa* 

tentation, vanity 
Hhichir, oo. to fill 
Hincdn, tm. post to which 

cablet are fastened 
Uiniéitro, tm. V. ReUtma 
Hinn(ble,a. capable of ntígh- 

Hi%l, «m. bed or place fnU 

of fennd 
Hinchar, tut. to kneel 
Hindjo, «iti. knee, fennri 
Hlntéro, tm. table on whjch 

bakers knead their dough 
Hipar, tm. to hiccough, be 
harrassed with anxiety and 
grief, pant 
Hipear, tm. to hiccou^ 
Hipérbole, ^f. hyperlxSe 
HiperbdUco, ca. a. hyperbo* 

HiperboUzár, tm. to use hy- 
Hiperbóreo, rea. a. hyper- 
Hiperdulfa. tf. worship of ÚM 

Virgin^ Mary 
Hip^co, «fR. St. John's wort 
Hipericdn,«in. St. JohnS wort 
Hipnál, tm. kind of «erpeat 

s^d to occasion sleep 
Hipo, tm. hiccough, vrish, 

desire, anger, ftary 
Hipocampo, tm, hipfope- 

Hipdfcentáuro m. V Cm- 



árÍMc aíffecsian 


óindxico, ca. «. b^poidian- 
ifipootfndrkM, «m. pl. b7po> 

Bifaetáa. «m. hippocras 

"^ »,^f. hypocriv 

, o. hypocritical; 

a. cafátíl» oT 

Hipog^slvo, «M. faypeffwtrhun 
H.p^Eifó. tm. ripposiUr 
Hip«»btfiioto» MI. MNith-eut 

Mipamánet, Mm. Undofpol- 

■on with tibe ándente 
ffifponia rttyo, mi. wild 

Blpaaaifcifo tf Hipomocliiín* 

SlpoiMStamo, <m. hippopota- 

SipcMtáticOf ca. «. byposta- 

aipodeofr, no. to píete 
Hipotecario» fia. a. bdiMiging 

to a mor^ai^ 
BipoCemiMt ^f. hTpotbentue 
Hlpdtcsi*, <f. hypothenis 
Hipotéücok ca. o. hypotbetic 
Ifíirá a c o , «m. a castrated 

nnnSvtMi. V. „. 
Bfime. o. V. /^rwr 
Hir«(kto, ta. a, hinoi. 
Hirundinário, <f. V. Cdidonia 
Bisca, <f. birdlime 
Hi^cil, tm. a boM rope of 

three strand» 
fDsopeár, m. to tprioUe 

vater about 
Hlaopfllo, «1H. bit of soft Unen 

pot at Üie end of a «tick 

and ned to tmh the mouth 

•fa sick person 
Biatfpo, SIR. hjKop» water- 

Hispaláiae, o. native of or be- 

IcnginK to Sevilla 
Bhpdmoo, ca. a, Spanish 
Hbmnfuno j His|>anidád« : 

Spanish imom 
Hispanizar, ee. V. BtpeOioli- 

Hfqiido, da. a. bristly 
SDqfir, VH. to beat as eggs 


Hktériea. tf. womau treoUed 
with hysterics 

Hi»t4^ico, #m. hysterics 

flistérieo, ca. a. hysteric 

Uiiterottfmia, «m. an anato- 
mical diksectian of the 

Hiatiodromiat tf. art of navi- 
gating by means of sails 

Histdria, </• narrat-on of e- 
vents delivered with dig. 
ni^; tale 

Historiado, o. applied to a 
painting oooaisttng of vari' 
oas Diorts harmonioasly 

Historiador, ra. y Hialotiál, 

«. hntorian 
Historiü. o. historical 
ili»tarMr, va. to historify 
Histdrioo, ca. a. historical 
Hutofi^a, «f. a short novel 
Historidgrafo, «m. historio 

H intoritfn, «m. a tedious long- 

winded story 
Hhtrtánt tm. actor, buübon 
Hi4ridnioo, ca. a. histrionic 
Hisrrioniu, tf. actress 
Hita, tf. a brad 
Hito, U. a. black, fixed 
Hito, «m. landmark, mark at 
which quoits are cast by 
wayofamnteroent. J/ hMo, 
Hiiiico, ca. a. harsh 
Hobachdn, na. a. slothfU 
Ilobédiot, «m. pi. pikemcn 
Hobltfn, am. hops 
Hoblonéra, tf. hop.ground 
Ho<-icáda, tf. fidl npon the 

fiice; a smart reprimand 
Hocicar, ea. to break up the 
ground with tbo snout ; vn. 
to fiUl headlong with the 
face to the ground; slide 
into erron 
Hocico, sm. snout ; any thing 

disproportionably big 
Hocicudo, da. a. knur snoot- 
ed; looking souen by 
thrusting out the lips 
Hocüio, tm. bill, a sort of 
hatchet ; skirt of an emi- 
nence stretching towards a 
HociquiUo, am. a little snoot 
Hogaño, ad. this present year 
Hogar, tm. hearth 
Hogaza, <f. a lam loaf of 

household bread 
H<wuéra, tf. quick blaze 
Hd^ tf. leaf, any thing thin- 
ly beaten; UaMofatwoid; 


each part of wMch 

J .. . , >,_j^ 

.V ■•. .1 ta- 

( :t . - .■ ^in-».J mm^ 

||^ jni..Frit»i port' 

Hi '.,-■. m. Un<rn4]T 

H«■J.^.■'^.^■ir^, -i, Ixmi'-.ua4 
UttjL'i '4rar, \a., t« h-Láka aay 

thitnit lit |Fi4ff pirfv 
Hcj4i4JT#H *j. H uH-i qf paniafev 

Ho>'4 f i */ ,r[f,„íd k«v^ 

Hoj-.-jr, .,, „ .^ra (htlrtv* 
«f a book; tm. to fena 
metal into ihcets 

Hoieoér, va. to leaf 

Ho}; yH<4Ma,da.flk 

If. a small leaf, psT 

foxi skins of olive. 
Holanda. </-. hoHand Unaa 
HolandilU y Holandeta, if. a 

lead-coloured glazed linas 
Holgádaraente, ai, widdy 
Holgado, da. a. di sp ro pu r U oa» 

ably wide 
Holgtfnza, tf. width, breadth, 

repose, amusement 
Holgar, ra. to rest ftata la- 

bouif be glad of, be laid ap 

Holgazán, na. a. idler 
"-■ "- xm. tobe 

Holgazanería, «f. idleneia 
Holgfn, na. a. V. Heckieen 
Holgueta 6 Holgura, <f. cooa- 

tnr.feast ; wldtlk, ease 
Holladura, <f. act of tram. 

pling; duty paid ibr ttie 

run of cattle 
HolUr, M. to tread npon, poll 

Hoimo, tm. peUicle 
HolK, tm. balsam which la 

imparted from New Si«ia 
Hollín, mi. soot 
HoIUniénto, ta. a. sooty 
Holocausto, tm. holocaust 
Homarráche^ tm. boflfbon 
Hombracho, tm. a squat and 

itquare thick man 
Hombrada, rf. V. Herrtrillo 
Htfmbre, tm. a man, subiect, 

husband ; horse, on which 

clothes are brushed; nme 

at cards. Hombrt hrdto, a 

grown man 
Bmibraár, va. to vie with 

,' 171 , 
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another; assume the man 
before the time 
Hombrecillo v Hombrezoélo, 

tm. roanlkin 
Hombrecito, tm. youth 
Hombredád, tf. maacxUine- 

Horobréra,4f. piece of ancient 

armour for the shoulder* 
Hombría de bien, «/; probity 
Hombrillo, «m. gastet 
Hdmbro, tm. snialder 
Hombrdn, tm. a big lusty man 
Hombronáxu, tm. a huge vul> 

gar man 
Hombruno, na. o. manlike; 
relating or tidongiug to the 
Homenáge, tm. homage 
Homicidüá, t. cam. murderer 
Homicidio, tm. murder 
Homicillo, tm. fine for wound- 
ing or killing any one 
Homilía, if. homily 
HoraiUaddr, tm. homUitt 
Horailiário, «m. collection of 

Homilista, tm. author or wri' 

ter of homilies 
Hominicaco, tm. a cowardly 

contemptible fiellow 
Homogeneidad, <f. homoge- 
Homogéneo, nea. a. homoge* 

Honwflogo, ga. a. homologous 
Iloniditima, tf. hymonymy 
Homdnimo, ma. a. equivo- 
Htinda, tf. sling ; parbuckle, 

a rope 
Hondazo, tm. cast or throw 

with a sling 
Hondear, va. to unload a ves- 
Hondero, tm. slinger 
Hondno, tm. V. Honda 

the ,„ 

Hondo, da. a. ¡nrofound, deep 

ilonddn. tm. bottom of a ves- 
sel where dregs of liquor 
settle ; deep hole ; eye of a 

Hondonada, </*. dale 

Hondura, <f. depth 

Honestar, va. to honotiXj ex- 
cuse, palliate 

Benestidtfd, <f. composure, 
honesty, urbanity 

Honesto» ta. a. honest, poref 
"i, just 


H(tago, tm. mushroom, ftm< 

Hongtfso, sa. a. fiingous 

Honor, tm. honour, dignity^ 
reputation; chastity in wo- 
men. Palabra de honor, 
word of honour. Hoitoret, 
priviicttes of rank or birth 

Honorable, a. honourable 

Honorario, ria. a. conferring 
honour; bestowing honour 
without gain 

Honorario, tm. stipend give 
to any one for his labour 

Honoriíicéncia, 4f. the act of 

Honorífico, ca. a. that which 
gives honour 

Hdnra, ^.honour, reputation. 
Honrait funeral honours 

Honradez, tf. honesty 

Honrado, da. a. honest ; ex- 
act in the performance of 

Honraddr, da. «. honourer 

Honramiento, «in. act of ho- 

Honrar, va. to honour, cajole, 
dignify, praise 

Honrilla, ^. a fidse point of 

Honrdso, sa. a. honourable. 
Just, tealous of one's honour 

Honrúdo, da. a. firm in main- 
taining one's honour 

Hontanál, «in. fountain 

Hontanar, tm. place in which 
water rises 

HcSva, 4f. a long cassock with 

Hopalanda, <f. train of a gown 
worn by students 

Hopear, vn. to wag the tail 

Hdpd, tm. tail wi¿b a tuft of 

Hdque, tm. treat given at the 
conclusion itfa bargain 

Hdra, tf. hour ; way made in 
an hour. Hora horada, 
hour passed over. Bn hora 
buena, it is well ; p/. book 
of devotion 

Hora, ad. now, at present 

Horadáble, a. capable of be- 
ing pierced 

Horadaddn, 4f. act of boring 

Horadado, «m. silkworm's poa 
bored through 

Horadar, va. to bore or pierce 
from side to side 

Horado, tm. hole bored from 
side to side; cavern 

Horámbre, tm. hole in the 


Horario, ria. a. horary 

Hdrca, ^f. a. gallows , sort of 
yoke put on the ne<A o* 
dogt or hogs ; rope of oni- 

Horcado, da. a. forked into 
ditferent branches 

Horcadura, 4/1 fork of a tr^m 

Horcajadas, (A') d á horc^a- 
dilias, ad. astiide on hone- 

Horcajadúra, jrf. fork fa<ri u e «l 
by the two thij^s 

Horc^, «IN. yoke put on the 
neck of mules 

HoKcánte, tm. hame 

Horcate, tm. a yoke or ooUar 
of a liorse 

Horchiu, <f. a refireshins 
drink made of the seeda m 
melons or pumpUna 

Htfrco, tm. rope of onlooa 

Hdrda, <f. horde, dan 

Hordiate, tm. beverageof bar- 

Horfondád, ^f. orfdaanan 

Horizontal, a. horixontal 

Horizonte, tm. bsrixon 

Hdrma, 4/*. mould, model 

Ilorméro, tm. last-maker 

Hormiga, <f. disease of the 
slün i ant, emmet 

Horm%o, «m. asart of ragout, 
coarse parts of floor 

Homdgrfn, tm. a fine sort of 

Hormigoso, sa. a. rdating to 

Hormignearaiénto y Hormi- 
gueo, «IN. act of itdifng' or 
moving like ants 

Hormiguear, vn. to itch, rma 
about like ants 

Hormieuéro, «wt. ant-hill ; a. 
relating to the itch 

HormiguUlár, va. to mix 
grains of silver witfi aalt 

Hormi^iUo, tm. distenner 

which affects the I 
bmrses ; file of soMien who 
pass from hand to hand the 
materials for a work to be 
raised; mixture of salts 

Hormilla, «T. bit of wood, 
bone, or ivory, of which 
buttons are formed 

Homacéro, im. i>ecB0o who 
watches crucibles with sli- 
ver and gold in the fur- 

HcR-ná:ho.««n. shaftofamlnct 
furnace m whjch matal Is 
; me>tad for ranUny it at a a t 
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HtnadiaéU, «f* hole 

m a wall 
HoraádA, <r. a batch 

^omMl in search of fit- 

Homa^uára, ^f. pit-coal 
Homalnéro, a. wiile^ coally 
Bomáza, «^. a small fumaca; 

a vellow glass 
Borñázo, sm. cake made up 

with a batter of t^gt and 

Hornear, v«i. to carry on the 

trade of a baker 
Horacrfa, </'. trade of a baker 
Hornero, ra. <. iMiker 
UomQa, ^f. bmshwood bamt 
in an oven to heat it finr 
bakin bread 
Homijéro, am. perMO who 
saiwlies the oven with foel 
HoniflU, <f. stew hole; pi- 

Hornillo, tm. a small stove 
Homo, «m. oven, limekiln ; 
caTxty in whifch be» lodge 
Horomctrf a, ^f. horomctry 
Hordwxvpo, «m. horotcoye 
Horquilla, ^f. forked ttick; 
disease which caotet the 
bair of the head to q>lit. 
HtrrquiikUt crotches 
Horréiidamcnte, ad. dread- 

BoarrMdo, da. a. ^Mt, enor- 
mous, extraordinary 
Hdrreo, am. a kind of granary 

bailt upon pilasters 
Horréro, tm. store- keeper 
HorrihUidád, <f. horribleneu 
Horrible, a. horrid 
Hdnldo y HorIüoo, ca. a. 

Horripiladtfn, <f. horripila- 
Honipilatif e, va. a. causing 
the hair to stand on end 
with fear 
Hdrro, a. enftanchited, free 
Horrdr, «m. horror 

Horrara, if. 

drcarinoB of a thicket; 
Hortál, tm. kitchen garden 
Hortaliu, <r. garden stuff 
Hortattfno, rla. a. V. Rxhar- 

Hortetauícár, ra. to cultivate 

an orchanl 
HotieUno, na. «. gardener 
llort«iie,a. bortcnslal 

-, vo. to terrify 
, (a. o. very ugly 
if. Koria, dross; 


Hiirl^, (1'- a w'oJtfn bowl 
HiJs^-Q^ ca. a, d^rk brown, 

düicnt Imasttul 
HateáMi, m. n. i:|i*|i 
H^uprdiilihr, a- bii^iílliible 
H-KL«d4dcH 4lii. .1. npiUed to 

a nntbe rcc« rn^^ _■ n etU 
Htr^Hdadisirt fa. r. ..i.e who 

k LTM^Lj en [Frmb^ < f. \ .»ts 
HibhttediiT, íTTt. ¿--.11 lecep- 

ijon DT irae^toj .ui i in 
H rj*i*íLíailL4iLi], pm. reoep- 

t"pn ¡if giH?>t«i 
HuK^wüj^. r4^ (« nKTi^ <re and 

«nltrtsIrL kETJJk|fcr« and 

trawlUrr^i in. i« complete 

tiir <oUi!|>ii L;ritir>n 
HcwimUniA, if- 9 tipoie kept 

HE>l]ie<lAü, m. twxe: who 

kiruli^ rccntri^ t:^^!^*^ end 
jjrani^ti [ nLK|rlLi.llar 
Hm^t^ubie, na. t, \»xfi per- 
»t«L wbu \l.m^ til a tt^use of 


Hmjntil, d- hv.|i1tjibl« 
Hé>4]plCál^ «m. tMi.yi[¿l 

H£n.|»Ualdr1ij, na- j. applied 
Hi Llie jfli,[^irnk* 1 x.rimnnl- 
tiff whiL-h tw.'v r.i' iiitals 
Hlt.[ií LJiJt^ifj, t^ 1. fci'Tnon en- 
iruhlcd wllh tlKf tore of an 
Hos)*lilAlJiUd, v*' liEHi'ktality 
Hl>«|ü11K iIji,. «< darkish 
H^F^eali^rtr, tut. \nn gr lavem- 

Hii4,te, «in . ■niiTik^r Ji4rtt, army 
H ih[riq(j5t', tiFi, V'. V-i^n 
H f isuirrJi i^/L liiti , TQ'i^L'fn 

Hn-lbA, if. »^irTiin|, homt 
Hú^lLárJu, iiTT- trt^x in which 

thii brmd E* ti-[it to be 

HtKtitm, «w?. |«-rnm who 

prT|mr#s tIüí hfr4 
Hi:>miwi llanto, ira. dnastiae- 

rilt-n I 

HuiliplFH Iff. to c^jj^iitf, vex, 

HtHri((;dv ÍTFI. ii.Trt of a 
udil wtiivU Jpwth iDwaxds 
iFu; ubktcJi : t3ikf injurious 
iLm^SLcig df vBl<]r di^^st a 

Huslfl, «► tm^tile 
HMMLiiUd, 4f: liwlitbty 

HcNtlllfiir, HI», fo commit 

Hujr, ffu. ii>-ufi7, ttie (iresent 
time. Hiy ¡>or koV. this 
very day 

Vnr cloaning 
; socket *á 


Hdya, tf: hole; excavatMO 
for nreparing charroal t a 
kind of broom for c" 
a «hip's I 
the eye 

Hoyada, ^. the lowertpart 

Hoyánco, tm. great cavity 

Hc^o, sm. hole. V. Sejultu- 
ra ; inequality of a bUper- 

HoydiM, ta. a. pitted 

Hoyuelo, tm. dimple in the 
chin or rheek 

Hoz, <f. sickle, a defile 

Hozad^o, tm. place where 
hajpi turn up the KrottW* 

Hozadúra, ^f. grubbing 

Hozar, va. to grub 

Hu, ad. V. DoHdt 

Hurár, tm. hooker, a veaiel 

Hucha, tf. a Ux^ chest in 
which labounng peofile 
keep their clothes, moiie>, 
and other valuable article:» ; 

Huchear, ra. to hoot 

Huchdho, tm. word used to 
call birds 

Huebra, tf. extent of ground 
which a yoke of oxen can 
plough every diiy ; pair a< 
mules with a bc^ hired or 
let out for a day's work 

Huebr^ro, tm. a boy who at- 
tends a pair of mules la- 
bouring by the day 

Hueca, «r. notch at the email 
end of a spindle 

Hueco, ca. a. hollow, empty, 
tumid, soft 

Hueco, tm. notch of a wheel, 
interval, any vacant space 
in a building; All, the 
place between the shafts of 

■ a carriage 

Hu«fiigo 6 Hnfrftgo, tm. 
difficulty of breathing in 
bensu and birds 

Huelga, tf. rest, recreation 

Huelgo, «in. breath. T»mar 
ktulgo, to breathe, res]iire 

Huella, tf. track, footstep: 
act and eff^t of treading ; 
Impression of a thing on 

Huello, tm. ground, step; 
lower part of an animal's 

Huérfiino, na. t. oTi»h«n 

Huérfano, tm. V. Or/ga/w 

Huero, ra. a. enii»t>, Ian- 


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If oArte, «m. orchard or frolt- 

Huéiía, 4f. grave 
Hnetarrtfn» «m. large gra«« 
Hueso, tm. bone, sttme In 
fruit ; the van of a Ifane- 
•tone wbicA rcmainrf un- 
burnt : Ubour. Huuot, 
HncMiio, «a. a. honj 
Huéfcped, da. «. guest, host, 

inn- keeper, «tranger 
Huátte, 4,. ho»t, an armjr 
Huesudo, da. a. bonv 
Hueva. 4/ i>pavm of físhes 
Huevar, vm. to lav cgra 
Huevera, «f. ovarium orbirds, 

Huevero, ra. t. dealer in eggs 
Huevo, sm. tgft kpawn ; hol- 
low piece of wood used by 
shoemakers tat shaidng 

Hogondte, ta. «. Hugonot 

Huuia, </. flight; hole made 
to put in or dratr out any 
thhig with fiK:iiity 

Huidéro, «m. labourer in 
quicksilver mines 

Hnidfao. xa. u. fugithw 

Huir, til. to «jt slip away, 
shun ; vr. to run away 

U61e, sm. oil-doth, oU-skin ¡ 

MüUa, aK pit-coal 

Humada, <>. V. AMamaáa 

Humanar, vr. to become hu- 
mane, be humbled 

Humaiiiditd, if. humanity, 
corpulence; propensity for 
carnal pleasures; human 
weakness, bcnevolcnoe 

Humanista, «m. humanist* 
phiUHoger, grammarian 

Humano» na. a. human, hu- 

Homtfédat tf: a great deal 

ft smoke, o o nft i J bo 
Hnniáiga, if. haarth-mcney 
Huniázo, «m. smoke 
Humar, VM. to smoke, in- 

up HurafUa» <f. ttubbomneH 

Htimcctinto, fo. tnntitfning Hurifie, Aa.a. shy, dlsdainftil 


Humccttfr, va. 
Humectativo, va. a. causing 

Humedad, if. humidity 
Hum«KUI, «m. humid soil 
Humedecer, va. to moisten 
Húmedo, da ; y Húmido, da. 

a. moist 
Humero, «m. tunnd, funnel 
Humildid, ^. humiUty, 

Humilde, «. humble, low, 

not tall. Ignobly bom 
Humillacidn, if. self-con- 
Humilladero, «m. oratory 
Humilladdr, ra. «. humibalor 
Humillar, ta. to humble ; vr. 

to become humble 
Humillo, sm. disease of suck- 
ing pigs 
Humo, «IN. smoke, vapour, 

thin black silk stuft'^ pi. 

fiimlileh or houses in a town 

or village 
Humdr, «tn. humonr, cfTect ;, 

general turn of mind ;.good 

nature, jocularity 
Humorada, if. 


Humor<do, da. a. full of hu- 

moun, ; well or ill-disposed 
Humoral, a humoral 
Humoroiidád, if. oopiouoiess 

of humourh 
Humon)so, sa. a. humorous 
Humüso, sa. a. smoky 
Hundible, a. (udble 
Hundimiento, am. submet' 

Hundfr, ra. to submerge^ 

crush, refute, ruin ; vr. to 

Hura, if. furuncle: a wild 

boar's head 
Huracán, am. hnrricano 
Hurtfco, am. hole 
Huráfiamente» ad. wildly, 

Hurafieria, if. diyness, dis- 

ff. graoefbl 
; a wmy say- 


Honir, tNi. to stir, sHr up 

Hurgdn, am. poker, thrust in 

Hw^foíü&a, if. V. Batocada 

Hurgonazo, am. a violent- 

Hurgonear, ro. to stir the fire 
with a poker, make at- 
thrust in tendrg 

Hurgoi ero, am. poker 

Uurdn, na. «. ferret ; one who 
pries into other's secreU 

Huronear, va. to ferret, hunt 
another in hu pi i vacies 

Huronéro, i), fenret-hole ; 
lurking place where a per- 
son conceal» himself 

Huronéro, am. ferret>kecpcr 

Hurraca, </. magpie 

HrartAile, a. c^Mible of beliif 

Hurtadillas (AO y < Hurta- 
das, ad. hjf stealth 

HartadhitfnM, am. (Ar.) V. 

Hurtador, r». «. robber, thief 

Hurtar, va. to steal, cheat In 
weight «r measure, sepa- 
rate, commit plagiat7 ; vr. 
to abscond 

Hturtartfpa, if. boy's play 

Hurto, am., theft, roblteiy; 
the thing stolce 

Husada, if. a spindlefuU «T 
thread or worsted 

Husáno, «nt. a large ^indlt 

Huaár, «1.8 hussar 

Hnsilléro, am. one who at* 
tends the qpindlc in oQ* 

Husillo, «at. «india. Butll- 
ha, wains 

HnsiU, M|. a fUlowar of Jote 
Hum • 

Husmeaddr, ra, «. scentcr 

Husmetfr, tw. to scent, gMH^ 
suspect ; vm. to stink 

Husmo, am. smell of meat 
whic4> b somewhat tainted 

Huso, am. a spindle 

Husdn, aftu a sturgeon 

Huta, if. a hut 

Hutia, am. Indian rat 




IbMee. Iberio, Ibéio, a. a. I Icdco, «nt. kind of small plum i phical 

native of Iberia I Icneumón, am. ichneumon Icnologia, if. Iconbiogy 

I'bice, MR. an ibes | Icnograf ia, v* ichnoaaphy I IoonocUstayIcaQdmaco,Ml• 

"^' '•-'-'--' I IcMgniaoo^ ou 0. Idnogra- 1 IcoaeclMt 

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r<9«r 7 Iconade, <. a gleeC 
leonino, u. a- ichoiotu 
Ictericia, «f.jaundii 
^ £; Ici 

Ictérico, ca. 


c ictcTical 
JcOiXAgo, gs. a. fish eating 
letkrfó^U, •/. ichthyology 
J'da, 4/: departure; act of 

driving a Dall oat of the 

truck - table. I'doM, tn- 

queat viMts 
r<fe, MM. kind of carp 
Ides, 4f. idea, thread of a dis- 

co(ine,de¿gn, geniu* 
IdeA, a. ideal, mental 

diACtMB a mbjcct on futile 

IdAuico. ea. «. identia 
Identidad, ^. ¡dcntity 
Identífieár, ro. to idcotify 
Ididma, «m. idiom 
Idiopatia. «/• idiopatíqr 

Idiotéa, <r. UUotitm 

Udlatn, «M. idolater 
ldolatrár,«a. t» tronhip Idab» 

Xdolatrfa, ^. idolatij 
IdAlAtrioo, ea. a. idoiatioas 
IdaUllo, O0t to. ««. darUac 
Idolfemo» «M. idolatiy 
I'dolo, Ml. idol 
Idoneidad, <f. aptítnde 
UAieo^nea. a. idoncena 
IVm, «hi. Idea 
IllMa, «f. dmzch, body of 
CfarÚaiu adhcrtagta «osie 
pBTtiknlar fiírm oTvonhip, 
tampte, ea riw iM H ra f « me i 
fll^of inpanity eiijagfcd 

loara, rs. a. ign or an t 
iBoávia, 4f. Idleneu 
Ignflm, ra. «. ignifim»» 
Igiteola, <f. fire-wcydiippa' 

ZmOat 4f*a9C«mcm, lercL 



Ignalacina, tf ai^tulizatlan. { 

Ignaiádo, da. fp. cquaiLd | 
Igualadiir, ra. «. equalu«r, 

barrowvr ; 

.'ptal^miérito, #w. equzJI/-nc { 
Igualar, va.U>e»\UA'ííj-. jt..l<«r . 

«fithoot any («artiJ-iy, •♦■- ! 

»ri ; PT. to pl*i e ^i.t . tell j 

H|Kin » lere! u iih oli».T\ 
Igualdid, V*. t^ua*.'> 
Igudiu, if. * kind 'jf liza'd | 
Iguaria», <f.)<^ viand- tlrer«ü 

and KTved up ' 

Ijada, ^f. fljuik. «he fW>.hy 

part of the ^iue of a pig , 

pairt in the tide 

\\aoiiix, vn. to pant 

"^- ^ai. flanfc of an 


bnairinárlo t\m. a. t<nafV*arv, 


IUp«o, «m. a gradual centle 

EÜI ; fwaveiuy influence 
Ilécebra, #r. alhircmcnt 
Ilegil, a. illegal 
Ilegalid<d,«/. illegality 
Ilegible, «.ill^pble 
"-^'Inuir, «a. to deptfre of 

<f. illegitimacy 
U^ttimo, mm. a. illegal, lib»- 

Ilaio.M. «. Bahnrt 

Ilícito, ta. a. flUdt 
Uiroit^klo, da. a. unlimited 
lUqnklo. da. a. onliqai ' 
IlitAdto, a. illiterate 
Ihidfr, ea. V. Burlar 
Ihnninacidn, 4(f Jntive l^ita, 
hung oat as a token orjoy 
Iluminaddr, «m. ilhuninator 

enlighten inteOectnaUy, co- 

4f. UhMioa, Mrt of 

live^ irony 
IIusiTO, va. a. ddosiTe 
Ihiao, sa. a. deUided 
Iia«irk>, ria. a. delntdre 
Ilnatrackin, tf. ilhutratíon, 

rereJatioti, exp la nation 
Ihutraddr, ra. . ilhutratar 
Diutrtfr, va. to Ulostratc 
IMatte,a. ülnstrioiu 
Imagen, <f. image 
ImagináUe, a. imaginable 
lauudnaddiMf. imagination, 

Ifi.a,? • ..»*,<,'. 
Iinagui aJ«o, «a. 


I Ti^nctfa, <f. ioiag«^ 
\' An, tm. loadaUrrt, ^herm 
liiti-'4r, M. to too h rLe 

;i ajirCT*. to» .p»^ - iwodlc 

with a loAcKt/^n^ 
Imbtr^to, t&. a. uiifcj^unale 
I'fi ^i\ ^ weak.i^t >> 
IroU'iiMUd, tf. imi*^ iltkf 
Imitéis, a leeble, weak 
ir'>t tiUMÍn, </. imhií>ttioa 
imUíérTK^ «m. wir Trr 
IcbtK^rnil, ««I. «cupper- hola 
Imbtk^du, da. a. a|ipltad ta 

»h«llit rhat arc wa««| 
Imbofr. CO. to imUie 
Imitable, a. unttsbte 
Imitaddr, ra. : imitatar 
Im tár, na. to unit«>e 
Imitatdrie, ria. a. imitvtiy 
Impaciencia, tf. injpaiicnoe, 

refa ero ence of tcniper 
Impadentir, na. to vex ; ar. 

to become in»patient 
Iropaci^tc, a. im p « t knt 
Irr.pácto, ta. a. it^pa<.^l!d 
Impalpable, a. imuali/able 
Impar, o. nnequai, unevan 
Imuardál, «. impartial, widi. 

drawn from all MM^ety 
Imparciabdid. tf.\ ^ 

ImpartAla, a. indlTiriMa 
Impartir, na. te raqonw i 

rkttanre, grant, impart 
ImpanbilkUd, «T* bnpaMÜ 

Impaiflile,a. Im paa ü Me 
Impavidez, tf. intrepidity 

Impecabilidad, tf, 

Impedido, da. a. inot^Meaf 

making nee ttaatf* liaU» 

Impedida, rm. «. aboructar 

Inipedir, aa* to Impeda 
Inmeditivo, va. a. Impeding 
Impdér, aa. to <ii»el, iacfi» 


Impenetencia,*/.!"»!* " .* ^" * * 

Impenitente, a. f — — 

Imperar, vr * 


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Imperccptfbic, o. 

Imperdible, o. Imperdible 
Imperfecto, U. «. imperfect 
Imperial, «m. roof of acoocb ; 

Imperial, a. imperial 
Impericia, <f. unskilfolness 
Imperio, $m. empire ; digni^ 

« an emperor; kind of 

Imperioso, sa. a. imperiotu, 

poverfiil, orerbeariny 
Imperito, ta. a. unlearned 
Impermeable, a. impermea- 

Impermutable, m. immutable 
lmpenciutáble,a. inscrutal>le 
Impenortál, a. impersonal, 

mode at qieaking imijer- 

Impersuasible, a. impersua- 

Iiupci léi ritOf ta» a» intrepid 
Impertinencia, if. impoti- 

nence, peevishness, tron- 

Impertinente, a. impertinent, 

peev-iith, firetftü 
Imperturbable, a imperturb- 

Impérrio, via. a. impervious 
I'mpetTa,<r. diploma 
Iropetraririn, <f. impetration 
Impetrador, ra. «. one wlio 

obtains by entreaty 
Impetrar, va. to obtain bv 

I'mpetu y I'mpeto, «m. ímpe- 
tu», impetuoidty 
Impetuosidad, ^. impetuosity 
Impututfso, sa. a. impetuous 
impiedad, <f. impiety, trick* 

ednes», crudty 
Impfgero, ra. a. active 
Impío, pia. a. impious 

Implacable, a, implacable 
Implaticable, a. impractica> 

ble, intractable 
Implicación é Implicancia, 

^. implication 
Implicar, ra. to oppose ; va. 

to implicate, involve 
Implícito, ta. c implicit 
Imploración, <f. entreaty 
Implorar, t«. to implnne 
Implúme, a. unfeatbered 
Impolítico, ca. a. impolitic 
impoluto, ta. a. unpolluted 


Impoodertfble» «. InesptMii- 

Imponeddr, «m. he who im- 

Imponer, va to impoae, 
charge Caiidy, advise ob* 
trude fallacious l y 

Importable, a. unsupportable 

Importancia, ^f. Importance, 
respectable character 

Importante, a. important 

Importar, v. hup. to be im- 
portant, import, amount to 

Impdrte, sm. import, value 

Importunacidn, tf. importu- 

Importunado, da. a. impor- 

Importunar, «o. to impor- 
tune, vex, nu>lest 

Importunidad, <f. importu- 

ImpcHtúno, na. a. importu- 
nate, importune 

Impmibilidid. </*. impossibi- 
lity, that which cannot be 

ImpoúbiUtár, va. to disable 

Impoüíble, a. impossible 

Imposiadn, <f. imposition, 
injunction a( any thing as 
a law or duty, charge im- 

Impostdr, ra. «. Impostor 

Impostura, ^ a fake impu- 
tation, impociture 

Impotencia, *f. Impotence 

Impotente, a. impotent, with- 
out power of propagation 

Impracticable, a. impractica- 
ble, impassable 

Imprecar, va. to Imprecate 

Imprecatorio, rla. a. impre- 

Impregnarse, or. to be im- 

Improntiu 4f. art of print- 
ing, prmting-offioe 

Imprescindible, a. Insepars- 

Imprescriptible a. that can- 
not be prescribed 
Impresidn, if. '~ 

image fixed oo 

Impresionar, va. to imprint 
ImpréM), *m. pamphlet 
Impnsdr, tm. printer 
Impresora, if. wifr of a 

ImprestAble,- a. that cannot 

be lent 
Imprevisto!, ta. a, unforeseen 

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Imprimaddn, if. pcimiiig 
Imprlmadéra, if. hnuH> 

Imprimador, am. one who 
lays the first colours on • 
piece at linen or board to 
be painted 
Imprimar, «a. to prime 
Imprimir, va. to Impress, Ira* 
inrint, put a work to preu 
Improbable, a. improbable 
Improbar, oo. to disi^pprove 
I'mprobo, ba. a. corrupt ; U* 

borious, yet useless 
Improperar, va. to upbraid 
Impn^rio, «m. contemptu- 
ous reproach 
Impropiar, va. to distort the 
true sense of a law or word 
Impropiedad, if. impropriety 


Imprdpio, pia. a. improper 
Improparcufn, if. dispropor- 
Improporcionado, da. a. dis- 
Impropriir, vn. to inpro- 

Impropriedád,<f. Impropriety 
Improprio, ria. a. improper 
ImprorogáMe, a. that which 

cannot be prorogued 
Impróspero, ra. a. unlbrtn- 

Improvidencia, if. improvi- 

ninrdvido, da. a. improvi- 
Improviso, sa; d Improvisto, 

ta. a. unexpected 
Imprudencia, if. imprudence 
Imprudente, a. imprudent 
Impudicicia, if. unchasti^ 
Impúdico, ca. a. tudiastc, 

lewd, impudent 
Impuesto, am. tax; p. lm< 

Impugnable, a. that whidi 

may be impugned 
Impugnaci<foi, ^. oppositioa 
Impugnador, ra. a. one who 

refutes or contradicts 
Impugnar, va. to impugn 
Impugnativo, va. o. impugn- 
Impulsar, va. to Impel 
ImpuUdn, if. Impuulaii 
Impulsivo, va. a. impaldvc 
ImptUso, am. impolw 
Impulsdr, ra.'<. impeller 
Impune, a. exempt Dram pu- 
Impunemente, ad. v'Jbim. 

Impunidad, if. Impci»»? 



tmtmddádf «f.lmpuzity 
íaqféxo, n. o. impar*, ft 
lapaufUe, a. imputable 
IfwHbllld<<l,<f. ImpuMb 

loipatár, vs. to im|iiite 
iMcabtfble, o. iBtenninaUe 
fitaccwWUdád, <f. the itste 
or qMli^ of being inac* 

laaccetfble, «. inacccaibie 
Inacceso, n. a. inacoestible 
Inacci<>n. </*. InMrtkm 
InadapcáU^ o. not capaUe 

cf adoption 
Ii^lf^iiiiilo, da a fg^iiwatf 
Inadraitfl>le, o. InadminiUe 
Inadvertencia, <f. inadvcrt> 

Inadvertido, da. a. inadvert- 
ent, anaeen 
laafcctádo, da. o. natural 
InagcnáUe, a. inalimahle 
Ina¿oUbIe, o. inexhauMibie, 

iDMuantálil*, o. imopport- 

Inalteréblet o. ttiat can» 

Inalte r a bil i d a d, «f. inuaota- 

laaltcrtfdok da. a. nnehangad 
Inamisible, a. inamisalbl* 
Intfne, o. emp^, void 
Inanicidn, ^f. inanitioo 
Inanimado, da. a. inani m a t e 
InuMaAle, a. >»»*vt*'^gf***^ ' 

Inaprthlf, a. that cannot be 

,a. without amieal 
a, <f. want flc ^p-' 

> a. having no ^[>. 


TnranJfcy a. iÑLSSable, 
not et hamHW* by ItSmu 

nt onMaTmiallñcatlwM 

rithoat p r op er tj 
a. unfit Mr mar- 

IncatdU c e» ca. o. imcathaUc 

Inciato, ta. a. incautioos 
Incendiar, «a. to kindle 
Inceodürioy ila. «. Inoendiavy 

Iricemacidn, <f. the act ef 

perfbming with inooMe 
Incensar, tMk to perftuae; 

Incemário, «<»aor7 
Inoen»urábic^ a. rniblaiñaMe 
Incentivo, mi. inooktivc, in- 


«m. pl. iiMlMn 
ría. a. ÍOCÍMW7 

Incitador, rm. «. insdgator 
Indtaménted Incitamtfnte, 

Incitar, «a. to incita 
Incitativa, v«. a. incantlv* 
Incivil, a. unciTil 
IncivilídldL 4f. indvilitj 
Incicm«nctat </*. turtbM 

i nclem en c y of the waaH.. 
Inclemente, a. inele ra ent 
Inciinaekfn, ^f, indlnatiea» 

love, tendency 
Inclinad*, ra. «. ont who 

Inctin<nta,a. incUnalary 
Inclinar, vm. to IncUne» tura 

the desire towards 

vr. to be bvoursWj dis- 
posad to) bowi hav* a 
particular reason to IblW 

I, a. inapplicaU* 
n,if. indolnoe 

ijda. a.tnartico- 

Inangnrál, a. inangural 
Inangurdr, oa. to divine by 

Om flight ofUrdst inaaga- 


Inoqici<in, ^f, V. Principio 
Inoeptótf tm. bcgbmcr 
Incertidúinbre, if. incerti- 
Incesable é Incesante, o. in* 

Incestar, va. to commit incest 

Incesto, mn, incest 

Incestudso, sa. a. incestuous 

Incidencia, ^f. incidence; the 
direction with which one 
body strikes upmi another 

Incidente é Incidental, a. 
incident, casual 

Incidente, «m. 
something hiqppening 
aides the main design 

Incidir, ea. to happen 

liar reverence paid to a 
person; Indtnao hembra, 
Impuxe frankincense 
Incierto, ta. a. unceftain» un- 
stable, unknown 
Incindéntc» a. cutting 
Incinerar, va. to bum to 

Incipiente, a. „ 
ladrcuncftoy aaT a. wscir. 

Indrcunacripto, ta.a.ancir. 

Indsidn, ^f. hicialon 
Indatro, va. a. inciMve 


sa.a.aiti V. Cortada 

if o, va. a. Inclinat««7 

Tncllto, ta. a. ISunoos 
Indidr, «a. to inrlnde, aHow 
one a share in a lmsine»s 
Inclusa^/*, fbundling-bospital 
Inclusero^ ra. s. y a. liiuod 

Inoluskin, tf". indoskA, easy 

IncluMtvot va. a. inclusive 
Incluso, sa. a. inclosed 
Incluyente, pa. indadiqg 
Incoado, da. a. btgua 
Incoar, 08. to contmencc 
Incoativo, va. o. Inctniative 
Incobrtfhle, o. irxecovcrahla 
Inoignito, ta. a. unknowJt 
Incognoscible, a. üpporcepti* 

Incoherencia, 4f. Inooberenoe 
Incoherente» a. incoherent 
rncola, tm. bthabitant 
Inoolomiddd, if, incehimity 
Incombttstfl>l*, a. incombus- 
Incombústo, ta. a. unbumt 
Incomerciable, a. contra 
band i intractable, hanJi 
•a, to incom. 

Incomodidad, «f. incoromo- 

Inotfniodo, da. a. incomroo. 

IncomuaráUa, a. not te be 

acquired, incomparable 
Inoompartfdo, da. «• V. /a* 

IumU^PmSu^* «• IndlvisiW* 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 


InedmpMtblee Inoompaafvo, 

Ta. a. incompassionate 
IncompatibUUUdf ^f. incom- 

Inoompatible, a. incompattble 
Incompetencia* «/V incompe- 
Incompetente^, incompetent 
Incompleto, ta* a. incomplete 
IncomplézAf x&. a. incomplex 
Jncompimible, a. incom- 

Incomportable, a. intolerable | 
Incomuosibilidád, <f. incom- i 
poiisibility i 

Incomposible, a. incompossi- 1 
ble , ! 

Incomposición, <f. want of' 

Ineomprehenüíblet a. inoom- 1 
prebenüible I 

In«omprerafl>le,^ a. incom- 
Incompuesto, ta. a. simple | 
.Incomnniciblei a. incommn- ! 

Inoonceptible, a. inconcepti- 
ble • 

Inconcamiénte, a. improper ; 
Inconcino, na. a. disordered 
Incoacásamente^ad. certainly | 
Inconcuso, sa. a. incontro- 

Inoonducénte,a. incongruous 
Inconexión, if. want of con- 
Inconéxfi, xk. a. unconnected 
Inconfeso, sa. a. unconfeMed 
Inconñdéncia». 4f. distrust, 

Incongruencia, if. incongm- 

ence " 
Incongruente, o. inconaruoiu 
Caofoigruo, grúa. a. incon- 
lacunmensuráble, a. inconk» 

.-foeonquistibte» a. unconquer- 

InconseqOéncia, <f. income-, 

Incon.seqtténte» o. iooonse- 

Inoonsiderádoy da. a. incon- 

Incondguiénte, a. inconse- 

Incoa.'iUténcia, tf. inconsis- 

Inconsolable, a. incon!u>UbIe 

Inconstancia, «f. inconstancy 

Inconstante, a. inconstant 


IncoDstrufble, a. whimsicid, 

fickle, obscure 
Inconsulto, ta. a. unadvised 
Inconsútil, •• seamless 
Incontable, o. innumerable 
Incontaminado, da. a. unde- 

Incontestable, a. incontesta- 
ble, fehe 
Incontinencia, sf. inconti- 
Incontinente, o. incontinent 
Incontinente ó Incontinenti, 

ad. instantly 
Incontrastable, o. insur- 
Incontrovertible, a. incontro- 
Inconvencible^ a. inconvinci- 

Inconveniencia, 4f. inconve- 
Inconvenient^ o. inconve- 
Inconveniente, tm. difHculty 
Inconver^ábie, a. unsociable 
Inconvertible/!, inccmvertible 
Incordio, tm^ bubo 
IncerjHMTáble, a. that cannot 

be uicorporated 
Incorporal, a. incorporeal 
Incorporar, mi. to incorpo- 
rate ; vr. be incorporated ; 
sail in company 
Incorpóreo, rea.a. hicori>oreal 
lncorrección,4f. incorrectness 
Incorregibllidád» 4/: iocor- 

Incorregible, a.. incorrigible 
Incorrupción, ^f. incocrop- 

tion, incorruptness 
IncomiptibiUdád, tf: incor- 
Incorrupto, ta. a. moorrupt, 

pnre of manners 
Inciasár, va. to inspissate 
Increiído, da. a. uncreated 
IncreduHdád, Jif. incredulity 
Incrédulo, la. a, incredulous 
Increíble, a. incredible 
Incremento, tm. increment 
Increpación, 4f. increpation 
Increpadór, ra. «. chid«c 
Increpar, va. to incrépate 
Incruento, ta. o. unstained 

with blood 
Incrustar, va. to incnut 
I'ncubo, tm. the night-mare 
Inculcar, va. to Inculcate; 
lock up types; tT. to be 


Inculpable, «. inculpable 
Inculpado, da. a. fiiiilflma 
Inculpar, va. to accuse 
Incultamente, ad. mdely 
Incultivable, a. incitable «f 

Inculto, ta. a. incnlt, un- 

Incultura, if: want ofcxütvare 
Incumbencia, <f. duty in». 

posed upon a person 
Incumbir, tm. to be incozn- 

bent upon any one 
Incurable, a, incurable 
Incuria, if. negligence 
Incurioso, sa. a. negligent 
Incurrir, vn. to incur 
Incursión, if. incur&ioa 
Incúrso, tm. attack 
InciHár, va. to accuse 
Indáble, a. that caniuu be 

given or granted 
Indagación, <f. inddgatloa 
Indagador, ráD. investigator 
Indagar, va. to aean^ 
Indebido, da. a. andne ' 
Indecencia, if. indecencj 
Indecente, a. indecent 
Indecible, a. inexpressible 
Indecisión, if. irresolution 
Indeciso, aa. a. irresolute 
Indeclinable, a. incapable of; 

a decline 
Indecoro, tm. indecorum 
Indecoroso, sa. a. indecoroos 
Indefectible, a. indefectible 
Indefensable, a Indefensible 
Indefenjio, sa. a. defenceleas 
Indeñciénte, a. indefecUble 
Indefinible, a. indefinable 
Indefinido, da. a. indefinite, 
not determined, large be- 
yond the comprebenkioa qS 
Indefinito, ta. á. indefinite 
Indeleble, a. htdellble 
Indeliberación, « . indctar- 

mination, inadvertency 
Indeliberado, da. a. indali- 

Indemne, a. undamaged 
Indemnidad, if. indemnity 
Indemnizar, va. to inderanHy 
Independencia, if. indqjao- 

Independénte á Independi- 
ente, a. independent 
Indescribible, a. indefcribablfe 
Indeidgnáble, a. that wbjk^ 

cannot be designed 
Indestructibli^ a. indestruc- 
Indeterminable, «. indetermi- 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 



nido, da. «. inde- 

MnniAAte, resMnte, po- 

fOIanimotts, Indetinite 
lodnocitfn, </*. Indevotíon 
lidwoco, tM. a, indevoot 
I'adn. «. indes 
ladiána, 4f. Chinto 
laUñzár, va, to ^lenk like 

ladUno, sm. one who has le- 

Mdcd in India, nabob 
Indicacidn» ^. indication 
Indicante» «m. sjmpton 
Indicar, va. to indicate 
IwUcatlvo» va. a. indicative 
Indioodn, ^. indiction : in- 

dicnoMJl4i«MJWtRoinaa in- 

I^idioe, «. mark, sign ; hand 

or a watch; index; fon- 

ladiraido, da. «. sotpidoiu 
Indidaddry. n. «. one who 
auer tatn» « mp ici o m, in- 

ladiciár, no. to give nawms 
to suspect, discover offin- 
der& to the nugistntes 
Indicio» sm. imlication 
rndico, mt. indigo; V. AMU 
l'uáico, CO. a. Indian 
ladicuJoi, «M. a short index 
indiestro, tra. a. awkwaid 
Indiferencia, </: indifl^fcnce, 

neglect, neutrailtjr 
Inicíente» «. indlfRrent, 

«nconcemed, inattentive 
Iadl0ína,«. indigenous 
Indigencia, <f. indigence, po. 

Indigétte, a. indiaent 
IndigesUUe, a. in^sestibie 
lad&stidn, <f. indigeEtion; 

ladigéte, r- 

arest; rwle 

„ l.nnwarthUy 

Indignante, po. indignant 
Xndiaaár, m. to irritate ; vr. 

tobe inflamed with anger, 

be inflamed 
Indignidad» <f. bulignity 
Indigno, na. a. unwMthy, 

incongmoas, vile 
IndiligSida, <r. want of dl- 

FnSo, c 

Fndlo, dia. «. a native «T 


Fndio. la. a. of a blue colour 
Indirecta, ^f. innoendo 
Indirecto, ta. a. indirect 
Indiscernible, a. indiscernible 
lndisc4>tiaa»^. want of dit- 


Indisciplinable, m. incapable 

of instrurtlon 
Indisciplinado» da. a. nn- 

Indiscreto, ta. a. indlscraet 
Indisculpable, m. inexcusable 
Indisolubilidad, sf. indissolu- 

Indisoluble» a. ImliMohible 
Indispensable, a. indispensa- 

Indis|ion^, va. to disable, 
nniit; vr. to be indisposed, 
be peevish 
Indhipttésto, ta. a inditposed 
Indisputable» a. indisputable 
Indistincidn, if. indi»itinction 
Indistinguible^ m. undistin- 

Indistinto, ta. a. indistinct 
Individual, a. individual 
Individualidad é Individui- 

dad. ^f. individuality 
Individualizar, va. to specify 

IndividuidHd,</; individualit j 
Individuar, tu. toindividuate 
Individuo, SM. individual 
Individuo, dua. a. individual 
Indivisibilidad, tf. indivisi- 
Indivisibleia. indivisible part* 
Indivisiblemente» ad. Insepa. 

Indiviso, sa. a. undivided 
Indlyudicáble» o. not to be 

Indd^^. mdocUe, inflexible 
Indocilidid, if. indociUty, in- 

Inddcto, ta. a. ignorant 
I'ndole» tf. disposition 
Inddáida, if. '"-^ — 

Indomable é faidomenáUe^ a, 

ontamcAble, inflexible 
Indomado, da. a. untamed 
Indomesticable, a. úntame- 

Indoméstico, ca. a. untamed 
Inddmito». ta. a. untamed 
Indotacidn, </*. loasof a wife's 

Indotado, da. a. unendowed, 

Indubitable, a. indubitable 
Induccidn, if. inductioD 
Induciáldr, ra. «. inducer 
Inducimiento, tm. induce- 

Indpcir, va. to induce 
Inductivo,^ va. a. inductive 
Indul|i<tecia, if. indulgence ; 

&vonr gnmted by the pope 



Indulgente, a. Induleent 
Indultar, ta. to nardon, fi 
inddito, tm. iwrdon, lbrgi< 

ness, indull» linpu>t 
Indumento, tm. wcarmg a|>> 

Industria» if. industry, foif». 

indastriál, o. belonging .to 

Industriar» tw. tn tench 
Induct mKo, w^. a. ind'Utri- 

COS. subtle 
Inebriativo, va. a. Inebriating 
InMia, if. tux 
Inédito, ta. «• not iHihlished 
Inefkbilidid. if. IneifabUity 
Incttble, «. inetrabte 
Ineficacia, if. btetflcacv 
Ineficaz, a. inefllcacioús 
Inelegance, a. inelegant 
Inenarrable, o. inesiilicAble 
Inepcia, if. inept itvrie 
faieptÜAd» if. ineptitude 
Inepto, ta. a. inept 
Inercia, if. dulbieu 
Intfrroe» m. di«armed 

Inerrancia, ij. unerrablenes» 
Incnránte, a. fixed 
Inerte, a, inert 
IneüCTutáble, a. inscrutable 
Inescudriñable» o. inscrutable 
Incraenido, da. a. unexpect. 

Inestimable, a. inv-stimable 
Inestimado, da. a, that which 

is without price 
Inevitable, a, ineviuUe 
Inexcusable, a. inexcusable 
Inexhausto, ta. unexhausted. 

fiUl, plentiftil 
Inexistencia, <f.. existence ot 

one thing in another 
Inexistente, o. existent 
Inexorable, a. inexorable 
Inexperiencia, \/*. inexperi- 
Inexperto, ta. a. inexpert 
Inexpiable, a. inexpiable 
Inexplicable, «. Inexplicable 
Inexpiwnábl^ a. inexpugna- 

ble, nrm 
Inextinguible» a. inextin- 

Inextricable» a. inextricable 
Infaceto, ta. a. dull 
In&ctfble, a. infeasible 
Infacundo, da. o. ineloqn<tnt 
Infalibilidad» if. infallibility 
Infalible, a. infallible 
Infiunación, Af slander 
Infiunaddr» ra. «. defamerr 

Digitized by] 



Ta. a. incomiNuiioiuitc 
IncotnpatibiUdildt if. incom- 

Inoompatíblc, o. IncompaHble 
Incompetencia, ^f. Incompe- 
Incompetente^, incompetent 
Incompleto, ta. a. incomplete 
IncompltfzA, x&.a. incomplex 
Incomponible, a. incom» 

Inoomportible, a. intolerable | 
IncomposibUldád, ^f. incom- 

Incomposiblet «. inoompoMi' 

ble , I 

Incompotictdn, <f. want of' 

Ineomprehenidblef a. inoom- 1 
prebemibie 1 

Ineomprerafl)!», a. incom- 
IiKoinpaésto, ta. a. «imple I 
.Incomunicable» a. incoroma- . 

lBoonceptfl>let a. inconcepti- 

Inconcemiénte« a. improper j 
Inconcino, na. a. diswdered 
lOCoacdsanMnte, ad. certainly ¡ 
Inconcuso, sa. o. incontro- 1 

Inconducente, a. incongruous 
Incoiiextttn, tf. want of con- I 
nection ' 

Inconexo, X&. a. unconnected ' 
Inconfeso, sa. a. unconféMed i 
Inconñdénda»^ ^f. di»trust, 

Incongruencia, </*. incongru- 
laoongruénte, a. inoooaruoas 
Caofoigruo, grua. «. incon- 
Incunmensuráblet a. inoont» 

Inconmutable, a. incomma- 

. .bieonqttistible» a. unoonquer. 

InconseqUincia, tf. inconse-. 

InconseqUénte» o. inoonie. 

Inoonsiderálot da. a. incon- 
Inconhlguiénte, a. inconse- 
Incood&téncia, <f. inconsis- 
Inconsolable, a. inconsolable 
Inconstancia, *f. incon*tAncy 



InooDstmlblei a. whlmsicid, 

fickle, obscure 
Inconsulto, ta. «< unadvised 
Inconsútil, •. seamless 
Incontable, o. innumerable 
IncontAminádo, da. «. unde- 

Incontestable, a. incontesta- 
ble, felse 
Incontinencia, «^. inconti- 

Incontinéntet o. incontinent 
Incontinente ó Incontinenti, 

ad. instantly 
Incontrastable o. insur- 
Incontrovertible a. incontro- 

Inconvencíbb^ o. inconvinci- 

Inconveniencia, ^f. inconve- 
Inconvenient^ a. inconve- 
Inconveniente^ nn. difficulty 
Inconver.Nábie, a. unsociable 
InconvertlUe/i. inconvertible 
Incdrdio, rai. Irabo 
IncoriHiráble, a, that cannot 

be mcorporated 
Incorporal, a. iiu^orporeal 
Incorporar, va. to incorpo- 
rate ; vr. be incorporated ; 
sail in company 
Incurpdreo, rea.u. lncor|>oreal 
incorreccidn,4f. incorrectness 
Inoornsibilidid, </*. inoor 

Incorregible, a. incorrigible 
incomntcidn, ^f. Incocrup- 

tion, incorruptness 
Incorruptibilidád, tf'' inoer- 

Incorrupto, ta. a. incorrupt, 

pure of manners 
IncTAsár, va. to inspissate 
Increado, an. ». uncreated 
IncreduKdáU, Jif. incredulity 
Incrédulo, la. a, incredulous 
Increíble, a. incredible 
Incremento, am. increment 
Increpación, ^J^. increpation 
Increpaddr, ra. ». chidec 
Increpar, twi. to incrépate 
Incruento, ta. a. unstained 

with blood 
Incrustar, va. to inertut 
I'ncubo, tm. the night-mare 
Inculcar, ra. to Inculcate 
lock up types; tt. to \n 


Inculpable, «. Incu^ble 
Inculpado, da. a. tiultlew 
Inculpar, vm. to aoane 
Incultamente, ad. ruddy 
InculUváble, a. fnc^^te «f 

Inculto, ta. a. incnlt, nn- 

Incultura, <r'. wanton colttue 
Incumbencia, <f. duty im- 
posed upon a person 
Incumbir, vn. to be Incnin- 

bent upon any one 
Inour<ble« a, incuraUe 
Incuria, «f. negUgence 
Incurioso, sa. «. negligent 
Incurrir, vn. to incur 
Incursión, <f. incursion 
Incúrso, «m. attack 
InctHár, oo. to accuse 
Indáble, «. tliat cannot be 

given or granted 
Indagadiin, <f. indagatloa 
Indagador, ti.'*, investigstec 
Indagar, oo. to «ean^ 
Indelrfdo, da. a. wnámt 
Indecencia, «f. indecencj 
Indecente, a. indecf>nt 
Indecible, a. inexpressible 
Indectsitfn, ^f. irreaolution 
Indeciso, iia. a. irresolute 
Indeclinable, a. Inc^abl* of; 

a decline 
Indecdro, «m. indecorum 
Indecoroso, sa. a. indecorovs 
Indefectible, a. indefectible 
Indefensable, a indefensible 
Indefenjio, sa. a. defenoeleas 
Indeficiente, a. indefectible 
Indefinible, a. indefinable 
Indefinido, da. a. Indefinite, 
not determined, large be- 
yond the compnefaensioQ of 
Indefinito, ta. á. indefinite 
Indeleble, a. indelible 
IndeUberaddn, «. indeCar- 

niination, inadvertency 
IndeUbectfdo, da. a. indeli- 
Indemne, a. undamaged 
InderanUlád, ^f. indemnify 
Indemnizar, va. to inderanUy 
Independencia, <f. indqieo- 

Independénte 6 Independi- 
ente, a. ind^iendent 
Indescribible, A. indcacribabte 
IndeOgnible, a. that whi<^ 

cannot be designed 
Indestructible, «. indestruc- 
Indeterminable, «. indctcrml- 



Imhtennliuidok da. o. indc 
tcnniiMle, rttolnte, ptt> 
dllaiünKNU» lnd«linite 

ladevflckfn, V*. indcvotíon 

I'ndrs, «. indes 

iKLanixár, «•. to ^leak iik* 

ladiáno, «OT. one «tw has k- 

sidcd in India, nabob 
bidicaci«fn, ^f. indication 
Indicantes «m. tjmptan 
Indicar, vm. to indicate 
IndicatiTO, va. a. indicative 
IndiGOon, tf. indiction ; In- 

dicHffnJIíHÍMiM, Roman in- 

I^idioe, «. mark, sign ; hand 

ef a watch; index; fbie- 


hr». nu «. 

Indiciar, «o. to give reaions 

to suspect, dikUOTcr offcn- 

ders to the magiitratcB 
IndiciOt «m. indication 
I'ndico, mt. indigo; V. AHU 
I'ndJoo, ca. «. Indian 
Indfcttio» «tM. a «hort index 
Indiestro, tra. a. awJtwaid 
Indiferencia, if. indiffteence, 

neglect» neutraJity 
IndUbrénte, «. indJfRrent, 

nnoonoeniedt inattentive 
Indigrtna^o. indigenous 
I ad%én ciaf <fc indigence, po- 

Indigente, m. Indigent 
Indigestible, a. indigestible 
ladiffestidn, <f. faidigertlan; 

nideness ef tamper 
lMbgérto,e.ind%eBt; rnde 
ladigdt^ «m. indl^ 
Ind^icnamentetad. unworthily 
Indignante, jMb Indignant 
Indicadr, ««. to irritate ; vr. . ..,.. 

tone inflamed with anger, ^Indoméstico, ca. a. antamed 

Indignddd, tfi indignity 
* ^ na. a. anworthy. 

</: want at dl- 

[odUigSoia, ^ 

I'nSo, dia. «. a native ef 

I'ndio. la. «. oTa blue oolo« 
Indirecta.^, iimuendo 
Indirecto, ta. a. indirect 
Indiscernible, a. indiscernible 
Indisc^pUna,^. want of dis- 


IndiadpUnáble, a. incapable 

of Instruction 
Indisciulinido, da. a. ui 

Indiscreto» ta. a. indiscreet 
lndiscul|iáble, a. Inexcusable 
Indisolubilidad, af. indissolu- 
Indisoluble, a. indiwohible 

to disable, 

nntit; vr. to be indiapo ' 

be peevish 
Indikpuéao, ta. a inditposed 
Indisputable, a. indisputable 
Indistincidn, <f. indi»tinction 
Indistinguible^ a. undistin- 

Indistinto, ta. a. indistinct 
Individual, a. individual 
Individualidad é Individui- 

did. IT/: individuality 
Individualizar, va. to sueciñr 

IndividuidHd,</-. individuality 
Individuar, mi. to individuate 
Individuo, Ml. individual 
Individuo, dua. a. individual 
Indivisibilidad, qf. iiulivisi- 

Indivisibleia. indivisible parU 
Indivisiblemente, ad. Inaepa* 

Indiviso, sa. a. undivided 
Indiyu^icáble, a. not to be 

Indt^a.mdocil^ inflexlMe 
IndocUidid» V- indociUty, in- 

Indrfcto, ta. a. ignorant 
I'ndole, <f. disposition 
Indolencia, ttf. indolence 
Indtri^nte, a. indolent 
Indomable é Indomenáble^ a. 
' ■ inflexible 

Inddraito,. ta. a. untamed 
Indotacidn, </*. loasof a wifi^s 

Indotado, da. a. unendowed, 

Indubitable, a. indubitable 
Induccidn, ^. indnctioo 
Induclddr, ra. «. inducer 
Inducimiento, «m. 

Inducir, va. to induce 
Inductivo,^ va. a. inductive 
Indultféiuria, ^. indulgence ; 
&vonr granted by the pope 

Indulgente, a. imlutgcnt 
Indultar, ra. to pardon, frv*' 
Indulto, twu pardon, Ibrgive- 

ness, induli, iinpo»t 
Indumento, «at. «earmg ap. 

Industria, <r. industry. Inge- 

Industrial, a. belonginf .to 

Induftlriir» mi. tn teach 
IndttiATNKo, ^ a. hidiMtri- 

oas. subtle 
Inebriativo, va. a. Inebriating 
InAlia, if.fut ^ 

Inédito, ta. «. not |*oblidied 
Inefkbilidád. 4'. InettabUits 
Incftble, a. ineifsbte 
Ineficacia, ^f. incfflcacy 
Ineficaz, a. Inctncadogs 
Inelegante, a. inelegant 
Inenarrable, a. inei|iHcable 
Inepcia. Mf. ineptitiide 
faieptÜAd, 4/-. ineptitude 
Inepto, ta. a. Inept 
Intfrcia. tf. dollneu 
Inerme, a. di»anned 
IneiTible, a. inerrable 
Inerrancia, <,'. unarrablenai» 
Inerránte, a. fixed 
Inerte, a. inert 
Ineocrutáble, a. inscrutable 
Inescudriftáble, a. Inscrutable 
da. a. tmexpect' 

Inoperádo, <l 

Inestimable, a. In^-stimable 
Inestimado, da. a. that which 

is without price 
Inevitable, a. Inevitable 
Inexcusable, a. inexcusable 
Inexhausto, ta.. unexhausted, 

fuU, plentiful 
Inexistencia, ^f. . existence d 

one thing in another 
Inexistente, a, existent 
InexdrtfUe, a. inexorable 
Inexperiencia, ^f. hiexpefi- 

Inexpifrto, ta. a. inexpert 
Inexpiable, a. biexpiable 
Inexplicable, a. Inexplicable 
InexpiuniM^ a. inexpugna- 

Inextinguible, o. inextln- 

Inextricable, a. Inextricable 
Infecéto, ta. a. dull 
In&cttble, a. infeasible 
Infacundo, da. a. ineloqti<>nt 
Infolibilldad, <f. infallibility 
InfaUble, a. infallible 
Infamación, aT- «dander 
Infamador, ra. «. defsmecr 



Itttaaatfvo, ▼«. «. tint which 

Influnattfrio, rU. «. dcfiuna 

Infiinw. a. inflmnoiM 

Infibni», «r- infamy 

InOnda. 4f* in&ncj 

Influtcino, «m. oil made or 
green olites 

tmodo, d*. a. In&mcms 

lafSfnU, <f. infimtai child 
under «even yean old 

infkntáde, rai. territory or 
letenue awigned to a 
nrinoe of the royal bkiod 
of Spain 

Infünte, ». infant; a title 
^T«B to all the ions at the 
Unf «r Spain* except the 
heir ai>parent to the crown ; 
mate letter ; pL choristcrt 

Jbtflmleffa. 4f. infiuitiy 

lafiuiticfda, mi. murdeicr ef 

Inftmtfl» a, infimtilé 
Jaftnzonádo, da. o. pertain- 
ing to a notrie 
In£uiion4/go, «m. territoty 

of a nobleman 
lafhtigtfble.d. bidefiitigablo 
Infttuár, va. to inftunate 
lafltarto, ta. a. nnlacky 
laftccidn, Af. infection 
Inlbcfir. wo. V. Injlcbmar 
Inibctár, m. to infisct 
Infectivo, va. «. taifbútive 
Infiécto, ta. a. infected 
Infecundine» vr. to become 

lufeetmdidid. «f. bifecondity 
Infecundo» da. o. barren 
InfelicidM. tf. mhfnrtone 


laferfir, va. to infer 
Infenácalo» ««. • Und ti 

Infenál, «. lnftnul(«xti«m«- 

InfemáTi ••. to damn» toan 
InfettacidB, tfimetel iním- 


Infldoñár, va. to Infect 
IntideUdád» «f. faifl«falUar* 

want at fUth; tiie wholt 

body of infldds 
tnñdénda» <f. tufeithfidiMM i Inftácto,'la. ai steady 
loHdtfntej o. uafeMilhl | laftaeMr, la. <. one who TÍo> 


InftA. o. ttnfeithftil 
Inñtfmo) «m. hdl ; any thfaig 
which cauMt uneaJneas; 
refectory in a convent; a 
large chemical veaad 
Infigurable, a. that which 
cannot be represented by 
any fíguK 
Infiltración, tf. infiltraüon 
Infiltrarse, vr. to infiltrate 
Knfimo, ma. a. lowest, al^Ject 
In»nid<d, <r. hifinity 
Infinito, ta. a. infinite 
Infirmibr, va. to infirm 
Inflación, 4f. inflationt vani- 
ty, hangfatbieia 
Inflamálile, a. inflammable 
Inflanutr, vu, to inflame ; vir. 

to l)eoomered 
Inflamatorio, ria. a. Inflam" 

Inflar, va. to faiflate 
Inflative« va. «. thatwfaidi 

InflcxlbiUdid, <f. inflezibiUty 
InfleHble, a. taiflexiUe 
InHexldn, <f. inflection, vi 
riation of a noun or verb 
InHictfTo, va. a. inflictiva 
Influénciik» «f. inflaence 
Influir, ra. to influence 
InfliUo, «m. influx 
Infermacliin, «f. infermatkn, 
judicial in<ittiry and pro- 
cess, brief 
InfemuEnte, am. one who is 
peculiarly diarged to col* 
lect infermation respecting 

Informar, t«. to ferra, in- 
form; state a case to a 
eoimaeOor or Judge; w. to 
take cognizance 

Informative^ va. a. instmc- 

InKrroe, mt. Infer inatioQ 

InfecUficábíe» a. that whicff 

oaanot be fortified 
Infeetána, ^. sinistiioiis in- 

floence of ttw stars or 

[nftÑrtanádOk da. a. 

Infortunio, «m. misfortune 
InbsAra, ^f^surftit-iti animals 
Infraccidn, <r. ' 

Infidel i íváá^dM. 9.yjHM I lates a compact «f^^^f , 


Infraeserfto, m iindcnnri«t«a 
Infirangíble,a.inft)¿lÉtHe - 
Infruct^éfo, rt.'*é- tetná^ 

fero, ra. a. «míhaltfU 
Inlhicto<Iso» SK. a.- frtittlaaa 
Infeunito, ta. a. tofvoos^ 
I'nfuias, ^f.pL ornamenta es 

sacerdotal er pontiffcal di^- 

ni^; expebtiutoo 
Inftindible» a. inftisible 
Inf\indir, va. to taiAlMa» in. 

trodnce, soak 
Inftureioaiégo, ga. o. ml^lecl 

to pay the ground-rent of ■ 

Inftidiin, ^f. infusion, liqaov 

made by infosioo iamkrm' 

Hon ■ 

InfOso, sa. a. inftued 
Ingenéráble, a. inseaerabia 
Ingeiüár« va. to obncaive ; «rr. 

to watk in the miftd 
Ingeniatura,^. Indusdy 
Ingeniería» tf, e wgli i eij 
Ingeniero, «m. edntriw, «■- 

glneer, fthlpwri^ 
Ingenio, rai. ceniiu I enflaex 

means; pbu^; Jagiaia 

tfir f á i v or a, powder «mñl 
Ingenioaidád» V. ingenaKjr 
Ingenidso, sa. a. In^nloos 
Iniénito, ta. a. unbtifottaB» 

innate, inborn 
Ingénto, a. very large 
Ingenuo, nua. a. ingenuous 
Ingerrfr, va. to iUMft, aattA 
Ingina, tf. V. ^alxada 

Inglés, «Mt. L. 
In^oaáble» e. ¿_ _ 

gloss or comment 
Ingdbemáble» « ungovenva. 

Inipraduáble» o. that camal 

be graduated 
In gratit ud, tf í b^fty itad» 
lngrátD,'a. ungrstKftd ' 
Ingrediente^ «Ai, Itigtedicnt 
Ingreso, tm. ihg rete» ri WUpms, 

price or admittance, entry 
Inguinario, ría. '«. Ingulaal 
Inguigitacidn» tf. to g ut a ft a- 

tioir ~ 

Ingur|ritár, vo. to ingurgitate 
Ingustibl^ a. iagustobkB» 

Inhábil, a. imMa, oaikilfttl» 

Inhabilidad» if. inability 
Inhabilitar, vas. todUMe 
Inhabitable, a. oninhabhable 
InhabMdo, da. a.anlhhabltéd 
Inhattflile» A. not te btfemid 


\,^f, adheiraaoc 

bfaotfttte^ m. inherant 
ftrii&fr, rw. to inhibit 
USfeittfrio,ria. a. pn>hIMUV7 

Mioocstidád, ^. dlahonesty 

isdcoent, immodat 
labanaK^r, v«. V. Deahomorar 
iBhOTplcable é InlMMpedáble, 

o. inbos^ttable 
lAosptcál. «. uninhabitable 
faAtapiUlidád» if. inho^it*. 

Inhumano, na. á. inlinnian 
iticiacitfn, 4(f. initiation 
|i»iriJ", a. imtial 
Iniciáne, vt. to b« initiated 
Isáámxi^Q, Ta. a. initiating 

or prod!acing initiation 
bklésto. «f. V. Retama 
Inignál* a. V. Dtñgual 
laimagináble, a, that cannot 

be imagined, 
laimiciciat <f. enmity 
blimtáble. a. úiinütable 
lainteliRftAe, a. ttninteUii^ble 
Ixtiqoidiid, «f. iniaiüt5 
buqtio, qOa. a. inlqaitoiu 
Sn^tfrCi^ <r. an nmeaaonable 
actjooy hhirt without Jna* 
tidi, miscbief 
faAariaáár, n. ». a^pestor 
In, miántet pa» Injnring 
Iq nriár, vo. to injure 
Ii^ aviüao, aa. a. ii^urioas 
h^ Bsticiaf tf' injustice 
fit 6sf <s ta. a. tu^ast 
lalcgfble, a. iiiepIHe 
loUe^A^» a. insupportable 
bmacuUdO) da. a> inunacu» 

bmadára» ra. 

Inmateriáiy a. iminaterial 
Inmaturo, ra. 0. immature 
Iñmediacitfn» tf. contiguity 
Inmediáte, ad. inunedfately 
lamediáto, ta. a. contiguous 
Inmedicable, o. incurable 
I nm e m or a ble, a. immemora- 

InnwmoiiÜ, a. immemorial 
ImnensidAd, tf. immensity 
InrnénM, «a. a. iinmenae 

laméiitOi ta^ a. oAdeaerv^l 


fiuwUdrle, ria. m. «ithoot 

Imnersidn, tf. imnienioik 
Inminente, a. imminent 
Inmiscibie, a, imraiMdbie 
laoMSble, a. unmovealrfa 


Inmodestia* tf. , 

Inmodesto, ta. a. immodest 
Inmódico, ca. a. saperfluoas 
Inmolador, ra. «. immolator 
Inmolar, va. to immolate 
Inmortal, «. immortal 
InmortalidM, tf. immorta- 
Inmortalizar, tw. to ifflmor. 

Inmortiñcacitín, tf. lioen- 

Ininórtifieádo, da. a. untnar. 

Inmtfto, ta. a. unmoved 
Inmovible ó InmdvU, a. Im- 

InmoviUdid, tf. ImmobüUy 
Inmudable^ a. immutable 
Inmueble, a. fixed 
Inmundo, diu a. unclean 
Inmune, a. mm, enjoying im. 

Inmui?Vuid, tf. immunity 
InTnatM>iildtfd, tf. iounutabi. 

Inmutable, a. immutable 
Inmutación, tf. change 
inmutar, va. to diange 
Inmutativo, va. a. that which 

Ttmacible^ a. unborn 
hmadénte, a. that wMch Is 

not bom of another 
Itmáto» ta. a. innate 
InnareglbTe, a. innavigable 
Innecessário, ria. a. unneoes> 

Ino^ble, a, incontestable 
Innoble, a. ignoble 
Innocentáda, tf. state of in- 
Inndcuo, ua. a. innoxious 
Innominado, da. a. namdets 
InnJto, ta. a, unknown 
Innovadtfrt ra. *. Innovator 
Innovar, va. to innovate 
Innumerabilidad, tf. Innu- 

Innumenible, a. innumerable 
Innúpta, a. unmarried 
Inobedeecér, va. V. Duobede. 

Inobediencia, tf. diaobedi- 

InobMlKnte, «. diai*edl«Bt 


InofaaervtfncIa, tf. neglect 
Inotiaervánte, a. deficleM !• 

Inocencia, tf. tamocanoc; 

Aeedom flrom guilt im> 

puted, harmlessnas* 

Inoculaddr, «m. Innocalatit 
Inocular, na. tofaioculate 
Inofiímo, sa a. V. lleta 
Inofickíso, a. a. done at aa 

improper time 
Inojéta, tf. top ofa beat 
Fnope, a. poor t indigant 
Inopia, <f; indigence 
Inopinable, a. unthooght of, 

Inopinado, da. a. tnoplnata 
Inordenado, da: tflnecüná* 

do, da. a.inflrdinata 
Indrmc, a. enormooa 
In Pronta, ad. proropttf 
Inqnletacidn, <f. nimiinMi 

molert, sur up disturbancea 
Inquieto, ta. a. restless, aal» 

sy, anxious 
Inquietud, tf. faiquietiide 
InquUináto, tm. ri^ aoqoir. 

ed by the tenant oTahaiue 
Inquilino, na. «. tenant, oa» 

that on certain condltlflaa 

has temporary po t aassio n 

and use of the iHup et ty «t 

Inquiriddr, ra. «. inquirer 
Inquirir, vo. to inquina aaov* 

tain by research 
Inquisidor, ra. a. InqnlNr, 

Inquisitivo, va. a. inqalsitive 
Inramo, tm. a Uad of spun 

InrazonkUe, a. Y. IrraeUmat 
Insaciabilidid. tf. i 

Insacular, va. to ballot 
Insalubre, a. insalubrious 
Insalubridad, tf. insalubrity 
Insanable, a. incurable 
Insania, <f. insanity 
Insano, na. o. insane 
Inscribir, va. to inscribe 
Inscripcitfn, »f. Inncriptiwi 
Insculpfr, wo. to Insculp 
Insecable, a. not to bedriad 
Inseccidn, tf. Incision 
Insectil, a. Insectilo 
Xna^ato tm. insect 

Digitized by 



ínMcaUekfn, 4f- baHoting 
InaecuUr, tw. to ballot 
ImenCtcénda, ^f. quality of 

not becoming old 
InaensattfZf <f. insensateness 
Insensato, ta. a. insensate 
Insensibilidad! 4f. inkenüibl- 

Insensible, a. Insensible, im- 
perceptible, hard 
Inwparabílidád, ^f. insepara- 

Insepulto, U. 
Inserir, t>a. to insert 
Insertárt va. to insert 
Inserto, U. a. V. Enxerto 
Inservible, a. unserviceable 
Insidia, <f. ambusb 
Insidiador, ra. «. plotter 
Insidiar, ra. to plot 
Insididso, sa. a. insidious 

Insignemente, ad, notably 
Insula, «f. a distinctive 
mark t^ hoaour, mark of 
Insigniñcaeitfn, «f. insignifi- 
iBsignificatÍTo, Ta. 0. Insigni- 

Insimular, va, to accuse 
Insinuacidn, tf. power of 
pleasing, ezhibitian of a 

iubllc in&trument before a 
Insinuar, va. to Insinuate, 
hint, touch lightly on a 
subject; vr, to gain ano- 
ther's favour and benevo- 
lence by artfbl means 
Insipidez, <f. insipidity 
InsipidOf da. a. iiuipid 
Insipiencia» <f. insipience 
Insipiente, a, ignorant 
Insistencia, 4/*. persistence 
Insistir, VH. to rest, persist in, 

dwdl upcm in discourse 
I'nslo, ta a, ingrafted -^ 
InsodabUidád, ^f. insocUbi- 

Insociable, a, insociable 
Insolar, va. to insólate; vr. 
to disease on^s s^ by the 
heat of the sun 
Insoldáble, a, that cannot be 

soldered, irreparable 
Insolencia, </*. insolence 
Insolentar, to. to make bold 
Insolente, a. insolent, per- 
forming uncommon thing». 

>Tming u 

InsdUdum, ai. Jointly 
laatfUto, ta. a. unusual 


Insi^úble, a. indissoluble, in* 

Insolutundacidn, <f. assign- 
ment of goods or dfFects in 
payment of a debt 

Insolvencia, <f. insolvenqr 

InM>lvénte, a. insolvent 

Insomne, a. sleepless 

Insdmnio, tm. insomnolency 

Insondable, a. unfathomable, 

Insop<atáble, «. iasupport- 

Insostenible, a, indefensible 
Inspección, 4/*. inspection 
Inspeerionár, va. to inspect 
Inspector, ra. «. inspector 
Inniiracidn, ^f. inspiration, 
the act of breathing into 
any thing 
Inspirador, ra. «. one who in- 
Inspirar, va. to hispiré, draw 

in with the breath 
Inspirativo, va. a, that which 
has the power of inspir- 

In^ilidád, </-. instabUi^ 

Instable, a. instable 

Intáncia, itf. instance or in- 
stancy, prosecution of a suit 

Instantaneidad, if. instanta- 

Instante^ tm. Imtant; Al 

itutoMte, immediately 
Instante, a. instant 
Instar, vo. to press a request ; 
vn. to urat the prompt 
execution ta any thing 
Instauración, 4f. restoration 
Instaurar, va, to renew 
Instaurativo, va. a. restora- 

Instigación, ^f. instigation 
Instigador, ra. «. instigator 
Instigar, va. to Instigate 
InstiGir, va. to instOl, to In- 

Instinto, tm, instinct, divbie 
inspiration, encourage- 

Iitstitución. ^, cBuiDusa- 
ment, education, collation 
<^ a benefice 
Instituénte, pa, instituting 
Instituidor, ra. t. institutor 

nominate, determine 
Institúta, qf, an institute 
Instituto, ttn. institute 
Instituyante, pa. institutor 
Instridente, o. pressing 



Imtmcckfn, <f. preccp(a'«oa> 

veying knowledge 
Instructivo, va. a. instructive 
Instructor, ra. t. instructor 
Instruir, va. to instruct 
Instrumental, a. instru» 

Instrumentista, «m. player 00 

an instrument of music 
Instrumento, tm. an instru- 
ment, tool, the agent or 
means of any tiling ; dead 
Insuave, a. unpleasant 
Insubsisténcia, 4/'. instability 



Insudar, vn. to toil 
Insuficiencia, tf, 


Insuflar, va. to blow 
InsufiriUe, a. kitfrierahle 
rnsula.</'. isle; V, Ma 
InsuUr é Insulano, na. 

Insulsez, ^. insipidly 
Insulso, sa. a. insipid 
Insultador, ra. a. imultcr 
Insultante, pa, insulting 
Insultar, va. to insult ; or. 

meet with an accident 
Insulto, tm. insttltj 

Insuperable, a. insnnerabis 
InsupuráUe, a, endless 
Insurgente, tm, insurgent 
Insurgir, vn. V. Alxntt 
Insurrección, <f. insurrection 
Intacto, ta. a. untouched 
Intangible, a. intangible 
Integral, a. integral 
Fnt^amente é I'n 

ment, ad. V. Bmttram 
Integrante, a. integral 
Integrar, mi. to give integrity 
Integridad, ad. mtegri^, ea<- 

tireness, virgin!^ 
Fntegro, a. entire, candid 
Integumento, «m. intega- 

ment, foble, fiction 
Intellectlvo, va. a. InteUec- 

Inteléctu, «m. V. tnUHgeatSm 
Intelectual, a, intelectual 
Inteligencia, tf, inteUlgsnoe, 

understanding, commeroe 

of acquaintance, seite, »!• 

InteligencUdo, da. a, is* 

Intdigénte, a. intdligmt 




. I. intonperal* 
iBtempérie é IntempctaMn, 

^f. intempcratenctt 
latempestívo, «a. «. mu 

Jn ten tú á nt ^. intentton, in- 
stinct of biulctt 
Imenctonádo, dju a. incOmd 
fetenctonál, o. detlcncd 
Intendencia, <f. a(Uninlstni< 
tkan, cliMrict ol an inten- 
Intendenta, ^. lady of an in* 

IntCTK iido, 4f. intenaion 
IntcnafTo, Ta. é Inttfiwo» sa. 

Intentar, wi. totry, «nter an 

Intento, Jin» intent 

Pntcr, orf. in the mean white 

Intercadénoia, ^f. intenup- 

InCcfcadénte, a. changeable 
Zatercaiár, «o. to intercalate 
Intercalar, o. insert 

vr. to act betveen two 

Interoq«fr, no. to intnrcept 
Interese^ n. «. interceMor 
Interceadrio, xia. a. interced- 
I^ardnaidn, «f. intardiuion 

• a. placed 


Interdecir, va. to Interdict 

Intcvdioddn, 4f. interdlctian 

" am. Interest, gain. 




I»««ridr, a 

Interidr, «m. inside any thing 

hidden ^^^ 

Interioridad, ^f. inside, the 

act of hiding 
InterlinearidD, ^f. hiteriinea- 

Intetlineál, o. interlineal 
Interlinear, m. V. Entreren- 


Interlocucidn, </■. interlocu- 
tion, -interrention 
Interlocutor, ra. «. interlocn- 

InterlocuUMo, ria. 


Ittterlúnio, «n. tliiie when flie 
rooon, about to dunge, is 
Intermediar, va. to inter- 

Intermedio, dia. o. interme- 
Intermedio, sm. interhide 
Interminable, a. interminable 
Intérmino, na. a. intermina- 
Intermisitfn, tf. Intermissioo 
Intermitencia, <f. di»contina- 
ance of an intermittent 
Intermitente, a. intermittent 
Intermitir, o. to intermit 
Intemacidn, t . importation 
Internamente, ad, internally 
intemdr, va. to pierce } vr. 

to insinuate 
Intemeoidn, tf. 
Interno, na. o. ' 
Intemddiotm». space between 
two knots of ^ stalk of a 
Interpeteckta, ^. interpeUa- 

Interpelar, tu. appeal to 
InteriMlár, no. to interpolate. 

Interponer, va. to interpose, 
refer, thnut in as an inter- 

Interivendér, fa. to carry a 

place by assault 
Interprésa, if. enterprise 
Interpretacidn, tf. interureta- 

Interpretadtfr, ra. >. interpre- 

Interpretánte, pa. 

Interpreter, va» to interpret 
IntorpteUtiTo, ts. o. inter- 


Interregno, am. intenñngn 
Inlermgactdn, qf, interroga- 

Imerroftfr, v«. V. Pr egmmtar 
Interrogativo, va. o. intento» 


Interrumpdr, va. to inter 

Interrupcidn, <f. interruptioa 
Intersecarse, vr. to interseca 

each other 
Interseccidn, tf. intersectioa 
Intersticio, «m. interstice 
IntenuArio, tm. interest te 

a ceiuin time 
Intervalo, «m. interval, re- 

mission of delirium or mad- 

Intervencidn, </". intcrrentiolk 
Intervenir, vu. to Intervene, 

assist, attend 
Interventor, ra ; 4 Interveni- 
dor, ra. «. one who inter- 
Interyacente, a. a<\)acent 
Intextido, da. n. intestate 
Intestinal, u. intestinal 
Intestino, na. a. intestine 
Intestino, «m. IxiweU 
Inthnacidn, é Intima, «/. in- 
Intimar, va. to intimate ; vr. 

to Intlnoat» 
Intímid^ 4f. intimacy 
Intimidar, va. to intimidate 
I'ntimo, ma. a. Internal, in- 
Intitular, «/a. to entitle, dig- 
nify with a title 
InUtnUta, <f. Utle prefixed to 

IntolerabUidid, ^f. intolera- 

Intolerable, a. intokrable 
Intolerancia, tf. intolerance 
Intolerinte, a. intolerant 
Intolcrantlsrao, tm. intolera.» 

Iut4$nso, sa. a. ignorant 
Intra Muros, ad. within the 

Intransitable, a. impassable 
Intransmutable, a. Intrans- 

IntransmuUbilidad, <f. im- 

Intratable, a. intractable 

Intrepidtfv, if. intrepidity, 

inuépide da. a. intrepid 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 


Intftecábteto. intricct* 
Intrincación, 4f. intilcACj 
Intrincado, da. a. papteiwñ 

Intrincar, va. to p«rl>In 
Intrímeco, cá. o. Intrlmli^j 

doM.-. V. ynHmo 
Introdacddn, </'• introdi4«- 

tlon, inreparauon, acceM 
Introducir, va. to introdiu^. 

bring tnto noCio^ indu» r 


Introductorio, ria. o. intiD- 

Introito, «iN. entrance 
Intnuidn, <f. intrusión 
IntrúM, im. intruder; o. U*' 

Intuición, if. intuition 
Intuitivo, va. a. intuitiva 
Intuito, (Por), ad. on acoütini 

Intuitu, «m. view 

, <f. V. Bin 

Imindacidn, ^f. inundation 
Inundante, pa. inundating 
Inundar, va. to inúndate, 

«{uread, diAue 
Inurbanidád, if. incivilli7 
Inurbano, na. a. incivil 
Inuidtado, da. o. unusual 
Inútil é InAtUe,a. aselCM 
InutiUdád, Af. inutili» 
InutiUiár, va. to render dhf- 

Indtilinente, ad. usdenljr 
Invadeable, a. not findaLls 
Invadir, va. to invade 
InvaU<laci<5n, if. tbe act of In - 

Invalidad, tf. V, yvHáad 
InvaUdár, va. to invalidala 
Invado, da. a. invalid 
Inválido, tnu retired soi< Un: 
Invarlabilidád, <f. invarUJbi 

InvariáSie, o. invariable 
Invariacidn, tf. immutal-ililtr 
Invariádo, da. a. unvari^^nl 
Invasión, if. invasion 
Invasor, ra. «. invader 
Invectiva, if. invective 
Invdiir, Its. to invei^ 
Invencible^ a. invincible 
Invención, if. invenuon. 
Hacer MnwnekmM, to tn^i^ 

Invencionero» ra. «. invent^ir . 

tnTrnihhrj 4. Üut ouj be 

LirnlAr, UArlo Invent 
Livcnrnrülr, n- m taitk« aa 


nveQi4rkk, «w UiTtntof^ 
riiv«\Uvs, if. the £uii]tj «f 

if!T.Mvj, fi, #. invíTicife 

ínvtlTiLn, ini. ilkV^LUfn 
H*íi]ti>r, n». f- Ini 

[nten¿l>nll, a- irnUkc 
[iivetlüütilÜLüil, Mj: Improba- 


íit vt>mju:níOt i'^- srw^-liouse 
ííx iiTiíUffiírinri iptottii in 


itvtmáitu, ^'. e Jrrler -iiciuon 
rtvcm^jilrífl, /iiiu tsiftter- 

ai [13^, u^ II, winterly, 
itfT' beatón 

nvérui, .a. a- intcrv 
invertir^ iie, lit lo vrrt 

n*&iiülüTa,fli invtaiitíire 
[itTniluiiliJp^ ij. unUiTCftiga- 

ín-4f%\\!g^iír, ra. «. invHtiga- 

[AVMUjud^, 1^1 lo in I 
nvKtCr, [«. lo 5rt»í!il 

I hrtürJU^tfj Ka- Ed Ik «nti- 


nv;i7r<^, [«, ii- uncaiv|iimble 
■If JfUs^, Mf. enifj 

tn^iírrio, íPP- wlnícT 
[ivl^Uiri ITT. lúvatch 
Ltlvlnribltí ^ InílnclbJjí 
In T tciliUfLIlEiá ^uiltaJiill^ 

[urinUhk'f a^ «ITlplaüte 

[nvloEidíí, d¿. ii. tnvioldie 

w^trtfld, 1/. *lfe 

11 «rLrtuL'tMi^ «a. ¿I. Gimtnry te 

[nTKibiJldad. O. Invl iJblUty 
'n^Lii'Lilí, du bifbüblC' 
T] vUfhiiinmKp flilr InTísliblj 
nrlTiLr, I'd. lüiJITlt^ 
jjiffli-.-idiíf, r*- 'i wic who 


:Jr, i'J. tú tn^úlí 

nvcn- ftirtTio^ riaj- Üiat wtttdi 

q f aJuntfiT irdlldp c^'^ ibe qaa< 
lli> lit bdA¿ intialimeary 
TulnanbICjC. InTulnetwle 

□ frrJililrA, ^. thr Place 

«tk<n ■ Ine 1* frsfli 


tnaerir, »». to ^a ert, Iqffmlt » 
er*. to interfere 

Insertar, va. to ingraft a 

Ihxérto, «m. graft 

Inyección, ^. ii^wrtiaa 

Inyectar, m. to inject 

Ipecacuana, tí', a medicinal 

P|«soIa, if. a Icind of wool 

Ir, vn. to gOfWalk, to be, exist, 
bet, consist, impoit, dUTer, 
leadfproceed. IrendemamUt 
ie,to be aa tbe lo<A out 
Ibr: vr. to begone; leak, 
exlMle. irte d yiqve, to 
fi>under, to break, ¡ree d 
leva y monte to escape. 
Quien ve f if TiMM Ml aUl t 
who is ttiere ? 

I'ra, if. anger, ire 

Inwr&ndia, ef. violent anger 

Iracundo, da. a. passionate 

Irado, a. V. Bañado 

Irascencia, <f. patsionatenes» 

Inlrse, vr. V. Airarte 

Irascible, a. irascible 

I'ria, if. the rainbow, media- 
tor, flower de luce 

Irlanda, if. cloth made ot 
cotton and wooUen yam» 
fine Irish linen 

Irania,^, irony 

Irónico, ea. a. iroaical 

Irracional, if. irrational 

Imdonalidid, if. irrationa- 

Irra^ión, if. irradiatian, U- 

Irradiár. «o. te irradiate 
Irrazonable, a. unreaioaable 
ImconciliAde, a. irreooncUc 


Irrecusable, a. not to be i«- 
fiised or declined 

Inedbnible, a. that whick 
cannot be redeemed 

Irreducible, a. irreducible^ 

Irreformable, «. not to be re- 

Irrefragable, «. irrefragable 

Irregular, e. irregular 

In«Kularidád.<f. irregulaxity 

Irrdigioeidád, if. irreligioas- 

Irreligiosa in. a. IrreUgUws 

Irremediable, a. irtemeBOable 

IrremiaiU^ a. irreinissUrfe 

IrrepardUe, o. Irreparable 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 


I t mi f iéi muM e, «. impM- 

I i M HMUchi ble, a.lRcprBÉch* 

teafatilrilkttct, ^. iimtibi- 

Imsbtible, «. imftistil>I« 
liraolúbley o. ineiolute 
Inesolúto, ta; IrteniéltOr tik 

a. irrciolute 
Irreverencia, if. i n rey c tenfe 
Irreverente, a. irreverent. 
XrrevocabiUdid, ^r. tUe ttete 

of btín|{ irrevocabie 
Inrevodible, «. not to be re- 
IrrisibU^o. risible 
rrrisitfn, <f. irrisión 
Irrisorio, ria. o. derisive 
IrrltabÜidM, tfi irritabiUty 
Izrittble, a. that «an be cen- 

dcRd void 
Irritacidn, ^f, initatíon ; in- 

britadtfr, i a. «. Irritator 




rrrito^ ta. «. null, void 
IrraficitSn, af. irruption 
Isagoge, ^. introduction 
Iswdgico» ca. «. introductiva 
JicJiidn, mm. hip-bone 
Isidoritfno» na. a. belonging 

to St. Isidore 
I'da, fj: isle, a remote spot. 

£n Mia, hwnlated ; square. 

Itia» da tatavmio» Leevard 

Init4nte, a. annalling 

va. to annul ; britate • 

IsMd, «m. a kind of veU worn 

Isleño, fta. «. islander 
Isleo, «m. island formed b; 

IsUUa, If. flank . 
Isldte,«m^ small barren island 
Ismaellu, o< Motuunmedan 
Isdgonof na. a. having two 

eqoíál angles 


I'splda, tf. UnoAdMr 
Isradfta, am ¿«raelite 
Israelítiop, «a. a. Jewish 
I'stmo, «m. iirtlunus 
Istriár, va. to flute 
Italianisár. va. to petfbtm af. 

ter the Italian manner 
ItalUno, na ; Itálico» ca. a . 

Italian, italic 
Ptem, «. item ; ad. also 
Iteráble, a. repeated 
Iteracidn, tf. iteration 
Itertfr, va. to iterate 
Iterativo, va. a. iterative 
Itineririo, «m. itinerary 
I'v«, ^f. oTotuid-pine 
Izáfs, ^f. place abounding in 

rushes and reeds 
Ic<r, v^. to hoist 
Isquierdeir* vn. todesenerate 
Izquierdo, da. a. left-handed, 

Ifquiérdo, da. «. a leA-handed 


tahalí, am. wild boar 
** JabaIina,<AMwofawild 

boar; jiñelln 
Jabaluno» na. a. behmgidg to 

Jabardear, vo. to swarm 
Jabardillo, tm. oompaiqr of 

strolling playeR 
Jabardo, am. a smaU swarm 

of beee, crowd 
Jabato, am. a joung wOd 

Jab^ <r. small wild Ég^H^ 

small kind of grape 
Jabino, am. V. Chaparro 
Jaca, «r. otgtV^y ^ ._^ 
Jacerina, ^ihafl; a. hard 
Jédbtf m: yadit 
Jacinto, am. hyadnth, pre- 
cious «tone 
Jaco, am. nag, pony 
Jactancia. <r. jacütatiítt 
Jactancidso, sa. a. boafttful 
Jactár, va. to bestow ftilaome 

praise j vr. to vaant 
JacuUtdrU, «f. «Jaculaition 
Jade, --WI. jade, a mineral 
Jadetfr, va. to pant 
Jadeo, #tn. pant 
Jaecero, ra. a. hamess-nuker 
Jaén, am. a Und of large 



whi<^ several things IrcMitt- 

ble each other 
Jaharrar, va. to plaster 
Jaharro, am. plaster 
Jalbi^. va. to whiten, point 

Jalbégre, am. whitewash 
Jalbegueádo, da. a. white- 
washed, painted 
Jalbéffiw, *m. whitewashing, 

Jaldado, da ; Jaldo, da. d. of 

a bright yellow colour 
Jalde, a. brlglit yellow 
Jáldre, am. á britflit yellow 

Jaláa, f/*. jelly 
Jalear, va. to encottrdge 

hounds to follow the cba»e 
Jaletina, if. compound jelly 
Jalméro, ^m. one whose trade 

Is to make pack saddles 
Jamás, ad. never 
Jama\'&i, if. a kind of flower- 
ed silk 
Jambo, am. V. Yambo 
Jamerdana, rf. sewer which 

runs f^om a slaugliter- 

Jamerdar, va. to clean the 

guts of animals 
Jámila, </: V. AlpteUn 
JamiM«>« Uud of cottonstoff 

Digitized by 


Jamdn, am. ham 

Jamdna, a. belonging to the 


Jang&a, if. raft 

Jangtla, tf. a imaU armed 
vessel like a raft 

Jannequin, am. a sort of cot- 

Japonés, sa. a. naUve of Ja- 

Jaquelado, da. a. api>lied to 
cut diamonds oi ptcciuu» 

Jardín, am. garden, prirj, 
spot which disfigures an 

Jardinería, <f. gardening 

Jardinero, ra. «. gardener by 

Jaréu, if. &eam made 
doublfaig the edge of doth. 
Jare/cw, narpings 

Jaro, ra. a. resembling a wild 

Jarra, ^f. jug or Jar 

Jarrear, vn. to take out water 
or wine with a jug 

Jarrero, am. vender of jugs tK 

Jarretar, va. to hough, ener- 

Jarrete, am. ham 

Jarretera, if. garter, order «f 



Juntént tm. hanutriiig 
Janfllo, «m. chamber-pot 
JátTo, Ml. jug with oachan> 

die only 
JaxTón, «m. Urge jug» vm 
Jaspe, «IN. lasper 
Jaspeado» da. a. spotted 
Jaspeadúra, if. mot út xoMet-- 

Jasperfr, vm. to ntfMc 
Jartiál, m. filiada of an edi- 
Jato, ta. *. V. Bmrro 
Jaula, tf. cage 
JayaUna, if: Javelin 
Javéque, «in. kind of small 
vessel used in the Mediter* 

Jav^ na. «. a tall robost per- 

Jayanáio, tm. a huge big fU- 

- low 

JMarino. na. a. natiTc of Ar- 
gel, Algerine 

Ja?me, tm. James 

Jaunin, tm. jessamine 

Jasmindrroi «m. bastard Jesaa- 

Jtfbe» tm. rodke-alum 

JeroMlimitino» na. a. native 

Jesucristo, tm. Jeans Christ 

JesulU, tm. Jesuit 

Jesuítico, ca. a. Jesuitical 

Jesús, tm, Jesus. Bnm» dt. 
cir JettUf in an instant 

Jesusear, «n. to repeat ft«- 
quentlj the name of Jesus 

JijóntL, if. species of large 

Jocosamente, ad. Jocosely 

Jocoserio, ria. a. half Jocose 
and half serious 

JocosiiUd, if. Jocularity 

Jocoso, sa. «.Jocose 

Jofóyna, <f. a china jug 

Jol.éz, if. jdUty 

Jolito, tm. rest, calm 

Jdnico, ca; Jtfnio, nia. a. 
native of Ionia 

Jnojoii. tm. V. 4Jof{i9li 

Jtfrco, tm. a feast, and licen- 
tious dance among tlie vuU 

íordái ... 

gives firesh bloom 

Jtfrfe ó Jtffire, tm. a wall 
made of dry stones only 

Jorfeár, Ml. to construct dry 

Jorgina y Jorguina, <f. witch 

Jorguín, «m. soot 

Jonuida, if. journey perform- 
ed in one day , ouuortuni- 


tj ; joniney, n» . . „ 

ttirough life: number of 
sheeta printed off in one 
Jomál, «m. wa«s paid to 
day-labourers for one da;^ 
work. A'Jomalt t>y u>e 
Jornalar, va. to work by the 

Jornalero, tm. day-labourer 
Jorrfba, if' Ihimp, importu- 
Jorobado, da. a. crooked 
Jorobar, va. to importune 
Joaelasár, tm. a sort of spun 

Jostrado, da. a. round-headed 
JdU, if. Spanish dance 
Jdven, a. young ; tm. a youth 
JovenMe, tm. youth 
Joviil. a. Jovial 
Jovialidad, c'. JoviaUty 
J<^y*, </• Jewel, any thütgwdl 

Joyante, a. extremely glossy 
Joyel, tm. Jewel of Uttle 

Joyería, if. jeweller's shop 
Joyero, tm. Jewdler 
Jtfyo, «IN. bearded darnel 
Joyutfla, if. Jewel of small 

Juan, tm. John 
Juantfte, tm, Joiat-beoe of 

the ipreat toe, top-gallant 

, a. iKmy 

Ju<da,<f. stain in doth 
Juarddso» sa.«. stained 
Jubertár, tNk to hoist the boat 

Jnbetéro, tm. one who makes 

and sells Jackets 
Jubilacitin, if. racing 
Jubilar, VI». to Ttjaice; va. 

to exempt firom toUf ímj 

Jubileo, «m. Jubilee 
Júbilo, tm. ¿ie 
Jubdn, fftn. doublet 
Jubonéro, tm. maker of Jack- 
eto or doubleu 

Judaizante, pa. Judaizing 

Judaizar, va. to follow the 
rites of the Jews 

Judas, tm. one that treacher- 
ously deceives his friend i 
silkworm that does not 

Juoáyco, ca. v. judaical 

Judería, if, part of the town 
where the 5ews Uve ,¡g,,,, .^iS^^'gl^ 


Judia, if. French faeaa 
Jndlcaddn, if. judpnent 
Judicánte, tm. ¡udge appoint- 
ed to inquire into the cask- 
duct of officers of Jnstloe 
Judicatura, if. Judicatvr^ 

dign ty of a judge 
Judicial, a. judicial 
Judidário, ria. a. antettSng 
the art of foretdlmg ftitora 
evento by means of the 

Jndlcitfso, sa. a. judicious 

Judiega, if. kind of oUvea 
good for makmg oil 

Judiégiw ga. a. Jewish 

Judihuáo, tm. a young Jew* 
French bean 

Judio, dia. a. Judaical 

Judio, dia. «. Jew, Jewess, 
woid of contempt 

Judíos, large sort «f 
French beans 

Juego, tm. . play, diversion, 
disposition for doing any 
thing, sneer, game, game 
of haiard, method, a Hxed 
number of things. Jh^o 
dt Hbrot, set of twok», pun. 
Jutgot, public feasts 

Jueves, tm. Thursday 

Juez, «wk Judge. Jiu* ar- 
Utro, arbitrator 

Jugada, if. pl«y, ill turn 

Jugadera, if. diuttle used to 
make network 

Jugad4to, t. player, gamester 

Jugar, VM. to play, venture, 
match, move on Jointo or 
hinges, intervene, mock 

Jugarreta, if. bad play 

JugUr, tm. boffbcQ 

Jimarésa, if. a female buf- 

Juglería, if. bufToonery 
Juguete, tm. toy. Jest, carol 
JuKuetetfr, vn. to act ttie buf- 
foon, play loosely 
Juguetón, na. a. playidi 
Juicio, tm. judgment opi- 
nion, prudence. Judges as- 
sembled in court 
Juicidso, sa. a. Judicioaa 
Julepe, tmt. Julap 
Julio, tm. July 
Julo, tm, bell -mule 

masts with partners 
Jumélas, if. fif . cheeks 
Jumélos, tm. pi. partner», 

strong pieces of timber 
JuménU, if. female ass 
Jumental y Jumenta., a, be- 


•Jteaénto, mn. beast of bar- 
then, asst a stopid penan 

I. asst a stopid penan 

^ ida, «f. kind at bitten 

Jvncál (i Jímcár» «m. manby 

gnmnd fiiU of nubes 
Juncia, 4f. sweet cypress 
Jonciána, </*. brag, boast 
Junciera, </*. an earthen ves* 

sel with a perforated lid 
Jnncfoo, na. a. rusby 
Junco, «m. rush 
Jnncdso^ sa. a. fbU of nubes 
Jaq^ids, if. stewed bare 
Júnk^ MS. June 
Jnn^iero, am. V. Bntbn 
JuMittéra, 4f. msh 
Junqueral, «m. V. Jmcof 
Jooqiifllo» mn. jonauUe, a 

small roond moulding 
Junta, <f. tanta, meeting. 

Joint of a norse 
Juntadcb-, ra. «. joiner, one 

Jantamiénto, tnu oongrega- 

Juntar, yo. to join ; vr. to 

Join, oopolatc 
Jvntéra, if. carpenter's plaae 
J^knto, ta. a. onited 
J^nto, vt. near, dose to 
Jontdrio, m. Und of tribate 
Jun ttlra,; Jontadúra^. joint 
Júpiter, am. Jupiter, sl^ 
Júx*t^' o*<b 
Jnrtfdoy am. Jurat, juror 
Jnraddr, ra. a. swearer 
Jnndnrla, a. office of a Jurat 


to bind one^s self by aa o«Úi 

Juramento, raí. an oath 

Jurar, va. to swear 

Juratikia, ^f. plate of stiver 
containing the holy evan- 

Jurdía, ^f. kind of fishing in- 

Jurel, am. a sea fid» 

Jurgina, 4f. witch 

Juruilco ca. a, lawñü 

Jurisconsulto, rat. one who 
gives his opinion in law 

Jurisdicción, ^f. legal autho- 
rity, juditial power 

Jurisdiccional, a. relating to 

Jurispericia, ^. jurisprudenoe 

Jurisperito, rau civilian 

Jurisprudencia, «f. Jurispnt- 

Jurisprudente, am. dvilian 

Jurista, am. jurist, pensioner 

Juro, «in. tight of perpetual 
proper ty , annuity assigned 
upon the revenue of the 

Jusbérba, <f. field myrtle 
Jusello, am. pottage made of 

broth, :kc. 
Justa, ^> a mock encounter on 

horiieback, literary contest 
Justaddr, rat. tilter 
Justar, vn. to joust 
Justicia, «f. justice, retribn- 

tion, reason, public ' " 


JwticUr, «a. to azeeale a 

Justiciazgo, rai. the place and 

office of a justice 
Justiciero ra. «.Justlcer 
Justificación, ^. ju^tification, 
equity, sanctification, by 
Justificado, da. a. equal 
Justificador, ra». sanctifier 
Justificante, pa. josti^ing 
Justificar, va. to ju«ti4r, es- 
tabliiih a claim to a court 
of judicature, rectify, equa- 
lize a line of types ; vr. to 
vindicate one's character 
Justificativo, va. a. justifica- 

«. an under gar- 

Justipreciár, va. to estimate 

any thing 
Justipreciador, mi. appraiser 
Justo, ta. a. just, exact, tight, 

close, good 
Jdsto, ras. a Just and pioua 

Jdsto, ad. tif^tly 
Juvenil, a. Juvenile 
Juventud, </'■ youthfulnesa , 
Juzgado, rai. tribunal 
Jus^sdór, ra. a. a judge 
Juzgamundos, s. com. one 
who censures the actions 
of every one but himself 

Juzgante, pa. judgini 

ment. Justicia mayor, the • Juzgar, imi. to pass j 
lord chiefjustioe of Spain vn. to apprehend 



Vui, «m. kali, sea-weed 
*^ Kármcs, Ml. kermes 


I Keratofita, rai. a marine- 


KiHea,rai. re^onsea in the 


f ^ábe, ^. stain, spot 

*^ Labonfato, ras. labyrinth ; 

an intricate mattes 
Idtbia, ^f. «wcet, winning 

InMfclo, da. a. lafaialed 
Labial, a. labial 
¿ábio,«m. up; the edge of 

any *t»l'«g 
LaModñü^, a. labiodental 
Laber, v; labour, symmetry, 

needle-woric; Laborblanea, 

white work; calttvation 


Laborable, a. laborable 
Laboradór, raí. V. Trabqfa. 

dar ó Labrador 
Laborante, raí. labourer, la- 

borant, chemist 
Laboratorio, sm. laboratory 
Laborear, va. to culture 
Laboreo, raí. culture 
Loboréra, ^f. clever 
Laborío, raí. V. Labor 
Loboriosidid, 4f. laborioos- 

Labodóso» sa. a. laborious 


Labrada, tf. land ploughed te 
be sown the ensuing season 
Labradero, ra. a. labourable 
Labrado, da. a. worked 
Labrador, ra. *. labourer 
Labrador, ra. a. bom Jn a 

small village; laborious 
Labradorteco, ca. a. laborious 
Labrandera, ^f. seaniütress 
Labrante, raí. stone-cutter 
Labrantm, raí. a petty farmer 
Labrantie, tia. a. producing 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 


dry, ftim, labour 
Labrar, va. to work, tiD, 
baud, do naedle-woTk, in- 
form, OnUh, baraa* i vn. to 
make a «trong imiireHioo 
on the miod 
Labfftfro, nu a. ^>pUad to a 

kind of fishing-net 
Labriego» tm. peasant 
Labrusca, </*. rural lift 
Laca, if. lac, red colour 
Lacájro, «m. lackey, ' ^ 

knot of ribbOBf 
Lacajutflo, «m. fbotboy 
Lan^úno, na. «. belonging to 

a lackey 
Lacear, va. to adorn with rib- 
bons tied in bows 
Lacenldo, da. a. unfortunate, 

Lacerar, va. to manale, suf- 
fer ; lead the life of a miser 
Laceria, if. misaj, labour, 

Lacertoso, sa. a. miserable 
Lacha, #r- shad 
Léelo, da. a. feded 
Lactfnico, ca. a. laconic 
Eaocnlsmo, tm. laconism 
Ltfcra, if. mark left bj some 

wound, feult 
Lacr<r, va. to ii^urethe state 
of health ; injure in point 
of property 
Licre, <iR. sealing-wax 
Lacrear, va. to seal with seal- 
Lacrlmacidn, if. 

. «ffiidoo of 

Lacrimal, «. lachrTmal 
Ladirimat4rio, ria. a. lachry- 
Lacrimdto, sa. a. weeping 
Ltfcrls, «m. fruit of rocemarj 
Laetincia, if. lacution 
Lacttfnte, mi. racker 
Lactario, ria. a. lactory 
Ltfetao, tea. a. lacteous 
Lactictoio, «m. milk -pottage 
Lactífero, ra. a. lactiferous 
Lactumen, «m. scab breaking 
out on the head of sucking 
Lacuna, if. blank 
Ládano, tm. iabdanum 
Ladear, ua. to more to one 
tide ; vn. incline, go by the 
side J vr. to incline to an 
haáéot tm. inclfauuioa to one 

I«d«ra, if. decUvlty ; pU nttr 
of acoouaon cart 

LAG % 

LadiUa,<f. crab-hraM; kind 
of barley with two rows of 
grain m the ear 

LadDlos, «m. pi, thlftíng 
pannels in tlw tides «n 

Ladinamente, ad. sideways 
' " " In an 

, swadous 
M. side, mat 

. used to 
ooTcr carts, Ac; course. 
Al lado. Just by 
Ledra, 4f . cry of hounds afta 

the game 
Ladraddr, ra. «. barker, talk- 
Ladiánte,jM. barking 
Ladrar, vn. to bark, use emp- 

tf threats, clamour 
Ladrido, tnu barking of a dog, 

Ladrillido, tm. floor madf 

with bricks 
Ladrillal y Ladrillar, tm. 

LadriU«ra, if. brick-kiln 
Ladrillero, «m. brick-maker 
Ladrillo, «m. brick 
Ladrillara, sa. a. made of 

Ladrrfn, na. «. thief, sluice- 
gate; snufT of a 
that makes it melt 
Ladronera, if nest of rogues, 
filching; sluiee-gate in a 
mill, box 
Ladronesco, ca. a. thlerish 
Lodroniciok tm. larceny 
Lagaña, V'- a slimy humour 

running from the eyes 
Lagalidso, sa. a. blear-eyed 
Lagar, tm. wine press 
Lagarto, tm. a small wine- 
Lsgar^o, sm. wine-presaer 
Lagarta, if. female lizard 
Lagartera, ^. Ucard-hole 
Lagartero, ra. a- catching li< 

LagartHéro, ra. a. catching 

Li^árto, tm. lizard, huignia 
of the order of Santiago, 
gnsaet, artful person 

Lago, «m. lake 

Lagotear, vn. to flatter 

Lagotería, <f. flattery 

Lagot«ro, ra. a. flattering 

Lágrima, if. tear, any mois- 
ture trickling in drops 

I a^Timiible, a. worthy of 

Ld^imál, tm. comer of the 


Lagrimar, ] 

to weep 
Lagrimdsoi sa. «. weeing, 

Laguna, if. Uke, blanks in a 

book or writing 
Lagunajo, tm. small pool of 

water in a field aftar rain 
Lagunar, am. timber-roof 
Lagunero, ra. a. belonging to 

marshes or lakes 
Lagundto, sa. a. marshy 
Lama, 4f. mud, slime, detb 

of gold or sHver, fin* sand 

nsra for moctar, doat vt 

oras in mines 
Lamber, va. V. Lomar 
Lam^T^a, if. worm hred im 

the human body 
Lamedal, tm. a muáájtgáxf 

Lsuroeddr, ra «. licker 
Lapiedúra, if. act of Udclng 
Lamelar, va. to roll copper 

into sheeta 
Lamentable, a. Iatnentabl« 
Lementaddr, ra. t . lamentcr 
Lamentar, vm. y r. to lament • 
Lamento, tm. lamentation 
Laraenttf&o, Ha. a. lamentable 
Lameplatos, tm. Uck-plata 
Lamer, va. to lick 
Lametid^ if. thing licked or 

Lamia, if. fidmlooa monster, 

kind of shark 
Lamido, da. a. deformed 
Lamiente, jw. licking 
Lámina, {f. plate, copper 

plate, pabitinig or print put 

to, da. 
with plates or laminas 
Laminar, tyi. to roll or beat 

metal into shce^ 
Laminero, ra. t. manufectu- 

rer of metal plates 
Lamiscár, Uck with haste 
Lamlznéro, ra. t. lickerish 
Lamdso, sa. a. oosy, slimy 
Lampacear, va. to sw^b 
Lámpara, if. light, gla&s- 
lamp, spot of ou or gTea»e, 
branch of a tree placed at 
the door on festivals 
Lamparéro,ra. t. lamp-lighter 
Lamparflla,«/. aturt of coarse 

Lamparín, «m. rase Into^ 
which a glass lamp is put 
Lamparista, *. com. lamp- 
Lamparón, im. kind's eril 
I La^pa^^^f^^hiut»c plant 
Digitized b; 

raamparon, «m. Kin 


l.«mpáMk«*n. a swab, » mop 
to clean «hips 

^f. lampray. 

Lámpsana, tf. kind of wild 

I.ainpúga, #/. Und of crab 

lAnA, if. wool» ihort curled 
iMir of Mme animals, 
■wcoUen manufkctuM in 

l^andila, ^f' qmnge for dean- 
Inc cannons 

V»a£tt a. wooden, 

Uaoe, tf. caa, casting of a 
nee, «^lanoc, sodden qnar- 
zd, skiU of a plaTcr. Dt- 
Unee. dieap; pf. misdie- 
«aaporn; plot of a play 

I,aiiceir, va. to wmind with 

XiABcéra, <f. book» In an ar> 

l«lic<To, «M. pikeman 
l^ancéta, ^. laacat, potter*» 


a. «^ a thin and flat 

• of itooe, barge, mare 


Ida, 4A a lighter AiIl 

Lincbdn,«ii«. lighter 
JUndMnéro, $m. Ughierman 
- • dofgaanl> 

düp in India 
Locirdia, ^. tmaU t 
1 4*"** I ^. an cj 

«f heotb-laad 
Landgrave, tm. 
LandSla, V. Padre. 
Landre, 4f. a morUd swclUng 

of the glanda, acorn 
Landrec^a, ^f. round Inmp 

among thefdands 
LandiiUas. ^ «mall grain* 

which grow nnder A* 

tongues of liog» 
Lanank, h: shop where wash- 

«é wool is 9¿á 
Laatfroj «m. dealer hi 

warHwoeelbr wool 

Laagastlna, •m.-grass'hopper 

^ a. Inflrm, weak 

taijiifaMe, «iLauguidéaa^^r 


H, d«c» of tpiritt 
Lánguido, a.langukl, dull 
L«agptfr,«m. languoi 
LanBlcio j lanTiicacidn, «. 

woollen manufacture 
Lanilla, tf". nap of doth, swan 

Lanio, a. a. woollen 
Lanokidád, tf. down of the 

leaves ofpUnu 
Lantfso, sa. a. V. Lammdo 
Lantejuela, 4A spangle» scurf 

left on tlie skin after my 

Lantéma, if. lantern 
Lanudo, da. a. woolly 
Lanugindso, «a. a. Isnuginous 
Lanza, if. lance, pole of a 

coach, pikeman 
Laaxadéra, if. sbuUle 
Lanzador, ra. t. thrower 
Lanzamiento, tm. the act of 

launching or casting 
Lancár, va. to el-vtce, cast 

np» let loose ; vr. to rmh 

m. a short and 

LáAa, if. cramp-iron, green 

LaftAr, va. to fiuten two 
things together with a 
crarap-iron, lament 

Lapa, {T' Kaxi rai'.ed on the 
saifiMe of some liquors 

Lapachar, tm. hole ftUl Of 
mud and mire 

Lapicero^ tm, a metal pencil- 


<f. a flat stone 
'I, if. the art or pn>> 
of a lapidary 
t. lapidary 
rla. a. lapidary 

L^iidirlo, «m* 
Lt^ridirio, rla. t 

Lapidiñcaoitfm if.' pettlflca- 

Lapidificar, vo. to petrify 
L^iidifico, oa. «^ '--'^ 

UpU, «as. black chalk 
Lapizar, tm. black laad mine 
Lapizar, M. to draw with 

black ebalk or laad 
Ldyso, tm. lapse of time 
Laque, t$H. running footman 
Lar, tm. an aiin»hiBi««s-M(d 
Lares, tm. pL bouse-godi of 

Laririo, tm. place where th» 
wanJdppedi their 

jodir 3 La 

Lndir « Lardear» t«. to 


bMtc» beat with a stick 
Laidtfro ( Jutfvcs), tm. Thur». 

day before lent 
Lardo, m. lard 
Lardón, mi. a marginal not* 

of a book or wriung 
Lanbtio, sa. a. greasy 
Larga, if. delay 
Laigtfr, fo. to loosen. Tnám 

vUa larga, all sails out. 

Latgarttt to set sail 
Largo, ga. a. large, long; 

generous copiou*, prompt. 

lie largo d turct, Imgth- 

wise; ad. largely 
Largomira, if, telncope 
i«rg6r, tm. hngth 
Largueado, da. a. striped 
Larguero, tm. iambpoa ot* 

door or window 
Largueza, if. length, Ilbera- 

Uty, generosity 
Largura, if. length, longi- 
lárice, tm. larch-tree 
Laricino, na. a. bdonging to 

the larch-tree 
Larlge, applied to a Und of 

very red grapes 
Lartnga, if. turpentine ex- 
tracted farom the laicb- 

Láiviu if. mask 

Larval, a. ft' * " 

, — flri^itfhl 

Lasamiento, «m. last 
Lasáfta, 4f. a sort of paste 

Lascar, va. to ease off 
Lascivia, 4^*. luxuriance 
Lascivo» va. a. lasdvioiu» luZ' 

Lasflio, stn. a smaU knot 
Ladtúd, tj: Idsdtade 
Ldso,sa. a. weary 
Lastár, tu. to pay 
LásUma, if. grie^ ol^ieet of 

. va. to hurt, move 
to compassion ; vr. to be 
moved to compassion 

Lastimero, ra. a. sad, dole- 

LastinuiM, sa. a. doleful 

Lásto, tm. receipt given or 
belonaing to him who has 
paid for another 

Lastrar, va. to ballast a ship, 
to kaep any thiiw stoaay 
by means of a we^t 

Ldktie, tm. iMllast. Latirt 
gramo, heavy bailaxt» 

Lata d Htfia dc LaU if. tin 

-7. IfliM, I— - 



LatebroM>( w. a. hiding 

l.«terál,a. laMral 

LaOdo. tm. pant* bowltaf of 
a dog after game 

Latigazo, «IN. crack of a whip* 
unexpected offiencv 

LAtigo, tm. thong oi' a whip, 
rope with which any thing 
to be wei^ied is ástened 
to the ste¿-jar>i 

Latiguear, vm to smack with 
the laah of a whip 

Latiguera, <f. cord for Cut- 
ening to a weight or ba- 

Latiguero, «m. maker of whip 
thor^|»or ladiea 

Latin, «m. Latin 

Latinajo, «m. Latin Jargon 

Latinamente, oA in pa 

, Latinear,, va. 

speak or write Latin 
Latinidid, <f. latinity 
Latinlitmo, tm, latinlsm 
Latinizar, va. toiatinize;vii. 

to uxe words Iwrrowed flrom 

the Latin 
Latino, na. a. native of La- 

Üum ; q»pUed to the Wevt- 

cm cburdu Vtia latinat 

lateen saU. 
Latir, vn. to palpitate, yelp 
Latitár, BR. to lie concealed 
Latitud, 4f. breadth, distance 

ti any point or oblect ftom 

the equator. Laiitui cor- 

rtgida, corrected latitude 
Latitudinal,.. a..j«lating to tiie 

Ltfto, ta. a. large, diffuse 
Latdn, tm. brat», latten. 
Latonero, «m. brazier 
Latdnes, tm. bI. bufaa or 

ledges of diffiaraat thick- 

Latría, <f. worship 
Latrina, 4/. privy -boose 
{«úd. ^f. lute; a merchant 

LaAda, 4f. tombstone 
Laudable, a. Undable 
Láudano, tm. laudanum 
Lauddr, tw. to praise 
Laudatorio, ria. a. Undative 
iMúdtt ^f. a tombrtoiic with 

an mitaph engraved on it. 

LmJcf, lauds. Ad Imá 

at all hours 
Launa, ^; lai 

elaqr used for covering 


Laureando, tm. he who is to 

receive a digirea in a uni- 
Laureir, eo. to crown with 

laurel, graduate 
Lauredal, tm. plantatian of 

lanrd traes 
Laurel, rat. bmtd, crown of 

bays as a rcwai4 
Lanredia, qf. a crown of 

laurri, bay -tree 
Laurino, na. m 

Ladro, «m. laurel 
Lauto, ta. a. rich 
Lava, if. washing of metals 

in mines ; lava 
Lavacaras, tm. water whldi 

washed the face; flat 


fbul water 


Layir, «c to turn up Oym 

groond wiúk a lojfa 
LaycAl,*. Weal 
La^o, da. a. ¡gnemiimioao "j 


Lazareto, tm. lazaretto 
Lasarlll^ tm. boy who guide» 

Lazñlno, na. a. leprous 
Lázaro, tm. beggar covereA 

with rags, a cunning aitfal 

Lazo, tm. bow, snare, ^c^. 

bond, the act of decojtatK 
toa certain spot ; pf. 

IS ftom 



Lavacidn, 4f. lotion, wash 
Lavacro, tm. washing place ; 

Lavddéro, tm. washing place, 
pit in which tanners clean 
their skins 
Lavaddr, t. washer, burnisher 
Lavadura, ^f. wash 
Lavajo», tm. fl. pool 
Lavamanos, tm. a washing 

stand in a sacris^ 
Lavanco, tm. a kind of wild 

Lavandera, <?. laundress 
Lavandera, tm. washer 
Lavandula, <f- lavender 
Lavar, tMt. to wash, clear 
fkom an imputation, white 
wash a wall 
Lavativa, tf'. clyster 
Lavatorio, tm, lavation, me- 
dicinal lotion, ceremony of 
washing the fcet on H.oly 
Lavazas, 4^. pi. tool water 
running mm a washing 
Lave, tm. washing of metals 

in mines 
Laxa, <r. thin flut stone 
LaiAcidn, ^f. looeening 
Laxamiento, Laxitud y Laxi- 
dad, t. laxation 
LaxAr, va. to loosen 
Laxttívo, va. «. laxative 
IAeó, xA. a. fieeble, Ux 
Laya, ^f. quality ; two-prong- 

game to a < 

egurob in dancbig; 

riibes mads ''"- "- 

made with. the pen 
Leal, «.loyal 
Lealtad; «f. loyal^, gentle- 

nass towitrds a master, ap- 

pHed to beasts 
L^iéche, tm. south-west wind 
L bráda, tf. fricassee made of 


ebrastdn,mi.anoldhare; a 

cunning crafty fellow 
Jjtkiél, tm. grey-hound 
Lebréla, 4f. greyhound bitdi 
Lebrero, ra. a. apulied ta 

dogs fbr hunting hares 
Lebrfllo, tm. a glazed earthen- 
ware tub or pan 
Lebrrfn, tm. coward 
Lebruno, na. a. of the hare 

Leccldn, <f. reading, lesaon, a 

discourae upon any subjert 
Leccionário, tm. lesson-book 

of the matins 
Lechada, <f. lime slaked or 

dissolved in water 



Leche, if. 


Vaca dt 

Iedk«, milk 


first prin- 

ciple at a science or art. 

de lech€, fbster- 




Latoea, <f. a Umü kif «r 

Layador, tm. he who labours 
the sou with ' 

LedieciUas, <f. p/. sweetiweai 
of calves, lambs, and kids; 
Uvers and U^ts 

Lechera, if. a bier 

Lechería, ^f. GOwhoOM 

Lechero, ra. a. milky 

Lechero, ra. t. milkman «r 
woman; tan-pit 

Lechettfn, tm. milk-pail 

Lechigada» i', litter, crowd « 

Lech¿. mu. Mnt, oUtm fkk. 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 


léebo, tm. htdf litter. Ltdm 
át lobo» hannt oT a wolf ; 
bad of a rivar. LaekoSf 

Ltdute, «m. • lacking pig ; 
a dirQr fieDow fai p^t of 
th ' ca» or numner of üw- 

Ltchán», 4/V fucking female 

L«chi5io» sa^ a., milky 
Ln^«ga, 4f. lettuce 
Leduigádo, da. a. having 

leaves like lettuce 
Lechuguero, ta. «. retailer of 

Leclragnfno, tm. plat of unall 

LadHiza, <f. owl 
Lechuzo, za. a. nickling 
Ledto, «m. ancient vaae like a 

Leeticário, am. ledan-cfaair- 


«m. bancpiet of 



hu, ^ Í 

tin J of ituir 

niiirt« i^r^Llt a 

1.4 v<ool 


<l3rL0t ii" 



!*■, .Í. LeifiE- 



= ij, i«t. fli 



•..*i. K.r,F 


ni ■..-,, ,li. 

' ..-irlonary 


. t . •*•# 


:^L■.l/ r... 

¡ „L>Utor 


"I- ■ ' '- 

. '• i.Lte, cen- 


'lú'^K '■' 

. iginUtÍTe 


"■ . 'Ature 


■•' ■•■ ;■;■; 

1 iritoerHo 
■i ..r of laws 


"'"" 'J' I* 

r M 1^1 1 or share 

the heathen gods 
liectfvo, va. a. applied to tlie 
time of lecture in univer- 

l<ectarádo, «m. inititation of 

IcctortlsMi. office of lecturer, 

l^ectoria, 4f. lectoscship 
Itectúray 4f. lecture 
iradamente, «^ TDerriljr 
Iteér, «•.. to read any thing 

written, lecture 
J^te^jif. laical nun exempt 

nom the choir 
LqpKia j^Lcgaddn, «f^ em- 

r, legacy 

Ligadteá, 4f. liiptture 
leityt, am. bundle of loose 

nt tne pstemai or maternal 
Legitimar, mi. to prove, pro 
cure to any the ri(^ts of !«• 
gitimate birth 
Legitimidad, ^. legitimacy 
Legítimo, ma. a. legitimate 
Lego, tm. layman, lay- 
brother; ignorant; «. lai- 
Legihi, «m. spade 
Legrar, va. to trepan 
L^ua, 4f. a league 
Legumbre, tm. puhe 
LegumiB(i<o, sa. a. Icgunu- 

Leíble, a. legible 
Leído, da. a having read 

much, book-learned 
Lcimma, tm, interval of 

Ldania, ^f. distance 
L^áno, na. a. distant 
L^as ad. at a great distance, 

L^oHf tm. perspective 
L^, jas. a. distant 
L^uékM ad. at a little di«- 

legate's embassy 
l«g£lo. «m. dnnitv, 1( . 
"""*"- m. day-labourer 

¡jSS^. legal, .Tue 

UgUiéUi, 4tf. lenUty 

l«fBHxacidn, «/T attestation 

of a signature- or subsorip- 

I. to legalize 
LMJmo, tm. sUme, mud, or 

di9 left by water 
L^gantdao, sa. a. slimy 
l«ár, M. to depute, beqoMth 

Sya but will 
lt§ittrio, tm. legate* 

LeUU 6 LiUK, tm. war hoop 
of the Moors 

Lelo, la. a. stupid 

Lema» 4 . argument of a poem 
explained in the tiUe 

Lemosin, na. a. native of, Li- 

Len, (I. applied to soft un- 
twisted sik 

Lencería, ^f. assortment of 
linen, linen-draper's shop 

Lencero, ra. t, linen -dra]<er 

Lendél, tm. circle d»(cilbed 
by a horse turning a wheel 
to raise water out of a well 

Lendrera, </. a chise or »mall 
comb ibr taking out nits 

Lendr^xiy «m. plaet full of 


Lendrdsot sa. a. nhty 
Lengua, <f. tongue, fanj^ 
imormation, dapper c _ 
bell, needle of a balance. 
Lengua del agua, at the 
edge of the water. Lmgiám 
tdbia, learned language 
lienguido» tm. sole, a fish 
L«ngu¿ge, rat. language 
l.«nguAiáz, a. fluent, forward, 

licnguáz, a. loquacious 
LtfiíKüéu. ^f. windpipe ; 

needle of a lialance 
Leng.i«tAda, ^. the act of 

. «ngueterfa, tf. collection of 
tubes with valves in an 

L.enidádt ^f. lenity 
I^eniflcUr, va. to leni^ 
Lenificativo, va. a. moUil^ing 
Lenitivo, va. a. lenitive 
Lenitivo, tm. emollient 
I enizAr, va. to noften 
Lenocinio, tm. pimping 
Lente, ^f. lens 
I«nt^aála, ^f. spangle 
Lenteza, iff. slowness 
Lenticular, a. lenticular 
Lentitud*. 4f. slowness 
Lento» ta a. tlow 
Lentdr, tm. leiUor 
I/fcnzuélo, «fN. handkerchief 
liéña, tf. wood, timber 
Lefiadiir, ra. t. woodman 
] ^'fiAr, va. to cut wood 
Lefiériu. <r. place fur fire 

íieftázgo, tm. pile of wood 
Leñero, tm. tlmber-nMrchant> 

tini tier-yard 
Leño, tm. block 
LefM)s« a. woocfj 
Ledn, tm. lion 
Ledna, ^f. lioness 
I.eonádo, da. a. lion-coloarcd 
Leat\éTn^ ^f. place or cage 

where lions are shut up 
Leonero, tm. keeper of lions ; 

f a gambling 

Leonés, sa. a. belonging to 
the kingdom or city of 

Lcdntca, tf. vein under the 

tongue, chiefly used oc 

Leonino, na. a. leonine 
Leonina, <f. elepbantiasb 
Leontepetalón, «m. a pUutt» 

the root of which is an an. 

'tidote fiyr the poison oC • 


Digitized byLjOOQlC 


t^eopátdo, (in. leofpard 

Lepra, tf. leyitaiy 
Leprdso, sa. a. leproiu 
Lerdez, «f. slowseM 
Lérdu, da. a. slow, hear? 
Laddn, ^. hart, dama«e 
Ladvo, «a. a. preJudicUd 
Lema, ^. an awl 
Lesnordéste, m. «a»t-north 

east wind 
Léio, sa. a. woondrf, hurt 
Lett, «m. la»t, a certain 

weight or measure 
Leste» «m. east wind, east 
Lesuéste, tm. east-south-east 

Letal, a. mortal 
Letanía, «f. litanv 
Letárgico, ca. a. lethargle 
Letáigo, tm. letharg; 
Leticia, <f. joy, mirth 
Letifiero, ra. a. lethiftirous 
Letificante, pa. «xhilanting 
Letificar, vs. to rtjoice 
Letra, <f. letter, writing, com- 
poeed of letters, t7pe,motto, 
till of escfafloage» order, 
wcards of a song. A'ia le- 
tra, literary 
Letrada, cf. lawyer's wifc 
Letitfdo» da. a. learned ; tm. 

literato, lawyer 
Letrtfro, tm. in8ciipti<m 
Letrina, ^f, a privy 
Letuario, tm. electuary 
Leudar, va. to fferment the 

ouus ofdoua^ wiúi leven 
Leudo, da. o. rernMAted 
Xiéva, 4f. art of weighbig an- 

dior, presa ; pt. tricks 
Levada, if. silcworm which 
moves from one place to 
Levadéro, ra. a. that which is 

to be demanded 
Levadizo, za. a. that can be 

Levadura, if. fbrroent, board 
cut oif firom a piece of tim- 
Levantada, </*. rise 
Levantaddr, ra. i. one who 

raises; disturber 
Levantamiento, tm. eleva- 
tion, insurrection, balance 
of accounts 
Levantar, va. to raise, build ; 
impute fklsely ; elevate ; cut 
the cards ; vr. to stand up, 
recover fironi sicknesa 
Levante, tm. Levant ; rise ; 
east, cast wind. C(/mereio 
d« Ltaantttthe Levant trade 
J 9^ 


Librante, Ml. solicitor 

Libranza, ^f. V. Ubramtltmtm 

Librar, va. to free, dimvr « 
bill or money, dispatdi, 
commit, deddie, tenteno* 

Libre, a. free, independent, 
exempt, kmocent, shyle, 
licennous, rash 

Librea, if. Uvery 

Librear, va. to weis^ 

Librería, tf. books^er's shop, 
trade at a booksdler, U- 

Librero, twt. bo<As^er 

Libreta, •/. small pound ef 
twelve ounces; small me- 
morandum book 

Libro, «IN. book, división or 
part of a work. labra 
becerro, doomsday book. 
Libro men/or, ledger. Libro 
de qttarenta, pack of carda 

Libúmica, if. Ugfat veead 
used at Leghorn 

Lkantrdpia, ift licanthioiiv : 

Licéncia,<f. license, ezcesave 

Licenciado, tm. a licentiate 


Levar, DA. to weigh anchor 

Leve, a. light 

Levedad, ^. lightness 

Levigár, va. to levigate 

Levita, tm. levite 

Levitico, tm. book of Levi- 
ticus. ceremonial 

Lexia. if. lye 

Lexicógrafo, tm. lexicogra- 

Lea;ic«5n, tm. lexicon 

Lexio. tm. (among dyers) lye 

Ley, if. law, loyalty, religion, 
alloy. A toda ley, per- 
fiectly; »/. collection of 
laws, study of the law 

LeyéndJa, 4/*. lecture, liigend 

Léyla, if. a Moorish dance 

Lézda. if. ancient tax on 

Lia, if. a thin bais-npe 

LUr, va. to tie ; vr. to eon- 
tract an alliance 

Liaza, if. collection of hoops 
used by coopers 

Libación, if. libation 

Libamiénto, tm. the oflTcriqg 
in ancient sacrifices 

Libar, va. to suck 

Libelar, oo. to petition 

Libelista, tm. UbeUer 

Libelo, tm. petition, libel, a 
defiunatory writirá 

Liberal, a. liberal, brisk 

Liberalidad, <f. liberality 

Libertad, if. Uberty, exemp- 
tion, Ucñise, firecdom 

Libertado, da. a. Ubertine, 
free. Idle 

Libertador, ra. t. deliterer 

Libertar, va. to ftee, clear 
from an obligation 

Libertina, tm. liberthdsm 

Libertino, na. t. child of a 
iVeed man ; a. libertine 

Liberto, im, a ftved man 

Libicoáfrioo,«m.wetterlv wind 

Libicondto, tm. south-west 

Libidindso, sa. a. Ubidinous 

Libra, <f. a pound weight. 
Ubra eitertina, a pound 

Libradlo, tm. an cM. worm- 
eaten IxxA or paper — ^ 

Libración, if. libration Lientericoy ca. a. Umterie 

Librador, if. d^verer ; oop> Liento, ta. a. damp, moist 
iier-shovel lÁémtL tm. linen, handker- 

Libramiento, tm. ddlvoy, I chief, painting' on üñcB { 
deliverance, warrant ftontof a boilding 

Librancista, tm. one who Liga, if. garter; rad>ll0it 
hold) a warrant or order of kwne; all^ 
payment, a clerk who dMW> I LIgaddn, 4 ~ 
up waitants j - . . . 

íMxaciuao, oa. a. uuottev 
Licénciamiento, tm. act of 

becoming a ilomtiate 
Licenciar,!», to license; vr. to 

Licencioso, sa. a. ílcentioaa 
Liceo, «OT. lyceum 
Lichen, tm. liver-wort 
Lichera, </*. wooUen cover of 

a bed 
Lición, if. lesson 
Licito^ ta. a. licit, lawlhl 
Licor, tm. liquor 
Licoroso, sa. a. affiled to 

generous wine, sptrltuow 

and aromatic 
Lid, if. conflict 
Lidiador, «in. combatant 
Lidiar, vn. to fight; m. to 

run «r fi^t bulls 
Liebrast^ tm. leveret 
Ltebratioo, «m. young hare 
Liebre, tm. hare; coward 1 

pt. rack or ribs; dead caret 
Liendre, ^f. nit 
Lientéra y Lientcrik, if. Urn- 

»» aiic. 

I, <r. act of tjmm 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 


UcadAra, ^f. ligmtnic, le 
Üajpbnba, ^f. gutee. 

^f. Tiacous o» 

glatinons matter around 


Ligamento^ «m. bandage 

LigamiéntOj «m. union, Ii< 

LifCár, va. to tie, bind, allay 
or aUo7, league, render im- 
potent by charms, exorcise ; 
vr. to be leagued, bind aa»'* 
sdf to the perfonnance of a 

Li^adn, ^f. onion, futtock- 

Ligereza, ^T. U^teeH, agi- 
lity, leri^, unchastity 

Ligero, ra. a. li|^t, thin^ 
swift, unsteady, eaqr; ^ 
lalifierat ligfaÓy 

lágenéiAj ^. early grape 

IJ^, a. a. feudal 

Lígamelas (Uvas), a. « 

Li((uíUa. <f. kind of narrow 

Lígula, if. an opening in the 

Lfla, if. lilac tra»; a kind of 

Hgbt woollen stuff* 
LiUc, «OT. lilac 
Lilao, sm. n«tentatlon 
Libfyla, if. thin woollen stafT; 

ríd^nüotts impertinence, 

prank, trick 
LiUUet, 4m» pi. warhoep of 

the Moon 
Lima, if. lime, the fruit ; 

strunieitt to cut or snuMth 

metals; diannel in the 

rOof of a house Sat ttie 

water to pass to die eaves 
Limadura, «f. act of iUinc 

fiUngs ^ 

Limálto, if filing» 

' wi. to file, gnaw. 

Ltmataki, jm. coane round 

Limaza, if. snail 
LimAso, *m. visooslty 
iJmazdn, am. slug 
Limbo, tm. Uruw, limb; 

«dee, border 
LiffiSW>, fia. m. native of 

Jiim^m,^^. shop-woman who 
, selbtUa»; hdmport 
Lfmér^nu «. shop-keeper 

#he «Ma ftlct Of limca 


Limeta, if. pbial 
Limitte, «m. cloth 

Segofvia wool 
Limitido, da. a 
Limitáneo, nea. a. limitary 
Limitar, va. to limit, ftrm 

bounder ies, restrain 
Límite, tm. limit 
Liraitrdfe, a. limiting 
L<mo, «m. slime, mud 

shafts of a cart 
Limonada, td: lemonade 
Limonado, da. a. lemon-eo- 

Limontfge, «m. the art «f 

boats and pilot-baig( 

out of ahatbonr, to 

▼easd Into port 
Limonar, mi. plantation of 

Limonero, ra. t. dealer in le- 
mons; a. qmlied 

shaft horses in ca 


Limosidad, if. 

Llmdsna, if, alnu 

iimosnéro, «ti 

Limdso, sa. a. slimy 

Limpia, iif. the act of dean.- 
ingor rieaiwing 

limpiadera, if. iastmmcai 
usedibr waging 

Limpiadientes, tm. toothpick 

iJmpiaddr, ra. t. cleanser 

Limpiadura, ^. act of clean»- 
Ing; dirt 

Limpiar, no. to dean, pnri^, 
pursue; vr. to dear one^ 
self from imimted guilt 

Limpieza, V*. cleanness, chas- 
tity, integrity, ümpicko 
de boUu, emptincas ok the 

Limpio, pia. a. clean, neat, 
elegant, pore. Jugar Itm^ 
plo, to deal fair. Cotia Um- 
utOf clear coast 

Limpidn, «m. the act of clean. 

Lin^, mm. lineage, data 

Linagfrta, Ml. geneakigist 
Lbiajiido, mi. one who boasti 
of his origin or ikmily, ge- 

Lintfza, if. Unseed 
Lince, MS. lynx 
pndáfio^ Mb landmark 

4nde y 

m. lead- 


LiiuJf , a. cnnDgseiu 

of l'ÍTuléro» ra. a. iMMtl«ni» 

LinAéti}. tm- V, Li'iSr 

Liivdi?, di, a. ntM 

Lindo, kwv, i^au 

LLndAh, m, i-iü^fi 

LilnctOiaT ^. t!ít¿&. 

LíiiiíMf ^jT, line, „ . 

iMwndarr^^WiJ^iEitary efl- 
atí^htuoaix, Linm Om Ib» 
>ti«jm^fJ riuícJi^ ilie bip 
Umlter Iki,^ «tumactíal 

ÍAtxHI, e. LEtKc4t 

I..Jnoár, tfl. tu draw Jinn 
Lifj«rtp^ ra, i. cfa^cria Els i or 

Linfi, 4/; Ijrinph 

Li/iAni#ti'p fin. if^yj or bjtoI 
LájK^ tm. ÜñM t linen, feallttgi;h, 

Lrnrm, «Ml, lAtwn 

Liitítír im, unlet if q d»r 

Lintcmif IT. lAJiTrm <ir Líim. 

duk ]u]ti,-Ti] 

Linlt-m4rD,«*w. I snECfti- enpim- 
UPio, tm. rvw l.<i Tln« in 4 

Lj^o» ink bundle 

LitjLiitiJr. ii. ij'iuah]? 

L|i]UflT, t^. Id iiqu^ 

Ll iguií^facián , ^/t lii|u-' 

LUikle^rlltritH (9, Ijqi 

Mquidá4iL», .*. t|i4ocl, 

Llnnirldmbar, Jin. I^^idajii' 

JÍH|oi4;ile; vr-, ¡a beccmc 

Tj'quidap a. ll^uLiip tvidettc 
Ijfáp </; l*TF, a hiip 

l.iilA, ff. V, 1^1 

Litigo, ca. a, l[yr|i: 
Liriu, m. lllj 
LLrvn, #;ii. (tkirniO^ita 
LLrtHido^ dii. d. puiu, nt^i 
!►]», </L ilgim-Lle-luce 
Li*ir*r if^ itme cphc liitd ip 
■JLt-wpnn blud* 

Li-iVt Ur. i3. i^laln, nvn, 

Li:(fi«JjLl^o, dA. dn itvnmbic 

LiitfitiKL^ru, r-4. iT. it^EICCing 

Lj..diiJ!SH If. jdul»[J4jii 
LUíHtInáJr, ro^ '■ flaitniT 



IMMt nf. dip of 

' i4itP, ta. a. ready, latanpc 
_ JJs(<5n, «IN a huge thnd; 

Listoneria, tf. pared of ri- 

bandii and infcm 
XJatonérof ra. «. ttband- 

Lisura^ tf. smoottaneMt tin- 

cerlty, candour 
Litación, If. sacrficing 
Utár, DO. to sacriñoe 
titáiK» J Litargtrloy am. 

Lfte, ^f. lawniit, prootM 
Litera, <;. Utter 
Utenil, «1. literal 
LiteraUsta, «m. he trhe pro» 

ftcMs to understand wofd> 

and ezpreMiam in their 

literal Miue 
Literario, rla. a. literary 
Literito, ta. a^ learned 
I4ter«túra, </*. literature 
Literéro, «m. director of lite- 
Litigante, {M. litigater 
Litigiir, tw. to litteate 
Litigio, $m. Htigaura 
Lit gidho, uu a. litlgioa* 
Litis A'- V. PlfSHo 
Litixconsdrte, f.eom. ano ci at e 

In a law^tuit 
Xitlspeodéncia, <f. pending 
LitócoU, </; lithocolU 
, Litófito. «m. lythopfayte 
Litografía, if. a dei«i'ipticB of 

Litiigrafb 6 Litdlogoi «m. an 

.autlior who derribes stones 
Litologia, tf. natural hutory 

of stones 
Lltuo, «m. ancient military 

instrument of munic 
^itúripa, 4/. form ot' prayers 
Litúrgico, ca. a. belonging to 

the liturgy 
Liviandad <f lightness, levity, 

Liviano, na. a. ÜKÜt, imi«u- 

dent, inooniinent 
- LiviJo, da. a. V. i^moreladn 
n Lixa, 4<: dog-Ufch, skin of the 

lizár, na. to smooth 
14m, <r. skate; ÜU fcr 

lato, tm. Kkein ef silk 
Linfn; Ml. V. AlUma 
LUga, if. wo<ind, hart ; crack 


between tlie bricks of a 

vaU - 
Llagaddr, ta. «. woondcr 
Llagar, tw. to wound 
Llama, 4f. flame, fSgrce and 

note; parley 

Uamaddrr ra. t. servant of a 
salesman who calls people 
into his shop i beadle 

lilamamiéntQ, «m. convoca- 
tion, iatpiratiaQ 

Llamar, to. to call, name; 
excite tfainet : vn. ^quote. 
Ei viemta Uama 4 proa, 
the wind hanls for. 

Uomarida, ^f. a flash, fbrd- 
ble cmotioa of tlie 

Llamativo» va. o. exdtliw 

4f. trowd; page of a 

LUno, 4 

»....»., <f. a wide tract of 
levd ground, a plain 
Llan^ta, if. evetmess, plain- 
ness, uncultivated ttyl* 
Llano, na. a. plain, meeiCf 

unmannerly, clear, flrank 
LUno, «m. a level Add 
Llanta, <f. a kind of cabbage i 
iron hoop whidt covers the 
Llantén, tm. pl a n tai n 
LUnlo, «IN. flood of teon 
LUmár* tw. to add an addi. 
tiosial portion of quicksilver 
in extracting roctab 

Llanura, ^f. evi 

tract of levd 

Llares, «us nf. pot-hanger 

Llave, if. key. Instrument, 
winch of a stocking'fram^ 
lock, cock for fcontains, 
barrels, &c. 

Llavero, ra. «. keeper of the 
keyset aplace 

Lldco, CO. a. uncultivated 

Llegtfda, <f. arrival 

Ll^^, va. to arrive, last, 
continue, attdn apurpose, 
sufllce, ascend ; uo. to ^- 
proach ; vr. to proooed to 
some nei^bouring place 

Llena, if. alluvion 

' lenár, tw. to Ail,,oceapy a 
public place, make up a 
number, beget young; vr. 
to feed glmianously 

LWno, «m. ^«t, pa ' 

Lleno, no. «.fuU 


LMto,^. stalk of plants bear- 

Lléva, if. act of carrying 
Llevada, if. carriage 
Llevadero, ra. u. toleraalc 
Llcvaddr, ra. «. carrier 
Llevar, va. to carry, reoojvvr, 

bear, excd, exceec^ ouflks, 

lead, raans^ aborw, gain ; 

en. to be reprimanded. 

LUvar la pma at nonlomU^ 

to stand to the north-west ; 

vr. to suflkr one's self to be 

led away by passion 
Lloradera, if. mourn» 
Lloraddr, ra. «. weqier 

IJ»o, tm. act of we grfag 
Lwidii, m. woQier 
Ltortfnas, <f. pf . weepers 
Llordsotsa. a. mourmnl 
Llover, va. to rain, poor doitm 
as rain, shower ; vr. toac- 
netrate the rodf wiúi lam 
Llovidso, sa. «. V. Ltmriom 
Llovizna, if. mist 
Llovixnár, tw. to drizxie 
Lluvia, if. roinj shower 
Llttvfateo, sa. a. ttixty 
Lo, prom, pevtr. it 

Loodt^r, ra. «. praiscr 
Lodm, tm. loam 
Lotfnda, ij: kind of scurrjr 
Lotfr, vo. to praise. V. iUoter 
Ldba, if. slie-wolf ; long gown 
worn hy derórtMn ^nd 
students; ridge between 
Lobado, «m. morUd swdUng 

Lobtf to» «m. yeong wolf 
Lobera, tf. strait door or pas- 

LobCTo, ra. «. rdotfaig to 

Lob«re»mi. V. g i jfl ii i eiiaMa 

Lobésno» ««I. ayeong weir 
Ltfbo,«M.wolf; lobo» adl»* 

tinetpait; ivanlaetmaaaat 

iMT «Uteding or scaUag 

Ltfb« Maiteo, «01. aca-wolf 
Lobdeo,sa. a. ftill cf. wolves 
Lóbrego, ga. a. mnky 
L(^bnnMc<r, vo. te grew 



Lotomtfs, ^. tibvdmMy 
IJh&t M*. a anull lobe « 

lirfiteo, na. «. woHish 
I^irál, s. local 
I^caficUd, <r. locality 
l4iche. d Z>^, ^. kMch 
LocitfB, «f. lotion» wash 
hicot ca. «. mad, fool ; a- 

liocnc.óa,-^. locutloa 
Locura, «T. madnoa 
L»aaHáT\»t tm. iparloar 
Lodaz^ Xodacbár, 7 Lo- 
dazar, am. a moddljr 

liMo, «Ml. mnd, anira 
Lodd&o,MM. nettla-tfae 
Uddao» «a. a. mvddy, nivy 
Lrf tf Lo, «M. the wcathar- 

LMir.aOT. V. E^mgmr.aMi^, g 

iltliim,,-4fa. V. Alfálar 
Lagmtunot «m. logariúnn 
Lí^c*,^f. logic 
U^eál, a. logical 
,Uglco, ca. a. lof^cal 
'fcRütíca. <f. logirtki 
LflgDgrifo, am. «nifnoa 
Uianiáqola, ^. togonadiy 
Loirir. wa. to ^ain, p oaaa w, 

avail one's amct, hit opon ; 

«r. to nap dw bncfit of 

ancTa laboar 
Umár, vn. to borrow or 

toad OB faltaren 
Urate, <r. "W3r,_^ 
Lt yrtto, ra. «. lender at 

Ltfpa»«iii. cain, attafaunent of 

aooM porpoae. intcrat 
Lfcna,^. topafabiU 
UmMxda, if. kind ef gun ; 

red «abbaga 
lAübardáda. '/• * *hot fitom 

aLorabardy gun 
LoBbardedr, wo. to dfachatge 

Lambaidy gnns 
Lombaiderfa, 4f. park «i 

LouBbardy gam 
Imabndáo, mm. soldier ap. 

poteted to Lombaidy guna 
Umbrfffwera, <r- bole made 

in tlie earth by worms 
laabXx, </: worm bred fai 

ttt humwi body» or in the 

'anali. Ill tr mir— **-?'-•" 
•ntOTHs In aclrcolar man- 

Loaéra, «f. «trap of bameaa 
vMch eroMa» theloms 


LomhihIéstOk ta. a. hlgll- 

book or cutttaM tool; iidga 

between two rorrows 
Lomtfso. sa. «. belongiag Co 

the loms 
Ltfna, it» caaTaaa, sail doth 
Ltfncha» <f. thin flat atone; 


L^dip,<f V. 

<f. avert of wooUan 

Ldndia, m.low veHd 
.... ^^ 

JLonganiBa, <r. akind oTIoag 

LeMár, o. appÜMl to a long 
pleoe of haneyoomb In 
the hire 

Lenginqno, qaa. a. distant 

Longitud, ^. lengtl», loi«|. 

Longltadindl, a. longUadi- 

Longobtfrdo, da. a. nativa of 

Longoára, tf. long and nar- 
row strlpaof land 

Liti^lB, <r. eschange; store 
mora te washed wools 
grocer^ shop; slice «T 
bain; portico, leather 

Loniéro,«M. grocer 
Loiíjéta, <r. V. Ceaadar 
Lopteia. <r. dbease whieh 

makes the hair fidl oat 
Loqtiacid4d. 4f. loquacity 
LoqiUU, a. talkative 
Loquear» va. to act the fool ; 

LoqOéla, tf. each one's parU- 

colar mode of «peaking 
Loquero, ra. «. keeper of a 

Loquesca, <f. the frantic de- 

mranuor of mad ytoflit 
Lóqnios, «m. W. lodiia 
Lorenz^ia, if. a sort of linen 
Lor^* If' coat of mail; 

Lorigidcs da. a. armed witha 

Lorigofllo, «m. dnob used Iqr 

Ltfr», ra. a. tawny 
Ldio,<m.pevrq|t; mulatto or 


Lesa, ^. flag stona» ; 
blocf of mafMa I 1 
Ldta,<f. lata, lotas 
Lotería, <r. lo«bR7 
LoiAdnmia. tf. lea edr omy 
•ka.</rdeill, — " 

I wovu 

Loaanfa, if. Inxarfanoe of 

verdure; iliaanra 
LozJnoiiia. a. luxarlant, «le- 

Ln'CS^dád, y Lnbricaddn, tf. 

lubrid^, lewdness 
Lubrico, ca. a. sihipery 
Luemdk, 4f. V. tUridaá 
Locéma, nf. glow-worm ; 

Lacémula, tf. hioene 
Lucero, «at. momiiq|-slar» 

Venus; lastre < part of a 

window where light en 

LudMlr, va. te wrestle, dls 

Lachami^go, ga. a. apalled 
todegi naodte catddug 
haras at idght 

Laddár. «a. to copy a pictart 

da. a. luSSCddniBg 


iMáéaaigkJt^ : glow-worm 
LncUir, «m. I^irUbr, Satan 
Luctfbgo. ga. a. flut which 

shuns the light 
Lodfccteo, na. a. devUiih 
Lucfllo, «m. tomb 
Lucimiento, «m. lucidity, 

splendour, Instie 
Lnctoa, tf. V. IbiMkn 
Luck», cia, a. lucid, bri^ 
Lucfr, vm. to emit lif^t, iDu- 
minate, outshine; ra. y 
r. to shine, dreu to advan- 
Lucrativo, va. a. lueratlTC 
Lucro, MM. gain, profit 
Lucrdso, sa. a. hicrific, proflt- 

Luctndso, sa. «. sad, moumftit 
Lucnbrackin, tf. lucubration 
Lucubrar, «a. to lucubrate 
LodMr, va. to ftrment 
Ludibrio» fin. mockery 
Ludio, a. a. V. FertmaUmi» 
■Laátr, m. to rub 
LuárÍB, if. V.NvtHa 
Loép. ad. prssently^joen 

Laftfno,Mn.smaU s&oglng MM 



pli^mait. time» cause, «en- 
timent of an author ¡ Em 
lugar de, instead of 
Lugarteniente, «m. deputy 
Lugo, «IN. kind of linen 
Lúgulire, a. Bad« moumfttl 
LoTcidn, <f. collection of rent 
Luir, VH. to be galled or fh.-t- 

ted ; va. to gather rent 
liUmbál, a. lumbar 
Lumbrada jrliumbraráda, </*. 

ezceitive fire 
Lumbre, itf". fire, spark» 
splendour ; »/. tinder-box, 
' hammer; tore part of 

Lumbrera, </*. lominarr, sky- 
Luminár,«*t.luminary, light, 

as opposed to shade 
Luminaria, <f. illumination 
Lnmindso» sa. a. luminous 
Luna, </*. moon ; glass plate 
tat mirrors ; effect or the 
moon upon lunatic peiqiie 
Lunaddn, cf. hinatlon 

,tf. hai 

Lunado, ds. a. 

Lunánco, ca. a. apHied to 
animals with one «{uarter 
hisher than another 

Lunar, «m. mole, note or 
stain of in£smy ; a. lunar 

Lunario, tm. V. Catendario 

Lunático, ca. a. lunatic 

Lunecfllo, «in. crescent worn 
by females 

Lunes, tm. Monday 

liUnéta, ^f. opening left in an 
arch in form of a half- 
moon ; pit in a tlieatre ; 
opera-glass ; crescent worn 
in tlie hair or shoes of &• 

Lunftta, tm. lunatic 

Lupanar, tm. brothel 

Lupanário, ia. a. belonglng to 
a brothel 

Lupia, <f. encysted tumour 

Lúpulo, Mt. hops 

sa. a. native of 


Luquete, tm. zest, match 


Lustraoldn, «f. Instratk» 
Luftradtfr, m. hot-prasa, h< 

Lustrál, a. applied to waf 

used in purifications 
Lustrar, ra. to expatiate, i 

lústrate, peregrinate 
Lustre, «m. gloss, lustre 
Lustrina, ^ a kind of gU 

sy silk stuff 
Lustro, tm. lustre, five yed 
LustnSso, sa. a. bri|(ht 
Luteranismo, tm, Luth 

Luto, tm, mourning 
Lutria, <f. V. NiUria 
Luxación, <f. luxation 
Luxáiw, t^r. to luxate 
Lúxo, Mil. luxury 
Luxúria, <f. luxury 
Luxuriár, tm. to be luxuriou 
Luxuridso, sa. a. luxurious 
Láz, if. liidit; iMtet, wiÉ 

dows, any thing that giv^ 

light, day, notice, lustn 

light hottw; A' tmemaiá 



Micz, <f. tmiise In firuitf 

""spot, stain, deceit 

Macaco, ca. t. parrot 

Macana, «f. a wooden wea- 
pon in the fiirm of a cime- 

Macareno, tm. a bully 

Maccantfn, «in. macaroon 

Macarronea, ^f. a kind of 
burlesque poetry 

MacarrdnicOfCa. a. macaronic 

Macarronismo, tm. the ma- 
caronic style of poetry 

Macarse, vr. to rot 

Maceaddr, am. beater 

Macear, vr. to beat or drive 
with a mallet; on. to re- 
peat frequently the same 

Maceraddn, tf. mortiflcation, 
cftporal severity 

Macerar, m. to macerate, 

Macerina, <f. a kind of waiter 
with a round cavj^ in the 

Mao^ro, tm. mace-tiearer 

JVI aceta, «f. flower-pot, 
haunch of mutton, two- 
clawed hammer, maul; 
JUaetta <fc qiitttar, a dxir- 
ing mallet 


Machaca, «. rom. an ignorait 


Machacadera, <f. instnibtent 

for pounding or breaking 
Machacad(>r, ra. «. a pounder 
Machacar, va. to pound or 

break any thing into pieces 

t>a. to importune 
Machacón, na. a. tieavy 
Machada, <f. flock of he-goats 
MaxMdOk «m. a hatchet 
Madiár, va. to pound 
Macheár, vh. to beget more 

males than females 
Maclkéte,<M.a chopping-knilie 
Machetero, «wt. one who 

clears away bushes with a 

Macho, «in. male animal, 

flesh of a he-goat; mould 

in which bells are cast ; 

hook to catch hold in an 

eye, a acrew'pin, «ledge- 
Macho, a. masculine 
Machdn, tm. buttress 
Machdrra, <f'. a barren ewe 
Macluftay MadiAte, «. a kind 

of beeUe or mallet 
Machucadura» 4f. the 4ct of 

pounding or broUfaag — 

Machucar, va. t« jw^ by L:.Oí5^?*^ ^ * *^*****^ 

Machúdio»dia. a. mature 
Macictfz. if. solidity 
Macilento, ta. a. lean 
Macis y Maci4s if- mace 
Macizamente» ad. in a ñiH 

Maci7iir, tu. to close u\ 

Macfzo, ra. a. compact, firn| 
Máda, if. wa'.er-caltropi 

wooden instrument I 

scotch flax or hetnp 
Macdca, tf. a large sort i 

early figs 
Macdlla, if. bunch of flowen 

&c. growing on one stalk 
Macuca, if. kind of pear 
Mácula, if. stain, ^iot 
Macular, va. to macalaM 

mark with in&aM 
Macnldso,sa a. ftnUerspotsI 
Macnqtifno, i >• ^ - 

cut away 
Madama, if. madam 
Mad«ra, if. timber, woodj 

Madtra dd a^rtt hcam ij 

Maderada, if. raft 
Madeiáge y If aderánien. tm 

the vSiSe of the tkwM 


af«fafr, M. to pUnk 
»Iiliiiiii,4f. Umb«r-yud 

"^ItáubáM, «M. coadottorof 
aoft or float «Ttiinber 

JiladéM, «M. tionk 

Madésa, ^. bank of timad, 
voatad, Ac. lock of habrj a 
«wklaxy pcfson 

MaánwtíM, tf, a naU akain 


Madtártra. 4f- ita|>-n)otlMr 

Madre. ^. motbar, hen ; Ma- 
in a* iMJkc, a vot-aane, 
matnm in an tatapital, ba- 
tía, bod of a livtr, Mwcr, 

MmMt, •«. to iwanblo ttw 

Xaditcflla, «f. ovariam of 

MadMcUYO. «m. a dwro 
XadtAa, if. V. áimaánIU 
Ut^mé^*» ^f. notber of 

SCadrapdva, 4/I naoRpavo 
Madrero, n. o. tadUag 
Madreaéln, ^f* koaay-Mckle 
lUdriis^do, da. a. caaniiig, 

arpUed to a tromaa twloo 

Madrigal» MM. maditgal 
VadrtnÁraMf. a borrow, don 
Mut^ébo, fia. a. aatiToof 

Madrina, ^. ndiBoCb«r, 

prop, strapa wbkh yoko 

two bono» 
Madrfs, 4f* naatris, woabt 

pUoa wbar« ^aails aottlo 
IfadnSna. ^. noÚMr om 

Madroocfllo, tmu ttvawberrr 
MadboB dl, am . ptontatian «f 

Madrofiéro, am. itnwbcny. 

Madnflio, ant* liraaboii*' 

Madrofáda, 4/: dawa 
Madru¿addr, ra. a. oarly iter 
Madrofár, vn. to riao miYj 

la tbe momtai^ oontri?c^ 

«adraflúa. am. act of iWi« 
aailj- in tbe mombif 

Madoracidn, 4f. rlpwit 

Maduradér^ aai. «laoa ftt 
liponfaw frote 

llMJaioddr, la. a. «no 1 


Madarár, «u. 7 tw. to ripen 
Madaiatfiroiva. a. (bat whictt 

Madarár, ^f. matarity 
Maddro» la. a. ripe, pradaiil 
Maaia,am.V. JfacaMI 
MaMra, tf. mictzoM, queen- 

^ . . territory b/ 
tbe maater of a milkarj 
order, office of mastar 
faaatrál, a. niagistcriai, 
nortb-woit; am. call of th« 

Maartránaa, «f. cavalcadcp 
dock<fard, rtdinc-^diool 

Maaatrááfo, tm. d%nitY of « 
giaad maater of a rauiury 
order, or ilia jariidlction 

Maáatia, aai. maater of a 
mefchent.aiap. Jfacafr» dr 

«a. to 

lop Tinm, ad 

rhañceilar la ac 


Maaatfla, «A instmetion of bi 

matter, gravity, degreo nf 

Maeatrfl, m. cdla in whkL 
tbe king or queen>bect an 

Madttro^ tra. a. maütcrly 


>|,i(gi«tf^atlf>4 ^. Jii4giatf*tt 

M ácri dfi^tiiU, nut, 4+ n 

>fa|in«ilat m. m^ 

^l4()tÉllt;i), Ci- T. 


ri iHEffTiel |p 

MÉi;iJj]Ear^vt' tc. iisAj:n]ry 

ífa^íra, 4/. » rbiier 
Majcu* i. *, V. H^t^ 

Ma{(ur7»r«t. ilimtfL^ mom 

ALE of 

M44dliami4::Tibi, «m.^ 

JK.JwriHH m*- *r^ u.Thappy 
]kl4ihi.'rir, tn. to cafi*ar« 

Maganto, ta. a. aptritleat 
Magdfta, tf. boney-comb 
MaadalMin, am. Mick» of 

Magdnea, </*. hoUow round 

Mamtdd. rf. mataity, title 
of emporota, (ingi, eni- 
preaaea,andqneea»; pow«f 
Mageatuotlddd, if. majeity 

" ^~idao,8a. a. mi^Jeitlr, 

r, grave 

V. magic, the prr- 
1 aoienoe of pottLu 
in action tbe power uf 
Mágico, ea. a. magic 
Mdgtook ea. a. mai^cian 

MaglalMo.a.-'. . maatery, ma»- 

magisteriaS i 

M^hijFDillica^ iM. füllowar of 

Mu^AliiJ^ If l| 

Malifflne* bjuir, fn. to luqlbm 

tituhihi, t*^ kuoag IjcoAdfoi- 

Inn cluLb 

MMh..kij, tr. TuEfelik inoi- 

M BÍílii^ j>rt. mew 
i AI af L' nfuin^ «m. fntqaallfj' la 

Mil/, iWr nuJjie 
:vf^J4, <f. TikHilal, mauL 

^I uJaiJdl r ««" ■ I^Bul DiMil ÍOV a 

.^iBjadaar, ipr, to tait ihcLlcr 

til iha iiJjtlit 
iWi^jiid^rla, ^. at>Did ipenh, 

Mii>ud-*rci, iM T)«ll«i p«und- 
nr^ |)b«ni «ItEfK banap ta 
IValvfVi g«wk 


If^iigriiitat, «m. • stupid 

UAaáínto, «m. whipping 

Mibao» Mk a cnun heap of 
ftoncs Mrving •• • Umd- 
■lark ^ , 

M^iár, tM. to pound, impor- 
tone» ves 

jMarrins, <f. frMh porte 

MaSteeia, «f. bout 

Mdo, j». «. boMtcr 

ttMta, to. to put itnps on 

Mi^ldrca, <f. V. Magorcm 
Mínela, 4r. fruttof the whUe 

Majuelo, tm. vine newly 

Mal, «tn. taiperffeetioR, lU- 
ne», fkolt; a. V. Méh: 
md. badly. -Anda mal, ht 
is a bad walker. De mai 
eu peor, mant and wane 
MáU, 4f. a raaU 
MaUcho, «m. a ^klj per- 
Malacostumbnído, da. «. ha- 
Tlngbad haMts or customi 
Malacuenda, <f. coarse cloth 

made of tow 
Alalacuéfto, ña. a. belonging 

to MahigA 
Malandanza, if. misfortune 
Malandrín, tm. a highway- 
man; 6. malign, perverse 
Malatia, if. malady 
Maláto, ta. •. a person indis- 

posed with some disease 
Malavenido, da. a. a qnarrel- 

some person - 
MalaventAra, if. calamity 
Malaventurado, da. «. unfiHr- 

Malbarataddr, ra. «. a spend- 
Malbaratir, ra. to mlxpend. 

Maleasifdo, da. a. not -rreU 

Malcasár«e, m. to contract 

ux improper raarriafe 
^niciiso, »m. trea&on 
Rf alcocinádo» «m. tripes 
■Malcomido, da. a. hungry 
Malcontento, «m. maleoon- 


Malcontento» ta. a. discon- 
Matoriádo, da. a. ill-bred 
Maldad, if. wickedncKB 
Maldaddso, sa. a. wicked 
Mnldeciddr, ra. «. detraoter 
Maldoeimiénto, tm. back 



Maldecir, va. to curse 
Mal^cidn, if. malediction 
Maldito,ta. a. perverse ; chas- 
tised by divine Justtoe 
Maleabilidad, <f. maUesMU^ 
Male<ble,a. malleaUa 
Maleaddr, ra. c rogue 

Maleodn, tin. 

Maledicencia, if. dander 
Maleñcénda, if. malebctloa 
Maleficiar, jaa. to adolterat* 
Maleficio» m. hurt, ohann 
Maléfico, oju a. mischievous 
Maltfta, if. pogrtnuuMaan i 

^res titute ta ^ by any one 

wt Interest 
Maletdro, «m. ha me si' mrtrr 
Maletia, if. nuik» 
Maletdn,«m. a log 

Maleveláacim, ^malevelenee 
MaMvdIo, Uu a. malevoUnt 
Malgdma, tm. V. 
Malgastar, va. to 
Malgrado, aa. b^ 
Malhadado, da. a. 
MalhédM, mi. a 

Malhecho, cha. a. b«lly done, 

Malhechor, ra. t. malefisctor 
Malherido, da. a. badly 

Malherir, va. to wound badfy 
Malhdjo, tm. reAise 
Malhuniorido, da. a. iil-hu- 

Malicia, if. malice, suspicion, 

cunning, dissimulation 
Malicitfr, w. to oormpt; m. 

to put a maUcloua con- 
struction on a tiling 
Malit-ldAo, sa. a. malfcious 
Malignar, vo. to vitiate ; «r. 

to oecome sore 
Malignidad, if. malignity 
Mnlteno, na. a. malignant 
Malilla, if. manille; persota 

ftiU of wickedness 
M<lla, if. mesh, a netvrork of 

aship, coat of mail 
Mallár, mi. to mall 
MaUéro, tmu armouM 
MalWtes, «. jrf. . 

strong pieces of timber 
Mallo, tm. game of bowls, 

bowling • green, skittle - 

ground; mallet 
Mallovqufn, na. a, native df 

M^orea Digitized by ' 


Mafanandádo, da. a. disolM 

Mahnelér,.«n. to faieline 
Mafanbrido, da. a. uapolite 
Mflo, la. a. imperfbot, bad , 

SliiMfe.thedevU; anft^ 

alukfy, difleidk 

Malof^fiw. to disappoint ] 

waste or qioil goeda 
Maldgva, «n. dJaapp o in t. 

M aloWtenád o, diá. a. badly 

Malpwtfde, da. a. languid 
Malparir, «a. to iU^tsaat 
Malparida, if. womaa wiio 

has mlacañied 
Mafpaiü-, tm. to miscsuiy 
Malpdtto, MS. abortion 
Malquerencia, if. iU-wUl 
Malqnavár, va. to abbor 
Malquistar, vo. toexdte dis- 

nniaa and quanta ; vr. to 

Incur hatred 
«Malquisie, ta. «• odióos 
Malrotar, va. to mi^pend 
MdUno, na. c. tmbtalthy 
Malsín, «M. tde-bear«r 
Malstnár, ra. to inform 

against one from malice 
Mabonintc» a. applied to 

dsctrlncs «Obnsive to pious 

Maltratamiento, #m. ill treat - 

Maltratar, va. ta abuse, spoil, 

Mattrdto,«ii(. ill treatment 
Malvtfdo, da. m. malicious, 

insolent, ne&rtous 
Malvar, «at. place covered 

vrith ra^lows 
Milvaata, if. Malmsear grape 
Malvavisco, tm. mtoA-mal- 

Malversador, ra. «. evil-doer 
Malveisár, va. to waste 
Malvis ó Malvix, on. a bird 

resembling a thrash 
Mamá^ if. time vihldi a 

child takes la sackii^ 
Mamadera, if. suckii«-giaw 

naed to draw nsilk out of a 

woman's breast 
Mamaddr. ra ». sutler 
MamalAca, «m. a dote 


Manulr. aa. ta aadc, oraaa 

,@^ffvaar «totaah 




liamirfo, rU. 
to tf U'tr niP^flB 

MamamuA^T'^ a daiibar 
Mamarracho, «m- an 01 

énwn fijcur* of a ™*it 
llaiiMlAcor«M. Mamdnke 
Mnfla, <f. tbe dhiet part ^ 

tt» nipple 
¡tamilá», a. nunamUlafy 
ifamtfla^. a diuck mder the 

Maman, na. a. a Miektag ani- 

Mtt, RiiIkaop{ fi- — "- 

, sacketB 

Mamdna if. chnf^k 
Mamdw, aa. a. sucking 
ManiQl - — - 

ManiQCráto, i 

a door o! 

_, qf. screen befbr 
or an J other place 

M ampároe» «m. ff. tioIUwads 
Mara pirlán, am, a wooden 

ladder or itep 
Mampdxro^ mi. tbamp 
.tfmmpostcar, «a. toraie i 

aon work 
■srapoMeria» af. woife made 

«r stoae and maitar; 

MaaeAo, ba. a. yc^ugptr- 
ton, not jet forty years of 

Manoél, am. place of ran- 
dexvou fcr trarelian 

Manctfr. am. «n of a leoiH- 

Manoéra, 4f- plon^tan 

" ^f't 

ground covered 

NU ' 

da. a. 

one's diaractflr 
Mancbéga, if. gartet at dif- 

farant cotoors 
AlaiNsheoo. pi. a. native of 

Manchón, «m. apot when 

grain grows rank or thick 

Mancilla, tf: woond, spoti 

Mancipar, va. to subject 
Mánoo, ca. a. maimed 

Ibr raiding work oTniaaann 
ganiujdr, va. to pUy with 

IfaBd, «m. 

wr ingredients 
<r. nock; hai 
> out. i crowd 

Manadera, ^. a stñiner 
Manadero, «m. a source shap« 

Man^dén», ra. a. spilnghi g 
Mao<nte^jia. proceeding 
Jtnnixituai am. aoant 
Manar, «a. to spring ftem^ 

Manatí ó Manato^ am. sea- 

Minea, <f. the left hand 
yi^z caraiéato, am. w«it 
Mancar, «g. to malm,>fkn,i 

diaaMe a maa ftmn dotag' 

an; bn^neia 
Manceba, if. miJrtrev 

of two or more persons in 
the execution af a thing 

Maneodnla, 4f. one of the 

implemeali of torture 
Mtfnda,^. on», Icgaey 

a. a. a portar 
. maadata* «r< 

tastament, send, tifíkt ; vr. 

to oomnmnicate with, 

have the free uae of ene^s 

Mandarria, tf: Iran maul 
Mandatario, «at. an atton . 
Maadtfto^saunaadate. charge 
Mandíbula, ^f. jaw-bone 
M a ndil , «la. a coarse aproa ; 

serraat to a pimp 
Mandilar, «a. to wipe a hotw 

with aeoaneaprea 
MandiMfo, «ai. ngi(«d apron ; 

•orvaat of a vqgne or proa- 

MandUdh, am. oowanl 
MMdidca, if. kind of Indian 

M4ndo, «Ml, couuMnd 

u a two 

Mew, a aavere laprimaad 
Manddn, na. a. impecioua 
Mándra, if. a ahepherd's oat 
Mand rach ero, am. prepalctar 
of a gaming-table 

Mandria, ^ai. coward 
Mandrt.te, ^. daMUty 
Manducaeiiin. if. act of eat- 

infc or chewing 
Manducar, vtt. to eat, chew 
Manducatoria, if. dining. 

Mané*, if. shackles 
Mancar, ims. to chain 
Manecilla, ^f. hmidle of a 

plough, bookcUtp, hand 

of a clock 
MAíwjáhle, «. man.igeable 
Manij r, m. tomviage, train 

a hone to graccAiI action. 

Man^ MR. employmeat of 
the hands, government of 
a horse, manageraeat, in- 

Mancdu,<f. shackles 
Manera, </*. manner^pockaC, 
'" ; Jfaaarat, 

«pening, quality ; 

Btan4ro, nu a. managaabla 
Manea, MU. manes 
ManexiidliL if. a $mall head 
Mdnfla, 4f. ooncufaine, oM 

Mánita, ^f. ^lü^vb', ana ol 
an JuJe-wee, kinri of cloak- 
t4f ijT pipfiimantBaa, flah- 
Ing-net, huirkatPbe; Jf4W- 

aojp, (;nnv«TiJ.ei Lc*» 
Manfüjárrcí, im. « kiag Ql- 

Mas^íTiní^*, ^f, mATijaneae 
MsnififfljlLj^ V' -oa^ of 

MáTRifU, Mf. pim wbich ex» 

uili-, fruin ihf nii.'k-roee 
Mv^cvlAj. tnk a iiiontation of 

rrii^ii|(riif e treoi 
Ma'< ii^ 1^ inf. handle 
Mi<s*iuiT.ijjiU, (/; M ruah with 

tiiJ- -it.ji 

[aii^<i|.Kár, ya, to wander 

Mangoreéro, ra. a. wander- 
ing, tufted 
Mangdte, am. a large and 

wide sleere 
ManguáK am. a weapon oon- 

si^ng of a pole with iron 

<>.tiAÍnM tamninAtad In Kalk 


iCangttéro, «m. 

of «bodyartrooiM 
HanfD^ta, tf. bladder and 
■ - fClji- 

Hangnitéroy «m. nrafTiiM- 

31 aBcálto, MH. mnir 
Mante, tf. mania, txtrava- 

ganoe, inordlnatt doirat 
Maniacal, a. mad, frantie 
VanMlbo, c whita-fimted 
Jf aaiatir, va. to roanade 
Maniático, ca j 7 Maniaco» 

oa. a. mad, frantie 
Manicorto, ta. a. lUiliaral 
Manida, «f. mandón 
Manido, da. chidden 
Manl&oiro, ra. a. intrigoing 
ManiflKtttra, <f. mannfiietaia 
Maniitettacitfn, <f. manitota- 

Manlftbtadtfr, ra. «. discotcrer 
Maniftrtir, «a. to diseorer 
Manifiéftol, ta. a. manifttt 
Manifléito, «m. act ofezpo» 

ling tha holy -* 

to the pDblfc 

MaiilgaNitat,<f. fi. kereb on 

the quarter .deck 
Manigacbfnea, «m. fL Biatdi< 

ManQa, nf. handle of an in- 

■tmmcnt, «hacklea, ring 
ManMron tm. a manager 
ManiUtfo. ga. a.large-handed 
Manflla, m'. hracebt, book. 

da», manacle^ tiandcuff 
Manidbra, <f. work perform- 
ed with the hand, working 

Maniobrar, vs. to work witt 

the bands, work a dun 
Manlobtista, tm. a tkilftU 

ntTal taeadan 
Maniota,^, manada» 
Vanipódi<¿ tm» bawdrr 

"' " HI. adminlt- 

ManlpuUr, «a. to handle 
Maniquéo, a. «. Manicfaean 
M«Biqvl> «"•• an artificial 

Manfr, va. to keep meat on. 
til it grows tender, to «ae> 


Manirotúra, ^f. Ubmdt^ 
Maniracfo» cia. a. emp^- 

Manlár» Aibfood, Tictoali 
■lai^elfo» tm, w ' "" — 


ManioUr, va. to carry a 
hawk to Ú» hand lart it 1 
ahonldbebwt ta a basket 

Mamonlda, 4f. cxceMlve 

Manlew» va, to centr ad, 
Manltéra, tf- tas leried ta 

Mano, if. hand, ■natdi.deat, 
proboada, handful, peatle, 
hand of a deck or watdi, 
flnt hand at play, com- 
mand, reprimand, finiah* 
ing ttrok^ quire of paper, 
hand of «ilk, workmanship, 
side, paw oC animals; jV 
Man», at hand; pi. feet of 
"" Mraot at earmtn, 
trotter*; Jr«iiw« á 
bear a hand! Mono 

la obra, 

Mandbra, tf. raw material 
Manobrero, tm. he who 
cleans and prcserres fgan* 

man's 1 
Manoseir, wa. to handle 
Manoteo, tm. handling 

the haml ; vn. to move the 

Manoteado j Manoteo^ mm. 
manual gesticulation 
•- — w to afibet 0ie 

Manquedad, 4f. lameneaa 
Manquera, <f. lameness 
Manaedúmbro, rf. meekness 
Mansdtfn, na. a. tame 
Manser ,Mi. son of a prostitute 
Mansidn, <f. stay, sq|oain, 

Mansionárlo, «. applied to 
ecdesiastics who ove te a 
Mansito, ad. V. QatiUo 
Manso, sa. a. tame, meek 
Manso, tm. a male wUch 
guide* the flocks of goats, 
sheep, or Mack cattle» ma. 
Mtfnta, <f. blanket, tapestry, 
mantdet, thrashing, toss* 
Ing tea blanket 
Mantaterilla, 4f. coarse hemp- 
en doth used flir Uankela 

Manteandénte, tm. tmáag fa 
a blanket oigitizei 


Mantear, va. to toss in a 
blanket; vn. to g*d fre^ 
quently abroad in a mantl« 
Manteca, if. lard, butter 
Mantevdda, tf. toast 
Mantecado, tm. butter-cake 
Mantecdn, tm. milkat^ 
Mantecdio, sa. a. buttery 
Manteles, «m. W. diaper 
Mantelería, if. Ubte-Iinen 
Manteleta, »f. seaif worn by 

Mantelete, «ei. mantlet;, a 

moYoable parapet 
Mantellina, if. a short clonk 

worn by women 
Mantener, ce. to support, be 
the first challenger at n 
tournament, to pcnerere, 
pursue ; vr. to continue re- 
dding in a place 
Manteniente, <m. a Tídcnt 
Mow given with both hands 
Mantenimiento, «m. main • 

tenance, ration, allowanc* 
Manteo, tm. a long cloak or 
roantke, sort of woollen pec 
ticoatwom by women 
Mantequera, ^. a dram 
Mantequero, t. a bnttermaa 
Mantequilli^ if. m kind <¡f 

Mantera, io« •« mantoa- 

Mdstfl la» if. heed-oevsr Ibr 

women, mixture of dnnf * 

Mantflloksas. short duni 
MantlUdn, na. m. ólnj 


[anttfn, mm. a lane doak or 

mantle, quill, trimming «si 

women's jackets 

[antddo, da. a. applied to 

fowls with their wings ftll- 

tag down 

[anuáble, a. tractable 

[anual, a. manuaU easily 

handled, tractable 
Manual, «tn. manual. Journal 
Manubrio, tm. hand of an 

instrument or feed 

Manucodi^ 4f. bird of Pa* 

Manuélla, if. handspike 

Manus Criad, «as. a sort «i 

snsortle» «m. manuecripr 
MmmttutíéBt if. 



M ia at ené r, «a. to nuntain 
Xsratta. ^f. ktndoTpiak 
- ^w:s|*ple.pon»ltl, 
', Cj rpr — nut 
1 d M anxaiulr, «m. 

nnaU bdl or knob), lower 
pwt of the cUn, oUws of 


idian npW-tne 
t do DMBa, 4r V. 

ICantáao^ «m. apple-4ioe 
lltffia, <r. taardinoM, aitifida, 

bvTMOe of taomp 
SfaOána, <f. morniiif ; «d. 

to-morrow, won; «xpn»- 

■ioo of nrgWi a n 
MofUncár, ««. to timmñj 
MaAankuí, ta. ^. brMk of 

MaRerta» «f. right oTmooeed- 
Ing to «lie uimoMloni of 
^ -^ without 1*. 

Ifafiéroi, la. a. dostaroiM, 
meek, i-haiyd to pay ftr 

Maftdao, aa. «. dexteroos 
Mafiuéla. ^f. mean tvioks 
Mana. ^. map 
Xapátta, ^. abeapH^C 
Maqof . am. kind of | 
Maqui8««ltano»«m. Machia* 


Ifáqmla, <f. toU-oem, tirflace 
in Kcnoral. oara-maaMue In 

Maqoilandéro, «m. a measure 
wiúk wiiich com ia tolled 

Maquilar, va. to measure 
the miliar'* duel tot grind* 

MaqoiWre tfMaqnU^So, «m. 
one wlio mcasurea or takes 
tlw miller^ does for grind. 

Maquina, if. machine^ great 
number, a rest atnictore, 

Maqnlnadtfr,nu «. a eontrivcr 
Maquinal, a. madiinal 
Maqnlaar, «a. to madiinate 
-«.^f. • 

SiUf 9, «Mi.«aa. • Uon» lake. 


AflM 4 pfcno. hi| 
Maragáto, ««i. oma 

women s tuckers 
Marag«to, «m. Ub 
MartfAa. <f. place 

with bramble*, rsAise of 

sUk, perpletltjr, plot of a 

plaj, prostitute 
MaraMdo, da. a. entangled 
Mara&éro, ra; j MuAóm^ 

sa. a. entangling 
Marátro. m. V. Bhi^fo 
MaraWUa, ^f. wonder, flower 

of tlte gaidan sUomx, com» 

mon maiygold. Pmr «sa. 

ravlUat rmy seldom 
MaravilUr, vm. to won Icr ; 

vm, to admire 
Maravilloso, ta. a, wooderAil 
Marbtfte, tm. stamp, label 
Marea, ^. landmark, mark 

in paper, brand, Mróstita ' 
Marñdtfr, tm. marker 
Marcar, vm. to mark, observe^ 

Marcear, «a. to riiear 

Mirdia, if. mardi, signal to 

move, tune bent on admm. 

Marchamar, m. to pot 

mark on goods 
Maroharotfro, tm. castoi 

house oOber who marks 

the goods whith are le. 

posted at the cottom-house 
Mardiánte, tm. j m. V. Tim- 


vn. to mardi 

Marebdxo, im. braggadocio 
MardüMble, u. pemhaUt 
Marchitar, en. to wither, dry 

up, pine awa» 
Marchites, ^f. tangnor 
Marchito, ta. a, languid 
Marchitúra, ^f. dtan 
MarciiU, sm. aromatic 
Marctfl, 0. martial 
Marco, JIN. door-cas^ pic- 
ture>frame, mark, bnuid. 
Ing iron, model 
Marcóla, if. pruning-hoek 
Marea, if. tide, sen, shore» 
Mft wind, collection of 
street-dirt. ITavigar cm 
ta mana, to tide it ap or 
down. JTorwas vfsw, niing* 
Mare4}e, «m. art «f nari- 

gating a ddp ' 
Mareamiénto^ tm, aea.*lrk' 

Maratete, a. skilled ipi navi- 


Masvir, •«. to work a sM»* 
•— •— tj ImysuCSi 
" jnoio by 

tea sick, bed 

Mare)«da, if. awell of the sea 

Mareo, Ml. s ea sl ckn se s, mo- 

Marero, a. lea-breeae^ wind 
coming ftom the sea 

Maretixo, «m. aarge of the 

Marftga, if. a rag 

Márftga, If. a sack flf straw 

Marffl, «M. ivorjr 

Mtfrga 6 Marte, if. mourn- 
ing, cUj, B»^kcloth 

Margatldn, sm. V. .Ptotalta 

Margaaása. if. maManeie 

Margir, «a. to mail 

Margarita, if. a pearl, mes- 
senger, a rope 

Márgm,«iit. aWder, mante 

Marganilr, tw. to make or 

^l«a»e a aoargfakin paper 

Marginal, a. marghuJ 

Hargindr, «a. to make aaao- 
tatiens on the margbs 

Marfdao, sa. «. marlr 

María, if. a white was taper, 

sUrer coin, Mat; 
Marlál, «. applied to books 

cantaining ptabas of the 

Holy Vir^n 
Marii», if. amagple, anefl^ 

minate person, tasteleesas* 

Marir<ni, «ai. a coward 
MaridáUe. a. marriageable 
Maridige, <«i. marriage^ ln> 

timate connexion 
Maridar, »*. to manr 
Martdáxo, hh. V. Oommim 
Maridillo, «m. a sorry hui. 

Marfde, «m. husband 
Marinuldio, tm. a rtragi 
Marimanta, if. bugbear 
Marlmertea, if. dispute 
Marfna,if. lAarlne 
Mfrtnáget'Mi. seamanship 
MaHndTi^ •«. to man a sh^ 
Marine^, on. to be a mariner . 
Marinertfdo, da. a. V. IWp«. 

Martoerfa, if. 

Marhiéro, «m. martaier 
Marinesco, ca. o. naoclcal 



Vviiwm, %f. Tumi »l canil 

ibi vTüirb \ht jjahi i* Iop* U | 

Mu-iquctm, itf. ftr BSnVíAnÚÍ 

flmEinB fn^|ic^ A Cmirttíiin 
Si^nhféí, Jm- manta*!, fpJ- 

üfitíiu^r^ nd. túj-^tbtTthdl- 

«tJcUng In thff nocbi lo tbr 
JU'inmm tf^ likv f()m»a bj 

TÍAzitáí, ti. nisritml 
^Mtüintir, m. iQ |«ad i ma- 

TiUmtí liik 
JlIkrlElFTvnp ma. d. irtvJtüne 
ílaríil, P.* «.-n , 

nf «nilta. V- d tbtd nf Mwirr 

MirmÜlH, tíV muck of wo*»! 

t>uviq^ fl-om thí rrfíJu rf 

^tvinnn^ ^. kextid 
>rwni3lbln, *m^ ■h.-ulünn 
nrxnnrJ, tiH. mürtiici pUtar 

tJT niunJí 
\r HTin. illiTiu, Ha- n, lUAile of 

iitBiJv itT I nHffalc 
marlület uuIiíEim- 

Mu a FnAde at ntíkrMv 

JltATf]Uek,.ilA. rQlllr^^ldii 

M«4ui,<fcft, tp; m&rcbtofiEU 

¥n*Tjclünf, maniLU-tr? 


^^*íf tLtus 


trvT^, fm. white límfc ! 

JíarTinji. tf. w* 
M«rrXhwh<i,||ArraTifthln, Rik. 

Minrráuii, «mi. hi^ 

AUrráTp iML Tu ilrvlaíií btaa 
truth úT jnítlíw I 

Mari a*. .£,f. |(,nif ¡|^ 

MaTrJcTii, ¡Ja. a. mtíéachulj 
M»iTkrí&, in. itfcijtk »hort *rit* 
Af Arm, 4^, ^íuil tf fslimví 

MillTtljilT, Hií. 1H U-^t Jf Zb^ 

MaiTDM^ul!tÍT Tifc M, btlDnpijif 

In AfiirttCCü 

U iimibliP, Ém. cüiíiFTujti wbilc 


M nrrurtí^rfiL, ^J'. cMnnínpi 
:iIirTiH«nt, r», j. n-rafij 

JlrCj,rwLtek, tm, m. iMfar'k dinrt 

MartíHai* tf"- yunt-heuL^ 

|'fl<^bal^l mhjii* 
Má|E[^ 4^; ]iice EDirtHi 

Mane> tfrt. Ttindaj 

the h^inmnr 

tttJÜllÉT^ m. Lo harnintir 

MftTtflLo, m; lj4TTjmrti ^«f 
«m wjiu |)«ír¥v^4!:f^ in ¿nj 

Mflfclju'Er, tm, binl iif ihe 
Iwrúíi irJlie, jjM-k .n a haqi- 
úchnrdT cüp^r-tnill 

^^^^:^m.l kind nf hrMch^^, 

Híi Seí M*íi ¡rt't dmj 
bf4irtkr> iwir laanTir 
^ai-EJlia, íwp^ ■Mílrtjwlcrtí 

í^nafftin mart/níiwn 
M^relriM-'t lU. Én^ maitjT 
Maitirvltf^^ ifru Hurtar». 

IWiiriJij»! i/"r t ppüií tuic 

>t>n«p4. Iwkncíiig tapa» 


month of Mardi 
Marwár, tw. to cut th« h»t* 
of cntUeinsprinir 

Ma- -. .- :ü^'.., af dry 

Mái^a, «nv nurch 

M4>K tfi. moíKf* but, ^«^ V. 

i^rrr/, Ittmidie'^ A' -rmat tmr- 

dáLf. ftt liuvtt- #4j <f, per. 

hAp>4, jfj ra. ikjTD-taoaie 

«lid ilnc^ 

MáiMí, ^r ütPU[£h, mnrtar 

niKCk 41Í rovtal, lí[i^;u« 

¡MaHr, CHl. leí hea.-\\ 

Ma^cnliádiQt da. ii. a|rpltedt« 

inJiir¡4iif %Vff»t 
Mu idiiri ra. t. ¿b^Mvr 
MfcL-jidp^í ^ ffirtaTcbéir 

MaN-ir» L'j. lo cfaew« ps»» 
noimc« with difficult 

M^Mcara, ^f. y adni. 1 

vhow &oe is covercc 
• mask, maaquerad* 

Mascarada» ^. naaquerad* 

Matoaréro» «m. ¿aaler ia 

MasewtlUa, <f. moald tatei 
ftom the fiM» flf • dead 

M ascundn, «m. • luga hid*. 

MascHjtfr, va. to maaticat» 

Ma»culinidid,4f. maaoaUnhy 
Masculino, na. o. humcdUim 
MascuIUr, va. to falta- ia 

MaMcoráT 7 MMMtrnwnr, 

Masera, ^f. aiiT thing ia 

which • moas Is formad 
Masilla, 4f. afauqpten 
Másio, tm. root of the tail of 

man at doogb 
given to fowls 

Masili^nse, «. naüvc of Mar 

Mastelero, * 

Masticar, tM 

Masticatorio» ria. a. masti» 

Mastlgáddr, tm. butrumnt 

put into horses' rooatfia 
M4sHl, tm. mast,iqi>T]|^ 

post of a bed or loon, 

trunlc ofa tree 
Mastín, «IN. mattlfr 
MMtina, </. maatUr-Utd» 
Mastranto j Mastranzo, «ai. 


HláU, 'f, Rnall Imdu tptli^ 
copM; guneatoords 

Matacán» «m. old hare, dof- 
bone, any trauMcMinc work 

Umtadérot tm. slauglMCT- 

Matwl<ir«r«.«.niirderar; a. 

Mat^dn, af. «oand «n a 
' t made fcr the 

Matafeéco, «m. a ftr»«aglM 
MxUlalMgs d va. «f.anue 
Mataldfcoa, «m. wolfi tiaiM 
MataMn d Mataldte, tm. an 
old bone worn oat wUh 
age andfirtigiie 
}I«talotá«e, am. ■torat «n 
board of ihips, heap of di- 
rer* IhingB 
Matdnta, Tf. tfae action «T 

uibtennf , 1 

I'J of batUe, 
M Atar, va. fo kUi, put oet 
li^, worry ; vr. to — * 
the utmost e: 
taina thing 

Mátatenos, tm. qnaek 
Matjrféte, m. a tmlly 
Mdte. «m. dMck-matc, ds^ 

Matcdne» er. «ofitnrttpfarto 
Uvgo stalks 

MatdHa, 4f. oHHcr, materi- 
ato of any tfdng, sutject, 

tor, 0(^7 at a 

Materldl, a. malarial, rade; 

«M. hMiNdlent 
NMeii*addd,4r. matarlallty 


iáfif. matetislttr 
na. o. mam BM 

MMfe. MI.I 

Matiidr, va. to miz tmtént 
«■iMu» In a boaMtIM iiMB. 

Mdto, «n. V. JMsrral 


MatiMtf, m. Md fldl flf 
bnMttbísi and bvlan 

Matocos», M. a. 4U1 oT bram- 

Hatidea, t. a woodan rattlo^ 

Matraqndar, ns. tojart 

Matraqitfrta, tm, wag, Jes- 

Matrero,», a. emmlngt tm. 
artfbJ knave 

Matricida, «. torn, mu n l ere r 
of ofie^ mother 

MatricftUo» m. matrleida 

Matilcula, <f. a 

MatrieoMr, «a. to aaatrioB* 

MatrlmoBldl, o. « ati imo nia l 
Mstrimdnio, tm. manrlaf» 
Matiitéme, a. nalhw of Ma- 
Matriz, <f. mother fiíarch. 
matrix, numld. Lmtgmm 
matrix, native langwagr ; a. 
Matrdna, ^. matron, mid- 

Matrondl, o. matronal 
MatoMngo, ga. «. an appeüa- 

^ongivcn to a Bwropean in 

Ifoenos Ayres 
Matute» tm. smnggUng 
M atote dr, m. to snraala 
Matnt^ro, im- •fnuttlor 
Matntindl, a. bekm^igto the 

momit^ moM 
Matutino, na. a. bdonglng to 

Maula, ^. any thfng fband 

in the street, cunning; t, 

com. dwat 
Meulerfa, 4/. Mppery, craft. 

MauMro, tm. piecc-ln-oker. 

Impostor, dteat 
Maullar, tti. to niew 
Maullido, M«úlIo, «m. mew 
"^ *' MaUbCólo, Ml. 

Maxilar, a. maxillary 
Maxilla. <f. cheek 
Máxima, if. rule. Idea, max- 
im, miutcal point 
Máxime, ad. principally 
Máximo, ma. a. mtp. tMii 
Maxmorddn, «m. an unman- 
nerly Mlow, cunning M 

Maya, <f. COÍ 

may ouean 
MayadA, n. •. 
Mayál, tm. a flaa 


Maydto, Ml. mallet fbr beat- 

ingpaperln mills 
Mi^iuona, ^. beam ef a 

horse-mül in which the 

Mayanondtes, tmb fl. ptpt <" 
(4iis to which repe<eiMb are 

Mayo, Ml. May, m^-pole 
Maydr, a»greatg;«- 
porior, parson who is of 
^le, IÑgsr sort of beasts of 


Maydra, tf. mayorsss 
Msyot^ Ml. prin ' 

son af a coeiety, I 
Mayovdna, «f. V. M 
Mayorásga, <f. she who en- 

iojt the ri^ of pri m a ge 

Mayoráago, mi. right of sac- 

(WMlon in ftmily estates 
Mayof acguioa, tm. an anther 
who treats on the sucoM- 
■ sion in fttnily ettaees 
Mayord<fma,4f. steward's wifie 
Mayordomear, w. to mana g e 
an e»tat- 

4f. administra- 



Mayorddmo, tm. mi^ dome 
Mayoría, tf- advantage ma- 
jor'» commission, im^ori^ 
Miyoridád, rf. superiorly 
MayoriiiU, mi. student or Hb» 

higliest datses in gram- 

Maytlnánt», mi. one who at- 

téods matins 
Maytinário, mi. book contain- 

iñfCthe matins 
Maytine», mi. pt. matins 
Mayúsculo, o. capital 
Máxa, if. dab, mace, engine, 

clog, beetle Ibr flax or 

hemp. JTdsM, pestlet in 

MazactSte, tm. kali, mortar 
Mazáda,j^.blow with a mallet 
Macagdtns, mi. nolae 
Mazamdira, <f. b r ead - do s t , 

Mazanéu, <f. apple shaped 

ornament in jevMis 
Mazapán, if. marchpane 
Mazar, va. to dium mflk 
Mazarí, f/. brtok 

rva, ^- moorish don» 

Mazmdrva, ^* t 



aiáaa» «m. • nulM, bnadls» 

Mwtfrca, <f. nindte 

thread, ew or com 
MaxorrálfO. rude 
Maitfc^ «m. a kind of ooacBt, 



M«, pro. m 
Metfáa, <r. ,_ 

of urtna made at onoe 
Maadtfro, «m. plaoe to which 

paopie geoénUj repair to 

Maádoi.«m.jrf. V. OHm* 

Mc^)a,^.annaU coin, dntj 
nqairad Iqr jodgca od eza- 

Memela, <f. unall piaoe* at- 
tadMdto the biu ofa bri- 

Mear» va. to urine 

Meato, «IN. peaage, pate at 
the body 

Méaiua, ^, a Ma Ibwl lo cal- 

Mdea, ^f. Gb>« de Meea, 
home of aolae aad confti- 

1 action or thing 

Mecánico, ea. a. mechanical. 

Mecánico, «m. meohanic 
Mecaniqutfi, <f. meannen 
Mecaninno, «m. mcdianism 
Mecedero ó Meoeddr, ra. «. 

Mecer, to. to stir, rock 
MádM« <f. wick, roU of lint 

pat into a «round, match. 

Alargar la t nt tka , to aug- 

Mechar, v^ to laid fowls, 

game or meat with baco 
Mechera, «f. larding-pin 
Mechero, mi. node of 

Medaindl, tm. sanare stoi 

left pntecting in a waU to 

Mechdn, «m. lam lock of 

hair; bundle ofthreads se- 
parated fVom the rest 
Mechdso, la. •. fiill of matdi- 

esor wicks 
Mecdnio, mm, meconium of 



J Medáfto»«m. SI 
bank on the sea-shore 
Media, «r. stocUng, n 
«tte of CMOtOtj, liquid 

<f. the 

di st a n c e of one thing from 

Mcdiaddr, ra. «. mediator 

Mediina, tf", flesh of the 
shoulder near the neck of 
animals, housdiold bread, 
top of a fishing-rod 

Medlanetla, tf, umiu of con- 
tiguous tíüngs, partition- 

Medianero, ra. a. meditatii^ 

lianla 7 Medlanldid, <f. 
loderation in the execu- 

Media, tf. rnñdmej 
Medlar, «a. to thrive 
Medrosia, <f. timorousness 
Medrdso, sa. m. timorous» ter- 
Medula, tf. marrow 
Mninlár, a, medullar 
MeduMsOfSa. «. fbll of mar- 

I. mc|diitic 

I. beaten up with 

t class in gram- 

tion of a thing 
Medianista, am. stndent of 

Mediano, na. 

Mediante, od . by means of 
Mediar, «n. to come to the 
midille of a thing, inter- 
cede for another 
Mediato, ta. a. mediate 
Medicable, a- curable 

Medicar, va. te administer 

Medicastro, am, quack 

Medlcea, «. satellite 

Medicftia, <f. physic, medi- 

Medicinar» va. to administer 

Medición, tf. measurement 

Médico, am. physician ; Mé- 
dico, ea. a. medical 

Medida, «f- measure, mensu- 

Mediddr, am. measurer 
Mediéro, am. hosier, copart- 
Medio, dia. a. half, in part; 
Mtdio dia, noon ; A' medh- 

Medio, am. middle, % 
means, work half d< 
twin I Medica, rents; 
•RoUo, hi the middle 

Mediocre, a. middling 

Mediocridad, tf. mecBoari^ 

Mediodía, </; noon 

Mediopdfio, am. tibia, woollen 

Mediopartir, va. to divide úx 

Medir, va. to measure ex- 
tend fbe body, compare; 
«r. tot* moderate 

Itfeditfr. n^ pf meditate 

b «. Medi- 

Mtiarér, va. toimforore: va. 

to recover; vr. to improve 
M^forfa,^. improrement» ze- 

Mdád^ tf. a sUce of toasted 

bread steeped in hooey 
Mdddo,da.a. of the oolottr 

Mdaddcha» tf. any ceane 

mealy H>ple 
Mdancolia, tf, melanfjioly 

«a. to aifbct 


Witt mel a nch oly 
MeUnia, tf. a kind of silk 

Melanterfa, tf. Und of black 

mineral containing ritriol 
MeUpia, tf. kind of apple 
MeUr, v». to boa down the 

Juice of the 

Mdcddia, tf. cake mad* of 

hone*, &C. 
MelcoAteo, nn. gingv-bcead 

Mdeetoa, tf. V. CKaUr 
Melena, tf. dishevelled hair 

haling loose ovar the eyes; 

maneuat fidls on a hosstf's 

MeMra, tf state of melena 

spoiled by rain 
McMiD, Ml. deakr in honey, 

place destteed to | i if le 

MeUsA, tf, candle. wee^ 


MdifhUdtfil, <f. 

MeUfloo, floa. «. mcffifcoM 

McUUtto, «M. birdli tm tn- 

folt. atapid panon 
MeUndre, tf. a MrtoCIHavB 

made of hflnay and floor, 

Mdindntfr, ra. to act *• 
MdlndreriHra; yMdkkM- 



indréro» ra; tM 
»,«a. a. pradhh 
Melindrillo, nn. fvn 
Mala, tí, Dotdi ii 

toob. gap 
Melli^. db. 

McIUr. vm. to noCcb, 

of lastre 
Mrillzok za. «. V. 
MeOdn. m. 

Mdocoton» «ai. 


edm aq ai ncMtoa 
^. inclody 

Md^a, <f. mediegUn 
Mel<hi. m. mdan 
MctoBir, m. Arid «r bed of 

Mdonotfte, «m. a nuD im 

Melonéro, «m. «navho nai 

Mri oi id ád . <r. ■■wtiiat a ri t> 


lládáo, la. «. havfng tfw qos' 

tttict of honey. Mod* 
Sfddte. <f. 

■p vitD Honey, mcUMei 
MdLa. «f. V. Basa; pMepa 

Membrudo, a. attm^ rol 
Mcméatoe. «m. fC the two 

pwtt of dw maai 

McnniMa, tf% i i mi n w ji toaiia» 
b M, codi cil; a» «yf*N 


McMir, «a. to vtad 
MoBcitfn, <f. RMntion 
Mcncionir, «w. to inenHi 
Mcndlcacióa, ^f. the act of 
aOtiiy charit y ^^ 

Mendicidad. V"* mewiicfty 
Mendiffátttc, ta. u mend 

Mcndi^^D^ an» *'*M*'' 

•I'wi to Imi0MS 
Mcndngadlo» mu a «naD 
— - ^^^-efbf«d 

plaee to p l a ce, manage; »r. 
to be htU md aetlte, wrig- 

tiflo oftlwbBdy 

^. . 

MoicrtzáL, «■•.mednale 
Mancipa, mm.ta^ tot tor 

<r. deoey, poverty, 
Bern a 



MeMcadr, wa. to deo^y, Ian 
Mwiiinle, ^. BMtJi-trdett 
ManiBo, MM. pega of tlw 



«f dto 

wSiiaie, if. Hack Und ef 

propoiMan; Fraacfacaa 
Briar or bm: «.ban mi- 
~kr «wMT, by retaU 
4r. bUertortty 

k, MU «'«dMi «f 

^^mamm 'm the dúrd Ham 

M en o», má. la» ; Jíriwt tw/ r, 

leM wanliy, except ; Wtmj^ 

McMorár, M. V. JMfr y /««- 
Mll«»,<r. mfart 

Mental, a. mcatal 
Mentar, «a. to Ti-iTfim 
Méme. 4f* Bind, •ema 
Mentecatarte, tf. tMy 
Mentecato, ta. a. tfOT 
Memidárok «M. ataulaf «er- 

icatira, ^f. lie, error 
HcnUrdM, «a. a. lylof, «rro* 

Mentía yon lio 
MenocAee, «m. pt V. Mmw 


Komdeir, no. t» rcpsal . vm. 

to rriat* little tKliiK» 
Menudencia, iff. trifle 
Menudeo, Ml. act of repeat- 
ing minutely. 
Menudéro» n. «. dealer in 

tripes, giblett. &c. 
Menudfllo. tm. extremitie» of 

Menudo, da. a, small, of no 

moment or value, cnmmnn, 

•uun ning minutely into 

thing)», smali money. JPttr 

mnuido, minutely 
Menudo, ttn. intestines, titlie 

of fruite 
Meflique, tm, little finger 
MeoUár, am. >pun>yam made 

of oakum or untwisted 

Matfllo, «m. marrow, judg- 

ment, soft part of liread 
Medn, na. a. CMitinually 

making water 
Metfna, <f. newliom female 

in&nt in distinction firom 

the male 
Mequetrefe, am, insigniflcant 
Meramente, ad. merely 
Merer, va. to mix one Uqoor 

Mém^if, V. Compra 
Mercachifle, tm. vedlar 
Mercadánto, «m. V. Mereaier 
Mercadear, ins. to trade 
Mercader, tm. dealer 
Mercadéra, if. stiopkeeper's 

Mercadería, tf» oonunoditj, 

Mercado, tm. market, fair 
Mercaduría, <f. merchandise 
Mercal, tm. ancient Spanish 

Mercancía, <f. trad«, ntflr- 

Mercante, mi. y a. dealer 
Mercantil, o. commercial 
Merc<i, va. V. Cvmutrar 
Murcéd. <f. wa|ni, gift, wiD. 
appellation or c.vility and 
respect, • royal miUtai7 or- 

Meroenárlo,MMklaj labourer 
Mercenario, ria. a. meroe- 


Mercnrifl, tm.j a. 

Mercurino, na. a. relating to 

Mercurio, mi. mercury, pla- 
net mercury» newtpapOT 

MerdelUin, na. a. slovenly 

Merd«iso, sa. a, nasty, filthy 

Mere, ad. merely 

Mere«xdtSr, ra. «. one who de- 
serves reward or punish- 

Merecer, vn. to deserve, owe t 
tM. to do anythinf desarv- 
iiig reward or cencure 

Merecido, da. a. meritorloas 

Merecido, mi. onndign pu- 

Merendar, va. to take a ool- 

. lation between dinner and 
supper; va. to pry intx 
another's afihirs, anUcipati 

Merendero, ra. a. picking up 
the seeds in " " 

Merendona, «< ^... 
splendid coUation 

Merengue, mi. s^ 
made or sugar and whites 

Meretrfcio, cia. •. rocietri- 

Meretrfcio, mi. carnal «in 
Meréy, <f. cashew-tree 
Meripinsai, mi. goosander 
Mergo, Ml. diver 
MerMiána, ^f. meridional 

Meridiano, mi. meridian. 
MeridUmtt, gladiators who 
feught nakiedi a meridio- 
Meridional, a. southern 
Merienda, rf. principal meal 

Mercero, tm- a mercer 
Mordíante, mi. 

Mercuiino, na. a, ^-^f^^ 
to Wedne^ -— •-• 

Merindid. <f. district of the 

JurLuiictlon gf the merino 
Bferlno, mi- royal Judge and 

superintendent or in:qtector 

of sheep- walks 
Merino, na. a. moving firam 

pasture to pa-iture 
Síeritár, mi. to merit 
Mérito, Ml. merit, desert 
Meritorio, ria. a. meritori- 

Mtfrla, if. black-btard 

Merli, Mu crape 

Merlin, ms. marline, raagi» 

Merlo, tm. a %e\ fish very fre- 
quent in the Mediterra- 


M<rma, <f. waste 
Mermar, va. to wasto 
Mermelada, if. marmalade 
Mero, ra. a. mere, pure 
Merdde, mi. V. Pittage 
Merodeador, mi. marauder 
Merodear, vn. to uUlage 
MeroAstofMi. pillagtt 
Mes, Ml. month, catamenia, 
monthly wages. At mu, 
in a month's time 
MAia, <f. toble, viands put 
on Üie tabUk landing place, 
any flat sunace, mess, com- 
munion table of the altar. 
Jfesa de e aatb i ot, bank 
Mesada, tf". monthly pay or 

MesZta, if. mixcn-mast or 

Mestfr,«a. to poll orpfai^ 
ofTthe hair with the handa 

Mtfse,4f.V. Wst 

MeswnBiia, if. guard ot 
flrvlts, collection among la- 
honren to pvyiir the guard 
ofgrainor firnits 

Meseguero» mi. keeper of the 
ffrults of the harvest 

Meseguero, ra. a. relating to 
the harvest fhiits 

Mesentérico, ca. a. meMnte- 

Mensetérío, mi. mesentery 

Mesero, mi. journeyman who 
works for monthly wages 

Meséto, if. landing place of 

Mesías, tm. Mewiidi 

MesUzgu, Ml. dignity of Mes- 

Mesflld, 4f. small table, 
screw, bo4rd-wage« 

Mesillo, Ml. iir»t menses after 

Mesi5n, tm. an hm 

M»M>ná^, tm. place which 
containi numerou* inns 

Menonéio, ra. t. i«in-k'.«per 

Metonéio, ra. a. waiting 

Mesoni&ta, «. emn. waiter In 
an inn or public-houve 

Mésta, if. meeting of ttie 
principal proi>rietoni of 
black rattle and sheep, pas- 

Mental, tm. a pleoe of barren 
uncultivatea ground 

Mestéfio, ña. a. belonging to 
the metta at graziers 

Mestizo, za. a. of a mongrel 

I Merluza, ood, bake 

Méito. Ml. Urge prickly oak 
Mestura, if, mesUn. 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 


tffertnrár, *^«. to mix 
XesdTa, 4/: a f^rave d-port> 

mcnt, civility 
MesarJUOt <ta. a. mri«1erat« 
Mesurar, rn. to A<i4>inie a w- 
rioua countenance ; vr. to 
behave vlth mudo>ty 
Meta, ^. baandary* limit 
Matacrooitmo, ««1. meU- 

Metafísica, V*- science oTme- 
taph7«lc«, exoesdve sutrtiit; 

Metaff&ico ca. a. meui>h3r»i- 
cal; «m. mataphjacian 

Mctá&jra, 4f. meupbor 

Metalbdaar» na. to uw ineta- 

Metil, tm. metal, lNra«« nua- 

IfataUria, MatáUco, y MeU- 
Usta, rm. workman or deal- 
vin metal 
MatáUcm <f. V. MeUlmrgia 
Metálico, ca. «. metallic 
Xctal^palta. 4f. mctallogra- 

Mctainrgla. ^. matalli 


SfeialAiyob, «m. 

Sf etamdrfinb, 6 MKamorfb- 

•eat, (/*. roetamorphotis 
Metrfnea, <;: corraction 
Meteddr, ra. $. «miinlcr, be 

who pati am tlun^ Into 

another, clout 
Mftedoiik, ^. «naggllnf 
Mcteranéftot, «m. attendant 

in a play-hooac^ busy body 
Mfltempslocato, tf: metemp< 

Matcdrloo. ca. «. meteoric 
Metcoriita, «m. meteorologiit 
Metéoro, «m. meteor 
Metaonlqgia, <f. meteorology 
Mctearol<«oo, ca. a. metao- 

Mctér, «a. to imt in, mn 
faods Into the coontry 
witlHmt paying the cus- 

slake; Induce, compreu, 
aat; vr. to intermeddle, 
be led astray, empty into 
the tea, attack with swoid 
in band. Mtteru ora al- 
finw, to pick a quarrel 
MetteTiMw, sa. V. Mednto 
Metido, Ml strong ley used 

by «aiher-women 
MetimWnto, mi. Introduction 
Mitddioo, ea. a. methodical 


Ifetanimia, <f. metonymy 
Meardlla, if. graite-xhot 
Metré«a. 4/. roi»trew of a 

Metréta. «f. Ureek and Ilo- 

man measure 
Metric*, tf. metrical art 
MtHricadtlr, *m. fcr^-itier 
Mi-trlcár, na. to verbify 
M<:>trico, ca. 11. metrical 
M«ti(>u. «. ma. ver»ilicr 
Metro, Ml. metre, verte 
Metro-ianía, 4/*. met romanía 
Metrópoli, if. metroMilK, ar- 

rhiqiiuxipial churoh 
Metropolitano, mi. metropo* 

Metropolitano, na. a. metro- 

Mexi.uino, mi. Rf e&ican laa- 

Meiilla, <f. cheek 
MeiilUtn y MixilkSn, am. 

kind of cockle 
Maya. <f. kind of larne rrab 
Mezcla, «/; misture, mortar, 

mixed cloth 
Mexcladiilo*. mi. iil. a kind 

at paste made by conftc- 

Mezcladttf ra. «. one who 

mixes, tattler 
Mezcladura y Meydamlénto, 

Mexclir, tu. to mi», spread 

fiUae icporu ; vr. to marry 

a person of Inferior rank 
Meicinu, <r. mixed cloth 
Meniolánza, «A bad mixture 

of colours 
Meiquindád, rf. penary, ava. 

rice, oovctonsneM 
Mescqoinok na. a* poor, avari- 

riou», petty 
Mc»|iifta, y- moeque, a Mo- 

hammadlan temple 
Mi, oro. MM, my 
Miaja, <f. cnunb, small cop- 
per coin 
MMr, im. to mew 
Miin, «m. mew or voice of a 

Micér, Ml. ancient title ofie. 

Mfeo, MS. monkey 
Mlerocdsmos, mi. microcosm 
Micrdfono, mi. imtrumcat to 

Micrografla, <A micrography 
MIcrdmetro, cm. micrometer 
Mieroeotfpio, «m. microscope 
MMa, <f. worm that breed* 

In vegetables 
Miedo, «m. fear, dread 


If id!, m. honey 

Midlga, if. luoem, a kind of 

ilog.ti4), rake 
Mielgo, «m. a fiior-fninfsd 

Miembro, MS. member, one 

of a i-oinraunlty, branch 
Mienta, ^. mint 
Miente, if. mind. Miémtu, 

thought*. Pmrmr tmUmttt, 

to reflect 
Ml«ntra«, arf. in the mean 


Ml. r:! 1, ^r. >it. T^.LrDli, Ulrt 

Mi 1..1 1. Fii, if. Iht|i4in« 
Mi.hU, 4<'' bCH-ÉhLid 
MU-^-f>. |[F*Li> wJbl! h gtnws 
i'l *<sfk,*iiil uf whi..-l| uead 

Ml «4+ »f, rruirihj ntiirrow 
MLiiJ>*^ ^. ilir >r'hj<]?r-.l parti - 
(''Hr of t'reaul jit All J <dher 

O't .'. 
Mi - >■ .. -"I ni.inf. t^r , r4m, 

MiicAr, Ktf. to crumble 
Mtgratdrio, ria. a. mlgrat* 

M iguelito. Ml. a boy who gow 

on a iHIariinage to mount 

St. Michael 
Miitu^ru, ra. -a. crumby 
MUetliéca, if. shrubby tre&dl 
M(io, m. millet 
Mil, tm. one thousand 
Milagrero, ra. *. peiMm fbnd 

of considering natural e- 

vcnti as mitaeles 
MUigro, tm. inirade 
MilagrdM, sa. a. miraculous 
MÜáno, Ml. glcad, kite, down 

of the thistle 
Milenario, ria. a. mill«iary ; 

Ml. niillcnium 
HiMno, na. a. applied to 

clotli, the warp <w which 

contains a thouMnd thread* 
Milenidma, if. common mil- 

MilMmo, ma. a. thousandth 
Milésio, la. a. applied to ridi- 
culous talcs tor pastime 
MilUr, a. mlUary 
Milicia, <r. art of war, mll|. 

Ury men in general. Ml- 

UeiM, militia 
MilicUino, na. a. military : 
Militante, a. mi>«tant ■ 

Militar, tm. soldier I fl.mUi- 

tary; vn. to ««rvc in tiie 

army, stand ifood 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 


MflU« <r. a mile 

MilMr, «m. number íif títoa. 

sand>: acerUinqu^Tif^i/ 

Millarada, qf. iever4l ibvu^ 

MUlón,M«. million. MUhi^a, 

evciüe lerifld in BpE^n lo 

defray the ezpena» uT tlw 

Mlldcba. <f. v. ComeU 
Mlldr. am. my ord 
llinuur, va. to ooas 
Mimbral, «m. pUuLallim tiT 

Mimbre» «m. osier 
Mimbretfr, tw. V. Ctw^rar 
MimbréAo, fia. o. of Uui na- 

Mimbrera j Mimbt^^rll, i, 

plantation of otiar» 
MimbrdM, m. m. mvit at 

Múniooy C8« m. mimic 
Mímof m. bnflbon, irnid*^» 

ancient mimes 
MlmoltMÍa, ^f. mimciinfa 
Mimdso, sa. a. delicaie 
Mfea, <f. oondvit,^ miiMiij 

qnrinf { large qnanL^tj' of 

Mlnaddr, ra. <« nlBCir 
Mln4I, a. bdonging lo ■ m^ne 
■Mlnir, t'O. to dtg mine» 
Minera, <r. a mine «hidi 

contains metah 
Minertfge, am. labont oT mln- 

Minertfl, mm. a mincr4l 
Mineraldgla, rf. minmningj 
Minero, *«. mineral» m\nvi, 

source, origin 
Mingos, «M. pt. small Fiw!t- 

Miniar, no. to shade a |iAÍnt- 

Miniatura, rf. miniature 
Miniaturista, •. com. münia^ 

tore painter 
Minimfsta, «n. ttndeni uf ihe 

second class in grauiniir 
Minimo, ma. a least 
M<nio, tm. roiniam 
Ministerial, a. minlsl«rliü 
Ministerio. «Ni.ofllce, cnanuil 

labour, ministir 
Ministra, rf, minutrcH 
Ministradtir, ra. t. onr vhn 

Ministrante, a. scnrinc 
Minlsti<r,«a.tosarTu lutmu- 

jployment, tup^» funkh. 


U Lti hiT rtt ttn, Ap|iuitar^ iron* 
MlnMrit.rm- mlnblcr, tninis- 

MhlOTdT, m. to lCA«Ht 
MinnlaqrA» mi. MLlXltaur 

MiDúL-Ja, (f. «nail ibüie» ¡laid 
HiT inwli Ediv^lH^ i«^, mite 

MiAuéta, fr4 ^pvri^hl'i boat 

AT I'BTl! 

MJnai y >í Inü^^^M. minuet 
Miniiicuia, J. «mail 

mintttat, mLuule^lMhuL 
Mlimtif^ r*i^ lo Pake dii^vn the 
pri nclpfll IhAuli of an ■fiTce» 


HtnLlára, im, mlnutf'hand 

idíi wiSí'b ur clock 
mtnuriLa, ^, 4-dimiiEÍLTiii 
^iuullaa, </; kind ^ small 

J*rtiAlca |»qi|HT 
kindle;, nrt, a juinvle 

Mid» Mia» j#r«n. jmrj. my, 

Af ji^, im^ ink:iq« or mycps 

IiriJ]ik4t if, m^ofiT 

Ml^uel^e, nri. fiiEq,uelf1 » lob- 
Ksr, hifiSviiTman 

31irB> ¡t^r- a liiBthrmal Ie^hI In- 
Hfrummit tñ úhtrt the sight 
in t1» tfTfclllnA Elf jl flun, 
tHTT' Mitat u jin^dj bow. 

MtmlK^I, «^t [TpmiF-i|iiirge, 

LLnd of wh ti r tilnrn 
ULrmlir.|¿rw&, tPH, fi/. m jroba- 

Mj4^ji, ^, a gluitx 
Miftijér:^ «H. « pLfcti; ex- 

|)ü»«d [jo view ofi all 

Af irAdUj dj,. j, mniidetdi^ 
Mu^ad-ir, fan j . «jifif^tHlDr, bal- 

AJiradúra* if. met of lxMkl]U( 
U ifamaithiifn, «m. iifipflbi- 

tioLi fct*en 111 the Mirirteign 

nf til* Mtmn 
^ÍTú.fñ\éñtfir tm.. rrfl^Ulon, 

rlri;^iitisii-H.f Ikirt, pradcnce 
Xlltari I'uT. tg ti^lkoliCn nH.|Hect, 

aim arr iiliscr*p, i*-'.\i\n; 

ita. Hi |# l-rsf^) :j, jriint. 

Mira *■ jwr iTr-nifl u, [i> i-xa- 

thiTitf hli|£ljriy 
yi<nri"t*^ lcK>kl IdiüU! 
Mirfflr**, cJr rt. IrtJim-UiJUS 

»eHar J/. I1I41 kliEr>l 



Mirlamiento, ms. air of iiit- 

Mirlárbe, vr. t< 

of importance 
Mirlo, tm. blackbird; air of 

Mirón, na. t. s| 
Mfirra, if. mirrfa 
Mirrádo, da. a. oompoaed df 

Mirnimte, «m. pigeon-sauce 
Mirrfno, na. a. belonging to 

Mirtídano, tm. spront which 

springs at the &ot of a myr- 

Mirtino, na. a resembling 

Mirto, MS. myrtle 
Misa, if. mau 
Misacintano, mi. priest vho 

as the mass 
, am. missal 
Misantropía, if. misanthro- 

Misántropo, tm. misanthro* 

Misario. MM. acflUte 
Misceláne«, if. miscdiany 
Miserable, a. miserable, ex> 

hausted, covetous, avarici- 

MiseracidB, if.V. Müerieor. 

Misen(yca 6 Meaeráyea, «. 

Miserear, va. to act penuri» 

Miserere, tm. violent cholle 
Miseria, if. misery, covetoua 

ncas, trifle 
Miserictfrdia, <f. mercy 
Miserlcordiiiao, sa. a. pious 
Misero, ra. a. maaB'loving 
Misión, if. mission, travds 

undertaken by 

gion ; charges 
Misionero y Mlsionáiio^ tm. 

MisiTi^ va. a. missive 
Mismo, ma. «. same 
Misquio, tm. a Mat of marble 

intermixed with • variety 

of stones 
Mistar, va. to speak or make 

a nobe with the month 
Mistela, if. drink matde «f 

wine, water, sugar, etc. 
Misterio, «M. mystery, sacra* 
Misteritiso, sa. a. myalariaaa 
M&tira, if. roysticalaeaa 
Mistico, ca. a. nvstic 


Unen Cor linhag 
Vttájo, «m. Indian dnwn 

fbr any public Isbomr 
Mitigaddr.mi. • mitigator 
Mitigar, va. to mitigate 
Mitigativo, m y Mitagstd- 

rio* ria. o. lenitive 
Mitotogto. <f. mythotopr 
Miti^ágico, ca. a. mjtibologi- 

Mitáaa, 9m.9l. mittens 
Miune, m. liuUan dmoe 
Mitra. 4f. mitre 
Mitrado, a. mitred 
Mitrar, vn. to be mitred 
Mltridáto, m. mithridate 
Mftnlo, $m. sea muscle 
Mixtidn. <f. mixtión 
Mixto, ta. «• mixed 
MixtAra, </•. mixture, meslin 
Mixturar, va. to mix 
Miz, am. pass 
MobUr. tM. to fdenish 
Mrfble, o. V. Mmñt 
Mocadero 6 Mocadtfr, «m. 

pocket handkerchief 
Mocarro, «m. mocns of the 

Mocear, va. ta act as a boj 

Mocedad, ^f. boyhood, de- 
bauchñy, lewdness 

Mocero, a. lasdrions 

Mocerdn, na. «. a young ro- 
bust person 

Mochida, tf. butt 

Mochar, va. te cut, lop ofT 

Mocliázo, tm. Uov with the 
butt-end ofa musket 

Mocheta, ^f. end of a oolumn 
and cornice whence an arch 

Mochil, «m. fiumer's lioy 
Mochila. </*. a kind of capari- 

son fbr a horsei 
MocfaUftD ó M( 

or baggage of soldiers 
Mochín, am. young shoot of a 

MiJdio, cha. a. dishorned. 

Modinélo, am. red owl 
MocMn, ^. motion ; am 

Mocflo, ta. a> javenile, youth- 

Mdoo, am. mucus of the nose, 
■" ' » candle, gutter of 

Moooaidady v* moooaity 
Moodao» a^^snottr 


Modil# a- &Kh^L»i^Ee. ¡t»- 

ModciUrT iw. Id fqiHlel 

Miprlt^fEi, MMh model, patlKB 
Mo(L(^3L:bA]^ , ^f. mmlipnEim 
M»íffviOtúk- a, fTiHxterale 
Moi.|i^-í¿<kk ^ ra. J. tTuylÉ]>li»f 
Mftdraf- 4ifl, 111 mridefBlei 

MíflrratÍTO, IB. «. moflíiat- 

Moürj4ldii43, rlA. a- tbwt 

whieh modentn 

M^il^'riici'^itL a. ]4te, ncent 
MoiliNtu, jfl modBiti' 

M £>< I T'lLu-r t^ 4k mtklnt 

M pfJ kij. ^ddr, Ti. I. ciriüdtficr 

MüiliiPidf. TU. m TFiodtiy 
Mwl¡rL[:;»ti>i^Ta. c.tlul which 

MinWHf nn. maitrtrr^ mien 
M/^Uvy «n- KomAii dry mfl»- 

Mmlf'.ca, ir pm«. A pcTMMi Ibnil 

Mtjilni JW1. nnode, müdeistkm, 

Jlli.iill. CiMli^ 

Mu 'ir . rrq ,tr^ drmriittdi^ iliwo 
MfriiJi'riT . iHi, loiUawte, rr. 

V* bKIOUW llAtlbf 

Mfidatt^l 1», if.thfl tbJTd nifbt- 


Mod^rrop n, a. drowfy 

Moduladdr, tv. t. mndul^tor 

MipJulir, rtt. ro modulan? 

Mj'irlnln, m. ii]taiiila.tloii 

Mnd ücrT», ^r, ftillj 

MociJiT. f. lULi:kH i«f i^ld mk 
¡[tri-rmi^iod with liLLlJl^ 
Lili I liruflhln, MirklDrr 

MíK.i., 4f- mockwy 

Mufl'iiSi 1Í, ra^ fL criffcT 

Moli,,JLira+ V"- J^^, "i^o'i' 

MflL.tlr Tu. T{ld«idlf 

Mor-' t. 4/, ini>pttbiet 

MoiaL.iUiw. da, a rrippliitlc 
Mflrli =v-T *m, fi. fhab-ch^jti 
Moih Lijtln, dsr a. chub-chwi^ 

Mnll.>n, Jm. SibcTUP Hheefi 
Miii^.tiip, tfit. *4m'i.*h 
MnKiNi^j *m. pf. nlppcra, Mni 

Myelin ^ fím. blow ulveit on 
tlie ftn* v1th Ibe flir 
«Ic^trlted ¡ kirtft of icTLvl- 

Mvfcl^DFiiA, tr.^ímWirrdkíCT- 
SLun Irt w]Jrb the «.vtMiDjjj 

B|i]wir tn ¡riiil cuEnTicr \rKihkh 


M W^ilíki r mi- ■ |«r4U 
MfVi^te, Ém. mn Iniuíund lUtk 
vLih 4 flaf 470vn* appinr^ 
b^ ii txni potnlod itaák 


isrr, ¿tüvn 
Miíihld^t í^ huroecHatlqei 

MiKhirfi, í^ Eh* polTii Ift 

ivhibL'h itRenfekgri ie maneta 
Müfe Jtri, íf. [he 4ti -if tclUnp 

f^ b1|[b [lrLL'^« ai^d bufifi^ 

Un the Irj*«i3 i«fmi 
MüttifíTiu, nt. Id idl any 

íhing tab áiPW 
Mtíhítt^a, ra. x. eilgitloficT 
MohAtTíld., m, tttnrtEr 
MohALÚr, ÍM, to £m*Tr wiüí 


3f->lirni, i/, snJmqilry 
Mahln-l, rUL a, ÍTírtfiJÍ, hi*iik, 

B3?|>IL«| uihnr^rl 
iLfoblHu, Jim. one ifbr> (tl^yi 

[w, mcrti]4 

. mouJdy 

M^^ÍMÍM. Sé. a. .._._, 

niujld.a> ^, humeHffBtinrh 

My^ma, %T.»\\ tunnj-fíitai 
rhn Eo br immTud tn «tiy 

M^, im- iiuH of f> lcBai«« 

AIa>in, m- [anJmack^ lita]», 

pile, ktnd c^ fila? 
niújórm, 4|^. duty im *lne«ilti 

IjyreíBll, tUTi-ey uTWjI 

JU (^iHiih-a, iT. pUi» Id «tÚLlIk 
]«itljTJAiífci s,rt flmnl 

3'nir» fTf' lunü, &t 1SIVX 

Múldlr, va^ lo moi^ld 
MdldO^ rt*t. ttiowldl 
MütdoiÍTi i«Jn Lu iitiitild 
Molrtítr^j tí', mwildliii; 
H\fif]iliirár, Tmi. t:> niakr ■. 

TTvau,ldÍitB^ «1 ATi^f tlblnti 
Mdl«,d. Mift, iitjldj; <r. VAii 

:vtu'ícíilS| \T. m*lfrL'ule 
MuJedid^, n> cr. ihur »h|fh 
I ■■ üi tüu ipíiiiiid 

MiWF^LO j liv^iii^ m. hy- pót Jti'whirh ivinlfr't 
IHicilte; a. ilecellfUI ' Up*» ^ ^ ' 

IHicilte; a. ilecellfUI 

Digitized by VjÓ^^^lC 


MoMdáro, m. milter, <é0- 

colat» raanuCictarar 
Moler, vo. to grind» vex» fa- 

ticttCf w«M«i ouaticate 
XoUro» am. maker or atítar 

ei oiill<«tones 
MolMUddr, rs. «. disturber 
Motestár, «o. to rex. 

Molesto, u. a. srietoos- 
MoWta, <f. muner 
Motibdéna, tf. molybdcna 
MoUcle, di tenderness 
MoUdot oik. py. ground 
MolMnda, </; (mantis pound» 

•d or g^und at once, wea* 

ilncss caused lij grit " 

or pounding 
MoU«nt«, pa. grinder 
Molificar! va. to mi^UfSr 
MoliflcatíTo, va. o. that wtucb 

Molimiento, tm. frtlgne 
Molinera, if. miller's wife 
Molinería, <f. coHection : of 

Molináro, mi. miller. 
Molinero, nu a. any thing 

which is to be ground or 

Molinete, Ml. windlass, turn- 
Molinillo, MU cfaum-stafr¡ 

andent trimming ot' clothes 
Molinismo, mi. moUulsm 
Molino, «m. mill, noitj ftí- 

Molitivo, va. a. mollient 
Mdlla, if, cnun or crumb^oT 

MoIUr, a. soft, tender 
Mollear, VA. to soften 
Molledo, Ml. the fleshy part 

of a limb ; crum of breaa 
MoU^ if, gland, gizxard 
Mollentar, va. to nMllil^ 
MoUéra, if. crown or top of 

MoUéro, MS. fleshy part of 

the arm 
MolMu, af. snuffbrs, bn 

made of the finest flour 
Mollete, im. a small I 

made of the finest flour 
Mollina y Mollizna, if, mist, 

small rain 
Molliznar 4 MoUimetfr, en. 

Mokfndso 6 Molondrdiu mi. 

a singgiih mean-spirited 

Momentáneo, nea. 

Momdnto «as. tno 


Momería, «f. mtunmery 

admio, nua. a. meagre 
dmia, rf. mummy 
Mdmo, Mk bufToonery 
Moroperdda, if, a kind of 

gtaxed woollen stuff 
Mdna. <f. - • 

Monacal, a, monktsh 
Monacato, $in. monkhood 
Monacfllo, Mk boy who serves 

in a monastery or convent 

of monlts 
Monaotfrdio,.Mi. moaodMKd 
Mon<da.4f. ' 

Monirca,«m. monarch 
Monarquía, if. maaaxdbj 
Monárquico, ca. 

Monasterio^ Ml. monas t ery 


MeniffAe.M». a lag brother of 

reUgioun orders 
MoniUo, Ml. corset 
Monipddio, Ml. monopfriy 
Mente, ff.any small and naat 

Mdnda, if. pruning of 

Mondadidntea, mi. toot^ck 
Mondaddr» ra. «. cleaner 
Mondadúiíi, ^. cleansing 
Mondaoréjw, mi. ear-pl« 
Mondar, M. to eleMi« ped, 

Mond^ Ml. p«nneh of a 

pig or sheep stoflU with 

minced meat 
Mdndo, da. a, neat, ctean 
Monddngo, mi. paanch 
Mandongoidzar. «e. to drHs 

MonoonguérO) ra. «. one who 

Monitdria, ^f. a n 
Monittfriot na.a. . 
Mdi^a, if. a nun 
Mdno, na. a. neat, pretty 
Mdno, Ml. a roonkqr; NW 
Monooardto y Monocerdntr, 

Ml. unicorn 
Móndenlo, la. a, «ne.«yed 

** " ^f. B 

MoiMfáima, qf. monofamy 
Moa<%aitio, mi. he who m«r- 

ries only once 
MondiOBi» Ml. m opotogu» 
MonosBiiinia, <f. monoma^y 
Monoptfstos, Ml. puUey «1th 

MomqióUot MS. meiu^oly 
Monopolista, tm. monopolist 

deals in them 
Monada, if. taaotj 
Moneddge, mi. duty paid to 

the king fer coining 
Monedar y Meaedeár» va, to 

Monedería, <f. mint 
Mon«d^ro, mi. oofater 
Moneaia, if, grimace^ f^r. 

Monésoo, a. apish 
Monetario, mi. caUnet of an» 

dent coins and models 
Mdnfi, tm. name given to 

Moorish higbwaraMB 
Mdnge, mi. raonk{ brown 


Mon^, Ml. habit of a nup ¡ 

mourning dreiaor.weeda of 

a widow 
Mongio, tm. state of a naa 
Mwiucion, if. anmeaug^pi2Q(j ¡^^ 

MonoslUbo, ba. y Monoaild- 
bioo, ca. a. moMsyllablad- 
Munolifiiio, if. mosKKony 

Mdñstnw, Ml. monster, mj 
Ofatg eatewltfly tec|* or 



Mdnta, «A ámoont, valva 

Montadero^ mi. one who 

Montage, Ml. an act o f sn o u ai » 

Montanera, if. the Ibadlaf út 

ho^wiA acorns 
Blo nto ndro» MS. fcr aet ar 
Montano, na. a, n 
^f» ' 

J. a I 

nsed to hmOmg-mmtrnt, 
tfie upright post of a aa> 

Montantear, va. to wield €bm 
broad sword la a IkMlnf * 

^^adiool, vtunt 


-., „_ ..feíwbeiftiti*! 

' " nb^nea 

WHjal ufi 
, rt V0i í;™-k 

tú uaj-^hc m fviuiltr ^br caí- 

cftuic iM^ilflC from (ne jvo- 
MOntii» íHl- miMintüin, *tigíl, 

— uit;,tbk±b«d0fhjJj 

pUüL uf I b4ilLi]in« 

, rn^ ui IwAt « viKüd 

in yanaU wf ffime, drav 
1^ vUit oT « bqjliOxiK. 

3il4ntv Plüt *ip- be*»* Ají 
lending ciwn«T ún pl«I^«^ 

JVf «iftEenfrv^m.n« who íii»*p> 


Aund in ■ fortrf 

H, u, a, full oT wood» 


&»U dc»«itl te dLi- 

^ . ^runkioineM 

J» ip» tL»lC on tlH imUTi 

r, mik tQ kntwl. 


Mnqü^tf , jxn. |rta« «n tkt 

MH}itU'«1:«^T> "^' b> dltclMf|> 

V4. u» glirtí bliwi la 0M 

Mo^iilti, tf- fnÍTri 

Moréc-ha, ctu- ■■ dwkporplt 
M-m^^y Mf. Ymiiittíim 

Vni^A, «r. htindJff 
rtrrtAlc ^Ertrl)*» 
^fgf^. jm. mnllMRy-traBt 

iiu^dUF} ; a. mural 

MnrfJt (/: elWc» 

MdTAléja. í/. H favüToMnl 


Ml^aLuíau, tf, asaalitjgtmn 

McvíJktJ, tm- _ 


MciraLuár, f4- lo inaniii» 
.Mii>ri[a', P'K. 10 tnhaliit 

ittAiiiiB] rik a debtor 
M:mi>iíü,<]4-ii' miMcfaid 

^ jrhllk(>^ t'L El, 

4- liiuklih 

UufrHL^j ^r bUck poddilW 
MtprrLLk^ro, n, «^ one Who 

ik-^N in buck jniddingi 
MorcrLLu, AH tbe Ocshy part 

gf tb»- >ii-rxi Fniia the ihiial- 

ItfuTcibn, *in^ t 3v« Mac 
|iuiLiih|i uidde dT Oie bUn 
jpiii a Iv-n nirtj fellow 

M.Ehl.L.:Li]*3K ij; nil T,i, Í. bitar 

ÜurLÍL-Mf.t^ I'L blW 

;(ri r'kr^ i^|r ÍD bile, hold Alt 
Jk! EiiH" pnund, iireM one 
tijjni; .u*^in»E uioCher 

^fntLViLlAiiir, ;„i+ Uting 

.ijiii LkIo^ nfi. tdt í o. dlaat- 

Mnnnnul, *«t, ifecvU 
Mimittiii^-Titu^ un. bit» 


M oidlKár, «fc to 

M eraaaia tf Iferanftii,^. brs- 

lloréiio,iia.«. brown, twaitl^ 
Marica, ^. wbUm oaalbany* 

llovertfl, MH. ylauuU aw ef 

white nmlbany traee 
Morarte, ^. tobarb or mmt. 

tv iflhe town where Mo«» 

Mareta, ^. a kfaid ef MM 
Mdrfek, 4f. cormorant 
Mtfrn, if. ilnvi iTaU 
MoilMnde. da. a. dTlM 

MoriferaciOn, ^ 

Marüma, «f. Mol 


Mociaqntfta. «f. Moorfah Mek 
MorUooyca. m. aflhctlnglg. 

MorM^ tm. a •art of liucB' 

loosely woven 
Moridn, na. a. V. JTorlace 

XttttiwuÉtf tw» to mamnr 
Mdroy nu <• Mooct pure wlna 
Moroeáda, <f. blow given hr 
with ha horn 

Mordndq, a. bald. leallaM 
^oronia, ^ a dMi made ofa 

variety of v^gttablee 
Moroaldad, 4f. ilowneH 
Mordso, M. «• 'low 
Mofqntfra, ^. Und oTtkyma 

oraavwy ^ _ 

Mdrra, ^f, upper part of tbm 

Morral, «m. a little bag hog 
to the mootha of molOB or 



If orillo^ «M. pebbte, fht oTUm 

nape of • UMep 
Iforrna, cT- '" 

cattle, ndi, 
Morrkte, «m. manriaot var- 

Mom», m. any thing that !• 

Mdrro, ra. a. purring 
Morrdncho, cha. a. mild 
Morrudo, da. a. having large 

prominent lipa 
Monánat 4f> bean caper 
Mortaja, ^. ■hnmd, mortite 
Mortal, a. mortal, deadly 
Mortalidad, ^f. mortaUty 
MortaniUd, «T. roortallty 
Mortedno; na. a. dying a na* 
toral death, being a "^ 
point of dying, weak 
Morteráda, ^. laooe made at 

once inamortar 
Morterete, «m. a nnall mor- 
tar, piece of wax fbrmed in 
the shape of a mortar 
Mortero, m*. a mortar, j 
tbort thick t^per ; mortal ^ 
a oemmt. Mortero de 
bréxula, compaM-boz 
Morteruélo, «m. a kind of 
play-thing ibr boys, firlcas- 
•ee made of hog** Urer 
Monicteio, em. carrion 
Mortdero,nu a. mortiftrent 
Mortlfieacidn, ^f. vexation 
Mortificar, «e. to mortify; 
vr. to oonqner one's pas> 
Mortodrio, «m. burial, legacy 

left to a parish church 
MoméBa, if. heap of looae 

Morueco» «M. lam 
Mdrula, </; a short stay 
Moruno, na. a. belonging to 

the mulberry, moorLhiy 
Morusa, ^f. cash 
Mosáyco, ca. a. Mosaic 
Mosca, if. a fly, an imperti- 
nent intruder, vexation. 
Moteatf sparks from ajjglit. 
Jfofia tiuterta, a mcdV qd- 
ritless fellow 
Moscarda, ^f. gadfly, eggs of 

Moscardear, vn. to lay eggs as 
bees In the cells of their 

! MoKcarddn, jm. an importu- 
ning sly feUow 
Moscareta, ^f. fly catcher 
Mow^ál, o. muscadine, s 

tiresome ignorant »llow 

Mflaodn, tm. a Uffge fl/t a 



crafty deceitful fUlow, ma- 

, f7n- pf. m ktrti of 

.I-. ¡:ii Thlth rtictn lo 

Moequoiiíui da^ a. tpQitvu 

lIúA^lieulúT, MM. Ilqp füT kill- 

imtr rtj^ 
&Iiu|u?ilr, ui, lo ñi\¥E flJct 
*wAj <iitt » Hill, r^toti a 
jtiYt \. I'*', to vi^t cinbar- 

f ^.-drnctll» With 1 loliftiJ't! 

M(w]ut>o, iiui, Uieoct cíícAldh- 
>TrMtuííro, ím, flT-tríii* 

MoM|u«1^ tf. whilv ntuik- 
Mi^qui^tAiiMín- ma^n-iJMt 
M'MíiuplerM^ if. \xnSj of in- 

flikirii, tlar |««V*i- dlttrtg 

M rFviithL-TL-rd]^ a^JtlátinC lú (be 

IJii of n theatíc 

MiMiíJl, f Mnrati'no, nL a. 
Iwlcinj^n^ Ti> afi^ 

MmiiLLíii ¿ni, rl, «. 1 piiiviie 

C4jvi<r hutijf flver a btK3 
MiM|nilah rmi gnar-r rli|»|4er 

UüiEAtlIuij im. whItLvr, il}iOt 


meostrates, hand of a doelc. 

Mostrar, va. to show, eetmb. 

li»h, eiplain ; vr. to sppeMT 
Mostrenco, ca. o. stn^cd» 

vagabond, dull, ftt 
Mota, ^r. a bit of thread or 

any similar thing sticking 

- ■ - , , slight I»--- 

I defiecty 

to cloths, 

bank of earth 
Motactfn, em. clerk of th« 

MotaciU V MotoUtm. ^f. V. 

Mate, em. motto 
Motear, tm. to speckle 
Motc;iad45r, ra. e. mocker 
Motejar, t». to censure 
Motete, «IN. a short musical 

composition to be sung is 

Motilar, va. to crop 
Motildn, em. a lay-broúier of 

a religions order 
Motfn, em. mutiny, rloC 
Motita, <f. brief motto 
Motivar, va. to give reaaen 

fbr any thing 
Motivo, em. motive ; a. mo- 

iBto, ta; y Motoldtloo» 
-y deceived 

:hL of 

hi fare. 

IIAUdih^ [Ifím 
Mo^aclKrfi, rwf. 

Mostachfiso, sa. a. wearing 

Mostacilla, if. sparrow-shot 
Mnntajo, em. white beam- 
Mostáta, ^. mustard, miu- 

tard-seed, hail-shot 
Mostazo, em. mustard, etiang 

thick must 
Mostear, va. to yidd must, 

put must into vats to fbr- 

ment, mix must with old 

Mostela, 4/*. sprig or twig of 

Mosteléra, <f. place where 

the qnigs ^ vines are laid 

up ^ 

Mo«tfllo, em, cake made of 

must and other JMf- 

dients ^ 

Mdkto, SIM. stem, must, new 

Mostráble, a. that which may 

be Kliewn 
Mositr^o, da. a. aoctistomed 
Mostraddr m. one ^^^^ ' 

ea. a. easi^ <i 
Motón, em. bk>ck. 
eiego, dead block. 


Motonería, if. block» and 

Motonéro, em. block-maker 

Motdr, em. V. Movedar 

Motril, em. V. MoehU 

Motriz, a. motory, motive 

Movedizo, ^za. a. moveable 

Moveddr, nu e. mover, mo- 

Mover, Mt. to move, prevail 
upon, inqiire ; vn. to bud, 

Movible, a. moveable 

Moviente, pa. moving 

Móvil, a. moveable 

Movilidad, if. moMUty, in- 
constancy, levity 

Movimiento, em. movemenV 

Moxi ó Moxil, V. Cañete 

Moyana. <^ lie, hnad made 
of bran for the feed ef dogs 

Mdyo, em. Uquid raeassire «f 

Moyuelo, em. grits 

Móia, <f. girl, wench. Moaa 
de támara, chambcr^naid ; 

^^^(to beat Unen with 


oced to do all kind of 
work in tha bouw, bache- 
lor, cat. Momo de cabaUo$, 
Boom; dttinb-waiter 
Bioxdn, tm. a roUut yoonff 

Mo, isf. sleep; «m. bdlowbig 
oTalmU ^^ ^ 

Mncéta, 4f. l»«t «f *• *?» 
worn U; bUba|W when thcj 

tf. a bojiab 

MttdMclMrfa, <r- h«Ti^ »ick, 
damaraas notae nud* bjr a 
crowd of boja 
MBdiaakés,<r. düldhood 
Muchacho, cha. o. youthUk* 
ModMdúnitara, 4f. multitude 
MAg1m>, cha. «. much, i^o 
ka MMtcko» not long ainoe i 
«rf. much 
MnciUigOf «m. mucilage 
MúáM, tf. change, diange oT 
Unen, mute letter, time of 
moolting, roott of birds of 

Modtfnsa, if. alteration; le- 
maval ftxm one place to 

Mudez, ^. dnmlneas 
MAdo,da. a. dumb 
Mué 6 Maét, m. tabfav 
Muebles, «M. el. cfaattds 
Mueca, if. grunaoe 
Muela, ^. upper miU-stonei 

grind'Stonet mill-dam, hill, 
r Uad of coane tabby, track 

made with any thing. JTW* 

Muelle, a. tender, licentious ; 
«M. nnng, an elastic body, 
' TKufator, mole, pier, quay 
Mu«daao, «m. mittiletoe 
Muennéra, if. common Tir- 

^n't bower 
Muermo» Mb coU and cough- 
ing, with which animals 
are aibcted, glanders 
Muermósck sa. a. snoring 
Muerte, if. death, murder. 


«Mciff, untU daadi 
Mntfito, tm. corpse; ff. 

»trl|ies, strokes 
Muerto, ta. a. dead, languid 
Muesca, if. notch or croove 

cut Into the sUvcs or casks 


Muestra, if. pattern, design. 

Mufla, if. muffle used in the 

assaying of metals 
Múo. V: V. JTojon tf TVr- 

Magér, if. woman, wlft 
Mngorjidia, if. large coane 

M la, 4f* a prostituta 

Ml (o, ga. a. feminine 

M {o,i " " 

Ml a, 4f. a los^ wooian 

Ml fm.thelowtagoran 

r, orbttU 
Ml m. mullet 

Ml a. to low . 

Ml m. dirt, filth 

Ml u>, ta. a. grea^ . 

Ml «m. sprig of a Tine 

M_., ^M. a French liquid 

Mi^l, tm, V. MugU 
Mfda, if. she-mute 
Muladar, «m. place when 

the dirt and sweepings of 

houses are put 
Mular, o. belonging to mules 
Mulatero ó Muletero, — 

Mulato, ta. a. mulatto 
Mulera, <M. mule-boy; 

applied to a horse nnd of 

Muleta, «f. a young she-mule 

not yet tr¿ned to work, 

crutch, lunch 
Muletada, if. herd of mulee 
Mulato, am. a younghe>mule 

n«K yet broken in 
Mnlllla, <f. sort of thick-soled 

MúUa, 4f. the act of digging 

around vines 
MuUidór, ra. «. bruiser 
Mullir, va. to beat up any 
tiling, call, adopt the most 
proper measures Sat attain- 
ing one^ purpose 
MAlo, <m. mule 
Múha, if. mulct, fine 
Multar, vo. to mulct 
Multiforme, a. multifbrm 
MultlUtera, ra. a. multilateral 
MaltlpU^Úe, •> nultipltaUa 

Multíplice, a. multiple 
Mttltipllddád, if. multiplicity 
Multitdd, if. multitude 
Mundauüldád, if. worldli- 

Mundáno, na. o. mundane 
Mundificar, «a. to mundH^ 
Mundificatlvo, va. a. mun- 

Mundillo, tm. an arched 

dry or air linen, warming- 
Mttnd¡nd«l 6 Mandinu^o, 

Mundo, am. world, great mul- 

Muniridn, if. amnnmitiea 
Munieionir, «a. to supply 

Municipal, a. municipal 
Munidpe, ««i. eitixen 
Municipio, am. place which 

enjoys the righu and prlri- 

Icgesof aelty 
Munificencia, if. munifiocnce 
Munífico, ca. a. munificent 
MunitdrU, ^. the art whicli 

teaches the fortification of 

Mufiáca, if. wrist. doU 
MuAéoo, am. a puppet icpre- 

sentii^r a mala figure 
Mufieqneár, va. to play with 

the wrist In fencing 
Mufieqnéra. if. braodct 
Mulkqueria, if. exocsstre 

fondness of drees 
Muftiddr, «Ml. beadle of a 

Muñir, tw. to summon 
Mufidn, am. brawn, stump of 

an arm or lag which it cut 

Mnradál, am. V. Mutadar 

MuráL a. mural 

Muralla, 4/*. rampart which 
sunounds a place 

Murar, va. to wall 

Murciégalo, MurcWla;io, ó 
Murcegufilo, «m. bat 

Murecillo, «m. V. MOaeulo 

Múrete, am. a slight waU for 
an aqueduct 

Murraugeár, va. to murmur 

Murmuración, if. backbiting 

Murmurador, ra. •• mur- 

Murmurar, t«. to murmur, 
grumble, backbite 

Muirofirte am. the nunnur* 



mSL «m. V. Pmni ó Mu- 

JCtarla, <, hWTlaaM «T Om 


«r win* and 

MúCTto, lia. «. m1 

Martdlaj Mortfaa, ^f.itiit 

Mnntfii,«M. «yrtla-lMRy 
Jfumoya,^. mariai of pM- 

ll«aa, «r. nraaa 

MMar¿k 4f. Md darev. 

ÜMcIcipa, V*. «r-caicliw 


of a pñidigloa* 

Maadtoa, ^f. modtai 
M«aé0,«in. moanun 
Jf«Mrtfla,4/: BOU b » 


MiuvwkAa» 4f' V. i<iMa> 

M mtéla, ^ taa loach 
Mt$(do, tiM. a. pvchad, aad 
Mmolmiti, «M. MoMMfanaa 
Múra,<r. pack «ThoaiMa 
MatabdldádtV. OMitahilily 
Mataddn, «A malatloa 
MttUUr, «a. to mntllata 
Mataü, a. nmtnal 
Mntiuttfilo, tm. ona vho b«iw 

Mutuo» taa. a. matul 
Mtttoo» «NI. loan 

CN0» ^'vy HiBch 
Vas, mm. floor-tlnib» 
" - - r, 


ji^<ba» 4f* loond^aolad tar< 

VáMÓ NaUr, «ai. toralp- 
flald} a." 

NabMtia» 4f* tnndp pettaft 
NabAia» 4f* timüp-Med 
Nalrfta, ^. tamlp-rootcdcCb» 

Ntfbla, 4f> «ludnt Inttnumnt 

N<bo, «a». rape^Med, any 

nondroot, mact 
Naetfr. «ai. mothtf «f pcarl. 


NJEm. ^. ¿tton ihaU 

Nacarrido, da. a. Mt 
motlwr of paarl 

Maeardn, «ai. lar» paari sImO 

Naotfr, va.te be born, flow», 
bod, rtea, spring. Nattr 
4» tubtm, to ba bom to 
■«aUhednaü i vr. ta ba 
pnnofaicdlv natura 

Nactdo, da. a. proper, apt 

Nacido, «Nk ptaniJe 

Nacimiento, mi. birth, na> 
tiTitj, odkln 

Naci<(n, 4f. birúi, nation 

Kadoníl. a. national 

Nicho, cha. a. Jtoaia rf doto 


I ^f. al. iMit off 
wad to laim to 

Nadad^ro^ «ai. awlnming- 

Nadaddi^ ra. «. nrlmmto 
Nadaddm,^. dnwon-lly 
Nadad*ra,^.r-— — 

.«. water, be wide 
Nadert^ ^. nothJtaf 

Nadir, «MI. nadir 
Ntfdo, «M. Jtitaio, afloat 
Nadréna^ ^f. fL dagt 
Ná&, if. orange-flower W8> 

Ndfta, ^. n^liúia 
Ndgnai, 4f. ft, vnder-petti. 

Nalga, 4f. bnttoek 
Nalgádo, da. o. having rennd 

Nalgatorio, «ai. mat 
Nalguear, »a. to diaka ei 
nek the posteriori in walk- 
NinM, 4f. flsh'pood 
Napea, 4f. wood-nyrni^i 
NapAo, «Ni. wolfss bane 
Narangéro, a. ap^led 
blttiraerbnn with a i 
the dse of anona 
Nartnja.^^ orange 


Naranjada, ^. 
NaruilSit, da. a. 

tatitai of oraiMw tiaei " 
Naraojdaa, «aiTblew with as 

Naranja ra. «. ona who 
_ «allaorangefc M n w ge t wa 

Naranjero, ra. a. applied to 
ptoeeeof artilleqr, which 
can; baila of the liaa ef 

Naidi^o, tm. eranga tiaa» 

rude igMMrant BP» 
Narcfio, f- ■'-" 

Nwodtioo, ca. a. naroolie 
Nardáno, a. made «T iplkie< 

Nardo, fakipibenwd 
Narigdn, «ai. a lane now 
Nar(i, ^.noM. Ñ^étl». 
matt, ooppcr«aR. !%»• 
taa«« di la mmrt», ■■etiil^ 
the prqfecthig point ef a 
btidm or pier, ootwalw 
Nariuldo, da. a. havtof a 

large now 
Narradtfn, <f. narratifla 
Narrtfr, «a. to namto 
Narrativa, ^. nannatlvp 
Narrativo, va; tfNwitl*!^ 






Katfl, a. natal | m. bivita 


N«tHídád.<f. "fSrtty 
Nativo, ▼•. «• nativa fit 

Natartfl,«m. «aupar, fruincí, 
natl^ of <k placa} a timu- 

VwíaatíéUL, tf. Baturc. tg 
«anua eonttiatíati «^ o» 
Snlmaiail badjr, ala» «f 

WatmraHiMd, 4f' tiirtb rlgtii, 

Mtunlneai, tagBnaitT 
IteturalMa, «ak BatanÜJit 
Ifalwalisár, tu. to natun, 
Hxe; beaoaa^iatnc^ 
Naofir^ár, «a. to he •tria:>'l«l 
NanMglo, «n. «hiiiwr^^» 

a. lalatiiig to 

Nauta, «ai. 

Náutica, <f. navlgatloi^ 
Náutico, ea. a, nauticjü 
Naatflo, mk iheU-fiifa 
Ná*a, ^f. a plato or le«l 

Nar^ X claap-knifr, c*. 

xor, task of a vilü txaar, 

ttaúna of backtaitavB 
Nav^tfi» 6 Naví^, '■ cut 

Nav«4<fa, mi. rator cth» a 

piaoa oT liaaa oa «hicti a 

NaTj^fdti, Étfc a kinrf rtf pck 
nlacd te liw imn c^ ■ 

Nav4°*káif>t f"^ >^t vlEh a 

^ia%ál, A. TiA^TÜ. 
««Tii'ii/, rojAl 11117 

Nin,jf. aithlf, 
NaiNtgible, a- MI ^ 
NBT%aclér<> if. n-ti ift^tlMín 
¡navU^Cj artof lUvI^tlFvr 

N.i»i¿<lf^ int. ío wvkifftíc í 

úíuf by NCi from ene jurt 


Navicvláij *" applknS iv ího 
rawWle 1™* pfllve Qioí bt 
fm<t thf he«1 

■the rtmí (if w*^ i 1 ity 

hhip or ^«Sfl -r^nulilM of 
TVB7%at^K the hi)?lL >ríV 
Píav iDi tm- a Enriíc iJ 1 ¡ f ■ ífi- 
VÍa guarda ci''fa,í¡aani-^il' 1 

Na^rc, iiftL a rmi^i ukarnuntl 

NiíTí4 *wt- Tl*TjhaMH-keeTief 
Sar-Ai^d. Fva. fl. NjLiarean, 
Nazarlta ¡ im. be who gti^ 
in |iirvij«i^loru í;: r^Miiui 
Na»T^, a. Nazadtfr 
^1fLJéda^ O", «t-niült 
Neblnínt^EalDoii (pmtl* 

Síbrfcia, ^. JuTii|>eT'1jen7 

:^CC^T, t'rt. tü Ijilk Tuntsenw 
KtfCeÚáá, «j; grutJ cjpiOTitR-V 

Neceuáriíi, ria^ íi.. ftíeessaij 
S Éí^e4ltat^^)|i di. 4' cpiniíeUiíd, 

N#45eJtár, iw- to rtet^ísütate ¡ 

¡>fí. |n iraní, need 
N*HfJi cia. 13. igniOTaiiti Im- 

fíícr&ldUiíí, rm- iKCrOtE^J 
N«tár> #"w fveetar 


KfHíiri0i^ da. d. baia 
Nef4:i,tDi, s apvlM lo o*?»" 

Ntfriii,g,--A. a n«iiiiriü'-'j IB^ 

du» voDd 
Ncw^i¿iti, (f. ne((»Hi*i. *«« 

IrtiTitiiJD flf Mif thJnfd tie- 

Nct^D^ tf Larap»ble 
SíjíwMrt 'm^. klenlcr 
Nt^líi. im. to drtitr dlííHii»', 

ÍLirx«ti njrtt:j-al, 

/■«rmbk ¡. 

N«Adaio, KM. cr.fiefatli* 

Nqrlltííiile. a. «ií««it 
NiTHxiáiliit iifi, V. Sfísp"**" 
X«ocíaü.;r *". P man ^ ba- 

NeKufli,fitii,«pi^ iruJtr 
^«■giiCilLrt ■ n. 14 uadtp o.*' 

fai-r, iu>iíatLaiUAi, jm^ib^L u> 

Neudciíwí. TiS. 41- dUiíKFsit 
>Vo*T If. ■i.n]„íLLh«i i*tfrd 
wilti ü knüb íni ill* «Id W 

ff^.t:Jiil(j Ti*;iífifii 
NVítríJli u- tilachiMí 

Negrii ¿r, in. td tlai-tm 

>-Egt*iunra, ¿tf. Wai:kFww 
Nt^flít», 4/; A kiná fflf duík of 

n blickiih culiiiií 
NeotUIíi. tí; tlnd oF tHl*c* 

NeirUlíÍT*- 'f- plantaticprt s€ 

hliu.'-k pirpUr 

bUvr.k ]U|»Lai 
S'ifp¡ru. líTi. tí. blju'k,lirvjwn 
or ^'j'i bUc-kiih, ^loom?» 

Ncgi^ni y N'üjjríiTi, j. hLaLk- 

NcarÚTro, r». tf . blíifUJ Ji 
N'ivuijdnj, «t, fjiílí3< 
N'e^Ha» ^f. Ivinieirtoii**' 
N(^i]ldci, ÉttL, a:íffn-íO!* 
Níma* */. Rtf.d 

Nííia, if. a hKjlHf 

Hítioíáip "11. -W" wal«r- 
^ Illy ^ 

Digitized by 




NcoménlSf <f. flnt áaj at 

Ncpific, «in. 
NcitfTd«,<r. Nereid 
Nenrfoo, na. a. nenrooi 
Mérrio, «St. nerve, Etring ofa 

muxical inttrament, a small 

rope, Tigoiur 
KerTi<Mid4d, <f. nerrona 
Nerrltfso, sa. a. nerraoM 
Nervosidad, </*. ttrength 
Nervtfflo, sa. a. núenrous, 

strong, vigorooa 
Ncrvttdo, da. a, having strong 

Nesciencia, <f. ignorance 
Nesciente, a. Ignorant 
Nesga, tf, goar 
Néspera. ^. medlar, a Drult 
Netezuelo, sm. a little grand- 
Neto, a. neat. jBm iiefo, purely 
Neurítico, ca. a. strengthen- 
ing the nerves 
Nearoi<5gia, if. nenrologj 
Neutrtfl, a. neutral 
NeatraUdád, <f. ncutraUt; 
NcntralÍE<r, t». to neutralize 
Neutra, tra. a, neutral 
Nevada, if. a heavy fidl of 

Nevado, o. white as snow 
Nevtfr, «n. to snow ; vo. to 

make white as snow 
Nevtfsca d Nevisca, </: fUl of 

Nevatilla, if. wag-tail ^ 
Nevazo, if. great fiOI of snow 
Nevera, ^. ice-house 
Neveriu, <f. V. AguMonieve 
Nevería, <f. ice-house 
Nevero, ra. «. one who sells ice 
Neviscar, vn. to ioe 
Nevdso, sa. a. snowy 
Séx6, im. Icnot, string 
Ni, eoi^j. neither, nor 
Niara, if. rick or pile of straw 
Nicerobino, a. applied to a 
precious ointment used by 
the ancients 
Nicho, am. niche, employ 
Niele, if. species of agate 
Nicodána, if. tobacco 
Nidada, if. nest fiiU of eggs, 

brood, covey 
Nid<l, m. nest, nest egg; 

basis, haunt 
Nidificar, va. to ne!>t 
Nido, m. nest, any place 
wliere animals are i>ro- 
duccd, habitatian 

Niébla,4f. fbg, mlst,dli 
of the ^es, mildew w) 
blasts com and flruit, a 
Nito>, a. V. Btiem 
Niel, «m. embossment 
Nielar, va. to finrm with pro- 

Niéspera, «f. medlar, a firuit 
Nieto, ta. •. grandson, grand' 

daughter, descendant 
Nieve, if. «now 
Nigromancia ,<f. necromancy 
Nigua, if. chigoe, an insect 
Nimied^, if. superfluity, pe- 
Nimio, mía. a. 
Ninfa, if. nymph 
Ninfea, if. water Uly 
Ninfo, am. a beau 
Ningún, a. hone, not one 
Ninguno, na. a. not one 
Niña, if. pupil of the eye 
Niñada, if. puerUity 
Niñato, «m. calf finund in the 
belly of a cow which has 
been killed 
Niñear, vm. tu act like a chUd 
Niñera,^, servant-maid em- 
• -^ to take caie of chil- 


Niñería, if. puerlUty, bauble, 

Niñero, ra* a, one who Is find 

of chUdren 
Niñeta, if. thesmaUpapU of 

the eye 
Niñez, if. c1 

ning, cornL. 
Niñi:la a Nifilta. if. babe 
Niño, f)a.a.childki ; «. child, 

person of little experience 
Niñuélos, plaited ropes 

made of sedge 
Niquisc«icio, am. trifle , 
Níspero, <m. medlar, tree 
Níspola, if. firuit of the med- 
Nito, am. a Jet black hone 
Nitral, am. place where nitre 

or saltpetre is formed 
Nitraria, if. saltpetre work 
Nítrico, a. nitric 
Nitro, am. nitre 
Nitniso, sa. a. nitrous 
Nivel, am. level 
Nivelar, iMi. to ascertain the 

level of a sur&ce, make 

No, ad. no, or not 
Nobiliario, «». a gi 

account of the peerage of a 




Ndble^ «. noble» iltagTrigM^y 

Nobleza, if. nobleness, nobi- 

üty, ñae ^iti rfmy silk 
Ntfche, if. ni^t, obscuritj 
Nochelméno, am, a large cake 
Nochielo, la. a. darkiSi 
Nochizo, tm. hazel-nut tree 
Noción, if. notion, idea 
Nodonái, a. notional 
Nocir, va. to hurt 
Nocivo, va. a. noxious 

Noctámbulo, i 


Noctiluca, if. glow-worm 
Noctivago, ga. a. running 

about at n^ht 
Nocturnal, a. noctnmal 
Nocturnancia, if. Úf dead 

timeof theni^t 
Nocturno, na. o. nocturaal, 

londy : am. vesper, part of 

the matin service 
Nodaddn,*/. nodation 
Nikio, am. node, knot 
Nodriza, if. nurse 
Nogéda, if. sauce made of 

Nogal, am. wood of the wal- 

Noguéfia, if, blossom at a 

Noguera, if* wabrat-tree 
Noguerado, da. a. ofa wal 

nut colour 
Nognecál, «m. j^antation of 

Nolioitfn, if, noUtion 
NoUmetángeret «in. a mallc- 



Nombrar, t«a.ton 

Ndmbreo, am. name, Hm** 
watch-word, power hj 
wliich any one acts Car 

Nómina, <f. catalogue, an- 

dentrdieof sainto 
Nominación, if. power of pn- 

senting to a benefice 
Nominaaór, ra. «. nominator 
Nominal, a. nominal 
Nominar, vo. to name 
Nómino, «m. individual pos- 

•essing qualittes Ibr being 

mAwintad to a pubUe 

Nomocinon, am. ooUeetia^ 
l^i^^l^^c|al coDStitntioo» 


Han, «n. an odd nnmbcr 
]UM,4r. none 
1l^m^U,^f. trifle 
Kaaagitnágio, rU. «. aimty 

years old 
Womgrfilmoj ma. a. ninetfetb 
Nonagonal, «. cnneegooal 
Noni^pwo, «m- nooagan 
NtfiMs na. a. nindi 
Nofia, ^. hy pocr i tical nna 
KofiMte. ^. V. Aaefcrúi 
No obrtánte, «A nererthdtM 
Nmü» m*. nopal» cochineal 

Ntfqae, «*"• • taiminf pit or 
vat, baaket, with bmlMd 
Noqnéto, tfiu unnicr 
Noraboéna, «f. 

Nord, «m. nortii wind 
Nerdéit 6 Nordérte» mi. 

Norderteár, vn. to be north* 

NodoWst ó Noniátte» «m. 

NordoTcsteár, tm. to 

to nunh-west 
Ndria, «/. engine fbr drawii^ 
water out of a well, draw- 
Norial, m. belonging or re- 

latJngto welh 
Ntfnna, tf. square^ model 
NenM»déste,«m. north-«orth- 

east • 
N^rte» tm. north ; rale, law 
Nortear, «o. to steer to the 

Norueste, «in. nottii-west 
Noroestear, va. to decline to 

ibe north-wert 
Nos, proa, we 
Nesologfa,^. nosolegj 
Nosdtres, tras, prom, we oar. 

Nostalgia, tf. nostalgia 
Ndta, ^f. tuu, mark, ezpla- 

natovy annotation ; €«• 

NoCáUe, a. notable 
Notable, Ml. introdactory 
Notar, va. to note, rem^ 
Notarla, tfi proibslon of a 

notary, a notarr's office 
Notariato^ «ni. title of a no* 

Notirie* «m. notary 
Noticia, tf. notice, news 
NotleUr, «a. to give notice 
Notiddso, sa. «.T - 


Ntffo. ta. «. known, ilk«M> 

Ntfto, tm, sooth wind 
Notoricdid, if. notoriety 
Notdrio, rta. a. notorious 
Novacita, 4f. renovation 
Novar, ue. to renew an ebb* 

gatioo fbiDterly contracted 
Novattfr, «ai. innovator 
Novecientos, tas. a, nfaie ban- 

Novedid, ^f. nordty 

Novel, a. new 

Nov^U, <f. novel, ialsAood 

Novdadift^, «Ni. novelist 

NovcUr, vn. to compose, 
write, or publish noveb 

Novelería, 4^. narration «t 
fictitious stories, taste tern 
novels and novelties 

Novelero, ra. a. ftaid of novds. 

Notificado^ da. «. notiU 
Nocifidr» M. to notify 

Novena,^, term of nined«y> 
appropriated to some fe- 
cial worship 

Novenario, mi. novcnary 

Novendiál, a. applied to asqr 
dav of tl^umnary 

Noveiao» aitk. ninth 

Noveno, M». one of the nine 
paru Into which tithes are 

Noventa, mi. ninety 

Ntfvia, <f. bride 

or MMtfbnent in which no* 
vices Uve 

Novicio, Ml. novice 

Novicio, ola. a. orobationary 

Noviembre, mi. November 

Novilla, tf. cow betweni three 
and six yean of age 

Novillada, «r. drove of youne 
iNüls, fíght of young bnlli 

NoviUéio Ja.<. young ox heübi 

Noviñáo, Ml. sUUe fai which 

young cattle are kept, herd, 

piece of pasture-ground 

wliere cal ves are put, truant 

Novillo, Mb a young bnll " 

Novilunio, Ml. new moon 
NdviOk Ml. biidflgroom, a 
man betrothed to a woman 
Novísimo, ma. o. newest 
NdxA, <f. damage, hurt 
"* "^^^ y Nnbarrtfda» ^. 

shower of rain, 
_ Ido, da; 
da. a. clouded 

y sSéiot 

Nnbaxrdn,Mi. a heavy ifa 

erof ram 
Ntbe, ^. utkmifmi thing 

. yr. 

I sf a nut 


that spreads wide so m t* 
interrupt the «lew, film 

NubMde. Ml. perturbMioo ef 
the mind : «. cloudy 

Nublar tf Nubi^ 
V. Ammtlitr 

NdMo. bla. a. cloudy 

Nabkiso, sa.d NuIÜSm, sa. a. 
cloudy, gloomy 

NAca, tf. nape 

NOcIco, Ml. kcinel < 

Nudillo, i 

Ided up aa a knot 

Nddo, da. a. naked 

Nddo, tm. knot, loin* of 
plants, joint In animal be- 
die*. tie, union, faitricacy. 
Behamot doct mulot for 
hora, we run twelve knotty 
aa hour 

Nnddso,sa.«. knotty 

Nuégados, Ml. pi. a sort of 

Nuera, ^. daughter-in-law 

Nuestra, tra. a. our, pertaia- 
ing or belonging to us 

Nutfva, «r- news 

Nutf «e. Ml. nine } a. nine 

Nuevo, va. o. new, recently 
arrived in a place, unex>, 
perienoed, begiiming, reno- 
vated. Dt mt/yo, anew 

NaáK, 4f. wafaiut, fruit «f 
some trees of the shape ef a 
nut, plammet. Nace «im- 
«ad«t ó de ttftdst nutmsf 

Nnéxa, «f. brlony 

NugatdrltH ria. a. na 

Nnfidid, 4f. nuUity,' 

Núlob la. a. nuU 

Númsn, Ml. dlvini^, deity. 

Numeral, a. numeral 
Numerar, «a. 

Numerario, ria. a. num 
Ml. hard cash, coin 

ractcr, multitude, harmo- 
ny, aim múmtrot number* 
less, deterraimte r ~ *~ 




NAino. «m. moiwj» coin 
NumalAria* <r* mmcgr-vort 
Nuroulário, «m. oommcrot or 

trade in mon^ 
Nunca, orf. never 
Nunciatura, tf. nundatart 
Nándoi Ml» ineMiii>t<ir 
Nnncupativo, ▼>. «• noaoipa» 

Nunci^alMa» ria. «. aim» 


_ _. nuBtlal 

NúpdM, tf* W- nnptlaU 
NataeMn, «f- «Uicctlen of 

u.antt towards the nm 
Nutria 7 Ndtra, «f. otter 
Nntrfcio, da. a. nntrtdoiu 
Nutrlckta, ^. nntritioa, pte- 

Natrlmtfnto, amu natriment 
Notiirt vo. to noariah, nqp* 

NtttritíTo, va. «. mitrltlve 


Nittrfc^ tf. none 

ftagáxa, 4f. bbd-caO 

Mque, am, heap «f uadtM 

fttfcloa, «M. pi. a Uad i«iiia> 

fid fto, fia. o. deoepU 
finbUUo, «M. V. jfulM» 
ftubUr, vo. v. V^aHftr 
Rublo, «m. V. Kf téfo 
finafllo, m. V. Vmm» 

fiodtfw, ta. «. V. «TiMloa» 


Godsaat. 0* rmm horn- 

Obcecado, da. «. blind 
Obcecar, «a. to blind 

' , if, hahbMM of 

fr, ra. «. one who 
obejt or Mbmits 
Obedecer, vs. toober 
ObedeclmlénUMMi. obedienoa 

_ la, jf. 

pUancT, docnifrr In animab 

ObediencUJ. a. obediential 

Obediente, a. obedient 

Obelisco, nt. 



ObUa, 4f. waftr ObnptidQ, da. «. obnpU. 

Obleerfa, ^. art of maklng I tioot ^^ 

—'— I Obrería, ^. taak of a w«tk- 

wboMllsar: man. money deitln<d iw 
aboat thet dw rapairi of a cfamcli 
■treett .Obrero, ra. «. worker, mla- 

Obliér, tm. eoatmOanmc ] slonary, prebend eiy wba 
Obligaddn, if ebligatioiif } sopertatcnds the repairs 9Í 
notarial instnunent, pro- ■ cfaarch-lraildingi 
vidonHtAce ; Apl. talent» ) Obrim, sa. a. pore, i«6nai 
wliich rendei^ man rea- Obeceiüdád, tf. obaoenltj 
pectable and worthjr of Obecéno, na. «. obeoene 
esteem, flunily which one | Obecúras (A') «i. ohteurafy 
it obliged tp maintain , Obscareoer, «a. to obecmtik 

■' " >a«ir oi 

Obencadura, «f. a eom] 

Mtof «hrottds 
Ob«MHM>, am. pi. dttonj 
Obetidid, if. «bedty 
Obeso, ca. «.-dieie, At 


CNitop4do,m. bisboprick 
^OUqiál, a. episcopal 
Obispalía. ^Ushoprick 
Obleptfr, vn. to be mai 

bishop, die, be disappointed 
Obispólo, Mt. boy-bishop, a 

large black pudding, romp 

Oliiipo, am. bishop 
— - ln, 4f ofcttectloa 
r, «8. to ol||ect 

«object ^^ 

ObWto, am. ebtet, dedgn 

OUaddn, 4f* oUadon 

CNdapW, 4f. the art of haalinf 
A ship aloM with ropes 

Oblata, ^. anm of monejr 
friven to Üw dmsoi to 
jMfcajr ttw txpmm to oc- 

Obligado, SIM. contractor who 
~)age» to supply a d^ 
im proTislom 

OUigtfnte, pa. d>Iigating 

ObUgtfr, iw. to oblige 

Obligatorio, ria. a. obUgatary 

ObU«üid<d, if. obliqaiQr 

Obliquo, qua. a. ^"^ 


ObndSo, xl 

Obdcsm. hautbcQ 

O^bdo, am. obdus, obole 

Onva. if. work, writingi 

impdr tí» splendour c- 
things denigrate: e. <■•- 
psrs^togiew da» I «r. to 

Obscuradmiénto, «m. the act 

o( darkening 
Obscorlddd, if, darkness, 

meanness, of extractioa, 

«rantof tanowladge 
Obscuro, ~" "*" 

tlon. Pamer j»or obra, to 
set on work. Obnu, works« 
Obraa vivar, quick or lower 
works. Obru it 4 4 Arm dt, 

Obraddr, nu «■ work man or 
woman. work>shop 

Obradúra, if. that which is 
expressed at ev«ry pressfliU 
in oU-püll» 

Obráge, tm. m *no f kc tu re 

Obragtfroi «m. foreman, quar- 
ter-nun in a dock yard 

Obrir, ta. to work, operate, 
pot into practice, ease na- 


Obseotacidn, 4^ obaecratian 
Ofaseqttante. «. obseqnknu 
Obsequiante, psu o h sa qui o ui 
O b se q u i a r , va. to oooit 
Ohedqoias, if. pi. obsaqnles 

Obeequidso, sa. •Tobsoquions 
Observaddr, ra. a. obtonrer 
Ob s e rri n cia , if. daservanca^ 


Obserrinte. am. mank of cer- 
tain branches of the order 
of St. Fcands; pa. obsev- 

Observatdri^sM. obiarfatMy 


Obveutielo^ eis>a« fiwiil 

(yhmio, Tte. a. ohvkN» 
Ojgg^^ V. - 

OcB, *»!. go d rf rift 
a coOTW Mrt of •Ok; a. 

OcMtoaál, •.•oeatMoal 


Ocddtfnt^ «m. eoeldoat 
Oociptttfl, «. oeetplul 


OocsnOf MM* 

Ocháv». ^. tt« «ü^Mh put o 



Oehavcár, «a, to k* divided 

Inte díllidM 
OcbáTo, «M. • nun tpanldi 

faraM cota 
OditfMa. o. «igktv 
OcfacttUltal, «. 

having fO 
Odwntdn» tu. «. 9ifii*j jmn 

Odtoitfii, «m. the «n u Mwt 


Ociir, M. to distmb on* In 

the parfiornumceora bod- 

neM in which te b en* 

(Xcio, «m. 

OciAuunente. md. idldy 
Ociosidid, <f. idlenna 
Ocióto, MU «. Idlr. vacant 
Oclocrada» <f. ochlocraey 
OroaoáltM*. Mexican terpent 
Ocaadl, «M. American tiee 

vUdí pradaoet the Uqnid 

(Xeie, ««. edm 
OfaÁOftm. V. OmoeráMt 
OctaAtoo, MU. octaftedroa 

Oc ti ao n e , na. o. having 

eight aidet. mi. octagon 
OeUbite, tm. octant 
Octivat tf. aa octave 
Octavdr, vm. to fotro octaveo 

Octavario, fin. fiettival con- 
tinned eight dim 

Octavilla, ^f. half pint taken 
for exeiie on the retail of 
vinegar, oil, and wine 

Octavo, M». ei^itht octavo 

eight I 

Octegañário, ria. 


OetagJMmo, a. aii^tieth 
OctooiláUcoH» ; 7 OctoofMMH 

ba. «. centioting of eiidK 

Octubre, «m. October 

Ocalánnente, «d. ocnlariy 

Ocaltár, va. to hide 
Oc«Ho,ta.«. hidden 


Oenpi^, va, to oePu pyt 
an emp loy, enqdoy. 


Occurrdnda, ^ occomnoe 
Ocunrdntet po. oceurring 
Ocnnrfr, vn. to nuct, occur» 

obviate, le pair ; e. tm ftr », 

to occur 
Ocúnto, «M. eoDOoane of dif* 

inent penona or thingi hi 

the oame place 
Odiar, vm. • 

O'dio, «m. hatred 


fiir meas _ 

paucd over 
Odonttflgico, mm. i 

the toath>adi 
Odar.ible, a. odorooa 
Odoratioknioi ma. e. very fra* 

Odoráto» «M. mtü, o dpar 
Odortforo, ra. a» odoriMwit 
O'dre» «m. bag very gene- 

rally oMd Ibr wine, ol^ and 

other liquida 
Odrecfllo, mr. a small loa< 

themorhog-okin bag 
Oirerla, 4f. a ihop where lea* 

ther bottle» are made or 

Odréto. mm. one who daab ki 

Odrina, </*. ox-tUn bag 
Oedicnémo, «Ml. ttone^corlev 
Oénas </*. ttock-dove 
Ocnáte, 4f. laUow flnch 
Oeuioruáct^ «ai. watt-nor^» 

Oéüte, mm. wait wind. Ocffr 

quarto é nortt, west by 

Ofendeddr,ra. t. V. Q/tntor 
Ofimddr, va. to oOted; vr. 

to be vexed 
Of.$nsa. 4f.aAtnoe 
OfaMidn, 4/*. oflRence 
OShuívo, va. «. ofltaulve, 4>- 

Ofensivo, «ai. ai^ thing whkh 

ra; y^dsaddr, ra. 

Oferente, mm. oAbrar 
Oferta. 4f'< — 

iemar, Dag- 


Oficial, «m. 

in a public <MEBoe, ' lMng< 
man, batcher, 

Oficiala, if. • vorkwontan 

Oficialázo, tm. • skilftil work- 

Oficial^o, «m. a petty work- 

Oficialía, tf. dert'f place in • 
public office 

Ofk»alid4d, tf. body of offi- 
cer* of an army 

OficUr, vo. to officiate 

Oficina, <f. work-shop, of- 

OfickUQ, a. officinal 

Oftdnlita. im. nhopkeeper 

Ofifcio, «m. office, fimction, 
trade, notaryli office, bene- 
fit. De <tfiáo, officially 

Oficionario, mn. book contain- 
ing canonical offices 

Oficiosidad, ff. 


OAeueddr, fin. otfiuer 

Ofrecer, va. to oSfar, praicnt, 
exhibit, drticate; «r. to 

Ofrecimiento, tm. an offlnr, 

occuzrenoe, «ztemporary 

Ofrenda, <f. an «fferlng 
Ofrendar, va. to present of- 

ferings to God, contribute 

towards some end 
Oftalmía y Optálmla, <f. oph- 

Oftálmico, a. ophthalmic 
Oñiscár. va.tooffiucate 
Oído, da. Dp. heard 
Oído, «m. nearins, ear, vent 

flf a piece c? ordnance. 

JDof dtdot del oido, clearly 
Oidiir, tm. hearer, Judge 
Oii^orla, tf. office or di^ty of 

a Judge 
Oír, na. to hear, understand, 

assist at the lectures on 

some science or ait. Oyti 

Ú oyi vd, I say, do you 

QUI, tm. button-hole 
Ojaladára, <f. a woman whose 

profimion is to work but- 

Qiáiadérm, <f. the whole of 

the button-holes in a suit of 

Q)aUr, vo. to mak« Imtton- 

Oiínco, tm. V. adopt 
fíjfiéd,ájf. ^ance, gUmtn 


Ojead^r» tm. one who roases 

game for the chace 
OJesdúra, ^f. act of glazing 

Olear, «o. to eye, view 
Ojér*. <f. Uueiah circle under 

the lower eye-lid 
Ojeriza, «f. spite, grudge 
(^rúdo, da ; y Qjerdso, sa. a. 

applied to penons with 

blackish circles under the 

QJéto, tm. ^det bole in 

Ojetear, va. to make round 
eyelet holes in dothes 

QjetAra, <f. a piece of whale- 
bone sewed near the eyelet 
holes in clothes 

Oifial^e, a. haring lively 
quurkiing eyes 

Qiienxúto, ta. a, dry-eyed 

C^iraoréno, na. o. brown- 

Qiinégro, gra. a. black-cyed 

Ojizarco, ca. a. blue or grt^- 

Ojizáyno, na. a. squint-eyed 

Ojo, tm. vye, »\At, eye of a 
needle, head formed on li- 
quors, arch of a fairldae, 
care, lather, marginal note, 
anus, mesh, hollow in 
bread or cheese. AJrir 
tamto q}o, to stare with joy. 
Mofo.atiii^ qfoattrta, 
look sharp. Haeer oio, to 
overbalance. Dt nwUo i¿Ot 

Qlóta, </-. a kind of shoe worn 
by Indian womeli 

Q)aiHo, tm. a small eye ; pi. 
sparkling eyr- " 

Ola, ^f. wave, 


Oleada, tf. suroe, a plentlflU 

produce of oU, r" ' 


Oleaginosidad, <f. oUii 

OIeaiin«Jao, aa. a. oilr 

Olear, t>a. to • ' 

tm. suc c ession «f 

Olearlo, rla. a. oily 

Oleastro, tm. V. At 

Olecranon, twt. eminence be- 
hind the elbow to prevent 
the arm from bending back- 

Oledero, ra. a. odorous 

01ed«5r, ra. «. 

ling bottle 

QTeo *m, 0*1 ^ ^ , 

^ Digitized 


OlaBKoM, JM. ott «r dw con- 
sistenoeef honey 

(Medso, sa. a. oily 

Oler, vn. to smefi; no. ta per- 
ceive a smeU, investígale 

Olfoteár, va. to sm^ 

Olfllto, tm. smell, scent 

OlfiUdrio^ rla. a. Mtetorf 

OIMnt^ pa. smalling 

OUéra, iff. vessd in which 
the holy oil is kept ia 

Oligarquía, ^f. oUgardiy 

01igárqttico,ca. a. dlgaroiical 

OlimpOda, ^f. olympiad 

Olímpico, ca. a. Olympic 

Olimpo, MR. hei^ 

Oaio, m.oU. V.OU» 

Oliscar, va. to smell, invcrti* 
gate ; vn. to btink 

Oliva, if. olive ; owl 

OUvár, tm. plantation of olive- 

OUvirda, ^f. fiea-bane 

OUvardiUa, <f. noundsd 

Olivarse, vr. to form bob 

OUvástro de Rodas, mu roee- 

Olivera, <f. olive-tne 

OUvflU, 4/1 widow-waU 

Olivo, im. olive-trae 

Olla, if. a round eartfien 
pot, dish of boiled or stew- 
ed meat, a irtilrlpooL Oflte 
podrida, diih conipoeed of 
diffigrent suits of meat boil- 
ed together 

(Nlios. tm. pt. qrelet hole» 

OlUxaj if. a large pot 

OlUzo, tm. Uow with a pit- 

OU^ tm. peel, rind 

Ollería, if. pottery 

OUéro, «at. potter 

Ollfea, OUflla, 4 Oifaiála, if. 

(Mluéla, if. nit or hollow oc- 
der the Aoam*» maai» 

Olmeda 7 Olmldo, t. dm 

Olmedáno, na. o. native of 

Olmo, if. elm-txce 

OUÍr, «m. odour, stink, hope. 

(Hordso,sa. a.ftemnt 

OlvidadinkXa.a.f ^ 

Olvidado, da. a. f 
Olvidar, M.'toC 
Olvido, «M. fo>^ 
O'mbla, H". crow-fish 
Ombli^ida, if. part cocret- 
aavel, ia 

'mbla, ^. crow-fisl 
nbliMida, if. par 
ponding to the i 


Omtitga, mm. centfc or ndd' 
die of • ddnf^ navd-iCriiig, 

Ombría, <f. shade 

Omán, <f. laa letter in the 
Oieek alfdiabet 

Onnentál, a. béUmg~ütg Co the 


Omento, mm. omentum 
Oaúnár» va. to erainate 

Omúitfn» 4r> omisskm 
Omitot sa.a.neiglectAil 
Omhir, vm. to omit 
O m nftn od o, da. a. entlie 

- - ^. 

Omopl^<M, two 

ihonktar plates 
O'n^gra, ^f. a warlike en- 

(rngrottm. vUd aw 
- Cnee, 0m. j a. eleven 
Onoedr, va. to weigh ont hj 

Oneciera j Oncgéra, tfi a 

kind of tmall snare or net 

fix ratfhlng birds 
Onceno, na.«. devenúi 
O^nda, tf, wave, rererben- 

tkm at Ua^ floctoatiaa, 

Oade^b, a. mi d nl ated ; mh. 

way thing in wavev 
Ondear, vm. toondnlate^ flnc' 

tnate; vr. float backwards 

and fiorwards 
Oneroso, sa. a. barthensome 
Onfkcfoo, na. a. extracted 

from green olives 
P nft torfmeUj «m. ozymel 

made or hanc7 and tlie 

Jnioe of nnripe grapes 
Onirocnicia, 4/: pretended art 

of explaining dreams 
Oadqne j Ontef 4/I onyx 
Onocrótalo, am. ^vhitepdkan 
Ooomanda, ^f.'onomanqr 
Onoqnlles, ^f, ydlow alkaneC 
On<fnna»4[f. atone bugloss 
Onotávto, «m. a jomart 
Ontoltfgla, 4f. ontology 
O'nza, <f. a weii^ >n oonoe, 

twdfth part of a Roman 

Onzavo, va. g. eleventh ; «m. 

eleventh part 
Opacidad, <f. opacity 
i^t^co, ea. a. opacóos» nMlm- 

O'palo, Mi. opd 
Opcldn, ^. optioD 

, ^. the act of ex- 

onera* ^ n 
intricate work, opera 

Upertfble, a. o^iaue of ope. 


Openáátt tm. sargical ope- 

Operante, ta. «. oparator 

Openlr, tm. to operate 

Operarlo, tm. operator, friar 
who assists tick or dying 

Operativo, va. a. operative 
Opcrtea, «. eom. operator 
Openteo,«a. a. laborioos 
Oi>iádo, da. a. opiate 
Opiato, ta. a. y «. opiate 
Opffioe, «in. workman 
Opilar, va. to oppUate 
Opilaifvo, va. a. obstmctive 
Opimáco, Ml. ophymacus 
O'piroo, ma. a. rich, frnitfiU 
Opinable, a. dispntable 
Opinante, jm. aignar 
Opinar, im. to argne 
Opinativo, va. a. opinionative 
Opiniiin, 4f. opinion, reputa- 
O'pio, tm. opium 
Opfparo, ra. a. applied to a 
splendid enter' 

Opitulacidn, ^f. aid, hdp 
OpoblQsamo, tm. opobabam 
Oponer, va. to ippose, to ob- 
ject; vr. to oppose, stand 
In competition with ano- 
Opopdnaco, «m. opoponax 
Oportunidad, if. opportunity 
Oportuno, na. o. convenient 
Oposici<fn, tf. opposition 
Opósito, tm. unpedlment, 
part or place opposite to 

jNMittfr, ra. t. appotmr 
Ofnesitfn, tf. oppnesslon 
Opresivo, va. a. oppressive 
Opresor, tm. oppressor 
Oprimfr, «a. to oppcss, over- 
power, overwhelm 
Oprdbio, tm, opprobrium 
OvnMóto, sa. a. opprobrious 
Optar, va, to dioosek dect 
O^pCica, if. optics 
O'plioo, ca. a. optic ; «m. op- 
O'ptimo^ ma. a. best 
Opuesto, ta. a opposite 
Opugnadfte, tf. oppugnan^ 
Opugnad<fr, «m. oppOser 
Opünár, «a. tooppugn 
Opvlaieia, ^. epulence 


OpoMito^ ta. a. opulent • 
Opdaculo^ «m. a short oaai* 

Oquedal, Ml. plantation el 
lofty t 

ted thi 
O'ra, ai, at present; 

Orackfn, if. prayer, positis