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THE A^-'.^lr-±'. 

«- r IrS 

. T«luo in 
int TCTMon 
selTes ; bot 
lithe WDB 



This book is also a romance. It is doubtful whether the Greek is a translation or not. 
The date of the writing of the book is whollj uncertain. It contains such chronological state- 
ments as are quite inconsistent with its being a real history. 


The Apocryphal books previously noticed stand distinct and separate ; but here the case is 
different. It is as though the Greek translation of the real Ezra had not come down to us, 
and we only had the Apocryphal Esdras with all its interpolations. The book of Esther is in 
such a state in Greek that it is impossible to separate the text of the real book without breaking 
and dividing sentences. The old Latin version which was current before the time of Jerome 
being made from the Greek, of course comprised the interpolations : that Father rejected them 
unceremoniously, and they have henceforth stood by themselves in the Yulgate at the end of 
the book. The division of the book into modem chapters has only increased the confusion ; 
for thus, in the Yulgate and in the English Apocrypha, these interpolations stand, separated 
from the places where they had been introduced, as if they were something consecutive. It is 
remarkable that the Coimcil of Trent, which canonised the additions, did not restore them to the 
places in which they would have been (as they are in the Greek) at least intelligible. 


This book appears to have been written by an Alexandrian Jew, who personates Solomon, 
and yet describes the nation of Israel in circumstances wholly unlike any that could apply to 
the time of that king. Probably no fraud was intended, but simply a fictitious clothing was 
given to the thoughts. This book has linguistic value as showing the Hebraic character of 
Hellenistic Greek, even when employed in original composition. It is also a proof of the early 
use made of the Septuagint version, frt)m which there are citations. 



This book was translated into Greek from the Hebrew original by the grandson of the 
author (as is supposed), about the year 130 b.c. The Hebrew has long been lost 


It is considered by many that this book is a translation from a Hebrew or Chaldee original. 
It professes to be from the pen of Bamch, the companion of Jeremiah, but is unquestionably 
one of the forged prophecies which have made their appearance at various ages. Jerome rejects 
the book unceremoniously ; and it is probable that none would have received it as authentic 
Scripture^ had it not been that it was appended to tlie Greek copies of Jei*emiaL 



These three fablu, as they are rightlj tenned by Jei-ome, probably originated in Greek: 
they were affixed to the canonical Daniel in apite of all incongruities, and It is remarkabie that 
Bome of the early objectionB to tike book of Daniel vere founded entirely on theae Apocryphal 
accretiona. Since they vere canonised by the Council of Trent, some Bomish authorities hare 
tried, by the supposition of allegory or parable, to avoid Uie insuperable difSoulUes. 


Illiere are four books of Maccabees extant in Greek, of irhich, hoverer, tho Church of 
RonLe receives only the fint two as canonical 

The,;£r«( book of Maccabees is an interesting history, originally written in Hebrew, which 
is no longer extant, but early translated into Greek as we now have it. It contains the best 
bistoiy that we possesa of the Maocabean times. 

The teeond book of Maccabees is an abridgment of a work written by Jasen of Cyrene : the 
Greek text is probably the original. The author expreasly repudiates the idea of his being 
inspired ; kence it is wonderful that the Tridentine Fathers should have elevated th« book to 
the place of authoritative Scripture. 

The third book of Maccabees is a history with fictitious embelliahments, in order of timo 
prior to the other books which bear the name of Maccabees. It ia received by the Greek 
Church, but not by the Latin. The author and the age are alike unknown. 

The/our(A book of Maccabees is by some suppoaed to have been written by Josephns; 
Greek is the original language. This book was omitted in the Boman edition, and hence some 
have supposed that it was lejected in the Vatican MS.; that Codex, however, does not contain 
any of the books of Maccabees : why, therefore, the editors supplied tAree books and not all the 
four does not appear. 

The third and fourth booka of Maccabees have been translated for this edition of tlie 

These booka called Apociypha, though destitute of all authority, have much value in 
connection with the Hellenistic phraseology of the New Teatament. The Septuagint version 
had been formed on a Hebraic mould, so that Hebraisms were stu% to manifest themselves ; but 
in those booka of the Apocrypha which were originally written in Greek, we find just the same 
Hebrew cast of tliought and expression. Thua the Helleniatio phraseology of the New Teata- 
inent was not a new thing, even when applied to original compoeition. 





BAPOYX .... 
S05ANNA .... 

— ■• ■ B . • • 

— r 

— A . . . 


ESDBAS ix. 1 

ToBiT xiv. 23 

Judith ..... xvL 35 

Wisdom of Solomon . . . xix. 56 

ecclesiasticus . . . .11. 74 

Babuch ....*. v. 121 

Epistle of Jeremy . . . i. 127 

Song of the Thbee Childben . i. 131 

Susanna • . • • • i. 134 

Bel and the Dbaoon . . . i. 137 

Maccabees I xvi. 139 

IT XV. 183 

III. . . . viL 214 

IV xviii. 227 

L EflDBAB I. 1—15. 

E S A P A 2 . A'. 

KAI ^yayn'lioatat to iroo^^'IcpoucraX^^Tfi Kv/uif aWmi, AT Jo*^ ^>M Ui« fMUt of the_ 
lau JtfwTf TO icair)(a rg TtovaptfiKaiStKarg ^fiipf toC ^ijros 
2 rov irpm-ov trrqtra^ rovt i(p«(t xar t^fitpia^ ^otoXut'^(|'ovt 
& T^ Upu Tou K.vpuni, 

3 Kat (Tn Tois AtutmiE ((po&njXott rciii Icrpa-^X, Ayiaaiu 
iauTDw Ttl Kvpilji fc rj 6iff*i t^ dyias icijStoToB ToiJ Kifubv h- 

4 ru oungi f tfKO&oinjiT* SoXai^iuv o tou AavtS & ^atrtXxik- OVK 
liTTtu vfilv ipai iw' a/uav aunTV wiil yuf Xar/xucTC Tu Vivpuf 
8fu C/Muv, (toi 6tpavtvtT€ ri Jft-os ovtoD 'Iirpa^ k<u 

5 iroiitaaoTt Kara tos Trorpias koi tos ^vXas VfLuiv, Kara 
■np' ypa^rifv AoviS PaaiXiioi 'Iirpa^, itat KOTa t^ ^cyoAcio- 
n^ 2aX(ii/(uv To9 ihou auraS* k<u (rrdvm iv ru i^uji Kara 
^yjlr nyuSap)(iiw rip' Trarpuajv vfiSiv tSiv Anjiruv, twv IftrrfU)- 

6 ff^n* Tuv dSiiA^v v^i' viuji' 'l(Tpai]\, iv to^i AitraTc to 
iniirjfa, Koi ras AMTUit Jroi^uuraTC tois iStXifioK vfuuv, Roi 
■nKijoiiTC to ■ratT)(a Nora to trpatTray/ta tou Kvpi'ov to &>tf(v 

7 Kat j&i^nTouTo 'lucriat r^ Xou r{i tipt6am ipvuiv koI 
ipt^ttw TpioKoiTa j(iXia&it, lioajfW^ rpio^iAiouc- Tavra Ik twv 
fiamXiKum ito&ij Kar tirayytXiav t^ Aaw, koi toTt Upnai, Kat 

8 AnjtVaiE. Kai cSsikc XcAjiui;, xai Zajpplai, wu Sv^Aof oi 
JtioTarot TOU i^iou toic UpaiiriV tit irair)(a npo^ra Sio^tXja 

9 i^oKoauL, f/ioajfovt Tptaxtxrlovt- Koi 'I(^vui«, koi Sa/uiuic, 
Kai NoAiva^ o d&A^oti ">'* 'Atrafitas, ko* OjfiijXot, Ktu 
"hapap, }(iXiap}(M (Sumuu- rots Acvmus th ma\a npo/SaTa 
imT«<tur}(LXiaj /iixr)(ot^ hrroKovUnK. 

10 Koi TavTS TO ytvoiixva, ctnrpcTrmt A/tt/uuv oI I^i; koi 

1 1 ot Antrtu, ^oi^n Tci dCv/ia Kara Taf ^vXas koi xaTa rat 
HtpiSapi)(uK TUP KUT^pui' iii/rpoaSty tov Xoou, •xpotraty- 
Miy rf Kt^up Kara to yrypaufxiva in ptfikuf MonnT^' 

1 2 Km ovTot TO ayxuirDV. Kcu uim^tFav to inur^ irvpi m 
Ka^Kfi, Kat rat Ouriai ^ilnjaav ty tok ;ifaXK(tots xat kiftjjm 

13 fXCT* (MiStac, Kol dv^vfywav vSxri tok 'k tov Xoou- fitra 
SA rauTO ^Toliuurar lauTOii tc koi Tots upcucrtv d&A^otc 

14 o&T&r vIoK 'Aopuv ol yap Upw Avi^ttpof ra crroiTa 
&K dttpuiE' KoI o( A*vtTai ^otfuurov javrois kcu tois iipmrar 

15 Htk^MW tiCrM' vuHc 'Aopsv. Kat ot Itpajmivm. viol 

NV ifouaj lield t!i« fMUt of thenMionr 
lu JenuBlem unto his Lord, ud oflired the 
pavoTcr the fourteenth Sa,j of the Snt 
month ; ■ haring »t the prieati tooordina 
to their daily oounea, being vnred iu long 
gumento, in the temple of the Lord. 

■ And he ipake unto the Lerites, the hoi; 
ininiiten of Isnel, tb«t the; should halh>v 
themulTei unto the Lord, to wt the holy 
ark of the Lord in the house that king 
fialomoB the ton of Dnid had built; 
*and laid. Ye ihall no more bear the ark 
upon jour ihoulden: uow therefore eerre 
the Lord tout Ood, aud miuiater unto hi* 
people lanel, and prepare yoU'^ler rour 
lamilie* uid kindredi, ■acoordinc aaDarid 
the king of Israel preacribed, and according 
to tbe magitificence of Bolomon hii son: 
aud ataiiding in tbe temple according to 
the sereral dignitr of the &milies of you 
tlie LeTiten, who minister in the preKcoa 
of jour brethren the children of lemd, 
* offer the pauorer in order, and make ready 
the sacriBcea for tout brethren, and keep 
the paisoTer according Uttheconunaadnient 
of the Lord, which wu given uata Monea. 

' And onto the people that wu found 
<brs Josias gare thirty thousand lambs and 
kida, and three thousand calres: these things 
nerogireu of ibe king's allow iLUce, according 
113 be promised, to the people, to the prieaU 
and Iq the LeviUii. ■ And Uelkiaa, Zacha. 
ri(»,Bnd87clua,thej!OT«mors of tbe temple, 
""" ^ " ' for the passDTer two thou- 

md three hut 

dredcalvea. 'AodJeconiaa.andSuiiuas, 
Nathonael hia brother, and Aeaabius, and 
Ocbiel.and Jarain.aiptainB over tbouuiids, 
gave to tlio LeTitM for the passorcr Sre 
thousand sheep, and seten hundred talvea. 
"Andirheu these thiug! were done, the 
nrieataaad Levitef, having tbe unleavaiied 
bread, etoodinverj comely ordfr according 

— the kindrcde, 

eerertil dignities of the fitbEr 
people, to offer to tbe Lord, e 


3 the 

the sacrifioes^ they sod them in brass pot4 
and pans with a good savour, " and set 
them before all the people : and afterward 
they prepared for tl ' . - . . 













Ths AJezandrion Jctb posseaaed a sacred literature in the Septimginb tranalation, and wherd 
other vorks of the game national character «ere either written in Qreek or traoElated from the 
Hebrew, these also were appended to the sacred books which they before possessed. But we 
loam plunly from Josephus that they were not regarded as having any canonical anthori^. 
The early Christiana received them as part of the sacred literature then extant in Greek, and 
certaia of them ignorantly deemed that they posaeaged some authority ; while others, like 
Melito, exerrased a sound discretion in enquiring what books the Jews held as an authoritative 
and divine Scripture. 

The opinions of Christian writers varied much on the subject : Jerome plainly termed them 
Apocrypha, and often spoke of them very contemptuously : in tie Church of Rome, however, 
they gradually obtained a high standing, until at length the Council of Trent pi'esuined to 
anathematise any one who would not receive the greater part of them as authoritative Scripture. 
Mauy of the Somish Church endeavour to soft«n the force of this decree, and they thus call 
these books Deutei'o-Canonical ; it is, however, clear that the council had no thought of applying 
the term canonical to these writings in any secondary sense, and that they exalted the legend of 
Tobit and ihe/abla (so termed by Jerome) of Bel and the Dragon to as hi^ an authority as 
Muses and the Prophets. 

The book called in the English Apocrypha the first book of Esdras, and in the Latin 
Vulgate the third book of Esdras (the canonical Ezra and Nehemiah being the fii-st and second), 
is commonly termed in the Septuagint the Jirtl book of Esdras, the canonical Ezra being the 
tecond. This book is aimply the canonical Ezra interpreted in a remarkable manner. The 
Church of Borne even does not receive this book as Holy Scripture, any more than it does the 
fourth (in the English Bible the itamd) book of Esdras : this latter does not exist any longer 
in Qreek. 

This book is a kind of romance, abounding in anachronism ; it has been transmitted in 
various forms, all of which are considered to have sprung from a Ohaldee original : this may 
have been moulded differently by different copyists. The writer is supposed te have lived from 
200 to ISO KC The book exhibits the doctrinal system then pt«v«l«D.\. wianivigji. "^^ '^is«(^ 



This book is also a romance. It is doubtful whether the Greek is a translation or not. 
The date of the writing of the book is wholly uncertain. It contains such chronological state- 
ments as are quite inconsistent with its being a real history. 


The Apocryphal books previously noticed stand distinct and separate ; but here the case ia 
different. It is as though the Greek translation of the real Ezra had not come down to us, 
and we only had the Apocryphal Esdras with all its interpolations. The book of Esther is in 
such a state in Greek that it is impossible to separate the text of the real book without breaking 
and dividing sentences. The old Latin version which waa current before the time of Jerome 
being made from the Greek, of course comprised the interpolations : that Father rejected them 
unceremoniously, and they have henceforth stood by themselves in the Yulgate at the end of 
the book. The division of the book into modem chapters has only increased the confusion ; 
for thus, in the Yulgate and in the English Apocrypha, these interpolations stand, separated 
from the places where they had been introduced, as if they were something consecutive. It is 
remarkable that the Council of Trent, which canonised the additions, did not restore them to the 
places in which they would have been (aa they are in the Greek) at least intelligible. 


This book appears to have been written by an Alexandrian Jew, who personates Solomon, 
and yet describes the nation of Israel in circiunstances wholly unlike any that could apply to 
the time of that king. Probably no fraud was intended, but simply a fictitious clothing was 
given to the thoughts. This book has linguistic value as showing the Hebraic character of 
Hellenistic Greek, even when employed in original composition. It is also a proof of the early 
use made of the Septuagint version, from which there are citations. 



This book was translated into Greek from the Hebrew original by the grandson of the 
author (as is supposed), about the year 130 b.c. The Hebrew has long been lost 


It is considered by many that this book is a translation from a Hebrew or Chaldee original. 
It professes to be from the pen of Bainich, the companion of Jeremiah, but is unquestionably 
one of the forged prophecies which have made their appearance at various ages. Jerome rejects 
the book unceremoniously ; and it is probable that none would have received it as authentic 
Scripturey had it not been that it was appended to tlie Greek copies of Jei'emiaL 



These three /ablet, aa they are rightly termed by Jerome, probably originated in Greek: 
lliey Tere affixed to the canonical Daniel in spite of all incongruities, and it is remarkable that 
some of the early objections to the book of Daniel were founded entirely on these Apocryphal 
accretions. Since they were canonised by the Council of Trent, some Bomish authorities hare 
tried, by the supposition of ftUegory or parable, to avoid the insuperable difficulties, 


There are four books of Maccabees extant in Greek, of which, however, the Church of 
Home receives only the first two aa canonical 

Ihefirtl book of Maccabees is an interesting history, originally written in Hebrew, which 
is no longer extant, but early translated into Greek as we now have it It contains the best 
history that we possess of the Maccabean time& 

The tecond book of Maccabees is an abridgment of a work writteu by Jaeen of Cyrene : the 
Greek text is probably the original. The author expressly repudiates the idea of his being 
inspired ; hence it is wonderful that the Tridentine Fathers should have elevated the book to 
the place of authoritative Scripture. 

The third book of Maccabees is a history with fictitious embellishments, in order of time 
prior to the other books which bear the name of Maccabees. It is received by the Greek 
Church, but not by the Latin. The author and the age are alike unknown. 

TbaJvurtA book of Maccabees is by some supposed to have been written by Joeephus: 
Greek is tlie original language. This book was omitted in the Boman edition, and hence some 
have supposed that it was rejected in the Vatican MS. ; that Codex, however, does not contain 
any of the books of Maccabees : why, therefore, the editora supplied three books and not all the 
tonr does not appear. 

The third and fourth books of Maccabees have been translated for this edition of the 

These books called Apocrypha, though deetitnte of all avlhoritj/, have much value in 
connection with the Hellenistic phraseology of the New Testament, The Septnagint veruon 
had been formed on a Hebraic mould, so that Hebraisms were sure to manifest themselves ; but 
in tiioee books of the Apocrypha which were originally written in Greek, we find just the same 
Hebrew cast of thou|^t and expression. Thus the Hellenistic phraseology of the New Testv 
ment was not a new thing, even when applied to original composition. 





BAPOYX .... 

— ■• ■ B . • • 

— r . . 

— A . • • 

CHA.n. FA.OX. 

ESDRAS ix. 1 

ToBiT xiv. 23 

Judith xvL 35 

Wisdom of Solomon . . xix. 56 

ecclesiasticus . . .11. 74 

Babuch ....*. v. 121 

Epistle of Jeremy . . i. 127 


Susanna i. 134 

Bel and the Dragon . . . i. 137 

Maccabees I xvL 139 

IT XV. 183 

III. . . . viL 2U 

IV xviii. 227 

Ea^PAS. A'. 

I. EesKAB I, 1—15. 

E S A P A 2 . A'. 

KAI fyoyty Iwffw to tratT)(a iv ItpovmXrjfi rf Kvpuf avroa, 
mil Wvir* to *aiT)(a rg rttrimptirKai&tKarg '^/iip^ toB litjvas 

2 ToE wpittnr (TT^og tow ^xis (tar ii^fupiiK ia-roha-fUyovi 
ty 1^ Upif TOv Kvplov, 

3 Kot (It< Toif Ann'rait UpaSookoii rem 'ItTparjX, Ayuujat 
taimni^ roi Kvpup ic tj flnrti T71 aytas ni/Sun-ou tou Kifitov fo 

4 ru ouci^ if ifKiiS6iiJ]trt SoAui^iai)' u tou AaviS o /StunXtvi- out 
Jonu i/iiv ft/KU (V upui' avr^- icai vSv XaTpcvcrc rui Kvpup 
€)cw v/uuv, mu d(pair(Mr< to t^of aurov Iirpa^ kiu 

5 troiiidaxtTt Kara td; Tarpiat kiu Tat ^uXas u^v, xar^ 
T^ ypaifi^ AautS ^aaiXiuK "Iwpa^X, ical kqtdi t^ fwyoXcu)- 
Tipxi SoAdi^i' TOU utou avrov" icai errajTW ly tO iiyu)i (iOTa 
T^K fitpt&ap^fiav T^v imrpuiijv vfuav rSiy Atvnun', riov i/tirpo- 

6 irtfo" Tuiv iSA<pu)V ifiuiv v'lHv 'Iirpa^X, iy Tofci ftxrarf to 
ircuT^l^a, Kcti Tcis l9iNr(as Jrot^airan tok liScX^tf f^f, Kat 
inM^trarc to Trair}(a Kara to wpoaroyfta tov Kvpiov Tik Soll'ci' 
Tw Honitrg. 

7 Kat JSuyi^aTO 'lucruif t^ Xou tw fvpcfiori lipnuK koi 
JfM^wv T/HOKOira ;^;Xia&ic, ^iumt^(duc TpuT^tXtovt' ravm ix tuiv 
fiwriXutaiv tSo&t} kot' hrayytkiay T<p Xau, koi Ton UpnJtr^ koi 

8 Aivrnus. Kat ISuMtc XiAxutt, koi Zaj^oputf, nu Sv^Aot 01 
^urrarai rov upoS toic Lcpcurii' fis iniir^a npo^TO. hvr)(CKuL 

9 JjoKiKrui, fLoajfOut -rpauaxfunK. Kat 'Icppfutt, Ktu %i^iauis, 
KOI NoAua^X A dScA^ot, Kai Aaa^iat, kbi 0;^i^Xot, Kot 
uupa/i jjfiXiapjpi fSuHcav rois Acvinut <ie n^ur^ irpojSaTa 

10 Koi ravTB to yo'd/iO'tt, «v7rp«i™t SimfTav ot tfpfis koi 

1 1 ol Acmrot, ^ot7<f tu a{vfU( Mira tss ^Ug not kat^ Tat 
H*piSap)pit Twf iraT^ww {fis-fwir^ tov XaoiJ, vpoatvty- 
Ktar rf KtyKip ftaia m ytypa/ifiii^ iy fii^Xiif Moiur^' 

1 2 mu ovnw TO irpuXyuy. Kot uimjiTav to v<urj(a 'Bvpi ut 
iKi{)^Mi, Ktu toe Bvaia^ ^t^tjirair ty TOtt ;^aAji(ibit ko! Xi^ijai 

13f(cT (wifitas, KOI dn^iwyKov vwi roit in roS Aaou- ^icr^ 
81 raiira Trof^ioirav lavroU T< koi tok UpcvffU' dScX^ii 

14 atiTur vlott 'Kapiov ot yap Uptit 6.vi4Mpw ra oraiTa 
&K Jup'''^' "^ '^ AnHTui iTTo^irai' javroii koi toTi Upmriy 

15 d&X^ott aiitSn vuM 'Aapov. Kot «t i(po^«XT04 'vIm 

AvD Josiu lield ths feait of thsDUtorar 
iri Jsnualem unto hia Lord, md olI«r«d the 
puMTer tfaa fourteenth dsj of th« fint 
month \ ' hftrlng get the prieata soGordinff 
to their dailf oouraea, being nmred in loni 
garmenta, in the temple of the Lord. 

* And he apake unto the Leritn, the hoir 
minutera of Jarael, that the; ahould balloir 
tbemuUea unto the Lord, to aet tbe hol^r 
nrk of the Lord in the houas that king 
Bolomon the (an of David had built : 
' and (oiif, Ya ahall no more bear the a^ 
upon tout ahoulden: now tberefore aerra 
the Iiord four Qod, and minigter unto hia 

Cile lanet, and prepare f ou>#lUr tout 
iliea and kindr«da, ^aooordini aaDaTid 
tbe kinj of larael preacribed, ana according 
to tbe mafiiiBcenae of Solomon hia aoni 
and itauding in the temple aocording to 
the aereial dinutf of the familiea of 70Q 
Larilea, inio miniater in the preaencs 
breUtna the children of larael, 

9 paaaorer ia order, and make nady 

the aacriflce* for tout bretliren, and ke«p 
.L__. ^ingtothe 

people ti 

M«n Joaias gaTe thirtT thoui 

tide, and three thoueandcalTea: theaethinga 
were given of the king'aallovance, according 
aa he proniiaed, to the paople, lo tbe prieata 
and to the Leritei. *And Uelkiaa, Zacho- 
riaa, ■ndSj'elui.tfae goTemora of the tcm pie, 
gave to the prieiti for tbe pauOTer two thou- 
aand and lui hundred sheep, and three him. 
dredcalres. 'AiidJeooniBi.aiid8amaiaa,and 
Nathanael bia brother, uid Aaaabiaa, and 
Oohiel, and Jonun, captains over tbouaanda, 
gave to the Leritca for tbe pauorcr Btb 
thouund aheep, and aevcn hundred csItcs. 

"Andwben theae thioga were done, tha 

iaata and Leritea, haying the i 


._ _.__. and according Xi. 

aereral dignitiea of tha fathera, bMore the 
people, to oSer to the Lord, aa it ia written 
in the hook of Moaea 1 and thua did tkep 
in the monuDg. " And the^ roaated the 
paaaorer with fire, aa appertoinetb : ai for 
tbe aacrifioee, tber aod them in braaa pota 
aod pana with a good aavour, " and aet 
them before all the people : and afterward 
Iher prepared for themaelrea, and for the 
prieata their brethreo, the lona of Aaron. 
" For the prieata offsFra the fat until night; 
and the Levitea prepued for thsinHicMA^ 
and the mi***'OMa\iw&»s&, "Ooft ««» »a 

I. EsDBAS I. 16—34. 2 ESAPAS. A'. 

Aaaph, were in their order, aooprding to the 'Ao-od ^av iwl rrk to^ojs avrwv, icara ra inrb AaviS Tcray- 

appointment of David, to wit, Asaph, Zacna- ./_ %»* \, \iy / ^ »iri5^ > « ^ ** /j ' 

ruS; and Jeduthun, who was of the king^s /^ «<" Acrow/i, koi Zaxaptas, xot ESSikous o 7rcv>a tou A?ao-t- 

retinue. *• MoreoTer therorters tew* at Xods. Kcu ol Ovpnapoi itfi iKooTov wXJujvo^* ovk cort -jrapa- 1 6 

the Levites prepared for them. '^Thus Acviroi iTTOifUurov avrois, koX awertXlaOrj ra rrj^ Ovaias w 

that thej; might hold the pasaorer, " and ayfhjvat. ra^ uwrvas im to tov Kvptov (nxruurrrjptov, Kara Tqv 

offer swsriaces upon the altar of the Lo.rd, i^irayrjv rov BaxnXitu^ *Iwriov. 

according to the commandment of king ^ V. . . • % ., ^v « « /i' . - - lo 

Josias. jSjou. rpfayoaav oi viot lo'pai^A oi cvp€&cvrc9 cv to> Kaipt^ i^ 

the feast of sweet bread seren days. "And ovk ^)(tnj to vaaxO' toiovtov cv t<{» Icrpa^A otto twv xpovwv 

such a pasTOYer was not kept in Isra^ since SaaovnX rov irpo^wrov. Kot wavrcs ot fiao-iXcis rov 'IcrpanX 2 1 
the time of the prophet Samuel '^ Yea, all , '^t V /^' *» * » •? / x t e i 

the kings of Israel held not such a pa8S9ver ovk ypfayocrav iraaxa toiovtov, olov -qyayiv Iwria^, k<u oi upcts, 

as Josias, and the priests, and the I«vites, ical oI Acvirat^ koI oi *Iov&ubt, xai 7ra« 'lo'panX 6 cvpe^eis cv 
and the Jews, held with all Israel that were •« / »^,c« x/ >^' s> ' » oo 

found dweUing at Jerusalem. »;n the 'T? KaTOucrjati avTwv cv UpowraXrjiA. ^ OicrwRaiScKaTip crci -^-^ 

eighteenth year of the reign of Josias was /Sao'iXcvovros "Ioktiov ^x^ '''^ ircurp(a rovro. 

this passover kept. xr ^ » /i 'n^ ^ f *i * i. ' «*"ir' »•»» oo 

« And the work, of Josia. were upri«ht *^ai «,p^ ra ^ I<o<rMn; W«.v rot; Kvpu>v avrov tu 23 

before his Lord with an heart full of gooli- Kopoiq, irA^ci cvcrcpctas. Kcu ra icar avrov dc avayfypairrai 24 

ness.. « As for the things that came to pass ^ ^q^s LLirpoaOey vpovois, ircpl ruiv nfwiyniK&nov koI wcrc- 

m his time, they were written in former ^ , S '^^ «.' \ ^* »/i ^^ V A ^ # '% <» 

times,, concerning; those that sinned, and pr}KOTiav cis rov Kvpiov irapa irav et^vos xat fSaariA€uiv, xat a 

did yrickecQ^f against the Lord above aU iXvirnauv avrbv, cart, kclL oi Aoyoi rov Kvpiov dveorwo-av Ivl 

Cue and kingdoms, and how thev gnered »| ,x § i i 

exceedingly, so that the words of the •lO'pa'jA. ^ y ^ , % , 

Lord rose up against Israel. Kou /icra irooxiv r^v 7rpSi(tv ravrqv loxriov, awiprj ^apau) 25 

«Now after aU these acts of Josias it RaxriX^ Alyvmov iXBovTa voXeiwv ^ctpai ^v Xapxaftvs cVt 

came to pass that Pharaoh the king of Kgypt '^ « «• , / ' x i>-\/i t .T ' ^, *» », % ^^ tt n o/? 

came to raise war at Carcamys upon Eu- fov EwppaTOV kqx ctiyACfcv eis aTravnyo-iv avry Idxrtas. Kai 20 

EoraX/xai 27 

Kvpiov TOV 0COV- ciri yap rov Ev^parov 6 iroXcfio? /iaov 

God against thee; for my war is upon Eu- i-^/. ^„) „* ir*i«.*«. ..-•* J..#»r. i*«... ^ v*<«.~. ..— • i..«r. -?«.. 

phraS: and noW the Lord is withSe. yea ^crri- icai vvv Kvpios /i«- ifiov ioTi, xai Kvp^ios /xer c/aov cttu 

the Lord is with me hasting me forward : (Tttcvocdv cotiv* airoa'Ttfii, kou /ai; cvavriov r^ Kvpup. 
depart from me, and be not against the Lord. ir ^ » j / i i s »t / • x x • > - jwx oq 

» Howbeit Josias did not turn back his Kai ovk dw-cerrpci/rcv &ivrov laxrias iniTo apfia avrov, dAAa 28 

chariot from him, but undertook to fight iroXc/iCiv avrov ^irc^cipci, ov irpo<ri\wv prjixatriv *Icpc/tiov irpo- 

Loiii : ^ but joined battle with him in the iroAcfiov cv r<p ircoiu) MaycOOo)* Kai Karcpi^o-av oi ap;(0vrc9 

pUin of Mawddo, and the princes wme ^p^ ^^v jSoo-iXco 'loKTiav. Kai cTttcv 6 BatriXw rois wouriv 30 

against king Josias. ~ Then said the king t^,'^ / / »\*» / ./s/ xx/ % 

unto his servants, Carry me away out of the «avrov, airoonjo-arc /tc dTro n;s fuiXT^, rfaV€yrjou yap Aiov Kai 

battle ; for I am very weak. And iinme- cv^cii)9 dircVmMrav avrov oi iraiScs ovrov dTro rn« ?rapara^cci>$. 
diately hu servants took him away out otxr\9fo*\\9 \ ^ * •'« ^» zi^oi 

the battie. " Then gat he up unon his ^^\ avc/^17 ^tti ro appa. ro bevrtpwv avrov, koi cMroKarocrra^cc? 1 

second chariot: and being brought Mck to cis 'IcpovaaX^/ii, ficn/XXa^c rov filov avrov, xai irdtfnf iv r^ 

telrSplh«'"»AS'in*'Xw?rti; Tarpoc^* ra^- KoI iv 5\» rp 'lov&u^ l^^av riv'W/a., 32 

mourned lorJosias, yea. Jeremjr the prophet Kai i0pT^a-€v Icpc/uas o irpoff^rinfi vir€p iftxnov, Kai oi irpo- 

this day: and this was given out for an ravn^s* Kai c^cOoCn^ rovro yivcacrai dci cis o^rav ro yci'os 

ordinance to be done continually in all the 'IcrpanX. 

nation of IsraeL ' « ^ e 0% 

^ These thinss are written in the book of Tavra dc dvaycypaTrroi ^v rfj fiipXt^ rSxv iaropovpivtuv Trtpl 33 

and his understanding in the law of the Lord: ioKTiov, Kai n^ oocfji avrov, koi r^ owco-ccos avrov cv ru) 

and the things that he had donebefore, and v6tiw Kvpiov- rd re uporpaY^cvro wr avrov Kai ra vw, arro'l 
the Uiingt now reatad, are reported m the * '^ o o\' '^ o \ * >t « \ ^ •r /« 

book^the kings of Israel and Jadea. f"/"" cv nf PipXttf nov ^oaiAccuv lopoi^ Kai lovSa, 

x!l-^i2"lK?i^iSS«f -JStei^J? t'''-^ Kol dvaAojSovrcs ol U rov Wvov9 rbv l^vwv vl^v TcDcri'ov, 34 

tfosias, and nnae ^m king insteaa of Josias . i© > o \'i^»t' *» i.«» ,^ 

AuMber whea he wbb twenty and three avcdci^av /kuriAML am iwrwv rov irarpos avrov, ovra irwv 

ESAPAS. A'. 3 

35 ^Kixn Tpuif. Kol ^Scur&fwrci' iv 'IcrpaifX koI 'I^pOMraX^^i 
^^vo; TpcK- Ko! iMivrqaar atmv ^ocnXcvt AEyun-rov rou /t^ 

roAat-roci ficarov inu ;i[pN7'u>D ToXoKry jfi. 

S7 Koi ^'5«ij( ^SomXtvt Alyinrrmi ^aa-iXia 'IttajofL rov ^SfX- 

38 toy avrov jSwriXni r^ 'lovSafnv koi 'I<pvi>eraAi7/(. Kcu fSijo-n- 
'Ituuct^ Tovf ^ryioravas, Zoponp' Si rov aStXx^y avrou iruX- 

39 Ao^Suv di>'^)W]'n' jj Alyinrrou. 'Eruii' Si ^ (unxriTrnT* 
'ItKUct^ or* iffatriXtwr* riji 'lovSiuaf kiu 'IfpovtrnX^^- iriit 

40 iwiKtfa* TO irovi^i' ivwinay Kvptov. Urr avrov £1 iyipt) 
Naj3ovj[oSovt>(7op ^3ao (Xnf BajSuXwi'of. koi (Si)(r<V a^roy h 

4 1 ;(aAxcU|i S«r^, Kai Airfiyayv tli Bo/SvXuiini. Kai dira tw 
UpJBf iTKivwi' Tov Kupi'ov XofSuv No^ouyoforotTOp KOI ^ircrey- 

42 KOI' iltinjpcuraTa jif t^ voi^ avrou hr BopvAwci. Ta S) toro- 
p^flora T^( aurov, Kai t^ dxaCopo'uis avrou xal hvatn^iiK, 
&ra,yirfpa.irTat tf rg ^tjSXtji TUf ^oviiir twv jSturiXfui'. 

43 Koi J/3curiXtiKrti' dir ainou Iuhiik^ o vm airov- ore 

44 yap difSttj^Af, i^ fiw ^KTW. BotrtXcvfi SI ^v>^^ Tp«s kqi 
iffupoc Sua if ItpowToXtifLf koi iiroiijirt to Toi^pdv nfavri 

45 Koi /xcT ftvnrrov diriMmtXas Na^ou^ifo&n'ifoop fur^yaytv 
A 6 airr^ lEt Bo^nXuiv, a/ia roit tcpoic (TKCuicri toD Kvptov, icai 

^cSfi^c ScScKi'av ^aaiXia rrp 'lou&uas koi 'IcpoixroX^jj, ovtd 

47 frwv cuioiTt ji'os- jSoiriAtiict St en; ^Sfica, Kai ijroit}iT€ to 
n^>vi)pov Ifiiinuii' Knpbou, koi ovk iveipamj iiro twv ^Sivniv 
\£rfW¥ vra \tptfilov tov irpo^TTOu ^k oro^Tot tov Kupiov. 

48 Kai opKurdiit iim toG pa/riXiiiK No^otrifoSoi'iKrop Tijt 6i^;iaTi 
Kuptov, hriopx^ox iir€<rTrj' koi o'KAijpvi'at a^v toi' Tpa^Xov 
Koi T^v Kophiav auTou, icapiPtj to vo/u^ Kupi'ov 0(ot) 'IcrpaijX. 

49 Kai ot Tyou/itvot St tou Xaotf Kai ruiv icpton' iroAAa rfriPiprav 
Kai vxip voaav tos i!tKaSap<rta! iravruv TuJi* lOviav, koi J^uaiMi' 
TO tcpov TOU Kvpuji' TO dyutfo^cpov h/ Jtpovaai,r)/i. 

I. E8DBAS I. 35—57. 

fean old. *' And be reigned in JudM uid 
in Jerutalem three montha: and then tha 
king at Esypt lieposed him from reigniDg 
in Jcruialem. " And he set a tkl Qpon ths 
hnd of an hundred talcnta of idlTer aild 
one (Blent of gold. 

V The king ol Egypt ilso nuda king Joft. 
cim his brotTier king of Jud« Kod Jenua- 
lem. " And he bound Josoiin and the 
noblAt: but Zattet!, bii bruther Iie&fipre- 
iionded, and braagbC him out of Eg^*^ 
" Five and twenty yeiiH old w»» Joaciia 
when ho WHS mado king in the land of Jndea 
and JeruMilemj and he did oril before the 
Lord. '" Wherefore against him Nabu- 
chodoQDior the kin; of Babflon came up, 
and hound him with a chain of bran, and 
mrried him into Bobjlon. " Nabucho- 
dor:osor also took of the holj tmscIs of tha 
l->onl, and carried them away, and set them 
in his owD temple at Babylon. ^But tboM 
things that are recorded of him, and of his 
undeanncs; aud impiety, are written in the 
chronicles of the kings. 

igned in his stead: 

g being < 


<^ and reigned hut three months >nd t<._ 
dayi in Jerusalam : nod did stii before ths 

*' So after a year Nabuehodonosor sent 
and milled him to he brought into Babylon 
with the liolj Tossels of the Lord, * And 
made Sedecias king of Judea and Jerusa- 
lem, when he was one and twenty years old: 

: "and ho did 

sight of the Lord, and 

for the worda that were spoken 

Til also in the sij 

le Lord, and cared 

50 Koi dn'tOTCiXci' S 9€0i tuv iraTipui' a^ruii' hia. rou dyye\ou 
aurov /irraKoXftrai aurovf, Katfort (^(Srro avruv koi tou 

51 ffKTpnifiaTiK afrroC. Avroi S( J/iuKT^purov iv toii iyyiXoii 
auToG- KOI ^ ^I'-'Pf- JXaXi}<rr KupuK, i^trav ^Kmufotrcs tou; 

53 syio^iTTa; nurou, fas oE Bviuovra auTov iiri t^ iffvti, avrou 
Sia TO 8uTo-(j8i7;uiTa, irpooro^oi Antx^iPaaai, iir avrovs Titvi 

53 /SofriXiit Tuv XoASattof . OSroi dxwTcivai' rouf vtovlaKoiK 
avTuv hi f>Ofi.^ia, Ttpixuiikia TOU dyiov aiurui' iipoG' koi ovk 
J^urorro Moyuricou koX irapffivou, ksi xpctrjSin^u xal vtioripov, 

54 dAXa Tovrat »ap<Saiica(" tti TM ;i(([fiat avruJi'. Koi jrdiTa ra 
Upa aKtarj tov Kupiijv ra ^ryaXa Kai to fuxpa, Kai Tas i"piu- 
Tovs ToC Kupiou, Kol i&s pailiXixai diroftjicat iiraXapoyrti 

55 tiir^vfyKay ck BajSvXwra. Koi htiropurav tov oIkov tov 
Kupiov, KOI iXmrav ra Tei^ IcpouroX^/i, koi TOuf irupyovt 

56 avr^t htrvpurar iv irvpl, koi irunriXttray vayra to, ffSofa 
avr^t i)(ptuovat, koI roif /riXodrovt dinjyayc fura poii^aiat 

57 ds BvfivKam. Koi ^vay «iuSn afrf rail rott ntow afrrw. 

him by thepropbet Jerem j from the mouth 
of the Lord. « And after that king Nahu- 
chodonosor had made him to swear hi tha 
name of Uie Lord, he forswore liimself, and 
rebelled; and hardening his neck, and his 
heart, he transgressed the laws of the Lonl 
God of Israel * The goyemoti also of the 
people and of tha priests did many things 
agamst the laws, and passed all the pollu- 
tions of all nations, and defiled the temple 
of ths Lord, which was sanctified in Jeru- 

•" Nerertheleas the God of their father* 
sent by his messenger to call them hack, 
because he snared tnem and his tabernacle 
also. "But theyhadhismessengCTsinderi. 
sion I and. in the day that the Lord spake 
unto them, they made a sport of his pn>. 
phets : " so far forth, that he, being wroth 
with his people for their great ungodliness, 
commanded the kings of the Chaldees to 
come up against them ; " who slew their 
young men with the sword, yes, eran within 
the compass of their holy temple, and spared 
neither young man nor maid, old man nor 
child, among (hem; forhedeli'ered allin 

ith the vessels of the ark of Qod, and tlie 
king's treasures, and carried them away into 
Babylon. " As for the house of the Lord, 
they burnt it, and brake down the walls of 
jerusalam, and set Are upon her towers: 
" and as for her glorioui things, tbey never 
oeased till they had consumed and brought 
them all to nought ; and t\» «&■*» '"of^i 
w«* WA dMti. ■^'^ ft* vagtS.'^ !^^rL 

1. EsDEAB I. 58-11. 18. 4 E2APAS. A', 

him >nd hU children, till the Feni&iu jMvptt ot BaaiXnxTai Ilvxras, <li Afatrknoimnv pnuaTOt roii 

had enjoyed ber iBbbAtbt, the whole ^jue vafifiara ainis, •ravTa tov )(poyov r^f ^pij/iaitrfuf airr^, <rap- 

tn tho first ytar of Cyrus king of ihe _ , , „ , _ . , , , ,, 

PeraittnB, tlial the won! of lUo Lord, miglit B«rt\cwitTW Ktipou Utpauiv €Tovs vparov, «IB tnnrrtXuav 2 

be acoomplUtied. that be bad promised by imiatTlK Ktipiov If irroaan Itptmmi, mtutt'KvpuK to nvivua 2 

the mouth of Jeremy : 'tho Lord rttised up vi a \' rr - ' i • / i. '\ - o \ • 

the .pirit of Cyrus tSe king of tho PereLitii, ^•V>^ ;Wl\*<ui U.4p(Tu,v. KOi iojpvfo- *► oXjj T^ ^iXtiy 

and no msdo proclanuitioD through all hit avroC, mi a/ia 8ia 'ypanTuir, Xtymv, ToSf Aiy<( o y3curiX<ui 3 

wFtf CY^urkml^of tlI7p«f,w"''Th;Ltlil n^P*^ Ktlpw. Jfxi iyiUiit ^<rMa t^ o|kou,iAtjs ^ Ki^- 

of UnHjl, the most liiali Lord, fiatli made pus toS 'lapaiiK, KipuK i v^urriK. Koi iirq(i.-gvi /ioi 4 

* If therofore thprt< be any of you tliat ^ TtS tirriv oSc vyull' JK rov tfivovt ujirou, MTU 6 Kuptot 5 

are of hi* people, let hia Lord be wilh avToS utT avroB, Kai ^oSai <it 1™ 'lepoWToAnii rnf ti" rn 

him, and let him go up to Jermaieoi that it e ! .1 - > » _ ~ ir ' _ - ■!_ -\ » 

i. in Jude». and huifd the house of the I<"*^. oUaSofLnrm toy oltov Tou Kupuiu tou^ ItrpaijA- orros 

Lord of lanel : for lie is tlio Lord that i KvpUK, ^ KaTua-KtpnatTai ir 'IcpouriiA^/i. *0<roi ovi' xara 6 

those. I aay, that ara his neiEhhoura, nith )(fni<na Km ti/ apyvpuf, (f SocrCiTt, fitff imrnn' icai ktiti^i', <rvv 7 

Eo™^''°aid'iri'th'^«uie,'^d oi^-.hru'S ;?*"« ,*^« "« -a/ 4^ irpo<rTffl«^^« cis li Up&K ™« . 

which hare boon set forth by tow, for l&o Kwpww rd fr itpovaaXtin. 
temple of the Lord at Jerusalem. 

" Then the chief of the families of Judea Koi KaraoT^iTavm oi ip)^^vXtu TW rarpiuv t^ 'louSa 8 

''rilt(a'M'«nd°he''Li.^9*^a^'the? i"" Bcvio^li' ^^, koi oZ Uptrs m! 01 Afwrat, koI i' 
wboio mini! the Lord had m' 

go up, Hy mapt Kupw* to irwSpx, ava^^itu olKoSo^^trai oTkov 

in house for the Lord at Jcru- Kupi^ TW iv 'ItpmnraX^fi- KW, oi xpuniicXy aviiov IB 

!B with ftj<ra» 'i' "wiv, i- ipyvpiif itai jfpvffuf, 'nirats, KTijvttrt, 

■alem, 'and they tli&t 

them, and helped them in nl! tbinni / . , , . ;, 

silrer nod gold, with horses and catlle, niid cup^ois lit n^ioroK vvXAuii', uc Wivt ifftp^. Koi 6 fiaai- 10 

wh^°mtod«''wm^'Mi^ed''up^the^ Atii KiJpot ifvctyM -ri Eepa ffKnnj toO Kupwu, 4 /t€T^>^«< 

'° King Crriu alio brought forth the holy NaSouvo&ii'ocrop it ' ItpovraiJhu- koi iHiriuMuyaro aina. iv ru 

TBMeliwhiohMabuohodonoMr bad carried ,'js/ 1„' „ •_„•- "^ '^ " "^ ' 

away &om.Jeru«lem. and b»l set up in hii *'«■'*"¥ "vrou. 

" Now wh^ Cynu king of the Poniani *Ef€v^™s Si oJra K^ i ^Otit n«p<y«iv Tap('So.«v 1 1 

bad broupht them forth, be delirered them avra.yii6paoarn Tw lavTOv yaffl^m^am, Ata oi rotiTOu iropt- 12 

S"iSSd"u;iSlSSSwX'S" "V- 3^y^jlp^ »po<rri,5 ,^ ■lo.&i,. -O S) ,oj,„ 13 

nor of Judea, » And thia waa the number ApiBpin ^v, (rmvofia ^{(fmo'a x^^^"' (^^rOKOfui Apyvpa. X'^"*! 

nine, rials of gold thirty, and of silyer two ouryOuai rrrpoxoo'uii oixa, koi oAAa aKtiitj ^lAut. la M 1 4 

thouund four hundred and ten, and a Uiou- ■gina trKtin JmuurA) Ypwra uol &pyvpS. vn-roKuyy^ia 

■and other TeHel& >i So all the Tesaek of / iL < ■• (..n_ s' ■ » ^ ' ic 

sold and of aUfer, which were curied away, Tfrpoiwrta iirptmmuwta, Aytp'i}fiti 6c wrp 2(i^va(T.Ta- 13 

were Are thousand four hundred threescora pov aaa roU ix m aivuaXiiKruit Ik BaSvXSivot tU 'Itpou- 

uid nine. "Thesajrmi^^lmiught backby ^^T^ '^ 

Unty, from Babyton to Jerusalem. ^^ gj roU hrl ■Apraiip(m> Wlv mp.r5.. ^tX^ xf^i-ots 16 

"But m the Umeof Artaieraeskingor , , , , r _-»f^ , r- r~^ at- , 

th«Per«iaaiB*Umu»,aDdMitbridate»,and laniypa^ ownji mra tow KaTOucomron' fr tj) lovStu^ (cai 

Ihbellius.aDdBathumus.BDdBeeltethmni, 'IcaowroXnu. BnX<uot, ftu idtdpa&aTiK, koi To^tUiOf, koi 

and Samelliua the secretarr. with the rest i^n ^ ^ >r « > .iT >, , < , • 

ffi^STii^oSiiS^ tbSidw.5" P*/<.^, «- B..ATr»,.«, ... S,,.<iA«« = yj,./<,«.™.,, <a. 

ing in Samana and other pUoet. wrote 01 Xoiroi ot rovrots (rvmurtro/icvoi, ouroinnt « Iv Sapnpttji 

king Artaxeriea onr lord, Thr serraDts. BcunA« Apratipf^ Ktipuf oivcuStt aov, Pbc'u/uk o to Tpo<r- 17 

the judiM that are in CslosTTia and Phe- t^ povA^ avnuf, ksi Kpiru 01 iv koiAq Sipia nut Voti'un;. 

?j~- .C? V' t""" ^7" *" *•" '*^f tl" Knl vw -wwrroy forw tw iropu. flwriXfr, or. oi lou&uoi dro- 1 8 

king, tliat the Jews that are oome up from «> ' > ■ _ . ^, i^^iCa/ > <• v^ > 

jmiMua, banwraiM into JamNlMu, tlwt povrm vap lijMn' vpot ij^tof iAOirm «t I^pmtraAi}/!, t^ 

E54PA2. A'. 5 

iroXiv r^ dmxrranv Kot TroKqpav, oiKoSo/xaurt rat rt ayopas 
ainjt, Kai ra Ttixt Btpavtiomn, kox vaav tiroffaXXoiTtu. 

^ofioktjyiiw oil la) im>fiMtMn Sowtu, dXXa koi fi<unXn<nv 

Kai foil jMpyiiTai ra Kara tov vooi*, koXuii <[i(<U' jnroXofi- 

1 pivoiiw fiT] inrtptbtlv to tou>Dto, dAAA rpoo^aif^inu r^ icupiy 
/Sa0'iX((, Dinin ii- ^aunjral ffOi, lruTKtt^$j Iv ToU Ato tSk 

'3 miTiptdv o-ou ^ifiXiaii. Kot tup^»{ 6' TOit vro^vi);uirur- 
/"**' yrypafifi-iva vtpi TOVTuiv, mil ywotrj) Sti 17 mSXis iKuvt} 

3 ^v uirooraTis, icai /SacriXcit itai tqXci; Ji-o^Xotfira, kcu 01 
lovSoTot (Siroo-raTOi kiu roAiopKiat (nn'urra^tvot iv nur^ Jti 

4 i^ ojiintK, 8i' ^ oJtuiv Hoi ^ »oAis oiJnj tipnuiu^. Nvi' oft" 
inmStiKyvo/ia' (roi, Kupu ^airiXtv, 5n iav t) iroXit avn; ouco&>- 
/ii^Sj. fo' TO Taiinp Key) it/aara&j, KoBoSot avK In <roi tortu 
(it KoAiTv Sypiov icai ^oiylmjv. 

5 Tore avriypaijify ^airiAcut Pa^^ ry ypa^oiri ra 
vpovTrliTTOVTa, K(U B(«Ar<d/U|i, itiu SafiiAAiiji ypo^^arfi, KOi 
ToT; XoiToiE TOW ofiTiurira/KCOit xai olkomtu' ^ tq %i^iaficif , 

6 Kill 2upi^, <nu ^wiKjj, TQ ^jrcyeypafi/ui/a, Aviyvtuv ttjv 
hrurriA^ 5k Trnrd/i^T* vpos /*«• Arcrnfa oSi' iino-Kti^atTftii' 
mu tipi&7f oTi ^ iniXis JicciVi; irrnv it aHovtn ^atTtXtvoai 

7 6jrTarafia.Toiiaovtra, kcu ch tCv^ponroi dirocrrao'tK Kot ToXi^ovt 

6' OVT^ OnTcXoDlTCf , KQl /SdlTlXfrs (O^lfVpOI KtU (TlcXlJpai ^OV 

Iv ItpovaoXyjp. KvpiniovTre kiu tfiopoXayowm KoiXijy %vpiav 

8 KOt ^oo'tKip'. NDf otv JTCTO^ AiroK(ii\vtrat TOVt dvfipiDTovt 
JkuVovs TOU oiKoSo^^irat r^ xaXw, kqi irpavoij^i^i 3ini>c 

9 /iijSiv impa TavTO ycfi^Toi. Kot fi^ rpo^ hrl xAciov Ta r^t 
Kiucuit lEf TO /SotrtAfts ^x^^tnu. 

ToTC (Ifoyvwo^'vTon' tuv nxipa tou jScuriXsoc 'ApTQ{4>£<>u 
ypaijitynof, 'Pd^^iof, ko! So^AAuk o ypOfi/tarck, mu 01 
rovTOit (TVinurtrofKcoi, aKa{cufai>Tn cis ItpovouX^^ Kara 
(TTovSti' iKff linrov kcu o;^Xov vnpaTajfait, ^pjdvTO moXiJcu' 
Tovf oucoSofiouvrat, kox ^pyti i) owoSc^^ tou Upov tou iv 
ItpavaaXtifi f-ixp^ tou S<vTfpau Irovf t^s yScunXtuis Aapciou 
TOU n«p(rioi' /Soo'iAt'dS. 

3 Kat ^oiTiAnpt Aoptrof Jirot')](7'c Sd;i^ fUyoXiTi' iroiri toi; 
vn- auroK, Kai vam to(e oucoyti'iiT'iv aurotr, KOt irSirt TOiV 

2 /iKyUTTOcTE T^ Mij&'os Kai T^ UqwiSof , KOI rSai TOIS 
<raTpasiuf koi irrpaTiTyors Kai Ttnrap)(aK rots £]r avrov, i.iro 
TTJs '1 k8uc^ ItiypK hlBumlwt, iv tok Jxarov curoiricirTa aarpa- 

3 muKT. Kai l^ytxTov mxi ^n'loo'av, Kai IfitrK-quBhrtt^ iytKaaav 
ii Si Ao^iof d jSuriAcif dfeXucrcv tis TOf KoiTuJva jaurou, cat 
lKOi[i.^q&r), KOI (fuTTVOS ^^cro, 

4 ToTf ot Tp((s vcavuTKiH ol trafuiTo^vkaKtt 01 ^uXiunrovTcs 

5 TO (TWfui roC ^SatriXiuw, clirav !r<pof xpof toi' Frfpav, <*ir<a;uv 
CKUiTTOf ^ftiui' iva Xoyov, tf {nrtpurjfiati' koI oG jaf ^v^ to 
^/la avrou tro^wTlpov tov Ir^pou, SuKrct oAr^ AapcuK & jSairl- 

6 Am Stdpuif fuyoAof, koi iwwutia /((yoXo, Kot irop^i^v 
x^tpaXiaSat, ko! &• ;i;pwrwfuU7'i •watar, kox tvi yputr^ 
KoBtv&tui, KOI Spfta ^^piNTOxaXtvo)', Koi KtSopiv ^wFoanjv, 

7 Kol fuunojopr vtjpl TW Tpapii^Xov, kq! Snir^fMt KaAurat 

I. EsDB&all. IS— in. 7. 

rebeliious nud wicleil citj, do build tlio 
marketplaces, and ropnir the wnlli of it, 
and do Is)' the foundstioa of tlip temple. 
'» Now if this city and llie walla tliercof be 
made up agiun, they will not onl; refuM 
to eivB tribute, but alto rebel againtt king*. 
^Aod forasmuch as the thingi pertaining 
to the Ifmple are now in hanil, we think it 
meet not lo neglect tuoh a matter, " but to 
■peak unto our lord the king, to the intent 
that, if it be tliy plmiiire, it m«ibe louglit 
out in the booka of III)' fathers; ^and thoa 
shalt And in the chronicles what ia writtrai 
(.'onccming tbeae thinga. and ahalt under. 
aland ihat that city was rebellious, troubling 
both kinge and cities: ^^and that the Jewa 
were rebellious, and raised alwa;> wan 
therein ; for the which muse even this city 
was made deaolate. 5* Wherefore now we 
do declare unto thee, O lord the king, that 


'''''riien the king wrote baok again to Ba- 
Ihuuiua the alorywriter, to Beeltethmus, 
to Semellius the scribe, and lo the rest that 
were in commiasion, and dwellers in Sama. 
ria and Sj-ria and Pheniee. af\erthli ntan- 
ner; »I have read the epistle which re 

to make diligent search, and it liath been 
found that that city waa froni the beginning 


and thL. ... 

Jeruaalem, wlioreinied andeiaeted trihutea 
in Celosjnaand Phenice. Tfow therefore 
1 hate commanded lo hinder those men 
from building the city, and heed to bo 
taken that tliero be no more done in it i 
" and that those wicked workers proceed no 
further to the snnojance of kings. 

"Then kiag Artaieries his letters being 
read, Sathumui, and Semelliui the scribe, 
and the rest that were in commission with 
them, rrmoying in haste toward Jeruaalem 
with a troop of horaenien and a multitude 
of people in battle army, began to binder 
the builders ; and the building of the tem- 
ple in Jerusalem ecase<l until the second 
rear of the reign of Darius king of tlia 

Now when Darius reigned, ho tnado a 
great feaat unto all his subjects, and unto 
tebold, and unto all theiaince* 

of Media and Fen 

'and to all t 

that were 
Ethiopia, in 
tlio Jiuudred twenty and aeren proTineea. 
' And when they had eaten and drunken, 
and being satisfied were gone home, then 
Darius the kiug went into his bedohamber, 
and slept, and soon after awaked. 

' Then three young men, that WWB of the 
guard that kept the king's body, spak«on« 
to another; 'Let erery one of u* speak k 
sentenoe: he that shall OTercome,aitd*rhMa 
•entence shall seem wiser than the others, 
unto him shall the king Darius giTa great 
gift*, and great thinga in token of notoir : 
■as to be mothed in purple, to drink in gold, 
and to slMp upon gold, and a ehanot irilAi. 
bridles of goSi, mi »& \i«ib!Qa« A ^^ 
\vn«i, mA ». dam AnsoXV-* ■!»«.■. ^ «» ^* 

I. EsDKAs III. 8— IV. 8. 6 E2APAS. A'. 

... r the pUioir of KaJ totj yaitliavTK Jkocttos tov lavrov Xoyoi', Jtr^yuralTxi S 

of whoicwdo thokinEanii thetlireeprine** iTirav, orov iytp^ o PamXtvt, Suaourif atrrui to ypa^Lfxa, 

Sri^U-'hi^'^hlu tlU''iiaor^b?riT^ ""^ '•' ^ "P''T7 * ^""lAri* xal d! rptls ;«y«rraws r^ Hep- 

Minw'appoiQted. >" The first wrOtB,WmB atSoT, 5ti oI i Aijyos a^ov tTOt^arTtpos, otrtji SotfiTirfrai to 

ui tbg .trengMt. " The iecoiid wrote, ^^^ ^^tfis yiypavrai. 'O (It fypaiio', inttpurvin 6 otroi. 10 

The king u •trongost. >- Tba tliird wrote, .-, «_ j. i • ' i o \ • 'n ' ii io 

Women ore BtronKest : but nbovoaU thinjj O lifpot Sypa^tv, w^purxwt d {iaffiXtui- O rpiTOt 11. 12 

Truth brareth bw»t the Tidory. iypia^tv, ^ipurx^omnv al ywiuitti, inrip 8i »aKra vo(^ ij 

" Now when the king «»• risen up, they AX-nStia 
took their writings, end delirered Hum • ' 

unto him, and «. he reed thtm : " .nd lend- Kal or* itviif^ i fiatriXas, XajSo'vrci to ypduiia «&iwav 1 3 
ing forth he oiled »U the pnncee ot Persia . . , . /^ ' „ > ,> fT , ,. ""^f , 

and Media, and the (toTemon, and the cap- """V' """ "»'<y™- Kai J^a-otrrciAa; JKoAicrf jtiuto? row 14 

taini, and the lieatenants, and the chief iiryurrSros Ttk Htpai&oi koI tw Mn5«uit, ital row o-aTpti»as 
officers: '*and sat "^"i down in the royal ' { \ i \ t > \ * 'et i ~ i e 

™l "t iuSA" ! Md th. iratira ™ «" ■>T)»T,n«,"'. "u toidfjfi; "■' ^.™vi. «.. ii..e«7e. h7y\b 

read before them. "And he said, CaU the ^{pijfioTurnjpiy, itai itvryvuaVq ro ypafi/ui ivimriov avrwv. 

«"t°5^rC'they were'^?and"c^ ^' •^'«' •"^«""'« T0« vttwlTKW, Koi airo'i &jX.S(rowi-t 16 

in. "And he said unto them, DecLare mit<i rout Xoyovs lavrm/- koi JkX^^ijotiv, itat ■lo^docrai'. Koi 17 

"iz s" "hTstr;: ssk,. .( ■'-»■ -'"••■ ■'""•••^" ''-""■ ""' ™ yr-»«'-'™- 

causeth all men Io «rr that drink it: '"it Kol j^ ovntt, aySptt, init mrtpurxutl Oli'Of ; watrat rous 18 

" ..-.,--.-... .. ^. ^- . .. ^ „i) „i9 

ii 6p^vov iroiii Trp' Siavotav ituiv, -rrpi rt 

■- ; — .-•! — ^.^f Toij alxirao mu rnv rou ikn^ipoo, rnv r« rov ircnirot xai rir 
tnougat iniQ joiiiit nod nurth. so that a .. . i \ - « / ■ , • , ■ ,^^ 

manrememberethripithersorroWDOrdebt! TOu irAowriotf Ktu murav Siavotav furairrpupti tK €va>xta.f 20 

^ and it ninkclL eipr) heart rich, so that a ital ti^poavvtp', Kol oi jtifivrfrai jraxm/ Xvnyp' Kal ■nav 6^i~ 

mV! audTn'^eth 'to B%k'SlftMngrb^ ^Vl^' ""^ tnuw KOf^tiroul iWins, «u oi ^ipytpniZl 

talents: 'and when thejare in their oups, fiairiXia oiSi trarpainjy itni wavra Sitt toAoituiv iroui XoKtiv. 

aS;r..d''."M.'5iS'i'„';S°.tSS "-i ■>* r'r^', "-r "'-";• *^'" *'^= -." '^h ^ 

°but when the; are from the wine, ther Km fxtr ov xtiAu (rmoimu rat fia)(iupai. Kai oraf dwo rou 23 

remember not what tbBT h«Te done. "O (,&,<„, ^wpftSffi^, ov (Wuvnwai S ftrpa^. 'O S.A)«s, ofiv 24 

ye men, u not wine the strongest, that , '™, , . '^~ ' , .{T _ » V^V ^ 

enforceth to do tbuiF And when he bad vwspuTyni olvot, on ovnus dvayKoCii wouiv; itai jcrtyTCO' 

so spoken, he held his peace. ovtiik (iims. 

Then the second, that had spoken of the ,.>,,, i - . • 

strength of the king, began to say, 'O ye Kai npfdro o Ofvrtpos XoAfiv, o uwat wtp\ Tni urvitK TOv 4 

men. do lult men excel in strensth, that ,0 \ ' *n "C >■ ' r>a \a 

^™Je over sea and land, and 5l thin^ ^lA.w. O avSpts. oux VJr«p«rx«>«r«- ol a^eponroi, tt}V 2 

inthemP 'ButTetthekingismoreDiigbty: yTJv Kiu Trpi aa^iurirav KaTOxpaTOWTK Kai ttivra ra iv airon ; 

tii'.'°i;/it'S"'XiS;>Si °. ? *^Ari,™p»^., .a „^. aW, ..1 Wi£„3 

conunandetb them they do. * If he bid nvrwi', xai woj' S €oi' ttrj] aurois, fvcumvovtnv. aav timj 4 

them make w the one against the other, atro« woi-nmu woXfuoi- htpot vpo% rov htpov, TromvTtv lav 

theydo It: if he eeod them out sgsinst tbe •. •> n i . . ' ■, , n c. . 

enemiet, they go, and break down moun- « t&anKrrtiX-g avrow vpot rous woAf/uout, jEfci6i(ow« sai 

tains, waUi, and towers. 'They slav and KaTtpyalavrai. ri &nj koi To rfivn kq! tovv wtWow, 4Ktvfo- 5 
are slain, and ttansgrees not the linxs * , ' > < \? - n i' > 

oSraS^ment:" tW get the Tioton, ''»^' *'•' ^OKtuoirat. «(U rov X^ov rou ^ao-aius oi B^po- 

they bring all to the king, as well the spoil, fiaa/ovo-ir iav Si vur^ioai, ru piuriXti kojuCouti rdvra, koi 

"• ti&toih,.. .i.1 m no «,ldi.,i '^ r^»o;«fc»., «.l ri fli. W^. 

SfcattES SSd°iS:SS , "■^ ^".•^ ^(»™i«-. "SS ;r..J,p,l.a., ttii ym^oi^ 6 

whioh thay had sown, they bring it to the r^ yip, toAii' orav omlpiatn dtpurayn^ &i'at^ipov<n ru piun- 

ass'^r.'d'Sfejr^S;?, ^;- «" rr r '"r ?»r"«-"., '".*«»». «»< 

if he command to kill, they kill; ifhecom. ipopavi rif pcuriAd. Koi avro; (Is fuwot tvrtf jav tiim 7 

mand to. pare, they spare: "jf he command dw«T€i*at, 4)rOKr«Tmxr[i" iav .'»!) dAsirat, iAunmiy Efw* 8 

B54PAS. A'. 7 

9 So/i^ot, aLcoSofxouru" thrtv Jwro^at, txKomnxrar cTn 

^VTCvcrai, ^VTCuouo'i. Koi rat o Xoot afirou koi hi &uy^/itK 
avToS fraxonjown- xpot £1 toutok airii ivaxtmu, toBUi lau 

1 waitx, Ktu KodivSfi, afrroi St njpouo'i KiiicAy n^)l airdf 
itai ai fiwairai wuimK JireXdtu', koX trouu- rh, tpya avrov, 

S o£S} mpoKoiJOiKrii' avrov. *0 inSptt, tu; o£;[( ihrtpto^fuu 
d ^aat^ni, &n ovtok ircurtnwTOt jtrri ; Kal hlyiva'. 

3 'O Si TptTiK i ('tos irqii Tuf ywaimiv mu r^ diXi]0<iac, 

4 ovro; ^CTi ZopofiafitX, ^piaro XaXtiy 'Ayiptv, ou ^cyat 
2 /SocriXcvt, Kot iroAXot o! ^v^puiroi, kol o ofi'os I(r;^(; rit 
oSi' o Si(nro((in' ajrrw, ^ ris S fcvpMvuw aiTwv ; o£j( al -yvrai- 

5 Kn ; Al ywainc iyanrifrar ror /SocriAf a kiu iraiTa tov Aaof 

6 S; nfxcvtt t^ fioAtCirirTt koi r^ yrp, Kot jf auTwv iyivoino' 
Kot aSrot i(i6ptipav avrout rovs ^VTCittrain^K tow dl/iircXiuvat 

7 (f £i' otvot yiveiai. Koi aSnxt mKoiifn rat oroXat ruif 
(Evdpiinnuv, ftai aurat a-oiawri So^v roit dvApminut, kcH ov 

8 SvraiTai □! ov^fMinrDi X*"f '* ^*' yu>''UK<uv (Tt-ot. 'Eai' Si 
(Tvvayayioin )(pv7iov koi afyyvptay kqi rav irpSyfia ufMuiv, 

flnupoSo'ii' avr^>', Koi Trams ovr^i" alptTiCovcrt /loXXof ^ to 

^fpvfiOv Ktu TO opyupioi' K(u vav rpSyfia mpMOy. 
:0 'AfdfMnroc rof jaurou varipa ^KaraAti'irci Ss i^i&pv^tv 

avTOf, Kat T^f iSiav ■<(aipav, kcu. irpot riiv ISi'af yovauta KoXXa- 
ll Till, KOI /irri T7t ywuotos i^iijtn T^l" ^txTV, koi ovr« tov 
|2 iraripa t^if/utjrai, oSnt Ti]v fofripa, oifrf r^v xutpav. Kai 

Jtreu^O' 8(1 u/iat yvuipiu ori al yufiuKcs KupuMitNriv u^v 

ou)(i VOMITC, Kui fu})($aTt, fcai trovra Toif yU'iuft SiSort, Kot 
!3 tjiiptTt; Kai Xafifidrtt 6 ar$panrot Tr/v ^Ofi^aiaf avrou, Kal 

JKiropciicTai jfoScvciv Kai XijtrrnJcu' mu KA<n-r(tv, koi (It t^c 
!4 AiAaovar TrXeiVj koi vcmi^iovf , kol tq)' AcoKra Btbtptt, Ka\, iv 

OKOTti fia&i^tv Kut oral" Kkiifrg koI dprirp koi AonroSvr^cr^, 

15 Tj tpaifiivy} Airo^iptt, Kai TrAfroy Ayairji oWponros t^f iSiav 

16 yuKilca fioAAoi' ^ tov iroTipa koi t^ lOfrtpa. Kai intAAoi 
dTTcvo^ATiraf TQts iSuus Ziavouus Sia ras yiD'aiKaT. kcu. SoCXoi 

17 'ycKoi'TO St' ouras' koi iroXAot <!i7ruAj»T0 xai iat^aXtjiTar 
KOI ^fuipToa'av Eia tqs yvyiuKai. 

:8 Kai vEi' ou riaTtvtri [tot; o!i)^ /xiyav i PatriXm Tg 
tlouauf avTov ,■ ofj^i iroirai a! ^upai (uAojSoui-rat atjiaxrOiu 

9 auroS ; 'Etfciopoiv axnov, xat 'htrajitpr tTfv Ovyaripa BopTOKOv 
Tou $aviiaiTTOv, ■np' jroAXiw^i' tou fiatriXiait, KoBrjfiivijv hr 

S<^t^ TOU /SfuriAcbif , Kai d^oipoGirav to SidSij^ d»i t^s 
Kf^oA^ TOV fiatriXioK, koI iwiTtBovcrav tavrg- Ktu i^^rif* 

1 Toi' /Soo-iAia TJ ipuTTtp^. Kai rpot Toifroie o 0(UTiXaii 
)(atrKiav to (rrd/ia j0(up<i auTTC" xai Jav TpixrjfAaoTj avT^ , 
-«A^* ^aif St irU[pav(*Q tv avroF, koAoikmi avripi, onus 

2 uoAAay^ avT^. *n Si^pn, vSs ov;(i hT)(ypiu at yvrauire, ori 
ovTut irpdtnroiKri i 

3 Koi TOTf 6 jSao'iAiuf koI oI /uyiarawt iffXaroy cts tov 

4 (r^>ot~ iml ^pfttTO XaA([v mpi t^ iXijOtlaf 'AwSpt%, euxi 
WX>^ <^ yiniujuc; /icy«CX^ 4 r7< "''^ ^^n^Aoc & oipatit, Koi 

I. Ebdba« IV. 9—34. 

comTunnd to build, tlie^ build) * if lie com* 
mand to out doim. llioy cut downg if ha 
rroniniBtid to ^luit, they plant. '■* So all hit 
people Bind big armies obey himi further- 
more he eatetb and drinketh, 
sod takcth bis rest: " and thcM keep watoh 
rouDii about him, neither mar mj one 
depBrt, and do bis owt> bonneu, neither 
-' bey they him in Wir thing. "0 yo 
ibould not the king be mightieit. 

F iidbe 

_. ,11 obeyed? 

held hia - 

bel) began to speak. " O yt , 

the oreat king, nor the multitude of man, 
neither ia it wine, that eioelleth ; who ii it 
then that ruJeth them, or hath the lordehjp 
OTorthem? are tbey not women? "Wo- 
men hare borne the king and all the people 
that bear rule by sea and land. "Eveu of 
them came they : and they nourished them 
up that planted the Ii□e;a^d^f^)mwlienoe 
the wine cometh. '''Theee auo make gar- 
menta for men; theie bring glory unto 
men ; end without women cannot men ba, 
'^ Yea, and if men haye gathered together 
KOld and eilyer, or any otlier — -" - -' - - 

r goodly thing. 

those thingg go, do they not gape, and even 
with open mouth Bi their eyes fast on bar | 
and haie not all men more detire unto her 
than unto silTer or gold, or any goodly 
thing whatsoeier ? 

"Jl man leayeth hii own father that 
brought him up. and his own country, and 
cleayeth unto hii wife. '' He sticketh not 
to spend his life with his wife, nnd mmem- 
bereth neither father, nor mother, nor 
oountry. "Bj this alio ye must know that 
have dominion over you: do ye not 
ind bring all to 

labour and toil, and give 

the woman? "Yea, a 

sword, and goeth his way to rob and to 
steal, to sail upon the sea and npon rirert t 
"and looketh upon a lion, and goeth in 
the darkness! and when he hath stolen, 
spoiled, and robbed, he bringeth it to hie 
loye. ■ Wherefore a man loielh his wife 
better tban father or mother. * Yea^many 
there be that haye run out of their wits (or 
women, and become seryants for their sakes. 
^ Many also have perished, hare erred, and 

"And now do ye not behere me? is not the 
king great in bis potrerF do not all region! 
fear to touch him F ^ Yetdidlseehimand 
Apama the king's concubine, the danghtar 
of the admirable Bartaciit, sitting at the 
right hand of the king, ■"and taking ih« 
crown from the king's bead, and setUnjf it 
upon her own head; she also struck the king 
with her left hand. " And yet for all thia 
the king gaped and gaied upon her with 
open mouth : if she laughed upon him, he 
laughed also : but if she took any displeasure 
at liim, the king was fun to flatter, that sh« 
might be reconciled to him again. "On 
men, how can it be but women should be 
strong, seeing they do thus F 

"Hen the king and the princes looked 
one upon another : eo he began to speak of 
the truth. " O ye nxen, •»« iislv ~«wi«». 
«t«n*t w^«lI,"^^ft»^lsafitti»*o.^».•a™>»•"™■^ 

I. EsDBAt IV. 35— 62. 6 ESdPAS. A. 

■wift ia tha aim ia hit course, for lie oom- rayvt fC Soouiti a nAuK, ori trrpiirnu iv ™ kvkXv toD 

™»»ethUi»he»Tein round "bout »nd fetch- .^ -^ i -i i ' • • i - - i 

one dsT. >Ii he not gmt that maketh ^fiipa. Ovvi ^iAn$ ^ ravra Toifi,- koi ^ dA-T^fia /irvaAi; 33 

etltetb n;)on tha truth, and the hearon km 6 ovpainn avniv tvAoyti, koi rovra t4 tpyu o-imtoi koi 

at it,BDdwithit n no unnghteoui thiDR. .'i '^ . a i « -t ■ ~ 't - . ." 

"Wineiiwicked.thBkingiiwiolwd.wonieii nSwos 6 jSoo-iAw*, o^oi cu YVfaum, a&KOt mu-rts oi viot 

are wicked, aU the ehiEiron of man m ^^^ AvSpuann', Kill SSiKa Ttiw^ ri foya avrSiv ri TOiaiJm, 

wicked: and eucnareBiltheirwickednorkt, > > > • • - t\ 'a ^ l - >c ' i • > 

and th^re ia no truth in them ; in their <«" <^ «"» *^ «vro« dX^fo, Ktu jv t^ <tSu«{L «ut«* djro- 

nnrishteoanieM alao ther shall periih. Xmhrrai. 

"ia tor the truth, it enduretb, and ia -wr ^ • i\ 'a • • . » . . i- > r- ^ os 

alwajaetroni: itUvethandconiiuerelhfor. Koi ij d^ijt'tui /nwt mu urxuti »t rof au»^, mi (g mt 38 

erermore. "With her there ii no accenting Koam tls tov auui« toC owivot. Kni oiic fort rap' aiirni' 39 

of peraOD* or rawarda: but ahe doeth the \ a > / >Gt e 'j >\\ ^ > c - • ^ 

thinS that are iuat. and refraineth from all Aa/i^ww wpwranro. ouSJ Swi^pa, oAAo ja SiKoia rotti im, 

nniuat and wicked thioga; and all men do iravraip tuv iSuuav koi wovi)pSv nu inuT<s (vSoKoiNrt tok 

u tbs atrength, kiiigdom, power, and Kot avnj, r} urj(K, kqi to pmrtAtuw, Km rf (fotxrui, koi 

^^^li^ '^ ****■ be the God • ^.yt^.uJr^ t5v xavro.- aiuKW tuXoyTriy o 0«M t^s 

" And with that he held hia peace. And iktiBtiai. 

all the pmple then thouted, and aaid.QrcBt »><' -it- >-ii> ' ii> n 

ia Truth, and mighty aboTa aU tUngi- ^liu jtrtimn^f tou AoAiif koi raf d Aoof tot« ^^i^Ttrf 41 

"ITienaaid the king unto him, Ajk what koi totc ctmn', uryoXn n tUndnn, koi iiramryiu- Tore 42 

thou wilt mora than » appointed in the ■ n \ > * ■ '- ■ « /,•■. •.,-"■ , 

writing^ and we will giTB Tthee, beoauae * ^(""Xcw ctnw avrf. <UT7j<ra. S tffAt.s wX,«o t«.v yrypa^p.€. 

thou art found wiaeet; and thou abalt ait vciiv, koi outro^cv iroi ov rpoirov (upcOTTi (ro^iUTipof, xai 

sS.riirS.'JSiMntSm'SS ¥i^ »™ •;•«*>?.«" ■j^tt?* (?■■ ■^w- T.v.43 

th; TOW, which thou biiet TOwed l« build clirc T^ ^oaiXft, /W^aV^i Tip/ tijpp', ipi ip^, oCitoSo/i^tu 

tr^nri^m "?.mM"*i™,l''°".'*^n''l}^ ^ *I<powraX^f. fr T^ :W»V? V To jSaaiXfioF ffov wapeXa/Sre. 44 

1_A. ._.'___ ..L „... _r 1 irni ^in-n ™ OICCVI7 TO XlT^OTIX i^ 'lipOlKToX^^, f"' 

aalem, which CyruaMt apart, when Lo iKTriaJnu & iywpur* Kvpot, art mSftiTO iKKoJnU BaStiXuMt, 

TOwed to destroy Bnbvlon, nud to scud ,^T;, ,J^ -, '^,' - /.% « ,1 . t - V, - 

",em again thither. • Thou also hast rowed "^ ipfoTO ifajrocrrtiAai Atti. Koi av rjvia o«oi«./*i;o-ai 4- 

build up the temple, whirhtho KdomittB jov voof iv htirupuraa' ol 'iSotipuot, on ^prjfiiodTj j) 

burned when Judea WHS made desolate by •. s_.' t > _r... Tr_ij!_' v' ..r.. r_-! j_,.. ; —, AH 

UieOhaldeet. "And now, O lord the king, louSaui _ wro ™^ XoAfiouoi-, Koi vw touto W o <r. 46 

tbia is that which I require, and which 1 afiut, mipu paaiXtv, Kot 8 oitou/uu irt, koi ovnj JiTTif 

thereforetbatthoumakoEood thoTOw,tho fCxTV, ^ TiJtiu Ty paaiJiM Tou oifKuvv, sxHi^irat ^x 

MrfonnMeowhereofwiththinoown mouth trrauarit trm. 

thou hast rowed to the King of hcavcD. ' 

. .*^,"? Dariu" the king atood up, and Tot« dvurrof AoptuK S jSofrtXcirt NOTf^wA- ovtok, k<u 47 

Daaed him, and wrote lettera lor him unto ■ , ■A\ti\« » «« / « 

■U the trnsurera and lieutenanta and ow- tyfu^VO' nvnf tos tvumlhiK rpos tcmtos tow ootoKo^ow, Kai 

taioa and goramora, that the; should aafelj Towopyof , koi (rrpoTnyovs, kiU aarpmrtK, tva, vptnriiufKociuf 

**HewrotelettenalaountAthelieatenantB t^ IipovcraX);^, Kai iroo-t rtM ToropxaK if Koikig Suptfi. 48 

bring cedar wood from Libanoa unto Jem- ^>ip*a' fvAo iccopira diro Tou Oipavmi cic IcpoinroAijfi, koi 

••MortoTerhewroteforalltbaJewathat Koi cypaJit wairi toTs 'lov&u'ots to« ivaBaivrnxny &ito 49 

■went out of hia realm up into JewTj, con- - a i ' ■ « 'i e » • \ _= j\ Jji ' ' 

oeming their freedom, llat no officer, no TiJS ^o(riA*ios (W njv loi&uov inrip Tip iXraOtpta'!. vayra 

ruler, no lieutcDant, not tr«aurBr, ahould WarDF, koi Toirapvnv, Kot aurpawql', Koi alimvifiov /ii] firt- 

&eewithouttnbntei and thattbeXdoniitea KparoCcru', d^opoXoyijrov oirroif vwapj(tw mu tMi ot ISou- 

abquldbe jettlygiTBn twentjtalentatcthe m trpr oiKoSofiipr tou upou SoO^vai kot wiavrov toAoitu 

building of tha traiple, until the time that tUotri, iiiypi tou oUoSouijtfnMii' koi fcri to (Wuurrnpiov 52 

»twer«built!"aDdothertentalentay«arly, ,, • r at ~ d A • i a> ■ l i« 

to jonaUia the burnt offerinn npon tha oAoKovruvMiTa Ko^trovvftu <a(f ^^upor, Kofa <X(>V(ru' JtroAip, 

E2APA2. A'. 9 

«TOJtai8t«a TTprxri^iptiV cEAAa ToAavra, Stmi kut Ji'tavriH'' 

53 itaX iroo-i TOW vpoopalvooaai airo r?! BojSuXiiJcias KTiirai T^i' 
TcoAw, virapy^eiv Tijv ^civfpuii' avrow r€ Kol TOif ticyoi'OLf 

54 avrSiv, Koi woui roit Uptuiri tois jrptKT-^atWvcrtc. 'Eypa^c 
Si KOI T^ )(Op>fYtar koi t^ tepariK^i' inoKijv iy Tivi Xarptv- 

56 ava-tv (V avrp. Kai Tots AtvCrai-; iypailit Souvai T^ ^(Oprjyia.v, 
luf T^s ifAi^! ^ lviTf\*a$^ 6 oTuQt nat 'IcpotxroA^fi oucoSo- 
6 G fttiO^vai. Kai jrSo-i tw iftpovpowri rrfli ToAii' lypaij/t Sotvai 
51 avTOK nX^pav^ Kai oijiioyia. Kai i^airirrrttXt vayra to untvij 
a (jpBpurt Kupo? iiiro Ba/JvXuiiK' nat wan-a otru tTirt Kilpos 
Toi^m, KOI avrOf in-cro^I iroi^iu, Kot i^asormiXiu tis 

58 Kai OTt i^TJXStv i vtavurKm, opas to Trpocmnroc (t; roy 
ovpavoy lyavTunr IfpomjaXijii, likoyrjirf nji ^atnAci toO 

59 oipOFoS, Xryoic, Jrapi uoC cue?), itni vapa croE 17 cro^ia, 
GO "oi iT^ ij 80^0, Kai lyu) 00s oucirTs. EuAojnpos ff, Ss 

62 Ba^uAuiva, mi aTnjyyciAc roi^ S^tXtjaoK auiou irajri. Kai 
tvX^/rjuav TOv &(oy tuv Trarcpuiv atrrCyy, art coufcev 

63 afTToit aifcrtv ksi a^aiv, dva^^i-oi Kai ouoSu^^irai tt|V 

IcpoiMToX^/i Kai TO Itpiiv, oS &yonaiT0i) to on>/ia airrou 
^«- «Jt£- Kol iKtoftui-ifoiTO fura ftovaucmy koi ;^/>ac 
ij^tpaf iirro. 
6 M<Ta S( TaDra «f(A«yi)o-av ava/S^ai iip;();yoi (mjiou ffOTpiuv 
Kara ^vXa? avrwc, kuI ai yvFaurc; avruif, Kai i>i i^toL avTutc, 
KDi al &iryuT(p(s> Kai oc ttoIocc avruv, Km oi iraionrKatf xai 

2 Ta KTijcij airriuy. Kai Aapcioc ai/rair^a-r<iX( /itr'avriuv ItrKtl^ 
)(iXiotf;, iu>S ToO airoKaTao-r^oi avrous (is IcpoixraXq/i /kt 

3 (tpijt^, KoI ^ura ^duriKiiiF, TU^Travuiv, Kai aflXuf. Kai 
7a;<Tfs 01 dSiX^oi avriui' vaifovTit, Kai jvaiijao- avrotf aw- 
ava^tjvai fiet iiftanov. 

4 Koi rairra Ta ^o/iara Tui' dvSpiui' tuk dva^aii^ii^biv koto 
xoTpias avnuv (is Tav ^Xis, tiri t^ ii,€piSap)(iar avruiv. 

5 01 iifKis Vioi $[V(K, uioi 'Aapui', 'ItjiroiK Tou JuxrcScK ToO 
Sapaiou, Koi 'It^Kip. 5 ToC ZopojSa^tX ToC SoXa^i^X ^K ToC 

6 OLKou TOU AauiS, ix r^s ycna; 9apii, ^vXifi S( 'lovSa, St 
JXaXi^cv ^i Aopd'ov TDu paiTtXfuti TJtp<ruiv Xoyow iro^ovt 

I. EsDBAB IV. 53— V. 10. 

altar ererr day, ag tlicj had a cotnmaDd. 
meiit to offer bbvcd teen : '^ and that aU tUe; 
that went from Babjlon to build the city 
sliould havB free liberty, as woll they aa 
tlieir poitority, and all the priests that went 
away. *'Ho wrote also oancemiug the 
charges, and tha prierts' leitmenta where- 
in thej minister j "and likewise for tha 
charges of the Levites, to be gires them 
until the day that the honae were Bnishad, 
and Jemsalem buQde<l up. " And lie com- 
manded to gire to bU that kept the city 
poiisioni and wage*. " He sent away also 
all the vessels from Babylon, that Cjma 
had set apart ; and all that Cyrus had giien 
in commandment, the same charged he also 
to be done, and sent unto Jeruaalem. 

''How when this young inaai was gona 
forth, he lifted up his face to heaxen toward 
Jerusalem, and praised the King of hearen, 
"and said, From thee oometh yictory, 
from tbec oometh wisdom, and tbins is the 
glory, and I am thy serranL ■" Blessed art 
thou, who bast given me wisdom: and to 
Iheo I give thanks, O Lord of our fathers. 
" And so he took the letters, and went out, 
and came unto Babylon, and told it aU bis 
brethren. "And they praised the God of 
tbeir fathers, because he had giTen them 
freedom and liberty ^to go ap. and to 
build Jeruulem, and tlie temple which 11 
called by his name: and they feasted with 
iuBtruments of musick and gladness screu 

After this were th 

their tribes. 

lughters, with tl 

U &VTipui 

K jSotriXiu; 

r. ^.JCl 

'( Ik t^s y^ 'louSaia; iva/ldirrti 

K T^ aij^iaXuKTiac T^S irapfttxiai, ou^ fim^itTt Napou^^ooo- 

8 votrop jSotriAcvf HopyXufoc il'i BapvXtuva^ Kai (irccrrpc^av 
lit 'Ifpovo'aX^^ Kai ri]y koiwip' 'ImiSaiav iitatrrtK <it r^f 
iSiav iroXiv, 01 tkOayftt fttra Zopo/Sd^tX, Kai 'lijirov, 
Nff^'ov, Zo/Huou, 'Pi^iraiotr, 'Evrjviov, MopSo^^oiou, BccXo-o- 
pov, 'Air^apaiTov, PttXtov, 'Pot[U>v, Boafa, twv TrpoTyou^ii. 

9 'ApiSno^ Tuv diro TOU i6vobi kui 01 TrpoTjyovurvot avriav vioi 
^pof, 8vo j(iXui6te KOI (KaTaf J^So^hjuovtoSuo* viot Sa^ar, 
TfTpaKocruN ipSopT}KoyTa£vo, 

10 Yum 'Apct, JmucMTtot ircvn^KoiTa^ 

cattle. >And Darius 

sent with them a thousand lioraemon, till 
they had brought them back to Jerusalem 
safely, and with musical iiulrvneatt, 
tabrots and flutes. 'And all tbeir brethren 
played, and be made them go up together 
with them, 

'And these are the names of the men 
which went up according U> their families, 
among their tribes, after llieir seFeral heada 
'TbepriesU, the sons of Phinees, the sons of 
Aaron: Jesus the sou of Joaedec, the son of 
Baraias, and Joacim the son of ZorobabeL 
the son of Salatbiel, of the house of Darid, 
out of the kindred of Pharei, of the tribe 
of Judah; 'who spake wise sentenoes before 
Darius the kin^ of Persia in the second 
year of bis reign, in the month Nissn, which 
IS the first month. ' And these are they of 
Jewry that came up from tlie captiyity, 
where they dwelt as strancers, whom Nabn- 
chodonoBor the king of Babylon had carried 
away unto Babylon. "And they returned 
unto Jeruealeiii, and to the other parts of 
Jewry, every man to bis own city, who raune 
with ZorDbabcl, and Jesus, Nchemiaa, 
Zaraias, Reesaios, Eiiecius, Mardocheus, 
BeelsaruB, Aspharasus, Beelius, Itoiiuus, 
and Baa- ----=■- ^ 

rh^™bir'ofthem of tl 

their governors : the sons of Phoros, two 
thousand an hundred setenty and two: 
the sons of Sspbat, four hundred seventy 

■"•nie sons of Ares, sevan hundtai (t&,-\ 

I. EsDBAs V. 11-81. 

" The gone of Phaatli Moub, among tie 
tout of Ji'suB and Joab, two thausand eight 
liiiiidred and ttTetre : 

■^Tlie BODii of Elom, ■ tliousand two 
hundred flflv and four : tlie toaa of Zathui 
Dine bundred seventy and five : the eons of 
Corbe, seven Imodred and fire ; the gona of 
Bani, la hundred forty and eight : 

''The lona of Bebai, eii hundred thirty 
and three: the sons of Argai, one thou- 
■and tbree hundred twenty and two : 

" The aana of Adonikan, *ii hundred 
thirty and iieven: the loiu of Bagoi. two 
tlioUBSnd sii hundred and aii : the eons of 
Adin,four huudred fifty and four : 

"I'he ■on« ofAter, (oh of Kzekiaa, ninety 
and two : the sons of Cilaii aud Azeoan, 
threescore and ■Aren: the sooa of Aiarua, 
four )]Undred thirty and two ; 

"The Bona of AnDia,an hundred and oue: 
the sons of Arom, thirty-tiro: the soni 
of Bassai, three bundred tirenty and three : 
thesoDsof Arsiphuritb,aabuiuJredand two; 

''Tbe eons of Beterus. tliree tliounand 
and five: the aom of BetUomoii, an hun. 
dm) twenty iind ihrec; 

-"Theyof Netopliab, Bfly and Bvo: they 
of Anatbotb, an hundred fifty aad eight: 
tbeyoC BetlnainoB, forty and twc: 

"Tlier of EiriatbiariuB, twenty and flvo : 
thoj of Caphira and Beroth, seven hundred 

■■■'l!.r. r f- .,T1 . ,.,; Viniiidoi,, four 

the eons '<j! Neiihia.aii hunii'red fifty and >ii; 

-The sons of Cahimolalus and Onus, 
aercn hundred twenty and iive: the son b of 
Jtrechu*. two hundred forty a:id five : 

**The sons of Sanau, three thousand 
three hundred and one. 

liundrcd setet. 

ig the s 

uimerutn, two hundred fifty i 
^ The sons of Pliausron, a tin 
111 seven : the sous of Camie. I 

^aiib. eisht 
he sons of 
nd two : 

wo hundred 

"TheLevites: tbesonsofJesaue.andCad- 
miel And B unuBS And Sud iaa ^even tyand four. 

'^Tbe holy singers: the sons of Asaph, an 
hundred twenty and eight. 

"i'he porlen; the sons of Salum, the 
sons of Atar. the sons of Toltuan, the sous 
of Dacobi, tlie sons of Aleta. tlie sonsof 
Tobis, in all an hundred thirty and nine. 

^Tbe eerrants of the temple: the sons of 
Esau, tlie sons of Asipha, the sons of 
Tabaoth, the sons of Ceres, tlie soneof Sud, 
tlie sons of Phaleas, the sons of lAbaua, tha 
tons of Agraba, 

*• TliB sons of Acud, the sons of Dta. the 
sons of Cetab. the sons of Agaba, the sons of 
Snbai, the sons of Anan, the sons of Cathu*, 
the sous of Oeddiir. 

"The sons of Jairus, the sons of Daisan, 
the Bona of Noeba, the boub of Chaseba, the 
sons of Cazere, the sons of Ozia, the sons 
of Phinees. the sons of Aura, tlie sons of 
Bastai, the sons of As«ana, the sons of 
tiaiii, the sons of ^'Bphisi. the sons of 
Aoupli, the sons of Achiba, the sons of Asub, 
the sous of I'baTAciin, the sons of Basalem, 

10 ESAPA5. A'. 

Ytoi 9aa$ Md)^ <It tovc uiout 'lipnv km 'l<iiaj3, SuT^tXtot 1 1 

Yioi 'HXoft, j(ika>i SiaKoaim 'ircvnjKovraTcoxrapcf viot 12 
Zadout, lyvojcoiruK iji^iajKovTaniirtf UUK Xopfii, cnroKOiriM 
■ranf vuit Bavi, lia.Koaun itaaafutxavTSbKtto. 

YIol "Brqpai, liaxoauK rpiOKOVTOTfiiiv wloi 'Apyai, jfikun 13 
TpiaKoauti (iiroo-iSijo. 

Yioi 'Kiavutav, iiajtoiTuu. rpiaxarTOittrra.- vtot Bayoi, 14 
iiajipuxii l$aic6criot If- viol 'ASifoip, TtrpoKOiTUK vtm/Korra- 

Yioi 'Ai-ij/> 'EltKiav, (wn^KotToSuo- wioi KiXov, (tni 15 
A^rp'iiv, iirjKOyTatirra- vloi 'Al^apav, TCrpoKoiru)! rpta- 


Yioi 'Ami, jicaroi' clf ' vtoi 'Apo/i, rpLtutoiTaSiJo' vloi 1 6 
Boo-trai, TplaKOtrtoi aKixriTpttr vtot 'ApaufunipiB, (Karov Svo. 

Yioi SaiTijpoin, rpuT^iAuH irci^c vuh. Ik BoidXui/uui', (kutuv 17 

Oi ^K Ncnu^s, ■ntvnjKotTarriyTf al l^ 'Ava6ui$, uaTov 18 
irtvnjKOVTaoKTiii- o! Ik BaiSairtiuiv, TtavapaKovraSuo. 

01 (K KapiaOipl, CMOiTHrc'vTC o! Jk Kaijitipat, ko! B>)f>u)y, 19 
JirTOKOcriot TaraapaKoyraTptit. 

0! XoSiacrat Koi 'Afif^tSioi, TrrpoKomai tbcairtSuo- ot iK 20 
Kipa/ias «ai Ta^fi^. «fano<7ioi tUovi tU. 

Oi Ik KoKoXiiiv, iuiTov ilmxrt&vo- ot iK BrroXu^i, irei-r^ 2 1 

KOITOSUO- uiot Nl^ls, tKaTOV irfVTIJKOCTlIlf . 

Yldl KaAofuuXaXou, Hoi 'Hkow, jimuoo-tot (urocriirnTC Viol 22 
'Itp«j[ov, 8uiito(rioi TvnrapaKOVTairivTt. 

Y(o( ^lavaai, Tpur^iXioi rptaKocrtoi (Is. 23 

Oi icpc?! o( v(0( IcSSov Tou 'Ii^ou tti ToiK vioif Sovacri^, 24 
ifiZo/iTjKOVTaSvo- >jEo( 'Epi/iripoiiO, tioKomoi xod;- 

YIoi ^aatrovpou, j^iXwi rtiriTafiaxovTimrra- uid XopfJ, 8ia- 25 

Oi Aiumu 01 VIOL Ii^ov, koi KaSe^Aou, koi Bavfov, koI 26 

Sov&'oi', i^SontjKovTatiatrapfi. 
0( upo^dXrai vUn Aaap, iKOTOv taaxrioKTUi. 2 7 

0( Supuipoi vu>i SoAoiifi, uloi Atop, i»o( ToX/iay, vtot 28 

AoKovyS, vIoL 'AtTfta, vUH Tu^s, naynt iKOTOv Tpuucoyra- 

0( itpoSovAot, vioi 'Hfrau, vioi *A<7i^a, vioi Tafiaii6, 29 
viol K-qpat, v'uA SovSa, viol $aXaunj, vioi Aafiava, viol 

YIol 'A KoiS, viol OvTtt. vioi K>p-ij3, iiiol 'AiKapa, flol 2v/3al, 30 
viol 'Afov, viol Kn^ova, viol TtS&oip, 

YIol 'iaipav, vioi Aaurav, viol Not^a, tuoi Hairtfia, viol 31 
Kai^ripa, viol 'O^ujv, viol ^tvoi, vloi 'Aoofia. viol Bao^ai, viol 
Aironi^, viol Maf 1, viol Nai^url, viol AkoUi^, vioi A}(ifia, viot 
A<rovj3, vioi ^tapaKifi, vioi BcuraXi^, 

E2APA2. A'. 


I. EsDKAs V. 32 — 50. 

o 2 

1(01 Alee^oa. vlol Kovf/n, not Aapea, i-iot uap^ov€, vlol 
]^tya/j, vi'ji (')<;/xot, L'tot Nacrt, L'tot At€<J}(l' 

«^3 Yiol iraCSiDV SoXco/xoiv, viol *Aa'a'a7r<t>ui)0, vlol ^apipa, viol 
'Icii^Xi, viol Ao(a>v, viol 'laSa^X, viol Sa^vi, 

34 Yiol 'Ayia, viol ^a^aplB, viol 2a/3i^. viol Sopco^l, viol Mi- 
(Toias, vioi la9, vioi A000V9, vioi Aovpa, vioi A<f>€ppa, vioi 
Bap<i>3i9, viol Sa^ay, viol *AXX(o/ui* 

35 Ilavrcs 01 iepo8ovXoi, ical 01 viol twv iraiBiav ^aXotfjiAav TpuL- 


36 Ovroi &vaPdvT€s airo 0€p/AeAcd, fcal ©cXcpo-as, riyovpL€vo^ 

37 avrcjv X.ap€uiJ$aXav, kol *AaXdp, Kou ovk rfSvvavro Airayy^lXai 
ras 7rarpia9 avrcuv koI ycvcas, a>$ ck tov laparjX curiv* vioi 
AoXav TOV viov ToD BacvaF^ viol NcKCD^av, c^aKoo'ioi irevrrj- 

38 Kal €ic ru)F UpecDV 01 ifJLTroLovfievot. icpoxrvn;?, ical ov;( evpc- 
Orjaav, viol 'O/8810, viol *Aic)3a)s, viol *IaS8ov tov Xapovro^ Av- 
ytav yvvaiKa twv Ovyaripvxv ^arjf^fXBalov, koI €K\rfiri hn T(5 
^vdfuzTi avTov. 

39 Kal TOVTWV (,rfrri6€urrj^ ttj^ yeyuaj^ ypatfirjs Iv T<p KttTa- 
Xo\urpji^ KoX firj cvpc^cioTyj, €)(Oipur07ja'av tov icparcvcij'. 

40 Kal cTttck avrow Ncc/iuas #cal 'Ar^apta?, /*^ /i€Tep(€iv roiv 
ayuov €0)5 dvaoT]} dp;(i€p€vs cvScSv/io^os tt)v 3iJXok71v #cal t^v 

41 01 Sc n-oi^cs 'Icrpa^X ^o'av diro Sco^cicacTOvs ical CTrdvo) 
^(dpls ircuScuK ical iraiSuriccuK, /LivpidSes Tccro'apcs Sio^iXioi 

42 rptoKoo'LOL e^Korra. naiSc? TOtn'tui^ Kal TraiSicricai, CTrra- 
Kio^iXtoi Tpiaxoo'ioi TpiaKOKTacTrrd* ij/dXTai xal iI/qXt<oSoI, 

43 Swwcoo'ioi T€0'0'apaKOVTaw€in'€* Kd/xf^Xoi T€Tpax6a'L0i Tpiaxorra- 
TTcWc, Koc wnroi iTrraxMrxiXioi Tpiaxovraef , rjp.LovoL 8iaKoo"toi 
T€0'<rapufovTa7rcKT€, vTrofvyia ircvraKia^tXia ircvraKOO'ia ci- 

44 Kal CK Tcov Tjyovfiiviav Kara tols TraTpias ei' T^ trapayivto'Oai 
avTOvs CIS TO icpov TOV 0COV TO €v'l€pov(raX7jp,,rjviavTO cycipai 

45 TOF otKOv cirl TOV TOTTOV avTov KaTo, r^v avTtiiv Svvap.iv, Kal 80 v - 
vat CIS TO icpov ya^o^vXaKioF rdv cpywv, xpva-iov fiva^ ;(tAtas 
Kal dpyvpiov fivas TrcKraxio^iXias, Kal crroXas icpariKas ckotov. 

46 Kal KaT(^KicrOrj(rav 01 icpcis, Kal 01 AcviTai, Kal 01 €k tov Xaov 
avTOv iv *l€pov(raXrip. koI t^ X^P^* ^* '''^ icpo^aXrcu, Kal 01 
Ovptapol, Kol irds *I(rpa-^X cv rais Kco/iats avTcov. 

47 "EvoTOKros 8c tov kph6p.ov firivb^, kox ovrtav twv vtoiv 
*I<rpa7)X Ikootov cf tois 181019, amnljxOria'av op-oOvfia^v 


48 dvaToX]^. Kal KaTaoras 'Ii/O'ovs 6 tov *I(ixrc8^K Kal 01 
d8cX<^l avTOV oi icpcis, Kal ZopopdpcK o tov SaXa^i^X 
Kcu 01 TOVTOV d8cX^ol, yToifiao-av to Oixruum^pLOv tov 

49 0€ov *I<rpa^X, wpoo-ci'cyKai ctt' avTOV oXoKavruKTCis, oko* 
Xov^cus Tois cv tq Mox7C(i)$ fiifiXjt^ TOV &y6pumov tov 0cov 

50 Koi €irixTwrD(Brji(rav avrois Ik tcuv dXXttiv ^A/wf t^ y^i 

"- Thcsoii'^ of McoiMm, tlic sons of Coiif lifi, 
flic -oils (_tl" C'li;ii"('M, llie 8011S of iJari-iK', tlir 
son.1 of Serar, the sons of Thoinoi, tiie sons 
of Nasith, the sons of Atipha. 

^'The sons of the servauts of Solomon: 
the Bons of Azaphiotb, the sons of Pharira, 
the sons of Jeieli, the sons of Lozon, the 
sons of Isdacl, the sons of Saphui, 

**The sons of Haffia, the sons of Pha- 
careth.the sons of Sabi. the sons of Sarothi, 
the sons of Misaias, the sons of Gas, the 
sons of Arldus, the sons of Suba. the sonii 
of Apherra, the sons of Barodis, tne sons of 
Saohaff, the sons of Allom. 

* All the ministers of the temple, and the 
sons of the servants of Solomon, were three 
Imndred seventy and two. 

* These came up from Thermeleth and 
Thelersas, Charaathalan leading them, and 
Aalar^ '^they roidd not shew their families 
or their stock, how they were of Israel: the 
sons of Dalan. the son of Baenan, the sons of 
Necodan, six hundred fifty and two. 

^ And of the priests that usurped the 
office of the priesthood, and were not 
found : the sons of Obaia, the sons of 
Acbos, the sons of Jaddiis, who married 
Augia one of the daughters of Phaeseldsus, 
ana was named after liis name. 

* And when the description of the kin- 
dred of these men was sought in the register, 
and was not found, they were removed from 
executing the office of the priesthood : ♦'for 
unto them said Nehemias and Attharias, 
that they should not be partakers of the 
holy things, till there arose up an high 
priest clothed with doctrine and truth. 

■•^So of Israel, from them of twelve years 
old and upward, beside menservants and 
womenservants, they were all in number 
forty thousand, two thousand tliroe hun- 
dred and sixty. *•' Their menservants and 
liand maids were seven thousand three 
hundred thirty and seven : tlie singing men 
and sinking women, two hundred forty and 
five : ^ tour hundred thirty and five camels, 
seven thousand thirty and six horses, two 
hundred forty and five mules, five thousand 
five hundred twenty and five beasts used to 
the yoke : 

** And certain of the chief of their families, 
when they came to the temple of God that 
is in Jerusalem, vowed to set up the house 
again in his own place aceordmg to their 
ability, ''*and to give into the holy treasury 
of the worksa tliousand pounds ot gold, five 
tliousand of silver, and ap hundred priestly 
vestments. * And so dwelt the priests and 
the Levites and the people in Jerusalem, 
and in the country, the singers also and the 
porters ; and all Israel in their villages. 

■*^ But when the seventh month was at 
hand, and when the children of Israel were 
every man in his own place, they came 
altogether with one consent into the open 
place of the first gate which is toward the 
east. ^^Then stood up Jesus the son of 
Joscdec, and his brethren the priests, and 
Zorobabel the son of Salathiel, and his 
brethren, and made ready the altar of the 
God of Israel. /'to ofier burnt sacrifices 
upon it, according as it is expressly com- 
manded in the book of Moses the man of Qod. 

* And there wer^ ^a\Jwet«5s^>as^wi"Ooss^^3f^ 

I.EsDEAsV. 51—68. 12 E2APAS. A. 

erected the altar upon his own place, be- kox KaTwp^oKrav to Oixruurnjpuiy iir\ rov tottov ovroiv, 

cause all tlie nations of the land were at «r,. »,. 5^ /j^« 2i^«.. ^?^^7^ „„> ^«-./.,.*«.«.«,. „.'^^>u^ «./.^^ 

enmity with them, and oppressed them ; ^n €v €X^/3ji rfouv aurois, icai^ Karurxvaav avrovs Trayra 

and they offered sacrifices according to the ra €$v7j ra hn. rq^ yiys* Kat ay€<f>€pov ^wrias #cara rov 

feast of tabernacles, as it is commanded in Kcu iyayoa-av rrp^ ny? aKqvomfftai iofnrjv, w? CTTtTCTOicTai 1 

the law. and offered sa^MooB daily, as was iy ^/j y^»<p ^^l Owruii Koff nuipav, qk vpwnJKOV nv kou 52 

jneet : *^ and after that, the continual obla- ^^ ^'^^ . ^ ,«^ "^^« s/j/ 00/ 

tions, and the sacrifice of the sabbaths, and M«'a ravra irpoo-<^opas d'dcAexMr/iou, icat e^<rias orappaTuty 

of the new moons, and of all holy feasts. ,^qX vovurjvuav koI iofnwv Traxrwy nyiatriifywy, 

*• And all they that had made any tow to 

God began to offer sacrifices to God from Kai o<rot wu^avro cuywv tw ©cw Airo tws vovanvias tou 53 

the first day of the seventh month, although ,n^f %»> ^ j/ zi / */a'»^c % 

the temple of the Lord was not yet built. €pbofwv firjvo^, rjpiavro irpoa-iptptiy (hxrta^ t<j» 0cy, kcu o voos 

** And they gave unto the masons and rov ©cou ovina (UKoSduirro. 

carpenters money, meat, and drink, with ' 

cheerfulness. » Unto them pf Zidon also Kal c&ukw apyvpiov rots XaTOUOis icat tcktoo-i, kcu irora 54 

and Tyre they gave carrs, that they should s q s \ }»< '»'«js»' ^f^l' » ^ ce 

brinff cedar trees from Libanus, which f«* Ppwra, Kai X^PP°^ ''<*'« ^tdwvtots Kai IvpioK cts to wop- 65 

should be brought by floats to the haven ayetv avrov^ Ik rov AiBdvov $v\a KcSpiva, Sta^cpctv (TVcSta? 

of Joppe, according as it was commanded / n »t / \' ^^/ n jLi.»'» 

them bv Cyrus king of the Persians. "« ^o*' loirmys^At/icva^icaTa ro vpocrrayfia ro ypa^cv ourois 

^Ano. in the second year and second irapa Kvpov tov Utpautv jScuriXccos. 
month after his coming to tlie temple of 

God at Jerusalem began Zorobabel the son Kcu toJ Scvrcpo) erct fl-opaycvoacvo? €is to Upov rov ©€ou cts 56 

of Salathiol, and Jesus the son of Josedec, ct \n ns^ ^ » t rr 0'o\ * '^k\ 

and their bretliren. and the priests, and the i^powraXrfp, p.rjvo^ ^cyrcpov, lypfaro Zopo^a^cA. o tov 5aAa- 

licvites, and all they that were come unto ^iryX, #cai 'Ii/coOs 6 tou 'IoktcScic, icai ot d3e\^oi avru)V^ #cai ol 

Jerusalem out of the captivity: ^7 and they « ^,r^ ^j a «.?«.„. ^„i «.^..,*« «.! «.y.»v««»^..^^. i^ .^^ „i^.,» 

laid the foundation of t&e house of God in '^P^'J ^' f^^^*-'''^* '^^^ ^^^^^f 01 TropaycKO/xcvoi ^x Tiys at;^- 

the first day of the second month, in the Aoxrias C19 Icpovo'CiA^/A, #cai €U€fi€Aioxrav rov vaov rov ©eov 57 

Levites from twenty years old over the «*« t^" lovoauav Kat UpovaaArfp., Kat conTO-av tovs AcvtTa? 00 

works of the Lord. Then stood up Jesus, ^iro cixoo-acTOus cVt t<ov €py(ov rov KvpCov koI iirrn 'Iwrovs. 

and his sons and brethren^nd Oadmiel his % « c \ x * %^ \ , ^ \ v ^ ^\ « »s \j^ ^ • « ^ 

brother, and the sons of Emadabun. with ^^^^ »* ^^^'-^ *«<** <>* odcA^oi, Kot Ka6fm;A o adcA^^, Kat ot vtot 

the sons of Joda the son of Eliadud, with *UiiaBaBovv, Kat ot vtot *Iw8a tov *HXta8ou8 (rvv TOts vlois Kat 

their sons and brethren, all Levites, with »t\j'* ' 'a** «zls^»S'» 

one accord setters forward of the business, ^idcA^ots, iravre^ ot Acvtirat o/iO^/xa5ov cpyoduoKTat. 7rotovTT€s 

labouring to advance the works in the cts Ta (Ipya. iv Tb> otKO) tou Kvptbv* Kat iOKoSop.rjO'av oi oucoSop-oi 

bouse of the Lord. So the builders built ^ % *» v * ' 

the temple of the Lord. ''«»' »'^°'' '^^'^ Kvpiov. 

*9Andf the priests stood arrayed in their Kat ^(rrncrav oi tcpcts iaroXuruxvoi ucTa uovo-tKwv Kat 59 

Testments with musical instruments and ^ , ' x « . '^« « % »* % j * % ^ o \ ^^ 

trumpeto; and the Levites the sons of Asaph <raAirtyy(i)v, Kat ot Acvtrat mot Ao-a^ ixovrt^ to KV/ipaAa oU 

had cymbals, « singing songs of thanksgiv- Wouit€9 tw Kupto), Kat cvAoyouin-cs koto AavtS BatriXia 

ing, and praising the Lord, according as '^ tj ,v '^ ' ' 

David the king of Israel had ordained. '"^v i<rparj\. 

^ And they sung tn'M loud voices songs to Tr\»,/ «>•• »\ «» »»«r/ • €/•-• 

the praise of the Lord, because his mercy l^*" €<pu}vrfa'av Ot u/tv(i>v evAoyoui^C9 ry Kvpup, on 17 61 

and glory is for ever in all Israel « And vpwoTOTWs aurov Kat w Sofa cis tous atwvas Iv iravrt 'lapariX. 

all the people sounded trumpets, and v ^ ** « \ > j '\ > »/3' j^ -* '\ « ^ /?« 

shouted, with a loud voice, singing songs of ^^* ^«« <> ^05 JoTttATrto-av Kat €Po7)(rav fpinvxi /tcyoAiy, v/tvow- 62 

thanksgiving unto tlie Lord for the rearing tcs r(a Kvpua Irrl rn fycpo'ct tou oIkov Kvptov. 

up of the house of the Lord. * r * u i-r r 

fii»Alsoof the pnests and Levites, and of Kat wA^^oo-av Ik twv icpcoiv twf AcvtTwv Kat twv irpoKa^ 63 

the chief of their famuies, the ancients who / % % \ » ^ t /> / c c , ' 

had seen the former house came to the M«'<«>»' '<aTa Ta? TraTptas avrwy, ot Trpca^urcpot ot cwpaKOTCs tok 

building of this with weeping and great irpo Tourov oTkov, Trpos r^ toutou ouco8op.Yjv ficra KkavOfiov 

,"rXuI!d wStTOd'^o^'ce? »iCL.uch '"^ ^P<^^ l^r^T' ""} '"^'^ ^ <raXniYY^ Kal xofA, 64 

that the trumpets might not be heard for p.iyaX'Q rj ifxav^, wrr€ rov Xaov firj &kov€i,v rlav vaXTrLYfiiiv 65 

iSS^dT^^fi^STyf^; I'^^^'^t^^ 8» -- •^-oi^ Tf ^T V^ 5x^ ?" 4 ""^T^- /"- 

afar off. yaAo>$, omttc /iOKpo^cv oKOVCO'^at. 

* Wherefore when the enemies of the ^ , «/i\*» *»t/^* \# 

tribe of Juda and Benjamin heard it, they Kat dKOtxravTC? ot l^poi rtf^ <l>v\rj^ xovOa Kat Bcvta^tv, i/X- 66 

they that were of the cantivity did build OTt ot ck ti/s ai;(/xaAuxrta9 otKO0o/tov(rt tov vaoF tcu Kvpt<^ ©ca> 

gie temple unto the Lord God of Israel. 'l(rpa^\. Kat itpoa^XBovrt^ tw Zopo/^o^cA. Kal 'IiTO-oi;. KaV68 

ao tney went to ^oroDaoei and «JesuB, and <hc /<% ^ \ ^ > ** ^ * 

to the chief of the families, and said unto ''o*? vyov/xcKOis t<df irarpituK, Acyovo'ti' avrots, crwotKOOo/xi^- 

E24PA2. A. 18 I. Esdeas V. 69~VI. 14. 

69 anixtv ifuv. 'Opuuf yip {yitV Akovohiv tdC Kvpa>v vfum, tlieiD, We will build togotlier vitli jom. 
(utm, U liXTTTfaytv ^/tat JvraS^. Asbozaroth the king of the AiijrittDs, who 

70 _Ka! (W afirow Zopo^o^tX ral l^ow kq1_ ol ^oiJ^^o^i '^Then'zoroUM and Je™«,dthe cliief 
TOiv jrarpuuv Tou laparjK, oiij{ ij^v KO( ufiiV ToO (ilKO&>/i^ai of the fumilieg of Israel snid unto them, It 

Tiji Kupuu TOU lapn^A. nKoAouetos oI« >rpoo-<Taf«' ij/jii- Kupos (elves alone will huild unto the Lord of 

12 !, ^aaiXw lltpa^v. Ti S t'^Ti ™ ym in-«ou«iuo.a to« 6- I »"*.!. aooording u CyiTi* the k^i of the 

It - -I e ' ! i - • ' - 1 f^^r . o Poraisns hath commanded us. ^But the 

ya Tp louBoi^ mii iroAiopKouKTis, .^jyov tou o«oSo^t.», Kdi ^ou- Wthen ot the land lying heafy upon the 

Xas &J)liayiir/ourTt%, mil oTwrircts iroiov^tvoi, AirtKuikway tow inhabitant* of Juilea, and holding them 

Ba^iXooi Kvpov- koi ttpv^itmw rm mKOOoum Irn Suo fiii$ tm »nd oommotions, they hindered the finish- 

Zf^ll,^Ziu. " ™.f. 1,. build™, .Il.h, tin,, ajlkto, 

^^ "^ Oyrus lived! »o they were hindered from 

e 'ErSl™ Bnrrtp.;. It(i T^s Aoptiov j3ao-A.u.i. firpo^^raT«y b^i^^^ fcj^the spoceof twoyean.until the 
;A™Lot Kctl Zaxop/as o ^ ToS ^ 'ASSi o[ _'rpo^7TOi._ <"■! _ tow n^^ i^ thr'gflcond year of the reign of 

lovooiout TOW tr Tj] louSaiy mi ItpowraAr)/!., tiri t^ ovo^ti Darius, Aggeus and Zacharins the eon of 

Kvpiov e.oE "Ifypa^X h-' ^irow. i™ ,'„"T™1'?S!;^'*V»E^fil^'''i^ mI""."" 

" r * ' Jews in Jewry and JentaaLflm in Che name 

2_ ToV« in-is Zopo^ci^ 5 ToC SoXaO^JjA «a! *I^w i toD °f^t;;''I*"lO«l ot Israel, which wasnpou 
'1u>0-(SJk, ^pfttiTO o'lKuSoiitiv Tov oTkov TOU KupuHJ Tov Iv 1 Then stood np Zorobabel the Bon of 

'lipovcmXnW, awoymv rioy irpoAmaiv tov Kvpi'ov, Borfiowriiiv Salsthiel, and Jesua the son of Josedec, end 

q 1 ~ -ST . - - . '^ ^ ' ~ , 'i . "^c '. , began to huild the house of the Lord at 

3 auTOi?. Ev amTu T<u ypoiy Trap^v Trpos avrow iwiiwrp a Jerusalem, the prophets of the Lord being 
irrapxp^ %vplas noi ^oiFt'jtip, Kot 2(i0pa/SouJavTjs Kol ol with them.ond helping them. "Atthesame 

4 owCTorpoi, Ka\ <W a^Tois, TiVos_ ifxiv _m^<^a^Oi^Tl,y oriyHnnd^heniSDl'wltrSatl^buiaQ^ 
oLtoi' TOVTOV oucooo^cm. icai Ti}f OTcyTV Taim^ not Ta oAAa and his companions, and said unto them, 
rayra imrtXttTt; Koi TiFts €UTir oiKoSo/xoi ol Touya i " " "■" •"""'- -"-" 
ivtTtfu^Jrrtt ; i 

5 Koi ta^oerav x°P"'' ^tfnoir^ yrvo/uvi]^ ftri rrp/ al^^oXoi- 

6 triav, impa tou Kupiov ol wptir^vrtpoi twv 'lovSoiuii', koi oCk obtained favour, because 
tKoKiBnaiw tSs outoSoum, U-iypK o5 oiro<njuac9nvai Aopcua yisited tlie capliritv; 'oud they were 

1 ■ . . , n~ "- 1 -r T Jiindered from budding, until aueh lim 

B-tpi oww, Kui irpouimvrjfhiviu. signification w»« given unto Dorius 


LAI ATIESTEIAAN. ^uriyvrj^ b hap}(o^ Supiat koi i^oi- 

unK. Koi Sa8pa.8o\iZdym, xai ol oTryrraipoi ol iv Svnla koX 
_ . ' ; . ' a \ ' A ' ' TT' ' oyna ana rncni™, wr 

8 Voa-ueg rr/tiuivti. fiairikti Anpfuii xf^tpcw. Uayra yvwirra parios: To king Dariui 

„.- Svriaanc _ , 

yirrit. ko! %aBpa^ovidvrji. khi ol inwraTpoi ol h/ Xvpt^ i.oi rabuianes, with their companions, rulers 

The copy of the letters which S 
■ of Svria and Phenice, am 

■s, with their companions, r ... 

id Fhenire, wrote and sent unto 

KAI 'AIIESTEIAAN. Suji'tnjs o fiapjfO! 2up«w koi *oi- governor of Syria and Phenice, and Sath- 
•--"'■ • ■ - .--.. .. ith their comr 

'heni™, wrote 

... . ^ _ .^ . . _ . ^ ,, iing Darius, greeting: ' Let all 

Kvpi'iu nitSn' Tui BairiXti, oTi jrapaytvoiiivot ((s tok things be known unto our lord the king, 

KartXafioiitv riji aijjpiAiudias tOUs TrparpaTtpovi tSiv Ion- found iu the city of Jerusalem the ancients 

fLryaf, koivov out Muunr twrrSiy irDXirrtXtui', tvXiav riOtiifViiv cv and new, of hewn and cosily stones, and the 

10«is T0.VO.5. <"»' Ta Ipya /Kuya IttI ottouSSj ytyofitva. koI timber already kid upon the walls. '"And 

• B . ^ > . - > . - ,.'7 t.f those works are done With great speed, and 

noSovfuyov to ipyoy cc t(i« X't""" <^vtwv, iciii iy Totnj ioft) tlie work goeth on proeperoiwly in their 

Kol liri/it)uuf truKrtXouiitvov. hands, and with all glory and diligence is it 

1 J Tot* itnn'Bavop.tSa Twv irptir^vTipiiiy Tovreiv, Atyon^s, Tii-os n xhen asked 

ifuy irpooTofixiTos ouroSo/iciTt tov oTKOf tovtoc, nal ra tpya whoee oomniBnumcui, uu.m jo um uuub^ 

12 Tat,. ev<i«,5,,,- •£.,,,,»<„»,.„ .J. ,.v,™.,r-...vr,S S'?j3.S'J°l°;t°„"r!i,S™ "S 

yvwfMrai VOi, koi ypa^M o-oi toi^ avopiairov^ tow a^^you- give knowledge unto thee by writina, we 
p^iyov,. K«l tV &yoixaTOypa<l>lay ]}tou^o- atrois ri.' Trpo- ^nd we%Site7he°m ?hl nkmlsfntri^ 

IS KoBtjyovniyiiar. Ol Si dirticpttfijo-av ^/itv, Xcyovrt^, lu/tiv ing of their prindpnl men. " So thej gave 
TOiSk TOU Kvpibti ToS KTuraKTO? TOF ovpavoy Kai rrpi ynv- y this answer, We are the MrranUof tb* 

14 wu tfKoSofapo oboK mvpoaVty triav TrKtiovmr iita pam^oiK M{nti;^'Wub,v't.i<*>\»i^«&'<D"'<n'V*3« 


I. EsDBiB VI. 15—30. H ESAPAS. A'. 

BgO bj s kingof Isrorl great and (trong, and rov 'IiTpa^A firyaXov KOi hrjfopov, Kal tirertXicr&i}. Kai fir«i 15 
the Lord of larael whicli is in lieaven.he ItrpaijX toi' ovpai'iov, n-afj(Su«o- aurouj tw ;i((ijaaf NapouxooO- 

SSrTi.ToVKbXrsStt.'cfct f °' ^°"*'"' »^"'^'°' ^"".■^r ^ ^^'"T- ^^ '.■ '" 

deoi: "who pulled dovm tlio liouM, and oJkov im6€AovTV! tyanipurav, Kai tov Xoof bx^-™^"*^"" *" 

captive* it, Bud tarried aw«j the people BaBv>Mva. 
burned unlo Uabjlon. '^ 

"But in the first jvar lliiit Ung Cjnn 'Ei- B{ TW irptmu (Tti |Sa(riX(i!ovTiK Kipov )(iopat 3afivXia- ) 7 

the holy Tea.^ela of gold uimI i>i nilvi r, iljni Kai ra Itpa (rKfVT/ ra j(po(ra xai ra Apyvpa, & i^rtynt Na/3av- 18 

hiiownlemple.tlioapCi r ■' i . ' i. ',( aura (v Tiji avroG FOtl, jtoAif JfijfeyKn- aura Kupo^ o ^QirtAjuj 
«'d''t^'Ve™''denv ' "^itTou vaov tou ft- BajSvXtovi'ft, nai xoptSdft; %ipavai7<nipif 

that u, Ifl SanabBasar i i Zopo/SojScA T^ nropxV' ""' lirtrdyri avrif, Kol amJvfyM 19 

coinujoiiilinrjii, tl„.i ,,. - ,i iraiTO to (rmvn raOra diro$klyat iv Tuj vauj t£ iv 'ItpowroAnu, 

.BtJeruMlemianailiiil thrlempleofthe km rov vaov tov Kvpiov oiKoSofiriihjvaJ. ftr( tou Tomv. Tort 20 
— ird (liould be built in that place. *'Then o Sa/Saractropot iropaytvd/'af Ivt^aXtro rouf StiitKiovi tou 

M Jeruaalem; nad Trom tiiat liuie to tliia oiKoCo/iMVfitviK ovk tXapt mnntAtuiv. 

beingftillbuilding, it isuot yetflnialied. »,.»,. o » - ■ ' • ~ n oi 

"Hon' therefore, [fit »ecni good unl« the riiti' ouv (I KptviTai, patriMv, (TTUTKdnjrtt) fv Toic poiru •: I 

iing, let .carch be made amqug tlio reroniB XiwoT, SiSXioduAaKwis tou Kvpou, koi «»■ tlpioKntt, atr'a 22 

ofkingCyrUB: ''andifit befoiinil thatthe , .^ —*. - a . . '^ . • '^i s > - 

building of tbo liome of the Lord at Jem- t>)s yvui/iijs Kupou tov /ia<riAt(DS ycvo/itKip nji' outoio/iTp tou 

foleni bath been done with the conient of oUati Kupiou tou iv 'ItpoucroXnu, Kai KpCrrrrai tQ kuoiu) fliH7t\« 
king CjTus, Slid if our lord tho king boM.- '^ , .". 'T-'^' rt-fi- 

mindea, let bin. .ignifj unto us UicrcoE Vf^"- ^paa'^VT^oTii, ij/iiv ir.p. toutb.v. 

a^To^The^reca^" at Ba^lon?^^ ^' T^' ° ^'^'^^ .'^"'«, 'P-^- f--^'^.^-. ^,^ To« 23 
Ecbatana liie liolace, whidi bin the ooun- fiipXioifivkaKioit To'it Kti/itvoit tv Ba^vXH/vi- Kai tupt&T) iv 

K'diSn'ri.rSi'-ss-s; f-i^-^r ^ i^,r' i '•■ "'»'■» >^t r" 'Kr * 

fir«t year of the reign of Csrus, king CfTu* uno^vij/iaiuTTO TOM- Erous jrpwTou pairiAaiovTOt Kupou, 24 

commanded that the house of the Lord at Baa-iX^ Kudos irpovija^t rov oUov tou KmLou toi- (V 

Jeriuttlimshould bobuiitagain, where they it ,, '. % I J . n. i ^ . . t » 

do aaorifloe with ooutinual fire: ''whose Ifpouo-aA^p, outoCo/iijo-ai, ojrou tiritfuowTi oia irupoE fi^tAijpus, 

heightshttUbeiiiitycubiti.and thobreadth ov to uiioj irnvCyv itriHOVTa, jrAaros irnyii' (^jjicoiTii Sta 25 

aiitFCubita.withthreerowsofhownstones, s- Jo- ''J - ' - . !;. \^■ ' , 

and ono row of new Bood of that country oo/^'" A'Pivuii' ivariuv Tpuav, Kai ^Oo/iov fuAipou (yx^P^"™ 

and the eipeneeg thereof to be giten out of Kaivov (v&s, koi to So-ravq/ia SoS^foi iK tou oibou Kijpou 

a'=.°:,'S5£S';f"SloS'bil'£ "= *5"At- k.: ~ i.pi «ni, "5 „!,„. K.p.-™_™ „ 26 

of gold and lilver, that Nabuchodonosor xpiwa itai apyvpa, £ (fiji-cyKt Na/5ouj{06ovotTOp jk tod outou 

orought to Babylon, ahoulil be restored to „. , '^, ,"^ , ,' ,/ .. "^ , • . . 

the house at Jerusalem, and be set in the f^™' "S TOf oUov tov iv ItpowroKijii. ou ^v Kttfitva, offms 
place where they were before. T<dn fitfi 

M And alw he commanded that Siiinnei " , . , , 

the goTemor of Syria and Phenice, and npoCTtTQ^t 8i iirip-tXijO^vat ^uriwjj liTap}(ia ^vptat icai "' 

and Phenice, ihould bo carel^iil not to airoTtrayfiivoK iv Supi'a koI $oivikJ] i^yc/xoirtf dir(;^R7dai tou 
Sfi™;?S"lfeS!.'3'';mSSrf TA™.,K™8!W,ma.K.pi,^ Zopo^J^,;i. Iropxo. Si ^ 
Judea, and Ihe elders of the Jewi, to build 'louSaui?, itai tow? vpta^vripom tSiv lovSai'iuc, tov oTkov tou 
the house of tlie Lord in that .place. » 1 Kupiou ««V0V oiitoSouw iir'i tou toitou. Kol (vtu 8« l-nirata 28 
hare eomnmniied also to haye it bmit up,, .,o.'^ i,» • . .,' 

whole again: and that they look diligently oAoiTXtpu'S outodo/iijo-ai, KUi aTO-Krai iva trvp-iroittWi TOit ^k ttj? 
tpbelpthoso that beofthBcaptiFityofthe otyuoAowios Tm 'louSouiv, M^' tou ^mrtAio^i-ai tov oIkov 
ews, till the house of the Lom be niiished; ^ ^r ' ***_^j. \ ' '\^ -k • *nn 

•and out of the tribute of Celosyria and "^ Kvpto»>- Ka. ana lip ifiOpoXpyia^ ^ «o.Aij« 2up«is_ Kai 29 

.L.„:._ . ,:._ J 11. .. i. _. -*->iviKljj ^ip.(Xuf ITWTofll' 8iSo<rftii tOUTOtS TOIS dv^p(Siro« 

! fiwriav ru> Kupuji, Zopo^d^cK iirdp)^ tlf rai^ovt. icai 


wine, aod oil and that oontiiiuallv ^aiov A'ScX.vis itaf iviawov. «aei)S fii- ol itpcis oI & 'Ifpou- 
erery yearwithout furtherqneition.acoord- ,, . ■* » . i< n tf ! < . j o 

ini M Uie prieata that be io Jmualem aball (niA.^;i inraytyMivaKru- dvoAurKiuftu koCT ^fi^xiv, &va)iit>urfirf 

ESAPAS. A'. 15 

31 riTTiiK, Sttuk irpoc^ipavToi tnrovBal tu 0<ui tu v^urmi tnrip 
Tov j3(uriX«iK KOI Tuv iraiSiuv, kq! nyxxTci^uivrat Trtpi r^s 

32 avTuv {<i>7;- KOI v/MKTTafai u^. ofroi fac rapa^wiTi rl tSiv 
yeypaixfitviov kcu iKvpbunxn, XtfifiO^yai $vXoy ix rmv iSiiuv 
avTou, KOI hr avrou Kpifuur^qviu, Kot ra ijin:^<^vTa avroG 
ttvai ^tariXiKo.. 

33 AiA ravrn naX o Kipt<K, oS to ovofia airov itrucfjuXtp-ai 
iKtt, ajfiavttrat irdirra ^acriXia ko! iOvtK, it iKTtvti ttiv Xfipn 
avTOv KutkviTai ^ KaxoroaJTat tov oIkov Kupiou {Ktivov tov iv 

Kara ravra yivtuGat. 
7 Tort ^ujwyrp hraf)(<K noiKijt Svpias ko! ^iviinp, xat 
Sad^j3ov{a>^, Koi oi <n'VCTa^ot KaTOKoKov&^a^TK toU inro 

2 ToC ffautXiio^ Aaptiou irpooraytiuiv, iirtoTarovi' riv i(/xuv 
«pyii)V iwi-iuXiiTTtpov <rvvtpyoZv7K Toi% Trpm^uripoK riuv 

3 louSaiW KOI ((pooraTaK. Koi <vo8a tyiVtro ra Itpa cpya, 
wpoifi^tvoimiv Ayyaiov koi Zajfopiov tuiv Tpo^ip-tov. 

4 Kill crwCTcXitruK ravra Sia Tr/jcurray/iaTos Kvpt'ou 0«ou 
IwpoijX- not /itra T^ yviB/iip ToC Kiipov xai Aaptiow kql 

o ApTaiip^v jSoo'tXcnif II<p<ruv, (rvKirtXnrftj o or«is 6 ayiot 
<<iit TpiTi/f Kiu (iKoSo; lajybi 'ASap, tov (icroii A'ouf ySoinXcuK 

€ Kai (iro(');<Tav ot vtoi 'Iirpa^X, koi oI (cpttf xni at AniTOi 
Koi 01 XaiTot D( tK Tiji al)(fLakaiiTlai oi irpoartOii^K, oko- 

7 Aouftoj Tois (c T^ Mwtxrtiv! pipXif. Kai ipotnTi'tyKQV (iv 
Toi' eyjicaii'wr^v toO Itpov ToS Kupiou Tiiupou^ tKaTOV, npious 

8 SuiKoo'iDut, opi^f TcrpoKoaioTK, }(ifidpovs VJrip dfutpnai irayroi 
TW 'lapaijX SJiStKa irpos dpi^jiof, ck tiui' •^vXop^uiv roO 

9 'lffpai]k SuScHO. Kai &Ti}croi' oi wpiif kql oi Acuirai Kara 
if)vkat IffToXur/iivoi orJ tujv ^pyioc Kvptov ®iov 'ItrpaqX ino- 
Xoii^lwt T^ Munio'cuf ^ipXif, Kot ot ^pupai <^' (nacrrov 

10 Kai ^jyayotrai' oI vioi IffpnijX r<uv <ic rSj ai^f^ioAuxruis to 
iraiT)(a iv Tg Tt<r(rafKO'irat&KaTjj tov n-piorou /ujw, ot« ^yvi- 

1 1 tr0i]aav oi iiptit koi oi AimTOi, a/ia koi jran-es ol vEoi t^ 
oijif^aXfMricif, oTi ^yvur&ricrav on oi Anitrai o^ irayrK 

1 2 Kai i6ixTav to irair^a iratTi tois viois Tots oi^^piAfdo'tas, kqi 

13 TDK d&Xi^if auToJi' Toi; icptiiTi, Koi (avTOK. Koi ji^ayoo'ai' 
01 uioi 'liTpo^X 01 tK T^; ai^^oXuxrtas, xovrn Ot ^(uyturPam 

IV /SJrtXiTy/iBTiuc riuv ift-olc r^s y^, {jjroviTf! toi- Kupun*. 

I. EaoBAs VI. 31— VIII. 3. 

lify to be daily ipent^ "tliat olTeriags 
I be made to the moat high God for tbe 
■ " ■ ■ children ,_iiiiii that they 

f for thci 

Aud 1. 


iiianded that wfaosoeier ahould t 

TBS, or make iiglit of sn 

written, out of hin own 1 

tree be taken, and he thereon oe uangaa, 

and all hie good) seized for the king. 

"Tbe Lord tlierefore, whose name is 
there tailed npon. utterly destroy every 
king and nation, tliat Btret«heth out hie 
hand to hinder or endamage (hst home 
of the Lord in Jenisaleni. '* I Darius tlie 
king bsTo ordnined that acmrding unto 
these things it be done with diligcaee. 

Tlien Sisinnes the gOTemor of Celoeyria 
and Pheuice, and 8athrabuMnes, witli their 

refidly ove 

— -^ J, follo" 

of kina UariuB.'d 

the holy works, as^isLuig mo iii.>:iriii.i>>ii mc 
JewB and governors of ibe temple. 'And 
so the hol>; works prospered, when Aggeue 
and Zaoliaritts the prophets prophesied. 
'And they finialied the»e things by th« 

1, kings of Persia, ' 



:v T^v JopTqi' Toil' ofi'^uic (UTQ tjiupat ti(f>paivo- 

15 ^tvoi cva>^i Kupt'ov, on iLnvrrpv^* TTpi |8ovA^v tdG ^aaiXniK 

Airavpiiov tjr airrovv, Kan<r)fii7ai Ta? j(<ipas ovriiiv iiri rii 

tpya Kvpi'ou 0(ou IcrpaijX. 

6 Koi iitToytviirrtpiK toutoiv Atti, /SatriXniovTos 'ApTH^ipfou 

ToS llyxniv jSoaiXcuK , irpoirip7)'E/iBpai 'Afopoiou, ToC Zt}(/Ho\i, 

2 TOU XcXjcioir, TOV SoX^/lOV, tov ^ioSSoVKOV, TOU *Ax"Ulj3, TOU 

'A/iopunr, TOU 'Ofiou, Tou BoKita, TOv 'AjSwroi, tou iivin, Tov 

3 "EXaHap, TOV 'Aapin', tov upiwt rov irpwrov ovrot "EtrSpat 

ily liouse 
was nnisiieu iii me ijiree anu twentieth 
day of the month Adar, in the siith year 
of king Darius. 

'And the children of Israel, the priest*, 
and the Levites, and other* that were of ths 
captiiity, that were added unto them, did 
aci-urding to the things tmtten in the book 
of Moses, 'And to the dedication of the 
temple of the J«rd they offered an hundred 
bullock*, two hundred rams, four hundred 
lambs; 'and tweke goats for the sin of all 
Israel, according to the number of the eliief 
of tbe tribes of Israel. >The priests also and 
the Leritfls stood arrayed in their vestmenta, 
according tu their kindreds, in the service 
of the Lord Qod of Israel, according to tli« 
book of Moses: and the porters at every gat*. 

'" And the children ot Israel that were of 
the caplirily held the paaBOver the four- 
teenth day of the first month, after that the 
priests and the Letites were sanclitled, 
" together with all the children of tlie cap- 
tivity ; for they were sanctified, because the 
Lerites were all sanet ified together. 

"And eo they offered the possovcr for all 
them of tlie captivity, and for their brethren 
the priflsts.and for themselves. "And the 
children of Jsraol that came out of the cap. 
tivitydideat.eren all they that had sepa- 
rated themeelvea from the abominations of 
the people of the land, and sought the Lord. 
'^And they kept the feast ol unleavened 
bread seven linys, niakhig merry before the 
Lord, "for that he had turned the counsel 
of the king of Assyria toward them, to 
strengthen their hands in the works of th* 
Lord Ood of Israel. 

And aAer these thin^, when Artaieraes 
tlie kinH of the FertiHiis reigned, came 
Kadras the ton of Aiaraias, the son of 
Zechrias, the son of lli'lchias, the son of 
aslum, 'the son of 8a.lduo, the son of 
Aehitob, the son of Ainariaa, the son of 
Oiias, the son of Boccaa, the son of Abisai. 
the son of Phinees.tlic-«xi«t^aM.'Ot* 

I. E8DKA.8 VIIL 4—22. 16 E2APA2. A. 

vent up from Babylon, as a eoribe, being aviPrf Ik BapvXwvo^ a>s ypcLfifUirw ev^v^s tiv Iv iw Monxrco)? 

did him honour: for he found grace in his avnp o pfluriAcvs Oo^ov, cvpovro? X^^*' iywriov avrov circ iravra 

•^ T^erS^w^utT^th him al« oerUin of ™ ^-Z-™ »*--• 

the children of Israel, of the priests, of the ^ y ,r% .^•^•t «% >mc^ \c 

LeTites, of the holy singers, porters, and Kcu crwavc^i/o-av iK twv vtwv IcrpajA, #cat tcuv tcpccov, icat 5 

ministers of the tehiple, unto Jerusalem, AcviTwv, koX tcpo^oXrcuv, Kat Ovptopiiiv, Koi icpoSovAcov ct? 

xi^'i^rthe^ftrmonth/thfTw^th; 'IvoiKToXV. frov, ^8.5^7 i8<«r.Wovro, 'ApTa^^^ou .V t£ 6 

kin^s seventh year : for tney went from ir^fiTrrt^ fiyjvi' t^oi cviavros ipSofjLO^ t(o jSaaiXeL' i(€\06vr€^ 

^tV^'X^LlJ^^lZti W *K Ba^vX&,o, ™- vov^^^ roB^p<iro« m^j, ^opeyc'- 

prosperous Journey which the Lord gave voito ct? l€povcraArjfjL Kara rrp^ oou€ia'av avroi9 cvoouxv 

^i}"?-t.'*'''^.?!r"*.^^ ""^ZJP^*^ "^^ ^apa Tov Kvptov ^* aMj. 'O yip "EcrW ttoUw im- 7 
BO that he omitted nothing of the law and ^ ^'^ » x ' e% 'T -^ vT , «' ^ 

commandmenU of the Lord, but taught all <mjfi,r]v ircputxcv cis to /*i;0€V irapoAiTTCiv twv ^k tov vo/iou 

Israel the ordinances and judgments. Ki/ptov icat ^#c tw ^im)Xwv, SiSofot iroyra tov *Iapaw\ Sucaicu- 

■ Now the copy of the commission, which '^ y , '^ ' 

was written from ArUxerxes the king, and /*«Ta Kat KpLfiara. 

came to Ksdras the priest and reader of the , ^s ^ , , x . 

law of the Lord, is this that followeth ; IIpoo^co'OKros oc tov ypa^cvTO? irpoGrrayiKaro^ irapa Apra- 8 

greeting : ^ Having determined to deal vofiov Kvptov, ov ioTLv avriypa^ov ro viroK€L/i€yov 
graciously, I have given order, that such of 

the nation of the Jews, wid of the priesU BatrtXw *ApTa^«)fos "Eo-Spa tw tcpci Kat dvoyvworn tov 9 
and Levites, being withm our realm, as are , v * * v ^ <^ ^\ 'Ja tx'/ ** ,/> 

willing and desirous, should go with thee vofiov Kvptov x^'P**"- ^<^^ '^^ fpiAavVpttma €yu> Kptvas vpoa- 10 

unto Jerusalem. ** As many therefore as cra^a tovs fiovkoufvoxs ck tov I^ou? twv 'lov&iiW aiptri' 

have a mind thereunto, let them depart «• \««/ >'*a '^ x*»Of#» 

with thee, as it hath seemed good both to tovra?, Kat twf tcpcwi^ Kat twf Acvitiov. Kat twvSc cv tjj 

me and my seven friends the counsellors; riULtripq, jSacrtXcii^, avfJLTrop€V£(r6Q,i aoL th 'IcpovcaXiJ/A. 'Oo-ot 1 1 

which is in the law of the Lord; ^and Kat TOts cirra 9tAot9 (TvjxpovX.€VTajs, ottcds €nuTK€\ffii)vrai to 12 

rarrythe gifts unto the Lord of Israel to ^^^^j rnv lovSaoiv KaricpovtraAwu ^KO^ovOm <S cvct ^ t4> 

Jerusalem, wluch I snd mv friends have , ' , , , '^^ «« ''^ ^ ^^ ^ ^^ /J xx T .« 

vowed, and all the gold and silver that in vo/xy Kupiov, Kat airfvcyKCtv Oojpa tw Kvpup tou lapaiyA, & 1 3 

the country of Babylon can be found, to the rfiidariv cyw tc Kat ot <f»t\ot, cis IcpowaAwu- Kat Trav ypwriov 

Lord m Jerusalem, "with that also which ' T 7 / ' « ,% c /i^ » -^ / ^ t» o \ ' 

is given of the people for the temple of the f<»t Jipyvpiw o €av cvpce^j? cv tq x^P^^ ^ Ba^vAwvtas Ttp 

Lord their God at Jerusalem: and that KWu) cts *l€pov<TQXria, <tvv tw Sc&upnacvo) vttd tov I^i^ovs cis 14 
silver and gold may be collected for bullocks, xf» '^ ir * oi '^ » '^ ^»«i \^ /ir 

rams, and lambs, and things thereunto ap- '"^ «/><>»' -^^v Kvptov 0€ov axnt^v to cv IcpovaoAiy/i, <rvvaxV«* 

pertaining ; ^ to the end that they may offer to, tc )(pv<Tlov kol to <ipyvptov cis Tavpov9 Kat Kptovs Kat 

Sr]!L^tire^Gc^.';?WchT?ntrut!:m°' V«. ««i.ra ro^ow d«oWa, ii^c«t,^ ft,^«., 15 
1^ And whatsoever thou and thy brethren rtft Kvpiif c?rt to uvaui<mjpiov tov Kvptov ®cov avrcuv to cv 

theholyvesseb of the Lord, which are given ^x , « ixo'\ x'^jffx^'* *» ,« 

thee for the use of the temple of thy God, ^^t wavra oo-a^ iav povArf fxrra tcov ddcA^wv cov voir)a-ai 16 

which is in Jerusalem, thou shalt set "before vpvcruu Kat dpyvptct), CTrtrcXet KaTa to Blknaa tov 0cov cov. 
thy God in Jerusalem. *® And whatsoever i^^\ l^«^ L '•rr/ ^5^5^'' » ^i», 

thing else thou Shalt remember for the use ^^^^ '^'^ «P^ CKCviy tov Kvptov Ta StSo^cva crot ct? tt;v 17 

of the temple of thy God, thou shalt give it ;(pc(av tov tcpov tov ®cov o-ovy Ouxrcts Ik tov /Jao-tXtKov 18 
out of the king's treasury. vo/^ocfivXaKtov 

"And I king Artaxerxes have also com- yato9VAaKtov. 

manded the l^epers of the treasures in v * \ i^ \ * k >/> a \ \ /> *» ^ , , ^^ 

Syria and Phenice, that whatsoever Esdras K^y« Wov ApTa^€p^ fJao-tAcvs vpoaera^a rots yaio(f>v- 13 

the priest and the i;eader of the kw of the Xaf i Svp^s Kat ^otvtKW, tva oca lav iIwootc/Xw *Eo-8pas 

most high God shall send for, they should < c ^ ^ » / * / r #a -^ ^ t , r 

Eive it him with speed, » to the sum of an « *«PW Kat dvayvaxmTS tov vop.ov toC 0cov tov v^iotov, 

undred talents of silver, likewise also of hruUXm St&oo-tv avrw Iws Apyvplov Takdyrdiv ckotov, 6uoi(i>9 20 

wheat even to an hundred oors, and an hun- o^^« «»/*cn>v ««• ^ % 

dred pieces of wine, and other things in ^} '^^' «<^ ^P<>v '^op**'*' ^KaTOV, Kat otvov fierprrrwv ocaTov Kat 

abundance. ^^ Let all things be performed oXAa Ik wXrjOovs iravra KaTa tov tov 0cov vofiov €ViT€X€a'OijTta 2 1 

the kingdom of the king and his sons. ^ I t^ paxriMuLV tov paatAetas Kat tcdv vtwv avrov. Kax vfuv oc 22 

command you also, that ye require no tax, XeycTat 07ra>9 iroo-t TOiS Icpcvo-t. Kat tow AcviTat?, Kat tcpoi/raX. 
nor any other imposition, of any of the ' ^ ^ « x ,^« , ' ^ ^ C ; *% 

lihesta, or Leritef, or holy singers, or ''^^» 'c^u C^pcDpots, KOi tcpoOovAots, Kat wpayfiarucois tov upov 

to go 111- 

chief oocordini 

ESAPAS. A. Il I. EaDBis VIII. 23—47. 

/(75«m «x«v ifoiwiov hnfiaXtiv n Towow. ^ „bq liaxe authority to impose out thini 

23 Koi ffv, 'Ecr&pa, Kara t^v <ro<^r Toir 6(ov, iva&itbv tj|»n thorn. .,.„„i- 

KpiTis rai S«<«rra,, Sinw S«r£Cw«' fr SXj S«p^ ™! *«^6(n dom of Qod o^ain'p^^d j5,tic^°tTM 

iratras tow ArKTro/ttKOVS roi' vofiov tow ®«ov o-ou, koi tous /i^ tlioy may jiidgB in mil Syria and Phenice all 

VOfxov Tov Smv iroo wxt ToV ySatriAiKOV, ^l^\aiS KoAoirPi]- "And whoaoevpraball innagren thelawof 

CToiTOt. lav « «u flora™, 'iay n mu Tuuupio A ipyvpucn hliOf. ^JfX '*".'?• '"t ''/v,"'^-^!!''v''' j" '"P"""','"* 

t , . * V™f"r * -ri r u > c-t ■ diligently, whether it be by death, or ot)ier 

ij dvaytovQ. ^ ^ , . , , , P",niihment, by penalty of money, or by im- 

■ <a » - ' ".r. . ',' , i' - *■ Then mid Esdnw the KTibe, Blessed bo 

o 0w Tuff- jraTCpow^ ;u>u, o Bow TOin-o w ^dtv KopSiav tou the only Lord God of my fathers who hath 

26 ^cuTiAfoK, Sofoiyai tov otxov aurov tov fr 'ItpovtraXijfi, koI put these thinas into the heart of the king, 
(/li fTi>,jo-<y tvoiTtov TOU ^tABUt. Koi Twv (njf<j8ovX(iJOKT(ov. »BadT/th'hono"iJSSSe^in\lloightoft^^^ 

27 "11 n'aiTUii' rHiv ^ihiw, kri /uyuTravuv avrau. Kai fjnu king, and his counjellora, and all IiIb friendi 

KOI iTVC^yayov dvopas cic tou [apaijAi (iKTTI <ruvava.pijvai (±oi. together 

28 Kai olrrot oi irponTyotTMfoi Kara Taf wuTpiaf ai/ruiy 
Tas /i<p(&ip)(iat, o( dvaj3a»T«s /ler i/ioC fit Ba^uXwvo' ^ ^,_ ^_ 

29 TW BaiTiXtia 'Apraiipiov tov BiuriXiuK. 'Ex twV vlSn- ofkingArlaienes: "oftheeoDeof Phinew, 
J^ V -n- ' ■ * ■- •, a ' n 1 '1 • Gersoo: of theaonaof Illiamar, Gamaliel! 
*iv(is. r»)/Krtt.v- CK Twv VBuK loSapipoii. ^ra^a\i^\-^ .it pf ti,,, go^, ^f jy^^;^^ L^t^y, 'tiig ^, ^f 

30 Tw vltuv AauiS, AaTrou; o ^fvcviov 'k riuv vuuv 'topo^, Sechenias: ^of tlie sons of PJiarei, Zaclia. 

31 n-n^KOvra- ix tSoi uiuiv 4>aafl MiuijS, EXiaiui'iiis Zapoiov, Moab Eliaonias, fA« kh of Zamins, nnd 
32™ M€t' oEtoO o^ts 8«wooioi- i« Tie vlZv Zae6m. "ithUm two hundred men: "of the son. 

„ 7 ., ,,, T . . - .« , . i of ZathoB,SecheniaB thoson of Jeielu8,and 

Ztxariat I(iijAou, Ktu /ICT auTOV ovOpcf TpiOKOO-ioc <« Twi' with him three hundred men: of the sooa 

uiiv 'A81v. "nSnfl 'Ittivaflou. «i uct avroS ov&ks StaKOcriot of A^in, Obeth the .on of Jonathan, and 

„. , , - .- -ui. •> ' n /I 1' > • with himtwohnndrtd and eftjmeni "of 

33 rtrniKOvra- ix tuv duuc HAo/t, l«rios lofoAiov, koi ^ct the urn. of E lam, Joaiaa jo» of Gotliolia^ 

34 auTOU drSpti iSSou-nKOVTa- ix Tic vViiv Sa<iaT«)u, Zapatas and with him aeyenly men,- "of the sons of 
n= « r. '^ ■.'^ .' . ~ .J- <£>!!- '^ . -^ .. Saphatia«,ZatuiBssonof Michael, nnd with 

35 Mi;^i;Aou, KOi firr auTOU a(*/>es tpSo/iijKOVTa' « tujv uiiuv him tht^wore and tmi lne^^ "of Iho m^^ 
'Ibki^, 'A^a&iat 'ItfiJAou, koI /itT* ourou avS/m Siokoctioi of Joab, AbadiaB son of Jpielua, and with 

36 s.,..8». -E. Til. .ii, B„,'.,, i^fis w*™, ,ai f„- ;™ TJ;S"L;li'r.or,"o"j™pMi: 

37 aiFTOU arSptv j^ncovra Ktu iKaTOi" JK tui' utiiivBa^, Za)(apiat and with him an hiiniircd and threegeore 

38 Br,3ai, koi imt' ovtoE ofSms («o<r<OKTii- « tSc utuiv 'A<rTifl. geni.»of the aonsof Bahi, Zacharia. son of 
on ■. • •» « • • • - -B ! • s- I - Bebai and with him twenty and eight man: 

39 itoavinji AxaTOV, xai /itr ovtou av6pt% tKaTOV Ofxa- ix raiy "of the h>d> of Astath, Johannes tea of 
vioiv 'ASon-ucau, o! iavaTOi- noi ravra to ovouara auTuiv Acatan, and with him an hundred and ten 
>i?i J 1 « - T> « 1 ' ■« • > .',.., men: "of Ihe sons of Adonikam the last, 
^Ai^oAa TOU JioyijK. icm 2a/iaias. xm fier avrwv aySpt^ and these are Ihe namea of them, EUpholet, 

40 iSSou-nKOVTa.- Ix twv v'li^y Bayii, Qu6i o tov IittoAkoiipov, iiai 'on of Qcuel, and Samaia.. and with tiiem 
<.„'n^.Vm-^„S„„JjqX«„.!.,^™ M^entymeni^ofthoBOnsofBaEO.Uthitho 
/.tT avTou avbpK t/Jio/i^Koi-ra. ^ ^ ^ , aon of islalcurua.and with him seTenty men. 

41 Km avimayov avrous <iri tov A«yo;i<vov ®tpav ■nrrafiov, *' And theae I gathered together to the 

42i 43 Kot tK Tiuv uptwv xai ix tuv Atviruiv ov^ ivpuiv iitti, am- " llut when I had found there none of tha 

OTitXa xpos "EXnifapov, koI "ISot.^Aov, xal Moii. koI MntruAv, ?"<■"»" d I*rite» *■ then sent I untoEle^ 

1. 1 ••! «• .^ . > -I • o va ir- ^ iar,andIduel,aniiMa«,and Mssni»n,*'«nd 

44 KOI AAvaCoF, KOi 2a/iaiav, xiu Impifioir, NaOav, ^tvarav, Alnathan, and Saniaias, and joribas, and 
Zayapiav, Ktu MoiToAAtiiiov ToJs Ayouureow xal fTrurrnpovat;, Nathan Ennatan, Zacharias, and MosoUs- 

., i^T t - ,,n - » 1 ss i' ^ . I . 1 - mns, principal men and learned. ^'And I 

45 HOI tlraavrai^ i\Otiv irpos AoNKuov tov iTyou^wov tov iv Tiu bade them that theysliould go unto Loddcua 

46 Tmroi TOU yaZaivXaxiov, iyrtiXaatvot avraii SioAtvSnvQi Ao8- the captain, who w»s in the place of the 
S-/ , ' - is . J. - .„- '^^ - V . x'* ' f ,, treasury: *andeomniandedthcmth«tt!iBy 
So/y. «aL To« iSiA^ois aurou, .ca. T0« fr Tu Tottu. yafo^u- should .peak unto Loddena. and to hi^ 
Xaiiv, (iirDO-rCLXat tjfiiv Toiit UpartviTOVTat iv Tu olxif to6 brethren, and t« the treasurers in that 
KvpUH, ni^v. tl"^' ^° f*."!"' •"fh™™" ■night «^t« 

11 ""{"7 _""''■ ___ ^^ ^ _ -t,./,. thepnesls office in the houae of the Lord. 

♦/ Kat Tffayov r]p.a HOTa t^ KpoTautv Xtf** ''<"' •^vpwv yipuM *And by the mighty hand of our Lord 

StipiLt hurrnfioyat Twv viZv MooXi tov Anri T<ni "IffpaiX, they brought unto ua akilful men ofthe 

Aff^li)pittif, Not TOWS vioui avrov, not TOW dlKA^ovi, dvras Iwm^ kie'Miji&, «tti '^^ «ro», »»». ^^*- 

I. E8DEA8 VIII. 48— 67. 18 B SAP AS. A'. 

brtt)i«n,w!ioH-ere*ight*an. •AndAaebia, Swa kcu okto- ml 'Atrt^iav, xai 'Anouov, nal 'Claalai 

wni of'"'"" "" "'" " 
teniple ^ 

and AnLUUB, and Utaiiu Ilia brotlier, of the ■!>.' .->--.■ i 

tom of ChBQuiieiB and ti.eir son*, wwe owA^"- "J T>av uig* Xoi-ouraiov, 
"And of llie serrantsof Ihe ai^cs- xoi ^K rail' lepoSouXfui' 

jr. ..Jt.ira. mon Tor tlie le. ..^... — , -^ , : ■ ti i • ,. 

to wit, tlie Berranta of tbe temple, two liun- (ucoiri- TaiTUV iinmav&q tj OvOitaToypaipui, 

dred and twenty, the laitalogua of wlioaa , ., . , 

namea were ahewtu. Kai rrvtaurp' Jk<( inprrttay roit viav!<TKOK tvaiTi Kuptou 50 

•"And therolvowedafaetuiilotheyoung ■, - ?J_:^. , • • '~ . £■ . - • - _ - 

men before our Lord, to de.iPe of fiim a Vl^'^"' lf^<^>- ^'V -^"^^ *v_o8iQV ij^iv Tt ija* T0« fft^owriv 

proiporoug journej- both for m and thota 7/"F, Tdtvois ijfiuiv, ncti imjcftriv. EKTpainTC yap air^iTai 51 

king footmen, and lioraemen. and conduct io-ipaAtun ttj* irpot toijs (i'qvtiou/icvow rffLiv. r.nTa.ii.a> yap 52 

forBafMuarda^injtonradTersarira. "lor tiS ^oitiAh, oti iJ fa™ tou Kupi'ou niwJF ottoi uiri riv 

W8 had aaid unto llie king, tliat Ihe power i- .^ -,.'?_ \ ."T^ „'\ „ ._ 

of the Lord our God ahould be with tbem tnii'ITOvvr<av avror tn murak tiravopffiMTiv. Koi «a Alt' 53 

that aeok him. to support them in alt ways. ^Sfijftjiuc Tou Kupiov nuuiv vavra, tavra, Koi Mvouo- 

"And again we besought our Lord a« touch- „■■,''„„ i- rr- a f- 

ing these things, and foutid him favourable •"'""tou. 

""^htn I .eparatod twelve of the ehief of _ Ka\ Jx-ipura twv _<i>ti\dpx^v TS.vUpio>y ivSpa^ Sc«aSuo,_ «(i! 54 

the priests, ^Ksebriae, and Samiaa, and tun Eatptpiar kcu Sa/Luxv, xai jut o-vtuiv ik tw aStXt^v auruv 

meiiot their bretliren with them; "and I ^vSpas &i&tKa. Kai .'onpra airois to ^jyilpio.-. kb. to vpu- 55 

weighed them the gold, and the sdver, and , f^ , , . , w ^ ^ u.i7» ^u .^, ^^ , " , "■'''^ , 

the holv vesselB of the house of our Lord, <"ov, xai ra iipa ffKonj tou oikou tou Kvpiou t]P<pv, a eiKupij- 

holr vesseiBL. 

li the kini, and his council, and the , 

and bU laroel, bad given. "And 

had weighed it, I delivered unto ' 

I hundred and aiity talents of sil- raXavra IfaKoa-ta. jrerniKOvra, koX a-Ktvn apyvpa i 

«iIveFTi>nru<)inrnn bundreil talents. . ■ > ■ ■. , t ■ ^^' ,r 

- -: — t'nft »"d hiB council, and the o-aro o Sao-iXtw, koI oi tnJuflouXoi oiroi. Kai oi UEVioraw, 

prinoea, and all laroel, bad given. "And , ."^ ., -i tr • ' 't • - • ' ,„ 

when 1 had weighed it, I delivered unto "<" ""^ IcrpajjA. <mjiTas TraptbiOKa ouTOts upyuptov S6 

J hund^""wleuts of gold, "and «™tdv, Kal xpwrwu ToAavra iKorhy. koI ^pwra/iUTa (woo-i, 57 

tHcnty golden Tcsaels. and twelve veascls of Kal (TKtun voAicM aJTO vmWTOu voAjcov (7tAj8o>to VQWOfiSn 

and*l'h';^'4ia i^r'tlt^l.UverTs'aTOwunto ""' *^™ '■*^''"' "'" "''"* "y"" ^"* ^ Kvp!,f, Kal Ti 58 

the Lord.lhe Lordof ourtHtbera. "Watch o-Konj to ayta, nai to ;i^)i>o-iov, itai to dpyilptov, <u;(^ Tai 

ye.Jind ki'pp lliem^tiU se deliver them to Kupiui, Kupiui tSc JraripiM' iliuiv. 'AvpunrtiTC, irai iuXdir- 59 
the duet ul tbepneatsand Lpvilcs.and to '^^ ^, ^ s - ■ - . • - j i ' . , . 

the i,ri!iciiiiil men of tbe families of Israel, t«ti tan tou iropoSowai u^a« oura TOit ^uAdp^OK tojv uptmv 

io JcpuijiJfm, into iba cliambers of the koi tS)V Atuiric, Kal TOis iWouiia'Ott tujv iraTptSv tou 'IcrpanX 

bouwofourUod. ■ 8o the priests and the , ■, ... - j. ■ - - - ci - . -' 

Lcvites. who had received the silver and tbe '•' UpowraXrifi.. w TOis^iroiTTO^pioi! tou oixou tou 0mu t,^!-. 

■olitand thevessels that were in Jerusalem, Kiu. ol irapaXaPoyTK ol lipw Kal ol AcinVfa to dpyupiov, icai gQ 

the twelfth dav of the first month, and upov tou Kupiou. 

came to Jerusalem bj tbe mighty hand of i,... .. - ~ »-to- --. 

our Lord, which was with us: and from the Kai dva4cu£avm airo tov Tora^v 0(pa Tjj SviStKarj} tou 61 

S'feiT,'r».'!5"«a'i°"''»~'S 'r"' '""*'■ ■" ."■^*«'/'";"=7<(»^T.".';',"''"."r- 

Jerusalem. "And when we had been there Taiai- X'tp" ToD Kupiov ^/»oJv t^ ^^' ij/iic' nal ippwraro ^^as 

three days, the gold and ailver that was ^J^J ^nj furdSou dn-o jravTOS ivflpoE, «ai nXfloinv «(v 'I<pou- 
weighed waa lieliicrcd in the houaoofour i / ' „- . . . ,A^ , ! - • ■ - en 

ho^ on the fourth day unio Marmothi the troAij^. Kai ytvo/ieiTp ourofli ij;i<pas TpiTijs, T^ W'P? T7 "■* 

priestthe Bonof Ur^ °And with liim was TfTopTij araffiy to opyvpiov Kal to ^wriov 'iTapiSo(h} (y T^ 

irc^omb^ad''theion'orj'atu and Moe^h oUif Kvpiov ^pJiv Mop/icoffi Oiipia^Up«. _ Kai ,£«■'_ afiTojl 63 

the BOnorSabbaniLevitos: all •Da$ delirered 'EAtofop o tou *ivi<s, tai 5°''"' /*"■' avroii 'IiocrciySSos 'Iijtrou, 

hour. fraiTa. Kai typa<^ iraoa i} oXm) ourui' avrj} rg uipf. 64 

* Moreover thej that were come out of _ - . , , / 

tbe capliTity offered sacrifice unio the Lord Oi 0« irapaymonivoi Ik TTJi ai)(/iaAuKria^ irpoirjviyKav 65 

acore and twelve lambe. goate for a peace, jrairot 'lirpaqA, itpiout iytvi)KOVTai£, apvai ip&ofitjKovTaSvo, 66 

offering^twelveiaU of them n sacrifice to „^yo„ J^Jp ownpiou &i&tKa. ^Trayra 6wjiav t£ Kupiu.. 

the Lord. S And they delivered the king's J^ / ," ,„ ^ , "^ , - o i- ■ o i - ct 

commandments unto the king^^s stewards. Koi ainblOKav ra irpoarayiLina tou paaiXtias tok potriAucois d7 

and to the governors of Celosyria and Plie- oIkovouok xni TOis nrapvon xoiXni Supiaj Ktu ^owUm, koi 

nicai and they iionoured the people and ,. .. '^ . ,a . ^, , .' „ , ' 

tlw temple of God. ibotoiaai' to Htyot, itai to wpov tou Kivkov. 

ESAPAS. A'. . 19 I. EsDBAS VIII. 68—87. 

68 Kal TovTwv TcXccr^cvnw, irpoaijXOoa'dv uoi oi nvovucvoi, f ^^w when these things were done, the 
CQ \' » ^ / ^ "ZL *» »T ^\ ' tm rulers Came unto me, and soid, ** The nation 

69 Xcyovrcs. ovk cxw^wav to €^os tov lorpa^A k<u oi^ opxovrcs ^f Israel, the prints, the priests and the 

icai 01 tcpci? Kttt ot AcviTttt rot oAAoycv^ ^^vi; rrji yrj^ koL ra? Lovites, liave not put away from tliem 

fcoi ^€p€i,auav, kol Upova-autiiv, koi MtaapiTwv, Kai AtyuTrrio)!', Canaanites, Hittites, Pheresites. Jebusites, 

#cai avroi iccu o* viot avro)!', icat «r€/*ty»y to (nripfia ro ayvBv ried with their daughters, and the lioly 

CIS Toi dXXoycrn 1^ rrk ym, koi uctciyov ot wpowyovucvoi f«ed is mixed with the strange pwple of the 

X t ' *» ' J ; '; / ,'^x -,',-'» land ; and from the beginning of this mat- 

icat 0( ^cyMTTOvcs tt/s avo/xuxs Taim/s aTro Tiys ApxT^ tow ter the rulers and the great men have been 

'jrpdyiAaTog, partakers of this iniquity. 

^, tr \ w «,«/ ^ o/>«>\c/ \N , ^'And as soon as 1 had heard these things, 

7 1 Kai afJLa tw oicovo-at /uic Tavra, duppi/^a to i/iarta Kai rrjv I rent my clothes, and the holy garment, 

icpov iaOnra, koi KareriXa rov Tptvoiuaros -rm K€if>aX.rk koi ^^^, ?^^ off ^^e hair from off my head 

mn '* f X . //I / '^ '^ '^ V '\ ir \ and beard, and sat me down sad and very 

72tov Trftiywvos, koi tKaUura <rvwovq icat^ TrcpiAvTros. Ka* heavy. ?« tio all they that were then moved 

€vi(nnrn)(Orj<rav irpos /*^ ocot irore iirtKLvovvro iirl fw p-naaTi *t the word of the Lord God of Israel 

v'^** "»! NX*** z)" tx-**'/ % assembled unto me, whilst I mourned for 

Kvptov ©cov Tov I<rpa7^A, c/iov ircv^owTos «ri TD avofiuf.- Kat the iniquity: but I UtstiUfuU of heaviness 

iKaOrjfiriv ircptXvTros ews tiJs SciXiv^S Oixria^, until the evening sacrifice. 

„„ xr ^ »t /l^ » - ' S >« '5 > • ' /^ Then rising up from the fast with mv 

73 Kat €^€y€pu€i^ €k ttj^; v»;oT€ta5 di€ppriyp.€va ixav ra i/xaruz clothes and the holy garment rent, and 

Kol TtiV i€pav €V%a, Kauil/a^ Ta ydmra, xat cWctVas ras bowing my knees, aiid stretching forth my 

„ . « ' N X ^ '/ Cx V ^ • x . / hands unto the Lord, '< I said, O Lord, I am 

74 x^ipas Trpo5 tov Kvpiov cAcyov. Kvptc, ytrxufifiai kol €VT€- confounded and ashamed before thy face; 

75 Tpautiai Kara irpoauyirov <rov, Ai yap auuapriaL wuwv CTrXcova- !* <"of our sins are multiplied above our 

« X N t \s f « X ' w « ^ « ^ heads, and our Ignorances have readied up 

o-ttK VTTcp Ttt9 '«9aAa5^ i;^v. xat at ayvotat 17/x<ok vTrcp^vcyKav unto heaven. 76 For ever since the time of 

76 €<!)? Tou ovpavoO, CTt OTTO Twv xpovdiv jCxv TrttTcpiDV rffiiov, KOL o.iir fathers we Aa©* ^^en and are in great 

•7 7 i«...^. 1,. ..^.^\^ X..»^^U 5,«» —2,. ^^«. ...r./.*^.. i[^^. k.X sin, even unto this day. 77 j^nd for our sins 

77 i(rp.G^^ iy /f-^yoAv^ ofiapTia^ ecus rrj^ rffi€pa^ Taim;?. Kat 6ta ^nJ our fathers* we ^th our brethren and 

Ttts o/xoprta? f^fiijjv kol rtov irariptav '^fjuov TrapcSd^/ACV crvv our kings and our priests were given up 

« f «^ . 'CT ^ A) X « '^^ « .CI/ % and to captivity, and for a prey with shame, 

TOis lepcvo-tK ^/Awv, TOts paaLAtvct rrj^ yrjs cis pofitpaiav Kai unto this day. 

at;(/LiaXaxriav Kal rrpovofirjv fiera ala^vrjs f'V(P^ '"^ <rrjfJL€pov , ' -^"^ '^ow m some measmje hath mercv 

rjfi€pa^, that there should be left us a root and' a 

78 Kat vvv Kar^i TroVov Tt iyeimOri ^ulv eXcos Trapa rov Kvptov J^"?® ^^ j'be P^^ of thy sanctuary ; ^^and 
' __ , \ ,/i^ € /«/«/> If f « < to discover unto US a light m the house of 

Kvptov, KaTaA€t9Cr)7Kat r^fxiv pt^av Kat ovofia iv tw totto) the Lord our God, and to give us food in 

79 dytatruaro? o-ou, Kat tov dvaKaAvi/rat dxaarnpa watv cV rui otKw ^^e time of our servitude. " Y«i, when we 
v f >s r\ \s i ^ fs ^ « -« . X , ^ *- ^ ^ were m bondage, we were not forsaken of 
Kvptov TOV 0€ov i;/ia>v, doui/at ly/Atv rpo^ypt ev rw Katp<u nys our Lord ; but he made us favoured before 

80 SouXcwis nuSiv; Kal iv tw SovXcvctv ritxas oIk lyKariKtithBri' ^he kings of Persia, so that they gave us 

«x -.rr' e*^' »\\^»' «'*i. ' ">od ; ®* yca, and honoured the temple of 

^cv wro TOV Kvptov -qpMV, oAXa €7roti;o-€v ly/xas 6^^ x^P'^J our Lord and raised up the desolate Sion. 

8 1 cj'owrtoi' Toiv paxTiXioiv U€p<ruiv, Sotrai i^/itv Tpo(f>rp^, xat so that they have given us a sure abiding 
j^' \e\ f^ XT » «*• \»« _>._ w in Jewry and Jerusalem. 

&)faorai JO tcpoK tov Kvptov ly/wov, xat cyapat tt/v cpiy/xov ai And now, O Lord, what shall we say, 

SttoK, Oovvat 77/Atv ar€p€iafia cv tt; lovSat^ Kat IcpovcraAfy/A. having these things? for we have trans- 

_^__^^,,^ Tr/» -» /o \ greased thy commandments, which thou 

52 Kat vw Tt €povfi€Vt Ivvpic, c^ovtcs TavTa ; irapcp^y/Acv yap gavest by the hand of thy servants the pro- 

Ta TrpoordyuaTd aov. Si c&uKas cv vctpt tojk Trat&uv o-ov twv phcts, saying, «That the land, which ye 

Ao f « r * •€«f«>/ /i\ -* enter into to possess as an heritage, is a 

83 Trpofprqjtov, Acywv, ort iy yrj, ct?^ rjv €ur€px€(rd€ KArjpovofJLTja-ai, land polluted with the iwllutions of the 

&rrt yw fxeuLokva-iievri uoXvo-uo) tu>v dXXoycvwF tws yw9, Kat strangers of the land, and they have filled 

OA ** »zi ' »-»»'\ »' i/n -^n/l it with their uncleanness. " Iherefore now 

84 Ttrs aKa^apo-tas atTwv cvcTrAiyorav avnyv. ^ Kat lar Tas e^a- ^^^^ y^ ^ot join vour daughters unto their 

repac vfioiv firj <nJV0LKrj<rqT€ Tots viots avroiv, Kat Tas Ouyaripa^ sons, neither shall ye take their daughters 

oc*** *\'o ««#»»*» \ » y f * ** unto your sons. ^ Moreover ve shall never 

85 avT.ovM Xa^i^t TO« vto« v/io.!-. Kat o« fyijcrcrc €i(>r,ytv<rai ^^^ ^ h„c p^ with tliem. ihat ye miy 

ra ir/>o$ avrous tov (oravra )(povov, wa urxwraints tpaytirt ra be strong, and eat the good things of the 

dya<)i T^, y^. koI Kara^r,poyo^,/i<nr* roc, T«vo„ i^v ?<« Jj^Knd'UryjJTJhild^l" for "^v^ 

atuivoi. more. 

86 Kclrk.rv^fia[.o.rand^a ^^ly y.Vcra. U ri Ipya ^Sv J oATr'wtk'MrK'd" '^TsiS^^^J 
TO wovqpa, kol Ta? /icyaAas a/Aapnas i7/ia)v ov yap Kvptc thou. O Lord, didst make our sins liaht, 

iraXiv avcKa/A^aftcv vapaprjvai rov vofJLOv aov cts to cirt/uyiy- thy \a\T«tti\A \ft Tua^<b wa**3t^^'*f>i^ia^^^'^ 

I. E8DBA8 VIII. 88— IX. 14. 20 E2APAS. A . 

iihcleanness of the nations of the land, i^ai rn ^aOapa-ia tS)v iOvStv to yrk, OuyI utfryurOm yiulv 88 
^Mightest not thou be angry with uato* \r t ^ •* »» n (-^ *ty ^ \ * ^ ^ \ 

destroy us, tiU thou hadst left us neither oiroAcom ly^a?, ccds tou /it; xoToAMTfiF ptfw icat o-7rcp/ia icai 

root, seed, nor name ? ovofia -^fAtav ; 

» P Lord of Israel, thou art true: for we Kvpic tov 'lorpanX, dAa/^iws tl KarAtixhOijiLtv yap pifa 89 
are left a root this day. * Behold, now are . ^'^ , .^s v '^ i \. » ' ' i ** » ' on 

we before thee in our iniquities, for we can- <" JI? (njfitpov. Ibov vvv iafiiy eyonriov aov iv rats avo/iiais 90 

not stand any longer by reason of these riuMty ov yap iajt, orwvai rri iiivpoa'Oiy <rov cwt tovtoi?, 

things before thee. ** And as Esdras in his v % • '_*t7S »/3 \ ^^ \' ,^ oi 

prayer made his confession, weeping, and Kai ore irpoar€VXOfi€VO^^ EorSpas av^a)/xoXoy€tTO KXaiuiv x^; ^1 

lying; flat upon the ground before tlie tem- irer^ IpirpoaOty tov icpov, €vunnn^)($rj<Tav wpo^ ovrov euro 

and children : for there was great weeping V€avuu- KAav&fJLOS yap r)V fiiya^ ev T<p irArj&ci, 

among the multitude. v \ .i ^ •t / ^t '\ ** ««« •« ^\ •» nn 

«ThenJechoniasthesonof Jeelufl,oneof _^at <^vyras Icxona?^ IcijXov tcov vuov I^pa>y\, cTircv, 92 

the children of Israel, called out and said, ^kro/oa, i;/ici9 rjfiaprofiev eh tov Kvpiov* awiDKLa'afi€V ywaZ- 

tions of the land, and now is all Israel alofU ira? Icrpai^A. Ev TOimp yivco^w rifiiv opKiafioo-ia irpo^ tok 93 

"Let us make an oath to the L<)rd, that we Kvpiov, iKBaXelv ircuras ras ywaucas wuwv ras ^k twv oAAo- 
will put away all our wires, which we nave \ y '^ ^ , » ^' t * *a ^• a nA 

taken of the heathen, with their children, ycywv (ruv rots tcicvow avrwv, ci>9 iKpithf <roi, #cat o<roi TrctC^- 94 

•Jlikeasthouhast decreed, and as many as apvovo-i toD vouov Kvpiov. 'Avooras ^^riTcAcr wpo5 o-€ 95 
do obey the law of the Lord. * Arise, and n^ % ^ % » -. v « » n " it ^ oc 

put into execution: for to thee doth this W ^o jrpav/xa, icat i;/Acts /xera o-ov mtxw ttoulv. Kai 96 

matter appertain, and we will be with thee : dvaara^ *£o'0pa9 iLpKurt tovs <l>v\dpvov^ twv lepcW ical 

do valiantly. •• So Esdras arose, and took an A^,„_r'.„ ^«,«»A« •*»« •t^~,^\ «.^<:;^,». .,«-.;i «.»r.*^. .,«^ 
oathof the chief of the priests and Levies AcvtTw iravros tov IcrpaiyA, iroiiyo-oi icara Tavra- #cai 

of all Israel to do after these things ; and so wfioa-av, 

^telrfra. riaing f«,m the court of the . ^^ i^'^rrh^ 'E^Spa^ &,ri r^ aiXijjrov Upov, inopt^ 9 

temple weijt to the chamber of Joanan the «? to ira<TTO<popiov itavav tov rjAiaxTLpov, Kat uvAur&cis ^ 

pon of Eliasib.'and remained there, and did ^Vci, Siprov ovk cycwraro ovSc vSwp €wi€, irci/^v cVt twf 

eat no meat nor drink water, mourning for , J^ « ,.' *» \ //i «- > > ' ' » o 

the great iniquities of the multitude. »And avofiiwy tu}V fieyoAwv tov wArflovq, Kot cycvcro Krjpvyfxa cv 3 

there was a proclamation in all Jewry and o\y rn *lovSaia koi 'Icpovo-oAnu irotrt tois Ik tw? aivitaAw- 
Jerusalem to all them that were of the cap- /** " /j ^ * » «t \ ' tr > * t ^ i * a 

tivity.that they should be gathered together o-ias, crwa^vcu cis Upova-aXrjfi, ^ Kai oaoi avjirj diravTrjauy- 4 

Qkt Jerusalem : *and that whosoever met not <rtv iv Bvcriv n Tpuriv rjiitpaK, Kara to Kptfia tS>v npOKaOrtfJit- 
there within two or three days, according as. o ' i n' ^ ' *" «•% 

the eld«S that bare rule ar^iuted. tfieir ^ ^pccr^yrcpcuv. dytepwerjaoirrai to KrrjvtfavTi^v, icat avros 

cattle should be seized to the use of the aAAoTp(Q>^i;o'€Tai diro tov irXrjOov^ ttj^ ax^QiaXbxna^, 

temple, and himself cast out from them «-%» * a / t.^^.v^-T'o \ e 

that were of the captivity. ivai etrunnrqxarfo'av TravTes 04 c#c rirj^ <l>vAifj^ lovba icat 

• And in three days were all they of the BeruifiiK ly Tpuriv i^/icpai? €ts 'Icpovo'aXrjfi* ovto^ 6 firp^ 

tribe of Juda and Benjamin gathered toge- *.„^,^ .^ ^i^^Si, «.«r. ,.^„A^ ic) ^^^^^^A.^^,, -r;:» •A #: 

ther at Jerusalem the twentieth day of the *7'?T^' . ^^ *'f ^* , ^^^ jf*T^; ^,"' <rw€Kaff laav irav^ to 6 

ninth month. * And all the multitude sat irArjuo^ iv T<f €vpvxyip^ tov upov, Tp€fiovT€^ Ota tov evcoTujTa 

in the broad court of the temple, trembling y^iufj^yfi 

because of the present foul weather. ^ v \ \ \»n* ♦ »*»««» f %*• 

7So Esdras arose up. and said unto them, '^^^ dvooTas Eo-5pas elircv avrots, v/A€ts i/vo/iTTO-aTC icat 7 

Ye have transgressed the law in marrying oin^ictVaTC ywatf tv dAAoy€V€<n, tov irpocOelvai afiapria^ tw 

unto the Lord God of our fathers, 'and do tcov iraT€piov rjfJUDV, icat Trotijo'arc to OeArjfia avTOv, icat 9 
S^tL^i: ATSW£l"tL'Tt»i'gl W^« «l-A Tiv ^<Wv T^ rj,. .ol d^ ra. y«.x«iv rH. 
women. aAAoycviDV. 

w Then cried the whole multitude, and Kat Idrnvnafv away to irXw^os, Kal cTirov fityaXfj tw 10 
aaid with a loud voice, Like as thou hast ipo- , « » ^ «' » ' "aw^ ^ \-zi \ ^ 1 1 

ken, so wUl we do. » But forasmuch as the V^vy, ovrcos /ms €LprfKa<:, Troti^o-o/ticv. AAAa to TrAi^C^o? ttoAv 1 1 

people are many, and it is foul weather, so xot capa Yctucptvn, icat ovic utvvoucv OTwvai at^ptof icat to 
that we cannot stand without, and this is » * 5 < /. t / •« *s^ s' * n \ «« n 

not a work of a day or two, seeing our sin W^*' ^""^ ^^^^ W*-^ Vt^€pa^^ /teas ovS€ ^Svo, CTrt ^Aciov yap 

in these things is spread far : ^ therefore let YjfiapTOfUV iv Tovrots. STTTToxrav 8c oi wporjyovfJLtvoi tov 1 2 
tliA mlera of the multitude stAy. and let all \ '/i \/c>«« ac^* » 

thl.?^f".2habitotion.thathkTe8trange 'Vow. «" jrovrfs o. ix rmv Karoucu^v yi^y o<roi «xo"°-' 

wives come at the time appointed, ^and with ywcuxac oAAoycvcts, irapaycvrfirjTwiav AapovT€% XP^^^^» 

them the rulers and judiTCs of ^ ^iccuttov Bl towov tovs trpiaBvTepov^ icat tovs KptTas, ?o)s 13 

tdl we turn away the wrath of the Lord from ^ . ^ x • % xr ' »^» « - « ' ' 

us for this matter. T^v Aixrai t^v opyiyv Kvptov 09 i7fUtfV tov irpayfiaTo^ tovtov. 

w 2!i«i Jonathan <A« fon of Asael and 1. ^a *Ay *\ ^ *i?y '*a "jjjv ^•l>4 

Eiecbias thsMon of Theocanus accordingly Iwvo^s Afai^Aov, koi ^(cxtas ©cwkovov ^ircdctavro xaTa 14 



KDl Struts, KOI KuKOf 

Kai loitSat, Kfu Iiuvii!. 

TQvra- Kai Moo-'iXXo^of, KOI AciNS, 

15 (^pofiaiiTay aurois. Kai iittuyfaav Kara, xdrru ravra oi ck 

16 r^E oT^iffUiAuKriaf Ktu Jir(\(^aTO afrr^ "EuSpaf 6 iiptuf 
avZpai Yyou/itcouv Till' xaTpiuji' avriHv iravrai kut ovo/ia, Kai 
<TvvtKKtur$i]vav rg vovji^viif tou jnjvoi tov SiKaToii, fTocrai 

1 7 TO wpayfia. Kai ^yOr] ht Ttipav to kuto tov! nvSptt? Tott 
^urui'<)(<MTat yvyatxas dXXcryfvtK, loit t^ vou/i)]V(as tou 
ir/Nurov fi-ijyoi. 

1 8 Kai tvpi&rfuoy Tuii' tcpndi' oi Jirunva;^fVTtt ^AAoycvctt 

19 ywaiica; Jjj*"'''**' ^'' ™'' "'">•' 'IijtoC toD 'luKrcScK, xaj, imv 
dSiX^uif avToS, MadiJAjis, Kai 'EAto^opof, Ktii 'Ibip^K, Kai 

20 'luuSafOs. Kai lirifiaXov ra; ;i((ipas ix^aXttv ras yirroiKaf 
avTui'- Kai It; ^^(Xocr/tov Kptou; vircp t^s jyvuias avriuc. 

21 Kai Jk tuc vi<ov 'E/i^^p, 'Avaifias, Kai ZajSSat'o;, Mu Mavyjf, 

22 Kai Sa/iaLos. Kai Itpr^A, nai A^apiav Ktu Ik rioy viior 
9avrovp, Ekuavan, Matrtrias, ItrftarjXm, koi Nofiava^Aof, 
Kai 'tlKoSijXa;, Kai SoAoat. 

23 Kai ix TIM Amirdji', 'I(t>{a^3a&>f, 
(oCtik JtTTi KaXirof), Kat Ilatfutbt, 

24, 25 'Ek tuv icpoi^aATui', "EAKura^o- 
0Bpuip<av, SoXovTiof, Kai ToA^ai^. 

26 Eh tov 'IvpaiiX ix tuv uiuv 4'dfKK, Icp/tat, Kai Ic{[ias, 
Kai McA^uif, Kai Ma^Xut, xai EktaiapfK, koi 'Aat^iai, Kai 

27 Bacai'af. 'Ek t(w v£wv 'HXa, iiaT0airUK, Zaxap^i. Kai 

28 'l<^L^Aof, Kai 'luH^S/o;, Kai 'Uptfiiae, Kai 'AlSi'o;. Kai JK 
TUH' viiiiv Za/iJuO, 'EAiaSaj, EAloirLfioJ, 'O^oi'ias, 'iaptftiiiO, 

29 Kai Sa^aeo?, Kai ZtpaXla^. Kai <'k nSf i;i<Si' BjJ^m, 'Iumv- 

30 vi;;, Kai 'Ai'avuis, Kai 'Ibifa^Sos, Kai 'A/iaBlat. 'Ek tiw viwv 
Mafi, OAa^f, Ma^oC^D^. IcooLO^, la<roi;pos, Kat latra^Aos^ 

31 KQL Itpt fluff. Kai (^ vifuv AoDtf Naa^ofp Koi Mooo'iaSi 
AaKKOfvo^^ Kat NaLOOv, MarPafcav, Kai Sco'^A, Kat BaAvot?0Ci 

32 Kai Mavatro-uis. Kai In Tiuvvtoiv Avai', EAidivi^, Kai Atraias, 

33 Kai McA^iaf, Koi !Sa/3^ato^, Kai Sipuv Xo<ra^ios. Kai £K 
TiSi' viiuf 'Acro^, 'AXTOvaioS, Kai MaTTofitas, Kai So;8avi-aro9, 

34 Kai EAi0<iAuT, Kai tiayairuTJ^, Kai Sc^ii. Kai iK TUf uitiif 
Baavi, 'Itpt/iiat, Mo/i&'os. 'Ii7^^pot, 'lov^A, Ma/3Sai, Kai 
IlfSuis, Koi Akuk, 'PajSocri'tuv, Kai 'EvatrtjSos, Kai MafinTO- 
vat^os, "EAiotris, Bawou!, "EAioAl, So/nis, SeAi/iwi!, Nafla- 

,vuij- Kai (K TUf uiuF E£(i;po, Stcrit, EtrpiA. A£a^Aos, 

35 Siu/iaTot, Zap-^pi, lioin]<tioi. Kai ix tuv utui' EB/ia, Mo^i- 
Tutf, Za/So&iia;, 'H&uf, 'lov^A, Bavoui;. 

36 IlatTc; oCtoi cnn^Kirrav yi/vaucas dAXoycvitf, Kai ilircAviTai' 

37 Kai Kaiifmjuav oi iipiit. Kai oi Aohtoi, Koi ol Ik tov Iit- 
pa^A jv Iipovo'aA^fi. Kai iv rg X'"P? ^ vovfu^ia tou fiipot 
tou i^Sopav, Kai ot uCoi "lo-pa^A iy ran kotowuiis aAruv. 

38 Koi innrq}(&i] irac to irA^floi o^ioA'fiaSoi' ciri to iupu;(iupov 

39 TOU irpos ofaToXa; tov Itpov TuAuvof, Kai itntv 'Eo'Sp^ Tu 
itpci Koi iyaynnrry, kq/ikhii tov vo/iov Mwut^, tov iropa- 

40 &o$it^a Siro Kvptbu €><ov 'lapa^. Kai ^Kii/iiirtv 'EoSfiot 
d ^^upcuf TOV vd^ov vaiTi rif tAiJ&i diro aiSpuiirov (uK 
ywaiKos, Kai 700*1 tois icpfMriv, dKouToi TOV vofiwt vov^ijvi^ 

I. EsJiB*8 IX. 15—40. 

took this matUr apoD them : and MoeolUm 
Hiid Leria aud tjabbatheus helped them. 
"And tliey tliat were of the csptivitj did 
ocoording to all these thinga. " And Eadnu 
the priest ehuse unta him the priDcipol men 
of their familiea, bU br name: and in the 
first dnj of the tenth month ther sat to- 
gether to examine the matter, "So their 
cause tlut held strange irives ms brought 
to an end in the first day of the tint 

"And of the priests that were come to- 
gether, and liad strange wives, there were 
found I "of the sons of Jesus the lOH of Jo- 
ecdcc, and liis bretliren ; Matthel&s, and 
l!;ieaiBr, and Joribus.and Joadsnus. *'And 
the/ gaio their liands to put away their 
wives, and to olTor rams lo make reooncile- 
ment for their errors. 

"And of the sons of Emmer: Anftoiat 
and Zabdeus, and Manes, and tiamffius. aod 
lliereeLandAiarioa. » And of the sous of 
Phaisur; Elionais, Massios, Ismael.ondNa. 
tlianaci, and Gcodelus, and ijoloao. 

'■And of the Iierites: Joubod, and Semis, 
and Coins, who noa called Calttoe.and Pa- 
th eus. and Judas, and Jouoa. "Of the holy 
singers: Eleoaabus, Bacchuru& » Of the 
porters 1 Solumus, and Xolbaaes. 

lliermos, and Jeiius, and Metebias, and 
Uaelus, and ElcuEor, and Asebios, and Ba. 
nmu. VQf the lousof £la; Uatthanii^ 
Zucliorias.aad Jeirielus. and jDab(liu:>, and 
iiiereiDuth.and Ai'dios. "And of the aoui 
rimoth,audSabatus.andZ«»liaa. ■'Ofths 
sous 0^ Bebai ; Joannes, and Ananias, aud 
Josabad, and Amathcis. ""Of the sons of 
Mani ; OIunius.Mamuchus.JedeuH.Jasubus, 
Ja«ael,and Hicremotb. >' Ami of the eons of 
Addi i Naathus, and Aloosias, fjieuniis, and 
Nniiius. Mutthamiu, siiilSesthvl, Bainiiiu, 


aud f 

elthias, ai 

SflbbBUB.and Simon thosai 

theaonaof Asom; Altaneus.nnd Mattathio^ 
aud SabanDi'iia,KlipliaJat,and Dfanoaiics.auiC 
Hcmei. "And of the sons of liaaui: Jere. 
miss. Momdis, Ismocrus. Juel. Mabdai.aad 
Peiltas, and Anas, Kuhoaion, and Enoaibui, 
niidMsmnitanaiuiue.Eliasia, Bannus.KliHii, 
Samis, Selcmioa, Natiianias: and of tU sons 
of Ezora: ^eais, Esril, Axoclus, Saniatua, 
Zomhri. Josephua. "AnJ of the sons Tif 
Elhma; MaziLiHs, Zubudaias, Edata, Juel, 

"All these had taken strange wivee, and 
they put them away with their children. 



mouth : .. 

their habitations. 

''And the whole multitude cams together 
with one accord into the broad place of th6 
holT porch toward the east: "and they 
Bpais unto Esdras the priest and reader, 
that he would bring the law of Motes, that 
was given of the Lord Ood of Israel •'So 
Esdras the chief priest brought the law to 
the whole multitude feno. im.\i Vo-wwwim., 
and to *tt.<CB* ■vtw«Ii»,\»^MW« "OE.t^K^^ -ai-isft 

I. EsDSAS IX. 41—55. 22 ESAPAS. A'. 

first day of the seyenth month. '•^And he rov iBSoaov iinvo^. Kal dveyiWriccv iy t$ irpb tov tcpov 41 

read in the broad court before the holy v« '^» ,' t> » zi • ' « / » ' » 

porch from morning unto midday, before 'rvAwvos cv/ovxcopy, i( op&pov cws /iccn^s i7^^^3a9, ckcditiov av- 

Doth men and women ; and tdi tlie multi- 8owv tc kcu yuwii/cwv kcu iiriSatKOV way to itXw^os tov vovv 

tude gave heed unto the Uw. ^. ^x^ / ^^ 

** And Esdras tl le priest and reader of the '^ ' 

law stood up upon a pulpit of wood which Kcu l[<rrn "EaSpa^ 6 upcvs kcu &vayvwmi^ rov voulov ctti 42 

was made /or ^^t purpose, ^'And there ^ax'o' « zj' v^ » 4o 

BtoodupbyhimMattathias,Sanimus,Aua- tov (vAivov prffmroi tov KaTao-/c€vaa6'€VT09. Kcu con/crav 43 

nias, Azarias, Urias, Ezecias, Baalsamus, ^rap* avTo> MaTTO^ias, Sa/JifU)V9, 'Avavtas, 'A(a/}ux9, Ouptas, 

Lothasubus, Nabarias, Zacharias. xal Mura^X, McA.;(ai9, AtaOdxrovPo^, Na^opias, Za^apias. 

**Then took Esdras the book of the law -^ \ » x n\ fr> ^ \ o n\ ^ . / ** \ //i ^i? 

before the multitude : for ho sat honour- Kat avoAapwv Eabpa^ to pipAiov tvonrtov tov TrArfuov^, 45 

ably in the first place in the sight of them alL ^po^KdOriTO iin^$m ivumioy wdvroiv. Kat iv tu» Xvnai tov 46 

* And when he opened the law, they stood v / » a \ m % »x / »V» c 

all straight up. So Esdras blessed the Lord vofJLOV, iraiac9 opC^ot €<rrqa'av ku cuAoyTcrcv hadpa^ tw 

God most High,the God of hosts, Almighty. Kvptai 0€w vi/^urro) 0€w (raBauiO wavroKpaTopL. Kat cttc- 47 

** And all the people answered, Amen ; and ./* X \ \'*/j'*> ^« » ^ 

lifting up their hands they fell to the ground, <l>tovrj(r€ vav to 7rAiy^09. ofirjv- Kat apavTC9 avw Tas x^^pas. 

and worshipped the Lord. irpooTrecrovres im rnv yrjv, irpoa'€KVvno'av tw Kvpto). 

**Also Jesus, Anniuth, Sarabias, Adinus, , ^ ^ , ' ^ ^ . « x x t / ^o 

Jacubus, Sabateas, Auteas, Maiannas, ana Ii^orovs, kcu Awtoud, kcu Ao-po-puii, Kat IaO(vo9, kcu la- 4o 

the Lord^ and read the law of the Lord to kou *I<o(a)33o9, Kal *Avavta9, ^aXui9^ ot Acvtrat, iBlSaxTKOV 

de?sUnd it""*®' ^^'"* ^^^^ ^'^^ ^ ^' "^^ *'^'^'' ^^'^ Kvptou, Kat wpos to ttX^o^ (ivcytVuxTKOV tov 

*Then spake Attharates unto Esdras the vofxov tov Kvptov, c/i^uortouvTe9 afta t^v dvayvoxTtv. 

chief priest and reader, and to the Leyites rr y 9 »a/j' ^c^^ «* *» ^i ' >ift 

that taught the multitude, eyen to all, say. Kat cIttcv ArGapaTq^ Eordp^ tu> apx^pti. kol dvayviMnrj, 43 

ing,»Thisdayisholyunto the Lord: (for ^ai TOts AcvtTaw Tot9 StSacrKOWt to 7rXw^09 hn wavT09, ^50 

they all wept when they heard the law :)c/ » i^«' '^v-' ^ ^* ^ " \ i-» 

" go then, and eat the fat, and drink the W^P^- ^^ ^^'^ ^7^ ^V ^vpup- KOt iravrcs CKAatov Iv Toi 

sweet, and send part to them that haye no- oKOvo-ai tov vofiov /3a3t(ravre9 otv ^yerc XiTraor^aTa, kcu 5 1 

thing: "for this day is holy unto the Lord : f^^^ .a,.^^«...«»« ^^) A^^,^^t\^^^ A^,x^^.^^\>,e. m.^7r. ,.:^ i^^^* 

andl>o not sorrowful; for the Lord will ^^^^ yXvKao-fiaTa, Kat airooTCtAaTC aTrooroAas TOts /xiy Ix^y- 

bring you to honour. aiv ayia yap rj rjfiepa tu) Kvpuji* kou firj Avir€UTU€, o yap 52 

" So the Leyites published all things to Kvpt09 8o^ao-€i vaa^, 

the people, saying. This day is holy to the '^ ^ ' ^ x««/ / <«/ 

Lord ; bo not sorrowful ** Then went they Kat ot AcvtTat ckcAcvov Travrt tw Oi^/Kp, A€yovT€9, r) r)fi€pa 53 

ttre;Vra7dr«l?e^'to Sd -rf ^y^-M^^-^'^e. Kal jxoyro na^.,<l,aynv Kal ..«. 54 

had nothing, and to make great cheer : ^ be- Kat €v<f>paLV€a0aj., Kat oowat aTTOoroAas TOts p.rj c^ovo't, kou 

had been assembled. ols cdtOax^Tcav, Kat iiriavyrj\(7i^av. 

TOBIT I. 1—15. 

T 12 B I T. 

B1BA02 Xoyui' Tui^T, tou TiafiajX, fov 'Anu't^ tou 
A£ovqX, ToD Pa|3a^, ix tov tnrcp/taros Atriijk, in Trjt ifivkijv 

2 Uti^Baij, St ■g)(/xa}jiiTtv^ if ^fiipoK 'EvtiUToapov tov ^atii- 
Xitai 'Xaavpuitv Ik ®Urprp, ^ irrrai ix Stitwv kv&uik t^ 
Nc^0aAi if rg TaXiXai^ mrtpdyia'Aai^p. 

3 "Eyu TiiipW oSott tU.ijfi'ttas iiropaMfi.r]v kcu Sucotoowiif 
iratras ris 'J/'-V^ '^^ ^"^ A"*"' ""■'■ Wfjfutfwas iroXAas 
^on^ca rots iZ^XipOK pov, kcu tu (A^i. to(i Trfunropivfiitri 

4 fMT jftou (is )(u>piw Aatrvptuiv tit Nivev^. Kai ori tj/iiji' fc 
TJ X*^? ^o" ^ ^ 7D Itrpa^A, v«uT«pou /lOu ovros, wikj-ii i^uA,ij 
roi) Nc^^oXl tov ira,Tpo9 p.ov airitmj liiro tov oikov IcpocTO- 
Aupuv, T^ (nAcyCHrTj airo iroiriui' riiic ^vXuiy IfrpaqX. cis to 
fttruifdc jrotras tos 0uXos' tni Tyiotrftj 6 coos t^s naTo- 
O'lnTCuia'tait rov v^urrou, icat yKO&)/iq^ «(S xoo'iis ra; ytvcas 

5 Kai irmrtu a! ^uXoi a! mvavoaratTai ■Aioi' tq BooX t^ 

6 SofioA^i, Kai 5 oTKot tJtif>$a\t tov varpot funi. Kfyvt p.6vos 
iiroptud/iijj' irXiovaKi; (f; 'J(po<roAu/*a fo rats ioprow, «aftljt 
■ytypairrai wuvii tiu Iwpa^, iv wpouTaypaTi aiavuf, ras 
ds'ap;i[as, Kai ris 6(icaras Tuic yonj^TUV, KOi tm xpwTOicov- 
piaf 1X<"I', KOI JSlSoVF aVTOf TO(S UpcOo'l tok vtots 'AofJUV 

7 «y)Dv ro Awuumjpiov iratriuv TiSi' yoTTj^drtiw. T^v itKanjv 
iBiSouv Tots uloii Ami tois flfpajrcuowrtc ds 'Itpovo-oA.^^, xai 
T^c Sfvr^pav StitiirTi' a7r«irpariio^?;i', Kill iwoptvoitip' koi 

8 iSaJTiii'uii' airra tv 'Ifpoo-oXii^iS no? ttiMTTOi' (viavrov, Koi 
TTp' TpiTTpf iStSow ols KoffrJKa, KaOuK ivertiXaro At^S^uipa ^ 
liTfflp to!) irarpm fUJV, SioTi ^p^xiyos KoitXtiifi&rjv imo toC 
irarpos funi. 

9 Kru oTf iytvop-Tp' injp, iXa^ov Away yinuimi Ac tou 
airippJiTot T^ irarpios ^/uui" kcu tyinricra i$ air^ Tiapiav. 

10 Kai oT( ^;i(;uiX(i>TirjAj/in' cts Nivcti^. Ttdvm ot i&tkifiai /xou, 

Kil o( Jk tou yn'ous fiov ^ofiio^ Jk tui' ^proii' tuf iOvSar 

11,12 //u Si <rvvtTr)pirf(ra Ti)v i)ni)(^ fiov fii) ifiayta', KaAyrt 

13 ifU^irjpipr TDU ®foO iv oAg TQ I^X^ flOU. KcU fSuiKO' 

o v^uTTo: X'V"' "'"' ^°P^'' ntinriov Evi^uinrapov, mtt ^fxiji' 
auToii dyopoirrTS. 

1 4 Kai (TofXuo/iiTf <is t^ Mi^Suxv, kiu iroptBipifv Ta^a^Xif 
Tip dScX^ Ta^pia if 'Pa-yttK Ttjt Kr/Siai, ipyvpiov rctAaiTa 

1 5 &oia. Koi &t€ ariOmitv 'EytpMirtrap, ijBaat^xuiTi %twa}(rip\fi 
i uios auTov ivT auiov, koi at 6&>i airoG ^Kartarraffriffav, inxi 
ovK In ^vyatr&ip/ TroptxiS^ytu (is t^i' Hijfiuiv. 

Ths book of tlie words of Tobif, the ws of 
Tobiel, the eon of Auuniel. the sou of AdueL 
the Bon of Gubael. ol' tlie seed of AmicI, of 
the tribeof NvphiWi; 'who iu the time of 
EnemeMar ting of the iisyruun was led 
captiie out af Thiabe, vhich is at the right 
lisnd of that dtj, which ie tailed pli)p«rly 
Mephthftli in OalUco ubOTo Aaer. 

I Tobit bsTe walked all the dayi of m* 
I ID the way of truth and iiutice, and I 
1 many alms-deeds to my b ' 

with n 

3 Ninev. 

thfliand of the AMynana. "*And when t 
was in mine own country, in the land of I»- 
rael, being but yoiiag. all the tribe of Keph- 
thuli my father fell from the bouse of Jeru- 
lalem.wbicb was chosen out of all the tribe* 
of Iirael, that all the tribes should sacrifice 
tliere,ana ahert the temple of the habitation 
of the most High was coDsecrated and built 

for a 


1 the tribes irhicb tooether re- 

flcedunt „_ 

I alonewent often to Jerusalem at the feasts, 
as it was ordained unto all the people ot 
Israel bf an ererlasting decree, liaring the 
Grst- fruits and tenths of increase, with that 
whieh was first shorn ; and them gave 1 at 
the altar t« the priests the children of 
Aaron. ''The first tenlhpartof all iunrease 
1 gaie t« the sons of Aaron, who ministered 
at Jemsalem: enotlier tenth part I sold 
away, and went, and spent it erery year at 
JenuHlem: 'and the third IgSTeuDtothem 
to whom it was meet, as Debom my father's 
mother had commanded me, because I wa* 
left an orphan b]r my father. 

as come to the 

kindred, and'of her I begat Tobiaa. "And 
wheu we were carried away captives to Hi- 
neve, all my brethren and those that were 
tile& "But 1 kept myself from eating; 
■■ because 1 remembered Qod with all mr 
heart. "And the most High gare me grace 
and foroar before Enemetsar, so that 1 wiu 
his purreyor. 

"Andl went into Media, and left in trust 
with Oabael. the brother of Qsbrias,at Ba. 

S!B a city of Media, ten talents of sil»or, 
Now when Enemesnr was dead, Senna- 
cherib his son reigned in bis stead ; whosa 
estate was troubled, that 1 coidd nat «;> 
ioto Uedim. 

ToBiT I. 16—11. 13. 24 TQBIT. 


the naked: and if I saw an v of my nation vukti, kou. ifidria rots yvfivois* ical ct Twa Ik tov y€vous fiov 

dead, or cast about the walls of NineTe. Iiij' a * \ %%• / »_/ '*'xt ** 

buri^ him. w And if the king Sennachenb f^^^P^w r^OvriKOTa Koi ^€ppLfifi€yov cwrto-a) rav Tctxovs mvanj, 

had slain any, when he was come, and fled iOavTov avTOV, Kai ci nva dTrcKTCWC ^wa^qplfi 6 /Scuri- 1 8 

his wrath he killed many; but the bodies .r^ x T * i*/i *^.J %fy //l_«x 

were not found, when they were sought for woAAous yap dTrcKTCivcv cv t<j) C7u/x<p aurov iccu c^iyn/cn; irnio 

*^ iS 4® J ^*L i. a^i -M^- •. . Tou iSocriXccds Toi ortaaara, Koi guy €vpiOn, 

'•And when one of the Nmerites went tt /» ^ ^\ f *- t -kt « T /^ > « /> \ « x m 

and complained of me to the king, that I Uiop€V&€is bi €19 twk €V r^ivevy, vir€d€i^€ t« /Joo-iAci ircpi 19 

buried them, and hid myself ; understand- iuov ort OaTTTfa avrous, ical iKovBriv iTnyvovs §€ on trnovixai 

mg that I was sought for to bo put to death, » a «* ^ p n ^ » ' ir ^ if ' ' ^ on 

I withdrew myself for fear. » Then all my airo^avctv, ffioprje^i^ av€xtaprj<ra. Kai^ StiypTrayiy irai^a ra 20 

goods were forciblv taken away^ neither was virdpxovrd fiov, kol ov KaT€X,€L<f>$Yf fioi ovSkv, v\rp^ "Avyag Trj% 

'J!nZ "a"/d *^r«,rTo"bL.'"Jf'SnMS T^-^'^, ^. Kai ^cov roC vU ^. Kol o« 8.5X^0. 21 

passed not fifty days, before two of his rjfjLtpa^ TrcmyKovra, €to>s ov air€KT€ivav avrov oi Ovo vuh avrov 

son reigned in his stead ; who appointed vios avrov avT ovtov, Kai €Ta^«v Ax'Mxapov tov AvarjA viov 

over his father's accounts, and over aU his tov dStXthov aov iirl vaaav rnv €KXoyurrtav rm iSoiriXcittS 

anairs, Achiacharus my brother Anaels son. » ^ \ » \ ^ ^t' 

«And Achiacharus intreating for me, I O'Vtov, kcu ctpi irttO-aK n/v diotioyaiv. 

returned to Nineve. Now Achiacharus was Kai n^iWcv 'Avtavapos ir€pi iaov, Koi nXOov €U'SiV€vn, 22 

cupbearer, and keeper of the signet, and »*' ©%♦<»/ %»% -»© \/ xj 

steward, and oversew of the accounts: and Axtaxapos 8c r)v o oivoxoo«, Kai €m tov SaicTvAiov. Kai Siot- 

Sarchedonus appointed him next unto him : Krjrrf^, koi CKXoyurr^^, Kai KaT€(rrq<r€v avrov 6 Sax«p^vo9 cir 

JNow when I was come home again, and ^^^j.\ ' -xj .^ '^^ / ^ 2 «'/L. *a o 

my Wife Anna was restored unto me, with Ore 0€ KorqKuov €19 tov olkov fiov, kou dTTCOoCn; fioi Awa 2 

my son Tobias, in the feast of Pentecost, ^ y^ ^.ov, Kai Ta))3ia9 o V109 uov, Iv rn vevrnKoarn ioprn, 

which IS the holy feast of the seven weeks. I, ' , ' '^ , \ , x t/i® /^ % fA t K , '^ " 

there was a good dinner prepared me : and V^ ^<rriv ayia tirra c/JdofUi&ov, iytvrjthf apurrov kolAov fioi, 

I sat down to eat. ^And when I saw ^ai AveVcca tov ^ayciv. Kai c^cao-auwv oil/a iroXXa, koi 2 

abundance of meat, I said to my son. Go » »« c '« o^^ ^ « k * ^ *■> 1^ \ 

and bring what poor man soever thou s\ialt cfTra Ty viw /xov. ^odwrov Katayayt 5v fiv cvp2;9 Ta»v dScA- 

find out of our brethren, who is mindful of ^aiv -qfjuav cvSc^, 09 fiifivriroL tov Kvpiov, Kai iBov fX€V(a ore. 

%';?t'ti»i'2kiiS:;';f/2Ld!' Kai IX^k «!«. ndr^p, .UJk roO y^.o», ^pSv ^arpayyaXo.- 3 

of our nation is strangled, and IS cast out in fi€V09 IppLirrai, iv t^ dyopt^* K^ya> irpivq ytMraxTUOA fi€f 4 

into a room until the going down of the sun. Kai €7riOTpci/ra9 cAovo'a/iiTV, koi 170-c/iov rov opTOV fiov cv 5 

•Then I returned, and washed myself, and Xv^rn. Kai iiivrja^v Tn9 Trpodmrcw 'Auws, ko^ cTirc, 6 

ate my meat m heaviness, ' remembering •*./ %,' x»« r'/i r« t»j 

that prophecy of Amos, as he said, Your orpa^i/o-ovrai ai copTai vp^v C19 Tr€i^09, xai Troo-ai at cv^po- 

feasts shall be turaed into mourning, and aU avvat vuiav €U Opnvov. Kai &cXav(ra- Kai otc c£v 6 nXio9, 7 

your mirtli into lamentation. * Therefore !»/ ^»'^•/ll »' tr^«\'i o 

wept: and after the going down of the sun W^H-V^* *;«* Vf^« ^^^^ ^^^^' ^^ ^'•^ irAiyo-iov ^jtc- 8 

I went and made a grave, and buried him. ytXmv, XeyoKT€9> ovk Iti ^ojSciTai ^vcv^^vai TTcpl rov 

"But my neighbours mocked me, and said, «.«',..«»,^ -.«,',«,. .^«> ^«.i;5^« .^«5 ?X#»,\ —/^'X.^ /)^«^^< «.»^w. 

This man is not yet afraid to te put to ^P<^yHfro^ rovTOV, Kai dir€bpa, Kai i6ov TraAiv e^airTCi tov^ 

death for this matter: who fled away; and veKpov9. 

At'elSht'!£o?^tX"od from the Kai iv afirp rg vvKrU.^v.r« ^a^a,, KaU.o.^^ M;M«V^- 9 

burial, and slept by the wall of my court- fi€i'09 Trapa tov toixov rq^ avArj^, Kai to irpwrw/trov fujv 

yard, being poUuted, and my face was un- axoXvirTOV wv. Kai ovk wSciv OTi aTpovOia iv t« toiyw cWi- 10 

covered: '"and I knew not that there were x « t ,/i x « V / »_i '^ n /j/ 

sparrows in the wall, and mine eyes being *««' ^lov o<t>daXfioiv fwv dv€ifyoT<ov, o<^<tfd€yo-av Ta arpov&ia 

open, the sparrows muted warm dung into Stppov €19 T0V9 dfhOaXjiov^ pLOV, koi iytvrfin XcvKoauaTa Iv 

mine eyes, and a whiteness came in mine ^ »m/\ \ -* ^ 1 ,//i,„. '\^ ? ^* ^ * 

eyes; audi went to the physicians, but they ''^^^^ o<^6»aVoi9 /aov, Kai iTropci^ wpo9 £aTpov9, Kai ovk 

helped me not : moreover Achiacharus did d>^€krj(Tdv fie* *Axiaxapo9 8c Irpc^ p.€ c(i)9 ov irropcvOriv cis 

nourish me. until I went into Elymais. ^... »ir\,...«^5U 

I'And my wife Anna did take women's ^^ il^Av/xaida.^ ,/,,,. 

works to do. ^ And when she had sent them Kai ^ ywiy /aov Awa ^pic'cvcro cv T019 ywaiKCiois, Kat 11 

home to the ownew, they paid her wages, a^^^AXc Tor9 Kvpioi?. Koi dTrc&uKav aArw Kai avroi tov 12 

giving Aer also besides a kid. «And when ^, ^, ^• « ^r^ s\ ♦i/a ^ ^ » a ,« 

It was in my house, and began to cnf, I said pMrtfov, 7rpoo-dovTC9 Kai cpi<^v. Otc dt rjAfft wpoi /ac, rjp^To IS 

unto her. From whence is this kid? is it not xpofciv Kai ciTra avro, Tro^cv to ipCdnov ; iaw KXci/fiiAatov 

stolen ? render it to the owners ; for it is .'^ 7 , /^ » \ "^ / » * /i ' 1 i « 

not Uwful to eat any thing that ia stolen. «n-iv; airodos avro T019 Kvpioi9' ov yap C^c/aitov iari «^yciv 

TQBIT. 25 ToBiT II. 14— III. 17. 

14 icXc^ifiarov. *H 8c cTwc, Slapoy SeBorat fioi iirl tS fjntrOZ* "But she replied upon me, It was given foi» 

^*»' t" ^•»\ j^^' '»^ i»a gift more than the wases. Howbcit I did 

icai ouK «'^i^««»; a«TB- Kai tXtyov ATroScSovat avro tow not believe her, but bale heTrendir it to 

Kvpioi^, Kat T^pvOpuDV irpos avTTjv rj oc airOKpid€L<ra ctirc fiot, the owners : and I was abashed at her. But 

troS .W ol ^^.a. <rov.Kal ol 8uca«HrvW <rov; JSoi S^^dTlTyrighXafdeed^^TeffitUr^^^ 

yvwrra Travra /jicra <rou. all thy works are known. 

fl^ -x > d' »1S5' w Then I beiiw: grieved did weep and in my 

3 Kai AvTnyycts cxAavca, Kai wpoa-tv^dfirfv fJL€T oowri^, Acywv, sorrow praved, 8a>'ing, 2 O Lord, thou art 

2 Aucoios cT Kvptc, Kttt Trdvra ra cpya <rov. Km Trourai al 68ot crov if*^ *"°^5l!'^? works and all thy ways are 
,. , s PS fA X /' ,\ a y % ^ / X n^ercy and truth, and thou judgest truly and 
€A€7jfJL0<rvvai Kttt dAi)c^cta, Kat Kpunv aArjffivrjv kcu, bucatav av justly for ever. 'Remember me, and look 

3 Koi'ms €15 Tov aiiava, MimcrOnrl p.ov, Kat imBXtd/ov iir cue- on me; punish me not for my sins and igno- 

'^f .«« -f /''x«»/^/ '^x ranees, and the sins of my fathers, who have 

fATj fi€ €KbLKus Tttts o/tttpTtats /Aov ictti TOt? ayvoYjfxaaL fiov, Kai sinned before thee: <for they obeyed not 

4 TU)V Traripiav aov, a nuaprov cvowrtov cov. IlapnicGVO-av yap t)»y commandments: wherefore thou hast de- 

«*.v« x»<j «'«»s xx» V liveredusforaspoil, and unto captivity, and 

Twv cn-oW <rov, icat cSojica? i/fias^cis StapTrayiyv Kai aixp^aXio- unto death.andJfor a proverb of reproach to 

mav Koi OdvaTov koX irapaPoXrjv oveiSur/iou watrt tois €0v€<riy all the nations among whom we are dispersed. 

A* ^^. irr»r^^^f^.,^(i» 'And now thy judgments are many and 

iv ots €<rKopm(rfi€da. true : deal with me according to my sins 

- xr^** \\^« ' »^ \ >\ A \ tM t 's and my fathers'; because we have not kept 

5 Kat vvvvoXXaiai, Kpuj€i<i <rov cto-i Kai a\rf6ivai, cf €fiov thycommandments^neither have walked m 

iroiYJ<rai. Trcpt tu>i' afiapridv fiov Kai twv irariptav fiov, on ouic truth before tliee. "Now therefore deal 

»' ^»\' »x» '/L- _ » »\ zi ' with me as seemeth best unto thee, and 

€7roirja'afX€v ras crroAas croy. ou yap €irop€vdrjp.€y €V aAi/^ct^ command my spirit to be tak^ from me. 

6 Mrrrijov cou. Kat in)V Kara to apco'TOv €VU)7ri6v aov iroirjcrov that 1 may be dissolved, and become earth : 

^;i^Z- iniraiov dyaXaP.:. JO ^f^ m™, o^ a^oXyfli. {^' \^4?£±^ i°'"lSvr£rS''Lrse''A'? 

icat ycvoijuai yiy, Otori AwrtrcAct /ioi airoc^avcii^, ^ 4|;v on ovci- proaches, and have much sorrow: command 

Sio-uous i^cvScts WKOUo-a, ical Xumi cVri ttoXXw €V cuot- cVtrafov ^t^/'.^f^'?. ^^^^ ^ ™?y now be delivered out 

» \ /I- ' i , / v^ '. X ./ ' r X , of this distress, and go into the everlasting 

aTToAvC^vai /i€ n;^ avayio;? ^i/'ets tov auaviov TOirov, firj airo- place: turn not thy face away from me. 

(TTpeilrrK to irpoaroiirov aov air cuou. , ' ^t came to pass the same day, that in Ec- 

^ *^ '^ batane a city of Media, Sara the daughter 

7 *Ev rn avrn vaepa ovviBri t^ ^arpt 'PayotmA Sappa cV of Raguel was also reproached by her futlier's 
*^ o » - i* ^> r' r i ^ AT * ^ ? - maids ; 8 because that she had been married 
:EK/JaTavoi9 Tiy? Mi^ta?, Kai Tavrrjv ov€ibi(r(hjvai vtto TratdtcKwv to seven husbands, whom Asmodeus the evil 

8 TraTpos avTw?, oti ^v ScSoucni dvSpao-tv €irTa, Kai 'AcooSato? fPi'"!*^ i^d killed, before they liad lain with 

X x^ /»/ »x X f A » \ her. Dost thou not know, said they, that 

TO TTOvripov baifiovu>v axrcKrciw avrous, Trpti^ ycvcori^ai aurov? thou hast stranded thine iiusbands? tliou 

fiCT* avT^? a>9 iv yuvai^t* Kat ctTray avrw, ov om/tct? dxroTrvt- liast had already seven Iiusbands, neither 

' x»« *'^s^« xex»«*» wast thou iiamcd after an vof them. ^ Where- 

•yowa o-ov tow oi^pas; i^ irna «<'X«. «« ii'os ai;T<uv ovx fore dost thou beat U8 for them ? if they bS 

9 (avofiaaSri^. Ti ^/la? fiaxmyoi^ ; ct axrcaavav, paLu^t fi€T dead, go thjr ways after them, let us never 

10 auTw, arj IBoitUy <rov vlbv ^ Svyaripa ci*s tov aituva. Tavra ?f,t£i!if,t^!^^Tl^°°^^^"«^^*'•• '"^^^^'^ 
» . r* # r^ ,<c.»'T/>/i x» / 8"® heard these tlungs she was very sorrow- 
aKoiKToxra iKvinftri CKpoopa, okttc airaytao-^ai* Kat cittc, fiia ful, so that she thought to have strangled 

ucv €tui Tw TTttTpt ULOV cov voiviTO} TOVTO, ovftSos avT^ coTai, J»erself ; and she said. I am the only daugh- 

'^ X s'^ « * ,'^^'^ ,j. . .0/ . »o ' t«r of my father, and if I do this, it shall be 

Kai TO y7pas avrou KaTo^to fi€T odvvi/s cts ^u. a reproach unto him. and I shall bring hi» 

Tr^»^'/i ^ "/j't ^» »\ ^?xr' « old age witli sorrow unto the grave. 

1 1 Kat cSciyfty Trpos TiJ^vptdt, Kai cittcv, cuAoyiyros cl Kvptc o iixi,en she prayed toward the window. 

0€os fioVf Kai cuAoywTOV to ovofid aov to aytov Kat tvTifiov cis and said, Blessed art thou, O Lord my God, 

X »« >\ ' * ' 1^ * » X »« and thine holy and glorious name is blessed 

tovj atoivas- €uXoyi7(ratcrav o-c Travra Ta cpya crov cis tov aioiva. ^^^ l^onourable for ever : let all thy works 

12 Kai vt-v, Kvpie. tovs 6<t>9aXfJLOv^ fiov Kai to Trpocowrov fxov cis praise thee for ever. ^^And now, O Lord, 
13<riS«W EW.<l.oXI<r<«>«d^T2.^y5..-l ^^i.ov<raC ^^^ r;r 'ia"e""l'°Ju'Tof*°rh"f e^^! 

1 4 fic firjK€Ti ovctOtcTfiov. 5v yivaHTKCis, Kvpie, on Kauapa ct/xi that I may hear no more the reproach. 

15 Airo TrooTi? daapria^ dvSpo?. Koi ovk iaoXvva to ovoud uov "Thou knowest, Lord, that I am pure from 

»^x X w ^^ ft « ^'^^ , V r- r- all sm With man, "and that I never polluted 

ovdc TO ovo^a tov Trarpo? fiov €V Ty yu rrjs atxpiAaKria9 ;iov my name, nor the name of mv father, in the 

ttovoycvws €iu4 Tio iraToi fiov, koI ovy vTropYCi airrCj vaiBiov S land of my captivit jr : I am the only daugh- 

•^x ' / » *x 'sx »o \ ix t X ,c}x t ; » ^ ter of my father, neither hath he any child 

KXrjpovofirj<T€i avTOV, ov6€ 6£€X4>oi cyyvs. ov6^ wrapxwv avro* to be his heir, neither any near kinsman, nor 

vios, iva awrrjpT^u) ifiavrrp^ auroi ywaiKa, -^Siy dTrwA-ovTO /xoi any son of his alive, to whom I may Keep 

i-^J. ?..«./ ..«. y^,, . «./•> *? ..« ^riir<7 /../xi Afrr.,r^t7tj^! i,^ i-n-! mywlf for a wife: my seven husbands aro 

CTira- i^ari ^01 i-Qv;^ Kai ci fitf doKCi aoi^ aTTOKTCtvai fif, ctti- already dead; and why should 1 live ? but if 

Tofov CTripAc^ai ctt c/xe, koi firfK€Ti cAci^crai /mc, Kat OKOvcrai it please not thee that I should die, com. 

M€ omSicruoV. ??"^ ^™® ''T'I^t*? ^® ^*^ °^ ^®' *"^ P\*^y 

^« «/r«i.«/i^;A^r. takcu of mc, that I hear no more reproach. 

16 Kal.{<r,.o^ft,.po^cvx^dM^^pu.v6.fcr.ovr^ befo'r^ t'SaTsrrS'ffc^ltoS^ 

1 7 ftcyoAov, Fa<^i^ kcu aircoraAiy uuraavai tovs ovo, tou ToifiiT lia.^\aA\'^nAvt\X\fi\iss6ii^ 

ToBiT IV. 1—17. 26 TDBIT. 

to scale away tbe whltflneu of Tobit'i ej-ci, Xm'tnu to XtvKiiuaTa, mu ^idpiaf rV Tou 'PavovnX SoSwu 

bind Atmodeiu the btU epirit; because Blie taifiovuiv, S(OTiTui/3ta<iri/3aXX<(KAi;f)0i'o/i^(uavn]v. Evauru 

entered into his liouse, and Sara the dsugh- Su^pa ^ tou PayouqA itaTc/)i; <« tou inrt/Hjiou outijs. 

^ft^be"'*'"' "^^ '''""' ''^°' ""' "'''"^ '^^ ■^ '''^^ '"'^ V»^^ Tu>^.T Tctpi. TO« apyupiou. oS 4 

Id that dsTTobit remembered tbomonor vapiBtio To^a^ w 'PayoK T^ Mj/SiW ^a\ uir€V iv iavri^, 2 

which hehsd committed toGsbael inEsgei hjit ■n-nwa.u.TU' fovaTOf, Ti Ou icaXu TmBiay toc uIoV (ton. ii™ 

of Media, 'and aaid with himself, I liavo ', .". ' 7^.1 ' i a - 

wirfied for death ; wherefore do I not call ""^ inroilti^, irpi^ AiroOayiw fit { 

for mf son Tobias, that 1 may sigmfr to Kot Kokieras avroy, (Tir<, iraiBtov, lav Aso6ant, Bailor iJ.t, 3 

^"ifd";iSZ'h?d",M hta. 1. «id, IT m>v% fi' fr 'r "r.-'r '.^" ™ 'i*? ' 

Ur son, when I am dead, bury me ; ann Ttft ianp trmi, kcu iraui to dptirrov avrg, xai fiij XvinjcrTjs avrqi'. 

desinse not thy mothm. but honour her all M^^ftp-., irolS/o^, or. iraXAois i«vSvVo« iiipa^o- ctt! troi j>. 4 

tbedajiofLhj life, and Jo that wliioh shall . i^,', ', , '., .,, , , . Tv , ., -, 

please lier, and grierchtr not. *Ii*metnber, TJJ KOiAiy orav dirottevj, Oailmr aunjc Trap t/ioi ti" m Ta^. 

XI'Mi«»«'('i.Xe?wZbT'andw''heD''.he "-^^ ™^, ^'',^'' r'^^■ '''''"'';'' ^^ ^°^ TT '"^^ * 

is dead, burj bee hj me in one grave. iwytvt, «cu ftij PtAijtrps afiapTai-eii' kcu ■trapafitjrai tqs fiToAAs 

Qodall thy days, and lot not thy will beset , .. _ ',„ . . ,, , '7^ •(■»',• ' , - 

to sin, or to traiiSBress )u« commandments ! ^V wopoit^ ran oi>oit nji dilotias. AioTt ttoiovftos <rov njv 6 

do unrigbtly all thy life long, and follow iXn6aav, tiaSuu iaavTOi iv tom ipyoK trov, xai vatri toU 

not the ways of nnrigbteouaness. ' For it - , , . .„ _ T' , • i\ « 

thoudealtnity,thrdorngB«haUprotperon8iy miawn Ti)v Smaioouvrp'. _ Ek ntf^ujrapfiovniv voi ^oiii IXtrj. 7 

, fAtij/Mxninjv /*^ i.wo<rrpi\fi^ to ^rpocrmirdv c " ' 
nT(up(oi), KQi i.Tto aau ai fii) ivoarpatfig to vpoi 
Qi um ijrap)(Oi xoia to jtXij6tK, ironjcrov J£ aunuF iknj/io- 

accordingly! if tbou hare but a OTii-iji" iay &)dyov ctoi wropxi;. koto to dKiytw firi ^o^ou irowrf 

little, be not afntid to give ftccordins to iKrnu.o<rii'm'. Qiiut yap Ayadov $mTavpiC€it atavnt th iii.ipay 9 

that lill.1i>- "fnr llioii larest no a BOod , ,"^ ', , "7, '^^ / , i ."^ .. ' , ,^,.Tn 

,. auayKtji. aiori iAtTjfunrevi) tK aavarov pucToi, kcu ouk (^ lU 

T lurtX^civ f(s TO o'KOTot. ASioov yap iya86v iimv iXrnuoavvn 1 1 

tromaeatti. ana BUOoretii not i« come inio - ~ - > > , > '■.,,■ ' 

darkness. f>Foral"i. is a good gift unto all r<«n ro.s :roiovo-tv_a6n,.- fvfun-uiv Toy ui/-otou, _ 

that give it in the siRhtof the most High. Ilpoo'e^i^c atavr^o, irai^iov, un^o Ttairtfi vopviias, koi ymruMix 12 

ol,'i'.irS.'''.''!.i!l'°oT'S ISd'Sf' ShJ "1^.°'' "^' ''^ "' mv>«.ra Ti. ™t<p<,«. cr«,- fi, ii^js 

fatbers, and take not a atrange woman to yvmujto. oMorpiav, fj o£k loTif Ik ti)i ^uAi^t tou vaTcpo^ trov, 

wife.wUeh is notoflhy father's tribe; for J.irt uioi xpoAmw ieruo-. Nw, 'A/Jpaou, 'ItronK, '[QKiS. Oi 

we are the children of the prophets, Nof. , , *_ ^ J , JT ,\. r^i-^T' • ^ '^ , , 

Abraham, Isaac, and Jnpob. Bemember. my "urspfs ^^uui' ii»o rou auuvot, /injoWjTt, jrotOiov, OTi auroi 

son, that our lather* from, the beginning. navTK tXoBov ywiuKat Ik tSiv iS*XdMOV avniv, Koi tuAovn^- 

eventbattheyallmarncdwiTesoftlieirowu . - "^ . ' , . . . , ■ - i '- 

kindred, and were blesiMKi in their children, <"•»' "" tois TticvoK avnai', Kai to ampfta avrwv KAijpovo^ijoti 

and their seed shall inherit the laud. ynv. 

"Sow therefore, my son.loTe thy bre- v • .- _ s* i '— - * is \j. : ' " '_ •« 

thren. and despiw .lot in thy heart tliy Kaiyvy.^mSioy, iyara Tot^ dS(X<^w uov, Kai^/xr) iwtp. 13 

bretliren, the sons and danahlerg of thy ij^vtDOv tjj Kopoiif irov diro Tviv iSfXipuiv irou, icai Tui' uiuv 

pJ%'3iSr.;j::"uS Vruf .'.is ;•; »r'?r "= ^= .». j.?.:. ™"* « ™ rr-™- 

in lewdness is decay and great want: for ouin iy rg tnrtp^^i'if airioKtta xai oKaTarrraaia iroU^, Kal 

lewdness is the mother of famine. "1*1 ly ^^ ivwionn-i tXarriairw itoi ifSfia iHyoin- n yip (iyacumjc 

not the waget of any man, which hath , " f^, ', . ■.,(). -./,'.' '/ .f'^, T , , 

wrought (br thee, tarry with thee, bnt giiB l"f"tp sori Tou Aifiov. Miotfo; iravTos avPpuffl-ou 5s (ac <pya- 14 

liim it ont of hand: for if thou serve God, mtrai, irapa. iroX ah aiXm^mw, dAA" avoSm avTul trap' avrtna- 

lie will also repay thee: be circnmspect, ■• jj i - - Vs - j s u.; ' ' 

my son. in aU thing, thou doest. and be *'^ 6ouX.w^ Ty 0€y. dwoSoeVTni o-oc 7rpoo-tx< o-mvrif., 

wise in all thy conyersation. " Do that to iroiBibc, iy 5rSo-i TOis ipyoK oov, ital Wi irnrni&u/iCTOS fv miin; 

ness go with thee in thy journey. fit} irii^, nu fif] nopfimiTia fina aov /xcA] Iv Tg oSuJ aov. 

iidfi^ofthybreadtothehnngrrandof ^ j 5^ 5^ n-«u^KT., (cal U t£>v Iparuuy aov IG 

thy garments to them that arensked; and , _^^ - * ,. , ' u ^ ■ i 

according lo thine abundance giye alms ; Tois yv/ivoK- Jrac 5 «av jr«puronjOTJ troi, woi« t^xtj/ioavvjp; Ktu 

andletnottbineeyebeenrious.whentbou „i ieowtraTiu (rou oifloAiios fr T^ woulv o-« aeijooow™. 

givest alms. "^ Pour out thy bread on the C,' ^^ , , ^^ , V » .j - » . "^ . ' > , - 

buriklof tlie just, bnt pre nothing to tbo ttXMc tow i^tovs crow ftn tov to^oi' tmc JluauiX', lou /»^ 17 

_ _. _ 8 do delii 

from death, and aufioreth 



Ttprov, KOI /(^ KaTar^ponjcrjjs iirl jrauiji crvfi0ov\iiK xprfa-ifnj^. 

9 Km tv irotTi jcatpu (tAoyfi Kupioi' TOi- 0(6v, Kcu Trap" atirov 
al-nfTOV, o-irur; al oSoi trov ti^iuii y6'<iin^<, icai irao-ai oj. Tplffot 
Kai /lovXai aov ftioSiiiOiiKri- Suiri trSv i6vo^ ovk i)(€t ;9ouA.^v, 
liAA ain-Of 6 Kvpiof St&rxrt Totra to dt'^o^, kqI Sf jav dtA.);, 
raiTRVor Ka6iK /SmJAcrac Kai vuv, muSioi', funjfiovtvt ruv (V- 
roXwi' ;iou, Kai ft-ij i^aXtiijiO^^nKTav ix t^ KapSiat trov. 

Kai vfi' vnoStuo'viii <iot ra Sckq roAuvia too Apyvpiav, & 
vapiOifirp' ra^aqAi|i rui roS Tappia iv 'PayoK r^ MijSi'a;. 
' "i nrrai^cuTa^ci'' uwupj^ci iroi woXAA, 
I ctiroaT^ iliro va/rrj; dfiajyriat, ical 

1 Kai /t-i] ifiopov 

E Tiu^i'as (iTTfv auTuJ, xartp, TroiiJtriB a-an-o 

2 ofO fkTfTaXtrai /joi. AXXa ttiu^ Surijuo^oi ka^ttv to opya- 

3 piov, Kai ov yd'oxrind aurdk'; Kai cSuiiicy aurio to ;i((ij»}ypa^f, 
Koi ftjuy auTui, f^r)}<rav utaur^ akdpuiiroi' uf tnyin'apnjctrai 
croi, Kol SiMrut avTy /lurtiof cms £u>, koi Xdfft irop€ii$f,ii to 

4 Koi IrroptiBti ^tlrijtTai avQpioirov, Kai (Gp( "Fa^^A, 09 i]i' 

5 ayycXot, Kai o^K ^Sti' Kai itjnv ouTw, c( Surafutt xopcu^fu 
ficTa (ToO (I* 'Payot! T^s MijSta;, Kai it ciiTtapoi (I iw Toiraif . 

6 Kai (Tir.fv avTU ayycXot, xopcura/iai ^cra 90v, Mat t^ oSov 
iltirapSi, Koi Topa Fa^aijK tov dSiA^uv ^^(uv ijiXiir^i'. 

7 Koi ctircv atrTi|> Tui/3ias ^irop.CLfcu' /ic, Kai tpai r^ Korpl. 

8 Koi ctircf air^, iropcvov, Koi ^^ ^ffKtvurjp- koj. (uriXduif, tlir< 
T^ TtaT/A, ISou tvpirjiia G; (rv/iiropiucrcrai ^oi' o ^ cTiri, ^aiytjiTin' 
avToy irpot fii, iki ^Ttyvu irouxf ^uX^f ^crri, kol (1 irurrot TOti 

9 Toptvdqi'ai ^<Ta iTuv. Kai JKoXnrfi' avrdf Koi tlir^X$t, xat 
iJtrjratravTO dAA^Xovs. 

Kai (Tir«' a&np Tui^t, ilScA^i, Jk rotaf ^lA^ Kai (k iroiat 

1 iraTpiQT it <ri ; viroSci^uv /ioi. Kai <rirn' aur^, ^vA^f Kai 
xaTpiay trt' ZrjTtii ; tj liiaSiov, §t (mpTrapiticrcTai ^era Tov vioO 
cTov ; Kai ilirtr avrif TiujOit, ^ovkaiiai, a&fki^c, iiriyriiinu rd 
ycFot (Tov, Kai to ovo/xa. 

2 0; Si clircv, fyu) 'A^apuit 'Avai'iov tou /leyaXov, Tuif aScA- 

3 ^v (TOU. Kai cTni' aijTi^, lyiaiimv iXSoK, dSiA^i' Kai pij 
/loi ^loflgs, 5ti f^^njira t^ ^uA^ mv, Kai t^v irarpuii' trou 
fTiyvSvaf Kai tru Tuyxac'i! AStXi^ds /lou ^k t^ koA^? koi 
iya$^ ytvtas- iirtyivuiaKov yap ryiii 'Avayiav KoX 'Iiuvoflov 
TOW Biots S(/i<i TOU ^«yaXo«, uk InoptvofitSa KOivCi^ tU 'Itpo- 
<r6\vfia TporrKuvtiy, dwi^ipoi-re! ra grpwroTOKa, kqi tos Scko- 
TO^ TKiv ycvwj/iaTiuv, irai oiw f7rXaii^ftj<rai' (K t^ irAdvij Tbiv 

4 a5<A^uiv ^fiuii'' <K ^1^1/9 KoX^ (T, o&A^t. 'AXXa (tirdf /10c 
Twa 1701 itrofiOi ^urSov SiSovai; Bpajfjiijy t^ iniipat, Kai Ta 

5 oc'oiTa CTOi w Kai tu vi^ pov, koI «ti w/xw^^oth ffoi iwl tov 
/A-urObv, toy vyiaivomf imarpiijnp-t. 

6 Kai ti&OKijaav ovtvk- Kai tttrt irpiK Tiopiav, irotfuK yivov 
vpos r^ oSoi'. Kai tiiAaStCTfif xai i^oi/uurtv a via; avrou 
Ta jrpos T^v oSdi'* Kai ttirrv airrJf o jrar^p avrov, Troptiiou fieri 
TOV Jvfi'pwirov TOUTOU, hi iv Tw oipavQ dikuv 0tdf <£o&tfO'(i 
T^ liSoy v/xuiv, Kot a ayytXiK airrav <rvii.voptv6-^rto vfutr koi 

ToBiT IV. 18— V. 16. 

wicksd. " AA couumI of ill tbat ore wisn, 
tad despise not aui counsel that U pro- 

'* Bleu ths Lord thj Qod olwa]', and cle. 
lire of bim that tliy vaj» niaj bo directed, 
and that all thy paths and counsels may 

but tbe Loiil himself xivetli all good thiun, 
and he humbletli whom ho xill. as he will ; 
nov therefore, my son, remember mf com- 
mandments, neither let them be put out of 
thy iDiud. 

"And novl signifr tliis to thee, that I 
oammitted ten talents t« Oeboel tlie ion at 
Qabrias at E«ge» iu Media. ^'And fear 
not, my son, that we are made poor : for 
thou hast much wealth, if tJiou fear Qod, 
and depart from all sin. aud do that which 
is pleasiug in his sight. 

Tobias then answered and tald, Fattier, I 
will do all things wliich tbou host com- 
manded me; 'but how can 1 reneiie the 
money, seeing 1 linowbimnot? 'Then he 

Kie him the handwriting, and said unto 
m, Seek thee a man which may tp with 
thee, and I will gire him wages whiles I 
yetliye: and go and receive Uic money. 

* Therefore when lie went to seek a man, 
he found Suphot'I that nUBanaDRel. 'But 

thou go with inii to Kagei? and kuowcst 
Ihou those places velli' < To nlioni the 
angel said. I nitl go with tbee. and I know 
the way well : for I Lave lodged with our 
brother QiibscL 

' Then Tobias said unto liim, Tarry for 
me, till I tell my father. ^Then he said 
unto him, Qo. aod lorry not So be went 
in and said to his father. Behold, 1 have 
founrl one which will go with me. Then 
h<' »iid. Call liiiii iiiitouK^.lhat I may know 
of what tribe he is, and whether lie be a 
trusty man to go with thee. ' So he called 
bim, and ho came in, and they saluted one 

" Then Tobtt said unto liim. Brother, 
shew me of what In be and family thou art. 
" To whom ho said. Dost thou seek for a 
tribe or family, or an hired man to go 
with thy son F 'I'hen Tobit said unto him. I 
woidil kno-w. brother, thy kindred and name. 

'' 'i'hen he said. 1 am Aiarias. tin ton of 
Ariiiiiina tlia great, and of tby brethren. 
' • rhin Tohit said, Thoa art welcome, 
liriilhir; be not now angry with me, because 
hiiie tiiquireil to know thy tribe and thy 
fiiijiil)-; for thou iirt my brother, of an 
holiest ilTnl 6&o.i Pto^-k : for I know Ananias 
mid iloiiulliuH, BOI19 III that great Samaias, as 
ne went together to Jerusalem to vorahip, 
and offered the firstborn, and the tenths of 
the fruits ; and they were not seduced with 
■' ' breJhrPn^niyhrother,tlior 

t of a 

t tell n 

, what 
a drachm 

wages shall 1 give tliee 

a day, and things necesmr/, na ui mino own 
son? "Yea.moreover.if ye return safe, I 
will add something to thy wages. 

" ao they were well pleased. Then sud 
ho to Tobias l"reparo thyseir for Ilie joui^ 
ney,and Qod send youagood journey. And 
when his son hod prepared all things for 
the journey, bis falher said. Go tiiou with 
this man, and God, -.\i>iV *.-«^-^ '^-^ 

ToBiT V. 17— VI. 15, 29 TQBIT. 

of God keep ™u com pane. So,therwent i^6av iudtortpoi ivtXStiv, km o Kuaiy rou atuS(Vu)V lur 
forth bolh, aud the yoimi mim < dog with , ' . ' ' ^ ' 

them. '"™»'- 

" But Anns liis mother wept, and nid to ■£! \_ e- •• ■ .,' > - > » l t cK- t it 

Tobit, Why hMtlhou sent »W»r our »n? E. W» 6. Awaj ^ijrrjp a„Tov. K<u 'l^^pO! Tw^ir, t. 17 

it he not tao staff of our hand, in going in efanortiAas to vaiMuii' ij/uui'; ij ouj(i ^ papooi Tip X'f^ 

re«pect of our child. " For that whioh the 'lov ij/iow; ApyCpiov rw d/>yvpli(i /uj ^fti<rai, AAXa -mpi.- IS 

ui. * Then «aid Tobit to her, T»ke no ^ "T „ _ , 'i , ' , . - . , '^^ „ » ,"^ r"- an 

oare, my eister; he »b»ll return in iafety, ""<" roti Kupiou, rouro iKoroi' ij/iiv vxap)(ti. Koi •tn-o- ovrn 20 

■nd thins eyea shall tee him. "For the TuifltT, Mfl Xoyov ivt iStXArt. ^yuuvuiv IKtutrerai, itai m idt- 

good angel will keep him eompanj, nnd hn a i ' -! • ' •* \ ■■ j n- - oi 

joumer.hall be p™.peron.,W^e shall ^^V"' ''°^ o^jTm ai-rov. Ayj-tAo* y<^ Aya^ <™,i™p™. 21 

return nfe, '^Then she made ■□ end of (rtnu avrf, Koi cuoSu>9^(Tai ^ oSot avroti, ko! innxrrpiif'tl 

"^^ M the, went on thdr ioumeri they ^y""^***- ^a' inav^mro «Aaib«ra. 22 

S?/lSdwtwi:*''AndwC'th^'S O' T' T-V"^^ ^•'/^''. ^Wov Wpas i,rl tJ* T^ypu- 6 

man went down to wash himself, a fish rorafuiv, itai jjuAiJorro tKti. io S< vni^un' itaTf/iif T«pt- 2 

Ie«ped out of the rirer and would have K\i(ra<rdai, kcu SvtTr^&ntrty Ivffii Atto tou jrora/ioy, «ai 

aeroured him. 'Then the angel said unto ,a \ 'a ■,''»." •» ct ■ \ t • ~ n 

Mm, Take the flsh. And the jouiig man tpavKifhi aiTawMiv to raiSdpuw. O bi ayycAot tliro' avrtji, 3 

laid hold of the fl»h, and drew it to land. finXajflou tou nOvir;- Kol iKparriat ruv lyfim to wmSaQKH', 
<To whom the angal seid. Open the flai. . ."□ , •'!'• - v'T ■-■ ' i j 

and Uke the heart aod the iK'er and the «« af*^"- "vtov h,^ tt/v ypv. ^ Kai cI™ aura, _o (i7y.XM. 4 

gall, and put them up safely. * So tlie iyaTt/ic Tov l)^vv, koi \apiov ttjv KOpoiav kol to ^irofi ku 

er.3" £ K 1 J"Si.ffl°srS t x^r «• ""t^-. J-i '',°'''>" " ™^»°' ,«.i™ = 

they did eat it: then they both went on ovrcu o ayyiAos- •rol' 6t i)(ffuv tirrq^avrK, tipayov Kai wSevov 

SS'te'^rSTi.'S Tir S S Vir. K . k.! .t„ ^ ™.!Vov -* arr-'*,, lAfV- i&i*i, "- w 6 

'Andheaaidunto him.Toucliing tlicheiirt ^ icopSia Jiai to ^imp Kai ^ x*^*? ■"*" 'X™"*' Kanlirfv afrru, 7 

troubio an'7 we mJst make"! shva" 'iVlrrof ^ ""^'" *"" ™ ^"^J '"" '''V "-^^^ Sai^uo'ftov J irwE^^ ^ron^ 

before the 'man or the woni^in, buiI Hi..' P***! raiTO &i KOSTitTai iwJirioi' drflpcujroti, § yinuucoSi Ki" 

party ihaU be no more Teied. "Aifortlie utim'ti ^yAnSn, 'H S< voXn, eyvpicrai £vdpuirov Sc fyct Acu- 8 

whiteneia in hiieyei, and he sl.nll be hialfd. "Wfiara tv to« o^CaA;io«, xai la^atrai. 

'(Is S( w/JOO-Tyyitrav t^ 'Pa-jiTj, (Eirfi' o ayyiKoi ry Jroi- 9, 10 

..... , ..., „ .~o — ..... —o-v., ^jOplai, iStkijii, o^/itpoy aiXurGT/ffofitSa irapa 'PayovijK, koi 

that she may be gireo thee for a wife. "For Sappa* AoA^ui wtpi atmj^, tou ooftjFai croi avr^ ere yui^iiio, 

lo thee doth t^e right of her appertain ^a\ Sri troi fwiBiXXti A KXijpwoiiia uir^t, Kai irt iiowx iZ Ik l\ 
aeeing thou only art of her kindred. "And . , ,T w- ', » "^ / H >j - - i lo 

the maid is fair and wise: now tlierefore tou yrvow nvn??- Km to KOpaaiov Kokov koi tjipovifun/ itm- 12 

hear me, and I will >p<»k to her father; ^ yj:,y Sxovaor umi, icai XoAmw rQ rarpl airrm, Ktu orav 

and when we return from Bages we will • -, < •» - ' • ' t ' < ' 

celebrate the marriage; Cor rinow that VFOOTpfi/'o/iO' iK Payujv, ffo.i^o-ojxo- T0> ya^ BiOTi ftriffra- 

Eagiiel cannot marry her to another aMord- iiai 'PayovnA. ori o« uii £ia aviip' ivSpl iripu Kara Tov v6/AOi/ 

fflWyibltefiS-ViSrit «">..« **«**"' «-'°"'' "' "*' "^ip™*"- ™ »»<"• 

aoce doth rather appertain to thee than to Xaptiv, i; irarra m^fHinrof. 

"Then' the young man answered the Tore (Iirf to iraiSdpiov Tu ayyiX>f,'Aiap!a iStK/tti, ix^Koa IS 

angel, I hare heard, brother Aiai-iae, that A^ ra Kopao-iov 8iSo'o^qi (ittS ivSpaai. nai srctioas fo TW 
this maid hath been giien to seien men, ',. •■,■,• > ~ , •. , , \ . . 'i.a 

who all died in the marriage chamber, vu^^twi dwoAwAoTas' koi n* tyui /ioi^os (i^i tu larpt. koi 14 

"And now I «n the only son of my lather, AoBmuai un turtXfliv ttiroAiHU KaSw foi oi Tponpoi, on 

and I am afraid, lest, if I go m unto her, I V'^ .'^ J,', j • * • -s - .ji' i« - „ 

die, as the othen; before: for a wicked spirit Siunoviovf,An atr^, 5 ovk abutu oviltwi n-Aijc tuii- jrpo^- 

loreth lier, which liurteth no one eicept ayuvriav out^' koi vvy iyia tpapov/iai fijj AiroOayoi, Kai KUTofu 

Sw^'"l^eSt"'d'ie"a''nd bring''m?7ath"r'i ^, M'' ™S I'-'Tpw /*™ koI t^^^ pTrpoS ^of ^er" &tvvrp iif 

and my mother's life because of me to the t/ioi tit Tov tq^i' airwv, xai vim (TCpot o£k virafij(<i avrois 

grSTB with sorrow; for they have no other «. a,',),,, nAmi'n: 

Mn to bory them. "* ""t" «""'^' 

I said loliim, Dost thou E[w* £« atriu o aYVi^ot, 0& uoHTKrai Tur Aoyui' uv Ji"*- 15 
I precepts that thy father ,, , , ' , " , , "V^. ' a - - i 

u thouldeit mwrj a wife twAoto croi o wlttjp ami, vv*p tow Ao^ki' a* yviixiKa iic rou 

n to bory th 
"Then the I 



yivov^ (Tov; koI vvv okowtov fiov, <iScX^, Store croi Ho'tai ci9 

ywaiKa, koL tov Saifioviov firfiiva Xoyov €)(€, on lip^ vvKra 

] 6 ravrqv So&qa-erai 0*01 avrrj €19 ywatKa. Kou eai/ iuriXOr)^ cis 

TOV w/i^u)va, A.i;i^ T€<f>pav OvfiULfianav, koI ^Trt^i^cis diro 

1 7 T75 Ka/)Sai9 Kttl ToD ^TTttTO? TOU t\0vO^, KOI ICa7IT40-€l9, Kai 

6a'<l>pavOT^€Tai to Saifioviov, Kai <f>€v$erai, koX ovk CTravcXcv- 
(rerac €49 tov auuva tov ouiivos* orav 8c Trpooiropcv;; airn^, 
iy€pOrjT€ dfi<l>6T€poi, Koi /SoT^are ?rpo9 tov cXci;/Jiova . 0eov, 
fcat (rctfo-cc v/ia9> ^at Actcci* /a^ ^o/3ov, ori col aun; ittoi- 
/buzor/icv); ^v aTTO tov aiuivo?, #c(u or avT^v (raK7€i9» K(u ^ropcv- 
frerai ficra 0*00, xat vTroXa/ijSavo) ori 0*01 lorai e^ avr^9 TraiSta* 
fcal 0)9 ^Kovo'c Ta)^ia9 Tavra, €<f»C\rja'€y avnjv, koI ^ ^X^ 
avrov CKoAAi;^ atf^oBpa avr-Q* koL ^\$€v €19 *£K)3arava. 

7 Kai irapeylvero €(9 t^v ouciav Payovi;\* Kal Sappa 3c 
VTrqvrrja'ty avrw, Kat i)(cup€Tur€v avrov, Koi avT09 avTOV9* 

2 #tai ciOTJyaycv avTov9 C19 t^ ohciav, Kat cfTTC 'Payov^X 
^'fiSv^ T^ yvvatfct avrov, a>9 o/iot09 vcavta'K09 Ta>)3tT roi 
dvc^tb) fiov ; 

3 Kat rip<arrja'€v avT0V9 *Payoi;^X, tto^cv core, dScA^ot ; icaj 
ctirov avru>, ^k tcov vtcuv Nc^^oAI tu>v atp(/AaX<ora)v iv Niv€Vjj, 

4 Kat cTircv avrot9, ytvcinrKcrc Tw)8ir tov oScA^ov ^;iu)V ; ot 8c 

5 c?irov, ytvcLHTKO/Jicv* icat cTttcv avrot9, vytotvct; Ot 8c ciTrav, 

6 icat ^^, jcat vytatvct* fcat cTttc Ta>/3ta9,. iran^p fjiov cort. Kat 
<&vcjn/8i;o'C 'Payoi;^X, Kat KaT€<f>L\r](r€y avrov, Kat CKXavo'c, 

7 tot cvXoyi/o'cv avrov, Kat cTttcv avra>, 6 tov KaXov Kat dya^ov 
dvOpiairov vtds* Kat dKOvo'a9 ort Toj^tr dircjXccrc tov9 6^aX' 
/lovs lavTOV, iXviTT^Orj Kai cKXavcrc. 

8 Kat *£8va ^ yw^ avrov Kat Sdppa ^ Bvydnqp avrov CKXav* 
crav, Kat vTrcScfavro avrov9 irpodvfua^* Kat l&vcrav Kpvov vpo^ 
/Sdroiv, Kat vapiOrjKav oj/^a irXctova* cTttc 8c T(u)3ta9 Tw *Pa- 
tf>ar)\, *A(apta d8cX^c, XoXi^orov vrrcp cav cXcyc9 cv t^ iroptU^ 
«cat TcXco-^iyrw to 7rpay/xa. 

9 Kat fJLfTiS<aK€ TOV Xoyov raJ 'PayovjyX* Kat cTttc 'Payov^X 
1 7rpo9 TuypLav, ff>dy€, irU, Kat ^ca)9 yivov, 0*0! yap Ka^KCt 

TO 9rat8iov fiov Xa/Sciv* ttX^v VTroSctifw o-ot r^v dXi/^ctav. 
1 tiOtaKa TO iraiotov fiov CTira avdpao't. Kat oirorc cav cio'Ctto- 
pcvovro 7rpo9 avr^v, diriBvijcFKOV vtro rrp^ vvKTa* aWa to vvv 
ix^^t ^8€a>9 ytvov* Kat cTttc Tu))3ta9, ov ycvo/tat ov8cv cl>8c, C(tf9 
1 2 &v <rn^<TrjT€ Kat ora^^^c 7rpo9 fic. Kat cTttc 'Payov^X, KOfiiiov 
aMjv dnb tov vvv Kara t^v KpLariv crv 8c d8cX<^9 cT avr^, 
Kat avn; o'ov iarCv 6 8c IKfriynav 0co9 cvo8axrct v/xtv ra 

] 3 Kat iKoXtort 2d^pav r^v Ovyaripa avrov, kgu Xa)3a)V t99 
;(ctpo9 avr^9, iropcSuKCv avr^v Tu)/3tigi ywatica, Kat cIttcv, t8ov 
Kara tov vofiov Ma)vo'ca)9 KOfil^ov airnp^, Kat dxrayc Trpo9 tov 

1 4 iraripa crov koX cvXcyi/o-cv avrov9. Kat ^koXco'cv ^E8vav t^v 
ywatKa avrov* Kat Xafitov j9tj3Xiov, rypa^c crvyypafjnjv, Kai 

15 Icr^payuraro. Kat rjp(avTo laOUw. 

1 6 Kat ^dXccrc 'Payov^X ''ESvav r^ ywatKa avrov, icat ctircv 

ToBiT VI. 16— VII. 16. 

of thine own kindred? wherefore hear me, 
O mjr brother ; for she shall be given thee 
to wife; and make thou no reckoning of the 
evil spirit ; for this same night shall she be 
given thee in marriage. **And when thou 
shalt come into the marriage chamber, thou 
shalt take the ashes of perfume, and shalt 
lajr upon them some of the heart and liver 
of the fish, and shalt make a smoke with it : 
^''and the devil shall smell it, and flee away, 
and never come again an:^ more: but when 
thou shalt come to her, rise up both of you, 
and pray to God which is merciful, who will 
have pity on you, and save you : fear not, 
for she is appointed unto thee from the 
beginning; and thou shalt preserve her. 
ana she shall go with thee. Moreover 1 
suppose that she shall bear thee children. 
Now when Tobias had heard these things, 
he loved her, and his heart was effectually 
joined to her. And he came to Ecbatane. 

And he came to the liouse of Baguel: 
and Sara met him: and saluted him, and 
he them : and she brought them into the 
house. 'Then said Raguel to Edna his 
wife, How like is this young man to Tobit 
my cousin ! 

'And Raguel asked them. From whence 
are ye. brethren ? To whom they said, We 
are of the sons of Nephthali, which are 
captives in Nineve. * Then he said to them, 
D9 ye know Tobit oiir kinsman ? And they 
said. We know him. Then said he. Is he in 
good health ? * And they said, He is both 
alive, and in good health : and Tobias said. 
He is my father. • Then Raguel leaped up, 
and kissed him, and wept, 'and blessed him, 
and said unto him. Thou art the son. of an 
honest and good man. But when he had 
heard that Tobit was blind, he was sorrow, 
ful, and wept 

^ And likewise Edna his wife and Sara his 
daughter wept. Moreover they entertained 
them cheerfully; and after that they had 
killed a ram 01 the flock, they set store of 
meat on the table. Then said Tobias to 
Raphael. Brother Azarias, speak of those 
thinffs 01 which thou didst talk in the way, 
and let this business be dispatched. 

*So he communicated the matter with 
Raguel: and Raguel said to Tobias, Eat 
ana drink, and make merry: **^for it is 
meet that thou shouldest marry my daugh- 
ter : nevertheless I will declare unto thee 
the truth. '* I have given mj daughter in 
marriage to seven men, who died that night 
they came in unto her : nevertheless for the 
present be merry. But Tobias said, I will 
eat notliing here, till we agree and swear 
one to anoUier. ^'And Raguel said. Then 
take her from henceforth according to the 
manner, for thou art her cousin, and she 
is thine, and the merciful God give you 
good success in all things. 

^ Then he called liis daughter Sara, and 
she came to her father, and he took her by 
the hand, and gave lier to be wife to Tobias, 
saying. Behold, take her after the law 01 
Moses, and lead her away to thy father. 
And he blessed them; ^^and called Edna 
his wife, and took paper, and did write an 
instrument qf covenants, and sealed it. 
** Then they began to cat. 

ToBiT VII. 17— IX. 2. 80 TDBIT. 

aoid unto her, SisteriprapnTBaDOthercliam- airg, iStXtfi^ iroifuurDV to trtpor raiuTov, kcu ciinxyayt 

il^enM?6 h^"donB''M"ho'"h^bidden htr. ^'^- ^"^ ^rmijCTW (^ .T»€-_ rai winjyayO' avr^v iKti, (tat 17 

the brought hor thicher: Knd siie wept,aQd iKAawrc Kot dTcSc^aro tq oaxpva r$t tfvyarpot aflr^, Kut 

id™S"".'B.".f'sSl'^"StS:"? .'—"i^-. «if.«Tio™, 4_K<f^T,.t =S^..! «j_,i,l8 

dmughteri tha Lord of heiTen and e«rth 77* oifi] <r« X'f"' ^'" ")* Awnp om; raim^s, Poptrti 

giTO thee jor for thii thj- wrreur: be of fi^Tfo. 

good comfort, my daughter. ir. f\ 1 ^ - . > ma' « n 

Aiid wlien tlier hid tupped, tberbroaglit Ore S( trivcrcActrai' O€iwovvm, virjyayov Ttopuiv wfrnt S 

took the sihei of tbe perfumea, and put the tAafSf lip' Ttippav rav myilapXTUV, iciu twtrn)K€ rqv KopOiai' 

heart and the U»cr of the flji thereuppn. „p J^fl^ ^^.l to Arap. •"" ^tain'urn'. 'Ore Si i^ApdrL to 3 

and made a BinokB (Aereinf*. * The which , i^ . , '-^^,, , , , / ., Ji™ ' I , 

eineU when the erd spirit had smelled, he OOi^utnov t^ otr^ijs. i^w)w ttt Ta acurora Aiymmm, kqe 

Oed into the utmost parts of Bgypt, and the {SijtrO' avro 6 ayyfXof. 

•And after that thej were both ehut in 'Os Si awtuXxttT^tjtrav ift^ortpoi, &vi(mj Toi^iac airo r^j 4 

together Tobiai ro.e out of the bed, and ,(Ai™, naX eliro-, di-imiSi iJSfXAo, K<u TrpoiriviJ,iii9a Iva 

•aid, Siiter, anse, and let as pniT that Qod ,..',-.„.- i- « • ^ m o' '^,^ '^ ., . 

would have pitTon us. ' Then began Tobiaa wiytn) );fios Kupios. Kai ^p^aTO liupio! Aeyuv, tuXoyj]. 5 

to sar, BleBsed art thou, O Qod of our roj tT 6 ®«os Tui- jraTED<i)i' niuli', icai riXoynroi' ro oi^ua aav 
flither»,snd blessed wthyholyandglonou* ■. . ' -s t • " •- A ■ ' 1 

name for e»Br, let the heaven, blew thee, ^^ "Tf*" ™" «'*'>fo>' «« tow okotos- tv>Uiyr}<Tav at ol 

and all th/ creatures. 'Thoumadeet Adam, oupai'oi, cat TTOcrat 01 xrurtK (rov. 2u jiroiijo'as ASou. kq! G 

bast said. It is not good that man should be Toimuf e/tnfiij to di'^puiTrait' inrtpfia- m (lira;, ov koAdi' 

S"l,i™ir"An*d"'i,0"LSir'flS: *■; ^v i*«,™ pi^r ™i™,„ -STJ ^o,^. !;«,™. 

not this my sister for lust, but uprightly; avnu, Kai wv, Ktfxc, oi Sui •Kopvtiav iym Aanpavto rqv 7 

tSSr.^'ss;:-.°'S:A',ss5 **■**?',/'"." "'^' ■^ i^- ^^i*.." «;^ a^- 

him. Amen. f- "<" '""TI CVynaTay^ao-at. Kai tlvt /ifT avrou, d^ijv. S 

' 3o they slept both that night And n- ' i 'fl_ ■ j ' ■ • ^ • ^ •!. n 

Bagupl arose. mid went and made am™. •^"' «oi/*ij»i?o-ov ofii^oTepoi Tiji- i^kto- itai diwrros Pn- 9 

"saying, //ear lest he also bfldead. "But yovijk IvoptvOrj, Kol upuft rdifioy, Xiytoy, fi^ koi ovTOf iliro- 10 

£r±'\1.™.'Tdi°s.Sli:n'f°l:: ""ii.- k«i 5m. •p.r»yi\ «; ri" r"', '"""'=• r "• "' 

niaidB.and let bsr see whether ho be alive : tbrtv t£r<f tq yvi'atKt avrou, aTroariiXov /iiov twv iraiSurKui', 

door, and went in, and found ttem both y^- Koi f unjAC«v ^ iraiSoTinj draifaira Ttpi ftpov, Hat 1 3 

"Then Hague! praised God. and said.O <"'' io- 

&fiit'Jt!,iS!J?&SAT, . J'r f>^- T"?-,-^* r ^-i \r"- <»"'?'" ,■' •^ " 

saints pnuse thee with all tliy creatures; " W£OS iv Ttturg aiAoyuf xatlapf. koi ayuf- koi (uAoyciTUxrap 

and let all thine angels and thine elect ^f ^ Syuit trou Kai Tfurai ai KrunK trov koi iravrK ol dwt 
praise thee for ever, "Thou arttobe,. ' ^'.,, , .i'- - . '',' 

praised, for thou hast made me joyful; and ^ "^o". f"' oi fKAtKTOt otmj- «iiAoy(iTuio-ac (r< (b TOU9 

that is not coma tome which I suspected: alZvat. EuAovnTOS *I, on nuipoyat fit, koI oIik hviycTO IS 
but thou hast dealt with us according to a. . '.' ,,;, '.^ \ ' -1 • , ' 

thy great mercy. ■•- Thou art to be ptaSed, l^<"-'<f'>^ VTrcvoow, dAXa Kara to ffoAu *Xtos <rou iTTOi^as 

because thou hast had mercy of two that fitO i}iiu>v. EiXoyrjrif t1, on nktma^ Sib tiocoyfytic xoi- 17 

TS^^i &'zS'oV!i%i r-. ''^'' '■■'^' **"■■ •™'^™ '^'«-*' ■«•■ " 

finish their life ia health with joy and vywi^i ^er iw^poiTwijs koi ^ok, ExtXdw* 8i Tois ouccrait 18 

tneroy. " Then Saguel bade his servanta to vwoi tov ro<fcoc 

lill the grave. "^ ^ ^— f™. 
"Aurt he kept tlio wedding feast fourteen Kai ivon/tro' airroit yofiov iifupiav StitaTt<r<Tapiiiiy. Kai 19, 20 

fe ,"i°J£te £.',5'U( S Z£ -'t "'T'. ''■'■'•^.'K.'J 'T'.'*'°«i-', "; i-r' "= 

Aim by an oath, that he should not depart yofuni, ivopKiiK, fiij iit^kw ainov iav (ii) vAijpio0wviv at 

«f his goods, and go in safety to his fcthoTi 'r^" vmpxpiTtoii avToviroptvt<Teat /uff jr/tuKitpw Tov rartpa, 

*"<! ^SJ^ •"" ^''^ '*''' "'"'" ^ ""* """ ""1 *■" ^o'"'a oral- diroeai'iu. Kai tJ ym^ jiou. 
Then Tobias called Raphael, and said Kai jicaXca-i Tu^tas TOf "Pa^a^ icai ttTrty avru, 9 

■ scrvant,and twocBmeb,»nd go to Bases ?^^ ,, ^, ,„" . „ b» ^ t, n ,. ™'(*''™"^» * 

«f Madia to EMnwI, and bring me &« koi ^op€vthin iv Faytm rijt tlhiSias npa Vafia^ koi miiu- 

TOBIT. 31 ToBiT IX. 3— XI. 8. 

bring him to the wedding. 

sworn that I sliall not 

depart j* But my father counteth the days; 

will be very sorry. 

3 out iJUH TO aoyvpiov, kol avrov aye llol €is rov yauov, Siori J'\S^^u *"^ i bring 
A A * 'DM ^»*\z)'» V ^ * /'»/i'» 'For Baguel hath 

4 OfuafiOK€ irayov7)\t firj c^cAC^civ /Ltc, Kai o warrfp fiov apiPfi€L depart * But my fi 

5 TOLS riiiipa^, koX iay vpovUrw fieya, oSwnOi^erai, X/av. Kal and if I tarry long, he will be very 

avTif TO X€ipaypaifiov' os ok irporp^tyKt to ^Xcucia iv rais brought forth bass which were seEiled up, 

o-<^payiVc, xai c^&OKCV a W and gave them to him. 

6xr ^ " a '»^»\/i »* ' *»\' "And early m the morning they went 

Kai ctfpe^pcwav Kotvws, Kat riXBov cis tov ya^ov xat cuAo- fo^h both together, and came to the wed- 

y^crc Toifiiai r^ ywauca avrov. ding : and Tobias blessed his wife. 

10 Kol TioBlr 6 irarhp o^rov eXoy^aro iKoitrm naipar Kai ^^^J^^^}^ 4* fi^^her counted every day : 

n t i \ ' /A ti/ ^'/ \ ,' m ♦ and when the days of the journey were ex- 

J itfS firharipMrtaav ox rjfX€pai T179 iropcias, Kai ovk rjpxfro, ciTrc pired. and they came not. Hhen Tobitsaid. 

ttinrorc jcarricTVVVTai; ^ umrorc dirc^avc Tai^awX, xal ovScts Are they detained ? or is Gabael dead, and 

3 A » ** Si's ^ X » / tr ^ i\ *» \ ' T?t Si there is no man to give him the money? 

,4 avT<{» dtdoxTt Toapyvpiov; Kat ^Awrciro Aiav. EIwc 6^ » Therefore he was very sorry. * Then his 

avnS ij yw^, dirtoktro to iraiSiov, 3iori Kcvpovucf ical ^p^TO wife said unto him, My son is dead, seeing 

»; /9^vM.«^r.. »,U.A» .*«> «?^^. ^! ..i\^. ..«. *i.,..^» !L., A^C^^A ^« I16 stayeth long: and she began to bewail 

5 Gprprtiv avrov, icai clTrcv, ov ^cAct fioi, rtKVOV, on a4>i^Ka ere ^^^ ^^^^ ^^j. 4*jJ^,^ I ^^^ ^^J nothing, my 

TO ^(09 T(tfV offiOaXfiSiv fiov, son, since I nave let thee go, the light of 

6 Kol T««^.T X^t airv.<riya. fi^ X<Jyw ?<*. yy"'""- "ixo^^om Tobit .aid. Hold thy peaoo. 

7 Kot clircv avTU), crtya, /ji^ TrAxiva /x€, diraiAcro to iratdiov ftov take no care, for he is safe. 'But she said, 

KoX iwopaiero Koff naepav et9 rnv 65ov c^, owis iirvWev Hold thy peace, and deceive me not; my sou 

« / ^ ^ » m /\ y ^\ * » o \ ^ A IS dead. And she went out every day into 

17/Acpa9 T€ o/JTOi' OVK i^ot'tc, Ta9 Ok WKra9 ou dtcAi/ATrave i^prq- the way which they went, and did eat no 

vovcra TioBiay rov vlov avnk, l<i>9 ol avv€T€Xi(r&no'av at meat in the daytime, and ceased not whole 

<> / t f ««/«¥ <T» «\''. nights to bewail her son Tobias, until the 

5€KaT«rcrap€9 rj/itpai rov yafwv, &^ iOfioa'€ PayoviyA Trow/o-ai fourteen days of the weddma were expired. 

8 avrov ^xer ctirc 8c Ta))8ta9 tw *Payov^X, ^^iroorciXov ftc, which Baguel had sworn that he should 

!U. X ^^mJir. ..^, ^») S, ..jL^/> '««,. ^.'..i*. i\«./'r#««.^ii« !Lti,^rrAn! 8P«nd there. Then Tobias said to Baguel, 

OTi o JjaTiyp A«w Kai y) fiyrjp /tov ovxcrt AiriCov<ru^ oi^co^ai g^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^y ^^^^^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^^1^^; 

9 fi€, EiTfC 0€ avrui o 7r€v^€po9, fi€ivov Trap c/ioi, K^yo) rfairo- look no more to see me. * But his father 

10 ore. Kai Trnpia^ Acyei, cfa^roorctAoK fi€ Trpos tov irartpa clare unto him how things go with thee. 
fjott *" But Tobias said, No ; but let me go to my 

1 1 'Avoara? 8c 'Payov^X, c8wk€V avrw l,dppay r^v yuvaixa n Then Baguel arose, and gave him Sara 
avrov, Kai to rituav rwv wrapYovrwv, (Tiouara koi Hrrvn koi his wife, and half his goods, servants, and 

irt » / * »\ ' » > »> / \^ \' „. ^»^J5.'^,. cattle, and money: "and he blessed them. 

12 a^piov, Kai €vAoyiJo^9 avrov9 cfaircoTCiAc. Acyiov, cvoduKTCi ^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^y, saying. The God ot 

13 v/Lia9 TCKva 6 0COS tov ovpavov wpb tov fi€ dfro^avciv. Kai heaven give vou a prosperous journey, my 

T ^ A. %»*»/ * /I' f-^** children. **And he said to his daushtor. 

cRrt Tj, Ouyarpi avrov, ti^ tow wo^tpovs <rov.^ avroi vvv H^^^thy fiSher and thy mother i>? law! 

yovcr9 <rov curiv, dKOvaai/ux aov aKorjv KaXrjv Kai c^iAi/O'Cv which are now thy parents, that I mav hear 

KaraaT^otii o-c o Kvpi09 rov ovpavov, Kai omf fioi ideiv crov heaven restore thee, my dear brother, and 

waiata cV 2appa9 tw9 Bvyarpoi ixov, iva €v<^pav^ ^tfiov grant that I may see tliy children of my 

. « « / ""^rr^ 1^ ' fA * ^ L ' • daughter Sara before I die, that I may 

TOV Kvpiov* KOI Wov wapaTi0€fmi croi ttjv tfvyaT€pa fiov cv rejoice before the Lord: behold, I commit 

TmpaKara&nicn, Kai arj Xvtiww avrwv. mv daughter unto thee, of special trust; 

1 Tur ^ *» 1 ' ^ rr o* ^ ^»\«^j*.. -.A« fi^^A« X^. wherefore do not entreat her eviL 

1 Mera ravra CTropcvcro Kat Tcupia9 cvAoywv tov Cicov, ori 1 Af*«- *i,^-« ♦i.:««. rr«K;«- ««nf ^;-«.«^ 

./J X «5x r ^ % \f «T> ^\ ^ "ITS lAfter these tlungs Tobias went his way, 

cvdKXixrc rrjv ooov avrov Kai xarcvAoyei rayovi^A, Kai JliOvav praising God that he had given hira a proa- 

T^ yvwxiKa avrov- Kai cVopcvcro ficxpA9 ov iyylcrai avrovs C19 l^jj^bj^lj^e^^ndwent^^ the^ 

N1VCV17. drew near unto Nineve. 

11 Kai cTirc *Pa^^X wpo9 TwjStav, ov yivtocKcw, dScX^c, a Tlicn Baphael said to Tobias, Dost thou 

- t / J A » ^ XT yfA t */L o\ ' L » their way, and the dog went after thenu 

5 o Kvaiv oiriot^cv avroiv. Kai Awa €KathfTO TrcpipAcTro/Acn; €19 & jj^^ Anna sat looking about toward the 

6 Twv 68^ TOV waiSa avrw9. Kai irpoa-€v6vKr€u avrov ^pvo- way for her son. *And when she espied 

\ f ** ^ » *» »sj ^ « «A-. ..«.. 7^^^A. ^„) him coming, she said to his father, Behold, 

^cvov, Kai cTirc tu> ^arpi avrov, iSov o V109 fiov cpxcrai, Kai ^^^ ^^ cometli, and the man tliat went 

6 avBpwuro^ 6 iropcv^cU /^«t avrov. with him. 

7 K«l -Pa^^X cW. iniara^ tyi., 5r. W^c roi, i^ th^&rwm^&L'eT^' ^fefa^, 
uaXfAmfS o mrrip aov, ^v tyxpurw rrjv )(pAYfv cis rovs 09vaA- anoint thou hia «i«^ -^SiiX^ ^^ ^^^ '^s^^ 


' Tben Anns nn forth, and fell upon the 
neck of lier ton, sod satd unto him, Seeiog 
I liare seen thoe.myBon, from heaceforth I 
Km content to die. And they wept both. 
^ Tobit also went forth toward the door, 
■nd atumbled! but bia aon ran unto him, 
"and took bold of liia father; and he itrake 
of the soil on hii fatLer'a eyes, Baying. Bo of 

eod hope, my father. " And when hi* eyoB 
gan to atnart, be rubbed thcin; "audtho 
wliitenew pilled away from the oorners of 
hii eyes : nnd when ho saw Lifi aon, he fell 

"And hewept.and said. Blessed art thou, 
O Ood.and blessed is thy name forever; 
ftnd blessed are all thine boly angels : " for 
thou host scourged, and bast taken pity on 
nt! for, behold, 1 see my son Tobias. And 
Ilia aon vent in rejoicing, and told his father 
rest things that luid happened to him 




^W ttarpiifiti, Kai Awo^aXeirtu ra Xtmau- 


Jie great 
n Medio. 

I'Then Tobit wi 

t the gate of Ninere, rejoici 

and praising God : and they which — -. 

go marielted, beenuse he liad roceired Lia 
aight. " But Tobit gave thanks before them, 
because God liod mercy on him. And when 
he came near to Sara his daughter inlaw, 
he blessed her.Boying. Thou art welcome, 
daughter: God bo blessed, which hath 
brought thee unto us, and blemd bt thy 
father and th^ mother. And there was Joy 
among all liu brethren which were at 
Ninere. i-'And AchiocliaruB.and Ifaabashis 
brother's son, came: "and Tobias' wed- 
ding was kept seren days with great joy. 

Then Tobit called his son Tobias, and 
Nid unto him. My. sou, see that the man 

tliou mUBt give him more. "And Tobias 
•aid unto liim, O father, it is no harm to 
me to giya him half of those thiugs whieh I 
have brought: *for he hath brought me 
agniD to thee in safety, and made whole my 
wife, and brought me the money, and like- 
wise healed thee, 

'Then the old raoQ said. It is due unto 
liim. > So he called the angel, and he said 
unto him, I'ake half of all tlipt to have 
brought, and go away in safely. 'Then he 
tcok them botli apart, and said unto them. 
Bless Qod, praise him, and magnify hiui, 
and praise Iiim for the things nhich ho 
liath done unto you in the sight of all that 
Uto. It is good to pjTiiso God, and emit 
his name, and honomubly to shew forth 
the Horka of God ; lher;>faro bo not slack to 
praise him. 'It is gocHi to keep close the 
Kcret of a king, but it is honourable to 
rrccal the works ofGod. Do that which is 
good, and no eril shall touch you. * Prayer 
U good with fasting and alms and righteous- 
ness. A little with ri;hteousue«s is better 
tiian much with unrighteous neas. It is 
better to giro alms than to iay up gold : 
*for alms doth delirer from death, and 
shall purge away all sin. Those that eier- 
die alma and righteousness shall be filled 
with life: '"but thoy that sin are enemies 
to their own life, 

"Surely I will kerp close nothing from 
TOIL For 1 laid, 11 WM good to keep close 

povt avrov. ko 

Koi irpwr&pa/Looaa A.vya flrtJrwO' iiri jov TpajfijXov Tov 9 
vlov avT^, Km titrtv avru, cTooL' <r< Trawiov, fivo rov vvy diro- 
fiavoviiaf Kol iKAatxrav lifiipoTfpOi. Kal Tui;3iT ii^pxno 10 
irpo^ TTfV Ovpuv, Hat Tpo<TiK&3ntv' £ « viot airrov rpotreopafL^v 
avTui. KOI imXafitTO Toi} Trarpoi airov, Ktu TTpoahrairt r^ 1 1 
yoKipr Ivi Tou% o^doX/iotif too iniTfio; aurou, Xtytov, $dprru 
rartp. '(k Si <n»'(Sij^97(7XU', SiiTpt\pt Tout o^AiX/ious avrou, 1 S 
Koi iXxTnuOrj dro rSiy kovSuiv tuiv &(f>6aXiuav aurou' ra Xni- 13 
Kui^Ta' KoX (Suf TOV uioi' avTOU iirtirttra' liri Tor TpaffT/Xoii 

Kai tuXawrt, kui «Inv, tvkoytfro^ tt o 0(af . koI (vXoyi^rov 
TO oyopa (TOV (i$ Tov; aiwivt, Kot €ukoy7}p^yoi vavm ot aytoi 
(TOV djyiAoi, or( //uu7Tiya>iraf xai ^r7(ra$ in- iSou /SXtiru 
Tio^iav TOV uuic [Urv Kal tia^\G€V 6 viot atrrou jfolpav, koi 
dn-ijyytiAc rif irarpi avrov to ^uyoXctd Ta yivoiMya. auTiji iv 

Kal i$^\9t Tui^It tis (rwamjaw rg ri/ufrg auroC ;^ai/xiiv 
Kol tvXayuiv toi- ®tov irpos Tj JniAji Nnfirq- Kal IBaviia^ov oi 
Beopmirm avrhv Topcuo/icvor, oti i^Kofrt. Kal Tatffir ii- 
(ufioAoycTro ivunrioy avToS, Sri i^Xrijircv avTovt o ®t6i- Kai uis 
Tjyyurt Toj^t Sappf t^ vu/*^ outou, KarrvXaytjatv alrniv, 
kiyiiiv, tXSovi vyiaivovtra Bvyartp- (uXoyTTOi o 0cot, St T/ayi 
at xpot f/nai, Kal o irarqp trou Kai ij p^qnjp irov Kal iytittro 
yapa wairi tois if Nivcv^ iBtk<lio'is aurou. Koi irapcycftro 
Axtaxapo^, Kal Nai7j8as o iCdStXiftoi aurou, not IJX^ ° yoftot 
TojySia fiMT tar^paa-vvTp ij/iepos iirrd. 

Kal JKoXnrt Tw^t Tio^iav toi' uldv aurou, Kai tfircv afrru- 

^DQ, TCKVOf , p.llJ&}V Tip OvBpiliirif TU tTUVliSovTl O'Uf KOI VpOtT- 

6(anu avrxj ha. Kai rfir*, -rartp, a!> p\a.irTopJu ham ofir^ 
TO ^^lOTi &v arqvirxa, in fit A.y^o)(i trot vyi^, noi r^ yuvauca 
fijiv iStpdirttuTt, Kot TO ifyipioy futv ^vtyKt, k(u trX o/xoiu; 

Kal Hvw h wpar^vnft, Sutaunrrai avrw. Kai iKoXtm 4, 
nv SyytXav, kiu tlTrtv our^, Ao^t to ^piuru Jrayraiy Siv tvijvo- 
jfUTf, KOI virayc vyuuvtov. Tort KoXcotis tow Suo KpinrrvK, 
ttvcv afirois, tv\oytiT€ tov 0<ov. koi avr^ l$opxi\oytur6t, koI 
lityaXuKTUVtp' SiSort auru, koi i^ofioKoytUTdt aunji Ivannoi' 
iraiTun' Tuv Ziovran' irtpi oil' i-KOiJiat pitff v/xwv dya^v ii 
cu\oyc[i' TOV @(ov, Kai inpovv to Svopa. avrou, rovt Xoyout ruv 
ipywv TOV ®tov hrriiUiK inroStiKVUOirTtf kuI fir/ iiivtirt i$- 
o/joXoy<urdat atrn^. Mtxmjpiov /Soo'iUut koXov Kpv\j/ai, Ta 
Si tpya Toii 0(ou dvanoAuirrdv (vSofwr dyaflov ^oi^iraTt, xai 
Kditov ov}( ripijo-ti ifins. 'Aynflov irpoatv)^ /itra vqmtiat 
KOI iXtriiiO<rByip icai StK(uo<niv)}S- dyo^of to oXiyoy fura. 
htKauxrayij^, ij wokv p-tra ASutlas- koXov naiijixai iXrrjiunravrp/ 
1} Brjaavplnax }(pmnov. EXtrfpoavyij yap Jii ^varou pvtjoi, 
KOX avTi) amtKaSapiti irairai' apapriav <A TiounivrK (Xnjfuxnj- 
vaj KQi Suiouxrui^« wXijirftTtrovrai }jinfi. Oi Sc ojiapTmrovtvi 
roki/Liot «uri t^s ^ivraiv {w^. 

0& /oj K/m^ i^' v/iw TtSf p^fM- tifniim Sif, nvoTqpior 



PacrtXitoi Kpv^at fcoXoK, ra S^ tpya rov 0€ov avaKoXunrciv 

1 2 ^vSof (i>9. Kat vvv ore irpotrqvio} <rv koI 17 vvfi<f>rj arov Sappa, 
^yu) TTpooTJyayov to fivrjfJiAawov rrj^ Trpoa-evxfji vfitov htairiov 
Tov ayiov koL otc Idairrt^ tous vcKpov?, oxravro)? avfiTrap- 

13 tfyfirjv crot. Kal ore ouk a)#cvi7(ras dKaor^vat Kai KaTakLir€LV 
TO o^iordv <rov, ottcjs SLirtXOwv 7r€pM7T€tA.j7? tov vc/cp6v, ou#c 

14 eXo^cs /Ltc dyaOovoiwv, dXXa, crvv <rol rjfirjv, Kat vw airc- 
OTCiXe fi€ 6 0CO9 ida'axrOal art koI tt/v vvjlk^i^v cov ZScippav. 

15 jEytj ci/mt 'Pa<^iy\, cI? ck twv cnra dyiW dyyeXcov ot trpoo'- 
ava<f>€pov<rL ras 7rpoa'€v\as tu)V ayuav, koI cunropevoKrai 
Ivwrtov t^s So^i/9 tou dyiou. 

16 Kal iTapd)(6rfa'av ol Bvo, koI eircorov ctti irpdacoTrov, oti 
\1 lffioPrfiri(rav, Kal cTttcv avrot?, fiiy <l>op€7trO€, tlp-qvq vfiiv 

18 cbraf tov 8c ©cov cvAoyciTC ccs tov aia>va, on ou rg ifiavrov 
)(apLTi, dXXa T]J ^cX^orci TOV 0€ov rfjJMV ^\0ov, oOtv €vKoyuT€ 

19 avTov €19 TOV aiu)va. TLaxra^ Tas rffiipa^ (OTrravo/Jii/v v/jliv, Kal 

20 ovK c<^yov ovSc CTrtov, dXXa opaaiv v/tcis iO€(ap€LT€, Kal 
vuv €$OfioXjoy€ia'0€ t^ ©cco, Sioti dvapaivto Trpos tov dTroorct- 
XavTa /i€, Kal ypaxfraTe Trdvra ra OT;vT€A€0"^€VTa €19 Pt,p\iov, 

21» 22 Kal dvcoDTO'av. Kal ovk crc cISov avrov. Kal c^oi/ioAo- 
yovvTO TOL ^ya Ta fieyaXa Kal Oavfiaara avrov, a>9 (O(l>0rj 
avToU 6 ayycXos Kvptov. 

13 Kal Toi^SIt €ypa\j/€ 'jrpo(T€V)Q]v €15 dyaAAicurtv, Kal cTttcv, 

EvAoyi;T09 6 0€O9 6 {wv CIS T0V9 a((i>vu9, Kal ^ PaxriXtia 

2 avrov, oti avros /xaoTiyoi Kal cAcci, Kardyct c(9 ^'^v Kal 

3 OvdyCt. Kol OVK COTtV OS iK<f>€V$€TaL TTJV X^'P^ avTov. *Efo/io- 
Xoyctcr^c avru) ol vtol 'lo-pa^A. cvwttiov twv c^vaiv, on avros 

4 Stco^ctpcv ^fids cv avTots. 'Ekci viroSctfaTC t^v ftcyaXeooTJn/v 
ovrov, v\l/ovT€ avrov cvwirtov ffavro9 {a)VT09, Ka^on avro9 
Kvpio9 4/ttwv, Kal ©C69 avro9 Trarrjp rip.tav €19 Trdvras tov9 

5 aiii>vu9. Kal /JLaoTiydxrei rjfids cv Tar9 a3iKUU9 ^ficov, Kal 
irciAtv cXci^cc, Kal awa$€i rffid^ ck Trdvrcov rcov iOvtav, ov cdv 
a'Kopvur$rJT€ cv avTor9. 

6 *Eov iTnxrrp&lrrfTi irpos avrov cv oXiy ry KapSt^ vfiC>v, kol cv 
0X.7; T^ ^^^VXd ^fioiv, TTOi^orai cvctfxriov avrov dXi;dctav, Tore 
cmoTpc^ct 7rpo9 v/xd9, Kal ov fi^ Kpwpti ro irpoa-oyTrov avrov 
d^* vfJLwv KoX OiojcratTBt d Troti^ct /jic^* vfidv, koI c^o/ioXoyi;- 
(Toa-Oi avTtei cv oAw tw ord/ian vfiuiv, koX cvAoyiJo-are rov 
Kvpiov T$9 StKatooiVi^, Kal vi/roxrarc rov jSao'tXca tojv atcovcov* 
cyui iv T^ y^ rrj^ alxfiaXMorla^ fiov i^ofjiokoyovfiai. avroi, Kal 
&E(KVV(o T^ icrxw fcil T^*' fieyaXtjxrvirqv avrov ei9vci d/iaprwXoiv 
cirMrrpc^arc d/iapT(i)Xol, Kal vonjo-arc 8iKaiooT;vi;v iv<a7nov 
avrov* Tt9 ytvaKTKCi ct ^cXiJo^et v/id9, Kal jroiiJo"et iXurffioav^ 
VTfv vfjuv; 

7 Tov ©cdv fiov vi/ru>, xal rj <l>v)(rj pjov rta PafriXa. rov ovpavov, 

8 Kal dyaXXKurcrat t^ ficyaXaxrvvjyv avrov. AcycroKrav irdvr€9, 
• Kal i^ofioXoy€L(r6<a(rav avnp iv *Icpoo'oXv/Lioi9. 

9 *l€po(r6Xvfia 7rdXt9 dytov, ftaoTiyoKrci cttI to cpya ruiv vtaiv 
10 cov, KOi irdXiv AciTorci T0V9 vlov9 Twv StKatW. "EfoftoXoyov 

to) Kvpuf dyaOCkt kol cvXdyci rov jSacnXca rcov aitavfav, fva 
?rdXiv 4 aicrjvri avrov oucoCofirjBj cv <roi ftrrd xapds' xal 

ToBlT XII. 12— XIII. 10. 

the secret of a king, but that it was honour- 
able to reveal the works of God. "Now 
therefore, when thou didst pray, and Sara 
thy daughter in law, I did bring the remem- 
brance of your prayers before the Holv 
One : and when thou didst bury the dead, 
I was with thee likewise. '^And when 
thou didst not delay to rise up, and leave 
thy dinner, to go and cover the dead, thy 
good deed was not hid from me : but I was 
with thee. **And now God hath sent me 
tp heal tliee and Sara thv daughter in law. 
** I am Raphael, one of the seven holy 
angels, which present the prayers of the 
saints, and wliich go in and out before the 
glory of the Holy One. 

^"Then they were both troubled, and fell 
upon their faces: for they feared. ^But 
he said unto them. Fear not, for it shall go 
well with you ; praise God therefore. ** For 
not of any favour of mine, but by the will 
ofourGoQ I came; wherefore praise him 
for ever. ^ All these days I did appear 
unto you ; but I did neither eat nor drink, 
but ye did see a vision. * Now therefore 
give God thanks : for I go up to him that 
sent me; but write all tilings which are 
done in a book. ^^And when they arose, 
they saw him no more. ^ Then they con- 
fessed the great and wonderful works of 
God, and how the angel of the Lord had 
appeared unto them. 

Then Tobit wrote a prayer of rejoicing, 
and said. 

Blessed be God that liveth for ever, and 
blessed be his kingdom. ^ For he doth 
scourge, and hath mercy: he leadeth down 
to helU and bringeth up again : neither is 
there any that can avoid his hand. ^C!on- 
foss him before tlie Gentiles, ye children of 
Israel: for he hath scattered us amonff 
them. ^ There declare his fatness, and 
extol him before all the living ijat he is 
our Lord, and he is the God our leather for 
ever. ^ And he will scourge us for our ini- 
quities, and will have mercy again, and will 
gather us out of all nations, among whom 
ne hath scattered us. 

• If ye turn to him with your whole heart, 
and with your whole mind, and deal upright- 
ly before him^ then will he turn unto you, 
and will not hide his face from you. There- 
fore see what he will do with you, and con- 
fess him with ^our whole mouth, and praise 
the Lord of might, and extol the everlasting 
King. In the land of my captivity do I 
praise him, and declare his might and ma- 
jesty to a sinful nation. O ye sinners, turn 
and do justice before him : who can tell if 
he will accept you, and have mercy on you ? 

7 1 will extol mv God, and my soul shall 
praise the King 01 heaven, and shall rejoice 
in his greatness. * Let all men speak, and 
let all praise him for hU righteousness. 

•O Jerusalem, the holy city, he will scourge 
thee for thy children's works, and will have 
mercy again on the sons of the righteous, 
w Give praise to the Lord, /or he is good : 
and praise the everlasting King, that his ta- 
bernacle may be builds^ \»; Nic^^a '*^isw-«>5sisi. 

ToBiT XIII. 11— XIV. 10. 34 TOBIT. 

joy, and let him make joyful there in thee ev^pavai iv aol tov? alYAUxAwTOus, Koi ayairncrai iv <rot tovs 
those that are captiTes, and loYe in thee lor \/ */^x % ^»^ 

ever those that are miserable. ToAotirw/KW, cts Trtura^ ras ycvcas rov amvo^. 

UMany nations shall come from far to the 'Edyn voXXa uaKpoOw riiti trpo^ to ovofia Kvpiov rod 0€ov, 1 1 

name of the Lord God with silts in their »« » %w \o« ** o \ -^ '^ » •* 

han<£.eTengUtetothVKingotheaTen,.aU «'"/»,*' XV'^"'^ «XOKr€s. «« &«pa T<f fi^Oui rov ovpayov 

generations shall praise thee with great joy. y€V€aL ycvcoiv OoKTOixri croi ayoAXiofia. EiriKaTopaTOi ttoktcs 1 2 

**Kejoice and be glad for the children of the cts rov auaya, Xaprj&i k(U ayoAAiaxrai «rt tois viois tcuv 13 

^"iJ'/^n 1*}®^ "Jl^^T^ fat-hered. together gt^uW, ori awave^ovTcu kol cvAoyixrovo-t toi/ Kvpiov twv 
and shall bless the Lord of the just. "O^ /♦^^ / «« ^ , * / .% *»!- 

blessed are they which loTe thee. /or they ©iicaauv. O fiaKopioi oi ayaTnoKTCS <rc, x^V^^^^ «^* t^j 14 

shall reioice in thy peace : blessed are they €tfynvn aov ucucopioi ocroi cAvinJ^ixray ciri iraaats Tois UMxmiL 
which have been sorrowful for all thy • i_x * / zi ' * ».. *... J5^i«.. «^.. 

scourges ; for they shaU rejoice for thee. ^^^' f ^t hn cot x^-P^ovrai, dtaxrofifvoi wafrav tijv do^ai^ aov, 

when they have seen all thy glory, and shall koI cv^pav^i/croKrai cis tok altuva. 

"".i"!! m/;^ui ble» God the great King. . '^ .^ ^ •*^*"" T ®*°'' ^^^<'<^'^ ^^ ''f)?''' 15 

■^ For Jerusalem shall be built up with sap. ort OiKOOOfxrfiria'cron ItpovaaXijfJL <rair<f>€i(H^ Kai <r/iuipayd<^, 16 

phire, and emerald, and precious stone : ^^t Xi^co cWtuo) ra t€iyw o-ou. kqi oi Trvpyoi, icai ol wpo^Yuivc? 

thy walls and towers and battlements with , s a '^ y • \ -«tT\x . o 'w ,m 

pure gold. *'And the streets of Jerusalem ^ XP^^'-V KaC^apw, koi ai ?rAATCiai Upova-oArjfi iv prjpvAAgf, 17 

shall be Mved with beryl and carbuncle and xal av6'paKt, Kat \l$ia €k 2ov<f>€ip i^»i<AoXoy»i6»wroKTai. Kcu 18 

stone of Ophir. " And all her streets shall • « ^ c t/ ^ • ^ »\\ \ '*• \' •> \* 

say, Alleluia J and they sliaU praise him. ^povat irwrai at pv^t aunys oAAi^Aouta Kat aivww, Acyorrcs, 

saying. Blessed be Qod, which hath extolled cvXoyi/ros 6 0cos, os v\l/u)(r€ Trdiras tovc auuvas. 

*^ So'mit made an end of praising God. ^"^ ^ai^oraro ijofioXoyojUj^ivo^ Tca/JiV. ^ Kal ^v Irwv^cvn;. 14 

^ And he was eight and fifty years old when KOKraoicni), ore aTrcuXco'c ras o^ci9t ^at /mcra enj oicno a^^Xc^c* 2 

increased in the fear of the Lord God, and ©cov, icat c^cDjuoAoyctro avrcu. 

**?*f®^^"'P* 1 J 1- 11 1 McyoXois 8c fywpocTf #cat ^koXcctc tov vtov avrov, koi tov? 3 

'And when he was very aged, he called c % ', ^ x '•"^ . -. / x 'o % r / to * 

his son, and the sons of his son, and said ^^o^ avrou, kol ciircv aimu, tckvov, Aa/Je tov« vtov« cov, tdou 

to him. My son, take thy children; for, be- ycynpoKa, icat irpo9 to dn-orpcYCtv cV tou fnv etui. "AircA^c 4 
hold, I am aged, and am ready to depart out > Li. n/r sj' ' • ^/ • " »\ '\' »t ^ 

of this life. ^Go into, 8on,for I f« Ti;v Mi;diav, t€kvov, oti ircireor/xat oo-a cAoAi/orcv Icovas 

surely believe those things which Jonas the 6 irpoifyqfnji^ v€pi Ntvcvn, ort Karoorpa^iJo'CTaf ci' 8c tw MiyStlji 

pronnet snake of Nineve, that it shall be " .»' '*\\ • *» ^• t»o\j\«**» 

Svefthrown sand that for a time peaceihSl «OT«/W»^ M<^OK ««*« Kaipou- Kot OTi oi o&X^i tjimov fv 

rather be in Media; and that our brethren tq yg aKopirur&ija'ovTaL Sltto rrjs dya^s y59' KOt IcpoaoAvfia 

2SS!}l!!SdnMri"J^^S;^l"b^ro&! |<rra.^/*<«,Kal6oWroD 0coD iy ai^ .ara.a^^ 

and the house of God in it shall be burned, ^p-o^ corat /ic^pt xpovov, Kat TraAtv cAcTyo-ct avrovs o ©cos, 5 

and shall be desolate for a time; * and that koi iirurrpid/€L avrov? cts rriv ynv, koI olKoSouYHTOva-i rov 
again God will have mercy on them, and * * ♦ « ' « \ /!*• x ' « ,« 

bring them again into the land, where they oUcov, ovx olos o TrpoTcpos, cws vArjpwtfoxri KaipoL rov auavor 

shall build a temple, but not like to the first, Kat ucrd ravra hrurrpid/ova-tv Ik twv atyuoAaio-tcuv, icai oIkoSo- 

until the time of that age be fulfilled ; and . '_ *t^ \ ^ » ' x c ♦ ^ a '^ * » ** 

afterward tliey shaU return from all places PW^wriv UpowraXrjfi cvrt/iws- icat o oticos rov ®€Ov €vavTji 

of their captivitv, and build up Jerusalem otKodofD^^i^CTai cvSd^tus, KaOw^ iXakr^av Trcpt aur^s oi 

floriously, and tne house of God shall be — «/»A4i»/.* 

uilt in it with a glorious building, as the ^P<^9VJ<^^ ^ ^ ^ ,x zi . . n - /» 

prophets have spoken thereof. Kat TraKra ra €Pvrf firurrpf^ownv oAi^^tvtos popcto^at 6 

•Andallnationsshall turn, and fear the Kvptov rov 0cov. /cat xaropvf overt rd ct8<uXa airr^v, Kal 7 
Jx)rd God truly, and shall bury their idols. .^ # / % »/! ir * % c v % t « /> 

'So shall all nations praise the Lord, and cuAoyiyo-ovcrt irai^a ra tuvrj Kvptov xat o Aaos avrou i^fio- 

his people shall confess God. and the Lord Xoyno-crot tw 0c<3- Kat viwo-ct Kvpios rov Xabv avrou, koi 
shall exalt his people ; and all those which '' * / ' « . ^« «-/ ^ r\ ^ * »\ n * 

lore the Lord God in truth and justice sliaU X^PV^^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^t dyaircovrcs Kvptov rw ©coi' ck dXi^^t^ 

rejoice, shewing mercy to our brethren. Kat Bucauxrvvn, ?rotovvrcs cXcos rots dScX^ots Vfuav, 

^ And now, my son, depart out of Ninere, «.%«* / » \a 9 \ -kt %•/ w « 

because that those things which the prophet ^«^ vw, tckvov, aTTcAt/c dTro I^tvcviy, ort Travnos carat 5$ 

Jonas spake shall surely come to pass. »But c'XdXwrcv o TrpotAnriTS 'Iwvds. 2v 8c rnpncrov roi/ vduov Kat Q 

keep thou the law and the commandments, \ / ' '^ 1 \ \ f %^/ • 

and shew thyself merciful and iust, that it ''** w^pooray/xara, Kat ycvov ^tAcAci/^oiv Kat dtKatos. tva <roi 

may go well with thee. *^And bury mede- KaXu>s ^. Kat Odij/ov fi€ KaXuis, Kat rrjv lujripa aov firr fO 

S^&"''.*e^E^meSUr!'mV*^^ fl^ov, Kol m,k^. aiXufjr, cj, Nem^- t«kw,k. ZSc rt' W,^c. 

how Aman handled Achiacharus that Afiav A;(ta;(ap<i) rcu upf^ffavn. avrov, a>s Ik rov <f>wro^ ^yaycv 

5S.'t'ti'rk''.;er-"dl';*t''?ew^^^^ «*^"'' *'? ? --?' r ,r- ^vra.^&»- -«rf W-Aya- 

him again : yet Achiacharus was saved, but X'^'' P"^ €<rwT€v, €K€unf oc ro ayrairooofia dTTCOo^, xat avros 

mxri^if <Is to (TKorot. Mavtunr^ hnltjiTtii iX^fuxTvtn]r, Koi 
tis T^r vaySa, koi dinuXcro. 

1 1 Ecu vvv, ToiSta, rScTt Ti iXeij/iovwij vout, KOt SuuiKKrwi) 
pitroi- KOI Tavra aurou Xtyovroc, ^cXtircv 17 ^X1 "^o'' '""' 

12 oMf h^oioK- Koi on dirV^o- 'Afvo, tBta^or aMff ftna 
Tov nrpot aiW). 

'Air^A0( S( Tu)/?tac ^croi r^t yurautot ai/rou icai ruf vwiv 

1 3 afrroS CK EKjSarava irf>ot 'Payov^A tov wtvStpm/ avrov, koi 
jyiJfKurn' JVTijiuuf ko! iBaipt rout ircvdffiovf o£toS JKSofiit, kC4 
jaXijpovofii^c T^ oiaiay alrraiv, kcu TiaPir toC irarpof atVroi\ 

1 4 Koi diri'^avn' Jtiuv luarov CLKOtTicnra ji' En^araivlf Tl[$ 

15 Mi^Suit. Kai ^Kouo'c irpLi^ &i:oSavtiv airrhv, rtp' <tiruiX(iai' 
Nivfu^, fy/ ■^)([uiXwTUT€ NaPov)(oSov6(rop, Ktu 'AirirjpiK, «ai 
^1^ JTpo Tou Ajroftu-iic tsl Niwu^. 

ToBiT XIV. 11— Judith 1. 7. 

tliBotlierliadhiiTOWBrd; for he went dowii 
into darkQCBS. Mapiiaes gave alms, ami 
eseapfd llio Biiari'D ol' ■ wliicli Ihoy liuit 
sel fur him ; but AiUBU fell into tlio snare, 

" Wlicrefora now, my ton, ooneidor wlint 
alms dorth, and bow rig1it«iiunH« liath de- 
litcr. V/heti he h»l add ILege tliiiigi. Iio 

Sire up Ibe ihoat in tlio bed, being an liuii- 
red and eiBht and 11 ft]' yesn old; aiid lia 
buried liimbouourabljr. ''And when Anus 
his laotlier vraa dead, he buried her with 
Ilia father. 

But Tobias deported with his wifs ami 
cliildrenloEebalaue'- " ' ' - 

me old witb bonoiu'i 

inted their Biib- 

e ho 
iid he huHed h 

Btoiice, and hia father TobitV 

<l]ed at Kcbntane in Mi'dia, hnnii an hi 
dredand sevenand twenty ypara old. "1 
before be died lie heard of the deatructi 

I O T A I 0. 

*ET0Y3 Su>SciraTou T^ jScuTiXfuK Ha^ovxp^omp, is iffatrC 
Anxray 'Atrtnipun' tv Nivcv^ t^ irdAct t^ ^cyaXjj, ir nut 

5 llfiipaM 'Apifia(a&, Sf ipa/riKtum Mit&ui' iv "Eic^ardk^w, kqI 
uco&!^i}iTn' ht "EKparayim', mu kvkAij) Tifp(T) ix Xt'dtuv XcXa- 
{tufijiw, cit TXaTot injX'^ Tpiui*, wcu <!« ftiJKas m^ui' t{, koi 
Jn^Mifo^ TO vi^ot TOV T<(j(ot>t in;;i(u>v JjSSofiiJicoiTa, koi to tXotos 

3 airav injjjSv xwnjmwta, koi tovs Trvpyov^ ourou iimjtra' 
hi Toic iniXois atrr^ mj^uii' JKaToc. koI to xAaTOf ailr^ 

4 JdifuXuiKTO- tit in};i[«t JfiJfcovTa. Kat Jitol^i tqi xiiXas 
atrrT^ iruAat Sir|i(ipo/,(<iut lU u^of ^''ijjf'i'*' 438o/,i)}KofTB, koI to 
n-XiiTof a&rwv ir^x**^ TctnrapaKotTa (k ^foSovf SvrafUaw 8vra- 
Tuil' ai>Tov, KOI SuTO^CK Tuiv m^ui)' avrov. 

6 Koi JiroiTfcr( ToXcfiov fv this ^/i^pait jiccti'iu; 6 jSiuriXttit 
Nd^Souj^oSofoirof) vpos PaaiXia 'Ap^>aia& iy ru mSup rui 

G fuydXtf, Tovro imw tv rotf opion PayaS. Kai irmnjiT^iTay 
rpoi a&Tov vayrn ot KaTouoDtTf; r^ ofXiv^v, Kai ntirn oE 


Kol iTfStifi E^itti^ o ^axnkm 'Ekvfuutay koi mv^^ov 10vt] 
mAKa cr^oSpa (It xnpiiTa^u' vlidv XtXcouX. 

7 Koi Air«rm\f Na^oux°^'»''''"*P ^ j9aa-(X(vt 'haavplay hrX 
vamaii roiit KaroutouTBt rijf TltpaiXa, tmX bt\ trmnas ro^t 

Ik the twelfth year of tlio reign of Jfabii- 
thodonO»or, who reigned in Sinere, tlio 
great city; in tlio days of Arphaxiul, wliicli 
reigoed oier tlie Medei io STebolane, 'and 
budt in Ecbalane walls ronnii about oE 
atones hewn l\ivix cubils liri>iul utid sii 

CUbita long, aCct IJIJI'1:' <':.'':, I.' I ril' \':<\l 

aeyenty cubits, ruiil i !■! ' ;. i. . i . , ■■•';•,- 

oubita: 'and ?fi 1 1 . i'l 

thegateaof it.nn l,>.' .ml 

the6readtbt!x-ri.>['. i. "..... . . ■, . ■■.,;;■• 

•core cubits: 'and he nimle thegi^tes thereof, 
eren gates tiiat were raised to the height of 
aerenty cubits, and the breadth of them was 
forty Cubtt«, for the going forth of hia mighty 
BTDiiea, and for the sattiiig in array of his 
footmen : 

• Kren in those daya king Nabnohodonosor 
made war with king Arphaiad in the great 
plain, which ia the plain in the borders of 
iagau. 'And there rame unto him all tliey 
that dwelt in tlie hill poimlrj. and all that 
dwelt by Euphrates, and 'figris, and Hy- 
dospes, and the plain of Arioch the king of 
the Klymeans, and Tory many nations of the 
■ons of Cheleul, assembled themielreB to ths 

'Then Nabuchodonoeor king of the Atay- 

Judith I. 8-11. 7. * S6 lOYAia 

that dwelt in Cilicia, and Damascus, and KaTOtKovvroi 7009 Svcfwli, roiis Karoucovyras KcXucuzv Kai 

Libanus, and Antilibanus, and to all that a«..«^.-A... ->,« a//9^»»» ^^) *a.^.\//9»»««» ^^) ^^.—^^ -.^,*-. 

dwelt upon the sea coast, ^and to those ^a/iocricoK, rov Aifiavov xat An-tAt^avov, icat iravras tovs 

among tne nations that were of Carmel,and KaroucotWas xaTa irpoaxairov irapaXiaSf Kai rov^ cv roi^ €UV€<n 8 

plainofEsdrelom.'and toall thatwerein , ^7 ' t^^ st \^ *' ^i.x '^'•o 

Hamana and the cities thereof, and beyond ficya freoiov E<rOpfVfAtofi, Kai 7raKTa9 tous ci' Zafiapeuf, icat rots » 

Jordan unto Jerusalem, and. Betane, and ^JAco-iK aurns. icai vipav rov "lopSdvov cws •icpoixroAwu, ical 

Chellus, and Kades, and the nver of £g}i>t. -n * \v\\xxTr'^^ »* «*»' 

and Taphnes. and Ramesse, and all the land Bo-any, iccu AcAAous, Kot Kadi;?, /ecu tou wora/iov AiyuTrrov, 

of Gesem, »"until ye come beyond Tanis ^at Ta6vas, ical 'Fatuarrrj, koI vaaav yrjv Ttaka cws rov 10 

and Memphis, and to all the inhabitants >\/)'«$'m/ ^-km*^ ^'>. ^ 

of Egypt, untU ye come to the borders of «^^«^^ ^^^^ Tav€a>s icot M€/«j6jc(i)9, icat iravT&9 rov? icaroucovr- 

Ethiopia. Ttts T^ Atyvrrrov cw? toG cA^ctv ^wi ra opta t^s AiOioTrta^, 

" But all the inhabitants of the land made v„'i iJL„,'\,^«„ -,.^,^**. ^1 .^^*^..»^r»^<o ^^^^n* .»» .#a.j .JL 11 

light of the commandment of Nabuchodo- . . '^'^/t^''^'?''*', '^^'^^l °* KaTOiicowTC9 ircurav rqv y^VTO U 

nosor king of the Assyrians, neither went prjfia Nopot^ooovoo'O/} rov p(ur(Ae(i>9 Acrovpuuv, xou ov owi^A- 

as one man, and they sent away his am- cvavrtov avrwi' 0)9 ain7p lo-09* koI dvco-Tpc^av toi»9 dyy6Aov9 

bassadprs from them without effect, and airrov iccvovs ^ driixta vpo Trpoatairov aurwv. Kcu iOvuta&n 12 

with dixgraoe. " Therefore Nabuchodonosor xt /> ^ / i_^ ** % « / 1/5 % • 

was very angry with all this country, and ^apouxobovoa-op hri'iraxrav ttjv yrpf TavTTjv ar<f>odpa,KaL <opxKr€ 

sware by his throne and kingdom, that he Kara tov Opovov icat tw9 )Sa(riA€ta9 avrou, ct firiv iKBucrjo'tw iravra 

would surely be avenged upon all those _n« '^ rr \ * ^a "^ ^v' i\'««« 

coasts of CUicia. and Damascus, and Syria. \°- op*a ^17? KiAiKta9 icai ^kapaxTKqvrpi Kai 2upta9^ dvcXctv Tjj 

and tliat he would slay witli tlie swora all pofiffxiu^ avrov koX iravra^ tov9 KaToticovvTa9 cv y^ M<oa)3. icat 

as iS!rd»Yj;,i'o;!j;?d^°ll ^&:^ roi,vU^^'A^f^,.ai,raaav^ lovSa^.. ^ ^, rot, ^ 

all that were in Egypt, till ye come to the Aiyv?rT<{) co)9 rov cA^ctv €Jrt ra opta T(i>v Ovo uaKoLO'a'iov. 

^^iTen^'emr^^^^ . Kol ^Tropcrof aro cV t| 8 W^ct a^oS Trp^^^^ 

his power against king Arphaxad m tlie ^v rta CTCi tw €7rTaicat6€icar<{», icat dcpoTatwC^ iv no iroAc^ 

seyenteenth year, and he preyaUed in his aurov, icat avi(npoh€ iraxrav rhv Swaixiv 'ApWaS, Kat ttcutov 
battle: for he oyerthrew all the power ofx* » ^ \ , \ n 7** x» / \a 

Arphaxad. and all his horsemen^ and all his '^^^ iinrov avrov, kox iravra to. apimra avrov, Kat cicvptcuo-c 1^ 

chariots, "and became lord of his cities, and rwv iroKtwv avrov' icat d^txcro ea>9 'EKj^ardvcDV, icat iKparna'€ 
came unto Lcbatane, and took the towers, « ^_r^ ^2 * ^ \ ' »'* ^^ 

and spoiled the streets thereof, and turned '^f irvpyojv, /cat iirpovofuvat ras vXarttas ovti;9. /cat tov 

the beauty thereof into shame. ** He took KOfTfiov avrrj^ c^kcv ct9 ov€too9 avTi;9. Kat eXa)3c tov Ap- 15 

i:l:Sili:ot'!,ti?..^ter.^i'i'ttfa"i a?^ - r; Sp..rPayav. .al KarnK6^ur<n> airoy I. rah 

destroyed him utterly that day. (;tpi/vat9 avrov, icat c^cuAo^pevo'CV avrov €0)9 T179 rffxipa^ eicctn;9. 

"So he returned, afterward to Nin^e, Kat AvcorpciZrc aer avrdv aMs Kat 7ra9 6 (rvufiucro^ 1 6 
botli he and all his company of sundry f«v«/)'^;«vr . ^ \y , *^ x»»* 

nations, beinff a very great multitude of men avrov, irAiyc^09 avOpwv iroAc/itorwv iroAv a'<f>oCpa» Kat rjv CKCt 

of war, and there he took his ease, and ban- paOvuMV koI cv(tfyova€v09 avT09 xat n 3wd/xt9 avrov ifh* rjuipas 

qucted. both he and his army, an hundred « ; » ^ '^ # r- 7- ir-r 

and twenty da}^ CKarov ctKoat. ^ ^ 

And in the eighteenth year, the two and Kat cv tw crct tw ^KrcuKatScKCiTa), Scvr^oa Kat ctKoSt rov 2 

twentieth aay of the first month, there was -.„,'«,, ..^,aL X..^,^^ \X..^.. J„ ^f^,. T^»f^^^,^^,.A^r.^ a^^. 

talk in the house of Nabuchodonosor king ^P^^y p.'qvo^, iy€V€ro Aoyo9 cv otK«|» ^a/itovxo^ovo<^op /iaori- 

of the Assyrians, that he should, as he said, Xc(tf9 Aaavpiwy, CKOtK^(rai ^o-av r^v yrjy KaOws ^AcxAi^c. 

S5T«M!n13ll!L^'lc^rL'.1f hil Kol <rw.K<£X«« ^<£,jas ro^, e^.ovra, «6ro5. xal x<£,,« 2 

nobles, and communicated with them his tov9 fityurravas avrov, Kai €V€ro fur avrutv ro ftvonyptov t^ 

secret counsel, and concluded the afflicting BovXm avrov- Kat owcrcXco-c irao-av rnv KaKtav rv^ yrk ck 

of the whole earth out of his own mouth. '^ ^ ' , » ^ x,x« »\/i-'- q 

*Then they decreed to destroy all flesh, tov arofiaroq avrov Kai avroi CKptvav oAoc^pcvo-at Trao-av o 

that did not obey the commandment of his adpKa, ot ovk rjKoXovBrfa-av t^ Xoyta rov OTo/xaro9 avrov. 

< And when he had ended his counsel, Na- Kat iyiyrro W9 oin'crcAco-c rrp^ povXrfV avrov, ^KoXccrc 4 

huchodonosor king of the Assyrians called NafiovYoSovocop SaaiKw *A(r<rvpuav rov "OXxxbipirnv dpvi- 
Holofernes the chief captain of his army, , ^ ««/ »*«©/ m ^ i i y '^^ y 

which was next unto hun, and said unto OTpan/yov t»79 bwafi€ws avrov, Ocvrcpov ovra /icr avrov, Kat 

him, * Thus saith the great kins, the lord of cTirc irpo9 avrov, raSc Xeyct 6 i3a(rtXcv9 6 iieya^, 6 icvpto9 5 
the whole earth, Behold, thou shalt go forth ' '^ ^ ^ ,« % ^ li- \ ' i «* ' x 

' from my presenie, and teke with thee men '^^^ 'rV^Tl^* wov ov ^fcAcw]; Ik tov TrpocrcuTrov /aov, Kat 

that trust in their own strength, of footmen XrjijrQ fiera ccavrov avSpa9 ircirot^dra9 ^v i(rYvC avrwv, tc^cov 
an hundred and twenty thousand ; and the »_ ^,\,^su^ i.r/.-rAv «7v/«/r« «.«> ^\Ciii^ 7.^^*^^ ^»» ^..»/9^.».» 

number of horses with their ridew twelve *'^ ^!t^T ^? * JTV !^ . ^ ' . ava^araij^ 

thousand. • And thou shalt go against all fivptaowv ocKaovo, Kat cf cAcvcn; €t9 oin'avnTO'tv iraa^ rg yg S 

unto Uiem, that they prepaid for me earth airayycActs avrot9 crotficl^civ yrjv Kai vwap, on c^cAcvcro/uuzi cv 

lOYAia 37 Judith II. 8—27. 

OvfMM uov iir aurovs, Kai KoXvil/ii} imi' to vpoatairov rrk yrk Iv and water : for I will go forth in my wrath 

** * ^ *» s ' ' ^ S '^ . ^»_ *- ^» s * ami ast thom, and will cover the whole face 

TOts jotri -nys 8wa/i€a>s ^ou- kol 8<uo-a) avrov« cjs BLopirayrjv of the earth with the feet of mine army, and 

8 avTol^f KoX oi rpav/juiTiai aurcuv irXi/poxrouo'i ras ifxipayya^ I will Ri^o them for a ^il unto them : ^ so 

9 avTiDV irM]fHiidrj<r€TaL- Kai afw tt;v (u;(fiaA(oo-iav auTWK ctti ra their dead, till it overflow: »and I will lead 

opiov avTQiv, Kai €Kb<i}(rova'L o-oi cavrovs, kou duLTrjpi^ti^ €fioi take beforehand for me all their coasts : and 

avrov9 CIS niiipav cXcyuou avrcuv. if they will yield themselves unto thee, thou 

11 ••!? "^ i'^ ^ 1 n '^ » -t ' « •j.n \ ' shalt reserve them for me till the day of 

1 1 hin oc T0V9 dTTCwovrras ov 9curcTa4 o 0<puaAfJLo^ <rou, their punishment 

Sovt'Oi avrous cis tf^ovov koI apirayrw iv irdarj rn yw (rov. V ^^^ concerning them that rebel, lot not 

in^r^ y««»\ ^\ / '^ o \ * \\'\ ^ thine eye spare them : but put them to the 

1 2 On £cov cyco. icat to icpaTos ti/s P^iol^ /">". AcXoXi/zca,^ icat giaught^r, and spoil tiiem wlieresoeverthou 

1 3 7041/0*0) TauTa cv X^'P^ M^'^* ^^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ vapapYjarg cv Ti goest. ^ For as I live, and by the power of 

wpooTcraxa cot, #cat ov fJLOxpwti^ tov Trotiyo-cu avra. thou heed that tbou transgress none of the 

14 Kat i&i\e€V *0\o<l>€pvrK airo Trpoacoirou tou kvocou avTOv, cpramandmentsof thy lord, but acwmplish 
s t f^ ' , 'c>' % % % ^ them fully, as I liave commanded thee, and 

KOLL CKoAco-c warras tov9 dwaoras, #cai tov^ arpanjyovs, Kai defer not to do them. 

15 CTTMrraTas rrk Swaucw; 'Ao-o-oup, icat npiOarKrcv c/cXcicrou; " Then Holofernes went forth from the 
« « > / > /]' « /v > '^ < / > «« presence of his lord, and called all the 
cuppas cts TropaToftv, KaC^OTi €K€\€V(r€V avno o Kupto? avrov, governors and captains, and the officers of 

cts fivptdZa^ 3cKa3uo, Kai iTTrcis TO^oras fivpCov^ SurxiXiov?, the army of Assur; >* and he mustered the 

1 /: *.«) S^.I^y,i:^. «?.»«,\« ii« *»^«.^» -..^^i..^,. —X-C;/)^.. ^nn^/^^^^.^,. chosen men for the battle, as his lord had 

^\ ifn T rpoTTOi^ 7roAcj*ou TrAi/e^os (Twrao-o-crai. commanded him. unto an hundred and 

1 7 Kat cAxipc KafirjKov^ Kai ovovi Kai rjfJLiovov^ C(9 tt/v airciprtav twenty thousand, and twelve thousand 

afirSK. .X^o, .oXt <r<^o8pa Kai ^pd^ara Kai ^oa, Kai aTya, J-h-JJJ ^h^-^^j'; j,";^^^ ™n«^^ 

1 o cis ti;k vapaxTK^vriv avrmv, mv ovk rjv apuffio^, Kai evuriTicrfJLOv war. ^ And he took camels and asses for 

iravTi aySpl cis irXijeo^, Kai yovo^iok xat apyvptoi/ cf otxou their carriages, a very great number ; and 

ox/vN./A '^ ~r t r sheep and oxen and goats without number 

patTiAtm TToAu or^odpa. for their provision : "and plenty of victual 

19 Kat c^X^cv auros #cat iroo-a w SuVauts aurou €t« iroptiav for everv man of the army and very much 

"^ \n -* o \ ^ -sj o s^' ^ \'r '^x gold and silver out of the king^s house. 

Tov^ irpofX&tLV ^ao-tAcws Na^ouxo6oi^O(rop, icat KoAvi/rat irav to iv Then he went forth and aU his power 

vp6<ru}irov rrjs y^S irpo^ Svtrfial^ iv ap/xourt #cai iTr7r€vo"t xat to go before king Nabuchodonosor m the 

on -.*^«7« i«^^.» «?.,r..* K„) -.^XiV a 2^f..,.^r^ /«. A^,^)^ voyage,and to cover all the face of the earth 

20irc^ots c^iA€icTOi9 avru^v. ^ Kat iroAus o CTrt/itKTOs^ a»? oxpt? westwird witli their chariots, and horsemen 

TW€(rj\6ov axrroLS, Kai a»5 i; afifio^ rrfs yrj^' ov yap rjv apidfio^ and their chosen footmen. ^A great num- 

airb vXriOov^ avTu)v ^^^ ^^^ °^ sundry countries came with them 

oi T^ N . -x/j » ' XT N c^x « e *K » N / like locusts, and like the sand of the earth : 

^i Kat airrjAOov cic JNti^cvi) ooov rpuuv rjfi€puiy tvi irpoanairov for the multitude was without number. 

ToiJ ircSiov Bat#crtXaid. icat ^TrccrrpaTOTrcScuo-cv diro BaticrtAatd ^ "*4^^ they went forth of Nineve threo 

on\/ -»»' «,., '^^•Trx' XT* days journey toward the plain of Bectileth, 

22 tAto-iov TOU opov<iiov tir aptartpq. rrr: a»w KtAiKta?.^ Kat and pitched from Bectileth near the raoun- 

cAa)3c iraaav rrjv Svyaiiiv avrov, tovs ircfou?, koi tovs imrct?, tain which is at the left hand of the upper 

%N¥ »« ^»-\ia 1"^ »_^»^' Cilicia. ^Thcn he took all his army, his 

Kai^ Ta^ ap^aTa aurou, Kot airrj\0€v iKtidtv cis rriy optivqv. footmen, ^nd horsemen, and chariots, and 

23 Kai huKOifft TO ^ovS Kat Aov3, Kat (Trpov6fJL€v<ray irarras viov^ went from thence into the hill country: 

*p^^^>« .,«^ «.;^.V 'T^..»^x -.^.^M, «.«»A — r^^«v*#«M ••Ci*. J/^^<./>«. '^ and destroyed Phud and Lud, and spoiled 

Focro-t?, Kat movs I<r/xai;A tous #caTa Trpoo-onrov t^s cpiy^xov all the children of Rasses, and the chlSren 

irpo9 NoTOK Ti7« XcAAatci)!'. of Ismael, which were toward the wilder- 

24 Kat TTop^A^c TOV Ex^pdrrjv, Kai St^A^c rrjv McoroTroTa/xiav, nessatthesouthof the^aitrfo/ZAifChellians. 

\ ^ ^ g / \ /\ \<f\\ \t\ '^ f JL ilv H Ilw WCrllw OVvA XL up II in 1^9) uTlU WCllC 

icot Otco-Kcu/rc iracras Ta? iroActs Ta? vi/o;Aas Tas «rt tou )(€Lfiap^ through Mesopotamia, and destroyed all the 

pov 'XBpwva €m tov ikOfiv im OaXaatrav. hi^h cities that were upon the river Ajbo- 

ocvN\'/> N* -'TTx' ^ 'f ' nai, till ye come to the sea. 

25 Kat KaT€Aafi€TO ra opia rrfs KtAtxtas. icat Kar^Koif/t Travra.^ » Andf he took the borders of Cilicia, and 

tovs dvTKTTarra? auTw* xat wA^cv cw? opuov idd>€6, ra irpo9 killed all that resisted him, and came to the 

XT' ^ — '^ * '* »A /J' borders of Japheth, which were toward the 

NoTOV #caTa 7rpo<nu7rov tt;5 Apo^ta?. ^ south, over a^nst Arabia. 

26 Kat CKVKAcixrc TravTag tov9 viov9 Maotav, #cat €V€Trprj<r€ Ta ' He compassed also all the children of 
aKTiv^^ra airHv. Kai inpoyofuva* ra, ^vSpa, air&y. ^ ^JfeKSThfej^St^'" tabernacle,. 

27 Kat KariBri cts irthlav Aauacrfcou cv -^fiipaK Btpuryiov 27 j[^,en he went down into the plain of 

_« ^l.' ' \ » \ » ^ \ \ <_^'..,..« Damascus in the time of wheat harvest, and 

irvpcov, KOt Wpijerc irawo? tovs aypou? avrcDV- xat^ Ta iroi^ivia ^^^^ ^^ ^,1 ^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^„^ destroyed their 

Kat Ta PovKoKuL €&i>K€V €(9 affnivurfiov, xat Ta9 iroAci? auToiv flocks and herds, also he spoiled their cities. 

foKvXoHTC. K^ Ti ,r.8i. aWi. ««Xic^^c. Kol cVaraf. «ivra, ?°tteXh«^g '^".^^"A-^l 

Tovs vcavuTKOVS avrwv ^ OTOfiari poft^otas. the sword. 

Judith IL 28— IV. 8. 38 I0Y4I9. 

"Therefore tlifl fear and dread of him fell Kot jirnrcmy S (^o/9os mt a Tpo/tot ahmi Iri raut kotim- 28 

tliat dwelt in Bur and Ocina, and all thnC rouf KaroiKOUiraf 2oup, Koi Okivo., koi iruiTcK TOUf Karoucovv- 

l::[^j"aii^s^L'f^^'i^^iJis;!''" r%-r^ ."?^ "' -«-"-'* ^'^-^ - -a-^. 

So they «nt amba«ador. nnto him to *'hPfW''y <"^ ff^MP"- . , , „ 
treat of peace, saying, 'Beliold, we the »er. Km AvtimiAav wpos airrov iyytXout AnyOK tiprp'tKOii, a 

vanti orNabuchodonowr the greot king lie A^kttc, I&ti vu.,U ol miScs NoflouvoSoi^op j8a(rt\«BS 2 
before thee; use us aa *hall be good in thy ' ,, 'at.'' ™ ^ , . o> . . 

light. ' Behold, our homes, and all our f**ynADU Jra/Kutti/irta tvtavior trov, ^^tfrai. f/fuv koHok dfitOTOF 

^eee, and all our Seldi of wheat, and ^,n-i ™ vptxraimf aau. 'ISou ru (VauAct; nuiv, kol ww 3 
Bocki.and herds, and all the lodgM of our ». '^ . i*^, , ^ • o -. • - • 

IflntLlie before thy face: use them as it ■"Ouivtn^v, mu ramiiarux (tai to fiovKo)ua.. kiu minu. oi 

pleawth thee. 'Bcliold, even oitr cities and fidvSpoi ruir trmpiiav lyioi- irnpoKfUTat wpo irpotrbnroir trow 

utito tliee. at KaToucoiiyrK if aurois oouAtu irov furiv* ifjfoiy airavrrftrov 

•Solhe men cnmo to, and autali in iariv aya$ov Iv o<f^aXnMi trov. 
came he d^'i^n"tS«aii'' the '^" w^t, b^th ^' ^<V^«^^ o' ^pn Tpos 'OXo*^n7C, koi ^iir^yyfiW 5 

he and his army, and sot garrisun^ in the afiry Kara ra p^/iara raDra. Kat KaTipyj ivi Tijv impaXuu' 6 

high ciUe^ a.i^ took out of theiu chown „;^ ,^ • SJ,^„ aJ^J ^^1 lApoiprfrt ras xdXcis tot 

meuroraid. 'So Ihej and all tbe wuntrj , , , , ,',, ^ ',, . . ■ *^ ,'^,f . i" 

round about receirocl Lim with airlands, tii^Aac KOi (Aapn' <£ aimuv CK mrp/uijfiav ovApas (tiAuctOik. 

with dancea, and with timbrels ^Tet lie j^ f&'fdwo otrov avroi, ■« nwa n ttiqivwoo? afirSv iwri 7 
duleastdown theirf™ntiBrj,Bndciitdown ... - . . J. . "^ "V^ , . '^ . o 

their grorea : for lie had decreed to destroy trrtiftaviov Kat xopon' koi TUfHrat- uc. Kai «iiT«ricaf € vtura To 8 

all the goda of the land, tliot all nations Jpu, avruii', Ktu to &XaTi auTwy iiiKOiIi€' (cni nc StSovu.ov^' avrw 

ahouidworaiin NabuclnHionosor oalj.and Vl . /, - ■ '- „ ^ . ^ , . ' .T, I 

thataUtonBiiiaandtribessliouldtillupou *foAofljKwrai^ffuiTas tow fl<ow T^s >Tj?, o™?^ oimji fto-if T<f 

Lint as a god. Na^ou^^oSoi'aiTap AaTpciifrdxri rnura Tai&VT), wuiroonia! yXSio- 

•AliO he eame oxer against Esdraelon trtii Koi rSirai ol ^uXoI aurtiM' ijriiiaXiirwnTiu auTof cts firav. 

Gebo and Scythopotis, and there he tarried ^ (ariv liirciWTi Tov TrpunnK toij firydXoV r^ 'lovSaus. Koi 10 

awhole nionth, that he might gather to- mrwjTpoTWt'Snwn' <lwiu«rw roiySol Kol Sicvftiv iroA«w. Kol 

gether all the carnages of his army. . , .'^ , , , , '^, » , m ... / . 

Now the children of Israel, that dwelt in f *«' '"''? If^" *« ^'' <"W<^ irturav ■np' iirapTua' rrp 

Judes, heard all tliab Holofernes the chief bvvantan avrou. 

oiptai.n of Nabuchodonospr king of the K^J ^i^owrav ol viol 'lopmA oi «aToocoiW«s ^k Tn 'lovSoii 4 
Assyrians had done to tbe nations, and , - . - 'n\ I' - -a. • . " ' ^ 

after what manner he Lad spoQed aU their i™"o otra twoitprtv OAo^^itt? tdis tdwtriv, o ipyia-rparrr/tut 

tfmples, and brought them to nought. NnSouyoSovdoop BtujiXiuyi 'Aamipuav, koI Sv rpoiroi' itrxv- 

'ThOTefore they were eioeedingly afraid of , ^^ "^ . ' • i ■ - ' W • - ■ jj • 

him. and were troubled for Jerusalem, and ^'^* ""^^ ™ icpA avnuv, j«u ©uwo- nurc.^ .« A^oyxu^v.^ 

for the temple of the Lord their tJod t ' for koi. iifiopiiOrjtrav <r^oopa oifioSpa diro «-po(noirou ourov. icai 3 

£if,,"s 5;rl!.,"S3f /rEdi" .ik "»'• ■^•pr^'^w <« "S >"= kv™ « .«, fa^,. 

lately gathered tomther; and the lessel^ rhftraii- or\ ■wpotrquxTOH ^(rw avopcpijKoTre ^K rrji Qtj£f£aAto- 3 

and the altar.and tlie house, were Mnelifled „(^^ „„; , ; j • XaJs ovuXtiucro t^s "louScu'nt, icai ri 
after the profanation. ' i here fore they ,' ^ y a ■ .it } - d a \ ■ 

sent into ell the coasts of Samaria, and the (TKcmj, koi to ffwruumj/HOi', koi 6 olnot. in Ti7« ptpijAuxniai 

yillafes.and to Bethoron, and Belmen.and miatruiva. Si-. Kai dwtoTHAjU' «« Jriii' opiov SauiUKiat, Kat 4 

Jencho, and to Chaba, and ii.sora,ana to J,' , . V, n . . n i < . 'i > . • v □> 

the yalley of Salem: 'and possessed them. Kiuvas. Kai BaiS<apo>v, xai BfA;iw. mu I(/HX«, "*>' <« Xtuflo, 

■elres beforehand of all the tops oF the high kui Auruipa, Kol TOv auXiuva SoX^^, Kiu TrpoiiaTtXafiovTO numj 5 

provision of war: for their fields were of dvrais KUfuit, mu miptOivTO (w CTTuriTur^i' cif irapacriccinp' 

late re^>ed. ToXiiou, ori motrAanoi ny to irsSio avrwi' rc^puruf ml, 

tiiat dwelt in Bethulia, and Betomeatham, tKuvtuf hi ItpovtrtiXi/fj., rois naToucovtri BtruXova, Kot B<ra< 

them to keep tbe pMages of the hill coon- TiStov tov wATjtriov Aiiioaif*. Xeyuiv, ouxKartia)(tiv rat iva- 7 

try: for by t>em there ires an *"»"»»« joto o^ - 5«^_ 5^1 &' airSiv S^ ij JtroSo? €« rm- 'louSoiiv 

Judea, and it was easy to stop them that ^^ , , ' " J, ' , , , ( ' Vv ' _ ' 

would come up, became the passage was itai ^ (C;i(cpa>t iluunaXurai aurow r^poCTjBoivoiTas, (rTtn;t ti^ 

strait, for two men at the most, "And the TrpotrBatrtoK ownK, iir aitSpai Tabi ■vdvro.i Su'o. Kol Jirain- 8 
children of Israel did a« Joaoim the high "_ "^ ,,, ',: c • e • - ; > i . ' 

prietl had ocanmanded them, with the <"* ~ vioi Itrpaij/i. koOh amnaity tuiroit ItuoNi^ i Upm 

IOYAI0. 39 Judith IV. 9— V. 8. 

o iieyas, kol w ytpovcrta Train-os Zriukov 'I<rpanX, oi iKaOnvro Iv ancicDts of all the people of Israel, which 
•i \ ' tlwelt at Jerusalem. 

9«'%»/j/ «» »^»T ^\ — ^ ^ Gi ^ 1. * ' ' Then every man of Israel cried to God 

Kat dv^Poricrav Tras anyp Icrpai/A ^po? tov 0coi/ #v cktcvi^ ^jth great ferrency. and with great vehe- 

fityaXrf, koI craTrcivowrav ra^ i/a;;(a5 aurcuv Iv Iktcvioi ficydXy, mency did the/ humble their souls: ^''both 

in ^n'^^) ^^) «5 .«-.«?.,*« «?-.r.« .,«) »A .«X.«-f^ «.,*»./*.» ^^)**A .«-^.^ they, and their wives, and their children, 

10 avTOt Kai ai yi/vatw ai/ra>v, #cai to lo/irta avrtuv, Kat ra imyio; and their cattle, and every stranger ancf 

avnuv Kat ira? Trapoticos rj fiLa-Otaro^, Kai apyvpwnr}fTO% avrcov, hireling, and their servants bought with 
hr4e€vro o-ukkov? cVl ra? 3<7<^vas avrwv. "»o^ey. put sackcloth upon their loins. 

1 1 Kat 9ras avhp 'lo-panX Kat yuKw, ra ^ratSta, #cat ot Karot- ,. "Thus every man and woman, and the 

»ct\\« \ / «« ««) little children, and the inhabitants of Jeru* 

KouvTCs €v UpowraXrjfi €V€<rov Kara vpofromov tov yaou, Kai g^lem, fell before the temple, and cast ashes 

coTToSoKravTO TOLS KC<^aXa9 airiav, #cai c^crctvav tous craKKOvs upon their heads, and spread out their 

«A«'\m ^r.-.A -..^^^.««.»» ir,./v/r.i.. »./«} »A /),ur^«»rT«.K;C».»» ^^^w . sackcloth beforc tuc faco of thc Lord t also 
avTcuK Kara Trpoorw^rov Kvpiou- Kat to ^^taoriyptov oraKKo) they put sackcloth about the alt4»r. «and 

1 2 v€pupaXov, Kat cpoi;o"av 7rpo« tov ©cov lo-pa^A ofioOvfxaoov cried to the God of Israel all with one 

lKT€va>s. ToD uw Sowai €ts StopTray^v Ta vmrta ai^wv, Kat Tas consent earnestly, that he would not give 

« ' , '^' ^ ' ~ /' -* V / , ^ their children for a prey, and their wives 

yuvaiKa? ct? Trpovofxrjy, Kat Tas iroAci? nys KArjpovofna^ avrtav for a spoil, and the cities of their inheri- 

cts a<l>avuraov, Kat Ta ayia cts B^BriXuKTW Kat ovctStcraov, ^"5® ^. destruction, and the sanctuar/ U) 
, / ^ '^^ */i ' # ' # r- » profanationandreproach,and for the nations 

€mx<ipfm Tots cc'v€<rt. to rejoice at. 

^^ ^.^''' c^Koiwrc Ki;pto9 T?? fhvTJs a^5>v, Kai clcrctSc t^v » So God heard their prayers, and looked 
OXiij/tv avTUiv Kat ^v o Aaos vt/otcikuv rifJL€pa^ TrActov? cv iraoT; upon their afflictions: for the people fasted 

t5 Toi/Sat^ Kat •icpowaX^/i, KaTa wpoo-uwrov t^v ciytW Kvpiou foj" th^e*Sn?tSli-''of Uie^Lord^^^^ ^^' 

^A ir^»T '' «« ^ «.iL^ ^^) — ^ *« « ' " And Joacim the high priest, and all the 

14 ^ Kat IwaKi/io tcpcy? o /icya?. Kat Traws ot TrapccmjKOTCS priests that stood before the Lord, and they 

Ivunriov Kvpiov, icpci? Kat ot XciTOVpyovvrcg Kvptco, (tolkkov^ which ministered unto the Lord, nad their 

Toxrtv TOV €VOcA€;(to-/iov, Kat Ta? cv^o?. Kat Ta CKOiKTta oofiaTa free gifts of the people, ^ and had ashes on 

15 TOV Xaov. Kat ?v o-iroSos cVt tos KtSapci? a^rwv. Kat iBotov their mitres, and cncd unto the Lord with 

X -_ / ' , « / * t A\ t *, A all their power, that he would look upon all 

irpo9 Kvptov €K TTofTrj^ bwafuu)^ cts ayaUov ^irurK&ffoavai the house of Israel graciously. 

TOvra oTkov 'IcrpaijX. ' ^ , « , • x Then was it declared to Holofemes, the 

6 Kat avrjyyiKXrj '0\o<f)€pvrj ap\i(TrpaTqyiii Owa/ACO)9 Aaaovp, chief captain of the army of Assur, that the 

SuJr* orvlol VvX >rape<r;«v<i<.aKro A .6Xe^y. Kai ri, 8.0- t^H^^^.^^'^^lt^^r^^, ^^o^^^. 

dovs Tiys op€ivrj^ <ruv€KA€urav, Kat CT€t;(io-av iratrav KOpvtfyrjv and had fortified all the tops of the high 

2 5povs iUmXov, Kat I^Kav ^ tois TrcStW (TKaVSaAa. Kat <5p. ^ill*. a'?^ liad laid impediments in the 
-./— /L. /jT ** J^ 'SJ ^ » '\ ' ^ • — Ti/T 1 o champaign countries : ^^ wherewith he was 

3 , . ,, ., , , __^ ^_ ..,__„ _.. 

Aaos 0VT09 6 Ka^/ievos hr rn 6p€iirn, koI tiVcs &s KarotKowri who this people is, that dwelleth in the hill 
_/\ ^^x-^ia '*fi' »** \ t f y / country, and what are the cities that they 

iroActs ; Kat to irAi;^? ti/s Svva/icws avrwv, koi cv Ttvt to Kpa- inhabit, and what is the multitude of their 

Tos auTtiiv, Kat 17 tcr;(us outwv, koI tis dvccmyKCV iv* auroiv army, and wherein is their power and 

4 P<ura.v,p.^^^o. ,^parrryia, air5>v ; Kol 8.i ri Kar^U t';Aft^r^'^^S'l^':^r^^^'X 
cravTo Tou /i^ cAactv cts aTravnyortv ftoi iropa vavras tov9 KaT- determined not to come and meet me, moro 
otKovvra? cv 8uo-jxat9 * thasi all the inhabitants of the west? 

5 Kat clTrc irpo? avrov *A)^ta)p 6 riyovfX€yo^ irdvT<av vuov 'Aft- *Then said Achior, the captain of all the 

uwv, dKOVO-aTO) 8w 6 Kvptos fiov Aoyov cV <rroaaT09 tou SouAou ^^l,^^ Ammon, Let my lord now hear a 
* ' s , .1 N Vv //I ' % -^ \ ^ * « word from the mouth of thy servant, and I 

110V, Kat avayycAbi o-ot T17V aAi/^ctav ircpt tov Aaov, 09 KaTOUCct will declare unto thee the truth concerning 

Twv opctvwv Tovrnv, irAwrtov oroi oixovvros, Kat ovk c^Aoxrcrai this people, which dwelleth near thee, and 
^ ,'«o . *» / « * '\ «r* \ > ^ / » mhabiteth the hill countries: and there 

6 \l/€vboq €K TOU OTo/xaTOs TOU dovAov <rov. O Aaos ovro? ctctv gijall no lie come out of the mouth of thy 

7 diroyovot XaASatW, Kat irap<tfKii(rav to Trpdrcpov iy rn Mccro- servant. *This_people are descended of 
_ / w » JO \ '/!_ » \ ./i^ ^ /] #» *v» / the Chaldeans : ' and they sojourned here- 
Tfora^t^, OTt OVK ipoukrf^av aKoAov^at TOts ^^cots to>v iraTC- ^0^^^ j^ Mesopotamia, b^use they would 

8 pct>v auTwv, ot iyivovro cv y^ XoA&uW* Kat iilfirfo-av cf oSov not follow the gods of their fathers, which 

<2> circyvoxrav* Kat cccpaAov avrou9 airo vpoatorrov t(dv &Cb>v the God of heaven, the God whom they 
airwv. «al i<f.vyoy cts M,<ra^ora^y, kou ,r<vrc.^rav «« ^^c'- knew .•^jj' yiS'..TnV'lMed'^"»«''^^ 
pa9 iroAAa9* potamia^ and v>\o>)xiv»^m<st^ \^as^ ^35:^%. 

Judith V. 9— VI. 2. 40 IOYAI0. 

•Then their God commAnded them to Ka* cTjtcv 6 0cos aurwv i^tXBuy U rm impcucw avrwv, #cal 9 

depart from the place where they sojourned, a^ .«-v- f \ * »'» ^i\/i/ 

andto go into the land of Chanaan : where '^op€vdrjvai ci« yjyv Xavaav' KOt Karipc^ai' cxct, #cat ivXrfiw 

ther dwelt, and were increased with gold 6rj(rav ■^(pva'Uf koX apyvpu^ kou iv icrqv€ai voXXol^ cr^cl^pa. 

of Ghanaan, they went down into Egypt, yrj^ Xavaay Ai/tos, Kot iraptf^Krf(raLy iKtl fi€)(pLs ov Oicrpwfnjtray 

so that one could not number their nation, vovs avnov, Kot ciraKCony aurotg o paunAxv^ Aiywrrov, icai 1 1 

»' Therefore the king of Effypt rose up KaT€(ro<htaavTO avrous Iv irovw koI Ik ttXii^w, koI €rair€Lvwray 
against them, and dealt subtilly with them, , y ^ y wa » s * J ^x * 

and brought them low with labouring iu o.vTOVi, Kai cC^cvro ovtov5 cts OovAov?. 

brick, and made them slaves. Koi &y€p6vja'ay vpoi tov ©eov avrlov, Kal liraro^e vacrav rip^ 12 

JoeifiiteforLl/p'tit&u"^^^^^ yf Alyy-T- ,rX,;yar,. fr oT, o«« V, W koI i«8aXo. 

plagues : so the Egyptians cast them out of aurovs oi Aiyunriot airo irpoannrov avTiov. Kou KaT€iiipay€y 1 o 

their sight. » And God dried the Ked sea ^ ©^^ ^^ Ipu^piv edXatrirav tairpofrBtv axm^v, #cat nyaycv 14 
before them, " and brought them to mount , ^ » '««x '^^ x? ^ ^ tt /^ n ^ % »>//> \ ' v 

Sina, and Cades-Barne, and cast forth all avrovs cts obov rov Siva, kcu Kodi^s Bopn;, kcu l^c/kiAov xav- 

that dwelt in the wilderness. xas tous KaroucowTas Iv t]5 IpVMV* 

all them of Esebon, and fuissing over Jordan c^oiAo^pcvo-av cv Tjy MTX^t aurcuv laxi Oiapavres rov lopddvTv 

thePherezite.theJebusito.andtheSychem- w^ow ovrwv rov Xavavatov, koi tov 9cp€4atov, koi tov IcJEJov. 

ite,and all the Gergesites. and they dwelt traibv, #cai tov Svycu. kui iravras tous rcpyco-oiovs, kcu icar- 

m tliat country many days. f , » « c^/ vv / ' 

W And whiUt ther .inned not before their ^^r .*'""?'' r*^*'?^'- .^- .. , , . ^, , „ 
God, thejr prospered, because the God that iuu €o>s ov\ ^fiapTOV evunriov rov ®€ov avnav, ^v ra ayaxfa 1 7 

hateth iniquity was with them. » But when ^^» ^-^^ 5„ ©cos uwrwv dSuctav uct a^wv cWiv. ^Ore 5c 1 8 

they departed fi*om the way which he ap- V , i n - <^ - * ^ //i » « »/ \ /i '/l • 

Kinted them, they were destroyed in many areon^aov dTro rqi otiov i^ dtcC'ero avrots, i^<i}Aoup€vthj<rav cv 

ttles very sore, and were led captives into ,roAXow ttoX^iois liri iroXu <r6o'8pa, koX iiyxAaXoircv^av cis 
a land that was not their s, and the temple « » »»/ ^ x < % ^ 7^ v^ » ». j'^^ //i » »^ j 

of their God was cast to the ground, and Tl^ O'yic tbtav, Kat o voos rov ©cov ovrcov iy€yrj(hj cts Skw^s, 

their cities were taken by the enemies. koI al iroXcis avrtov €KpaTi^Orj(rav xnro twv vwcvavruov. 

w But now are they returned to their Kal vuv imarpiil/avrti lirl tov ©cov a^«v, di^lBvaav Ik tw 19 

God, and are come up from the pUices where « «^«'^S .^x / % ti \x 

they were scattered, and have possessed Ouunropa^ av buanrapTja'av CKCt, Kat KaTccrxov rrfv l€povaraA,i)fA, 

Jerusalem.whero their sanctuary is, and are ou to ayuurtm airOiv, kcu KaTWKur^av Iv tw <5pcivw. oti wv 

seated in the hill country ; for it was deso- » ' % ^ « / ' * » ' i > ' » ** on 

late. » Now therefore, my lord and govern- ^H^> *««* vw. ScoTroru Kvpu, ci /icv lortv ayvoi/Ata cv tw 20 

iKTroKefirjaofJitv avrovg. Ei 8c ovk Ibriv ivofiia Iv tu> 2 1 

there be no iniquity in their nation, let my •/)„-, -»_r«* .m^r^XAJ^^ S^ A i»{»i^. >.o.. ..JU.-#v«'« i,m^r^,w^i,w-^ A 
lord now pass l)y. lest their Lord defend ^" ^'^^"^ iropcA^crw 617 o Kvpios ftov, fj,rproT€ wrtpaxrmarf o 

them, and their God 60 for them, and we Kvptos avruiv Kat o ©cos aimuv vircp avnuv, kcu €<rofUua cis 

become a reproach before ^l the world. 6v€iBi(rfi^v Ivavriov irdtrm t^ y^s. 

5* And when Achior had finished these «- ^ » / «»'»*' \ x** ^ \ ' ' o.-* 

■ayings. all the people standing round about Kat cycvcro 019 iTravo-aTO Axtwp AaAwv tovs Aoyovs tovtovs, 22 

the tent murmured, and the chief men of kou lyoyyixrc was 6 Aoos 6 kvkXuiv twv aKwvnv Kat ircptcorruts* 
Holofcrnes, and all that dwelt by the sea \ *' " t « »rk\ j. ' ^ ' « ** ^ 

side, and in Moab, spake that he should kill '^f * ^^^^ ^^ ficyttrrovcs OAoi^cpvou. Kat wavTCs ot KaTOiKOwrcs 

him. 2s For, #ay <^v, we will not be afraid t^ irc^KiAtav kcu t^v M(i)a)3, oiryKCM/rat avrov, ov yap ifioprfiti' ^Z 

?/ 1? VlJS,;ie*tfh\7e t^'^^A <^f^^ ,<*- vIS.'fop«^X- 'M yip Xoi, ^K .? ofiK &rr. 8,;«v"*. 
power for a strong battle. ovOc KpaTOS cts iropaTot^iv lo^vpav. 

goTptLtthS'li.lani'a p'S^^ ^'^ «^ d.a^^d^tfa .al foovrat cJ, Kar<i^po.;xa ^d,np r?* 24 

TOured of all tlune armv. orpaTias orov, ocoTrora OAo<^cpvi7. 

And when the tumult of men that were Kal & KaTCirawcv 6 OopvBo^ rwv ivSpwv twv kvkXw tws 6 
about the councu was ceased, Holofemes «* %• •/%\!t' «j ' ^' 

the chief captoin of the armv. of Assur said crwcSpcias, Kai clircv OAot^n/s o dpx«»TpaTi;yos Swa^ccos 

unto Achior and all the Moabites before all *A<r<rovp irpos 'Aviwp IvavTtbv Travros tou ^uov dXXoihvXiDV, 
the company of other nations, 'And who art » x/ «^ujr^/3 ^'t^'^A^ ^«o 

thou, AcEor.andthehireUngsofEphraim. 'tot irpos irovros wovs Moiaft Kot Tis cl <n;, Axtoip, Kat oi 2 

that thou hast pronhesied among us as to fxurOitrrol rov *£^alfi, ari irpoc<^7rcv(ra$ Iv ^/itv kci^uis ayuLt" 

^•:sfh'ffiys>Wu?^?g^^?i:^i? pr-.'"^' *^'~' ^ r^ '^^^'^^^ t^ '?^t^?v^r ^^ 

God will defend them? and who is God avroiv vn^acnrtci auroiv; kou tis o ©cos et fi^ Napovxooo- 



3 twop; OEros i-nirrtXu to Kparos tturoE, itol iiiAo$ptvir<i 

auTovt ivo irpoaioirov r^s yip, wii ou fiuD-(nu avrou; 6 3(0i 
OVTUV' oAA' ^^w 01 SouAjit avrov Tnaa^fitv avrow uif Sydput. 
Vov wtt, Nat Du^ v7roan7<r0KT(iL t<j K^rot rujv irTnroiv ijfi^y, 

4 KaroKavfTO/iO' yap airroti^ tv a^rots. Kill ra opi} avruiv fifBrnr- 

yvspSiv aurSiv mii ovM dirltmjCT'fTiii. TO rj(FOv twv iroSuii' avrii' 
Kara xpoffunrov ^^Sw, dAAi dT<iiX«^ diroAoiJiTai, XoXm 6 /Sotri- 
Xci« NqjSoujjoSovoodp mipios TaOT/s T^s y^!" ttir* yap, ou 
jULTCUia&TjirtTiit Ta prjfiara Tui)* Aoy(oi> axPTOu. 

5 2u 8i "Ajjuiip fiicrftoT) ToO 'A/i/iui', OS lAoXifcraf tous Aoyovt 
Tovrovs iv i/liipt aSiKuvi <rov, ouk oi^u fri to irpiMTXiiiroi' /unf 
iwo T^ ^/itpat rmlnjs, J(i)5 ou iicSimjtrtu ri ytvoj tihc Ik Ai- 

6 yuiTTOu. Koi TOTf SuXcurtrat a o'lSifpot t^; oTpaTidf fiou, Kai 
6 Xoot rw tftparoKTiiJi' /tou riit vXcvpas trou, Kai tcct^ (f to?s 

7 rpatTUlTiats auruiv, oral- jirurrpc^ui. Km dTOKaTaoT^ovtrt <r< 
01 SovAot fiov (K r^i* djMiv^i', koi 6^ini<Ti trt iv ju^ twv 

8 iroAfuv Twv dva^diruuf, koi ouk diroXg <UK ov iSoKo6ptv6^ 

9 fUT auTuf. Kai ciircp JAiri£(($ t^ icapSuji trou ort ou XififiO^ 
oviTai, fi^ (TU^TCo'irui irou ro vpommrof JXaXipra, koi oiSiy 

10 Kot wpotTiToitv 'Oko<j>ipvTli TDts SoiJAj>K avrou. ot ^ak 
irapf07i)itoT« £1" rg ffKiji-n "troO, oTiXXtt^fii' tov 'Axuiip, xai 
i.W0KaTa<rT^<rai ai/rov (K StjvKova, itai irapaSouroi (ii x'^P"^ 

1 1 utuii' lo-pa^X, Kai oTn-eAjijSov oixov oi SoCAoi airrav, Kal 1770- 
yoi- auToi' fill) T^s mipt/ijSoX^s <(t to irfSujc, kcu aTrjpoc » 
fiiaou TJp irtSii-qs (is T^v opeiv^v, Koi wapryivoirro iiri rns jnj- 

12 ya$ at ^o-ov uTTOKtiTU) BcTvAou'a. Kai us cTSavaurovs 01 acSpcs 
T^! jToAnuf iirt T^i- Kopv'iiiji' Tou opous, oviAa^o* 
aviuiv, Hal dir^XSov c(io rjji irdA«ius Im, r^c Kopw^qf 
KQi jrat di-^p ai^tvSovijr^i SiiKpaTiJtrav T^c diti/Sacrtf aurun;, 

13 KQi (jSoAov jf Allots (V aurout. Kai vroSurouTCS virOKOLTia 
TOU apous. iSiJcrav roi' 'Affiiip, koi di^icac ippififiirov inro rijr 
pll^av TOU opous, ficil dinuj(Omt irpos tSv xupiov auruii'. 

1 4 KaTa^aiTts S( vioi 'Iirpa^X ck T7S iroAnos auriuv IjrtOT^av 
auTu, KQi Autrarm aurov dirTyayov (is T^i* BimXoiJa, koi 

1 5 KaTtimttrav auror tirt tom apyoKTas T^S n-oAcuff aurwv, 01 i^av 
jk TaTs ^/i^pOEs (iHivais, '0£i'as tou t&vya. ix r^s i^uA^s Su- 
^(ui-, KOI 'A^pis o ToC Todoi'i^A, noX Xopfiis vios MfA;(i^A, 

1 6 Kai o-uF«KdX(0'ov iracras rous vpttrPvTipow riji irokeiitr 
Kal <nn'<3pafiov tSs viavuritof atruiv koi a! ymaiKK ('S T^i' 
^KfcAijiruiv icat cim^ai' roi' A;i(iaip (f jahtui vavroi tou XaoO 

1 7 nvruii'' Ktti iinipian]<Tiv airov O^uic to oTj/ijSf^ijicds. Kal diro- 
Kpifiis dir)7yytiA(v auroit to p^^iara t^ awtSpia; 'OXaifiiprov, 
Kai iraira ra p^/iaTa ocru JXciAija'n- iv ^t'croi Tuiv ip^oiTioy 
vluiv Avrroup, tai otra iptyaXo^fnjfiovtjvtr 'OAo^tpvi^s (Es rof 
oTkoi' 'icpa^A, 

IS Kot TrtaovTCt d Aoos irptXTtnirrjaav Tu ®(u>, Kai i^orjuay 

1 9 Xcyoi'Tts, Kupu o 0<os tou oupaivi), kiitiS* iv't Tas um/n]^- 

raias avTuJK, koi JAojo'oi' tiji* TairiiVutru' tou ycraus ^/i<uv, kiu 

imPXtipov hi to irpoaiiiirov ruiy ^uuriiivm/ coi iy T§ ^l^ip^ 

Judith VI. 3—19. 

but Nabucliodonosor? 'He will Mud hii 
g>oner, aiid nill destroT tliem rroiD tlio faoe 
of the eartb, atid tlioir (lod alioll not delivor 
tliera: but we hi» servwite will dcstrof 

sustain tlie power of our borseii. * For with 
Ihom we wUl tread tliecn uoder foot, and 
tlieir mouDtaics slialL bo drunken with their 
blood, and their fieldi shnU be fiUed with 
their dead bodiee, and tlieir footsteps ghiU 
iiotbeable tOBUnd before ub. for Uiefihall 
utterly perieh. with king rfabucbodonoBOr, 
lord of all the earth : for be said. Wone oi 
my wordfl >bal! be in vain. 

'And thou, hireling of Animon, 
which host apokeu theao wonla in tliadar 
-f .!.:_. ;_:... .4.- -i,alt see " - '" 


theu gboll the Bword of niioe nnny, and 
the multitude of them that aerve me, pan 
through thy aidei, and tbou ahalt fall auioni 
their »lain, wlien I return. ^ Kow therefore 
-my Berranta shall bring thee back into tha 
bill cauatrr.And ahull sot thee in Due oftha 
cities of tliD posssiiea : 'and thou sbolt not 
perish, till tliou Be destroyed with them. 
^Aud if tliou persuade tlijBelf in tlij mind 
that they bIihII not bo taken, let not thy 
raunteimuce fiiU- I have spoken it, aud 
none of my words aboil he in rniii. 

>*Then llolofernca commanded bis aer. 
rants, that waited in his tent, to tak« 
Achior, sad bring him U> Bethulia, and 
deiiier him iaM the banda of the chil- 
dren of Israel. "So his senants took him, 
and brounht him out of the camp into iha 
plain, and they went from the midat of the 
plsiii into the hill country, and come unto 
the fountains that were under Betliuba. 
''And wlien the men of the city saw them, 
they took up their weojioiia and went out 
of the city to tlie top of the bdl : and every 
man that used a sling kept them from 
coming up by coating of slonca againat 
them. I' Merertlieless having gotten privily 
under the bill, they bouud Achior. aud cast 
him down, and left him at tha foot of the 
bill, and returned ta their lord. 

II But the laraelites descended from tbeir 
citr, and came unto him, and loosed bim, 
and brought him into Bctliulia, aud pre- 
sented him lo the govamora of the city; 
'^ wiiich nere in those days (Jzias the ion of 
Mieha, of the tnbe of Simeon, and Chabri* 
the Bon of Gothoaiel, and Charmia the son 

■"And they called together nil the ancient* 
of the city, and all tlieir youth ran together, 
and their women, to Che assembly, and tbejr 
act Achior in the midst of all their people. 
Then Oiiaa asked him of thot which wai 
done. "And he auswi^red and declared 
unto them the worda of the oouucd of 
Holoferncs, and ill the words that he bad 
spoken in the midst of the princcaof Absut, 
and whatsoever Holofemea had spoken 
proudly againat the house of Israel. 

"Then the people fell down and worshi;^ 

CI God, and cried unto God, aaying, »0 
rd Glod of heaven, behold their pride, 
and pity the low estate of our nation, and 
look upon the face of thoie that MS. w-wi'"!- 

Judith VI. 20— VII. 15. 42 IOYAI0. 

™And thoy comforted Acliior, and praised Kai TrapcKaXecrav TOV*A\iZ}p, Koi i'irgv€a'av avrov a'<l}6Spa. 20 

feast to the elders : and they called on the #cai €iroLrj(T€ iroTOV T019 Trpccrpurepois* Kai cTTCicaAccrayro tov 
God of Israel all that night for help. 0^^^ 'ItrparjX cis pori$€iav 6\rjv rrjv vvtcra iKeivrjv. 

The next day Holofemes <M)mnianded all Tw S* ciravpiov ira/JwyyciXcv *Okodiipvm vacrn rn frrparuS. 7 
his army, and all his people which were » ^ \ '^ \ -^x'v^.^a/ ^ t \ \ * 

come to teke his part, tliat they should re- o.vToy, kqx iram tw Aaw awov. ot iropcycvovro ctti ti/v ^/a- 

move their camp against Bethulia, to take fiavuLV avTov, dva([cvyvv€iv im BervXova, koi rag dvapcureig 

IsraeL *Then their strong men removed tous vtou? lo-pa^A. Kcu di/c^cv^cv ci' t]; ^y-^p^ iKtiVQ wa^ 2 

their camps in that day. 5"d ^h® wray ff ^s g ^^ ^»^ ^^i « S^Va/ii? airuiv di/8p^v toXc/iiotw, 
the men of war was an hundred and seventy 'f^,^ . « ^ «.- c % %/»» / % • / 

thousand footmen, and twelve thousand x*^^**^« dvopiiiv irc^cav c/carov ipbofJLrJKovra, icat inrcwv 

horsemen, beside the baggage, and other ^iXuxBe: SckoSuo, vwpts rn? dirotTKCim?, Kal twv dvSpwv ot 

men that were afoot among them, a ^ •- n . > - vV./i \ % 1 /o xr ^ o 

very great multitude. 'And they camped V^^^ ^«Cot ^ aurot?, vXrjdo^ voXv or^dpa. Kat irapcv- J 

in the valley near unto Bethulia, by the iBaXov (v t<u avXojvi irkrja^iov BervXova ivl tws wwyn?, koi 
fountain, and they spread themselves m / >^« 1 ^ a n *- ^*-d\/i^ %•»<> 

breadth over Dothaim even to Belthem, irapcTCtmv cts €upo5 ^tti Aui^ai^ Kai ccos BcA^/i, Kat «s /xiyKOs 

and in length from Bethulia unto Cyamon, airb BervXova €(1)9 Kva/Awvo?, ij i(mv airivavri 'Eo'^pi/Axo/A. 

which is over against Esdraelom. q. 3. ^j^j 'j^^^x. J)5 cTSov a^rwK ri ttX^^os, hapd^^av 4 

< Now the children of Israel, when they o-6o8pa- Kat cTttck CKacrro? wpos tov vX-naLov avrov, vtr 
saw the multitude of them, were greatly % \ fM f n/ "^ ^ ^ ' \ m \ 

troubled, and said every one to his neigh- ^KAct^ovtrH' ourot to TrpcKrwTroK rrjs yrjs vcurrj^, km ovtc to 

hour. Now will these men lick up the face ©pw to. xnlrnXa, ovre at 6apayy€9, ovtc 01 Bowol wroorncrovTat 
of the earth: for neither the high moun- V 0/ » « ir ^ » \ o^ " >■ ' ^ k 

tains, nor the vaUeys, nor the hiUs. are able ^o ^opos avrwv. Kat avaXa^ovTCs CKaoros Ta otkcvi; Ta 5 

to bear their weight. 'Then every man iroXc/itxa avTwi', Kat dvaxav(]ravTes «rvpa9 ^Jrt tov? irvpyovs 
remained and watched all that night. • But i7fL€p^ rji dcvrcp^ cfjyyaycv OAo<p€pvi/9 iraxrav rijv imrov avrov 

of Israel which were in Bethulia, 7 and evrcfTKGffaro Tas avapao-cis tt;s iroAco)? ovt<dv, Kat Tas myyas 

viewed the Mssages up to the city, and ^y ^SaTwv avTwv €<f>a)8€vo-€, Kat vpoKarcXaBero avras, Kat 
came to the fountains of their waters, and ,, ,^ />\%»^'* v** n»% 

took them, and set garrisons of men of^ war t^rconyo-cv avrats irapefxpoXaq avOpiav voXtfiumav, Kat avTOS 

oyer them, and he himself removed toward dvc^cv^cv cis tov Xaoi' avrov. 

"£f^^ ' , . « , ,./.«., Kat Trpoo'cX^ovrc? avroi Travrc? oi apxovT€^ rwv vtaiv *H<rav, 8 

8 Then came unto him all tiie chief of tiie n / • e / '*» \ '*■»«• ^o ^ « ^ '* 

children of Esau, and all the governors of '^^^ ira»^€S ot lyyov/ici^oi rov Aaov Mwa^, Kat ot orpaTi/yot ri;? 

the people of Moab. and the ci^ptains of the iropoXta?, clTrav, dKOVO'dru) 6:7 Xoyov o Sccnrdnys tj/ioiv, tva 9 
seacoast, and said, 'Let our lord now hear , > ...'«^«, /)«^r«^..« J„ ^j: X,.„^..-r. ^«,. 'n *.A« \«A*. ^fn..^ in 
a word, that there be not an overthrow in M 7^^"^^ tfpavarfm iv^ r^y dwa/ict orov. O yap Aao9 ovroj^ 10 

thine army. ^ For this people of the chil- t<uv vttov IcrpaiyA ov ireiroiuav hri rots oopao-tv airruiv, dAA 

&tShurtL''ZVn"t^''nrwn?n ^} I"" ^^ T ^T t^"' t^' "^"^ *"""?^«' J" 
they dwell, because it is not easy to come avroi?' ov yap cortv cv^cpcs vpocrprjvai rat? KopwfHii.<s t«uv 
up to the tops of their mountains. dpcwv avrcov. 

"Now therefore, my lord, fight not against Kal vvv, Sicnrora, firj^ voX€fi€L irpos avrov?, Ka^u>5 ytWat 11 

them in battie array, and tnere shall not so ttoXcuos irapaTdf C(i)s, koi ov Trco-ctrat ck tov Xaov aov dvnp 

much as one man of thy people pensh. ^ >a' •>«<> o x*^ s^\' 'm 

"Remain in thy camp, and k^p iffi the «^'- Ava/ictvov cm np wapc^oA^g aov, 5ta<^vAaoro-aiv iravra 12 

men of thine army, and let thy servants dvSpa ck rrji &wdfjLt<aq crov, koX hriKparrjiraTijiKray ot irotSc? 

get into their hands the fountain of water, _^„ _-i_ __„^:u -«r. ^J^^^f. A J.^«^»««(^^. i., •CU A//'«w. -^r. 

which issueth forth of the foot of the moun. ^^'^ ^ ^"^ .^°" VT ? ' ^ CKiropcvcrot ^k n/s pt^i;? tov 

tain : ^ for idl the inhabitants of Bethulia opov^, otort CKCt^cv vSpcvovrai ^ravrc? ot KarotKowrcs Bcrv* 1 3 

them, and they shall give up their city, and , I % . - ^ « \ > « - j o ' /i 1 x ^ 

we and our people shall go up to the tops of cavrwv* Kat 17/Lict9 Kat o Aao? rjfjuav &yaprf(rofi€ua im ra? 

the mountains that are n^, and will camp TrXwo-tbv Kopv<f>i« rwv dpcW. Kal TrapcajSaXovacv cV ovrats ci? 
upon them, to watch that none go out of ' , ^ s*^ ^ ^ ^ »> \zi <» » -^ /\ » ^ * v x 1 4 

the city. "So they and their wives and vpo<t>vXa$crjv, tov firf ctcAe^ctv ck nys thoAcods avdpa cva. Kat 14 

their children shall be consumed with raKmrovTat cv rw Xwm avrol, kcu at ywatKCS avrtliv, Kal ra 

fanune, and before the sword come against / * « % ^ \. »\/j *» \ c *» / . » > ^ 

them, they shaU be overthrown in the ^^*^^ avrwv Kat Trptv ^Ae^civ nyv pofiffMiav irr avrovj, Kara- 

streets where they dwelL ** Thus shalt thou oTpcu^i^ovrai ^i' rats TrXarctious r^s ouc^cw? avToiv, koI 15 
ably. Kat ovk dmyvn/erav rco Trpoo'cuTro) crov ^ tiprprg. 

IOYAI0. 43 Jddith VII. 16—32. 

16 Koi iptaav ol \oyoi aSroii' lvaimor'OX,odiipvov, «u hrairiov ".^-R^, t'^^B words pleased HolofenieB 
_> - a ■ • - t > 1^ ' ii< and all nis wrrHDtt, and he appointed to do 
ffa|Tnii' Twi' tftpaTrovToo' aurou, kqi (nn-CTofai- jrowii' noflius n^ tliey had apoten. ''So the can.p of tli« 

17 tXoXjjtmv. Kiu ijrgpt TrapcujioKij vlaiv AftfjMiv, itai /itr' children of Animon departed, and ivilh 

aiiAuvi, Kai irpoKartXapovTO ra vSara, kol rat inna$ tui' waters, and the fountsins of tlie vaten of 

1 o TT- y • -a 11 in - 1 . . • •. \ 1 "Ihen the children of iCiiau went up 

J H Koi avtpt}trav viM Htniu. koi oi uim A^puv, Kai WQ/XV- with the children of Ammon, and camped 

iBa\ov «v tH SptiyS dirivavn AoiAiht, <iai iiritrrtiXav if ahaiy '" the hill connlrj oyer against Dothaim j 

^*J' >ji' .• ™i. o-» • 1 1 • and they sent somo of tTiem toward Iha 

»pos NoTov Kot dmjXwonTi' dn-ti^ EKptPi)\, t) itrrt ^kipriov ^^^^,^ ^^d toward the east, over sgainst 

Xow, 5 ioTiy iirl tou ytiuappov Moyitoii/i- nai A AoiTri Ekrebel, which i> near unto Cliusi, tFiftC ii 

_ . - ■, ' "^ ^~S , j'^^' », ', , ,' upon the brook Mocbmur; and the rest of 

orpaTw TU.V Acrrvpi^n' ropti^t^oAw iv ry ^.614.,^ ra. i«a- tKarmy ofthoiiirrian, camped in tha 

Xv^av vSy to vpoirawov rrj^ yv^ ' tat ai (tki^ivi koi ai airaprau, plain, and cotcred tbo lace of the whols 

xoAu (T^oBpa.^ , , , , "'i'beQ the children of Iiraol cried unto 

19 Koi 01 uioi 'ItrpnnX ayt^miaav Ttpbi Kiipioi' &tov aiiruii', the Lord Iheir God, becanao their heart 

20 t)(0pQi auruii-, icat ovK rjy Sia^vync Ik fuavv avrZv. Kai pscape out from among tliem. "Tlius all 

y™. .niay M ™ .wMi •*<'"-(.. "i W"! »! ™ tetara"";"stSdti.™':: 

apuara Kai oi iTnrds ttimui', Tjntpas rpiaKovTaTta-<rapa%- rai fournnd thirtydars,9otliat all theirvcsBfJa 

i(ikatt ndvra^ roiit naTOiKOWtM BtnXova irdyra ri dyyera "f ^ater faJeti all the inhabitants of Uo. 

-, , . , .n, ,f > . , / .>• - I . '* tliulia. "And the ciBlerns were emptied, 

21 avniv not vSarua: Kai o. Aaxnot titKtyo^ivro, icat ouk il)(oy „„^ n,ey bad not water lo drink tlicir fill 
ritiv CIS TrXnaaoyipr uSuip ifiipay uiav, on iy uirpai (SiSoo-ai' f"' ce dar ; for tbey gaie tbem driiik by 

no > . . ' "^ ; .,, "^ "^'^, "^ , . '^,'^', . nieaturo. ^ Therefore their young children 

■iJ auTOrt irwii-, Itnt yftF/njfTaK ra vip-ia avruii', koi ai ywaoMs ^^^ guj „f jig^rt, and their women and 

avniv KCu a'l viavuTKoi liiXiTtoy oTib TTj^ tii^nfi- nai (tiittov fr young men fainted for thirit, and fell down 

OUK fji" Kparouixnt <ri Iv avron. any strength iit lliem. 

23 Kai l-runjym$naav iru« t Aaos iiri 'OJitF icai tous Mvotras ^^^'lien all the people aadombled to Oiisa, 
- ,, , I • , - . . t? * and tothechiefoiftbecity.bothyoungmen, 

TTj? 7roA*o«, ol wawtTKOi xai ai ywaiKt^ koi ja wa.&a, Kai i^j women, and children, and cried with a 

avfBanaav ioii^ urwiXn, «ai clirav bravrtov rayTiav raiy loud voice, and mid before all the ciders, 

at a ' ' • A y 1 ' • - » ■ - . " God be judge between us and jou ; for jo 

24 TrpttrPvTtpuyy, itpivai o ©eos dkOftcirov ijniui- na. v/iuiv, on ,,„g j^^gJ us great injury, in Ihat ye haTB 
eVoi^art iv ^/ilf dSociai' jicyaAijv, ou AaAi^tmiTfs (Ipjp'iKa notrequircdpeaceof tliBoliildrenof Asiur. 

25 ,-ri ™, .a, 'A^,^,.^ K,^ >„ oj. i„. ^.5«, ip>, JAM Lsrj:.;,»'a"xJfXii".'i.SM 

s'orpaKcv '^ftas o 0(Os (l; toe ;i[cTpat aurui-, tou KaromywiOijl^i be throvu down before ihem with thint 

fravTi'oi' atri^ iv 8% ic<u <l)r<.>\t(a utyoXn. »"^ ereat deatraction. 

oc u- > - '_ \ ' ' _fl • ' ' ' s a > 'I - "Now therefore call them unto too, ana 

26 _ Kai nv trnKoXiaaaOi ovrow, not titSotret t^i- jtoX.i. wacray j^jj^^ the whole eitv for aappil to thepeo- 

<is Tpora^^ Tu Xaui 'OAo^tpvov, koi vairg r§ SwdfitL a'lFToi;. pteof Hotofernea.and to all liisarmy. 'For 

yap (K ODuAoVf, Kai {ijarrai i; V'i'X'J Vf"^*' ""' o^" oijiBfiiOa hia servants, that our aoula may lice, and 

rbv fiavoTOV twv (t/itudv ijixuv iv 6i^aXfta:t ^p£^y, Kai rat "°^°^o'ou,™V'U°nor"u?^hildre^f''todlS 

yvyaiKat Kai ra rocva r/fiu/v JiEXnirourat ras ijni^a; avriui'. >■ Wc lake to witncse a ainat you the he»- 

28 MaoTvpoufSa imy tov ovpaviv Kol rny ykv kqi rav ®<ov ij/iuii-, ^ ™ '""', 'V earth, and our God and Loni 

TV' - ' > - . . t i . - , . ,"^ ' of our fathera. which piinisiietb us accord. 

"?' ,''P|'* ■""," '"■yV*"' 'J/iUJC. OT iiiautH ij^s KUTQ TOT a/mp- ing to our Bins and (he sins of our father^ 
TUi^ nutuf, KOI Kara Ta duopTnuara tcj>' vatiptiiy riiLwy, tya un that he do not according as we have said 

29 „.^,i^,iw>„. „s,„ ,v rj «^«, rj ^,..^- ..: Sa,t';„"??.".V&.lSiT,*b:SS! 

^wfTo KXav$ii6i liryoi iy iiiatf T7S IxKAi^ia; Trai-rtiii' o;/o- hlj j and thejr cried unto tbo Lord God 

in »^^ ' t . . « viP- '^n - .tw-s ' "Thensaid Oiiai to 

JU KuL ((ir( jrpot^aiffow 0(tas. Oapatirt aStA/pai, btaKaprtfui- of good courage, let as yet endure Gto days, 
(Tuucv m TTtwf niupas, iv oTs oruTToe'iifi Kuduk 6 @(oc nuuii' in the which epaoe the Lord our God may 
-i')i-~. ■ - sjT' ' • " L \ '1 ' - ■ 1 turn hia mercytowardusi for howili not 

„, r°, l?*."^"" ** T^ ^ ■*',"'' *)"«"^'"/'" W' "« TtXot. foraHeuautteJly. "And ihhesedaya pass. 

31 Eav Ot OuAmiia'U' avnu, kui ^^ tXdn J^ ^uas ^oifitta, novnaai and there come no help unto ua. I will do 

jovrou m/M^/3oXi}v- xai tjri to t€<X7 «oi Tois nVo'ovt t^ andt,tei^niH.Mift«'Cwmi^k»!t*-^»*"** 

Judith VIII. 1—17. 44 lOYAI©. 

their city, and sent the women and children iroXea>9 aurwv dTr^X^v, koX tols yuvaixas kcu ra rcKva cis tov9 

into their houses ; and they were brought ^^ ^^^^ c'f air^ctXc- Kol ^av iv Tair€wwa€i, iroXXn iy 

very low in the city. , , , ^ *» ^\ 

Now at that time Judith heard thereof, tq woAct. 

which was the daughter of Merari, the son ^^ ^kowcv ^k cVciVats rats nfiipaL^ *iovB\0, OuyaTrip B 

of Ox, the son of Joseph, the son of Oziel, % ' e *» *r»> « '* »i > i « - vJf' *\ « ^ »r'\ ' «^ 

the son of Elcia, the son of EUu, the son Mcpopt, vtou Of, viov IciKn?<^, V40u OfiT^A, viou EAxia, viov 

of Chelcias, the son of Eliab. the son of HXiov. viov XcXxiov, viov 'EXtajS. viov Na^avanX, viov SoXa- 

Kathanael, the son of Salamiel, the son of >. • « ^ s •» • *» »i- '\ 

Sarasadai, the son of Israel H-^V^* vtou Sapaoadai, vtou l<rpai;A. ^ ^ ^ , « 

* And Manasses wcu her husband, of her Kal 6 avrfp avrrj^ Mavcuro^s, t^ ff>v\^q avr^, kcu t^ 2 

f.'SXT''.Fo?^he^'i^'te'^'lSgtt Tarpm, a«r^ koI iW^o.*. iy ^^^u <>v-MoO KptflGv- 
that bound sheayes in the field, the heat iirtarrf yap iiri rov occr/icvovros to Opayfia cv rta Treoico, icat 3 

they buried him with his fatliers in the KAivrp^, Kai crcXcvnyo-cv fv oervAova rg iroA€i avrov, kol 
field between Dothaim and Balamo. tOad/av avrov iicra twv varipwv cdrrov iv tw dypuJ tw dvaiiiaov 

* So Judith was a widow in her house a 5 >• ^ u \ ' * /r i * 

three years and four months. *And she A«^at/A icai l^cAa/xwv. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ . ^ ^ 

made her a tent upon the top of her hous^ Kai rjv lovotd iv rCt ouaa avn/s yripcvowra ervj rpia koi 4 
^U"e'rS?doT'ipi^nAn'5&d /^TT^.T-^ropa,. KMriir^iaurv <r^ Mroi &i^ro, 5 
all the days of her widowhood, save the eves rov oucov avnj^, Kai cttc^kcv em, rqv wr^pw aunys a'OKKov 

of the Mbbaths, and the sabbaths, and the ^^x yiv in avrrk ra ladrta rns YWpewca*? avrrk. Kal hm<rr€V€ 6 
eves of the new moons, and the new moons, / ' x « ' '^ / '^; *. n />/> / \ 

and the feasts and solemn days of the house wacas ras rjp€pa^ x^p€ixr€o>s avnys x**P'5 7rpo<7a/J/JaTO)V, icai 

of Israel ' She was also of a Koodly ooun- aaBBaTiav, Kal irpovovprrvuiv, koX vovurtvutiv, Koi coprcuv, KOt 
tenance. and very beautiful to behold : ana « » »,. /v v ^ ♦ \ ^ « "i^ ^ « ' t 

her hu8\)and Manasses had left her gold, X^PMOOt^w''^ o"«ov Io-pai;X.^ Kat pv^ KaXiy tw ctdct. kcu wpaia 7 

and silver, and menservants, and maidser- rn 6\lf€i o-^o8pa* Kai vTrcXcMTcro ovrjj Mavao"<r^ 6 avrip avr^s 
Tants. and cattle, and lands: and she re- ^ %»/ \/«cs % o^ \/ \ 

mained upon them. « And tiiere was none XP'^JOV KOt apyuptov,^ Kat jatSa? Kai yai8io-Ka5.^ Kai Krrpn^ Kat 

that gave her an ill word j for she feared dypov^, koa e/xcvev iir avTciv. Kat ovk rjv o^ iirqv€yK€v avrj; 8 

?^T^^®"^ , , , , , ., , - PVf'-^ irovnpov, ort ^^ojSctro tok 0eov frthoSpa, 
' Now when she heard the evil words of V v» %«/ «v-i»N%»%x» o 

the people against the governor, that they ^ Kat i7kouo-€ ra prjfxaTa rov Xaov ra irovripa ctti tov opxovra, 9 

fainted for lack of water ; for Judith had ort Vikiyoil/vxO^^^ ^"""^ 17 fJ^o,v€i rwv vSdrtav Kal ^Kovore 
heard all the words that Ozias had spoken ^'^^^ ^^,\^ !/».«,-. 'T^^JJi/J *.?.*. J\^X«i/*« «.«A^ «,*«.«,V •n//«« 
unto them, and that he had sworn to ^^'^^^^ ^^^^ ,^^°^ ^^"^'^ ^''^ cXoA^o-c 7rpo9 ouroi;? O^ta?, 

deliver the city unto the Assyrians after o>? co/Aoa-cv avrots irapaSoKTCtv rrjv voXxv /xcra rjp€pas wcvrc 

tilings that sl)e had, to call Ozias and c^coroxrav Trao-i rots vnap^vinv avnys, cKaAco-cv O^iav Kat 

Chabris and Charmis. the ancients of the Xa^ptv Kat XaputK tou5 7rp€0-j8urcpov9 rrk irokim avrm, 
city. "And they came unto her, and she ^ \ ♦x/i \ » \ y * \ > \ » / ^/ n 

said unto them, Hear me now, O ye ^^f- ^Xc^ov Trpos avrrfv, Kat cIttc Trpos avrovs, aKOvcarc Oi; ftov 1 1 

governors of the inhabitants of Bethulia : opvovrcs rdv KaroLKOVvnav iv BrruXova* ort ovk €vOm 6 Xoyo9 
for your words that ye have spoken before «^a»\\/ > / -»x-.»««/ / ' % 

the people tins day are not right, touching ^M*^^ o" €Xa\rj<rar€ €vavriov tov Xaov cv rp rip,€p^ ravrp, Kai 

this oatn which ye made and pronounced i<m^ar€ rov opKOV ov AoXiJaarc'ov rov 0€ov Kal 

within these days the Lord turn to help iv avrat? €Tn(Trp€ilrrj o Kvptos fSotfOrjcrai rjp.w. Kat vw 12 

you. /^ And now who are ye that have ^^Vcs i<rr€ {;a€U ot cVcipao-arc tok 0€6k cv t^ Wpo ™ (rnuc- 
tempted God this day, and stand instead of x •/» e x *»/-.« . / e«" »% / " "^ 

God among the children of men? po»'» f^t mraaut vnep tov (sicov ck ficaa> vitov avupwnrmv ; 

»3And now try the Lord Aim iffhtv, but Kal vvv Kvpiov iravroKpdropa ^^crofcrc, Kal ov^cv hri^ 13 
ye shall never know any thing. " For ye / aw ^ ^ ^^ ^/j'/i s' »/i' »i>i 

cannot find the depth of the heart of man, yvf^i(rd€ ccos tov aitovo^- oripadcy: ^apdias av6^punrov oyx 14 

neither can ye perceive the things that he cvpnccrc, Kal Xoyov9 rm ^lavow avrov ov Xn^e(]r^c, Kal rrutq 
thinketh : then now can ye search out God. ^'^a^ij' x' *» i^' ^^ *» 

that hath made aU these things, and know ^^.'^ ?*^ ^ ^7roii7<rc ra Trarra ravra, ^^pcvn^rcrc, Kat tok vovk 

his mind, or comprehend his purpose? Nay, avrov hnyvwr€<r$€, Kal tov Xoyurp-ov avrov KaTavo^crc; 

S^'tjrS "-X'ff reViSfnJf^eIp°SJ ^^S^/^^' ^^'f^: MJ-po,PriC*^*Kvpu^n.&.i>yvr- St. 15 
within these five days, he hath power to i^v f-V povAr/rai €v t<us ttcvtc rfp.€pai^ fSorjthjo'ai rJp.iVt avros 

defend us when he will, even every day, or |^<4 ^wv i^ova-iav iv aU ^cXci o-KCTrao-ai w/xcpats, w Kal ^Xo- 
to destroy us before our enemies. /^ « ' , \ x / ^ , ^ r. t '^ '^ ' 

. M bo not bind the counsels of the Lord ^P«^ai rj^^ irpo irpwrumov rwv ixOptov rjpx»n^. 

our God: for God is not as man. that he •Yucts Sc uw cVcYvpofcfc Ta? jSovXas Kvptov tov 0€OV naJiv, 16 
may be threatened; neither is he as the • . 't < m A « <» ^ » \ an »s^^ « ts »"a * 

son of man. that he should be wavering. ^* ^^''X ^ oi^pawros o 0cos a^rciXiTftyvai, ovdc m vios avOpoy- 

V Therefore let us wait for Bftlvation of bim^ ^rov SuurijO^^. Acovcp dvo/icvovTCs T^vvap' aurov oom^ 17 



Judith VIII. 18—36; 

IS Ot( oijit di-nm; Iv rat^ ytvtnti ijpuf, oiS* ivriv Iv Tg 
^fiipf Ty <r^fitpov oSrt <^v\i}, ovrt Trarpia, ovrc S^fu>!, ovrt 
ToAis (£ ilfiiav, 0* n-poirKUFOuiri dioT; p^Eipoiroiipoit, Kii$a.irtp 

1 9 ry<v(TO fr Taif npartpav ^fiipati, uv X'V'"' (Sddi^iTiiv (is po^- 
ifnuay fcai <U OiapTrayr^ ol iraTCpc? rj/ttov, fcai intiroy irruifia 

20 /irya ^uimoi' Tuiv i^play r/fLuiv. 'H^iif Si frtpoi' fli^i' ouk 
iirtywufio" trXip' avrou- o6tv ikirii^oiity on oi^ {nrtpoilierai 
^/laf, ovS OTTO Tou yt'voit ijftiiii'. 

2 1 Oti iv Tilt Ai^i^^vat ^/lat, ovnut Kadi^croi iroira ^ 'lovSai'a, 
■111 Trpovop.iv0^trai ra ayia •J/iuni, Koi l^ijr^ti Trjv ^t^-qkuxriv 

22 airriav €ic roi' oro/iartK ^^ui', icai Taf ijioirov ruv dSfA^v 
ij/ijui-, Kai T^ aE;yMiA<ui7i'av t^ -j^s, kiii t^ ^^/woctiv t^s 
KXfjpoynfua^ fi)iioy iwurTpiipa ch Kc^aX^v 17/tlui' cr Totf IQveau/, 
oS (av SouXdKnti/Ki' jni, Kai iaofitdai tk irpotriio^/ia Kai iic 

23 opfiSo! tvavriov Tua' KTWfkiviov rjfiai' on oi KaToiOmS^trai 
ij Sovktia ^/luiv (IS X^P"*' ''^' *'^ uTi^uaf d^(i avr^v Kupiot 

24 Kni vw dStX^oi iiriStifui^cftj tow (tSfX^is ^^«uv, 5ti 
(£ -7^^ Kptfiarat ij •fri<)(r) avTuiv, Koi Ta ayia Kai o oTkos nat 
TO fiuiriiUTT^piov (jrionjpiiTQi iifi ^liiv. 

25 Ilapa Taura Trdvra fu)(apurrij<TUifitv Kvpiia ry @cui ^fiHiv, 

26 5f n-iipaj'ci ^/la; KaSa koI tov% iraripa^ 17/iwf. Mmjcr&tfTt oon 
liraiTjaf /itra A^paap,, Kai ocra j:rci'pcur( toi* Iinituc, Kut Stra 
^ivCTO T^ laxujS (V M«ron'ora/uif r^t Svptac iroi/taifovri ra 

27 vpofiara AajSac tou dStX^S t^s /iiyrpos auToC" oti oC 
Kaflis ikclVov; ^jnlpojiTO' «is irairiiov t^ KopStas aSrilc, itaJ 
riiiat oiiK «f(Siioj<rcv, uAA' «is vovSCTiprlv /tavrtyoZ Kupios tow 

28 Kai tlvt irpoj a&r^v 'O^tav, jraioa orra diras, dyaS^ KapSl^ 
iXaXijuav, KOL ouK Jtrriv Ss aiTioT^frai tow Aoyore (rou. 

29 On ovK if Tp a^fitpov ^ irotfiia trou irpoSijXos itrnK, uUa 
nTT apx^ >;fi(piiiv crou iyvto iras 6 Xaos TTjy irvyftriv rroo, 

30 KadoTi aya&ov itnt to TrXo^^ia t^ Kapoca9 <rov. AW o Aoof 
ioulnj<re viftodpa, icai ijvayKafToj' irot^ai rf/io,^ leaQa cXoAijo^- 
/Hy a^Dit. Kai dmiyaytu- opicoi' «^' ^fias, Sv oil tcapa^iproiitBa. 

31 Koi m- Se^ft/ri irtpt r/fjav, oTi yuK^ (uk^^S <!. tai dTOorcXn 
KvjHOC TDV iiTov ei< TrAiJpoxrtv tSiv Xokkuiv ^fiSiv, ku ouk 
inXtiipopitir iTi. 

32 Kai tTjTf Tpos avTOvt 1ovSi6, okowtoti' /^ov, itoi ■noi'^aw 
wpSy/xa o <E<^bf(Tai «I? y(Ma; yo'«(o»' ihois tov ycKous ^^ii'. 

33 Ifwis OTi}tr«r6t liri TVS TTTjAjp T^ viiitTa Tovnp, icat tftAeu- 
(To^i «yui tirra Tiji Afipa^ piov, koX iv Taw ^fiipoK fitff fli 
■iiraTC iropaStoo-HV Tip/ iraKiv Tot? l^^poU ^/u^v, firKTicoffTQi 

34 Ki^ios TOV 'lo-pa^A iv ;i(«pi ^u. "Y/mis 8) ovit iitprvniorr* 
T^ irpaiiv jiov, ov yap ipZ ii/iiv, «« toB rtXttr^tji'ai & «yii 

35 Koi ■T70' '0£ui5 Roi oi (Cpx<»'m xpoi our^, iroprvov tU 
*ip^l^v, Koi Kupiot 6 0(01 iiarpooBiv aov tW CKSun^ic tuk 

36 l}($pi!n' ■^liaiv. Kai dlirooTpci^iTcs ic t^s o-np^, ivopt^ij- 
ow fri rcK &aTa{(K avTuv. 

and otJl uiwn him to belp 1 

tribe, HOT familr, nor people, nor dij, 
among ug, which norsbip gods made niui 
banils, OS hith been aforetime. " For the 

other God, therefore we tr 

u.t thst he wiU 

'1 For if wo be taken so 

, all Judea nbaU 

-knd tile deaolAtion of our inlieritance, will 
he turn upon our heads amone the Qentilce, 
vheresoeverne shall be id boudage; and 
we shall be an offeDce and a reproach to all 
them that poBsess ub. '° For our senitudo 
shall not be directed to favour; but the 
Lord our God ahall turn it to dishonour. 

•• Now therefore, O brethren, let us shew 
nn einniple to our brethren, because liieir 
liearta depend upon us, and the sonctuary, 
nod tbe bouse, aud the altar, rest upon ua. 

^ Moreoter let ns give thanks lo the 
Lord our God, which trietli us, cren ns ho 
did our fathers. "BcmenibBr what Ihinge 
ho did toAbniharo.andhowhe tried Isaac, 
and what happened to Jacob in Mesopo- 
tamia of S)t'Bi when ho kept the sheep of 
Laban liis mother's brother. ''For he hath 
not tried us ill the fire, as lie did thoin, 
for the eiaminstion of their hearts, neitlier 
Imth he taken Tenueaniw an us: hut the 
Lord doth scourge them that come near 
unto bim, to admonish Ihem. 

^ Then said Oiias to her, All that thou 
hast spoken hast thou spoken with a good 
heart, and there is none that may gainsar 
Ihj worda "For this is not the first day 
wbernin th; wisdom is manifested; but 
from the beginning of thy days all the peo- 
ple have known thy understanding, becauso 
DiB disposition of tliine heart is good. "But 
the people wpro yery thirsty, and compelled 
119 to do unto them as we haie spoken, and 
to bring an oath upon aurselres. which we 
will not break. "Iherefore now pray thou 
for us, because thou art a godly woman, 
and the Lord will send ua rain lo fill our 
cisterns, and we shall faint no more. 

"Then Baid Judith unto them. Hear me, 
and I will do a thing, which sliall go 
throughout all omerstiona to the children 
of our notion. '^ Ye shall aland this night 
in the fiate, and I will go forth with my 
waitingwoman : and nitlijn the dayi that 
ye hate promised to deliver tbe city to our 

hand. " But enquire not ye of mine act: 
for I will not declare it unto you, till the 
things be fin ia bed that I do. 

^ Then said Otiaa and the princes unto 
her, Oo iu peace, and the Lord Ood be 
before thee, to take renaEJ-"" "" ""- 
enemiea. " So they cetcnwA.' 

Judith IX. 1— H. 46 lOYAia 

Then Judith feU npon her faca, and mit lovStf Si trrttrtv im rpannrov, koi tiriSero oWtoi' tjri ■ml' 9 
aaliea upon her head, UDu uncovered ina j\« *" ^i^ 'lcc' ' ^» 

«ckc1oirwhc™™ith ^he WM clothe<lj .nil "'Mt' oi^T^. <«" iyi-^iwo. w fofStSwRlro ai«c«oi" «« ^ 

about the time thiit tlie inoente of that apri irpoaijitpoiitvov iy ItpoixTakim th Toy otxov toS &a>v to 

Toice,andBaid, =0 Lord Qodofmvfttthcr oiW a-pos Kupioi', not «Iw€, KVpu o 0€!W Tou ntiTpiK fimt i 

Bimeon.KmhcraithougiiTMtBBjioriitoUiko Suitcic, iS tStwias (v Ytipi pouAouac ris in&'iojo-u' iIAXovosbp, 

Tengonnoo of the atmngcri, who loosened , VT ^ . 7! . f~rf--^ • ^ ("_"■ / ^ 

the girdle of a nittid to defile lict^ nnd dis- « tAwrac /i^rpav TOfjOtvou tw /tuur/ui, KUi ^/ivoxrai' >it]poi' 

coFeredthothighloherBliamo.aQd polluted ,[5 ouryijim;', mu Ji3(3n\<iNrav unrpai- tis owiSos- (Iiras yap, 

her virginity to her reproach; lor thnit . Aw » . < t ir » •! j ^ 

Ba.d)t,rt»haUBOt beBolandyettherdid oux_ oin<Bs tirai, (toi (TOHprav di-f iuf_ .Sowoi ^ dpxowai 3 

BO! 'wherefore tliou gBvest their mlere lo aiiraiv (« ^vov, koX Tip/ aTpaiwrpi avraiv n nSicrara twc 

Taiits with their lords, and the lords upon Kot SivcuTTac hci Bpovavi atrriut" kcu i&uKac yin-cuicas aviiu)- 4 

their thrones: *.nd halt gi Ten their wives ,^ moKi„i,, ,„! ft™,T«ias <£« alyuoXuxr™ " ' 

fora prey.and their daug!iter« to be csp- _ '^ , '\' ', ,i / , AT"™ _ 

. . ,ir daugfiteri to be cap- '"-.^fTT'- "^7"^^"* .« «Lx/«.««rLUK. ™ y""« ™ 
all their ipoUs to bo diridnl (ruiFAO tii buupftny vioiy ^amjiitvai}! mro aov, 01 icai ((ijAto- 
■ -"— -"-" - " tray rov {^V o-oxi, Koi JjSS " 

fiaajtOiXTOy i/ioS t^ jpfpas. 

- ■ •pods ._ ., „ 

■mong thy dear childreni which were „a.y rov tvXoy trov, Koi iS&iXviatrTa lUairua. aXiiaTiK ainuiv. 

mofed with thy leal, and nbhorred the , , V, , ' .on*. ^ • >i=. « • ' « ' 

" ■• > blood, and cjdlcd upon <«" «r<™A«TO»TO (« <is poijCoi'- o Mcos o Bros o €/««. mu 

Ihinga, but bIbo tho thmgB which fell out , '^ , ,' , . > ,'^ . t /a . , 

before, and which eniued after : thou hast ^Ttirfira. wu to vw. kqi to iiripyap-fva tttvarfhri, not <y«^- 

thoiight upon the things which are now, Qmay S tvoHrftOrK, xol irapiarmav S fSouX(iJ(7<ii, Kcu itirtu', 6 

and which are to come. 'Yea, what things ,e . . ' . \^^ . U . . » . , 

thou didst determine were ready ab hand, ««" irap«(7-/iO" xoirai yap tu oSoi dot trov*~. "oi 1) lepuris 

and said, Lo, we are here: for all thy waya irov iv vpoyyiMra. 

are prepared, and thy judgments are in thy , ,. , \ . , ., - „ , • i„ •, 

foreknowledge. ISmi yap Aowupioi arktjOovVipTay ty Svyafia aurajv, v^toftj. 7 

and man ; they glory in the strength of rjMruTOV iv ainriOi Km hi yourcu icai rofip mil <T^m6ov^, mu oun 

their footmen: they trust in ahield, and lyyaiaav ori tru <I KupUK <rwTpiJ8iu>' woXiuou^- Ki!pu>« ocoud 

rr, and bow, and sling: and know not ' ». . »> . - i , . . b . '^ x , , a 

thou art the Lord that breakest the "^01. iu pofov avriuv njv urxyv iv (JvyafM aov, «ai Koraiov 8 

battles: the Lord is thy name. 'Throw to Kparos avrSni iv T&J ftjuui o-ov tBautixinavTQ yap jStiSnXiu- 

down their strength in thy power, and „ ™ . . •. '^ , ~ - Ifffr^ 

brmg down their force in thy wrath; for -^J ^a ayio irov, ^uavai to ^Kqvu>i^a. np KOjixTravirtiai tou 

they hate purposed to defile thy aanotuary, oivfiarof t^ 00^ (rov, koi Kom^aKKV o-iflqpai kumis Axno* 

and lo pollulo the tabernacle where thy , . ' 

glorious name resleth, and to cast down <"Tpiou trov. 

with Bword the horn 01 thy altar. -n\'i >* ± ' a r^ > r \ \ * / a 

• Behold their pride, and Bend thy wrath BAef ov «Es tmtptppai-ua' avTuiF. djro(TT€iAov Ttji- 6pyr)y trou 9 

upqn their heads: giTe into mine hand, th Kt<fiaKai avruv So^ iy X'f"' f^"" ^^ X^P"* ^ Smvo^^))^ 

S;S,S''*S b,'S:*dS't'f'S f?™. "»«» s-:^- ■■ )c«iJ«;' ""K./r hr-in"". 10 

lips the serrant with the prince, and the Kai apj^ovra «ir( Apajrovrl avrou, ^pavo'DV airrui' to dviurrcpl 

Kixi'b,*f.rbrd'^('"~;ir "tS t "•■'■', *>*■•'■.'■. °? ^^ ^'**" ': "f'™ ""■ '■'? * " 

thy power standeth not in multitude, nor ilmaa^fia. irov tv UTXvmienv, aAAa Tairtivmv tl V)(ai, iHarrovter 

thy might in strong men : for thou art a J BaoBoi, owtXmrruip ia^tyovvraiv, avtyviMruivaiv iTKtvainiK, 

God of the afflicted, thou art an helper of .^^» ' , '^ • 1 1— 1 • 

the oppressed, an upholder of Die weak. aT^Affur/Mt^v ffumjp. 

aproteotor of the forIom,aBariourof them , ,._i _ . » .,-,», »T.n 

that are without hope. Nai vox 6 0«os tou mirpos [iov. K<u ®tin KAripevofuat iff- 12 

fiit'herf^'dGSjf?ht'inhe'St^n™'^fI,'^r. pa^X &W_OTa rC^y ^payHy Kal T^_ yij^. Kri^a T«>. iS^T^, 

Lord of tha heavens and earth, Creator of pmriAtu vainp imo-tios <rav. au titraxoumiv tijs &^«iis funi, 

the waters. Sing of every creature, hear ^ ggj Xovof uov kiu dTaTiTf tis Tpauiia koI uuXunm avruv, 13 

thou my prayer; "and make my speech « • / ^ /, > . ■ ■ . : 

and deceit to be thor wound and stripe, <»■ «n™ ■^7* Siadijinj? ami, kv outov ijyuKr/itvou <rou, mil 

who have purposed cruel thingsagainst thy Homii^ Sion', Kot oikov KaTCUTyt^*^ ^'^ <rov <j3ov\fMravni 
oovenant, and thy hallowed bouse, and !_' 

■gainst the top of Sion, and against the "•^VP^- 

housoof the poaseasion of thy children. if_j __/__,„ >_; _=,, > iO..,^ .,™. ! .' j...\i. u 

"AndmaSTevBTF nation and tribe to ™ ""TO" •"' 'a" to iOw.* trou, m« iratnp ^vkjjt 14 

acknowledga that thou art the God of all hnyvmro', tav tWijaal ori en> «t 5 ®tot waarp SwajMoij 

"""" "" """ '" ' *~ "' """" KCU KpaToiK, Koi ouK hmv oAAot irwipcunriifnv top yiymK 
'hrpai/k, cl fi^ cni. 

IOYAI0. 47 Judith X. 1—16. 

10 Kcu cycVcTO W9 iirawraTO jSouxra Trpos tov 0€ov 'lo-pa^X, Now after that bIio had ceased to cry 

2.^*.) ynH.^A<^« «r^'.#*» -A Aj:..»*/« ^/.r.^../. *./•> A,^J,w<^^ A^X -^« ^"^ *"® ^^^ o^ Israel, and had made an 

#caiorwcTcAco-€ iroKTa ra prj/xara rawra. koi dvcor^ a^ro tjs end of aU these words, ^ she rose where she 

wruxrtuii kcu'c n/v appav avr^9. kcu Kartprj ci9 rov had fallen down, and called her maid, and 

3 «ca4 iv rais copratg avny?, kcu vfpiciAaTO tov otoickov ov cv- days, ' and pulled off the sackcloth which 

fScSuicci, KOL c^cSwaro ra i/iaria t?? x^pcvo-ccos avr^, #cat ^j^q^q^ *and^"*^ h^d^h ^*lSI° V^ ^^^ 

ircpuxXvo-aTO to auifia vSari, Koi ixpuraro fivpt^ iraxct, koL with water, 'and i^inted herself with pr^ 

SUra^t Ta« Tptvas t»s K€d>aXrk avrrk, koX irriOtro lUToav i-rr po^ji ointment, and braided the hair other 

» ** ^ » S' \ t f - 9 1^ '_ a « » f nead, and put on a tire upon it, and put on 

avTiy9.Kcu cveSvoraTO Tot t/xaTia ti;s cv<^oaw»;9 avry?^ cv ols her garmenU. of ghidnessT wherewith she 

coToXt^ero cv Tatg '^fiipats rrjs i**"^ tov dv8pos avr^ Ma- was clad during the life of Manasses her 

rov9 \\tjOit)va^, koi ra ^cAAia, xai tovs daicrvAiov?, icai Ta her chains, and her rings, and her earrings. 

^Tia, Kat irdvra rov Kocraov avrm' Kal eKoXXiumuraTO ??lfj^ ^,^^ ornaments, and decked herself 

,/« , ,, »./i\^ tV'- • * "^ oravely, to allure the eyes of all men that 

cr^oopa cts aTran/o'iv o<puaAfitav avCpitiV, ocroi ov uxixrtv should see her. 

airrnv. * Then she gave her maid a bottle of wine, 

-t/\w« '««iQ •'^t ' t \ f/ ^^^ A cruse of oil, and filled a bag with 

5 ^ Kat cdojKC rQ afipq. aim/s ao-Ko^tnyv otvou,^ KOt KajMffaicqv parched corn, and lumps of figs, and with 

iXcuov, KOI irnpav (.ir\.rjpioa'€v aXdilnav Koi waXdOm koX apTtov ^^^ bread ; so she folded all these things 

/J** % j'\ /%»«>« \» //I together, and laid them upon her. • Thus 

Ka0apu)v, Kat^ TTcpuSiTrWc iravTa Ta oyjrcta avn;s, Kai circ^- they went forth to the gate of the city of 

6 Kcv iir avT^, Kai €$T^X,Oocrav iin rqv irvXi/v t^ TroAecos BethuUa, and found standing there Ozias. 
BcTvAoi^o, Kal ciJpocrav ^<^€<rTwTa5 hr ain^j 'O^Cav, Kal roh^ ChlrSil"''''^*'*^ ""^ ^^"^ '''^^* ^^*'"' ' 
7rp€a"/3vT€povs T^? iroAcois Xapplv Koi Xap/iiV. 7 ^ni when they saw her. that her coun- 

tm *rk ^NT^ •> v**\\ ' ^ ' * ** tcnance was altered, and her apparel was 

7 Os 8€ flSov avTi^, Ka4 ^K rjXXouofieuov to irpcxrcoTrov aim/?, chanced, they wondered at her b^uty very 

Kat T^v OToA^ fieraPcpXrjKvuiv avr^?, Kat iOavfiaxrav iirl tw greatly, and said unto her, ''The God, the 

8 KdXX.. aMi, irr[ .M <r,^pa, Kal cW airy. 6 0c^ 5 ©ci, JJ,°e^4urtl5!i5SlS:e^ri.^'t^ &.^"^f 
TQiv var€poiv rifjuav Otfvf ore cis X^piv, Kat TcActoKrat ra CTrtn/dev- the chddren of Israel, and to the exalta- 
ftara <rov cis yavpiofjia viS)v "laparfk, Kat vifrnfia ^ItpowaXrip.- ^^ of Jerusalem. Then they worshipped 

KOt vpoa€Kvvrf<r€ rw 0€w, ^ ^ » And she said unto them. Command the 

9 Kat cIttc irpos aurov?, cirtro^rc avoi(aC /xot rrjv irvkrw rw ptes of the city to be opened unto me. that 
/\ ^ r> V / * \ / /. ' V / ' ^ (v X ^ 1 may go forth to accompUsh the things 

iroAcctfs. Kat cfcAcvcropai ci« rcAciaKrtv rwv Aoywv, wv cAaAiy- whereof je have spoken with me. So they 

crarc /ler* c/aov* Kat (rweraiav rots vcavticTKOts dvot^at out^ commanded the young men to open unto 

^^AA^, i\A\.^^^,. her, as she had spoken. 

^a^rtcAoAi/crav. ^ .,>.,^ .r ^^/i • ^ ^. »' And when they had done so, Judith 

10 Kat CTTOiiTO'aK ovtois* Kat i^rjAuev IovOlO, avnj Kat ^ irat- went out, she, and her maid with her ; and 

, ' ^ ' / ,o s m m s -\/i ^ 'Y- ^ » she was goue dowu the mountain, and tUl 

7oAett)9 €ci*s ou KaTtprf to opos, cui? oii;Ac/e tok avAcuva, Kat ovk she had passed the valley, and could see her 

1 1 €Tt c^wpow avTWK. Kal ^TTopcvovTO iv Tw auAwvi eis cv^€tav, no more- „" "^^^ they went straight forth 
-^x \ ',« i\x-»A ' l^^ 1" the valley: and the first watch of the 

12 Kat crvvrivrrfa'€v avTn irpo<pvAaKrf rtav Ao-crupiuiv. Kat orw- Assyrians met her; ^and they took her, and 

tXaBov auTwv, koI imtpiarmrav, Tivtav cT; Kat iro^cv &Yw; koI asked her. Of what people art thou? and 

^ ^ / ^ t /L ' » ^ " ••piCi^ ' ... > »«^ whence comest thou? and whither gocst 

wov woptvif ; Kai €j7r€, OvyaTrjip cijtt rwv E^paiow', Kat aTro- ^i^^^p And she said, I am a woman of the 

OtOpcurKO) dTTO rrpocrunrov avrHv, on fiiXXovai oiooavai vfiiv Hebrews, and am fled from them: for they 

apXUTTparrjyov ovva/itta^ VjJLtav, rov ovayyctAai pij/tara oAiy- tain of your army, to declare words of 

d€«x9, Kal Sct&u TTpo rrpwrunrov avrov oSov Kaff vv Tropcwrcrat, J^uth ; and I wm shew him away, whereby 

s , ^ r, « \ » ^ , ' ^'^,^«he shall go, and win all the hill country, 

Kat Kvptcvo-ct 7ra<n;s nys opctio;?, Kat ov Oia^cun/o-ci twk ai/dp<DV without losing the body or life of any one 

avrov cap^ M(<i> ov8k Tvcvua tonK* of his men. 

, - ,_ 5.^ » e » o X « / f « X / " Now when the men heard her words, 

14 lis 0€ TjKova-av OL avopcg ra piz/xara avn/s, Kat Kor€voi;o-av and beheld her countenance, thev wondered 

to TrpcKTcmrov avrns, Kal w ^in-tOK avrwv ^avucurtovTw KoAAct ^^^^y at her beauty, and said unto her, 

Ml jf^ y * \ » \ f \ , f ^ * I* Thou hast saved thy life, in that thou 

1 5 o^^pa, Kat €lvav vpo^ avnyv, o-cotoKag nyv iffyxT^ (rov, cnrcv- jj^^ hasted to come down to the presence 

oxura KaraBmai th vpocrtarrov rov Kvpiov wuGk* koI vvv of our lord: now .therefore come to his 

f \A % \ y \ >«« \ PI* * »* 'f ' tent, and some of us shall conduct thee. 

irpoorcA^c ^TTt rrpf afcqvrp^ avrov. #cot d<^ i/p-oiv irpoircfw/rov^t "^^^^ ^^^ ^^^ deUvered thee to his handil 

16 <r€ co>s vapaSaKrovo^t (re ctg rag X*(pci9 avrov. *Eav 3c OTj^g ^ And wnen thou standest before him, be 
Kara ra pi^fULrd <rov, Kal cv <rc iron^€i, QtitN«i\i\2^^^ 

Judith X. 17— XI. 10. 48 1OYAI0. 

*7 Then they chose out of them aa hun- Kai cttcXc^v c^ avrSty dvSpa^ eKarov, Koi ropc^cv^v avr^ 1 7 

dre<l men to accompany her and her maid; % ^^ to »•* ^^ »^« »_^ ^.\.. ^. > *r\\ -t' 

and they brought her to the tent of Holo- '^"^ VO «W «»^5. '^'^ nyayov aura? €irt n/v o-/ci7njv OAiM^cp- 

fernea. '*Then was there a concourse vov. K(u tyevero avi^pofirj h^ irdmi r^ TraptfifioX'Q* Sm/3oi/^ 18 

about her, as she stood without the tent of Aow avrqv ws €i(mjK€i Ifw t^s <r#ci;i^ OAo<^cpi'ov, Cft>5 

Holofemes. tUl they told him of her. »9 And vpwrnyy€iXav avT«5 ttcdI aunk. Kat iOavtiaiov cirt t^ koAXci 1 9 
they wondered at her beauty, and admired 7«»''\./i/ y > ' s »t *\ > » • *» v ♦ 

the children of Israel because of her, and oivnj^s, icai idavfioj^ov tou9 vtov? IvpaqK dw ovnTS* iccu ciircv 

everyonesoid to his neighbour, Who would cKaoros ttoos tov irXwo-iov aurov, ti9 KaTa^povmrei rov Xaov 
despise this people, that haye among them / «» i.f'« '* '« > \' 

such women? surely it is not good that one toutov, 6s cxa #v lavrw ywaiKa« Toiavros;^ on ou #caAoi^ 

man of them be left, who being let so might i<mv wroXctrrcor^at cf avrwv avSpa cwi, ot d<^€daT€9 SvnJ- 

deceive the whole earth, ^o^n^i they that ^^,^^, ^^.^^^^f^^^^, ^^^^^, --5.« .^^m. «.,.) i^\A^,, «J -^^^ 9fl 

lay near Holofemes went out, and aU his ^°*^^^ KaTacro<lMraa^ai. iraaav^ nyv >?''' *^* €^\ffov oi japa- 20 

serrants, and they brought her into the xa^cvooKres OXxxftepyrj, Kat Trdvrcs ol Btpairovrt^ avrov, kcu 

tent. » ' » ^ » ^ ' 

« Now Holofemes rested upon his bed ^w^W^y^" <^^^ ^« ^ ^'"PV; 
under a canopv. which was woven with Kal tjv 'OXo^c/jvi/s dmTrauo/icvos ctti t^s icXtn;? avrov 6^ 21 
purple, and gold, and emeralds, and pre- ** f a ^ * , / \ * \ /a 

Sous itones « So they shewk him of tcu 'c<oi.o>7r€t<j». o ^i. €k 7rop4>vpa^^ #cai xpvcriou #cat <r/iapaySov 

her ; and he came out before his tent with Kat XiOiov iroXtrrcXoiv KaOvtf>axrfiivtav, Kat dn/yyctXav axma 22 

vnnts, they all marrelled at the beauty of apyvpai irpoayovo'ai. avrov. Us dc ^Xo'c Kara wpoatairov avrov 23 

her countenance ; and she feU down upon 'lovSie, kcu twv ^cpaTrdvrwv a^rov, iOavaaaav Trdiacs «rt tcS 
her face, and did reverence unto him : and /vx-» , , ^ %«,x/ * 

his servants took her up. KdAAct tov Trpoaurrrov avnys* Kat vtcrovca «ri vpocrnnrov irpo<r- 

Then said Holofemes unto her, Woman, €Kvyncr€V avrol, Kat m^ccpav avrwv ot 8ovXot avrov, 
be of good comfort, fear not in thine heart : v > ? ' ^ »_'_ »rk\ jl'^/}' ' ^-toii 

for I never hurt iny that was willing to ^K«^' «^^< fP^^ ovri^ OXo^cpnys, ^opoiyorov yvvai, /xi; ^^i;. 11 

serve Nabuchodonosor, the king of bR the ^s ry KapSia crov, ort cyu) ovk cKciKoxra avOpftmov ootk 'jjperiKt 

light by me, I would not have lifted up my Xaos o'ov o KaroLKoiv rqv op€i,vrjv, ct /ir^ €9avXto-av /utc, ovk av jjpa 

spear against theto: but they have done ^^ ^p^ ^^^ ^tt* avrovs, dXX* a^otcavrots CTrotWav ravra. Kat 3 
these things to themselves. 'Hut now tell ^vV*^ / « »/^ .»»*. nV\/i \c« 

me wherefore thou art fled from them, and vvy Aeyc ftot, Ttvos €V€K€V aTTCOpas av avrov, Kat ^A^cs Trpos rjfias; 

art come unto us : for thou art come for ^^cis yap cis oriimiptaK' Bapa-u, Iv rn wktI ravrw tmrn, Kot cis to 

safeguard; be of good comfort, thou shalt v * r\» * * 4 »? ' »\\» ♦ ' /i^ ^ 

live this niffht, and hereafter: *for none ^^o^^irov, Ovyap ccrnv 5s adtKiyo-ct o-c, dXX €V ore TrotiTcct, Ko^d 4 

shall hurt thee, but entreat thee well, as yiverai rots SovXots tov Kvptov /xov jSacrtXecDs Naj^ovvoSovocrop. 
they do the servants of king Kabuchodo- ^r^T ^ »^»f ^^/^ 5'^ \e/ '»2'\ c 

nosor my lord '^ ' " '^ * """ "^ Kat cIttc Trpos avrov lovOt^, dcfat ra prffmra n/s dovXiys 5 

• Then Judith said unto him, Receive the o'ov, Kat XaXrjo'droi tf iraiBCaicrj aov Kara irpociajrov aov, Kat 

declare no lie to my lord this night. • And cav KaraKoXov^cnys rots Xoyois rrjq iravbicicrj^ aov, rcXciCDS 

m^d^ God wm^brin^'the^thi^^ ^^rfect^to '^P^y/*^ TTOtiJcct ftcra aov 6 0cos, Kat ovk dTroTreo-ctrai b Kvptos 

pass ty thee ; and my lord sh A not fad of H-ov rwv ivi-nfievfiaT^av avrov, 
nis purposes. 

sent t 

thing: for not only "men shall serve liim by /l,«' «^r. A^.^^T* „») -A .^^.^ .,.«5 ^X ^^^.-.X -.«r. ««.'.»»»^r. Si.X 

theerbut also the beasts of the field, and ^P^* ^,^ aypov, Kat ra Kriyn;, Kat ravmiva rov ovpavov 6ta 

the cattle, and the fowls of the air, shall r^s tarp(vos O'ov (^rjaovrai CTrt lSapov\ooovo(ropf Kat ^ravra roy 

thy wisdom and thy policies, and it is re- iravovpycv/ixara rrj^ lyvx^ crov, Kat an/yyiXi; iraa|7 T]; yj/, ort 

ported in.aU the cwrth. that thou only art ^^v uovos dya^os cv irotn? BaaiXtia, Kal Swaros cv hruTrnwn, 
excellent m all the kingdom, and mighty in y*^ 's , ^'z*^ x* / ''^•'' 

knowledge, and wonderful in feats of war. 'ca* ^av/tacTTos cv crrparev/wuri vo\€fiov. 

' Now as concerning the matter, which Kat vvv 6 Xoyos ov cXoXi/crev 'A;(to)p ^ t]§ orwcSpc ta aov, 9 

Achior did speak in tny ooxmciL we have »^«,'„.,«- -A Avi../.*^ ^.V^/^r. «« «.«/>< ««^<jLr*«.,«..» ^^.A.. ^! 

heard his woids; for the men of Bethulia VJ^ovaafuy ra piy/xara avrov on Tr^teiroti^cravro ovrov ot 

saved him, and he declared unto them all avopcs BervXova, Kat an/yyctXcv avrots Travra oo-a cfcXaXiTO-c 

that he had spoken unto thee. ^^ Therefore, ^ ^ ^^^ ^^ ScWora Kvpu, firi napOd^ rov X^v a^ov, 10 
O lord and governor, reject not his word ; 7^ ,^ ', ^ - ^/ * .\ /j' . / 

but lay it up in thine heart, for it is tme : oAAa KaraCrov avrov cv rg KOpoi^ ox)v, ori dAi^O^ «mv ow 

for our nation shaU not be punished, y^p ^KSiKaroi to ycvos ^uwv, ov KaTtoYVCi poa6aia iw avrovs, 

neither can the sword prevail against W^ \ • f ' » % ja ^ » ** 

them, except they nn against their God. ^^y firj o/iaproxriv cts roy ©cov avnov. 




vat OfpaTTtvovtra 
vvv fitviii napa 
ri Wi'irra tit Tyv 
u Ipfi fioi iroT* 
■potravoimi troi" 

1 1 Kai rvv 'va ft^ ycfi^i i Kiipios ftov it^oXtK 
KO( JrtirorctTiu ^oiwrot ^i ispoaunrov atiratf, n 
avrott il^uxpr));ta jc f vapopyunxii lov Ocov o 

1 2 fiv Toi^<niia'(i' irowiav, 'Ev<i yap ^£<Xi7rci' o 
ftara, Kot l<rjraytaOrj jrav v&uip, l/imiKcuiraino fTtjSaXciv toTc 
KTiTiwrU' aJJTUv, Kat iravra mra StcirTfAaro ouroif o 0(as cV 

13 Tots ratals avroti /i^ ijiaytiy, Siiyviocra.v Samii'^cnu. Kui rat 
£irap;i(at tou <7itou, kq! Tat ScwaTat Tou oumv KOt TOu 
JAxuDU, S &e^uAafai' dyioirat^ct toi; lipctkri rois n-o/K- 
trrquoatv iv 'ItpovaoXijit &TrivavTi, tou irpoiTiuTDU tou Scou 
i)l>Miv, KvtpiKiuriy l£avaXuKTai, uv oifif toT; X^pci Ka^Kcv 

14 Sj^aaOai oi£ira. ruiv ix tou Xoov. Kai dirorraXxturu' (It 
lipoixroA^/i, on Kai o! ^Kct KaToucaSim nroiifoai' Tavru. Tovt 

1 5 firroutiiravTat auTott r^i' a^oTiv jrapa t^ ytpovaia^. Kot 
(OTOi ux S.V ivayyt^'g airroii Kot iroi^tMri, So^^ovtriu (rot 
ct9 oXfdpov jv rg i]fi(^ Ixtlvri. 

16 'Oflo' Jyi ^ SoiJXij (TOU (TTiyi^wra Tovra xaira, afftSpuiv 
d;ra irpHTunrau auTuv kol axarrciAi ^( o 0(os iroi^fTai fura, 
aov irpayfiaTO, l<fi ols {kot]}it(tou iroira ij y^ ' 

1 7 (ruxro' ttvTQ. 'Oti ^ SotAij irou 6to<Tt^^ tori, 
viucTOf KOI '^/i^at TOf Ocoi' TOU Obpavov' Kai 
(Toi, Kypit fiou, KOI i^tXtwrtrai ^ SouAi; (rov ko 
tftapayya, Kai irpoatv^fAat Trpoi rov ®(aV' K 

1 8 (iraii^ar ra d^iopTij^ra aurujv Kai iX6oBrra 
iitXtv<rg vvy ttoitq Tq Soyafiii aov, xai ouK ■ 

19 (T-fToi (TOI t£ avTiiiv. Kai of (II irc Sia ftlaau T^; 'lovSuuii, cuit 
TOU iXdtlv airtvavTi. lepowTaXtffi' KOi Qipjta toV oiippuv <rov if 
fittru aur^;i fcat ofiit avrout <u$ vpopntti Oi^ OUK iirrt irot* 
/i^' xai ou ypv^t Kvior r§ ykuxrcrg auroS i,viifmnC atnr on 
ravra iXak^&i) /lai Hari irpayyioaiv /wu, koI dir7yy«\jj poi, 
Koi i.iTtirTa\T]y uMiyyciAai trai. 

20 Kai ^ptuav ol Xoyoi airnj^ imxiTior 'OXoifitpvoV, Kai 
ivavTiov TrdvTtav ruiy 6ipajruvTiov ourou, Kai iSavfuttray 

21 (TTi T^ triytiiif avnji, Kai (1?™!', ouk «m Toiaunj yvv^ dir' 
OKpoi' iiiK inpav t^s y^, KoXii Trpoo^'nrtfi Jtai tnil'io'*! Xoyiov. 

22 Koi «iirt irp« avnpr 'OAo^itpnjj, f! iiroityTtv 6 Otos diro- 
(TT(iXa« (Tf Ifuvpoadtv tou Xoou, toS ymj^ifit ic jftptric ;jfiiuv 

23 apaTOf ' ^ Si rait ^uXuTatn tov ki^idv itov, a'jnoKfuxv. Kai 
vvK doTfid tl av Iv Tw (iS<i irou. Kai dya0q bi roit Xdyoi; trou- 
OTi iav voir)(TTji Kot'a JXoXt^at, o 0(as o'ou itmu /lou €)cof, 
Kiu ITU ^ aiKu ^aaiXiiot 'iiofiov)(c£ovixrop xatf^o^, Kai co^ 
ovo/iaoT^ irapa itSaav TTjr y^v. 

12 Kai (KcXeuiTCV (umyaytLf avr^ oS IrlOtro TCt d/iyifxii^Ta, 
xai auTOv mivira^t KaratTTpaiaai avr^ iliro Tuv iijiomvqfuiTvn' 
airou, ku tou oivou aurou iriWiv. 

2 Kai (Iircv 'louSlfl, ou tftdyofiai ii ourSi', (va fii) yivrirat 

fffcdf&iAov, dAX' Ik tSiv ^KoXouftjKonuv ftoi jjopTjiijtf^tTai. 

1 3 Koi (Tim irpot atrr^ "OAo^tptTp, iav Si ixXiirg Ta owa 

fUTtt irou, irodo' iiauTOfiiv <rai ^vkoi o^ioca qutois ; ou yop 

Arrt ittff ^fuav h rov i6vow mm. 

Judith XI. 11— XII. 3. 

" And now, tliat ray lord be not deCeated 
Hud fruatrato of liiii purpose, e-ren deutli ia 
DOW {alien upon t)iem, and their >in hatli 
overtaken tliem, wherewith Ihey will pro- 
voke their Qod to anger, wlieasoever tuey 
•hall <lo that which ii not fit Co be doDe: 
" for their lictURla fail tliem, and eil tbeir 
water ii Bcsnt, and tlie; huio determined 
to lay baads upon tbeir cattle, and pUT' 
posed to consume all thoie tbinga, that tiod 
hath forbidden them to eat by his lawa: 
"and are resolved to spend the flntfruits 
of the corn, and the teiitlis of wine and oil, 
which they had sanctiUed, and reserved for 
the priests that scne iu Jerusalem befan 
Ihafa - " ■ -■ ■ 

also that dwell there have (lone the likr, 
to bring them a licence from the senate. 
"Now when they shall bring them word, 
they will forthwith do it, and they shall b« 
giren theo to be deslroyeil the same day. 

" Wherefore I thine handmaid, knowing 
all this, am fled from their prewnoo i and 
Qod hath sent ma lo wort things with 
thee whereat all the earth shall he aston- 
ished, and whosoever shall hear it. >''Fot 
thy sennnt is religious, and aerreth tlio 
God of heaven day and night; now there- 
my lord, I wdl remain with thee, ai 


} the 

jlley, and I wilfprsy unio Uod, and lie 
will tell me when they have committed 
their aiiia : '*and I will coiuo and sliew it 
unto tlieo: than thou (halt go forth with 
all thine army, and there shall be none of 
Ihein that ahall resist thee. '' And 1 wiU 
lead thee through the midst of Judea,until 
thou come beiore Jerusalem ; and 1 will 
Bot thr throne in the midst thereof; and 
thoushalt drive tbem ns sheep that hava 
no shepherd, and a dog ahatl noi BO much 
us open Ilia month at thee: for Ibese things 
were told me 0(rairdinE lo my foreknow- 
b'dse. niid tlicy were declared unto me, and 
I am sent to tell thee. 

" 'I'ben her words pleased Holofcmes 
nnd all hi* servants; and they marvelled at 
her wisdom, and said, " There is not such a 
woman from one end of the earth to the 
other, both for beauty of face, and wisdom 
of words. " Likewise Holofemea aaid unto 
her, God hith done well to send thee before 
the people, that atrength might be in our 
hands, and destruction upon them that 
lightly regard my lord. ^And now thou 
art both beautiful in thy countenance.and 
witty in thy words: surely if thou do as 
thou bast spoken, tby God eholl he my Qod, 
and thou Shalt dwell in the bouse of king 
:Nabuchodonosor, and ahalt be renowned 
through Iho whole earth. 

Thnt he commanded to bring her in 
where h(t pIaie*Qi5«; nnd biuis iliat they 
should prepare for lier of )iis own meats, 
and that she should drink of his own wine, 

'And Judith said, 1 will not eat thereof, 
lett there bo anotTeneei but provision shall 
be made for me of the things that I have 
brought. ' Then Holofernes said unto her. 
If thy provision should fail, how should ' 
wo gite thee the likeP fat tlieia 'w ■»««>» 

Judith XII. 4—20. 60 IOYAI0. 

^ Then said Judith unto him, Ab thv soul Kat cTircv *IovSlO ttdos ovtov, in 17 ^jruxji o^ov* Kvpii fjuov, on 4 

Ix>rd work hy mine hand the things that Kvpioi Iv X^*P^ f^^ ^ cpovAciXTaTO. 

he hath determined. t^ \ » f » \ </i/ >i^\ j ^ • ^ s 

Kat 7yayo<niv avnyv 04 ^cpaTrovrcs OAo^cpvov c«s 7^ o 

night^andshearosewhenitwas toward the irpos t^ €(i)amjv 9vAaioyv, Kai dircoTCiAc wpos UAo^cpnyv, o 

mormng watch, J and sent to Holoferaes, Acyovoxi, cViToiaTa) Sw 6 Kvpios fiov, ccurai tw 8ovXwk o-ov 
saying, Let my lord now command that , f ^ j> \/i ** r r- » # # 

thine handmaid may go forth unto prayer. «r* irpoa-cvxqy i^€Aff€ty. 

7 Then Holofemes commanded his guard Kal irpocreraicv *0\wf>€pvrf^ roU crco^aro^vXaft /a^ 8to- 7 

that they should not stay her : thus she KcoXvetv av7-nv Kat iropcucivcv (v rn TraptuBoXn riiiipa^ rpti^^ 
abode m the camp three days, and went %>> » \ f »^^' -d\' ^ 

outintheniffhtintotheTaUeyofBethulia, '^^^ c^opcvcro^ Kara WKja €19 ly <l>apayyaB€rv\ova,KaL 

and washed herself in a fountain of water iPanrCiero Iv rg vap^ixpokfj ivi rrjs Trqyrj^ rov voaro^, Kai 8 
direct her way to the raising up of the ooov avrq^ cis avcurrc/jia twv vimv rov Aaov avrov, Kcu 9 

did eat her meat at evening. rjveyKaTO rriv Tpoffyrjv aunys irpoi coTrcpav. 

w And in the fourth day Holofemes made ^Kal fyjviroiv tq ^/^cpa rg r€TapTjj, hroiTfaev^OXo^inp 10 

a feast to his own servants only, and called irorov rots SovXois avrou iwvok, Kat ovk €KaAc<rcv ct? t^k 
none of the officers to the banquet. "Then *» »»/ « v « / ■cr^t'o' ^'* 11 

said he to Bagoas the eimifch, who had m<^^^ 0^^^% "^^^ ^P^^ t«^« XP«^^?- Kat cI^c^Bayo,^ ^ U 

charge over all that he had, Go now, and tvvovxtOt os rjv d^conyKws ^t irdvrwv twv avrov, irctcov 017 

drink with us. ** ^or, lo. it will be a shame cA^ctK Trpos ^/juzs, icat <pay€iv icat vl€lv fi€U rjpMV. lOov yap 12 

for our person, if we shalllet such a woman aurvpov tw vpoatama wawv, ct ywatica TOtovriTV Trapijcoucv 
go, not having had her company, for if we , '^ x / * ^ , ^ ♦ ,% ' x » * n 
draw her not unto us, she will laugh us to o^x ofitAiyo-aKrcs avrj;, ort iav ravrqv /irj €irunraxriop,vja, Kara- 
scorn. ycXcurcrat rjfjuov. 

Holfcrand=r^'^'Sel!'lnW2iS! ^ai ^'f^X^c B«y<5«, d^ xpoa<i.ov 'OXo^^pvov. Kai cJcr^Xfc 13 

Let not this fair damsel fear to come to my ^rpos avr^, Kai cIttc, firj oKvqtrarta oi] "q Traiouricrj 17 KaA.17 avn; 

lord, and to he honoured in his presence. ^XOowra ttoos tov kvoiov mov, Sofaoi^nvat Kara vpwronrov 
and dnnk wine, and be merry with us, and , ^ y^, /*€'»»>. / t ^ zi- 

be made this day as one of the daughters of avrov, Kat Trtco-at fitif rjfuav cts €V9pooT>n;v oti'oi', Kat yeyrjtnj^ 

the Assyrians, which serve in the house of vat iv rji yitiipo. ravrn ws Ovydrnp iiia twv vlu)V *A<raovp, (u 
Nabuchodonosor. r "^ v^ " xr /> s^ ' 

irapicrrqKQXTiv cv otKw riapov)(o6ovoaop, 

"Then said Judith unto him, Who am I xr ^ t ^ » *^ »f SJ^zi \ / » » n », ^** ,*» 1^ 

now, that I should gainsav my ford ? surely ^at cTttc Trpo? avrov jlovSt^, Kat tis ci/it cyw avrcpovao tw 14 

whatsoever pleaseth him 1 will do speedily, Kvpt<^ /xov ; ort ttov o corat cv rots 6<j>0aXfio7s avTOv dpcorov, 

with her apparel and all her woman's wvarov /xov. Kat dtavaorao'a tKoa-firjtrrf no ifAorurfJua Kat 10 

attire, and her maid went and laid soft ^^vrt t«S Koauo) tw ywaiKCio)- Kat irpourikOtv rj BovXv avrw?, 
skins on the ground for her over against ^ » * ^*^, J ' , ' »^v .T ' ^ % 's> * 

Holofemes, which she had received of *«* corpaxrcv avrj^ Karcvavrt OAo<^€pvov xafxai ra KwOta, & 

Bagoas for her daily use, that she might tKaB€ irapa Bavwov cis twv KaOrjatpamv Statrav avTws, cis to 
Bit and eat upon them. » zi V \ ' * • » ^ 

ccratctv KaTaKAivofi€irqv ctt avrwv. 

^^Nowwhen Judith came in and sat down, v% »\/i« »' »f s^/i ^ ^ »>/. , , , « „» S' 11; 

Holofernes his hearti was ravished with her! , ^at^ ctacXe/ovo-a ovcirco-cv lovSt^. Kat cfeary ^ Kap5ta 16 

and his mind was moved, and he desired *OXo^€pvov ctt' avr^v, Kat coraXcv^ ij ^X^ avrou' Kat ^v 
rt'ei^trSrXJ.' ftl krXl^hVlSI -«|rr<?«^^ <r^8pa tov <ruwcv«.<><u ^er' air^; koI ix^. 
seen her. Kaipov tov aranyorat avrqv, o<p 779 "^fiipa^ ctOcv avnyv. 

*7Then said Holofemes unto her. Drink Kat cTirc Trpos avrwv *0\o<f>€pvrK, vU 8n, Kat ytvrflmi, atff 17 
now, and be merry with us. ^^g^ Judith « *» » »jl ' ir ^ ? »i r/j -./«/«. 552. ' iq 

said, I wiU drink now, my lord, because my ^Z^" «'« €^poow»;v. Kat clfl-cv^ lovSt^, irto/tat 5^, Kvpic. 18 

life 18 magnified in me tnis day more than OTt ipeyaXvvOrj to ifjv fiov cv c/xot anqfixpov irapa Trcuras ra? 

^W?tf.?d'd;sSk'~bS&ro7iSf"w£l r^« li^y^T'^ ^-- . f <n^^°^" **"^* '"^ *''* *"- ^^ 

her maid had prepured. cvavrt avrov a yTOifiatrfv rf oovAi/ avr^. 

»And Holofemes took great delight in Kat rswhpdvOn 'OXoihipvrK Air avrws, Kat ctticv oTvov 20 
her, and drank much more wine than he \^ i*^ « »» / 1. • f '«ti>f> 

W drunk at any time in one day since he ^^^, or^/wdpa o<rov ovk cirtc iranrorc iv rjfi€psL fii^ a</» ov 

bom. lyfwrfiri. 

IOYAI0. 51 Judith XIII. 1—16. 

13 *Os Sc «5^ta fycvcTO, ionrovSao'av oi SovXoi avrov 6vaXv€iv Now when the evening was come, his 

irapeoToyrac cjc vpoa-wnrov tov fcvpiov avroO, koI d7r(i>;(0iT0 €19 waiters from the presence of his lord ; and 

o \ - ' ^ ' "v \ 'j.ia^ Si»T s>ia ' » - weary, because the fwist had been long. 

2 vA€tov ycyoyevat tov totov. I ir€A€i9cn; dc lovoi& fion; cv tt/ ' And Judith was left alone m the tent, and 

aKtprS, Kai 'OAo^^n;? irpoir«rTWKo>s ori t^v icXinp awrou- ?v ^^'^^^S^^^ .1{?°«. *^°^« ^^ ^^ ^^'' ^^^ ^® 

\ / • A c V was uiieci witii wine, 

yap TTcpuccxu/icvos avr^ o olw. . ^ ^ ,^ ^ ^ » Now Judith had commanded her maid 

3 Kcu cTircF lovoi^ rg oovXrf avrrjs crnjvai cf oi tov koitcoko? to stand without her bedchamber, and to 

^^cAcuo'CO'C'ai yap t^^iy cjri rrjv Trpo(r€Vxrjv avrrj^' Kai tw Bayu)fli prayers, and she spake to Bagoas according 

iXaXrfac Kara ra p^fiara ravra. ^ ^^^ M^me purpose. 

4v») <;«^\/)yw*»«« ^^,m^M^ 2u> —/^^w^/m...^. w> ^«'.^«><. ^n^m\»t * So all went forth, and none was left in 

Koi djrqXffoaav jams oc^7rpo<rawrov, icai ovbcts /^areA^t- ^^j^ bedchamber, neither little nor ^reat. 

ifi&rj €V Ttt> KOiTOiVi airo fiiKpov coi? fieyaXov* Kat crraxra lovoiS Then Judith, standing b^ his bed, said in 

yopi -rV a^n,K aftroS. «W cV rp KopSi, air^,. K-Jpu J'S",^^„<? i;^^ Sr^L^^Jf ^15;'i^'L3^ 

o ©COS TTOOT/s Owa/iccDS, CTTipAc^ov €v T]/ wp^ TttUTj; €7rt Ta for the exaltation of Jerusalem. * For now 

5 cpya Twv Ycipwv oov, cis vd/uiim 'IcpowaXnu- art vw KOipo? j* the time to help tliine inheritance, and 
9 \ Of ^ *> \ / \ « v> /^/ to execute my enterprise to the destruction 
avTiAafita-dai, Tiys KArypovo/itas o-ov, Kot iro4i;<ra4 to iinTi^ikvfia of the enemies which are risen against us. 

fJLOV, €t$ Opavfia IxOptav ot iiraviarrjo-av rifuv, < Then she came to the pillar of the bed, 

6 Kca ,rpo<.cX(9ovo^ r^ xavoV. r^ .\i^ U f.^ k.^^. J^\rfetMot&td!:^: T^^l 

7 OAo9^vov, KO&ciAc TOV aKivavqv avrov air aurov. Kat proached to his bed, and took hold of the 

cyyto-acra t^s icXivi/s, cSpofaTO t^s KOfirfs t^s K€<^aX^S avrov, pfV' <J^^« ^®?^»*^ said, Strengthen me. 

\ m // <i^N*r %\«««c/ / \J Jjord (tocL oi Xsracl, tois day. 

KOI clyc. KparauDaov p.c o 0€os Icrpai/X ^v rn lyfx w ^aynj. ^ ^ ^^ ^,^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^ j, ^^^j^ ^i^,^ 

8 Kai ciraTct^cv cig tov Tpa)(rf\ov avrov Ots cv rj; -ur^'i avr^, all her might, and she took away his head 

9icat a^cZXc rhy K€<l>aXhv ain-ov &w airrov, Kai dv€Kvkur€ to ?^°^ A*™»! >^^.^""^f ¥^ ^^' ^l^jl"!^^ 

- . « / % r ' ^ -^ »j -X N « » N from the bed, and pulled down the canopy 

a-iofia avTOV airo rrfs arptafivrj^, Kat. aipetAe to KCDVOMTCtov airo from the pillars : and anon after she went 

twv oTvXaiv icat oct' oXtyov i(rj\$€, koI wapcScoKC rn aBpa forth, and rave Holofernes his head to her 

-rt > *» % J \^ »i-\\ j^' xr ^ 2 'o \ » N *^ f N^ maid; ^'^ and she put it m her bag of meat : 

1 avn/s T^v /cc^aAiyv OAo<^€pvov.^ Kat ^vc^aAcv ovnyv cis t^v g^ they twain went together according to 

irqpav twv PptafMTWV avr^S, xal c^A^ov at 8vo ofta KaTa tov their custom unto prayer: and when they 

iOurfiov avTwv koL StcA^owai t^v irap^iipoXyv, CKV^Xoxrav SSd wen^t^'u^'Th^emo^iLI^^^ 

r^v KfMpayya iKeiirrp^, koX 7rpo€ravipT^(rav to opo^ BervXova, came to the gates thereof. 

icat nA^oo-av irpos Tas irvXas avr^f. " Then said Judith afar off to the watch- 

9rv\a>v, avot^aTC, dvoti^aTC Brf rrjy irvXrjv, /i€ff i^/juuv o ©cos his power yet in Israel, and his strength 

6 ©COS VM-^Vy -JTot^o-oi ^i Urxbv iv 'laparjX, Kat KpaTOS KaT^ Jg?f ^*^y.*^^® *''^°'y' ^ ^^ ^^^^ ^^^"^ ^°°® 
Twv ^x^pwv. KO^a Kai^ cn}/icpov liroiifcrt, ^ ^ , « , "Now when the men of her city heard 

1 2 Kat lyevero a>s ^Kovo-av ot avSpcs t^s TroXcois avr^s t^ her voice, they made haste to go down to 

iroAcois avrcov* Kat oi;vcKaXc<rav tovs TrpccrjSvr^ovs njs iroXccos. together, both small and great, for it was 

13 Kol jrWSpa^v Wmj &.h ^ucpoZ l^ ^^dX^5n .rapMio. {^^^v^Ji ^^rs.^J^'^.TtL^, 
rjv avTOts to cA^ctv avr^, Kot i^votf av rqv irv\qv, kcu vttcoc- and made a fire for a light, and stood round 

.A^'^^'t'^r KaUyravTCS^pct's^iJcrtv TTcptCKiJi^^^ ^^ttsTe said to them with a loud voice. 

14 H dc clirc Trpos avrovs Kpunrju f^^^V* citvctTC tov (Sf€0V, Praise. praise God, praise God. I say, for 
aivctTC atvctTC tov ®€ov, os ovk aTriarrKre to c\cos ovtov he hath not taken awav his mercy from the 
a \ «»«f »T \\ 9\\»5ia ^jia^ «'*s.^ house of Israel, but hath destroyed our 
dTTo TOV oiKOv IcTpatjK oXX lOpawTt Tovs IxSpovs ripMV dta enemies by mine hands this night. ^ So 

15 Yccpos fwv €V rg wktI tovtw. Kat wpocXowra t^ KC^aX^v she took the head out of the bay, and shewed 
.V T^ ^pa^ I8..ic. Kai cW afiro«, tS<A i, K.faXi, 'OX^ loll^^^tCcfefSSSMlJ^yof 
vov apxujTparrjyov dwaficcDS Aaaovp, Kai toov to Kcuvanrctov Assur, and behold the canopy, wherein he 
iy <S KaTCKCtTO iv Tais ftc'^ats o^ov, Kai ^irc^Ta^cv aMv h Kv- did lie in his drunkenness ; and the Lorcl 

-^ * , \ /L \ / xr \ y« xr/ * © j '\ >' i «* hath smitten him by the hand of a woman. 

16 pios €v x««f>^ ftyActas. Kat 4]j Kvptos os di€0vAaC< /*« cv rg itj^^ the Lord liveth, who hath kept me in 

6&S Rov w CTTopcvftiv, OTi wrdTTi<rcv OVTOV TO vpoo-owrov uov my way that I went, my countenance hath 

, ' / /v ** ', « ' X , • / « / '^ t , /^ , deceived him to his destruction, and pet 

€ts dTTCdActav avrov, Kat ovk ciroti/o-cv afwprrjfia fi€T ifiov cts jj^th he not committed sin with me, to 

lUMrpjo, Kai aJUryyvrfv. defile and shame me. 

Judith Xm. 17— XIV. 11. 52 lOYAie. 

" Then all tho peoplo wero wonderfully Kai tiiim} ira; 6 Aao* irAoSpa, Kal Kabavn; TTpoa-fKvytpxa.v 1 7 

■hipped God. and aid w[Hi one acooni. ^ ^'V- """^ *^™ o^/utSoy. .irAoyV^e rf o ©(osjj^iw^ o ■£- 

Bleised ba thou, O our God, irliieh host ouSowfru; Ir T§ ^fipf rg in]fi,tpov Tovt ijfflpow Tou Aaov (rov, 

daiMliler.blBwedart tliou of themoit liigli v^unif irapa Traaat rat ywaiKat tM tvi rrfi yrp. Km ivAoyi/- 

•Dd bleased bo tlia Lord God, which h«th '^ V . , . , , - . ' i a - ' ' i i n 

tireited tli8 hea»Bn» snd the enrHi^ whieb KaTtv9DVf trt .« rpau^ Kt<fiaXip apxpvrtK ixopoiv ^/luic, On 19 

hath directed theo to the cutting off of lliB ovk aTtCKTrnatTaL ij rtm's trou iiro KOp&'as di^iKOJnuv iirn/io- 
hesd of the chief ot our enemiej. "For . . • ^ - • .- v ^ • • - on 

this thy confidence ihall not depart trotn vtuoiTiuv ia-)(yv 0tou eius aiuvo^, Kai xoiijtroi ow oura .iU 

the heart of men, which remember the o 0cot (is uiJios auiii'toi', to? cirio-Kii/'iur^i n't cv ftyadoiE. 

tomit thee in good tlungi, becaujB thou ytvovs i\^uiV, dAA /fftf^Aflf! Tmu/iaTi ij/ioiv, fir (uftiav 

of"oVSlti^rbui'h'».'i''«.6n^' o'S'™?", '^^"^""^ '"i^W TOS ©«<>5 '!/^- "ol '^™'' ''"' » '^«^. 

iralking a itraight waj' belbre our God! yiVoiTO, yivoao. 
And oil the people (aid. 30 be it, » be it. Kai tliri vpot alroht 'loufilfl, ixoivan S^ fxov. AhtXi^l. 14 

Then Miid Juditb unto tliem. Hear me «„1 AqBowk t™ «doAnc tovtw, KpwiiraTt ofirnK hri t^s 

now, my brethren, and take this head, and , ,. 7^ . / T - ^^ 

liang it upon the highest place of your *T"t^tw tou t<ij(OW u^ulu-. 
**"•• Kal torai ^vUa &v SiaijiaviTj] o op6p(K, tau l^iXB^ o ^Aios 3 

earth, take ye eiery one hii weapone, and i"". ittAaxTttrBt irus dVTjp icTj^ivif (Cu ti]S iroAtut, not (Mmtctc 

go forth BTsryT^iant man out ol tlie cily, Anvrryov (d avrots, uis naTaflaiVoi-rcs iffi rh iri&iov th rnc 
•nd »et JB a captain OTcr them, 85 Chough '^'J. . ,. .I , ^. . o • _fl v • i t 

ye would go down into the field toward tho '^-potpvKainp/ vunv AinTOVp, icai ou Ka-rajirprtalft. Kat dfo- <I 

watch of the Asiyriani ; but go not down. XaBovTf! oCroi TQS jravojrXi'as avriv, B-opOKTOiTai ik rnc 

»Then they iliall take their armour, and o \' • - «■ - •' ' -^ & ■ 

ihall go into their camp, and raise up the ""PW^A^f avnov, xat tytpovtri tow^ arpa-ntyavt -nft bwa- 

csptiuni of the army of Aiiur, and they /iiuiv 'fumovp, KOi amipop.ovvTai iic\ T^v tjKtjVTiv 'OXmfiipitya, 

them, and they Bliall (Ice hefore your face, nai ^oJiovrai iiro TrpoiTUjirou v/*ujv. Km iTTaKokovaJja'ai'Tti 4 

«8o re, and aU that inherit the c<«it of J„,- „„• ^^„ „- ™,o,,oE„„ „Sy Spioi- TiTponX, itaTa- 
Israel, ahall pursue them, and overlhrow '^ .' "^"•■■■t ul i«*iu.«ui.i.i., ^ ' ' , i^J ' _ 

them as they go. ' But before ye do these irrpiixTaTf nvTOUS iv tqis oSok avruiv. llpo o« tou Troiifirat 5 

tliing.,ciiU meAchiortheAmraonite.that toOto, koAcVoti' uoi 'Aviip toi- 'Auiiavirnv, T™ JSiv Jiiyvu 
he may «eB and know hira that deiipised the « . , ,- '^ . '^ ."^ _ 'T^ ,^ , , . . ' ,' 

house of Iiniol and that sent him to us, as '''"' ftpavKaravra Tov ornoK tou lo-paijA, nai auTOV ut tlf 

it were to his deatL $ilvaTOV awmmiXavTa ti's ^W- 

the head of Molofernesinaman'ihand in "Oi ti6( t^ Kc^oAip OAo^cprou Cf ;if(4p( acOpos <")« fV rg 

iSSSShL'SS&l""""""' '^^^•^Jl^^ ^' '"•'•" " '"^'"°'- "' '*'^'*' " 

"But wlicn they hml remrcred him, he .n i' t k o > « > - ' '. T«fl • ^ 

fellat Judith'afoet.androtercncrd her.Bnit '^^ ™ ovtAapoi' alJTOV, «/>oiT«r«r( tom iroo-fc Jovdif, icai 7 

mid. Blessed art thou, in all the (abeniaclo mttXTtKoynuf ti3 Trpo<ranru> aui-ns, koi ttwtv, tiXoynuhrn <rv 

of Judn, and in nil nations, wh ch hearinir j • - ' -i •» * « v • Fn . ' . .' 

thy name ihall be aetonishei »Ho« there- '*' ™"',' "•^Wf^'^i loi*". «<" "■ '«>"' <«■". oiriws OKOwrav- 

fore IbU me all the things that thou hast T<v to ovofid trov Topavflmrovrai. Kai vvv ivdyytiXov fiot iva 8 

ibe bad doiip, from the day that she weut <<' /t(oii) tou Aoov iravra (xra ^v wrvoojKVia, oip 177 Jip-tpax 

•And when she had ]*ft ofi^ ipeakmg, the ,.',, ^ < 1 . , - ,> > -t . » . , - 

people»hout«d witba loudToioe.and tnado T)X"Xaf<V o Anos 9011^) /tcyoAjj, siat *6<ii« ^(Tjv tS^poiTWov 
• joyful noise in their city. iy ^^ ^<;x,i amS,v. 

oJoA'^Xi^Z^,'^^,^'^:^^'^ . '}^y « 'Ax.ip :ra'rra 5.a ftro-V- i 0*i>, -5 ;i<rpa;A. 10 
greatly, and drcumcised the flesh of his tturrtviTt t^ 0(u <r^o£pa, kql ircpicrcftn'o ti;v mpKO, Tip 
WunW thTdiy"*^ '"'" "■" '"""''' '^P<''3v<XTi« afirov, «,! xpo.r^% r-pi* rS. oW lapa^X &« 

"And as soon as the morning arose, they ^.'^'^\™y^- 
hanged the head of Holofemes upon tho Hvimt M a opBpcK ivifiij, noi hcpifLairav t^ kc^oX^i' OAo- 1 1 
wall, andejer^ man took his ™|2"^|^ ^_^voti Ik toS «ixow. ml AviXa^t wS; d^p 'I^pa^X tA 5.rXa 
avrou, ftai i^^^Xffamr Kara trxtipax ttn ra; ivafiatrtK tov ^povs. 

13 Oi St iHoi 'Aowotrp, idf ttSov atrrovi, SUTTtiupav Irl rov; 
iTyou/tciwt avTBiv ot Si ^XSov iirl arpaTrjyovi ku }(i\lii{)}(OtK 
KOI ixi inura ap;^b>Ta avruii" 

13 Kai xopcyoNjtTO iiri r^ o'iotv^i' 'OXoifiiprov, «oi «lTav T^ 
oiTi ftri srtunoi' riv aurou, fyiipoi' 8q tov (cvpioi" ^fuuf, ori 
JroXpijtror oi SovXot KiiTa^uuxif (^' ^^los cit iroXipav, *>^ 

j£<lXo0p<V0li>(J'll' (It TtXof . 

14 Kiu (ur^Adc Bayua;, icai CKpovtrt t^v aCAoiav t^ itkiji^- 

15 VTCitMrro Yop KaOivStiv aurov ftrra 'lovSi'd. '(Is Si euScU 
JiriJicoiNTt, oia<TT«tA.a5 iitr^Afltv <is Toi" KoiTuii'a, iioi (vpcv avrov 
ir\ riji p^tAjoviAos ippi/it/iivov vtupov, Kai ^ Kt^iaXi] ainov 

1 6 iijiyfnjTO dir aiirou, Kai i/JoT/ij-t i^u>vp ^tyaXg ficra kAou- 
0^u KQi OTtvay^oC icat /3o^! '(rpfvpSf. kiu Sit^pijfc ra t^TUi 

1 7 Kai (ur^XStf (is t^ <rin]i^f ou ^f 'lovSid KaToXumura, kol 

18 ouj( tCpti" aunjv kqi (i<jnJ8iftro' (is toi" Xoov, Kpa£(i»v, ifiirr]- 
aav o( SotrAot, tirolijimf alirxyyijv fiia ywij tSv 'B^/kuW, <is 
Tov oIkov tov ^SotriXe'co! f^apouxp^ovoirop, on iSou 'OAot^pvi/s 

1 9 ;(n/ini, naE ^J itt^aX^ oiit torti' iir airrui. 'Hs Si ^icowrav 
ravra to p^/tnTa ol ^j(oiTt! t^s BucafHOJS 'Aeriroip, tous 
Xiriwis nvriv ^lipprj^av, koI irapix^ ^ i/t^ aJrwv (ri^oSpa, 
KOI iyiviTO avrHiv xpavy^ Kai /3a^ ^cyoAij a^oSpa iv fiitrif 
T^s Trapi/ifioX^. 

1 5 Kai ui; ^Kovcrav ol tv ToZi iTKiivaifiaaiv SyrK, l^ianfTO-v hrX 

2 TO yiyapof koL (itljrtatv trr airrovv tfio^ot koI rpOftot, Kai oiuk 
^v ayffpunroi fitvuiv KQTO TTpoaunrov too vXjjiriov iri, dAA' 
tK}(y$iirrC'i OfioSufiaSiiv f^iuyof tiri irucrav oSof tdu xcSibu xat 

3 T^ opiii^. Kai DC xoptp^t^XijKortt 6- t^ Sptiyji kukAiu 
BfTvAoua KOI jTpa7n(<rav lit ^vyjjv koi tot* di viol 'Itrpn^X 
irSs di^p TToXcpurT^ (f ouriv f££X''^7''''"' '""' "trous. 

4 Kai dircaTdAev Ofi'as cis BaiTo^acrdutp, xai Xio^tu, icai 
X<uXa, Kai (IS ?ruv opiov Itrpa^X, reus ajrayyiXXovra^ inrip 
Tujc OTJiTtTtXHrptyun', KOi Tea irdvTt! tTrm^p/fliiicrt rois iroAt. 

5 /u'oif (IS T^i' dvalptmv avrw. 'Ot Si -^KOtxrav oi vioi 'lo-pa^X, 
x-d»T(s OfioftifiaSoc iirt'irto-ov nr' atroit, Kat tKoirroc avrouj 
•lUS XtujSd- UHravTiiW Si kqi oi if 'ItpowraX^^ iropeyei'^tfi^a-ai' 
Koi ^K ffdtnjs T^ ^ptu^- airijyytiXav yap atrrot^ rti yryoviiTa 
T^ itaptfL^oKg Twv i)(Gpioy avruiv- KOt oi Jv TaXaoS koi oi cv 
T^ FoXiXail^ v?(p(K(paoxiv ai/Tout "'^Tys f^T'^V- ^'^ "^ 
Top^Xtfov AapaaKOk, Mat ra opia avr^s. 

6 Oi Si Xoin'ot oi KaTOiK0VFT(s BmiXoua, l-afTrta-ay t^ itaptfi- 
jSoXfl Aciroip, KOI Inpovontvanv aurow, itai (jrXovTT/oTiv 

7 CTi^dSpa. Oi Si vioi 'lo'paqX dvaorpt'^ai-rfs djro t^j kojt^, 
(KupiOHrav Toiv Xoiiruv, Kai at Kuipat Koi (iravXds tv rfj iptCvg 
Kai mSivQ iKpdnjuay iroAAun' Aa^vpun'- i^f yap n-X^Sos toAu 

8 Kai luHKi/i o Kpius o prya; Kai 17 ytpoiXTUi ruv viiuv 
'lo'pa^A 01 KaToutoGvMs fv 'IcpoucoA^p ^iMov tov OtairairOat 
m dyofla fi iiroiijirt Ki!pio« to! 'Jcpo^X, koi to5 iStii' t^ 

' 9 "louSifl, Ktti AoA^troi fitT auTij^ ttft^ytp'. '(Is Si (ur^Atfov 
srpos avrqv, (JJAdyijowc avr^i" inirrts 6p«Ai;iaSov, Koi (Tirav 
irpot aifTTjv, <rv vi^tij^ "IcF/xt^A, <rv yaupui^ ^^11 tou 'Iirpa^A, 

Jdditk XIV. 12— XV. 9. 

"But when thsAurriaDsiair tliem, tlier 

not to tbeir leadcra, which came to their 
captains and tcibunei.uid to everfoneof 
their rulers. 

" So tboy came to Holofcrnea' tcDt, and 
uid to him that hod tlie charge of all hie 

[\o Lad slept n 

tJiB bcdehambeL, 

the Qoor dead, and liia Lead was taken from 
him. " Therefore he cried with a loud 
Toice, with weeping, and lighing, and a 
miehtT cry. and rent his garmenta. 

"After he went into the tent where 
Judith lodged: aud when he found lier 
not, he leaped out to the people, and cried, 
^^'Xhese Blares hare dealt treacherouslji 
one woman of the Hebrewi hath brought 
shame upon the house of Icing Nabuchodo- 
nosor; for, behold, Holofemea Uftk upon 
the ground without a head. "When the 
captains of the Assyrians' army heard these 
words, they rent thoir costs, and their 
minds were HOnderfuUy troubied and there 
wasacryaudaTerjgreat noise throughout 
the camp. 

And when they that were id the tenti 
Ijeard, they were astonished at the tliini 
that was done. 'And fear and trembliDi 
fell upon them, so that there was no man 
that durst abide in the sight of his neigb. 
bour. but rushioff out all together, they ded 
into eyery way ol the plain, aud of the hilt 
country. 'They alio that had camped in 
the mountains round about Bethulia fled 
Bway. Then the children of Israel, ctcit 

* Then sent Oiius to Bctomastbem. and 
to Chobui, and Choln, and to all the coasts 
of Israel, such as nhould tell the things 
I lint were done, and that all should rush 
(■■rth upon their enemies t« destroy them. 
- >iiiir when the ohildreo of Israel heard 
it, lliey all fell upon them with one con- 
.*,..ii, and slew them unto Chobnii like- 
ui-i< also they that came from Jerusalem, 
iiiL.I from all the hill country, (for men lisd 
ii>l<l them what things were done in the 
cnmp of their enemies.) and they that were 
in Galaad, and in Galilee, chased them with 
a fn'enb slaughter, until they nece past Da- 
mascus and the borders thereof. 

' A.nd the residue, that dwelt at Bethulia, 
fell upon the I ' ' ' '^ 

■ 'n.nd 

ilia children of Isratl that returned from 
the slaughter hsd tliat which remained; 
and the Tillages and the cilies, that were Id 
the mountains and in the plain, gat many 
spoils : for the multitude was very great. 

'Thea Joacim the high priest, and tha 
ancients of the children of Israel that dwelt 
in Jerusalem, came to behold the good 
Ihingj that Qod had shewed tolsmel, and 
to see Juchtb, and to salute her. 'Aiid 
when they came unto her, they blessed 
lier with one accord, and said unto Um, 
Thou art the <nLiJ.l.».\.\ciw<A\«tMS„'i;Mso.i!*fc 

Judith XV. 10— XVI. H. 54 IOYM0. 

the freM glory of Israel, tliou art the mat tni Kavx<}}ia ftiya toS yivovt ^liiav. "Ejroiijo-as irayra ravra 10 

done mucli good to Iirnel. ami Qod ii iir qutow o Qio?- (lAoyijfKvij ■y''^>' TOfw' J^ iravTOitpOTopi 

people Mid, So be it, Kai AadvntwT* iras 5 Xaw t™ vafnu^oXin' liji ^uipas l\ 

Jiidith Eolofemes hii tent, and all bia Trdyra ra ofryt/pianaia, kcu to; KAtt^t, not ra SANta. xot nxura 

mule i and made ready Lee cartj, and laid ^luovov avnp, itot t^Cv£c ras a/ui^ uvnje, KOi ttrupcwrfV 

tbem thereon. „^^ ^^' ntji^v, 

"TLen all the women of larael ran to. , ,, o-»» ii» 

BBthertOBeeher.and blBgaedlier.andmade Ktu (TwtSpafU Tnura yWTj I(rpa^\ rou fSttv atr^, kcu 12 

women that were with her, "And they tAnfJt crupirov! *v rais X'P"'"' """jSi "•" "ou"* Tois yuitui^i 

put a Borland of olive upon her and her toTs uer avm, ml tortAavwni-ro nv iXmav avrn koi ai 13 

maidthBtwaswitliher.andsbewentbeforo . ', . i .,-, '^ , - \ - t ' • 

all the people in tho dance leading all the H-" ^<^- ""' ^po^*"* mtvrot TOW _Afloii^ ft-^ x°P«J? i7you/«vij 

women ; and all the men of Iirael follDwed mx^Sai t£v yukoikuIv, irai nico\oufei irac dirip 'ItrpanA. ^vonrXur- 

in their armour with garlands, and with . .',... .~ - . - 

■ongB in their mouth*. Z"^"' ^"■» <rr«^v(w itoi v/iiwf iv Tip crro/mri avraw. 

,'nienJinKth began to ling thiathanki- Kal i^o™- 'louSifi rnv ^io/ioAiWii' ravnp' Iv yawi 1 

BiTing in all larael, and all the people MUJg ., «,...' - 1 ■ , *% ' i - 

aft«rherthi« wing of praise. iff/M^A,, koi virfipiovu irw o Xtuii Tqv amvo' nmrrp'. 

onto mj Lord with ojmbals: tone unto ^ip-jftrt t^ 0fai ^mw iv rv/iiravoit, funxrt Tai Ktijai^i ^ou 2 

£™,i""SKS-S"'bSi.h"*A'K '' -/fa".. Wei.-.*. .S,=_^,». -a.™, Sfo™ «ai 

among the cam])! in the midit of the iirucaAxaaaVt to oyo/ux atirou- on @«K irayTpipaiv iroXi/unii 3 

j.i.jj^ jng Qyj gf jj,g jjjpjj^^ "j-j j[^ ira/n/ij8oXas nvrou tv /«'o^ XnoS ifiiXoTO ^ 

if the mounfains from '« X"POS Ti" 

the torrentg, and their honemon hare owa^oi; aurou, luf to vkifOot avruat tvKppait x'^P^PP*"'^' "" 

young men with the eword, and dash the Z*"". ""i Tout feavio-mjus fiov ivtAttv tv popupai^, km to fijAo- 

■uckinK children against the ground, and foyri aov $ntTtiy tit tSaAoi, Kal Ti vmrta uou Baxray €« 
inakoraiaouifantiQsapniy.andmTvirHina T^ / , a* '^ i - 

lu a Bpoil. ' '■ II TTpoyoftip', xat toe jrapOtiMnK ftou (TKvAcixrai. 

ygmted tliem by tho hand of a woman. -, K . , ™ T '.'.-. . , '^ ^^ .s. . . ., 

' For the mighty one did not fall b; llio ^^ "fP vTrfTTtatv o omariK auruiy vtto vcovutikuv, ouot viot < 

Tpung men. neither did the eona of tbe TiTovav hrd.ra(av airov, ouSc vJmKdi vfyoirts hiOtyro aviw, 

Milans smite him.Dor high Etants set UDon >t\' >t ^'n n > ir ^ ■ A; ' ■ • 

Lim: but Judith the daughter of Merai-i *^" ioubid tfuyartjp Mfpopi iv koAAei xpo<rowrou bvtijb 

■weakenedhirawith tho beauty of her coun- iriU)<\v(rcv aurov. 'EJtSwniTO yap aroXip' y'IP^*'^ aimk S 
toaance. "For sha put off theffarment of • 'i ~ ' ■ -i T. ■, ., "■ . »_ 

ler widowhood for the exdlatio^Tho" "f ."^'f """ ^o^"^ *>; l<rpoi^\, ^Aai/roTO_ to ^po<ruwo^ 

that were opprnsed in Israel, and anointed aimjt jt- fivpurpnf, koi «5^<raTo toi Tpi^s ovr^ iv /iit/>^ 

in a tire, and took a iinm garment to de- t - i i , n ^ . . - \ • -n ■ - > 

ceivehini, ' Her landala rarisbed his eyes, o.irrtfi ^/HTotra' O^foA/xov avrov, kiu to koAAo! ovrijs DXf*"* 

ftute^ii^^^h'^i^rk'''''''^'''" ^'''' "^^ "^''=" ^^^'^ " '^'"^^ ^'' ^p^^"- 

"lie Fecdani quaked at her'boMness, ""'»'■ 
"" *"S JS™" **" daunted at her hardi. ^Aptiov tlciKrai -rnv tdAiiov ovrns. itai MnSot t5 Bpaaoi 10 
neu. "Than royafflioted shouted for joy • - im'jl mi iwi e ■ ' » vi ii 

and my weak ones cried alondTbut tl"/; "^^ i^^y^fu/. Jot« -.jXnAafav oi TairHrai ;tou, mw ..^ 1 1 

were astonished : theee lifted up their prp^ov ol do^cvoiVrcT /iOV> «oj iTrrojfvTjuuv vtfiwtrav TijV 

through, and wounded (hem as fugiHrcii' <Tav avrovt, koi wt muoas avroftoAouvmn' mTpowiiol' ourovf 

."Ijjill iing nnto my Qod a newaong: i/i>^4» tC 0(3 fiou v/tvov Kaivdi"' KvpM, ficjms «I, itol 13 

all omtutei lerre thee; for tboa »pakeit, ^rSaa ^ ktutk <rov, on dints, koi Jyni^^i^Tai" airarrtiAot to 



TTveviJud, cov, KOI t^KoSofirjct' koi ovk coTiv 09 avTurTrj<r€Tai t^ 

1 5 <lyavy cov, "Oprf yap €#c BtyLtKliav avv vScuri {raXcv^orerai, 
ircrpai 8k Sltto irpoatavov aov ws lajpo^ roKi^ovTai, iirl 8c 

1 6 7019 ff^oPovyiivoi^ (re crv cvtXarcvct? avroig. *Oti fiiKpov 
iratra Bwrta C19 oo'firjv cvoiSui?} Kal Aa;(urrov 7rav crriap 
etf oXoKavrtofid (rot* 6 5c fftofiovfuvo^ rov Kvpiov, fieya? 

1 7 Ovcu t$v€(Tiv hravKrrafJLtvoi^ ra> ycvci /aov* Kvpios irav- 
TOKpdrtap €KSucYJa'€i avrovs cv "^fi^pa. Kpur€it)i, 5ovvai irvp ical 
a-KiaX.rjKa^ cic aapKa^ avTiav^ kolL KXavaovroL cv aur^);(rei ca>9 


1 8 'Q$ S^ ^A^ocrai^ etc *IcpoiKraX^/ji, 7rpo(reia;n70'av r^ 0c^* xat 
i7KiiKa iKaBapUrOri 6 Xao9, dn^veyicaK Ta oXoKavrcSfuiTa avruiv^ 
Kcu ra iKOva-ia avTiav, koL ra &>/uuiTa. 

1 9 Kat &vi9riKtv 'Iov3t^ TraKra ra (riccvi; *OXo^cpvov o(ra cSci)- 
iccv 6 Xao9 avT^, kcu to ica)V(i)7retov S tKapkv avrq Ik tov 
fcoiTcuKOf avTov, €(9 avdOrjfia 7<5 0€a) c&oxc. 

20 Kal ^K 6 Xoos €v<l)patv6fJL€vo^ iv 'lepovcaXrjfi Kara vpoo"' 
unrov Tiav dyitav iirl firjva^ rp€i^, fcat *lov3i^ ficr avrwi^ icarc* 

21 Mcra 8^ ras "^fiipas ravra? di^c^^cv^cv CKourro? cis r^v #cXi;- 
povofuav avTOV* fccu *Iov8t^ dir^X^cv cis BcrvXova, #cal xarc- 
IJL€ty€v iirl rrj^ xnrdp^ed}^ avnj^' koL iya/cro kotcl tov xaipov 

22 airnJ9 €ySo$o^ iv irdxrQ rfj yy, Kal iroXXol iv€$vfJLTfa'av airnjv, 
Kou OVK cwo) dvrip aur^v irouras ra? "^fUpa^ rrj^ (oj^s olvttj^, 
dffi ^ Yffiepa^ dirWavt Mava(r(r^ 6 &inip avrri^y xal irpoaeridrf 
wpos TOV XaoK avTOv. 

23 Kal ^v TTpoPaivowra ficydXri (r^oSpa* ical hyripaxTtv iv t<^ 
OLKi^ TOV dv8pos auT^ eny l^caTov ttcVtc, Kal d^^KC t^ dfipav 
axniji ikevBipav, koX dir€Oav€v €19 BcrvXova, Kal iOouj/av aMjv 

24 iv Tia amjXau^ tov avBpo^ avrrj^ Mava(r(r^, Kal iirfvOrf(T€v 
avrrjv oTko^ 'ItrpayjK rffiipa^ imd* koX 8icZA.c Ta virdp^ovra 
avrrji trpb rov diroOavtlv avrrjv, irdai rots vfyurra Mavcurcr^ 

25 TOV dvSpoi avrrjv, Kal tow cyyurra tov ycvov? avr^. Kal 
OVK yvm 6 iKffioPQiv tov9 vIxaj^ ^IcparjX iv rax^ rjfJLipais *lov8t^, 
Kal /JLcra to dvoOaytLV avrrp^, rjiiipa^ ?roAA(is. 

Judith XVI. 15—25. 

and they were mode : thou didst send forth 
thy spirit, and it created tliem, and there 
is none that can resist thy Toice. '^ For the 
mountains shall be moved from their foun. 
dations with the waters* the rocks shall 
melt as wax at thy presence : yet thou art 
merciful to them that fear thee. ^ For all 
sacrifice is too little for a sweet savour unto 
thee, and all the fat is not sufficient for thy 
burnt oficring: but he that feareth the 
Lord is great at all times. 

i« Woe to the nations that rise up aninst 
my kindred ! the Lord Almighty will take 
vengeance of them in the day of judgment, 
in putting fire and worms m their flesh; 
and they shall feel them, and weep for ever. 

^ Now as soon as they entered into Je- 
rusalem, they worshipped the Lord; and 
as soon as the people were purified^ they 
offered their burnt ofierings, and their free 
ofibrings, and their gifts. 

» Judith also dedicated all the stuff of 
Holofemes. which the people had given her, 
and gave the canopy which she had taken 
out of his bedchiunber, for a gift imto 

^So the people continued feasting in 
Jerusalem before the sanctuary for the 
space of three months, and Judith remained 
with them. 

^2* After this time every one returned to 
his own inheritance, and Judith went to 
Bethulia, and remained in her own posses- 
sion, and was in her time honourable in all 
the country. ^ And many desired her, but 
none knew her all the days of her life, after 
that Manasses her husband was dead, and 
was gathered to bis people. 

^ But she increased more and more in 
lionour, and waxed old in her husband's 
house, being an hundred and five years old, 
and made her maid free; so she died in 
Bethulia : and they buried her in the cave 
of her husband Manasses. ^ And the house 
of Israel lamented her seven days: and 
before she died, she did distribute her goods 
to all them that were nearest of kindred to 
Manasses her husband, and to them that 
were the nearest of her kindred. ^And 
there was none that made the children of 
Israel any more afraid in the days of Judith, 
nor a long time after her death. 

Wisdom I. 1— II. 4. 66 50*IA SAAQMON. 


Love richteousness, ye that be judges of the 'ArAlIHSATE SiKaioavvriv oi Kpivovrt^ t^k yjjv, 
eartli: think of the Lord ^rith a good Qieart.) jl^-, '^^-^ -_^^) -^r. v",,^' , 2., ».,«/)X,*-.. «.«) 2,, A^\j: 
and in simplicity of heart seek him. 2 For he will <Ppovrj(rar€ ircpt rov Kvptov cv ayae^on/Ti, iccu ck oirAo-. 

be found of them that tempt him not ; and shew- rrfTi icapoia? Cvrvja'aTe avrov. On cvpunccrac roU fit) 2 

power, when it is tried, reproveth the unwise. auro). 2,komol yap Aoyurfioi x^piiov<rw dTTO ©cov, oo#ct- 3 

•* For into a malicious soul wisdom shall not fiaiofianff t€ 17 SvvafiLs ike/Xft tovs a^/oovos. 

enter: nor dwell in tlie body that is subject unto ^Qti cis jcokoVcvvov ilnnmv ovk carcXcvcrcrai <ro<^Mi, ou8c 4 
BID. * For the holy spint of disciphne will flee , t ,^ ^ ^% , / ^ a * c 

deceit, and remove from thouglits that are without KaTOLKria'€i €V awimri icaraxpcfp afiapriaq. Aytov yap 5 

understanding, and will not abide when unright- wvtvfjia 7rai3cia9 ^cv^erai Sokov, koI airavaamQaerai diro 
eousnesscome in. , .„ . Xoyia-iiSivaa\n^€T<iw,Kaii\€y)($na€r^ 

which containeth all things hath knowledge of the icai t^s yXoKroT/s oKowrnj^' ort Trvcv/Lia Kvpiiov ircirXiJ- 7 

** Therefore he that speaketh unrighteous things » j ** r- # » a / 

cannot be hidden : neither shall yengeance, when *X*^ ffyavrjq. 
it punislieth, pass by him. » For inquisition shall Aia tovto dtOcfyoatvo^ aSiica ovSct? mA Xaft?, ovS^ uwv 8 

be made into the counsels of the ungodly: and j> / » x ♦( / « 5/ ••!:, n ^ o \ ' n 

the sound of his words shall come untS the Lord ^^^^^^ f^^^*' cXeyxowra iy Stioy. Ev yap Sio^ou W 9 

for tlie manifestation of his wicked deeds. *" For acrcpovs cf crao'is lorcu, XoycDi^ 0€ aurov (bco^ irpof KvpioK 

!;^LTf ^'J±L^ fetd^ '*^°«" """ "^ V^^ «« «^7X°^ ^o^i,MaW airov. 'Ort o5, {,Wco« 10 

» Therefore beware of murmuring, which is un. OKpoanu ra wavra, iccu ^povs yoyywrfiwv ovk dvoKpuir- 

profitable; and refrain your tongue from back, rcrai. 

biting: for there is no word so secret, that shall *k. \ '^ _/i ' ^ ^jjx** ^j> n 

go fo? nought: and the mouth that beUcth slayeth ^ f^Wacr^c TOivw yoyyw/jov droH^,;. kcu diro icoto- 11 

the soul. AoAca? ^cmt^ut^c yAoMroiT?' ort <^€yfia XaSpatov k€vov 

works of your hands. »3 For God made not death : Mrj irfKovrt (favarov iv irAavrj (un/s vfuav, firjoi ivuFva^ 1 2 

neither hath he pleasure in the destruction of the o-^^ oXc^poi' cpyois Y«p<oi' vwlav on 6 0€o« OdvaTW ovk 13 

living. "For he created all things, that they , / '^ »^\ '/ ^ . t t' \ / y/ v^ * i^ 

might liave their being: and the generations of ^jroirja^ev, ov(^ TcpTTCTOiCTT aTrwAct^^wvrwv. iiifcrurc yap 14 

the world were healthful ; and there is no poison ct? to cTvai ra Trarra, icai o-cornpioi at ycvco-fts rov Kotruuov, 
of destruction in them, nor the kingdom of death \ » m « > » . / 9\ 'zi « «» 

upon the earth: »* (for righteousness is immortal :) '^^* o^*^ <^*»; ci/^aurai? <f>dpfmKOV oXidpov, ovt€ ^£ov 

^ but ungodljr men with their works and words paaCKiiOV iwl yrj^, Acxauxrvn; yop oBavaro^ iany 1 5 

called it to them: for when they thought to have Arr^R^Tc ^i -«T^ ^^,^) ^*5 «.«?o \A^.^,^ —nrwi-^-^X/^^.....^ Ifi 

it their friend.they consumed to nought, and made ^^«P«« ^^ '"^^^ Xf^-i Kat tois Xoyois wpoo-CKaAf^oKro 16 

a covenant with it, because they are worthy to take airroi', 91X01^ i^yi/o-a/jicfioi avrov IroKtfcrav, Kai ovyOrjKtjv 

part with it. ... tBtVTO wpos avroi', ort a^toi cart rrk Ikuvov u.€piho^ ctKat. 

For the ungodly said, reasoning with them- x^t *j_''\ ' * » H'^ i\' »>o 

selves, hut not ariglit, Our life is short and tedious. f^''''^ ^^ }°'^^'\ Xoyurafitvoi ovk op^, ^Xtyos cart 2 

and in the death of a man there is no remedy i xat \vTn)poi 6 pi09 rjfiiov, kol ovk Iotiv tcurts cv TcXcirrn 

ture : and we shall be hereafter as though we had auTocrxcoto)? tytwrfirjii^, Kat ftcra tovto c(ro/tc^a <09 ov^ 

never been : for the breath in our nostrils is as {nrdp(avT€^, on Kawvos v wvoh iv purlv iiixSiV, Kal 6 Xoyos 
smoke, and a little spark in the moving of our ^x , / ^, / « '^ ^ '^ i,, / .' o 

heart: 'which being extinguished, our bodyshall <rTnvffrjp cv KLvrj(T€i icopOta? rjfmv, ov optfTtftvro^ rtippa 3 

be turned to ashes, and our spirit shall vanish as avoBna-eraL to a-i^ua, Kal to irvcvua BtaYv^no-crat taq 
the soft air, *and our name shall be forgotten in «»' xrvx» * '^ 2 \ /i* » 4 

time, and no man shaU have our works in remem- X"^^/^ ^VP- ^K<it to ovofia rjfxuw ^iriXiTo^crat cv 4 

brance, and our life shall pass away as the trace of xpovi^, Kal evicts fjLvrjiiov€va'€t TctfV ipymv ripJuiv* koI 

20*IA SAAOMON. 57 Wisdom 11. 5— III. 6. 

TropcXcuo-crat 6 Blot; wuojv ws lYn? vtiUXm, ical ws a cloud, and shall bo dispersod as a mist, that 

• # V ft ft />/ « /i'*«x»/ ex/ 18 dnven away with the beams of the sun, and 
o/xixAiy dtoo-KcSacrftTO-CTat duDX^cMra vno oKTumv rj\iov, oyercome with the heat thereof. 

KOtJirb e€pfi^o^a{nov Papvye€iaa. ^ ^ » For our time is a very sliadow that passeth 

5 ^ia9 yap TTopooos o ptos rffuav, icai ovk cotik avo- away; and after our end there is no returning: 
vo^fxhi rrr: tcXcvt^s ^/uiv, on KaT€<r4>payur&rf, Koi ^<^^ i^ is fast sealed, so that no man cometh again. 

ovSci? dKeurrpc^ci. ' Come on therefore, let us enjoy the good 

6 Acyr. 05. .al i^Ar«>^ rS. oW Sya6S^ .al ^^^}^ni^:Zty^:L'''7Zt^^'oT 

7 xpi^ancDfic^a rg /crto'ce ci>9 v€orrjTi (nrovdaici>9. Oii^ov selves with costly wine and ointments : and lot no 

8 rfftas avifo^ d€poi. J^rc^cu/ic^a podtov icaAv^i TrptK^ » let none of us go without his part of our volup- 

9 uapavOnvaL. MwSci? riuwv aiiotpo^ hrm -m wucT«>as tuousness: let us leave tokens of our jovfulness in 
'V^ ' ' « "T/ /ox ^ V. ' every place: for this is our portion, and our lot is 
aycpa>;(ia9, Travra^'; KaTaAiirw/utcv avfipoAa rrji cv9po<n;- this. 

nys, OTi avny 17 /xcpt? ^fimv xal 5 KX^pos OW09. » Let us oppress the poor righteous man. let 

1 KaraOwaareixrcD/uiei' rrfvtfTa oucatov, /A17 <fi€umfi€0a us not spare tho widow, nor reverence the ancient 

1 1 EoTftf 0€ i7/jui)v ^7 uT^vs vofJLOS nys ducaioowi79> to yap be nothing worth. 

aaOtyh axprjfrrov cXeyxtrcu. ^ ^ ^ ^ u Therefore let us lie in wait for the right- 

1 2 *JSjV€Sp€v<r(t}u,€v 8c rov Sucotov, on SwrvpiToros 17/iri' ^ori eous ; because he is not for our turn, and he 

.^») J..»..*.»r^». ^^7^ S^.^.^ ^..r», ^») X,.^.Si/y^, ^.,7,»A.m»^ i« clean contrary to our doings: he upbraideth 

Kot cKOFnovroi tois cpyois yjuDv, KaLOV€tbiC€i rffuva/iap^ ^ ^j^^ ^^^ offending tho law, and objecteth to 

rrjfJLara vofiov, kol €7rLffyrffJuf^€i yjyuv afioprrffiara Tnaidcia? our infamy the transgressings of our education. 

14 Kvpiov iavTov ovo/to^ct. fiycvcro :7/utiv cis cAcyxoK "He was made to reprove our thoughts. "He 

15 iwoiiav -ntmv. Bapvs i(TTty ^uiv koX jSXcTroucvos, otl !» gneyous unto us even to behold: for hU Ufe 
, / "^ »\ \ € 0/ • *» X »^ \ \ ' « 18 uot like other men s, his ways are of another 
avofioioq Tot9 aAAots o ^los avrov, km i^AAayfi€vai ai fashion. '« We are esteemed of him as ooun- 

IGtolBoi avTOV. E19 kiB^Xov cXoyur^ucv avrw, iccu terfeiU: he abstaineth from our ways as from 

»/ *.eft««*»€»\»'i3« ^/i»,. lilthiness: he pronounceth the end of the just to 

aTTCxcToi TiDV o8ujv Tjfuov w? ttiTO dKaUofHTuav'^ fmKapii€i Yie blessed, and makoth his boast that God is his 

iaxara Sucauov, koX dXa^ovcvcroi iraripa ®€6v» father. 

1 7 #*l8o)ucv €1 04 \ayoL axnov dXn^cts, koI trtipaxnauxv ra *^ Let us see if his words be true: and' let us 

^Q * 1 O' u » *» I?* •' 1 « jj' «^ /a -^ prove what shall happen m the end of him. "iJor 

18 cv iKPaxT^i avTOv.^ Ei yap i(mv o Stxaios vios 0€ov. {f 4.^^ just man be the son of God. he will help 

dmXi^erai avrov, jcac pixrcroc avrov ^k Y^f^ ia^efrrrj" him, and deliver him from the hand of his ene- 

10 _ ' .. 'r\ro ^ o ' »' »\«r «*_ mies. ^'Let us examine him with dospitefulness 

9 KOTcoK. Y/3p« Kai /3acrav«g cracrui/xcv avrov, ivayvi^p€v ^d tortm^e, that we may know his meekness. 

T^v CTTictxcuiK avroO, icat OOKifiaxrwfUv rqv ai/cf tfccuciav and prove his patience. ^ Let us condemn him 

20 airrov. ©avdno &cnmfwyi #caTa3txcur<ott€v avroV- «n-ai ^^h a shamefid^death : for by hU own saying he 

\ tMt y t \ f 9 f^ snail 06 respeciecL. 
yap auTOv eirurKOTrrj ex AoyoiK avrov. 

22 avrov9 rj Kojcia avriav, kol ovk iyvtacrav fJLvanrjpia 0€ov, them. ^As for the mysteries of God, they knew 
o48i ^u^e^y ^uray SaaJnjro,. oWi l<pu>ay yipa, ^x^v il'g1Seo°^'o^rB^;^!^?*n^^^^^^ t bu£" eSf 

23 *0n 6 0CO9 litTMrc rov avBpvmov iv axl^Sapa'iq., xal a For God created man to be immortal, and 

24 ciKoW Tik iS«is tStoTWTO? hroitKrev avrov. ^oVw Sc made him to be an image of hif, own eternity, 
fi /3'\ /I' * '^\A • ^ ' >y •* Nevertheless through envy of the devil came 
diafJo/^v &avaro^ €iarj\0€v cis rov Koafiov ircipaCown death into the world: and they that are of his 

5^ avroK ol 1% iK€ivov ficpiSos ovrc9. side do find it. 

3 AticauDv Sk ijruxcU cv X^'P^ €)cov, icol ov ft^ o^o/roi But the souls of the righteous are in the hand 

2 airrwv )8acravos. ^Sofav ^v ^^aXitot? dApoi/iov t€^c£. of Gc^, and there shall no torment touch them, 
o ^ j\ /-/I ^ « ¥^ !t . -- ^ X t , .. . « » In the sight of the unwise they seemed to die: 

3 vat. #cai iAoyurthj KOKtaa-K rj i^ooo^ avruiv, Kairja<f> rjfuav ^^d their departure is taken for misery, ^and 

4 iropfia crvvrpwAua* oi Sk €iariv iv €lfmvrj. Kal yap iv oil/ti their wing from us to b® utter destruction: 

• 2 ' j^ \ /!'» « »\ ^ » « jTfl ' but they are in peace. *For though they be 
ov^pcinrwv ^av KoXaaewaiv, rj cAiris avrwv dftivao-ias punishMl in the sight of men, yet is their hope 

TrXijprjS. xull of immortality. 

5 Kal 6Xtya Troi^cv^cvrcs fuydXa MpYerrfirjaovrai, ort s^nd having been a little chastised, they shall 
6 ©€05 cVcipao-cv ovTOvs, Kol cSpcv avrov$ d^tovs cavrov. be greatly rewarded: for God proved them, and 

6«r» ^ 1 ' 1^ ' » \ \ • found them worthy for himself. "As gold in the 

n« xpwTov iv ^vcvnypMi) iSoKipatrev avrovs, icai <i)s furnace hath he tried them, and received them as a 

oXoKopftnafLa Ovam irpoatSi^ro avrovs. burnt offering. 

Wisdom III. 7— IV. 15. 68 20*IA SAAOMON. 

7 And in the time of their visitation they shall Kcu cv Kaiplo ivuTKOTm ouroiv avaXambovcrt, ical «k 7 
Bume, and run to and fro like sparks among the /w^ > \ ^ ^ ^ '^ v '* t/L ^ o 

stubble. 8 They shaU judge the nations, and have OTrivejiypcs €v KoAofiy Suibpafiovyru. Kpivowrtv cftoy k<u 8 

dominion over the people, and their Lord shall Kparrja'ova'L Xjoudv, koI ^SocriXcixrci axnwv Kvptos cts rov9 
reign for ever. • They that put their trust in him ^*'\„„t, n; -..««.«>./)^*^ ju.* ^ */\ .^„Ji^^^»,. jt\JM^.^.. o 
shil understand the truth : and such as be ^•'^^- ^' w-cttoi^otcs At aurw crun/crcnxrw' ^Xtfitiav, 9 

faithful in love shall abide with him: for grace icai ol vurroi cv ayatrfji vpoafi^yovaiv avrw, ore X^'P^ 

ru^r4^^'B^t'ti•1iS^*;•il^a!It''pSShS if ^-^ ^« ^«XcKro« aW OJ « Acrc^.« Kd» 10 
according to their own imaginations, which cAoyiotivro c^ovcrty iwirifuay, oi afUArfoavT^ rov oucouov 
have neglected the righteous, and forsaken the icaL rov Kvpiov dirooravTcs. 

» For whoso despiseth wisdom and nurture. ^^ 7^ J'^t' ^<^^^ o cWciw ToWxoyw, ital 11 
he is miserable, and their hope is vain, their kcvi; i) cAtti? avrcov, Kai oi icoiroi dvon/roi, icai axpTcma 

wicked: Ta rcxva ain-wv. 

"Their offspring is cursed. Wherefore blessed *£7ri#caraparo9 17 ycvco'if avrati^, ori uuaxapia artipa n 13 
is the barren that is undefiled, which hath A,,*^^ •-•e ^.V 5^*. ^^f>,.^ i^ -.^^.p^J'w.^^ 2i*. 
not known the sinful bed: she shall have fruit in ^^^^ktoS; T^^ ouk^ «yva>^ koitttv cv irapairnDfxoTi, cf€i 

the visitation of souls. Kopirov €V iirurKoirjf ^rv^otv. 

^^And blessed is the eunuch^ which with his Kcu cvvov^Of 6 firj ^pyocmiicvos cv Y^'P^ avoumiia, 14 

hands hath wrought no iniquity, nor imagined „^^ J.,/J,...*,/1^5^ .,«»;l •«,': v..^/^,. ^«.-^^^. 5^/i'«^ 

wicked things agoinst God: for unto him shaU /^?^* cv^A^J^^cts Kara rov Kvptov Tronypa-^ So%rcTai 

be given the special ^ift of faith, and an inherit- yap avra> rrj^ irurrccos X^^^ iKAtKTtf, kojl Kkripo^ Iv vaJ^ 

^'^±^^for''[&^^iC^^.!^^ Kvp^ ft-wf-^- . •Aya<U yip ^.w «v^ ci- IS 
labours: and the root of wisdom shall never fall KAxrfq, Kai aOiaTrTcuTO? 17 pi^a T17S fppovrfatia^, 

•^fy* ^ , , ., , * -. ,. „ , « TcKva 8i uotyojv ^JrcXcara coroi, jcou ^k vapavoijunf 16 

"As for the children of adulterers, thev shall „^/_^ ^ / L » jl /l: 1? ' ^ 'O it 

\iot come to their perfection, and the seed of an '^^^^^ <nr€pfia a^avurOi^mi. "Eav jc yap frnxpopuH, 17 

«nrig]iteous bed shall be rooted out. ^ For though ycvoivrai, C4S ov^cv Xoyto-ftjcrovrai, kcu ariuov Iv ixnfani^ 

*hey livelong, yet shall they be nothing regarded: _;; ^^n^ ntrr^M 'F^'w ** A^L^.^ -.«X«Hr^;U«w^..« rv.*^ 1ft 
and their last age shall be without honour. »«0r, ^° yvp^? avrwv. ■fc;«'^ tc o^ccos TcAcvn^uKTiv, oyx 18 

if they die quickly, they have no hope, neither c^oixriv CATrida, ovOc cv 17/Acp^ OcayvoKrca)? wapafiMUtov 

comfort in the day of trial. »» For horrible is the ^evcas yap SiSuctnj vaXcira ra tcXw. 1 9 

end of the unrighteous generation. 'v/ » ^ %» «*»/> / /» •.« 

Better it is to have no children, and to have Kpcttrcwv drcicvia /icra dpcn^^^ affavaaiayap itrriy h 4 

virtue : for , the memorial thereof is immortal : fJtVYjfJL'g avrrj^, on koX irapa 0c<^ yivaxnccrac jcai iropa 

because it is known with God, and with men. A^jArxt!^fMe»> m-^f^f^T^At, •« ,,,„^T^^,,b /.A*^» •,«) «.««/L«rw^.» O 
'When it is present, men taki example at it; ^^tfp^oi%' irapovcravrt fiifwinrrai avn;v,ica4 irofhvaiv 2 

and when it is fi[one, they desire it : it weareth aTrcAaoiKrav Kai cv no auavi crr€fpavr^povaa irofiircvci, 

a crown, and triumpheth for ever, having gotten ^^y ^„ duuivTcov 5^Awv iyaiva viicwcracra. 
the victory, striving lor undenled rewards. tt\' ^\ » o'- \'^/i » » ^*a 

> But the multiplying brood of the ungodlv , noAvyovov 6c dac^wy irkqdt^ ov xpi;o-i/icwc4, Kot ^fc 3 

shall not thrive, nor take deep rooting from bastara vd^cov fKxrxtvfiaruiw ov 3<t)(rci ptifav cis fioJSo^, ovSc 

ing not fast, they shall be shaken with the wind, avauaX'g, iirifT^paAun^ ptprjKora vtto avc/xov (roAcwi/crcTac, 

broken off, their fruit unprofiuble, not ripe to f Aoivcs arcAcorrot, xai o #cap7ro9 avrwv axpiyoros, acupos 

eat, yea, meet for nothing. •For children be- ct? BpSxnv, koL cis ov^cv cVitttScios. *Ek yap dvouiw 6 

gotten of unlawful beds are witnesses of wicked- 9 f , /'/• '/%. 

ness against their parents in their trial. 7 But ^^^ ^«^» ycww/icva frnprvpi^: curt wonypta? jcara 

though the righteous be prevent4^ with death, yovcoiv cv c^crao-ijutf avTu)v. AiKaiof Sc ^av i^&oxrn tcAcv- 7. 
yet shall he be in rest. **!.» /• 7-a 

8^ 1 " , , . ^ ^, . 1,. , X J Tiyaai, ^ avaTrauo-ci coral. 

"For honourable age is not that which stand. t*'^ <" * » ^ \ ' »9\ » a '^ * ^^ o 

eth in length of time, nor that is measured by ^VP^": y«P ^t^^w ov to iroAvxpoviov, ovSk apiB/iA^ cnuv 8 

number of years. » But wisdom is the grey hair iicurrpTrai. IloXia 8c iarw fhpovrKri^ dvOpmoi^, kol 9 

unto men, and an unspotted life is old ase. ^He a\ * ' o^ 1 \'^ -e*** ^^ r:^ »■> f tt\ 

ideased God, and wi3beloved of him? w that i?>^*'cia yiypojs /3tos axiyAt&DTOS. EvapcaTOSTa,©ca. ycvo- 10 

livinff among sinners he was translated. ^*Yea, /acvo9 rpfairrfiji, xat {cov fierafv afiapTioKSiv fieririOii, 

his BOuL " For the bewitching of naughtinessdoth aTranTOT; ^o^x*/" ^vtov. Boo-icavta yap 9avAoTi7ro« dfiav- 12 

obscure things that are honest ; and the wandering pot ra icaXa, xai UaBauaos iiriBvuiLa^ iicraAAcvct vow 

of concupiscence doth undermine the simple mind, w m\ /» % » »\ / » \/ » / «* 

» He, being made perfect in a short time, fulfilled a t^f^ov* rcAcuoCrcis Cv oAtyw C7rAi7p<iKrc ypovav^ fuucpoxs. 1 3 

longtime: "for his soul pleased the Lord: there- 'ApcoTw yop ^v Kvptw w i/rvvn avrov- 8ia tovto Icnrcv- 14 
fore basted he to take htm away from amonff the % * i * c\\ ^\ \ > tj / ^ ^ 1 e 

wicked. "This the people saw. and understood not, ^^, ^^ V-^^^ iron/pias. Ol U Aooi cSovtcs icai /117 15 

neither kid they up this in tJieir minds, 'Iliat his voi^o-avrcs, p.y^i tfcvrcs lire hxwuU^ ro roiovro, ore 

304IA 3AA0HQN. S9 

XopK KOI IXtot Iv Tois ixXticroU avrou, kiu cvurKOir^ 

16 KaTaKpifti Si Slkquk KOfiuyy toSe (wrac in-ipw, 
nu nonjt TtAccrdfura Ta;i(t(iK xoXvcrtt y^fxii dSiKov. 

1 7 'O^NjVTOi yap T<X(vr^y iro^oD, kiu ou i^ij<r<niiri n i/3ou- 
Xcvottra xtpt airoZ, kcu, (is tl ^ir^oXuraTO alrrav 

18 i Kvpun. 'O^oinu mu l^ouBo'^iratia-a', avrovt fie 
2 KvipuK JKytXaomu' >ai 2ir(iimi( /ura roiiro th 
TrrSifia 3.ii[iov, kq! (Is Zppui iv vucpols Si' cuuivoS' 

19 On pri^ti auTout a^vovit Trprp/w, Ktu, traXciHrii 
avTovf Jk ^(^(Xiuiv, Kac (w jo^arau ■)(tpa<ii&rpTOV- 
rai, icai (croiTcU ^ oSiVtf, Koi ij f >^^)7 afrwF diroAitTOt. 

20 'GA(V(rt»T(u Jv iruXAoyuT/uJ a/uipn;^T<a>' avruf 5<iAoi, 
Kol (\ryf(i avTQvs l^tvtaria.'i ra ivofk-qpaTa avraar. 

6 ToT( oT^rrat ff ^ca^prfaiif iroKK^ o Sucator Kara 
TpotriiiToi' Tuif SXuliaymv airoy, koi Tuif ddcroucrun' 

2 Tovs Toiws atrroC. 'iSoircc Tapax^^ovriu tfio^ 
8<ivui Kai ^Kfrr^aovTOE jri t^ TopoSofu r^t manipuis. 

3 'Epovirtv lainoit peiavoovyrK, xot Sia <rTti'o)(iopiav 

. TVRIfUITOS CTT(l'(l{atT(S, 

Ovros ijv Si* liryfop.iv tot( «is yfAairo kcu (ts 

4 irapa^oKr)v ovtiSurpov. 01 a^povt! TOf ^lov avrotJ 
(Xoyura/icda fiavuiv, Kai r^ nXrorip' airoo ari/ioi'. 

5 IIiiis KaTtkirfur&ri {r »!□?; 0(ou, koi cv uyioK □ xX^/iot 

6 airtou iirnv ; 'Apa lirXar^&tfutv diro oSov dAiffd'a;, 

KQI TO T^S SlKOWaiVTIS ^a>t OVK iXaiXIptV ■qp*V, KIU 

7 o ^kuK ow dvrriiAo' ijfui'. "Aco/iixs (ftrX^ftj/HC 
rpifioi^ Kol imiKtiat, Kdi fiuuScwra^Kv (p^/iovs i/id- 
Tous, rTv £( oSoc Kvpt'ou ovk cj^'uificv, 

8 T( d/tftikijaiv ^pai -^ inrtpjjijiavia ; Kai Ti irXovros 

9 /t(ra dAa£ov(uis mip^iflXtfrai ^piv; IlapijXBa' ixiiva 

10 Trdirra iii tTKia, Kai tlis iyy*kia irapaTpijpviTa' ui; vavt 
S(ipXOf((vi] Kvpaa/oiitvov uSuyi, i^ Sia/Jiunjs ovk «<7T(v 

'.. i 7;i(vos cv|i((f, ouS( drpairov rparios avr^ /v nvpauiy 

11 ^ in ipviov SuimivTos d^Mt, oiOiv tvpuTKiriu Tdc^ijpiov 
iroptias, >rAi;y5 Si Toptruiv fWCTifd/tn'ov irwE^ nmjc^iii' 
KOI o^ifd/itpoc j3ip poifou, Kivov/ifvwi' TrTipvytav Siui- 
Srv^. Koi ^era toOto o£;i( tvpi&rj aTjpitoV imfiatriuK 

o iijp tiSim^ (IS ■avToi' dv(XiiA}, los dyi^^iroi Tip/ SioSov 

1 3 airrov- outus koL ^ptK ytvyijSiyTti J{(XiTO/i(v koi 
dpcr^s piv tn/paov auSiv fir) Zti^ai, ci* Sc rg kokii^ 
ifpioy KaTt&a,inurqBr)p<y. 

1 4 'On cXric diT(^o{>c lus (^(piS/uvos X"^ ^"^ 'ii^ftot', Kai 
US rax*^ ^° XoiXairos Suu^^tura Anrr^, koi dis Kairvos 
£ro dt^ftou Su]i[uA}, Kai us /iMiii KaroXiTrau pxa/m^ptpav 

15 ^ixtaoi Si til rhv ai'wra ^ukn, kul iv Kvpuf 6 purSoi 

16 a^nlii', nai i] ^poi^it aiFTUji' irapa v^uttui. &ia tdDto 
X^^i^ot TO ffaaiXxuiv r^ cvn'pnrd'as, Kai to Sia£ij/ui tou 
KoAAovt <K )(tipai Kvpitai, on rg S(£(^ trKiroo'it aurovs, 
Kot Tw fipaxfov^ iiwtpaariti avrwi'. 

WiBMK IV. 16— V. 16. 

gnee and meroy is witli his minta, and that lie hatli 
mpeet unto hia olioaen. 

>'ThuB tho righteous tlist iadend aholl condemn 
the uDgodlr which are living; &nd youth that is 
soon perfected tlie many yeara and old age of tlie 
unnghteous. '■"For they elioU leo the end of the 
wiae, and absll not understand what Qod in his 
counaei hath decreed of him. and to what end the 
Lord hath aet him in aafetr. "Thet ahall aea 
him, and desniee him; hub (Jod ahall laugh them 
toBcom; and they s)iall hereafter beavilecarcasa, 
Rod a reproach among the dead for everuiore. '^For 
be shall rend them, and caet them down headlong, 
that they shall be speechless ; and he ehall shaks 
them from the foundation; and ther shall be 
utterly laid waste, and he in sorrow; and their 
memorial shall perish. "And vhen they coat up 
the account of their sins, thar shall come vrith fear: 
and their own iniquities shall oonriuce thum to 
their face. 

stand i! 

ice of such aa haie afflicted 
mm, ana maae no account of hia luboura. "When 
thsy see it, they shall be troubled with terrible 
fear, and shall be amazed at the strangeness of his 
salration, ao far beyond all that they looked for. 
'And they repenting and groaning for anguish of 
spirit shall say within themaelrea, 

This was he. whom wchadsometiraoa in derision, 
and a proTerb of reproach: 'we fooU accounted 
hia life madness, and hia end to be without honour: 
'how is he numbered among tlia children of Ood, 
and bis lot ia among the samta! 'Therefcre liave 
wo erred from the way of truth, and the light of 
righteausneas hath not shined unto us, and Ihe 
sun of riglitcousncss rose not upon us. ■ We 
wearied ourselves in the war of wickedness and 
destruction: yea, we have gone tlirough dceerta, 
where there lay no way: but as for the way of the 
Lord, we liaTe not known it. 

■What liath pride proGted ua? or what good 
liath richea with our launling brought us? "All 
tlioae things are passed away like a aliadow, and 
as a post that hasted by; '"and as a sliip that 
passeth over the waves of the water, which when 
it ia gone by, the trace thereof cannot he found, 
neither the pathway of tlie keol in the wares: 
"or as when a bird bath flown through the air, 
there is no token of licr way to be found, but 
the light air being beaten with the stroke of 
her wiuga, and parted with the violent uoiae and 
motion of iheia. is passed through, and therein 
ign where ahe went ia to be found| 

"or tike Ob 
parte th the a 

■ the hope of the ungodly is like duat 11 
n away with the wiik" ' '- " """ '- 
driTon away with the 
w-i.:„l. :„ j: .„«-l ki 

; like 

is bloi 

smoke which is dispersed here and there witl 
tempest, and passeth away as the remembrance c 
guest that tarrieth but a day. 

"But the righteona live for eTenuore; th 
revard also is with the Lord, and the care of th. 
ia with the moat High. " Tlierefore ahall tl 
receiTe a glorioiu kingdom, and a beautiful ero 
from the Xord's hand; fot witli his right ha 
■hall he cOTSi them, and with his irm thaU. 
protect them. 

Wisdom V. 17— VI. 22. 60 20*1 A SAAOMQN. 

>' He Bhall take to him his jealousy for com- Aw^crat myoirXiav rov triXov avrov, koI oxrXoirotncrci 1 7 
plete armour, and make the creature bis ^reapon %/ •» * A '^ >i:««< n' io 

lor the revenge of Aw enemies. "He shaU put '^^ ^^^^^^ «« ofiwav ix^fHav. EKdixrcrot CfciYXUca 18 

on righteousness as a breastplate, and true jud^- hxaiOfruvny, icai ircpi^no-crcu KoavOa KpCa-iv AmmoKptrcfy. 

ment instead of an helmet. " He shall take holi- ajU/,««,. ^«^/SU ^™«..^>,-»«« A^.^«.^ At*^^7 Sii IQ on 

ness for an invincible shield. »Hi8 severe wrath Ait^ctoi d<nrt6a ojcaTafiaxiTTOV oaumrra, 6^€i di 19, 20 

shall he sharpen for a sword, and the world shall dTrorofiOK 6pyip^ cif pofiffMUiy, <rvvc«nroXcfii^€i oc avT^ 

fight with him against the unwise. ^ ^^^ ^j ^^ ,rapd4>poyaj. 

-^Then shall the right aiming thunderbolts go nopcverovroi twrroxpi ^oXtScs Aarpanwy, #cai uf dlir& 21 

full of wrath shall be cast as out of a stone bow, ex TrerpopoAov (hfiov irArjp€K pifp^ovrai xaAa^cu* dya- 

and the water of the sea shaU rage against them, yoicrno-ci Kar avrow v8aip OaXaainK, irorauol 3i crvyjcXu- 
and the floods shall cruelly drown them. ' , / '^ # » i- i 

covaty arroTOfJLta^. 

a Yea. a mighty wind shall stand up against ihem, 'AiTiarixrerai avrois Trvevua StWucois, iccu clif AotXo^ 23 

and like a storm shall blow them away : thus ,v /'./ '• / T^ \ ^ » / 

iniquity shall lay waste the whole earth, and ill €$cAjLKfJLrf(r€i ovrovs* kcu iprifitDcr€i iraxray rqv yrp^ avo/jua, 

^ • ht* '^*^ overthrow the thrones of the koI 17 KOKOTrpayia ircpirpc^ct Opovov^ SwaoTwv. 

'Afcovo'are d^ ^oo-tXci? icat owere, /xa^cre SucaoTcu 6 

Hear therefore, O ye kings, and understand; —^ ',,»„ ^^„ »i?«,*,/«««^* /»? .r/vr.«^r».f«c «>X;M/mk> .p/ii o 

learn, ye that be judgw of the ends of the earth, 'rcparw yjys. -EiytatKre^c 04 KporovvTcs wAi^etow. ic(U 2 

' Qive ear^ ye that nue the people, and ^ory in yeyav/oo/mcvot ciri o;(Aois i&viav. On cOo^ irapa rov 3 

who shall try your works, and search out your o« ct€Tao'€i vfuov to €pya, Ktu ras povAas OtcpcvnTO-ci. 

counsels. <Becau8e. being ministers of luj king- ^Qhi wrwpcrai oftc? tw ovtov Baa-iXtuus ovk iKptvan 4 

dom, ye have not judged aright, nor kept the law, , ^« %. • . \ /> / »^\ ^ > o \ ^ 

nor walked after the counsel of God; * horribly op&ta^, ovSk c<^vAafaT€ vofwv, ovO€ Kara rqv fiovAqv rov 

and speedily shall he come upon you : for a sharp Qkov iirop€v&nT€' ^pucrw? icat Tavcois ^anwcTai vuiv, 5 

judgment shall be to them that be in high places. - r » ^r .^ . . . • . 

JFor Tn<»i*nv Tpill arknTi nn.Tv1nn f.liA iinAnn«>af. > Vtiif. 


he whicu is ijora over au snau lear no mans j-^^/L'^.^..-.*. /.'«,». ..A^ •«««w«.*i*7«.. *p/wCt*mp««/ 

person, neither shaU he stand in awe of anv man's «"<w^o»^at; ov yap vawTcAciroi irfKxronnw ^ 

greatness : for he hath made the small and great, 0€<rjroTrp, oiSk evrpam^crai ficyc^os' ori fjuxpov Koi 

and careth for all alike, sjjut a sore trial shall come ucyaK a^^ IjroiyKr^v, opjoita^ r€ irpovou V€pi, iravm^. 

upon the nughty. m-s>x ^ \ s'V.f » q 

• Unto you therefore, O kings, do I speak, that tt^>« »♦' • \ ' • '^ o 

ye may learn wisdom, and not fall away. » For i^P<^ v/xas oW d» Tvpairot 01 Aoyoi fxov, iva /ide^ 9 

they that keep holiness holily shall be judged o-o^uiv icai urj ^ropaircome. Oi yap <hvkd$avr€^ writas 10 

holy : and tiiey that have learned such things ^ « t 'V/ ■* « S 5».^i.L^ ^.'-Jl :»*.^jL»».^.» 

shall find what to answer. » Wherefore set your ''<* o^"» ocrwoftJcrovTat. icoi 04 54Sax^€VTCS avro cvpiyoxwcriK 

affection upon mv words; desire them, and ye dvoXoyiav. *E7n$viiwTar€ ow twv Aoywv fu>v, iroaij(TOTf 11 

ShaU be instructed ^^ iroiSci^^ccr^c. 

yea, she is easily seen of them that love her, and /, T '^ > « r~T~ ^ » ^ ^ / T c / '^ « % 

found of such as seek her. a€(up€4Tai wro tcdv ayamnrrwv avrrjv, kol cvpurfccrcu vwo 

w She preventeth them that desire her, in making Twv forovKTcuK aimjy. ^ .r. ^^ ' 1 o 1 ^ 

herself first known unto them. "Whoso seeketh Wai/€4 toi;s €Tr4CT/A0WTa$ irpoyvoxTt^Fot. Uopvpi- IS, 14 

her ^ly shaU have no great fiuvail :. ibr he shaU o-as hr avrriv ov Koiruurti, iropcSpov yap cvpiycrci tw 
find her sitting at his doors. ** To think therefore %,» • 'o mv * »zl /l« %'f ** *! / ic 

upon her is the perfection of wisdom : and whoso ^'Acuk avrov. To yap ^t^/ii/WTvat ir€p4 avry? ^pon^Cttis 15 

wateheth for her shall quickly be without care. rtXeiorrK, kol 6 dypvimyca? Si avrnv ravcws &fi€pifiyoi 

'^For she goeth about seeking such as are worthy » V^k * it' __*__^_ __«'__, .y_L_.u.^i ^^..l^ ... 11: 

of her, shiweth herself favoiirably unto them ii «^<»*- ^« '"o^s ^40V9 avri/s avn; ircp4€px€Ta4 Cvrowo, 16 

the ways, and meeteth them in every thought, kgu iy rat? rpiPon ^tavraifrai. avroZs evfitvuK, koi cv 

^ and love is the keeping of her laws ; and the utararq iraxotia^ iinuvfua, 9povr49 oc iraidC4as dyamy, 

unto God: » therefore the desire of wisdom bring- <»Hr4S dipOapa-ui^, 6xpuapauk 6c cyyvs cimi iroi€4 Q9cov. 19 

eth to a kingdom. *Evt$vfiia apa oxx^s dmyc4 ivl PojcriUiav. 20 

=> If your delight be then in thrones and seep- Ei o5v wSccr^c ^irl dpovo4S icai (ricmrrpoi'S rvpayyoi 21 

tres, O ye kings of the people, honour wisdom, \ • / ./ • » > »« /> \ '-r 

that ye may reign for evermore. « As for wisdom! ^«^' riprjfTar€ tro^Uav, 4Wi C4s toy atmva ^iAcwtttc- 

what she is, and how she came up, I will tell you, T4 8c cot4 a-othta xal iru)9 iytvcro, dirayyiXta, kcu ovk 22 

and will not hide mysteries from you: but will ^.^^ './«» •«...?« ' ___ aw* a-^ ^/^v4U .K^^i^^».^ 

seek her out from the beginning 0^ her nativity, ^JOKpvilfta vfuv fivarqpta, dM dir dpx^l ycvccrcw? 

•ud bring the knowledge of her into lights aiui iiixyuurw, kcu ^7<rcD C4S ro ipapavl^ t^ yvtiknv avr^. 

SO<>IA 5AAOMON. 61 Wisdom VI. 23— VIL 25. 

23 Ktti ov /irj TTopoBtvo'ta t^ dXiJ^ciav* ovrc /x^v <t>66v(a will not pass over the truth. 21 Neither will I go 

-.«*«.^Xf.. /«^»,^J^(^«. ;?•. ^w^,*^ *%,*. i^#...M .i>«t^«« ^/«A/» '^**'^ consuming onyy; for such a lUAn shall have 

TCTiyKOTt orwoWu), OT4 ovTOS OV Kou^vr]^€i aoffiia. no fellowship with wisdom. « But the multitude 

24 llArfdo^ 0€ (TO^Hov orunripva. Koafiov, Kai pao-iAcv9 ^povi" of the wise is the welfare of the world : and a wise 
25Mo.c6crraft«a&,>ou. 'Oar. ^^otf. ro« ^?^.>v. ^^tVtirSoi^iL^Ut/^^^^^A 

Kai wq>€Arj(rrfa-€a'U€» do you good. 

7 Eifti ftcv ic^yw ^nyT09 Mfxavo^, To-os aTrao-i, icot I myself also am a mortal man, like to all. and 

2 yny€vovs airoyovo^ wpcuTOTrXcurrov. Kcu ^i^ KOiXta uwrpos the oifspring oi him that was first made of tlie 
; V / , X > ? * / % . • . earth, ' and in my mothers womb was fashioned 
€yAy<^ a-apS S€Kafxrjvuitia -xpovif, irayci? tv cufxan €k to be flesh in the time of ten months, being com. 

3 OTTcpoaTOS avSpo^ kcu rfiovrk wrvu) awtXOowrm, Kat pacted in blood, of the seed of man. and the 

» X <>x / _ If X \»/ \.\N pleasure that came with sleep. 'And when I was 

€701 5c ycvo^icvos €(nraau rov koivov acpa, Kat ^irt ti;v K)rn, I drew in the common air. and feU upon the 

ofAoiOTToOfj fcareVco-ov yrjv, irpiDTqv tJHavrjv rrjv bfiotav earth, which is of like nature, and the first voice 

5 ^povTuriv. Ovoct9 yap pa(riA.cvs €T€pav i(r\€ ycvco-coos cares. *For there is no Icing that had any other 

6 dpywV. Uia hk vavTiav turo^ €15 rov Biov. t^fj!^ T€ ioti. beginning of hirth. « For all men have one entrance 
« A V - »^/ X . ' .^'A. . into life, and the Lke going out. 

« V / \ ♦ V >» / « ^'^ ' . / TT r , V ' Wherefore I prayed, and understanding was 

8 A€(rafi,rjv, kou rjAff€ fioiiryevfm aotpiaq. Upo€Kpiva avnp/ given me: I called upon God, and the spirit of 

a-Knirrpwv KoL 0p6vQ}v, koI wXovtov ov^ nYnaa/irty Iv wisdom came to me. y preferred her before scep- 

n / f« r\»^\ t / »'»\'/ij' tres and thrones, and esteemed riches nothing 

9 ovyicpurci aun;?. Oi/d^ oyxouixra avr^ Aie^oy dTi/i7roi/, in comparison of her. • Neither compared I unto 

OTi o iras vpwros ^i' oi/rci avrns i/rauuos oXiyn, Kai a)s her any precious stone, because all gold in respect 

I /> \ ^\_/i'_ • »_' »** •v— ^ of her is as a little saud, and silver shall be counted 

10 ^Ao9 XoyicrVcrai a^p<y: tvavriov avrrj^. Yircp .^ ^^y ij^f^r^ 1,^.,, lo'i i^ved her above health 

vyi€iav KoX tvfJLOp^iOLV 'qydirqo'a avrqv, xai irpO€tAofnjv and beauty, and chose to have her instead of light : 

a^i^i. dvrl <^^ ^x"''* on djcolfitirov t& U xaiJnTs ^^^^^^^ ^«»^^ ^^^*^ ~™«^^ ^™ ^«' "^^«'' «°«t^ 

, , Z^^ ^/ s » A\ t ** * > f « X " ill good things together came to me with her, 

I I UAe^c Oc fioi ra ayaffa ofiov iravra /act avny?, Kat and innumerable riches in her hands. *'And 1 

12 ^vapiOfxriTiy: irXouros iv vcpo-iK avr^s. Ew^pav^ Sc ffjoiced in <A^m all. because wisdom goeth before 
t\/ «r «ac<« j/i/ ^n > N uiem s and X Jcnew not viiab siie was ine motfiier 
CTTt iravTWK, OTt aurctfv i^yciTai 0*0910, i/yvoow Oc avrriv of them. 

ycvrnv cti'ai tovtwv. u I learned diligently, and do communicate her 

13 *AS6Xm TC lua^ov, d^A^oW? tc ueraSiScufU, tw irXoS- liberally: I do not hide her riches. "For she is 
1^ » « • V / »A \ __%_ \ /\ / a treasure unto men that never faueth: which they 

14 rov auTiTS ovk aTroKpvTrrofiaL.^ AvckAittt^ yap ftycraupos that use become the friends of God, being com- 

coTii^ avOpwrroKt tv oi )(prfa'dfJL€voi Trpos 0€6i' corciXavro mended for the gifts that come from learning. 

^iXiai^, Bia Ta$ ck 7rai3€(a9 Swpcas OTxrra^ciTCs. w q^ ]^ath granted me to speak as I would, 

15 'Euoi 8c 5am 6 ©COS ctircii/ Kara yviauvv, koI IvOvym- and to conceive as is meet for the things that 
/)/»'^,>/*^«ft/ w » \ \ ^ J/ are given me: because it is he that leadeth unto 
(hivai^ d^«i>S TWK btboiiiviov, ori avros Kai nys <ro<^tas wisdom, and directeth the wise. ^For in his 

16 oinyos coTi, Kat twk (To^wk 5iop^o>Ti7S. "Ek yap vcipi hand are both we and our words { all wisdom 
_f_'« \ t -» > • \f «'* -»/ ', f also, and knowledge of workmanship. *«For he 
avTov Kai i7/*cis Kai 01 Aoyoi ly/tcuv, iracra r€^4>povri<n^ j^^^tli given me certain knowledge of the things 

17 Kai cpyarcioiK hrumjfirj, Avtos yap /loi cO«dkc rwv that are, nnmely, to know how the world was 

5^ y^a> a^cvSy. .J8^« ^a.a. kAt^ov Kai S^»Lirg%'„'d''inrrnd°S.ilt''ol fhT^S^s^Sl 

1 8 €V€py€tav oTOi;(Cici)v, ap;(iyv koi tcAos kcu /Acaonpa ;(po- alterations of the turning of the gun, and change 

19 MOV, rpoTTwv aXAayas Kai ucra/SoAos Kaipwv, ^lavriv of seasons: "the circuits of years, and positions 
^n ' \ \ » f A» »' ** \ A \ 01 stars : * the natures of hving creatures, and the 

20 kvkAovs Kai dorcptDK crco-cis, ^vo-cis Q^imxv kcu thjfiov^ furies of wild beasts: the violence of winds, and 

Bnpitav, TTVcvuctTWi/ ^Sias Kai SiaAoyKTUOVS avOpunnov, the reasonings of men: the diversities of plants, 

rti t _i V I '^ ^ ^ ' t y« w '^ / , N and the virtues of roots: ^ and all such things as 

21 6ia<t>opa^ ^UTWK Kai 6wap.€K pi^uiv, ocra tc coti Kpwrra are either secret or manifest, them I know. 

«« '^°\^l^'f^^ ^^''- . .^ ^ . , ... , , 22 For wisdom, which is the worker of all things, 

22 H yap iravrmv tc^vitis coida^c pL€ 0-0901* cori yap cv taught me : for in her is an understanding spirit, 

afrf ^v^a Kocpov, iy^, ^ycy^U.<^^..K.^v. ^i^J^V^',- ^^i.^^'i^SAp ?h"; 

CVKII07TOV, Tpavov, afioAwTOV, o-a<^c9, afrrffxavrov, <^iAaya- thing that is good, guick, which cannot be letted, 

23 Oov, 6$v, OLKfakvTov, cvcpyeriKov, xhiXdvOpwirov, BiBauov, ready to do good, f kind to man, stedfast, sure. 
».\\»/ 's>/ / ^jx free from care, having all power, overseeing all 
dcr</)aAcs, d/icpi/ivov,TravTodwa/iov,7rav€irio-K07rov,Kai 5ia things, and going through all understanding, pure. 

frdvrtav )((apovv irv€vp.a.7iav vo€pwv, KaSapiov, Xeinordrtov, and most subtil, spirits. 

24 Ueun^ yap Kiyna^ia^ KiVtjfTiKvn^pov cofhCa, SinKCi Si ^ For wisdom is more moving than any motion : 
nc ^ aK\/ ^n> /)' *A^ f she nasseth and gocth through all things by reason 
23 Kai xwpci Sia wavTiov Sia nyv KaBapomrra. ^ At/ai? yap of heTpureness »For shI is the h^^^ ^^^^ 

i<m jrgi Tov 0coO 8wafic<i>s, Kai iaroppoui t^s tow power of Qod» ^^.tid. ^VMft^^^Q^'^*^^^^^ 

Wisdom VII. 26— VIIL 21. 62 - SO^IA SAAOMON. 

the glory of the Almightv : therefore <»n no iravroKodropoi S6(rK ciXucpinfe* Sia tovto ovScv iLtfiuifL- 

defiled thing fall into her. ^For she u the bright- / . t \ » t. '^^„« ^'^ i^,^ 9/: 

ness of the everlasting light, the unspotted mirror 1^^^^ «« av'^ iropc/iirMira. Amvyaafia yap am 2b 

of the power of God, and the image of his ^rood- ^<i»tos &iSiav, koI icrowrpoy &Krj\lBwTov rrj^ rov mov 

new: and in all ages entering into holy souls, iravra Owarai, Kai /levovaa €v OLvrQ ra vavra Kaivi^et, 
she maketh them friends of God. and prophets. ^^i ^^^^ ,^^^^ ^»5 ^j^^ ^^(^^ /i€Ta)3om)wa, (^Oovs 

» For God loveth none but him that dwelleth 0€ov koI irpo^ifra? Karoo-Kcva^ci. 

with wisdom. *For she is more beautiful than rk*/i^ ^ » •* « #a-* ^f ..2.-:^.. .^^A. «*.M./«.«./«r«..^ OR 

the Bun, and above aU the order of stars: being ^ Ov^cv yap^ayair^. o 0w. cl firjTov <ro(^t^<woiitowTa. 28 

compared with the light, she is found before it. Eorri yap avrrj €inrp€Tr€(rT€pa ^Axov, xat vrrcp Trcurav oir- 29 

■m^ , 1 .1 1. , , ., /*<" yop StaocYCTttt wf, aortas Sc ovk avrwrvuci fcofcia. 

Wisdom reacheth from one end to another a ' ^\ » ^ ' » ' • ' >0 

mightUy; and sweetly doth she order aU things. Aiarctm d^ aTro ircparos cis ir^Kis evpwoTws, icoi 

« I loved her, and sought her out from mv youth. ^"'"^", ^^ ^f *Tf XP^crrois. , . . . ^ 

I desired to make A«r my spouse, and 1 was a Tavrrfv i<l>i.Arf<Ta icai i^€Qrjrn(ra iK vcon/TOS fiov, icai i 

lover of her beauty. » In that she is conversant inrnaa vvudrnv ayayco^i cuavrxo. xai ^pocrrns ^€v6firjv 

with God, she magnifieth her nobiuty: yea, the 'A ' /. v '^^ ', '»' ' -ri* / s^ >'y o' <» •« o 

Lord of all things himself loved her. * For she is tov icaAAous aimys. Euyci/ciav do^ci (rvfiputHTiv Wcov 3 

privy to the mysteries of the knowledge of God, cvovo-a, ical 6 iravrtav ScoTronis ijyawwcv ovnw. Mvcrns 4 
and a lover of his works. /• »■> ** r\ '^ 9 » %#%««« 

^ If riches be a possession to be desired in this > «« 
life ; what is richer than wisdom, that worketh all <*vtov. ^ ^ ^ **,/i//f/c 

tilings ? * And if prudence work ; who of all Et 0€ TrXovros coriv hnuvfirfTov Knjfxa cv ptw, Tt awfiuii 5 

virtues: for she teacheth temperance and prudence, cpyafrrat, Tt9 avn;? twv ovtwv fiaAAov corn TfXViTi/s; 

justice and fortitude : which are such things as Kai ci Sucaiwrvvriv dyairari?, ol ttoVoi ravrw ciVif apcrtu- 7 
men can have nothing more profitable in their , , J \ T ^ »^^' ^ ' 

life. « If a man desire much experience, she know- (r<ii<ppo<rvirqv yap icot 0pon;<riv Cicdtdao-KCi, ducauHnnnf/y 

eth things of old, and conjecturetli aright what is /cal AvSpiav, wv YfrnfTLixwrtpov ovSiv l<rTty iv Sua &y$Ma- 
to come: she knoweth the subtiltiesof speeches, -o* t\ '^ \ ' /i ** ?s * 2 L** o 

and can expound dark sentences : she foreseetli ^^is. Ei 5^ xai iroAwrciptav iro&€i t«, oldc ra dpxaiA 8 

signs and wonders, and the events of seasons and koI ra /leXXoira ciica^ciVj cTriOTarai orpo^a? XoyoiK KOi 

times. Xvo-cis aiwyuaTwi', anfiaeia Ka\ ripara irpoyivwrKti, fccu 

» Therefore 1 purposed to take her to me to live j^p '^-.^ .r«.r»/V« .,/.> x/*%r<w,.»./ 

with me, knowing that she would be a counsellor ^'fP«o-«5 f^^H^ Kaixpovwv. ^ 

of good things, and a comfort in cares and grief. TJifpiva tolvw ravrqv ayaytavai irpo? avfiputxrty, ctOuc 9 

be joung. " I shall be found of a quick conceit tio<dv icai Mmrj^, E^ bi avrrjv ooiav ty oxAoc?, Kai W 

shall lay their hands upon their mouth. 

. " Moreover by the m^s of her I shall obtain ^j^^ g^' ^{^y AOayatriav, koI ijurniuiv aiWtov roL% fier IS 

immortahty, and leave behind mean everlastmg , ^ , > . ' ' * / x y '^ s L/\ t * "iA 

memorial to them that come after me. " I shall ^P^ avo\€L\fna. £^ioiicq<Tia Aaovs, Kai ennri worayijfrtrat 14 

oat- 4-Via t\a/\t«1a irt /^Yw^/l«• ovt/1 4Via *iafi/%«ia alinll Iva JtL. />/!'_ ' $ ' ' . -1 . ^ .X 1C 

set the people in order, and the nations shall be uoc. ^oBtiOnfrovrai a€ ^owravrc? rvpayyoL Apucroi, h 15 

subject unto me. "Horrible tyrants shall be afraid x/zi .^^ » ^ \» \f i ^ ^ v* le 

when they do but hear of me; I shaU be found ^Xiy^ci <^vov/*a4 dya^os, xai iy 7roA€/x<{) dvSptio^, JUor. 16 

good among the multitude, and valiant in war. cX^w etc tov oLcov mov Trpoo'avaTravo'Ofiai avrn* ov yap 

"After I am come into mine house, I will repose ■ ' c _ . ja -»— ::.. ^AXi JtJL'-^» .1 -«... 

myself with her: for her conversition hath no «X" irucpiav 17 OTn^va<rrpo<^ aim/s, ov5c 6&uyrpf ij <n;/i- 

bitterness : and to live with her hath no sorrow, ^luhtis avrrjv, &\Xa €v<l>po<TVvrjv xai ^apav, 

but mirth and joy. T^jj^^ Xoywrop-cvos iv ipxivrw, xai </»povT«ra5 ^k xap&V 1 7 

X^".!iSlij^?SM p^,5ri iarh. AOayaaiaiy a^yy^i^ <ro<f>ia,. xai ^. 18 

went about seeking how to take her to me. '^^^ ^ .^^ ^.^^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^^^^ dlya^. 19 

»ForIwa8amttychild,andhadagood8nmt. ooXXov Si oyo^os ^y vXOoy ci's crco^a dploarroy. 20 

"Yea rather, being good, I came into a body CT^ % ©% • i »\^ » 1 % tx TV^, * «, 

tindeiiled. '^Kevertheless, when I peroeired that Tyov^ oc on ovk aXXtos cirofuu lyxpan/f, cav /ai^ o 9co€ 21 

SO*IA SAAOMON/ 63 Wisdom IX. 1— X. 7. 

85, ical rovTO 8' ?v ^Apovncrccos to c^So^ai rtvos ^ vapis, I <»«ld ^^^ other^se obtain her, except God 

,»; « «- / % .o ^/i » *» \ ♦ »/^»\ 8*^6 lier mej and that was a point of wisdom 

€V€rvxov Tw Kvpua, Kai tbcrjthfv avrov, kox cIttov it oAi;s Rigo to know whose gift she was: I prayed unto 

rn$ Kcu)5tas u.ov, ^^o Lord^ and besought him, ana with my whole 

^y f\ r\\ f ' ^ rr * «»9\/ « f \ Heart I said. 

V 9 0€i iraTc/MDK icai Kvpic tov cAcovs o-ov, o TroiiTaas ra q Q^d of my fathers, and Lord of mercv, who 

2 wdvra iy Xoyto coVt xol TiJ atxhia trov KarccrKCvcuras ay- hast made all things with thy word, ^ and ordained 
A V i»^ <<> «« < \ «« f f man through thy wisdom, that ho should have 
6p,^y, ivaBt<T^oiT3 r,^ inro <Tov ya^^iimy KTUT^a-ruv, dominion Srer tL creatures which thou hut 

3 Kat oicrn; rov Koa/iov Iv oo'con/ri kol Oucauxrwrj, Kai €v made, 'and order the world according to equitv 

7rap€opov (ro<t)iav, kcu firj fJL€ airo6oKifJLaxrrj<: ck waiotav aov. by tnjr throne ; and reject me not from among 

5 ''Oti cyu) SouXos <ros xat vlos tws iraiStcriOT? crov, ay^powros ^^y children : * for I thy servant and son of thine 

» /I < \ t^ , \ i\ / > / / handmaid am a feeble person, and of a short time, 

aarV€vrj^ Ktu oAxyoxpoviOi km i\aa(rtav iv crwccrci Kpurtio^ and too young for the understanding of judgment 

Kai vdu(i)K. ^^^ laws. 

Ka*Ko^a»K. ^ ,,../,. . , ^ ^ 6For though a man be nerer so perfect among 

6 K^i' yap Tis xi ^,^"°«^ <" ^^°^« ai^pwTraiv, ny? diro <rov t^e children of men. yet if thy wisdom be not with 
aoffiLas oTrowrYis, ct? ov8cy XoyiO'^iJcrcTai. him^he shall be notmng regarded. 

*7 S^i ..-. ^»^/\.. R^^,\l» \«-rvr. ^*»,. ^n>. Jiii.x. jT T> i .j •.:/*.« ' Thou hast chosen me to be a king of thy people, 

7 5u /i.€ ^pociAo) ^ao-^ca Aaov <rov, kox biKOxrrrjv via>v ^^^ ^ j^^g^ of thy sons and daughters: Hhou 

8 arov KOX 6vyaT€pwv, EtTra^ oiKooo/uii;o'at vaoi^ ci^ opct hast commanded me to build a temple upon thy 
iyiv <rov. Kaliy .6Xu Kara^Kr,y^.^ .o.f^^p^y, \^^ ^^l^^^f^^^l^Jt^:%;'iS&^ 

9 fufirjfia a-tcrivrj^ aytas rfv vporriroifiaxras air ap)(rj^. Kai nacle, which thou hast prepared from the be- 

ucra cov w o-o6ia ri €i8uia ra cpva (rov, Kai vapowra ore finning. » And wisdom was with thee : which 

\ , ^',^ 'v, V /• v»»j/i\ knoweth thy works, and was present when thou 

€iroL€K rov Koa-fJLOv, kol €7n(rrafi€vrf rt ap€<rrov cv 6<ptfaA- madest the world, and knew what was accept- 

10 uois <rov, Kai ri €vOU cv cvroAots <rov. 'E^iroorctXoK able in thy sight, and right in thy command- 

«\«^c/ » ^ \ » \ n ' s^'^„ ments. *"0 send her out of thy holy heavens, 

aun^ iS ayiwv^ ovpavwv, #cai ^ aTro Opovov bo^ crov ^nd from the throne of thy glory, that being 

vifiibov avrrjv, iva (rvfiirapoxkrd fiOL Koiridcrrf, kol yvu> ti present she may labour with me, that I may know 

11 ^^i^^^^j:,. i,^. —-^ ^«/ f\tS^ ^.>.r. i^^ft^ .m^,^^*,,^) what is pleasing unto thee. ^^ For she knoweth and 
1 1 cvopcoTov corn iropa o-oi. Oibc yap iK€Lyrj wavra Kai ^nderstandeth all things, and she shall lead mo 

awiu, Kat ooYiyYjO'ti, fi€ iv rai^ vpa(€<ri fiov <ru)fppov<a^, soberly in my doings, and preserve me in her 

l2Kaif.Xdi..^iy.nmr,aMi,. Kai lora. .po<r W ^Cn'^Jiti^S^ ^h/ ^^l ri'ghtSt»dt 

Ta cpya /xov, koj. duncpivtu tov Aaov (rov oucaua^, Kai, worthy to sit in my father^s seat. 

€<roaai ofio? Spoviav Trarpo's uov. ^ f ?^^A**^ ™*; ^* K J^f ^? 1^??^ *^,? ^Y?" 

lo rn'^»^ '/^^^r^'**'» sclof God ? or who cau think what the will of the 

13 Ti5 yap aj^pawros yvwaerai povArjv ©cov; 17 Tt? cv- ^oj-d jg p 14 j-Qf the thoughts of mortal men are 

14 OvuLYiOncrrraL r I 0€\€i 6 Kvpios; Aoyuraol yap 6vrrrC)V miserable, and our devices are but uncertiiin. 
IK o \ \ * »_ J. \ « « i_' « ** A/L-^ * ^^ "For the corruptible body presseth down the 

15 dciAoi, Kai €7nxT4>aX€iq at hnvoiai rj/iuiv, <P(hjprov yap ^^^ ^^d the ew-thv tabernile weigheth down 

artafia fiapvvii yfnr^Qp^, koL PpiBti to ycu>8e9 trnrfvoi vovv the mind that musethupon many things. '^And 

16 noXv^yrt^. Kai ^'X« .Ui^o^ rk fcrl -fp. -I ri S'pS^'e.^°h.rn'drt1? iSKt'dSU&th'^LS^ 
€v x^P^*-^ €vpi(rKOfi€v ficra wovov ra ok iv ovpavoi^ tis that are before us : but the things that are in 

17 c'f ivviWc ; BovXrjv 8c <rov tis ivvtJ, cI urj (ni l8<0Kas heaven who hath searched out? ^7 And thy.coun- 

•'>/ \» ,' x»/ 'X » \ t ,f 8el who hath known, except thou give wisdom, 

o-o^iav, Kai tntfufm^ ro ayiov aov Trvcv/ma diro v^fumav ; and send thy Holy Spirit from above? ^¥ot 

18 Kai ovrws Stwp^co^av ai rplBoi rwv ini yns, ifat Ta «> the ways of them which lived on the earth 
1 ' t^ © / zL » /I \ «'*,/, < were reformed, and men were taught the things 
dpccrra aov cSiSaxft/o-av ai^powrot, Kai rg aroff^i^ ccrw- that are pleasing unto thee, and were saved through 

OtKrav, wisdom. 

in A ,%^ ^^ w*^^l «.»^» ^»^:,^ ^A^.B /v. .. A,^^ ^»,^I^^» She preserved the first formed father of the world. 

Avrrj wpt^oirXaarov irartpa Koa/xov fiovov KTurdtvra ^hat was created alone, and brought him out ol 

otc^vAa^e, Kai i$€iXaro avrov Ik irapaimayiaro^ lAiov, his fall, ^ and gave him power to rule all things. 

2aW.'«a«T5{ax«VKp«r5<raU.<JKr<»v ^ JBj^^ IT^/UeJ.ttfflX'irf^e'/Sr^ 

3 "Airooras 8^ aTr avrns a8tK0S fv ^pyv ^"^ov, oScX^o- wherewith he murder^ his brother. * For whoso 

4m^A^.^M^ ,^«i»>^/.\^^ /]«...»?» S.* 5i„ .,»i».,\,.>'^../.«^< .u^,. cause the earth being drowned with the flood, 

jBTOvois (TwaTTcuAcTO^ ^/xots, ^6i 81;^ KajoxAvfo/xcviTi/ yrfv ^-^^^^^ ^^^ preserved it. and directed the course; 

irciAiv Oiccruxrc, (To^ia, 01 cvtc\oi;s fvAov toi^ oucaiov of the righteous in a piece of wood of small value. 

5«v^cp,^«ra. A^ Kai fr «/,ovo^ ^pfe ^ft^Sv tp^JIfi/^nfriS^. ISe ttd ottlS'c rilf.": 

<ruyx''^*'^^*' ''^P* '''^^ dt#caiov, icai Cnypiycrcv auTov ecus, and preserved him blameless unto God, and 

3ifi€fiirrov ©cw, Kai M tckvov cnrXa'yxvois loxvpw J^P*^J^,"? **^°8 against his tender compassion 

• , /v A toward nis son. 

i<pvAai€V. ^ s When the ungodly perished, she delivered the 

6 Avrn SiKatov, l(avo\Xvu.€Vit)V durc^Scuv, ippva-aro righteous man, who fled from the fire which fell 

« J / *» o / TT^^ — '\ ^- t • ^ !!— ?^.^.. down upon the five cities. ^ Of whose wickedness, 

7 <^vyovTa irvp KaTa^ao-iov ncirrairoAeois- ols ciri /laprvpioi^ ^^^^ ^^^j^ig ^j^y ^1^^ ^^^ 1^^^^ tj^^t gmoketh i& 

T^s vovtfpias Kairviiofifyrf Ka^con^KC X'^pO'O^, kcli dT€- a testimony, and plaaU \^«9br\xv^ ^5?ca^. •OaaN* ^oss^^et 

Wisdom X. 8— XL 13. 64 SO<>IA SAAQMQN. 

come to ripeness : and a standinff pUlar of Bait is a Xco'ii' ci)pa($ Kapirod}OpovvTa d>\m' AirurrownK <^y3« 

nionimient of an unbelieYing soul. ° For regarding « c -» fx_ «\ / ^^j' > sL' q 

not wisdom, they gat not only this hurt, tSt they l^yrnL€iov €<rrnKVia cmfXri a\os. 5<M^iav yap iropoScv- 8 

knew not the things which were good ; but also ouvt€^ ov fwvov ip\dprj<ray rov /jlyj vvwkcu ra jcaXa» 

left behind them to the world a memorial of i\\x ^») --:i« <S^^«^.^*«C»«w. A^IX,^,^ -/\ fl/*. t..j«i«.Xm«^» 

their foolishness: so that in the things wherein they ^^ icat Tiys d^poow;^ aircW^ tw ^«{» Atny^o^r, 

offended they could not so much as be hid. 'But ti^a cv ols €(r</>ciAi;o*av fii;oc Ao^ctv Svn/^oxri. ZSo^ta Oc 9 

u '^^Ter^^^''^'^ ^~"^ ^"^ '^^ ^^^ attended ^^^ ^cpoircwavras air^ ^k v6vu)V ippwraro. 
w When the righteous fled from his brother's Avny ^^vyaSa opy^s dScA^v SucoiOK wSi/yiTcrcv w 10 

irath, she guided him in right paths, shewed him rpiBoi^ €v^€tat9, ISctfcK avrw fiocriXciW 0€ov, xal cBooiccy 
the kmgdom of God, and gave him knowledge of*^« ^ «/ t/ •%• //i ^»\' 

holy things, made him rich in his travels, and aimii yKuxrty ayiioi', cwropi/o-cv avTov cv fiox^ois, icot cirAiy. 

multiplied ike fruit of his labours. "In the Owe tow irovov^ aurov. 'Ei' TrXcovc^ia jcaruryvoi^Taiy 11 

covetousness of such as oppressed him she stood » \ / ^i\' » ^ \ u. '\ i: *^io 

by him, and made him riclJ! «She defended him '^'^^^ ^rapcjmy, xai hrXovriaty auroK. Ai€</»i;A^ avrov 1 2 

from his enemies, and kept him safe from those diro €)(Ofmv, kcu otto cveopcvovrcoK i;<r^aXtoxiTO, icat 

iiess is stronger than alL ovi^rarrcpa corii^ cixrcpcia. 

M When the righteous . waa sold, she forsook Avtw irpaBhrra Bikoiov ovk lyKaTcXtircv, aXXa cf dfiap. 1 3 
him not, but delivered him from sin : she went f t»i , » , tA » *^ % \ * ^ * tA 

down with him into the pit »*and left him not in '"'^5 ippwraro ayrov oxyKaripri aurw «s y^ov, Kai cf 14 

bonds, till she brought him the sceptre of the king- ^€0-1101^ ovk d^iccv avroi', €0>s wveyKCv avrf (ncmrrpa fia- 
dom, and power against those that oppressed him : \' %•> / / *'^rJi'^ »^ ^ 

as for them thathad accused him. she shewed <riXcia5 Kat cfbixruxv TypaMW;iT«v aurov- ^fro^ts tc cSci^ 

them to be liars, and gave him perpetual glory. rovs fUD/Ai/o'a/Acvovs avrov, kcu cooiiccv avrcp oocdv ouokcok. 

M She delivered the righteous people and blame- Avrw Xaoi' octov icai avipfui autinrrov ippwraro i( 15 

less seed from the nation that oppressed them. »/L /j\ /) ' ^r r i rr 

" She entered into the soul of the servant of the *^^ ^rf"^!^', s ^ , ^ / x . / ,^ 

Lord, and withstood dreadful kings in wonders Eto-^A^cv €15 ^yvxt^ uepawovro^ Kvpiov, Kai ovr^artf 16 

and Sims : »7 rendered to the righteous a reward /^ao-iXcwi <f>oB€poU iv ripaxn Koi aria€iOK. 'AircSoiKCF 17 

of til eir labours, guided them in a marvellous way, \ , Z, f »^ ec^ * % » «c.» 

and was unto them for a cover by day, and a light cktiocs fiur&ov Koirtav avrtav, (udTyiTO'CV avrous cv oOy 

of stars in the night seaTOn; »» brought them Oavaaarn, ical ryo'CTO ourots cis (TKornv nuipa^, #cai cig 
through the Bed sea, and led them through much .\ ' » < / a 0*0 »^ /i'\ lo 

water: >» but she drowned their enemies, and cast 9^^ axrrpwv rqv WKra. Aic^t^acrcv avrovs ftjAocrcrav 18 

them up out of the bottom of the deep. * There- ipvOpav, kcu Siwyaycv avrovs 81* vSaTOS ttoXXoD. Tovs 19 

accord thine hand, that fought for them. ^^For ppatrty avrovq, Aia rovro oucaioi ^(TfcvXcvcrai^ &j(r€p€'K, 20 

r&guTor\h1'^X"t'^°nl'o't'.^^C„*eS:^ -» r*^-" «> ™ S^o^ ro^SW. <„,« r^ re far^ 

She prospered their works in the hand of the fiaxov aov X^f^ 'jvtaav o/JLothfiaOov, On rj awpia 21 

holy prophet. « They went through the wilder, ^^otfc crrdua kuMv, Kai yXwo-as nyiruuv c^icc rpayds. 

ness that was not inhabited, and pitched tents in ' Jr» © ^ \ » t ' » ' . / c * t 1 

places where thereby no way. 'They stood against EwDOaKTC ra €pya avrwv cv x««P^ rrpwpnfrov 

their enemies, and were avenged of their adver- AwiScvcrai' tpriujov doLKnrov, icai iv aBdroi^ hrr)(av axn- 2 
sanes. * When they were thirsty, they called upon / t* / \ ^ \ » * 1.J1 * ^ 

thee, and water was given them out of the flinty "^^-^ Avr^frrqaav iroAc/uois, icai ly/iwavro ^povs. 3 

rock, and their thirst was quenched out of the ^EBiilrrfauv Koi hrtKaXtxravro <r€, koa iSo&t) avroU €K 4 

hard stone. *For bv what things their enemies '-,^. JS^r^^v.^..^,. ,*«{*.« «.«) ?«.,« ^/./^^ i., X.'/3/«. ^..X*. 

were punished, bv the same they in their need ^^If^^ OKporo/iov v^, icoi la/xa 6n/r,/9 ck Aiftev ctjcAi^ 

were benefited. ^For instead of a fountain of a pov» At oiv yap iKoXojO'Wffa'av ot i)(6poi avnav, Oca 5 

whereby the infants were slain, thou gavest unto fnjfyrj^ dcwoov irorafiov aifxari AvupwC€i Tapa)(p€vr^ cis 7 

them abundance of water by a means which they IXcyvov vmriOKTovov SiardyuaTos, c8o)#cas avrois SaiiriXc? 

hoped not for: ° declaring by that thirst then how ^^ '^ » v ' ^ '> sT^ *» ^ ^/* « \ o 

thou hadst punished their adversaries. "^^^ dvcATrarru)?* deltas Oia tov totc Oi^vs irws tovs 8 

• For when they were tried, albeit but in mercy vircvavriovs CKoXoo'a?. 

another manner than the just *<'For these thou cyvciKrav irws cv opyjj Kpivo/Acvoi axTtptis ipaa-aviiovro. 

didst admonish and try. as a father: but the Tovrovs ucv yap a»5 irarnp vov^cvrwv cSoKiuocras. cWvovs 10 

others, as a severe king, thou didst condemn and «xc »//> \\ ^/^ ia^ v « -i i 

punish. "Whether they were absent or present. ^ *^ avorofioq paxriMv^ KarabiKaQiiv iiifTaxra^. Kai 11 

they were vexed alike. ^^For a double grief dfrdvrcs 8i #cai irapdvrcs 6uoud$ ^pvYOvro. AtirXn yap 12 

came upon them, and a groaning for the remem- ^ » .\ m\ a \ ' ^ \ «* *» \ 

brance of things iast « For when they heard by "^^^ ^« ^^' '^«' <rTCvay/ios /fvi/Zi^ twv iropcA- 

their own punishments the other to be benefited, Oowrdv, Ore yap ^Kovaav 5(a tu)V lOiW koXgutccdv 13 

jS For Greek, lee vor. U. 



14 tvtpyrrovnivovt avravt, ^<r6otrto tov Kvplov. Tov yap 
it IxBiaa iroAat plectra iTfiirov ■)(>^xva^•tyrvi, Art TtXti 
Twv iK^aataiv i$aviLaiTa,v, ouj{ op.oia Sutniots Si^^cravTit. 

1 5 AvTi Si KrrfUT[iJiiy SurmiTioy iSucia^ avrSiy, iv ols trKa- 
vtfiivTK IBpijirKtvov oAoya JpTrtro kiu (otiSoAa (vnX^, 
JTaWirrfiAat sin-otj irX^^of dAoyui' (uW (Is JxSucijirii', 

1 6 (fa )vuK7(f Sri S(' £)■ TK a/iapTafu, Sui TOunm' KoAa^crat. 

1 7 Ou yap fiv6p€i 1) iroiToSiva/xot (ran x^ip KTuraira tov 
icdaTiDi' ii ofiipi^ou v\rj^, hranfujiiu, airrdU itA^Ak 

1 8 apiniiv, tf BpaxnK \iovTiK, tj vtoKTurravs Bvfiov vX^ptii 
dfjpa^ dyvtMTTOvf , ^rm intpxvoov i^ixrwiTat SaOfia, ^ ^po- 
fiov; XiKfuDiiaHnK Kawvov, ^ ScLifovf liir iitnamv cnrw- 

1 9 ^po; aarpavTOVTiK- Ac ov povoi' ^ ^Xd^t] IjSufaTO 
crvFcicTpi^ai avToii;, lUAa xai ^ o^if u^/S^tnura SioXc- 

20 acu, K(u x<¥'S ^ routiiiv, jft arnj^art irnrcti' ^uvairo 
vro T^ &'K?7t Siai;i[€<'i'T(f , koi Auc/ii]£c'vm viro wcv/iaTDt 
Sui'a/Miut cou' liiAAa inura p-irpif Kai <!ip(^/i^ Koi crradptp 

31 Sterols. Tu yap fLcyd}jiK t<r)(MU> Topttrri aot TravTort, 

22 Kiu Kpdjfi Ppajflovot <roo tk ivTurrqtrtrai ; Ori luc 
poT^ -JK irAaoTtyyun' oXof o KO<r/UK jyavrioi' irov, koi 
Sk pavK SptMTOv opfipiv^ KaTcAdowra tm y^v. 

23 'EActit Si xovTOf, OTi n-a^ra Sucotnu, koi irapop^; 

24 ajuipnjpaTa ofd/xinniiv (it luravoiav, Ayair^i yap ra 
SfTa wdvra, koi aiShi ^ScAutrcrjf wv hroiifira^, ofoi yap 

25 Sf fxuriM' Tt KartiTiKuuraf. Iluif Si i[A.twty Sv T( «( ^^ 

26 <rv ^cAijirat ; ^ to htj irAijdci' irro irau Sitnjp^&ij ; $(tS{7 
Si Tavnoi', oTi (ra ^im, Sunrora iJiiAo^ii;)^. 

IS To yap aijidapTOy troii Tryivfia iirrtv tv waai. A(o 

2 TOvt irapairiirTovTa.s icar oAiyov Ary^^nc, vat ^i- ots 
o/xaprafovcrtf vTrofUfiy^Kioi' vovBtrtU, lya, amiAAayom 

3 T^ KttKUK irurrtviruKriy iiri (j-i Kupi«, Kai ■yap Tovs 

4 BioAaioif OtK^opat TJJs ayuiv coij y^ jiU7^<ras, Jjri T^ 
cvOuTTO irpcuTCTdv ^vya tftappjuctiSiv, Kal T»A«ms irixrunn, 

5 Tocviuv T( Invent aviXtrjuovat, icat OTrAayjfi'O'^ytti' 

6 aKflpwrriWv o-opniui' Boivay, noi a^ros iic p^trov /ivtrra- 
6tUK (Tou, Kai aiBiyia^ yOftU ^TJjpuv d^cnjAjTOif, JjSov- 

1 AijA^ liiroAorai Sia }(«pu>v grar^xiii' tj/iSiy u/a &i!av 
dirouciai' St'fipai Scoii muSuiv ^ xopi aoL ^raaaif tijuuik 

6 AAAa xaL roimiif uit oi^puiruiv i^fiaiti, aTcvmOiMi ti 
xpoSpopow ToD OTpaTOJri'Sou troti o-^icat, 'fa ovrouf 

9 KaTa^paym i^oAoflpoxTtotrif . Ovk dSwaTSf /v xaparafct 
Aa-t^til Svcatoit urovHpiOvs Sovfot, ij ftjptbis Snfoii, 

10 ^ Adyy diroTO^ £^' if licTpi^iai- jcpivtuv Si KaTufipa,)^ 
iZi&om Ttnrof pirafouif, ouk dyfouiv, ot( irofijpa ^ 
y(f<i7ti avTuV, KOt (pi^VTOf 1} Kafita avruJV, not ot( ou 

1 1 p^ iXXay§ i Xaytaitat avrSiv tit tov atufa- OTrtppa yap 
fyf KaTT)pap.ivov aw &p)(^- oiSi tiXa^aruiMVo^ Tiva, i^' 

1 2 oTt ijpjtprafof S&uav JSiSovi. Tif yap jpd, ri iiroirj- 
crac ; i] rtt afTumjiTcral ru jtptpaTi <rou ; tis Si (yKoAom 
(TM KOTO. i6yiiai dnoAuAoraif , 2 tri iiroti^cras ; -^ ti; (Is 

ir «m Acijnrat bSucos mrft dSijuw dvjjptjnrwr ; 

WlBDOM XI. 14— XII. 12. 

th»y had lomo fwlini of the Lord. ** For whom 
ther rejected with •oorn, when ho was long before 
thrown out at the cuting forth aftha iiifantt, him 
in the end, when tUer saw what came to pau, they 

" But for the fooliih dericei of their wjckedneui, 
wherewith being deceifed ther wonhipped Hrpenta 
Toid of reason, and Tile besit«, thou cfidat aend a 
mDltitodeof unresaonable beaitJi upon them for ven- 
gaance: ** that the; might koow, that wherewithal 
a man linneth. b; the tame eholl ho he punished. 

" For tbjr Almighty Land, that mado the world 
of matter without form, wanted not meiDs to semi 
among them amultitudB of hears, or fierce liooi, 
"or unknown wild beasts, full of rago, nenly 
created, breathing out either a fiery vapour, or 
tllthf scents of scattered smoke, or shooting 

the terrible sight utterly deitroj' them. 

"• Yea, and without these might they hare falleu 
down with one bhut, being persecuted of Tcnge- 
uice, and scatt^^ed abroad through the breath of 
thy power : but thou hast ordered all things in 
measure and number and weight. "For thou 
canst shew thy great atrength at all times when 
thou wilt; and who may withstand the powerof 
thine arm? " For the whole world before thee is 
as a little grain of the bilance, yea, as a drop of the 
morning dew that liUleth down upon the esrth. 

^ But thou baat merer upon ail; for thou canst 
do all ttiingi. and winkest at the tins of men, 
because the; should amend. =^Fur thou lorest all 
tlio things thut are, and abliorreit nothing which 
thou hiut inndo: lor never wouldest thou have 
made nny thing if thou hailst hated iL =*And 
)iow could any thing have endured, if it had not 
been thv will? or been prewrred, if not called 
by then? "But thou Bporest all; for they are 
thine, O Lord, thou lover of souls. 

For thitio incorruptible Spirit i» in all things. 
-Therefore chastancst thou tbeiii by Uttle and 
little that ofTt'uil, and «arnCBt thum by putting 
(hem in rcmcmbiance wherein they have onendea, 
tlmt leaving their wickedueM they may believe on 
llieo, O Lord. ' For it was thy will to destroy 
by the baniis of our fathers bath those old inhabit- 
ants of thy holy land, *whom thou batedst for 
doing most odious works of witchcrafts, and 
wieked eacriOcesi ' and also those merciless mur- 
(leren of children, and lievourers of man's flesh, and 
the feasts of blood, ' with their priests out of tho 
midst of their idolatrous crew, and ths parents. 
that killed with their own hands jouls destituto 
of help: 'that tho Isnd, which thou e 

nbova all other, n-'-' ' '- - ' 

cf God's children. 

" Neierthetess eren (hoBO thou sparedst as men, 
and didst send wasps, forerunners of thine host, 
lo destroy them by little and htlle. 'Hot that thou 
wast unable to hnng thoungodlyunderthebondof 
the righteous in bsttle. or to destroy them at once 
with cruel beasts, or witli one rough word ; >" but 
executing thy judgments upon them by httle and 
little, thou gavest them place of repentanoo, not 
being ignorant that they were a naughty generation, 
and that their meJire was bred in thom, and that 
their cogitation would never be changed. " For 
it was a cursed seed from the beginning ; neither 
didst tiiou for fear of any man give them pardon 
for those things wherein they sinned. " For who 
shaU say, What liast thou done? or who shall 
withstand thy judgment F or who shall accuse thee 
for the nations that perish, whom thou bAnt.'nA^'^^ 

1 worUjy colony 

6 \n «)uiA. *«HXJ». 'iS«»,^o>* 

WiBDOM XII. 13— -XIII. 8. 66 SO«IA SAAnMON. 

wrengod for the unrighteouB monP » For neither Ovrt yap 0roj iart wKm <rov, u u^i j™i Treurwv, 13 
u thaw anr Ood but thou Ui«t oMoth fw »ll, to . » .VJ • . .f » ' T f- v < 

whom thoumighteit show th»t thy judgment ii not "^ fttitip ori owe oioooi inpiwi?. 

"""ISeilher Aall king or tjr.nt be able to Kt hi. O^^P^-^^ V ^~vkos W^^^ St^-^iW M 

face »gMn»t thee for •ay whom thou hwt puniihed, <raiirtpt lav dmiAoras. AiKaios 6« fiw Sumuws to wwvra I* 

"Forsomuch then M thou kiX, righteou. thywdf SiArtis, ajroi- riv lin A^^tm koXiW^w jcoToSununu 

Uioii ordereet all things nghtoouili; thinking it .,, . ■.''--»( •.,».' i c 

not «gre«»bla with thy power to condemn him that aAAorpuu' mfou/icrot Tip .njs 6wiv>«ut. H ySp ifrxw 16 

halh not deMrfod to be puiiislied. " For thy dou SurauMTUim ^x4> ""^ ™ woiTiin' iri 8<oiTro{«c, tok- 

gnUMOtu unto oil. "For when men will not belieie fitvo% jirt fvi^cut TtXitonTTi, Ktu^ TOLt a&otriTaQpatros 

eit their boidnew maaifeet. ■" But thou, masler- <tai /kth TmfJi.r^ ifmeovi oioMtit :7ftar iraptari yap 

ing tb» power, judgest with equity, and orderojl „oi OTav 0<Xm to BwoCTftii 

lu with great laTour ! for thou majeit uie power w,«« , -, .is.- tn 

when thou wilt. KOiBo^c S( trov tov Xodv oia Tuiv rotavrtav ipyiai', 19 

"But by luoh worla hast thou taught thr Z., fi,7 -Ai. R.'»ni™ .Ti«, .kl«'.^~.»v.v. -™1 ^■J)i..!L.. 

people that the jurt man .hould be merciful, and "" «' "i- ftucaiDK i£wi ^«W*p«nrov «ai iwAritat 

hajt made lli)' c^iildrtu to he (if a )iood hope lliat n'oii^iras rout uiout ITOV, ori SiSuic jri dfUipnjtuvTi licra- 

Uion gireet repeuUin™ for sini. "for it the u ^uu-. El yap ivBpovt muSa* <rou «oi iAftXoiiAwi 20 

didit pnmeli llie onemiea of thy ohildren, and Iho „ ■ / A^J"" ^ " " _""'" "'/^"•'n 

oondomnod to death, nithauch deli bi-ratio n, gir ing OOWT^ ^cTa TO<raiTijs fri^wipilo-M a-poiroxTS kiu Bnjoros, 

them time and place whereby they miglit be de- Sovi JtOovoiK Kat towok Si' Sw irnXXayZfri nk Kiucur 
hTeredfroicthcirtnailoe: " witli how great oircu in- _%"_; i a ■ ' »/» '» -ni 

■pection didil thou iiidge thino own aona, unto f^"^ mjtnjj dKpiptUK tKptvai Tovs utow <rou uif to« JI 

whoia (atbere tlioii hast sworn anil made cove, varpdaiv opxovi no! tn»ff^«as ?&OKas dyaftui" foro- 

to^i?d«tXit«n™uTThouicour^t''^me5iiM '^'"f^i 'H^fis oBv ir«&wuv, roi? ^^^pois ^,*Sv ft- 22 

a thousand times more, to the intent that, when laipumrn uootivims, iva <rou thv ayaOarma utpuiviaatv 

"Wherefore, whernumenhareliveddnK)JutBlT ,,.,., ,„ , "^oc i ' v * \ - n. 

and unrightooualy, thou hut tormented them with O" Twc iAmui' iflaaavurai pbtkvyiiaTtoV. Kai ydp twc 24 

their own abominations. =• For they went astray wXaym o&ov uxucpartpov i-rXayipmrav, Btmji inroKaiLBa. 
Tery far in the waya of error, and held them tor - i t i- , - , a - • ' b* 

goda, which even amona the heart, of their enemies ^"*^ '"^ "<"' tv (fMiui ■niv l)fip^v ari^a, wpriuic fiucvc 

were despised, being deceiyed, as children of no iApovwv ihtvaBivTti. Aia tdvto ai« TraurXv lUoyurrott 25 
understanding. ^Therefore unto them, aeto- 'tv ^ i i r\' v\ ' ne 

Sbild"" .nlkoul Ih. IK of r««.i). thi dld.i "I" "P""" •'! '/-;iWO> f-vjl"!- O. !i miy.^, 26 

send a judgment to mock them. "But they that (TTirijxijcrcuK Jii; vot;0en70<i^(t, aiiav &tov Kpuriv Trttpor- 

of Ood. •'For.look,for what things they grudged, Tourois ous (SoKoiv Stout, fr aurois KoAotofuivi, iSovTtc 

when they were punished, that i»,_for them whom y ■^iXaiitpvovvTO .iSe'rai, Gkoi- briyvMrav dXntfn- Sio mu 

they thought to be gods { [nowj being putiislied m , , ". ., .•,>', ...n 

them, when they saw it they acknowledged him ™ Ttpim. np KaroiiK^ /ir nvTOW iirt)\Ot. 

upon them. 0cou dyvuKTui, ftcu m nui' opopitvtiiv dyac'uv our uTpfva'av 

_ Surely rain arc all men by ntilurp who are ,iS^nu ri,, Sna, oifr« tow (pyots ffpoffvdiTts iiriyrtairay 

unontDt ot God. and could not out of the good , , ■• mp ^ - f - * » ' • » „ 

things that an. sfon know him that i»: neSier toc TfxnTTTi-. AAA rj imp, § wtufui. ij Taxivoc a^w, 2 

by Eoniidering the works liiil they acknowledge n kvkKov Strrpwi/, S fiioiov vSuip. fl rfmiiTrnpos alpavao, 

theworkmaster: >hutdetmedcilherfire,orwind, ' , / a > , - »n • • - v • 

or the BWift air or the eirtle of the stars or the VpvTa.ytK laxruov Otovt ivo/iarai'. Ill' ti jixv Tjj iraA- 3 

Tiolent water,or Hie iit-lil'* of hcmrr, lo be the Aovq TtpTrop-tvoi, Stow virtXaii^avoy, yvurruxrav woaw 

them know how much better the Xiord of them yattriap)(j}^ tKTurrv avro. El oj OVFa^tf Kai ivipytiay 4 

s.i,;".&!n!.';iSi5t?ffl.itSii??^ taXd,i„,, .^.w„ *,•.«, ^.i^ o ».... 

and virtue, let them understand by them, how auroaaait avrn OvraTtortpos iariv. 

much mightier he is that made them. 1— . .„ m - • i t 1 , . 

* For by the greatneM and beauty of the crea- ^t yV ^wy^Oow KoXXmnp Kiarpa'nM droAoycK o 5 

turei proportionably the maker of them is seen, yanaiovpyw aviSiv Otwptviiu. "AAA' oiiut W TOiiTOts 6 

' But yet for this they are tbo less to be blamed : ', ^ ■ ] •\' > x . • ' \ - a. ^ 

for they peradrentuie err, seeking Ood, and '■"' M«/'¥"S "'^T)' *"" VV "i^o' Tnj(a jrXn»*iVTBi ©fOF 

doairons to find him. ' For being conyernnt in {nrouvris, Ktu VcAoirct tipvv. Ev yap rots Ipyav; 7 

that are smd. * Howbeit neither an they to be ot( KoAa to pXnrofiCKt. UoAu' M ovo avrot ovyyviaaroi. 8 

S04IA SAAflHON. 67 

9 El yap roiTovTov urxytrav «i8«wu, 'vol SiJfbnTiu <rra)(i- 
traadai tov aiaiva, riiv rovroiy St<rKarQV iruis rdxiov ofix 

1 ToAfuVb^i Si Kai iv vtupgit ol fXviSn afiruv, oiTUff 
iKoXtaav 0*<nn Ipya )(tipSiv ivSpunnav, ;(pvcrof icat apyu- 
pov Ttxriji ifi/it^frQfia, kcu (iTrtiicao-piTti fioioi', t) Xwoy 

1 1 Sxptjimn' X€ipoi ifrfov ipx^uK. Ei Si noi -nj vXoTv;M>t 
rcKTttn' tuKiyijTov ^utoc iKvpiaxK, ^tpu^turtv tufiaSSii 
vayra tov ^\oiov aJTOii, «oi rfxtT/frf^efos cuayiordjs 

1 2 KaKo-KOKuTf )(p'qmiJioy crmOo? (i; vJiTIpdruiv £<o^, to Si 
airofiX-^Hara Ttji IpyaauK tU Irotnaalav Tpoiji^ iya- 

1 3 kiMTM fKOrXlTtTA?, TO Si ii avTaV dlTO^SAlJ/lQ <w ov^ 

iyKmlitv iv hrtfitXtiq, afiyiat avTov, nat (/urciftif trv)'t(r<w 

14 fnJwu<r«v avTO, airtuauTai avro tiKOVi av6punrov, ^ {li^ 
T(vi (UTiXtt ui/iouiKTO' avTO. KaTa^ifpicra! riLA.Tip, koi ^uicft 
ipv&gvai )(p6ay avroE, Kai Trocav icijXtSa ttji" 6- aMf 

13 icaTa;(p(craT. Kat inx^a; avru airTOu a^ioi' (HKi;fxa, fi- 

16 TOtjfiji i$r)K€V auTO iJtr^aAwa^ii'M triSijpui- iwi ^w ow 
^^ naTaWmj, irpoo'07<r«i' aOToO, fISiw oil iStntmi Javry 
^Oij^cu, xat yap iariv t'utaiv, koI xp'^av f)(ii ^mfifiai. 

17 Titpi Si unjunniic imi ya^itov auToD Ko! rixviiiv 
wyiO'TtujjD^O'OT, ouit oltr^ifrat rca ai/'i!j(ii> irpoo'XaXa))'. 

1 8 Koi ir*pi p.iv vyuw to aaStvii liriKoXtirat, rtpi Si 
fuiTt Tof FtKpov d^ioi, JTipt Si liriKOUpUKTOVa.irtipoTaTin' 
iKtTtia, irtpi Si oSouropittS To /iijSi fiatrtt )(fn)<T6at Swa- 

19 fici'ov, )r<pi Si Tropi<rpov kqi ipyoo-ios Kai j(€ipiui' ^nij(£as 
TO dSpaMcrraTov Tats ^ftpoii- euSpawiai' alniToi. 

14 II\ouF Ti; iroXiv {rT<XXo^a«t, kui ay/xa /icXXuv 
8u)&iJfi>' KvjUiTa, TOV t^ipovTOi avrov TtXoiov troBpo- 

2 Tipav fuAar Jin)9oaTiu. 'EmTvo ^it- yop ofM^s Tropur- 

3 itMv lirtvoiim, Tf)Q'infi Si aoijiif KaT«rK<va(r(v '^ Si ir^, 
IlaTfp, haucv^tpv^ rpovoia, on iSuixaf icai jv iflaXaoiT^ 

4 o5ov KUt & KUfMuri rpiPov t/nfm^- Stiianii on Savojrai 
fi iit JTovTW (Tiufdv. ivo K^ avoi Tijfyrj^ tis fwi^g. 0tXcK 

8i nt] ipya tTfot TO T^ iroifiiai <Tav Ipfa, Sii TOuro iiai 
JXa;^(iTT(|i fuX^ jTKTToJovO'o' ai^panroi ij/v)(ai, kcu SicX- 
0avm xXtiSuiva <T)(tBi^ Su<r<ii$jf(Tai/, 

6 Ka.1 dlpjfT^ yop aTroXXvfiimv Wtpip^ivtiiy yiymrpnv, ^ 
tt«« TOV Koapxiv ijTi crj{<8«w xara^mymxia, kr&Jirtv 

7 olwi'i tnripfLa vcvctrcbK t^ <r^ icv^tpvT]$tura X"P'- ^v- 
XityTTai yap fi'Xov St' oB yii'tmi Sutaioowi;. 

5 To xwpoToi'jTov Si iirotaTopaToc afiro, Kai 6 irali/o'as 
avro, OT( 6 piv (Lpya^rro. to Si ^$afiTOV 6m uiyopjiafirj. 

9 "Ev ury yap fiunfra &tm nil d aatfiuiv KOi ^ ia-iptta 

10 avTov. Kai yap to irpa;(div trvv tw ^KuravTt koAjut^- 

1 1 <rtTai. Aia rovro xai iv ti&uAoK tSvwv hruTKOinj jcrrai, 
OTi iv KTurpaTi ®tov tU ^38c\uy/ia iytv^Otfirav, kcu A 
iTKOiAiAo ^u;pu« lii^P'iinin'.doltK Trayt&iTiOTii'd^poKei'. 

1 2 'Ap;(^ yap iropwias laivota (ESuXbiv, rt!p«r« Si avTtSi' 

13 i)>6opi. (fa^. OvT€ yap ^ Av ip)n^. (mrt tU roi' 
14a(wa cirTcu. KnnjSofi^ yo^ itSpwirm' tia^'KBtv <k 

WiSDOic XIII. 9— XIV. 14. 

pardoned. ' For if they irere able to know ad 
much, thnt they could um at the world ; hovr did 
the J not »ooner find oat the Lord thereof? 

" But miserable are they, and in dead thiagi 
ia tbeir hope, vho called thorn godi, vbicli are 
the worka of men'a bands, gold and silTer, to ehev 
art in, and reaemblancea of Deaats, or a atoDo aood 
foe nothing, the work of an ancient hand. " Now 
n carpenter that felleth timber, after he hatli »skq 
down a tree meet for the pnrpo»e,ftad taken off all 
the bark skilfully round about, and bath wrought 
it handaoTiielr, and made a resael thereof fit for 
the aerrice of man's life; "and after apeudina the 
refuse of hia work to dreaa hia meat, hath filled 
liiiuself ; "and tuLing the Tery refuae among thoae 
which nerccil to no lue, being a crooked piece 
of wood, and full of knots, hath tarred it diligently* 
wlianho hod iiolhiug elas to do. and formed it by 
the skill of )ii9 understanding, and faahioaed it to 
Uie imue«of a man; '*or made it like some Tile 
beast, layinjt; it over with veruiiliun, and with 
paint colouring il red. and colouring erery apot 
therein; "and when be had made a conienient 
room for it, aet it in a wall, and made it fut with 
iron; "sfor ho proyided for it that it might not 
f>ill, knowing that it was unable to help itielf; 
fur it ia an imago, and hath need of help. 

"Then mnkc(h he prater for his mods, for 

upon that which ia viA: for life prayeth to thai 
which is (Iced: for aid humbly beaeechoth thab 
which bath lenst meUU to help: and for a good 
journey bo askrth of that which cannot sot a foot 
fum-nrdr '''nncl fnr gaining and getting, and for 
good BuccesB of liis handa. asketh ability to do of 
him, that is moat unable to do any thing. 

Afiain, one prernring hitnaelf to sail, and about 
to jasa through the raging wacea, eslleth upon 
a piece of wood more rotten than the Tesael that 
carrieth him, * For rerily dciire of gain doiisod 
that, and the workman built it by his skill. 'But 
thy prOTidonce, O Father, goremeth it; for thou 
hast made a way in the aea, end a safe path in 
the wayea ; * shewing that thou canat save from all 

__ . . thy wisdom abould be idle, and then 
fore do men commit their lirea to a sc " 
wood, and paaaing the rough aea in a 

* For in the old time alao, when the proud giants 

Eariahed, the hope of the world goTemed by thy 
and escaped in a weak Teeael, and left to all ages 
a seed of generation. ' For bleaaed ia the wood 
whereby righteouaness oometh. 

> But that which ia made with hands is curaed, 
aa well it, as he that made it : he, becauae lie 
made it: and it, because, being corruptible, it waa 
called ChxL 'For the ungodly and hia ungodlineaa 
are both alike hateful unto God. >" For that 
which ia made ahali be puniahed together with 
him that made it. "'Therefore eYen upon the 
idoU of the Gentilea abaJl there be a visitation : 
because in the creature of Qod they ire become 
an abomination, and stumblingblocka to the 
souls of men, and a anarc to the feet of the un- 

of hfa. "For neither were they 
from the beginning, neither ehaJl they be for rrer. 
>* Tar by the vain gtori of m»& ^JQS1 «i£«i:>&. «M> 

Wisdom XIV. 15— XV. 7. 68 200IA 2AA0M0N. 

the world, and therefore shall they come shortly koo-uov, koI 8ia touto ovvtouov auroiv tcXos Itrtvorfin, 

to an end. *^ For a father afflicted with untimely t.^ ^ , ^ , \ ^ '>^ ie 

mourning, when he hath made an imace of hU -^wpcp yapir€vO€LTpvxpfi€yoi Trarrip, tov raxtm a^^ipc- 15 

child soon taken away, now honoured him as a divTO% t€kvov clicova Troii/a'ac, rhv t6t€ v€Kp6v avOponrov, 

god, which was then a dead man, and delivered to „r-, « ij > , i^',,^,^. ^«* —^^/X, ».,* •^7^ ,«.»«^*.«.'.^,- /. 

those that were under him cereionies and sacri- "'^ "^ &€0V lnfiT]<r€, kol irapcbcoKC TOis virox^ipiOK ftvo^- 

fices. "Thus in process of time an ungodly custom fHa icoi rcAcras. Elra iv xpovio xparuv^cv to axr€p€% 16 

^7 Whom men could not honour in presence, be- ctkcucto to yAinrra" ovs iv o\l/€i fxij owa/icvoi rc/i^ ai^poo. 1 7 

cause they dwelt far off, they took the counterfeit ^oi 8ia to uoxpov oucciv. twv wopmo^cv oi^tv dvaTUir«<ra- 

of his Tisage from far, and made an express image ij^^*' *» /. o \' i ' 

of a king whom they honoured, to the end that by M^'o^ €fi<f>avrj €ucova rov TtfuafUyov pwriMm iiroirfaay, 

this their forwardness they might flatter him Uiat tya rbv aTroKra w« irapovra fcoXaKCVOxrt 8ta tws <nrov&»s. 

was absent, as if he were present. Tr»»' sjizi ' ^\» « a-iq 

"Also the singular duigenoe of the artificer , *, » \ / *^ l \ ' « in 

did help to set forward the ignorant to more tcxvitov irpoerpc^aTO ^^tAorifiia. O /*€v yop Taxa tw 19 

superstition. » For he, peradTenturo willing to Kparovvri BovXoiuvoi apitraJL, i^tSiaxraro rn tcyvw rnv 

please one in authority, forced all his skill to < f > \ x /\\ m^ 5^ \'»/} jlt \ ' on 

make the resemblance of the best fashion. * And opoioTrfTa tin to icaAAiov. To dc wKrjdo^ ^«^€Aico/x€W)K 20 

80 the multitude, allured bv the grace of the work, Sia to cvvopt t^s ipyoxria^, tov irpio oXxyov Tiprfihna 

to deceive the world : for men, serving either tu> pup Ci9 €i^€Opov, on tf avfXff»op^ rj rvpayytSi oovAcv- 

lakmitv or tyranny. . did ascribe unto stones and ^^ SvOpt^oi, to djcotvioyrrrov ovoim XiBoK koI (vXoh 

stocks the mcommumcable name. 'A i r^ » 

* Moreover this was not enough for them, that ^^ t,*^ \ \ *^ a ^^ '*^'*nn 

they erred in the knowledge of God ; but whereas Efr ovk rfpK€(r€ to vAavaavaL irtpi rqv tov ©cov 22 

theyUved in the weat war of ignorance, those so yv^Kriv, dXXa koI ucyoAw {wvrcs dwotas woXcaw, Ta 

great plagues called they peace. ® For whilst they ' « x.^'* /' *tt x ao 

slew th«r children in sacrifices, or used secret Too-avra koku €iprjvriv irpoaayopojowrw. H yap tciwo- 23 


or grieved him by adultery. ^ So that there Itl fftvXdo'O'Oixnv, crcpos S* crcpov ^ Xo\wv &vaip€L, ij 

JS!r,S?elPfheT.nS'°d1^'S^^°n.'^p^"n; ^f^" ^^1^ "'^^ f ^'^^'^/•<« '^. ''t^' ^ 

unfaithfulness, tumults, perjury, » disquieting of KAoirtf koi OoXos, fpfiopa, avurria, Topa)^, iTriopKta, 

good men, f9rgetfulness of good turiu. defihng of S^pvBo^ dyaSiav, YopiTOS &ayrHria, ilnofiv luaauo^, ycvc- 26 

souls, changing of kind, disorder in marriages, ^ '^, J. y ' ^ / . >/ *^ a i T . /\' 

adultery, and shameless uncleanness. ^^For the <r€^ cvoAAayiy, yofmv aTo^ta, ftotxcia. kqi oo-cAycia. 

worshipping of idols not to be named is the be- 'H yap twv dviavviiwv ci&oAw Opri(rK€ia ttovto^ ipym 27 

ginning, the cause, and the end, of all evil. "For '*»^ x ♦ / \ t , / *tt x »i ' oq 

either they are mad when they be merry, or pro- ^^^^^ ^ <" <"T"* '^«" '''•P^^ «ot*»'' ^ y«/> eu^poivo/Acvoi i» 

phesy lies, or live unjustly, or else lightly forswear ucuiWriv, w irpodnrrtvowri ^€vSn, w ^axru' a3uca>9, ^ 

themselves. »For insomuch as their trust is in »..^«^^r^, •«.,/. .^ 'A. /«'«.«.« •.A,. *«<p^./)^..«o «7^'.X^o 9Q 

idols which have no life, though they swear fahjely, ^^P^^owtl Taxcws. A^ois yap ^croie^orcs ci^wAois, 29 

yet they look not to be hurt. koxw^ opjoaayTts, acucrf&rjvai ov TrpoaOiXOvraL, 

^Howbeit for both causes shall they be justly 'AfJLff>6T€pa 8k avrovs /icrcA.evo'erat Tot ScKcua, on 30 

swore m deceit, despising holiness. ^ For it is not oOuccos w/xoo'cu' cf OoA<p KaTa9po)^ai^cs oo-iotttos. Ov o i 

the power of them by whom they swear : but it y^ ^ ^wv ouwofilym Bwaius, A)OC rt twv auxunavovruiv 

IS the just vengeance of sinners, that punisheth kr t t-t » \ s « »o/ fo 

always the offence of the ungodly. P^*^ circtcpx^Tat dec Tiyv twv oOikcov vapapaxriv. 

But thou, pur God, art gracious. and true, long- ,2" ^ o 0€os ^/xwv xprj<rro^ ku ^yOij^, fiOKpo^vfU^ 16 

to know thy power is the root of immortality. _. x\X^\^^.^ )(...». »^»C.«, »^») ^:StJ«^, ..A .^/^^.'-^^ ^^«. A//'« 
«For neither 'Sid the mischievous invention of ^* oAoicAiypos Sixotoruvi;, xac ctftcvoi to xparos <rov pt&i 

men deceive us^ nor an image spotted with divers adavaa-m^, Ovtc yap ivAavrja-ev rffAa% avBpwtnav iccuco- 4 

they desire the form of a dead image, that hath no (rn-iMi&tv xp**^fiaxTL biTjAAayfi€voir wv o^is a^/xxriy cts 5 

breath. ovci3os tpxerai, wo$€l, T€ F€#c/>a9 cikofos cISos aTrvow. 

thl»''^'eXr^<^£rtC?a>^'lovt""f , .^"^ W« «-' re ro.ovr<o. iX.cW Kal ol 6 

evil things, and are worthy to have such thinm opwvrcs, iccu ot wo^ovi^cs, #cat oi aepofitvoi, Kai yap 7 

*®ir"5 MP^*^' ^J^^"^ '^® potter, tempering soft xcpaucvs diraXwv ynv ^Ati3«v €V/aovi9ov, irXcwrcrci irp^ 

earth, fashioneth every vessel with much labour t '^ ^ ,«'♦'' .v\»»'*»'» x**. 

for our service: yea, of the same day he maketh vm/pco-tav 17/uuuv cicacrrov, oAA ck tov avrov vriAov oi^c- 

20*IA SAAOMON. 69 Wibdok XV. 8— XVI. 9. 

vXatniTO TO T( -iZv KoBapHv foyuv SoCXa tTKtvn, To T€ '"'"i tliB Teiseli that mito for clean tims, ancl 

i-,,.^.'^ ^^.JT A,.~', -. -n.C™..,, SI ]..»»',.«. -.'. 3 ' likewise ttlw) all aiicli aa »erte to the contrary: but 

o-avTio, ardi* o/iotu«- TotTM' 6i i.impov -ns ^koctov ,,„t ;, t^e um of either Mrt. the potter hiinMlf 

8 iimv 17 ^Q}^(s, Kptn/t o mjAoupyof. Kai KacofiaymK >* the judge. 'And cmployini Lialabonrs levdlj, 

ftiK ;«!„«.. i. ™s .1,.! .ii„.. ^x,s, fc xpS i1,ir.ti.i'£!.Sti'i".'!"«'SfS2',5f! 

fiiKpov iK yij« ytvwjfleis /:nr eAryov iropcwoi if ^ and nfilhin a little while aftor returneth to tha 

y AAA arriv avrui duiotTra ouy ort u(AA« noui'uv, 

n.y? 5-. ff~.»-,i:: n.'™, ?„.. Jllii' Vu^.^/S,.- ..1^ ■ Hotwitbjtsnilmg hn ran i«, not that he shall 

ovb OTl ft>axuTtA)) /Jwi-^tx"- "^ JjTtptlBtTttl /th- l,avo much labour, n»r that hia lifo i» .hort : but 

ypvo'ovpyoii xai ipyvpoypOK, yaXKOirXooras Tt /uuci- strivBth fo eiwl goldsmiths and silreramithi, and 

Kopitii avTou, Bill yip (vnA<aT^ia ^ (Airis avrov, 1117X01; •" His heart is aslies, hi> hope ia more vile than 

1 1 K irtuoTtpiK o BCos aJlroC- OTi irfyomrt Tov irXiravTa """"'."nd his life of lew TBlae than claj- "for. 

, , ^^ T^ , ■; , ,"- , \ , - aamuch ng he knew not hisMaker.and him that 

avTOV, Kai TOi- ifLTrvtvi^ayTa aimu ifnix-pr tvipyoi^trav. inspired into him an actiro soul, and breathed 

12 Kai itiAvfrmavTo. irvfCuo (forUav. 'AAA." iXmiauvro in a living Bpirit. I'But Itiey counted our life a 

- * • f ' <- ' • o' • OTBlimp. nnii our timo hpre n nitirkot for gain: 

waiyf lOK «lFai TTji- Ciuijv Tj/uuv, KOt TDC piov Buwyupia/mi' fe,,, sar Uist, we must be Betting eierj way, 
lirimpSn- 8«iv fan Amnv MtV Sn Kav Ik kukoS ttooi- tliough it be byoYil means. " For this man, that 

In ^ A* y y ' Tc * t > ', of eaithlv matter makcth britlJe Tessela and 

ycuiOov; (vdpavcrra iTKnr); Koi -yAinrra otniiovpyaiv. all others. 

14 ndiT«? 8" litfipOMOTttTOt Kol ToXavct iwJp ^WOT*" "And all the enemies of thy people, that hold 
vmriov, 01 lyOpoi tou Aoou o'ou Karo&DfaartvtTavrtt them in subjection, are most fod^ish, and are more 

1= > ' •« ' ' "B \ - JZL- n • miserable tliao lery babes. "For they counl«l 

15 auTov. Oti k-u iravra ti&uAa Tuiv tSvmv «oy«rajTO ^ the idola of the heathen to bo ^s: wliioh 
Otov^, oTb ovt€ ouiiaTtiHf ypmrti tli opatjiv, oifr* mvcc neither have the use of eyes to ace, nor noses to 

, .... '^ . » i ■ • B' \ - draw breath, nor ears to hear, nor fingers of 

€iscTVFoXK^^Q(p«s,ow«<i™iicouttv.ovM&u(TuAoixtip<uv hands to handle: and as for thwr feet, l£ey a™ 
tit tfrqXdifrriaiv, koX o( iroSt; avruv Apyoi irpot hriPaaty, alow lo go. "For man made them, and ha that 

^(VOf fv\iU7tv avTOVi' 01)0(1! yiip avnu Ofioiai' avff/Muiros being mortal, he worketh a dead thing with 

I7«rvwi TrXutrai ffeo'v Atttk 8i U vtKoiv /<m^*T« wicked luinds: for he him«elf is better thanthe 

w^i/u » U.U u.uF^ u. /i.^^ ui r .^ ,~. n*^' , things which he worshippeth: whereas ia liTed 

X«pcriv dvopoK- (cpiiiTuiv yap iari ruiv trffStUTfiaTon' once, but ther never. "Yea, they worshipped 

18 auTov, £v airot uii- ttmrtv. iKtlva 8i oiSnrore. Kal those beasts also that are most hoteful: for being 

.€._.,,, "a ' ,0 > . . compared together, some are worse than others. 

Td {«« 31 ra ix^tara o-tjSowai. avoai yap mr/Kpiva- u Neither are the/ beautiful, »o much as to be de- 

1 9 atva TJuv oAXwf itrrX vfipova. OtS" oaov ivirodnaai sired in respect of beasts ! but they went without 
. , y. M , \' ' 1 'J S' ' ' - the praise of Qod and his bleaamg. 

(ut (>■ {uwiv 0^1 KoAa Tvyjfavit, iKrrtiptvyt oc Kcu tovtou 

e*oE iiraivni' ko'l t^v t!,Xm>liLV ouroii Therefore by the like were tliey punished wor- 

KMOv tiraivav KaiTqv tvAoyuLV ayrm,. thily, and by the multitude of beasts tormented. 

18 Aia TOvro Bi ofioiai' iKO/uaafhjrroy (Efiuif, icoi Oio sjnatead of which punishment, dealing graciously 

2 arXii^Du? K^SiiAor l8aerta'to»mai'. 'Avff ^ noXiio-eQis with thine own people, thou prepajedsl for them 

,' , . 1 r p . a ' •■t, f — mcBtofastrangotaate.evenquailBtostirup their 

ewpympnn TOV Aooc (TOU, eft iiriffvfuav opfitax ttvrjy ,ppetil«: 'to the end that they, desiring food, 

3 vtWTiv, Tpod™ -riToinaa-as iproyaumvav, ifo iKtiyot minht for the ugly sight of the b«asts sent among 

- ! 0. - j7 e • ^ 'I- M - 1 them lothe even that, which they must needs 

fio- Jw.ft,p>tvrrt tH"P. ™ TTp/fibtxt/tua- r<ov imtTt- j^^. y^^^ ^^^^_ suffering penury for a short 
nrroAucviin' koI ttiv dwiyitainF optftv &TrOfrTpttfKavTat, smcc, might be msde partakers of a strange taste. 

.w sj V a™ w,& ,^,,vo. ^ujn> ,-T^. ;S.'; zj^^^^ 

4 ytvatiof, ESti yap tKtivoit (lev awapatTijTOV tvotuai not aroid: but to these it should only be shewed 

5 ^poi aimuc iptxtraviZomo. Kat yap ors airroi* btivoq and they periahed with the stings of crooked aer. 
for^Aflt fi^ipiwy Ovfo^. S^ftaa-i rt TKoKMy Sw^fipovTO pents. thy wrath endured not for ever : 

□^(on', ou fifXP^ TtXow l/ieivo- ^ ipy^ o-ou. « Bnt they were troubled for ■ small seuon, 

6 Ek vcfl)6t<r(ay Si T-piK oKiyoy ImpmSnTar. <ntifio>iOV that thejr might be admonished, haiing a sip 
_ , ■ • t ' ' L \- ■ 'n ot saliation, to put them in remembrance of the 

7 i)(oyni tnanjptat, «« dvufivijtTiv ftroA^ vafuni trov. U oammandment of thy law. 7 For he that turned 
■vao hrunoaitK oi Sii to Otaiooviuvoy itrwttro, oAAA himself toward it was not sared by the thing that 

oi. . . ' - u- • 1. - s- • be saw. but by thee, that art the Saviour of alL 

8 &a <rt TOV ^n-uv tromjpa. Ka. iy tovt,. St tTrti-rai Sl^(„"^, fhou iodest thine enemies confess, 
Tovs lyAwut niiiv, OTl oti *I 5 puoiwvos in iravro? itaKou. that it is thou who deliverest from all evil; 'for 

9 M, ,;i, yi, a.,rs™ ..1 f.^_/i,i^,._, %p.™. «i tTh«''*wK5.°'f='Sf"-4 ""''S 

01^ nipcAj loyia t^ ^'^XII ovt^i'i oti a£u>i ijaav vro ufe : for tbey were worUiy to tie v<xaia!^sA.'«\ is:^ib 

Wisdom XVI. 10— XVU. 2. 70 200IA SAAOMON. 

MBut thy Bons not the Tery teeth of venomous roiovriav KoXatrOrjvai. Tov? Bl movs aov ovSt loBoXan 10 

dragons overcame: for thy mercy was by them, ^ , ,/ a^/ nv\ / » '^\/i 

and healed them. " For they were pricked, that dpaKorTWK tvncqaw dOo^TCS, to cAcos yap (tov dyTivapnq\d€ 

they should remember thy words ; ana were quickly kox Idxrajo aurovs. Ets yap xnroixvno'iv ruiv Xoyuav cov 1 1 

saved, that not falling into deep forgetfulness, ».^ /* > »*' s 'y * ^ ,» /j /}-* . 

they might be oonUnually mincSul of thy good- ^v€K€VTpiiovTO,Kai, of ecus Stco-wCovro, lya /xiy €is pofftuu^ 

ness. ^/iiTrco'ovTCs \rfirjv, airtpunraxrroi ycvtoFToi r^ cr^s 

^ For it was neither herb, nor mollifying plaister, cucpyco-tas. 
that restored them to health: but thy word, O Kai yap ovtc Bordvn ovt€ fJudXaytia c^cpaxcwrcv 12 
Lord, which heaJeth all thmgs. ^'For thou hast > > »\\s • > «- / \ ' « / ' . / ^x ia 

power of life and death: thou leadest to the gates o-VTovq, oAAa o cos Kvpu Aoyos o iravra «i>/i€vos. J,v lo 

?Mi^®P» *J°^ bringest up again. '< A man indeed yap Jams #cai ^varov cfowiW cvcis, Kai fcarayets cis 
Killeth through his malice: and the spmt, when '% vc> \ » * t a Ji ^^ » ' ^ i^ 

it is gone forth, retumeth not; neither the soul ^^^ f^ f^* avoycis. Av^powros Sc airoKTcyvci /icv 14 

received up oometh again. ^ But it is not possible t§ fcaKii^ avroO, i$€\Oov 8c Trvcv/ta ovk &vaaTp€ff>€i, ovSk 

to escape tliine hand. ^^^^'^^ ^^^^ vapaX-^e^urav. TrfV ^ o^ x^W ^vyclp 15 

^ For tlie ungodly, that denied to know thee, aSwarov iarw. 
were scourged by the strength of thine arm : with t. , , %^, » a '^ i * *^ o * ' te 

strange rains, haUs. and showers^ were they per- Apvov;*€voi yap trt ctScvai dcrc^cis, iv urxvi ^paxiwos 16 

secuted, that they could not avoid, and through crov itiaoriywOrja'av, (woi^ vcTots xai vaXafais koX 

fire were they consumed. " o ?/ » ' * ^ 

J wxAo ««. ofippoi'i ouDKOfuyoL aTrapaurqroi^, Koi irvpt Karaya- 

. ^^For, which is most to be wondered at, tlie Axo-ko/acvo£. 

fire had more force in tlie water, that quenoheth m^ ^,x^ -..«^«5i«i^/«.»«« i,, •/*. •..^,^«. ^/9«»«r.«^. •'tj^r.*. 1 7 

all things : for the world fighteth l^or the righteous. ^^o yap Trapabo^oTarov, ey tu» iravra trp^vvvvri vhari 1 7 

^^ For sometime the flame was mitigated, that it TrAciov lwjpy€L to Trvp* vrrepfiaxp^ yap o Ko<r/UK core 

mi^ht not bum up the beasts that ^ere wnt g^^cuW. Hori ucv yip wucpoOro </»\o^. Zm fi^ icaTo- 18 

against the ungodly; but themselves mi^ht see , v ,> ^ ,, ,^ ^ /^ /'^ ^ . / ^1. .fx'. . ^ 

and perceive that they were persecuted witli the S^f^^vQ Ta C7r oo'cpcis aTreoroA/Acva 4<Da, oAA avroi 

Judgment of God. ^ And at another time it /^AcirovTCS t&oo-iv, ori 0€oi) icpt<r€t cAawovrui. Horc 8c 19 

bumeth even in the midst of water above the '> >>•?> «x \ y ^ * t\ f • 

power of fire, that it might destroy the fruits of i^oa fxeraiv vdaTOS VTr€p rrfv irvpos Ovvafiiv <^eyci, lya 

an unjust land. » Instead whereof thou feddest dStxov yrk y€vvriaara Sia6$€Lpn. *Av6t &v ayyc\a>v 20 
thme own people with angels food, and didst send ^^ * i f ^ \ ' > • ji 

them fromTeaven bread prepared without their Tpw^iyv ci/rw/xtcras ^ to Aaov cov, Kat eroi^ov dprov 

labour, able to content every man's delight, and avTois aTr* ovpavov €7r€fnpas aKoirtaT<i)Si iraaav rjSovrp^ 

agreeing to every taste, ^i j^or thy sustenance j,,.^' ^« .,«5 —^^o «.;:«.«« ^ /%../.««« *^^.«..« 'w ..^» ^A.^ 91 

dSclarS thy sweetness unto thy cliildren, and serv- yO^ovraKai ^rpos vacrav apfwviov ycwriv. H p^v yap 21 

iug to the appetite of the eater, tempered itself to i^roCTrao-is aov ttjv <rqy yXvKVTtfTa irpos T«cva evc<^ai'tO'C, 

that fire burning in the hail, and sparkling in cpovAero /LicTCKipvaro. jLuav Oc xat KpvoToAAos vttc/iacivc li 

the rain, did destroy the fruits of the enemies. ^p^ f^fjX ovk errjKCTO, tva yvSkriv ori tovs twv €X$pu>v 

^ But this again did even forget his own strength, KopTrovs icaTc^^cipe ?rOp ^cyoficvov, €V t;^ X^'^^^Z? '^^ 

that the righteous might be nourished. ^ For the ♦ .^re f,^n7c kio/rvA/.'.ir^/tw 

creaturethatserveth thee, who art the Maker. *''^°';''^°*^^"=^^/',^'^°''-. ., x ^ .^r oo 

increaseth his strength against the unrighteous for Torro iroAtv iFa rpafftuxTL OLKaioi, xai njs idtas 5f3 

their punishment, and abateth his strength for the cViXcXwr^ai 8woaca)s. 'H yap ktotis <roi tw iroiiwram 24 

benefit of such as put their trust in thee. , ** » / » /\ % *» »V ^ 

xnrqperova'a, cirtrciverai cts fcoAcuriv Kara tcok aduccov, 

isheth all things, according to the desire of them Ata tovto icai totc cis 'irayra /AcroAAcvoficn;, rjg nav- 20 

tjmt had need :«tlmt thy chUdren.O Lord, whom roTpodna cov 8a)pca xnrnpmi, Trpos tw twv htopih^v 

thou lovest. might know, that it is not the /i,. * • f/T t * * a > / -ir ^ «/• 

Rowing of fruits that nourisheth man : but that OtAifTiv iva fxaOoxriv ot vioi aov, ovs lyyaTnyo-as, Kvpic, 20 

it is thy word, which preserveth them that put 5ti ouy at vcvcccis Toiv Kapiru)v rpifhovaiv avOpwurov, 

their trust in thee. >\\%Nt«'/ / 'S ^ 

oAAa TO pi^fia aov rovs <roL Trurrcvovras duzTi^pci. 

^ 27 For that which was not destroyed of the To yop vno irvpos iiri thStipoatvov, aTrXois iiro 27 

fire, being warmed with a little sunbeam, soon ^ , '^ ^ c/7 'a ' » ' • no 

melted away: » that it mi^ht be known, that we ppaxcias oktiVos lyAtov O€pfuuvo/i€vov myKcro* oitcds 28 

jnust prevent the sun to pive thee thanks, and at woxttov t?, oti 8€t <f>^dvctv tov nXtov hr tvxapujriay 

the dayspnng pray unto thee. *For the hope of ' % *^ > » \n j x • ' 'a ' oo 

the unthankful shall melt away as the wi^r^s <r<^» f «* ^P05 avaToAiyv </kdtos cvruyxa>'«»' <^ou Axopto-- 29 

hoar frost, and shall run away as unprofitable tov yap Aires a»s X€ip.ipiOi n-ax^; Tox^crat, fcat 

water. • / c v^ » 

pviyo-crat CDS vdoip axpi^orov. 

' For when unrighteous men thought to oppress rovro dirai8cvToi ^o^t iTrXairqurja-av. x irciAi/^OTCS 2 

i'o'J.°'?he SSSSilm o7dS»!'.S^ feftelSd*^^ 7»? -r-Wrrc^tv l^« ay«,v Jko^o, Wa/.«,. .rKora^ 

the bonds of a long night, lay [therej exiled from koi fxanpa^ irco^rai wktos, icaTaicAcure^cvTCS opo90iS» 



3 ^vyaScs T^ aluviov irpovoia^ €K€Wto. AavOav€iv yap 
vofjul^oirr€S ivl xpv^tois dfiaprnqficunv, d<^cyyct ki^Brj^ 
irofHucaXvfx/JLari icKopirurOrjaav, Oafifiovfieyot B€Lvfik fccu 

4 iy^aXfUurw iicrapaa'aofieyoi. OuSk yap 6 Karixtav 
avrovs /iv)^ <i^o)3a]i9 ^ic^vXacro'cVy ^;(ot 8c fcara* 
potrcoKrcs avrov$ irtpuKOfHTrow, kojl i^acfxara d/ACi8i/« 
rois Konf^ltrj vpoaunroL^ cvc^avtifcro. 

5 Kal mipos fi^ ovS€fiia pia. Karta^t ^(i>rt^eiv, ourc 
aoTpiay vcXofiTrpoi <f>\6y€^ fcaravYa^ciy virifieyov r^v 

6 OTvyv^ lK€Lviff¥ vvKTa. Aic^aivcTO 8* avroi? puovov 
avTOfidrrj nvpa ^d)3ov 7rXi;/>i/9, iKhtLpua.Tovp.cvoi S^ r^s 
fi^ OtiApCfvponfji iKitvtfi o^€a>9, y/ovvto X'^P^ ^^ pXvro- 

7 ficva. Mayuc^ 8^ Ipiralypara KaT€K€iTo rcxyyj^t '^^^^ 

8 r^ ^rt tf^povrjo'tt oAo^ovcia? cXcy^o^ i<l>vPpurTOi, 01 
yap vwurxyovpevoi Sci/iara kcu ropaxa? dircAavvctv 
^X'h voaownj^f ovroi KaTaycXcurrov tvXafitiav ivocrow, 

9 Koi yap ct prfitv avrovs ropa^co^cs ^<^o/3€i, kvo)- 
Sa\fi>v iropdSoic fcou ipveriov avpiypol^ iKcrtcroPrjpivoi, 

10 $uiiAAvyro tvrpopLot koL rov prpapjoOcv kj^vktov alpa 
fTpoaiZtiv apvovptvoi. 

11 AciXov yap 181019 Trovqpla paprvptl KaTaSucaioptyrf, 
Ati Sk vpo(r€ikrjili€ ra ^aXtira aw€\op€vrj rfj (rwciSi/o'Ci. 

12 OvShf yap iari <f>6fios, €t prj TrpoSoaia rcov diro 

1 3 Xoywpov Pontfirjparuiv, "EvSoOtv 8^ oixra ^rrcov 17 
irpocrSofcuif ^Xciova XoyiifcTat t^v dyi^oiav rrj^ Trapc^ov- 

14 en;? rr/v fiaxravov alrla^, 01 8c ttjv 6Zvvarov ovrm 
vvKTa Kol i$ aSwdrov g18ov p,v)(itiv €V€Xj9ov<rav, rov avrov 

15 vTTVov noipMp,€yoif TO. ptv Tcpoo'tv ^AawovTO ^vra- 
apATd^Vt ra 8c t^s ^XO^ TroLptkuovro TrpoSofrCq.' ai^v(8toc 

1 6 yap avTors fcol d-nTooo^dinTTOS <f>6po^ cir^A^cv. £1^ 
ovTiiK, OS SiyiroT* ow ^v ^/cci xarairiVrwv, €(f>povp€iTO 

17 CIS T^ &(r(Btipov tlpKTrpf fcara/cXcur^cis. Eire yap 
yccopyos ^'^ '''*5, ^ voipriv, rj twv Kar Ipqplav ipyarrj^ 
pjoypmv, irpoXrjfftOti^ t^v 8ixraXvicT0v cp.cvcv dvdy#n;v 
fic^ yap dXixrci (tkotovs irdvrcs iSiOriaav. 

18 Eire irvcv/ia avpl^ov, rj Trcpl d/LK^tXac^cis icXd8ovs 
opvliav ^X^ €vp€\rj^, ^ pvOpos vSaro^ iropfvopivov 

1 9 /Siigi, ^ icrviros din;i<^s Karappiirropfytov irerpow, yj 
aKipnavnov (oW BpopiOi oBtiopvp'o^, rj wpvopwfav dm/i^c- 
ordrciN^ Orfpvuxv <lxovr], rj avravaxXjtapfvrf Ik fcoiXordrcoK 
optiov rjxyi, irapc\ixrcv avrovs iicKJioPovvTa, *OXos yap 

20 6 KoapLOS Xapkirpta KarcXd/iTrcro ^o>ri, ical dvc/Li7ro84bTois 

21 (TUKCixcro ipyoL'S. Mofois 8c Ikcivois circrcraro jSapcia 
vvf, ciicwv rou /AcXXovTos avTOvs SuiB€\€aOai ctkotovs, 
^avrots 8^ ^(rav papvrtpoL cr/cdrovs. 

18 Tots 8c 60-ibis o^ov peyurrov ^v ^u>s> o>v ffxayrjv /icv 
dicovovTCs, popi^rjy 8c ov^ opcjvTCs^ on ficv ovv k^cifoi 

2 lircTrdi^CMrov, ipaxapiiov, otl hi ov pXarrrown rrpo^ 
TfBiKrjpivoi, cyxapurrovo'i, iceu rov Sicvc^^i^at X^^^ 

3 iSiovTO. 'Avff Stv TTvpi^cy^ orvAov, ohriyov pJcy 
ayviofrrov 68ot3ropi(Qis, ^\iov 8c afiXaPrj <l>t\oTtpov (evi* 

4 rcias irapcVxcs. ^Af«H /ack y^ ^kcivoi (rrtprfOrjvat 

Wisdom XVII. 3— XVIII. 4. 

the eternal proTidenoe. ^ For while they supposed 
to lie hid in their secret sins, they were scattered 
under a dark Teil of forsetfulness, being horribly 
astonished, and troubled with [strange] appari- 
tions. ^ For neither might the comer that neld 
them keep them from fear: but noises fas of 
waters] falling down sounded about them, and 
sad yisions appeared unto them with heavy coun- 

* No power of the fire might gire them lisht : 
neither could the bright flames of the stars endure 
to lighten that horrible nigfht ^Only there ap- 
peared unto them a fire kindled of itself, yery 
dreadful : for beins; much terrified, they thought 
the things which they saw to be worse than the 
sight they saw not. 'As for the illusions of art 
magic, they were put down, and their vaunting 
in wisdom was reproved with disgrace. ^For they, 
that promised to drive awav terrors and troubles 
from a sick soul, were sick themselves of fear, 
worthy to be laughed at. 

*For though no terrible thing did fear them : 
vet being scared with beasts that passed by, ana 
hissing of serpents, '^ they died for fear, denying 
that they saw the air, which could of no side oe 

" For wickedness, condemned by her own wit- 
ness, is very timorous, and being pressed with 
conscience, always forecasteth grievous things. 
'^ For fear is nothing else but a betraying of the 
succours which reason ofiereth. ^And the ex- 
pectation from within, being less, counteth the 
ignorance more than the cause which bringeth the 
torment. ^* But they sleeping the same sleep that 
night, which was indeed intolerable, and which 
came upon them out of the bottoms of inevitable 
hell, ** were partly vexed with monstrous appari- 
tions, and partly fainted, their heart failing them : 
for a sudden fear, and not looked for. came upon 
them. '^ So then whosoever there fell down was 
straitly kept, shut up in a prison without iron 
bars. '^ For whether he were husbandman, or 
shepherd, or a labourer in the field, he was over- 
taken, and endured that necessity, wliicb could 
not be avoided : for they were all bound with one 
chain of darkness. 

** Whether it were a whistling wind, or a melo- 
dious noise of birds among the spreading branches, 
or a pleasing ftdl of water running violently, ^' or a 
terrible sound of stones cast down, or a running 
that could not be seen of skipping beasts, or a 
roaring voice of most savage wild beasts, or a 
rebounding echo from the hollow mountains: 
these things made them to swoon for fear. * For 
the whole world shined with dear light, and none 
were hindered in their labour: 2»over them only 
was spread a heavv night, an imag[e of that dark- 
ness which should afterward receive them : but 
yet were they unto themselves more grievous than 
the darkness. 

Nevertheless thy saints had a very great light* 
whose voice they hearing, and not seeing their 
shape, because they also had not sufiered the same 
things, they counted them happy. * But for that 
they did not hurt them tu>io, of whom they had 
been wronged before, they thanked them, and be- 
sought them pardon for that they had been 
enemies. '^Instead whereof thou gavest them a 
burning pillar of fire, both to be a guide of the 
unknown journey, and a harmless sun to enter- 
tain them honourably. < For they were wQrih?x ^ 

Wisdom XVIII. 5—25. 72 20*IA 2AAQM0N. 

be deprived of light, and imprisoned in darkness, ^a>ro?, icai ^vXaxio^vat cv ckotci, oi icaraicXciaTOVS 

who had kept thy sons shut up, by wbom the i\/> % t/ ^* ^ f w i i^iL. _^_^ 

uncorrupfc light of the law was to b J given unto ^^Wavrcs tovs vioi^ <rov, «i cui/ i/mcMc to a^fSaprw 

the world. vofuw xJHtiq ra> auon otSoo'^at. 
* And when they had determined to slay the BovAcvo'afici'ovs ^ avrovs ra twv ocruav axoicr^'ai 5 

multitude of their children, and destroyedst them iXeyxpv to aimuF a9€iA(i> tAi^o^o? tckfcdv, xai Ofiothh' 

aU together in a mighty water. 'Of that niffht were ^^y dinaXco-as ^ vSaTi o4o8p«. 'EiceiVii w vuf 6 

our lathers certified afore, that assuredly knowing ' , ^ , , « • » j \ « »^ / ♦ 

unto what oaths they had given credence they vpoe/vwrOvi narpaaiv rjfiuiv, iva dur^aAiPS cidorcs oic 

might afterwards be oi good cneer. ^irtorciKroy opKOi^, iircu&vfJLyawcri, 
7 So of thy people was accepted both the salva- UpoatBixOrj 3c vtto Xaov aov cunrjpCa ficv iuc(utay, 7 

^rmf//'.'F?/&wiAo1fffi^^^^ oii? ixerySii,r,!A^. \Q yap ir.,.opj^ roi, ^r^i«v., 8 

adversaries, bv the same thou didst glorify us, Toury 17/ias Trpoo-fcoAco-aficvos €Oo{a<ras. Kpv^ yop 9 

whom thou hadst caUed. »For the righteous ^^vo-ia{ov oatoi ircuScs dya^wv. #cai tov tw ^ciotittos 
children of good men did sacrifice secretly, and , r , /^//) '*. >*.« /%»/»•» 

with one consent made a holy kw, that the saints vofxov iv ofiovoiq. ouO€irro, nav avTwv o/LUKa>$ #cat ayaCtenr 

should be like partakers of the same good and evU, ,^aX kw^vvuxv U€rakn\l/€(r6ai rovs ovtbvs, wut^kw wSw 
the fathers now singmg out the songs of praise. v / '^ »'^ ' 

wpoava/jLiAirovTUiV awoxs* 

noise was carried abroad for children that were pcro tfprqvovp.€ywv ircubiav, OfMUjf. 0€ OLKfj 00VA09 ofUL 1 1 

H'TS'^®^- "The master and the servant were pun- Scottotw KoXoo-^cts, xal SwucJtw? jSoo-iXci Ta awa ira^^ 
ished after one manner ; and like as the king, so t^ "a ^^ ^\ * 1 «> » ^ zj / ^ in 

sufiered the common person. Ofiomtfiabov 0€ ttcivtcs iv cvt ovofiari Uavarov vcicpovs 1 J 

" So thejr all together had innumerable dead ^'^X9^ dvopt^/A^ovs, ovSc yap irpos to ^a^at ol {cmtcs 

wiUi one kind of death ; neither were the living ^av ucavol, irrtl wpo^ iiiav pmrriv » ivTUJLOT€pa yo^o-is 

son of the enchantments; upon the destruction of ^a^^r. ,.5A« \«X.. 1t««. 'm^C*,**,. -.^A^ ^..»CU •P«».«%i^U«.» 14 

the firstborn, they acknowl^Kcd this people to be ®^ov viov W clvai. Hot/xov yap 0-17075 vepuxovar/f 14 

the sons of God. ^* For while all things were in ra Trarra, fcou wktos iv lOup Ta;(ci /Aco-oj^oixn;?, o irmro- Id 

from heaven out of thy royal throne, as a fierce airoTOfios TroM/Jnarrj^, cis fi€<rov rrj^ oAc^pias tfAaro 

man of war uito the midst of a knd of destruction, y^ ^Cd>oi ^ ^ dvwroKptTOv imrayrjv <rov €^€pw,lS 

"and brought thine unfeigned commandment as ' \ > , x / ' n / ^ /» / ' '% > « x 

a shaiT) sword, and sUnding up filled all things * ^i oras cirAi/p<iKre Ta wavTa e^avarov icai ovpavov fuy 

with death; and it touched the heaven, but it wttcto, B(BnK€i ^ cVi yn?. Tore iropaYpwoa ^avrooxeu 17 

stood upon the earth. *' Then suddenly visions of \ . '5 ^j*'^ » ^JL'^ iii i—J' 

horrible cb-eams troubled them sore, and terrors /^^ ovcipwv Scivcos i(€rapa(av avrous, <^/foi di i1^«m^ 

came upon them unlooked for. " And one thrown (ray aBoKTjTOi «cai oXAos oAAavn pi<^€i9 if/JuOv7fnK, Bi IS 

here, and another there, half dead, shewed the * ^/l.«^^-„ «?•/«,# ^^^A^.^./'J^ nJ ^A« ;i:,/«f/«Af /)/trM./3i;L IQ 

cause of his death. i»For the dreams that troubled ^ ce^nTcrjccv oituiv ^€<^i^ev. Oi jap w€ipoi ^opv^^ 151 

them did foreshew this, lest they should perish, o-avTC9 avrovs, tovto irpo€firpnxrav, tva firf ayi^oovircs Oi 

and not know why they were afflicted. g ^^^q^ irdtrxovatv, diroAoivTai. 

» Yea.the tasting of death touched therighteous *Hi^aTo 8c Koi Sucauav Trcipa Savdrov, koI Opawrts ir 20 

also, and there was a destruction of the multitude j'v' \'ij »\\»»j> — \^f A 

in the wUdemess : but the wrath endured not ^P^^W ^cvcro vXrfiov^- oAA ouk irri voKv €fi€iv€y v 

long. ^^ For then the blameless man made haste, opyi;. S^rcvo'a? yap Ayrjp afJL€fiirTo^ 7rpO€fid)(rfa'€' to 21 

and stood forth to defend them; and bringing _;i- :Stf„^ \ *.-.*>,. «*./^<. X^\^mm m'^^^^^r^,, ir/.) /)*•.« «/fi.A««w» 

the shield of his proper ministry, even prayer, ^ />«»5/«T0i;pyias ottAov, irpoaeuxnv Kai (hjfiMfMW 

and the propitiation of incense, set himself against €(iAa<Tfiov KOfiura^, avT€<mfj rt^ uvpM, kox Trcpac hrt&tjKt 

i«5 I'^f^' *°1 ?i ^^'^lu '^^ calamity to an ^ <n;u6opa, Scwvvs ori cro? eWi ^cpainov. 

end, declaring that he was thy servant. "•^T^^'^U x • x • , AT *. / » 00 

_, _, , , , ]ijvucna-€ 0€ tov oyAov ovk utyvi tov criofiam, ovy ^^ 

" So he overcame the destroyer, not with might •x t ' »\\^\' >\'^ «' *J^ 

of body, nor force of arms, but ^th awoi^ sSb- ^^^^^ •vepyct^, oAAa A^^ tov KoAafovro vircrofor, 

dued him that punished, alleging the oaths and opKOVi varipiav Kai oiaOrfKa^ inrofivrjau^. 'Snaprrjobv yap 23 

another, standing between, he stayed the wrath, oviKOifft ti^v opyrjv, kol Cuaxurt rrjv vpoi tovs (wiras 

and parted the way to the living. »« For in the ^y, ^^l y^p ^oSiJpovs ^vuaTOS ^ 0A05 6 icocruos. 24 

long garment was the whole world, and in the n / ^w , x / \ '/» \ **» ^ ^ ( 

four rows of the stones was the glory of the ««* nar€p<av bo^i ftri TCTpaarixov AiC'ov yAv^, icai 

fathers graven, and thy M^estv upon the diadem ucyoAoxrvn? aov ivl Bvahnuaroq KifhaXrk airov. 

of his head. *• Unto these the destroyer gave m ' ?/ « »\ /i ^ ^» ^^ ij^ o '/l. ♦or 

pUce, and they were afraid of them : for it was Tovrois clfcv o oAo^pcvwv. Tavra Sc i<fiofiij6rf(Tair -qv 25 

enough that they only tasted of the wrath. yap fiovij ^ ircipa t^s ^py^s Lean}. 


19 Tote 64 i/TiPlat y-ixP^ rAovt dvcXcq/uui' Bviuk 

2 Ivixm)- irpcrffki yop avraai not to fiiXXovra, on av-roi 
iwurrpal/aym lov Awfivai, noi fi*ra inrm£!j^ irpo- 

3 Ttifiijiavm avrovf , Stufavirt fi(Tii>i(A,i}tfnm. *£ri yap 
iv XV^'* 'X'"''^ ^'^ iriv&tj, Kcu irpotroSypo^cvOi ra^oti 
I^Kpuv, Iripov CTtcnrao'aVTO Xoyiir^K dvoias, KOt ow 
uccTciJoi-TCf iii^aXov, Toi/rovt uf i^vya&is JSuuKoi', 

4 EtXxc yofi avToif ^ dfta /iri tovto to inpat dvaym}, 
Kot TUk (Tu^jSf^ijiioTun' d^viTOTiav ivf^aXtv, iva t^ 
Xcurotxroi' tok ^fKravoti vpoavarXifpuowcrii' KoXacrti'- 

5 Noi o fi(v Xaot <rov jrapa&o^oy oSotvopiar rtpaa-g, 
ixtiVM Si ^ivov tupuurl OaraTOV. 

6 'Okij yop 7 mlirit iv iSiui yivti n-oAiv aKiotftc Sk- 
nnroOro, vtnjprrovij-a toTc ISuut ^iniyoK, u« di troi 

7 iraiSfs ^vXa;($uirLV aPXa^tK. H rqi' iraptp.poXijr o-kui- 
{ovcra vt<pA-ri, ck S( Tpoij^cfrrwrot u&tTOt fijpat dva- 
Sixrts y^s tdiuip^^, <£ ipv6pai daXaa^np oSof dvc^iro- 

8 StoTOf, Kai jifXoij^/iov irtSioi' Jk kXvSiiivos fiuxiov. Si ov 
■ravfBvi SiTJXBov 01 t^ a^ <7K(irii{ofi(Fa( X"P'' ^'^fiV 

9 travTt^ 6aVfLa<Tra ripara. 'Qi yap tinrot iyin^q&nirav, 
Kol uif iiivoi SuoKipTTpTm', atvovvrh ct, Kvpu lov 

] pvofityoy airovi. 'Efiifivrprro yop In tSiv h rj 
irapooii^i avrSiv, ttSk irrl piv ytvanoK ^oian' i$-qyoyiv 
^ y^ aicviim, avrl Sc tvuSpuv i^piiiaio o Troraniii 
wkijBoi fiarpajfiav. 

1 1 'E^' iirripifi Si itSov Kai viav yatmv Spviiav, Sri 

1 2 lriBvp.(^ irpoaxOirTK n'nJiTaiTO iSttr/iara rpv^^. E« 
■yap irnpa^uflut^ aytjii) nurow iiro ftiXntrtrTt (5pTv*o. 

1 3 )t-'^p'', not al Tifuupuu TOtV afiapnikoK iinjk6ov, bw 
nvtv TUB' yfyovomiv TtK/i^/iuui" Tp ^I'y Tuiv Kfpavrtlv 
SuaiiiK yo^ iToir^v raij i&'ais avriiiv Tovijp'ai;- icai 

1 4 yiip jifoXtntdTcpav /iuroitviay Isrr^tinrav, 01 /liv yap 
Tt)tr9 ^yvoovrraf ovk iot^yro TTOpoiraf, oirrot oi <u- 

15 </>yr>'<if fcforv JSouAoOrro. Kai oil /lovov, oAA' ^i; 
JnuTKtnr^ (oroi auruv, jni Jire^i^Ouit TpocriS^oiTO rout 

1 6 dAXorpiovf* ot Si fiira (oprcur/iaTbiv (itrjcfa/itvoi tok 
^Srj Twy avruiv fieraryijKOTai SiKaiiay Stivots ixoKiMrav 

1 7 ToivK. 'Evk^qyjjaay S( vai uopaaif , uKnrtp iKtlvoi lirt 

Tots Toij SlKOlOU OvpOK, OTl i)(ttVtl TTiptjSX'l^nT^tS (TKOTd, 

SxatrrK tQv alrov Ovpotv r^ StoSov j£^(i. 

1 8 ^1' iavrSiy yap ra crroi^^cui ^c^opfiofo^fva, iiKnrtp iv 
tpaXnipuf ^Soyyai roC pvOiiov to ovopa SuOAaairmxTi, 
vavtoTt piirovTa ^}^, owtp iariy thtaaai ix t^ tuv 

1 9 yryovOTUF o^uk uiipijSwt. Xtpaota yop (i; imSpa 

20 litTtfidkXrTO, Kai vijicri fX(T(/3aiv(i' ori y^s. Hup 
' UTj^wrcy' 'v u&iti t^ iSuif Sui^niK. koi iiSuip rTt 

21 fr^SuTTiK^ 8wa/t€tm iireXacflovfTO. *Aoy*s aKaJraAu- 
ti^Oapnav fuiwi' ovk ipjiparat/ iropjca; i^TtpiiniTOW'- 
T«c. oufiJ TTjiTTOV tvi^KTOC KpMrraAXiMi£lj yWOT afippo- 

22 wiw rpoifi^. Kari »d(Ta yop, Kvpit, i[irydXwai 
Tov Aailf o-ou, icai jSofdtras, koi o1j[ WijhiSk, iy wavri 
Ktupu Noi Tinry vatpurrafitvot. 

WliDOK XIX. 1—22; 

Ai for tlie ungodly, wrath cams upon Uiem 
williont inercy unto the end : for be knew before 
what they would do; 'how thnt hsring giren 
them leare lo depart, and lent them haatiiy ftwar, 
thej would repent and puriue them. ' For whilit 
they were jet mourning and makii ' 

at the graves of the dead, they 

fooligb deriee, and pursued them at fugitii 
whom they had intreated to bo gone. ' For the 
destiny, whereof they were wortliy, drew them 
unto this end, and made them forget Ihs thing* 
tliat had already happened, that they might full]] 
ths puniahment whicli waa wanting to their tor- 
ment*! 'and that thy people might p« as through 
a wonderful wayj but they might Gnd a strange 

' For the whole creature io hla proper lind waa 
faahioued again anew, serving the peculiar com- 
mandmeDts that were gireir unto them, that thy 
children might be kept without hurt: 'tuaaneZy, 
a eloiid shadowing the camp; and where water 
stood before, dry land appeared; and out of the 
Bed sea a way without impediment; and out of 
the TJolent atream a green field : • through which 
sli the people went that were defended with thy 
hand, seeing thy msryelloua strange wonders. 
•For they went st large hkc horses, and leaped 
like lambs, promng thee, O Lord, who hadst do- 
lixered them. " For they were yet mindful of the 
things that were done while they aojoumed in the 
stiange land, how the ground brought forth fliea 
:„-._.j _r _...!. — J 1 .!._ _; jj^j jjp ^ 

" But aftflrward they saw a new generation of 
fowls, when, being led with their appetite, tliey 
asked delicate meats. " For quaila came up unto 
tJiem from the sea for their contentment, "And 
puniahmenta came upon the sinnera not without 
JbrmBr signi by the force of thunders : for they 
luBered justly according to their own wiekedneaa, 
iuBOmucli as they used a more hard and hateful 
behaviour toward strangers. " For the Sodomilit 
did not reccire those, whom (he)f knew not when 
'J came: but these brought friends into bond- 
I, that had weQ deeerred of them. "And not 

them, whom they had Teceivod with feastiuRs, and 
were already made partakers of the sacoe laws 
with tbem. " Therefore even with blindness were 
these stricken, as those were at the doora of the 
righteous man: when, being compassed about 
with hotrlble great darkneaa, erery one sought the 
passage of his own doors. 

by a kind of harmony, like aa in a paaltery nc 
change the name of the tune, and yet are alw 
aounda : which may well be perceired by the sight 
of the things that have been done. " For earthly 
things were turned into watery, and the thinga, 
that before swam in the wafer, now went upon 
the ground. " The fire bad power in (he water, 
forgetting his OWQ virtue: and the water ibrgit 
his own quenching nature, ^'On the otber side, 
the Bamea wasted not the flnh of the corruptible 
iJTing thinga. though they walked therein ; neilhec 
inelt«l they the icy kind of heavenly meat, that 
waa of nature apt to melt, '^ For in all thinn, 
O Lord, thou didat magnify thy people,aiid glorify 
tbem, neither didst thou lightly reianl them: hut. 
didat a«*iat tbem ineveri U.^DAan&'^i&Ee- 

EcciMiASTicrs I. 74 SO*IA SEIPAX. 


The I^ologue to the Wisdom of Jesus UPOAOrOS. 

__ J ^ ^v- , V no A AON Kol iuyaXiav niiiv 8ia tov voftov Kol Twv irpOfhnrStr 

WHEBBASmanyand great things have been ^ « ww - . . ^ » \ a^ * ^5 / 

delivered unto us by the law and the pro- « a* twf aAAu>v t<di' Kar avrou? i/KoAove^Korwv dcdo/icvMr. 

phets, and by others that have followed {yglp ^y g^ov larXv eiraivctv tov *I(rpanX TraiScia? xou aoiUas, 

their steps, lor the which things Israel >#»/ >> ^./ cw . ^s •_ 

ought to^ commended for learning and i^^^^ ^^ MO^^" avrov? toi;9 avaytyoxncovras 6cov itrriv Un- 
wisdom : and whereof not only the readers {rnjfiova^ yiVcc^ai, aXAa Koi rots iicro^ BvyaaSai tov? ^iXo- 

must needs become skilful themselves, but „«i3«r„,,„^ ^«v.,,./.,^,.« *T««. ^*.> \I^.^*^^f ^^i ^#«/f./^i^.iv.o. A 

also they that desire to learn be able to h^ffowra^ Xfl^a^fiov^ ^ clmt xai AcyoKra? «cai ^pa^vras- o 

profit them which are without, both by irainro^ fiov Irjaov^ ctti ttAciov cavrov oovs cis tc t^v tov 

to the reading of the law, and the prophet^ avayvftxriv, Kai €V tovtois txav^ t^iv ir€pnroLrf<rafJLevoi, 

and other books of our fathers, and had -jrponycOn Koi avros (nr/ypdil/ai ti twv ct? TratScuiv xai o-o^av 

gotten therein good judgment, was drawn / '^ ' n . _i \ zi - ^ ' »• ' 

on also himselfto write something pertain. anjKOVTWi', ottcds oi </»iAo/AaC^e49, kqi tovtwv cvoxoi ycvo/ACFOi, 

ing to learnin|f and wisdom ; to the intent ttoXAxo uoAXov iirLirpoaOCxTL Bia tws iwotiov jSiaxrccos. 

that those which are desirous to learn, and ^ 

are addicted to these things, might profit UapaKiKXtfaSt otv fier cvvoias fcou 7rpoa'0)(rjs rijv dvdyywrat 

much more in Uving according to the law. ^^.j^^ ^^i .nryyv^finv <yciv €>' ols &K Soicwficy rwv Kark 

Wherefore let me intreat you to read it x , ', 1 \ > ^ y ^ >. ,u ^^ « , 

with favour and attention, and to pardon Tiyv cp/xijvctav w€</»tAo7ron7/icvwv Tict t«df Ac^ccuv ddwa/iciv ov 

us, wherein we may seem to come short of yap lo-o^wauci aura iv cavrots *Ei3pato-Ti Acyoucva, kou orav 

Bomewords,whichwehavc]aboured to inter- ' ' /12 »t/ x*- r\» * s>'' »\\> ^ 

pret; forthesamethingsutteredinHebrew, Mf^X^? «« CTcpav yAwcraav. Ov fiovov 5c Tavra. oAAa koi 

and translated into another tongue, have avros 6 vofio,^, Kal at Trpo^iTTCiai, Kai ra Xoiira rdv ^i)3Xiiur 

not the same force in them. And not only » ,.-^«a« ^«*. •^i. Ji<»A<v^A» J^ i»«.»^?^ \^.^..«.» 'ir.. ^.x^ -/*. 

these things, but the law itself, and the V^ft"'f^K *X" "?»' dca^opav cv coyrois Aryo/xcvo. Ev yap tw 

prophets, and the rest of the books, have no oyooo) Kai rpuiKoano crct c^ri tov Evcpycrov pao-cAc<i>s irapa* 

thirtieth year coming into Egypt, when iraioctas a^fiouxy ayayKouyrarov €U€firjv avroc Trpoo-cvcy- 

Euergetes wm king, and continuing there KaaOaC riva o-irov8wv #cai d>tXoiroviav tov uc^cpuwcwoi tiii^ 

some time, 1 found a book of no small x />'o\ \ \ > x # f > j / 

learning: therefore 1 thought it , most rriv pipAov woAArjv yap dypviBTtav #cai <7rMrTi;/i»7v »po<rcvfy- 

necessary for me to bestow some diligence xaucvo? iv tw StaornuaTi tov \p6vov, trpcs to ^1 Trtpoi 

and travail to interpret it: using great ».^,^ x p o\' » S' /a ^ ^^ > ^ > o \ 

watchfulness and skUl in that space to ^y^^ra to ^i^Atov c#cSoa^i, icai tois cv tji irapoiKU^. /JovAo- 

bring the book to an end, and set it forth ^cvotc ifuXo/iaOtiv, vp9Karaa'K€va(,0fJLiv0L'i Ta nOvj iv voum 

for them also, which in a strange country Qurrcvtiv 

are willing to learn, being prepared before A^«*"*"**»'» 
in manners to live after the law. 

All wisdom eometh from the Lord, and is 

with him for ever. 'Who can number the ttA'SA tmtktt, «-M/tA ITim/rn. *•/.) *i«^*o,V^r. J^^..# «;<. »A^ ^fr..^ 1 

sand of the sea, and the drops of rain, and rf^^^ ^^*"* ^T^ '^yP'^' '^^^ M«^ avrov corcv «? tov oloiw. 1 

theda^sof eternity? 'Who can find out Afifiov uaAaaawv Kai orayovas verov koi i^ficpac aiaivos t« 2 

'tire a,'nn1 ];^7:'e^:i;ia'^t^^''' '' liapSi^<ru; ^fo, o^pav6v Kal .Xc£to. y^s Kal dfiva^ ical 3 

< Wisdom hath been created before all <roKt>Lav ri^ €^Lxyia<T€i ; 

things, and the underetandine of priidence UpoTcpa iraWcDv CKTwrrai oro<ita, koi crvvco-is <^povncrca»$ tf 4 

from everlasting, 'lo whom hath the root ^j*- Vt»/«. ,/ ^ . \/*/i ^ > / i? 

of wisdom been revealed ? or who bath <"^<"^o«- ^ *^^« cro</»tas tivi dntKaKvipfhj ; Kai ra vavovpyevfiara 6 

known her wise counsels ? avT^ tis cyi^o) ; 

SO^IA 2EIPAX. 75 EccLESiASTicua I. 8— II. 9. 

8 EU i<Trt ao6o9 <t>oB€poq <r6oSpa KoBnutvoi M rov Opovov 'There is one wise and gK»tly to be feared, 
o » -* IT' » X • * ^ ^ w ^ *>. 'z» the Lord sitting upon his throne. *He 

J avTov Kvpi09 avTo? cicrurev avn^v, kou, cidc Kai iiii)pLtffirja-€v created her, and saw her, and numbered 

lOavTW, KOt ^jcYCCK auTW liri ^tura ra loya avrov. Mcra her. and P9ured her out upon aU hw works. 

^j \ ^ \ ^si' »« ^j''— ^ »^ *** She if with all flesh according to his gift, 

ir<un;s aapKOi Kara rrjv Soaiv avrou. kol iyofniYVT€v avrrjv ^^^ y^^ y^^^ gi^en ter to them that love 

rote dyamoaiv avrov* him. 

^ / > / "The fear of the Lord is honour, and 

1 1 ^6^0^ Kvpiov S6(a KOL Kav)(rffJLa kcu €v<^po(rvvrj xai trtl' glory, and gladness, and a crown of re- 

I2*am dyoAAuWro*. ^^o, Kvp&v Wp-^ct k,^^.^ tt^^ll^^r^lt^t^J^, 
1 3 danrci cv^pooi^ioTV kou x^pav kox fiaKp07ffiip€va'LV. Ta» fpopov- and long life. ^ Whoso leareth the Lord, 

» »» 

a«T0« tvprfTU yapiv, „ ^^ ^^ ^^^ j^^ j, ^^^ beginnin? of 

HA\ f/iO'«/) %i:^^ ^ > «•> wisdom : and it was created with the faith- 

A.pxq aotpLOi tftoPwrdai rov 0€ov, kcu /Acra wkttwv cv ful in the womb. » She hath built an ever- 

15 MiTTpa (TWiKTurBn avroi?. Kai acra 6iV0pwndv BttLtkuov lasting foundation with men. and she shall 

»«»/ \ ^**^ .M* .^ai continue with their seed. "To fear the 

oauvos ^oo-o-cvo-e, Ktti /icra tou OTrcp/iaros avrwv €fiirurrtyerj^ j^^ i, f^j^eg, of wisdom, and fiUeth men 

16 ccTcu. nXi^or/LU)!^ co^uxs ^jScto'^at Tov Kvpcov, KOt fic^o'KCt with her fruits. '^She filleth all their 

1 7 »A^m^.o jC-J^ -./\« .*»«v«./\» <.?.-^^ TT/^i^/. loAo ^.<./%M <.«'m.CU ^f. house with things desirable, and the gamers 

17 avrovs diro t<dv icapirw avri;s.^ Uavra tok o&cov avn^ €^- ^th her increaj^. "The Wof the Lord 

irArj(r€i imJ^fjurffjiaTiav, kol ra airooo\€ia airo rwv ytwrffJLanav is a crown of wisdom, making peace and 

18 oAfi,. irifayo, .o^Uj ^^« Kyov. WoU^v .^ PfjfToJj^^lf .WttwlX'^fuo'SS: 

1 9 KCU vyictav wurcws* trrumffiriv Kai yvuxrw owco-ccus i^oifxfiprfat, stending.and exalteth them to honour that 
KCU S6(av Kparovtmov avrrjs avv^vi(Tt, ho\ii her fast. 

^ The root of wisdom is to fear the Lord, 

20 'Pt^a (TwAias fhoBtUrOu rov Kvpiov, Kai oi kXoSo* oww gn^ the branches thereof are lonj Ufo. 
rt, / ^ J^» ^ / /L ^ 99 9 /)«''* A furious man cannot be justified; for 

21 ftaKpoifjfi€p€v<n^, Ov Swrja-erat Crv/ios dbucoq bucauathfvaf the sway of his fury shall be his destruo- 

22 V yap poirn rov Oviiov avrov mwis avrw. 'Eois Kaipov AvO- tion. « A patient man wUl bear for a time, 
'± fA \ V » '* *» s ' »li. ' and afterward joy shall spring up unto 

^tfcToi fiaKpoevfios, Kat ixrrcpoF avry avabuxrtt €Vftipo(rvvrj. y^^ a Ho wUl hide his wgrds for a time, 

23 £(i>9 KatDOv Kpv\b€L rove Xoyove avrciv, koI X^^^V ^('Cn^v and the lips of many shall declare his wis- 

OA iM-^i^J^^^, ^^..^... «.»-.«r. »"ir,, /L.^»,.^/>7^ ^/>A/^<. -..«^-« dom. *• The parables of knowledge are in 

24 CKdiTyTcrerai ot;v€^iv aurou. Ev &tj(ravpoK aoj,m% irapa- ^^^ treasures Sf wisdom : but ffocfliness is 

25 poKri iirumjfitfq, potAvypia 0€ a^aprtaAu} Biotrtptui, ^E^ttc- an abomination to a sinner. ^ If thou de- 

26 0-01 avnjv. So^ta yap Kai iraihtla, if>6po^ Kvpiov, koL 17 the fear of the Lord is wisdom and instruo- 
cvSoKta awTou wicms Kai Trp^orrjs. f?on : and faith and meekness are his de- 

*' «/ « / ^,,< ™ /« , /'^' rT/i /*^ *x f thou art poor; and come not unto him 

29 Kapot^ 010-07;. M17 vn-OKpiCT/c cv arofiaatv avupunnxv, Kai iv with a double heart. ^9 Be not a hypo- 

30 rot? YCiA^o-i a-av vpotrex^. Mw l^inlfov o-cavrov, iKa uw crite in the sight of men. and take good 

f ^ ^ i , '^ J^ t ^ ' 7 ^ * X . \f,' heed what thou speakest. "Exalt not 

ircoiys. Kai iirayayyi tq ^fvyjO crov ari/uav- koi dTroKaAv^ct thyself, lest thou fall, and bring dUhonour 

Kvpios ra Kpvtrra aov, Koi iv ULtXTia awaytayrk KarajScXci o-f upon thy soul, and so the Lord disooyer thy 

V » '^x/i j.'o XT * ^ < 5^' \' secrets, and cast thee down m the midst of 

OTi OV TrpwniKBt% </k)^<- Kvpiov, koi iq Kapha orov irkripi^ the congregation, because thou camest not 

ioXov. in truth to the tear of the Lord, but thy 

heart is full of deceit. 

2 TcKVOV €1 irpo(Tipxa^ SovXcyciv Kvp«|i 0c$, hoipMrov t^k My son, if thou come to serve the Lord 

2 ^kvynv KTOV CIS ir€ipaauj6v. "EvOwov rnv Kap&av crov koi Kap- God, prepare thy soul for temptation. *Set 

«/ >\/ • '»i_ *» V wjjlL- thy heart anght, and constantly endure, and 

3T€pi7<rov,^ Kai /117 cnrcvoi/s cv Kaip<ji lirayiijyi/s. KoAAi;ft;Tit nuJke not haste in time of trouble. »aeave 

4 avr<u KCU prj dTroor^f, iva avdjBfj^ or' ia^dnov axjv. Hay o unto him, and depart not away, that thou 

i^y'i.axei <ro.. 8^c, koI iy dAAjJy^. ra^ra,^ aov SSi;rr'i^biS^pS"^^irtilSchJ^X 

5 pMLKpoOvfirfcov. On iv irvpi OOKipaJQirai )(pv(ro^, kou av&pumoi and be patient when thou art changed to a 

6 ScKTOi iv Ka/iivcD raircivaiflrcws. Hwrrcvo-ov avrw Kai dn-i- low estate. • For gold is tried in the fire, 
".,. , '^^/i* y t^ , ^ »v • .* . / r\* and acceptable men in the furnace of adTcr- 

7 Mj^trai <rov, cvcnn'ov ras odovs o-ov kcu cATrio-ov cir avrov. Ot gity. s jJelieve in him, and he will help 

4>oBavuj€voi rov Kvpiov, AvaueivaTC ro c\cos avrov, Kai uw thee; order thy way aright, and trust in 

e^t\tw X ' rk« ^ /> ' V" ' him. 7 Ye that fear the Lord, wait for his 

S^kkAivittc iva /iiy irtaitfTt, Oi KfiofSovfUvoi Kvpiov Trwrrcv- mercy ; and go not aside, lest ye fall. *Ye 

9 crorc avr{», Kat o^ un wraurn 6 luxrOo^ vuwv. Oi d>oBoV' that fear the Lord, believe him; and your 

«- 7 .\ ' » 2. /i^ > » rx ' •- reward shall not fail. » Ye that fear the 

fL€voi Kvpiov cXiriorarc cis dya^a, Kai ci? cv^poorvip aiu>vos Lord, hope for good, and for ererkstin^w 

icai iXiovi, and mercy* 

EccLEBiiBTicna II. 10— III. 20. 76 204IA SEIPAX. 

"Lookat thegenerstionaofdd.andieej "EfifiktilniTt th ipx^i ycwAj «ai JSfTi, Ti's h/€witrTtvat 10 

mnfoundedVoVdld Mr abide in hi. f«" ^^P^ "<« "WA*? ; 7 Ti's A^nw T^ *<JA> o*rov W 

■od n-as rorsaken? or whom did he erar iyKaTtXtlit>$ii ; i) ti{ (n-iKoAicraTO airov, mu Vir^KtStr 

Buffering, aud very pitifiil, and foreiTeth ofiapTiM, Kai aioiti iv KOtpui Mi^ttiK. OwM KOpSiaK 13 

the linner that goeth two way>l ovo rpifiovi. 

"Woauntohiro that ufiunthearted! for „, , „, . » , > e> r _■ ifl 

he bflUe»eth not; therefore ahall he not be Own Kop&f Bnpfifitioj, ori oO xkttomi. Sui tOvtO Ov (nc«- 13 

defended. " Woe unto vou that hare loit waaSnirtTai. Ofial iiuv tois droXuXwao'l twi" vwmoin», 14 

e^ienoe! and what will jt do when the \ ! • ^ , , ' v • 

rd .^ viait. j-c.\l ? *"" '■' '™*'?^T* o™" *T«rK«m7Tiu o Kvpw; 

" They that ftar the Lord will not dis- ^ ^ ^ , - » 

obey his wordi and the}- that love hioi will O! AoBaiatVQi KviHOv Ova dim^mrQutri Aniaaruv aCroS, nu ]5 

isr S"& ;Si7i."';',urii;'s s -i ■ir.™,"- •«. ™t^™.,. ,« i&i, .w. oi ♦.^ ^ 

him; and tbeytlmt loTB liim (hall be filled ^troi Kipu)*' i^tfnjirovirty tiSoKiav aurou, koi oI iyamMTtt 

•ouli in hi« eight, "snyinq. Wo will fall tfrovioffowTt KopSuii aimuv, Koi ftfiirioi' avrov ravvutiKTOiNn 

into the hand* of the Lord, and not. into ^j livvae oiriuv. "Eiin-ctrovutflo tis Yttpos KiiQiou, KOt owe IB 

the handa of men : for ta his majetty ii, bo , ^ .■^ , . , '^j , "^ , v"^ - , '^- . , 

i* hia merer. *" X"^^ lUvpuTui'- ok yap ^ ficyaAwcrvi^ aOrov, oituk koi 

H«r me jonr fathw, O children and do ^o Vitoi aurov. 
thereafter, that je may be safe. ' For tliB 

Lord hath given tbe father hopouroTer the ■^^- „5 ,QTpis diMWOT. .«,>.,»-» -l.<i« ->»,, 

chihlran, and hath conBnned the autliontj .J^ -n ■• v- ■ iff ' . i . 

of the mother OTer the eons. ' Whoso oiatnrtt. O yap Kiptot iSoiatn rartpa ftn TtKyoK, « 
tpJtixrai iij> vuMi. O ti^um' vmipa i\_ 

__ _ _ _ _ Ko* <!•* 5 itToAprovpi£u(i', o &>{a{iM' ^^T^[)a4 

* Whoso honoureth liia bther shall haTe auroC. 
JOT of Au oiim children : and when he 

BM^eth his prayer, he ehall be he«rd. ' Ho 'O tuum' trartpa tvipiaSnv€mt tiro rtKWov, itttl ir ipipa 6 

that honoureth his father ihaJi hare a long ^> ■ - • _k' 'r, s t't "^^^ _ 

lifeiaSTetlitiiobediLtTntothVl^ra "/"""-OT! «'^<'" ^ .«Ta«<«K7V«Ta^- O &oiutfi»> ^tjcS 

■iiall be a comfort to his mother, ' and ^OR/Hnj/upcvo'Ci, 

will do service unto hie parents, aa to hia _i_.r „„; A. 

' Honour thy father and metier both airoi'. 
in word and deed, that a blossiag may ■— . ^ i . . . > » . ..n a 

coma upon thee from them. • For the E^ fW "i" Aoy^i Ti/M Tov irartpa trov, tva ivtM^ (rot 8 

blessing of, the father establiaheth the tiXoyia vap ovroC. EvAovta vmi wttTpo* anipllu ounmt 9 
bouses of children; but the curse of the / ' ■ c< > i >■ - ii '\ ic c fr i. in 

mother rooteth out foondatioos. "Glory TtKVinv. Karapa St /.ijrpos iKpi^oi Ot^*^- Mij )>o{a{ou fr 10 

not in the dishuoour of thy father; for ijifiif iraTpov uov, ov yap (0T( uai Sofd xttrpoj irifua. H 11 

S^^W it'SKToi" .° ™": /™ 7-p s*- wpr"" " 'w "'(^ "''"■ "^ ^'^ ''"»< 

the honour of his Esther ; and a mother p-tptip iv dSofi^. 

in dishonour is a reproach to the children. ^ , . > > , 

" My son. help thy father in his age, Tckvov, dniAB^oD Iv y^p<f waTpm crou, sat fiij Xinr^oj^ 12 

and grieve him not m long as he liTeth. attror tv rn t-m ai/rov. Kiv AiroKuTrn trvvanv. <rvywtuunr 13 

"And if his understanding fad, hare pa- , ■ ". ," , r ■■ i ' r •- 'iA u 

tience with him; and despise him not when *X*' """ *"I aTifusirgi airrov iy wcutj layvi^ oov,^ i^Aoj^u)- 14 

thou art in thy full strength. "For the qtm yop mrpos ovit ijriAiJo^TOxrai, Kai iyrl ifiapriutr 

to build thee up. " In the day of thine (yftjtrfrai o'ov Ck rv&a ^i -waytrtf, ovrott diMAutf^cnHTat 

affliction it shall be rememberBO : thy sins _• •„___.', 

also shall rael t away, a* the ice in the (air "^ "" "^MV^ot. 

""Hr^iat'forsaketh his father is as a '^ ^X<ur^/ios & fyitaTaXiwiv varipa, Kai KfKanjpofuvof 16 

blasphemer; and he that aiigeretb his vw& Kvpiov o Ttapapyi(,iiv ptjripa ainov. 

mother is cursed of Sod. 

" My eon, go on with thy businMs in Ttio>oi-, if wpaArrjn to ipya ami hiiayt. kqi tin iv$pn- \1 
meekness; so shalt thou be belored of him - - • '■ ■— > • ■ -- 

that is approved. "I'he greater thou art, 
Iho more numble thjself. and thou shalt 
find fcroor before " ' 

_^__^_ I irfaTnfijjtrjj. Oirif ftiya^ fl, rocnurry n 

ihisdf. and thou shalt vov atavmv, aat tvavri Kvpioii cip^nc X'*P'''* 'On 30 
the Lord. ""For the ..--i. - S„^_„'„ -™-i Kuni'mi mi £>^ ti'^ mihiu^ XaA:. 

honoured of the lowly. iftai. 



21 XaXimrrtpd coit ^^ Cv"'! "<■> Icx^wt'V' '">'' M 

22 i^irai/c, 2 irpoo-rrayi; iwt, Tavrn Suivootl- oi yap fori 

23 (rot jQMUl iw Kpinrnv. 'Ep tdis t^ho-itok twi- {pYur 
<rou /i^ TtyMfrfUcnr »A«u>»« yo/> ovft'trctK drfpiomuv 

24 vmSfi;^ A| <ro(. IIoXXow yap ^Xofi^trci' if inrokipfiK 
airrSiv, tau viroivui irovi7pa iiKiirffrjiTt Sutvotas afirun'. 

26 Kcu jyairui' fEwSwor, ^ airrif J^tmrtLTCu- KopSui 

27 <rKXi]pa mucutf^Tnu fo* jc^aran'. KapSui trxX^pa 
/Snpu^ijcrcTcu iraivit, xai o o/MipTuiAof trpoa^ijirfi a/iap- 

28 Tiav i^' o^iaprtOK- "Eiroyiuy^ vircplT^ayov owe Ami' 

29 uuTK, ^OTot" yap loiTjpias t^iiianv iv ovrol- KofSla 
crvifTou SuuwjS^tTai TopajSoA.^f, Hal ovs tUpoaTov 

SO n{)} ^Xoyi£o/(OMi' iwoaplmi vSup, k<u Unffuxnn^ 

31 i^iXajTtmi ifiapTiai. 'O atrajroSiSow ^[itptTas lUiinjriu 

(IS TO. f[(ro raDra, Ktit iv fcoipu irruio'ttiK tfyj^i cmjpiy^a. 

4 Tutvoc, rV t""^ '™^ jrru);(oB /i^ dirodrtp^CT^, ko! 

2 ^^ JTopiAjtiJiTpt i^OaX/ioi* Jiri&Kis. ^vpf^v irtivuiiTai' /(^ 
A-Wr^OTp, Ktti firj nxipopyioTjs ai^po ic diropif airrov. 

3 KopSiav irapopyt<riiivr)v fii] vpoirtapa(rit, ko! /t^ Top- 

4 (XsKfjp 8oiriv irpocrSto/itmu. "Iiienj^ dAi^o/icroi' ^^ 
£iratuiWii>. KOI /(^ iiroaTpt^'pt to iep6a<iiw6r uov &wo 

5 vna}(pv. 'Am Sco/u'rau /t^ dtroffrpc^j/f iifiSaXfioy, kqi 

6 ^^ 5^ TOiroi' dv^puirifi Karap<uro<7^a( cr(. KaTopui^ii^u 
yoip at if JTOtpi'y i/tJX^ avTov, t^ 8«^<oh aurou tmutou- 

7 iTtTCu £ jroi^tras airrov. Upocr^tX^ o*vroyuy^ o'lavrov 

8 TOi<(, Kai fiiyurrdi'i TOTtivoG T^ kc^oXi^ aov. KATfov 
muvu TO oSf iTov, KOI JTroitpi^Trl avrf i^nTKUia iv 

9 ^IftXoii ASmov^tvoi' Ik xtifxK dSixovfrot, icoi ^^ 

1 Aktyo\(ni)(iiirgi iv t^ Kplvtiy tr€. Fivov jp^voit oit 
iror^p, Ktu i.rr\ ilfSpot t^ l^fP* airriav icai (O]} a>f 
uiOT v^KTTOu, nal ayair^ti (r< ^loAAoi' i) /"/njp ffou. 

11 'H awjiia utovs javrf dvv^uHrf, KtH JiriAa^^avrrai 

1 2 rwf fijTovvTWf ovr^" S iyoirtlv avr^ iyair^ C'o'P', k"! oi 
^pdpifotm Tpos airip' ^b-Xijo-C^oktoi tv^ftoawt/^. 

13 'O KpaTwi' avT^ icXi^pora/i^iTCi Sofav, kiu oB cWq- 
14p<i!<Tai c£X<ryi}a'« KtjaiK- OI Xarpcijovrre awj XtiToup. 

V^trouotv 'Ayu|i, Hat ro^ dyunwraf ajrr^)' dyairfi o Kupuit. 

15 O VTroKOWav avr^S tpiKi ii?l^, Kui 4 rpoirtXBioi' nvrg 

16 KaTtuTKiTViMrH irtjroiftis. "Bav Ipn-urrnJtrjjt, KaTOKXijpm'O- 
fojcms aMp/, KOI fo KdTiicrjjOMi. (iroiTiu oi ycvfoi aurotl. 

17'Ort &«rrpii^;io'«iisiropcumu fUr'auToB ft-irpoiroic ipu/lotr 
Sf KIU SiiXuiv (irofd ^ir avrov, KOi Pturavarti airov iv 
wtuSi^ auT^, «tut oC jfiruTTfUTf) TQ ilnijfj airrov, ml 

1 8 mipairji avrov iv roii Swouu/uunv avr^. Kat iroXu' 
Jiraf^£<i Kor cu&iai' irpot avrov, Kai c^paviT avrov, 

19 mi <i««KaXu^(( avr^ tb Npxnrra auT^. "Eav ait07r^airri$j, 
^KaroXtu^ft airov, kiu vnpoSiMrfi a^rov fis ;i((^at irr<wr((iif 

20 SwnjpifO'ov Koipov Kai ^vXn^ot diro Tovijpov, noi npt 

21 T^ ^"^CTt ffo*" Z*^ aurxinSp. "Eari yap ourxiW 



"Seek not out tbe thiDgs tbat are too bant 
for thee, neither aewcli the thing* that are 
abore thj rtrongth. "But what ii com- 
maiuled thee, think thereupon un^ArervrtfUftf ,- 
for it is not needful for thee to tea unfA 
MiM eta the thingii that ore in aecret. » Be 
not curioui ia unneceuarjr matters -, for mors 
thinn ere eheved unto thee than men under. 
staDO. ** For maur are deeeiTed br their own 
Tain opinion ; and &□ eril auapicion hath OTer. 
thmwD their judgment. 

" A itubbom hcMt ihall fare eTil at the hut ; 
and lie that loveth danger eholl periih there- 
in. "An obitinate heart ihall be laden with 
•orrowi; and the wicked man ahall .heap lin 
upoa tin. * In tbe punisbtnent of the proud 
there ii no remedj; for the plnnt of wickod- 
neia hath taken root in him. "The heart of 
the prudent ^iLl uuderalond a panble ; and 
an attentive ear ii the desire of a wise man. 

' Water will quench a flaming Bre ; and alms 
maketh an atonement for sins, "And he that 
requiteth good tuma is mindful of that wluch 

(»ma liereaftcr ; and when ha ialleth, he 

find a ataj. 

aij ton, de&aud not the poor of hia liring, 
and make not the need]' ei«a io wait long. 
'Hake not a hunnry eoul aorrowfuli neither 
provoke a man in hia diatreu. 'Add not more 
trouble to a heart that ia Tezed i and defer not 
to give to him that ia in need. 'Reject not 
the aupplication of the Bfflict«d ; neither turn 
away tn^ face from a poor man. ' Turn not 
away thine eye from the ueedT, and giie him 
none occaaion to curse thee: 'lor if he curse 
thee in the bittemesi of his soul, hia prayer 
ihall be heard of him that mode him. ' Uet 
thyself the love of tbe congregation, and bow 
thy head to a great man. *Let it not grieve 
thee to bow down thine ear to the poor, and 
give liim a friendly anawer with meeknaaa. 

< Deliver him that aufieretb wrong from tha 
band oF the oppreaaor; and be not fainthearted 
when thou aitteat in judgment. " Be aa a 
father unto tbe fatlierleu, and instead of a 
hiuband unto their motheri ao ihalt thou he 
to, the eon of the moet High, and he shall toie 
thee more than thy mother doth. 

"Wisdom eialtetb her children, aod layeth 
hold of them that aeek her. '^ He that lovetU 
her toTBth life i and they that seek to her early 
ibaU be filled with Joy. 

"He that holdeth her fast shall inherit glory: 
ind whereaoever she entereth, the Lord will 

unto her shall dwell securely. ''If a man 
commit himself untfl her. he shall inlicrit her ; 
aud his generation shall hold her in poaaeuioti. 
" For at the fipat she will walk witli him by 
crooked waya, and bring fear and dread upon 
him. and torment him with her discipline, 
until she may Irust hie soul, and try hiui by 
her laws, ""fhen ivill she return the struiBbt 
way unto hiui, ond comfort him. and shew bin, 
her secrets. "But if he go wrong, ahe will 
fbnake him, and give him over to hia own ruin. 
■Obaerve the opportunilr, and beware of 
evil ; and be not aohamed when it ooncemetli 
tlij wul. " For lh«r« U & ibESK^ODiitt.'aniv^^Oa- 

EccLESiASTicus IV. 22— VI. 7. 78 SO*IA SEIPAX. 

sin [ anil there ie ■ sliams wbicli ii glorj and ljrdyav<ra iftapruw, KOi foru' altrjpvr &>fn *ai X'V"^' 

tbee to f&U. ^ And refrain nat to .-ri-'»!i, nlii'n (ii irroKrit- <rov. M^ KuiXuiTf^ Xoyov in Kaip^ (TtanjpuK, 33 

sball b« known: and leaming bj Hid wont of yAiiKrinjt. U^ dvTiAiyc rg dAi^tft, Kai n/ii njt ant- M 

truth: bnt be ebaebod of the erpjr uf 1Iiiiil> , , ^ ' . n •» . - ~ v ^ • ai 

ignorance. »Be not ubuDed to ion foss i1l> "^topTio'S (tov, (tai /iij, pio{ou povy xoTOfiov. Koi ^^ij «) 
jina; and force not tbfl cpurae of tli u ririT. vmxrrpttKnn <rtavTOV &v6aonrw uupw, (ml un \dBm Tooir- 

»Make nottbjaelt an underling (o n faohth s - "ti "^ -^ ^ .' j ' _ « _2_ oa 

manj neither iccept the pereon of the mighty. <™^'' 8vv<WT0V. E<w Tou flavarou Aywvtcnu »V' "?« 28 

■ Strirs for tba truth unto death, and tli£ SXTiSaat, koi KvpUK o @c6s ToXfuntrfi virip (rov. 
Lord shall Gght for thee. '. , . . w - ^ l. • la 

»BBnoth»stjintbyt«iigue,Bndiiith7deed» , '/ .. ™^ ' ,■',, ."-. , ,™ , - r on 

alack and romii). "Be not as a lion in tby >*<vo« iy tow «pyois trou. M^ htWi brt A^aw iv Ttu oi«^ JO 

hou>6,.nor frantic among thy Berrant*., "Let („„, hu Ani^ao-uwoiriii' iv tow ouo-m* ctou. MA nrn* 31 

QoB tbine hand be stretched out to reccLTe, and ■ •_< • • ^ \ o- ^ l - t it' 

shut when thou ehouldest repaj. 1 X"P o-ou^.^CTQ/ttnj (is to hx^tiV, km fr t^ d™5i«ov<u 

Set not thy heart upon IhT goods i and MJ- "^'"T^f*"^- , , , , ... ., e 

not, I have enough for mj life. 'Follov not M^ "'''X* '"*' ''"'^ XP^f'""'' "''"'' "'" /"? '"HT^- ovrapicif 

control me for mj works? for the Lord will <rav, rov wopttiarffai tv iiriffviwu^ Kapdiat crou. Km /iq 3 

auralr revenge thy pride * Say not^lhsTeiin- tl-n^n. Tit ut Swaxrrtvtrti ; i van KvpuK iKtuiZv li£tmn 
ned, and what harm hath bappfiied unto me? ■'.,.'» » . '.'^ , / . > IT j 

fortheLordiabngBufitring.Lewiiliniiowiso "r*; Mij <(7n;t, ij/iaproc, irai Ti ^oi iyivtro ; o yap Ku. 4 

let thee go. 'Concerning propitiation, be not pio'5 fori /uutpdfluuos. IltpWfiXeuruoii iiA SAoBin yiyovi 

witboutreartoaddBmiintosin; 'andsaynot, "^ „.' 7 " ,.." * . '^ C • . '^ . ' . e 

HiamercrisBreati.LewiU be pacified for the i-pmrOvVal. Ofrnpriav f* o/iapTiois. _ Kai _;iij tir^, 6 6 

multitude of my sins : for mercy _aud wrath oucrtp/ioc auroii iroXirf , to ttXtjSo^ tuv OfUxpTiiov fuw iiiXot 

come from bim, and his indignation reateth „ j\ . . ; ■ . • „• - . j_j • \_.. 

upon limiera. ''*™' *^'** l^P *"" WJ "^ ""™'' «'" «" o/»o/"™*«« 

r Make no tarrying to turn to the LoTd, atrf ««<""''''«' ^ f^"/*^ "i^oS. 
put not olT from day to day: for suddeoly Mi] avdp.tvt IvurrpiJ/ai jrpas Kvpiov, Kcu ^^ iirtp-J 

t-iA'Si .°hU'."bSt.T.'.,S; 3 f^" w{p" '< *">■; «".- w (f-w.™ Wi . 

periih in theday of rengeaoce. 'Setnot thine Kvpunj, xel Iv KaipZ inouofatun ({oAg. Mi; twt}(< hno 

•Winnow not with erery wind, ond go not ^V AiK/ia ev ttovti off^, irai jiij mtptvov iv murg9 

into erery way; for to dotli the sinner that drpairu- oSruf ouoiiTtuAoi o &'vAiiiir[TOv- I(T0' Jimj- 10 

SSn'tizt. as .h?.'.Mn'u."..Sl P'r-;''" & "W.V,, ,„, ^1 ,1, !„.,»* A^. ri™ 11 

■' Be swift to hear; and let thy life be sincere; tu;^ A- OKpooiTK crou, koi iv itaKpoOvfiuf t^Otyymi aro- 

lay thy band upon tliy mouth. " Honour and I")- ^ X'V "'"^ torii) (iri crro/ian trou. ao^ mi ATifiia a- 13 

ri^eisinlalk: and the tpngueot man ii hia XoXia, itai yXSxrua dvflpujrou ttt^Wis afrrS, MA kX»% 14 

&1L >* Be not called a whisperer, and he not , ,a^ ( . , , '^ . i -s ... ' 

in wait with thy tongue; for a foul shame is i/"Pupos, koi t^) yAiiowp o-ov /i); frtSp*"*; *'^' W ,'V 

upon the thief, and an btU condemnation upon icXomj iirriv ourvvvij. koi KaTa-yvowis ^ronjpa ivi OivAiuff. 
the double tongue. " Be not ignorant of auy -p 'i •. - ^^ • 

thing in a great matter or a smiJI. "'W- Ev fxtyoAif koi iv nu<p^ fi^ dyvou. 15 

Instead of a friend become not an enemy; Ku' arri ^iXou /17 yiVou ij^pt^- ovo^ T-Sp roviipov 6 

for [therobyj Ihou shalt inherit an ill name, aiayurriv icai ovtiSos icXmiOTowmni- om-tuj i JwuntuAoc 

shame, and reproach: cvea so ahall a sinner < c^ . _ lu* ir_ ^i.o\'*i'- n 

that hath a double tongue. > Eitol not thyself » OiyWcros. M^ (Jrof^ o-.aurov A- ^OvAq ^y;s irov, 3 

in the counsel of thine own heart : that th; tva nij SiaoTayn iK Tavpoi A ijnjvn cov. Tii ^uAAa crov 3 

Soli STLSaKa/iSSC ""♦^ir;";. ".J r^.v^'^,^ i„w..,. ..,; d**,™ 

thy fruit, and leare thyself as a dry tree. Ttavrav uf ^Aof Ci]fM>'. 
* A wicked soul shall destroy him that hath ^fX*] ^'f'JP^ airo^i rov nri^a/icvov a{mjv, mu liri}(apfia 4 

Sa''.;S.rWs.Sn1i?ass'S '^'t '•■*'" °'"';, ^'"^^ ,xv.;j, ^.^,1 *a<|v,5 

friends: andafairspeakinglonguewilHncrease ovrou, koi y\aaxra tvAoMK irA.i]thrv*t mrpoir^yopa. Oi 6 

kind gratings. 'Be in peace with many: ,ipnvtvovT€s iroi «mrxrav woAAoi, ol Si irvaBmAoi <rav its 

neTertlielessbaTebut onecomuellorofa thou- ,^,' . , • i-r- 

nnd. airox'^- 
' If thou vouldest get a friend, prove liim £i ktoo-cu ^iXov, iv Tiipoir^ KT^trat airiy, Ktii fiq 7 

50*IA SEIPAX. 79 EcctEsnaiicus VI. 8— VII. 4. 

8 Ttt)0i inirumwrg^ aurf. 'Eort yap ^^Xot iv Ktupi aurou, fi"tp ""1 !>« ""* I'J'tr to credit blm. 'For 

9»<u ou/*7 »apa^«'KO_fr ^>i<pf $Xiif,t,it (rou. kal_ Am "u3°'BblZin'thBdaJpr'tUrtrouM°e!°" And 

ifiikoi /UTaTitit^Kvos (It i^pav, koi I'aypp' jratour/to? trou there ia a friend, wfao bring turned U> ■nmit]' 

11^^ m/M^tuT) if ^ft-tfuf 6Xi\litiat <rov. Kai ii> rots d-yoSott will not coDtiuue m the dar of thj affliction. 

13 Eap Tairf(MiiA]t, arrai Kara trou, Kat diro tou vpoadntov be brought lov, ha vill be acainit Ihoe.aud 

am) Kpu^^atral. "i" ''"^b himnelf from thj face. 

13 'Airo Tif ix0puiy aov ScavmourAjn, Kai iwo taiv AiXiar "Separate thyiclf from thino BneniiBi, and 
1. • "k^ • ■ , . n ^. , taia heed of thyfnendii. " A faithful frieiid 

14 <roi.^ xpo^^x'- *^ '"^ ''"'^ KpOT'"". » S< "P^" i, a .trong defcni^ : and he that hath found 

15 oiFTOf mat mfnxvpDV, 4>lXov irurrou o^fc iorit- diroA- such so one hath found ■ treasure. ''Nothing 

It AapiLaKOV imk, koi cm AoBovutvai Kuoiov (vpncrou- tbe m^lcine of lifs: and thev that fear thi 

- •^'^- - ~ '^- ■ ■ ■ - Lord Bh»ll and liim. "JWhowfeareth"- ■ — 

shall direct hia friendihip aiighl : foi 

_. _.. 'O doflouiitVOT Kvpiov ttA*H dtXiQi- aih-oD, ^rf «!'."" O"^.'''"!- '^Whowfearedi the Lord 

, ... . . . , - . - ^ shall direct hia friendship anghl: for aa be la, 

OTi KOT auTOV ovTioi KOI o v\i}au>v avrao. ao jhaJi hia neighbour be also. 

18 T«Vvov. U w.in7TOS <rov cjriA.fai irai&tlf^v,^ Ka'i ^w « My wn. gather instruction from thj j-outh 

19 toAkuv tvpipftK oo^iav. Of o aporpiuir Kai o tnrnpui' up: ao shalt thou find wisdom till tliitie old 

il" -/op TO tpyau-iif ain^ oXiyov Koruurtts, icot rajfir ifidyta-ai shalt not toil much in labouring about bcr, 

20 ytnrittaray aim. '(h Tpaviii imi a-bcSpa 7oU awa&v- fe"' »'■'"' 'li*!* ^"^ of her fruita right soon. 
„, ' '~ , ' . , r? , , . ^A \f/,t " She IB very unpleaeant to the unlearned : bo 

21 TOis, ROi avK initarfi ty tarrg OKOpfiuK- IH Aiftos OonifM- that is without underatanding will not remain 
ffios IffX'ipoi itrral iw ovr^, irai ov jfpovUi iwoppi^i ''M^^^'J-. ^'SIib will lio upon him aa a mighty 

SSafrr^K. So^ yap (cori TO ovofM avTTJ iori, icai ou n-(A- Ire^U V "ong. '= Fo? wiKto™ ia a^coniSig 'to 
XoT; ^OTt Aavtpo^ her name, and she is not manifest unto many. 

23 'AKOuaov, Ttuvov, koi Sc^al yvvipypi ftov, nol /(^ dirarai- 5>GiT8 car. my son, receive my adiice, and 

24 vmi TW avuBovkiav uov. Kai turivtyKov tow jtoSos trou refuse not mj counael. '' and put thy feet into 

. ' "^ Ts'^ , - ^ . . . . ' . - . ' , . liiTl.'ltLrs.and thy neck into her chain. "Bow 
*is ros rtOot aimji, nai (k tov kAoiov avrrji tov Tpa)(iiAor donQ tlij shoulder, and bear her, and be not 

25 (Toir, Tiro&s tov 5/ioV <roC, ™i flaarafoK avrnc, Kai un Bri,T.-ri her bonds, "Come unto her 
_„ a, _ s*^ . , . "^ .„ , ', - '^' mill iLy n hole heart, and keep her ways with 

26 vpoaoxpargi lots it«r/ioij avn/y. Lv iratnj ^^ajjQj "ron m Ihv puwer. « Search, and aeek. and she 
vpotnSBi aim, Kai iv oXn Swau« <rou tmrrnprtaov rat ahall bt made known unto thee: and when 

27s&« .S.5.. TMv™- «u j^,^.,™! yK«,»i,_,w I'ra^if J,':;''.b°Kd"h';"r'stSs .a 

28 trot, utti tynparTS yfvo/m'Oi p-i} of^t avr^. Hjt e<rj(or(ov slinll !).• turned lo thy joy. ^Tlien shall her 
yap tipjatK -niv ^iravaiv atr^s. KaX trrpo^^n-ai _tr« ,Js i!',"'J';",Xbo'ondor?.'^»ro/'th™ u'a^lden 

29 i\!'}>p'xivyipr. Kai taavTai oai ai wi'Soi (I; aKiirr/v UrxinK, ornament upon ^er, and ber bands are purplo 

30 icai oi kXoioI airnji w aroKin Sri^. Kwrpw -vip ypwtds \^- " ''•m,'' "li^t VM J^r on aa a robe of 
, ,.,-',,-' , ; , .J^ ' . . u honour, and ahalt put her about theo aa a 
itrriv (IT auTTjS, koi oi a<ir/ioi avnjt KAaxrfia i«uiii*t(™i'. crowuofjoy. 

31 2ToA,qv 8oijp ivSutrg aur^. Not (TTC^fOV AynAAuiptTos "My son, if thou wilt, tbou ahalt be taught; 
rtpiBna-m (TtaVTw. ontl ■' thou wilt apply thy mind, thou eholt he 

Art >■>« nr^ ' c A' . 1. A« . , ^ prudent. °lf thou love lo hear, thou aholt 

32 T.av OiXjii, rtKvor, imAveipra. KOI iav Soit TjpfvxTl^ i^eive understanding: and if tbou bow thine 

33 o'ou, iravovpTOf lirg. £!av Aya-irarm dxowiv JtcSifn, aot ear. thou abalt be wise, ** Btond in the multi. 
nj .' .- _i t „ „„jJi„ J™ V. ^iJJl,. m. a • tude of the elders; and cleaTo unto him that 

34 ioi-KXiiTJS^ TO oiNffouff 0^5*^3- -E^ ffA^ffu rp«r^»,v ^.^j^, i^ Be willing lo bear every godly dia. 

35 OT^i, itoi, Tis aiKJKK ; auTiu ■ttpoana/iXrpifTl. llao'cu' coarse: and let not the parablca of under- 
Stnywii' QtCav 6iXt ixovtw, aal Topooiuu aw^ffim un '"nding eecape thee. "And if Ihou aee.t a 

„„ '"^, , .f -t .^To y . , "' man of understandmE, gpt thee betimea unfo 

36 iK^rvymxrav at. Eov i6i;s truvrroy, opCptit wpot nvroi', him, and let tby foot wear the etepa of hia 

37 ml BaBaoi^ BvpSv avTOV ejo-pi/Snu 6 iroM <rou. AiavooE door. ^Let thj mind he upon the ordinances 
, " ' . '^ ,, ' . . - ■ , . , , of the Lord,aud mcdilote continually in his 
ft-TOtS irpoaray/uwiv Kvpiov, koi iv tow cvroAat; avrou commandments: he shall eslabliah thinoheart. 
fitXim StOTOiTOS' avTo^ onfpui TTp/ KopStav aou, kdi ^ and give Iheo wisdom at thine own desire. 
iwi&vfua r^ ao^ui^ aov Botf^Toi o-oi. Do no evil, to shall no harm come unto thee. 

7 Mi Wet KOKh, Kai oi M ot KQTOAaSn ■oi.o.'. 'Airo- 'Depart from the unjust, oihI iniquity ahall 
^ a > . .5' • . \ - > • - " turn away from thee. 

. 4y>. . ^..>, .«' .>.Ar ' Mv SOU. sonr not upon the fitrrowa oi un- 

8 Y« pil tncapt or "uAaKas a&, Kai oi ^-g ftpurjp ^ghieouanise, and tbou shall not reap them 
4 afnit ivraviairiiiK. Mij {ijth mpa JLvpiov i^tfumim', seTenfold, ^Seeknotof tlwL*w4.^(n«oaBso>s«.. 

Ecclesiastic U8 VII. 5— VIII. 2. 80 SO^IA SEIPAX. 

neither of the king the Beat of honom-. *Ju8- urM vapa BajcnXioa KodiSpav S6^. M» Sucauov iyavn 5 

tity not thyself before the Lord ; and boast not v * * ^ o \'*^^-i.'i' ^^' f /> * 

of thv wisdom before the king. • Seek not to Kvptov, icai wapa PaxriMi /iri (ro^ifoir iirj fi^rci ycF^rAw 6 

be judge, being not able to take away iniquitv ; jcptr^, /jltj ovk i(iar)(ya'€K i(dpai dBuciai» ftrfKOTt evkoLftrf' 

l2Uffl*{f;a'^2S,^sSg^itexs^yTf % <i'7 'f-^«i-" .st"^^. «<^,fj-«« -'"i'*'^ ^r, 

thy uprightness. 7 Qfl'end not against the mul- cwim/n o^ov. M17 ofuxprai^c cis ^A^os iroAcais, mu fti;7- 

titude of a city, and then thou Shalt not oast ^araBaXm crcavrw ^ oyAw. Mw KaroSccrucvcnK &8 

thyself down among the people. » Bind not » '^/ ** , x « « . ~ ./i« '» »,>• # '' '« 

one sin upon another; for in one thou shalt ofiofyrtav, iv yap tq fiug. ovk uXHaoi itrjy. M^ €tirgq, ry 9 

not be unpunishoL » Say not, God will look ,rXii^ei twv Swpwv tuw liro^cTcu, icou ^ t«3 irpocrcvcymu lu 

upon the multitude of my oblations, and when ^«e,r 5/> Tiir*j\ 1 ^i. * i/v 

I oflfer to the most hiah God. he will accept it ®«<{»^ v^icrnp Trpoodcfcrai. Mrj 6Atyo^fVX^a|;« ^f rff wptxr- 10 

M Be not fainthearted when thou makest thy cvYn aov, Kol iktrffJLoavvnv iroimrM an TroptSiK. 

prayer, and neglect not to give alms. j^^ Karay^Xa SyBp^ov 6vra iv irucpC^, tjfvxT^ a^^rm), 11 

" Laugh no man to scorn in the bitterness of l^^^ y^p ^ raTrco^v icat Awd/Gn^. Mw dporpta i^cvSos Ar* 12 

his soul : for there IS one which humbleth and ,«»i*r o\ . /\ \ • / -T^x Ti/x - . / «« 

cxalteth. " Devise not a lie against thy bro- oiO€\<fna <rov. fJLrfii ^^ to o/xoiov to4€4. M17 e'cAc ^^cu- 13 

ther; neither do the like to thy friend. "Use ^ccr^ nay iciSo?, 6 yap ^kScXcyutuos aurov ovk €i« 

not to make any manner of he : for the custom « /xf -^y »s\/ j \'/i o' > ^i^ 

thereof is not good. " Use not many words in ayae'oF. M17 aSoAccrxci iv TrAiJ^a irp€<rPvT€ptay, fcoi /uiy 14 

a multitude of elders, and make not much ScvrcpcMrm Xoyov iv Trpoa'€V)m €rov, Mri oumarK hrC- 15 

babbling when thou prayest "Hate not __-,_.. J^v^/,/«„ ,,«> ^««.w«k//a» ,««J^ ,*»/«^^o«. i.».JL../..^. . 

laborious work, neither husbandry, which the ^^^^^^ ipyaxrifiv, koi yttopyiav viro v^iarov iKJur/Uyny. 

most High hath ordained. ^ Number not thy- M^ irpo<rAoyi(,ov (reavrov iv vXrfitt afAOffrtakuxy, Taircu 16, 17 

J^l'^n^S^'rlrtl^VirSr^U: ^o.'TiA^rV'' ^^T--. Mv^. ^ Vy^ 0616 

>7 Humble thr soul greatly: " for the vengeance XP^^h on £KOiKi/o't9 oo-cpov? irvp icat aKutAri^, Mrj 17, 18 

of the ungodly is fire and worms. "Change ^XXdim 6l\ov cfckcv dSia^opov. unS' dScAAoy vnKrior ^v 
not a fnend for any good by no means i neither z*^ x? j ' 1l*^ » 7 ^ '^ ' \ 7^ '> » a^ ^n 

a faithful brother for the gold of Suphir. XP^^ ZowfKLp. M17 daTOX« ywauco^ crwfnj^ koi dyaBtji, 1 9 

"Forego not a wise and good woman: for her koI yap vopis avrrk \nrkp to ypwriov. Mn icoucfMnK 20 
grace is above gold. "Whereas thy servant * / ' % ^ yf 2. >\ h ' s^ ' n ^5' 1 » 

worketh truly, entreat him not evil, nor the oiKenjv €pyaCoti€vov iv aXYfi€iq., fir^ fiurOiov EiSoyra ^ffV)^ 

liireling that bestoweth himself wholly for nvrov. 

Obcirqu awrrov dyairarco aov 17 ^^y^^i /*^ OTtpiyaw^ 21 

cattle? have an eye to them: and if they be *«" « «rri cot ^p^H^f CfiftcvcTO) coi. Tc#cva o-ot eoTi, 23 

for thy profit, keep them with thee. "Hast ^oiScvcroK avra, xol Kcuw/rov ^#c v€otwtos tw TpaYwAoF 
thou children r instruct them, and bow down » « ^rx V / t^ / ' *. / '^^ ' ^ 

their neck from their youth. " Hast thou Oivrwv, ^vyarcpcc aoi €Mn ; 7rpoo-€X€ T<p orcD/iart avrwi^, 24 

daughters? have a care of their body, and koL uh IXapwam vpo^ avras to vpotrunrov aov. *£ic8ov 25 

shew not thyself cheerful toward them, /v' ^s \ ^ » ' ^j^^ 

» Marry thy daughter, and so shalt thou have fnf^rtpa, koi iajj TcreXcicws €pyoy ftrya, KOi dvSpt owcnji 

performed a weighty matter : but give her to dctfomroi ovrwv. IWn <roi corl xaTa lintym ; an iKBaXrK 26 
a man of understanding. « Hast thou a wife »!!£ ' ' Y Al > f^f M in 

after thy mind? forsake her not ^'^^ .....,> . . . . «,, 

2/ Honour thy father with thy whole heart, ,«>« ^ i_ \ '/l_ ti# / /» • 5 » » *» 1. '/C ^ 00 

and forget not the sorrows of thy mother! ^^^wa? M^? hrtXaBrj, Mnyo^i oti 61 avrwv ^ycv^ft;?, koi 28 

** Eemember that thou wast begotten of them ; ti avTairoSctfO-cu avrois fca^u>9 avrot aoi; *Ev oXw ^vvn 29 

and how canst thou recompense them the __, »\„/3«r. ^X,, v-/,^.^,. «.«) -.^.'^«. J*«-rr« »JL..^r. iL.Ji^.Jr!! 

thiuM that they have done fo? thee? »Fear J^ cvAa^ov tov Kvptov, itai tous icpcis avTOu fkivjUMit. 

the Lord with all thy soul, and reverence liis Ek okQ dwafict ayain;aov tov Trovqaavra cr€, kox tovs 30 

" Fear the Lord, and honour the priest : and oo^aa-ov tcpca, Kai Cos rrjv fi€pi6a avrw, Komoi ci^craATcu 

give him hU portion, as it is commanded thee: o-oi, diropvnv, icai W wAnaacXcias. ical 8o<riv i3povcdvw, 
the firstfruits, and the trespass ofiering, and ^ ^ T'^ e iT x ', x c / i> \ '^ I «« 

the gift of the shoulders, andthe sacrifice of f <»* (hxriav ayiotr/xov. koi anapxqv ayuav, Kcu vrux? 32 

sanctification. and the firstfruite of the holy |kt€ii^v twv YCipa arov, wa rtXtuaOn w cvAoyui orov, Xapts 33 

things. "And streteh thine hand unto the jj/ » ^ ' _*>"» " s > *»>» 

poor, that thy blessing, may be perfected. »A do/xaT09 tvam wovros {ojvtos, icou ^wi vcicpip fAiy diroino. 

gift oath grace in the sight of everv man living; AvoT^ vcipii^. M^ vcrT€p€i awo KXaiovnav, koI fiera ircv- 34 

'and for the dead detain it not. ^Fail not to /j^ '--_,»„ —i„/}v.--»« luri. ;!«-,*. J-...^.«i.^^.r*i3». j;aa<.^*..». i- q^ 

• be with them that weep, and mourn with them P'^'^'' n€vihfiroy, Mrj okv€1 iirurK€irT€(r(fai a^pwrrw, im 35 

that mourn. * Be not slow to visit the sick : yap rtav rounmav ayairri9rjarf. £y iroo'i T019 Aoyot? <rav 86 

and thou shalt never do amiss. ti/o'Cis. 

. Strive not with a mighty man, lest thou Ml , ^V ^t^xov/Atra ivOpiajrov Swaorov, /xiJiroTC ifiwioTy: 8 

into hiA hands* ^ Be not at variance with a €ts tois. X^tfx^s avrov. M^ fy^^. P^ol ivOpwrov nXovaCcv, 2 

SOOIA SEIPAX. 81 EccLEsrASTicxrs VIII. 3— IX. 13. 

umrore dyrurrrKni aov ttiv oXicmr woXXov^ yap dira>Xc(r€ '»c^ ™an» ^est he overweigli thee: for gold 

3> f \ ^f o \ f */■£ \ tU^ ^ ' hath destroyed maDy, and perverted the hearts 

TO XPWTiOV, KOI KopSia^ p<urtX€iav cfixAivc. M17 diOfiaxov ^f tingg. » strive not with a man that is full 

fura AyOpwrov ykiixr<na&ov^, kcu. uw hrurroifiaxrm iirX ro of tongue, and heap not wood upon his fire. 

A -,^.« «.»-.^r. tJi\„ M-^ ..■„ /_. r nj ^ ij^j ^«^.i(<«C^,. fi^ ..^ A^,„A *JeBt not with a rude man, lest thy ancestors 

4 Tvp auTou fuAa. Mi; TrfMxnraiC* ^raidcvrcp, iva /xy ari/Aa. ^ disgraced. * Reproach not a man that 

5 vuKTcu 01 vpoyovoi aov. Mi; ovcioi^c ayuponrov airoorpc- tumeth irom sin, hut rememher that we are all 

O /LU04S. M17 drifiaaiTf av^ponrov ^i' yi^pct auTOv, #cai yap €t ^ Eeioice not over thy greatest enemy being 

7 wu^v ynpaxrKov<n. Mw ^irivoipc ^i vckdw, unMrftw-i ori dead, but remember that we die all. a Despise 
Of ' \ ^ -mrs /© «/ *.!. '\, not the discourse of the wise, but acquaint 

8 TravTts T€/uvTii}fi€v. Mvf irapiStfi 617717/10 aoffxav, koi iv thyself with their proverbs: for of them thou 

rat? irapouuaK avTwv aKurrpc^ov, ori trap* avrwv iiaSwrv B^ialt l?»rn instruction, and how to serve great 

^ f \ \ ** «« men with ease. 

irauMtav, Ktu A€iTovpytja-ai ftcyurraci. 

9 Mw ooTOYCi Scmmuaros vcpovTwv, icai yap avroi luuaBov , ' Miss not the discourse of the elders : for 

\ ^ ^f y *» »' • » « n' ' they also learned of their fathers, and of them 

irapa twv iraT€p<tfv avruiv on wap aimDV /iaeSJcny crwco-iv, t^Q^^ gij^it learn understanding, and to give 

10 Kol €v Koxpio -xptlwi 3o0vat iiVOKpuTW. M7 iKKote avSpaKas answer as need requireth. ^Xmdle not the 

11 >4..«.,w*,.i^r.* ..A j..«^.».^*ii::« 1.. -«.«5 ax»»;u z.,'.*^. twt-J. coals of a sinner, lest thou be burnt with the 
11 o^MiprwAov, /*7 i/tirvp«r^s €V Trvpi <»Aoyos avrw. M17 ^^^^ ^^ ^^ ^ n-Ri^e not up [in anger] at 

i$avaaTQ9 otto irpo(nmov vppuJTOV, iFa firi iyKoBury <i)9 the presence of an injurious person, lest he lie 

I o T€p<j> <rov, #cai iav cavtiArQ^, u)s airoActfAcica}? yivov. M7 if thou lendest him, count it but lost » Be 

^yyimcrn virtp Swauiv <rov, #cai ^ov hrfWKjri, ws Avorunav ^ot surety above thy .power : for if thou be 
,^ /'/ y «x o/fr X *»'''*'x >^'> surety, take care to pay it. ^^ Qo not to law with 

14 ^VTifc. M17 diKofov fi€Ta #cpcTOv, #coTa yap ti;v dofav a judge; for thev will judge for him according 

15 avrov Kpivovo-iv avrw. Mcra Tokiirtpov uri iropwov iv to his honour. ** travel not by the vray with a 
e«**»x/> f * X - »V\ >^.i3'\ bold fellow, lest he become grievous unto thee : 
o^,iva fXTj PapxrvTfTOi Kara <rov avros yap icara to ^cAiy/ia ^^ ^e will do according to his own. will, and 

avrov TTOii^ci, koi rj atl^poavyrj avrov awairoX'ff. thou shalt perish with him through his foUy. 

1 6 Meri i^/wiSovs /x^ iroii^ fidxqv, ical fxrj Stairopcvov m strive not with. an anpy man, and 50. not 
fier avrov rrfv iprffAOV, ori w^ ov^v iy 6<f>6akfXoii avrov with him into a solitary place : for blood is as 

17 «f..« ^^) X^^*, ^f.,^. S,^. /Q^vJM^.r. .^M^^/9^^^7 ^m 1wr«^A nothing in his sight; and where there is no 
17 ol/ia, icai oirov ovic cori porfieia, Karapa\€i cr€. Mcra h^i^ ^1^ will overthriw thee. »? Consult not 

ymapov firj avfJLpovA€Vov, ov yap mnnija'crai Xoyov orcfai. with a fool; for he cannot keep counsel ^^Bo 

irE^^y aAWp.'o„ ^^ .0.^ Kp»^o.. oiyip yiv^K... Z>;^lflZt''b^^ty>^^T^L"'^ 6^^ 
1 9 Ti TCtcrai. llai^i dvUpiaina ft^ CK^au^c (rqv Kapoiav, icax not thine heart to every man, lest he requite 
/JLYf dva^perco aoL yapiv, *^*®® ^^^^ * shrewd turn. 

9 M^ {i;Aov ywauca tov KoXirov oov, /iiySi Sc3a^ ciri Be not jealous over the wife of thy bosom, 
2<r€avTW irav^tMV Troynpdv. Mw Sus ywawi rnv ilnnmv and teach her not an evil lesson against thyself, 
o 1 o'* » \ J % ^ » */ ' -mry e / 'Give not thy soul unto a woman to set her 

3 aov, imprivai avrrp^ ftri Tiyv urxvv coy. M17 viravra fo^t ^^p^n thy substance. « Meet not with an 

ywaud iroipi^oueioi, umrorc lavium cis ras 7rayi3as harlot, lest thou fall into her snares. . "• Use not 

4>'» -M-^iw' *i.s\'f ' « \ '*- 1. much the company of a woman that is a singer, 

avTi;«. Mcra ^oAAovcnj? fAiy hhtk^x^, /xiyiroTC oAws ^k i^gt, ^hou be tSenwith her attempts. »Ga«e 

5 rois liri\€iprifkaxTW avr^s. UapSiyov firf KarafidvOav€, not on a maid, that thou fall not by those 

Si ..Jim-,^* ^.^^.Jlnil.^A::^ i,, ^^7^ JL»-.../^.« «.,'.<4U Ttr« ^i/V things that are precious in her. 'Give not thy 

6 ^lyiroTC aKavba\uT(^ cv tois^ cyTiftiois avn/?. Miy 6(us ^^^^^t^ harjJt.. that thou lose not thinj 

iropvais rr/v ^l/v^rfv <rov, iKa /x^ d9roAc(7|;$ t^ KArfpovofiiav inheritance. ^ Look not round about thee in 

7 <ra„. M^ ..p^Xhr,n, & Av/«a« -«5X.«j^«al^ <k ra« ip^- the ^tgj^of J^ ?te!*.'iS^lC?hii"e 
o ftois avn;s /x^ TrAawo. Avoarpty/ov otpuaKiiov airo ywai- eye from a beautiful woman, and look not upon 

#cos cvuop^, xai u» KaTauoFtfoKC icoAAo? dAAorpiov iv another's beauty; for many We been deceived 
f\\ \ \\ \ 1 \ //» % » ' ^\' by the beauty of a woman ; for herewith love 

xaAAct ywoucos TroAAoi iirAavrprjcrav, xat ex rovrov 9iAta ig kiii(i|ed as a fire. 

tt»s ?rvp dvaxaicrai. 

9iiK^>. •*M.^»^rv^«. «^»M..,A<. ..^ M^^/]^. ...A .r»C«^\y«» .,«5 .f^. • Sit not ^ all with another man s wife, nor 
Mcra wraF6pov yvvaticos^ /xi; ico^ov to ctwoAov. koi ^17 ^^^ ^^^^ ^^J-j^ j^^^. ^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^ » ^ 

avp.poAOKOinj(rriq fier avrq^ iv oivt^, pirprorrt eKKAivjf if not thj money with her at the wine ; lest thine 

10 aira>A€iav. Mi^ cyKaToAiirjTS 9iAov opxatov, o yap wpoo-r an old friend : for the new is not comparable to 

AttTOS ovK cornv €>Mros avTui- otvos fcos, «f>tXos vcos, cav lii?- » ^pw friend is as new wine ; when it is 
iix /i** »»j ' » »' ^^#^ y \ ' old, thou shajt dnnk it with pleasure. "Envy 

I I iraAautf^, ftcr ciM^oornys Trteaat avTOv. Miy irjAuxruj not the gbrv of a sinner : for thou knowest not 

^^av aixapruXov, ov yap otSa; Tt carat n Karaarpoifirj what shall be his end. ^^ Delight not in the 
lo » *» Tk/^ »s ' » »5S * » /J** f A 9 thing that the ungodly have pleasure in; but 

12 ovTOi;. M17 €v8oKrj<rgs€v evSoxi^ ocrc/^wv, fivqa&nri^ ori remember theyshfil not go unpunished unto 

13 €0)$ j^Sov ov fi^ 8iKCU(i>0cMri. Maxpav aar€)(€ diro dv^panrov their grave. "Kee^ theA&^t5a>\sk>^^^t£«s^'^cA^ 

EccLESiABTicva IX. 14— X. SJ. 82 SO*IA 5EIPAX. 

hsthpowerto kill; Mshalt thou not doubt the U wi ifowrtav loD Aovtittv, nai oi un inrorrtooTK A6B01' 

fear of deatli t unJ if tliou coma unto liim, -j ' * .,T > 1 C' • ■ ■T'l 

mmU DO faiiit, lest lie tuka awny thy Ufa pre- f»™™"' "fi" TpotrtAS^i. M wAij^i^tAijc^p, .™ j«j a</«A)j- 

wntlri remeniber that tlitiu goeit in ihfl mictBt rot Tni- ftuiw O'otr hrCyinoOi on iv luam TtayiSiaf SiaBaii'ttt, 

of Miai»9, and that thou wallteat upon the „; i_; J_.'li„„ _^i,,„ „„,„„?. 

UttlBmenUoftiiocitT. «« ftn (ToA^iw iroAtiuc iMptffaTdf. ^ 
"AtueorBB tiiou ranst, guess at thy neiuh- Kara ■rip' ur)(iy <rov irTopfiurai touc vXi^irun', koi fitra 14 

tolkbewitli thewiBO.andiill tlijconununicalion ^T^ '^'^i _ . , , '^ , , , , T ,. r.' ,c 

in the law of the most Higli. "And let just ''P'S tro". Kai vaan bajy^ii troxi iv ro/Uf viliurrmi. At6pti lb 

men .e»t BDd drink with tlieaj ,»nd Jot tlij SiKcum orrwrav iruf&dn'oi aou, kui ^f idSui Ku«ou Iffmi 

florpng be in the r«r of the Loni. '' For tliL- , - , .„ , ' . ,^^'^. ""T, •■, 

hand c3 theartiHcer the work .haU bo com- to Kau]())^ o-ov. Ey x^fi Ttxti-Tmv €pyaf rtowfftjcffnu, 17 

pended ; and the wiie ruler of tlio people fur hhJ g movutvot Xaov aodios Iv Xnym atroD. ^Btfiof iv 18 
bia MiMrh. "A man of an il toneiio IB dan- ■•, 1 - . . 1 Tk - ■ ' ' a. \ • • - 

BeroiiTin Wadty: aud he that ii »ah in his toAci aurov a»T,p yX.OCTOTufi.jS. mxi o iv Wjiy aurou 

talk shall be hated. /iio-ijtf^trcu. 

Awisejudgewill instruct hiapeople; and the ir • _ j' b_' _>.. \_i,. _■ ~ _; • .' 1ft 

governm^t of a prudeat man iVwell ordered. *4»"?! uo'^ mu&tara rav W avrow, «a. TO^/iowa lU 

» As the judje of tlie people is himself, so are mivviov Ttrayfuari ttrtai. Kara toi' Kpmjv tou Aoow aVTOV 2 

his officers; and what manner of nuin t he ruler avrux kqi oJ ktiTOiurvni abrmi itai Kara ™v nvauumw rm 

of the city I^iuch are aU they that dwell there- °'^^ *"" "^ A^'ioypyoi ai/rou, icoi Kam tov Tyoujiow njt 

' — — -■ KaToixoiiyTK auT^k. ilaa-.Aiu$ onu- •> 

Aaoi' avroC. ksi iroXt^ ohtiafinirrviu ii/ 

„ ind of the lord, t^fti bm/atrripV. Ev )(tipi. Kvpiou ifouria n^ 717c, mu 4 

""*„'", 5*"* time he will set oTflC it one that ii tov vpwroioi' iytofX tU KouKiy tn-' ahm, 'Ev veuii KvpiooS 

profllahle. 'in the hand of God is the pros- .Jt ', T , '^. V^ ' . j_<r^ ^TT 

peritTofnian:andupontheper«onoftlieBCribe ";«"« dvfi/wi, KOi rpotrgnnji ypa/iiuattai imff^u i>6(a)- 

ahall he lay his honour. avroir, 

practices. ■ Pride is hateful before Uod and vpaavt ^ijScv €V tpyoK vpftvat. MunpiJ tt-tutl KifKou 7 

■Bcm^'^of ui^'ht^u* d™ll^"Tn Wes'^n^i ""' ^P<^-^ i^.p^vut. ™i ^ d^^OT^ «-X.;AV«>-^" 

riches got by deceit, the kinedum ii translated aSaca. SaatXtia iito idvovf tk iBrtK /MTayfTOt, Sla dSuctoc S 

from one people to another. IHit ZSatK tcai vomuxra 

' Why is i*rth.nd ashes proud? There is i>ot ™J?T""'"'WT"™-- . j, -.»■-....,<» 

a more wicked thing than a covetous man : for "i vmfnjifxa-tvtTat ytj rai inrodos ; or( .v^ C<un *ppulia 9 

such an one aetteth his own sou! to tale; be- to ^vSoo-^ia aurou. ilaxpov iJtputimma vKtairrii WToos, 10 
cau»e while he uveth he cajittitu away his bowels. ^ a \ ^ > «* \' >i?^ii 

"ThaphyaiciancuttethoffalouKdisease: Bi;d "^ paai>^ trr.^tpov, Ml oupiov T<Afvnj<r«l. ^ yyU 

ho Iliat is to day a kini to morrow shall die. tUf ixoSavilv oiSpunniV, KktipofOfi^a ipwtra naX Otjpia 

mnning of pride is when one drparteth from /ttvou airo Kupwni, khi ajro tou TOi.jtrovTO^ OUTOV AiciaTq 

/"fc{"d1i\iXd„'".'.f'.i".S 7 "vS" "^T _.'0'.' .v»..v"/»i*<"' 


he that hath it ghsll pour oul BbumtnBl'ion ; O KparSiv avr^s i^fifip^ti (iSikvyna- Sia touto mpc- 

aod therefore the Lord brought upon them SS^atrt Kvoiot tm iTraymya^, Kal Kariarimbn' eis r&tot 

etrangeoalamities.and oTerthrew them utterly. ,, f ' • I I • r r 

'* 'iBe Lord hath cast down the thrones of Qwous. 

proud princes, and set up the meek in their ©poVow apyovTU»v KoffctW Kijpios, itni UaBurt vpaut 14 

stead. "The Lord hath plucked up the roots . ■ ■ . ih'r in- -i- \ • v • jj^'^L 1 ■; 

of the proud nations, and planted the lowly in «" "W"""- PitM i^^wy .ftriAcv o Kupuw, KOi i*w«WM 15 

their place. "The Lord oterthrew oountries Tairttvois ivT auriv. Xulpas iSrHiv Kariinptijitv o KvptK, 16 

themaway.and destroyed them, and Wh made «<« airuXro'cv avTOVf , jcai KaTorttwrtv dTto yijt to fivJIpi' 

wiSJnot m"^e (br'^/nS fun™ul\n'^^''fo? ''^'' "^^''- °"" itrun-"" <li^p<i)ro.« i«p,)^viii, oiSi 18 

them that are bom of a woman. "Tliey that opT^ ft/^oE ■ytvnJuao-i yvtawii'. Sirtp/m frri^ov irotov; 19 

fear the Lord are a sure seed and they that loTB oTrtpixa dvflptijrov (nro>iia ^JTOiov jrocov ; oi ioSoiIinKM 

him an honourable plant: they that regard not , „ , '^ - , ^ - . , u T 

the law are a dishonourable seed ; tbey that """■ Ki^piov ffir(p/ta ori^ov iroiov; (nrip/ui di^poirov' 

transgress the commandments area deceivable incipua oiiuoi' xoiov; oi jrnpaSoiVovTis ivToXos. 'Ev SO 

eeed. "Among brethren he that is chief is , .t 1 ,- < 1 • • - - ' • j a ■ 

honourable; so are tbey that fear the Lord in /*'"¥ °S(A<^v o T/you/iCTM avrniv •vttios, kui 01 ^^fov- 

his eyes. "Whether he be rich, noble or poor, uivoi Kuptov rv o^iAxA/iott avToD. nAoinriof koi cv8o£o$ 22 

their glory is the fear of the Lord. j ^ . xail^^a ai-riv ^/3oi Kupiiu. 

"It is not meet to despise the |(Oor man that ""A"'- Afr ■♦™^' , , , 

hath understanding! neither is it conTcnient Oi SiVaiov dri/iao'at irruixoy (rvverov, nat ov iciw.}K(( S3 

!u°dS.fS5 ^£±";S.n"b.°a'.SS',S,? '•fi"' ?*» i/."*-^- . M;y«^i. ..i .,,^ .^ &.;- :< 

it OTip OOtOtrflJfffTai, KM OVK dTTtV OVTIUV T« flMVltl' TOU 


50*IA SEIPAX. 83 Eccle8I*stico8 X. 25— XI. 25. 

25 AoBovfiivov nv Kuptov. Ouiirn iroAu tXtoOtpoi Ktirufvp. f™rcth IIiq Lonl. ^ Unto the •crriint tliat i 
2b yfi<rown. kcu dnjp .THmj^c ov Toyjwu. Mi? iro^ou 11,^1, ),gti, koo«l«ige will not grudg* wl.en li 

70<$irat TO ipyt/v trou, kcu ^^ Sofo^ov Jv KOip^ crrcwivupuit is reronncd. 

7 o-ou. KpiuTo-uiv ipyo^o^iKOt iv 3roiru>, ^ irfpiiraTic, q Soto- i^S^'.2j^ 
i6ntvtK nai aropuiy Sprair, oboHiideth i.. _ ..,.-, .. — 

8 TiKVoy,h' Trm^rtiTi Sofmrov Tm' ihviv crov, xai Sot liimscLf, and wsntKli bread. _ 
i) avrg n/i^f Kara ■nji' ilfuw avriTS. Tov dpipTWOtTa (it bIv,. ,( li,,iioLrrri..urd.Dg l« thadignity thereof. 
n C-..-1 _i. >■...•_.. _.•__-. Ti_. ..!_ i.tjy^. s.> J r^. own soul? and who mil lionour h™ that dl«- 

nn ^ \ * » I - Tx * e >'y t» I ' own aouir ana WHO Will Jionour ( 

■iUCwra np' ianjy avrou; Urm™ Ootaitnu in iTrum]ii.ijv lionoureth hia own lifo? ""'iha ^ 

31 o&roO, KQL irXoKTiot So£a^tTa( dia rof TrXourof avrou. 'O honoured for hii Bkili, and the rich man 

Si Sofafo/iO'Of ^f mo}(ti^, tcaX Iv irXovr^ TiKra;i(iuf ; 

. honoured for his richn. ^'Hethatiahoitoured 

,,.-.-■ , ... , .__ .. - ' in povertT, how much more in ricliei? BDd ho 

o d&>£i>c *f rXovTw, KOI jf STUvfta woo'avus; that is diahonourable in much more 

I. iyalnxn w^oAijc. koi ft- nvrtf >«yi- Wiwlom lifleth up the head of him that is of 

TOk. Mn aiviiTtK ovSoa iy xoUfi auroB, low degreB, and maketh him to iit among grmt 

• 1 • ■ )-iu'i men. ^Commeud not a man for hia beauty 1 

J a.^ponroi' iv opaaa aftrou. Mucpa iy neither abhor a man for his outward appear- 

wtTtivoU itiXunra, mu Apjm yKvKoirfMTiov o Kopmt air^. anco. 'The beeii littleamoag •uchaa flv; but 

Iraipou, OTI 6avfuU7Ta to (pya KtfKOV. kqi Kpfirra ra (pya thy>elf in the day of honour; for the workg of 

SofrroC h-BvepiowoK. HoAAol twwwo. fcaflurai- iirl <&£- the Lord are wonderful, and hia work i^ong 

~ , J t. . ' ij' E '5 n i\ ^ e ' men are hidden. 'Man; kinw haie mt down 

b t/XH/i, o Of aymrovotjTOS tifiopttrt ouunjua. lioAAoi ouiti- npoa tliu Broimd ; uiid otiu tlmt nu neisr 

onu muiauBitaav trdtoSpa, Koi hSofoi vaatho&may tts thought 01 ImUi worn thi> cronn, ■ Mani 

~ . ' ,~ IT " j> . ^ , , . - mighty men have been (rready dugraitd 1 and 

7 X"P=s «T<pw. Upiv iitTaajjs /o} funfg- vorimv jrponoc the honourable deli.emd into other men's 

6 Koi TOTC nriTiua. Jipiv A oKoiitrai un Amiptvov, koi Jif hands. ' Blame not before thou hast i^ximined 

9- \ ' ' a'\\ rr > ' t t the truth: undentand first, and tlicn rebuke. 

I±<inf \6yar ^1, jrap*^^JAAou. Htpi irpay^tOi o5 oi« S^;;,^ ^o" berOTTthou hUt h™r,l theeause: 

fori 001 ypcio, ixn &if<. KO^ ^ KWrtt oiutOTUiAiuv uti neither interrupt non in the niiJst of tbeir 

™.-8p™ =(«p™™ ra .S,ri,.iln.„.ll„ll,.,.,,„jr..J 

,_ _/ , » , , » . • -> .1 thee not; nnd ait not in jutlpneiit KilliBinners. 

lU IfKvov, n^ rtpi iroAAa umxrav al vpaftK trov toy "iiy ion, meddle not with many matters: 

x-XnA™,. oiK IdwoMm- Ka\ lav &<««, oC un (MTO- f" '^ t"?"" ^«J.d)£ mi/>i/ H>ou shall not be 

,, , ,i " * , , "^'r'U r, , ^Vir '^'- 1 innocent; and if thou follow after, thou ihBlt 

II Ao^QE, mu ou /iij iK^irfrfi &iabpai. EoTi Kowuiiv KOt not obtain, neither shalt thou escape by fleeing. 

12«ot^v mu OTrnauii-, kqI nit™ iiaAAof iorepctnu. 'Ectti "Tliereispnethat laboureth.and lakethpains, 

al . »i .\', • .,*. 1 and maketh haste, and is so much the more be- 

VwOpot^ KOt jrpoo&o/KWH d(TlA^€u>I, ivrfpuv iOX^l, KOt hind. "Again, there ia another that is alow 

anuvti'a iripunrciMi, koi dE i^j^iXuoi Kupiou hriSSx^av and hath need of help, wanting abiiity. and full 

13 Kai di^uNn K(^aA.i]f afrvE, mu &rt$<aiitaaa.v ht aiira estate, ''and hft«d up bis bead from misery; so 
^[f^fjijj that many that saw it marrelled at him. 

,,,,".,, . . . . n/ ( ... "Prosperity and adrersity, life and death, 

14 Ayaffa. lau Kcuca, Can] kox foraTOt, wno^ut. mil irAovrot poverty and rii^liea, eome of the Lord. '' The 
17s-api Kvpt'ou fWi. Aocris Kvpum mpoiiivti tS^i^iai, f"'f°J^J^'bri'^p"™'°*^^fo/e'i"?'^''5Cra 
1 8 KOI ^ (vSoKUi OVTOV «s TOT olutu tixSmO^tTOi. 'EtTTl j, that waieth rich by hii warineaa and pinch- 

xAovriw Atto jtoooo™ km tTtbiyyiat atrou, koI avrtt n }^i- ^"^ *!"• i" the portion of his reward; 

in ' - X - . - •!, " ~ , . , , ,' ' u whereas he saith, I haie found rest, and now 

la^ipiS Tou /turfov aiTTOu. Ei- 741 tiirtiv amov, tvpoy wiU eat coulinually of mi gooda ; and ^(( ho 

IV, KCU vvv ^ayaiuai ix tuiv ayaSiav uov, KoX ovK kooweth not what tjme shall eome upon him, 

! i_c._ . ' \.!.i.. ■ • i • and that he must lea»e those thing! to other*. 

KatpoK vapt\tW€TiU, K<u KOTaMiilitt avra irtpoK, ^„d ji^ ^y^ ,t«lfu^t in tliy eovenant. and 
Au nui uauOafitrai. %TTJ$i iv StoBtjrrj <tOv feat ofuKtt iv be coniersant therein, and wai old in thy work- 
Si aiTB, Kol iy TV Jpy^ won jraAnKoiVt. M^ ftiv/iaft w ]„"u LoiS'' ti "' '-"'■"——■'■■■"—■ 

tpyOK dfiapTuiAou, wtomx t^ Kvpiu ical ifiyxvi Ty irdvip an easy thing ii 

<row 5ri KoG^of (c n^AiA^is Kiy)iou Sia Tuxovt ^fairtra '"^''?" to mskt .. . ■ ■ .h arJ 

xWilnU woTpa. ^ __ ^ of the'god'lyfa^f ""uddcnlylioiiiketh hirWess- 

22 EvXoyta Kvouni (V uutAS (wrc^Sovt, icat fo upa toyi™ ing toflunrisb. ==Siiy inn. What profit is there 

23 <b^\« .Ooyia- a^S. M^ d^. t.s iori' ^ XP"" " h. "L%aVt?r? "aVm,':'-',!.*^, I hS?e" o'^gh^ 

24 mu rtvix &110 toD vui* ftrrai /uiu tq ayaSa; Mn ((inn, and possew man; things, and what evil can 

4fup7 iyaOior ifonfrnM lauaav, koi tv :7/(^>f kokuv ov mtbeda)'o^*iI^iJttn^'ODKi«''U''^ 

EccLESiASTicus XL 26— XIII. 2. 84 50*IA 2EIPAX. 

branoe of prosperity. » For it is an easy thing u.vrKT$rKT€T(U ayaBtav' OTi kov<I>ov €vavTi Kvpiov iv nuJpa 2S 
unto the Lord in the day of death to reward a \ i » ^'^ * ti * ^ x co % « «» ir ' ot 

man according to his ways. 2? The affliction of tcAcvttts airodowat ai^pwTrw icara ras odov? aurov. Ka- 27 

an hour maketh a man forget pleasure : and in kciktis wpac c^iXi^crfiov^v Trotct rpixjnjs, koL iy oi;iTcXcii^ 
his end his deeds shall be disoorered. * Judge »..i3 '..^,. »^«'x, «/,.*. 5r*«»»< »«*.*^r. Tt^X ^^\^,^^ ..i Oft 
none blessed before his death : for a man shfil ^^f^^^ aTroKoAin/ris tpytav avrov. Upo ^ TcWiys^ fiy 28 

be known in his children. fioKopiif. ftijowa, Kai iv rcxvois avmtv yvoxroiTO'CTCU avrjp, 

^ firing not every man into thine house : for •»,> * . « /i " » ^ ? ' ^. \\^ oo 

the deceitful man hath many trains. » Like as ^V 'raiTa avOpomov ctaayc ct? tok oZkov irov, iroAAa 29 

a partridge taken fand kept] in a cage, so is the yap ra tv€Bpa rov SoXtov. IlcpSt^ Orfpevrrj^ iv icaproAXcp, 30 
heart of the proud : and like as a spy, watcheth •„,,„ ^««5S.'« ,««.^««^^««,, .,«5 /«. A .^»*<^^.^«vi..«>» lw./9X/««. 
he for thy fall: afor he lieth in wi5t. and turn- ^"^^ '^^P^ VTyrj^tavoy, kcu mo KaTacxoiros ^t^Acyct 

eth good into ctU, and in things worthy praise Trroxriv. Ta yap ayaua cis Kaxa iieraaTp€tfi<ay cvcopcvci. 3 1 

?i^«'h'^p'&',TldS.1Sl:;n^i'«X'!^„' '"^.'^•' ro« «Jp«T.H, fcr.ftj,r« ^Mov. 'A^i .nru^pov 32 
la^ethwait for blood. ®Take heed of a mis- tv/»05 irAi/^wcrat avupaKia, Kai avuptaTro^ afrnproiAoi €19 

chieyous man, for he worketh wickedness : lest alaa cvcSpcvct. npoo-CYC diro KOKOvpyov, wovnpa yap 33 
he bring upon thee a perpetual blot. •♦Receive '^ , '^ , J^ ^^ \ %^ ^^*' »t/ / *%* 

a stranger into thine house, and he will disturb Tdcraivcc, /iiyTroTC ^/iov eis rov oiwrn d<^ oroi. Uivoucttrov 34 

thee, and turn thee out of thine own. oXKorrpwv, koX Suurrp€d/€i <rc iv rapavcu^, koI aTroAAorpt- 

When thou wilt do good, know to whom thou /'«!«/ r r ^ 

doest it ; so shalt thou be thanked for thy ^*' f « '^*^^ ^^^ ^^^; , . . „ / -, 

benefits. ^ Do good to the godly man, and thou *£av cv Troths, yvutOi rlvi irotct9> xal cotcu X^^^ rotf 12 

shalt find areoompence; and if not from him, i^,„n^7^ ^^,. i^,»«,.^/««.«« ^^^R^7 ^^) «,*.».jU>«.c <;i^/,«.^X>..<. O 

yet from the most^igh. » There can no gooci ^yf ^o« ^ov. ^ Ev7roti;o^v cwc^ct, xai cvpi/ocis avrawt^/xa. 2 

come ' ' '' " ' ' ' ' * ~ ' ' "■" ~ 

nor t 


unto 1 


unto hiiu, icBU 110 uveriiiiMii^r lucc i/uorvuy : lur « 9«« n'xom 9M«r \t >«> 

[else! thou shalt receive twice as much evil for oprovs avrou, icat firj d«s avT<p iva fitf iv^ avroi^ trc 

all the good thou shalt have done unto him. Bvvafrrtwrn* BivXaaui yap koko. cvpi/aci? iv iraaiv ayaOoU 
^ For the most High hateth sinners, and will f> « ^ > «« v^^ « < « , > / c 'i^.' 

repay vengeance unto the ungodly, and keepeth <>'« ^^ Trotiytri/s avTu». ^ Ot4 KOt o vi/rtoros c/itcTTcrcv o^top- «- 

them against the mighty day of their punish- roAovs, koI roh ducr^picriv aTroooxrci iKOiKr^w. 

""j G We unto the Bood, and help not the .inner. . ^\^ V?¥. «»J l^\ Wa/J^ T0« d^apT(»\ov. Oi« 7, 8 

B A friend cannot be known in prosperity : and €KOuceiwrja-erai cv ayauoK o <piAo^, xai ov Kpvprfaerai ev koxo&s 

an enemy cannot bo hidden in adversity. » In ^ ^^ ' . »Ey dya^ots dlv8p6s ot CY^pot a^ou ^ kvwn, fcoi 9 

the prosperity of a man enemies will be gneved: .'^V* «',« ^«J^^ /i' -e^x ia 

but in his adversity even a friend will depart. *»' TOts KOKots avrov xai o tpiAjos ot^^pUTPrjaerai, M17 lU 

»" Never trust thine enemy: for lijke as iron TrMrrevow t<3 ^6/p<5 crov cts tov aiwva- ws yap 6 yoXkos 
rusteth, so is his wickedness. "Though he.-^ ^m ^e'^*/ »« rr^i* 2* ^ii 

humble himself, and 90 crouching, yet take good lovrai. ovtws 17 irovj/pca avrov. Kai^^av rayeivwe^ icai 11 

heed and beware of him, and thou shalt be unto vopivnrai ovvKCKV^KtfS, iiri(mjaov rrjv ^jnjxqv crov xcu 

him as if thou hadst wiped a lookinR-elass, and 1 '\ ^ » * » '^ ^ " » '^ • * ^»_ 

thou Shalt know that i^s rust hath not been ^^Wc ^tt avrov. Kac €07; avro) u>s €Kp,€p^xm €aonTpoy, 

altogether wiped awav. *2 get him not by thee, koi yvoxru ori ovk €t5 reXos Kartctfac. Mi; cm;a|;s avrov 12 

hand, lest he seek to take thy seat, and thou at firj Ka6L<rrj^ avrov €#c dc^uuv <rov, fii^ort ii/nyoTy rqv Kau€' 

thlriwitk ™*™^^ ™^ ^ ^ pricked g^av <rov, xal ^ir* iaxan^ imyvwry tovs Aoyovs fiov, koX 

« Who will pity a charmer that is bitten with «»"* Toiv prffiaTwv fwv KarawyrjcrQ, 

a 8erpent,or any such as come nigh wild beasts? Tts iXcnorti tTraotSov o^idSwicTOV, Kai Travras tov9 wpoo". 13 

"80 one that goeth to a sinner, and is defiled / // / r\^ ^ ' » 5 * c 1^ 

with him in his sins,, who wiU pit^? »For a- ayovras^^piots; ^ Ovrw tov irpooTTopcvo/iCvov ovSpi ai^ip- 14 

while he will abide with thee, but if thou begin rtuXu) kqx crv/A^vpo/xcvov cv rais dfiaprlat^ avrov. ^'Opav /Acra 15 

.*^e%.''4iTi"hf.°liptbJiin*W?h^"?L'?SSl2^ TOO Wcv«. Kai tt. ^kkX.^. o4 m) Ka/>Tcp,}<T,. _ Koi i. 16 
eth how to throw thee into a pit : he will weep rois p(ctA.caiv avrov yXvKavct o ()(6pos, kol cv tq xapdca 

rot'be'r.'.Ted'^\JL'b!<^5^°SS;^^^^^^^^^ aW^ovXc^racdmrpc^at «cfe^d<Jpo.. A' o^ft^S 

UDon thee, thou slialt find him there first ; and avrov Oaicpvcrci o c^^pos, Kai cov cvp?; icaipov, ovk ifiirAi^thj' 

though he pretend to help thee, yet shall he (^crat ad> aiuaTo?. Kaica Av viravrmrn croi, cvpiio-cts avrov 17 

undermine thee. '^ He will shake his head, and , ^ 5 T ^ « o /j** « ' ' 

clap his hands, and whisper much, and change «*<<* Trporcpov orov, icat <os /JoiyC^cuv wrooxao-ci Trrcpvav o-ov. 

his countenance, . , , „, ,/.,,, Ktvno-ciTWKe6€iA.»vavTOv,Kat CTriKporwcrctTarsYcpo'tv avrov, 18 

He that toucheth pitch shall be defiled there- ^ \\x % i/l ' ^ ^w ' ^ ' » -^ 

with ; and he that hath fellowship with a proud '^^^ voXXa dtai/rie^purci, Kai dAAoMiKrci to irpwrcinrov avrov. 

man shall be like unto him. 'fiurden not thy- 'O aTrro/iiCVOS irurorji; pLoKwOrja-fTOA, Kai 6 koiv«dvci»v 13 
self above thy power while thou livest; and «^,,^jl '„. «..^.,»/JjL,^^. ^^^r. "H^/v^^ /«,.i« ^^ ..^ Jfr»««. o 
have no fellowsTbip witli one that is mightier ^^fM^^ ofxoiMihjaerai, avrm. Bapos vircp <r€ /xi; opi/?. 2 

and richer than thyself: for how agree the Kai UrxypoT€p<^ crov kou 7rAovoria>rcpa> firj Kowwvif ri 

.ao*IA SEIPAX. 85 

KDutdi'^t Xi^pa vpot XifiTjm; avnj rpoa-Kpovtni, koI 
3 UXouatOi i^Sunjtri, koi avro? jrpouwt/Jpi^^aTO" VTW)^t 

5 ^rydrai ^ o-oi- koL lav iimtp^ir^, KaraXtlipti m. "Eay 
iXS^- trvftfiuiHrtral (toi, mu AvOKtviiKTti at, mi auroi ov 

6 woriaa. Xptiav irj^i ow, mu ^voirAtu^n irc, mti 
•KpotTytXaatral trot, mu Suv<( <ro( U.n'tSa- XoX^ct <ro( 

7 KoXa, KOI ^ei, TW :} ;^ui (tdv; Kai eiirjQivii <r< ^i tok 
PpiniUTar avToS, ^ot oS c^Ttuccviuinj at Sis ^ TpiE, niu hr 
itr)iaitf KOTOfuoKiiaaai ami- ficnl raura ot^tral <rt, mu 
Karakiiipa trt, koi rijv kc^oA^I' avroS mirqati nri iroi. 

8 Ilfidcn^i f(^ i!n'(nrAai')}d^, Kai /(^ Tairfifiu^^ iv tit^pO' 
trvirg irov. 

9 IIpocricaAfini^n'oit trc Sovottou, viro;i(iijpalf ymni, Koi 
10 ToiTf fuiAXov vpocTKoXto'tTtu ut. M^ ^ir»Tf ua ^^ 
] I dnitr^^, KOI lii] fiOKpuf di^umi) (va fi^ JirlXi^ir^t. M^ 

•ir(j(« (t(n7yop«r<rfiol /itr ouroij, koi /i^ jrwrriiK xoii jrAtUxrt 
XoyOK ovToB- ix iroXX^ yip XoAms Ttttpairti ut, mu <Dt 

1 2 irpoo-ytAjui- JfrTofrd. 'AKtAt^puf 6 p-ij irwnipuiv Xoyow, 

13 aot au ^^ tfiiiiniTai mpi KOKiucrRuv Koi SoTfuiJf. Stvr^ 
ptfaav Ktu, rp6irt)(t a^oJ!p<uCi OTt /mto t^s irTtu(T«iij irou 

15 Ilav (uiov £yaT^ ro o/iotoi' avnp. xoi va; cu4ponr<w rof 

1 6 ffXijiTM»' aurov. nStro. vapi Kara yitoi (ruvorfrrtu, koi Tiji 

17 ofUHn/ avrov wpocrKoXXjjftJo-trai &.vr)p. Ti itoiwov^ii Xui«« 

1 8 d/(Vi|i ; oi/TWf d^iopniXos trptrs rinrt^. T(s (ipijvi) voti^ 

19 TTpCK Kuvai Km Tis tlpip^ wXoviruf rpov TcivrfTa; Kimfyia 
\t6vTU>v Svaypoi iv ip^iUf, ovrtw vopai iXovcthuv tttuijjoi. 

20 BS«Xuy/*a inrtpi)if>d.vif TUTcitVn^t, Otrrut jSStXvypi irXnucriiji 

2 1 IIA(n>[7iot (T'oXdJofin'Ot imjfM'^trai uko ^lAtur, rairttvos £c 

22 iTfcridi' rpoirajniiSciTat irro ^iXav. HAoixn'ov in^aAirrot 
ToAAot dvTiAiipTOpn, (AaXi}(m- ivo^fnjTa k<u iSuiaiaKTar 
avTov TOTltvot UTtfittXt Kai VfXMm^Ti^iprav aur^, ItftSty^ 

23 ^TO (TUftcTU' KOI ouK jSoA} ajmp TomK. UAolxrioc JAd- 
Xi^( Koi tramti itriyqaav, mtt tdv Koyov aurou dt-tf^uKrav 
(OK Tuf vt^niJar VTUt}^ UoXijcrc, Kot ttxaf, Tts oSrot ; 

24 K^v vpoaK6>inj, irpoaavaTph^amrof avrov. 'Ayaffoi 6 
'rkoBTiK <f p-f] itrrir afiapria, koi romjpa rj nru^ux if 
arofiaiTW Sirt^inii, 

25 KopSia at^fxinrov jAAoKH TO vpo<roin)¥ avrov, iaf tit 

26 dya^ Jdv n tit KaKa. 'lx>''>I KopSuLt Jv iyaBott ■Kpoa- 
unrov iXapoi', Kot tZptait rapafioXSit' StaXoYta/ial /ura 

14 Moxopiot dv^ Sf o£k (uXMrA^cv iy trmpari. aurov, Koi 

2 of Karfvvyij jv Aw^ d/iopnac. MoKopioc oS oS kotcjvu 
4 ^UX^ avTOU, mi Ss Ouk «ircirfi' ftiro T^ JXxfSot afrov. 

3 A|i^i fiucpoXtr^y ov KaXof 6 tXoCtik, koi db^/Xinry 

4 PaaKovto hro-tL Xp^f"iTa ; O ovFayuv £iro t^ V^X^ 
aJrrDU, truvayii oXAoif, Koi ^ TOLf djaAjiE afirov rpv^i}- 

6 aovrnv irtpoi. 'O sw)]pot Jatrry, rivt iyaSos urrat ; koI 

Ecci^KSiASTicuB XTII. 8 — XIV. 5. 

kettls and tha eartben pot tosetherP for if 
tbeone bennilten igaiuat tbe other, it iLtill be 

* Tbe ricb man hath done wrong, and yet be 
threateneth vithal ; the poor U wronged, and 
be must iotreat alao. ' If thou be forhii pro- 
fit, he will UH thoe ; but if tbou have nothing, 
he will forsake tbee. ' If thou bare any thiag, 
be will lire with thee : Tea, be will make thee 
b>r<>, aud will not bo larry for it. * If he hsTe 
nerd of llice, bo will ilpceiTe thre, aud amile 
upon tlieo, and put tdre in hope ; he will spoik 
tbee fair and My. What waot^t thou P ' And 
hcvill sbime tbee by hit moata. until he bate 
drawn tlioe dry twice or thrice, and at tha lart 
he will laugh thro to acorn ; ftf[iT"ord, when 
he Bceth the«, he will foreako thpo. nnd ab^e 
bia bend at thee. ^Beware that thou be not 
deceited, and brought down in tin jollity. 

' If tiiou b« invited of a mighty man. wiih. 
drsw Ihyielf, and to much the more will he 
inrite tlioe. '"Prean tbou not upon him, left 
tbou be put back ; eland not br off, lest thou 
be forgotten. "Affect not to be made equal un- 
to him in talk, aud believe not bii many wordi: 
for with muoli communi cation vill ho tempt 
thee, and smiling upon thee will get out thy 
aeerets : " but cruelly lie wdl lay up thy words, 
and will not tparo to do tbeo hurt, ami to put 
tbcp in prison. ^ Obserre, and tokr eood beed, 
for tbou walkeat in peril of thy OTerthrowing : 
when thou beareat these things, awake in thy 

"Eyery beast loTeth big like, and erery msji 
loieth hia neighbour. "All fleah couaorteth 
according to kind, and a man will cleave to hi* 
like. 'JWbat followibip hath the wolf with 
theUtnb? BOthesinnerwiththegodly. "What 
agreement is tbero between the hj-ena and a 
dog f and what peace between the rich and the 
poor? "Aa tbe wild bs> is the lion's prey in 
tbe wililemeaa : so the rich eat up the piwr. 
"As the proud hale humility: so doth the ricb 
abhor tlie poor. 

" A rich man beginning to Jail i» held up of 
his frieods: but a poor man being down ia 
tbruat alao away by his frienda. '■When a 
rich man is fallen, be bath many helpers: be 
speaketh things not to be apokcn. and yet men 
justify him: tbe poor man alipped.and yet they 
rebuked bim too; he apake wisely, aad could 
bare no place, ^ When a rich inan speaketh, 
erery man holdetb bia tongue, and, look, what 
he saith, they eitol it to the clouda : but if tha 
poor man speak, tlier say, What fellow is this I 
and if be atumble, they will help to orertbrofr 
bim. ^ Ricbea are ^dod unto him that hath 
no ain, and poverty is eril in the mouth of tha 

^ Xho heart of a man changeth bis counte- 
nance, whether it be for good or eriL "A 
cheerful countenance ia a token of a heart 
that lain prosperity; and the finding out of 
parablea is a wearisome labour of tha mind. 

Slessed is the man that hath not slipped 
with bia mouth, and ia not iiricked with tbe 
miUtituda of aina. 'Bleued is he wboae con- 
science hath not condemned bim, and who ii 
not (alien from hia hope in Iht Lord. 

■ Bichea are not comely for a nipnid: and 
what iliould an enriona man do with moneyf 
* He that gatbereth by de&audinf bia own 
■Old gatbereth for othata that aball spend hia 
goods riotously. * Ua thiL Sk «v^ 'VtVi^rniW . 

EccLMiABTicira XIV. 6— XV. 12. 86 ao*IA SBIPAX. 

t« whom will lie be good? he ihall not take ou u» tvApav&nmTai Iv rois vpmuuro' qutoE. Tow BatrKol' 6 
pleMure In hiB goodi. 'Tbera u none wor» "^ , '^ . ', , T" ^ - i 't 

tlian Le that enrietii himself! «nd this i> a "^"M ^"V"" o*" *>"» mrriponpcK. not touto i*Toxo8o/ia 

recompoDoe of bia wickednns. 'And if he rm naxiai avrov- kAii curoin, iv An^ nwci, kiu hr Jcryo- 7 
doatbgood.hedoethitunwillinHiT; Kidat the ' ■ _, - . ^^ , ^ ■• tt * ■ o ' o 

enTioiu man liith a wicked eje; he tumeth StfiSaku^, d.T0OTpa^uiv vpMrunnn' Koi o frr^popiW' ^^wof. 

tbe iniqiiitT of the wicked drietli up hia aou). rofi^po. di'a^i;paii'(i ifrvXH''- O^AiA^ioc x^itifwc ^cfn'qMK lU 

'"A wicked eye eniieth [hi.J bread, and ho ia ■ h' i™i, xai lAXi™ irl rm tpairilTK afiroB, 
niggard at lua table. ™r ~ fl« ■> < ' , - ^ ' . » j « 1 1 

" My «>n. iceording to thy ability do good T<«.o.. «aft*v^ ^a.- r,(<« («ro«. ".""rj","' "^^ 'P°'^*°P^ ' 

to thyaelf, and give tlie Lord his due offering, Ktipup dtuut vpoirayi. MfiTirATTi ori Oayarot ofi -xpanti, 12 

1^ Bemember that death wiU not be long in ^„; g^^ S^ ^iv virALvftj o-oi. Hpi' <m T<Xivi™i. 13 
coming, and that Hie ooTanant of the grave i» , ,',.' '^ .. . » , , . > c> V . 

not ahewed unto thee. "Do good unto thy taiwitt ^lAy, KOi iKtTa T^ i(r)fw crou imtWW itai Sot a&ry. 

friend h«fore tliou die. and acrording t« thy Mn iAvaTumaiK Airo Ayo% ij(iuhk, mw iiHiW MftiJii^V U 

abihty stretch out thy hand and giTB Ifl him. , '-.'^ _ -r i a ..,' „•• i' \ 'i ^ ' 1 1; 

" Urfraud not thyself of the good day, and let dyaffij^ pi] ut TraptAlfam. Oux' *Ttpif mraAti^K TOW 10 

not the part of a good desire oierpasi thee, n-o'vow erov, mu Tovs (torovs crou tis Siaifittriv xXnuv/ 

It Shalt tliou not leare thy traTSils unto an- .• tk'n \ r ■ >i' • • ". ic 

other? and tbr Ubour. to be divided by lot? ^os »«>' A<iP<. «»' i^anjo^^ T17F ^t^T* trou. orl owe «"-«• b 

"QiTe, and take, and lanctifj tJiy soul; for iv fSov C'^ija-ai Tpu^ijc. Hotra irapi in l/iaTiov toAhiou- 1? 

»s ."»r.S;!;'oi5'„*l°s.';.i%'ns :"■ 2 ,t? *^^t! ^' t"^ *"^"' .''"*^;-., ;* ♦■^ " 

covenant from the beginning is, 1'hou ahalt Aov BaMov nri otvopou ocurtor, ra ^iv KaTopaAAd, dAAa 

die the death. Aa 01 tlie green leaies^ on a gj i^(, ovT<vs vcvca oiumot k<u aiuaTOf, n ii(v TcAnTO, 

thick tree, some (all, and some grow: BO 11 the , .'^ ., _' —^ , T ,\ ' S lo 

generationoffleahaud blood, oneconieth loan trtpa dc yctrorai. llov Ipyof tnproiixvov tKAtani, (toi 13 

ond, and another ia bom. '" Every work rot- 5 Jpyci{di((w« afiro uct' afirou ilmXcvircnu. 

teth and coneumeth away, and tbe worker >i . . < < . ,> . ' \ * t 1 cm 

thereof shall go withal. Moko/juk dinjp ot cv (ro^ifi TtAcvnjo'ct, mu Of ar imvvm JU 

'^Blessed is the man thst doth meditate omtov imkrj^rfrtraf it Siavooufuvos tois iSovs afiT^ jv SI 

good thing, inwisdom and that rtMoneth of ^g^(^ ot^ov, Koi fr TOis iirmtpuAow aw5s i™ft«rcTm. 

Loly things by hia underatanding. "'He that .J^.^ ,...., . r-t^ _i 1 /" , _ 

considereth her waja in his heart ahali also '•ftACt Oirunii aunji <■)« iytUTijs, KOi iv Ta« (ttnidoit atmjc !(M 

We understanding in her aeireta. "Qo after hi&pait. "O a-apoxvTTOH' Sia tSiv 6vpih<av avnk, kiu *ri 23 
Ler as one that traeeth, and Le in wait in her - n 1 '^ . . , , , -. , , ai 

vrays. = He that prieth in at her vrindows '""^ fhipoiiuiTiov aimjt ax/matTCTOC o narakvuy trweYyvt i* 

ahall ilso hearken at her doora, * He that toC outou av™, nal wiifei iratTiraXoV iv Tots TOi'voit avm. 

doth lodge near her house ahall also fasten a t; ' < > j - 1. • • - ' ^ ' OE 

pin in her walls. ■ He ahall pitch hia Unt ^TTjcrtt rqv VKtpnp' aSmv Kari jpipas aun;s, «ni JiajaXutm 25 

nigh unto her, and shall lodge in a lodging h/ KaraXviiort ayaSwv. ®^ti ra rinva auroii iv T§ OKirg 26 

under her branchea. " By her he ahall be OVtottW vtt avnjs niro Jcav/uiTOS, kqi if T^j Wfg avn^t 

covered from beat, and in her glory shall he KaTnAixTti. 

He that feareth the Lord will do good ; and /O i^^/twos Ki-puir voijp-u avTO, kqi 6 ^KpoT^ ro5 16 

he that bath the knowlcdgo of the law ahall vou.o« KaraXnibtTai avrni-' iciii inravrnirrrai avruj wf (inrnp, 2 
oblain heri 'and as amother shrill she meet T . - c ' S'l • - 1 - '. f n 

him, and receive him as n wife nmrried of a ™ *« V^ mipttryia^ Trpoabfirrai avroy fufuti avrov i 

Tirgin. 'With the bread of unci era lajiding oprov trwiauiK, tai v&op <nxjiias 7njTi<r« avrov. Sngpt^- 4 

S;"";."-'."! ISnt X'Sr^ «*«"■ if' -<^ '■■•;« m r^-; «■! '/,"«^ ,<**■ . 

her, and ahall not be moved; anil shall rely Kai ou ^ij KaTaio^vtVg. Kai vipanrti aviov vixpa Tovt 5 

the midat of the congregation ahsll ehe open t,vippa(ruvtjv Kai (rrvpavov uyoAAia^ros not drojui alannar to 

his moutb. • He abairfind joy and a crown of KoraKk-npovowmu. Ov uil KaroAn^oirai avrm- SvOoMut 7 

ghidness. and she ahall cause him to inherit an , , "^ T'^. . , ' .v . > ^' , - 

everlasting name. 'But fooUsh men shall not ofn^eroi, KOi avfipes a/iaprioAot ou >ii) liuxrw ai^Tr. 

attain unto her, and sinnerB sball not Bee her. Maicpcii' iurtv virtonAavi'as, KoX ocSh; liwuOTtti ou un uvn* 8 

' For abe is far from pnde, and men that are _ii' ,,'^'^ r r riri 

liars oannot remember her. u^qirovTai aimjt. 

•Praise is not seemly in the mouth ofaun- Ofi;( ipaioi alrot iv uto^oti c!;xapT(dXov, on ou inipck 9 

ner,foritwBsnotsenthimofthoLord. ">For Kv/i.ou iirftTToA^. 'Ev yap <roc^ prfimrrai oTw, Mil 10 

praise shall be uttered in wisdom and the . C. . ,,' . ,' '^ „,^^^. f^' ', „, „ ', ,, 

Lord will prosper it. "aay not thou. It ia o i^vpiiii rtoftutrti avroi'. Mij uwgt, drt b%a Yivpxov M 

through the Lord that I fell away; for thou aw«7T77i" £ vap iaiirnatv, ov mttmin. MA ciirm, on 12 
ougbtest not to do the thinga that he hateth. . , ' ■_['.. ' t , * • "^j 

"8aynotthou.Hehathc»UBedmetoerTiror ""Tos ;s( ArXaviJffn" ou yap XP*'"* i^"* li^^PM "PV" 

he Iw^ no need of the sinful num. mXov. 


3 Iluf jSScXvyfta iiuoTfiri KvpUK, koi ovk ttrriv i.yainjTol' 

4 Toit ^jSioificfOK ahov. Avrot i( &p)fii iiroijiaty ayOpiP- 

5 irof, Kai J^^KCV auTOi' iv X*'P' SiajSovXt'otr aiiTOi!. 'Eai' 
GiXyt, trWTrlp'q<T€i.t tiToXa^, KoX wurro' irot^cu tiSoKtav. 

G IIapi$i)Ki trot, Trvp koI v&up, ov iav 6ik}ji iicrmit Trpi 

7 X*V™ '"*"* '&>^>^t dv^fMITnil)' ^ (w^ KOI 6 BivaTot, KoX 

6 (ay tiSoKijiTf} Sod^trai avT^. On noAA^ troijiia tov 
9 Ki^ov, urjfvpoi iv SmtuTTCif Koi ^hnav Ta iraiTa. Kai 

01 6<ii$aXftot airrou ivi Tovf ^jSov^n'ovt afrov, Koi auTot 

iiriyfuHriTcu wav tpyov AiSpiimov, Kai ouk ii/ntiXaro 

Ovwfi aatptiv, KSi OUK cSowci' aratriv ouSfvi dfiojiTavcu'. 

fl M^ eirift5|Utt Twnov 5rA^A>i dj(p^<7TCi)v, t"l <v^pa/vou Jirl 

2 uiOM Aat-Piaiv. "Eiv TrXjjftJvowt, ^^ (fi^poivou «ir' ttirois, 

3 «! ju,^ itm ifio^oi Kvpiav /ur at/rSn'. Mi/ ifiirurrtvoTp rg 
{(op auTUJC, KOI fiii tittxt tVi Tof TOirov oiriuv Kptiaamv 
yap tX% ^ X''^""> ""' ^'>''>^'»^'i' aTCKf 01' ij t)(tui TtKya. aac^rj- 

4 Airo yap ivov ovycroo (rucouEUT^^iTCU xoAtt. ^uki} Si dra- 

5 fuuv (fDj^f^rrai. IloUa routDra fufiaKa iy S^aXfioii 
funi, Kcti lo^poTfpa Tcruriav iiciJKOt to 0S9 fiov. 

g XiV crvFayoryg d^a/muXiuy ^Kawt^troi vi>p, cat cy cpKCt 

7 ixttBti iitnav&t} apY^. OuK JfiAjuraro mpX tuo" i(ijfa«4i>' 

8 yi-ytuTui-, 01 iirwrTJjtrac t^ iw^i avrui'. OuK i^uiToro 
wtfH, r^ xapotKia; AuiT, ovf J^SSiAvfuTO Sta r^ innpijifia- 

9 fiaf o^Tui'. OvK ijAfi^o- f^vot dmrAfia;, rovf t^pixivom 

Ji* dfutfiTuut avTwv Kot ovroit (^okocjuis ;i(iXuiSa! ttc^iuv 

1 Tovt Jirunn'a^ciTas (v iFK)i.i}poKap&iq. aJmuf. K^i* ^ cT; 
<rKXi;poTpap(>;\oSi dnu^orov, tovto ci <!iA«(ii{'i}(rcra(, !A(os 

' p KO( (lpy4 v^' ovrov* hwaimp iiiXairfMir kox injfimi' 

87 EcciEiiASTicns XV. 13— XVI. 26. 

"The Lord bateth all nbominatbn ; nnd 
tber that few God love it not. " He him«eir 
nutde man from the IwEiiiQing, nod left him in 
the band oF bis couDsel : "if thou wilt, to keep 
the cammandmcnts, and to perform acccptsbre 
faithfulneu. "He fast)) Mt fire and water 
before thee : stretch forth thy band unto 
whether thou wilt. "■' Before man is life and 
deMh ; and whether he Uketh aball be giren 
him. "For the wisdom ol the Lord is great, 
and he in migbtr in power, and beholdeth all 
thing! : " and his e^ea are upon them that fear 
bim, and he knoweth every work of man. 
" Ha bath commanded no man to do wiokedlr, 
neither hatli he giTcu any maa licence to lia. 

Desire not a multitude of nnprofilable chil- 
dren, neither deli|tht in unpidlT »ona ■Though 
tbej multiply, rejoice not in them, eicept ^e 
fear of the Lord be with them. *Trust not 

□ tbeir life neither : 

I better than a 
to die without 


2 Kara TO iroXv cX<os atrrov, ovtuk koi ToXvt a ikty)p\ 

3 avTou' SvSpa. kotq rd ipya avroC iipiMi. Obt iKifuviera 
(V apirayfiamv afuipTaiXiK. Koi ov /i^ Ka6vtrrtp^ci Wo- 

4 fiovip' (UTf^ovt. Iliur^ iktTjuixruvj) xot^ft Ttnrov. txa- 
<rT<w Kara tq vT" "vto" tvp^ti. 

7 H^ <*>r3f > oTt diTO Kvpum Kpv^-^o/iai, /lif i( i^ovt tis 
/xov iin}a$^erat ; iv Ao^ s-Acibvi 06 fOj /lyiftrSai, ti's yap 

8 V V*OT f"*" '•" o^Tji^nj) KTUTCt ; "iSot i oi^m lau 6 
oipttvoi ToG oipavov TOu ®tov, d/Swnrof attt y^ ixaXai&r}- 

9 (Tovrai iv r§ tVuricov^ alirov- Sfta rS. opj) kcu rd Ot/LiXui. 

T^t 7^> if T^ JTTi^Xe^i III airrd. TpofUf trmiriiovTai, icai 
jir' ovToi; ov &iavo'q6iji7trai KopSui- itai rd; oSott avrou tiV 

1 ivftj/iijfi^crai ,- Kai dOTaiyls, V "uk o^ai tu^pujinK, 

2 TO fi( TXiiova Ttuv ipywv auroC A- lijroKpv^is, 'Epya 
SiKaiixruvrjv Ti! dvayycXft, 1] Ti; VTrofuvci/ fiaKpdv ydp ^ 

3 BtaS^nr}. 'EXarrovfiivo^ KopSt^ Siavoiirai raSra, KUi dv^ 
a^piov Kai xXav<0/ifvo! SiavotiTai piiapa. 

4 "AKOwrdi' fiov, twcov, koi ^afii ^lor^piji-, Kot iii twv 

5 Xdyuv fiov vp6at}(f rj KopSi'^ trov. 'Ek^huW tv trtaBfu^ 
X iv Axpifitii/. dvoyyAXu jrurr^fii;!'. "Er 

..ids: for one that ia joit 
thousand ; and better it is 
children, tlrnn to bare them tuat are UDBooir. 
* For br one that hath undorstanding shall the 
city be replenished: but the kindred of the 
wicked tball speedily become desolate. *Many 
such thioga hare I seen with mine eyes, and 
mine «r bath beard greater things than tliese. 
'In the conitregation of the ungodly shall a 
fire be kindled ; and in a rebellious nation 
wrath is set on fire. 'He waa not pacified 
toward the old nanta, who fell away in tbs 
strength of their Toolisbn ess. " Neither spared 
he the place where Lot sojourned, but ab- 
horred them for their pride. "He pitied not 
the people of perdition, who were t«ken away 
in their sins : '" nor the six hundred thousand 
footmen, who were gathered together in tlie 
hardneM of their hearts. "And it there be 
one itiEhecked among the people, it is marrel 
if he escape unpunished : for mercy and wrath 
are with him; he is mighty to forgive, and to 
pour out diapleaanre. 

also: heiudgeth a man according to his works. 
"The aioner shall not escape with his ipoila; 
and the patience of tbe godly shall not he 
froatrate. " Make way for every work of 
mercy: for every man Bboll find according to 
hia works. 

^ Bay not thou, I will hide myself from tbe 
Lord: shall anyremembermefromaboye? I 
shall not be remembered among so many peo- 
ple: for what is my soul amonB such an in- 
Enite number of creaturesF "Behold, the 
htBven, and the heaven of heavens, the deep, 
and tbe earth, and all that therein is, shall 
be moved when he shall visit. "The moun- 
tains also and foundations of the eartli shell 
be shaken with trembling, wheil he looketh 
upon them. "' No heart {*n think upon these 
things worthily: and who is able to conceive 
hiawaysP "It is a tempest which no man can 
see: for the most part of hu works are hid. 
" Who can declare the worka of hia justice? 
or who cwi endure tbem? for his covenant is 
afaroff. ^Hethat wanteth undenlanding will 
think upon vain things: and a foolish man 
erring imagineth follies. « 

*■ My son, hearken unto me, and learn know, 
ledge.and mark my words with thy heart. "I 
wiU anew forth doctrine in weight and dediMii 
bia knowledgB «taa.\i. * "Ta* -wtrfa*. «■ •«*' 

EccLBSiASTicus XVII. 27— XVI. 32. 88 SO*IA 2EIPAX. 

Lord are done in judgment from the begin- icpurci Kvpiov ra €pya aurou &v* apxm, koI iiro votricrttai 
ning: and from the time ho made them he * ^ ^ /' v ' /^ , ^ >i? / • t«^ \ a*. 

disused the parts thereof. ^' He garnished «*^<"»' dieoTCiAc /icptda? aynav. ^ EKO(rfirj<rfV €« cuagya ra 27 

his works for ever, and the chief of them cpya avrov, koI ras apvag avroiv €ts ycvcas avra)K* ovrc 
unto all generations: they neither labour, » ^/„„^„„ »^^ I^^^U^^,. .,-i «,*..< i£i\.«./^.. ^-^ -T-. 5^^» 
nor are w^ry. nor cease from their works. ^'J^^'a^a;;. ^^rc CKOiruwrav, xai ovk i^€\Lirov dno rw Ipr^ 

^ None of them hindereth another, and they avrtav, Exaoros rov irArjcriov avTOV ovk iuAMfftt kcu chic 28 

ff Lo°Trooi^''S'poa"th7^th!i^'flll'^' -T"* ""." «i«'^r-^' "5 7/--0! f^S- -' M7» "T 29 

it with his blessings, ^o with all manner of Kuptos cis nyv yrjv lir€pM\l/€, k(u iv€ir\rj<r€v avrqy rwy 

living things hath he covered the face thereof; dya^wv avrov. *UYnv iravros {wov €VaAvl^€ to wpooftwror 30 

and they shall return into it again. 5 ^ x » t ^ c , A* » " 

The Lord created man of the earth, and \1' „ ^^, ^ » ^ \* /x » ^ iit 

turned him into it a^in. * He gave them few Kvpiov cKTurcv ck y^ ov^ponrov, Kat TroAti' aircerrpc^vr 17 

strength by themselves, and made them accord- auToi9, icat cooiiccv avTOi9 cjowriav t<dv ctt avTi/9. KooT il 

ing to hU image. * and put the fear of man iavrov^ ^cSwrcv avrous tovuv, kqi xar cticoVa avrov hrolrt- 
upon all flesh, and gave him dominion over , / rr^v/) ^ i fo » '^ % \ / \ a 

beasts and fowls. « Counsel, and a tongue, and o^«^ aurovs. Kat €6'i;k€ rov 4>ofiov avrov tin iratnj^ aapKOi, 4 

eyes, ears, and a heart, gave he them to under- kol xarcucvpccvciv Orjpiiov Koi Trcrcivcuv. AiaBovXtov Kot 6 

stand. 7 VVithal he filled them with the know- x^ * »,/i x x ♦ x «/ »« j . ^ ^i 

ledffe of undersUnding, and shewed them good yWorav icat ot^^^oA/iov?. oira Kai^ KapSiav ISwkc Siavocurftu 

and evil. ^ He set his eye upon their hearts, aurots. ETriony/iiTV om^co'cais iv€ir\r}(T€V avrov^, #cai i&ya^ 7 

that they may search out his marvellous works, ctti ra^ Kafjoia^ avruiv, oci^ai avroiv to /xcyoAciov tcdi' ipyow 

"Beside this he gave them knowledge, and avrov- Kat ovo^a aytacrfiov alv€(rownv, im Sti/ywiTOi ra 9 
the law of life for an heritage. " He made an ucyaActa twv Iprywv aurov. 

glorious voice. — ahu uc ntuu. uulu bucui, / «'>t/o> **» Tur\'*5 '^l- T^ « i • 

lieware of all unrighteousness ; and he 8(ave KpLftxiTa avrov vircSctfcv avrois. M€ya\ctov So(rf^ €lSav oi 13 

every man commandment concerning his neigh- 6d>$aXu,ol avrwv, Koi S6(av <lHtnm^ avrwv nKOVO-c to o8s 
hour. ^ Their ways are ever before him, and > '^ v ^ 9 «<« / »x x »^f . . 

shall not be hid from his eyes. »7 For in the '*»^<^>'- ^at cTTTCV^ovrot?. TrpocrcxcTc^airo iraiTos a&icov 14 

division of the nations of the whole earth he icat ivtrelXaTO avTots cfcooTdi ircpt rov TrXrjaioy, Al o8ol 15 

are as the sun before him, and his eyes are OfpuaXfuav avrov. Ekootcj) tuvei KarcoriTO-cv Tjyovfitvoy, 17 

continually upon their ways. »None of their ^^l ucpts Kvpiov 'lapawX ccrnv. "'Airavra ra Ipya aMw 19 

unrighteous deeds are hid from him, but all , / /T ,^ , »** xc»j/>\ x » *^/ ^ x 

their sins are before the Lord. *t^ o rjAios ci'aKTtov avrov, icat ot oip&aAfioL avrov €vOcXexei9 

23 The alms of a man is as a signet with him, «ti ras 68ovs avrwi'. Ovk iKpv/Srjcrav at dStKtac avTcijv av 20 

and he will keep the good deeds of man as the avrov, Kat Troo-at at auapTuzt avrwi' ci/avrt Kvptov. 

apple of the eye, and give repentance to his 

sons and daughters. ^ Afterwards he will rise *EA.enuo<rvn7 avSpo9 ws cr^payt? /act avrov, fcot Yopiy 22 

tip and reward them, and render their recom. »/\ / ^.. »^ „',««,. ^^..^^^Ji^^, tm^^X .^r..^ Jd- ' O^ 

pence upon their heads. ^ But unto them ^y^P^ov ois ko^ avi'rrjpTfatt. ^ Mera Tavra ^fawl<m^ 23 

that repent, he granted them return, and com- orrat Kat dvraTroooKTCt airrot?, Kat to airaTroOofia avruiv th 

forted those that faUed in patience. kc^^V aint^v dTro&oo-ct. UX^v /xeravoowriv ISomccv ^jrci- 24 

23 Return unto tlio Lord, and forsake thy voSov, Kat TrapcKoXeo-cv ^KXciVovTa? vxrouoviw. 
sins, make thy prayer before his face, and '^ 

oll'end less. ^^Turn again to the most High, 'Ewtorpc^c ivl Kvpiov koi ^TroXctirc aimpriai, ScnAtrt 25 
and turn away from iniauity : for he will lead x / x / / »,:, / * \ c%if 

thee out of d/rkness into the light of liealth, ^**Ta irpocronroi' Kat (Tfiucpwov npoaKOfifia, ^iromyc ^irt 26 

and hate thou abomination vehemently. ^Who viJ/urTov, Kat air6<Trp€<f)€ awo aotKtas, Kat a<l>6Spa futnjarjiv 

giving perislieth from the dead, as from one Kat (uivtcdv Kat otooircav avuofioA&fff(Tiv, Airo vcKpov cos 28 

thatisnot: the livingand sound in heart shaU »^^ ^y^^^ 6,v6X\vrai cfouoX<Wts- (iav koX xryim oivitrei 

praise the Lord. ^jHow great is the loving- W ^, ,^ A « »\ * -> L ' , x ^« 

kindness of the Lord our God, and his com- rov Kvpiov. lis fieyaArj tf cAciy/ioorny rov Kvpiov, koi 29 

Sassion unto such as turn unto him in holiness! i^tXaa-uo^ TOts iiriarpifhova-iv hr avrov ov yap 3vva- 30 
' For all things cannot be in men, because the / * i. • ji ' • » »/i / 'ex , 

son of man is not immortal Tat Traira elvai iv ai^ponrois, ort ovk a^avaros vtos dr- 

« What is brighter than the sun? yet the ^P^^^' 
light thereof faileth : and flesh and blood will Tt ^awcivorcpov rjXiov; koi tovto cKXctVct, Kat irovnpbq 31 

ana ashes. avTos orurKCirrrrai, Kat ot ai^pcDirot Tnurc? y^ Kat (nroodg. 


18 '0 (Stti tii rof otwva iiaiat to wavra kmv^. KvpuK 

2, 4 fiovoi SiKauo$^fTat. OvSai if«iroi'70'«v fiayy<iAiii to 

5 ipya aiiTOv- mu rti i£i}^iaxr(i ri ^(^oXiid auTOV ; Kparof 
/icyoXmuunji avroS T« iiaptSfi-^trat ; Koi Tw irfHKrfiJa-H 

6 OuK ftrrtv jAarruKnu ovSi n-potrdcZfiU, KQi ouk 2itt(I' 

7 cfiX*'"''™' Ti flnv/uiiTlO Tou KvfiuiV. 'Orav (nrTfXcn) 
ovflpunros TOT* apjfiTQi, not orac irautrTrni tot( aTTop^ftj- 

8 cTCrai. Ti Sy$punroi, Ktu n ^ JCPT*'"'' Qvrou; Ti tJ 

9 AyaOov avroC, xai Ti to icaKof atirov ; 'Apidfios i/fitpun' 

10 di^piuirou soXAa tn; Ixarov, 'tit dToyui' uEaros diro 
StiXdamfi KOI ijrrjijiot a/i^ou, ofrnut dXiya tr>} ^ VI^^P^ 

11 owji'os. I^ta TOVTO ifianpodifttiir* Kvpios Itt' avroic, kqi 

1 2 Jfi^fftv h avTovf TO fXiot aurou. ETSc xai tircyv<ii r^v 
KaTturT/XM^^ oiFTUJv OTi a^tviipa, Sta toDto ivk'^mivt Tof 

13 j^iAaoyuiv oiTTOu. *E\(Of SvOpiiirov jiri toc xAifO'ioi' avrav, 
(Xtof S( KvpiW (iri Trairav adpKa, ii.iy)(u»' nal TraiS^uui' 
■ai 8iSqo-«uiv Kai iTnarptifHuv ii>? iroi/i^i' to iroi'^vioi" auroij. 

14 Tols fiiBiXD/i«>^U5 Tr(u8<(ac (X«(, Kai tow KOTiMnreuSoiTO! 
^iTi Ta KpifuiTa avTOV. 

15 Tfiivoi-, ec oyaSois /i^ Buls fiuifioy, Kai if tootj Socth 

16 AvTn^ Xoytm'. Ouv£ iratxrciii'a d»u?ratio'ei ^00*09; OVTUC 

1 7 itptutaani kiyiys ^ Socris. Oiit iSoi Xdyos irr^ Sd^a 

18 AyaOiv ; koi aiii^oTtpa vnpa dvSpi K(;i(<)p(T<ii/in^. Muipot 
iiX°P'<rT((it ovfiSifi, Kat Socris jiaanavov ^ict^ci o^doA/iouc. 

19 IIpii^ XoX^trai ^i^aM, Koi vpii i^puKniai Otpairtvov. 

20 IIpo KpiirtiiK (frro^c triavroi', kq! (v upji ^utkoit^ 

21 (vpijcrdj (fiXoo'^oc. npii' o^puiOT^trai ut TOircn-u^TTt, 
KOI iv xaifiiu a.ii.apn}fid.TUiv S<(£ov ^n-urrpo^^. 

22 M^ i/inaSurO^v tou db^>Soi)v<u cJjp^^i' cuiioifXifc, Kai /i-^ 
33 ftiivtj^ iiiK SaraTov SiKauuOrjvai. Hfuv (u^iurdiu Iroifiaaoy 

erfovToc, nat /*7( yivou i? fivflpwiros Tcifxifui' tov Kvptov, 

24 Mr^ftTTt AytoC ii' ^HfpaK TfkrvT^, koi icaipoi' ficSut^fiis 

25 ir iwoirrpoi^ npoarJinov, tSr^a^riTi Katpov Ktfiov iv 
Ktupu n-Ai^/toi^, iTiu;^o'av itni fvhuav cv ^[iipaii irXovTov. 

26 AiTD vpii>t6tv «i)f iawipat /icra^aAAct Koipo;, koi Trnira 
/iTTi Ta;i(ii^ f itiyn Kvpiou. 

27 Ai^pwrof <rotp6^ h/ xowl €iXa/3i)C^«Tiii, Kai «f ^^iV"'* 

28 n^topTuuK wpoai^i &.Tto jrXi]^ficA.(uis- vui crvfcros iyvw 

29 <TOif>iay, Kol tJ (upoiTi avT^t' Suhmi J^OfioXoy^tv. SvifTOt 
iv Xoyoi! Koi auTo! ivo^iirarro, Kat ivwft^pjpray Tmpmfuas 


30 Oinaa tSo' lirtffviiuiiy trou fiii iroptvou, icai iiro Tiiic 

31 opefttuv irmj utuXijou, Tliv X^PTW'T?^ ^ V'^XD ''^'"' "^^ 

32 Kiaf JiridiTuat, iroi^it <r( ivij(ap[ia tuv ij^pdv crov. M^ 
cu^poii'ou /wi jToAXp Tpu^p, /iijSl irpoo-SfSfls von^oXjj 

33 avTT!. M^ yiVou ffTiux"* OTi^/SoXoKoiriuc JK Saftur/iav, 
Noi oi'Sif irot JoTii- If [lapmnrtitf. 

19 "Epyanjs fu'^wros ou xXourwiS^tTfToi, 6 ^ot^fitjw Ta 

2 oXiya Kara fuxpoy wTiiToi. OIfos koi yuMiLMS diroor^ 

(Toivi ovfrrovs, koi i KoAXiu^tvos iropivit roX^)]poT(pof 

EccLKBiASTiCua XVIII. 1— XIX. 2. 

E He tbat JiTeth for erer crcKted nil Ihiogg ia 
. general. ' The Lord only ia righteous, * To 
"^ hatli he given power to declare lije works ^ 

* Aa for the wondWrai worlii of the Lord, there 
may notliing be taken from them, neither may 
any tiling be put unto tbem, neithrr can tha 
pound of them be found out. ' W hen a man 
hatb done, then he beginneth ; and vlien he 
leareth off, then lie nhall be doubtful. ' What 
ia mail, and nlicreto terretb ho; wbut ia hii 
good, and what labia evil P » The number of a 
man's daya at tbe moat it an hundred ycara. 
■"Aa a dropof water unto the sea, and agiaiel- 
atone in comparison of tbe aand; bo are a tbou- 
aand yeara to the daya of etenilt]'. "There- 
fare is God patient with them, aad poureth 
forth bia mercy upon them. " Se eaw and 
perceived their end t-o be evil : therefore he 
multiplied hia compaeaion. " Xbo mercy of 
man la towanl hia neighbour; but tbe mercy 
of the Lord la upon all fleab ; be reproretb, 
and nurtureth. and teacheth, atid bringeth 
again, ai s ehepherd hie flocli. " He bath 
mercy on them that receive diacipline. and 
that diligently seek after his judgments. 

■'Myaon, blemish not thy good deeda, neither 
use uneomforlsble worda when thou giveat any 
thing. " eiiall not the dew sasuago the heat? 
ao is a word better than a gift. >' Lo. ia not a 

lOrd better than a gift? but botli a 

girti -— _ 

ma man. " A iool will upbraid eburlish- 
ly.and a gift of tlieenviouaconsumeth tbeeyet 
"Learn before thou speak, and uae pbyeico: 

ly, and 1 

nsumeth tbe eyes. 

,„ , , ,.nd uae pbysicor 

sick. =" Before judpnent examine 

thyself, and in the day of TJsitalion thou ahalt 
find mercy. » Bumble thyeelf before tbou be 
sick, and iu Ibe time of sins ahew repentance. 

" Let nothing hinder then to pay thy tow 
in due time, and defer not until death to be 
justified. =" Before thou pray est, prepare thy- 
aelf: and be not aa one that tempteth the 
Lord, "lliink upon the wrath that ahall be 
at the end, and the time of vengeance, when he 
shall turn away his face. " When thou bast 
ecougli. remember the lime of hunger! and 
wlien thou art rich, think upon poyerty and 
need. " From the morning until tbe eycning 
the time ia changed, and all things are soon 
done before tlie Lord. 

" A wiae man will fear in every thing, and in 
the day of linning he will beware of offence 1 

tbe day 

a tliat found her. 


had underi „ . . 

themselvea.and poured forth exquisite parables. 

" Go not after thy lusts, but refrain thyself 

from thine eppetitea " If thou givest thy soul 

thedesirca tliot please her, she will make thee 

laughingstock ti 


; plea, 

^a that 

neither be tied to 1l- —. — . 

not made a beggar by banquetiug upon bor- 
rowing, when thou hast nothing in thy purse, 

A labouring man that ia given to dmnken- 
nesa shnll not be rich : and be that contemnelb 
small thinaa ahall fall by little and little. 
^Wine and women will make men of under* 
Btandiog lo itU away 1 and be iW. tisaB«S*>.'s»» 

Ecclesiastics H XIX. 3— XX. 10. 90 20*IA 5EIPAX. 

harioU will become impudent 'Motlia »nd £<rrat. 3wr« nal tnaikmis lAvpovoumovtrtv airov, koi 3 

worms BhaU h»TO bini lo heritage, and a bold ,, . „\,' ^ lt„rJiJ^^^. 

'Hl' tlmt i8 liQsty to ^ivc ireriLt ia lialit. ^ ^ _ .. i , , , . 

MiDiledi luid bo that siriiicth shall oHeiid O ja'^i' 'l'''^i''^f*''''v, KtniffitK KOpm^ KOi h ifkafrrtanMi ti\ A 

that hateth bnbbling liatli 1ms of evii. yvaaBnatnu, KOt o luaSm XoXtov iXanovovtiu Koxia. 

'Reheane not unto another tliat which is 

told unto thee, and thou shslt (are tievur the «e-_ s ' i' « .a. . > .\ - 

wopae. « Whether it bo to friend or loe, talk MijWwore btvTtpaxrgi Koyov, koi oi*(v <roi ov foi ttnr- 7 

not of other men's livra : and if thou canst ntno^n. 'Ev dilka Kol iv bSf^ iin fiinyou, ooi (t iin ^(m 6 

not without offencp, reveal them not. »Forho ," , T .^ ,, "a ' ' • « •* » 

heard and obBorreJ thee and when time ooui. "Oi afiapTia, >x, iroKoXv^t. Akiiko* yap vov «<u i^ 9 

cth ho will hats thee. "* If thou bast heard n Ao^rd i7t, xai bi Koipw /lur^uti trt. 'Av^icoaf Aoyar; 10 

Zl''w^^i"*A'a'S.^a""! .m..™*..™ ™, »«»>«, ^s.^™ ««•, -a™ ;t««~ii 

ward. 09 a woman in labour of a child. " As WOV Xtryov (v£l»jir(L fuupot, u>C ^iro irpocninnni ^pi^ovs i) 

friend.jt may be be hath not done it : andifbc iv (toiAifi fMupou. tAjytov 91A0F, /iiprort owi trwfrt, IS 

bare, done it. that he do it no more, i' Ad- ^^ ,; „ i^oimt. uVTiOrt Ttpoa&n. 'EXcyfoi- toV ^Aw, » 

momsh thy fnond, it may bo be bath not , ,,''"',- '^ ," . e ' - »^. ,, 

(aid it: and if ho We.thHt he apeak it. not ^iJiroTf ovic «iir«, mu «i tifn)Kty, iwi pij OcvnpcwJT]. tA*. 15 

ngain. " Admoniah a friend : for many tunca y^y AiKoy, miAA<uc(t yap yiWul StaSoXn, not lii TOiri 

It IS a slander, and beliOTo not every (ale. { r , 

"Tliere is one that sliiineth in his speech, but '^TV >"<""«■ 

not fruiii liis henrt; nnii "hn is he ihathulh „ « , ..,.,- , . . . , 

not offended with hia lonsue? Eariv okuivaiviov Kot ovx diro vvxm' koi th tnry luuia. IG 

"Admonish thy neiahbour before thott ™„„ A, ™ ^i,i«v™ ^.V™",. A ir-f 

threaten him : and give plaeo to the la- of the "I^** '*' ^ Y'^'*^ '""°"' 

mostUiib. "'ThefearorthoLordiaallwiadomi .„, > . , . ^ > v- 1 o« . 

andioallwisdomiatheperfomianoooftlieUw. i-Ktyiov tov n'Ai7(rioi' o-ou irpunj 6ir€iX.Tjtnu, ml «« 17 

" The knowled^je of wickcdneas is not wisdom, roirov votuu wiiorou. USaa aoAla AoBoi Kupunr, ku A- 30 

neither ot, any tune the counsel of sinners pru- . j'- ' • ic • ■ " j.' ' ^ 

denee. => There is a wickedness, and the same y<WTf Cfo^i? «otijir« vo/iov. Kot OUK lori (ro^ta »ov))paK 22 

an abomination ; and there is a fool wanting frurnjiirj, nal oiit icmv, oirov fiovki) o/xopriiiXui', xfipovif' 

m wgdom.^^ hath small undorsfnnding. and '^"- 'f°^' iroM)p«i koI ain, fiSiXvy^. «ai &t<v i^^*" 23 

fearctb Qod, ia better than one that bath (Aarroiyxcvoj <ro^if . 
much wiadom, and transgreaseth the law ot 

that lurnilli a~ide tri niitke jiuUment appear, (v ^/iovi](TCi koi wapafiaiviiiv vojutv. "fliTTi a^ifoipyia 25 

birh^'"\n'dl"T^lml"'ii'"'."l^ he^ii'^i^*" f'^P'^^ «",' "''^ uSwoj, Koi tort luurrpiilxM )(apa' tov 

deceit, ''<-ii-l]iih' dij\M> |ji' ciitintenanee, ami (k^ui'iii Kpfui. Son TOVijfKvdfto'Of (TtiyKCKV^MiK fuAiifjf, S6 

\no^a jTe 'Uu do"' UicTii ulltSief" U^fo« """^ '''^ '^^ ''^.°'' "'^W 8°^™- Svyicv^ wpcxnmrov 27 

thou be aware. ™ Ami if for want of power f"' crtpoKiai^v, owtm ouk' oriyvwftj, irpo^ftuTH <re, Koi 28 

liebebinderedfromBiuning.jetwlienheflnd- lav viro (XamouaTOT itryvos KiaXuSn auapno', lav fupn 29 

clhopporlunilvhe wiUdOBFiL " A man may « . .,';., ", '_jj, , . " 

be known by his look, and one that halb uii- "'^y. _«a^oiron)o-.i. Awo opamt^ iTnyrma^tprtTai 6t^, SO 

derstsnding by his counteiiiiiioe. when thou Kai ajro airavT^iioi irpovaiwov iTriyyiDir&^rTai vo^ftay. 

uS|h^r.''ard f^t^lZ? wllat'Tii'"s. ■« iK ^ToXttr/iis iyB^ kh'l y&m ^Sd^o* koX ^^™ ivOpJntoo 

ia a reproof that is not comely : attain, aome dwiyytXXti la w«pi ouToC. Tloru' iXtyx^ 69 ovu jtrrty 31 

man hold eth bis tongue, and be is wise. £«aios, Kai l<m aiunrSiv not airos <^p<iviUOt. 

It IS much better to reproro, than to be ^^ ' •rt~'i"f 

angry secretly ; and he that eonfesaeth his , . » >^ . > • n - a > < ■ n \ < 

fault ahall be preserved from hurt. ♦ Aa is the Us koaoc cXtycai 7 Cv/iowrt'ai, koi o ai'0o;*oAoyou/in«t 20 

Kl,SS«S"h'iuto5rrillTi'ffii"" « tt;"ir<,« ...Arfi,",.,. y-SviU, ,lmix^ i'o-i 

' There is one that keepcth silence, and ia irapHtvuMfiu vtavioa, oimot icounv tv ptif KptfutTa. 
found wise: snd another by much babbling 

aome keepetli eilenec. knowing hia time. ' A. voAAi^f AoAuif . i!,(m o'Uinrcui', ov yap <)((i uTroi^HO'U', Kot 6 

wisa man will hold hia tongue tiU ho see oppor. Jort er-Mawuiv <Sws Kocpdi-. 'Avflpunrot ffoAJs criywra oat 7 

tunity: but a babbler and a fool will rerard _ , «, , T i « ,' , W. "^ , 

no time. " He that useth many words shall be "oipou. o ix Xavum}t mu atfipiov vntoliijtrrTai laupov. 

abhorred; and he that laketh lohiniaelf auth^ 'Q TrXtovatuiv Xovu) S&Xuvftwtnu. Kal 6 iniomiaZoutytyt 8 

nt.v therein ahall be hated. » There la a smncr ,w .i^ ."V.' , - j b« i> „ 
t hath good aueeeaa in eyU things: and ficnjft?<^tTa.. _ E<rTiv ei'O&a h KOxOLi it^i. xiu iwrcy 9 
..... ..... ... _.i ._ i___ "I'lie^ tvpt/ia w iXarnocnv. 'Eon Smtk fi o6 AvirtrcAijtm mu, 10 

£0«IA SEflPAX. 9 

1 1 Koi «m SotTK >S* "' AjfravoSopa SmXmy. 'Emw &ir- 
TntTK ryfKtv &6$ri^, Koi icmy Sc ^to ranuwMic ^f>< 

12 K<0aX^. 'Eonv AyopdCm' iroAXa ikiyov, Kot droTUVMuv 

13 '0 (To^v Jv Xoyig) Javrov jrpixnfilX^ TO(iJ(rc(, jfopiTEE St 

14 fuupui' JKp(u$^<r(»^a.i. Aoirts aippotw ov Xuo'n'cXi}<rfi (70i, 
1 £ ol yap o^SaXiuti dvrou av^ 6^ iroXAoi. 'OX/ya fiuT'd kcu 

ToXXa ^ctiSurn, mu dfOLfci to <rr6ixa afrou ais (c^f- 
ir^/iipov &avtuZ koi oufHOV jinun](r<i* ^lunTTOi oi^panrot 

16 a Toiovros.' Mo^; ip*t, oi\ {nrdf)(ti fux tfukiK, koi otx 
i<m X'V"^ ''"'^ dyo^Ts /lou' 01 lirSoyrti TOf aprov fun), 

17 ^iJXai yXucrcn}. Qocrofiit, koI Svoi KamycXao'Ofriu 

1 8 'OKiirSiifui &Tta jSa^ovf ^loAAov ^ diro yXjotriTTji, ovtik 

19 uTmcrii KOKuIr Kara inrovS^ ^fc(. 'Ai^fKmnif a;[(ap(s, 
ftiidot tuiufioc, ^ OTO/ian (tiroiScvTuv ii^Kt)(ia^ijirrTai. 

30 'Ato OTofuxTos fuapmi'^nTax, TrnpafioM/, ov 
Ql y^ fi^ tiTrg avTijt' tv Kotp^ ovt^. 'Eoti KuXvo/Mvot 

^uifYnu'iu- diro h&tiai, Kai jv t^ divTaucrti uvtou ou 
22 xaTaw^njfTcrai. 'Eoru' diroAAwin- t^ ^"'XV'' "irov Si' 

aiiT^^inojc, Kai diro aifipoKK Tpoirunrov airoAn nvnjv. 
23*£f7Ti X<ifHf ourp^iojc tirayycXXofurot ^Aip, Kot JhtiJitoto 

24 afrrov i;(fl/>Di' Sup^df. Mil^os irovi])iot A" ii^piujry ^tiiSos, 

25 A^MTO)' KXnmit, $ o ivfi<\(;i(i£<in' ^itiiSa, ifi^ioTtpot Si 
2C lin'tuAtuu' xXijpoiv^ijtroiKru'. *UfioE ivfipdrmi ^'cvSovc 

dri^ui, Kot ^ aui)(uyt] aorov ftxr aurov Ji&Xt^^uK. 

AOrol nAPABOAflN. 

27 O dxi^ot Iv Aoyois irpoaiti iavToy, koi oi^pulnw ^pd- 

28 ci^iot ipitrti lieyurraa-iv, 'O ipyofd/nvos y^v avui^iio-<i 
&t}poaflav avTov, «ai i dp«criiiw ^(yurratrii' (fiXturcrtu 

39 liSuctav. Sci-ta koi Suifia itiroTV^Aor d^AiXfiovs co^c, 

30 KOI lilt ffttp-tK iv oTonatt ATTOTpiiTfi iXtyfiov^. Sw^'a 
KtKpv]ip.iyri Kai ^tfTOMfxn atfiaviii, Tif w^cXfia fr i/upini- 

3 1 poK ; KptirTYTuif di^paimK diroKpinmnv r^ fintpiaii avrinl, 
•q Sv6piimo% &iroKpvirTiav Tipi ao^uu' owrou. 

21 T<Kvai', ^papTt^; /xii 7rpoa6§t fapcirt, koi n-fpi t£i' 

2 vporipmy crov 8vg$rfTi. 'Oc d«v rpotruMrau o^os, ^vy« 

diro d^Wfn-tat, Jav yap irpaa-&&gt, Si^^trai <rf c&ovnt 

XtovTOi ot JSdiTn a^TTt, diuipoEim ^n^t dv^punii'. 

,3 'Os pOfi0au» SuTTC^uw Toou dvofua, Tp irXTirg avr^ oijk 

4 ftrriv uurtt. KoToirAin'^tos koi SfipK tprjiiuKTovtn xXovroi', 

5 oiSniw oikot vwiptj^vtm ipt)nai$^tT<u, An^irii vrtoxpe 
ix irropaTOf &)t urioH' avrou, Koi ri Kpipa uvrov KOTa 

6 oTTouS^ tp\rnu. Wuruiv iXrypM, tv Ix^i dfiaprtiAov, 
rail o ^o^ii/KVOS Kl^pwv tvurrpi^ti iv icapSi^ 

7 r»tili7TM paipiStv b SvraTot l» yXuKrtnj, 6 St voij^uuv 
' 8 oISo' jf vy JXioftuV*!)* a^ov. O oucoSo^i' t^v mkuw 

.ovTDu jf jQuj/xotri)' dAAoTpMK, wt 6 mFroytii)' avroC rove 


" A nisa maa br bit words nuiketh hinuelf 
baloTed: but tlie graces of foola sbail b« poured 
out. " The gift of a fool eLall do thee no ^ood 
when tbou hul it -, neither yet of the etirioui 
for hii reeewity: for he looketh to receive 
many Ibingi for one. " Ho giyeth little, and 
upbraideth much ; he opeueth bia mouth like 
a orier; to-day he leodeth. and to-morroir vill 
he aak it again : such an one ii to be hated of 
Ood and man. " The fool taitb, I hare no 
friends, I haye no tbaok for all my good deeds, 
and tbey that eat my bread speak evil of me. 
"How oft, and of bow many shall ho bo 
laughed to soom t 

'^ To slip upon a payement is better tliao to 
slip with tlie tongue; so the fall of the wicked 
■hall come speedily. " An uoseasonable tale 
will always be in the mouth of tbe unwise. 
"A wise lenteuce shall be rejected wben ii 
Cometh out of a fooFs mouth ; for he will n ' 

a due I 

1 The 

is that is bin- 

(ered from smniug through t 
lie taketh rest, lie shaU not De troubloQ. 
= lliera is that Je«troyeth his own soul througli 
baahfulness. and by accepting of persons oter- 
throweth himself. "There is tliat for basti- 
fotness promisetit to bis friend, and niaki^tli 
liim Ms enemy for notliing. " A lie is a foul 
Wot in a man. yet it is continually in tbe mouth 
of tbe untaught. 

> A thief is better than a man that is ac- 
ouitomed to lie: but thi» both shall have 
destiniction to beritjue. '■The disposition of 
k liar is dishonourable, and his sbune is eicr 
with him. 

" A viae man shall promote himself lo ion- 
OKT with Lis words : and he that bath under. 
itandin^ will please^ great men. " He that 
increase hia heap: aud 
„ kt men shall get pardon 
, . Presents and giFts blind the 
eyes of tbe wise, and stop up his mouth that 
be cannot reproic. " Wisdom that is hid^aud 
treasure that is hoarded up, what profit is in 
them botlif "Uetteris be that hidetb bis 
foLy tlioQ a man that hidetli bis wisdom. 

My son, hast tfiou sinned? do so no more, 
but ask pardon for thy former sins. 'Five 
from sin as from the face of a serpent \ for if 
thou comest too near it, it will bite thee : the 
teetb thereof areas the taetli of a liou, slaying 
the souls of men. ' All iniauity is as a two edged 
sword, the wounds whereof cannot be liealed. 
* To terrify and do wrong will waste riches: 
thus the Louse of proud men shall he made 
desolsle. * A prayer out of n poor man's 
mouth reacheth to the ears of Ood, and his 
judgment cometh spcrdUf. 'Ue tliat hateth 

' Ad eloquent man is known far aitd near; 
but a man of understanding knowetb when he 
slippeth. ' He that buildeth bis bouse with, 
other men'i moner ialJ^iiah^ica^V^S''™^^ 

EccLRBiABTtCOs XXI. 9— XXII. 12. 92 20*IA 5EIPAX. 

himsrif Btones for the tfinl) of lii> bnrial. XiBovt «s ytmSiya. ' ^Tvinrtiov <7vmyfUvoy mivayt^ 9 

■•Tie nonifrcgatiiin of the wicked i« like tow . . , ^ ^ ,, , . ,.,^ "~ ._«, / '' ,. 

■wrapped UiOTtber: and the end of them ii ■ avo/UM.^ Kai -q tnitTtXtia avn>v ^Aof_irvpos. OSot i^ap- 10 

flame of fire lo destroy tbem. " The war of ruiXii' iiiiaXuTniirq ix Xifluiv, icot ctt' iaypjif a^T^ fioSpoi 

S"JiS',L'S'J"iM'^'^;^UiSr ^'i '? *"»"'™' rr- «""/','■"' "; f^;^™ " 

eth tliB law of tlie Lonl getteth the under- avrou, Kat OTnrriXfia Tov ^ffmi Kvpimi <roif>ia. Ou wot- 12 
.tnnding thPirof :, Bnd jhe perf^tion of tbe gn^Vtrai 8s oi« fori laTOvpvos- «<rrl nwoupywi irXnA;- 
-wise will nob be tnuglit : but tliere is a windoin voucra irucpiav, iVuucris iro^v iiK KOTucAuTftof irAijcnnt'i^ li) 

fcditofTwii;' mi;'ibirawnd'ini^e''.flSSd; TT- "^' ' ^"^^^ "^r ^ r^ f*-^'-. "^r™ f^ " 

flnil Ilia couasel is like a pure fountain of life, "« ayytwv (rvFTtrpt/i^rav, koi. imirav yKuxru' ou i^Km}<ni. 

X The inner parta of a fool Bre like B broken 

"•jelj.snd be will hold no knowledge Mlons A6jov owfMy toy ixowrg fcrionjViuv, ali-nrn ofiro^, itol 15 

" If a akilfitl man hear n wiw wokI ho will ^ ovTov rpotrSijatf ^koimtci' o mrartiXJov koi d-njpfira' 

commend it, and add unto it : but wlien one auTU, KOt airarrptibtii axrrov Amtna ToD vtuTOti afrroC. 'Ef- 16 

of no undersUindinii hcnretli it, It diBplmwtfi ' ' . - • i -s- j > . i e. .i _- 

bim,«nd hecaitflth Lh bfbiud hie back "The VyWK fUitpov UK iv o&j. ifiopTiov, ori & x"^ (tvWtou 

talking of a fool is like H bunleii in the way ^ cufM Ajo'cnit ^opw, Sro/ia tfipovifiov ^ifn/fi^t-iai iv tx- 11 

SmT/nSS'SriK'KyiSS™ r*'!'';. -i."« *?■»»« ■;« s«"«i*f™ fc «.v*f. 

in tbe concregation, anii tlioi bball ponder his Hi oLiot if^vurftn'Ot, oimu; ^(upu tro^M' koi yiww 18 

words in their l.i»rt. "As a houac that ia do- dUn^trou, dSitifrMTTOi Xoyoi. H.-Sai tV awJv dvonrois 19 

Btroyed. so is wisdom to n fDol ; and tbe know. - , ' , , -t ' , ^ « t > - ■.. .' i nn 

ledge of the udwIh la aa liilk without sciife. TOticia, Kai at x^poTtiwi ^i X*'P« mCi"». Moipos fr 30 

"Doctrine unto fools la as f.'Ueraon Hieft'ct, y^<uTi awifiaL tbaann- afrou.di^ Si mxvoSpyO* iioXit vnrffl 

and like manacles on the right hand. "Afuol ' t , ^vi^ ' - j ' t' • • oi 

liftetb up hiaToicowilh lauehter : but a wLsi' /»*iO"air«. iJi ko<7-/ios xP^*^" W"*"/^ ira(6«ui, (to* iin2I 

Diaa datli acarco imiloa little. ^Leu^ng i« vXi&uv lul Boavion fic^ui. 

unto a wiae man aa an ornament of gold, and ^ '^'^'^ ^ ■ 

like a bracelet upon his rigbt arm. — . . \ . . ■ m a t\ \ ■ nn 

= A fooUah man's foot i« »oon in [liia neigh. , "*"^ ,1'^°'' ''^X" *'^ ''""™'; '"^f^ ™ iroAvxwpos 2S 

bour'a] house i but a man of eiperienco is aurxuvdijimiu diro n-pixrunrou. 'hiftpiov airo Ovpas vapa- 23 

&^t1i,';t..r.fb's'AK;ii!',,t* .-»"" •■', -i-r. '^'. ^.t^''-'t- '•^'.ttt-.. 

tiired will atand without. " It ia tbe rudeness AmiiftewTui Qi*punrou axpnauUm rapa Ovpav, o bt ifipon- 24 

oramai. to hearken at the door; but a wise ^os fiapvv0iiatTai drl/iio. Xcttn W^puoy h/ Toimxe 25 

mau will bo grieved with the diagrace. ^ Tbe a aS \ • e> j ' j. i- - a- 

lipa of talkers will be leUing such thinifs as per. fSapwthjatrm., Aoyoi 6t i^l-i^oiv iv £y}<i(t (rrothifrotTai. 

tain not unlo them : but the B-orda ol such as "Ec ffro'itOTi luupSc n Kar^ia, avrSiv, koaSui 8c troiolv tTToua 26 

have understanding are weighed in the balance. . - -^ ~ -_a . o- « « - "^ ii<i 

"■Tbeheartoffoolsiaiutheirmouthi buttbo ""^'':. ^\ "^ KorapiUTftw dtrt/fij Toc SoTawu'. avro* 27 

mouth of the wise lain their heart. ^ When the RaTapaTai nji' cavrov ^nnpjy. 
ungodly cuneth Satan, he cureeUi his own h>uL 

="Awhiaperer deGleth his own soul, and ii MoAufii jm iavTov Jnnrnif o ilnOvpitinv, xaX h vapoumatt W 

tated wbereioever he dwelleth. n- _ t ^. i r -r # 

A slotlifiit man is compared to a CHhv slone, l»oT)Vri<rrrai. 

and every one will biss liiin out to his diagrace. • 'n > c i ' n\ 'a • > > - • > nn 

»A slothful man is compared lo the filth of a ^'^ T]pSa\u, owi^v^ owjjpos, *ac mis ixtrvpui 98 

dunghill i every mon that lakes it up wdl sbaka tiri rn iriMia avroC. BoXflinii KOirpiW uwtB\n&ij oKm- 2 

bts hand. 'An evil .nurtured son ii tbe dis- ■■ - ' i • ■ ■ " ) -t - «• ' o 

honour of his father that begat him ! and a P"^* ^"', ° avaipovpivoi avjav iKTiyaia Xt^pa.^ Aurjgjvii 3 

[foolisb] daugbter is bom to bia loss. < A wiae warpiK iv ytvy^u atrai&tVTov, 6uyarr)p Si (ir JXamucrn 

a',"Vt'iS.Vfh:K£"«'"^^^^^^^ y^r ^r^ ♦'■°''" «»•»-,'■»■*"■ "*-,.i^.4 

fstlier's lieavineaa. 'She that ia bold dishon- ""i ij KOTaurjQjvawia., (is korrrp' ytwrjaavriK. IlaTtpa mu 5 
tw'bol^h '.h»irde'''pitV^.'' ''" '"^'"""^' °°'^ ""^P" taTaiox^a 7 ^potrcta. «aE t™ d^x^oWpwv Vv""^ 
• A tale out of seaaon [ia as] mmic in mourn- """'■ 

ire'ver''o"uVfee'"'';Wh^"t^t"h^^^^^ M"^"^ ^ J^'i ^"f^ H/W^t, p^iy., «ai 6 

10 that glueth a potsherd together, and aa raiMia iv Trawi Koipoj aoAiai. SmiKoXAiv oarpaxov 6 7 

lhatwakethone froronround sleep. 'He SiS^kuv ptopiv, Htyitpuv Ka$a£orra in 

it telletli a tale to a fool speaketb to one in a . , ' '^ .J , t. ,"" 

imher: when ho hath told his tale, he will a.aryovptvo% vxurraiovTi o biiffovptviK patpf, koi imS 

r.Whntislhenwtler? "WeepfortLedeod, trwrcXna iptl "' iariv; "Etti vtKpm kXuvtov, i^ikm U 
• >in hntli Inst ihfl lioht- anil wepn fnr thfl , .-' '^.., -.. ■!;.. .' . 

e hatb lost the light: and weep for the - j.- ' • . - .' ,. Ti., 

' ' ■ 'h understanding: make lit. yV 9""" i"" *"' /"W tAawroc, HiMm 

fool, for he wanteth understanding: make lit. "/"P *""■_'"" '"J /"W tAawroc, <£tA(fft yop (rwwir 
tie weeping for the dead, for ha is at rest : hut ^fiioF wXawroc nri VCK^, on S-vfiravaaTO, Tou £i fitgfMu 

afoolnndanuugod^manaUtbedaygoilujlife. pMpoi Si jtoi iaiffwt vaaai al ^pipai tts {u^ avrau. 

20*1 A 2EIPAX. 



13 Mcra a^povos firj vXrjOvyYj^ Xoyov, kol rrpb^ dxrvvtrov firf 
vopvjov f^vXa^ov Air avrov tva firj kottov ^XJ7^» '^'""* **^ /*^ 
fJLoXwBj^ iv T(^ IvTwayftM avrov* IkkXivov oltt avrov koI 
€vprja'€t9 dvairawnv, koI ov firj oKtfiiaxrQ^ iv rj airovoia 

1 4 avrov. "Ytt^p fioXvD^v ri l3apvy$T^€rai; koX ti avrw ovofia, 

15 ^LW ^ fjLu}p69 ; "AfijjLov kol oAa kol fiiaXov o-tSi/pov 
cvjcoirov VTTcvcyKCiv, ^ avOpwTrov darvyerov, 

1 6 'I/xaKTCixris ivXivrj cvScScftcn; .cis ouco$o/x^y cv avc<r€ixrfiM 
ov SiaXv^o'erai, ovrcDS KopBia iarrfpiyfiimrj iirl SiavorjfiaToq 

17 PovXrjs Iv Kaipio ov ^ciXcao-ct. Kap8ui YjBpaa-fi€inrj cttc 
Siai'Oias owccrccos, a>9 Koafio^ ^a/i/tcoro? roi\ov (vcrrov, 

18 XapaKC9 CTTi iitrtiapov kci/iackoi KarcFavrt dvc/uiov ov fi^ 
virofJL€iy(oaiv, ovm^ KopSCa BttXrj iirl Biavoijfiar(K fioipov 
Kar^ayrt ?rarro9 ff^ofiov ov /ai) inrofi€iirg, 

19 'O vuro'cov o^oX/Aov Karo^ci Bajcpva, Koi 6 vwTcruxv 

20 KopSiav CK^oii'ci cuaBrjo'iv, BaXXoiv Xti^ov Itti Trcrciva 
Smwropti avTCi, koi 6 ovciSi^^icov ffiiXov SioXvo'ci ^lAiaK. 

21 'EttI ffitXov lay ottoot;? pofi<fia(a¥, firi aTreXirtoT;?, cort yap 

22 cWvoSo9. 'Etti ffilXJov iav &voi(7j^ oro/ia, /x^ tvXafirj&j^, 
Icrrt yap SioAAayi;* 'irX^v 3vct8io'/xov, jcai V7r€prj<t>avia^, koI 
fivoTTjpiov aTToicaAvt/rccDS, Kat irXi/yQs SoXia^i cv Tovroi9 
airo^cv^crai 7ra9 <^iXo9. 

23 IIurTii' KT^cat cv tmiixtujf. /Acra tov irXTyo-tov, u'o ^v rot^ 
dyaOoU avrov 6/aov irXrja&ffi' iv KaipQ ^Xt^ccus 3ia/icvc 

24 avrip, tva cv t^ KXrjpovop.ia avrov avyKXrfpovofiijarjs, IIpo 
irvpos ar/xts Kafiivov xai Kairvos, ovrws wpo ai/iidr(iiv XoiSo- 

25 puxi. *lXov o'KCTrao'ai ovk aUr)(yvOi^oixai, xal ^tto irpocnL" 

26 irov rivrov ov /i^ Kpv/Su}, koI ci Kcuca /ioi avfiP^ Si avrov, 

27 Tras 6 OKOwav ^vXo^crai aTT* avrov. Tis Soxrci /aoi ctti 
OTofia fiov ffivXatajv, kol iTn rStv p(ciA,ca)V fiov o'^payiSa 
wavovpyov, iva ft^ rriarta air avr^, koi 17 yXwirard /lov 
diroXcoiy /tc; 

23 Kvptc irmp Kat Sicnrora {(o^s p>ov, /a^ cyKaroXiVj^ /ac 

2 ^v povX'Q avrctiv, ^117 (i^9 fic irco'ctv ^ avrois. Tts iiri' 
(mjati iirl rov StavoijfiaTO^ /aov fuurrtyas, koI iirl rrjs 
Kap3tas fiov irat&€iav cro^fML^ ; iva ciri T019 dyvovjpaxri fiov 
firj ^(Vfaivrai, kol ov /a^ Trap]^ ra a/Aapnffiara avrtuv, 

3 OTTCos p.^ irXi^^vvcuo-iv ol dyvotai fiov, Kal ai dfiapriai fiov 
TrXcovourcuo'i, koi ireaovfiai cvavri roiv VTrevaiTMtfi', xat «rt- 
\ap€iTal fioi 6 i)(6p6^ fiov, 

4 Kvpie irdrtp koX 0€^ {^(0^9 /aov> fiert^purfiov wfiOaXfiZiv 
5, 6 p^ Sa>9 fioi, icai intOvfiiav dir6<rrp€\f/ov dtr ifwv, Koc- 

Xias ope^is Kal o'wovo'iaa'/Aos fi^ KaraXapfnaa'dv fi€, koI 
ijfVXQ dvai&€L firf irapaStt>9 fic. 


7 naiSciOF OTo/Aaro9 djcoixrarc rcicva, icai 6 ttrnXdaadiv ov 

8 fi^ aA(p ^ roi^ X^tXfO'tv avrov. KaraXci^^i/o'CTai dftxip' 
TCtfXof, Kal Xoi8of}Oi Kal v7rcp^<^avos (rKaK^aXur^o'ovrcu cv 

9 avrot9. "OpKia firj i$i(nj^ to arofia <rov, Kal 6vofia(ri^ rov 
1 ayiav firf (rwtOurOy^. "Oairip yap oIk€T7]^ ^cTa^opevos 

cvScXc;(a>S diro fuoXcoiros ovk AanxD^i^CTat, ovroi9 o koI 

'•Talk not much with a fool, and go not to himi 
that hath no understanding: beware of him, 
lest thou hare trouble, and thou shalt never be 
defiled with his fooleries: depart from him, 
and thou shalt find rest, and nerer be disquieted 
with madness. " What is hearier than lead ? 
and what is the name thereof, but a fool? 
^ Sand, and salt, and a mass of iron, are easier 
to bear, than a man without understanding. 

*f As timber girt and bound together in a 
building cannot oe loosed with shaking: so the 
heart that is stablislied by advised counsel 
shall fear at no time. ^' A heart settled upon 
a thought of understanding is as a fair plais- 
terinii; on the wall of a gallery. ^^ Pales set on 
an high place will never stand against the 
wind : so a fearful heart in the imagination of 
a fool cannot stand against any fear. 

*' He that pricketh the eye will make tears 
to fall: and he that pricketh the heart maketh 
it to shew her knowledge, ^o Whoso casteth a 
stone at the birds frayeth them away: and 
he that upbraidcth his friend breaketh friend- 
ship. '^ Though thou drewest a sword at thy 
friend, yet despair not: for there may be a 
returning [to favour]. ^ If thou hast opened 
thy mouth against thy friend, fear not ; for 
there may be a reconciliation : except for up* 
braiding, or pride, or disclosing of secrets, or a 
treacherous wound : for for these things every 
friend will depart. 

^ Be faithful to thy neighbour in his poverty, 
that thou mayest rejoice in his prosperity : 
abide steadfast unto him in the time of his 
trouble, that thou mavest be heir with him 
in his heritage. ^ As the vapour and smoke of 
a furnace goeth before the fire ; so reviling be- 
fore blood. ^ I will not be ashamed to defend 
a friend ; neither will I hide myself from him ; 
*and if any evil happen unto me by him^ every 
one that heareth it will beware of him. ^ Who 
shall set a watch before m v mouth, and a seal 
of wisdom upon my lips, that I fall not sud- 
denly by them, aud that my tongue destroy 
me not? 

O Lord, Father and Governor of my life, 
leave me not to their counsels, and let me 
not fall by them. ^ Who will set scourges 
over my thoughts, and the discipline of wis- 
dom over mine heart? that they spare me 

before mine adversaries, and mine enemy re- 
joice over me, whose hope is far from thy 

* O Lord, Father and God of my life, giro 
me not a proud look. ' Turn away concu- 
piscence from me. • Let not the greediness of 
the belly nor lust of the flesh take hold of 
me; and give me not over into an impudent 

7 Hear. O ye children, the discipline of the 
mouth : ne that keepeth it shall never be taken 
in his lips. ^ The sinner shall be left in his 
foolishness: both the evil speaker and tlie 
proud shall fall thereby. • Accustom not thy 
mouth to swearing ; neither use thyself to the 
naming of the Holy One. *o For as a servant 
that is continually beaten shall tyc^t \ai^^>i^v^Ki^^ 


a blue mark: bo ho tkat Bwearetli and nameth du.v\j<av ical oyouaZuiv 6iairajfTot dfro auaortae ou un KaBa~ 

God conlinusllv ihall not bo faultlesa. "A ^ /i- ., , ' '■ , > _«/ ^^j , '^' , . ,, 

maa thSt u^th much awearini! shaU be aUed P"^- , A«jp iroAuop-os «Ai/(rftj^mu dyopos. «u oik II 

with injquit]', and the plasiie shall neior de- diroiTTiJirmu liira Tou olkov avraS fiacm^- iav rrkiffLfitkijirg, 

bia BiE, honiBkethadoubiB offence: andif ho t£ Suotm^s uifiMTO', au SunxudATOCTai, TAijoV^inTai yap 

sweBrin™ii,hflBhaUDot bomnocent,b-uthi. l^y^^y fi ottos ai^oC. 'Ecrri Xifw &ynntpiBtBknaiy» 13 

house shall be full of calflmitieB, " There i» ^ { ' , in- . . - •. /iT^r > « 

a word tbat is clothed about with death : God Paraitji, ^ij nrpttfijTUi ft- Kkijpovofuif loKafl- Aira yap 

grant that it bo not found in the heritage of twrtBlov ravm jraiTO iTnxrrmrrrai, km iv auaariim cruc 

Jiicobi for all auoli tliinuB shall be far from . V _a_- ■* i ' • - ' ^^ a- > >• 

the godly, and thay ghaU not wallow in their tyraAujftjo-otTOi. ^ AiroiWiof a/jyfnj ftri trvvtburip TO 13 

BIDS. " Uae not thy mouth to intomperato arona OOv, «7Ti yap tv avr§ \6yo% ofiafrriat- 
.wrarinj, for theroio is the word of Bin. Mwiffftm mirpw koX umpA, trm. Syofxivw yip i«yi- 14 

i*Bememb«r thy father and thy mother, „'^r's^-, ,t«' ji^'A., L' ™«'.J '_= 

when thou Mtt*.t among great mei Be not '""^'' TWtSptvus- M^T^ ortAn^ (»«rtOv avrw. «tu » , 

forgetful before tliem, and ao thou br thy ciis- iffuTfUf trou fuapavdji^, xai dtkj(rw n p-^ iy€W^j9ip, ku 

tiyity. " The man that is accustomed to op- (o/itvoc Atfyotf ovcioiOTUiii, iv murals ran ^P'ipaK avTou on 

— 1.,.; 1 — ;ii 1 f 1 ^ jgg \ TraiSai$n. 

id the ^^ ^^ wXijftJvoiwii' apjiprioi, Kai to Tplmy irdia 16 

3 as a opy^v f^u)^ ^PM "^ ''"'P "aio^fvoi', ov /ii) <rp€a€^ htt 

bo^^Jum^ "a"fSn[^'tor iS ^"0° wTof^y' ^': '«'™"'^- Mp;^ »^vov ^^ .r-iy*"" <^S* f^TiA. ^ 

flesh will never ceaBe till he hath kindled a ^>J vawrqroi bai fif UKawrg Tnip. Avflpunr^ wapftf ims 17 

hTyim ^ l^^off till U dfe.* "'"'""""'BS'' ^>tos ^w, oi ^^ KOTTiiiTn c<m Sv TfXcimJtTj. 

" A man that breakclh wedlock, «iying thu. . Ai^Pf^M lopo^a/wuv i^t, T^_ kXiitj* afirou, X^jw j.. 18 

in his heart. Who ifeth mo? 1 am compaaKd tj) </^X!I (»tou, Tit /<( °P^! irKOTOt KVHXif pjni, KOi ot 

about with darknoBB, the waUB cover me and ^q- • , KoAwrowrt. Kai ot&is ui opa. ri ti;Aaj8o£<uu ,■ 

no body aeeth mei what need I to toar? the . " , "^ _ ; , /, '^ .1, ^ ' ■» 

moat High will not remember my eine: "suoh Tuiv apapruov ftov ov fiii nvrjtrthjtrtrai o vfrumK- «m 19 

a man only feareth the evea of men, and know- d^floA/ioi dt^pmnDV o <ioSo! airoii- Kol OUK Jyw" "" 

eth not that the eyea of the Lord are ten thou- .To J^i i/-- \'^, ,,, , ,' , 

aand times brighter than the flun, beholding all oifiOttAfioi Kupiov ftupion-AawuiW ^Mov ^omuvr^KX, *Tt- 

tho ways of mm, and conaidcring the most i3X(jrDvT« vatra^ oSout &v6pmnov, Kfu Kanwoovrm «Is 

secret parts. * He know aQ things ere ever ■_• j < n » a.- > < t » ~ nn 

they were creotfd; so also after they were °^«pu*a /«pi). Upinj KTurftji^ TO jraioa *y»w7TO( m™. 20 

pertcclcd be looked upon them all. " ITiiB ourioi kqi /itret to ■rvfTcXtirCni'ai. OStos ir irXarcuuE 21 

man shall be punished in the streets ot the ;\„„ j_S._ji.L. ; ^, ^^. ' ' , fl' 

city, and where he .uspeetetb not he shaU be '™^*:« i«Suojftj<rf™', <"" o5_ o^x VTro-oijtw xuiCT%rcTa*. 
taken. Ounuf fcot yui^ KaraAirovira Tor aropo, ku vnpumucra 93 

^Thut aball it eo abo with the wife that kKtioovouov ii iXXorauni. Qouyrov ucf yao tv voiim 23 

leaycth her hushutid, and bringeth in an heir -,• . .£. .'« - '^. .T j - •■.^ 

by another. » For first, ebe hath diwiboyed ^""ou )7^€.&7<r€, _ ko. Scvrcpov^ €« ovfipa iownp JjrAijjt- 

Iho law of the niOBt Higlii and BSCondly, she piXrja-i, nal to rpiTOv if Tcopviti^ i^i;(euftj, i£ i}iXmpimi 

and brought children by BTiother man. '>* She irrrai, kqi jirt tq Tdcva avr^ JiruTKOTD] iimu. Ov oia- 25 oitt iiilo the congregation and g^o^t ^i rs'icm ttfi™ tU plCav, nai oE KXo&t ai™ g£ 

inguisilion shall b« made of her chddren. - , ■ -rr \ ', • • » - «> 

" Her children shall not take root, and her ouxrowri Kapwov. KaTOAtiipti (K naTopoi' to fit^/Mxrvror 26 

branches shall bring forth no frmt. » She air^,, ^J ^6 owiSos avrm onic ifoXtiA^rnu. Kal 27 

shall leave her memory to be cursed, and her • > , , ,„' • •/>• - • -a 

reproach shall not be blotted out. » And t'^tyyvxroytai o( KaToAfi^tiTYS, OTi 01*0- icpfiTTOC <pop<ni 

thpy that remain ahull know that there is Kvai'ov, xai oiOiv ykuKVTfpov Tov vpoirrvuy (iiToAats 

nothing better than the fear of the Lord, and K,™'™, 

tbat there is nothing sweeter tluin to take ^VP*™- 

heed unto the commandmeuta of tlie Lord. AIN&SIS SO^IAS. 

Wisdom shall praiee herself and shall glorj- 'H ao^la alyitni ilni)^ airr^, mu Iv iMfff Xoov air^ Si 

mouth, and triumph before his power. •! tai (votTi oiwo^tus ourou Koujpjtrtrat. Eyu) airo OTo/mroS 3 

cameoutof the mouth of the most Jligh and {^irrov i^^Sov, koI ibf SiiivAn MT.KciXvftt ySK. 1^4 

covered the earth as a cloud. *Idweltmhigh ,'.,,- - '^ "A , n ■ i -. 

places.audmy throneisinacloudypaiar. 'I "■ UV^'* KaTto-itijKuxrii, (ecu o Vpovo! pov tv trrvAif 

alone oompassed the circuit of heaven, and vtAikm. Tvpov oipavou tKVKKiMra iio'w), nai Jf SiiAi 5 

wolked ID tho bottom ot the deep. * In the 10 ' "^ » '^ .„ . a\' ' l ■ c 

wavea of the tiea, and in all the earth, and in ^"r<r«» rtpitiraT^a. By Kvpmri thAaatnp k<u iv TtKjij 6 . 

every people and nation, I got a posseuioiL t§ yg, mu fr marrX Ao$ wu iSvti tKripTafap', 



7 Mcra roimi)i$ iravnav avatravo'LV iCT^rnjca, koI iv icXi^po- 

8 vo/itigi TiVos avXtxrOrjaofiai. Tore cvcrciAard ftot 6 KrlxTTq^ 
aTrayrtav, koX 6 KTuras /ac KarCTravo'c r^v cicqirqv fiov, Kal 
cTttcv, ^ *Ia#ca)/3 KaTacrKi/vcuaov, kgu cv *I(rpa^X xaraicXi^po- 

9 vofLrftfjfn, TLpo rov avUxvo^ &ir dp)fi^ licruri /ac, koI ecus 
ai(i)V09 ov /A^ iKXljrw, 

10 'Bv aKTjv^ oytq. Ivtairiov auTOv iXtiTOvpyrjo'a, koI ovrcos 

1 1 cv 2ia»v iamffpix&rjv. *Ev itoXca -qyaTnjfieirrf o/diouos /ac 

1 2 fcarcTravo'c, xal cv 'IcpoixraX^/m -^ liowria /aov. Kal cppt- 
{bxra ^ Xote* ScSo^our/Aci'fp, ci/ p.€pi8i Kvplov Kkrjpovopila^ 

13 avrov. '0$ iccSpos dvwl/io&rpr iv AtPdi^, koL tt»9 Kinrdpur' 

1 4 (Tos ^ op((TiV ^AepfAMV, 'O; fjioivti dwij/utOrp^ iv aiyuaXot^, 
Kal ioi tfiVTOL poSov iv 'l€pi\ia* uis cXata cvtt/ictt^ cv irtSuo, 

15 Kcu dvwffUiOrjv ii^ irXaravos. 'Of Kwvdfuofiov Kal doTrdXaOo^ 
dptofidnov 8c8(i)Ka dafirfv, Kal tus <rp.vpva iKK€Kjrj SicScoxa 
cvctfSuu'* d»s xaXfidvrj Ktu ow( kcu otcuci-^, ical a>9 Xx/Sdvov 

1 6 dr/Ais ^ a-Krpr^, *£yfai a)S T€p€fJuv6o^ c^crctva #cXa$oi;s /aov» 

17 Kal ot KAa8oi /AOV kAoSoi So^i/s Kal \dptTO^. *£ya> a}^ 
d/AircAo9 pXaoT^o'aaa X^^^* '^^^ '''^ dv^ /aov Kopiro^ 

19 So^i^s KCU irXovrov. UpoceX^CTC irpo9 /ac ot ctti^/aowtcs 

20 /aov, Kol diro Twv ycvny/Aa-nuv /aov ifJLfrXrfO'OrjTt. To yap 
/ivTffidavyov /aov vircp /acAi yXvKv, Kal 17 KKrjpovofiia fiov 

21 vircp /AcXiTOS Ki;pov. 01 larOiovri^ fit eri ^civcurovo'i, kuI 

22 04 irivovri^ /ac cta hiifrqcrova-vv. *0 viroKOvoiv /aov ovk 
aZ(rp(W^i^€rcu, Kal ot ipyaiofievoi iy ifiol ov\ dfiapr^' 


23 Tavra wdioa )3()3Xos ^uxBrjKTj^ 0cov inj/urrov, vofiov ov 

25 cvctcaAuto McinKr5?, Kkrjpovofiiav <rvvayox/a2^ *laKwl3. *0 
TTt/ATrXctfV (US ^curoiv a-Off>lay, kcu a>s Tiyptf cv rjp.€pai.^ vco>v 

26 6 (iva7rXi;pci)V a>9 ^v^fipdrq^ avvtcrtv, Kal d)S *lop3dio/9 cv 

27 "^/Acpats $€ptarfJLOV* 6 ^k^iVuv a>s ^<i>s TraiSciav, tt>s Fi^oiv cv 
17/Acpa4s T/n;yi;rov. 

28 Ov oirvcTcXco'cv 6 it/xutos yvcovai avr^v, kou ovro)? 6 

29 co^aro? ovk l^i-xylautv avn}v. 'Atto yap BaXdxrcrq^ cirXiy- 
OvvOrj SiavorjfjLa avr^9, Kal ^ jSovX^ avr^s aTro dPvtTcrov 

30 /AcyoXi/s. K^yo) d)S Suapv^ dnb irorafiov, Kal a»9 vSpayoryos 

31 l^rjXBov ck Trapa^cicov. ETtra, Trorictf /aov tov k^ov, Kal 
fJL€$v<m /AOV r^ TTpaaidv Kal i3ov cycvcrd /aoi 17 Suii>pv$ cis 

32 irorafiov, koi 6 irora/Aos /aov cycvcro cis ^oXcurcav. ''Eri 
Trai^cuzv a>$ opOpov fJHarua, kol ^k<^v(i> avra c<09 ci$ ptaKpdv, 

33*'ETi Si^acKoXuiv ci>s Trpo^rciav €K)(€(a, koI KaroXci^o) 
34 avri^v etc ycvcas auovuv. ^'iScrc ore ovk ^/aoI /aov^ iKoiriaxra, 

dXXa irdo*! TOis CKfiyrownv avnyv. 
25 "Ev Tpurlv iapaiaOrp^, kciI dvcon/v otpaia cvavrt Kvpibv 
Kal dv^/xi)7r(iiv* o/Aovoia dScX<^ci>v, Kal <f>tXia ru)V ttXtjo'lov, 
Kal ywrf Kal dvrfp lavrois avfiv€pi<f>€p6ii€V0i, 

2 Tpta 8^ C1S17 Ip-lxTrffTtv rj ^XV A^^* '^'^^ trpofrvuxBura 
a<ft6Spa Tff ^tay avrcuv* 7rTCi>;(ov {nr€prj<l>avov, Kal vXowriov 
^tvarrpf, yipovra fioi\ov IkarrovpAvov awitrti, 

3 *Ev vtoTTfTi ov oT;vay^o;(as, Kal 7ra>s dv cvpocs cv tw 
yi;/}^ aov; 

4 '(Is cdpouov iroXtcus KpiaK, Kal vptxr^vripovi iinyvmai 

Ecclesiastic us XXIV. 7— XXV. 4. 


7 With all these I sought rest : and in whose 
inheritance shall I abide ? ''So the Creator of 
all things gave roe a commandment, and he 
that mode me caused my tabernacle to rest, 
and said, Let thy dwelling be in Jacob, and 
thine inheritance in Urael. ^ He created me 
from the beginning before the world, and I 
shall never faiL 

"• In the holy tabernacle I served before 
him ; and so was I established in Sion. ^^ Like- 
wise in the beloved city he gave me rest, and 
in Jerusalem was my power. '^And I took 
root in an honourable people, even in the 
portion of the Lord's inheritance. ^1 was 
exalted like a cedar in Libanus, and as a 
cypress tree upon the mountains of Hermon. 
^' I was exalted like a palm tree on the sea 
shore, and as a rose plant in Jericho, as a fair 
olive tree in a plain, and grew up as a plane 
tree. '^1 gave a sweet smell like cinnamon 
and aspalathus, and I yielded a pleasant odour 
like the best myrrh, as galbanum, and onyx, 
and sweet storax,and as the fume of frank- 
incense in the tabernacle. ^ As the turpen- 
tine tree I stretched out my branches, and my 
branches are the branches of honour and grace. 
^ As the vine brought 1 forth pleasant savour, 
and my flowers are the fruit of honour ana 
riches. ^ Come unto me, all ye that be desi- 
rous of me, and fill yourselves with my fruits. 
* For my memorial is sweeter than honey, and 
mine inheritance than the honeycomb. '-^They 
that oat me shall yet be hungry, and they that 
drink me shall yet be thirstv. ^ He that obey- 
eth me shall never be combunded, and they 
that work by me shall not do amiss. 

^ All these things are the book of the cove- 
nant of the most high God, even the law which 
Moses commanded for an heritage unto the 
congre^tions of Jacob. -^ He filleth all tilings 
with his wisdom, as Fhison and as Tigris in 
the time of the new fruits. * He maketh the 
understanding to abound like Euphrates, and 
as Jordan in the time of the harvest. ^ He 
maketh the doctrine of knowledge appear as 
the light, and as Geon in the time of vintage. 

* The first man knew her not perfectly : no 
more shall the last find her out. ^ For her 
thoughts are more then the sea, and her coun- 
sels profounder than the great deep. ^ I also 
came out as a brook from a river, and as a con- 
duit into a garden. ^* I said, I will water my 
best garden, and will water abundantly my 
garden bed: and, lo, my brook became a river, 
and my river became a sea. ^ I will yet make 
doctrine to shine as the momiug, and will send 
forth her light afar off. ^ I will yet pour out 
doctrine as prophecy, and leave it to all ages 
for ever, ^ Behold that I have not laboured 
for myself only, but for all them that seek 

In three things I was beautified, and stood 
up beautiful both before God and men: the 
unity of brethren, the love of neighbours, a 
man and a wife that agree together. 

^ Three sorts of men my soul hateth, and I 
am greatly offended at their life : a poor man 
that is proud, a rich man that is a liar, and an 
old adulterer that doateth. 

' If thou hast gathered nothing in thy youth, 
how canst thou find any thing in thine age ? 

* O how comely a thing is judgment for grey 
hairs, and for ancient men to udl<^'« ^fCkX^sof^x 

EccLEBiASTicuB XXV. 6— XXVI. 9. 96 SO*rA SEIPAX. 

t how comely ii the wisdom of old men, and fiouXiJv; tit waauL yq)6vTon> <roAia. xql itSo^aaaivow i 

unuersttttidinB and counsel to men of honour! s -' ■■ o i ■ ■« 'j. ' \ ' « ■? 

• Much eiperienes i> the crown of old men, o^voij/xa (mi povKyj. ^ Sri^avos ytpovmv voKvrttpia, n<u 6 

and the feu of Q^ is their glorf . to Kau)(ijfia avnuv i^/Soj Kupuni. 
• There be nine thing! which I haTejodged 

joy of liii children ; nnd he that liTeth to lee ifxa im yXioamj^- SySponro^ tvtppaivoiitvoi in tckiwi, (uif 

the full of his enemj. a Well u he thm awpll- „„! RkfTrav im jmian Mpw. Moiti^ios i tnivoui«v 8 
eth withawilcof underRtandiiiB.and that huth i - ^ * t \' > 1 1 ' n < ' 

not slipped witli hia lougup, and that hsth not 7"™" truvrrj). Kai_ Bs to yX^Krtrjj _ow <uAio*7(re, KOi Bs 

eerrod n man niorp unworthr than htmaolf. ouk iSovKaxTO' Avaiuf ahov. MoxiipUK ^ (vpc Apiarmai, 9 

hoar: "■ bow great it he that Gndath wia^ irot^iai', uAA ouit hrriv urip tov tpopmifxtvov tov Kupun-. 

irt/ri"'.rB"j,^rta,S".tffl!Sn!!; »i^« ?vp4.. »»!? ^ib. i„fi^,.,i,p,ri, .m ,4,11 

nil Ihinga for illumination : ho that holdcth it, ouOiojfiJO-«Tm ,- 
whereto ahali he bo Utciicd ? 
" [Gire me] anj' plague, but the plague of Ilainiv Trkmipi Koi pij rk.ijyip' KopSwtc, Kiu rSxraf V0X7- 13 

the affliction from them that bate me : and hrayarfny fi.urowniv, xai woirav Inhuataiv not ft^ hsOvnjaw 

anT rerenge, but the reTeng« of enemies ^v^piiv. OIik «tti Ki^Mki} wrJp MAakip/ Sdtw. mli oi« 15 

"There is no head aboTC the head of a »er- .■^ '^ » . » a. > Vd - ' -t •• 

pent; and there i< no wrath abore the wrath «"' WfOT >™«P *'>'/«"' tX^P""- 

" I had rather dwell with a lion and a in- %wou!mat kiovTt Koi SpoKOi^ cfSoKmrbj, S Ifauemnu IS 
Bon, than to keep houM with a wicked woman, i ' , _ Tr < « /i \ - • t- 

«The wiclednOBi of a woman changeth her /t«Ta ymtUKOi Tronjpas. lloitipia yuraixos dAAoiot Tip- 17 

fnce, and dnrkoQcth her countenance like «aek. Spaaiv alrnK, koi tTKoroi to TixJo'tinroi' afirm an ooKKoy. 

doth. " Her husband shall sit among his .T ■ ' '. ^ . , .^ . ... > - ,a 

neighbours! and when he heareth it shalfsigh Awi/*«rc.v tou irX>]<r^v aCrou dvajrctriiTtu o anjp avrrj^, H 

bitterlr. '■All wickedness is but Utile to the koi dxoiHraf ivtirriva(t truipa. tiixpa woo^ Koxia vpit 13 

Snnw fall'u^ahlr""' ' '*"■ "" ^'^"'^ "' ' «'««"' y>'~«os- "^WW cijwipTeAoS fe-w^oo. airn. 

» Aa the ciimbing up a sand v way ii to the ,, ,n i>e> ^ n r . , 

feet of the oaed, so ii a wifo full of words to a Ava/aaiTK a/ifituBijs iv icoai irptapvTtpov ovnn yimj 20 

quiet man. '' Stumble not at the beauty of a yXaxrawBrn iy&pi nmivui, Mn KootnriinK hri koAAoc 21 

woman, and desire her Jiot for pleasure. =A ' , ' , '^ _ ' ?■, ol •n - - • t, „„ 

woman, if she maintain her husband, is full of ywaww, ""l yivouta ^ij ifTrijroftjiTlp. OpyJQ nat avaiScia 23 

anger, impudence, and much reproach. " A nal a£<7T(T!i^ urvciXij, vu™ lav ixivoptrvn ri3 di^i oiirnc. 

wicked woman ttbateth the courage, maketh an -g- s- '* '^^ ' -' '■ A-r/fu j- -r- n 

licaT7 countenance and a wour^ed heart: a Kap&a rair-wvij KOi wpoonnroi' a-Kue/wnro.- ^mu wAijyjj 23 

woman that will not comfort her husband in KapSla^ yvyri irovtjpa- X'H"^ vapiifiivai kiu yoraTO. mipa- 

SmTk."i'.S,™™'Tta'b?,iSJ*'t'S: "■/^•. 5"' °s /«"«?.<: ™ iff' -i^t- •*" r»^ 24 

and through her we all die. " liive the water ko? ipxl anapfrias, nai Si' aurijv &.JttSyqaKop.w woprn. 

Lave her, cut her off from tlij flBsh. and giye Ei /«; wopturrat koto X**/" <">"' ""^ "^ aapiaoy trov 26 

her a bill of diTorce, and let her go. awvTtuX ounjc. 

Slessed is the man that hath a virtuous wife, 
» A 'X^ouTwoman «jof4tlUe^hu^K ^vwiwos i^T^ noKopuK a ov^p, KOi ipie/ioi Tur SS 

he shall fulfll the years of his life in peace. WV^" o^O" OHrXiurcos. Vwi] av&ptio. tiitf>paivtt rof atSpa 2 

' A good wife U a good portion, which shaU be aimk, ttai ra frn avroB wAiipiio-ti iv fuinra, Twh &y<M 3 
giien in the portion of them that fear the • . n- . t Jo i v • s ZL' 

Lord. < WhetlTer a man be rich or poor, if he /«/"» iyofl^. fi- /MpiSi_ ^^oir/twuf Kupun- S(iftJ<rfTai. 

Lbtc a good heart toward the Lord, he shall at nAotKriov S) kbi vfa'tdv Kiufia o.'iiiBrri, If muT( koumu 4 

nil lime, rejoice with a cheerful countenance. .,.„^„.™„ J\ ^^ 

' There bi three things that mine he.rl fear- ^t"""-^" lAapoC 
elh ; and for the fourth I was sore afraid : the ,. , .. ,. a'a • f i , i - , 

slander of a city, the gathering together of an Avo rpUM tvMfSritfr] ^ Kopbia fiov, KOi iiri Tiu TtTapTtf 5 

unruly multitude and a Mse accusation : all „o„xi™ {Srj$mr SiaSokirv ir6KtuK, nal i«KATj<rtav oyXot. 
these are worse than death, ' But a gnef of '^, ^ , ' ,' . T^ n / . /, , , A _ 

heart and sorrow is a woman that i» jealous <«" "iTO^ww/iov mrip thyaTOv, wotra no)(th}pa. AXyoi 6 

over Buother woman, and a scourge oftlie Kop&iai Jtot vii4oi yuvi iiTi£nXos iiri ymaua, itai uoorif 
tongue which commumcateth with all, ' An , • - . - -n *' \ » - 

evil wife is a yoke shaken to and fro: he that r'^f^^^ "■^"' ""oivuiwiwra. ^Uootyyiov cToAcuofi^w 7 

hath hold of her is aa though he held a scor. yuvh jroyrjpa, o itpaTuiV avTTfi u^ o opooxro^uvof iTKOtnrtoVM 

iSU U^lHiSi .'■ST.bS'ih.'wSl'te OpTi ,;,^, ywi (..'(Wo,, ..1 d^,«™;|^^ aS* .4 8 

cover her own Bhuoe. 'The whoredom of a (n/yicoXw^i. XXopvtia yuvauoK iv ficrcoapur/tois otfidakftiMi, 9 

20«IA 2EIPAX. 97 E00LB8. XXVI. 10— XXVII. 20. 

._ aroua avoiycc, koi diro ttovto? vdaros tov aw€yyvs .-,,.,, 

/_ / ' \ /\^ nj:^*-.^. ««5 2.«^»... tarn, and drink of every water near her: by 

TicToi, icarcvavTi iravros wacrcroAov Kae^eroi, icai cvaw ^j^^j.^ j^^^^q ^^ij ^^e sit dovrn, and open her 

/3c\ovs dvotjci fftaph-pav. quiver against every arrow. 

1 ^ Y,^/vi^ •»».y..^A<. «./»./««. -.A« j;.^/^ /.A«4U<> «■/>! -rn nfrrn ** 'A'lie grace of a wife delighteth her hus- 
IJ Xapi9 yvvatKo^f Tcpi^ci Tov ay^ avrrfs, icoi ra wrra band, and her discretion will fitten his bones. 

14 avTOV TTULVtk rj hrurrrffJLrf avrrj^. ^Oirii Kvpiov ywrj ^A silent and loving woman is a gift of the 

10 Xapts 6r4 x<^/^r^ yvny ouTxvmnypo, Kai ovk cart otcO^/aos faithful woman is a double grace, and her con- 

16 iras of COS fyKparous ilrvyns. "HAtos ilmTcXAwv ^ ui^iitrToig tinent mind cannot be valued- »« As the sun 
1^ / V /\\ » /L'* ^ 1. ' • / 9 «« when it ariseth in the high heaven ; so is the 

• Kvpujv, KOI KoAAos dya^ ywaiKos iy KoafiM ouctas avrov. beauty of a good wife in the ordering of her 

1 7 Avyvo9 iKkainnnv iirl XvVyia^ dyta?, kcu. icaAAo9 irpoowov house. ^ As the clear light is upon the holy 

1A i*) ^\m»,U «*«^^/..«. ^^.\^, %.J.<^^». i^.5 P^^««.» <{/«^./>;:r. candlestick: so is the beauty ot the face in 
Itiiwi rjAiKi^ €na(riiip. StvAoi Xpvcrcoc^^Tri ^omtcws dpyupay, j.|pg ^^^ « ^ ^j^^ golden pillars are upon the 

KCU TToScf oipaioi ciri (rripvoi^ €VGra6ovs» sockets of silver; so are the fair feet with a 

no n^^^vx' « 5' ^ » _ \ _•♦ / constant heart. 

28 En-4 bwTi AcAvwiyTai rj icopSia fwv, KOi iKi Tw rpiTw « There be two things that grieve my 

OvfjLoq fiOL iir^X$€v avrip iroXcfwcTT^ vorc/joiv 8t* cvSciav, heart ; and the third maketh me angry : a man 

^«> J!,Si„.^ .»-..»»v^ 2X,. ^.^./9»\.^/)r.^.». i«..^»^<M.» ^—A of war that suffereth poverty; and men of 
KOI ovSpcs owcToi cw crin;/3aAi<r^u)<riv-^ tiravaytov diro understanding that are not wt by : and one 

Oixauxrvn/f ciri ofiofynav, o Kvpios €TOifJLaa'€i €19 po/JLtfiaiav that returneth from righteousness to sin ; the 

29 a«roV. MdX« <fcX«rat ij^nopo, &^ .Xr,^^,ia,. xol o4 jT'I^^^^^ta^lSSl^ChiS^lfX';^ 

oucaumri^crat KomjAo^ diro a/xciprias. doing wrong; and an huckster shall not be 

27 Xapiv aSia^pov iroXXot nixapTOV, Koi b firrwv rrXriOvvai fre^ from sin. . n ^^ , 

o , /f »j/i \ / »A / t *» \/^ ' Many have sinned for a small matter; and 

2 dirocrrpc^Ci o^ffaA/iov, Am/xco-ov ap/xu>v AiCW trayqa-eraL ^e that secketh for abundance will turn his 

^«.%i« A--. .^/w«..^/»«.«. ^. /.../»«. ^,s^,^U ^^'.o^w. ^.^{/9«.Xi« <{u/3/./t Lord, his house shaU soon be overthrown. * A» 

CrCKT^Tl KOO-KIVOV dw/XCV€t KOWpm, OVrO)« O-KV^oAa dve^pcu- ^^^^ ^^^ ^:^^^^^ ^. tjj ^ gi^^^^ ^jjg j.gfygg yg^ 

5 vov iv Aoyta-fjuo avrov. Skcvi; Kcpa/xco)^ Ooxi/mfci KOfiLVOi, maineth ; so the filth of man in his talk. 

6 Kttt TT^ipatrym Moi^ov Iv StaXoytcrtuS avrov. rccopyiov *;^'^« (^°«» proveth the potter's.vessels; so 
*,v ,,/ .'^ % » ^ i '^^v ^ • A / ' the trial of man is m his reasomng. •The 
CvAov iK<paiv€i o Kopiros avrov, ovra>s Aoyos cvcrv/xi/fuzros fruit declareth if the tree have been dressed ; 
jcapStas ivBpwirov. bo ^ the utterance of a conceit in the heart of 

7 IIpo Aoytoyiov ^^ ivawixrffi av&pa, ovros yap ircipacr/xos "zpraise no man before thou hearest him 

8 dydpwmav. 'Eav Suotcnq to Sucouov, fcaraAnJrii, Kai ivhwrn epeak; for this is the trial of men. ^ If thou 

9*,A.^ /^ -.^JU/M. ;UA^ TT^«.»A —^JU -A ;?..«.« »A*»7«. .,*«-« foUowest righteousness, thou shalt obtain her, 

ovro ws vo6vjpy 6o^. ^ llcrcim irpos ra o/ioia avrois icora- ^^^j p^^. jjg;?*^^. as a glorious long robe. >• The 

Avcrci, /ecu (iAi/^cia irpos rove ^pya^^o/xci^ovs avr^ ^anf^ci. birds will resort unto their like ; so will truth 

10 AW e^pay iy,Spo^^ oJruj, d;«yr«.. ipyalo^ivov, SBuca. ^:Z^l^,tt^i^t£^tl^^^%■^:t 

1 1 ^irjyrja-i^ cvcrcpovs OcairaKroc cro^ia, o Oc a^ptay ai9 O'cAi/n; them that work iniquity. ^' The discourse of 

12 dAAoiovToi. Ets uccrov dcrwerwy awrnatHTOv xaipov, €is a godly man is always with wisdom ; but a fool 
-«. / A^ 9 / » o \ ' ♦• A / «^ changeth as the moon. " If thou be among 

13 iifxrov oc OtavoovftcFQiv cvocAcxciC AnTyi^ais fuupoiK irpo<r- the indiscreet, observe the time; but be con- 

14 oyBuTua, K€u b ycAws avrwv iy (nraraXn duapria^. AoAia tinuaUy among men of understanding. « The 

\ } » A> / \f '»«jj ^ discourse of fools is irksome, and their sport is 

^oAvdpxov opOwrti Tptxa«, icoi rj /xox»; ovrtuv i/i.^payfU}i the wantonness of sin. »* The talk of hinTthat 

15 dnuitv, ^ExYvais auiaros Mayn {nreprndiavwy, kcu. n SmlAoi- swea^eth much maketh the hair stand upright; 
i^^wi^.c. mA^T..^ ^^/A ..^«./L..>^ and tljeir brawls make one stop liis ears. ** The 
dopnjai^ avTwv oKOtf fioyfitipa. ^ ... strife of the proud is bloodsh^ding, and their 

16 O diroxoAvTrnov fiwmjpta aircoAco'C vurriv, kcu ov /irf revilings are grievous to the ear. 

17 .Zpaf^y .pis tV ^xV- «6ro5. Sr<p^ .^iW. k«1 .„^&^erfiTfii;n<?to''h»nS!'!?!^^i 
TricTTCDCn/Ti ftCT avrov €av oc diroKaAv^rj;? ra /xvcm/pia thy friend, and be faithful unto him : but if 

18 avrov, ov an icaTaStwfos 3inVcii ovrov. Ka^ yap iirw- thou bewrayest his secrets. foUow no more 
% m/T' y V/i s » ^ , //^^ X after him. *" For as a man hath destroyed his 
Aco-cv ai^powros TOV CxC^pov avrov, ovrcus a?r<DAco-a« Tiyv enemy; so hast thou lost the love pf thy neigh- 

19 diiXiav TOV nkna-lov koI ws Trercivov Ik y^'P^ o-ov AircAv- hour. *• As one that letteth a bird go out of 

" j-L** ^ \^ '-. * » zL_ ' » ' his hand, so hast thou let thy neighbour go. 

cra5, ovTws d4»rjKa^ rov vXrftnov, koi ov ft7pcvcr€i5 avrov. ^^^ ^y^^i ^qj get him again. » FoUow afSsi 

20 M^ avrov Bui>$jg9, Sri fuiKpay Av&rqf, kcu ^^f^vycv o»s himnomoretfQrhA\E\xy^isx^^\W>a^'^^'v^K5aKk 

Eccx.Es. XXVII. 21— XXVIII. 20. 98 SO^IA 2EIPAX. 

escaped out of the snare. -* As for a wound, it SopKas Ik woyiSos. "On Opavaud i<m xaraSno-ai, kcu 21 

may be bound up : and after reTiling there \ si ' j^sw ' * Si' » \ ' i .. ' » '\ 

may be reooncUement : but he that bewrayeth AoiSoptas i<rTi SiaAAaTV' o 5c airoKoAv^as /iv^pia arnjX- 

secrets is without hope. ^ He that winketh irto'C. Aiavewav o^^oAfuu T€KraiV€i kolkol, koI ovScis avrw 22 

Xkt'^i'e^'t:;L^i^^^'^'SL^"^n A-Kmja" i-* a^6v. 'aVA^c rS>y 3^<W^v <rov yX„. 23 

art present, ho will speak sweetly, and will fcavct (rrofui crov, koi ciri rutv Aoytav crov CK&av/Aoo'Ci, 

admire thy words: but at the last he will Z<rr^poy Sk Suurrp€^€t to orotta alrrov, kcu ly roU Aoyots 
wnthe his mouth, and sUnder thy sayings. **I u, / ^ \^ tt \\% t ' % » « / o^ 

have hated many things, but nothing like him ; fov OoKTCi (TKavbcLAov, IIoAAa ifu(nf(ra kcu ovx iafJLoUiKra 24 

for the Lord wiU hate him. aufw, koi 6 Kuptos fiurqau avrov. 

» Whoso <»iteth a s^ne on W «o fidXXiDv XLOov els Uoi IkI Ktft^hf alrov pdXX^t, Koi 25 

on his own head : and a deceitful stroke shall Tex/ ox** / t!-/ ,' / a^/i * c%e 

make wounds. ^ Whoso diggeth a pit shall irAriyrj ooAta OicAci rpav/xara. U opwrtrmv poupov ens 2d 

faU therein : and hethat setteth a trap shaU ^^y ^uTrco-ciTai. xcu 6 arnoy wayiSa Iv ovr» dAttHTfroi. 

be taken therein. ^ He that worketh mischief, »-. /^ x»tx x/j/ %"\, ^ n^t 

it shall fall upon him. and he shall not know O irouav irovrjpa cis avrov KvAurmjatrai, kou ov firi iiriyiy 11 

whence it cometh. » Mockery and reproach ^ro^cv wkci ovtw. 'Eu^raty/ios #cai ^ctSuruos vircim6av«Mr, 28 
are from the proud: but Tengeance, as a lion, ^ « i s' « \ ' is ' • ' it '^ «\ ' oa 

shall lie in wait for Jiim. » iW that rejoice ^^^ V ^KbiKrjcri^ cos A€wv iv€bp€V€r€i avrov, ^ llaytbi aX^ 29 

at the fall of the righteous shaU be taken in crovTcu oi €wl>pai,v6fi€V0i ^mtfO'ct (wrefitav, kol oSvn; /caro- 

the snare; and anguish shall consume them ,,_\,' ^, « »,«,v -..«A -.«r. /1»..^'»^,. «..*.*/;.* ii/rru..» .,-«.) A^^ ^n 

before they die. ^ MaUce and wrath, even ^^^ff' ^^ovs ^f^ jov davarov avntv.^ Mi/ns Kat d^ 30 

these are abominations; and the sinful man icai ravra cart jSdeXvy/iara, xai on/p a/jiapTciAAos iyKparrfs 

shall have them both. corcu avr(i)V. 

He that revengeth shall find vengeance from 'rx • 2' ' ^ rr ' * ' •£' ^^00 

the Lord, and he will surely keep>is sins [in ^ ^ ckSikwv Trapa Kvptov cvpi/o-ci cjcSuo^iv,^ koi tos 28 

remembrance]. ^ Forgive thv neighbour the ofuzprtas avrov Sian;p<ii)V Sian^pi^crei. *A^s &^ucrifia ru 2 

hurt that he hath done unto thee, so shall thy --\__' „ _„, ^_5 _ ' _ ;5«,/3' -,,»- -«,. -j 4.,«/»-/«, ^«,. \,.AjL 

sins also be forgiven when thou prayest. » One ^^W^ov crov, icai totc dc^e/cFTos crov at afiopnai, croy AvCh^ 

man beareth hatred against another, and doth (rorrai. Avdpnyjro^ avdpuyma (nnrnfp€l opyvp^, koI jrapa 3 

and bear no maUce to thy neiahbour: [remem- M^^^Hi^ 'J nX-rjaiOV Kai Staftyio;v wl/urrav, km irapi& 

berj the covenant of the Hignest, and wink at ayvoiav. Awocvou diro ixttvns, koL iXarTWT€i^ auapTiay 8 

ignorance. * Abstain from strife, and thou • /j^ »»-.-. ^,A/v A... /Jl«« J.,.,«,'.«.*. ..^*^« 

sTialtdiminishthy sins: for a furious man wiU «'e'p<«wos yap ejv/xwdi/S CKxawrci /tax»?v. 

kindle strife. ...,,..•• •• ^** ^^'^P daaprtoXos Tapo^ci ^tXovs* icat dvo/AccroK 9 

'A smful man disqmeteth fnends, and • / i o*\\ ^ o \ ' v ^ ^ *f\ ^ ia 

maketh debate amona them that be at peace, ^^y^yn^w ififSaXXn biapoXy. ^ Kara rrjv^ vXriy irwpos 10 

'° As the matter of toe fire is, so it bumeth : ovruis iKKavOrjo'erai, Kara rriv icnruv rov dvOpfoircv 6 Ovuo^ 

and as a man's strength is, so is his wrath ; and „»^:t 5«-/,. ^«> ^„^x -Ji« ^\^c^^,. x,^«u/^^, JU^A.. » * ^r. 

according to his riches his anger riseth; and **'^<»^ ^^^,' '^**^ '^«J^* ^^ vKovrov avw^waa opyrjv avrov, 

the stronger they are which contend, the more xai Kara r^ OTcpcoxriv n/s f'-o-Xl^ tKKavOyaerai, jS|pis 11 

blood. "If thou blow the spark, it shall bum: t^X*" *"f"** *^**' ipvarjays ainvthjpa tKKaTja-erai, k€U €av 12 

if thou spit upon it, it shaU be quenched: and Trrwrm hr avrov irBtG&naerai' /cat dfwioTcpa he rov itto. 

both these come out of thy mouth. /** • / ' ' r-r r 

"Curse the whisperer and double-tongued: '*^7J/^«'^P5y*7*- ^. xx x x . 

for such have destroyed many that were at Hfidvpov koa otyXtoa'a'Ov Karapaavai, TroAAovs yap cipi^ 13 

^'^' '\^A}^^}}^^i^^f^lb^l^^t^ vci^ovras dTT^iAccrav. TXuxraa rplrri iroXXois itrdXtvat, kvH U 
many, and driven them from nation to nation :«/ » \ , \ »a * »/\ \ f\ » \ 

strong cities hath it pulled down, and over- oi.€<mj<r€V avrovs airo cC^fovs €ts cwos, Kai TroActs o;(vpas 

thrown the houses of great men. « A back- Ka^cIAc, Kai ohcias /JLtyurrdviav KarfXTrp€\l/€, rXoKTo-a tditw 15 
biting tongue hath cast out virtuous women, « » ^ f Vj-t'o \ >»/ sx *» 7 

and deprived them of their labours. »« Whoso ywat#cas avbptia^ cfe^aAc, Kat €(TT€p7j(r€v avras twv irovmv 

hearkeneth unto it shaU never find rest, and avrciuv. *0 irpocrcvcDV avTW ov firi tvprj dvairavinv, ovSc 16 
never dwell Quietly. _. ' tt * ' 

'7 The stroke of the whip maketh marks in '^*»^«^'^««^« /*«^ '7<^ta^. x . .x w 

the flesh : but the stroke of the tongue break- IJAi/yi; /xaoriyos iroict fiCDAonras, irArjyrj 6c yAcixrcriTS 17 

eth the bones. »» Many have fallen by the edge crvyKXcurci ooro. IloXXot circo-av cv orouaTt uavacpas, 18 
of the sword : but not so many as have fallen \ » t t ' ^ x \ •» •»«• / t ^ ix 

by the tongue. " Well is he that is defended '^<" o^X <*»« o,^ TrcTrrwKOTCS oia yAwco-av. MoKoptos o 19 

from it, and hath not passed through the o-KCTrao-^cts dv avrrk, o^ ov SmXOtv cv tw Ovum avrns. Ss 

venom tliereof, who hath not drawn the yoke ^» ♦v \ y \ » ^ \, ««? «*»•»! 

the^of, nor hith been bound in her binds. ?J'X *2^« ^ov {vyov avnys, Kai ^v tois 8c<r/xots avnys ovk 

^ For the yoke thereof is a yoke of iron, and coc^. O yap (vyos avr^s {tryos ai^povs, Kai oi Sco-^xoi 


S04IA 2EIPAX. 99 

2 1 avn)i SttrfUii j^oAjcm, Oavarot voinjpo^ & davaros ain^, 

22 Kai Kva-iTtX^ fiSXXor o ^Brjs ovr^. Ov [iii icpoTijtn; curc- 
33 /Sur, KOI jv T^ ^Aoyi avr^ ou koijowtoi. Oi KaToAuVotTts 

KiJpuji' ifiwtffovrTOi <is ovr^, koI hi aurois iKKaifrrtTcu, 
ml oil fii] irptvff^- j^aimrniAijo'iToi ^ avro^ (ot Afiuv, 
nu (lis irop&iXis XvfiavtZrai airrovi. 

24 'iSc inpt^paiov TO icr^fia trov ^Niuvat;, ro ^pyipxav aov 

25 <toi TO ■)(pwriin' Kajahijamr not roTt Xoyws ami ttoitjwov 
fuyoi' xai omfl^v, mu t^ cmJfum ctou volifiTov 6vpay koi 

Karivavrt tvi&ptvovTiK. 
S9 'O mKuiv c\(ot Savtui t$ irXi^i'oi', nai b hnayfiiov rg 

2 X"f ' "^oiJ ^^'' JiToAaf . Aavfuroi' t^ itXtjaiov iv kdi^ 
;i|;p(ias aurov, naL iroAxv ibrdSo; t^ irXijaiov th Toy Kaipov. 

3 %Ttpiiaaov Aoyoi', xai inoTiiiATn ;i<t* a^rou, k(u 6* iravrt 

4 Kaipu (£pi]<r(K r^ ;[fpcuiv <rov. HdUol uk cv^^ tyofuaw 

5 Sovof , KOI vapiayov irarov tois jSoijAjtracriv avroL^. *E^ 
oG Xo/3j}, Karai^iX7<r« x*^'^ aurou, koi ciri ruii' yprifLoraai 
rov TXijcrtof TaiHtfutrfi ^hmt/jv Kot jv koi^ di-oSdo-nuf 
TiiptAxui7ci ;i[pdivf, Kai ono&iKm Xoyovf Sxrfiia^, kol toi' 

6 xaipov aiTuurnxu. Eap iox^tr^, /loXts ko/iutctiu to t/fuau, 
fcat AoytciTot auro ok tvptiia- tl Si fxij, avtarifirfiTtf avrov 
Tiu* )(fiTiii.amv airrov, Kcu inrrjaaTO atrrtiv t)^pav Swptav 
KOTopa^ Kai XoiSapiiK &va&aKrti airrQ, Kai ivrX Soirj^ iwo- 

7 SuHTd avTu dri/iiav. HoAAoi ^''P"' ^rovij^ta; i£ir((rTp(^ai', 
6 dirocrT(j>i}(^i'a( Supcoi' tuXofiTfir/aav. DX^ hn Tdirnvui 

ftaKp<Mp.rjaay, Koi cir JXci^/ioirviojt- fx^ iropiAjcviTijs avroc. 
9 Xopii' (troX^ aiTiXo^ou iriyrfTot, koi Kara T^ o'fitiav 

avTov nij iwooTpti^nji airov ntvov, 
1 Air<!X<cTov apyvpiov St dScXi^v Koi <jiiXov, Kiu /t^ uofiijrui 
1 ] viro Toi" \i6ov tU ainiikxtav. ®ii Toi" &ri<ravpov irov kot 

liToXai v^uTTOv, Hai kutrntXijuu iroi ^loXXoi' 17 to )([iualav. 

12 StryKXiurov cXci^/iocrvi^i' iv to« TapxioK trov, koI avnj 

13 JflXflTIu' CT« ^K UOOTJS )«UtI«T(QK, "Yirip dtTTTlSo JipBTOW, 

Koi vir^ Sapv dXxiji Kartvayn ijf^poo iroX^^it inrip <7oE. 
14'Ai^p dyaSov Jyyu^trcrai Toy xXTawf, ko'i 6 diroXuiXcKu; 

1 5 a(iT;i(tii^ KaToktuj/u avrov, Xopiras Fj'yvov ^i( imXaOj/, 

16 cSuwc -yip T^i- ^TJ(^ aifTOV uirip troC. 'Ayofla iyyvov 

1 7 dkarpci/xi dpipTiuXos, koi i}(apttrro% Iv iiavoiif tyiiaTa- 
X((^(( fiiKTaiitvar, 

1 S Eyyiii} ToXXovf diruJX«Tf KartvSvvaiTa^, koi AraXciKm' 
avToiif (US Nu^ tiaXiunnjs' oi'^as &votoi>s da^Kn, no! 

19 iffXiu-^ftjtrov h- i&vtaiy dXXoTpuHs. 'A^opnuXoc tiarwiuv 
(IS hfyirp', kox St/iniov IpyokaPtiat tfunatirai tts Kpttrtii. 

20 *Ai^iXaj3oS Tou irX^w imto Sufo^V o-ou, kcu irp6at)(t 
<r€avj^ li,^ ilXTttirg^. 

21 'Apx^ (i"^ vSup, KCU dpTDC, KaX ifianov, koi oTkm 

22 KoXvmni diT^/tocTwijf. Kpcunraiv ;8[o« imi)(ov inro 

23 (TKCinjf SoKuii', ^ jSiVfuiTa Aofiirpa ^f dXXorpiois. 'Giri 

24 fUKp^ Koi f/ieyakif tiSonOw i}(t, Zi*^ in»n]p& j£ oIkuxs (it 

EcciEB. XXVIII. 21— XXIX. 21. 

tlio bands thereof are bsndi of bnui. ^ The 
deatli thereof i> an evil death, the gmre were 
better tbaa it. ^ It shall not hare rule OTer 
them that fear Qod. neither shall thej be 
burned with the flame thereof. ^ Such aa 
forsake the Lord shall fall into it - and it ahall 
burn in them, and not be quendied; it shall 
be sent upon them as a Lou, and derour them 
as a leopard. " Look that thou hedge th:r 
pouetsion about with thorns, and bind up thy 
silver and gold, '^ aod weigh thy words in a 
balance, and make a door and bar for thy 
mouth. ^ Beware thou slide not bj it, lest 
thou fall before him that lieth in wait. 

He that is merciful will lend unto hia neigh- 
bour; aod FlO that efrengthenelh hi» hand 
keepfth the coiimmndnienta. ' LeiiiJ to thy 
neighbour in time of his need, and pay Ihoa 
thy neighbour Bfiain in due season. ' Kiwp thy 
word, and deal failhfully with him. and thou 
Bhalt alnnya find the thins that ia necessary 
fur tbco. " Many, when a tliiiiB wiis lent them, 
reckoned it tu be found, and put them to 
trouble that lielped them. / Till he halh n 

iixed, he will kiis a 

nonet I 

's hand ; and for hit 

loighbour's money he will speak submi 

pay, he will prolong tho 
H of grief, and complaiu 

money, and he hath gotten liim an enemy 
without cause: he payeth him with cursings 
and railings ; and for honour he will pay him 
disgrace. ' Many therefore haye refused to 
lend for other men's ill dealing, fearing to be 
defrauded. ' Yet haye thou patience with a 
man in poor estate, and delay not to shew him 

bis poverty. 

"'Lose thy money for thy brother and thy 
friend, and let it not rust under a stone to bo 
lost. " Lay up thy treasure according to the 
commandments of the most High, and it shall 
bring thee more proflt than gold. " Shut up 
oIehj in thy storehouses: antiit shall deliver 
thee from alt illliction. " It shall fight for 
thee against thine enemies better than a mighty 
shield and stroni; spear, '* An honest man is 
surety for his neighbour: but he that is im- 
pudent wUl forsako him. ■* Forget not the 
friendship of Ihy surety, for he hath givea his 
life for thee. "A sioner will overthrow the 
good estate of his surety: "and he that is of 
an unthankful mind will leave him [in danger] 
that delivered him. 

'^ Suretyship hath undone many of good 
estate, and shaken them as a wave of the sea: 
mighty men hsth it driven from their houses, 
so that they wandered among strange nations. 
" A wicked man transp-esiinif the command- 
ments of the Lord shall fall into suretyship: 
and be that undertaketh and foUoweth other 
men's business for gain shall fall into suits. 
'•" Help thy neighbour according to thy power, 
and beware that thouthyself fall not into the 

— the life of a poor man in ai 

cottage, than delicate &rs in another n 

house. " Be it little or much, hold thee eoa. 
tented, "for it ' 

EctfLEB. XXIX. 25— XXX. 17. 100 SO*IA 5E1TAX. 

house to house ; for where thou nrt ■ (trauBer, oiniav, Kal at Ttapom-natt, ov< avoi^ti orSua. Etmis koi 25 

tboudareit not open tliy moulh, * Ihomhttlt ^„,,- ,.„ '^J^.,,^^ ; „i„ j_' _„.' „ ' _.,„i ^■™'™. 

<mt*rtaiD, and fea^.ni! lure no thank.; more. -^ruKth axaparra, kcu n-pos ftr. towok wutpa drowTjr 

over thou ahalt liear bitter words : * Come, thou iraptXot Trapouct, Ko^fi-ifaav Tpairc^av, kcu citi iv rj) X'V* '^ 

Btrsnger, to an honoumbia man; mv brother «r«t»W0Tat /ui( o dS<A^of, XfX'^'L i^ oikuk. Bo^mh Tovra ^o 

Cometh to be lodged, and I hare need of mine &yepoiina iyovri Aaovnaiv, iwiroLifni oixiat k(u ivtiSuTuot 

houM. Tiiete things are gnetous to a man of p ~ "^ "^ /" . V-/" * > r" 

underetanding 1 the upbraiding of houserooro, oavturrov. UEPI TEKNON 

and reproaching of the lender, , , . , „ • - , t \ '■ • • - in 

U afaraiv tov uiov aurov, MiAcy^et fuiimyas aurip, oU 
~ tvdipav&n iw itrvarui avroiJ. O iriuSnW tov v'tov 2 

lave JOT 01 mm in , . , , " ..,.■■ ^ , > . > . , ™ 

..u- „.„.. - ii. ..u- ...Kth Ills SOD shall ""^o", otTjo-trai ct a,i7ri|i, xai dva^iiroK yHopi/uuc cir airjiji 

hare joy in him, and bIibU rejoice of him jtauxv"'"''"' 'O 8iSi«riitiii- tov uioc airrou iropafi^Aiixrti tdi" 3 

friends he shall r^oiee of tiiai. ' Though his njo-fv auTOU o naTj)p, Kal uk ouk dirtCWtv, o/u)uiv yop 

father die, yet he is as thougli he were not „'^- „T£\nrt u€t' airoV "Ev t^ fom airoO sTSc KOi 5 

dead ! for ho hath left one bebiod hiin tint i» ,,~<a . .'^ - , - . . ", \, " .« .„ i -. 

like himself. ' While ho lived, he saw and re- tinppay(h}, Kat tv ry Ttktvrg aurou ouk lAinr^, ErovTuw 6 

ioiced in him: and when ho died, he was not ij^pSa> mnXaro' ikSwov, koX roTs Aiois AvTairtMoyra. 

sorrowful. • He left behind him kn BTen(er T "^ . -r- . 

againit his eneniiea, and one that shall requite X'V"'- , ,^ « . 

kindness to his friends. Ilcpi^iijfaii' vlov KaTaSnT/itvirti Tpavfiara avrov, koi iwi 7 

JHeth.tmakethtooinurfiofl,is«>n.haU '^'^3 /Jop Tapax^V^""* ,<^Ai^<'.,'>iT<>2. ;i.n™s a&i- 8 

bind up his wounds; and liis bowels will be piOTOS diropaii'ti <riiAijpos, Kai uio« av(i/i(vos JKjSotvci 

troubled at exerr crj. ' An liorM not broken ^poaXrji. TiP^Mprov TtKVOi' Kal iittfaiifi«r.i <r., cnJuiroifov 9 
bccometh headstrong ! and a child left to him- 7 - v » . ,,. , . f^*^ <% , ,' n -"^ 

•elf will be wilful. • Cocker thy child, and he ">^ ""i ^v^njiTti rrt. M>) tmyytXaiTTji avr^ iva ftij ffvvo- 10 

sbnll make thee afraid : play with him. and lie Svvi)$n^, Kal iir iiTxarw youdiiaatii TOu? dSdi-ras trov. Mn 1 1 

wi bring thee to heaimess. '"Laugh not j - • - i* • • ' jLL a\ ■ • i > < - lo 

with himriest thou hsve sorrow with him, and 6<i^_ovr<C i^ownav tv WOT7TI. ©Wov Toj irXfKpai o&rov. 12 

lest thou gnash thy teeth in the end. " Give ii fort vrntVK, urmoTt iritXvpwBtit avti$nirn <70i. UoiSn'- 13 
him not liberty in youth. '^ Beat his aides .*. «■ fi^« \ , ^ 

while he i.stUl young, lest becoming stubborn, ",'"' To^ /«"• trou, Kai tpyatrai .vaurf, ivo /.^ o- t^ 

be disobey thee. "^Traio up thy son, and ei- aaxqiioTvyrj o-ou itpoaKo^rg. Kai /i^ wnpCSm tos iiyw>tas 11 

erciae him with work, lest by thy looseness „!„nTi Knuitnv rnv rnnvnAnu nSrrnT, 1„ mnTm-, 19 

thou stumble. "And oyerlooli not his igncf- °"**''- *•"/'*"'*' ^°^ rpaxijAov avror iv vconTTi. iJ 

ranc«. "Bo^down his neck in his youth. IIEPI "YTIEIAS 

" Better is tlie poor, being sound and strong Kpsurcrtut' irriuxos vyt^v itai laxymv rj till, j) irXoixruK 14 

pfTOnsthution.JbanBnchmou that is afflicted ^(^offTiytu^Aw lU o-ip. aJroG. •Yvud'a ical litita. Bikrioy IS 
m his body. '' Health and good estate of l>ody .'. »~ . ' f '\ a • • 

are above oil gold, nnd a strong body above to'tus xpwoi". «'" o-u^" tvpoxrrov ^ oA^os a^rr/njros. 

infinite wealth. " There h no nchea above a Ouk eori irAovro* Btkrlaiv vyittas trtuuaTOt, Kai ouk sotu' 16 
sound body, mid no iov aboTe tlie loy of the ■, _' „ ■_! • si v ■ n' • x .™ 

heart. -^ I>™th is betier than B bitterlifeor "^p«rivi)^ vffip x<^'' ""pow. Kptimrtuv flavaTOS uirtp 17 

<»atiniiBl sicknasi. '"Delimcica poured upon a {(i(^ xiKpuv, ij ippwn/^a liyioi'DV. 'Ayado. ^kkiyuuiW 18 

mouth^shut up»»e.of meatsetupon ^^ ^^^^ K«Atc<rp^,, «,«Ta j3p«^Ta»- ,n^^,Cp^ 

"What good doeth the offering unto an Ti tTvuAipu iiap)nuir« ti&uXq); ovrt ■yap cScrat ourt iiA 19 

idolf for neither can it eat nor smell: so is • . n- . • 1 e ' _ > ' w > 1.1 f >^« 

he that is persecuted of the Lord. ™ He seeth o(rippavtf:g- ouTus o fnhii.iKo/iO'OT viro Kvpiav. BA.jriui' iv 20 

with his eyes and proaneth. as an eunuch that Iv o^flaAuow Kai OTtvaitov, ucnMo (uvoixos ■KtpiXaiiBavtiiy 

thyself in thine own counsel. ^ The gladness koi ;i^ flAt^^ atavrov iv pouAg oyiv. Eu^potnivij xnpSuif 22 

SU''of\'^,l''^',^Vth"his'days*''''=J''£St'; H.'^^'r™'- f°' 'SY'^.'V" a^W /u,Kpo,^;pc«r«. 

thine own soul, and comfort thy heart, retnoTO Ayoira T^ ^X^ <roii, KOi mpcutaAci ttv KopSiav <TOV. 23 

sorrow far from thee: for BOiTow hath killod ^oi Xwnjv luucpaf dn-mrriKrov dwo irou- voXAovt vap 

many, and there IS no profit therein. "Envy . . ' . w > - - . . -, , . - „.(™ „. 

and wrath shorten the life, and carefulness i^nimwa' if/uum}^ koi oiKtirriy axpiXtia iv avrg. Z^Aov 24 

bringeth age before the time. koi ffvixof iXaTTOwriv ^fiiptK, Kot xpo Kuipov y^pas ayti 

u I awaked up last of alt, as one that rather- f^ptliva- 
eUi,Bft«r the grape-gatherers : by the blessing 'fU koXouwucvos iwUrai ^pvymZv, Iv cCXovia Kuouni 16 

of the liord I profited, and filled my winepress ^.a • C - ' \' \ ■ xr ■ ,m 

like a «there> of grapes. T Consider that I ^<rf. "<" <"? TpvymK €»A.jpmra Xtjvov. KmavmitraTt 17 

Ubonrea not for myielf only, but for aU them ori ovk litoi funng htmraura, iiXa nwi tok Crinvtri 

20*1 A 2EIPAX. 101 EccLES. XXX. IS—XXXI. 17. 

•1 8 TToiSeiW. 'AxovcraTC fiav pL€yurrav€^ Xaov, fcal oi ^yov- t^t seek learning. " Hear me, O ye greafc 
io_ »\ / 1 ' zj'v'* ^ ^•cW'* men of the people, and hearken "with your ears. 

19/*6yoi €icKXi7<rias iviaTuraarSt.^ Yuu icai ywcuict, aScA<^ ye rulers of the congregation. "Give not thy 

KOL ^lAu) /xi; 3<^? i$ov(rCav ciri cr^ ci^ {a)]§ crou, xal fi^ 5<^ son and wife, thy hrotner and friend, power 

2(J avT'i)!/. £a)9 cTi (^s Kai ttvo^ cv aoc, /i^ oAAa^T^ crcavrov intreat for the same again. ^ As long as thou 

21 wamj aapw kduxtvov yap lari to riicva BrnOnval crov, w litest and hiwtbreath in thee, giye not thyself 

ori ^ » />\' . - ' t- >T^ «''«•' over to any. ** For better it is that thy children 

2 J o-c €fipA€ir€iv CIS x^V<»5 vuoi/ cov. hv ircuri tois cpyois should seek to thee, than that thou shouldesfc 

23 crov ytVov vTTcpaywv urj Sm iMouov cv rn B6(rt aov. 'Ev ftand to their courtesy, f'ln all thy works 
c /• ' V / ' « ' ^ o *%' \ t *• \ « keep to thyself the preeminence ; leave not a 
rj/j,€pa. (TuvTcAccas yfitfuav {anys crou icai cj' xaifxp TcAcvnys gtain in thine honour. » At the time when 

Sia3o9 KXtfoovouiav. thou shalt end thy days, and finisn thy life, 

HEPI AOYAON. ™^^ thine inheritance. 

rt4v' '«'iO^ %./•» \ '•JFodder, a stick, and burdens, ar^ for the 

24 Xopraa-fAara kol papboq Kai ^oprta oi'<j», opTOS icat irai- ass; and bread, correction, and work, for a 

25 Seta KOL tpyov OLKcrn, "Epyatrcu €v iraiSl icat cvpwcrcis servant. » If thou set thy servant to labour, 
nti » * " *• *^ » « \ •- / i\ zi ' ly > thou shalt find rest: but if thou let him go 

26 avairawTiv,uv€<: xctpas avT<{» KaiCvjW^f' ^Acv^cptov. Zvyo? ijie^ i,e ^ni seek Uberty. » A yoke and a 

Koi Ifias Kafulfovci rpaYnXov, koX oucerrj KOKOvpyto arpipXai collar do bow the neck : so are tortures and 

97 M.») R^^»«^. *l?..fl«X* «..*.*A» *.V irv^<,^^» r«« ..^ ^o^,,;: torments for an evil servant. ^Send him to 

27 KOI paaavoL. E/x^oAc ovtov cjs Ipyocriav, ^tm firj apyrj, ^^^^^ ^j^^j. ,^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^^ . ^^^ idleness teach- 

28 iroWrjv yap Koxiav cdioofcv rj opyia. Eis cpya Karaarrj' eth much evil. * Set him to work, as is fit for 
o-ov Ka^ois irpiirti o{n-w, #c^ /x^ irci^apxg. ^opwov ras Wm^^if he be not obedient, put on more heavy 

ircoas^airrou. ^ ^ xx» / f* But be not excessive toward any; and 

29 Kal /JLTJ ir€pur(r€v<ru^ iv iracrQ capKi, xat av€V /cpio'cuis without discretion do nothing. » If thou 
^n if-^ «.^.^^,^<. ..«.^«'» TP? ^^^. ^^, rA^i^r^^ !,^,* M*t^ *«• ft^f have a servant, let him be unto thee as thyself, 

31 «/ aifiari. €KTrj<T<a avTOV. Ei cart cot ouctrQi, ay€ ovtov '^ If thou have a servant, entreat him as a 

ws o-cavTOV, OTi 0)9 w i^uYw- crov cViScncas o^ov- cav brother : for thou hast need of him, as of thine 

, / ^ \ 9 / '^ • » *» » ' c^« *• ' O"'''^'^ soul: if thou entreat him evil, and he 

KoxoHr^ys avTOV, #cai aTropas avoopijf,, iv irot^ oOw ^lynyo-cis run from thee, which way wilt thou go to seek 

avTov ' bim ? 

oi ir f' t\'« ^f^*** / >&^ \ % f The hopes of a man void of understanding 

61 Kcmt jf ATTtdcs icoi ^eudcis dcrwcnj) wdpt, #cai tvimvui ^re vain and false: and dreams lift up fools. 

2 dvaTrrcpovo-iv a^pova?. *Os Spa(r<r6u,€yo^ crxias Kal8to)K<uv * Whoso regardeth dreams is like him that 

3v ^ « c > / « / m <« _ \ / catcheth at a shadow, and followeth after the 

av€fiov, ^ ovrm o cttcxwv cwttviow. Tovto Kara tovtov ^jn^. » The vision of dreams is the resem- 

opcuris IwTTVuov, KarivavTi vpwrwirov Ofiouofui irpoo'iairov, blance of one thing to another, even as the 

ii *AirA A»rnAAf^-^f^^» -./ .^/•/)o/«f^iA4ri>«^^. • «>/•> Am'X ■/fXfJUr.o -•/ likcncss of a face to a face. * Of an unclean 

4 Airo oKadaproy TiKa(fapur(hj(r€Tai,^ koi airo i/rcvdoys ti ^^j^^^ ^j^^^ ^^ ^ cleansed? and from that 

5 aATpevo-ci; Mai^rctai Kai OKavurfioi kui €wirvui, fJLarata tiling which is false what truth can come? 

6 ccTTt. Kal m wSwowTTK <Aavr(££€Tai KapBia. 'Eav uw irapa * Divinations, and soothsayings, and dreams, 
t , , , x**.. « \eU , t\\ are vain : and the heart fancieth, as a woman s 
v^ioTTOV airocTTaAj; €v enuTKOiTQ, firj d<^ cis avra rrjv Kop' heart in travail « If they be not sent from 

7 Slav crov. UoXXovs IvXavmrt. to cvwiria, icoi c^cVco-ov the most High in thy visitation, set not thy 
>x /c. > • 9 ^ heart upon them. * For dreams have deceived 
cA7r«4on-€S CTT avTOcs. ^ , x , / manv, and they have failed that put their trust 

8 ^Avcv ij/evBov^ (TVKrcXca^o'CTai vofio^, Kal <roff>ia OTo/xari in them. ® liie law shall be found perfect 

Q ^,^^'\ *«X«/,wr*.<. *A.A^ ...^^.^.^i^....'..^ 5»««. w^w;^ .^«> without lies: and wisdom is perfection to a 

9 mono tcAcioktis. Anyp 7r€irat6cv/xcvos cyvui iroAAa. koi f^^^i^f^^i ^outh. » Aman thatTiath traveUed 

1 o iro\vTr€ipos tKOirjyrjaerai avviO'iy. Os ovk iw^ipa&rj knoweth many things : and he that hath much 

1 1 IIoAA.a ccDpaKO cv 17; oTroirAan^ei fwv, koi ?rAciova tcdv hath travelled is full of prudence. " When I 

12 XoW ixov, <rw€o-i9 aov. XIAcofOKis cu)s ^ovotov ^kivSv- travelled. I saw many things; and I under. 

% « ^A f f stand more than I can express. "I was oft- 

vcvora, KOt di€0-a)e^v TOVTOJV x^P^"- times in danger of death : yet I was delivered 

13 nv€Vfm fl^opovfxivwv Kvptov iri<rerai, ^ yap iXrrU avTu>y because of these things. .^ ^ ^ , „ 
iA3^^'y>' "n 1 o ' V ' » ^ M The spirit of those that fear the Lord shall 

14 im Tov (rii}CovTa ovtous.^ O 4»oPovfi€yoi Kvpiov ov /iiy Uve: for their hope is in him that saveth them. 

cvXa^i/^i/crerai, koI ou fxrj SeiXiao^, on ovtos ^X?ri9 ovrou. " Whoso feareth the Lord shall not fear nor 

16x19 ovTumypiy/xo ourov; Ot o4>6aAfioi Kvpiov iiri tovs doth he look? and who is his strength? *For 

dyoTrwn-as aurov. VTrcpocnrto-uos Swocrrcias Kal <rrnpiyua the eves. of the Lord are upon them that love 
,' , , ,\ % ^ X , , X 'o V him, he IS their mighty protection and strong 

urxyo^p (TKimj ano kovo-covos koi cTKcm; otto fi€(rqfippLai, stay, a defence from heat, and a cover from the 
AvXoKW OTTO TrpotTKOLLuaroq KoX SoriBim. airo vtu>umto^, sun at noon, a preservation from stumbling, 
,-7 ,^, X ^ J % "j^/j \ ^ w s 5 ^ y ^ and an help from falling; ^^ he raiseth up the 

17 avwifitiv \lnrx7iv koi <f>uniC<av ox^daXfiov^, ia<riv didovs, iwjv goul, and lighteneth the eyes: he giveth health, 

KOi cvXoyioF. life, and blessing. 

EccLES. XXXI. 18— XXXII. 20. 105 SO<>IA 2EIPAX. 

w He that Bacrificeth of a thing wrongfully 0vcria{a>v c^ dSacov, WfHxnhoph ULtun^Knahm, kcu ovk €i? 1 8 
gotten, his offenng IS ridiculous ; and the gifts »jj / / » ' ir\» »© « « ^i t m 

of unjust men are not accepted. «» The most «>doKiav fmKif/iara dpo/iiov. Ovk cvSokci o vj/tuttos €f 19 

High is not pleased with the offerings of the vpwTffiopw iirepSry, oi&Si A' TrXn^ci Ouaun^ iiiXacrKenu 

wicked; neither is he pacified for sin by the «..„„^/ <xf •^ 9. •* \»«€ / on 

miStitude of sacrifices. ^Whoso bringeth an aM«^w. ^wov vtov havri rov mrpos avrov, o rrpocrawF 20 

offering of the goods of the poor doeth as one uwnav ix ')(pnfiiiartav ircn^wv. "Aftros hrtSeofifvtav, (Jmw 21 
de^udeth him thereof is a man of blood, rov irArjO'iov o a^cupovfievos avfipiMtrw, koa cicycW alfUL 

labourer his hire is a bloodshedder. x^. >*s^'* ^t /i'^ ' • ^ ^ \«« oq 

a» When one buUdcth, and another puUeth ^ ^}^ oiico6o/ao>v, koi cIs Ka&aipuiv, ti om^itctoi' irXcior -^3 

down, what profit have they then but labour? 1; fcorovs; £1? cvyo/acvos, kcu cIs KarofKuucvo?, rivoc ^oivns 24 

2* When one prayeth, and another curseth, *,»«.« ^-zmW**-! A SU^^^Ji,^^ . 'R^..«..>'^..^.^ 2^x ^ *• ^ 9«i 

whose voice wiU the Lord hear? 35 He that ^'^^'^owrcTai o dcoTanjj?; Bairri^o/i^os aTTO vtKpov, irai ^& 

washeth himself after the touching of a dead ^0X11^ amofitvoi avrov, ri co^cAi/o-c ra> Aovr/M> avrov; 

^.i:in!^?''"'»tti*trtLvXtis!tt^5 o^ ^T^ -^r-: -3:- We -w.K«i26 

for his sins, and goeth again, and doeth the «'oAa' vop€vofuyoi, koh to avra woujuv rry: vpoatuxjii 

same: who wUl hear hb prayer? or what doth avrov rts curoicovo-crai ; koX ri ^iX,rHT€y iy ri Tair€tvw$n~ 

Lis humbling profit him r , _« / ^ ' ^ ' 

He that keepeth the law brinffeth offerinw "*** ovrov; 
enough : he that taketh heed to the commana- *r\ _,„.'«,„, ,«(..^. s^\,^,.jy^. — _^ ' iL '^ 40 
mentoffereth a peace offering. > He that requi- " (rwTrffHDV vofwy irAcovafci 7rpo<nf>opar ftxnaf wr 32 

teth a good turn offereth fine flour ; and he tiiat O'tarqpiov o irpocr€)((U)V ivToXaU, *AKrairo8iSov9 X'^^ ^ 

to forsake unrighteousness is a propitiation. atvccrcuis. ilivooxia Kvpiov aTroon^vai airo vovrjpia^, kcu 3 

I^,;ji'!^°?FrWe;^''Sffito 4°"lo?4 ^'^f^' ^'^^"'^ ""^ '^'"^'• 

SfThrrittufZK?teiit^lt2» ,^hm;iy-po.J^ Kvp&vKcvS,.,^ yip ravra 4. 5 

sweet savour thereof i* before the most High. X^P"' cvroAi^S. iipoa'ipopa ducatov AtTraivci mxruumjpiov, 6 

7 The sacrifice of a just man is acceptable, and koI ^ cva»Swi avr^s cfokti w^uttov. ©vcta livSpos Sucaiov 7 

the memorial thereof shall never be forgotten, jj' \x / »«.»v/»/'^ wwv«*ww . 

« Give the Lord his honour with a good eye, ^^'^f ^ at to /ivrj/Mxrwov avnjs ovk ciriAijo^iTO-CTai. 

and diminish not the firstfruits of thine hands. »t^ 9 /j*. »./i \**^/> \w/ 

• In all thy gifts shew a cheerful countenance, ^^ ayaC^cj) o<p(7aAfAift oo^axrov rov Kvpiov, icat firj ar/iuc» 8 

riched thee ; and as thou hast gotten, give '^poawwov crov, xat cv €v<f>po<rvvy ayuurov OtKarrjv. A05 10 

with a cheerful eye., " For the Lord recom- v^wrro) Kara rnv Soo-iv avrov, koL iv iyaOQ &<l>OaXim 

penseth, and will give thee seven times as '/} '* ..« .,««/!. "n^. v* 1 ^^ ' » \ 11 

much. "Do not think to corrupt with gifts: '^^^^P^tf<^ X^'PO^- P^* Kvpios dirairoStdovs ^<m, #coi 11 

for such he will not receive : and trust not to crrrairXao'ia drra7roS<i>o'ci croi. M^ 8a)poKo?rci, ov vap 1 2 

unrighteous sacrifices: for the Lord is judge, ^^^^Sij^^^,, ^„) „^ •«.«., /] ' jsj' * v* * 

and with him is no respect of persons. «He y^^^^' If^i ^iy ^^V(^ OwrujL aSixtp, on Kvpios #cpinys 

will not accept any person against a poor man, corn, Kai ovk coti 9rap avr<p Oo^a irpotrismov, Ov Aii^crai 13 
fatherless; nor the widow, when she poureth ^"^ f^V vn'€puiy uccrctav opfpavov, Kai XIP^^ ^°^ ^'^X^ ^^ 

against him that causeth them to fall ? V i^o.ropmj(TVi tin. t<j» icarayayovri avra ; 

1* He that serveth the Lord shall be accepted 
with favour, and his prayer shall reach unto 
the clouds. ^ The prayer of the humble 

pierceth the clouds: and till it come nigh, he ^ / ,x v/j^v^x.^- 

will not be comforted ; and will not depart. ^^ crvvcyytoT/ ov ^i; irapaKKrpTQ, Kai ov firj dvoirTjf coi? 

till the most High shall behold to judge nght- hnxTKiibrfrai 6 vil/urroi' Koi Kptm 3ucaiCD9, kcu irocno-ci 
eously, and execute judgment '* For the ^'„,^ v„\ « v'^.^ » ^/3S' *^\ ^ /i 10 

Xord will not be shick, neither will the Mighty '^P"^"'* /^^ ^ Kvpios ov fxrj PpaSvtrp, ovbk fiij /xaKpoOv- IS 

be patient toward them, tiU he have smitten fn]a'€L irr avroK co)^ ay (rwrpiilrn 6<rdivv iLVtXenaovtay icai 
in sunder the loins of the unmerciful, and re- -^re iAvtrrvu Avrnir,Ju(^», i^Sif.,.,,^.,. J .« »d ' \ */i 

payed vengeance to the heathen; tiU he have T^*' €th^€mv dyTairoboxT€i €Kbucr}(nv, tm cfapj; irkrjeos 

taken away the multitude of the proud, and vpptara)*', icai (TKrprTpa ootxaiv omn-pt^, co)9 dKrairo&3 19 

broken the sceptro of the unrighteous:. » tiU i^vOpwrta Kara ra^ irpof as a^ov, Kai ra Ipya rwv ^vOmL 
he have rendered to every man according to % * i./l ' «*f^wi/,^i*»i. 11* %ii^u, twk ai^pcv- 

his deed^ and to the works of men according '^wv Kara ra tvuvfUQfiara avrtav, cws Kpti^ rrjy Kpuriv rov 

to their devices ; till he have judged the cause Aaov a^ov, Kai cviApam avrovs iv rw Aca avrov. *Qpa7ov 20 

of his people, and made them to rcyoice m his y\ ^ j *» A\f, . « t ^ , f\ c .» • f^**'*^ - 

mercy. » Mercv is seasonable in the time of af- *^*°^ ^^ Koipy C^Ai^ctus avrov, ws vc^cAoi vcrov fy Kaip<^ 

fliction, as douos of rain in the time of drought dfipoxia^. 

©cpa^evctfv cv cvSoKiigi Scx^i/crcrai, Kai -q 8070-1$ avrov cws 16 
ve^cXcuv <Twd\lf€i, npoo-cyx^ raircivov vc6e\a9 StwX^c, kcu 1 7 



33 'EXajcroi' ijftat, Si<nroTa o 0fO9 iravTiav, Koi ImfiKt^ov 

X>^P^ cov (iri iOvq itAXoTpia, Kot t&inixrav t^ Sufatrrcuii' 
4 irov. ilmrtp iyumov airriav ^Tyuwrftj! fv ^/iic, outcw •i«iiirioi' 

5 TJ/iiSl' lUyaXwOfOJi 

6 EyKoti'uroi' (tij/uui, . 
8 i$apov iyrlSiKov, k<u < 


}VK l<m 0<os tA^ <rou KiJpM. 
Li iXXoiufTov Saufidtna- Sd^curin' 
■ fy«pov 6viiiv, Kal (k^^oi* opy^i*- 
rpaj/or {)(Opoy. %iTtvirov Kcufov, 
ax JK^UTyi^tnurtfoKrov ra nryaXtid 
ov. En opy^ irvpos Kara^/NK^TTO) o (Twfo^uvof, koE oE 
ucoiWis TO)' Aoov crov tiipourav AiruAtiav. SviTftt^Di' 
Kc<^aXa; dp;i(dtT<in' i)(0pS)V Xcyoirtiiv, ovk 2[rr( irX^ riituw. 
1 1 SuMiyf imiT'af ifivXat laiao^. 
1 3 Aofiirpa KOfiSCa Koi Jiyo^ tiri Hiaiuvjw rut* Ppa>iii.Twv 

avnfi ort^MXijiTeTOi. 
34 'Aypujrcia jrAoiVov Ji(ti}k(1 <r<^Kiit, KOi i} /iiptiiva avrou 

2 n^MTTji vjrvov. t/lipifiva aypviryiat irainja-u yvtrray/iov, 

3 HOI appiMmiiia fiapv irnr^ti mrvo?. EKinruiiTt wXovauK 
iv (rut^ywyp ^(jrqiiaTiuy, icat w t^ liniTrtiiwei ^/iirurAaTiu 

4 tSv Tpvijirjudniiv airrov- IxmrCiurt irTio)(ot tv ttanw^i ^I'ou, 
Kai tv Tg dwjirawrfi (iriSi^ ylvtrai. 

5 O ayairuiv jfpviriov ov SuauaAjoTrai, Kai S Suwcui' 

6 Suuf)$opav, a{rTOf irAjjCT^ucrot. IIoAAoi iSofirjiTay €k 
inaifta. Jiojfty ^wriov, kbI iyarq$rj ajnuA.«Ui avriuv Kara 

7 itpooamov avTuiy. HtlAoi' irpoaKOiipaTO^ ifrri TOii tcft«ru£- 

8 4'^i^tv avTbj, Kac ira^ tvftpwv aXtinx<Tai Sv avTu, Ma^opcof 
frAoixrtof o; fiptvr] dfUjifiov, Kai 09 oirLtrcu vpuri'ov ovK 

9 iiroptijOri^ Tcf ccm Kot fLaKoputvfitv avroy; hroiyjvt yap 

1 Aiv/uuria ff Aaui airrov. TiV jSdki^uut^ Jv avru Kal 
(TfAtlbiA;, KQi OTTiii (If Kau)(i}iriv ; TIE ^SiVsTo Trapapijvai, 

1 1 KOI o( mxpi^Tj, Kai iroi^o-at xoxa, Kai ouK IjmiTfiTt ; St(- 
pcw^iJoTrat TO ayafia am^u, Kot rat tXr^/xotrurai avroO 
iKSiJ7y7<r<Tai iKKAijerHi. 

1 2 'Etti Tpairffi^ ;i(yaXijT JkoAoxk ; fU] dmbf^pf iir' aur^ 
^npuyya o-ov kqi ^^ iiiTfti iroAXa yt to iw' avTTS. 

13 Htojov^Ti OTi Kaxov oi^^oA^of Tonjpof, iroi'ijpoMpov 
o^AiA^ou Ti (KTurrat ; Sii toEito iSiro ttovtm irpotrunrou 

14 SoKputt. Ou fof iwi^Kiilnj, fi^ JKTci'i'ijt X'^> '"^' I'^V 

15 awOKi^ov avTijJ (f rpv^kiif. Nott Ta tdu n-Aijo-uiv ck 

1 6 (navrou, koi iwi jravri wpay/tan SLavooC. ^ayt uiv ai'6p<a- 
jro; Ta n'opajMi/io'a troi, Kat /*^ £ux^cru. ^^ p.ujr^^. 

17 Uaiiroi -FpuTiK X'V"' i«'iS(UM, Kai /i^ aTrAijOTtiJou, ftiJTOTf 

1 8 irprxTKiHirgi. Kai <i dfo/icVov xAciot^un- ^Kof icraf , vponpot 

19 aurSv p-Tj iKTiivg^ ripr X!'^'^ ''°''- '^ ucayor diflptSinp 
imraiStvp^iinf to iXiyov, Kat ftrl t^s koit74 aurov out 

20 iiTfl/iaii'ei. iwvot vyiiuit ijri JiTtpm /xerpuu, avian) irpui, 
KOI ;} ^OT "^JTOU f((T aOroE' jtotos ayptmriat tai ^oA^f 

21 Kai OTpo^ot ^icra du'j^nt irkijirrov. Kai (i l^taadr)^ iv 
&i(rfuunv, ivairra lutronwpuiv Kai avairaitrg. 

22 'Akoxwo*- [lou tIkvov xai /t^ fioi^iio^ /it, mu or 
iaxarig cfip^is rovt Aoyovs iwir if itatri toie tpyOK ami 

EcotM. XXXIII. 1— XXXIV. 22. 

Hare merer upon ni, O Lord Ood of all, aod 
behold UB : ' and wnd tby taa upon all tbe 
DslionB that >eek not after thee. 'Lift up thy 
band agsinat the atnTige nationi, and let them 
■ee thy power. * Am thoa wait nanctiSed in lu 
before them: ao be thou magnified among 
tbem before UB. ' And Let them know thee, aa 
ire have koown thee, that there is no Ood but 
only thou, O God. 

' bhew new BiBn*, and make other Btraago 

ftaiie up indignation, and pour out wrath : 
take anar the advemry, and deatroy the 
enemy. ' Make the time abort, remember 
tbe covenant, and let them declare thy won- 
derful worka ' Let bim that eBcspeth be 
CODBumed by tbe rage of the fire ; and let 
tbem perish that oppresa the people. "' Smite 
in BUnder the beMa of the riilera of the 
heathen, that say. There ia none other but we. 
" Gather all the tribea of Jacob together. 

" A cheerful and good heart will haye a care 
of hia meat and diet- 
Watching for richea oonaumeth the fleah, 
and the care thereof drireth away sleep. 
' Watching core will not let a man alumber, 
OS a BOro diaeaao breaketh aleep. 'The rich 
bath great labour in gatherinK richea together 1 
and when he restetb, be it filled with bii deli- 
cacies, 'The poor leboiireth in liie poor estate; 
and when lie leareth ofl', be ia stiil needy. 

' He that loTcth gold shiiU not be justifled. 
and he that foUawvth corruplion ehaU haro 
enough thereof. 'Gold Imlh been the ruin 
of many, and thi^ir dfstrucUou vaa present. 
'It isBBtuuibhnKblock unto them that sacri. 
Cce until it, and evfryfool abnU be taken there- 
with. ' Blessed ia the ricli that is found with- 
out blemieli, and bath not gone after gold. 
>nnio is he? and wo will coll hiu) blessed: 
for wonderful things bath ho done among hia 
peoplo. '" Who hath bean tried tliereby^nd 
found perfect? tlion let him glory. Who 
might oOend, and hath not ofi'cnded ? or dona 
evil, and hath not done it ? n Hia gOodB ihatt 
be eatablialicd, and tlie congregation ahail de. 

^^ If thou sit at a bountiful table, be not 
greedy upon it, and Bay not. There is much 
meat on it. '^ Remember that a wicked eye 
ia an evil thing; and what is created more 
wicked than an eye? therefore it weepetli 
upon every ocraaion. " Stretch not thine 
hind wbithcraoever it looketh, and tbruat it 
not with him into the diab. "Judge of thy 
neighbour by tbyaelf: and be discreet in every 
"" ' ', beoometh a man. those 

thou"°offend'."i» When thou 
many, reach not thino hand o 

latiable, leat 

' firat of alh 
a man weU 

upon bis bed. » Sound sleep oomBth of mode, 
rate eating: be riaeth early, and his wits are 
with bim : but the pain of watching, and 
choler, and pangs of the belly, are with an 
unntiable man. " And if tbou hast been 
forced to eat, ariae, go forth, vomit, and thou 

** Uy aon, hear me. Bod dsBplBC me not, and 
at tbe last thou ahalt find as 1 told thee: mail, 
thy worki be quick, aa itttlk^CuEn-uia «>£«&■■» 


EccLEs. XXXIV. 23— XXXV. 24. 104 20*IA 2E1PAX 

• unto thee. ^ Whoso is liberal of his y^Vov cvrpcvn?, Kal vay &hpiMrrriuuaL ov an aroi diraw^ajf, 

meat, men shall speak well of him: and the \ ^ '^ , . w *» »\ f^, , '\^ ^«5 ..«««.«/« ^^^ O^ 

report of his good liousekeepin? wil be be- ^^h^pov €ir oprois cuAoyijcrct -^iXrj, kol itaprvpm rrji 23 

lieved. ^ But against him that is a niggard of koAXoi^ axrrov irttrrq, Uovrjp^ iw apTif dtayoyyvcrci 24 

his meat the whole city shall murmur; and ^'\,^ ^„) « »«*v«.«//, •^ .«^,»./«//«c «..*.i>/iri iimiR'ne 

the testimonies of bis niggardness shaU not be ^^^^* ""^ ^ imprvpia rq^ irovqpw avrov iKpiprj^. 

doubted of. 
^Shew n 
wine hath destroyed many. ^ The furnace 

Ibo'iT*"'* «. i.1, T i. r *Ev oiFO) uh dyBpCtov, voAAovs yap dirutXeo'cv o olyo9. 25 

^'Shew not thy Taliantne8s_m_ wine; for _, ©' '/* '^ / » o /r'^ * ♦ c oc 

" imace Ka/x(V09 ooKt/xo^ci aropuapa iv paxfyQ, oimi)S otvos fcopocas ^o 

that is without wine ? for it was made to make 

LnaL 19 wii^aoui, wme r lor ic was maae to maxe o' * '-l ' i ** ? ^- ^. .-,..*- J« .^^.^1 

men glad.. » Wine measurably drunk and in f^<H>ota^ fai €v4»po<rvv7j ^n^s olvos irivo/xevoj ^k 'f^^ 

season bringeth gladness of the heart, and avrctpKiT^* vucpui \lrv)m^ olvo^ nwoptyo^ iroXvs, Iv optOurpJ^ 29 

cheerfulness of the mind: 2-* but wine drunken ^„> ^,*....«^/w.«« tt\«.A.'».«. „iA^ fk,..\„ A^r^w^ «?<* «>/kiCr. SO 

with excess maketh bitterness of the mind, '^"^ avriflrcD^Ti.^ HAiyfiWci /xcft; ejup>v a<^povos ci« wpoa- 3U 

with brawling and quarrelling. ^ Drunken- Koppua, iXamav ur)(yv icat vpoairouuv Tpavpara. Ev crv/x- ol 

^' Rebuke not thy neighbour at the wine, avrov €v €V(f>po<rinrQ avrov Aoyov ovctOto/AOV prj ciin/$ auiif, 

and desDise him not in his mirth : give him no ^ai ixw avrov BkLdrn^ cV uTratTworci. 
despiteful words, and press not upon hun with ^ ' ^ ** ' 

urginffhimCtodrinkJ. nEPI 'HrOYMENON. 

If thou be made the master [of afeastj.uft t-rj / / \ * / ^.. ' . j., «» *« QK 

not thyself up, but be among them as one of , Hyov/xcvoiv crc KaT€<rrrj(rav ; prj iTroipov, yivov iv avrois dO 

the rest ; take diligent care for them, and so a)9 cT? i^ avrwv ifipovTtaov avrcov, KOt ovna KaOurov, Kai 2 

sit down. 2 And when thou hast done all thy ^r.^^,» -^.. ».^*/«.* «.«*. .-.««.J^»» ^..^«..«^« r.,« «?.A/w.«#A^ >{*• 

office, take thy place, that thou mayest he ^<^<rav ttjv xp€iav aov ironyo-as amirco-e, tva €vtf>pav(^ 6l 

\Pour not out wo^s where there is a musi- ^ai dicaipo)^ uw aodiitov. S^payU avOpoLKO^ iirl Koapua 5 

cian, and shew not forth wisdom out of time. « / '^ ' ** , "^ ' » » *r^ c 

* A concert of music in a banquet of wine is XP^^V* 0^7^ pifwi pova-ucwv cv (rvpvofrix^ oivov. KaV Kara- 

OS a signet of carbuncle set in gold. ,* As a o-KCvcuruari Ypuo-<3 cr^payis frpLopdyBov pifXoi LLOvauctav Ith* 

signet of an emerald set m a work of ^old, so 18 e« *» • ^v~ 4 rr # » i « 

the melody of music with pleasant wine. V^^'' oivta. 

"* Speak, young man, if there be need of thee: a«'\w,^.. ,.^»,.f^^^ -.» «>^«/^ ^-^. ,.A\.^ %\^ iA« x, 

among great men, make not thyself equal with Mpov Xryoiros prj iroXXa ddoXco^ct. Upo ^povrrj^ Kara" 10 

them ; and when ancwnt men are in place, use o-TrcvSct a<rrpairrj, Kal irpo aio-Ywrwpou TrpocAcwerai vopis. 
not many words. *® Before the thunder goeth f« • .^'^ / ' x '^s ,'^/ » / ^ » « '^^^ ^n 

lightning; and before a shamefaced man shall ^^ ^P^ €^€y€ipov Kai prj oupayct, airorpcxc cw oUcov #c(u II 

go favour. " Rise up betimes, and be not prj paSvpti. "Eicci ira^c Kal irot€t ra ivOvpTjuard aov, Kal 12 
the last; but get thee home without delay. x«« \/ c ./ v-\*\ ' »\/ ia 

"There take thy pastime, and do what thou M ^^prg^ Aoyw vircpi/^^vw.^ Kai^ ciri tovtois cuAoyi7<rw 13 

wilt: but sin not by proud speech. **And rov novtjo'avTd crc, xai pitSwrKOvrd crc otto rutv &yaBiav 

for these things bless him that made thee, nriTov 

and hath replenished thee with his gooa , , 

things. - , , ^ , .„ O fhofiovpcyo^ Kvpiov ^xScfcrai iraiSctav, Kal ol 6p$pi-' 14 

"Whoso feareth the Lord will receive his y * * »^ * *r^ y '> * f\/L' ic 

discipline ; and they that wek him early shaU ^^^'^^^ tvprjaoyatv €vBoki4xv. O {>p-a)V vopov ^/xirAi;<r^c. 15 

find favour. '^ He that seeketh the law shall rat avrov, xal 6 vrroKpivoptvo^ CKavSaXurOija'tTa^, iv avr^. 

^O-eS '&f i. ltft1,i7?2.f JSrS>^ OJ ^^ovMcvo. K^pto. cip,Vov,rc «p^, Kal Sucoui^ra i, 16 
shall find judgment, and shall kindle justice as 9">s €^a\pova'iv. AvOponro^ opapTiaAoq €kkaiv€I. cAcy/iov, 1 7 

K ^l* «^-^ .u*- "'^^^ "*''* will not be reproved, Kai Kara to ^cAwua avrov cvpwtrci onn^icptuo. 'Avwp )8ovA»? 1 8 

but findeth an excuse according to his will. > x /^ ^ / .w / \ t *, "^i 

w A man of counsel will be considerate; but a ^^ M ^«P"^ oiavmjpLa, oAAorpios Kot v7r€prj<pavoi ov xaro- 

strange and proud man is not daunted with imifci Aofiov, #cat ucra to iroLtjarai per avrov dv€v jSovAm. 

fear, even when of himself he hath done with- ** 6 \'* A^ ' ^i. " *» ' \ tn 

out counsel. » Do nothing without advice; ^^^ povAiys prfitv von^ay^, Kai iy n^ voajaai <r€ fitf 19 

and when thou hast once done, repent not. ftcra/icAov. 

^ Go not in a way wherein thou mayest fall, »i:^ co'^ • / \ / % % ^ # » «y> 

and stumble not among the stones. "Be not ^^ ^ oyrvtmapaToq prj iropcvov, icat prj irpo(rKmfrQ^ iy 20 

confident in a plain way. asAnd beware of thine Ai^oiSco-t. Mw mar€V(rrK iv 6&o dnpoaKoina, Kal diro 21, 22 
own children. *• In every good work trust thy « / j'\> »t:^' \w' / •»^„ 

own soul ; for tliis is the keeping of the com- '"**"' J^»^^ oroy 4>vXa(ai. ^v iravri cpyip iriOTCve 17/ 23 

mandments. ^ He that believeth in the Lord ^^VX9 ^^v* ^^ 7^ rovro cot( Ti^pi^o-is ^iToA«i>v. 'O 24 

20<MA 2EIPAX. 


ovK cAarrcu^i^cTcu. 
36 Tu> tf^oPovfiom Kvptov ovk dlTrain/o'Ci /caicov, dAA* cv 

2 v€ipaa-iiM /cat iroAcv c^cXcrrai. Av^p cro^os ov fuai^€i 
yofjLov, 6 8c viroKpivo/xcvo9 ev airru>, ois ^i^ KaraiyiBi vXolov. 

3 *Av^/XD7ro9 (TwcTos c/X7ri(7Tcvo'€t vo/xb>, KoX 6 vofio^ avrb> 

4 irtoTos <us ipumrffia Sucauav, 'IjTolfiao'ov Xoyov, koI ovrta^ 

5 oJcov^iTcri/, avySvjO'ov vaiZeiav kou awoKpiBrfri, Tpo;(o$ 
ofidirfq {nrkdyxya fuapov, /cat (ds a(<i)v iFTp€<f>6fifvo^ 6 

6 StoXoyur/Aos avrov. ^Imros ct9 outlay (us ^lAos f/uaKO^, 
viroicarta) 7ravro9 iirucaOrjfxiyov ;(p€/iCTt£€i. 

7 Atari rifiipa ^fjjpa^ vir€p€)(€L, /cat 9rav ^<i)S -^fiipas 

8 cFtavroS d^ ^Aibv; *Ev yvoKTCt Kv/mov Si€)(iopiar0vja'av, 

9 KOL rfWoiuHTt KOipovs KoX lopTav &ir avTuiv ayv\l/iixr€ koX 
rjf^uuTt, icot c^ a\3Tu}V iOrjKtv ct9 dpiOfiov ly/xcpo)!'. 

10 Kat ayOpanroi nwrcs aTTO c3a^oi;9> xat ^ic y^ iKrCtrOrj 

1 1 *A8aft. *£i' ?rXi/^€t iwurnjfJLrjs Kvptos Bi€)(<apur€y avTOV9» 

1 2 /cat i7XXot(ixrc ras 63ovs aviw. "E^ avrwv cvXoyi/o-c /cat 
avwpwTt, Kat cf avrcjv •qyiaa'€, Kat 7rpo9 avrov ^yyiccv* Aw' 
avrctfv KOT/jpaaaTO, kcu. ^?rctVcixrc, Kat Sa^ltnpGfffv avrov9 

13 diro OToo'Cius avrotv. *Os th^Xos K€papJ.ia^ Iv X^'P^ avrov, 
iraaat at 68ot avrov Kara rrfv €vSoKiav avrov* ovni>9 avOpta* 
vol iv X^ipl Tov TTOtTO'avros avrovs* ^TroSovvat avrots Kara 

1 4 rrfv KpiaLV avrov. 'Aircvavrt tov kojcov to dya^ov, Kat 
dircvavrt rov ^vdrov 17 dunj, ovrcos dircKavrt cvo'C^ovs 

15 afiapT<a\6^, Kat ovro)^ tfipKoffov ets irdira ra ^pya rov 
{aj/Iotov, Svo 8vo Ii' Karcvavri rov cvos. 

1 1 K<lyia urxoTO^ •qypvTrvrjo'a, koI KarcKXi/povofii/cra avrovs 

12 KoOtas ^v ap)^^, 'EXo/o'OK Xaov, Kvptc, K€K\rffi€yov iir* 
] 3 ovofiari crov, Kat *I(rpa^X Sv Trpcjroyoi^ wftotoxra?. OtK- 

Tiipfrfaov iroXiv dytdo'/taro^ o'ov 'Icpovo-aX^fi, iroXtv Kara- 

1 4 Trav/xaros o'ov. IIX^ov 2ta)v dpat ra Xoyta o'ov, Kat diro 

1 5 T^ 86$rf^ (rov TOV Xaov aov, Aos /laprvptov rots €v dp^^ 
KTifrfJixurC crov, Kat cyctpoy vpoifyrfTttaq ros cir* dvd/xart o'ov 

1 6 80s fiurOoy rots vTrofifyovai ae, koI oi irpo<fxfJTai aov Ipiri- 

17 Eto'Gucovo'ov, Kvptc, Sc^coDS Tb/v occroiK O'OV, Kara r^ 
cvXoytav *Aap(i>K Trcpt rov Xaov o'ov, kgii yvoKroiTat irdvT€% 

1 8 ot ^irt T^s y^, ort av Kvpvo^ ct 6 0cos rwv atoivoiv. Ilav 
PptapAi <l>dy€Tai KOtXta, cart 8c PputfjLa jSpcu/xaros KoXXtov. 

19 ^apvy( ycvcrcu pptafiaTa ^pas, ovro>s KopStia oi;v€r^ 

20 Xoyovs ^cv8cts. Kap8ta arpcjSX^ 8(txrct Xv^n/v, Kat dv- 
^pcDxros iroXvirctpos dvra7ro8<i>o'Ci avr^. 

2 1 ndvra app€va cirtSc^crat yvv^, cori 8c Ovydrrjp ^vyarpos 

22 Kp€ur<ro>v, KdXXos ywatKOS tXapwct irpoaanrov, koI vTrcp 

23 vaucrav iiriOvfuav avOptlinrov vircpdyct. £t cortv ivl yXoKr- 
<T7j^ avTTJ^ cXcos Kat irpa^^n^, ovk cbrtv 6 Mjp avjij^ Kaff 
vtovs avdpiajnav, 

24 *0 Krw/xcvos ywatKa lvdp\€Ton Kr^o'ccos, ponrfiov kot 

25 avrov xat orvXov dvairavo-ccuv. Ov ovk ^OTt ^pay/ios, 
8tapirayi}o'crat Kr^/xa, Kat ov ovk t<m ywrj, arcvd^ct 

26 TrXavftfficvos. Tts yap iriOTCikrct €v(iuin^ Xyorg o-^aXXo/uicvai 


taketli heed to the commandment; and he 
that trusteth in liim shall fare never the 

There shall no evil happen unto him that 
feareth the Lord; but in temptation even 
again he will deliver him. ^ A wise man hateth 
not the law; but he that is an hypocrite 
therein is as a ship in a storm. ' A man ef 
understanding trusteth in the law: and the 
law is faithful unto liim, as an oracle. ^ Pre- 
pare what to say, and so thou shalt be heard : 
and bind up instruction, and then make an- 
swer. * The lieart of the foolish is like a cart- 
wheel ; and his thoughts are like a rolling axle- 
tree. ' A stallion horse is as a mocking friend, 
lie neigheth under every one that sitteth upon 

7 Why doth one day excel another, when as 
all the light of every day in the \ear is of the 
sun? ^ iiy the knowledge of the Lord they 
were distinguished: and he altered seasons 
and feasts. ' Some of them hath he made liigh 
days, and hallowed them, and some of them 
hath he made ordinary days. 

^And all men are from the ground, and 
Adam was created of earth. "In much 
knowledge the Lord hath divided them, and 
made their ways diverse. '^Some of them 
hath he blessed and exalted, and some of them 
hath he sanctified, and set near himself: but 
some of them hath he cursed and brought low, 
and turned out of their places. ^ As the clay 
is in the potter's hand, to fashion it at his 
pleasure : so man is in the hand of him that 
made him^ to render to them as liketh him best. 
^* Good IS set against evil, and life against 
death : so is the godly aoainst the sinner, and 
the sinner against the godly. ^ So look upon 
all the works of the most Migh ; and there are 
two and two, one against another. 

"Though I was the last to wake up, yet 
I received their inheritance as from the begin- 
ning. ^ O Lord have mercy upon the people 
that is called by thy name, and upon Israel, 
whom thou liast named thy firstborn. ^ O be 
merciful unto Jerusalem, thy holy city, the 
place of thy rest. '^ Fill Sion with thine 
unspeakable oracles, and thy people with thy 
glory. ^ Give testimony unto those that thou 
hast possessed from the beginning, and raise 
up prophets that have been in thy name. ^ Ke- 
wara them that wait for thee, and lot thy 
prophets be found faithful. 

W O Lord, hear the prayer of thy servants, 
according to the blessing of Aaron over thy 
people, that all they which dwell upon the 
earth may know that thou art the Lord, the 
eternal God. " The belly devoureth all meats, 
yet is one meat better than another. ^' As the 
palate tasteth divers kinds of venison : so doth 
an heart of understanding false speeches. * A 
froward heart causeth heaviness: but a man 
of experience will recompense him. 

** A woman will receive every man. yet is one 
daughter better than another. ^ The beauty 
of a woman cheereth the countenance, and a 
man loveth nothing better.^ ^ If there be 
kindness, meekness, and comfort, in her tongue, 
then is not her husband like other men. 

^He that ^etteth a wife beginneth a posses- 
sion, a help like unto himself, and a pillar of 
rest. ^ "Wnere no hedge is, there the posses- 
sion is spoiled : and he that hath no wife will 
wander up and down mourning. * Who wilL 
trust a thief well vyy(3»vGvV^^ "^^i^* '^bcsjv^ 


from city to diy? so [wlio vrill hflievaj n mnii « n-oXfius tts xoXii-; oiJTtiis dvflptiinu u.n Ivoyn itxro'iai' 

tlie night Uketh him P <"" «o™AuoiT. ou^tav 6^ury. , , , , „, 

ETer/ rri^nil uitli, I am his rrimd also : bub Uai ^Uot Ipci, iijiiXuuTa airra x^yiu- dAX ivti ^tXos 37 

panian and friend iiturnml to an eneiii]'? ^O Kot ^lAo« rpcirofmof tit t.\Bpav; tl vainjpoy ivOv/iijiia, S 

wicked imagiixBUpQ. whence aaamt thou in to ^^^ ly,KvXlir&m KoXuiiai tw fijpii' if SWUotwi ; "Etcu- 4 

coTer tho earth with decait? ' There is a com- . ,. , . ' , '^,, ' "^ , . »,',, , 

ninioii, which reioiceth in the prosperity of rt pot ^tAou iv axfipoiniyj} i]6nai. koi fc koi^ CAi^cois carat 

friend, but in the tirne of trouble will bo Ajrivayri. 'Ercupot ijiiXui avuirovtl yapw vacTpos, htum S 

uainat him. •Tiiere la a companion, which .. -i , , > V '..\ , i^ , /, ; - , •. 

hdpeth his friend for the bcUj, and ukoth uji '^A./MW X-^fiperai ixnrtSa. M^ htiXa&u ^lAou fr tj )/tijq| 6 

the buckler aiainBt tbe eaeroj. • Forget not atni, Kai un iavnuomnK atroS tv \pnu.aal trou. 

tbrfnend m th; mind, and be not unmindful '. , '-T , ,>" „ ,, ,.,.. „ , , 

of lim in tbr riobea. UiE tninpovAtK itaipti pouKijv, dAA fcm.crtift^oiiAcMar 7 

'Etotj couu-ellor eitoUeth counwl j but .f, JauToi-. 'Airo trvuBovXav i^uAoim' t^k ^vvnv erou. mi g 

thera u some that oouoeelleth for bimjelf. -a , ..- ,»',^'^!. , ." 

" Beware of a coumeUor, and know before T™**' ^"po^'po''^ "V aurou j[P""\ <«» rV nvTOS Jovr^ 

what need lie hath; for he will oouogel for dovAnWrac ii.-ntttjrtBaX.-n bn troX iiAnnoK, icat cnrn eroi, 9 

himself; leet he cast the hat upon tliBO,' and i> . •$> ' \ ; ■> . / \a - , " n 

•a; unto thee. Thy waj ii good: and afterward ""^V V <»« •rov- lai tmjfftrai iitvavria^ ii>uy to mift^ 

he stand on the other aide, to bm what aboil irofuvov trot. Mij povXtvov fitra Tov vrttSXtirouivov trt 10 

SI" h th.. ".Swi a, SSSta".".* "» ™ ™' W-.'T-' '< "•f". I^>-^- . "■" ^»™* 1 ' 

ai eOY)' thee. " Neither consult with a woman vtpi dvnt,7]Aov avnjs, itai /irra StiAou irtpi woXtfiov fUTO. 

merchant concerning eicbangej nor with a irpo<rfu«- ^rrn patrKovov inpi npfOpumat, icai ^cro drf- 

buycr of selling; nor with aa earious man of Acnuoi-oj vipi vpntrrondtiaf uxra 6Kynpov . inpl mrrot 

thankfulness; nor with an unmerciful mm - "^ , '^ • _a' 'j ' » "^ , ™ , , 

toucbina kindoeaS! nor with the slothful for Y"^""' "" ''"'" f"™"'" *P«i""i»' fpi OTiVTfA<«w, olftcnf 

any work; nor with an hireling for a year of dpyip jrepl TToXXm ^yatrtas- pn ?T«Vf i-in tovtois irtpi 

flmsmniE work; uor with an idle lerTant of ' o \' , . ^\ i 

much businew ■ hearken not unto these in Mr ^"^ ffvp^ouAtas. 

matter of counsel. 'AAV ^ pcra livEpot tiatfioZt <>'S(Xcyi{(, Sv 5f IwiyvSt 12 

.h.r.'uS SS-S e tl.'^'I^: "-ip";"» i-"*"- 8. .V ri <hxd .S'.i «." tV t.^ 

ments of the Lord, whose mind is according to trov, not sav irraioTjs, awaX-y^ti <roi. Kai pcniKijr li 

own heart stand : for tliere ia no man more yP dyopo-i airayytAAtif iviart eiowev, ^ (Trra oianroi twi 

faithful unto thee than it i" for a man's mind ^trtupou icctftJpfKoi W o-«offm. Kai ^! ^rSin tovtow 15 

IB sometime wont to tell him more than seTcn V •n/' ... ' . >/i. , n a » . .a, 

watchmen, that lit aboFe in an high lower, otr/tfrjri x'xfitirrou, iva tv^ui^ iv dAi;0(ia njv odor erou, 

"And abore all this pr»y to the most High, "Apvn itqitos ipyou Advos, Koi jrpo mirTK n-iiaftwc 16 

that he will direct thy way in truth. " Let o„/\- ' ' '^ i r-* 

reason go before every cnlLTt»iie, and counsel Po^^Aij. ^ c , , 

leforo dutj action. Ijfi-oS ilAAouuo-((r« nopfiuit. Turaapa ^cpi; dvartAAci, 17, 18 

good and eril. life and death i but tlis tongue MjiyK avriuv yAwo-tt lorii-, Eoriv ni^p Trovoip™ Kai 19 

TuiethorerthcmcsntinuaUy. " There i. one toAAwi' xoi&v™, -ai m ''Sia "Kw «XPV^<!* 'trru'. 'Eori 20 

that IS wise and teaelieth many, and yet h , ,, , '; , " ^r All AC fy "> ,„ ' 

Tinprofltable to himself. "I'here is one that oxj^o/wyot tv Aoyow pKr^ros, oirros ffotnjs rpo^ Kofl- 

i^iewrth wisdom in words, nod is hated; he voTfpmrft, ou van iSoftj at™ irapi KWou yaoK, or^ Traam 21 

ahftU be destitute of all food, " For grsee is j- i -a. 'i- 7' - -e- , - • . m. 

not giren him from the Lorf ; because he is (ro^W iuTtprfth}. toT_i ^tro^os^ T5 ifiip i^;i(j,, Kai 01 22 

depnted of all wisdom. ^ Another ia wise to icapTroi nps 0T*«rf*i>5 aurov (iri trro/iaro^ jriorot. 

hiiuself; and the fruits of understanding are 'a, •„ i- •. ■ ,„ -. i„" . s_' • ■ _ > n« 

commendable in his mouth. . '^"?P, <^°^ J^"*', '"'^™ ,*'",*' "laidsw.i, koi 01 Bopiroc 23 

"A wise man lostructeth his people; and T^ irwttTKaii onroC irurTol. Ayi]p oo^ai ir\,r}ir6nfftriu 24 

;'ii,'zr.'h;5'i;"Jisii";sif?i;.r,,:.t <«7''"j ;~ p;.;f.ow.w;,i„„ .i spi„„. iw^ss 

all they that sea him shall connt him happy, avisos iv apitfitif rmtpwv, icai at i)/i<pai tou lirpatjX iya- 

» A wise man shall inherit glory among his ™i ro ovopa auTOU {i;(rtTai <« foi' aiuira. 

people, and his name shall be perpetual. Tixvov, iv TV fwn trov mlpairov Tni' ^niynr vov, Kai iSe 27 

^ My son, proie thy soul in thy iife, and see , . . "- 1 ■ 0- "^ . - '_T '^/ , _ „_ 

what is evil for it, and give not that unto it. " TovJJpov avrg, Kai p.; iius auTjj. Ou yap iravra ■waxri 28 

'' For all things are not profitable for all men. mrudiipii, Kai on irotra Jnim iv irotri ttSoKtl. Mi aTrAji- 29 

neither hath CTery soul pleasure in every tiling. „ ■ .„ ' jlJ • - i Ji: t - jK ' 

•Be not insatiable in any dainty thing, nor ^"">" *". ^'^ jpui^, itai p^ ixxyOjlt liri iBco-pa™,- 

too greedy upon meatsi "for eiceu of mcata ir iroAAoit yap pptofioaai itrtai irorot, Kai if dirXi^irrui 30 

20*IA 2BIPAX. 



3 1 JyyMi tint }(oX.ipa^. A('\y)irrlav ttcXXm tnkcmjtray, 
6 Of irpoai)(iov rpoa^rfju, ^larp/. 

38 Ti^ larpor vpo^ rat )(ptias TifuxK ainov, koI yap airoy 

2 iKTUTt Kvpan. Qapa yap v^iarov itniv uurw, koX rapa 

3 paiTiXiuK k-^tnu Sofia. 'Etrum^firj laTpov iymlnixTa 
KKPaXipi avrou, nu ivavn iixyunainav Atufuur^iJcrfTcu. 

4 Kupiaj iKTuro' ^K y^ 0ap/uiKa, «ai ^v^ ^ipovtfUK ov 

5 rpoaojjSul avroit. Ovk ano fiiAov ^Xuinii^ i!S(i)p, ci; to 

6 yvuMrdqwu-r^ Icr^^ avrov; Kot afiro; tSuwccv Ji^purotf 

7 Jir«m]/ii;t- ivSoiaifir&ai fr Tots tfav/uuT-uxt auroS. 'Ev 

8 avTOK ^^(pamxTf, icai ^pt tot ttovov avrotl. iivpti^ hi 
TovTois ro>^n /itypi, iciu oir fi^ mnrcXeog ^nyn avTOv, 
Kot tipipij jTop avrov foriv iwi Trpo(Ttawmi t^ -y^*- 

9 TfKFo*', ^ ippaumjjutTi utn> f^ij vapopXcm, dAA. cvcoi 

10 Kvptu. Kat auTO« uum'ai trt. 'Airotrn^oi' xXij/tficAftav, 
(toi tiiAn^v ^ipac, koi otto Tnitnyj o^pruis itaftifluroi' 

1 1 KopBCay. Aot cui>Si'av, Kai iivt)fi4<rvvoy u-i/uSaXcoK, kql 

1 2 Aiirai'Of ■npoa^topiar, in fii/ vTrop^^uiv. Koi lar/iu Sot TOiror. 
mi yap avrov iicTurt KtyKor not /lij A.inHrr^Tia trou, Koi 

1 3 yip avTou xpcio, Eori Kaipot ore mi iv )(tpa\v airrSn/ 

14 tiaiSia. K<u yap aGm Ki^'ou ficT^i^ovroi, ii^ cuoSukt^ 

15 (LiTOif anawamnv Hoi Iiuru' )(apw Ifx^uoirtiat- O ofiop' 
TaMir hayrt roO iroii}oa>TO« avrov, i/iviaot th X*^^ 

1 6 Tocvov, jiri vtxp^ Korayayt Zaxpva, xru ut Sciva vatryiaiy 
ivap^t Opijyinr Kara Si r^ Kpiaiv aurou trtpurrti^M' to 

1 7 trtufia avrov, kqi ;*^ ircptSi^ ttv rai^^ aiVou. Hiitpavov 
KXav6fioy, not Oippayov KoirtTov, xai voi'ijo-oi' to vivSoi 
Kara r^ dfiav aurou f/nipav fiiar kqi Suo Xf'fi''* Sto^oA^, 

1 8 KOI TopoxXi^^yrt Xinnft tvoia- i.iro X^Viji yap iKptdva 

1 9 PQvaro^, KOI Avmj KopStot xifu^ti, uT)(yv. "Ev i.irayiiiy^ 
30 irapttpalva, Kai Xuinf, mu jSiof ima^C Kara HopSuK. M^ 

Suis ri's Xvmji- T^f KapSiav <nni, dmimjo'ov atr^ fiKijirfliis 
21 ra (trjifaTa. M^ ljrtXa$^, ov yap itrnv tiravoBiK, inii 


to Kpi^ auToD, OTi avTio ok kiu rb troy tjuii x^i, Kai trol 

23 oTjfLipov. Ev avavavirH viKpov Karawawrov to fivyjp^ 
(Twov aiTTDU, Kai irapaj(Xi)Afr( ir avru iv i£oSif nvtvuanK 

24 Soil's ypa^/iarcuf w ivitaipiji o^X^, koi 6 jXoinrov- 

25 iitvo^ rpa$ti avTov oo^uT&^crtTai, Ti ooi^urAjo-arat o 
Kpariutp apoTpou, Kox xav^ii-tvoi in hopan KtvrpOV, ^6as 
iXauymii ital iyaaTptipo[ityo^ iv ipyOKairr&v, Km 7 Si^'yijo-K 

26 auTov Ji* VLoTs ravpuiv,- KopSuu' ovtov Sucrn tuoaii'iu 
aukaJOK, Koi ^ dypvirvui avrov cis ^nopratrfuiTa hofuiXtuiv. 

27 Ovnn; irat riKnw koi dp^^irccnm', ootk vvicmp ut ig;*fpfi 
fiuiyec 01 yXiJ^vm yXv/ifmra a^paytSav, kdI ^ wrojtoi^ 
avrou itXXoiuxrat irouciXuiv KopStaf avrov SuMTti lis 
TO ofiouMTot f^iiypaipiav, Kot 1} £ypvirvui oirrou tcXcooi 

28 OvruE )(aAKtvi KaAj/iivOT tyyvt Sxfumot, mii xarafiav- 
Sai/uui tpy^ {Ti&qpif dr/iis «if>ot trq^i aipian avrov, ku 

but be that taketb heed prolonnt 
Honour a pliysiciaa with tBe 
unto him for the ux 

rhich IB intty hare at 

rented bii 
healing, « 
(. >lV 

-pbvsieian shall tirt up hit head; and in the 
tight of gruat men he abaU be in admiration. 
^ i'ho Lord huth created roedidnes out of the 
*Brthj and be that is wiie will not abhor them. 
' Whi not tin) nuter made sweat with wood, 
that tha vJrluo thereof might be knownf 
« And liu )iath giren men nklU, that be mi^ht 
be hoiioured in Ilia maryelloUB worka. ' WitU 
eiK'h doth be heal [men,] and taketh awajr 
1 hfir piiiiis, =* Of sueli doth the apothecary 

Leave off from un, and order thiite 

bands aright, and cleanae thy heart from all 
wiokedneu. " GiTa a sweet aarour, and a 
memorial of fine Bonr: and make a fat offer- 
ing, aa not being, ''l^en gire place to tha 
phi aician, for the Lord hath orealed bim; let 
him not go from thee, for thou hast need of 
bim, " There is a time when in their handa 
tiiere is good success. "For they shall also 
pray unto the Lord, that be would prosper 
that which they gire for ease and remedy to 
prolong life. ^ He that sinneth before his 
Maker, Let him fait into the hand of the phy- 

" My son, let teara fell down orerthedead, 

and begin to lament, as tf thou badst suflered 
great harm UiTself; and then cover bis body 
according to the custom, and neglect not hi* 
bunaL "Weep bitterly, and make gr»t moan, 
and use lamentation, as be is worthy, and that 
a day or tno, lest thou be eril spoken of: and 
then comfort thyself for thy heayiaess j "for 
of heaviness cometh death, and the hearineaa 
of the beoTt breaketh strength. ■" In affliction 
also sorrow remainetb: and the life of the 
poor is the curse of the heart, " Take no 
li»TineB» to heart ■■ driye it away, and remem. 
ber the last end. " Forget him not, for there is 
no turning again : thou shalt not do him good, 
but hurt thyself. " Bemember bis juitgment; 
for thine also shall be so: yesterday for mo, 
and fo day for thee, =»Wbon tha dead is at 
rest, let bis remembrance rest; and be com. 
forted for him when his spirit is departed 

** The wisdom of a learned man cometh by 
Opportunity of leisure : and he that hath little 
business shall become wise. " How can ho get 
wi«lom that holdeth the plough, and that 
gloriethin the good, that dnveth oieo, and is 
occupied in their labours, and whose talk is of 
bullocks? "He giyeth his mind to make fur- 
rows ; and is diUgent to give the kino fodder. 
^ So every carpenter and workmaster, that li 
boureth night and ' 
grave se«l!,_and are diligen 

watch to finish a work: 

day : and they that cut and 

., xn diligent to make great 

variety, and give themselves to , counterfeit 

I The smith also sitting by the anvil, and eon- 
ning the iron wotV,™* ■^*VS™ * "*>» ™* 

EccLEs. XXXVIII. 29— XXXIX. 17. 108 20*IA 2EIPAX. 

wiisteth bis flesh, and he figbteth with the heat iy Bipum Kaiiivov SiauaYncrcTai* dHavn (rtbvprj^ Kaivui to 
of the furnace : the noise of the hammer and ♦ , *« x / «..^. ' .«..^ ^^^'^.^ ^i A^ti^\».^ 

the anvil is ever in his ears and his eyes look ^^ «»^o^» '^«/ /carcvam ofioiuifxaro^ otccvous oi o^oA^ 

still upon tlie pattern of the thing that he avrov* KopSiav avrov Sclxrei ets awriXtuiv Ipyotv, kou tj 

maketh ; he setteth his mind to finish his »^«,.^ ' „ » «r. ^,^..Si^^, 2^) /nn^<X«//«o 

work, aid ^ atcheth to polish it perfectly : ^yP^Trvia avrov Kwrfiijaai ciri owrcAcia?. ^ ^ ,^ «„ 

» So dotli the potter sitting at hU work, and Oxn<o xcpa/icvs Ka^/xcvos cv cpy«j) avrov, icat owrpc^^ 29 

turning the wheel about with his feet, who is iy ttoo-lv avrov rpoxov, os iv u,€piiivn xctrai Siairavros ivi 

ai way carefully set at his work, and maketh all \ » » ** ^ j ^'i3...^ Ji: S i^^^f^ «A.^r. 

his work by number ;» he fasiiioneth the chiv J^ ^PT^v avrov, xai ^vapt^/iios Traora rj ipyama avrov. 

with his arm, and boweth down his strenffth *£v Ppaviovi avrov rvircixrei th/Xok, /cat irpo iro3a>v frofi^Ci 3G 

furnace : *^ all these trust to their hands ; and rj aypvnvuL avrov Kauapurai Kofiwov, Uavrcs ovroi cis 31 

fj;!II °"® ij wise in his work. « Without ^,2:pas a{n^y IvtwUrr^wrav, koX Ikoxtto^ iv rtu Ipyt^ a^rov 
these cannot a city be mhabited: and they ^ v7J ». » ^ » .a/ '/x ' \ » on 

shall not dwell where they will, nor go up and o-o^t^CTot. AV€v avrwv ovk oiKurf^erat, iroAi?, #ca4 ov ^£ 

down :» they shaU not be sought for in pub- Tropoucwrovo-tv, ovSc Treptirarwo-ovo-f Kal h iKKkwrta ovv 33 
lie counsel, nor sit high m the congregation : «\^ »^^'j I *» » /»« ^ 

they shall not sit on the judges' seat, nor under- VTrcpaAowrat- ini, dt^pov 6c«a<rrov ov KaOtowrai, kol 

stand the sentence of judgment : the v cannot hua&riKnv KpLtiaro^ ov BiavonOmrovrai, ov8^ an iK^MvSun 
declare justice and judgment; and they shall j /\ / \. o \ '^ • ^ .jll 

not be found where paraSles are spoken. « But Stxatoovvi/i/^ xat^ #cpi/ia-^ Kai cv rapa^oXacs ovx cvpc^w- 

they will maintain the state of tne world, and rat. *AXXa xrtbr/Aa alcuKOS ar/jpurovai' koX ^ Sci/ais avrtov 34 
[allj their desire is in the work of their ciuft. »y ^/yya^^'Q rcvrrK 

But be that giveth his mind to the law of tt\ ^ *'*»?''' ^l^ »« ^^ ' s 

tlie most High, and is occupied in the mediU- ^ HAi/v tov cirtSoi^os rrjv i/nj)^ avrov, icai Woov/xcvov iv 

tion thereof, will seek out the wisdom of all vofua {nl/iaTOV, a-Off^iav irdvnav &p\aiuaiv €K(,rin^€i, /coi iv vpo- 39 

men : and where subtil parables are, he will be n/pi/o'Ci, Kal iv (rTpo<f>axs TrapapoXtav oin^iO'cXcvo'crai. Avo- 3 

f^;it!>'Sen'oSra:d'bT^2v"JrL'StT„"'d^"k' ^"^ ^^^^ i^nr^u. k<^ iy ajyiy^. na,>aPoXS,y 
parables. "* He shall serve among great men, avaurpaqirfartTai, AvafX€(rov fxeyuTravtov vjrrjp€Trja'€i, noi 4 

and anpear before princes: he will travel iyavri nyovuivov 6<fMa€Tai' ^i/ yn dAXorpiW ^^wv SicXcv- 
through strange countries; for he hath tned i as s \ % » ' » /j / . / mN e 

the ffood and the evil among men. * He will o-crai, ayae^a yap Kai Koxa iv avVptairoK iir€ipaxr€, It/f O 

give his heart to resort early to the Lord that Kop^iav avrov iviZwrti SpOpiaai irpos Kvpiov rov vomtravTa 
made him, and will pray before the most High, • x % » «,/ o zl' » » '* ^ ' 

and wiU open his mouth in prayer, and make ^Y^^* '^^^ cvan-t v^torov 6frf6hfj(r€Tai' icai avoi^€i to orofAa 

supplication for his sins. avrov cv irpoa-tvx^, Kal ircpl riav ofiapriMV avrov Seq^frcrat. 

•When the great Lord will, he shall be filled *Eav Kvpios 6 ucyos ^cXwW irvcv/xari <rwco-co)« iuirXrf 6 
with the spirit of understanding: he shall pour />/ »>>'o/f/ j' »«x; 

out wise sentences, and give thanks unto the oihfcreraf avT09 dvofipprffr€i ptj/iara aoipia^ avrov, icai cv 

Lord in his prayer. 7 He shall direct his coun- vpoaevvn cfouoAoyiro-CTat Kvpio). Avro« Karcv^vct Bov- 7 

sel and knowledge, and on lus secrets shall he \ x . « T,'/ \ » «» /. ,« 

meditate. « He shall shew forth that which he ^'^ '^^f'' '^^^ CTrMrny/Aiyv, #coi cv rots dTro/cpv^ots avrov 

hath learned, and shall glory in the law of tlie 5iavoi7^o-CTai. Avto9 ck^vci iratSctav Si&urxaXuis avrov, 8 
covenant of the Lord. • Many shall commend ^i'^/vfxr' ' a»' ^ a 

his understanding; and so long m tWorld ''**,^ ^^ vofiif SuiOrjKi^ Kvptov Kai^crcrai. Atvccroixri nyv 9 

endureth, it shall not be blotted out ; his owco-iv avrov TroXXot, ca>s rov aauvos ovk i(aX€i<fi$T^enu' 

tions shall shew forth his wisdom, and the (vo-crat cis ycvcas ycvcwv. T^v ao9tav avrov Oci/yi/o-ovrai 10 

C9nCTegation shall declare his praise. " If he HOytj, Kal rov CTraivov airrov c'^ayycAct iKKkriaCa. 'E^ 11 
die, he shall leave a greater name than a thou- , / w x /, * /x '' % .x 5 / 

sand: and ifhe live, he shall increase it. "Yet </*/^«»T7 ovo/ia KaraAcM/fCt tf x*Aiot, Kat cav avaxavoTrai 

have I more to say, which I have thouffht iinroUl avrw. *Eti Siavow^cis iKhrrywrouai, kol ws Stvo- 12 

upon ; for 1 am filled as the moon at the fuIL ' » \ ' '/l-. "# r a 

^ "Hearken unto me, ye holy children, and f^'^'^'t ^""^^f^' . , , , .. , . ..j io 

bud forth as a rose growing by tlie brook of rito-axovo-crc /xov vioA 00*101, Kai pKaaTrjaart u>9 pooov I o 

the field: "and give. ye a sweet savour as Avoucvov cVl pcvijuaroi iJypov- Kal a)s At/?avos cvcoSiao-aTC 14 
frankincense, and flourish as a lily, send forth Z s s , ^f ' t n * » s '5 » * ^ 

a smell, and sing a song of praise, bless the ©cr/xiyv, Kat avt^arc avC^os (i>9 Kpivov dAodorc WTp.ifV Kat 

Lord in all his works. " Magnifv his name, atvco-arc aerua* cvAoywo-arc Kvpiov ciri ttoo-i rot? a>yoi9. 
and shew forth his praise with the songs of a ' « » ' t J* \ » ^ it \ ' /» 1 r 

your lips, and with liarps, and in praising him ^^* '^^ ovofMTi avrov /icyaAoMrvn/v. Kai ^fo/xoAoy^ac^c 15 

ye shall say after this manner: ^« All the works cv atvco-ci avrov, iv (fSaU x^^^w*' t^^l ^v Kivvpat?, Kal ovtcdc 

in due season. V For at time convenient (T^hpa, Kai trav Trpooray/xa cv Kaipio avrov corai. Ilovra 1 7 

In'a'Ltnl ?l!e '^aJ?;i«iU'« ^n' ^^prS^d W «V -c-Wl airoS ivrj^^^ra. tl Xoyf ainov i,r^ A. 
At the words of his mouth, the receptacles th^/Acuvca vooip, kcu cv frqpxvn orouaro? avrov airooo;(cia 

20*1 A 2EIPAX. 109 Eccles. XXXIX. 18— XL. 11. 

1 8 v3ar(0v. *£v irpoardy/JMTL avrov nSura 17 cvSofcia, koll ovk of waters. ^ At his oommandment is done 

1 Q Stw^.M* f^ 2\^.^/^^*i «.A m.i^/«i«^i/ ^.Ar^r. *Tr«^« n/i.M L ia . whatsoever pleaseth him ; and none can hin- 

ly €<my^ 09 €Xarrwr€i ro (mTrjpiov^ avrov. *'f>y^ f*"^^ der, when he wUl save. »^The works of all 

aapKo^ ivumiov avrov, xou ovfc care Kpvptivax airo Totv flesh are before him, and nothing can be hid 

' 20 64>6aXuJuiV ainov. 'Atto tov oIwvos ct*9 tov alUva liriBXt^ft, f^T.i'V'. ""^^ ^ ?,« ^^^ ^"^J^. everksting to 

xt/TT, A f . /.^ r-T' everhisting; and there is nothing wonderful 

xai ovufv i(m uavfiatriov iuavriov avrov. before him. 

21 Ov#c loTiv ctTrctv, Tt tovto; ets ti tovto; iravra yap cis '* A man need not to say, What is this? 

22xpci»; airS^i^urra. 'H .f^ia a«xoO &, norof^ ftKe^^-S'^-^lS-^-de^^ thing. 

23 €V€KaMnf/€t icai a>9 KaraxAvo-fioc crjpav ifi€uv<r€v. OvriDS land as a river, and watered it as a flood. ^ As 

'^^'''.o y B ^ ^ t f t/1 *. * *» » / **As his ways are plain unto the holy: so 

24 Ac odoi avrov rocs 00*1019 cv^ciai, ovruis rotf avofjuoi^ are they stumbling-blocks unto tlie wicked. 

25 xpo<rK,5MMar«. 'Ayc^A roc, dyatfoT, &x«rTa. d,' dpx5». Thfll^^hiSrU'^ifa^ngifeaT.^i'Fre 

26 ovriiis rots a/mprtoAOLq Kaxa. Apxtf iraxnj^ XP^ta9 C19 i«'^i' principal things for the whole use of man's life 

di^purtrov, vSciip, irvp, Kal o-t&ipos, icai oXo, Kal acui&xAis >~ water, fire, iron, and salt, flour of wheat. 

-» X /v \ f\ r J \« % w\ ' honey, milk, and the blood of the grape, and 

wpov, Kat fitXx, Kai yaAa, alfxa aiuipvAry:, xai cAaiov, xai oil, and clothiuff. ^ AM these things are for 

27 luariov. Tavra iravra rots cvcrriSco'iv cts dya^a, ovto>s tois 8ood to the g^y : so to the sinners they are 
t \ ^ ' » ' turned into evil. 

o/uipTcoXow rparvcr^ai CIS Koxa. ^ , ^ ..» There be spirits that are created for ven- 

2o h<m irv€Vfxara 8. cts iKbucfitrw €KTurrai, Kai iv Ovfjua gcance, which in their fury lay on sore strokes; 

avTwv cWcpcwcrov /LuuTTiyas avrwr- icai iy KOtpQ (rvKTcXcuxs }." the time of destruction they pour put their 

, X , / X V Ax « / t \ / force, and appease the wrath of him that made 

urxyy iKX€ov<n, icai tov Ovfxov tov iroii;<ravTO« avrov? xoira- them. »Fire, and hail, and famine, and death. 

29crovo-4. IIvp icai ydXata xal Xiuo^ koL Oayaroi, iravra all these were created for vengeance ;* teeth 
on ** > t s>/ m iOi^ f <S' ^ /Of wild beasts, and scorpions, serpents, and 

^0 Tayra €is cKdiKiyo-iv cicriarat.^ 0i;pi«v odoircs xai ^t^Ofyirioi, ^^3 g^or^i^ punishing the wicked to destruc- 

3 1 Kat cYCis Kai pofiihaia iKSucowra tU oXtOpov dirc^cr?, cv t]§ tion, >^ shall reioice in his oommandment, 

J,^ry\^ «,».,*»r. «.*.A.^..A.;:^^»..». ^«5 2Ji -^* ..^CU. */*. ^^f»c a^d they shall oe ready upon earth, when 

cvToAp ovrov €v<t>pav&rjiTOVTai, icai ^irt njs yi^s €£s XP«a« ^^^ is; and when their time is oome,they 

€ToifJLa(rOrj<TOVTai, «cat ^ rois «catpoc9 avr<DV ov Trapapr^ shall not go beyond his word. 

o'ovrat Xoyov. " Therefore from the beginning I was re- 

30 A ^ ^ »> 1 *» J ' /I ^ s ^ ,, //I ... ^^% » . solved, and thought upon these things, and 

^^ '■^'!?"^ *^ ^>^ ^<TTi7ptxV./ai 5i€vo^,icai €V have lift them inwritin^ »A11 the woisof 

33 ypa<f)i^ a<fnJKa, Ta ^oya Kvptov iravra dya^a, xai irauuv the LokI are good : and he will give every 
H4 x/o«//.M i^ *•»«« «..*.^^a<. ««^/«Mi^«JU><f K"*.) />«'.»• 2rr-p«t# ««V«7i/ needful thing in due season. ** So that a man 

34 xpftav cv cup^ avnys X^PWJ^^'" ^^"^ ^""^J"^^ ^'""T/ <»nnot say. This is worse than that: for in 
TOVTO TovTOv TTovrfpoTtpov, TTovTa yap €v Kaipfa tvooKifirprj- time they shall all be well approved. » And 

35 o-cToi. Kal vvv ^v irdtnj KopSta ical <TT0uaT4 vavnaaT€, therefore praise ye the Lord with the whole 

s ,^ , X w V -r^-r r- r- i heart and mouth, and bless the name of the 

icai cvAoyTcarc to ovopja Kvpiov. Lord. 

40 'Ao^oXia fi€ydXrj CKTiorai wavTt avOpiojrw, Kal {vyo« Great travail is created for every man, and 

Pyh, M vZok/ASV. &4>' VM-S^ ii6&ov iK yaWpJ, ^vrpo. - "eavy yoke i-PO" the^jon. of Adam.^fK.m 

2 avToiv ccDS rifJL€paq iin rafprg cis firirtpa iravrbiv. Tovs womb, till the day that they return to the 

SiaAoyuruov? avToiv #cai 66B0V Kap&«9, hrivota wpoaBoKUKS, naother of aU things. « Their imagination of 

Qe/'\^ , y JT/ i^n* 15'^ ^* thmgstocome.and the day of death, [trouble] 

^ rj/itpa TcAcvn/s- airo KaOrjiifyov Ittl Gpovov iv 60^, icai ccds their thoughts, and [cause] fearof heart; 'from 

4 rcTaircivctfixcvov cv yn /cat OTroSw* iJiro ^povvros veuciv^v him that sitteth on a throne of glory, unto 

5\ / . X V o \\ ' > '\ /L ^ him that is humbled in earth and ashes ; * from 

Kai OTC^^vov, Kat €m ircpt^aAAov/xcvov iafioXxvov ft;/ios y^^^ ^.j^^t weareth purple and a crown, unto 

Kat l^rjXoi Kal rapavh Kal 0*0X09 Kat fftofio^ Bavarov kox him that is clothed with a linen frock. ^ Wrath, 

6 WKTos oXXotOi yvukrtv avrov. OXtyov ok ovOcv cv ava- rest upon his bed his night sleep, do chan^ 

7ra,;<rct. Kal ilir' ^kc^ov iv Zttvok m iv ^fiipq, CTKOirta?, ^", ^°S^i??/,l. J ^L"!? inS,?.°^^^^ l! i^'l 

/i o f « « / Af • *» « ! ^rY \ » X rest, and afterward he is m his sleep as m a 

Ttuopvprffiivoi iv opaa'€i Kapota^ avrov, ws CKirc^ciTto? dTro day of keeping watch, troubled in the vision 

7 TrpwrwKQV woXiuav. *Ev KaipQ crwTwptas avrov iirry^pBrj, of his heart as if he were escaped out of a 

\ » /) 'J. » »^t iTo ^ii-r I little. 7 When all is safe, he awaketh, and 

Kat aTToC'av^wv «« ovScva ^ioPov. ^ ^ ^ ^ maryeUeth that the fear was nothing. 

8 McTa ttoot;? crapKos aith AvOpiinrov cws ktiJvov9, Kal » j-g^j.^ ^^^^^ hapnen] unto aU flesh, both 

9 cVl aiJuipTwXMV ^TTTairXoo-ia irpos Tavra. 0avaTOS man and beast, ancl sevenfold more upon 

>r \ » ^ 1 J f 1 ^\^ ^ sinners. ' Death, and bloodshed, strife, and 

Kat alfia Kat cpts Kat f^p^iua, itraywyai, X^io^ Kat J^Jo^^'ealamities. famine, tribulation, and the 

10 o^vrpifi/Aa Kat pjaxrriQ, ivi tov% avo/iov^ iKTiamj Tavra scourge; ^ these things are created for the 

11 n^na..c,diC airok iyi^ero 6 Kara^v.^. n<ivra 5<r« JTiSICi ^^t, 'i'fThe'^A*.!Si 
airo y^ €t9 y^v avaoTp€9ci, Kat airo voarcDV cis CraXao-- to the eartn again : and that which is of the 

EccLESiASTicus XL. 12— XLL 9. 110 20*1 A 2EIPAX. 

waters doth return intx) the sea. ^^ All bribery (jrav &vaKd/nrT€L, Hay SStpov koI oZlkul ^^iaXct^^t/crcrac, 12 

and iniustice shall be blotted out: but true \ / » \ »« / ■«»• ' »^' « io 

d^ngXu endure for erer. »The.goodsof f«* irtcrns €t9 rov ouava ornjaerai. Xprffmra d^w cds 13 

the unjust shall be dried up like a river, and trorafxo^ (yipav6ifj(T€Tai, icai a>9 ppovrrj ficyaXi; Iv vcnS 
shall vanish with noise, like a great thunder in IfiYiyna-tt, 

. !°Wliile he openeth his hand he shaU re- •£ - dvol(ai avrbv YCipas, c^^Apoi^erai, ovriu? ol 14 

loice: so shall transgressors come to nought. ^ p^ ^, , '^ T v /, ^'^^ M? t />« le 

** The children of the ungodly shall not bring irapap€uvovT€^ ct9 crwrcAciav iKMiif/oxHriv. £#cyova axTtfkav 15 

forth many branches: but are as unclean rooU ^^ TrXw^m icXaSov?, Kat pijai dxa^oprot iir OKOorouov 

upon a hard rock. *• The weed growing upon , ' ». , x ^ •s ^ '\ *» ^ ic 

every water and bank of a river shaU be pufied ^rcrpas. A^ct irrL iravTos vdaros icai x«tAovs TroTo^ou wpo 16 

up before all grass. Travro^ Yoprov ^icTtXw(rCTai. 

'7 Bountifidness is as a most fruitful garden, , , ,«, . 9% / % ,v / . % 

and mercifulness endureth for ever. ^ To Xapi9 u)s iropoocuros cv cvAoyuu?, iccu cAci^/tocrvn; ccs ror 1 7 

treasure is above them both. *^ Children and Kai wlp d/x^orc/sa o cvpurictaiv (hjaavpov. T€Kva kcu oc#co- 19 

the building of a citv continue a man's name: g^^^ ^(JAccd? arnpCCovinv 6voua, k(u xnrip dfw^cpa yun^ 

but a blameless wife is counted above them , '^' . ,«, V^t * ^ tj ' ^^ 4/ **/* 

both. » Wine and music rejoice the heart: a/AW/xos AoyiCcrat. Oivos xat /Aovcruca cv^/xuvovo-i fcopOtOF^ 20 

but the love of wisdom is above them both. ,^^1 vircp au^artpa ayairncris aortas. 
21 The pipe and the psalter)^ make sweet r -r-i- r § # t 

melody: but a pleasant tongue is above them AvXos /cat il/aXrnpiOV •nSvvovo'i ucXt, #cot vrrkp AuLtbortpa, 21 
both. =^ Thine eye desireth favour and beauty: v« «»« v" ^ '\\J»/L ' « 'j./! \ ' on 

but more than both the first sprouting of corn. yAoxrora rfitia, Xaptv icat #caAAos eiri^^vcrct o o^oVo? 22 

" A friend and companion never meet amiss : crou, Kai virkp a/A^OT€pa ;(\oi7V airopov, *iXos kcu ^cujpos 23 

but above both is a wife with her husband. ^» ^„,^x,» X^»„^r^,^^c .^^i ^^"^^ A.,AJi^^,^ ««.»«^ ..«*A ^,J(#«/«. 
« Brethren and help are against time of «S Kaipov airarrwvrcs, Kat v^rcp a/x<^cpa ^ 

trouble : but alms shall deliver more than AdcA<poi Kai porjU€ia ets Kaipov UAMfftnK, Kai wtp dfi^orcpa 24 

them both. » Riches and strength lift up the iroOa, xat vn€p dTr^orc/sa povA^ cvdOKi^Cirot. Xpnrffiara 2o 

heart: but the fear of the Lord is above them ^aJ J^^^ aion/raicroiKrt #cap3tav, Kai vw€p AtidiOTepa <b68o^ 

both: there IS no want m the fear of the Lord, ^r ^ > » ^*o tr ^ »\ ' -t"^ ^ r-^ ^^r- 

and it needeth not to seek help. ^ The fear of Kuptou- ovk coti <^o^ Kvpiov cAaiTftKrw, koi ovk cotif 

the Lord is a fruitful garden, and covereth IjrJiqTricrai iv avT<3 fioijOtLav. ^opos Kvplmt m napd- 27 

him above all glory. o »\' \»\ -* ^^j' i '\ § »' 

» My son, 1^ not a beggar's life; for better S««^^ cvAoytas, Kai vircp Trwrav Sofav iKoXwI/ay avrov. 

it is to die than to beg. ^ The life of him that m^ y^> ' ^o' ^ >/)'*no 

dependeth on another man's teble is not to be Tckvov, Conjv ciratnyo-co)? /xi; fSuMrff:, Kptioxrov airo&av€iy 28 

counted for a life ; for he polluteth himself « cTroiTCtv. *Avnp fiXcVwy cis rpaircfav dXXoTptav, ouk 29 
with other mens meat: but a wise man well * »'*«/>' »\ '»y'»»\ ' ^»_i- 

nurtured wiU beware thereof. » Begging is toriv avrov 0^10^ cv Xoyurfiy {any?, oAtcryiyo-ct tt/v i/ryx^ 

sweet in the mouth of the shameless : but in avrov ev iSia-fiaxrw dXXorpiois* avrjp 3c iwumjfJLtav kcu 

"b'd^''th!'w a'^L^he'rimembranco of -f-'8«'ro, ^vXoferat. 'E. ordMan dKotSoSs yX„«a.- 30 

thee to a man that liveth at rest in his pos- utja-erax tTrairrja-Ls, Kai €V KoiAuf. avrov Ttvp KarjartroA, 

sessions, unto the man that hath nothing to , ^, , , ^ , , ^ » ^ f At 

vex him, and that hath prosnerity in all things: O ^avarc, w? irixpov arov to fxvrifioawov i<my Qvdpwn^ 41 

3"??' J "lu^'"" ^^^li* l^\iP^^ to receive me«t ! ctpwcvoKTi cV Tois inrapvownv avrov, avSpi Airtpunraxma, 
' O death, acceptable is thy sentence unto the > a ^ / « *» ^^'^> » • / » T/a /i . / 

needy^ and unto him whose strength faileth, Kat cvoOov/icvw €v irao-i, Kat ert urxuovrt cirtOc^aotfai Tpo^vv ; 

that is now in the last age, and is vexed with *0 ^avarc, KaXov crov to Kptua ^ortv dvOpwrna ^t3couci«(a 2 
all things, and to him that despaireth, and n>y /t^,' / \ ' /\ 

hath lost patience! ' Fear not thdsentence of '^^^^ €Aa<ro-ov/ici/a> loxut, i(rxaToyrjp<^, koi^ ntpunruiiuvn^ ircpi 

death, remember them that have been before iravrtav, koI dirnBovvrif koI d7roAo>XcKOTi VTrofiom^, M17 3 

thee, and that come after ; for this is the sen- » \ «/?^r. „«/..„ /J««^-.^,.. ....jU^3m<.. ^^.^i^ «, «.«,. .*«) l,^^.^^, 

tenci of the Lord over all flesh. -• And why ^'Aa^ov Kpt/ia 6^avaT0v /xn/cre^i Trporcpoiv cov Kai ^iw, 

art thou a^inst the pleasure of the most tovto to Kpifia vapa Kvpiov waury a-apKi, Kat Tt airaroin^ 4 

^il^h^r^tClTe &i^toi°aa'tn^S: ^. ^^S"-?. v^"-- Z «r. S^Ka. cfr* <KaW. .Ire x^ux in,- 

or a thousand years. ovk cortv cv ^oov cAcy/tos 40)79. 

^ The children of sinners are abominable m/ i^^\^' ^ < x'^ % c 

children, and they that are conversant in the ^«'^<* pocAvicra ytvcrai TCKva a/tAoprcuAwv, Kat (rwava- 5 

dwelling of the ungodly. « The inheritance of orpc^oucva TrapoiKtats <io-cj9a>v. Tckvwv oiiaproiXuiv diro- 6 
sinners children shall pensh, and from their x'^ \ / v x«« ^ » ** * ^ \ '» 

posterity shall bo a perpetual reproach. 7 The )^*^^^ Kkrjpovofna., Kai fiera rov oTrcp/xaros avrwv cvdcAcxtct 

children wiU complain of an ungodly father, ovctSos. Uarpt do'c^ct /xc/x^crat rcKva, on Si avrov 7 
forsaken the law of the most high God! for if At?rcrc vofiov 0cov vif/urrov, Kat cav ycwi^^^c, ct$ Kara- 9 
and if ye die, a curse shall be your portion. urp'tfrui. 

50*IA 2EIPAX. Ill EccLEs. XLI. 10— XLII. 13. 

10 Havra wra Ik yn?, cts yrjv djrcXcwrcraf ourm do-cjSei? " AU that are of the «rth shaU turn to 

1 1 »_x / » > ' V ' TT ' ^ 1 Ji ' 1. ' earth again : so the ungodly shall go from a 

1 1 dvoKaTopas cts dinaXMuiv.^ IIci^os di^poiTrw iv <rwfituriv purse to destruction. " The mourning of men 

avTtav, ovouuol h\ auaprnAtav ovk dya^i^, iiaXtKhOmrfrai. is about their bodies : but an ill name of sin- 

10 d>f>Atj^,^^« -.*«> A..A..^^^ «,»«.A ^,A^ ^^» 7^.^,,^.m7 A ^f\.>^, "®" «^*^ ^ blotted out **Have regard to 

12 <PpovTtfrov ircpt wo/xaros, avro yap <roi 6ca/Acyct, ^ x*^o* thy name; for that shaU continue with thee 

1 3 fieyaXoi 6rf<ravpoi xpvariov, AyaBrf^'^nnj^ aptufioi rjfJLtpltiv, abore a thousand great treasures of gold. " A 
Kal AyaObv 6vofia cts aUiya 8ia/x^«. SSd^lth for^Ter. ^^"^ ^''^' : but a good name 

14 Uai^Cav iv tlprfirg (rwrrjpi^m T€Kva, <r<4ta h\ K€Kpvfi- i« ^y children, keep discipUne in peace : for 
fi€trq Kol Orjauvpo^ a<l»avrj^, ris cu^eXcca Iv &fiff>OT€poii ; wisdom that is hid, and a treasure that is not 

1 ^ 1Cn«/#r/i-/.ii/ J7«//3/>/.»-HVM. A't^fn^U^Mtj -rinj «f#.>/t//tv n-fvr^T, ^ seeu, what profit Is iu thcm both ? **Aman 

15 Kpcto-o-wv avffponroi anoicpvirTtav rrjv fuoptav avrov, y that hideth his fooHshness is better than a 

1 6 aivponro^ airoKpvTrrtov rrjv arofpiav avrov, Toiyapow man that hideth liis wisdom. ^* Therefore be 

ivrpdmjTe cVi tw ^ijuari uov ov yap iari wcuray ahrvwrnv shamefwed according to my word: for it is 

« *; ^ V> \\ \ « / 'T • / iV not good to retain all shamefacedness; neither 

Ota^vAa^ai koaov, kol ov iravra ira<rLv €V irurrtk cvdoxi- ig it altogether approved in every thing. 

fictrai. 17 Bo ashamed of whoredom before father 

17 AuTYWCo-^c dvo irarplo^ koX iiriTpoq ircpl rropi^cta?, #cai and mother : and of a lie before a prince and 
•lo » ^ « ' ^ s ' ^ I 'S 1 ^ * a mighty man; "of an onence before a judge 
ISairo rjyovfiwov xat dwaorov ircpt^ ^cvSovs- diro icpirou and ruler: of iniquity before. a conmpitiou 

Kol apvovTO^ ircpi irXrjfi/jLtkiCa^, diro awayorAj^ koX Xaov and people; of unjust dealing before thy 

m-m^) X,.^„f»^, X^X .,^..„...^r. .^«> A.f\^*» —*«> Jt5J.^/«<. .,«*. partner and friend ;*• and of theft in regard 

^cpi dvo/xias- dTTO Koivwov #cai ^lAov ^cpt aducw, icai ^ the place where thou sojournest, and in 

19 aTTO TOTTOV OV vopoiKiL^ ifcpi KAOTH/s* /CQi dTTO dAi/^cuis regard of the truth of God and his CO veuaut ; 

^^ ** \ ' , \ «' ' > • \ • t, i andofsoormng to give and take; ''and of silence 

20 o-KOpoKUTfiov Ai/^c(DS KOI ooo-ccof, KOI diTO doira^o/ACVdiv before them that salute thee; and to look upon 

21 W o-tcoTTns- diro opdo-cws yuvaucos craipos, xoi diro an harlot ;» and to turn away thy face from 
.'^ .«' /'^ -^tNti^ /o thv kinsman; or to take away a portion or a 
dTTOCTTpo^^s irpoaoinov avyytvovs' dvo a0aip€(reo>9 ficptdos gift, or to gaze upon another man^ wife; «or 

22 Kal Sdo-ecDf, /cat aTTo Karavono-cuis ywauco? virdvSpov, diro to be overbusy with his maid, and come not 

/ 9/ » ^ \ \' f ^ 1 ^ ^ ' near her bed ; or of upbraiding speeches before 

TTcpicpycias waiSio-ioy? ayrou, #cat firj imarqs iwi -njv KOtTiyv fiends ; and after thou hast given, upbraid 

avr^, diro ff>lXxav ircpi Xoycov 6v€tSurp.ov, koI /itra. ro Sovvai, not ; 

an 6v€i8iZ€. ^' ^^ iterating and speakinff again that 

An •a y t ' f \ \ t •»• \ % \ % \ t which thou hast heard : and of revealing of 

42 Airo dcvT€p<ixrca)S icai Aoyov aicoi/c, icai airo diroKaAv- secrets ; so shalt thou be truly shamefaced, 

^c(uv Xoycov KpvdiLunr' /cat c<rn auTYtvrwpos dXriOivio^, koI and find fevour before all men. Of these 

'«/'/» % » /) / \ \ / things be not thou ashamed, and accept no 

€vpurK<ovxo-p^v cvovTt iraimn^ avepiOJrov' itrj irept tovtwv person to sin thereby :» of the Uw of the most 

2 atayyv^^^, kol /a^ ^fi(J^ irpotTunrov rav dpLoprdvtiv vtpi High, and his covenant: and of judgment to 

3 Tov oo'cpij* ircpi Aoyov Koivtinvov Kai oooivopwv, xai tt^i heritage of friends: ^of exactness of balance 

o aradfJiuav, n€pL icn)a'€<iis ttoAAmv Kai oAiywv ircpt odia^opov much correction of children ; and to make the 

irpdo-cois, xal €/JLv6p<ay, xai ircpt watSctas tckv«dv ttoAA^, sideof an evil servant to bleed. 

ten) /wVi'T*. ^/««M/wH «-A«inAi/ /•^ffo^^/.f * Sure keeping is good, where an evil wife is; 

icai 6UCCT7; irovijpiD nXtvpav ai^a^oi. ^ ^ ^ ^ and locked up, where many hands are. 7 Deliver 

6 Eiri yweuKi trovrjpa koAov (T^payis* kou oirov X^H^^ all things in number and weight ; and put all 

8 Kat doo-ts icai At;^15 iravri iv ypatpffi. Utpi iraidcias foolish, and the extreme aged that contendeth 

droifrov kol umpov Kal iaxaroynpov KpivouJyov vpo^ vcov9, ^'J* those that are young: thus shalt thou be 

\m '^^ / .v /I « N r s / i truly learned, and approved of all men living. 

Kat cot; ircTracScv/xcvos aXrfiivm, Kai ScSoKcpur/iCvos Itvavr, , ^ ^^^^^^^^ .^ ^ ^^^^^^ ^^ ^ ^ ^^^j^^^. 

iravros 4<Dvro9. a„d the care for her taketh away sleep : 

9 ©vydrwp irarpt &Tr6Kpvd>oq dypvirvla, koI n uipi/jLva when she is young, lest she pass away the 
• **»•*»#' »' »*» / / flower of her age; and being married, lest 

auTi;s a<t>urr^ virvov' iv v€OTriTi avrrji /tiyrorc vapoKfiturrf, g,,^ ^^^^ ^ ^^^ . ,0 j^ her virginity;* lest 

10 /cat awt^KTfKv^a /ii/irorc fitxnfBn, 'Ev irapOcvuf. firjiroT€ she should be defiled and sotten with child in 

R^R-nX^^Ad i^^.) A/ «»7«. ^■•M*^^..'^?^. ^«V:u £^/ani/«e. -uivwrnf hcr father^s house; and having an husband, 

P€prj\^(^,^ Kai €v TOis irarpticot? ovn;s cymw ycn/roi ^^^^ ^^^^ ^j^^^^ miibehave herself; and when 

ficra dvopo^ ovo-a p.7jiror€ irapap-^, koj, crwcDKi/KVia /ai^otc she is married, lest she should be barren. 

11 .rr.H>^. 'E.I evjarpl dSuxrpArr^ orcpe^rov ^vXo*^. L^XZfeTli^' rS'u'g&'S? t^fe 
lirproTt iroirjfrii cc ^ixapfui cxC^pois, AoAiav ft' iroAct, icat enemies, and a byword in the city, and a re- 
ocKXrrrov Xaov, /cat KaTounrvvn cc iv ttXw^ci woXKmv. prpach among the people, and make thee 

1 rt TT ^ t /I ' ^ « />\ • 'w » 1. ' '^ ashamed before the multitude. " Behold not 

1 2 UaKTi avOpunn^ firf l/A^A«rc €V icaAAct, Kat #v /ixco^<j» ywawcwv everybody's beauty, and sit not in the midst of 

13 fi^ crwcSpevc* diro yap ipaTuav iKiropwerai arf^, koi diro women. *• For from garments cometh a motli^ 

EccLEs. XLII. 14— XLIII. 17. 112 20*IA SEIPAX. 

and from women wickedness. *^ Better is the ywauco^ vovnpia yvrcuicos. Kpcuro'u)V irovnpla. (iv&)09 ^14 

cliurlishnessof a man than a courteous woman, » n ^ \ ' \ \ » »>j>/ 

a woman. 1 8ay, which bringeth shame andf o.f>Boicow ywq, kol ywrj KaToioxwoixra €ts oyti&urfiov. 

^ I will now remember the works of the MvrjaOi^oiJLai 8^ tol l^pya. Kvptbv, kol a ccopoica cic8ii;yi{- 1 5 

I?Uie*wordl*'ifThe^^^^ *^^^'* **' ^^''^ ^^P^^ "^^ ^7^ «^<>^- ''HXios <fHarH<ov 16 

sun that giveth light looketh upon all things, Kara irav circjSAci/re, koI rrj^ 8o^s avrov irX^pcs to ^ov 

and the work thereof is full of the glory of the avrov. 

winch the Almighty Lord firmly settled, that ^a uav/xaa-ta avrov, a €<n'€p€WT€ Kvptos o nxtKroKparup, 

whatsoever is might be established for his (myptv^at cV 8d^ ouroS to irav, "ABva^aov Kal KopSiay 18 

f;lory. "» lie seeketh out the deep, and the ,>./ ^ > » ' . *» ^ ^/l » ^ 

leart, and oonsidereth their crafty devices : '^X^^vcrc, icat ^v wavovpycvfuuriv avru>v dio^orjerf'^ cyito yap 

for the Lord knoweth all that can be known, © Kvpio^ wacrav ctSno-tv, kol MBKoI/tv cis ariii€iov altovor 

and he beholdeth the signs of the world, »„^'\\ n \\^' ^i_' *» 10 

^declaring the things that are nast, and for to aTrayycAAwv ra wapeXrjXvthra koi iir€aofi€ya, Kai airo*ca. 19 

come, and revealing the steps ofhidden things. Xvtttwv txyrj airoKpvtfHav, Ov waprjXBfv avrov irav Suivoi^/uui, 20 

Z hidden fro4 ff^*^ ^^' ''^'^^^'' "°^ ""^"^ °^'' ^"P^l^^ ^'^' ^^^'^ °^^ * ^^<^- 

** He hath garnished the excellent works of rpy x** "^jl' » '^ 2 ' ^ " »^ni 

his wisdom, and he is from everlasting to ever- ^a M^yoXcta ttj^^ <ro<^w avroi; iKo<TfirjiT€, Kai €a>9 c^i 21 

lasting: unto liim may nothing be added, Trpo tov aluivos fcai €(9 tov ouojva, ovt€ vpoo'criOf] ovrc 

SSil'^farco^'J2lfr"4flio^'d^li&^^ V^frr^.-al oi^ .pocr.^ oi£^h, <rv^Po^. '0,22 

allhis works! and that a man may see even to wavra ra cpya avrov tirithfirfra, icai <09 (nrivurjpo^ iari 

a spark. « All these things live and remain ^ccopwcrai. Havra Tavro fn koI uci^ct €t9 tov cuaim cV 23 

for ever for all uses, asd they are all obedient. z'^' , x /"« 7 tx' © \ ^ ^a 

8* All things are double one against another: ^cwtats XP^iats, Kai wavra VTraKOVci. nann Oioxra ck 24 

and he hath made nothing imperfect » One KaTcVavrt tov Ivo^, kol ovk cVoiW^' ovScv cVXciirov. *Ek 25 

thing establislieth the good ot another: and «««>• f ^t/i^^/x/if <«^ 

who shaU be filled with beholding his glory? ''o/' "'o? corcpcoKre Ta ayaGa, Kai Tts ir\rifrfhj(T€Tat, opoiv 

The pride of the height, the clear firmament, 3o^av avrov ; 

the beauty of heaven, with his glorious shew ; , ^ , zi/ v«>'»^n 

^ the sun when it appeareth, declaring at his Favpia/xa v\ffOV^, arepttafia KadapuyrrjfTO^, ciOos ovpavov 43 

rCUrSt"'..TtrT^JS:;^h:tM -Spa^nSd^. 'm««cV5^<r.V&ayy^^ifo&,.2 

country, and who can abide the burning heat (TK€vo^ (favfiaaroVt cpyov v\f/urrov, Ev fttirrffippi^ avrov 3 

thereof? * A man blowing a furnace is in avairipaiv€i -ytopav, kol ivavrlov Koviiaro^ avrov rk xmoarn' 

works of heat, but the sun burneth the moun- tt/j**** / \ * m 

tains three times more; breathing out fiery o-<TOt; Ka/itvov fpwrtav iv <pyo« Kav/xaros, TptirAiio-Mos 4 

vapours, and sending forth bright beams, it n\to9 CKKatW opn* arulSaq 7rvp(i>0€i9 iiidiva-lov, icol iKXdu-ntav 

dimmeth the eyes. * Great is the Lord that » / * *» >,/\ \ ^ ■■»/ v-/ » /c 

made it ; and at his commandment it runneth a^^tvas afiavpoi o4>0aJ^ov^, Mcya? Kvpio? o iro«7<ras 5 

hastily. * He mode the moon also to serve in avrov, Koi cv Xoyoi9 avrov xaTco-jrcvo'e voptiav, Kol 19 6 

her season for a declaration of times, and a „,\*^ j,, —,';^,„ *?« ^„,,vA« ^?».^,. ^»^^.^fw %y^»#i» ^/.2 

sign of the world. ^ From the moon is the ^^^^^^ ^ jaaiv €ts Kaipov ovnyj. avadci^iv xpovw, icat 

sign of feasts, a light that decreaseth in her (rrjfAiiov auavo^, Airo o-cAiyny? OTjfAtiOV €Oprrj^, K/xacrrrfp 7 

perfection. »The month is called after her aciovuci'os cVt crwTcXctas. Mnv icaro to ovoum avrmS 

name, increasing wonderfully m her changing, \ ^ ,j, f a '^ * »\\ ^ '^ 

beinp an instrument of the armies above, coriv, av^avo/uicn; UavfJLaxrrut^ €V aAAoicoo-ei* o-kcvos vap€fji- 

shining in the firmament of lieaven; » the BoXwv iv vi/rci, cV <rr€p€ii)iiaTi ovpavov cVXattirwv koAAos 9 

beauty of heaven, the glory of the stars, , ^ ^J^ m '^ '^ t ^ , »* '^. «,^ 

an ornament giving light in the highest ovpavov, bo(a currpm, ^ Ko<r/ios ^pwiCiDV, ^ €v v^mttow 

places of the Lord, i" At the commandment Kvpt09. *Ev Xoyot? dyiov onyVovrat Kara KpCfia, ical 10 

of the Holy One they will stand in their order, > ,n »„\,./}r^.' > a,.\«^«7*. ^i^r.,. ''IX-. .^^r.,. .,«M 1 

and never faint in their watches. " Look upon ^^^ (^^7 ^KXvdoxnv^ €V </»vAaicats avrcov. ^ 16c to^v. icoi 1 1 

the rainbow, and praise him that made it : €vXoyrfaov rov voirjo'avra avro, a<poOpa (upatov €v tw avyoo*- 

^^It TOm^^'with 'the" Wen^alS^t wftW f^^'"' ''^®^- '^P^^ olpavov h KVK\il^€i Sd^. xftpc^ 12 

florious circle, and the hands of the most vij/urrov irdwwrav avro, Upoarrdyfxari avrov KaTccnrcvcrc 13 

ligh have bended it. " jjy his command- ^t^Va, Kal Tavvvct ttorpaira? Kpitiaroi avrov, Aia tovto 14 

ment he maketh the snow to fall apace, and .//) ^ \ \ %j.f ,/v < / 

sendeth swiftly the lightnings of his judgment, rjvtwxfhjo-av (hjo^avpoi, Kai €^€irrrj(Tav vc^cAat <09 ircreiva, 

" Through this the treasures are opened: and *Ev ucyaXctw avrov ZcTvv<re vc^eAas, Kal hitOpvBrKrav XiOoi 15 

clouds fly forth as fowls. "By his great power 1 V 

he maketh the clouds firm, and the hailstones X**^^'^^' 

'" Athi°rh"thc mountain. are .h.ken..nd K«l cV 6ya<r£x« a^rov aaXcuftf<rcr«. Spr,. iy 0*X^^r. 16 

at his will tiie south wind bloweth. '^The flTCVorrat voros. ^{avq ppovnjs avrov wdtnyo-c yrjv, Koti 17 

noise of the thunder maketh the earth to KaraiyU Bopcov Kal awrrpofbri irvtvaaro^- a>s ircTCtva 

tremble : so doth the northern storm and the /, ' / / f \ t T ^ \ f c 

whirlwind: as birds flying he scattereth the KaOiTrrafitva iraaa-ti x^^va, nai a>s aKpi? KaroAvovcra ^ 

20*IA 2EIPAX. 113 EccLES. XLIII. 18— XLIV. 17. 

18 KOToj8ao-is aurw9. KaXAos Xcvkotwtos avm tKOavuAxTti stiow, and the foiling down thereof is as the 

»,/j\x \ 1 \ *»€ ~ »I» « f <>/ lighting of grasshoppers :" the eye mairelleth 

wtteaXfU)^, Kai iiri tov verov avrrjs CKon^o-croi icopdta. ^t the beauty of the whiteness thereof, and 

19 Kai trdyynv <&s fllAa ^i ym YC€t, icat iraveio-a yiverai the heart is astonished at the raining of it. 

X / '^ t / ' A / # u, Yj^g hoarfrost also as salt he poureth on the 

<ricoAofl-wv oKpa. , , s , . «»th, and being congealed, it becometh sharp 

20 '^v)(po^ avcfio9 Bopci/s flTCixrci, Kai Trayf/o-erai xpv- peaks. 

<rraAXo5 &4>* iJ&itos- ^irl ircwrav crwaycuyryv iJ&itos Kara- ,v"2^®°*'^® ^^^J^*"*.^ ?^'''^. ^i-H^'^''^ 

«, X ; ^'^ "^r ^^*^ >»^'v if the water IS congealed into ice, it abideth upon 

2 1 Aixrci, Kcu <i>9 Uiopcuca cvdwrcrat to vOcop. xLara^aycrat erery gathering together of water, and clothetli 

opw, Kttt €fyniioy iKKawr€i, Kai diroo-fleVci yXow w? mp. the water as with a br^tplate. =» It devoureth 

nn9t , ^ ir- ^ ^x t / X 5^ / • ' ^ , > the mountains, and burneth the wilderness, 

22 Iao-19 iravTxav Kara OTrovorjv ofiix^jt Opoao^ oirovT<ixra aTTO and oonsumeth the grass as fire. ^ A present 
KowTtavoq i\apiixr€i. remedy of all is a mist coming speedily : a dew 

no A « » *» , ^ w/j > » J ' » \ coming after heat refresheth. 

23 ^ Aoyur/iM avrov iKoiraaxv afSwraov, Kai e<^vTcwcv avryv u By his counsel he appeaseth the deep, and 

24 *l7<roJ)5. Oi ^X€ovT€9 t^ ^oAcuro-av 8«7youKTai tov kiV- planteth islands therein. ** They that sail on 

ra vapajOo(a Kai Oavfiaaia ifyYO-t irouciAui iravros (^(oov, ^ For therein be strange and wondrous works, 

26 KT.V« KyrSv. A.; aMv c«oSia r^o, airoi. k^ iv X^ ;«™ty of.all^kind. ^of b««t,^^the^™ce^of 

avrov ovyKtirai wavra. prosperous success, and by liis word all things 

27 IIoAAa €povfjL€v Koi ov firf ItjuKtayiiOa, xai 07;vTeA.eia conswt- 

29 avTos yap o fitya^ irapa wavra ra cpya avrov. voptpo^ be able to magnifv him ? for he is great above 
KiJptos Kai o-AoSpa ttcya?, Kai Oavaa^nri ^ Buvafrr€ia a^rov. ^^IjI^ ^o^^^^. '' fhe Lord is terrible and very 

9t\ K f-*! v'*^f,' n' i ^' a * /A great, and marvellous IS his power. * When 

30 ^o^aCfiVTVi Kvpiov vij/uHTaTe Katfoaov av Ovvrj<rU€, VTrcpe^a ye glorify the Lord, exalt him as mucli as ye 

yap Kat en- Kai m/tovktcs avrov vXriOvvaTt iv ItrYVi, fih ^^^ for even yet will he far exceed: and when 

oi*» » X *»^' a m'«' »» ' ye exalt him, put forth all your strength, and 

31 KOTrtaTC, ov yap firj €<fu,Kri(rd€, Tts cwpaKcv avrov xai be not weary; for ye can never go far enough. 

32 iKhirrfnatrai ; koX rk McyaXvvci avrov Ka^ws l<m; UoAAa " Who hath seen him, that he might tell us? 
» ^ f / » fy f 9\* \ t / « and who can magnify him as he is? ^ There 
airoKpx4a iari /ictfova rovrwv. oAiya yap cuipaKa/xcv rujv are yet hid grea^ things than these be. for we 

33 €pywv avrov. Ilavra yap hroi'qa'tv 6 Kvptos, koI tois have seen but a few of his works. ® For the 

^A!lE,VUYS YMNO^. ^ « ^ « ^*^ "8 °°^ praise famous men, and our 

44 Aivc(r(i>ficv 8^ av8pa« ev8o^ov9, Kai rov^ rrarlpa^ •^fuav rrj fathers that begat us. ' The Lord hath wrought 

3 (nnrqv avrov air auavos. Kvptcvovre9 cv rat? paa-iKeiai^ their kingdoms, men renowned for their power, 

airi.. Kai &V» o-M^rrol cV 8wri^«- ^ovWovra. .V S^?i„~"p"^;L'ie,'^teaSe"4»e'M 

4 oT/vco-ct avrwv, aTn/yycAKorcs cv Trpo^i/rctat?* yyovfievoi their counsels, and by theii-knowledge of leam- 

Xaou cv StafiovXiW, Kai crwco-ct ypauuarcwi? Xaov- o-o<^ol jnfif.meetfor the people, wise and eloquent in 

-V, * • 9 f »• 9 9 *» ^\ v» their instruction : • such as found out musi. 

dAoyoi ^v fl-aidct^ avrwv ^K4i;rovvr€9 fitArj /aovo-ikwv, cal tunes, and recited verses in writing .-e rich 

/? ^ ' » > » «?_ ff.^ \_/ f W.A.* i'»«n:.u<wi »:4.k «k:i:«^^ i:..:~» ^..^ ._-.ui_ :_ 

ft F.'^!*# n.'U-r.w #**? ar/i^-Affroi/ ^i//tt«/« -.^C. iv)(t<M^WUv.r../)^ . left a name behind them, that their praises 

8Wiv avroiv ot^ KarcAtirov ovo/m ^ rov €KdiriYfj<ra(rdai might be report^!. » And sime there be, which 

9 CTraivovs* Kat curiv oiv ovk coti fivrjfiofrwov, Kai airoiAovro have no memorial ; who are perished, as thougli 

i, o«x,«r.lpfavr«. Kai V""'" ^ »« Y'TO^". -"^ ™ JUSjISd Zer'b^en' bS^randth^rehMrln 

rcKva avru)v fiCT avrovs. after them. 

1 'AAA* rj ovTOi av8pe9 cAcov?, wv at StKatocrvvoi ovk ^xrcXwr- *" But these were merciful men, whose right- 

1 1 /% .. •M'.^i. .«^'» ' » •» ^ '*>/!> eousness hath not been forsotten. *' With their 

1 1 dr^av. ^ Mcra rov <nr€pfiaro^ avrwv Sw/icvct Aya$rj ^^ ,^^ continuaUy w^in a good inherit^ 

12 KAi/povo/i-ta, ocyova avrtuv cv rats oto^Kats. Eon; ance, and their children are within the cove- 
IS^ipj^ afiWSv Kol T&va aW 8y a^^- ?», oWvov JSuLn^fth'elf e^klS'^'-'lfe ^ & 

fi€V€i OTTtpfia avrwv, Kot ^ oo^a avroiv ovk i^aAtitpdrjirerai. remain for ever, and their glory shall not be blot- 

14 To o-wtta avrCtv cv cipwvw craAw, Kai ro ovoua avraiv tn <ts ted.out "Their bodies are buried in peace; but 
,- ' X! J' J '^ Si ' \ \ > % 9 their name liveth for eve?nnore. ^^ The people 

15 ycvcas. Zo4>iav airrwv birjyrjaovrai Xaoi, Kai rov evaivov wUl tell of their wisdom, and the congregation 

c^yycXXct iKKXija-ia. ^ill shew forth their praise. 

-» /^ T ' ^ Wr« « '/lT /\ ^' t bemg an example of repentance to all genera- 

17 furavotas rats ycvcats. JNok cvpcCh; rcActos OtKatos, cv tions. ^^ Noah was found vs«fes^."Wi^^^^Ns6ci««s^»^ 

Ecoiu. XLIV. 18-XI.V. 15. 114 30»IA SEIPAX. 

chnngs KOifia opy^ (yn-CTO AinaXXafiia- hta rovro ^jtv^A; miTci- 

I ^,„„ Xtiuua tS vn, Slo touto htivrro KaTmcXtxruot. ^uuBmau IS 

rsmnant uuuj tuoomvu, "uo- ..^.= m^^J came. r-i , ■Jb''" , . , ' . . ,>. /Z; , 

" An cverlutini ooTBDant vu modD nitb mm. auui^ (ritri^ai' vpos ovro)', ifa ^^ (£aA«i^C)] KaT(U(Av(rft^ 

that «U floih sliali periili no more by tho -^ -t 

flood. , \ , . ,„ . , . . , 

"AbTshammi a great fntlier of msnr peo- 'KPpaofi. firyaf mtr^p vXifiov^ iSvvtv, koi ou;i( riyii^ 19 

in coTcnaut nilli liimi lie establitliGd tho fjiciTra hr Sio^Ki) f»T* avrou' Koi iv aoftiii avTOV iimfjt 

r;ZtiV,J'S,;llSrS?Tt"rli""S':S( 8-ftilv..-^ iv „„.»,j rij<», ™,A. _A.1 „!r.21 

him by Bii mitli. tl«t lio would blc«> the tc opiH[i t<rTqiTtt> at/ra, ivrunirfifhp'iu mvr^ ir to (rrtpfian 

nBtioiuin1ii^pira,ni,rt thBthowouldmultirly atrou, s-XijftWi airrov us v^'J'' i^ y?*. ""^ "« oinpa 

liiui u till' iliiit of '^iiB Mrtli, and eialt his . ' ', , , .^ t i - > ■ 

ntd U the .t.r»,Bnd cause tfiem to inherit dw^Mrat to OTTtppi avToy, Kai KaraKXijpovo^Tjvai avrovt 

from »ea to «m, and from the river .unto the ijro BaXaatrrK «« OoAjio-otjs, koi diro mnojuA «M 

utmoit part of the land. ^ ._ 

"With Isaac did hs establish likcwis*, fop „,,.„,, . .,..„, , , „„ 

Abraham his father'i »akp, Iho blessing of all Kdi, tv TfcJ I<raaiic tim^iv Oimai Bta Afipaafi. toy varifia 23 

men. and the ^Tenant jl ami mode it r^t „j^j d-Xoyii^ Ta^<dK d^ftp^iuv ™ Siafl^™'. Kal 23 

upon the head of Jacob. He acknowledged him , ■ / , , i ^ ■, -a i ' ■ « 1 >^ . 

in his blening, and gave him an henUige, and itaTtJrQHT(v tirt Kf^taATjv loKia/i- irtyvai aurov iy tv\oyiiui 

divided big portions; among the twelve tribes airrov, kol «Siuk(v qvtuI iv KXnpovouii- Kai Sic<tt(iA( u(ptSas 

did he part them. " And he brought out of , .' , , , . ,' . s T^ c- • jt- >t m 

him a merriful man. which found faTOur in Qvrou, iv ((iiiAais «^«pur« btKabva. Km ffTyaytv if J* 

UiB sight of all flesh i even Moses, beloved avrou aySaa (Xi'oiK, tvpicrKorra vnpiv iv 6di6a^JU}i^ rairrK 

of God and men, whose memorial is blessed. , ,'^ ' ■ ' a • > T a • at - r . ah 

•He made him like to the glorious aaint^ i"V«' (y<"7'"';;"' "^ ®'<'^ Kaia^eptuffuivMtuwn/v. Ok to 45 

Knd msgnified him. so that his enemies stooil uynuoawov iv cuXovLaif. tlpiOVMrtv aurov Docrj ayiHr^ 2 

the^TondL^'t cZ', ''and" h:''J'ade°'h^ ™U/AeyaAu™ afiri. i. ^/3o« IxApi"- 'E. A^o« i ' -- 
n the sight of kinm, and gate liini a 

ment for hii people, and shewed bim 

■I of hii glory. * He sanctified hir ' ' 

ia^atrtv avToi' Kara -irpoiTiiiirov ^ 


idment for hi. people and shewed bim ^;„^. ;^„,aQTo at™ ttdos Aoov auroD. kcu litiify airi 

hn irl,iry. 'He sanctified him m his « p, . . ,«.— *; y j ■ » < * ' j 

d meekness, and chose him out Ti]t Sofift aurav. Ev triOTfi Kai vpaOnjn avrou Tjyaunr, 4 

Ho made ]iim to liearhii voice, fftXifaTaauTOV CK TCurm erapKOS. 'HKOvrurtv airrov rm 5 

„„. him into the dark cloud, and * , . . . , . ' ^^ ■ . . . ., '. 

gavo him commandment* before his face, even "Jnui^ aurou, Kai tunjyayry aviov t« TOi- yva^y koi 

tbo U«f of life and knowledge, that he raifht t&UKfv avri *aTa jrpOCTunrov firoAos, vofkov jui^v KOt 

iS^emf'' *"' "'"'""'"• "" "^ " i^«r7Ti/i,j5, Si&^ai roi- 'Ia»ti./3 Siaftjioji', koi ^pifuxra. afiroS 

• Ho eialled Aaron, an holy man like unto ''<"' '^<rpa.^- 
him, even his brother, of the tribe of Levi. 'Aopuiv vdiuMrcv oviov ouoiOF avrio, iBiXAiv avrov, Ik 6 
JAn everlasting covenant be made with him, , - , j ^ .-. ' . - j n. ■ .. ^^ . .r - 

andgaTehimthepriesthoodamoagthepeople: ^uXits^ Atui._ Etrr^w owy Siaft/Kyc ai«.w«,_ Koi ■&«» 7 

he beautified liira with comely ornaments, and a.\FTW Upa-Jiuiv Xaou- iujiKafiuia/ avrov iv ivKOtTiuq., koi 
dothedhim witharobeof gory. 'Heputupon ':, , > . ,^ pVY^ ,_ ,„ .^, "^^ , . 

him perfect glory , and strengthened him with Tcpuiaxro- ain-o- tn-oAijv SofTt. EmSik^c oi/rt)^ <n.«-.. 8 

rich rarmenU, with breeches, with a long robe, Adov Kax^^/iaTOii, kqi itntpiumrv aurov aKrvttrai urjfww, 

about, that as he went there might bo a sound, pouTKULc yipuaoli, KuiduKri xAcioroit kukAoOiv, ij;|[^ai ^unnpi 
.nH a noise made that might be liaird in Iho j B^uaaiv atioE, dKOiwrov jrotnuoi Syov t.- I'aif «( 
ilefor a memorial to the children of his f^,"^ , , , , , . ' , - . . J * ,„ 

" ■ ■ ■ ■ -' Aoou avrov, oroAjf aytf. )(pva<f, mu 10 

.iiip^, <pj*p irooitA.rov, hryiuf gpurfiut, 

MitXtio/nvTj kok™, Ipyiil Tf^lVoU, X%>tf 11 

acarlet, theworkof tbocunningwor!iman,with n-oAuriAio't -^Xv/ifinTOS vijipayiScK, iv Sc'oci )(pvi7iov, tpyia 
|Jild!Th\workor?ho"jowefler!witirB wTitiSg XifloupyoS, lit ^ p.v,)p.6awov iv ypa^ mkoXo^.'itj nar 
engraved for a memorial, after the number of oplSp-ov ^uXoii' 'lopi^- trri^vov jjpwrovK tiniFU Ki&aptnK, 12 

an ornament of honour, a costly work, the urffioi, iirL&vfu]p^aTa ot^OoAfuov Koo'/iov^uva lopaia. 

desires of the eyes, goodly and beantifiU. jj • airrov oi yiyovt iouii>Ta (im aluvot. oix tvtSuaaTO 13 

"Before him there were none such, neither m _> _\ • - ■- ._ - ' • _■ • ■ - 

did ever any stranger put them on, but only aXXoyOTTS. ffXijv tu.- vuov avrou ^ovoy. ™i Ta «<yo»a avrov 

his children and hii children's children per. SiQirai-ros. ©vCTi'at awTOu oXoiiapJrioftw-ovTai Koffnuipay 14 

"i Moaea consecrated bim, and anointed liim 'EirXi)p«w7« Mmvo^s rat X*'!™*' *■" W'"'"' o^TOs- tr 15 

temple for a memorial to the children of bis ","^ , , ', , , 

peo^e: "with a holv garment, with gold, nvrjiiotTwov viois Xaov avr 

«nd;bluesilk,.and purple theworkof the em- iaKivOa,, Koi jrop.^vpa. .'pw 

broiderer, with a breastplate of judgment, -,. ., a . '^^ i -'^ 

with the rerealers of truth ; " with twisted O'?*''" aXyjOttat, ^tKKuaparg 

SO«IA 3EIPAX. 115 

iXaiif iyuf tytf^Si] uvriil tU StoAJK^ oluvioi'i kol tf t^ 
trripfian avrov iv -^lupatt oufMivou, XtiTovpyuv aur^ ^a 
Kot uparcMH', Koi nXoytu' toi' Xaov avrov iv tQ ivoftari 

6 'E^cXcfdro oGrov diro irafrht ifivTiK, irpoo-tt-yttytrc Kofrmt- 
mf Kvpup, $vfiiafia xai €vaS!av tli iLvrjftotmvov, tiiXaiTKtiTBat 

7 irfpi Tov XaoS <rov. 'ESuko' atrrov Jv broAoic avrov, 
j^ouruu' A* StoflqiMUS Kpifianov, fiiSofot tov 'Iiudafi m 
/uiprvptu, KOI Jv ro/up avrov ^nrurat ItrpaijX. 

8 'EiruTVKnrn^ai' avr^ iXXorpux, mu ^(^Xaio'ai' o.troi' tv 
TJ ip^fuf, of^KS ol Tcpi AaSav koI 'AySnpwf, koi ^ iruva- 
Twy^ K^pi ^ii l9v^ Kot ifrf^. 

9 EiSc KupuK Kot obr cvSamjo'f, Kot oi/FrrfXar^i^trai' if 
&o/uf opyij^' hmoj^Tti' airroit rtpara, Karai'aAiixrai iv Tnipi 

ifiXfryot aurov. Kot Trpoai&rjKtv 'Aapuif So^ii, irat fStuKci' 
avr^ nXijpoi'o^tai" inapjpv TrptOToytyvJjiiaTMy tiiipurtv 

1 nuToTs' &fnmf iv irpdrois ^ro*;uur< itXtjct/ioviji'. Kai yop 
fWfas Kupi'ov ^yoinu, As (Sbiirn' avru re ko! ti|! inripium 

IS avrov. IIX^v iv yQ Xoov ov KXijpot«/ii}ir(i, koi /icpis ovk 
ZoTiv avT(|i iv Aa^, avro; yap ^ifits oov, icA^pova/ua. 

:3 Kai fcfti; vwc 'EXcofop TpiVot cEs So^v, Ji* np {ijXuia'at 
avTw (v ^d^ Kupiov, Kol <7T5ffai avrof iv rpmrg XooD, jy 
dyopon^t irpttvvfuav ^X'p avrov, fcat c^iAajraro wtpi tov 

l4 ItrpaijX. Ala rovro timi6t] avn^ SiaAjm; cipijiiTf, a-poora- 
T71' ayuuv Ha! Aaiu avrov, iva avr^ g Kai rtp irr^^ri 

'5 avTQU i(p(iKrvKi}t neyaXtiov tit rout auiJKas* xai &ia$TjKjjv 
rw AaviS viu JK tfniXiji lovSa, KXi)povoiua /Soo'iXcuk vuiu 
i£ uiov ftovov, KAijporafua Aapuiv xat Tb> (nr^p^n avrov. 

6 A^ v/iif tro^uii' Jv KopSiji iinCiv, xptviw riiv Xoov avrov 
iv Smatoirvv^, tra jt^ Stfiavta^ ra AyaBa ovruv, Kai r^ 
Soiav avriiiv <K yCFiat avTui*. 

6 KpamuK iv iroA^oic 'Ii}<7'otrt Nav^, Kai Gia&>j(Of Muwr^ 
jf TrpoifitfniaK' &t jynvro Kor^ to oiv^ avrov ficya^ ivl 
minjptct ^kAcktui' avrov, iKSun^ai jirtyfipo^cvovt f}(9povi, 

2 oJTtus kX»)poi'o/i^<7^ tov 'lopo^X. 'Os iSoiaxifiT) iv Tui ^Spoi 

3 X'>iP°S avrov, Kai ru CKKXivai pofiipaiav tin jroXti^; TtV 
irpoTipov a&rov ovnuf itm) ; tovs y^p iroXc/wovf Kvpiof 

4 avTos ftnjyayo-. Ouj^i fr x'f^' avrov ttwiroSuro' i ijXioc, 

5 Kol /lui fiii-ipa. lytv^$i) irpof Siio ; 'EiriKoAnraro tov 
vipurrov hwatrnp/, iv t^ flXi'J'ai avrov i)(6povt kvkX66<v 

6 Koi fa^KOwrtv avToiv /xcyof Kvpios. "Ev XiJ^oif ^''^^''^'Tf 
Swa/inus Kparaias- KaTt/Spo^w iir Jflvot Jro'Xi/ioc, Kol iv 
maTaPaati AiniKctTtv avdttmfKonvr iva yvuimv i&vrj iravo- 
rXiav awiuv, ort jvavri'ov Kvpuiv 6 a-oXc^iioc avrov, koi yap 
tTr^KoiiO^tfotv ivuTia Swotrrov. 

7 Kol jv iifiipaK "Ulaaioiiot iv<Kiprtr S<*ik, avrot koi 
XaXip mot "Itt^owTJ, alTlOT^vai (Wvrt ij(6pov, KoiXurat 
Xaof diro cyiopTias, Kac Komurat yoyyucr/xov TTOvijpiiK. 

S Kai avTol &10 ovrit Sttir<a$iiiT<w dxti JcoKoo-iuv )(t\id&iav 

EooLBs. XLV. 16.— XLVI. 8. 

with holy oil ; tbii wu appointed unl^i him br 
HDSTerLutmgcoTSTwntiBnd to hianeed.Ki long 
ai the heavens ehould remajn, that the; uliould 
miniiter unto faim, and eiecute the office of the 
Iirietthood. and bless the people in hi> name. 

for I 

reoondh&tion for his people. ^ He paTe unto 
liim his commandinenu. and aathoritf in the 
(tatutes of judgments, that he slioijd t«acU 
Jacob the tegtimaniei, and inform Imttl in hii 

" Stringen conapired together againit him, 
and maligned him in the wilderness, even ths 
men that vtrre of Dathan'i and Abiron'i aide, 
and the congregation of Core, with fury and 

" This the Lord uw. and it displeased him, 
and in his wrathful indignation were they oon- 
Bumed: he did wonderaupon them, to consume 
them with the Ser; Same. *■ But he made 
Aaron more honourable, and gavB him an )ieri. 
tage, and dirided unto him the flrstfruits of 
the increase: eapcciaUj he prepared bread in 
abundanoe : ^ for thej eat of the aacriDoes of 
the Lord, which ho gave unto him and hia 
seed. ^ Uowbeit in the land of the people he 

had no inheritani -■'-— >— j 1 ■- — 

among the peopli 

""= 'iTo^thirf in 
Eleaxar, because h 
Lord , and stood u; 

B Phint 

< the B< 

. of 


good courage of heart 
imt^i back, and made 

^reforo was there 

a coTenaut of peace made with him, that he 
should bo the chief of ths aanctnsry and of bis 

Gople, and that be and liis posteritr abould 
TS the dignity of the priesthood tor eTcr; 
' according to the covenant made with DsTiil 
aon of Jeise, of (he tribe of Juda, that the in- 
heritance of the king should be to his posterity 
alonei so the inheritance of Aaron should also 
be unlo his seed. * God give you wisdom in 

ness. that their good things be not abalished, 
and that tlieir glory may endure for erer. 

Jesus ths son of NaTs was vahant in the 
wars, and was the successor of Moses in pro- 
phecies, who according to his name was made 
great for the saving of tlie elett of God, and 
taking lengeance of the enemies that rose up 
against them, that he might set Israel in their 
inheritance, 'How great glory gat he, when he 
did lift up his hands, and stretched out big 
sword against the cities! 'Who before him 
has so stood? for the Lord himself brought 
his enemies over lo him. * Did not the sun go 
back by his means? and was not one day as 
long as two ? ' He called upon the most high 
Lord, when the enemies pressed upon Ijim oa 

° And with hailntonca of mighty power he mnilo 
the battle to fall Tiolently upon the nations, 
and by their fiilliiiH lie destroyed them that 
resisted, that the nations might know aU 
their slronEth, because he fought in the sight 
of the Lonfiand he followed tlio Miriity One. 

' In the time of Moses also ho did a work of 
mercy, he and Caleb the son of Jephunne, in 
that thev withstood the enemy, and withheld 
the people from tin, and appeased the wicked 
iDurmiiring. "And of sii hundred tliousand 
people on foot, tbey two alone were dM- 

EccLES. XLVI. 9— XLVII. 13. 116 20*IA 2EIPAX. 

seired lo bring them into the heritage, oven yretwy, €l<rayay€iv avTOVS cis Kktipovouiav, ck ynv piawray 
unto the land that floweth with milk and .\ % Jx ' if r > 1 1 f 

Ijoney yoAa jcat ^cAi. ^ ^ 

» The Lord gave strength also unto Caleb, Kal c&ukcv o Ki;p(09 Tw XaA.€j3 ur^jv, koX Icos fOpov^ 9 

which remained with him unto his old age: huii€iv€v avrcu, iiriBmai avrov cVl vxl/o^ to yw. icai to 
so that he entered upon the high places of the / » *i / \ / ♦ »k ' ' / « , -> 

land, and his seed obtained it for an heritage : o-Tcp/xa avrov icarcoxc KArjpovofXiav' oma^ cdcixri iraKT€« oi 10 

w that all the children of Israel mieht see that viol *I(rpawX, ot4 koXov to Tropcvccr^at OTrara) Kvpiov. Kal 1 1 

it IS good to follow the Lord. '* And concerning c %•» '»*'«>/ « 'i>' 

the judges, every one by name, whose heart ^* '^P'^^^ CKacrro? rw avrov oi'o/iaTi. oo-wv ovic i^€wopv€U(r€v 

went not a whoring, nor departed from the ^ xopSia, Kal oo-ot ovk aw€aTpdffirq(rav airb KvpCov, cti/ to 

Lord, let their memory bo blessed, •' Let their ,.,^. ',„„,^„ «,».»r.« i., «.*.\ »./».». -.;l JL,^;; «,*—/*.« 4..^/3^1» 10 
boues flourish out of their place, and let the ff^Vf^^^ov ovtwv cv cvAoyiai?- Ta^oora avTo)V ovae'aAot 12 

name of them that were honoured be continued €K tov tottov ain-<uv, Kai to ovofia avrcuv ajTtKaTaAAoa'O'o- 

upon their children. ^^^^ ^^ ^^j^-^ ScSo^acrftcVtuv airwv. 

« Samuel, tbe prophet of tbe Lord, beloved of 'Hyairnuci^os ^o Kvpiov airrov Sauovrjk irpotAnw 13 
his Lord, established a kingdom, and anointed y^ /' , a \ * \ m » 9 > ' 

princes over his people. " By the law of the Kvpiov Karctm^o-e pa<rLA€iav, Kai txpurtv op^ovras «ri tov 

p>nihojudgedthecongregation,and the Lord Xaov avTOV. 'Ev vo'au) Kvpiov cKpivc <rwayarynv. icai 14 
liad respect unto Jacob. '' By bis faithfulness « /, x^ / ^ >t /io •!-• ' '* J« > ie 

he was found a true prophet, and by his word ^rr^<TK&ffaro Kvpios tw laKO)^. Ev iriarct ovtov i;Kpt- 15 

he was known to be faithful in vision. ^' Ho pdadri vpoffuffrtK, koX iyvuiaOrj iv Trtorct avrov irioros 

called upon the mighty Lord, when his enemies «/ ir*> \' ^^r' ^ ' * *» 1 c 

pressed upon him on every side, when he opao-cius. Kai c^CKoXco-aTO tov Kvpiov Bvvaxrrrjv, iv tw 16 

ofiered the sucking lamb. ^ Ana the Lord OXiij/ai i^Opov^ avrov kvkXo^cv, cv irpo<T<l>op^ apvos yoAxt- 

'mSl?^irto'^ir^VS%1^'d'l,eT/C^ <VoO. Kal i^p6^.y if oipayoi Kipu>,Kaliy ?x* |7 
the rulers of the Tyrians, and all the princes of fieyoAw oKovarrjv cxroii^o'C t^v 9cuv^v avrov. Kat €^€TpuJ/€V lo 
the Phuistmes. rjyovp.lvov^ Tvpauv, Kal Travras ap;(0VTa5 ^Xuttici/a. 

'rtfitiot tn^The^sf hrof'tlfe L^rd^^d^ ^"^ '^^^ '^'*'^^*' koi/ii}o-€u>s aiWos iir€fiapTvpaTO cvavrt 19 

anointed, I have not taken any man's goods^ so Kvpiov Kal XP'<^o^» XP^i^ra Kal c(i)9 vtroSviftdTtay dvo 

muchasa shoe: and no man did accuse him. ^cJoti? o-apKO<; ovk ctXTwia- Kal ovk ^vckoXco-cv avrw 

*And after his death ho prophesied, and »/) rr^ \ s, ^ , y ,^ \on 

sliewed the king his end, and lifted up his voice av^pwTro?. Kai fiera to VTrva>o-at avTov^ 7rpo€<^);T€Vcr€, KOt 20 

from the earth in prophecy, to blot out the vrrcSctfc ^ao-iXci t^v tcXcvt^ avrov, Kal d\nmpwT€V Ik yrp 

wickedness of the people. >j^ »**» » ' 2^ \ ^1 » '\'* 

. -^ . Tnv 9(i>V7iv avrov, cv Trpo^wrcia ccaAcii/^ai avouiav Aaov, 

And after him rose up Nathan to prophesy trN % -• »* xt'/i •/»€/ Att 

in the time of David. PP x Kai /icra tovto avcon; Na^av ffpo^^iyrcvctv cv lyfi^wu? 47 

' As is the fat taken away [from the peace ^^vio. 

offering, so was David chosen out of the chil. ^OoTrcp CTcap acbiopiaiitvov avo cwTTiptov, ovT<a^ Aavl8 2 

dren of Israel. * He played with lions as with » \ ^ c^ »t '\ »i? \ ' • « » » 'jl ^ 

kids, and with bears as with Iambs, * Slew he ^^^f Tu>v^via)v IcrpaiyX.^ Ev Xcovcriv CTraicrcv cds cv cpi<^w9, o 

not a giant, when he was yet but young ? and Kal cv apKois u)S cv apvao'i vpoPdnav, Ev vcoti^ti avrov 4 

sling, and beat down the boasting of Goliath? Tw CTrapac X^^P^ ^ ^'^*? o-^cvOoviTS, Kai KarapaXciv yav- 

* for he called upon the most higli Lord ; and p^' ^^9 ToXia^ / 'ETrcKaXcVaro yap Kvpiov tov vil/urrov, 5 

he gave him strength in his right hand to slay '^ .'^^ , ^ ^ ^ ^ , ^ /'f>-^»/j ^© 

that mighty warrior, and set up the horn of f^ai cOoikcv cv tq 0€^iq, avrov Kparo^ c^opai ou^aponrov Owa- 

his people. ^ov cv TroXc/io), awi/roKrat Kcpas Xaov avrov. 

« So tlie people honoured him with ten thou- Ovrw? cv uvptao-tv cSo'^ao-cv avrov, Kal nvco-cv avrov cv 6 

sands, and praised him m the blessings of the »x / xr / • -^j' n »'>o/s> s'> 

Lord in that he gave him a crown of glory. «vXoytai9 Kvpiov, cv tw <^€pco-6^at avrui^ buxbrjfia bo^, 

7 For he destroyed the enemies on every side, 'Efcrpii^c yap cv^povs kvkXo^cv, Kal cfovScvaxrc ^vXiorui/i 7 

!S^eSU*S Ck^'^th'^l? h^o^i!t"Bu'nl'i? :o^ WamW-^ ^r.,<^WO. <rw«xpt^cv airS.y jcipa,. 
unto this day. • In all his works he praised Ev Travri cpyw avrov cO<i>kcv cfo/AoXoyiyo-iv aytw v^iaT<{> o 

him that made him. 'He set singers also be- tov ffoii^o-avra avrov. Kai €(rn}a'€ i/^aATcpoovs Karcvavri ^ 

fore the altar, that by their voices they might ^ov ^vo-wwrrnpiov, Kal cf wvov avroiv vXvKaivct ucXw. 
make sweet melody, and daily sing praises in v„^ . . "^ - > / "^ > , / ' ^ ' in 

their soncs. ^He beautified their feasts, and EdwKCV cv coprais cvTrpcTrciav,^ Kai cKoa/xiycrc Kaipov9 jucxpt 10 

set in order the solemn times until the end, (rvvTcXcta?* cv tw aivciv avrov? to ayiov ovoua avTov, Kal 

that they miglit praise his holy name, and that » v ». « -^ % « / 

the temple might sound from morning. airo Trpwiiyx^"' to ayiaa/ia. ^ 

"The Lord took away his sins, and exalted Kvpio? J^/^cIXc Tas a^apria? airov, Kai ^ ^vvi/roKTCv cts 11 

his horn for ever: he gave liim a covenant of aitova to Kcpa? avrov, Kal c8o}kcv avrio BiaOrjtcqv /9ao'iXca>v 

fco'^^V^wUolt'/.d"/<?rhh l^Z r V-v Boir^t. rriTpa^. ^<}a rovrou <J..'o^ vl6, 12 

dwelt at large. ^ Solomon reigned in a peace- iirLarrjfuav, Kai oi avrov KarcXvcrcv cv TrAaTvcfJu^, 2,aAM- lo 

20*IA 2EIPAX. 117 EccLEs. XLVII. 14— XLVIII. 15. 

/jLQiv €^ao-tXcv(rcv Iv rjfitpai^ cip^VTS, ^ 5 ©cos KOTcrrawe aWo time, and was honouijtd ; for God made 


cov, Kai ci'CTrXi^o-as ^i^ TropajSoAxus atv&yfiaT(uv. it with dark parables. 

1 6 £ts vi^ovs voppta aif>iK€TO ro ovoyua. <rov, koI •qyawqOrj^ >* Thy name went fSur unto the islands ; and 

1 o Aais, icat cv €piirp^€UiK a7r€uavfiaa'av crc ;((opat. JbK ovofiari verbs, and parables, and interpretations. ^By 


on » > '-/L^ » *» ' ' "irSi *» »— :: thou wast brought into subjection. ^'Thou 

20 €»/€fowrta<rft79 cv Tcp o-w/taTt aov. E&oica? pu/AOV cv tjj ^idst stain thy honour, and pollute thy seed: 

Soirf irov, koI cjScjSi^Xoo'as to airipfjia aov, iirayaytiv so that thou broughtest wrath upon thy diil- 

Jl/vJ^» 2-m) -.A ^^M^^ ^/>,. .*./.? .^/.«-«i^C^#M«« ^») «ri^ ^ A/>r%mnry* dMu. aud wast grieved for thy folly. '^ So the 
opyrjv im ra TCicva o-ov, kox »^OTvnjjtjv ctti tj;^ a^po^g kin«lom was divided, and out of Ephraim ruled 

21 cov, y€V€(ruai OL\a rvpawtda, iccu cc £9f>aifi ap{(u paxn^ a rebellous kingdom. 

Xciav cLttci^. ** But the Lord will never leave off his 

c ^/) - » ^ - r ' . -'' ,s> > »> \ '! . \ -i neither will he abolish the posterity of his 

CWL<pvaperji airo twv cpycDV auTov oudc firj c^aAcii^ cicAcktov elect, and the seed of him tliat loveth him he 

cicyova. ical <nripua tov dya^o-avTOS auTOV ou aw cfapw- will not take away : wherefore ho gave a rem- 
\ ^>r >o9^ /( ' X '^ A v^ «> • •« nant unto Jacob, and out of him a root unto 

icai Tip iaKwp iOii}K€ KaToMififia, koi t^ AaviO c; avTOv Pavid. 

plipv, ^ Thus rested Solomon with his fathers, and 

23 Kai dive^avo-aTo 2aXa)ua>v iicro t«v iraT«Hov kol Kari^ of his seed he left behind him Roboam, even 
V »>x, «s .^x-**! ' the foolishness of the people, and one that had 
AMTC fi€T avTov c#c Tou OTripfJiaro^ ovtov, Aaov dtppoavvrjv no understanding, who turned away the people 

Kttl cAao-<rouacvov OTn^cVci, 'Pofloatt, os dirccmKre Xaov cV through his counsel There was also Jeroboam 
o v«« • U % c. /> X •^ XT o^ « >^ ^ the son of Nebat, who caused Israel to sm, and 

/^ovAiy? avTOv icai UpoPoap, viov Na^aT, os cfi7/tapTC tov ahewed Ephraim the way of sin : >* and their 

24 'IcrpanX, Kai cSomcc t<3 'E<^paiu oSov duopTia?. Kat ^irXw- sins were multiplied exceedingly, that they 

/}>'«^A«i^».. ^S /^../.^.V.. ^.l..A»^A^^/. ■!■■■-. .^^.i ■■■!..?i. » A ^e^^ driven out of the land. ^s^Qp they 
(hyfhjaavaiapxipTMi avrtov a<lH)bpa, &wo(nrj<rai avrovs d^o g^^^g^j. ^^^j^. ^ wickedness, till the vengeance 

25 T79 y$9 avrwv. Kai vaxrav iromfjpuiv €(€^i/]Trj(rav, ccos ^KOi- came upon them. 

KTurn tKBrt iir avrov^. Then stood up Elias the prophet as fire, and 

^Q V ^ » ' »Tj\ ' J' « *» ^i\' »*»hi8 word burned like a lamp. ^ He brought a 

48 ^ Kai ovcony HAia? irpof^rirrj^ ta^ irvp, Kai 6 Aoyos aurov ^^^ famine upon them, and by hU zwd he 

2 a)S Xa/X7ras iKaCero* 05 CTnJyaycv cir' avrovs Aifiov, Kai tw diminished their number. ' By the word of 
4 av€cr\€V ovpavov, Kanrfyayw avru)^ rpv^ irvp, U$ €Ooiaavrf^ wast thou honoured in thy wondrous deeds ! 


/xcvoys oiro^ kAivi;? aurwv o dKOvwv cv 2iv^ cAcy/iov. Kai cv bed :. 7 who lieardest the rebuke of the Lord in 

8 Xtapr^P Kpip^ra ^kSuo^ccos* 6 )(pi(ov jSoo'iAcis C19 dvraird- Sinai, and in Horeb the judgment of ven- 

9 Sop.. Kai npo<l^a, &u^<^ y^' airoV 6 &v<^rri>0u, i. ^^^^^^^Z^'^rUr^^'^^o'':^ 

10 XaiXaTTi irvpo^ kv appuiTi, linnav irvpCvmv o KaTay/>a^i9 cv taken up in a whirlwind of fire, and in a cha. 

orpci/rai Kopdiav irarpos irpo^ viov, Kai KaTaor^ai 0vAas theLord's judgment, before it brake forth into 

1 1 'laKwjS. MaKdpioi oi iSoWc? (r€, Kai oi cv dyairncrci kckoo-- f"'y> ^^^^ to turn the heart of the father unto 

/' N x'^ t « fc *. fc ' /> ' ' the son, and to restore the tnbes of Jacob. 

fir)p.€VOi' Kai yap ly/xet? Cwq {ipo/xc^a. ii Blessed are they that saw thee, and slept in 

1 2 *HXta9, OS cv XaiAaTri €(TK€V(urOrj* koI 'EAwrai^ ivtwX^Orf love ; for we shall surely live. 

1 3 apxovTO^, Kai ov KaTCdvvacrrcvo-rv avrov ovOcis. Uas Aoyos whilst he lived, he was not moved with the 

ovY virttmp€V aurov. Kai cv KOiuwrci lirpodmr^wr^ to mua presence of any prince, neither could any bring 

, . /^ ^ '^^ \,y^»^,% r ' •• \ ' •» mm into subjection. " JNo word could over- 

14 awov. Kai cv iwQ avrov ivoi7)a'€ T€para, tm iy fiMvqi oome him: and after his death his body pro- 

Bavfida-ia tgl Ipya avrov. phesied. " He did wonders in liis life, and 

t e *i^ ** ' » ' «\> ^ij t at; his death were his works marvellous. 

1 5 Ev irao-i^ toutoi? ov /xmvoiyo-cv o Aoos, koi ovk dWcTT^. » j^^^ ^ this the people repented not. neither 

a-av dxro twv dpLopruav, ecus ivpovop^vST^aav dir& T^ y^ depftfted they from their sins, till they were 

EccLES. XLVIII. 16— XLIX. 16. 118 SO*IA 2EIPAX. 

spoiled and carried out of their land, and were avrCjv, Koi io'KOfiTricrBna'av iv iratrn rn yw* koi KaT€X€L<ftOvj 

scattered throufrh all the earth: yet there re- €\\ >\ \ \ t -»•» a '^ fr^^ *i/» 

mained a smaU people, and a rulerln the house ^ Xao^ oXtyoorros, icai opx^ tu» otxip AavtS. ^ Tivc? /icv IC 

of David : " of whom some did that which was aunuv €iroLT/)(rav to dptarov, Tti'is ok ivXrfUwav ofiaprias, 

plying ^0 Ood, and some multiplied sins. 'EfcKt'tt? ciWpoxrc t^ fl-^iv airrov, Ka\ cJcnJyaycv €^9 ftccrov 1 7 

»' Kzekias fortified his city, and brought m , *» > -gC", ^ V ^ / , / ' ' » « ' 

water into the midst thereof: he digged the ^^^^^ '^ov Twy' iopvit <rtdi;pa» &KpoTOfiov, Kat «j)Ko6o/i7tr€ 

Imrd rock with iron, and made wells for waters. Ktynva^ cis v&zra. *Ev inucpais avrov dyip-q ^^eyvaYnplu, 18 

^^ In his time Sennacherib came up. and sent \ » f \<Tkf/ > » ** \ • s • y • •« 

KabsacSi, and lifted up hi. IvrndaliiiMtSion, «« o7r«<rr€iAc Vo,^aKrp,,Km.a.irapeK<utwaptv^pipavToy 

and boasted proudly. ^^Then trembled their ^7ri2Mi>i',Kai^/i.cyaXavxi7a'Cvv7rcpi7^av(ci avrov. TorcccraAcv- 19 

^^""""it ?« f Jltn"^' ""^ ^'^^^ ""^'^ in pain, as ^cravKapS^Kol Y€ipcsa^a>v,Kal(JA'n/(rav&alT^ovo-iu. 

women in traTail. Tr^» v/xv/ >f\' t ' e\f\ 

20 But they called upon the Lord who is Kat CTrcKoAco-ajTO tov Kvpwv tov cAciyftova, €K7r€Ta<raiTC9 20 

merciful, and stretched out their hands toward ^^^ ^^^^^^ avrwK wpo? avroV- koX 6 ayios c^ ovpa»'o«' TaX^ 

him: and immediately the Holy One lieard , /'^ ^ , « % $\ / • ' > t x •« 4 

them out of heaven, and delivered them by the €TnjKOV(r€v ovrcov, xat cAvrpoMraTO avrovs cv x<«f>* Hcraiav. 

ministry of Esav. ^» He smote the host of the 'ETraTafc twv TrapeuBoXriv twv 'AccrvpiW, *cat c^crpu^cv 21 

Assyrians, and his angel destroyed them. '''For • % t » x '^ , « Sr^ / v •i:«y ' ^ » __i no 

Ezekias had done the thing that pleased the ^^^y^ <> ayy€Ao9 avrov. ETTOii/o-c -jfop E{€icta9 to opccrrov 22 

Lord, and was strong in the ways of David his Kvpio), icoi cvmtyvo'CV iv 68049 Aavi8 Tov iroTpos avrov, & 

father, as Esay the prophet, who was great and »^'\„,„ •««.«#«« A •.»r.Aj:*«» A ..A.»» .^«> -...«,«*A« i« 

faithfill in his vision, haA commanded him. ^^^^^-ro H(rata9 o jpofjirjTrr: o /i€ya9, icai irtorT09 cv 

^ In his time the sun went backward, and he opa(T€i avrov. xjv Tai9 rjfxtpaiq avrov avCTroourcv o i7A(09f 23 

l7cilMlJ5l;^hl%l.^Sidl^i>rp^«° r ^f^*^"' f«^!:/-'^f 0^*^"" 'j'^fr *^„"24 

the last ^ and he comforted them that mourned in cct;^"''''** f^^^ 7rap€KaAco-€ TOV9 7r€vcfovirra9 cv 2Amv, £019 25 

Sion. •* He shewed what should come to pass ^ov aiwvo9 VTTcScifc to eVoucra, icai ro hroKowiia irpum 

for ever, and secret thmgs or ever they came. ' zi > ' r r r § 

The remembrance of Josias is like the compo- 'rapaycvccrC/ai ayra. ^ , ^ , , 

sition of the perfume that is made by tlie art mvrnioawov loxriov €19 <Tvvu€a'iv uviiiafiaTO^, co'iccvoo*- 49 

behaved himself uprightly in the conversion of crcrai, Kai (1)9 fiovaiKa iv avfnroaua oivov. Avro9 KaT€V' 2 

the people, ajid took away the abominations of ^Vft; cV iirurrpot^i Xaov, Kat i^p€ jSScXvy/Ltara dKO/ita9. 

iniQuity* He ciirecteci ills neart unto tne IjO ret, •rr ttx \ ir * ^ ^* % »* ^ t t o 

and in the time of the unffodly he established KarcvCWc irpo9 Kvptov tt^v Kopbiav avrov, cv i7/xcpot9 3 

tlie worship of God. ^AU. except David and di'ouwv xartoTmre r^v cvo-cflctav. Hopcf AaviS, icoi "Efc- 4 

Ezekias and Josias, were defective: for they / v », ^ / ' / ' v ,v ' , ^ ,^ 

forsook the law of the most High, ^«i the kings '«'"*'; '^"^ Wov, 7ravrc9 wXrjfififXiuiv €7r\rjfi/ijXryrav' 

of J uda failed; 'for they gave their power unto KarcXtTTOv yap rbv vofiov rov vi/^torov, 01 )3ao'tXct9 *IovSa 

others, and their glory to a strange nation. Jiii.«.«„ '^jrSi.. ,. ^.X^ -A ^J^^^ -A-tl.. i-/^^.- — i -2.^ (; 

« mi t- *. i.t^ 1. 'A. p ^\ CgCAlTTOV. iiiOCDKaV yop TO KtpQ^ aVTCDV CrCp0i9. *Cai TWF o 

• They burnt the chosen city of the sane- jj/a » *^ ^a »\\ ' r» 1 

tuary, and made the streets desolate, according cto^av avrwv covet aAAorpiu). 

to the nrophecv of Jeremias. 7 For they en- *Evc7rvpto-av ckXckt^v irdXtv dytaoraaro9, icat npnuoKrav 6 

treated him evil, who nevertheless was a pro- \ t^ y » ^ 9 \ €» / ' »i:» / \ » \ m 

phet, sanctified in his mother*s womb, that he '""^ ^^ «^ *^ X^'PJ Up€fXiov. EKaxoKrov yap ovrov, 7 

might root out^and afflict, and destroy; and #cat avr69 cv p-rfTpn. riyidaOrj irpothrrm iKpiffivv icoi kokovv 

that he might build up also, and plant. "It ^^> »_\\'-. «_' ♦«s,» % , / 

was Erekier,,boe.wthS glorious vision, which f" "f,™'"', <«ravT»)S oikoSo^ok Km KaTa^vrcww. 

was shewed liim upon the chariot of the cneru- IcfcKt^X 09 cTocv opa<riv Oo$rj^, rjv i;7rcoct{cv avru im 8 

Si,^r'r^t,"^tr^iMiie'^"X^^ y'^^'^ XW'>. Kal yt.pij.y^ rS,y i^^ 6-9 

that went right. ^^Andof the twelve prophets o/ttppo), Kat ayaffoxrai. tov9 cvw5vovra9 odov9. Kat rtov 10 

let the memorial be blessed, and let their bones S<o8cKa vpodynrwv ra oara ivaOdXoL ck tov roirov avrwv 

nourishagamoutof their place: for they com- ^\ \\ ^ *r \ o ^ »\ » » ^ » / 

forted Jacob, and delivered them bv assured ^ap«aAco-c dc tov laicw/J, Kat cAvrptixraro avT0V9 €v wttrrci 

hope. "How shall we magnify Zorobabel? he €Xirt&>9. Tim ticyaXvvuiiCv tov ZopoBdBtk; Kat avro9 ft»9 11 

was even as a signet on the right hand : ^jl^«« ^- »_^ 5J i *• ^ ' 

»=^.So was Jesus the son of Josedec : who in ^9P<^r*« <^' ^«^«*5 X«*f<^- ^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ 

their time builded the house, and set up an Ovr(o9 Ii70'0V9 V169 Ioxtcock* ot cv rjp,€paLS avr«v iOKoSo- 12 

for''e^eSL'?in1gty'"5^Ard''a"^r„'^f^^^^ M^av o'co. .oi ,in,V<^av W Sycov Kvpl^ ^^. 

was Neemias, whose renown is great, who raised fifvov ct9 Oo^vato>vo9. Kat Ncc/uuov CTrt iroXv to p.vrjp.O' 13 

?hV^tS.^iilT£SU^%:a'S.ltilr°up'S^r'?^"n? 'T-' -^ ^'^T<« '^r."W -«--»-. -^ «^avro, 

again. "But upon the earth was no man TvAa9 Kat fio\Aov^, Kai avcyctpavT09 ra otKOTrcoa 17/Aoiv. 

creafed like Enoch ; for he was taken from the OvSc cr9 cktiV^ oIb9 *Eva)Y TOtovro9 cVi tw9 y59. Kat yap 14 

earth. ^^ Neither was there a man born hke unto » % • \ /jzl j x « ^*. i^»^v « »» (it '*/\ te 

Joseph, a governor of his brethren, a stay of «^o« dviAyipthj diro rq^ yrf^, ^ Ovdc a)9 ha(Tr)4> cycwi/fty 15 

Uie people, whose bones were regarded of the avrip, wyoi'ftcvo9 dScX^oiv, arrnpiyuxi Xaov, Kat ra oora 

Lord. '* Sem and Seth were in great honour * ^ ,' t ^^ ^<«x /)>>/)/ »«>/ %^ 

among men, and so was Adam above every living ^'^^^ cirecTKCTnycrav. Siy/i 'cot^ ^vf ^^ av^p(uirot9 c^So^ac- 16 

thing m the creation. Orp-aVf koi xnrkp vav (ii)OV iv tq Kria'€i ABdfx, 



iQ Stfiuf 'Oviov viot Upon o niya^, St iy ifS avrou Inri^ 

2 pmptv oTkqi-, Kai ck ^fiipavt avrou iartpoiMt tov pooi'- kqi 
vir' atrroC t6tfmXtai0i] v^os SivX^ dU'oAi;^!^ v^Xov a-cpi' 

3 p6Xmj itpov. 'Ev T/fitpaK avrou ^AarruA; diroSo^icTav 

4 uSoTuv, ;^aXKOC ukt(i doAtunnTt to vtptftrTpov o ^/ravrifun- 
Tov Xaou oirTou diro nraNTfiut, Kot Ji'ur;^tKraf miAo- JfiiroXiop- 

5 inprtu, ii>f (SoffurAf Ik vtpurrpoifi^ Xaou, If (£(>S(|i oikou 

6 KaTavtratTfuiTOf <i>t oirr^p ju^u^ iv /ifcr^i vti^cXi^, un 

7 atXijvr) vK'^ptjt iv ifftipaiv ok ^Xtot (xXo^iruv iVi voov 

8 v^UTTOtr, icai Wi Tofoi' ifnim^ov iv fi^cXotf Su^Tt' uif avdot 
^oSoH' tV TfiUpaK viaif, UK Kpiva (ir' l^oSun' uSurw (bf 

9 ^XoiTTOs AijSavoti jf ij^tpatf dipovt, us xup itai Xi^avot 
tiri TTuptiou- ijit (Tireva; ;i(pu<7'iou iiXatrifivfnfioy KCKOo/ojpivov 

mm Xid^ iroAvrcAct- in ikaut ivaOiiXXouaa KapwotK, koi 
UK mfiropicrtrot inpov/iiyrj iv V£^£\cuc. 

1 'Ev Tui iva^ofi-Pdvav avTov aroX^ Si>£i7t, tai VkSiSiI- 
nKitrOai avrbv oTiyri^iav Kav)(^iiaTiK, iv ivafioaa ftwiatr- 

2 Tjjpiov ayiou iSdiotrt Tripi^oXijv ayiatrffariK. 'Ev 8J T^ 
S^fffSat ^eXi; Jk jjiipuJc Upimv, koi outo; (otuh trap 

i(T)(lipa ^lOfiev, KVKk6$tV aVTOV ITTC^IVS <!iStX^i'. OK 

fikaarriiia KtSpov tv rS Xiffayif kqi (kvkXiiK7'(U' avrov us 

3 (TT(Aty) ^ii'iKun', KOI vam^ oi viol 'Aapiiv iv Sofjj avrav 
Kol npoaijiopa Kvpiov tv XfpiAv aurwf ivavri ttootjs JickAi/- 

4 iTiat Iirpai^X. Kai <n»T<Aciac Xarovfyyiov jn*! ^mpSav, 

5 Ktw^^ai Trpoa-i^pav vipurTov wavroKparoptK, i^tivtv iiri 
ottovShou x'^P" <"'n>5i I™' foTTiKro' if atfuiTOf ora^X^" 
iitX'iv IK SiptXta fiiKTuumiptov iafitiv cuuStas u^i'crrw 

6 Tot* dviitpayov vIoi Aapiiiv, tv iiaXviy(iv iXarai^ 
T])(i]i7av QKOiFOT^i' fjroHjiroc ^wviji" /ifyoAijc (19 fivripo- 


Km (jrttrav iiri irpatiantov fei t^ y^v, 5rpo<rin*q(rai liji 

8 Kupii^ auriuv TavroKpaTOpt @iu ru vipiarif. Kai ^i^crav 
oi iliaXfuaSol iv iffavali a-iruiv, iv irXctVr^ oixif {yXuKdrfir/ 

9 fttXoi. Kat iottfBtj Xaos Kupiov v^urrov (k Trpo<itvxn 
KaTtvaVTi JXc^^ovof, (ut (TUin'tXurt)^ kkt^os Kvpiou, Kui 
T^ XtiToupyiav aiToG ircXcuixTai'. 

Tort xaiafiat ivgpt ;^tipas aurav tjri iraaaf fmcXijo'iai' 
viuiv 'Iirpa^X, Souitu cuXoyLav Kvpiu ^ yftiKiim- avrou, Mat 

1 CI' ovofiart at/roC xau^ocrOoi. Kai focvr^wvO' iv TTpotTKU- 

2 i^Ei (T(S<(fa(7dai T^v nlXoyiai' iro^a i^ltnov, Kcu viV 
(vXoyijtraTi Tui 0(B) irdiTfs Tu /nyaXtnrDiovtTl jrovnj, tov 
vtl/oivia Tj/iipa^ fifMov tx /t^pas, noi iroioavra fttff -^liCiv 

.3 kotA to tX(ot auToO. Atpi; ^/iic (i«fpoin5njF napSiat, iiai 
ytvirrOat tlp-^v tv ^fiipOK ■^fiMv iv 'WpaijX Kara ^ai 

A i/ptpa,^ TOV aluivoi, tfnrumiitrai ptff i^pMiv to IXtos avTOU, 
KoX iv Tois ^IpfpOK aviou AvT/>iiJcra(rflu TjfiS,^. 

'5 r^K Outrii' tSvUTi irpaamyfiuTiv i] i/iTjfiJ ^ou, xai to Tptrov 

6 ovK tTTie Iffvos. Oi Ka$ijfttvoi iv Spti SnpipciQs, 4>iiXicr- 
TLii/t Kai 6 Xao! juiipof □ KaToucuiv (c 2iici)ioit. 

7 Ilai&uii' trvf «V<ti»! KOI iB-umj/iip j;^ci|>a^ tv rw ^ijiXiif, 
TOVTif, 'I-^ffoSs uio! Sttpa^ 'I«pOO-oXiJ/i4T?j9, Sj avutpfipijirf 


day* fortili<Kl tbe temple : ' and bj him itM 
built from the FouDdBtion the double height, 
tliehigh fortress of tbeniU about the temple: 
'in hia days the ciatem to reoeire water, beinn 
in raiTTiTUKui BR ilifl .Ml. wu coTercd with plate* 
of the temple ttiat it 
- ■ ■ . .r<_ .^in,t 

„...„. jnidrt 

of the people in his coming out of the unc- 
tuary! 'Mewas aa the morning ator in the 
midst of B cloud, and oa the moon at the full : 
'oa the aun abiuing upon the temple of the moat 
High, and as the nvinbow giving light in the 
brigbt clouda : 'and aa the flawer of rosea in 
the Bpring of the year, as liliei by the rivera of 
— ..... _..j -- tte branoheaof thefrankincenae 

in the t 



bt-atcn gold set 
itU all manner of pri'doUB atones: ''uidBak 
li- nllcn (roe budding forth fruit, and ■■ ft 
whiirh groweth up to tbe dooda. 

le put on the robe of bonour.aDdwa* 

clothed with the perfeotiou of glarr, when he 
went up to tbe Lolj' altar, be made Ihegarmoiit 
ofholineiilionounible. "WhonliBtixikthBpoT- 
tionsoutoftheprieata' handa, ha Imusellatood 
bj the hearLb of the altar, compassed with Ilia 
bmthron round about, as a young cednriu Liba- 
nua; and na palm trees rompaeaed thej him 

id about. ■''Soweroairtbo aouaof Aap, _ 
glorj, and the oblations of tbe Lord in 

n.Eii imnUs. Mforo all tlio oongregnlion of Is- 
rael "And finisbing the MiTtce at the altar, 
that he iniglit sdom the offering of the moat 
bilh Almighty, he stretched out bis hand lo 
tbe cup, and poured of the blood of the grape, 
he poured out nt the foot of tbe altar a sweel- 
amelling aarour unto the moat bigh King of 

"Tlien shouted Ihe sons of Aaron, and 
aouoded llie silver trumpets, and made a great 
noise ,to be beard, for a remembrance before 
the most Hi^h. " Then all the people together 
Jioated. and lell down to the earth u^n their 
facea to worahip their Lord QodAlmigbty, tbe 
moat High. '°'rhe singers also sang praises 
with their voices, with great variety of sounds 
___ .L .._ . — i.j_ i-And the 


"Then he v 
dren of Israel, I 

down, and lilled up his 
le congregation of tbe cbil- 
re the blessing of the Lord 

rejoioB in his name. =>And 
bIyes down to woraliip the 

^He grant ua joyfulness o 

Israel for 

and tliat peace may be 

that he would confirm h 

--^There be two manner of nations which 
my heart abhorreth, and the thu^ is no nation: 

and thev that dweU among the Fbilistinea, and' 
that fooliah people tliat dwell in Sichem. 

'^ Jesus the son of Sirach of Jerusalem hath 
irntt«n in this book tha imtruAina. cjv -os^isst- 

EccLESiASTicirs L. 28— LI. 25. 120 20*IA SEIPAX. 

ro^iaf Ana KopSuis a^rou. Mokcuiuk S^ iv TOirTMt ova- 38 

eiercised in these tliinss ; and ho that OTpa^^trot, ko. o flds nura «jri KOpSiav avTOu aofjwrfhj. 

laveth them up in liis heart ehall becoma triTOi. r,av yap aura xotnuT), irpos iraVTO Un(Vir€i, On 29 

wise, »Forifbedo them.heihttll beetrong j„v K„„/™, ,^ W „,V«r. 

to aU thiDga : for tho Ugbt of the Lord i> his »™^ ''"P""' ™ ^X^"* '"^''"■ 

'"t'^ 11 .1 V .1 n T^-i ,„^ Tfi... .„^ nPOSEYXH 'IHSOY YIOY SEIPAX. 

I will tbonk tliee, O Lord and KiDg, and , , , , , n , . i > . ^ i ■• 

praise thee, O God m; Saviour: 1 do giTe EioiioAoytjaoiiai, aoi Kvpu fivriMv, Kai awtata m ^tof bl 

praiM) unto til)- iiaine:'for thou nrt mrde- ^^y aaimpa iiov- ifbuoXoyouuai ri otomuti iTOu, 5ri 9 
fender and helper, and hast pre«crTedray1>ody ," T o n. , . ' ' / „ T . ■ , 

from deitruction. and from the snare of the <rKtwa(mi<t K<u fimfiot iytvov /loi, ftai fXvTpaxno to iruipa 

■lacderquatoniuB, and from the lips that forgo ami ii dxuiXcuic, Kai in vayStK SiaSoXm ykmnrm- airo 
lie], and haat been mine helper againat mine . ' ■ y / , •! • t - ' 

Bdvereariei : ' and hast deliveVed ^according X^f-*"" tpyaiontv.ov ^tvSoi.nai ivavrinjv irapt<rTijKo™K 

to tlio multitude of thj mercies and ereatness ryiVou /loi jSoijffos, koX IKvrpiiKrai fit, Kara to nkJiOoi tktavi 3 

sucli aa iioui;lit after mr life, and from the i,ifTOWTiiSV Ti]v \(ni)(rp/ j^tou. (K irAiiovuii' OAiijitur <ov ftrjfOi', 

manifold affliction, wbicli I bad- 'from the ^^ ,rviyuoO irvpos fniKKoetv. not « u«Vou jmw oC efic 4 

choking of firo on ercry side, ami from the ,,, ' , n -n i - ••> » . ^ i - • 

midst of the firo which 1 kinclleii not ; ' from ifiKauoB, (K fSaOow KOiAias ifOov, Kai &wo yKaiatnji dKo.. 5 

the depth of the belly of heil, from an unclean Sipjov, xal Aovou lituSow. 

tongue, and from lying words. ^ - s n ,T , - ,i,. > . /i » e 

' By an accusation lo the king from an un. Bacr[A<i StapoXi} yAiotrtnji aSutov Tjyyurti' (uK OayaTOU o 

righteous tongue roy soul drew near even unto « itruyn liov, KOi w tiiin ami St- trwtyyvi aSov Kant. 

death, my life was near to the hell beneath, rr ' ' a • • I • o a- i a\ ' T 

' They compassed me on every side, and there n.putrjtov fit TrovTotfw, «ai ou« ^c o ^ofjAuv luPXt^m 7 

was no man lohelp mo! I looked for the succour (15 arriXtjifitv iv6piinnav, mu oiiit ijv. Ktti Ifur^Orjv Tcm 8 

S!ZTt,"mr"o™S".' d'SriSrS-Vr ;"»;? '^ Klip".,«"l ^! ipT«r;.! TO Til fc' ui>o,- ™ 

old, how thou deliverest such as vait for thee, ({(Aq tov; vn'o/iti'OVTaf <T(, Kat oxuftts ai/rovf <K X^ipK 

eSemi^r"' l&liftld °/ up"" my 'suppli'^ti'oH '^''"'- *'"' '*"'>'«'» <"■' TT' '««"'"•' ;«iv. KOi vrrip fera- 9 

from tlio earth, and prayed for delirenMiee Tou piVco)? fSc^ftjv. "EireKoAioap.ijc Kv/iioi- TroTfpa Ku- 1" 

from death. '" 1 calif", "pon the Lord, the piov iiou, un i« *yiicaiaXiJr(ri. (i- nii(pan flXi', A- itaipC 

Father of my Lord, that he would not leaTB . • ' lo L - .■ • •- • l^^ - 11 

me in the days of my trouble, and in tlis time tnrtpijtJiQi'uii' ijSorfirtuw.':. Aavrio to ovo(ui <70ii cv6<A(XWt, i 1 

of the proud, wlien there was no help. " I will koi iumirio iv i£ou.okoyn<rcv koI citnjuom&n v Scih-i's uov. 

praise thy name continimlly, and will bide •!._ _ . .* ■ \ ' ^ 't ■\ 1 - 1 

Vmte with thanksgiving 1 and so my prayer ET«xras y«p l^tt£ <Hr<dA.iQS._ ko. ,£ttXi», ju Ik Kiupov 1 

was heard: '• for thou saredst me Irpra de- xonjpov" Oto tovto ctouoXoymroiuu icai atvaru <roi, Koi 

i£tikjtv fit Ik Koipov 12 

a de- xonjpov" Sto tovto c^o^oXoy^o/uu ■ 

tiiVrXre w'iU"r'give"th"anir.VMd"piii«^ tS^' riXoy^fKu t£ wo>iaTi KupiW 

and blesB tliy name, O Lord. Eti Jov v<ciT(/>o!. iTpu/i{ TiXartidrjval fit, i^'qrqua ao^iav 13 

"When I WM yet young, ot.eier I went ^^^^ iy wpo£r<y™ uov. 'Evavri. vaov AfioOT irtpt U 

abroad, I deeired wisdom openly 111 iiiy iiinyt'i'. ', Z \ • , ,"' , , . , , .> . n T ,r 

"I prayed for her before the temple, mid will «i«TJS, Km tUK iiT)(aTiiiv iKQijr^ta aur^, «f oyfotf a>t 15 

seek her out even to tlie end. ''Kven from the TrtpKolovutK orniuXm' tiApdv&t] n KopSi'a uou eV avrn, 

flower till the grape was ripe hiilh my heart , -o , r . .0. ; ' .^^ . "^ , " 

delighted in hen my foot went the riKht way, '^W * "^v! /xov (c cvft^njTi, <k ctottjtos /lou i^vcwTa 

from mr youth up sought I aftcT her. " 1 aiVni'. 'BiiXiva oAiyof to oJIs fiou, icai cScfaum', Kot 16 

bowed down mine ear a httJe, and receiVL-i1 _\\^^ • .. t' tt ^ t * ' i. ^t 

her. and gat much learning. '; ! profll.'J «^V ^pov^ i/uamf icaiStiav.^ UpoKom} iytvrro fuii h 17 

therein, tkerffon will I aacrioc the glury unio avtp- tZ SlSoitI /loi aotfiiav, Soxriii Soiai". Atcvo^A^ vop 18 

lowed that which U goodi so shall I not be ourjfwfliu. 

confounded. a ■ • i ' • • - • , ■ \ - ,1, 

» Mysoul hath wresllod with her, and in my . ^"^^'l^<^Xrai ij_ ^ /xov ,y a^-r/j.^ koi ty woirfTtt kifiou 19 

doings 1 was eiact: I stretclied forth my hands BiijKpipuierQ/iiji'' tos ^i{uk /lou ^fiirtTaoa s-po? vipiK. KOt 

.. _- ,^ dyFOnuara avTn? «3r(v£Wa, Tiv ilnixtTV Itov KQTtvtfwa 20 

jijr Buui miuj iier, Buu ± , ', *, " *> , / > » - > i , ,. ^ , 

„.: 1 have had my lieart "« avnp', Kapiuav «KT))iTa^ip< jiw auruic djr opx^S, «ai tv 

a the beirinuing. therefore icnflnpur^ (upov aur^v- Sia toCto ou fiii ifKaTokti^OSi. 

^_ __, ^ g ),g[.'; therefore hare I ^''' V xaiXia fiou trapuj^^ iitfip-^CTQi ovr^c Sui toDto 

gotten a good posscsBion. ^Tiie Lord hath iKTiprauin' ayaSnv icrnua, 'ESiu« Kupto; yKuxraoy uo> 

„;..„ „,„ . .„.„.„ f,„ ^y regard, and I will ^^^^^ ^^„_ /^j '^ 

joined with her from the bepnuing therefore KaBapuruZ tvpov airrnv Sii Toi>ro ou un ^KaTa\ti^0£. 

shall I not be forsaken. " My heart was if > ' \ • • ■ JL. 1 f • • ' j > . „, 

troubled in seeking her: therefore liare I Kai 7 KoiAm fiou tTapu;i[Ci;^VK(7njCTQi_ ovnjc- bm tovto 21 

""'" ■ " ord bath iKTiwauin' ayaSnv Krjjfia, 'ESiu« Kupto; yXwcn ' "" 

nd I will a' .»i-»T t , 

fturtlov fioo, Kai ti- aurtj oivccru ovrov. 

■ned, and "EyV"'^''* too! fii djrafficiTOi, koi aiXiafirnt 

. " Wherefore 

are TB Jow and what sav re of these tlungsi TatStuis. Aiori iorsptiTf iv toutow, Kai ai ilrv)(ai vfiuf 24 
■eeing your loiili are very tlursty ? ''lopened Si^uKTt <T<fMSpa; 'Hvoi^a to arnfia ftov, Kiu iXak>yra,2S 



26 Krqa-acrOt iavTot^ av€v &pyvptov, Tov rpdxifi^v vfi<ov 
xnroSfTi VTTO ^vyov, ical hnht^axrOia tj ^)^ VfiCliv TratSctav, 

27 cyyvs iariv evpciv avrqv. "iScrc cv o^^oX/noi? v/uuov an 
oXiyoF iKOTTuura, icat cvpov ifAxtviw TroWrfV dvairavo'iv, 

28 Mcrdur^^^ iratSeias ^v ttoAA^ apiO/iM dpyvpiov, koI iroXvv 
)(pva-bv KTrj<raa'6€ iv airj, 

29 Ev^pav^cii; 17 ^A^x^ v/tcuv ci' tui eXcci avrov, koI firj 

30 auTXwO€irjT€ iv aivccrci avrov. *Epyai€<rB€ to c/9yov v/xcov 
trpo icaipov, xai Soktci rov fiurOov vfitav iv Kaip^ avrov. 

EccLES. LI. 26 — ^Baruch L 11. 

mj mouth, and aaid. Buy her for yourselreB 
without monoy. * Put your neck under the 
yoke, and let your soul receive instruction : she 
13 hard at hand to find. ^ Behold with your 
eyes, how that I have had hut little labour, and 
have gotten unto me much rest. * Get leam- 
inff with a great sum of money, and get much 
gold by her. 

* Let your soul rejoice in his mercy, and be 
not ashamed of his praise. * Work your work 
betimes, and in his time he will give you your 


KAI ovroi 01 Xoyoi tov pipXtov, ov9 rypai/rc Bapov;( V109 
Ni^piov, viov MacKTcuov, viov SeScKiov, Viov *Ao'a8iov, viov 

2 XcXictov iv 'BafivXiavi, iv to) crei T(j> irifiin^t iv ipSofXTf 
TOV fii/vo?, cv Tta> Kaipio a> tkapov 01 XoiX8aibt t^ Jcpov- 
aaXrjfi, koX ivijrfyqo'av avrrjv iv irvpl. 

3 Kat aviyvoi Bapov;( tov? Xoyovs tov j3(j3Xiov tovtov cv 
^iv 'Ic^oviov viov *Ioxikcc/a fiofriXtiMt^ *Iov&x, koI iv wrl 

4 TravTOS TOV Xaov twv ipxofiivwv vpo^ t^v pipKov, icat Iv 
(00*4 To>v 8waTo>v, ical vViiV rwiv PaxriXitov, Kal iv cucri rtav 
vp€(TlBvT€pwVf Koi CV wol vavTO^ TOV Xaov, dvo fllKpOV C109 
/AcyaXov, irdvTtav twv icaTOucovvTcov iv Baj^vXcuvi hrl woTa- 

5 fiov SovS. Kal ixXoAov, koI ivr^crrtvov, ical rfi^vro ivav^ 
Tiov Kvpiov. 

6 Kal (TuvYfYoyov dpyvpiov, Ka66 iKOJcrrov rj^vvaro ^ X^*P» 

7 ical dircoTCiXav c(9 'IcpovcraX^/Li ^rpos *IoxikcI/a viov XcAxibv, 
viov 2aXo)/Li, TOV Upca, ical irpo? tov? fccpct?, ical irpo? ^avra 

8 tov Axiov, Tovs cvpc^cvra? ftcr* avrov iv 'l€pov(raXrjii, iv tw 
XajSciv avTov Ta o'K€vrj oikov Kvpiov, to. c^cvc^^cvra ck tov 
vaov, dirofrrphffox ci? y^v 'lovSa, t]J Sckcitj; tov ^lovoX, 
{TKevf} dpyvpd^ £ iiroirja'€ ScScicia? V109 'loKria jSao'iXcv? 

9 *Iov&i, /i.cra to dirouciacu Na^ov^oSovooop paxriXia BajSv- 
Xfuvo? TOV 'Icxovmv, Kal tovs op^ovra?, Kal tovs 8c(rfui>ra9, 
Kal T0V9 Swarov?, Kal tov Xaov t^ y^ dvo *l€pov<raXrjfi, 
Kol iljyaytv avrov eU BajSvXcuva. 

10 Kal clTrav, iSov dmurttXapufv vpo^ v/tta? dpyvpiov, koi 
dyopdxrart tov dpyvpiov oXoKavr^puiTa, koi ir€pl dfAopria^, 
Kal XtjSavov, Kal TTOiiTcaTC fidwa, kou dvouraTC M to 

11 Bvcuurnjpiov Kvpiov tov 0€ov ^pJav, koI vpoa^$a<r6€ 
vepl TTJi (lunj^ 'SapovxoSovoa'Op paaiXtta^ Ba)3vXa)V09, Kal 
ei9 dusrjv BaXTacrop viov avrov, ?va Jxrtv ai "^fiipat avrwv 0)9 

Akd these are the words of the book, which 
Baruch the son of Nerias, the son of Maasias, 
the son of Sedecias, the son of Asadias, the sou 
of Chelcias, wrote in Babylon, ^ in the fifth 
year, and in the seventh day of the month, 
what time as the Chaldeans took Jerusalem, 
and burnt it with fire. 

*And Baruch did read the words of this 
book in t)ie hearing of Jechonias the son of 
Joachim king of Juda, and in the ears of all 
the people that came to hear the book. * and in 
the hearing of the nobles, and of toe king's 
sons, and in the hearing of the ciders, and of 
all the people, from the lowest unto the highest, 
even 01 all tnem that dwelt at Babylon by the 
river Sud. * Whereupon they wept, fastea, and 
prayed before the Lord. 

* They made also a collection of money ac- 
cording to every man's power: ^ and they sent 
it to Jerusalem unto Joachim the high priest, 
the son of Chelcias, son of Salom, and to the 
priests, and to all the people which were found 
with liim at Jerusalem, " at the same time 
when he received the vessels of the house of 
the Lord, that were carried out of the temple, 
to return them into the land of Juda, the tenth 
dajr of the month Sivan, namely^ silver vessels, 
which Sedecias the son of Josias king of Juda 
had made, 'after that Nabuchodonosor kinff 
of Babylon had carried away Jechonias^ and 
the princes, and the captives, and the mighty 
men, and the people of the land, from Jeru- 
salem, and brought them unto Babylon. 

^ And they said, Behold, we have sent yon 
money to bu^ you burnt offerings, and sin 
offerings, and incense, and prepare ye manna, 
and offer upon the altar of the Lord our God j 
" and pray for the life of Nabuchodonosor 
king of Babylon, and for the life of Balthasar 
hit ion, that their days may be upon earth «a 

Babuch I. 12—11. 10. 122 BAPOYX. 

the days of hearen: *^ and the Lord will give at rjfilpaA rov ovpavov hrl rrj^ yrj^, Kai Soicrci Kvptoi 12 

us strength .and lighten our eyes, and we shall »,^^\,. « .,7,, ^„) A^^f^^, ^^^»\,.^^ J^.m^.^ .^«5 /^i^^C 

live under t^e shadow of Nabuchodonosor king tCTX^i^^^/Mtv, /at <^io-€t tovs w^t^oA/xovs rjfiiov, xai ^rjao- 

of Babylon, and under the shadow of Balthasar /xcaa viro rrp/ Q'kuov 'Sapovxpoovoo'op paatXtwi "BapvAttiVo^, 

andflnilSroiJln thL'fSht.^*'^"' many days, ^^i ^^ ^^ ^^^^^ BaXxdaap vlov aifTOV, koI SovXcwo/icf 

, _ , ^ ^ avrois "hfiipoi iroAAac, koI wpnaviitv YoptF lyavriov avnh^, 
" Pray for us also unto the Lord our Gt>d, v ^ ^ ^'* a \ t ^ \ i^/ > la ^ « « 10 

for we have sinned against the Lord our God/; ^ Kai xpoacvf acr^€ ^rcpt rjfu^VTrfm Kvpiovrov 0€ov lyiuay, 13 

and unto this day the fury of the Lord and his ori rffuiproficy t^ Kvpuo ®cci> "^fJMiV, kcu ovk aircorpc^cv 6 

make confession in the house of the Lord, upon ravn/s. Kat dvayKOMrccTae to pipAiov tovto o dircoTci- 14 

the feasts and solemn days. Xa/icv irpo? Vfia9, c^yopcvccu cv oucy Kvptiov, cf ^fi^p^ 

^ And ye shall say, To the Lord our God €0pT^9, icai iv ruiipai.^ Kaipov, 
5«fe»^tf/A righteousness, but unto us the con- rr^ i^j^^^ -r» ir«.»A. en^/i ^../\u JL )(.^/^{.M ^..?« ^l«; 
fusioh of fi^es. as ii is come to pa*8 this day, , ^*J* ^P*^*' ^^ Kvpi<e» 0co> ly/xwK y^ducaioovny. i7/«k dc 15 

unto tliem of Juda, and to the inhabitants of aia^(vn; tu)V irpotnairttiv, cos 17 'qfi€pa avrrj, avOptajn^ lovoa, 

Jerusalem, 'Sand to.our kings, and to our nrin. ^^i ^^^ Karoixovaiv 'IcpoixroXwu, koi tow )3a<riXcwriF 16 

ces, and to our priests, and to our prophets. , ^ x « „ ; ^ T ^ ^ ^ '^ ^ ^ a 

and to our fathers : >7 for we have sinned i^/awv, icai TOts apxovaiv rjfUDV, Kai TOts icpcvo-iv ijfiMV, K(u 

before the Lord. « and disobeyed him. and ^^l^ vpothnrat^ riawv, Koi tois varpdaiv rtu^v, wv laucm- 17 
have not hearkened unto the voice of the Jjord » ' rr ' ^ » /i / • *» \ > 1 o 

our God. to walk in the commandments that ^o/ao^ cvavri Kvptou, Kac^ rpr€Uh^afi€y avrt^, koi ovk lb 

he gave us openly : *' since the day that the rtKOVcrauev tws dnavrj^ Kvpiov 0€ov rjumv, irop€V€<rO<u T04S 
Lord brought our forefathers out of the land 'v' r*^ ^' c*" 

ofKgypt,untothispresentday,we have been yo<rrayfia<Ti Kvpiov, oU cSwicc icara 7rpo<rwirov rfjiuw, 

disobedient unto the Lord our God, and we aTTO t^s ripiipa^ ^ c^i^aye Kvpiof tovs irarcpas ^/uuuv ^19 

have been negligent in not hearing his voice. ^^ Aiyi;7rT0V ical Im rrfs Vf^ipa^ TavTT/s ^^c^ dirttOovyr^ 

^Wherefore the evils cleaved unto us, and ,rpos Kvpiov 0eov wutuv, icat ^(TYcSicLJottcv wpos to /*» 

the curse, which the Lord appointed by Moses »* '^ , ^ , ^ /\»r- r r-i 

his servant at the time that he brought our oicovctv rrjs ffmvrf^ avrov, 

fathers out of the land of Egypt, to give us a Kai iKoXKnOn €ts woas Tot icaxa, icai w dpa w frvvhvb^ 20 
land that floweth with milk and honey, like asir/ "^ •kk '* <>\>'«>c/^ 9>^ « 

it w /o *^« this day. « Nevertheless we have ^vpios ry Mcovo]? jratSt avrov, cv iy/i^ p ^f?r«y« ^o*^ 

not hearkened unto the voice of the Lord our Trarcpas "^fjuov €k yrj^ Aiyvirrov, Sovvat rjfiiv yrjv pcovotxv 

God, according unto all the words of the pro- ^A\n ^n) ..A* «!k. -^ •»..//>/■ /.^'m^ K») *%,*i«. ^•./^il/i-/.«i«^ .^ 01 

pliets, whom he sent unto us : « but every man V«^^ ''^^ M^^ «J VVM^^ ^^^' ^^<^ ovk rjKOWTa/X€y vp 21 

followed the imagination of his own wicked 9<Dn7S Kvpiov tov 0€ov -qfunv, Kara Trovras tovs Aoyows twv 

heart, to serve stranw gods^ and to do evil in ^po^wrwv, &v &7r€(rr€iX€ irpo^ wuas. Kat wvoWa cicaaros 22 

the sight of the Lord our God. ,%^' / «^ » ^ J « . /j*^ /i - « / 

cv Oiavoia Kopoias avrov rn^ irovripa^, ipyauQicrxfai ^cois ct^kms 

Therefore the Lord hath made good his .„.^.:i„« *a .,«.,A ^»J XA.fL,\..^>^ \r..^!L*, Oi^^c: ^.,r.,. 

word, which he pronounced against us, and 'roiiyo-at Ta xoxa KaT o<^6*oA/iovs Kvpiov ©cov ly^uov. ^ 

against our judges that judged Israel, and Kat con/o'C Kvptos Tov \oyov avrov, ov IKaXrptw i^ 2 

!l|^S:rre'riroM J^Vj"uXC'6A"4 jj'^^',-' Hr^ «-<«-« y^av. roi, JucArovra, xfir 

upon us great plagues, such as never happened lo-pa^A, xai ctti tovs pao-iAcis ly/xwv, Kai iiri tovs apxpvra^ 

under the whole heaven, as it ^me to pass in ^»^„ ^ai cVi av^pawrov 'Icrpa^A xai 'lovSa, rov dvavciv 2 

Jerusalem, according to the things that were , j» « *» x /\ * » » //i « / ' ' -* 

written in the law of Moses; 'that a man «9 VH-^^ ^^^^^ fieyoAa, a ovk hroirfirj vwoKaria Travros tov 

should eat the flesh of his own son, and the ovpavov, ica^a hroinacv cv 'Icpovo-oAwu, KOTa ra ycypaxu 
nesh of his own daughter. * Moreover he hath / ♦ ^ / Vr ^ ^ ^ , ' ^ t ^ */j9 

delivered them to be in subjection to aU the /***'* ^^ /^ "f W McDvcny, tov <^y€iv i?/«is. ov^pwirw 3 

kingdoms that are round about us, to be as a aapKa^ vlov avrov, icai avOptinrov irdpKa^ ^vyaTpos avrov. 

reproach and desolation among all the people xr„) »JS{,»^«, ^^^r^^ ,«-..«^,*. «/«,«. ^^^„,^ -.«?« R^^\^f^,^ — r* j. 

round about, where the Lord hath scatteiSed ^^\ ^''V' ""V"^ VTroxcepiovs Troo^ais rais pamXuoK reus 4 

them. kvkKi^ ^fiw, cis ovciOio'/tov, Kai oparov cv ircuri tois Aao&s 

'Thus we were cast down, and not exalted, rois KVKhiit ov Sico^cipcv avrovs Kvpios ckci. 

voice. Jvvpiy (a)c<{» r^fnuv, Trpos to /117 aKovctv nys iptavij^ avrov, 

*^To the Lord our God appertaineth right- Tui Kvpi^ €)ca» i^fuov ^ Sucaioorvny. i7fttv 8c Kai toTs 6 

epusness : but unto us and to our fiithers open ^rpoo-tv wuwv w aicrvvvT? rwv Trpoo-owrwv. ws w wucpa avr». 

shame, as app«artf/& this day. 'For all these a* Tx '\ ir ' .'/•«*. / % x «'^^* ♦»/> » 

plagues are come upon us. wliich the Lord hath A ^AaATyo-c Kvpios c<> ly/ias, ^avra ra KaKa ravra d ijA^ 7 

pronounced against us. "Yet have we not prayed cV i7Uas, Kat ovk iSenOrjfxev tov wpoo-wirov Kvpiov, to9 8 

before the Lord, that we might turn every one > n " , \ ^ ! *» ^ ». 

from the imaginations of his wicked heart. o^-Kwrrpv^ai CKaorov airo rwv voiy^rwv riys KapStas avru»v 

•Wherefore the Lord watched over us for r^s Tronypas. Kat cypiTyopi/o-e Kvpios ^^t ToTs KaKOis, KOt 9 

evil, and the Lord hath brought it upon us: i*^,„^,^ ir,1«.«o JA* i..;:^ ;;•. %t^^.^ A ir«^.^^ J— 5 .^..-^ 

for the Lord is righteous in all his workVwhich «^«y« ^^9)^\ ^f ^(i««' ^^ diKatos o Kvpios ciri iravra 

he hath commanded us. *^ Yet we have not ra ^ya avrov, a cvcrciAaro ly/utiv. Kat ovk i/Kovcro/icv r^ 10 

BAPOYX. 123 Baboch II. 11—29. 

AunkaiTov.'Kmttvar^i tow rpocTrdlYiuun Kwpww, ate ISum lieutftiwd onto his Toiee, to wA in tlie aoni' 
i^wpotrawJfif^ f— /r— -f- wjn^Mt. of th« Lord, thMh»li«thfet be- 
ll Kol ra- Kupir o e.os 'iirpa^, U limayn toy Xoo'v ami "And now, O Lord God of Inwl tliat hut 
Ac ym Atymmni, iv y*im KpoTou, Kot w crnuciott, Koi h- brought thr people out of the land of Efvpt 
I '« t e ' '\^ V t o • . , . - with m miglitT lind, and high »nn, and With 
T^pWTi. K<u ^ Suro^tc /^■a.iuu h ppaxu^ i-^iM. «gn, „dtiS»3™amlwithp^po-er^ 

• o- ■» • If' t a^ i - i_« - thiidnj; '*OLordoi» God we ha™ tinned 

4<«^™v«K, ,,_8«4<7<yw, Kt-pic i fcot ^p«r. At. warn weCJ done^BodlTwrhi^rd^t uSriJht- 

TO(E SuHUdi/uio't crou. eoiul; in all thins orduunce*. 

13 'AvotrTpatft^ S Sv/xoi mm iif,' ^nZv. OTi KUTtXtl^liw "Let thjwreth turn fromu.: forwemrebnt 

6KCyiH (y Tots l&vtcrar oS %iicmtaK fiuat Ixit. * fe* l^fb among the heathen, where thou hait 

,, p. . V' - ... , . J, , «e«tteredu». 

1 3 upoaenmv tuiv ixoiKUTavriay rj/iai, Iva "wy vatra ij yi), on pTe ui bvour in the light of them which haTe 

Iirpai^, Kot m TO ytra; airroif. aod Ml postentf i« cslled b; thy name. 

16 Kvpi€ KinZt tx Tov oUovTov Ayuni mnr. Koi ivrSTjaov »0 Lord, look down from thine Wj home, 

<Is ftfiw, Kal kAu'oi' Kupu TO oSto'ov. KOI OKOvaoy, *nd consider u>! bow down thine ear, O Lord, 

18 nvTwl'i SuMTOurt o6(av koi Sunuoifui tu Kvpuf- oAXa i; tnkon from their bodiei, will give unto the 
iff&wow, Klu ot 0^ttiA>UH ot teACLVorrci, KOI ^ if^OPI ^ ituopingandfeehle, and the eyee that rail, and 

1 9 *Oti ouk hti la SwauiuiUiTa tui' raTUMiv nuuv Kot Twi' 

n -^ f i..cA ii'i\ «vi s I 'Therefore we do not malie ourhumbleeup- 

PaaQi^v ^ywy rjiuii KOTa^aAXoj«F rov iXtoy Kara jrp«T- pU^tion before Hee.O Lonl our God, for tie 

20 (inroi' irov, Kvpit o ®tiK rj/iuiy on ivt]Kat roi' &t>ixoy <roo ri^teouioeu of our lathen,and of our kinga, 

»^^ "'. J - '"wuKif/ uuwwpui «•■ ^ifK iwr nabonuponui.aa thouhaitepokenby thyser. 

xaiOoiv o-ou Tiuv irpo^TTWi" T»nt* the propheta, lading, 

21 M™, ,tn %ipu„ .>^7, ri- V>, J/w. «al _!,,,£- , ,j,^ ^„, ^ j^^ j„ ^^^ ^^^ 
VaaOt T<f piuriAti. liapvAiuyiK,Kai KoauTart twi Tqv yrjy,^ shouUleri lo serve thp lin; of Bab j Ion : so 

22 StSioKa Tois Trarpiaiv iiuw. Koi lOK un (iKOMrnTi Tns "hall je remain m the land that I mve nnto 
_. , . „ . , • _a -o i-tToi- i\' yourfathen. ^But if ye will not hear the 

23 ipaivrii iLviMni, ipyaJTOffOalTtf patriMi Bapu/iavoi, iKKtt- yoics of the Lord, to serve the king of Babrfon, 
ijmif woiTOW /■ TToktoiy 'louSa KOt iiia6ty 'ItpotxraXijii = I will cause lo eeaaeoutof the citieeofJudii, 
•j>,ayi,y ti<l.po^^, Koi .^mV OT/MHnfnp, tf^yirw yv,i<f>{ov. ;^"rth,"nd the '?oi™ lsTy!tiie\^4°^the 
KaX Avtyiiv rvf:i4np, Koi iirrai irotra ij yri tl% o^tov uwo bridegroom, and the »oii'e of the bride; and 

aaavo). iJ^ paaiXtx BapuAuives- Kst fonTows tous Aoyovs (ervetheking of Bahylon: therefore hastthou 

ami, oSs ttiiXmrai A- vipcri Tuiv iraiSoH' <roii tS.- irpoAiiToiv, '"a^a Kood the >.orda that lliou sp^ert by thy 

-1* Ji^ > I -a 1' - - • > i - - Bervants the prophets, namely, tliat tlie bones 

TOW *tfy«xC^"" TO oora paaiXitav lyuoi' k(u to Oirra tuu" of our kiiiji«, aiiri llie bones of our latbere, 

-iraripiay ij^ U Tou TOirou auTW. ahould be tuli^-n out of tlieir plaee*. 

33 Koi ihoi iariy i^tppififiiva tu Kavfian t^ ^/tJpa^, kol ^ And lo. they are caat ont to the heat of the 

26 iy M/uf, leai iy pofi^aiif, koI iy &KO(rrakjf. Kai fthiKas by pestilenoe. " And the house wliich ia called 
■tiv oIkov, oB JmcXitAi to ow>i«i aov hr ain^. (It n nMWa by thy name haat Uiou hud waate, aa « it to It 

V B I . . ' •, TT • • ■• 'n »"f~ ,g„ tins day, for the wicfcedneaa of the houao 

awij, ifunroiTjpinv outov lo-paijA KOI oixou loubo, of Ierael«id the houae of Juda. 

27 Kai foroVw •« ^/w. Kupit o 0i« ^/iiv, kotS jrofroa' ^g j^^ ^^^ g^ t,,ou haat dealt with ua 
JvKucHav itou, KOt Kara vayra tKimpftoy <tou tov ItLrynv, alterall thy goodnesa, and aocordinE toall that 

tyniXaitavv aov a^ ypaijfiu roy voftav aau lyayriov uwuv ni,i,d him to write thy kw before the children 

39 'Ecb' fail 4MiKn}r( r^ ^m^ ftov, f /i^ i$ ^/xfffim $ "If n will not Wr my fmoe, mrelT tlua 

Bakuch II. 30-III. 18. 124 BAPOYX. 

very great multitude shall be turned into a fieydXrj 17 iroAA^ avrrj dxroorpc^ct ct? fiucpav Iv Tois IBvtaiy^ 
amaU number among the nations, where I will ^t; 3^,3^^^^^ ^^^o^^ ^^^- 

scatter them. ^ m n » \ * * » •x* \ qa 

*^ror I knew that they would not hear me, Ort cyvwv on ov fiif ojcovfTwai fiov, on Aao9 cr/cAiypo- ov 

because it is a stiffnecked people : but in the ^pcivT/Xds ^ort- xat iirurrpiil/owrw cVl kooSmiv avTwv ^ yw 
land of their captivities they shall remember f ^1 ^ . ^ n ^; « 1 x v 1 #a' Qi 

themselves, ''and shall know that I am the ajroucurfiov avTwv, icai yvwa-ovrau ort ry«o Kvpios d ®cos ol 

Lord their God: for I will give them an heart* avrwv koX Saxro) aurois KopSiav koX iora dxovovra, Kat 32 

and ears to ear : "and they shall praise me in ,, , » ^ » ^ , ^ \ /i / 

the land of their captivity, and think upon my atvco-owt /i€ €v y(j airoucurfiov auroiv^ icat /Anyo-ftycrovTat 

name, '^ and return from their stiff neck, and xov ovofwros fiov, koI anoarpof/ovfTiv airo tov vwtov avroiK 33 
from their wicked deeds : for they shall re- *»\*»\»\ « / »#»<r 

member the way of their f<ithe».wlich sinned ^ov <7kXi7/)Ov, Kai o^ 7rovr,p^ xpo<rTay,iaTW aim-v. ort 

before the Lord. fivrfo-drjarovrai r^s ooov warcpoiv avrtov Twv ofjuaprovriai^ 

*♦ And I will bring them again into the land l[vavTi Kvpiov. 

which 1 promised with an oath unto their Tr>> '# •^ » * "a^^^ ^^ ^1 

fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and they Kat airoarrpiil^to ^ ovtov? cis Ti2i'^7r»7V. 17V i«)/io<ra tow ^. J4 

shall be lords of it : and I will increase them, rpda-iv ainwv, t^ 'APpaap., koI T<p *Io"aa#c, icai T<p iaK<aP, 

and they shall not be diminished. "^And I ^y .>-..«. «',«,.^.„ «,'..^«. .,«> ^\«»/k».r. a.I*^^^.. *-«) «/. i..2. 
will make an everlasting covenant with them to '^«*' KvpicvcrovcrtF avn^s- xat n^thmo ayroxs, Kai ov fiij 

be their God. and they shall be my people: and cfiucpvvVwa'i, Km cmja-w ovrois oiaOrjicqv auavtov, tow •>«> 

Ii'^^'1?/IITt^"''®"?^PTi?^®^^^''^^°''^°^ c^ai u€ a^ois as Gcoi', Kal a^h-ol co-ovroi liot €« XaoV 
the land that 1 have given them. ^; , , vv/ f* nx.n* *»♦ 

O Lord Almighty, God of Israel, the soul in ^«* ^^ I'-^J^^ ^^'' ^^v Xaov fiov laparjX utto Tiys yiys, ^ 

anguish, the troubled spirit, crieth unto thee. c8<i>Ka avrois. 

S?= ^^■ir.l J^Tu^r^i^'e^'u^e ^^ K v,u ,ra^oKpiTo.p 6 0«i, 'Icrpa^iX. ^ cV <rro^, K«l 3 

have sinned before thee. * For thou endurest 7rv€vp.a aKYjonov K€Kpay€ Trpo? 0"€. Akoiktov, Kvpcc, #ccu ^ 

for ever, and we perish utterly. AemroF, on rifxdpToa€V ivavriov aov on ov ica^ucvo? tok 3 

^ O Ijord Almighty, thou God of Israel, hear •'^ ^'-^jw' "^ "^ 

now the nrayers of tiie dead Israelites, and of «*^»'«; '^^^ ^^M^^ d7roXXvfi€voL tov auava. ^ .. ^ a 

their children, which have sinned before thee, Kvpic iravroKparwp 6 0€os lo-pa^X, okovcov orj rrj^ ^ 

unto US. ^Remember not the iniquities of our vovnav €vavTiov aov, ol ovk rjKovarav rrj^ qHavrj^ aov 0€ov 

forefathers: but think upon thy power and a{b-&F, Kal iKoXkYjOrt {iu2v ra icaKa. Mn tivrHTOn^ ^^uar 5 
thy name now at this time. 'For thou art f * ^ tJw f /\ ^ y * " » 

the Lord our God, and thee, O Lord, will we ^'aTcpcuv ly/ttcov, oAAa fivrja-fhrri x^^po^ <rov KaiOvopxiTO^ crow 

praise. , . . . ^ , , ^ , ^ cv tu) fcaipa> tovtcu* oti ov Kvpios 6 0€os nua>v, Kai at^co-o- 6 

' And for this cause thou hast put thy fear / v- /' ' 

in our hearts, to the intent that we should call "-^J^ 0"« i^vpic-^ 

upon thy name, and pmise thee in our cap- "On 8ta tovto cScDKas tov dtopov O'ov cttI KopSiav ijpJav^ 7 
tivity : for we have called to mind all the ^» \ '^ n ^ " ' %»» '^-»_^ 

iniquity of our forefathers, that sinned beforl T' ^T""^'.'^^^* '"'' '''''''^, '^'^* ''"J mv€o;o,icv ac ck t^; 

thee. airoLKiq. r}fiu)Vt on air€<TrpGpap.€v airo Kapoia^ Tjfuav Traxray 

ti^if^'-wtVe'thr l^t '^it!^ iS.?o7a'^S: ^t^ ^rip^vfi^v. rjoy ^M^kotu-v hayriov<r<n,. ' 

proach and a curse, and to be subject to pay- l^ou rffx€i^ (njfX€pov €V rg airoixiif. rffnov, ov 6t€(nr€ipa^ o 

ments, according to all the iniquities of our ^uas cVct ct? omSwraov, Kal €t9 apav, kol €U 66\ri(nv Kara 
lathers, which departed from the Lord our / x fo / / « - a / . j > ir ' 

God. 7rao"as Tas adiKias iraT€piDv "rjpMJV, Oi dirconycrov airo JHLvpiov 

•Hear, Israel, the commandments of life: ®^ov ripxav, 

give air to understand wisdom. ^How hap- ''Akovc ItrpawX c'lroXos {urns, ivtDTuraurOt yva>vat 6poio;- 9 

penetn it, Israel, that thou art in thine enemies m/ . »t /x / ♦ , ** *» t /i J* ♦ in 

land, that thou art waxen old in a strange ^'•'' T' «^*»' laparjA; ri otl iv ya rwv iyppwy tl; lU 

/v^iirift»ir fhof. fliA\ii a*f ^Ia^I.^^ ««^:4^k 41,^ J<..J i \ '/I ». _ _*> J\ > ' '../l ^_ ^_ 

walked in the way of God, thou shouldest ^^tc &v iv itowm tov aiJiva * 

have dwelled in peace for ever. L //i ^^"^ ^^^ aiwva. ^ ^ ^ 

" Learn where is wisdom, where is strength, }^^^^ '^^^ «^" ^poyqai^,^ irov i<mv urxy^, vovi<mv 14 

where is understanding; that thou mayest owccts, toG yvwvat aua ttov iari uxucpoBiwrvi koll (,(an, 

know also where is length of days, and life ^'*j ^'»»^/i\'» \ t ^ m' ♦ > ' m 

jjhere is the light of the eyes, and^i^: ^o«J<"\'l>^ r^f^r ""K *T^- ?* .*^?* ^ '"^ '^ 

" Who hath found out her place ? or who hath avny?, #cai tis ctoiyA^cv cts tous Orjo-avpov^ avr^ ; 

come into her treasures ? tt ** » « » ** i/l *» ^ • ' «• m 

WTin- tTcaBuresr Jj^^y ^^^^^y q^ OpVOVTC? TWF COVCUV, Kat Ot KVpiCVOVTC^ TtoW 16 

"Where are the princes of the heathen, iL. ' «- t ^ ^ ** «» ^.z*^**, ^|» 

and such as ruled the beasts upon the earth ; ^f^^)" '^^ ^^^ ^ Tf^ o* ^ tois opvcoi? tou ovparcw 1 7 

i' they that had their pastime with the cftTratfovTC?, Kal to opyvpiov ftxrauptfoirc?, Kal to vpvcriov 

fowls of the air, and they that hoarded ud^j 'h " n \ » » /\ m ^ , 

sUver and gold, wherein men trust, and madS <?,^^«'roi^€tcrav^ ai^powroi, Kai, ovk €<m tcXos T79 kt^tcw 

no end of their getting? "For they that o-vtwv; On 01 to apyvpiov TCKraiVovTCS KOi fJL€ptfivSiVT€^, 18 

BAPOYX, 125 Babuch III. 19— IV. 9. 

19 irai ovK €<mv c^cvpciris iw ipytay avrwv, *H<l>avur$rj<rav, wrought in silTer, and were bo carefal, and 

20 Ncurcpot cISov ^9, icai Kari^icrja'av hrl t^ yrjq, oSov Sk *™ come up in their stead. 

21 hrum/jfirj^ ovk eyvwaav, ovSk owrJKav rpifiov^ aurns, ov^ "Young men hare seen light, and dwelt 
* \ fo » ** * * ^ » ** 1 '^ f^ t^ ^ , m. upon the earth; but the way of knowledse 
avT^XaPovTO avrri^' Oi vioi avrcuv diro rrjs oSov ainruii. y^^ t^ey not linown, s^nor undewtood thi 

22 wopptt) hftyrfirffrav, OuO< ifKOvamj iv Xavaav, ovo^ uif^^ paths thereof, nor laid hold of it: their chil- 
is QknitLnv ^"^ ^®^ ^ off fro"» t^*** ^ay. 22 ifc hath not 
w wat/ittv. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ been heard of in Chanaan, neither hath it 

23 Onrc viol Ayop ol ^icfiyTOiWcs t^k <Tvv€(Ti.y ol ^irt T79 ^^••o •*«'* i^i Theman. 

y^?, 01 €fnropoL rrj^ Mfppav, Koi ®aipjay, kcI ol fivOoXoyoi, "The Agarenea that seek wisdom upon earth, 

N € » y \*» / «o>e^ J' »t the merchants of Meran and of Theman. the 

icai 01 iKirpTiroL nj^ aw€a€m, fov «€ ot>^5 ovk lyiwav, authors of fables, and searchers out of under- 

ovoc ifMn^OrfO'av ras Tptpovi avnjs. standing ; none of these have known the way 

txA *rk*i ^\< ' • f '^fik'« ^f / < of wisdom, or remembered her paths. 

24 ii larpariA, ok Mcya? o oIko« tou 06ov; kcu bruvnioK o ^/^T it. ^..i.V i.^,. 
-.- / J^ f '^ » *» -.^r/ « * » >' N >* O Israel, how great is the house of God ! 

25 Toiros T»7s Knyo-cco? ovtov ; Mcya?, icai ouk 9(a TcAcvriyv, and how larye is the phce of his possession ! 

26 vdrnXos Koi dtLcr/mrof. 'EkcI iyewrfirKrav ol yryavrc? ot * Great, and hath none end ; high, and un- 
» *,»t*» _'_» 'zi >' measurable. * There were the giants famous 
ovofiaoTOi, &w apxn^ ycvo^cvot cv,i€y€^€t9. CTrtara/icvoi from the beginning, that were ofso gr«itst«! 

27 woA€/i.oi/. Ou TOVTOVS cfcAcfaTO o €)cos, ouO€ ooov ori- ture, and so expert in war. ^ Those did not 

9/>onpiv, amiiAovro iua rriv apovKiav avrwv. Btroyed. because they had no wiadom, and 

29 T.'s Avipr, tU TW oipavoy. ical ?Xa/3*v air^v. koJ Kare- '*™'''^ "^"«^ **" °''° f<x>li''»">e"- 

on RfRnn-^ /tiV^t/ i«> «?.t/ i#«A«X«?>i/ . T/o ^1//}^ W/vr.^ <f-!W. "^ Who hath gone up into heaven, and taken 

30 P'P'^o-cv aunyv iK rwv ve«^v, lis du/Jiy ^cpav T179 j^gj. and brought her down from the clouds? 

uoAaa-tTTf^, Ktti cvpev avr^, icai owrct aimjv xpvo-iov ckAck- » Who hath gone over the sea. and found her, 

31 Tov ; 0(,K cW 6 y.v^K.y ^v ^y a^., o^^ 6 ivOv. -d^-[H ^^t^^-o^In^i^^^^^^^ JL^ ^'^ 
;ioyM€V09^TT7v rpt^ov avnys. ^ _ .... "But he that knoweth all things knoweth 

32 AAA o cidws Ttt wavra yivwo-icct avnyv, e^upcv avnyv rjy her, and hath found her out with his under- 
aw€<T€i OVTOV- 6 KaTao-ic€Vcuras rnv yfjv €h rov auava standing : he that prepared the earth for 

^^ / t ' \ * ^ «'''/« •/-! . evermore hath filled It With fourfooted beasts : 

33 XP^vov, iv€TrXrj(r€y avrrjv icrqviov rcrpairodtov. O aTro- 38 he that sendeth forth light, and it goeth. 

OTcXAwv TO diwq KoX iropcvcrai, ^koXco-cv ovto, icat vir»- j^JUf ^^ i^ again, and it obeyeth him with fear. 
„ . ^ * '^ ' rk< fi^ > ' 9\ I ! A " The stars shmed m their watches, and ro. 

34 Kovo-cv avT<j> rpofUD, ^Oi Sk acrrcpcs JlXafuj/ay iv Taw joiced: when he.calleth them, they iy Here 

<f>vXaKa2s avTuiv, Koi €v<f>pdv$rfa'av ^KoAccrcv avTov9> xat "we be ; and so with cheerfulness they shewed 

cT^rov, irdp€afuv' V^pAffav fi€T €{^po<rvvrji t$ woii^avTi ^^^ "^^ ^"^ '^**^ "^^ '^®"- 

avTovs ' ''This is our God, and there shall none 

^t.',^x,« »\ /!/ 9 X >/ other be accounted of in comparison of him. 

35 OvTos o ©COS 17/xcuv, ov Aoy«re^o"€T€u rrcpos irpos avToi^. »He hath found out all the waj; of knowledge. 

36 *Eifvp€ naaav 68ov ivurrnfirK, xot cScdkck ovrw •loKuifi tuJ f nd hath given it unto J^h his secant, and 
„-, \^ , ^ x>T y\ ^ » r>''« l*sto Israel his beloved. ''Afterward did he 

37 iraidi avTov. icat l<rpa7j\ toi yyainy/xcwp vir avTOv. Mrra shew himself upon earth, and conversed with 

tovto im TTJ^ yrjs &^Bri, koi ci' tois dv^powrois <njvav€» nien. 

arpddm ^^ ^^ ^^^ hook of the commandments of 

'?V^/', ^,^ ^ , * ^ *» \ t / Grod,and the law that endureth for ever: all 

. . /^ ^ ptpAos Twv wpwrrayfrnnay rov ®€ov, koi o yofw^ thev that keen it shall come to life ; but such 

6 VTrapvcdv cis TW aiwva* wxurcs ot xpaTOvvrcs avrnv, €is ** leave it snail die. ^Turn thee, O Jacob. 

«»/^fj>\ v/ »_\_ * a '^ "r^ and take hold of it : walk in the presence of 

2 Cwiyv- 04 U^ KaToAcMTOi^cs avr^*^ airodavovimu. Eiri- the light thereof, that thou mayest be iUu- 

<TTp€<fK)V 'I(ucb>)3, Kol ^iriXajSov avT^S, SioScvo-ov irpos T^v minated. ' Give not thine honour to another, 
Soiov <7-o«, KOI TO (Tv/u^^nra <rot fft'ti oXXorpup. *0 larael, happy are wei for things that are 

5 yvciXTTa €OTt. 0apo-CiTC Aaos ftov, /xvtjfioavyov laparjX, rael. «Ye were sold to the nations, not for 

6 EirpaftiTC Tots c^co-iv ovk cis diroiAciav. 840 to napopyurai [your] destruction: but because ye moved 
« « -« ^ i=v ' ^'/L *» « ' TT >/ God to wrath, ye were delivered unto the ene- 

7 V/40S TOi/ ©cov irapcdott/Tc T049 wrcvaKT404s. IIap<»)fwaTe mies. 1¥ot ye provoked him that made you 

yap TOK irocwcavra vuas, ^voxiftcs 3a44iovi04S, ical ov 0«3. J>y_ sacrificing unto devils and not to God. 
a *v* \ fA _/\ \ J * «'»A^ »' «\ *'°ie have forgotten the everlasting God, that 

8 ETTcAo^cor^c rov Tpw^o-ovra v/ias 0cov ai«v40v, iXvmj^ brought you up : and ye have grieved Jerusa. 

care 8k ical r^v iKOpi^axrav 17/Aas 'IcpotxraAi7/A. lem, that nursed you. 

9 EISc yip T^iK i«Mov^a. V; opy^ ,-pi ro5 0co5. „;:i[%^X''^rH^kr!&l*'t'^ard"J"5 
icoi clircv, oKOvo'ttrc 04 9rapo4icot ^uov, cm/yayc fioi o 0cos about Sion: God hath brought upon me 

Babuch IV. 10—35. 126 BAPOYX. 

great mourning; *®for I saw the captmty of vg/Oo^ fivm. ElSov yap rrpf al)(/iaXbKr(a¥ Ttor vuay /juov 10 

them ; but sent them away with weeping and yap avrovs fur €wt>poavyiff^, ccaircorciAa ok fivra KAavdfiov 

mourning. ^oi irMovi. 

^ Let no man rejoice orer me, a widow, and -hr ^ ^ i— » «/ > % i />/ c \ i o 

forsaken of many, who for the sins of my chil- MijSct? hnxaip€no fioi 17;^ xnP^^ nat KaToXcif^ftJcrjy wo 1 2 

dren am leH) desolate ; because they departed voXXSiV, rjpntipjuiBrjv 8ia roL? ofiaprCai rwv tckvoiv fiov, &m 

iSrutLMrwSfkSt S.?^%^orhroJ^ if^Wi..,J/»o„0coB K«l8uca«J^raa^^^^^ IS 

mandments, nor trod in tlie paths of discipliix) ovOc t7rop€whiamf 00019 ivroAlay ®€ov, ouO< T/xpous TnuOctas 

in his righteousness. ^ Sucatoowjy a^S hrifirftray. 

^"^ Let them that dwell about Sion come, and »i?\/)/ 9 ' « \ ^ / /> ^ t .^ 

remember ye the captivity of my sons and ^crway ol Trapoucoi Stair, icat jiinjcrft/rc ti/k otxjia. 14 

daughters, which the Eyerlasting hath brought Xnxriav rwv vVay fiov koX Bvyaripaw, r/v hrf/yayty avrotc 6 

a strange lan^age, who neither rererenoed old avcuOfS icai aAAoyAcixro'OV* ori ovk i^crx^i^^i/crav irp^irpvnfv, 

man.nor pitied chUd. Wand they have earned ^^ toiSmw nkaxrav, icai dm/yayoi^ Toi« ivawwoii« 16 

away the dear beloved children of the widow, « , x »/*»/) t ' '\ , *' » 

and left her that was alone desolate without tj;s XVpa9, icoi airo Twv fhrYaTfpuny rrjv /AOV17V rjprjpMfrav, 

daughters. »7 But what can I help you ? "For •£70) 5^ ti Bwarn BrntOna'at vtuv ; *0 yap CTrayaywir 17 

he that brought these plagues upon you will >' >»>\- «'»i ^j^- eV» -n V4 10 

deliver you from the hands of your enemies. T« '^o^a* IfcAciTOt v/xas ^k x^H^ ixpp^ v/«-v. BaStCcrf 18 

>» Go your way, O my children, go your wav: rcicva, )3a8i^eTC, ^ yap icaTcXci<^^ flprjfiot, '££c^ 19 

for I am left desolate. *I have put off the _',-,^ ^,, ,^^\i^\c^\i^,j.^ I,,^^^^,,.»^ Sii ^X^^^^ •CU on 

clothing of peace, and put upon me the sack- V^^, ^^ aroKrjv Ttfi €iprjvip, iv€lwap.rp^ 6c <raKKoy^ n/s 20 

cloth of my prayer: I will cry unto the Ever- Oci/ctccds fiov* K€Kpa(ofJLai wpo^ rov axiaviov Iv rtwi ijfitptws 

lasting in my days. „q^^ 

th7l^?di"^h*7l^?"eL»"rfr^°th2 . fp/^f' "r- ^-^"^ T//"" ®*"'''"" «*^^21 

power and hand of the enemies. Vfias iK owaorcta?, Ik ;(C(po9 €)(6pCiiy, 

^ For my hope is in the Everlasting, that he *£yb> yap T^Xwura cirl tCi amvit^ Ttjv aiarrfpCay vfASty 22 

shall soon come unto you from the Everlasting W* ^Z**" ^ '''^X^^ ''^^^ ""^^^ aUavLOV <rmrjpo^ vfitay. 

your saviour. *Ef eirt/x^o yap v/xas fiera icXav^/iov koX viyOovf, airo- 23 

with joy and gladness for ever. ^Like as now C(9 rov auora. licnrcp yap wv ccdpoKao-iv Oi irapoucoc Sutfv 24 

the neighbours of Sion have seen your cap- ^w viiertpay aivuaAftKriav. ovrtDS oi^ovrai h raYCi Twvirapa 
tivity : 80 shall the V see shortly your salvation '-/T-^'^t^'^'^ / *»x^^ •-^'^ / ©/> 

from your God, which shall come upon you Tou Ocou vfiwy awrjpiav, rj circAcvo-crat v/xtv ftcra 60^1^ 

with great glory, and brightness of the Ever- fxeydhj^ icai XofiTrponTros rov aiuwiov. 

25 My children, suffer patiently the wrath '^^^^^ fmKpo$vfiri<raT€ rrjv iropa rov 0€oO ^cX^unxy 25 

that is come upon you from God : for thine vfjLiv opyrjv, KarcSuo^c 0"C 6 l)Sp6%, icai o^ct a^ov twf 

his neck. * My delicate ones have gone rough TptN^pot fiov hroptv^tjaav oBovs Tpa;(cui9> ypOrfouy 019 

ThYelTemier'^ ^^"^ ''''*^ " * '^"*^*' ""^ iror^vtov ^piraafiiyoy {m6 ixOpC^y. 

27 Be of good comfort, O my children, and ©apoTTO-are rcicva Kat ^oi}o-aTC 7rpo9 rov ®(6v, carrot yap 27 

cry unto God : for ye shall be remembered of vfiStv wro rov hrdyovroi pv^ia. "Qcnrtp yap eymro ^ 28 

God : so, being returned, seek him ten times craTC iirurTpa<l>€vr€^ l^rp^aui avrov, O ycip ^irayaywK 29 

with your salvation. com/pia? Vfuov* 

^ Take a good heart, O Jerusalem : for he ^dpatL 'Itpovaakrjp, TrapaKoXco-ci at 6 ovo/idani cc. 30 

that gave thee that name will comfort thee. a*/\/..«. ^f <«-2 .^^^/^^n^Mm^t* •«•/.) JVi«^^/>/.m.«^ *.:: ^-j: - ' - 01 

w Miserable are they that afflicted thee, and ^«^' oiaiKOKiotravri^.Kai ijrixaparrt^ VQ o^ vroKTCf 31 

reioiced at thy faU. ^ Miserable are the cities AccXaiai at iroAct9 0X9 cOovAnxrav ra rcicva aov, ociXata 17 32 

at thy ruin, and was glad of thy fall: so shall wrtixret, icai €v<f>pav(hj iirt t^ TTTco/xaTt cov, ov7ti>9 Avmyoh;- 

she be grieved for her own desolation. »*For.I o-crot cVi tw lavrw? ^pi7MtCi. Kai wcpuXw avTn9 to dyoA- 34 

will take away the reioicmg of her great multi- ^z « \ x/ % x /'^ » - '. /n 

tude, and her pride shall be turned mto mourn- Aia/ia 1179 iroAvoxAia9 icai to yavpmfia avrrjs ct9 V€v&o^. 

ing. » For fire shall come upon her from the Hup yap cTrcXcixrcrai avr^ ?rapa tow aiuviov cc9 ^fUpa^ 35 



/jLOKpaq, K<u Karouafiria-rrai ^o iaifiovifav rov irXctbva 

36 ncpi)3\c^ov irpo9 dvaroXas 'IcpoixroX^/i, teal ZSc Trfv 

37 €v<f>pocrvvtiv rrfv vapa rov 0cov crot ifixofihr/jy, *l3ov 
^X^iToi ot iM(H crov ovs ^^ircoTccXag^ ^;(OVTa( tnnmjpfiUvoi 
diro ovaroXuiv Icds Svct/xoiv rf pTJfiari rov dyiov, ;(aiJpovrcs 
T§ Tov 0coO 8o^. 

5 "EKBva-ai 'UpovaaXtf/i rrp^ (rrokrfy rev vMov^ iccu t^ 
fcoicctfo'ccos crou, Kai tyBvacu t^v cvirpcircuiy t^9 vapa rov 
0€oO So^TC Ci9 TOV amva. 

2 IIcpijSaAov T^F 8iirXot$a t^ vapa tov 0€ov Sucauxrvn;?, 
hrlBov iriv furpav im rrpf KC^aXi/i' crov t^ 8ofi;s tov 

3 auiii'iov. *0 yap 0€O9 Sct^i t^ vir* ovpavov irwrg rr/y ayjv 

4 XofivporrfTa. K X i^^^ycrcr a i yap o-ov to wo/Dia irapa tov 
0COV CIS TOV ouova, €ipi]vrj Bucaioavvrj^, koI S6(a Otwrt" 

5 *Avai(rrq9i *l€p€fWTaKrjfi, km (rrrjOi ivl tov xnjnfXov, koX 
ircpijSXc^ai irpoc dvaroAAs, xai i8c mnnfjyfjLwa ra rvcva acv 
airo rfXiov ivafilav coif dvaroXcuv r<a j^/mlti tov cLycov, 

6 )(aipovTai TQ TOV 0COV fivtuf., *Et$rjX$ov yap vapd crov 
irc^oi dyd/Acvoi viro i)fip(av, c&o-dyci 8^ avrovs 6 0co€ vpos 
cr^ alpofui^mK ftcra 80^9 «[»$ Opovov P<un\€iai, 

7 2wcra^ yap 6 0co9 TaTCCvovo^ Tav opo$ v^Xov, koI 
^va9 dcwoovst fcol ^opayyas irXi/poikr^ai cis hfxaXurfiov 
T^s y5s, iVa Pa&urn *I(rpa^X our^aAok Tp tov 0cov 80^. 

8 'Eo-KMurav ik koI oi Bpvftol k(u irSy (v\ov cvcuSias t^ 

9 'lo-pa^X irpotrrdyfiaTi rov 0cov. 'Hy^croi yap o 0cos 
'lo-pa^X /ACT cv^po(rvvi;s t$ ^ovrl t^ 80^1^ avrov, crvv 
ikfrffioavvr^ Kal SucauxrviT; rg wop* avrov. 

Babitch IV. 36. — Ep. of Jebemt, 3. 

ErerUsting, lonf to endure; and she shall be 
inhabited of deTila for a great time. 

'^O Jerusalem, look about thee toward the 
east, and behold the jov that oometh unto 
th6e from God. ^ Lo, thy sons come, whom 
thou sentest away, they come gathered together 
from the east to the west by the word of the 
Holy One, rejoicing in the glory of God. 

Put off, O Jerusalem, the garment of thy 
mourning and affliction, and put on the come- 
liness of the glory that cometh from God for 

' Cast about thee a double garment of the 
righteousness which cometh from God; and 
set a diadem on thine head of the glory of the 
Everlasting. > For God will shew thy briffht- 
ness unto every oountrv under heaven. * For 
thy name shall he called of God for ever The 
peace of righteousness, and The glory of God's 

* Arise, O Jerusalem, and stand on high, and 
look about toward the east, and behold thy 
children gathered from the west unto the east 
by the word of the Holy One, rejoicing in the 
remembrance of God. *For they departed 
from thee on foot, and were led away ot their 
enemies: but God bringeth them unto tliee 
exalted with glory, as children of the kingdom. 

'For God hath appointed that every high 
hill, and banks of long continuance, should be 
cast down, and vallies filled up, to make even 
the ground, that Israel may go safely in the 
glory of God. ^Moreover even the woods 
and every sweetsmelling tree shall overshadow 
Israel bv the commandment of God. 'For 
God shall lead Israel with joy in the light of 
hia glory with the mercy axid righteousness 
that cometh from him. 


'ANTirPA4>0N lirurroX^ ijs dirwrciXcv 'Icpe/itas irpo« 
TOV9 (ix^iyo'o/Acvovs ai;(fAaXciiTOVS cis Ba^vXiova viro tov 
pao'tkiuii Tiav BajSvXftivuiiv, ovayyciXai avrois Ka^ori 
hrerdyq avrw xnro tov 0cov. 

2 Ata ra9 afiapria^ <&9 "q/MLprqKan iyavriov rov 0€ov, 
d'xBrfOtfrOt €19 Ba^vXuiva oixftoXairoi vro Na)3ov;(o8ovoo'op 

3 paa'iX&oi rvxv Bo^SvXcdviW. ElcrcXtfovrcs oSv els 'BafivXAtiva, 
Icrco^c ^K€i hrf irXciova koi )(p6vov fuucpov, hoi ycvcunf 
^irra* fura rovro Sk €$d$<a v/iias iKtWw ficr tlprpnj^. 

A COPY of an epistle, whidi Jeremy sent 
unto them which were to be led captives into 
Babylon by Uie king of the Babvlonians, to 
certify them, as it was commanded him of 

* Because of the sins which ye have committed 
before God, ye shall be led away captives into 
Babylon by Nabuchodonosor king of the 
Babylonians. 'So when ye be come unto 
Babylon, ye sliall remain there many years, and 
for a long season ^ namely, seven generations : 
and after that I will bring you away peaceably 
from thence. 

Epistle of Jebemy, 4—27. 128 EHISTOAH lEPEMIOY. 

*Now shall ye see in Babylon gods of silver, Nwt 8c 6iI/€<t6€ iv BaBvXlovi $€Ov^ apyvpovs Kat vpixroOs 4 
and of gold, and of wood, borne upon shoulders, >>\' 'f«» • / 55'-.*^.'^ 

• which cauie the. nations to fear. * Beware ^*^ (vXivov^ ctt w^ots atpo^ci^ovs. Scucvwra? <^^wtoi? 

therefore that ye in no wise be like to strangers, i$vt<nv, l£iv\afirfirjT€ ovv /xtf koL vfi€ii a<fiOfiouD$€yT€^ 5 

shipping them. * But sav ye in your hearts, O aurois, idovras o;(A.oi' €fiirpoav€y koi owuruey avruty trpo- 

Lord, we must worship thee. ? For mine angel <rxwowTas a^ct. ElTraT€ Sk rn Biayola, aol 8€i irtxxTKweiv, 6 

IS with you, and I myself carmg for your ^, tr% > » x / /^ « *» • » / m 

eoula. OcoTroTa. O yap ayycAos /now /tw v/xoiv eaTtf, avros tc 7 

8 As for their tongue, it is poUshed by the ^'^^^^'' ''^^ ^^f V^J'- ^ . c s . 

workman, and they themselves are gilded and rAaxrcra yap avTa>i' coTi Karcfixr/ACio; VTro T€KTOvoi, avra 8 

a virgin that loveth to go gay, they make crowns AxiA.€iv. Kai w(nr€p irapu€Vi^ KpiAoKOO'fua Aafipavovrf^ B 

for the.heads of their go^ »!> Sometimes also vpwtW. /caro^iccvafovo'i ar€dMVOV^ hrl T05 /cc^oXas T«y 

the priests convey from their gods gold and QT^ ,« w-c^^s ^»fJ / t€«»\iA 

silver, and bestow it upon themselves. "Yea, ^^^^ avrwv. liort 0€ Kai ore v<^(pov^(voi 01 upcis dwo 10 

they will give thereof to the common harlots, tu>v tfcwv avrwv vpvcrtov /cai dpyvpiov €^9 lavrovs Karava- 

and deck them as men with garments, [being I \ ** a f ^\ 9 » » *i \ >* s \ «« / 11 

gods of sUver, and gods of gold, and wcwd. ^,^'- A<«>o-ow-t Sc air avrwK Kai rats ^Tri tov cnrcyov? 11 

Tropvais* KOCfiovaC tc avrovs, b>9 ai^pcinrovs, tois ^8v|juicri, 

"Yet cannot these gods save themselves ^cous apyupov?, Kai ^€0V5 ypwrovs, #cat fuXivovs. 
from rust and moths, though they be covered r\f ^\ » o /«. , % . ** > o ^ /« m 

with purple raiment "They wipe their faces Ovroi 0€ ov otacrcu^oKrai aTro lov #cat pptofiaTWV, irtptfU" ii 

because of the dust pfthe temple, when there is BXriaivtav avrwv laaTtaiJuov iropdivpovy, •EKUcurcroiTat to 13 
much upon them. " And he that cannot put / » ^ © * \ . ^ , / '^ % v , 

to death one that ofTendeth him holdeth a Tpoo-owrov auTwv dia tov Ik rrj^ ouctas KOVtopTov, os itm 

sceptre, as though he were a judge of the ttAcmjv hr avrotq, Kat aKmrrpov cyci cbs dv6po}iroq KpiTtK 14 
country. "He hath also in his right hand a.^^ a \ » » \ t / » >\-» "rno^ic 

dagger and an axe : but cannot deliver himself X<^P^^' <>« ^ov «s aurov afrnpravovra ovk ovcAci. Exct 8c 15 

from war and thieves. ** Whereby they are cy;(Cipt8toi' 8c^c^, Kat ircXcKW* catn'ov 8c ck voXIfiov Kat 

known not to be gods: therefore fear them XrjtrrQ^v oIk c'^ciTat. *0^cv yFa;pt^t' cZcrti^ oIk 5itc5 ^ot- 16 

, ' ... 1 *i * i.1. ' M ^^ <t*^PrfirfT€ avrovs. 

^' For like as a vessel that a man useth is Vn \ '^ 1 n » i^^^'» / it 

nothing worth when it is broken ; even so it is ^icnr€p^ yap ctkcuos dvdpwTrov crvvTpip€y axpctw yti^CTOt, 1 7 

with their gods : when they be set up in the tern- TOtourot {nrdpyovcty oi 6€ol avriov, KaOiSpvixivwv aurCiV ly 

pie, their eyes be full of dust through the feet ^ «„ ^r^^.^. ^« jtjL/j \ . > •'^ . — \ ' ,.^ -» ^ '^ » \ 

Sf them that come in. »8.And as the doors are ^°'« ^^'^^^'^ ^* o^^oA/xot auTwi' TrAi/pcts^ cict Kovtoprov oyo 

made sure on every side upon him that rtijv voSiav tcuv €i<nrop€vofi€V(tJV, Kat oKnrcp rtvi i78tKi;Kon 1 8 

their temples with doors, with locks, and bars, amjyp.^vio' tovs oikous airruiv oxypovaiv 01 tcpcts uvptafiaa-t 

lest their god^ bo spoUed with robbers. ^c Kat KkeCOpois Kat /xoxXot?, 07r<DS wro Toiv Xt/otwi/ fi^ 

w They light them candles, yea, more than for orXi/^akrt. 
themselves, whereofthey cannot see one. » They Avvvovs Katowt, Kat TrXciovs V caurois, wi^ ouScm 8v- 19 
are as one of the beams of the temple, yet they >©« iri:i %* ^% «» ** »/oa 

saytheirheartsare gnawed upon by things creep, van-ai tdciv. ^ Jlicrrt^ ^cy w(jnr€p boKO^ twv €k t^s oiKtos, ^ 

ing out of the earth : and when they eat them Tas 8c KopBlas avTwv thaxriv CKXciYCC^at twv uTro tws yns 

and their clothes, they feel it not. *' Their « ^ /j' •' \\« \ a'J 

faces arc blackei through the smoke that "^.^^^r^ f «^^^^<>'^«^'' ^^^^^ T^ '^«^, ^o*', ifiarurfiov ^avrcoK 

oometh out of the temple. ^ Upon their bodies ovk ato'^avovrat* Mc/uicXav(i)/icvot to 7rpoo'a>7rov avrcov diro 21 

they are no gods : therefore fear them not. cirt T17V kc^oXi/v avTcuv cfptTrrarrat WKrcptOcs. x^Xtdovcs. 

Kat Ta opvca, bxravrcD? 8c Kat ot aiXovpot. *O0ev yvoKrco^ 23 

2^ Notwithstanding the gold that is about ;» , _»^ _» 5 n^f „^ ^»„ A«/?*7^/3* «,*.-«' 

them to make them beautiful, except they wipe °^V,^,*"^ ^ . ^^ J^^ i>op€ia(^€ aura. , «, 

off the rust, they will not shine : for neither To yap y^pva-iov o TrcptKctvrat cts KaXXoc, ^av fti/ Tts 24 

for a most high price. *They are borne upon 'QOVavovTO, Ek iraanrj^ Tifirjq rjyopa(r/x€ya cortv, cv ois 25 

shoulders, haying no feet, whereby they declare ovk cort Trvcvoa. "Avcv Tro&Sv cV aJuot? thtpovrai, €v8ctK- 26 
. unto men that they be nothing worth. / * t ^ » / « » /i > ^ 

w/icvot Tijv cavrcDV artfitav tois av&pa>7rots. 

J- ^T^i®^ ^^^ J^^fi *®'*^® *>T *'® ashamed : AMTYvVoirat tc Kat ot ^cpaTrcvovrcs avro. 8ia t^, ctiroTi 27 

for if they fall to the ground at any time, they , s y^ 0. , %o»»«»/ /i/ »/ 

cannot nse up a^in of themselves : neither, if CTrt Ti;vyi/v Trccn;, /i^ di avrwv avLcrratr&ai, fivjT€ toy tis 

one set them upright, can they move of them- avro opBov armrn, 8t' cavrov Ktvw^no-CTat, awrc iav kXi^, 
selves: neither, if they be bowed down, can * y » n hj^ »\\* • *• \ »^ » *» # 

they make themselves straight: but they set ^^ M optfw^, oAX oxTTrcp vcKpots ra doipa avrots iropaTt- 

gifts before them, as unto d^id men. ^crat. 



28 Tas 8c ^ixrias avroiv aTroSo/uicvoi o2 icpcis avmv Kara* 
Xptovrai* axrax^cD^ 3i icai al yvi^auccs aTT* avrtov rapi)(€vova'ai, 

29 ovrc irr(i>x<? ^^* d3waT<k> /x^ /tcraStMri. Toii' ^vcrioiv avrfoi' 
OTTOKaOrjfAtin/i koX Xc;(b> aTrrovrai* yvovrcs o^ dTro tovtwk 

30 ori ovK curl ^col, /jltj <f>ol37fOrJT€ avrovg. Ild^cv yap icXi;- 
0€Lrfaav Otoi ; on yvi^auccs irapaTiOiauri 0€Ois apyvpol^ Koi 

3 1 )(pvaoL^ Koi (vkivoii. Kal ^i/ roZs oi#coi9 avruv oi icpcis 
Si^pcvovatv, c;(on-C9 rovs ;(iTa)vas 3(c/Sp<iryoTa9, tat rag 
#c€^aA.a9 Kai rov9 iruiyQivas i^vfrrffiivov^, &y ai Kc^aXal 

32 aKclXvirroi curiv. 'Qpvovrai hk )3o(i>itcs ^i^avrtOK rwv ^cwv 
auroiv, wnrtp rtvcs ^ Trcpi^ctirvfj) vcKpov. 

33 Atto rov l/juxrurfiov avrwv di<^cXo/xcvo( oi icpcis, ^f8i^ 

34 (Tovcri rag ywaucas avrwK Kal ra iraiSia. Ovrc ^av kokov 
TToBuKTiv xnro TLvo^, ovrc lav ayaOov, Swiycovrai dvraTro-. 
Sovvai' ovrc Karaor^o'at fiacriXia StWio'ai, ovrc d^cXcor^ai. 

35 Oo'avrcDS ovrc ?rXovrov ovrc ^(aAKOv ov fi^ Svi^cuirai SiSovai* 
cav ri9 cv;(^K avrois cv^ofiCFOS fi^ d7ro3(p, ov fitf iTriitirqaW' 

36 aiv. *£k Oavdrov ayOpumov ov firf pvcrctfvrat, ovrc ^rrova 

37 airo lo^pov /xrf cfcAxovrai. AvOpunrov rwliXov cis opacnv 
ov fxtf irMpurrqauxrw, iv 6.vdyKrf avBpwnrov ovra ov firj 

38 c^eXojvrai. X.tjpav ov fitf ikcT^wrtv, ovrc 6p<f>av6v cv 

39 ToZs diro rov opov9 A.ii0ois &fJLou»>fi€yoi ccorl ra $v\iya, 
Kal ra ircpi;(pvo'a, Kal ra ittptapyvpOj o\ 5c dcpaircvovrcs 
avra Karaio^v^o'OKrai. 

40 n<i>s o^i' vofitariov rj KXrjriov \mdp\tiv avrovs Otov^, €ti 

4 1 5c Kol avrOy Totv XaXBauov drifux{ovr<i>v avrd ; Ot orav 
lS<txriv hftov /jLTj hwdfLfvov XoA^ai, irpo(T€veyKdp.fvoL 70v 
B^Aov, d^iovo'i ifMrnjaai, b>s Svvarov oktos avrov aur6€<r6ai, 

42 Kal ov 5vvavrai avrol voi/o'avrc9 KaraXiircii' avro, ala^rjaiv 
yap ovK i^ovaiv. 

43 Al 5c yvFauccs ir€piJ$€fi€yai <r)(pivla, iv ra?s 6501$ cyKo- 
Orprrai, OvfiuSxrai ra mrvpa' orav 5c tk avrwv c^cAicvo^cura 
VTTO TiVOi rwF irapavop€voficyu»v KOt/irf&g, rrp^ irXtjaiov dfci- 
5t(ci, ort OVK riiuirrai wnrtp Kal avr^, ovrc ro axoiviov 

44 avTTJ^ Buppdyrj. Udyra ra ycvo/iicva cV avrois ^OTi tj[rcv5^* 
7W ovv vofiurriov ^ KXrjriov (os ^covs avrovs \nrdp\€iv ; 

45 "Ytto rcKroioDV Kal )(fnja'o\6iov Kar€(rK€vaa'p.iva tiaLV 
ovOw aXXo fAij ytvrirai, rj o jSovAovreu ol rcxvirai avra 

46 ycvco^ai. Avroi re oi KarxurKCva^ovrcs avra ov fi^ yivtav^ 
rat ?roXy;(poviOi* ttois re 5^ /xcAAci ra vir' avrwv Kara- 
aKcvaa^crra ; 

47 KarcXiTTOv yap ^cvSiy Kal oi^ci5o9 rois iviywofihroK. 
48*Orav yap liriXOrf hr avra 7rdA.cfi09 Kal Kcuca, jSovXcvovrai 

'irpos cavrov9 oi Upcis, irov <rvva7roKpvfi%acrL fitr avrfav, 

49 Tl(os o(^ OVK ia-Ttv altrOurBoi, on ovk €uti ^coc, ot ovrc 

50 awf^ovariv cavrovs ck ttoXc/aov, ovrc ck KaKiav ; 'Yvdp)(pvTa 
yap (vkiva Kal 7repi;(pvo'a Kal 'ir€puLpyvpa, yvi$HrOrj<r€Tai 

5 1 /icra ravra ori eWl ^€v8rj. Tots tSveai. iraai rots re jSao't- 
Xcikri <f>av€p6v lorat ort ovk curl ^col, dXXa ^ya ^iipdv 
dvOputjrujv, koi ov5cv 0cov ^pyov cf avrots ^ort. 

52, 53 TtVt oZv yvtoarioy cWlv on ovk curl ^cot ; Bao-tXca 

Epistle of Jebemy, 28 — 53. 

^ Ab for the things that are sacrificed unto 
them, their priests sell and abuse; in like 
manner their wives lay up part thereof in salt ; 
but unto the poor and impotent they giro 
nothinff of it. ^ Menstruous women and women 
in childbed eat their sacrifices : bv these things 
ye may know that they are no gods : fear them 
not. ^For how can they be oilled gods? be- 
cause women set meat before the gods of silrer, 
gold, and wood. '^ And the priesU sit in their 
temples, haying their clothes rent, and their 
heads and beards sharen, and nothing upon 
their heads. *They roar and cry before their 
gods, as men do at the feast when one is dead. 

^ llie priests also take off their sarments, and 
clothe their wives and children. ■" Whether it 
be evil that one doeth unto them, or good, 
they are not able to recompense it : they can 
neither set up a king, nor put him down. *^ In 
like manner, they can neither give riches nor 
money : though a man make a vow unto them, 
and keep it not, they will not require it. 
^ I'hey can save no man from death, neither 
deliver the weak from the mighty. ^ They can- 
not restore a blind man to his sight, nor help 
any man in his distress. '^ They can shew no 
mercy to the widow, nor do good to the father- 

* Their gods of wood, and which are overlaid 
with gold and silver, are like the stones that be 
hewn out of the mountain : they that worship 
them shall be confounded. 

^ How should a man then think and say that 
they are gods, when even the Chaldeans them- 
selves dishonour them ? *^ Who if they shall 
see one dumb that cannot speak, they bring 
him, and intreat Bel that he may speak, as 
though he were able to understand. ^Yet 
they cannot understand this themselves, and 
leave them : for they have no knowledge. 

^The women also with cords about them, 
sitting in the ways, burn bran for perfume: 
but if any of them, drawn by some that passeth 
by, lie with him, she reproacheth her fellow, 
that she was not thought as worthy as herself, 
nor her cord broken. ♦•Whatsoever is done 
among them is false: how may it then be 
thought or said that they are gods? 

♦^They are made of carpenters and gold- 
smiths: thev can be nothmg else than the 
workmen will have them to be. * And they 
themselves that made them can never continue 
lonff ; how should then the things that are 
made of them be gods. 

<' For they left lies and reproaches to them 
that come alter. ^ For when there oometh any 
war or plague upon them, the priests consult 
with themselves, where toey may be hidden 
with them. '"How then cannot men perceive 
that they be no gods, which can neither save 
themselves fix)m war. nor from plague ? *^ For 
seeing they be but or wood, and overlaid with 
silver and gold, it shall be known hereafter 
that they are false: *'and it shall manifestly 
appear to all nations and kings that they are 
no gods, but the works of men's hands, and 
that there is no work of God in them. 

*^ Who then may not know that they are no 
gods ? " For neither can they set up a king in 

Epistle op Jekbmy, 54—73. 130 EHISTOAH lEPEMIOY. 

the Und^ nor give rain unto men. ^ Neither yap )((Lpai ov fitf &y<urnjarwa'ty, ovrc vcrov dvOptoiroK ov firj 

tween heaven and earth. ran ojoucrffia, aowaroi ovrcs* oxnrcp yap Kopuvcu. avofLccrov 

M 9 M \ A 

"Whereupon when fire faUeth upon the rovovpayov kol rtf^ yn^. , , . 

house of gocU of wood, or laid over with gold Kat yap orav €/iV€crri cis ouciav C^cwv ^uMvwv ij wtpi- 5a 

or Bilyer, their priests will flee away, and yawria¥ w ir€piapyvp<w irvp, ot uck Icpcis avrcjv ^ci^vnu 

escape : hut they themselyes shall be burned '^^ ^ '/w »^J^^»s^i /i/ 

asunder like beams. *• Moreover they cannot ««* attunoftycrovTot, auroi d€ ftxrircp doicoi /A^orot Karoicav^- ^ 

withstand any king or enemies : how can it (rovrau Bao'cXci hk kcu woXtfiioK ov p,rj dirrurTwai' ww9 56 

over with silver or gold, able to escape either ovrc diro A^/onuv ov p.rj oiaautuuHTi utoi (vXivai, xai inpiap' 

dothed, they that are strone do take, and so -xpwnov kox to apyvpiov, koh tov ifiarur/iov tov mpuc€ifi€vov 

th^msdiMT' neither are they able to help ^{^i^ dircAcvcrowu ^ktcs, ovrt ^avrot? ov /t^ prnjOrf^ 

"Therefore it is better to be a king that *o*«..^ ^»«rr,^^» *?««. R^^»\£^ /^.^..^C.^^,. .^^ i»«M.^r. s;o 

■heweth his power, or ebe a profitable vessel in , ^^^ xpctovov cli^ai pwi\m cwiekucvvjtcFOV -npt kavrov o9 

an house, which the owner shall liave use of, avopcmv, 17 O'kcvoc Iv oucuf, ^(p7j(rtfi.ov itf> 1^ K€)(prj(rerai o 

than such false ffods ; or a pillar of wood in a (ovo-a ra iv awQ ovra, rj oi ^evOcis d€Of koi (vAivoi 

palace, than such false gods. crrvXos Iv /JaciXcibis. 1) ot ^cvScis $€oi. 

»For sun, moon, and stars, being bright, and "HXios ficv yap koL o-cXi/n; koL aarrpa ovra Xafivpa, koi 60 

•ent to do theiroffices, are obedient. ^ In like dl,ro<rT€XXditcva im vpctag, cvnxoa coriy. 'Oo-avTCii9 icai6l 

manner the ugh tmng when it breaketh forth IS , \ 9 • « «« » ' 1 ^ o> > x ^ 

ewy to be seen: and after the same manner the afrrpaTrrj orav €m<pavj[i, tvowroi iari' ro Ji avro Kat 

wind bloweth in every country. •■ And when yrrcvua h iraxrn Yt^'W '"'Ci. Kai vc6cXai9 orav €7rirayn 63 

God oommandeth the clouds to go over the t\*»^*j '/i »j.» ♦x^ ^ » ' 

whole world, they do as they are bidden. ^^ l^^ ®«o^ lirwropcvccr^oi €«^ oV r^ oucov/io^, oiw^ 

** And the fire sent from above to consume rcXovo-i to ra^fiiv. To. tc irvp ^^irooraXcK avu)$€V i^ava- 63 

hills and woods doeth as it is commanded: \/»-«. J?«« .^#.) Si^,.,^^^ ^^i«7*A ^^nj-m^^A^. .i^r—^. Jii ^"-.-^ 

but these are Uke unto them neither in shew ^"^^^f^ ""^ Spvfiow. ttoui to avvTa)fi€ir ravra 6i ovrc 

nor power. rai9 ciocais ovrc tois Owa/ico'tv avnuv diJHop^iiWfitua coriv. 

« Wherefore it is neither to be supposed nor /9^,T^ vop.wriov dZrt KXrjr^oy {nrdpx^iy aW»s 64 

said that they are gods, seeing they are able acov9, ov OwaTiDV oktcdv avnuv ovrc Kptariv Kpivm, ovrc cv 

Z^'^'^Ar^^^ ttfth^trTn'S «»|«2L'^'^* ^'•^*' "^ "" "*" *^' ^' ''^ *^ 

gods, fear them not ip^prflrjfrt avrovs* 

^_, ,, .,, ,, ,. Ovrc yap BaaiXwaiv ov un KaTopao-cdKrai, ovtc u» 66 

"For they can neither curse nor bless kmgs: »\ / ' ^ '^ *./ i. »ia. 2. » *» ^ ^ *//?»» 

« neither can they shew si^ns in the heavens ^^oyi^wn. ^ Siyftcio tc iv cft'cciv A' ovpavw oO firf Set- 67 

amon^ the heathen , nor shine as the sun. nor (itKriv, ov8k 0)9 6 nXio$ XdMlfcwrty, oSrt ihtorunkrw c^ n 

give light as the moon. ^ The beasts are better --\'«. TA /L.^/» ^/.^'V^ -?„«..* ^^f.^.^^ )ft )(.<.««.,,*^. J..JU. i;a 

than they : for they can get under a covert, and ^^Wn- ^ Ta drfpla avroiv cart icpciTTW, & Oj^vavrac 6c^ 68 

help themselves. * It is then by no means mani- yovTa cis aKarqv cavra co^cX^au Kar ovoiya oZr 69 

Sem n^t."" '^**' they are gods: therefore fear ^^^J^^ ^^^v cWi <^vcpov 5n cicrl ^cot'- 81^ fi^ i»oprfifgTt 


and laid over with silver and gold. '^ And ovrcos oi crcoi avrcuv curi cvAivoi Kai 7r€pi)(pva'Oi koi ir€piap- 

Ukewise their gods of wood, and laid over with yupot. Tw avroK Tpoirov Kai tw ^k kimtw ^xuvw, ^6' ife 71 

silver and gold, are like to a white thorn vn ' JT ^ , //i '^ t / ?\ ^ ^^STT^ / ; 

an orchard, that every bird sitteth upon ; as '^'^ opvcov iTriKathpui, waavnai bi Kai vcxpoi ippifi/Uyfia ht 

also to a d^ body, that is cast into the o-Korci d^ouioiWrai ol ^eol avrtuv ^Xivoi kclL irtpCyfAxroi 

dark. ''And ye shall know them tobeno * / ^a' •* ^ ' \ ^ ^ '^ , «^^ 

gods by the bright purple that rotteth '^^^ ''r€piafrfvpoi, Airo tc tt/s irop«^vpas xat ti;s fuipfiapov 72 

upon them : and tney themselves afterward t^ hr avT0V9 arfTrofianrp yvoKr^i/a-ovrai ort ovic cun $€oi' 

thfcoMtr**""' ""^ "^"^ '^ ' "»"»«'' ^ aMrtU icripov PpoiO^yrai, icot Wat SytiBot h> ^ 

''Better therefore is the just man that v ^ 9 " a ^» *» «s\» rtn 

hath no idohi: for he shall be far from re- ^Kp"*^" ow ovSp^^moi^ SiKaios ovk 9(«»)v ciSa»Xa, canu 73 

proaclL yap fiaicpay &Tro ^vciSurftov. 





KAI oiNJTa? *A{iapca$ irpooTiviaro ovnoi* koX dyotifas to 
arofjta avrov iy fiiaff rov mpo^, ctircv, 

2 £t)Aoyi;ro? c7 Ki^fxc 6 ^o^ rwy varipioy '^fiSfy, kcu 
aiy€T09, Kol ScSofiaoyAeyoF to ovofid cov €U rov^ aUava^. 

3 On Succuof c7 hrl waaty oTs hrotrjo'ai, koi xavra ra tpya 
axnt dXtfOtya, kgu cv^uu ai oSoi cov, koI nxuroi ai Kpurcis 
otn; dXi^^cia. 

4 Kal Kpifwra iiXtfitm iiroiriau^ Kara navra & imjyayts 
17/uK, Kcu M, Ttiv iroAiK T^ aytiov rrjy rtav iraripiov ^/iwv 
*IcpovoxiX^fi* ore iv dXrjOti^ koX KpLtru iin/jyayts ravra 

5 iraira Sta ras i/xaprm 17/bUtfr. ^Ori •^/idfrrofuv koi ^o/a^ 

6 axifiey &irwrn/vai diro <rov, jcal i$rffjLdprofJM^ Iv irciio'i, kcu 
TWK ^oA(i)v O'ov ovic iyjcovcraficv, ovSi (rwtrrfpn^afity, ovS^ 

7 ^ntKi^oti/icv ica^u>9 ^vcrt (Xa» 17/uv, lya cS i7fuv y^vqnu, Kal 
irai«Ta &ra hrqyayt^ Vf^^» '^^ vdvra oau hroirfaai "^fJuv, 
iv dXriOiv^ Kpmt. iwoCrfau^. 

8 Kcu TopcSoMcas lyfuis C(9 x*i/>a9 l^fHov dvofuay, kcu 
lyfiUmw iLTTtxrrarwsy, kcu pauriXti iSuci^ koI mv/fpord'nf 

9 irap^ waaxtv ri^v y^v, Kal vw ovk Iotiv r/Aiv dyolfdi to 
arofia ruiJSnr altrxyvri ical ovciSos fycn/^/tcv Tot9 8ovAoi$ 

Ot>V, fCol T0i9 OYjSo/ACFOCS O*!. 

10 M^ ^ irapaSc^ i7fias €^9 tcXos Sta to OKOfu£ o-ov, icol 

1 1 /A^ SuurKC&un;9 t^ Sta$ij$apf aov, #cal fi^ dyo u - ii/ayv to 
IXcoc otyv d^* ^fui^f 3ia 'Afipaa/i rov ifyawrffUyov inro at>v, 
Kol Sta 'loiaajc tov SouXor <rov, koI *Iarpa^X rov otyioi^ axnt, 

1 2 oTs iXdXfja'a^ frXriOwtu to airipfia avTuty, «^ Ta aarrpa tov 
oupovov, fcol a»9 T^ ^ififJLOV rrp^ mpa to ^(eiAos t^ ^a- 

13 Xaotn;^. *0n, S4(nrora, ia/iucpw^fjicy irapa trdyra ra 
iOvrj, Kol icTfuy TaTCivol iv frdtrij r^ y^ aijfiMpoVt Sul tos 

14 dfJutpTw rifiMv, Kal ovk Icrrir Iv r^ Mupif Toimp apyfav 
ffol irpotfirqrtjii koI ^Tyov/uifvos, o\^ oXoKavroKris, ov3c Owrui, 

^ cvSk irpoaffiopa, ovSc Ov/JLtofta, ov^ Toiros toS Kopirokrai 
^ai«TiW orov, Kol tvptiv cXcof . 

15 'AAX' iy ^l^v^Q ovyrtrpi/ifUyu, koI wvtvfiwn TairctiotKrccD^ 

16 vpo(rS€xO€tr]fify, in iv oXotcavrwr€i KptSiy xal Tavpoiv, «ccu 
^ fivpuuriy dpywv moytav, ovrws ytvccr^ 17 ^uo-ia ^fi«)V 
^yctfiriov otyv airiiupav, koI iicrtkiaui owturOtv <rov on om 
coTOi aia^(yyrf tois TCiroi^o(riv cirl oxm. 

1 7 Kal vvr ^^KoXoiftfoD/iAcv iv oXjf icapSi^, koX €l>oPovfi€$d 

1 8 at, Kol (TroO/icv to 7rp6<naw6v vov, Mi| icaTaiap(vi7}s ^fuif « 

Thsk Azarias etood up, and prayed on this 
manner ; and opening his mouth in the midst 
of the fire said, 

'Blessed art thou^ O Lord God of onr 
fathers: thy name is worthy to be praised 
and glorifiea for eyermore: 'for thou art 
righteous in all the things that thou hast 
done to us : yea, true are all thy works, thy 
ways are right, and all thy judgments trutn. 

^ In all the things that thou hast brought 
upon us, and upon the holy city ot our fathers, 
even Jerusalem, thou hast executed true judg* 
ment: for according to truth and judgment 
didst thou bring all these things upon us be- 
cause of our sins. 'For we have sinned and 
committed iniquity, departing from thee. * In 
all things have we trespassed, and not obeyed 
thy commandments, nor kept them, neither 
done as thou hast commanded us, that it 
might go well with us. ^ Wherefore all that 
thou hast brought upon us, and erery thing that 
thou liast done to ua, thou hast done in true 

"And thou didst deliyer us into the hands of 
lawless enemies, most hateful forsakers qf Gkni, 
and to an uixjust king, and the most wicked in 
all the world. ' And now we cannot open our 
mouths, we are become a shame and reproach 
to thy senrants, and to them that worship thee. 

^Yet deliver us not up wholly, for thy name's 
sake, neither disannul thou thir coyenant: 
^and cause not thv mercy to aenart from 
us, for thy beloved Abraham s sake, for thy ser- 
yant Isaacs sake, and for thy holy Israel's sake; 
''to whom thou hast spoken and promised, 
that thou wouldest multiply their seed as the 
stun of heaven, and as the sand that lieth upon 
the seashore. °For we. O Lord, are become 
less than any nation, and be kept under this 
day in all the world because of our sins. 
>*]M'either is there at this time prince, or pro- 
phet, or leader, or burnt offering, or sacrifice, 
or oblation, or incense, or place to sacrifice be- 
fore thee, and to find mercy. 

^Nevertheless in a contrite heart and an 
humble spirit let us be accepted. ^ Like as in 
the burnt offerings of rams and bullocks, and 
like as in ten thousands of fat lambs : so let 
our sacrifice be in thy sight this day, and grani 
that we may wholly go after thee : for they 
shall not be confoundea that put their trust in 

^And now we follow thee with all our 
heart, we fear thee, and seek thy face. ^ ^^&Su 

Song OF THE Thses Childkek, 19-44. 132 TON TPIQN HAIAQN AINE2I2. 

us not to ibamc : but d«il with us after thy iXXa iromtrov u,€ff numv Kara rnv ciruwccutv <row, Koi koto. 
iTihy meS '"~ *° multitude ^ ^;^^^ ^^5 ^^^ ^^ 

»DeUTeru,alBO accordin,} to thy marveUou. .^~ ^*^'" ^A^' """"^ 7° <'««M<w-'« <'0». icol 80s Sdfay 19 
works, and give glory to thy name, O Lord : t^ ovofuiTi, cov, Kvpw koi ivrpairtirjaav ttiivtcs oi cvOcik- 

and let aU theni that do thy aervanU hurt be v,;^ci^ot rots SouXots <rov Koxa, Kal itaTa«nm^€tn<rav dvo 20 
ashamed; ''and let them be confounded in all ; ^n -, %«.% ,««^ U/ ^^, 

their power and might, and let their strength ^ownys nys dwcu7T€ias, Kot 17 Itrxyi avrwv (Twrpi^cii;, icat 21 

be broken ; '^ and let them know that thou art vFomtfo-av on <rv cT Kvpios, ®€09 uovos, koI O'So^bs ^^' 
Lord, the only God, and glorious over the Vv ^ «,V«,.„A««, r r- r 

whole world. **^^ ^l^ otKoy/icnTV. ^ ^ ^ 

Kal ov SicAtiroK 01 c/i/?aXXovTC9 avrovs v^pcrat rov 22 
'^And the king's servants, that put them in, /Q^—tX </..«. ^nf^^m^m,. ^^^^ i^^...»#«» u<^A/}^w -.^5 •..V*<*^» .«.^ 
ceased not to make the oven hot with rosin! P«r*^«^<"«. itaiOKrcs rjv faM^^'O" »'«*c'av /ecu jricrcrav icoi 

Sitch, tow, and small wood ; " so that the arnnrvov koi KArjfiaTioa. Kai ouxciro 17 9A0C ciravw ti;s 23 

aSd®ninT*^WtI''^^«And^^it^^^^ ica/xtVov ^t mJxcis TCwapoicoiTaww. Kal 8mo8€W€, 24 

and burned those Chaldeans it found about 1^°^ lv€7rvpur€V ot<i edpc ircpl t^ KOfiivov iw XaX&xW. 

the furnace. O Sc ayycXos Kvptov cruyKarc^i; a/ia rots irfpl tok 25 

» But the angel of the Lord came down into Afopuiv cis t^i' Kafxwov, ^ icat ii€riva$€ r^ ^Xoya tou 

the oven together with Azuias and his follows, nvpo^ cic rrj^ Kaiuvov, koX iTroirfat to u.i<rov rns Kouiyov, 26 

and smote the flame of the fire out of the oven : «^ _.^ s ' ss ^ ^y^ * » •! » *« % 

"and made the midst of the furnace as it had *^ y^f^^ Opo<rov 8wun;pi£ov- Kai ovx #aTO oimuv to 

been a moist whistling wind, so that the fire Ka^oXov to irDp ; Kal ovk ikvinja'cy, ovSk Trapi^vcrtvAmrcK 
touched them not at all, neither hurt nor „f^n7c 

troubled them. '"^~«- ..,.>... , . ..,>, „, 

lore 01 Tpci9 (1)9 cc CV09 OTOfUKTOs vfivow, KOI cOocafov, 27 

pS%*^fiJd:"aid"bSiLd'oSd S°U^" ""J/fiA^ow tAv 0ciK hji K«^^, X^OKm. 

furnace, saying, iiiVAoyi/Tog ci Kvptc o (S>€09 tcuk iraryMxv ruMtv, koi 2o 

« Blessed art thou, O Lord God of our '*^^°^' f*^, ^pin/rov/JcKos cZs Toi? oToims. Kal W^Xoy^- 29 

fathers : and to be praised and exalted aboye ficvov to oi^ofia T^ OOC17S o'ov to ayioi', Ka4 inrcpacycroK 

aU for ever. »Andl)le88ed is thy glorious and ^^ {m€pvxl,o^u.€VOV ct? Travras tovs aJuims. 

holy name: and to be praised and exalted „,. r r ^r ^ ' ^ ^* ^ ' , ^ , , 

above all for ever. iiivAoyi^fievos cI ci^ na vau> n;s ayias OocT? o'ov, Kai vircp- oU 

"Blessed art thou in the temple of thy Tr^t !''''' ^^^^"^ '1^^'^^ fT*^- Ei&Xoyiy/i^ cTSl 
holy glory : and to bo praised and glorified o CTrtjCJAcirwv apvaa-ov^, Kafhjiitvoi €ir4 x^povpiy^, kcu aiKcro? 

above aU for ever. « Blessol art thou that be- ,cal ^cpw^ovucKOS cts tovs atwm?. EuXoynuo^os el ^irl 32 
boldest the depths, and sittest upon the che- ^ / ** o \ f ^« ^'^e / 

rubim : and to be praised and exalted above all ^povov tj;? pacriAcias aov, kol vir€pviJLvrjTOi koi vmpvfivov^ 

forever. "Blessed art thou on the glorious acvos ck rov? aiwvas. EvAoynros el cV rw orcpcoMxari 33 

throne of thy kingdom : and to be praised and *» _> *» > » % * 5 sj ^ ' »* % t« 

glorified above all for ever. » Blessed art thou ^^ ovpavov, Kat vfivrjro^ koi dcdofoa/tcvos cis tov? ouuw. 

in the firmament of heaven : and above ail to EuXoyctTC Trovra Ta ^jya Kvptov tok Kvpiov, v/xmTC 34 

be praised and glorified for ever. ^.) • 1 ** » \ * \ t«» -e^>\'^ • ^os 

^ y o*.^* i.uiA B4VXUXCVA aw* otw. ^^j viTcpv^ovTC auTov €15 Tovs auova^. livAoyctTf ovporoi 3o 

•*0 all ye works of the lx)rd, bless ye the rov Kvptov, vfxv€LT€ Kal wrcpvi^ovrc avrw €i9 tov5 aUava%. 
Lord: praise and exalt mm above all for ever. r«»\ ■^ •x w' ^xr' « '» ^• oo 

» O ye heavens, bless ye the Lord : praise EuAoy€tT€ ayycAoi Kvptov tov Kvptov. v/ivctTC Kat vircp- 36 

and exalt him above all for ever. »0 ye v</rovrc avTov cts tovs aliovaq, EvXoyctTC v&iTa Kal irovra 37 
angels of the Lord, bless ye the Lord : praise ^^ '.^ ' ««• ms*^/ ««« %« .« 

and exalt him above all for ever. ^Q kU ye '^'J ^^P^^*^ rov ovpavov rov Kvptov, v/ivctTC Kot vircpv^ovrc 

waters that be above tlie heaven, bless ye the aiTOv cts tov9 atcovas. EvXoyctTco iroo'a rj SvvafUi Kvptov 38 

^^ii''^po'we4^f\t"i^:vK/X- -""J^f"^.' v-- ""l -w»-« -t"v "« ^r '^~'- . ,„ 

LoM : praise and exalt him above all for ever. JbivAoyctTC i7Atos Kot a'€Arprri rov Kvptov, v/tvctrc Kat 39 

"0 ye sun and moon, bless ye the Lord.- ^P^f^ »^oy cIs Tois alZifa^. E*\oy«T€ Arrpa toC 40 
praise and exalt him above all for ever. ^ O ovpavov tov Kvptov, v/LivctTC Kat inrcpv^ovrc avrov cts tovs 

ye stars of heaven, bless ye the Lord: praise aiwvas. EvXoyctTft) iras oaBpo^ Kal Spoaoi tov Kw)tov, 41 
and exalt him above all for ever. ^>0 every < ^ % . ' , « .'7'^. % .*» •e.>x '^ *» V.^ 

shower and dew. bless ye the Lord : praise and v^^'^^^c Kat vircpv^ovrc avrov cts tovs atwvas. EvAoyctTC 42 

exalt him above all for ever. «0 all ye winds, iravTa to irvcvuaTa tov Kvptov, vuvctTC Kal vircpw^ovrc 

bless ye the Lord : praise and exalt him above » y > %t«« xoV ^ '^ ^ y «^^^o 

aU for ever. «0 ye fire and heat, bless ye the ^^^ *^f '^^^ atwvas. EvAoyctrc wp Kot Kav/Aa tov 43 

Lord : praise and exalt him above all for ever. Kvptov, Vftvctrc Kal vn-cpv^ovTC avrov cts rovs cxtoivas. 

^O ye nights and days, bless ye the Lord: EvXoyctrc vvktcs koi "qfiipai rov Kvptov, Vfivetrc, Kal 46 

praise and exalt him above all for ever. *'0 vTrcpw/rovrc avrov cts tovs atwvas. EvXoyctrc c&o»s Kal 47 

ye light and darkness, bless ye the Lord: praise _^'^ir' « « ^« ,*»'»>• % 

and exalt him above all for ever. **0 ye frost ^^J^^ros rov Kvptov, v/Avctrc Kat vircpv^ovrc avrov cts rovs 

and heat, bless ye the Lord: praise and exalt aia>vas. EvXoyctrc ^x^ '^°^ Kavgia rov Kvptov, v/Avctrc 44 

TON TPION nAIAQN AINESlS. 133 Song op the Thbee Childben, 49-67. 

49 fcai vir€p\njfovT€ avrov tU rov; almva^, EvXoycirc frap^vac 


50 Toxjf; ausiva%, EuAoycirc aorpaTroi ical vc^cXai rov Kvpiov, 
vfA.v€iT€ Koi \m€p\njfovT€ avrov cis rov9 auo^as. 

51 EvAoyciro) 17 y^ tov Kvpiov, vfxvtLna koX vircpv^ovro) 

52 avTov ct9 Tovs aicuvas. EvAoycirc opnj kcI fiowol tov 
Kvpiov, v/ivciTC Kai vn-epv^ovrc avrov C19 tovs atoivas. 

53 EvAoyciTC irdvra to, ^vofxfva €V ry yQ tov Kvpiov, v/xvcirc 
#cat VTTcpvi/'Ovrc avrov cis tov9 aiwvas. 

55 EvXoyciTC ^'O'a xai TroTa/ioi tov Kvpiov, vftvetrc Kal 

54 vTTcpvi/rovrc avrov cis rovs auovas. EvAoycirc at m^yai 
TOV Kvpiov, v/ivcirc xai vircpvi^ovrc avrov cis rovs aiwvas. 

56 EvAoycirc icquj icat irovra ra icivov/tcva iv rois vSairi tov 
Kvpiov, v/ivcirc #cai vTrcpv^ovrc avrov cis rov9 aiuivas. 

57 EvAoyciTC iravra ra Trcrciva tov ovpavov tov Kvpiov, 

58 v/xvcirc Kai xnTtpynffoxnt avrov cis rovs afcavas. EvAoycirc 
TTavra ra ^pia Kai ra ktiJvi; rov Kvpiov, v/tvcirc Kai vircp- 
v^ovrc avrov cis tovs aicuvas. 

59 EvAoycirc vioi rcuv avOpunruiv rov Kvpiov, v/xvcitc Kal 

60 VTTcpv^ovrc avrov cis tovs aicuvas. EvAoycirc 'lo'pa^A rov 
Kvpiov, v/AVCirc Kai xnr€pwl/ovT€ avrov cis rovs aicuvas. 

61 EvAoycirc icpcis rov Kvpiov, vp.vuT€ koi vircpv^ovrc 

62 avrov cis rovs aicuvas. EvAoycirc 3ovAoi rov Kvptov, 

63 v/ivcirc Kai vTTcpv^ovrc avrov cis tovs aicuvas. EvAoycirc 
TTVcv/iara Kai ifrvxal 8ik(uo)v tov Kvpiov, vfivcirc Kat vircp- 

64 v^ovrc avrov cis rovs auuvas. EvAoycirc ocrioi Kai raTrci- 
voi rj KapSiq, rov Kvpiov, vpvflrt kcu vircpv^ovrc avrov cis 

rovs aicuvas. 

65 EvAoycirc *Avavia, 'Afopia, Mura^A rov Kvpiov, vfivurt 
Kai vircpv^ovrc avrov cis tovs aicuvas* ori c^iAcro 17/jias cf 
^ov, Kai Ik \€ipos Oavdrov hriMT^v •^fia^' kcu ippwraro 
^/Aas iK /ico'ov Ko/uvov Kaiofihnfj^ ^AoyoSi Kai ck /acVov 

66 xvpos ippva aro 17/jias. "E^o/xoAoycicr^c t$ Kvpuji on 
Xpi/crroSf ori cis rov oucuva to cAcos avrov. 

67 EvAoycirc ttcivtcs 01 o'tPofAtvoi rov Kvpiov rov 0cov rcuv 
^ccuv. v/Avcirc Kai l^opjokoywrOt, ori cfe tov auuva to IAcos 


him aboTO all for erer. *• O ve ftoat and snow, 
bless ye the Lord : praise ana exalt him abore 
all for ever. '^ O ye lightnings and clouds, 
bless ye the Lord : praise and exalt him above 
all for ever. 

*i O let the earth bless the Lord: praise and 
exalt him above all for ever. *^ O ye moun- 
tains and little hills, bless ye the Lord : praise 
and exalt him above all lor ever. ^ O all ve 
thinffs that grow on the earth, bless ye the 
Lord: praise and exalt him above all for ever. 

** O ye seas and rivers, bless ye the Lord : 
nraise and exalt him above all for ever. ^ O ye 
fountains, bless ye the Lord : praise and exalt 
him above all for ever. ^ O ye whales, and idl 
that move in the waters, bless ye the Lord : 
praise and exalt him above all for ever. *7 Q all 
ye fowls of the air, bless ye tlie Lord : praise 
and exalt him above all lor ever. ^ O all ye 
beasts and cattle, bless ye the Lord: praise 
and exalt him above all for ever. 

M O ye children of men, bless ve the Lord : 
nraise and exalt him above all for ever. ^O 
Israel, bless ye the Lord : praise and exalt him 
above all for ever. 

•^ O ye nriests of the Lord, bless ye the Lord : 
praise ana exalt 1dm above all for ever. ^ O 
ye servants of the Lord, bless je the Lord : 
praise and exalt him above all for ever. ® O 
ye spirits and souls of the righteous, bless ye 
the Lord : praise and exalt him above all for 
ever. ^ O ye holy and humble men of heart, 
bless yo the Lord : praise and exalt him above 
all for ever. 

*0 Ananias, Azarias, and Misael, bless to 
the Lord : praise and exalt him above all for 
ever : for he hath delivered us from hell, and 
saved us from the hand of death, and delivered 
us out of the midst of the furnace an^buminff 
flame : even out of the midst of the fire hath 
he delivered us. ^O give thanks unto the 
Lord, because he is gracious: for his mercy 
endureth for ever. 

^ O all ye that worship the Lord, bless the 
God of gods, praise him and give him thanks : 
for his mercy endureth for ever. 

HisTOBT OF Susanna, 1—18. 134 SQ2ANNA. 

S fi S A N N A. 

Thsbx dwelt a man in Babylon, called KAI ^v Avrfp ohcwv Iv BafivKmyi, Ka\ Svofjui avr$ loioicc^u 

irn°»i\^"t.g^4%7'&.fc"^S; ^^^ y^-i 5^0^ S^cr^^a. ^r,^ XcX«&v. 2 
woman, and one that feared the Lord. 'Her koA^ ctpoopa, kol ffiopovfAtvTj rov Kvpiov. Kcu ot yov€is av- 3 

rj9 CiKC 


resorted the Jews ; because he was more '^ ••tS'* t^^t »^l-t*' ' 

honourable than aU others. yovrooi lovbtuoi, bta to cTmt outok ivdofortpov vavrw. 

Koi &n'€h€i)(Orjaray Svo irptafimpoi, Ik tov Aoov icpiTOi 5 

aSt.TtiJ^rs.'ra^.i:^".^^! turf ^""^ ^ri' ^t '^f^^z ° «*«-^.' «^ 

law came unto them. Kol iyofero rpfUa &V€Tp€)(€V 6 Xoios fiiaxfv rifUpa^, tltrt* 7 

7 Now when the i>eople departed away at ^opcvcro SoKravva, Kai TrcpiCTrarci Iv t^ Trapa^uT^ tov 

noon.Susanna went into her hu8band*s garden dvSpo^ avrns. Kol i6€^paw avrnv ot Svo wp€a'Bvr€poi B 

to walk. *And the two elders saw her going /»» t / t , "^ \ ' ^ x J~ , ^ 

in eyerv day. and walking ; so that their lust '^^ Vf^^ €unrop€vo/i€inrjv, koi TrcpiiroTOwmv, koi ^yowro 

was inflamed toward her. ' And they pervert- iy iviBvfWjf. avrrj^, $caL hu(rrpt}ffav rov laimoF vovy, Kal 9 

member just judgments. ''^And albeit they ovpavoy, fii/oc fivrjiJiov€U€iy Kpifiarwv oiKauav. Kcu ^cray 10 

both were wounded with her love, yet durst <S,,AAsr/w«f .r/««>/>i/<«/i.^f.ii//%« «>«o} /«*%^» «►«> y»A« 

not one 
were ashamed 

desired to have to do with her. »3 Yet they ^w hriBviilav avTwv, on rfitKov <rvyy€y€<T$ai avrn 
watched diligently fhun day to day to see ' ,: j \ / Vi* < / '/ <« « / 

][jQr, vapenjpovaav 9iAoTifi(i)9 icac^ rjiJitpav op^v avn/K. 

r, and tummg back agam they came to «• *\\'\ ^ •' <\' ^j/]' 

phice: and after that the V had asked <>^J^^ aAAiyAovs Ti?v otrtai^.^ w/AoAoyi7aov ^Tiyv iTrtBvfitav 

tner tne cause, thev aclcnowledged avrcuv xai totc Koiiq^ oin^cra^vro Kaipov, ore avri^ Svin^- 

„ , , ., J a at aL T 1. ^tt* cTirav CTCpo9 tuJ ^cpoi, iroptvOtaiuv S» cIs oliroy. 13 

" And the one said to the other, Let us now « , / * % / * xr T^a.v/i'/ 5 ' /» • • i>i 

go home: for it is dinner time. " So when o" dptorov copa cart. Kcu ^fcA^ovrc? di€X«op«r^yraF dir 14 

they were gone out, they parted the one from dXXiiXcuv, kol avoKaixdiayTis ^\0ov iTriroaxrro, kol dvrra- 

the other, and turning back again they came to 

the same 1 

one anot! 

their lust: then appointed tliey a time both -««-„, *,',«*?„ „/<«*«/ 

together, when they Sight find fier alone. ^°!^"t ^P^,'"" /*^7^- ^ . . ^ c . 

Kai cycvcTO ev Ta> irapaTrjp€LV avrovq iipukpav €v&€roy, lo 

1* And it fell out, as they watched a fit time. ctcrnA^c ttotc KoBm y59H koL tplttk wipas tiera Bvo aoytay 
she went m as before with two maids only, and / \ . /»/ \ / /i » *» © ' * 

she was desirousto wash herself in the rarden: 'fopao'taiv, Kai iv€th/xrj(r€ Xowrwdai iv rif irapaS€unf, ort 

for it was hot "And there was nobody there Kavfui ^. Koi ov#c ^v ovStU i^ii w\rp^ 01 8i>o irp€(TpvTt» 1 6 

save the two elders, that had hid themselves, ^^, ^^^^,,,,'^. ^„) -,.««y*.^t«r«*..*« »,'.*j^. ir*.5 -T— -«.?- 17 

and watched her. W Then she said to her P°^ K€Kpvp.p.€voi, kcu jropaTiypowrcs ovnyv. ^ Kcu flTrcTms 17 

maids. Bring me oil and washing balls, and Kopavioii, cvcyfcarc wj fioi cAxuov #cai a/JLtiyfiaTa, kcu ra$ 

shut tlie garden doors, that I may wash. ^^^ ^^^ vopaScoroi; KXcarare. Jttco? Xowrcu/xai. 

"And th^ did as she bade them, and shut K<*^ ivoCrja'av KoBioq ctirc, Kat dircKAcwrav T05 ^pas toO 18 

the garden cjfoors, and went put themselves at TropaScicrov, Kat iirjXOav Kara ra^ wXayiai Ovpas, cvryKcuTCt 
private doors to fetch the things that she had / » '^ ^>«s^^ o ' 

commanded them: but they saw not the elders, ^pocrrcrayfifm avrot9. koi ovk cidocrw tovs w^pccr^vrcpovs, 

because they were hid. ori ^aav KtKpvfifiivoi, 




1 9 Kai hftrrro £tt ii^\SoinH> t& KOfHuria, Kot JMonjirav 

20 01 Suo rparfivTOt, kcH iwiSpanor air§, Kat clvnf, ESoii al 
01^1 TDU mpaSturoo Kin^uTai, ko! oiSw Otuptl ifftSi^, koI 
if hriBviuf trov liri^iv Sib crvyKaTaSmi fi/tlv, koi ycvou fuff 

S 1 '^fiiav. El Si fiii, MoraiuipTvp^Ofiii' trov, Srt fpr firra crou 
vtavuTKrK, KOI Sia rovro iinvimtiiias to xopiurdi diro <rou. 

22 Kcii i-wrriva^t "S/wrawa, Koi dire, trrcpd fUH Trcurodtf 
fav Tt yap rovro irpa$ii>, doraros /loi iarty lav rt /u^ 

23 irpaiw, ovK CK^cufofuu rai X^ifx^I v/tuf. Atptninfpdi' ^i 
JiTTi /i^ rrpaiqaatr J^irnrcu' (It riit y^'P'^ v^iwv, ^ a/uipT(U' 

24 jtwrioi' K.vpiov. Kai iyipor^t ^tutrg ^eyoAg ^axroFiw 
iPmprav £i KOt oi 8iJo irpftrlJvTai KmiverTi. otr^, 

35 Kai SpofUiit- & <Ic, ^mu^c tus Mpat rav sapaSturov. 

26 (Is St ijiKrwraf r^v Kpavy^ jv np irapaBtanf oi Jk t^ 
outt'a;. turrw^rftrai' Sia rijt wXayiat 0ipat iSpv ro trvfi^t- 

27 /3i}Kos auT^. 'UvLKS £i ctirai' oi irptaPinu, rout koyav^ 
avTuii', KQi^fiT^fui'dijoav <m SoiiAoi ir^io&pa, ori Ttunrtnt oim 
iPp'^Oij Xoyot toioStos mpi ^nmrdvyrp. 

38 Kot jycftro ij ivavputv, an ffW^XBty i kaht *pot rof 
aySpa ainj^ 'lanuctln, ^XSor o! fivo irp«rj8vrai irX^fMtt r^s 

29 lii'ijpiv jwouis mra ^Siaaavinjt, TOv AuniTWcU aur^, xot 
(Israv IfarpouBo' TOu Xoou, dirooTd'Aar* iir! SoKravKav 
Bvyaripa X(A<iov, ^ Jim yvK^ 'I<mx«^- ot Si KwitmiXav. 

30 Koi ^Xdfv avr^, kiu ot yoviif avr^, koi ra, ritara avrrp, 
Kut )rQia«s 01 tnrfytvwi avTTt, 

31 'H fif 'XaKTOi/va. rpi rpn^tpa at^o&pa, Kol iciiA^ TW (iSn. 

32 Oi S< vnpdi'ofioi {kA^utiU' d-rtiKiiAu^^KU avr^, ip/ yap 
KaraKtKuXvfiifiiyT}, oinus ^TrXijir^&ri Tou koAXovt avT^. 

33 EitAauiv Si □! imp airiji, kqi n-avrn ol iSdtTf! avr^f. 

34 'Avixararrtt Si o! SiSa irpta^urai hi f(«nu ry ^J^i i^kof 

35 TQs X'''*"* '"'' ''^ Kt^taXip' avrrp. 'H Si xXauivcra Avi- 
Pktijinr (Ls TOf Ovparav, on ^f ;; KOpSia atrr^ rtwwAna 

36 Erirar Si ol rrpttrpwu, v*pvro.rommw Tip£tf Iv rif 
irapaSti'Tia iLOyaiv, tta^Xfftv aSriJ /Ura Svo rcuSitricui', nal 
dirt'fiA (ur* ras Svpat TOu rcapaBtuntv, wu AiriXwrt rat 

3 7 raiSiu-Ka^. Kai ^A£c *]pof atrTTT viwurmft St ^ KUtpu^ 

38 fiivtK, *al iyijrttrt fttr aArijt. 'HfuU Si Syrr^ if rg ywrif 
rou irapoBturov, iB6yrt% ttjii ayo/uay, iSpapofity ir airToat, 

39 Kai ISorrtf trvyyiyofiircnit avrois, iictivov ftiv ouc 
^mr^OrifLO' tyKpartU ytviirSat, Sia to ur^nv avroi' vx^ 

40 ij/itts, Koi Syoiiavra. tos ftlpo* fioronj&^fttrai, TaiJnjt Si 
(7riAa/3o/icvo[, hn^parSifUf, rit ^ u vmruTKor xoi ouk 

4 1 ^dtXi^cro' ayy^cAot ^/tiv roiira iiaprapoufLtv. 
OTtwTW ttirots ^ OTTO-jtoy^ <lis TrptaPvripoi^ ti 
■ptTois' Ki" KaracpivoF avr^F iSjroftu^ii-. 

42 'Avt^oryrt Si ^rg ^tyoAg S«Mrai<va, xai cT; 
i aiujvios, Tuit- icpinrrSf yvoKmj?, o ciSut Ta irotra Trpiv 

43 yfyiiroiiv alrraiy, mi hrurraaraL oTi ij/ft/Si] fioa Kartpap- 
ripriiTav koi iSou aitoOr-qmiui fiij iroi'qartaa foiSiv Siv o&rm 

44 AronjpfiKnuTo nar j^utu, Kai <Ia^icoucr( Kv^uk t^ 
^u»^ avnjt. 

" IfoiT wben the iinidi 
two eldcn row up, 

« fone forth, the 

ehold. the g, 

doon are ihut, that do 
mm can nee ua. ana we are in lore with thee ; 
therefore consent unto ui. and lie with lu. 
^ If thoo wilt not. we will bear witnen asainit 
thee, that a TOUDg man «u with tbee: and 
thorefbri thou didat tend amj th; naiida trma 

" Then Susuina tiahed and laid, I am itrait- 
•ned on arerr aide: for if I do this thing, it ii 
death unto me : and if I do it not, I cannot e*. 
cape fonr hands. " It is better for me to flill 
into four haodi, and not do it, than to un in 
the sight of the Lord. * Wi^ that Sunnna 
cried with a loud voice; and the two elder* 

* Then nn the one, and opened the lardtni 
door. "So wlieo the servants of the house 
heard the cry in the garden, they rushed ■□ at 
a miiBte door, to see what was done unto her. 
' But when the clden had declared their 
matter, the serrants were greatly ashamed : 
for there was ncTer such a report made of 

■And il 

the people were assembled to her Husband 
Joacim, the two elder* came also full of mis. 
ohierons imagination agaiiut Susanna to put 
her to death; "and said before the people, 
Bend for Susanna, the daughter of Chclcias, 
Joacim'* wife. And to thej sent. "So site 
came with her father aod mother, her children, 
and all her kindred. 

» How Sue 

a Terr delicate woman. 

-^ iiDW ouBsnua wB* a Tery aeiicB^e woman, 
and beauteous to behold. ' And these wicked 
men commanded to uncover her face (for she 
was Doiered), that thev might be filled with her 
beauty. " IherBfori! her*iend* and aU tliat 
saw her wept. 

*• Then the two elders stood up in the midst 
of the KOple, and laid their hands upon her 
head. ~And she weeping looked up toward 
heaven : for her heart trusted in the Lord. 

" And the elders said. Aa we walked in Uie 
garden alone, this woman cwne in wi^ two 
maids, and shut the garden doors, and sent the 
maids away. ' Then a young man. who there 
was hid, came unto her, and lay with her. 
" Then we that stood in a corner of the garden, 
seeing this wickedness, ran uato them. 

** And when we saw them together, the man 
we could not hold: for he was stronger than 
we, and opened the door, and leaped ouL 
" But having taken thi* woman, we a*ked who 
xoi OUK the younf[ man was, but she would not tell us ; 
Kai hi- these things do we testify. " 'ilien the as- 
. J - • semblj' believed them, as those that were the 
I Aoou KOI eidors and judgca of the people : lO they con- 
demned her to death. 

" Then ausanna cried out with a loud voice, 
and said.OeverlaBtmsQod, that knowrst the 
secrete, and knonest al] things before they be: 
^^ thou knowcst that they have boma filse 
witness against mc, and. behold. 1 must die; 
whereas 1 never did such th^ ' 

the Lord heard lier vc 


History of Susanna, 45—64. 136 20SANNA. 

« Therefore when she wm led to be put to Kal avayoaivrK aurw? avo\€<r6ai, 6 0eo9 cfwycipc to 45 

death, the Lord raised up the holy spirit of a •» \ ^ cs/ / t » - >( tr '^ ah 

young youth, whose name was Daniel: « wlio y^^f^o, to ayiov TratSaptov v€WT€pov ^ ovofm Aavti/A. Kat 46 

cried with a loud voice, I am clear from the ip6rj<r€ ifxavy /AcytiAry, aOiao^ cyoi aTro tov ai/xaro^ Tovrrf^. 

"« Ihfn'^^Tr^ople turfed them toward , /E-'^rr/^' Si -S, b Xao, .pis a^rov, Kol cW. r/, 6 47 

him, and said, What mean these words that Aoyos ovros, oy av AcAaAi/Kas ; O 5€ crra? cv ficcnp 48 

^^-^I'^^^yJu^P^^^"/ i*^"^ ^® Btanding in the ainSiV, cTttcv, ovtcos uwpoi ot vloi 'IcrpawX; oiic dvaicptmv. 

midst of them said. Are ye such fools, ye sons »on * ,* , '^ / / /» / »» 

of Israel, that without examination or know- tcs, ouoc to craves CTrtyvoKTCs, fcarcKpimrc thjyaT€pa l<r- 

ledgo of the truth ye have condemned a daugh- nawX; * kvtuTrpoltart cis to Kpvrnpvov, i^cuSn vop ovroi 49 

ter of Israel ? ^* Ketum again to the place of , . ** r ir t i § r 

jud^ent: for they have borne false witness KartfmpTvpnrjtrav avrrj^, 

•gainst her. Kat dvcorpciZrc ttSs 6 Xao9 uera OTrovSns* Kat ctirav 50 

** Wherefore all the people turned again in*'»t />/ ^« ^/i > / <<* \ 

hMte. and the elders safd unto him. (^e, .it ""^y ot irpca/Svrcpo., Scvpo Ka^i<roi| cv ^co-^ i,/«ov._k<u 

down among us, and shew it us. seeing God uvayyctAov rjfilv, on crot 0€Wt}K€y 6 0€O9 to irp€a'p€iov» 

Ss^¥rei'rt^tS?rirt'brfc-asfd?o'^ k°»,«^- -'>^? --?7 ^o-?^.. 8-x«v-»« --o^^ -' 51 

iSwp from another, and I will examine them. oAAi/Acdv /laKpav, /cot amKpii^a) avTOVS. 

*2 So when they were put asunder one from 'fi? Sk SiexiaploOrja-av cfs Airo tou €vos, ^koXco'c tok lya 52 

another, he called one of them, and said unto „,»-.-•:,« ,^«) ^T-^ —rtA*. oiVA«> «.M.-/.\»t« «../.«« ^..«^A» ^».«.r.» 

him, O thou that art waxen oli in wickedness. ^^^T ""^^ ^^ f ^f^? avTOV.V€naAxiuofi€V€ rjfLtpwv icoicwk, 

now thy sins which thou hast committed afore* vw rJKao'iv at ofiapruu aov, £9 CTTOict? to irportpov, Kpivnw 53 

time are come to light: "for thou hast pr^ ^picrct? dSiKOvs- Kat tovs ucv d^wow KaraKptWy. ^ttoXiW 

nounced false judgment, and hast condemned ^V ^ » / >/ « ^ -* »/i*» no' » 

the innocent, and hast let the guilty go ^c tovs aiTiov?, AeyoKros tou (sicov, aC^oi^ Kot oiKatov ouk 

^i-?L¥*l^k®i^-'^*^i*^^\_'^^®j5T'l*^^^ dTTOKTCVCl?. Nw OVV TaVT/JV CtTTCp cIScS, CllfOV, WTO Tl 54 

« \ 

righteous Shalt thou not slay, ^rfowthen, if i^/ ^ •^ > % « \ « *\\/\ e o\ * 

thou hast seen her, tell me, Under what tree Ofvopov cldcs ovrovs o/AiAowra? aAAiyAois ; o d€ elircv, viro 

sawest thou them companying together ? And avtvov. 

he said, Under a mastick tree. ir? ^s^^A^\*^'«»f '^ '^^e* 

«AndDanielsaid,Verywell;thouhastHed w^^7c>^^ AavtiyX op^<.9 c^Ac^crat cts r^v <rcat;TOi;^ kc^^. 5o 

against thine own head; for even now the angel Attv- rfinri yap ayycAos 0ao"tv ©cou Aa^wv Trapa tou 0€OV, 

of God hath received the sentence of God to ovwrct cc ucVov. Kat aeraoTwras avroi', ^kcAcvo-c Trpoor- 56 

cut thee in two. *• So he put him aside, and ^-.s^ /♦»« / v^^ 

commanded to bring the other, and said unto ay^^^^*'^ tof^ CTcpov, Kat clircv avTa>, OTrcp/ia Xavoov, KOt 

him, O thou seed of Chanaan,and not of Juda, ovk lovSa, to koAAo^ i^rprdrrfa'i <r€, Kat iinOvfiia Stcorpc^c 

beauty hath deceived thee, and lust hath per- _;,„ .^nnSifnt, #!.«,• 0,%^^. im.^,^7^^ A.^.^^^A^,,, *J^,^^\ <;'7 
verted thine heart. *7 Thui have ye dealt 4ith ^ i^^^oiav <rov.^ Ouro^s €irouiT€ fhyarpaxriy^ hrparjk, 57 

the daughters of Israel, and they for fear com- xaL €K€ivai tfiopovfiivai (o/uAow vfiiv dAA ov Ovydrrfp 

r^i^n^Jliryoufv^cSSn^lfo^'tSe^ 'lov^ «.^M«u-. r^ dvo^K 4^^- NO. o5. X^c ^ «^«8 

fore tell me. Under what tree didst thou take ^t OevOpov KaTcAapes aurous o/itAovKras oAAiyAot^ ; o oc 

thorn companying together ? And he said, ctircv, vtto volvov. 
Under a holm tree. -^^ ss^ » ** a ^^ » /i- »# x % t \ sn 

^ "Then said Daniel unto him, WeU; thou ^'''^i ^' J^'T? '^''^'^^' T . ^j'''^''' '''"'. "^ *i^ T' ^^ 
hast also lied against thine own head : for the O'cavrou K€Kf>a\rp^* p.€V€U yap o ayycAos tou 0€Ou, tt/v 

?hfe\sL%ra?t'LTdt^^^^ "" "' ^^'i^^^r ^r '^^-^ - r^-' -^-? ^^oAo^pc^ v^s. ^ 

« With that all the assembly cried out with . ^'"' «»'«Poi/o-€ Tracra rj awayw^ 4>mrii fifyaXg. koi 60 
a loud voice, and praised God, who saveth them cuAoyiyo-av tw 0cu> t<3 o'w^ovTt tous cA7rti{[oKra9 iir avroK. 

tUo"lU"r.!'JS'rD"nt^1.^'r;?c'«^^* K«l dvcW^a. W Toi, 8vo .p^afivra. ^. crw^rcv 61 

of false witness by their own mouth : ^ and ao- «vrou5 ilavt^A ck tou uropxiro^ avrtav if/evOofjiapTvpT^aV' 

cording to the law of Mosee they did unto them ras. Kat iiroLmrav avroU ov rpoirov iirovnpwwravro t<3 62 

in such sort as they mahciously intended to do \ / - ' y ^ , ^« « x > / ^ 

to their neighbour: and they put them to '^^W^^' wotiyo-at KOTa tov vofiov Mwxrrj' koi aircKTCtvaF 

death. Thus the innocent blood was saved the aurou?, Kat iaut&n alua avaiTiov cv rn mipa CKCtVn. 

same day. v \ ' J^^ > « % . « » " "^ '^S *» V ^ /.« 

^ « Therefore Chelcias and his wife praised God . ^'^"'^^, ""^ 7 ^^. T^ ^T^" '''^>' ^^ %«^P:?« ^^ 

for their daughter Susanna, with Joacim her o-vrutv pera IcoaKcip tou avc^os avrrj^ Kat twv orvyycvwK 

husband, and all their kindred, because there aurwv, OTt ouv cupc^ cV aurn aa^m/J^y vpaytm. Kac 64 

was no dishonesty found in her. « From that a ^ \ . / '^ / . / " -'^/'^ I , " '^V^ . "-"* "^ 

day forth was Daniel had in great reputation ^^^^-V^ cycvero fi€ya^ €V(Dmov rov Aaou diro Tiys rjfJLipaq 

in the sight of the people. iK€ivrj^, Kat CTTCKCiva. 



Bel and the Deaqok, 1 — 15. 


KAI 6 pauriXm 'Aarvdyrj^ irpoaeriOr) irpb^ toi^ iraripai 
avTov* Koi TTOpcXajSc Kvpos 6 JlipaTfq rrp^ PauriXtiav avroO. 

2 Kai ^ Aavi^X crvfiPuirni^ toO j8acrcXc<t>s» fcal €v8o(os vrrkp 
irdvTas Tov^ ^iXovs avrov. 

3 Koi ^v c(iS<dXov T019 Baj3vX(i>i'ioi9 <^ ovofia B^A., #cai 
c3airav(i)VT0 ci9 avrov tKoaTrj^ rjfiipa'^ o'C/iiSaXccD9 apra^i 
3<i>8€ica, #cai TTpoPara T€<raxLpdKOVTa, kol olvov fitrfyqrai !(, 

4 Kai 6 )3a(riAcv9 iaifiero avrov, koI iiropfvero xaff iKourqv 
rjfi€pav irpocrKwtiv avrw. Aori^X 8c TrpocrcicvKCi t^ ®c^ 
avrov* Kai crTrcK avr^ 6 PacriXtv^f Sutri ov irpoo'KVVtLi T<p 

5 Bi;A; 'O Sk ctrcv, ore ov crcjSofUM ciSotXa )(€ipairol.rjTa, 
aXXa Tov ((uvra 0€ov, tov KritravTa rov ovpavov km rrp^ 
yrjv, KoX €)(pvra Trdxnj^ aapKoq icvp€iav, 

6 Kai cTttci^ aurf 6 BaariXtv^, ov Soicci croi B^X ctFai (u>v 
^co9 ; ^ ov;( 6p^9 CKra itrOui xai ttiVci #ca6^ iKoxrrqv ruiipav ; 

7 Kai ctnrc Aayi^X ycXaotz?, fi^ irXavo), )3a(riXcO, ovros yap 
iawOwy fiiv l<m in^Xos, i$ia$€v Sk ;(aXicos, jcai ov pipptUKtv 

8 €>v/ia>^€is 8^ 6 fiaaiktv^ cKoXcore rove icpcTs avrov* /cat 
ciTTCv avrois, ^av fi^ cittoitc fioi ris 6 KariaBtav 'np^ 

9 Sairan/v ravrT/v, airodai^cur^. *£aK h\ Scifi/re on B^X 
KaT€€rOUi avra, 6 Aai^t^X diro^avciTai, ^n ipXa(rfl>rj}irja-€y 
ci9 TOK Bi^X* Kai cTttc Aavi^X np pauriXtl, yivicrBm Kara 

TO p^fUl O'OV. 

10 Kai rjaav Upcic rov B^X ipBofi-qKOVTa €kto9 ywotxaiv 
Kai T€KK<ov* Kai ^XOty 6 jSao-tXevs ficra Aavi^X ei9 rov 

1 1 oiKov rov B17X. Kai cTTrav 01 icpcis rov B^X, tSov "q/i^L^ 
aiTorpi'xpiuv i(fa, crv 5c, jSao'iXcv, irapdOt^ ra, Ppfofiara, 
Koi TOK oTi^ov KtpaxTOi Beit Kai diroKXcurov t^ dvpav, koX 

1 2 (Ttftpdyurov r^ SaKrvkli^ aov. Kai iXBuiv vpoA, iav /xtf 
€vpi/9 iravra jScjSpco/xci^ viro rov B^X. &TroBavov/i€Ba' ^ 

13 Aavi^X 6 ^cv8oficvos Ka6^ rjyjov, Avroi 8^ KaT€<t>p6vovy, 
^Ti TrciroiiyKCiarav vtto r^r rpairc^av KtKp/v/ifiarqv tlaoSov, 
Kai 81' avr$9 curciropcvovro 810X0V, Kai dn^Xow avro, 

1 4 Koi iyivero ois i(i^\6ocrav ckcivoi, Kai 6 jSao'iXcvs Trope- 
^KC r^ fiptafuiTa rf Bi;X* Kai Itrirai^. Aavi^X rois irau 
8apiots avrov, Kai ^vcyKav ritftpav* koi Karcicrcio'av 2Xov 
rov vaov ^vcoiriov rov /3ao'iXco>9 fiovov koL iifXB6yT€^ 
CKXciO'av T^v Bvpav, kcu ^or^payuravro Iv rep 8aKrvXi({» rov 

15 pcunXifOi, Mu dirijXBov* 01 Sk icpci9 ^X^ok r^ vvKra 

Aim king Astyages was^thcred to liisfaiber^ 
and Cvrus of Persia received his kingdom. ^And 
Pauicl oonyerBcd with the king, and was hon- 
oured aboTO all his friends. 

'Now the Babylonians had an idol, called 
Bel. and there were spent upon him every day 
twelve great measures of jBne flour, and forty 
sheep, and six vessels of wine. * And the king 
wonmipped it, and went daily to adore it : but 
Daniel worshipped his own God. And the king 
said unto him, Why dost not thou worship 
Bel? 'Who answered and said, Because I 
may not worship idols made with hands, but 
the living God, who hath created the heaver, 
and tlio earth, and hath sovereignty over all 

< Then said the kinf^ unto him,Thinkest thou 
not that Bel is a living god? seest thou not 
how much he eateth and drinketh every day P 
7 Then Daniel smiled, and said, O king, be not 
deceived : for this is but clay within, and brass 
without, and did never eat or drink any 

^ So the king was wroth, and called for hia 
priests, and said unto them, If ye tell me not 
who this is that devoureth these expences, ye 
shall die. * B ut if ye can certifv me that Bel de- 
Toureth them, then Daniel snail die: for he 
hath spoken blasphemy against Bel. And 
Daniel said unto the king. Let it be according 
to thy word. 

*°Now the priests of Bel were threescore 
and ten, beside their wives and children. And 
the king went with Daniel into the temple of 
BeL ^' So Bel's priests said, Lo, we go out : but 
thou, O king, set on the meat, and make ready 
the wine, and shut the door fast, and seal it 
with thine own signet ; ^ and to-morrow when 
thou comest in, if thou findest not that Bel 
hath eaten up all, we will sufler death : or else 
Daniel, that speaxeth fabely against us. ^ And 
they little regarded it: for under the table 
they had made a privy entrance, whereby they 
entered in continually, and consumed those 

" So when they were gone forth, the king set 
meats before Bel. Now Daniel had commanded 
his servants to bring ashes, and those they 
strewed throughout all the temple in the pre- 
sence of the sing alone : then went thev out, 
and shut the door, and sealed it with the kine't 
signet, and so dciMtrted. ^ Now in the nignt 

BblawdtheDexoos, 16— 38. 138 BHA KAI APAKflN. 

curat tlte prieata nith tlieir nivea end cbildren, xara to iSot auruv, icai ql yoyaucts airrun; Koi ia rixya 

"InthemommBlwtime the king arose, Biid Kal apOpuro' 6 fiatriX^ to TrfxuL, Kcti Aafi^/ur'avrou. 16 

Daniel with him, ^' And tlie king laid, DttQiel, Kai (lira, (rSw oi (r^payi&s Aavi^A.; o St tlif*. (lioi, 17 

««y''b6"»l' J^'"'' A^d as" l^a M ' he iS§ ^'XfS. Kal fyf^cro 3^ 7^ dvolfat Tist ftipas. hifikifa^ 1 8 

opened Uie door, tlie king looked niion the i-A tipf rpavt^av 6 $aaikriK, i^oifrt ^luv^ pLtyaXij, 

sS!f:o*ii^l:itii i«rd='e^if™i£^' ''T-''^f ■ "r^r' '^.' ""' ^""^ ''v- - ,. 

■•Then IsugUed Daniel, .nd held the ling ,K« *ytX<Kr« Aavi-jX, «« i'pcTi^* to- ^^-wata, T0« 19 

that lie iliould not go in.aiid laid, Behald now f»^ (urfAc'di' avroi' «trw «aL tTjr«v, i6( o^ to cSo^oc, koi 

tha poTement. and mark well whoM footstep, y^^ ^^^j ^ fy_ Jr„ Km (Tiro' 5 Suo-iXtts, opfi to 20 

are these. "And tho king said, I see the fool- / , . , -J ' . , s- "^ « , a- f 

steps of men, women, and children. And then 'X>^ dcSpuj', Ktu yvniutoiv, Kai mu6uM- KOi ^prurfcii 6 

the king was angry, 'and took the priests with BauiXaK Tort tnrviXaSt roiit itptU, Kiu rai yuvaUai, Kiu 21 

their wives and ehiidren, who shewed him the '^, , •_ • -i > ■ - . ^ V' e'» 

priTatBdoo™,«heretherc»mein.andconsumed tb tikto ounov. koi cSfifnv avry Tos *ptnrTas flupas. & ««■ 

such things as were npon the table. '*'i'her«- furciroprtioyTO, mu jSairavoit- T& ^l tTC TparriZtjt. Kal 23 

temple. Ti(i Aavi)]\' KO( KaTarrptijia' auror kui to Kpoi' oi/rov. 

^And in that same place there was a gri^t Kat ^ Apaxoiv /tryat, icai iaf^ovro ab'ovoi Bo^uAwvuh. 23 

i'j".'"J'',;^''u-'' ""'j "^ Babylon wonhipped. Rai .Txo- o SofftXtw t£ AawnX, un ooi Tovroy «)<« on 24 
" And the king aaid unto Darnel. Will thou . . , ^ ,,,,_• 7 . n . ' » . . s > 

also say that tills isof brnssP lo.he lireth.he X^°^ tirnv ; ibov C]j, koi ioffiti, mi irivti* ov dvtturiu 

eat«tli and drinketh i thou »nat not say that itvuv, on ouk iirriv ovroi Sm twv Kot irpoaKwrnrov at™. 

heia noliTinggodi therefore worahip him. ir'f a '\ v ■ *ci- ' - ie 

» Then Kud Daniel unto the kiiiK. I will wor- » . ,_ „ . i- £> t-'o i- t'^ li • oc 

•hip the Lord, my God : Cor ho i^ tlie livinB '>^°^^ «^' 5 °' ^'"''/ ^'' . ' P^*^,*"' "« .'*°', «''"<"°''; 26 

God. '^But give me leave, O king, nnd 1 ahall koi dfroicTCVbj toi' opafcovra avfv ftaYftlpai Kol pa^Oau' Kat 

took pitch, and Tat, and hair, and did seethe Kai o~r<ap koi Tpi)i<K, Kol ^tfnpra iKiTOOXji- KOi Ivoain 

£t«'S s»"diS: '=.i,"',r,3°',o 'Si; rt^-; ■^. f-^ ■•• "."°':: "= ^r"' "" *"'^ 

dragon bunt in aunder: anil Dunitl said, ouppayq o apojuov Kai tbrtv, ^<ma trtpairiiaTa Vfuaf. 

ha. these are the gods ye worahip. Kul ^twro, m ^kouoxic oi Ba^vKatvioi, vyavciKnjtrar 28 

•>When they of Babylon heard that, they Xmy, Kai frwtmpadmimv trl tov BaaiXia, KoX tlnw. 

took great indignation, and conspired againsl •, s - ■ i o \ > ' i>'\ • « « 

thoking.Baying,ThokinBisbccomea Jew.and lo™"©* ytyovtv A paaiAai^, tov B^\ KartTiratrt. koi tot 

he hath destroyed ilel, he hath slain the dn. Spoxovra itriKTUvi, koi rots 'uptK Knrnr^oj*. Ksl <trar 29 

gon, and put the priests to dtatb. *• 8o they iii3'_ _ • -a .- -e . ^T^ \ . -. . 

came to the king, and said, Deliyer us Daniel, «*'>|'W irpo* tok^ ^atriAci. mipiSw ij/iiv TOV Aavi^* « 

or else wo will destroy thee and thine house. Si /lij, iwonTtviwuiv at, Koi yov oIkoV (TOV. 

"" Now when the king saw that they pressed Kai tJStv 6 jSoTiAcirt ^t tTrtiyoviriy aarov cr^o^po, Mu 30 

Di^"rnY.'"i""'E;"'iM.±*s^ rrt"; ° ^■^ tt't"' ■^°;',"' '^^., 

lions' den ; where he was sii days. " And in t'' « tpaAav avrov ttt lov AaKKOi' nui' AcovTun*, mi ^ 31 

the den there were se™ lions, and thej had i„; Auipa^ i^. *Haav Si Iv tC Aimku ixri \iovTts, "ol 32 

giTen them every day two esrcasea, and two .ft "^ . - . . . t- ' ■ • s- -o 

sheep: which then were not given to them, to '°<-°<'TO avTOis Tqi- ^ftfpoi' iruo oiu^Ta Ktit Ovo ^po/lOTa- 

the intent they might devour DanieL rorf 8i ouK (So^ aurolc, *IM xaTaiftdyoat tov Aovi^ 

■ Now tliere was in Jewry a prophet, called Kai ijv 'AuSokovu o vpoAnriK h tS 'Iov&u'o, Kai amit 33 

Habhaoue, who had made pottage, and had bro- ',„ t, ' ■ 'a i » • 'j!_ • • 

ken bread in a bowl, and waigiin. into the V^^ *^'l^. "«' tviflpv-^cv apTOW .« <nta^, icai nro- 

field.for to bring it to the reapers. ** But the pru'iro tli to JrtSt'ov iJirtvcvKat tOis OtpumxU. Kai daw 34 

unto Daniel, who ia in the lions' den. <X"f <'< BopuAui^ T^ AaviijX ci't tov Xokkov ruv Xto'trw. 

" And Habboouo aaid. Lord. I never saw ^ '^"^ 'Aj*j3aKoii/i, Kupw, Bo^iAtuvn ovx AupoKB, 35 

Jabylon 1 neither dp I know where the den ia. nai tov Xokkov oi yivtofritu). Kai «r(Aaj3crO d tcyvcXot 36 

» Ihen the angel of the Lord took him by the v ' ' .-'.- .n ,^. i '' - 

crown, and ba« him by the hair of SsteSd, ^'V'"'", Ti7?_ Kopv^i avrou, Kai ^oorwroi^ t.,« ■iS^.ts 1175 

and through the vehemency of his spirit set ki^hiA^ ovroij, <^Ktv avrov (if Bo/SvAuifa ^ovui tov 

dinner which Ood^bath sentthee. Afi^oKoufi, Atyuiv, aaviijA, aavirjk, Xapt to optoYov 8 

» And Daniel .aid. Thou hast remembered ""■•'imiXf trot 0tos. 
m 0, God : neither hast thou forsaken them Kai ttirt Aavi^X, Ifw^crSrii yap fiov i Qtii, mu ovK 38 



S9 cyKarcAiTTCs rovs dyaTrcovras (TC. Kat avooras Aavi^X, 
€<fiay€y 6 Bk oyycXos tov ®cov aTrcjcarcon/o'C tof 'Aft)8a- 
Kovfi Trotpa)(prjfJLa cis tov tottoi^ avroO. 

40 'O S^ ^ao-iXcv9 ^X^€ T^ VH-^P^ tq ^P^f-V ^^^^^^ tok 
Aavi^X, fcal ^X^cv cirl toi' Xoiucov, koi ^vcjSXci/rc, xal i3ov, 

41 Aavi^X Ka$rffi€vo^, Kal avaPoi^a^ ifxavj fieydXy, cTn-c, 
/icyag et, Kvptc 6 0€os tov Aavi^X, kol ovk cotiv aXXo$ 

42 irX^ <rou. Kal avccnraorcv avrov tovs 8i oitiou? rrj^ 
dTixtiXciaf avroi) MfiaXev cis toi' Xcuckov* icai KarcjSpo)^!/- 
(rav irapa)(pfjfia hnaniov avrov. 

I. Maccabees, I. 1 — 12. 

that seek thee and lore thee. ^ So Daniel arose, 
and did eat : and the angel of the Lord set 
Habbocuc in his own place again immediately. 

^ Upon the seyenth day the king went to be- 
wail Daniel : and when he came to the den, he 
looked in, and, behold, Daniel was sitting. 
*^ Then cried the king with a loud voice^ saying, 
Oreat art thou. O Lord God of Daniel, and 
there is none other beside thee. ^ And he drew 
him out, and cast those that were the cause of 
his destruction into the den : and they were de- 
Toured in a moment before his face. 


KAI eycFcro /icra to iraTofo* 'Aki^avBpov rov ^iXiinrov 
TOV MoKcSova, Ss c^X^cv iv rrjs yvj^ Xcrrcict^, xal ^Trdro^c 
rov Aapciov jSao-iXca IIcpo-cov Kat Mi/^uv, koI ^)3curiXcvo-cv 

2 dyr ovTOu 'jrp6T€po^ ivl rrfv 'EXXo&i. Kai oT/vconjo'aTO 
xoXc/iiovs iroXXovs, koi iKpdTrj<r€v oxjOfHaiiaTHiv iroXXcuv, 

3 Kol l<r<^Mi€ PoicnXii^ t^s y^?. Kal 8i^X^€v coi? ajcfnav t^s 
y5s, »cal iXajSc CTKvhi 7rXi^ov9 iOviov Kal rfav\aa'(V ^ yrj 
cvcuiriov avrov* kclL vijftoOrf, koL iirgpOr) rf icapSta avrov. 

4 Kal oTim/yayc Bvvafiiv layypav cr^o^pa, ical ^pfc ytafHiiV, 
Kal iOvHjy, koI Tvpdwiov, kol iyivovro avro) €U <^pov. 

5 Koi ficra Tavra circo'cv CTrl t^v KOtVi/v, Kal cyvo) ori &7rO' 

6 ^n/cTKCi. Kal ^koXco-c tovs rraiBa^ avrov tovs ^v8o^ov9 
Tovs <rwTp6tf>ov^ avrov dTro vcon/ros, Kal SteiXcv avrots 

7 T^ PaatX€iav avrov hi ^SiVTo^ avrov. Klal IfiaxrlX^wrtv 

8 AX€^v8p09 hn} 8a)3€Ka, Kal airi$av€, Kal ^CKpdnpav ol 

9 iratS€9 avrov CKaoroc cv ru» romp avrov. Kal IviOtvro 
iravTCS SiaSi^juara ficra ro diro^amv avrov, Kal ol viol 
avruiv 6m(na avrcov Ittj iroXXa, Kal ^irXn^wav Kcuca iv 

10 Kal c^X^cv 6^ avrGv pija ofiaprwXo^ *AvTtb;(09 'Eiri- 
^v^, vto5 'Avrioxov jSacriXcoi^, Ss ^v ofirfpa iv tq 'Pwfij;' 
Kal iPa(riX€va-€v iv ft-ct ^Karoonp Kal rpioKOor^ Kal ifiSofJu^ 
)8ao'iXcia9 '£XXi;vcdv. 

1 1 *£v reus rifxipai^ ^KCivats i$ij\6ov i( Icrpa^X viol Trapa- 
vofioi, Kal dvcTreurav TroXXovs, Xeyovrcs, vop€v$iofi€v, koi 
Bia$(afA€$a Sca&rjicqv ficra rwv iOviov rcuv kvkXo) i7fi«)V, ori 
d^* ^ ixfiipurOrffiev d^r* avra>v, cDpcv 17/109 KaKa iroXXd. 

1 2 Kal 'qyoBwOrf 6 Xdyo9 cv d^^aX/iois avrcov. 

Am) it happened, after that Alexander son of 
Philip, the Macedonian, who came out of theland 
of Chettiim, had smitten Darius king of the 
Persians and Medea, that be reigned in his 
stead, the jBrst over Greece, ' and made many 
wars, and won many strong holds, and slew the 
kings of the earth, 'and went through to the 
ends of the earth, and took spoils of many na* 
tions, insomuch that the earth was quiet before 
liim ; whereupon he was exalted, and his heart 
was lifted up. * And he gathered a mighty 
strong host, and ruled over countries, and na- 
tions, and kings, who became tributaries unto 

* And after tliese things ho fell sick, and per- 
ceired that he should die. ^Wherefore he 
called his serrants, such as were honourable, 
and had been brought up with him from his 
youth, and parted his kingdom among them, 
while he was yet aliye. / So Alexander reigned 
twelve years, and then died. ^ And his serrants 
bare rule every one in his place. ' And after 
his death they all put crowns ffpon themselves: 
so did their sons after them many years : and 
evils were multiplied in the earth. 

'^ And there came out of them a wicked root, 
Antiochus sftmamed Epiphanes, son of Anti- 
ochus the king, who had been an hostage at 
Kome, and he reigned in the hundred and 
thirty and seventh year of the kingdom of the 

^In those days went there out of Israel 
wicked men, who persuaded many, saying. Let 
us go and make a covenant with the heathen 
that are round about us : for since we departed 
from them we have had much sorrow. ''So this 
device pleased them well. 

I. Maccabees, I. 13—36. 140 MAKKABAIQN A'. 

" Then certain of the people were so forward Koi wpoe&vu'n&na'dv tivc? avo rov Xaov, Koi hrop€V$fHray 1 3 

herein, that tho)' went to the king, who gave * >i3 \' ^ f^ ^ • '^ •i ' _ ** ^ 

them licence to do after the ordinances of the 't/ws rov ^a<rt\€a- #cai c&dkcv avrovs^ cfowiav woirjaat ra 

heathen: *^ whereupon they built a place of SiKaua/xara tmv iOvtjJv. Kai <aKoo6fArf(rav yvfivdtnov 0^14 

cumciBed, and forsook the holy covenant, and cavrois aKpop\xma%, koi air€(rTr}<rav airo oiaOrftai^ ayiar 

iold^U) doT^ihfe^f ^^ ^^^ lieathen, and were ^^j c'fcvxVw rots c^€<ri, koi iirpdOryray rov iroi^aai to 


Egypt, that he might have the dominion of two VTrcAapc pooriAcvcrai rrjq Aiyvirrov, OTn>9 paarLA€v<rg hn 

realms. >? Wherefore he entered into Egynt ras Suo ficuriXcwis. Kot clo^X^CK cis Aivuhtov €V oyA» 17 

with a great multitude, with chariots, and ele- />«,'♦ \ » »\ / 7 * • « *• \9 

phants, and horsemen, and a preat navy, w and pap€i, cv ag/juurt, Kai iv ikt<paxn, xat iv iirTTCwt, koi ck 

made war against Ptolemee king ofEgypt: but ordAoi ufydXto. Kat <rw€OTn<raTO TroAcuoi' irpos IItoXc- 18 
irtolcmeewas afraid of him, and ned; and many '«A\/a*' ^» / tt\ «« >^ 

were wounded to death. « Thus they got the f^atov fiiUTLKta ^Aiywrrov xai ^vcr/XMny UToAc/Aaios airo 

strong cities in the land ofEgypt, and he took wpoo'wnov avrov, koI c<^vy€* xat rrrccrov rpavfiariat, iroXXoi. 

spo ereo . j^^n i^qj^^qy^q t^5 7roXci9 ras ^x^'P^^ ^ 70 Aiyvarry 19 

»And after that Antiochus had smitten koi cXaiSc to (ticvXo yw AiyvTrrov. 
Egypt, he returned again in the hundred forty Tr^»/ •»*' n> /a** ann 

and third year, and went up against Israel and ^ Kot cTreorpci/rcv Avtioxos /acto to TroTofdi Aiyvurov cv 20 

Jerusalem with a great multitude, J'l and enter- tw CKOTOfrrci) koi TCcro-opoKocrrw koi TpiTw ctci* koX &vlBn 

ed proudly into the sanctuary, and took away i_> "t *\ "^1*0 » «t \^ 1. " \ o *» 

the goiaen altar, and the candlestick of liaht, ^\ IcrpaiyX, koi di^c^iy cts ItpowraXrj/i jy oxAy ^opcu 

and all the vessels thereof, ^ and the table of the Kot cur^A^cv €19 to ayCaurfia Iv VTr€piri<Lav€L<jL, koX cAo^c to 21 

shewbread, and the pouring vessels, and the A.^.^,^.*^,^,, ^x ^^*^^T»» ^^) ^» \«r^,/«.» -.#»r. A^.»^^ — •? 

vials, and the censers oT gold, and the veU, and ^''^^P^ov to xpwovy. jcot rrjy Xvxyioy rov ^kutos. icoi 

the crowns, and the golden ornaments that TrovTO to a'K€vq avrrj^, koi t^i' TpoTTC^ov T^ TrpoBifrtta^, 22 

precious vessels: also he took the hidden 'Xpv<Ta^, Kot to KOTOTrcTOO*^, Kot tovs <rT€9avovs, koi tok 

treasures which he found. Koapuov rov 'Xpvo'ovv rov koto 7rp6<nimov rov vaov, kxu 

'* And when ho had taken all away, he went cAcjrwrc Trovro. Kot tXafte ro Apryvpiov, Kot to "Xpiwriov, 23 

fore there was great mourning in Israel, in ottok/jv^ovs ovs €vp€, 

every place where they were ; ^ so. that the Kot Aofiwv Trdvra &irriXe€V cts rriv ynv avrov- koi 24 

princes and elders mourned, the virgins and , / . '^ / \ .\ /\ * J > /\ 

young men were made feeble, and the beauty ^'«'OLrj€r€ <l>ovoKTOviav, Kai cAoAiycrcv vir€pvffpav€iav lAryaArp^, 

of women was changed. ^Every bridegroom Koi iycvero irivOo^ ucyo CTri 'IcrpanA Iv ironri toitw aintav. 25 

took up lamentation, and she that sat in the v ^ > / > » ^ o' n* ^ na 

marriaeo cliamber was in heaviness. fThe Koi ^ ^oTO/ofov apxovr^ koi Trpco-^vrcpoi, ^op^cwt ko* 26 

land also was moved for the inhabitants vcovutkoc rfa^ivrfcav, koi to koAAos rtov ywauciov 'nXXow)On, 

thereof, and all the house of Jacob was covered tt;;_ .„,.,a.:^ A,,J\^R^ /)r^^w ^») ^JIAv.../.^ i. ._.-■. ^r. 97 

with confusion. ^^*J^ Wfitfuoj av€AalS€^ ^prqvov, Kot Koihjfuvrj iv marf ii 

«« - , -^ ^ - ,, . , ., 1 . lytvcTO iv V€v6€L, Kot iaiiaOri ri yri iirX tovs KOTOiKOVKras 28 

^ And after two years fully expired, the king • / > *» c • »t ^ o » ^' » ' 

sent his chief collector of tribute unto the ^^W *^^^ 'tos o oTkos Ioko)^ (vtbwraro aurxyvriv. 

cities of Juda. who came unto Jerusalem with Kot /acto hvo Irq '^fJL€pS)V oTreorctAcF o jSocrtAcvs apvwra 29 

woS: unto tet« alflis 'A : ^tn ^opf Aoy/« d, ri, noku, 'IcvSa- Kai ^Xtfcv rf, 'I ^o^^Xv* ^ 

they had given him credence, he fell suddenly ^v oxAip popct. Kot cAoAi/o'cv ovrots Aoyot/s cipi^vueovs vO 

upon the city, and smote it very sore, and de- 2^ SiA\t.*» m-^) ^»«w//n>><^i/v/.i« /«iV/\. »/«) Im-lmm*^^^ J— > »^ 

stVoyed mubk people of Israel. « And when ^,,^^. , *""' «»'<7*<J^^«'' «vTa>- koi ^circorcv^^iri TifF 

he had taken the spoils of the city, he set it on ToAtv c^oTrtvo, Kot CTroTotcv ovr^ irXriyrp^ /ifyaXyjv, koi 

fire, and pidled down the houses and waUs AniL\€<r€ Aoov iroAi^i^ H IcrpowA. Koi cAojSc to o-frvAam 31 
thereof on every side. "But the women and /^ % , / » % % > /T^v * \ m " 

children took they captive, and possessed the ToAe<i)s, koi ^'Cirvpio'cv ovn^v Trvpt, koi koC'ciAc tov? oikovv 

c^t-tl®' ouT^s Kot TO Tctx»7 avrrj^ kvkAui. Koi •ff)(fiaXiur€Vfra:^ tos 32 

® Then builded they tho city of David with ywotKos koi to tckvo, koI to Knyn; iKXrjpovofiria'av, 

^ow^S^S3'„ri5°e°ft A"4oTi WC . ^ V-^t^Vr-y ri,. ^u. AavlS r;(j(u M«y^ ««« 

** And thoj put therein a sinful nation, wicked ^^n(yPV> ^n;pyois oxvpots, koi eyevcTO ovrots cis OKpav, Kai 34 

meivand fortified /A«»ieZ«« therein. »Thev j'^kov ^ct lOvo^ AimpruiXov, ovfipos iropovduowy, koI 

stored it also with armour and victuals, and , / • > «« -iTT ,a m ^ \^ , \ % oe 

when they had gathered together the spoils of ^v^VO^^^ ^ **vto. Kot TropcC^cvro orAo Kot rpo^%, §cm 3a 

JeruMlem, they laid theni up there, and so crwoyoyo'vTCS to o-kvAo 'Icpovo-oAnu dW^cvTO ^K€t« Koi 

they became a sore snare : "^ for it was a place • f * ' • /v 'j v ^ 1. ' • • * «* o<j 

to lie in wait against the eanctuary. and an evU ^^vovro cts ^cyoAiyv iroytSo. Kot iytvm cis cvc^pov tw 36 

adversary to Israel ay taarfian, koX cts BiafioXov vovqpov Tw 'Icrpa^X Suaraym, 

MAKKABAION. A'. 141 I. Maccabees, I. 37— 63. 

37 Kflu c^cYcav atua &6S}0V kvxXw tov ctytcuruaTos, Kal .f Thus they shed innooent blood on every 
oo » '\ N « / V ^ ?_t • ' 'T \* Bide of the eanctuary, and deuled it: "mso- 

38 efioAwav to a^LoafAa. Kat i^vyof ot #caTotxoi ICjOOwroAi;^ n,uch that the inhabitants of Jerusalem fled 

BC avrovs, #cai iytvero Karotxia oXXorpiW* icat iyivero because of them : whereupon ^A* ci7y was made 

» \ \ f *» ^ »..^^ „^^ ^^ -.,'^«« «,*-p^« i^.^^^J ttn habitation of strangers, and became strange 

oAAorpia TOis ytvvrifuunv avny?, Kat ra TCKva avnjs cyKarc- to those that were bo?n in her; and her own 

39 kurov avn;v. To dytWfia avrrjs rjpn/jfJLQtdrj oi? tpnfjfio^, at children left her. ** Her sanctuary was laid 

40 oi'ctowrfioi', 17 Tift^ avrrjs €19 6^ovO€v<ixrtv. Kara t^ Oo^av lionour into contempt. ^ As haa been her 

avrrj^ iTrXriOvv^ 4 dTtiua avrn?, #cal to vi^os awros €<TTpdd>rj ^^^^i ^ ^m ter dishonour increased, and her 

t ^ A I I r- /' T # r T I excellency was turned into mourmng. 

€ts irwuf^. ^ x^»A/ / ^ a \ * ** Moreover king Antiochus wrote to liis 

41 Kai typaij/cu o pao-iAcvs AiTto;(OS iroo^ tq pocriActi^ whole kingdom, that all should be one people. 

vofiLfia avTov Kat tirtbt^ro vavra ra wirq Kara rov Aoyov ment of the king. *• Yea, many also of tlie 

43 TOV Baa-iXiio^. Kal iroXXol ano "lapartX cvSoWav rn IsraeUtw consented to his rehnon, and sacri- 
^ '^ , ^ y MA *» »^'\ X »/3 /3'\ need unto idols, and profaned the sabbath. 
AaTpct^ avTov, icat c^ucrav Tot9 ciSoiAots, Kat c^c^iyAoKraK 44For the king had sent letters bv messengers 
TO adpparov. unto Jerusalem and the cities of Juda, tliat 

44 Kal iWcrTcacv5^aorJl.k^.^X.'a<Vxcvi %«W .2, Ll^l. S^oSuS? o&^.lrd'^int 
Icpovo-oA^fi Kat TQS iroAcis loi^a, vop€vui]vai oirtao) vo/xi- and drink ofl*ering8, in the temple ; and that 

45 Mwv dXXoTptW T^5 vws, Kat KwXuorat oXoKavrcuoara Kat ^}^y should profane the sabbaths and festival 
Vi / s'^ e>x '» *. « / % o o \ " days: * and pollute the sanctuary and holy 
e'vo'iav Kat (nrovbrjv ck tou aytao-/iaT05, Kat /JcfJiyAoKrai people : ^ set up altars, and groves, and chapels 

46 (rdBBara Kat copra?, xat utamt ayCaaua koL dyiovr ofidols, and sacrifice swino*s flesh, and unclean 
.-»«« n \ \ / ^»s\'* ^ /L' beasts: **that they should also leave their 

47 oiKo5o/AT70-at^ /Jw/iov?, xat tc/xcio;, Kat cidwActa.^Kat theiv children uncircumcised. and make their souls 

48 v€ia, Kat KTrjvrj KOiva, Kat d^tcvat tovs vtov9 avruii' dircpir- abominable with all manner of unclcanness and 

..j:*»«.» /?5v«\,^^». -A*. ./».«..A^ «,».»/\« i» ..^.^^ ^.^^«/3y^/w<. w.) profanation: *^ to the end they might forget 

^lyrov?,^ Pbtkviai Tas ilnjxa^ avrwvjv navri dKadaprio kui, ^^^ j^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^j^^ ordinances. 

49 ^€^1/ Wet, o)^€ hriXad€adai rov vo/xov, Kat aXAafat » And whosoever would not do according to 
?rarra Ta otKatw/iaTa. the commandment of the king, he gaid^ he 

50 K-l 8, Ak M iro.^ -ra ri^^a roO fia^J^i^. i.o. Kln^'-bl^L'X^'l^l'tp^rtlS Ter^ 

5 1 C^avctTat. Kara Trarras tov? Aoyov? tovtovs typaif/t iratrg eeers over all the people, commanding the 
rj ^ao-tXct^ avTou, Kat ^7roiiy<rcv cirto-KOTrov? Iirt Trdvra tov citie® of Juda to sacrifice, city by city. 

Xaoir Koi €V€r€i\aro Tat? irdXcciv 'lovSa ftxTtdfctv KaTa "^hen many of the people were gathered 

_^/x \/\ x/'X zi'/L jx-^A*** unto them, to wit, every one that forsook the 

52 voAtv Kat iroAtF. Kat (nnnfjdpourthjaav diro tov ^mov irpos ]aw ; and so they committed evils in tlie land ; 

avTov? TroXXoi, Tra? 6 ^KaToXtTnoK tov voiaov koi CTrotWav "and drove the Israelites into secret places, 

-rt x» -»*» V ^ "h ^•t ^\ 2 '_i i. even wheresoever they could flee for succour. 

53 KOKa €v TTi yw. Kat c^cvto tov lo-pawA cv Kpvoot? cv ..^^ , «^ , , , , ., « . 

X .%'"/. - ^' '^ ^ ** Now the fifteenth day of /AtffiMw^ACasleu, 

irovTt 0vyad€im;pt<i) avTwv. ^ ^ ^ ^ , ^ in the hundred forty and fifth . year, they set 

54 Kat r^ vcvTCKatScKaTi; rjii€p(i. Xao'cXcv, tw irifiirrtf Kat up the abomination of desolation upon the 

m.^^^^^»^,x,,^'\ ^^) i^^-^^x^^r^ iS-*. ,!^#v^^..««^^,j P^A^.«<..r. altar, and builded idol altars throughout the 

T€0-(rapaKO<nx{) Kat^aTOorcu CTCt,^ jiKo6o/4i;<rav ^6cAvy^ cities of Juda on every side ; '^ and Wnt in- 

cpi^/Ltaxrcctf? CTrt to ^vo'tooD/ptov, Kat cv 7roAc(rtv lovOa kvkAu cense at tlie doors of their houses, and in tho 

55 fiKoS6uv(rav Btauov^. Kat CTrt twv Ovpwv rdv oIkimv, Kal *^f*. , , , , , 

i « \ / f/i / ••And when they had rent in pieces tiie 

cv Tat? irAaTCtat? ce^^twv. ^ ^ l^^g ^^^ ^^^ 1^^ ^1^^^.!^ ^hey found, they burnt 

56 Kat Ta /3tfi\ia rov vofiov a cvpov, iveirvpurav wpl Kara-- them with fire. *' And wheresoever was found 

RT ^^jf^^MMm^^ v^) X^^-,* ^.^t^„^,s ^^^^ «...>. R.(^\!^,» Si.^Al with any the book of the testament, or if any 

57 crxtcravTC?. ^ Kat ottov ci'P*<rKCTO iropa Ttvt Pip\iov biafty- consented to the law, the king's comiiandment 

kt;?, Kat ct Tt? oin^cvooKCt tw vo/xa>, to (TvyKpipua tov was, that thev should put him to death. ^ Thus 

58 iSao-iXcoi? c'^avdrov a^'v. 'Ev orvv't airoiv cTTOtow ovro)? did they by their authority unto the Israelites 
'^^.- sv ^ , , , '^ > ^ ^ ^ , every month, to as many as were found m the 
Tw laparjA TOt? cvpto-KO/xcvot? cv Trovrt /irp^L Kat firjvi cv cities. *» Now the five and twentieth day of 

59 Tat? irdXco-t. Kat rn •Jrip.trrn Kat ctKoSt tov uttvo? ^uo-td- the month they did sacrifice upon the idol 

ft y \ o X * ♦ » * -» /L ' altar, which was upon the altar of Goo. 

ovTc? «rt TOV piauLov o? wv ctti tov uva-iaarnpiov, m, a. t - ^ .. .. . ,t •• 

^rt«.>\i» \ /"/ >^ "At which time according to the command- 

60 Kat Ta? ywatKa? Ta? jrcptrcT/ti^Kvta? Ta Tcxva avrwv ment they put to death certain women, that 

6 1 iOavdroxrav, Kara ro irpdoroy/ta. Kat iKpifiacrav ra bad caused tneir children to be circumcised. 

Bpitlnj CK Twv TpaYwXttfv avrutv, koi tov? oucov? avrwv "^And they hanged the infants about their 

«.r«r.^.v;..^.^»» ^») ^^:^ •^«».«.^..««^^*»» ^.*^^iu, m^..^^. necks, and rifled their houses, and slew them 

irpocvo/icvcray, Kat tov? TrcptTcr/i^'^OTa? avrovs idavarwrav. ^^^^ ^^^ circumcised them. <*Howbeit manv 

62 Kat TroAAot cv Icrpai^X iKparaitudrforav, Kat wi)(ypio$rj(rav cv in Israel were fully resolved and confirmed 

n^ in^trnTc -tm, ii-^ A/«<w«7» trnivn Kn) 2^^\*fnvrr% <{«-/^/.i/«7» ^^ thcmselves not to cat any unclean thing. 

63 cavTot? TOV jXTf ^yctv KOtva. Kat «f «Ac|avro airo^avcty, ca wherefore thev cliose rather to die, that they 

tva firj fJLiav&wrt toi? pfxa/xaai, Kat ftiy p€pr^AM(ru)a'i. Ota^- might not be defiled with meats^ and thafcVJass^ 

I. Maccabees, I. 64—11. 25. 142 MAKKABAION A'. 

might not profano tlio holy coTcnant : bo then kyiv ayiav Koi ArriOavov, Kal cvcfcto opyn tityaXn iwi 64 

thoy died. " And there was very great wrath »j^ ^^^ <rd>68pa. 

upon Israel. j^p^yn, ^p »f^. ^ ^ /,/.,' -o 

Inthose days arose Mattethias<A**o»of John. ^ ^\ ^«J« '/MV«« ^«^vat9 av€^ MaTra^tas Imayyov rov 2 

M««o»of Simeon, a priest of the sons of Joarib, ^vfi€iav, i€p€V^ nov vuov lioapip airo l€pova-aXrjfi, Kai c#ca- 

from Jerusalem, andT dwelt in Modin. « And ^ Mio^iv. Kai airrw viol irhrr€, 'Iwiwav o hruca- 2 

he had five sons, Joannan, called Caddis: . , «- frcx «/ e *> / r^ >r '^ c » « 

' Simon, called Thassi : * Judas, who was called Aou/*6vos Kaoot9, ii/ioiv o KoAovftcvos Q9ao-o-t, lovoa$ o 3, 4 

Maccabeus: »Eleaxar, called Araran : and |,rtKaXovu€vos ^aKKaBaloq, 'EWfop 6 ^irucaAcwiicvos 5 
Jonathan, whose surname was Appbus. A»y»i^/i*t\* 'a^** 

Axfapav, itovauav o CTrucciAovficvos A7r9ov$. 
* And when he saw the blasphemies that were rr \ ^ \ o\ j * > / i»t'9 %»/• 

commuted in Juda and Jerusalem, 7 he said, ^ Kat elSc tos ^^Aoo-^iy/xias ras yivo/xcvas iv lovda xai A' 6 

Woe is me! wherefore was I born to see this 'icpovo-oXwu, xat cTttcv, ouioi, irart tovto iyrwrfinv tSfiK 7 
misery of my people, and of the holy city, and \ * .*v.* >>/ -^'x 

to dwell there,Vlien it was delivered into the i"© crwrpc/x/ia tou Aaou ^v, xat to <rvvTptfifm tit: iroAcws 

hand of the enemy, and the sanctuary into the r^s ayia^, Kai KojSurai iK€t iv tw BoOvjvcn avr^ ^ X^H^ 

hand of strangers ? ixOpiov, Kal t6 &Y^atrfm h x V^ dAXorp W ; 

'Her temple is become as a man without •!?.'.«.« « ,.«A« ^A*::. A« ^.A« Jr;t/«^A» -A ^.^^'». -:u fi n 
glory. » Her glorious vessels are carried away ^,^^7^^^^ ^ ^^ avnys 0)9 aiojp^ a^^, ra cricciny n^ 8, 9 

into captivity, her infants are slain in the Oo$rj^ avr^ ai)(fiakb)Ta dwrj^dTq, aTrcfcrav^ ra vrpria avrip 

A«r kingdom, and gotten of her spoils? *^A11 lloioi' €uvos ovk €KArjpovofirja'€ paxnAmav avrrj^, k<u ovk 10 

her ornaments are token away; of a free womim iKpdrn<r€ rwv aicvXuw avrrk; Ua^ 6 Kwrfioq avrrk ddrnp^, 11 
she has become a bondslave. ** And, behold, ,'^> 'v /%/ • / . o /\ v > tc. \ \ • ' .^ 

our sanctuary, even our beauty and our dor]^ «'^i cAcuC^iypas cyci'CTO €is dovAi;v. Koi toov ra ayta 12 

?* ^^A,^**J*' *°^. *^V® G,eii*^ilejB have profaned ^n(av koI w icoXXoi^ wuwi^ koI w Sd^d wuwv nonuwOn, koL 
it. "To what end therefore shall we live any /S /?n »^ ' "II «¥ '« « r yjf^'r"^'* 

longer? €p€pi^ Aaxrav avra Ta tuvrj, Ivan rjfAiv en {iqv ; 13 

"Tlien Mattathias and his sons rent their Kai SUpptf(€ MarraOias Kai vioi avrov tol i/iarta avrur, 14 
clothes, and put on sackcloth, and mourned f^^l 7r€pi€BdXovT0 craKKOw, Kal hrtv^av afhoSpa. 
^erysore. tt ^ ♦!/) ' > - a \' ' 'f 

^ In the mean while the king's officers, such . ^^ '^^^''^ "' •''T .^'^ ,^«^^^*^, °' KaramyicafojT^ 15 
as compelled the people to revolt, came into ""?" aTroorao-tov cis MiDO€iy rqv ttoaw, wa (hxriaawn, Koi 16 

the city Modin, to make them sacrifiro. "And iroAAot aTTO 'IcrponA. :rpos avTOVS w^poo^X^ov- kou "Miarra' 
whenmanyof Israel came unto them, Mattathias /j/ \ t e \ t « / /i 

also and his sons came together. ^«»« '««^ oi vioi ovtou avvrjx^<Tav. 

»7Then answered the king's officers, and said ^* diriKpiOryrav oi ^ropa tou ^oo-iXcios, #cai ciVovTyi; 

to Mattethias on this wise, Thou art a ruler, and Marra^ia, Xcyonrc?, apvwv Kai €vSo^ Kal ueya? ft cf rn 

an honourable and great man in this city, and ^'\,. ' > » ' t t ** > »S5 \j. *» "w »« 

strengthened with sons and brethren: ^now ^^^^^ ^«^^» '"'"• ^ojrjpiyfitvo^ cv viois Kai aScXt^ois. Nvr 18 

therefore come thou first, and fulfil the king's ow TrpoatXdt irpSno^, koX voitfo'oy to Trpooray/ia tov 
commandment, like as all the nations have /i__,\ ' _ « i_^',„,. —',-.„ -A Sfi,^ ^«1 «? Jlf,,)(»^ •t^.'JL. 
done, yea, and the men of Juda also, and such P'^''^^^' <f ^oii/croi^ TTOKTa ra €0V7j, Kai oi w6p€S louSo. 

as remain at Jerusalem : so shalt thou and thy '^a^ oi KaraAeKp^crrcf cr Upova-aArjfJi' Kai C077 <ru Kai 

with silver and gold, and many rewards. ^^^ doiaavi^€(ru€ apyvpii^^ Kai )(pva'Uf, koi dirooroAois 

»»Then Mattathias answered and spake with a ToXXais. 
loud voice. Though all the nations that are Koi airtKpiOr) "M-arraOias, Kal cTr-c ifntivn iicyaAn, ct 19 

fathers, and give consent to his command- oKovovcrii' avrov, oTTOon^vai ckooto? oiro AATpcia? irar^pw 

ments : » yet wiU I and my sons and my a^ov, koi rjperurayro iy tois ivroXal^ airrov, dXX' ^ koi 20 
brethren walk m the covenant of our fathers. « , > \ t »^ \ , f / ^ • c.*^/ 

5^ God forbid that we should forsake the law 01 vioi fiov Kai 01 oOcA^i fiov 7rop€wrofi€ua iv Cia&rfKff 

and the ordinances. 22 We will not hearken Trorcptuv wuwv. ^IXcws -nfiiv KaTaXivtiv vouov koi Sikoiu- 21 
to the king's words, to go from our re- .. > m - \ / - iO \ ' » » ' /i *» no 

ligion, either on the right hand, or the left. /^^*** ^"**' Xoywv tov ^ocriAcws ovk dKOVoro/Lic^, tov 22 

a Now when he had left speaking these ^^^^^'^^^ rijv XaTp€{av ijpJl^v, 8€iikv ^ 6puTT€p6y. 
words, tliere came one of the Jews in the sight Kai ws ^Trovcraro XoXuv tovs Xoyov9 tovtov?, vpocmXSty 23 

of all to sacrifice on the altar which was at 1,,^^ *i^*Ji»7^ j.. AA.a^\..^7^ — ' /L *» l_^ 

Modin, according to the kind's commandment. ^J^'iP J'^^'V ^f^^f^oK iravn^v, Svaiao-ai iwi tov 

^ Which thing when Matthias saw, he was in- poifiov tov €V McdOcif Kara to vpoarayfia rov )3a(riA.c<tf9. 

^^ r;id A^^ t^'sheThls S'S?: Kal eISc Ma^a<?cix, .alJ«Wc. Kai irp6f.r^a^ ol v«^ 24 

cording to judgment : wherefore he ran, and avrov, Kai on^vcyKC uvpjov Kara to Kpi/iOj koi opa/iMV 

Blew him upon the altar. co-<^€v avrov cVi tov Pu>p.6v, 

'^Also the king's commissioner, who com- Koi tov avBpa tov jSocriXcW tov (ivayKo^ovra AW, 25 

MAKKABAION A'. 143 I. Maccabees, II. 26—48. 

ATr€KT€LV€v Iv Tw Kaipw ^K€iV(i), xtti 70V jSctfuov ictt^ctXc. pcUed men to sacrmw. he kmcd at that time, 

oc V > »i"\ '^' ' /ix » ' ' JK N « »T /> ^ «« '^nd the altar he pulled down. 'Ihus dealt 

26 Kai eCiyAoxrc tw vofua Kaftos ^oti/crc *iy€€S tw Zafifipi vtw jje zealously for the law of God. like aa Phinees 

^oiXtafi, did unto Zambri the son of Salom. 

27 Kat &v€Kpa(€ Marra^tas ^ rg iroXct 0<«vj ^eyAi;, 27And Mattathias cried throughout the city 
Xeycuv, iras 6 fnXoiv tw vouta Kal 'urrwv StaOnicnv, ^feX^ero) with a loud Toice, Baying, Whosoever is zealous 

oQ * ' IT > 9^* * ^ > c c \ > «« 9 \ ofthelaw, and maintaineth the corenant, let 

28 WTMrcu /tow. Kat ^t^vyov ovtos icoii oi mot avrov cis ra himfoUowme. » So he and his sons fled into 

o/n;, Kal iyKaT€Xi7rov 6<Ta c7p(ov cv rg TrdXet. the mountains, and left all that ever they had 

29 Tore Karip-qcray ?roAAot {lyroiWcs Stjcatooi^n/v Kat Kpi/ia, ^^ ^^^' 

30 ci5 Twv &mftoi^, Ka^icrai cVct, avroi Kat ot vtot avrdy Kat at . ^Then many that sought after justice and 

J ^ , ^ s ^ / , ^ « » \ /L ' /I » » judgment went down into the wilderness, to 

ywaiK€^ avToiv Kat ra tcrriyvj avrwi^, ort iir\rj&w6rj iir dweU there :.» both thev and their cliildrcn, 

avTOVs TO. KaKa, find ^^^^^, wi^cs, and their cattle ; because 

o I ir.^ J '\ '»»s/ <«/> \/ ^ ««o/ afflictions increased sore upon them. 

31 JiWat avqyyiArj T0t9 avopao'i rov pao'tAcios Kat rats owa- '^ 

ftco-tv at Vo" ^ 'IcpowroAwu ^rdXet AaviS, ort KaTlBriaav ^ ?i°^^^®? j^^* HH ^^® !"°^- ^ff^anl^ 

»^ »' « 'U % » \> *» o \ / » and the host that was at Jerusalem, in the city 

ai/dpe9, otTtvc? Oteo-KcOcurai^ rrjv cvtoAttv tov poo-tAccos, cts of David, that certain men, who had broken 

32 Tovs Kpwl>ov^ iv rn ipntuo, Kat IBpaiiov oirlato avrlov t^e king's commandment, were aone down into 

w y y \o'»> 'iO\ »»»> the secret places in the wilderness, " they 

iroAXof Kat KOToAa^on-cs avrous Trapcvc^aAov cir avrous, pursued after them a great number, and having 

Kat aw€(TTn<ravTO ttdos avrovs ^rdXeuov iv rn VfJitpa twv overtaken them, they camped against them, 

oo ^ oo ' ^t \ » \ m «**^<sc/ and made war against them on the sahbath 

33 o-a^^aro)!., Kat fntov irpos avrous. ccos tov wv tKavov- day. »And thefsaid unto them. Let that 

cccX^CTC Kat vovi\<TQ.7t Kara rov Xoyoi' rov pacrtXccos, Kai which ye have done hithert-o suffice; come 

tna'€<rO€ forth, and do accordins to the commandment 

^A V ^ ''^ . .>v / /, .(5x / X x/ of the king, and ye shafl Uve. 

34 Kat ciTTOv, ovK €^€Aaxrofi€ua, ouoc wotiyaoftcv tov Aoyov 

3o> 36 Kat €Ta)(vvav C7r avrov9 ^roAe/xov. Kat ovk aTrtKpLurj- to profane the sabbath dav. ^^ So then they 

aav airois, o^€ Xt^ov cVrnVo^v avT0t9, o^ iv€6pa(av gave them the battle with all speed. »Howbeit 

«^x * 1 \ f */j* /»*»e X / they answered them not, neither cast they a 

37 Tou? Kpwpovs, AcyovTC?, dTTO^avoiftcv iravTC? iv rg airAo-nfn gtone at them, nor stopped the places where 

wuwv aapTvp€i i^" wuos 6 ovpavos Kat w yn. OTt dxptTm ^^^^ ^r hid : « but said. Let us dRe all in our 

oo " '\\ « «^ IT ^ 1 ' » » t \ f « > / mnocency : heaven and earth shall testify for 

38 OTToAAvTC rjfia^. Kat dvccm/o-av ctt avrous cv tw ttoAc/xw ^^^ ^h^t ye put us to death wrongfully. » So 

Toi? (raPPaxn, koX diridavov avrot Kat at ywatKCf avrtov, thev rose up against them in battle on the 

^^' » '* \ \ t 9^0* v/ t'^ sabbath, and they slew them, with their wives 

Kat TO TtKva avTw, ica. ra Kjriyr, aur.-v. €<os x«^<"' iK"*" and chifdren, an/ their cattle, to the number 

avupiinruyv, of a thousand people. 

39 ^ Kat cyvo) Marra^tas Kat ot t^tXdt auTOV, Kat iirtyOrjirav WNowwhenMattathiasand his friends under- 

40 iv avrovs ecus <Tff>68pa, Kat cTttcv avrjp r^ TrXtjclov avrov, stood hereof, they mourned for them right sore. 

2^» ^,i^^^^ m-^B-Jif^.x,.^ Ao «5 ^5lr\^^) ^../\» i'.-rv/.wr^^^ .,«) ^'And one of them said to another. If we all do 

fov Traire? iroti^o-co/xeF ws ot dbcA^ot 17^0)^ ^7roti70-ov, Kat ^ ^^^ brethren have done, and Aght not for 

firi 7roA€iirf<rwfJL€y vpo^ ra tuvrj wlp rtav ifnr^v rjfitoy Kat our lives and laws against the heathen, they 

Twv StKatco/xdTwv ijfiwv, vw rdxiov ^/tas ^foAo^poxrovcrtv will now quickly root us out of the earth. 

ano Tiys y^s. **At that time therefore they decreed, saying, 

41 Kalipw\€vaavTOTi^u€paiK€Lim,X€yovT€^,ira^avOpiairfy: Whosoever shjU^come to make battle with 
* J^ '>\/i X « *» "f V\ ^^ t' f *. /JO/ ^8 on the sabbath day, we will fight against 
OS ^av €AUy irpos i^ftas cts woMfiov rg rjfi€p^ t«v crapparuiv, him : neither will we die all, as our brethren 

TroXe/ji^ctf/jicv KaTOwrn avrov, koI ov fi^ diro^avoiftcv that were murdered in the secret places. 

7rc£n-es Ka^ dTT^avov ol dScXj^l ^/xoiv ^ yots Kpw^ts. « Tlien came there unto him a company of 

42 T6t< <rvKrp(6Yj<rav Trpos ovrovs <n;wiywy^ loiioataiv, tcr;(V- (^ideans^ who were mighty men of Israel, 

pol Sv^. i^ypaiiK ^, 5 W«.{o;«vo, r,? vdM.?. ?rela^'"«''ljS,:rth^?}"rt"L1o?^r;^"cS: 

43 Kat iranres ot (pvyaocvoKTCs airo rwv KaKU)V wpoccrcftycav tion joined themselves unto them, ana were a 

44avTors. Kat ^vcfovto avTOts cts cmjptyuo. Kat <rvy€<m^ sUv unto them. ^ So they joined their forces. 

«/ ' A » / > c '^ \ > » > *» » *» wd smote sinful men m their anger, and 

iravTO dwa/xtv, kcu €iraTa^av oftopTOiAovs cv opyjy avTwi', wicked men in their wrath : but the rest fled 

Kat avSpa^ dvofiov^ iv Ovpii^ avrcuv* Kat ot XotTrot Hffnryov ^ ^^^ heathen for succour. 

€h ra lOvrf (TtaOijvat. «Then Mattathias and his friends went 

45 Kat ^KVKXoKre MoTTa^tas Kat ot ^tXot avTOv, Kat Ka^ctXov «>und about, and pulled down the altars : 
AC ^ o * v^ * >&/ ^J' and what children soever they found witmn 

46 Tovs ^^ovs. Kat ycptcrc^ov Ta ^rat&ipia Ta dirtpLTfirpra th^ coast of Israel undrcumcised, those they 

47 ocra cvpov iv opiW 'lapa^X ^i' Urvvi. Kat iBliofav tovs circumcised valiantly. ^^They pursued also 

,.Jrt,V «.:u S^^,,^A.»*.f»e. .,«) ^^^^^ JL\/l^ ^ ?«•.«.. i.. *,^.«> *ft«r the proud men, and the work prospered 

vwvsttts wrc7n;«^vtas, Kat KaTtviodutfh) to cpyov^^ x«P^ i^ ^h^i^ j;and. « So they recovered thriaw 

48 axrnav, Kat avTcXapoKTO rov vofiov ix X€ip9qTwv iuvwv out of the hand oftheQentilfta^«ssL^^N^^^*'i^c^ 

I. Maccabees II. 49— III. 7. 144 MAKKABAION A'. 

hand of kings, neither suffered they the icat Ik Ycipos twv BaxriXtiav koX oIk eSwKav xcpos t<J> duap- 
sinner to triumph. X " r t r ~r- 

*'Now when the time drew near that '''^'^'^Hf' 
Mattathias should die, he said unto his Kat rjiyyia-av ai Tffilpai rov MaTraOiov arroOavtlv, koL cTttc 49 

the wrath of indignation : *® now therefore, Kaipo^ KaToa-TpOffirj^ Kat ofryij uvfiov. Kot vvv, TCKva, (i^XcMrarc 50 

ZrX'iJi.S' t\±TeSrnl''<?f ^o'^'flS;^ ^J yo^K^S^. ™, ^x« -/f- MpJu^JK^. ^ar^. ^^^i- . , 

•' Call to remembrance what acts our fathers B/lvrj<TuriT€ toiv TrarcfKuv rjfJMV ra €pya a c7roti;o-av cv raw ycvcai? o 1 

did in their time ; so shall ye rec^iye great avroii^. koI hiiafrOt ho^av ucyoXnv xal ovotui atwviov. "ABpaaa 52 
honour and an everlasting name. " Was not »^^ •»«T/i'%' \»\//i >«»^ 

Abraham found faithful m temptation, and ouxt iv irctpac/xcji cupcC^ ttiotos, Kat cAoywr^ auT<{) €ts StKOto- 

it was imputed unto him for righteousness ? avvrw ; ^luHTrjih iv Katpcu orevoYcopta^ avTou €<hv\a(€v ivTokhv, 53 
•'Joseph in the time of his distress kept the >9/ / a»*' a > « ^ «*» » *»•;« 

commandment.and was made lord of Egypt: *at cyo/CTO Kvptos Aivuirrov. ^^tvccs o naTrjp rjfUs)V €V tiji o4 

^ Phinees our father in being ztalous and {i^XoKrat &jXjov, cA.a)3c OiaSrJKrjv i€fHtxrvvrj^ auovtag. 

ferrent obtained the covenant of an ever- *i^^^T^ i,, «': •.i*.«A«.«. \r(«.r.» i^,i^,^^ .^^.^^ i,* 'T^^^jJi <;^ 

lasting priesthood. ^ t?n^ t«j» TrAiypuicrat AoyoF. cycvcro Kptrr;; cv I^pa^A. 55 

** Jesus for fulfillina the word was made a XaAcp ci' t<{J CTriftaprupao-aat cv t^ <KKAi;o-ta, cAopc yi^ 56 

of the land. *n)avid for being merciful DOS- pactAcias ft? atojva atoivos. HAtas ci' t<{) ^i/Aonrat 417A0V 5o 

sessed the throne of an everlMting kingdom. ytJoov. dvcXwt^^ ccos cts tw oupavoV. 'Ami^tas, 'Afopwis. 59 

**Elias for being zealous and fervent for the -^g s\ * , •'/! jj\ / a ^\•'»/?A 

law was taken up into heaven. "Ananias. MiaaiyA, irtorcvo^arrcs €<rwe^av ^k 0Aoyos. AovtT/A cf tj; 60 

Azarias. and MisaelJ)y believing were saved dTrXorm-t ovtov ippwrOn ck oroaaros Xeorrcuv. Kat ovrois 61 

out of the flame. ? Daniel for his mnocency « //i \ % > > • / « »\ '*• » » 

was delivered from the mouth of lions. ^oy&rjT€ Kara ycvcai^ Kat ycvcav, on TraKTCs ot fXTrtfovrc? cir 

^^ And thus consider ye throughout all ages, avroi^ ovk do'^ei070'OVO't. Kat d^ro \6ywv avBpo^ d/iaproiXot/ 62 

that none that put their trust in him shall , > JL^p«/a;v< X^, -^ ^Afr^ ft^',-rnT, */c. ^n-^f^/nt* «.«) *.V ^^.\\-,^»^»^ 

be overcome. ^^Fear not then the words of (t^, 1>oprifhjT€, ori rj do^a avrou cts KOTrptai/ Kat^ cts (TKwAiyKas. 

a sinful man : for his glory shall be dung and Zi/ficpov CTrop^a-crcu, Kat avpLov ov firj €vp€Oji, on tarptilftv 63 

worms. « To day he shaU be lifted up, and ^'^ ^^y ^^^ ^^ov, Kat 6 StaXoytauos avrov dirwXero, 
to morrow he shall not be found, because v ^ t *- i » ' ' «^ /j. /» ^ - / m % t*A 

he is returned into his dust, and his thought Kat v/*€ts, t€kvo, torxvo-are Kat avdptico-C^c €V tw vofty, ort iv 64 

is come to nothing. avrol Sofao-^o-co-^c. Kat i8ou Svftcwv 6 d8€\</>05 vyJav, olBa 65 

law ; tor by it shall ye obtain glory. «*And, vfttr iorat cts irarcpa. Kat loudas MaKKapatos icrxvpos 66 

behold. I know that your brotlier Simon is gwduct cV vcottttos a^ov, olroi Vfiiv ecrrai dpYwv arparw, 

a man of counsel, give ear unto him al way : > > / /\ \ ^ ^ 

lio shall be a father unto you. « As for Judas '«at TroAe/xryo-ct iroAc/xov Aaa>v. 

Maceabeus,hehath been mightv and strong, Kat vuftS TpocdiaTC irpos vu"? Tairas tous ^rotwras tou 67 

even from his youth up: let liim be your / \ % ^ ^ » s' ** v *» < ^ »* /» /.« 

captain, and fight the battle of the people, vo/xov, Kat CKdtKiyo-arc CKdtKT;<riv tou Aaov vfWDV. AKrairodorc 68 

^ Take also unto you all those that ob- dyraTrdSofta rot? c^FCcrt, Kat Trpoo-cp^crc cts ra Trpoordy/xara tov 

serve the law and avenge ye the wrong y^^Q^. Kot cuXoyiTcrcv ovrovs' Kat irpwTfri(hi irpos tovs 69 
of your people. <* Recompense fully the '^ , ,« v ^ » fn ^ **• > ««« 

heathen, and take heed to the command- «'aT€pas avrou. Kat an€aav€V €V tw ckt<|) Kat Teo-<rapaKO(rT<u 70 

ments of the law. /»So he blessed them, and Kat cVaToorw crct- Kat lOad/av avTov ol viol avrov ck rd^ot? 
was gathered to his fathers. '" And ho died / ,*^ ^ * t^k ^ i- ^»m » ^ '^>t^\ 

in the hundred forty and sixth year, and ^raTcpwi^ auToiv €y Mwday, Kat cKO^avro aurov was IcrpaiyA 

his sons buried him in the sepulchres of KOTreroi^ fiiyav. 

Ills fathers at Modin, and all Israel made v ^ > r *t ^^ < \ ' nir o ^ '^ » <* o 

great lamentation for him. , ^^^, «j^«<^ lovSas o KaXov^cvos MaKKa^atos vtos avrou 3 

Then his son Judas, called Maccabeus, rose o-^ avrov. Kat ifio-qOow aurw Trdnrcs ot dScX<^ot avrov, Kat 2 

up in his stead. ^And all his brethren helped irdnres oo-ot CKoXXiJ^crav tc3 irarpt avrov, Kat cVoXeaow tov 
him, and so did all they that held wi til his f\ *j n\ • »i ' v > i \' ^'> ^ o 

father, and they foug:ht with cheerfulness ^o\€fwy WparjX fi(T €v<ppo(ryvq$, Kat ^Aaryvc bo^av tw 3 

the battle of Israel. ^ So he gat his people Xaw avrov, Kat cvcSvaaro OtopaKa d>s ytya^, Kat (rwe^uxraro 
great honour, and put on a breastplate asa> * » ^ \ \ / \ ' » v/ 

gknt, and ifrt his warlike h^^^^ ''^ ^^«^ avrov TaTroXc/ttKa- Kat crw^cm^raTO iroAc/iovs 

him, and he made battles, protecting the O'KCTro^oiv TraptfipoXrjv iv pofiff^alq,, 

host with his sword. Kat wuotw^ Xcorrt cv rots cpyots avrov, Kat ws (tkvuvoc 4 

^ In his acts he was like a lion, and like • # * a^ xr ^ *(> > > ^ >> «« > e 

a Uon*s whelp roaring for his prey. * For he €pcvyo^cvos ct? (hjpav. Kat cdtajfcv avo/iovs ^fcpcwwv, KOt 5 

pursued the wicked, and sought them out, tovs Topdo'a'ovTas tov Xaov avrov iff>Xoyia'€. Kat <rw€(rrd-' 6 

and burnt up those that vexed iiis people. \ tw » \ "^ ^'o •'>\ / «i/ 

•Wherefore the wicked shrunk for fear of ^W^^ «' f^'^'M^'^ ^'^o y*'*' ^^o/^o" f^^''' f^ ^avrcs ot ^^pyarat 

him, and all the workers of iniquity were r^9 dvofiias aw€Tapd)($rp'av, Kat cvu>3o>^ aoynjpia iv X^'P*' 

troubled, because salvation prospered in his ^^qJ) 

^ He grieved also many kings, and made Kat imKpav€ jSao'tXcis ?roXXov>, Kat €Vff>pav€ tov ^laKw^ iv 7 

MAKKABAION A'. 145 1. Maccabees III. 8— 29. 

Tois &yots avTov, Kal ttas tov aiWos to iinifUMrwov avrou ccs Jacob glad jrith his acts, «md his memorial 

8tv /' Tr » ^ «\/i * *\ »¥ '^ > iA \ 'zi 19 blessed for ever. « Moreover he went 

cuAoytai^. Kat OtiyAt/cv cv TTOMaiv louda, Kai ^t««>Ao(//JCUo-cv throuah the cities of Juda, destroying the 

9 oartBcl^ cf auTw?, ical anifrrpGlf^v opynv avo 'lapanX, Kai ungodly out of them, and turning away 

f # /) • '. / ^ ^ Z k' ' / » \\ ' wrath from Israel: "so that he was renowned 

itiVOfiaaerj ecus caxaTOU ti;s yrfs, Kai awrjyaytv aTroAAv/AC- ^^^^^ ^jjc utmost part of the earth, and he 

vovs. received unto him such as were ready to 

10 Kal <rvnjyay€v 'A7roXXi!>via^ ^^Bvrj, Kal Airh Sa/iopc/as SvVa^ti; ^S^^^^, Apollonius gathered the Gentiles 

11 fi€yakrjv, tov 7ro\€firja'ai 7rpo9 lapa-qX., Kai cyvo) lovOa^^ Kai together,andagreat host out of Samaria, to 
c-^Xe«v cJ, .nWm^T.. airf . .al i^draio. aMyK<u d.^^«vcv fi«^t^-^n^. WL^ Zt"tth t* m ™t 
ouToi'* Kai CTTCcrov rpavfiaTLai ttoAAoi, Kai oi ciriAoiTroi ttpvyov, him, and so he smote him, and slew him : 

1 2 Kal cXajSc tol (TKvXa ovtwv, Kai rrjv uavoipav 'ATroAXo). many also fell down slain, but the rest fled. 

/ w. o .T /© X ♦ \ « 1 » ** ' N *- Wherefore Judas took tlieir spoils, and 

vtou cAa^cv lovdtts, Kai rjv iroMfJMV iv avrp vaaa^ ras Apollonius' sword also, and therewith ho 

nuepa^. fou^t all his life long. 

1 o v- >» X' «• ^S' "^'5. "/J^^.^^, "Now when Seron, a prince of the army 

. , ^;fovor€ Siypcov o apx^v rip dwo^ccus Svpw, dn rjdpourey ^^ q^^^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^.j^^t Judas liad gathered 

'lovSas dBpouTfia, kcu €KKX.rf(Tiav vurruiv ftcr* avroS ^KTropcvo- unto him a nmltitude and company of the 

Oo^aavrjcofiai iv 177 pcuriAei^, Kai ttoAc/aijo'O) tov lovoai' Kai kingdom ; for I will go fight with Judas and 

Tovsow avTO), T0V9 ^fovScKOvvras tov Xoyov tov )8a<riXcw. t^e™ that are with him, wlio despise tho 
le c^ > //I * « . o- > t 'o { , « '^ o \^ kinB*8 commandment. »*So he made him 

1 Kai trpoa€U€TO tov avapyjyav Kai avcpi; /Ltcr avrov 7rap€fipoArj ready to go up, and there went with him a 

da'€P(av Urxvpa jSory^aai ovTy, Kai iroi^o-at rrjv iKhvcrjiTLV iy miehty host of theun^lly to helphim,and 
VMHS lo-paijX. ,8 ^jjd ^j^gj^ Yie came near to the going 

1 6 Kai wyyio-av cws drnfleurcws Bai^copoiv Kai c^X^cv 'lovSas up of Bethhoron. Judas went forth to meet 
1 «7 » /' » ** »x f «ri 5^ *5 ^ o \^ him with a small company: *' who, when 

1 7 CIS ovvavrrjiTW auro) oAiyooros. «s Sc pov ti;v irapififioXTjv ^^^^ g^w the host coming to meet them, 

ip\op.€irqv cts (TwaKnyo-iv avrois, cTirov t<5 'lov&t, Truis Suviycrd- saicf unto Judas, How shall wo be able, being 

/..ft* iA^yooTol o,^« ^Ui^r^a, n^ .X^o, TO<rovro. lox^po. ; '^^^^ ^J£^l S w^a^^" toS 

1 Kai rjfjLtiS iKX€\vfJL€6a do-iTowres <njfi€pov. Kai cTr-cv lovoas, with fasting all this day ? ^ Unto whom 

cvKOJToV fCTTi o-vyKXcKT^vot TToXXov^ Iv Yf/KTiv oAivcov Kal Judas auswered, It is "^ hard matter for 

, • ^ » / . / -* r^ ' -^ > - ''y » many to bo shut up in the hands of a few ; 

ovK coTi dia^opa evaKTiov tov ©cou tou ovpavou o-cu^eiv cv and with ^A^ Gorf o/heavenit isallono, to 

IQwoXXois w cv 0X17019. 'Oti ouk cv ttXw^ci Swauccos vikw deUver with a great multitude, or a smaU 

on \' i > i\\» ♦ i *- » -. e . '/ A» ^» company; "for the victory of battle 

JO iroAc/Aov ^OTiv, dXX 17 ^k tov ovpovou 1; lox^. Avtoi cp^ovroi gtandeth not in the multitude of an host ; 

vpo^ nixo« cv irXw^ci vBp€uys Kal dvoiiia^, rov c^opai wuas Kal but strenjjth cometh from heaven. .^.They 

> ^ « i» \ N / « « « ^ « " « -. come against us in much pnde and iniquity 

w yuvaiKas 17/Awv, Kai Ta tckvo ly/ituv, tou (TKvXcucrai ly/xa?. ^ destroy us, and our wives and chUdre". 

21 H/xci? Sc iroXc/xoi)/xcv ircpi toiv \lnrvpiv -qfiiov Kai tu)v vofiCfimv and to spoil us : ^' but we fight for our lives 
00 A "^ I/•^»^ fi * y \ / t« and our laws. ^ Wherefore the Lord him- 

^^ ?''"/• «*'?'"«°L'^?'^"-."'^'~' "'"' ''"^'"'™" 'W^" Self wmoTcrthroV them before sur face: 
v/ACis oc fi^ <t>op'qdrJT€ air avTwv. and as for you, be ye not afraid of them. 

OQ *rt 9\ 1 ' \ \ '^ * '\ f JL ^ »^ ^ s Now as soon as he had left ofif speaking, 

23 Os Si ^TrawraTO XaXo)v, cnyXaTO cEs ofrovf aif>V(0, Kai he leaped suddenly upon them, and so Serou 

24 (TWtrpLP'q Si^poiv Kal 17 ?rapc/i)3oX^ avrov cv(i)iriov avrov. Kal and his host were overthrown before him. 

CTTCCOV av auTCDV C19 avopa^ oktoxoo-lov^* 01 oc Xoittoi l<pvyov were slain about eight hundred men of 

25 €U yrjy OvXioricitt. Kal wpfaTO 6 ihoBo^ 'lovSa Kal twv them; and the residue fled into the land 
«^ xV** « « r« / » / ^ Ty y »n \ ' \ of the Philistines. 2^ Then began the fear 
ttOcA0<i)v aurov Kai rj wrorfo'i^ CTriTrtirrciv ciri Ta cWoy Ta kvkAco of Judas and his brethren, and exceeding 

26 avTwv. Kal wyyio-cv C(i)9 tov iSao-iXcco? to ovoua avrov, Kal great dread, to fall upon the nations round 
c > ^ "A *T '^ t^ *« « »/L about them: ^insomuch as his lame came 
VTrcp rujv wapaTof ctov lovda €^7ff€iT0 irav cft^os. unto the king, and aU nations talked of the 

27 ^ '9? 5< ^Kovacv •AvTioxos 6 /3ao-iXcvs tovs Xoyovs tovtov?, H*j|ow whe^ing Antiochus heard these 
u)pyLa'9rj OvfiQ' Ka\ dircoTCiXc Kal OTmJyayc Ta? Svva/xcts things, he was full of indignation : where- 

28 ^a^ T,> ^o^tXcuz, airov. ,rap«M^oXV Ja^vpi.- <r,^8p« Kal foj^Vofw. ^"alm^T^^v^f .\~ng1!™" 

rjvot(€ TO ya^ofpvXoKiov airrov, Kai cocukcv oil/tavia rais Ovva- ss Reopened also his treasure, and gave his 

uco-iv avrov C15 cViavrdv Kal cVcrctXaro clvai avrovs croiuovs soldiers pav for a year, eommandingthem to 
% « , '^ be ready whensoever he should need them. 

C15 Trao-av xp^tav. » Nevertheless, when he saw that the 

29 Kal cTScv on c^cXittc to dpyvpiov aTTO tuiv &n€ravpS)V, Kal 01 money of his treasures failed, and that the 
, x/ « f >x' / -«© f '^ \ \ ^ tributes m the country were small, because 

<t>opoXoyoi Tiys X<^pas oXiyot, xopiv ny? Sixoorao-tas koi irXrjyrjf; ^^ ^^^^ dissension and plague, which he had 

^ KarccTKCvaccv cv tJ yj, rov ^ai ra vofiifxa a ijo-av aif> brought upon the land in taking away the 

I. Maccabees in. 30— 46. 146 MAKEABAinN A'. 

Uws wliich hid been of old time; "lie nutouiv run' wpioroii'. Kai tSAnSnfti iin oix tyn lut airof Koi 30 

feared that Iio ihould not bo «Me to bear ir^T ^ r JT • • s • » )S ■!; • (l_ s f i - 

the olmrgeti snx longer, nor to lia.e .ueh B« ^'* ™« Bairarai koi to fio/iara & ISiSmi t^^poir9tv BafiA« 

S'Flt to gire so libenllFae he did berore: Vfuit. Koi iirtpiircr€i>irtv inrip tovs BairiXiis tow ifi.Tipoa6tv. 
t ha had abounded above the lungs that v->> - ~ , ~ . - , -s • la \ ■ -oi 

were before bim. ''■'" yitoptna tjj i/"5m ""tou cr^pa, «ai fpouAiuffnTO tow 31 

" Wherefore, being greatir perplexed in ■Kopiv$Tivai (is Tnv QtpalZa, koX XaBtlv tous iopous Tiui- Vapuv, 
his mind, he determined to go into Persia, l ' - .' ■ i ■ »- • -i * ' • £ in 

thoretoUke thotributeiofthfl oonntries, "O-i- TWayaytiv ipyvpMV troXv. Kq. itnTtA.tTr.^AwuiKa^t'/Kujroj- 32 

and to gather mudi money. " Bo ho left (vSo^f Kai diro yt'fovt T^ fiatriXiiai, iirt Tiuy npa.yiio.raiv too 

S",<,'o™Th°'.Sl."f Ih' feS ^r'*':"' *;* ",' '°"?°= ?*™ !« ~' 5p.W Alyv™,, S3 

the river Eupbratea unlo the borders of koi rpiijuiv hvTi.<>)(ov Tov vuiy ciift-ou !i« tou tTrunpalKU avrav. 
EgTpt:°ttndlobriogupbi.sonAnUochus, Koi Tap^-OKO' aJiii tm nuiffM rSk- SuKa<t<u.v ital Tot, 34 
unl.d he came Bgftin. "^ , , , • , 'r^ , , , '^,o „ , 

»* Moreover ho delivered unto him the iXitfiavTa^- kqi (WTtiAaro auriu vtpi warran/ uiv ipoukiTO, Kat 

lialf of bi< forces, and the elephnntB, and jrtal tu<v KaToucovvriav TVv'lovSaiay Hai'lfpouiraXiiu,awo<rTt7Xai3o 

gave him charge of all thingB that he «ould , ' . • s- -. ', •. .t- • • - -i •. 

Kave done, as also conccminK them tliBt " oirTOVS bvyafuv,^ Ton ftrpiipai. k<u jjopai ■np' lojfi* lo-paijA. 

dwelt in Juda and Jerusalem ; */o icit, that koi to naToAfi/ijin IipowroA^/i, icai Spiu to p.vT}ii6irwov avrHiv 

dMfc^Ti^'^tTut™e^W^nglli of I'Siet f^ ToD^TOirou, KoX KaToot^ai uJots iXMytvtX^ Iv jrOiTi Tors 36 

and the remnant of Jerusalem, and to toke optoi; avrZv, xai KaTaKAtipooorjjirai nji' y^i' airrui'. Kai i 37 

tbBl'ho°i!hoiS(r'^la™™t™nBcM''ii^ /3ao-t\(V! TToptXa^i Taj -^fUiTtK Tuiv Bwaiitiav Tas uaToXti^- 

S.artjirs, and diTidelhcir lanil by lut, ^'So 6tiiTav, Ko.! air^piv diro Ai<T(o;^cui{ diro waXtiiK jSoirtXcuif 

king took the half of the forces that o^oi} Jtow tS&Juou itai Tt<irrapaKO<rrov koi JitaTixrTov- xai 

remained, and deparled from Anlioch, Ins , , •>■■.' • -p - > . . 

royal city, the huudred forty and seventh OMirtpoot TOf k.v<ppaTr]y worapov, koi iitwoptutTO Tos fnuw 

joars and ho passed the river Euphrates, j^tipa?. 

Dorymenes. and Kicniior, and Gi)rj,'ia!|, I'opa, KaiTopyiav, avSpa% Svyarovi tSjv tfiiXiuv tov ^aaiXiuit. 

wiV^U^™e°sUtfortr\lou«nd^footom, KaU7r.'<7TeiA(^^<r aira^ T.o-o-apaKo^ra XjXiaSas di^pSv^Kai 39 

and seven thousand horsemen, to go into tirTaKur)(Mav iinroy, Tou tAffnv iit yijf ioiioa, koi icaTa^ti/MU 

with all their power, and came and pitched T)] oui^^M aliTuiv, Kai iiAffoy, Kat iruptycpaXov xAijmoi' 

by EminBus in the plain eountry. 'EuuaavpL iv rn rg rrj irtSiyjj. 

^'And the merclianta of the country, '^TT i "'Hi " - > « . . - ... 

hearing the fame of tbem, took silter and Kai T^aiKjav oi tpxapOK^ np X^V«S to ofo/ia a.vTu,v, (tai 41 

gold very much, with servanla, and eame i^Bov upvvpiov not vpuo-i'oi' jtdXu trioSpa Kai jroi&n, koi 

into the camp to buy the children of Israel t.i! . \ o\- - i o - • • • •! <i • 

forslaves! ttpoweralsoofayriaandof the 5^™*' •« ri;v Tapefi^oXi,^ tou Xa^tiv tovi tiiou? IirpaijX bi 

land of the rbiliitines joined themselves iraiSaf Kai 7rpocr(T<d);o^i' irpo; afroiPt Suvafut SufHas koi y^t 

"o"Ko™when Judas and his brethren saw ^^^^''^l^"- . ,. , . „ . .. „, „ 

that miseries were multiplied, and that the Km (I6o' loiidai ncoi oi dSeX^i aurou 5rt ljrkr)9vyffrj ra. 42 

forcesdidenc»Dipthomse!veBin their bor- ^^' ^^l al Swa^.ts miptuSiXXovou' fi' to« opioK ahl^y 

den ; for tbey knew how the king had given , ,' , . ,, ^^n i . * . 'i - 

commandment to destroy the people, and «ai iircyi'iiKTaF tod; Aoyout Tou fiaaiktwt ous ^ktciAoto »-oiijcrai 

utterly abolish them, *> thev said one to ^^ XaQ tK diriiXciac mil .mTtXttav Kat elirtv tjnaoros 43 

another. Let us restore the decayed estate ' > \ . i > - , . . n ■ 

of our people, and let us fight for our people ^pos toc^ ^rATaioc avrou. araonjoui^cv -riiy^ KaBatpuriv tou 

and the sanctuary. XaoE n/tiui', nai ffoXttimriuuo' mpl tou Xaov riuMV Kai tmi 

«'flien the congregation gsthercd to- . - "^ n r r ir- 

gether. that they might be readv for battle, "r""*"; . , „ , , . , , , , ,, 

and that they might pray, and ask mercy Kai <ravr)OpourVi] i) OTJVoyiuy^ tou tlvai troipav^ (is TroM/iov, 44 

derness, there wasnoneofherciiildren that Kai IcpowroA^/i ^v aoiKijrot an ipt]p.os, ovk ^y o (unro- 45 

r'^jj '"j"' "It' t*"]*. Ban otuary also wa« pamittvoi ttai €KJroaiuoi«vo« ^k tSi- -vewriu.aTiui' aurns' xai to 

trodden down, and aliens kept tho strong ', , '^ ft" i . i ' ,, ,"^ . , ' . , 

hold ; the heathen had their habitation in aytao-^ta itaiaJraroufitvoi', (cai uioi oAAoyfviui' tv t^j "Jcpq, 

that nlace ; and jo v vras taken from Jacob, ^aTiiXupi ToTs i$ytoi- Kai l$yp$jj T^iiis li 'laKuS. koI 

andtliepipewiththeharpceased. •'Where- ,.,, ' ... . . v ^ '. ^^ i ■\a i ic 

fore tho Israelites assembled themselves <{<Aijro' a,uAo« Kni Kivupa. Yiat.<r<nnixfhioa.v. koi y)>So<ray th 46 

together, and came to Masphs, over against Mao'OTiiia KarfVan-i 'ItooucraAiiit, on loiros jtooctcuym w 

Jerusalem; for in Maspha was the place ,, Z.' ' ■ - T '» f A( 

where they prayed aforeSme in Israel. Uaoirq^xxTO irpoTtpoy T^UpariK. _ 
'•> Then they fasted that day, and put on Kat iyrfOTtvrray rg yjpipa (K(ivt), Kai n-cpicpoAoio^ aoKKOUi 47 

asckcioth, and cast ashes upon their heads, ; Si.. J_; -i.. -.j.„)i':;.. „.'—'.".., 1 S,^jts„t... -i '...X,.^ 

and rent their clothes, «and laid open tliS -"" /'™*<»' <"■. tus «^aAa« aw-u^v,_ koi ftiepp-jfai- ra i^aiia 

book of the law, wherein the heathen had avrwv. Kot efdrcrairaf to fiipMov rou I'Ofiov, -rtpi toy 4S 



I. Maccabees III. 49— IV. 12. 

49 iiTjp€wiay ra €$vrj ra bfiouafUiTa tcov €t8taXiuiv avrwv. Kai 
7]V€yKav ra i/ioTia rrj^ icpoxmo;?, kolL to. Trptaroyevm^fiaTa, koX 
Ta9 Sdcaras* Ka\ ^jytipav Tov^ No^apouovs, ot ivXi^pdHTav tos 

50 Kai ip6rj(rav ffnovQ ct^ rov ovpavbv, Xtyovrts, ri irovqcwfity 

51 Tovrois, Koi wov avrovs dvaydytofiev ; Kai ra ,ayia (rov 
fcaraTrcTniTi/Tai, xat jScjS^Xcorou* xat ol tcpcis crov cv vivd€i kqI 

52 raTrctvoKrct. Kcu &v ra lOvq awrjicTai i<f> Tjfia^ tov i^apai 

53 ^fias* (TV o78as u Xoyi^qvrai €<f> i7fia9. Hois hnrqaofJitBa 
virocTTrfvai Kara 7rp6<r<airov avrcuv, ^av firf av PovjOrjiTrj^ 

54 rffjuv; Kai ifraXniouv rai^ aakinyii, xai ip6rj<rav ^vy 

55 Kat fura rovro Kari(rrq(rtv 'lovSas riyovfitvov^ rov Xaov, 
'XtXidpypv^, KOi iKarovrdp\ov^, Kai v€vrrfKoyrdp)(pvi, Kai Sck- 

56 dp^vs. Kai cTr'oi' rots oucoSofiovaiv oucCa^, koI fJLvrjartvofii' 
vovs ywaiKa^, xal f^vrtvovo'tv dpLirtSSava^, xai SciXotSj avo' 
(rrp€<f>€iv (tKturrov eU rov oTkov avrov, Kara rov vofiov. 

57 Kou di7^p€v 17 vap€p.po\7), KOi 7rapeve)3aAe Kara Norov 

58 *EfJLfJLaovfJi, Kai cTttcv 'louSas, ir€piiwa'aa'6€, Koi ylvtaOt ct9 
viovs 8waT0vs> KOi yLV€<r$€ Iroifioi C19 roirpu/t rov TroXc/x^crai ci^ 
roi9 tOv€€ri rovrois, rots lirtawrjyfitvoLi iff>* 17/xas liapai i7/xa9 

59 KOi ra ayia "^pMV, "Ori Kp€ia'(rov 17^109 aTro^cu^cii' cv ra> 
TToXcfUtf, 17 CTTiSciv €irc Toi fcoxa TOV c^ovs i7fici>v #cal Twv dyitav 

60 'Os 3* ay ^ OfXrjfia iv ovpavto^ ovrta 7rotr]a'€i. 

4 Kai TTopcXa/Sc Fopyta^ vcvTOKto^iXiovs ovSpa^ icai p(i\iav 

2 iTrrrov cKX€iC7*^y, Kai dw^p€v 17 vap€fiPo\rj WKrb^, q>otc ^tti- 
/SoAeiv CTTi T^v 7rap€fiPokrp^ twv 'loiiSauov, xal Traro^ai avrov9 

3 dffiVii}' KOI ol viol rrjq aicpas ^crav avra> o^vjyoi. Kcu ^Kovcrcv 
IovSa9, xal &jrjp€v avros Kai 01 Svyaroi vardiai, rifv ^vafiiv 

4 TOV ^ao'iA.€fi>9 T^v ^K *£/x/Aaovfi, ccos &i ai Swofieis iaKop" 
TTiafiivai ^aav anb rrj^ 7rape/i)8oX^. 

5 Kat ^X^c Fopyta^ C19 t^v 7rape/i)3oX^v *Iov3a wktos^ koi 
ovScFa cllpc* Kat ^{^i/rct avrovs ^vTots op€<riv, art cTttc, ff>€vyotxTiv 
ovTOi a9 rjfjuav, 

6 Kat a/Lia T]^ 7ip.€p<^, ia<l>drj *IovSa9 iv to) ircSup ^ Tptap(tXto49 
dvSpcuri* TrX^y KoXvfifiara Kai /xa;(aipa9 ovk €l;(ov Ka^u)9 

7 rjPovXovro, Kat cTSoy TraptfiPoXrjv iOvutv ur)(upav, rtOiapaKKT- 
fihrrfv, KOLL Imrov KVKXowrav avrriv, Kai oi^TOi 3t8aKT0t 

8 Kat cTttcv *Iov3a9 tois dvBpd<r(, Tots firr* avTOv, firj ^jSeto-^c 
TO 9rX^^o9 avToiv, koI to bpfirjfxa avTwv /x^ SciXoi^^c. 

9 Mnjo'^jyTC ircos ioiiiOrjaav 01 ^aTcpcs i7fi(i>v ^y OaXaxTfTQ ipv6pa, 

1 OT€ cSutf^cv avTovs ^apao) cv Swdfiet. Kat vvv ^OT^OfOfitv cts 
TOV ovpavov, ctTTdJS cXc^cft i7fid9, KCU fivrj<rOT^€rai Sta^Ki/s 
iraripnav rffiiov, Koi <Twrpl}jfU rrp^ Trap€fipoXriv ravrqv Kara 

1 1 irpoaonrov •^fiwv <n^fi€pov, Kat yvQKrcrai Trdvra ra IBvrj, bri 
iarlv 6 Xvrpov/xcvos Kat cwiiuw rov *l(rpa-qX, 

1 2 Koi ^pav ot dXXo^vXoi tovs 6<f>6aXfjLov^ avrlav, Kai v^ov 

Bouffht to paint the likeness of their images. 
*^ Tney brought also the priest's garments, 
and the firsttruits, and the tithes : and the 
Nazarites thev stirred up, who had accom- 
plished their days. 

^ Then cried they with a loud voice to- 
ward hearen, saying, What shall we do with 
these, and whither shall we carry them 
away ? ^^ For thy sanctuary is trodden 
down and profaned, and thy priests are in 
heaviness, and brought low. ^^ And, lo, the 
heathen are assembled together against us 
to destroy us: what things they imagine 
against us, thou knowest. ^ How shall we 
be able to stand against them, except thou, 
O Oodt be our help ? ** Then sounded they 
with trumpets, and cried with a loud Toice. 

^ And after this Judas ordained captains 
oyer the people, even csptains over thou- 
sands, and over hundreds, and over fifties, 
and over tens. ^ But as for such as were 
building houses, or had betrothed wives, or 
were planting vineyards, or were fearful, 
those ne commanded that they should re- 
turn, every man to his own house, according 
to the law. 

^* So the camp removed, and pitched iipon 
the south side of Emmaus. *^And Judas 
said, Arm yourselves, and be valiant men, 
and see that ye be in readiness a^inst the 
morning, that ye mav fight with these 
nations, that are assembled together against 
us to destrov us and our sanctuary : '' for 
it is better lor us to die in battle, than to 
behold the calamities of our people and our 
sanctuary. ^I^evertheless, as the will cf 
Qod is in heaven, so let him do. 

Then took Gorgias five thousand footmen, 
and a thousand of the best horsemen, and 
removed out of the camp by night; ^to the 
end he might rush in upon the camp of the 
Jews, and smite them suddenly. And the 
men of the fortress were his ffuides. ' Mow 
when Judas heard thereof, he himself re- 
moved, and the valiant men with him, that 
he might smite the king's army which was 
at Emmaus, ^ while as yet the forces were 
dispersed from the camp. 

^In the mean season came Gorgias by 
night into the camp of Judas : and when he 
found no man there, he sought them in the 
mountains : for he said, These fellows flee 
from us. 

* But as soon as it was day. Judas shewed 
himself in the plain with three thousand 
men, who nevertheless had neither armour 
nor swords to their minds. ^ And they saw 
the camp of the heathen, that it was strong 
and well harnessed, and compassed round 
about with horsemen ; and these were ex- 
pert of war. 

^Then said Judas to the men that were 
with him, Fear ye not their multitude, 
neither be ye afraid of their assault. * Re- 
member how our fathers were delivered in 
the Red sea, when Pharaoh pursued them 
with an army. ^ Now therefore let us cry 
unto heaven, if peradventure the J-iord will 
have mercy upon us, and remember the 
covenant of our fathers, and destroy this 
host before our face this day : ^^ that so all 
the heathen may know that there is one who 
delivereth and saveth Israel 

^ Then the strangers lifted up their eyes, 
and saw them coming orer against t\v«G&^ 

1. Maccaheeb IV. 13—36. 148 MAKEABAION A'. 

" Wlierefore thej went out of l1ie ramp to oiftous ip^io/iivom (ftcaKTias, (tat ii^k$oy In T7? jrajx^^oX^ 1.3 

bUtlo. »nd the beatlien being discomfilert. kcu {niytTpiprjmar ra €Pkij, ititi (^iryoi' (i; to irtoioy. Oi Oi 15 

fled int^ the plsLu. "HowboitiJUlio liind- ,-^„roi iratr.s htuoy tv po^dxila- KaWSi'tufav afrrots £<« 

moit of thTOi were i!ain with tlie BWorJ : ' '^ ', ""'7*_> ."<uu^ .!• ^ {..y^ ^ ^^ .^ m 

for they pursued them unto Gniera, »iid lajj^poic icai (u? Tuiv Tnbuiiy Tij^ lOoUfiauis Kai Ajtorou xai 

unlo the plain, of IdumBi. and Aiotiu and ■la^^/os, koI (JTHTOk' ti avrZy ci's avSpas rpuTXiAunw. 

«■ mnny B» throe llioUBand men. K„J cWoronint' 'loii&is itai A Svyojut ijro Tou SuuKCtv 16 

"Till* done. Judan relurncii again Hith . „ ,„'^^ . . - • \ ^ ^^. - a. - - 17 

his host from pursuing Lheni ifand said to IwOcy ourw, K0.1 «£jr( irpo? tov Aaof, ^i) CTifv/tTtrTTC to* I / 

tliepeople.lJenotgToiHiyof Ihospoils.inM- ffmJAjoi-, on irdA-luoj tAvarruK nitfii', Koi TopyuDt koI A 18 

much aa lliero is a batt o before us, "and o' l - • V ^ . - i.i. -_ - 1 » 

Go^iaa and his host tm bcre by u. in the Swa/iw fr^rtu opti .yy^s Tj/ituv oAAu ffryrt vw fj^awuii; Tu* 

mounUin: but itand ye now againet oiir iyOpuiv ■f/fiuty, rnu Kakf/tijaaTt auTOPt, KOi fura TaCra A^fTC 

;Sm'i5'CdiyTL~Jheil;^ik'''' "^'^ "'" ™ <r«;Xa /.^i wa,Sp>j<rLW. 

i«A8Judi.«a8yetepeak.nKtbcso,wordB. 'e„ XoXoinaos "lovSa toOto. <^6ftj utpoi Ti ticKuinoy Ik 19 
there appeared a part of tbem looking out . , «■ . re • ', r 1 f- 1-^ ^ 

of the uioni!tain; "who irlien they per- TOu ojwvf. Rm •fofv oii T«TpoinuiT(u, icai ifurvpi^aaTi Tiiy •iV 

ceited that the Jews hod put their host to Kani/iBoXny, 6 yap Kam^ BitDoovfitytn ivtipavtCi to ycyavoi. 
flight, and were burning I In' tents ilortlie— tp, - '*» »ti'fl_ j's _ t' c\ *oi 

smoke that ws» seen declared what was "' <"^ Tavra irmibovrK (btAai(hi<Tay tripobpa' owibavrK bi xat Jl 

done: "when therefore llieyperceiTedtlicee ttjv 'Ioi>Sii Trapffi^oki/y iv Tul irtSuu iroifi.T]v (is jropaTofii', 22 

iim the boVt o7ZlMVu™pi.fn reSy t" '^^T '"^'^'^. "'=_7^'' ^*'''^"''- ^Kai dw'.TTpcV'cv 'loiSSa^ 23 

flglit.^ tliey fled every one into the laud of bri niv omiXiiav T^i; iraptupok^v- xai ikapav yffnxriov iroAu 

KSSnh'S'r."»t1.lA"a ■'■^^inirr ""*«-».' ..:,..,*;,». e.w»v «i 

lilier, and blue silk, and purple of the sea, irAoirroi' neyav, Koi nrurrpai^ci'TCf v^vovi' Kai (uAuyow ^4 

and great riches. "After t6l8 tliey went ,;j oipawv toy Kvpiav. an itakby. on tU riv oliva to i\«K 25 

liome.andiungasongof tlianksgiTing.and , _'^ „ , , , "^ , ,, , ., ,, , ., , 

praised the Lord in lieaven ; het-auwf it is avrou. Kq. tyivtio trumjpia /*tya\q Ty lo-paijX iv tj] ij/i.pii 

gooil, becauao liis mercy eadKrith for ever. (^((Vn. 

"Thus Israel bad a great deliverance that " . 

day. Uo'ot OE Tuii' liAAo^uAdn' oiciTurfnjiTaf, vuyMiyn'^^t'nan iv 

^Now all the itrangen I'jat 'lad f»fapf<l AwmytiXav t» Aww wowo ri aoaBiBmtora. "O 8! Cucovmw 27 
came and told Lyaiae what had bappeucd 1 "',. J,,, t^ , . r •a-k 

= who. when he heard thereof, was con- tnntxylhi koi -^ffviiti, oti ovx ola T/Otkt, roiavra rcyorft tu 

founded and discouraged, because ueither 'lupanX, koi ouv ola lytrttkoTO aarm BaxnXai^, Toiavm 

Buch tbings as he would were done unto .».o 1 a r i- 

Iirael, nor sucli things as the king com- 'S'P'l- 
mandedhini were come to pa«». _ HuJ fy ^ l-voatvui inavrZ awtkoyncra' b Avituk ai/ipSiv 2S 

*'In Ibe following year therefore, Ljiias . , . •r- \ -t > 1 ' - ' 

gathered together threescore Ihouiuind irAtKTiav <(i}X0VTa xiAmfiat not vtvTaHUTXikuw nnrov, aunt 

choice men if/aoi.and five thousand horao- .mroAtuntrai auTOPS. Kai SAftn- (is rnv 'ISopiuiiiii', koi iraptr- 29 

men, that lie might subdue them. "So -a \ ' n o ' ■ ■ ■ ^^ -s . s- 

they came into idumea, and pilohad their 'P'^oy ty Baifcoi'/wis. «a. iruvijvn^o-w ouro.s louSas ty 8«a 

tents Dt Bethaun, and Judas met them ytXioo-iv ivopiay. 

Ith ten thousand men. i- « « • o * • . • ^ -* ^ „„ 

" - ■ ■ ■ ■ Roi tlot Tijc waptitpoMjy uryjpai', koi irpooTpitaTO, Km 30 

rti', €pXoy>jtos (t, o tratrnp top io'panX, 6 ffrnToiitas to 

Banour o( Israel, wlio iliUst quea tlie vio- . -.V • 1 • - I 'i a 'R • 

Joace of the mifhty mau by llj,- Imnd of "PMI^ top Suvarou iv jjtV tou SopXou crou iuuti, icui xop- 

thy serranl David, end gavest tin: ln'-l of I'Sowa? tijv iro/n/i/JoX^c Tic oXAo^uXdic «It ;^€ipCK liayoBar 

up this Hmiy in I liu hand of 1 hy jn 1 .pic Ti;i' ira,ptftPokiiv Tav-np' iy X"p''- ^"uu iTOu 'Icrpo^X, *tal aur}(ay- 

IsrnH, nnd ji't tliem hi' rjiiifoijiidiil 111 ilieir O,'irio(riiy tjr! to Swauti kqi rjj iTTiru) aiJriiK'. Aos aproic 32 

power and horsemen ; " make them lo bo _ ' , , , ." „ ,'^ , , " , .^ , 1^. ' 

of no courage, and causo the bolduess of cmMixy, icai Tijiof Opaaoi io-;^os o.\n<iiv, koi aoXixlhjiiaaay rg 

their strength to fall away, ami let them irwTptBn aimuy. KoToSoXc aproP! aoiiAaia ayainiiynov trt, 33 

3uake at their destruction; "^ cast them » ■ " . . / . if, i*^ . ' . , 

own with the .word of them tliat iovo *«" '"■niranxray trt vayni oi tAdrn to ovo^a aov ty 

thee, and let all those that know thy name pufoii. 
praise then with thanksgiiing. , ,_ , , , , , , - n i. 

"So they joined ballTei and there were K<" iTWt/JoAov dXXijkoK, Kai armov iic Ti^V ira/M/i/3oAqs 34 

alainofthehostofLysias about five thou- Apitlop tU JTtvTaxuryAiovi icSoat, Kai hnvw i£ hiu7(as 
sand men, even Iwlore them were they slain. , . "^ "^ 

_*'Now when Lysias saw hii army put to o*^""''. 
flight, and the manliness of Judas' soldiers. 'IJii; Si Auiriat rriy ytvoufyny Tpoirnl'.TSs airop ffvyraittat, 35 
and liowthcvwero ready cither to liveor - t- ■! -c • ■ a' • • • - . * p. 

die valianlly, ho went into Aniiochia. and T-ff *( 1op6o to yiytnff.ttoc eaotrol. Kut cus «oifu>i tuxw ijiriv 

lathered Isgcther a company of strangers, i; ■tfOvavo.i ytvi-ami, uir^ptv tis 'Avnajftiay, Kai i(tytAoytf 



icat ^Xeovacra9 rov yevrj$€VTa OTparov, iXoy^ero iroAiy iropo- 
y€V€aOai cis rrjv *lovSaIav, 

36 ETttc St *Iov3a9 Kal ol d3cX(^oi avrou, *lSov awerpiPrja-ay oi 

37 ixOpol rjfiSiv, avapCifitv KoOapurai ra ayta Kai iyK(uvi<rai„ Kal 

38 (nnn^)($rj 17 7rap€fxPo\rj wacra, kol &V€prj(rav cts o/>os l!<Sto>K. Kai 
iSoi' TO ayuuTfia riprj/iMfiivov, kol to Owruum^piov ^€)3i;X(i). 
fi€vov, Kol ras ?rvXa9 KaTaK€Kavfieva^, kol iv rats avAais ^vra 
TTCf^vKora 0)9 ^v SpvfjLta ^ a>9 cv m tcui^ opimv, kol to. iraaTo<f>6pUL 

39 Ka&Yjprffiiva, Kcu Bupfivf(av ra ifiaria avrcuv, Kal ixoij/avTO 
KOTTtTov fi€yav, Kal iv€$€VTO cnroSov iirl rrjv K€<f}akr)v aurtov. 

40 Kai Ivtaov ivl Trpoa-taTrov ctti •nyi' yrjv, koX iadXTrurav rais 
(rdXiriyii twv (rr}/Jiaicnit)v, Koi ifiorjiTav cts toi' ovpavoi^. 

4 1 Tore cTTcra^cv *Ioi^s ai^Spa? ttoXc/xcii' tous Iv t^ cucpa, cojs 

42 OLV Kadapiarrj tol ayia. Kal cttcXc^cv lepeis &fi(tifU}vs, OtkrJTa^ 

43 vo/xov. Kal iKaOdpurav ra ayia, Kal ]7paK tov9 \i6ovs rov 

44 fiuuTfjMv CIS TOTTov djcdOopTOV, Kal c^ovXcvcravro Trepl rov 
Ovduwrqplov rrj^ oXoKavrcMrccus toS PtPrjXwfjilvov, ri avro) 

45 7roii/o-(ixri. Kal lTrrrr€<T€v a\nol% PovXrf iiyaBrf, KoBtXtiv avrb, 
/xtJttotc yivYfrai avroi9 cis ovei3o9, 5ti Ipnavav ra lOvrj avro* 

46 Kal KaOtiXov TO Svo'iaan/jpiov, Kal dirc^cvro tovs Xt^ovs cv r^t 
opct Tou oiKov, ^i' T07r<j) CTTtTTyScMp, fLc^pi Tou iTapaycvi/^vai 
7rpo<lyqTrjv rov aTroKpiOrfvai wtpl avrcuv. 

47 Kal tXafiov XiOov^ oXoKXijpovs Kara tov vofiov, Kal <^koS6- 

48 p^rp-av TO OvaiaoTrjpiov Kaivov Kara to irportpoy, Kal (fKoSo- 
p.rjo'av TOL ayia Koi to. hrro^ rov oucov, Kal rag avXas rpfiatrav, 

49 Kal ivotrjo'av (TKtvr) ay ul Kawa, Kal titrqvtyKav rrp^ Xv;(vtav 
Kal TO 6v<TLaxrrqpiov Ttay OvpnafAarmv kou t^ rpdirtdav its tov 


50 Kal lBvp.ta<rav inl to OvataoTrjpiov, Kal l^ij/av rov^ 

5 1 Xv;(vov9 T0V9 inl rrji Xv;(vias, Kal i<fHiivoaav iv Ta> vao). Kal 
hriOrjKav cttI t^ Tpa^rcjav apTOVS, Kal i^tirfrcurav Ta Kara- 
ircTcuTftaTa* Kal CTcXccrav irayra ra €pya &. €iroirj(rav, 

52 Kal wpOpicrav TOirpm. ij Tripirrrj Kal cucaSi rov p,rp^o^ rov 
Iwdrov OVT05 o /i^v XaccXcv tou oySoov Kal rco'O'apaKooToi) 

53 Kal ^KaTOOTov l^rov^, Kal &irriv€yKav Ovaiav Kara rov v6p,ov 
ivl TO Ovauurrqpiov rStv oXoKavnapMrtov ro Kaivov o ciroo/o'av. 

54 Kara rov Kcupoi^ Kal Kara rrjv "^p^ipay Iv y c)3c)3i;X(iKrav avro 
ra iOvrj, iv iKtaqj iv^KaivixrOr) iv <^8a?s Kal KiBapai^ kqx 

55 Kivvpavi^ KoX iv Kvp,pdXoi^, Kal circcrov was 6 Xaos cttI 
irpoa-uiwov, kol irpocr€Kvvrj(rav, Kal cvXayi^crav c(9 ovpavov rov 



> ** 

avra avroi9. 

56 Kol iirolrjo'av rov iyKoxvurpJbv rov Ovctaanjpiov -^p.tpaq 
OKTO), Kal wpoai^veyKav oXoKavnapjara per ^h^poavvrff;, Kal 

57 tBv<Tav Ovariav (rwrrjplov Kal alviatdis, Kal KartKoaprjcrav ro 
Kara vpoammov rov voov <rre<^avoi9 ypva-ot^ Kal do^iSurKat?, 
Kal ivtKaivurav ra? TruXa? kcu ra Traorro^opuz, Kal iOvpuxrav 

58 aura. Kal iytVT^drj twf^poavvrj ficyaXi/ cv ro* Xaf (r<f>6Spa, 
Kol dircorpa^ oveiSos i6v<av, 

59 Kal coTTO'CK 'lovSas Kal 01 dScX^l avrov Kal ^cura 17 
^kkXi^ujl 'Icrpa^ (Fa dywircu ai ripApai iyKajwvrp.ov rov 

I. Maccabees IV. 86 — 59. 

and haying made his army greater than it 
was, he pur];)osed to come a^n into Judea. 

^ Then said Judas and his brethren, Be- 
hold, our enemies are discomfited: let us 
RO up to cleanse and dedicate the sanctuary. 
^ Upon this all the host assembled them- 
selves together, and went up into mount 
Sion. ^ And when they saw the sanctuary 
desolate, and the altor profaned, and the 
gates burned up, and shrubs growing in the 
courts as in a forest, or in one of the moun- 
tains, yea, and the priests* chambers pulled 
down : ^ they rent their clothes, and made 
great lamentation, and cast ashes upon 
their heads, ^and fell down flat to the 
ground upon their faces, and blew an 
alarm with the trumpets, and cried toward 

^^ Then Judas appointed certain men to 
fight against those that were in the for- 
tress, until he had cleansed the sanctuary. 
*^ So he chose priests of blameless conversa- 
tion, such as had pleasure in the law: 
^ who cleansed the sanctuary, and bare out 
the defiled stones into an unclean place. 
** And when as thev consulted what to do 
with the altar of Dumt ofierings, which 
was profaned ; ^ they thought it best to 
pull it down, lest it should be a reproach 
to them, because the h^then had defiled 
it : wherefore they pulled it down, ^ and 
laid up the stones in the mountain of the 
temple in a convenient place, until there 
should come a prophet to shew what should 
be done with them. 

^7 Then they took whole stones according 
to the law, and built a new altar according 
to the former ; ^ and made up the sanc- 
tuary, and the things that were within the 
temple, and hallowed the courts. ^ *They 
made also new holy vessels, and into the 
temple they brought the candlesticki and 
the altar of incense, and the table. 

^And upon the ^tar they burned in- 
cense, and the lamps that were upon the 
candlestick they ligoted, that they might 
give light in the temple. ^^Furthermore 
they set the loaves upon the table, and 
spread out the veils, and finished all tho 
works which they had begun to make. 

" Now on the five and twentietli day of 
the ninth month, which U called the montli 
Casleu, in the hundred forty and eighth 

Sear, they rose up betimes in the morning, 
and offered sacrifice according to tho law 
upon the now altar of burnt offerings, which 
they had made. '^ At what time and day 
the heathen had profaned it, even in that 
was it dedicated with songs, and citlierns, 
and harps, and cymbals. ^Then all the 
people fell upon their faces, worshipping 
and praising the Ood of heaven, who naa 
given tliem good success. 

*^ And so they kept the dedication of the 
altar eight days, ana offered burnt offerings 
with gladness, and sacrificed the sacrifice of 
deliverance and praise. ^ They decked also 
the forefront of the temple with crowns of 
gold and with shields ; and the gates and 
the chambers they renewed, and hanged 
doors upon them. ** Thus was there very 
great gladness among the people, for that 
the reproach of the heathen was put away. 

^ Moreover Judas and his brethren with 
the whole oongregation of Israel ordaiaa^L^ 

I. Maccabees IV. 60— V. 17. 150 MAKKABAION A'. 

that the days of the dedication of the altar OvcLaarrfptov iv toi? Kaipoi^ aurwv ivutvrbv kot ivtavrov 

should be kept in ^^V^^t X,^f;i/'2;?JnJ^ ijftcpas 6ktw, Sltto •nj^ iritiirrq^ kcX €Ik6^ rov uitvo? XoacXcO, 
to year by the space of eight days, from the "*r ,, / V '^^ ' «- * » ^/ '^' . « ^ ai\ 

five and twentieth day of the month Casleu, /hct €wppoavvrf^ Kat xapaq, Kat iLKobofirjaav cv tw icaipui Oil 

with mirth and gladness. «At that time ^^^/ ^> 5 5^;^,^ icvkXo^cv tciyw xnlmXa Kol irv/ryows 

also they budded up the mount oion with , t ^r ^ ^/\i r 1 ^ r-/ ^ 

high walls and strong towers round about, oxvpov^, firj7roT€ irapayfvqdtVTa ra cfc^n; xaTairaTi/o-axrti' aura, 

lest the Gentiles should come and tread it i^^ IrroLrtaav TOTrpoTcpov. Kai hrcraicy cVct Suvauti^ nipcrv 61 
down, as they had done before. "And they ,x \ » * » \ *» ^•D/3' '*• 

set there a garrison to keep it, and fortified avro, Kai oixvpoxrai^ auro rrjpiiv Trfv Bai&aovpav, tov cxcik 

Beth sura to preserve it ; that the people fov XaoK OYvpw/xa Kara Trpodtinrov t^s *l5ovfUua9. 

might have a defence against Idumea. t^ ^ t / « » % »/i \ //} « > s '/l. r 

^ow when the natiorTround about heard ^ Kai tytvtro ore i/KOwav ra tSvn)^ kvkXo^cv on i^KC^iirfiti D 

that the altar was built, and the sanctuary to ^va-iaoTripiOV, kcli iy€KCuvur$rj to dytoo'/xa cjs ronrpOTtpov, 

the generation of Jacob tliat was among ycvo9 loxiop tovs orras ci' /teo'a) avnov, Kai rjpiavTO rov 

and^eslJJo th"^"^°le ^^^^ ^^^^ ^ ^^ Oavarovv cv rw \aa> Kat i$aip€iv. 
•Then Judaa ^^ht* against the children Kat CTroXcftct 'lovSas irpos T<m viovs *H<rov cv t^ ^iSovfiauf. 8 

of Esau in Idumea at Acrabattine, because ^ ^AKpaBarriinfjv, on irfpuKa^mrro tov 'lapawX, Kat ^iraTofcK 
they besieged Israel: and he gave them a ; > ' . s ' ,^ > / ^ ,' ^ x i^ o ^ 

great overthrow, and abated their courage, avrovs irKrrfffV /xeyoAi/v, Kat owccrrctAcv aurovs. Kat cAa^c to 

and took their spoils. *Also he remem- o-KvAa auroiv. Kat ifivrjaOtf lij^ Koucias vloiv Batov, ot yauv 4 

bered the injury of the children of Bsean, *^ \ ^ % /» %» 'j\ i.'»»5' •* 

who had been a snare and an offence unto ^ ^^V ^^ ^^7'^ '^^^ «« <rKav8aAov iv tw cvcSpcvctv avrovs ^ 

the people, in that they lav in wait for them iv Tats oSois. Kat (rw€K\€ia-Orjaav wr avrov iv roiq 5 

and destroyed them utterly, and burned Kat €V€'nvpur€ tovs Trupyovs avnys cv Trvpt ot;v iracrt tois 

the towers of that place with fire, and all Covert. 

that were therein. .,., , ir^'j' »^ ^ «^»A^ ^^ *« 

•Afterward he passed over to the children Kat dtCTrcpaacv cirt tous vtous A/t/juov, Kat cvpc x^tpa o 

of Ammon, where he found a mighty power. Kparatav Kat Xaov ttoXvv, kol Ttuo^cov wyouucvov avrwv. 
and much people, witli Timotheus their ^ y ^ , % ,v x/' w ^ \ ' n 

captain. '' So hWought many battles with Kat <ruvi;^€ wpos aurovs iroAc/xovs iroAAous. Kat owcrpi. 7 

them, till at length they were discomfited Prj<Tav irpo Trpoawrov avrov, Kat CTrara^cv avrovs. Kat 8 

before him; and he smote them. *And ^«^^«-.-\ '0„^ ^,,*i»y^^ »,,,) ^X^ A.^.»^J^^^ ^f..^^ ^^'i Jt„J 
when he hii taken Jazer, with the towns ^poKarcAa/iJcTo Tiyv lo^i^p Kat ras e^orcpas avnys, Kat dvc- 

belonging thereto, he returned into Judea. <rrpei/rcv ct9 rrjv Iov3atav. 

Israelites that were in their quarters, to I<TparjA rovs ovra? CTrt rots optots avrwv rov c^apat avrovs* 

destroy them : but they fled to the fortress ^aUtivyov cw Aa^cua to OYvpwua, Kat dircWctXov ypou- 10 
of Dathema, »" and sent letters unto Judas ^'^ »r/c^ x ^V^\J^ »*» \/ ^^ ^ 

and his brethren, saying, The heathen that f^ra irpo^ lovbav xat rovs adcA^ov? avrov, Acyovrc?, 

are round about us are assembled together iTrunnmyiiiva cVriv iit> iJftas ra iOvrt to kvkXx^ nijuay rov 
against us to destroy us: "and they are pre- »>« / •» ir ^ • 'y i\zi'» ^ \ o'_/) ii 

paring to come and take the fortress where- <capat Was. Kot^ crot/Aofovrot ^C^civ KOt -irpoKoroAa^co^at 1 1 

unto we are fled, Timotheus being captain to oyvpcoua cis o Korci^vyoucv, koI Ttud^cos wyctrat tw 
of their host. 55„.,^..««, «,Vr«, 

"Come now therefore, and deliver us dwa/icu)s^avra)v. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ , ^ ^ 

from their hands, for many of us are slain : Nw ow cAacov cfcAov ck X€Lpo^ ovrojv, on 9rcirrci>- 1 " 

wives and their children also they have cv T015 Twptov TC^ovarcovrot, Kot T7;(/LiaAci>rtKao-t tos ywotKOs 

carried awav captives, and borne away their avrcov koc to tckvo ovrwv Kot twv aTTOO'KCVwy, KOt uiruiXccrov 
stuff; and they have destroyed thereabout • » r / \ / t c *< 

a thousand men. €'«€t cos ^tov xtAtopxtov avdpaiv. 

k'^Wi®*^''®*®^®^*^?!,'^®^^**^^®'"^^*^' ''ETt at cVt<rroXat dvcyivoio-KovTO. Kat ISov oyycXot ercpot 14 
behold, there came other messengers from , , -* -n \ \ » ^ » « / \ • ' i . '^ 

Galilee with their clothes rent, who re- wopcycvovro ck nys 1 oAtAatas Oi€ppr}xoT€q to tfiarta, oiroy- 

ported on this wise, " saying that thev of y^Xovrcs Kora ra pwaoro ravro, Xcyovrcs iirunnmvBai iv 15 
f tolemais, and of Tyrus, and Sidon, and all ', n » tt \ *^ ^ m' > -* 5"* v / 

Galilee of the Gentiles, were assembled avrovs ck llroAc/xotdos icot ivpov koi 5tda>vos Kot iraxnj^ 

together against them to consume us. FaXtAotas dXAot^vXwv, tov c^avoXakrat nuas. 

** Now when Judas and the people heard tr\ ^\ * »t '^ \ t \ y \ x , , , /, 

these words, there assembled a great con- **S dc ^kovo-cv lovoos Kot o Aaos rovs Aoyovs Tovrovs, 1 6 

gregation together, to consult what they cVtoT;v)7Y^ ckkXwo-io ucyoXTi, BovXtvaaxrOai rC vovrHTwri rots 
should do for their brethren, that were m ,^ x , « . *» ' « ♦' * a\*, \ \ / < » 

trouble, and assaulted of them. ^ Then o^cA^ots avrojv rots ovo-tv cv e/Ai^ct, Kot ^roXc/iovficvots vir 

■aid Judas unto Simon his brother, Choose ovrcuv. Kat cTttcv 'lovSos 2iua>vt to) dScX6a> ovrov, inlXA^ov 17 

thee out men, and go and deliver thy breth- _^ -» • s ^ ' ^* «"_' ^ »^ \j. ' ^ 

ten that are in .Galilee, for I and Jonathan <f««^*? <»»'Spas. Kot jropcvov KOt pvo-ot tovs oScX^vs crov tous 

my brother will go into the country of cv r^ FoXtXati^* iyia ok koi Jtavduav o oScX^^ ^v Tropcvo'o- 

MAKKABAION A'. 151 I. Maccabees V. 18—37. 

ISttc^a ci? TTiv TaXaaBiTLy. Kal KarcXwrcv 'Iwcrw^ov tov rov GalfuicL " So he leftJoseph the *oii of Za- 

f7 # ^'AV' « ' ^ \ ^ \ ^ cliarias, and Asanas, captains of the people. 

Zaxapiov, /cat ACapiai^. rjyovfj.€VOV^ rov Aaou. ^cra twv ^ith the remnant of the host in Jud«i to 

19 CTTiAotTTCdv rrjs Suvuftcws, iv ry 'lou&xia cw rrjprjfriv* Kal keep it ^'-^ Unto whom he gare command. 

avvatlnfjT€ ttoAc/xok 'irpof Ta c^ki; €(i>9 tov iTriOTp&f/ai "^fia^, the heathen until the time that we come 

. ^ Vi \ \^ * »r /^ o\ • % * '\ .X thousand men to go mto Galilee, and unto 

CIS Tqv raAcAatav, lovo^ d€ ai^dpes oicTaicio7(tAtoi cts nyi' Judas eight thousand men for the country 

VaXaahLriv. ofGalaad. 

21 Kai cVopcvfti Siuwv cts tw raXiWav, xal cnnm^c iroXc- , « Then went Simon into Galilee, where 

\\ \ y \ MA \ fo y -n. > N he fouglit many battles with the heathen, 

/tovs TToAAovs irpos ra tihri), koi <rw€Tpiprj ra ct/n; an-o go that the heathen were discomfited by 

22 wpoa-tavov avTOv, koi iSita$€y avrovs ecus t^ ttvAi/s IItoXc- hiin. "And he pursued them unto the gate 

ji2 y » 1 "i/L** » \' • s^^^- ^* of Ptolcmais ; and there were slain of the 

juatSos- KOi €ir€<TOV JK TiDV IBvuiV €ts TpKTXjXiovs ovSpas, KOi Leathen about three thousand men. whose 

23 fXapf. TOL KTKvXa avru)v. Kai irtLptXapt rov^ h/ ry PaXiXat^ spoils he took. "And those that were in 

oo-a rjv avTOts, xai lyyaycv cis t^v Iouooiok /hct twppocrwrj^ took he away «w7A him, and brought them 

fieydXrK, ^"*^ Judea with great joy. 

24 Kai 'lovSa? o MaK/cajSatos Kal •icova^ov 6 dScXiios aurou , ^ Jw^m Maccabeus also and his brothw 

S/o > tT « ' X } '/L «^> «« c «« Jonathan went over Jordan, and traTelled 

^ Ltprjaav rov lopbawp^, Kai ivop€v(hj<rav^ obov rpiMV rfp,€po)V three days' journey in the wildemeML» where 

25 iv Tw cpnuo). Kal cvymnTKray rots Na/Saratois, Kal they met with the Nabathites, who came 
» ^ *" *'«> M\n/ »'«« unto them in a peaceable manner, and told 
awrjvrrj<rav aurow €Lppvucm, Kai^ Sti^yi/cravro avrois aravra ^^^^ ^^^^y thiV^hat had happened to 

26 ra avfipavra rois docX^ois avTu>v ^k t^ roXoaSiTiOi. Kat their brethren in the land of G^aad:^ and 

Boo-op, CI' AXc/xo49, Xaor^p, Mokco, Kai Kapvaiv* wacrai Maked, and Carnaim; all these cities are 

27 oi TToXct? avrai 6xopal Kal aryaAat- Kal ^i' rals Xoirais "trojig and great: ^and that they were 

/» -Ti\o/o/»\ / ^» • >hut up m the rest of the cities of the 

TroAco-ft nys laAaadiTidos ctfrt (TW€LArjfifi€voi, Kai cis avpiov country of Galaad^ and that against to mor- 

Too-o-on-ai itap€aBaXX€iv ivl ra oYvpiaaaTa, koL KaraXa- ^o^ they had appointed to bring their host 

o' n > t^ / ' i < ' '^ against the forts, and to take them, and to 

ptaeai, Kai cf apai iravras tovtovs Iv rjfitpq, fiug,. destroy them all in one day. 

28 ^ Kal dTrc'arpc^cv 'lovSas koI ^ iropc/i^oX^ a^oO 68^1. ci's rsHcreupon Judas and his host turned 
T^v tprifiov CIS Bo<rop, a<^KCtf* Kai KarcAopcro rrp^ voXxv, Kai suddenly by the way of the wilderness unto 

ay iravra ra o-KvAa avrcuv, Kai ivtirprjaey avnjv trvpi, Ivai sword, and took all their spoils, and burned 

dTnJpcv cKcT^cv WKTos, Kal ^TropcvcTO 2a)9 CTrl to oYupwua. the city with fire. »From wlience he re- 

oA v- y • f « /I ^ \ * y >i/i \ y » ** X moved by night, and went tm he came to 

tlU Kai cycvcTO twuLvrj, koa ypav rov^ o^voAfiovs avruiv, Kai ^y^^ fortress. 

t8ov Aaos TroXus oil ouk ^v dptOfAO^, alpovrts KXt/iOKas Kal 3() And betimes in the morning they looked 

uwvavas KaraXaiBiorBai to ovvpoi/xa, Kal «roA.€uow aurovs. ^P. and, behold, tjiere was an innumerable 

oi Vr % T^ »r '^ n 9 T/v \ r N« people bearing ladders and Other engines of 

31 Kai cidcv lovdas oti ^pKrai o TroAcftos, Kai 17 Kpavyi; Tiys war, to teke^e fortress : for they assaulted 

irdXctos SiV€Bn <is tov ovpavov aaXviy^i koL ibitivn ucyoAw. them. " When Judas therefore saw that 

00 IT > ? ** 2 s ' " SL ' \ '— ^ ' the battle was begun, and that the cry of 

32 Kai cTttc tois dvSpacri ti;s Swa/xcws. 7ro\tp,rj<raT€ (njiiyov ^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ ^p ^ heaven, with trumi4ts. 

33 VTTcp Toil' dScX^v vfjuav, Kal iiYJ\0€v ly rpialv apxais i$ and a great sound, ^ he said unto his host, 
o^urda. airrS^r .^ iaiX^uray rcS, adXn.y(.. Kallficr^oy iy ^^^f^i^i^l^&^^t^^Z'^^r^^it: 
Trpo(r€V)(Q, who sounded their trumpets, and cried with 

34 Kal iirtyvia n vap€u.BoX7] TuioOiov on MoKKaBaios cori, P^yer. * ^. , , . 

\ "J. » ">■ »« \ 1 * /- » ^ \ ^ •* Then the host of Timotheus, knowing 

Kai f4,vyoy a-ro irpoawircv avrov. Kat firaira^ awovs irXTy,,!/ thatitwMMaccabeu..fledfroinhim!wher^ 

fieyaXrjVt koi circo-oi^ cc avrtov iv iK€iyn r^ "^p-y^ <^f oKraKio*- fore he smote them with a great slaughter ; 

i/iX/niic nv^nnc 80 that there were killed of them that day 

X'^'^ ^^f^^' , „ ,, > , X . • X X about eight thousand men. "This done, 

35 Kai aTTCKAii^cv cis Mao-9a, Kai ciroAcfii/(rcv avn^i^, Kai Judas turned aside to Maspha; and after 
7rpoKaT(XdB€TO aMiv, Kal dTrcKTCivc ttov apo-cvucov avr^s, Kal he had assaulted it. he took it. and slew all 

o/» »r o \ '^x » « N » / r\ / »i7. "zi the males therein, and received the spoils 

36 cAa/Jf Ta o-KuAa avnys, Kai tv€irp7f<r€v avrrjv Trvpi. HiKCiC^cv thereof and burnt it with fire. " iVom 

aTrSp€, Kol TTpoKaTcXdjScTO rhv Xaadnav, MaKcS, Boaop, koX tlience went he. and took Casphpn. Maged, 

s \ \ f\ *» -n \ ^' ^ Bosor, and the other cities of the country 

Ttts AoiTras iroAcis Tiys 1 aAoadiTioos. ^f Qalaad. 

37 Mcra Sc Ta prjfiara ravra owiyyayc Ttfw^cos irapc/i^oX^i^ «7 After these things gathered Timotheus 
oXX^v, Kal Trapcvc^oXc KaTa irpoo-owrov *Pa^v ^k Wpav tou another host.and encamped against Raphon 

I. Maccabees V. 38—55. 152 MAKKABAION A'. 

beyond the brook. ^ So Judas sent men to yf^iudppov, Kai aTTcorctXcv *IouSa9 KaToa-KOTrtva-ai rrjv 38 

espy the ho8t,who brought him word, saying, ^ o \^ ^i'\ • ^ \ ^ * / 

An the heathen that be round about us are 'rape/i^oAijv Kai dinryy€iMy^ avrw, ^ Acyoin-es, ^ €7nmn^fi€ya 

assembled unto thera, oven a very great host, ctcri wpos avrovs iravra ra c^ny ra icvkXc^ ^y^itiy, Owa/uws 

beyond the brook, ready to come and fight avro(9, Kai Trap€V€paXov irtpav rou x^ifiappov croi/AOi rov 

m^t them""®' ^^"^ '^'^ "'"''^'^ ^^""^ ^ ^'^^^'*' ^''^'^ ^^ ^'^ TroXc/iov Kat ^Tropcv^ 'lov&xs cis ori^ovnTO-iv 

** Then Timotheus said unto the captains avToiv. 
of his host. When Judas and his host come Kat cTrc Ttoo^cos TOt^ apYOVcri tws 8wau€(i)9 ovrov, cv Ttu 40 

near the brook, if he pass over first unto us, • ^y *t ^^ >> /^\^ »#*>>> />«' 

wo sliaU not bi able [^withstand him ; for ^rT'^"" ^"""^^ '^^^ '^i: Tap«/i)SoXi;i' avrov ctti rov y(€ifiappovy 

he will mightily prevail against us : *^ but if rov i^rof, iav Sia/?^ Trpos ^/Aa9 7rporcp09, ov ovyr^6fi€&a 

him. ociAo)^, Kai nap€fJLpaXrf irtpav rov irorafiov, bvair€paaofJL€v 

« Now when Judas came near the brook, ^p^^ ci^;^^^ ^^ii SuKno-ouc^a Trp^s a^roV. 
hecaused the scnbcs of the people to remain *r^ ^s m »> ^o t % % /»« *» »© 4*1 

by the brook -.unto whom he gave command- **« dc riyyurcy lovOas ctti tok x^iiiappow rov vOaros, 4J 

ment, saying, Sufler no man to remain in ItmKrt rov% vpauuarci? rov \aov cVi tov YCiua^pov, #cai 

the camp, but let all come to the battle. >/\ > * \^ \ ^ \>j« / mo 

«»So he went first over unto them, and all ^vtrtihxno ayrois, Acyoiv, firj a<prjT€ Travra ayt^ponrov irapc^ 

the people after him : then all theneathen, ^^aXciv, aXX* Ipyio-Owrav Travr€% cts toi' irdXc/iov. Kcu 43 

being discomfited before him. cast awav ^' t>4^ / n'«c\x«/i 

their weapons, and fled unto the temple St«rcpa<r€K^ ^7r aurous ^rpor^o?. xai ira? o W OTrur^cv 

that was at Carnaim. ^ But thev took the avrov* Kai (rvvtrpiprp-av irpo vpoawvov avrov vdvra ra 

neither could they stand any longer before €V Kapvaii'. Kat wpoKaTiXapovTO rrjv ttoaiv, Kai ro r€fi€'' 44 

. 5f.* 'r , , , 1 1. « ^o^ Ivarvpixrav cv Trvpt avv iraai rots iv avrw* Kat irpoirw&n 

^ Then Judas gathered together all the • tj- I \ « So / » « « ^ * % / 

Israelites that were in the country of Galaad, V Kapvatv, Kat ovk cdwavro cti vTroonyvat xara irpocronrov 

from the least unto the greatest, even their *Iov3a. 

into the land of Judea. ^ Now when they TtSt aTTO fUKpov ccos /xcyoAov, Kat ras ywatKas avrcov, Kot ra 

^me unto Kphron (this was a great city in ^^'^^ ^'^-y, koi rhv inocKevriv, irap€ppoXr)V aeydXny a66^, 
the way as thev should go, very well forti- ^^ , '« , ' ir > ♦^z) • •i?jl ' ^ ^^^^ >•« 

fied) they could not turn from it, either on cA^ctv €19 y»;v JovOa. Kat -qAVov cws J!i0pa>v* Kat avni 17 41) 

the riffht hand or the left, but must needs ^o'Xt? ucyoAw cVt tw? cmtoSov o Yvpa o-</>o8ptt- ovk nv ^kkXTvoi 

pass through the midst of it. *'lhen they . > S 1 A > s % , > >\\» * ^ % ' » *» 

of the city shut them out, and stopped up ^ir avnys dcftav 17 aptorepav, aAA 17 dta /iccrov avny? 

the gates with stones. ♦^Whereupon Judas Trop€V€(rOai, Kat aTrcKXcto-av avrois ot ck rrjs iroXcw?, koI 47 

sent unto them m peaceable manner, saying, > /. > n /\ \ //» tr ^ j_' ^ \^ _ * » * ^q 

Let us pass through your land to go into <»'«0pafci»'^ ras TrvXas Xt^ots. Kat dTrccrrctXc vpoq avrov? 48 

our own country, and none shall do you 'lovSas Xoyots cipi/vtKots, Xeywv, StcXcvo'o/xc^a 8ta t^ yrj^ 

him. v/xa9, irX-qv rots Troo't TrapcXevco/xe^a* Kai ovk "^povAovro 

** Wherefore Judas commanded a procla- ^,,ot^<u avTW 
mation to bo made throughout the host, t/ % . /'*> »t /«> /> > *> lo \ « * iin 

that every man should pitch liis tent in Kat CTrcTafcv lovda? Krjpv^ai iv VQ 'jrap€fipoAQ, tov 49 

the place where he was. » So the soldiers ,rap€u^aXctv CKacrrov cV c5 fOTt toVw. Kat irapcv^aAov 50 
pitched, and assaulted the city all that day ,w'^'^^^* ^' » \ ' ^ '\ *\ ^ 

and all that night, till at the length the city 01 avdpcs rrj^ dwa/ica)9. Kat ivoXcfirja-av rryv ttoXiv oArjv rrfv 

was delivered into his hands: "who then riaipav €K€ivr}v koi oXrw rvv vvKra, Kat irapthoOn w irdXt? 

slew all the males with the edge of the » * t** ir^»'\ ** »^.^.i.. * , ci 

sword, and rased the city, and took the «/ X^P^*" <^»^0''- ,Kat aTrwWc Trav ^apo-cvtKov h oro^n 51 

ppoils thereof, and passed through the city pofK^ata?, Kat iitppiiwcrtv avr^v, Kat eXa)3c ra (TKvXa avri^s, 

over them that were slain. ^„) S.ri\/a-. s.X — :;« -..^^i^^... I^^,»^ «.r.« <{«>^.^/.«*..^.»« 

.., . - ^, . ^ ^, _ - Kat otTiAC^c Ota Tws ttoAcois CTravo) tojv aTrcKrauuevcDV. 

*•' After this went tliey over Jordan into xr ^^ 'o ^ »f ^ ' » > j' ^ ' > ro 

the great plain before Bethsan. « And ^^^ OufSrjiTav tov lopbavrjv ct? to irtbiov to fi€ya Kara 02 

Judas gathered together those that came Trpoannrov Bat^cav. Kat rjv 'lovSa? iirurvvdyfav tovs €or;(a- 53 
behind, and exhorted the people all the wav 'y ^ \'»^\^ %«» n e5> 

througii, till they came mtS the land oY Tt{oin-a?, Kat TrapaKoXwv tok Xaov KaTa iraaav ti^v oSov. 

Judea. ** So they went up to mount Sion ccos ov tjXOov cts yrjv lovda. Kat dvf.p'qcrav <i9 to op09 54 

was slain untd they had returned in fJiara, on ovk citco'cv cc avrwv ovo'cif c(i>9 tov cirurrpc^rtu cv 

^^*^*^- €tpwvw. 

^ Now what time as Judas and Jonathan v n » « e / r * *t '^ ^ »t '/i 1. ^^ ks 

were in the land of Galaad, and Simon ^^^^ ^ ^^*« -V/^fpat? «« ^'^ If^« f«^^ loivaftiy^ A' T^ 5o 

his brother in Ckdilee before Ptolemais, FaXaaS, Kat St/xcav 6 dScX^s avrov iv rj PoXiXoi^ Kara 

MAKKABAION A". 153 I. Maccabees V. 56— VI. I 

5 6 irpoabnrov UraXcuoiSoi, nnowro' 'lunriA 5 toC Zavtuiiov, " Josepli tlie k 

« -tr ■ . - s ■ r , e ni^^ ; capta nsoftliB 

Kai AQapia^, ap)(orm T^ iuMyitoW, tiw (u^ayaffuaf KOi a^tjaiidwsrlik 

57 ToS irokifiov ola tiroiiprav, xai dirt, wotijtns/Mi' KOi auTOi '•■ Wherefore t 

iavraii avoua, ual irap(v$aiuiiv rokfiStroi irpos to i6vn to ?,"?'?*' ^ ? 

^^,^'' rr T-' r I tiifll are rouDii uuuut uft. 

kvkA^ tj^c, . . "^ "''^" "'*y '"'^ .«■''"" t^''"Be ni 

58 Kal ■jrapmytiXav Toit ^nro rm SwautnK rns xKr' avTwi'. [!''"'i">ii tli»t wai witli them, tliey ireut 
-a 1 , Tji"' ■ . .r . IT > ii=ifl Ti • t - toward Jam ma. "Tien caniB Gorgias and 

59 „a\ hroptvaiiaav hri laiAVtrnv. Kai IfrjXflt TopyLaifBTip l,i. menoutof tlieeity to flglitagainrt them. 
jToXtuit, Koi 01 ai^pt! aJn-ov, fis OTwavnjtr'iv auroit (i^ irdXt/ioc. "-And go it was, that Joseph and Aiariai 

60 Ka-. hpc^ -Si^nH^,^ -A Ja^,. ..; Mx V" i"! t1; ES.ft Wr'iAS^S it".?.; 
opuai' T^ loi&uat* koi circirov iv r^ '•JfUp^ jiicivi] Jk tou ^7 of the people of laniel about two thou- 

„ , .,' - ., .i* . .^^ ., ',r . - throrf among the children of lirael, because 

fuyoAt] tv Tff Aaif iupaijA, ort ou« ipaniaaw tovoa xai Tun' ther nere not obedioab unto Judaa and hii 

62 d&XA«c atroC, oEouevo. avSpayoemrat. Atrol 8i ofiit So-'"' '"f"'S'?^ **"' H'ouglit to do K>me laliant 

, \r , ____ ". , e_1.' , _.. _t_ ,!..fl._ _ ■ f*' "Moreover lliese men cMne not of 

D tnripiiaroi tSiv aytpiuy ixtiviov, oTs tSo&ij aamfpia. thoeeedortli 


land dcUve 

63 'ItrpanA Sia ycinos avrSk'. Kai 6 d™ 'louSas koi di o&Xiot V" gi fen unto Ijrael. " Howbeit the man 

• - le fZoL j'S • ' • *i '1 > - •''"'" *"<! •"• brclhren were greallr re- 

avTov i&oia^i&qiTav ai^pa tvaintoy wmno^ lo-^qA, Ka<. rmv nowned in the tight of all lerael, andof all 

64 l&vSai mvTiav, av VKOVfTO to ovoua auTuiv. Kal Ivurwrryoirra flis heatlion, wliercsoeyer their name <ra> 

> I < ij - heard of : ■' iniomueh as the neoole asaem- 

irpos aureus tu^^tVTK. bled unto them with joyful aeKalJ™™ 

65 Koi i^XSfv 'lovSos «al oi aS«Xiol avroC, icai firoAeiiow , "Afterward went Juda. forlh with hi* 

■ ;.„-• - - . fci' ' 1 ' t • lirethren, ami fought agaiuat the children 

TOW wous Ho-av (V TB rO irpos Noroi-, ™i iTrarait njv of Ksauiu thelaniT toward tliewuthwhera 

XtBpin' KOI Tos Ovyaiiptt^ aink, koi Ka^ctXt to dyvntjua lie emota Hebron, and the towui thercof, 

cc ■ ' • • • • - J • _ \ 'a iT ^ "'id pulled down tLe fortress of it, and 

66 avnjv, kiu tous irupyous ovn)5 ivnrppa-t KvicAoeo-. Km buraeVl tha towers thereof round aW)ut. 
airppe Toii loptu^TFO* (is yijv oAXoi^vhov, ■« Sttin^wwro ' From then™ he rcmored to go into the 
Tnv Souoptiai'. l'"'^ °^ '''* ^'''I's'iiiei, aud poaeed througli 

67 'El" T^ 'IP^ipf iictivig antrttv upcts tv iroXt/uf jSovXdjxcvoi '''At that time cerlnin priests, daiirom 

68 Kai i^mXiftr lou&ii cii A^wrof y^f dAXo^uXoiv. xai KadciAt '^ So Judas turned to Azotus in the land 

wvpt, KOI <i7jniAtuo-( Ta (TKuAn tuik n-oAeiui-," koi tnurrpvfio' imagM with fire, and spoiled their cities, he 

«/s T^l- ym- 'lovSa. returned into the land of Jiidea. 

a IT S 1 o V ' »« ' B • > L ' ' AhoutthatlimekmgAntiocliuitravolhnf 

6 Kal i pairiMvt Aw-ioxos Siciroptwro to* lyavta X'->P<^. through tlie high countries heard say, that 
KQi Vownv OTi ia-Tiv 'EXvatui iv ro IlaKTiSi irdXii tvSo&s Elymaisin the countr;' of Persia wna a city 

„ 1 ; > . ' ■ "» ~. ^ » , r - Ter.anddoldi 

2xAovrc(., it^yupui, t( koi Xpi^T"?. •"" ^ «/>0V to iv aui^ ^and tW there «oi in it oven; rich temple, 

xXowriov tT^M&pa, koi Jk(( KaXv^^ra ■)(pvaa, Kai tfupoKct, wherein i<<i " 1 md breast- 

Koi oirXa fi KaTtXHTtv ^Hi 'AAe'favSpot 6 ♦lAtmrou, ^atriXtiit fhiUp^'i'l. !i4tT,»Dnof 

£ MoKiSuii', Ss ijiaatkrviTt irpiurof if tow 'EXXiTtri. Kat first aiu.Hi.' i .. : I |,>rt there: 

3?Xtfe Kcil if^H KaroXajSwrftit T^f xd'Aji-, «ai irpoi-o/Hucrai 'j^^'"[;;'"'iJ'|:" "■"'■i','''lfyt''j|j''4„'° "J* J]'' 

oir^i'. Kill ouK ^Svyatr&ri, ori rytwft; 6 Xdyos tois « t^ because they oftheci'ty.hatiughadiraniina 

4 B-oXtus. Kai dFt'trnKrav avru (f; iroXcuov, nal «Auy( jlieiwf, < rose lip agninstLim in battle : so 

1 , . , -a « \ ' 'V • 'r f "e fled, and departed tiienc* with great 

arai Awgptv ixudtv fi€Ta Auinp /nyoAijs, aTOorpi^i dj heaviness, and returned to Labylon. 

Bafivkava. ' Moreover there came one who broufihfc 

5 Kai ^Xflo- dtrayyiXXiBC^ Tii aur^l «s t^ _ n.p<rffia, ori w'ychVent'^i^st the'"ind of jud.^™^ 
TtrpovaivTai al vaptfifioKai al voprvOtiirai <if yip/ lovSa. put to Sight: 'and that Lysios, who went 

Tpainj dTO vpoanrwov avriav, koi cirio';i[uo'a>' oirXoi; koi ovvo/Jd strong by the irraour. am! power, and store 

will WKuXoK jtoXXow oIs tXaSoi- dJTO tS>v ^api^BoXwv Jv °L'P°'''' ^"'"''H,*''^t i!"! gotten of the 

_ .., , _, , „-, . 2ci * • C' ] • • »"""«, whom they had destrojed: 'also 

7 tttKOifav. Km koCiiAdv to pSiAirf/ia S yicohofiTjiro' (ti to that the? had pulled down the abomina- 
&ixTiacmpu»f TO iv 'IfpowTaXnii, «a! ri iviWun Jtaftlis to t'O". "hioh lie had set up upon the allar 

' nr^' 1 ' 'i\- « ' D i)_ ' '" Jerusalem, and that they had compassed 

TipoTtpov iKOKAairav mx«rw u^Aok, hu nji- Uoilto-ovpiiv jbout the aanetuary with liigh wajlBraa 
ir6ka/ afrrou, before, and bia city Bethsurs. 

i6afipt}$7i Kol JvoXcu^ u^nop'i' "at twttrai iri t^ k<kti}i', upon he laid bim down upon hia bed, and 

I. Maccabees VI. 9—31. 151 MAKKABAION A'. 

fell lick for gpief, beenuse it h»d not be- kiu ivrirtaty tK i^puoriay airo t^ Ainrip, on o6k iyirtra avrw 

ever more and more, and he made account lir avrov \vjnj fUyaXr], itai wrfuraro cm a/mymrnaKii. Kat ID 

that he ihould die. " Wlierefore he called j_^i,_, _„'„„- __,'_ J,,'x„^ niVrn."! m) .T,™ »nA*. ^i-^^ 

foraU hi. friend.,and<«id unto them, lie ««;*■*« '^att-os tovs ^^ow a^ov, _ «i. tl^ Tpot avrwt. 

•leep iatrone frommine ejes, fiiid vnyliMrt o^ioraTai o vttvos dro tuii' O^CoA/uui' fiou, Kai im/iTtlrrw«a 

andhowgKOtaBoodnr'BMei-^isitwlR'rciu T'>W SAi^ttw ^ASoc nai kAvOoh^ ^ifyoAou, 6- u to*- ti/u; 

now I am! for I^m. bountiful uTid bclovi-d 5ri XFP'TW «ai dyaim^o-iK ij^iji' A- Tj Jfoixrip fiou. Ni* 12 

CTilTtliS'rrdid it'je^He,"!!™ t"at 'l f* ^t/iv^Jto/toi ^tSf hbkuv & fxw'ijjra A- 'ItpowroA^^, Koi 

look all the vemeis of (old and Bdier I lint iXaBoy jrairo tb UKonj to yauTa Koi ri dpYirva to A- airS. 

were therein, and sent to dcsiroy Hie in- ^^■f„ '„ i it; ' „• „ - _ '-i 'S S - 

habitant, of Judea without n ™\,,o. '^ I ."'" 'tavfortiJM i^apai tow (toTootoMras lov&i 6i<i«m7t. 

peroeiie therefore that for tbia cause tlieia Eyyiav otn' on )(apa' Totirtin' tipof fit ra xoica tavra- nu 13 

" Tlien called he for Philip, one of bii Kai tKoAtat viAiinrov (i^ roar tpiAaiy avrov, koi Kart- 14 

friend*, whom be made ruler oyer .U bis orijtTO- avroc ^i jra<njs t^ fiaaiXtia^ avrov. Kai fSomr 15 

reidm, "And TOTB hini the crown, and hii , V- > „ ,~ . ', T. , \ . . b /i 

robe, and his eignot, to the end he ibonld aui"<F «■ ixioijfia Kai Tqv <rro\T]r avrov irat tok SaxnJXiar, 

bring up Ilia eon Antiochna, and nourish toB dya-ycrv 'Am'o;^ov rov vlov airtov, not iKBpiijiai avror TW 

ocSlia^i^ there 'in^the'hnndredrortj and ^airiAtufii'. Koi &iti6a.vtv txil 'Aituijjw o ^oo-tXcti Irovt 16 

iiiathyear. '^ Now when Lfaiaa knew Chat iyvdrou Kcl rttroapajKKrrou icai JKaTO<TTOU. Koi irivvtt 17 

lo rcign in Iiis etesd.and bia name he called Aimoj(OV Toy viov avrov ovT avrov, Sv iit0pt\pc vtiartpm, Koi 

^Ti*^' . .K- .■ ....... ■ ... ^"'^''e TO ow>fui atroS Einri^opa. 

'"About this time thev that were m the «■ \ . . - . » , . • •. n . , m 

tower ahut up the Israclitoa round about '^'" "' '* ")* oj^s ^o^iv <rw)'i!A«iovT€S Tov lo-paijA icuKAif 18 

the BBnctuBry, and Bought always their hurb, tiuv dyiW, koi fnrovFTts tq «aica 8i' oAov. koi ornpcyiui itMC 

and the strengthening of the heathen. »* _ i- > n •_ ■. >» .>- . . i ., ', , ,_ 

"Wherefore Judsa, purposing to destroy *^'^'- Kai Woywraro lov&i, .fapoi avrouf Km. t£tKKk7yTaurt 19 

them, called all the people together Co be- ira^a tov Aoof tou Trtpixaffurai iw outovs, Koi irviwv. SO 

jear, and ha made mounta for sbot agaiaat koi bcaTtxTTmi, koi tirmijoo' lie avrovt ptAomaawi Ktu 

them, and other enginei. u.mava.%. 

'^ Howboit certain of thom thnt were be- ir • !;-\o i^>-' - i - >>>i>ni 

liegedgot forth, unto whom some ungodly "*■<" *P]Mfov ii avTiov tK rov (nr}'iiAfto-/iOv. KOt boAAi^ Jl 

ineQoflaraelioinedthemielvei: = aDdtbey Brjirav auroU riMS Tuw do-i^iv if 'IcrponA. kcu iiroptv$iKna' '22 

aronge our brethren P 'We have been woucijo-iis tous dSfA^ovt ij/tiuc ; H/Ltn rvSoirou/tw SovXcwtv 23 

mentsiKforwhiehcsuae theyof ournation KaTOKoAouVdi' tok rpotrrayiiavly avrov. Kat xtptKoBrfmiU 

^'"morM^el^u ™n"^of'^us''i*aThT'ro'Sid *" '^^ "*'"" ""*' ''°" ^'^ ^'^' ^"P'" tovtou »£ (tAJU- 

light ou they ilew, and apoiled our inherit- rpiovvrai Aifi ^fiuiy T-kijv Saoi titptaKoyro Aifi ^/iSiv iSatn- 

•"ee. TouiTO, Kai at Kktjpovoiuat 17/uuv Snjprofovro. 

their borders. ^And, behold, Ihia day are Tai-ra ra opia avriuv. Koi loov vafM/tpcpAijicacn cnjfi^Mr «" 

haTBtbeyfortifled. «Whereforeif thoudoat to ayin<r/ia, xai nji' Boitto-Oipai' (u^^vpbxrav. K(u jaf >i^ 37 

not present them quickly they will do xpo«aTaXa^n atroui &ardvoV9, /ifufowi rovroiv jroimroBtrt, jiai 

greater thmga than these, neither ihalt thou , r. . ^"^ . ? . "^ ^ ^ ™^ «». 

be able lo rule them. ■>" barrfr^ rov ■aracrx'il' avnuc. 

" Now when the king heard thia, he waa Kcu iipyiaOr) fiaa-iXas on ^nnnyf, ku (rwnyay* aniras 38 

angry, and gathered together all hia friends, _„,•„ Ju'Xmic m'rrnr, int i-m'^ .fn'unin..T.- .^^ &u;,.«L !.Jt - ~ 

ana IheeapUiniof bisarmT.and thoasthat "V TT^ T -' " 0PX»"=s ryp inivttntwt owrov, aai 

Ladchargeof the hone. * There came also Tout Art tu» itciuiv. Kai diro paaiMuay trtfuov mu dro 39 

K Srih'ri°t:dW°b'a".jM'!;s p^; "ff^'r fr "'"rr^ 8"jv.« »r«-r- ?^ " 

» 80 that the number of hij army waa in W <> d/wf/uis rwy Huya/ituiv avrov iKaroK xtAtoSct rmi T(£ur, 

hundred thousand footmen, and twenty koi c'ucooi YiXidSt; tmniv, ml ikidiaym Sw> Kai rpiaKom 

thousand horsemen, and two and thirty .j. ..^ „ . ,^A t . *^ ,,- , '^^^ ., 

elepbanUeierciaed in battle. •'These went "">TK iroAt/wj'. KatTjXBoaav fito np ISov/taiat. koi 

tbKughldumea,andpitched8g«mitBeth- tyt^akoffta/ isi BaiArovpay, ical ivoki/i^w ^ftipav vokXix, 

MAKKABAION A. ]S5 I. Maccabees VI. 32— SI. 

MU hroCnaav unyavtii- vai J^nXAw, icai btrvpur 

t • I \- > c e- auttiDtiiasmei; but they of Sil/uura eania 

rvpi, Kiu iirtAfoiirav ivSpaSm. out, „d burned them Hltll fire, and foualit 

32 Koi Airfptv 'louSas diro t^ oKpai, xal trOfMyi^aXar <is ■ Upon tliii Judu remofed from tlie 

33 BcudCnvapia dn-cwUTi rnj inuicii&Ant toB jSoitiArw. Kai low«r, and pitobed in BethiaohariM, orer 
•a i. a 1' „ * ^ i_i .J,. o 1' J. »naiQ»t the ^W" camp- "Then tho kiug 
wpflpuT-cv £ ^atriXm wpoit, kcu dirppf t^ jroptfi^ip if Sing »er, e«lT march^ fieroab with hii 
^pH'^fxari atrnjt Kara t^ iSov Boi^ap^ui, xiu £(((rKTva<r- hotlMwan]Bethiacliana«,i>heretuiu; 


V ^ • n ', ■c> t IN- N' - •lepbanU to fight, the; theirea uiem uia 

34 Kot TCMS iXt'tMuriv tdaiay alua trraiftvJaji xoi fuipuv, rov blood of impei ud niulb«rrie>. *• Hore- 

35 vapaoTijaa, afirois «w toi- iroAfaoi-. Kai iuDutv rk ftwii o^''. """^ dirided the beuM unong the 

It,., . , ^ . . ,, , , ,'; Knoiee, And for ererj elephant the* ap- 

«« Ttti ^oAayyos, icat TopAmjcrtu' teoorui iAttfiavrt x^Aiout poinKd alhouiuid men, armed with coaU 

avSpa^ TtStupoKuru.a'ovi iv oXiwi&urots, xai rtputttbaXiuat of iiuul, aiid with helmetB of hrau on Iheir 

\ - • < - , \- • - t > • c hndti and betide tbu,for ererybeut were 

XaAKai «^i Tew Kf^oAu^v atTnoi-, koi jroroKOCTioi t»i«H Bio. ordained five hundredhoMaman of the beat. 

3g rtrayiitvol Jkootu Ajpiui JxAcXfyuc'roi. O&roi irpa Kaipau, " These were ready at ererv oaaaion i 

37 afUi, ouK a^umuTO dr avrov. Kai in/pyoi fuXtvoi tir departed thsj from bim. ^ And upon tha 

ovrou /iij^avais- koi iift Jkootou aripcs dui'c^ut Svo wu girt fast unto them with darice*: there 

TpuxKovia ol »oX<uoSiT« Jit' aftrow, «oi 6 "IvSot aOroS. 'fi™ "^^ upon ejery one two and thirty 

'^ atrong men, that fouRhc upon them, beude 

„,,,- , ,„ ..n. i<\ the Indian that ruled him. 

38 Kai Ttp' fTiAourov iinroi' tvOty xai tvi/ty itm^trcu' <ti ra 3<^, fg^ ^\^g reniuant of ihc horKmeu, 
8vo f-ifni TTK vaptaBoXm, nanumovrK mu KaToApairaoiLfvoi '?*!' "•'' ll'sm o" tuis ude arid tliut lido at 

„o . -J, I "n SI- \o • •! i_> • - » thetwopartBoftliehost.ginnglhemaigQ*' 

39 iv Tois ^dpay^iv. lis si foriA/iev o ^Aios ftri ras XP"^''^ *'" what to do, and beiiig iiaruesMd all oier, 
yoXkos ixnri&as, limXBt to o/m iv outcuv, hoi Karnvyot^V is aniidjt tbo ninlii. "Now when tlie lun 

an \ /o . viT^'A. ' - o\" ■* abone upon the shields of eold and braad.tbe 

40 An;.Ta8(s injpoj- Koi iferrifl^ fupov « T7t irafi€^oX^ rov .nountaliis glistered tlierSwith, auri .bJned 
PairiXiiiK liei ra f^tjXa op^, koi rtvc; Jiri TiivftFii* mi i])>;^inTO lilie lumps of (Ire. *'So part of the king's 

^yinrrii irA^Sow atTroiv, koi uSomfKas rou wAiJflow, koi ffvy- on safely and in order. ''Wlicrefora all 

KOI urxvpa. rattlingof thobnrncw.itero niovwl: fortha 

42 Kai ^yyartv *IouSaE koi ^ vaptfifiokij avrov m vaptxTaiir ^ Then Judas and his host drew near, 

43 SirSptt- Kqi (Btv EAia^ap & Imiapav h/ nnr &i}pim' nffut- « Eleaiar alsi, nimniMrf Suvarau, percoif 
aaKi(Tiin<ov ftipajii BatnXiK-f, Ktu m- vTnpdyoy nwra ri i"K llitt oneof the beMU,aroi(!d with royal 

. , i_ , "^ ■ . ,Z! .7 >-j 10 \ ' V • f harness, wtu higher than nil the rust, and 

44 ftjpia, KOI <i^t*i) ort iy ainif itrrty 6 piuriMvi. Kai axMttv supposing that the king was upon bim. 
iauriiv tou erukroi rhv Anov avrou. mil iripiTOC^inu iavr^ "put himself in ieopariiy, to the end be 

45 ow.^ oIciviOT. Kui i^iSpajuf ahy 0pvTU .is /liirov t^ ^'tlil name!'*'wEo« he «n u^Xm 
^oAayyot, Hol ^^rov &£ia no! tvuKVfta Ko! iaxiiofTO Att (nurugeaualytbrai^hthemidstofthe battle, 

46ata.o ■■^.-.1,.''^;, "•: .W8. fcs w(«*»™,_,.aijri. saf£;i",s"diU'Jii;AimSta;fc 

, pijHO' avTif, KOI ovtiAiv avTov. koi limro' «n ttv y>)K orura side^. ''Wbith dfjoe, he crept under the 

KOI m op[ii)iui T<Bf dvi-a/ifw, koi jfucAutu- dT aimuv. upon him, and there he died. « Howbeit 

tit rtH qf (As Jnu seeing the strength of 

48 Oi 81 Jk T^ traptiifit^^ TOU ^aaiXiiai iy^aana/ tEi tniviv- ^' j^mt. »^^ the yiolence of his iaitet^ 
■ntaiy ofirfiv (fa |I«po«raXii^- ko! raptyifioXo' & fiamX^ .!s '"^Th ™So king> ^/ went np to Jem- 

49 ^W lovSoias' koi *n to Spot Ztuiv, koI jiroii^ow tip^jyi/v fitra salem to meet them, and the king pitched 

ovTOK Ikci SiaTpb^iij tou ovyKCKAcurftu Jr airr]), on trapparoy aura be made peace : for they oame out of 

St, ■rS v£ the city, because they bad no Tictuali there 

V'^70- to endure the liege, it being a year of rest 

50 K,^ ««T^.To fi^^ tV BaJ^o,^, Kol d»^ '"it tt^fc». took Beth.ura, «d sH a 

51 I«( ^fioupav ■ntpti* avrtpi, mu itapfyipaXo' <xi ro ayuurita RBiriMD there to keep it. ^'Ai tac Usk 

I. MiccABEEs VI. 52— VII. 9. 156 MAKKABAION A. 

8.111 rtuarj-. he boiieited it nmny dayi : ind iS„^as jroAAas, kqi ftmicTO' Imi SiAo<7Ta<r«s Koi unyavoc koi 

set there urtillery with engines and imtru- "^ ^o , > \ u'o i « i < ' o'li 3 o'l 

ments to cast fire and itanes, and piecen to ^rupopoAa KUt AiOopoKii Kai cTKOpmoui (it to floAAtirOai ptMj, 

rast dnrta sad flings. " WiiereupOD they Kai o^fv&j'vat. Kai liroiijaav noX avTol ii.7])( xpos Tos 53 

hluU^^mteflTralSSg^'^n-^'^'eUithe /'W''™^ airS.. i^^^,™. ,J/.^. ;rcAAa,. Bp<i;«.Ta 53 

last, their Teuels being nithout Tictuata, S( OVK ^v iv Toi: ayytioK, Sia to i^So/iov ctot (Ttvu, Ko! oi 

.MdlMs.' 'iv-nfcST'St'te «"■'*""; ■« •*'>"«■' e ™^*^ <„.-^,.. ri 

Ocntiles. Iiod eaten up the niiiduo of the vtroXiip^a njs vapaDiircuv- Kai vrcAci^ffijoYU' jf tok ayu»j 54 

store i) "there were but a few left in ths ^,,^0(5 oAivoi, on KarmparniTO' atrii' o Xiuor Kai iaKop- 
mnctuary. because tuo famine did so pretBil ■ a^ - > , , , ~ 

themsel.e^^eyen'^mBn^to^hi.^own r^a™jj^^^ ^ Kai ^KOvat Avtrla^, ori*^!!™^, Sr KOT.'' o ^«^i^ 55 

Philip, wliora Antioclius tho king, whiles iio Avrio;i(oe <rt £uiv, iK$ptifiai 'Ayriaxpy tov vioc avTOV «s to 

turned out of Persia and Media, and the "«* t" ouva/ieis ai iroptvCcKTOi Tou /JautXtaK fitr avrov. koi 

king's host also that went with him. and 5„ {.p-d vapaXaMv to vpdyu.aTa. Kai Kari<nt<.wrt toO 67 

that he souglit to take unto him the . » o - ~ , T . • a \ ' < - • ' 

ruling of affoirs. '■■Wherefore hewentin «1I '»T(M'eiv, «ai ttiri.i- jrpos TOf (iatjiKta. icai Tore im/iofas T^t 

haste, and said to the king Rnd the captains Suvu^utuis kqi tovs oi-Bpat, fKAwVofirv kQ? ij^fpai-, Koi -t) 

It- '.id "ia.Trbi SiiSJ r*? ''''' °*'"- "'■ ° '™ " ».pv(!iii»F" '""■ 

tbo place we luf aiege unto la strong, and o;^pos, koi tTrittiTai ruiXv to t^» ^ao-iA«'as. NEi- oiji' Siu/u»i 5S 

and mske peace with tbem, and with all cip^iojv kqi /icm TaiTOS tn'ott avrtuv, Kai orqaiafity avroi; 39 

^' So Ihu Vmn and the princes were eon- Kai ^ptatv a Aoyos •wivTioi' tov fituriXiiiK tai Tuiv ipjpr- 60 

tliekinganJ tbo princes made an oath unto l^"'' ui/ioo-w aurois o /Jao-iAcvt Kai 01 op;i[oi^(t' (jti tOvtokdI 

slr'^^ '' hoid'^'Pl'hen tife "in"'cnt'ereS^''w *^*"' '" ''°^ oX«/ho/«ito». Kai (h^XOtv o ^ocriXcw «is to 63 

mount Sion: but when |iie law the*atrength "P"^ 2io)c, koi tX&c to 6xi!pufta To2 Toirou-^ koi ^mjo-f tw 

of the phico, he brake Lis oath that he had ipxttraov Sv wuoat, koi ivtrtiKaTO KaGfXtii' to Ttivos KiHtAofley. 

made, and gara commandment to pull down v - ! - • !• • ■ '_ 1 ■ 'a" ■ " i!fl 

thowallroundabout. "Aflerwanfdeparted ^'" ""HIP^ '^^<^ <nroySriv. KOi ujrtoTpt^tv (.( Ai^ioxtiav, not 63 

he in all haste, and returned unto Anlio- cupi ^iXimrov Kvpitvovra t^; iroXiuK, Kai fnoAe^i^o't irpof 

ehia, where he found Philip to be master of „,•>.. ; \ -a • . ;i,„ a' 

the city ; so he fought agaidit Lim, and took "'^'"^' ""' '"^"KalitTO j-qr nokiy /Ji^. 

the city by force, 'J£tovs ivoi Kai iro^KOOToE koi (KonKIToC Jf^Xfl* ^Vl^i- 7 

from Kome, and came up with a few men iAi'yoiS fi's woXu- 3rapaflaXatr<riav, Kai (Soo'tXtwro' iasi. 

unto a city of the sea coast, and reigned ' , . , o , - - n 

there. Kai tytvfTo uis (itrcropmcTo (it oIkov pairiAda; var^wir z 

'And as he entered into the palace of his ^hov, miyikoBov ai SWuds tov 'Arriovov Kai t^v Awiliv 

ancestora, so it waa, that hia forcea had. ,,,. ^ • , ' a .-^- - ' r t 

tnken Antiochus and Lysias, to bring them aytii- avrous avriu. Kai cyvwoiti) avrai to irpay/ia, «u tlrt, a 

unto him. 'Wherefore, when lie knew it, „,J ^m Sti^mt ri irpoirunra auTic. Kai jTriKTtU'ai' aurois 4 

Jy,!.- airoi, atriS. 



M /"> 

1 fi,ifv7. Ti 

■a^tiS, Kai 


■ AtjpTTpi 

nesaid.Lstmenot see tWir races. 'So his ' .' i . " ■ > . '.^ * ' ■ ' fl ■ a 1 ■ 

host sio* them. Nowwhen Demetriuswaa "' ouva^tis, Kai .Kafliot A^pTTpiO! <a-i Opavov fimJuiw 

set upon the throne of bis kingdom, ' there avroO. Kai ^k$av irpos nvroc ira'vrfs avSpK avap.rn mi i 

ileairoua (o be high prieat, for their captain: i(paT(tJ(iv. Kai Karrffopijaav toC Xaou irpos tov ^atriXia.S 

j:;iii;i^Ai'tS!tJ'£t a ^■>"«- "."^■■'<' 7°«»"' ";■ ,» •'•^■' ■?"= "'• ♦a.- 

all thy frienda, and driven us out of our irou, KOi i/iiat laKOpvurav airo Tijs yi/i T]piov, Nw oJ» 7 

own land. ■Mow therefore send some man i^ointiXov avSpa m vurrrvtK, koi voprvOtU iStTo) ttjc liaXi- 

whom thon tmstest.andlet himgoandsee , . • "p ' . - ,'^ , , - o \' 

what havock he hath made anionj uj, and OptvaiV 5racrav ijy ijroiij<ro' »;^ic Kai Tg Xfupf Tou /faiyiAMit, 

in the king's land, and let him punish them koi KoAao-aVaj airow Kai jrdvTai tow 6rij3™eo!*Taj atTOtt. 
viith all them that aid them. 
''Then the king chose Bacehides, a friend Kai iviXtifv o ^aaiXtut Tuv BaKyiSrif tuiv tfttXiav tou 6 

bithfnl to the king. 'And him he sent r^ /foo-tXi^, koi vunov tw fiatnXxl. Kot drnmtXci' avrar 9 

MAKKABAIUN A'. 157 I. Maccabees VII. 10—31. 

Koi'AXKUiov TOJ' imBii, (tal tirrmtv abrS, ■np' Upuxrovriv, koI ^'fth that wicked Alcimui, whom he mads 

., '^ , . .' ' , , r.' ,'.',-■,.. liigu pnest, and commanded tbat he should 

(PfTciAaro QVTru mmjaai njc (1(61x17011' Jl" tihs uiois i^pa^. i^Ee yengeanco of the children of l«raeL 

10 Kat Ainipar, Koi BAflov iura SvFa««« jroAA^s (« vni' 'louSa- "" So thoy deported, and came witb a great 

. , . , ... ' 'I 's ' > is; ij. • poirer loto tho land of Juda, where ther 

Kiu dwdjTCtAtv oyytAous irpos louiitic, Kai tow iixKtftow ;^„, „.„.„,^ ,„ .T„,q.. .-J*!,;, k-^.h™ 

1 1 avTOV, Koyoii (ipijvotols /itia SoXou. Kal ou vpaaiafipv Ti 
Aoyoit QuTiuc, iBoi' yap on ^^Soi' fitra. Zuvaf/.tun itoXXrfi. 

12 Koi iTrun»nyftj(TOV irpos 'AXkiuoi' itai BoJcyi'Sm- tTrvayiuyn 'V^lli™ ,<'.i^ them aitemble unto Aloimua 
,„ . ,'P ~ c' F > - ■". s - t and Baccliiiles ft companj of senbei, to re- 
ISypa^/iartaiv .KifTV^O'^fi'"^""- Km irpiuxoi 01^ Auiftaiot ^av quire imtice. " Mow the Assideani were 

14 iv xAoit 'Icrpu^X, KOI i-nt^-qrow -iraph. atriv tlpr)vriv E'lrav the first among the children of Israel LhJil 

vjp, M,»TO Up* ,v ™s ^i„^,„-k^ ^ift, fc,™ r.!''L"S°..tu»Ui'rfil&^,^ 

15 havaiiari, koi ouk ^iki^ci ij^uas. Kai cAaAijcrc /((t ain-wv with thii araij'.and he will do lu uo wrong. 
AoyoM (^ucois, tai ttl/io<r(i' aurols, Xtyoiv, ovk iiti;7T^o/«c "n^^Bro'unta^lhcGTM iir'"tt'^'iu''''' " 

16 iifuv KaKOV, Kol ToTs i^tAois i/iuiv. Kai ivtTriiTTtvvav airrio- the barm neither'of you'nor jour iriendi. 
(to! un-tXaSfv i$ aiiStv f^ijKoi^a oWpas, «al iWumvo- 1* Whereupon ihev belie«d him: howbeil 

,->.,■. . .... A - I ' ■ > he took 01 them tbreescora men, and alew 

1 7 avTovi iy rintp^ fu^, Kara tov Aoyoi' Si' typa'pt, trapKOi ocwv them in one day. aecordintt to tlic words 
aov KOI auiara avriuv i^iytav kvhAu 'IipowruXnii, icai owe nv which he wrote, '■ Xbe flesli of tliy winla 

1H • - ' aC If • J '™„ ■-„■ J. ■««-..! A,™:, I^ *=" 'W «•' ""'■""d tier bood hftYB 

18 avTO,-! flaiTTUiv. Ka, iwt^Ttv avTUV o 0o^ot Kai & rpofXW thcy.hJranndaboutJerusdBm.aud there 
Im jrawa tov Aaov, on •Iiroi', ouk <0TtV iv atrow aAijftio wna none to burr them. " Wherefore tlie 

ui/ioTav. ritihteuuaue»Bintli<^m; fortheyhaTe broken 

Bifjtff, KQi dfft'oTtiA* Kal (nn'i\aP€ iroXAow airo twi" diir o&roS .Terusulfm, and pilched his teiit« in Rnrui)i 

1 - ; "(J _■ ;. wbere lie sent and took many of tlie mt 

^nou, KOI .ftijw avrous ^^^^^ ^^ formken him, and eeriain of tl 
Tiji- jfuipav Tui Aaki/uii, people aln, and when be had alain tbetn, i 

/itya. Kai KaTtoTrpTt nji- j(cupnv Tai AAki/Uii, people aln, and when be had alain tbeoi, ke 

y i BaKjjiSj/^ jTpo? TOV pao-iAta. Kat Tytuvio-aTO AAnifios jrtpl with him a power to aid him : so liacchides 

22 Ti?! ApxitpfXTVyr,'!. Kal truv^^lV'"' 'PO* ""^o" "«"■« "' r^fk^t'-^Jf'"*- ''B"' Al|/"i"',««'t«nded 

' . '^■^ ' . , ^ . - . ' - -r '! .for the high priesthood. "And unto hini 

Tapaffo-oi.T«! TOV Aaov auriuv, Kai KaTtKpaTi}crav yiv Lavda, Kai resorted ail such as troubled the people 

(iroijjcrav irAirvnv iicvaAnv Sy 'IirpanX. who, after thej ]iad gotten the land of 

, ,- ' .r - . . ... . Juila into their power, did mutt Jiurt in 

23 Kai (lOO. loijSas Trauav tijv KOKiav r)v iironfrn AAki/ios Israel. 

(15 waiTa TO. opia tijs loniSnias kkkAowv, khi (irOi)^(i' (KOI- nmoQg the Israelites, eren aboTe the hea- 

KTKTtv iv TOis ivBooo-L Tois'mri, KOI ttvtOToXjJO'av then, he went out into all tho coasts of 

'. ./I... I- I • I" Judea round about, and took vengeance of 

Tou iropoJio-Cai (is ttjv xuipav. tlicm that had reTolled from him, so that 

nc 'r\ s* ^i 'A\ •}' 'r 'i *' ■ tiieydurst no more go forth into the country. 

25 a, B(^(K(V AAki^o! ori ^itrx«r(v lo^as ™. oi j.(T a Qn the other side, when Atcimus saw 

auTOir, KOI tyyia on r>u btivariu inrturnp'ai Qvrow, KOt ftr(- that Judas and his company had goll*n tho 

OTptJit n-pos TOV SarrOUa, Kot Karrrfopmriv avrSiv VOvnpa. "PP*' ]'";'?' ^4- ^"^^ '''*' ''^ ""■ ""' '*!''' 

"^ ' "^ "^ n r I ir (j, atiidd their force, he went again to the 

26 Kai i7re.rr(;A(v 5 ^ao-iA.(l<; NiKtEvopa, Jva tSv dpvo'vrojv '"'"»■ '"^ '^'* "l" "'"iB* "Wain't them. 

• - - J S-4. • - > I J] ' -'T •\ ^Then the king sent Nicanor, one of hii 

ain-ou tcjv fv&ofciv, KOI jUKTOuvra Kai i)^paiyoyTa r^ UrpayiK, honourable princes, a man that bare deadly 

27 Kai (vCTCiAaTo qijtu i$apai tov Aooc. Kai ^K8t Ninavup (i; hate unto Israel, witli commandment to 

■ivo«mAi,._8wi,.;. ™Ais. ..'. i,,w. ,pit -hA. ..! 3r,'a^",SkE't„"?o°„Jr"d'„T«nK 

28 TOU? oStX^ow auTOu ^era SdXou Adyoit (ipjjUKOi!, Xiywv, fiij Judas and bis brethren deceitfully with 

„„ , ,'^_'^'.5. '^, r^ . . '. 1- , .,a ' ' battle between me and youj 1 will oomo 

29 iva v/ituv lAiu TO Jfpoo-uiira p.(T ttptpnp. Kai ijAOe Tpos with a few men, that I may see you in peace. 
'loiBav, Kai ij(77ra<TavTO dAXnAjiuf tumviKuJs- «ai oi iroAciiioi " He came therefore to Judas, and they 

„„■, w ' .> . • •! 'I B- - I • fl_ ' \ ' saluted one another peaceably. Howheit 

30 )jO-av iToi^oi (fapjroo-ai tov louSav. Kai Jyvowft) o Aoyo« the enemies were prepared to take away 
t£ "lovSa, on U(TQ SdAou iJXfltv tV arrov Koi (WTonftj air Judas by Tiolenoe. " Which thing after it 

'. . N 1 .o \ -iL. ••!-"_'_ • - was known to Judas, to tcil, that ho came 

avrou, KM OUK .^ouXijftj (ti lidv TO wpoouiwDV auTOU. ^„to him with deceit, he wm sore afraid of 

„, ,r . > ->• . • 1 \-,/i • a \' I ' < him, and would see his face no more. 

31 Kai tyvui >o(av<up on _a7r(KaXui^ tj ^ouAij aurnu, Kai k jficanor also, when he saw that hi* 
{£^Xtf(v (is vvyavrqviv t^ Iou'S^ iv TroXt/uf koto. Xai^apu-a- couotel ma diKorered, went <iu.t tj:i %s^ 

I. Maccabees VII. 82— VIII. 2. 158 MAKKABAIQN A. 

Blunit Judu besii^e CaphBratlnina : ■'and Xnua. Kat lir»rt>v tw vapa Nucai«pof ixrti rtyroKurxiXtoi 32 

tpcrewere slain of Nicsnor** sido about Gtq vc^ ^-j i« '\a'C 

tKouUnd men, and (*.. «rt fled inW the oit, <»«P«. «'" '^n^* «'» "]v iroX.v AawS. 

"'"rr!^; tlu, w.nt Kinvaor ,ip U, mount , ^-^ T^,!?!? ^TI^ '""''r^, '*'^?'' ^"T? '^' ^? ¥^ ^^ 

Sion, and tliero ™nio out of the lanctiiary iuay koi ((ijAmH' &iro Ttuv itptoii' <« Ttw ayumr koi. diro 

COTtain of the priests anij certain of the y-,, mxtrBtrripw tou XaoO iimjavtrSiu awroc (Ipm-uc5s, 
eldewof thoiieople,toiBluleh[mp«oe8blr, .p/Ji™... . > . » J, ~ 

and to shew him the burnt sacriflce that "■" "<*<« avru Tijv oAoKOvrtMriv Tip: Trpotriptpaiia^ vwip «nr 

waaofi'ensd for tho king. "But he mocked BatnXmK. Kal iiivKropitTai nvrous, koI KUTryikatrti' avTwv, 3i 
thein. and UuBhcd at them, htiq abuKd > ■ ' it < n '\ • _i. ' ir ' > of 

them Bhamcfully, and spake pVoudlj, - and Kaiiiuavtv a«JTW!, Km AoXijo-n- vrv7*o"«._ _ Kiu <o,um^ 35 

mate in his wrath, Bayinji, Unlesa Jndae ftrra ftj/iou, A.cj»i)i', ^civ /(^ irnpoSo^ 'lovSas toi ^ nz^(fiy9oXif 

up tl)is house : Dud with tltat lie went out tfi.itvpuii rov oIkof tovtoi^ kqi iirjfS* /Ura Vviiov /MyoAov. 

"Then the priests entered ii^ and atood Kni furSXAiv ol !*fl*rt, 

before the altar and the temple, weeping, -, .' > . ~ . 

and »aring, " Thou, O Lord, didat cboo» Inwiatmjpun) KOi tou vaou, 

^is house to be called brthj name, and to l^i^ tov oXkov raarw JirutXi/tf^i-a 

nncAi- an to , inn ni- ^ ^^^^ dUoV JTpOITtlFX^* KOI SojlTfOS TM AaU 0-OV, IIoiITtrOI' 38 

' ItAuataiv Iv TW dv^pumji rovrip koi A* ?{ traptfi^ok-j airrov, 

not torontrnuB^VioniBT ' "°"' ""'O'truwai' fv ^ofi^oiif /iv^tr^rt tw SKr^ij^wiv ovrui', 

" So NicEuor went out of Jerusalem, and irai /i^ Sow auroTt /iov^r. 

E'tched his tents in Bethhoron, where a v ^ >^"\/i vt ' *^ 't ^^ r 'd \ » ..* 

1st out of Syria met him. •> but Judaa ^cti Jf^jXS* N«a™p Jf Upova-aXriii. Koi wopw^oW A- 39 

pitched in Adasa with three thoiuand men, Boiduipon', Kai miv^VTrjatV avnu Sufotuf SwuiE. Koi 'louSai 40 

Auyriani blasphemed, thme angel went loiiSas, KOi ttvtv, ol jrapo tou ^atriXt<at AffVupuar Srt iSua- 41 

thou this liost before na thia day, that the otrois tKarav oySorjKoirTasarrt )(iXiaSa.t. Ovna uvlrTpujfov ri/r 42 

rest niny know tlint lu> lintli ipoki'iiblas- vaMuBokinr ravrnv tvanriov nu.iui' trniitaov, mil ■vrolraKrav oi 

phemoutly airnmst thy ^anctunry, and judge ,T,'^ '. '- „ ,, "^ , . T^ , ' . . 

aiou dim nomrding to his wickodness. /ffiAoiiroi, OTi munus iAoAjjifav ijri Ta ayia trou, «iu *piror 

'" So the thirteenth day of the month airov koto rm* Kiuu'ai' a^ou. 
Adar the hoitsioineil batlio; butNieanor'a v - , . , 

boat was ditTOmBt«l. and he himself was K(u tmvijifiav at irap(jj.^oXa( lEt iroX(^u»' r^ rpunatA- 43 

«Now"ii.en'N"mnor's host saw that he '"'T' "^ '"?'°* '**V. «<« •rvfTp^ ^ ropff^^lj K«B- 

mu elain, they rast away their weapoti'i, in)pot, KOt lirccTO' avTOS irpurot ^v r^ ToX(/if . 
and fted. *■ Then tliej pursued after tbeni .-,(>«• □>>••>'> »t < •> 

a da/a journey, from Adasa unto Gaient. Ik oi tUtri' ij waptiifloAri airrov 6Tt «wwf Nutoraop, fitt/mmt 44 

■ounding 8n alarm after thein with their tcc ojrXa avrSv iivyov. Kai KanSimtov atrnvi aSoy vixipat 46 
trumpets. "Whereupon they came forth . , ■ ... ~ •' - ,, - . , _ .. , , »f"r-"" 

out of all the towns ol Judea round about. ^"^« ^"^ Abatra fan tou tAfltiv *« I oCiffia, KOt ftroAn-unir 

and closed them in j so that they, turning offiVui avruiv tow trtiAiriyii raiy uyiitaauav. Koi ItvKBov Ik 46 
back upon them that pursuad them, were - ~ - ' 't t ' \ -a > < > 

all slain with the awoM, and not one of T^i^v Tav kuimv tij? IovSo<as KVuXoBtv. kbi vnpcKifKM' 

them waaleft. ourous, Kai avitnptifiov otroi irpos Totirout- kqi trttroy toktr 

hanged them up toward Jerusalem. '"For ^ixavapot aifntAoy, Kai ryjy btiiay avrov ^ iirrtivn' vrt/t^ 

this o^uae the people rejoiced greatly, and dMvm, kqI nvrvicQC, Koi lirrtifav -napa rip- 'ItpouroAnu. Koi 48 

kept that day ai a day of great gladness. . , ,_/• • \ - j 't > • » . » /r- — ■•" 

•• MoreoTer they ordained to keep yearly <'«PP«*iJ " *"« iT<j>o6pa, Ktu Tp^ytw ■np' ^nipar tiuoript 

SU?, ^h V'"? 5''? thirteenth of Adar. naipav rfipoumow ucyoXm, Km urrmrav tou fyuv nari 49 

■• Thus the land of Juda was m rest a little I > X < ' ' • e < '- ••» 

^liilg ^-..^.^ frumroi" r^i" ■q/Upav raunjv t^ TpuTKuiOBcarTF rov ASaa. 

Now Ju3aa bad heard of the iame of the Kai mriviuTtii n yS louSa nucpat okiya^. 50 

Bomans. that they were mighty and Taliant „7. ., -V . . - .I , . 

men, and auch as would lovingly accept all Kat ^toutrtv lovtas to ivo/ia run' Pofuuioy, ori (Icrt Swarm 8 

unto them; »«nd that thej were men of ""^^ «roi av rpotriklhamv aurtHi, UTTaxrw ainM ^Aiav. Kai 

greatyalour. It wastoldhimalsoof their 5t( t'tai Swam Jtrvui- Kal SLByiwavro auru tow jraXuww 2 
wara and noble acta which they had done . . . > , s^ a, *" ' . ,^ , _ y™" * 

among the QaUtians, and how they had ""Jw. «<" tos^ dvftpayaffias fi« iroiouo'ii' h- to« roAaTttu. 

oonqDered them, and brought tbnn under koi ^i MrnKparmav avrwv Kot ^yayoi' a(ro^ lird Aepar, 

UAKKABAION A'. 169 1. Maccasees VIII. 8— 20. 

3 (tai mm Arooww fr vupa "Ictttbi'mis, tou Kanuparmnu iw tribnta; '»nd wl"! thor had dona in ib» 
, I,-. - , ."'■?. I ~ , _ ' X , countr; of apain, for ths winnina of th* 

4 /tcToAAowTOU dpyvpiou mu w XP|;^"^ Jo" "W".""" """"ff- miDcis of the .i!vi.r and gold which i. then i 
Tiflta/ TOti TQTOV inuTOf rg fiovk^ avriav hoi t^ ftaxpo&vituf, 'and tbnt by tlirir policy and patiauce ther 

poKriAtaar tdiv JircAfovroH' nr avnius dir ojcpov n^ yi^t toK came agiinit them from the uttermoit part 

» .. ., PS, ■ - ,, ., ".' '^' ' and giTen ibpm a grcot overthrow, m that 

KQi (K (iriAiKirot bt&kuru' a&rois ^pov kot ffiavro^ tho rest did give tliem tribute Bvrrj- )<«r ! 

„ , , _ „ , , _ , „ , n , , , * Beiirte tliii. how llier had diHwinBWd 

5 Koi TOV viAimrov KQi TDV UffMrta Knuioi' paaiXtOi «u in battle Pliilip, and Ferseua, king of tba 
Toirs fcrnpMKW W utrow, (rwrrpt^v aJVoit h> irokoKf. Koi Citim^witb other, that lifted up tbem»lTea 

ur-r- ■ __ ^ >^ ^1 r ^ _ -r^> _ ai[ainslthfin,andhailoVBrcoinB them; 'how 

6 KonKparrjtrav olrruv «ai Airioxnv roe /irfov patriAfa nft alaa Intiocbui thegKMt kinsof Aiis,lhat 
'Ao-ias, TO* Tcuru^nTa iir" avroix (1; roXuuw ;«»"™ ftarov P"' against thra in balUe, hanng an 

,1 , , ^ > . ^ , \^r' i«« bnndred and twentj elephant!, with horaf 

tutoai ^(^ovrat mii twov icai Spfuxra xat Auvafiiv iroAAjjf meD, and chariota, and a verr mti maj, 

7 cr^ofipa, KQt trwtTpiBv Air avruv mi fXa&ii' a.vToy tuvra, *m diicomfited br themi ^and how the; 

•r~-r- -BE. . ' > « D \ ' tookhimaliTe.ancicoTenanUd tbatheand 

mu_«7TV0W uwort SiBdvm aurov t< k<u Tout ^iwiA<u(htos ,ueb m reignei after him (bould pa j a p«| 

8 (xtT auTOV ^opov t^av, h£6vax Ofiiipa au SwotoX^, ku tribute, and giva hoatsgei, and that which 

KaAAuTTuif )(<iipu>v auruiv, kiu Xaporrfi avrat xap avrov oounCries, which they took of him, and gara 

a-"' •»''' '^'i^" ■* ^■^ ".'BrirrhS, u,. o™».» h.d d.«,. 

10 iiapai avrovf, not tyvwa^ i Xoyoi aitioit, ko! isimiXav against ihem a ccrtaiu caplain. and Gght- 

(tal imrov tf ovtw rpaifurruu roAAoi, mu jj;i^aAurnflnu' ohildreo, aud ipoiled them, and took poi- 

TBS ymaiKiK aurov mi to rixva ahuv, «u wootfiamray •?"•"". "^ ^ll^',!; l»ndi, and pulled down 

, ,' . , . - . . , ^a-i > their strong holds, and brought them to bo 

iMJToui, ftai NaTCKfKtTi^irRV TiJS Wt ovT(i»-, Kot KaftiAof Ta their Bcrrants unto this day. 

jyvptuuaro afTuV, koi (taTfSdAtiHratTO avroJs nof t5s -nucpas "-'' lem told Aim besides, how they de- 

„ '__ I ir -r itrojpd nnd brought under their dominion 

^vnj^. all other kingdoms and ietes tbnt at .iny 

11 K«l Ti, ftrtW™« po^.!a,, Kal Ti< «}™«, Strw ir«rJ ^%Teh'1^'!;Tei'?,;in"tl?em'tW kept 

12 ^t^nmfcmi' siCrToit. Kari^Stipav, kqi J&wAuxmv a^rouf- fina amity: and that they liivl roiiquered kiug- 
8j Tur^^a^M' Kttl tS* ftraw.rauo^i'wBV atrolt (ruwrf thS' 1,^15 o"tb"ir n^me'X"o"'afra"l of 
pijaav ^iXiav, xai KaTtttpanjiTav nuv PaaiXtuav riuv J/yuf Hal them; " bTso that, nlmm they would help 
TWP aoKp&l', KOt o<roi nKouoi' TO ovoaa aviw iioSoiWo iw' _-" JJ^Kdoni, Hiosb reign : and whom 

in . _/~"p- ' „ ^ / n a- . n , • a ■?"'" ""^^ Would, they diiplaoei finally, 

1 3 ai;r<>iv otfOls S &» povKuvrai pmjlftw xai paaiAaitii; paat- that they were greatly eialted : '* yet for 
Atvovcriv- tA^ S &v BovKmrtM, atSunSiai, Ktu. i)i!i^i$mnaf ^thia none of them wore a crown or was 

....B ., . . S i_'o 's^ ■ - clothed in purple, to be magnifled thereby; 

14 tripoOpa- KOI tv jrocri rnoroK ofiic tvcfcro inielcif avrtuv » nioreoTer how they had made for them- 
StoSiuui, Koi ofi TrtpuBoXoiTO vooivpav, iirrc d&iuvt)qra( /v «l™»«nal«hDuw,whereinlhreBhundred 

t E • f^ Tr \ n 1 r 1 ' \ HH \ /^ r ' and twentr men sat m coupcil dailr. con- 

15 avTQ. Kai PoMXmrnpwv hroityrav iavroK, kiu Koff yp^tpav ,uiUng Uway for tha peopie, to the end 
ipovXtuovTO rpuuiocnoi Mat fucoo'i ^ouAcuoutrai otaawrot xn>l they might be well oraenal: "and that • 

Bpwvtf rqr ap-)^ avn» kot bumnv, mu KtyiuMiv voa^ t^ country, and that all were obedient to 

ytfi airSv. >tai «ivT« icoAwr. wB frit. «il ofi* bri ^dvot I^'Z1!l"i^™ ^L^fl'^T' ""'^ "^ 

/c\ H'^ I ■ - "°^ emulation among them. 

01** t^AoS ft- auTOK- a in coosidoration of tbesa thintt, Judaa 

,- V- ^ i_'v t '1 '9 ^ T>> '\ .< ■, . . ohoieEnpalemus thesonof John,£lcji»of 

17 Koi JrcAf^fi' lovSoc tov EtrroAf/tO)' wioi- loxxirou top Aoooa, and Jaaon the son of Kleaiar. and 

'AxKUf, KOI 'Icuroiv vlof 'EX(a{o!fMni, itni oituftciXci' aurovt •«"* them to Komo, to make a league of 

]8 A'PiMT."^""''»-t«'".'">i"/'™i»'."j "S'lp"' sKWSs;,'"o,jd'S:BK£ 

TOV C^T"^ ^t' airwv, ori ilSoc rnv BaeriXtiav tui' 'EUitfbiv from than ; for the; nw that the kingdom 

KttroSovXov^^pt Tiv -Itrpa^X SovXtiay. jL'tadS"^'" ^^ °""" ^'^' "'"■ 

tn ir ' f 'A _ ■*!>'_ ^ < ^^^ n* 1 -e ^ "ThoT went theroforo to Home, which 

19 Kai iwopn0>tiiay €ii P-ufirp', auit iSiK woiXri ailnSpa, koi waaaTerTgreatioumer.and cameinU. the 

tUnXOov Its TO Boitktvnpwv, kiu itnKpSSmav koi iTtov. aenate. where the; spake and laid.'Judaa 

Oft 'tn.'.X... i M^^^R^r^. -«; nl J&lkAn: «.'.m.1 >..: -A ^:i:uL.. -;., Macmbeus with his brethren, and the people 

30 Joi^ D UaKNa/liutK Kai 01 a««A^ avnni KU TO irAijIfot TM' of lhflJBwa,h»TO lent ua unto Tou,tomi4o 

lavSaUm ^tirTciXai' ijfias *y>ot £^t, vt^inu /off v/uw crti/t- ft eanfedaiaoT and peace with yon, wd that 

I. Maccabees VIII. 21— IX. 9. 160 MAKKABAION A. 

we might be rejristered your confederates imyCav koX elpinvm, Kai ypathrjvaL naaq <ruuaayov9 jcal d>iKov^ 

and friends. '^So that matter pleased the , C> ir ^ • • \f * * ir ^ i-r- /\ t- 

BomanswelL Vfiwv, Kai rfpiar€v o Aoyos cvcuttiov avruiv, 21 

^ And this is the copy of the epistle which it \ «^_^»' ^ '^i \'»»9/ r »* nn 

<A« senate wrote bacY again ib tables of ^^^ot touto to avTLypa<l>oy nys iTnxTToXrjq rj^ avrtypa^€v ciri 22 

brass, and sent to Jerusalem, that there OcXtoi? ^oXkw, koi aTrcoTCiXcv cis 'Icpovo-oA^/x cTvoi irap* 

l!^o^"Si*d 'conflde^'cr = ^oo^tri."^ be --"^ /«' /"-//*o<^o. c^^^ Kal <n,;.^x(«- "-^ yA^otro 23 

to the Romans, and to the people of the Pwftatois xat to) €^vct lovCauav €V tq uaAaaaij Kai iin n/? 

2^ If there come first any war upon o-vrwy. 

the Romans or any of their confederates »■»? * ^* » ** '\ » «t» ' / * ** « ^ ^ 

thro^hou? all their dominion, >» the people , ^a" 8f «"^ iroXe/xos tj- Pjo/iij ,rpoT«p^ r, Ta<ri TO« cn;^- 24 

of the Jews shall help them, as the time /xa;(ots avrwv iv iraayj icvpcia avruii/, (rvyLyLa^atL ro IBvo^ r^v 25 

i'n%%'?rXi"iS'eVtTVi;i/'tr,rng*'l"^ 'I<"^-T' ^ *" ° Ka^* ^.roypa,^- ««xo«. KapS/^. .X^cc 

them that make war upon them, or aid Tots iroAcpov(rtv ou Owcrovo-ii/ ouoc IvapKicrovo'i. atrov, 26 

them with victuals, weapons, money, or 2^Xa, dpyvpioi/, TrXora, 0)9 ISof € •Pwuatois- ical rf)v\af ovrai to 

ships, as it hath seemed good unto the Ro- .v/'.*. .m \ o^ ^ \»*©%.x^.- 

mans: but they shall keep their covenants 9vAa|/xaTO avrwv ovC'cv Aapovrer Kara Td avra Sc ^av 27 

without taking any thing therefore. ^ In c^ct lovSaiW ouuiBrj irporripoi^ iroX^ao^, QvyLiiayrKTOvfTty o\ 

the same manner also, if war come first «t) -» . 1 / *» « i» . -* c ^ t .-^ xr ^ «« 

upon the nation of the Jews the Romans P^/Aato^ ^'^ ipyxn^, u)': &v aurois o Katpos viroypaxfyrj, Kai 28 

•hall help them with all their neart. accord- rot? (rvfifxa\ova'iv ov So^iycerat atro?, oirXa, apyvpLov, irXoia, 

J?Se??h^^^hX.fc't'l^%?^i?rto*te -' f8o^« "P-iMr -l ^vXo^ovra. ri ^ay/xara avruiv. koI ofi 

that take part against them, or weapons, or ftera OoAov. 

money, or ships, as it hath seemed good to ^ ^ ^ , , ^ t^i *» *» » / 

the Romans ; but they shall keep their Kara tov9 Aovov? tovtous €<rnj<rav FcD/juiiot t« Oi^/Atp 29 

covenants, and that without deceit. ^^^ 'lovSaiW. Eav 8c ucra tovs Xo'you? Tovrovs fiou- 30 

28 According to these articles did the Ro- ., ,. ^^zi-*/_i\« /-ov 

mans make a covenant with tlie people of Acvo-wvrat ovrot Kai ovroi irpoaiftivai vj d^cActi', TTOirjaovrat 

the Jews. »Howbeit if hereafter the one i( alpc(r€(i>9 avriov, koX o iav vpoirOCxrw w d<^c\(ixriv, carat 
party or the other shall think meet to add / r § r 

or diminish any thing, they may do it nt f^P"** 

5Sfo?&rwV°.haU teS.''''' ''"" . ^-] -P' fy, "-- «•: ° ^--^^ A wp«« <n;„cXcrra. 31 

'• And as touching the evils that king Dc- €ts airrovs, cypui/^a/xcv auro), AcyovTCS, Otari ipapwa^ tov 

metriusdoeth to the Jews, we have written f ^ <rov ^tti tovs «f>t\ovs iJuoiF tov? crvuuavovs 'lov- 

unto him, saying, Wherefore hast thou | ^ . , ^ ^ T > '^ y « ' ^ . « «« 

made thy yoke heavy upon our friends and Oatous ; JJ-av ovi^ en iVTvytiiai Kara aov, voirjaofitv avroi9 32 

confederates the Jews ?. »-"lf therefore they ^y Kpiarw, Koi ttoXcuwo-oucV (TC 8ta tws ^aXacroTK Kai Sta ™ 

complain any more against thee, we will do ,/ « '^ r i r § § i 

them justice, and fight with thee by sea and vQPo.q, 

^^FS?thermore. when Demetrius heard that ^ Kai ^kowc Arjfii^Tpios on CTcae^ Nucavcup Kat at Syi^cts 9 

Nicanor and his host were slain in battle, avrov iv ttoXc/xw, Kat TrpociOero tov BaKvtiSi/v Kat tov *AX- 
he sent Baochides and Alcimus into the »sj' » '*\ »«*»»/» ^**^^ 

Undof Judea the second time, .nd with ''f'"' «^8«,«/)0v a^^ciXai .« y^v Iov8a Kat to 8cf«)^ 

them the chief strength of his host : ^ who KCpas ficr avTwv, Kat iiroptvurja'av oSov rqv cts raXyoXa, xat 2 

SSN'rd^'pitttrefrtnt'st/rt^lSst -"P^^P'^ «- Ma«raXi.<? r^v ^. 'Ap^^Ao... <cal ,rpoKar«. 

loth, which is in Arbela, and after they had Attpovro avrrjv, Kat ainaAtarav yn}\a^ avuptDvuiv TroXXas. Kat 3 

won it, they slew much people. ^Also the jq^ nrjvo^ tov irpwrov ctovs toG Sevripov Kai varrnKoarov 
first month of the hundred fifty and second \ 7 « fo \ » n «t \ ' ir % » -* 

year they encamped before Jerusalem: fat ^KaTOorou TrapcvcpaAov ctti lepovcraArjfi, Kat awypav 4 

* from whence they removed, and went to ^ai ivopvuOriarav €is BcpcW cV ctKOCt viXtcurti' AvSoiav koi 

Berea, with twenty thousand footmen and s \ ' * 

two thousand horsemen. OMTXtAi^ tTnrcj). 

EleXand'"href tllfatd cL'o^n ''Tnen . Kai 'lovSa,^,'. ^ap<^^.fi\r,.i>, cV -EWi, .aj rp«^/X«,. 5 

with him : 'who seeing the multitude of the av0pc9 ckXcktoi p,€T avrov, Kat tSov to ttX^^o? tojv dwdfjutav 6 

other army to be so grcatjrere sore afraid ; 5^, ^^XXot €urt, Kat l^hop^Orjaav <rAo8pa- Kat ^fc^^iWav 
whereupon many conveyed themsehes out vvx.n « o\-i wj^ i> rx \^\t 

of the host, insomuch as there abode of TroAAoi airo T179 TrapcfipoArj^, ov KaTtAtupthja-av i^ avroiv aXX 

*^^*?ir?° ""^^^ ^"J; ^^^^/.^ hundred men. * ^icTaKoVtot avSpe^. 

7 When Judas therefore saw that lus host ' '^ 

slipt away, and that the battle pressed upon Kat €i8cv *Iov8a5 on atrtppxm ri irap€UiBoXri avrov, Kai 6 7 
him.hewas sore troubled mmmd, and much /x »a\ a » ' ^ 'o *» ^' • » r 

distressed, for that he had no time to gather ToXcpos €^Xt^cv aurov Kat ODV€TpLPrj tyj KapSta, OTi ovk clxe 

them together. * Nevertheless unto them Kaipov awayaytiv avrov%, Kat €$€Xv6rj, Kai ctirc tois KaTa- 8 

that remained he said. Let us arise and \jz)'* > '* >• o*^ * \ \ t f 

go up^n.t our enemies, if peradrenture X«'^«<rtv,^ avocrra./to' koi ava^o./*eK «ri tovs virwairtow 

we mar be able to fixht irith them. *But ^/uof, car opa owi^iitoa, TroMfajtrai atn-ovs. Kat ivfarpajni* 9 

MAKKABAION A'. 161 I. MA.ccuEEg IK. 10—32. 

auTov. Aryoirn, ofi uii &vviiut6a. WC a iTuiiuiutv Tat iavrw* they dohorted liini.sijmR, We ihsll npver 

, , ,' . 1 ;' ,; » '. !i\i- € - . be able: let B» now iBtlier eiiTO our lne>, 

^Tjjp',™ i^. to' ijrurrp<\lmfity tttrannr iStXiJMViinair, Koi ^qJ hereafter »b will return with oui 

iToAxju^trtu/KV xf>o! avTovf, ^/ul; £t JAiyoi. breCliren, and fight against them: for we 

10 Kol flirw 'loiSas, py fiot^ yiroiTO iroi^ffai to^ Trpayiui "^Then'j'udis ujd, Ood forbid that I 
TOVTO, dnrftiv 4ip' avrmy, kqi d wyvuto' o naipos nuic, "bould do this thiQft, «nd flee awaj from 

. . a/ . . e ' • - iS ij- ■ - ^^ • tliem: if ourtimabocome, let u« diemao- 

Kai oiroCKii'ttifui' €v dvopeiy X"/"*" ''"'' omA^'"'' VI*'''''. "^i fully for our brelhroa, and let us uot ataio 

11 un iraTaXiiruMKV atriav rn So^ wuuv. Kai dirnpti' ij Svitt^tt our honour. " With tfaat the boat r«f Bat- 

tfupuT&t] ^ (inrot tl$ Suo ^'p^i "at o! cr^ivSai'TTai Kai o! diriEiedTnlo two troopi. and their ilingers 

13 (X Tuiv Suo fitpSn', xai ji^t^uf rait <roXjny£i. Koi JtroXxurov partB.and soundi^ their (rumpeta. "They 
ol irapi 'loia. Kal airol luTs o-c£\5riyf.. xai f<roXo»n A vfi iirfi »'*<' "^ f"*'"*' »>de eren they .ounded their 

. T^- - />.-«./. •! ' ' ' I trumpeta alao, ao that the earth ahook at 

Tijt ipaiyjji Tuiv irapt/iliokiiiv Kcu tjvifni o iroA^iot <nnij^;ni'os the noiioof the nrmiw, and the battle cod- 

i™ jrpwiStv !wv JtnrixiS. '''!."S^ f™"^ mornii.g till night. 

'^ , ; m . » , - "Now when Judas peroeiTed that Bae- 

14 KtitlS*v lovOo; oTi SaxjiST/t Ktti TO OTtpoa/iLa TTji Ttaptu- cliidea and the ilrength of hia ~ 

pakij^ iv TOi^ Ofiiols, xat truyrj^ov aunu iravTtt c 

15 rp KopSiiji. Kai awrrpi^Tj to Stfioi" K^f dir' a 

16 ilnwKOV OTtiaai avrStv run "Aiiurou opous. Kai o! (« tu iuilu- -— --.t'^ .u p'lt" ■''.'."" " — 

^ . -n ^ i f ' " 1 ■ , aaw that tho7 of the riglit wing wer 

Ttpov mpas ibov orl avrtrpifiT} to (Mfioc Kipas. not iirtUT/Mfav TOmBted, they followed upon Judai 

1 7 KOTO jToSa^ "louSa koi liv u.rr ainou Ik tuiv onuiBa. Koi 'hose that were with him hwd at the neeis 

lo • e ^ ■\ >■ ' \\ > ■ ' from behiDd; "whereupon tliere waa a acre 

tfiapvi'ViJ WoAt/iOT, KQi tiTHroi' Tpav/iaruu jtoAAoi Jk rovrgtv tanle iij»omiipK as innnj Here ?lain on 

18 Kai iK TOVTiaw. Koi 'louSas <V«tr(. koi oi Xo.b-dI .^vyov. bolli tarM. ■Mudaj nUo was kilk-d, and 

19 Kat ^pOF 'Iiuvaffni' ico( H/uoi' 'louSav tov ittXjjiov ofruv, i>T]ien Jonathnn nud Simon took Judas 
icai idmliav airiiv iv t£ toAu) tuv irartptiv avroii fc Ma&ffta. '"'ti'" brotbop, and buried liira in (he aepul- 

on IT ' I 1 . • ^ . , ., , .'^ _ ., ,, T clireof his father* in Mod u. »Mor«orer 

20 Kai iicXowrav owov, koi iMtj/avTO avTOV jras lo-pa^A.' the, bewailed him, and all lirool uindegreal 
SI Itiyav, itoi IvivGaov rifxipai xoXAos, Koi tliroc, rxw iwttrt luiiienlntion for Itim, aod mourned many 

lovoa, KOI ruv iroAt/UiH', koi tuiv avopayaVtioi' bw twoitprt, Ihings coacerninE Judas and bis wars, and 

Kai T« iicyaA«Kn!nK airruii', ou KortypdAii, iroAXo yap nc tho noble seta which he did, and his great- 

, ,. ' "^ ' ' " '^i '^^ ' nesi, they nni not nritten, lor tliey were 

aipoSpa. very many. 

jv xoiri roll o/MOtf ItrpoijX, koi dfcrciAai' iran-c; oi ipya- conslaof Israel, and therearose upallsuch as 

24{ou€i'oi tV iSuioy. "E,' ToTs n/itMUS ic«Va« iw^ftj AiuSs *rou»ht iniquity. « In those d.ys also was 

! Ip ^ > '1 It- 1^' ^ , .' ' ' lliere It Tery Brant famine, by reason whereof 

J.(iyat aipoSpa, koi iji/rojKoAi/o'ci' ^ X'^P" Z'"' '»''^>'> the country reyolted, and went with them 

25 ^ K.: «.-«, B^^ ,.1, d„.^.i, M,.,. »i .„;,m^„ JiS±S"a.°Jfa.'L";S^-a 

26 ourous Kvpious r^s X*"?"^- '^'^' ^t<4'i'"'>i''' tai itlptwoiv tOus they made enquiry and search for Judas' 

27 ovtoTs, Kai ivijratitv avroU. Kai tyiltTO SkujiLs /iryoXi] iv rii despilefullt. * So was tliere a great affliction 
'Itrpa^X. ^« OVK iyivtTO i-f,' 7s ^;tv«« ovK <J*ftj xpo^.jT7S [■'J''^';^ |f prophet"^ n" °a°eS." ™onS 

JU liai^Oav, d0 ou o ddcA^ot o-ou louoai TcrcAfvnjKf, koi aio^p thy brotherJudas died, we hayeno manlike 

Of.ou)« air^ dSk I'tmv i^cXfldi' irpos Tovs tvflpois Koi BoK- ^'^ f^.«o forth against our enemies, and 

on •!_ ' • - 1 J! ' - -a. ! - -KT- » Bsasbides, and igamst Ihem of our nation 

SV Xiinp', Kai ly Tois j^^poiravcri tou iffvovt ^/luw. Nw ow (r€ Hat are adversaries to us. , " Now therefore 

VptTUTaiit^ (niuepol', tou itfu tbr' ovroC ^itiv (is opvovro *e have chosen thee this day to be our 

u> ^' ' ' - 1 - • -> "^ . . ^^v . prioee and copUiQ in his stead, that thou 

81 KOI 7)wf/Hvov, tou iroA«/«7cra( toi- woKt/xov -qiimv. Koi maye.t fight our battles. " Upon this Jona- 

JxcStfaro 'luntttfol' 6" tu xaipu Jicaivu r^ mnjo'iv, koi ivitmi than took the goTenianee upon him at that 

•J") Ju..; 'I.ul£- :; aS,lJ..r. _.* ? H_l JL._.. TJ a ! time, and rose up instead of bia brother 

32 djTi lovSo tou dStA^ou oimju. Km iyv-i BoKxiSrp, ww j^j^ esut when Bacohidea gat know. 

(£^« atrroi' dswcTdvoi. ledge thereof, he aought for to ilaj him. 

I. Maccabees IX. 33^53. 162 MAKKABAION A\ 

^'Then Jonathan, and Simon his brother, Kat lywu ^ItaydOav, koI Xifuav o a8€X<^9 avrov, koX raiTcs 33 
and all that were with him, perceiving that, ; » '» ^;», ^^5 Su^^,.^^ *,V ..^.w S,^„r.» <BI«^..^ ^»\ «r»/^«# 

fled into the wilderness of Thecoe, and ^t /icr avrov. ku c<^vyov cis rrjytfyj^fiov^KQik, koi jnxfKV- 

pitched their tents by the water of the pool tpaXov iiri to vOoip Aoicfcov Ao'^op. Kai cyKO) lBaK)(vofiq vg 34 

host upon the sabbath day. ^ Now Jona- avrov ircpav rov lopoavov. Kat dircoTeiAcv IcDvao^av rov 00 

than had sent his brother JoAn, a aptain of ^\^y axrrov wyovucvov rov oyXov, Kat irapexoXfcrc tovs 

the people, to pray his friends the Naba. ^r f j ^x » *» /i^ ^ » « > » * 

thites, that thev might leave with tliem JNavaraiovs ^lAovs avrov vapa&€avai, avroi9 rqv diroo-Kon/v 

their carriage, which was much. "But the avrwv rnv iroXXw. Kai i(nX$ov vtoi *laaBpi he MnSaJSo, 36 
children of Jambn came out of Medaba, % K o *r * ' ' • t * j -^x /i 

and took John, and all that he had, and '^«* crwcAa^ov lioayvrfy, koi iravra o<ra clxf, Ktu dmjXffov 

went their way with it. cyovtcs. 

^ After this came word to Jonathan and x o^ % / / / **•//» »t 

Simon his brother, that the children of Mera Oc tov9 Xoyovs Tovrovs aTn/yyciAav rto ItavoBav 37 

Jambri made a great marriage, and were „-> S/i.#.»Mf m-A AS\^\A,A ^-f^^?, X^m ^i ,.!«> •!/..•/?«> m^i^?^, 

bringing the bride from NadalStha with a ''**/ ^'Z^^* rcji a6cA</wo avrov. on ot yioi la^^^pi iroiowri 

great train, as bein^ the daughter of one of yafiov fi€yav, Kat ayovat ti^v w^Kqyqv aTro ^a&apaB, dvyartpa 

the great princes ot Chanaan. »* Therefore 1^^^ ^Ji^ ueyurrdviav ucyoAwv rwv Xavoav. ucra irapairouTO 
they remembered John their brother, and ,. ■w- % » / /» ' »t / *» sTx i *» » - % 00 

went UR and hid themselves under the ftcyaAiTs. Kat ifAvqa-thja-av Iokivvov tov aOcA^v avrwv, Kot 00 

covert qfthemountoin:® where thev lifted dvciSwo-av, Kat iKovfimrav viro rrw (TKarnv tov opovs. Kat 39 

up their eyes, and looked, and, behold, » % ,.a x \ 9 •» % lr^ x »s x /» *» \ 

there was much ado and ^reat carriage: VP^^ '^^ oipf^aAfiov^ avrwv. Kat tijov, Kat^ idov ^pov^.^Kot 

and the bridegroom came forth, and his aTroo'Kcv^ ttoXXtj^ koI 6 wfi(f>ios i$rjX,0€ kcll ol ^tXot avrov 

friends and bretliren, to meet them with ^„). • 2S^\jl«5 »,'.*^r. *?« «^«,»'.,*,»^.» «,».*r.« ..^X ^...«.^»^.„ .,-» 

drums, and instruments of music, and nmny '^'^ °^ dbcAi^t avrov €19 <rwavTi;o-tv avrwv fiera rv/iiravwv, Koi 

weapons. fJLOvauciav, Kat oirXwv ttoXAcuv. 

«Then Jonathan and they that were «- x ,> / j • » ^ J ^ - » 'S « ^ '^ ^n 

with him rose up a^tnst them from the Kat €iay€(m)<ray iir avrovs diro tov ci^cOpov ot irept tof 40 

phice where they lay in ambush, and made 'ItovdOav, Kat d^KTCivay avrovs, Kat tirtaov rpavaartat jrok^ 

a slaughter of them in such sort, as many v^ *f.^x ». • xi» \ f\ a / 

fell down dead, and the remnant fled into ^ot, Kat ot mAotTrot iff>vyov ets to opa^' Kat iAapov irorra 

the mountain, and they took all their spoils, ra o-KvXa avrcuv. Kat utrtarpadm 6 ydiio^ cis ttck^o?. koI 41 

*' Thus was the marriage turned into mourn- « * x ^ > « » /) « v- ^ j> 5' ^ .lo 

ing. and, the noise of their melody into V 9^^ IMWtlkwv avrwv €i^ Uprjvov. Kat ^fcStKi/cav ^ttjf 42 

lamentation. **So when they had avenged iKSiicrfatv aiaaros d8cX^ov avrcuv. kcu &Tr€aTp€d/av cts to cAos 

Jordan with a great power. ♦• Then Jona. €ws rwi' KpTfinbtav tov iopoavov iv owa/i€i iroAAj, Kcu clircv 44 

than said to his company, Let us go up now 'Iu,vdOav roTs irap avrov, dvaoTwucv vvv Kat iroXcancrwucv 

and fight for our lives, lor it standeth not t^ «,«^^«« »x» * c /^^x x 

with us to day, as in time past: « for. be- ^Trcp rwv i/rvx^v rffuav, ov yap ^^crrt (njfi€pov (ds cxO'cs Kat 

hold, the battle is before us and behind ufc rpirm riiiipav, 'l8ov yop 6 7ro\euo9 cf cvavrtas nutav koI 45 

and the water of Jordan on this side and «>/ a • ** ^ si *s *« 'V c '^ ^ «^ 

that side, the marsh likewise and wood. «Co^w-^€V yjpMV to 6k yScup tov lopSavov ci^cv Kat ci^cv, 

neither is there place for us to turn aside. Kat cAos Kat Spvfio^, ovk cort roTros tov ikKXIvat, Nvk 46 

* Wherefore cry ye now unto heaven, that _?„. ^-^ '*„-* -,v «,*./vr,..A« ;?*.*«, 5(.»r^. ./3:;^« 2^ -^^m^J^ 2^,^^, 

ye may be deUvered from the hand of'your f^^ »c€Kpa^aT€ €t9 ovpawv. oira>9 e>tao;a>6^T€ iK X€ipo9 JxPf^ 

enemies. ^ With that they joined battle, v/awv. Kcu <rvvrjil/€y o TroAc/A09* Kat ^(crctvcv liovaBav rqy 47 

him. ** Then Jonathan and they that were Ta ottio-o). Kat cvctt^oito'cv Icovaaav Kat ot fi€T avrov ct« tof 4o 

him leapt into Jordan, and swam over unto 'lopSdvrjv, Kat SuKoXvuBrjirav cis to ircpav Kat ov BtiBwray 

the farther bank : howbeit the other passed » » . x x »t c. / ' ttn^' xt» /5^-^n 

not over Jordan unto them. ^»8o there «^ avrovs tov lopoavrp^. Kat dt€7reo-ov irapa BaKxtOov tj 49 

were slain of Bacchides' side that day about riu.4pa CKCtVn ei$ YiAtov? av8pa9. 

» thousand men. x , / , . xx x . «/ / 

^ Afterward returned Bacchide* to Jeru- Kcu CTrccrrpc^cv cts IcpovcraAi;/A, Kat i^oSo/ivj(r€ iroActs 50 

ealem, and repaired the strong cities in Ju- iv«./»A*. ii# ^^ *T/«.JL«/^ -A <!tw« »A i./*T*^.**\ w> ..^ 

dea: the fort m Jericho, ancTEmmaus, and fxvpa? ^^ T]y lovitat^ to oxvpco/ta to €^ l€ptX». /«*^^"^ 

Betlihoron, and Bethel, and Thamnatha, E/t/xaov/i. Kat r^ Bac^pcuv. Kat r^v Bat^A, Kat rrpf 0a/A- 

Pharathoni, and Taphon, th^se did he y^^ ^paSi^l kcX ttjv Tcc^v ^v TCtvccrtv iilmXol^ koI irvAot? 
#<r«MA«i with high walls, with gates^ and , * .'T i- ^ "H jl ^ j.» --j!^ ' -ci 

with bars. ** And in them he set a garrison, '^ai /uoxAot?. Kat €e^€TO <f>povpav iv avrot9 tov iyppcuvtiy tw 51 

that they might work malice upon Israel. 'IcrpawA. Kat civvpaKrc rw ttoAif twv ^ Bat^ovpa, Kot rny 52 

*3 He fortifiecT also the city Bethsura, and ry*y ^ _a. " x'./i i. » *» * / ^^ ^ 

Oazara, and the tower, and put forces in ra4apa, Kat rffv axpav, Kat cC^cto Iv avrcits Owa/xci? koi irapa- 

them, and provision of victuals. ^Besides, Reacts BpwtidT(i3V. Kat cAajSc tov? vtov$ Ttay nyovaiinay r^ 53 

he took the chief men B sons in the country ^r^ / x y/j » x • #» » i. •¥ \ ^ i„ 

for hostaffes. and put them into the tower X*«V»5 ofirjpa, ku lOero avrovs ly T); aKp^ iy IcpovcroAi^ Jr 

at Jerusaiem to be kept. ^vAak^. 


54 Koi iv hu Tptry <nu vtfnpcoarf kcu JxanxTr^ p-jjin rf 
Stvripif, hin(w 'AXutfux KaSaipuir to mT^W t^ aiX^ twv 
^uof r^ hmriftai, koi KnSttKt ra ipya iw irpot^rfran', kcu 

55 jr^pfaro rov itoAufMii'. Sr rf Koipw ixtivif iirXtjyij AX- 
■ifwt, KOI ivivaStir&>} Tn ipya afirov, ftai iwvjipayij to (Tropa 
avrov, mu inip(Xuf)ij, KOi oIjk jSufqto It( AoX^oiu Xoyov KOt 

56 frrtJAocr^t inpi roE ouou avrau. Rai AniSavtv'AtjttfxiK if 

57 Kai (ISi Baii^iSilt on dn-cAuvr 'AAki^ik, icat iirtTrptilit 

58 spot rov jSotriXca* Kot :}cni;i[atrn' i] y^ *IinfSa inj Svo. Kai 
^ouAcumtTO iraiTts of clto^m, Xcyotm, tSotr 'IvtvaOav ftai oZ 
imp' airoS hi ^<rux,'^ xaToufovcri TtnxASrci- vw oSv a^o/itv 
T0>' B<u9(tSip, KOI trvXA^tToi iivrout irovrai ^ iojicti fu^, 

59i60 Kai TToptvBti^ti (TwtfiouXtwTavTO aSn^. Koi air^pc rou 
iX$iiv /urA SuvafKuif ToAA^, koi ttirc'tmiXn' hrurroKat \aSpa 
trSat roll (ru^/ui;^T avrou tolc ^ r^ lovSou^, Sirut iruAAa- 
j3<ixr( TOV 'luivo^af, kiu rovc ^(T airov' kqi ouk jSuravro, ort 

61 fyvfwrAj avrOLi i] jSouX-^ avriui'. Kai trvriXa^ovTO dira iw 
iv8pu* T^ x^P"* '™>' ^POT)™*' '^^ mucuM els fftn^Kovrti 
avSpac, KOI da-(KT<itw airovt, 

62 Koi ii€)(iopi](riy 'I<ava$ttV, Kai Si/iaiv, nai ot fitr avrou <is 
Ba(0|9<ur( r^v ^ rg tp^Qfuf, no! igiKo&i^i^t ra Kofijiprmiva 

63 aur^, KOI JiTT(p«u(rav aur^. Kol fjivot BoigiftSiTt, koi 
(Tvi'^yayt Trav to itX^Ak ovtov, kcii Toit ix -np 'lovSauK 

64 Kai iXffiiv irapcvijiaXtv iirl Bai0;3ao'i> koi ImAi/iriati' 

65 ainpi ^liipas iroXXat, Kai Jirotijiri fi,yij(caid';. Kai dxcXtiro' 
'luviiAn' Si/toiva TOf i&Aijiov aurov ir rg TtoXtt, xai ^fnAdcf 

66 <(1 T^ jfupav, Koi Jf'^Xdn' ^f ipiB/t^. Kai jirara£fi' 'OSoo^ 
^^, Kai Tott AStXifiovi avToC, xai tovs viovt 9a<Tifiiiy Iv Tu 

67 o'lnpufuiTi a^wf, Kai ^^p{aTO tvittciv, Kai dvajSoiMiv Jf 
Sin^ciri' Kai Si/iuv, ksi o! /i(t' ovtov li^pi£av iK r^ iniXcaK, 

68 Kai IvnripuTav ras jii];i^vas. Kot hnXifafoav ttfat ^ov Box- 
YiSi^, Kot (nimplpT/ inr niiTuiv, Koi <0Xij3oi' a^oi' o^Spa, 

69 ori ^ ^ PtniXi) avTou Koi ^ (0oSot aCrov K«n]. Kai ipyia&ij 
&vfiM TDts ■IpSpao't Tois iyofi-OK tok tni/jifimiXivinuTiv a&ru 
iX$tlv tU Trp' )(<apav, Kai iTrmtamv 1$ aurHv troXAow. Kai 
ifiovktwrOkTO TOV a'7nX8€iy «is r^ yfjv airToiJ. 

70 Kai Iwiyvto 1<iira0ai', km &x*imiXt irpos avrov vptirPtK, 
TOV <rmiBia6ai vpot auTov tip^rtpi, Koi diro&vvai avroif t^ 

7 1 aip^ftaXuo'uii'. Kai diriScfoTO, Kai troir^t mra tovs Adyovt 
aimZ, Kai iSfUMrn* ovr^ ^^ JK^ip^ot avru KaHO»' n'turac Tac 

72 ijfiqiai T^ £<uvf avrov. Kai uirtSuKO' avT^ t^i' aI;i(fuiA<iK7'u>v 
t/v j^wtoAoiTcvo'i ToirpoTtpm' {< yTJt lovSa' Kai Airtxnpi^^ 
iv^>iff*l' th Trp/ yrp/ avrou, Koi ov vpoaiBcio en i\0uy tti ra 

73 Spla avTuiv. Kai KaTciravo-f po^^oia if 'IcjpaijX- Kai ^Mi^cr 
'IwdSav iv Majtuos" not ^pjoTo 'lufaBav Kpivttv rov Xaov, 
Ktu iT^ovun rovt iatfiat i$ 'lapa^. 

10 Kol Jr fm IfijKOOTy Koi ImToary dvijSi} 'AXcfarSpot o 
rov 'Atmijfw i "Ewi^W^, koi innKiStn IIraA«/uu8a, koi 

I. Maccabees IX. 51— X. 1. 

tiiird T<T, in the lecond month, 1 

commuideid that tbemllof the inner court 
of the nnctiury abould be piUled down ) he 
pulled down also the works of the prophet*. 
'And M he beganto pull down, eienMthBt 
time wu Alcimuj plagued, and hia enter- 
priie* hindered : for hia mouth waa itoppsd, 
*-id he wu taken with b pnlaj, no that ha 

io Alcimiu 

oni«r concerning hia house. ' 

died st that lirne with great tc 

"Kow when Bacnhidei taw that Alcimui 
waa dead, he returned to the king ; where- 
upon the land of Juda wm in reet two 
jun. »• Tlien all the ungodij men lieid a 
oouncil, laying. Behold, Jonathan and hia 
company are at eaae, and dwell without 
care: now therefore wo will hring Bacchides 
hither, who thall t>ke them all in onenight. 
"So tnej went and conaulted with nim. 
" Then removed he, and came with a great 
host, and aent letlers priiily to hit ad- 
herents in Judea, that they ahould take 
Jonathan nnd thoM that were with liim : ' 
howlwit thej could not. because their coun- 
sel was known unto them. "Wherefore 
they took of the men of the country, thai 
were anthora of that miichief, about fiftj 
persona, and slew them. 

'Afterward Jonathan, and Simon, and 
they that were with him, got them away to 
Brthbasi, whi«h ia in the wilderness, and 
llioy repairwl the decays thereof, and made 
it itrong. "Which thing when Ba«chides 
knew, he gathered logether all his iiost,and 
sent word to them that were of Judea. 

"Then went he and laid siege againat 
Betlibasi; and Ihey fought againat it a long 
•eason, and made engines of war. "But 
Jonathan left his brotlier Simon in the city, 
and went forth himaelf inh) the country, 
and with a certain numbor went he forth. 
■* And lie am ate Odonarres and liis brethren, 
and the children of Phasiron in their tent. 
"And when he began to amite thorn, and 
came up with hia forces, 8imon and hia 
company went out of the city, and burned 
up the engine! of war, "and fought againat 
Baochides, wlio was discomBted by them, 

and traTail was io Tain. '" Wherefore lie 
waj T«ry wrolli at the wifked inon that 
gare him counsel Io come into the country 

purposed to return into his onn country. 

^ Whereof when Jonathan liad know- 
ledge, he sent amhassadorr unto liim. to the 
enif he should make peace witb him. and de- 
liver them the priaonere. ''Which thingha 
accepted, and did according to his demandf. 

in that 1 

)uni harm aU the days of hia life. 7- When 
therefore ha had restored unto him the 
prisonera that he bad taken aforetime out of 
the land ofJudea, be returned and went hia 
way into hia own land, neither came he anr 
moreinta their borders. '>lliui the avoid 
ceased from liniel : but Jonathan dwelt at 
Maehmas, and began Io goiern (he iieoplei 
and he destroyed the ungodly men out of 

In the hundred and aiitieth year Alex, 
ander, the aon of Antioohot nmamad 
E^fiaaf, w— * -— ---' '-*'■ '^-' ■■- 

p and took Ptolamaikv 

I. Maccabees X. 2— 26. 164 MAKKABAION A'. 

for the neoplo had reoeirea him, by means ,Vi8/f(in-D avror, nai (SatriXowMv Imi. Kat nnovat iniim-ptot 2 

■whoreof lie reignpd there, 'How when king • a \ < • ' e > .»- j ■[. . 

Demetriui heard thereof, ho nathered to- " P'^'rtMvi, km <n)vyryayi ^ SwafUK iroAAot <x<f>6Spa. Kai 

rnther aa eiceading great host, and went l^kSfv tw aTnmvnprty airroj (l; iroXt^i', Kai dn-i'oTfiXt 3 

loTingwords, BO tt» he magnified him. *For /ityoAwai nvrof . Elirc yap, ir^i^atrdyifv ToD tipijnp' ftiHu 4 

ffi,h.i;i."Ms'sS;i.r4iS',.'t; r t°"' ""?* "■;•"' •'^ /•"••AWi^sp"..™^ i;^.. 

•else he will remember all the evils that Mnjcrt'ijo-dTii yap traymv Tuiv iiiutuv <i»' irvrertAura/icr wpoj a 

we have done uoiniit him, snri against his ^.trhv. koI th Tovi dStXAow OUTOV, icai (is to i6vo% airoS. 

brethreo and his people. 'Wlierefore he „ . .V . - .> ■ . - , , . , 

niTo liim autliority lo gntlier l.-i^.l!i.i; nn ^Qi ((hokj*. (.utui ^fovo-iai- tryvayayitf hwa^w, «ai KaTiuntCiw- 6 

boil, and loproTide weapons, llinl lie inii:! t ^uv oirXa, lial tXvai avrov av^iiayfov aiiroZ, KOi Tu o^i/po Ta iv 

the )!o^w'^» t'hBt''weraTn'uirtowe? ^'I'luui' 1 '^ ""P? *'"■* irof aSowai al™. 
bedeliTered him. , , , K"' nX(J<f 'lucdflo^ (is 'IfoouCToXnii, KOi ivewtu tqs (Vutto- 7 

?Then camo Jonatliau to Jerusalem, and , i , ' , , , -\ _ r . , i , ,r ^ n 

read the letters in the audienre of all ihe Aas m to fcra a-avros Tov Aaoir, KOi tuiv i« njs (ucpof. Kai 8 

people, and of them that wero in the tower: iiftoP'^lhjtra ifioPov /iiyav OT( i7K0UO'av ori tSuiKtv avriji o Paai~ 

the Wng h'an''e"'.im"aurbori?r lo p.lh" ^^^ i(ov<Tiay trvyayaytly Sui-^/tHS. Kai irapiS<^K<ir ol «_t^ 9 

together an Lost. ' Whereupon thef of tlic axpa^ luiyaoav ra ofirfpa, Kai dirtSbiKcv avTov^ tois yovcttriy 

towordeliTeredtheirhoslBBeBuiitoJonatlian, „,•-„, 

anriiiedeliTered them unto Iheir parents. '"^'^; , ,.,„.., ,. . . , . , . 

■"This done, Jonathan settled himself in Kai ioKt]<rtv luifaOav tv IcpoixroA^/i, Kai j/piaTO outoSonav 10 

JeruMlemnnil begun to bmjd ami repmr ^^i Kaifiteiv nf mkiv. Kai ilvt irpos t'" " " " 

theeitj. " Andheoommandedtheworkmen , . V -' , , ... ™. 

ir fortification 

iind 'Pyo. oiKoSo/ntii' Ta T£i\ij, itoi TO op09 %uiiv KVuXoSrv Ik \t8a>v 
TtTpayiiiviui' tli 6)(ipiiKnv xai eiroi'ijcrav oZtuk. 

"Tlien the strangers, that were in the Kai tAiryov at aXXtnfvm oi owts cV TOis ovvpiauaaw oTs 12 

fortr<«i*B whiei Bacehides had built, fled • s- '„ n- V • 'i • ■ ' • i ■> 

Rway; " insomuch as eterj- man left his f^^oVw* Bcn^^aji; Kai KaTtAHTtv watTrOs Tov TOirov av- 13 

p]Bee,and wentinlohisownoonntry, "Only toC, itat air^kOcv i« rnv yni' avroii. IlXni' iy Bai^iroiun 14 

at Betlisura certain of those that lisd for. ,' ,5,/j,fl„- '„ „,„^ ',„ .„.„1,.„^,~„,„ ,A„ „,;„„„ _„1 ,i _ „ 

uken the law and the commandments ^''^"■'t'lh^'^'' ™'\ ■^<"J' "aToki^on.^y toy yo^ov Kai Ta irpocr- 

remained still: for it was their placo of Tay^ara, i}v yap aurois ijivyaSivnipiov. 

"Now when king Aleiaoder liad heard Kai ijKoVirty 'Aki^avSpris 6 parriXcii^ tqs (TrayytXias Siras 15 

what promises Demetrius had sent unlo ^^r.ortiXf iniinrpios ti3 'UyiOav, Kai SinynToiTo oi™ tow 
Jonalhan: when also it was told bim of the , , , .'^ ■ t," n- 1 .... ""C '"" 

battles and noble acts wliioli he and his ToAepjus (tai rai i,ybpa-vatlia-; ai tvou]<rty ouros Kai tn 

Irelhren bad done and of the pains that dS(X*oi airoC, Kai Tois KOirow o5s (trvov, KOi Jjr., itft ttpf IG 
thet bad endured, "ho aaid. Shall we find '^ . . - . . - '> . , ','1' '^', 

.och another man? now therefore we will "'"f"*' '"^Pf Toiovroi' tra; Kai yvy iroiijo-o/iti' avToi' ^iAoi-, Kai 

make bim our friend and conCederate. crvuuayov yiuMiy, 

«Ui>o.>tl>»liewrotcalett,T,:ii.i! sent !t 'T !^ . , , ,, • . ' ^ „ 

unto liim, Bccordinii to these woriU saiiiiK, "■'" typa'^tv imcTToAav, Kai aTrtOTtiAO' aunji Kara tow 17 

"King AJeiander to bis brother. linarW XJyo„ TOu'rou!. \iymv. ^aaO^tin 'kkiiavhp'yi T« d8«\*iI8 

•eodelh greeting: i" We hate heard of thee, ', ' .n ' ' •. ■ > * .'^ , ,' „ "• ,„ 

that thou art a man of great power, and Ifu™""- Jf"'/^'"' Ainjuoa/Kv mpi <7ou, on aiTjp SwoTot 19 

meet to be our friend. =" Wherefore now itryvi, icai ijriTiJSdOV il Toij tli'ai Ktiii- diiXo^. Kai viv xaBta- 20 

this day we ordain t ico to be t le higii .' • . li , • . ■ • -a ' j-i 

priest of thr nation, and to be eaUed tT,« ''""'^'/ "* <rnMP°y 'VX"P»« "" 'f''"'^ "^o"; <"" f^ov 

king"* fnend ; (and therewithal be sent him paaiXtia^ KoXtitrOai- Kai airtiTTtiX.fy avm Tropijivpay Kai art- 

» purple robe and a crown of gold:) ami j^ ypviroiv Hal Apoyiw rh iiuS.y. «al tniynipiiy *i\tW 

rtqmre thee U> lake our part, and keep ^ ^. „ , , JT' >f -rt ' "''•"/^"■' V"^ar 

friendsbin with ns. ""So in the seventli vpat Tjpai. Kat cuOwaro lutvaOav Trpi ayiav OToX^i' 31 

on the holy robe, and gaiiicreil togcllitr o-KJjroinjyui!, icai orvTyay* ftuva/Mis, Kai KamTKCVoirci' OTAa 

forces, and prorided much nrniaur. iroAAa. 

"WheieofwbenDemBtfiusbeard.bewas „., . , . ,, 

Terreon7,ftnd •aid,'*What havo we done. Kai -qKovm flij/iijrpios tovs Aoyow toutow, koi iKvin}»tf, 22 

"I also will write unto them words of en- AAtfaWipo! Tou ^lAiav KaToOfo-eai tois louSaiois tn <mf. 

couragement.aiidproBiifiHemdipiitieBaiid piyua; rpd\Imt aurois Kciyi Xoyovs TropoKXniTtius, koi vJioik. 24 

Kifts, that I may hare their aid. *He sent "^ '. s . '^ t t > , ^ • a 7a tr • . f » 7Z 

unto them therefore lo this effect: King <"" Cofiariuv. ojru)! uotiitvc ^i/ioi «; /Joij&iiov. Km airccTTCiAev 25 

Demelriui unto the people of the Jews auio?! Kara rois Xoyow rourovs- /Jao-iXevs infuiipwn ri Mi^t 

Criendihip, not joiiung ronraelTci with our trvi^Kas, koi iftjUiviKn t^ ^iXt^ 'll'^y, kcu oii rpoo^^upijiTarg 

MAKKABAION A. 105 I. Macoabem X. 27— 43. 

27T(«t jytfpott nixSiy, ^Kowrautv, Kot ^yapnucv. Knl vSv emmiei,wehaTeh»«rd hereof, and aregW, 

_ A r ^ 'T^' ' .^^ , , T;^ ._ . . "Wiierefore now eontinue ye >lill to b« 

33 airoAtixro^ci' u^ic ftyo^a, difd^ Sw TroKtrt ^fT ^^uuv. Kai |«n» rou for tbe tilings ye do in our beliilll 

d0Ttro/io- V a^t/xara TroXAi, koE S«o-o/«v t/il^ WpiTa. ^"™"^^V^°" ""'' '°'°""'''**' "^ 

,,„ ^I■^J,,^'.- 'fj- ' '-IS' ''-And now do I five you, end for your 

2^ Kat J^K diroAMD v/tas. Km &^t]m icayTa% touj iovOaiout jaioi releasonll llieJe««,froin Iribules.and 

iliro TWK Adpwc, KOI rns nun? tou oXiv, iml iiro TtSv (rT<- f"*!" 'Jio eiutoms of salt, and from prown 

in J' r r . - . '^i - •*!-•' t«ie»,"iind from tliat uliich BppertainotU 

30 ifmnav, koi am tou TpiTou njs oiropas. km Ayri TOv i7>i«row umo ^^ to r«oivB for (be Hiird port of the 

TOU Kopirou TOU fuAivou TOU JiriSoXAovTot (MM AajStTf AAlitM swd. and the half of tho fruitof tlio Irees.I 

. • - - » , » - 1 jo - X^ « - - 'I 'S re OHIO It from this dav forth, so that tlieT 

OJTO T1JS <T^^pov_ KQ. fff«"';a TOU Afl^.iv iffo T^J 7^ Ioui5a. ,hsll not be UlH^n of the land of Jnda uot 

KQi itTO Tuii' rpuav vofiSni Tuif irpotrriBtiJ^iviav aur^ £wo T^ of tbp three goTemmenla nbich are added 

sa„,.v.&„ „! r-AAoi.,, ,.1 dri ,i, ,7iM»K v^x-! «■! <s;mS""fti.''r.raffir'Ss"i"' 

(IS Toc aluit^ )(pavov, " Let Jerutiilcm also bo bolr and free, 

gi v- I •. \> • > ' 1 ij '_ • _• ■ with the borders tliereof, holh from tenthi 

dl Km ItpomaXriti rfrw a.yi,a icai m^ijMMj, KOi to opia „d tributes. "And as for the tower whiS 

32 QUTTS, uI htKOTCU KOI TO TfXiJ. 'AtfiitjfU KQi T^ l^mxilav is «t Jerusalem, 1 yield up my authority 

ii- KOToa-nia-Q tv avrQ ovftpas ovs an fjrAtfijTai ovros lou to keep it 

, ' . > • . , .1 n- t . on* m Hie Jews, (bat were earned cBptiTe* 

33 Kai iroirav ifiv)n]v lovSouuv Ttjv Ql^^fioXun'io'nKTOV diro out of the land of Judainto any part of my 

Koi jr(i(T(! d^CTUKT-av TOW •t'opovi Kol Tuiv (tnjvioi' aurit'. " FurtlicrmorB I unit tbat all the feaita, 

SiKal Tra<ra. al toprai koI ri uABBaja. koI I'oufuji'"". "ol "nd ubbaths. and n«w moons, and solemu 

, , • B p . > - .1 « < . ' . . da™, and tbe three days before the fenet, 

ij^tpoi iwoiitt>, kbi r/int ));i(/iai rpo iopnjs KOi TpH5 m.d tbe three days after tho feast, shall bs 

■nufpai utra iopniv, ttTTdxroi- jtSctoi ai n/iepni dTtXii'as koi J}' d»y» of immunity and freedom for oil 

!', r '^ . - T 5 ' - » , "^T o , , the Jews in my realm. "> Also no mansliall 

_ a<f>ttTtiot T-atn tols IouSoiok tom oCo-w (>• ^tj; ^turtAti^ p>u. i,a™ authority to mediiie «fA (A™, or lo 

35 Kal ouv i£ti t&nxriav oiSti% ■aod(7<rtiv mil iraptiroyXiit' tifci molest any of them in any matter, 

„• -„ .«; -„,^L ,„ '„,.„,„. "/ mi; further, that there bo enrolled 

-■""V Trepi jrowo! jrpoy/ioTos. a^iong tbe king's forces about thirty thou- 

36 Kol ,rpoypa*^.o-<x. Ti. -In^i,. .1, ^ ri, BW^.« _ tou raflbT^.el a^''U7«^th-t-o-all tbe-king-; 

paa-iAtoK (1! TpuiKoi-rQ x^AioBni at'Spuiv, koi Ooflijo-eTai nuTOis forces. « And of tbeni (t™» shall be pbced 

n- '.»,., -7 ' -o \' ■^'"' ■''^ •" ■*' O'er the aaaira of tha 

Kanurrat'Tirmu tf avriuv «■ tois ax"P"P"'^ ^ou /Jao-iAetut kingdom, which are of trust: and J tn» 

o if ... . , . "^c , . . TT . ', tbemseWes, and that they iive after their 

^no-(A<ios T«,^ ouo-..,^ (i!_5r«rTiF- «<u o. fjr OUTOW KOi oi pnn hiws, even ne the king hath eommanded 

^;(o>Tts itrtaxrav 1$ avrii'' Kai Troptuto-flujuai' TOis vo/xon in the land of Judea. 

auriv, itoflo icai icpoviTaitv 6 (iairiXcifi Iv yg "lovSo. " """™""_"r__' _ _ 

„a„tt - < I n' ", t I I \ - of Samaria, let them be joiued with Judek, 

38 KniTousTpws vo/iomTousTrpotTTteornsT^Toudai^nwoTin that they maybereckoned to be under on^ 
■}(mpa^ ^ofioptia^, wpoOTtftjTio Tp louSai^t Ttpin to Xoyur^vai nor bound to obey otherauthority than tho 
ToDyreOTeoi u^'o-o, TOU /t^ wrtutownu aU^ tfoww oAX' itX/'rPtolemais, and the hind pertain- 
$ TOU dpvitptiiK. ing thereto, 1 give if a» a free gift to the 

^..nijci 11 - ■'■cf c> - wiuetuary at Jenuatem for the neoesaarr 

39 IlToAtfintfto^ KOI TT71- wpoCTKupoOTtti' aijT]] bttKiUta bofxa rois e,pencfl» ot the sanctuarr. • Moreoior 
iyioii TOi! Iv 'I<pottraX^/i (is r^v jrpoo^KOViroi' Sawatip roTs I gi^e oTerj year fifteen thousand ibekeli 

■ipytrpunj OTO riui' Xayiav rou patriXtia^, airo tuI' romur tuii' the overplus, which tbe officers paid not 

41 dp«w. K.1 rfv ,j ^w*, 8 .;. ™8.?«^.v .i iri ;j.fb;v!iir,:.Sv'?;.i'.°3''"ai 

Tuir ^^uuf, uf (v TOis wpuiTOK <T«rU', oiro tou viv uKToiNTtv temple. 

(!c *a (ovo TDv auou *'And beside this, the Bto thonjand 

W TO tpya TOU outoD. ^j^^^^,^ ^^ siKer, whict they took from tbe 

42 Kqi iwi toiJtois, TrtvTnicMrvtXious triKXovs iiyupiou, ow age* of tbe temple out of the aecount* yeu- 

,,, o ■ > . .'*... i , •\- • by year, cTen those thmgs shall be released, 

IXanpavov airo Tuiv XP*"^ Tou a^iou airo tou Aoyou koi because Ihey appertain to the prieiti OmI 

tviaviov KOI Tovra d^icrai 8ii tA dv^«iv aura tois Kpfiiri minister. "And whosooTer tbey be that 

43 „t, x,.™„.s^.. K.1 sj„ ii. ♦u^.. ,;, rf u^, ,i fo ;i;b?„Th.*b.s's,™i"s;,'ad:b»d 

I^MMToXu^uHT Kiu jf irSiyt Toic opiois avTOu, oittAovrti pairiAtKa unto the king, or for any other inciter, Lot 

I. Maccabees X. 44— 63. 166 MAKKABAION A'. 

them bo at libcpty, and all that they have xat irav irpayfua, ATroXekwrOtixrav, Koi irdvra wra coriv auroi? 

in my realm. ** For the building also »'*o\' xr^'*»s/i^ ^ '^ • a 4 

and repairing of the works of the sane- «" VS P«riAci^ ^/lov. Kat tov otKoSo/iiy6>^at Kai rov cjri- 44 

tuarv, expences shall be given out of the Kaivur$rjvai ra €pya rtav dytW, koL -q SaTran^ SoOi^erai ck 

lSS<'fTe"w%,"oT*5.™ifl.''k!,S"?h; .7^ Xoyov rov ^a..X_A«. Kal rov o^oSo^^^va. ri rc.'x, 45 

fortifying thereof round about, expences Icpovo-oA^/i Kai oxypiturai kvkao^cv, kqi 17 OaTravi; Oo^i/acTai 

Ssiow^fol^ aie^lfuSdi*^*oV°tle"SSli''m ^''^ ^*^^ ^^^ '^^^ fi*»(TiX€W, koX rov OLKO^iirj&^vai rh rtixn ra 

Judea. ^ T^ 'lovSfluIji. 

^ Now when Jonathan and the people *c\ ^\ t *f *ti \ t \ \ \ \ ' / « ^ 

heard these words, they gave no credit unto "« ^ iyicow€v^ Icm^a^ar Kai o Aaos tovs Aoyovs toutovs. ovk 46 

them, nor reoeivea them, because they re- lirUjTtVfrav avrot% ou8^ ^cSc^avro, on iTTiuvmrOria'av rrk 

membered the great evil that he had done _ ^ *» . '\ ±^ s ' » »t— >.^\ ^ •/i\ .i » ^ 

in Israel ; for he had afflicted them very '^^ja« ^« '^T^'Jl P iiroirjcrev^ €v ^^P^vK mli c^Xi^cv ovrov? 

sore. ^ But with Alexander they were o'<^oopa. Kat €vooic/j(rav cv AX€cai'Op<{>, ore avT09 lyivero 47 

they were confederate with him always. Ta9 Jffitpa^. 

fo^8^1nd*^mp(Sd ovwl^nf^^^^ ^°^ <rvi^ay€v 'AXcgavSpos 6 patriX^ Swa/xcis AAcyaXas. 48 

* And after the two kings had joined jcai irapcvcjSaXci' cfevavrta$ A.7jfiriTf>iov, Kal aw^ij/av iroXtfiov 49 

them. ^ And he continued the battle very cOmoccv airroi' o AAc^a^Opos, /cat ia;(vo'€v CTr avrovs. Kat 50 

■pre until the sun wept down : and that ^o-rcpcWc rov ttoXcuov a-^hoBpa €W5 c8u 6 wXios, ical ferecrcv 

day was Demetrius slain. « a ' » -* t / 9 / 

« Afterward Alexander sent ambassadors o Ai;/«7Tptos ^j' tj; ly/icpa CKCiny. 

to Ptolemee king of Egypt with a message v ^ 1 f \ •a\'>« «tt\ ** o \'^« 

to this effect: *3 Forasmuch as I am come ^^«^ dircoTCtXcv AXcfavdpos jrpoq IlToXc/xaiov ^a<riXca5I 

Bffain to my realm, and am set in the throne Aiyuirrov vpiaPiVi Kara rov^ Xoyovs tovtovs. Xcvcdv, circi 52 

do.SJioraud'^verthS>wnX'n,ltriS?. and <i^««"P«V'a «"» TV- ^acr^ca* ,«»v.,cal f.,£<?.a« l^. ep6yov narip^ 

recovered our country ; " for after I had ftou, Kat cKpan/aa t^ olP)^^* *^oX awrrpuj/a rov ^rjfirirpiov, Kal 

in tlie throne of his kingdom : ** now there- #fat oivcrpipiy airros Kat 17 •jrapifipoXrj avrov wp "^fjuav, kol 

fore let us make a l^gue of amity together. licaBLaaatv cVi Opovov Ba<riXtLa<i avrov- Kat vvv <rm<riau€v irpos 54 

and give me now thy daughter to wife : , \ , \ f '^ s ^^^, x /, / ' , ^ i^ 

and I will be thy son in Uw, and will give cavrovs ^tAtav, Kat vw dos fioi rrjv avyaripa aov ets ywaoca, 

both thee and her gifts according to thy ^at cVtyauj8pcv<r<D coi, Kat &tf<rw coi Souara, Kat avrn.a^i(£o-ov. 

dignitV. f I ' r r u 

**Then Ptolemee the king gave answer, rr ^ $ '/l^ttx - • o \ y \ ' 1 ii\ • ' cc 

■aying, Happ^ be the d&j wherein thou Kat diriKpLUr) llroXc/icuos o pao-tAcvc, Xcywv, dyaC^ Vf^^^ ^^ 

didst return into the land of tliy fathers, ly J avifTrp€d/a% €is yriv Trarcpov aov, Kat CKa^io-a? M. Opovov 

and satest in the throne of their kingdom, o \ * » '^ rr ' >- t « » » jw* j ^ ec 

•And now wiU I do to thee, as thou hast powtXetas avTwv. Kat vw^TrotTyo-o) cot & eypa^a«, dXX dxarn;- 56 

written : meet me therefore at Ftolemais, cov cis IlToXcftatSa, ottcds t3(i)ucv 4XXiiXov9, Kat cirtyoijiJSpcvo'c* 

that we may see one another; for I will ^„, ^„a>^ ,?^*.««« • 

manjy my daughter to thee according to <^°* ^^^^"^ ctpi^Kas. 

*^^ S^'Ptolemee went out of Egypt with , i^«l *'^^^.^ ?^°^?^^;, ^^ A|y^oy aW Kal KXcairefrpa 57 

his daughter Cleopatra, and they came ^ uvyarrjp avrov, Kai €uniA&ov cts XlroXc/Aatoa ctovs Ocvrcpov 

unto Ftolemais in the hundred Oireescore ^al l(nKoarov Kal ^Karoorov. Kal iiromwrcv avr^i 'AXeidv&w 58 

and second year: *=» where king Alexander t o \ ^ \ *^f^ » '^ ij^x / ^ /» / t^^« 

meeting him, he gave unto him his daughter o poo-iXcv?, Kat c^cdoro avrw KXcowarpav rrjv (fvyar€pa avrov, 

Cleopatra, and celebrated her marriage at Kal CTroino-c rov yduov avrrk cV IlToXeuatSi, ko^ Oi BatrtXtin, 

Ftolemais with great glory, as the manner •5>'>.'\ 

of kings is. CF Softy /xcyaX]/. 

w Now king Alexander had written unt^ Ral cypa>^€V 'AXc^vSpos 6 Baatkw tw ^liovdOav cX^civ cfe 59 
Jonathan, that he should come and meet / "^ ^, « ^ \ . /a \ ^^J » tt \ J^^ /«#^ 

him. « Who thereupon went honourably (rvvayrrjcriv avno. Kai CTTOpcvC^ /ttcra 60^175 eis IlToXc/ioXSa, 60 

to Ftolemais, where ne met the two kings, kol a7rnvrna'€ toTs 8vo"l )8a<rtX€vorf Kal IScdkcv a^ois &pyvpiov 
and gave them and their fnends silver and x / ^ »» j. '\ » ** ^ s ' w ^ "^ ♦ 

poldland many presents, and found favour '^«/ XPy<^'<^; Kat rots </)tXois ovrwv, Kat do/xara 'voXXa, kol cvpc 

in their sight X^^ cvavrtov avrtuv. 

"At that time certain i>estilent fellows v ^ * ' ^ ^ ^^y^ \ n»>»t ^^/•1 

of Israel, men of a wicked life, assembled Kai tirunnnix^o^^ ^po5 avrov avSpcs Xot/ioi i^ Wpari\ 61 

themselves against him. to accuse him : but av3p€« vapavoiiOL, cvrvYCtv Kar avrov, Kal ov wpoo-lax^ ovrois 

the king would not hear them. "Yea «/> \V v ^ ft * o \ ^ ^•